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i^ , -■ ■ ' - -r--- 

A Genealogy of the Nye Family 

Volume III 


Assembled by 


San Diego, Calif. 


So. Calif. Genealogical Society 

Technical editing by 


Fort Worth, Tex. 


Texas Genealogical Society 

Published under the auspices of 

The Nye Family of America Association Inc. 



Copy _ 

MAR 41969 


This book is the result of the labors of many con- 
tributors, too many to individually recognize here. 
The individual family genealogies bear the credit 
lines of those who prepared them. There were, 
however, some whose efforts and contributions 
were crucial in bringing this book into being. A 
few of these who deserve special mention are 
gratefully acknowledged below: 

Charles W. Nye, Elwood City, Pennsylvania 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richard Nye, 
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 

Willis Nye, Gallon, Ohio 

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Nye, Oakley, Kansas 

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Nye, Albuquerque, New 

Mrs. BufordC. Curtis, Fort Worth, Texas 

Sincerely appreciated by: 

^. -^^SSOCIATIOJi,' INC . 

Roswell H. Nye, President 



Introduction ^ 

Descendants of Andreas Ney ^ 

Descendants of Johan Adam Neu , 43 

Descendants of George Ludwig Neu ^25 

Descendants of George Nigh 233 

Descendants of John Peter Nye 255 

Index 267 


Neu Coat of Arms iv 

Henry Nye Homestead 52 

Nicholas Nye 62 

Peter Daniel Nye 78 

Henry Nye 140 

Charley William Nye and Wife 150 

Arthur and Lillie Nye; 1901 248 

Kyle Nye ...,,..,,,, 250 





The Nyes who are descended from the NEU family of 
Germany may display the Neu of Germany coat of arms, 
Authority is from Sibmacher Wappenbuch, Volume II, 
part 1 which gives (translated): 

"Bestowed by Kaiser Mathias, 1614; 
In shield, two oblique bars, the upper red, 
the lower blue; between the two three yellow 
rising moons. On the helmet red-silver 
and silver-blue divided horns, a star with 
a red flame coming out of the point. " 



When the Nye Family of America Association began its search in 
1963 for data to update the Genealogy of the Nye Family, first published 
in 1907, it was believed that virtually all Nyes were of common origin. 
Indeed, in sheer numbers, the descendants of Benjamin and Katherine 
(Tupper) Nye, the first known of Nye name on this continent do represent 
a sizeable majority of the Nye population in the United States. However, 
early in the survey, groups of Nyes began to be identified who could not 
be traced to any connection with Benjamin. Traced far enough, they al- 
most always disappeared into the early history of Pennsylvania. 

That there was such a problem in Nye history was known to the 
compiler of the first Nye genealogy as evidenced in addresses by George 
H. Nye at Nye Family reunions in the early 1900's. Whether he had at- 
tempted to solve the riddle is unknown, as his records were lost in the 
intervening years. 

The first break in solving the mystery came when Charles W. 
Nye of Ellwood City, Pa. called attention to, and loaned a copy of a splen- 
did genealogy of the Andrew Nye family of Ellwood City. This document, 
described later in this book was never published; the only known copy 
available for public study is a microfilm copy in the Genealogy Library of 
the L. D. S. Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is of interest that the 
compilers of that genealogy also believed that they were descended from 
Benjamin and Katherine. Meanwhile, data coming in from the survey be- 
gan to identify other large groups of Pennsylvania origin, and individuals 
of these families began to work diligently in collecting and organizing 
their family histories. The Nye Family of America Association, early 
recognizing the responsibility of preserving the data being collected, 
planned first to include the material in a special section of the Volume II 
of Benjamin Nye's descendents, even though it was obvious there was no 
blood relationship to these groups. As the volume of information grew, 
economics and problems of reader convenience initiated the decision to 
create a separate volume. Thus, this book came into being. 

To understand the origins of the Pennsylvania Nyes, we must 
look to the history of the area of Europe lying west of the Rhine River in 
Germany which was known as the Palatinate. In the late 1600's this peace- 
ful area of largely Protestant faith began an era of dreadful persecution 
and general turmoil. In the autumn of 1685, Louis XIV of France revoked 
the Edict of Nantes which had protected the individual rights of the French 
in religious freedom. Liberals and Protestants in France fled from the 
resultant wave of religious persecution into neighboring areas, notably 
the Palatinate . There, they were made welcome by the kindness and 
similar beliefs of the native peoples. 

The harboring of these fugitives evoked the wi-ath of Louis and 
he sent an army of 50, 000 into the area with orders "to make the Pala- 
tinate a desert". 

In 1690, John Williams became the Elector Palatine and sought 
to bring the Palatinate under the Roman See, and thus initiated an era of 
religious persecution from within. The Spanish Succession occupied the 
area from 1701-1713, this era being terminated by the Peace of Utrecht. 
During this period, in 17 07, Marshall Villars had again led the French 


Army into the Palatinate to deliberately wreak desolation. 

The terrors and cruelties of their invading tormentors and the 
bigotries of their local government caused a great exodus of fugitives, both 
of the Palatines, and the people whom they had earlier sheltered. They 
were made welcome by the British, among others, both for compassionate 
reasons, and at least by the British, for practical reasons. Colonists 
were needed in the new world. Every assistance was given to those who 
wished to emigrate to America, and who would take the oath of allegiance. 
Tens of thousands came in the resulting wave of immigration, largely 
leaving Europe through the port of Rotterdam, Holland, and entering 
America through the port of Philadelphia. They were given in ships' pas- 
senger lists simply as "Palatines". The term Palatine was used synono- 
mously to mean foreigner and does not necessarily mean that the immi- 
grant was from the Palatinate, many being French Huguenots, or from 
Holland or other surrounding areas of Europe. 

Thus, the genealogist attempting to pierce the veil of history 
finds an impassable barrier. There just are no records earlier than the 
first traces of most of these immigrants in this country. How many of 
those now known as Nye are descended from the ancient and royal German 
family of Neu or how many from Germanized French Huguenot families of 
Noye, or other sources may never be known. The one exception hi this 
book is the family of George Ludwig Neu who was not a Palatine, but in- 
stead from Bavaria, Germany. 

A list has been compiled of those whose name is known to have 
evolved into Nye, or could have done so. Those whose descendants are 
listed in this book are preceded by an asterisk (*). The spelling of the 
surnames is often uncertain. Many, perhaps most, were illiterate and 
signed their names simply as (X). The names on ships' passenger lists, 
oaths of allegiance, etc. , were presumably spelled phonetically by the 
recorders so that names proven to be of the same person may turn up 
with spellings such as Neu, Ney, Neigh, Nigh or Nye. The same holds 
for several succeeding generations in ta.x lists, wills, land records, 
military records, etc. in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. 

1. Jasper Neye, also known as Casper Neye, October 2, 1727 on the 
Adventure Galley. 

*2. Andreas Nay, also listed as Andtreas Ney and Andtreas Nay, Septem- 
ber 29, 1733 on the Pink Mary. Also with him was his wife Maria 
Elizabeth and children, Maria Elizabeth 7 and Hans (John) Michel, 
age 3-1/2. They later settled in Northamton County. 

3. Fallendin Neu, also known as Vallentin Neu, age 24, September 1, 

1736 on the Harle. With him was his wife Ann Catherine, age 25. 
They settled in Berks Co. and had at least four children, George, 
Valentine, Sylvester and Elizabeth. (See footnote.) 

4. Johan Casper Nayn, also listed as Johan Casper Neun, October 5, 

1737 on the Townshend. 

5. Joseph Neig, age 23, December 3, 1740 on the Samuel. He was the 
brother of Peter Neu who arrived later, October 1, 1754, sons of 


George and Christina Margaret (Gentess) Neu, citizens of Breitfurt 
in the County of Hudelburg in the Electoral of Palatinate, Germany. 

6. Otto Ney, September 30, 1723 on the ships Phoenix and Robert & 
Alice (via Cowes, England). 

7. Johannes Neu, also listed as Neun on the Two Brothers. 

8. John Peter Nay, age 25, October 25, 1728 on the Patience & Margaret. 

*9. John Adam Neu and John Nickel Neu, September 11, 1749 on the 
Priscilla. They settled in Lancaster Co. , Pa. 

10. Otto Daniel Neues on the Brothers. 

11. H. George Ney and Johannes Ney, September 5, 1751 on the Shirley. 

12. Christn Ney, also known as Neues, October 3, 1753 on the Eastern 
Branch . 

13. Peter Neu, also known as Ney, October 1, 1754 on the Phoenix. 

14. Abraham Neu, November 25, 1763 on the Success. 

15. Jacob Neu, October 10, 1768 on the Minerva. 

16. Johannes Nicalaus Neu, October 31, 1771 on the Recovery. 

17. Lewis Noy and John Noy, November 19, 1771 on the Tyger. 

18. Jacob Neu and Stefel Neu, September 18, 1773 on the Brittania. 

19. Jean Bartholmeus Ney, September 30, 1774 on the Union. 

20. George Ludwig Neu, arrived 1834 at New York City from Leistatt, 
Bavaria. He later settled in Pike Co. , Ohio. 

Nowhere in the lists of arrivals does the name Nye, or Nigh ap- 
pear. However, the German pronunciation of Neu has a sound similar to 
the syllable "noy" in annoy; this spelled phonetically quicklj' became Nye, 
Ney, Nigh, Noye, etc. by land recorders, military records, etc. It was 
no doubt simpler for the newcomer, faced with language barriers, to ac- 
cept the new spelling rather than argue them, especially if property titles, 
military benefits, etc. were so listed. Some of the newcomers possibly 
retained the original spelling, some evolved into still other spellings and 
some no doubt perished or did not beget families for other reasons. 

This book describes many families, some whose tie to the cor- 
rect one of the above list can only be surmised. It is not an integrated 
genealogy of a single source as the other Nye Genealogies, Volumes I and 
11: rather it is a collection of separate works by differing genealogists 
whose authorship will be credited in the separate chapters. Thus the style, 
contents and even numbering methods vary from chapter to chapter. 



VALLENTINE NEU, also known as Ney and Neyn, born 1711, settled in 
Tulphehockan Twp. , Berks County, Pa. He left a will in Berks Co. 
naming his wife, Anna Catherine, and the following children: 


Eldest daughter who married Peter Aamin 

Daughter who married George Bress 

Daughter who married Valentine Zerbe 

Daughter who married John Stehr 

Jacob, born 1755 

Daughter who married Andrew Emrich 

George became a land owner in Berks Co. and a saw mill oper- 
ator. Land records show the name often as NEW. Also by 1800 other 
names commonly in records were Sylvester and Dennis in the same town- 

Jacob removed to Orange County, Va. after the Revolution in 
which he served. From there he removed to Lincoln County, N. C. : 
next to Clark County, la. where he lived for 10 years, then Washington 
Co. , la. for 21 years, and the last two years he lived in Owen Co. , Ind. 
His only child of record was a daughter born November 19, 1787 in 
Berks Co. , Pa. 


1. Pennsylvania German Pioneers (three volumes) 
by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, Ll.D. 

2. Thirty Thousand Names; the Palatines in Penn- 
sylvania by Isreal Daniel Rupp. 

3. The Palatines in New York by Milo Nellis; the 
Mohawk Dutch and the Palatines. 

4. The Palatines in Pennsylvania by Frederick 

5. Vol. 21, Pennsylvania Genealogy Magazine: 
Annotations to Strassburger and Hinhes Penn- 
sylvania German Pioneers. 



la. Andreas Ney, also known as Andtreas Nay, arrived in the Port of 
Philadelphia September 29, 1733. With him were his wife Maria 
Elizabeth, and children Anna Barbara, age 7 and Hans (John) Michel, 
age 3-1/2. They arrived on the ship Pink Mary from Rotterdam, 
Holland by way of Plymouth, England. His origin is listed as the 
Palatinate, a district west of the Rhine in Germany. It is likely that 
in Germany his name was NEU. He settled in Northampton County, 
Pa. Little is known of his subsequent life. The church records which 
might lend proof to our assumptions have not been found, if they even 
exibt. However circumstantial evidence strongly indicates that he had 
more children and that Maria Elizabeth perished and Andreas re- 
married. With the reservation that however strong the evidence, the 
proof is circumstantial, his descendants known and assumed were as 

Anna Barbara, born 1726 
*lb John Michel, born 1729 
Ic Samuel; little is known except he was a half brother of Andrew, 

paid taxes in Fallowfield Twp. , Washington Co. , Pa. in 1781. 

He served with the Militia in Western Pennsylvania. 
*1 Andrew, born June 6, 1750 

lb. JOHN MICHAEL NEY was born about March, 1729 in the Palantinate 
Germany. He came to An^ierica with his father Andreas at the age of 
3-1/2, The first subsequent record found of his life was the payment 
of taxes in Northam^pton Co. , Pa, in 1766. He later removed to Sus- 
sex County, N, J. where he owned a plantation. He died there in 1796 
naniing in his will his wife Margaret and children. He was buried in 
the First Presbyterian Cemetery at New Oxford, N. J. , his age being 
given on November 21, 1796 as 68 years, 9 months and no days. 

lb. 1 Andrew, born November 6, 1753 

lb, 2 Samuel 

lb. 3 Daughter, who married a Taylor 

lb. 4 Michael, who married Jane Lommerson 

lb. 5 Mary, who married Mr. Bitter 

lb. 6 Hannah, who married Thomas Lommerson 

lb. 7 Daughter, who married Mr. Orr 

lb. 1 ANDREW NEIGH born November 6, 1753 in Northampton Co. , Pa. 

He married Hester Lommerson. He served in the Revolution and 

lived the remainder of his life in Northampton Co, 


*lb. 1. 1 Samuel 
*lb. 1. 2 John 

*lb. 1. 3 Andrew 
♦lb. 1. 4 Lawrence 

lb. 1. 5 Mary, married Mr. Wilso 

lb. 1. 6 Margaret, married Gordon Stout 

lb. 1. 7 Susanna, married Mr. Durland 

lb. 1. 8 Hannah, married Mr. Hile 

lb. 1. 9 James; married November 22, 1818, Peggy (Margaret) Winter 

lb. 1. 10 Jeremiah, born March 25, 1800; baptised March 25, 1800. 
He married May 19, 1821, Elizabeth Deates. 

lb. 1. 11 Daughter, married Mr. Anderson. 

lb. 1. 12 Joseph born October 28, 1798; baptised May 30, 1802 at 
the German Evang. Lutheran Church at Easton, Pa. He 
was not named in his father's will and may have died young. 

lb. 1. 1 SAMUEL NEIGH married November 11, 1804 at Easton, Pa. 
Catherine Metzger. 

lb. 1. 1. 1 Andreas, born August 2, 1805; baptised September 22,1805, 
lb. 1.1. 2 Susanna, born October 19, 1806; bap. September 20, 1807. 
lb. 1. 1. 3 William, born September 17, 1809; bap. January 1, 1811. 
lb. 1. 1. 4 James, born Aug-ust 8, 1813; bap. March 25, 1816, 

lb. 1. 2 JOHN NEIGH married Catherine ^ > rio records found. 


lb. 1. 2. 1 Andrew, born November 11, 1804; bap. November 22, 1804, 
He is believed to be the Andrew who married Sarah Pence. 
Their children were baptised at the German Reformed 
Church in Easton, Pa, 
lb. 1. 2. 1. 1 Ann Elizabeth, born January 27, 1837; bap. 

November 30, 1838. 
lb. 1. 2, 1. 2 Samuel, born June 30, 1834; bap. March 24, 

lb. 1. 3 ANDREW NEIGH was a blacksmith in lower Mt. Bethel Twp. , 

Northampton Co. , Pa. according to records of a deed in which 
James Neigh assigned property received in the partition of their 
father's estate. He is believed to be the Andrew Neigh who 
served in Captain John Dornblaser's Company, belonging to a 
detachment of Nothampton, Lehigh and Pike Co. Militia. 

lb. 1. 4 LAWRENCE NIGH married August 9, 1810 Ann (Nancy) Welsh at 
the German Evang, Lutheran Church in Easton, Pa. They later 
removed to Fairfield, Columbia Co, , Ohio about 1819. 


One of the largest separately identifiable family of Nyes originat- 
ing in Pennsylvania are the descendants of Andrew Nye who established his 
home in Beaver County about 1781. Family tradition is vague about his 
birthplace, only giving that he was born June 6, 1750 and came from "the 
forks of the Delaware". 

In 1938 an excellent genealogy was compiled on this family includ- 
ing the subsidiary families of Deemer, Main, Matheny and smaller families 
stemming from the Andrew Nye line. This work, compiled by Andrew 
Avory Nye II, John A. Nye and Alice Matheny Pappas was never published, 
exists only as a limited number of mimeographed copies distributed through 
the families, A copy of this work, graciously made available by Charles 
W. Nye of Ellwood City, Pa. combined with returns from the 1963-64 
survey by the Nye Family of America Association and considerable in- 
formation on this line found in the files of the L. D. S. Library at Salt Lake 
City, Utah, was the reference material from which the Andrew Nye section 
of this book was compiled. While this book more completely covers the 
Nye descendants of Andrew it makes no pretense of approaching the total 
coverage of Andrew's descendants given by the 1938 manuscript. The only 
known copy of the 1938 work available to searchers is a microfilm copy, 
acquired by the L. D. S. Genealogy Library at Salt Lake City. 

The compilers of the 1938 book assumed, as did most until 
recently, that all Nyes in the United States were related and descended 
from Benjamin and Katherine (Tupper) Nye of Massachusetts. (See 
Volumes I & II), We know now that we have to look elsewhere for the 
ancestry of this family. 

1. ANDREW NYE (Andreas) born June 6, 1750. No records have been ^c^,, 
found of his birth. Church records at Shaunee (then Smithfield), l»Jew York, 
show that Andrew, son of Andries Ney and wife, Selli Roos, was baptised 
November 26, 1752, Sponsors were Cornelius Kuykendal and wife, 
Maritje Westfal. Andreas had died prior to Andrew's baptism, for Sara 
Roos, wife of Andries Nye (on February 2, 1752), married Leur Kuyken- 
dal, widower of Lena Gonzales. They had a child, Abram, baptised 
May 20, 1753. They removed to Washington County, Pennsylvania. There 
Andrew Nye is later shown as executor of the will of Lewis and Selli 
Kuykendal, dated February 18, 1782, probated 1789. 

Family tradition says that he was born at the "forks of the Delaware" 
which would place the birth at approximately Easton, in Northampton 
County, Pa, The only family in this area known to have evolved into the 
Nye name is the family springing from Andreas Nej'. Andrew was known 
to have a half brother Samuel, who migrated to western Pennsylvania 
with him. The names he gave his children have a striking parallel to the 
names of Andrew Neigh, grandson of Andreas Ney; Andrew Neigh accord- 
ing to these assumptions would have been his nephew. The similarity 

of family names, the fact that he was born in the same community in the 
same time frame and the complete absence of other known family sources 
with these identifications lead to the conclusion that he could only have 
been the son of Andreas by a second wife. He is first noted in western 
Pennsylvania during the time of the Revolution when southwestern Penn- 
sylvania was claimed by the state of Virginia. The area of Westmoreland 
county to the south west was called Yogohania County, Va. Andrew is 
referred to in court records of that county in real estate transactions and 
approved as "a proper person as Lieutenant of Militia". This county 
existed in Virginia records only from 1776 to 1786. During this same 
period Pennsylvania also claimed the area so that Andrew is also shown 
paying taxes in Washington County, Pa. in 1781 and later in 1791 in 
Alleghany County when this county was formed from Washington County. 
ANDREW NYE was the first white man, or one of the first to settle 
in the region of Pennsylvania near the bank of the Connoquenessing River. 

Even the given name of his first wife is still uncertain. One record 
calls her "Catherine Burns" while another gives it as "Eleanor" or "Nellie' 
The number of Eleanors among her descendants gives credence to the 
latter supposition. He married (2nd) Rachel McDonald, born November 
10, 1760; died December 16, 1847. Andrew died March 1, 1821. 

2. Sarah, born August 31, 1775; died November 29, 1852; married Adam 
Deemer, Jr. , son of Adam Deemer and Dorothy Ketchelman. They lived 
in Beaver Co. which later became (Hazel Dell) EUwood City, Lawrence 
Co. , Pennsylvania. Adam Deemer was born November 13, 1777; died 
November 8, 1840. 

i Mary Deemer, born August 11, 1803; married Adam McLaughlin 
ii Margaret Deemer, born September 23, 1806 
iii Dorothy Deemer, born August 3, 1809 
iv Lavina Deemer, born April 19, 1811 
v Lovanda Deemer, born December 23, 1813 
vi Rosanna Deemer, born September 18, 1816 
vii Andrew Deemer, born November 13, 1818 

*3. Richard, born November 1, 1776. 

4. Eleanor, born December 25, 1777; died January 8, 1867; married 

John Deemer, a son of Adam Deemer, Sr. and Dorothy Ketchelman. 

They lived in Alleghany Co. , Pennsylvania near Imperial. John Deemer 

was born April 27, 1769; died December 13, 1848. 


i Dorothy Deemer, born March 10, 1800 

ii Sarah Deemer, born September 24, 1801 
iii Margaret Deemer, born February 22, 1803 

iv Eleanor Deemer, born February 22, 1805 

V Andrew Deemer, born January 21, 1807; died July 17, 1831 

vi Adam Deemer 3d, born December 13, 1808; married Margaret 

Miller (1st), Margaret Thomson (2nd) 
vii John Deemer, born August 23, 1810 
viii Richard Deemer, born February 21, 1813 
ix Rachel Deemer, born January 26, 1815; married David Beal 
X Charlotta Demmer, born March 5, 1818 
xi Isaace Newton Deemer, born May 9, 1820 

xii Jacob Uriah Deemer, born September 4, 1823; died in infancy 
Children to second wife, Rachel McDonald: 

5. Catherine, born March 5, 1780 

6, Nancy, born November 9, 1781 in Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , 
Pennsylvania. She married December 9, 1802, Nicholas Main, born 
September 26, 1783 in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 
son of Phillip and Clara Ann (Rough) Main. 


i Michael Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, September 26, 1803 
ii Dan Main, born in No. Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, February 6, 1805 
iii Jacob Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, April 3, 1806 
iv Mary Ann Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, August 13, 1807 
V Sarah Jane Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, February 21, 1809 
vi John Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, September 26, 1810 
vii Jordan Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, June 17, 1812 
viii Hannah Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 
Pennsylvania, February 7, 1814 
Ix Susanna Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, October 28, 1816 
x Nye Andrew Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, March 23, 1818 
xi Hiram Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , 
Pennsylvania, September 12, 1820. 
*7. John, born October 2, 1783 
*8. Michael, born August 2, 1785 

9. Hannah, born July 21, 1787; died August 19, 1854, married Moses 
Matheny, son of Joseph Matheny and Nancy Bradley. 

i Joseph Matheny, born October 15, 1808 

ii Nancy Matheny, born May 19, 1810; died September 19, 1872 
iii Aaron Matheny, born October 21, 1812 
iv Rachel Matheny, born August 2, 1813 

V Elizabeth Matheny, born May 5, 1815 

vi George Matheny, born February 2, 1817 . 
vii Mahala Matheny, born October 22, 1818; died June 10, 1838 
viii Elijah Gad Matheny, born March 30, 1821 
ix Amanda Matheny, born February 8, 1823; died July 10, 1838 
X James Parker Matheny, born April 19, 1825 
xi Hannah Leonora Matheny, born July 25, 1827 
xii Moses Erskine Matheny, born July 3, 1829 
xiii John Deemer Matheny, born July 11, 1832 

Joseph Matheny, his second wife, his sisters, Mahala and 
Amanda all died of Typhus Fever in 1838. Joseph Matheny, 
Sr. moved from Virginia to Wooster, Ohio, Wayne Co. , 
and died in 1835 or 1836. 
*10. Jordan McDonald, born March 10, 1789 

11. Mary, born February 12, 1791 (no record except birth) 

12. Margaret, born July 13, 1792 

13. Susan, born February 27, 1795 in Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , 
Pennsylvania. She married Soloman Main, born in North Sewickley Twp. , 
Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, son of Phillip and Clara Ann (Rough) Main. 

i John Main, born in North Sewickley Township, Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, July 11, 1816 
ii Andrew Main, born in North Sewickley Township, Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, August 6, 1817 
iii David Main, born in North Sewickley Township, Beaver Co. , 

Peiuasylvania, September 3, 1819 
iv William Main, born in North Sewickley Township, Beaver Co. , 

Pennsylvania, March 11, 1821 

V Philip Main, born in North Sewickley Township, Beaver Co. , 
Pennsylvania, March 8, 1822 

vi Rachel Main, born in North Sewickley Township, Beaver Co, , 

Pennsylvania, September 10, 1823 
vii Anna Main, born in North Sewickley Township, Beaver Co. , 
Pennsylvania, January 20, 1825 
*14. Andrew Rose, born December 22, 1797 
15. Dan, born March 19, 1800; died about 1812 
*16. Thomas, born August 3, 1802 


7. JOHN NYE (Andrew 1), born October 2, 1783; died 
married Agnes Jones of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their children were: 
*17. Michael 
*18. Ludlow 
*19. Jacob 
*20. Newton 
*21. Andrew 

*22. John 

23. Asa 

24. Thomas 
*25. Jones 

Asa Nye went to the Mexican War as Orderly Sergeant of his company 
and died at Vera Cruz, Mexico of Yellow Fever. He v/as a teacher. He 
left no family. 

8. MICHAEL NYE (Andrew 1), born August 2, 1785; died April 3, 
1844, married December 15, 1807 to M. Ann Piersol, daughter of Samson 
Piersol and Susannah (Kastor) Piersol. Their children were: 
*27. Andrew Avory 1st, born June 10, 1809 
*28. Samson Stilly, born November 4, 1810 
*29. Benjamin Kastor, born September 3, 1812 

30. Susannah, born August 11, 1814; died June 24, 1898; married July 8, 
1844 to Michael Grimm, born July 28, 1792 and died January 5, 1875, the 
son of Phillip Louis Grimm. Their children were: 

i Benjamin Grimm 
ii A son who died in infancy 

31. Rachel, born August 26, 1816; died December 7, 1889; married 
March 10, 1836 to Hiram Wallace, born June 23, 1801; died November 
1881. Their children were: 

i James Wallace, born June 2, 1837 
ii Michael Wallace, born January 26, 1839 
iii Annie Maximelia Wallace, born August 20, 1841 
iv Nancy Margaret Wallace, born April 27, 1846 
V Hannali Jane Wallace, born November 16, 1850 
vi James Hiram Wallace, born February 9, 1855 (Felix) moved to 

vii Rachel Eleanor Wallace, born April 4, 1856 

32. Ann, born October 3, 1818; died September 4, 1858; married James 
Stewart who enlisted in the Union Army and has never been heard from 
since. There was one child who died in infancy. 

*33. Michael Mordicai, born January 6, 1821 
*34. Jordon Camelford, born July 15, 1823 

35. MaximeHa, born January 3, 1826; died September 16, 1845; married 
August 15, 1844 to William Mace, son of Samuel and Martha (McFarland) 
Mace, born April 21, 1823 and died 

Their children were: 

i Annie Maximelia Mace, born May 31, 1845; married Michael 
Barnett Nye (92). 

36. Eleanora, born January 19, 1828; died February 1, 1842. She 
married James Van Etten. Their child was: 

i James Camelford Van Etten 

10. JORDAN MC DONALD NYE (Andrew 1), born March 10, 1789; 
died . He married Hannah Plantz, daughter of 

and Sarah Ann (Quinn Platz. He was commissioned 
Colonel of the 146th Regiment of Militia of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 
in 1st Brigade of 16th Division composed of militia of the counties of 
Beaver, Butler, Mercer, Crawford, Erie, Venango and Warren. Com- 
mission is dated February 22, 1833 and expires August 3, 1835. Second 
commission is dated August 3, 1835 to expire August 1845 and signed by 
Governor Wolfe. Children: 

39. Cynthia Jane, born September, 1822; died April 1, 1898; married in 
1842 to John Coleman Johnston. Children: 

i Arrilla Johnston 

ii Jordan Johnston, born March 7, 1845 
iii Emma Johnston 
iv Alice C. Johnston 

40. Sarah Arm, born June 24, 1824. She married February 12, 1846, 
Elijah Gad Methany. 

41. John, born about 1826. He died aged about 14 years. 

14. ANDREW ROSE NYE (Andrew 1), born December 22, 1797; died 
April 8, 1875; married 1822 to Sarah Seth, a daughter of 

Jacob Set and (Perry) Seth, (Perry) Seth was a cousin of Commander 
O. H, Perry, Their children were: 

42. Magdalene, born March 26, 1823; died August 25, 1824 
*43,Seth Sydney, born January 5, 1825 

*44, Jacob Cyrus 

45. Maria Rachel 

*46. Melvin, born November 21, 1830 

47. Jane 

48. Ditmar, born May 6, 1835; died March 11, 1837 ) 

49. Mary Ann, born May 6, 1835; died October 27, 1906) Twins 
She married March 5, 1857 to Smith McDanel Hazen, born Frisco, 
Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, March 6, 1835; died March 5, 1915, son of 
Samuel Hazen and Eliza McDanel. Their children were: 

i Edwin Parker Hazen, born in Frisco, Beaver Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, November 22, 1857 

ii Elwin Seth Hazen, born in Frisco, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 
January 14, 1960 

iii Ira Rose Hazen, born in Frisco, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 
January 13, 1962 

iv Austin Pierce Hazen, born in Frisco, Beaver Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, December 12, 1863 
V Or a Eulalie Hazen, born in Frisco, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 
February 10, 1866; died March 19, 1869 

vi Samuel Grant Hazen, born Frisco, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 
January 22, 1868 

vii Bertha Annetta Hazen, born Frisco, Beaver Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, October 31, 1870 

50. Agnss, born July , 1837 

51. Margaret Elizabeth, born February 11, 1839; died March 13, 1914 

52. Anianda Mahala 

16. THOMAS NYE (Andrew 1), born August 2, 1802; died ^ril 14, 
1871; married 1st Perninah Pettit; married 2nd Mary Gelmore Smith; 
married third Eliza Miller Mcllvaine. Perminah Pettit was born Novem- 
ber 15, 1804; died July 10, 1836; daughter of Nathaniel Pettit of Quaker 
Stock in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Mary Gilmore Smith was divorced 
after a few months. Eliza Miller, daughter of Miller and 

Pickles. Her first husband was Mcllvaine. She was born August 

12, 1812; died March 21, 1891. Children to first wife, Perninali Pettit: 
*53. Daniel, born February 10, 1829 

54. Alvah, born July 25, 1830 ) ^^.^^ 

55. Avory, born July 25, 1830; died March 17, 1836 ) 

56. Aaron, born January 25, 1833; died February 27, 1836 
*57.Nathenial, born April 29, 1835 

Children to third wife, Eliza Miller Mcllvaine: 
*58. Jordan Miller, born November 7, 1847 

59. Perninah, born November 27, 1849; died October 4, 1921; married 
October 15, 1869, James A. McLain, son of Marcus McLain and Nancy 
Wilson McLain, born August 5, 1843; died November 30, 1916. He was 
a Civil War veteran. Children: 

i William Elmer McLain, born December 27, 1870; died 

October 5, 1912 
ii Tirzah May McLain, born November 4, 1872 
iii Edna Louella McLain, born January 9, 1875; died November 9, 
1923; married Shaffer from whom she was divorced and later 
married James B. Challis. There were no children, 

60. Hannah, born November 23, 1852; died December 31, 1916; married 
June 8, 1887 to David S. Owrey, son of James G. Owrey and Elizabeth 
Watson, born January 13, 1858. He served in Co. A 72 Regular Penn- 
sylvania Zouaves. Children: 

i Cecil Ann Owrey, born June 26, 1888 
ii Florence Ruth Owrey, born May 27, 1891 
iii Or a Leota Owrey, born September 25, 1892 
iv Lena Fern Owrey, born September 24, 1895 

61. Nancy Ann, born August 11, 1854; died December 4, 1904; married 
June 16, 1881 to William Henry Rugh, son of Jolin Rugh and Leah Lynn, 
born ; died October 27, 1899. Children: 

i John S. Rugh, born April 18, 1882 
ii Lydia Leola Rugh, born February 5, 1884 
iii Effie Pearl Rugh, born April 9, 1886 
iv Maggie May Rugh, born January 3, 1889;; died November 19, 


V George Ralph Rugh, born May 22, 1891 
vi Daisy Edna Rugh, born May 18, 1893 

vii Hallie Blanch Rugh, born November 27, 1894 
viii Jennings Bryan Rugh, born August 12, 1897 

62. Cecelia, born August 16, 1857; died January 3, 1929; married Janu- 
ary 25, 1877 to James Osgood Hazen, son of James L. Hazen and Eliza- 
beth Runyan, born June 26, 1856; died March 3, 1932. Children: 

i Loretta Blanch Hazen, born August 28, 1878 
ii Willis Wesley Hazen, born November 14, 1879 
iii James Elmer Hazen, born March 19, 1882 
iv Helen Marie Hazen, born October 13, 1896 


17. MICHAEL NYE (John 7, Andrew 1), born May 8, 1806; died 
November 2, 1847, married 1st March 3, 1829 to Sophia L. Clark, born 
April 6, 1810; died August 9, 1833; married 2nd time March 3, 1835 to 
Elizabeth Kimes, daughter of Philip Kimes and Nancy Ligget, born at 
Dauphen, Pennsylvania March 7, 1816; died May 3, 1900. 

Children to first wife: 

63. John Jay 

64. Agnes, born July 18, 1832; died ; married January 1, 1855 
to Robert Michael Thompson, son of Robert Thompson and Elsie (Pauley) 
of Thompsonstown, Juniata Co. , Pennsylvania. He was born August 12, 
1824 and died November 14, 1893. Their children were: 

i Newton Addison Thompson 

ii Laura Thompson 

iii Mary Thompson, born January 26, 1860 

iv Estella Thompson 

V Emma Thompson, born December 18, 1863 

vi George W. Thompson, born February 5, 1866; died May 22, 

vii John B, Thompson, born June 8, 1869; died February 2, 1876 
viii Olive Irene Thompson, born February 3, 1875 
Children to second wife: 

65. Omar, born October 6, 1836; died November 2, 1838 
65a. George, born December 8, 1837; died September 24, 1838 
*66. Jasper 

*67. Rowan 
68. Michael 

18. LUDLOW NYE (John 7, Andrew 1), born 1806; died February 8, 
1846; m.arried Elizabeth Ann Sample in 1848, daughter of John Sample, 
born in Edinburg, Scotland; and Mary McFadden, born in County Down, 
Ireland. Elizabeth was born at Lancaster Co. , Pennsjdvania; died in 
1846. Their children were: 


69. Frances Marion 

*70. John Resner 

*71. Henry Clay 

*72. Daniel Webster. Henry and Daniel were twins, born August 27, 1839 

73. Agnes, born 1843; died December 20, 1863 

*74. Ludlow, settled in Kosclusco Co, , Indiana in 1834 

19. JACOB NYE (John 7, Andrew 1), born ; died 

; married Sarah McColough of Wayne Co. , Indiana in 1833, Their 
children were: 

75, Albert 

76, George 

77, Louisa 

78, Lucetta 

20. NEWTON NYE (John 7, Andrew 1), born ; died 
January 22, 1863 in Stockton, California; married Polly Tusing, Their 
children were: 

79, Thomas Jefferson 

80, Joseph 

21. ANDREW NYE (John 7, Andrew 1), born June 9, 1812; married 
Ellen Tusing. Their children were: 

81, Andrew EI 

82, Elmer, born October 6, 1819 

22. JOHN BUNYAN NYE (John 7, Andrew 1), born July 20, 1820; 
died May 17, 1882; married Mary Jehaut, bom December 9, 1828; died 
November 21, 1919. Their children were: 

83, Frances Jehaut, born May 10, 1865 at Stockton, California 

24. THOMAS NYE (John 7, Andrew 1), born 1823; died March 1, 1873; 
married Margaret Kennedy in 1855; settled in Stockton, California and 
died at 55 years. Their children were: 

84, Asa 

85, Mary Ann 

*86, Edmund Kennedy and Mary were twins, born October 7, 1856 
87. Celia 

25, JONES NYE (John 7, Andrew 1), born February 17, 1832; died 
March 3, 1915; Harristown, Illinois; married Lucy Emmatine Lynch, 
daughter of Patrick Lynch on March 23, 1860, born at Maples, Scott Co. . 
Illinois, December 29, 1832; died July 24, 1912 at Harristown, Illinois. 
Patrick Lynch was born at Dublin, Ireland and mother was Catherine 
Wright, born 1803, New York City. Their children were: 


*88. Charles Clinton, born August 15, 1861 

89. Catharine, born April 1, 1863 

90. Lucy Emmatine, born August 19, 1865 

91. Ned Orville, born February 23, 1868 

27. ANDREW AVORYNYE (Michael 8, Andrew 1), born June 10, 
1809; died May 3, 1887; married October 30, 1837 to Isabel McFarland, 
daughter of John McFarland and Ruth (Kastor), born July 26, 1818 and 
died May, 1887. Their children were: 

*92. Michael Barnet, born October 8, 1840 
*93. John Hamilton, born October 15, 1842 

94. James Kastor, born February 14, 1845; died May 14, 1864 

95. Ruth, born March 4, 1848 

96. Ann, born June 7, 1850; died April 19, 1921; married March 9, 1866 
to Samuel Plumb, son of John and Nancy Plumb; born April 30, 1841. 
Their children were: 

i Nancy Isabelle Plumb, born August 27, 1869; died March 31, 

ii John Avery Plumb, born October 4, 1871 
iii Rhoda Ellen Plumb, born October 24, 1873 
iv Esadora Plumb, born January 15, 1876; died January 20, 1896 
V Lida Florence Plumb, born June 16, 1878 
vi Almira Mahala Plumb, born May 25, 1881 
vii Laura Abie Plumb, born December 9, 1884 

97. William Sanson, born June 25, 1853; died October 29, 1866 

98. Sarah, born May 26, 1856; died December 6, 1865 

28. SAMSON STILLY NYE (Michael 8, Andrew 1), born November 4, 
1810; died March 4, 1850; married April 16, 1835 to Ruth Pierspl, born 
November 4, 1816; died May 30, 1897. Their children were: 

♦99. Michael Piersol, born January 18, 1836 
*100. Jacob G. , born May 24, 1837 

101. Samson Piersol, born August 16, 1838; died August 22, 1839 

102. Tobias Stilly, born November 8, 1839 

103. Andrew, born December 1, 1840 
*104. Samson, born April 7, 1842 
*105. Hiram, born May 26, 1843 
*106. Benjamin, born August 9, 1844 
*107. Jordon, born January 4, 1846 

108. Jeremiah, born April 9, 1847; died October 10, 1853 

109. Rachel, born October 20, 1848 

110. Annie B. , born November 1, 1849; died September 15, 1877 

29. BENJAMIN KASTOR NYE (Michael 8, Andrew 1), born Septem- 
ber 3, 1812; died April 29, 1866 in Jackson Co. , Ohio; married Catherine 
Kaster, born January 29, 1812; died March 19, 1897. Their children 



111. Samson Kaster, born May 1, 1838 

112. Dorcas, born March 4, 1810; died October 1, 1914; married to 
Evan Crabtree, born May 22, 1839; died September 4, 1879, Their 
children were: 

i Benjamnn Owen Crabtree, born January 8, 1868; died 

February 25, 1880 
ii Sherman Franklin Crabtree, born September 3, 1874; died 

September 4, 1875 
*113. Michael Lewis, born May 21, 1844 

114. Felix Joshua, born December 12, 1846; died January 11, 1856 

115. Catharine Ruth, born September 7, 1854; died ; 

married December 28, 1873 to Leander Lytle, son of John S. and wife 

(Hiller) Lytle, born August 16, 1857; died March 26, 1905. Their 

children were: 

i James Lewis Lytle, born March 13, 1875 
ii Lizzie Almeda Lytle, born December 23, 1876; died May 11, 


iii Norman Alvah, born May 18, 1878 

iv John Birdie, born September 8, 1880 

V William Samson, born February 12, 1883 

vi Cora Edith, born January 6, 1885; died February 18, 1897 
vii Rosa Myrtle, born March 15, 1889; died October 9, 1896 
viii Iva Lulu, bom July 6, 1892 
ix Nellie Cecil, born February 23, 1896; died August 14, 1896 

116. Sarah Ann, born May 29, 1851; died ; married March 23, 
1871 to James Decker, born December 31, 1847, son of Benjamin and 
Elinor Moorland Decker. He served in Civil War. Their children were: 

i Samson Amassa Decker, born March 1, 1872 

ii Joseph Melvin B. Decker, born September 13, 1873 

iii Pearl Ditmer Decker, born September 10, 1875 

iv James William Decker, born January 31, 1878 

33. MICHAEL MORDECAI NYE (Michael 8, Andrew 1), born Janu- 
ary 6, 1821; died April 4, 1848; married October 4, 1842 to Elizabeth 
Matheny, daughter of Moses and Hannah (Nye) Matheny. Their children 

117. Permelia, born July, 1843; died September 16, 1911; married 
February 20, 1861 to Jacob Shoemaker, son of Abraham and Mary (Dover) 
Shoemaker, born March 11, 1843. Their children were: 

1 Andrew Jackson Shoemaker, born March 28, 1862 
ii Sarah Elizabeth Shoemaker, born March 16, 1864 
iii Eliza Jane Shoemaker, born March 20, 1866 
iv William Abraliam Shoemaker, born February 25, 1868 

V Joseph Francis Shoemaker, born June 5, 1870; died December 
2, 1870. 


vi Emma Dora Shoemaker, born September 25, 1871 
vii John Jacob Shoemaker, born December 31, 1873 
viii Minerva Ella Shoemaker, born June 29, 1876; died July 14,1876 
ix Jasper Newton Shoemaker, born July 17, 1877 
X Ida Parthenia Shoemaker, born February 19, 187 ; died May 

14, 1879 
xi George Alva Shoemaker, born June 14, 1881 
xii Jacob Shoemaker; enlisted August 22, 1862 and was discharged 
at the end of the war, June 30, 1865 

118. Sardenia, born February 12, 1845; married James Smith and had 
two children who died in childbirth. 

119. Porthenia, born June 10, 1847; married May 14, 1874 to William 
Jackson Lyons, son of Joseph Lyons and Marie (Bennet) Lyons. He was 
born January 16, 1841. Their children were: 

i Sarah Elizabeth Lyons, born December 5, 1873 
ii John A, Lyons, born March 7, 1878 

34. REV. GORDON CAMELFORDNYE (Michael 8, Andrew 1), born 
July 15, 1823; died June 24, 1884; married Amy Bligh who died November 
1916, daughter of Julius Bligh and Lois (Eaton) Nye. Their children were: 

120. Muna Helen, born July 18, 1871; married Edward Cook. 

121. A "son who died in infancy. 

38. JACOB C. NYE (Michael 8, Andrew 1), born January 21, 1836; 
died July 5, 1905; married December 25, 1860 to Almira Jane Mcllvaine, 
daughter of James and Eliza (Miller) Mcllvaine. Their children were: 

122. John Stilly, born November 29, 1861; died December 9, 1881 

123. Almira Ida, born August 13, 1865 
*124. Jordon Camelford, born August 29, 1868 

125. Elijah Gad, born February 24, 1872; died February 29, 1888 of an 
accidental gun shot wound. 

43. SETH SYDNEY NYE (Andrew R. 14, Andrew 1), born January 25, 
1825; died March 26, 1911; married October 1, 1850 to first wife, Mar- 
garet Jane Ault; born 1831, died August 23, 1855, daughter of John Collins 
Ault and Margaret Shearer; married second wife July 8, 1857, Kate 
Christley, born January 20, 1839, daughter of Samuel B. Christley and 
Chimelas Kendle. Children to first wife, Margaret Jane Ault: 

126. Clarissa Josephine, born December 1, 1851; died August 28, 1885; 
married December 24, 1870 to Robert Veon, born June 18, 1848, son of 
Samuel Veon and Mary Smith, Their children were: 

i Seth Frederick Veon, born 1873; died May 6, 1899; 

married (Josie Richards) 
ii Herman Nye Veon, born June 12, 1877 

127. Herman Marcellus, born December 10, 1853 
Children to second wife, Kate Christley: 


*128. Wilbur Christley, born July 5, 1858 
129. Alva Austin, born June 29, 1860 
*130. William Sirwill, born October 9, 1862 

131. Helen Stella, born December 8, 1866 

44. JACOB CYRUS NYE (Andrew R. 14, Andrew 1), married Eliza 
Jane Main, born Wurtemburg, Pennsylvania, 1833, daughter of John Main 
and Martha Wilson. Their children were: 

131a. Jane 

131b. Maria; married a Mr. Simon. Their children were: 

i lola Simon, born in Youngstown, Ohio, 1882; died 


ii One son born in Youngstown, Ohio (name unknown), 

132. Andrew Rose (died at age of twelve years). 

45. ME LVIN NYE (Andrew R. 14, Andrew 1), born November 21, 
1830; died May 6, 1910; married Caroline Etta Johnston, born August 11, 
1836; died 1916; daughter of Alexander Johnston and Anna 
Wiley, who was a daughter of Wiley and Mary Main. Their children 

133. AlmaRosella, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, September 15, 1857; 

married 1878 to Adam Clarke Ault, born Newport, Pennsylvania April 18, 
1850; died October 1, 1937, son of John Ault and Catherine Sherard. Their 
children were: 

i Catherine H. Ault, born Big Beaver Twp. , Lawrence Co. , 

Pennsylvania, November 24, 1879 
ii Callie M. Ault, born Big Beaver Twp., Lawrence Co. , May 18, 

iii Jam^es LaVerne Ault, born Big Beaver Twp., Lawrence Co., 

February 26, 1884 
iv Samuel D. Ault, born Big Beaver Twp. , Lawrence Co. , Janu- 
ary 9, 1887; died June 26, 1899 

134. Lou Blanch, born in Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, August 28, 1859; 
married first, William Smith; after his death she married January 29, 
1885 to John Wiley, born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, son of 
Jonathan Wiley and Elizabeth Houk. Children to second husband, John 

i Clarence Gilbert Wiley, born Chewton, Lawrence Co. , Septem- 
ber 2, 1885 
ii Jonathan Leroy Wiley, born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co. , October 

17, 1887 
iii Hallie Rosetta Wiley, born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co. , August 4, 

iv Ida May Wiley, born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co. , May 11, 1893 
v Walter Earl Wiley, born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co. , September 28, 
1896; died July 25, 1897 


vi Viola Wiley, born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co, , June 29, 1898 

135. Elizabeth J. , born in Wood Co. , West Virginia, June 22, 1861; 
married September 29, 1881 to Edward James Yoho, born Wayne Twp. , 
Lawrence Co. , Pennsylvania, May 7, 1857, son of Daniel Yoho and Sarah 
Wilson. Their children were: 

i George Eli Yoho, born WajTie Twp. , Lawrence Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, August 18, 1882 (married August 11, 1908 to Mary E. 
Cunningham , born September 28, 1888) in Shenango Twp. , 
Lawrence Co. , Pennsylvania; daughter of Isaac Cunningham 
and Margaret Newton. 
ii Harry Webber Yoho, born Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , July 

14, 1885 
ill Evart Merle Yoho, born Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, February 26, 1887; died April 23, 1887 
iv Roy Earl Yoho, born Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , Pennsylvania, 
February 26, 1889; died April 7, 1925 

V May Eltha Yoho, born Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , January 13, 
1892; died November 18, 1896 

vi Louis Elmer Yoho, born Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, November 21, 1896 
vii Edward Frederick Yoho, born Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , 

August 20, 1900 
Glen Harvey Yoho, born Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , April 6, 1902 

136. Ida May, born in Wood Co. , West Virginia, September 1, 1863 
(married Edward Lothard) 

137. Hallie Zanthippe, born Wood Co. , West Virginia, August 17, 1865; 
died July 13, 1887 

138. Mary Ann, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, September 29, 1867; 
died November 12, 1923; married August 21, 1884 to Benjamin Wiley, 
born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, August 12, 1862; died 
September 4, 1931; son of Jonathan Wiley and Elizabeth Houk. Their 
children were: 

i Leslie Aiken Wiley, born Chewton, Lawrence Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, September 21, 1885 
ii Caroline Elizabeth Wiley, born Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 

June 21, 1888 
iii John Albert Wiley, born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co. , October 24, 

iv Josiah Gilbert Wiley, born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co. , Septem.ber 
27, 1895 

V Ralph Benjamin Wiley, born Wiley Hill, Beaver Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, January 24, 1899 

139. Austin Melvin, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, May 6, 1870 

140. Estella Grace, born Beaver Co, , Pennsylvania, October 28, 1873; 
married Alexander A. Baney, born March 7, 1872, son of Alexander 
Baney and Nannie Davis. Their children were: 



i George Earl Baney, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, August 

13, 1894 
ii Blanche Alma Baney, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, October 
9, 1895 
iii Austin Sirwell Baney, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, March 

20, 1898 
iv Edna Pearl Baney, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 

February 5, 1901 
V Melvin Alexander Baney, born Beaver Co. , Penn- 
sylvania, February 5, 1901 
vi Walter Silas Baney, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvan- 
ia, February 5, 1901; died July 22, 1901 
vii Frank W. Baney, born August 23, 1902 
viii Sydney Seth Baney, born August 16, 1905 
ix Raymond James Baney, born September 12, 1908 

53. DAN NYE (Thomas 16, Andrew 1), born February 10, 1829; 
died November 3, 1909; married September 3, 1850; Mary Ann Owrey, 
daughter of George Owrey and Jan Steen, born April 2, 1826. Children: 

141, Thomas II, born February 7, 1852; died February 16,1852 ) . 

142. Perninah, born Febi'uary 7, 1852; died February 16, 1852 ) 
*143. George Avory, born March 5, 1853 

144. Nathaniel Pettit n, born December 6. 1854 

145. Margaret Jane, born February 17, 1857 

*146. Alvah Ludlow, born March 4, 1859 

*147. Jamxes Martin, born July 21, 1861 

148. Dan, born May 1, 1864; died September 1, 1864 

*149. Thomas, born May 18, 1868 

57. NATHANIEL PETTIT NYE (Thomas 16, Andrew 1), born April 
29, 1835; died February 11, 1905; married June 24, 1862 to Rebecca 
Marshall, daughter of John H. Marshall and Susannah Sammons; born 
July 16, 1840. Children: 
*150. George Brenton, born July 1, 1863 
151. Frank Howard, born January 21, 1866 
*152. Charles Marshall, born May 25, 1868; died January 5, 1898 

153. Harry Elmer, born July 2, 1870; died October 23, 1891 

154. Frederick Herbert, born January 9, 1873; died December 3, 1877 

155. Willie Warren, born August 16, 1875; died March 24, 1877 

156. Ralph Emerson, born August 31, 1879; died March 9, 1882 

157. Myrtle Chance, born August 2, 1883; died January 16, 1886 

58. JORDAN MILLER NYE (Thomas 16, Andrew 1), born November 
9, 1847; died August 17, 1924; married first Hamiah Minerva Main, 
daughter of Nye Andrew Main and Mary Reno; born April 30, 1853. They 
were divorced. She died February 19, 1896. He married second to 


Emmaline Rowlands, daughter of Dr. James Rowlands and Eleanor Jane 
McDermott; died January 8, 1888. He married third to Tirzah Kirker, 
daughter of John Scott Kirker and Elizabeth Rutter; born April 14, 1849, 
Children to first wife, Hannah M. Main: 

158. Mollie Reno, born September 7, 1874; married November 8, 1900 
to David Jones, son of David and Mary Ann Stevenson Jones; born in 
Wales, August 7, 1872. Children: 

i Richard John Jones, born October 9, 1901 
Children to second wife, Emmaline Rowland: 

159. Hannah, born September 6, 1876 

160. George Scott, born January 2, 1879; died December 27, 1883 

161. Lawrence J. , born January 3, 1881 

162. Charles, born December 18, 1886 

163. Mary Jane, born June 7, 1887; died November 7, 1887 
Children to third wife, Tirzah Kirker: 

*164. Edward Glen, born June 9, 1890 


63. JOHN JAY NYE (Michael 17, John 7, Ajidrew 1), born January 2, 
1851 at Warsaw, Indiana; died ; married May 25, 1871 to 

Olive J. Kist, daughter of John Kist and Nancy P. Marshall; born at 
Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Her mother, Nancy P. Marshall Kist was 
born at Zenia, Ohio. Their children were: 

165. Zoa, born March 25, 1872 

166. Jay, born March 19, 1874; died July 13, 1874 

167. Earl H. , born October 16, 1875 
*168. Andrew, born October 5, 1877 

169. Franklin B. , born June 7, 1881 

170. Otto Perry, born September 7, 1883 

171. Arthur Clark, born October 5, 1885 

172. John Royal, born October 28, 1887 

66. JASPER NYE (Michael 17, John 7, Andrew 1), born October 6, 
1839; died February 27, 1924; married Sarah E. Reese, daughter of 
Thomas Reese and Sarah Amos; born April 1, 1851. Their children were: 

173. Lillian, born August 3, 1868; married W. J. Hoar of Snoqualmie, 

174. Avory, born March 14, 1870 

175. Mary D. , born August 12, 1872; married W. W. Grenn of Fort 
Warren, Iowa 

176. Cynthia M. , born May 3, 1875 

177. Beatrice, born August 24, 1877; married Lee Johnson of Albia, lows 
*178. Orville T. , born February 24, 1880 

179. Madge, born August 7, 1882; died December ( ) 1882 


180. Carls., born May 8, 1884 

181. Harry, born June 25, 1886; died December ( ) 1887 

67. ROWAN NYE (Michael 17, John 7, Ajidrew 1), born May 1, 
1845; died ; married April 12, 1899 to Lillian Bell Stewart, 
daughter of Thomas C. Stewart and Serapta Jane Phillips; born May 26, 
1869. Their children were: 

182. Mary, born May 18, 1903 

183. Burt Stewart, born January 12, 1905 

68. MICHAEL N. NYE (Michael 17, John 7, Andrew 1), born 
February 17, 1847; died ; married August 2, 1874 to 
Elizabeth Patterson, daughter of Charles Patterson and Elizabeth (Hum- 
phrey); born January 1, 1835. Their children were: 

184. Zoe H. , born May 30, 1875 

185. Bertha A. , born September 2, 1877 

186. Charles A. , born December 25, 1880 

187. Minnie E, , born August 20, 1883 

70. JOHN RESNER NYE (Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 1), born 
January 2, 1836. He married September 20, 1883, Belle Huff, born 
August 31, 1856; died December 20, 1902. He died September 20, 1899. 

*188. George A. , born January 21, 1889 

*189. Milo A. , born 1896 

190. Florence, born 1891. She married Decil Garner of Upper 

Sandusky, Ohio. Their children were: 

i Bill Garner 

ii Ellen Garner 

iii Edith Garner (Tilton) 
iv John Garner 

71. HENRY CLAYNYE (Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 1) 

*190a. Charles Henry born July 8, 1910 

72. DANIEL WEBSTER NYE (Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 1), born 
August 27, 1839; died ; married Sarah E. Haynes, daughter of 

John Haynes and Elizabeth Ressler, on October 23, 1864; born in Prebel 
Co. , Ohio, November 6, 1842. Their children were: 
*191. Edward Everett 
192. Thomas 
*193. John Ludlow 

8-3. EDMUND KENNEDY NYE (Thomas 24, John 7, Andrew 1), 
born October 7, 1856; died January 4, 1914; married April 27, 1890 to 


Sarah Jane Noe, duaghter of Jacob and Jane (Grundy) Noe; born January 

28, 1856. Their children were: 

194. Emma Kathleen Noe , born November 16, 1892 

88. CHARLES CLINTON NYE (Jones 25, John 7, Andrew 1), born 
August 15, 1861. He married October 12, 1883, Fannie Knapp. Their 
child was: 
♦194a. Charles Arthur, born January 1, 1888 

92. MICHAEL BARNETT NYE (Andrew A. 27, Michael 8, Andrew 
1), born October 8, 1840; died August 16, 1878; married May, 1866 to 
Anne Maximelia Mace, born May 31, 1845; died December 14, 1929 at 
Beaver Falls, Their children were: 

*195. Andrew Avory II, born February 27, 1867, Marion Twp. 
196. Isabel, born May 30, 1869 in Marion Twp. She Married Novem- 
ber 26, 1889, John Byron Pander, son of John and Mary Jane (Plantz) 
Pander. Their children were: 

i Irene Pander, born September 8, 1891 

ii Alice Pander, born October 5, 1893 

iii John Willard Pander, born July 2, 1896; died August 2, 1926 

iv Jane Pander, born January 13, 1899 
V Emmet Everett Pander, born April 18, 1901 

vi Edgar Pander, born May 16, 1903 

vii Leslie Pander, born July 13, 1906 
*197. William Samuel, born July 3, 1872, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 

198. Maxemelia, born August 25, 1875; died March 21, 1877 

93. JOHN HAMILTON NYE (Andrew A. 27, Michael 8, Andrew 1), 
born October 15, 1842; died July 16, 1871; married July 12, 1865 to 
Emaline Jones. Their children were: 

199. James Barnett, born ; died April 8, 1874 

200. Sarah Jane, born February 26, 1870 

201. John Hamilton; enlisted in Co. T, 91st Reg. O. V. July 30, 1862, 
discharged June 24, 1865. 

99. MICHAEL PIERSOL NYE (Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1) 
born January 8, 1836; died ; married August 19, 1862 to 

Harriet Hartzel, daughter of George and Charlotte (Stamm) Hartzel, born 
February 24, 1844. Their children were: 

202. Ruth Pier sol, born November 30, 1863; married November 30, 1883 
to Frederic Twentier, son of John G. Twentier and Caroline Hennifer who 
was born December 23, 1859. Ruth Piersol Nye died August 4, 1925. 
Their children were: 

i William Edwin Twentier, born October 7, 1884 
ii Effie Ellen Twentier, born September 14, 1886; died 
November 14, 1887 


iii Nettie Grace Twentier, born February 21, 1888 
iv Harriet Ethel Twentier, born December 27, 1899 

203, Charlotta Henrietta, born October 20, 1865; married September 23, 

1897 to Charles E. Bingle, son of William and Catherine (Appel) Bingle 

who came from Hesse, Germany in 1850. William Bingle was born 

December 12, 1821 and died June 17, 1896, Catherine (Appel) Bingle 

was born September 5, 1825. Their children were: 

i Harry Charles Bingle, born June 20, 1898 
ii Lillian Vesta Bingle, born May 15, 1901 
iii Ella Florence Bingle, born September 7, 1903 

*204. Oliver King, born December 12, 1867 

*205, George Hartzel, born December 8, 1869 

*206. Benjamin Burr, born August 15, 1871 

*207. Frederic Stamm, born November 22, 1873 

208, Scudder Hart, born December 20, 1875; died June 23, 1878 

*209. Joseph Byran, born December 28, 1878 

210. Effie Ellen, born March 31, 1881; died November 16, 1884 

*211. Henry Richard, born June 16, 1883 

*212, Victor Pierre, born August 3, 1886 

213. Flossie Coral, born July 22, 1888; died ; married 
September 22, 1909 to Howard Bradford Wright, son of James Calvin 
and Martha M. (Bradford) Wright; born July 18, 1887. Their cliildren 

*i Joseph Calvin Wright, born July 28, 1910 
*ii Ethel Charlotta Wright, born November 12, 1911 
*iii Evelyn Mabel Wright, born February 12, 1913 
*iv Sharp Bradford Wright, born February 2, 1915 

v Ruth Piersol Wright, born July 18, 1916 

vi Ida Joan Wright, born September 17, 1920 
vii Doris May Wright, born December 21, 1921 

100. JACOB G, NYE (Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born 
May 2, 1837; died ; married September 26, 1872 at Parkers- 

burg, West Virginia to Nancy C. Lyons. Their children were: 

214. Kenner, born July 30, 1873 

215. Carrie, born March 28, 1875 ) 


216. Clara, born March 28, 1875 ) 

217. Otho Lee, born November 29, 1877 

218. Maud, born January 6, 1880; died May 17, 1899 

219. Mosella, born December 20, 1881 

220. Lynian, born January 29, 1884 

221. Eldon F. , born January 7, 1886 

222. Mabel, born November 28, 1887 

223. Grafton, born August 30, 1891; died February 3, 1892 

224. Paul, born May 6, 1896 


104. SAMSON NYE (Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born 
April 7, 1842; died April 4, 1890; married Laura S. Higgins, daughter of 
James Higgins and Margaret S. Parker; born in Washington Co. , Ohio, 
March 16, 1855. Their children were: 

*225. Jacob Albert, born April 25, 1879 in Wirt Co. , Ohio 

226. James, born i^ril 3, 1881 in Wirt Co, , Ohio 

*227. Cyrus Piersol, born July 9, 1886 in Mason Co. , West Virginia 

105. HIRAM NYE (Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), an M. D. , 
born May 26, 1843; died November 19, 1919; married August 17, 1870 to 
Mary Eva Crumm, daughter of Nicholas and Mary Eva Crumm; born 
May 26, 1853; died Septembers, 1937. Their children were: 

228. John Witherow, born June 25, 1871; died April 22, 1935. 

229. Frank Everett, born December 15, 1875; died March 31, 1877 

230. Mabel Eva, born April 13, 1878 

231. Elta Crumm, born March 14, 1882; married Henry Miller Good 
July 2, 1909 

106. BENJAMIN NYE (Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born 
August 9, 1844; died May 15, 1900; married December 30, 1874 to Nannie 
Elzena Main, daughter of Jordan and Rosanna Deemer Main; born January 
19, 1854. Their children were: 

231a. Rodd, born October 22, 1875; died April 12, 1897 

232. Annie Mary, born September 24, 1877 in North Sewickley, Penn- 
sylvania, September 24, 1877; married November 28, 1906 to Harry 
McCloskey, son of Michael McCloskey and Sarah, born June 5, 1876. 
Their children were: 

i Harry McCloskey, born in Point Marion, Pennsylvania, 
December 12, 1907 

ii Edna McCloskey, born in Star City, West Virginia, Novem- 
ber 20, 1909 
iii Virginia McCloskey, born in Star City, West Virginia, 
January 10, 1912 

iv Margaret McCloskey, born Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , 
May 4, 1914 

V Sarah McCloskey, born Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , Penn- 
sylvania, June 5, 1917 

233. Hiram, born September 14, 1879; died February 12, 1895 

234. Edwin, born January 13, 1882 ) 

235. Elwin, born January 13, 1882; died February 13, 1882 ) 

236. Infant son born May 13, 1883; died same day 
*237. Lee, born May 11, 1884 

*238. Sherman Marshall, born April 25, 1886 

239. Florence, born September 19, 1888; died March 1, 1889 

240. Rosalie, born March 27, 1891; married October 9, 1921 to Nelson 

241. Smith 


*242. Harry, born October 30, 1893 

107. JORDAN NYE (Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born 
January 4, 1846; died ; married Mary Ellen Foster. Their 

children were: 

243. Spencer, born at Homewood, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 

244. Ralph, born at Homewood, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 

245. Glen, born at Homewood, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 

246. Anna, born at Homewood, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 
*247. Roy, born at Homewood, Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 

113. MICHAEL LEWIS NYE (Benjamin K. 29, Michael 8, Andrew 
1), born May 21, 1844 in Jackson Co. , Ohio. He married May 12, 1867 
near Jackson, Ohio, Ella Cool, born November 1, 1850; died May 19, 
1927. They lived in Jackson Co. , Ohio. Children: 
247a. Emma; she married Rev. W. W. Smith and had: 
i Hector Smith 
ii Heber Smith 
iii Wilbur Smith 
247b. Clara; she married Dr. E. O. S. Brown 
247c. Leone; she married A. L. Cooper, resides in Colorado Springs, 

*247d. George Burl, born March 25, 1876 

124. JORDAN CAME LFORD NYE (Jacob C. 38, Michaels, 
Andrew 1), born August 29, 1868; died ; married first to 

Maggie B. Raidel November 4, 1891, and second to Emma Lucetta 
Parker April 7, 1897, daughter of Henry H. and Mary (Craven) Parker; 
born May 26, 1873; died February 12, 1908. No issue. First wife, 
Maggie B. Raidel died September 12, 1892. Their children were: 
248. Almira Ida, born February 28, 1892; died ; married 

first to Charles Baxter; second to Michael Mathes; third to Thomas 
Knight, born in England, the son of Joseph Henry and May Shoaff 
Knight. Children to first husband: 

i Eva Gad Baxter, born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 
September 5, 1907 
Children to second husband: 

ii Willis Leslie Mathes, born No. Sewickley Twp. , July 22, 

iii Charles Ervin Mathes, born No. Sewickley Twp. , January 
27, 1914 
Children to third husband: 

iv Thomas Wilson Knight, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 

August 10, 1916 
V Joseph Henry Knight, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 
August 28, 1919 


vi Effie May Knight, born Beaver Co. , January S, 1921 
vii Elizabeth Fesia Knight, born Beaver Co. , Febiaiary 3, 1923 
viii Forrest Wimmian Knight, born Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 
December 16, 1924 
Lx Lior a Ida Knight, born September 24, 1926 
X Raymond Calir Knight, born March 27, 1929; died AugTist 
11, 1929 

128. WILBUR CHRISTLEY NYE (Seth S. 43, Andrew R. 14, 
Andrew 1), born July 5, 1858; name of his wife is not known. Their 
children were: 

249. Virginia, born Ai^ril 23, 1884; m.arried Edwin Barker. Their 
children were: 

i Martha Virginia Barker 
ii Rodger Erwin Barker 
iii Joy Annie Barker 

130. WILUAM SmWELL NYE (Seth S. 43, Andrew R. 14, 
Andrew 1), born October 9, 1862; m.arried December 24, 1899 to Tena 
Mauck, born March 2, 1870, daughter of Levi Mauck and Frances Dean. 
Their children were: 

250. Nellie Gertrude, born June 18, 1895 

251. William Jennings, born September 7 , 1896; died February 1, 1899 

252. George Martin, born January 23, 1898 

253. Daisy Catherine, born December 4, 1899 

254. Russel Clyde, born March 19, 1901 

139. AUSTIN MELVIN NYE (Melvin 46, Andrew R. 14, Andrew 1), 
born North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, May 6, 1870; 
m.arried first Ily Ann Wallace, born Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , Penn- 
sylvania, born ; died August 18, 1890, daughter of Michael N. 
Wallace and Nancy Yahn; second wife married April 6, 1892 to Minnie 
Obrien, born Shenango Twp. , Lawrence Co. , November 29, 1873, 
daughter of Charles Obrien and Margaret Dickson; third wife married 
September 27, 1900 to Rose Woolen, born East Palestine, Oliio, July 7, 
1873, daughter of John Woolen and Margaret Marshall. 
Children to first wife, Ily Ann Wallace: 

255. Lola May (died in infancy), died August 10, 1890 
Children to second wife, Minnie Obrien: 

256. Clara Sybel, born North Sewickley Twp. , Beaver Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, May 16, 1893; married December 29,1909 to Homer E. Brown, 
born Allegheny Co. , Pennsylvania, August 22, 1891, son of Harvey N. 
Brown and Maud V. Faiilk. Their children were: 

i Helen Viola Brown, born Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 

April 30, 1911 
ii Thomas Harvey Brown, born Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 
December 16, 1912 


iii Eulalie Clara Brown, born Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 

November 6, 1917 
iv Wilma Eulaine Brown, born Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 

August 6, 1924 
v Carol Delight Brown, born Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 

February 29, 1936; died March 3, 1936 
vi Michael James Brown, born Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 

February 20, 1937 

258. Grace, born North Sewlckley Twp. , Beaver Co. , May 30, 1896; 
died December 26, 1903 

143. GEORGE AVORY NYE (Dan 53, Thomas 16, Andrew 1), born 
Wayne Twp. , Lawrence Co. , Pennsylvania, March 5, 1853; died March 1, 
1926; married in Butler Co. , Pennsylvania, May 3, 1874 to Rebecca Jane 
Duncan, daughter of William Stuart Duncan and Elizabeth Kennedy, born 
in Perry Twp, , Lawrence Co. , Pennsylvania, February 10, 1852; died 
January 17, 1916. Children: 

259. Dan, born October 1, 1874; died February 28, 1920, Franklin Twp., 
Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania. He was a dwarf, about 39" tall. 

260. Mary Elizabeth, born Portersville, Butler Co. , Pennsylvania, 
December 25, 1875; married September 18, 1899 to William Arthur 
Coombs, born in England, December 12, 1877, son of Arthur Coombs 
and Emma Conn. Children: 

i Rebecca Coombs, born in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 

January 4, 1900 
ii Ruth Margaret Coombs, born Cor apolis, Pennsylvania, 
January 19, 1902. 
*261. John Alexander, born Portersville, Butler Co. , Pemisylvania, 
May 8, 1877. 

261a. Charles Warren, born Portersville, Butler Co. , Pennsylvania, 
June 22, 1880; died March 24, 1905 

262. Grace Hazel, born March 10, 1882, Portersville, Butler Co. , 
Pennsylvania. Children: 

i George Avory Warren, born October 22, 1899, Ellwood 
City, Pennsylvania 

146. ALVAH LUDLOW NYE (Dan 53, Thomas 16, Andrew 1), born 
March 4, 1859; died July 26, 1915; married February 6, 1883 to Florence 
Marshall, daughter of John Hamilton and Susannah Sammons; born 
April 20, 1860. Children: 

*263. John Hamilton, born November 28, 1883 

264. Nellie Blythe, born September 11, 1887, born in Ellwood City, 
Pennsylvania; married September 14, 1915 to Frank Klinedinst, son of Klinedinst and Ellen St. Clair, born April 11, 1883 in New 
Castle, Pennsylvania. Children: 

i Florence Ellen Klinedinst, born in Ellwood City, Pennsyl- 


vania, May 28, 1916 
ii Nellie Klinedinst, born in Ellwood City, August 24, 1920 

147. JAMES MARTIN NYE (Dan 53, Thomas 16, Andrew 1), born 
July 21, 1861; died February 10, 1937; married June 24, 1883 to Martha 
Smiley Sumner, daughter of John Smiley, born December 22, 1860. 

265. Martin E. 

266. Ruth 

267. William 

268. Margaret 

149. THOMAS NYE (Dan 53, Thomas 16, Andrew 1), born May 18, 
1866; died December 20, 1913; married September 27, 1885 to Carrie R, 
Gerwig, daughter of Henry Gerwig and Margaret Wise; born November 20, 
1864. Children: 
*269. James Frederick, born July 10, 1886 

270. Mary M. , born at Burgestown, Pennsylvania; married April 20, 
1910, Clyde W. Palmer, born October 19, 1889 at Orangeville, Ohio. 

i Florence Irene Palmer, born Sharon, Pennsylvania, 

May 9, 1914 
ii Mary Elizabeth Palmer, born Sharon, Pennsylvania, 
October 6, 1916 

271. Florence, born Augxist 25, 1891; died December 9, 1907 

272. Bessie M. , born September 14, 1889; married April 27, 1909 to 
John Kennedy, born April 5, 1890 kt Shai'on, Pennsylvania. Children: 

i Emily Kennedy, born Sharon, Pennsylvania, September 16, 

ii Isabel Kennedy, born Cleveland, Ohio, May 26, 1915 
iii Betty Kennedy, born Cleveland, Ohio, March 24, 1918 
iv Jacqueline Kennedy, born January 5, 1923, Cleveland, Ohio 
V Geraldine Kennedy, born January 3, 1925, Cleveland, Ohio 

273. Myrtle, born December 19, 1905; married November 24, 1926 to 
James P. Carnes, born Sharon, Pennsylvania, July 4, 1904. Children: 

i Frederick Thomas Carnes, born Sharon, Pennsylvania, 
May 15, 1930 

150. GEORGE BRENTON NYE (Nathaniel P. 57, Thomas 16, 
Andrew 1), born July 1, 1892 to Ella Jane Smiley, daughter of William 
and Nancy Morton Smiley; died August 19, 1904. Children: 

275. William, born December 28, 1892 

276. Myrtle Marian, born March 23, 1894 

277. George Bryan, born July 31, 1896 

278. Lois Caroline, born September 1897; died July 6, 1901 

279. Nancy Isable, born July 24, 1899 


280. Frank Irwin, born July 6, 1901 

281. Richard 

152. CHARLES MARSHALL NYE (Nathaniel P. 57, Thomas 16, 
Andrew 1), born May 25, 1868; died January 5, 1898; married Alberta 
Hennon, daughter of William and Abigail Challas Hennon; 
. Children: 

282. John Howard, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, December 17, 1894 

283. Bertha Marshall, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, January 4, 1897, 
married Garvin Sligo. Children: 

i Jack Sligo, born New Castle, Pennsylvania 

164. EDWARD GLENN NYE (Jordan M. 58, Thomas 16, Andrew 1), 
born Perry Twp. , Lawrence Co. , June 9, 1890; married July 12, 1917 
Estalla Anna Good, daughter of John T. Good and Elizabeth Werner; born 
November 28, 1897 in Clairton, Pennsylvania. Children: 

284. Mildred Elizabeth, born October 24, 1918 in Franklin Twp. , Beaver 
Co. , Pennsylvania 

285. Charles Edward, born May 1, 1921, Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

286. Thomas Glenn, born August 18, 1925, Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , 

168. ANDREW NYE (John J. 63, Michael 17, John 7, Andrew 1), 
born October 5, 1877. He married Alice Kyniston , Child: 

286a. Olive; m^arried Domaiko, resident at Portland, Oregon. 

She had: 

i Grace Nadeau 
ii Elaine Nadeau Green 
*286b. Ivan 

286c. Edith; married McMurphy, resides at Oakland, Calif. 

She had: 

i Michael McMurphy 
*286d. Arthur M. , born December 29, 1923 


178. ORVILLE THOMAS NYE (Jasper 66, Michael 17, John 7, 
Andrew 1), born February 24, 1880. Child: 
*286a. Robert Ruric 

188. GEORGE ASA NYE (John R. 70, Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 
1), born January 21, 1889 at Warsaw, Indiana. He married first Octo- 
ber 30, 1920, Theresea Rice who died July, 1940, He married second 


Gladys, daughter of Charles and Catherine Ramsey. He graduated from 
Indiana University with A, B. in 1920. He is a licensed civil engineer 
and land surveyor. He taught high school from 1914 to 1944 except for 
time served in World War I in A, E. F. , France. He resides in Warsaw, 
Indiana. Child: 

287. Sarah Jane, born August 6, 1921. She married Dr. Gene Thompson, 
a chiropodist of Indianapolis. 

189. MILO ALBION NYE (John R. 70, Ludlow 18, John 7, 
Andrew 1), born September 4, 1896. He married July 8, 1925, Virginia 
Losey, born September 4, 1901. Children: 

288. Marilya, born September 9, 1925. She married Alfred William 
Brandt, Jr. They reside in South Bend, Indiana. 

*289. John Redmond, born July 5, 1929 

190a. CHARLES HENRY NYE (Henry C. 71, Ludlow 18, John 7, 
Andrew 1), born July 8, 1910. He married Myrtle Helen Hutchinson, born 
March 1, 1910. He is a minister, has resided in Michigan and Orlando, 
Florida. Children: 

289a. Charles Henry, born June 10, 1937. He resides at Birmingham, 

289b. Mary Virginia, born August 9, 1938 at Gladwin, Mich. She gradu- 
ated B. A. from Wm. Jennings Bryan College at Dayton, Tenn. with many 
honors. She graduated M. A. in 1962 from Michigan State University. 
She teaches Physical Ed. and is academic advisor at Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Junior College. 

289c. Rachel Anita, born January 30, 1939. She married Errol G. 
Scogin, resides at Atlanta, Ga. 

191. EDWARD EVERETT NYE (Daniel W. 72, Ludlow 18, John 7, 
Andrew 1), born June 23, 1869. He married January 25, 1891, Genevieve 
Durbin, born March 15, 1868; died June 15, 1964, He died May 26, 1933. 

*290. Zeno, born December 19, 1891. He resides in Lima, Ohio. He 
has one son. 

291. Cormac John, born February 17, 1895; died May 1, 1910 

292. Mary Elizabeth, born October 22, 1896 at Warsaw, Indiana. She 
retired September 30, 1961, resides in Elkhart, Indiana. 

