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Full text of "Genealogy of the McKay family, descendants of Elkenny McKay, the founder of the family in Am.; and incl. 37 generations of the ancestors of the family of Daniel McKay, A. D. 560 to 1890 .."

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The founder of the family 
in America. 





A. D. 560 TO 1890—1330 YEARS. 

Gathered, Compiled, Edited and Publistied by 




West Superior, Wis., May 23d, i896. 

J\ word to those wDo rcceit^c this book. 

Dear Friends and Relatives : 

It gives me pleasure, in sending out this book — the result of many 
years of gathering, compiling and revising — to be able to send it in as per- 
fect a condition as is herein shown. I do not claim that the book is a com- 
plete record of the McKay family or its branches. Gaps will be observed 
unfilled, and "missing links" that I have not been able to find. Yet, I have 
taken great pains to reach all, and have inserted in the book every record 
that has come to me in response to my call. Some to w^hom I sent circu- 
lars have not responded at all, and some delayed their response so long that 
the book was in the hands of the printer before their response came — even 
some of this class will find their name and record in the book, the informa- 
tion sought being gained from other sources. Possibly a few typographical 
errors may be discovered, but on the whole the book reflects great credit 
upon the printer. My thanks are due, and cheerfully rendered, to all who 
have aided me in this work by furnishing their records and the "sinews of 
war,** in its publication. 

If the book affords any manner of satisfaction and pleasure to those 
who receive it, it will be the crowning joy of all my labors in its pro- 





And Some of its Branches. 


I. FAkcnny McKay was bom in Edinborough, Scotland, 

date unknown. He emigrated to America some 
time about the year 1725. Nothing is now known 
of his wife. He settled in Lenox, Massachusetts. 
The following records are concerning his descend- 
ants and some of their branches. His children con- 
sisted of one son and seven daughters, and are as fol- 

II. Alexander McKay, born Febraury 22, 17.32; died at Skane- 

ateles, N. Y. 
Bashabel, birth date unlvnown; married a Mr. Churchell. 
Abigal, birtli date unknown; married a Mr. Ricli. 
Isabel, married Daniel Owen; married second to Bazaleel 

Elizabeth, married Ethan Stone of Mayfield, N. Y. 
Mary, married Mr. Davidson of Boston, N. Y. 
Mahitabel, married to a man by the name of Thorp. 
Tamar. married to a man by the name of Buck. 

The above is all that is now known of the family 
of Elkenne}' McKay, except that of his son, Alexander, 

;i record of whose Iniiiilv and desceiidaiils and Inaiiclies, 
so far as they liave heen ^athei-ed, will appear in the 
follow in;;' j)aj;t's: 


II. Alc.viuuler McKai/ — Only son of P^lkenney Melvay, 
married ]Mary, danj^hter of Captain James Sackell. 
a ]diysi(iaii of Albany. l)nt now Amenia, N. Y. 


TIT. Sylvester, born August 2, ll'ii); (Tied April. 1804, age 45. 
Tolly, born August 7, 1T()2; died August 13, 1851, age 89. 
T.,ois, born 1704; died September 13, 1823, age 59. 
Elizabeth, born February 20, 1766; died August 24, 1833, 

age 67. 
Medad, born 1768; died 1850, age 82. 
r>ufy. born 1770; died December 9, 18(')3, age 93. 
Ilhoda, born September 20. 1772; died June 25, 1860, age 88. 
Seth, born September 7. 1774; died I'ebruary 23, 1826. 

age 52. 
Sarah, born Api'il 4. 1776; died .luiie 28, 18.52, age 76. 
^Daniel, born September 2(». 177S; died December 27, 1865, 

age 87. 
Simeon, boiu Ai)ril 3, 178U; died ^lareh 16, 18<i8, age 88. 
Alexander. l)()ni .lune 15, 1782; died 1869, age 87. 
Charles, boni 17S4; died .Inly. 1854, age 70. 
lienjnniin. Imni Novciiilur 2. 17S7; died .Tidy 14, 1852, 

age ('>'t. 

Alexander McKay and family were livin^i al Lacka- 
wanna on the Sns(jnehanna river, opjjosite 1o Wyominj;. 
Pennsylvania, in ITTS. at Ihe time of ihe Wyoming; mas- 
sacre. llims(df and family, consisliii^ of wife and nine 
children, were i)risoners of wai' feu- fouilecn days in Ihe 
P\)rl Lackawanna, an account n\' wliidi follows: 


The mcnioialilc r.altlc of Wyomin;;-. which look 
place ahoiil the I'tiih ol' .Inly. .\. I). 1 ITS. and the bloody 
massacre thai then look place in that beanlifnl valley. 


have been embalmed in history and celebrated in song, 
but many thrilling incidents of interest to individuals 
and to families have never yet appeared in i)rint. Al- 
exander McKay and his family, consisting of his wife 
and nine children — three sons and six daughters, the 
eldest 19 and the youngest about 2 years of age — were 
participants in those exciting scenes. 


In the spring of 1778 apprehensions of an a])proacli- 
ing enemy were sufficiently strong to induce the in- 
habitants of the Valley of Wyoming to build fortifica- 
tions in various places. One fort was built near the 
battle ground by a Dutch settler by the name of Win- 
termait. another was built on the opposite side of the 
river from where the battle was fought and was called 
Lackawanna fort. 

The inhabitants never suspected hostility from the 
Wyoming side of the river until the notorious Butler 
and Brant marched down at the head of a large party of 
Tories and Indians and found the doors of the fort, built 
by Wintermait, open for their reception. 

At this the inhabitants were panic stricken and 
leaving their dwellings fled to the Fort Lackawanna 
for protection. The McKay family took refuge in this 
fort, and all possible preparation was made for defense. 
Our commander was Colonel Butler, a cousin of the 
commander of the same name on the other side. They 
agreed upon an open field fight, on an open plain, but 
a dense pine thicket would have to be passed through 
to reach the field agreed upon. Alexander McKay 
warned them against going, for fear of an ambush, but 
they paid no heed to his warning and went, and as soon 
as they entered the thicket the whole host of Indians 
sprang upon them and cut them down with a great 
slaughter. The survivors of our men stood their ground 
and fought valiantly until each one that w^as left, see- 
ing no one near, and supposing all killed but himself, 
fled for life. It was indeed a dreadful slaughter. On^ 
Phineas Owen (son of Isabel, a sister of Alexauflci' 

McJvjiy. who iiiaiiicd l);iiii('l Owciii IouikI liiiiisclf ptir- 
sni'd by an In<li;ni willi a raised loinahawk, and tlirow- 
inj; away liis ^iiii. and Ix'injj expert at leapin<^ fences, 
gained a little npon his pursuer and junijx'd into a eane- 
brake and was out of si<;ht. but up to his arms in a 
quafi:inire. His j)ursuer looked for him in vain, but 
seemed ])osilive that he was near by, and as it was 
fjrowin^ dark laid down close by and soon ajipeared to 
be asleep. But Owen believing this to be only a de- 
ception kei>t still until a marked change^ in his breath- 
ing convinced him that sleej) was not feigned. He 
then ('rej)t out carefully and escaped as fast as his 
stilTened limbs would i>ermit, making his way down the 
river to what was called Fort Forty, some eight or ten 
miles distant below, where his parents were. 

(This fort derived its name fuom being built by 
forty of the inhabitants for the protection of their 

Meanwhile the news o? the disaster had reached this 
fort, and its occupants made all possible preparations 
to evacuate early in the morning and go down the river 
for safety, and when in the moi-ning they had all em- 
barked and just about to push off, ]Mrs. Owen, the 
mother of Phineas, declared she must go back to the 
fort. They all remonstrated, and asked her why she 
must go back. Slie said she did not know why she 
must, but her mind was so wrougiit u]ion that she must 
go, and she went; and as she 0]>ened the door to go in 
on one side of the fort, her son Pliineas oi)ened the door 
on the o])posite side. She beckone<l liiui In liaslen. and 
they were soon on their Avay down the river. 

Another incident was the escape of two brothers. 
The banks of the river were covered wilh vines, and one 
of them trying to escape over these vini'S fell through, 
and being very tired and feeling safe, lay still. Soon 
his brother, going the same wey fell into the same place, 
and it being very dark each mistook the other for an 
Indian, and they grapi»led in willi each olliei'in a terri- 
lili- hug uniil OIK" of thciu spolce and his well known voice 

revealed bis identity, and then came the reaction from 
fear and they hugged for joy. They soon crawled out, 
swam the river and made their escape. 

In the evening, after the battle, the Indians rolled 
up long heaps of wood and burned our dead and wounded 
soldiers, keeping up a war dance and hideous yells that 
were plainly seen and heard from Lackawanna fort, al- 
though two miles distant. 

The next day a detachment of the enemv crossed 
the river and took possession of the Lackawanna fort, 
which contained the old men, the women and children, 
and a company of soldiers commanded by Captain 
Blanchard, and when they laid down their arms a Mr. 
Brown, an old neighbor of Alexander McKay, took Mc- 
Kay's gun, but too much ashamed to look McKay in the 
face. A number of Indians also came into the fort and 
put the prisoners' mark upon them, an old Indian plac- 
ing it upon the old and matronly looking and a young 
Indian placing it upon the younger ones. This mark 
consisted of a spot of red paint about the size of a 
silver dollar painted upon each cheek. One woman re- 
fused to have the paint put upon her cheek. The next 
day a tall Indian with a tomahawk came into the fort, 
and taking this woman by the hair pulled her head back- 
ward until her face was nearly on a level, raised his 
tomahawk up at full arms' length and then brought it 
down till the edge touched her face, at the same time 
exclaiming "Xowl" This he repeated three times, 
and then released her and said, "Now you go paint," . 
and she painted. 

The Indians would go into the houses about the 
fort and take whatever they found, especially such ar- 
ticles of clothing as had red or other bright colors. 
They discovered a red skirt on a woman and made her 
take it off. 

Each family in the fort had their own separate 
meals, as best they could, for the Indians would come 
in and make signs to the women to give them food. One 
day the McKay family had some fresh meat and made a 
pot pie and set one to watch if any come to take it. 


;iih1 Jiisl ;is il was doiic an Indian came iowards (licni, 
wlicrcnpon Mrs. .McKav set llir pol coiilaininf!: the din- 
nci' (tnl on llic Ihtor and ilncw a tVathcr bed over it. and 
sal down on one side ol' il. Tlic Indian canic in and 
made sij«,ns for viclnals. She look a larfjo pewter 
plattei' from tlie cupboard, Nvhicli lie acce])ted and went 
his way. Tliey then ate Iheir dinner from the pot, 
keepin<»- a sentinel al llu' (h)or. 

After a few days the (-oncnierinf;; army held a conn- 
cil of war and gave the jti-isoners their choiee, to ac 
company tliem to Canada or be paroled. Some, who 
had relatives in tlie army, chose to go with them, but 
most of them chose to be paroled. So they were given 
liberty to depart, but before they could get themselves 
in readiness for so doing the order was countermanded. 
The next day the same scene was re-enacted. So ilr. Mc- 
Kay told his family to be in readiness to start the mo- 
ment leave was again given. The next day leave was 
again given and they started at once. They had been 
})risoners fourteen days. The family consisted of the 
father and mother, with nine children, to which a tenth 
child — Daniel McKay, the father of the writer hereof — 
was born in just six weeks. 

The family all had the measles at the time ex- 
cept one, and that one w\ns sick with fever. Mrs. Mc- 
Kay's measles turned lliat morning. (It was August 0, 
forty-two days before Daniel was born, whicli was on 
September 20.) 

.\bout 10 o'clock they had to ford the Susquehanna 
I'iver. The water was so deep that Elizabeth (after- 
wards ]\rrs. Alanson Edwards), then a girl of 12 years, 
having a new ]»air of sliocs and not wisliing to get llicni 
wet. had 1o hold Ihcm \\\> <iiiilc high, and had the mis 
foi'tune to dro]) one in the livei- and it was lost, wliicli 
in those days was (|uite a calamity. 

()n<' incident connected with the family the wiiter 
hereof had related to him by this same Elizabeth after 
she was 00 years old and herself tlie nioiliei' of a large 
family, as follows: Mr. McKay's measles had not yet 
tinned and they feared to have him g<» into the water. 

so Mrs. McKay carried him over the river in her arms, 
and then returned and carried the cliildren over, one by 
one, who were not old enougli to wade the river. 

In the course of the day tliey were overtaken by 
others, some of whom had a cart drawn by oxen whicli 
had been kept hidden in the woods, as were also pro- 
visions and other stores, and the sickest of the sick ones 
were put into the cart. But the oldest of the McKay 
girls — Polly, afterwards Mrs. Wadsworth — then 15 years 
old, had to carry her sick sister, Sarah, 2 years old — 
afterwards Mrs. Weed. They traveled 100 miles or mor(^ 
before they felt that it was safe to stop. 

Towards night the second day it rained very hard, 
and as it soon began to be very dark they ])repared to 
camp, as many as possible under the cart, but others 
came along with a lantern and told them there was a de- 
serted log house a short distance fui'ther on, and they 
hastened on to build a fire in advance of the rest. They 
had not been there long when others came pouring in 
until the house was literally overflowing, and when 
poor Polly had found a place for all the invalid brothers 
and sisters of her charge to sleep, there was no ]ilace 
for her except a small vacancy behind the door. She 
had but just lain down when another company came in 
bringing a wounded man and the inquiry arose, where 
shall we put him? liehind the door seemed the safest 
place, so Polly had to vacate her lodging place. They 
then found some boards and laid them on a bedstead 
that had been left in the house and some lay upon it, 
while others lay under it, but Polly found no place on 
the floor to sit or stand, but on the ground in the 
vicinity of the hearth was a cobble stone on which she 
sat till nearly morning, when a man awoke and changed 
places with her. She had slept but a little while when 
others began to get up, and there was no more sleeping 
in the noise and stir that followed. 

They traveled from ten to fifteen miles a day, find- 
ing deserted houses from six to eight miles apart. They 
had full liberty to kill cattle for food or use whatever 
food thev found in the houses for their sustenance. In 


the houses tlicv iOuiid jtork, lard and oilier jiiov isious 
and c'ookin*? utoiisils, aiid in tlie woods lliey found cows 
with their calves, which furnislied llicm wiih milk. Tlnis 
they arrivod at tlie Hudson river, where llie.v washed 
the i)aint from their faces, for the Indians gave them 
red ])aint and told them tlieir safety depended on kee]» 
inj^ it brifiht. 

The McKay family stayed a short time with an 
aunt and then went into a school house. While heic 
their boy Seth, 4 years old, was sent to the post oftice, 
which was kept in a dwellinj;- house. The family at that 
time had considerable company, who bejian to question 
him about their captivity. He was quite animated, and 
balancing back and forth on one foot and then on the 
other, giving his body a swinging motion from side to 
side (a habit he had through life when animated), he 
said: "I had a hen with a great many chickens in the 
hovel, and they set tire to the hovel and burned them 
all up, and I cried about it, and I feel just so now, boo! 
hoo!!" Whereupon their sympathies were wrought upon 
and they contributed money enough to buy another hen 
and chickens. 

The only cooking utensil ]Mrs. McKay had was a 
frying pan with a long handle. With this she heated 
w^ater for washing; and to boil her clothes she would 
heat large stones and put them into the tub with the 
clothes. One day she got a large stone vei'v hot, and 
dropping it into the tub too suddenly burst the bottom 
out of the tub. 

From the school house they went to live in an ash- 
ery. and thei*e she had the ])otasli kettle to use. and after 
a while they went to live in a Dutch settlement of lich 
farmers, wdiere they found ready emidoyniciii and the 
comforts of life moi'e plentiful. 

All the facts in tln^ foregoing narrative wei-(^ given 
to the undei'signed by Mrs. Alanson E«lwai'ds — Alex- 
ander ^McKay's daughter Elizabeth — who was 12 years 
old when the facts trans])ired, and an <'ye witness to 
most of them, and to all of them that relate to the Mc- 
Kav familv. The facts relatcnl were also corroborated 


by Polly, the oldest daughter of Alexander McKay, who 
was 16 years old, and also an eye witness to the events 
narrated. They can be relied on as authentic and true. 


