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Milton, N, J 





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At the earnest solicitation of friends of the Mo} r - 
er Family we were prevailed upon to compile a sec- 
ond Genealogy of the Moyer Family. It was at tirst 
intended to revise the first edition of the Moyer Fam- 
ily published in 18 , and add other branches that 
had not heretofore been published. However, it was 
found impracticable to revise the firsc work, and 
hence the present work is confined to several new 
branches of the Meyer, Mayer and Moyer families 
that early settled in Berks and Lancaster counties, 

We have made it our most earnest endeavor to 
make the woik as complete as possible. In some 
instances, however, the records are incomplete, ow- 
ing to the lack of iuteiest manifested by some of the 
descendants in the work, who failed to respond to 
communications asking for information. 

We acknowledge ourselves greatly indebted to 
many of the friends who manifested a lively interest 
in the work, for their kinduess in furnishing data 
for same, and while we express our sincere gratitude 
to all who in any way aided us, we especially ac- 
knowledge our indebtedness to those who have very 
materially aided us. To Major H. P. Moyer, of Leb- 
anon, Pa., belongs the credit of being the prime 
mover in securing the completion of this work. He 
also furnished much data, and otherwise very liber- 
ally aided the work. Prominent among others who 
gave us much assistance in furnishing data are tin.' 
following: Mrs. Mary A. Eschelman, Reading, Pa. ; 
Kevin W. Moyer, Lingelstown, Pa. ; Miss Elizabeth 

S Fryberger, Philipshiirjjf, Pa.; Mrs. Emma Line, 
(Carlisle, Pa.; Henry Meyer, ReberROurg, Pa ; Miss 
Sue Boyer, Gratz, Pa ; Isaac S. MeyerH, Hendley, 
Neli : Edward E. Haller, F'orreston, III ; and others. 

Milton, X. J., July, 1909. 


The Meyer and Mayer family have evidently 
been very numerous in Germany and Switzerland, 
judging from the great numbers of the names that 
iiave emigrated to this country from its earliest set- 
tlement by Europeans to the present, time. It is quite 
evident too, that Pennsylvania received more Meyer 
and Mayer emigrants than any other state, but the 
family have drifted in large numbers into every state 
of the Union from the Atlantic bo the Pacific coast 
and Canada. The name has been and still is various- 
ly spelled, viz., Mayer, Meyer, Meyers, Meier, Mire, 
Miere, Myers and Mover. The name Moyer is evi- 
dently a new form, first occurring in the United 
States at an early date, or prior to 1720. Among the 
emigrant ship lists on file at Harrisburg, Pa., the 
name is never found written Moyer, but most fre- 
quently Meyer. In old deeds and other papers sign- 
ed 100 or 150 years ago, the name was always writ- 
ten Meyer or Mayer. The original spelling of the 
name in the old country therefore seems evidently to 
have been Me} T er and Mayer. In Switzerland the 
principal vocation of the Meyer family in the moun- 
tain fastnesses was that of graziers, as the name is 
said to imply. 



I. Christian Meyer, progenitor of a family nu- 
merously represented in Montgomery, Bucks, and 
adjacent counties in Pennsylvania, thioughout the 
western states and Canada, settled in Lower Sal ford 
Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa. 

Tradition points to Switzerland as the father- 
land, where the Mennonites, to which seethe belong- 
ed, were unmercifully persecuted by the State church, 
which he, with others, unable longer to endure, aban- 
doned their homes in the mountain fastnesses and 
fled for safety to the Netherlands. From thence, ab- 
out 1700 or later-, Christian Meyer, of Amsterdam, 
sailed for Pennsylvania, and located at the Indian 
Creek, Moutg. Co. , Pa., where he had purchased a farm 
containing 150 acres, sometime prior to 1719, and 
for which he received a patent from the Hon. John 
Penn, Thomas Peun and Richard Penu, Sept. 6, 1734. 

There has been preserved a description of a cab- 
in erected by him, ami which probably was the first 
Meyer domicile in the Western world, and consisted 
of four forked saplings driveu into the ground, in the 
forks of which were laid poles, and on these a roof 
of poles, and the walls were of upright poles. A sin- 
gle opening served for an entrance, and the whole 
was built with an axe. An article of furniture which 
adorned this primitive house was a large Dutch clock, 
brought from the Old World, a much treasured relic 
of the late Tillman W. Moyer, of Campdeu, Out., 

Christian Meyer made his Will Jan. 18, 174N. 
It was probated June (>. 1751, which shows he died 
in the early part of 1751. His wife Barbara died be- 


iiore he wroifcehis will- Farmer. Menu's. C, Christiau, 
Jacob, Samuel, Elizabeth, Anna, Barbara. 

II. Rev. Christian Meyer, Jr., b about 1705, d 

about 1787, m Magdalena . He lived in Frau- 

couia Twp . , where he purchased of James Steel, of 
Piiila., 170 acres of land, Nov. 14, 1729. The old 
homestead proper was where the late Abraham F. 
Moyer lived and died. 

Christian Meyer, Jr., was a very prominent 
Mennouite, and stood front in the church. He was 
one of the founders of the Mennouite church of Sal- 
lord in 1738, being a that time oue of the Deacons. 
He was later chosen to the mini: try, and served at 
Fiaueonia- 0., Christian, Rev Jacob. Esther, Rev. 
Samuel, Anna,* Maria, Esther, Barbara. 

III. Rev. Jacob Meyer, b Jan. 28, 1730, d 1778, 

in . C, Christian, Jacob, Mary. He m 2d wife, 

Barbara Dirsteiu. C, Michael, Agues, Samuel, Bar- 
bara, Joseph, David. Farmer in Bucks Co. and min- 
ister of Menuonite church at Blooming Glen, Pa, 

S IV. Joseph A. Moyer, f b in Bucks Co., Pa.^ 

June 19, 1774, d June 21, 1815, m Barbara Augeny, 
1795. He was a noted artist and penman. Farmer. 
Menu's. C, Jacob, Samuel, Abraham, Joseph, Wil- 
liam, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary. 

V. Henry A. Moyer, b Oct. 26, 1807, d Aug. 4, 
1875, in Sarah Garhart, Dec. 8, 1833. School teach- 
er, later farmer. Held various township offices, be- 
ing Assessor several terms. Menu's. C, Lydia, Ab- 

*III. Anna Meyer m John Kratz, their daughter, Magda- 
lena Kratz, m (Deacon) Abraham Fretz, and were the grandparents 
of the aruthor of this work. 

fFor full report of this family history, see Moyer Family His- 
.tory. by Rev. A. J. Fretz, 1896. 


raham, Joseph, Barbara, Sarah/ Henry, Jacob, 

VI. BenryG. Mover, bin BucksCo., Pa., Aug. 
28, 1848, in Em«line*Seiple. P. 0. Perkasie* Pa. He 

was raised on his father's farm, and began fitting 
himself for future duties by attending the common 
hools of his district. This educational experience 
was supplemented by availing himself of the oppor- 
tunities afforded by higher schools of learning, 
winding up his schooling by taking in the Quaker 
City Business College, from which he graduated with 
honors when 20 years old. In 1879 when Perkasie be- 
eame a borough, he was elected Justice of the Peace, 
which position he filled for three terms of five years 
each. During that time he had an extensive eonnec- 
tiou with the settlement of estates and other busi- 
ness in Bucks Co. In 1882 he purchased half inter- 
est of the "Central News,'' a local paper published 
at Perkasie, with Mahlon Sellers & Co., and became 
one of the editors of the paper. Mr. Sellers dying 
soon after, S. R. Kramer purchased his interest, and 
the "Central News" was conducted under the firm 
name of Moyer & Kramer. Mr. Moyer is an ardent 
Republican in his county, having been prominently 
identified with the local organization; and having at- 
tended several Republican State conventions as a 
delegate. In 1882 he was nominated by his party as 
a caudidate for the House of Representatives from 
his County, and, although failing of election, receiv- 
ed a large complimentary vote from the opposite par- 
t} T in the district in which he was personally known. 
In 1894 his party again nominated him for the State 
Senate, when he was elected by a majority of 1577 
votes in a county which the year before elected ^ a 
solid Democratic delegation to the House. At the 


Session of 1895 Mr. Moyer was chairman of Public 
Buildings, also served on the committees on appro- 
priations, Finance, Insurance, Mines and Mining, 
and Retrenchment and Reform. Mr. Moyer had no 
difficulty in adapting himself to the duties of his 
position as a Senator, and served with credit to him- 
self and the State. In 1895 at the forming of the 
"Moyer Family Reunion Association" he was elec- 
ted President of the Association, and has served as 
its President up to the present time. Evan' Ass'n. 
C, VII. Bertha, d, Wallace, d, Henrietta, d, Jen- 
nie, d, Mabel, Emilie, d, Henry C. 
II. Jacob Meyer, died single. 

II. Samuel Meyer, m Barbara . No issue. 

II. Elizabeth Meyer, m Nicholas Oblinger, Jr. 
Had issue. 

II. Anna Meyer, d 1758, m Bishop Henry Funk, 
who came from Europe in 1719, and settled at >the 
Indian Creek, iu Fraucouia Twp., Moutg. Co., Pa. 
Farmer and Miller. He was chosen to the ministry 
of the Mennouite church, and was the first minister 
at Fraucouia, and was later ordained Bishop. He 
was a very prominent minister, and wa.-i author of 
several works in German. His descendants are very 
numerous and widely scatteied. C, John, Rev. Hen- 
ry, Rev. Christian, Abraham, Esther, Elizabeth, Bar- 
bara, Anne, Mary, Fronica. 



IT. Barbara Meyer, d about 1773, m Abraham 
Reiff.* He d about 1763. The name of Abraham 
K«'ifT appears in the tax list of 1734, when he was 
rated on 200 acres of land. He came to Franconia in 
1719. and for 10 years had only a lease for his lam), 
which was dated Dec. 24, 1719, for 212 acres, with 
allowances of 6 per cent for roads. A conveyance 
was granted by Steel and wife Sept. 14, 1729. The 
tract includes the farms of Simeon Moyer, Jonas L. 
Moyer, and Tyson Detweiler. Abraham Reiff lived 
on this plantation 27 years. On April 17, 1746, they 
conveyed their whole plantation to Jacob Detweiler 
of Bedmiuster, Rucks Co. Abraham Reiff lived in 
Lower Sal ford some time afterward, but about 
1763 he moved to North Coventry, Chester Co., and 
di»d there the same year. His will was dated July 
20, 1763, proven Dec. 7, 1763. He was one of the 
founders of the Lower Salford Mennonite church 
and was a Deacon. O. , Isaac, Christian, Abraham, 
Frauce-j, Anna, Barbara, Eliztbeth. 

♦Apparently son of pioneer Hans Reiff, one of the 
early settlers of Lower Salford twp. , where on Feb. 14, 
1718, he purchased 270 acres of land from David Powell. 
By later purchases the farm comprised 390 acres. In 1718 
he built his log cabin near the present residence of Philip 
Alderfer. In 1746 he sold his farm to Peter Freed. His 
wife died in 1741, and was buried in Lower Salford Men- 
nonite grave yard. He died soon after selling his farm, 
and was buried beside his wife. He was a Mennonite. 
The names of all his children are not known. Seven or 
eight graves in a row are supposed to be of his family. 



III. Isaac Reiff removed to Leacock Twp., Lin- 
caster Co. Descendants not found with certainty. 

III. Christian Reiff, b 1723, d 1809, in Veronica 
— ,b 1730, d 1800, m 2nd wife Elizabeth—. No issue 
by 2nd wife. Fanner. Menu's. Date of Will Oct. 6, 
1804, probated HYb. 15, L809. Provides for wife Eli- 
zabeth. "To son Joseph all my lands, consisting of 
two tracts contiguous in Coventry, containing 160 
acres paying therefor £8,000, £650 of which he is 
to retain in his hands for the support of his brother 
Isaac during his life. Remainder in equal shares to 
children, viz: daughter Barbara Schautz, son Abra- 
ham, daughter Frances, wife of Daniel Brower, dau- 
ghter Eve, wife of John Hershstein, daughter Mary, 
wife of Benjamin Cox, and son Joseph." 


George Speis Christian Reiff. 

Barney Gilbert Signed in Germau. 

Peter Richards. 

C. Isaac, Barbara, Abraham, Frances, Eve, 
Mary, Joseph, 

IV. Isaac Reiff was feeble minded, and provis- 
ion was made for him in his father's will for his 

IV. Barbara Reiff, b Sept. 12, 1753, d Sept. 
25, 1820, m Isaac Schautz,* May 4, 1774. He was b 
in Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 14, 1748, d at Potts- 
town, Pa., Oct. 11, 1802. 

In 1808 the widow, with her sons David and 
Isaac, and daughter Veronica, moved to Canada 

*Son of Jacob Schantz, who was born in Switzer- 
land about 1710, owing to religious persecution emigrat- 
ed first to Holland, aud from thence to America, landing 
at Philadelphia in 1737. In 1745, he located in Montgom- 
ery Co., Pa., where he died Feb. 5, 1781. 


and settled on a farm near Berlin, Out., where she 
died. She was of an amiable disposition, small in sta- 
tin*', bat robust and of a quick turn. At GO she 
would mount her pony like a young man. C, Mary, 
Abraham, Christian, Jacob, Isaac, David, Veronica, 
Samuel, Joseph. 

Y. Mary Sbantz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 13, 
1775, d Apr. 6, 186(5, m John Shoemaker, May 2, 
1797. He was b in Montg. Co., Pa., May 12, 1775, d 
there January 30, 1828, In 1829, the widow with 
her three youngest children moved to Canada. 
Farmer. C, Jacob, Isaac, John, Barbara, Mary, 
Joseph, Magdalena, Veronica, David. 

V. Abraham Shantz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., Dec. 
15, 1776, m Allie Hunsburgher. She was b Jan. 20, 
1775, d Aug, 27, 1821. Moved first to Canada, later 
to Butler Co., Pa,, where he d Dec. 28, 1856. Far- 
mer. C, Moses, Aaron, Catharine, Isaac, Elizabeth, 
Lena, Amos, Mary, David, Eden. M 2nd wife Mary 
Bechtel. C, Nanc}^, Sarah, Livy, Abraham, Joseph. 

V. Christian Shantz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., Feb. 
13, 1779, d Nov. 9, 1856, m Magdalena Cressman, 
Oct. 19, 1800. She was b Jan. 30, 1783, d Aug, 13, 
1866, In May, 1806, with his family moved to Can- 
ada and died there. Farmer. C, Anna, Isaac, Bar- 
bara, John, Christian, Magdalena, Jonas, Eli, Noah, 
David, Mary, Susanna. 

V. Jacob Shantz, bin Montg. Co., Pa,, Oct. 11, 
1781, d July 1, 1867, m Mary Yost, 1805. She was 
b in Montg. Co., Pa., March 12, 1784, d Oct. 22, 1869. 
In 1810, they moved to Cauada, settled near Berlin, 
Ont., d there. Farmer. C, Mary, Isaac, John, Veron- 
ica, Joseph, Joshua, David, Jacob, Samuel, Amos. 

V. Isaac Shantz, b in Co., Pa., Apr. 23, 
1783, d Dec. 12, 1854, m Esther Bechtel, Oct.15, 


1808. Iu 1808, he with others of his family moved to 
Canada., settled near Berlin, Out. Mrs. S. b Feb. 2, 

1786, d July 24, 1867. Farmer. C, Elizabeth, Sam- 
uel, Barbara, Mary, Sarah, Nancy, Veronica, Es- 
ther, Magdalena, Isaac, Leah. 

V. David Shautz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 7, 

1787, d Apr. 9, 1879, in Elizabeth Pannebecker. She 
was b July 16, 1793, d Dec. 1, 1863. In 1809, moved 
to Canada. No issue. 

V. Veronica Shantz, b Nov. 14, 1789, d July 27, 
1876, m Abraham Biehn in 1808. He was b in Montg. 
Co., Pa., Feb. 7, 1781, d Nov. 3, 1858. Farmer 
near Doon, Out. C, Moses, Sallie, Aaron, Mary, 

V. Samuel Shantz, b July, 1792, d Dec, 1792. 

V. Joseph Shantz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., June 
24, 1795, d Mar. 19, 1882, m Cathaiine Schneider, 
July 8, 1817, moved with his mother to Canada in 
1808. He moved on a farm in Waterloo Co., Out., re- 
maining until 1849, then removed to a farm later de- 
vised to his sons Joseph and Menno. Here he built a 
dam and sawmill and did a large business. C, Simon, 
Moses, Veronica, Barbara, Maria, Joseph, Menno.* 

IV. Abraham Reiff, lived on a farm near Audo- 
lon, (now Audobon) on the Perkiomen, in Upper 
Providence, Montgomery Co., Pa. Have not been 
able to get trace of his decendants. 

IV. Frances Reiff, b Apr. 25, 1758, d Oct. 7, 
1822, m Daniel Brower, May 23, 1779. He was b 
May 2, 1757, d Apr. 2, 1802. Farmer. Menn's. C, 
Henry, Barbara, Frances, Christian, Abraham, Mary, 
Elizabeth, Catharine, Daniel, Ann. 

*For more complete records of Barbara Reiff 
Schantz's descendants, see Ezra E. Eby's "History of 
Waterloo Twp. , Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada." 


V. Henry Brovver, b in Montg. Co., Pa. , May 3, 
1780, (1 Dec. 10, 1874, m Elizabeth Marais, Nov. 23, 
L806. She was b Nov. 29, 1783, d Mar. 8, 1861. In 
L822 they moved to Canada, and settled at Preston, 
Ont. He was a carpenter and put up many build- 
ings in and around Preston. During the winter 
mouth? he made spinning wheels. He also did quite a 
business as an auctioueer. Menu's, C, Harriet, 
Sarah, Mar}*, Ephraim, Elizabeth, Daniel, Henry, 
Samaria, Abraham. 

VI. Harriet Brower, b Sept. 20, 1807, d , m 

William Warden, Farmer in Mich. C, Mary, Sarah, 
Nancy, Margaret, Catharine, Henry, Jane. 

VI. Sarah Brower, b Jan. 21, 1809, d Aug. 2, 
1842, m John Bechtel. Merchant at Blair, Out. C, 
Elizabeth, Isaac, Sarah, Mary, Sarah. Rachel, Dan- 
iel, Rebecca. 

VII. Elizabeth Bechtel, b May 1, 1828, m Jos- 
eph Krumbach. P.O. Middleville, Mich. Farmer.- No 

VII. Isaac Bechtel, b Oct. 8, 1829, d July 22, 
1892, m Jane Tilt. Brick and Tile Mfgr. Christadel- 
phians. C, Meranda, Sarah, Roxy, Elvine, Byron, 
Berah, Emily, Miltou, Wilson, Ella, Carrie. 

VIII. Meranda Bechtel, b Apr. 11, 1850, m A. 
C. Biggs. P. O. Burlington, Ont. 

VIII. Sarah Jane Bechtel, b Oct., 1852, m Wil- 
liam McBain. P. O. Oakland, Cal. 

VIII. Roxy Ann Bechtel, b Dec. 11, 1855, m 
Homer R. Watson. P. O. Doon, Ont. 

VIII. Elvine Bechtel, b Oct. 5, 1857. 

VIII. Byron E. Bechtel, b Sept. 30, 1859, m 
Anna M. Taylor, July 1. 1884. P. O. Waterloo, Ont. 
Brick Machy Mfr. Meth. C, Charles, Wilhelmina, 
Anna, Edith, Margurite, Janie, Ruth. 



IX. Charles Herbert Bechtel, ni Mabel Cheiry. 
P. O. Gait, Out. Episcopal oh. 

VIII. Berah E. Bechtel, b July 16, 1861, m 
Robert O. Dubbin. P.O. Waterloo, Out. 

VIII. Emily M. Bechtel, b July 27, 1863, m 
Samuel L. Martin, June 30, 1884. P. O. Waterloo, 
Out. Teacher and Farmer. Meih. C, IX. Hazel L. 
Martin, b July 25, 1886; Ida Jane Martin, b Mar. 5, 

VIII. Milton S. Bechtel, b Apr. li, 1865, m 
Caroline Whyard, Oct. 3, 1898. She d Feb. 16. 1908. 
P. O. Waterloo, Out. Vet. Sur. Meth. C, IX. Mar- 
ion Grace Bechtel, b Feb. 10, 1905. 

VLLL Wilson B. Bechtel, b Apr. 16, 1869, m 
Nellie V. Biekell, June 5, 1899. P.O. Waterloo, Out. 
Brick and Tile Mfgr. Protestant. C, IX. Cathariue 
Bechtel, b Oct. 13, 1905. 

. VIII. Ella May Bechtel, b Dec. 11, 1870, d Sept. 
18, 1901. 

VIII. Carrie Ruth Bechtel, b July 6, 1874, m Dr. 
John H. Ratz, Jan.. 1896. P. O. Bouners Ferry, 
Idaho. Physician. C, IX. Ella May Ratz, b July 23, 
1898; Anna Margaret Ratz, b May 13, 1907. 

VII. Sarah Bechtel, b Apr., 1832, d May, 1832. 

VII. Mary Bechtel (d), b Mar. 29,1833, m Will- 
iam Barlow (d). Book-keeper. C., VIII. Herman, 
John, Agues, Caroline, William. 

VII. Sarah Bechtel (d), b Mar. 29, 1835, in 
George Thompson (d). Notary Public, C, VIII. 
Mary, Bella, Agnes, Elizabeth. 

VII, Rachel Bechtel, b Mar. 5, 1837, d Oct. 3, 
1870, m Abraham Detweiler. P. O. Berlin, Out. C. , 
VIII. Israel, John, Edward. 

VII. Daniel Bechtel, b Feb.22, 1839, d Nov. 22, 
1864. S. 

16 i be mover FAMILY 

VII Rebecca Bechtel, b Feb. 19, 1841, m John 
iin;iii (d) P. 0. Elmira, Out. C., VIII. Sarah, 
Emma, Dauiel, Lovina, Meranda, John, James, Es- 
ther, Ma iv, Susanna, Byron. 

VI. Mary Ann Brovver, b Aug. 13, 1811, d Mar. 
27, L888, m Hon. Isaac Clemens. He was 1) Jan. 21, 
L815, (1 Sept. 24, 1880. Farmer. In 1867, Mr. Clem- 
eua was elected to represent South Waterloo in the 
Provincial Legislature, aud again elected to repre- 
sent the Reform party in 1871. Meth. C, Sarah, 
Emeline. Mary, Isaac. 

VII. Sarah Clemens, b Oct. 22, 1835. d Jan. 15, 
1907, m John W. Martin, 1854. He was b in Pa., 
.July 7, 1826, d in Waterloo Co.. Onr., Mar. 1, 1896. 
Farmer and Mfr. Meth. C, Emeline, Samuel, Carrie. 

VIII. Emeline Martin, b Mar. 26, 1855, m 
George Copelaud, 1874. P. O. Chillawack, British 
Columbia. Farmer. Meth. C, IX. Burnell M., Cur- 
tis W., Uriah A., Martin VV. 

VIII. Samuel C. Martin (d), b May 13, 1858, 
m Mamie Sehlicster, Oct. 17, 1887. Manufacturer. 
Presby. C, IX. Harry S. Martin, b Feb. 7, 1889. 

VIII. Carrie Martin, bin Waterloo Co., Oht., 
Mar. 8, 1861, m Ventry R. Conway, June 16, 
1886. P. 0. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Druggist. Meth. 
C, IX. Anna Dumas Conway, bSept. 13, 1889; Ruth 
Martin Conway, b Mar. 28, 1898. 

VII. Emeline Clemens, b May 6, 1839, d Aug. 
16, 1841. 

VII. Mary Ann Clemens, b Dec. 28, 1845, m 
James Henderson, Nov. 28, 1865. P. O. Preston, Out. 
Farmer. Presby. C. , Emma, Elsie. 

VIII. Emma A. Henderson, b Sept. 22, 1866, m 
George C. Martin. P.O. Preston, Ont. Farmer. Presby. 
C.,IX. Elton J. Martin, Samuel C. Martin. 

Joseph A. Munk, M. D. 


VIII. Elsie May Henderson, b Dec. 4, 1872, m 
Milton Hagey. P. O. Preston, Ont. Farmer. Presby, 
C„ IX, Milton H. Hagey. 

VII. Isaac B. Clemens, b in Waterloo Co., Ont., 
Nov. 5, 1851, m Luanua Clemens, Feb. 27, 1878. P. 
O. Preston, Oat. Carpenter. Meth. C, Lillian, Elton, 
Nellie, Mary, Ethel. 

VIII. Lillian Florence Clemens, b Dec. 18, 1878, 
m Herbert A. CJemens. P. O. Guelph, Out. Lumber 
Merchant. Meth. C, IX. Grace Alexandra Clemens, 
b March 5, 1902. Helen Louise Clemens, b Oct. 16, 
1904. Margaret Rose Clemens, b Nov. 30, 1905. Jean 
Lilliau Clemens, b Nov. 1, 1907. Donald Herbert 
Clemens, b July 28, 1908. 

VIII. Eltou Lewis Clemens, b Aug. 15, 1880. 
P. O. Preston, Ont. Real Estate Broker. S. 

VIII. Nellie Hudson Clemens, b Sept. 10, 1882. 
VIII. Mary Lena Clemens, b Nov. 2, 1883. 
VIII. Ethel Innes Clemens, b Nov. 25, 1885. 

VI. Ephraim Brower (d), b Feb. 11, 1813, m 
Ann Grant. C, John, Abraham, Elizabeth. 

VII. John Brower, m and has family. 
VII. Abraham Brower, d siugle. 

VII. Elizabeth Brower, m Miller, d. C, 

VIII- Son d single. M 2nd husband Ifonley. 

VI. Elizabeth Brower, b June 20, 1815, d July 
30, 1883, m Chrisfciau Erb, Feb. 19, 1835. He was b 
May 15, 1815, d Juue 28, 1849. Farmer. Campbell- 
ites. C, Nancy, Aaron. 

VII. Nancy Erb, b Dec. 29, 1836, d 1846. 

VII. Aaron Erb, b Mar. 30, 1843, m Hannah 
Green. P. O. Berlin, Ont. C, Ellen, Mary. 

VIII. Ellen A. Erb, d Oct. 13, 1877. 

VIII. Mary E. Erb, m George W. Clark, Sept. 
1, 1892. P. O. Drumbo, Ont. C, IX. Verna Leoua 


Clark, h Aug. 16, 1893; Bertha Ellen Clark, b May 
15, L895j A. Erb Clark, b March 5, 1897; Lawrence C. 
Clark, 1) July 17, 1899; Lena Belle Clark, b Feb. 2, 
190'-*; George W. Clark, b Dec. 2, 1903; Kenneth R. 
(Mark, 1) Sept. 20, 1905; Hugh James Clark, b Feb. 
28, 1908. 

VI. Daniel Brower (d), b Jan. 19, 1818, m Ann 
Pool. Farmer at Preston, Ont., later removed to 
Beams vi He, Out., and from there to Southern Mich- 
igan, where he died. C-, Emeliue, Adeline, Mary, 
Elizabeth, Sarah. 

VII. Emeliue Brower, m Benjamin Martiu, P. 
O. Beamsville, Out. 

VII. Adeline Brower, m Houser. P. O. 

Beamsville, Out. 

VII. Mary Ann Brower, went to Mich. 

VII. Elizabeth Brower, went to Michigan. 

VII. Sarah Brower, moved to Michigan. 

VI. Henry Brower, b Apr. 25, 1820. When a 
young man left Canada for the west, married, but 
disappeared and lost sight of, had one son, name not 

VI. Samaria. Brower, b in Preston, Ont,, June 9, 
1822, d in Winona, Minn., Sept., 1900, m Jacob K. 
Latshaw, in 1842. He was b in jtferks Co., Pa., Sept. 
17, 1810, d in Durand, Wis., Dec, 17, 1890. Furni- 
ture Mfgr. Christian ch. C, Alexander, Washington, 
William, Sarah, Jacob, Isaac, Susanna, Samaria, 
Syuthia, Melitta, Norman. 

VII. Alexander O. Latshaw, b in Preston, Can., 
Mar. 2, 1843, m Jane N. Far u urn (d), Nov. 22, 1865. 
C, Elwiu, Vernon, Amy. M 2nd wife Mrs. Susie 
Kins, (nee Campbell), Dec. 21, 1895. No issue. P.O. 
Brinsmade, N. Dak. Contractor and builder. Socia- 
list. I. W. W. 

"Judge Monk, the Ranchman of Arizona. 


VIII. Elvin Latshaw, b Mar. 10, 1867. P. O. 
Brinsmade, N. Dak. Farmer. Socialist. S. 

VIII. Veruou M. Latshaw, b Sept. 22, 1870, d 
Jau., 1896. S. 

VIII. Amy L. B. Latsbaw, b Mar. 13, 1878, m 
Asa L. Burdick, Jan. 29, 1897. P. O. Grabam Isl- 
aud, N. Dak. Farmer. C,, IX. Nina Lucy Burdick, 
b Aug. 27, 1898. Mable Elizabeth Burdick, b Dec. 8, 
1899. Florence Ivy Burdick, b Mar. 12, 1900. Emma 
Evelyn Burdick, b Dec. 15, 1901, d Mar. 14, 1908. 
Melvin Alexander Burdick, b Oct 1, 1904. Helen 
Jane Burdick, b Sept. 1, 1906. Gladys Jennie Bur- 
dick, b Mar. 29, 1908. James Clarence Burdick, b 
Apr. 15, 1909. 

VII. Washington G. Latshaw, b Nov. 13, 1844, 
d Jan. 24, 1863. 

VII. William H. Latshaw, b Jan. 8, 1847, d 
June, 1882, m Carrie Judge. She d winter of 1909. 
C, VIII. Alice. 

VII, Sarah Latshaw, b June 12, 1849, d 1885, 
m George Krick. No issue. 

VII. Jacob B. Latshaw, b in Canada, May 11, 
1856, d June 13, 1896, m Adda Newton. P.O. Dur- 
and, Wis. Carpenter. Christian ch. C. , VIII. Rus- 
sell, Wallace, Norman. 

VII. Isaac E. Latschaw, b in Kincarden, Cana- 
da, Nov. 20, 1851, m Mary Hostetter Jan. 30, 1881. 
She d June 18, 1893. C, Henry, Abuer. Ethel. M 
2nd wife, Barbara (Nick) Haeussinger, in 1895. P. 
O. Fountain City, Wis. Carpenter. Cong'l ch. 

VIII. Henry W, Latschaw, b Nov. 16, 1883, d 
Dec. 9, 1907, m Frances Cewe, Feb. 28, 1907. P. O. 
Northfield, Minn. Bridge Carpenter. Cong'l ch. • 

VIII. Abner H. Latschaw, b Nov. 27, 1886. 
P. O. Ballard Sta. , Seattle, Wash. Cook. Cong'l ch. 


VIII. Ethel F. Latscbaw, b Dec. 5, 1890. P. O. 
I /i Crosse, Wis. Nurse. Cong'l. 

VII. Susanna Lat-shaw, b Sept. 22. 1853, m 
Walter C. A very, June 10, 1872. P. O- Cameron, 
Wis. K. V. D. 1, Box 55. Farmer. Christian ch. C, 
William, Samaria, Irene, James, Norman, Jacob, 
Birdie, Mabel, Charles. 

VIII. William E. Avery, b Dec. 25, 1873, m 
Mary Tessendorf. P.O. Liberty ville, 111. Laborer. C, 
IX. Eva, Lila, Walter, Ellsworth. 

VIII. Samaria L. Avery, b Sept.12, 1876, m D. 
C. White. P.O. Chetek, Wis., R.D. 2. Meth. Ep. C, 
IX. Edwin, Ralph, Et.uel, Norman, Pearl, Wallace. 

VIII. Irene V. Avery, b Sept. 20, 1878, in Rich- 
ard Butler. P. O. Mondovi, Wis. Creameryman. 
Meth. Ep. C, IX. Velma. 

VIII. James W. Avery, b Feb. 19, 1882. 

VIII. Norman VV. Avery, b Oct. 27, 1883. 

VIII. Jacob Avery, b Oct. 11, 1885. 

VIII Birdie Avery, (bwiu) b Oct. 11, 1885, d 
Nov., 1885. 

VIII. Mabel Avery, b Sept. 17, 1895. 

VIII. Charles N. Avery, b Sept. 7, 1900. 

VII. Samaria Latshaw, b Feb. 18, 1858, d June 
17, 1880. S. 

VII. Synthia Latshaw, b Oct. 19, 1859, d Apr. 
2, 1883. S. 

VII. Melitta Latshaw, b Oct. 10, 1861, m Paul 
Thoeuy, July 26, 1897. Res. 629 Lafayette St., Win- 
ona, Minn. Presby. C, VIII. Samaria Thoeny, b 
May 29, 1899; Melitta Thoeuy, b Sept. 29, 1903. 

VII. Norman B. Latshaw, b Sept. 24, 1864. d 
Nov. 13, 1893. S. 

VI. Abraham Brower, b May 4, 1826. At 19 
was accidentally shot by his brother Ephraim while 

Henry A. Hunsick 





deer hunting. 

V. Barbara Brower, b Jan. 3, 1782, d— , m John 
Kurtz. Moved to Lancaster Co., Pa. C, Elias, Dan- 
iel, Sarah, Annie, &c. 

V. Frances Brower, b June L, 1783, d Sept. 28, 
1822, m Nathan Pennypacker, about 1802. He was 
b in Chester Co., Pa., 1769, d there 1833. Farmer, 
and served as member of Pennsylvania Legislature, 
Ger. Bap. C, Jacob, Joseph, Ann. 

VI. Jacob Pennypacker, b July 21,1803, d Mar. 
15, 1872. S. 

VI. Joseph B. Pennypacker, b Nov. 24, 1804, d 
Aug. 17. 1858, m Jane Walker, Oct. 28, 1828. She was 
b Apr. 28, 1807, d . Farmer. Menu's. C, Margar- 
et, Nathan, Elizabeth, Annie, Thomas, Frances, 
Sarah, Mary, Isaac, Mascia, Jacob, Hannah. 

VII. Margaret C. Pennypacker, b Sept. 15> 
1829, d June 27, 1833. 

VII. Nathan Pennypacker, b Sept. 12, 1831, d 
Mar. 12, 1848. 

VII. Elizabeth B. Pennypacker, b Mar. 9, 1833, 
d Apr., 1900, m Edwiu M. Suplee. He was b in 
Delaware Co., Pa., Nov. 15, 1832. P. O. Phoenix- 
ville, Pa. Farmer. Friends meeting. C, Isaac, 

VIII. Isaac Wayue Suplee, b Dec. 6, 1861, m 
Annie R. Adams. Res. 920 Jefferson St., Wilming- 
ton, Del. Bookkeeper for tk Dupout Powder Co." 
Episcopalians. C, IX Edith May Suplee, b June 21, 
1887, Res. Wilmington, Del. School teacher, S. IX. 
Frank L. Suplee, b May 18, 1890. Res. Wilming- 
ton, Del. Chemist. 

VIII. B. Franklin Suplee (twin), b Dec. 6, 
1861, d Sept., 1862. 

VII. Annie B. Pennypacker, b Dec. 6, 1834, d 


Oct. 11, 1909, m Robert A Grover. 

VII. Thomas W. Pennypacker, l> Jan. 2, 1836, 
d Jan. 23, 1907, m Margaret Wildey. 

VII. Frances B. Pennypacker, b May 4, 1S38, 
in Richard C. Stephens. 

VII. Sarah Jane Pennypacker, b Oct. 16, 1840. 

VII. Mary Emma Pennypacker, b Jan. 4, 1842, 
P. O. Oaks, Pa. Baptist. S. 

VII. Isaac Pennypacker, b 1844, d 1844. 

VII. Mascia C. Pennypacker, b Nov. 3, 1845. 

VII. Jacob Pennypacker, b Nov. 8, 1847, d Feb. 
21, 1882, m Katy Bomau. 

VII. Hannah M. Pennypacker, b May g, 1850, 
m Oliver P. Ludwig. 

VI. Ann Pennypacker, b May 31, 1808, d , 

ill James Pennypacker. C, Leila (d). James (d), 
}tfary (d), Martha, P. O. Phoenixville, Pa. 

V. Christian Brower, b in Chester Co., Pa,, Dec. 
11, 1784, d at Doylestown, Pa., June 22, 1879, m 
Catharine Price, Mar. 13, 1814 She was b in Ches- 
ter Co., Pa., July 23, 1797, d at Doylestown, Pa., 
Jau. 3, 1878. Merchant, Miller, Hotel Keeper and 
farmer. Ger. Bap., later Baptists. C, Amelia, Dan- 
iel, .Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Davis, Anna, George, 
Sarah, Margaretta, Adelaide. 

VI. Amelia Douglass Brower, b Feb. 26, 1815, d 
June 3, 18S2, m William T. de Bree, d June 22, 
1834. C, William, Nathan. M 2nd husband Robert 
Johnston, 1857. 

VII. William de Bree, d without issue. 

VII. Nathan de Bree, m — i — . Lives either in 
California or Montana. 7 children. 

VI. Daniel Price Brower, b Nov. 1 6, 1816, d May 

17, 1817. 

VI. Nathan Pennypacker Brower, b May 21, 



1813, d Dec, 24, 1908, m Catharine A. Weaver, 1845. 
C, Nathan, Fanny, Ama, Malilon, Catherine, Peter, 
Amelia, Fannie, Adelaide, Christian, John, 

VII. Nathan W. Brower, m Emily Tonilinsou. 
Have issue. 

VII. Fanny Brower, d in infancy. 

VII. Ama Azella Brower, m Schlecht. 

One child . 

VII. Mahlon L. Brower, Res. Phila., Pa. S. 

VII. Catharine P. Brower, m Frank Booth, 

VII. Peter W. Brower, m , d 1908. 

VII. Amelia de Bree Brower, m Seeds. No 


VII. Fannie Brower, d in infancy. 

VII. Adelaide C. Brower, m Dr. Day Armon. 

VII. Christian Brower, m .Have issue. 

VII. John Brower, d Nov. 30, 1894. S. 

VI. Elizabeth P. Brower, b Feb. 22, 1821, d 
Dec, 1907, ra Rev. Frederic Ketcham, 1847. Baptist 
minister. C, Christian, Charles, Benjamin, &c. 

VII. Christian B. Ketcham, m in Texas. 

VII. Charles H. Ketcham, m Erma Hall. Bap- 
tist. Res. Gal. 

VI. Davis Edward Brower, b at Perkiomen 
Mills, Pa., Apr. 19, 1823, m Elizabeth Riale, Nov. 
10, 1864. She d March .4, 1874. Mr. Brower moved 
with his parents to Philadelphia when a boy. Edu- 
cated at West Chester at school of Joshua Hoops. 
Business Education commenced in the hardware 
trade, thence to the book trade in Philadelphia, thence 
to St. Louis, Mo., as assistant Editor, and part time 
Editor of "The Western Watchman," the then 
leading Baptist paper of the west. In 1849. a severe 
attack of pneumonia determined him to return to 
PeuusyKania to his father's home near Doylestowu, 


where be remained making farming bis occupation. 
He left the farm about 1864, and acted for several 
years as agent for Western New York for the Amer- 
ican Bible Union, preaching and traveling continu- 
ously. During this time he was ordained by the New 
Britain Baptist church of Bucks Co., Pa., to the 
Gospel ministry. He was not at any time pastor of 
any church. Member Doylestowu Baptist ch. P. O. 
Doylestown, Pa. No issue. 

VI. Anna Brower, h July 30, 1825, m Jacob 
Darst (d), of Ohio. C, Lillie (d), Alice (d), Har- 
vey, Margaretta. M 2nd hush., Jacob Darst (cousin), 
C, "Walter, Marion, Christian, Daniel, Edward. 

VI. Geo. Washington Brower, b July 20, 1826, 
d 1832. 

VI. Sarah Brower, b Mar. 16, 1829, d Mar. 8, 
1905, m Rev. William H. Wyckoff, L. L. D. C, Ad- 
elaide, Spencer, Julia, Ella. 

VI. Margaretta Brower, b Mar. 28, 1836, d 1837. 

VI. Adelaide Catharine Brower, b Nov. 20, 1839. 
Res. 363 Main St., Doylestown, Pa. Baptist. S. 

V. Abraham Brower, b May 22, 1787, d 1871, 
m Margaret Crawford. She d 1869 aged 82 yrs. Far- 
mer. He at one time represented his district in the 
Pennsylvania Legislature, and also filled other prom- 
inent positions. C, Abraham, Frances, Ann, Joseph, 
John, Jane. 

VI. Abraham Brower, d about 21 yrs. S. 

VI. Frances Brower, b 1815, d Apr. 2, 1845, m 
Samuel Umstead. C. , Abraham. 

VII. Abraham B. Umstead (d), m Emma S. 
Miiler. C, VIII. Samuel Umstead, d young. 

VI. Ann Brower (d), b 1816, m Charles Shep- 
herd. C, John, Thomas. 
VII. John Shepherd, (d). No issue. . 









VII. Thomas Shepherd (d), m Lulu Pyle. No 

VI. Joseph C.Brower, b in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
May 2, 1817, (1 at Green Tree, Pa., Jan. 24, 1903, m 
Catharine Highley, in 1842. She was b in Lower 
Providerice,Pa., Jau.23, 1823, d Dec.21, 1864. Tanner 
and farmer. C, Sarah, Margaret, Mary, Abraham, 
Nettie, John, Frances, Charles, Laura, Henry. 

VII. Sarah Jane Brower, b Aug. 18, 1843, d 
Mar. 1, 1§71, m John Reiff Umstead (d). (See John 
Reiff Umstead Family). 

VII. Margaret Brower, b Oct. 8, 1844, d Aug., 
1892, m Nathan Davis. He d May, 1892. C, Joseph, 
and 3, Harry, Belle, Frank, d infants. 

VIII. .Joseph B. Davis, m -. Res. 2522 Ridge 

ave., Phila., Pa. C, Joseph, Margaret. 

VII. Mary Ann Brower, b Dec. 29, 1846, d Mar. 
30, 1907, m Edwin Stoll. C. , Charles, Claude. 

VIII. Charles B. Stoll. 

VHI.Claude E. Stoll. P.O. Port Providence, Pa. 

VII. Abraham C. Brower, b May 21, 1848, d 
Jan. 22, 1910, m Anna Baroux. C, Stanleigh, 

VIII. Stanleigh Brower, Res. 3821 N. 15th St., 

VIII. Baroux Brower. 

VII. Nettie Brower, b at Green Tree, Pa., Jan. 
18, 1851, m Joseph H. Eiseubrey, Feb. 12, 1874. 
He was b Nov. 11, 1844, d May 21, 1901. Res. 27 N. 
New St. Bethlehem, Pa. Merchant. Presby. C, Ed- 
win, Laura. 

VIII. Edwin J. Eiseubrey, b June 8, 1875, d 
June, 1875. 

VIII. Laura Brower Eisenbrey, b Sept. 26, 
1876, m Charles K Meschter, Sept. 2, 1897. Res. 27 


N. New St., Bethlehem, Pa. Professor of Euglish at 
Lehigh University, Betlileheim, Pa. Presby. 

VII. Johu U. Brower, b Nov. 21, 1852. P. O, 
Oaks, Pa. S. 

VII. Frances Brower, b Feb. 22, 1855, in Theo- 
dore Morgan. P. O. Fairview Village, Pa. C, Theo- 
dore, Helen, Florence, Andrew, Mary, Frances, Belle. 

VIII. Theodore Morgan, m Rebecca Coats. Res. 
3843 Park Ave., Phila., Pa. C, IX. Elizabeth Mor- 

VIII. Helen Morgan, m Hail Wilson. Res. E, 
Green St., Phila., Pa. 

VIII. Florence Morgan, m Walter Riddle. 1160 
57th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

VIII. Andrew Morgan, ni Anna Smosey, Res. 
Phila., Pa. 

VIII. Mary Morgan. P. O. Fairview Village, 
Pa. S. 

VIII. Frances Morgan. S. 

VIII. Belle Morgan. S. 

VII. Charles S. Brower, b Juue 8, 1858, in Re- 
becca Rhoads. Res. 713 N. 20th St., Phila., Pa. 

VII. Laura Brower, b Nov. 17, 1860, m William 
H. Stall. Res. 140 Gay St., Phoenixville, Pa. C, Min- 
nie, William, Alice, Laura. 

VIII. Minnie Stoll, m William Kassner. P. O. 
vSummerdale, N. J. C, IX. Laura May Kassner, b 
Sept., 1908. 

VIII. Willliam H. StolJ, d Jau., 1908. 

VIII. Alice Stoll. S. 

VIII. Laura Stoll. S. 

VII. Henry Brower, b Nov. 3, 1864, m Ida Bev- 
an. Res. 751 No. 20th St., Phila., Pa. C, VIII. Jos- 
eph, Nettie, John, George. 

VI. Johu Edward Brower, b Dec, 1821, d Apr. 

Josiah S. Mover. 

See Page 621. 


33, 1905, in Ann Eliza Homing, Aug, 30, 1841. She 
was'b May 8, 1824, d Aug. 22, 1909. Farmer. Mrs. 
B. Ger. Bap. C, Abraham, Dauiel, Sarah, James,Fran- 
ces, Frank, Annie, Mary, Norris, Noah, Martha. 

VII. Abraham H. Brower, m Mary Sloan. P. 
Oaks, Pa. 

VII. Dauiel Brower, d infant. 

VII. Sarah Ann Brower, b Nov. 25, 1847, m 
Francis M. Highley, June 12, 1873. Res. 2121 Ven- 
ango St., Phiia., Pa. Secretary of Board of City 
Trusts. Baptists. No issue. 

VII. James H. Brower, m Rebecca Middletou. 
P. O. Port Providence, Pa. 

VII. Frances Brower, b in Chester Co., Pa., 
Feb., 1853, m Howard H. Parsons, Dec, 1883. P. O. 
Oaks, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. C, VIII. Edgar B, Par- 
sons, bOct., 1884. Template maker with Phoenix- 
ville Iron Co. S. ; Sara Highley Paisous, b July, 
1886. S.; Bessie Parsons, b June, 1891. 

VII. Frank Brower, m Clara Carey. P. O. Phoe- 
nixville. Pa. 

VII. Annie S. Brower (d), m Chaales Jairett 
(d). C. VIII. Frank, Eva. P. O. Oaks, Pa. 

VII. Mary Brower. Single. 

VII. Norris Brower, m Laura Jarrett. P. O. 
Norristowu, Pa. 

VII. Noah Brower (d). 

VII. Martha Brower, in J. L. Hopson. P. O. 
Oaks, Pa. 

VI. Jane Brower, b 1826 (d), m John Tyson 
(d). No issue. 

V. Mary Brower, b Nov. 1, 1788, d May 13, 
1852, m Abraham Beitler, about 1810. He was b Mar. 
6, 1785, d June 23, 1866. He settled on a farm near 
Pughtown, Chester Co. In 1825 the farm was sold, 


aud he became landlord of the Black Bear Hotel at 
Paoli. He removed from there about 1830, to the ho- 
tel and quarries at Howellville, Chester Valley. 
It was here while superintending blasting that ow- 
ing to a premature explosion, a rock fell upon him 
aud crushed his right leg below the knee, resulting 
in its amputation. He. used an artificial limb and was 
known as the "man with the wooden leg.'' About 
1836 he moved to Philadelphia and became landlord 
of the Western Market Inn, on Market street. This 
stand was widel} 7 aud favorably known to the farmers 
aud market men of the adjacent counties, who were 
accustomed to put up at "Beitlers" on their weekly 
trips to market. He continued in this business until 
a few years before his death, when he was succeeded 
by his sou Daniel. He was a man of large physical 
proportions, beiug over six feet in height, and of 
large frame and weight in proportion. Adherants of 
Menuonite church, and buried in Diamond Rock 
Mennouite burying ground near Howellville. C, 
Lewis, Daniel, Hannah, Frances, Nathan, Sarah, 
Joseph, David, John. 

VI. Lewis Beitler, b Mar. 4, 1812, d Sept. 11, 

VI. Daniel Brower Beitler, b in Chester Co., 
Pa., May 31, 1814, d Apr. 24,1881, m Mary Ann Eliza 
Merklee, Oct. 7, 1852. She was b in Phila., Pa., June 
18, 1820, d there Sept. 12, 1867. Daniel B. Beitler 
received a common school education. His father's 
family was a large one and he was compelled to assist 
his father in maintaining the family. While yet a boy 
he drove a six- horse team across the mountains to 
Pittsburgh. After locating in Philadelphia he engaged 
in the feed business and then in the livery stable 
business. In 1860 he had three large stables. He sold 


(Page 14) 



X \ 


out his stables to take charge of the hotel his father 
had conducted for years. This was the New Market 
Inn on Market street, which he continued to run 
until the time of his death. It was frequented by the 
farmers of Chester, Montgomery, Bucks and Dela- 
ware counties. During the meeting of Friends its 
capacity was taxed to the utmost, the inn being the 
headquarters of the Friends from the rural sections. 
Early in life Daniel B. Beitler took a deep in- 
terest in politics. He was an ardent Republican. 
He was too old and not physically able to take part 
in the war of the Rebellion, but as a member of the 
Union League he gave valuable assistance in recruit* 
iug aud equipping the various regiments sent to the 
front by it. Daniel B. Beitler was ever ready to as- 
sist the soldier boys, and many a large pot of coffee 
and many a ham and hundreds of loaves of bread 
found their way from his kitchen to the rendezvous 
of recruits in the neighborhood. 

On June 1, 1861, he was appointed by President 
Lincoln an inspector in the Custom Sarvice and he 
filled this position until the time of his death, except 
during President Johnson's term. 

He was a delegate to the National Republican con- 
vention which placed Gen. Garfield in nomination. 
He was for several terms a member of the Republi- 
can State Com., and for many years chairman of the 
Ninth Ward Republican executive committee. He 
had never accumulated a fortune, but he left his 
children the record of a blameless life and no man 
ever speaks of Daniel B. Beitler but in words of 
praise. His heart was tender, he was the friend of 
the needy aud oppressed, he strove to do his duty as 
a father, a husband, a friend, a neighbor, a citizen. 
Meth. Ep. C, Abraham, Amanda, William, Elsie, 


George, Lewis. 

VII. Hon. Abraham M. Beitler, bin Phila., Pa., 
uly 3, 1853, m Julia L. Bornenian, Oct. 10, 1879. 


Judge Beitler graduated from the Central High 
Ichool of Philadelphia July, 18T0, and entered the 
aw office of C Stewart Patterson. He was admitted 
o the bar Jan., 1875. In 1875 he was appointed an 
ssistant to the City Solicitor. He continued in the 
±w department of the City of Philadelphia, advan- 
ing by gradual promotions until 1888, he reach - 
d the position of first assistant to the then City 
Solicitor Charles F. Warwick. He took part iu many 
»f the most important cases involving the city's iu- 
erast during the many years he served as the city's 
ounsel. On Oct. 1, 1891, he accepted of Mayor Ed- 
v\n S. Stewart the position of Director of the De- 
tainment of Public Safety, and he ably and accept- 
ably filled this place until appointed by Governor 
lastings in Feb., 1896, to the vacency in the Court 
•f Common Pleas No 1, caused by the death of Judge 
Ulisou. In the following summer he was unani- 
nousty nominated for the full term of ten years by 
>oth the Democratic and Republican conventions 
»nd received every vote cast, official count showing 
hat he had received 228,311 votes more than were 
:ast for any of his colleagues on the ticket, and more 
hau were ever given iu any election in Philadelphia 
o any candidate. In Nov., 1906, he was elected for a 
erm of ten years beginning Jan., 1907. He took the 
>ath for the new term and served until February, 
vhen he resigned to euter the Law firm of Dickson, 
Seitler & \IcCouch, of 750 Bullitt Building, Phila., 
3 a. Prot. Ep. C, Harold, Elsie. 