*293. Frederick Joseph, born May 19, 1895 

*294. Carlos Anthony, born July 27, 1901 

295. Paul born March 2, 1903; died March 15, 1903 

193. JOHN LUDLOW NYE (Daniel W. 72, Ludlow 18, Jolin 7, 
Andrew 1), born August 10, 1871. He married June 14, 1898, Grace 
Heath, born September 24, 1874; died August 13, 1916. He died June 20, 
1950. Children: 


296. Katherine Mae, born May 14, 1900. Deceased. 

297. Orrel, born February 4, 1902. Deceased. 

298. Hazel Helen, born August 27, 1903. Deceased. 
*299, Clifford Benjamin, born December 18, 1904. 

194a. CHARLES ARTHUR NYE (Charles C. 88, Jones 25, John 7, 
Andrew 1), born January 1, 1888. He married October 10, 1916, Ethel 
Davis, born February 10, 1892. He died July 28, 1956. Child: 
*299a. William Thomas, born June 14, 1925 

195. ANDREW AVORY NYE (Michael B. 92, Andrew A. 27, 
Michael 8, Andrew 1), born February 27, 1867; married December 26, 
1890, His wife was Jenetta Hazen, born November 10, 1867, daughter of 
Isaac Hazen and Mary Ellen Ollinger. Their children were: 
300. Michael Barnett, born April 12, 1892; drowned August 7, 1910 
*301. Maximelien Kaster, born October 14, 1893 

302. Lavada, born March 25, 1895; died ; married Sep- 

tember 30, 1914 to Jacob Sharp Koach, son of William and Mollie Swick 
Koach, born February 28, 1892. Their children were: 

i Kenneth Carl Koach, born August 1, 1915 
ii Lewis Lyle Koach, born August 24, 1917 
iii Chester Burt Koach, born September 20, 1919 
*303. Rudolph Hazen, born February 27, 1897 

304. Ruth, born October 18, 1898. She married August 31, 1919, Josia 
Gilbert Wiley, son of Benjamin and Mary Ann (Nye) Wiley, They resided 
in Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania until 1946 since which they have resided in 
Fontana and Ontario, California, Their children are: 

i Phyllis Jean Wiley (Rossi), born August 15, 1920 
ii Ruth Lorraine Wiley (Blinn), born October 10, 1921 
iii Wanda Jennett Wiley (Shallenbarger) , born November 2, 1926 
iv Joann Allen Wiley, born July 17, 1930 

305. Seth Mace, born December 23, 1901; died October 31, 1916 
(accidentally shot). 

306. Esther, born June 6, 1906; died ; married May 1, 1923 
to John Peter Martin. Their children were: 

i Roberta Margaret Martin, born April 9, 1924 
ii John Richard Martin, born September 13, 1925 
iii Seth Walter Martin, born April 6, 1927 
iv Janice Allene Martin, born March 22, 1929 
V Paul Raymond Martin, born November 1, 1930 
vi Gladys Esther Martin, born May 29, 1933 
vii Grace Annalie Martin, born October 27, 1937 
*307. Neil McDonald, born July 16, 1900 

308. Mary, born April 28, 1910 in Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania. She 
married January 12, 1927, Cecil C. Riggie, son of Harry and Hallie 
Rosetta Riggie. They resided in Beaver Co. until 1947 after which their 


residence has been in Mira Loma, California. Their children are: 
i Marriel Louise Riggie (Personett), born March 9, 1929 
ii Harry Edward Riggie, born July 17, 1931 
iii Gladys Ruth Riggie (Hoover), born June 6, 1934 

197. WILLIAM SAMUEL NYE (Michael B. 92, Andrew A. 27, 
Michael 8, Andrew 1), born July 3, 1872; married November 30, 1915 
to Amy May Morris, daughter of James and Mary (Fowler) Morris. 
She was born near Charlestown, West Virginia. Their children were: 

309. Infant born October 30, 1916; died the same day. 

310. Michael Barnet 2nd, born May 14, 1918 

311. Maxamelia Mace, born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, July 26, 
1920; died ; married February 28, 1938 to Lawrence William 
Ackmian, born December 9, 1914, son of L. C. Ackman and Isabella 

204. OLIVER KING NYE (Michael P. 99, Samson S. 28, Michael 8, 
Andrew 1), born December 12, 1867; married March 12, 1894 to Maggie 
D. Boots, daughter of Ambrose and Sarah J. (Funkhousei) Boots; born 
June 23, 1873; died December 4, 1958. He died March 24, 1951. 

312. Effie May, born November 15, 1894; married March 14, 1917 to 
Harold H. Steffler, son of Frank and Belle Pyle Steffler; born August 12, 
1894. Children: 

i Margaret Ora Steffler, boi-n November 26, 1917 
ii Harold King Steffler, born July 21, 1921 
*313. Harvey Oliver, born January 23, 1900 
*314. Frank Boots, born January 10, 1902 

205. GEORGE HARTZEL NYE (Michael P. 99, Samson S. 28, 
Michael 8, Andrew 1), born December 8, 1869; died November 1, 1908; 
killed on B. & O. R. R. near Fombell, Pennsylvania; married January 21, 
1897 to Ida Gallalier, daughter of Lewis and Nancy (Wallace) Gallaher. 
Nancy (Wallace) is daughter of Hiram and Rachel (Nye) Wallace. Their 
children were: 

315. Mable, born January 4, 1898 

*316, Raymond Lewis, born September, 1900 

317. Coral, born June 14, 1903 

318. Georgia Hartzel, born July 10, 1909; married July 23, 1924 to Ira 
William Alborn, son of Charles and Ida (Barnes) Alborn; born August 12, 
1901. Children: 

i Ronald Clair Alborn, born January 4, 1925 
ii Warren Leroy Alborn, born June 20, 1926 
iii Ira Charles Alborn, born March 27, 1928 
iv Kenneth Russel Alborn, born September 4, 1929 
V Raymond Earl Alborn, born June 21, 1931 


vi Philip Clyde Alborn, born August 11, 1933 
vii Helen Marie Alborn, born December 17, 1934 
viii Coral Ilene Alborn, born January 6, 1937 

206. BENJAMIN BURR NYE (Michael P. 99, Samson S. 28, 
Michael 8, Andrew 1), born August 15, 1871; died February 24, 1913; 
married March 14, 1893 to Elizabeth May Davis, daughter of David A. F. 
and Eliza Margaret (Quigley) Davis. Their children were: 

319. Ethel May, born June 15, 1897; married August 5, 1913, Warren 
Spencer Wilson, son of Wesley Wilson and Lily Creglow, born Westville, 
Ohio, September 17, 1892. Children: 

i Virginia May Wilson, born March 6, 1914 in Ellwood City, 

ii Warren Spencer Wilson, Jr. , born December 4, 1924 in 
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 

320. Olive Jane, born April 26, 1899 

321. Helen Elizabeth, born January 2, 1902 

322. Benjamin Franklin, born January 20, 1906 

323. Thomas Melvin, born April 7, 1911 

207. FREDERICK ST AMM NYE (Michael P. 99, Samson S. 28, 

Michael 8, Andrew 1), born November 22, 1873; died March 2, 1919; 

married August 2, 1898 to Delia Jane Rodgers, daughter of Jacob and 
Rebecca (McCracken) Rodgers. She was born May 24, 1875. Their 

children were: 

324. Opal, born August 2, 1899; died November 20, 1900 

*325. Samuel Powell, born March 20, 1901 

*326. Fredrick Richard, born April 20, 1904 

*327. Theron Audly, born October 7, 1909 

328. Margaret Ellen, born Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania on 
February 24, 1914; married in Wellsburg, West Virginia, October 12, 
1932 to William James Hinkle, born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, 
July 1, 1913, son of Joseph Piersol Hinkle and Edna Bushager. Children: 

i Billy Hinkle, born 1933 

209. JOSEPH BYRON NYE (Michael P. 99, Samson S. 28, 
Michael 8, Andrew 1), born December 28, 1879;; married March 9, 1898 
to Wilda Brown, daughter of John C. and Catherine (Hohle) Brown. She 
was born October 22, 1880. Their children were: 

329. Margaret Bernice, born December 3, 1899 
*330. Michael Perrie, born August 17, 1900 
331. Joseph Burt, born February 3, 1903 
*332. Paul George, born January 30, 1909 

211. HENRY RICHARD NYE (Michael P. 99, Samson S. 28, 
Michael 8, Andrew 1), born in Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 


June 16, 1883; died . First rr.arried in New Castle, Pennsyl- 

vania June 15, 1907 to Elizabeth Frances Smith, daughter of Jacob Smith 
and Elizabeth Strong. She was born in Wayne sburg, Pennsylvania, 
August 21, 1883 and died December 20, 1918; second marriage in New 
Castle, Pennsylvania February 3, 1921 to Mary Willa Williams, daughter 
of James J. Williams and Elizabeth Ball, born in Mason Co. , West 
Virginia, August 31, 1893, Their children were, to first wife: 
332a. Ross Strawn, born EUwood City, Pennsylvania, October 9, 1908 
332b. Frances Helen, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, August 15, 1910; 
married August 3, 1932 to Carlyle McCrumb, son of Chester McCrumb 
and Lila Cox, born May 12, 1915. Their children are: 

i Richard Carlyle McCrumb, born Ellwood City, Pennsyl- 
vania, October 7, 1933 
ii Margaret Jane McCrumb, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, 

March 17, 1935 
iii David Carlton McCrumb, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, 
September 2, 1936 

333. David John, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, July 23, 1912 

334. Marion Edward, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, February 15, 

335. Margaret Elizabeth, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, November 
11, 1916; married to George A. Bunn, born in Wales; married June 25, 
1935. Their children are: 

i Elizabeth Frances Bunn, born November 3, 1935 in Ell- 
wood City, Pennsylvania 
Children to second wife: 

336. Ellen Jean, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, January 31, 1922 

337. May Olive, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, March?, 1923 

338. Ruth Iris, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, February 15, 1925 

339. Esther Lucille, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, June 24, 1926 

340. James Arthur, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, August 4, 1929 

341. Janet Lee, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, January 18, 1933 

212. VICTOR PIERRE NYE (Michael P. 99, Samson S. 28, 
Michael 8, Andrew 1), born August 3, 1886; died February 27, 1935; 
married May 6, 1908 to Mary Louella Graff, daughter of George A. and 
Mary Ann (Gerwig) Graff, born March 23, 1890. Their children were: 

342. Dorothy Flossie, born January 16, 1909 in Franklin Twp. , married 
July 11, 1932 to Jacob Daufen, son of Jesse Daufen and Fanny Smiley, 
born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Children: 

i Albert Turner Daufen, born June 6, 1929 in Franklin Twp. , 

Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 
ii Donna Lee Daufen, born January 1932 , Franklin Twp. , 

Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 
iii Theda Lorain Daufen, born March 11, 1934, Franklin Twp. , 
Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania 


iv Jacob Daufen, Jr. , born April 4, 1937, Franklin Twp. , 
Beaver Co, , Pennsylvania 
*343. Holliday Walters, born February 1, 1910 in Franklin Twp. 
344. Thelma Neva, born January 6, 1912; married April 29, 1933 to 
Ross Moreland. Children: 

i Nancy Ann Moreland, born September 2, 1934 
ii Carol Jean Moreland, born August 11, 1936 
*345. King Robert, born April 1, 1914 in Franklin Twp. 

346. George Adam, born September 19, 1915; died June 21, 1935 

347. Alma Mildred, born in Wurtemburg, Pennsylvania, April 29, 1917; 
married November 23, 1935 to Hayward Ritter, son of Haymon Ritter and 
Mary Tunney, born in Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co., Pennsylvania, August 
13, 1906. 

348. Mary Luella, born in Wurtemburg, Pennsylvania, May 18, 1919; 
married August 23, 1937 to Edward Charles Bowers, son of Charles 
Bowers and Laura Moyer, born in Beaver Co, , Pennsylvania, May 6, 
1919. Children: 

i Theadore Edward Bowers, born in Beaver Co. , Pennsyl- 
vania, October 8, 1937 

349. Harriet Elizabeth, born July 19, 1922 in Perry Twp. 

350. Grace Esther, born December 1, 1923 in Perry Twp. 

351. William Howard, born June 26, 1925 in Perry Twp. 

352. Ilene Virginia, born October 26, 1931 in Perry Twp. 

225. JACOB ALBERT NYE (Samson 104, Samson S, 28, Michael 
8, Andrew 1), born April 25, 1879; married April 23, 1903 to Bertha 
Gosnel at Brideeoort, Ohio; born April 26, 1887; daughter of Benjamin 
and Jennie (Morrison) Gosnel near Colerain, Ohio; died January 26, 1917. 

353. Burton, born April 15, 1904 at Central City, West Virginia 

354. Glen Owen, born January 17, 1914 at Moundsville, West Virginia 

227. CYRUS PIERSOLNYE (Samson 104, Samson S. 28, Michael 8, 
Andrew 1), born July 9, 1886. He married August 21, 1912, Annette 
Clinton, born January 11, 1912; deceased May 27, 1943. He died 
Aug-ust 10, 1958. Children: 
♦355. Richard Piersol, born July 7, 1917 
356. Robert C. , born May 15, 1915 

237. LEE NYE (Benjamin 106, Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), 
born in Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , May 11, 1884; married first Susie 
Hinkle, daughter of William Hinkle and ; born in Beaver 

Co. , Pennsylvania; married second Lawrence Co. , Pennsylvania, April 7, 
1913 to Faith Main, daughter of Wesley Main and Mary Hall, born Febru- 
ary 18, 1891. 
Children to second wife: 


357. Keith Leroy, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, April 12, 1914 

358. Harry Wesley, born Ellwood City, April 27, 1915 

359. John Main, born Ellwood City, November 22, 1917 

360. Wayne Benjamin, born Ellwood City, January 25, 1920 

361. Charles Lee, born Ellwood City, August 13, 1931 

238. SHERMAN MARSHALL NYE (Benjamin 106, Samson S. 28, 
Michael 8, Andrew 1), born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, April 25, 
1886; married in Beaver, Pennsylvania, January 25, 1912 to Nora McCon- 
nel, daughter of Joseph McConnel and Wilhelmina Spencer, born in 
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania January 18, 1898. Children: 

362. William Sherman, born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, January 23, 1914 

242. HARRY STONER NYE (Benjamin 106, Samson S. 28, Michael 8, 
Andrew 1), born October 30, 1893; married September 12, 1923 to Jessie 
Fern Crans, daughter of Frank and Rachel (Main) Crans, born May 24, 
1907. Children: 

362, Doris May, born December 29, 1924, North Sewickley, Pennsylvania 

363. Miles Stoner, born November 20, 1925, North Sewickley, Penn- 

247. ROY NYE (Jordan 107, Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), 
born January 1, 1888; married June 3, 1930 to Bertha Huettner, daughter 
of Johann and Doris (Brandt) Huettner, born Nuremburg, Germany, July 
, 1890. 

247d. GEORGE BURL NYE (Michael L. 113, Benjamin K. 29, 
Michael 8, Andrew 1), born March 25, 1876. He married November 5, 
1894, Cresse Dale Evans, born May 25, 1876. He died January 23, 1925. 

363a. Irene, born October 14, 1895; died in childhood 
*363b. George Dewey, born August 6, 1898 

261. JOHN ALEXANDER NYE (Gearge A- 143, Dan 53, Thomas 16, 
Andrew 1), born in Portersville, Pennsylvania, May 8, 1877; married June 
6, 1907 to Minnie Viola Craven, daughter of Cowden Craven and Margaret 
Lash, born in Chewton, Pennsylvania, June 8, 1886. Children: 
*364. Paul Washington, born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, February 
22, 1909 

366. Charles Warren, born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, February 
22, 1911 

366. Anna Dorothy, born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, April 2, 1913 

367. Margaret Jane, born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, January 21, 
1915; married August 2, 1934 to Richard Eugene Cox, son of William and 
Mary Dever Cox, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 30, 1908. 


i Carol Jane Cox, born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, 

September 6, 1935 
ii Mary Ann Cox, born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, 
March 18, 1937 
William Cox and Mary Dever were born in Ireland. 
368. Robert John, born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, March 27, 1923 

263. JOHN HAMILTON NYE (Alvah L. 146, Dan 53, Thomas 16, 
Andrew 1), born in EUwood City, Pennsylvania, November 28, 1883; died 
July 10, 1931; married in Little River, South Carolina, December 18, 1919 
to Ellen Nixon, born in Little River in 1893. Children: 
*369. John Hamilton, Jr. , born in Little River, South Carolina, February 
6, 1921. 

269. JAMES FREDERICK NYE (Thomas 149, Dan 53, Thomas 16, 
Andrew 1), born July 10, 1886; married February 5, 1909 to Anna Agnes 
Wilson, born in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Children: 
370. Margaret Ruth, born Sharon, Pennsylvania, October 26, 1917 

286b. IVAN NYE (Andrew 168, John J. 63, Michael 17, John 7, 
Andrew 1). Resides at Newport, Ore. Children: 
370a. Shelley 
370b. Steven 

286d. ARTHUR M, NYE (Andrew 168, John J. 63, Michael 17, 
John 7, Andrew 1), born December 29, 1923 at Toledo, Oregon. He 
married December 1, 1945 at Las Vegas, Nev. , Lucille, daughter of Ted 
and Julia Wilders. He served 6 years in the U. S. Navy during WW II. 
He is assistant mgr. of a grocery store chain, resides at Newport, Ore. 

370c. Tommy, born September 8, 1949 
370d. Louise, born December 3, 1951 
370e. Leslie, born January 18, 1959 

286e.. ROBERT RURIC NYE (Orville T. 178, Jasper 66, Michael 17, 
John 7, Andrew 1). 

370c. Pamela Elizabeth, born 1944 
370d. Robert Ruric, born 1949 


289. JOHN REDMOND NYE (Milo A. 189, John R. 70, Ludlow 18, 
John 7, Andrew 1), born July 5, 1929 at St. Cloud, Minnesota. He mar- 
ried December 28, 1958 at Chicato, Illinois, Charlene Elizabeth, daughter 
of James William and Lucy Rhyne (Williams) Eddings. He has resided 


principally in Albion and Valpraiso, Indiana, now in Chicago. He gradu- 
ated from Purdue University in 1951 with a B. S. in chemical engineering. 
He served in the U. S, Army 1951-53. He is a member of Acacia 
Fraternity, Purdue Club of Chicago, and Midwest Industrial Chemical 
Salesmans Association. He is employed by Glyco Chemicals in sales. 

290. ZENO NYE (Edward E. 191, Daniel W. 72, Ludlow 18, John 7, 
Andrew 1), born December 19, 1891. He married first to Helen Slear who 
died in 1951. He married second to Violet Smith (Burns). He is retired, 
was a draftsman with the Nickel Plate Railroad; resides in Lima, Ohio. 
*371. Edward Earl, born March 1, 1918 

293. FREDERICK JOSEPH NYE (Edward E. 191, Daniel W. 72, 
Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 1), born May 19, 1895. He married Emaline 
Myers. They reside in Elkhart, Indiana. He is a clerk and hardware 
department buyer. Children: 

372. Rose Marie, born January 16, 1926.- She married R. W. Metzer, 
resides in Nappanee, Indiana. Their children are: 

i Daniel Patrick Metzer, born May 16, 1952 
ii Diana Marie Metzer, born May 5, 1954 
iii David William Metzer, born July 17, 1956 

373. Patricia, born April 4, 1931. She married Rex F. Sheets, resides 
in Chillicothe, Ohio. Their children are: 

i Deborah Ray, born July 24, 1953 
ii Melissa, born May 1961; died next day 

294. CARLOS ANTHONY NYE (Edward E. 191, Daniel W. 72, 
Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 1), born July 27, 1901. He married Lula 
De Moss. They reside in Elkhart, Indiana. Children: 

*374. Frederick Peter, born April 10, 1929 
*375. William John, born April 7, 1931 
♦376. Charles Anthony, born July 1, 1935 

377. Mary Margaret, born December 14, 1937. She married in England, 
Patrick Anthony Davis, a resident of Innescorthy, Ireland. They now re- 
side in Elkhart, Indiana. Their daughter is: 

i Mary Elizabeth Davis, born November 29, 1961 

299. CLIFFORD BENJAMIN NYE (John L. 193, Daniel W. 72, 
Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 1), born December 18, 1904 at Warsaw, 
Indiana. He married April 14, 1951 at Fort Wayne, Indiana, Helen 
Fawley (Taylor), daughter of Harry W. and Bessie Fawley. He is a 
hospital purchasing agent, resides in Fort Wayne. 

299a. WILLIAM THOMAS NYE (Charles A. 194a, Charles C. 88, 
Jones 25, John 7, Andrew 1), born June 14, 1925 at St. Louis, Mo. 


He married March 30, 1951 at St. Louis, Susan, daughter of Walter W. 
and Mary Anderson Ainsworth. He graduated B. S. From both Iowa State 
University and Washington University; also Ll. B. from Washington Uni- 
versity. He served in the U. S. Navy during WW II as officer in the Pacific 
area. He is a corporation lawyer, resides at San Francisco, Calif. 

300. MAXIMELIAN KASTER NYE (Andrew A. 195, Michael B. 92, 
Andrew A. 27, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born October 14, 1893 in North 
Sewickle Twp. , Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He married first Novem- 
ber 27, 1915 at Cumberland, Maryland, Margaret Marie Wiley. They 
were divorced in October 1926. She was the daughter of Samuel and Phoebe 
Wiley. He married second December 28, 1933, Mary Isabell Smith, dau- 
ghter of Ross and Jane (Wilson) Smith. He resides in Portersville, Penn- 
sylvania. Children: 

379. Belva Jannetta, born September 13, 1916; married Walter Burns, 
son of Samuel Burns. Children: 

i Walter Burns, Jr, , born June 17, 1935 
ii Ilene Marie Burns, born June 9, 1937 

380. Rudolph Arthur, born December 6, 1919 

381. Andrew Addison, born December 31, 1922 

303. RUDOLPH HAZEN NYE (Andrew A. 195, Michael B. 92, 
Andrew A. 27, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born February 27, 1897; in 
Lawrence, Pennsylvania, married February 14, 1929 to Lulu F. Bezzer, 
daughter of John and Margareta Brown Bezzer. They reside at Hollywood, 
Fla. Their children were: 

382. Louisa ("Betty"), born March 26, 1929 

307. NEIL MC DONALD NYE (Andrew A. 195, Michael B. 92, 
Andrew A. 27, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born July 16, 1908; married Octo- 
ber 1, 1933 to Helen Marie Everitt, daughter of George R. and Mary 
Aiken Everitt, born August 14, 1916. He is a craftsman in a steel mill, 
resides at Harmony, Pennsylvania. Children: 

383. Mary Margaret, born March 22, 1934 
384o Neil McDonald, born July 24, 1936 

313. HARVEY OLIVER NYE (Oliver K. 204, Michael P. 99, 
Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born January 23, 1900; married 
April 15, 1931 to Margaret M. Steffler, daughter of Frank and Elizabeth 
Hess Steffler, born May 18, 1910, Children: 

385. Margaret Doris, born October 27, 1931 

386. Orrin Kenneth, born September 2, 1935 

314. FRANK BOOTS NYE (Oliver K. 204, Michael P. 99, Samson S. 
28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born January 10, 1902; married October 14, 
1935 to Jean McCaslin, daughter of Elmer and Alice Rider McCaslin, born 


December 19, 1913„ Children: 

*387. Frank Keith, born August 6, 1937- 

387a- Nancy Jean, born November 27, 1938. She is a graduate of the 

West Pennsylvania School of Nursing at Pittsburgh, Pa. , and is employed 

at Ellwood City General Hospital. 

387b. Carol Lynn, born April 20, 1941. She is a graduate of West Penna. 

School of Nursing. She married June 2, 1963 Thomas John Brosenitsch, 

born July 8, 1937, She had: 

i Thomas John Brosenitsch, born May 20, 1963 
ii Mary Lynn Brosenitsch, born July 8, 1937 

316. RAYMOND LEWIS NYE (George H. 205, Michael P. 99, 
Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born September 8, 1900; married 
November 25, 1925, Elizabeth Margaret Wimer, daughter of Albert and 
Tina Shaeffer, born February 28, 1908. Children: 

388. Doris Alice, born April 19, 1926 

389. Betty Jean, born September 25, 1927 

390. Lois Rae, born March 26, 1929 

325. SAMUEL POWELL NYE (Frederick S. 207, Michael P. 99, 
Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born March 20, 1901; married to 
Ella Hamrack, daughter of Jacob and Marie Ham rack, November 18, 19 li 
She was born February 8, 1906. Samuel P. Nye served in the World War 
in 92nd Division Field Artillery. Children: 

391. Alice Marie, born October 15, 1920 

392. Ralph Robert, born January 15, 1922 

326. FREDERICK RICHARD NYE (Frederick S. 207, Michael P. 
99, Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born West Pittsburgh, Penn- 
sylvania April 20, 1904; married December 24, 1935 to Alberta Klingen- 
smith, daughter of Harry Klingensmith and Ruth Emma Guist, born 
Beech Bottom, West Virginia. Cliildren: 

393. Harry Frederick, born in Canton, Ohio, March 9, 1937 

327. THERON AUDLY NYE (Fredericks. 207, Michael P. 99, 
Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born in Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. 
Pennsylvania, October 7, 1909; married January 8, 1929, Catherine 
Campbell, daughter of Robert Campbell and Catherine James. Children: 

394. Opal Jane, born North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, October 12, 1931 

330. MICHAEL PERRY NYE (Joseph B. 209, Michael P. 99, 
Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born August 7, 1900; died 

; married November 8, 1921 to Esther Shaefer, daughter of 
Henry Shaefer and Ann Gulentz, born July 7, 1898 in Mercer Co. , Penn- 
sylvania. Their children were: 
*395. James Henry, born September 6, 1928 in Perry Twp. 


396. John Harold, born June 26, 1931 in Perry Twp. 

397. Esther Louise, born August 10, 1933 in Perry Twp, 

332. PAUL GEORGE NYE (Joseph B. 209, Michael P. 99, Samson 
S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born January 30, 1909. He married June 
11, 1930, Blanche Marie Kocher, born November 18, 1906. Children: 
*398. Robert Eugene, born March 19, 1931 

399. Ronald, born July 11, 1932 

400. Gerald Paul, born May 25, 1934 

332a. ROSS STRAWN NYE (Henry R. 211, Michael P. 99, 
Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born October 9, 1908; died ; 

married May 28, 1934 to Margaret Vogt, daughter of George Vogt and 
Julia Dougherty, born , 1913; died December 12, 1936. 

343. HOLLIDAY WALTERS NYE (Victor P. 212, Michael P. 99, 
Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , 
Pennsylvania, February 1, 1910; married November 9, 1935 to Susan 
Louise Ritter, daughter of Hayward Ritter and Mary Tunney, born in 
Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, July 3, 1917. Children: 

401. Hayward Charles, born in Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, November 23, 
1936; died December 5, 1936 

345. KING ROBERT NYE (Victor P. 212, Michael P. 99, Samson 
S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born in Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , Penn- 
sylvania, April 1, 1914; married June 20, 1936 to Daisy Belle Bowser, 
daughter of Herbert Bowser and Ledema Weekley, born in Ellwood City, 
Pennsylvania, January 27, 1918. Children: 

402. Margaret Mary, born in Franklin Twp. , Beaver Co. , Pennsylvania, 
August 18, 1937 

355. RICHARD PIERSOL NYE (Cyrus P. 227, Michael P. 99, 
Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born July 7, 1917 in New Brighton, 
Pennsylvania. He married August 21, 1948 at Crown Point, Indiana , 
Muriel J. , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. McKay. He graduated from 
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio in 1940; graduated from Harvard Graduate 
School of Business in 1942. He served in the U. S. Navy 1942-46 as 
Lieutenant senior grade. He operates his own business, the Nye School 
Forms and Accounting Systems in Mansfield, Ohio. Child: 

403. Clinton Marshall, born April 17, 1949 

363, MILES STONER NYE (Harry S. 242, Benjamin 106, Samson 
28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born November 21, 1925 at Ellwood City, 
Pennsylvania. He married November 24, 1952, Florence P. , daughter of 
Jack and Portia Buana. He served in the U, S. Army 1948-51 in Alaska 
with rank of Sergeant, He resides in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. 



404. Miles David, born July 19, 1953 

405. Thomas B. , born May 9, 1957 

363a. GEORGE DEWEY NYE (George B. 247a, Michael L. 113, 
Benjamin K. 29, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born August 6, 1898 at Waverly, 
Ohio. He married March 15, 1941 at Waverly, Leota Mae, daughter of 
George and Jessie (Johnston) Baker. He graduated LI. B. from Ohio State 
University in 1922; was elected prosecuting attorney of Pike Co. , Ohio 
in 1922 and 1924. In 1930 he was elected common pleas Judge. He was 
elected Lieutenant Governor in 1944, 1948 and 1950. He is a member of 
the Elks, Masons, Knights of Pythias, Eagles and the American Legion. 
He is past president of the Pike Co. Bar Ass'n. , and member of Alpha 
Tau Omego and Phi Delta Phi fraternities. He is listed in "Who's Who in 
America". He is presently an attorney in Waverly, Ohio. 

405a. Maria Louise. She married Paul Armour, resides in Woodland 
Hills, California. Their children are: 

i Cassandra Armour, born November 15, 1947 
ii Jon Randolph Armour, born February 7, 1950 
iii Kresse Armour, born July 13, 1954 
iv Maya Lynne Armour, born July 8, 1959 
V Anthony Gordon Armour, born April 17, 1962 

364. PAUL WASHINGTON NYE (John A 261, George A. 143, Dan 
53, Thomas 16, Andrew 1), born in North Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Feb- 
ruary 22, 1909. He married Irene Virginia, daughter of Ira P. and Bertha 
Helena (Hall) Nay, born October 29, 1910 in Kincheloe, Harrison Co. , 
Pennsylvania. Child: 

406. Joyce Katherine, born August 22, 1937 

369. JOHN HAMILTON NYE (John H. 263, Alva L. 146, Dan 53, 
Thomas 16, Andrew 1), born February 6, 1921 at Cherry Grove Beach, 
South Carolina. He married June 20, 1945 at Florence, South Carolina, 
Betty Sue, daughter of C. H. and Susie (Smith) McLauchin. Children: 

407. John Hamilton III, born May 25, 1947 

408. Sue Ellen, born May 14, 1950 

371. EDWARD EARL NYE (Zeno 290, Edward E. 191, Daniel W. 
72, Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 1), born April 1, 1918. He married 
twice, wives not given. He is an accountant, resides in Euclid, Ohio. 

409. Faye Ann, born January 17, 1951 

373. FREDERICK PETER NYE (Carlos A. 294, Edward E. 191, 
Daniel W, 72, Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 1), bom April 10, 1929. He 


married (Mrs. ) Geraldine Mayfield. He is an accountant, resides in 

Elkhart, Indiana. 

Children: (Adopted his wife's children from her former marriage. ) 

410. Suzanna 

411. Lee Edwin 

412. Clete 

413. Dale 

374. WILLIAM JOHN NYE (Carlos A. 294, Edward E. 191, 
Daniel W. 72, Ludlow 18, John 7, Andrew 1), born April 3, 1931. He 
married Elizabeth Robertson. He is a graduate of Notre Dame Univer- 
sity Law School. He is a lawyer, has served as city Judge 1960-64. He 
resides in Elkhart, Indiana. Children: 

414. Leslie Marie, born March 29, 1953 

415. Julie Anne, born October 11, 1954 

416. Laura Jean, born November 7, 1956 

417. Mary Jo, born March 11, 1959 

418. Carla Sue, born September 14, 1960 

419. William John, Jr. , born April 18, 1962 

387. FRANK KEITH NYE (Frank B. 314, Oliver K. 204, Michael 
P. 99, Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born August 6, 1937, He 
married June 25, 1961, Martha Faye Carvie, born December 21, 1961. 
He is a farmer. Children: 
419a. Frank Kieth II, born May 5, 1962 
419b, Martha Faye, born October 11, 1963 

395. JAMES H. NYE (Michael P, 330, Joseph B, 209, Michael P. 
99, Samson S. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born September 6, 1928 in 
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, He married June 24, 1955, Jean C, , dau- 
ghter of Samuel and Clara M. Rosenberger. He received his B, A, de- 
gree from Geneva College and B. D. from Reformed Presbyterian Semin- 
ary. He taught in Geneva College for five years in the Department of 
Bible and Religion and served a parish for seven years while teaching. 
He has taught five years in Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay, 
Ohio. He is dean. No children. 

398. ROBERT EUGENE NYE (Paul G. 332, Joseph B. 209, Michael 
P. 99, Sampsons. 28, Michael 8, Andrew 1), born March 19, 1931. He 
married June 8 , 1954 at Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, Norma Jean, daughter 
of Samuel Miller Reed Felton and Rachel Julia (Shaffer) Felton. He 
served two years in the U. S. Army. He is an automobile mechanic, 
resides in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Child: 

420. Janice Louise, born y^ril 3, 1958 






Four of Henry Nye's great-great-grandchildren have worked 
together to compile the following genealogy. They have re- 
ceived help from well over a hundred other individuals, some 
descendants of Henry and others merely individuals who were 
willing to provide helpful information. 

In addition to listing the descendants of Henry, an attempt 
has been made to trace his ancestry back to Germany, but 
to date we have only uncovered information as far back as 
his grandfather who came to America in 1749. 

The pages on Johan Adam Neu and John Nicholas Neu contain 
fragmentary information which, when put together with in- 
formation from Mrs. Buford Curtis, a professional genealo- 
gist working on the family, and from other Pennsylvania 
Nye's, give a more complete history of the Pennsylvania 
Nye Family. 

The four descendants who compiled this booklet were: 

Ruby Nigh Gilbert, great-granddaughter of Henry's 
son, Samuel. 

Florence Nye Schwartz, great-granddaughter of 
Henry's son, David. 

Ormand Samuel Nye, great-grandson of Henry's 
son, John. 

Charles Richard Nye, great-grandson of Henry's 
son, Nicholas 



Johan Adam Neu, father of John Nicholas Neu, came to America in 
1749 from Germany aboard the Ship Priscilla. The ship left Europe from 
Rotterdam and stopped at Cowes, England before proceeding to the port of 
Philadelphia, province of Pennsylvania where it landed on Sept. 11, 1749. 
Capt. William Muir was the officer in charge on the "Ship Priscilla". 
There were 293 persons on the ship, including 77 who signed the list. 
The official record for their arrival reads as follows: 

"Monday, Sept. 11, 1749. At the Court House at Philadelphia. 
Present: Joshua Maddox, Esquire. 

The foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in 
the Priscilla, Capt. Wm. Muir, from Rotterdam, and last from 
Cowes, in England, did this day take the usual oaths to the 
Government. By list 77; Persons 293. " 
Among the names on the list were: 
Johan Nickel Neu 

Johan Adam Neu . . . their names appearing just next 

to each other as here. 
The list did not include the names of children, but John Nicholas 
must have been on the ship with his parents. Also, William, born on 
Aug. 19, 1746 in Germany. There must have been another son, John, on 
the same ship with Johan Adam Neu because mention is made of a son, 
John, later in the will of Johan Adam Neu. 

Seven children of Johan Adam Neu and his wife, Eve Elizabeth, 
were baptized at the "Hill" Church between 1751 and 1766. 

The next official record of Johan Adam Neu is the warrant he took 
out, dated Feb. 10, 1757, for 100 acres of land situated in Derry Town- 
ship, Lancaster Co. , Pa. That was warrant No. 94. The warrant listed 
the name as John Adam New. The survey of that land was made on Feb. 
25, 1757 but the land was not bought by Johan Adam at that time. 

The survey was returned on Oct. 25, 1765 for a larger piece of 
land instead of the 100 acres mentioned on the original warrant. The 
tract was finally patented to John Adam Neighs on Oct. 26, 1765 for 259 
acres and allowance. John Adam paid Forty pounds, five shillings and 
nine pence lawful money for the land plus a Quitrent. The quitrent 
amounted to "one half penny sterling for every acre of the same or value 
thereof in coin Current according as the Exchange shall then be between 
our said Provioce and the City of London. " It was to be paid on the first 
day of March every year at the town of Lancaster, 

John Adam's wife. Eve Elizabeth, must have died because there is 
a record of a marriage of John Adam Neu and Veronica Barbara Koemmet 
performed by Rev. John Casper Stoever. 

In the History of Dauphin and Lebanon County published by William 
Egle, John Adam Ney of Derry Township is listed as having died in Feb. , 
1783, leaving a wife, Veronica Barbara and 8 children. At the Lancaster 


County Courthouse the will of John Adam Neu also lists a wife, Veronica 
Barbara and the same 8 children. 

The will was written on Dec. 14, 1782. In the County record book 
at Lancaster, the date under which the registrar's name appears is March 
26, 1783. 


John Must have been born in Germany. Dates unknown. 

*John Nicholas Neu - Born June 6, 1742 in Germany. Died Nov. 4, 1800. 
William Neu - Born August 19, 1746 in Germany, Died January 1805. 
Mary Elizabeth - Born April 30, 1751. Baptized May 16, 1751. Sponsors 

were Nicholas Wederts and wife Mary Elizabeth; also Elizabeth 

Catherine Stroeher. 
Frederic - Born February 9, 1753. No date given for the baptism but the 

sponsors were Christopher Wegman and Margaret Neu. The 

sponsors were to have been Matthias Bohr and wife, but on 

account of high water the others acted in their stead. 
Mary Christina - Born October 27, 1759. Baptized October 28, 1759. 

Sponsors were Matthias Bohr and wife. 
Anna Margaret - Born April 11, 1761. Baptized April 12, 1761. 

Sponsors were Michael Malfir (Maulfair) and his wife. 
*John Peter - Born September 29, 1762. Baptized Oct. 10, 1762. 

Sponsors were John Peter Feltin and wife Mary Catharine. 
John Michael - Born in 1764. Baptized November 11, 1764, No 

sponsors given. 
John Henry - Born July, 1766. Baptized July 2, 1766. Sponsors were 

Henry Firnsler and wife Juliana. 

All of the above children except Mary Christina and Anna Margaret are 
listed in John Adam Neu's will. 



In the Name of God, Amen, 

I, Adam Ney, of Derry Township, in the County of Lancaster, in the 
State of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being sick and weak of body, but of sound 
and disposing mind, memory and understanding, do make and publish this 
my last will and testament in manner and form following. To wit, 
imprimise, I will and order that my beloved wife, Feronica Barbara, 
shall have and hold the use and occupation of my present dwelling house 
during the term of her natural life if she continue my widow, and she and 
my two sons, Peter Ney and John Ney, shall manage my plantation and 
form of land whereon I now dwell, situated in Derry Township, so long as 
they can agree in management thereof, to the best advantage and benefit 
of my heirs in general, but if they cannot agree together, then my said 
two sons shall manage and hold my said plantation in the manner herein 
after directed. 

Item. I give and devise unto my said sons, Peter Ney and John Ney, 
their heirs and assigns forever, all that my aforesaid plantation and tract 
of land adjoining the several lands of Christian Blough, Gerrot Etter, and 
my son William's laiid, containing about 170 acres, be the same more 
less, to be generally divided as to the quality of land, in such manner 

as they shall agree upon, so that each part or share be of equal value; 
In consideration whereof they, my said two sons, shall pay for the farms, 
unto their Brother and Sister, the sum of 450 pounds of gold or silver and 
also deliver yearly unto my said wife, the several articles, and perform 
the services to her herein after mentioned, at the joint and equal expense 
and charges of my said sons, Peter and John. And the aforesaid sum of 
450 pounds shall be paid as follows: to wit, the sum of 15 pounds by each 
of my said two sons yearly, until the whole shall be paid off and discharged. 
The first yearly payment to commence one year after my decease and to 
be paid unto my sons Nicholas and William, 15 pounds each, the next pay- 
ment of 30 pounds unto my daughter Elizabeth, and my son Michael, and 
the next or third payment, unto my sons Henry and Frederick, and so on 
yearly in the same manner, so that each of my said lastnamed children 
shall receive equal shares of the said sum of 450 pounds. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my said wife, her bed and board, 
and the bed clothes thereunto belonging, a spinning wheel, a cow and her 
own choice of all my cattle; one tea kettle, a tea pot, the brass kettle, 
and iron pot, a large iron skillet, four pewter plates, four spoons, a 
large pweter plate, and a pewter bason, over and above her one third of 
my personal estate; and she shall have the use of my house, clock, table, 
and kitchen cupboard, during her widowhood; but the chest and the 
linnens she shall have for her own use and disposal. I further give and 
bequeath unto my said wife, and do order that my said sons, Peter and 
John, or their heirs, shall deliver yearly and every year following as my 
wife liveth and continues my widow, to be delivered to her, by them 


equally, twelve bushels of good wheat, six bushels of good rye, four bushels 
of buckwheat, five pounds of good hemp or flax, two barrels of 

good cyder, if there are fruit on place sufficient for that purpose, eight 
bushels of potatoes, one bushel of salt, ten pounds of tallow, allow her the 
use of one -half of the garden, to take her choice, and deliver her yearly 
sufficient quantities of firewood cut ready to her hand, and give her yearly 
four pounds of good wool, and take her grain to the mill and bring her the 
meal and bran thereof home to her, and find her a horse to ride when she 
should have occasion to go abroad, and to go to church; and shall deliver 
her yearly as aforesaid sixty pounds of good beef, and also sixty pounds of 
good pork, and allow her to keep a hog or swine for her own use, to run 
with their own hogs, and her cow to go in pasture with their own cattle, 
and also find stable room for the said cows, and hog or swine, and deliver 
to her yearly as aforesaid, one ton of hay, and one ton of good second 
crop hay, on the loft of the stable where her cow shall be kept, and my 
said sons, Peter and John, shall keep the said dwelling house in good re- 
pair , for the use of my said wife during her life or her widowhood as 
aforesaid. All which articles and services are to be delivered and per- 
formed bo my said wife, by my said two sons holding my plantation, at 
their joint and equal parts and charges, as part of the consideration for 
the said plantation. 

Item: I further give and bequeath unto my said wife, the one full 
equal third part of the remainder of my whole personal estate. 

Item: I give and bequeath 

Nicholas, the sum of ten pounds and no more, over and above his equal 
share with my other children; and all the rest and residue of my whole 
estate, I give and bequeath the same unto all my children, to be equally 
divided between them. And I do hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint 
my son William Ney and my son Peter Ney, executors of this my last will 
and testament, hereby authorizing and informing my said executors or the 
survivors of them, to sign, seal, and deliver a good deed to my said son 
John, for his part or share of my said plantation; and my son William 
shall sign, seal, and deliver a good deed unto my son Peter, for his part 
or share of my plantation aforesaid, after the same shall be divided in 
the manner herein before directed. And I hereby revoke, disanul, and 
make void, all former and other will or wills by me heretofore made, 
declaring this only to be and contain my last and testament. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 14th 
day of December in the year of our Lord 1782. 

Signed, sealed, published and Joasn Adam Neu 

declared by the above-named 
Adam Ney, as and for his last 
will and testament, in the 
presence of us, 


JOHN NICKEL NEU, brother of John Adam Neu, also was evidently in this 
area for a while as several of his children are listed in the church record 
for the church at Quitapohila in what is now Lebaonon Co, , Pa. Among 
whom was Michael Neu born Oct, 4, 1744 in Ellenich, Magistracy of 
Traeback, at the Moselle, Germany. Other children of John Nicholas 
Neu listed in the church records were John Philip born Oct. 3, 1750 and 
John Peter born July 1753. It is interesting to note that sponsors for him 
were Peter Feltin and wife who was Maria Catherine Neu who might 
possibly have been the sister of John Adam and John Nicholas Neu since 
Johanna Peter Velten (Fehlten) came to Pennsylvania with Johann Nichel 
Neu and is listed in the deposition with him and his trade given as 
cobbler. Also listed in the Annotations to Strassburger etc. was John 
Michel Neu, linen weaver, son of Phillip Neu. This John Michel is said 
to have died soon after arriving in America. But since the Neu's in this 
area seem to be related it is possible that this John Michel is possibly 
kin to the other Neu's in this area as John Nicholas had a son named 
John Philip. 

Also mentioned in the same records of the Archives at Speyer is a 
Geo. Neu, inhabitant and Citizen of Breifurt (d 18 July 1756) and his 
wife Christina Margaret Gentess who had the following children who came 
to America. 

Joseph Neu "who about 18 years ago migrated to America and is 

about 40 years old. " (b, ca. 1718) 

Peter Neu who also "some five years ago removed to America and 

is about 30 years old" (Deposition taken Feb. 8, 1758) (B. ca. 1728) 

In the Strassburger & Hinke lists of German Pioneers Joseph Neig 
came in 1740 on the Ship Samuel (note date coincides with time he is 
credited with leaving Germany in the deposition and Peter Neu came in 
1754 on the Ship Phoenix. 

To further support that these seemly different Neu families are 
more closely related than at present meet the eye is indicated in the 
"Hill Church Records" where the marriage of Joseph Neu and Anna Eva 
Luct of Moden Creek, (Krich) is listed Jan. 30, 1749. Also listed in 
these church records was Johann Peter Felten and Maria Catharina 
Nue Feb. 5, 1751. 

In the records of Rev. John Waldschmidt of Cocalico, Moden Krich, 
Wei sseichen Land, Seltenreich and Gemeinde, Lancaster Co. , Pa. is 

recorded the birth of Anna Maria Neu daughter of Josef & wife b. 

baptised Nove. 21, 1749. These same church records show that she 
died Jan. 17, 1769 and noted else where is the record of Johannes 
Schwartz, son of Daniel and Anna Marie b. Jan. 11, 1769 bap. Jan. 17, 
1769. Mother was only daughter of Josef Neu, she died Jan. 16, 1769. 

The marriage record of Peter Nau and Anna, widow of Zacharias 
Rast is recorded on Sept. 24, 1783. Whether this is the Peter Nal who 


served in the Revolutionary War from Pennsylvania has not at this time 
been determined although his wife is listed as Anna Maria. 

Also listed in the Annotations was a John Michel Neu, son of Phillip 
who might possibly be the Johannes Neu who came in 1748 on the Ship Two 
Brothers and is said to have died soon after his arrival. 


JOHN NICHOLAS NEU (John A. ) was born on June 6, 1742 in Germany. 
He emigrated to America with his parents in his 8th year. He was con- 
firmed in 1770. On March 26, 1771 John Nicholas Neu and Eva Catharine 
Ridisiehl (Rudlsil) were married by the Rev. John Casper Stoever. Their 
marriage is recorded in the records of two of the churches Rev. Stoever 
served: "The Evangelical Lutheran Congregation at the Quitapohila in 
Lebanon Township" (called the "Hill" church) founded in 1743 and in the 
records of the "Bindnagle Evangelical Lutheran Church" near Palmyra, 
along the Swatara Creek, founded in 1745. 

The church record concerning John Nicholas Neu states that he 
lived with Eva Catharine for 30 years. It goes on to say that they were 
blessed with 6 sons and 6 daughters of whom 9 were living in Nov. , 1800 
at the time of Nicholas' death. 

In the record of deaths at the Bingnagle Lutheran Church the fol- 
lowing notation is made about John Nicholas Neu: "he was sickly a long 
time and a fortnight before his death he had an attack of pleurisy and 
coughing. " The record gave his age at that time of his death at 58 years, 
5 mos. less 2 days or (58 yrs. , 4 mos. 28 days). This would mean he 
died on Nov, 4, 1800. 

The records of deeds in the Dauphin County Courthouse do not men- 
tion Nicholas. There is no will in the Dauphin County Court House for 
Nicholas, but there is a record of his son acting as administrator of his 
letters and papers. The record is listed as "Nicholas Neigh" whose son, 
John Neigh, was made administrator of his letters on Feb. 23, 1801. At 
that time 150 pounds was posted as bond by John Neigh, 

In the Orphans Court Records for Dauphin County there is a refer- 
ence in 1807 concerning the account of Nicholas Ney. John Ney was 
listed as administrator for Nicholas Ney and the following statment of 
account was made: "Balance of 27 pounds, 3 shillings & 11 pence in the 
hands of the accountant which account the court confirm and do order that 
the said balance be distributed according to law. " 

No record was found for the death of Eva Catharine (Rudisil) Neu. 
No headstones are to be found at the "Hill" Church or the "Bindnagle" 
Church for either John Nicholas or Eva Catharine. 

The records at the Bindnagle Church show the baptism of ten of 
Nicholas' children. 



Anna Margaret - Born May 12, 1772. Baptized at Bingnagle on May 

26, 1772, The sponsors were John Nicholas Neu and wife 

Anna Mary Neu. (This probably meant Anna Margaret 

(Schaeffer) Neu. ) 
Christina - Born Sept. 22, 1773. Baptized at Bindnagle on Oct. 2, 

1773, Her sponsors were Philip Baier and Mary Elizabeth 

Mary Catharine - Born May 28, 1775. Baptized at Bindnagle on 

June 12, 1775. Sponsors were Philip Baier and Mary 

Elizabeth Neu. 
John - Born July 7 or 9, 1776, Baptized at Bindnagle on July 20, 

1776. Sponsors were John Neu and wife Margaret Bohr. 
John Philip - Born Nov. 2, 1778. Baptized at Bindnagle on Nov, 16, 

1778, Sponsors were John Neu and Catharine Schnetz. 
Christina Barbara - Born Feb. 1, 1783. Baptized at Bindnagle on 

Mar, 1, 1783. Sponsors were Michael Malvier (probably 

Maulfair) and Barbara Biels. (.Another set of dates was 

found for this girl: born Oct. 12, 1783 and baptized 

Nov. 6, 1783. ) 
*** John Henry - Born Dec. 18, 1785. Baptized at Bindnagle on Feb. 1, 

1786. (Another date for baptism of Feb. 19, 1786 was 

found. ) 
Elizabeth - Born Aug. 13, 17^3. No date was given for baptism, 

but sponsors for it were John Adam Biele and Mary 

Elizabeth Fernsler. Elizabeth died July 14, 1795 of a 

Samuel - Born Feb. 15, 1797. Baptized at Bindnagle on Apr. 2, 

1797. Sponsors were Martin Long and wife. 





t— I 























HENRY NYE, son of John Nicholas Neu and Eva Catharine (Rudisil) Neu, 
was born on Dec, 18, 1785. He was baptized on Feb. 1, 1786 at the 
Bindnagle Evangelical Lutheran Church near Palmyra, Pa. The sponsors 
at his baptism were John Schnock and wife. 

He married Elizabeth and their son, Samuel, was born on 

Nov. 10 or 11, 1809. Samuel was baptized at the Bindnagle Church on 
Mar. 3, 1810 with Jacob Stroh and wife serving as sponsors. 

The next record we have of Henry is his inclusion in the Census of 
1820 in Franklin County, Pa. At that time the census stated that living in 
Henry's household were 2 males under 10, one male 10 but under 16 and 
one male 26 but under 45; and 2 females under 10, one female 10 but under 
16 and one female 26 but under 45. The 2 boys under 10 would have been 
David, born in 1813 and John, born in 1818. The boy over 10 but under 
16 was Samuel, born in 1809. The 2 girls under 10 were Sarah, born in 
1811 and Catharine, born in 1817. However, there is no record of the 
female who was over 10 but under 16, She could have been born before 
1809 and been baptized at Bindnagle also, but the church records for 
1799 to 1809 are missing. 

The first record of Henry's attendance at the Salem Lutheran Church, 
Pleasant Hall, Franklin Co, , Pa, (church founded around 1790) was on 
Aug. 26, 1827 when he took communion there. The next reference at the 
church shows that on July 27, 1828 both Henry and Elizabeth took com- 
munion there. In the records of Salem Lutheran Church, Henry's name 
is variously spelled as Ney, New, Neu, Nei and Nigh, 

On March 7, 1829 four of Henry and Elizabeth's children were 
baptized in Salem Lutheran Church: Sarah, Catharine, John and Adam. 
Nicholas was baptized there on Sept. 5, 1830. No record was found 
anywhere for the baptism of their son, David, born in 1813. 

The communion records at Salem Lutheran Church for both Henry 
and Elizabeth continue until Sept. 12, 1841. After that date there is no 
record of Elizabeth taking communion. May 8, 1847 is the last date 
recorded in the communion records for Henry. 

Henry's name appears in the census records of 1850 for Franklin Co. , 
Pa. as being 65 years of age. It appears again in the 1860 census 
records for the same county. His name is not in the census records of 
1870. Elizabeth's name does not appear in the 1850 census records. 
In both the 1850 and 1860 census, there were only 2 other members of 
Henry's household listed: his son, Adam, and Adam's wife, Nancy 
Foust Nye. 

Henry was a farmer, working about 50 acres of land in Letterkenny 
Township, Franklin Co, , Pa. He was also a weaver. He built a log 
house which still stands on a hill between present-day Nyesville and 
Muddy Run, a creek which empties into the Rowe Rim and thence into 


the Conodoguinet Creek. 

No will or deed containing the name of this Henry Nye is to be found in 
the Franklin County records, the Cumberland County records or the Dauphin 

County records. 

Henry and Elizabeth are known to be buried in the cemetery at Salem 
Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hall, Pa. , but the headstones are gone. 

The church records at that church do not list any deaths in the early 
record book covering the years from the church's beginning up to 1877. 


* 2. Samuel Nigh, 1809-1891 (He used the Nigh spelling as do all his 
descendants right down to the present day. ) 
3. Sarah, born Sept. 7, 1811. She was baptized at Salem Lutheran 
Church, Pleasant Hall, Pa. on Mar. 7, 1829 along with 2 brothers 
and 1 sister. She was her own sponsor at the baptism. Sarah was 
the second wife of Jacob Sclichter, being married on May 12, 1843, 
Mr. Sclichter had 9 children to his first wife, Sarah and Jacob 
had 7 or 8 children, 6 of whom are known by name. Sarah died 
Nov. 28, 1869, Jacob died Nov. 14, 1883 at 82 years of age. 
They are both buried in a Sclichter Family plot which is located 
inside the grounds of the Letterkenny Ordnance Depot near 
Chamber sburg, Pa, The plot is in the ammunition section of the 
Depot, located along Connecticutt Ave. 


i, Henry Sclichter. Married Mary Jane Forbes. They had 9 
children. Children: 

a. 'William Cyrus Sclichter. Married Jennie Vance. They 
had 2 children. Children: 

Mary Alice Schlichter. Married Noah Thrush and 
had 2 children: Garnet Thrush and Florence Thrush 

who married Mackey. 

Arthur Gelwix Sclichter 

b. Emma Jane Sclichter. Married John O. Pilgrim. They 
had 2 children. Children: 

Rev. Arthur Pilgrim. Married and had 3 children; 
Bruce, Robert Pilgrim and another. 
Pearl Pilgrim. Married to Ellis Culbertson and 
had 4 children: Carl Culbertson, Donald Culbert- 
son, Ellis Culbertson, Jr. and Peggy Culbertson. 

c. Mary Jane Sclichter. Married Irvin Alleman. They 
had 2 children. Children: 

Norman Alleman. He married Eva Spangler and 

had 9 children. Children: 

Erma Alleman, married to Jay Gettel. 

Betty Alleman, married to Yeager, 

Mary Alleman, married to Lesher. 


Paul Alleman, married to Mary Wingert. 

Anna Alleman, married to Rife. 

Glenn Alleman, married to Wingert. 

Nelson Alleman, 

Ellen Alleman, married to Ralph Long. 

Mary Alleman, married to Merlin Miller. 
Carrie Alleman. She married Leslie Diehl and 
had 4 children. Children: 

Dorothy Diehl, married to Boyd Hawbaker. 

Lynda Diehl, married to Carlton Pheil. 

Kay Diehl. 

Phyllis Diehl. 
d. Maggie Irene Sclichter, Born July 26, 1876. She had a 

daughter by a first marriage. Pearl E. Wenger, who resides 
in Mechanicsburg, Pa. On Dec. 24, 1919 Maggie married 
Elmer Ellsworth Nye, #53 in the genealogy and grandson of 
Sarah Nye Shlichter's brother, Davis #4. Maggie and Elmer 
had no children. He died Feb. 16, 1944. She died Dec. 31, 
1955. They are both buried in Air Hill Brethren in Christ 
Cem. near Chamber sburg. Pa. 

e. Sallie Elizabeth Sclichter. Married James Washinger and 
had 2 children. Children: 

Mary Washinger. Married Frank Seilhamer and had 
one son, James Seilhamer. 

Florence Washinger. Married Kenneth Wenger and had 
6 children. Children: 

Doris Wenger, married to Henry Sweigert. 

Gladys Wenger, married to Donald Len. 

Mary Wenger. 

Robert Wenger, married to Home. 

Shirley Wenger, married to Raif snider. 

Kenneth Wenger, Jr. 

f. Harry Winfield Sclichter. Married Bessie Diehl. They had 
2 children. Children: 

Floyd Sclichter, 

Dorothy Sclichter. Married George Born and had 2 
children: Dottie Sue Horn and Mary Ann Horn, 
g. Minnie Ellen Sclichter. Married Roy Shadle and the}^ had 
7 children. Children: 

Edna Shadle. Married Clarence Sollenberger and had 

2 children: Harold Sollenberger and Doris Sollenberger 

married to Robert Faust. 

Norman Shadle. Married (1st) to Pauline Helmuth. 

Married (2nd) to Evelyn Peifer. 

Mary Shadle. 

John Shadle. Married to Esther and had 2 sons: 


William Shadle. Married to Heckman and had 2 

children: Betty Shadle married to Leroy Penwell and 
one son. 

Kenneth Shadle. Married to Kathe Strock and had 1 
daughter: Patsy Shadle married to Glenn Wilkinson. 
Glenn Shadle. Married to Jane Eckels and had 2 sons: 
Steve Shadle and Tracy Shadle, 
h. Samuel Franklin Sclichter. Married Florence Eckenrode 
and had 2 children. Children: 

Erma Sclichter. Married to Lusk Funk and had 2 
children: Janet Funk and Rev. Eugene Funk. 
Gerald F. Sclichter. Married and had 5 children: 
Edward Sclichter, James Sclichter, Samuel Sclichter, 
Joel Sclichter and Beverly Sclichter. 
i. Florence Grace Sclichter. She died when she was several 
months old. 
ii. Aaron Sclichter. Never married, 
iii. Jeremiah Sclichter. He married and had at least one child, 

a daughter, Emma Sclichter. 
iv. Amos Sclichter. Died young. 

v. Harriet Sclichter. Married Miller and had 2 children. 


a. Jennie Miller. Married Mahoney, but had no 


b. Ida Miller. 

vi. Cyrus Sclichter. Had no children. 

* 4. David "William", 1813-1875. 

5. Catharine, born May 7, 1817. She was baptized at Salem Luth- 
eran Church in Pleasant Hall, Pa. on March 7, 1829 along with 
2 brothers and 1 sister. Her parents were her sponsors for 
baptism. She married Jeremiah Hunter, born May, 1817. They 
had two children. Catharine died March 14, 1873. Jeremiah 
died Sept. 21, 1877. Children: 

i. Lydia A. Hunter. Born Feb. 19, 1853. Unmarried. Died 
Dec. 14, 1926 and is buried at Salem Lutheran Cem. , 
Marion, Pa. At the time of her death she was living with 
Arthur McClure and his wife in Chamber sburg, Pa. Arthur 
is a grandson of Adam Nye #7 in genealogy, who was a 
brother of Lydia' s mother, Catharine, 
ii. J. Harry Hunter. Born Dec. 5, 1855. He married Nannie 
A- Carbaugh, born Mar. 23, 1847. They had several 
children, none of whom lived beyond the age of 4 or 5. 
Nannie died Feb. 17, 1906. Harry died July 2, 1911. They 
are both buried at Salem Lutheran Cem. , Marion, Pa. 

* 6. John, 1818-1892. 

* 7, Adam, 1825-1915. 


8. Nicholas, 1830-1915, 


2. SAMUEL NIGH (Henry 1), born near Hummelstown , Pa. on Nov. 10 or 
11, 1809. He was baptized at the Bindnagle Evangelical Lutheran Church 
near Palmjrra, Pa. on Mar. 3, 1810. His sponsors at the baptism were 
Jacob Stroh and his wife. The church records there give his birth date as 
Nov. 11, 1809. His father's name, Henry, is given in the church records, 
but no given name is listed for his mother. Samuel moved with his father's 
family to Letterkenny Township, Franklin Co. , Pa. , where he was reared 
and obtained a common school education. In early manhood he was em- 
ployed at brick-making and farm labor at Waynesboro, Pa. From there 
he removed to the Leitersburg District of Maryland where he resided until 
his death. 

He married Lydia Mort. They had 5 children, Samuel was a Whig 
and later a Republican. He died June 22, 1891 and is buried with his wife 
at the Lutheran Churchyard in Leitersburg, Md. Cliildren: 

* 9, John W. Nigh, 1834-1893. 

* 10. Samuel T. Nigh, No dates. 

* 11. David Franklin Nigh, 1841-1918. 

12, Susan Nigh, no dates. She married Jacob Lowman, 

13, Kate Nigh, no dates. She married Samuel F. Lowman. 

4. DAVID "WILLIAM" NYE (Henry 1), born Mar. 7, 1813, He married 
Sarah Shuman, born Dec, 22, 1817. It is thought that David and his wife 
lived in the Henry Nye homestead for a time after Henry's death. In 1867 
David's son, Henry, bought the house and 8 acres of the land from David 
and Sarah. The headstone only lists his name as DAVID but some of the 
family remembered him as being called WILLIAM. David and Sarah had 
5 children. He died Feb. 28, 1875. She died Nov. 22, 1881. They are 
both buried at Salem Lutheran Cem. , Pleasant Hall, Pa. Children: 

14, Catharine. Born Jan. 16, 1836. Never married. In her later 
years she lived with her sister and brother-in-law, Elizabeth 
Nye Killinger and Hezekiah Killinger. She died Apr. 9, 1907 
and is buried in Salem Lutheran Cem, , Pleasant Hall, Pa. with 
her parents. 

* 15. Henry, 1837-1879. 

16. Elizabeth, born Mar, 28, 1939, Married to Hezekiah Killinger, 
born June 13, 1838. They had 2 sons. She died Nov, 13, 1897, 
He died Jan, 3, 1910. They are buried in Salem Lutheran Cem. , 
Pleasant Hall, Pa. Children: 

i. Jacob H. Killinger. Born Sept. 9, 1867. Married to Sarah 
Ann Stouffer, born Sept. 7, 1868. They had 2 children. 
They are both deceased. Children: 


a. Paul Luther Killinger. Married to Gertrude Beam. They 
had one son, Paul Luther Killinger, Jr. Gertrude is 

b. Edna Viola Killinger. Married to Jesse A. Sailhamer, 
They have 5 children. 

ii. David William Killinger. Bom Mar. 13, 1872. Married 
Annie Mary Garman, born July 26, 1871. They had 2 child- 
ren. David died July 22, 1926. Annie died Dec. 21, 1951. 
They are buried at Mongul UB Cemetery, Mongul, Pa. 

a, Leroy Garman Killinger. Born Nov. 2, 1902. He mar- 
ried Florence Sleighter. They reside at R. D. 3, Cham- 
bersburg. He is principal of the J. Frank Foust Junior 
High School in Chamber sburg, Pa. 

b. Mary Kathryn Killinger. Born June 26, 1909. Died 
June 16, 1928. She is buried at Mongul UB Cem. , 
Mong-ul, Pa. 

* 17. David W. , 1841-1925. 

18. Sarah, born in 1844. She died at the age of 13 yrs. , 2 months 
and 7 days and is buried at Salem Lutheran Cem. , Pleasant 
Hall, Pa. 

6. JOHN NYE (Henry 1), born July 16, 1818. He was baptized on Mar. 

7, 1829 at the Salem Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hall, Pa. along with 2 
sisters and 1 brother. His parents were sponsors for him at the time of 
the baptism. He married Catharine Rotz, born in 1822. Jolin built a log 
house on the road from present-day Nyesville to Muddy Run, It stands a 
short distance closer to Muddy Run and on the opposite side of the road 
from Henry Nye's old homestead. John and Catharine had 4 known 
children. Catharine died in 1875. John died on July 17, 1892. They are 
both buried at Salem Lutheran Cem. , Pleasant Hall, Pa. The headstone 
lists John's last name as NIGH. Children: 

19. Samuel. He died very young. 

20. Fannie, born Mar. 7, 1844. She married William Tarner, a 
brother of the Nancy Tarner who married David W. Nye #17 
in the genealogy. William was born Sept. 5, 1843. Fannie 
and William had 6 children. She died ^r. 24, 1889 and is 
buried at Air Hill Brethren in Christ Cem. near Chambers - 
burg. William married again. He died Dec. 21, 1893 and is 
buried at Air Hill with Fannie. Children: 

i. Wilhelmina Tarner, born Oct. 28, 1867. Never married. 
She died May 13, 1944 and is buried at Spring Hill Cem. , 
Shippensburg, Pa. 

ii. Rachel Tarner, born Mar. 28, 1870, in Pleasant Hall, 

Pa. She married James A Warren and they had 14 child- 
ren. They are both deceased, Rachel having died in 1934. 


They are buried in the cemetery at Middlespring, Pa. 

a. Price Warren, He attended Shippensburg Normal 
School, Shippensburg, Pa. He married Mary Carter 
from Philadelphia and they had 2 daughters. Price was 
an executive with the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co. 
and lived in the Philadelphia, Pa. area. 

b. Bruce Warren, born Mar. 18, 1893 at Middlespring, 
Pa. Married Olive Byers. They had 4 children. 
Bruce was a carpenter and was a member of the New- 
burg Church of God. Olive died in Dec. , 1952. Bruce 
died in April, 1963 and is buried at Otter bein Cem. 
near Newburg, Pa. Children: 

Ruth Warren, married to Chalmers Shearer. Re- 
side at R. D. 3, Waynesboro, Pa. 
James Warren, resides at R. D. 2, Shippensburg, 

Price Warren, resides at Elizabethtown, Pa. 
Ray Warren, resides at Albion, R. D, 1, Pa. 

c. Frank Warren, Never married. Died as a young man. 

d. William Roy Warren. Died as a baby. Buried in the 
cemetery at Middlespring, Pa. with his parents. 

e. Walter Warren. Died when he was 7 years old. Buried 
in the cemetery at Middlespring, Pa. with his parents. 

f. Pauline Warren. Married Herbert Pechart. They had 
one daughter and 3 sons. She is deceased and is 
buried in the cemetery at Middlespring, Pa. Herbert 
resides on Star Route 1, Shippensburg, Pa. 

g. Mary Helen Warren, Married to Paul Henry. He is 
deceased. She is known as "Mamie". She resides 
with her daughter, Dorothy Henry at R, D, 1, Newburg, 
Pa, Mamie and Paul had 9 children: Paul Henry, 
Dorothy Henry, Janet Henry, Mary Henry, Edgar 
Henry, Betty Henry, Carl Henry, Jean Henry and 
Richard Henry, 

h. David Warren, born in 1902. He was married (1st) to 
Bertha Evinger. They had one daughter. He was mar- 
ried (2nd) to Pearl Hammers and they had 4 sons. 
David is deceased. Pearl resides at 11 Wyrick Ave, , 
Shippensburg, Pa. 

i, Martha Warren. Married to Charles Hefflefinger, 
They have no children. Their address is 133 Louis 
Lane, East Pennsboro Village, Enola, Pa. 

j, Nellie Warren. Married Roy Wenger. Nellie gradu- 
ated from Shippensburg Normal School, Shippensburg, 
Pa. They have one son, William Wenger. Their 


address is 48 Montgomery Ave. , Shippensburg, Pa. 
k. John Warren. Married Hulda Cressler. They had 2 

daughters. He died in 1953. 
1. Harriet V/arren. Married to Norman Camp Kegerreis. 

They had one son and 4 daughters. She resides at 16 N, 

Penn St. , Shippensburg, Pa. 
m. Carson Warren„ Died at 6 months of age. He is buried 

in the cemetery at Middlespring, Pa. 
n. Blanche Warren. Married to Harry Bricker. They 

have 2 daughters and one son. Their address is S, West 

St. , Carlisle, Pa. 
iii. Frances Tarner, born July 12, 1872. Married Charles 

Porter, born Dec. 5, 1871. They had 6 children. He died 
Feb. 6, 1937. She died Oct. 14, 1940 and both are buried 
in Spring Hill Cem. , Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Raymond Porter. Married to Rose Mumma and had 5 
children. He is deceased. 

b. Paul Porter, born Aug, 19, 1897. Married to Clara 
Rosalie Dubbs of Shippensburg, Pa. They reside at 
35 N. Franklin St. , Chamber sburg. Pa. 

c. George Porter. Married to Edith Holtry and has 6 
children. He resides at R. D. 3, Shippensburg. He 
owns and manages a furniture store at that address. 

d. Bruce Porter. Married to Dorothy Varner. They had 
2 children who are deceased. Bruce and Dorothy re- 
side on Lincoln Way East, Chamber sburg. Pa. 

e. William Porter. Died as a baby. 

f. Mary K. Porter. Never mari'ied. Resides at 43-1/2 
W. King St. , Shippensburg, Pa. 

iv. William Tarner, born Nov. 7, 1876 at Pleasant Hall, Pa. 

Married Myrtle Mentzer, He was a member of the Park 

Ave. UB Church, Chambersburg, Pa. They had one child. 

He died Apr. 8, 1959 and is buried in Norland Cem. , 

Chambersburg, Pa. Child: 

a. Isabel Tarner. Married Norman Flack. They reside 
in Fayetteville, Pa. 
V. John Tarner. Married and had one son. He is deceased. 


a. Walter Tarner, Resides on a farm near Newville, Pa. 
vi. Emma Tarner, born Mar. 30, 1879. Married Charles 

Henry Jacoby, born June 21, 1874. He died July 8, 1914. 

She resides at 327 E. King St. , Shippensburg, Pa. They 

had 2 sons. Children: 

a. Howard William Jacoby, born Oct. 6, 1896. Married 
Ruth McNew. He died Dec, 26, 1936. She resides at 
123 E. Queen St. , Chambersburg, Pa. They had one 



son. Child: 

Allyn Jacoby. He resides at 511 E. Catherine St. , 
Chambersburg, Pa. 
b. Lester Dewey Jacoby, born May 29, 1898. Married to 
Minnie Catharine Bistline, born Oct. 30, 1908. They 
had 7 children. She died Apr. , 1950. Lester resides 
at 327 E. King St. , Shippensburg, Pa. with his mother. 

William Lester Jacoby, born Oct. 20, 1934. He 
is married but has no children. Resides at Mt. 
Holly Springs, Pa. 

Dorothy May Jacoby, born Sept. 22, 1937. Mar- 
ried Harry Negley. They live at R. D. 3, Newville, 
Pa. and have 3 children. 

Carroll LaMar Jacoby, born Feb. 17, 1939. He is 
married and has 2 children. He resides in Carlisle, 
Pa. at 1071 Harrisburg Park. 

Ray Leon Jacoby, born Oct. 22, 1940. He is mar- 
ried and has 2 children. They reside at R. D. 1, 
Shermandale, Pa. 

Jane Louise Jacoby, born Dec. 1, 1941. She is 
married to Paul Wickard and has no children. 
They live at R. D. a, Newville, Pa. 
Gary Lee Jacoby, born Jan. 16, 1945. He is a 
twin. Resides in Carlisle, Pa. 
Nancy Lou Jacoby, born Jan. 16, 1945. She is a 
twin. Resides in Carlisle, Pa. 
21. John Wesley, 1849-1920. 

* 22. Curtis Andrew, 1853-1931. 

7. ADAM NYE (Henry 1), born Sept. 7, 1825. Baptized on Mar. 7, 1829 
at Salem Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hall, Pa. along with one brother and 
2 sisters. His parents were his sponsors. At that time his name was 
given as John Adam Ney. He was confirmed at the same church on Dec. 
20, 1891, at which time his name was listed as NIGH. He married Nancy 
Foust, born Mar, 26, 1826, the daughter of David Foust. They had one 
daughter. Nancy died Nov. 22, 1891. Adam died Mar. 22, 1915. They 
are both buried at Salem Lutheran Cem. , Pleasant Hall, Pa. Child: 
23. Sarah Ann, born May 31, 1867. Married Charles McClay 
McClure, born Sept. , 1864. He died Sept. 21, 1945. She 
died Dec. 13, 1945. They had one son. Child: 
i. Arthur Leberknight McClure, born June 6, 1895. Married 
to Annie Mary Stock, born Feb. 11, 1890. They were 
married at Frederick, Maryland on Oct. 12, 1922 by 

Ulysses S. G. Rupp, a Lutheran minister. Mr. McClure 
served as a Private First Class in Co. B, 4th Corps 


Nicholas Nye 


Artillery during the first World War. He fought in the 
battle of Meuse-Argonne for 20 days and was later in the 
Army of Occupation in Germany. They reside at 513 
Center St, , Chambersburg, Pa. They have no children. 

8. _ NICHOLAS NYE (Henry 1), born Mar. 25, 1830 in Letterkenny Town- 
ship, Franklin Co. , Pa. He was baptized on Sept. 5, 1830 at the Salem 
Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hall, Pa. with his parents as sponsors He 
was confirmed in that church on Dec. 9, 1866. He later changed his mem- 
bership to St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Orrstown, Pa. where he and his 
wife attended church from 1878 until their deaths. He married Elizabeth 
Minick, daughter of Peter Minick. She was born in Cumberland Co. , Pa. 
on Mar. 15, 1830 and she and Nicholas were married by the Rev. M ' J 
Carothers on Oct. 17, 1850. 

Nicholas served as a Private in Co. B of the 158th Regiment of the 
Pennsylvania Militia during the Civil War. He enlisted on Oct. 16, 1862 
and was mustered out with his company on Aug. 12, 1863. The Nicholas 
Nye homestead is still standing. It is located about a quarter mile back a 
lane which runs beside the now-remodeled Donovan School, about half-way 
between Mongul and Lurgan, Pa. 

Nicholas was a stone mason and also made farm tools and equipment 
during the winter months. The names of his family Bible were all 
spelled NIGH until the late 1800 's and at that time the spelling became 
NYE. Nicholas and Elizabeth had 10 children. She died Mar. 28 1909 
He died Dec. 16, 1915. They are both buried at Salem Lutheran C em 
Pleasant Hall, Pa. Children: 

24. Mary Ann, born Aug. 2, 1851 in Letterkenny Township, 
Franklin Co. , Pa. Married to Benjamin F. Rotz, born May 
24, 1854. They had 2 children. He died Apr. 6, 1904. She 
died Jan. 27, 1922. They are both buried at the UB Cem. , 
Mongul, Pa. Children: 

i. Bertie Rotz. Married to Jesse Holtry. She is deceased 
and is buried at the UB Cem. , Mongul, Pa. 

ii. Irvin Rotz, born Feb. , 1886. He married Bertha Scyoc, 
now deceased. Irvin resides in Carlisle, Pa. 

25. Ephraim, born Feb. 2, 1854. Died Mar. 3, 1854. Buried at 
Salem Lutheran Cem. , Pleasant Hall, Pa. 

26. Sarah Catharine, born Feb. 22, 1855 in Franklin Co. , Pa. 
She was the second wife of Abraham Brubaker, born Dec. 18, 
1856 in Huntingdon Co. , Pa. His name on the headstone is 
spelled "Abram, " Abraham's first wife died in 1884 and he 
and Sarah were married on Dec. 6, 1885. They had 5 child- 
ren. He died Aug. 2, 1899. Sarah died Jan. 8, 1938. They 
are both buried at Salem Lutheran Cem. , Pleasant Hall Pa 

i. Annie May Brubaker, born Mar. 15, 1887 in Dickinson 


Co. , Kansas. She married Rajrmond Coy. They reside in 
Phoenix, Arizona and have one son, Raymond David Coy, 
ii. Ezra Clarence Brewbaker, born Mar, 19, 1888 in Dickin- 
son Co. , Kansas. He is married to Olive Boggs, They 
had 3 children, Ezra and his children all spelled their 
name "Brewbaker", Ezra died Aug. 16, 1963 and is buried 
at the Upper Path Valley Cem, , Dry Run, Pa, His widow 
now lives at R. D. 3, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Elmer Samuel Brewbaker, born May 9, 1920. Married 
(1st) to Doris Jean Burkholder. They had one daughter. 
Doris Jean died on July 24, 1959. He married (2nd) to 
Elizabeth Jane Kough, born Dec, 4, 1926, Elizabeth 
had a son and daughter by a previous marriage. Elmer 
and Elizabeth have one son. They reside at 50 Big 
Spring Ave. , Newville, Pa. Children: 

Linda Darlene Brewbaker, born July 6, 1947. 
Nolan Ezra Brewbaker, born Nov, 23, 1961, 

b. Merle Ray Brewbaker, born Feb, 3, 1922, Unmar- 
ried, Resides at R. D. 3, Shippensburg, Pa, 

c. Edyth Marie Brewbaker, born Sept. 30, 1926. Mar- 
ried to George Herbert Stewart, born Dec, 26, 1912. 
They have 3 children. Their residence is on Star 
Route, Doylesburg, Pa. Children: 

Nancy Louise Stewart, born Aug, 29, 1953. 
Juanita Marie Stewart, born July 20, 1955, 
George Duane Stewart, born June 21, 1958, 
iii. Silas Ephraim Brubaker, born Apr. 21, 1889 in Dickinson 
Co. , Kansas, Married (1st) to Hattie Rowe from Waynes- 
boro, Pa. They had 3 children. Married (2nd) to Betty 

from York, Pa. Silas died July 23, 1951 and is buried 

in Detroit, Michigan. His first wife and their three child- 
ren live in the Los Angeles, California area. Children: 

a. Phyllis Brubaker. 

b. Arthur Brubaker. 

c. Betty Brubaker, 

iv. Emma Elizabeth Brubaker, born Mar. 15, 1895 in Dick- 
inson Co, , Kansas, Married to Harry Garling, born July 
25, 1894. They had one son, Emma died Mar, 28, 1963 
and is buried at the Montgomery Brethren in Christ Cem. 
near Upton, Pa. (about 7 miles from Greencastle, ) Harry 
resides at 334 E. Grant St. , Greencastle, Pa, Children: 
a. Raymond Garling, Married to Catharine Hoover. 
Resides at 552 N, Allison St, , Greencastle, Pa. 
They have 2 children, 

v. Mary Ellen Brubaker, born Aug. 11, 1896 in Dickinson 

Co. , Kansas, Married to John Eaton, born Mar, 21, 1889. 


They had 3 children. He died Nov. 30, 1954 and is buried 
in Spring Hill Cam. , Shippensburg, Pa. Mary resides at 
334 E. Grant St. , Greencastle, Pa. Children: 

a. Eugene David Eaton, born Oct. 28, 1913. Married to 
Carlotta Green. They have 2 children. Their resi- 
dence is at Winter Park, Florida. 

b. Paul Luther Eaton, born Sept. 23, 1916. Married to 
Louise Bhuler, They had no children, Paul died on 
Mar. 2, 1946 and is buried in New Jersey. 

c. Arthur Eaton, born Feb, 18, 1917. Married to Betty 
Rigsby, They have no children. They live in Hunting- 
don, W. Va. 

27. Nancy Ellen, born Oct, 10, 1856. Married to Elijah Bender, 

born Sept. 10, 1856, They had 6 children, Elijah died Aug. 28, 
1917. Nancy died Feb. 7, 1927. They are buried at Salem 
Lutheran Cem, , Pleasant Hall, Pa. Children: 
i, John Bender, born Sept. , 1884, Married to Catharine 
Ocker. They had one son, John died June 6, 1951 and is 
buried at Spring Hill Cem. , Shippensburg, Pa. Catharine 
lives at Newburg, Route 1, Pa. with their son. Child: 
a. Walter Bender. Married to Mabel Stevick. Resides 
at Route 1, Newburg, Pa. They have 5 children, 
ii. Mary Bender, born May 20, 1887. Married to Ezra Baer. 
They had 8 children. She died in 1935 and is buried at 
Salem Lutheran Cem, , Pleasant Hall, Pa. Children: 

a. Nicholas Baer. 

b. Infant son. Died. 

c. Elizabeth Baer. Married to Guy Stouffer. They have 
9 children. 

d. John Baer. 

e. Infant son. Died, 

f. Annie Baer. Married to Eugene Stouffer. They had 
11 children, 8 of whom are living. 

g. Elva Baer. Married to Harry Shoop. They have 2 

h. Paul Baer. 
iii. David Bender, born Oct. 30, 1891. Married to Florence 
Kaufman. They had 8 children. She died in 1957. David 
resides near the Pennsylvania Turnpike entrance at 
Newburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Kenneth Bender. Now deceased. 

b. Robert Bender. Now deceased. 

c. Earl Bender. Living at Newburg, R. D. , Pa. 

d. Samuel Bender. Living at Newburg, R. D. , Pa. 

e. Crawford Bender. Living at Newburg, R. D. , Pa. 

f. David Bender. Living at Newburg, R. D. , Pa. 


g. Harold Bender 

h. Wayne Bender, Died at 19 as the result of a truck 

iv. Alice Bender, born Dec. 29, 1893. Married to Harry 
Sclichter, now deceased. She lives at the home of Grace 
Mc Mullen at Roxbury, Pa. They had no children, 
V. Murray Bender, born in 1895. Died the same month in 

1895. Buried in Salem Lutheran Cem, , Pleasant Hall, Pa. 
vl, Emma Elizabeth Bender, born Oct. 22, 1897. Married to 
Norman Clippinger. They had one child, Emma died Mar. 
30, 1963 and is buried in Norland Cem, near Chambers- 
burg, Pa. Child: 
a. Betty Clippinger. Married to Earl Gilbert. Resides 

at 26 Lurgan Ave, , Shippensburg, They have one son, 

Ricky Gilbert. 