{Son of Daniel McKay, ivho ivasborn September 20, 1778, 
jus-t six weeks after the family were liberated from 
the fort. ) 


III. Sylvester McKay — Son of Alexander McKay, mar 
ried Elizabeth Bostwick, date unknown. 


IV. Silas, boru July 7, 1783; died .July 30. 1843, at Mansfield. 

N. Y. 

Philo, born .July 28, 1785; died December 30, 1862. 
Augustine, born June 8, 1787; died August 21, 1849. 
Joseph, born July 12, 1789; died April 7, 1868. 
Betsy, born October 1, 1791; died August 12, 1870. 
Lois, born October 2.5, 1793; died March 12, 1872. 
Polly, born February 28, 1796; died March 6, 1866. 
Daniel, bona July 18, 1798; died Februaiy, 1863. 
Sylvester, Jr., born March 4, 1801; died June, 1860. 


IV. ^ilas McKay — Son of Sylvester McKay, married 
Sally Galawa, of Pompey, N. Y., July 7, in 1808. 
He settled in Mansfield, N. Y. 


V. Liverius, born June 7, 1809; died June 8, 1888. 
Cyrus G., born Febniary 28. 1811; died May 8, 1893. 
Sylvester, born July 28, 1813; died June 11, 1888. 
John Jay, bom September, 2. 1816. 

Amos, born Januai"y 19, 1819; died March 4, 1819. 

George Clinton, born March 19, 1820. 

Hiram V. R., born March 5, 1822. 

Daniel Burnett, bom February 22, 1824; died November 2, 

Napoleon Bonapart, born September 13, 1826. 
Thomas H., born July 3, 1830; died June 23, 1892. 



V. Linriiis Mi-/\<ii/ — Son of Sil;is McKay, marriod first 

Iliilda r.all, AJu-il, 188(1. She died April, 1838. Mar- 
ried, .Iniio 24, to Susan .lolinson. 


VI. Oscar S.. born May 1, 1839. 



VI. Oscar McKdi/ — Son of Livorius McKay, married 
Adeline JJui'roujilis, December 24, 18(>o. (Live in 
Sugartown, Cattaraugus county, N. Y.) 


VII. I.ucy .J., born April 17, ISGG. 
Grant D., born April 28, 1870. 
Glenn E., born August 15, 1878. 
Burnett E., born June 19, 1880. 

VII. Lucji 'I. McKay — Daughter of Oscar S. McKay, 
married Mr. Chase, April 17, 1885. 


VI II. Etliel M., bora March 8, 1800. 
Kalpli, born September 0, 1890. 


V. C'l/riis McKmi — Son of Silas McKa,\. inanicd .Mary 

Butterlield, March S, IS.",!;. 


VI. i:ic,i/;ir 1!., hoin March 1, 1837. 

.'^;ll•.•lll. hull! I'cliruary (i. IMl. 
('li;ii-I('s Wesley, horn .Inly '_'.". 1S47. 

VI. (luirirs WcsUji Mrluui — Son of Cyins .McKay, mar- 
ried Claia Owen. 


\II. Grace, born September 1.". 187 . 
r.laiich, born .July, 1878. 
Gregorj-, born September, 1881. 


VI. HaraJi McKay — Only daughter of Cyrus G. McKay, 
married Chas. Wesley Hooker. No children. 


V. Sylvester McKay — Son of Silas McKay, married 

Mary Ann Johnson. 


VI. Richard Jerome, born April 23, 1842. 
Laviiia Rebecca, bom September 9, 1843. 
Lois Adelia, bom August 16, 1852. 
Alace Melintha, born April 0, 1865. 

VI. Richard Jerome McKay — Son of Sylvester McKay, 
married Amelia Durkee. They lived in West Sal- 
amanca, N. Y. One child. 

VII. John Jay, born May 17, 1866. 

VII. John Jay McKay — Son of Richard Jerome, mar- 
ried Lulu Wyman, September 7, 1886. 

VI. Lwmna R. McKay — Daughter of Sylvester McKay, 
married Sanford C. Bunce, June 21, 1868. 


VII. Willie A., born April 17, 1870. 
Glenn J., born March 31, 1877. 
Mellie A., born November 3, 1883. 


V. John J. McKay — Son of Silas McKay, married 

Maria Foils, August 6, 1839. (Address, 1896, Hol- 
loway, Swift county, Minn.) 


VI. Helen, born August 6, 1841. 
Arthur F., born January 10, 3843. 
Emily Maria, born February 29, 1844. 
Caroline, born December 20, 1846. 
Mareia, born April, 1849. 

Clark, born August, 1851. 
Cassino, born September 3, 1853. 
Leroy S., born January, 1857. 


VI. Helm McKay — Daiij^litcr of .Tolm J. McKay, mar- 
ried Jolin V. Little, Se})<(iiil)<i- 11. ISCl. (Address, 
Geneva, South Dakota.) 


VIT. Alice L., bom January 1, 1807. 
Susan M., born Ma^' 18, 1870. 
.Tohn W., born March 19, 1870. 
Myrtle M., born September 12, 1879. 


V. (Jcorgr C. McKai/ — ^^oii of Silas McKay, married 

Margaret Frank, January 29, 1847. (Address, Ed- 
dyville, Cattaraugus county, N. Y.) 


VI. Nelson W., born February 27, 1849; died May 1, 1862. 
Elbert C, born .January 24, 1851; died May 18, 1802. 
Harlan E., born February 10, 1853; died Febniary 27, 1854. 
Tlieressa A., bom July 0, 18.58; died May 11, 1802. 
Nelson C, born August 30, 1865; died January 20, 1880. 

V. JJ inuii ]'(in Naiicclacr McKay — Son of Silas McKay, 

married Trypliena L. Fuller, October 15, 1847. 
(Address, Ellecottville, N. Y.) Second marriage, 
September 5, 1880, to Mrs. Joanna Ai-nold. 


VI. Stanley Albertus, born September 11, 1850. 
Flora L.. April 24, 1852; died May 23, 1893. 

VI. Rev. kitanley Albcrtm McKay — Son of Hiram V. R. 
^fcKay, married Ellen Trandall, December 20. 1871). 
lAddiM'ss, Owatonna, .Miiin.i Xo children. 

\I. Flora H. J/rA'(///— Daughter of Hiram \. K. Mc- 
Kay, married Geo. E. Dye, May 7, 1871. One child. 

VII. Walter H. Dye. 


V. Daniel liiinidl McKay, M. D. — Son of Silas McKay. 

mari'icd Rebecca A. Sisson, July 21, \><~}?>. One 

VI. Ellen, bora April 27. 1854. 


VI. Ellen McKay — Only daughter of Daniel Burnett 
McKay, married Frank L. Greenwood, August ol, 
1876. (Address, Seneca, Kansas.) 


VII. Grace M., born July 20, 1877. 
Dorothea, born April 5, 1879. 
Lucy A., born March 15, 1881. 
Rebecca, born March 27, 1883. 
Carrie, born October 13, 188.5. 
Burnett McKay, born January 15, 1888. 
Heman C, born February 11, 1892. 


V. Napoleon B. McKay — Son of Silas McKay, married 

Clara A. Goldthwait, September 23, 1850. 


VI. Sarah May, born May 11, 1852. 

Augusta Maria, born August 30, 1853; died October 5, 1870. 
Franlv, born December 15, 1854. 
Carl, born Februry 2, 1858. 

VI. ^a7'ah May McKay — Daughter of Napoleon B. Mc- 
Kay, married Edward M. Kepler, April 13, 1869. 
One' child. 

VII. Sella, born February 17, 1871. 

VI. Frank McKay — Son of Napoleon B. McKay, mar- 
ried Eva McClasky, June 22, 1880. (Address, Phil- 
lipsburgh, Kansas.) 


VII. David, born Mai-ch 28, 1883. 

Addie Laura, born November 30, 1887. 

VI. Carl McKay — Son of Napoleon B. McKay, married 
Nora Crimmens, December 2, 1879. (Address, 
America Citj, Kansas.) 


YII. Edward Ray, bom May 2, 1882. 
Chloe May, born April 0, 1884. 
Daniel Burnett, born October 27. 1885. 
Sella Augusta, born September 29, 1888. 
Ellen Lucile, born May 2(3, 1891; died Febniary 16, 1892. 



V. ThoiiKis II. McKdi/ — Son of Silas McKay, iiiairicd 
Eliza J. Frank. Auuiisi 12. 1855. 

■I-' " 


n . Ph'ilo McKdij — Son of Sxhcstci- McKay. uiairicMl 
Sally TalUins. -lanuaiy 7. 1808. 


V. Aliiiiiii P.. bom December 25, 1808; died April 27, 1870. 
Hiram C, born March 22. 1812; die<l November 18, 1889. 
Henry W.. l)orn .Tune 2.5, 1810; died April 10, 1829. 
Alanson H., liorn September 7, 1818; died September 7, 1803. 
Caroline P., born .Jnlj^ 5, 1821. 

Philo jMcKay, by a second nianiauc i(» Sally (liay. 
of Wheeler, Stenben comity, N. \., was the father of 
one son. 

y. Amaziah How McKay, born August 2, 18.3.S; died December 
2, 188.3. 

V. Almini I*. McKdii — Daughter of Pholio McKay, iiiai- 
I'ied John Cramer. 


VT. Arvilla F., bom October 13, 1831. 
Sarah A., liorn Auixust 15. 18.35. 
(Jeorffe L., born October 5, LSiiS. 
Nelson .T.. born .Tune 11, 1841. 

V. IJifdiit (\ MvKdji — Son of IMiilo ^IcKay. nian-ied 
Prudence Murray, of Mniiay, ("ouilland cunnly. N. 
Y. Slir died .Ini'ic 1, 1878. 


\I. Ili'iiiy I^illeyon. bom August. 1839. 

May. l)orn May 24. 1842: difd Soptcmbor 3. 1842. 

Frank, bom .Tuly 20. 1848; died April 20. 18.54. 

:Murr.iy, born ]May 25. 18.54. 

Harry ("nrtis. born August 29. 18.57: di.-d 2.3, 1888. 

Cecil, born April 14. 1883; died Aiiril IC. 188.3. 

Int'Z. Itorn Sej)tomber 10, 1884. 


VI. Harry Curtis McKay — Son of Hiram C. McKay, 
married Helen E. Eldridge, October 6, 1880. 


VII. Prudence A., born January 6, 1883. 
Carrie C, born December 5, 1884. 

V. Alanson H. McKay — Son of Philo McKay, married 

Sophia Pierce. One child. 

VI. Anna, born in 1856. 

V. Caroline F. McKay — Daughter of Philo McKay, 

married Wm. P. Eace. 


VI. Myra Ellen, born June 22, 1857. 
Letta May, born February 22, 1864. 

V. Ainaziah How McKay — Son of Philo McKay, mar- 

ried Anna Irwin. He was an attorney at law. 


VI. Helen S., born April 3, 1861. 
Arthur P., born May 19, 1864. 


IV. Augustine McKay — Son of Sylvester McKay, mar- 
ried Polly Partridge, of Northampton, N. Y., Octo- 
ber 1.5, 1809. She was born April 11, 1784, and 
died at Spafford, N. Y., June 17, 1838. Augustine 
McKa}' was a tanner, currier and shoe maker, af- 
terwards a farmer. He was also a member of the 
Baptist church. 


V. Pauline Weed, born Februaiy 8, 1813. 
Frederick, born January 11, 1814. 
Azena, born February 10, 1816. 
Lydia Wood, born March 13, 1818. 
Polly P., bom September 30. 1821. 
Augustine, Jr., born June 29, 1826. 

Augustine McKay, married a second time to Mrs. 
Julia Chappel, widow of Isthamer C. Daj, June 0, 1839. 
She was born July 5, 1793. 

1 8 

V. I'diiliiKi \\'(<<l M(J\(i// — Dau^liici' (>r A\i;;ii,siiiu' Mc- 
Kay, married Joseph Bowers. November 25, 1830. 
They emifjjraled to risici-. Tio;:,;! lonniy. \. ^'. 

V. FrcdcricJi Mchdi/ — Hnii of Anmisiinc ^McKay, mar- 

ried Louisa Hutclu'iis. daughter of Colonel Phineas 
Hiitchens, of Spollord, X. Y., October 8. 1S:?7. 


VI. reny. boiii .Time 18, 1841. 
Mary, born November 20, 1845. 

V. Lydla ^yood McKai/ — Daujilitcr of Angustiue Mc- 

Kay, married Alexander Churchill, of Otsego 
county, N. Y., July 10, 1837. One child. 

VI., born .June 28, 1838. 

V. PoUi/ r. McKay — Daughter of Augustine McKay, 

married Justus N. Knapp, June 15, 1819, at Hills- 
dale, Columbia count}', N. Y'. Hs was a farmer, a 
justice of the i)eace and an active nuMnber of the 
M. E. church. 


VI. Martha A. 
Mary Lucinda. 
Justus Niles. 
Alice Arzena. 

V, Arzvua McKuji — r)aiighter of Augustine ]\rcKay, 
married Duncan Arlliiir. July l(i. 1S4S. 

y. Aii(/iisliiic McKiiji, Jr. — Son of Augusline McKay, 
married Sarah A. Mabie, February 1'8, 1848. She 
was a daughter of Morton and (lertrude Mabie. 


\I. ()r.soii. liorn Miiicli .">, 18.")1. 

Gerlrndc. Ih,i-ii August 8, 1853. 
Iiy(b,-i i:ilrii. Imrn .lime 3, 1855. 


\y . .Joseph McKdjl — Son of Sylvster McKay, married 
Knchcl T-cJson, Xovcmltcr Id. ISI.". 



V. Philander, born May 2(>, 1819. 
Alvina, born August 2G, 1821. 
Orson, born July 25, 1823. 
Laertus, born September 20, 1825. 
Harriet, born June 27, 1828. 
Appalonia, born January 1, 1830. 
Isaac B., born June 18, 1832. 
Charles, born August 4, 1834. 
Joseph Warren, boa-n May 6, 1837. 

V. Philander McKay — Son of Joseph McKay, married 

Sally Partridge, December 30, 1841. 


VI. Mary, born March 10, 1843. 

Morris, born February 28, 1S4S; died April 3, 1848. 
Morris A., born August 6. 1851. 
Willis, born October 2, 1856. 

VI. Mary McKay — Daughter of I'hilander McKay, mar- 
ried Chas. J. Sweetapple, March 5, 1865. 

VI. Morris McKay — Son of Philander McKay, married 
Hattie Wickings in 1874. One child. 

VII. Merton, date of birth not given. 

VI. Willis McKay — Son of Philander McKay, married 
Emily Boise, March 11, 1880. 


VII. Wales, bora July 27, 1881. 
Howard, born .June 4, 1885. 

V. Alvina McKay — Daughter of Joseph McKay, mar- 
ried Asel Wilkinson, May 25, 1851. No children. 

V. Orso)i McKay — Son of Joseph McKay, married 

V. Laertus McKay — Son of Joseph McKay, married 
Eliza Ann P.errv, March 29, 1840. She died Octo- 

ber 15, 1893. 


VI. Erastus, born April 20, 1848. 

George W., born June 24, 1859. 


VI. (l<(tr(/< \\ . McKuji — Son of Ljiciliis .McKay, mar 
ricd Lillian Potter, May 17, 18S2. She died Novem- 
ber 2.'?, 1S8(). 

^^ Isaac li. }fcKaii — Son of .Tos('])li McKay, married 
Louisa M. Kalyea, Febiuaiy 14, lS(iO. She died 
June 22, 1800. He died :\Iarch :*.!, 1895. * * 


VI. Alniont A., born April 18, 1S()4; died August 21, 1865. 
Minnie E., born June 21, ISr.G. 
Fred B., born October 24, 1868. 

IV. Betsey McKay — Daughter of Sylvester ^fcKay. 
married Amaziah Howe, July 8, 1810. 


V. Amaziah D., born April 29, 1811. 
William, born November 13, 1817. 
]Minerva, boi'u October 28, 1820. 
Addison, bom June 2, 1823. 

IV. IaAs McKay — Daughter of Sylvester ^IcKay, mar- 
ried Isaac Barber, November 12, 1817. 


V. Joel, born .Marcli 21, 1819; died September 2.-). 1879. 
Laura, born August 9, 1821; died June 10, 184.5. 
David, born December 28. 1822; died February 12. 1823. 
Isaac. Jr.. born July 24, 1827. 