VIII. Harold Borneman Beitler, b at 1721 N. 



















21st St., Phila., Pa,, Dec. 31, 1880, m Ethel Haffline 
Eiseubrey, Oct, 16, 1906. Res. 1933 Mastor St., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. Educated iu the Public Schools of Phil- 
adelphia aud at Eastburn Academy, graduating from 
the latter institution in 1897. Attended the law de- 
partment of the University of Pennsylvania, and was 
admitted to the Bar of Philadelphia Couuty July 3, 
19,02. Member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Prot. 
Ep. C, IX. Abraham Merklee Beitler, 2nd, b Sept. 
15, 1908. 

VIII. Elsie Julia Beitler, b Dec. 6, 1888, m 
Franklin Spencer Edmonds, Dec. 6, 1909. Res. 7818 
Lincoln Ave., Phila., Pa. He was b Mar. 28, 1874. 
Graduated from the Ceutral High School of Philadel- 
phia as A. B. in 1891, A. M, in 1896, University of 
Penua. as Ph. B. iu 1893, and LI. B. in 1903. He was 
Andrew D. White in Political Science, Cornell Uni- 
versity, iu 1894-5. He was instructor and professor of 
political science from 1895 to 1904, at the Central 
High School, Philadelphia, and honorary lecturer at 
same, since 1904. He has been professor of law at 
Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa., since 1904. 
He is solicitor of the Pocono Pines Assembly, Penn- 
sylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, and 
solicitor of the Teachers Association. He was candi- 
date for Select Council on City Party ticket, 1905, 
leceiver of taxes on City Party ticket in 1907, Chair- 
man of the City Committee of City Party in 1905, 
member of the Lincoln Party State Committee in 
1905-6, aud chairman of two City Party County con- 
ventions. He is a Republican in politics. He was ed- 
itor of The Teacher from 1894 to 1901, President of 
the Educational Club of Philadelphia from 1900 to 
1903. Prof. Edmonds is Author of the Century's 
Progress in Education, History of Centra! High 


School from 1838 to 1902. He is a member of the 
/American Historical, American Economical, Ameri- 
can Political Science, and American Statistical Asso- 
ciations. Member of American Academy of Political 
and Social Science, the Pennsylvania Historical So- 
ciety ; Member of the Board of Education, Beta The- 
ta Pi Fraternity, Phi Delta Phi, and various clubs. 

Prot. Ep. 

VII. Amanda Catherine Beitler, b Nov. 12, 
1855. Res. 1527 North St.,Phila., Pa. Teacher in the 
William Penn High School for Girls in Phila. S. 

VII. William Lejee Beitler, b Oct. 27, 1857, m 
MaryB. Brown, Jan. 13, 1881. Res. 0624 Woodland 
Ave., Phila., Pa. Hardwood mantles and woodwork. 
Prot. Ep. C. VIII. Sidney H. Beitler, b 1882. Prot. 
Ep. William L. Beitler, Jr., b 1885. Prot. Ep. 
Mildred Beitler, b 1895. Prot. Ep. 

VII. Elsie Mary Beitler, b Jan. 4, I860, m 
William G. Carroll, Dec, 20, 1882. Res. Oak Laue, 
Phila., Pa. Insurance Agt. Attend Baptist ch. C, 
VIII. Edwin S. Sfeuart Carroll, b Nov. 7, 1883. 
Helen B. Carroll, b Sept. 11, 1886. Arthur W. Car- 
rol, b Jan. 21, 1889. Elsie Carroll, b Oct. 30, 1892. 

VII. George F. Beitler, b Apr. 7, 1862, d infant. 

VII. Lewis Eugene Beitler,b Oct.4, 1863, m Cle- 
mentina W. Beck, June 12, 1894. Res. 1921 N. 33d 
St., Phila., Pa. He was private secretary to Gov. 
Hastings, now Deputy Secretary of the Common- 
wealth of Pennsylvania. C, VIII. Edwin F. Beitler, 
b June 23, 1895, d Dec. 23,1896. Lewis Eugene Beit- 
ler, Jr., b Aug. 19, 1897. 

VI. Hannah Beitler, b in Chester Co., Pa., May 
22, 1816, d July 12, 1872, m Washington Garner, 
Mar. 13, 1837. He was b in Montg. Co., Pa., Oct. 13, 
1813, d Jan. 19, 1886. Began business as a wheel- 










wright at Howellville, Ches. Co., in 1835. In 1847, 
he engaged in carriage and wagon building in West 
Philadelphia, in which he was successful in building 
up a first-class trade. In 1879, he received a bronze 
medal from the Agricultural and Industrial Society 
of Delaware Co., for the best specimen of a milk 
wagon, and another the same year for an express 
wagon from the same society. In 1880, he received 
a bronze medal from the Pennsylvania State Agricul- 
tural Society for a light milk wagon. Baptists. C, 
Abram, Henry, Harrison, Mary. 

VII. Abram Beitler Garner, b in Chester Co. , 
Pa., Jan. 18, 1838, d in Newark, N. J., Jan. 28, 
1909, m Jannetta Clark England, Nov. 11, 1871. 
She d Oct. 7, 1909. 

Major Garner graduated from the Phila. High 
School in 1858, and soon after engaged in the dry 
goods commission business in that city. In 1862 he 
enlisted in the 15th Regt., Pa. Vol. Cav., and served 
until the close of the war in the department of the 
Cumberland and the military division of the Missis- 
sippi under Geu.'s Rosencrans, Thomas, Grant and 
Sherman. The fact that he was successively promoted 
to the offices of first sergeant, captain and major of 
his regiment is sufficient testimony as to the quality 
of his service to his Country. After the close of the 
war he was for some two years engaged in commer- 
cial analysis and metallurgy in Philadelphia, and in 
1867 went to South America in connection with gold 
mining operations of Venezuela and Guiana. In 1869 
he returned to the United States, and in the following 
year entered the railway service in the construction 
of the Kansas Pacific Railway from Carson to Den- 
ver, Colo. In 1875 he was appointed general superin- 
tendent of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway 


at Sedalia, Mo. In 1880 he became purchasing agent 
of the Denver & Rio Grande Railway at Denver, re- 
taining this position until Jan., 1884, when he was 
offered and accepted a position with Murphy & Co., 
varnish makers. 

In Oct., 1897, Major Garner was elected president 
of the National Paint, Oil and Varnish Association, 
aud was one of the most highly respected and popular 
gentlemen connected with the association. He was 
also a member of the New. York Cornmaudery Mili- 
tary Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. 
Baptists. No issue. 

VII. Henry Garner, b in Chester Co., Pa., June 
7, 1837. He was educated in Public Schools of Phila. 
He entered mercantile life in 1852, and held various 
positions until I860, when he became agent for a 
manufacturing firm in Philadelphia. In Nov., 1860, 
he traveled westward and southward on business un- 
til he reached New Orleans, where he was in 
business when the war of the Rebellion broke out in 
1861. He continued there in business until by force 
of circumstances he (a staunch union man, and Re- 
publican, having cast his first vote for Abraham Lin- 
coln,) was compelled to enlist in the Louisiana State 
militia for three months. At the end of their enlist- 
ment the militiamen were transferred, "nolens vol- 
ens" iuto the regular Confederate army and pushed 
to the front in time to participate in the battle of 
Corinth. After this battle he was changed to the trans 
Mississippi department and to the artillery service, 
where he took part in all the battles of the famous 
Red River and other campaigns under the rebel Gen. 
Zachary Taylor. At the close of the war, tho much 
broken in health, he resumed business in New Or- 
leans, but in 1868 was compelled by severe hemorrh- 



ages to quit business and hasten north. He became 
associated with his father in the wagon business and 
continued until 1876, when with broken health he 
was ordered by his physician to Florida, where in a 
few weeks on March 14, he died. His remains were 
brought home for burial. Baptist. S. 

VII. Rev. Harrison Brower Garner, b in Ches- 
ter Co., Pa., Sept. 16, 1840. He received his early 
education in the public schools of Philadelphia. In 
his 13th year, Mar. 4, 1853, he entered the dry goods 
establishment of L. J. Levy & Co., at that time the 
largest and most fashionable store in the city. In 
1858 he was converted and united with the Baptist 
church. In the fall of 1859 he went to Lewisburg, Pa., 
to enter upon a course of study preparatory to en- 
tering the ministry. 

He was graduated in 1865, from the University 
at Lewisburg, now the Bucknell University, and re- 
ceived the degree of "A. B.'' In 1867 he completed 
a course in theology at the same institution, and also 
received the degree of "A. M." from the college. Dur- 
ing his course of studies during the Ci\il war, he re- 
sponded twice to the call of the President for emer- 
gency troops, and enlisted first in Sept., 1862, in a 
regiment of militia raised in Philadelphia for service 
in the Antietam campaign, guarding Dupont's pow- 
der mill at Wilmington, Del., until after the battle, 
when the regiment was disbanded. Again in June, 
1863, at the call of the President for troops during 
the Gettysburg campaign, in compauy with the stu- 
dents at Lewisburg, who volunteered as a body and 
were organized into Co. A, 28th Regt., Pennsylvania 
militia, and were duly sworn into the United States 
service during the emergency. He received an honor- 
able discharge, dated July 27, 1863. Aug. 2, 1864, he 



was appointed delegate of the United States Christ- 
ian commission and was sent to the hospitals at Fort 
Monroe and City Point, Va., where for six weeks he 
did duty ministering to the sick and wounded sol- 
diers. In Sept., 1867, he was ordained to the gospel 
ministry and became pastor of the First Baptist 
church of Honesdale, Pa. On Sept. 1, 1871, he re- 
signed the pastorate of the church and entered upon 
missionary work in the county for the Wayne Bap- 
tist Association. Later he became associated with the 
firm of Smith, English & Co., Theological book pub- 
lishers, at 710 Arch St., Philadelphia. Aug. 1, 1878, 
he accepted a call to the Calvary Baptist church of 
Hopewell, N. J. In Sept., 1882, he resigned the pas- 
torate to assume charge of the theological publish- 
ing and book business at 710 Arch St., Phila. Nov- 
ember, 1886, he was called to the pastorate of the 
Great Valley Baptist church, Chester Co., Pa., and 
served the church until Apr. 1, 1893. On Oct. 1, 
1893, he became identified with the mission enterprise 
of the Memorial (uow Bethlehem) Baptist church of 
Phila. until Dec. 1, 1895, when he was called to the 
pastorate of the First Baptist church, Downington, 
Pa. Apr. 1, 1900, he retired from the pastorate, and 
was field secretary of the society for providing reli- 
gious literature for the blind. He resigned this con- 
nection Apr. 1, 1902, and became pastor of the Cold 
Point Baptist church of Moutg. Co., Pa., and has 
since then served other pastorates. He was m to An- 
nie L. Evans, of Bucks Co., Pa., March 12, 1868. 
Res. Norristown, Pa. C, Mary, Henry, Rowland, 

VIII. Mary. Garner, b July 13, 1869, m Joseph 
H. Tudor, Aug. 7, 1903. P. O. State College, Pa. Prof. 
Tudor graduated at Lafayette College in 1886, tak- 



















Mt»r ; lwex t*i NU 



ing the degrees of C. E. and M. S. Student of math- 
ematics 1891 add 1892, at University of Goettingen, 
Germany, and at Johns Hopkins University from 
1892 to 1894. He is now associate professor of 
mathematics at State College, Center Co., Pa. 

VIII. Henry Abram Garner, b July 17, 1871. 

VIII. Rowland E. Garner, b and d Mar., 187H. 

VIII. Albert Rowland Garner, b Aug. 17, 1877. 
Graduated at Bucknell University in 1899, taking 
the degree of B. S. Entered Hahnneman Medical 
College, Phila., Pa., and graduated as M. D. in 1902, 
when he received appointment as resident physician 
at the Grace Hospital, New Haven, Conn. Married 
Margaret J. Ross of Norristown, Pa., Oct. 30, L907. 
She graduated at Bryn Mawr, 1902, with the degree 
of A. B. 

VII. Mary Frances Garner, b Jan. 17, 1842, d 
Nov. 10, 1892. She graduated from the Girls' Noimal 
School of Philadelphia in 1858 and received appoint- 
ment as a teacher in the fall of the same year. In 
1859 she became an assistant teacher in the Newton 
Girls' Grammar School, and continued there until 
1869, when she resigned to assume the principalship 
of the Belmont Girls' Grammar School. Early in 
1873 she resigned to assume duties at home. In 1875 
sh« was reappointed to the Belmont Girls' Grammar 
School, continuing until 1883, when she took charge 
of the Levering Consolidated School of Roxborough, 
Philadelphia. On Oct. 1, 1886, owing fo failing 
health, she was compelled to resign, and immediately 
repaired to Colorado Springs, Colo., where for three 
years she sought to recuperate her declining energies. 
In the summer of 1889 she returned to Philadelphia 
and on Nov. 10, 1892, received her promotion to the 
Higher School beyond. For a number of years she 


was active as a Sunday School teacher and associate 
Superintendent. A noble Christian character, which 
for more than twenty- five years made its impress for 
good upon the lives of scores and hundreds of the 
youths of Philadelphia, who came under her instruct- 
ion aud example. Baptist. S. 

VI. Frances B. Beitler, b Feb. 11, 1819, m Joseph 
H. Miller, Jan. 13, 1846. He d 1847. No issue. 

VI. Nathan M. Beitler, b May 23, 1821, d June 3, 

VI. Sarah Beitler,b Aug, 31, 1.823,d June. 9, 1908, 
m Jacob Gibson, Apr. 20, 1848. Moved to Salt Lake 
City, Utah, Apr. 3, 1850, where he d May 1 } 1882. 
Farmer. Mormons. C. , Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Jane, 
Jacob, Abraham. 

VII. Mary Leota Gibsou, b in Phila., Pa., June 
2, 1849, m George W. Young, Jan. 27, 1876. P. O. 
Coalville, Utah. Merchant. C, George, Grace, 
Blanche, Margaret, Leota. 

VIII. Geo. W. Young, b Nov. 4, 1876, d Feb. 1, 
1879. . 

VIII. Grace R. Young, b Jan. 1, 1883. 
VIII. Blanche Young, b Sept. 11, 1883. , 
VIII. Margaret Young, b June 11, 1885. 
VIII. Leota May Young, b Sept. 3, 1887. 

VII. Hannah Frances Gibson, b Jau. 2, 1852, d 
Jan 4, 1910, m Thomas Harrington, July 21, 1881. 
He d Mar. 11, 1884. C, Thomas, Warren. She 
m 2nd husband, Samuel Garn, Jan. 4, 1888. P. O. 
Sugar, Utah. Carpenter. C, Joseph, Stella, Ruby. 

VIII. Thomas R. Harrington, b Nov. 9, 1882. . 
VIII. Warren B. Harringtou, b Jan. 26, 1884. - 
VIII. Joseph A. Garn, b May 16, 1889. 

VIII. Stella Garn, bSept. 26, 1890, d Sept. 24, '92. 
VIII. Ruby Frances Garn, b Sept. 5, 1894. 




VII. Sarah B. Gibsoo, b Oct. 16, 1854, m Jehu 
Riches, Feb. 16, 1874. Res. 3720 So. 11th, East Cal- 
ders Sta., Salt Lake City, Utah. Farmer. C, VIII. 
Mary Riches, b Jan, 1, 1877; Melvin Riches, b Jan. 
1, 1877; Sarah Leota Riches, b June 17, 1880; Ja- 
cob Gibson Riches, b Feb. 16, 1883; George W. Rich- 
er, b Sept. 18, 1885; Lawrence B. Riches, b Mar. 31, 
1888; Nettie Erma Riches, b Oct. 3, 1890; Alice 
Irene Riches, b Jan. 24, 1893; Edith J. Riches, b 
June 27, 1896. 

VII. Jane Elizabeth Gibson, b at Salt Lake City, 
Utah, July 18, 1861. Res. 1067 Blaine Ave., Salt 
Lake City, Utah. S. 

VII. Jacob Gibson, b Mar. 21, 1865, m Alice Al- 
niira North, Jan. 16, 1890. P. O. Nephi, Utah. Far- 
mer. C, VIII. Jacob Clyde Gibsou, b Oct. 15, 1890; 
Abraham B. Gibsou, b Feb. 14, 1894; Charles Leon 
Gibson, b Jan. 6. 1896; Sarah Beatrice Gibson, b 
Sept. 1, 1899; Ada Chloe Gibson, b Jan. 2, 1902; 
Owen North Gibson, b Apr. 4, 1904; Byron Dale 
Gibson, b Apr. 17, 1906. 

VII. Abraham B. Gibson, b June 27, 1868, d Oct. 
18, 1877... 

VI. Joseph Beitler, b Feb. 28. 1827, d Jan. 8, 
1897, m Sarah Cade, June 20, 1861. She was b Apr. 
10, 1839. Coal Merchant. Meth. Ep. C, Mary, Fan- 
nie, Daniel, Martha, Samuel. 

VII. Mary E. Beitler, b Juue 24, 1862, m Wm. R. 
Lott, Oct. 29, 1885. Res. Phila., Pa. Carpeuter. 
Methodist Ep. C. VIII. Edith May Lott, b May 3, 
1887; Marion B. Ljtt, h Mar. 15, 1894. 

VII. Fannie Beitler, b June 24, 1864, m Wm. T, 
Tatem, .Apr. 26, 1893. Res. Phila., Pa. Meth. Ep. 
C, VIII. Edna Sherman Tatem, b Jan., 1894. 

VII. Daniel B. Beitler, b Dec. 15, 1867. Reg. 


1507 Susquehanna Ave., Phila., Pa. Bauk Clerk. 
Graduate Pbira. High School. 

VII. Martha C. Beitler, b Oct. 12, 1872. Res. 
Phila., Pa. 

VII. Samuel W. Beitler, b May 21, 1877. Res. 
Phila., Pa. 

VI. David Beitler, b Dec. 9, 1830, d Mar. 11, 
1875, m Elizabeth Grover Furey, Juue 2, 1859. She 
was b Apr. 24, 1834. David Beitler was a mau of 
fine physique, of very pleasant manners and of more 
than ordinary capacity. On the fourth of May, 1858, 
he was elected an alderman in the Ninth Ward, 
Philadelphia. The next month he was appointed 
committing magistrate at the Central station by May- 
or Henry. He was continued in that position until 
1869. Mayor Fox, a Democrat, came into office, and 
Mr. Beitler refused to serve under a Democratic 
mayor. In 1872 William S. Stockley, a Republican, 
was elected Mayor, and he at once reappointed Ald- 
erman Beitler, who was known as one of the best com- 
mitting magistrates Philadelphia ever had. He served 
under every Republican Mayor from the time of his 
election as alderman in 1858, until his death. His 
judgment was so good and his knowledge of the law 
so much respected and valued that the leading law- 
yers in the City took to his court their important 
cases. He was as a father kind and indulgent, as a 
friend steadfast, generous and true, and as an official 
fearless, intelligent and upright. He died beloved by 
his family aud friends and respected by all who knew 
him. Prot. Ep. C, John, David, Mary. 

VII. John Grover Furey Beitler, b Apr. 21, 1860, 
d Jan. 9, 1863. 

VII. David Clifford Beitler, b July 8, 1864, d 
Nov. 3, 1895. S. 




VII. Mary Elizabeth Laura Beitler, b Dec. 27, 
1866, m Leonard Tapley, June 12, 1894. Employed 
by the Western Union Telegraph Co., 15th and 
Chestnut Sts., Phila., Pa. Prot. Ep. No issue. 

VI. John Beitler, b Sept. 6, 1834, d July 12, 

V. Elizabeth Brower, b in Moutg. Co., Pa., 
Nov. 3, 1790, d Feb. 14, 1875, m Nathan Penny- 
packer in 1823, 2nd wife. C, Frances. 

VI. Frances B. Pennypacker, b in Chester Co , 
Pa., 1825, m Joseph Fitzwater, in 1852. P. O. Port 
Providence, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. C, Albert, Ada. 

VII. Albert Fitzwater, b 1854, m Letitia Van- 
dersbee. P. O. Phoeuixville, Pa. Merchant. Baptists, 
C., Caroline, Joseph. 

VII. Ada M. Fitzwater, b 1858, P. O. Port Pro- 
vidence, Pa. Ger. BaD. S. 

V. Sarah Brower, b Aug. 15, 1793, d Aug. 1, 
1866, 8. . - 

- V. Daniel R. Brower, b Aug. 22, 1796, d June 
15, 1866, m Ann Billop Farmer, Jan. 12, 1819. She 
was b July 30, 1800, d at Norristowu, Pa., July 22, , 
1885. Hotel Keeper. Prot.Ep. C, Rachel, Margaretta, 
Mary, Abby, Elizabeth, Fanny, Noah, Laura, 
Daniel, James. 

VI. Rachel Pawling Brower, b Nov. 13, 1819, 
d July 26, 1901, m Cadwalader Evans, Feb. 1, 
1842. C, Margaretta, George, Charles, Will, 

VII. Margaretta Evans, b Dec. 10, 1843, d 
Oct. 20, 1898. S. 

VII. George Evans, m . P. O. Spriug Mill, 


VII. Charles Evans, d 1903. S. 

VII. Will P. Evans, m . P. O. Portland, 



VI. Margaretta Farmar Brower, b Jan. 14,1823, 
d Oct. 22, 1837. 

VI. Mary Louisa Brower, b Sept. 5, 1825, d Jan. 
22, 1902, m O. C. B. Carter, Sept. 5, 1856. Hed 1863. 

VI. Abby Turner Brower, b in Baltimore, Md., 
Feb. 25, 1828, m Dr. George W. Holstein, Oct. 19, 
1847. He d Oct. 2, 1908, aged 88 yrs. Physician. He 
possessed his mental faculties until the very last. He 
had a beautiful lovely nature. Prot. Ep. C, Charles, 
El wood, Ella, George. 

VII. Charles Elliott Holstein, b Nov.22, 1848, d 

VII. Elwood Harvey Holstein. bNov. 22, 1848, 
d infant. 

VII. Ella Holstein, b Dec. 6, 1850, m William 
H. Potts, Nov. 9, 1870. C, Elizabeth, Helen, Carrie, 
Abby, Ella. 

VIII. Elizabeth H. Potts, b Oct. 3, 1871, m 
John D. Paist, June 21, 1899. C, IX. John Paist, b 
Mar. 20, 1901, d Mar. 24, 1901;— Paist, b Jan. 3, 1910. 

VIII. Helen Butter Potts, b Sept. 29, 1873. 

VIII. Carrie Potts, b Oct. 14, 1877, m Rev. 
Waldemar Janseu, Feb. 9, 1907. 

VIII. Abby Holstein Potts, b Dec. 16, 1879, d 
Jan. 17, 1886. 

VIII. Ella Holstein Potts, b July 29, 1892. 

VII. George Meade Holstein, b Apr. 25, 1863, 
m Sara Corson Highley. C, VIII. Abby V. Holstein, 
b July 19, 1893. George Meade Holstein, b Mar. 10, 
1895. Francis Highley Holstein, b Feb. 12, 1897, d 
Sept. 8, 1901. Anna Highley Holstein, b June 9, 

VI. Elizabeth Jane Brower, b Feb. 19, 1830. 

VI. Fannie Reiff Brower, b July 22, 1832, d 
Apr. 8, 1904, 


VI. Noah B. Brower, b Dec. 24, 1834, d Aug. 
5, 1866. 

VI. Laura F. Brower, b Apr. 19, 1837. 

VI. Daniel R. Brower, b Oct. 13, 1839, m Eliza 
Aun Steans, 1867, d Mar. 1, 1909. 2 C. 

VI. James F. Brower, b Jan. 12, 1845, m Eliz- 
abeth Retty, Oct. 29, 1872. She d Aug. 7, 1895. 9 C. 

V. Catharine Brower, b Jan. 23, 1799, d Dec. 1, 
1860, m Henry Longaker. He was h Feb. 4, 1792, d 
Nov. 2, 1872. Served in the war of 1812. Became 
Justice of the Peace, July 5, 1825, and Sheriff of 
Montgomery Co., Nov. 10, 1831, was commissioned 
Colouei 109th Regt., Aug. 3, 1835, and elected a 
member of the House of Representatives, 1836-7, 
and 1837-8. In 1851 he was elected Associate Judge 
of Court of Common Pleas of Montg. Co., and re- 
elected. C, Price, John, Frances, Albert, James, 
Sarah, Abraham, Elizabeth, Henry, Davis, Mary. 

VI. Price Longaker, b 1816, d 1826. 

VI. John Longaker, b Feb. 9, 1818, d Nov. 25, 
1892, m Harriet C. Allabaugh. She d May 25, 1863. 
C, Henry, Mary, Abraham, David, Sarah, Albert, 

VII. Henry O. Longaker, b 1853, d 1862. 
VII. Mary M. Longaker, b 1855, d 1856. 

VII. Abraham B. Longaker, b Nov. 26, 1856, 
m . 

VII. David A. Longaker, b May 27, 1858, m 
Clara E. Weidner, May 14, 1895. P. O. Chester, Pa. 

VII. Sarah J. Longaker, b 1859, d 1860. 

VII. Albert A. Longaker, b Aug. 26, 1861. 

VII. Joseph E. Longaker. b 1863, d 1863. 

VI. Frances Longaker, b May 4, 1819, d single. 

VI. Albert Longaker, b May 4, 1821, d Feb. 25, 
1895, m Rachel R. Stein, Nov. 27, 1855. In Lumber 


business. C, Frances, Sarah, Ed win, Louisa. 

VII. Frances B. Lougaker, in William M. Shoe- 
maker, Feb. 8, 1888. Res. 1000 Deckall St.,Norris- 
town, Pa. C., VIII. William. 

VII. Sarah J. Lougaker, b in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Jan. 25, 1858, d Oct. 4, 1899, m Hon. Henry C. Con- 
rad, Feb. 20, 1884. Res. Georgetown, Del. He was 
b at Biidesburg, Pa., Apr. 25, 1852. Nearly all his 
life has been spent in Wilmington, Del., to which 
place his father removed in 1856. Was educated in 
the Public schools oi Wilmington, and at Reynolds 
Classical Academy, Graduated from Harvard Law 
School in 1873. Has served as President of the Board 
of Public Education, and of the City Council of Wil- 
mington. Was elected City Solicitor of Wilmington 
in 1897, and served four years. He was appointed 
Postmaster at Wilmington by President Roosevelt, 
Jan. 30, 1906, after serving 3-J years in that office 
was made Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of 
the State of Delaware, resident in Sussex Co. Since 
Jan. 30, 1909, the date of his appointment ao Judge, 
his residence has been in Georgetown, Del. Judge 
Conrad has showu much interest in literary affairs, 
having written and published a history of the Con- 
rad family in 1901, and a history of the State of Del- 
aware in 1907. Prot. Ep. C, Edith, Rachel. 

VIII. Edith L. Conrad, b Dec. 21, 1884, m 
Henry C. Allen, M. D., Oct. 15, 1907. P. O. Schw- 
enksville, Pa. Physician. Prot. Ep. C, IX. Eliza- 
beth Conrad Allen, b Sept. 4, 1908. 

VIII. Rachel L. Conrad, b Dec. 6, 1888, m 
Walter T. Baker, Mar. 3, 1909. P. O. Mt. Vernon, 
N. Y. Mr. Baker is a graduate of Swarthmore Col- 
lege, and is a mechanical eugineer. Prot. Ep. 

VII. A. Edwin Lougaker, d. 







m -s 








Mr ■■- d TIUm / 


VII. E. Louisa Lougaker, m George K. Yeakel, 
Aug. 27, 1901. 

VI. James Lougaker, b Mar. 4, 1823, d Aug. 
19, 1846. 

VI. Sarah Anu Lougaker, b June 23, 1825. d 
Dec. 19, 1901, m Aaron Fretz, Feb. 8, 1851. He d 
May 16, 1898. Blacksmith. C, Joseph; Albert, Fan- 
nie, Kate, Mary. 

VII. Joseph Fretz, b Aug. 21, 1853, d Nov. 30, 
1876, m Anna M. Neal, 1875. Miller. 0., Sarah. 

VIII. Sarah Jane Fretz, b Mar. 8, 1876, m Pen- 
rose Vernon. 

VII. Albert L. Fretz, b Jan, 8, 1855, m Annie 
Hoffman, Feb. 1876. She d Aug. 7, 1887. C, VIII. 
David Fretz, b Jan. 18, 1877, m 2d wife Clara Graves 
Nov. 24, 1888. C, VIII. Alberta Fretz, d young. 

VII. Fannie L. Fretz, b Oct. 1, 1856, m H. C. 
Messenger, Dec. 24, 1884. P. O. Conshohocken, Pa. 
Merchant. Presby. No issue. 

VII. Kate Fretz, b Juue 25, 1857, d Feb. 9, 
1895, m Chas. Bevan, Nov. 15, 1884. Farmer. Presby. 
C, VIII. Maude L. Bevan, b Dec. 1, 1887, Sarah 
Fretz Bevan, b Sept. 15, 1888, Frances M. Bevan, 
Henry Charles Bevan. 

VII., Mary J. Fretz, b Mar. 20, 1863, m Henry 
C. Styer. Presby. C. VIII. Elizabeth A. 

VI. Hon. Abraham B. Longaker, b Apr, 21, 1828, 
m Mary M. Slingluff, Dec. 8, 1859. Res. 1331 Dekalb 
St., Norristown, Pa. After graduating from several 
schools and colleges, he was admitted to practice in 
the Courts of Northampton Co., Pa., Aug. 19, 1853, 
and Montgomery Co., Pa., Sept. 23, 1853. In 1856 
he was elected a member of the House of Represent- 
atives of the Pennsylvania Legislature, and re-elect- 
ed 1857 and 1858, aud in 1858 was chosen Speaker 


of the House. Sept, 13, 1862, he enlisted as a priv- 
ate in the Independent Cavalry, and served during 
the emergency. July 1, 1863, he was mustered into 
Co. H, 41st Reg't, Emergency Militia, was elected 
Quartermaster of the Reg't and later was commis- 
sioner in a brigade in the Division of Gen. Couch. 
In 1867 was appointed Collector of Internal Revenue. 
1868 was elected President Judge of the Third Judic- 
ial District of Lehigh and Northampton Counties. 
At close of term he removed to Norristown,Pa., where 
he still resides. Prot. Ep. C, Leila, Rosalie, Norris. 

VII. Leila Longaker, b July 11, 1862, m Hen- 

,ry K. Kurtz, Aug. 7, 1884. Res. 448 School Lane, 

Germantown,Pa. Banker & Broker. Luth's. C, VIII. 

. Wm. Wesley Kurtz, b May 12, 1885, Leila Kurtz b 

July 11, 1887, Henry K. Kurtz, Jr., b July 19, 1891. 

VII. Rosalie Longaker, Res. Norristown, Pa. 
Prot. Ep. S. 

VII. JNorrisS. Longaker, m Ellen Potts Down- 
ing. Res. 612 N. 34th St.., Phila. Enlisted Apr. 21, 
1898, in the Spanish American War. Prot. Ep. C, 
VIII. Elizabeth Longaker, Norris Lougaker, Jr. 

VI. Elizabeth Longaker, b Apr. 21, 1828, d 
May 7, 1828. 

VI. Henry D. Lougaker, M.D.. b July 15, 1829, 
d Oct. d, 1894, m Mary A. Young (d) 1884. Dr. 
Longaker located at Seattle, Wash., and established 
a sanitarium for treatment of chronic diseases. C, 
VII. Henry (d), Francis, Mary. 

VI. Davis Longaker, b Dec. 2, 1833, d Mar. 6, 
1897, m Elizabeth W. Ullman, Jau. 5, 1866. C, 
Eva, Katie, Henry, Davis, John, Frances, Elizabeth, 

.George, Mary, Albert, Helen. 

VII. Eva Longaker. 

VII. Katie 3. Longaker, d Aug. 11, 1869. 


VII. Henry D. Longaker. 

VII. Davis B. Longaker, b March 1, 1872, m 
Maud Rice, Sept. 18, 1900. Graduated at High school, 
entered West Chester Normal school, taught school 
a year, then graduated at West Chester in 1893. 
Spent two years at St. George's hall, Summit, N. J., 
and seven yea2S at Cheltenham Military Academy, 
Ogontz, Pa*, as a teacher, 

VII, John U. Longaker. In U. S. civil service 
in the Philippine Islands, 

VII. Frances B. Longaker.. 

VII. Elizabeth S. Longaker, d Sept. 5, 1896. 

VII. George E. Longaker. 

VII. Mary LaRue Longaker, 

VII. Albert Longaker. 

VII. Helen Longaker, d Oct. 15, 1891. 

VI. Mary J. Longaker, b March 23, 1836, m 
Morris L. Kirk. C, Henry, Davis, John, Franklin, 

VII. Henry L. Kirk, b Oct. 10, 1865, m Maria 
Cressmau. C, VIII. Ralph, Franklin, Nelson. 

VII. Davis T. Kirk, b Nov. 27, 1869. 
VII. John M. Kirk, b Feb. 4,1872, m Gertrude 
M. Levy June 14, 1900. 

VII. Franklin F. Kirk, b July 4, 1877. 

V. Ann Brower, b Oct. 11, 1801, d Jan. 12, 
1871, m Rev. John H. Umstead in 1829. Farmer, 
aud minister of Ger. Bap. church. C, Frances, Sa- 
rah, Catharine, Jonas. 

VI. Frances B. Umstead, b in Moutg. Co., Pa., 
Nov. 1, 1833, m Milton I. Davis, Dec. 11, 1853. He 
was b Mar. 21, 1832. P. O. Oaks, Pa. Farmer. Bap- 
tists. C, Anna, John, Sarah, Nathan, Hannah, Ben- 
jamin, Mina, Emma. 

VII. Anna C. Davis, b Nov.2, 1856, m Louis B. 
Jarrett. R^s. 107 Mood St., Norristown, Pa, 


VII. John U. Davis, b Aug. 6, 1858, in Ella Le- 
man, Aug. 31, 1890. Res. 2734 Montgomery Ave., 
Phila., Pa. Salesman. C, VIII. Sara E. Davis, b 
June 21, 1891. John L. Davis, b Aug. 16,1893. 
Frank S. Davis, b Nov. 13, 1897. Louis L. Davis, 
b Dec. 8, 1899. Catharine M. Davis, b Dec. 23, 1901. 
Milton I. Davis, b Mar. 13, 1907. 

VII. Sarah Davie, b Juue 19, 1859, m Fraucis V. 
Eavenson, 1881. P. O. Oaks, Pa. Soap Mauf. Baptists. 

VII. Nathan U. Davis, bApr. 21, 1864, mJSellie 
Lawba. P. O. Oaks, Pa. 

VII. Benjamin C. Davis, b June. 14, 1867, m 
Cora Boileau, May 29, 1896. P. O. Oaks, Pa. Life 
Iusurauce. Baptist. C, VIII. Pauline B. Davis, b 
June 28, 1899. 

VII. Jemima R. Davis, b Aug. 12, 1869, m How- 
ard M. Wilkinson, Oct. 31, 1896. P. O. Oats, Pa. 
Merchant. Baptists. 

VII. Emma U. Davis, b July 3, 1877, m John 
A. Kindy. P. O. Oaks, Pa. 

VI, Sarah Umstead, b Apr. 23, 1836, d Dec. 15, 
1862. Ger. Bap. S. 

VI. Catharine Um?tead, bOct. 14, 1848, m Louis 
L. Detrick. Merchant. Profc. Ep. C-, William, John 
Lillian, Kate. 

VII. William H. Detrick. Res. Baltimore, Md. 
VI. Jonas Umstead. 

IV. Eve Reiff, b Aug. 10, 1765, d Jan. 28, 1834, 
m John Herstiue, Jan. 8, 1793. He was b in Batten- 
berg, Germany, Mar. 10, 1754, d Feb. 19, 1829. Em- 
igrated to America Sept. 27, 1773, on Ship Union, 
Capt. Brysou, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth, landed at Philadelphia. They settled in 
Limerick Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa. at "Stone 
Hill." Both buried at "Herstine's burying-ground," 


where there was a small building used for both 
church and school purposes, Menns. C, Abraham, 
Barbara, Frances, David, Mary, Sarah. 

V. Abraham Herstiue, b Jan. 91, 1794, d Jan. 

16, 1828. S. 

V. Barbara Herstine, b Sept. 27 T 1795, d Jan. 
20, 1875, m John Borneman, Sept. 18, 1827. He was 
b May 16, 1783, d Dec. 16, 1852. C, Sarah, Joseph. 

VI. Sarah H. Borneman, b Apr. 12, 1829, m 
Abraham Yoder, Aug. 26, 1858. C, Jacob, Barbara, 

VII. Jacob Yoder, b Jan. 2, 1861, d 1861. 
VII. Barbara Yoder, b Jan. 2, 1861, d 1863. 
VII. Elizabeth Yoder, b Jan, 13, 1866. Perish- 
ed in the Boyertown Opera House fire, 1908. 

VI. Joseph H. Borneman, b Jan. 21, 1832, m 
Esther L. Staufl'er, June 3, 1854. C, Amanda, 
JNoah, Sidney, Harris, Henry. 

VII. Amanda S. Borneman, b Apr. 18, 1855. 

VII. Noah Borneman, b Jan. 7, 1857, d . 

VII. Sidney Borneman, b June 9, 1859. P. O. 

Norristown, Pa. 

VII. Harris Borneman, b Sept. 26, 1861. 
 VII. Henry Borneman, b Mar. 22, 1870. 

V. Frances Herstine, b May 1, 1798, d Dec. 25, 
1880, m Christopher Longacre, Apr, 4, 1833. He 
was b Oct. 22, 1786, d Mar. 10, 1860. C. Mary, John, 

VI. Mary H. Longacre, b July 14, 1834, m John 
E. Force, Feb. 1, 1857. He was b Nov. 27, 1834. C, 
Fannie, Irvin, John. 

VII. Fannie Force, b Nov. 10, 1857, d July 23, 

VII. Irvin Force, b June 19, 1861. 
VII. John Force, b Oct. 10, 1866, d S. 


VI. John H. Longacre, b Apr. 28, 1837, m Ly- 
dia Bartolet, May 26, 1860. C, Fannie, Mary, Bai- 
lie, Lizzie, Emma, Iufaut. 

VII. Fannie B. Longacre, b Oct. 16, 1863, m 
Aaron Funk. P. O. Spring City, Pa. Farmer. C-, 
VIII. Lydia L., Annie V. 

VII. Mary J. Longacre, b May 8, 1865, m Ja- 
cob Stauffer. P. O. Spring City, Pa. Farmer. C, 
VIII. John L., Annie (d), Rudy L., Mary L , Alma 
(d), Clayton. 

VII. Sallie Longacre, b July 17, 1866, m Ja- 
cob Funk. P. O. Yerkes, Pa. Farmer. C, VIII. Al- 
vin, Elizabeth, Baby (d). 

VII. Samuel Longacre, b Feb. 19, 1870, d Feb. 
11, 1873. 

VII. Lizzie Longacre, b Apr. 7, 1873, m Samu- 
el Pool. P. O. Spring City, Pa. Farmer and carpenter. 
C, VIII. Ralph L., Samuel W. 

VII. Emma Longacre, b Oct. 13, 1876, m Clay- 
ton Kolb. P. O. Spring City, Pa. Farmer. C, VIII. 
Ruth L., Mary L., Aaron L., John L. 

VI. Fannie H. Longacre, b Sept. 30, 1839, m 
Samuel B. Detwiler, M. D. , Jan. 2, 1863. He was b 
Aug. 3, 1834, d June 11, 1881. Physician. C., Laura, 
Lizzie, John, Fannie, William, Bertha, Samuel. 

VII. Laura L. Detwiler, b Mar. 9, 1864, m S. 
Howard Yocum, Jan. 21, 1886. He was b Oct. 11, 
1860. P. O. Oaks, Pa. C. VIII. George A. Yocum, 
b Nov. 17, 1887, d Aug. 27, 1908; Mary A. Yocum, 
b Sept. 24, 1891, d Mar. 31, 1892; Ernest D. Yocum, 
b Nov. 27, 1893; Frances D. Yocum, b June 10, 1898. 

VII. Lizzie L. Detwiler, b Feb. 13, 1866, m 
Harry Kurtz Hoar, Aug. 11, 1891. Res. 200 N. 53d 
St., Phila., Pa. C. VIII. Frances D. Hoar, b Apr., 


VII. John L. Detwiler, b Aug. 24, 1868, m 
Emma L. Roberts, Mar. 21, 1898. P. O. Phoenix- 
ville,Pa. C, VIII. Mary F. Detwiler, b Nov. 10, 
1894 ;H. Ira Detwiler, b Jan. 10, 1897; J.Wesley Det- 
wiler, b May 28, 1899; Irviu F. Detwiler, b Jan. 18, 
1901; Anna R. Detwiler, b Mar. 15, 1904. 

VII. Fannie L. Detwiler, b Jan. 4, 1871, d 
Sept. 21, 1878. 

VII. William Penn Detwiler, b May 27, 1873, 
m Charlotte Ellen Dobbs, Oct. 8, 1902. P. O. Phoe- 
nix ville, Pa., R. D. No. I. C, VIII. Henry Dobbs 
Detwiler, b Aug. 23, 1905; Ruth Nottingham Det- 
wiler, b Nov. 8, 1906; Alice D. Detwiler, b Dec. 25, 
1907, d Feb. 17, 1908: Charlotte E. Detwiler, b Dec. 
25, 1907, d Aug. 31, 1908, William Penn Detwiler, 
Jr., b Dec. 30, 1908. 

VII. Bertha L. Detwiler, b Dec. 9, 1875, m 
George B. Storey, Oct. 7, 1905. Res. Rochester, 
Minn. C, VIII. Marietta B. Storey, b Aug. 8. 1906; 
George Baker Storey, b June 22, 1908. 

VII. Samuel Bertolet Detwiler, bSept. 18, 1881, 
m Mrs. Kate Pritchett (nee Price), Dec. 24, 1907. 
P. O. Red Wing, Minn. C., VIII. Samuel Bertolet 
Detwiler, Jr., b Sept. 20, 1909; Robert Henry Det- 
wiler, bSept. 20, 1909. 

V. David R. Herstine, b June 13, 1801, d Apr. 
23, 1868, m Susan Johnson, Sept. 24, 1822. She d 
Sept. 13, 1881. C, Fannie, Mary, Eve, Barbara, 
John, Susan, David, Abraham, William, Sarah, 
Elizabeth, Infant. 

VI. Fannie J. Herstine, b Jan. 10, 1824, d , 

m Jonas Shelly. C, Susanna, Henry, Lizzie, Eve. 

VII. Susannah Shelly, b Nov, 24, 1842, m 
Michael Fox, Jan. 14, 1872. C, VIII. Clinton, Nor- 
man, Rosy Bell, Charlee. 


VI. Mary J. Herstine, b June 4, 1826, in Daniel 
Coffrnan. He was b Oct. 7, 1821. C., John, Abraham, 
Sarah, David, Lucina, Maggie, Daniel, Willie. 

VII. John Coffuian, b Jan. 3, 1845. 
VII. Abraham Coffman, b Feb. 5, 1847. 
VII. Sarah Coffman, b July 3, 1849. 
VII. David Coffman, b Feb. 7, 1851. 

VII. Lucina Coffman, b June 30, 1854, m 
James Dodley, Apr. 18, 1872. C, VIII. Blaua, Wil- 
lie, Alfred, Daniel. 

VII. Maggie Coffmau, b Feb. 18, 1859. 

VII. Daniei Coffman, b June 2, 1863. 

VII. Willie Coffman, b May 25, 1870. 

VI. Eve J. Herstine, (d), b May 26, 1827, m 
John Clinefelter, May 28, 1848. C, Nancy, Rebecca, 
William, Samuel, Caroline, Wesley, Sarah, Lizzie, 
Perry, Isabella, Frank, Lottie. 

VII. Nancy J. Clinefelter, b May 7, 1849, d— . 
VII. Rebecca B. Clinefelter, b Nov. 10, 1850, 

m Martin Mitchel, July 20, 1869. C, VIII. C. Mod- 
die, Rirton, Matilda, Mary, Ernst. 

VI. Barbara J. Herstine, b Oct. 13, 1828, m 
Jacob Umstead. C, VII. Alfred, Joel, Sarah, Bar- 
bara, Susanna, Nancy, David, Elmer, Annett. 

VI. John J. Herstine, b Apr. 26, 1831, m Char- 
lotta M. Johnson, Sept. 25, 1856. Res. Lancaster, 111. 
C, Eve, Lottie, Joan, Diana, Ella, Nella, Kate, 
Frederic, Fannie, Paul. 

VII. Eve Herstine, b Aug. 8, 1857, m John 
Shenk, May 21, 1877. C, VIII. Annie, George. 

VII. Lottie Herstine, b Dec. 5, 1859, m P. W. 
Morris, Feb. 19, 1880. C, VIII. Anthen Morris, b 

VII. Joan G. Herstine, b Mar. 4, 1862. 

VII. Diana Herstine, b Dec. 13, 1863. 







VII. Ella and Nella (twins), b Feb. 22, 1866. 
VII. Kate Herstine, b Jan. 4, 1869. 
VII. Frederick Herstine, b Nov. 11, 1872. 
VII. Fannie Herstine, b July 18, 1876, d 1878. 
VII. Paul Herstiue, b Oct. 2, 1879, d 1880. 

VI. Susanna Herstine, b Mar. 3, 1833, m Daniel 
Albright, May 16, 1852. C, Sarah, David, Jacob, 
William, Fannie, Alpheus, Infant. 

VII. Sarah E. Albright, b June 14, 1854, m 
Nelson C. Geary, Apr. 3, 1881. 

VII. David C. Albright, b Feb. 13, 1856, d 

VII. Jacob Albright, b and d May 17, 1858, 

VII. William H. Albright, b Nov. 1, 1859. 

VII- Fannie J. Albright, b and d Dec. 7, 1863. 

VII. Alpheus Albright, b and d Aug. 7, 1875. 

VI. David J. Herstine, b Sept. 10, 1835, m 
Catharine A. Henry, June 7, 1857. C, VII. Oliver, 
Hetty (d), Mary (d), John, Charlotte, Daniel, Law- 
rence, Sarah. 

VI. Abraham J. ,Herstine, b Mar. 21. 1837, d 

VI. William J. Herstine, b Dec. 7, 1839, d Mar. 
1880, m Lovina Steward, Oct., 1858. She d Aug. 21, 
1875. C, VII. Jennie, Clinton, J. William, Marlen 
(id), J. Alvin, Edna, D. Courtney. 

VI. Sarah Herstine, b Jan. 12, 1842, d 1868. 

VI. Elizabeth Herstine, b Feb. 24, 1844, m 


V. Mary Herstine, b May 30, 1804, d June 8, 
1844, m David Bergey, 1827. He was b June 19, 
1802, d Jan. 27, 1852. C, Fannie. 

VI. Fannie Bergey, b July 24, 1828, d Sept. 8, 

V. Sarah Herstine, b in Limerick Twp., Montg. 


Co., Pa., Mar. 31, 1808, d in Upper Providence, 
Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 8, 1891, m Abraham R. Hall- 
man, Jan. 22, 1832. He was b in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Oct. 4, 1808, d there Aug. 24, 1883. Carpet weaver. 
Menu's. C, Susanna, Sarah, Samuel, David, Abra- 
ham, Fannie, Moses, Hannah, Esther. 

VI. Susanna Hallman, b Dec. 13, 1832, m Geo. 
Jones, (d), Jan. 25, 1855. He was b May 2, 1825. C, 
Abraham, Infant, Emma, Infant, David. 

VII. Abraham H. Jones, b June 15, 1857, m 
Mary Ann Cox, Dec. 23, 1882. P. O. Areola, Pa. 
Farmer. C, VIII. Sarah C. Jones, b Oct. 3, 1884. 
Charles C. Jones, b July 17, 1886. Kate C. Jones, b 
Aug. 17, 1888. David C. Jones, b Dec. 2, 1890. Abra- 
ham C. Jones, b May 4, 1893. 

VII. Emma H. Jones, b July 2, 1864. 

VII. David H. Jones, b Apr. 15, 1867, m Sarah 
Latshaw. She was b Aug. 17, 1862, P. O. Boyers 
Ford, Pa., R. F. D. 3. C, VIII. Infant, b 1891. Nor- 
man L. Jones, b Apr. 25, 1893. Mabel L. Jones, b 
Apr. 8, 1895. George L. Jones, b Feb. 28, 1900. 
David L. Jones, b Apr. 15, 1902. Allen L. Jones, b 
Jan. 4, 1904. Ralph L. Jones, b Dec. 7, 1907. 

VI. Sarah Hallman, b Sept. 10, 1834, m John J. 
Dettra, Jan. 7, 1861. He was b Nov. 8, 1813, dSept. 
23, 1892. P. O. Oaks, Pa. C, Abraham, Jacob, Win- 
field, Albert, Isaac, Ida. 

VII. Abraham Dettra, b Oct. 7, 1861, m Annie 
Ellington. She was b Aug. 11, 186], d Jan. 21, 1902. 
P. O. Oaks, Pa. 

VII. Jacob Dettra, b Feb. 27, 1864, m Ida S. 
Maberry. She was b Mar. 13, 1867. Res. 709 Elm 
St., Norristown, Pa. C, Anna, Elsie, James. 

VIII. Anna R,. Dettra, b Mar. 4, 1886, m Clar- 
ence Jones. He was b Aug. 5, 1883. C, IX. Dorothy 

Dr. 0. H. FRETZ, A. M 


May Jones, b July 23, 1906. 

VIII. Elsie M. Dettra, b May 5, 1890. 

VIII. James B. Dettra, b Jan. 9, 1894. 

VII. Wiufield H. Dettra, b June 13, 1866, m 
Ida B. By er. She was b Oct. 20, 1865. C, VIII. 
Blauche Dettra, b Sept. 19, 1889. Ellen Dettra, b 
June 29, 1891. Harold Dettra, b Dec. 2, 1893. May 
Dettra, b Aug., 1895. Charles H. Dettra, b May 2, 
1898. Jacob S. Dettra. b Jan. 17, 1900. Anna Viola 
Dettra, b Nov. 8, 1901. Beatrice Dettra, b Oct. 11, 
1904, d Aug. 26, 1906. Ethel Dettra, b Aug. 5, 1906, 
d Aug. 26, 1906. 

VII. Albert Dettra, b Jan. 20, 1869, m Pauline 
M. Joschke. She was b Jan. 25, 1868. P. O. Piano, 
III. C, VIII. Edna Dettra, b June 5, 1891. Harold 
J. Dettra, b Dec. 23, 1893. Anna Dettra, b July 14, 
1896. Edith Dettra, b Nov. 17, 1905. 

VII. Isaac F. Dettra, b Aug. 12, 1871, m Susan 
Miller. She was b Feb. 28, 1876. P. O. Audubon, Pa. 
C, VIII. J. Charles Dettra, b Apr. 9, 1887, d Aug. 
17, 1901. 

VII. Ida H. Dettra, b June 2, 1873. P. O. Au- 
dubon, Pa. S. 

VI. Samuel Hallman, b July 15, 1836, m Mary 
Rosenberger, Jan. 26, 1862. P. O. Mont Clare, Pa. 
Carpenter. Mrs. H. Menn. C, Sallie, David, Katie, 
Fannie, Harry, Joseph, George. 