28. David Henry, 1858-1938. 

29. Adam, born Aug. 14 or 24, 1860, Died Oct. 17, 1861. Buried 
at Salem Lutheran Cem. , Pleasant Hall, Pa. 

30. Julia Anna, born Feb. 2, 1863 at Orrstown, Franklin Co. , Pa. 
Married Noah Zook, They had 10 children. They lived on a 
farm 6 miles north of Abilene, Kansas for a number of years. 
In 1918 they moved into Abilene and resided there until their 
deaths. Noah died May 8, 1944. Julia died May 9, 1950 and 
they are both buried in the Abilene Cem, , Abilene, Kansas. 

i. Samuel Zook, born Sept. 30, 1882. Married to Helen , 

born in 1887. They had 2 children. Samuel is now 
deceased. Children: 

a. Wayne Zook, born in 1917. A twin. 

b. Dwight Zook, born in 1917. A twin, 

ii. Harvdy Zook. It is thought that he was married, but had 
no children. He lived north west of Abilene, Kansas. He 
died in 1932. 

iii. Edith A. Zook, born June 28, 1885, Married to J, W. 
Young, born Jan. 19, 1880. They had 2 children. He is 
now deceased. Edith resides at 315 N. E. 8th St. , Abilene, 
Kansas. Children: 

a. Mary Elizabeth Young, bom Jan. 1, 1921. Unmarried. 
Lives in California, not far from her brother. 

b. Dean Arthur Young, born Mar. 2, 1924. He is mar- 
ried and has 2 sons. He is a chemist with the Union 
Oil Co. doing research work. They live in California, 
not far from his sister. 

Iv. Emma Zook, born Feb. 24,1889. Married to Austin 
Miller. They had 2 children. They lived in Minnesota. 
Both died the same year. Children: 



a. Ira Miller, Died as a baby. 

b. Marie Miller. 

V. Mary Zook, born Mar. 2, 1891. Unmarried. Died in 1943 
and is buried in the Abilene Cem. , Abilene, Kansas. 

vi. Bertha Zook, born Dec. 2, 1893. Married to Ezra Crider, 
born July 28, 1894. They have one known child. Child: 
a. Velma Lucile Crider, born July 18, 1920. Married to 
Carl Baldwin. 

vii. Harrison Zook. It is thought that he was married but had 
no children. He lived at Guthrie Center, Iowa and was a 
chiropractic doctor. He may now be living in a nursing 

viii. Elizabeth Zook. Never married. Graduated from Messiah 
College, Grantham, Pa. Now deceased. 

ix. Florence Zook, born July 23, 1899. Married to Stanley 
Engle, born Jan, 1, 1899. They have one known child. 

a. Luise Engle, Married to a minister and has 2 

X. Hazel Zook, Married and has 2 children. 
31. Emma Elizabeth, born July 15, 1865. Married on Feb. 25, 

1889 to Joseph Kurtz Wise, born Jan. 31, 1868, They had 3 

children. She died Nov. 9, 1926. He died Sept. 19, 1934, 

They lived in Highspire, Pa. Both are buried at Spring Hill 

Cem. , Shippensburg , Pa. Children: 

i. Ira Franklin Wise, born Aug, 31, 1890. Died Dec. 11, 
1898. Buried at Steelton, Pa. 

ii. Marie ALcesta Wise, born July 15, 1894. Married Jan, 12, 
1921 to Frank Ames Lawrence, born Sept. 8, 1892. He is 
a graduate of Bucknell University with a B. S. degree in 
Chemical Engineering. They have 2 sons and live in 
Gladewater, Texas. Children: 

a. Frank Ames Lawrence, III, born Nov, 22, 1923. He 
is a graduate of Rice Institute with a B. S. degree in 
Mechanical Engineering. He was married on Aug. 28, 
1945 to Arleen Ruth Manley, born Aug. 27, 1925. 
They have 2 children and live in Dallas, Texas, 

Frank Ames Lawrence, IV, born ^^r. 11, 1947. 
Susan Jane Lawrence, born Sept. 2, 1949, 

b, Donald Kent Lawrence, born June 16, 1928, He is a 
graduate of the University of Texas with a B. S. degree 
in Petroleum Engineering, On Aug. 12, 1947 he 
married Dorothy Laverne Mc Anally, born Sept. 20, 
1928. They reside in Dallas, Texas and have 2 child- 
ren. Children: 


Donna Laverne Lawrence, born Sept. 24, 1948. 
Deborah Anne Lawrence, born July 9, 1953, 
iii, Esther Catherine Wise, born Apr. 17, 1898. Died Apr. 18, 

* 32. Peter Daniel, 1868-1939. 

* 33. William Nicholas, 1874-1949. 


9. JOHN W, NIGH (Samuel 2, Henry 1), born in 1834 in the Leitersburg, 
Md. district. Was married (1st) to Emily Jane Slick, born in 1842. It 
is thought they had one son, Samuel. Emily died in 1864. John was 
married (2nd) to Mary Elizabeth Fridinger, born in 1841. John organ- 
ized and directed the Leitersburg Band. He fought in the Civil War with 
Cole's Cavalry, Co. C. , Pennsylvania Home Brigade. John and Mary 
had 6 children. He died in 1893 and is buried in the Lutheran Churchyard 
in Leitersburg, Md. with his first wife. Mary died in 1923 and is buried 
in Rose Hill Cem. , Hagerstown, Md. in the plot of her daughter and son- 
in-law Emma and Mayberry Patterson. Children: 

34. Samuel D. Died in 1863. He was 2 yrs. , 11 mos. and 27 days 
old. He is buried in the Lutheran Churchyard, Leitersburg, 

* 34 A. Charles Perkins, 1870-1940. 

35. John Richardson, born Mar 9, 1872. Married to Louisa May 
Socks, born in 1877. They had no children. She died in 1948. 
He died in 1949. They are buried in Rose Hill Cem. , Hagers- 
town, Md. 

36. Carrie Grace. She was born Jan. 27, 1874. Married to 
John Clinton Shannon. They had one son, James Gordon 
Shannon. Carrie died in Mar. , 1927. John died in 1930. 
They are buried in Rose Hill Cem. , Hagerstown, Md. 

37. Emma Helen, born Sept. 15, 1877. Married to Mayberry 
Irwin Patterson. They had 2 children. Mr. Patterson died 
in 1925 and is buried in Rose Hill Cem. , Hagerstown, Md. 
Emma manages the Patterson Hotel at Franklin and Potomac 
Sts, in Hagerstown, Md. Children: 

i. Helen Jane Patterson, Born Sept. 14, 1915. She died 
Sept. 27, 1915 and is buried in Rose Hill Cem. , Hagers- 
town, Md. 

ii. Mayberry Irwin Patterson, Jr. , born Dec, 30, 1917. He 
was married (1st) to Mary Louise Messersmith, They 
had one daughter, Christina Anne Patterson, born Jan. 8, 
1942. He and Mary were divorced. He was married (2nd) 

to . They had no children and are now 



37 A. Anna Maude, born in 1879, Died in 1879, 
* 38, Frank Clayton, 1881-1937. 

10, SAIVIUEL T. NIGH (Samuel 2, Henry 1), born in the Leitersbury, Md. 
district. Little is known of him except that he left Leitersburg after the end 
of the Civil War and settled in Springfield, Ohio. He was married and had 
two children, one of whom is not known by name. Children: 

39. Albert, Married, Lived in the Springfield, Ohio area at one time, 
39 A, Daughter, Married. 

11, DAVID FRANKLIN NIGH (Samuel 2, Henry 1). He was born on June 9, 
1841 in the Leitersburg, Md. district. In 1864 he was married to Mary J. 
Beaver, daughter of Philip and Ann (Snodderly) Beaver. In 1889 they 
moved to North Bellevue, a tract of 275 acres near Hagerstown, owned by 
the Hamilton estate, which David then operated. In addition to farming, he 
also was engaged in raising thoroughbred stock, including Holstein 
Friesians. In 1905 David was elected one of the County Commissioners 

of Washington Co. , Md. and served 2 terms. He was a Republican. 
David and Mary had 8 children. She died on May 7, 1909. He died Aug, 
6, 1918. They are buried in the mausoleum in Rose Hill Cem. , Hagers- 
town, Md. Children: 

40, Lydia May, born Aug. 21, 1869. She married Harry M. Leh- 
man, born May 31, 1868. They were married on Dec. 18, 1895 
and had 6 daughters. He died Oct. 22, 1930. She died Feb. 2, 
1940. Children: 

i. Iva May Lehman, born Feb. 27, 1897. She married Dr. 
Wayne S. Crider on Sept. 1, 1925. They had 3 children. 
Iva May and Dr. Crider were both killed on Oct. 8, 1950 
in an aircraft accident. Children: 

a. Dr. JohnR. Crider, born Oct. 3, 1927. Married 
Jan. 15, 1950 to Marilyn Weber. They live in Sheri- 
dan, Wj^oming and have 7 children. Children: 

Karen Ann Crider, born Nov. 13, 1950. 
John Adair Crider, born Aug. 6, 1952 
Michael Lehman Crider, born July 7, 1954. 
Kyle William Crider, born Apr. 6, 1956. 
Kelley Wayne Crider, born Dec. 4, 1957. 
Neal Stuart Crider, born May 7, 1960. A twin. 
Nelson Myles Crider, born May 7, 1960. A twin. 

b, Mary Jane Crider, born Jan. 9, 1929. She married 
Thomas Steele Young, the 3rd, on i^ril 25, 1953. 
They reside at 1911 Alta Oaks Ave. , Arcadia, Califor- 
nia and have 4 children. Children: 

Stephen Wayne Young, born Jan, 22, 1955, 
Douglas Stewart Young, born July 18, 1956, 
Judith Ann Young, born Nov. 20, 1957. 


Thomas Steele Young, 4th, born Sept. 1, 1958. 
c. Wayne Stuart C rider, born May 31, 1932. Married 
Betty Neibert on May 22, 1954. They live at Hagers- 
town, Md. and have 2 children. Children: 

Wayne Stuart C rider, Jr. , born May 30, 1955. 
Catherine Carol Crider, born Jan, 21, 1958. 
ii. Mary Katherine Lehman, born Dec. 8, 1900. Married 
Walter L. Fiery on Aug. ^2, 1926. They live at 302 N. 
Potomac St. , Hagerstown, Md. No children, 
iii. Alma Hazel Lehman, born Mar. 29, 1903. She married 
Daniel J, Montague. He is deceased. Alma lives at 1015 
Olvie St. , Coatesville, Pa. They had 2 children. Children: 

a. Barbara Ann Montague, born Aug. 29, 1929. She lives 
at Coatesville, Pa. 

b. Daniel J. Montague, Jr. , born Oct. 2, 1937. He is 
married to Patricia McClung. They were married on 
Nov, 28, 1959 and have 2 children. At present they 
are living in Germany, Children: 

Theodore Charlton Montague, born Dec. 23, 1961, 
Timothy Hale Montague, born Mar. 10, 1964. 
iv. Edna Blanche Lehman, born Mar. 28, 1905, She resides 

at 302 N. Potomac St, , Hagerstown, Md. 
V. Ruth Helen Lehman, born Mar. 17, 1907, She married 
Robert E. Miller on Aug, 8, 1935. They live at 302 N. 
Potomac St. , Hagerstown, Md, They had one son. Child: 
Robert E. Miller, Jr., born Nov. 9, 1938. Remar- 
ried Judith Foltz on Sept. 18, 1961. They live in 
Missoula, Montana, 
vi. Frances Luella Lehman, born July 12, 1909. She married 
Ralph M, Long on Nov, 12, 1931. They live at 902 Spruce 
St. , Hagerstown, Md. They have 2 children. Children: 

a. Judith T.^hman Long, born Feb. 5, 1933. She mar- 
ried Ralph E. Hess, Jr. on Aug, 8, 1959. They live 
at 208 Long View Rd. , Hagerstown, Md. They have 2 
children. Children: 

Brian Edgar Hess, Born May 27, 1960, 
Douglas Alan Hess, born Jan. 15, 1963. 

b. Thomas McClellan Long, born Oct. 24, 1937. He 
married Beverly Shartz on Sept. 26, 1961 and they 
have one child. Child: 

Susan Jean Long, born Feb, 12, 1963, 

41, Charles Beaver, 1871-1953. 

42, Edward B. , born May 17, 1873. Married Fannie Funk, born 
Oct. 7, 1870. They had no children. He died Mar. 19, 1918. 
She died Dec. 20, 1930. Both of them are buried in the 
mausoleum in Rose Hill Cem, , Hagerstown, Md. 


* 43. Albert C. , 1875- 

* 44. William Keller, 1877-1940. 

45. Ida K. She was married to Joseph Barkdoll. There were 4 
children. Children: 

i. Herman Barkdoll. He married Catherine Sheffler and had 

a number of children, 
ii. Albert Barkdoll. He married Hazel Beard. Albert is de- 
ceased. They had 2 sons and 4 daughters. 
iii. Earl Barkdoll. He married Daisy Hartle. 
iv. Ada Barkdoll. She married Cyrus Stouffer^ 

46. Aimie B. She was married to Otis Smith. They had 2 daughters. 
Both Annie and Otis are now deceased. Children: 

i. May Smith. She married Boyd Holtzman. She is deceased 

and is buried in a cemetery in Waynesboro. There was no 

ii. Edna Smith. She married Auston Toms. There were no 

children. She is deceased and is buried in a cemetery in 

Waynesboro, Pa. 

47. Emma. She was married to Norris Sheffler. Both are now de- 
ceased. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Children: 

i. Vera Sheffler. Married to Berger. They had several 


ii, Freda Sheffler. She was married but had no children. 

iii. Frank Sheffler. Unmarried. 

iv. Norris Sheffler, Jr. He is married and living in Washing- 
ton or Oregon. Number of children unknown. 

15. HENRY NYE (David "William" 4, Henry 1), born Aug. 1, 1837. Mar- 
ried to Fannie Myers, born Nov. 23, 1838. They lived in the original 
Henry Nye homestead after they bought it from David #4 and Sarah Nye. 
They farmed about 50 acres of land. Henry and Fannie had 5 children. 
Henry died Oct. 7, 1879. Fannie died Mar. 25, 1909. They are buried 
at Air Hill Brethren in Christ Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. The head- 
stone for Henry and Fannie reads NIGH. Children: 

48. Nancy J. , born Dec. 12, 1861. She married John Rottler and 
they had 7 children. Nancy died Mar. 21, 1905. She is buried 
with her parents at Air Hill Brethren in Christ Cem. near 
Chambersburg, Pa. John is buried at a cemetery in Hagers- 
town, Md. Children: 

i. Henry Rottler. Married and living in Pittsburgh. Has 2 

ii. Clarence Rottler. Married and had lived in Seattle, Wash. 
They had 2 sons. Clarence is now deceased. 

iii. Fanny Mabel Rottler. Married to Clyde Miller. They re- 
side at 184 Kennedy St. , Chambersburg, Pa. They have 
2 children. Children: 

a. Rosalee Miller. 

b. Leroy Miller. 


iv. Rose Rottler. Married to John Keefer Scott and lives in 
Arizona. They have one son and one daughter. 

V. Carl Rottler. Never married. Now deceased. 

vi, Roy Rottler. Married and has 2 daughters. Lives at 
Edenville, Pa. 

vii. Norman Rottler. Married and has 2 children. Lives at 
1701 Sherman Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. 

49. Sarah Ellen, born Nov. 21, 1867 according to the Family Bible. 
She died when she was about 10 years old. Buried at Air Hill 
Brethren in Christ Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 

50. Susan, born May 29, 1873. Married to David Sollenberger, 
born Feb. 19, 1870. They had 2 children. He died Aug. 10, 
1926. She died July 30, 1960. They are buried in Norland Cem. 
near Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 

i. Floyd Sollenberger. Married and has one son. Lives at 

649 Broad St. , Chambersburg, Pa. 
ii. Fanny Sollenberger, Married to Arthur Games. They had 
one daughter. Fanny and Arthur are buried at Norland 
Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. Child: 

a. Permelia Games. Married to Kenneth Erickson. They 
have 2 sons and reside at 326 S, Coldbrook Ave. , 
Chambersburg, Pa. 

* 51. Alfred Jennings, 1874- 

52. Henry Matthew, born Sept. 21, 1876. He was an artist and had 
a studio in the original Henry Nye homestead while his family 
lived there. He did pen and ink enlargements of photographs. 
Along with his brother, Alfred, Henry was credited with nam- 
ing Nyesville, Pa. He died Feb. 28, 1923 and is buried at 
Norland Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. He never married. 

17. DAVID W. NYE (David "William" 4, Henry 1), born Aug. 24, 1841. 
Married Nancy Ann Tamer, bom Sept. 7, 1845. She was a sister of the 
William Tamer who married Fannie Nigh #20 (in genealogy). David went 
blind in later life. He and Nancy had 10 children. She died June 3, 1909. 
He died Sept. 7, 1945. They are buried at Air Hill Brethren in Christ 
Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 

* 53. Elmer Ellsworth, 1865-1944. 

54. Samuel E. , born June 28, 1867, He died of appendicitis on 
May 12, 1887. He is buried at Air Hill Brethren in Christ 
Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 

* 55. William David, 1869-1947. 

* 56. Henry Clay, 1871-1944. 

57. Rebecca, born July 13, 1873. Died May 19, 1874. She is 
buried beside her paternal grandparents at Salem Lutheran 
Cem, , Pleasant Hall, Pa. 

58. Sara Anne, born May 8, 1875. Married to William Irvin Glass, 


born Aug. 23, 1871, They had 3 children. She died Aug. 4, 1908 
and is buried at the Methodist Cem. , Green Village, Pa. Her 
name on the headstone is "Sadie A. " William died Aug. 28, 1943 
of a sudden heart attack. He is buried in Lincoln Cem. , Cham- 
bersburg with his second wife. Children: 
i. Esther Ruth Glass, born Oct. 5, 1895. Married to Arthur 

Huber Germany, born Jan. 12, 1891. They had one child. 

They live at 324 McKinley St. , Chambersburg, Pa. Child: 

a. Joanne Esther Cormany, born July 3, 1932. She mar- 
ried Ray Donald Shew, 
ii. William Paris Glass, born Aug. 22, 1898. Married to Anna 

Margaret Beidel. They had 4 daughters. He died Sept. 15, 

1950. His widow lives in Washington, D. C. 
iii. Roberta Vienna Glass, born July 3, 1904. Married to 

Chalmers Peters. They had 2 children. Chalmers died 

Oct. 11, 1931, Roberta's address is 324 McKinley St. , 

Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 

a. James William Peters. 

b. Patricia Ann Peters. Married to Francis E. Hare. 

59. Katie Elizabeth, born Oct. 2, 1877. Married John Peter Wadel, 
born Oct. 1, 1876. Katie was a member of Air Hill Brethren in 
Christ Church, They had 9 children. John died Feb. 10, 1945. 
Katie died Oct. 27, 1957. They are buried together at the Old 
Rowe Mennonite Cem. near Pinola, Pa. Children: 
i. Florence Catharine Wadel, born Mar. 28, 1900. She was 

the 3rd wife of Clarence Snader. They had no children. 

She died in 1955 and is buried in Lancaster Co. , Pa. 

Clarence later married Florence's sister, Amelia, 
ii. Harry Samuel Wadel, born Jan. 29, 1902. Married Emma 

J. Shetter , born Jan. 15, 1902. They had 8 children. 

Their address is R. D. 3, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Ralph Ira Wadel, born Apr. 11, 1925. He married 
Elizabeth Graham, They have one daughter, Jean. 

b. Gladys Irene Wadel, born Apr. 17, 1927. She mar- 
ried the Rev. Willis Halteman, who is the minister of 
a Mennonite Church. They have 12 children. 

c. John Harry Wadel, born July 18, 1928. He died in 1929. 

d. Doris Jean Wadel, born Nov, 28, 1931. She married 
The Rev. John Sollenberger who is the minister of a 
Mennonite Church. They have 6 children. 

e. David Nye Wadel, born July 29, 1933. He married 
Ruth Blank from Lancaster, Pa. David is the minister 
of the Nickel Mines Mennonite Church near Christiana, 
Pa. They have 3 sons. 

f. Joseph Shetter Wadel, born Sept. 10, 1935. He mar- 
ried Oroha Boll. He is a deacon in a Mennonite 


Church. They have 2 daughters and 1 son. 
g. Paul Jason Wadel, born Oct. 17, 1936. He died April 
18, 1955 and is buried in the New Rowe Mennonite 
Cem. near Pinola, Pa, 
h. Mark Nathan Wadel, born Sept. 30, 1939. In June, 
1964 he married Betty Runkles. 

iii. Rosetta May Wadel, born Sept. 16, 1903, Married Harry 
Ebersole. They had 6 children. They live in Chambers- 
burg, Pa. 

iv. Norman David Wadel, bom June 9, 1906. Married Treva 
Wingert. They live in Scotland, Pa. and have no children. 

V. Amelia Nancy Wadel, born Nov, 7, 1908, She was the 

fourth wife of Clarence Snader. Florence Wadel, Amelia's 
sister, was his third wife. They live in Chambersburg and 
have no children, 

vi. Lydia Elizabeth Wadel, born Oct, 30, 1910, Married Nor- 
man Lehman. They had no children, but adopted one son. 
Dale. They reside on R, D. 6, Chambersburg, Pa. 

vii. Laban Aaron Wadel, born May 11, 1913. Married (1st) 
to Frances Ruth Hock, born Feb. , 1911, They had one 
daughter, Almeda. Frances Ruth died June 19, 1936. 
Laban married (2nd) to Grace Lehman. They had 5 sons 
and one daughter. Laban and Grace live at R, D, 3, 
Shippensburg, Pa. 

viii. Anna Frances Wadel, born Dec. 19, 1914. Married to 

Robert Crider, They live in Chambersburg, Pa, and have 
2 children, 

ix. Noah Benjamin Wadel, born Aug. 18, 1917. He married 
(1st) Lydia Horst. Noah and Lydia had 10 children. He 
married (2nd) Mary Ebersole. They have no children. 
They reside on R. D. 6, Chambersburg, Pa. 

60. Emma Rachel, 1879-1936. 

61. Fanny Amelia, born Nov. 21, 1883, She married (1st) Martin 
Brinser. She married (2nd) Solomon G. Engle, a Bishop in 
the Brethren in Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pa. He died 
when he was 85. Fanny died Jan. 1, 1945 and is buried in 
East Donegal Cem. between Hummelstown and Elizabethtown. 
Fanny had no children. 

62. Amanda Ellen, born Jan. 22, 1886. She married Isaiah F. 
Bashore, born May 2, 1881. They had 4 children. She died 
Feb. 25, 1959 and is buried at Shaeffer's Cem. near Eliza- 
bethtown, Children: 

i. Ruth Nye Bashore, born May 2, 1910. Married to Charles 
G. Longenecker and resides at 759 Park Hill Drive, Man- 
heim. Pa. They have 3 children: Children: 
a. Phyllis Eileen Longenecker, born Oct. 19, 1935. 


Married to Warren Alfred Shirk, born Feb, , 1933. 
They have one son. 

b, Charles Frederick Longenecker, born June 18, 1937. 
Graduated from Franklin & Marshall College, Lan- 
caster, Pa. Married in Sept, , 1964, 

c. William Douglass Longenecker, born ^r. 26, 1950. 

ii. Ralph Blough Bashore, born Sept. 26, 1914, Married Mary 
Heistand, born in 1914. They live at 760 New Holland Ave, , 
Lancaster, Pa, and have one son. Child: 
a. Thomas Bashore. 

iii. Rachel Emily Bashore, born Nov. 4, 1919. She was mar- 
ried (1st) to James S. Kuhn, born May 26, 1917. They had 
2 children. She was married (2nd) to Richard Wenger. 

a. Marjorie Suzanne Kuhn, born May 19, 1943. 

b. Fail Eileen Kuhn, born July 13, 1946. 

iv, Eleanor Jane Bashore, born Jan, 27, 1828. She is married 
to James King and they have 2 sons. Children: 

a. Michael James King, born Feb, 2, 1953. 

b, Jeffrey Lee King, born May 8, 1955, 

21. JOHN WESLEY NYE (John 6, Henry 1), born Sept. 25, 1849, Married 
Eliza Heckman, born Dec, 21, 1846, They had 7 children, John Nye 
owned and managed the grocery store in Nyesville, Eliza died Jan. 5, 
1916. John died Jan. 13, 1920. They are both buried at Salem U. B. Cem, 
near Chambersburg, Pa, Children: 

63, Minnie Frances, born 1873, Married John A, Bender, born 
1872, He was a brother of the William Bender who married 
Minnie's sister, Elizabeth #64. Minnie and John had 4 children. 
She died in 1933. He died in 1940. They are both buried in 
Salem U. B. Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa, Children: 

i, Grace Bender, born in 1893. She married Charles High, 
born in 1888. They had 4 daughters. Grace died Sept. 30, 
1963 and is buried in Lincoln Cem, , Chambersburg, Pa, 
Charles resides at 401 Hood St. , Chambersburg, Pa. 

ii, Elva Bender. Married Ray S. Shadle. They reside at 
57 N. Franklin St. , Chambersburg, Pa. 

iii. Floyd Bender. He married Ruth Overcash. He is 

iv. Margaretta Bender. She was married (1st) to Alfred Myers. 
She was married (2nd) to Lloyd Carr. She is deceased. 

64. Elizabeth, born 1875, She married William H. Bender, born 
1874, They had no children, William was a brother of the 
John A. Bender who married Elizabeth's sister, Minnie #63. 
Elizabeth died in 1949, William died in 1954. They are burled 
in the Lincoln Cem. , Chambersburg, Pa. 










Harvey Clayton, 1876-1960. 

Emma Viola, born Nov. 13, 1878. Unmarried. Died Mar. 18, 
1944. Buried at Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 
with her parents. 
Eber Curtis, 1880-1950. 
John Ervin, 1882-1945. 

Carrie B. , born Jan. 14, 1884. Married to G. Russell Hill, 
born Feb. 1, 1885. They had one child. She died Sept. 23, 
1949. He died Mar. 19, 1963. They are buried at Salem UB 
Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. Child: 

i. Edwin Hill. He married Clever, but they are separ- 
ated. He teaches at Gettysburg College. 

22. CURTIS ANDREW NYE (John 6, Henry 1), born Feb. 20, 1853. Mar- 
ried Ella R. Snavely, born May 20, 1856. Ella was from Ohio, but after 
her mother's death she came to Pennsylvania where she met and married 
Curtis. They lived for a time in Ohio, but returned to Franklin Co. , Pa. 
where they lived in the John Nye homestead near Muddy Run, which had 
been built by Curtis' father. Curtis and Ella had 6 children. He died 
Dec, 25, 1931. Ella died Mar. 29, 1941. They are both buried in Salem 
UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 
* 70. William Henry, 1875-1942. 

71. Effie Grace, born Dec. 21, 1877 in Letterkenny Township, 

Franklin Co. , Pa, She married Samuel Rohrer Hoover, son of 
Martin and Catherine Hoover, born Oct. 17, 1877. They were 
married at Chambersburg, R. D. in the home of the minister, on 
Aug. 4, 1898. They had 10 children. He died Aug. 9, 1953 and 
is buried in Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. Effie is 
living at 132 N. Earl St. , Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 
i. Infant son, born Jan. 13, 1899. Died Jan. 13, 1899. 
ii. Elsie May Hoover, born Mar, 13, 1900. Married to Wen- 
dell Shoop. She died Jan. 28, 1946. 
iii. Carl Nye Hoover, born Dec. 3, 1901. Died Dec. 3, 1901. 
iv. Margaret Ellen Hoover, born Nov. 28, 1902. Married 

Harry Eshelman. They live at 136 N. Earl St, , Shippens- 
burg, Pa. 
v, Merton Lester Hoover, born Nov. 20, 1904. Died Nov, 5, 

vl. Ray Edgar Hoover, born Nov. 16, 1905. Unmarried. Re- 
sides at 132 N. Earl St. , Shippensburg, Pa, 
vii. Clifford Curtis Hoover, born May 23, 1908, Married to 
Viola Summers. Resides at 127 N. Seneca St, , Shippens- 
burg, Pa. 
vlii, Samuel Rohrer Hoover, Jr., born Jan. 1, 1915. Married 

to Barbara Hillier. They live in Alexandria, Virginia, 
ix. Janet Grace Hoover, born May 30, 1917, Married to 



Charles Ernst, Living at 390 W, King St. , Chambersburg, 
X. Infant daughter. Deceased. 

72. Bessie Elizabeth, born Feb, 16, 1887. Married to Frank W. 
Geddes, born 1886. She died July 18, 1916 aiid is buried at 
Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. They had 2 children. 
Frank has remarried twice. Children: 

i. Ralph Edgar Geddes, born 1911. He has been married twice. 

He lives at R. D. 3, Greencastle, Pa. 
ii. Ellen Catherine Geddes, born 1914. Died in 1915. She is 

buried at Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. with 

her mother. 

73. Lula Rebecca, born July 24, 1892 near Nyesville, Pa. On Feb. 
25, 1915 she married Eber Wesley Bender, born Oct. 16, 1894. 
He was the son of John and Annie Bender and the brother of Lula 
Grace Bender who married Russell Oliver Nye #142. Lula 
Rebecca and Eber had 5 children. They reside at R, D. 1, Orrs- 
town, Pa. Children: 

i. Violet Ann Bender, born June 12, 1916. She married Blain 
Henry Rosenberry and they have one son. Blain is a brother 
of the Ruth Rosenberry who married Violet's brother Dwight. 
Violet and Blain live at Star Route 3, Shippensburg, Pa. 

a. Larry Donald Rosenberry. He married Louise Wiser 
and they have 2 sons. They live on Star Route 3, Ship- 
pensburg, Pa. Children: 

Larry Donald Rosenberry, Jr. , born Jan. 18, 1962. 
Ricky Lynn Rosenberry, born May 6, 1964. 
ii. John Curtis Bender, born Jan. 22, 1918. Unmarried. Lives 
on Star Route 3, Shippensburg, Pa. with Blain and Violet 
Bender Rosenberry. 
iii, Dwight Leroy Bender, born Sept. 3, 1919. He married 
Ruth Martha Rosenberry and they had 2 children. Ruth is 
a sister of the Blain Rosenberry who married Dwight' s 
sister, Violet. Dwight died June 22, 1961. Ruth has re- 
married and resides in Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a, Carl Leroy Bender. 

b. Judy Arlene Bender. 

iv. Carl Nye Bender. Died as a child. 

V. Virginia Hope Bender, born July 31, 1925. She married 
Glenn Mohler. They have 2 sons and reside on R. D. 1, 
Orrstown, Pa. in a house next to Virginia's parents. 

a. Dennis Glenn Mohler. 

b. Gary Dean Mohler. 

74. Russell Adam, 1894- 


Peter Daniel Nye 


* 75. Samuel Arthur, 1898-1958, 

28. DAVID HEKRY NYE (Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born Oct. 18, 1858. He 
was baptized in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Orrstown, Pa. on Aug. 11, 
1895. His 5 children were baptized that same day. He married Mary 
Frances Flickinger from Mongul, born May 1, 1857. They attended St. 
Paul's Church until their deaths. David was a stone mason as his father 
and brothers were. He and Mary Frances had 5 children. She died Jan. 
21, 1934. He died Nov. 13, 1938. They are buried in Spring Hill Cem. , 
Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

* 76, Harry Jacob, 1880-1950. 

* 77. John Nicholas, 1882-1962. 

* 78. Alfred, 1884-1959. 

* 79. Edward, 1886-1955. 

80, Celia Anna, born Mar. 24, 1894. She was baptized at St. Paul's 
Lutheran Church, Orrstown, Pa. on Aug. 11, 1895 with her 
father and her 4 brothers. Celia was the second wife of John 
Abram Swanger, born Oct. 18, 1891. He died June 19, 1953 and 
is buried at Otterbein Cem. , near Newburg, Pa. They had 3 
sons. She resides on Star Route 3, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 
i. David Joseph Swanger, born Sept. 24, 1927. He married 
Olivia Beam, born Feb. 17, 1929. They have 3 sons and 
live on Star Route 3, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Athley David Swanger. 

b. Keith Beam Swanger. 

c. Mark Alan Swanger. 

ii. Glenn Edward Swanger, born Nov. 30, 1930. Married to 
Dorothy Dehart, born Dec. 15, 1929. Glenn was a Sgt. in 
the U. S. Army stationed at Fort Knox Kentucky during the 
Korean conflict. Glenn and Dorothy have no children and 
live on Star Route 3, Shippensburg, Pa. 

iii. Harold Nye Swanger, born Feb. 26, 1933, Married to 
Suzanne Romaine Ruth, born Dec. 15, 1938. They have 3 
children and live on Star Route 3, Shippensburg, Pa, 
Glenn was a PFC in the U. S. Army during the Korean 
conflict. Children: 

a. Wade Michael Swanger, born May 9, 1959. 

b. Lauren Beth Swanger, born Oct. 13, 1961. 

c. Greta Lynne Swanger, born Dec. 21, 1962. 

32. PETER DANIEL NYE (Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born Sept. 30, 1868 at 
Mongul, Pa. He married Lydia Adaline Sprecher, born May 6, 1871, 
daughter of Jacob Lambert Sprecher and Caroline Jeanette (Gabler) 
Sprecher. They were married in 1890 at the home of the Mongul UB 
minister. Peter was a stone mason as his father and brothers and helped 
to build St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Shippensburg, Pa. He and 


Addie had 13 children. Peter died on Nov. 2, 1939 in Shippensburg, Pa. 
He is buried at the UB Cem. at Moagul, Pa. Addie lives on Middlespring 
Ave. , Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

81. Alice Elizabeth, born Jan. 27, 1891. Married William Finley 
Green, born Nov. 11, 1889. They had 4 children. William died 
May 4, 1962. Alice lives at 7 E. Burd St. , Shippensburg, Pa. 

i. Samuel Raymond Green, born Dec. 24, 1909. Married to 
Sarah Edith Mahon, born Nov. 14, 1914. They have 3 
children and reside at 737 Hummel Ave. , Lemojnie, Pa. 

a. Samuel Raymond Green, Jr. , born May 6, 1933. Mar- 
ried to Melba Forrester and have 2 children. 

b. James Edward Green, born May 14, 1934. Married to 
Phyllis Rhea Fisher and have 2 children. 

c. Linda Ann Green, born Feb. 11, 1940. Married to 
Allen Millard Hayden and have 2 children. 

ii. Pauline Elizabeth Green, born Mar. 9, 1915. Married 
Robert E. Bard, born Feb. 18, 1912. They have 6 child- 
ren and live on R. D. 1, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Betty Louise Bard, born June 27, 1930. Married to 
William Ralph Beckenbaugh and have 3 children. 

b. Robert Edgar Bard, Jr., born Oct. 3, 1932. Married 
Janet Louise Baker. They have one son. 

c. Jane Elizabeth Bard, born Dec. 25, 1934. Married 
Lee W. Chamberlin. They have one son. 

d. William Richard Bard, born Jan. 4, 1937. Married 
Iris Pearl Greth. They have one daughter. 

e. Larry Lee Bard, born Oct. 16, 1942. Married Nancy 
Elizabeth Mangle. They have one daughter. 

f. John Edward Bard, born Feb. 12, 1946. Married to 
Patricia Oyer. 

iii. Harold William Green, born June 30, 1922. Married 

Dorothy Jane Ritchey, born Mar. 26, 1923, They have 3 
children. Children: 

a. Eric Keith Green, born Sept. 21, 1947. 

b. Donna Lynn Green, born July 1, 1950. 

c. John David Green, born Apr. 9, 1957. 

iv. Esther Emma Green, born Feb. 27, 1926. Married to 

Charles Wayne Staver, born Oct. 17, 1921. They own and 
manage Staver 's IGA Foodliner in Shippensburg, Pa. Their 
address is 107 Hollar Ave. , Shippensburg, Pa. and they 
have 2 daughters. Children: 

a. Nancy Christine, born Ma.y 26, 1947. 

b. Kathe Suzanne, born Mar. 17, 1951. 

82. Carrie May, born Sept. 2, 1892. Married to Henry K. Weaver, 


born July 16, 1890. They had 5 children and reside on R. D. 2, 

Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

i. Harrison Newton Weaver, born Apr. 4, 1910. Married 
Lillie Josephine Beckenbaugh, born May 22, 1914. They 
reside at 24 E. Orange St. , Shippensburg and have 3 
children. Children: 

a. Peggy Jean Weaver, born Dec. 31, 1931. Married 
Robert Edmond Nicholson, born Aug. 17, 1928. They 
have 3 children. Children: 

Robert Edmond Nicholson, Jr. , born Feb. 5, 1956. 
Jeffery Alan Nicholson, born Mar. 2,1958. 
Pague Ellen Nicholson, born Dec. 4, 1959. 

b. Harrison Newton Weaver, Jr. , born Aug. 22, 1935. 
Married Josephine Marie Henderson, born May 18, 
1940. They have one child. Child: 

Patty Lynn Weaver, born May 2, 1959. 

c. Lois Diane Weaver, born July 20, 1946. Married to 
Barry Perry. They have no children. 

ii. Merle Edward Weaver, born Nov. 23, 1911. Married Grace 
Almedia Nicholson, born Oct. 24, 1917, They live at 309 
N. Fayette St. , Shippensburg, Pa. and have 3 children. 

a. Merle Edward Weaver, Jr. , boi-n July 26, 1933. Single. 

b. Doris Jean Weaver, born July 24, 1940. Married Earl 
Harvey Sheaf fer, born Apr. 8, 1940. They have two 
children. Children: 

Edward Franklin Sheaffer, born July 31, 1958. 
William Sheaffer, born in 1964. 

c. Robert Henry Weaver, born Jan. 6, 1943. Single, 
iii. Mildred May Weaver, born Aug. 24, 1915. She married 

Elmond Ray Bietsch, born Dec. 29, 1913. They have 3 
children and live at R. D. 1, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Virginia May Bietsch, born Mar. 9, 1933. She mar- 
ried Kenneth Ross Reisinger, born June 10, 1929. They 
had 4 children. Kenneth is a brother of the Edward 
who married Virginia's sister, Barbara. Children: 

Unnamed daughter. Born June 30, 1951. A twin. 

She died July 1, 1951, 

Debra Reisinger, born June 30, 1951. A twin. 

She died July 14, 1951. 

Susan Mae Reisinger, born Nov, 30, 1952. 

Kenneth Ray Reisinger, born Dec. 7, 1953. 

b. Barbara Ann Bietsch, born Sept, 11, 1937. Married 
Edward Amos Reisinger, born Sept. 18, 1931. They 
have 4 children. Edward is a brother of the Kenneth 
who married Barbara's sister, Virginia. Children: 


Michael David Reisinger, born Oct. 26, 1957, 
Teresa Lynn Reisinger, born Oct. 19, 1958, 
Edward Eugene Reisinger, born Jan, 19, 1960. 
Lori Ann Reisinger, born Aug, 15, 1963, 
c. Elmond Ray Bietsch, born Nov. 28, 1939. Married 
Jane Long, born Feb. 19, 1939. They have no 
iv. Dorothy Adaline Weaver, born Feb. 28, 1920. Married 
David Sylvester Eagle, born July 16, 1916. They have 2 
children. Children: 

a. David Sylvester Eagle, Jr. , born Dec. 30, 1944. He 
is presently serving in the U, S, Air Force. 

b. Judith Darlene Eagle, born May 3, 1947. 

v. Edna Pearl Weaver, born Dec. 4, 1922. Married (1st) to 
Dale S. Burkholder. They had 2 daughters. They were 
divorced. She married (2nd) to Wilbur Clinton Wyrick, 
born Nov, 21, 1922, They had 2 children. They reside at 
R. D, 2, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Carol May Burkholder, born Apr. 21, 1941. She mar- 
ried Lee Richard Weaver, born June 4, 1935. They 
have 4 children. Children: 

Brenda Lee Weaver, born Sept. 13, 1957. 
Brigltte Dianne Weaver, born Dec. 17, 1960. 
Rodney Eugene Weaver, born Dec. 16, 1961. 
Bradley Steven Weaver, born ^r. 11, 1963. 

b. Jimmie Dale Burkholder, born July 19, 1944, Single. 

c. Joyce Darlene Wyrick, born Mar. 3, 1947. 

d. Wilbur Clinton Wyrick, Jr. , born Aug. 4, 1948. 

83. Cora Elva, born Mar, 20, 1894. Died Apr. 5, 1896. She was 
buried at the UB Cem. , Mongul, Pa. 

84. Edna Laura, born Sept. 22, 1895. She married Harper Moore 
Shoap, born May 26, 1894. They had 2 sons. She died Apr. 9, 
1947. He died Aug. 13, 1953. They are buried at Spring Hill 
Cem, , Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

i. Richard Nye Shoap, born July 20, 1923. He married Ruth 
Elizabeth Killian, born Apr. 3, 1923. Richard served in 
the U. S. Army Air Force in communications during World 
War II, having been stationed in the Mariana Islands in the 
South Pacific, He is presently employed with American 
Telephone & Telegraph as an electronic technician. They 
reside at Bedford, Pa. and have 3 children. Children: 

a. Richard Charles Shoap, born Apr. 26, 1945. 

b. Elizabeth Ann Shoap, born Dec. 22, 1946. She is at- 
tending Thompson Business College, Harrisburg, Pa. 

c. Cjmthia Kay Shoap, born Dec, 13, 1953. 

ii. Harper Moore Shoap, Jr. , born Oct. 1, 1927, He mar- 



ried Marian Fay Squires, born Aug. 10, 1927. Harper was 
a seaman 1st class in the U, S, Navy from 1946 to 1948 and 
was stationed in the Mediterranean area. He is employed 
as an electronic technician with the United Telephone Co, 
Marian graduated from the Harrisburg Hospital School of 
Nursing in 1948 and is a Registered Nurse. They have 4 
children and reside at 55 Fersfield Road, Chambersburg, ' 
Pa. Children: 

a. Linda Lee Shoap, born June 2, 1950. 

b. Harper Moore Shoap, III, born Mar. 21, 1952. 

c. Fred Scott Shoap, born Apr. 17, 1954. 

d. Mark David Shoap, born July 24, 1959. 

85, Lula Grace, born Sept. 15, 1897. Married Harper Daniel 
Hershey, born Mar. 15, 1895. They live on E. Burd St. , 
Shippensburg, Pa. and have 9 children. Children: 
i, Margaret Adeline Hershey, born Nov. 28, 1915. Married 
Clarence Floyd Stark, born Nov. 26, 1913. They live at 
335 E, Orange St. , Shippensburg, Pa. and have one son. 

a. Gerald Edward Stark, born December 23, 1943. 
ii. Catherine Grace Hershey, born Jan. 29, 1919. Married 
Charles Phillip Zinn, born Apr. 29, 1915. He was killed 
in Germany in action in April, 1945, where he had been 
serving in the U. SS Army during World War II. They had 
one daughter. Catherine lives at 324 E, Burd St. , Ship- 
pensburg, Pa. Child; 

a, Lula Margaret Zinn, born Nov. 28, 1941. Married 
Jaye Raymond Alleman, They have one son and live 
at 229 E. Orange St. , Shippensburg, Pa. Child: 
Kevin Jaye Alleman, born Oct. 12, 1962, 
iii. Harper Daniel Hershey, Jr. , born Oct. 20, 1920, Mar- 
ried Mary Elizabeth Wolfe, born Apr, 29, 1921. They had 
3 children and live on R, D. 1, Shippensburg, Pa, He 
served in the U, S, Army in Germany during World War II 
and was wounded in action. Children: 

a, Gene Harper Hershey, born July 20, 1944. He is 
married and has one son and one daughter. 

b, Robert Eugene Hershey, born Dec, 20, 1946, 

c, Connie Jean Hershey, born Aug. 20, 1948. 

iv, Dorothy Louise Hershey, born Sept, 22, 1924. Married 
Paul Stoey, born Mar. 12, 1921. They had 3 children and 
reside on Route 5, Carlisle, Pa. Children: 

a. Paulette Stoey, born Sept, 17, 1943. 

b. Judith Stoey, born Sept. 21, 1945. 

c. Deborah Stoey, born Feb, 25, 1952. 

V, Harold Floyd Hershey, born Dec, 8, 1927, Died Jan. 8, 


1929. He is buried in Spring Hill Cem. , Shippensburg, Pa, 
vi. Galen Wilbur Hershey, born Nov. 4, 1930. Married Jacque- 
line Romaine Koontz, born Dec. 20, 1933. They have 3 child- 
ren and reside on R. D. 2, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Galen Wilbur Hershey, Jr. , born Apr. 19, 1956. 

b. Angela Elaine Hershey, born Jan, 15, 1960. 

c. Rebecca Gail Hershey, born Mar. 5, 1962. 

vii. Joanne Beatrice Hershey, born Feb. 1, 1932, Married 

James Lewis Washabaugh, born Nov, 22, 1934, They have 
3 children and live at 272 E. Queen St. , Chambersburg, Pa. 

a. Susan Elaine Washabaugh, born Dec. 30, 1955. 

b. James Lewis Washabaugh, Jr. , born May 13, 1957. 

c. Alan Keith Washabaugh, born Jan, 19, 1959. 

viii. Betty Lou Hershey, born Nov. 28, 1933. Married Donald 
Lee Shoemaker, born Nov. 26, 1933. They have 4 children 
and live on Route 5, Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Edward Lee Shoemaker, born Sept. 12, 1952. 

b. Jeffrey Scott Shoemaker, born July 6, 1954. 

c. Donald Lee Shoemaker, Jr. , born Nov. 8, 1959. 

d. Danny Lee Shoemaker, born Sept. 28, 1962. 

ix. Joyce Alene Hershey, born Sept. 4, 1936. Married to 
Howard Eugene Mowers, born Mar. 11, 1933. They live 
at R. D. 3, Shippensburg, Pa. and have one daughter. 
a. Jan Elaine Mowers, born j^r. 2, 1963. 

86. Beulah Pearl, born Sept. 15, 1897. Died Sept. 9, 1898. She 
was buried at the UB Cem. , Mongul, Pa. 

87. Elmer Nicholas, 1899- 

88. Floyd Raymond, 1900-1937. 

89. Rhoda Jeannette, born Nov. 6, 1903. Married to Harry Elmer 
Martin, born Feb. 16, 1901. They have one son and live at 

R, D. 1, Shippensburg, Pa. Child: 

i. Harry Ray Martin, born Oct. 24, 1921. Married to June 
Hocker smith, born May 26, 1926. They have 2 daughters 
and live on R. D. 3, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Sharon Rhea Martin, born Oct. 30, 1946. She is a 
student at Shippensburg State College, Shippensburg, 

b. Janice Kay Martin, born Oct. 2, 1956. 

90. Edith Viola, born Nov. 4, 1905. Married to Paul W. Hershey, 
born Oct. 27, 1900. They had 11 children. Paul died Jan. 12, 
1962. Edith resides at 1149 Nissley Road, Lancaster, Pa. 

i. Glenn Donald Hershey, born June 27, 1923. Married 

Margaret Esther Helm, born Oct. 5, 1923. They have 2 


children. Children: 

a. Donald Allen Hershey, born Nov, 3, 1956, 

b. Kathleen Ann Hershey, born ^r. 21, 1959. 

ii, Eleanor May Hershey, born Nov, 27, 1924. Married 

Lloyd Christian Myers, born Mar. 5, 1921. They have 3 
children. Children: 

a. Carol Ann Myers, born Feb, 12, 1947, 

b. Susan Lynn Myers, born Aug. 17, 1949, 

c. Dawn Marie Myers, born May 2, 1953, 

iii, Harold Robert Hershey, born July 31, 1926, Married 

Frances Flory. They live at 1179 Nissley Road, Lancas- 
ter, Pa, and have no children, 

iv, Paul Edward Hershey, born Feb. 14, 1928, Married Patri- 
cia Louise Linton, born June 9, 1932, They have 3 children. 

a, Lynda Eileen Hershey, born May 26, 1951, 

b, Paul Edward Hershey, Jr. , born Feb, 26, 1953. 

c, Brenda Louise Hershey, born July 11, 1956. 

V. "William Fred Hershey, born May 24, 1929, Married Anna 
Mary Rutt, born Sept, 14, 1931. They have 3 children. 

a. Robert Wayne Hershey, born Dec, 8, 1951. 

b. Dianne Elaine Hershey, born Nov. 14, 1953. 

c. Dale Lee Hershey, born Jan, 19, 1956, 

vi. James Lloyd Hershey, born June 27, 1931. Married 

Patricia Anne Killian, born Jan. 11, 1934. They have 4 
children. Children: 

a, Cynthia Gayle Hershey, born Jan. 4, 1953. 

b, David James Hershey, born July 6, 1954, 

c, Debra Jeanne Hershey, born Aug, 23, 1956, 

d, Patricia Elaine Hershey, born June 23, 1959, 

vii, Edith Aim Hershey, born May 7,1933. Married Merle 
Becker Forrey, born Nov. 27, 1934, They have 3 child- 
ren. Children: 

a. Shirley Louise Forrey, born Oct. 19, 1950. 

b. June Marie Forrey, born Aug, 7, 1953. 

c. Merle Becker Forrey, Jr. , born July 29, 1957. 

viii, Helen Louise Hershey, born Oct, 11, 1937, Married Melo 
Charles Herman, born Aug. 21, 1937. They have 2 child- 
ren. Children: 

a. Stephen Charles Herman, born Apr. 30, 1961, 

b. Son Herman, bom Dec. , 1963, 

ix. Fay Evelyn Hershey, born Jan, 6, 1939, Married Donald 
Frank Landis, born July 22, 1934. They have one child. 
a. Donald Frank Landis, Jr. , born June 26, 1958. 


X. Doris Jeanne Hershey, born Oct. 14, 1944. Married to 

James Charles Panderkolk. They live in Brookston, Indiana 
and have one son. Child: 
a. James Charles Panderkolk, Jr. 
xl. Richard Lee Hershey, born Jan. 24, 1947. 
91. Russell Ellwood, born Feb. 10, 1908. Died Jan. 25, 1909. 
Buried at the UB Cem. , Mongul, Pa. 
* 92. Wilbur Henry, 1909 - 

93. Helen Rhea, born Aug. 3, 1912. Married Donald Martin Rine, 
born Jan. 14, 1912. They live at 303 N. Prince St. , Shippens- 
burg, Pa. and have 2 daughters. Children: 

i. Judith Elaine Rine, born July 7, 1937. Married Daniel 
Preston Witmer, born Mar. 10, 1934. They have 2 child- 
ren. Children: 

a. Steven Ray Witmer, born Feb. 4, 1961. 

b. Cynthia Ann Witmer, born Jan 10, 1964. 

ii. Nedra Ruth Rine, born Apr. 20, 1941. Married David W. 
Schmuck, born Oct. 11, 1938. They have 2 children. He 
is minister of the Grace Evangelical UB Church, Windsor, 
Pa. Children: 

a. Suzanne Lynn Schmuck, born Nov. 27, 1961. 

b. Timothy David Schmuck, born Aug. 19, 1963. 

33. WILLIAM NICHOLAS NYE (Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born Sept. 16, 1874 
in Lurgan Township, Franklin Co. , Pa. He was baptized in the St. Paul's 
Lutheran Church, Orrstown, Pa. on Mar. 27, 1892. On Sept. 22, 1898 
he married Anna M. Watson, born May 13,1871. The Rev. J. A. Sniders 
performed the ceremony. The church records at St. Paul's state that on 
Mar. 14, 1906, William's name was removed from the roll and his mem- 
bership was changed to the U. B, Church at Mongul, Pa. William was a 
stone mason as his father and brothers were. He and Anna had 4 child- 
ren. She died Apr. 17, 1932. He died May 19, 1949. They are buried 
in Spring Hill Cem. , Shippensburg Pa. Children: 

94. Ellen Elizabeth, born Jan. 10, 1900 in Newburg, Hopewell 
Township, Cumberland Co, , Pa. Married Willis John Sailhamer, 

born Sept. 17, 1899. They had 3 children and reside at 35 
■ Lurgan Ave. , Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

i. Helen Elizabeth Sailhamer, born Feb. 14, 1920. Married 
John Gantt. He died in June, 1962 and is buried in New 
Bloomfield, Pa. They had 3 children. Helen is living at 
New Bloomfield, Pa. Children: 

a. Linda Kay Gantt, born Nov. 20, 1946. She is attend- 
ing Keuka College at Keuka Park, N. Y. 

b. Judith Ellen Gantt, born Dec. 23, 1949. 

c. Jonathan David Gantt, born Nov. 25, 1953. 

ii. Lewis Willis Sailhamer, born Jan. 26, 1922. Married 


Virginia Goshorn, born Nov, 1, 1926. They have 2 children 
and live at 400 W. King St. , Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

a. Ronald Lee Sailhamer, born Feb. 6, 1949, 

b, Willis Carson Sailhamer, born May 9, 1954, 

iii. Jesse William Sailhamer, born July 20, 1929. He died 

Jan, 26, 1932, Buried at Spring Hill Cem. , Shippensburg, 
Pa. beside his grandfather, William Nicholas Nye. 

95, Ira Nicholas, 1902 - 

96, Leland Watson, 1907 - 

97, Gerald Earnest, born Dec, 23, 1910 at Mongul, Southampton 
Township, Franklin Co, , Pa, He married Rita Leona Mundorf, 
daughter of James and Clara A. Mundorf. They were married 
May 17, 1941 at Hagerstown, Md, Rita was married before and 
has one daughter by the previous marriage. Gerald and Rita 
have no children. They reside at 2628 Butler St, , Penbrook, 
Pa, He is an automobile mechanic, operating his own garage. 


34 A. CHARLES PERKINS NIGH (John W, 9, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born 
Sept. 21, 1870. He was married (1st) to Sarah Berry Lorshbaugh. They 
had 2 children, I .rah is deceased. He was married (2nd) to Nettie 
Brezler. Charles and Nettie had 2 children. Nettie is deceased. Charles 
died in Feb. , 1940 and is buried in Rose Hill Cem. , Hagerstown, Md, 

98, Mary Catherine, born July 10, 1894. Married to Freaner 
Futterer Logan. They had 3 children: William Nigh Logan - 
known as "Jack '; Richard Lee Logan and Jo Ann Logan. 
Freaner is deceased. Mary lives at 703 Washington Ave, , 
Hagerstown, Md, 

99. Charles Howard. Unmarried. Now deceased. 

100. Paul Burton, Married to Mary Shaw. They reside in 
Baltimore, Md, and have no children, 
* 101, Clyde David, 19?? - 

38. FRANK CLAYTON NIGH (John W, 9, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born 
Dec, 17, 1881, Married to Harriet Louise Matz, born Nov. 9, 1885, 
They had 8 children. She died Aug. 5, 1934. He died Aug. 26, 1937. 
They are buried in Rose Hill Cem, , Hagerstown, Md, Children: 

102. William Franklin, born Sept, 18, 1905. Married to Ja^me 
Lucille Huth, They have no children and reside at 225 E, 
Irvin Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. 

103. Pauline Helen, born Jan, 31, 1907, Married to Charles 
Edward Crampton, Jr. They have no children. Their address 
is Snyder's Landing, Sharpsburg, Md. 


* 104. Richard Ragan Holland, 1909 - 

105. Louise Velma, born Mar. 23, 1911, Married to Emory C. 
Cline, They had no children. She died July 27, 1942, 

106. John Washington, born Feb. 22, 1913. He died Jan. 25, 1918 
after an accident in which a motorcycle fell on him. 

107. Mildred Jane, born Oct. 30, 1914, Married Harry Clinton 
Gordon, Jr, They have 3 children and reside at 101 CjTJress 
Ave. , Hagerstown, Md, Harry is associated with his father 
in Gordon's Grocery Store in Hagerstown, Md. Children: 

i. Thomas Anthony Gordon, born Jan. 5, 1939. Single. 

ii, Cynthia Louise Gordon, born May 17, 1942. Married to 
Frank Ewing Bushey, III. They have one daughter and 
reside in Cavetown, Md. Frank is associated in the 
Cavetown Planing Mill business with his father and uncles. 
a. Kimberly Louise Bushey, born July 31, 1962. 

iii, John Nigh Gordon, born Dec. 22, 1954. 

108. Mary Virginia, born June 29, 1918. Married to Russell 
Winfield Long, Jr. They reside in Baltimore, Md. and have 
one son. Child: 

i. Michael Winfield Long. 

109. Dorothy Winona, born Jan. 12, 1921. Married to William S. 
Seibert, They live in Frederick, Md. and have no children. 

41, CHARLES BEAVER NIGH (David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born 
in 1871, Married to Rena B, Neikirk, born in 1869, They had 12 children. 
She died in 1949. He died in 1953, They are buried in the mausoleum in 
Rose Hill Cem, , Hagerstown, Md, Children: 

110. Clyde E. , born July 15, 1891. Died July 24, 1891. 

111. Iva Pearl, born June 1, 1892. She married Walter Wolfe. 
They had one son, Roy Wolfe. 

112. Ethel M. , born Aug. 16, 1893. She married Ernest Dayhoff. 
They had two children. Children: 

i. Donald Dayhoff, 

ii, Helen Dayhoff. She married Jack Kitzmiller. 

Carl Keller, 1894 - 

Albert D, , born Nov. 30, 1895. Died Sept. 18, 1896, 

Charles Howard, 1897 - 

Victor Calvin, 1899 - 1959. 

Erma M, , born Feb. 3, 1901, She married Paul Buterbaugh. 

They had one son and reside on Route 6, Hagerstown, Md. 


i. Robert Paul Buterbaugh, born Sept. 17, 1924. On 

April 6, 1948 he married Alfredah Delanah Baker, born 
Sept. 12, 1928. He is an engineer at Pangborne Corp, , 
Hagerstown, Md. They reside on Route 6, Hagerstown, 

















Md. and have no children. 
Edward Leroy, 1903 - 
George Beaver, 1905 - 

Velma Catherine, born Oct. 1, 1908. She died Jan. 5, 1916, 
Ray Ellis, 1913 - 

43. ALBERT C. NIGH (David F, 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born July 4, 
1875. He married Ethel Wheeler of Baltimore, Md. on Oct. 10, 1906. 
She was born July 4, 1888. They have one child and reside at 57 W. 
Washington St. , Hagerstown, Md. Child: 

122. Doris Wheeler, born Feb. 15, 1908. She married the Rev. 
Leon Zahn. They have two children. Children: 

i, Pamela Zahn. 
ii. Geoffrey Zahn. 

44. WILLIAM KELLER NIGH (David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born 
Sept. 2, 1877. Married to Sarah (Sallie) S. Mowen, born Mar. 29, 1883. 
They had 3 children. He died Mar. 5, 1940. She died Jan. 10, 1948. 
They are buried in Rest Haven Cem. , Hagerstown, Md. Children: 

123. M. Ruby, born Sept. 1, 1907. Married to William J. Gilbert 
of Virginia. They have no children. They reside at 218 
Mealey Parkway, Hagerstown, Md, 

124. Lucille L, , born June 27, 1912. Married to Irvin K. Bloom. 
There are 2 children and 4 grandchildren. The Bloom's 
reside at 956 View St. , Hagerstown, Md. Children: 

i. Nancy L. Bloom. Married to Stephen R. Moulton. 
ii. Gerald N. Bloom. Married to Mary Elizabeth Inwood. 
* 125. William Keller, Jr. , 1913 - 

51. ALFRED JENNINGS NYE (Henry 15, David "William" 4, Henry 1), 
born Sept. 29, 1874. As a youth he attended the Air Hill Brethren in 
Christ Church. He established the first post office in Nyesville, located 
in John Nye's store. Alfred was appointed postmaster on Apr. 6, 1899 
when he was 24 years old. His certificate of appointment was signed on 
Apr. 19, 1899 by Charles Emory Smith, then postmaster general of the 
United States. Alfred states that he and his brother, Henry, are credited 
with naming Nyesville at the time the post office was established. 

He married Lillie Stoops, born in 1880. She had been a teacher in 
the public school in Nyesville. They were married by a Rev. Washinger, 
a United Brethren minister, at his home in Chambersburg, Pa. Alfred 
played the violin and trumpet and in his younger days had a band in 
Fayetteville which played for community activities. 

Alfred and Lillie had one son. Alfred was a pattern maker and 
v/orked at T, B, Woods Co. , in Chambersburg, Pa. until he retired at 
70 years of age. In later life he attended the United Brethren Church 
with his wife. Lillie died in 1960 and is buried at Norland Cem. , near 


Chambersburg, Pa, Alfred resides In Fayetteville, Pa. Child: 

126. Francis H. , born in 1904, Unmarried, He died in 1933, He 
is buried in Norland Cem. , near Chambersburg, Pa. 

53. ELMER ELLSWORTH NYE (David W. 17, David "William" 4, Henry 
born Sept, 6, 1865, He married (1st) Annie Elizabeth Sleichter, born Apr, 
24, 1866. Elmer and Annie had 5 children. She died July 16, 1905 and is 
buried in Air Hill Brethren in Christ Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa, 

He married (2nd) Maggie Irene Sleichter on Dec, 24, 1919. She was 
the daughter of Henry Sclichter and Mary Jane (Forbes) Slichter and the 
granddaughter of Sarah Nye #3 in the genealogy. Maggie was born July 26, 
1876 and had a daughter. Pearl Wenger, to a previous marriage. Elmer 
and Maggie had no children. He died Feb. 16, 1944, She died Dec. 31, 
1955. They are both buried in Air Hill Brethren in Christ Cem, near 
Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 

127. Edith Rebecca, born in Nyesville, Green Township, Franklin 
Co. , Pa. on Mar. 2, 1886, She married Gaston J. Borlet, 
born in 1884. They had one son. She died in Ossining, N. Y, 
on June 24, 1923. The Rev, S. F. Greenhoe of Orrstown, 
Pa. attended at her funeral service. She is buried in Air 
Hill Brethren in Christ Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 

i. Chester Gaston Borlet, born July 6, 1912. Married 
Ruth Goss, born Sept. 30, 1916. They have 3 children 
and reside in Michigan, Children: 

a. Marcus Paul Borlet, born June 2, 1938, 

b. Robert Anthony Borlet, born Sept. 28, 1940. He 
married Sharon Marie Karl and has one child. 

c. Bonnie Ann Borlet, born May 3, 1943. 

* 128. Wallace McClelland, 1888 - 

129. Florence Myra, born July 23, 1890. He graduated from the 
Cumberland Valley Normal School at Shippensburg, Pa. in 
the class of 1911, She taught in the Public Schools of Penn- 
sylvania for 18 terms. In 1929 she became the second wife 
of Jacob G. Schwartz, born May 3, 1885, of Verona, Pa. 
Mr. Schwartz had one son from a former marriage, Freder- 
ick G. Schwartz, born June 23, 1912. Mr. Schwartz died 
Mar. 12, 1957 and is buried in Verona Cem. in Oakmont 
Allegheny Co. , Pa. Florence resides at 321 E. Orange St. , 
Shippensburg, Pa. 

130. Ralph Sleighter, born Nov. 13, 1892. Died Sept, 24, 1893. 
He was buried at Air Hill Brethren in Christ Cem, near 
Chambersburg, Pa, 

* 131, William Arthur, 1894 - 

55. WILLIAM DAVID NYE (David W. 17, David "WilHam" 4, Henry 1), 
born Feb. 9, 1869, Married on Nov. 24, 1901. His wife was Carrie 
Blanch Graham, born Sept. 30, 1872. They had 3 daughters. William 


died Dec, 20, 1947. Carrie died Dec, 31, 1953, They are buried in Nor- 
land Cem, near Chamber sburg. Pa, Children: 

132. Helen Graham, born Aug, 25, 1902, Married Raymond Wil- 
liam Rhoads on Mar, 15, 1919. He was born Mar. 29, 1900. 
They had 4 children. He died Sept, 4, 1956, Helen is living 
at 5860 Mimosa St. , Harrisburg, Pa. Children: 

i, Harold William Rhoads, born July 24, 1919, On Dec. 

25, 1941 he married Millie Ritter, born Nov. 29, 1921. 

They have one son. Child: 

a. Harold Owen Rhoads, born Sept. 9, 1945, 
ii, Dorothy Elizabeth Rhoads, born Jan, 28, 1923, On Aug, 

30, 1946 she married Vance Emmett Neifert. They had 

one son, Dorothy died on May 24, 1961. Child: 

a, Vance Emmett Veifert, Jr., born Jan, 8, 1948. 
iii, Blanch Theresa Rhoads, born May 10, 1925. On Aug, 11, 

1942 she married Burton Bashore Reedy, born Sept, 30, 

1924, They had 4 children. Children: 

a. Burton Bashore Reedy, Jr. , born Nov, 21, 1942. 

b. Frank Raymond Reedy, born Jan, 23, 1949, 

c. Jill Reedy, born Mar, 11, 1958. 

d. Bret Reedy, born Apr, 30, 1959, 

iv, Raymond David Rhoads, born Jan, 18, 1931, On Oct, 21, 
1951 he married Erma Jeanetta Rebold, born Jan, 3, 
1933, They had 3 children. Children: 

a, Renay Dee Rhoads, born Dec, 31, 1952, 

b, Diane Carol Rhoads, born July 29, 1956. 

c, Raymond David Rhoads, Jr., born Feb, 22, 1961, 

133. Mary Kridler, born Sept, 26, 1905. On Jan, 2, 1925 she 
married Clarence W. Sleighter, bom Mar, 10, 1900, They 
reside atR. D. #2, Chamber sburg. Pa, They had 2 children. 

i. Doris Jane Sleighter, born June 29, 1928. On Aug, 7, 
1948 she married Robert Eugene Lesher, born Feb. 21, 
1924. They have 3 children. Children: 

a, Sheryl Jane Lesher, born July 2, 1953. 

b, Kimberly Ann Lesher, born July 24, 1956. 

c, Janice Lee Lesher, born Sept. 23, 1957. 

ii. Robert Clarence Sleighter, born Dec. 7, 1934. On 
Feb. 21, 1953 he married Dorothy May Etter, born 
Apr. 30, 1936. They had 3 children. Children: 

a. Brenda Sue Sleighter, born Aug, 5, 1953, 

b. Robert Clarence Sleighter, Jr, , born Mar, 12,1956. 

c. Lisa Ann Sleighter, born Dec. 19, 1963, 

134. Julia Catharine, born Nov, 24, 1908, Married to Lynn 
Whiteman, born Apr. 5, 1916. Their address is Box 365- A, 
R, D, 1, Coca, Florida. They have no children. 


56. HENRY CLAY NYE (David #. 17, David "William" 4, Henry 1), born 
Feb. 10, 1871. He married Anna Virginia Derflinger, born Aug. 1, 1882. 
They attended Air Hill Brethren in Christ Church near Chambersburg, Pa. 
They had 7 children, Henry Clay lived in the original Henry Nye home- 
stead beginning in about 1907, The old log house remained in the posses- 
sion of the Nye family from the time Henry built it around 1820 until Henry 
Clay sold the house and land in about 1943 to someone outside the family. 
Henry died on June 5, 1944, Anna died June 29, 1949. They are buried 
at Air Hill Brethren in Christ Cem, near Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 

135, Ruth Alice, born June 3, 1904 in Chambersburg, Pa. She 
was married (1st) in Aprii, 1920 to Norman Stambaugh, 
born in 1899. They had 6 children, Norman< died in 4958. 
Ruth married (2nd) Alvey Summers, born Sept, 1, 1900. 
They had no children. They reside at R. D. #3, Chambers- 
burg, Pa, Children: 

i. Alice Louise Stambaugh, born Apr. 29, 1922, She is 
married to Arthur H. Stoner and lives at 234 High St. , 
Chambersburg, Pa, They have 4 children. 

ii, Betty Arlene Stambaugh, born Mar. 3, 1924, She is 
married to Marvin Greenfield and lives at 7215 Selkirk 
Drive, Bethesda, Md, They have 4 children, 

iii. Norma Nyanna Stambaugh, born Mar. 24, 1928. She is 
married to Ronald Beachley and lives at 161 Highland 
Road, Guilford Hills, Chambersburg, Pa, They have 2 

iv. Samuel Henry Stambaugh, born Aug. 22, 1929. He is 
married to Delores Filipovitz and lives at 421 Grand- 
view Ave, , Chambersburg, Pa, They have 4 children. 

V. Gwendolyn Ruth Stambaugh, born Mar, 24, 1931. She 
is married to Norman L. Henneberger. They live at 
313 S, Sixth St, , Chambersburg, Pa, and have 2 

vi, Lois Jean Stambaugh, born Nov. 17, 1933. Married to 
David L. McCleary and lives at 1774 Scotland Ave. , 
Chambersburg, Pa. They have 2 children. 

136, Pauline Burdette, born in 1905, She died in 1924 of tuber- 
culosis, Pauline is buried at Air Hill Brethren in Christ 
Cem, with her parents and brother. 

137, Lois Catherine, born in 1906. Married to James A Alex- 
ander, They reside at Box 111, R. D, 1, Silverton, Oregon. 
They have no children, 

138, Anna Virginia, born in 1908. She married Cecil Hardy, 
They had 3 children. She died in 1942, Children: 

i. Joyce Hardy. Married to Hoke and lives in York, 

They have a son and 2 daughters, 
ii. Virginia Hardy, Married to Gladfelter. They 


have two sons. 

iii, Elaine Hardy, Married to Clark, They have 3 


* 139. Charles Henry David, 1910 - 

140. RajTnond David, born in 1916 in Hagerstown, Md, He died 
of tuberculosis in 1932 and is buried at Air Hill Brethren 
in Christ Cem, near Chambersburg, Pa. with his parents 
and his sister, Pauline, 

* 141. Eugene Elmond, 1919 - 

60. EMMA RACHEL NYE (David W. 17, David "William" 4, Henry 1), 
born Nov, 12, 1879. Emma moved to Illinois and lived there until her 
death. She had one son and was a member of the United Brethren Church. 
Emma graduated from the Chambersburg Hospital School for Nurses, 
class of 1913. With another nurse, she had owned and supervised the 
Wheaton Health Resort, Wheaton, Illinois, for 15 years prior to her death, 
Emma died in Wheaton on Aug. 8, 1936 but was brought back to Pennsyl- 
vania where she is buried in the Air Hill Brethren in Christ Cem. near 
Chambersburg, Pa, Child: 

* 142. Walter Greenwalt, 1899 - 

65, HARVEY CLAYTON NYE (John Wesley 21, John 6, Henry 1), born 
Nov. 29, 1876. On Dec. 10, 1895 he married Annie Loretta Strike, born 
July 21, 1874. They had 12 children. She died July 29, 1954. Harvey 
died July 21, 1960. They are buried at Salem UB Cem. near Chambers- 
burg, Pa. Children: 

* 143. Russell Oliver, 1893 - 

144. John Franklin, born June 6, 1896. Died Aug. 26, 1896. He 
is buried in Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 

145. Loretta Viola, born Dec. 9, 1897. Married to Jacob Roy 
Cormany, son of John K. and Elizabeth Cormany. They 
have 2 daughters and reside at 53 W. South St. , Chambers- 
burg, Pa. Children: 

i. Mary Elizabeth Cormany, born July 12, 1917. Married 
to the Rev. Fred Mentzer. 

ii. Pauline Ruth Cormany, born Jan. 16, 1920. She re- 
sides in Chambersburg, Pa. 

146. Charles Ray, born Feb. 6, 1900. Died Sept. 7, 1900. 
Buried at Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 

147. Ralph James, born Jan. 20, 1901. Married to Rose Keefer. 
They have no children. Their residence is at 632 Wayne 
Ave. , Chambersburg, Pa. 

* 148. Oscar William, 1902 - 

149. Reba Elizabeth, born Aug. 15, 1904. Married to Irvin F. 

Henry. They have 4 children and reside at 234 W, King St. , 
Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 


i. Hazel Henry 
ii. Ruby Henry 
iii. Doris Henry 
iv. Carl Henry 
* 150. Paul Edgar, 1909-Feb, 20, 1965. First wife, Mrs. Edna 

Zimmerman died 1943, 

151. Emma Grace, born Mar. 11, 1911. Married to John Porter. 
They have 2 children and reside at 320 Harrison Ave. , 
Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 

i. Charles Porter 
ii. Robert Porter 

152. Mabel Ellen, born Feb. 15, 1913. Married to Arthur Horn. 
They have one son and live in Rolling Hills, California. 

i. Gregory Horn. 

153. Harvey Clayton, Jr. , born Feb. 12, 1920. Unmarried. He 
lives at 256 Burkhart Ave. , Chambersburg, Pa. 

154. Annabelle, born Apr. 23, 1921. She married Leon Wilhide. 
They reside in Chambersburg, Pa. and have 2 children. 

i. Gary Wilhide 
ii. Eddie Wilhide 

67. EBER CURTIS NYE (John Wesley 21, John 6, Henry 1), born Nov. 
20, 1880, Married Mary Ann Walters, born Mar. 5, 1883. They had 4 
daughters. He died Dec, 11, 1950. She died Nov, 21, 1951, They are 
both buried at Salem UB Cem, near Chambersburg, Pa, Children: 

155. Blanche Ethel, born May 30, 1902, Married to Howard 
Augustus Newman, born Aug, 10, 1896, They had 2 sons, 
Howard died Dec, 6, 1962 and is buried at Salem UB Cem, , 
near Chambersburg, Pa, She resides at Chambersburg, Pa. 

i. Donald W. Newman, born July 25, 1919. Married to 
Ruth Elizabeth Foreman, born Jan. 25, 1923, They 
have 2 children. Children: 

a, Charles Newman, born June 24, 1943, 

b. Terry Ray Newman, born June 16, 1956. 

ii. Robert Augustus Newman, born Feb, 16, 1921, Married 
to Evelyn Minnie Rotz, born June 27, 1923, They have 
2 children. Children: 

a. Dennis Robert Newman, born Aug. 24, 1950. 

b. Douglas Ray Newman, born Jan. 6, 1955. 

156. Esther Roberta, born Sept. 15, 1904. Married to Homer 
Paul Shadle, born Aug. 7, 1899, They were married on 
Feb, 1, 1919, They own and manage "Shadle' s Diner" at 
Green Village, Pa. They have 4 children and reside on 


Chambersburg, R. D, 2, Pa. Children: 

i. Melvin Leroy Shadle, born June 18, 1919, Unmarried. 

il. Helen May Shadle, born May 29, 1921. She married 

(1st) Charles Linlnger, They had one son. She married 

(2nd) John Foster Trego, born Apr. 26, 1926. They 

have no children. Child: 

a. Garry Eugene Lininger, born Nov, 28, 1944, 
iil. Gerald Eugene Shadle, born July 24, 1925. Married on 

Mar, 9, 1947 to Sarah Ellen Tenley, born Sept, 26, 1926. 

They had 2 children. Children: 

a. Sandra Jean Shadle, born Nov. 7, 1947. 

b, Gerald Eugene Shadle, Jr. , born Nov, 24, 1952, 
iv. Loraine Jeanette Shadel, born May 31, 1934. Married 

on Mar, 9, 1951 to Robert Edwin Martin, born May 2, 
1931. They had 2 children. Children: 

a. Dennis Ray Martin, born June 6, 1954. 

b, Richard Lee Martin, born May 19, 1956, 

157. Kathryn Ismay, born Mar, 26, 1909. She married Paul 
Lester Pugh, born Nov. 8, 1908, They reside at Chambers- 
burg, R, D. 2, Pa, and have 5 children. Children: 

i, Eugene Fred Pugh, born Jan, 9, 1928, He married Janet 
Crout, They have 5 children. Children: 

a. Linda Marie Pugh, born July 29, 1950. 

b. Charles Eugene Pugh, born Oct. 26, 1951. 

c. Dixie Lee Pugh, born June 21, 1953. 

d. Darlene Kay Pugh, born Aug. 18, 1958. 

e. Allen Lynn Pugh, born June 22, 1963. 

ii. Doris Marie Pugh, born June 22, 1933, She married 
Robert Bergner, They have 2 children. Children: 

a. Robert Allen Bergner, born Jan, 7, 1951. 

b. Kathryn Marie Bergner, born May 3, 1953, 

iii. Theodore Jacob Pugh, born Sept, 19, 1942. He married 
Gwendolyn Baker. They have 3 children. Children: 

a. Cheryl Jean Pugh, born Dec. 22, 1960. 

b. Brenda Jo Ann Pugh, born Dec. 26, 1962, 

c. Stacy Jo Pugh, born July 1, 1964, 

iv, Lester Paul Pugh, born July 19, 1946. Died in April 

V, William Edward Pugh, born Sept. 16, 1947. 