A daughter, born September 16, 1830; died sauu- day. 
Sally M., born April 8, 1831; died November 24, 1831. 
William A., born May 24. 183(). 

IV, l*<)Uy .]fcKay — Daugliter of Sylvester McKay, mar- 
ried Kodolj^hus I'.urr, Aj)ri] 2. 1S2(I. 


V. Levi <".. Ix.rii June 2. ISlM ; died December 19. 1880. 
.hiliiis. In, in July 17, 1X22; died November 11. 1822. 
Eliza, born Scptcmlu-r ;"., 1828; died May 6. 18S8. 
Edwin, born Jiuie 16, 1825. 

.Mabilla. born October 1(5, 1827: died Scptcml)cr 27. 1889. 

Sabrina, born February 20. 18.30. 

Mary .\iiii Minerva, born August 14. 1838; died July 7, 1880. 


IV. Daniel McKay — Son of Sylvester McKay, married 
Elizabeth . Second marriage to Mrs. Har- 
riet B. Gary. One cliild. 

V. Elizabeth, born April 15, 1834; died July 2, 1872. 

IV. Sylvester McKay, Jr. — Son of Sylvester McKay. 
Date and name of wife unknown. 




III. Polly McKay (also called ilfar?/)— Daughter of 
Alexander McKay, married Joseph Wadsworth, Sr., 
April 29, 1787. He was born March 25, 1765, and 
died August 25, 1851. He was a carpenter and 
joiner, a member of the Presbyterian church and 
a leading Free Mason, and was master of the Ma- 
sonic lodge in Aurora, Erie county, N. Y., about the 
time of the Morgan excitement. 


IV. .John, bora March 26, 1790; died July 10, 1841. 
Joseph, Jr., born October 14, 1792; died April 11, 1878. 
Bbenezar, born December 16, 1794; died May 6, 1796. 
Sarah, born February 6, 1797; died 1785. 

Daniel, born September 28, 1799; died March 31, 1888. 
Calvin, born September 17, 1801; died November 18, 1882. 
Ebenezar, born July 6, 1805; died July 23, 1805. 


IV. John Wadsworth— ^on of Joseph Wadsworth, Sr., 
married Nancy Davenport at Canaan, N. Y., July 
17, 1810. She died at Buffalo, N. Y., January 8, 
1863. He was a woolen manufacturer afterwards 
a bookkeeper in Buffalo, N. Y. 


THKIR riril^DREN: 

V. .liilin. Ii.nii IMl; died Au;;usf 14, ISHL 

I,;i viiii.i. hoiii ; iinmaiTied; was a teacher of French and 

imisic; died in Tallahassee, Fla. 

Merey Ann. horn ; died Octoher 14, 18G1. 

Sarah, horn July 13. 1824; living in St. Paul, Minn., in 1890. 
Nanc.N lOujrene. horn A))ril '_*">. 1827; living in 1890. 

IV. rhiJia Maria Wadsiroitli — Danghtei' of John Wads- 
worth, nuirried to Iia Aver, at Aurora, N. Y., 1828. 
Died at P^vaiis, Erie county, N. Y., August 14, 18(n. 
He died at Evans, N. Y., January 28, 1880. 


V. Lavinia. married Dr. George W. Barr of Gowanda, N. Y. 
Ira, married .Tennie James of Washington, D. C. 
Sarah Cecelia, married Simon B. Taft, Angola, N. Y. 
Juliah Mariah, married James Austen, Washington, D. C. 
Law Bradley, died in infancy. 

IV. Mercy Auu Wadsirorth — Daughter of John Wads- 
worth, married Richard McOleaver, November 29, 

IV. ^arah Wadsirortli — Daughter of John Wadswortli, 
married Henry Lamb at Buffalo, N. Y., rinne 1, 
1842. He was born at New Castle on Tyne, Eng- 
land, November 1, 1810. Died at St. Taul, Janu- 
ary 19, 1890. 


V. Henry, born July 23, 1844; died April 13. 1845. 

Sarnli Diantha. horn January 13. 1847; died July 17. 1803, 

Henry WadswinHi. horn November 8. 1849; died Januai'y 31, 

Ellen Petrie. horn May 31. 1851; married William P. Jewett, 

August 29, 1880. 
William Henry, born November 18, 1852. 
(MMd-ge Wadsworth, horn August 27. 1855; unmarried; lives 

in I'.uffalo. N. Y., in 1890. 

N'. /.7/r// I'clriv Wadstrorlh — Daughter of Ilcni'v Lamb. 
married Wni. P. Jewet at St. Paul. Minn, August 
29, 1880. He was born a1 ri.-iiiilicld. <"<)nii.. August 
25, 1848. No children. 


V. Nancy Eugene W(uUiro}ih—T>i\\\^\\iev of John 

Wadsworth, married Thomas H. W. Dinsmore, Oc- 
tober 2, 1848. 


VI. May Gordon, born June 4, 1850; died October 26, 1850. 

Silas W., born September 30, 1852. 

Lavinia Wadsworth, born March 22, 1855; died February 
26, 1890. 

Gordon, born August 7, 1857. 

Herbert, born April 10, 1859; died February 10, 1860. 

Martha Macomb, born February 7, 1861. 


IV. Joseph Wadsworfli, Jr. — Son of Joseph Wadsworth, 
maried Sophia Morton, daugliter of Elisha Morton, 
of Stephentown, N. Y., January 22, 1819. She died 
at Beloit, Wis., December 19, 1857. 


V. William Wallace, born April 22. 1818. 
Horace Loomis, born July 10, 1821. 
Edwin R., born August 27, 1823. 

Celia, born November 15, 1825; died October 24, 1891. 

Joseph Wadsworth, Jr., married a second time to 
the widow of Simeon Morgan, of Burgen, N. Y., May 18, 
1858. She died June 24, 1873. 

V. William W. Wadnoortli — Son of Joseph Wadsworth, 

Jr., married Louisa Morton, May 18, 1843. She died 
December 18, 1892. 


VI. Sophia, bom April 28, 1844; died June 27, 1878. 
Louisa, born April 9, 1849. 

Frank, born December 6, 1852. 
Alma, born June 18, 1854. 

VI. Louisa Wadstrorth — Daughter of Wm. W. Wads 
worth, married Frank Moore, December 7, 1870. 


VII. Alma, born October 21, 1871. 
Florence, born September 30, 1880. 

Arthur, born November 14, 1882; died June 3, 1885. 


V. Jloran L. Wadsirortli—^on of Joseph Wadsworth, 

Jr., married Ann r.alkconi, September 3, 1841. She 
died June 10, 1800. 


VI. Emilia Morton, born .June 13, 1842. 
Horace Everett, bom October 23, 1843. 

Hannah Mary, born August (>. 1845; died August 18, 1863. 

Dexter Clay, born .Tune 8, 1849. 

Edwin Burk, born .Tune 5, 1851. 

.Tay Emerson, bom .Tune 10, 1854. 

Sarah Sophia, born October 3, 1855. 

Lnvinnia Ruth, born May 3, 1857. 

Joseph Stephens, born September 6, 1859. 

William Harvey, bora March 4d, 1862; died August 28, 1862. 

V. Edwin R. Wadsirorth—^on of Joseph Wadsworth, 
Jr., married Emeline Eames, June 29, 1847. She 
died April 5, 1893. 


\I. Cyrus Eames, born April 14, 1848. 

Fannie Badford, bom April 16, 1864; died same day. 
Mattie White, bora July 6, 1873; died October 6, 1873. 

v. CcUa M. Wad.m-orfh— Born November 15, 1825. 
Died October 24, 1891. Married Jacob C. Hobart, 
December 12, 1851. 


\'T. IlajTict Lucretia, born October 20, 1852. 
iMlwin Wadsworth, liorn June 3, 1855. 
^\■i Ilia 111 Frank, bora March 12, 1800. 
Carrie Voliua, born December 6, 1801; died September 15, 

Carrie Sophia, born June (1, 18tJ7; died 2*larch 21, 1870. 

WiJliani Frrnik Tlohart ^n-adnated at Beh)it academy, 
June, 1S79; e-radualed at I'.ehiit eolh'<;e. July, 1884; f^rad- 
nated at Chica;jjo llomeojiathit; colle};('. February, 1880. 
Was interne in Chicago Homeopathic hospital in 1880- 
1887; was assistant j)hysieiaii to ('hicaj?o Half-Or]»haii 
asylum, 1887-1890; practiced in (MiicaRO, 1884-1892. In 
Koscoe, 111., 1892 to October 7, 1895. Removed to Grand 


Forks, October 7, 1895, and formed partnership witli 
Dr. Rutledge under the firm name of Rutledge & Hobart. 
The only homeopaths in the place. 

IV. Sarah Wadsicorth — Daughter of Joseph Wads- 
worth, Sr., married Artemus Mahan, a brother of 
Rev. Asa Mahan. (President of Oberlin college.) 

After her husband's death she became home mis- 
sionary among the Indians in Northern Minnesota. She 
died March 27, 1885, without issue. 

IV. Daniel Wadsworth— Son of Joseph Wadsworth, Sr., 
married Mrs. Mary H. Barnett, October 30, 1825. 


V. John G., born October 30, 1825. 
Joseph M., born June 14, 1830. 
Daniel D., born March 8, 18.34. 
Catharine E., born August 5, 1836. 

IV. Calvin WadstoortU — Son of Joseph Wadsworth, Sr., 
married Lucy Beardsley, at Eden, N. Y. 


V. Solomon Joseph, born December 3, 1825; died September 17, 

Theodore Lyman, born December 25, 1826. 
D wight, born January 15, 1828; died June 28, 1829. 
Edward Payson, born September 6, 1830. 
Helen Maria, born June 10, 1835. 
Mary Eliza, born February 9, 1839. 

Lucy Ermina, born February 8, 1841; died March 16, 1841. 
Calvin, Jr., born September 8, 1843. 
Lavinna Adriana. born Decejnber 15, 1845. 

V. Solomon Joseph Wadsicorth— Son of Calvin Wads- 

worth, married Miss Sarah E. Curtis, of Madison, 
Ohio, February 18, 1847. 


VI. Charles C, born May 27, 1849. 
Fanny C, born January 2, 1860. 
Grace E., born January 5, 1864. 
Joseph Frank, born August 12, 1869. 


\I. i'/iarhs (\ Wadsiroiili, .1/. />.— Son of Solomon 
.los<|)li Wiidswort li, iii;nri<'(l Mai'V Mar^arot Craig. 
One cliild. 

^'II. Mary lOdilli, bom July IH, 1878. 

V. Thvodon L. Wiidsuoiili — Son of Calvin Wadswortli, 
married ]\Iiss Mary Ann IMerce, April 30, 180:}. No 

V. Kdiranl Paj/snii Wadsirorth — Son of Calvin Wads- 
worth, ninii'icd Sarah L. .Tndson. October 10. IS.ICt. 
No children. 

V. Helen M. Wadsirnrfh — Daughter of Calvin Wads- 
wort, married Thomas Hart Taylor, December 27, 
1876. No children. 

V. Larinna Adriana Wadsirorth — Daughter of Calvin 

Wadswortli, married Robert Q. Hamilton, Decem- 
ber 27, 1876. Robert Q. Hamilton died January 
18, 1892. 


VI. Lucy W. Hamilton, born December 27, 1881. 
Helen A. Hamilton, born November 11, 1883. 

Lavinna A. married a second time, January 10, 1895, 
to Erastus W. Manchester. 

V. Mary E. Wadf<U'ortl\ — Daughter of Calvin Wads- 

worth, married Josejih Savage, November 18, 1861. 


VI. Theodore Savage, born November 3, 18G4. 
Lucy AV., born August 29, 1S69. 

Bertha, born September 21. 1S71. 
Ada Mai-y, born September 21, 1878. 

V. Calvin Wadxworih, Jr. — Son of Calvin Wadsworth, 

iiiarriccl A\'itifi-('(1 Kennedy iji 1S(;."). 


VI. William Sewaid, born 18(57. 
Calvin. .Tr., born 18G8. 
Joseph Thomas, born 1871. 
Charles S., born 1874. 
fJeorge K., born 1877. 
'IMieodore L., born 1879. 
Raymond Arthui-. born 1881. 





III. Lois McKaii — Dauj>hter of Alexander McKay, mar- 
ried Benjamin Doucias. (Grandson of Asa Doug- 
las, the first settler of Stephentown, N. Y. His 
brother, William Douglas, was the first person 
born in Stephentown.) Benjamin Douglas died 
August 18, 1842. 


IV. William B. Douglas, born September 9, 1788. 
Benjamin, born August 3, 1793. 

Lois, born Februarj- 29, 1796. 
Cynthia, born February 9, 1798. 
Diadama, born May 7, 1800. 
Appalonia, born May 4, 1802. 
Le Grand, born INIay, 1804. 
John, born August 18, 1806. 
Hannah C, born December 9, 1808. 
Margaret, born November 5, 1812. 

IV. William, B. Douglas — Son of Benjamin Douglas, 
married Myra Dibble, of Middleton, N. Y. 


V. Henry T., born September 28, 1813. 
Mary, born November 17, 1817. 
Elvira, born October 20, 1819. 
Harriet, born August 10, 1822. 

V. Mary Douglas — Daughter of Wm. B. Douglas, mar- 
ried Dr. Lynd, of North Chili, N. Y. 

V. Henry T. Douglas — Son of Wm. B. Douglas, mar- 

ried Almira J. Harris. (Daughter of W. B. Harris, 
of Sand Lake, N. Y.) 
Henry T. was a successful farmer and merchant of 
Stephentown, N. Y., and a Douglas democrat in 1860. 


VI. William H. Douglas, born December 25, 1838. 
Caroline Martha, bom June 6, 1846. 
Edward, born January 27, 1856. 


V. Elvira Dotu/las — Daufilitcr ol' \Villiaiii JJ. I)<)ii<,das. 

marriod Ilcnrv Han-icli, son of Jiobcrt llanich, of 
CoriutlK N. v., January 29, 1839. 


VI. Charles Dibble, born November 18, 1840. 
Joseph M.. born September 29, 18.52. 
William DouiL,'las, born December 20, 1844. 
P^rancelia, born February (j, 1848. 
George C, born August 7, 18.51. 

Myra D., born January 7, 1855. 

IV. Lois Douglas — Daughter of Benjamin Douglas, 
married Heniy Hill. He was the proprietor of 
New Lebanon Springs in 1815. 


V. Louisa, born October 21, 1816. 
Henry, born August 28, 1820. 

IV. CyiitJiia Douglas — Daughter of Benjamin Doug- 
las, married Geo. Landon. 


V. Anna Elizabeth. 

IV. Diadaiiia Douglas — Daughter of Benjamin Doug- 
las, married Jared S. Babcock, December 29, 1817. 
He was a hatter. 


V. Jennie, born June 18, 182G. 
Koljert Fullei-, born May 30, 1822. 
Louis Douglas, born May 4, 1824. 

IV, Le (Urand Douglas — Son of Benjamin Douglas, mar- 
ried Ann Smith. 

IV. John Douglas — Son of Benjamin Douglas, mar- 
ried Elenor liougliton, November 28, 1828. 


V. Ai»i»alunia L. Douglas, born September 25, 1829. 
Margaret O., born January 14, 1832. 

Hannah A., born December 27, 1833. 
Minnie M., born June 10, 1837. 
Mary Milissa, born April 1, 1841. 
Alice L., born October 4, 184G. 


V. Appalonia L. Douglas — Daughter of Benjamin 
Douglas, married Austen Stowell. No children. 

V. Margaret Douglas — Daughter of Benjamin Doug- 

las, married Elijah G. Carr, February 12, 1837. 


VI. Caroline Louisa, born May 3, 1840. 
Spencer Eli j all, born July 24, 1845. 
Elva Louisa, born March 19, 1849. 
Carrie and Kate, twins, born July 2G, 1852. 




III. Elizaleth McKay— Danghter of Alexander McKay, 
married Alanson Edwards of Northampton, Mass., 
April 20, 1791. 

They emigrated to Greenfield about 1792, and from 
thence to Skaneateles, N. Y., where they resided until 
November, 1831, when they removed to Peru, Huron 
county, Ohio. She died August 24, 1833. He died Sep- 
tember 22, 1834. Both died in Peru. 