VII. Sallie Hallman, b Feb. 22, 1863, m Jonas 
R. Umstead, Jan. 16, 1883. P. O. Mont Clare, Pa. 
Machinist. C, VIII. Angeline R. Umstead. b July 
5, 1884. Harry U. Umstead, b Nov. 8, 1885. Sam- 
uel H. Umstead, b June 28, 1887. 

VII. David R. Hallman, b 1865, d 1872. 
VII. Katie Hallman, b Oct. 16, 1866, m Wm, 
C. Rosenberger, Feb. 13, 1890. P. O. Skippack, Pa. 


Ger. Bap. C, VIII. Alien H. Rosenberger, b Dec. 
29, 1890. Edwin Rosenberger, b July 12, 1892. Win- 
field Rosenberger, b Apr. 20, 1894. Mary H. Rjsen- 
berger, b May 4, 1896. AVilliam H. Rosenberger, b 
Mar. 12, 1899, d 1900. 

VII. Fannie Hallman, b Aug. 16, 1868, m Al- 
fred Nichols, Mar. 15, 1895. Res. Wissahickon, Pa. 
Printer. Ger. Bap. C, VIII. Warren H. Nichols, 
b and d Aug., 1896. Mary Nichols, b Sept. 30, 1897. 
Alfred C. Nichols, b Dec, 1899. 

VII. Harry R. Hallman, b Feb. 1, 1872, in 
Mary Lindauer, Apr. 16, 1896. P. O. Spring City, Pa. 
Slater. C, VIII. Charles H. Hallman, b July 18, 
1897. Robert H. Hallman, b Sept. 9, 1901. 

VII. Joseph W. Hallman, b Jan. 14, 1875. P.O. 
Mont Clare, Pa. Roll Turner. 

VII. George J. Hallman, b July 8, 1877, m 
Florence Speece, Mar. 18, 1899. P. O. Port Provi- 
dence, Pa. Carpenter. Ger. Bap. C. , VIII. Helen. 

VI. David Hallman, b Feb. 19, 1839, m Sarah 
Rahn, Dec. 24, 1868. C„ VII. George Hallman, b 
Sept. 28, 1869. Abraham Hallman, b Mar. 24, 1871. 
Margaretta Hallman, b Feb. 20, 1875. 

VI. Abraham H. Hallman, b in Upper Provi- 
dence, Montg, Co., Pa., Nov. 26, 1841, m Mary L. 
Bechtel, Nov. 20, 1865. She d Nov. 9, 1879. P. O. 
Mont Clare, Pa. Carpenter. C, Elizabeth, Sally, 
Mary, Anna, Adah, Abraham. M 2d wife, Sarah 
Riley, Feb. 10, 1883. She d Jan. 1, 1903. Menus. 

VII. Elizabeth B. Hallman, b Sept. 9, 1866, m 
Harry D. Aked. He d June 15, 1891. 

VII. Sarah B. Hallman, b Apr. 16, 1868, d 
Jan. 5, 1874. 

VII. Annie B. Hallman, b Feb. 9, 1871, m 
John U. Francis, Jr. P. O. Oaks, Pa. C, VIII. 

(This Photo was taken in September, 1894, at the age of 83 years.) 


John Herbert Francis, b 1895 ; Arthur Reese Fran- 
cis, b Aug. 21, 1899; Paul H. Francis, b Feb. 8, 

VII. Adah B. Hallman, b Apr. 14, 1873, m 
Harry Kindy, Sept. 8, 1898. He d Oct. 20, 1898. M 
Joseph Shrawder, Aug. 10, 1904. Res. 306 E. South 
St., Corry, Pa. C, VIII. Sarah Morgan Shrawder, 
b Sept. 10, 1905; Joseph Shrawder, b Mar. 17, 1907; 
John Francis Shrawder, b. Sept. 20, 1908. 

VII. Abraham B. Hallman, b Sept. 17, 1875, m 
Marcia Jordan. She was b Dec. 21, 1873. C, VIII. 
Verna Hallman, b July 3, 1895 ; Edna Hallman, b 
Aug. 4, 1897; Elizabeth Hallman, b Mar. 21, 1899, 
d Dec. 24, 1899 ; Robert Hallman, b June 5, 1909. 

VI. Fannie Hallman, b June 5, 1844. S. 

VI. Moses Hallman, b Sept. 25, 1846, d Aug. 4, 

VI. Hannah Hallman, b July 2, 1849, m 
Charles Geuaria. P. O. Yerkes, Pa. C, VII. 
Abraham, Jerome, Sally, Elizabeth. 

VI. Esther Hallman, b May 11, 1852. S. 

IV. Mary Reiff, d July 29, 1829, m Kohl. 

No issue. M 2nd husband Henry Umstead. C, 
John. M 3rd husband Benjamin Cox, Jan. 1, 1803. 
He was b Dec. 30, 1764, d Sept. 13, 1849. Farmer 
and weaver in Upper Providence Twp., Montg. Co., 
Pa. C, Margaret, Abraham, Benjamin, Sarah. 

V. John Reiff Umstead, (d) m Sarah Jane 
Brower, (d). C, VI. Abraham Umstead, (d). 

V. Margaret Cox, b Jan. 24, 1804. d Nov. 12, 
1835. S. 

V. Abraham Reiff Cox, b Aug. 28, 1806, d June 
25, 1860, m Mary Meudenhall Taylor, Feb. 14, 1828. 
She was b Apr. 12, 1803, d Dec. 20, 1870. Farmer 
in Upper Providence Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. Mem- 


bers of Society of Friends. C, Benjamin, 
Abraham, Stephen, Margaret, Catharine, Mary, 
John, Job. 

VI. Benjamin Cox, b Apr. 9, 1829, d in Union 
Co., Teun., Aug. 1, 1897, m Mary E. Sanborn, May, 

VI. Abraham Davis Cox, b Sept. 24, 1832, d 
Apr. 25, 1900, m Sarah Sharp, of Union Co., Teun., 
Jan. 27. 1858. She was b June 14, 1839, d 
Oct. 12, 1862. C, Mary, Maggie. He m 2nd wife 
Mary Hurst (widow) nee Heath, May 7, 1866. Res.' 
Knoxville, Tenn. C, Malinda, James, Daniel, 
Rosa, Catharine. 

VII. Mary Ann Cox, b Oct. 18, 1859, m Lewis 
Wilson, Feb. 18, 1877. He was b July 16, 1857. P. 
O. Forkvale, Teun. Farmer. C, Delia, Eva, 
James, Oakley, Elmer, Sarah, Ida, Massy. 

VIII. Delia Maud Wilson, b May 8, 1882, m 
Mead Nelson, Sept. 12, 1896. C, IX. Edgar Ross 
Nelson, b June 17. 1897 : James Lillard Nelson, b 
Aug. 22, 1899, d Dec. 8, 1899, 

VIII. Eva May Wilson, b Apr. 1, 1884. 

VIII. James Abraham Wilson, b July 16, 1887. 

VIII. Oakley Dale Wilson, b May 31, 1890. 

VIII. Elmer Ross Wilson, b Oct. 29, 1893. 

VIII. Sarah Ethel Wilson, b June 29, 1895. 

VIII. Ida McKinley Wilson, b Mar. 4, 1897. 

VIII. Massy Malinda Wilson, b Oct. 8, 1899. 

VII. Maggie Sylvania Cox, b Jan. 4, 1862. S. 

VII. Malinda Cox, b Feb. 25, 1867. P. O. 
Knoxville, Tenn. S. 

VII. James Davis Cox, b Feb. 8, 1869, m Ma- 
tilda C. Albright, Nov. 17, 1889, She was b Oct. 
30, 1870. C, VIII. Mary Elizabeth Cox, b Jau. 
29, 1891 ; Otto McDaniel Cox, b 1898. 





VII. Daniel Boone Cox, b Feb. 26, 1871, in 
Laura Belle King, Oct. 13, 1887. She was b Sept. 
18, 1872. C„ VIII. Benjamin Iulys Cox, h Mar. 19, 
1888 ; Cecil Clifton Cox, b Aug. 18, 1894. 

VII. Rose Ellen Cox, b July 25, 1873, m John 
G. Parkey, Feb. 24, 1887. He d Dec. 13, 1900. C, 
VIII. Lillie Gertrude Parkey, b Jan. 29, 1889; 
Estella May Parkey, b June 27, 1890, d Jan. 14, 
1892; Delia Ethel Parkey, b Mar. 18, 1893. 

VII. Catharine May Cox, b May 26, 1876, m 
Samuel S. McFarland, Oct. 5, 1893. He was b Feb. 
13, 1869. C, VIII. Charles Caldwell McFarland, b 
Dec. 6, 1894 ; Bertie Wade McFarland, b Feb. 25, 

VI. Stephen Taylor Cux, b Nov. 26, 1830, in 
Leah Jane McDaniel, Dec. 18, 1851. She was b 
July 13, 1824, d Jan. 5, 1883. Res. 2828 Girard 
Ave., Phila., Pa. C, Mary, Eva, Sarah. 

VII. Mary Ellen Cox, b Dec. 2, 1852, m Harry 
B. Zebley, Mar., 1872. He was b Dec. 9, 1847, d 
Jan. 28, 1910. P. O. Atlantic Highland, N. J. C, 
Robert, Harry, Mary, John, Albert, Ella. 

VIII. Rev. Robert Purdy Zebley, b Dec. 21, 
1872, m . Res. Tacony, Phila., Pa. Baptist. 

VIII. Harry B. Zebley, b May 29, 1874, m 
Margaret Haver, Oct. 11, 1899.. P. O. Atlantic 
Highland, N. J. 

VIII. Mary Emma Zebley, b Oct, 17, 1880, m 
. P. O. Atlantic Highland, N. J. 

VIII. John Foulke Zebley, b June 19, 1885, d 

VIII. Albert Cox Zebley, b Juue 19, 1885. 

VIII. Ella Cynthia Zebley, b July 25, 1889. 

VII. Eva Jane Cox, b. Sept. 13, 1856. S. 

VII. Sarah Elizabeth Cox, b May 2, 1858, m 


Benjamin S. Barker. Res. 2820 Girard Ave., 
Phila., Pa. C, Walter, George; Harry. 

VIII. Walter Cox Barker, M. D., b Oct. 21, 
1878, m . Res. 2820 Girard Ave., Phila. 

VIII. George Wm. Barker, b Apr. 18, 1880, d 

VIII. Harry Z. Barker, bDec. 28, 1882, d 1886. 

VI. Margaret E. Cox, b Jan. 20, 1835, d Feb. 
7, 1884, m John Major, Dec, 14, 1854. He was b 
in Dunnington, Yorkshire, England, Nov. 30, 1831. 
Res. 907 W. Marshall St., Norristown, Pa. Book- 
keeper and grocer. Mr. M. Prot. Ep. Mrs. M., 
Society of Friends. C, Charles, John, Mary, Al- 
fred, Kate, Stephen, Margaret, Sophia, Sarah, An- 
dora, Claribel. 

VII. Charles Major, b in Cape May Co., N. J., 
Nov. 19, 1855, m Estella Shoemaker, Oct 26, 1881. 
Res. 1320 DeKalb St., Norristown, Pa. Manager 
of Pencoyd Iron Works. Member Society of Friends. 
C, Charles, Eleanor. 

VIII. Charles Percy Major, M. D., b. Apr. 25, 
1883. Res. Oak Lane, Phila., Pa. Physician. 

VIII. Eleanor Shoemaker Major, b. Oct. 12, 

VII. John Reiff Major, b Apr. 2, 1857, m Annie 
Reiner, Nov. 17, 1880. She was b Sept. 10, 1858. P. 
O. Norristown, Pa., R. D. No. 1. C, VIII. J. Lee 
Major, b April 25, 1896. 

VII. Mary Ileana Major, b Jau. 22, 1860. Res. 
907 W. Marshall St., Norristown, Pa. S. 

VII. Alfred Job Major, b April 10, 1861, m 
Lizzie J. Kirk, Feb. 1, 1887. She was b May 2, 1859. 
Res. Phila., Pa. C, VIII. Charles Webb Major, b 
Nov. 8, 1888. 

VII. Kate Cox Major, b July 5, 1863. Res. 122 






Franklin Ave., Norristown, Pa. S. 

VII. Stephen Taylor Major, b Nov. 30, 1865, m 
Mary E. Fageley in 1884. She was b Dec. 31, 1859. 
Res. 1322 Main St., Norristown, Pa. C, VIII. Ethel 
Ileana Major, b Aug. 18, 1885; Sarah Jessie Major, b 
Mar. 18, 1889; Helen Margaret Major, b Jan. 22,' 1894; 
Stephen Taylor Major, b Apr. 12, 1897 ; Catharine 
Mendenhall Major, b Aug. 20, 1899; Alfred Job Maj- 
or, jr. b Aug., 15, 1902. 

VII. Sophia Major, b May 5, 1871, m Harrison 
K. Heebner, Oct. 7, 1896. He was b Apr. 24, 1870. 
Res. 907 W. Maiu St., Norristown, Pa. C, VIII. 
Grant M. Heebner, b Aug. 19, 1897, d June 3, 1898; 
Margaret Heebner, b Aug. 9, 1898; Ronald Major 
Heebner, b July 19, 1900. 

. VII. Sarah Jane Major, b Feb. 26, 1873. S. 

VII. Andora Major, b June 23, 1874, d May 32, 
1901, m Edward Pugh Stanley, June 28, 1900. 

VII. Claribel Major, b July 28, 1876, d June 
12, 1886. 

VI. Catharine Taylor Cox, b July 4, 1839. S. 

VI. Mary Ann Cox, b July, 1841, d Dec. 14, 
1876. S. 

VI. John Umstead Cox, b Mar. 31, 1844, d May 
12, 1864. S. 

VI. Job Taylor Cox, b Nov. 18, 1836, m Mar- 
garet Rosen berger, 1862. She was b Feb. 21, 1841, 
d Feb. 11, 1877. P. O. Oaks, Pa. Wheelwright. C, 
Mary, Katie. 

VII. Mary Ann Cox, b Jan. 6, 1863, m Abra- 
ham H. Jones. (See his Family Record). 

VII. Katie R. Cox, b July 29, 1867, m Benjamin 
H. Famous, Mar. 13, 1889. He was b Dec. 13, 1864. 
P. O. Oaks, Pa. Carpenter. C, VIII. Frank Fa- 
mous b July 1, 1890, d Apr. 10, 1891; Frances F. 


Famous, b Sept. 21, 1892 ; Martha Famous, b Aug.28, 

V. Benjamin Cox, b Jau. 5, 1809, d Mar. 28, 
1868, m Elizabeth Taylor, Mar. 19, 1829. She was 
b July 22, 1805, d June 3, 1883. C, William, Mar- 
garet, Sarah, Luvernia, Malinda, John, Hannah, 
Ann, Mary, Fannie. 

VI. William Gox, b Dec. 15, 1829, moved 
west. S. 

VI. Margaret Cox, b Sept. 30,1831, m B. Frank 
Tyson, July 23, 1853. P. O. Belfry, Pa. Farmer and 
Justice of the Peace. C, Fannie, John, Harper. 

VII. Fannie C. Tyson, b July 17, 1854, m Mil- 
ton O. Roberts, Jan. 5, 1878. P. O. Norristown, Pa. « 
No issue. 

VII. John C. Tyson, b Sept. 30,. 1859, m - — . 
P. O. Belfry, Pa. 

VII. Harper C. Tyson, b May 16, 1862, d 1865. I 

VI. Sarah Cox, b Oet.20, 1833, d June 10,1880, 
m Lewis Miller, Mar. 3, 1859. He was b Aug. 1, 
1827, d at Hockesson, Del., Oct. 14, 1902. Farmer. 
Presby. C, Emma, Jane, Jesse, William. 

VII. Emma Miller, b Feb. 11, 1860, d 1861. 
VII. Jane Graves Miller, b Aug. 29, 1861, m 

Charles A. Connell, Oct. 18, 1888. Res. 350 E. Wal- 
nut Lane, Germantown, Pa. Presby. C, VIII. Wil- 
liam Arnell Connell, b Jan. 1, 1891, d June 9, 1898; 
Edith Rae Connell, b Nov. 18, 1892. 

VII. Jesse Benjamin Miller, b Aug. 29, 1861, m 
Mary Jane Hoopes, Mar. 14, 1900. P. O. Hockessin, 
Del. Farmer. Mrs. M. Presby. 

VII. William H. Miller, b July 25 r 1863, d 
Jan. 23, 1867. 

VI. Luvenia B. Cox, b Jan. 1, 1836, m Joseph 
W. Ambler, Nov. 18, 1858. He was b Jau. 28, 1836i 



Res. 1308 N. Frazier St., Phila. C, Annie, Jennie. 

VII. Annie E. Ambler, b July 29, 1863, m Ur- 
bane C. Wanner, Feb. 1,1888. Res. 1308 N. Fra- 
zier St. ,Phila., Pa. C, VIII. Luveuia May Wanner, 
b May 3, 1890. 

VII. Jennie C. Ambler, b Mar. 18, 1867, m 
Wm. Penn Longstreth, Mar. 7, 1889. P. O. Fox 
Cbase, Phila., Pa. 

VI. Maliuda Cox, b Mar. 3, 1838, d Apr., 1838. 

VI. John Taylor Cox, b Mar. 8, 1839, m Mary 
Frances Bean, Jan. 9, 1867. She was b Feb. 14, 
1841. Res. Franklin Ave., Norristown, Pa. C, VII. 
Eva May Cox, b Aug. 15, 1870, d Aug. 11, 1892; 
Anna Lou Cox, b Mar. 4, 1875, d Aug. 12, 1892; 
Linwood Bean Cox, b Sept. 9, 1876. 

VI. Hannah Spear Cox, b May 25, 1841, d Apr. ., 
7, 1875. 

VI. Ann Eliza Cox, b Aug. 24, 1843. S. 

VI. Mary Jane Cox, b Oct. 29, 1845, d Feb. 28, 

VI. Fannie Brower Cox, b Jan. 8, 1848, d Mar. 
10, 1882, m Geo. W. Bartholomew, Jan. 7, 1869. P. 
O. Marble Hall, Pa. C, Charlotte, Mary, Luveuia, 
Charles, Albert, Margaretta. 

VII. Charlotte W. Bartholomew, b Feb. 5, 
1870, d 1902. 

VII. Mary J. Bartholomew, b Feb. 23, 1871, d. 
Oct., 1884. 

VII. Luvenia C. Bartholomew, b Oct. 29, 1873, 
m Wm. Henry Fie, Oct. 29, 1892. Res. Norristown, 
Pa. C, VIII. Emily C. Fie, b Dec. 29, 1893; Nellie 
Cocking Fie, b Oct. 10, 1895; Carrie Young Fie, b 
May 23, 1897; Luvenia Irene Fie, b Apr. 25, 1899. 

VII. Charles F. Bartholomew, b Apr. 2, 1875, 
d Feb., 1880. 


VII. Albert Davis Bartholomew, b Oct. 9, 1876, 

m — . 

VII. Margaretba D. Bartholomew, b Feb. 1, 

1880, d 1880. 

V. Sarah Cox, b Apr. 8, 1812, d June 13, 1883, 
m William W. Taylor, Dec 24, 1835. C, Mary, Har- 
riet, Clarkson. 

VI. Mary Taylor, b Sept. 18, 1836, d Mar. 20, 

VI. Harriet Taylor, b Aug. 17, 1838, m Marcel- 
lus R. Ramb, Feb, 3, 1870. He was b Dec. 14, 1840, 
d — . No issue. 

VI. Clarkson Taylor, b Sept. 27, 1843, d 1843. 

IV. Joseph Reiff, b about 1778, d 1838, aged 60, 
m Sarah Harley, dau. of Rudolph Harley. She was b 
about 1784, d 1828, aged 44 years. He was a farmer 
in Chester Co., Pa., and was a large landholder. 
Menn's. C„ Christian, Rudolph, Jacob, Samuel, 
Barbara, Mary, Abraham. 

V. Christian Harley Reiff, b near Pottstown, 
Pa., July 1, 1804, d at Flora, Ind., June 10, 1893, 
m Elizabeth (daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth 
(Stauffer) Titlow.) She was b near Pottstown, Pa., d 
at Burnettsville, Ind., Apr. 22, 1871. In 1839 they 
moved to Union Co., Pa., and in 1870 they located 
near Burnettsville, Ind. In early life he was a 
weaver of coverlids, later engaged in farming. He 
invented and manufactured the "Reiff Clover Hull- 
er.*' They were members of the Brethren ch. (J., 
Anna, Mary, Joseph, Hannah, John, Elizabeth, Su- 
san, Isaac, David, Jacob. He m 2d wife, Mary 
Strasser, and 3d wife, Hannah Wickard. No issue. 

VI. Anna Reiff, b May 8, 1827, d, m Samuel 
Myers, Oct. 28, 1858. He was b Jan. 5, 1832. C, 
Lizzie, Frank, Leanetta, Howard. 


NEW > 

Atttr, Lenox a*d n(4«<i 


VII. Lizzie Myers, m Marion Fisher. P.O. Mex- 
ico, Ind. 

VII. Frank Myers. 

VII, Leanetta Myers, b Dec., 1865, m David E. 
Fisher, Mar., 1903. P.O. Mexico, Ind. Farmer. Ger. 
Bap. C. , VIII. Ernest F. Fisher, b Jan. 29, 1907. 

VII. Howard Myers. 

VI. Mary Reiff, b July 8, 1829, d, m George W. 
Myers. Sept. 27, 1855. C, Jane, Maggie, Lynn, Car- 

VII. Jane Myers, d. 

VII. Maggie Myers, P. O. Mexico, Iud. S. 

VII Lynn R. Myers, b in Union Co., Pa., May 
29, 1865, m Mabel Crosier, Feb. 23, 1888. P. O. 
Prescott, Mich. Farmers. Brethren Ch. C, VIII. 
Ethel C. Myers, b Apr. 7, 1890, Brethren Church; 
Oscar R. Myers, b Apr. 30, 1892, d Mar. 7, 1893; 
Lena G. Myers, b Mar. 11, 1894, Brethren Ch.; Hel- 
en E. Myers, b Apr. 18, 1897; Jennie L. Myers, b 
June 4, 1899; Marcelia Myers, b Sept. 14, 1902; 
Pearl Myers, b Apr. 9, 1905. 

VII. Carrie Myers(d). m A. D. Bowman. 

VI. Joseph T. Reiff, b Sept. 18, 1832, d Sept. 
20, 1899, m Elizabeth Kelchner, May 3, 1859. C, 
Milton, Lillie, Emma, Etta, Elmore, Harry. 

VII. Milton K. Reiff, m Emma Godlove. P. O. 
Burnett's Creek, Iud. 

VII. Lillie Reiff, m Frank Fisher. P. O. Mexi- 
co, Ind. 

VII. Emma Reiff, b Sept. 21, 1863, in Philip 
Amick Oct. 19, 1883. P. O. Idaville, Iud. Farmer. 
Brethren ch. No issue. 

VII. Etta May Reiff, d young. 

VII. Elmore Reiff, d infant. 

VII. Harry Reiff, d infant. 


VI. Hannah Reiff, b at Pottstown, Pa., Apr. 
18, 183-4, m Joseph Amick, Feb. 5, 1871. He was b 
Oct. 28, 1834. P. O. Elgin, III. Retired. Brethren eh. 
C, Eliuira, Irene, Cora. 

VII. Elmira Amick, b Dec. 2, 1871, m Charles 
E. Eckerle, in 1895. Res. 120 Humphrey Ave., Oak 
ParK, 111, Farmer and creamery id an. Brethren ch. 
C, VIII. Bonnie Marie Eckerle, b 1897, d, 1902; 
Joseph Harold Eckerle, b 1900; Helen Lucile Ecker- 
le, b 1905; Alberta May Eckerle, b 1909. 

VII. Irene Amick, b Dec. 31, 1873, m Robert 
E. Arnold. Res. 224 Commonwealth Ave., Elgin, 
111. Business Manager of Brethren Pub. House. 
Brethren ch. C, VIII. Ralph Everett Arnold. 

VII. Cora Amick, b Sept. 29, 1878, m Charles 
H. Schock. P. O. Huntington, Iud. Employed in 
Erie R. R. yards. C, VIII. Dorothy May Schock, 
Robert Beverly Schock. 

VI. John Reiff, b in Chester Co., Pa., Oct. 1, 
1836, d June 1, 1905, m Elizabeth Smith, June 1, 
1871. She d Apr. 30, 1872. C, Mary. M 2nd wife, 
Mary G. (Wenrick) Risser, Dec. 12, 1872. Farmer. 
Brethren Ch. C, Martha, Christian, Laura, Elmer. 

VII. Mary E. Reifl, h Apr. 9, 1872, m Rev. 
James G. Stiuebaugh, Dec. 31, 1891. P. O , Akron, 
Ind. Farmer and minister of Brethren Ch. C, VIII. 
Walter C. Stiuebaugh, b Sept. 24, 1892; Etta M. 
Stiuebaugh, b July 31, 1894; Virgil J. Stiuebaugh, 
b Sept. 17, 1897; Bertha M. Stiuebaugh, b Sept. 14, 
1900, d Oct. 22, 1900; Esther M. Stiuebaugh, b Dec. 
7, 1904; Erne M. Stiuebaugh, b Mar. 2, 1908. 

VII. Martha Reiff, b Sept. 12, 1873, m Albert 
H, Tobias, Dec. 16, 1896. P. O. Burnett's Creek, 
Ind. Farmer, Brethren Ch. C, VIII. Paul McKin- 
ley Tobias, b Aug. 30, 1897; Ruth Helen Tobias, b 


Oct. 16, 1899; John Reiff Tobias, h Feb. 7, 1902; 
David Lowell Tobias, b June 23, 1908. 

VII. Dr. Christian Reiff, b Apr. 21, 1876, m N. 
Fannie Eibeuberry, P. O. Idaville, Iud. Physician. 
Brethren Ch. Mrs. R, U. Presby. C, VIII. Helen 

VII. Laura Reiff, b May 21, 1878. P. O. Ida- 
ville, Iud. Brethren Ch. S. 

VII. Elmer Reiff, b Aug. 4, 1881. P.O. Idaville, 
Iud. Farmer. S. , 

VI. Elizabeth Reiff, b near Pottstown, Pa. , Nov. 
30, 1834, m Rev. John Grove Royer, Dec. 8, 1861. 
He was b Apr. 22, 1838. Res. Mt. Morris, III. Un- 
til his 15th year he passed his time on his father's 
farm, having attended the High School of the town 
near by. At the age of 16 he began teaching. Later 
he attended Mifflinburg Academy during the sum- 
mer and taught in the winter. Later he attended 
Union Seminary, a Methodist institution. He served 
as Principal and Superintendent of City Schools for 
13 years. In J884 he became President of Mount 
Morris College, and contiuued in that position until 
1904. Jan. 11, 1904, Prof. R >yer completed his 
fiftieth year as a teacher, and the June following be 
dropped school work. He was ordained to the min- 
istry of the Brethren Ch., March, 1872, and in the 
ministry, in the Sunday School, iu conference and in 
soul winning his efforts have been blessed with a 
commendable measure of success. Scores of faithful 
workers received their first iuipressiou to help others 
under his instruction in the classroom and hundreds 
of others gleaned sentiments and sayings from his 
morning chapel talks that will be prized by them as 
precious gems to the end of life. C, Galen, Susan, 
Mary, Ida, Nettie, Lillie, Josephine, Myrtle. 


VII. Galen Brown Royer, b in Union Co., Pa., 
Sept. 8, 1862, m Auna M. Miller, Mar. 5, 1885. She 
was b near Hagerstown, Md., May 21, 1863. Res. 
Elgin, 111. He was ordained to the ministry of the 
Brethren Ch., Mar. 8, 1889, and is now a bishop in 
the church. As General Secretary for the General 
Mission Board for the last 20 years, and treasurer 
for the last 10, he naturally has directed much of his 
labor along missionary lines. His tours among the 
church schools and visits to churches have largely 
been along that line. Earlier in his ministry he did 
considerable evangelistic work. In 1907, he, in 
company with Elder Chas. D. Bonsack of Maryland, 
visited the Mission churches in Denmark, Sweden, 
France and Switzerland, and then made a hurried 
trip through Italy and home. C, Elixabeth, Daniel, 
Katharen, Neta, Anna, John. 

VII L Elizabeth M. Royer, b Mar. 16, 1888, m 
Clyde E. Bates, Apr. 8, 1909. Attendiug Mt. Mor- 
ris College, and teaching school. 

VIII. Daniel Long Royer, b Aug. 2, 1889; 
Katharen Zuck Royer, b Nov. 2, 1892; Neta Ruth 
Royer, b Jan. 30, 1896; Anna Josephine Royer, b 
July 5, 1897; John Galen Royer, b Jau. 9, 1899. 

VII. Susie E. Royer, bat Versailes, O., July 10, 
1864, m Rev. Emauuel S. Young of Canton, 0.,Aug. 
30, 1885. She moved with her parents on a farm 
near Monticello, Ind., at which place she attended 
High School. She then went with her brother, Galen, 
to Juniati College, Huntingdon, Pa. After the fam- 
ily moved to Mt. Morris, 111., she graduated in the 
Commercial Course of Mt. Morris College and almost 
completed the Literary Course. 

Rev. E. S. Young wash uear Canton, O., Nov. 
14, 1854, was brought up on the farm by devoted 





christian parents. Affcer farming a few years he de- 
cided to enter Mt. Union College and prepare to 
teach school. After attending the College two terms 
he taught a district school four years near Canton. 
He then entered Mt. Morris College, 111., completing 
his course in two years. The followiug year he en- 
tered the Theological School, Lexington University, 
at Lexington, Ky. In 1885 he was appointed Dean 
of the Bible Department of Mt. Morris College. Feel- 
ing the need of more preparation for the work he had 
undertaken, he decided to finish his Course at the 
Chicago University, but before doing so he spent one 
year at Yale University, New Haven, Conn., in Post 
Graduate work. Returned to Chicago, he completed 
his course in the University under Dr. W. R. Har- 
per and took the degree of B. D. In 1891 he organ- 
ized and taught the first Bible Institute which is now 
so prevalent in the church of the Brethren. In 1895 
he severed his connection with Mt. Morris College 
and was chosen President of Manchester College, 
North Manchester, Ind. In 1899 the family moved 
to Chicago, near the University, and arranged to do 
Bible Institute work and Revival work. He enlarged 
the Bible Correspondence Course which is still being 
carried on with very successful results. He is the 
author of five books on Bible study: - Bible Outline, 
Bible Geography, Old Testament History, New Tes- 
tament History and Life cf Christ. In 1901 the fam- 
ily moved to Canton, O., and he erected a good 
building in which he carried forward for three years 
a good College and Bible school. At present their 
entire efforts are given to the work of Bible Study by 
mail. Mr. and Mrs. Young are members of the 
Brethren Ch. and have given their religious efforts 
for said church, yet their religious work has helped 


many religious people of all denominations. C. , 
VIII. Catharine E. Young, b June 25, 1886, 4 Aug. 
28, 1903. Brethren Cb.; Lulu M. Young, b Feb. 29, 
1888, d Aug. 30, 1888; Vinna M. Young, b Feb. 29, 
1888, Student at Broad St. Conservatory of Music, 
Phila., Pa,, Brethren Ch. ; Royer Emanuel Young, b 
Feb. 7, 1889, d Jan. 5, 1893; Ida Mae Young, b Jan. 
30, 1891, Student in Art Department of Mt. Morio, 
west of Canton, O. Brethren Ch.; Marguerite A. 
Young, b Jan. 25, 1894, Brethren Ch.; Emanuel P. 
Young, b Feb. 9, 1896, Brethren Ch.; Jay Edson 
Young, b Sept. 11, 1900; John Lowell Young, b 
Aug. 22, 1903 ; Simon Lloyd Young, b Aug. 22, 1903; 
Susie Elizabeth Young, h Aug. 22, 1903. 

VII. Mary M. Royer, b June 16, 1867. P. O. 
Mt. Morris, 111. Brethren Ch. S. 

VII. Ida Mae Royer, b at Versailles, O., Oct. 
27, 1868, m Rev. J. M. Myers, Nov. 10, 1896. He 
was b May 30, 1870. P. O. Minot, N. D. He was or- 
dained to the ministry of the Brethren church at 
Cando, N. D., 1900, and served the churches at 
Cando, Surrey, and Minot, N. D. He is also Vice 
President and Business Mgr. of The Good Samari- 
tan Mission, at Minot, N. D. C, VIII. Galine My- 
ers, b 1897; J. Royer Myers, b 1899; Ida Mae My- 
ers, b 1900; O, Ralph Myers, b 1903; Alberta My- 
ers, b 1907. 

VII. Nettie Royer, b Mar. 31, 1870, m Rev. 
J. A. Brubaker, Aug. 14, 1890. He was b Jan. 17, 
1866. P. O. Pomona, Cal. Minister Brethren ch. C , 
VIII. Nellie, Madge, Galen, Ralph, Bernice. 

VII. Lillie Royer, b Nov. 18, 1872, m James 
Forgerty, Feb., 1899. He was b Jan. 18, 1864. P.O. 
Mt. Morris, 111. Brethren ch. C. , VIII. Josephine, 
Harland, Janett. 

Jacob H. Rosenberg, M. D. 



k Altar, L»°* x »"<* TlHui 



VII. Josephine Royer, b Oct. 9, 1875. P.O. 
Mt. Morris, 111. Brethren oh. S. 

VII. Myrtle Royer, b July 18, 1880, m Mil- 
lard Myers. Res. Chicago, 111. Brethren eh. 

VI. Susan Reiff, b Aug. 5, 1842, d Jan. 29, 
1886, m George S. Myers, Sept. 1, 1864. He was b 
Mar. 28, 1842. C, VII. Cora, Oscar, Herman (d). 

VI. Isaac Reiff, b Feb. 25, 1844, d Oct. 22, 
1875. m Mary E. Mertz, 1869. She was b Mar. 13, 
1844. P. O. Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Farmer. 
Brethren ch. C, Lizzie, Elsie, Irving. 

VII. Lizzie M. Reiff, b June 10, 1870, m J . S. 
Culp, Aug., 1891. P. O. Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. 
C, VIII. Leila Culp, b Sept. 9, 1892; Russell Culp, 
b Oct. 26, 1896, Cecil Culp, b Mar. 14, 1902. 

VII. Elsie May Reiff, bat Monticello, Ind., 
Dec. L7, 1873, m Lawrence P. Larsen, Dec. 25, 
1899, P. O. Bowbells, N. D. C, VIII. Omer Larsen, 
b Nov. 8, 1901; Alice Larsen, b Dec. 12, 1902; Ad- 
die Larson, b Nov. 26, 1904; Iva Larsen, b Oct. 23, 

VII. Irving M. Reiff, b in White Co., Ind., 
Nov. 15, 1875. Res. 1510 3d Ave., S. Minneapolis, 
Minn. Attorney at Law, firm of Bard well & Levy. 
Admitted to the Bar in 1907. Ger. Bap. S. 

VI. David Reiff, b Apr. 3, 1845, m Abigail 
Hannah, Aug. 9, 1871. She was b Sept. 2, 1850, d 
Sept. 9, 1873. No issue. M 2d wile Ellie E. Wilson, 
June 1, 1875. She wash Aug. 25, 1851. P. O. South 
Whitley, Ind. C, VII. Cora, Minnie, Leonard, Em- 
ma, Floyd, Lowell, Galen. 

VI. Jacob K. Reiff, b Jan. 23, 1848, m Christi- 
anna Rairigh, May 9, 1874. She was b Feb. 5, 1847. 
P. O. Goshen, Ind. Farmer. Ger. Bap. C, Sarah, 
Ettie, John, Ida, Harry. 


VII. Sarah Ellen Reiff, b Mar. 6, 1875, d 
Nov. 15, 1882. 

VII. Ettie Viola Reiff, b Feb. 27, 1879, d Oct, 
29, 1882. 

VII. John C. Reiff, b June 30, 1880. P. O. 
Goshen, Ind. Farmer. 

VII. Ida May Reiff, b Mar. 13, 1884, d Mar. 6, 

VII. Harry M. Reiff, b Dec. 14, 1885. Res. 
Spokane, Wash. Real Estate Salesman, Bookkeeper. 

V. Rudolph Reiff, b 1808, d in Chester Co., Pa., 
1884, m Magdalena East, 1833. She was b in Berks 
Co., Pa., 1812, d in Chester Co., Pa., 1840. Farmer. 
Menu's. C. Mary, William, Sarah. M 2d wife Cath- 
arine (Latshaw) Landis (widow). 

VI. Mary Ann Reiff, m Isaac Detwiler. Res. 
368 First Ave., Phoenixville, Pa. C, Kate, Ellwood, 

VII. Kate Detwiler, b Oct. 31, 1858, m S, 
Wesley Coffman, Sept. 17, 1885. Res 368 First Ave., 
Phoenixville, Pa. Retired Farmer. Methodists. C,, 
Foster, Delia. 

VIII. E. Foster CoffmaD, b Aug. 17. 1886. 
Graduated at University of Penna., June, 1909, as 
chemist. Has position in Camden, N. J. Meth. S. 

VIII. Delia May Coffman, b Nov. 16, 1889, d 
Sept. 18, 1901. 

VII. Ellwood Detwiler, b in Tredyffrin Twp., 
Chester Co., Pa., Aug. 1, 1865, m Olive M. Prizer, 
Dec. 25, 1890. P. O. Phoenixville, Pa. Farmer. 
Meth, C, VIII. Eva Mae Detwiler, b May 26, 1892; 
Harvey Russell Detwiler, b Sept. 21, 1893; Earl 
Prizer Detwiler, b July 29, 1898; Isaac Tustiu Det- 
wiler, b Jan. 15, 1900; Ellwood Norman Detwiler, b 
Feb. 4, 1904. 


-"•••vr: „'■•' ■;'■•* ••- ■'-'.._;• 




VII. Harvey Detwiler, m Agues Wells. P. O. 
Chester Springs, Pa. 

VI. William E. Reiff, b in Chester Co., Pa., 1836, 
m Emma Law, 1869. P. O. Pottstown,Pa. Retired 
from active business. No issue. 

VI. Sarah E. Reiff, b at Pottstowu, Pa., 1838, 
d there Jan. 8, 1909, m William W. Yaruall, Jan. 1, 
1860. He was b in Chester Co., Pa., Jan., 1829. 
Teacher and Farmer. Ger. Bap. C. , Ida, Jennie, 

VII. Ida C, R. Yaruall, bin Delaware Co., Pa., 
Mar. 11, 1862, m George M. Ecker, Aug. 21, 1888. 
P. O. Mauch Chunk, Pa. Supt. Scale Dept. , Cen- 
tral R. R. of N. J. Luths. C, VIII. Howard Y.Eck- 
er, b May 31, 1890. 

VII. Jennie R. Yaruall, b Jau., 1868, d June 
25, 1907, m William J. Bassett. P. O. Garretford,Pa. 
C, VIII. Madeline Bassett. 

VII. JohuR. Yaruall, b Jan. 1, 1872. Res. W. 
Phila., Pa. S. 

V. Barbara Reiff, m Abraham Rinehart. C, 

VI. Allie Rinehart, m Joseph Travilla. P. O. 
Kansas City, Kansas. 

V. Mary Reiff, m Jonathan Urner. C, Sarah, 
John, Anu f Israel, Joseph, Melissa, Mary. 

VI. Sarah A. Urner, m Heury Ward (d). 
VI. John Urner, d 1854, aged 11 yrs. 
VI. Ann Lavina Urner, m Samuel Scott. 
VI. Israel Urner, d 1856, aged 8 yrs. 

VI. Joseph Urner, m Kate Stubblebiue, P. O. 
Pottstowu, Pa. 

VI. Melissa Urner (d), m James Hippie. P. O. 
Pottstowu, Pa. 

VI. Mary Kate Urner, m George S. Faust. 


P. O. Pottstown, Pa. 

V. Jacob Reiff, m Elizabeth Geist. C, Henry, 
Emma, Rebecca, Allen, Taylor. 

VI, Henry Reiff (d), m Rebecca Fisher, 

VI. Emma Reiff, m Evans Rinehart (d). Res. 
3324 Haverford Ave., W. Phila., Pa. 

VI. Rebecca Reiff, m Williain Rhoads. 

VI. Allen Reiff, m Ellen Missimer (d). P. O. 
Norristown, Pa. 

VI. Taylor Reiff, m Delia Dehaveu. 

V. Abraham Reiff, m Catharine Rutter. C, 
Isaac, Franfc, Joseph, Delia. 

VI. Isaac Reiff (d), m — . C, Turner, Jennie. 

VII. Turner Reiff, P. O. Constantine, Mich. 
VII. Jennie Reiff, m — Risley. P. O. Augusta 


VI. Frank Reiff (d), m — , C, Elmer. 

VII. Elmer Reiff. P. O. Constantine, Mich. 
VI. Joseph W. Reiff. P. O. Constantine, Mich. 
VI. Delia Reiff. P. O. Coustautiue, Mich. 

V. Samuel Reiff, b about 1826, d 1857. S. 
III. Abraham Reiff. No descendants found. 
III. Francia Reiff. No descendants found. 
III. Anna Reiff. No descendants found. 
III. Barbara Reiff. No descendants found. 
III. Elizabeth Reiff. No descendants found.* 

*Of the above daughters, one married a Hunsberger 
and had a son Ulrich Hunsberger, another, in all proba- 
bility Elizabeth (?) married Michael Sentzenich, and had 
a number of children. 


CORRECTION (See page 57) 

IV. Mary Reiff, m 2d husband Henry Um- 
stad, C, John. 

V. John R. Umstad, m Mary Ann Horning. 
Farmer. Duukard. C, Samuel, Henry, Andora, Le- 
onora, Eber, John. 

VI. Samuel H. Umstad, b July 7, 1826, d July 
12, 1857, m Lydia Reiff, Jan. 4, 1849. She was b 
Dec. 21, 1826. Farmer. Dunkard. C, Henry, Cath- 
arine, Mary, John. 

VII. Henry A. Umstad, b Feb. 8, 1850, d 1853. 

VII. Catharine R. Umstad, b May 18, 1852, in 
Chas. Jarrett. Res. 212 Noble St., Norristowu, Pa. 
C, Elizabeth. 

VIII. Elizabeth Jarrett, m Dr. Joseph Audum. 
Res. 209 N. Craig St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

VII. May Ann Umstad, b Jan. 28, 1854, d Feb. 
18, 3 876. 

VII. John R. Umstad, M. D., b in Montg. Co., 
Pa., July 6, 1856, m Emma J. Swartley, Nov. 16, 
1880. Res. 807 W. Main St., Norristowu, Pa. Phy- 
sician. Presby. C, Harry, Wilford, Kathryn. 

VIII. Harry Guy Umstad, b Apr. 29, 1882, d 
Aug. 18, 1882. 

VIII. Wilford LeRoy Umstad, b Julv 15, 1883. 
Res. 209 N, Craig St., Pittsburg, Pa. Presby. S, 

VIII. Kathryn H. Umstad, b Dec. 10, 1894. 

VI. Henry Umstad (d), m Annie Reiff. 

VI. Andora Umstad (d), m Henry Bean. 

VI. Leonora Umstad (d), m Win. Reed. 

VI. Eber H. Umstad, d, aged about 20. 

VI- John Reiff Umstad (d), m Sarah Jane 
Brower. C, Abraham. 

VII. Abraham Umstead, d aged 18 yrs. 

(See page 25.) 



Page 11 read III. Isaac Reiff moved to Leacock 
Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. No issue. 

Page 13 read IV. Abraham Reiff lived on a farm 
near Audubon on the Perkiomeu, 
in Upper Providence, Montg. Co., 
Pa, No issue. 

Page 17 read VII. Elizabeth Brower m 2d hus- 
band Donley, not Ifonley. 

Page 19 read VII. Jacob B. Latshaw, m Ade- 
laide Mary Newton. 

Page 50 read Samuel Puhl not Pool. 

Page 57 read V. John Reiff Umstad married 
Mary Ann Horning, not Sarah 
Jane Brower. His children were 
viz; Samuel, Henry, Andora, Le- 
onora, Eber, and John. (See cor- 
rection page 75.) 


5 Brower, Abraham 

5 Brower, Aim 

5 Brower, Barbara 

5 Brower, Catharine 

5 Brower, Christian 

5 Brower, Daniel R. 

5 Brower, Elizabeth 

5 Brower, Frances 

5 Brower, Henry 

5 Brower, Mary 

5 Brower, Sarah 

5 Cox, Abraham R. 

5 Cox, Benjamin 

5 Cox, Margaret 

5 Cox, Sarah 

5 Herstine, Abraham 

5 Herstine, Barbara 

5 Herstine, David R. 

5 Herstine, Frances 

5 Herstine, Mary 

5 Herstine, Sarah 

2 Meyer, Anna 

2 Meyer, Barbara 

1 Meyer, Christian 

2 Meyer, Rev. Christian 7 

2 Meyer, Jacob 

3 Meyer, Rev. Jacob 
2 Meyer, Samuel 

5 Moyer, Henry A. 

6 Moyer, Hon. Henry G. 8 

4 Moyer, Joseph A. 







Reiff, Abraham 




Reiff, Abraham 





Reiff, Abraham 

64, 74 



Reiff, Anna 




Reiff, Barbara 




Reiff, Barbara 




Reiff, Barbara 




Reiff, Christian 




Reiff, Christian H. 




Reiff, Elizabeth 




Reiff, Eve 


' 57 


Reiff, Frances 




Reiff, Frances 




Reiff, Isaac 




Reiff, Isaac 




Reiff, Jacob 

64, 74 



Reiff, Joseph 




Reiff, Mary 




Reiff, Mary 




Reiff, Rudolph 




Reiff, Samuel 




Shautz, Abraham 




Shautz, Christian 




Shantz, David 


l 7 


Shautz, Isaac 




Shautz, Jacob 




Shautz, Joseph 




Shantz, Mary 




Shantz, Veronica 


a s 


Uuistead, Johu Reiff 57 



... *, i .- . ii n 

 -  -— M.1. -^.-  II I I  .1 I . - I — II I I I . . I 1 I I K M -m 





I. Hans Meyer d about 1748. Came from Germany or 
Switzerland, date not known. He settled in Upper Salford 
Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. He was a farmer and paid quit rent. 
The homestead is situated on the south slope of the west 
branch of the Perkiomen creek, in the southern central 
part of Upper Salford Twp., about two miles east of Sal- 
fordville. The deed of Isaac Pennington and wife and Cas- 
per Wister, to Hans Meyer, bears date of July 23, 1729. 
The tract contained, by estimation, 216 acres besides usual 
allowances of six per cent for roads. The original home- 
stead is owned and occupied by Jacob L. Moyer, a great 
great grandson. The present house was built by Henry L. 
Moyer. The barn, built by Henry, son of Hans, in 1787, is 
still standing, and in good condition. He was probably a 
brother to the pioneer Christian Meyer of Salford Twp. 
Farmer, Menn's. C, Barbara, Henry, John, Jacob, Eliz- 
abeth, Anne, Hester. 

II. Barbara Meyer, b about 1710, m John Fretz, who 
emigrated from near the city of Manheim, in the Grand 
Duchy of Baden, Germany, soon after the first quarter of 
the eighteenth century, and landed at Philadelphia aboufc 
1725 or earlier. In 1737 — 8 he purchased the old home- 
stead in Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., where hfl lived 
until his death in 1772. Farmer and Weaver. Menn's. 
C, John, Jacob, Christian, Abraham, Elizabeth. 

III. Christian Fretz, b 1734, d 1803, m Barbara Ober- 
holtzer. She was b 1737, d 1823. He lived on the old 
homestead, and became quite wealthy. Menn's. C, John* 
Agnes, Joseph, Henry, Martin, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, 
Barbara, Christian, Mary, Elizabeth. 



IV. Abraham Fretz, 1) 17(59, d 1844; m Magda- 
lena Kratz, Apr. 30, 1793. She was b 1776, d 1840. 
Third owner of old homestead of 255 acres. Deacon 
of Mennonite cii. C, Anna, Rebecca, Jacob, Chris- 
tian, John, Isaac, Martin, Elizabeth, Barbara, Ab- 

V. Martin Fretz, b 1808, d 1882, m Elizabeth 
Kratz, 1831. She d 1855. He was one of the first 
ministers of the New Meimouite church a tDeep Run, 
Pa. In 1854 removed to Sussex- Co., N.J. Miller, 
farmer and merchant. Was ordained ruling elder of 
Presbyterian church at Stillwater, N. J. C, Mary, 
Magdaleua, Catherine, Leah, Elizabeth, John, Anna, 
Theodore, Abraham, Martha, Edwin, Albert; m 2nd 
wife, Margaret E. Hill (nee Wintermute), C. , Alva, 
Lucilla, David. 

VI. Abraham J. Fretz, b Feb 7, 1849, m Eliz- 
abeth C. Headley Nov. 14, 1877. P. O., Oak Ridge, 
N. J. Attended Academ} r and Collegiate Institute, 
Newton, N. J.; Wadsworth College, Ohio, and Wy- 
oming Seminary, Kingston, Pa. Licensed to the min- 
istry of the Methodist Episcopal church, 1870, or- 
dained Deacon 1882, and Elder 1888. Served as pas- 
tor at Middle Smithtield, Pa.; Stockholm, N. J.; Lib- 
erty ville and Coleville, N. J.; Union ville and West- 
town, N. Y.; Hamburg and O^densburg, N. J.; 
Hurdtown and Hopatcong, N. J.; West Mill'ord, 
N. J., etc. Served man}'' years as township secretary 
of S. S. Ass'n; over 30 yrs. S. S. Supt. Elected town- 
ship Clerk 11 years. Elected and now serving secoud 
term as Justice of the Peace. Author of the following 
genealogies: Fretz, Kratz, Wismer, Funk, Mover, 
Stover, Rosenberger-Swartley, Oberholtzer-Nasb, 
Beidler, Headley, Chamberlain, Newbaker and the 
present work. C, Mary, Joseph (d), Erviu (d). 


II. Henry Meyer in Barbara Miller. He inher- 
ited the old homestead of his father, Menn's. C. , Hen- 
r} T , Mary, Jacob, John, Isaac, Annie, Barbara, Eliz- 
abeth, Christian, Abraham, Samuel. 

IT. John Meyer m Mary Sensenieh. Farmer in 
Bucks Co. Menn's. C, Henry, Abraham, Christian, 
Esther, Mary, Barbara. 

II. Jacob Meyer enlisted in the army 1756. 

II. Elizabeth Meyer m Christian Stauffer, farmer 
Bedminster, Pa. C, Barbara, Esther, Ann, Mary &c. 

II. Anne Meyer m Jacob Beidler. He was b in 
Germany 1708-9. Emigrated to America and settled 
in Milford Twp. , Bucks Co., Pa. Lived to age of 101 
3^ears, was blind in his latter days. Farmer. Menn's. 
C, Barbara, wife of Rev. John Newcomer; Anna, 
wife of Henry Oberholtzer, ancestors of Henry Clay 
Frick; Elizabeth, wife of Christian Swartz; John, 
ancestor of Judge A. M. Beitler of Phila.; Abraham, 
ancestor of Rev. John S. Stahr, D. D. ; Jacob and 

II. Hester Meyer m Nicholas Lear. Descendants 
not found. 


I. John Mayer, b about 1770, d, m Maria 

In a well preserved family Bible now in the 
possession of the family of the youngest daughter, 
Lydia Smith, nee Moyer, of David Moyer, appears 
the following bequest, under date of June 1, 1749: 
"I hereby bequeath to iny youngest daughter Sara 
this Bible." Sigued, Samuel Hoch. 