158. Mary, born May 14, 1914 in Franklin Co. , Pa. Married 
Melvin C. Bolan, born Feb, 24, 1909 in Franklin Co. , Pa. 
They have two daughters. They reside at Blue Ridge Sum- 
mit, Pa. Children: 

i. Betty Jane Mary Bolan, born July 24, 1930 at Cham- 
bersburg, Pa. Married to Robert Lee Jackson, born 
Dec, 3, 1928 in Norfolk, Va. She received a B. S, 


degree in 1953 and an A. S. degree from the Richmond 
Professional Institute of the College of William and 
Mary, Richmond, Va. She also is a registered nurse at 
Stuart Circle Hospital, Richmond, Va. Robert served 
with the U. S, Infantry from 1951 to 1953 with 13 months 
being spent in Italy. They have no children. 
■ ii, Janet Pamelia Bolan, born May 22, 1932 at Chambers- 
burg, Pa. Married Lee Hull Latsbaugh, born Nov. 8, 
1933', at Chambersburg, Pa. She graduated from the 
York School of Beauty Culture, York, Pa. and the 
Waynesboro Business College, Waynesboro, Pa. They 
have 2 children. Children: 

a. Kimberly Pam Latsbaugh, born Oct. 31, 1958. 

b. Timothy Lee Latsbaugh, born Sept. 17, 1964. 

68 JOHN ERVIN NYE (John Wesley 21, John 6, Henry 1), born June 16, 
1882 He was married (1st) to Tillie Martha Wilson, born Dec. 7, 1884. 
They had 10 children. She died Feb. 19, 1923 and is buried at Salem UB 
Gem. near Chambersburg, Pa. He was married (2nd) to Florence Leedy 
They had no children and were separated. John died in 1945 and is buried 
at Salem UBCem. near Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 

159 Luther Grant, born Mar. 28, 1903. He died on July 24, 1919 

as the result of a drowning accident. He is buried at Salem 

UBCem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 
160. Minnie Rosalie, born June 10, 1904. Died Dec. 29, 1905. 

Buried at Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. , but 

grave lost. 

161 Bruce E. , born Mar. 20, 1906. Married to Hazel Berdena 
Alexander, born 1911. She died in 1954 and is buried at 
Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. They had no 
children. He lieves on R. D. 2, Chambersburg, Pa. 

162 Ethel Grace, born Sept. 22, 1907. Died Sept. 21, 1908. 
She was buried at Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 
but the grave is lost. 

163 Merle Ray. born Jan. 1, 1909. He was a Private First 
Class in the Military Police of the U. S. Army during World 
Warn. Never married. He died Feb. 1, 1950 and is buried 
at Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 

164 Lee Denton, born Dec. 27, 1910. He was a Pvt. in Co. C, 
3118th Sig. Service Bn. during World War H. He never 
married. Lee died on June 9, 1954 and is burled at Salem 
UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. 

165 Lucy E. , born May 9, 1912. Married to Herbert C. Mathna. 
They had 9 children and reside on R. D. 3, Shippensburg, Pa. 

Children: . j u . 

1. Jay William Mathna, born May 22, 1933. Married, but 


he is separated from his wife, 
ii. Nancy A. Mathna, born Nov. 23, 1940. Married to 
Robert Shoemaker, but divorced. They had 2 children. 

a. Patricia Aim Shoemaker 

b. Ricky Shoemaker 

iii. Vivian May Mathna, born Apr. 14, 1943, Resides at 

iv. Thomas Dallas Mathna, born Sept. 3, 1944. A twin of 

Herbert. Married to Alice Black. 
V. Herbert Dean Mathna, born Sept. 3, 1944. A twin of 

Thomas. He is serving in the U. S. Army in Germany, 
vi, Melvin Gene Mathna, born Feb. 27, 1949. 
vii. Clark Eugene Mathna, born Oct. 3, 1950. 
viii, Helen Catherine Mathna, born Jan. 15, 1952. 
ix, Stanley Mathna, born Aug, 1, 1954, 
166. John, born Feb. 2, 1914, Died Feb. 2, 1914. Buried at 
Salem UB Cem, near Chamber siburg. Pa. , but grave evi- 
dently lost. 

* 167. Jay Wilson, 1915 - 1953. 

* 168. Lloyd Mark, 1919 - 

70. WILLIAM HENRY NYE (Curtis A. 22, John 6, Henry 1), born Nov. 
16, 1875. Married to Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, born July 4, 1883, They 
had one son. William died Dec, 5, 1942, Ann died Mar, 9, 1947. Both 
are buried in Rose Hill Cem, , Hagerstown, Md. Child: 

* 169. Arthur Edwin Nye, Sr. , 1905 - 

74. RUSSELL ADAM NYE (Curtis A. 22, John 6, Henry 1), born July 
13, 1894 in Nyesville, Pa. Married to Beulah Elizabeth Lenhard, born on 
Jan. 21, 1899 in Milledgeville, Illinois. Russell went to Illinois when he 
was about 17 and remained. They had 6 children. Russell and Beulah 
reside in Chadwick, Illinois, Children: 

* 170. Kenneth Lenhart, 1922 - 

171, Robert Eugene, born Nov. 9, 1923, Died Oct. 25, 1928 in a 
shooting accident. He was buried in the Church of the 
Brethren Cem. , Milledgeville, 111, 

* 172, Homer Curtis, 1925 - 

* 173. Owen Wendell, 1929 - 

* 174, Dan Alvin, 1931 - 

175. Ella Mae, born July 18, 1932 in Dixon, Illinois. She mar- 
ried Leland McPhillips, born Oct. 12, 1919 in Stockton, 111. 
They had 2 children. He died July 16, 1963. She lives at 
408 S. Main St. , Stockton, Illinois. Children: 
i, Robert Eugene McPhillips, born Apr. 4, 1952. 
ii. Doris Mae McPhillips, born Apr. 13, 1961. 


75. SAMUEL ARTHUR NYE (Curtis A. 22, John 6, Henry 1), born Mar. 
6, 1898. Married to Barbara M. Sollenberger, born Jan. 5, 1897. They 
had 7 children. He died Jan. 22, 1958 and is buried at Air Hill Brethren 
in Christ Cem. near Chamber sburg, Pa. Barbara lives at R. D. 2, Ship- 
pensburg, Pa. She is a member of Salem UB Church. Children: 

176. Garland May, born Oct. 30, 1921. Died Nov. 2, 1921. She 

is buried at Air Hill Brethren in Christ Cem. near Chambers- 
burg, Pa. with her father. 

* 177. Ormand Samuel, 1923 - 

178. Gladys Viola, born Feb. 6, 1925. Married to Stanley Cres- 
sler. They have 2 children and reside at McKnightstown, Pa. 

i. George Edward Cressler, born Sept. 7, 1953. 
ii. Jeffrey Cressler, born June 13, 1957. 

* 179. Stanley Thomas, 1927 - 1955. 

* 180. Arnold Ray, 1929 - 

181. June Arlene, born June 10, 1932. Married to George Tim- 
mons. They have one child and live at R. D. #2, Shippens- 
burg. Pa. Child: 

i. Pamela Kay Timmons, born Dec. 22, 1954. 

182. Pamelee Gale, born Feb. 13, 1935. Married to John Anspach. 
They have 2 children and live at R, D. 2, Chambersburg, Pa. 

i. Michael John Anspach, born Apr. 19, 1958. 
ii. Kim Ileen Anspach, born May 29, 1960. 

76. HARRY JACOB NYE (David Henry 28, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born 
Nov. 21, 1860. He was baptized Jacob Henry on Aug. 11, 1895 at St. 
Paul's Lutheran Church, Orrstown, Pa. , but later changed his name. He 
married .Alcesta Edith Litch, born Nov. 28, 1880. They had 3 children. 
Harry died Sept. 28, 1950. Alcesta died Nov. 29, 1950. Both of them are 
buried in Spring Hill Cem. , Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

183. Dallas Litch, born May 6, 1905. Died May 15, 1906. Buried 
at Spring Hill Cem. , Shippensburg, Pa. with his parents. 

* 184. Edwin Harry, 1908 - 

* 185. David Robert, 1910- 

77. JOHN NICHOLAS NYE (David Henry 28, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born 
July 5, 1882. He was baptized at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Orrstown, 
Pa. on Aug. 11, 1895. He married Carrie Viola Shoop on May 17, 1906. 
She was born Aug. 20, 1882. They had one son. Carrie died Oct. 6, 
1959. John died Aug, 3, 1962. They a^e both buried at Spring Hill Cem. , 
Shippensburg, Pa. Child: 

* 186. Willis Joseph, 1915 - 

78. ALFRED NYE (David Henry 28, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born Apr. 20, 

1884. He was baptized at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Orrstown, Pa, on 
Aug. 11, 1895. He married Amy E. Stayman and they had 3 sons. He 
died Sept. 10, 1959. Amy lives at 216 N. Queen St. , Shippensburg, Pa. 

* 187. Harold Alfred, 1906 - 

188. Charles Wesley, born Jan, 30, 1909. Married to Frances 
Woltz, born July 11, 1909. He was an aviation metalsmith 
in the U. S. Navy during World War II, stationed at Norfolk, 
Virginia. Charles and Frances reside at 511 E. Orange St. , 
Shippensburg, Pa. They have no children. Charles is the 
proprietor of "Nye's Gun, Tackle and Archery Shop" in 
Shippensburg, Pa. 

189. Thomas Elwood, born Feb. 14, 1915. Married to Delia 
Russell. He was in the U. S. Army Air Force during World 
War II, serving in the Pacific Theatre in the Philippines and 
New Guinea. They have no children. They reside at 106 
Mainsville Road, Shippensburg, Pa. 

79. EDWARD NYE (David Henry 28, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born Apr. 27, 
1886. He was baptized at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Orrstown, Pa. on 
Aug. 11, 1895. He married Edith Rotz, born June 29, 1887, They had 3 
children. He died July 29, 1955 and is buried in Spring Hill Cem. , Ship- 
pensburg, Pa. Edith lives at 540 S. Bedford St, , Carlisle, Pa, 

190. Mary Catherine, born Sept. 10, 1908. Married to Richard 
Kepner, born Mar. 12, 1911, They have no children and 
reside at 1928 Princeton Ave, , Camp Hill, Pa, 

* 191, Merle Edward, 1912 - 

192. Thelma Louise, born Dec, 9, 1924, Unmarried. Resides 
at 540 S. Bedford St. , Carlisle, Pa, 

87, ELMER NICHOLAS NYE (Peter D, 32, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born 
Jan, 4, 1899. In 1917 he married Elsie Beam, born Sept, 19, 1899, They 
have 3 children and reside at 1821 Jefferson Blvd. , Hagerstown, Md. 
Elmer is employed as secretary of the Moose Lodge in Hagerstown, Md. 

* 193. Donald Elmer, 1918 - 

* 194. Gerald Daniel, 1922 - 

195. Evelyn Ann, born Nov. 20, 1924. Married to Richard Hebb, 
born Dec. 3, 1918. They have 3 children and reside at 1970 
Jefferson Blvd. , Hagerstown, Md. Children: 
i. Douglas Richard Hebb, born Oct. 18, 1948. 
ii. James Stuart Hebb, born Sept. 6, 1951. 
iii. Peggy Ann Hebb, born May 13, 1954. 

88. FLOYD RAYMOND NYE (Peter D. 32, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born 


June 21 1900. On Sept. 11, 1923 he married Janet Mae Mickey, born 
Sept. 11, 1902. She was the daughter of Charles and Nettie (Glenn) Mickey. 
They had 2 sons. Floyd died after an auto accident in which he was criti- 
cally burned. Janet remarried to Frank E. Hollar. Jr. She died of cancer 
on Sept. 18, 1964. Children: 

* 196, Charles Richard, 1927 - 

* 197. Jack Glenn, 1931 - 1961. 

92 WILBUR HENRY NYE (Peter D. 32, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born 
Dec 17 1909. Married to Bertha Elizabeth Mueller, born Aug. 22, 1908. 
They haye 2 sons and reside at 620 Sixth Ave. , Bethlehem, Pa. Children: 

198. Jene Robert, born Oct. 23, 1946. He attended Villanova Uni- 
versity, Philadelphia, Pa. 

199. Richard Louis, born Aug. 22, 1948. He is a student at 
Scranton University, Scranton, Pa. 

95 IRA NICHOLAS NYE (William N. 33, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born 
May 2, 1902 in Southampton Township, Franklin Co. , Pa. On Nov. 14 
1922 he married Dorothy Moenespy who was from Path Valley, Pa. They 
had 3 children. He was once a stone mason as his father and grandfather, 
but is presently working with the Pennsylvania Game Commission. They 
reside at Spring Run, Pa. with the telephone listed under Dry Run, Pa. 

Children: ^ ^„ _.„„ c,^ 

200. Naomi Ann, born Sept. 19, 1925. Died Apr. 17, 1927. She 

is buried in the UB Cem. at Mongul, Pa. 
201 Mary Winifred, born Feb. 1, 1928. Married Horace Wood- 
well, born Dec. 10, 1924. They reside at Springfield, Dela- 
ware Co. , Pa. and have 2 children. Children: 
i. James Allan Woodwell, born July 24, 1950. 
ii. Nancy Ellen Woodwell, born Dec. 20, 1953. 
* 202. Cecil Ira, 1930 - 

96 LELAND WATSON NYE (William N. 33, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born 
Apr 5, 1907 in Southampton Township, Franklin Co., Pa. Married to 
AltaMayHeberlig. bornNov. 5, 1903. They had 2 children. She died 
May 30, 1945 and is buried at Spring Hill Cem. , Shippensburg, Pa. He 
is custodian of the Newburg Elementary School, Newburg. Pa. and re- 
sides on Main St. , Newburg, Pa. Children: 

203 William Heberlig, bornNov. 15, 1934. Died Aug. 30, 1938. 
He is buried at Spring Hill Cem. , Shippensburg, Pa. with 
his maternal grandparents. 

204 Bemice Florence, born Dec. 16, 1935. Unmarried. She 
resides on Main St. , Newburg, Pa. Bernice is employed 
at Shippensburg State College, Shippensburg, Pa. 



101. CLYDE DAVID NIGH (Charles Perkins, 34, John W. 9, Samuel 2, 

Henry 1), Married to Lillian . They reside in Baltimore and have 

one daughter. Child: 

205. Peggy Lee 

104. RICHARD RAG AN HOLLAND NIGH (Frank C. 38, John W. 9, Sam- 
uel 2, Henry 1), born Jan. 4, 1909. Married to Alethea Magdalene Eck- 
stine, born July 10, 1906. They have 2 daughters and reside at 307 Gar- 
linger Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. He is employed at the Mack Truck Co, , 
Hagerstown, Md. Children: 

206. Harriett Betty, born Sept. 13, 1935. Married to Ralph 
Irvin Elliott. She is a graduate of Shepherd College, 
Shepherdstown, W. Va. and taught at Suitland High School, 
Suitland, Md, for a time. Ralph is a graduate of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland with a degree in chemical engineering. 
They have one son and reside in Rochester, N. Y. Child: 
i. Brian Nigh Elliott, born Mar. 22, 1960. 

207. Rose Marie, bom Oct, 19, 1939, Married to Harry 
Theodore Barger, Jr. They have one son and live at 201 
W. Howard St. , Hagerstown, Md. Child: 

i. Kirk Lynn Barger, born Sept. 7, 1962, in London, 

113. CARL KELLER NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, 
Henry 1), born Aug. 30, 1894. He is married to Theo Hemphill and they 
have 7 children. They reside at 200 N. Cannon Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. 

Carl Kenneth, 1919 - 

Charles Robert, 1921 - 

Harold Richard, 1924 - 

Donald Eugene, 1928 - 

David Lee, 1932 - 

Betty Lorraine, born Jan. 15, 1935. Married to Harold 

Delauter. They reside at 1820 Gilbert Ave. , Hagerstown, 

Md. and have no children. 

* 214. Gerald Preston, 1936 - 

115. CHARLES HOWARD NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, 
Henry 1), born Feb. 21, 1897. He married Martha Delauter. They have 
5 children and reside at 64 Randolph Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. Children: 

* 215. Paul Ellis, 1920 - 

216, Frances Anita, born June 20, 1921. Married to Wilfred 

Karn, They have 3 children and reside at 850 Noland Dr. , 
Hagerstown, Md. Children: 



















i. Terry Ellis Karn 

ii. Douglas Leroy Karn 
iii. Charles Kirk Karn 
Richard Wolfinger, 1928 - 
Howard LaDue, 1931 - 
Edwin Leroy, 1932 - 

116. VICTOR CALVIN NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, 
Henry 1), born Aug. 16, 1899. Married to Catherine Virginia Hammer sla, 
born Dec. 30, 1903. They had 2 children. He died in Oct. , 1959. 
Catherine resides in Georgia. Children: 

220. Beverly Estelle, born Jan. 13, 1926. Married to Ralph 
Edward Turner. They live in Florida and have 3 daughters 
and 1 son. Their oldest child is Sheila Katheryn Turner. 

221. Dorothy Virginia, born Mar. 19, 1927. She is married to 
John Free Cranford, Jr. , born July 30, 1921. They have 6 
children and live in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their 
oldest child is Katheryn Lynn Cranford, born Nov. 21, 1948. 

118. EDWARD LEROY NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, 
Henry 1), born Feb. 7, 1903. He married Margaret Genevieve Miller. 
They live at 7725 Morris Ave, , Apt, 3, Washington, D. C. , 20023. They 
had 3 children. Edward is a civilian employee at Andrews Air Force 
Base. Children: 

* 222. Edward Leroy, Jr. , 1927 - 

223. Peggy L. , born June 22, 1929. Married (1st) to Thomas 

H. Liles. They were divorced. Married (2nd) . 

They live in Columbia, South Carolina. 

224. Carol Virginia, born Dec. 16, 1937. Married to Ferris 
Door. They live at 1131 Highland Ave. , Augusta, Georgia. 

119. GEORGE BEAVER NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, 
Henry 1), born Apr. 8, 1905. He was married (1st) to Thelma Lee Allen. 

They had 3 children. She is deceased. He married (2nd) Nina . 

They were divorced. He married (3rd) Mary and reside in Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina. Children: 

225. Carl Boyd, born July 22, 1932. He is married and lives 
in Indiana. They have no children. 

226. Loretta Lee, born Oct. 22, 1935. She married L. G. 
Swain and lives in Kernersville, North Carolina. 

227. Virginia Gail, born Mar. 26, 1945. Married and lives in 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

121. RAY ELLIS NIGH (Charles B. 41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1) 
born Sept. 28, 1913. He was married (1st) to Audrey Mullendore. They 
had 3 children. They were divorced. He was married (2nd) to Evelyn 


Viar and they have no children. They reside at 101 N. Colonial Drive, 
Hagerstown, Md, Audrey remarried, to Lloyd Bowser and lives in Laurel, 
Md. with the two younger Nigh children. Children: 

* 228. Jerry Ellis, 1933 - 

229. Judith Louise, born June 20, 1941 in Washington, D. C. 
She graduated from Michigan State with a B. S, in Education. 
She is a physical education instructor. Her residence is 
with her mother and step-father in Laurel, Md. 

230. Jay Ray, born in Feb. , 1951. He is known as "Jack". He 
lives with his mother and step-father in Laurel, Md. 

125. WILLIAM KELLER NIGH, JR. (William K. 44, David F. 11, 
Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Nov, 29, 1913. He married Elizabeth Henry of 
Williamsport, Md. They have 2 children and reside at 169 Manse Rd, , 
Hagerstown, Md. Children: 

* 231. William Keller, 3rd, 1939 - 

232. Ruby Audette, Married to C. Frank Schleigh, They have no 

128. WALLACE McCLELLAND NYE (Elmer E, 53, David W. 17, David 
"William" 4, Henry 1), born Nov. 28, 1888 in Letterkenny Township, 
Franklin Co, , Pa. He married Sarah Jane West on June 8, 1910. She 
was born Sept. 16, 1882 and was the daughter of Simon Peter West and 
Rebecca Shuman West. The record of their marriage is found in the re- 
cords of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Orrstown, Pa. Wallace and 
Sarah had 5 children. She died July 5, 1961 and is buried in Spring Hill 
Cem. , Shippensburg, Pa. He resides at 321 E. Orange St. , Shippensburg, 
Pa. Children: 

233. Bernard Elmer, born Oct. 12, 1911, Married to Hazel 
Frey, born Apr, 22, 1908, He is a resident of 321 E, 
Orange St, , Shippensburg, Pa, but his work involves 
traveling in various parts of ;the country, Bernard was 
in the U. S. Army serving in the European Theatre during 
World War II. They have no children. 

234. Jean Elizabeth, born Aug. 26, 1912. She is married to 
Norman H. Kauffman, born Nov. , 1910. They had 9 
children and reside at Fayetteville, R. D. #2, Pa. Children: 
1. Bernard Norman Kauffman, bom Sept. 15, 1932. 

Married to Nancy Stumbaugh. They live at 331 Walnut 
St. , Shippensburg and have one son. Child, 
a. Gregory Edward Kauffman, born July, 1954, 

il, Sara Ellen Kauffman, born Aug, 12, 1933, Married 
to Russell Goldsmith. They live at R, D, #3, Ship- 
pensburg, Pa, and have 2 sons. Children: 

a, Randal Marlin Goldsmith 

b. Steve Leonard Goldsmith 


iii. Walter Marland Kauffman, born Oct. 20, 1934. Mar- 
ried to Edna Bain from McConnellsburg, Pa. They 
have 3 children. Children: 

a. Barbara Kauffman 

b. Carol Kauffman 

c. Barry Dean Kauffman 

Iv. Wayne Brinton Kauffman, born Oct. 30, 1935. Mar- 
ried to Joann Rupert. They have 2 daughters and re- 
side in the Langhome, Pa. area. He is in the U. S. 
Navy. Children: 

a. Kathie Jo Kauffman, bom Apr. 14, 1958. 

b. Karen Lynn Kauffman,^ born in Dec. , 1961. 

V. Thelma Jean Kauffman, born July 21, 1937. Married 
to Ray Hunsicker. They have 3 children. Children: 

a. Michael Hunsicker, born Dec. 14, 1957. 

b. Roxanne Hunsicker, bom May 28, 1959. 

c. Kenneth Hunsicker, born July 3, 1963. 

vi. Carl McClelland Kauffman, born Dec. 7, 1938, Un- 
married. Living at Rockville, Md. 

vii. Garnet Nye Kauffman, born June 27, 1940, Married 
to Joyce Jarrell. They have 3 children and reside in 
Rockville, Md, Children: 

a. Jeffrey Nye Kauffman, born June 6, 1960. 

b. Amy Lynn Kauffman, born Mar, 1962, 

c. Glenn Nye Kauffman, born Mar, 27, 1964, 
viii, Lois Elaine Kauffman, born May 29, 1942, Married 

to Charles Keisling. They live at South Floral Park, 
Long Island, N. Y. and have one daughter. Child: 
a. Renee Keisling, born June, 1962. 

ix. Roy William Kauffman, born Aug. 1944. Died Nov. , 
1944. Buried at Spring Hill Cem, , Shippensburg, Pa, 
in plot behind his maternal grandmother, Sarah West 

* 235. Robert Achens, 1914 - 

236, Wallace West, born May 7, 1917, Died July 4, 1944. He 
was killed in action in Normandy, France during World 
War II. Wallace had been a PFC in Co. L, Second Div, , 
23rd Infantry of the U. S. Army. Unmarried, He is buried 
in Spring Hill Cem, , Shippensburg, Pa, with his mother. 

* 237. William Kenneth, 1923 - 

131. WILLIAM ARTHUR NYE (Elmer E, 53, David W, 17, David 
"William" 4, Henry 1), born Apr. 28, 1894. He was married (1st) to 
Ethel Wheeler from Salem, New Hampshire, daughter of John W. Wheeler 
and Phoebe Dow Wheeler, Through the Dow family Ethel could trace her 
family back to 1624 in New England, Ethel's father, John W, Wheeler, 


was a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and served 
2 terms in the State Senate. William and Ethel Nye had one daughter. 
Ethel died in May, 1952. William married (2nd) Esther Winger, born in 
Mar. 1898. They live in Hemet, California, south of Los Angeles. They 
had no children. Child: 

238. Phebe Elizabeth, born June 16, 1916. Married to Robert 
B. Meyer and resides in Sylmer, California 

139. CHARLES HENRY DAVID NYE (Henry Clay 56, David W. 17, 
David "William" 4, Henry 1), born July 6, 1910 in the original Henry Nye 
homestead. Married to Myrtle Hutchison, born in Columbia, Kentucky on 
Mar. 1, 1910. Both Charles and Myrtle graduated from Messiali College, 
Grantham, Pa. She later received her B. S. Degree from Rollins College, 
Winter Park, Florida. They have 3 children and reside at 2808 Osceola 
Drive, Orlando, Florida. Charles is minister of the Gospel Light Taber- 
nacle, 1018 36th St. , Orlando, Florida. His church is affiliated with the 
"National Association of Evangelicals. " Children: 
* 239. Charles Hutchison, 1937 - 

240. Virginia M. , Born on Aug. 10, 1938. She received her 
B. S. degree from Bryan College, Dayton, Tenn. and her 
M. S. degree from Michigan State College. She is teaching 
in a college in Grand Rapids, Mich, and lives at 519 Lydia 
N, E. , Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

241. Rachel A- , born Jan. 31, 1940. She attended Bryan College, 
Dayton, Tenn. and graduated from Florida Technical Col- 
lege, Orlando, Fla. She is married to Errol Scogin. He 
received his B. S. degree from Bryan College, also. They 
live in Atlanta, Georgia and have no children. Rachel is 
employed by U. S. Rubber Co. in Atlanta where she works 
with IBM machines. 

141. EUGENE ELMOND NYE (Henry Clay 56, David W. 17, David " 
"William" 4, Henry 1), born Jan. 11, 1919 in the original Henry Nye 
homestead. He married Anna Lambert, born in Waynesboro, Pa. on Oct. 
11, 1923. Eugene was in the U, S. Army during World War H, having 
served in the South Pacific Theatre as a Corporal on New Guinea. He is 
an experimental technican with the National Aeronautic and Space Admin- 
istration at Cape Kennedy, Florida. They reside at 815 Karen Drive, 
Indian River City, Florida. They have 3 daughters. Children: 

242. Anna Jeanne, born Jan. 16, 1955. 

243. Gail Lamber, born Apr. 12, 1957. 

244. Donna 

142. WALTER GREENW ALT NYE (Emma R. 60, David W. 17, David 
"William" 4, Henry 1), born Sept. 11, 1899, Married to Phoebe Isabella 
Wenger, born June 9, 1900 in Shippensburg, Pa. They have 3 daughters. 


They reside at 227 W. King St. , Chambersburg, Pa. Children: 

245. Dorothy Rachel, born Jan. 21, 1922. Married to Isaac 
Leedy, born in Chambersburg, Pa. on Jan. 18, 1921. They 
have 3 children and reside on R. D. #2, Chambersburg, Pa. 

i. Rebekah Jane Leedy, born Feb. 17, 1947. 
ii. Susan Kay Leedy, born July 15, 1949. 
iii. Michael Allen Leedy, born Nov. 8, 1957. 

246. Betty Leoda, born Nov. 5, 1924. Married to Bruce E. Paup, 
born in Dillsburg, Pa. on Feb. 22, 1917. They live in 
Franklintown, Pa. and have 3 children. Children: 

i. Nancy Jo Paup, bom June 15, 1954. 
ii. Sally Jean Paup, born Dec. 2, 1956.. 
iii. Robert Bruce Paup, born Nov. 5, 1960. 

247. Janet Isabelle, born Nov. 23, 1927. Married to Charles 
Joshua Witters, born June 10, 1926. They have 4 children 
and reside at 427 S. Arch St. , Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

i. Thomas Lynn Witters, born Oct. 13, 1948. 

ii. Lu Ann Witters, born Feb. 16, 1953. A twin. 

iii. Sue Ann Witters, born Feb. 16, 1953. A twin. 

iv. Timothy Charles Witters, born Sept. 9, 1955. 

143. RUSSELL OLIVER NYE (Harvey C. 65, John W. 21, John 6, 
Henry 1), born Oct. 23, 1893. Married (1st) to Lula Grace Bender, born 
July 18, 1896. She was a sister of the Eber Bender who married Lula 
Rebecca Nye, #73 in the genealogy. Her parents were John and Annie 
Bender. Russell and Lula had 2 children. Lula died May 26, 1919 and is 
buried at Salem UB Cem. near Chambersburg, Pa. Russell was married 
(2nd) to Ruth Irene Garbaugh, born Oct. 8, 1905. They had 6 children 
They reside at R. D. 1, St. Thomas, Pa. Children: 

248. Anna Mildred, born on Feb. 18, 1916. She was married 
to Kenneth Polston. They had no children. She died on 
^r. 26, 1953, and is buried at Salem UB Cem. near 
Chambersburg, Pa. beside her mother. 

249. Janet Ruth, born on July 4, 1918. Married to Samuel 
McClure. They reside at 454 Wayne Ave. , Chambersburg, 
Pa. and have 4 children. Children: 

i. Donald McClure 
ii. Esther McClure 
iii. Delores McClure 
iv. Kenneth McClure 

250. Lauretta Elizabeth, born Aug. 5, 1924. Married to Edward 
King. They live on Wallace St. , York, Pa. and have 2 
children. Children: 

i. Ruth King 


ii. Karen King 

* 251. Frank Elmer, 1926 - 

* 252. Harold Edward, 1928 - 

252 A, Mae Ellen, born May 21, 1931. Married to Thomas Martin. 
They had 6 children and reside at R. D. 1, St. Thomas, Pa. 

i. Ann Eloise Martin 

ii. Wayne Elwood Martin 
iii. Michael Earl Martin 
iv. Rebecca Elva Martin 
V. Thomas Edwin Martin 
vi. Ruth Elizabeth Martin 

* 253. Glen Eugene, 1935 - 

254o Marie Elaine, born Sept. 8, 1947. Resides at R. D. 1, St. 
Thomas, Pa. with her parents. 

148. OSCAR WILLIAM NYE (Harvey C. 65, John W. 21, John 6, 
Henry 1), born Sept. 3, 1902. Married to Mildred Houpt, born June 23, 
1905. They were married on Oct. 18, 1919. They had 4 children and re- 
side at 113 N. Mulberry St. , Hagerstown, Md. Children: 

255. Dorothy May, born June 2, 1921 at Chambersburg, Pa. 
She married Warren Harding Thompson, Sr. on Mar. 21, 
1942 in Hagerstown, Md. He is the son of Eugene L. and 
Lonnie Thompson. They had 3 children and reside in 
Aberdeen, Md. Children: 

i. Warren Harding Thompson, Jr., born Sept. 24, 1944. 

He is married to Victoria Dineen. They have no 

ii. Robert Joe Thompson, born Feb. 26, 1946. 
iii. William Lewis Thompson, born Mar. 2, 1951. 

256. Harvey George, born Mar. 4, 1924 at Chambersburg, Pa. 
Married June 13, 1946 to Bernice Wade, a daughter of Roy 
B. and Mary B. Wade. They live on Fairfield Route 1, 
Lexington, Va. There are no children. Harvey was a Sgt. 
in the U. S. Army during World War n, serving in the 
United States. 

* 257. Walter Joseph, 1925 - 

258. Charlotte Louise, born Dec. 15, 1929. Married (1st) to 
Albert Debias. They had one son. She was married (2nd) 
to Vernon Shirley. They have one daughter. Charlotte and 
Vernon reside at 307 Belview Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. 

i. Albert Dominick Debias, bom Nov. 7, 1950. 

ii. Vickie Ann Shirley, born in Jan. , 1954. 

150. PAUL EDGAR NYE (Harvey C. 65, John W. 21, John 6, Henry 1), 


born Mar. 2. 1909. Married to Freda GorweU, born Mar. 23. 1921 Thev 
have^one son and reside at 332 E. Catherine St. , Chambersburg, Pa.' 

259. Robert Edgar, born June 14, 1952. 

167. ^ JAY WILSON NYE (John E. 68, John W. 21, John 6, Henry 1) 
bom Oct. 3, 1915. Married Ethel M. Burkholder, bom Apr 21 1915 

Pa' ""riVr; IV' "^' '' '"''^' '' 'P^^'^^ "^^ ^^-- ' Shi;pensb'urg. 
Pa They had 4 children. Ethel lives on R. D. 3, Shippensburg. Pa 

* 260. Robert Jay, 1937 - 

* 261. Jack Elwood, 1939 - 

* 262. Larry Allen, 1945 - 

263. Judy, born June 22, 1950. Lives at home on R. D. 3, 
Shippensburg, Pa. 

168. LLOYD MARK NYE (John E. 68, John W. 21, John 6, Henry 1) 
born Aug 20, 1919. Married to Beatrice Gipe, bom June 4, 1922. They 
had 3 children and reside on R. D. 1, Newburg, Pa. Children- 

* 264. Lloyd Mark, Jr. , 1941 - 

265. John Leroy. born Mar. 2, 1943. Married to Carolyn Myers 
born Aug. 19, 1946. They reside on Route 1, Newburg, Pa.' 
in a trailer. They have no children. 

266. Kenneth Eugene, born Dec. 5, 1945. Living at home on 
R. D. 1, Newburg, Pa. 

169. ARTHUR EDWIN NYE (William 70, Curtis, 22, John 6, Henry 1) 

Za Tu '"' '^''' Ma^^i^d to Gladys Evelyn Snyder, born May 23, 
1909 They had 5 children and reside at 119 High St. , Hagerstown, Md. 

267. Jane Elizabeth, born June 15, 1926. Married to 
McAllister. Divorced. She lives at 320 Nottingham Road, 
Hagerstown, Md. They had one son. Child: 
i. Gary Lee McAllister, born May 13, 1950. 
Arthur Edwin, Jr. , 1929 - 

Marie Ellen, born Nov. 17, 1930. Married to William 
Clarence Martin, born Aug. 27, 1930. They have one child 
and live at 105 High St. , Hagerstown, Md. William is a 
brother of the Charles Martin who married Marie's sister 
Gay. Child: 

i. Sherry Ann Martin, born Nov. 26, 1954. 

270. Roy Elwood, born Mar. 29, 1932. Died of leukemia on 
Feb. 11, 1945. He is buried in Rose Hill Cem. , Hagers- 
town, Md. 

271. Gay Elaine, born Feb. 5, 1934. She was married (1st) to 
Robert Eugene Dennis, Sr. They had one son. She was 



married (2nd) to Charles Luther Martin, born Aug, 23, 1933. 
Charles is a brother of the William Martin who married Gay's 
sister, Marie. Gay and Charles had no children. Child: 
i. Robert Eugene Dennis, Jr. , born Dec. 1, 1949. 

170. KENNETH LENHART NYE (Russell A. 74, Curtis 22, John 6, 
Henry 1), born on Jan. 13, 1922 in Milledgeville, Illinois, Married to 
Josephine Bailey, born in Stanford, Kentucky on Feb. 20, 1925. They have 
3 children and live in Chadwick, lUinoic. Children: 

272. James Curtis, born May 3, 1947. 

273. Thomas .Allen, born .Apr. 29, 1949, 

274. Ronald Lee, born July 22, 1952. 

172. HOMER CURTIS NYE (Russell .A. 74, Curtis 22, John 6, Henry 1), 
born May 23, 1925 in Milledgeville, Illinois, Married to Shirley Elaine 
Warshime, born in Milledgeville on Mar. 1, 1925, They have 5 children 
and live in Milledgeville, Illinois. Children: 

275. Barbara Jean, boi-n May 4, 1946. Married on July 5, 1964 
to Janies Goellner, born Feb. 4, 1946. 

276. David Lee, born Sept. 16, 1947. 

277. Janet Elaine, born Apr. 22, 1950 

278. Gary Donald, born Mar. 16, 1957. 

279. Donna Marie, born May 18, 1959. 

173. OWEN WENDELL NYE (Russell A. 74, Curtis 22, John 6, Henry 1), 
born July 27, 1929 in Dixon, Illinois. He married Jacqueline Loeckel, 
born in Chadwick, Illinois on Oct. 10, 1926. Jacqueline is the daughter 

of Edward and Helen (Davis) Loeckel, She and Owen were married on 
June 8, 1952 at Milledgeville, Illinois„ They have 2 children. Owen ser- 
ved in the U. S. Army from 1955 to 1957. He is a farmer and resides at 
Milledgeville, 111. Children: 

280. Nyla Jo. , born Aug. 3, 1955. 

281. Nola Mae, born Oct. 4, 1956. 

174. DAN ALVIN NYE (Russell A. 74, Curtis 22, John 6, Henry 1), 
born June 1, 1931 in DLxon, Illinois. Married to Lois Arlene .Alber, born 
Nov. 25, 1931 in Milledgeville, Illinois. They have 2 children and live in 
Chadwick, Illinois. Children: 

282. Luann, born Mar. 2, 1953. 

283. Michael Dan, born July 6, 1958. 

177. ORMAND SAMUEL NYE (Samuel 75, Curtis 22, John 6, Henry 1), 
born Oct. 29, 1923. Married to Mildred Wyant, born May 10, 1925. He 
was a Sgt. in the U.S. Army Air Force, serving as a gunner on a P-61 
night fighter during World War II. They have 3 children and reside on 
R. D. 2, Shippensburg, Pa. Ormand is employed as a tool and die maker 


with AMP, Inc. , Carlisle, Pa. Children: 

284. William Samuel, born Sept. 22, 1946. He is a student at 
Pennsylvania State University, the Mont Alto Campus, 
Mont Alto, Pa. 

285. Judy Arlene, born June 10, 1952. 

286. Dennis Eugene, born July 2, 1954. 

179. STANLEY THOMAS NYE (Samuel 75, Curtis 22, John 6, Henry 1), 
born Aug. 14, 1927. Married to Janet Timmons. They had twin daughters. 
Stanley served as a Private First Class in the U. S. Army of Occupation in 
Okinawa at the end of World War n. He was with the 8051st Air Repair 
and Supply Dept, He died Feb. 18, 1955 and is buried at Spring Hill Cem. , 
Shippensburg, Pa. Janet has remarried, to Richard Jones, and lives with 
the twins at R. D. 1, St. Thomas, Pa. Children: 

287. Donna Fay, born Oct. 22, 1951. Atwin. 

288. Teresa Kay, born Oct. 22, 1951. Atwin. 

180. ARNOLD RAY NYE (Samuel 75, Curtis 22, John 6, Henry 1), bom 
Dec. 5, 1929. Married to Paula Ewan, born Dec. 8, 1934. They have 4 
children. Arnold was an AM 2 in the U. S. Navy serving aboard the air- 
craft carrier USS Bon Homme Richard during the Korean conflict. He is 
now employed as an electronic technician. They live on R. D. 2, Ship- 
pensburg, Pa. Children: 

289. LucindaRae, born j^r. 12, 1955. 

290. Roger Lee, born Nov. 30, 1957. 

291. Mark Alan, born Feb. 23, 1959. 

292. Beth Ann, born Oct. 4, 1961. 

184. EDWIN HARRY NYE (Harry J. 76, David D. 28, Nicholas 8, 
Henry 1), born March 4, 1908. Married to Julia Eva Johnson, born Nov. 
27, 1912. She is the daughter of Joseph and Mary Johnson. They were 
married on May 27, 1932. They had 3 children and reside at 632 S. 27th 
St. , Harrisburg, Pa. Edwin is employed as a switchman at the Bell Tele- 
phone Co. , Harrisburg, Pa. Children: 

293. Unnamed infant, stillborn on July 9, 1933. Buried at Spring 
Hill Cem. , Shippensburg, Pa. with the paternal grand- 

294. Julie Edwina, born Jan. 12, 1940, Married to Richard A. 
Smith, born Jan. 6, 1940. Julie graduated from Millers- 
ville State College, Millersville, Pa. in 1962 with a B. S. 
in Education. She now teaches 2nd grade in the Manheim 
School District, Pa. Richard received his B. S. in Educa- 
tion from Shippensburg State College, Shippensbrug , Pa. 
in 1961. He is teaching 5th grade in the Brunnerville 
Elementary School, Pa. They have no children. Their 
address is 27 S. Broad St. , Lititz, Pa. 


295. Christine Helen, born July 20, 1950. 

185. DAVID ROBERT NYE (Harry J. 76, David H. 28, Nicholas 8, 
Henry 1) , born Mar. 7, 1910. Married to Resta Mae Kister, born Mar, 8, 
1912. They have 2 children and reside at 518 Harding Ave. , New Cumber- 
land, Pa. Children: 

* 296. Gary Robert, 1939 - 

297. Virginia Sue, born Apr. 28, 1943. Living at home. 

186. WILLIS JOSEPH NYE (John N. 77, David H. 28, Nicholas 8, 
Henry 1) , born Jan. 24, 1915 in Franklin Co. , Pa. Married Ethel Wilma 
Bistline of Newburg, born June 5, 1916. She was the daughter of Romey 
and Ruth (Culbertson) Bistline. They have 5 children and reside on Star 
Route 3, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

298. Wilma Katherine, born Jan. 5, 1940. Married on July 18, 
1964 to William Dupuis. They reside in Norfolk, Virginia. 

299. Florence Gail, born June 4, 1942. 

300. Edwin Ray, born Jan, 6, 1945. 

301. Kay Elizabeth, born Feb. 14, 1946, 

302. Galen Lee, born Mar. 2, 1947. 

187. HAROLD ALFRED NYE (Alfred 78, David B. 28, Nicholas 8, 
Henry 1), born Jan. 1, 1906. Married Edna Mae Gutshall, born Apr. 1, 
1908, They reside at 9-1/2 S, Penn St, , Shippensburg, Pa, Harold was 
the projectionist at the Victory Theatre in Shippensburg, Pa, He died 
December 28, 1964 and is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery, Shippensburg, 
Pa. She resides at 9-1/2 Penn St, , Shippensburg, Pa, Child: 

303. Betty Virginia, born Jan. 26, 1928. Married to Jack 
Plumb, born Dec. 24, 1925, They had 3 children. He died 
Sept, 17, 1963. Children: 

i. Deborah Ann Plumb, born Oct. 25, 1949. 
ii. Karen Jean Plumb, born Sept. 30, 1956. 
iii. John Robert Plumb, born May 22, 1960. 

191. MERLE EDWARD NYE (Edward 79, David H. 28, Nicholas 8, 
Henry 1), born Apr. 17, 1912. Married to Florence Laurene Brown, born 
June 1, 1915. They have 4 children. Their residence is 1000 Brantford 
Ave. , Silver Spring, Md. Children: 

304. Nancy Rose, born Apr. 27, 1945. 

305. Rosemary Brown, born Sept. 23, 1948. 

306. Laurene Brown, born Nov. 13, 1950. 

307. Randall Ross, born Aug. 3, 1952. 

193. DONALD ELMER NYE (Elmer 87, Peter 32, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), 
born July 2, 1918, Married Arnette Heathcott, born Oct. 28, 1925. They 
reside at 7603 Layton Ave, , Springfield, Virginia. They have 2 children. 



308. Richard Allen, born Sept. 28, 1947. 

309. David Elmer, born Feb. 4, 1950. 

194. GERALD DANIEL NYE (Elmer 87, Peter 32, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), 
born Aug. 22, 1922. Married Shirley Major, born Dec. 24, 1922. Re- 
sides at 533 Maryland Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. They have 5 children. 

310. James Michael, born Aug. 18, 1943, 

311. Stephen Donald, born Aug. 25, 1945. 

312. Gerald Gregory, born Sept. 8, 1946. 

313. Lawrence Elmer, born Aug. 15, 1947, 

314. Mary Danielle, born Apr. 13, 1956. 

196. CHARLES RICHARD NYE (Floyd 88, Peter 32, Nicholas 8, Henry 1) 
born Nov. 6, 1927 in Chambersburg, Pa. He received his B. S. degree in 
Education from. Millersville State Teachers College in 1950. On June 16, 
1951 he married Dorothy Dodd Morgan in Pine St. Presbyterian Church, 
Harrisburg, Pa. She is the daughter of Howard H. and Gwennie (Davis) 
Morgan and was born Sept. 3, 1929. 

Dorothy received her B. S. degree in Education from Millersville 
State College in 1951. Richard is parts ;manager at H & H Chevrolet 
Garage, Shippensburg, Pa. He is a member of the Blue Lodge in Ship- 
pensburg, the Harrisburg Consistory and the Zembo Temple, Harrisburg, 
Pa. Richard was elected in Nov. , 1963 to a 6 year term on the Shippens- 
burg Township School Board. Richard and Dorothy have 7 children and 
live at R. D. 2, Shippensburg, Pa. Children: 

315. Charles Richard, Jr., born Mar. 16, 1952. 

316. Christy Anne, born Sept. 7, 1953. 

317. Frank Craig, born June 30, 1955. 

318. Timothy Morgan, born Mar. 13, 1957. 

319. Wade Mickey, born Apr. 11, 1959. 

320. Harriet Sue, born June 8, 1961. 

321. Peter Todd, born May 30, 1963. 

197. JACK GLENN NYE (Floyd 88, Peter 32, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), 
born Apr. 11, 1931. Married Carolyn Clarice Strassburger, born Nov. 
26, 1930. Jack graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy in 1949, 
He received his B. S. in Education degree at Shippensburg State Teachers 
College, Pa. Carol jm received the same degree at Millersville State 
Teachers College, Millersville, Pa„ Jack was a career officer in the 

U. So Army and had served a tour of duty in Germany where his second 
son was born. He was a 1st Lieutenant at the time of his death from 
cancer at Vvalter Reed Hospital, Washington, D. C. on Jan. 5, 1961. Jack 
and Carolyn had 3 children. She resides at 412 Herr Ave. , Millersville, 
Pa. Children: 


322. Brad Hollar, born Nov. 14, 1953 in Carlisle, Pa. 

323. Timothy Ernest, born Mar. 14, 1956 in Germany. 

324. Cathy Jo, born Mar. 19, 1958, in Texas. 

202. CECIL ERA NYE (Ira 95, William N. 33, Nicholas 8, Henry 1), 
born Mar. 27, 1930. Married Rhoda Thomas, born May 30, 1930. They 
were married in Feb. , 1951. Cecil served in the U. S. Army during the 
Korean War at which time he was stationed in Texas. They have 2 child- 
ren and reside at Huntington, Pa. Children: 

325. Edward Lynn, born July 25, 1952. 

326. Joann Lucille, born Aug. 23, 1954. 


208. CARL KENNETH NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, 

Sainuel 2, Henry 1), born June 15, 1919. Married to Emily from 

Trenton, N. J. He was in the Air Force during World War II serving in 
the European Theatre. Carl and Emily have 4 children and live in Tren- 
ton, New Jersey. Children: 

327. William Henry 

328. Linda 

329. Carol 

330. Garry 

209. CHARLES ROBERT NIGH (Cark K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F 
4, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Jan. 20, 1921. Married Betty Fortney from 
Martinsburg, West Virginia. He is a Chief Petty Officer in the U. S. 
Navy presently stationed at Pensacola, Florida where his family lives. 
He has been in the service since 1940. They have 4 children. Children: 

331. James Robert 

332. Ronald Lee 

333. Janice 

334. Patricia 

210. HAROLD RICHARD NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F. 
11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Mar. 26, 1924. Married Edna Christian 
from Virginia. He was with the 82nd Airborne Division as a Paratrooper 
during World War n serving in the European Theatre. Harold and Edna 
have 6 children and live in Baltimore, Md. Children: 

335. Jackie Gwen 

336. Vickie Lynn 

337. Harold Richard, Jr. 

338. Sharon 

339. Raymond Keller 

340. Patricia 


211. DONALD EUGENE NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B. 41, David F. 
11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Nov. 2, 1928, Married Erma Kendell from 
Chewsville, Mr. He was in the U.S. Army during the Korean Vvar and 
was stationed in Korea. They have 4 children and reside in Chewsville, 
Md. Children: 

341, Charles Robert 

342. Joanie Lynn 

343. James Eugene 

344, Larry 

212. DAVID LEE NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B, 41, David F, 11, 
Samuel 2, Henry 1), born July 19, 1932. Married (1st) to Ethel Burhman, 
They had one daughter and were divorced. He was married (2nd) to 
Norma Statler. They have one son. David was a PFC in the U. S. Army 
from 1953 to 1955 and served in the Army of Occupation in Korea after 
the war. They live on Franklin St. , Hagerstown, Md. . Children: 

345. Janet Lorraine, lives in Hagerstown, Md. with her 
paternal grandparents. 

346, Randy Lee 

214, GERALD PRESTON NIGH (Carl K. 113, Charles B, 41, David F. 
11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Feb, 26, 1936. Married to Dolly Reed. 
They reside on N, Mulberry St, , Hagerstown, Md. and have 2 children. 

347, Wanda 

348. Brenda 

215. PAUL ELLIS NIGH (Charles H. 115, Charles B, 41, David F. 11, 
Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Jan. 28, 1920, Married to Vivian Henson. He 
was in the U, S. Navy stationed in the U. S. during tlie Korean War. They 
have 3 children and live at 1765 Sheridan Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. 

* 349. Paul Nervin 

350, Robert Edwin 

351, Deborah Sue 

217. RICHARD WOLFINGER NIGH (Charles H. 115, Charles B. 41, 
David F, 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Aug. 14, 1928. Married (1st) 
to Jo An Crout, They had no children. He was married (2nd) to June 
Davis, They have one son. June has another child to a previous marriage, 
Richard was a Corporal in the U. S. Army stationed in Germany durir^ 

the Korean War. They reside at Funkstown, Hagerstown, Md. Child: 

352, Robert Howard 

218. HOWARD LADUE NIGH (Charles H. 115, Charles B. 41, David 
F. 11, Samuel 2, henry 1), born Mar. 9, 1931. Married to Beverly 


Joyce Teague, They have 2 children« Their residence is at 46 Randolph 
Ave., H^erstown, Md. Children: 

353. Vickie Lee 

354. Cathy Jo 

219. EDWIN LEROYNIGH (Charles H. 115, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, 
Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Sept. 9, 1932. Married to Mary Louise Shupp. 
He was a Sgt. in the U. S. Air Force stationed in Japan during the Korean 
War. They have 2 children and live at 57 Scotthill Drive, Hagerstown, 
Md. Children: 

355. Edwin Leroy, Jr. 

356. Anthony 

222. EDWARD LEROYNIGH, JR. (Edward L. 118, Charles B. 41, 
David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Aug. 25,1927. Married to Mary 

. They reside in Arizona. Edward Leroy is known as "William". 

They have 2 children. Children: 

357. Son 

358. Daughter 

228. JERRY ELLIS NIGH (Ray E. 121, Charles B. 41, David F. 11, 
Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Aug. 23, 1933. He is married to Shirley Ann 
Lickey, born Dec. 26,1935. They have one son and live at 37 N. Colonial 
Drive, Hagerstown, Md. Child: 

359. David Ellis, born Dec. 26, 1963. 

231. WILLIAM KELLER NIGH, 3RD (WilHam K. , Jr. 125, WiUiam K. 
44, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), born Jan. 31, 1939. He is married 
to Nancy Nunamaker, They have 2 children and live at 1709 Bui'nside 
Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. Children: 

360. Kelly Sue 

361. William Kurt, born in 1964. 

235. ROBERT ACHENS NYE (Wallace 128, Elmer 53, David W. 17, 
David "William" 4, Henry 1), born Feb. 10, 1914 in Nyesville, Pa. Mar- 
ried on Septo 6, 1947 to Helen Elizabeth Clippinger, daughter of Thomas 
F. and Eva (Crusey) Clippinger. Helen was born on Nov. 17, 1911. 
Robert was an aircraft armorer with the rank of Sgt. in the U. S, Air 
Force and served in the U. S. and Panama during World War II. Robert 
and Helen have 2 children and live at 18 N. Morris St. , Shippensburg, Pa. 
He is a stationary firemian at Shippensburg State College. Children: 

362. Lee Clippinger, born Feb. 7, 1949. 

363. Gay Marlene, born Jan. 1, 1953. 

237. WILLIAM KENNETH NYE (Wallace 128, Elmer 53, David W. 17, 
David "William" 4, Henry 1), born Mar. 17, 1923 at Newburg, Pa. 


Married to Mary Ruth Rebv^'c, born Apr. 23, 1925. William was a Motor 
machinist in the Navy during World War II. He served in both the Atlantic 
and Pacific Theatres of war. He also was in the U. S. Navy during the 
Korean War and worked with a troop training group in the Caribbean. 
Y illiam and Mai-y Ruth have 3 children and live in Newburg, Pa. Children: 

364. Marsha Grace, born June 19, 1951. 

365. Wallace William, born Jan. 31, 1954, 

366. Wayne Kenneth, born Apr. 9, 1956. 

239. CHARLES HUTCHISON NYE (Charles H. D. , 139, Henry Clay 56, 

David W, 17, David "William" 4, Henry 1), born in Philadelphia, Pa, on 
June 10, 1937. He graduated from Florida State University with a B, S, 
degree. He married Becky Taylor from Mississippi. She attended Florida 
State University also. Charles had a major in criminology and did post 
graduate work in that field. He had his intern work with the Juvenile Court 
in Birmingham, Alabama. He is now manager of aPinkerton's National 
Detective Agency, Inc. Charles and Becky have 2 children. Their address 
has been withheld upon request. Children: 

367. Charles Taylor, born Dec. 20, 1959, 

368. Brenda M, 

251, FRANK ELMER NYE (RusseU O. 143, Harvey C. 65, John W. 21, 
John 6, Henry 1), born Feb. 22, 1926, Married (1st) to Freda Youse. 
They had no children. He was married (2nd) to Jean Turner from Parkers- 
burg, West Virginia. They had 2 children. He was married (3rd) to Janet 
Kell and they have one child. He is a career man in the U, S. Army, with 
the rank of 1st Sgt. During World War II he saw action in Italy and Ger- 
many and was part of the Army of Occupation in Germany after the war. 
During the Korean conflict he was stationed in Japan. Frank and Janet are 
living in Lawton, Oklahoma where he is stationed presently. Children: 

369. Anna Jean 

370. John Russell 

371. Judith Ann 

252, HAROLD EDWARD NYE (Russell O. 143, Harvey C, 65, John W. 
21, John 6, Henry 1), born on June 13, 1928, On June 27, 1946 he married 
Helena Le Mira Wingert, He was in the U. S, Army Infantry during World 
War II. Harold and Helena have 4 children and reside at R. D. 1, St. 
Thomas, Pa. Children: 

372. Brenda Eileen, born July 25, 1950. 

373. Cheryl Elaine, born May 11,1952. 

374. Rosalie Emma, born May 19, 1958. 

375. Ralph Edward, born Oct. 5, 1959. 

253, GLEN EUGENE NYE (Russell O. 143, Harvey C. 65, John W. 21, 
John 6, Henry 1), born on Apr. 17, 1935. Married to Patty Weyant. They 


have 3 childi'en and live on R. D. 2, Waynesboro, Pa. Children: 

376. Cathy Evelyn 

377. Chester Eugene 

378. Carrol Elsie 

257. WALTER JOSEPH NYE (Oscar 148, Harvey C. 65, John W. 21, 

John 6, Henry 1), born Sept. 4, 1925. Married to Betty Angle. He served 
in the U. S. Navy during World War II in both the Atlantic and Pacific 
Theatres and during the Korean War he was again in the U. S. Navy, serv- 
ing in the Mediterranean area. They have one daughter and reside at 636 
Jefferson Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. Child: 

379. Nancy Jo, born on Dec. 15, 1946. She is attending a 
Brethren in Christ Church College in Winona Lakes, Ind. 

260. ROBERT JAY NYE (Jay W. 167, John E. 68, John W. 21, John 6, 
Henry 1), born Apr. 11, 1937. In 1956 he married Jackie Huey from 
Texas, born on Aug. 5, 1936. They live at 11701 Marine Drive, Jackson- 
ville, Florida and have 2 children. Robert was in the U.S. Air Force from 
1954 to 1958 and was stationed in Germany for part of that time. He is 
employed by Bell and Howell Corporation. Children: 

380. Molly Sharon, born Nov. 11, 1961. 

381. Pamela Sue, born Dec. 3, 1964. 

261. JACK ELWOOD NYE (Jay W. 167, John E. 68, Jolin W. 21, 
John 6, Henry 1), born July 9, 1939. Married to Donna Beecher, born 
Sept. 17, 1942. They reside at 343 E. Burd St. Shippensburg, Pa. Jack 
attended West Chester State Teachers College, West Chester, Pa. He is 
employed by SKF Industries in Shippensburg, Pa. They have one child. 

382. Tracy Lynn, born Oct. 18, 1961. 

262. LARRY ALLEN NYE (Jay W. 167, Jolin E. 68, John W. 21, 
John 6, Henry 1), born Oct. 7, 1945. Married to Bonita Naugle, born 
Mar. 4, 1943, They live at 364-1/2 East King St. , Shippensburg, Pa. and 
have one child. Jack is employed at SKF Industries, in Shippensburg, Pa. 

383. LorieRenee, born Dec. 18, 1963, 

264. LLOYD MARK NYE, JR, (Lloyd M. 167, John E. 68, John W. 21, 

John 6, Henry 1), born July 20, 1941. Married to Darlene Bloom. They 
live at 14-1/2 W. Main St. , Newville, Pa. and have 2 children. Children: 

384. Timothy Mark, born Apr. 11, 1961. 

385. Linda Lou, born Apr. 16, 1964. 

268. ARTHUR EDWIN NYE, JR. (Arthur E. 169, WiUiam 70, Curtis 

22, John 6, Henry 1), born Jan, 24, 1929, Married to Lou Jean Kitty 


Rowe, born May 7, 1930. They live at 615 Salem Ave. , Hagerstown, Md. 
and have 2 children. Children: 

386. Kitty Lee, born Apr. 19, 1951. 

387. Barry Edwin, born Aug, 16, 1953. 

296. GARY ROBERT NYE (David R. 185, Harry J. 76, David H. 28, 

Nicholas 8, Henry 1), born Apr. 8,1939. Married to Joan Bectel, They 
reside at 516 Terrace Drive, New Cumberland, Pa. and have 2 children. 

388. David Robert, born Oct. 4, 1960. 

389. Thomas Allen, born June 3, 1963. 


349. PAUL NERVIN NIGH (Paul E. 215, Charles H. 115, Charles B. 

41, David F. 11, Samuel 2, Henry 1), married to Betty Lou Preston. 
They have one son. Child: 

390. Philip Preston, born in 1963. 



JOHN PETER NEU (John Adam) was born September 29, 1762 and baptised 
at the Quitapohila Church on October 10, 1762, Sponsors were John Peter 
Feltin and wife Mary Catherine (Neu). It would seem that the John Peter 
in both the John Adam and John Nicholas families were each named for 
this John Peter Feltin as he and his wife acted as sponsors for each of the 
children at their baptism. The assumption that this John Peter is the son 
of John Adam Neu and not the John Peter who was born in 1753, the son of 
John Nicholas Neu is based entirely on the names given to the children of 
he and his wife Rebecca. Children: 
* John, born Jan. 27, 1785, 

John Peter (possibly John Weber), born Mar. 27, 1787. 

son (probably Adam), born Aug. 15, 1791; based on tombstone 


Elizabeth, born Jan. 20, 1795. 

John Henry, born July 22, 1797. 


1. JOHN NIGH (John A. , John Peter), born 1785. He married Christina 

Bardner, born 1784 in Pa. The census of 1790 shows him living in Dauphin 

Co. , Pa. Later, the 1850 census shows him living in Crawford Co. , Ohio. 


* 2. Peter, born Nov. 8, 1808. 

2a. John, born 1818. 

2b. Philip, born 1822. 


2. PETER NIGH (John 1), born Nov. 8, 1808 in Dauphin County, Pa. 
He married in 1835 at Lockport, N. Y. Elizabeth Dorothy Free, born 
Oct. 7, 1815; died Mar. 2, 1888. Children: (all born in Crawford 
County, Ohio) 

3. Elizabeth, born Apr. 1, 1836; died ^r. 23, 1845. 

4. Sarah, born Nov. 9, 1837; died Apr. 21, 1911. She married 
David Weil. 

* 5. Henry, born June 22, 1839; died Sept. 12, 1912. He married 

Mary Marcella Speaker. 

* 6. Emanuel P. , born Aug. 30, 1841. 

* 7. John A. , born Jan. 19, 1843. 

* 8. Peter, born July 4, 1844. 

9. Mary, born July 2, 1846. She married William Ambrose. 
10, Permelia, born July 13, 1848; died 1929. She married George 


H. Hoddenott. 

11. Lorry Anne, born Sept. 9, 1850; died Sept. 28, 1914. She 
married Edward Schuler. 

12. Emaline, born Feb. 2, 1853; died Feb, 28, 1928. She married 
John Dixon. 

13. Ellen, born July 17, 135o: died Feb. 8, 1863. 

14. Leali, born Dec. 19, 1857; died June 12, 1931. She married 
Edward Snook. 

15. Lucy, born Jan. 27, 1861; died May 27, 1947. She married 
Jacob Schultz. 


5. HENRY NIGH (Peter 2, John 1), born June 22, 1839 in Crawford Co. , 
Ohio. He married October 4, 1866, Mary Marcella Speaker, born Mar. 8, 
1840; died Dec. 3, 1903. He died Sept. 12, 1912 at Montpelier, Ohio. 

16. Leonard Benton, born Aug. 21, 1868; died July 25, 1939. 

17. Oscar Lloyd, born Mar. 8, 1872; died Feb. 12, 1930. 

18. Emerson Boyd, born Nov. 29, 1873. 

19. Anna, born Nov. 26, 1878; died May 24, 1950. She married 
Oct. 2, 1901, George Dugot. 

6. EMANUEL P. NYE (Peter 2, John 1), born Aug. 30, 1841 in Craw- 
ford Co. , Ohio. He married Elizabeth Seiple, born Feb. 27, 1844; died 
Apr. 28, 1904. He died June 10, 1910 at Payne, Ohio. Children: (all 
born in Seneca, Ohio) 

20. Albert, born Nov. 10, 1866; died Aug. 12, 1919. 

21. John F, , born Mar. 22, 1868; died Aug. 17, 1921. 

22. Son, born Mar. 17, 1870; died Mar. 17, 1870. 

23. Solomon, born Apr. 16, 1871; died May 23, 1871. 

24. Melvin O. , born Dec. 17, 1873; died July 12, 1933. 

* 25. Earl Benjamin, born Mar. 31, 1875. 

26. Wilson Peter, born July 20, 1876. He married Ida May Brown. 

27. Franklin P. , born Apr. 7, 1879; died June 7, 1879. 

28. Tongo, born Aug. 5, 1880; died Aug. 26, 1880. 

* 29. Ralph C. , born Aug. 3, 1882; died Sept. 29, 1951. He mar- 

ried Nora D. Williamson. 

30. Edison J. , born Apr. 14, 1887. He married Sadie May Foltz. 

7. JOHN PETER NYE (Peter 2, John 1), bom Jan. 19, 1843 in Craw- 
ford Co. , Ohio. He married Lavina Catherine Hosier, born Apr. 9, 1854; 
died Oct. 1, 1908. He died May 1, 1923 at Gallon, Ohio. Children: 

31. Warren, born Apr. 14, 1872; died July 22, 1951. He married 
Jennie Nickle. 


32. Icabod, born 1873; died 1879. 

33. Ella, born Aug. 18, 1876, She married Williard Monoque 

* 34. Glenn, born Apr. 1, 1882; died Mar. 14, 1914. He married 

Hannah Kastler. 

35. Florence, born Oct, 12, 1892. She married Abram Laipply. 

36. Weir Clinton, born Apr. 13, 1886. He married Ina G. Boney. 

8. PETER NYE (NIGH) (Peter 2, John 1), born July 4, 1844. He mar- 
ried Harriet Amanda Speaker, He died May 1, 1923. Children: 

* 37. Theodore Edward, born 1874. 

38. Son 

39. Daughter 

40. Daughter 


25. EARL BENJAMIN NYE (Emanel P, 6, Peter 2, John 1), born Mar. 
31, 1875, He married Leona Elma Smith, born July 25, 1884, died Sept. 
8, 1946. He died Oct. 19, 1939. Children: 

* 41. George L. , born July 2, 1902. 

42. Earl Edson, born Mar. 5, 1908 and twin (died Oct, 9, 1912). 

43. Everett Earnest; died Aug. 21, 1961. 

29. RALPH C. NYE (Emanuel P. 6, Peter 2, John 1), born Aug. 3, 
1882 at Payne, Ohio. He married (1st) Nora D. Williamson. He married 
(2nd) Clara Mona, daughter of Kelsey J. and Eliza (Savage) Vanderhope. 
He died Sept. 29, 1951. Children: 

44. Laura Imogene, born Mar. 1, 1909. 

45. Reah Annette, born Aug. 2, 1912; died Sept. 12, 1913, 

46. Robert Paul, born Dec. 29, 1914; died Oct. 16, 1943. 

47. Nola EHen, born Aug. 31, 1917; died Mar. 10, 1918. 

34. GLENN NYE (John P. 7, Peter 2, John 1), born Apr, 1, 1882 at 
Carrothers, Ohio. He married in 1902, Hannah daughter of Christian and 
Brigetta (Young) Kastler. Child: 

48. Earl John, born July 31, 1903 at Cleveland, Ohio. 

37. THEODORE EDWARD NYE (Peter 8, Peter 2, John 1), born 1874. 
He married 1893 Etta Elizabeth born 1877, Children: 

* 49. Chester, born Jan. 21, 1884. 

50. Hazel, now Mrs. Will Ruth of Springfield, Ore. 

51. Lester, resides in Hornbrook, Calif. 

52. Lula, bom Jan, 17, 1900. She married Oct. 5, 1942 at Reno, 
Nev. Orestes Thatcher, son of Fred and Mary Thatcher. 



41. GEORGE L. NYE (Earl Benjamin 25, Emaneul P. 6, Peter 2, John 1), 
bom July 2, 1902 in Douglas Co. , Neb. An electrician, soldier and instruc- 
tor in maintenance of synthetic training devices at San Antonio Air Depot; 
retired civil service. He has resided at Omaha, Neb. and Santonio, Texas. 
No children. 

49. CHESTER NYE (Theodore E. 37, Peter 8, Peter 2, John 1), born 
Jan. 21, 1894. He married Aug. 1, 1920 Chlora Masterson, born Ai^r. 1, 
1896. Children: 
* 53. Warren Ray, born Apr. 22, 1925, 

54, Camille, now Mrs. Wayne Ryan of The Dalles, Ore. 


53. WARREN RAY NYE (Chester 49, Theodore E. 37, Peter (Nigh) 8, 
Peter (Nigh) 2, John (Nigh) 1), born Apr. 22, 1925, at Springfield, Oregon. 
He married Jan, 19, 1952 at Dufur, Oregon, Winona, daughter of Leland 
and Florence Fulton, 



1. SAMUEL NEY was the youngest son of John Nicholas Neu, grandson 
of John Adam Neu. He and those descendants identified in this survey 
carried the name of NEY. He was born Feb. 15, 1797. He was baptized 
Apr. 2, 1797 at Bindnagle. Sponsors were Martin Long and wife. He 
married Catherine Kaiser. Children: 

2. Elizabeth, born Sept. 9, 1818, 
* 3. Joel, born Mar. 17, 1820. 

4. Lucetta, married Thomas Couts. 

5. Priscilla, born June 24, 1823. 

6. Lydia, born Apr. 6, 1827; married Ricker. 

7. William 

8. Caroline, born Apr. 14, 1830. 


3. JOEL NEY (Samuel 1), born Mar. 17, 1820 in Palmyra, Lebanon Co., 
Pa. He married May 1, 1845 Mary, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth 
Gayman. She died Dec. 24, 1895. He was a farmer and served as tax 
collector for Middle Paxton Twp. Children: 

9. Amos, born Aug. 21, 1846; served in the U. S. Army. 

10. Henry, born Dec. 25, 1848. 

11. John, born Feb. 15, 1851; died Mar. 18, 1887. 

12. Catherine, born Feb. 17, 1854; married John Bickle, 
* 13. Lewis, born Oct. 24, 1857. 

14, Louisa, born Oct. 21, 1860; died Oct. 28, 1862. 

15. Charles; died Oct. 14, 1869. 


13. LEWIS NEY (Joel 3, Samuel 1), born Oct. 24, 1857. He married 
Aug. 17, 1876, Clara, daughter of John and Sarah Geistwhite. He was a 
farmer. Children: 

16. Frank, born Feb. 14, 1877. 

17. Mary Alice, born Dec. 22, 1878. 

18. George Lewis, born Sept. 24, 1880. 

19. Harper Joel, born Sept. 3, 1887. 







in the U. S. A. 

Compiled by 
Mrs. Mildred L, Carr Nye 


Compiled by: Mrs. Mildred L. Carr Nye 

In offering this compilation for publication, the author wishes it 
understood that it is the work of a strictly amateur genealogist, and is her 
first attempt at compiling family history. 

Since marrying into the Nye family over thirty-three years ago, she 
has been interested in recording data on the immediate families — descen- 
dants of her husband's grandfather. Only seven years ago did she commence 
the task of gathering data for the two other main branches of this genealogi- 
cal record. The only name she had in her files at that time on which to 
build this part of the record was that of Rev. William A. Nye, the man who 
had reared her husband's orphaned grandfather. With that name, and an 
innate curiosity for genealogical matters, this compilation was begun. 

There have been many pleasures in the task, wliich the compiler 
considers her number-one hobby, the most enjoyable phase being the op- 
portunity of making the acquaintance of so many of the distant "cousins", 
especially the elderly ones. 

That the time for publication has arrived before the mystery of the 
"missing link" could be solved is the principal regret. Even as this 
material is submitted, the search for that name is continuing. 

The finding of that name is her hope for the immediate future. Her 
desire for the far-distant future is that a great-great granddaughter, who 
she feels certain will inherit her curiosity for genealogical matters, will 
some day discover this record on a dark and dusty shelf, and will enthu- 
siastically exclaim, "Well, bless Granny!" 

Sources of Information and Acknowledgments 

Information for the first three generations of this compilation has 
been obtained from several sources. Items used and the names of the 
persons furnishing them are as follows: 

1. A photographic copy of an abstract of the birth registration of 
"Anselm Neu", together with a transcript and an English translation 
of the same. Also, "a little data concerning the history of the Nye 
family". By Rev. Russell G. Nye. 

2. A copy of the data from the family Bible of Anselm Neu (Rev. William 
A. Nye) plus a few later additions (record was not complete). By 
Ruth E. Nye. 

3. Data on Rev. William A. Nye's family by his second marriage, most 
of which "is taken from a single sheet of paper in Aunt Emma's 
handwriting". By Gerald Frank Nye. 

4. Information as copied from the obituaries of the following: 

a. Elizabeth Neu (Nye) Warren - by Florence Warren -Waddington. 

b. Rev. William A. Nj'e - by Gerald Frank Nye. 


c. Henry Nye - by Anna Elizabeth Warren. 

d. John Wesley Nye - by Louis Scott-Gray. 

e. Harry Wolfe Nye - by Gertrude White-Clark. 

5. Biographical information on W. A. Nye (Sr. ) and William A. Nye (Jr. ) 
as published in "Portrait and Biographical Album of Washington, Clay, 
and Riley Counties, Kansas" (Chapman Bros, , 1890, pp. 1068-1069). 
by. Mildred L. Nye, Kansas City, Missouri. 

6. Copies of biographical sketches concerning Rev. William A, Nye, 
Elizabeth E. Nye-Warren, and members of their families, as found 
in the following references in the Ottumwa Public Library: 

a. "Portrait and Biographical Album of Wapello County, Iowa" 
(Chapman, 977.77, p. 437). 

b. "History of Wapello County" (Western, 977, 77, pp. 614, 637 
and 645). 

c. "History of Wapello County" (Waterman, Vol, 2, 977.793, p. 

by Catherine Newquist. 

7. Data personally obtained from: 

a. The same or similar publications (as above) in the Iowa State 
Historical Library, Iowa City, 

b. The book, "Pioneering on Iowa Prairies" (Russell G, Nye, 
1960, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 60-16956). 
Purchased from the Methodist Church, Agency, Iowa. 

c. The microfilm copies of the 1850 and the 1860 Federal Census 
records of Wapello County, Iowa State Historical Library, 
Iowa City. 

d. The 1850 Federal Census and the 1856 State Census of Wapello 
County, Iowa State Department of History and Archives, Des 

e. TheD. A.R. compilations, "Pike County, Ohio, Court Records 
of Marriage" (Vols. I and II, 1952) and "Ross County Ohio 
Court Records of Marriage" (Vols. I and II) D. A-R. Library, 
Washington, D, C, and Ohio State Library, Columbus, Ohio, 

f. Gravestone inscriptions in the Chillicothe and Columbia 
cemeteries in Wapello County. 

g. The obituary of "Mrs. Anna M. Nye" (Anne Marie Habig-Neu) 
as published by the Ottumwa Weekly Courier, (Oct. 19, 1871, 
page 3, Column 3). Obtained from the Iowa State Department 
of History and Archives, Des Moines. 

No legal records have been obtained to verify any of the information 
in generations four to seven, inclusive. Much of the additional informa- 
tion concerning the first three generations, plus all data on the remaining 
four generations has been obtained by correspondence and personal inter- 
views with many representative members of the various branches of the 
Nye family, especially the elder members where possible. 

In addition to those persons already named, who have also con- 


tributed much other information, others whose assistance in furnishing 
data is deserving of special recognition are: Hugh B. Nye*, Leonore 
Lesher-Mclntire, Addie McCallum-Roberts*, and many others who have 
compiled the records of their own immediate families or who have 
assisted in other ways. 
(* Deceased) 


Explajiatory Notes 

In this genealogical record, a system of numbering has been adopted 
whereby any descendant can be immediately traced to the common pro- 
genitor, Georg Ludwig Neu, I. 

Each child in each family is assigned a number according to the order 
of his birth in that family; e, g. , 1.6 means the sixth child of the first an- 
cestory; 1. 6, 4 means the fourth child of the sixth child of ;the first ances- 
tor, etc. 

Adopted children, or children of adopted children are likewise as- 
signed a number, but this number appears in parentheses; both in the text 
and in the index of the direct descendants. 

Persons who have married into the family (in-laws) are assigned the 
same number as the spouse; likewise step-children are assigned the same 
number as the parents. These latter two groups are listed together in a 
separate index. 

Women who have married into the family are indexed by their maiden 
name. If a woman has been previously married, her maiden name is used, 
if known, both in the text and in the index. If her maiden name is not known, 
her previous married name is used in the index, followed by "Mrs. " in 
parenthesis. Her previous marriage is usually referred to in the text if 
that information is available. 

If the first name of a person is in parentheses, this indicates that 
name was not, or is not, commonly used by that person. If a name other 
than the first appears in parentheses, that name is usually a shortened 
form or the name by which that person is more commonly known. 

Information on any person listed in the index of direct descendants 
may be located in the text by using his assigned nvmiber. First, disre- 
gard the final digit and refer to the remaining number in that correspond- 
ing generation (three remaining digits , Third Generation; five remaining 
digits, Fifth Generation, etc.) where that person's name will be found 
listed in his parents ' family. 

If an asterisk appears before his name as here listed, this indicates 
that he himself was or is a parent, in which case liis own biography is 
given in the following generation under his own complete number, and 
where also his own child or children are listed. 

The biography of a person who has never married, or who has 
married but does not have children, is given in the same generation with 
his parents. 

Information on any person listed in the index of other names (in- 
laws) may be found by referring to his assigned number in that corres- 
ponding generation (six digits. Sixth Generation, etc.) where such infor- 
mation is included with the marriage information of his spouse. 




Born 1766 or 1767, probably in Germany, He was 57 years old at the 
time of the birth of his son, Anselm Neu (1. 7) on May 25, 1824; and at that 
time he was residing in "the Community and Mayorality of Leistadt, of the 
province of Durkheim, provincial Commissariat of Neustadt in the Royal 
Bavarian Rhine District" according to an abstract from the birth registers 
of the community of Leistadt concerning the birth record of his son, 
Anselm Neu, In later years one of his granddaughters, (Emma Susan Nye 
1. 7. 9) who was an Iowa schoolteacher, took a trip to Europe and located 
his former home. It was a stone house built in the wall around the village. 
A great-granddaughter (Fannie Nye, 1. 7. 1. 4) also visited this area in 
1928, but due to a severe rain storm, she did not go to Leistadt, 

According to most sources of information, he immigrated to the 
United States with his wife and at least two of his children, Elizabeth (1. 6) 
and Anselm, in the early 1830's, landed at New York, and traveled to 
Waverly, Pike Co. , Ohio. The obituaries of his wife and of his two known 
children, the family Bible of his son, Anselm (William A. Nye) and pub- 
lished biographical records of his children disagree as to the exact year 
of immigration (from 1833 to 1835), One descendant believed he arrived 
in 1831. 

Concerning his emigration from Germany one great-grandson 
stated: "Georg Ludwig Neu, who lived in Bavaria, with his family became 
a part of a group of political refugees. They traveled, in 1834, via 
vehicles drawn by oxen, to Brest, France. Here they sold their equip- 
ment and livestock to help pay their passage to the United States. They 
settled in Chillicothe, Ross Co. , Ohio. " 

Another great-grandson believed that the emigration occurred for 
a different reason. He believed that Anselm' s father was the younger son 
of a well-to-do Bavarian gentleman, upper middle class or lesser nobility; 
and that, like most Bavarians, the family was of the Catholic faith. This 
descendant further believed that the younger son broke with this religion 
and that this, in turn, resulted in his break with the family, and in his 
leaving home, going first to England where he married an English woman 
and became the father of four or five young sons before sailing to America. 

He died Oct. 8, 1834, at Waverly, Pike Co. , Ohio, according to the 
published biographies of his children. However, there are several con- 
flicting beliefs among his descendants concerning the time, place, and 
circumstances of his death. His burial place is unknown. No death re- 
cord or obituary has been located. 

The obituary of his wife did not mention the death of her husband. 
The information given in the obituary of his daughter, Elizabeth, was that 
her father had lived only one week after their arrival at Waverly, Ohio; 
and his son Anselm' s obituary agreed that Georg Ludwig had died shortly 
after their arrival in Ohio. 


Despite the information in these obituaries and in the published bio- 
graphies, several of his great-grandsons who have been contacted have 
had widely different opinions concerning the death of their ancestor. 
The opinion of one was that Georg Ludwig Neu was robbed and 
killed shortly after his arrival in New York, and that after his death the 
older sons of the family obtained work and remained in the East while the 
mother brought the two younger children, Elizabeth and Anselm, to "Ohio. 
He believed that this was the manner in which the family became separated 

Another great-grandson firmly believed that this great-grandfather 
died enroute to the United States, that he was buried at sea, and that only 
the widow, with Anselm and several younger brothers arrived in New York 
This descendant's version of the family's separation was that the widow, 
being practically destitute, "farmed out" the younger children into homes 
where they were offered care, and that she brought only Anselm to Ohio, 
her first destination being Marietta, Ohio. 