IV. Alanson, Jr., born June 28, 1793; died August 14, 18G0. 
Thaddeus, born December 10, 1795; died May 8, 1890. 
Elizabeth, born September 2, 1797; died April 9, 1866. 
Electa, born September 11, 1799; died October 5, 1834. 
Aclisah, born August 15, 1801; died February 10, 1859. 
Alonzo, born August 17, 1803; died September 7, 1849. 
Melissa, born June 19, 1805; died July 24, 1858. 
Cynthia D., born November 5, 1807. 

Clarina and Clarinda, twins, born February 23, 1810; Clar- 

ina died March 1, 1892; Clarinda, September 30, 1841. 
Sereno, born October 4, 1812; died May 6, 1818. 

IV. Alanson Efhvards, Jr.— Son of Alanson Edwards, 
married Widow Lydia Camp, August 15, 1819. He 
was a school teacher in his youth, afterwards 
clerk of Onondaga county, N. Y. 



V. Harriot. Ixnii .Iiiiie 12, 1820. 
Sophia, born May, 1S24. 
Henry Dwight. Ijorn May, 1822. 

V. TTarriet Edicards — Daujilitei' of Alanson Edwards, 

Jr., married IJenjaiiiiii F. Farwcll, who died in 
Corning, N. Y., in 18(;0. One child. 

VI. Sopliia, Ilai'riet, Alfred, dates of births not given. 

VI. Sophia LJdirards — Daujihter of Alanson Edwards, 
Jr.. married Alpheus Taylor. Kemoved to New 
York city and died without issue. 

V^. Henry Dicight Edicard.s — Son of Alanson Edwards, 
Jr., married Lucy Merritt, of (ieneseo, N. Y., and 
resided at Painted Post in ISGl. He was a jew- 
eler. They had only one child. 

VI. Charles, born in 1849. 


IV. TliaddeuH Eduard.s — Son of Alanson Edwards, Sr., 
married Mary Parsons, of Skaneateles, N. Y., May 
21, 182:1 She died July 28, 18:37, leaving one son. ^ 

V. Hen IT v., born .Inly 13, 182G. 

Thaddeus married again, November i:i, 18:58, to 
Maria (Mark, daughter of Nathan Clark, of Northamp- 
ton, Mass. 


V. Albert Lansing, ])ovn April 19, 1841. 
Mary Clarlc, born .Inly 10, 1843. 

V. Albert L. Edirards — Son of Thaddeus Edwards, mar- 

maiiicd Martha Sherwood, December :'>(), ISi:*,. One 

VI. Tlihljigard, born .Inly 8, 1882. 

V. Marif C. /'.V/uvz/v/.s— Daughter of Thaddeus Ed- 
wards. ni;irri<'d ^^'il]i;nll K*. llailcy. S(']»l<'inl»('i' 22, 



VI. Mary Edwards, born May 3, 1865. 

William Clark, born November 5, 1866. 
Louis Mortimer, born Januai*y 22, 1869. 
Roger Edwards, born August 15, 1879. 


IV. Elizahfth Edwards— Tfaughtev of Alanson Ed- 
wards, mairied Isaac Smith, of Skaneateles, N. Y., 
April 1, 1817. They resided many years in Napoli, 
N. Y. He was a farmer and a carpenter. 


V. Edward, born December 30, 1817. 
James H., born April 18, 1819. 
William Clark, born April 16, 1821. 

A son, born April 30, 1823, died the same day. 

Elizabeth, born August 9, 1824. 

Ann, born February 27, 1828. 

Melissa E., born August 20, 1830. 

Cynthia, born August 21, 1832. 

Thaddeus C, born August 15, 1836. 

V. Edward Sniith — Son of Isaac Smith, married Eve- 

line Row, April 4, 1847. Died August 3, 1855. 


VI. Frances Adelle, born November 2, 1848; died May 12, 1850. 
Eva Louisa, born December 29, 1850; died November 27, 

Edward Farnham, born February 12, 1853. 
A son, born July 18, 1855; died same day. 

Edward Smith married a second time to Mary C. 
Evans, June 4, 1857. 


VI. Lucy E., born August 1, 1858. 
Martha E., born July 31, 1860. 
Lucius Henry, born April 29, 1862. 
Mary Amelia, born December 16, 1867. 
Florence Nellie, bom May 11, 1870; died March 3, 1871. 


V. James II. i^niilh — ^on of Isiiac Sinilli. inarricHl 
Sarah Mayo. .Iniic 10, 1S44. 


\'I. Lydia .losepliine, born March 7, 1845. 

Henry Mayo, born Februnry .">. 1,S47. 

Aujj;usta Amelia Uin-tcnso, boi-n .Tanuary 10, 1840. 

Charles Eugene and Willie Walteene, twins, born March 
12, 1852. 

James Edward, boi'u .lunc 12, 1853. 

Sarah Elizabeth, born April 1, 185G. 

Nellie Bly, born June 28, 1858. 

V. Winia)ii C. Sviitli — Son of Isaac Smith, married 
Mary Ann Osborn, August 28, 1852. 


V' I. Augustine William, bora July 25, 1853. 
Adella J., born March 8, 1858. 
Floyd D., born October 20, 1859. 

V. EViZdhctli i^uiWi — Daughter of Isaac Smitli, married 

Stephen C Kuapp, June 14, 1S4(I. 


VI. Edward Hubert, born September 20, 1847. 
Cyntlua Eveline, born January 8, 1849. 
James R. Burdett, born June 23, 1850. 

A. Adelbert, born June 8, 1852. 

Alice and Anna ^L, twins, born July 25, 1854. 

Sarah Urcelia, born September 3, 18.~)(]; died May 10, 1864. 

Orville K., born July 26, 1860; died November 28, 1861. 

Willai-d H., born August 12. 1S()2. 

Ezra Fred, born M:iy 21, 1868. 

V. .1;//? Smith — Daughter of Isaac Smitli. married Har- 

vey II. Linsley, December 2(5, 1847. lie died Sep- 
tember 17, 1879. 


VI. Ibiiriri (»., horn Febraary 28, 1849; died April 20, 1871. 
Henry (i., born February 20, 1851; died June 10, 1872. 
Willie Eugene, born August 15, 18.56; died .Inne 8, 1875. 
Laura Anna, born September 14, 1858. 

Carrie E., born Jtme 8. 1861; died March 29, 1877. 
Ella Melissa, born April 6, 1866. 
Edward Arthur, born January 22, 1868. 


V. Melissa E. ^mhh — Daughter of Isaac Smith, mar- 

ried Albert W. Roberts, October 14, 1850. 


VI. Evelon Franklin, born June 5, 1852. 
Frances Amelia, born August 14, 1856. 
Carrie Bell, born June 28, 1868. 

V. Cynthia Smith—Daugliter of Isaac Smith, married 

Harlej Bennett, October 16, 1850. He died De- 
cember 30, 1858. 


VI. Sarah Eveline, born October 8, 1851; died June 29, 1859. 
Ellen Adelle, born December 14, 1854; died October 24, 1857. 
Mila Ann, born May 23, 1857; died January 9, 1858. 

V. Thadeus C. timith — Son of Isaac Smith, married 

Mary J. Bigelow, November 29, 1864. 


VI. Frank C, born September 8, 1865; died September 15, 1869. 
Ralph B., born March 15, 1868. 


IV. Electa Edirards — Daughter of Alanson Edwards, 
. Sr., married Isaac Briggs, February 15, 1820. She 

died October 5, 1834. He died June, 1837. 


V. INIary Elizabeth, born February 24, 1823. 

Harriet, born May 29, 1826; died September 25, 1884. 
Alanson, born April 27, 1828. 
Maria S., born April 16, 1830; died April 4. 1891. 
Electa Edwards, born September 25, 1834. 


IV. AcJisah Edirards — Daughter of Alanson p]dwards, 
married Lewis R. Hopkins, May 21, 1823. She 
died February 15, 1859. 


V. Sereno Edwards, born October 29, 1825. 
Evelyn Hart, born June 6, 1829. 


y. EnJi/ii I/o/ikins — Son of T.cwis R. Hojtkins, niai'- 
ried .Iciiiiic McKnv. ilnn^lilci' ol' Kdwjird A. Mc- 
Kay, .hiiic 2, ISi;."). She died X(.\ ciiilici- 2S, 18J)2. 

\I. Alida E., burn .March 31, ISGO. 

Lewis R., born December 24, 1868. 
Edward M.. boru February 18, 1870. 
.Tames A., born November 10, 1872. 
William II., born December lU, 1874. 
Jane M., born December 29, 1881. 
Henrietta A., born April 17, 1883. 

V. Serena E. Ilopkiii.s — i^ou of Lewis R. Hoi)kiiis. mar- 

ried Mary Kaple, January 1, 1848. They had one 

VI. Sarah .T. Hopkins, born November 19, 1848. 


I^^ Alonzo Edwards — Son of Alanson Edwards. Sr., 
married Abigal Trobridge December 'I'l, \)<'1T). 
Their first children were triplets. All die<l in in- 


V. Alanson. \ 
Abner. / 

Harvey. Date of birth unobtainable, 



I\'. Mdissd Edirards — Danghler of .\ laiisen I^dwards. 
Si.. niarri<'d lleiiiy Linsley December (I. ]S:'><i. He 

(lied ()cl()bel', 1S47. 'i'liev liad OIK' Sitll. 
V. .M.'iTisoii. lioni I-'chi'iiai y 1. 184"*. 

She manied Rev. .lames Tiiieo in 1S.~)(I. 

V. Ahnisoii /v. Linslri/ — Son of Henry Linsley. married 
Alice (Hinnell Octolx-I- II. ^S7'2. 


\"I. riiarlos CJilbert. 1)orn Felnnary 21. 1874. 
Claud Kai-iicst. bitrn Fc1>niary 22. 1S7(;. 


Bertha Emily, born February 22, 1876. 

Rosella Irene, born October 31, 1878; died December G, 1879. 

Arthur Raymond, born December 1, 1880. 

Fred Alonzo, born February 2, 1884. 


IV. Cynthia D. Edwards — Daughter of Alanson Ed- 
wards, Sr., married Cliauncy Hayes, M. D., October 
11, 1831. 


V. Harriet, born February 17, 1837; died February 17, 1887. 
Maria Elizabeth, born March 22, 1839; died June 20, 1841. 
Cynthia Dora, born May 23, 1845. 

Alfred Edward, born May 5, 1852. 


IV. CJariiia Edwards — Daughter of Alanson Edwards, 
Sr., married Artemas Weaver, October 7, 1830. He 
died February 23, 1836. 


V. Electa E. Weaver, born August 18, 1831. 

Jane E. W^eaver, born January 28, 1836; died November 30, 

Edward Frauklin, born August 6, 1842. 

Mrs. Weaver married Jeremiah Van Ranselaer Coon, 
April 21, 1810. 

V. Electa E. Weaver — Daughter of Artemas Weaver, 

married Charles A. Hawley, March 21, 1855. 


VI. Frank Jam.^s, bora July 11, 1856; died July 4, 1860. 
Charlie, born June 18, 1860; died July 28. 1860. 
Edward Weaver, born April 8. 1802; die<l May 3, 1862. 
Samuel Fred, born October 2, 1863. 

Edward William, born January 17, 1869. 

Joseph Edward Ray. M. D., born September 9, 1871. 

Hattie May, born March 1, 1874; died November 20, 1874. 


mi: DAD McKA^-. 

III. Mcdad McKdji — ^on of Alexander ^rcKay, married 
WeaKliy Tarliox. 


IV. Orange. 

Casey, born June 12, 1797. 



^Tedad's wife died when ]\IarY was five days old. He 
married aj^ain to the Widow Morse. 


IV. Alba. 

IV. Ckisc'y McKay — Son of Medad McKay, married Lucy 
Miller, April 15, 1810. She was born February 15, 
1800, and died April 5, 1848. 


V. rhaiinfpy. born May 30, 1820. 
(_)ri)lia. born February 9, 1822. 

Warren, born February S, 1824; died .Tanuary 14, 1843. 
Ambrose, born April 8, 1820; died December 21, 1856. 
Lois, born .lanuary 29. 1829; die! February 2, 18.'")7. 
Slieldon, born .Inly 15, 1831. 
Daniel, born .Inly 25, 1833. 
►Sarah, born February 22, 1837. 
Harriet. l)orn Sc'pti'nibor 22, 1840. 
Lncy. born Ajiril S. 184.3. 

V. ('Ii(iiiiic( // McKdji — Son of Casey McKay, married 

Jane Camp, October 11, 1854. She died June 11, 


VI. DarwJTi :\IcKay, born Sciitcniber 11. 1855. 
Ines McKay, born May 30, 1800. 

Chauncey married ()ct(»bei' 4. ISTI. to Mis. i>ii(iii(la 
Dole. One cliild. 
VI. I>;niitl McKay, liorn .Vjiril S.',. IST.'J. 

V. Orjilid .]/<■/( Ill/ — Dauiililer of Casey McKay, married 
James Shepaid, February 25, 1844. 



VI. Casey I*., born December 14, 1844. 
Albert E., born October 10, 1846. 
Orvilla L., boni October 20, 1848. 
Hiram H., born January 24, 1855. 
Frank J., born October 2, 18TB; died .July 19, 1894. 

VI. Casey Hliepard — Son of Orpha Sliepard, married 
Harriet Stout, November 4, 1869. 


VII. Addie, born February 14, 1871; died May 11, 1888. 
Fred, born June 4, 1873. 

Ray, born June 2, 1880. 
Clare, born June 15, 1883. 

VI. Orilla L. Shepard — Daughter of Orpha Shepard, 
married John Ellis, January 1, 1874. 


VII. Edith, born January IS, 1875. 
Jay, born November 8, 1876. 
Bert, born November 8, 1885. 

VII. Edith Ellis — Daughter of John Ellis, married 
Will Van Sickle, November 23, 1893. One child. 

VIII. Ellis Van Sickle, born September 7, 1894. 

V. Sorah McKay — Daughter of Casey McKay, married 

Nelson Orcutt, October 12, 1856. He was a son of 
Moses Orcutt who married Mary, daughter of Me- 
dad McKav. 


VI. Warren J. Orcutt, born November 3, 1857; died February 28. 
George J. Orcutt, born March 2, 1859. 

Freeman Orcutt, born October 20, 1861. 

Riley V. Orcutt, born October 11, 1866; died January 17, 

Lewis N. Orcutt, born August 18, 1871. 
Ernest S. Orcutt, born August 14, 1874. 

V. Harriet McKay — Daughter of Casey McKaj^, mar- 
ried Ephriam Hatch, June 10, I860.' 


\ I. llciu-y ('.-iscy. liiiiii .!;mu;ny -7i. ISCl. 
Frank Aiuhrose. born May 'M. 1S(;3. 
Cynfliia WiiiCrcd. born April A. ISC.T. 
Lura Allidcc. burn January- 1, I.STU. 
Hany \\ alft'r. l)orn April 24, 1870. 

V. Liici/ Mvlutji — Daujililci' of ("ast-y McKay, luur- 

ried Geo. b! I'lu-lps, June 9, 1800. 


\ 1. Anibr()><o Walter, born November 4, 18(i3. 

Charles Herbert, born May 31, 1867; died February 13, 1871. 
Erstine Casey, born .Tune 2.">, 1809; died .Tune 7, 1877. 
Harriet Porsis. born September 16. 1872. 
Lucy Urrilla, born July 11, 1876. 

VI. Amhro^r Walter Phelps— i>on of (Jeo. B. Blielps, 
married Agnes Keebler. They had one son. 

VII. Waldo Ernest, born April 23, 1895. 

A'. Lois McKay — Daujihter of Casey McKay, married 
N. Pomroy Bunnell, August 2*, 1848. ' She died 
February 2, 185G. 


VI. Emma, bom 1849. 
Emmett, bom 18.51. 
Elsie, bora 18.53. 

V. Aiiihrose MeKaij — ^^<>n of Casey McKay, married 
Adeline Brown, January 23, 1854. He died De- 
cember 2], ]S,')r.. One child. 

\1. Alice A. McKay, born August 21, 1855. 

VT. Alice A. McKaji — Daughter of Ambrose McKay, 
married Edwai'd Cole. -laTiuary 1, 1878. 


VTI. Nina Cole, bora April 1.5, 1889. 