Major H. P. Moyer 

( See page 20 ) 


This Bible contains the following record: ''John 
Mayor and wife Maria, nee Kehley, had a sou born 
to them Jan. 1, 1793, whom they named David." A 
baptismal record of this son is witnessed by David 
Mayor and Magdalena Miller. 

Another record in the same Bible shows that 
John Kergner and his wife Margarete, nee Noil, had 
a daughter born to them in 1795, whom they named 
Catharine. The witnesses to the baptismal record are 
Peter Noll and his wife Catharine, grandparents, all 
of Alsace Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 

Just how this Bible found its way into the Moy- 
er family and has been handed down from one gen- 
eration to another as a rare relic, perhaps may never 
be fully explained, but the facts as to names, dates, 
and location substantially indicate beyond a reason- 
able doubt that there must have been a close connec- 
tion between the Hoch and Mover families and that 
John Mayer and his wife Maria, nee Kehley, were 
the parents of David Moyer, and Catharine, nee Kerg- 
ner, was the wife of David Moyer. The}' lived during 
their earlier lifetime in Alsace Twp., but in later 
years in Cumru and Breakneck Twps., Berks Co., 


The difference in the names Mayer and Moyer, 
is evidently due to a changed translation from the 
German to the English, which frequently appears in 
these names. Ref. C, David, John. 




II. David Moyer, b in Ciimru Tvvp., Berks Co., 
Pa., Jan. 4, 1793, m Catherine, daughter of John 
and Margaret (Nole) Kergner. She was bora in 1795. 

^'Whatever of pleasure there is in rendering tri- 
bute to the dead, we feel it a great privilege to be 
permitted, as a kin, to place on record a few memor- 
ials, as they impress me, reflecting the character of 
David Moyer, whom it was my privilege to know 
for a short time only. He was not regarded as a 
great scholar, nor was he an orator. He did not pos- 
sess great wealth. He was not a statesman nor a pol- 
itician. But he had something that was worth more 
than all these. He was a good man. Nothing better 
can be said of any man. Athough a humble shoe- 
maker by trade, he applied himself as assiduously 
to that profession as any person of a loftier profes- 
sion could do. His word and honor was his principal 
stock in trade. He was true to his friends and firm 
in his convictions. Nothing could tempt him to do a 
thing which his conscience condemned. Nowhere was 
his sense of high honor and lofty ideals better exem- 
plified than in his devotion to and concern for his 
own family. His unpretentious manner and straight- 
forwardness won for him the highest admiration of 
those who knew liim best. He was an affectionate fa- 
ther, true friend, kind neighbor, a progressiva and 
patriotic citizen, and a patient sufferer in his pro- 
tracted illness. He died in the city of Reading, Pa., 
Sept. 11, 1872, aged 79 years. C. , Adam, Matilda, 

-Sketch by Major H. P. Moyer, of Lebanon, a 


Levi, Rebecca, David, Catharine, Eliza, Lydia, 
Simpson, John.. 

Ill Adam Moyer, b Feb. .11, 1815, m Chestine 
Kissinger. C. , Adam, Frank, Benton, John, Mary. 

IV. Adam Moyer, m Caroline Sheetz. Res. 12-1 
Elm St., Reading, Pa. C. , Susan, William, Mary, 
Albert, Clara, James, Frank. 

V. Susan A. Moyer, m Howard Heller. Res. 
139 Carpenter St., Reading, Pa. C, VI. Howard 
N., Frank I. 

V. William F. Moyer, d, m Mary R. Reinhart. 
P. O. Reading, Pa. C, VI. Joseph A., William E., 
Luther A., Laureania I. 

V. Mary E. Moyer. 

V. Albert Moyer, m Susan Williams. Res. .67-1 
Tulpehocken St., Reading, Pa. C, VI. Rhea, Car- 
roll, Mabel ML, Clinton A. 

V. Clara J. Moyer, m Harry Morgandale. Res. 
124 W. Elm St., Reading, Pa. 

V. James Moyer, d. 

V. Frank Moyer, S. 

IV. Frank L. Moyer, m Amelia Tyack, d. Res, 
334 X. 4th St., Reading, Pa. C, William, Harry; 
m 2nd wife, Augusta Hoch. C, Carl F„ . 

V. William F. Moyer, S. 

V. Harry L. Moyer, in Louisa Presser. C, VI. 
H. Russel Moyer. 

V. Carl F. Moyer. 

IV. Benton W. Moyer, b Oct. 1, 1857, m Mary 
M. Rothenberger, May 18, 1882. Res. 557 Douglass 
St., Reading, Pa. Driller. Luth. No issue. 

IV. Johu H. Moyer, m Mary C. Bloom. Res. 
429 Cedar St., Reading, Pa. C, Annie, Harry, Char- 
les, Albert, Amelia, Maggie, Eli wood, Ella. 

V. Annie R. Moyer, S. 


V. Harry J. Moyer m Emma Hen d ley. Res. 1327 
Kennedy St., Reading, Pa. C, VI. Eleanor. 

V. Charles A. Moyer m Annie Leise. Res. 526 
S. 11th St., Reading, Pa, C, VI. Albert, Minnie, 
Herman, Mary. 

Y. Amelia Mover m William Hendley. Res. 
Reading, Pa. C, VI. Edith E. 

Y. Maggie M. Moyer m William Anman. Res. 
Reading, Pa. C, VI. Hazel F. 

V. Ellwood L. Moyer, P. O. Reading, Pa. S. 

Y. Ella D. Moyer (twin) P. O. Reading, Pa. 

IY. Mary E. Moyer. S. 

III. Matilda Moyer, b Mar. 2(5, 1817, m Reuben 
Kissinger. No issue. 2nd husband John Zechman. 
No issue. 

III. Levi Myers, b Mar. 17, 1819, d Dee. 28, 
1893, m Susanna Keplinger. She was bFeb.12, 1821, 
d Apr 16, 1883. Farmer and mason. He Ret". She 
Luth. C, Mary, Eliza, John, David. 

IY. Mary Ann Myers, b Aug. 13. 1841, m Jo- 
seph Gabler, Oct. 9, 1860. He was b 1836, d Aug. 
31, 1897. He learned the trades of cabinet maker and 
undertaker. He started a furniture factory and fol- 
lowed undertaking at Upper Strasburg, very success- 
fully until his heath. Res. Chambersburg, Pa. C, 
David, Joseph ( Williarn, Ellen, Mary, Elmer, Solo- 
mon, Clarence, Ada, Emory. 

Y. David Elsworth Gabler, b Aug. 6, 1861, m 
Emma J. Staver, Jan. 29, 1885. C, YI. J. Ellis 
Gabler, Norman J. Gabler. 

Y. Joseph Albert Gabler. b March 23, 1863, d 
Feb. 2, 1889, m Annie Upperman. C. , Grace, Sam- 

YI. Grace Gabler, m J. F. Stouer. C, VII. 
Helen Stoner. 

William H. Bellman 
( See page 26 ) 


V. William Hunter Gabler, b May 8, 1865, d 
June 25, 1893, m Carrie Maxwell. C, VI. Ethel 
May, Ruth Ann. 

V. Ellen Elizabeth Gabler, b June 27, 18G7, d 
Dec. 31, 1868. 

V. Mary Iva Gabler, b Oct, 4, 1889, m Milton 
E Gabler, Aug. 6, 1889. C, VI. Mary Violet Gab- 
ler, Grover Charles Gabler, Flora Elizabeth Gabler, 
Reba Snyder Gabler, Robert Emory Gabler. 

V. Elmer Levy Gabler, b Jan. 29, 1872, m Mar- 
garet Jane KitzmilJer, Oct. 21, 1897. Res. High St. , 
Chambersburg, Pa. C, VI, Kathryn limine. 

V. Solomon George Franklin Gabler, b Nov. 7, 
1874, m Maria Gipe, Sept. 21, 1897. C, VI. Helen, 
Lee, Garnet. 

V. Clarence Kister Gabler, b April 11, 1878, m 
Dortha Hoover. C, VI. Robert, Ray, Clarence. 

V. Ada Florence Gabler, b May 25, 1881, d Feb. 
1, 1882. 

V. Emory Ellis Gabler, b Nov. 2, 1882, m Hat- 
tie Freet, Nov. 12, 1908. 

IV. Eliza Ann Myers, b June 30, 1843, m Jos. 
Strawbridge, June 20, 1876. He wash Dec. 16, 1822, 
d June 2, 1878. He served live years in the Mexican 
war, and also through the Civil war, being a prisoner 
in Anderson ville prison for a period of over three 
months. C, Martha. 

V. Martha Elizabeth Strawbridge, b March 28, 
1877. Res. Chambersburg, Pa. Nurse. Luth. 

IV. John Keplinger Myers, d aged 4 yrs. 25 d. 

IV. David Keplinger Myers, b Mar. 16, 1848, 
d Feb. 18, 1905, m Alice Virginia Seiders, Oct. 5, 
1871. She was b Dec. 28, 185L Cabinetmaker, Chief 
Clerk in Postoffice and Merchant. Luth's. C, Har- 
ry, Mary, Samuel. 


V Han) Benton Myers, b Sept. i, 1872, m 
Cora M. Bessor, Apr. is, L895. P. 0. Lewistown , Pa. 
Moulder. Lutb. No issue. 

V. Mary Elva Myers, b Mar. 17, 1876. 

V. Samuel Levi Myers, b Dec. 6, 1879, P. 0. 
Commerce St., Chambersburg, Pa. Draughtsman. 
Lutb. S. 

Ill Rebecca Moyer, b Mar. 19, 1821, m Sam- 
uel Ludwig, d. C, Lydia. M 2nd husband, George 
Faust. C, Mary, Harrison. 

IV. Lydia Ludwig, d in Reading, Pa., Oct. 7, 
1871, in Josiah Francis Faust, 1864. He'was b 1832, 
d in Heading, Pa., May 20, 1898. Laborer. Lutb's. 
C. , Annie, Elizabeth, Benjamin. 

V. Annie Matilda F^aust, m Charles L. Zimmer- 
man, 1895. Res. 744 Neversink St., Reading, Pa. C,, 
VI. Josiah Francis Zimmerman, William Franklin 

V. Elizabeth Rebecca Faust. Res. Ill S. 5th 
St., Reading, Pa. U. Evairl ch. S. 

V. Benjamin Franklin Faust, m Rachel Romig, 
1897. Res. 533 S. 16J St., Reading, Pa. C, VI. Har- 
ry Francis Faust, Eva May Faust, Mary Faust. 

IV. Mary Faust, m Augustus Webikind. Res. 
945 Muhlenburg St., Reading, Pa. C. . Amelia, Ma- 

V. Amelia Webikind, m Edgar Pitman. P. O. 
Reading, Pa. C, VI. Edgar M. 

V. Matilda Webikind, S. 

IV. Harrison Faust, P. O. Reading, Pa. 

III. Rev. David Moyer, b in Curaru Twp . 
Berks Co., Pa., Dec. 12, 1824, d in 1868, m Mary 
Peffley. Both parents were of German extraction. 
Early in life Rev. David Moyer evidenced a strong 
desire along educational lines, but as his parent* 


could not give him the needed financial assistance 

for collegiate training he was apprenticed to learn 
the shoe-making trade. He located in the vicinity of 
Sinking Spring, Berks Co., Pa., as a shoe-maker. 
Here he became identified with the United Brethren 
church and soon became a recognized leader iji relig- 
ious affairs, principally as a revivalist in the United 
Brethren church. He now had au intense desire to 
devote all his time and best efforts to religious work, 
but keenly felt the need of better educational qualifi- 
cations. He secured such books and helps as were 
recommended to him by friends who took a deep in- 
terest in him, and single handed and aloue he applied 
himself as closely as circumstances would permit to 
qualify himself for the ministry to which he felt sure 
God had called him. While engaged in making and 
mending shoes, he was frequently seen with open 
books before him, thus using every opportunity to 
secure the desired and much needed education. In 
1852 he received license from the East Pennsylvania 
Conference of the United Brethreu in Christ to preach 
^j,ud in 1855 the same conference assigned him to the 
Myerstown circuit, in Lebanon Co., Pa. So marked 
was his success in this first appointment that the 
conference returned him for the third time to this 
same charge, which was in those days an unusual 
occurrence, a rare compliment and the highest proof 
of his popularity and success, He afterwards served 
with equal success appointments at Shaefferstowu, 
Jonestown, Lickdale, Fredericksburg and Heilmandale 
in Lebanon Co., Freeburg and McKee's Half Falls 
in Snyder Co., and Berrysburg, Lykenstown, Eliza- 
bethville, GrantY'llle, Progress and Lingelstown in 
Dauphin Co, He was also one of the promoters of 
the Lebanon Valley College, one of the leading 


educational institutions of the United Brethren 
church. He was not only an eloquent and forceful 
preacher, but he was also a lover of good music and 
himself an exceptionally good singer. Knowing that 
to he one of his strong fortes, he carefully studied 
the art of vocal music and in his religious services 
invariabl}' led the singing. The manner in which he 
conducted the singing of a religious service would 
charm an audience as much as his preaehiug. He 
possessed those sterling traits of character that are 
sure to win success iu almost any undertaking in 
life. He had lofty ideals and hi* well - directed ef- 
forts ami high moral character commanded the high- 
est esteem and respect. Without wealth or family 
prestige he attained distinction by his own efforts. 

He made many friends and accomplished much 
good in his short life time. He was a patriotic citi- 
zen and most loyal to his church. His demise oc- 
curred while serving the Heilmandale circuit in Leb- 
anon Co. ,Pa., in the 43rd year of his age. He was 
survived by his wife Mary, a devoted Christian who 
proved a most valuable helpmete to him in his re- 
ligious work, and five sons and three daughters. C, 
Harry, Mary, Johu, Martin, Kate, David, Nelson, 

IV. Major Harry P. Moyer, b at Sinking Spring., 
Berks Co., Pa., Aug. 28, 1844, m Mary A., dan. of 
John Baumgarduer, of Dauphin Co., May 9, 1867. 
P. O. Lebanon, Pa. Bauker. United Br. 

After the family was located at Myerstown, Maj- 
or Mover attended the public school there and later 
the Myerstown Academy, and was still a student at 
the outbreak of the Civil w r ar. In August 1862, he 
enlisted for nine mouths iu Company E, 127th Peun. 
Vol., but preferring the Cavalry service, he severed 


his connection with 127th Regiment, and on Sept. 1, 
1862, re-enlisted, entering Company E, 17th Pa. 
Vol. Cavalry, for 3 years, in which he gallantly 
served his country until the close of the war. 

His service, which extended from Sept. 1, 1862, 
to June 16, 1865, included 1,015 days, during which 
time he was never absent from his command, brave- 
ly bore his part in every engagement iu which his 
company took part, a long and thrilling list; Chan- 
cellorsville, Beverly Ford, Aldie, TJpperville, Gettys- 
burg, Williamsport, Beaver Creek, Boonsboro, Fall- 
ing Waters, Brandy Station, Raccoon's Ford, Bar- 
uett's Ford, Martina's Ford, Stephensburg, Rappa- 
naunock Station, Oak Hill, Thoroughfare Gap, Beal- 
ton's Statiou, Mine Run, Kilpatriek's Raid to Rich- 
mond, Todd's Tavern, Yellow Tavern, Meadow 
Bridge, Hanover Farm, Old Church, Cold Harbor, 
Trevillian Station, White House, White Post, Cedar- 
ville, Berry ville, Kearneysviiie, Leetown, Sinithiield 
Winchester, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek, Luray, Gor- 
donviile, Sheridan's Raid to the James River, Stony 
Creek, Diuwiddie Court House, Five Forks, Scott's 
Cross Roads, Drummond's mill, Sailor's Creek, Ap- 
pomatox Station, Appomatox Court House, and 
many other skirmishes in which comrades fell. While 
serving in the Shenandoah Valley Mr. Moyer was 
captured by the Confederate Guerrilla Mosby, but 
was re-captured by the Union forces on the same 
day. Among the souvenirs which grace the walls of 
Major Moyer' s library in his home is the official rec- 
ord of the 17th Pa. Vol. Cavalry, giving names and 
dates of 92 engagements in which the regiment par- 
ticipated. A brave soldier, he has retained a taste 
for military affairs, and on July 25, 1885, became a 
member of the Pennsylvania National Guard, and 


was appointed Hergeant major of the Third Brigade, 

National Guard of Pennsylvania, and on June 28, 
1887, was appointed quartermaster of the Third 
Brigade with the rank of major-, by commanding of- 
ficer Gen. J. P. S. Gobin, being re-appointed June 
26, 1890, and again re-appointed June 26, 1895. 
Major Mover was with his brigade when it was called 
upon to suppress the Homestead riots, and also at 
the time its services were required in the coal regions 
of Hazleton. The post of duty has always been the 
place of his choice, and he is highly appreciated by 
his comrades, both in war and in peace. 

After his return from the Civil war Mr. Moyer 
entered Lebanon Valley college, from which he grad- 
uated in 1868. This was followed by several years 
of successful teaching in the public schools. 

In 1870 he removed to Lebanon Co., and enter- 
ed the employ of John H. Shugar, wholesale and re- 
tail grocer, with whom he remained five years, and 
then accepted a position as chief clerk in the United 
Brethren Mutual Aid Society of Pennsylvania, a 
proniiuent life insurance company located at Leban- 
on. In 1890 he was elected a director in the institu- 
tion, and served in the capacity of superintendent of 
agents, aud also as treasurer- of the company, until 
1894, when he resigned. In 1892 Major Moyer- be- 
came the prime factor and promoter in the organiza- 
tion of the Farmers National Bank of Lebanon, aud 
was elected cashier, a position he has acceptably filled 
ever since. His business ability has also been recog- 
nized by other business organizations, and he is a 
director and the treasurer of the Lebanon Valley 
Saving & Loan Association of Lebanon; treasurer 
and director of the Safety Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 
of Lebanon ; treasurer and director of the Central 


"Market House Co.; director in the West End Rolling 
Mill; and president of the Lebanon Board of Trade. 

Major Moyer has been active in politics, and 
served the City of Lebanon as clerk five years, and 
for the same number of years as City treasurer. For 
four years he served in the Select Council, and was 
ou the school board for three years; In all these offi- 
ces giving close and careful attention to the various 
demands of each. Aside from business he has found 
time to actively support the United Brethren church, 
and serve as Sunday School superintendent, and also 
to look into charitable and benevolent enterprises. 
His social faculties also have not been neglected, his 
membership in Sedgwick Post No. 42, Grand Army 
of the Republic, the Patriotic Order Sons of Ameri- 
ca, the Independent Older of Odd Fellows, and oth- 
er fraternal associations, giving him a large circle of 
congenial associates. He is respected and honored as 
a public spirited and successful business man, .brave 
and fearless soldier, and an estimable and represen- 
tative private citizen. His two accomplished daugh- 
ters are: 

A'. M. Ella Moyer, b July 24, 1868. P. O. Leb- 
anon, Pa. S. 

V. Sidnie M. Moyer, b Nov. 2, 1871. P. O. Leb- 
anon, Pa. S. 

IV r . Mary A. Moyer, b in Berks Co., Pa., April 
26, 1848, m Reuben R. Eschelmau (d), May G, 1871. 
Res. 532 Elm St., Reading, Pa. Luth's. C , Edgar, 
Naomi, Albert, Helen, .Joseph, Frederick. . 

V. Edgar M. Eschelmau, b July 14, 1872, m 
Mary McFadden, Apr. 27, 1899. Res. Takoma Park, 
AVashingtou, D. C. Bookbinder, Luth's. C, VI. 
Ruth Marian Eschelman. 

V. Naomi M. Eschelmau, b April 14, 1872, m 


Frederick R. Body, April 27. L902. Res. 234 Chest- 
iiut St., Lebanon, Fa. Clerk for American Iron & 
Steel Co. Lulh. C, VI. Mary Catharine Body, Helen 
Anna Body. 

V. Albert M. Escbelman, t> Sept, 13, 1877, m 
Emily Nagle. Res. Takoina Park, Washington, D. 
C. Bookbinder. Luth. No issue. 

V. Helen M. Eschelman, b Nov. 27, 1879. Res. 
532 Elm St., Reading, Pa. Milliner. Luth. S. 

Y. Joseph M. Eschelman, b Mar. 27, 1885. Res. 
532 Elm St., Reading, Pa. Bookbinder. Luth. S. 

V. Frederick M. Eschelman, b Dec. 30, 1887 
Res. 532 Elm St., Reading, Pa. Bookbinder. Luth. S. 

IV. John P. Moyer, b July 14, 1850, d. School 
teacher. U. B. eh. S. 

IV. Martin P. Moyer, b in Berks Co., Pa., Mar. 
25, 1852, in Victoria L. Koon, Jan. 28, 1881. She 
was b at Newberry, S. C. P. O. Fort White, Fla. 
Druggist and Postmaster. Methodists. C, Harry, 
Clayton, Martin. 

V. Harry Rahn Moyer, b Nov. 30, 1891. P. O. 
Fort White, Fla. Pharmacist. 

V. Clayton David Moyer, b Feb. 14, 1894, d 
Aug. 30, 1905. 

V. Martin Hartwell Moyer, b Aug. 30, 1896. 

IV. Kate Alice Moyer, b at Myerstowu, Pa., 
July 4, 1855, d at Lebanon, Pa., Jan. 13, 1896, m 
Abram B. Stfope, July 4, 1876. He was b in Berks 
Co ., Pa., Feb. 4, 1853- P. O. Elizabethtown, Pa. Ci- 
gar Manufacturer. Ref. ch. C, Walter. 

V. Walter M. Swope, b at Lebanon, Pa., Aug. 
5, 1877. P. O. 1622 Lehigh Ave., Phila., Pa. Secre- 
tary. Mr. Swope served in Company H, Fourth Pa. 
Vols., during the Spanish- Americau war, having 
seen service in the Porto Bican campaign, through 




i— i 


, o 

t— i 





the grades of Corporal, Sergeant, aud finally coin mis- 
sioned Second Lieutenant. Iiel'. ch. S. 

IV. David P. Moyer, b Deo. H, 1857, d, m An- 
nie Dissinger. Tinker. U. B. ch. C, V, Mamie Moy- 
er (d), Eva Moyer, Mai tin Moyer. 

IV. Nelson P. Moyer, b at Berrysburg, Dauph- 
in Co., Pa. Oct. 20, 1859, m Sallie, dau. of John M. 
and Anna E. Fox, Dec. 27, 1879. Res. 1616 New 
Jersey Ave. N. W., Washington, D. C. Assistaut 
Chief of section in charge of night work at the Gov- 
ernment Printing office at Washington, D. C. Ref. 
ch. C, Earnest, Raymond, Paul, Lloyd. 

V. Earnest Harry Moyer, b at) Lebanon, Pa., 
June 16,1881, m Frances Dotson, of Jacksonville, 
Fla., Dec. 23, 1906. P. O. Jacksonville, Fia. Em. 
ployed by the Jacksonville Grocers' Association. 
Christian ch. 

V. Raymond F. Moyer, b at Lebanon, Pa. 5 
Mar. 26, 1884, m Elizabeth Thomas, of Pittsburg, 
Pa., at Youngstowu, Ohio, Jan. 29, 1908. Employ- 
ed as Chief Estimator for the Arthur Koppel Equip- 
ment Co. of Pittsburg, Pa. 

V. Paul Harrison Moyer, b Aug. 21, 1888, d 
in infancy. 

V. Lloyd Peffley Moyer, b at Lebanon, Pa., 
May 2, 1891. 

IV. Emma E. Moyer, b July 3, 1865, m Samu- 
el S. Bomberger, 1883. Res. 813 Walnut St., Leban- 
on, Pa. Restaurateur and Auctioneer. Ref. ch. C, 
Mable, Herman, Bertha, Mary. 

V. Mable Moyer Bomberger, b June 10, 1883, 
d Sept. 23, 1883. 

V. Herman Philip Bomberger, b Sept. 3, 1885. 
>Res. Lebanon, Pa. Restaurateur. Ref. ch. S. 

V. Bertha Moyer Bomberger, b April 21, 1887. 


Res. Lebanon, Pa. Milliner. Kef. eh. S. 

V. Mary Moyer Bom berger, b April 17, 1890. 
Kef. eh. S. 

III. Catharine Moyer, b June 27, 1829, m Wil- 
liam Zechman. C, Emma, Mary, Catharine. 

IV. Emma E. Zechman, m William P. Shana. 
man. Res. 517 Elm St., Reading, Pa. No issue. 

IV. Mary R. Zechman. Res. 517 Elm St., Read- 
ing, Pa. S. 

IV. Catharine Zechman, d. 

III. Elizabeth Moyer, b in Berks Co. , Pa., June 
27, 1829, d in Reading, Pa., May 14, 1903, m Char- 
les Bellman, Feb. 5, 1848. He was b in Berks Co. , 
Pa., Mar. 7, 1829, d in Reading, Pa. Shoemaker, 
lie served in the late civil war, Coinpau}' L, 7th Pa. 
Cav. Ref. ch. C, William, Charles, Frank, David, 
Joseph, Benton, Adam, John. 

IV. William H. Bellman, b in Reading, Pa., 
Feb. 28, 1849, m Lovania S. Wanamaker, Sept. 19, 
18(58. She was b at Allen town, Pa., Oct. 29, 1850, d 
Feb. 19, 18S7. Res. 1119 Cotton St., Reading, Pa. 
Shoemaker. Ref. ch, M 2nd wife, Emma Ronig, no 

Capt. William H. Bellman served as captain of 
Auoericus Pioneer Corps of Reading four years, as 
captain of Gen. George G. Meade Camp Guards, No. 
16, S. of V., three years, and as captain of Nathan 
Hale Com. No. 75, P. O. S. of A., five years. C, 
Anna, Harry, Mary, William, John, Charles, Robert. 

V. Anna E. Bellman, b Sept. 1, 1869, m Henry 
Weaud, July 29, 1889. He was b June 21, 1869. Res. 
1249 Spring St., Reading, Pa. Linotype operator in 
Reading Eagle office. Ref. ch. C, VI. Lizzie Weand, 
b Oct. 5, 1889; VI. Emma Weand, b June 18, 1891; 
VI. George Weand, b Sept. 14, 1893: VI. Bertha 


Weand, b Nov. 12, 1901; VI. Stanley Weand, b Jan. 
27, 1903; VI. William Weand, b July 11, 1906. 

V. Harry H. Bellman, b Nov. 1, 1870, m Lou- 
isa Reitz, Aug. 26, 1893. Res. 1037 Cherry St., Read- 
ing, Pa. Agent. C, VI. Paul Bellman, b Feb. 20, 
1894, d Jan. 20, 1895; VI. Earl Bellman, b June 1, 
1896, d June 4, 1896; VI. Catharine Bellman, b Sept. 
17, 1897; VI. Fallis Bellman, b March 20, 1903; 
VI. Harry Bellman, b Oct. 12, 1907. 

V. Ida R. Bellman, b March 5, 1872, m Irvin 
Weaver, Oct. 21, 1890. Res. 123 N". 10th St., Read- 
ing, Pa. Ret", cb. C, VI. Robert Weaver, b Feb. 21, 
1891; VL Irvin Weaver, b Aug. 9,1893; VI. George 
Weaver, b Dec. 6, 1900; VI. Theodore Weaver, b 
Jan. 10, 1904, VI. Arthur Weaver, b Dec. 6, 1907. 

V. Mary A. Bellman, b Sept. 24, 1873, d June 
3, 1876. 

V. William H. Bellman, Jr., b August 10, 1875, 
d September 16, 1878. 

V. John S. Bellman, b Jan, 10, 1877, m Mamie 
Glais. P. O. Mohuton, Pa. Hatter. C, VI. John W. 
Bellman, Emma Bellman, Ebert Bellman. 

V. Charles F. Bellman, b March 25, 1879, m 
Bertha Goodman. She was b April 26, 1880. Res, 
424 Maple St., Reading, Pa. Drafting Engineer. C, 
VI. William H. Bellman, b January 30, 1900. 

V. Robert E. Bellman, b August 11, 1882, m 
Tillie Korhammer, October 19, 1905, She was b Oc- 
tober 8, 1878. Res. 557 South 11th St., Reading, Pa. 
Hammer Engineer. Ref. eh. No issue. 

IV. Charles S- Bellman, m Susan Buttermoyer: 
C., V. Lizzie, Bertha: m 2ud wife, Alfreth Hare, 
P, O. Reading, Pa. C, V. Lizzie, Charles, d, Alice, d. 

IV. Frank Bellmau, m Maria E. Williams. Res. 
">27 Spruce St., Reading. Pa. C, V. Maria. Albert. 


IV. David Bellman. 

IV. Joseph Bellman, I) in Heading, Pa., Nov. 
ir>. 1857, m Mary Krick, Oct. 5, 1882. Res. 1513 
Cotton St., Reading, Pa. Shoemaker. Ref. ch. C, 
Wilbur, Luella. 

V. Wilbur Milton Bellman, b Nov. 22, 1883, 
m Katharine Green. Res. 314 Mulberry St., Read- 
ing, Pa. Tinsmith. Ref. eh. C, VI. Lester M. Bell- 
man, b Jan. 31, 1906; VI. Effie Bellman, b Nov. 13, 

V. Luella May Bellman, b May 31, 1890, m 
Edward Hallissey. Res. 1513 Cotton St., Reading, 
Pa. State Police. Catholic. C, VI. Ethel Hallissey, 
b Oct. 2, 1907. 

IV. Bentou Bellman, m Laura M. Adams. Res. 
Reading, Pa. C, V. Ruth, Authie, Clifford. 

IV. Adam R. Bellman, m Anna Goble. P. O. 
Reading, Pa. C. , V. Walter. 

IV. John Bellman, d iufant. 

III. Lydia Mover, b Ang. 1, 1835, m Joseph 
Smith. C, Edwin, Ellen, Frederick, Matilda. 

IV. Edwin M. Smith, m Emma Whitmeyer. P. 
O. Fritztown, Pa. C, V. Kate, Charles, Frank, An- 
nie, Eleuora, Minnie. 

IV. Ellen Smith, b in Berks Co., Pa., 1859, m 
Joseph J. Schonour, June 14, 1879. P. O. Montello, 
Pa. Farmer. Luth. C. , Charles, Lillie, William, 
Katharine, John, Clarence, Maud. 

V. Charles S. Schonour, b Dec. 16, 1879, m 
Lizzie Ulrich, Dec. 28, 1901. P. O. Montello, Pa. 
Laborer. Luth. No issue. 

V. Lillie May Schonour, b Feb. 24, 1882, m 
Charles Fisher, Aug. 30, 1902. He was b Aug. 6, 1877, 
d Feb. 9, 1907. P.O. Montello, Pa. Luth. C , VI. 
Helen May Fisher, b March 11, 1903, d Dec. 12, 


1906; VI. Carl William Fisher, b April 20, 1905. 

V. William F. Schouour, b Jan. 11, 1884. P. 
O. Montello, Fa. Luth. S. 

V. Kathryu M. Schouour, b Oct, 26, 1886. P. 
O. Montello, Pa. Luth. S. 

V. Johu E. Schouour, b Feb. 3, 1889, m Carrie 
Ulrich, Oct. 26, 1907. P. O. Montello, Pa. Luth. C, 
VI. Herbert Francis Schouour, b Sept. 20, 1908. 

V. Clarence Schouour, b Sept. 6, 1892. 

V. Maud Minerva Schouour, b April 20, 1898. 

IV. Frederick Smith, m Elizabeth Sfcaver. P.O. 
Fritztown, Pa. C, V. Lillie, Carrie. 

IV. Matilda Smith. 

III. Simpson Moyer, d infant 

III. John Moj'er, d infant. 


II- John Mover lived ou a farm willed him by 
his father, located in Cocalico township. Had two 
children, daughters. C, Harriet, , 

III. Harriet Moyer, m Henry Bortz. C, Am- 

IV. Amanda Bortz, m William A. Derr. Res. 
Wynneiield Ave. Station, Phila., Pa. 

III. — Moyer, m — Sash. 



In loving remembrance of Mrs. Mary Mover Fern- 
sler, who died at Lebanon, Pa. , May 23, 11)03, 
and in appreciation of her patchwork quilt. 

'S is juscbt en commoner Deppich — seh! 
En Quilt alt fashion — awer schee. 
Wie scheckig guckt's! Die Patches fei', 
Die scbeina Schpotjohrsbietter zu sei. 
Hoscbt da die scheebeet scbun betracbt 
Van so ma Deppich beemgemacbt? 

So scbeena Placka, gross un klee', 
Die Farwa all in Roia scbteh; 
Drei-un-viereckig, lang un karz, 
En jeder grad am recbta Platz. 
Alles in Ordnung zamma g'nebt; 
Juscbt druf zu gucka is en Freed. 

Deel Patches hen so Dippla drin, 
Un deel hen schleena Blum ma drin. 
Die Farwa — geel, rot, himmelblo, 
En belles un en dunkles no, 
Un all in ee scbee gross Design: 
Icb sag dir was— 'sis "something fine." 

Viel langa Schtun un Erwet g'wiss, 
Bis mol so 'n Deppich fertig is. 
Als fleissig dra' — nocb nie verleed, 
En jeder Schtich aus Lied gneht. 
Ken Nehmascbin — all Handeswerk; 
'S ist awer scbee un gut un scbtark. 


Sie hot als Nama for sie g'bat: 

Do is en grosses "Eechablatt." 

En "Sunnadeppich," lang un breet — 

Paar dausent Patches zamma g'neht. 

So darrich nanner geht der do, 

Sei is der "Ewig Jager" no. 

En "Bettelman" is ah dabei, 

Un seller sol "Log Cabin" sei; 

En "Siwaschtern" gar wunnerschee, 

En "Gansfnss" un en "Backaschtee." 

Sie hot gemacht en hunnert schier; 

Des war der Grandmam ihr Plessier. 

Nau schockelt sie un singt un neht; 
So Sach zu macha is en Freed. 
Uf sehtuhl un Disch, uf alia Seit 
Es voll klee g'schnittna Patches leit. 
Der Nehkarb schteht do newa her, 
Mit Nodla Fingerhut un Scher. 


S war uf en Disch ah, ohue Fehl, 
En deitsche Biwel, alt un geel. 
Zur Himmelbreis' war sie bereit, 
Sie war en christlich Weiblichkeit. 
"Schaff net juscht for die Welt do hi', 
Schaff ah for deine Seel," sagt sie. 

Sie hot net juscht an sich gedenkt; 

Die ganz Freindschaft hot sie beschenkt, 

Werin die Freindschaft kumma is, 

Der muss en Deppich hawa gewiss. 

Die Grandmam sagt, "S kummt handig nei'; 

Die Kinner missa warem sei." 



I. Henry Meyer d prior to 17<SG. He came from 
a place called Miiblbach in the Pali tin ate Prussia 
about 1719. But little is known of him either in this 
country or the fatherland. He settled permanently 
at the beautiful spring or source of the small stream 
known by the name of Miiblbach, (Mill Creek), 
Lancaster . Co. , Pa., but now in the south-eastern 
part of Lebanon Co. There was a small cabin quite 
close to the spring, which no doubt was the humble 
dwelling of the pioneer. It was moved down the run 
in 1858, and enlarged, and is still there (1883). The 
ancestors were married in the old CQimtry. On emi- 
grating to America, they landed at New York, where 
they served to pay part of their passage over, after 
which they came to Philadelphia, from whence they 
travelled on foot through the country, looking for a 
place to settle. They fiually arrived at the spring in 
the forest, which seemed to have a strong attraction 
for the pioneer, and he said, "Here we will stay.' 
It is a tradition of the family that the wife of the pi- 
oneer prostrated herself on the ground in grief and 
tears as she and her husband tarried here under a 
tree after their long and weary wandering, seeking 
a home in the wild forests of a strange country, as 
she realized their sad condition, of no house to shel- 
ter them and their childreu, no furniture, but little 
food, nothing but forests wherever they turned their 
eyes, and perhaps hostile Indians even then prowl- 
iug around near them. 

*It is not absolutely certain that his name was 
Henry, but almost certain that it was. 

Hiram T. Fisher 
(See page (54) 



Their little belongings, consisting of an axe 
and a few other articles were unloaded under a 
large oak tree, and the pioneer named the stream 
" Mi i hi bach", after the name of his native home in 
the old country. Among old papers of the Miihlbach 
homestead is a draft of 346J acres of land taken up 
by Henry Meyer, Sept. 29, 1738- C, John, Henry, 
Jacob, Michael, Christopher, Catharine, Mrs. Till- 
man, Mrs. Aohlschmidt and Mrs. Loudermilk. 

II. John Meyer, d Dec. 11, 1786, aged about 

67 yrs., m Anna Barbara . C. , John, Henry, 

Anna, Elizabeth, Barbara, . 

II. Henry Meyer, b May, 1730, d Nov. 17, 1812 
m Catharine Ruth. C. , Mariah, Catharine, Christo- 
pher, John, George. 

II. Jacob Meyer, b 1732, d 1807-8, m Susanna 
Ream. C, Catharine, Barbara, Philip, John Jacob, 
John George, Henry, Michael, Christopher. 

II. Michael Meyer, d 1794, m . M 2nd wife 

Catharine Becher. C, Mariah, Catharine, Elizabeth. 


II. Christopher Meyer, b 1734, d Aug. 2, 1801, 
m Anna Maria, dau. of Alexander Schaeft'er (found- 
er of SchaeSerstown, Pa.). She was b Feb. 19, 1744, 
d Jan. 1, 1823. 

Christopher and his brother Michael purchased 
a tract of 700 acres near Campbellstowu, Lebanon 
Co., Pa. Later Christopher bought his brother Mi- 
chael's interest in the property. The land proved to 
be of the best, and the tract was subsequently divid- 
ed into five or six farms aud apportioned to Christo- 

34 the moyer family 

pber'e sons. Christopher put up substantial stone 
buildings on his farm. 

The descendants of Christopher Meyer were 
many of them instructors in both vocal and instru- 
mental music, and some of them leaders of choirs in 
churches. One, Frederick C.,was the founder and di- 
rector of the Musical College at Freeburg, an insti- 
tution which has achieved merited popularity, and is 
still conducted by descendants of the Meyer family. 

Farmer. Ger. Ref. C. , Catharine, Henry, John, 
Michael, Jacob, Christopher, Christina, George, Mary. 

III. Catharine Meyer, b Feb. 2, 1766, d Apr. 17, 
1840, in Peter Fishburn.* He was b Apr. 16, 1758, 

*Son of Philip Fishburn, who was bin Planuich- 
der Churfatz, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, May 7, 
1722, d Oct. 7, 1788, m Catharine E. Bretz. She was 
b Sept. 27, 1724. He emigrated to Pennsylvania in 
1749, and settled at Hurnmelstown, Derry Twp., 
Dauphin Co., Pa. He was a gunsmith, and did good 
service making and repairing guns for the Patriot 
Armv. He had nine children, viz: 


1 Margaretta, b June 24, 1753, d 1827, m John 

2 John Philip, b Nov. 15, 1754, d 1851, m Bar- 
bara Greiner, and 2nd wife, Anna M. Hack. 

3 Ludwick, b Sept. 3, 1756, d 1846. 

4 Peter, b April 16, 1758, d 1825, m Catharine 

5 Mary Magdalena, b Feb. 10, 1760, d 1836, m 
John Rockert. 

6 Anthony, b June 1, 1762, d 1788. 

7 Detrich, moved to Staunton, Virginia. 

8 ,b Aug. 13, 1767, d 1824, rn Dauiel Bauin. 

( J , m Greiner. 


d Feb. 10, 1825. Farmer near Carlisle, Pa/C., Cath- 
arine, John, Mary. Infant, Infant, Elizabeth. 

IV. Catharine FLshburn, d 1838-9, m George 

IV. John Fishburn, h Mar. 25, 1789, ua Eliza 
8ho waiter. 

IV. Mary Fishlmrn, m Jacob Mussel man. 

IV. Elizabeth Fishburn, m John Meyers. 

III. Henry Meyer, b 1767, d Apr. 19, 1844, m 
Elizabeth Hurst. She was b 1779, d May 22, 1859. 
Farmer near Boalsburg, Centre Co., Pa. C. , Philip, 
Jacob, Catherine, Henry, Joseph, Mary. 

III. John Meyer, d July 17, 1842, m Esther 
Burkholder. Farmer near Freeburg, Pa. C. , Henry, 
George, Johu, Jacob, Mary, Catharine, Michael, 
Elizabeth, Susan, Philip. 

III. Michael Meyer, b Aug. 2, 1771, d April 1, 
1842, m Elizabeth Derstiue. She was b Sept. 23, 
1777, d June 15, 1872. Farmer in Centre Co., Pa. 
C, Henry, Mary, Michael, George, Elizabeth, Sam- 
uel, Catharine, Solomon. 

III. Jacob Meyer, b Mar. 25, 1774, d Sept 25, 

1853, m Anna Sheller. She was b Dec. 25, 1775, d Mar. 
25, 1850. Farmer in Centre Co., Pa. C, Elizabeth, 
Jacob, Nancy, Catharine, Mary, Susan, Christo- 
pher, Johu. 

III. Christopher Meyer, b 1776, d June 11, 
1840, m Rebecca Howeter. She was b Oct. 20, 1777, 
d Nov. 20, 1862. C, Frederick, John, Michael, 
George, Susan, Man, Elizabeth, Sarah. Catherine. 

III. Christina Meyer, m Samuel Carper. Lived 
at Morris Dale, Pa. C, John, Frederick, Jacob, 
Christopher, Mary, Christina. 

III. George Mej'er, b March 25, 1782. d Jan. 1, 

1854, m Catharine Meyer, his cousin, (dau. of Johu 


Jacob Meyer). She was b Dee. 2, L788, d March 13, 
1858. Farmer near Aaronsburg, Pa., and Miller. C. , 
George, John, Catharine, Henry, Mar)*, Philip, 

III. Mary Meyer, m John Adam Carper. Lived 
near Linden Hall, Centre Co., Pa., where descend- 
ants live. C, John, Philip, Mary, Eliza. 

II. Catharine Meyer 'Tt seems was 2nd wife of 
Alexander Sehaefrer." 

II. Meyer, m Jacob Tillman, Tradition 

says several daughters went to the Carolinas. The 
Tillmans of S. C. may be descendants. 

II. Meyer, m John Christopher Aohlscb- 

m idt. 

II. Meyer, m Loudermilk. 


I. George Meyer, b in Germany in 1723, d 1812, 
aged 89 years. It is not known when lie came to Am- 
erica. He lived for some time in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
but later removed to Bedford Co., Pa., where he set- 
tled in the woods with his second wife, and there he 
built a saw mill. He was twice married, but the name 
of his first wife is not known. By her he had eleven 
children, but the names of only two are known, viz: 
George and Margaret. 

His second wife was Hauuah Hoover, by whom 
he had thirteen children, viz: Jacob, Martin, Daniel, 
Felty, Abraham, Henry, Conrad, Joseph, David, 
Samuel, Mrs. Wertz, Mrs. Confer and Mrs. Kline. 




II. George Meyer, b 1757, d in Cumberland Co., 
Pa,., Sept., 1812, in Maria, dau. of *Ulricb Longe- 
necker, Jr., Dec. 4, 1781. She was b 1758, d 1833. 
At time of his marriage he way a resident of War- 
wick Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. He served as a Rev- 
olutionary soldier, and during his service in the Ar- 
my at one time he and others were sent to grind flour 
for the Army, when a squad of British soldiers came 
after them, but Mr. Meyer escaped to his home pur- 
sued by the British, who searched for him ? running 
their swords and bayonets into the hay and straw, 
but failed to find him, he being safely hidden in a 
hollow tree in the woods. To his strange hiding place 
his faithful wife carried food to him for two or three 
weeks. Another account says he was a "Spy in the 
Revolutionary war under Washington, and at one 
time the British were after him but did not succeed 
in capturing him." Farmer. Ger. Ref. C, Mary, 
Barbara, George, Nancy, Jacob, John, Catharine, 
Christine, Sarah. 

III. Mary Myers, b 1782, d May 8. 1817. S. 
III. Barbara Myers, b 1783, d at ^ucyrus, O., 

1853, m Jacob Deardorff. He d in Cumberland Co., 
Pa., 180 ( J. F'armer. Luth's. C, Mary, Emanuel, 
Jane, Rebecca. Barbara m 2nd husband, George Kis- 
singer. Farmer. Luth's. C, George, Jonathan, Su- 
sanna, Lydia. 

*Son of Ulrich Longeuecker, Sr., who came from 
Zurich, Switzerland, to America in 1733, when Ul- 
rich, Jr., was 22 years of age. The family were Men- 
nonites, aud lived in Chester Co., Pa. 


IV. Mary DeardorfT, bin York Co., Pa., May 
29, 1802, d at Bucyrus, O , June 29, I860, in George 
Lauek, Dec. 25, 1825. He was b April 7, 1802, d 
June 22, 1853. Farmer. Mrs. L., Luth. C, Jane, 
John, Amanda, Henrietta, Annetta, Benjamin, Em- 
anuel, George. 

V. Jane May Lauck, b Dee. 22, 1827. d April 
15, 1896, m Andrew Fajlor, July 24, 1845. He was 
b in Cumberland Co., Pa., Aug. 21, 1821. P. O. Sta- 
tion K, Washington, D. 0. Merchant, later farmer. 
Luth's. C, Andrew, George, Emma, Charles, Mary, 
Frank, Samuel, Lewis. 

VI. Andrew L. Failor, b Sept. 15, 184G, m Sal- 
lie Orwig. She d May 5, 1889. C, Arthur, Reuben, 
Sadie, Annie, Wiuship, Russell, Henry, Lionel, Wal- 
ter. M 2nd wife, Evelyn Brown. Shed May 31, 1902. 
C. , Ruby, Horton, Lester, Miles, Nettie. 

VI. George A. Failor, b Oct. 23, 1848, m Mary 
E. McCord. P. O. Des Moines, la. C, VLL Blanche, 
Nettie, Carrie, Lillian. 

VI. Emma J. Failor, b Nov. 30, 1850, d April 
1, 1884, m George W. Parsons. P. O. Newton, la. 
C, VII. Mary, Allie, Stella. 

VI. Charles E. Failor, b May 10, 1854, m Paul- 
ina F. Miller. P. O. Newton, la. C, VII. Roy, Don 
Lor in. 

VI. Mary J. Failor, b May 1, 1856, m Frank 
M. Ely. P. O. Fort Dodge, la. C, VII. Glen, Eva. 

VI. Frank F. Failor, b Dec. 26, 1858, mLibbie 
E. Traue. C, Ella. 2nd wife La Grrace Fleharty. 
G, VII. Francis. 

VI. Samuel W. Failor, b June 17, 1861, m Co- 
ra E. Poorbaugh. P. O. Colfax, la. C, VII. Cora, 

VI. Lewis Roy Failor, b June 19, 1875, d 1876. 


V. John Lauck, b Oct. 22, 1829, dJMay, 1831. 

V. Amanda Lauck, b Jan. 1, 1831, ,d Nov. 17, 
1893, m J. S. Plants. 

V. Henrietta Lauck, b Aug. 6, 1833, d Nov. 7, 
1900, m C. W. Fisher. 

V. Auuetta Lauck, b May 9, 1837, d July 28, 
1900, in L. B. Lyday. 

V. Benjamin F. Lauck, b May 27, 1S39, m Lau- 
ra E. Bodine, Nov. 21, 1860. P. O Bucyrus, O. Mer- 
chant. Meth. Ep. C, Anna, Frank, James. 

VI. Anna L. Lauck, b Aug. 30, 1861, m James 
A. Francy, Dec. 30, 1885. P. O. Bucyrus, O. Train 
Dispatcher. Meth. Ep. 

VI. Frank B. Lauck, b Jan. 5, 1863. Machin- 
ist. Luth. S. 

VI. James L. Lauck, b Dec. 23, 1869, d Aug. 
10, 1908, m Grace Reed. No issue. 

V. Emanuel Lauck, b Feb. 12, 1841, d 1843. 

V. George A. Lauck, b at Bucyrus, O., Sept. 
19, 1843, d June 7, 1908, m Lizzie E. Atwood, Oct. 
19, 1864. Res. 3525 Arsenal St., St. Louis, Mo. Mer- 
chant. Meth. Ep. C, Clarence, Ella, Stella, Mary. 

VI. Clarence G. Lauck, S. 

VI. Ella A. Lauck, m Bert W. Squire. Res. 
Cleveland, O. Salesman. C, VII. Berniee R. Squire. 

VI. Stella M. Lauck. m William R. Wise. Res. 
Bucyrus, O. Furniture Dealer. C, VII. Eleanor C, 
Virginia F. 

VI. Mary A. Lauck, S. 

IV. Emanuel DeardorfE, b Nov. 6, 1805, d, m 
Eliza Howeustiue. C, Jane, Ellen, etc. M 2nd wife, 
Catharine Scobey. 

V. Jane Deardorff, (d), m William Wise. 

V. Ellen DeardorfE, (d), m Dunbaugh. 

IV. Jane Djardorii, (d), m Armur. 


IV. Rebecca Deardo iff, m Samuel Myers. He 
was 1) in York Co., Pa. 1802, d 1889. Faroier. He 
was General of Ohio Militia. C., Rev. Abraham, Sain- 

uel, Benjamin, Mary, Rebecca. 

IV. George Kissinger, (<1), m Mariah Myers. C, 
Alice. Samuel, Laura, Eunice, Charles, George, In- 

V. Alice Kissinger,' P. O. Carlisle, Pa. S. 
V. Samuel M. Kissinger. S 

V. Laura Kissinger, m A. W. Line. 
V. Eunice Kissinger, m W. H. Line. 
V. Charles Kissinger, m Nellie Scobey. 
V. George Kissinger, d. 

IV. Jonathan Kissinger, b in Pa.., May 4, 1817, 
d iu O., Sept. 17, 1872, m Rebecca Steel, Aptil 10, 
1838. She d April 18, 1874. Farmer. He, Luth.; she, 
Presby. C, Margaretta, George, America, Rebecca, 
Mary, Alice, Elida, Frank. 

V. Margaretta Kissinger, b Carlisle, Pa., Jan. 
24, 1839, m Albert Kinninger, Jan. 24, 1860. Res. 
Vermont Ave. Toledo, O. Presby. C, Myrtle, Mabel, 
Anna, John. 

VI. Myrtle M. Kinninger, m Charles F. Goller. 
Res. Lynn, Mass. Shoe MT g. C, VII. Helen Goller. 

VI. Mabel R. Kinninger. 

VI. Anna E. Kinninger. 

VI. Johu J. Kinninger, m Pearl Gettins. Res. 
Toledo, O. Druggist. C, VII. Albert E. Kinninger. 

V. George Neely Kissinger, d 1881. 

V. America Ellen Kissinger, d aged 16. 

V. Mary A. Kissinger, m Jacob Hine. 2919 Ho- 
bart Blod, Los Angeles, Cal. C. , A"L. Grace, Ella, 
Emogeue, Florence. 

V. Rebecca J. Kissinger, b Bucyrus, O., in John 
F. Baker, Mar. 20, 1878. P. O. Newton, la. Farmer. 

W l ;0&M&*£&&5 




( See page 66. ) 


Meth. Ep. C. , VI. Ralph K., Maurice J. 