Still another great-grandson made the definite statement that "Georg 
Ludwig died a few years after coming to the United States". 

Marriage: Date and place unknown. To Anne Marie (Mary) Habig, 
born September 4, 1782, in Germany. She was known as "Mary Nye" in 
this country. She resided in Ohio after the death of her husband, migrat- 
ing later to Iowa, probably at the time of her children's migration with a 
caravan of pioneers (1844-45) and settling at Chillicothe in Wapsllo County. 
She was residing in the home of her son, William Anselm Nye (1. 7) at the 
time of the 1850 Federal Census and the 1856 State Census of that county. 
She spoke only German, and was a member of the German Reform Church. 
She died October 10, 1871, in Cass Township, Wapello Co. , Iowa. Interred 
at Chillicothe under the name "Mary Nye". Her obituary is headed, "Mrs. 
Anna M. Nye". 

(That so many varying opinions could develop within so few genera- 
tions of time is not only interesting but also frightfully indicative of how 
soon the facts concerning present generations may become distorted un- 
less family records are carefully preserved. ) 

1. 1 A daughter who married and stayed in Germany (?). Name unknown. 
Only one descendant of Georg Ludwig Neu has mentioned the existenc 
of this daughter. Nothing further known about her. 
1. 2) Names and number unknown. Several great-grandsons of Georg 
1. 3) Ludwig Neu believed that there were several boys in this family who 
1. 4) were in some way separated from the rest of the family. One 

grandson of William A. (Anselm) Nye made this statement: "This 
is factual and certain: Grandfather Nye never gave up search for 
his lost brothers and never located any of them . . . this search 
became an obsession with him in his later years. He spent a great 
deal of time and money in tracking down fruitless clubs. " 
(These numbers; 1. 2, 1. 3 and 1.4, are unassigned to allow for addi- 
tions to this record should any of these "lost brothers" be located. ) 


1.5 A son who was the father of Henry Nye. Name unknown. 
("Missing Link") Born probably in Germany, prior to 1824. 

1.6 Elizabeth E. Neu (Nye). Born July 17, 1821, in Leistadt, 
(spelled "Leischtot" in her obituary), Bavaria, Germany. 

1. 7 Anselm Neu (William Anselm Nye). Born May 25, 1824, in 
Leistadt, Bavaria, Germany. 



Name unknown, ("Missing Link"). Born probably in Germany, prior 
to 1824. One great-grandson of Georg Ludwig Neu stated that Georg Lud- 
wig Neu and his wife "brought three children with them to the United States: 
The father of Henry, Elizabeth and Anselm. " Brief searches in the "Pas- 
senger Lists of Immigrants Arriving at New York" in the National Archives 
have failed to disclose further information. No legal records or anything 
in print has been located to identify the father of Henry Nye. However, 
much evidence exists to indicate that, whatever his name, he was probably 
a son of Georg Ludwig Neu. So far as is known he was the father of only 
the one son, Henry, who was born Januarj' 3, 1844, at Waverly, Pike Co. , 
Ohio, according to Henry's obituary and gravestone data. 

In a newspaper account of Henry Nye's death (obituary) this statement 
was made: "Mr. Nye's parents (not named) moved to Chillicoth (Iowa) when 
he was an infant, and when but a lad of five years he was left an orphan. " 
This fixes the date of death of Henry's father between 1844 and 1849, and 
the probable place as Wapello County, Iowa. 

Marriage: Date and place unknown, probably in Pike or Ross Coonty, 
Ohio. Wife's name unknown. Her death probably occurred in Wapello Co. , 
Iowa, between 1844 and 1849. 

(It is interesting to note at this point that, in addition to the marriage 
of William A. Nye and Rebecca Wicker, there are recorded in "Pike County 
Ohio, Court Records of Marriage"; D. A. R. , 1952; the following two mar- 
riages which occurred there early enough that either couple could possibly 
have been the parents of Henry Nye: (1) George Nye and Lucinda Warren, 
married April 5, 1838; and (2) George Nye and Louisa Allen, married 
January 2, 1840. It should also be noted that neither of these marriages 
appears in the 1907 Nye genealogy book. This fact, however, does not 
prove that either of these two Nyes were of Georg Ludwig's family nor that 
either was the father of Henry Nye. ) 

* 1.5.1 Henry Nye, born January 3, 1844, at Waverly, Pike Co. , 


1.6 ELIZABETH E. NEU (NYE), born July 17, 1821, in Leistadt, Bavaria, 
Germany. She was confirmed in the Lutheran Church at the age of 13, and 


at about that same age she came with her parents to America and settled 
at Waverly, Pike Co. , Ohio. After her marriage she and her husband 
farmed in Pike County until they moved to Wapello County, Iowa, in 1844- 
45, members of a caravan of pioneers. (For more details of this immi- 
gration to America and the migration to Iowa, see the biography of her 
brother, Anselm Neu (William Anselm Nye, 1. 7)). 

She died January 4, 1900 in Wapello Co. , Iowa, interred at 

Marriage: September 21, 1837, in Ross County, Ohio, to Tillman 
Warren, the son of John Warren, Jr. He was born about 1810 in Ohio. 
He was the first mail carrier between Ottumwa and Chillicothe, Iowa, and 
rode horseback to make the deliveries. He died March 10, 1855, in 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. Interred at Chillicothe. 

Mary Jane Warren, born about 1838 in Pike County, Ohio. 
Died in infancy. 
1. 6. 2 Richard Tilton Warren, born about 1840 in Pike County, Ohio. 
He was brought to Wapello Co. , Iowa, with his parents 
when a child. He enlisted in the 36th Iowa Infantry on August 
9, 1862, and was mustered into service September 6, 1862. 
He died August 2, 1863, at Helena, Arkansas. Interred in 
Mississippi River National Cemetery at Memphis, Tennessee. 
He was never married. (In the summer of 1962, just 100 
years after his enlistment, his niece, Florence Warren- 
Waddington (1. 6. 5. 2) visited his grave. She is believed to be 
the only one of his relatives ever to have done so. ) 

* 1. 6. 3 Rhoda Warren, born about 1842, in Pike Co. , Ohio. 

* 1. 6. 4 William Warren, born about 1844, in Pike Co. , Ohio. 

* 1.6.5 John Adam Warren, born September 29 , 1847, in Wapello 

Co. , Iowa. 

* 1. 6. 6 Silas Warren, born February 2, 1850, in Wapello Co. , Iowa. 

* 1. 6. 7 Catherine Warren, born June 21, 1852, in Wapello Co. , 


* 1. 6. 8 George L. Warren, born January 5, 1855, in Wapello Co. , 


1. 7 ANSELM NEU (REV. WILLIAM ANSELM NYE), born May 25, 1824, 
in Leistadt, Bavaria, Germany. Sources of information disagree as to the 
exact date he came to America with his parents, but it was in the early 

It is not known when the family changed the name from Neu to Nye, 
or by what method this was done, although it is believed they made the 
change shortly after coming to the United States, and that at that time 
Anselm had the name 'William" prefixed to his name. 

The following information is from a published biography of his life 
(Portrait and Biographical Album, Wapello County, Iowa. Chapman. 


p, 437): ". , . In the spring of 1830 he commenced attendance in the school 
of his native town, where he continued the following four years, and then 
his father sold his property at a great sacrifice in order (as he said) to 
emigrate with his children to a free country. They embarked in July, 
1834, and after a voyage of 37 days landed in New York City where, after 
a few days, they resumed their journey westward, and located in Waverly, 
Pike Co, , Ohio. After a few days the father was seized with a fatal illness 
and died on the 8th of October, 1834. After this misfortune the family re- 
moved to a farm near Waverly where W. A. Nye attended school and began 
to learn the English language. " 

His obituary gives much the same story and continues: "He remained 
on the farm and attended school three months in the winter until he was 
eighteen years of age. ... On the third of October, 1844, he was mar- 
ried to Miss Rebecca Wicker and five days later they left Ohio to seek a 
home and fortune in the far west. After stopping a few months in Knox 
Co'onty, Illinois, they came to Wapello County, Iowa, arriving here on the 
first day of March, 1845. " 

Concerning this migration to Iowa, one of his grandsons later wrote: 
"About ten years after settling in Ohio, the group leanred of "the New 
Purchase" of land in what is now Iowa, from the Sac and Fox Indians, and 
of its being opened to settlers, May 1, 1843. A caravan of them came to 
Iowa during the autumn and winter of 1844-45. They were told of some 
desirable land on the south side of the Des Moines River, that had not been 
homesteaded because of the difficulties of crossing the river. However, 
they located a place where an approach to the river could be made. Thej^ 
used it and crossed the river on ice with their ox-drawn prairie schooners. 
They entered the new area on the south side of the river in February, 
1845, and named the place, Chillicothe, after their former home in Ohio. " 

The first Sunday School in Wapello County was organized near 
Chillicothe in June, 1845, in a log cabin home of William Anselm Nye, 
who was a Methodist circuit rider and rode horseback over the state to 
spread the Gospel. He was the superintendent of that Sunday School. 

In 1890, a biog-raphy of his son, William A. Nye, Jr. (1.7.3) of 
Washington County, Kansas, was published, within which was this short 
sketch concerning "The father of the subject, W. A. Nye" (Portrait and 
Biographical Album of Washington, Clay and Riley Counties, Kansas. 
Chapman, pp. 1068-1069): "W. A. Nye is a resident of Wapello County, 
Iowa, and is one of the oldest living pioneers of that state. He has a farm 
of near 300 acres near Chillicothe, where he is engaged in farming and 
breeding fine stock. He is of German descent and has resided in Iowa 
since 1843. The estate which he now owns was entered by him prior to the 
admission of Iowa as a state. Before the war, he was engaged in a general 
merchandise trade in Chillicothe and continued in that business for several 
years. He has held a number of township offices and was treasurer of 
Wapello County from 1881 to 1885. He is of Republican politics and has 
been a delegate to countjs state and congressional conventions. " 


He was a member of Ottumwa Lodge #16, A. F, and A. M. , Ottumwa, 
Iowa, having been initiated January 19, 1881. 

Rev. William Anselm Nye died December 6, 1894, Chlllicothe, Iowa. 
Interred Chillicothe cemetery. 

Marriages: (1) Octobers, 1844, Pike County, Ohio to Rebecca 
Wicker, bom June 21, 1826, Pike County. She died August 8, 1855, 
Chillicothe, Iowa. Interred Chillicothe cemetery. (2) January 24, 1856, 
at Agency, Iowa, to Mary A. Hoyt, born i^ril 7, 1830, Meigs Co. , Ohio. 
She died September 28, 1922, Eddyville, Iowa. Interred Chillicothe cem- 
etery. Her first marriage was to Alanson Persons, November 18, 1849, in 
Ohio. He died a few weeks later. 


(1) First marriage (Rebecca Wicker): 

* 1.7.1 George Louis Nye, born September 28, 1845, Chillicothe, 

Wapello Co. , Iowa. 

* 1. 7, 2 John Wesley (Wes) Nye, born March 13, 1848, Chillicothe. 

* 1.7.3 William Anselm, Jr., born December 2, 1849, Chillicothe. 

* 1.7.4 Samuel Andrew Nye, born October 25, 1851, Chillicothe. 
1. 7.5 Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Nye, born February 14, 1854, at 

Chillicothe. Late in life, August 21, 1907, she married 
Henry M. Moore at Chillicothe. She was living in Albia, 
Monroe Co. , Iowa, at the time of the death of her brother, 
John Wesley (1. 7. 2) in 1908. Her death date is not known. 
Interred at Carlisle, near Des Moines. No Children. 

(2) Second marriage (Mary A. Hoyt): 

1.7.6 Charles Hammond Nye, born November 8, 1856, Chillicothe, 
Died March 5, 1865, Chillicothe. Interred Chillicothe. 

1. 7. 7 Luella (Ella or Nell) Nye, born April 11, 1858, Chillicothe. 

Died June 12, 1928. Interred at Chillicothe. Never married, 

* 1.7.8 Ida Katheryn (Kate) Nye, born August 9, 1860, Chillicothe. 
1.7.9 Emma Susan Nye, born July 2, 1862, Chillicothe. She 

taught in the Ottumwa public schools. One of her nephews 
wrote this concerning her: "She was a great woman and 
certainly a 'rugged individualist'. She was interested in 
educational work all her life. For several years she was 
superintendent of schools in Wapello County. She made 
several trips to Europe, traveling third class, and studied 
as a special student in Berlin, Leipsig and Paris . . . 
Long after learning that she was suffering from cancer, she 
volunteered for service with the Mount Berry school in 
Georgia ... On one of her trips to Europe she made an 
effort to learn more about Grandfather William Anselm Nye. " 
She died in 1924 or 1926 at Plainview, Nebraska, where 
she had lived from time to time after her mother's death 
(1922) with her brother and wife. Dr. Frank Hoyt Nye (1. 7. 
10). She also spent one winter after her mother's death in 


New York at the home of her sister, Ida Kate Nye Strong 

(1. 7. 8). She was never married. 
1. 7. 10 Frank Hoyt Nye (Mistakenly referred to as "Harry Frank" 

in several records, ) Born February 10, 1866, at 

1.7.11 Edward B. Nye, born May 5, 1868, at Chillicothe. 


1. 5. 1 HENRY NYE, born January 3, 1844, at Waverly, Pike Co. , Ohio, 
his parents' names unknown. A newspaper account of his death (obituary) 
contained this additional information: "... Mr. Nye's parents moved to 
Chillicothe (Iowa), when he was an infant, and when but a lad of five years 
he was left an orphan. " 

It is known that Henry Nye lived a part of his early life at Chilli- 
cothe in the home of Rev. William A, Nye (1. 7) believed to have been his 
uncle. He is listed in that household in both the 1850 Federal Census of 
Wapello County and in the 1856 State Census of that county. William A. 
Nye's widowed mother, Mary, was also listed in that home at those times. 
In both records her name appeared below the names of the children of 
William A, Nye, and Henry's name appeared below her name. 

According to the newspaper article referred to above, Henry re- 
turned to Ohio at the age of fifteen years and made his home with an uncle 
until August, 1861, when he enlisted in the 33rd Ohio Company D Infantry. 

His grandson, Victor A. Nye (1. 5. 1. 1. 6) recalls listening when a 
child to his grandfather's tales of his experiences during the Civil War. 
Published records of the movements and battles of the 33rd Ohio unit 
verify his grandfather's reports, the highlight of them all being his claim 
to having personally witnessed the surrender of Lee to Grant, and to hav- 
ing participated in Sherman's famous march to the sea and in the Grand 
Review at Washington, D. C. (The writer of tliis biography, who is the 
wife of Victor A. Nye, laments the fact that Grandfather Nye, by his 
marching to the sea with Sherman, shares with him the guilt of having 
burned the courthouse at Canton, Cherokee Co. , Georgia, thereby des- 
troying the legal records pertaining to all four of her grandparents and 
several of her great-grandparents ! Incidentally, three of her great- 
grandfathers fought with the Confederates, one of them serving with a 
company known as the "Cherokee Lincoln Killers", and another one serv- 
ing with the "Cherokee Revengers". ) 

After the Civil War, Henry returned to Chillicothe, Iowa, where 
he married shortly afterwards, the Rev. William A. Nye officiating at the 
service. He then resided near Chillicothe where all of his five children 
were born during the years 1867 to 1877 inclusive. 

He brought his family to Thomas County, Kansas, by covered 
wagon in 1886 and settled near Oakley. During this trip to Western Kansas 


Henry Nye 


the family camped in Washington County, Kansas, near Morrowville, where 
the younger William A- Nye, Jr. (1. 7.3) was then residing with his family. 
This younger William A. Nye had a son Hugh B. Nye (1. 7. 3, 2) who was 
about six years of age at that time. In late 1957, Hugh B. Nye (then about 
77) could still recall the details of this family's camping near his father's 
home, even though there seemed to have been no contacts between the two 
families during the intervening years. He remembered the names of 
several members of the family. 

Henry Nye lived in Thomas County, near Oakley, most of the re- 
maining years of Ms life. After the death of his wife in 1922 he lived with 
his son, Charley W. Nye (1. 5. 1, 1) near Oakley, and then with his daughter. 
Myrtle Alice Nye-Hildebraddt (1.5, 1.4) at Saline, Kansas, Saline County. 
He died May 28, 1928, at Salina, Kansas. Interred at Oakley, Kansas. 

Marriage: December 31, 1865 at Chillicothe, Iowa, to Rhoda 
Catherine Warren, born October 12, 1850. at Lafayette, Indiana, the 
daughter of Ambrose Warren and Mary Ann Hockman. She was a niece of 
Tillman Warren, husband of Elizabeth E. Nye (1. 6). Because of this re- 
lationship, the descendants of Elizabeth E. Nye are doubly related to the 
descendants of Henry Nye. She died January 14, 1922, at Oakley, Kansas. 
Interred at Oakley. 


* 1.5,1,1 Charley William Nye, born February 10, 1867, near 

Chillicothe, Wapello Co. , Iowa. 

* 1,5,1.2 (Richard) Tilton Nye, born February 22, 1869, near 


* (Thomas) Clayton Nye, born May 4, 1871, near 


* 1,5, 1,4 Myrtle Alice Nye, born November 11, 1874 near 


* Cora Jane Nye, born March 23, 1877, near Chillicothe, 
Interesting quotations taken from letters received from the distant 

"cousins" concerning their knowledge of Henry Nye: 

A grandson of Rev. William A. Nye: "When a lad, I recall hearing 
my father and Ms brothers talking of Henry Nye living in their home at 
Chillicothe . , . As we understood it, Henry Nye's father was an older 
brother of our grandfather, William Anselm Nye". 

A granddaughter of Elizabeth Nye-Warren: "I know Henry Nye was 
raised by Uncle William Nye. " 

Another granddaughter of Elizabeth Nye-Warren: "I too tMnk 
Henry was a nephew of Uncle William Nye". 

A daughter-in-law of Rhoda Warren-Clark: "I do remember Mother 
Clark speaking of Henry Nye as her cousin. " 

Another grandson of Rev. William A. Nye: "Your statement about 
Henry Nye was a big surprise to me, for I never heard of Mm. If he was 
reared by my grandfather he must have been much older than Grand- 
father's family by his first wife and lived in some other part of the country. ' 


Another grandson of Rev. William A. Nye: "I don't recall anything 
about Henry Nye. It does seem to me there is a vague recollection of hav- 
ing heard the name but I can't identify him in any way. " 

Another grandson of Rev. William A. Nye: "While I realize that I 
have been unable to help establish the name of Henry's father, I am grate- 
ful to you for having 'prodded' me into putting together for the first time 
much that I am sending to you. 

'In our younger days, if we ever give a thought to matters of family 
history, I believe that we rely on the older folks to preserve the records. 
Then, as we become the older generation, we find too late that records 
have been lost. 

"I feel sure that somewhere in a family Bible our history has been 
recorded. " 

1. 6. 3 RHODA WARREN, born about 1842 in Pike Co. , Ohio. Brought to 
Wapello Co. , Iowa, by her parents with a caravan of pioneers in the 
autumn and winter of 1844-45. Interred at Chillicothe, Iowa. 

Marriage: To Anthony W. Clark. 

Children: George Me Ivin Clark, born November 1, 1872, Wapello 
Co. , Iowa. 

1. 6. 3. 2 Frank Clark, married Lena Pierce. No children. 

* 1. 6. 3. 3 Minnie May Clark. 

1. 6. 4 WILLIAM WARREN, born about 1844, in Pike Co. , Ohio. Brought 
to Wapello Co. , Iowa, by his parents with a caravan of pioneers in the 
autumn and winter of 1844-45. After his marriage, he lived in Ottumwa, 
Iowa. Interred in the Ottumwa cemetery. 

Marriage: To Jane Conwell, daughter of John Conwell and Kitty 
Griffin-Conwell. She was a sister of Albert Conwell who married Catherin 
Warren (1. 6. 7) and a first cousin of Eliza Eleanor Conwell who married 
John Adam Warren (1. 6. 5). Interred in the Ottumwa cemetery. 


* 1. 6.4. 1 Bert Allen Warren, born July 16, 1878, Wapello Co. , 


* Lora Bell Warren, born July 18, 1880, at Eldon, Iowa, 

Wapello Co. 

1. 6. 5 JOHN ADAM WARREN, born September 29, 1847, in Wapello Co. , 
Iowa, near Chillicothe. Attended school at Jack Oak in Wapello County. 
He was a farmer and never lived out of Wapello Couaty. He died Novem- 
ber 19, 1937, in Polk Township, Wapello Co. Interred at Chillicothe. 

Marri^e: January 22, 1874, near Muntervllle, Wapello Co. , to 
Eliza Eleanor Comwell, daughter of Obadiah and Miriam Heacock-Conwell. 
She was born February 25, 1850, at Sherodsville, Ohio and came to Cass 
Township, Wapello Co. , Iowa, in October, 1854. She died March 20, 


1940, at Albia, Monroe Co. , Iowa. Interred at Chillicothe. She was a 
first cousin of Jane Conwell who married William Warren (1. 6,4) and a 
first cousin of Albert Conwell who marriori Catherine Warren (1. 6. 7). 
('Jane and Albert Conwell were sister and orother. ) 

1.6.5. 1 Anna Elizabeth Warren, born November 21, 1874, in 

Wapello Co. , Iowa. She received her education in rural 
schools in Wapello County, at Chillicothe High School, 
Highland Park College, Des Moines, and Drake Univer- 
sity, Des Moines. 

During World War I she was employed by the Civil 
Service Department in Washington, D. C. She taught 
school in Chillicothe, and at Hiteman and Albia in Monroe 
Co. , Iowa. At the time of her retirement she was prin- 
cipal of Jefferson School in Albia, and continued to serve 
as a substitute teacher. 

She was a member of the Methodist Church and was a 
past noble grand of the Rebekah Lodge. 
She died at Albia, Iowa, January 1, 1963. Interred at 
Chillicothe. Never married. 

* Florence Miriam Warren, born June 12, 1879, in Colum- 

bia Township, Wapello Co. , Iowa. 

1.6.6 SILAS WARREN, born February 2, 1850, Wapello Co. , Iowa. Died 
June 21, 1920, Interred at Chillicothe, Iowa. 

Marriage: May 4, 1882, to Fannie A. Forsjrthe. She died June 6, 
1888, shortly after the birth of her third child. Interred at Chillicother, 


1.6.6. 1 Dora E. Warren, married Earl Brewer. No children. 

She died April 14, 1947. 
1. 6, 6. 2 James Tillman Warren, died in 1885 at 11 days old. 

Interred at Chillicothe, Iowa. 
1.6.6,3 Fannies, Warren, born June, 1888. Died June 13, 1888 

at 12 days old. Interred Chillicothe, Iowa. 

1. 6. 7 CATHERINE WARREN, born June 21, 1852, Wapello Co. , Iowa. 
Interred Chillicothe, Iowa. 

Marriage: April 11, 1877, to Albert Conwell. He was born Febru- 
ary 22, 1846, the son of John Conwell and Kitty Griffin-Conwell. His sis- 
ter, Jane Conwell, married William Warren (1. 6.4) and his first cousin, 
Eliza Eleanor Conwell, married John Adam Warren (1. 6.5). 


1. 6. 7. 1 Daughter, Died young. 

1. 6. 7. 2 Daughter, Died young. 

* 1. 6. 7. 3 Kathryn (Warren) Conwell, was the daughter of George 

L, Warren (1. 6, 8) and Ellen Reams-Warren and was 


reared by the Albert Conwells after the death of her 

1.6.8 GEORGE L. WARREN, born January 5, 1855, Wapello Co. , Iowa. 
Interred Chillicothe, Iowa. 

Marriages: Several times. His first wife was Ellen Reams. 

Another wife also had the given name of Ellen. One may have been Mary 

Children: (order of birth not certain) Emma E. Warren, died October 18, 1881, Intferred in 
Chillicothe, Iowa, cemetery, as "daughter of G. L. and 
M. E. Warren". 
1. 6. 8. 2 Child. Name unknown. Died yoimg, 
* 1.6,8.3. Kathryn (Katie) Warren, born August 20, 1885, in Wapsllc 

Co. , Iowa. She was later adopted by Albert and Catherine 
Conwell (1. 6. 7) after her mother's death. 

1. 7. 1 GEORGE LOUIS NYE, born September 28, 1845, at Chillicothe, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. His name is the English equivalent of the name of his 
grandfather, Georg Ludwig Neu (1). His youngest son, Russell G. Nye, 
(1. 7. 1. 6) who is the author of the book, "Pioneering on Iowa Prairies" 
(October, 1960 - Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 60-16956) 
stated in the preface to that book that his father was the first white child 
born in Cass township and the third white child bom in Wapello Coanty. 

George Louis Nye served in the Civil War, enlisting in 1863, He 
was in Co, B. 7th Reg. , Iowa Vol. Inf. and his name appears among those 
of other veterans on the Soldiers ' Monument in the Agency community. His 
son, Russell G. , in the book mentioned above, made this statement: "One 
of the most cherished memories of childhood is that of Brother William and 
myseK, sitting on our father's lap on winter evenings and listening to 
stories of his experiences during the Civil War. " A half-nephew of George 
Louis Nye later reported that his Uncle George once yisited his father's 
home when he, the nephew, was a small boy, and he could recall "some of 
his tall tales about Indian fights. " 

George Louis Nye and his daughter, Minnie (1. 7. 1. 2) operated the 
Agency, Iowa, Post Office from 1897 to 1914. He also farmed near Agency 
He died November 14, 1922, at Agency, Iowa. Interred in the Agency 

Marriage: July 9, 1868, at Agency, Wapello Co. , Iowa, to Sarah 
Jane Dudley. She was born in 1847, in Wapello Co. , Iowa. She died 
April 12, 1925, at Agency. Interred at Agency. 


* 1. 7, 1. 1 Charles Melvin Nye, born June 11, 1869, at ChlUicothe, 


* Minnie L. Nye, born March 21, 1871, near Agency. 

* Aurelia M. Nye, born .^ril 6, 1873, Agency. 

1. 7. 1.4 Fannie Nye, born March 15, 1876 or 1876 near Agency. 


She taught school in Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co, , a number 
of years. At one time she went West for her health, re- 
maining about two years. 

She took a trip to Europe in 1928 and visited the area in 
Germany from which the Neu family emigrated to America, 
but due to a severe rainstorm, she did not go to Leistadt. 
However, she is believed to be the one who obtained the 
abstract of the birth registration of "Anselm Neu" and 
brought it to the United States. (Her brother. Rev. 
Russell G. Nye, is now in possession of the original 
copy, which is written in German script. He took it to 
the Professor of German at Grinnell College who made a 
transcript and a translation. ) 

She died November 21, 1938, at Des Moines. Interred at 
Agency. She was never married. 

* 1. 7. 1. 5 William Dudley Nye, born June 30, 1884. 

* 1. 7. 1. 6 Russell George Nye, born January 22, 1887, near Agency. 

1. 7. 2 JOHN WESLEY (WES) NYE, born March 13, 1848, at ChiUicothe, 
Iowa. He was a Civil War Veteran, serving in Co. L. , 7th Iowa Cavalry 
until June, 1865. He later farmed near Dudley, Iowa. He died December 
26, 1908, at Des Moines. Interred at Lovilia, Monroe Co. , Iowa. 

Marriage: April 22, 1869, at Dudley, Iowa, to Eliza Frances 
Wolfe. She was born December 18, 1849, in Ohio. She died March 22, 
1909. Interred at Lovilia, Monroe Co, , Iowa. 


* 1. 7. 2. 1 Harry Wolfe Nye, born February 24, 1873, at Dudley, 


* Leonard Park Nye, born August 1, 1875. 

* 1.7.2,3 Libbie Alice Nye, born October 23, 1877. 

* Bertha Frances Nye, born March 17, 1883, at Albia, 

Monroe Co. , Iowa. 

1.7.3 WILUAM ANSELM NYE, JR. , born December 2, 1849, at ChiUi- 
cothe, Wapello Co. , Iowa. The following information is taken from a 
biography of his life which was published in 1890 (Portrait and Biographi- 
cal Album of Washington, Clay and Riley Counties, Kansas, Chapman 
Bros. ) "... He attended school until seventten years of age, when he 
left home and engaged as clerk for Taylor, Blake and Co. , druggists in 
Ottumwa, With that firm he remained for three years. The following 
six years were spent in Springfield, Keokuk County, as a drug clerk for 
C. C. Wilson. He next went to Rose Hill, Mahaska County, where he 
clerked in a drug store for one year. In the spring of 1877, he came to 
Kansas and settled on land three miles north of Morrow, in Mill Creek 
Township, Washington County, where he was engaged in farming for six 
years. In April, 1885, he moved into Morrow and engaged in the hard- 


ware and drug business with T. J. Cummins, under the name of Nye and 
Cummins. Mr. Nye subsequently bought out his partner's interest and 
continued the business alone until the spring of 1889. He then sold out to 
V. T. Reeve and bought the general merchandise stock of Alexander 

"Mr. Nye served as Township Clerk in Keokuk County, Iowa. He 
has been Justice of the Peace and a member of the school board in Mill 
Creek Township. His political sjrmpathy and vote are given to the Repub- 
lican party. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Mr. Nye 
is a well-informed man, with keen business ability and good principles, 
and is a prominent citizen of the town where he has made his home. " 

William A. Nye moved to Valley Falls, Jefferson Co. , Kansas, in 
1908, and to Effir^ham, Atchinson Co. , in 1911. He died May 4, 1940, at 
Effingham. Interred in Effingham Evergreen Cemetery. 

Marriage: December 16, 1874, at Springfield, Keokuk Co. , Iowa 
to Addie Matilda Lash. She was born in Iowa and was one of at least nine 
children of William and Mary Lash. 


* 1.7.3. 1 Carrie Adelle Nye, born December 20, 1875, at Spring- 

field, Keokuk Co. , Iowa. 

* Hugh B, Nye, born July 20, 1880, near Morrowville, 

Washington Co. , Kansas. 

* (Bertha) Mabel Nye, bom July 16, 1882, near Morrow- 


* (William) Earl Nye, born December 30, 1890, Morrow- 

1. 7. 3. 5 (Edwin) Ray Nye, born August 20, 1895 at Morrowville. 
He was graduated from Atchison County High School at 
Effingham, Kansas. He farmed with his father until he 
joined Field Artillery in World War I. After the close 
of the war, he attended Kansas State Agricultural College 
at Manhattan, Kansas. 

He worked for a lumber company at Effingham, and was 
manager of Alexander Lumber Co. at Havensville, Kan- 
sas. He had his own lumber business at Cummings, 
Kansas, until he served Bankers Life Insurance Co. of 
Nebraska as farm manager of that company's farms in 
north central Missouri, until those farms were sold. He 
was again in the lumber business until 1947, compliance 
inspector for Federal Housing Authority at Topeka, 
Kansas. In 1955 he was transferred to Kansas City, 
Kansas, as supervisor of construction, F. H. A. Pre- 
sently living in Overland Park, Kansas. 
Marriage: March 15, 1919 at Leavenworth, Kansas, to 
Mary Mildred Bagby, born July 22, 1899, at Skidmore, 
Missouri, the daughter of Basil Augustus Bagby and 


Susan Arena Bagby, (the latter two no relation). She at-' 
tended Atchison County High School and took a secretarial 
course at Huff School, Kansas City, Missouri. She was 
secretary for a clothing company in Kansas City and in 
Chicago before her marriage. No children. 
1. 7.3. 6 Mildred Louisa Nye, born March 7, 1899, at Morrow- 

ville, Washington Co. , Kansas. She was graduated from 
Atchison County High School at Effingham, and taught at 
Stony Point School for one year. She was graduated from 
Bethany Hospital School of Nursing in 1921, She also at- 
tended Kansas City (Missouri) Junior College, the Uni- 
versity of Kansas City (now University of Missouri at 
Kansas City), the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; 
and did post graduate work in Orthopedic, Pediatric 
Nursing at Gillette State Hospital for Crippled Children 
at St. Paul, Minnesota. She holds a Bachelor of Science 
degree from College of St. Teresa, Kansas City. 
For nine years she was Night Supervisor of Nurses, 
Bethany Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas. She was Super- 
visor and Orthopedics Nurse, Visiting Nurse Association, 
Kansas City, Kansas, for several years; and since 1941 
has been a school nurse employed by The Board of Edu- 
cation, Kansas City, Missouri. She is presently residing 
in Kansas City, Missouri. Not married. 

1. 7.4 SAMUEL ANDREW NYE, born October 25, 1851, at Chillicothe, 
Wapello Co, , Iowa. He farmed near Dudley. He died December 25, 1928, 
at Dudley. Interred in the Columbia Cemetery, Wapello Co. 

Marriage: December 8, 1872, at Dudley, Iowa, to (Mary) Lydia 
Wolfe, known as "Aunt Lyd" to her nieces and nephews. She was born 
January 28, 1851, and died February 13, 1937. Interred in the Columbia 


* 1. 7. 4. 1 Clarence Wesley Nye, born January 30, 1875. 

* Ernest Dorr Nye, born September 16, 1887. 

1. 7. 8 IDA KATHERYN (KATE) NYE, born August 9, 1860, at Chillicothe, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa„ Private school and tutoring. Taught school briefly. 
She was a housewife, active in church work, and in Shakespeare Club, 
Ottumwa, Iowa. She died September 1, 1942, at Washington, D. C. In- 
terred in the Mt. Hope Cemetery, Hastings -on-Hudson, New York. 

Marriage: March 9, 1883, at Chillicothe, Iowa, to William David 
Strong, born April 16, 1854, at Oxford Junction, Iowa, the son of William 
H. Strong. He was raised on a farm in Nebraska, went to Iowa in early 
manhood and was graduated from business college. He was for a number 
of years proprietor and principal of the Ottumwa Business College. He 


also taught in or owned business colleges in Newton, Kansas, and Helena, 
Montana. He returned to Ottumwa and worked as an accountant for an in- 
dustrial corporation until 1916 when he moved to New York and continued 
his work in accounting until the age of 76. He died March 27, 1933, at 
Grinnell, Iowa. Interred Mt. Hops Cemetery, Hastings-on-Hudson, New 

* Earl D. Strong, born February 15, 1885, at Tecumseh, 

Johnson Co. , Nebraska. 
1. 7. 8. 2 Harold Frank Strong, born January 17, 1890, at Ottumwa, 
Wapsllo Co, , Iowa. He was graduated from the Ottumwa 
High School in 1908, and from Grinnell College, Iowa, in 
1912 with a B. A. degree. During his school years he was 
assistant to the regional YMCA secretary and to the 
International YMCA Secretary. He attended Student Union 
Theological Seminary, New York, 1913-15, and served 
as assistant pastor of the Grinnell Congregational Church 
1915-16. From 1917-18 he was assigned to War Camp 
Community Service, continuing in that service after the 
war until 1920. 

For the next four years he was a member of the staff of 
Tambly:i and Brown (institutional money raisers) and 
was owner and president of the Harold F. Strong Corp- 
oration, New York, (money raisers) from 1924-42. 
Later, for about three years, he served as vice-presi- 
dent of Finance, Pacific University, Forest Grove, 
Oregon. His last position was with the San Francisco 
Convention and Visitors Bureau as Assistant Director, 
which position he held until his recent death, February 
14, 1964. 

Marriage: May 28, 1940 to Madelyn Stevens Constable, 
born 1902 in Jersey City, New Jersey. In March, 1961, 
she had no living near relatives. No children. 

1. 7, 10 FRANK HOYT NYE, born February 10, 1866, at Chillicothe, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. He received his M. D. from Iowa University in 1891 
and practiced medicine in Plainview, Pierce Co. , Nebraska, from 1893 
to 1946. He was prominent in various community affairs — mayor, 
school board, band director, etc. He was a ;member of the Masonic 
Lodge. Died July 19, 1944, at Plainview, Nebraska. Interred at Plain- 

Marriage: June 20, 1894 to Ellen Lerum at Plainview, Nebraska. 
She was a local civic leader and estabUshed the first Plainview Library, 
serving as president of its board for 50 years. She died June 29, 1949, 
at Norfolk, Madison Co. , Nebraska. 



* 1. 7. 10. 1 Gerald Frank Nye, born June 10, 1896, at Plainview, 

1,7,10.2 Frederic Anselm Nye, born Oct. 14, 1903, at Plainview, 
Nebraska. He died October 27, 1927. Never married. 

1. 7. 11 EDWARD B. NYE, born May 5, 1868, at Chillicothe, Wapello Co. , 
Iowa. One of his nephews wrote: "He was a real estate man, in modest 
circumstances. " He died September 12, 1949, at Ottumwa. Interred in 
Ottumwa Cemetery, 

Marriage: July 4, 1893, at Chillicothe, Iowa, to Minnie Allen. 
She died November 14, 1947 at Ottumwa. 

Children: Maurine Nye, born 1895. She married Goeusseff. 

She died during the "flu epidemic" of 1918. No children. 

1. 7. 11. 2 Marjorie Nye, born 1897. Died a few months after the 
death of her sister. Never married. 


1. 5. 1. 1 CHARLEY WILLIAM NYE, born February 10, 1867, at Chilli- 
cothe, Wapello Co. , Iowa. He grew to manhood in the vicinity of Chilli- 
cothe, moving with his parents to Western Kansas by covered wagon in 
1886 when his father homesteaded northeast of Oakley in Thomas County. 
He returned to Iowa for a few months coming again to Kansas in the 
spring of 1887. 

After his marriage in 1889 he and his wife lived in the same 
neighborhood as his parents until late in 1890 when they moved to Elgin, 
Oregon. In 1893 they returned to Kansas in a covered wagon, a trip which 
took from June until mid-September. He bought a half section of school 
land seven and a half miles northeast of Oakley. Here they built a sod 
house with dirt floor in which they lived until they could build a frame 
house. They remained on this farm until September, 1942, when they 
retired and moved into Oakley. 

In April, 1949, they celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary, 
on which occasion a long-time neighbor wrote the following tribute: "Hav- 
ing known this fine couple for more than fifty years, added a sentimental 
value to the occasion for us. Pioneers like these paved the way for the 
rest of us and we feel that Mr. and Mrs. Nye are especially deserving. 
The time was when there wasn't much money in evidence but the bond of 
friendship among the old settlers was ever strong and it did not take an 
organization to push it either. Homestead days were happy days. Some- 
one asked them if they were happy, to which they answered 'yes' so 
quickly that we thought it was a great testimony after sixty years together. " 

They lived to see one more anniversary, and then he died Septem- 
ber 3, 1950, at his home in Oakley. Interred in the Oakley Cemetery. 


Charley William Nye and Wife 


Marriage: April 21, 1889, near Oakley, Kansas, to Mary Jane 
Kerlin. She was box-n December 24, 1868, at Kirksville, Wapello Co. , 
Iowa, and was the daughter of Greg Aljoe Kerlin and Martha Sinn if- Kerlin. 
She grew to womanhood in the vicinity of Kirksville and came to Kansas in 
the spring of 1889. She united with the Bell Prairie Methodist rural 
church July 9, 1899. She was a faithful member of the church and taught 
the little folks in the Bell Prairie Sunday School for many years. Her 
husband was also a member of the Methodist Church. 

After her husband's death she continued to live in her Oakley 
home until March, 1954, when she moved to the Shady Lawn Rest Home at 
Garden City, Kansas. She died October 14, 1955, at Garden City. Interred 
in the Oakley Cemetery. 


1. 5. 1. 1. 1 Daughter, born May 24, 1890, near Oakley. Died the 
day of birth. 

* (Stella) May Nye, born yi^ril 9, 1892, near Elgin, 


* 1. 5. 1. 1.3 Emma Frances Nye, born November 22, 1893, near 

Oakley, Kansas. 
1. 5. 1. 1.4 (Netta) Pearl Nye, born November 14, 1896, near 

Oakley. She attended the Bell Prairie School near her 
parents' home. She was married (1) August 8, 1917 
to S. Arthur Stacey. They lived at Greeley, Colorado, 
a number of years. After this marriage ended in 
divorce she later married (2) Earl Tanner. After 
his death she married (3) Roy Simmons of Nampa, 
Idaho, where she has since made lier home. No 
children of her own, but there are several grown 

* 1.5.1,1.5 Ray Nye, born October 4, 1901, near Oakley. 

* Victor Alan Nye, born August 16, 1911, near Oakley. 

1. 5. 1.2 (RICHARD) TILTON NYE, born February 22, 1869, at ChiUicothe, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. He came to Thomas County, Kansas, by covered 
wagon with his parents in 1886 when they homesteaded northeast of Oakley, 
He was a boiler maker for Rock Island Railway at Goodland, Sherman Co. , 

He died June 9, 1939, at Goodland, Interred at Goodland. 

Marriages: (1) to Sarah Rebecca Connally, the daughter of Henry 
and Katherine Connally. She was born November 22, 1879, at Mt. Carroll, 
Illinois. She died January 18, 1919, at Goodland, Kansas. (2) In 1928, to 
Theresa Somberg. She had been previously married. 

Children: First marriage (Sarah Rebecca Connally) 

1. 5. 1. 2. 1 Albsrt Nye, born January 1, 1900 in Thomas County 
near Oakley, Kansas, He worked as a machinist for 
Rock Island Railway at Goodland, Kansas for many 


years. He died July 11, 1956. 

* 1. 5. 1.2. 2 Lula Elizabeth Nye, born October 25, 1901, near 


* 1. 5. 1. 2. 3 Erma Alice Nye, bom September 4, 1904, at Goodland, 

Sherman Co. , Kansas. 

* 1. 5. 1. 2, 4 Etliel May Nye, born September 4, 1904, at Goodland. (THOMAS) CLAYTON NYE, born May 4, 1871, near Chillicothe, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. He came to Thomas County, Kansas, by covered wagon 
with his parents in 1886 when they homesteaded northeast of 03.kley, He 
spent some time in the state of Idalio but lived most of his life in Kansas 
near Oakley and near Junction City, Geary County, where he raised his six 
living children. He died July 19, 1949, at Junction City, Kansas. Interred 
in the Highland Cemetery at Junction City. 

Marriage: To Rosetta Sumner. She was born September 18, 1885, 
at Atwood, Rawlins Co. , Kansas. She later married T. J. Kimberling and 
resides in California. 


* 1. 5. 1. 3. 1 Orval Jess Nye, born April 22, 1903, 

1.5. 1.3.2 Clarence William Nye, born December 18, 1904, near 
Oakley in Thomas Co. , Kansas, He grew up in Thomas 
County and near Junction City, Geary Co. , Kansas. 
He served ten years in the U.S. Army (1935-1945). 
He was stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas, and served thir- 
teen months overseas in Hawaii, the Philippines, and 
Okinawa. After his military service he resided in 
Los Angeles, California, several years and is now 
living at Yucaipa, California, where he is employed 
on a cattle ranch. 

Marriages: (1) at Junction City, Kansas to Mattie 
Pearl Simpson. Divorced. (2) June 9, 1952, at 
Las Vegas, Nevada, to Grace B. Sullivan, the daugh- 
ter of Jimmie Sullivan and Emma Handcock. Both 
wives had been previously married. No children of 
either marriage. 

Cecil Nye, born July 27, 1906. Died November, 1906. 
Florence Nye, born September 11, 1907. Died 
January, 1908. 

Kenneth W. Nye, born January 18, 1909. 
Katherine Sylvia (Katie) Nye, born November 25, 1911. 
Mabel Emma Clementine Nye, born August 23, 1912. 
Clayton Charles Nye, born September 6, 1914. 
(Not traced). 

1,5.1.4 MYRTLE ALICE NYE, born November 11, 1874, near Chillicothe, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. She came to Thomas County, Kansas, by covered 


1,5. 1.3.3 
1.5. 1.3,4 



* 1. 5. 1. 3. 7 

wagon with her parents in 1886 when they homesteaded northeast of Oakley. 
She was married in Thomas County and moved to Salina, Saline Co. , Kan- 
sas about three years later where she lived the remainder of her life. She 
died December 19, 1939, at Salina. Interred at Salina. 

Marriage: In 1897, in Thomas County, Kansas, to John Hilde- 
brandt. He was born April 24, 1854, in Durum, Germany, and lived in 
Germany, Texas, and Kansas. He died December 17, 1921, at Salina. 
Interred at Salina. 


* 1, 5. 1.4. 1 Harley Joseph Hildebrandt, born August 26, 1899, 

Oakley, Kansas. 
1. 5. 1.4. 2 Jessie Neil Hildebrandt, birthdate and place not 

known. He has lived at Salina, Kansas, most of his 
life. He is owner and operator of the Salina Glass 
Co. Not married. 

* Dorothy Katherine Hildebrandt, born March 12, 1908, 

at Salina, Kansas. 

1. 5. 1. 5 CORA JANE NYE , born March 23, 1877, near Chillicothe, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. She came with her parents to Thomas County, Kan- 
sas, by covered wagon in 1886 when they homesteaded northeast of Oakley. 
After her marriage she and her husband farmed in the same vicinity. 
After her husband's death she was employed in several homes as a house- 
keeper, but made her permanent home with her only living daughter, 
Goldie Jane Wilkins -Sowers, (1. 5. 1. 5. 2) in whose home she now resides 
at Oakley, 

In September 1957, at the age of 80 years, she made her first 
trip back to Iowa since leaving there as a child. Her greatest disappoint- 
ment of this return visit was finding the Des Moines River at Chillicothe 
"just a puddle" as compared to its size as she had always remembered it 
when her family "ferried" across it ;to reach the town. 

(Although the native residents conceeded that the river is perhaps 
less voluminous nowadays, her nephew and wife, Victor Nye (1. 5. 1. 1. 6), 
in whose company she made the visit to the scenes of her childhood, have 
since wondered if perhaps that apparent shrinkage in size of the Des 
Moines River may not be attributable to the difference in the imate of 
things as seen through the eyes of an eight-year-old in comparison with 
those seen by an octogenarian!) 

Marriage: October 19, 1903, at Colby, Thomas Co. , Kansas, 
to George Willard Wilkins. He was born January 5, 1879, in Iowa, and 
died April 19, 1928, at Quinter, Kansas. Interred at Oakley. 


1.5. 1. 5. 1 Sylvia E. Wilkins, born October 9, 1904, near 

Oakley, in Thomas Co. , Kansas. She died December 
28, 1917, near Oakley. Interred at Oakley. 

1. 5. 1. 5. 2 Goldie Jane Wilkins, born July 31, 1907, near 


Oakley, She attended the Bell Prairie rural school 
and the Oakley Consolidated Schools and was employed 
as a saleslady in a retail store in Salina, Kansas, be- 
fore her marriage. After her marriage she and her 
husband operated a farm near Oakley. They moved in- 
to Oakley in 1954 where they are presently residing 
while continuing to operate their Thomas County farm. 
She is a member of the Eastern Star and the Rebekah 

Marriage: December 15, 1929, to Lank R. Sowers. 
He was, born August 27, 1908, near Oakley, in Thomas 
Co. , Kansas, the son of George Valentine Sowers and 
Mary Elizabeth Wilson. He is a past master of the 
Oakley Masonic Lodge and a member of the lOOF. 
1. 5. 1. 5. 3 Ruby May Wilkins, born November 11, 1909, near 
Oakley. She died January 2, 1918, near Oakley, 
only a few days after the death of her older sister, 
Sylvia E. Wilkins. 

1. 6.3. 1 GEORGE MELVIN CLARK, born November 1, 1872, in Wapello 
Co. , Iowa. He lived at Chillicothe and Ottumwa and dealt in livestock and 
real estate. He died in 1920. 

Marriage: November 25, 1896, to Mamie A. Bucher. She was 
born December 13, 1875, in Mahaska Co. , Iowa, the daughter of Richard 

Bucher and . She taught school and was a housewife. She is presently 

residing in Ottumwa, Iowa. 


* 1. 6. 3. 1. 1 Grace Clark, born May 14, 1899, at Chillicothe, Iowa. 

1. 6. 3. 3 MINNIE MAY CL.'^K, birth and death dates not known. 
Marriage: to William Ramsey. 
1. 6. 3. 3. 1 Gerald Ramsey. (Not traced. ) 

1. 6. 4. 1 BERT ALLEN WARREN, born July 16, 1878, in Wapello Co. , 
Iowa. Presently residing at Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Marriage: April 13, 1904, to Grace Pumroy. 


* 1. 6.4. 1. 1 (Leah) Elizabeth Warren, born December 12, 1907, 

at Ottumwa. 

* 1. 6. 4, 1, 2 William Robert Warren, born November 2, 1912, at 

Ottumwa. LORA BELL WARREN, born July 18, 1880, at Eldon, Iowa. She 
died April 5, 1935, at Des Moines. 

Marriage: October, 1903, to Loren Allen 


Child: Waldo Bert Allen, born November 17, 1907. Deceased, 
date not known. Never married. 

1. 6. 5. 2 FLORENCE MIRIAM WARREN, born June 12, 1879, in Columbia 
Township, Wapello Co. , Iowa. Whea she was four years old her parents 
moved to Polk Township and she resided there until her marriage. She at- 
tended White Oak and Conwell schools in that county, and college in Des 

After her marriage she and her husband farmed until 1953. Fol- 
lowing his death she was operator of the Munterville switchboard for three 
years. She resided at Chillicothe for several years and moved to Bloom- 
field, Davis Co. , Iowa, in June, 1964, where she now makes her home. 

A note of interest at this point concerns the chance acquaintance 
of the subject of this biography and her biographer, which began in the 
Chillicothe cemetery in Wapello County with the presence there of only the 
one party, the writer. 

In September, 1957, on her first visit to this little cemetery, she 
copied gravestone inscriptions from all "Warren" stones, as well as from 
"Nye" stone, because of the fact that her husband's paternal grandmother's 
maiden name was "Warren" (1. 51. ) — not knowing at that time that the 
Warren family was connected in any other way with the Nye family. 

Among the inscriptions copied was that from the grave of James 
Adam Waddington whose wife was Florence Warren- Waddington (above), 
still living, but whose name and birthdate appear on the stone with her 

Upon arriving back in Western Kansas, these notes were laid 
away with other accumulated family data. Two years later, the information 
was again brought forth; and when pieced together and compared with other 
inscriptions copied at that same time, and with other later findings, the 
discovery was made that this Florence Warren is a granddaughter of 
Elizabeth E. Neu-Warren (1. 6) who came to America from Germany. 

From this unusual introduction, and after a few resulting in- 
quiries, a correspondence developed between the two parties; and in the 
fall of 1960, on the next trip to Iowa, the writer personally visited Florence 

The following summer, despite her eighty- two years, this little 
old lady, unaided and unaccompanied, boarded a train in Iowa and came to 
Oakley, Kansas, to spend a week with her long -lost "cousins". During her 
stay the family tree was brought forth, and through the keen memory and 
alert thinking of the Iowa visitor, many additions were made to the records, 
both in the NYE family line and in the WARREN family line. 

Later research revealed the fact that her grandfather, Tillman 
Warren (1. 6) was an uncle of Rhoda Catherine Warren (1. 5, 1) thus proving 
double relationship between the two families. 


Marriage: February 26, 1907, to James Adam Waddington. He 
was born June 6, 1869, near Chillicothe, Wapello Co. , and attended 
school in Chillicothe. He was a farmer and worked on the railroad when- 
ever the river took the crops. He died July 10, 1954, in Woodbum, Iowa. 
Interred at Chillicothe. 


* 1. 6. 5. 2. 1 Orlando Waddington, born December 15, 1907, in 

Wapello Co. , Iowa. 

*,2 Hazel Waddington, born February 27, 1909, near 

Dudley, Wapello County. 

* Garnet Waddington, bom December 22, 1910, near 

Dudley. KATHRYN (WARREN) CONWELL, born August 20, 1885, in 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. After her mother's death she lived with her aunt, 
Catherine Warren-Con we 11 (1. 6. 7). She was graduated from Drake Uni- 
versity and taught kindergarten before her marriage. She lived in the 
Philippines from 1909 to 1913, in Brazil from 1920 to 1938, and in Cuba 
from 1928 to 1960. She died August 30, 1962, in Florida. Interred in 
y Marriage: October 14, 1909, in Iowa, to Arthur John Mitchell. 

^ He was born September 28, 1883, in Missouri, the son of John Mitchell 
and Addie F. Fautz. He was graduated from Drake University as a 
lawyer, and practiced law for a while. Most of his life he was with Dun 
and Bradstreet, as manager, in Brazil and in Cuba until he retired in 
1948. He also taught school and was Superintendent of Schools in the 
Philippines during his early married life. He died February 10, 1963, 
at Miami, Florida. Interred at Miami. 
1. 6. 8. 3. 1 Ramona Mitchell, born February 20, 1913, at 

Tacoma, Washington. She lived in Cedar Rapids, 
Ottumwa, and Des Moines, Iowa, until 1920, and in 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 1920 to 1927. She 
attended Holy Cross Academy at Washington, D, C, 
from 1927 to 1929, and St, Mary's College, Notre 
Dame, Indiana, 1929 to 1930. She lived in Cuba 
from 1930 to 1960 with nurses' training in between 
(1932- ) and secretarial work from 1933 to 1939. 
Marriage: October 3, 1939, at Havana, Cuba, to 
Ralph Estrada. He was born September 6, 1888, at 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother's maiden 
name was Martin. He attended Notre Dame Uni- 
versity, Indiana, and George Washington University, 
Washington, D. C. He lived and worked mostly in 


Cuba as vice-president and chief engineer of Cuban 
Atlantic Sugar Company's subsidiary — Cia Aguerere 
Atlantica del Golfo. He retired in 1956. He and his 
wife are presently residing at Miami Beach, Florida, 
having left Cuba in October, 1960, because of Fidel 
Castro. No. children. John F. W. Mitchell, born June 29, 1915, in Iowa. He 
lived in Iowa until 1920, and at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 
until 1927. He attended Mt. St. Joseph's Academy, 
Baltimore, Md. , from 1927 to 1930. After 1930 he 
lived in Cuba, finishing school at Ruston Academy. He 
made the army his career from 1943 to 1963 when he 
retired. He is now working in Los Angeles, California. 

1. 7. 1. 1 CHARLES MELVIN NYE, born June 11, 1869, at Chillicothe, Iowa. 
The family later moved to Agency City, Iowa, where he was graduated from 
Agency High School in 1888. After the death of his first wife he moved to 
Chicago where he worked for the Union Stock Yard Company. There he 
met and married his second wife. He died July 23, 1924, at Chicago, 
Interred in Brooks Cemetery at Hedrick, Iowa. 

Marriages: (1) December 24, 1893, to Arz'illa Buttorf of Hedrick, 
Iowa. She was born December 20, 1864. She died April 8, 1904. Interred 
in Brooks Cemetery, Hedrick, Iowa. (2) To Henrietta Hust. She was born 
July 10, 1876, at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and came to Chicago with 
her parents when she was about three years old. Her education consisted 
of a few years in grammar school, but she was interested in all things she 
could read, and in that way increased her knowledge. Her first marriage 
was to Cornelius Heffernan. She had two daughters by that marriage, 
(Mary) Agnes and Henrietta Catherine. She died April 2, 1933, at Chicago, 
and is interred in the Oakwoods Cemetery, Chicago. 

Children: First marriage (Arzilla Buttorf): 

* Lloyd M, Nye, born November 10, 1896, in Agency 

Township, Wapello Co. , Iowa. 
Second marriage (Henrietta Hust): 

* 1. 7. 1. 1.2 Robert Nye, born July 19, 1906, at Summit, Illinois. George Howard Nye, born November 28, 1907, at 
Chicago, Cook Co. , Illinois. He attended Graham Pub- 
lic School through eighth grade, and continued his high 
school education at Tilden Technical High School. 
Prior to his death he worked in the accounting depart- 
ment of Sinclair Oil Compan5\ He died February 17, 
1939, He was never married. 

1. 7. 1. 1.4 Ruth Eleanor Nye, born September 27, 1913, at 

Chicago, Illinois. She attended Graham Public School 
and was graduated in 1930 from Englewood High School 
where she had taken a commercial course. During 


her teens and early twenties she was active in Epworth 
League work in and around the south side of Chicago, 
serving as pianist, secretary and president of Hyde 
Park Sub-district. 

She has worked as a stenographer in various businesses, 
and during World War II, she worked for the Storage 
and Maintenance Division of the Surgeon General's office 
of the Army, spending over three and one-half years in 
Washington, D. C. , and a year and a half between St. 
Louis, Missouri, and New York City, returning to 
Chicago in November of 1945. In January, 1946, she 
was employed by the well known law firm of Mayer, 
Mayer, Austrian, and Piatt (now known as Mayer, 
Friedlich, Spiess, Tierney, Brown and Piatt) doing 
stenographic services covering tax work, probate, 
corporation law, etc. which position she still holds. 
She resides in Berwyn, Illinois and has never married. 

1. 7. 1.2 MINNIE L. NYE, born March 21, 1871, near Agency, Wapello Co. , 
Iowa, and lived in the same vicinity all her life which covered a period of 
more than 90 years. She grew up on a farm one mile northeast of Agency. 
She was graduated from the Agency High School in 1891, and assisted her 
father when he was postmaster in Agency from 1897 to 1914. 

After her marriage in 1903 she and her husband spent all their 
married life approximately three and a half miles northeast of Agency. 
After her husband's death she lived in Agency, and in her later years she 
resided in the home of her son in Agency. She was the oldest living gradu- 
ate of Agency High School, the senior member of the Agency Methodist 
Church, and the community's eldest citizen at the time of her 90th birthday. 

She was interviewed for a special newspaper story when she was 
89, at which time she apologized for her "laziness" in the year just past 
not having worked as hard as had been her habit in previous years. In that 
interview she recalled her work in the fields as a girl when she broke many 
acres of virgin prairie with a three-horse breaking plow; planted, cultivated, 
and picked corn, and did the milking, in addition to assisting with the house- 
work, canning, churning, baking, soap making, and sewing. She also re- 
called attending two churches as a child. Her mother was a Free- Will 
Baptist and her father was a Methodist — so she went to Methodist Sunday 
School in the morning and Baptist Sunday School in the afternoon. 

(It was the pleasure of Victor Nye and his wife (1. 5. 1. 1. 6) to 
visit briefly with this interesting lady at the home of her son in Agency, 
Iowa, in October, 1960, A highlight of the visit was in being personally 
escorted by her to her bedroom where she proudly displayed the handmade 
spread on her bed in the corner of which was woven the pre-Civil War date 
of its making. ) 

She died December 9, 1961, at the home of her son in Agency. 


Interred in the Agency Cemetery, 

Marri^e: December 24, 1902, to John Austin Sterner. He died 
in 1936. 


* Loren William Sterner, born October 6, 1904, near 

Agency, Wapello Co. , Iowa. 

1,7.1.3 AURELIAM. NYE, born April 6, 1873, at Agency, Wapello Co. , 
Iowa. She was graduated from the Agency High School in 1891. She died 
March 30, 1957. Interred in the Agency Cemetery. 

Marri^e: April 15, 1896, to Alvin E, (Abner or Abe) Riffle. 
He was born November 7, 1870 and died in 1941. 


* 1. 7. 1. 3. 1 Raymond C. Riffle 

1. 7. 1. 5 WILLIAM DUDLEY NYE, born June 30, 1884 near Agency, 
Wapsllo Co. , Iowa. Concerning his childhood days, he made these re- 
marks in a written communication: ". . . Sixty to seventy years ago we 
were in the 'horse and buggy' days and the roads were far different from 
our concrete highways. With me that was about the third stage. When I 
was a kid it was the 'horses and wagon'. Later it was the 'horses and 
spring wagon' and finally the 'horse and buggy' days. I can faintly remem- 
ber when we drove up to Grandfather Nye's (William A. Nye, 1. 7) at 
Chillicothe, there was no bridge across the Des Moinss river at Chilli- 
cothe and we usually went in July or August when the river was low enough 
to cross at 'the ford'. " He was graduated from the Agency High School in 
1902, and is a life-long president of the Agency community. 

He is a member of Agency Olive Branch Lodge No. 21 A- F. and 
A. M. and in November, 1962, was presented a 50-year membership cer- 
tificate. He was master of the Agency lodge during 1916 and 1917. He is 
retired; first on the old home farm, northeast of Agency, and now in 

Marriages: (1) , to Ella Lawson, She was born October 

13, 1881, and died August 1, 1931. (2) , to Mrs. Margaret 

Trainer. She died January 19, 1965, 

Children: First marriage (Ella Lawson); 

* 1, 7, 1, 5. 1 John Arthur Nye, born July 3, 1911, Fred W. Nye, born May 12, 1913. 


1. 7. 1.6 REV, RUSSELL GEORGE NYE, born January 22, 1887, near 
Agency, Wapello Co. , Iowa. He was graduated from the Agency High 
School in 1904, and attended Northwestern University, where he received 
his bachelor of science degree in 1912. He took graduate work at Drew 
Theological Seminary, and received his bachelor of divinitj' degree in 
1918. For many years he was a pastor of Methodist churches of Iowa, at 
Delta, Moravia, West Liberty, Brooklyn, Des Moines, Colfax, Wapello, 


Bedford, and Monroe. He served on the Iowa Methodist Conference His- 
torical committee for several years. He has been a member of the 
Agency Olive Branch Lodge No. 21 A. F, and A. M. for more than 50 

During World War I he served as a chaplain in the U. S. Army, 
308th Infantry, 77th Division. He retired from the active ministry in 1953, 

Since his retirement he has been the author of the book "Pioneer- 
ing on Iowa Prairies" (Copyright, 1960, Library of Congress catalog card 
number 60-16956) which is an illustrated record of the beginning and the 
development of the Agency community of Wapello County. It discusses the 
occupation of Iowa by the mound builders and Indians; the old Indian Agency; 
and the treaty with the Sac and Fox Indians on October 11, 1842. It also 
tells of the pioneering of the white settlers, and the development of the 
agricultural, industrial, religious, and cultural life of that community. 
(Many family names appearing in that book can also be found in this gen- 
ealogical record. ) 

Francis Gerald Ensley, Bishop of Iowa Methodist Churches, who 
wrote the foreword of the book, stated concerning it: "This is an absorbir^ 
story of frontier life and the labors of our fathers to make the West an 
abiding place for their children. " The book was distributed by the Woman's 
Society of Christian Service of the Agency Methodist Church with all 
royalties placed in an institute endowment fund for the benefit of the youth 
of the community. 

Rev. Russell G, Nye and his wife are living in Des Moines since 
his retirement. 

Marriage: August 6, 1919 in the Methodist Church at Cold Spring 
Harbor, N. Y. , to Ella Newman. She was an Easterner — from Cold 
Spring Harbor, Long Island. She has, on her own ancestral tree, the 
name of Robert Newman who was the man appointed in 1775 to hang the 
lanterns in the belfry of North Church as signals to Paul Revere on the eve 
of that famous ride. Each year, on April 18, the descendants of the New- 
man and Revere families re-enact the hanging of the lanterns in the belfry 
and the ride to Lexington, 

* 1. 7. 1. 6. 1 Carolyn Jane Nye (adopted), born 

1. 7. 2. 1 HARRY WOLFE NYE, M. D. , born February 24, 1873, at Dudley, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. He attended school in Chillicothe, Iowa, and later 
Highland Park College, Des Moines, the Keokuk College of Physicians 
and Surgeons at Keokuk, Iowa, and was graduated from Drake University, 
Des Moines, in 1896 or 1897. 

After his graduation he lived at Lovilia, Monroe Co. , Iowa, 
moving in about 1906 to York, Nebraska, where he practiced medicine a 
short time before moving to Osborne, Osborne Co. , Kansas, where he 
continued his practice. 

He died July 6, 1939, at Osborne, Kansas. Interred in the 


Lovilia, Iowa, cemetery. 

Marriage: October 17, 1895, at Des Moines, Iowa, to Edith 
Blanche Stafford. She was born in 1877 and died in 1945. Interred in the 
Lovilia, Iowa, cemetery. 


♦ Harold Stafford Nye, born February 28, 1897, at 

Marysville or Lovilia, Iowa. 

* 1. 7. 2. 1. 2 Halbert Wesley Nye, born June 21, 1899, at Lovilia, 

Iowa. Son, died in infancy. 

1. 7. 2. 2 LEONARD PARK NYE, born August 1, 1875, near Dudley, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. After his marriage he lived at Ottumwa and at Albia, 
Monroe Co. , Iowa, He died October 7, 1902, at Albia. Interred in the 
Chillicothe, Iowa, cemetery. 

Marriage: November 10, 1897, at Albia, Iowa, to Alice Melissa 
Conwell. She was born August 1, 1875, at Chillicothe, Wapello Co. , and 

was the daughter of John Conwell and Webb. She was a school teacher 

in Albia, Iowa, for a number of years and later was a welfare worker and 
cared for a retarded child in her home. She died June 6, 1959, at Yakima, 
Washington. Interred at Chillicothe, Iowa. 

1. 7. 2. 2. 1 Helen Estella Nye, born November 10, 1899, at Albia, 
Monroe Co. , Iowa. She attended the Albia schools, 
Christian College, and the University of Nebraska 
School of Music. She has also lived at Boulder, Col- 
orado; Auburn, Beatrice, Lincoln and Bell Plain, 
Nebraska; and at Wenatchee and Yakima, Washington. 
She taught school two years, did dramatic work for 
seven years, and has owned a beauty shop in Yakima 
since 1933. She is presently caring for two retarded 
children in her home, having cared for one of them 
for about twenty-two years, a task begun by her 
mother. Not married. 

1. 7. 2. 3 LIBBIE ALICE NYE, born October 23, 1877, on a farm near 
Albia, Monroe Co. , Iowa. She attended country school. After her mar- 
riage she lived with her husband on his family farm nearby until her death. 
She was a member of the Methodist Church. She died August 29, 1921. 
Interred in the Service Cemetery at Albia, Iowa. 

Marriage: October 24, 1895, in Monroe Co. , to John Scott, one 
of the ten children of William Sanford Scott and Mary Claver-Scott. He 
was born April 9, 1866, on a farm in Monroe Co. His father served about 
four years in the Union Army during the Civil War, leaving his mother and 
four older brothers to manage the farm in his absence. After his marriage 
he lived all his life on this same farm. He died there January 5, 1940. 


Interred in the Service Cemetery at Albia. 
Children: Son, born 1901, died at birth. 

* 1, Louie Frances Scott, born October 18, 1903 near 

Albia, Monroe Co. , Iowa. BERTHA FRANCES NYE, born March 17, 1883, near Albia, Mon- 
roe Co. , Iowa. After her marriage she and her husband lived in Bluff 
Creek Township, Monroe Co. , Iowa, about two years, and then moved to 
Haxton, Colorado, where they lived on a ranch a few years before moving 
to Alliance, Nebraska. At Alliance her husband worked in a drug store 
and ontthe railroad. In 1906 they moved to Denver, Colorado where they 
lived several years; and then they returned to Monroe Co. , Iowa, leaving 
there again in March, 1914, when they moved to a farm near Clarissa, 
Minnesota. In 1920 they sold their Minnesota farm and moved to Glenrock, 
Wyoming. Later they moved to Texas, and about 1933 they moved to 

She died July 17, 1964, at Norway, Oregon. Interred at Norway. 

Marriage: August 29, 1900, to Bert F. Claver of Albia, Iowa. 
He was born April 9, 1880. He preceded her in death, date unknown. 


* 1. 7. 2.4. 1 Glen Nye Claver, born February 21, 1905, at 

Alliance, Nebraska 

* Lloyd Wesley Claver, born January 8, 1907, in Denver, 


* 1. 7. 2.4. 3 Elbert Ray Claver, born October 30, 1910, in Denver, 


* Bernice Claver, born July 29, 1913, in Monroe Co. , 


1. 7.3.1 CARRIE ADELLE NYE, born December 20, 1875, at Springfield, 
Keokuk Co. , Iowa. She came with her parents to Kansas, when less than 
two years of age. She grew up near and in Morrow, (now Morrowville) 
Washington Co, After her marriage she lived first in Western Kansas, 
Cheyenne Co. , but moved in a short time to Arriba, Colorado, where she 
lived the remainder of her life. 

The following information was furnished bj' her eldest daughter, 
Crecy Miriam McCallum-Marlatt (1. 7. 3. 1. 1): 

"Carrie Nye was a cheerful, somewhat talented girl — I remem- 
ber her playing the old reed organ — also remember some pictures she 
had done in oils and pastels, and one especially good of Earl, her brother, 
in chalk. 

". . . And a real pioneer. She took her child (Crecy) only six 
weeks old, and with her husband came by covered wagon to a squatter's 
claim (before father could file a claim) twelve miles southwest of Flagler, 
Colorado, to a one-room sod house. Two more children were born here. 


then father filed on his homestead and built a four-room sod louse in 1900 
or 1901 in which the family lived until the summer of 1914 when they moved 
into a modern ten-room frame house. 

"Mother was always cheerful, managed her big family, and had 
very little social life except occasional visits with widespread neighbors. 
She was a member of the Reb?kah Lodge and the M. E. Church. " 

She died July 10, 1916, at Denyer, Colorado. Interred at Flagler, 

Marriage: November 27, 1896, in Washington County, Kansas, to 
Thomas Hamilton McCallum, born February 25, 1870, in Ontario, Canada. 
He was the son of John McCallum and Ellen Hamilton-McCallum. 

The following information was furnished by his eldest daughter 
(as above): 

"He was first a rancher — called successful. He worked on 
ranches over the state (Colorado) to get his start in the cattle business. 
He also worked on the Rock Island railroad one summer when it was being 
built through Flagler. 

"Always a promoter — helped many homesteaders over rough 
places, built up a lovely ranch, added many acres through the years; and, 
most commiendable, kept his family together after his companion was taken. 

"He was a member of the Masonic fraternity, held many offices 
in the towns and county, director of the Flagler State Bank, officer in 
Farmers' Elevator and Floar Mil}, elected county commissioner in 1938 — 
always interested in civic affairs. 

"Earlier, when the homesteaders began to settle, he started 
Sunday Schools whenever and whereever he thought there was a need. 

"The ranch home was never locked — always opened to a way- 
farer for a meal or night's lodging. " 

He died November 8, 1941, at Denver. 


* 1, 7. 3. 1. 1 Crecy Miriam McCallum, born June 29, 1897, at St. 

Francis, Cheyenne Co. , Kansas. 

* 1. 7. 3, 1. 2 Addie Ellen McCallum, born May 23, 1899 at Arriba, 

Colorado . 

* Maggie Mabel McCallum, born August 19, 1900, at 


* 1. 7.3. 1.4 John Harold McCallum, born June 19, 1902, at Arriba. 
1. 7. 3. 1. 5 WiUiam Robert McCallum, born December 20, 1905, 

Married to Delia Hushman. Presently living in Engle- 
wood, Colorado. No children. 

* 1. 7. 3. 1. 6 Elsie BeU McCallum, born September 10, 1908, at 


* 1.7.3,1.7 Ray .Alexander McCallum, born ;^ril 13, 1911, at 


* 1. 7. 3. 1. 8 Russell Nye McCallum, born February 25, 1913, at 



* 1.7.3,1.9 Thomas Hamilton McCallum, born i^^ril 24, 1916, at 

Arriba. HUGH B. NYE, born July 22, 1880, near Morrow, (now Morrow- 
ville), Washington Co. , Kansas. His parents moved into Morrowville when 
he was about five years of age. He attended the Morrowville Schools and 
Baker University at Baldwin, Kansas, taking Business Administration. 
After his marriage he moved to Woodston, Kansas by covered wagon where 
he farmed and operated a grain elevator. He later operated a grain ele- 
vator at Palmer, Kansas, after which he moved to Hollis, Kansas, where 
he operated a general store. He bought a ranch south of Woodston and 
lived there a short time bsfore moving to Agenda, Kansas, where he again 
operated an elevator and later worked in a grocery store. In 1928 he went 
into a business partnership and moved his family to Manliattan, Kansas, 
where he lived until retiring and moving to St. George, near Manhattan. 

He died February 8, 1960, at Abilene, Kansas. Interred at 

Marriage: July 8, 1903, at Morrowville to Ethel Edna Lesher. 
She is a sister of (David) Edwin Leshsr v/ho married (Bertha) Mabel Nye 
(1. 7. 3. 3). She was born March 30, 1882, in Sac Co. , Iowa, the third 
child of (David) Smith Lesher and Agnes Palmer- Lesher. She came to 
Kansas at three years of age when her parents settled near Haddam. They 
later moved to Morrowville where her father farmed. She attended grade 
school and later the Academy at Washington, and taught school two years 
before her marriage. 

She is presently residing in a nursing home at Manhattan, Kansas. 


* (Margaret) Fay Nye, born September 25, 1907, near 

Woodston, Rooks Co. , Kansas. 

* Russell Hugh Nye, born December 29, 1915, at 

Palmer, Kansas. 

* Mildred Nye, born August 6, 1918, at Palmer. 

* Lela Ruth Nye, born April 22, 1921, at Hollis, Kansas (BERTHA) MABEL NYE, born July 16, 1882, near Morrowville, 
Washington Co. , Kansas. She attended the local schools and the Academy 
at Washington, Kansas. After her marriage she lived on a farm near 
Morrowville until 1904 when she moved with her husband to his farm near 
Woodston, Rooks Co. , where they reared their family, moving in 1936 to 
a ranch at Lucerne Valley, California. After her husband's death in 1947 
she lived near her daughter Lois Lesher-Blakeman in Colton, California, 
and after a serious illness, with her daughter, Edna Lesher-Hettick (then 
at Sacramento). The last seven years of her life she made her home with 
her daughter Leonore Lesher-Mclntire at Barstow, California. She died 
July 18, 1964. Interred at San Bernardino, California. 

Marriage: November 27 , 1901, at Morrowville, Kansas, to 





(David) Edwin Lesher. He was born May 4, 1878, at Vaile, Iowa, the eldest 
of the four children of (David) Smith Lesher and Agnes Palmer- Lesher, 
When he was a small boy his parents moved to Haddam, Kansas, and a few 
years later to a farm near MorrovA'ille. He attended the local schools, the 
Academy at Washington, Kansas, and took a short course at the Kansas State 
Agricultural College at Manliattan before his marriage. 

He died July 23, 1947, while visiting his sister Ethel Lesher-Nye 
(1. 7. 3. 2) at Manhattan, Kansas. Interred at Montecito Memorial Park at 
San Bernardino, California. 


* (Bertha) Leonore Lesher, born December 21, 1902, at 

Morrowville, Washington Co. , Kansas. 

* lo 7. 3.3.2 Fanny Mildred Lesher, born January 13, 1905, at 

Stockton, Rooks Co. , Kansas. 

(Edwin) Earl Lesher, born April 30, 1907, at Stockton. 

Edna Joyce Lesher, born April 29, 1909, at Stockton. 

Addie Mabel Lesher, born February 12, 1911 at 


*,6 Lois Fay Lesher, born September 25, 1915, at 

Stockton. (WILLIAM) EARL NYE, born December 30, 1890, at Morrowville, 
Washington Co. , Kansas. He attended his first six years of school in the 
county of his birth, and the next two grades in Jefferson County and Rooks 
County, respectively, with high school at Atchison. After his marriage he 
settled on a farm near Effingham, Atchison Co. , where he aiid his wife 
have resided for more than forty-five years. 

Marriage: December 20, 1916, at Effingham, Kansas, to Lena 
Bell Bolinger, the daughter of William Bolinger and Aima K. Briner-Bolin- 
ger. She was born December 11, 1892, at Effingham, and was educated in 
the schools of Atchison Couity. She has been a resident of the Effingham 
commiunity her entire life. 


* 1 Lowell Earl Nye, born October 17, 1921, at Effingham, 

Atchison Co. , Kansas. CLARENCE WESLEY NYE, born January 30, 1875, near Dudley, 
Wapello Co. , Iowa. He attended Columbia rural school near Dudley. After 
his marriage he farmed in that same community all his life with the excep- 
tion of three years spent in California (1900-1903). He died December 17, 
1950. Interred in the Columbia Cemetery, Wapello Co. , Iowa. 

Marriage: October 28, 1896, to Luella Olney. She was born 
September 19, 1875, near Dudley. She attended rural school, then Pen_i 
College in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Except for three years spent in California, 
she lived all her life on the family farm of her father, Lewis 01neJ^ She 
died in June, 1956. Interred in the Columbia Cemetery. 



* Ethel Frances Nye, born August 13, 1897, near Dud- 

ley, Wapello Co. , Iowa. 
1. 7. 4. 1. 2 Leslie Raymond Nye, born July 29, 1899, on a farm 
near Dudley. He was educated in a rural school and 
attended high school at Eddyville. He d|ed January 25, 
1921. Never married. 

* 1. 7,4. 1.3 "Wynona Opal Nye, born December 3, 1905, near 


1. 7.4.2 ERNEST DORR NYE, born September 16, 1887, at Dudley, Wapello 
Co. , Iowa. He attended rural school. At one time he was a railroad tele- 
grapher in California. He worked in the office of John Morrell and Co. , 
Ottumwa, Iowa, for many years. He later was a real estate broker and 
worked in the insurance business. He also served as a justice of the peace. 
He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and was a past master in Ottumwa. 
He also was a member of Knights Templar, Shrine, and Elks Lodge. 

He died June 7, 1961, at Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co. , Iowa. Interred 
at Ottumwa. 

Marriages: (1) December 17, 1909, at Eddyville, Iowa, to Clara 
Belle Gardner, one of the five children of Alexander J. Gardner and Jennie 
Buchanan-Gardner. She was born February 10, 1887, at Eddyville. When 
she was in her teens her mother died, and until her marriage she kept 
house for her father and brothers. She was a member of Eastern Star and 
White Shrine for many years. She died June 9, 1948, at Oskaloosa. Inter- 
red at Ottumwa. (2) October 14, 1955, to Jessie Clemo-Smith. She was 
born about 1896. Her father was a Methodist minister, and the family 
moved about a great deal. She has lived in Michigan and was graduated 
from Ypsilanti Normal in 1919. She has one daughter by her first marriage, 
who is now Harriett Smith-Jones and the mother of two children. Mrs. Nye 
is presently residing in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and has been employed by 
Younkers Department store for eight years. 