A son, bom .May 1.5, 1891; lived only one day. 

n'. Marji Meh'aif — Daughter of ^ledad .McKay, mai'- 
ried .Moses ()r<-n1t, November '■*>(). 182.'*. 



V. Fanny, born September 11, 1825. 

William Oreiitt. born November 27, 1827. 

Eliza, born Auj^ust 15, 1829; died January 6, 1878. 

Daniel M., born August 1(5, 1831; died February 6, 1854. 

Martha A., born February 13, 1834; died September 4, 1834. 

Nelson, born .July 31, 1836. 

Sarah C, born November 7, 1838; died September 4, 1858. 

Henry M., born July 15, 1841. 

Freeman, born Februaiy 12, 1845. 

George, born November 30, 1850. 

Samuel, born January 25, 1853. 

V. WiUiani Orcutt — Son of Moses Orcutt, married El- 

len Wright, November 19, 1854. 


VI. John, bom March 8, 185G; died March 10, 1856. 
Wright T., born February 22, 1857. 

Henry, born December 23, 1859. 

Willie, born April 23, 1861. 

Frank, born April 4, 1864. 

Ella May, born June 22, 1867; died December 12, 1867. 

Orange McKay, born June 6, 1869; died June 25, 1889. 



III. Lnqi McKuy — Daughter of Alexander McKay, 
married John Carey in 1799. He was a son of 
Barnabus Carey, and a brother of Joseph Carey, 
who was killed by the Indians in the Wyoming mas- 
sacre, Jnly 26, 1778. John Carey died January 8, 
1826. Hi's wife died December 4, 1863, aged 93 


IV. Miner Carey, born December 22, 1789; died August 8, 1861. 
Barnabas Carey, born December 26, 1791; died November 

13, 1863. 
Joseph Carey, born February 23, 1894; died August 8, 1877. 
William Carey, born June 14, 1796; died November 22, 1S80. 


.I(.lin I'.ict Cmvv, Imhii .Mm.v ;io, 1TJ)S; diiul .Tnmiary 13, 1870. 
.Mmi'.v C.-ii-cy. lioni Xnvcinlicr 1, ISdO; iliod March 23, 1823. 
Sarah ("aicy. born F<'l)niary •_'. ISo:?; died April 29, 184G. 
Liu-y Caroy, horn March 13. l.SU.j; died February 14, 1875. 
Daniel Carey, horn March If,, 1807; died March 20, 1864. 
Isaac Halt Carey, born February 22, 1810; living in 1890. 
Lois Carey, horn August 20, 1812; died April 4, 1847. 
Eliza Carey, born March 17, 1818; living in 1890. 

IV. Sarah Carci/ — Danohlci' of John Carey and Lucy 
McKay, mairied John Turner. 


V. Charles W. Turner, born February 4, 1828. 

Man- A. Turner, horn November 29, 1829; died February 25, 

Lois Turner, born December 2, 1881; died .Tuly" 11, 1832. 
Orpha E. Turner, born .Tune 2, 1833. 

William Turner, horn September 13, 1835; died June 4, 1872. 
Meritt Turner, horn December 9, 1838. 

IV. WiJl'nnn Carey— ^on of John Carey, married Sophia 
Scull, June 13, 1822. 


V. Nicholas Carey, born February 6, 1823; died April 15, 1809. 
Harriet, born November 3, 1824; died April 20, 1847.' 

John W., born Feliruary 1, 1827; died August 0. 1893. 

Clark, born February 15, 1829; died July 8, 1882. 

Rachel J., horn April 27, 1831. 

Mary, born December 12, 1833. J 

James M., born March 5, 1830; died November 20, 18^7. 

Laura E., born June 20, 1838. 

Eunice, born June 8, 1840; died May 8, 1872. 

Joseph, horn August 29, 1842; died Marcli 7. 1800. 

Robert N., born April 30, 1846. 

V. Nicholas Carey— i^on of William Carey, married 
Catharine Bowman, October 12, 1854. 


VL Sophia J., born October 10, 1855. 
Nicholas E., horn February 8, 1801. 

\'I. Sophia 'I. rV/rr.//— T>au<rh1cr of Xidiolas Carey, 
iiiin'rifd i>nthcT \\'1n1l(tck. 



VII. Mary E. Whitlock, born April 27, 1872. 
John N., born September 4, 1874. 
Emma F., born January 2, 1878. 
James L., born February 3, 1881. 

VI. Nicholas E. Carey — Son of Nicholas Carey, mar- 
ried Ida Moon, November 19, 1882. 


VII. Eva C. Carey, born July 20, 1883. 

Lawrence E. Carey, born May 2, 1885; died May 4, 188G. 
Emma E. Carey, bom April 27, 1888. 
Jerome N. Carey, bom April 10, 1890. 
Myra V. Carey, born February 26, 1892. 
George E. Carey, born July 22, 1895. 

V. Clark Carey — Son of William Carey, married Me- 

linda Carej , July 2, 1859. 


VI. William C. Carey, born May 12. 1860. 
Sarah E. Carey, born March 8, 1862. 
John N. Carey, born May 5, 1864. 
Rebecca S. Carej', bom April 8, 1867. 
Mantha J. Carey, born October 25, 1869. 

Clark W. Carey, born November 18, 1871; died December 

27, 1871. 
Edward D. Carey, born August 18, 1873. 
Benson W. Carey, bom November 8, 1876. 
Lottie D. Carey, bom January 12, 1880. 

V. J oil II W. Carey — Son of William Carey, married 

Susan M. Burleigh, November 8, 1865. 


VI. Chas. D. Carey, born September 4, 1866; died May 12, 1867. 
James R. Carey, born September 4, 1867. 

Clara K. Carey, bom November 24, 1870; died April 17, 

Alice J. Carey, born November 6, 1873. 

V. Mary Carey — Daughter of William Carey, married 
Lemuel Clark. 


VI. Marietta Clark. l)oni .hily 'JO. ISC.O. 
Judson 1.. Clark. Ixii-ii .Iiily 1L*. ISCU. 
Laura H. Clark, lioiii I'cbi-uary lis. .lS(i4. 
Boniainin N. Clnik. liuni .I.-uiiiary o, 18(i7. 
AVilliain W. Clark, Imrn November 3, ISOO. 

\'I. Siirah /•;. Can /I — Dau^liicr of ("lark Carey, mar- 
ried Silas \. (Mark. .Iiiiir !•. 1888. 


\'ll. Florence M. Clark, bora April IG, 1889. 

Burgess McKay Clark, bom June 26, 1890. 

I\'. Isaac Ihiil Carcji — Son of .lolm Carey, married 
Electa Wliitbeck.' She was born April 10, 1807. 
Died, March 6, 18:}*). 


V. Harriet Gary, born October 8, 1827. 
Lucy Ann Cary, born .July 2(j, 1830. 
John Cary, born 20. 1832. 

Lois Cary% born October 2(). 1834; died September 14, 1854. 
Eliza Jane Cary, born September 3, 1836. 

Isaac n. Carey maiiicd Diaiitha Scull, widow of 
Wheeler Dolph, March, 1810. She died June 8, 1878. 


V. Isaac Carey, born July 25, 1841; died February 26, 1864. 
Daniel Carey, born May 14, 1843. 
Benjamin Carey, born ^lay 11, 1845. 

TlK-idii (). Carey, born July 1. 1847; died September 12, 1848. 
Oi'ldia Diantha Carey, born .lauuary 25, 1840. 
Augusta Arena Carey, born October 4, 1852; died July 18, 

Adelbert Ira Carey, born September 10. 1854; died April 26, 

Emma Viola Carey, boin November 27. 1856; died April 26, 

Albert Carey, born Di'ctMuber 3. 1858. 
Thomas Carey, born October 2. 1861. 

V. 'John ('(!)'( 1/ — ^<ni of Isaac II. (\ncy. married Sarali 
:Matlie\vs.' March i:!, 1858. 



VI. Byron L. Carey, born January 10, 1859; died November 9, 
Eliza J. Carej', born December 22, 1862. 
Nancy J. Carey, born August 14, 1866. 

V. Orplia 1). Curvy — Daiigliter of Isaac- H. ("arey, mar- 

ried Isaac Jones, September 20, 1877. One child. 

VI. Richard H. Carey, born June 27, 1878. 

VI. Bi/ro)t L. Carey — i^on of John Carey, married Anna 
Spisher, December 25, 1884. One child. 

VII. Byron Louis, born January 16, 1886. 

VI. Eliza J. Carry — Dauohter of John Carey, grand- 
daughter of Isaac H. Carey, married David V. Mor- 


VII. Ruth Morgan, born August 24. 1887. 

Lois Morgan, born July !), 1889; died December 9, 1891. 

Naomi Morgan, born August IS. 1891. 

Mary Lienor Morgan, born November 30, 1892. 

IV. Joseph Carey — Son of John Carey and Lncy, mar- 
ried Elizabeth Scott, October 8,' 1815. She died 
October 20, 1827. 


V. Fannie Carey, born October 21, 1816; date of death not given. 
Ruth Carey, born December 25, 1817; died May 6, 1857. 
Abigal Carey, born September 25, 1819; date of death not 

Amanda Carey, born August o, 1821; date of death not given. 
Caroline Carey, born August 5, 1824; died August 17, 1863. 

Joseph Carey's second wife was Amanda Owens, 
married October 13, 1828. 


V. Joseph Carey, born July 10, 1830; died March 8, 1854. 

Angenette Carev, born November 23, 1831; died INIarch 23, 

Martha J. Carey, born June 29, 1833; died May 19, 1858. 
Andrew J. Carey, born Januaiy 29, 1835. 
Owen Carey, born July 21, 1837. 


BenJMiiiiii Carey, Imni Juno w, ISMO. 
Amiar L. Carey, born .Inly 11, lsr_'. 
Frances K. Carej', born .I.innary 17, 1845. 

V. Anna Louisa Carcp — l)jiu.i;liter of .losepli Carey, 

married Thomas McLaujililin. 


VI. George R. McLaughlin, horn May 16, 1861. 
Martha A., boru Doceniber 2, 1S(;3. 

• William F., born March 1."), 1865; died February 1, 18G7. 



III. Lucy McKay — Daughter of Alexander McKay, 
married Daniel Waller, of Hanover, N. Y. 


IV. Ivora, born • ; died September 19, 1876. 


.Tulia Ann, horn .Tune 18, 1797; died October 27, 1884. 

Amantha, born October 16, 1800; died October 25, 1877. 

Almeda, born April 10, 1803; died November 9, 1874. 




The above is all the record of this branch obtain- 


III. Scth McKay — i^<»n of AU-xander McKay, married 
Larissa Lamb, September 12, 1802. She died Jan- 
uary 2, 1860. 


IV. Soth, .Ti-.. born October 21, 1803; died, unmarried. 1826. 
Cliarlotte. born February 16, 1806; died November 29,1877. 
Alvah, born February 16, ISIO; died August 4, 1887. 
Porter, born May 28, 1812'; died July 26, 1892. 

Lurah, born .July 27, 1814. 

45 . 

John S., born March 1, 1817; died February 29, 1884. 
Samuel Newel, born May 13, 1819. 

Henry O., born October 17, 1821; died of smallpox, 1838. 
Wealthy Ann, born October 27, 1823; died January 2, 1852. 

IV. Charlotte McKay — Daughter of Seth McKay, mar- 
ried Jarvis Bois, February 22, 1829. 


V. Ellen D., born April 3, 1830. 

Seth, born July 7, 1833; died August, 1876. 

IV. Alvah McKay — Sou of Seth McKay, married , 

Mav 3, 1834. 


V. William Wallace, born March 17, 1835; died March 15, lsy4. 
John Randolph, born March 31, 1842. 

Darwin Wright, born September 10, 1845. 
Dallas Dwight, born September 10, 1845. 

Alvah married second time (date of marriage un- 
known) to Mary Duncomb, of Decatur, Mich. 

V. William Wallace McKay— ^on of Alvah McKay, 

married Amanda J. Felt at Walworth, Wis., June 
10, 1861. He died March 15, 1894. 


VI. Frank Wallace, born November 21, 1862. 
Harriet Louisa, born January 14, 1865. 
Louis Henry, born July 16, 1867. 

Minne Marian, born March 23, 1870; died October 22, 1877. 
George, born April 23, 1873; died October 26, 1877. 
Fred Alvah, born March 10, 1879; died April 1, 1881. 
Florence Celia, born March 27, 1885. 

VI. Harriet Louisa Mc/v«;//— Daughter of William W. 
McKay, married A. Mendelsohn, August 7, 1895. 

V. Dallas D. McKay— ^on of Alvah McKay, married 

Mary J. Harris, May 5, 1874. 


VI. Emma, born January 15, 1877. 
Dwight Dallas, born January 5, 1882. 

IV. Porter McKay — Son of Seth McKay, married Polly 


\'. .M;iii;i. lioni ISSl. 
Newton, Imni is.".r>. 
T.«Tvaiicli('. boru 1840. 
Esther G., born 1848. 

IV. Liifdli McKdi/ — Dau.ulHci' of Sclli McKji.v, iiiiU'ricd 
J<>S('])li ^^■. \\';iiii\vi-iulit. .Inly 1. is:;:',. One child. 

V. Mary K.. Ih.iii .\i)iil !», 1834. 

1\'. -foJui S. McKdfi — Son of Setii McKay, inanicd 
Sanili Xoyes, October 11, 1S4.">. 


V. Saiali Antoinette, born Jauiiarj' 19, 1840. 
Henry Noyes, bora August 4, 1847. 

IV. Samuel Neicel McKay — Sou of Setli McKay, mar- 
ried Ciaririda II. Beers, January 13, 1848. 


V. Minerva Laressa, born .Tamiary 9, 1850. 
Emily Au,i:usta, boin November 17, 1852. 
All)ert Leroy. born .Tuly 22, 1854. 

V. Albert Lenni McKay — Son of Sauuiel X. ;McKay. mar- 

ried Elizabeth McArtliur, December VI. lss:{. 


\'T. .Tohn E(l\vai-(ls. born October 0, 1SS4. 
George Albert, boru September 24, 1885. 
Dwiglit Irving, born November 25, 1887. 

VI. Kiiiilji .1. MvKay — Daughter of Samuel X. McKay, 
married John E. Powers, December 24, 1881. Xo 



11. Siirnli McKai/ — Daughter of .Moxnudcr .McKay. 

iii;ini((l .Idjiii Weed. s('c!>ihI son ol' IJi'iilicn Weed, 


of Greenfield, Saratoga county, N. Y., May 3, 1793. 
John Weed was a fanner and a merchant. He died 
at Greenfield, April 28, 1848. 


IV. Elizabeth, born ; died April 25, 1795. 

John Saclvett, born .Tune 23, 179(3; died August 10, 1862. 

Sarah, born July 31, 1798; died 1870. 

Mary, bom November 8. 1801; died .Tuly 15, 1815. 

Betsy Edwards, born July 20, 180-1; died August 28, 1838. 

Paulina, born August 31. ISOG; died August 4, 1829. 

Lydia Hoyt, born December 20, 1808; died March 6, 1820. 

George Croghan, born August 17, 1813; died October 9, 1872. 

Emily Buitou, born July 9, 1819; died Februai-y 9, 1862. 

Harriet Frances, born August 22, 1822; died April 6, 1857. 

IV. Johi Sacl-ett Weed—^ou of John Weed, married 
Sally, youngest daughter of Nathan Medbury, No- 
vember 11, 1821. 

She died December 26, 1823. He again married to 
Mrs. Amanda K., widow of Peter R. Kinsman, formerly 
of New York city. She had four children at the^ time 
of this marriage, as follows: 

V. Amanda, born July 12, 1830. 

Mary Adelaid, born February 8, 1832. 
I'eter Rutger, born August 20, 1833. 
Catherine, born July 2, 1837. 

This marriage proved a bad union. A difficulty 
arose in regard to sending their children to school. He 
wanted them to have a good schooling and she stub- 
bornly opposed it. After referring the matter to rela- 
tives of the children, he decided that they should have 
good opportunities for mental cultivation, and sent the 
two oldest to Galawa academy. This seemed to make 
the war intolerable, and resulted in a limited divorce on 
the 1st day of April, 1844. A strong mutual friendship, 
however, remained between him and the two youngest 

John Sackett Weed had quite a literary gift. He 
taught school at the age of 18; was merchant clerk and 


a merchant at I lie a-v <•!' 111.', biii discoiil iinifd llic busi- 
ness at the (liath of liis liist wife, riadical dentistrv 
was his business from ISlM) to 18:50. 