V. Elida Ann Kissinger, b Bucyrus, O., 1850. 
P. O. Newton, la. Clerk. Presby. S. 

V. Alice May Kissinger, d aged 3 } r eais. 

Y. Frank Steel Kissinger, m Addie Briggs. P. 
O. Toledo, O. C, VI. George R. 

IV. Susanna Kissinger, b May 4, 1817, d in 
Georgia, m D.tvid Myers. C, John, etc. 

IV. Rachel Kissinger, m John Fishburn. She d 
soon alter marriage. No issue. 

IV. Lydia Kissinger, m Mel linger. 

III. George Myers, b Oct. 31, 1788, d May 5, 
1828, m Catharine Fishburn. She d about 1838. C, 
Jane, John, George, Peter, two d iufant. 

IV. Jane Myers, (d) m Jacob Hefflebower, (d). 
C, V. George (d), John (d S), William (S), Caro- 
line (d S), Catharine (d), Jacob. 

IV. John Myers, d single. 

IV. George Myers, in Elizabeth Baker; 2nd wife, 
Whysoug; 3rd wife, Susan Sparr. 

IV. Peter Myers, m Maxwell. P. 0. Han- 
nibal, Mo. 

III. Nancy Myers (twin), b Oct. 31, 1788, d 
Mar. 11, 1815, m Abraham Myerci. C., Dr. George, 
Barbara, Kathariue, James, Abraham, Samuel, Ben- 
jamin, George, Maiy 7 , Elizabeth. 

III. Jacob Myers, b Feb. 16, 1791, m Susanna 
Line. He was fatally injured while on his way to 
Baltimore with a load of flour, by tailing from the 
wagon tongue to the ground, the wagon passing over 
him. He died two or three days later, May, 1824. 
C, Maria, David, Rebecca, Jacob. 

IV. Maria Meyer, d, m. 
IV. David Meyer, d, m. 
IV. Jacob Meyer. 


IV. Rebecca Meyer, m George Line. C, Rebec- 
ca, Greorge, Anna, Jacob, Jane, William. 

V. Rebecca Line, d. 
V. George Line, d. 

V. Anna Line, m David Lindsey. 
V. Jacob Liue, m Jane Lindsey. P. O. Car- 
lisle, Pa. 

V. Jane Line, m Orin Long. P.O. Carlisle, Pa. 
V. "William H. Line, m Eunice Kissinger. 

III. John Myers, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., Aug. 
5, 1792, d Oct. 16, 1871, m Elizabeth Fishburu in 
1815. She was b near Carlisle, Pa., Sept. 10. 1797, 
d April 9, 1865. Farmer, later hotel-keeper. He was 
Sheriff of Cumberland Co., Pa., from 1837 to 1840. 
In 1845 he removed to Ohio, and settled at McCutch- 
euville, in Wyandot Co., and died there. Ref. ch. 
C, Jeremiah, Joseph, Catharine, Maria, Susan, Eliz- 
abeth, Rebecca, Amanda, John, Henry, Henrietta, 
William, Emma: 

IV. Jeremiah Myers, b Mar. 12, 1816, d June 
23, 1854, m Mary Jane McKean. Farmer. C, John, 
Robert, Joseph. 

V. John Myers, b April 15, 1,841, m Eliza Freet, 
d. C, lrvin, Zoe, Nora, Infant, lufaut, Infant, F211a, 
Abbie, Othela; m 2nd wife, Sarah Whaley; C.,July- 
ette, Gertrude, John. 

VI. Irvin Myers, m Walton. 

VI. Zoe Myers, m Frank Harmon. 

VI. Nora Myers, m Richesson. 

VI. Ella Myers, m. 

VI. Abbie Myers, m. 
VI. Othela Myers, in. 

V. Robert Myers, d, m Sarah Strome, d. C, 
Bertha, Mary. 

VI. Bertha Myers, m Keller. Phila. 


VI. Mary Myers, S. 

V. Joseph Myers, m Amelia Reigelman. P. O. 
Alierton, Pa. 

IV. Joseph Myers, b Sept. 1. 1817, d Sept. 10, 

IV. Catharine Myers, b Aug. 15. 1818, d Nov. 
30, 1890. 8. 

IV. Maria Myers, b Oct. 13, 1820, d Aug. 28, 
1895. S. 

IV. Susanna Myers, b Sept., 1822, d Feb. 7, 
1900. S. 

IV. Elizabeth Myers, b Oct. 9, 1824, d Dec. 20, 
1852, m David Ehrhart C. . Sarah, Mary, "William, 

V. Sarah Ehrhart, m David Burks. P. O. Ca- 
rey, O. C, Adolphus, Floyd, George, Elbert, . 

VI. Adolphus Burks, P. O. Upper Sandusky, O. 
VI. Floyd Burks. P. O. Upper Sandusky, O. 
VI. George Burks- P. O. Carey, O. 

VI. Elbert Burks. P. O. Carey, O, 

IV. Rebecca Myers, b at Carlisle, Pa., July 24. 
1826, d at Jerome, Union Co., O., Jan, 24, 1894, m 
Samuel W. H, Durboran, April 22, 1852. C, Martha, 
Florence, Catharine, William, Wiufield, Emma, 

V. Martha M. J. Duiboran, b at MeCutchen- 
ville, O., Jan. 16, 1854. P. O. Plain City, O. R F D 
•5. Presby. S. 

V. Florence Amanda Durboran, bin Union Co., 
Ohio, Dec. 12, 1857, d Jan. 11, 1861. 

V. Catherine Elizabeth Durboran. b Jan. 13, 
1859, d. 

V. William W. H. J. Durboran, b at Jerome, 
Ohio, Jan. 27, 1861. Contractor. Republican. Mem- 
ber Masonic Lodge. 


V. Winfield Scott Durboran, b at Jerome, O., 

Feb. 22, 1863, m Josephine, dau. of Joseph W. and 
Catharine Cork Hunt, of Fulton, Mich., Oct. 30, 
1907. Farmer. Republican. Member Masonic lodge. 

V. Emma Rebecca Durboran. b April 2, 1806, 
d Nov. 1, 1866. 

Y. Margaret Hawle}' Durboran, b at Jerome, 
Union Co., Ohio, Jan. 2, 1868, m Ralph G. Eckert, 
May 9, 1900. Farmer, Member of Masonic Lodge. 

IV. Amanda Myers, b Oct. 8, 1828, d Oct. 4, 
1888, m Jacob Brinkerhofi, June 18, 1867. He was 
b Nov. 20, 1829, Adams Co., Pa. Farmer. C, Mary, 

V. Mary E. Brinkerhofi, b Aug. 23, 1868, d 
Sept. 10, 1868. 

V. Maria L. Brinkerhofi, b Nov. 24, 1870, in 
Seneca Co., O. , m John O. Carter, Dec. 24, 1895. P. 
O. McCutchenviile, O. Farmer. Presbv. 

IV. John F. Myers, b Oct, 8, 1830, d Aug. 27, 

IV. Henry Myers, b Dec. 12, 1832, d May 10, 
1892, m Mary E. Freet. C, Elizabeth, Freet. 

V. Elizabeth Myers, m John Weaver. P.O. Up- 
per Sandusky, O. C, VI. Mary M. Weaver. 

V. Freet F. Myers, P.O. Upper Sandusky, O. S. 

IV. Henrietta Myers, b Jan. 13, 1835, m Rob- 
ert Patterson, d. 0,, George, Jnt'ant, Infant, Charles. 
M 2ud husband, John Saxton, Sept. 27, 1866. He 
was b March 22, 1828, d Oct. 2, 1901. Carpenter. 
Presby. C, Emma. 

V. George Patterson, d infant. 

V. Charles Patterson, d aged 21 years. S. 
V. Emma Saxton, b in Union Co., O., July 14, 
1867, m L. A. Lowmaster, Dec. 31, 1885. P.O. L^pper 


Sandusky, O. Fanner aud Fancy Poultry man. C„ 
VI. Earl S. Lowmaster, b April 14, 1887; Clara 
May, b June 13, 1888, Nellie Bly, b Nov. 30, 1889, 
d Sept.. 27, 1902; Lloyd Edward, b March 6. 1893: 
Lecfee Cozeta, b Sept. 1, 1894; Maud Irena, b Oct. 
3, 1S95; Van Avery, b May 22, 1897; Mabel Grace, 
b Sept, 17, 1900; Fred W., b Mar. 24, 1902- Gilbert 
F., b Jan. 19, 1905. 

IV. William Myere, b Oct. 13, 1837, m Martha 
Farbush. P. O. McCutchenville, O. 

IV. Emma Myers, b Aug. 7, 1840, m Samuel C. 
Line, Feb. 23, 1871. He was b Oct. 2, 184-0, d Feb. 
15, 1893. Res. 140 College St., Carlisle, Pa. Farm- 
er. Presby. No issue. 

III. Christina Meyer, b June 9, 1794, d Sept. 
10, 1831, m Samuel Bechtel. No issue. 

III. Catherine Meyer, b June 9, 1794, d June 
2, 1840, m David Scobey. C, Jane, George, Catha- 
rine, James, John, Jesse. 

IV. Jane Mary Scobey, m William Peffer, No 

IV, George Scobey, m Mary Pilky. 
IV. Catharine Scobey, m Emanuel DeardorflL 
No issue. 

IV. James Scobey, d single. 

IV. John Scobey, m Margaret Shetrou. C, 
Rose, Nellie, William, Maude. 

V. Rose Scobey. P. O. Carlisle, Pa. S. 
V. Nellie Scobey, m Charles Kissinger. 
V. William Scobey, d youug. 

V. Maude Scobey, m George Righter. . 

IV. Jesse Scobey, d single. 

III. Sarah Meyer, b Mar. 10, 1801, d June 11, 
3 882, m David Line. He was b Aug 31, 1792, d Jan., 
1864. Farmer. C, Mary, Williaim George Matilda, 


John, David, Sarah, Frances, Samuel. 

IV. Mary Line, m Robert Greason. C. , V. Ma- 
ry (d), James (d), Laura, Frances (d), David, Anna. 

IV. Dr. William Line (d). m Frances Irwin. 
C, William, Sarah, Bessie. 

IV. George Line (d), m Isabella Huston (d), 
C, A. W., etc. 

IV. Matilda Line (d), m James Huston (d). C., 
one d infant. 

IV. John Line, d small. 

IV. David Line, m Mary E. Ralston. C, Ed- 
win, W. D., Samuel, Marion, Ella. 

IV. Sarah I. Line, m I. W. Huston, C, Mar- 
tha, Lillie, Sarah, Samuel. 

IV. Frances Line, d single. 

IV. Samuel C. Line, b Oct. 2, 1840, d Feb. 15, 
1893, m Emma Line, Feb. 23, 1871. Res. 140 College 
St., Carlisle, Pa. Farmer. Presb}'. No issue. 


II. Margaret Meyer, m Henry Heiilebower. 
Farmer. C, John, George, Jacob, Henry, Elizabeth, 
Barbara, Katharine. 

III, John Hefflebower. 
III. George Hefflebower. 

III. Jacob Hefflebower, m Jane Myers. C, IV. 
George (d), John (d S), William, Andrew, Caroline 
(d S), Catharine (d), Jacob. 

III. Henry Hefflebower. 

III. Elizabeth Hefflebower. 

III. Barbara Hefflebower. 

III. Katharine Hefflebower. 


II. Jacob Meyer, lived near Newville, Cumber- 
land Co., Pa. 


II. Martin Moyer, b about 1769, d in 1837, aged 
68 years, m Mary Elizabeth Steffy. 8he d Feb. 28, 
1863. They lived and died at MeKee's Gap, Blair 
Oo., Pa. Miller. Mr. M. Ref., Mrs. M. Luth. C, 
Peter, Daniel, Hannah, Samuel, Martin, George, 
Nicholas, David, Mary, Jacob. 

III. Peter Myers, d f in Phebe Green, d. Lived 
and died in Iowa. 

III. Dauiel Myers, drowned at age of 17 years, 
in forebay of his grandfather's mill at McKee's Gap. 

III. Hannah Myers, d in infancy. 

III. Samuel Myers, m Maria Claar. He d in Al- 
tooua, Blair Co., Pa., aged 83 yeais. Widow still 
living at Altoona, Pa. Nine children. Res. 806 8th 
Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

III. Martin Myers, m Katherine Lysinger. Both 
died at Homeville, lib 

III. George Myers, m Betsy Harry. Died near 
Duncanviile, Blair Co., Pa. 4 C. 

III. Nicholas Myers, lived and died near Mus- 
catine City, la., m Margaret Miller, d. 2 C. 

III. David Myers, d in McQuaytown, Hunt- 
ingdon Co., Pa., m Nancy Beegle, d. 5 C. 

III. Mary Elizabeth Myers, in John M. Det- 
weiler. Both d. 1 C. 

III. Jacob Myers, b Oct. 12, 1823, m Delilah 


Dodson. She was b June 19, L825. P.O. Woodbury, 
Pa. Farmer. Meth. C. , Louisa, Martin, Thomas, 
Berdine, Millard, Samuel, Barbara, Rachel, John, 
Margaret, Jennie, Ella. 

IV. Louisa Myers, b at Hollidaysburg, Pa., 
1847, m David Gogley, Feb. 17, 1874. P. O. Ever- 
ett, Pa, Mechanic. Meth. Ep. C. Pearl, Martha, 

V. Pearl D. Gogley, b at Everett, Pa., Feb. 22, 
1878, m Rev. M. B. Bubb, Nov. 2, 1904. P. O. Sal- 
ona, Pa. Meth. Ep. Minister. C, VI Mina P. 
Bubb, b 1908. 

V. Martha M. Gogley, b at Everett, Pa., July 
4, 1881, m John W. R. Spousler, 1901. Res. 1225^ 
7th Ave., Altooua, Pa. Flanger, Meth. Ep. C, VI. 
Fred W. Sponsler, b Oct. 18, 1901, d; Andre I. 
Sponsler, b July 18, 1904; Max D. Spousler, b Mar. 
30, 1908. 

V. Johu L. Gogley, b at Everett, Pa., Sept. 17, 
1884. P. O. Everett, Pa. Draftsman. Meth. Ep. S. 

IV. Martin Luther Myers, b at East Freedom, 
Blair Co., Pa,, Feb. 24, 1847, m Sarah Amauda Ram- 
sey, Dec. 9, 1874. Res. Everett, Pa. Carpenter. Meth. 
Ep. Mr. Myers enlisted Feb. 1, 1865, in Co. H, 99th 
Pa. Vol. during the Civil war, was discharged at 
Phila. July 10, 1865. b} T special order. C, Cora, 
Daisy, Edna, James, Mary, Marjorie, Robert, Freda. 

V. Cora Mabel Myers, b Nov. 14, 1875, m Geo- 
rge Russell. Res. 1411 Parsons Ave., Columbus, O. 
Glass Blower. Meth. Ep. C, VI. Hazel Evelin Rus- 
sell, b May 8, 1898; George Myers Russell, b May 1, 
1900; Herbert Russell, b Feb., 1902, d; Donald 
Russell, b Aug., 1904; Edna Russell, b Dec. 15, 1907. 

V. Daisy Ethel Myers, b July 14, 1877, d at 
Albany, Ind., May 28, 1901, m Claud C. Williams. 









N— » 








>— ' 
















Glass packer. C, VI. Vera Amanda Williams, b 
Nov. 24, 1897; Evelin Alice Williams, b Dec. 12, 
1899, d Oct. 5, 1901. 

V. Edna Alice Myers, b Oct. 8, 1880. Clerk. 8. 

V. James G. Myers, b Oct. 8, 1882. School 
teacher. S. 

V. Mary J. Myers, b July 25, 1885. Clerk. S. 

V. Marjorie L. Myers, b March 23, 1888. 

V. Robert R. Myers, b August 21, 1890. 

V. Freda L. Myers, b Feb. 21, 1898. 

IV. Thomas M. Myers, b 1849, m Ellen Shoen- 
felt. P. O. Woodbury, Pa. Painter and Justice of 
the Peace. Meth. Ep. C, Jacob, George. 

V, Jacob Myers, P. O. Woodbury, Pa. S. 
V. George Myeis, In Indian Territory. S. 

IV. Berdine B. Myers, b Dec. 2, 1851, m Annie 
Kerr. P. O. Scottdale, Pa. Carriage maker. Meth. 

Ep. C, V. Cathariue Myers, m Ellis, P.O. 

Scottdale, Pa,; Cera Myers, S; Hernia Myers, S; 
Gretta Myers, S; George Myers, S. 

IV. Millard F. Myers, b July 22, 1852, m The- 
ressa Green, d. Res. 813 Hazel St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Carpenter. M«th. Ep. C. , V. Laura Myers m Orson 
Potter; Gussie Myers, S; Maude Myers m Edwin 
Miligan; Cora Myers m Harry Armor; Mary Myers, 
S; Blaine Myers, S; Benjamin Myers, S. 

IV. Samuel F. A. W. W. Myers, b Feb. 23, 
1854, m Elizabeth Carpenter, April 10, 1888. P. O. 
Hyndman, Pa. Coach and Wagon maker. Meth. Ep. 
C, V.William Scott Myers, b April 25,1889, d 
Sept, 22, 1889; Catharine May Myers, b Nov. 29, 
1890, d Feb. 22, 1903; Laura Ellen Myers, b March 
.8, 1893; Morton Downs Myers, b Oct. 21, 1894, An- 
nie Druzilla Myers, b Jan. 18, 1897; Mary Lucretia 
31yeis ; b June 25, 1901. 


IV. Barbara M. E. Myers, b Aug. 16, 1856, m 

Porter D. Myers, Dec. 25, 1883. Res. 299 3d Ave., 
Altoona, Pa. Machinist. Meth. Ep. C, V. Laura 
Myers m E. E. Brown. 

IV. Rachel C. V. Myers, b in Blair Co., Pa., 
Oct. 23, 1858, m P. M. Bussard, Oct. 11, 1883. Res. 
2628 7th Ave., Altoona, Pa. Merchant. Meth. Ep. 
C, V. Olive xM. Bussard, b Aug. 8, 1884; Howard 
N. Bussard, b Aug. 21, 1886; Jacob E. Bussard, b 
Oct. 23, 189^ Minnie V. Bussard, b June 3, 1895, d 
Sept. 8, 1895; Nellie K. Bussard, b Jan. 15, 1899. 

IV. John B. L. Myers, b Sept. 8, 1861, d, in 
Rebecca Kerr. P. O. Mann's Choice, Pa. Meth. Ep. 
C, V. Jacob Myers, m; Pearl Myers, S. Luther My- 
ers, S; Ida Myers, S; Ruth Myers, d infant. 

IV. Margaret Myers, b Aug. 31, 1863, m J. G. 
Fluke. Res. 427 2ud Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. News Ag- 
ency, Meth. Ep. C, V- Cloyd Fluke m Clara Brown; 
Alfonso Fluke, S. 

IV. Jennie Myers, b May 9, 1865, m Thomas 
Johnson. Res. 224 Howard Ave., Altoona, Pa. Meth. 
Ep. C, V. Albert Johnson, S. 

IV. Ella Myers, b May 28, 1867. P. O. Wood- 
bury, Pa. Trained Nurse, Meth. Ep. S. 

II. Daniel Myers lived and died on homestead. 

II. Valentine Myers removed to Iowa. 

II. Abraham Myers removed to Illinois. 

11. Henry Myers removed to Kentucky. 

II. Conrad Myers removed to Somerset Co., Pa. 

II. Joseph Myers removed to Indiana Co., Pa. 

II. David Myers removed to Indiana Co., Pa. 

II. Samuel Myers d at Martinsburg, Pa., 1863. 

II. Mrs. Werfcz removed to Indiana. 

II. Mrs. Kline removed to the West. 

II. Mrs. Confer removed to Blair Co., Pa. 



By Rev. Henry C. Mover. 

I. Valentine Moyer, Sr., d 1797. The first au- 
thentic statement concerning this man 3 ^t ascertain- 
ed is in a record- of baptisms of Host Church., Berks 
Co., Pa., as early as 1759. The next is his will, re- 
corded in Book of Wilis "B" page 473, iu Readiug., 
Pa. His name seems to appear among th«e taxables 
of Tulpehocken twp., Berks Co., Province of Penn- 
sylvania in 1757. In this tax list his name is spelled 
Valentine Meier. However as far as can be learned 
the name has always been written Moyer by this 

It is said, that during the Revolutionary war he 
belonged to the provision train which transported 
produce ironuthe fertile valley of the Tulpehocken 
to the camp at Valley Forge, and at another time 
was appoiuted to purchase horses for Geu. Washing- 
ton's army. . 

Whether he was an original settler, or the son 
of an original settler is as yet an undetermined mat- 
ter. There is a legend that two brothers came from 
Germany^ that one settled in the Mohawk Valley 
and the other on the Tulpehocken. There is another 
statement that four {or, six) brothers came from Ob- 
erhost Palatinate of the Rhine in an earlj' day and 
settled at Tulpehocken. Since the subject of this 
sketch was early identified with ,, "Host Church'' we 
inay look upon this last statement as quite probable. 

The name / 'Valentine Meyer" occurs in the Ik t 


of foreigners imported in ship "Queen of Denmark" 
from Rotterdam, last from Oowes. Qualified Oct. 4, 
1751. It is 1 not known that lie and the subject of this 
sketch are the same. 

The first reliable information we have is in the 
record of baptisms in Host Church: "Maria Barbara 
Mover, b Jan. 9, 1759-, baptized Feb. 16, 1759, par- 
ents Valentine and Anna Margaret Mover." He had 
a son Philip from a previous marriage. 

Host Church is located in Berks Co., Pa., about 
five miles north of Womelsdorf. It was organized as 
early as 1750. A church building was erected in 
1775, and repaired or rebuilt in 1885. As Valentine 
Moyer and family were identified with this church, 
it is probable that all that was mortal of him rests 
somewhere in the old section of the Host church cem- 
etery, but his name is not to be seen on any of the 
grave marks. 

Valentine Moyer, Sr., was married to Margaret 

Barbara , maiden name unknown. It appears 

that she was about 20 years younger than her hus- 
band. When she died, or where she was buried, is 
not kuowu. 

Valentiue Moyer, Sr., died in 1797. He made 
his will April 30, 1797. The will was proved Aug. 
7, 1797. The will shows that he was the owner of two 
farms, one of 150 acres, which he sold to his son, John 
Nicholas Moyer, for £1430, and the other on Summer 
Hill, which was to be sold to pay present debts and 
balance put on interest for benefit of the widow. 

The old "Moyer Homestead" is in what is now 
Jefferson Twp., Berks Co., Pa., about one mile east 
of the old Host church. It came into possession of 
John Nicholas Moyer in 1797. It remained in his 
possession until 1828, when he and wife deeded it to 


Philip Stein. Subsequent owners, Isaac Herben, 
Michael Stupp, Isaac Grove and Elias Grove. 

The old house, still standing, has the appear- 
ance of more than a century of age; now used as a 
tool house. It is about 18 by 24 feet in size, and two 
stories high. Near the (-Id building is a magnificent 
spring five feet square, with four feet depth of wa- 
ter, walled up with stones. From the spring issues 
a small stream, flowing to the south and east, which 
empties into the Tulpehockeu. 

C, Philip, Maria, Catharine, John, Anna, Dan- 
iel, George, Valentine, Elizabeth, Michael, Peter, 

II. Philip Moyer, b about 1737, d about 1811. 
lie probably was born in Germany, and may have 
emigrated to America in bis youth, with his father. 
He m Maria Catharine Uuru,b, dau. of Valentine 
Uiiruh. She was b May 24, 1741, d Dec. 26, 1815. 
About a mile N. E. of Womelsdorf it is said his fa- 
ther, Valentine Moyer, Sr., owned a large farm now 
owned by Dr. Liviuggood, a part of which tradition 
says was given to Philip Moyer, who erected a brick 
house on it along the beautiful banks of the Tulpe- 
hockeu Creek. Above the porch is a large white stone 
on which is inscribed Ph. M. & C. M., 1799. Tradi- 
tion also says that when the carpenters had comple- 
ted their work, the house was burned up, and had 
to be re-wooded. At the same time he built the house 
above mentioned he built a brick house on another 
farm of his, which was also burned. This too was re- 
wooded. He is said to have been a wealthy man, but 
by the time he had his burnt houses re-wooded he 
was about bankrupt. Philip Moyer was a private in 
Capt. Geoige Miller's Co., Berks Co. Militia, on du- 
ty at South A in boy, N. J . , Sept. 5, 1776, while the 


battle of Long Island was going on. Later this Com- 
pany became a part of the German regiment which 
took active part in the battles of Trenton, Prince- 
ton, Germantown, etc. Philip Mover was twice com- 
missioned Lieutenant during the Revolutionary war. 
Farmer. Ger. Ref. His remains lie buried in the 
cast end of the Womelsdorf church grave yard, in 
an unmarked grave. C, Maria, Valentine, Elizabeth, 
Daniel, Jacob, Eve, Magdalena, Barbara, Anna, Ro- 
siua, Susanna, Sophia, Margaretta. 

III. Maria Catharine Moyer, b Feb. 28, 1762, 
d Dec. 27, 1802, m Jacob Shiufelter. He was b Dec. 
14, 1762, d July 17, 1805. No issue. 

III. Valentine Moyer, b in Berks Co., Pa., 
Dec, 1762, d 1823, m Catharine Margaret Jones. 
She was b at Germantown, Pa., in White Marsh 
Valley. Farmer. Ccer. Ref. C. , Samuel, George, 
Kate, Jacob, Elizabeth, Lydia. 

IV. Samuel Moyer, m Anna Bashore. C, Clara, 
Kate, Christine, Samuel, Edward, William, Rebec- 
ca, Alice, George. 

IV. George Moyer, m. Moved to Ohio. C, V. 

IV. Kate Moyer, m John Bossier. C, John, 
and one or two daughters. 

V. John Bosler. 

V. Bosler, m Boyer. C,, VI. Bos- 
ler Boyer. P. O. Lebanon, Pa. 

IV. Major Jacob Moyer, b in Berks Co., Pa., 
1793, d at Lebanon, Pa., 1877, m Elizabeth Keiuard 
1828. She was b at Pottstown, Pa., 1803, d at Leb- 
anon, Pa., 1870. He was Major of a Battalion of 
troops. Hotel-keeper. Ger. Ref., wife Luth. C, An- 
na, William, Sarah, George, Jacob, Mary, Charles, 
Caroline, Lemuel, Emma, Catharine, Augustus, 


James, Gertrude, Julia, 

V. Auiui Catharine Mover, m Christian Selt- 
zer. C. , Augustus, Charles, George, Gertrude, 

V. William Adam Moyer, d, in Angeline Bish- 
op, d. C, D:\ Wm. B. Myers, Res. Baltimore; John 

B. Myers, Heading, Pa. 

V. Sarah Moyer, d single. 

V. George Alexander Moyer, m Susan Wilkes, 
d. P. 0. Lebanon, Pa. C, George (d), Robert, Flor- 
ence, Edward. 

V. Jacob Moyer, d single. 

V. Mary Elizabeth Moyer, d, m Luther R. Hy- 
nicka, d. C, Rudolph, Alice, Lemuel. 

VI. Rudolph R. Hynieka, m Bessie Robinson, 
d. Res. Cincinnati, O. C, VII. Carrie Elizabeth 

VI. Aliee Catharine Hynieka, d. 

VI. Lemuel R. Hynieka. Res. Lebanon, Pa. 
He has lived in eleven different states, following his 
vocation as engineer and contractor building rail- 
roads. He has also been employed as superintendent 
on Panama canal, located at Corozal, Panama. 

V. Charles Philip Moyer, d< m Clara Seltzer. 

C, VI. George (d), J. Donald. 

V. Caroline Moyer, m Luther R, Hynieka, d, 
(his 2nd wife). C, Robert, Luther, Elizabeth. 

VI. Robert G. Hynieka. P. O. Lebanon, Pa. 
VI. Luther R. Hynieka, d. 

VI. Elizabeth A. G. Hynieka, m L G. Miller. 
P. O. Lebanon, Pa. 

V. Lemuel Moyer, d single. 
V, Emma Moyer, d single. 
V. Catharine A. Moyer, d single. 
V. Augustus R. Moyer, d single. 
"V. James W. Mover, d single. 


V. Gertrude C. Moyer, d single. 

V. Julia Ella, Moyer (d), m A. L. Baker. C, 
Auua, Caroline, Harriet. 

VI. Anna M. Baker, m Nelson. Res. Read- 
ing, Pa. 

VI Caroline A. Baker, m Miller. P. O. 

Lebanon, Pa. 

VI. Harriet E. Baker, in Funk. P. O. 

Lebanon, Pa. 

IV. Elizabeth Moyer, in Jonathan Weidman. 

IV. Lydia Moyer, m John Moyer. 

III. Elizabeth Moyer, b Oct. 7, 17(33, d Dec. 
27, 1835, m Henry Heist. 

III. Daniel Moyer, b in Tulpehockeu Twp., 
Berks Co., Pa., 176G, d in Dauphin Co., Pa., May, 
1814, m Christina Backenstoe.* She d in 1849, aged 
84 years. 

He moved to Dauphin Co., in 1809. He lived 
about \ mile east of Wouielsdorf, and was well to do. 
It is said he kept a hotel just opposite Conrad Weis- 
er's residence. During the war of 1812, he was draft- 
ed, but his health had become impaired by a strain 
carrying a \ ton pig iron on a wager, which he wou, 
and he sent for his son Daniel who was at school in 
Philadelphia, to come home and take his place in the 
army. Farmer and miller. C, Eve, Sarah, Daniel, 
Hannah, Maliuda, Caroline, Lavina. 

IV. Eve Elizabeth Moyer, b 1792, d aged about 
18 yeais. 

IV. Sarah Moyer, b 1794, d, m Samuel Hoover. 
He drove a four horse stage coach from Harrisburg 

*Daughter of Jno. Geo. Backenstoe, and his wife Christiana 
Brightbill, daughter of Peter Brightbill. Jr., aud granddaughter of 
Peter Brightbill, Sr., who served through the Revolutionary war 
under Col. Timothy Green, Peter Brightbill, Sr., being a Lieut. 


to Jonestown for some time C, Sarah. Mary, Em- 
ma, Daniel. 

V. Sarah Hoover, m Chas. Buehler, C., Caro- 
line, Lizzie, Kei, Mary, Samuel, Charles, Hummel, 

VI. Caroline Beuhler, m Seese. 

V. Mary Hoover, m Calder. C, VI. 

Mary, Ellen, 

V. Emma Hoover, m Hamlet Dougherty. 1011 
N. 2d St., Harrisburg, Pa. C, VI. Bertha, Mary, 
Frank, Harry. 

V. Daniel Hoover, m. 

IV. Daniel Mover, b in Berks Co., Pa., June 
10, 1797, d, m Mary Hoover. She d Nov. 30, 1835. 
C., Jacob, Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary, Sarah. M 2nd 
wife Margaret Gittle. She was b Sept. 30, 1316, d 
Nov. 5, 1879. C, Susan, Matilda, Benjamin, Esaias, 
Carolina, Philip, Clara, Henry. 

Daniel attended school in Philadelphia until 
called home by his father to take his place in the ar- 
my during the war of 1812. In 1819 he, with others 
rode out to Marietta, Ohio, to look up land, but- 
came back aud ran the old mill aud became quite 
wealthy. He made trips to Philadelphia with team, 
taking grain, aud returning with produce. In 1825 
when Marquis de Lafayette visited Harrisburg, Pa. 
Daniel Moyer, jr., was bugler of the Dauphin Caval- 
ry which was this noted visitor's escort. Miller and 
farmer. Ger. Ref. 

V. Jacob Moyer, b July 23, 1826, d young. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, b Sept. 1, 1827, m Amos 
Cassell. C, Kate, Caroline, Daniel, Jacob. 

VI. Kate S. Cassell, b Mar. 31, 1857, m Wil- 
liam Shelley, Jan. 8, 1885. P. O. Richfield, Pa. 
Farmer. Luths. No issue. 


VI. Caroline Cassel, no Ed. Leonard. P. 0. 01)- 
erlin, Pa. Tailor. C, VII. Edith, Frank, &c. 

VI. Daniel W. Cassel, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Aug. 6, 1861, m Sadie C. Hoffman, Sept, 13, 1885. 
P. O. Hollinger, Pa. Tanner and currier. Luths. C. , 
VII. Two d infants; Elizabeth H. Cassel, b Mar. 3, 
91. Luth.; Chas. C. Cassel, b Sept, 28, 1893,8.; 
Kathryn Cassel, b July 6, 1897; Joseph P. Cassel, b 
Jan. 25, 1900. 

VI. Jacob Cassel, P. O. Hnminelstown, Pa. 

V. Daniel Moyer, b Nov 15, 1829, d Aug., 1846 
from effects of being thrown from a pet colt. 

V. Mary Moyer, b Aug. 20, 1831, m .John Ki- 
cker. C, Daniel, Mame. 

VI. Daniel Kicker, m Mrs. Sweigart. 

Kes. Harrisburg, Pa. No issue. 

VI. Maine Kicker, m Peters. P. O. Hum- 
mel stown, Pa, 

V. Sarah Moyer, b Feb. 16, 1834, m George 
Smith. P. O. Peubrook, Pa. No issue. 

V. Susan Moyer, b 1835, d young. S. 

V. Matilda Moyer, (d), b Dec. 9, 1839, m John 
Stober. P. O. Peubrook, Pa. 

V. Benjamin Franklin Moyer, b Sept. 9, 1841, 
m Kate £. Meese, Dec, 1866. She was b May 23, 
1842, d Sept. 14, 1907. P. O. Lingelstown, Pa. He 
was educated in the public schools, and at White 
Hall and Palmyra private schools. Teacher and Far- 
mer. Ger. Knf. C . , Joseph, Laura, Sallie, Nevin, 

VI. Joseph Daniel Moyer, b Nov. 5, 1868, d 
Sept, 22, 1869. 

VI. Laura Irene Moyer, b Oct. 1, 1870, m Geo. 
A. Unger, Feb., 1890. P. O. Lingelstown, Pa, Far- 
mer. Ger. Kef. C, VII. David, Sarah. 


VI. Sallie Jane Moyer, b Mar. 9, 1872, d Mar. 
3, 1890. 

VI. NTevin Wiltarforce Moyer, b May 28, 1876. 
P. O. Lingelstowu, Pa. Educated in public schools 
and Millersville State Normal school. He has taught 
seven years in ungraded schools, two years Priu. of 
Bethany Orphans Home schools, Womelsdorf, Berks 
Co., Pa., and three years in High schools. During 
Spanish American war he offered his services to the 
Gov.. troops, but they were full. He then helped or- 
ganize two companies, he being Lieut, of one, in 
April, 1898, drilled and equipped themselves, and in 
June offered their services, but weie not accepted 
on account of the state having furnished its quota of 
men. He later joined the Pa. Cavalry ., G troop, and 
is still a member. 

He is a member of the following organ izationsj 
Sons of the American Revolution; Society of the War 
of 1812; P. O. S. of A.; and Patriotic Order of I O. 
of A. Ger. Ref. S. 

VI. Cora Meese Moyer, b March 30, 1881, d 
Aug. 21, 1907, m John W. Buck, Dec, 1905. She 
was educated in common schools, and Irvin and Al- 
lertou college. She was talented in instrumental and 
vocal musit!, which she taught up to marriage. 

V. Esaias Moyer, b Jan. 25, 1844, m Martha 
Johnson. Res. Dayton, Ohio, He served in the 201st 
Regt. Pa. Vol. in the Civil war. C. , Irvin, George., 
Florence, Dayton, Cora. 

VI. Irvin F. Moyer, m Annie Early. P.O. West 
Hanover, Pa. Farmer. C., Katie, Myra, Joseph, — . 

VII. Katie-Moyer, m Mumma. 

VII. Myra Moyer. 

VII. Joseph Moyer. 

VI. George Moyer. served three years in U, S. 


Cav. Band, and was Serg't in Philippine Inlands. 
Kes. Dayton, O. 

VI. Florence Moyer. 

VI. Dayton Mover. 

VI. Cora Moyer. 

V. Caroline Moyer, b Nov. 10, 1815, d April 
18, . 

V. Philip Moyer, b Oct, 5, 1849, in Adeline 
BrigbtbilL P. O. Penbrook, Pa. Shoemaker and Car- 
penter. C, Adam, Edith, Violet, Philip, Paul, Park. 

VI. Adam Moyer, m Emma Shepler. 

VI. Edith Moyer, Milliner at Lancaster, Pa. 

VI. Violet Moyer, Teacher of music in Texas. 

VI. Philip Moyer, d. 

VI. Paul Moyer, P.O. Penbrook, Pa. Carpenter. 

VI. Park Moyer. 

V. Clara Jane Moyer, b 1852, m John Brooks 
(d). He served all through the Civil war, was seven 
months a prisoner in AudersonvilJe and Libby pris- 
ons, and was discharged as Corporal. C, VI. Char- 
les (d), Wesley, Calvin, LueJla, Clara. P. 0. Pen- 
brook, Pa. 

V. Henry B. Moyer, b July 1, 1S55, d 1900, m 
. Iron worker. C, Clarence. 

VI. Clarence A. Moyer. P. O. Steel ton, Pa. 

IV. Hannah Moyer, m Geiselman. Moved 

to Pittsburg, Pa. No issue. 

IV- Malinda Moyer, m John Early, d Mar. 12, 
1888. C, Caroline, Benjamin, Margaret, Emma, 
Frank, Claude, Lizzie. 

V. Caroline Early, b 1832, m Thomas Forney. 
C, VI. Ellsworth, Thomas, Almeda, all iu Texas. 

V. Benjamin H. Earl}', b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
July 5, 183G, d there 1896, m Elizabeth Harper. She 
was b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 1837, d Dec, 1908. 


Farmer. Gh. of God. G. , Minnie, John, Cleinenza. 

VI. Minnie Early, bin Dauphin Co., Pa., Oct. 
18, 1860, m William Look, Dec. 16, 1880. P.O. Liu- 
gelstown, Pa. Ch. of God. C, Myrtle, Charles, John, 
Benjamin, Ross, William. 

VII. Myrtle Look, b Sept. 25, 1881, d Jan. 19, 

VII. Charles F. Look, b Nov. 13, 1882. P. O. 
Liugelstown, Pa. Carpenter. 

VII. John Wesley Look, b Nov. 29, 1884. P. 
O. Lingelstowu, Pa. 

VII. Benjamin Early Look, b June 19, 1887, 
m Agnes Landis. P.O. Union Deposit, Pa. Farmer. 
G., VIII. Anna Elizabeth Look, 1) Jan. 3, 1907. 

VII. Ross A. Look, b March 12, 1891. 

VII. William H. Look, b Dec. 16, 1892, d Dec. 
3, 1897. 

VI. John W. Early, b Aug. 16, 1863, in Lillie 
Haiu. P. O. Lingelstowu, Pa. Poor Director. G., 
May, Harry, Bessie, John. 

VII. May Early, b Juue 24, 1887, in William 
Feeser. P. O. Lingelstowu, Pa. C, VIII. Ethel May 
Feeser, b Oct. 19, 1906. 

VII. Harry Early, b Sept. 14, 1888. 
VII. Bessie Early, b April 20, 1890. 
VII. John Early, b Sept. 24, 1892. 

VI. Clemenza Early^ b Nov. 24, 1866, in Dr. 
Harvey Hetrick. G., Bess. M 2nd husband, George 
Reigel. Res. 1813 Greeu St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

VII. Bess Hetrick. m Edward Kuukle. Res. 
Herr St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

V. Margaret Early, m Hiram Douer. 

V. Emma Early, single. 

V. Frank Early, m Adlet Albert, iu Texas. 

V. Claude Early, m Emma Biener. Res. Ohio. 


\ . Lizzie Early, m Ezra Criim. C, Virgie. 

VI. Virgie Crum, m Samuel Lerch, d, id 2nd 

husband, Light. C, VIT. Gustie. P. O. Pen- 

bnook, Pa. 

IV. Caroline Mover, m Andrew Speck. lie was 
b Oct. 6, 1803, a Jan. 16, 1876. C, Thomas, Henry, 
Daniel, Mali n da. 

V. Thomas Jefferson Speck, m Maggie Wilson, 
P. O. East Hanover, Pa. C, Vivian, Jacob, Carrie, 
Bessie, etc, 

V. Henry Speck (d), m Sarah Bair. C, Mason, 
John, Meyer, Jennie, George, Garfield, Mary (d). 

V. Daniel Speck, m Catharine Walmer. P. O. 
Annville, Pa. Hotel-keeper. C. , Henry, Kate, Dan- 
iel, Allen, Lillian, Robert. 

VI. Henry Speck, m Cherrington. C, VII. 

Charles, Russell, Agnes. 

VI. Kate Speck, m Frauk Bitner. C. , VII. Sarah, 
John, Marguerite, Elmira, Catharine, Moses. 

VI. Daniel Speck, m Ellen Fanster. C, VII 

VI. Allen Speck, m Clara Rural. G, VII. Wil- 
liam, Lillian, Daniel. 

VI. Lillian Speck, m Raymond Imboden. C., 
VII Herman. 

VI. Robert Speck. P. O. Annville, Pa, S. 

V. Malinda Speck (d), m Shrickaugust (d). 

No issue. 

IV. Lavina Catharine Moyer, b in Lebanon Co. , 
Pa., July 27, 1810. d July 27, 1885, m David Fisher 
about 1829. He was b in Lebanon Co., Pa. r Jan. 13, 
1807, d at Wooster, O., July 18, 1887. Farmer. 
Luths. C, Diana, Amanda, Jemima, Hiram, Edwin, 
Inezetta, Martha, Emma. 

V. Diana Jane Fisher, b May 15, 1831, d at 


Oxford, Mich., Oct. 29, 1905, m Joseph Lewis, Oct. 
28, 1852 He was b at Belvidere, N. X, f ?Oct, 8, 1823, 
d at Oxford, Mich., May 20, 1887. Farmer. Baptists. 
0., Mary, Emma, George, Judson. 

VI. Mary A, Lewis., b in Oakland Co., Mich., 
Mar. 27, 1854, m James Arnold. Res. 110 Custer 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. Farmer. C, Infant, Infant, 
Infant, Lewis. 

VII. Lewis Arnold, b July 7, 1876. Graduated 
from the Detroit College of Law in 1897. Res. 11$ 
Custer Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

VI. Emma A. Lewis, h in Oakland Co., Mich., 
Mar. 5, 1858, m Smith J. Rogers, Oct, 30, 1878. P. 
O-v Leunou, Mich. Farmer. Meth. Ep. C, VII. M<a« 
bel Rogers, b May 9. 1883. Graduated from Albion 
College, Class of 1908. . 

VI. George Lewis, b Sept. 12, 1864, m Eva 
Braid, 1892. P. O. Oxford, Mich. Farmer. 

VI. Judson Lewis, b Sept, 12, .1864,'. m Daisy 
Bowers, 1888. She died May 30, 1891, M 2nd wife, 
Lena Hosmer. P. O. Oxford, Mich. Farmer. C. , 
VII. Florence Lewis, b 1904; Infant b July 1907, d 
Sept. 1907; Eva Lewis, b Sept. 29, 1908. 

V. Jemima L. Fisher, b at Findlay, 0-, Feb. 12. 
1837, m John A. Rahm, Jan. 18, 1872. He was b at 
Harrisburg, Pa., d at Wooster, O., Mar. 9, 1906. 
Res. 321 Forest Ave., River Forest, 111. Farmer. He 
was a soldier in the Civil War. Mrs. R., Luth. O, 
Marv, Edwin. 

VI. Mary A. Rahm, b 1873. P. O. Oak Park, 
111. Teacher. Presby. S. 

VI. J. Edwin Rahm, b at Wooster, 0.,Xov, 3, 

1875, m Mildred McCrum, Dec. 26, 1906. P. O. 321 

Exchange Building, Kansas City, Mo. Grain Mer- 

ichaat Presby. 0., VII. Johu McCrum Rahm, b Oat. 


23, 1907; Edwin Rahm, Jr., b Jan. 29, 1909. 

V. Hiram T. Fisher, b at AVooster, O., Aug. 29, 
1839, m Amanda Blanden Allen, Bridgeport, Conn,, 
Sept. 2, 1880. Res Cleveland, O. Att'y at Law, at 
1013 Williamson Bldg. He enlisted in 16th, O. Vol. 
Inf. Aug. 25, 1861, and served till Mar., 1866, and 
was mustered out as Captain, with Gen'ls Thomas, 
Sherman and others in campaigns on the Mississippi 
and tributaries including siege of Vicksburg. Be- 
fore entering law he was engaged in journalism, for 
the most part. Patent law a specialty in his practice. 
He is a member of the Loyal Legion of Former Of- 
ficers of the U. S. Army. Coug. C, Edward. 

VI. Edward Marsh Fisher, b at Washington, 
D. C, Dec. 18, 1883, m Villa L. Reed, of Elyria, 
O., Nov. 27, 1906. Attorney at Law. Cong C, 
VII. Daughter died at birth. 

V. Edwin Daniel Fisher, b Sept. 10, 1842, m 
Teresa Jane Morris, d. He enlisted in the U. S. 
Army in 1861, participated in the battles of Vicks- 
burg, Chickasaw Bluffs, Arkansas Post, Champion 
Hills, and many others. Served to the close of the 
war, mustered out as Lieutenant. Grain merchant 
at 327 Exchange Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. No issue. 

V. Iuezetta Fisher, b July 18, 1846, m Edwin 
Billings, June 24, 1885. Res 177 Bridge St., Corn- 
ing, N. Y. He was b in Troy, Pa., June 1842. En- 
listed in the 2nd Regt., Pa. Vet. Artillery in 1861, 
and was discharged June 6, 1865. Graduated at 
Mansfield, Pa., State Normal school, class of 1868. 
Engaged in teaching until 1872, later otherwise en- 
gaged. Meth. Ep. No issue. 

V. Martha Amelia Fisher, b June 4, 1849, m 
John W. Haythorne. P. O. Richmoud, 111. No 

Jeremiah Mover 
( See page 80 ) 


V. Emma E. Fisher, b at Wooster, O. She is 

engaged in Missionary Work near and about Ashe- 
vilie, N. C Cong'l Ch. S. 

III. Jacob Moyer, b Dec. 15, 1770, d Aug. 22, 

1854, m Sarah .She was b Nov. 15, 1767. 

Lived in the vicinity of Lebanon, Fa. C. , George, 
Polly, Eliza, . 

IV. George Moyer, b in 1796, d 1876, m Bar- 
bara Fisher. She was b 1797, d 1876. Farmer near 
AVonielsdorf, Pa. Ger. Ref. C, Sarah, Mahlon, 
Isaac, Eliza. 

V. Sarah Moyer, b June 13, 1817, d Jan. 1, 
1908, m John Fryberger, Mar. 12, 1835. He was b 
Dec. 14, 1808, d July 25, 1871. Farmer and Miller, 
Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Mrs. Sarah Fry- 
berger had 30 grandchildren, 50 great grandchildren 
and 5 great great grandchildren, all liviug. Ou the 
occasion of her fuueral the church was crowded, aud 
the floral tributes were simply beautiful. Oue of 
these from her grandchildren consisted of 90 carna- 
tions, each one representing a year in the aged lady's 
life. Ger. Eel. C, Amanda, Charles, Annie, Eliza, 
Sarah, Mahlon. 

VI. Amanda Fry berger, b June 28, 183S, m 
Adam Grimm, Apr. 12, 1860. P. O., Smithiield, Mo. 
Meth. Ep. C, Clara, Hanibal, Sadie, Leila, Edwin, 

VII. Clara D. Grimm, b .Vug. 26, 1861, m 
James Fiukenbinder. P. O. Neodashea, Ivans. 

VII. Hanibal D. Grimm, b Jan. 13, 1863, m 
Birchie Smith. P. O. Smithfield, Mo. 

VII. Sadie A Grimm, b June 9, 1866, m Wil- 
liam Nelson. P. O. Abbeville, La. 

VII. Leila E. Grimm, b May 16, 1869, m Floyd 
Verbryck. P. 0. Jopliu, Mo. 


VII. Edwin E Grimm, b May 9, 1873, P. O. 

Carl Junction, Mo. 

VII. Electa Grimm, b Mar. 16, L 880, m Charles 
Smith, Nov. 29, 1899. P. 0. Abbeville, La. Com- 
mercial Traveler. Epis. 

VI. Charles Theodore Fryberger, !> in Lebanon 
Co., Pa., Jan. 15, 1844, m Mary J. Brachbill, Dec. 
24, 1867. She was b Feb. 8, 1845, d Apr. 19, 1875. 
C. , John. M 2nd wife, Ida V. Steiner, Apr. 22, 
1879. She was b in Clearfield, Co., Pa., Dec. 12, 
1852. P. O. Philipsburg, Pa. Merchant. Meth. Ep. 
C, Alton, Mahlon, Elizabeth, Mary, William, 
Philip, Dorothy. 

Mr. Charles T. Fryberger enlisted in the 
Federal Army of the United States, Sept. 15, 1861, 
lor a terru of three years, and mustered into the 
service Oct. 19, 1861, at Harrisburg, Pa., as a private 
soldier in Co. "D," 45th Regt. Pa. Infamy, pro- 
moted to Corporal Nov. 14, 1861, and appointed 
Regimental Provost Marshal by Major Shreiilin, 
commanding the Regiment, Nov. 19, 1862. Pro- 
moted to 3d Sergeant Dec. 18, 1862, and Orderly or 
1st Sergeant June 6, 1864. Re-enlisted Oct. 7, 1864, 
for three years or to the close of the war; after reor- 
ganization of the Veteran Regiment at Annapolis, 
Md., was le-appointed First Sergeant of Co. *'D,' 
45th Regt. Vet. Vol. Infantry of Penn'a. Commis- 
sioned 1st Lieutenant of same Co., Nov. 24, 1864, 
and on Dec. 19, 1864, was commissioned Captain of 
Co. D, 45th Regt. P. V. V., and discharged from the 
Army of the United States at Alexandria, Va., July 
17, 1865, by. reason of the closeof the War: parti- 
cipated in the following expeditions and battles: 
"Was with the expedition under Gen. "W. T. Sher- 
man, "Uncle Billy," against Hilton-head, Beau ford 


and Piuckney Island ii: South Carolina, and Block- 
aded Charleston, S. C. Took part in battle of South 
Mountain, Md., Sept. 14, 18G2, Antietau (Sharps- 
burg) Aid.. Sept 17, 1862, in line of battle and on 
picket duty in front of Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 11, 
12, 13 and 14, and in the battle of Fredericksburg, 
Va., Dec. 15, 1862; journeyed to Vicksburg, Miss., 
participated in the siege of Vicksburg, and was at the 
surrender of the City July 4, 1863; was on the firing 
line July 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th, 1863, at 
Jackson, Miss.; returned to Tennessee and was engaged 
at Blue Spring Aug. 10, 1863, Campbell's Sta., East 
Tenn., Nov. 16, 1863; siege of Knoxville, Term., 
Nov. 17, to Dec. 5, 1863, at which place we were 
the besieged, and our rations did not exceed three 
ears of coin per day to the man; returning to Vir- 
ginia was in the battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 
1364; Spotts^lvauia Court House, Va. , May 12th, 
16th and 18th, 1864; North Ann Kiver, May 24th, 
1864; Bethesda Church, Ya., June 5, 1864; Cold 
Harbor, Va. , June 5, to 12, 1864; at Charge on 
Petersburg, Va., June 17, 1864; and in line of battle 
alternating every 24 hours until the * 'Blowing up" 
of "Rebel'' fort Apr. 2, 1865; and in the charge on 
Petersburg same day; and was at Appomattox, Va. , 
on the day of the surrender by Gen. Kobt. E. Lee, 
of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, to 
Lieutenant General U. S. Grant, Apr. 9, 1865. 