Child: First marriare (Clara Belle Gardner): 

* Elsie Nye, torn August 22, 1913, at Dudley, Wapello 

Co. , Iowa. EARL D. STRONG, born February 15, 1885, at Tecamseh, John- 
son Co. , Nebraska. He was graduated from the Ottumwa, Iowa, High School 
in 1905, and received a Ph. B. from Grinnell College in 1909. He taught in 
the Crookston, Minnesota, High School from 1909 to 1911, and received his 
M. A. degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1912; then was an instruc- 
tor in the Minnesota State Teachers' College at Moorhead, 1912-1914, At 
intervals he did graduate work at Columbia University and received his Ph. D. 
in 1940. 

From 1915 to 1955 he was a member of the Department of Economics, 
Grinnell College, instructor to full professor; and was Dean of the college 


from 1944 to 1950, receiving a LL. D. in 1950. During summers and leaves 
of absence he taught at other institutions. He is a Phi Beta Kappa. 

He was Senior Economist, U. S. Government, Washington, 1938- 
39, and was State Price Executive, O. P. A. , Des Moines, 1942-43. He 
retired in 1955. 

Mr, Strong has made many trips abroad including one around the 
world. He and his wife are presently residing at Grinnell, Iowa. 

Marriage: September 1, 1917, at Edgerton, Wisconsin, to Mar- 
garet Ellen Bentley. She was born April 12, 1891, at Mecosta, Wisconsin, 
the daughter of Charles R. Bentley and Mary Eliza Culton- Bentley. She 
was graduated from the high school at Edgerton in 1909. She was gradu- 
ated in violin from American Conservatory of Music, Cliicago, in 1911, 
with a gold medal, and received a certificate in music from Northwestern 
University, 1912. From 1913-14, she was a teacher of music at the Minn- 
esota State Teachers' College at Moorhead. For twenty years she was a 
member of the Grinnell College String Quartette, and has been a pupil of 
Adolph Weidig, Theodore Spierring, and Leopold Auer. 

Mrs. Strong has served as President of the Grinnell League of 
Women Voters and as President of the Iowa League of Women Voters, in 


* 1, 7. 8. 1. 1 James Bentley Strong, born November 30, 1920, at 

New York, New York. 
1.7.8,1.2 Douglas Earl Strong, born August 1, 1922, at Grinnell, 
Iowa. He was graduated from Cranbrook School, 
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in 1939, and received a 
B. A. from Grinnell College in 1943. He was in 
National Service from 1943 to 1946, as 1st Lieut. , 
pilot and airplane commander, B29, in the Pacific and 
over Japan. He was graduated from the School of 
Architecture, M. I. T. , 1352. He is a National 
Registration Member of the American Institute of 
Architects, and is now a member of a firm of archi- 
tects at Springfield, Massachusetts. 
He was married February 14, 1959, to Natalie Yates. 
No children. 

* 1, 7. 8. 1. 3 Jerome Culton Strong, born November 23, 1925, at 

Grinnell, Iowa. 

1, 7. 10. 1 GERALD FRANK NYE, born June 10, 1896, at Plainview, Nebras- 
ka. He was graduated from the Plainview High School, and received his 
A, B. degree from the University of Michigan about 1919. Other degrees 
he holds are an LL. B. , University of Michigan Law College, about 1921, 
and a J. D. , University of Chicago Law College, about 1922. He practiced 
law in Omaha from 1922 to 1949, after which he retired to Plainview to 
manage the family farms and a telephone company. He is a member of 


assorted law societies, and a member of the Masonic Lodge. 

Marriage: December 30, 1922 (?), to Hildred Elore Smith, daugh- 
ter of Charles W. and Cora M. Smith. She was born June 1, 1900 at Tama, 
Iowa, where both of her parents were also born. She was graduated from 
Iowa State College about 1921. After her marriage she lived in Omalia uatil 
she and her husband retired to Plainview, Nebraska, in 1949. 

* 1. 7. 10. 1. 1 William Frank Nye, born July 24, 1926, at Omaha, 



1. 5. 1. 1. 2 (STELLA) MAY NYE, born April 9, 1892, near Elgin, Oregon. 
She was brought to Kansas by her parents during the summer of 1893, a 
journey by covered wagon which required three months traveling time. 

Several families traveled together in a caravan; and a herd of 
horses was also driven along. On several occasions the horses left the 
camp at night and returned to the camping spot of the previous night, thus 
requiring a full day for the riders to locate them and drive them back be- 
fore resuming their journey. 

A supply of bread was baked before the start of the trip, and 
after that supply was exhausted, the substitute consisted of quick breads 
that could be skillet-bal<ed over an open fire. The horseback riders car- 
ried guns with which to obtain some of the needed meat. On one occasion 
a particularly skillful wagon-driver winged a sage hen with the long whip 
used to urge the horses along on the long strenuous journey. The few 
Indians which were met along the way were only friendly ones, seeming to 
be mostly interested in, "Trade horse, John?". 

The subject of this biography, although she had learned to walk 
in the state of Oregon, found it necessary to releam the art after arriving 
in Kansas that fall, due to illness along the way and the extended close 
confinement of the covered wagon. Her mother, who, incidentally, was 
expecting the birth of another child that fall, reported in later years that 
her most harrowing experience of the entire trip had been the moment she 
had witnessed from her wagon seat the near drowning of the entire party 
in the wagon just ahead, as the yoimg boy-driver of that wagon had extreme 
difficulty in controlling his team when they forded a river at a particularly 
treacherous crossing. 

(A decided contrast in travel comfort was experienced in later 
years by this same mother and daughter - the mother then being eighty- 
three years old - when together they boarded a plane at Denver, Colorado, 
for the quick flight to Los Angeles, this time luxuriating in the pleasant 
floating-on-the-clouds sensation, while partaking of the delicious meal 
served aloft in lieu of sage hen and sour-dough bread!) 

After arriving in Kansas in the fall of 1893, this tiny girl's 


parents again settled on a farm in Thomas County, near Oakley, in the same 
community where they had lived before going to Oregon. They built a house 
of sod in which they lived until a frame house could be constructed. 

On this farm the subject of this biography grew to womanhood. 
She attended the Belle Prairie rural school and church, and learned the 
many and varied arts of homemaking from her pioneer mother. During 
these years the family's mode of transportation consisted of the farm wagon 
and the horse and buggy, with the bobsled being drafted into service when 
the snow lay deep on the Kansas prairies. 

After her first marriage she lived at Salina and lola, Kansas, 
where her children were born, and at Wichita; and in later years she lived 
on a farm in Thomas County, near Colby, moving after the death of her 
second husband to her home in Colby where she now I'esides. 

One of her pleasures in recent years has been her frequent 
trips to California to visit her three sons and their families, traveling 
usually by car, bus or train. In February, 1955, she enjoyed her first 
boat trip to Havana, Cuba, sailing from Miami, Florida; and in October, 
1964, she was one of a group of one hundred twenty Kansas homemakers 
who traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii, to attend the annual meeting of the 
National Home Demonstration Council, sailing to the Fiftieth State aboard 
the S. S. Lurline. Thus one more mode of travel has been added to her 
long and interesting list. 

Marriages: (1) April 11, 1910, to Earl Laffett Lane, the son 
of Frank Lane and Josie Huffman- Lane. Divorced. (2) November 17, 
1939, to Oscar John (O, J. ) Allen, the son of John Allen and Couch- 
Allen. He was born November 17, 1889, at Orchard, Nebraska, and died 
June 3, 1953, at Colby, Kansas. Interred at Colby. He was the father 
of two children by a former marriage, Mildred Allen, born April 14, 1915, 
and Dale Allen, born January 15, 1917. Dale Allen later married Violet 
May Wilson (1. 5. 1. 1. 3. 3) a niece of his stepmother. 

Children: First marriage (Earl Laffett Lane): 

* 1, 5. 1. 1. 2. 1 Lester Earl (Tatch) Lane, born February 20, 

1911 at Salina, Saline Co. , Kansas. 

* 1. 5. 1. 1. 2. 2 Vern Arthur Lane, born November 28, 1912, at 

lola, Allen Co. , Kansas. 
1. 5. 1. 1. 2. 3 Mabel May Lane, born January 10, 1915, at lola. 
Died January 24, 1915. 

* 1.5. Wilbur LaVon Lane, born February 28, 1916, at 


1. 5. 1. 1. 3 EMMA FRANCES NYE, born November 22, 1893, on a farm 
in Thomas County, near Oakley. She grew up in the same communitj' and 
attended the Belle Prairie rural school and churcli. 

After her marriage she and her husband moved to several lo- 
cations including Tacoma, Washington; Calgary, Canada; and Buhl, Idaho, 
Most of their married life was spent in Western Kansas, on farms in Logan 


County and in Thomas County, near Colby. Mter the marriage of their 
two oldest daughters, they and their youngest daughter moved to Goodman, 
Missouri, returning a few years later to Western Kansas. 

She died in September 1938, at Hays, Kansas. Interred in 
Beulah Cemetery at Colby. 

Marriage: October 15, 1911, to Clarence Wilson. He was born 
in 1889. After the death of his wife he later remarried and lived on a farm 
near Rexford in Thomas County. He died in September, 1952. Interred at 


* 1. 5. 1. 1. 3. 1 Daisy Marie Wilson, born August 22, 1912. 

* 1. 5. 1. 1. 3. 2 Lillie Laurene Wilson, born January 18, 1915, at 

Buhl, Idaho. 

* 1. 5. 1. 1, 3, 3 Violet May Wilson, born August 15, 1919, near 

Colby, Thomas County, Kansas. 

1. 5. 1. 1. 5 RAY NYE, born October 4, 1901, on a farm northeast of Oakley 
in Thomas County, Kansas. He attended the Belle Prairie rural school and 
church. After his marriage he farmed in the same community before sell- 
ing his farm and moving into Oakley in May, 1948. 

For the next few years he worked in construction, operated a 
wholesale delivery service, and was employed by the City of Oakley at the 
mimicipal power plant. He owns several rental properties in Colby and 
Oakley which he maintains during his retirement. His favorite hobby is 

He is a past noble grand of the Oakley lOOF Lodge and has 
served as district deputy president of that organization. 

Marriage: October 9, 1920, to Velma Lora Brittain, daughter 
of Jesse Britain and Etta Viola Bar nett- Brittain, She was born October 14, 
1901, at Half Rock, Missouri, and came to Western Kansas with her parents 
when an infant. 

She is a graduate of the Oakley High School, a member of the 
Christian Church, a past noble grand of Oakley Rebekah Lodge, and has 
served in the office of district deputy president of that organization. She 
is also a past-president of the Thomas County Council of Women's Clubs, 
and is active in many other organizations. 


* 1. 5, 1. 1.5. 1 (Wallace) Duane Nye, born December 7, 1921, near 

Oakley, in Thomas County, Kansas, 
1. 5. 1. 1. 5. 2 Gerald Lelan Nye, born July 7, 1923, near Oakley. 
Died January 10, 1924. Interred at Oakley. 

* 1. 5. 1, 1. 5. 3 Harold Ray Nye, born January 29, 1926, near 


* 1, 5, 1. 1. 5. 4 Shirley Maryetta Nye, born January 29, 1934, 

near Oakley, 

* 1. 5. 1. 1. 5. 5 Verleen LoRee Nye, born April 13, 1936, near 



1. 5. 1. 1. 6 VICTOR ALAN NYE, born August 16, 1911, on a farm north- 
east of Oakley in Thomas County, Kansas. He attended the Belle Prairie 
rural school and church and the Oakley Consolidated School, 

From the age of fourteen he was actively engaged in farming 
with his father and continued in that occupation after his marriage, living 
on the same farmstead as his parents in a small house which had formerly 
been the home of his paternal grandparents, (Henry Nye, 1. 5. 1), 

After his parents retired from farming in 1942, he purchased 
the family farm which he has continued to operate to the present time add- 
ing additional acreages. In March, 1948, he moved with his family to a 
home in Oakley where he and his wife presently reside. 

Since 1950 they have traveled in all of the states except the 
Carolinas and Alaska. They have visited two border towns of Old Mexico, 
four provinces of Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and seven countries 
of Europe. 

They are members of the Methodist Church. He is a past 
master of Oakley Lodge No. 253, A- F. and A. M. , and is presently serv- 
ing as a district deputy grand master in that organization. 

Marriage: August 16, 1931, at Colby, Kansas, to Mildred 
Lucille Carr, one of the five children of William Franklin Carr and Huldah 
A. Page-Carr. She was born December 7, 1912, on a Thomas County 
farm near Colby. She attended the Pleasant Valley rural school and was 
graduated from the Colby Community High School, after which she attended 
Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, for two years. She then taught 
two terms in the one-room rural school which she herself attended as a 
child, having one of her former schoolmates among her pupils. 

Her hobbies are amateur genealogy, amateur photography, and 
travel, three pursuits which she finds convenient to combine. Her husband 
shares her zeal for travel, is less enthusiastic than she in the realm of 
films and shutter speeds, and follows her reluctantly to the sources of 
genealogical data — to the cemeteries with scarcely legible inscriptions, 
to the historical and genealogical libraries, and even to the doorways of 
strangers! Nevertheless, without his dutiful assistance, the material for 
this compilation could not have been assembled. 
1, 5, 1. 1. 6. 1 Derald Dean Nye, born March 2, 1935, on a 

farm near Oakley in Thomas County. He attended 
the Oakley schools and was graduated from the 
Oakley High School in 1953. He was a member of 
the Civil Air Patrol and worked at the local news 
office during his high school days. After one year 
at Kansas State University', he served two years 
in the Army, later receiving a B. S. in electrical 
engineering from K. S. U, 
During his first year of college he was named 


second place outstanding freshman cadet in the 
Army R. O. T. C. He served as president of the 
K-Siate Flying Club one semester having taken 
private instruction in flying while in the Army. 
He was elected to membership in Sigma Tau, hon- 
orary engineering fraternity, and was employed by 
the college printing shop. During his senior year 
he assisted two of the engineering professors with 
a satellite -tracking project, himself operating a 
tracking station north of Oakley a part of two 

Since February 1961, he has been employed by the 
IBM Corporation, Space Systems Division, with 
assignments at Marquette, Michigan; Ramey Air 
Force Base, Puerto Rico; and Owego, New York. 
In January, 1965, he was transferred to Cape 
Kennedy, Florida, where his work is in connection 
with the Saturn V rocket project. (Whereas his 
grandfather prepared the covered wagon for the 
three-month journey to Kansas over the Oregon 
Trail, the grandson now directly assists with the 
preparations for man's mission to the moon over 
the trails of the Twentieth century I) 
Marriage: November 10, 1962, at Knoxville, Iowa, 
to Veva Permilla Little, one of the ten children of 
Thomas Little and Hanjiah Jane Comstock- Little. 
She is a graduate of the Knoxville High School and 
holds a diploma from a beauty academy in Des 
* 1. 5. 1. 1. 6. 2 Marilyn Ann Nye, born September 27, 1936, on a 

farm near Oakley in Thomas County. 

1. 5. 1.2.2 LULA ELIZABETH NYE, born October 25, 1901, near Oakley, 
in Thomas County, Kansas. She attended the Goodland schools in Sherman 
County and has lived at Goodland and at Smith Center, Smith County, Kansas. 

Marriage: September 24, 1924, at Burlington, Colorado, to 
Clare H. Withington, son of Elmar N. Withington and Susan Archer Withing- 
ton. He was born March 19, 1903, at Gaylord, Kansas. He is presently em- 
ployed by Smith County as a motor grader operator. 

1.5. 1.2.2. 1 Harold Elmer Withington, born October 3, 1925, at 
Smith Center, Kansas. He was a senior at Smith 
Couity High School at the time of his death, Novem- 
ber 9, 1944. 

1. 5. 1. 2. 3 ERMA ALICE NYE, born September 4, 1904, at Goodland, 


Sherman County, Kansas. She attended the Goodland grade schools and 
Sherman County High School, and has lived at GoDdland her entire life. 

Marriage: To James (Jim) Maxwell Caldwell, son of Arthur 
Caldwell and Grace Schull-Caldwell. He was born June 18, 1903, in 
Missouri. He attended the Cawker City,, schools and the high 
school at Goodland. He is owner and operator of several retail appliance 
stores in northwest Kansas, aad at Burlington, Colorado. He and his wife 
reside at Goodland. 


* 1. 5. 1. 2. 3. 1 Peggy Louise Caldwell, born February 29, 1923, 

at Goodland. 

* 1. 5. 1, 2. 3. 2 Shirley Lorene Caldwell, born July 5, 1926, at 


* 1. 5. 1, 2. 3. 3 James Richard Caldwell, born November 30, 

1929, at Goodland. 

* Donald Arthur Caldwell, born February 16, 1932, 

at Goodland. 

1. 5. 1. 2.4 ETHEL MAY NYE, born September 4, 1904, at Goodland, Sher- 
man Couity, Kansas. She attended the Goodland schools and has lived at 
Goodland and at Smith Center, Smith County, Kansas her entire life. 

Marriage: August 23, 1923, at Goodland, to Walter Gerald 
Lyon, Sr. , son of O. E. Lyon and Mae H. Hickman-Lyon. He was born 
October 9, 1899, at Smith Center, Kansas, and was a farmer. He died 
September 12, 1955. 


* 1. 5. 1. 2.4, 1 Walter Gerald (Skeet) Lyon, Jr. , born June 15, 

1924, at Smith Center, 
1.5. 1.2.4. 2 Billie Dean Lyon, born June 14, 1929, at Smith 

Center. He attended the Jacksonburg Grade School 
in Smith County and was graduated from the Smith 
Center High School in 1947. He served in the 
Marines from November 22, 1951, to November 3, 
1953, with training in California, and one-year 
overseas service in Korea. He and his wife are 
presently residing at Smith Center where he is em- 
ployed by the highway department of tliat county as 
a heavy equipment operator. 

Marriage: February 28, 1954, at Smith Center, to 
Roverta Cleo Moore, daughter of Melvin Charles 
Moore and Cleo Grace Strickland-Moore. She was 
born April 13, 1930, at Smith Center, and was 
graduated from the Smith Center High School in 
1949. No children. 

1. 5. 1. 3. 1 ORVAL JESS NYE, born April 22, 1903. He has lived in and 


near Junction City, Geary County, Kansas most of his life. (Not recently 

Marriage: To Melbia Williams. 


1. 5. 1. 3. 1. 1 Orval Jess Nye, Jr. , (Not traced) 

1. 5. 1. 3. 1. 2 Jack Leon Nye, (Not traced) 

(One of the two above died when a young child. ) 

1.5. 1.3.5 KENNETH W. NYE, born January 18, 1909, near Oakley, in 
Thomas County, Kansas. He attended school near Oakley, at Salina, and 
at Tully in Geary County. He is a farmer and has lived most of his life 
near Junction City, Geary Co. , and near Westmoreland, Pottawatomie Co. , 
Kansas, where he is presently residing. 

Marriages: (1) December 30, 1931, at St. Joseph Chucch, 
McDowell Creek, Kansas, to Pearl Edwards, daughter of Ed Edwards and 
Ida Black-Edwards. She was bom November 1, 1912, at McDowell Creek. 
She attended the Cleveland and Tully schools before her marriage. She 
died October 17, 1936, at Junction City. Interred at Manhattan. 
(2) Aut^ast 5, 1940, at Manhattan, to Beulah Walker, daughter of Ross and 
Edith Walker. She was born October 22, 1909, at Westmoreland, Kansas. 
She attended school at Olsburg and at Junction City. Her first marriage 
was to Cash Wesley Tankersley. She had two sons by hsr first husband, 
Charles Wesley (Cork), born June 2, 1930, and Eldon Dale (Tiny), born 
Jane 2, 1934. She was remarried after the death of her first husband. 

Children: First marriage (Pearl Edwards): 

* 1. 5. 1. 3. 5. 1 Barbara Lee Nye, born July 13, 1932, at Mc 

Dowell Creek, Geary Co. , Kansas. 

* 1. 5. 1. 3. 5. 2 Jean Frances Nye, bom January 21, 1934, at 

McDowell Creek. 

* 1. 5. 1. 3. 5. 3 Gale Marie Nye, born December 20, 1934, at 

McDowell Creek. 
Second marriage (Beulah Walker): 

* 1. 5. 1.3. 5, 4 Carol Anii Nye, bom November 2, 1942, at 

Westmoreland, Pottawatomie Co. , Kansas.,5 Patricia Kay Nye, born December 14, 1949, at 

1. 5. 1. 3. 6 KATHERINE (KATIE) SYLVIA NYE, born November 25, 1911. 
She attended school near Oakley, Kansas, and the Tully and Reynold;5 
schools in Geary Coaity, near Junction City. After her marriage she lived 
a few years near Junction City, aid .a'ei: moved with her hisband and .amib 
to Porlersvllle, Alabama. (Not contacted) 

Marriage: To Jess A. Wrakestraw. 


* 1. 5. 1. 3. 6. 1 Frank D. Wrakestraw 

1. 5. Dennia Anne (or Deanna?) Wakestraw (Nottraced) 


1. 5, 1. 3. 6. 3 Clarence Wrakestraw (Not traced) 
1. 5. 1. 3. 6. 4 Child (name unknown) 

(Also believed to have had two children who died 

young. ) 

1. 5. 1. 3. 7 MABEL EMMA CLEMENTINE NYE, born August 23, 1912, 
near Oakley, in Thomas County, Kansas. She attended school near Oakley, 
and the Tully and Reynolds schools near Junction City, Geary County. Af- 
ter her marriage she lived in or near Junction City, except for a short 
period of time at Springfield, Missouri. She and her family also lived at 
Schwein^urt, Germany, for three years during her second husband's over- 
seas Army assignment there, since which time they have lived at Junction 
City, and at Yucaipa, California. 

Marriages: (1) At Jimction City, to Jerrold D. Stewart, 
Divorced. No children. (2) January 3, 1942, at Topeka, Kansas, to Hugh 
Arther, Jr. , son of Hugh Arther, Sr. and Carrie Simmons-Arther. He 
was born February 3, 1920, at DeWitt, Arkansas. He attended the Oak 
Grove school at Ticknor, Arkansas. From November, 1938, to January, 
1960, he served in the U. S. Army, with fifty-eight months spent in over- 
seas service — in Australia, New Guinea, the Philippines, and Japan, 
1944 to 1945; Korea, 1951-52; and Germany, 1955-58. He was a supply 
officer. Since his retirement from the Army he works at his hobby of 

Children: Second marriage (Hugh Arther): 

1. 5. 1. 3. 7. 1 Martha Jean Arther, born June 22, 1943, at Ft. 

Riley, Kansas. Died June 22, 1943. 
1. 5. 1, 3, 7. 2 Mary Frances Arther, born January 18, 1945, at 
South Greenfield, Missouri. She was graduated 
from the Yucaipa, California, Senior High School 
in 1963, and from the Phyllis Adair College of 
Cosmetology, Redlands, California. She is 
presently employed by Joyce's Beauty Salon at 
1.5. Linda Lee Arther, born July 10, 1947, at Junction 
City, Kansas, Presently a high school senior at 
Yucaipa, California. 

1. 5. 1.4. 1 HARLEY JOSEPH HILDEBRANDT, born August 26, 1899, 
near Oakley, Kansas. He attended school at Salina, Kansas, and at one 
time lived at Denver, Colorado. He was a printer, and prior to his death 
he was the only printer in Salina who could do go)G-leaf work on announce- 
ments and invitations. He died April 4, 1927, at Salina, Interred in the 
Gypsum Hill Cemetery at Salina. 

Marriage: May, 1919, at Salina, to Betty N. Wann, daughter 
of Axel Reynold Wann and Anna A. Carlson-Wann, She was born January 
30, 1899, at Austin, Texas, and attended school at Marquette, Kansas, 


and at Okmulgee, Oklahoma. After the death of her first husband, she later 
married R. E. Moorehead, and now lives at Kansas City, Missouri. 

1. 5. 1.4. 1. 1 Harley Joseph (Bud) Hildebrandt, Jr. , born May 
12, 1920, at Salina, Kansas. He attended various 
radio, television and electronic schools before and 
after he served in the Merchant Marines during 
World War II. He died in March, 1958. 

* 1. 5. 1.4, 1. 2 Margaret Louise Hildebrandt, born March 2, 1922, 

at Salina. 
1. 5. 1.4. 1. 3 Warren Lee Hildebrandt, born November 3, 1924, 
at Salina, and college at Tuskaloosa, Alabama, as 
part of his Air Corps training, R. O. T. C. rating. 
He was killed during the Korean War in Japan, 
October, 1951. He was never married. 

1. 5. 1.4. 3 DOROTHY KATHERINE HILDEBRANDT, bom March 12, 1908, 
at Salina, Kansas. She attended the Salina schools and has lived in Salina 
her entire life. 

Marriages: (1) December 23, 1925, at Salina to Clifford Dan- 
zelle Richardson, son of Arthur N. Richardson. He was born December 
25, 1901, and attended the Salina schools. He died November 16, 1952, at 
Salina. Interred at Salina. (2) February 28, 1958, to Toy Hancock, son of 
William Hancock. He lived at Tahlequah, Bartlesville and Claremore, 
Oklahoma, and at Wichita, Kansas, before moving to SaHna. He has four 
daughters and one son by a former marriage. 

Children: First marriage (Clifford Danzelle Richardson): 

* 1. 5. 1.4. 3. 1 Shirley June Richardson, born July 13, 1927, at 

Salina, Saline Co. , Kansas. 

*,3.2 Anna Katherine Richardson, born August 16, 1928, 

a.t Salina. 

* (Robert) Gordon Richardson, born March 9, 1935, 

at Salina. 

1. 6. 3. 1. 1 GRACE CLARK, born May 14, 1899, at ChilUcothe, Iowa. She 
is a psychologist, and has worked mostly in the New England area, near 

Marriage: To Robert A. Young, He is also a psychologist and 
has lived in New England in the area around Boston. They are presently 
residing at Arlington, Massachusetts. 
1. 6. 3. 1. 1, 1 John C. Young, born February 20, 1939, at 

Boston, Massachusetts. He studied law at New 
York University, and is presently employed in 
Washington, D. C. 
Marriage: May 6, 1962, to Mary Ann Fuller. 


No children. 

1. 6,4. 1. 1 (LEAH) ELIZABETH WARREN, born December 12, 1907, at 
Ottumwa, Wapello Co, , Iowa. 

Marriage: September 1, 1938, to Donald Robert Stark. 

1. 6.4, 1. 1. 1 Sue Ellen Stark, born January 26, 1941, at 

Marriage: June 13, 1964, to Dr. Mikel Ketchan. Steven Warren Stark, born March 25, 1947, at 

1. 6. 4. 1, 2 WILLIAM ROBERT WARREN, born November 2, 1912, at 
Ottumwa, Iowa, Presently residing at Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Marriage: In 1938, to Lu Ellen Jordan. 


1. 6, 4, 1. 2, 1 Clete Warren, born May 26, 1939. 

1,6. 4. 1.2.2 Lucy Warren, born July 29, 1943. Died 
August 28, 1951. 

1. 6. 5. 2. 1 ORLANDO WADDINGTON, born December 15, 1907, in Wapello 
County, Iowa, He attended the White Oak and Conwell rural schools. He 
assisted his father on the farm, and when seventeen years of age attended 
Sweeney Electrical School in Kansas City, Missouri, for nine months, study- 
ing automotive mechanics. He later became interested in road construction 
which became his occupation. He is now an experienced crane operator. 

He lived near Chillicothe, until July, 1957, when he moved to 
Hiawatha near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he still resides. 

Marriage: May 3, 1938, at Des Moines, Iowa, to Mabel Olive 
Hodgson, daughter of Edmund W. Hodgson and Mabel Burget-Hodgson. 
She was born January 11, 1913, at Altoona, Iowa, where she lived until 
she was two years old when her family moved to Des Moines. There she 
attended several public schools and was graduated from North High School, 
in 1932. For a time she did secretarial work. After her marriage she 
and her husband lived on a farm in Wapello Coimty, until the move to 

* 1. 6, 5. 2. 1. 1 Lee Orlan Waddington, born May 17, 1939, at 

Ottumwa, Iowa, 

1. 6. 5. 2. 1, 2 Julie Ann Waddington, born January 7, 1947, at 
Ottumwa, She attended the rural school near her 
home. In 1957 she moved with her parents to 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she has since resided, 

1, 6. 5. 2. 2 HAZEL WADDINGTON, born February 27, 1909, at Dudley, 
Iowa. She was reared on a farm near ChiHicothe and attended high school 


at Albla, Monroe County, and the school of Nursing at Abbott Hospital at 
Oskaloosa, Iowa. After her marriage she and her husband operated farms 
until 1952 when they moved to Woodburn, Iowa. There she worked as a 
practical nurse in a nursing home from 1954 to 1962, She is now residing 
at Woodburn. 

Marriage: February 26, 1932, at Kirksville, Missouri, to 
Ralph Irving Bowen, son of Samuel Bowen and Mary Lydia Canfield-Bowen, 
He was born September 4, 1896 at Ottumwa, Iowa, and moved with his 
parents to a farm southwest of Chillicothe at the age of four years. He at- 
tended high school in Chillicothe after which he farmed until July, 1917, 
when he joined the Army. After his discharge in 1918 he returned to 
farming in the same community until 1952 when he moved with his family 
to Woodburn, Iowa. He died May 26, 1960, at Des Moines. Interred in 
the lOOF Cemetery at Chillicothe. 


* 1. 6. 5. 2. 2. 1 Gifford Neal Bowen, born July 6, 1935, at 

Chillicothe, Iowa. 

* (Ralph) Irwin Bowen, bom July 29, 1937, at 

1. 6. 5. 2. 2. 3 Phillip Gale Bowen, born July 20, 1948, at 

1. 6. 5.2.3 GARNET WADDINGTON, born December 22, 1910, near Dud- 
ley, Wapello Co. , Iowa. She moved with her parents to Cass TownsMp in 
1914. She attended school at White Oak and Conwell and was graduated 
from Albia High School in 1927, after which she attended Iowa Success 
School in Ottumwa. She then worked for the John Morrell Company in 
Ottumwa. She died March 1, 1939. Interred in the Chillicothe cemetery. 

Marriage: To Earl Glassburner. 


* 1. 6. 5. 2, 3. 1 Gene Glassburner 

* 1, 6. 5, 2. 3. 2 Elaine Francellia Glassburner Duane LaVerne Glassburner, born March 22, 

1935. He attended school in Ottumwa and was a 
member of the Home Guard. He died from injur- 
ies suffered in a car accident, November 3, 1952. 
Interred in the Chillicothe cemetery. 

* Wayne L. Glassburner, born March 22, 1935, at 

Ottumwa, Iowa. (Twin to Duane, above) 

* 1, 6. 5. 2. 3. 5 Wilma Glassburner 

1. 7. 1. 1. 1 LLOYD M, NYE, born November 10, 1896, in Agency Town- 
ship, Wapello Co. , Iowa. He attended high school at Agency and was 
graduated in 1914. He attended Milliken University and the University of 
Illinois, and served in the U. S. Army during World War I. 

During the early 1920's he was principal of Farmer City, 


Illinois, High School; and in the late 1920's he left the teaching profession 
and went into bond sales work, moving then to Poiighkeepsie, New York. 
He is now connected with Halsey, Stuart, and Company, at Poughkeepsie. 

He and his wife are active in their church and the civic organi- 
zations of their community. 

Marriage: June 16, 1925, at Lovlngton, Illinois, to Margaret 
I. Strohm, the ceremony being performed by his uncle, the Reverend Rus- 
seU G. Nye (1. 7. 1. 6). 

She was born and reared at Lovington, and attended high school 
there. She was graduated with honors from the University of Illinois and 
is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She taught English at Farmer City High 

* 1. 7. 1. 1. 1. 1 David Strohm Nye, born July 15, 1935, at 

Poughkeepsie, New York. 

1, ROBERT NYE, born July 19, 1906, at Summit, Illinois. He 
attended the Chicago public schools and also took classes at Illinois Institute 
of Technology. He has lived in Chicago all his life. He served in the United 
States Navy for two years during World War II, serving mostly in the South 
Pacific area. His occupation is pipe fitting, the work he has followed for 
many years. He and his wife are presently residing in Chicago. 

Marriage: June 30, 1934, at Chilcago, Illinois, to Gladys 
Irene Rabold, daughter of Frederick John Rabold and Eva Katherine Lohnes- 
Rabold. She was born October 20, 1905, at Peoria, Illinois. The first four 
years of her life were spent in Peoria, and she has since lived in Chicago. 
She attended the public schools of Chicago, and was graduated from Limblom 
High School and Chicago Teachers College. She received a Bachelor of 
Philosophy in Education from the University of Chicago, after which she 
taught thirty-five years in elementary schools, with thirty years as assist- 
ant principal of Holden Elementary School. She is now retired. 

1. 7. 1. 1. 2. 1 Gladys Katherine Nye, born January 22, 1941, in 
Chicago, Illinois. Her entire life has been lived 
in Chicago. She attended Morgan Park High School 
and the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois, 
receiving a B. A, degree in June, 1962. The past 
three years has been spent teaching kindergarten in 
Alsys, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Not married. 

1. 7. 1.2. 1 LOREN WILLIAM STERNER, bom October 6, 1904, near 
Agency, Wapello Co. , Iowa. He was graduated from the Agency High School 
in 1921, and was working as a salesman a few years ago. His home is at 
Agency. (Not recently contacted. ) 

Marriage: (1) To Margaret Elizabeth Wyckoff, bom December 
19, 1904. Divorced. She later married Foglesong, (2) To Marie 



Children: First marriage (Margaret Elizabeth Wyckoff): 

* 1. 7. 1. 2. 1. 1 Helen Louise Sterner, born March 23, 1926, at 

Agency, Iowa. 
Second marriage (Marie Ramey): 

* 1. 7. 1. 2. 1. 2 Jon William Sterner, born March 16, 1936. RAYMOND C. RIFFLE 
Marriage: To Addis Hathaway. 

* 1. 7. 1.3. 1. 1 Betty Ann Riffle, born July 28, 1925. 

1. 7. 1.5. 1 REV. JOHN ARTHUR NYE, born July 3, 1911, near Agency, 
Wapello County, Iowa, He was graduated from the high school at Agency 
in 1928, and attended Iowa Wesleyan University, Mt. Pleasant, from which 
he was graduated in 1936. He took theological work at Union Theological 
Seminary in New Jersey and Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston, Illinois. 

He did some student missionary work in Panama, and applied 
for and was commissioned a Chaplain daring World War II, serving in the 
American Expeditionary Forces in Europe. He was mustered out of the 
service during the summer of 1945, and is presently in the Air Force 
Reserves. He has served as pastor of several Methodist Churches of 
Iowa — at Keosauque (1955 to 1959), at Carson (1959 to ), and presently 
at Rippsy. 

Marriage: September 2, 1940, in the Methodist Church at 
Loda, Illinois, to Lois West. 


* 1. 7. 1. 5. 1. 1 Mary Alice Nye, born October 27, 1941. 
1. 7. 1. 5, 1. 2 Ella Louise Nye, born 

1. 7. 1. 5, 1. 3 Hazel Aileen Nye, born FRED W. NYE, born May 12, 1913, near Agency, Wapello 
County, Iowa. He attended school at Agency and was a graduate of the 
high school there in 1930. He also attended business college in Ottumwa, 

He worked with the Railroad Retirement Board at the time of 
its inception, and later worked in Washington, D. C, 

During World War n he served in the U. S. Navy and was sta- 
tioned at Great Lakes, Illinois. Since that time he has been employed by 
another government office in Des Moines, Iowa, where he resides with 
his family. 

Marriage: To Betty Bard. 


* 1. 7. 1. 5. 2. 1 Betty Louise Nye, born September 10, 1935. 
1. 7. 1. 5. 2. 2 Donna Jean Nye, born 

She has attended Iowa State University, Iowa 


City, and is now attending Drake University, Des 

(1.7. 1. 6. 1) CAROLYN JANE NYE, Adopted. 

Marriage: At Williamsburg, Iowa, to Harold D, Kempf, the 
ceremony being read by her cousin, the Reverend John A. Nye (1. 7. 1. 5. 1). 

Harold D. Kempf is from Wellman, Iowa, and is in the loan 
business at Ottumwa where he and his family presently reside. 

(1. 7. 1. 6. 1. 1) Jay Douglas, Adopted. Born December 28, 1960. 
(1. 7. 1. 6. 1. 2) Janan, Adopted. 

1. 7. 2. 1. 1 HAROLD STAFFORD NYE, born February 28, 1897, at Marys- 
ville or Lovilia, Iowa, He attended high school at Osborne, Kansas, and 
Baker University at Baldwin, Kansas. He was a member of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon fraternity and the Methodist Church. He was an insurance sales- 
man. He died January 31, 1957, at Denver, Colorado, Cremation at 
Mountain View, California, 

Marriage: May 23, 1921, at Kansas City, Missouri, to Ora 
Antoinette Steely, daughter of Stephen Steely and Sophia Burkhalter-Steely, 
(The Bui'khalter family line has been traced back to Queen Victoria and the 
Battenburgs. ) She was born January 2, 1899, at Robinson, Kansas. She 
was graduated from the high school at Hiawatha, Kansas, and attended 
Balder University at Baldwin. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority 
and is a Methodist. In the fall of 1960, she sailed from Sai Francisco on an 
extensive tour of the South Pacific and the Orient and planned a tour of 
nineteen European countries since that time. She is presently residing at 
Denver, Colorado, 


1, 7. 2. 1. 1. 1 Ruth Antoinette Nye, born February 23, 1922, at 
Kan;?as City, Missouri. She attended the elemen- 
tary schools at Kansas City, and was graduated 
from high school at Manhatten, Kansas, in 1939. 
Marriage: May 21, 1946, to Arthur James Sadler, 

Jr. , son of Arthur James Sadler, Sr^ and 

Espersen-Sadler. He was born August 20, 1918, 
at Fairfield, California. He attended the elemen- 
tary schools at Fairfield, and was graduated from 
Balboa High School, San Francisco. He holds a 
first-class amateur radio license, call W6SFW, and 
a private flying license. He is employed by the 
Pacific Telephone Co. He and his wife are pre- 
sently residing at San Francisco. No children. 

* 1. 7. 2. 1. 1. 2 Harry Stephen Nye, born July 11, 1923. 

* 1. 7. 2. 1. 1. 3 (Harold) Robert Nye, born September 1, 1925. (Lowell) Francis Nye, born November 1, 1926. 


He is a graduate of Colorado State University, a 
member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, and is 
presently doing Stanford Research in radiation 
and electronics. Leaving January 25, 1965, for 
a year in Mexico. Not married. 

1. 7. 2. 1. 2 HALBERT WESLEY NYE, bom June 21, 1899, at Lovilia, 
Iowa. He was graduated from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 
in 1926, with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce. He was assistant dis- 
trict manager of the Chicago branch of the Mack Truck Company at the time 
of his death. He died December 8, 1943, at Chicago. Interred at Lovilia, 

Marriage: August 18, 1923, at Yates Center, Kansas to Edna 
Mildred Dickens, daughter of Charles Burton Dickens and Myda Tate- 
Dickens. She was born August 27, 1901, in Wetzel County, West Virginia. 
She is a graduate of Baker University, Baldwin, Kansas, 1922, with a 
Bachelor of Arts degree. She was employed as a high school teacher be- 
fore her marriage. She is presently residing at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. 

Children: Charles H albert Nye, bom April 6, 1925, at 
Evanston, Illinois. He is a graduate of Limblom 
High School in Chicago. He served three years 

in the U, S. Navy in World War II. He is employed 
as a salesman. He and his wife were residing in 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in late 1961, 
Marriage: February 24, 1951, to Irene VaJarsky, 
daughter of Frank and Anna VaJarsky, She is a 
graduate of Roosevelt High School, Milwaukee, 
and was employed as a secretary before her mar- 
riage. No children. Richard Wesley Nye, bom February 10, 1930, at 
Chicago. He died February 25, 1931. 

1.7,2.3.2 LOUIE FRANCES SCOTT, born October 18, 1903, near Albia, 
Monroe Co. , Iowa. She attended a rural school near her parents' farm. 
She is a member of the Service United Presbyterian Church and has been 
organist there six years. Her hobbies are growing flowers, oil painting, 
and music. She and her husband are presently living on a farm north of 

Marriage: February 25, 1925, at Albia, Iowa, to Hugh L. Gray, 
son of Owen Gray and Julia Moore-Gray. He was bom August 7, 1901, on the 
farm north of Albia where he is presently living. He attended the rural 
school nearby and is a member of the Service United Presbyterian Church. 
He is engaged in farming and raising livestock. 

* 1 Barbara May Gray, born 1927, near Albia, Iowa, 


* Libbie Joann Gray, born 1932, near Albia. 

* 1. 7. 2. 3, 2. 3 Donna Faye Gray, born 1934, near Albia. 

1. GLEN NYE C LAYER, born February 21, 1905, at Alliance, 
Nebraska. He lived in several locations including Denver, Colorado; Mon- 
roe County, Iowa; Clarissa, Minneeota; and Glenrock, Wyoming, He at- 
tended high school at Glenrock. He died in July, 1958. 

Marriage: To Dale Rice. After her husband's death she went 
to Colorado to live near her sister in the Denver vicinity. 

(1. 7. 2. 4. 1. 1) Daughter, Adopted. Born about 1945. Name not 

1. 7. 2.4. 2 LLOYD WESLEY CLAVER, born January 8, 1907, at Denver, 
Colorado. He lived in the same locations as his brother (above). After 
his marriage in Wyoming, he and his wife moved to Oregon. They were 
living near CoqulUe, Oregon, in late 1960. 

Marriage: July 2, 1925, to Ruth Gross. 


* 1. 7. 2. 4. 2. 1 Gary Claver, born 1935. 

1. 7. 2.4. 3 ELBERT RAY CLAVER, born October 30, 1910, at Den^^er, 
Colorado. He lived in Denver; Monroe Co. , Iowa; Clarissa, Minnesota; 
Glenrock, Wyoming; and Texas before his marriage. He and his family 
were livii-^ in Ft. Stockton, Texas, in late 1960. 

Marriage: In Texas, to Eunice Knippers. She was a widow 
and had a son and a daughter by her previous marriage, their names not 
known. They are both married. 

Child: Bert Claver, born December 10, about 1945 (?). 

1. 7. 2.4. 4 BERNICE CLAVER, born July 29, 1913, in Monroe County, 
Iowa. She lived there and at Clarissa, Minnesota; Glenrock, Wyoming; 
and Texas before her marriage. 

Marriage: In Texas, to Raymond Thompson. 

Children: (Ord3r of birth not certain) 

1. 7. 2. 4. 4. 1 Ilene Thompson. By late 1960 she had been 

married four or five years to Everett Scott, and 
they were living in Klamath Falls, Oregon, 
where her husband was employed by the city 
and she was working in an office. No children 
at that time. 

1. 7. 2. 4. 4. 2 Larry Ray Thompson. He spent two years in 

a service training camp, and was later employed 
at a plywood plant while still making his home 
with his parents. Not married in late 1960, 


1. 7. 3. 1. 1 CRECY MIRIAM MCCALLUM, born June 29, 1897, at St. 
Fraacis, Cheyenne Co. , Kansas. Her parents later moved to Arriba, Col- 
orado. She was the eldest of nine children and after her mother's untimely 
death, she took the responsibility in helping to raise the others of the family. 

Her first marriage was to a rancher-farmer, and she later re- 
ported concerning this period of her life that she "knew some hard times 
but loved every minute of it". After her next oldest sister began teaching, 
she and her husband moved back to her father's ranch (1920) to assist her 
father in caring for the yoimger children of the family. They spent twelve 
years there, when her hushand's health forced them to give up the work of 
ranching, and they moved, in 1931, to Arriba, where her husband managed 
a filling station. 

After her husband's death in 1935, she worked in a grocery 
store in Arriba until her second marriage to the Congregational minister of 
that town. Since then she has been active in church work of all kinds, at 
Arriba; at Downs, and Seneca, Kansas; Scribner, Nebraska, and at Haven, 
Kansas. Since her husband's retirement they are living at Greeley, Color- 
ado, where she still finds great satisfaction in her work in the Congrega- 
tional Church. 

After her second marriage she and her husband took one of her 
nieces (Betty Gene McCallum, 1. 7. 3. 1. 4. 3) into their home and reared her 
as their own. 

Marriages: (1) November 24, 1915, at Burlington, Colorado, 
to John (Jack) Fred Rhule, son of Willard (?) Rhale. He was born May 
15, 1891, at Wakeeney, Kansas. He proved up on a government claim, 
acquired cattle and farming equipment to make a fair living until sickness 
caused him to sell out. He later helped on the ranch of his father-in-law, 
before his move to Arriba. He died November 22, 1935, at Denver, Col- 
orado. Interred at Filler, Colorado. (2) January 31, 1937, to Rev. Homer 
Chadwell Marlatt. He was born September 6, 1880, at Avoca, Iowa. He 
received his A. B. degree from Drury College, Springfield, Missouri, in 
1910; and his B. D. degree from Oberlin School of Theology, Oberlin, Ohio, 
in 1914. He had served churches in Montana, Illinois, and Kansas before 
going to Colorado in 1931. He was serving the Congregational Church in 
Arriba when his first wife passed away. 

After serving nearly seven years in the church at Arriba, dur- 
ing which time he met and married his second wife, he answered a call 
from Downs, Kansas, serving there seven years, and then another seven 
years at Seneca, Kansas. He was seventy years old when he was sent to 
Scribner, Nebraska, where the few years he hoped to serv-e turned out to 
be nine happy years. He then retired from, active work; but when asked 
by the State Superintendent of the Kansas Conference to go to Haven, Kan- 
sas, he accepted, and served there for a period of two and one-half years. 

Since retiring and moving to Greeley, Colorado, he has taken 
his turn preaching in the senior citizens' homes and substituting for the 
neighboring ministers while they take vacations. He is now past the age 


of eighty-four and is well and active, enjoying an Arizona vacation in 
January, 1965. 


* 1. 7. 3. 1.4. 3 Betty Gene McCallum, born January 6, 1928, at 
Maud, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of John Harold McCallum and Doris 
Lucile Graliam- McCallum (1. 7. 3. 1.4) but was reared in the above home. 

1. 7. 3. 1.2 ADDIE ELLEN McCALLUM, born May 23, 1899, at Arriba, 
Colorado. She left high school at the age of sixteen to help care for the 
family left by her mother's death. She later finished high school and took 
college work at Greeley after which she taught school from 1920 until the 
spring of 1928. She and her husband moved to Greeley, Colorado, In 1939. 
She died November 13, 1964, at Greeley. Interred in Sunset Memorial 
Gardens at Greeley. 

Marriage: May 23, 1923, to Artie Gilford Roberts. He was 
born February 7, 1898, at Lowls, Iowa, the son of Gilford A. Roberts and 
Ellen Hanson-Roberts, He moved with his parents to Colorado at the age 
of nine years. He attended rural school and the school in Arriba. After 
his marriage he was engaged in farming and raising livestock until 1936 
when he commenced work with a field branch of the Department of Agricul- 
ture, A. A. A. , now the A, S. C. S. In 1939 he transferred from Hugo, Col- 
orado, to Greeley, and retired there in December, 1962. 


* (1. 7. 3. 1. 2. l)Inzamae Roberts, Adopted. Born November 18, 

1930, at Arriba, Colorado. 

1. 7. 3. 1.3 MAGGIE MABEL McCALLUM, born August 19, 1900, near 
Arriba, Colorado, on a cattle ranch. After her marriage she lived in the 
vicinity of Arriba until 1936 when sh3 moved with her husband and children 
to Benton, Missouri. They presently live at Illmo, Missouri. 

Marriage: October 29, 1919, to Herman Henry Brunke. He 
was born April 22, 1890, at Fornfelt, Missouri. He lived in Missouri 
vintil 1910 when he went to Colorado. After returning to Missouri In 1936, 
he and his family lived on a ranch until 1953 when he retired. 


* 1. 7. 3. 1. 3. 1 Edwin Earl Bnmke, born May 11, 1921, at 

Arriba, Colorado. 

* 1. 7. 3. 1. 3. 2 Margaret Helen Brimke, bom September 30, 

1922, at Arriba. 

* 1. 7. 3. 1. 3. 3 Carrie Louise Brvmke, born April 21, 1924, 

at Arriba. 

* Irma Mae Brunke, bom November 14, 1935, at 

Arriba. JOHN HAROLD McCALLUM, bom June 19, 1902, near Arriba, 
Colorado. The first forty years of his life were spent on ranches in Eastern 


Colorado and in the San Luis Valley near Alamosa. From that time uatil 
May, 1963, he worked at building and maintaining roads, operating heavy 
equipment. For reason of poor health he was forced to retire in 1963. 
He and his wife presently reside at Montrose, Colorado, 

Marriage: March 14, 1923, at Hugo, Colorado, to Doris 
Lucile Graham, daughter of Ernest Sylvester Graham and Edith Emily 
Benedick-Graham. She was born February 18, 1907, at Plainville,, and was taken to Colorado by her parents at the age of seven, 
when they homesteaded in Lincoln County, and where she grew up and was 
married. She has spent most of her life as housewife and mother of six 


* 1. 7.3, 1.4. 1 Carrie Norene McCallum, born March 1, 1924, 

at Arriba, Colorado. 

* Edith Eileen McCaUum, born March 12, 1926, at 

Flagler, Colorado. 

* 1. 7. 3. 1. 4. 3 Betty Gene McCallum, born January 6, 1928, at 

Maud, Oklahoma. She later lived with Crecy and 
Homer Marlatt (1. 7. 3. 1. 1). 

* 1. 7. 3. 1.4. 4 Ruth Marie McCallum, born September 25, 1929, 

at Las Animas, Colorado. 

* Crecy Irene McCallum, born July 5, 1931, at 

Las Animas, 
1. 7. 3. 1.4. 6 Doris June McCallum, born November 9, 1951, 
at Burlington, Colorado. 

1. 7. 3. 1. 6 ELSIE BELL McC ALLUM, born September 10, 1908, at Arriba, 
Colorado, Presently living at Denver, Colorado. 

Marriages: (1) August 9, 1926, to Christian Peterson, 
Divorced, (2) To Marion Linval Rhule, born January 24, 1908, Divorced, 
(3) In 1950, to Louis Stilley. 

Children: First marriage (Christian Peterson): 

* 1, 7, 3. 1.6. 1 Robert Rex Peterson, bom December 18, 1927, at 

Arriba, Colorado, 
Second marriage (Marion Linval Rhule): 

* 1. 7. 3. 1. 6. 2 Thomas LeRoy Rhule, born March 12, 1932. 

1.7,3,1.7 RAY ALEXANDER McC ALLUM, born April 13, 1911, at 
Arriba, Colorado, He attended grade school in Lincoln Coxmty, Colorado, 
and was graduated from high school at Flagler, Colorado in 1933. He 
entered the U.S. Service in December, 1933, at Cheyenne, Wyoming, and 
was honorably discharged in September, 1938. After his marriage he worked 
as a farm laborer until 1942 after which he operated a farm until about 1945 
when he purchased a store which he operated until the fall of 1948, during 
which time he also served as postmaster or acting postmaster at Hereford, 
Colorado. He did custom farming in 1949 at Ft. Collins, Colorado, and 


then worked as a mechanic and welder at Loveland, Colorado, which occupa- 
tion he still follows. He has since lived at Worland, Wyoming, and at 
Commerce City, Colorado. 

Marriage: January 1, 1938, to Nina Margaret Butler, daughter 
of Milton Adalbert Butler and Agusta Christena Nelson -Butler. She was 
born March 12, 1918, at Calloway, Nebraska. In 1926 she moved with her 
parents to Grover, Colorado, where she attended grade school after which 
she lived with an micle in Ft. Collins, Colorado. 

1. 7. 3. 1. 7. 1 Jerry Ray McCallum, died at birth. 
* 1. 7. 3. 1. 7. 2 Donald Joe McCallum, born August 2, 1939, at 

Ft. Collins, Colorado. Beverly Jean McCallum, born May 14, 1941, at 
Center, Colorado. She attended schools at Here- 
ford and Ft. Collins, Colorado, and at Worland, 
Wyoming. Married October 10, 1962, to Harold 
Carmack. Presently living at Littleton, Colorado. 
1. 7. 3. 1. 7. 4 William Ray McCallum, born May 9, 1951, at 

Ft. Collins. 
1. 7. 3. 1. 7. 5 Sandra Marie McCallum, bom March 29, 1953, 
at Ft. Collins. 

1. 7. 3. 1. 8 RUSSELL NYE McC ALLUM, bom Febmary 25, 1913, at Arriba, 
Colorado. Presently residing at Aurora, Colorado. He formerly farmed 
south of Arriba until 1944. 

Marriage: July 3, 1939, at Strasburg, Colorado, to Maxine 
Florence Marquis, daughter of Osmund Hiram Marquis and Florence Ella 
Bartley-Marquls. She was born October 23, 1919, at Laurens, Iowa. She 
moved to Colorado in 1933 and was graduated from the high school at Flagler. 
She is now employed by the City of Aurora. 

1. 7. 3. 1. 8, 1 Maureen Carolyn McCallum, born ^ril 22, 1940, 
at Flagler, Colorado. She lived south of Arriba, 
Colorado, until the age of four when her parents 
moved to Aurora, Colorado, where she was gradu- 
ated from high school. After her first marriage in 
1959, she lived in Oceanside, California until her 
husband was killed in an auto accident in 1962. She 
then moved back to Aurora where she lived until 
her second marriage, Presently residing at Rifle, 

Marriages: (1) March 21, 1959, to Ronald Dwane 
Shank. He was bom November 24, 1939, in South 
Dakota, son of Glen Shank. He served in the U. S. 
Marines. He died September 2, 1962, at Yuma, 
Arizona, Interred at Denver, Colorado. (2) ^rll. 


1964, to Douglas Lee Clark. Russell Douglas McCallum, born May 16, 1942, 
at Flagler, Colorado. He lived south of Arriba, 
Colorado, until the age of two when his parents 
moved to Aurora, Colorado. After graduation 
from high school there he did apprentice mechanic 
work at Day Chevrolet Company. He joined the 
Air National Guard in February, 1964, and is 
stationed at Keesler Air Force Base at Biloxi, 
Mississippi. Not married. 

1. 7. 3. 1. 9 THOMAS HAMILTON McC ALLUM, bom April. 24, 1916, at 
Arriba, Colorado. He lived in and near Hugo, Colorado, and was graduated 
from the high school at Hugo in 1934. He attended the University of Denver 
and worked during the war for Boeing Modlcation Center. Since that time 
he has been in the hardware business, moving to Wichita, Kansas in 1950, 
and to Augusta, Kansas, in 1960, where he presently operates the Plaza 
Hardware store. 

Marriage: June 15, 1940, to Elizabeth Marie Matheson, daugh- 
ter of Roderick D. Matheson and Marie Agnes Hoenehs-Matheson. She was 
graduated from the Hugo, Colorado, high school in 1935. Before her mar- 
riage she lived in Denver, Colorado. 

(1. 7. 3. 1. 9. 1) Roderick Eugene McCallum, Adopted. Bom Aug- 
ust 14, 1944, at Denver, Colorado. He was grad- 
uated from high school at Augusta, Kansas, and is 
presently a junior at the University of Kansas, 
(1. 7. 3. 1. 9.2) Judith Ann McCallum, Adopted, Born October 1, 
1947, at Denver, Colorado. She is a senior this 
year at Augusta High School, Augusta, Kansas. 

1. 7. 3. 2. 1 (MARGARET) FAY NYE, bora September 25, 1907, near Wood- 
ston. Rooks County, Kansas. Presently residing at Rochester, New York. 

Marriage: May 18, 1929, at Manhattan, Kansas, to William 
Andrew Cupp, He died December 28, 1949. 
1. 7. 3.2. 1. 1 Nyla Jean Cupp, born November 25, 1932, at 

Manhattan, Kansas, In January, 1962, she was 
at Nyack Missionary College, Nyack, New York. 
Not married. 
♦ 1. 7. 3. 2. 1. 2 WiUiam Hugh Cupp RUSSELL HUGH NYE, born December 29, 1915, at Palmer, 
Kansas. He lived at Palmer, Woodston, Hollis, and Agenda, Kansas, later 
moving to Manhattan, Kansas, where he attended junior and senior high 
school. After his marriage he moved in 1936 to Washington, D. C. , and 


was a member of the U.S. Patent Office, clerical force, going with the 
office to Richmond, Virginia, where he joined the U. S. Marine Corps in 
World War H, returning to the U. S. Patent Office in Washington, in 1946, 
He purchased his present home in Arlington, Virginia, in 1947. In 1950 he 
left his government position to go into the general contracting business for 
himself. He is presently engaged in furniture restoration. 

Marriage: January 24, 1936, at Manhattan, Kansas, to Bemice 
Regina Peterson, daughter of Gust Julius Peterson and Emma Charlotta 
Hammarbeck- Peter son. She was born September 8, 1914, at Leonardvllle, 
Kansas. Her father was a farmer and the family lived on various farms 
near Leonardvllle, Oldsburg, and Keats, Kansas. When she was six years 
old they moved to Riley, Kansas, where she attended grade school and high 

Child: Teresa Rae Nye, born February 27, 1950, at 
Washington, D. C. MILDRED NYE, born August 6, 1918, at Palmer, Kansas. Her 
early years were spent at HoUis, Woodston, and Agenda, Kansas, In 1928 
her family moved to Manhattan, Kansas, where she was graduated from 
high school in 1935. After her marriage she lived in Manhattan until mov- 
ing in 1951 with her husband and family to Keats, Kansas, where they pre- 
sently reside. 

Marriage: December 25, 1936, at Manhattan, Kansas, to Virgil 
LeRoy Murphy, the second of four children of Euclid Theodore Murphy and 
Elsie Orpha Hays-Murphy. He was born July 12, 1914. He attended the 
Manhattan schools and was graduated from Manhattan High School in 1932. 
He began working in the Post Office at Manhattan in April, 1936, and at the 
present time is Superintendent of Malls there. 

* 1. 7. 3. 2. 3. 1 David Ray Murphy, born January 24, 1939, at 

Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas. 
1. 7. 3. 2. 3. 2 Michael LeRoy Murphy, bom May 8, 1941, at 

Manhattan. He attended grade schools at Manhat- 
tan and at Keats and was graduated from Manhat- 
tan High School in 1959. He spent four years in 
the U. S. Navy, his last duty being aboard the 
U. S. S. Davis. Since then he has been employed 
as a salesman for Town and Country Hardware in 
Manhattan. He is not married. Patricia Gail Murphy, born October 16, 1944, at 
Manhattan, Kansas. She attended early school at 
Keats, Kansas, and Manhattan High School two 
years, and was graduated from Riley County High 
School in 1962. Since her graduation she has been 
employed as a long distance operator by South- 


western Bell Telephone Company. 
Marriage: October 13, 1963, at Keats, Kansas, to 
Gordon Ray Barr, son of Dean Barr and Gladys 
Taylor-Barr. He was born December 28, 1940, at 
Hollenberg, Kansas. 
1, Steven Dean Murphy, bom September 1, 1947, at 
Manhattan, Kansas. He attended grade school at 
Keats, Kansas, and will be graduated in 1965 from 
the Riley County High School where he is active in 
athletics, LELARUTHNYE, born April 22, 1921, at HolUs, Kansas, She 

was living at Jacksonville, Florida in early 1962, 

Marriages: (1) To Larkin E. Sullivan. Divorced. (2) June, 

1962, to Tom Lewis. 

Children: First marriage (Larkin E. Sullivan): 

1, 7. 3, 2.4. 1 Jacqueline Sullivan, born May 25, 1944, Marshall Sullivan, born August 14, 1945. James Russell (or Michael?) Sullivan, born 
October 21, 1946. 

1,7.3,3.1 (BERTHA) LEONORE LESHER, bom December 21, 1902, at 
Morrowville, Washington County, Kansas. In March, 1904, the family 
moved to a farm father west between Woodston and Stockton, Kansas. Here 
she attended the elementary schools and was graduated from the Woodston 
Rural High School. She took the Kansas State Teachers examination and 
taught three years at Lowell Rural school between Woodston and Stockton, 
Since her marriage to her high school sweetheart she has been a housewife. 
During World War 11 she worked at Douglas Aircraft factory in El Segundo, 
California. She and her husband are presently residing at Barstow, Cali- 

Marriage: October 11, 1924, at El Segundo, California, to 
Marcus Harvey Mclntire, the seventh of ten children of Harvey and Amy 
Mclntire. He was born December 18, 1902, at Woodston, Kansas. When 
he was a small boy his family moved west to a farm near Rexford, Kansas. 
When he was eight years old his father was killed in a train wreck. The 
oldest brother was then eighteen years old and the family continued to farm 
until driven out by drought and severe dust storms. They moved back to a 
farm at Woodston, where Marcus Harvey completed elementary and high 
school. During the summer of 1923 he worked near Denver, Colorado; and 
in October of that year he went to El Segundo, California where he was 
employed by the Standard Oil Refinery. The following year he sent for his 
fiancee, and they were married there. 

In 1928 he left the refinery and went to work for the El Segundo 
Police Department where he continued except for a time (February, 1943 
to November, 1944) when he seirved in the Army Aviation Camouflage 


Engineers. In March, 1945, (due to illness of his father-in-law), he moved 
to his ranch in Lucerne Valley, California, where he farmed until November, 
1948. He then joined the Barstow, California, Police Department, where he 
is presently employed as Assistant Chief of Police. 
Children: Harlan David Mclntire, born April 18, 1926, at 
Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles County, California. 
He attended elementary and high school in El 
Segundo, California. After his high school gradu- 
ation in 1943, he joined the U. S. Marine Corps and 
served in Saipan, Taiwan, Okinawa, and Japan. 
After World War 11 he worked one summer ranching 
with his father in Lucerne Valley, one summer on a 
ranch in Nevada, and one summer for the railroad 
at Healy Fork, Alaska. 

He attended the University of California at Davis, 
majoring in agriculture and was graduated with 
highest honors. In June, 1950, he rejoined the 
Marines and went to Korea where he was wounded. 
After his discharge he returned to the home of his 
parents in Barstow, California, where he still re- 
sides and is employed by the United States Soil 
Conservation Service, 

* Duane Marcus Mclntire, born April 14, 1928, at 

Hermosa Beach, California. 

* Elliot Gregor Mclntire, born August 30, 1940, at 

Inglewood, California. FANNY MILDRED LESHER, bom January 13, 1905, near 
Woodston, Roolcs County, Kansas. She was graduated from the Woodston 
Rural High School in 1924, and taught three terms in a rural school. She 
attended Ft. Hays College before her marriage. After the death of her 
husband she worked as a house mother at Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa, 
and at Ft. Hays College, Kansas. Since June, 1958, she worked for the 
Wichita Board of Education in the Library Department. 

Marriage: November 25, 1927, at Woodston, Kansas, to Roy 
Pauley, son of Horace E. Pauley and Kitty Rehiner- Pauley. He was born 
August 14, 1904, on a farm near Woodston, Kansas, and was graduated 
from the Woodston Rural High School in 1924. He enrolled in Electrical 
School at Pittsb-irg State College, After graduating in 1926, he attended 
Sweeney Mechanical School in Kansas City, Kansas. He established an in- 
dependent mechanical and electrical business at Woodston, Kansas in 1927. 

He died April 5, 1955, at Woodston. Interred in the Ash Rock 
Cemetery at Woodston. 


* 1. 7. 3. 3. 2. 1 Phyllis Mabel Pauley 

191 Rex Pauley, born June 22, 1929, at Woodston, Kan 
sas. Died June 24, 1929. 

1. 7. 3. 3.3 (EDWIN) EARL LESHER, born April 30, 1907, near Woodston, 
Rooks County, Kansas. He attended rural school through eighth grade and 
high school at Woodston. At the age of seventeen he began a Kansas banking 
career in the Woodston State Bank; the Guaranty State Bank, Topska; Plain- 
ville State Bank; State Bank Examiner; Prairie State Bank, Augusta; First 
National Bank, Pratt; and the Fourth National Bank, Wichita, where he holds 
his present position as Vice-President. 

Marriage: October 3, 1928, at Lawrence, Kansas, to Barbara 
Francis Zrubeck, daughter of Aloys Zrubeck and Susan Sobba-Zrubeck. 
She was born June 5, 1908, in Rawlins County, Kansas. She attended rural 
school through eighth grade, and high school at McDonald, Kansas. She at- 
tended Commercial College at Topeka, Kansas, and also studied art and 
china painting with several art instructors in Wichita, Kansas. 

* (David) Keith Lesher, bom January 2, 1930, at 

Hays, Kansas. Barbara Ann Lesher, bom November 23, 1939, 
at Wichita, Kansas. Her parents' home at the 
time of her birth was at Augusta, Butler County, 
Kansas. In 1941, they moved to Pratt, Kansas, 
and in 1948 to Wichita. She was graduated from 
Wichita High School East in 1957. She received a 
B. A. degree from the University of Kansas in 

In August, 1964, she moved to Overland Park, 
Kansas, where she assumed a position as English 
instructor at Shawnee Mission West High School. 
Since her marriage, she and her husband reside at 
Overland Park. They are members of First Church 
of Christ, Scientist. 

Marriage: November 28, 1964, at Wichita, Kansas, 
to (Howard) Eugene Crotchett, son of (William) 
Howard Crotchett and Maude Dolores Stevens - 
Crotchett. He is presently employed as a public 
accountant for Lipoff, Sharlip, Pesman and Com- 
pany, Kansas City, Missouri. 

1. 7. 3, 3.4 EDNA JOYCE LESHER, born April 29, 1909, on a farm near 
Woodston, Rooks County, Kansas. The family attended church regularly at 
the coimtry church. She was graduated from the Woodston Rural High School 
and taught in elementary school two years. After her marriage she lived at 
Kansas City where her husband was employed at Fred Harveys at Union 
Station later moving to California. 


Marriage: June 1, 1929, at Woods ton, Kansas, to Ralph Hettick, 
son of Charles M. Hettick and Frances Anne EUis-Hettick. He was bom in 
Atchison County, Kansas, where his parents lived on a farm near Effingham. 
He moved to California with his parents in 1922, returning to Kansas in 1928. 

After six years in Kansas, he moved with his wife and two child- 
ren to California where he spent several years in the trucking industry. On 
moving to Lucerne Valley, California, in 1959, he owned and operated a 
hardware and building supply store for five years. He is presently employed 
by the Chas. Pfizer Company of Lucerne VaUey. 


* (Edna) Lorene Hettick, born December 7, 1930, at 

Kansas City, Missouri. 

* 1. 7. 3. 3. 4. 2 Carol Anne Hettick Donna Rae Hettick, born August 1, 1938, at Lucerne 
Valley, California. She moved with her parents to 
Los Angeles and was graduated from Brethren 
Christian High School at Long Beach. She contin- 
ued in Bible education and Christian training at 
Arizona Bible College at Phoenix, and is presently 
serving, since February, 1963, under the Wycliffe 
Bible Translators as a linguist in the Philippine 
Islands. She is not married. ADDIE MABEL LESHER, born February 12, 1911, near Wood- 
ston, Rooks Coimty, Kansas. She recieved her grade and high school edu- 
cation in the Woodston Rural Schools. She and her husband formerly lived 
at Wichita, Kansas, but since his death she resides near her son at Escon- 
dido, California. 

Marriage: March 3, 1930, at Woodston, Kansas, to Laurence 
Vanderlip, son of Oscar H. Vanderlip and Mabel Minnie Bodine-Vanderlip. 
He was born February 27, 1911, at Woodston, Kansas, and was educated 
in the Woodston schools. He died April 14, 1963, at Wichita, Kansas. 


* 1, 7. 3. 3. 5. 1 Jack Eugene Vanderlip, born June 14, 1932, at 

Kansas City, Kansas. 

1, 7. 3. 3. 6 LOIS FAY LESHER, bom September 25, 1915, near Woodston, 
Rooks County, Kansas. She attended rural school through eighth grade 
and was graduated from Woodston Rural High School in 1933. She taught 
two terms at Survey Elementary School and one term at Union Four District 
before going to California to live with her parents in 1938. After her mar- 
riage she and her husband lived at East Colton Heights, California, vmtil 
July, 1964, when they moved to San Bernardlna, Caltfomia. 

Marriage: August, 1939, to Glen Blakeman. He was born 
September 12, 1916, at Chanute, Kansas. At the age of seven years he 
moved with his family to Colton, California, where he attended school 


through high school. He worked as foreman at an orange packing plant un- 
til 1942. In June of that year he was employed by the Federal Government 
in a Quarter Master Depot at Mira Loma, California. 

He entered Military Service in January, 1944, serving first in 
the Philippine Islands, then with the occupational troops in Japan, return- 
ing home in September, 1946. He was then employed by the Federal Gov- 
ernment as Supervisory Supply Commodity Management Officer at Norton 
Air Force Base, San Bernardino, which position he held until a heart at- 
tack forced his retirement in March, 1962. He is presently managing 
apartments in San Bernardino. 

* Glenda Fay Blakeman, born Ai^ust 15, 1940, at 

Colton, California. Alan Earl Blakeman, born June 20, 1945, at 

Loma Linda, California. His parents' residence 
at this time was at Colton, California, He lived 
at Colton eighteen years and attended the Colton 
schools and Colton Union High School where he 
was editor of the school newspaper and sports 
editor of the yearbook. 

He is presently a sophomore at San Bernardino 
Valley College, majoring in sociology and plan- 
ning to enter the University of California at 
Riverside in 1965. In the summer of 1963 he 
was employed by Norton Air Force Base Cafeteria, 
and in the summer of 1964, he worked as a 
salesman for Collier's Encyclopedia. 

1. 7. 3.4. 1 LOWELL EARL NYE, born October 17, 1921, near Effingham, 
Kansas. He attended the schools of Atchison County, and was graduated 
from Atchison County Community High School in 1939. He served three 
and one-half years in the U, S. Navy during World War H. He is now em- 
ployed as a policemen in the city of Atchison, Kansas. 

Marriage: To Ruth Mae Carrick, daughter of Lloyd Edgar 
Carrick and Erma E. Gobel-Carrick. She was bom October 10, 1926, at 
Toledo, Ohio. She attended the schools of Toledo and was graduated from 
Scott High School in 1945. She is now employed by the J. C. Penney Com- 
pany in Atchison, Kansas. 


1. 7. 3.4. 1. 1 Kenneth Earl Nye, born April 4, 1947, at Toledo, 
Ohio. 1.2 Donald Edgar Nye, bom October 13, 1950, at 
Atchison, Kansas. 

1. 7. 3.4. 1. 3 James Lowell Nye, born July 3, 1954, at Atchi- 
son, Kansas. 

194 ETHEL FRANCES NYE, born August 13, 1897, near Dudley, 
Wapello County, Iowa. She was educated in a rural school. After her 
marriage she lived on a farm near Dudley for twelve years, moving in 
1929 to a farm two and one-half miles southeast of Agency, Iowa, where 
she now resides with her husband. 

Marri^e: September 17, 1917, at Muscatine, Iowa, to Alberi 
Everett Newquist, son of Lars John Newquist and Anna Catherine Wallace- 
Newquist, both from Sweden. He was born November 5, 1893, on a farm 
north of Dudley, Iowa. He attended rural school and business college in 
Ottumwa, and State University of Iowa two years. He retired in 1962 on 
his farm near Agency, Iowa. 


* 1. 7.4. 1. 1, 1 Leland Howard Newquist, born November 11, 

1918, near Dudley, Iowa. 

* Marian Luella Newquist, born January 23, 1921, 

near Dudley. 
1. 7.4. 1. 1. 3 Catherine Mae Newquist, born January 23, 1924, 
near Dudley. When she was five years old the 
family moved to a farm southeast of Agency where 
she attended a rural school. After her graduation 
from high school at Agency, she attended Parsons 
College in Fairfield, Iowa, for two years after 
which she bagan her career as an elementary 

As she taught in Danville, Iowa, and at Ottumwa, 
she finished work for a B. S. degree in Education 
at Drake University by attending summer school 
and Community College. She has been teaching 
in Ottumwa for the past sixteen years. 
She is also interested in family history and geneal - 
ogy and has collected information on the Nye family 
as well as on other lines of her family. She has 
generously shared her findings with the writer of 
this biography. She is not married, 

* 1. 7.4. 1. 1.4 Philip Craig Newquist, born May 6, 1927, near 

Dudley, Iowa. 

1. 7. 4. 1. 3 WYONA OPAN NYE, born December 3, 1905, near Dudley, 
Wapello County, Iowa. Her entire life was spent on the Olney family 
farm, except for a few years when she lived in California with her parents. 
She died at Ottumwa, Iowa, nine days after the birth of her only child, on 
June 15, 1930. Interred in the Columbia Cemetery, Wapello County, 

Marriage: October 6, 1926, at Eldon, Iowa, to (Anders) Edwin 
Emanuel Larson, son of Emil Larson and Ida Anderson-Larson. He was 
born at Frederic, Iowa, and spent his boyhood days on a farm in th? Dudley 
community. After his marriage he lived on the Olney farm the remainder 


of his life. He died June 12, 1936, at Ottumwa, Iowa. Interred in the 
Columbia Cemetery in Wapello County. 

* 1. 7.4. 1. 3. 1 William (Bill) D. Larson, born June 6, 1930, at 

Ottumwa, Iowa. 

1. 7. 4. 2. 1 ELSIE NYE, born Ai^ust 22, 1913, in Dudley, Wapello County, 
lowao At the age of three she moved with her parents to Ottumwa. She 
was graduated from Ottumwa High School and Ottumwa Heights College. In 
1934 the family moved to Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa, where she has 
lived since her marriage. She is a member of the Presbyterian Church 
and has been active in the P. T, A. for nineteen years. 

Marriage: April 3, 1938, at Ottumwa, Iowa, to William Van 
Draska, Jr. , one of the three children of William Van Draska, Sr. and 
Martha Rheinhart-Van Draska. He was born November 23, 1913, at 
Oskaloosa, Iowa, and has lived there all his life. He owns and operates 
an orthopedic shoe rebuilding service. 

1. 7. 4. 2. 1. 1 Marcla Kay Van Draska, bom November 16, 1940, 
at Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa. She is 
presently teaching. 
1. 7. 4. 2. 1. 2 Barbara Ann Van Draska, born July 31, 1944, 

at Oskaloosa. 
1. 7. 4. 2. 1. 3 Larry David Van Draska, born January 24, 1950, 

at Oskaloosa. 
1. 7. 4. 2. 1.4 Debra Lynn Van Draska, bom August 27, 1953, 
at Oskaloosa. 

1. 7. 8. 1. 1 JAMES BENTLEY STRONG, born November 30, 1920, in New 
York City, New York. He was graduated from Cranbrook School, Bloom- 
field Hills, Michigan, in 1938, and received a B. A. degree from Grinnell 
College, Iowa, in 1942. He was in the National Service from 1942 to 1946, 
seizing as a First Lieutenant in the Field Artillery. He was wounded in 
France and was awarded the Purple Heart. 

He was in the Native Service of the U. S. Government in Alaska 
from 1946 to 1949. In 1952, he received a Bachelor of Law degree from 
Yale University Law School. He is now an attorney and Municipal Judge 
at Moses Lake, Wasliington, where he presently resides with his family. 

He is a member of the Washington Bar Association and the 
American Bar Association, and is a Phi Beta Kappa. 

Marriage: July 10, 1945, to Sylvia Kolden 


1. 7. 8. 1. 1. 1 James Michael Strong, born June 1946, at 
Arlington, Virginia. Died August, 1946. 

1. 7. 8. 1. 1. 2 Stephen Kolden Strong, born December 25, 1947, 
at Juneau, Alaska. 


1. 7. 8, 1. 1. 3 Mary Joan Strong, born March 4, 1950, at New 

Haven, Connecticut. 
1. 7. 8. 1. 1. 4 Nancy Margaret Strong, born April 14, 1952, 

at New Haven, Connecticut. 
1. 7. 8. 1. 1, 5 Timothy Janies Strong, born June 21, 1956, 

at Moses Lake, Washington. 
1.7. 8.1. 1.6 Sarah Ruth Strong, Adopted. March 2, 1956, 

State of Washington. 

1„ 7. 8. 1. 3 JEROME CULTON STRONG, born November 23, 1925, at 
Grinnell, Poweshiek County, Iowa. He was graduated from Grinnell High 
School in 1942 and served in the U. S. Navy in the Pacific from 1943 to 
1946. He received a B. A. degree from Grinnell College, Iowa, in 1948, 
and a M. S.. degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1949. 

From 1949 to 1950 he studied in the Language School at Grenoble, 
France, and at the London School of Economics, London, England. He 
was then a student at Columbia University, New York, from 1951 to 1952, 
after which he served as Research Economist with the Twentieth Century 
Fimd from 1952 to 1954. 

The following year he did further work at Columbia University; 
and from 1955 to 1957, he was Instructor of Economics, at Princeton Uni- 
versity. He then served as Research Economist at Washington, D. C. from 
1957 to 1958, and received a Ph. D. from Columbia University in 1961. 

He is now assistant Professor of Economics at Colgate Uni- 
versity, Hamilton, New York, where he resides with his wife and child. 

Married: December 27, 1947, to Nyhla Beth Yates. She is a 
sister of Natalie Yates, wife of Douglas Earl Strong (1. 7. 8. 1. 2), 

Child: Jennifer Ann Strong, Adopted. Born July 21, 
1959, in New Jersey. 

1. 7. 10. 1. 1 WILLIAM FRANK NYE, born July 24, 1926, at Omaha, 
Nebraska. He was graduated from Benson High School, Omaha, in 1944, 
and attended Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, from 1944 to 1946. He 
then attended the University of Nebraska, receiving a B. A. degree in 
1948, M. A. in 1951, and M. D. in 1958. He was a U.S. Naval officer 
from 1944 to 1946 and from 1950 to 1953. 

He has been a physician since 1958 and is a Specialist in 

He is presently residing with his family at Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Marriage: June 26, 1949, at Omaha, Nebraska, to Mary 
Roberta Lueder, daughter of Herman Hinman Lueder and Marion Heikes- 
Lueder. She was born August 20, 1926, at Sioux City, Iowa, and is a 
graduate of Iowa State College, Ames, 1949. 