From IS.'U) his luiliits were uniformly temperate. 
From 1828 to 1S(>1 he tooU neither tea or col1e<' oi- strong:; 
(li'ink of any kind, noi- did lie use tobaeco in any form. 
His motto was, "Feed ihe poor and waste nothinj;." lie 
acquired a comfortable estate. For many years he was 
master of St. John's lodfje, No. 22, A. V. and A. M., in 
Greenfield, and high priest of St. .John's Royal Arcli 
chapter, No. 103, of Koyal Arch iMasons, at the same 
place, and for more than twenty years he n^presented 
these bodies in whole or in part in their respective 
grand lodges. He delivered several Masonic orations, 
two of which were i)nblished, and one of them was in 

IV. Sarah Weed — Daughter of John Weed, married 
Jesse Hanford, September 17, 1818. 
He died September 2, 1823. She then lived with 
her father. She mairied Caleb M. Iloyt, Januaiy 8. 184:'.. 
He difed August 31, 1858. She then went and lived with 
her brother, John Sackett Weed, at Saratoga, N. Y. 
She died in 1870, age 72. 

IV. ]*aiiJina Weed — Daughter of John Weed, married 
Albert G. King. He died. No issue. 

ly  Tjj/dia H. TT^rrr/ — Daughter of John Weed, married 
Albert (f. King. He died Sejjteniber 24, 1854. One 

V. .loliii S. KiiiiT. born August 31, IS.*^!. 

ly . (Jt'onjc (\ M'((<l — Son of .John Weed, married I'a- 
melia Kilmer, August 31, 1837. He died October 
\ 9, 1872. One son. 

\'. T'.yi-oii K. WchmI. born .July 2, 1843. 


III. Ddiihl McKdji — Son of Alexander ]\rcKay, married 
Lydia Edwards, daughter of Simeon Edwards, of 
Northamjtton, INfass., September 20, 1804. She was 
born September 23, 1785, and died Jannai'v 30, 1858. 


Daniel McKay was a hatter by trade and a stone- 
mason, and the son of a hatter. He was born just six 
weeks after his father's family were released from Fort 
Lackawanna, near W} oming, in Pa., where they had been 
held as prisoners of war. (See story of Wyoming mas- 
sacre.) Daniel was, at his death, the last survivor of 
that massacre. About the time of his marriage he set- 
tled on a farm about one mile east of Skaneateles village, 
N. Y. Here he lived until February, 1824, when he re- 
moved to Aurora, in Erie county, N. Y., and settled with 
his familj' upon a farm, at the junction and between the 
middle and the west branches of Buffalo creek. Here 
he lived until he sold his farm in 1835, working much 
at his trade, that of a bricklaj'er and stonemason, in 
which occupations he excelled. He was a strong anti- 
Mason. In politics he was successively a Whig, a Free 
Soiler and a Republican. In religion he was a Congre- 
gationalist. He believed also that the Sabbath com- 
menced when the sun went down on Saturday, and closed 
at sunset on Sunday. He was always a constant, regular 
and interested attendant upon religious services, al- 
though he never united with any church. 

His wife was an exemplary Christian all her days, 
yet always distrusting herself, and mourning over what 
she called her "inbred sins" and trying to "cast the beam 
out of li(;r own eye." She was ever ready to go at any 
call ever made upon her for a labor of mercy, or to 
make any amount of self-denial for the sake of others. 
She made an open i)rofession of religion, and united with 
the Congregational church at Griffin Mills, N. Y., in 18-''0. 
In 1831, her brother, Abner Edwards, died at Skane- 
ateles, leaving her a set of Scott's Commentary' (six 
volumes). This to her was a religious treasure, and for 
fifteen years she read them through, by course, once in 
each year, omitting nothing. She thus became so famil- 
iar with the Bible that she could repeat much of it, not 
only, but also state what Scott says about it. She was 
also an interested reader of Bunyon and Baxter, D wight 
and Edwards and Dodridge, together with much mis- 
cellaneous reading. Her memory was remarkably retent- 


ive, and when the days came when slic could ind read 
the iHciMoiv iif nliaf sli(> liad read Itcfoic was a ^rcal 
comfort lo lit r. 

She died aL llic icsidciicc (if li( r son, F. < \ 1). McKay, 
in Warsaw, N. Y., wlicic slic r(*c(Mv<Hl ('\oiv cai'c llial 
atlcetion conld Ix-stow. yet lo licr lasl uionicnls she 
manifested a cliaracleristic trail of lier life — an unwill 
inuness to nnike Ironble for others. Her settinji snn 
went down in biijihtness and ulory, in I lie liojie of a 
resurrectit)n amon<; the jnsl tlir(»n<j,h -Jesns Chrisl. Ihe 
"resurrection and the Lif(\" She was buried beside her 
dauj^hter Lvdia at (iriffin's Mills. N. Y. 


IV. Lydia Electa, born X()vciul)er 1. 180."): driwnod December 

3, 1830. 
George Clinton, born September 14, ISoT; died .Tune 28, 1852. 
Marj- Ann. l)oni May 10, 1809; died Deceml)er 1, 1873. 
Ferdinand Cecil Dwight. In, in .Inly 2(), 1811: died May 22, 

ISfKI. . 
William Henry Ilarri.son. burn Augnst 21. 1813. 
Edward Alexander, born .Tannary 6. 1810; died Januarj' 11, 

Ba/.alcel Cni'iiey. bom February 22, 1818. 
'James .ydolpluis, boni April 20, 1820. 
Joseph Addison, born Augnst 15, 1822. 
Adelle Clarissa, born January 31, 1825: died 1880. 
Laura Edwards, bi.rn February 2. 1827. 

T\'. Ljidid l\hi-l(t l/V-A'f///— dan<;hter of Daniel ^fcKay, 
was drowned at the nioutli of Smoke's creek, on 
tin* sliore of T.alve Ei'ie. fixe miles from F.nlTalo, 
December ::. 1S:!0. 
Slie was on her way 1» Skancaleles. N. \.. ex]t('ctin.u' 
to spend the wiiilcr aiiion;^- relali\('s in that jilace. In 
ji'oin*; to ]»un'alo in a ]tasseii<i-er waj^on. I hey look the 
road on the beach of the lake, and that afternoon a furi- 
ous <iale came iij) from the noitliwcst. and when they 
ari'ix'ed at Sin ike's ci'cck llic sini liad set and Nie l)ridtr<' 
was swc|il away I»y the <:ah' and ll:c waters of the lal<e; 
a. l>lack cIoikI arose, .-iiid it bccnnic d;iik all at once, and 


in attempting to ford the creek they wei:e swept away, 
and all, in some way, except herself — four in number — 
escaped, but she met with death. 

She was engaged to be married to a young man by 
the name of Lyman Stafford, and on the Sunday before 
her death she gave him the following lines, requesting 
him not to read them until "Friday," "for," she said, 
"I shall then be gone." On that Friday she was drowned. 
He did not read the lines until Sunday, and in half an 
hour after reading them he heard of her death : 


Fare thee well, fare thee well; a something comes o'er me 

That whispers "forever I'm parted from thee." 

Sad are its tones, for it speaks to the soul 

With feelings of sorrow I cannot control; 

And sad is my heart, and false is the smile 

With which those around me I strive to beguile; 

And hollow the laugh that rings in my heart 

And wakes with its anguish the vain mirth of art. 

I must go — and may my absence restore to rest 

The peace that once dwelt like a dove in my breast. 

You must stay, and forever may fortune still meet thee, 

The voice of kind friends and love ever greet thee; 

May she from whom fortune and fate bids thee part 

Never waken a sorrow or sigh in thy heart. 

If we never meet more, may some worthier form 

Be to thee as the bow that bends o'er the storm; 

May she gild with her brightness thy dark clouds of care. 

Thy sorrows to soothe, thy pleasures to share. 

Farewell! And when these pleasures thy steps shall attend, 

.Just pause for a moment and think of 






A. D. 560 to 1890. 1330 YEARS. 

1. Pepin Von Landen— "The Old"— The Founder of th e Fam- 

JJx. mayor of Aiistrasia; born about oGO; died G39. 

2. Grimoald— Son of Pepin "the Old," mayor of the Palace of 


3. Pepin De Heristal— Grandson of Pepin "the Old," and Duke 

of Austrasia; married Elphrida; died 714. 

4. Cliarles Martel— Son of I'epin De Heristal, and Dulvo of 

I''r;uiks; nuiri'ied Kotrude; died 751. 

5. Pepin Le Bref (or tin- Short)— Son of Charles Martel, and 

King of France; died 7(!8, age 53 years. 

6. Charlemagne— Son of Pepin I.e Bref, and first Emperor of 

the West; born 742; married a daugliter of Desiderlus, 
King of I.oiiilianly. and, having no children by her, was 
divorced, and married llildegard, a Suabian Princess; 
he died .lannai'y 28, 814. 

7. Louis -"Tlie Deboiiaire" — Son of Charlemagne and second 

ICiiijieioi' of ilie \\'esi : man'ied .luditli. ■"the I'air." 
daughter of Waliihns. Count of Altrof, in Switzerland. 

8. Charles— "The Bald"— Son of Louis, "the Debonaire." and 

Ihird l'hn])eroi" of the West; born 823; married Krment^ 
iiiide. (I:ni;;li)ei- of 1 he Count of Orh'aiis: dieij M77. 

9. Princess Judith -Daughter of Charles the Bald; married 

IClhelwolt. King of England, his second wife; he died 
858; she then married Baldwin, lirst t!ount of Flanders; 
ho died S7;t. 
10. Baldwin- Son of Princess .Tnditli, and second Count of 
Flanders; in 889 married Elfrida, daughtiM- of Alfred the 
Creat, who Wiis the son of Ethehvolf of England. 


11. Arnolf— Son of Baldwin and Alfi'ida, and third Count of 

Flanders; married Alisa, daughter of Herbert, Count of 
Verniandois; he died in 965, age 72; she died 960. 

12. Baldwin— Son of Arnolf, fourth Count of Flanders and Ar- 

toris; married Rosaile, daughter of Berringer, second 
King of Italy; he died in 988. 

13. Baldwin— Fifth Count of Flanders and Artoris, called "Fair- 

beard;" son of Baldwin, fourth Count of Flanders and 
Artoris; married, first, Eleanor, daughter of Richard, 
Duke of Normandy; married, second, Algina, daughter 
of Frederick, first Duke of Luxemburgh; he died 1038. 
^14. Mathilda— Daughter of Baldwin, fifth Count of Flanders; 
married, in 10.53, William the Conqueror, who was born 
at Falaise, Normandy, in 1027, succeeded to the ducal 
throne of Normandy in 1035, was King of England from 
1066 to 1087; he died at Rouen, September 9, 1087. 
This line is continued at No. 15, after eleven generations of 
Saxon ancestry, when both lines unite. 


1. Egbert— Surnamed "The Great;" a Saxon prince of the 

house of Cerdick, the first King of Wessex; he united 
the seven kingdoms called the Heptarchy into one 
monarchy under the name of England in 827. 

2. Aethelwolf or EtheUvolf— First King of England, or the 

West Saxons; son of Egbert; married Judith, daughter 
of Charles "the Bald," third Emperor of the West. 
Ethelwolf died in 85^. 
!. Alfred the Great— Son of Ethelwolf; born in Berkshire in 
849; died 901. 

4. Edward— Surnamed "The Elder"— Son of Alfred the Great; 

was the first English monarch of that name. 

5. Edmund— Son of Edward "the Elder;" was assassinated by 

Robber Liolf, May 26, 946. 

6. Edgar— Son of Edmund; married Elfrida, daughter of the 

Earl of Devonshire. 

7. Ethelred II.— Surnamed "The Unready"— Son of Edgar; 

began to reign when 11 years old. 

8. Edmund II.— Surnamed "Ironside"— King of England; born 

in 989; was the son of Ethelred II. 

9. Edward— Son of Edmund II.; married the daughter of the 

Earl of Kent. 
10. Margaret— Queen of Scotland, daughter of Edward; mar- 
ried Malcome Canmore, King of Scotland, in 1070. 


11. Maud Canmore— Daujjlitor of Malcoinc nnd Margaret Can- 
nion': in/u-ricd Ilcnry I rHoauclerc), King of England, 
youngest soil of ^^'ilIi;Mn tlio Conquonn- ;iiid Quoon Ma- 

FROM THIS rOIXT r.oril lines unite IN: 

15. Henry I. (Roauclerc)— King of England, son of William the 

Con(iueror and Queon Matilda; married IMaud. "the 
Good," daughter of Malcom III.. Canmore King of Scot- 
land, and the Saxon Princess Margaret, sister of Ed- 
mund Atheling. and tlie last of the Saxon princesses of 

16. Empress Maud— (»r Matilda: only daughter of Henry I.. 

Queen of England; reigned from 118") to 11.54; she mar- 
ried Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou. 

17. Henry II.— Oldest son of :\Iaud and Geoffrey Plantagenet; 

married Eleanor of Aquitaine in ll.~2. in France; he 
reigned from 11.54 to 1189. 

18. John Plantagenet— Surnamed "Lackland"— Son of Henry 

11. ; married Isabelle, daughter of Aymer. Count of An- 
goulaine; he died October 19, 1210. ~"" 

19. Henry III.— Plantagenet. son of .John and Isabelle: married 

Eleanor, daughter of Raymond, Couut of ProvUipe; he 
died November 16, 1512. '^^-(^ t^rS^/^^P^'y'- '• 

20. Edmund— Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster, son of Henry III.; 

married Blanche, Queen Dowager of Navarre. 

21. Henry— Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster, son of Edmund 

and Blanche; married ^laud, daughter of Sir Patric 

22. Lady Eleanor— Plantagenet. daughter of Henry. Earl of 

LaiK'.'istcr; married Richard Fitz Allen, third Earl of 

23. Sir John Fitz Allen— Lord of Arundel, son of Lady Eleanor; 

mni-ried Eleanor !Maltravers. 

24. Eleanor Fitz Allen— Daughter of Sir John Fitz Allen; mar- 

ried Sir Robert Gousoll. 

25. Elizabeth Gousell— Daughter of Eleanor Fitz Allen and Sir 

Rol)eit Gousell; married Sir John Wingfield. first 
Kiiiglit of Let.heringli;im. of Suffolk county, England. 

26. Sir John Wingfield— Second son of Elizabeth and Sir John 

Wingfield; married Elizabeth Fitz Lewis, second daugh- 
ter of ."^ir .Ttdui Fitz Lewis. 



27. Sir John Wingfield, Third— Of Durham Magna, Norfolk 

covinty, England; son of Sir John Wingfleld and Eliza- 
beth Lewis; married IMargaret Doward, only daughter 
and heiress of Richard Uowess. 

28. Thomas Wingfield, Fourth— Son of John and Margaret; 

married Elizabeth Woodhouse of Kimberly, Norfolk, 

29. Elizabeth Wingfield, Fifth— Daughter of Thomas and 

Elizabeth Wingfield; married Sir Geoffrey Downing of 
Poles, Belchamp, Norfolk, England. 

30. Geo. Downing— Son of Geoffrey and Elizabeth Downing; 

married Dorcas Blois, daughter of William Grundeberg. 

31. Rev. Dr. Downing— Of Norwich, England; son of George 

and Dorcas Downing, and brother of Rev. Emanuel 
Downing of Dublin, Ireland. (MaiTiage not recorded.) 

32. Abigal Downing— Daughter of Rev. Dr. Downing; mar- 

ried Richard Montague of Hadley, Mass, who was born 
1614, and came to America in 1634. 

33. Abigal Montague— Daughter of Ricfiard and Abigal Mon- 

tague; married Mark Warner; she died in 1732. 

34. Mark Warner, Jr.— Son of Mark and Abigal Warner; mar- 

ried Lydia Phelps. 

35. Lucy Warner— Daughter of Mark and Lydia Warner; mar- 

ried Eljeaezer Edwards, who was fourth son of Nathan- 
iel Edwards and Mary Strong, of Northampton, Mass. 

36. Lydia Edwards— Daughter of Ebenezer Edwards; married 

Simeon Edwards, November 24, 1784. 