VII. John Edgar Fryberger, b Feb. 7, 1870, in 
Caroline Chase MeGaft'ey, June 27, 1900. P. O. 
Philipsburg, Pa. Bank Cashier. He Meth. Epis. 
wile E pis. C. , Vril. George McGafiey Fryberger, 
b May 7, 1903; Mary Louise Fryberger, b Aug. 10, 
3905; Alice Nuttall Fryberger, b Dec. 27, 1907. 

VII. Alton Fryberger. b Apr. 12. 1880, d June 


16, 1880. 

VII. Million Oris Fryberger, b Aug., 1881. P. 
O. Philipsbuig, Pa. Book-keeper in Phila. 

VII. Elizabeth Steiuer Fryberger, b in Clear- 
field Co., Pa., Juue 22, 1883. P. O. Philipsburg, 
Pa. Meth. Ep. S. . 

VII. Mary Steiuer Fryberger, b Feb. 7, 1885. 
P. O. Philipsburg, Pa, Meth. Ep. S. 

VII. William Steiner Fryberger, b Aug. 25, 
1886, m Clara Duulap, July 24, 1905. She was b 
Mar. 23, 1885. P. O. Philipsburg, Pa. Clerk. C. , 
VIII. Ellsworth Fryberger, b Sept. 25, 1906, 

VII. Philip Steiuer Fryberger, b June 8, 1891. 

VII. Dorothy Steiuer Fryberger, b Apr. 27. 

VI. Anuie Fryberger, b in Berks Co., Pa., Nov. 
5, 1846, m J. Joseph Garbrick, Apr. 14, 1867. P. 
O. Bellefoute, Pa. Farmer. Luth. C, Charles, 
Johu, Esther, Harry. 

VII. Charles P. Garbrick, b Mar. 22, 1869, ui 
Jessie Beck. P. O. Bellefoute, Pa. Machinist. 
Presby. C. , VIII. Mary, Freederick. 

VII. John W. Garbrick, b Nov. 12, 1870, m 
Susan Keller. P. O. Bellefoute, Pa., R. F. D. 
Farmer. Luth. No issue. 

VII. Esther V. Garbrick, b June 29, 1877, m 
J. Clyde Jodou. P. O. Bellefoute, Pa. Book- 
keeper, Luth. C, VIII. Joseph Foster Jodou, 
Russell Robert Jodou. 

VII. Harry E. Garbrick, b Feb. 6, 1880, m 
Clara Geutzel. P. O. Ziou, Pa., R. F. D. Farmer. 
Luth. C, VIII. Joseph Heury Garbrick. 

VI. Eliza B. Fisher, b in Centre Co,, Pa., Apr. 
12, 1851, m Dr. Philip S. Fisher, in 1872, P. O. 
Ziou, Pa. Physician. Ref. ch. C, Sarah. Anuie, 


Charles, Arthur. 

VII. Sarah Verona Fisher, b Dec. 6, 1872, m 
Kelson E. Bobb, 1896. Res. Harrisburg, Pa, Ref. 
eh. C, VIII. Allice Leila Bobb, Philip Fisher 
Bobb, Heury Nevin Bobb, Mahlon Kiester Bobb. 

VII. Annie Leila. Fisher, b Sept. 21, 1S74, d 
Nov. 20, 1884. Ref. eh. 

VII. Charles Nevin Fisher, b Aug. 27, 1876. 
P. O. Zion, Pa. Salesman. Ref. ch. 

VII. Arthur Bruce Fisher, b Feb. 14 ? 1879. 
P. O. Granite City, III. Mechanical Engineer. Ref. 

VI. Sarah Fryberger, b Mar. 29, 1853, d July 
10, 1908, m George Campbell, June 29, 1S76. Ger. 
Ref. C, Ida, Charles, Verna, Merle, Mahlon. 

VII. Ida Campbell. Res., Phila., Pa. S. 
VII. Charles Campbell. Res., Phila., Pa. S. 
VII. Verna Campbell, m Wiiliaai Broughton, 

Res. 16 Ruby St., W. Phila., Pa. 

VII. Merle Campbell. Res. Phila., Pa. S. 

VII. Mahlon Campbell. Res. Phila., Pa. S. 

VI. Mahlon Calvin Fryberger, b Dec. 18, 1860, 
d Aug. 22, 1892. Book keeper. Meth. Ep. S. 

V. Mahlon Moyer, b July 15, 1822, d Apr. 13, 
1905 5 m Saria Knauer. She was b Sept. 17, 1&24, 
d Nov. 2, 1887. Real Estate dealer. C. , Clarissa, 

VI. Clarissa K. Moyer, b F'eb. 8, 1848, m Wil- 
frid B. Rich, b Mar. 16, 1846. C, Maurice. 

VII. Maurice F. Rich, b July 3, 1867, m Mary 
J. Lippeucotr, b Oct. 5, 1872. C., VIII. Clarissa 
K. Rich, b Mar. 23, 1899, d June 27, 1900; Evelyn 
M. Rich, b June 24, 1901. 

VI. George Frank Moyer, b Oct. 24, 1854, m 
Eulalia B. Hornberger, b Dec. 25, 1867. Res. 41 


St., and Lancaster Ave, Phila. , Pa. No issue. 

V. Isaac Moyer, I) d single. 

V. Eliza Moyer, d Apr. 15, 1906. S. 

IV. Polly Moyer, m David Kale. 

IV. Eliza Moyer, m Philip Sliartel. 

III. Eve Elizabeth Moyer, h 1772, m David 

III. Magdalena Moyer, b Apr, 14, 1774, d 184G, 
m John Ermentrout. C, William, etc. 

IV. William Ermentrout, m Justina Silvis. C, 
John, William, Philip, Benjamin, Daniel, Joseph, 
Samuel, James, Ellen, Mary. 

V. John S. Ermentrout, d July 21, 1880. Sup- 
etiutendent of Schools in Berks Co., for some time, 
later professor in the State Normal School at Kutz- 
town, Pa. S. 

V. William Ermentrout, (d), m Elleu Leiss. C, 
Katie, Eugene, William, Gertrude. 

V. Philip Ermentrout, (d), m Susan HofL He 
was for many years an Alderman in Reading, Pa., 
and real-estate and insurance agt. C. , Philip, 
Augustus (d), Percy, Jennie, Hettie. 

V. Benjamin F. Ermentrout, (d), m Ilannah 
Hain. He was Band master of Ringgold Band of 
Reading, Pa. C, Philip, Justina. 

V. Daniel N. Ermentrout, (d), m Adelaide 
Metzgar. He was Congressman four terms from the 
47th to 50th. C, Fitz, Adelaide. 

V. Joseph Ermentrout, m Mary Krick. Res., 
Reading, Ta. Retired locomotive engineer. C. , 
William, Ceorge, Frederic, Robert, Laura, Sadie, 

V. Samuel C. Ermentrout, m D. M. Emma 
Keppleman. Was Surgeon in Civil war, and was in 
the service of the Prussian government during 


Franco-Prussian war. C, Robert, Edna. 

V. Judge James N. Ermentrout, d 1908. 
Lawyer, and for a number of years was president 
Judge of the eivil courts of Berks Co., Pa., at time 
of his death was serving his third term. S. 

V. Ellen Ermentrout, m Ritter. 

V. Mary Elizabeth Ermentrout, (d), m Benne- 
ville de Bertolette (d). C, Harry, Joseph, John, 
Elizabeth, Hettie, Lottie. 

III. Barbara Mover, in John Seholl. 

III. Anna Moyer, m George Solade, had issue. 
Anna m 2nd husband, Isaac Collier. 

III. Rosiua Moyer, b Jan, 13, 1782, m 


III. Susanna Meyer, b Nov. 3, 1785. m Jacob 
Sallade, Apr. 18, 1813. He was b July 13, 1789. C, 
IV. Maria Catharine Sallade, b Mar. 14, 1814. IV. 
Andreas Meyer Sallade, b Oct. 27, 1815. IV 
Charles Meyer Sallade, b July 8, 1817. IV. Sarah 
Sallade, b Apr. 9, 1820. IV. Susanna Sallade, b Dec. 
2, 1821. IV. Rebecca Sallade, b June 26, 1824, d 
Apr. 10, 1825 IV. John Jacob Meyer Sallade, b 
Jan. 22, 1826. 

III. Sophia Moyer, b Dec. 23, 1790, d Dec. 14, 
1854, m John Smith. He was b at Womelsdorf, 
Pa., Jan. 11, 1788, d there Jan. 2, 1855. Cabinet 
maker and lumber dealer. Luth. Mrs. S., Ref. 
eh. C, Joseph, Joseph, Frank, John, William, 
Charles, Lydia, Catharine, Sarah, Maria, Rebecca, 
E. Peuu, Caroline, Matilda, Louisa, Henry. 

IV. Joseph Smith, d young. 

IV. Joseph Smith, m Elizabeth Hawk. C, 
Harry B., etc. P. O. Sunbury, Pa. 
IV. Frank Smith, d young. 
IV. John B. Smith, m Elizabeth Moyer. C, 


Zadoc, Elizabeth, Amelia. Fredericka. 2ud wife Mary 
Mockel. C, John, Frances, Elijah. 

V. Zadoc Smith, m Sarah Asheubach. C, VI. 
Harry, William, Katie, .John. 2nd wife Susan 
Koch. C, Joseph, Edna. 

V. Elizabeth Smith, m Geo, Parson. C, Julia. 

V. Amelia Smith, m Chas. Lee. C, Lizzie, 

V. Fredericka Smith, m Win. Miller. C., Frank, 
Lizzie, Carrie, Jennie, Charles, Hairy. 

V. John Smith. Single. 

V Fiances Smith, m Samuel Taylor. P. O. 
Womelsdorf, Pa. C, VI. Edna, Clara, Rachel. 

V. Elijah Penn Smith, m Mary Wohuton. P. 
O. Sunbury, Pa. C. VI. Olive, Clyde, Davison. 

IV. William Smith. Single. 

IV. Charles Smith, m Matilda Weiss. C, V. 
Charles V. Smith. P. O. Reading, Pa. 

IV. Lydia Smith, m Henry Keever. C, Mary, 
Fannie, Elijah, John, Harry, Ed. 

V. Mary Keever, m Henry Fisher, 
V. Fannie Keever, m Reuben Price. 

V. Elijah Keever, m Nettie Swartz. 2nd wife 
Alice Mathews. 

V. John Keever, m Anna . 

V. Harry Keever, m . 

V. E. T. Keever. P. O. Reading, Pa, 
IV. Catharine Smith, d single aged 93. 

IV. Sarah Smith, m Johu Haak. C,, Sophia, 
Jennie, Johu, Thomas, Charles, Frauk. 

V. Sophia Haak, d. 

V. Jannie Haak, m Leonard Donovan. 
V. John Haak, m Annie Weitzel. 
V. Thomas Haak, m Sallie Bright. 
V. Charles Haak. Single. 


Jo] in H. Moyer 
(See page 82) 


V. Frank S, Haak, single, P. O. Womelsdorf, 

IV. Maria Smith, m Samuel Helm. C, Wil- 
liam, John, Samuel, Charles, Sophia, Emma. 

V. William Helm. P. O. Cressona, Pa. 
V. John Helm. 

V. Samuel Helm, m . 

V. Charles Helm, single. 

V. Sophia Helm, m Wm. Gore. 

V. Emma Helm, single. 

IV. Rebecca Smith, m Henry Dawald. C, 

V. John Dawald. P. 0. Pottsville, Pa. Single. 
V. Eliza Dawald. 

V. Henry Dawald. 

V. Aaron Dawald. 

V. Charles Dawald. Single. 

V. Rebecca Davvald. Single. 

V. William Dawald. 

V. Sophia Dawald, m Howard Morris. 

V. Rosa Dawald. Single. 

V. Fannie Davvald, m Jno. Kenidy. 

V. Annie Dawald, m Chas. Downey. 

IV. E. Penn Smith, b Nov. 16, 1820, d May 1G, 
1881, m Mary Brubaker, in 1851. She was b in 
Lane. Co., Pa., Jan. 20, 1832, d Apr.. 3, 1852. C. f 
John. M 2nd wife Fannie 11 Br u baker. She was 
b Juue 9, 1827, d Feb. 25, 1887. Mr. S. ReL, Mrs. 
S. Duukard. C. . Fannie. 

V. John M. Smith, b at Womelsdorf, Pa., Mar. 
27, 1852, m Emma 0. Filbert, in 1872. Res. 808 
Elm St., Reading, Pa. Solicitor. Ref. ch. C, 
Mary, Gertrude, Edwin, Samuel, Allen, Fannie, 

VI. Mary C Smith, b Mar. 25, 1873, d Nov. 7, 
1805, m John Brintzenhcfi. P. O. Womelsdorf, Pa. 


Kef. eh. C. , VII. Harold F., b Oct. 5, 1894; Mary 
C, b Oct. 30, 1895, d infant. 

VI. Gertrude Sophia Smith, b Sept. 12, 1874, 
m H. B. T. Beinhard. Res. Heading, Pa. Ref. ch- 
C., VII. John Reinhard, b Sept. 27, 1897. 

VI. Edwin S. Smith, b Feb. 17, 1876, m Edith 
L. Koch. Res. Reading, Pa. Foreman of Ameri- 
can Tool and Die Co., Reading, Pa. Ref. ch. 0. , 
VII. Edith L. Smith, b Dec. 5, 1903; Constance K. 
Smith, b Jan. 11, 1908, d Feb. 14, 1908. 

VI. Samuel E. Penu Smith, b Dec. 10, 1877, m 
Mary E. Howe. Res. Reading, Pa. Book-keeper at 
Trenton, N. J. Ref. ch. C, VII. Dorothy Howe 
Smith, b Oct. 12, 1905; Ruth Howe Smith, b Mar. 
20, 1908. 

VI. Allen S. Smith, b Oct. 19, 1879. Enlisted 
in U. S. Army, Infantry, at outbreak of American- 
Spanish war, and at present serving in Alaska. Was 
in the Phillipiues with his regiment, and when the 
Boxer troubles arose in China, went there with his 
reginment, was in the march to Pekin, and took part 
in the assault. Returned to U. S. with his regiment 
and has been in Alaska about four years. Has beeu 
promoted to Third Sergeant, aud taking examination 
lor advancement. Ref. ch. S. 

VI. Fannie E. Smith, b Sept. 5, 1884, m Wil- 
liam F. Lausch. Uuiversaliets. C, VII. Carl Smith 
Lausch, b July 13, 1906; Stanley M. Lausch, b Dec. 

4, 1907. 

VI. John Filbert Smith, b July 21, 1889. 
Machinist. Meth. Ep. S. 

V. F^annie E. Smith, b Mar. 14, 1855, rn Henry 

5. Fidler. P. O. Womelsdorf, Pa. C, VI. Bessie, 

IV. Caroline Smith, m — — Bast. C, John, 


Laura, Caroline, William, Harry. 

V. John Bast. Single. 

V. Laura Bast, m Harry Fobter. 

V. Caroline Bast, ui . 

V. William Bast, m . 

V. Harry Bast, in . P. O. Pottsville, Pa. 

IV. Matilda Smith, 111 Kreitzer. C, V., 

Clias. P. Kreitzer. P. O. Womelsdorf, Pa. 

IV. Louisa Smith, b 1820, d Oct. 16, 1873, ni 
Herman Neimau, 1849. He was b in Chester- Co., 
Pa., Oct. 2, 1823, d Mar. 28, 1883. Grocer. Luth. 
C, Sophia, Fannie, Emily. 

V. Sophia E. Neiuian, b Sept, 2, 1850, m David 
Midgley. P. O. St. Clair, Pa. 

V. Fannie Augusta Neiman, b May 4, LS55, ni 
Thomas J. Davies, Sept. 18, 1876. P. O. Shenan- 
doah, Pa. Epis. No issue. 

V. Emily Rebecca Neiuau, b Mar. 3, I860, ni 
Albertson L. Englis. Res. 144 \V. State St., Tren- 
ton, N. J. 

IV. Henry B. Smith, b in Berks Co., Pa., Aug. 
18, 1827, m Mary Iuimel. Res. 818 Elm St., Read- 
ing, Pa. Retired. Luth. C, Eila, Sophia, Leonard, 
William, Fannie, Joseph, Edward. 

V. Ella Mary Smith, b 1852, m John S. Bord- 
ner. P. O. Reading, Pa. C, VI. Carrie Borduer. 

V. Sophia E. Smith, b 1855, d. 

V. Leonard Paul Smith, b 1857. m Carrie Shol- 
tenberger. P. O. Reading, Pa. 

V. William M. Smith, b 1860. P. O. Reading, 

V. Fannie C. Smith, b 1863, m Morgan G. 
Moyer. P. O. Reading, Pa. 

V. Joseph B. Smith, b 1866. P. O. Reading, 
Pa. S. 


V. Edward E. Smith, b 1868. P. 0. Reading, 
Pa. S. 

III. Margaretta Moyer, b Dec. 1796, d Oct. H, 
1855, ra Samuel Miller. He was b 1792, d 1854. 

II. Maria Barbara Moyer, b Jan. 9, 1759, d 
prior to 1797, m Valentine Moehel. 

II. Catharine Moyer, b Aug. 19, 1767, m Valen- 
tine Moehel, (his 2nd wife). 

II. John Nicholas Moyer, b Dec. 21, 1769. He 
became possessor of the homestead in 1797, and 
owned it until 1828. In 1817 he built a large house 
and barn. Some of his descendants reside in Read- 
ing, Pa. 

II. Anna Margaret Moyer, b Dec. 28, 1770, m 
Henry Weber. 

II. Daniel Moyer. It is thought settled in 
Reading, Pa., where he built a stone mill, and later 
removed to Ohio (?) 

II. John George Moyer, b Jan. 13, 1775. It is 
thought settled in Ohio (?) 


II. Valentine Moyer, b in Tulpehocken Twp., 
Berks Co., Pa., Aug. 8. 1776, d at Red Bank Creek, 
Clarion Co., Pa., Jan. 8, 1825, m Mary, dau. of 
Christian Merkel. She was b May 1787. d Jan. 8, 


He was for some years a farmer in Berks Co., 
Fa. In 181-1 be removed to Columbia Co., Pa., and 
bought a 300 acre tract of land. In course of time 
he sold ail all of this tract except 75 acres which he 
reserved for himself. The purchase and subsequent 
sales proved most unfortunate There was a prior 
title vested in a Mr, G. of Phila. After years of ex- 
pensive litigation, which great!}' crippled him finan- 
cially, he resolved to go West, aud in the Spring of 
1824 he, with his little family and personal belong- 
ings, in an emigrant wagon drawn by a yoke ) 
oxen and a white horse, crossed the Allegheny moun- 
tains. After many a long day's journey he finally 
pitched his tent oo Red Rank Creek, about ten miles 
S. W. of Brookville. He bought a tract of land and 
began the work of retrieving his losses. He was a 
farmer, stone mason, shoemaker, and worked so hard 
that he broke down and died during the first year. His 
widow and family in Mar., 1825, reti rnedti imbia 

Co., and by ord< ol the com mall 

piece of land formerly i Here 

>\ her o 
riage > ith a Mr. 8. The a- • •' the on 

Co. tra . . with • of 

lumbia Co. ti and th . oney a< ing from 
the public sah >f personal property, were ..^sorb- 
in legal "ways that are dark, ,: and the wit 5 
an< en m. received it therefrom. 

In personal appearance Valentine Moyer was 
live feet ten iuches in height, weighted 180 pounds, 
black hair and heavy beard. He was a good singer, 
and was leader of the choir in the Reformed church, 
of which he was a member. His dying request to 
his wife was, that their children become members of 
the church. C, William, John, Daniel, Henry, David* 


III. William Moyer, b in Berks Co., Pa., L809, 
(1 in Momence, III., Feb. 24, L883, in Esther Hageu- She was b June 19, L817, d Sept. 29, 1847. 
< 'arpenter and Cabinetmaker, a fine workman. Mr. 
M. Ref., Mrs. M. . Luth. C, Mary, Eliza, Esther, 
Jeremiah, William, John, Phineas, Rebecca, infant. 

TV. Mar} 7 Moyer, b in Northumberland Co., 
Pa., Jan. 13, 183G, m George Hoffman. 

V. Rebecca J. Hoffman, b July 1, 1858, d Sept. 
15, 1859. 

V. Anna L. Hoffman, bNov. 24, 1859, m Samuel 
A. Bastiau, Nov. 24, 1883. P. O. Montgomery, Pa. 
Luth. C, VI. Merle Rebecca Bastiau, b 1896. 

V, William P Hoffman, b Jan. 5, 1861, m 
Rebecca Maul. 

V. Harvey A. Hoffman, b June 2<), 1802, m 
Mabel Van Ordstrand. Farmer. Luth. C. , VI. 
Ruth C, Hoffman, b 1893, d 1894. Infant son b 1895. 

V. Ida M. Hoffman, b Oct. 15, 1865, m C. W. 
Hartranft, Jan. 1885. P. O. Watsontown, Pa. Luth. 
C, VI. Minnie May, b Oct. 28, 1885; Edith Pearl, 
b July 3, 1887; George Ward, b Jan. 10, 1891; Ful- 
ler Derr, b Nov. 17, 1893; Lawrence Urich, b Jau. 
17, 1898. 

V. Nora C. Hoffman, b Apr. 17, 18.67, m G. F. 
McWilliams, Dec. 25, 1900. P. O. Montgomery, 
Pa. Luth. C, VI. George Frederick, b Feb. 6, 

V. Elsie E. Hoffman, b Feb. 16, 1869, m Joseph 
E. Walborn, June 27, 1895. P. O. Bradford, Pa. 
Br. C, VI. Jennie May, b Sept. 1, 1900; Ken- 
neth Straight, b Jan. 9, 1906. 

V. Laura J. Hoffman, b Nov. 18, 187 k Luth. 

V. Mazie E. Hoffman, b Mar. 5, 1877, m J. E. 
Waite, Nov. 10. 1904. P. O. Hazleton. Pa. Lull-. 


C, VI. Lucile Glady S. b June 17, 1906: Harold E. 
b June J 7, L908. 

IV. Eliza Mover, b Dec. 20, 1836, d 1842. 

IV. Esther Mover, b Mar. 9, 1838, d in Peoria,, 
111., Oct. 3, 1889, m Isaiah S. Buchner. He d 1893. 
Shoemaker- Luth. 0. , William, Infant, Infant, 
Stephen, Mar} 7 , John, Sarah, Samuel. 

V. William F. Buchner, b near Dewait, Pa., 
Apr. 25, 1858, m Jennie E. Patterson, of Iowa, 
Nov. 20, 1889. P. O, Walla Walla, Wash. Farmer. 
Meth. Ep. C, VI. Esther C. Buchner, b Dec, 28, 
1890; Phineas Buchner, b Oct. 10, 1892, d Dec. 31, 
1892; Lynn C. Buchner, b Jan. 21, 1896; Leelali 
Buchner, b May 17, 1900; Irma Buchner, b Aug. 28, 

V. Stephen G. Buchner, b Aug. 15, 1861, m 
Minerva Art Henthorn. 

V. Mary Jane Buchner, b in Dewart, Pa., May 
11, 1863. Res. 2003 Columbia ave., Phila. , Pa., 
with Summer residence at Eaglesinere, Pa. At both 
places she is running Fancy Dressmaking and Ladies' 
Tailoring. She had largely the personal care of her 
parents during their declining years. She also had 
the care and bringing up of the two younger chil- 
dren Salome and Samuel, educating the first named 
in music, and assisting her brother in his education 
for the ministry- She is a member of the Lutheran 
church, and is an earnest, faithful christian. She is 
gifted in conversation on religions subjects. Her 
aim and endeavour is to live a beautiful, happy life, 
above the reproach of the world, and ultimately to 
gain the )inal approbation of. the Heavenly Father 
" ivell done good and faithful servant enter thou into 

joy of thy Lord.'' S. 

V. Kev. John P. Buchner, b Dec. 29, 1866, J. 



M Minuie Seigfried. He Becured an education under 
great difficulties, became a school teacher at age i 
20, and preacher at 23. Evau. ch. C, VI. Martha 
Naomi Buchuer, b Oct. 13, 1889; Mary Magdalei a 
Buchner', b Oct. f3,1889, d Feb. 2, 1890; Addis N. 
Buchner, b Sept. 30, 1893, d Aug. 16, 1894. 

Y. Sarah Salome Buchner, b at Dewarfc, Pa., 
Aug. 28, 1876, m S. W. Pursell, Aug. 28, 1895. P. 

0, Montgomery, Pa. Mrs, P.. musician. Luth. 
C, VI. Sarah Maria Pursell, b Oct. 3, 1898; Helen 
Ruth Pursell, b July 19, 1902; Frederick Paul Pur- 
sell, b Jau. 22, 1907. 

V. Samuel Van Valzah Buchner, b Apr. 12, 
1878. P. O. Hortons Exchange, San Diego, Gal. 

IV. Jeremiah Moyer, bin Northumberland Co. , 
Pa., Apr. 1, 1S39, d Sept. 22, 1906, m Sarah Frances 
Boyer, Mar. 28, 1871. P. O. Muncy, Pa. Carpen- 
ter. Mr. Moyer enlisted in the U. S. service, Sept. 

1, 1863, in the 65th Hi. Regt., and served faithfully 
until the end of the war, when he was honorably 

', -charged. "Was in the battles of Peach Tree Ore 
Atlanta, Franklin, and Nashviii pis'l ch. O., 

William, Mary, Infant, Laura, Maggie, Leita. 

V. William C. Moyer, b Dec. 30 Jl, d Nov. 

13. 1886. 

Mary T. r lla r, b at Muncy, Pa., Oct. 

26, 1873, m Godfrey Kunz, of Lausome, Switzerland, 
Apr. 13, 1897, Engineer. Epis. ch. C, VI. Ma 
Francis Kunz, b Jan. 2, 1899; Martha Malinda 
Kunz, b June 12, 1901: Helen Rebecca Kunz, b Oct. 

14, 1901. 

V. Laura W. Moyer, b Feb. 26, 1880, d June 

2, 1894. 

V. Maggie F. Moyer, b June 17. 1882, d Mar. 
20, 1883. 

Jacob Moyer 
(See page 93) 


V. Leita Ruth Moyer, b Jau. 21, 1885, m 
Angalo Briganti, Feb. 27, 1908. He was b in Rome, 
Italy, May 1, 1887. Laborer. Mr. B. Catholic. 

IV. William D. Moyer, b May 19, 1840, d May 
1904, m Mary Staiilnecker, May 15, 1866. She was 
b Dec. 30,1844. P. O. Bloomsburg, Pa. He en- 
listed in 7th Pa. Cav., Sept. 10, 1861, was discharged 
Aug. 23, 1865. He was orderly on Gem L. T. Crit- 
tenden's Staff at battles of Perry ville and Stoue 
River, was in battles of Chattanooga, Lookout moun- 
tain, and Selma, and in the "March to the Sea." 
Farmer. Ref. ch. C,, Ida, Asher, Edua, Maggie, 
Mary, Fori est, Bessie, Olive, Clarence. 

V. Ida D. Moyer, b July 16, 1867, m G. W. 
Darby, Dec. 19, 1892. P. O. Hoytville, Pa. Supt. 
of Tannery. Ret', ch. 

V. Asher D. Moyer, b at Watson to wu, Pa., 
Feb, 4, 1869, m Ella Lesher, June 26, 1901, dan. of 
Alfred and Susan Lesher. Res. 83 Quiucy St., Pas- 
saic, N. J. Sales Agt. Ref. C, VI. Alfred William 
Moyer, b at 136 W. 139th St., New York, Apr. 19, 
1902; Walter Asher Moyer, b at Watsontown, Pa., 
Oct. 23, 1904; Ralph Saxtou Moyer, b at 83 Quincy 
St., Passaic, N. J. 

V. Edna L. Moyer, b Nov. 22, 1871, m Ambrose 
F. Wertmau. Ret'. C, VI. Ruth Wertman. 

V. Maggie E. Moyer, b Mar. 3, 1874. Res. 338 
AY est St., bloomsburg, Pa. Tailoress. Ret. ch. 

V. Mary R. Moyer, b June 6, 1876, m Charles 
M. Fornwald, Juue 5, 1900. Res. 511 Eighth St., 
College Point, N. Y, 

V. W. Forrest Mover, bSept. 3, 1878, dDec 15, 

V. Bessie M. Moyer, b Mar. 20, 1881. She is 
taking a three years course for trained nurse at 


Phila., Hospital, 34'fch and Pine Sts. i 

V. Olive B. Moyer, b May 24, 1883, P. 0. 
Elooiniield, Fa.. 

V. C. Frederick Moyer, b Aug. 27, 1886, d Feb. 
13, 1888. 

TV. John H. Moyer, b in Northumberland Co., 
Pa., Aug. 15, 1841, d Oct. 7, 1908, m Isabella Ellin, 
Dee. 21, 1865. Enlisted 1861, re-enlisted Aug. 1, 
1861, in 7th Pa. Cav., served 2 years 10 months; then 
re-enlisted and was discharged at close of war. In 
battles of Falling Waters, Stone River, Shelbyyille, 
Chattanooga, Chicainauga, Selma, etc. He was Presi- 
dent of the Moyer Reunion Association of Lycom- 
ing Co., Pa. Fruit grower. Epis. C. , Mary, Anna, 
Sarah, Catharine, Infant. 

V. Mary C Moyer, b Nov. 8, 1866, d 1871. 

V. Anna li. Moyer, b Oct. 6, 1868, d 1871. 

V. Sarah E. Moyer, b May 3, 1870, m William 
B.Smith, Apr. 30,1889. P. O. Muncy, Pa. Epis. C, 
Infant, William. 

VI. William Ellis Smith, b Feb. 18, 1892. Epis. 
A'. Catharine Moyer, b Sept. 22, 1872, m Wm. 

H. Wagner, Jan. 17, 1894. P. O. Muncy, Pa. Epis, 
ch. C.j VI. Janice Eureua Waguer, b Sept. 23, 1903. 

IV. Phineas Moyer, b 1844, d 1886, m Jennie 
. Mr. Moryer went west. C, Chailes. 

V. Charles J. Moyer, somewhere in S. Dak. 
IV. Rebecca Moyer, b Nov. 19, 1815, m T. J. 

'Ellis, (d). P. O. Muncy, Pa. Epis. 

III. John S. Mo>ei, b in Perks Co., Pa., Jan. 
2, 1812. d June 30, 1890, m Mary Hartranft. She was 
b Feb. 2, 1814, d Nov. 24, 1876. After the death 
of his lather he was apprenticed to the shoe-bench, 
which he followed foi ^ome lime. Later in life he 
purchased a lot at Trout Run, Pa., and built . 


house. For several years he was a farmer. He 
i eared a large and intensely active family, giving them 
a fair educational start. Socially he was; reserved 
with strangers, but with his chosen friends he was 
remarkably genial. 

He was a man of contrasts aud extremes. His 
belief and trust in Divine Providence was marked. 
He was a man of few words, who did a vast amount 
of thinking. After a ioug, useful and devoted life, 
he, like the Arab of the desert, quietly fokledhis tent 
and silently stole away. Methodists. C, Henry, 
Ethelinda, Infant, Harriet, Daniel, Saiah. Aaron, 
William, Martha, Emma, John, Frank. 

IV- Rev, Henry 0. Moyer, b in Turbotville, 
Fa., Oct. 11, 1836, d in 1909, m Elizabeth Cramer. 
She was b Aug. 7, 1843. In early life he taught 
school. In 1857 he became a teacher in Franklin 
Building, Williamsport, Pa., and at the same time 
pursued a eouise of study in Williamsport Dickinson 
Seminary, The war broke in on his school plans, 
and he enlisted in the 11th Kegt., Pa, Vol., was in 
the skirmish of Falling Waters, and was for 7 
mouths in Provost Marshall's office. During the 
Gettysburg campaign he enlisted in 37th Kegt., Pa. 
Vol. Jn 1862 he became a teacher in Wiiliamsport 
Dickinson Seminary, later, book-keeper for two 
years. lit 1871 became principal of Canton, Pa., 
High School, and in 1873 was admitted to the 
Methodist Episcopal Church in the Central New 
.York Conference, and continued in the pastoral rela- 
tion up to the time of his deaths having been honored 
with many important oiilcial positions in the Con- 
ference. 0..., Mary, Jennie, Wilson. 

V. Mary Frances Moyer, b Mar.. 5, 1865, in 
Seymour C.Kctchum. Graduated from Cazeuovia 


Seminary, 1880, and from Oneonta Normal School, 
1891. Taught school at Ovid, Moravia and Sidney, 
X. Y. P. 0. New Hope, X. Y. Meth. Ep. C. , VI. 

"Walker Wood Ketch una, b Jan. 13, 1895. 

V. Jennie Mover, b Dec 31, 1866. Graduated 
from Cazenovia Seminary 1889, and from Oneonta 
Normal School 1892. Teacher. Meth. Ep. 

V. Wilson Cramer Mover, b Apr. 19, 1871, m 
Grace Williams. Mr. Mover, graduated from Caze- 
novia Seminary 1890. Fruit grower. Meth. Ep. 
C, VI. Heleu Joy Mover, b Aug. 20, 1892; Henry 
Morgan Mover, b Oct. 7, 1894. 

IV. Etheiiuda D. Mover, b and d in 1838. 

IV. Harriet X. Moyer, b Aug. 11, 1S40, m 
Warren W. Ransom. P. O. Tioga Center, X r . Y. 
Meth. Ep. C, V. Emma Ransom, b Mar. 9, 1878. 
Meth. Ep. 

IV. Dr. Daniel V. Moyer. b Sept, 2, 1842, m 
Julia L. Weigel. She d May 3, 1891. 2nd wile Ida 
M. Cook. He received his education in Public 
schools aud VVilliamsport Dickinson Seminary. 
Taught school, aud later went to the oil regions of 
Penna. In July 1861, he enlisted in 5th Regt. Pa. re- 
serves. In the battles before Richmond be was on the 
skirmish line. He was severely wounded at Gaines' 
Mill, 1862, taken prisoner at Savage Station, ex- 
changed and brought to Hospital at Baltimore, re- 
mained there till Oct. Later he engaged in teach- 
ing and Book-keeping till 1880, when he entered the 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md., 
graduated 1882. Practiced in Baltimore to 1896, 
when he settled at Maryland Line, Md. Meth. Ep. C, 
(by 1st wife) V. Sadie R. Moyer, b Jan. 27, 1S67, d 
July 5, 1867. Mildred B. Moyer, b June 20,. 1868, 
d May 10, 1870; Charles H. Moyer, b Dec. 17, 1869, 


d Apr. 17, 1870; Lillian L. Moyer, b Sept. 27, 1871, 
d Aug. 30, 1875. 

IV. Sarah E. Moyer, b Nov, 29, 1844, m Wm. 
E. Crane. P. O. Williamsport, Pa. Presby. 

IV. Aarou J. Moyer, b Jan. 25, 1847, in Rebec- 
ca Weaver. At 14 while employed iu a lumber mill 
he met with au accident that resulted in the loss of 
his left hand. He enlisted in the 37th Regt., Pa. 
Vol.. for the Gettysburg eampaigu. He has been 
variously occupied ay clerk, teacher, book-keeper, 
railroad freight and ticket agent, etc. Iu 1889 he 
organized the Springfield Agricultural Iron Works, in 
vviiieh he is (1896) manager and heavy stockholder. 
Epis. C, Aarou, Hughes, Rebecca, Frederick. 

V. Aaron Joseph Moyer, b May 27, 1874. He 
attended Witteuburg College, Springfield, O. Iu 
1894 entered Harvard University, and later Harvard 
Law School, graduating from those iiifctitutious. 

V. Fredelia H. Moyer, b Jan. 12, 1876. At- 
tended Wittenburg College, Springfield, O., and iu 
1894 entered Cornell University in the course of 
mechanical engineering. Epis. 

V. Rebecca Moyer, b Sept. 21, 1879. P, O. 
Springfield, O. Epis. 

V. Frederck W. Moyer. b Dec. 7, 1881. P. O. 
Springfield, O. Epis. 

IV. William O. Moyer, b May 19, 1849, d Jan. 
28, 1873. Farmer. Meth. Ep. 

IV. Martha L. Moyer, b Oct. 1, 1851, m George 
H. Hopfer. P. O. S. Willianisport, Pa. U. Evan'l 
ch. C. , Lizzie, Frank, Harry, Howard, Cloyd, 

V. Lizzie E. Hopfer, b Mar. 28, 1872, m J. L. 
Buck. P. O. 430 Curtain St., S. Williamsport, Pa. 


Clerk. U. Evan'l ch. C, VI. Ethel Buck, b June 
16, 1897; George Buck, b May 3, 1899, d Mar. 27, 
1900; Harold Buck,b Feb. 24, 1901 ; Raymond Buck, 
l. Aug. ID, 1905,d Apr. 11, 1906. 

V. Frank L. Hopfer, b May 22, L874, d Aug. 
24, 1898. 

V Earry Hopfer, b July 16, 1876. Res. 170 
17 th St., Pittsburg, Pa. Painter. M Eva Leaker. 

V. Howard Hopfer, b June 9, L878, d Sept. 16, 

V. CJoyd Hopfer, b Mar, 21, 1882, in Elizabeth 
Thompson. Res. 32 Seigt'l St., Allegheny, Pa. St. 
Cur Conductor. 

V. Helen Hopfer, b July 4, 1884. 

IV. Mary Emma Moyer, b Dec. 8, 1853, m 
Jeremiah Corn well. P. O. Wiiliamsport, Pa. Meth. 
Ep. C, V, Thomas H. Corn well, b May 26, 1891; 
Ruth E. Coriiwell, b Oct. 12, 1892, d July 19, 1893; 
Harriet E Corn well, b Sept. 16, 1894. 

IV. Rev. John C. B. Moyer, b Oct, 20, 1856, 
m Zilpha E. Haverly. He attended Public and High 
schools, graduated from Cazenovia Seminary, and 
pursued Philosophical eouise in Bloomingtou, (Hi.), 
Wesleyan University. After being variously em- 
ployed for some years, in 1876 he began preaching, 
and in October of same year was admitted to the 
ministry of Methodist Episcopal church, in the 
Genesee Conference. By change of boundaries he 
became a member of the Central New York Con- 
ference in 1880. He has held following Conference 
positions: Assistant Secretary, Chairman of Ex- 
amination in Conference Studies, and one of the 
Editors of the Historical Register. C, V. William 
Howard Moyer, b Mar. 24, 1883; Ethel Gladys 
Moyer, b May 21, 1893. 


IV. Dr. Fiauk L. Mover, b in Muncy, Pa , July 
2, 1859, m Julia C. Bennett. She was b Jan. 16, 
1861. P. O. Williamsport, Pa. Mr. Moyer worked 
on the farm in summer, and attended public school 
in winter, alter which he was variously employed as 
clerk and book-keeper, and later engaged in the cat- 
tle business at Kenesaw. Neb., then took up a home- 
stead claim in Elbert Co., Col. Jn 1 SS8 returned to 
Williamsport, Pa., and began the study of medicine 
at the Baltimore (Md.) College of Physicians and 
Surgeons, and Louisville, (Ky.) School of Medicine, 
graduating 18'JJ , and located at Williamsport, Pa. 
Meth. Ep. 

III. Daniel M. Moyer, b in Columbia Co., Pa,, 
Got. 11, 1814, d Nov. 13, 1887, m Maria Boyer. She 
dOct. 22, 1852. C, Valarius, Maria. M 2nd wife 
Mary Jane Laubenstein (nee Coho). She d July 13, 
1860. C, Elizabeth, Miriam, John. M 3rd wife 
Sarah M. Kline. C. , George, William, Mame, 
Daniel, Katie, Sarah, Blanche. 

In early life he learned the trade of blacksmith, 
which he followed until 1837, then followed boating 
ou the Schuylkill Canal until 1843. In 1844 he 
with others, traveled in pioneer fashion to Iowa, re- 
turning the same year by way of the Mississippi and 
Ohio rivers. In 1846 he entered the Schuylkill 
Haven car shops as a blacksmith, where he remained 
the rest of his life. He had an excellent moral 
character, and was held in high regard by all who 
knew him. 

IV. Valarius Moyer, b Dec. 13, 1850, d 1851. 
IV. Maria Moyer, b Oct. 23, 1852, d 1858. 

IV. Elizabeth Moyer, b Oct. 28, 1856, m Frank- 
lin Sweigart, of Cressoua, Pa. Ref. C, V. Anna 
S. Sweigart, b May 7, 1875, d Dec. 5, 1892j Bertha 


May Sweigart, b June 7, 1877; Ralph F. Sweigart, 
I. Oct. 28, 1878; Charlotte V. Sweigart, b Jan. 6, 1880, 
d Feb. 8, 1881; Mary J. Sweigart, b Mar, 4, 1882, 
d Apr. 21, 1882; Ada S. Sweigart, b Aug. 1, 1883; 
Albert B. Sweigart, b Apr. 18, 1885; Sarah £. Swei- 
gart, b Dec. 2, 1880; William D. Sweigart, b Feb. 
25. 18S8, d Feb. 22, 1889; Lillian K. Sweigart, I) 
Sept. 28, 1889; Nellie E. Sweigart, b Feb. 5, 1891, d 
Sept. 28, 1891; Louis F. Sweigart, b Oct. 2, 1892, d 
1893; Frank C. Sweigart, b Nov. 16, 1893, d Nov. 
1893; John E. Sweigart, b Dec. 13, 1894. 

IV. Miriam Moyer, b May 11, 1858, d 1880. 

IV, Dr. John Lewis S. Moyer, b Aug. 24, 
1859, d Feb. 8, 1887. He soon completed the work 
furnished by the schools of Cressoua, and at the age 
of 14 opened a private school on his own account 
and had more students than he could accommodate. 
At 18 he entered the State Normal School, Milleis- 
ville, Pa., graduated at 20, then taught school, read- 
ing medicine at same time. He later became a student 
in Jefferson Medical College, Phila., graduating with 
honor, taking the prize "On Diseases of the Skin." 
He located in Cressoua, Pa., where he soon built up 
a large practice. But his prosperous career met with 
a sudden fatal reverse. On Jan. 8, 1887, his hoi Be 
became unmanageable and he was thrown against 
the fence, fracturing his skull, from which 
he died I r eb. 8, 1887. His death was gieatly 
mourned by pupils he taught, classmates, physicians 
and patients. With his death an intensely active 
and remarkably brilliant personality closed up with 

IV. George B. McClellan Moyer, b Mar. 13, 
1862, d 1863, 

IV. William K. Moyer, b July 22, 18G3 ; m 

John Mayer 
(See pages 101 and 138) 


Laura Strauch. P. O. Cressona, Pa. Employed in 
Car Shops, making springs for locomotive engines. 
Kef. C, V. Daniel S. Mover, b Aug. 21, 1894; 
Emma Moyer, b Feb. 12, 1899. 

IV. Mame M. Moyer, b Apr. 23, 1865. P. O. 
Readiug, Pa. Trained nurse. Ref. 

IV. Daniel M. Moyer, b Oct. 31, 1867. Has 
served in various capacities as clerk. Traveled through 
the .Southern States, the Indian Territory, Kansas, 
Nebraska, New Mexico, Arizona and California. 
Enlisted in the regular army, Co. G, 1st Regfe U. S. 
Inf., at Baruiea Barracks, Cal. Cong. ch. 

IV. Katie A. Moyer, b Dec. 15, 1873. Gra- 
duated from Cressona High School and Palm's Busi- 
ness College, Phi la. Book-keeper. Ref. 

IV. Sarah M. Moyer, b Oct, 9, 1876. P. 0. 
Cressona, Pa. Ref. 

IV. Blauche Moyer, b Feb. 3, 1882. 

III. Henry Moyer, b in Columbia Co.,- Pa., 
Nov. 1, 1816, m Sophia Fowler. He learned, the 
shoemaker's trade and worked at it one year, then 
boated one year on Schuylkill Canal. In 1813 began 
to work on David Fowler's farm, remaining there 
until 1866, when he bought a farm at Winfieid, Pa. 
In early life he joined the Baptist church. When 
coming to Winfieid there was no church there, but 
largely through his efforts a baptist church was 
erected, with a goodly membership, of which he was 
a deacon for over 50 years, and was also a trustee. 
C, Mary, Sallie, Miller, Jennie. 

IV. Mary Moyer, b in Columbia Co., Pa., Sept. 
25, 1849, m Anes Haines. P. O. Winiield, Pa. 
Farmer. Bap. C,, Nellie, Annie, John, Lulu, 
Clyde, George, Ruth. 

V. Nellie Grant Haines, b Nov. 5, 1872, m 


Adam G. Townsend, 1895. P. 0. Suubury, Pa. 
Railroad Engineer. Baptists 0., VI. Mary Town- 

V- Anna May Baines, b Nov. 1, 1878, m 
Eluaer Deirre, 1900. P. O. Winfield, Pa. Operator. 
Bap. C, VI. Fannie Elizabeth, b July 9, 1902; Mary 
Madeline, b May 19, 1904; Margaret Shir'  July 

31, 1907. 

V. Johu A. Haines, b Sepfc. 10, 1880, m Fan- 
nie Barrett, 1908. Res. 35 Colonial Arcade, Cleve- 
land, O. Confectioner. Bap. 

V. Lulu Elizabeth Haines, b Mas 29, 1882. 

V. Clyde K^iny Haines, b Aug. 16, 1885. Au- 
tomobile business. 

V. George Freeman Haines, b July 25, 1891. 

Y Ruth Violet Haines, b Oct. 17, 1893. 

IV. Sallie Moyer, b July 26, 1854, m Ira W. 
Snyder. He d Dec. 10, 1889. C, Harry, William, 
Frank, Lulu. M 2nd husband Clarence Grant. P. 
O Montandon, Pa. Bap. C, Leroy. 

V. Harry T. Snyder, b 1878; William W. Sny- 
der, b 1882, Frank C Snyder, b 1885, Lulu E, fcjuy- 
der, b 1889; Leroy Grant, b 1892. 

IV. Miller Mover, b Jan. 28, 1855, m Alma Hei- 
Ber. P. O. Sunbury, Pa. C, V. Harry Moyer, bl893. 

IV. Jennie Moyer, b Nov. 28, 1858. m William 
Walter. P. O. Lewis-.burg, Pa. Bap. C, V. Charles 

F. Walter, b 1880; Mary E. Walter, b 1881. d 1883; 
Kate L, Walter, b 1888; Clarence M. Walter, b 
1885, d 1895; George W. Waiter. 11887; Edmund 

G. Walter, b 1889; Olive S. Walter, bi893; John 
F. Walter, b 1894. 

III. David Moyer, b in Columbia Co., Pa., Oct, 
14, 1821, djSIar. 7. 1892, m Christiana Leware. She 
was b Feb. 23, 1823, d Dec 25. 1867. Left an or- 


phan at the age of three years, he was kindly eared 
for unci! his 17th year, when he learned the carpen- 
ter's trade. In early Jife he joined the Reformed 
church, and was ever' an intensely devoted christian. 
His sympathy for the orphan was such that he be- 
came a liberal supporter of the Bethany Orphan's 
Home, .Berks Co., Pa. For many years he was trus- 
tee, deacon and eider of the church, and for many 
years superintendent of the Sunday school. Late in 
life he conversed almost continuously on religious 
subjects. His pastor spoke of him as a "man of clear, 
strong faith, and a most intelligent layman.' C, 
Mary, James, Sallie, Henry, David, Clara, Ambrose, 
Infant (twins) . 

IV. Mary Clementine Moyer, b Nov. 5, 1844, 
d May 3, [S7:]. 

IV- James L. Moyer, b March 7, lS4d, m Sa- 
die Metzgar. P. O. Montgomery, Pa. Laborer. Luth. 

IV. Sallie S. 0. Mover, b in Northumberland 
Co., Pa., Oct. 27, 1847. After the death of her fa- 
ther she managed her farm for some time, then dis- 
posed of it and removed to Turbotvilie, where she 
employs herself as seamstress. P, O. Turbotvilie, 
Pa. Ref. ch. S. 

IV. Henry Tilghtnan Moyer, b Dec. 2, 1849, 
drowned at Constautiue, Mich., June 20, 1872 

IV. David Cares Moyer, b March 9, 1852, m 
Sarah C. Grohs. P. O. South Haven, Mich. Photog- 
rapher. Cong. ch. C, V. Verna Elsie Moyer. b Jan. 
10, 1880, d Sow 14, 1887; Dena Junella Moyer, b 
Dec. 7, 1881; Vernon T. Moyer, b July S, 1895. 

IV. Clara Jane Moyer, b Sept. 5, 1854. P. O. 
Turbotvilie, Pa. Ref. ch. S. 

IV. Ambrose R. Moyer, b Aug. 28, 1856, d 
Feb. 28, 1859. 



II. Maria Elizabeth Moyer, b July 30, 1778, m 
Miller. Descendants in Reading, Pa. (?) 



II. Michael Moyer, b July 6, 1780. No further 



II. John Peter Moyer, b June 26, 1782. No 
further data. 



II. John Henry Moyer, b March 9, 1784. It is 
thought became a farmer and lived near Kutztown, 
Pa. Later he removed to Philadelphia, where some 
of his descendants now live. 



I, John Mayer, b in Germany, emigrated to 
America from Upper Host, in Rhine Baireu, Ger- 
many, and landed at the Port of Philadelphia, Pa., 
Sept. 12, 1750, in Ship Priscilla, William Wilson, 
Captain. Nothing is known of the characteristics of 
this pioneer. He settled in Western Berks Co., Pa., 
where he presumably followed the vocation of farmer. 
It is not known whom he married. He in all prob- 
ability was a member of the German Reformed 
church. The name of only one child is known, viz: 

II. George Mayer, b in Geruiauy, came with 
his parents to Penna. in 1750, m Euphrouia Kercher. 
He lived in the western part of Berks Co., Pa., in 
the vicinity of Tulpehockeu. He died from the ef- 
fects of being severely frozen while serving in the 
American army dining the Revolutionary war. 
Farmer. Ger. Ref. C, John, Peter, Philip, Mrs. 
Ebright, and another sou said to have settled near 
Millersburg, Pa., name unknown. 


III. John Jacob Moyer,* b iu Berks Co,, Pa., 
Feb. 22, 1774, d Feb. 6, 1859, m Eve Christina 
Koppenhaver. She was b Oct. 21, 1778, d Mar. 27, 
1812. C, Anna, Jacob, George, Peter, Michael, 

Henry, Jonathan. M 2nd wife Elizabeth Koppen- 

*In his certificate of baptism is the following, viz: "John 
Jacob Meyer, born Feb. 22, 1774. His father's name is Georg 
Meyer." ''The mother, her name is Fronica Meiern." 

"Der Taut' Vater StelJe hat damals versehn John Jacob 
Kercher, und ihn den namen beygelegt." 


haver. She was b Sept. 6, 1787, d July 2, 1826. G, 
Sarah, Catharine, Philip, Elizabeth, Susanna, Bar- 
bara, Margaret. M 3rd wife Magdalen a Forney 
(nee Hoffman). She was b May 19, 1780, d Oct. 17, 
1864. C, Lydia. * 

Mr. Moyer came from Berks Co., Pa., and set- 
tled in Lykens Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa., on the farm 
now occupied by a descendant, Mrs. Mary Boyer. 
Farmer. Ger. Ref. 

IV. Anna Maria Moyer, b Sept. 9, 1798, d 
Aug. 6, 1873, m John Forney. He d May 21, 1866. 
Blacksmith, Ger. Ref. C, George, Lucetta. 