1. 7. 10. 1. 1. 1 Eric William Nye, born July 31, 1952, at 


Omaha, Nebraska. 
1. 7. 10. 1. 1.2 Hoyt William Nye, born April 29, 1956, at Omaha. 
1. 7. 10. 1. 1. 3 Nancy Ann Nye, born May 8, 1964, at Lincoln, 



1. 5. 1. 1. 2. 1 LESTER EARL (TATCH) LANE, born February 20, 1911, at 
Salina, Saline County, Kansas. He lived at lola and Wichita, Kansas, be- 
fore his mother returned with her family to Thomas County. For a while 
he attended the Oakley schools, then lived on a farm near Colby until his 
marriage, after which he made his home in Colby. 

In 1941 he moved with his family to Los Angeles, California, 
where he is employed as a welder. He and his wife now reside at South 
Gate, California, where they own their home. 

Marriages: (1) In 1936, to Lenore Russum, daughter of Sam 
and Phoeba Russum, Divorced. No children. (2) June 30, 1940, to Irene 
Edna Herdt, daughter of Henry George Herdt and Lydia Ehrlich-Herdt. 
She was born June 25, 1919, at Monument, Logan County, Kansas. She 
attended school at Monument. For the past several years she has been 
employed as manager of a school cafeteria near her home. 
Children: Second marriage (Irene Edna Herdt): 
1. 5. 1. 1. 2. 1. 1 Lloyd Earl Lane, born May 4, 1941, at Colby, 
Thomas County, Kansas. He was graduated from 
the South Gate, California, High School in June, 
1959, He is presently employed as a packaging 
engineer by the National Container Company, 
Not miarried, 
♦ 1. 5. 1, 1. 2. 1. 2 Karen Sue Lane, born March 15, 1943, at Los 

Angeles, California. 

1. 5. 1. 1.2.2 VERN ARTHUR LANE, born November 28, 1912, at lola, 
Allen County, Kansas. He attended Center rural school south of Colby, in 
Thomas Couaty,and also the Union District school. He assisted his step- 
father on the farm before his marriage, leaving Kansas in 1935 to make 
his home in Los Angeles, California. He has been employed as a welder 
most of the time but now works at plant maintenance. He and his family 
presently reside in South Gate, California. 

Marriage: Novemiber 17, 1934, at Colby, Kansas, to Edith 

May Ramey, daughter of Harrison E. Ramsy and Palmer-Ramey. 

She was bom September 6, 1914, in Rawlins County, Kansas. Her parents 
later moved to Colby, Thomas County, where they operated a dairy. She 
was graduated from the Colby High School in 1934. 


1. 5. 1. 1. 2. 2. 1 Larry Ray Lane, born December 21, 1940, at 


Los Angeles, California. He was graduated from 
the South Gate, California, High School in 1959, 
He has served six months in the Army Reserves, 
and is presently occupied as a salesman. Not 

1. 5. 1. 1. 2. 2. 2 Steve .Arthur Lane, born October 24, 1942, at 
Inglewood, California. He was graduated from 
the South Gate High School in 1961. He served in 
the U. S. Army from 1962 to 1964. He is presently 
occupied as a salesman. Not married, 

1. 5. 1. 1. 2o 2. 3 Richard Lee Lane, born September 24, 1945, at 
Los Angeles, California. He was graduated from 
South Gate High School in 1963, and is presently 
occupied as a shipping clerk by Sears. 

1. 5. 1. 1. 2. 4 WILBUR LAVON LANE, born February 28, 1916, at lola, 
Allen County, Kansas, He attended a rural school near Colby, Thomas 
County, and the Colby Community High School. He served in the U. S. 
Navy from December, 1942 to April, 1945. He has lived at Long Beach, 
California, from 1937 to the present. He is a real estate broker. 

Marriages: (1) To Donna Jean Reno, daughter of Milo E. 
Reno. Divorced. (2) Mrs. Virginia Flickenger, (maiden name not known) 

Child: First marriage (Donna Jean Reno): 

1. 5. 1. 1. 2.4. 1 (Reno) Alan Lane, born June 11, 1945, at Long 
Beach, California. He attended Brown Military 
Academy, Long Beach, through grade school, and 
was graduated from Lakewood High School in 1963. 
He is presently attending Long Beach City College. 

1. 5. 1. 1. 3. 1 DAISY MARIE WILSON, born August 22, 1912. Her parents 
lived at Tacoma, Washington; Calgary, Canada; and Buhl, Idaho, before 
returning to Western Kansas with their two eldest daughters. She attended 
a rural school in Logan County near Monument, and finished her grade school 
education at the Union District school in Thomas County near Colby. For 
several years after her marriage she lived on a farm in southeast Thomas 
County, later moving to Colby. A few years later she moved with her fam- 
ily to Greeley, Colorado, where they now reside. 

She and her husband have enjoyed traveling and have toured all 
the States on the mainland, and have also visited Old Mexico, and several 
provinces of Canada. She has many momentos and pictures of their travels. 

Marriage: To (Henry) George Feldmann. Before and during 
his early married life he worked as a farm laborer. He has been employed 
in construction work for a number of years and will retire soon. 

* 1. 5. 1, 1. 3. 1. 1 Lambert Henry Feldmann, born August 17, 


1939, at Colby, Thomas County, Kansas. 

1. 5. 1. 1. 3. 2 LILLIE LAURENE WILSON, born January 18, 1915, at Buhl, 
Idaho. Her parents later moved to a farm in Logan Coun'y, Kansas, near 
Monument where she attended a rural school. She later lived with her par- 
ents on a farm near Colby, Thomas County, and attended the Union Dis- 
trict school. 

After hsr marriage she lived for a time on a farm near Oakley. 
She later lived with her husband at Atwood, Rawlins County, Kansas, and 
then for several years they resided at Hastings, Nebraska. She died De- 
cember 1,1951, at Colby, Kansas. Interred at Colby. 

Marriage: December 4, 1931, at Goodland, Sherman County, 
Kansas, to Lewis Wiles of Oakley, Kansas. He was born July 2, 1907. 
After the death of his first wife he later remarried and made his home at 
Poulsbo, Washington. He died October 8, 1955, Interred at Colby, Kan- 


* 1. 5. 1. 1, 3. 2. 1 Mary Lou Wiles, born August 26, 1939, at 

Hastings, Nebraska. 

1. 5. 1. 1. 3. 3 VIOLET MAY WILSON, born August 15, 1919, on a farm in 
Thomas County, Kansas. She attended the Union District school near 
Colby. She moved with her parents to Goodman, Missouri, for a few 
years, later returning to a farm soatheast of Colby. After the death of 
her mother she kept house for her father until her marriage. 

She and her husband lived an a farm^ near Colby and later 
made their home in Colby where she operated a small grocery store in 
connection with hsr home. They m.oved to Ft. Morgan, Colorado, where 
they presently reside. She has worked in a grocery store in Ft. Morgan 
and within the past year has completed a manicure course in cosm.etology 
at a beauty school in Greeley, Colorado. 

Marriage: To Dale Allen, son of Oscar John (O. J. ) Allen, 
and Augusta Retke- Allen. He attended a rural school near Colby and was 
graduated from the Colby Community High School. He is presently em- 
ployed in construction work at Ft. Morgan. 


* 1. 5. 1. 1. 3. 3. 1 Jeanette LaVonne Allen, born October 23, 1940. 
1. 5. 1. 1. 3. 3. 2 Robert Lawrence Allen, born October 28, 1942. 

He attended school at Colby, Kansas, and at Ft. 
Morgan, Colorado, graduating from the Ft. Morga 
High School. He attended Colorado State College 
at Greeley before his enlistment in the U. S. Air 
Force. He was stationed at Lowry Field, Denver, 
during the summer of 1964. 
1. 5. 1. 1, 3, 3, 3 Deanna Carol Allen, born May 24, 1945, She 
attended the Colby schools and was graduated 


from high school at Ft. Morgan, Colorado, in 
1964. She was employed in a drug store before 
her marriage. 

Marriage: July 25, 1964, at Ft. Morgan, 
Colorado, to John Pyle. 

1. 5. 1. 1. 5. 1 (WALLACE) DUANE NYE, born December 7, 1921, near 
Oakley, in Thomas County, Kansas. He was graduated from the Oakley 
High School in 1940. After his first marriage he farmed for a few years 
in his home neighborhood. He was inducted into the Army in September, 
1944, at Denver, Colorado, serving as a Private in Company D-31st Signal 
Training Battalion; and for reason of poor health was discharged at Camp 
Crowder, Missouri, in December, 1944, 

He worked as a mechanic for a number of years and is now 
owner and operator of the Nye Motor Company at Colby, Kansas, where 
he and his family make their home. 

Marriages: (1) August 16, 1940, at Bums, Kansas, to Elsie 
Jane Van Tuyl, daughter of Guy W. Van Tuyl and Daisy Page- Van Tuyl. 
Divorced. (2) March 16, 1948, at Newton, Kansas, to Christa (Chris) Mae 
Niblack, daughter of Calvin Laywell Niblack and Ethel Margaret Crawford- 
Niblacko She was born December 25, 1925, at Leon, Butler County, Kan- 
sas. She attended school at Leon her first three years, and finished grade 
school at Beaumont, Kansas, receiving her diploma at El Dorado. She 
attended high school one year at Latham, Kansas, and was graduated from 
the high school at Moline, Kansas, in 1941. Her first marriage (Novem- 
ber 19, 1943) was to Lowell Leeman Kinnaman. She had one son by this 
marriage, Dennis Leeman Kinnaman. He was born March 16, 1945, at 
Wichita, Kansas, and died June 28, 1958, as the result of an accident. 
Children: First marriage (Elsie Jane Van Tuyl): 
1. 5. 1. 1. 5. 1. 1 Delbert Duane Nye (Edwards), born August 1, 
1941, near Oakley, in Thomas County, Kansas. 
He was adopted by his step-father, (Thomas) 
Earl Edwards, after his mother's second mar- 
riage. He was graduated from Topeka, Kansas 
High School and has served several years in the 
U. S. Navy. He was stationed in Ireland a num- 
ber of months, and since returning to the states 
has been at the Great Lakes Naval Training 
Station near Chicago where he is an electronics 
instructor. He was married in the fall of 1962 
in Ireland to Rita Allen. 
1. 5. 1. 1. 5. 1. 2 Robert Ray Nye (Edwards), born August 13, 
1943, at Colby, Thomas County, Kansas. He 
was adopted by his step-father, Earl Edwards. 
He was graduated from Topeka High School and 
is serving in the U. S. Navy, presently in the 


Pacific, moving from the Philippines toward 
Hong Kong. 
Second marriage (Christa Mae Niblack): Donald Lynn Nye, born February 22, 1951, at 
Colby, Thomas County, Kansas. William Rodney Nye, born August 15, 1952, 
at Colby. Sharon Kay Nye , born September 15, 1953, 
at Colby. Velma Jeanne Nye, born November 14, 1956, 
at Colby. 

1.5. 1.1. 5. 3 HAROLD RAY NYE, born January 29, 1926, on a farm near 
Oakley, in Thomas County, Kansas. He attended the Oakley schools and 
was graduated from Oakley High School in 1944. 

He enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corps, December 22, 1943, 
and was discharged from that service October 27, 1945, after which he 
was engaged in farming for a short time in his home community. He then 
moved into Oakley where he began his career as a law enforcement officer. 

He was night mar shall at Oakley from May, 1947 to May, 1948, 
when he joined the police department at Garden City, Kansas. In Novem- 
ber of that same year he was made an investigator, which position he held 
until November, 1951, when he transferred to the police department of 
Hutchinson, Kansas, as a patrolman. 

In June, 1952, he was promoted to the position of a detective, 
and named a detective sergeant in November of that year, and a detective 
lieutenant in June, 1953. By November, 1953, he had been rapidly pro- 
moted from captain and chief of detectives to assistant chief of police, 
which position he held until June 15, 1955, when he resigned to accept a 
position with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation as a special agent. He is 
a graduate of the University of Louisville Southern Police Institute, and 
was promoted to assistant director of the KBI January 21, 1961, which 
position he presently holds. He and his family reside in Topeka. 

Marriage: February 12, 1945, to Joyce Fae Fechner, 
daughter of Charles Verner Fechner and Thelma Irene Walker-Fechner. 
She was born February 19, 1927, at Oakley, Kansas, and was educated 
in the Oakley schools. She is active in the Woman's Club of Topeka. 

Children: Terrolynn Ethelle Nye, born April 25, 1946, 
at Colby, Thomas County, Kansas. She was 
graduated from Topeka High School in June, 
1964, and is presently employed as a secretary 
by the Kansas Motor Vehicle Department at 
Topeka . Ronald Ray Nye, born November 14, 1950, 
at Garden City, Finney County, Kansas. SHIRLEY MARYETTA NYE, born near Oakley, in Thomas 
County, Kansas, January 29, 1934, on the seventy-third anniversary of 
Kansas Statehood and the eighth birthday anniversary of her next older 
brother. She attended the Oakley Consolidated Schools from kindergarten 
through high school receiving her high school diploma in May, 1952. 


During high school she was active in the band, playing a 
trumpet, and at the conclusion of her senior year was named as one of the 
two outstanding musical students of the year by the Oakley Music Club. 

She was also active in the local Theta Rho organization, and 
was sponsored on a youth tour to the United Nations by the local lOOF 
Lodge . 

After her graduation, she worked as an operator for the tele- 
phone company at Oakley before her marriage. Because her first husband 
was in the U. S. Army, her early married life was spent in a number of 
locations, including San Antonio, Texas; Camp Polk, Louisiana (with 
residence at Leesville); Ft. Belvoir, Virgining (three months); and back 
to Camp Polk, Louisiana, where they lived on base and where their first 
child was born. 

Her husband was discharged from the Army in November, 1953, 
and from then until December, 1954, they lived at Oakley and Winona, in 
Logan County, Kansas, afterwards moving to Denver, Colorado, and later 
to Hays, Kansas. 

After her second marriage, she lived at Colby, Thomas 
County, Kansas, until February, 1963, when she moved with her family 
to Boulder, Colorado, where they now reside, and from where she re- 
ports, "We have a new home nestled in the foothills and love it very much 
. . . I'm afraid our life isn't very colorful as all we have time for is eat, 
sleep, and work. " (The writer of her biography is certain that the lack 
of "color" in their lives is definitely counter-balanced by a lack of monotony 
or any inclination toward "sluggishness", physically or mentally, as she 
and her husband provide the material substances and moral guidance for 
"yours, mine, and ours" in rearing and educating their combined families 
of seven children, five of whom will be in high school simultaneously 
within the next few years ! ) 

In May, 1961, she went to work for Southwestern Bell Tele- 
phone Company at Colby, and since the move to Boulder has transferred to 
Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company. 

Marriages: (1) August 3, 1952, at Oakley, Kansas, to 
(Elmer) Eugene (Gene) Dawson, son of E. W. Dawson and Mary Ogier- 
Dawson. Divorced. (2) In 1958, at Oakley, to (Oscar) Dale Benda, son 
of Oscar Benda and Bertha Belle Henderson-Benda. He was born June 20, 
1928, at Halford, Thomas County, Kansas. He attended the Halford rural 
school, the Gem Consolidated School, and Fort Hays State College. 

He lived on a farm near Halford until after his graduation 
from high school in 1946 when he moved to Colby. He served in the U. S. 
Army and took a tank leadership course at the Armored School, Ft, Knox, 
Kentucky, in 1951. He also attended a radio and television school at the 
Wichita Technical Institute, Wichita, Kansas, during the summer of 
1957. For a time he was manager of the General Electric retain store 
at Colby. 

His present occupation is with Gamble-Skagmo Incorporation 
at Boulder as clerk and salesman (a position to which he himself jokingly 
refers as being that of a "low-salaried prevaricator"). 

His first marriage was to Helen C. Torrez, February 8, 1953. 
There were two sons of this marriage: Michael Joseph Benda, born 
November 9, 1953, at Colby, Kansas; and Terrence (Terry) Dale Benda, 
born November 26, 1954, at Colby. After the death of his first wife he 


was remarried to his present wife, who assumed the motherhood of his 
two sons. 

Children: First marriage (Elmer Eugene Dawson): Deborah Jo Dawson (Benda), born July 17, 

1953, at Camp Polk, Louisiana. (Adopted by 
her step-father, Dale Benda.) Cheryl Shirleen Dawson (Benda) , born August 5 , 

1954, at Oakley, Logan County, Kansas. (Adopted 
by her step-father). Maria Jeanne Dawson (Benda), bom December 
22, 1956, at Denver, Colorado. (Adopted by her 
step-father. ) 

Second marriage (Dale Benda): Scott Ray Benda, born January 1 1 , 1959, at 
Colby, Thomas County, Kansas. Kelly LeRoy Benda, born November 2, 1960, 
at Colby. VERLEEN LORES NYE, born April 13, 1936, near Oakley, 
in Thomas County, Kansas. She attended the Oakley Consolidated Schools 
and contributed much to the school and community by her ability as a 
pianist, serving as an accompanist for the school musical organizations 
and as church and Sunday school pianist for the First Christian Church of 
Oakley of which she was a member. She was also active in the Theta Rho 

Since her marriage she has lived at Oakley; North Platte, 
Nebraska; Westminster, Colorado; Denver, Colorado; Valley Falls, Kan- 
sas: Ceres, California: and Topeka, Kansas, where she and her family 
presently reside. She was graduated with highest honors in the spring of 
1964 from Stewarts Beauty Academy, Topeka, and is employed as a hair 
stylist at the Mr. George Hair Stylists Salon in Shoppers' City, Topeka. 

Marriage: In 1951, at Oakley, Kansas, to Leland Richard 
Ansley, son of Thomas Arthur Ansley and Lois Marguerite Ihrig-Ansley. 
He was born September 16, 1934, at Monument, Logan County, Kansas. 
He attended the Hackberry rural school, and the Oakley schools, Logan 
County, Kansas, and Mount Pleasant rural: and received his junior high 
and high school education in the schools of Des Moines, Iowa. 

He has been employed as a printer since his high school days, 
and is presently employed as a linotj^pe operator by the J. M. Hart Com- 
pany, Inc. , Printers and Lithographers, Topeka, Kansas. 

Children: Vickie Lynn Ansley, born February 13, 1952, 
at Oakley, Logan County ^ Kansas. Kimberly Lora Ansley, born October 23, 1954, 
at Oakley. Christina Dawn Ansley, born February 9, 
1956, at Denver, Colorado. Brian Lee Ansley, bom September 14, 1957, 
at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. MARILYN ANN NYE, born September 27, 1936, near Oakley, 
in Thomas County, Kansas. She lived on a farm until her parents moved 


into Oakley when she was a sixth grade student. She attended the Oakley 
schools from kindergarten through high school, and was graduated with 
highest honors in the spring of 1954. She was active in many school acti- 
vities and was a member of the local Jobs Daughters organization, serving 
as Honored Queen when in her senior year. 

She attended Kansas State University, Manhattan, three semes- 
ters, she and her husband attending the two final semesters together, liv- 
ing in a mobile home near the campus. After her husband's graduation in 
January, 1956, she left college to accompany him to his first assignment 
in the U. S. Air Force Reserves, her subsequent life being best described 
in the biography of her husband. She has taken several additional hours of 
college work as their various assignments and circumstances have allowed, 
and is presently enrolled in an evening class at the University of Minne- 
sota, Duluth. At Syracuse, New York, she enjoyed participating in a 
Great Books weekly discussion group at the city library as well as an 
evening class at the University. 

Marriage: December 19, 1954, at Oakley, Kansas, to (Seth) 
Burt Hodges, son of (David) Paul Hodges and HoUis O. Kelley-Hodges. 
He was born January 13, 1933, in Logan County, Kansas. He attended 
school at Monument and at Oakley and was graduated from Oakley High 
School in May, 1951, as salutatorian of his class. He received a B. S. 
degree in agricultural engineering from Kansas State University in Janu- 
ary, 1956, at which time he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the 
Air Force Reserves. 

In March, 1956, he began his active duty with basic training 
at Lackland Air Base, San Antonio, Texas, after which he was transferred 
to Harlingen, Texas, where he and his wife lived until the following spring, 
and where their first child was born. 

He was stationed at Stead Air Force Base, Reno, Nevada, dur- 
ing the summer of 1957, and was transferred that fall to McClelland Air 
Base, Sacramento, California. They lived in their trailer home in Sacra- 
mento for about a year before moving in the fall of 1958 to the suburb of 
Carmichael where they purchased their first home. This was their per- 
manent residence for nearly five years except for a three and one-half 
month period during the fall of 1961 when they were sent to Montgomery, 
Alabama, where he attended Squadron Officers' School at Maxwell Air 
Force Base. It was during this time that he received his rating as a 

He returned with his family to Carmichael, California, in 
January, 1962; and in late May of that same year he began a remote over- 
seas assignment at Thule Air Base, Greenland, during which time his 
wife remained with their children in their Carmichael home. 

Upon his return to the States in July, 1963, they sold their 
California home and were transferred to Syracuse, New York, where he 
entered Syracuse University in September as an A FIT student, completing 
work for an M. S. degree in engineering administration at the conclusion 
of the 1964 summer term. He and his family were then transferred to 
Duluth Air Base, Duluth, Minnesota, where they presently reside. 

Children: Jeffrey David Hodges , bom September 1 0, 
1956, at Harlingen, Cameron County, Texas. Scott Alan Hodges, bom May 26, 1959, at 


Sacramento, California. PEGGY LOUISE CALDWELL, bom February 29, 1924, at 
Goodland, Sherman County, Kansas. She was graduated from the Sherman 
County High School in 1942. After her marriage she lived at St. Francis, 
Cheyenne County, Kansas; and at several other locations before moving 

to her present home in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Marriages: (1) To rexford Eugene Ashley. Deceased. No 
Children. (2) September 21, 1946, at Kansas City, Kansas, to Ernest 
Hobart (Hobe) Newhouse, son of Ernest Henry Newhouse and Eleanor Marie 
Mitchell -Newhouse. He was born October 31, 1928, at Red Cloud, Nebraska 
He lived also at Guide Rock, Nebraska, and at Bird City, Kansas. He was 
graduated from the Colby Community High School in Thomas County, Kan- 
sas, in 1939, and attended Ft. Hays Kansas State College from 1940 to 
1942, and the University of Omaha, Nebraska, 1956 to 1-958. 

He served as a pilot in World War U, receiving the Air Medal 
and the Purple Heart. From 1952 to 1962 he served as a military pilot. 
Additional places he and his family have lived include Goodland and Wichita, 
Kansas; Memphis, Tennessee; Ardmore, Oklahoma; Lincoln, Nebraska; 
and Honolulu, Hawaii, where he is presently employed as manager of the 
building division of the Honolulu Gas Company. 

Children: James Hobart Newhouse, born August 7, 1947, 
at Goodland, Sherman County, Kansas. Jan Newhouse, bom July 18, 1950, at St. 
Francis, Cheyenne County, Kansas. SHIRLEY LORENE (SUE) CALDWELL, bom July 6, 1926, 
at Goodland, Sherman County, Kansas. She attended the GoocHand schools 
and was graduated from Sherman County High School in 1944. She attended 
the University of Colorado for one year prior to her marriage. Her home 
has been at Goodland her entire life. 

Marriage: March 20, 1945, at Goodland, Kansas, to Maurice 
Wilson Peters, son of Wilson Peters and Etta McDaniel-Peters. He at- 
tended school at Edson, Sherman County, Kansas, and was graduated 
from the Edson High School in 1942. He also attended the Central Com- 
mercial School, Denver, Colorado. He spent two years in military ser- 
vice during which time he was wounded while in the Philippines. He is 
presently in business with his father-in-law, Caldwell's, Inc., at Good- 

Children: Rebecca Sue Peters, born June 18, 1947, at 
Goodland, Sherman Countj', Kansas. Stephen Maurice Peters, born October 6, 
1951, at Goodland. Connie Jo Peters, born August 8, 1954, at 
Goodland . (JAMES) RICHARD CALDWELL, bom November 30, 1929, 
at Goodland, Sherman County, Kansas. He was graduated from the 
Sherman County High School in 1947, and attended Kansas University, 
Lawrence, one year. He is presently employed as a business accountant 


by Caldwells, Lnc. , at Goodland. 

Marriage: November 25, 1952, at Las Vegas, Nevada, to 
Barbara Elaine Elmore, daughter of Leonard Elmore and Carrie Warren- 
Elmore. She was born September 18, 1932, at Edson, Sherman County, 
Kansas . She attended the Edson schools and was graduated from high 
school in 1951. 

Children: Terri Lynn Caldwell, born December 29, 1953, 
at Goodland, Sherman County, Kansas. Jaymes Richard Caldwell , born December 28 , 
1956, at Goodland. DONALD ARTHUR CALDWELL, born February 16, 1932, 
at Goodland, Sherman County, Kansas. He attended the Goodland gi^ade 
schools and the Sherman County High School. He served in the U.S. Army 
in 1952, and is presently the manager of Caldwells, Inc. , at Burlington, 

Marriage: To Jeanne Hayden, born July 17, 1934, at Ruleton, 
Sherman County, Kansas. 

Children: Debra Lynn Caldwell, born April 8, 1953, at 
Goodland, Sherman Countjs Kansas. Dawn Ann Caldwell, born December 23, 1955, 
at Goodland WALTER GERALD (SKEET) LYON, JR., born June 15, 1924, 
in Smith County, Kansas. He attended Jacksonburg rural school, and was 
graduated from the Athol, Kansas, schools in 1944. He served in the U. S. 
Navy in World War n in Pacific operations aboard the U.S.S. Karnes as a 
third-class gunners mate. While in the Navy he was at Pearl Harbor, 
Guadacanal, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Sasebo (Japan), and the Panama Canal. 
He received the Gold Star for action at Okinawa. 

Besides Smith County, Kansas, he has also lived at Limon, 
Colorado, and at Goodland, Kansas, where he is presently employed as a 
brakeman with the Rock Island Railroad. 

Marriage: To Doris Jean Cormiian, daughter of David Allen 
Cornman and Jocie Bell Taylor-Cornman. She was born November 12, 
1928, at Ponca City, Oklahoma. She attended the elementary schools of 
Ponca City; and high school at Ponca City, Oakland, California: and 
Hutchinson, Kansas, where she I'eceived her diploma in 1946. 

She attended Shelton College, New York City, and received a 
Bachelor of Science degree in education from Ft. Hays Kansas State 
College in July, 1960. In the summer of 1964 she started graduate work 
at this same college. Teaching has been her profession for the past ten 
years. Her first position was in the Jacksonburg school of Smith County, 
Kansas, where her husband had received the first eight grades of his edu- 

In addition to the places of residence mentioned above, and 
those previously named in her husband's biography, she has lived in the 
following locations: Flagler, Colorado; Los Angeles, California; Minne- 
apolis, Minnesota: and Seattle, Washington. 

(It is an interesting note that from this wide assortment of 


dwelling places and circumstances, she chanced to meet her future husband 
when she was employed as a fry cook in a little cafe in Limon, Colorado. ) 

Child: Charles Edward Lyon, born September 10, 
1954, at Goodland, Sherman County, Kansas. BARBARA LEE NYE, born July 13, 1932, near Junction City, 
Geary County, Kansas. She attended TuUy school and the Junction City 
elementary schools, Geary County, and King School, and Westmoreland 
High School in Pottawatomie County. Since her marriage she has resided 
at Westmoreland, Flush, and Wamego. She and her husband serve as 
leaders in the Boy Scout organization to which all three of their sons be- 
long; and in the summer of 1964 they attended a Scout leaders camp in 
New Mexico, camping there for a week with their family. 

Marriage: At St. Joseph's Church, Flush, Kansas, to Robert 
Andrew Prockish, son of Andrew J. Prockish and Genevieve Eckart- 
Prockish. He was born July 16, 1928, at Westmoreland, Pottawatomie 
County, KaHsas. He attended St. Bernard's School, Wamego; Cree School; 
and the grade and high school at Flush, in the county of his birth, where 
he has always lived and where he is presently employed as a foreman in 
construction work. 

Children: Robert Dale Prockish, born July 13, 1950, at 
Westmoreland, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Richard Kenneth Prockish, born October 20, 
1951, at Westmoreland. Wayne Andrew Prockish, bom January 3, 1954, 
at Westmoreland. Joyce Marie Prockish, born September 25, 
1956, at Westmoreland. JEAN FRANCES NYE, born January 21, 1934, on a farm 
near McDowell Creek in Geary County, Kansas, She attended seven years 
at King school and one year at Sales grade school, and was graduated from 
the Westmoreland High School, Pottawatomie County, in 1952. For seven 
years after her marriage she was employed by the F'arm Bureau Mutual 
Insurance Company at Manhattan, Kansas, and she worked one year at the 
County Treasurer's Office at Westmoreland. She now devotes her full 
time to her home and to the rearing of their two adopted children. 

Marriage: June 1, 1952, in the Methodist Church at West- 
moreland, Kansas, to (Lawrence) Oscar Krouse, son of Ernest Miles 
Krouse and Mary Minnie Zabel-Krouse. He was bom March 30, 1933, 
on a farm soutli of Westmoreland, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. He at- 
tended the Jenkins grade school and Westmoreland High School, receiving 
his diploma in 1952 in the same class with his future wife, their marriage 
taking place soon after their graduation. He has lived on several farms 
in Pottawatomie County and for seven years has lived on the farm which 
he owns, three miles east of Westmoreland. He is also employed by 
Boyer Construction Company at Manhattan, Kansas. 


( Kenneth Miles Krouse, born December 22, 
1960. Adopted December 28, 1960. 


( Teresa Jean Krouse, born April 22, 1963. 
Adopted April 24, 1963. GALE MARIE NYE, born December 20, 1934, in Geary 
County, Kansas, near Junction City. She attended the King and Sales 
grade schools and was graduated from Westmoreland High School in 
Pottawatomie County in 1953. After her first marriage she resided in 
Alaska during her husband's military service there, and upon returning 
to the States, they made their home at Topeka, Kansas, where she pre- 
sently resides. 

Marriages: (1) August 23, 1953, at Westmoreland, Kansas, 
to Lawrence LeRoy Heath, son of George William Heath and Opal Penning- 
ton-Heath. He was born in August, 1935, at Frankfort, Kansas. Divorced 
in March, 1961. (2) June 20, 1964, at Uclid Methodist Church, Topeka, 
Kansas, to Charles Lawrence Childress. He was born June 29, 1938, at 
Wamego, Kansas, and was the son of Homer P. Childress and Elise A. 
Bachmann-Childress. He attended the Topeka schools (Seabrook, Potwin, 
Roosevelt, and Topeka High) and also attended the Topeka Trade School. 
He served in the U. S. Army from 1961 to 1962. His first marriage was 
to Mary Ellen Fruits. 

Children: First marriage (Lawrence LeRoy Heath): James Victor Heath, born February 27, 1956. 
at Mt. View, Alaska. Jerrie Lyn Heath, born May 19, 1958, at 
Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. Jacquelin Kay Heath, born November 9, 1960, 
at Topeka. CAROLANNNYE, born November 2, 1942, at Westmoreland, 
Kansas. She attended the Westmoreland schools and received her high 
school diploma in 1960. Before her marriage she was employed by the 
Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company at Manliattan, Kansas. 

Marriage: January 21, 1962, at Westmoreland, Kansas, to 
Karl Henry Sprecker, son of Emmett E. Sprecker and Karlene Young- 
Sprecker. He was born February 6, 1936, at Junction City, Kansas. He 
attended grade and high school at Junction City, graduating in 1954, after 
which he attended Washburn University, Topeka, and was graduated from 
Kansas State University, Manhattan, in 1962. He is presently employed as 
district manager of Buick Motors Division, General Motors Corporation, 
at Hays, Kansas, where he and his family make their home. 

Child: Kelly Emmerson Sprecker, born October 18, 
1963, at Hays, Ellis County, Kansas. FRANK D. WRAKESTRAW, date and place of birth uncertain, 
probably in the vicinity of Junction City, Geary County, Kansas. His 
parents later moved to Porterville, Dekalb County, Alabama. In Decem- 
ber, 1960, he was residing at Wedderburn, Urry County, Oregon, with his 
wife and three children. (Not contacted. ) 

Marriage: To Kate Jeanette Johnson. She was bom Septem- 
ber 15, 1936. 

Children: (December, 1960) 

209 Jess Ervin Wrakestraw, bomAugust21, 1955. Thomas Earl Wrakestraw, born September 11, 

• Loreatte Kay Wrakestraw, born January 17, 

1958. MARGARET LOUISE HILDEBRANDT, born March 2, 1922, 
at Salina, Salina County, Kansas. She attended the Salina schools and 
after her marriage she and her husband lived at Galveston, Texas, later 
returning to Kansas where they have resided at Hutchinson, and Salina; 
and for several years have lived on a farm near Solomon, Kansas. 

Marriage: March 4, 1942, at Galveston, Texas, to Clein 
James (Jim) Hays, son of Orice Lee Hays and Effie Viola De Witt -Hays. 
He was born July 11, 1920, in Riley County, Kansas, and attended the 
Chapman and Salina, Kansas, schools. During World War 11 he worked in 
the ship yards at Galveston, Texas, as a metal worker and was deferred 
from military service by reason of health and his essential occupation. 

He is presently employed by Salina Heating and Air Condition- 
ing as a sheet metal mechanic and shop foreman. 

Children: Marilyn Louise Hays, bom September 20, 1943, 
at Galveston, Texas. She was graduated in 1961 
from Kipp Rural High School, Saline County, Kan- 
sas. She is now employed by the Salina Realtors 
Association at Salina. Not married. Betty Lee Hays, born December 12, 1946, at 
Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas. She was 
graduated in 1964 from Kipp Rural High School, 
Saline County, and was named the outstanding 
girl in her class. She is presently taking a cor- 
respondence course preparatory to entering the 
Weaver Air Line School at Kansas City in early 
1965. Linda Sue Hays, born November 29, 1948, at 
Salina, Kansas. Joyce Marie Hays, born November 13, 1950, 
at Salina. Ronald Dean Hays, bom July 16, 1953, at 
Salina. SHIRLEY JUNE RICHARDSON, born July 13, 1927, at 
Salina, Kansas. She was graduated from Salina High School in 1945, and 
since her marriage has lived at Salina; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and pre- 
sently at Wichita, Kansas. 

Marriage: June 30, 1946, at Salina, to Clarence Marvin Kelly, 
son or Hansel Marvin Kelly and Cinda Belle Simmons -Kelly. He was born 
December 21, 1926, at Knox, Starks County, Indiana. His family later 
moved to Virginia where he attended Monterey High School at Monte ry. 
He served in the U. S. Navy from May, 1944 to May, 1946, performing 
duties in the South Pacific area. He is presently employed as a service 
foreman with the Santa Fe Trail Transportation Company at Wichita. 


210 Karen Sue Kelly, born November 24, 1948, at 
Salina, Saline County, Kansas. Steven Grant Kelly, born December 11, 1951, 
at Salina. ANNA KATHERINE RICHARDSON, born August 16, 1928, at 
Salina, Saline County, Kansas. She attended the local schools and was 
graduated from Salina High School in 1947. She has been a resident of 
Salina her entire life. 

Marriage: To Donald E. Coburn, son of Wallace Coburn and 
Minnie Maine-Coburn. He was born December 13, 1928, at Salina, and 
A^as graduated from the high school there in 1946. He has always lived at 
Salina and is presently employed by the Hedges Neon Sign Company. 

Children: Pamela Jo Coburn, born January 29, 1949, at 
Salina. Sally Kay Coburn, born March 11, 1952, at 
Salina. Thomas Lee Coburn, born July 17, 1953, at 
Salina. Lori Ann Coburn, born June 15, 1956, at 
Salina. (ROBERT) GORDON RICHARDSON, born March 9, 1935, at 
Salina, Saline County, Kansas. He attended the local schools and was 
graduated from high school in 1954. He has been a resident of Salina his 
entire life and is presently employed as a lay-out man in a steel fabrica- 
tion shop at Abilene, Kansas. 

Marriage: August 1, 1955, at the Bennington Presbyterian 
Church, Bennington, Kansas, to Norma Jean Horn, daughter of Charles F. 
Horn, Jr. and Ellen S. Snyder-Horn. She was born October 20, 1935, at 
Salina, Kansas. She attended the Bennington public schools and received 
her high school diploma in 1953. She then enrolled in nurses' training at 
Asbury Hospital, Salina, and was graduated in August, 1956. She is pre- 
sently employed as head nurse at Asbury Hospital, where she herself was 
born, and where her own two children have been born. 

Children: Kathy Lyn Richardson, born September 12, 
1956, at Salina. Sherri Lee Richardson, born August 16, 
1958, at Salina. LEE ORLAN WADDINGTON, born May 17, 1939, on a farm 
near Chillicothe, Wapello County, Iowa. He lived there until moving with 
his parents to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, shortly after his school graduation. 
After his marriage he moved into a mobile home. 

He has worked as a body man in a garage, and is now a mechanic 
and also does sign painting. He is a member of the volunteer fire depart- 
ment of Hiawatha (near Cedar Rapids) where he makes his home. 

Marriage: November 11, 1960, to Vayla Jayne Kramer, 
daughter of Howard Kramer and ? Nightwine -Kramer. She was born 
August 31, 1940, at Edgewood, Iowa, and was one of a family of eight 


children. She lived at the place of her birth until going to college at Upper 
Iowa University, Fayette. In high school she participated in many activi- 
ties and was the recipient of the much-coveted Betty Crocker Homemaking 
Award during her senior year (1958). She was a member of the girls' 
Rainbow organization, and acted as Worthy Advisor for that group. 

Before her marriage she worked a short time at Cedar Rapids, 
and she is now employed there by the Collins Radio Company, as a coil 
winder, occasionally working on their Apollo to the Moon project. 

Children: Anthony Lee Waddington, born February 25, 
1961, at Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa. Died 

. shortly after birth. Andrea Jayne Waddington, born September 25, 
1961, at Cedar Rapids. Died shortly after birth. Michael Lee Waddington, bom September 8, 

1963, at Cedar Rapids. John Howard Waddington, born November 18, 

1964, at Cedar Rapids. GIFFORD NEAL BOWEN, born July 6, 1935, near Chillicothe: 
Wapello County, Iowa. Presently residing at Joliet, Illinois. (Not con- 

Marriage: To Barbara Linsson. 
Children: Janet or Janice Bowen, born July 28, 1956, 
or July 27, 1957, at Joliet, Illinois. Neal Gifford Bowen, born July 3, 1957 or 
1958, at Joliet. Jeffrey Bowen, born July 20, 1959, at Joliet. Jerry Bowen, born July 15, 1961, at Joliet. Rosie Bowen, born September 2 or 11, 1963, 
at Joliet. (RALPH) IRWIN BOWEN, born July 29, 1937, near Chilli - 
cothe, Wapello County, Iowa. He was reared on a farm and received his 
education nearby, leaving home at the age of seventeen to work at the 
Caterpillar Tractor Company at Joliet, Illinois, where he was employed 
for three years. 

For the past eight years he has worked for the C and C Truck- 
ing Company as a truck driver and dispatch foreman. 

In 1964 he built his home at Joliet, where he and his family 
presently reside. 

Marriage: September 15, 1956, at Danville, Illinois, to 
Helen Rousey, daughter of Marion E. Rousey and Pearl Sutherland -Rousey. 
She was born October 18, 1938, at Normal (near Bloomington), Illinois, 
where she lived until she was twelve years of age. She then moved to 
Dayton, Ohio, where she attended high school at Stivers school for girls, 
later attending one year of junior college at Danville, Kentucky. During 
this time her father died and she went to live with a sister in Joliet, 
Illinois, where she met and married her husband, and where they have 
since made their home. 

For the past year she has been employed with the same truck- 


ing company as her husband, in the capacity of general manager. 
Child: Charlene Ellen Bowen, born August 21, 1957, 
at Joliet, Illinois. GENE GLASSBURNER, born in Wapello County, Iowa. He 
lived at Phoenix, Arizona, at one time. Last known residence was at Santa 
Ana, California. (Not contacted. ) 

Marriages: (1) To Audrey Oursler (?). Divorced. (2) To 
Ethel ? . 

Children: First marriage (Audrey Oursler): Valorie Ann Glassburner, born October 31, 
1956. Vickie Jean Glassburner, born September 21 , 
1957. Vonnie Glassburner, born August 2, 1959. Rickey Lee Glassburner 
Second marriage (Ethel ? ) : Duane Edward Glassburner, born Jure 12, 1964. ELAINE FRANCELLA GLASSBURNER, born September 19, 
1933, at Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa. She was reared in Ottumwa and 
was graduated from the Ottumwa High School in 1958. She is presently re- 
siding with her family at Aurora, Illinois, where she is active in the Meth- 
odist Church and in the Junior Womens Club. Her hobbies are sewing, 
bridge and swimming. 

Marriage: February 1, 1953, at Ottumwa, Iowa, to J. oo Ross 
(Tony) Rugg, son of Harry Rugg and Esther Rees Rugg. He was born July 
3, 1931, at Ottumwa, and was graduated from the high school there in 
1949. He served two years in the U. S. Army with duty in Korea. 

For the past ten years he has been employed by Illinois Bell 
Telephone Company. 

Children: Jeffrey Lynn ivugg, born February 1, 1955, at 
Ft. Riley, Kansas. Randy Alan Rugg, born July 28, 1957, at 
Aurora, 111. Died December 7, 1961. Mark Edward Rugg, born February 12, 1960. Dana Ann Rugg, born November 16, 1964, at 
Aurora . WAYNE L. GLASSBURNER, born March 22, 1935, at 
Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa, where he was reared. He was graduated 
from the Ottumwa High School, after which he served four years in the U. 
S. Marine Corps. He then attended Iowa State University and later moved 
to Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas, to live with a sister, and to attend 
Washburn University. He worked part time for the Urban Renewal Agency 
where he met his future wife. 

In February, 1960, he went into the Marine Aviation Cadet 
program, and in August, 1961, received the Navy Wings of Gold and a 
commission as a second lieutenant. He recently returned to the States 
after a tour of duty in Japan, and is presently stationed at, MCAS, Cherry 


Point, North Carolina, where he resides with his family. In addition to 
flying he does photo reconnaissance and electronic countermeasure work, 
and now holds the rating of first lieutenant. 

Marriage: August 26, 1961, at Topeka, Shawnee County, 
Kansas, to Sharon Gene Hunsicker, daughter of Glen W. Hunsicker and 
Wilma Jean Nichols-Hunsicker. She was born February 18, 1938, at 
Salina, Saline County, Kansas. She was reared at Topeka and was gradu- 
ated from Topeka High School, after which she did secretarial work until 
1960 when she became an airline hostess for TWA for one year. 

After her marriage she went to California with her husband, 
and Later made her home in Topeka while her husband was in Japan. 

Children: Michael Duane Glassburner, born May 17, 

1962, at Garden Grove, California. Kelly Sue Glassburner , born October 22 , 

1963, at Topeka, Kansas. WILMA GLASSBURNER, born May 9, 1936, at Ottumwa, 
Wapello County, Iowa. She was graduated from the Ottumwa High School 
after which she moved to Des Moines where she worked in the accounting 
office of Northwestern Bell Telephone Company. In January, 1956, she 
went to Denver, Colorado, where she was married in March of that same 
year, moving then to El Paso, Texas. She returned to Ottumwa, while 
her husband was in service in Guam, and later lived at Topeka, Kansas. 
She and her family now reside in Burlington, Iowa, where she is active 
in many organizations including Civic Newcomers, Junior Women's Club, 
and P. T. A. She has also worked on community fund drives, voter 
registration drives, has helped with Brownie Scouts and has served as a 
Sunday School superintendent. 

Marriage: March 14, 1956, at Denver, Colorado, to (John) 
Craig Eaton. He was born October 18, 1935, at Burlington, Iowa. He 
was graduated from the Ottumwa High School after which he attended Iowa 
State College at Ames for one year. He then entered the U. S. Air Force, 
and was in Texas and at Denver before his marriage, returning to Texas 
after his marriiige. 

He was then sent to Guam where he spent one and one-half 
years, returning to Topeka, Kansas, and later moving his family to his 
present location at Burlington, Iowa. 

For four years he was an architectural designer for an engin- 
eering firm, and now is city planner for the City of Burlington. He is 
active in JayCees and other community affairs. He has served as Sunday 
School superintendent and is active in the Brotherhood of Messiah Lutheran 

Children: Cjmthia Lynne Eaton, born December 22, 
1956, at Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa. Steven Craig Eaton, born April 2, 1964, at 
Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa. DAVID STROHM NYE, born July 15, 1935, at Poughkeepsie, 
New York. He was graduated from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 
with a B. S. degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. He joined Secony 


Mobil Oil Company, Inc. , in 1958; and is now with Mobil Oil Company as 
Employee Relations Advisor, Geophysical Service, Dallas, Texas. 

While in college he was a member of Delta Upsilon social fra- 
ternity, participating in a number of campus activities. He was also a 
member of Quill and Dagger, senior honor society. He is now a member 
of Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism society; and a member of 
Industrial and Labor Relations Association. While living in Woburn, 
Massachusetts, he was elected a Ruling Elder of the United Presbyterian 
Church. He and his family now reside at Irving, Texas. 

(It has been reported to the writer of his biography that David 
Strohm Nye wears a size thirteen shoe ... an impressive indication of 
how appropriately he must fit into the scheme of things in that expansive 
State of Texas!) 

Marriage: February 4, 1961, at Babylon, Long Island, New 
York, to Betty Lee Garrett, daughter of Maurice Franklin Garrett and 
Edna J. Martin-Garrett. Both of her parents were born and reared in 
Massachusetts and she was born April 29, 1935, at Medford, Massachu- 
setts, and lived there until she was twelve years old when her parents 
moved to Long Island, New York, where she attended school until her 
senior year in high school. She then attended Mary Burnliam School in 
Northhampton, Massachusetts, and afterwards the Chamberlain School of 
Retailing in Boston. Before her marriage she worked as a training super- 
visor for Jordan Marsh Company in Boston, and as a staff assistant in the 
Compensation and Benefits Group for Socony Mobil Oil Company in New 
York. She is now a housewife and mother. 

Children: Jeanne Ann Nye, born May 22, 1963. John Garret Nye, born July 6, 1964. HELEN LOUISE STERNER, born March 23, 1926, at Agency, 
Iowa. In January, 1960, she was residing at Glendora, California, with 
her children and second husband. (Not recently contacted.) 

Marriages: (1) To Donald Ray Sayres. He was born Septem- 
ber 8, 1926, at Ottumwa, Iowa. Deceased. (2) Robert Clare Moore. He 
was born December 29, 1924, at Burbank, California. 

Children: First marriage (Donald Ray Sayres): Donald Ray Sayres, Jr. (Moore), born Septem- 
ber 5, 1944, at Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa. Le Ann Sayres (Moore), born June 16, 1947, 
at Ottumwa. 

Second marriage (Robert Clare Moore): Alan Harold Moore, born May 26, 1954, at 
Pomona, California. JON WILLIAM STERNER. He was graduated from the 
Agency High School in Wapello County, Iowa, with the class of 1953. In 
the fall of 1960 he was residing at Louisville, Kentucky. (Not contacted.) 

Marriage: To Viva Ellen Nichols. 

Child: Jeri Lynn Sterner 
(In December, 1961, at the time of the death of Minnie Nye-Stex-ner 
( it was reported that she had two grandchildren and five great- 


grandchildren. It is not known into which of the two above homes the fifth 
great-grandchild was born, or if there have been others since that time. ) BETTY ANN RIFFLE. Last known residence, Indianapolis, 
Indiana. (Not contacted. ) 

Marriage: To Ivan Lantry. 

Child: Erin Lantry MARY ALICE NYE, born October 27, 1941. She attended 
Iowa Wesleyan University, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. 

Marriage: December 17, 1960, to James Wallace Morris of 
Keota, Iowa. He was also attending Iowa Wesleyan Univerfeity at the time 
of their marriage. Both the bride's father, the Reverand John A. Nye, 
and her granduncle, the Reverend Russell G. Nye ( assisted with 
the service. 

Children: Robert Morris, born September, 1961. William Morris Mark Morris, born December, 1964. BETTY LOUISE NYE, born September 10, 1935. She attended 
Iowa State University, Iowa City, and is a graduate of Mercy Hospital school 
of medical technology. 

Marriage: January, 1960, to Donn Lee Baker of Des Moines, 
Iowa, the ceremony being read by her granduncle, the Reverend Russell G. 
Nye ( 

Child: Son, born April, 1963. Died in early 1964. HARRY STEPHEN NYE, born July 11, 1923. In November, 
1961, he was residing with his family at Mountain View, California. (Not 
contacted. ) 

Marriage: August 5, 1945, to Ruth Lillian Thompson. 
Children: Tommy Nye, born December 19, 1950. Frank Nye, born May 25, 1952. (HAROLD) ROBERT NYE, born September 1 , 1925, at 
Osborne County, Kansas, and was christened in the Methodist Church at 
Osborne. He is presently residing at San Jose, California, with his wife 
and child. 

Marriage: In 1963, at San Mateo, California, to Maryanne 
Gallis, daughter of Nicholas Gallis and Margaret Tragoutsis-Gallis. She 
was born July 24, 1935, at Monessen, Pennsylvania, and was christened 
there in the Orthodox-Greek Church. Her first marriage was to Theodore 

Child: Pamela Dianne Nye, born December 5, 1963, 
at San Mateo, California 


\\l .: BARBARA MAY GRAY, born in 1927, on a farm north of 

Albia, Monroe County, Iowa, where she spent her childhood days She 
was graduated from the high school at Albia in 1944, and taught for two 
years in a rural school. After her marriage she spent seventeen years 
on a farm near her childhood home before transferring to her present 
farm home near Moravia, Iowa. Before moving to Moravia, she was a 
member of Service United Presbyterian Church, but has now transferred 
her membership to the Moravia Evangelical United Brethren Church 

Marriage: March 23, 1946, at Albia, Iowa, to Ivan Shelquist 
son of Harry Shelquist and Mary Forsythe-Shelquist. He was born De- 
cember 23, 1918, in Monroe County, Iowa. His childhood was spent on 
tarms near Albia, and he was graduated from the elementary schools of 
that county. His father died at an early age leaving his mother to rear 
the family of seven children. 

1 Q ,^ o- ",^ ^^"^^^ '" *^ ^- ^- ^™y f^o^ April, 1942 to October, 
1945. Since his marriage he has been engaged in farming. 
Children: David Lee Shelquist, born 1947, at Ottumwa, 
Wapello County, Iowa. Galin Dean Shelquist, born 1949, at Ottumwa. Marilyn Louise Shelquist, born 1957, at Albia, 
Monroe County, Iowa. 

lu-^'if-'^ ^^^^^^ '^^^^^ ^^Y, born in 1932, on a farm north of 
Albia Monroe County, Iowa. Here she lived during her childhood days 
and attended a rural school through eighth grade. She was graduated 
from Albia High School in 1950 and was married in June of that same 

The first several years of her married life were spent in 
Albia; and in the summer of 1956 she and her family moved to a farm 
eight miles north of Albia, which, incidentally, is the old home place of 
her great-grandfather, (John) Wesley Nye (1.7.2). She is a member of 
the Service United Presbyterian Church. 

m-i .u ^/^^iage- ^ 1950 at Albia, Iowa, to Richard Ahn, son of 
Wiley Ahn and Lela Spinks-Ahn. He was bom in 1928, at Albia, where he 
attended school and was graduated from high school in 1946. His father 
had died m January of that year, and after completing his high school edu- 
cation, he went to work at Morrells Packing Company in Ottumwa, Iowa, 
making his home then with his grandmother, as his mother had remarried 
rv^oH u- u ^f^^^.h^is own marriage four years later, his younger brother 
Td r. .\' ^"'^ r H "" ^K^ ^'' ^'^^- "^ ^" presently engaged in farming 
Ottumwa ^'^P^'^y^'^ ^^ ^ butcher at Morrells Packing Company, 

Children: Richard James Ahn, born July 22, 1951, at 
Albia, Monroe County, Iowa. High Wiley Ahn, born January 25, 1955, at 

1. 7. 2. 3.2. 3 DONNA FA YE GRAY, born July 30, 1934, in Bluff Creek 
Township, Monroe County. Iowa. She attended a rural school and was 
graduated from the high school at Albia in 1952, after which she attended 


Iowa State College from 1954 to 1955. After her marriage she lived in 
Arkansas and Colorado during the time her husband served in the Army, 
and in Illinois after his discharge. They returned in 1959 to a farm in 
Monroe County, Iowa, where they now live. She is a member of Service 
United Presbyterian Church. 

Marriage: March 21, 1955, atAlbia, Iowa, to Eugene Kromray, 
son of Anthony G. Kromray and Inez G. Rhoads-Kromray. He was born 
June 7, 1932, at Berwyn, Illinois. He attended elementary school at La 
Grance, Illinois, and was graduated from the Lyons Township High School 
at LaGrange. He then attended Iowa State College and received a B.S. 
degree in Animal Husbandry, in 1954. He served in the U.S. Army from 
1954 to 1956, and has been engaged in farming since moving to Monroe 
County, Iowa, in 1959. 

Children: Bryon Eugene Kromray, bom in 1956. Norene Faye Kromray, born in 1959. Scott Anthony Kromray, born in 1962. GARY C LAYER, born in 1935. In December, 1960, he was 
living at Bend, Oregon, with his wife and two children. (Not contacted.) 

Marriage: In Texas to Nancy Hilen. 

Children: Mark Claver, born about 1957. Shannon Claver, born about 1958. 

( INZAMAE ROBERTS, born November 18, 1930, at Arriba, 
Colorado, and was adopted by the Roberts family. She lived on a farm 
until the age of eight, when her parents moved to Greeley, Colorado, where 
she completed her elementary education and was graduated from Greeley 
High School. She was baptized in the Methodist Church, April 2, 1944. 
For one year she attended nurses' training at Presbyterian 

Hospital in Denver. 

After her marriage she lived in Greeley until 1958, when slie 
moved with her family to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where they now reside. 

Marriage: August 13, 1950, to Robert Lee Pukash, son of 
William Pukash and Anna Edel-Pukash. He was born January 14, 1928, 
at Greeley, Colorado. He first attended a Catholic school and later the 
public schools of Greeley, receiving his diploma from Greeley High School. 
He was christened in the Catholic Church, March 25, 1931, and while m 
grade school joined the Methodist Church and sang in the choir. 

He served in the U. S. Navy fifteen months (1945-1946) spend- 
ing most of that time in Hawaii. He has worked mostly in the grocery 
business and was the manager of a Piggly Wiggly store at the age of 21, 
Since 1958, he has been manager of Miller Super Markets (National Tea 



( Michael Lee Pukash, born November 19, 
1952, at Greeley, Colorado. 

( Donna Raye Pukash, born May 10, 1955, 
at Greeley. EDWIN EARL BRUNKE, SR. , born May 11, 1921, near 


Arriba, Colorado, where he first attended school. At the age of fifteen he 
was taken by his parents to Scott County, Missouri, where he completed 
his schooling at Benton. 

He was engaged in farming with his father until his marriage 
in 1948, after which he drove a milk truck for seven years. In 1953 he 
started work in the field of artificial insemination of cattle. 

In 1964 he built a new home on his farm in Cape Girardeau 
County, Missouri, near Jackson, where he and his family now reside. 

Marriage: In 1948, to Margie Marie Fornkohl, daughter of 
Martin Fornkohl. She was born October 10, 1931, in Missouri, and at- 
tended a little country school called Coker, near Egypt Mills, in Cape 
Girardeau County. 

When she was ten years old, her mother died, leaving seven 
children, three older and three younger than Margie. After her marriage 
at the age of sixteen she worked for a while in a shoe factory at Cape 
Girardeau, and since then has devoted her time to her duties as housewife 
and mother of seven children. 

Children: Thomas Richard Brunke, born March 9, 1949, 
at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Edwin Earl Brunke, Jr., born May 15, 1951, 
at Cape Girardeau. Larry Dean Brunke, born December 20, 1952, 
at Cape Girardeau. Tony Lee Brunke, born September 8, 1954, 
at Cape Girai-deau. Connie Joann Brunke, born January 31 , 1956, 
at Cape Girardeau. Julia Ellen Brunke, born July 21, 1958, at 
Cape Girardeau. Rickey Gene Brunke, born October 29, 1963, 
at Cape Girardeau. MARGARET HELEN BRUNKE, born September 30, 1922, at 
Arriba, Colorado. She attended elementary school at Arriba, then went 
with her parents to Scott County, Missouri in 1936, where she attended high 
school at Benton. She has lived at Kansas City, Missouri, since 1956. 

Marriage: To Lillard Youell, at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. 
He was born December 13, 1919, at Monroe City, Missouri. Divorced. 
Children: Nancy Lee Youell, born February 12, 1950, 
in Missouri. Jacqueline Marie Youell, born October 18, 
1954, in Missouri. CARRIE LOUISE BRUNKE, born April 21, 1924, at Arriba, 
Colorado. When she was twelve years of age she went with her parents to 
a farm home in Scott County, Missouri, where she attended school at 
Benton. After her graduation from high school at Benton, she attended the 
Mid-State Baptist School of Nursing at Nashville, Tennessee., and was 
graduated in 1948. In addition to her duties as a housewife and the rear- 
ing of her children, she has worked as a professional general duty nurse. 


She resides with her family at Illmo, Missouri. 

Marriage: September 18, 1949, at the Lutheran Church, Illmo, 
Missouri, to Frank Gordon Campbell, Jr. , son of Frank Gordon Campbell, 
Sr. , and Annie Lee Dirickson-Campbell. He was born July 31, 1925, at 
Nashville, Tennessee, and was baptized in the Methodist Church at Glade- 
ville, Tennessee, in April 1937. He was an only child and was reared in 
the small town of Gladeville, moving with his parents to Illmo, Missouri 
in 1942. 

He served in the U. S. Navy from September, 1943 to March, 
1945. He owns a radiator and general repair shop, and for the past six 
years has worked as a brakeman for the Cotton Belt Railroad. His hobby 
since childhood has been building model airplanes. 

Children: John David Campbell, born September 13, 1950, 
at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Ann Louise Campbell, bom May 5, 1957, at 
Smyrna, Tennessee. Frank Gordon Campbell, III, born March 18, 
1964, at Cape Girardeau. IRMA MAE BRUNKE, born November 14, 1935, at Arriba, 
Colorado. Her parents moved to Scott County, Missouri, the following 
year where she attended school at Benton. She was graduated witli the 
class of 1953. 

She and her family presently reside at Illmo, Missouri. 

Marriage: January, 1954, at Illmo, to John Grant Frye, Jr., 
son of (John) Grant Frye, Sr. and Emma Elizabeth Brucher-Frye. He was 
born February 15, 1927, at Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where he attended 
school and was graduated from high school in June, 1945. He attended 
college three years and served in the armed forces sixteen months. He 
has been a member of the National Guard twenty years. He worked as a 
mechanic eight years and is now employed as a brakeman on the Cotton 
Belt Railroad. 

Children: Patricia Joanne Frye, born October 12, 1954, 
at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Donna Sue Frye, born October 17, 1955, at 
Cape Girardeau, Missouri. John Grant Frye, IE, born May 5, 1958, at 
Cape Girardeau. William Michael Frye, born December 6, 
1960, at Cape Girardeau. Debbie Kay Frye, born August 28, 1963, at 
Cape Girardeau. CARRIE NORENE MCCALLUM, born March 1, 1924, at 

Arriba, Colorado. (Not contacted. ) 

Marriages: (1) May 31, 1942, to Richard Neal Asey. He was 

born December 25, 1922. Divorced. (2) September 16, 1950, to William 

B. Speer. He was born November 11, 1918. 

Child: Second marriage (William B. Speer): Daughter (?) Speer, born in California. Name 


not known. EDITH EILEEN MCCALLUM, born March 12, 1926, near 
Flagler, Colorado. (Not contacted. ) 

Marriages: (1) June 3, 1945, to Gene Revere Asey. He died 
m World Warn. (2) James Ensign. (3) Carl Prats. 

Children: Second marriage (James Ensign): William Ralph Ensign, born April 13, 1946, at 
Cleveland, Ohio. James Gregory Ensign, born August 6, 1946, 
at Cleveland. John Warren Ensign, born June 17, 1949, at 
Cleveland. Susan Joann Ensign, born March 19, 1952, at 
Cleveland. BETTY GENE MCCALLUM, born January 6, 1928, at Maud, 
Oklahoma. When she was less than two years of age, because of her 
mother's illness, she was taken to the home of her Aunt Crecy ( 1) 
on a ranch near Arriba, Colorado, to be cared for, and remained' in this 
home for several years. 

She attended her first few years of school at Arriba, Colorado, 
(until age nine) then a year at Downs, Kansas, after which she returned to' 
the home of her parents in Colorado where she remained a few years. In 
1941, when about thirteen years of age, she came again to the home of her 
aunt at Downs, and remained in the care of her aunt and uncle until the 
completion of her education. 

She was graduated from high school at Seneca, Nemaha County, 
Kansas, in 1946, as valedictorian of her class. She attended Washburn 
University, Topeka, and was later employed in doctors' offices there, 
including the office of Menningers. At the time of her marriage she was 
with the Acceptance Corporation of Topeka. 

After her marriage she lived in Topeka five years, then spent 
five years in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For the past six years she and 
her family have made their home at Burlington, Iowa, where she is 
active in civic and social circles and in the Congregational Church: and 
IS a locally well known artist as well as a housewife and mother. 

Marriage: July 17, 1948, at Seneca, Kansas, to Dale William 
Barnes, son of Fred Barnes and Mabel McLeary-Barnes. He was born 
September 1, 1924, at Corning, Nemaha County, Kansas, one of a family 
ot six children. He attended grade school and a part of high school at 
Corning, after which he served in the U. S. Navy, and was later gradu- 
ated from Topeka High School, Topeka. He then attended Washburn Uni- 

He Is considered an expert in his field of finishing products. 
Children: Diane Layne Barnes, born September 17, 1949, 
at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. Creighton Drew Barnes, bom August 17, 1955, 
at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

1.7- Bryn Moira Barnes, bom October 14, 1960, at 
Burlington, Iowa. 

221 Bradford Scott Barnes, born January 18, 1962, 
at Burlington, Iowa. RUTH MARIE MCCALLUM, born September 25, 1929, at Las 
Animas, Bent County, Colorado, the fourth child in a family of six girls. 
She attended several elementary schools, all in Colorado, and was gradu- 
ated from high school at Burlington, Colorado, in 1947. She was then em- 
ployed in Burlington by Attorney Dean Johnson: G. S. Flatt, D.D.S. (now 
deceased) and the newspaper office, Burlington Record. 

After her marriage she and her husband resided at Burlington 
until 1955, when they spent one year in California where their one son 
was born. In September, 1958, they moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, 
where they have since lived and where they plan to make their permanent 

Marriage: May 22, 1949, to Glen Dale Guthrie, son of Albert 
Guthrie and Mary Lothing Hardy-Guthrie. He was born January 27, 1925, 
at Burlington, Colorado, and was the youngest of a family of six children. 
He grew up at Burlington, and after his parents' separation he lived with 
his maternal grandmother, Peggy Hardy-Deeds. 

He was graduated in 1944 from the high school at Burlington, 
after which he spent four years in the U. S. Navy, serving during World 
War n. He then attended Colorado A and M College, Ft. Collins. 

After his marriage he was employed in Burlington by Morrow 
Gas, and by Caldwell Gas (See; and during the year spent in 
California (1955), by North American Aviation. 

Since returning to Colorado in 1956 he has been a letter carrier 
for the U. S. Post Office at Colorado Springs, which occupation he plans 
to continue until his retirement. 

Child: Mark Allen Guthrie, born December 10, 1955, 
at Los Angeles, California. CRECY IRENE (PEGGY) MCCALLUM, born July 5, 1931, 
at Las Animas, Bent County, Colorado. (Not contacted.) 

Marriage: October 29, 1948, to Donald Harper. 
Child: Donald David Harper, born December 11, 1955, 
in Illinois. ROBERT REX PETERSON, born December 18, 1927, at 
Arriba, Lincoln County, Colorado. (Not contacted. ) 
Marriage: To Erma ? 


( Sheryl Dee Peterson , Adopted . Sharon Lee Peterson, born November 25, 
1950, at Denver, Colorado. Robert Rex Peterson, Jr., born September 25, 
1953, at Denver. Russell Lee Peterson, born Januarj' ?_, at 

Denver. THOMAS LEROY RHULE, born March 12, 1932. (Not 


contacted. ) 

Marriage: To Joan Marie Lukow. She was bom May 15, 1935, 
at Arriba, Colorado. 

Child: Mark LeRoy Rhule, born November 21, 1960, 
at Hugo, Lincoln County, Colorado. DONALD JOE MCCALLUM, born August 2, 1939, at Ft. 
Collins, Colorado. He attended elementary school at Hereford, Colorado, 
and at Ft. Collins, where he also attended high school. 

He worked as a mechanic in Loveland, Colorado, about three 
years, and at Greeley, Colorado, one year. For the past three years his 
home has been at Commerce, Coloi-ado, where he is employed as a heavy 
equipment mechanic. 

Marriage: March 27, 1960, at Loveland, Colorado, to Maiylin 
Faye Nelson. She was born May 3, 1944, at Loveland, Colorado, and is 
the daughter of Raymond Ralph Nelson and Mary Ann Payton-Nelson. Her 
earliest years were spent at Ft. Collins, Colorado, but she attended 
elementary and high school at Loveland. 

Children: Margaret Ann McCallum, born December 30, 
1960, at Loveland, Colorado. Barbara Jean McCallum, born Novembe:^- x5, 
1963, at Denver, Colorado. vVILLL\M HUGH CUPP, born May 25, 1935, at Manhattan, 
Kansas. He is presently residing at Rochester, New York. 

Marriages: (1) To Donna May Monroe. She was born July 5, 
1929, at New Philadelphia, Ohio, and was the daughter of Luther P. Mon- 
roe and Fay M. Cater-Monroe. She died July 15, 1956, at Rochester, 
New York. (2) March 2, 1957, at Rochester, Nevv Yor ,., to Nancy V. 
Stagliano, daughter of Ralph Stagliano and Cora Ricotta-Stagliano. She 
was born January 3, 1939, at Brockport, New York. Both of her grand- 
parents came to the United States from Italy in the early 1900's. She at- 
tended Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, St. Francis Xavier School, and 
Monroe High School at Rochester, New York. 


First marriage (Donna May Monroe): Nancy Lynn Cupp, born June 5, 1956, at 
Rochester, New York. 

Second marriage (Nancy Stagliano): William Vincent Cupp, born August 25, 1961, 
at Rochester. DAVID RAY MURPHY, born January 24, 1939, at Man- 
hattan, Riley County, Kansas. He attended school in Manhattan and at 
Keats, Kansas, and was graduated from Keats Rural High School. He 
attended Kansas State University two years and was a member of the 
Men's Glee Club there. He spent six years in the Kansas National Guard, 
with one year active duty. He is presently employed as assistant cashier 
at Citizens State Bank, Manhattan. 

He and his family reside at Keats, where they are active in 


the work of their church. He also contributes much to his community by 
his singing at various functions. 

Marriage: September 25, 1960, in the Methodist Church at 
Keats, Kansas, to Angela Arlene Schurle, only daughter of George E. 
Schurle and Fanny Millie Schwab-Schurle. She was born January 19, 1942, 
at Manhattan, Kansas, and has five brothers. Her mother's parents are 
of Swiss descent and her father's are of German descent. 

She attended grade school at Keats, and is a graduate of Man- 
hattan High School. Since her graduation she has been employed by the 
Citizens State Bank in Manhattan, 

Child: Daniel Ray Murphy, born October 12, 1963, 
at Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas. DUANE MARCUS MCINTIRE, born April 14, 1928, at Her- 
mosa Beach, Los Angeles County, California. He attended elementary 
school and high school at El Segundo, California. In his junior year he 
was chosen from his class to attend California Boys' State, a coveted 
honor which was also bestowed upon each of his two brothers when they 
were high school juniors. 

After his graduation in 1945 he joined the Navy Air Corps 
training program. He was sent one semester to college in Flagstaff, 
Arizona, and one semester to the University of Southern California, Los 
Angeles. He later transferred to the regular Navy and spent some time at 
the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Chicago, from where he was sent 
to the East Coast. 

After the war he worked for a time at Lucerne Valley, Calif- 
ornia, to where his parents had moved in 1945. He later returned to El 
Segundo, and worked for the Glide Easy Manufacturing Company at Haw- 
thorne and then for the Aluminum Tapering Milling Company at El Segundo. 

He is presently (January, 1965) owner and operator of the 
Casket Hardware Manufacturing plant in El Segundo. Except for short 
periods of time at Lucerne Valley and at Downey, California, he resided 
at El Segundo, until September, 1963, when he moved with his family to 
Palos Verdes Peninsula. From time to time he has attended night classes 
at El Camino Junior College. 

Marriage: April 9, 1949, at El Segundo, California, to Muriel 
Ann Tarr, daughter of Norman and Ann Tarr. She was born September 15, 
1930, at Los Angeles, California. She attended both elementary and high 
school in El Segundo, and worked for a time in school offices. Since her 
marriage she has devoted her time to her duties as housewife and mother 
of five children. She and her husband are active in church and civic affairs. 

Children: Mark Richard Mclntire, born November 3, 1950, 
at Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California. Chris Duane Mclntire, born September 25, 1952, 
at Inglewood. Jana Noel Mclntire, born January 8, 1954, at 
Inglewood. Kay Muriel Mclntire, born July 11, 1957, at 
Inglewood Lynn Ann Mclntire, born May 9, 1962, at 


Inglewood. ELLIOT GREGOR MCINTIRE, born August 30, 1940, at 
Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California. He lived in El Segundo, Cali- 
fornia, until April, 1945, when his parents moved to Lucerne Valley, 
California, moving again, in 1948, to Barstow, California. 

He attended elementary schools at Lucerne Valley and at 
Barstow, and was graduated from high school at Barstow. In June, 1963, 
he was graduated from the University of California at Riverside. 

His list of employments is varied and interesting. His earliest 
position was as an errand boy at a drug store to earn money to attend the 
National Boy Scout Jamboree at Irvine Ranch, California. He was later a 
box boy at a Safeway store in Barstow, where he was also employed one 
summer by the Santa Fe Railway. 

He did research work for the U. S. Navy one summer at the 
University of California at Berkeley, and also worked for various profes- 
sors while attending college. 

After his marriage and graduation for college, he left Califor- 
nia, in September, 1963, and moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where he is 
presently doing graduate work at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in 
geography. He plans to be a teacher and is now teaching a class in Humane 
Geography at the University. 

Marriage: January 26, 1963, at Arcadia, California, to 
Marina Lucille LaRay, daughter of Dr. Alfred and Marjorie LaRay. She 
was bom July 20, 1942, at Los Angeles, California. When she was six 
years old her parents moved to Arcadia where she attended elementary 
and high school before entering the University of California at Riverside, 
majoring in French and English; and graduating in June, 1963, in the same 
class with her husband. 

She was employed in her father's medical office, and also 
worked for various professors during her college years. She is now a 
housewife and mother, and does typing for students. She is presently 
attending a night class at Johns Hopkins University. (1964-1965). 

Child: Andrew Geoffrey Mclntire PHYLLIS MABEL PAULEY, born July 28, 1927, at Wood - 
ston, Rooks County, Kansas. She attended grade and high school at 
Woodston, and three and one-half years at Fort Hays Kansas State College. 
After her marriage she accompanied her husband to his Air Force assign- 
ments over a four year period. After which thej' returned to the Woodston 
community and began farming, their present residence being Alton, Os- 
borne County, Kansas. 

She has been active in church activities. Extension Home 
Demonstration Unit work, 4-H, and other organizations. 

Marriage: January 30, 1949, at Woodston, Kansas to Dee 
Lawrence Webb, son of David Lawrence Webb and Gracia Ma}'^ Evans-Webb. 
He was born November 4, 1927, at Leadhill, Arkansas, his parents moving 
to Kansas by the time he was two years old, and to the Woodston commun- 
ity when he was nine years of age. 

He attended a rural school, then high school at Woodston, and 
received a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from Kansas State 



He was a pilot in the U. S, Air Force four years, returning to 
the home farm in 1954, since which time he has farmed and raised live- 

In addition to farming, he is also a grade school principal and 
teacher at Kirwin, Phillips County. 

Children: Teresa Elaine Webb, born August 8, 1949, at 
Hays, Ellis County, Kansas. Deborah Sue Webb, born December 14, 1951, 
at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. Rhonda Lee Webb, born June 27, 1953, at 
Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia. Sonja Dee Webb, born September 22, 1955, at 
Smith Center, Smith County, Kansas. Kevin Dirk Webb, born Septeinber 26, 1956, 
at Plainville, Rooks County, Kansas. Monica Meg Webb, born February 26, 1960, 
at Plainville. (DAVID) KEITH LESHER, born January 2, 1930, at Hays, 
Ellis County, Kansas. He was graduated from high school at Pratt, Pratt 
County, Kansas, in 1948, after which he spent four years at Wichita Uni- 
versity, Wichita, Kansas. 

He was in the U. S. Air Force two years with service in 
Korea, and was discharged in August, 1954, with the rating of first 

For six years he was in sales work at Wichita, and in 1960 he 
entered the banking business at Kansas State Bank, Wichita. He joined the 
Hutchinson National Bank, Reno County, in February, 1963, as assistant 
cashier in the real estate loan department, and was promoted in December, 
1964, to assistant vice-president in the business development department 
of that bank. He and his family reside in Hutchinson. 

Marriage: April 22, 1953, at Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kan- 
sas, to Barbara G. Duff, daughter of Leonard Duff and Lucille Auckland- 
Duff. She was born November 26, 1931, at Mankato, Jewell County, Kan- 
sas. She lived at Harper, Kansas, and at Wichita before her marriage. 

She was graduated from Mt. Carmel Academy in 1949, and 
worked as a secretary for an oil business and for a mortgage company 
until her marriage. 

Children: Stephanie Dee Lesher, born January 31 , 1956. David Earl Lesher, born December 7, 1958. (EDNA) LORENE HETTICK, born December 7, 1930, at 
Kansas City, Missouri. When she was four years old her parents moved 
to California, where she received her education in the Los Angeles schools 
Having had polio when she was seven years old, much of her life was spent 
in the Childrens' Orthopedic Hospital. 

She assumed the responsibility of rearing her own four children 
and was employed in the laboratory of Nutrilite Products before her second 


marriage: after which she moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where her husband 
is in business. Their home is in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Marriages: (1) December?, 1946, to Leo McCusker, son of 
Leo M. McCusker and Margaret Morgan-McCusker. Divorced. (2) To 
Winston A. (Dick) Neely. He has lived most of his life at Phoeni;^ Arizona. 
After serving in World War n, he established a tile business, and at the 
present time has interests in both tile and building. 

Children: Linda Christine McCusker, born February 6, 
1949. Claudia Lee McCusker, born February 12, 
1950. Marvin Leo McCusker, born February 23, 
1951. Ralph \Vayne McCusker, born June 2, 1954, CAROL ANNE HETTICK, born October 17, 1932, at Kansas 
City, Kansas. Her parents moved to California when she was two years 
old and she has lived most of her life in the Los Angeles area. On her 
sixteenth birthday she was baptized in the South Los Angeles Community 

She was graduated from the Fremont High School and attended 
one year at Biola College. Since her marriage she has been active in 
church activities, and resides with her family at Anaheim, Orange County, 

Marriage: June 20, 1952, to Richard Shields, son of Donovan 
Shields and Lena Dennis-Shields. He was born May 16, 1932, at Los 
Angeles, California. In 1933 he moved with his parents and brother to 
Gardena, California, where he lived until his marriage. 

From kindergarten through sixth grade he attended the Amestoy 
school, and he received his high school education at Gardens. He was in 
the Service in Korea from 1952 to 1954, and after returning to the States, 
he and his wife moved to Fullerton, California, in 1955. He is now em- 
ployed as an auto painter in Orange County. 

Children: Melvin Duane Shields , bom November 1 3 , 
1955, at Long Beach, Los Angeles County, 
California. Marianne Shields, born April 13, 1957, at 
Anaheim, Orange County, California. DR. JACK EUGENE VANDERLIP, born June 14, 1932, at 
Kansas City, Kansas. He was christened in the Ash Rock Congregational 
Church at Woodston, Rooks County. His first six years were spent on a 
farm in Rooks County, Kansas. His elementary schooling was received 
in California, Nevada, New Jersey and Kansas, and he received his high 
school diploma from East High School, Wichita, Kansas. He is a gradu- 
ate of Kansas State University, Manhattan, with a Doctors degree in 
Veterinarian Medicine. 

He is now practicing his profession at Escondido, California, 
where he and his family presently reside. 

Marriage: August 3, 1953, to Eva Marie Moddlemog. She 


was born October 14, 1932, at Newton, Kansas. ^^ was christened m^^^ 
West Zion Mennonite Church at Moundridge, Kansas. She has two older 
Sers James D. and Alvin D. Her elementary education was received 
arMoundridgT where she also attended high school through her Jumor year, 
tnlS^ng high school at Abilene, Kansas. She took two years of nurses 
training at Wesley Hospital, Wichita. 

Children: , , . -i r -, q^a 

1 7 Marcia Lane Vanderhp, born April 5, 1J54, 

at Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas. Cynthia Vanderlip, born December 6, 1955, 

at Manhattan. 
17 3 3 5.1.3 Kurt Vanderlip, born April 8, 1961, at 
Escondido, San Diego County, California. Bradley Vanderlip, Born December 12, 1962, 
at Escondido. 

17 3 3 6 1 GLENDA FAYE BLAKEMAN, bom August 15, 1940, at Col- 
on California She attended elementary school there and the Colton Union 
nTgh School graduating in 1958. She received an A. A. degree m social 
scfence^d liberal arts from San Bernardino Valley Jumor College m 1960. 
science and Ube^^^ ^^ ^^^ Department of Health, Education and 

Welfare, Social Security Administration, for about three years before hei 

marriage. November 25, 1961, at San Bernardino, California, 

to Kent Arthur (Kip) Harrington, son of Arthur \^-;^^'}^^'^J ^^^ ^^^^ 
AoDlerose -Harrington. He was born September 30, 1936, at San Bernar 
dfno and auended elementary and high school there, graduating m 1954. 
dino, att^e^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^ Bernardino Valley College for a short while 

before being employed by the State of California, Division of Highways^ 
He worked fhere'ei'ght years, until 1962, when he became if^^^^^f/^^ 
as a general contractor in building custom homes. Their home is at 
Rial to, California. 

1 \\ Gregory Kent Harrington, born June 16, 1963, 
at San Bernardino, California. 