37. Lydia Edwards— Daughter of Lydia and Simeon Edwards; 

married to Daniel McKay at Skaneateles, Onondaga, 
was born at Nortliampton, Mass., September 23, 1785; 
county, N. Y., September 20, 1804. (J- 



IV. George C. 3IcKaj/—^on of Daniel McKay, married 
Melissa Knapp, of Charleston, Ohio, July — , 1839. 
She died Julv , 1842. 


V. liOuisa, born ^lay, 1840. ' 
Melissa, born October 14, 1841. 

He married again, February 23, 1845, to Mrs Rachael 



V. Adcliiif. lu.,11 April 20, 1S4G. 
Clinton, lioi-n .inly 14. 1S18. 
IIiiMU'r, horn .Inne 11), 18r)0. 
Alhcrt. luM-n .Inne V2, 185;i 

IV. Mat// Aim McKai/ -l>;ui<;liter of Daiiirl McKay, 
iiiai'i'icd Abiaiu Smith, November .^0, 1831. He 
died January 31, 1850. 


\'. Minorva E.. born June 21, ISSO. 
Frank ]>.. Ixnu November G, 1837. 
Sydna (J., bom Februarj' 0, 1842. 
Louisa A., boru Novein])er 10, 1848. 
Goorffe J^., born Febiiiarj' 22, 1850. 

V. Mhicrva ^niiih — Daujililer of .Vbiam Smith, mai- 
• ried James Crown, September 10, 1856. No issue. 

V. FninJc J), ^^iiiifli — Son of Abram Smitli, man-ied 

Sarah L. Streeter, August (I, 18(17. 


VI. Angle, born November 3, 1872; died December 17, 1882. 
Frank L.. l)orn April 3, 1875. 

Erniina, born .Tune 25, 1877; died December 18, 1882. 
Harvey D., born March 1(3, 1880. 
G oldie, born November 27, 1884. 

V, tSijdna (J. ^^iiiitlt — Son of Abiam Smitli, inanied 
Celia A. Carr, .January 14, 1802. No issue. 

V. Gcorf/c 8. Siiiilh — Son of Abram Smith, married 

Mary Isenhower, June 29, 1870. 


VI. Frank S.. born .Tuly 20, 1881. 
Harry G., born October 12, 1882. 
Jessie B.. born January 3, 1887. 
Guy D., boru April 14, 1889. 


IV. F. r. D. .lAfAV///— Son of Daniel ^IcKay, uiarried 
An^^clina J. .lu(bl, of Mareellus, N. Y. 



At an early age the subject of this article — F. C. D. 
McKay — evinced a decided taste and capacity for lit- 
erary culture and acquirements, and having mastered 
the ordinary English branches taught in the schools of 
that day, he began the study of the Latin and Greek lan- 
guages, and at 12 years of age was reading Virgil and 
Cicero and the Greek Testament. He taught a district 
school in the town of Aurora, N. Y., at the age of 14, 
receiving his certificate of competency from Millard 
Fillmore, who was then inspector of common schools 
for that township, afterwards president of the TTnited 
States. He studied the languages and mathematics 
with Thomas W. Allis, in Skaneateles, and at the high 
school in Buffalo. In 1828 he entered upon the study 
of law in the office of Daniel Kellogg, at Skanateles, N. 
Y., and was admitted to the bar in 1833. Soon after 
his marriage he settled in Warsaw, N. Y., where he 
soon acquired a leading position and was distinguished 
as an advocate, and was twice chosen district attorney. 

He was no less distinguished as a Christian gen- 
tleman, who amid the duties of a large professional 
business found time to study the Bible critically, adding 
to his other acquirements a knowledge of Bible history, 
biography and literature seldom attained even by min- 
isters of the Gospel. For many years he was connected 
with the Sunday school as superintendent, and when 
he left that position he gathered a Bible class, which 
he taught for several years. He was a temperance ad 
vocate and an Abolitionist, taking an advanced stand 
in these reforms. 

In 1860 he removed to Des Moines, Iowa, where as 
a business man and member of society, his activities 
secured to him a first position in the respect of his 
fellow citizens and crowned him with abundant success. 


V. Ferdinand C. D., Jr., born December 2, 1834. 
Edward De Cost, born January 1, 1836. 
Angelina Judd, bom Februai-y 6, 1837. 
Eudora Adelle, born January 8, 1839. 
Augusta Maria, born Febriiary 10, 1840; died in infancy. 


Thorxlorc IMwnnls. Imni .XdvcmiIkt 7. 1.S42. 
('li.-ii'lcs .liidd. liiini .\|iril 'J.~>. isl.~>. 
Florence Eva, burn .laniiary 21, 1850. ^ " ' 
JcMuiie :\ray. born May J2, 18r..3. -^  //"^^ 
William Lincoln, boi-n .March 1(5, ISoH. - <^ ^^"^ 

V. FenliiKiiid ( '. />. McKai/, Jr.— ^^<ni of F. ('. J). .McKay, 
born at \^"arsa^y, N. Y., Noyenibcr 2, 18:54; mairicd 
Julia -\. < 'ariMMilcr. daujihtcr of L('\yis CariMiiicr, 
of Ilorschoads, N. Y.. October 14, 1803. 


V. Charles Edwards, born .Xpril 22, 1805. 
.Tulla Anefjilna. born February 7, 1807. 

Lewis CariicnttM-. born September 18, 1808; died November 7, 

1875, diphtheria. 
Bei-nice Mosier, born .Tauuaiy 20. 1870. 
Cecil .Tames, bom September 1. 1873; died November 19, 

1875. (liiililheria. 

VI. Chnrh's Edn-arch .lAr/u///— Son of F. C. D. McKay, 
Jr., mariicfl Jcnnio Sniitli, of I'atorson, N. J., March 
IG, 1887. Kcsidcs at T>ittlo Falls, N. Y. One child. 

VII. Robert Hopper :\IcKay. born .Tuly 14, 1888. 

VI. JiiJid .\nf/(liii(i J/f/v'c///— I):ni«:ht(M' of F. C. D. Mc- 
Kay, .Jr.,nianicd Win. F. Tiinisnn. April 2.";, 1887. 


VII. Wesley Van Embn-. born .laiiuary I.".. 1888. 
Cecil William, l)orn .Inly 18, 1800. 

VL lUrnivc MosIkt 1/rA'r///— Danjihtor of F. (\ D. M.- 
Kay, Jr., married Fdward T>. (J]a<l<lin^- Oclobci- 21. 
1880. TJ<'sidc ill .Mbany. N. ^^ One <liild. 

VII. llai-i-y Claddin-. boiii I'dnuary 20. 1892. 

\'. lUhrnnl IhCosI lAc/w///— Son <.f F. i\ D. :McKay. Sr.. 
inariicd Susan 10. White, of WOncslcr, Mass., Janu- 
ary 15, 1801. 


VI. ('(.la McKay. Ix.rn .Inly .''.O. 1800. 

Frederick Edward, bnni Febrnarv 11. 1871. 


VI. Co7-a McKay — DanjTjhter of E. J^eCost INIcKay, mar- 
ried Dr. Geo. B. Bowling December 10, 1800. 


VII. Margaret Frances, born September 29, 1891. 
Grace, born February 15, 1893. 

V. Angelina Jndd McKay — Daugliler of F. C. D. Mc- 

Kaj', Sr., married Charles Moslier, April 23, 185G. 
He died October 6, 1860. 


VI. Grace Angie Mosher, born .June 16, 1861. 
Florence McKay Moslier, born September 16, 1863. 
Maude McKay Moslier, born January 10, 1867. 

VI. Grace Angie Mosher — Daughter of Charles Mosher, 
married ^Villiam M. Wood, November 8, 1803. 

VI. Maude McKay Mosher — Daughter of Charles 
Mosher, married Johu M. Kobertson, September 7, 

V. Endora Addle i/c/u/v/— Daughter of F. C. D. Mc- 

Kay, Sr., married Joseph B. Stewart, October 30, 


VI. Mary, born June 11, 1866. 

Cecil McKay, born June 20, 1868. 


yi. Emily Hiewarf — Daughter of Joseph B. Stewart, 
married Arthur L. Howard, of Cambridge, Mass., 
December 3, 1805. 

^ V. Theodore Edwards AlcKay—^on of F. C. D. McKay, 
Sr., married Mary J. Williams, at Cincinnati, Feb- 
ruary 1, 1871. She died at Binghamton, N. Y., 
August 20, 1803. He married again to Sarah Ann 
Eowe, September 30, 1804, at Binghamton, N. Y., 
No issue from either marriage. 

V. Charles Judd McKay— ^on of F. C. D. McKay, Sr., 
married Mary E. Henderson, daughter of De Witt 
Clinton Henderson, of Cincinnati, Ohio, April 21, 




VI. Ail:i McKriy, MmhIi LM. ^^lh 

lOll.-i I Iriiili'isMii McK;iy. Ihhii .luiic -. 1S75. 

V. Fhnrmr Ev<i l/rAf///— Dauf-hlcr (»f F. C I). Mclva.v, 

Si'., iiianicd ("liailcs F. Leonard. December 28, 


VT. Helen Kayiii.oiul. born Octoher 15, 1872. 
Winrfied IMcKjiy. Ix.rn Fcltniai-y r., 1881. 
Stowart (Jill, boni January V.i. 1883. 

VI. Jldcii h*<nini(iii<l IjdiKird — Daii^iilcr of (Miarles F. 
Leonard, luariied Kev. Alexander W'eltster ^fac 
kenzie, August 14, 1805. 

V. Jrunir Maji .lArAV///— Dauol,ter of F. C. D. McKay, 

Sr., married Henry D. Ilunliiigton, lieutenant Sec- 
ond United States cavalry, January 16, 1877. He 
died in April, 188(). 


VI. Charles iNIcKay, born February 3, 1882. 
Florence, born April 7, 1886. 

V. ^y,^. J.inroln McKay— i^on of F. (\ I). McKay, Sr., 
married Edith Van Dusen. Januaiy 17, 1882. 


^'I. Mildred Edith, born November 3, ic:o2; died March 4, 1883. 
Cecil Curtis, born Febrnai-j- 10, 1884. 
Mildnnl Edith, born Noyember 15, 1885. 
"W'illard Judd, born Xoy ember 1, 1890. 
Marguerite, born July 22, 1895. 


IV. ^ViUi(nll Ihiini l/nrrisoii McKdj/ — Son of Daniel 
McKay, married Lucy Allen. October 1. 18:',."). 


V. SnliiiiKiii. boiii .liiiu^ 29, 1836; died in infancy. 
Lydia. born October 5. 1838. 

Tifns. born August 12. 1840; died September 8, 1842. 
Estlier. born June 4, 1842. 
Liberty, born September 17, 1844. 



Freeborn, born November 19, 1846. 

Eliza, born February 24, 1848. 

Henry, born October 18, 18.50; died May 1, 1881. 

Eveliu, born August 25, 1852. 

Randolph, born September 13, 1854. 

Wm. H. H. McKay married a second time, January 
1, 1880, to Mrs. Lucretia Carr. 

V. Henry McKay — Sou of ^Vm. H. H. McKay, married 

Sarah Rieves. She died April 3, 1880. 


VI. Nelly, born August 21, 1870. 
Lucy, born September 3, 1878. 


IV. Edward Alexander McKay — Sou of Daniel McKay, 
married Henrietta, daughter of Dr. Augustus 
Frank, of Warsaw, N. Y., September 12, 1839. 

Dr. Augustus Frank was married September 12, 
1816. Henrietta was born September 12, 1817. Hen- 
rietta was married September 12, 1839. 

Edward A. McKay was admitted to the bar the 
same jeav in which he was married as attorney and 
counsellor at law, and solicitor and counselor in chan- 
cery. He settled in Nai>les, Ontario county, N. Y., where 
he gathered a large law practice. He set out the first 
acre of vineyard ever started in Naples. He removed to 
Washington, D. C, in 1860 or 1861, and was employed 
for several years in the treasury department. He died 
in Washington, January 11, 1874, of typhoid pneumonia. 


V. Jennie HeniMette, born June 30, 1843. 
Lydia Edwards, born January 7, 1845. 
Augustus Frank, born July 19, 1850. 

V. Jennie Henrietta McKay — Daughter of Edward A. 
McKay, married Evelyn H. Hopkins, of Pratts- 
burg, N. Y., June 2, 1865. 


TliniU CllJLDREN: 

VI. Ly.lia Kllis. horn M:inli in, ISiiO. 

Lewis UichMrdsoii. Ixirii l)(>coml)er 24, l.S(>8. 
I'Mwnrd .Mil\;iy. Imrii I "i'liiu;ir.\' IS. ISTO. 
.liuiit'.s Anmistus, horn Novcnihcr Hi, 1.S72. 
Willinni Henry, horn Deeeniher 10, 1.S74. 
.IcniHe May, boni DociMuhcr 2!l, 1881. 
Heni-iett Achsali. horn .\]h\\ IT. 1883. 

V. Ljjdln iUhranls MvKtiji — Daujjjhlpi- of E(l\v;ii(l A. 

McKay, riiai-ried Geo. D. Ellis. Aiij;ust :U, 1S(>4. 


VI. Edward Au.mistus, horn August 7, 18»).j; died August 2(j, 1SG5. 
\\iniani Henry, horn September 5, 18()6. 

VT. W'illitnii //(irri-soii IJlJis — Son of (leo. 1). Kllis, Mai- 
I'it'd ^'c'llie Cliaiiibnlain l.uid, Anj;ust <». ISSO. 


\'II. Kenneth Monroe Ellis, horn Ootoher 0, 1801. 

Helen May Ellis, horn Sentenihei- 2.'^. IS!),".: died Oclohcr 4, 

VI. Aii(/iisfifs Fnntk McKaii, M. D.—^ou of Edward A. 
^It-Kay, inai'i'ied Mai-yaiet FiMiis, Octobci' 7, 18TU. 


VI. Henrietta Fraidc. horn May l'.», 1872. 
Ella Ferris, horn .luly 5, 1874. 
Edward Ferris, bom August .'), 1870. 
Muragaret Isabella, horn .la unary 8. 1881. 
Augustus Franl<. .Ir.. lioiii August 7, 1883; died March 4, 

George Ellis, horn Aoveniher 29, 1SS5. 

VT. nniricfhi FnDil' lArA'r///— Daiifililcr of Anu'nslns 
F. McKay, iiiinricd Ebcii T. Ilniilics. Apiil S, 1S!).~). 
One child. 

VIT. :\rary Angel, born February 5, 1890. 

\l. i:U<i T. l/cA'a//— Danuiiter of An«;nstns F. McKay, 
M. T)., nianicd Waller L. Wilder, .Vpril 2S, ISilC. 



IV. Bazaleel Gunin/ McKaii — Son of Daniel McKay, 
married Tryi^hcna ^IcKay, dauj^hteu of Alexander 
McKay, Jr., January 7, LSil. She died February 

2, 1891. ^^/.-L^ ' 


V. Willis Stephens, bom .Taiiiiary 4, 1843; died September 8, 

Harlan Page, born January 21, 1S4G. 
Angellette Allida, born September 3, 1848. 
Henrietta Augusta, born .Tune 20, 1850; died February 7, 

Hellen Elizabeth, born May 30, 1854; died .July 6, 1889. 
Mortimer Lincoln, born September 20, 1859. 
Elmer Augustus, born August 21, 1861 ; died January 28, 1877. 

V. Angellette AUida ilfcA'«^v— Daughter of li. G. Mc- 

Kay, married Kufus H. Carr, June 5, lSf!9. 


VI. Austin Earl, born May, 1870. 
Ward, born September, 1871. 
Edith Earl, born May, 1882. 


IV. James Adolphus McKay — Son of Daniel McKay, 
married Charlotte H. Chapin, daughter of Rev. Rod- 
erick Chapin, December 1, 1844. 

She was born in Warsaw, N. Y., February 8, 1819, 
and died in Casselton, N^ak., November 24, 1886. 

James A. McKay, the subject of this article, was 
ordained to the Christian ministry, October 10, 1844, in 
connection with the Free Will Baptist denomination by 
an ecclesiastical council called for that purpose. His 
antecedents were Congregational, and he was reared and 
educated in that faith and order. In 1837 he made a 
public profession of religion in Warsaw, and united with 
the Presbj'terian church in that place. In 1840 he was 
one of flftv-two members who withdrew from the Pres- 


byteriaii cliuicli. niid wcic (ii-;4;iiii/.((l into :iii iiidcpfiKlciit 
('<)n,tji-H«fa(i(>n;il tinircli, under the iiaiuc of "The Church 
(.r Waisaw." 