V. George Forney, bin Dauphin Co., Pa., Apr. 
5, 1822, d in Ogle Co., III., Nov. 30, 1901, m Susan 
Hoffman, in 1847. She was b Nov. 8, 1827, d Oct. 
27, 1896. Farmer. Ger. Ref. C, Mary, Sarah, 
Frank, Catharine, Elizabeth, Ida. 

VI. Mary J. Forney, b Oct. 7 1848, m John 
Reigel. P. O. Gratz, Pa. C, Ida, Kate, Susie, 
Charles, Maggie, Cora, Sadie, Minnie, Gurney, Amy. 

VII. Ida Reigel, m Henry Wilier; Kate 
Reigel; Susie Reigel, in Geo. Lahr. P. O. Gratz, 
Pa.; Charles Reigel, in Emma Lahr. P. O. Gratz, Pa.; 
Maggie Reigel, m Lewis Rovve; Cora Reigel, in Cloyd 

VI. Sarah A. Forney, (d), b Jan. 1, 1852, 
m Samuel Zoller, (d). C, Ida, Charles, Delia. 

VII. Ida S. Zolier, b 1874, d 1892. 

VII. Charles Zoller, b 1876. P. O. Maryland, 

VII, Delia M. Zoller, b 1881. P. O. Maryland, 

*He is said to have had one or two other daughters, one 
married a Rowe, the other is thought to have married a Lenard. 
Also some died in infancy, as it is said there were in all 20 or 21 


VI. J. Frank Forney, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Oct. 29, 1856, in Annie E. Miller, Mar. 10, 1887. 
P. O. Maryland, 111. Farmer. C, VII. George L. 
Forney, b Dec. 15, 1887; Oma M. Forney, b Apr. 
4, 1891. 

VI. Catharine E. Forney, b in Dauphin Co., 
Pa., May 7, 1860, m Michael J. Wurtz, Sept. 7, 
1897. Res. West Chicago, III. Farmer. Meth. 
Ep. C, VII. Stella Ruth Wurtz, b Jan. 12, 1899. 

VI. Elizabeth E. Forney, b Feb. 8, 1862, d 
Dec. 27, 1881. 

VI. Ida S. Forney, b Aug. 23, 1873, d Mar. 
31, 1894. 

V. Lucetta Forney, b June 14, 1826, d in 

Dauphin Co., Pa., Jan., 1902, m Peter Wise. He was 
b in Dauphin Co. , Pa.. Apr. 4, 1822, d there Oct. 9, 
1884. Farmer. Mr. W. Luth, Mrs. W. Ger. Ref. 
C. , Sarah, Henry, Charles, Isabella, John, William. 

VI. Sarah Wise, d aged 30 yrs. 
VI. Henry Wise, d aged 37 yrs. 

VI. Charles W. Wise, b June 15, 1851, m 
Marv Jane Rickert. P. O. Williamstown, Pa. 
Labores-. Rsf. eh. 0., VII. Samuel M. Wise, b 
1884; Sarah Ann Wise, d aged 2 yrs; Harvey A. 
Wise, d aged 19 yrs.; Daniel F. Wise, b about 1890; 
Lizzie M. Wise, d infant; Lillie B. Wise, b about 
1893;JRuth Irene Wise, d infant. 

VI. Isabella Wise, d infant. 

VI. John Adam Wise. Res. Los Angeles, 
Calif. S. 

VI. William F. Wise, b Nov. 1, 1861. P. O. 
Polo, III. Farmer and Band musician. S. 

IV. Jacob M. Moyer, b in Berks Co., Pa., Apr. 
18, 1799, d near Forreston, 111., Aug. 26, 1877, m 
Elizabeth Gloss, Apr. 15, 1822. She was b in Wash- 


ington Co., Md., Feb. 18, 1800, d Apr. 6. 1877. Ma- 
sou, later farmer. Ref. ch. C, Infant, Sarah, 
Elizabeth, Mary, Susan, John, Ellen, George, Mar- 
garet, Jacob. 

V. Sarah Myers, b Feb. 18, 1825, d Dec. 3, 
1905, in Daniel Fager. C. , James, Daniel, Thomas, 
Jacob, Ida, Ella, Abbie. 

V, Elizabeth Myers, b Mar. 29, 1827, d May 
23, 1892, m Andrew Rowland. C. , Lewis, George, 

V. Mary Myers, b Dec, 1828, d Sept., 1897, m 
Conrad Fager. C, Josiah, John, Josephine, Mar- 
garet, Lewis, Samuel. 

VI. Josiah F. Fager, P. O. Haysville, Kans. 

VI. Josephine M. Fager, b in Ogle Co., 111., 
Feb. 27, 1852, m Charles F. Guyer, May 16, 1871. 
Res. 1516 E. 17th St., Wichita, Kans. Farmer. Meth. 
Ep. C, Jennetta. Clara, Mary, Charles. 

VII. Jennetta L, Guyer, b Mar. 27, 1872, m Ed. 
G. Key. Res. 1516 E. 17th Street, Wichita, Kans. 
R. R. mau. Christian ch. C. , VIII. Merle E. 

VII. Clara A. Guyer, b Sept. 8, 1873, d 1875. 

VII. Mary R. Guyer, b July 26, 1875, m I. F. 
Sarver, Jan. 24, 1899. Res. 1718 St. Francis ave., 
Wichita, Kans. Stockman. Meth. Ep. C, VIII. 
Josephine Sarver, 

Y1L Charles G. Guyer, b Feb. 22,1887, m Ida 
Williams, Dec. 23, 1908. Businessman. Res. 1516 
E. 17th St., Wichita, Kans. 

VI. John Fager, bin Ogle Co., III., in 1859, 
m Catharine Nichodemus, Nov. 13, 1884. Res. 1201 
S. Water St., Wichita, Kans. Ref. ch. Carpenter. 

"VI. Margaret E. Fager, b at Forreston, 111., 
Nov. 26, 1862, m James E. Grush, Dec. 26, 1886, 

Mary Anna Mayer 
(See pages 101 and 138) 


Res. Wichita, Kans. 

VI. Lewis W. Fager. P. O. Polo, 111. 

VI. Samuel C, Fager. P. O. Foireston, 111. 

V. Susan Myers, b 1831, d 1845. 

V. John Myers, b 1833, d 1836. 

V. Ellen Myers, b July 8, 1835, in JohuMase. 
P. O. Forreston, 111. C, VI. Clara, Lizzie, Ida, 

V. George Myers, b 1837, d 1838. 

V- Margaret Myers, b near Forreston, 111., 
Sept. 16, 1841, m Daniel H. Tobias, Dec. 26, 1867. 
P. O. Forreston, 111. Farmer. C, Emma, Ella, 

VI. Emma Luella Tobias, b Mar. 26, 1869, m 
Samuel W. Hamilton, Dec. 13, 1888. P. O. Forres- 
ton, 111. Farmer. C. , VII. Clarence Elmer Hamil- 
ton, b Oct. 13, 1889, d Jan. 1, 1890; Grace Criselda 
Hamilton, b Aug. 19, 1894; Alice Olevia Hamilton, 
bSept. 3, 1896. 

VI. Ella Viola Tobias, b June 7, 1875, m 
Dauiel Bry, Mar. 27, 1900. P. O. Forreston, III. 
Farmer. C, VII. Ruby Ireue Bry, b Oct. 11, 1901, 
d Feb. 14, 1902. 

v VI. Edna Agnes Tobias, b July 29, 1885, m 
Charles B. Fager, Sept. 18, 1907. P. O. Forreston, 
111. Farmer. 

V. Jacob, Myers, b Feb. 4, 1844, d Oct. 4, 1864. 

IV, George Moyer, b Nov. 8, 1803, d Aug. 19, 
1826, m Susan SchoSstall. C, George. 

V. George Moyer, b May 13, 1826, m . 

C. , Cornelius, etc. 

IV. Peter Mayer, bin Berks Co., Pa., Sept. 
11, 1805, d at Forreston, 111., July 1891, m Hannah 
Schaafftall, in 1825. She was b Mar. 28, 1806, d 
May 18, 1870. 


They emigrated to Illinois in 1854, first to 
Mount Carroll, later to Forreston, Ogle Co., where 
they died. Farmer. Ref. eh. C. , Eliza, Jacob, 
John, Peter. He m 2nd wife Catharine Moyer, 
(nee Stine). 

V. Eliza Meyers, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., Oct. 
17, 1825, d July 29, 1892, m Joseph A. Fisher, about 
1850. He was b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 1824, d at 
Forreston, 111., Mar. 23, 1891. Farmer. Mr. F. 
Luth. Mrs. F. Ger. Ref. C, Sarah, Hannah, 
John, Amelia, Benjamin, Jacob. 

VI. Sarah Fisher, b 1851-2, d 1864. 

VI. Hannah Mary Fisher, b in 1855, m Cyrus 

Gross, Feb., 1886. P. 0. Forreston, 111. No issue, 

VI. John P. Franklin Fisher, b Apr. 13, 1858, 
m Abbie Miller, Mar. 6, 1879. She d Jan. 29, 1890. 
C, Mary, George, Benjamin. M 2nd wife Ellen 
AVeaver, 1891. C, Ada,. 

VII. Mary E. Fisher, b Aug., 1880, m Samuel 
Heuey, 1895, C, VIII. Florence Belle Heuey, b 
June 1900. 

VII. George J. Fisher, b Mar., 1885. 
VII. Benjamin F. Fisher, b Jan. 12, 1888. 
VIE Ada Fisher, b Dec, 1899, 

VI. Amelia Elizabeth Fisher, b at Forreston, 
III., June 3, 1860, m Charles S. Rebmau, Mar. 27, 
1884. P. O. Pipestone, Minn, Retired farmer. 
Presby. C, Emory, Maude. 

VII. Emory Chester Rebmau, b Jan. 18, 1885. 
Graduated in the medical department of the North- 
western University of Chicago. 

VIL Maude Elizabeth Rebman, b Sept. 9, 
1889, d Jan. 9, 1893. 

VI. Benjamin Henry Fisher, b in Ogle Co., 
111., Apr. 12, 1862, m Agues M. Bowman, Sept, 20, 


1887. P. O. Braman, Okla. Farmer. Ref. ch. C, 
VII. Florence Mae Fisher, b Feb. 7, 1889. Elsie B. 
Fisher, b July 19, 1891; Elmer B. Fisher, b July 19, 
1891, d Nov. 27, 1892; Percival B. Fisher, b June 
16, 1894; Harold B. Fisher, b Dec. 24, 1898. 

VI. Jacob E. Fisher, b in Ogle Co., 111., Mar. 
14, 1867, m Lueila Diehl, Dec. 29, 1892. P. O. For- 
reston, III. C.,£.VII, Lucilla Victoria Fisher, b 
Feb. 2, 1895; Lillian Viola Fisher, b Mar., 1896; 
Anna May Fisher, b 1901. 

V. Jacob Peter Meyer, b in Dauphin Co.,_Pa,, 
Aug. 5, 1827, d at Eidorado Springs, Mo., Jan. 27, 
1899, m Susan Saltzer Sept. 5, 1852. She was b in 
Dauphin Co., Pa., Dec. 13, 1832, d at Ft. Dodge, la., 
Feb. 20, 1903. Harness-maker. Luth. C, Ellen, 
Emma, Susan, Diana, Lucinda, Lincoln, Hannah, 
Mary, Sarah, John, Alviu, Hattie, Nettie. 

VI. Eileu Eliza Meyer, o in Ogle Co., 111., 
May 6, 1853, m Wm, J. Lohr, Jan. 23, 1873. Res. 
2104 E. Uallon Ave., Spokane, Wash. Spiritual 
Organization. C., Harriet, William, Jesse, Emma, 

VII._Harriet Inez Lohr, b May 16, 1874, m 
Jay \y. Daniel, Sept. 6, 1904. Res 823 Nora Ave., 
Spokane, Wash. C. , VIII. Dorris Permelia Daniel, 
b Jan. 27, 1908. 

VII. Wm. Jacob Lohr, b Apr. 21, 1876, m 
Theresa Cornell, Sept. 6, 1906. Res. Spokane, 
Wash, Served in Spanish American War 6 months 
as private enlisted, went as far as Honolulu as trans- 
port in 4th Cavalry, G Troop. C. , "VIII. Milmon 

YLI. Jesse Harper Lohr, b Aug. 21, 1880. 
Served iu Phillipine Islands, Spanish American war, 
as enlisted in regular 4 Cavalry, G Troop, was in 

< » » 




27 battles, was wounded in heel of one foot. 

VII. Emma Jane Lohr, b Sept. 24, 1881, m 
F. D. Myers, Feb. 13, 1901. Res. 2206 E. Hoquim, 
Wash. C, VIII. Helen Myers, b Nov. 12, 1901; 
Fraukie Myers, b Apr. 8,1903. 

VII. Anton Lorraine Lohr, b July 25, 1894. 

VI. Emma, Clara Meyer, b Sept. 17, 1854, m 
John L. Fritz, Feb. 2G, 1888. P. O. Bath, S. Dak. 

VI. Susan Kathren Meyer, b Feb. 22, 1855, 
m Wm. T. Elliott, Apr. 10, 1884. P. O. Anthony, 

VI. Diana Meyer, b in Ogle Co., 111., June 1, 
1856, m John Muugo Ainslie, June 1, 1890. P. O. 
Bath, S. Dak. Printer. Meth. Ep. C, Lilah, Earl. 

VII. Lilah Hazel Ainslie, b Dec. 26, 1891. P. 
O. Bath, S. Dak. Stenograher. S. ; Earl Lincoln 
James Ainslie, b Mar. 7, 1893. 

VI. Lucinda Jane Meyer, b Sept. 27, 1860. 
Res. 316 E. 4th St., Oklahoma, Okla. S, 

VI. Lincoln Webster Meyer, b Jan. 22, 1861. 
Res. 1718 Sprague St., Spokane, Wash. S. 

VI. Hannah M. Meyer, b Feb. 11, 1862, m Wm. 
J. Cornell, Oct. 9, 1883, d Aug. 20, 1907. C, Lucile. 

VII. Lucile Cornell, m Bishop. Res. 

375 E, Wooster Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Meyer, b Jan. 17, 1864, 
m Ansel Humphrey, Dec. 30, 1888. Res. 116 17th 
St., Cedar Rapids, la. 

VI. Sarah Adaline Meyer, b Mar. 18, 1865, d 
Dec. 6, 1869. 

VI. John F. Meyer, b Apr, 1, 1866, m Anna 
M. OHara, Apr. 9, 1891. Res. 523 5th Ave., Fort 
Dodge, la. 

VI. Alvin Jacob Meyer, b Mar. 14, 1867. 
Res. 1718 Cummings Ave., Superior, Wis. S. 


VI. Hattie Viol* Meyer,, b at Mt. Carroll, 111., 
June 5, 1871, in-Sainuel,J. Whitcomb, Oct. .9, 1889. 
Divorced 1904, _m CO. Rayue, of Ft. , Dodge, ; la., 
Oct. 12, 1905. . Res. 672 Hayes St., San Francisco, 
Calf. Merchant tailor. Cong'l.^O., VII. Ethel 
Whitcoujb, b July 17, 1890; Samuel J, 'Wliitcomb, b 
Oct. 23, 1891; Kyle A. Wliitcomb, b Jan. 8, 1893; 
Myrtle Whitcomb, b Nov. 23, 1894; Hazel Whit- 
comb, b Feb. 16, 1895; Mazie Whitcomb, b Dec. 
22, 1899. 

VI. Nettie Alula Meyer, b July 9, 1872, m 
Warreu Latham, Nov. 24, 1902. Res, 1718 Cum- 
mings Ave., Superior, Wis. 

V. John Mayer, b in Dauphin Co., ^Pa., Apr, 
19, 1829, d at Wayside, Spokane Co., Wash., Jan. 
22, 1900, m Mary Auu Adams, June 5, 1851. She 
was b in Northumberland Co., Pa., Jan. 7, 1834. 
Res. Spokane, Wash. Farmer. Ger. Ref. C, 
Richard, Riley, Nathaniel, Joanna, Alice, Lydia, 
John, Franklin, Charles, Stephen, Mary, Caroline. 

VI. Richard M. Mayer, b Aug. 6, 1852, d Nov. 
26, 1866. 

VI. Riley Jordan Mayer, b Oct. 18, 1853, d 
Jan. 1, 1854. 

VI. Nathaniel James Mayer, bin Cairoll Co., 
111., Jan. 20, 1855, m Ruth Robbing. P. O. West- 
lake, Idaho. C, Ium, Lynn. 

VII. Tna M. Mayer, m jWm, Dingle. P. O. 
Colville, Wash. C, VIII. Virginia Dingle. 

VII. Lynn E. Mayer. 

VI. Joanna E. Mayer, b in Ogle Co., 111., 
Mar. 13, 1857, m James E. Roe, July 24, 1885. P. 
O. Spokane, Wash. Contractor. Coug'l. C., Leah, 

VII. Leah Roe, b June 20, 1886, m Roy S. 


Brown, Mar. 19, 1906. Res. 214 W. Euclid Ave., 
Spokane, Wash. Railway clerk. C , VIII. Earl 
Brown, b Sept. 29, 1906; Ruby Brown. 1) Jan. 2, 1908. 

VII. Aileen Roe, b Jan. 15, 1895. 

VI. Alice Susanna Mayer, b in Ogle Co., 111., 
July 18, 1858, m Frank Robbing, Feb. 19, 1890. P. 
O. Buckeye, Wash. R. D, 1. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 
C, VII. Mary Bobbins, b Dec. 10, 1890; Dora 
Robbins, b July 23, 1893; Arthur Robbins, b May 8, 
1895; Edith Robbins, b Sept. 2, 1897; John Robbins, 
b Dec. 6, 1898. 

VI. Lydia Ann Mayer, bin Ogle Co., 111., Apr. 
23, 1861, m Dr. W. D. Valentine. Res, Spokane, 
Wash. Physician.- Meth. Ep. C.,VII. Will E., 
Mable (d), Robert (d), Florinne. 

VI. John P. Mayer, b in Ogle Co., III., May 
5, 1863, in Rebecca J. Lebo, Apr. 1889, P. O. 
Yakima, Wash. Real Estate Agent. Presby. C, 
VII. Elta Mayer, b Dee. 24, 1888; Ada May Mayer, 
b Mar. 6, 1890; Grace Mayer, b Mar. 6, 1891; Ralph 
L. Mayer, b June 7, 1893, d Oct. 4, 1897; Miriam 
Mayer, b Dec. 12, 1896 ; d July 8, 1898; Lucian F, 
Mayer, b Apr. 18, 1898; Perry E. Mayer, b June 29, 

VI. Franklin Adams Mayer, b in Ogle Co., 111., 
Apr. 18, 1868, m Cora McKay. P. O. Spokane, 
Wash. C, VII. Francis Mayer. 

VI. Charles P. Mayer, b in Ogle Co., 111., Aug. 
16,1870. Res. Spokane, Wash., (Box 800). Clerk 
on Public Records. Ret', ch. S. 

VI. Stephen A. Mayer, b Oct. 16, 1873, d Feb. 
23, 1874. 

VI. Mary Hannah Mayer, b Out. 24, 1874, m 
Robert Waters. P. O. Spokane, Wash. C, VII. 
Irma, Elta. 


VI. Caroline E. Mayer, b in Ogle Co., 111., 
Feb. 9, 1877, m Guy Browne. P. O. Spokane,. 
Wash. C, VII. Karl, Margery, John. 

V. Peter S. Meyers, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Jan. 7, 1835, d at Forreston, III., Feb. 6, 1900, ni 
Sarah Adams, in 1857. Shed Apr. 25, 1871. C, 
Milinon, Louisa, Alfred. M 2nd wife MalindaHoffa, 
Feb. 8, 1872. She was b in Northumberland Co., 
Pa., Aug. 20, 1848. P. O. Forreston, III. C. , 
Sarah, William, Hannah. Malinda, Daniel, Jacob, 
Edith, Lucian. 

In Feb., 1864, he enlisted in Co. F, 15th 111. 
Inf., was 4th Corporal, took part in the Grand Review 
at Washington, D. C, and was mustered out at- Ft. 
Leavenworth, Kans., Sept. 1, 1865. He was a far- 
mer, and at the time of his death owned 320 acres of 
the best laud in his township. He was temperate in 
his habits, kind hearted to the poor, and honest as 
the day. Mr. M. Ger. Ref. ; Mrs. M. Luth. 

VI. Milmon & Meyer, b Dec. 11, 1857, d 
Nov. 1898, m Mary Hardin. P. O. Waterloo, Iowa. 
Railroad engineer. C, VII. Flossie May Meyers. 

VI. Louisa Jane Meyers, b in Ogle Co., Hi., 
Mar. 22, 1859, m Henry Tice, Sept. 2, 1884. P. O. 
Polo, 111. Luth. O, Milmon, Eva, Odelia, Alfred, Mary. 

VII. Milmon Henry Tice, b in Polo, III.. July 
3, 1885. Res. Philippine Islands. In the Reveuue 
service of the United States. 

VII. Eva Gertrude Tice, b Aug. 4, 1886, m 
Archabald Byers, Dec. 10, 1908. Luth. 

VII. Odelia May Tice, b in Polo, III., Dec. 24, 
1887. Book-keeper, Stenographer and Shorthand. 

VII. Alfred Philip Tice, b in Polo, 111., Mar. 
3, 1894. Luth. 


VII. Mary Louisa Tice, b Mar. 23, 1899. 

VI. Alfred Alexander Meyers, b in Ogle Co., 
III., id Ida Garinan. P. O. Fesiton, la. 

VI. Sarah Anna Meyers, b at Forreston, 111., 
Nov. 24, 1872, m Edward E. Haller, Oet. 15, 1898. 
P. O. Forreston, III. Druggist. Lutb. Mr. Haller 
is a member of the "Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion," and Mrs. Haller is a full member of the 
Lutheran Missionary Society and of the Forreston 
Relief Corps. C, VII. Clarence Edward Haller, 
b Dec. 19, 1S99, d infant; Anna Bee Haller, b Oct. 
26, 1900; Virginia E. Haller, b Feb. 12, 1903; Alice 
True Haller, b May 29, 1906. 

VI. William H. Meyers, b May 29, 1874, m 
Lillian Horst. P. O. Forreston, 111. 

VI. Hannah Mary Meyers, b Aug. 22, 1875, in 
Frank H. Diehl, Feb. 20, 1896. P. O. Forreston, 
111. Farmer. Luth. C, VII. Irene Frances Diehl, 
b Mar. 18, 1889. 

VI. Malinda Agnes Meyers, bin Ogle Co., III., 
Dec. 29, 1876, m Harvey Ellsworth Billig, Mar. 11, 
1902. P. 0. Grand Junction, Colo. Railroad train 
conductor. Luth. C, VII. Margaret Malinda 
Billig, b May 2, 1903; Harvey Ellsworth Billig, Jr., 
b June 16, 1907. 

VI. Daniel Peter Meyers, b Aug. 22, 1878, d 
Feb. 21, 1907, m Hattie Frances Roberts. Lawyer. 
Ref. ch. C, VII. Blanche lone Meyers. 

VI. Jacob C. Meyers, b in Ogle Co., III., Jan. 
10, 1881, m Dorothy B. Davids, Feb. 25, 1902. Res. 
305 Lincoln Ave., Freeport, III, R. R. Car builder. 
C, VII. Fern Beatrice Meyers, b Nov. 20, 1902; 
Maiden Russel Meyers, b Mar. 6, 1905; Homer 
Ulendale Meyers, b Sept. 27, 1908. 

VI. Edith E. Meyers, b Dec. 24, 1884, d Feb. j 

Charles P. Mayer 
(See pages 102 and 140) 


22, 1890. 

VI. Lucian G, Meyers, b Mar. 23, 188G, in 
Amanda I. Becker, Nov. 28, 1907. P. O. Forreston, 
111. Farmer. Ref. ch. 

IV. Michael Moyer, b Jan. 9, 1808, d Sept. 28, 

IV. Henry Moyer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., Apr. 
12, 1810, d there Sept. 7, 1863, m Catharine Stine, 
Sept. 11, 1834. She was b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 1809, 
d in Ogle Co., 111., 1873. Farmer. Served as County 
Commissioner. Ger. Ref. C, Elizabeth, Henry, Eve, 
Aaron, Isaac, Catharine, Jonathan, Sarah, Philip. 

V. Elizabeth Meyer, b May 16, 1838, m Frank- 
lin Scheib, 1864. He was b Oct. 26, 1833, d about 
1885. Ger. Ref, C, Sarah, Mary, William, Franklin, 
John, Elizabeh, Emanuel, Aaron, James, Maggie. 

VI. Emanuel O. Scheib, b at Gratz Pa., May 
30, 1872, m Carrie Stahl, June 20, 1894. P. O. 
Valley View, Pa. Farmer. United Br. C, VII. 
Lottie Matilda Scheib, b June 13, 1899; Flossie 
Estella Scheib, b Feb. 2, 1903; Charles H. Scheib, b 
Jan. 2, 1905; Albert O. Scheib, b July 26, 1908. 

V. Henry P. Meyers, b Feb. 22, 1840, m Mary 
A. Miller, June 20, 1861. P. O. Wilsouville, Neb. 
Farmer. Ger. Ref. C, Frank, Ida, Emma, Charles, 

VI. Frank Meyers, b Dec. J 2, 1861, in Dau- 
phin Co., Pa., m Emma Hepner, Aug. 26, 1888. P. 
O. Wilsonville, Neb. Farmer. C, VII. Ami Meyers, 
b May 22, 1889; Mary E. Meyers, b Nov. 4, 1891; 
Mable Meyers, b Mar. 24, 1894; Annie M. Meyers, 
bSept. 30, 1895; Ettna M.Meyers, b Dec. 17, 

VI. Ida L. Meyers, b Oct. 10, 1863, m James 
A. McGee, Oct. 12, 1904. P. O. Wilsonville, Neb. 


Ger. Ref. 0., VII. Velma L. McGee, I) Sept. 21,. 

VL Emma J, Meyers, !» Sept, 27, 18G5, in 
Aaron S. Lebo, (see his family record). Her Res.. 
Seattle, Wash. Ger. Ref. 

VI. Charles T. Meyers, b in Schuylkill Co., 
Pa., Mar. 14, 18(iiJ, m Mary E. Vancleave, Jan. 22, 
1888. P. O. Wilsonville, Neb. Farmer. C, VII. 
Delia Meyers, b May 4, 1895, d small; Uryam Meyers, 
b Oct. 4, 1890; Hazel Meyers, : b Apr. 28, 1898;. Lela 
Meters, b Sept, 14, 1899; Irene Meyers, b Oct. 12, 
1901 ; Glen Meyers, b Oct. 11, 1903; Dale Meyers, b 
May 28, 1905; Robert Meyers, b Apr, 11, 1907; 
Rachel Meyers, b Feb. 28, 19U9. 

VI. William A. Meyers, h in Furnas Co., 
Neb., Sept. 4, 1881, m Liva L. Batchelor, Feb, 10, 
1904. P. O. Hendley, Neb. Farmer. C, VII. 
Ethel A. Meyers, b Apr. 1, 1905; Edith W. Meyers, 
b Nov. 4, 1907; Harry A. Meyers, b May 21, 1909. 

V. Eve C. Meyer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., Mar. 
28, 1842, d at Britt, la., July. 4, 18S6, m James B. 
Deibler. He was b in Dauphin Co., Pa., Aug. 3.0, 
1842, d at Corwith, la., Jan. 26, 1905.. Farmer. 
Ref. ch. C, William, Etta, Catharine, Anna, 
Frank, Luella, .Maggie, Jennie, John, Hattie. 

VI. William H. Deibler, b in Dauphin Co., 
Pa., Oct. 30, 1863, m Dora J. Dawson. P. O. 
Kanawha, la. Farmer. C, VII. Arta L. Deibler, 
b Jan. 2, 1888; Charley W. Deibler, b Apr. 22, 1901;- 
Loren V. Deibler, b Oct. 15, 1903. 

VI. Etta Deibler, b June 1, 1865, in Walter 
Evans. P. O. Sheldon, la. C, VII. George B.; 
Myrtle Winfred. 

VI. Catharine Deibler, b Mar. 8, 1867, m 
Samuel Shipman. P. O. Corwith, la. C, VII. 


Winnie S., Wilbur, Luceil, Esther. 

VI. Anna Deibler, b July 10, 186S, d Apr. 8, 
1896, in Charles Dawson. P. O. Corwith, la. C, 
VII. Lesie E., Elsie E„ Anna M. 

VI. Frank J. Deibler, b Oct. 4, 1870, d Dec. 
29, 1906, in Mary Bob! rum'. P. O. Granville, N. 
Dak. C, VII. Scott, Julia, Frank, Anna. 

VI. Luella Deibler, b May 18,1872, m Benj- 
amin Zeigler. P. O. Corwith, la. G. , VII. Vernon 
J., Alice J. 

VI, Maggie Deibler, b June 16, 1874, in Peter 
Farrell, (d). 0., VII. Eva, Irwin, Raymond. M 
2nd husband Shannon Duufee. P. O. Corwith, la. 
No issue. 

VI. Jennie Deibler, b Dec. 4, 1876, m Charles 
Shipman. P. O. Granville, N. Dak. C, VII. 
Bertha, Willard, Ethel, Vernon. 

VI, John J. Deibler, b July 29, 1878, m Auna 
Sullivan. P. O: Kanawha, la. No issue. 

VI. Hattie Deibler, b Sept. 30, 1881. P. O. 
Granville, N. Dak. S. 

V. Aaron F. Meyers, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
1844, m Ann Maria liiegel, 1868. She d May 27, 
1901. P. O. Forreston, III. Farmer. Mr. Meyers 
was a soldier in the Civil war, in Co. A, 208 Peuua. 
Vol. Infy. Kef. ch. C, Charles, Harvey, Krttie, 
Bert, Lizzie, Jennie, Daniel, Delhi. 

VI. Charles Meyers, b ac Forreston, III., Nov. 
10, 1868.- P. 0. Scenic, S. Dak. Farmer. Ret', ch. S. 

VI. Harvey Meyers, b Oct. 28, 1870, m Emma 
Specher, Jan. 17, 1900. 

VI. Katie Meyers, b in Ogle Co., III., Mar. 23, 
1873, m David N. Lower, Jan. 19, 1S98. P. O. 
Corwith, la. Farmer. Ref. ch. 

VI. Bert Meyers, b at Forreston, 111., Aug. 29, 


1875, m Cora Man-, Jan. 17, 1900. Fai uier. Ref. ch. 

VI. Lizzie Meyers, b Jan. 9, 1878. S. 

VI. Jennie Meyers, b Jan. 12, 1880. S. 

VI. Daniel Meyers, b Mar. 30, 1883. P. O. 
Forreston, III. Farmer. Ref. ch. S. 

VI. Delia Meyers, b Mar. 30, 1883, (twin) d 
Feb. 7, 1901. 

V. IsaacS. Meyers, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
1845, m Henrietta Deibler, in 1868. P. O. Hendley, 
Neb. Retired farmer, now writing Insurance. Ger. 
Ref. C, Susan, Sylvester, Elizabeth, Isaac, Henri- 
etta, Emery, Evie, Olive. 

VI. Susan Meyers, b in Ogle Co., 111., in 1871, 
m Rev. Charles McCorkle, in 1892. P. O. Waunetta, 
Neb. Methodist Episcopal minister. No issue. 

VI. Sylvester Meyers, b in Furnas Co., Neb., 
1873, m Mirtle McKown, in 1900. P. O. Hendley, 
Neb. Farmer and Telegraph Operator. Mrs. M. 
Christian ch. C, VII. Doras Meyers, b 1901; 
Maud Meyers, b 1902, Ella Meyers, b 1904; Lloyd 
Meyers, b 1906. 

VI. Eliazabeth Meyers, b in 1875, m Thomas 
Wilburn. P. O. Hendley, Neb. R. R. man, now a 
farmer. Meth. Ep. C, VII. Floyd Wilburn, b 
1892; John Wilburn, b 1893; Ardre Wilburn, b 
1896; Elsie Wilburn, b 1898. 

VI. Isaac N. Meyers, b in 1876, m Lucy Aus- 
tin, in 1900. P. O. Denton, Neb. Farmer and R. 
R. man, now Grain Dealer. Meth. Ep. C, VII. 
Delia Meyers, b 1901; Isaac Austin Meyers, b 1903. 

VI. Emery L. Meyers, M. D., b 1879, m Na- 
dine Pierce, in 1905. Physician, at Cambridge, Neb. 
No issue. 

VI. Henrietta Meyers, b 1881, m John John, 
in 1900. P. O. Hendley, Neb, Farmer. Meth. 


Ep. C, VII. George John, b 1900; Edwin; John, 
b 1901; Dwight John, b 1903; Emery John, b 1906; 
Wesley John, b 1907. 

VI. Evie Meyers, b 1885, ra Guy Brubaker, in 
1906. P. O. Hendley, Neb. Merchant. Meth. Ep. 

VI. Olive Meyers, b 1887. P. O. Hendley, Neb. 
Musician. Meth. Ep. S. 

V. Catharine Meyers, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Api. 10, 1847, m Emanuel Hepner, Oct. 17, 1870. 
P. O. Marshalltown, Iowa, 312 N. 3rd ave. Farmer. 
Ref. ch. C, Elmer, Ida, Catharine, William, Em- 
ma, John, Marietta, Clara, 

VI. Elmer S. Hepner, b July 8, 1871. Res. 
Marshalltown, la., 312 N. 3rd ave. 

VI Ida E. Hepner, b Sept. 21, 1872, d Feb. 
13, 1873. 

VI. Catharine Elizabeth Hepner, b Jan. 3, 
1875, d Apr. 29, 1903. 

VI. William Eugene Hepner, b Sept. 8, 1877, 
d Feb. 7, 1907, m Cora Russel. Rail road fireman. 
C, VII. Raymond Hepner; Ida Hepner; Marietta 

VI. Emma Luella Hepner, b Mar. 9, 1879, d 
May 10, 1879. 

VI. John Emanuel Hepner, b Nov. 19, 1880, 
d Sept. 5, 1881. 

VI. Marietta Hepner, b Aug. 13, 1882, d Nov. 
18, 1901, m John Hoy, Res. Heaton, N. D. C, 
VII. Edna M. Hoy, d 1904, Maria Hoy. 

VI. Clara May Hepner, b Mar. 22, 1890. Res. 
Mashalltown, la., 312 N. 3rd ave. 

V. Jonathan Meyers, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
1852, m Barbara Shipmau, Feb. 27, 1873. P. O. 
Beardsley, Kans. Farmer. Meth. Ep. C, Wil- 
liam, Philip, James, Otto, Clara, Mary, Dollie, 


Bessie, Nellie, Baby. 

VI. William Edwin Meyers, b Feb. 14, 1874, 
m Louisa Prideaux, Oct. 20, 1907. 

VI. Philip Martin Meyers, b Nov. G, 1875, m 
Bessie M. Sleezer, Sept. 12, 1900. C, VII. Ralph 
Carlton Meyers, b Dec. 13, 1901; Opal Evelyn 
Meyers, b Aug. 30, 1903; Bert Meyers, b Aug. 3, 
1906; Gladys Ann Meters, b July 30, 1908; Goldie 
Celestial Meyers, b July 30, 1908. 

VI. James Burd Meyers, b Nov, 6, 1878, m 
Lizzie Slrouse, Dec. 11, 1907. C. , VII. Orpha Dean 
Meyers, b Sept. 17, 1908. 

VI. Otto Austin Meyers, b Oct. 8, 3 880, d 
Feb. 11, 1885. 

VI. Clara Bell Meyers, b Jan. 1, 1884, d Feb. 
13, 1903. 

VI. Mary Ann Meyers, b June 15, 1886, m 
Edwin D. Haynes, JuJy 3, 1904. C, VII. Esther 
Mary Haynes, b May 9, 1905; June Ethel Hayues, b 
Oct. 3, 1906; Irene Ruth Hayues, b Nov. 25, 1907. 

VI. Dollie Mable Meyers, b July 15, 1888, m 
John A. Hunnicutt, Dec. 13, 1905. C, VII. Robert 
Blacklege Huuuicutt, b Feb. 8, 1906. 

VI. Bessie Regina Meyers, b July 22, 1890, m 
Ira E. Johns, Aug 7, 1907. C, VII. Virgel Law- 
lence Johus, b Mar. 12, 1908. 

VI. Nellie May Meyers, b May 27, 1895. 

VI. "Baby" Meyers, b and d Feb. 7, 1899. 

V. Sarah Meyers, b 1853, (d). 

V. Philip Meyers, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., Apr. 
11, 1857, m Ida Johnson, Nov. 17, 1880. P. O. 
Hendley, Neb. In the spriug of 1869 he removed to 
Forreston, 111., remaining there until 1873 when 
he removed to Hendley, Neb. Retired farmer. Ger. 
Ref. C, Frederick, Martha, John, Frank, Ida, 


Peter, James, Zettie, Lucy. 

VI. Frederick A. Meyers, b Aug. 25, 1881, m 
May Mayes, Jau, 24, 1906. Farmer. C, VII. 
Glean A. Meyers, b Oct. 30, 1906. 

VI. Martha C. Meyers, b Dec. 6, 1882, d Apr. 
12, 1883. 

VI. John Henry Meyers, b July 22, 1885, m 
Grace Mayes, Oct. 23, 1907. Farmer. 

VI. Frank Leroy Meyers, b Apr. 11, 1887. 

VI. Ida Regina Meyers, b Feb. 18, 1889, m 
Johu F. Roberts, Oct. 23, 1907, P. O. Hendley, Neb. 

VI. Peter Thomas Meyers, b Jan. 12, 1891. 

VI. James Weaver Meyers, b Apr. 5, 1893. 

VI. Zettie May Meyers, b Feb. 8, 1895. 

VI. Lucy Esther Mayers, b Apr. 18, 1897. 

IV. Jonathan Meyer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Jan. 23, 1812, d 1893, m . C, 

V. Peter R. Meyers. P. O. Forreston, 111. 

V. Lydia Meyers, m Lewis Bovie. P. O. 
Foneston, 111. 

V. Sarah Meyers, m McKutcheu. P. O. 

New Kirk, Okla. 

V. Jonathan R. Meyers. P. O. Forreston, 111. 

V. Henry R. Meyers. P. O. Forreston, 111. 

V. Elizabeth Meyers, m J. E. Garmau. 

IV. Sarah Moyer, b Oct. 24, 1814, d Jan. 23, 
1879, m Jacob D. Muench. He d 1846. Shoemaker 
and school teacher. Ger. Ref. C, William, Eliza- 
beth, Jacob, Elias, Margaret, Charles, Isaac. 

V. William Muench. A soldier in the civil 
war, was drowned while bathing in James river in 

V. Elizabeth Muench, b about 1836, d 1856. S. 

V. Jacob Muench, b 1838, d Dec. 23, 1907, m 

Catharine Bubb, in 1866. P. O. Pilot Mound, la. 


He was a soldier in the Civil War. C, Cora, A chin, 
Manerva, Nettie, Arthur, Hattie, Sadie. 

VI Cora Muench, in Gustin Broad. C, VII. 
Alviu, Lillie, Nellie, Rubie, Gladys, Myrtle. 

VI. Achil Mueuch, in Jane Steake. C. , VII. 
MaC3 T , Alva, Loas, Forrest, Oary. 

VI. Manerva Muench, m Joe Rider. C, VIE. 
Ralph, Clarence, Elijard. 

VI. Nettie Mueuch, m Christian Wills. C„ 
VII. Nellie, Hazel, Harry, Shelby, Catharine, Sadie. 

VI. Arthur Mueuch, m Susie Rliiuehart. C, 
VII. Ethel, Edith, Glea. 

VI. Hattie Muench, m Harper Daniel. C, 
VII. Charles, Larou, Aldie. 

V. Elias Muench, b 1839, d 1871, in . 

He was a soldier in the Civil War, afterwards con- 
ductor on U. P. R- R. One C, VI. . 

V. Margaret Mueuch, b 1841, ni Peter Klinger., 
1860. P. O. Pillow, Pa. C, Francis, Fietta, An- 
nie, Katie, Sal lie, Cora, George, Charles, Maude. 

VI. Francis Klinger, m Lillie Bean. C, VII. 
Ed, Elmer, Mary, Mabel, Morris. 

VI. Fietta Klinger, m John Snyder. C, VII. 
Annie, Daniel, Harry, John, Emma, Charles. 

VI. Annie Kliuger, no Daniel Kebock. C, 
VII. Cora, Sallie. 

VI. Katie Klinger, m Charles Lehman. C, 
VII, Maggie, Charles. 

VI. Sallie Klinger, m Lewis Hoffman. C. , 
VII. Katie, Thomas, Ed. 

VI. Cora Klinger, m Michael Bohner. P. O. 
Sinking Spring, Pa. C, VII. Laura, Mamie, Robert, 

VI. George Klinger, m Lizzie Bohner, (d). 

VI. Charles Klinger, m Emma Schaffstall. 


Henry Moyer and Wife 
(See page 105) 


C, VII. Katie 

VI. Maude Klinger, in Milton Buffington, C, 
VII. Laura, Robert. 

V. Charles E. Muencb, b 1844, in Elizabeth 
Schreffler, 18G1. P. O. Pilot Mound, la. 0., Ida, 
Harry, Mary, Cassie, George, Garfield, Edna, Delia, 
Ros3 T , &c. 

VI. Ida E, Muencb, in Milton Schoffstall. C, 
VII. Bessie, Guruey, Charles, Bula, Luesele, May, 

VI. Harry Muench, m Josephine Kuntzson. 
C-, VII. Grace, Raymond, Lester. 

VI. Mary A. Muencb, m Ed. Suukle. C, 
VII. Jennie, Roy. 

VI. Cassie D. Muencb, m Albert Rider. C, 
VII. Glen, Delia, Delberfc. 

VI. George Muencb, m Emma Mounkerson. 
C, VII. Oble, Oliver. 

VI. Garfield E, Muench, m Amy Rhinebarfc. 
C, VII. Gleota, Liila, Infant. 

VI. Edna E. Muench, m Charles Rhinehart. 
C, VII. Loeb. 

VI. Delia, J. Muencb, m Charles Johnson. 
C. , VII. lufant, Irene. 

VI. Rosy A. Muench, m Clayton Rhinehart. 
0-j VII. Louverii. 

V. Isaac D. Muench, b 1846, m Louisa Brua, 
0., Daniel (d), Sallie (d). He M 2nd wife Annie 
Grim. C, George. He M 3rd wife Katie Martin, 
1877. P. O. Pilot Mound, la. Retired farmer. 
Was a soldier in Civil War. Ev. Ass'n. C, Harvey, 
Virgie, Robert, Grace (d). 

IV. Catharine Moyer, b Oct. 31, 1815, m 
Joua.s Scbofistall. C. , V. Mrs. Ebuer Finuie. P. 0. 
Mt. Morris, III., etc. No. report further. 


IV. Philip Moyer, b Nov. 22, 1816, cl Sept. 
15, 1889, m Catharine Deibler, 1840. She was b 
Nov. 13, 1820, (i Apr. 13, 1899. He lived on a farm 
near Millersburg, Pa. He was a county commis- 
sioner of Dauphin Co., Pa., for several terms. He 
was a very able man. Mr. M., Ref., Mrs. M., Luth. 
C, Isaac, Amanda, Mary. 

V. Isaac Moyer, b Dec. 24, 1840, d Sept. 20, 
1866, m Leah H. Rosenberger, May 16, 1861. She 

was b Sept. 20, 1840. P. O. , Pa. Farmer. 

Ref. ch. C., Charles, Mary, Ramsey. 

VI. Charles F. Moyer, b Dauphin Co., Pa., 
July 16, 1862, m Emma J. Shive, Sept. 20, 1883. 
P. O. Millersburg, Pa. General agt of the DeLaval 
Cream Separator of New York city. Mr. M. , Ref. 
Mrs. M., Methodist. C, Philip, Fay, Violet. 

VII. Philip S. Moyer, b at Millersburg, Pa., 
Aug. 25, 1884. P. O. Millersburg, Pa. Lawyer, 
member of Dauphin Co. bar. Meth, Ep. S. 

VII. Fay L. Moyer, b May 26, 1887. P. O. 
Millersbuig, Pa. S. 

VII. Violet E. Moyer, b Mar. 27, 1897. 

VI. Ramsey E Moyer, b Mar. 6, 1865, d 
Nov. 28, 1898, m Annie A. Matter, Apr. 30, 1890. 
P. O. Millersburg, Pa, Teller in Bank. Meth. Ep. 
C, VII. RilphH. Moyer, h Jan. 4, 1892; Arleue 
E. Moyer, b Juue 17, 1895; Catharine R. Moyer, b 
Jan. 30, 1897. 

VI. Mary M. Moyer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Feb. 16, 1864, m Joseph L, Matter, Dec. 20, 1884. 
P. O. Millersburg, Pa. Farmer. Ref ch. C, VII. 
Edward P. Matter, b Oct. 18, 1885, d Jan. 7, 1886; 
Annie A. Matter, b Aug. 6, 1887. P. O. Millersburg, 
Pa. United. Ev. Ass'n. S. 

V. Amanda Moyer, b Jan. 16, 1843, d Nov. 3, 


1877. Ref. ch. S. 

V. Mary Moyer, b Dec. 22, 1845, m John E. 
Boyer, Oct. 10, 1867. P. O. Berrysburg, Pa. Farmer. 
C, Jacob, Kate, Clara, Sallie, Philip, Lizzie, Susie, 
Hannah, Emma, John, Leah. 

VI. Jacob Boyer, m Carrie Boyer. P. O. Gratz, 
Pa. C. , VII. Lee Emerson; Mary Amelia. 

VI. Kate Boyer, m Harvey Reigel. He d Mar. 
1, 1900. C, VII. Ruth Rebecca, Mark Reuben, 
Susan Salome (d). 

VI. Clara Boyer, m John A. Harmon. P. O. 
Berrysburg, Pa. C, VII. Allen Calvin Harmon. 

VI. Sallie Boyer, m Harvey Lehmau, b Nov. 
28, 1873, d May 16, 1899. C, VII. Ralph, Miles, 
Paul, Ernest H. d July 1, 1902. 

VI. Philip B. Boyer, m Martha Hoffman. P. 
O. Myerstown, Pa. C, VII. Clarence, Mildred, 
Albert, John. 

VI. Lizzie Boyer, m William J. Linker. P. 
O. Gratz, Pa. C, VII. Forest. 

VI, Susie Boyer. P. O. Gratz, Pa. R. F. D. 
No. 1. 

VI, Haunah Boyer, m William Phillips. P. 
O. Mandata, Pa. C, VII. Ralph, Emma, Leah. 

VI. Emma Boyer, m Rufus Williams, P. O. 
Artz, Pa. C. , VII, Arlene, Mary. 

VI. John Boyer, m Anuie C. Hartmau. P. 0. 

Elizabethville, Pa. C, VII. John. 

VI. Leah R. Boyer. P. O. Berrysburg, Pa. 

IV. Elizabeth Moyer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Nov. 4, 1817, d there Feb. 12, 1896, m Solomon 
Martz. He d about 1850. No issue. 

Elizabeth m 2nd husband George Emrick, Oct., 
1853. He was b in Northumberland Co., Pa., Apr. 
23, 1813, d Jan. 19, 1886. Merchant, Mr. E. Luth., 


Mrs. E. Ger. Ref. C., Edwin, Elizabeth. 

V, Edwin M. Emrick, M. D., b in Northum- 
berland Co., Pa., July 31, 1855, m Alice A. Wiest, 
Sept. 15, 1878. P. O. Shamokin, Pa. Physician. 
Ref. ch. C, VI. Claud V. Emrick, b Feb. 20, 
1881, d Jan. 20, 1887; Marion W. Emrick, b Jan. 1, 
1889; Gladys T. Emrick, b May 8, 1896. 

V. Elizabeth Emrick, b Dec. 27, 1857, m W. 
Henry Bickel, June 11, 1876. He d Nov. 8, 1881. 
P. O. Shamokin, Pa. Merchant. Mr. B. Luth. Mrs. 
B. Ref. ch. C. Edwin, Vinnie, 

VI. Edwin Forest Bickel, M. D., b Feb. 9, 
1878, m Florence Simon June 7, 1905. P. O. 
Shamokin, Pa. Dr. Bickel graduated from Mercers- 
burg Acad., 189b, UYsiuu-s College, 1900, and Medico 
Chi., 1903, and is now a practicing Physician. Kef. 
ch. C, VII. Ralph Bickel, b Aug. 20, 1907. 

VI. Vinnie Mabel Bickel, b July 3, 1880. 
Graduated of Broad St. Conservatory of Music, 
Philadelphia, June 1901:, m H. H. Farnsler, M. D., 
May 21, 1905. Res. 1463 Market St., Harrisburg, 
Pa. Physician. Ref. ch. . C, VII. Meiba E. 
Farnsler, b May 13, 1907. 

IV. Susanna Moyer, b Dec. 26, 1818, m John 
George Daniel, C, Rebecca, Amanda, Elizabeth, 
John, Isaac, Louisa, Mary, Adaline, Susau, Zvviuglie. 

V. Rebecca Daniel, (d) m John Boust. C. , 
"VI. Susan Boust, m C. Edwards; VI. Frank Boust, 

V. Amanda Daniel, (d). 

V. Elizabth Daniel, (d). 

V. John Daniel, m Emma Laudenslauger. Res. 

V. Isaac Daniel, (d) m Lizzie Willard. 

V. Louisa Daniel, m David Klock. C, VI. 

Harper, Frank, Isaiah, Daniel, Joseph, Minnie, Wil- 


liam, Bertha, Adaline. 

V. Mary Daniel, m Henry Breslyn. P. O. 
Wiconiseo, Pa. 

V. Adaline Daniel, m Wm. Evitts. P. O. 
Gratz, Pa. C, VI. Perla (d), Rebecca, Elura, 
Harvey, Henry, Walter, Bulah. 

V. Susan Daniel, m Israel Neiman. P. O. 
Berrysburg, Pa. C, Jennie, Lizzie, Mary, Charles, 
Rebecca, Homer, Clara, Ella, Mabel. 

VI. Jennie Neiman, m W. J. Long. 

VI. Lizzie Neiman, m Samuel Alexander. 
VI. Mary Neiman, m John Dutton. 
VI. Charles Neiman, m Erma Kliuger. 
V. Zwinglie Daniel, m Ella Wagner. P. O. 
Williamstown, Pa. C, Lizzie, Grace, Flossy, . 

IV. Barbara Moyer, b Sept. 3, 1822, d in 
Dauphin Co., Pa., Aug. 24, 1875, m Philip Lebo. He 
was b Sept. 6, 1815, d in Dauphin Co., Pa., Apr., 
1893. Farmer. Ger. Ref. C, Philip, John, Eliza, 
Sarah, Aaron, William, Emma, Edwin, Rebecca, 
Emanuel, Mary. 

V. Philip Lebo, b Mar. 8, 1845, m Kate A. 
Nace. P. O. Buckeye, Wash., R. F. D. No. 1. 
Market Gardener. C, VI. Emory L., one son d, 
one daughter d. 

V. John J. Lebo, b Sept. 18, 1847, m Sarah 
Lark. P. O. Forreston, 111. Farmer. Ref. ch. 
C, VI. H*rry. 

V. Eliza Anna Lebo, b Sept. 18, 1847, m Cor- 
nelius S. Hartman. P. O. Berrysburg, Pa. Farmer. 
Luth. C VI. Elmer, Harry, 

V. Sarah M. Lebo, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., May 
19, 1852, m William H. Harner, Mar. 23, 1872. He d 
Oct. 1, 1895. Res. 129 S. 14th St., Hanisburg, Pa. 
Luth. C, Annie, Jane, Amy, Florence. 


VI. Annie Kebecca Harner, b Oct. 12, 1873, 
d Nov. 29, 1879. 

VI. Jane Elizabeth Harner, b Apr. 11, 1876, 
m Dr. W. E. J. Rornberger, Jan, 1, 1906. Res. 
1446 Market St. , Harrisburg, Pa. Physician. 

VI. Amy Ruth Harner, b Nov. 22, 1881. S. 

VI. Florence Malinda Harner, b June 16, 
1886. S. 

V. Aaron S. Lebo, b Jan. 5, 1854, m Emma 
Myers, 1883. (Divorced). P. 0. Vancouver, Wash. 
Blacksmith, C, VI. Mabel Lebo, b Jan. 4, 1887. 

V. William H. Lebo, b Oct, 25, 1855, d Jan. 
1, 1890, m . JNo issue. 

V. Emma A. Lebo, b Jan 21, 1857, m Henry 
Ream (d). C, VI. Wayne, Walter. M 2nd hus- 
band, Henry Riest. P. O. Shilo, O. 

V. Edwin F. Lebo, b May 8, 1858, d infant. 

V, Rebecca J. Lebo, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Nov. 22, 1859, m John P. Mayer, (see John P. 
Mayer Family) . 

V. Emanuel Lebo, b Nov. 24, 1863, m Agues 
Metz. Res. 1922 Berry hill St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Contractor and Builder. Luth. C, VI. Selena. 

V. Mary D. Lebo, b July 29, 1862, m John 
Hartmau. P. O. Millersburg, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 
C, VI. Joseph. 

IV. Margaret Moyer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Jan. 17, 1824, d Jan. 24, 1907, m Andrew George 
Lewis Maurer, M. D. He was b in Darmstadt, Ger- 
many, Sept. 5, 1815, d May 4, 1876. Physician. 
C, Amelia, Mary, Henry, Frank. 

V. Amelia E. Maurer, b at Gratz, Pa., July 
18, 1845, m Moses R. Young, Jan. 18, 1866. He 
was b at Mt. Pleasant, N. J,, Mar. 14, 1824, d at 
Lykens, Pa., May 25, 1877. P. O. Lykens, Pa. 


Merchant. Mrs. Y. Meth. Ep. C, Arthur, Mar- 
garet, Warren. 

VI. Arthur Franklin Young, b Jan. 14, 1867, 
m Estella Kimmel, Dec. 25, 1894. P. O. Orwigs- 
burg, Pa. Book-keeper. C, VII- Mildred Kim- 
mel Young, b Aug. 21, 1895. 

VI. Margaret Maurer Young, b Dec. 1, 1868, 
at Lykeus, Pa. Meth. Ep. 

VI. Warren Ray Young, b Dec. 10, 1871. Res. 
2445 Ridge ave., Phila. Custom Inspector at Phila. 

V. Mary Ellen Maurer, b at Wiconisco, Pa., 
Nov. 4, 1859, m George C. Diefeuderfer, Nov. 9, 
1880. Iu 1883 they removed to Orwigsburg, Pa., 
where Mr, Diefeuderfer is engaged in the mamufae- 
ture of shoes and is a member of the him of H, S. 
Albright & Co. P. O. Or wigs burg, Pa. Meth. Ep. 
C. , Alan, Florence, Margaret. 

VI. Alan Lewis Diefenderier, b at Wiconisco, 
Pa., Aug. 15, 1881. Graduated from Princeton 
College in 1904, and from University of Penna., as 
a doctor of medicine, iu 1908, and is now resident 
physician at the German Hospital, Philadelphia. 

VI. Floience Elizabeth Diefeuderfer, b at 
Orwigsburg, Pa., Mar. 17, 1885, in Vincent Godshall, 
of Telford, Pa., Apr. 21, 1908. He is employed in 
the Engineering Department of the Pennsylvania 
Railroad at Philadelphia. 

VI. Margaret Maurer Diefeuderfer, b Mar. 15, 
1887. P. O. Orwigsburg, Pa. Meth. Ep. 8. 

V. Henry Maurer, il Louisa Zeehman. P. O. 
Steeltou, Pa. C, Came, Jean, Maggie, Clayton, 
Harry . 

VI. Carrie Maurer, in John Schminkey. P. O. 
Gratz, Pa. C, VII. Robert. Blair, Isaiah, Gordon, 


Harry, Ralph, Herbert, Carrie, John. 

VI. Jean Maurer, m Samuel Miller. 

VI. Maggie Maurer, m W. Gardner. 

V. Frank Maurer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., Feb. 
23, 1852, m Mary Richards, Nov. 18, 1872. Res. 48 
E. Stafford St., Germantown, Phila., Pa. Druggist. 
Meth. Ep. No issue. 

IV. Lydia Moyer, b June 1827, m Leonard 



III. Peter Mayer, date of birth, death and 
whom he married not known. He settled in Mifflin 
Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa,., near Berry sburg. Farmer. 
C, Daniel, John, Peter, Jacob, George, Lydia, Sal- 

IV. Daniel Moyer, m Alsetta Streffler. Far- 
mer. Ger. Ref. C, William, Jonathan, Lydia, 
Mary, Hannah, Daniel, 

V. William Moyer, b 1842, d June 6, 1907, m 
Hannah Ritzman. Farmer. Ref. ch. C, Milton, 
Annie, Daniel, Sailie, Maggie, William, Irene. 

VI. Milton E. Moyer, m Mary Umholtz. 

VI. Annie M. Moyer, b Oct. 20, 1866, m 
Charles L. Feidt. P. O. Millersburg, Pa. Cabinet- 
maker. Ref. ch. C, VII. Helen E. Feidt, b June 
14, 1891. Music teacher. 

VI. Daniel G. Moyer, m Emma Hartmau. P. 
O. Elizabethtown, Pa. 

VI. Sailie Jane Moyer, d infant. 

VI. Maggie May Moyer, m Heller. P. 

O. Penubrook, Pa. 

Isaac S. Meyers 
(See page 108) 


VI, William R. Moyer, m , P. O. Ber- 

rysburg, Pa. 

VI. Irene Moyer, b Dec. 31, 1886, m George 

V. Jonathan Moyer, m Eliza Bohner. C. VI. 
Frank Moyer (d); Martha Moyer, m E. J. Foer- 
stner; Anicie Moyer, m E. Snyder; Edward Moyer 
(d); Charles Moyer ; Grand Moyer. 

V. Lydia Moyer, hi Henry Koppenhaver. C, 
VI. S. Koppenhaver; Ida Koppenhaver, m Perry 

V, Mary Moyer, m Daniel Romberger, (d). 
C. VI. Charles Romberger, m Alice Sheetz; Lavera 
Romberger (d). Mary m 2nd husband Win. Dill- 
man. C, VI. Paul Dillman (d), Laura Dillman. 

V. Hannah Moyer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Apr. 18, 1839, d Oct. 21, 1905, m John Kopeuhaver, 
Dec. 11, 1862 He was b in Dauphin Co., Pa , Aug. 
20, 1837. P. O. Malta, Pa. Farmer. Ref ch. C, 
Lillie, Laura, Lizzie, Harvey, Annie, George, Wil- 
liam, Carrie, Mabel, Mary. 

VI. Lillie M. Kopeuhaver, b Nov. 3, 1863, m 
David W. Erb, Mar. 4, 1886. P. O. Shamokiu, Pa. 
Wholesale Fruit Dealer. U. Ev. Ass'n. C, VII. 
Verna M. Erb, b July 23, 1889; Maria Erb, b May 
29,1895; H. Guy Erb, b Jan. 6, 1897; Ruth E Erb, 
b June 10, 1900. 

VI. Laura E. Kopeuhaver, b at Berry sburg., 
Pa., Feb. 9, 1865, in Ephraim D. Witmer, Nov. 
28, 1885. P. O. Malta, Pa. Farmer. Ref. ch. 0., 
William, Clarence. 

VII. William Serenas Witmer, b Nov, 27, 
1886, d Aug. 1, 1887. 

VII. Clarence Eugene Witmer, b May 30, 
1889, m Stella T. Mariz, 1908. P. O. Malta, Pa. 


Farmer. Ref. ch. C., VIII. Ethel Meriam Wit- 
mer, b Sept. 27, 1908. 

VI. Lizzie E. Kopenhaver, b Feb. 2, 1867, m 
John Witrner. P. O. Hickory Corner, Pa. Farmer. 
Ref. ch. C, VII, Mark N.; May P. (d); Maude 
E.; Leah S. 

VI. Rev. Harvey G. Kopenhaver, b Mar. 20, 
1869, m Annie Noll. P. O. Halifax, Pa, Minister 
of the Reformed ch. C, VII. Lillian, Paul. 

VI. Annie Kopenhaver, b June 24, 1870, m 
Monroe Bohner. P. O. Hickory Corner, Pa. Farmer. 
Ref. ch. C, VII. Lloyd P. ; Adam A.; Bertha M.; 
Mary A. 

VI. Rev. George E. Kopeuhaver, b Dec. 15, 
1872, ai Cora AVitmer. P. O. Mahanoy, Pa. Minis- 
ter of Ref. ch. C, VII. Ralph W.; Hannah J,; 
Mary E. 

VI. William L. Kopenhaver, b Nov. 12, 1874, 
m Cora Snyder. P. O. Malta, Pa. Farmer. Ref. 
ch. C, VII. Esther A.; Carrie E.; John A. (d) ; 
Helen E. 

VI. Carrie V. Kopenhaver, b Feb. 26, 1877, 
m William Weaver. P. O. Dalmatic, Pa. Freight 
Agt. Re?, ch. C, VII. Fay A.; Hannah P. 

VI. Mabel A. Kopenhaver, b May 17, 1880, m 
Monroe Philips. P. O. Hickory Corner, Pa. Farmer. 
Mr. P. Luth. Mrs. P. Ref. C, VII. May I. ; John 
J.; Addie. 

VI. Mary A. Kopenhaver, (twin) b May 17. 
1880, m Jacob Dreibelbis. P. O. Shamokin, Pa. 
Farmer. Ref. ch. C, VII. Mabel G.; Helen I.; Leah E. 

V. Daniel Moyer, Jr., w Emma Hartmau. P. 
O. Elizabethville, Pa. C, VI. Verna, Lura, Elma. 

IV. John Moyer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., died 
there, in Mary Snyder. She d in Dauphiu Co., Pa. 


Farmer. Meth. Ep. C, Mary, Leonard, Rebecca, 
Nicholas, Jacob. 

V. Mary Moyer, d. No issue. 

V. Leonard Moyer, b in Dauphin Co., Pa., Jan. 
27, 1826, d at Gilman, la., July 23, 1896, m 
Lucinda Nolen, Jan. 23, 1851. She was b in Dauphin 
Co., Pa. P. O. Gilman, la. Carpenter, later farmer. 
Meth. Ep. C. , John, George, Richard, Mary, Wiu- 
field, Sidney. 

VI. John E. Moyer, b Sept. 24, 1852. P. O. 
Mondovi, Wash. Farmer. S. 

VI. George Feno Moyer, b in Daupin Co., Pa., 
Mar. 8, 1856, m Ida May Swegle, Sept. 14, 1881. 
Res, 413 Warren ave,, Seattle, Wash. Manager and 
sales agent for National Biscuit Co., Seattle. C, 
Gula, Leonard, Lillian, Wiufield. 

VII. Gula May Moyer, b July 20, 1884. Res. 
413 Warren ave., Seattle, Wash. Music teacher. 
Baptist. S. 

VII. Leonard M. Moyer, b Mar. 20, 1886. P. 
O. Seattle, Wash. Student Electrical Engineering. 
Cong. S. 

VII. Lillian Adela Moyer. b Mar. 3, 1892. Epis. 

VII. Wiufield Scott Moyer, b Jan. 30, 1894. 

VI. Richard N. Moyer, b May 7, 1857, in Lida 
Riddle. P. O. Luke View, la. Farmer. C, VII. 
Mae Moyer. S. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Moyer, b Feb, 7, 1859, m 
William F. Harlow. P. O. San Diego, Cal. Minis- 
ter. No issue. 

VI. Wiufield Scott Moyer, b July 10, 1860, m 

Lillie . P. O. Gilman, la. Faun or. C, VII. 

John Edward Moyer, Leonard Moyer, Mabel Moyer, 


VI. Sidney Anna Moyer, b at Brookville, Ogle 
Co., 111., Aug. 21, 1864, m Alvin E. Wilson, Mar. 8, 
1886. P. O. Marcus, la. Farmer and teacher. 
Friends. No isssue. 

V. Jacob Moyer (d), m — . C, VI. Walter, &c. 

V. Nicholas Moyer, b Aug. 3, 1839,d June,1862. 

V. Rebecca Moyer. P. O. Berrysburg, Pa. S. 

IV. Peter Meyer, b 1802, m Catharine Enter- 
line. She was b 1800. C, Eli, David, Edward, 
Isaac, Elizabeth, Susan, Peter, Katie, Hannah, 

V. Eli Meyer (d), m Catharine Coleman. C, 
Jonathan, Sarah, Millard, Mary, Solomon, Abraham, 

V. David Meyer (d), m Elizabeth Bascom. C, 
Lillie, Hattie. 

V. Edward Meyer (d), m Sarah Erdman. C. , 
William, Lydia, Mary, Henry. 

V. Isaac Meyer (d), m Katie Ann Bitterman. 
C, Lucinda, Oliver, Annie, Thressa, Milton, Fred- 
erick, Florence. 

V. Elizabeth Meyer, (d) single. 

V. Susan Meyer d, m Isaac Smith. C, Cora, 
Elmina, Oliver, Philena. 

V. Peter Meyer d, m Anna HoShine. C, Cal- 
vin, Wallace, Ella. 

V. Katie Ann Meyer, b Apr. 23, 1837, m John 
Long. P. O. Oregon, 111. No issue. 

V. Hannah Meyer, b Jan. 28, 1841, m W. H. 
Matter. C, Adda, Emma, Cora, Estella, 

V. Sarah Meyer, d single. 

IV. Jacob Meyer. 

IV. George Meyer. 

IV. Lydia Meyer, m Michael Soncer. 

IV. Sally Meyer, d single. 



III. Rev. Philip Mayer, b in Tulpehocken 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa., May 12, 1783, d near Orwigs- 
burg, Pa., July 10, 1870, m Esther Dieffenbach, Apr. 

23, 1809. She was b June 21, 1790, d Aug., 1849. 

In his early youth Mr. Mayer received a call to 
the ministry, but he had not the means at hand 
where-with to prepare himself for the work. How- 
ever, a way was providentially opened whereby he 
was enabled to pursue his studies for the sacred and 
responsible calling. He began his Theological studies 
ac Baltimore under the care and tuition of Dr. C. L. 
Becker. In the spring of 1808, a request was sent to 
the Synod then in session at Germantown for a 
minister to labor in Schuylkill Co., Pa., and it was 
arranged for Mr. Mayer to go at the close of school 
term and preach to those people. He started on this 
grand preaching tour in high spirits, traveled hun- 
dreds of miles, and preached many times, after which 
he returned and resumed his studies. In May, 1809, 
a. regular call from Pine Grove, Pa , was tendered 
Mr. Mayer, and he was accordingly licensed, and 
ordained to the Holy ministry of the Refoamed 
Church, by synod in session at Hagerstovvn. 

He began his ministry at Piue Grove, Pa., June 

24, 1809. During his loug and eveutful ministry he 
preached to the following congregations in Berks 
Co., Hains 3 years; Middleburg2 years; Bellmans 20; 
Hamburg 25; Blue Mountain 3; and St. Michael's 43 
years; and in Schuylkill Co., Schuylkill Haven 3 
years; McKeansburg 3; Ringgold 28; St. Paul's 47; 
iSt. John's 47; and Zions, nearest his home, 48 vears. 

In 1857 Father Mayer resigned his congrega- 


tions and ceased to perform the active duties of the 
ministry. When be began his labors in Schuylkill 
Co., that region of country was yet a wilderness, a 
rough and uncultivated region. Streams had to be 
forded at all seasons, as there were no bridges. In 
winter the ice had to be broken frequently, endanger- 
ing his life in crossing. Wet, cold and shivering he 
often had to enter the church where there was 
neither stove nor fire. Sometimes he heard the 
screams of wild beasts prowling along his pathway 
seeking his life. These were trying rimes, and re- 
quired brave hearts in the men who were to go about 
these wild districts preaching "the mysteries of the 
kingdom of heaven." 

The labors of this aged father were very great, 
arduous, and abundant in good fruits. When he 
first came to Schuylkill Co., he had in some places 
scarcely enough male members to constitute a consis- 
tory where congregations were to be organized. 
When he dosed his labors many of these places had 
grown into large and flourishing congregations. 
Father Mayer was blessed with a strong and vigor- 
ous constitution, and a stout heart, aud above all,, 
with a delight in his work which made the heaviest 
burdens easy to bear. The last 12 or 13 years of his 
life were spent in peaceful retirement, occasionally 
he would visit his former congregations and assist 
in administering the Holy communion, and most 
tenderly exhort the members to continue steadfast 
in the faith. During the war of 1812, he served as 
chaplain in the army. 

After a brief illness Father Mayer peacefully 
closed his earthly career. A "Father in Israel" end- 
ed his labors and sorrows, and gently fell asleep in 
Jesus, after enduring many hardships and laboring 


long "and faithfully in the vineyard^of the Lord. A j 
vast concourse of *people followed £his remains to 
Orwigsburg, whereintermeut was,inade in the Re- 
formed cemetery. C , William, Sabylla, Franklin, 
Daniel, Catharine, Diana, Lucian. 

IV. William 4i T. il Mayer, b Jan. 20, 1812, d 
July 16, 1840, m Susanna Matz, in 1834.^ She ^ was 
b June 7, 1807, d 1877. Merchant. Ger. Ref. C, 
Mary, John, Isabelle, Ruth. 

V. Mary Mayer, Jb in Schuylkil^Co., Pa., Apr. 
23, 1835, d in Chicago, 111., Jan. 27, 1905, m Valen- 
tine B. Schollenberger.* He was b in Hamburg, Pa., 
Mar. 31, 1831, d in Chicago, 111., Sept. 29, 1906. 
Bookkeeper, Mr. S. Ref. Mrs. S, Luth. C, Ella, 
Jacob, William, Edmund, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, 
Hattie, Charlotte, Liuu. 

VI. Ella Schollenberger, b June 19, 1854, m 
Walter Scott. Res. Lake and Hamlin ave., 
Chicago, 111. C, John (d), Harry, Katharine. 

VI. Jacob Mayer Schollenberger, b at Auburn, 
Pa., Apr. 11, 1856, m Haunali Findall, Oct. 10, 1887. 
Res. 663 Cleveland ave., Chicago, 111. Merchant, 
now Clerk. Ger. Ref. No issue. 


VI. Wiliiaui M. Soholleuberger, b in Schuyl- 
kill Co., Pa., Mar. 19, 1858, m Kate F. Wagner, Dec. 
23, 1882. Res. 314 S. 3rd St., Reading, Pa. Station- 
ary Engineer. Meth. Ep. C, Mary, Edna, Warren. 

VII. Mary LeRoy Seuollenberger, m Charles 

VII. Edua Watts Seuollenberger, in Augustus 
Miller. Res. 717 Lincoln St., Reading, Pa. C, 

*Son of Jacob Shollenberger and wife, daughter of Barnard 
Eisenhuth, a pioneer of Schuylkill Co., Pa., who lived to the ripe old 
age of 111 years. 


VIII. Catharine Miller, b Sept. 15, 1907. 

VI. Edmund Scliollenberger, b Sept. 18, 1861, 
m Lewis. 

VI. Elizabeth Scliollenberger, b Oct. 24, 1863, 
m Charles Hulett. P. O. Jacksonville, Fla. 

VI. Thomas Schollenberger, b Feb. 2, 1866, m 
Caddeu, No issue. 

VI. Mary Schollenberger, b 1869, d 1883. 

VI. Henrietta Schollenberger, b Nov. 15, 1872, 
m John Wilson. Res. 1365 W. Lake St., Chicago, 

VI. Charlotte Schollenberger, b Apr. 29, 1875, 
m Walter Avery. 

VI. Linn B. Schollenberger, b Oct. 16, 1880, 
m May M. Bews, June 3, 1908. Res. 32 Gale ave., 
River Forest, 111. Clerk in Brokerage office. Luth. 
No issue. 

V. John T. Mayer, b in Schuylkill Co., Pa., 
Oct. 1,1837, d 1896, m Katharine Miunich, (nee 
Knoll) 1858. She was b 1837, d 1878. Merchant. 
Ger, Ret'. C. , Ada, Horace, Susanna, Virginia, 
Fannie, Laura. 

VI. Ada Mayer, b in Schuylkill Co., Pa., 
1861, m IN. J. Ruffing, 1880. C, John, George, 
Horace, Edw., Frances. M 2nd husband H. R. 
Souder, 1906. Res. 2515 N. 28th St., Phila., Pa. 
Epis'l ch. 

VII. John T. Ruffing, h 1881. Instructor. 

VII. George E. Ruffiug, b 1882, d 1883. 

VII. Horace H. Ruffing, b 1886. Clerk. Epis. 

VII. Edw. J. Ruffiug, b 1888, d 1893. 

VII. Frances S. Ruffiug, b 1890. Clerk. Epis. 

VI. Horace P. Mayer, b 1862, d 1886. 

VI. Susanna Mayer, b 1863, d 1886. 

Philip Meyers 

(See page 11 Oj 



VI. Virginia M. Mayer, b 1864, m E. J. Gil- 
bert. Res. 1508 French St., Phila., Pa. 

VI. Fannie E. Mayer, b 1871, m Joseph E. 
Gothir. Res. 1008 Lake St., Elmira, N. Y. 

VI. Laura Mayer, b 1872, d 1901, m W. E. 
Shoop. C, VII. Forest, Esther, William. 

V. Isabelle Mayer, b 1839, d 1840. 

V. Ruth Ann Mayer, b Feb. 12, 1841, d . 

IV. Sybilla Mayer, b at Orwigsburg, Pa„ Feb. 
2, 1814, d there Oct. 9, 1873, m Godfrey B. Zulich, 
Sept. 8, 1833, by her father, Rev. Philip Mayer. 

Godfrey B. Zulich was born at Baltimore, Md., 
June 22, 1802, on the night his parents lauded from 
Germauy, at the site on which Fort McHeury now 
stands. His father was a German and his mother 
a French woman. He was a school teacher, and 
served as clerk for the Schuylkill Navigation Co., 
and later employed by the R. R. Co., for 40 years. 
He died at Orwigsburg, Pa., Feb. 22, 1886. Ger. 
Ref. C, James, John, Anna, Thomas, Mary, 
Sybilla, George, Henry. 

V. James Monroe Zuttch, b Aug. 17, 1834, d 
at Orwigsburg, Pa., Sept. 5, 1906, m Anna D. Zim- 
merman, May 12, 1877. Painter. Ger. Ref. He 
served in the Civil War as drummer of Lt. Lewis 
Luckenbill's Company ("L.'') Bait, of 96 Penna. 
Vol., enrolled Oct. 14, 1861, for three years, dis- 
charged Oct. 15, 1864, at camp in the field by reason 
of expiration of enlistment. C , George, Sadie. 

VI. George B. Zulich, d Dec. 25, 1879, aged 
1 year 8 months. 

VI. Sadie Anna Zulich, b Dec. 9, 1884, m 
Howard J. Kistler, Res. Delaware City, Del. He 
is serving 3 years in the Regular Army, C. A. C, 
stationed at Ft. Dupont, Del. 


V. John Morgau Zulich, b Mar, 12, 1836, d in 

N. Y., Aug. 30, 1890, m . Served in Naval 

service as a purser's Steward, Miantinoma Gun boat; 
was transferred to the DeSoto of the Potomac 
flotilla. Served duriug eutire war. Was a U. S. 
Government Inspector. C, Maggie, May, Morton. 

VI. Maggie Zulich, en Nector. Res. New 

York City. 

VI. May Sybilla Zulich, m Thompson. 

Res. New York City. 

VI. S. Morton Zulich. Res. 490 W. 136th 
St., New York. 

V. Anna Maria Zulich, b Sept. 1, 1838, d Feb. 
28, 1909, m Edward Mull. C, Annie, Edward. 

VI. Annie Mull, m Eugene Reeser. No issue. 
VI. Edwaid Mull, m , Two dau's. both 

mrd . 

V. Amanda Louisa Zulich, b at Port Carbon, 
Pa., July 23, 1841, m Dr. Charles Henry Augustus 
Hermausadei, June, 1858. He was b at Goslat , 
Hanover, Germany, 1830. Disappeared in 1863. 
Physician. Ref. eh, C.,' Edward, George. M 2nd 
husband Joshua Mull, Nov. 25, 1866. He was b at 
Shoemakersvilie. Pa., Dec. 5, 1836. Res. Reading, 
Pa. Railroad man. Ref. ch, C., Thomas, Maggie, 

VI. Edward Zulich Hermausader, batOrwigs- 
burg, Pa., Apr. 19, 1860, m Annie A. Reinhart, Dec. 
20, 1882. Res, Greeu Bay, Wis. Machinist. Ref. 
ch. C, VII. Margaret Louisa Hermausadei', b 
July 6, 1892; Dorothy H. Hermansader, b July 3, 
1899; Florence Eifreda Hermausader, b Mar. 12, 
1905, d June 29, 1905. 

VI. George Bancroft Hermausader, b Mar. 24, 
18 . 


VI. Thomas C. Mall, b Sept. 1, 1867, m Mary 
May Frickes. P. O. Reading, Pa. 

VI. Maggie L. Mull, b Nov. 10, 1868. 

VI. Jobu H. Mull, b Oct. 10, 1870, in Lydia 
Well, of Reading, Pa. 

V. Thomas Benton Zulich, b at Orwigsburg, 
Pa., July 18, 1844, m Fannie Louisa Shoener. P. 
O. Orwigsburg, Pa. Served during the civil war in 
the 129bh Pa., Vol., 39th P. V. M., and 97th Pa. 

Thos. B. Zulich and his two sons, John S. and 
Lin B., constitute the shoe nrui of J. S. Zulich & 
Co., of Orwigsburg, Pa. Ref. eh. C, John, Jennie, 
Mary, Lin, Howell, J. Donald, Fannie. 

VI. John Shoener Zulich, b July 1, 1872, m 
Elizabeth Albright, Dec, 1892. P. O. Orwigsburg, 
Pa. Shoe M'fg'r. C, VII. Arthur Zulich, b Nov. 

VI. Jennie May Zulich, b Sept. 15, 1874, m H. 

B. Haeseler, Oct. 6, 1898. P. O. Orwigsburg, Pa. 
Shipping clerk for J. S. Zulich & Co. C, VII. 
John Z. Haeseler, b Nov. 11, 1899; Mary Elizabeth 
Haeseler, b Aug. 21, 1901; Sybilla Louisa Haeseler, 
bSept. 16, 1907. 

VI. Mary Louisa Zulich, b Oct. 25, 1877, m 
Penrose W. M. Pressel, Dec. 27, 1905. Res. 25 
Franklin St., Warren, Pa. Clerk of Warren School 
Board, and Supervising Principal of Grammar there. 

C, VII. Thomas Zulich Pressei, b Mar. 11, 1907; 
Catharine Louisa Pressel, b Dec. 13, 1908, d Jan. 
17, 1909. 

VI. Lin B. Zulich, b Oct. 19, 1879, m Mar- 
garet M. Diefenderfer, Apr. 20, 1909. P. O. Orwigs- 
burg, Pa. Shoe M'fg'r. He enlisted in the Spanish 
American War, 8fch Regt., Co. K. Was later ap- 


pointed Sergt. Major in the National Guards of Pa. 
He is also a very fine tenor vocalist. 

VI, Howard S. Zulich, M. D., b June 1, 1882. 
Resident Physician Medico Chi Hospital, Phila., Pa. 
Tenor vocalist and sings in one of the largest 
ehurohes in Phila. 

VI. Jay Donald Zulich, M. D., b Sept. 7, 1883. 
Resident Physician at Presbyterian Hospital, Phila., 

VI. Fannie Adelia Zulich, b Nov. 16, 1887. 
P. O. Orwigsburg, Pa. 

V. Mary Rebecca Zulich, b Dec. 10, 1846, m 
Albert Stager. P. O. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. C, 
Howard, Sadie. 

V. Sybilla Zulich, b Apr. 24, 1S49, d Nov. 17, 

V. George F. Zulich, b Mar. 2, 1852, d Jan. 
6, 1889. Druggist. S. 

V. Henry M. Zulich, b at Orwigsburg, Pa., 
Sept. 30, 1855, m Euphernia Josephine Beach; 1876. 
P. O. Orwigsburg, Pa. Shoe finisher. Ref. ch. C, 
Mary, Nellie. 

VI. Mary Zulich, b Nov. 19, 1876, in Robert 
Garutte. P. O. Frackville, Pa. Bank cashier. Mr. 
G. Evangelical ch. Mrs. G. Ref, ch. C,, VII. 
Elizabeth Garutte. 

VI. Nellie Zulich, b Dec. 11, 1878. Res. New 
York City. She is a noted Vocalist, and teacher of 
the voice. 

IV. Franklin Mayer, d young. 

IV. Daniel P. Mayer (d), m Sarah Albright, 
1843. Surveyor, etc. Ger. Ref. C, William, Diana. 
M 2nd wife Sarah Stine. C., Luciau, etc. 

V. William F. Mayer, b in 1844, m Caroline 
Sigfried, in 1864. P. O. Orwigsburg, Pa. Farmer. 


Cb. of God. C , Eluier, Adelia, Carrie, Oley, B. F., 
Annie, Famie, Ivy, Sadie. 

VI. Rev. Elmer W. Mayer, b in West Bruns- 
wick Twp , Schuylkill Co., Pa., Aug. 1, 1865, in Cora 
M. Kepford, July 11, 1894. P. O. Higbee, Pa. Min- 
ister of the Church of God. C, VII. Esther Eliza- 
beth Mayer, b Sept. 18, 1896; Wendell William 
Mayer, b July 19, 1903. 

VI. Adelia Mayer, b 1867, d 1901, m .lames 
Sheip. C, VII. Minnie, Lelaud, Norman, Esther. 

VI. Carrie Mayer, b 1869, m Geo. Miller. P. 
O. Orwigsburg, Pa. C, Stella, George, Elwood. 

VI. Oley Mayer, b 1871, d 1894-5. 

VI. B. F. Mayer, b 1874, m Lillie Kauffmau. 
P. O. Orwigsburg, Pa. C, VII. Eva, Ralph, Alien. 

VI. Annie Mayer, b 1878, m Albert Lebengood, 
P. O. Orwigsburg, Pa. C , VII. Beatrice. 

VI. Famie Mayer, b 1881, m Walter Koch. 
P. O. New Ringgold, Pa. C, VII. Mabel, Ray- 
mond, Irvin. 

VI. Ivy Mayer, b 1884, m Winfield Klahr. 
Res. 603 N. Eisiubrown St., Reading, Pa. C, VII. 
Walter, Edna. 

VI. Sddie Mayer, b 1886, m Theodore Koch. 
P. O. McKeansburg, Pa. No issue. 

V. Diana Mayer (d), m James Marburger. C, 

VI. Eva Marburger, m Harry Hummeli. P. 
O. Pottsville, Pa. 

V. Lucian Mayer. 

IV. Annie C. Mayer, b at Orwigsburg, Pa., 
Nov., 1824, d there Apr., 1904, m Henry S. Kern, 
about 1846. He was b at Hamburg, Pa., Nov., 
1816, d July 7, 1907. 

When a young man he worked in a store and 


later became the lirst Philadelphia & Reading station 
agent at Hamburg, from 1846 to 1800. The rest of 
his life was spent on his large farm near Orwigsbnrg, 
Pa. He was for many years an Elder in the Re- 
formed Church. C, Henrietta, George, Lucian, 
Olivia, Helen, Annie, Lizzie, Philip. 

V. Henrietta S. Kern, b 1848, d 1887, m 
Theodore F. Hollenbach. Ger. Ref. C, VI. 

Harry, Harvey, George. 

V. George W. Kern, b 1850, d 1885, single. 

V, Lucian W. Kern, b Nov. 28, 1852, m 
Emma R. Butz, Apr. 4, 1878. P. O. Orwigsbarg, 
Pa. Merchant. Ref. ch. C, Jennie, Henry. 

VI. Jennie M. Kern, bl878, m E. Ray Linder, 
June 19, 1896. P. O. Orwigsburg, Pa. Ref. ch. 
0., VII. E. Kern Linder, b Apr. 15, 1907. 

VI. Henry N. Kern, b June 7, 1885, d Feb. 
17, 1888. 

V. Olivia C. Kern, b 1855, d 1896, m Albert 
Gerber. Ger. Ref. C, VI. Ivy, George, Kitty, 

V. Helen M. Kern, b 1858, d 1883, single. 

V. Annie C. Kern, b 1861, m Albert Drurn- 
heller. P. O. Adamsdale, Pa. Ger. Ref. C, VI. 
Philip, Burd, Charley. 

V. Lizzie M. Kern, b 1863. P. O. Adamsdale, 
Pa. 8. 

V. Philip Kern, b 1866, d 1868. 

IV. Diana E. Mayer, b near Orwigsburg, Pa., 
Jan. 13, 1829, m Thomas Schall, (d). Florist and 
Teacher. Ger. Ref. C. , Esther, Olivia, Valeria, 
David, Harry, Mary. M 2nd husband George 
Adams. P. O. Adamsdale, Pa. 

V. Esther R. Schall, b Nov. 14, 1853, d Nov. 
28, 1882, m George H. Bickley. P. O. Orwigsburg, 


Pa. Shoe M'f'gr. Ref. eh. C, VI. George T. 

V. Olivia C. Schall, b at Mt. Car m el, Pa., Oct. 
12, 1855, m Thomas Anthony, Dec, 23, 1875. P. O. 
Orwigsburg, Pa. Shoemaker. Ger. Ref. 0., VI. 
Thomas James Anthony, b Mar. 12, 1879. Graduat- 
ed at Peuna. State College June, 1909, as Chemist. 
Ger. Ref. S. 

V, Valeria Schall, b at Mt. Carinel, Pa., Jan. 
31, 1860, m James J. Newhard, Mar. 6, 1883. P. 
O. Lebanon, Pa. Jeweler. Luth's. No issue. 

V. David R, Schall, m Laura Moyer. P. O. 
Orwigsburg, Pa. 

V. Dr. Harry M. Schall, m Bessie Keating. 
Res. 37 Fitzhugh St., Rochester, N. Y. Physician. 
Ref. ch. No issue. 

V. Mary Sybilla Schall, b in Schuylkill Co., Pa., 
Oct. 27, 1866, m Francis A. Drumheller, May 14, 
1885. He was b in Schuylkill Co., Pa., May 14, 1859. 
Rjs, 2831 W. Lehigh ave>„ Phila., Pa. Railroad Con- 
ductor. Ref. ch. O, VI. Leon S. Drumheller, b 
Feb. 19, 1886; Valeria Olivia Drumheller, b Feb. 21, 
1889; Marion E. Diumheller, b Nov. 3, 1890; Laura 
May Drumheller, b Apr. 3, 1893; Francis P. Drum- 
heller, b Feb. 17, 1895; Esther Diana Drumheller, 
b Oct. 31, 1896; Pearl S. Drumheller, b June 22, 
1900, d July 1, 1900; Mary R. Drumheller, b Nov. 

19, 1901; Elizabeth Sarah Drumheller, b Dec. 28, 

IV. Rev, Lucian John Mayer, b in Schuylkill 
Co., Pa., Aug. 14, 1834, d at Line, Phila., Pa., 
July 27, 1903, m Sarah Ann Saeger, June 19, 1862. 
She was b in Saegertown, Crawford Co., Pa., June 

20, 1831. Res. Oak Lane, Pa. 

After attending public school he entered the 


preparatory department of Muhlenberg College, in 
Allentown, after which he went to Franklin and 
Marshall College, from which he graduated in 1858. 
In the autumn of the same year he entered the 
Theological Seminary at Mereersburg, from whichjhe 
graduated with the class of I8G0. At the meeting 
of the Classis, in the spring of 1860, he was licensed 
to preach, and in August was ordained by St. Paul's 
Classis in Crawford Co , and installed in what was 
tlu'ii the Clarksville charge, consisting oi five con- 
gregations. In. 1862, th • charge was divided, into 
tvvo mission charges, he continuing to serve Hickory, 
Coalbank and Clarksville congregations. In 1864 
the charge was again reconstructed because ol the 
new congregations at Sharon, Pa., and near Hubbard, 
Ohio, and named Sharon charge, which he served 
until May, 1866. In October, 1866, he removed to 
Boyertown, Pa., and was installed pastor of the 
Swamp charge, in Montgomery Co., consisting of 
Swamp, Boyertown and Sassaman ? s congregations. 
Here he faithfully served for 21 years, during which 
time the Swamp church was practically rebuilt, the 
Lutheran interests in the church at Boyertown pur- 
chased, and a large beautiful new church erected. 
In Sept., 1887, he resigned, and removed to Saeger- 
town, Pa., to live for a while in retirement, but as 
his old Sharon charge was vacant, he was induced 
to supply them with preaching. He accepted a call 
to the B-eamstown charge, Lancaster Co., in June, 
1891, where he hoped to end his professional ser- 
vices, but received a call very unexpectedly from 
Forreston, Illinois, which he accepted, and where 
he served nine years and resigned on account of 
failing health a few weeks before his death. In his 
pastorate of 43 years he was always faithful to his 

Rev. Luc id n J. Mayer 
(S* e page 135) 


holy office and loyal to bis church. He was a 
preacher of power, a wise counselor, and with an 
unusual largeness of heart, his presence was always a 
comforting influence. He baptized 1,560 infants, con- 
firmed 953 adults, received 266 persons by certificate, 
officiated at 431 marriages, and 776 funerals, and 
raised for the benevolences of the churches $10,864.- 
57. Ref. eh. C, Emma, Charles, Thomas. 

V. Emma Alliene Mayer, b at West Green- 
ville, Mercer Co., Pa., Mar. 18, 1863, m Rev. Abner 
S. Dechant, Apr. 15, 1891. Res. 6512 Ellwood Ave., 
Oak Lane, Phila., Pa. Abner Staufier Dechant was 
b Aug. 17, 1865, is the son of a Ref. minister, and is 
the fifth generation of ministers in his family on the 
Dechant side. He prepared for college at Perkiomen 
Seminary, and graduatad from Franklin and Mar- 
shall College, Lancaster, Pa., in 1887, and from the 
Ref. Theological Seminary in 1890. Was ordained 
to the Christian ministry of the Reformed Church 
by the Goshenhoppen Classis in Aug., 1890. Served 
his first charge in Abilene, Kans. He was elected 
to theSuperinteudency of Western Missions, in which 
capacity he served seven years, when he resigned to 
take the pastorate of the Reformed Church at Oak 
Lane, Phila., Pa., where he is still pastor. C, VI. Ai- 
liene Saeger Dechant, b Sept. 11, 1892; Irene Mayer 
Dechant, b Sept. 11, 1892, d Sept. 11, 1892; Clemeut 
Weiser Dechant, b July 17, 1894; John Mayer 
Dechant, b July 25, 1898; Margaret Elizabeth De- 
chant, b Dec. 12, 1901, d Dec. 18, 1901 ; Mary 
Amanda Dechant, b Dec. 12, 1901; Sarah Amelia 
Dechant, b Dec. 12, 1901, d May 26, 1902, 

V. Charles Eugene Mayer, b Mar. 18, 1863, d 
Jan. 13, 1908, m Irene Funk. He was a graduate 
of the Phila. College of Pharmacy. Druggist. He 


and eldest daughter were victims of tbe Boyertown, 
Pa., Opera House Fire. Ref. ch. C, VI. Gwendo- 
line A. Mayer, d 1908; Leon Mayer, Eva Mayer, 
Koyden Saeger Mayer. 

V. Thomas Saeger Mayer, b May 2, 18G7, d 
Mar. 15, 1901. Lawyer, lived and practiced his 
profession in Minneapolis, Minn. Ger. Ref. S. 


V. John Mayer,* b 1829, d 1900. He was b 
in Dauphin Co., and grew to manhood on his father's 
farm and received such schooling as the neighbor- 
hood afforded. He was married to Mary Ann, dau. 
of John and Lydia (Herb) Adams. The young 
couple lived on a farm at Lykens, Pa., until 1853, 
when they moved to Mt. Carroll, 111. Here for three 
years he followed harnessmaking. In 1856 they 
moved on a tract of laud adjoiuiug the town of For- 
reston, 111. On this farm aud in the town they lived 
until 1883. Mr. Mayer lived the life of the average 
American pioneer, subduing the wilderness, helping 
develope the business and social affairs of the com- 

They raised a family of nine children and by 
economy acquired a competency of this world's goods. 
Mr. Mayer was a public spirited man, who kept 
abreast of the times aud took an active part in 
public affairs. The family affiliated with the Re- 
formed church of Forreston, of which Mr. Mayer was 
an active and zealous member. The Mayer home, a 
large brick house, was the scene of many gatherings 

*See page 101. 


of notables of the church, In Oct., 1883, John 
Mayer and family moved to Spokane, Wash., and a 
second time became a pioneer. But now he was 
equipped with ample means to encounter the hard- 
ships of a new country. He again turned to agricul- 
ture and developed the famous "Mayer Ranch.'' 
With his faithful wife ever by his side he spent his 
declining years living in the midst of his children, 
happy in the conciousness of life's duty well done. 
In "The History of Spokane Co., Wash.," a work 
devoted to the pioneer days, is the following: "In 
Oct., 1883, John Mayer aud family arrived in Spokane 
Co., and became an important factor in the develop- 
ment of the County. Mr. Mayer was engaged prin- 
cipally in farming, dividing his residence between 
Spokane and the farm. In 1894 he moved to the 
farm at Wayside, where he resided uutil his death. 
During the earlier years of his residence in Spokane 
Co. he took an active part in every movement for 
the welfare of the people. During 1891-2 he served 
as chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, 
rendering valuable service. Many of our public high- 
ways are monuments to the energy and judgment of 
this public spirited man. As a man and a citizen he 
was universally respected. Of sturdy Pennsylvania 
German stock, he stood always for right and justice. 
He was a member of the Masonic fraternity." 

Since her husband's demise Mrs. Mayer has di. 
vided her time between the farm and Spokane. She 
found it hard to give up the farm where so many 
happy years have been spent, and in 1909 at the age 
of 75 she was still actively engaged in superintend- 
ing the business of the farm. 


VI. Charles P. Mayer,* I) at Forreslon, 111. 
He attended the schools of his native town till his 
13th year, when be accompanied his" parents to 

Spokane, Wash., where he attended the public 
schools. In his 15th year he enrolled in the famous 
old Methodist College and attended this school for 
several years. He served an apprenticeship in the 
store of Sheeline Bros. , one of the landmarks of 
Spokane r ^before the great fire. Charles attended the 
State Normal School at Cheney and later the one at 
Ellensburg, spending five years in Normal School 
work and teaching. During 1899 and 1900 he ser- 
ved as deputy County Treasurer. The next four 
years were spent on the "Mayer Ranch" at Way- 
side, Spokane Co. In 1905 he re-entered the ser- 
vice of the county and at the present writing, 1909, 
is one of the official checkers for Spokane Co., under 
the direction of County Auditor R. W. Butler. 

Mr. Mayer is a member of the Masonic Frater- 
nity, the "Independent Order of Odd Fellows,'' and 
the Improved Order of Red Men, in which order he 
has risen to distinguished rank. 

*See page 102. 

— < 















CO., PA. 


This branch of the Moyer Family has at vari- 
ous periods within the last century and a half, indi- 
vidually sanctioned four different forms of spelling 
the Family name, namely:- 1 — Mayer, Meier, Meyers, 
and the more general accepted form, Moyer. 

The Great Great Grandfather took the first form 
Mayer, but as he did not draw a sharp distinction 
between the lines of the a and the o, it might be 
with equal propriety, Mayer or Moyer, just as one 
feels inclined at the time of reading the name. The 
Grandfather wrote his name Meier, its German form 
and means a farmer, according to that eminent 
linguist Henry A. Schuler. All of this branch in 
Eastern Pennsylvania spell it Moyer, with the excep- 
tion of the descendants of Nathan Moyer, formerly 
of Philadelphia, now of Erie, Pa ; they spell it 
Meyers. What form the sons of Jacob and John 
Mayer (sons of Abraham H. Mayer) of Georgia and 
North Carolina, respectively assumed is not known. 

It is much to be regretted that the material 
which is necessary to write a history of Abraham H. 
Moyer, Sr., and his descendants, has either been lost, 
destroyed, or never been put in a tangible form, so 
that a true and interesting History could be given. 
What is known of him is very little, and that mostly 
traditional. His wife's name was Catharine. Dates 
of biiths, marriages, deaths are not obtainable earlier 
than that of Jacob Mayer, the Grandfather, and even 
date of his birth is in doubt. Of his only sister 


nothing is known except that she went to Heber- 
sham Co., Ga., presumably to her Uncle Jacob. The 
circular stone, at one time found in the gable end of 
the old homestead with the initials A. H. M. and 
the year 1754, proves quite conclusively who was the 
builder and proprietor of the same. Strange as it 
may seem the various tracts of land of the "Planta- 
tion'' as he calls his various land holdings in bis will, 
were acquired by patent or grants, also from Jacob 
Gery, and Baltzer Schultz, tiie descendants of whom 
have held the estate in whole or part for several gen- 
erations. Some land was located in Northampton 
Co., now Lehigh Co., Pa., in all a little more than 475 
acres of land mainly iu the vicinity of Palm, Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa. It is a notable fact that all the 
sons of Abraham H. Moyer, Sr., moved to the 
southern States of Georgia and North Carolina in 
the early part of the 18th century and that all their 
descendants if any, are still there, with but a single 
exceptiou of Jacob Moyer, (a Grandson of Abraham 
H. Mayer, Sr.) who came north at the age of 12 or 
14 years. Jacob Moyer avid his descendants are the 
only lineal descendants in the northern states. If 
there are any others, they are not known to the 
writer. Jacob Moj T er had a sister older than himself, 
but she went to Georgia, after the death of her 
parents in North Carolina, while her brother Jacob 
Moyer, came to his Pennsylvania relatives. Both had 
been born in Pa., before their parents moved to North 

It is also quite likely that Abraham Moyer, Jr., 
also occupied the homestad for a limited time 
before he moved to North Carolina with his 
family, as did his three younger sisters with their 
families thereafter. What became of Abraham 


Moyer, Jr., in North Carolina is not known, but 
traditions have it. "He was either killed or carried 
away by the Indians." It is known that during the 
life of grandfather Jacob Moyer, his southern relatives 
occasionally visited him, also that some came from 
South Carolina, but nothing is known that the 
northern relatives ever paid a return visit south, 
except as members of the Union Army. The chil- 
dren of Abraham H. Mayer, Sr., were John, of N. 
C. ; Jacob of Ga.; Abraham of N. C. ; Barbara, wife of 
Michael Roeder, of Md. ; Elizabeth, wife of Jacob 
Kreter, of Lehigh Co , Pa.; Catharine, wife of Peter 
Kugler, of Palm, Pa,; and Mary, wife of Abraham 
Friet of Palm, Pa. 

IT. Abraham Maver moved to N. C, children 
Jacob, and a sister. 

III. Jacob Meier, b Aug. 17,1781, d Apr. 16, 
1861, m Barbara Stabler, b Oct. 10, 1788, d Nov. 9, 
1854. Carpenter in Lehigh Co., Pa. C, Nathan, 
Susanna, Samuel, Solomon, Abraham, Isaac, Lydia 

IV, Nathan S. Moyer, b Jan. 22, 1811, d 
Apr. 1, 1862, m Barbara A. Frey, 1) Feb. 20, 1816, 
d Jan. 5,1903. C, V. William H.; Mary A.; Joan- 
na.; Josephine; George W. 

IV. Susanna S. Moyer, b Jan. 22, 1814, d 
June 7, 1881, m Joshua Schuler, b Jan. 26, 1809, d 
Mar. 21, 1891. Ev. Ass'n. C. , V. Fietta, Edwin, 

IV. Samuel S. Moyer, b Mar. 20, 1817, d 
June 1, 1896, m Elizabeth Mutz, b Dec. 4, 1819, d 
Dec. 10, 1899. Carpenter. Luth. C, V. Sarah, 
Mary, Addison, Jonas F., Lucy E , Eliza. 

IV. Solotiom S. Moyer, b Mar. 3, 1820, d Sept. 
22, 1894, m Lydia Schubert, b Sept. 27, 1818, d 
May 24, 1876. Carpenter. Ev, Ass'n. C, V. 


Mary, William, Susan, Sarah, Caroline, Thomas, 

IV. Abraham S. Moyer, b Nov. 15, 1822, m 
Sarah Yeakel, b June 14, 1817, d July 22, 1883. 
Carpenter. Ev. Ass'n. C., V. Isaac, Jacob, Charles, 
Sarah, Emma, Lydia, Abraham, Elizabeth. 

IV. Isaac S. Moyer, b Nov. 27, 1825, d July 
31, 1908, m Rebecca Schiffert, b Oct, 13, 1824, d 
July 28, 1902. Capenter. Un. Ev. Ass'n., C, V. 
Elizabeth, Henry S., Jesse S., Jonas S., Isaao.. 

IV. Lydia S. Moyer, b Nov,, 1831, d Mar. 7, 
1876, m Philip Miller, b Mar. 15, 1829, d Dec. 17, 
1898. Ev. Ass'n. C, V. Emma, Obediah, Cath- 
arine, Sarah, Thomas, Ellen, Jacob, Henry, James. 


Pages 3*2 and 'So: read Muhlbach, not Miihlbach. 

Page 68 : read VI . Eliza B. Fryberger, m Dr. Philip S. 


Page 114: read V. Isaac Moyer, m Leah H. Romberger, 

not Rosenberger. 





3 Mayer, 
3 Mayer, 
2 Meyer, 

2 Meyer, 

3 Mbyer, 
2 Meyer, 


2 Meyer, 

3 Meyer, 
2 Meyer, 

1 Meyer, 

2 Meyer, 

1 Meyer, 

3 Meyer, 

2 Meyer, 

3 Meyer, 

2 Meyer, 

3 Meyer, 
3 Meyer, 

2 Meyer, 

3 Meyer, 
2 Meyer, 

2 Meyer, 

3 Meyer, 
3 Moyer, 
3 Moyer, 

2 Mojer, 

3 Moyer, 
3 Moyer, 

2 Moyer, 

3 Moyer, 

2 Moyer, 

3 Moyer, 
2 Moyer, 



Abraham J. 














Rev. Philip 



9, 12 


9, 12 


34, 45 












35, 45 


9, 12 








12, 33, 35 







Rev. Jacob 



9, 12, 33, 47 





















































































Moj er, 

















Moyer , 



MOj er, 




























Jonn George 


John S. 

Jolm .Nicholas 

John Jacob 



Maria C. 

Maria B. 

























Nancy , 































































. — 



_ I 


It is i^roposed to publish a Histor, 
tor}^ will include descendr-*-- -* -' 




. Cr^> (?-&■*■ 



7 ^S 




S&-CL- a--z- t_-v ^--C 


tO-H-PLs ■<*.* 

JONATHAN MOYER, Bootliwyn, Pa 


flun . a^ 





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