On the subject of I'.ajitisiii lie was au immersionist, 
l)('liovein<]^ tliat form of hai)tisiii 1o l)e llie scriptural 
iiiofle of Clirislian ba]»1isiii, and in accordance with liis 
declared conviction lie was immersed when he united 
with the Presbyterian church. After the orjrauization of 
the Congregational church at ^Varsaw, he remained a 
Congregationalist until his ordination in 1844, when, to 
avoid all controversy in regard to the ba])tism of infants, 
which at that time he could not conscientiously admin- 
ister, he united with the Free Will l>apti.sts, and was or- 
dained by them. 

In the Free Will Baptist denomination his labors 
in the ministry were arduous and attended with some 
success, but owing to the meagerness of his sup])ort he 
was compelled to turn aside to secular callings to gain 
the means of su])])orting himself and family, and accord- 
ingly, in 1848, he sj)ent several months in studying archi- 
tecture and in acquiring the art of architectural drawing 
and stair building, and for ten years lie maintained liini 
self and family in teaching these to builders, and in gen- 
eral architectural ])ursuits. During this time he was 
compai-atively free from church and denominational bias, 
and spent much of his s])are time in a review of the sub- 
ject of bai)tism. studying it from the New Testament 
stand-j»oinl solely. Tlie result of this study was a total 
change in his mind I'roni his I'oinier views, oi- froni ininiei'- 
sion as the only ba])lism to that of Christian liaptism. 
without regard to mode. 

In January. 18.")8. he withdrew fi'om the Free Will 
r.aptist cliurch and united with the Congi-egational 
church at Niles, Midi., wiiere he was then living. In 
March, 1858, he was called to tlie pastcuate of iwd Inune 
missionai-y churches in Allegan ((iiinty. Mich. lie was 
engaged in home missionaiy w»irk with dilTerent churches 
until 18(;(;, when on account of Ihroat disease aiMi im- 
paired \'oice he was coinpelled to h'ave active niinisieiial 

65 . 

work entirely. He then engaged in business, devoting 
mucli time to the study of medicine, and for many years 
thereafter he devoted liimself to its practice. 

V. Elmina Adelle, born April 16, 1846; died June 19, 1881. 
Jasper Norton, born April 18, 1852. 

Mary Angie, born February 16, 18.59; died July 16, 1860. 
Charles Sumner, born October 21, 1861. 

V. Elnmia Adelle McKay — Daughter of James A. Mc- 

Kay, married Nicholas Phillips, December 10, 18G8. 
One child. 

VI. Cecil James Phillips, born September 15, 1872. 

VI. Cecil James Phillips — Son of Elmina McKay-Phil- 
lips, married Sarah D. Luther, daughter of John 
Luther, of Lamont, Mich., May 7, 1896. She was 
born December, 1869. 

V. Jasper Nortofi McKay— Son of James A. McKay, 

married Nelly Phenix, February 14, 1876. Nellie 
was born August 14, 1860. 


VI. Bemice Adelle, bom November 25, 1876. 
Hosea Pratt, born January 2, 1879. 
Donald D., born October 12, 1880. 

Tim T., born December 31, 1882. 
Max, born December 25, 1888. 
Piny, born October 18, 1893. 
Linton, born October 26, 1895. 

V. Charles Simmer McKay — Son of James A. McKay, 
graduated in medicine, receiving diploma convey- 
ing the degree of Doctor of Medicine from the Chi- 
cago Homeopathic medical college, in March, 1887. 
He married Miss Cornelia Eugenia Raiford, of 

Macon, Georgia, May 4, 1893. She was born in Macon, 

February 11, 1862. No issue. 


IV. /. Addison McKay— Son of Daniel McKay, mar- 
ried Sarah C. Chajjin, June 10, 1849. She was sis 
ter of Charlotte H., wife of James A. McKay. 


TiTKin rmrj^moN; 

V. I'loiu.s I"., horn Apiil •2i\. lsr.2. 
Aii;,'ie Lou. born May 1, ISCO. 
Mary. Ixnn Ainil 2. 1S(J(!, 

V. Fhinis ('. McKdji — Son of .1. A<l<lis(tii .M<l\;iy. iii;u- 
ricd Klizji M. Lowell. OcIoIkt I'li. lS7:i. No cliild- 

V. Aiif/ie Lou McKuji — D;uif::]it(M' of J. Addison McKny. 
nini'ficd (Ico. E. Dodjic S('])t('nilM'i- ll.~i, ISSO. 


vr. Cciil Suninor. born Dccrnilyor 10, 1881. 
Maui-ice, born February 8, 1884. 

.\nf;ie Lou nnd (ico. E. Dod^^c were divorced and 
she married William M. l)odj2,e, February — , ISDO. 


\'I. Florence F., born April, 1891. 
Raymond H., born May, 1893. 

\'. Mdiy MvKuij — Daughter of J. Addison MeKay, mar 
ried Leonard Herbert, Jaiiuaiy 12, 18S8. 

ly . AdiUe C. McKiUi — Daujiliter of Daniel McKay, mar 
ried Joel I5ai-nett, March 21, 1844. 


V. .loci I)\vi;j;hi, Itoi-n .I:iiuiary 2. 18415. 

Edward De Forest, born Seiitcnil)ei' 1. 18.">1. 

Laura Ella, born October 31. 18rj4: died March 31. 1870. 

\\illis Job. born Decend»'r 29. 18,-)C,; died April 12. 1880. 

Frederick lanios. born May 19. ISfG. 

<;i';ice Adellc, lioiii Keccnibcr 12. ISC.S. 

V. .lod J)iri(/lil liiiriKll — Son of .Joel I'arnett. married 
Mary Cox. 1 )ei('nilMM- |;!. 1S71. 


\I. Charles I)\vij,'lit, l)orn October 0, 1873. 

.Marjiarett Adelle. horn December 3. 1S7.~). 
Mary Amelia, born Sei)t(MuI)er 13, 1.ST9. 
Georj?e De Forest, hoiii .Inly 12. 1S,S4. 

\'. IJdinird Ih /'itrtsl r,iini(ll — Son of -loci Carnett, 
married Maiietia Ko^ei-s, Ma\ L'7. 1S75. 



VI. Ella Mary, born October 22, 1879. 

Harvey Dwight, born December 30, 1881. 

IV. lAiura E. McKay — Daughter of Daniel McKay, 
married Lott JMolfat, of St. Paul, Miuii., October 4. 
1854. He died December 28, 1870. 


V. Homer, born June 15, 1855; died in early infancy. 
Laura Adelle, born June 20, 1857; died in early infancy. 

She married again to Joel Barnett, of Kiver Falls, 


III. Simeon McKay — Son of Alexander McKay, mar- 
ried Sally Barnett. A"-^/i^ - i--iy'h- '/ A ' y 


IV. Valonia, born January 22, 1812; died April 26, 1861. 
Amelia, born May, 1815; died September 5, 1885. 
Philander, born August 16, 1816; died January 14, 1868. 
Louisa M., born February 2, 1820. 

Benjamin, born March 20, 1822. 

Sarah M., born September 13, 1824; died November 80, 1892. 

Melissa, born July 9, 1826. 

Simeon, Jr., born September 13, 1829; died March 6, 1893. 

IV. Yalonia McKay — Daughter of Simeon McKay, mar- 
ried Chas. G. Clark, March 4, 1829. 


V. William, born December ], 1829. 

Lydia Ann, born April 6, 1834; died April 14, 1868. 

Sarah J., born May 5, 1837. 

Louisa M., born April 17, 1841. 

Charles D. and Mary Melissa, twins, born July 24, 1846. 

Euuna and Emily, twins, born Februaiy 11, 1850; died in 

Adaline, born March 4. 1854; died in infancy. 

IV. Melissa il/c/i7/7/— Daughter of Simeon McKay, mar 
ried E. DeWitit Cowles, March 2, 1843. 


V. Allrcil T)., iMHii December 11. 1843. 

(Jeoifjc ('.. 1. 1. Ill Xov('inl»('-r 8. LSI."; died .Taiiuai-y 11, 1840. 
riulciiti K.. Ik. Ill NoveiiilxM- l."^, 1840; died April 21'. 1885. 
Elsie A., born September 17. 1850. 
Charles D. 

IV. Louisa M. MvKdji — Dniip,lilpr of Siiucon McKay, 
mai'i-icd flesseHawkiiis, September 7. 1840. Ho died 
May 6, 1S67. 


V. Charles L.. born July G. 1845; died March 28, 1875. 
Frank B., born March 30, 1851. 

Mary L., born July 31, 1802; died November 12, 1868. 

IV. S'niKdii McKaij, Jr. — Son of Simeon McKa3% mai"- 
I'ied Roebe Cornell, December 25, 1849. 


^■. Adelle. born December 23, 1851; died July 16, 1862. 
Allie. born May 21, 1855; died January 24, 1870. 

IV. Harah M. McKay — Daughter of Simeon McKay, 
married Joseph Belknap, Sejitember 7, 1851. 


V. Delnoria and Victoria, twins, born June 4. 1854. 

IV. Jim jam in McKai/ — Son of Simeon McKay, married 
Mabel Hill, February 14, 1868. 


V. C.eorffe ^^'.. born Febniary 22, 1864. 
.Mva D., boiTi February 20, 1800. 

His wife, Mabel, died December 2, 187(1. lie mar- 
ried Caroline S. Marsh, September 5, 1878. 

ALEXANDER McKAV. .TR. o*^ ^^ ' V 

in. AJr.Taiiflrr McKay, Jr. — Son of Alexander ^McKay, 
Tiini-ried Hannah Jenninp;s. 


VI. Hiram, born June 9, 1808. 
rr;iXMiia. b<,ni >rarch 18, 1811. 



Hannah, wife of Alexander, died. He married 
Betsy Stephens. She died April, 1854. 


VI. Simeon, died in infancy. 

Eliza, born February 5, 1818; died April 5, 1825. 
Electa, bom February 5, 1S18; lived only fourteen days. 

The death of Eliza was very remarkable. She 
was, for a long time, an invalid. She became a Chris- 
tian in early childhood, only 7 years and one month 
old when she died. The day before her death she was 
sitting bolstered uj) in a rocking chair, her mother, the 
only person in the room, sitting beside her. All at 
once she asked her mother, "What is that I hear?" Her 
mother heard nothing and asked Eliza what she heard. 
She replied, "I hear singing," and several times during 
the day she heard music and talked about it. The next 
day also, the day she died, she heard the music often, 
and just before she died she exclaimed with great ani- 
mation and joy, "O, I can see them!" She was asked 
what she saw. She rei)lied, ''O, I can see a great man}' 
little girls and they are coming towards me, and they 
have all got wings on, and they are singing." This was 
her last, and thus she died. 

IV. Pruxana ]\[cKay — Daughter of Alexander McKay, 
Jr., married Tromas F. Johnson, November 22, 


V. Margarett E., born March 2, 1836. 
Lorenzo D., bom .Tune 3, 1838. 
Fayette, born November 20, 1840. 
Jane Ann, born February 29, 1847. 
William A., born June 7, 1851. 

IV. Tryphena McKay — Daughter of Alexander McKay, 
Jr., married Bazaleel Gurney McKay, son of Dan- 
iel McKay. 

III. Charles McKay — Son of Alexander McKay, mar- 
ried Hannah Butler. 

But little is known of this braneli of the McKay 
family. Jlr ('ini<;rat(_'(l to the "F;w West" sonic time in 
1815 or ISKi. AL that time the "Far West" wa« no 
furtiier west than Ohio. Since his emiy;i-atiou but little 
lias been kuowu ot him by his relations, but froiu all 
rumors concerninji liini. it is rendered jirobable that he 
died some time aboiil the year 1851. < M' his family 
nothing is known. 


ITT. JU')ii)i)in Mrh'ai/ — Son of Alexander McKay, mar- 
ried Sarali lUerdsley. in Eden, Erie county, N. Y., 
April 12, 1818. She was born September :{(), 1792. 


IV. Orliue S., t)or)i IMnrcli 24, 1820; died in 1845. 
Peter Bierdsley, boi-n November 14, 1821. 
Durk C. Lansing, died in infancy. 
Justin Edwards, died in infancy. 
Sarah .Jane, born September 8, 1824; died September 19, 

IlaiTict Louisa, born .tunc 24, 1832. 

Benjamin McKay settled on a i'arni in Aur(»ia, Erie 
county, N. Y.. fi-om Avliidi lie removed in February, 1821, 
to Marcellus, Onondaga county. N. Y., and there set- 
tled on a farm, lie afterwards removed to I'ullalo. X. 
Y., where for several years he worked at the mason's 
trade. Afterwards he en^jnge*! in the iiianuracliire of 
leathei" in partnershi]) Avith Portei'. son of Seth .McKay. 
This partnership proved unsuccessful, and was disscdved. 
and he rc^iioved to T^>ertraiid, Berrian county, ^fichigan. 
wliere lie resich'd five yeai's. and fi'om tlience he removed 
to Rock Island, where lie lived sevei'al yeai's engaged 
in the manufacture of furniture and musical insi laments. 
Tie left home about .lnl\ 1. 1S52. on a visit to liis diild- 
ren. and on his I'etui'n he was tak'en with cholera in 
riiicago. which suddenly terminated liis life. Tie died 
in the full failli of a glorious immoi'talily and was re- 
moved to Binirwood cemetery for interment. TTis wife 
died nt Oeneva Lake. Wis.. :May .'^1. 1874. 


IV. Harriet Loiiim McKai/ — Daughter of Benjamin 
McKay, niari-ied Samuel V. Farrington July 7, 185:5. 


V. Florence Louisa, born February 14, 1861. 
Luther Humphrey, born November 28, 1867. 

V. Flo)riicc Louisa Fari-iia/foit — Daughter of Samuel 

P. Farrington, married Frank B. Daniels, October 

7, 1886. 


VI. Farrington Daniels, born March 8, 1889. 
Frank Pomvoy Daniels, born October 12, 1890. 
John Horton Daniels, born September 22, 1891. 

V. Luther Humphrcij Farriiinton — Son of Samuel P. 

Farrington, married Katharine Shackford French, 
January 29, 1890. 


VI. Katharine Shackford, born November 22, 1890. 
Samuel Putnam, born August 8, 1892. 
Elizabeth, bora January 2, 1894. 

IV. Peter B. MeL{ai/ — Son of Benjamin McKay, mar- 
ried Maria E. Glover, October 26, 1848. 


V. Glover B., born June 30, 1851 ; died August 26, 1861. 
George Henry, born November 13, 1852. 

Charles Francis, born July 21, 1855. 

Peter B. McKay married Martha Damse, June 2, 1859. 


Mary Elizabeth, born August 20. 1862; died June 21, 1864. 
Ida Orline, born November 3, 1865. 
Benjamin B., born November 22, 1869. 
William Farrington, born April 10, 1872. 

IV. Orline S. McKay — Daughter of Benjamin McKay, 
married John Swartout, May 12, 1839. She died 
in 1845. 


TV. Nardil J'liir ^frK<n|—Tn\x^<rhivv of I'.cnjainin ^Ic- 
Kiiv. iiKinicd NVclls W. Glover, brotluT of Tetor 
B. McKay's wife, May 1(5, 1848. She died Sejjtem- 
ber 19, 18(>1. 


V. Charles Martin, born Sciilcnibcr 23, 1849. 
]\Iarcia Louisa, born February 22, 18.51. 
Frank Beanlsl.'.v nnn Vvoi} Morion, twins, born (JcLober D. 

Fannie Em;ua, born April 9, 1857. 
Harriet May, born March 31, l.S(;u. 
Ellon Glovei-, born September 5, 18G2. 
William Willis, boru April 17, 1805. 


1.— On page 40, line 28.— James M. Carey, date of death, "1827," 

should read, "1837." 
2. — On page 5S, the second and third lines of the "37th" generation 

should be transposed in reading the paragraph. 

3. — On page 65, between the eighth and ninth lines, read, "James 
A. McKay married a second time, December 4, 1888, to Miss 
Eliza Davis, daughter of Ebenezar Davis, Esq., of Grandville,