1 7 4 1 1.1 LELAND HOWARD NEWQUIST, born November 11, 1918 
near Dudley, Wapello County, Iowa. He attended Piper rural school until 
MS parents'moved to the Agency community in the ^ame county^ 

He was graduated from the Agency High School m 1938, alter 
which he was drafted into the Army and served in Europe ^^^ f J^^^Teniice 
in the Thirteenth Armored Division (Black Cat), 135 Ordnance Mamtenance 

Battalion. ^^^^^ ^_^ discharge from the Army, he has farmed in the 
Agency community. __ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ to Ava Creath daughte-f Tom 
Creath and Jennie Stull-Creath. She was born September 18, 1922, at 
Agency . Judith Lorene Newquist, born November 3, 
1946, at Ottumwa, Iowa. 

228 Russell Dewayne Newquist, born February 27 
1952, at Ottumwa. ^ ' MARIAN LUELLA NEWQUIST, born Januarv?-^ iqpi ^ 
farn. near Dudley, Wapello County, Iowa. She attend^^Ur r^^^^^^^^ 
unti her parents moved to the Agency community when she transferred ^o 
Schnn^''" TT ^"'^"^^- ^" '^'^ «h^ ^^« gradated from hrA^encv m^h 
leighls Tnto^^^^^^^^^^ '^^ ^'^^^' ^'^^ -h^^h «he attended otS:^'' 

ter :ftroi?t;TesTSh^err, E^Ti^-and s;:^:r -^- — 

Since her marriage she has lived on farms in Wapello County 


5?'4 JJi'J ,?,"i'^,'; IJ"? °'"""'"' born July 23. 1948. 
i-(. Wendell Robert Dimmitt, born March 13, 1954. PHILIP CRAIG NEWQUIST, born Mav (! IQ?? „„ , f„ 
near Dudley. Wapello County, Iowa. He attended rur^l school and 'hT 

forra„°d aft'err,^' '"''""'""^ I" ''''• "^ '"">«'' »''h Ms fXr Lth 
Sr:rSpera'redtrX™4h;eryearr" ""^^^""^ '"^ '^™ "^'^^ "^ 

ly^y, atKirkville, Wapello County, Iowa. 

1- Ronald Craig Newquist, born June 14, 1950 
at Ottumwa, Iowa. 

; Nancy Elaine Newquist, born April 25 1952 

at Ottumwa. ^ ^^o^, Virginia Lynn Newquist, born July 13 1955 
at Ottumwa. ' 

gra,,dpare„ts, Clarence and Luella 4e a.7.\% ofth™? farr„XeUo 

county. For^fivTlSr^ter'l'heir """"= '"'r'" °' ^'^''^^''^ " ""= ■*■""« 

Marlene ..^^IrXJ^ZZtJL '^i. ectl-nd^'e'Sa^r":' ^"^ 
C? n*y"^ oTa" Her Ih^fdhor ""''""^^ ''• ''''■ ^' CoalffeW^^Mon'roe 

Children: Rick Edwin Larson, born September 11 1951 
at Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa. 

229 Lori Lee Larson, born July 6, 1956, at 

SEVENTH GENERATION KAREN SUE LANE, born March 15, 1943, at Los Angeles, 
California. She was graduated from the South Gate (California) High School 
in June, 1961. Before her marriage she was employed by the U. S. Steel 
Corporation in secretarial work. Presently residing in Lakewood, Cali- 

Marriage: In 1963, at Los Angeles, to Charles Wayne Latham. 
He was boi'n June 8, 1940, at Jodsonia, Arkansas, the son of Emmett Dee 
Latham and Velma Hargraves-Latham. He was graduated from Lawrence 
High School at Lawrence, Michigan, in 1958. He has also resided in 
Indiana, Florida and Missouri. Served in the U. S, Navy from 1958 to 
1964. He is presently employed as a customer engineer by the IBM Corp- 

Children: David Bradley Latham, born June 8, 1964, 
in Lynwood, Los Angeles Co. , California. LAMBERT HENRY FELDMANN, born August 17, 1939, 
at Colby, Thomas Co. , Kansas. He was graduated from high school at 
Greeley, Colorado. Residing at Greeley. 

Marriages: (1) to Anita Pope. Divorced. (2) to Virginia 
Frances Park. Separated. She had two children of her own, Edward Allen 
Morgan, and Christine Stump, by former marriages. 

Child: First marriage (Anita Pope): Deborah Lynn Feldmann MARY LOU WILES, born August 26, 1939, at Hastings, 
Nebraska. She lived in Hastings, Nebraska: Colby, Kansas; and Poulsbo, 
Washington, before her marriage. Attended high school at Colby. Pre- 
sently residing at Goodland, Kansas. 

Marriage: In 1?56, at Oakley, Kansas, to Donald Miller. 

Children: Kimberly Kae Miller, born September 2 , 
1957. Daughter, born at Denver, Colorado in 
1959. Died shortly after birth. Michael Dean Miller, born December 17, 
1960. JEANETTE LA VONNE ALLEN, born October 23, 1940. 
Resided at Colby, Kansas, and at Ft. Morgan, Colorado before her mar- 
riage. She was graduated from high school at Ft. Morgan. Presently 
residing at Hillrose, Colorado. 

Marriage: At Fort Morgan, Colorado, to Gene Kautz. 

Children: Martin Gene Kautz, born January 31 , 1960. Sheryl Lynne Kautz , born September 17 , 


1961. Jacquelyn Elaine Kautz, born May 20, 1963. 


and his descendants 

Compiled by: 

Willis Nye 

Gallon, Ohio 

Mrs. Buford C. Curtis 
Ft. Worth, Texas 

Mrs. Kyle Nye 

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

R. Glen Nye 

San Diego, California 



Although a most diligent search has been conducted for the an- 
cestral ties of the George Nigh whose genealogy follows, his ancestry was 
still uncertain at the time of publishing this book. Repeatedly success 
seemed to be at hand, only to learn that still a new and different George 
Nigh/Neu/Neigh of the same time and area had instead been found. 

According to the tax records of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 
there lived there a John Nigh, Sr. and Jr. who paid taxes several years 
prior to 1780 and also a John New who is listed paying taxes there as early 
as 1762. A George Nigh is said to have been born there on January 5, 
1758: certainly there was a John and a George Nigh who served in Captain 
William Berryhils Company from Cumberland County during the Revolu- 

Franklin County was formed from Cumberland County in 1784 and 
we find a John, George and John Nye Sr. listed there in the 1790 census, 
indicating that the John and George of Franklin County are the same as ap- 
pear in the Cumberland County records. There are no Neu-Nye-Nighs 
listed in the Cumberland County census for 1790. John Nigh died in 1806 
in Franklin Co. , Pennsylvania. If this is the saine John Nye, Sr. who 
was the father of John and George, born 1758, then we have a second 
George, as John Sr. in his will names as executor his "son George and 
also George Nigh, the son of his brother". This being the case, this un- 
named brother could have been the father of George Nigh-Neu of Washing- 
ton County, Maryland, which adjoins Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and 
he could well have served as executor. 

A George Ney paid taxes in Berks County, Heidelberg Twp. , Pa. 
in 1767. He was almost certainly the son of Valentine Ney who came on 
the Ship Harle in 1736. This George later is mentioned in several land 
transactions in Tulphocken Twp. , Berks Co. from 1773 to 1786. For the 
last several years of this period he was a saw mill operator; after 1790 
there is no further record of him in that area. 

In the census of 1790 he is listed with two males over 16, 3 males 
under 16 and 6 females in the family. He could have been born as early as 
1732 and would then have been old enough to have had a son born 1755. 

Regretfully, this riddle is left unsolved. It is hoped these records 
will help point the way to an eventual solution. 



1. GEORGE NIGH, born January 21, 1755 in Pennsylvania. He mar- 
ried November 15, 1777, Mary Magdalena Saylor (Sailor), daughter of 
Matthias and Magdalena Sailor. George was a man of considerable means 
and importance in his area. His name appears often in affairs of Wash- 
ington County, Maryland. Records show he was supervisor in charge of 
building roads in the county. He was Justice of the Peace there from 18 02 
to 1806. In 1799 he was "Trustee of the Poor". He was a senior member 
of a committee which met July 14, 1807 to draft resolutions "upon the 
dastardly outrages committed by the British Squadron stationed on our 
coast on the flag and citizens of the United States". He used a number of 
spellings of his name in transactions and records the names of Nye, Neu, 
Nigh and possibly Ney and Neigh. He died November 16, 1830 in Amanda 
Twp. , Fairfield Co. , Ohio. He is buried near Amanda, Ohio on land 
which he had set aside for family burial. His wife, Magdalena who was 
born February 12, 1754, died November 12, 1821. 

* 2 George, Jr., boi-n June 10, 1779. 

* 3 Michael, born 1782. 

* 4 Samuel, born 1793. 

* 5 Jacob, born 1794. 

* 6 Adam, born July 25, 1795. 

7 Polly, born April 5, 1795; married John Wilshirer. 

8 John;; served in Capt. John Spangler's Company of Riflemrr; 
Ohio Militia, War of 1812. 

9 Peter 

10 Elizabeth; married Daniel Peters. 

11 Susanna; married John Neff. 




In the name of God Amen. I, Mathias Saylor of Hagerstown, Washington 
County Maryland being weak in body but of sound mind and memory thanks 
be to God for the Same, do make Ordain publish and declare this my Last 
Will & Testament in manner and form following/ Imprimies/ first I re- 
commend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God, who gave it any my 
body to the Earth to be decently Baried, and as to worldly Estate which it 
has pleased God to bless me with I give and Bestow in manner and form fol- 
lowing. I leave to my Son Peter Saylor three hundred Acres of Land with 
all the Buildings, that he now lives on for Ever on the Condition that he 
pays the following Legacies out of the said Estate. After my decease to my 
children hereafter named I leave to my Daughter Catherine Leatherman 
Fifty Pounds Specie Wife of Frederick Leatherman, and to Daughter Mary 
Wilt, wife of John Wilt One Hundred Pound Specie, and to my son John 
Saylor, One English Shilling Sterling he having before received his share 
of fortune and to my daughter Magdelena Nigh wife of George Nigh, One 
English Shilling Sterling she having before reced her share of fortune and 
to my Daughter Mary Elizabeth Harry wife of Jacob Harry One Hundred 


Pounds Specie, and to my Daughter Susannah Harry wife Martin Harry one 
Hundred pounds Specie, and to my Daughter Elizabeth Harry wife of John 
Harry One Hundred Specie, and to my beloved wife Magdelena Harry I 
leave as follows to be paid by aforesaid Son Peter Sayler Yearly and every 
year during her Natural life. Twenty Bushels wheat, twenty bushels Rie, 
Ten bushels of Corn, half a Hundred weight of Hemp from the Break, 1 
load of Hay from the first Crop and one Load of Hay from the Second Crop. 
Two Barrels of Cyder yearly and to take her choice of Six Apple Trees. 
I likewise leave to my aforesaid wife the House in Hagerstown which I now 
live in with all the furniture & Bonds, Cash & c which are now due or 
Owing to me, but it is my Will and Pleasure that if my Said Wife should so 
happen to Marry again after my decease, then I do order that my said 
House & c in Hagerstown shall immediately be sold and the money so 
Accruing shall be divided share and Share alike between all my daughters 
before named, my Sons Excepted and I do hereby constitute and Appoint 
Peter Wagoner and Henry Weigle of Hagerstown whole and sole Executors 
of this my last Will, hereby revoking all former Will and Wills made by 
me before. In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set mj' hand and affixed 
my Seal the day and year above written 

Mathi as Ivf S ayler (Seal) 
Mark x Seal 
Signed & Sealed & Delivered 
by the Testator as his last 

Will and Testament Peter Wagoner, Henry Weigle, 

William Ransom 


2 GEORGE NYE, JR. (George 1), born June 10, 1779. He married, 
August 20, 1803, Susan Knooce, born 1785 in Hagerstown, Md. He was a 
soldier of the War of 1812, entering service from Fairfield Co. , Ohio. 
He served in a Cavalry Regiment commanded by Col. John Williamson, 
and Company Commander Capt. Richard Hocker. He served as an escort 
to the Hon. Return Jonathan Meigs, Governor of Ohio. He was honorably 
discharged September 5, 1813. He again entered service, this time as an 
orderly sergeant in a company commanded by Samuel Spangler, Regiment 
commanded by Col. Bay. After four months service he was honorably 
discharged in January 1815, in Detroit, Mich. He died October 7, 1854. 
His widow Susan was living in Rochester, Indiana between 1850-60. 

12 Samuel, born January 27 , 1804, at Hagerstown, Md. 

*13 Frisby, born December 8, 1807. 

*14 Amos, born November 16, 1820. 

15 Silas 

16 Mary Amelia, born February 2, 1800. She married 
Henry Bechtel. 

17 Rebecca 

18 Elizabeth, married Mike Richardson 

19 Sarah, wife of Joseph Richardson 








3 MICHAEL NIGH (George), born 1782 in Maryland. He is listed in the 
1850 census of Fairfield Co. , Ohio. He married Sarah (Sally) Coward. 
He served in Captain Richard Hooker's Company in the War of 1812 from 
May to July, 1813. No children are known, probably being grown at the 
time of the census. A Levi Bechtel, age 7, was listed: it is noted one of 
his sisters married a Bechtel. 

4 SAMUEL NIGH (George), born 1793 in Maryland. His wife, Nancy was 
born in Pennsylvania according to the 1850 census of Fairfield Co. , Ohio. 
She evidently died before 1855 as his War of 1812 pension records states 
he was a widower at that time and single. He removed to Wyandot Co. to 
be near his son Samuel. He died March 2, 1876 at Carey, Ohio and is 
buried at Lutheran Ridge Cemetery. His wife Catherine died May 5, 
1856 (?) according to her tombstone. 


*23 Samuel, Jr., born 1820. 

24 Jacob, born 1832 

25 Andrew, born 1836 

5 JACOB NIGH (George), born 1794 in Somerset Co. , Pa. He married 
Margaret ? in February, 1815 in Pickaway Co. , Ohio. He served in 
the War of 1812 in Captain Robert Reid's Company. The family removed 
to Oregon about 185 0, residing in Linn Co. , Ore. 


26 Elizabeth C, born November 17, 1821 in Fairfield Co., 
Ohio. She married May 24, 1840, Samuel Hon. They re- 
moved to Louisa Co. , Iowa and later to Oregon. She 
married (2nd) Mr. Thompson. She died July 26, 1901 at 
Prineville, Ore. 


i John Wesley Hon; he married Olive Elizabeth Coyle. 


a. Charles Clyde Hon, born July 8, 1871. He 
married January 1, 1894, Daisy Zavely, born 
November 25, 1875. He died July 18, 1948. 
Their daughter. Daphne M. Hon, born January 
13, 1906, married June 1, 1928, Dana L. 

ii George W. Hon 

iii Adam N. Hon 

iv Druzilla S. Hon. 

27 Catherine J. , wife of George Klum. 
*28 Adam P. 

*29 Jacob L. , also given as John L. , born January, 1838. 

30 Frances (Walling) 

31 Harriet (Vandwort) 

32 George V. 

33 Andrew J. 


34 Drucilla (Polley) 

6 ADAM NIGH (George), born July 25, 1795. He married (1st) Catherine 
Fostaught who died April 5, 1856 at Carey, Ohio. He married (2nd) De- 
cember 16, 1856, Mary E. Crowley. He served in the War of 1812 in 
Captain Sam Spangler's Company as a drummer from August, 1812 to 1813. 
He died January 30, 1878 at Carey, Ohio. Mary died February 8, 1893. 


*35 Johnas, born November 25, 1827 

36 George, born 1830 

37 Adam, born 1834 

38 Hiram, born 1836 

39 Lucinda, born 1833 


13 FRISBY NYE (George Jr. 2, George 1), born December 8, 1807, in 
Amanda Twp. , Fairfield Co. , Ohio. He married November 29, 1827, 
Isabella Hulbery of New Jersey. He was named for Dr. Frisby Tilghman 
of Washington Co. , Md. He moved his family to Ridge Twp. , Wyandot 
Co. about 1833 which at that time was part of Hancock Co. He was one of 
the first settlers in this area. He unloaded his effects under a tree until 
a cabin could be built. Indians still roamed the area and continued to do 
so for the next ten years. He often used the spelling of Nigh. He died 
May 17, 1890 at Carey, Ohio. 


40 George, born 1828 

41 William R. , born 1833 
*42 James, born July 23, 1830 

43 David, born 1836 
*44 Amos, born Januaiy 12, 1839 

45 Edwin, born 1842 

46 John F. , born 1848 

47 Catherine, born in 1830, listed in 1850 census as incom- 
petent . 

14 AMOS NIGH (George Jr. 2, George 1), born November 16, 1820. He ■ 
married May 29, 1842, Lavina Emory, born 1825, died March 23, 1875. 
He died March 2, 1875. 


48 Mary Jane 

23 SAMUEL NIGH (Samuel 4, George 1), born 1820. His wife's name 
was Catherine. 


49 Jerome, born 1841 

50 Elias, born 1843 

51 Nancy A. , born 1844 

52 Emma, born 1846 

28 ADAM P. NYE (Jacob 5, George 1), born in Ohio. He married Unity 


born 1824, died October 15, 1907. He died November 17, 1890. 

53 Henry G. , born 1848; died February 23, 1932, in Benton 
Co. , Ore. 

54 Nettie, born 1861. She married May 4, 1881, Eli B. 

55 Clem V. , born 1863; died about 1893. 

56 Julia A. , born 1865. She married October 16, 1901, W. 
H. Lee 


i Frances Lee (Allen). 

57 Elizabeth D. (Marks), born 1850. She married January 
21, 1866, Benjamin Marks, resided in Oregon. 

Thomas O. Marks 


Glen Marks 


Alfred Marks 


Jacob Marks 


Ira Marks 


Charles Marks 


Joseph Marks 


Annie Marks (Denny) 


Nettie Marks (Fisk) 


Minne Marks (Shevin) 


Jesse W., born 1862 


Samuel R. T. 

29 JACOB L. NYE (Jacob 5, George 1), born January, 1838, in Ohio. 
He married October 6, 1859, Henryette Settle, daughter of ? and 
Betsey (Grove) Settle, born October 23, 1843 at Des Moines, Iowa; died 
December 19, 1926 at Sweet Home, Oregon. He was a toll gate keeper. 


*59 Manford D. , born 1863 

*60 John William, born March 25, 1866 

*61 Bert C. , Born February 12, 187 

*62 Marvin J. , born about 1874 

*63 Granville 

35 JOHNAS NYE (Adam 6, George 1), born November 25, 1827, in Clear 
Creek Twp. , Fairfield Co. , Ohio. He married Leah Harriet Swatlander, 
born April 11, 1829 in Union Co. , Pa. , daughter of George and Elizabeth 
(Wales) Swatlander. 

64 Isaiah Theodore, born June 22, 1850 in Wyandotte County, 

65 John Byron, born May 30, 1852 in Wyandotte County. 

66 Milton Winfield, born August 24, 1854, in Fulton County, 

63 Celista Alfaretta, born July 11, 1854 in Fulton County. 

*64 Horace Esley, born November 26, 1859 in Fulton County. 

65 Ulysses Grant, born November 27, 1864, in Fulton Co. 

*66 Schuyler Colfax, born November 27, 1864 in Fulton Co. 


67 Ida May, born June 14, 1867 in Fulton County. 

68 Lida Elmy, born June 14, 1867 in Fulton County, 


42 JAMES NYE (Frisby 13, George Jr. 2, George 1), born July 23, 1830. 
Birthplace is not known. In 1852, in Carey, Ohio, there is recorded his 
marriage to Emily Warren. She was born September 8, 1833, and in the 
Ohio census of 1850 is recorded in Geaugo Co. as E. Warren, F. , age 19. 
James was evidently a colorful character, and family stories place him at 
various times in Utah and California, in the Union Army during the Civil 
War, and even cast him as a friend of Abraham Lincoln, but unfortunately 
these stories cannot be substantiated. That he was a wanderer seems 
borne out by the fact that his wife, Emily, is buried in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 
and he died and is buried in Houghton, Michigan. Her death occurred on 
December 3, 1907, but the date of his death is unknown. There was an 
interval when the family lived in Rochester, Indiana, where Jame's aunt, 
Sarah Nigh Richardson, and her husband were in residence. Also living 
with Joseph and Sarah Richardson was her mother, Susannah Knooce Nigh, 
widow of George Nigh. The second child of James and Emily, Francis 
Jeremiah, was born in Rochester in 1855. 


*69 Charles Lawrence, born 1854. 

*70 Francis Jeremiah, bom January 30, 1855. 

71 Emma, married George Stephey. They resided in Mt. 
Vernon, Ohio. 


i Elwood E. Stephy 

ii Grace Stephey 

72 Carrie, married Stephey. They resided in Mt. Vernon, 
Ohio. Twin of Hattie. 

73 Hattie, born November 20, 1864. Married James Lang- 
ford and settled in Dennison, Texas. Twin of Carrie. 

44 AMOS NYE (Frisby 13, George Jr. 2, George 1), born January 12, 
1839. He married July 5, 1858, Angeline Hilburn. He served in the War 
Between the States in Co. D 144th Regiment. He was a farmer. He died 
September 24, 1917, at Carey, Ohio. 

74 Belle Travis, wife of Grandville Hunter. 
*75 James Edwin, born December 1, 1860. 

76 Anna A. , wife of Chester England. 

77 Ida L. , wife of William Bloom 

78 Forest W. 

79 Fred, or Frederick, born July 9, 1878; died August 13, 

58 SAMUEL R. T. NYE (Adam P. 28, Jacob 5, George 1). 
He married November 9, 1876, Sarah C. Michael. 


*80 Eli V. , born about 1874. 

81 Adam C. 

59 MANFORD D. NYE (Jacob L. 29, Jacob 5, George 1), bom 1863. He 
married in 1892, Dell Vancey, born February 7, 1874. 


82 Wilda, born November 6, 1892 at Sweet Home, Ore. She 
married November 26, 1913 at Prineville, Ore. , Carl E. 
Fischer, son of Louis and Amelia Fischer. 


i Lynn Manford Fisher 


a Durland Fischer, born 1945 

b Elaine Fischer, born 1947 

60 JOHN WILLIAM NYE (Jacob L. 29, Jacob 5, George 1), born March 
25, 1866 at Sweet Home, Ore. He married (1st) December 22, 1891, Ida 
M. Orchard; divorced November, 1895. He married (2nd) January 27, 
1908, Lillie Wood. He died August 13, 1924 at Foster, Ore. 


83 John P. , born about 1893 

*84 Orville W. , born October 14, 1909 

85 Melvin J. , born April 24, 1912 

86 Juanita Roberts, born February 24, 1922 

61 BERT C. NYE (Jacob L. 29, Jacob 5, George 1), born February 12, 
187 in Oregon. He married October 12, 1909, Ona Pickens. He was a 

62 MARVIN J. NYE (Jacob L. 29, Jacob 5, George 1), born about 1874. 
He married July 16, 1899, Alta Oliver. He died January 1, 1945. 


87 Leora (Miller), resided in Portland, Ore. 
*88 Lynn Marion, born April 8, 1912. 

63 GRANVILLE NYE (Jacob L. 29, Jacob 5, George 1), 


89 Everett, resides in Baker, Ore. 

90 Beulah (Flint), resides in Baker, Ore. 

64 HORACE ESLEY NYE (Johnas 35, Adam 6, George 1), bom November 
27, 1861. He married in 1884, Alice Sanders, born 1863; died 1919. He 
died in 1928. 


91 Joseph, deceased. 

92 Otha, deceased. 

93 Eathel, deceased. Married Earnest Zartman, also 

*94 Chancy Ray, born July 14, 1890. 

95 Wayne Zartman. 

96 Mary Ann, now Mrs. Curren, resides at Akron, Ind. 

97 Alice, now Mrs. Maxwell, resides at Akron. 


98 Dean Zartman, resides at Plymouth, Inc. 

66 SCHUYLER COLFAX NYE (Johnas 35, Adam 6, George 1), born 
November 27, 1864 in Fairfield County, Ohio. He married Cora Bell 
Jeffries who died October 8, 1939. He died August 6, 1942. 

99 Ina, now Mrs. Lawrence Mattix, resides in Scottsville, 

100 Bessie Lieugardie, bom August 29, 1897. Deceased. 

101 Cap tor a Dawn, born April 21, 1899. She married Sterling 
Shanks. Deceased. 

102 Leah Elizabeth, born January 20, 1901. Deceased. 

103 Ola May, born May 19, 1903. She married Arthur Cox. 
Resides in Marion, Indiana. 

*104 Condie Leon, born July 9, 1907. 

105 Charles Francis, born July 14, 1910. He resides in 
Marion, Indiana. 

106 Mary E. , born October 3, 1912. She married John 
Hanrahan. Resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

107. Princess Euthena, born January 2, 1915. She married 
Paul Armstrong. Resides in Alexandria, Indiana. 

69 CHARLES LAWRENCE NYE (James 42, Frisby 13, George J. 2, 
George 1), known as Lawrence to most of the family, he was born in 1854. 
Early in life he migrated to Alaska, where he eventually became owner of 
the public utilities company in Skagway. He married a Catherine ? 
who owned a restaurant there. There were no children. Periodically, 
they came to the States and visited his brothers and sisters, and are re- 
membered by the children in the families for their generosity. He bought 
Franklin cars on these trips, and himself built twelve miles of road about 
Skagway to make these cars useful to him. His substantial home in Skag- 
way had an extensive greenhouse where he raised vegetables for the win- 
ters. He died in Seattle, Washington, in 1937, and inscribed on his tomb- 
stone is "PIONEER OF ALASKA". 

7 FRANCIS JEREMIAH NYE (James 42, Frisby 13, George Jr. 2, 
George 1), known as Frank, born January 30, 1855 in Rochester, Indiana. 
We do not know what engaged the family there, except his Great-grand- 
parents, George Jr. and Susannah (Knooce) Nye were in residence, with 
their daughter, Sarah Nigh Richardson and her husband, Joseph, during 
that period. Affidavits were filed in Fulton County by George Jr. , in 
1850, and later, by his widow, in 1861, in regard to a claim for bounty 
land as a reward for service in the War of 1812. 

Nothing is known of Frank until his marriage in 1881 to Flora (or 
Florence) Arnold, in West Unity, Ohio, May 12, 1881. Flora Arnold was 
of a good family of West Unity; her brother Charles and his son after him 
owned a men's clothing store in West Unity. Their oldest child, Arthur, 
was born there in 1884. Apparently the family soon migrated to Kansas. 
In 1886 they built a very good house in Kanopolis, Kansas. . In those pio- 
neer days, a good house with screen doors, and a pump for the well, was 
a notable achievement. 

Probably it was in Kanopolis that the second child, Ethel, was 


bom. As a tiny tot, she found and consumed a large quantity of pills, and 
died from the overdosage. Her mother never recovered from the grief of 
this tragedy. 

It is assumed that Frank was always a merchant, since this was 
his business in later life, and nothing to the contrary is known. About 
1890, the family moved again, and this time it was to nearby Belle Plaine, 
Kansas. There were born the twins, Carrie and Charlie, and also a son, 
Robert I. and an unnamed child which did not survive. The twin, Charlie, 
died soon after birth. No family connection exists, but other Nyes from 
Ohio were in Belle Plaine at the time. A Henry Nye and his brother were 
residing there after migrating from northwestern Ohio. (See 3140a, Henry 
Lawrence Nye, Volume II) 

Sometime in the 90's or early 1900's, the family was on the move 
again, this time to Erie, Kansas. Here, Frank was proprietor of a gen- 
eral store. Pictures of this era show them to have been an unusually 
good-looking, well-dressed family. In later life, Frank and Flora moved 
to Webb City, Missouri, where they died at an advanced age, he in 1944 
and she in 1945. Their burial place is in Webb City. 

108 Ethel, born 1882; died 1883 

*109 Arthur, born January 7 , 1884 
110 Carrie, married at Pittsburg, Kansas, David Frank. A 
twin brother did not survive. She resides at Joplin, Mo. 

*111 Robert Leroy, born October 25, 1892. 

75 JAMES EDWIN NYE (Amos 44, Frisby 13, George Jr. 2, George 1), 
born December 1, 1860. He married November 16, 1879 at Carey, Ohio, 
Zitella Udora, daughter of Phillip and Catherin Celesta (Lake) Enders. 
He was a teamster. He died October 4, 1945. 

112 Grace Edmon, born September 14, 1880 in Dunkirk, Ohio. 
She married November 16, 1899 at Carey, Ohio, Irvin J. 
Black, son of John and Cordelia Hochkiss Black. 

i Paul N, Black, born August 8, 1901 

ii Allan A. Black, born July 6, 1903 

iii Harold A. Black, born February 19, 1905 

iv Mary E. Black, born October 9, 1909 

v James H. Black, born November 1, 1912 

vi Lucille R. Black, born September 1, 1911 

113 Rae Celestia, born March 25, 1883 in Carey, Ohio. She 
married in December 1900 at Carey, Harvey G. Sopher, 
son of Nicholas Sopher who married a Phippils. 

1 Thelma Mae Sopher, born August 12, 1902 

ii Robert N. Sopher, born April 5, 1904 
iii Frederick E. Sopher, born May 28, 1906 
iv Gertrude N. Sopher, born March 31, 1913 
v Alma K. Sopher, born January 23, 1916 

vi Carolyn E. Sopher, born October 4, 1917 

114 Ernest B. , born December 11, 1884; died February 10, 


*115 Carl Deroy, born August 31, 1886 

116 Margaret M. , born July 16, 1883; died August 8, 1890. 
*117 Wallace James, born March 15, 1890 

118 Catherine Angeline, born March 16, 1892 in Bloomville, 
Ohio. She married April 14, 1909 at Carey, Ohio, Thomas 
L. Baker, son of Ezra Baker. 


i Clyde L. Baker, born December 8, 1909 

ii Martha W. Baker, born December 6, 1911 
iii Joseph W. Baker, bom October 29, 1917 
iv Helen I. Baker, born January 14, 1920 

V Virginia M. Baker, born September 19, 1924 

119 Ruth Belle, born June 21, 1894. She married November 
28, 1910 at Carey, Ohio, Sylvester W. Pahl, son of Henry 
and Anna (Rienick) Pahl. 


i Mildred R. Pahl, born February 11, 1913 

ii Zitella A. Pahl, born December 28, 1915; died 

September 3, 1916. 
iii Bertha F. Pahl, born November 24, 1919 
iv Donna M. Pahl, born September 16, 1923 

V Gerald W. Pahl, born March 1, 1933 (Adopted) 
vi Edwin S. Pahl, born June 30, 1935 

*120 Ned F. , born September 18, 1896 

121 Frank Lee, born July 15, 1898; died July 24, 1899. 

122 Bertha E. , born April 15, 1903 in Carey, Ohio. She 
married Roy E. Walter. They were later divorced and 
she married (2nd) Cesidio Pietrangelo. 


i Ramona Walter, born January 20, 1926; died 

January 26, 1931. 

80 ELI V. NYE (Samuel R. T. 58, Adam P. 28, Jacob 5, George 1), born 
about 1874. He died March 27, 1956. 

123 Thurston M. , born about 1902. Resides at Anchorage, 
Alaska . 

124 Emery C. , born about 1906. Resides at Brownsville, 

84 ORVILLE WILLIAM NYE (John W. 60, Jacob L. 29, Jacob 5, George 1) 
born October 14, 1909. He married Josephine Mary Weber. They were 
divorced in 1960. 

125 Orletta Lee, born July 6, 1938, in Foster, Oregon. 

126 Elizabeth Anne, born September 17, 1940 in Foster, 
Ore. She married August 31, 1957, Travis Dale Bean. 

88 LYNN MARION NYE (Marvin J. 62, Jacob L. 29, Jacob 5, George 1), 
born April 8, 1912 in Sweet Home, Ore. He married Gertrude Slater. 

127 Laural Kieth, born November 29, 1931 in Albany, Ore. 


128 Marion Lee, born September 2, 1933 in Lebanon, Ore. 

94 CHANCY RAY NYE (H.Esley 64, Johnas 35, Adam 6, George 1), born 
July 14, 1890 in Fulton County, Indiana. He married November 3, 1910 at 
Rochester, Inc. , Nora B. , daughter of John R. and Amanda J. Carter. 
He is a farmer and machinist and worked 33 years with the Studebaker 
Corp. until his retirement in 1955. 

129 Juanita, now Mrs. Lehman, resides in Plymouth, Ind. 

130 George; resides in Encino, California 

131 Margaret, now Mrs. Harper. Resides in Bremen, Ind. 

132 Wilma, now Mrs. Rice. Resides in Hood River, Oregon. 

104 CONDIE LEON (Schuyler C. 66, Johnas 35, Adam 6, George 1), born 
July 9, 1907 at Marion, Indiana. He married March 9, 1929 at New Castle 
Indiana, Madge, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Fox. He is a tool and die 
maker and resides in Marion, Indiana. 


*133 Robert Eugene, born September 8, 1929 

134 Patricia Ann, born October 11 , 1931. Now, Mrs. Donald 
Gunion. She resides in Marion, Ind. 

135 Sharon Sue, born November 18, 1942. Now, Mrs. Claude 
Rust, she resides in Marion, Ind. 


109 ARTHUR NYE (Francis J. 70, James 42, Frisby 13, George Jr. 2, 
George 1), born January 7, 1884 at West Unity, Ohio. His birth was the 
second or third recorded in Williams County. His parents took him, as a 
baby, to Kansas, living first in Kanopolis, later in Belle Plaine, and still 
later in Erie. 

At sixteen he married, July 14, 1901, Lillie Ethel Kyle, daughter 
of Lewis Richard Kyle, a large land owner and developer of Neosho County. 
Their marriage was an elopement, so the little town of Erie had subject 
for conversation for a time. Later, Arthur attended La Salle University 
in Chicago for special courses in business and then opened a dry goods 
store in Erie in partnership with a Mr. George Gaston. 

In 1906, the only child, Kyle, was born in Erie. During his 
childhood he was ill with numerous episodes of respiratory disease, so in 
1917 the family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, Arthur was 
associated with the "Economist", a drygoods and fashion store, until his 
retirement in 1929. In 1942, during World War n, his merchandising 
experience was called into service at a Post Exchange at Kirtland Field in 
Albuquerque. At the end of 1945, while engaged in his work as manager 
of one of the Exchanges, he died suddenly of a heart attack. His widow, at 
eighty-two, lives in Albuquerque. (1965) 


*136 Kyle, born September 9, 1906. 


Arthur and Lillie Nye; 1901 


Tv^ 9^ r^^^^ ^F^P^ ^^^ (Francis J. 70. James 42. Frisby 13 Georae 
Ji. 2, George 1), born October 25, 1892 at Belle Plaine K^Llt' „ ""^^ 


137 Hestor. born May 17. 1905. She married James Walker 
a Captain in the U. S. Army vvaiKer, 

1QO ^ William C. Walker, born January 18, 1943 

138 Cyrissa bom October 21. 1906 in Upper Sandusky. She 
married Albert Lanning. born June 14, 1905 

i Lulu M. Lanning 

ii Hugh D. Lanning 

*139 Willis Ransome, born October 21, 1906 
*140 Dallas Marion, born August 5, 1915 

141 Gertrude, born October 7, 1918. She resides at 
Fostoria, Ohio. 
*142 Vernon Jack, born April 14, 1921 

HedTeceJer25'T909;.'r^^^^ 1890 in Carey. Oh^o. He mar- 

?qphnW?o , ' u ^^ ^^""^y' Estella, daughter of John and Belle 
^Schuler) Parkins; she died October 8, 1890. He married (2nd) Gladys 


143 Marvin J. , born November 28, 1916 

144 Kenneth E. , born November 28, 1916 

145 Bernadine H. , born March 7, 1922. She married Cyril 
Nye, Jr. ^j'^^^ 


I Nancy J. Nye, born November 3, 1947 

II Darlene E. Nye, born January 28, 1949 

III Robert D. Nye, born April 22. 1952 
Marilyn R. Nye. born September 5, 1952 
Margaret E. Nye, bom May 28, 1955 



1/1^ T^ William M. Nye, born November 28, 1956 

146 Romaine H. , bom December 10, 1924 in Carey. Ohio 

She married Charles H. Kessler, born April 6, 1919. 


i Charles D. Kessler, born November 13 1948 

u Infant daughter, born September 21. 1949, stillborn 
HI Ronald E. Kessler, born May 9, 1952- died 
May 12, 1952 


Kyle Nye 



iv Paul A. Kessler, born March 9, 1953 

V Gloria A. Kessler, born April 7, 1934; stillborn 

VI Stephen M. Kessler, born October 2, 1956- died 
October 4, 1956 

vii Dennis J. Kessler, born August 19, 1957 

Edith C. , born February 14, 1926 in Carey, Ohio She 

married James J. Brown. 


i Carol A. Brown, born April 26, 1952 

u James J. Brown, Jr. , born October 24, 1955- 

iii Deborah J. Brown, born January 9, 1957 

120 NED F. NYE (James E. 75, Amos 44, Frisby 13 George Jr 2 
George 1), born September 18, 1896 in Ca;ey, Oh^o. He married Rebecca 
Fry, born November 11, 1899. He was a laborer, died May 4 1 945! 

*]T^ S'*^^^^ \V ^u""" ^^y ^^' ^^^^- She married Charles Hale. 

*149 Norman N., born June 26, 1918 

*150 Cecil R. , born September 24, 1919 

151 Eva C. , born December 22, 1921. She married W. Green. 

idamTc^oL^^'n'^r ""F ^^"f '^ ^^ ''^' ^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^' J°hnas 35, 
Adam 6, George 1), born September 8, 1929 at Marion, Ind. He married 

Saski nltkin^'n"' ^''r'- '^^^'^^^ ^^ ^^"^^1 -^ Mary mi^abeth 
(McCaskiU) Atkms. He resides in Newport News, Virginia. 

136 KYLE NYE (Arthur 109, Francis J. 70, James 42, Frisby 13 
George Jr 2, George 1), born September 9, 1906, at Erie Kansas 
Because of his health, his family moved to ;ibuqu;rque, N.' M fn 1917 
There he attended the University of New Mexico and from there, enteJId 
lun^ in 1 ?.. T''T' °i 'H^ University of Southern California gradu 
fhlL "^ ^"^^""^^ ^^^ P^^^^t^ practice of dentistry in Albuquerque 

the same year He married September 7, 1939 at Gallup, N M Harriett 
Chappell Davidson, daughter of Harry Orville and Abbie Mercy (Potter) 
Davidson. In 1942 he was commissioned in the Dental Corps of the US 

ZTl^U'ZTV '''' ^''^' ""^P^^^^ -h^^h ^^"d-d on Omaha Beach -in 
July, 1944 and later, was attached to the Seventh Army. After the war 

he resumed practice of dentistry in Albuquerque. His wife Harriet i^ 

ittedTn'mo.fwh:'- ^T°"^-^"^"^"^^ '^ a^boratory technician and is 
listed in Who s Who m America for her achievements 

152 Kyle Jr. , born July 24, 1943 at Abilene, Kansas. He 

studied two years in Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. and 
in 1965 was attending the University of New Mexico at 

139 WILLIS RANSOME NYE (Carl D. 115. James E. 75, Amos 44 Frisbv 

maVri:d1uVe"3'^93r'w'^H'Tr^''^' ^^^^ ^^ Ma;ion. Ohio.' He ' 
married June 13, 1931, Wanda, daughter of David Roy and Ava fBaldwin^ 
Boyd. He attended Ohio Northern University and Marton Business Col e^e 
He served with the Ohio National Guard 1928-31 and was honorably d^s-^ 


charged. During World War II years he lived in Washington, D. C. and 
served as liason between the Army Engineers and the Huber Mfg. Co. for 
the production of war material. In 1950 he left the United States and lived 
in India for three years and served as business manager and treasurer of 
the Mission Field of the American Lutheran Church. He was formerly 
export manager of Huber Mig. Co. , manufacturers of road machinery. 
He is presently assistant export manager of Gallon Iron Works & Mfg. Co., 
manufacturers of road machinery, being in charge of sales for Europe, 
Africa and Asia. He is a leader in church affairs and community activities. 
He was Charter member and later Honorary member of Marion, Ohio Lions 
Club. At present he is a member and director of Gallon, Ohio Kiwanis 
Club, member of the Chamber of Commerce committee on Industrial De- 
velopment, and committee on Recreational Development, and member of 
Galion, Ohio "Trouble Clinic". 

153 Susan Jane, born January 31, 1941 at Marion, Ohio. She 
married James Kuder. Both are graduates of Ca;ital Uni- 
versity, Columbus, Ohio, with degrees in Education. She 
is a school teacher and he is attending Ohio University, 
studying for his PhD. in Chemistry. 

140 DALLAS MARION NYE (Carl D. 115, James E. 75, Amos 44, Frisby 
13, George Jr. 2, George 1), born August 5, 1915 in Marion, Ohio. He 
married Martha Lowery. They had three children and were divorced. He 
married a second time and divorced again. He resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma 

154 Jean, born March 11, 1934. She married Max Manning. 

*155 Dallas, Jr., born January 11, 1936. 

156 Jolene, born October 3, 1937. She married Robert Miller 

i Robert L. Miller 

ii Barbara 

142 VERNON JACK NYE (Carl D. R. 115, James E. , 75, Amos 44, 
Frisby 13, George Jr. 2, George 1), born April 14, 1921 in Marion, Ohio. 
He married Connie Williams, and resides in Fostoria, Ohio. 

157 Jacqueline 

158 Helen 

159 Sherryl 

160 Jack, Jr. 

149 NORMAN R. NYE (Ned F. 120, James E. 75, Amos 44, Frisby 13, 
George Jr. 2, George 1), born June 26, 1918. He married Luella Dren- 
ning. They had two children and were divorced. He married (2nd) Hazel 
Higgenbothen , born February 27, 1925. 

161 Elizabeth S. , born September 8, 1939. She married 
James L. Cooper. 


i James L. Cooper, Jr. 

162 James I. , born April 6, 1943 

163 Jean A. , born December 10, 1953 


150 CECIL R. NYE (Ned F. 120, James E. 75, Amos 44, Frisby 13, 
George Jr. 2, George 1), born September 4, 1919. He married (1st)' 
Martha Potteiger. They had three children and were divorced. He 
married (2nd) Helen Hoy, born June 28, 1931. 

164 Raymond G. , born January 16, 1940. 

165 Tommy J., born July 1, 1942- 

166 Jackie D. , born October 12, 1943. 

167 Robert N. , born December 10, 1953. 

168 James C. , born November 22, 1955. 

155 DALLAS MARION NYE (Dallas 140, Carl D. R. 115, James E. 75, 
Amos 44, George Jr. 2, George 1), born January 11, 1936. He married 
Barbara Karcher. 

169 Charles, born September 3, 1956. 




L. Bert Nye 
McLean, Virginia 




L. Bert Nye 
McLean, Virginia 

The ancestry of Captain John Peter Nye remains unsolved. One 
reference gives his forbears as Benjamin and Katherine (Tupper) Nye of 
Sandwich, Mass. Circumstances of places, names and family legend make 
more plausible the assuinption that he was of Palatine Neu or Ney origin. 
Old records in St. John's Lutheran Church at Wytheville, Virginia bear the 
name on John P. Ney. His father or grandfather may well have been one of 
the sevei'al Ney immigrants who arrived from the Palatinate between 1727 
and 1774. His mother was a Price, a descendant of the Philip and Rachel 
Price who came to America with William Penn. His home was originally 
in York, Pennsylvania and his father's family seems to have remained there 
as he made occasional trips to his old home after he was established in 
Wythe County, Va. A search of York County records and Lutheran Church 
records there should make possible the final determination of his ancestry. 
Also, the spelling of his wife's surname is in quesiion. The National 
Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 30, page 151, gives that he married 
Elizabeth Sippel referencing the family bible of Christopher Sippel; this 
also gives the birth year of his children. The Wythe County, Va. History, 
presumably taken from family records states her name was Elizabeth 
Seagle and that she was related to the Virginia families of Spillard and 
Thresher. (Her father, it is stated, was Jacob Seagle, also given as Sigle, 
who came to America from Germany in 1743.) Captain Nye probably 
served in the War of 1812. Records show he was present November, 1816 
as part of the Court during a courtmartial procedure of the 35th Regiment 
of Volunteers, Virginia Militia. 

Much of the material and the decision to include this chapter came 
after part of this book was already in process of printing. It has not been 
possible to present as complete a family history as would have been other- 
wise attempted. 

The following references were used for this section in addition to 
family data sheets: 

1. Wythe Co. , Va. Register of Marriages 

2. Wytheville, Va. cemetery headstones 

3. Wythe Co. , Va. Register of Wills 

4. History of Wythe Co. , Va. 

5. National Genealogical Society Quarterly 

1 . JOHN PETER NYE, born at . Son of Nye and 

Price. Married, 1795, Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Seagle (Sigle), who 
came to America from Germany in 1743. He died November 5, 1827 at 
. She was born Sept. 2, 1776; died May 6, 1852. 

Capt. Nye came to Virginia from York, Penna. , and lived for 
awhile in the Stone House at Christiansburg. 

Wythe County records show that he purchased a lot on the Main 
Street of Evansham in 1798. Later he bought lot No. 5, at the southeast 
intersection of Main and First Streets. In that deed he obligated himself 
to build a stone wall at no greater cost than $150. 00 at a certain place on 


the site. A part of this wall is visible under the present building. 

Between 1810-1820 Capt. Nye made entries approximating 3, 000 
acres on the waters of Reed Creek, in the neighborhood of the Toncrays, 
Davises, and the Robert Crockett heirs. 

He was prominent in civic, religious and governmental affairs. 
In 1806 he framed a body of laws for the town. In 1812 he was one of the 
Board of Trustees which met May 13 in accordance with the provision of a 
new act of the General Assembly. In 1813 he was elected to the Virginia 

He made occasional visits to his old home in York, Penna. , and 
on his return some of his friends and neighbors accompanied him. Among 
the numbers were the Hallers, Evalde, Prices and Sutherses. 

Dr. John Haller, Dr. Robert Cibboney and Capt. Nye, the former 
a skillful surgeon, organized the first inedical college west of the Blue 
Ridge Mountains. Classes were conducted in the old Haller House at the 
northeast corner of Main and Fourth Avenue. (Dr. John Haller had built 
his new home, the Old Rock House, at the corner of Tazewell St. and 
Monroe in 1823.) A log house which stood in the rear of the present site 
of Fourth Avenue Hotel was used as the operating unit of the college, or 
university, as some called it. This school functioned until the opening of 
the Civil War. Dr. Robert Crockett, one of southwest Virginia's finest 
surgeons, received his preparatory training there, as did four sons of 
Capt. Nye and four members of the Haller family. 

Capt. John P. Nye was a prominent Mason. He was initiated into 
the order in 1801 in Wytheville and had advanced, so his greatgrandson 
said, to the York Rite at the time of his death in 1826. His lodge at one 
time was located at the Lead Mines. He served as Master of the Wythe- 
ville Lodge and was several times sent as a delegate to the Grand Lodge 
in Richmond. When a paralytic stroke confined him to his home one or 
more meetings of the Lodge convened there. He and his wife are buried 
in the cemetery of St. Johns Lutheran Church, Wytheville, Va. 

*1 John Richard, born 1797. 
*2 George Washington, born 1799. 

3 Jefferson, born 1801; died 1801. 
*4 John Price, born 1802. 
5 Priscilla Malinda, also given as Griselda Malinday, bom 

September 2, 1805; died June 12, 1871. She married Feb. 3, 
1822, Dr. Jacob Haller, whose ancestors had been physicians 
in Germany for 800 years. He was born November 28, 1796; 
died June 12, 1871. She stated that her family was of Penn- 
sylvania Dutch (Palatine) origin. She had: 
i. Edmund S. Haller (an assumption, not proven), 
ii. Mary Spavala Haller, born September 13, 1835 at 
Wytheville, Virginia., died April 7, 1925 at Austin, 
Texas. She married July 21, 1853 at Wytheville, Va. , 
William Kirkwood McMullin, born April 29, 1833 at 
Wytheville; died December 3, 1885 at Austin, Texas. 
She had: 

a. Priscilla Jane McMullin, born April 8, 1855; died 
April 24, 1873 at San Marcos, Texas. 

b. William Robert McMullin, Born January 11, 1857. 


Sarah Elizabeth McMullin, born March 3, 1859; died 
May 19, 1939 at Austin, Tex. She married Decem- 
ber 18, 1878 at San Marcus, Tex. , Peter Thomson, 
born May, 1849 in Scotland; died September 1, 1930 
at Austin, Tex. She had: 

(1) Alvin Thomson, bom May 7, 1880; died May 9, 
1933. Married Louella Dillenberg. 

(2) Lou E. Thomson, born September 4, 1883; died 
February 29, 1940. 

(3) John William Thomson, born 1887; died April 
29, 1963. He married Letitia Bryant. Their 
children were: Thelma Theore Thomson, Mary 
Jane Thomson and Chester Richard Thomson. 

(4) Mary Magdalene Thomson, born June 1, 1890. 
She married February 21, 1910, William John 
Boyle, born June 10, 1864 in Ireland. Their 
children were: 

(a) Peter Alvin Boyle, born September 13, 19J i 
and married Ellen Elizabeth White Septem- 
ber 3, 1938. Their children were: Jacque- 
line Ellen Boyle, born June 29, 1941 and 
died July 6, 1941; Matthew Peter Boyle, 
bom August 24, 1942 and Donna Marie Boyle, 
born December 21, 1943, married February 
6, 1965, James Spangler, born December 
20, 1942. 

(b) Elizabeth Jane Boyle, bom June 3, 1914. 
She married November 1, 1930, Charles 
Clifford Sweeney born June 26, 1908. She 
had: Letretia Ann Sweeney, born October 6, 
1931 and married April 7, 1951, Robert 
Manual Sartini, born April 2, 1930 (and 
children Robert Manual Sartini, born July 
11, 1952; Kathleen Jean Sartini, born Aug- 
ust 13, 1954; Marlene Frances Sartini, 
born February 7, 1964 and twin Dennis 
Clifford Sartini); John Clifford Sweeney, 
born May 13, 1935 and married August 12, 
1956 Virginia Wright, born November 24, 
1936 (and children: John Clifford Sweeney, 
born August 3, 1957; Melinda Patrice 
Sweeney, born December 12, 1962; and 
Diane Elizabeth Sweeney, born July 8, 1964); 
Alvin Walter Sweeney, born June 26, 1939. 

(c) Madeline Ligurior Boyle, born August 24, 
1924. She married June 1, 1946, Harold 
John Propsom, born June 18, 1908. She 
had: Betty Ann Propsom, born April 13, 
1947 and Eileen Marie Propsom, bom Sep- 
tember 14, 1953. 

James Jacob McMuUen, born September 30, 1861; 
died November 14, 19 06. 


e. Nannie Mariah Mc Mullen , born Ajjril 24, 1864; died 
May 14, 1952. She married Alexander McKellar. 
She had: 

Harry Duncan McKellar, born May 9, 1887: died 
September 29, 1912. He married Dorothy Ben- 
thien, born October 30, 1890. 

f. Martha Ellen McMuUen, born October 4, 1866; died 
June 5, 1872. 

g". Alexander Chamber McMuUen, born April 5, 1869; 

died January 5, 1892. 
h. Edmonia Malinda McMullen, born March 19, 1871; 

died September 12, 1957. She married September 13, 
1888, Charlie H. Woods, 
i. Mary Louisa McMullen, born July 11, 1873: died 

March 14, 1928. She married Hary Ross. 
j. Henry Edwin McMullen, born January 5, 1877. 
k. Thomas Elmo McMullen, born November 2, 1880; 
died August 6, 1913. 
*6 James Madison, born 1809. 
*7 Andrew Jackson 
*8 Almedia, married Nov. 1, 1827, John Wisman. 


1.1 JOHN RICHARD NYE, born 1797, married Sarah M. Kincannon. He 
studied medicine in the college founded by his father and became a doctor. 
He lived at Emory and Henry College, near Glade Springs, Virginia. 


*1 James Alexander Kincannon .„. 

2 John Peter, born June 12, 1826; died July 4, 1829^ ' 

3 KetursL Malinda, born September 14, 1828; died February 25, 
1832.^ ' 

4 Andrew H. , born about 1834; married November 1, 1871, 
H. J. Buck, daughter of Jacob and Catherine (Williams) 

1.2 GEORGE WASHINGTON NYE, born 1799. He married April 4, 1821, 
Mary Ann Finley, daughter of Judge Finley of Ashe Co. , North Carolina. 
He studied medicine in the college founded by his father and became a 
doctor. There were children; names unknown. 

1.4 JOHN PRICE NYE, born 1802. Married June 9, 1825 to Sophia 
Stanger,^ daughter of John Stanger, a German immigrant who was founder 
and first minister (1791-1824) of the Zion Lutheran Church at Nobles, near 
Crockett, Virginia. He owned extensive land, two or three thousand acres 
and settled substantial quantities on each of his children. Will dated 
Nov. 9, 1870, Wythe Co. 

1 Jacob West, born . Married Oct. 2, 1851 to Sophia, 

daughter of Darius and Jane Gose. 


*2 William Harvey, born Feb. 8, 1848 at Saltville, Virginia. 
*3 Adam Brown 

4 Wirt 

5 Henry Hallon, born about 1833. Married June 8, 1856 to 
Ann E. Gose (age 23), daughter of Darius and Jane Gose. 

6 Mary E. , married Scott. 

7 Sidney 

8 Theresa Jane, born 1841. Married July 26, 1866 to 

William B. Miller. He was born in Wythe Co. in 1844. 

9 Sarah Malinda, born 1838. Married Nov. 15, 1878 to 

John Chapman, widower age 48, born in Wythe Co. , son of 
George Chapman. 

1.6 JAMES MADISON NYE (John), born 1809. Married Nancy Calloway, 
daughter of Col. Calloway and granddaughter of General Rhea of the Revo- 
lutionary War. He studied medicine in the college founded by his father 
and became a doctor. He removed to Oregon with his wife and children; 
names not known. 

1.7 ANDREW JACKSON NYE, Married May 28, 1840^ to Elizabeth Arm- 
brister. George was the son of Phillip Armbrister a pioneer in Wythe Co. , 
Va. He, A. J. Nye, studied medicine in the college founded by his father 
and became a doctor. 


*1 George L. 
2 M. L. W. , born 1859 in Bland Co. , Va. Married Decem- 
ber 23, 1880 to William L. Britts, a carpenter, son of Adam 
F. Britts of TazweU Co. , (born 1856)1. 

(Phillip Armbrister in 1790 purchased from Robert and Horace 
Wylie a site they received by patent from King George n about 50 years 
earlier. This homesite stood on the "Old Stage Road", later U. S. Route 
11, now Interstate 81. George Armbrister came into possession of the 
tract in 1803. He paneled the old log house and made other improvements, 
probably including enlargement of the second floor, building of an enclosed 
stair and addition of beaded clapboard to the exterior. 

Dr. A. J. Nye made his home there as did his son. Dr. George 
L. Nye and his sons Thornton and Fitzgerald S. Nye. The house was en- 
larged several times during Nye occupancy.) 



1.1.1 JAMES ALEXANDER KINCANNON NYE, married Anna Elizabeth 
Byars. He died November 9, 1861. 


*1 William Byars, born September 7, 1861. 

1.4.1 WILLIAM HARVEY NYE, born February 8, 1848 at Saltville, Wash- 
ington Co. , Virginia. Married July 10, 1873 to Frances Anna Bowin who 
was born April 26, 1857 in eastern Virginia. She died in 1936. He died in 
May, 1930. 


1 Mary Josephine, born May 31, 1885; married Samuel Lee 
Luttrell, June 5, 1893. Children in Baltimore, Maryland. 

2 Laura Price, born February 17, 1877; married James Kelly 
Groseclose, December 8, 1895. She died July 21, 1947. 

3 Lovella Margaret, born July 1, 1880; married Guy Thomas 
Kinder, October 15, 1902. She died March 15, 1964. 

i Marvin Thomas Kinder, born August 4, 19 03; married 

Helen Barton, December 26, 1919; died June 3, 1959. 
ii Emma Frances Kinder, born April 30, 1906; married 

William Glen Ayers, June 27, 1930. 
iii Miss Erma Lynnwood Kinder, born August 13, 19 08. 

Lives at 101 E. Glendale Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia, 
iv Guy Millard Kinder, born October 1, 1910; married 

Phelia Lee Miles, June 7, 1942. Lives at Roanoke, Va. 
V Bill Nye Kinder, born December 24, 1921; married 

Bernice Hess Pugh, November 23, 1943. 
vi Rodney Preston Kinder, born April 24, 1925; mari-ied 

Sallie Juanita Altizer, January 9, 1946. Lives at 

Christianburg, Virginia. 

4 William Pepper, born February 5, 1883; died November 29, 
1936. Served in W.W. I. 

5 Virginia Pearl, born February 5, 1883; died August 14, 1911. 
*6 John Stanger, born March 2, 1886. 

7 Walter Lee, born December 4, 1888; married Ruth Lois 
Pace, May 11, 1916; died March, 1959. 

8 Clara Frances, born January 1, 1893; married Hendrick T. 
Jones. Lives at Holland, Va. 

9 Ruth Kelly, born May 19, 1895. 

1.4.2 ADAM BROWN NYE, born 1844. Married October 16, 1873 to 
Eliza Ann Hedrick^ ^ daughter of W. W. Hedrick. He served in Co. B, 
45th Va. Reg. and was wounded in the shoulder in the war between the 
States. She was born 1855. He left Virginia with his brothers Hall and 
Wirt for Missouri in a covered wagon. On April 8, 1901 he deeded 10 acres 
near Zion Church to his wife Eliza Ann. He died July, 1933 (will). She 
died (about) 1937. 


*1 Emmett Stuart, born about 1873; deceased. 
2 Ella S. , born about 1876. Married June 8, 1898 to Emory G. 


Vaught of Rural Reti'eat, Virginia, (' Children: 

Ida Frances, born October 3, 1878. Married Feb. 17, 1897 

to Joseph Henderson Vaught of Rural Retreat, Virginia, son of 

George W. Vaught and Judith VV. Keesling. (-*■) Children: 

Daisy E. , born about 1880 or 1886. Married Sept. 24, 1899 to 

Charles H. Miller of Rural Retreat, Va., son of John H. Miller 

and Kate Brown. (1^ 

John Price, born about 1888. Married July 7, 1913 at Bristol, 

Va. to Ella Jones (age 23), daughter of John Jones and Letitia 

Hitten of Wythe Co., Va.(l); ended in divorce. Married (2nd) 

March 3, 1927 to Ceclia Ruth Woods, born in Grayson Co. , 

Va. , daughter of Harden Woods. 

Oscar Brown, born about 1890. Married Ada G. Miller(l). 

1.7.1 GEORGE L. NYE. Married E. Hudson, who belonged to the Dicker- 
son bi^anch of the Jennings' family, which came to America in 1620. He 
owned and operated the Nye Lithia Springs, barreled and sold water to hos- 
pitals. He was the surgeon and historian of the "Bloody 45th" regiment 
from Wythe and nearby counties. He died (Will, May 8, 1906), at Putnam 
Co. , W. Va. Will reserves one acre for chapel to be built by St. John 
Episcopal Church of Wytheville. 

1 George O. , Inherited farm in Putnam Co. , W. Va. from 

2 Thornton. Operated Nye Lithia Springs. 

3 Fitzgerald S. , born ; died Feb. 20, 1947. 

FOURTH GENERATION WILLIAM BYARS NYE, born September 7, 1861 at Glade Springs, 
Va, Married May 23, 1888 to MoUie Alice Gibson, who was bom July 8, 
1869 at Bell Springs, Va, He died November 12, 1932; she died November 
29, 1953. 


Jasper, died in infancy. 

*1 Joseph Dayton, born August 24, 1891. 

2 Elizabeth Kathleen, married Cosby Q. McKinney. She died 
June, 1960. She had: 

i Mary Joyce McKinney, married Sanders Carter, Marion, 

3 Annie Byars, married Charles Asbury - no issue. Died 194_. 

4 Helen Gould, born April 10, , 1898; married November, 1918 
to Chester Irving Neighbors. She died in 1944. She had: 

i Lucylle Marguerite Neighbors, married Rainey Reynolds, 

Paris, Tenn. 
ii Helen Nye Neighbors, married Henry Diggs, Saltville, Va. 
iii Jane Wiley Neighbors, married . 

5 Lycylle, born May 20, 1900 at Glade Springs, Va. Married 
November 24, 1923 at Bristol, Tenn. to Albert M. Lawler. 
She had: 


i Joann Alice Lawler, born June 25, 1926; married 
Francis Wm. MacMillan. 
*6 William Kincannon. 

7 Marjorie Hall, married Hal Doremus, Tarleton Sta. , Stephen- 
ville, Texas. (No issue.) 

8 Clay Gibson, did not marry. 

*9 James Myron, born May 11, 1903. 

10 Mary Josephine, born October 31, 1906 at Glade Springs, 
Married May 26, 1934 to John Bowers Wiggins. She had: 
i John Bowers Wiggins, born August 26, 1936. 
ii Joe Nye Wiggins, bom February 2, 1938. JOHN STANGER NYE, born March 2, 1886 at Saltville, Virginia. 
He married June 2, 1917 at Saltville, Corrine Bowman, daughter of Med- 
ford Sibert and Martha A. (Yager) Bowman. He owned and operated the 
Piggly Wiggly store in Radford, Va. for many years. He was Past Presi- 
dent of Radford Rotary Club, a 50 year Mason and Methodist lay reader. 
No children. He died in 1965. EMMET STUART NYE. He married (1st) June 11, 1897, Jane W. 
Whitaker (widow) age 45. She was born in Yadkin Co. , North Carolina, 
daughter of Robert Heare and Sally Carmore. He married (2nd) September 
11, 1918 Mrs. Lola Houck (widow), daughter of Stuart Whisman and Alice 


1 Elmer. JOHN PRICE NYE, born January 30, 1887, in Wythe Co. , Va. 
He married (1st) July 7, 1913 at Bristol, Virginia, Ella Jones, age 23, 
daughter of John and Letitia (Hitten) Jones of Wythe Co. He married (2nd) 
March 3, 1927, Celia Ruth Woods, born March 4, 1903 in Grayson Co. , 
Virginia. He lives at 1453 Fleetwood Drive, Mobile, Alabama. 

1 Dorothy Lee, born in 1914 in Wythe Co. She married May 

13, 1936, Joseph Henderson Vaught, age 55, a widower of 

Rural Retreat, Virginia, son of George W. and Judith W. 

(Keesling) Vaught. 
*2 Travers Lincoln Walbert, born May 7, 1938 at Aberdeen, 


3 Lloyd Ryvers; resides in Beloxi, Mississippi. 

4 Beaufort Lynn; resides in Falconer, New York. 

5 Edith Sharon; married Joseph T. Long and resides at 2519 
Murrwood Court, Mobile, Alabama. 

6 Nona Faith; married James R. Moorhead and resides at 
513 Walker St. , Aberdeen, Maryland. 

7 Janie Victoria. OSCAR BROWN NYE, born about 1890. Married April 29, 1913 
to Ada, daughter of Isaac and Augusta Calline (Copenhauer) Miller. Living 
in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1933. 

1 Elmer, born March 29, 1914. 


*2 Ellis, born March 29, 1914. 

3 Thelnia, born March 17, 1919: married Broome. She 

had two sons and one daughter. Lives at 18th and Broad St. , 
Bristol, Tennessee. 

FIFTH GENERATION JOSEPH DAYTON NYE, born August 24, 1891. Married Lola 
May Francis. He died March 24, 1946. 

1 Lola, married Charles W. Woodroff, 1303 Park St., Bedford, 

2 Charles William, Dublin, Va. 

3 Edith, married Harold E. Pearson, Jr., 103 Circle Dr. , 
Laurens, So. Carolina. 

4 Joseph Dayton, Rt. 3, Canandaiqua, New York. 

5 James Kincannon, 1355 Hubbard Ave. , San Leandro, Calif. 

6 Sylvia, married William H. Ferguson, Jr., 271 Gillespie 
Dr. , Abingdon, Va. 

1, VMLLIAM KINCANNON NYE, born November 2, 1894. Married 
November, 1921 to Annie Scotia Vaughan, who was born January 1, 15^0. 
She died in 1927. 
1 Elizabeth Anne, born December 25, 1921 at Bristol, Tenn. 

Married August 13, 1942 at Maryville, Tenn. to Charles 

Henry McDaniel. She had: 

i Elizabeth Diane McDaniel, born July 30, 1943. 

ii Charles Henry McDaniel, born February 28, 1947. 

iii Sidney Nye McDaniel, born April 27, 1952. JAMES MYRON NYE, born May 11, 1903. Married October 18, 
1945 at Bristol, Tenn. to Polly McMurray, who was bom December 3, 
1912, daughter of Samuel Duffield and Jane Love (Seahorn) McMurray of 
Jefferson Co. , Tenn. He died April 15, 1960. He served 27-1/2 years in 
the Armed Forces, Infantry, Coast Artillery and Air Force, retiring in 


1 James Clay, born January 18, 1947 at Washington, D. C. 
He lives at 6124 Dallas Place, Washington, D. C. TRAVERS LINCOLN WALBERT NYE, born May 7, 1938 at 
Aberdeen, Maryland. Married June 3, 1963 at Mobile, Alabama to Mar- 
garet Lucile, daughter of David and Richey. Lives at 2564 Morning- 
side Drive, Mobile, Alabama. ELLIS FOX NYE, born March 29, 1914 at Croketts, Va. Lives 
at 1104 Rex Lane, Longview, Texas. Married Febi^uary 23, 1933 to Helen 
Lee, daughter of Early J. and Berta (Phillippi) Home. He is associated 
with Texas Eastman Co. 



1 Loraine, born June 5, 1934; married Skidmore. Lives 

in Longview, Texas. 

2 Bobby Boyce, born February 8, 1937. Lives at 2414-1/2 
McKinney Ave. , Dallas, Texas. 

3 Dennis Jene, born July 1, 1943; married Easley. 

. Lives at 1204 Pine St. , Longview, Texas. 




Aaron 56 

Agnes 50, 64, 73 

Albert 75 

Alice Marie 391 

Alma Mildred 347 

Alma Rosella 133 

Almira Ida 123, 248 

Alvah 54 

Alva Austin 129 

Alvah Ludlow 146 

Amanda Mahala 52 

Andrew 1, 21, 81, 103, 168 

Andrew Addison 381 

Andrew Avory 27, 195 

Andrew Rose 14 

Ann 32, 96 

Anna 246 

Anna Dorothy 366 

Annie B. 110 

Annie Mary 232 

Arthur Clark 171 

Arthur M. 286d 

Asa 23, 84 

Austin Melvin 139 

Avory 55, 174 

Beatrice 177 
Belva Jamietta 379 
Benjamin 106 
Benjamin Burr 206 
Benjamin Franklin 322 
Benjamin Kastor 29 
Bertha A. 185 
Bertha Marshall 283 
Bessie M. 272 
Betty Jean 389 
Bradley 9 
Burt Stewart 183 
Burton 353 

Carl S. 180 
Carla Sue 418 
Carlos Anthony 294 
Carol Lynn 387b 
Carrie 215 
Catherine 5 
Catharine 89 
Catharine Ruth 115 

Cecelia 62 

Celia 87 

Charles 162 

Charles A 186 

Charles Anthony 376 

Charles Clinton 88 

Charles Edward 285 

Charles Lee 361 

Charles Marshall 152 

Charles Warren 261a, 365 

Charlotte Henrietta 203 

Clara 216 

Clara Sybel 256 

Clarissa 126 

Clete 412 

Clifford Benjamin 299 

Clinton Marshall 403 

Coral 317 

Cormac John 291 

Cynthia 39 

Cynthia Jane 39 

Cynthia M. 176 

Cyrus Piersol 227 

Daisy Catherine 253 

Dale 413 

Dan 15, 148, 259 

Daniel 53 

Daniel Webster 72 

David John 333 

Ditmar 48 

Dorcas 112 

Doris Alice 388 

Doris May 362 

Dorothy Flossie 342 

Earl H. 167 
Edward Glen 164 
Edward Pearl 371 
Edwin 234 
Effie Ellen 210 
Effie May 312 
Eldon F. 221 
Eleanor 4 
Elmer 82 

Edward Everett 191 
Eleanora 36 
Elijah Gad 125 



Elizabeth J. 135 
Ellen Jean 336 
Elta Crumm 231 
Elwin 235 

Emma Kathleen Noe 194 
Estella Grace 140 
Esther 306 
Esther Louise 397 
Esther Lucille 339 
Ethel May 319 

Faye Ann 409 
Felix Joshua 114 
Florence 190, 239, 271 
Flossie Coral 213 
Frances Helen 332b 
Frances Jehaut 83 
Frances Marion 69 
Frank Boots 314 
Frank Everett 229 
Frank Howard 151 
Frank Irwin 280 
Frank Keith 387, 419a 
Franklin B. 169 
Frederick Herbert 154 
Frederick Joseph 293 
Frederick Peter 374 
Frederick Richard 326 
Frederic Stamm 207 

George 65a, 76, 150 
George A. 188 
George Adam 346 
George Avory 143 
George Bryan 277 
George Burl 247a 
George Dewey 363a 
George Hartz 205 
George Martin 252 
George Scott 160 
Georgia Hartzell 318 
Glen Owen 354 
Glen 245 
Grace 258 
Grace Esther 350 
Grace Hazel 262 
Grafton 223 

Hallie Zanthippe 137 
Hannah 9, 60, 159 
Harriet Elizabeth 349 

Harry 181, 242 
Harry Elmer 153 
Harry Frederick 393 
Harry Wesley 358 
Harvey Oliver 313 
Hay\vard Charles 401 
Hazel Helen 298 
Helen Elizabeth 321 
Helen Stella 131 
Henry Clay 71 
Henry Richaixl 211 
Herman Marcellus 127 
Hiram 105, 233 
HoUiday Watters 343 

Ida May 136 
Ilene Virginia 352 
Isabel 196 

Jacob 19 

Jacob Albert 225 

Jacob Cyrus 44 

Jacob G. 100 

James 226 

James Arthur 340 

James Barnett 199 

James Frederick 269 

James Henry 395 

James Kastor 94 

James Martin 147 

Jane 47, 131a 

Janet Lee 341 

Janice Louise 420 

Jasper 66 

Jay 166 

Jeremiah 108 

John 7, 22, 40 

John Alexander 261 

John Hamilton 93, 201, 263, 369, 407 

John Harold 396 

John Howard 282 

John Jay 63 

John Ludlow 193 

John Main 359 

John Redmond 289 

John Resner 70 

John Royal 172 

John Stilly 122 

John With row 228 

Jones 25 

Jordon 107 



Jordan Camelford 34, 124 
Jordan McDonald 10 
Jordan Miller 58 
Joseph 80 
Joseph Burt 331 
Joseph By ran 209 
Joyce Katherine 406 
Julie Anne 415 

Katherine Mae 296 
Meith Leroy 357 
Kenner 214 
King Robert 345 

Laura Jean 416 
Lavada 302 
Lawrence J. 161 
Lee 237 
Lee Edwin 411 
Leslie 37 Oe 
Leslie Marie 414 
Lillian 173 
Lois Rae 390 
Lois Caroline 278 
Lola May 255 
Lou Blanch 134 
Louisa 77, 382 
Louise 37 Od 
Lucetta 78 
Lucy Emmatine 90 
Ludlow 18, 74 
Lyman 220 

Mabel 222, 315 
Mabel Eva 230 
Madge 179 
Magdalene 42 
Margaret 12, 268 
Margaret Bernice 329 
Margaret Doris 385 
Margaret Elizabeth 51 , 335 
Margaret Ellen 328 
Margaret Jane 145 
Margaret Mary 402 
Margaret Jane 367 
Margaret Ruth 370 
Maria 131b 
Maria Rachel 45 
Marilyn 288 
Marion Edward 334 
Martha Faye 419b 

Martin E. 265 

Mary 11, 182, 308 

Mary Ann 49, 85, 138 

Mary Elizabeth 260, 292 

Mary D. 175 

Mary Jane 163 

Mary Jo 417 

Mary Luella 348 

Mary M. 27 

Mary Margaret 377, 383 

Maud 218 

Maximelia 35, 198, 301 

Maxemelia Mace 311 

May Olive 337 

Melvin 46 

Michael 8, 17, 68 

Michael Barnett 92, 300, 310 

Michael Lewis 113 

Michael Mordecai 33 

Micliael Perrie 330 

Michael Piersol 99 

Mildred Elizabeth 284 

Miles David 404 

Miles Stone r 363 

Milo A. 189 

Minnie E. 187 

Mollie Reno 158 

Mosella 219 

Muna Helen 12 

Myrtle Chance 157 

Myrtle 273 

Myrtle Marian 276 

Nancy 6 
Nancy Ann 61 
Nancy Isabel 279 
Nancy Jean 387a 
Nathanial 57 
Nathaniel Pettit 144 
Ned Orville 91 
Neil McDonald 307, 384 
Nellie Blythe 264 
Nellie Gertrude 250 
Newton 20 

Olive Jane 320 
Oliver King 204 
Omar 65 
Opal 324 
Opal Jane 394 
Orrel 297 



Orrin Kenneth 386 
Orville T. 178 
Otho Lee 217 
Otto Perry 17 

Pamela Elizabeth 37 0c 
Patricia 373 
Paul 224, 295 
Paul George 332 
Paul Washington 364 
Permelia 117 
Perninah 59, 142 
Perthenia 119 

Rachel 31, 109 

Ralph 244 

Ralph Emerson 156 

Ralph Robert 392 

Raymond Lewis 316 

Richard 3, 281 

Richard Piersol 355 

Robert C. 356 

Robert Eugene 398 

Robert John 368 

Robert Ruric 286e, 37 Od 

Rodd 231a 

Ronald 399 

Rosalie 240 

Rose Marie 372 

Rose Strawn 332a 

Rowan 67 

Roy 247 

Rudolph Arthur 380 

Rudolph Hazen 303 

Russell Clyde 254 

Ruth 95, 266, 304 

Ruth Iris 338 

Ruth Piersol 202 

Samson 104 
Samson Kastor 111 
Samson Piersol 101 
Samson Stilly 28 
Samuel Powell 325 
Sarah 2, 98 
Sarah Ann 40, 116 

Sarah Jane 200, 287 
Sardenia 118 
Scudder Hart 208 
Seth Mace 305 
Seth Sydney 43 
Shelley 37 0a 
Sherman Marshall 238 
Smith 241 
Spencer 243 
Steven 370b 
Sue Ellen 408 
Susan 13 
Susannah 30 
Suzanne 410 

Thelma Neva 344 

Theron Audley 327 

Thomas 16, 24, 141, 149, 192 

Thomas B. 405 

Thomas Glenn 286 

Thomas Jefferson 79 

Thomas Melvin 323 

Tobias Stilly 102 

Tommy 370c 

Victor Pierre 212 
Virginia 249 

Wayne Benjamin 360 
Wilbur Christley 128 
William 267, 275 
William Howard 351 
William Jennings 251 
William John 375, 419 
William Samson 97 
William Samuel 197 
William Sherman 362 
William Sirwell 130 
Willie Warren 155 

Zeno 290 
Zoa 165 
Zoe H. 184 



Ackman, Lawrence William 311 

Alborn, Charles 318 
" , Coral Ilene 318 
" , Helen Marie 318 
" , Ira Charles 318 
" , Ira William 318 
" , Kenneth Russel 318 
" , Phillip Clyde 318 
" , Raymond Earl 318 
" , Ronald Clair 318 
" , Warren Leroy 318 

Amos, Sarah 66 

Appel, Catherine 203 

Ault, Adam Clarke 133 
" , Callie M. 133 
" , Catherine H. 133 
" , James LaVerne 133 
" , John 133 
" , John Collins 43 
" , Margaret Jane 43 
" , Samuel D, 133 

Ball, Elizabeth 211 
Baney, Alexander A. 140 
Austin Sirwell 140 
Blanche Alma 140 
Edna Pearl 140 
Frank W. 140 
George Earl 140 
Melvin Alexander 140 
Raymond James 140 
Sydney Seth 140 
Walter Silas 140 
Barker, Edwin 249 
" , Joy Annie 249 
" , Martha Virginia 249 
" , Rodger Erwin 249 
Barnes, Ida 318 
Baxter, Charles 248 
, Iva Gad 248 
Bennet, Marie 119 
Bezzer, John 303 

, Lilu F. 303 
Bingle, Charles E. 203 
" , Ella Florence 203 
" , Harry Charles 203 
" , Lillian Vesta 203 
" . William 203 

Bligh, Amy 34 

" , Julius 34 
Boots, Ambrose 204 

" , Maggie D. 204 
Bowers, Charles 348 

" , Edward Charles 348 
" , Theodore 348 
Bowser, Daisy Belle 345 

, Herbert 345 
Bradford, Martha M. 213 
Brandt, Doris 247 
Brosenitsch, Thomas John 387b 
Brown, Carol Delight 256 
Eulalie Clara 256 
Harvey N. 256 
Homer 256 
Helen Viola 256 
John C. 209 
Margaretta 303 
Michael James 256 
Thomas Harvey 256 
Wilda 209 
Wilma Eulane 256 
Florence P. 363 
Jack 363 
Elizabeth Frances 335 
George A. 335 
Burns, Eleanor 1 

" , Violet Smith 290 
" , Walter 379 
" , Samuel 379 
Bushager, Edna 328 

Campbell, Catherine 327 

" , Robert 327 

Carnes, Frederick Thomas 273 

" , James P. 273 
Challas, Abigail 152 
Christley, Kate 43 

" , Samuel B. 43 

Clark, Sophia L. 17 
Clinton, Annette 227 
Cool, EHa 113 
Coombs, Arthur 260 

" , Emma Rebecca 260 
, Ruth Margaret 260 

" , William Arthur 260 
Conn, Emma 260 






Corvie, Martha Faye 419b 
Cox, Carol Jane 367 
" , Mary Ann 367 
" , Richard Eugene 367 
" , Lila 332b 
" , William 367 
Crabtree, Benjamin Owen 112 
, Evan 112 

, Sherman Franklin 112 
Crans, Frank 242 

" , Jessie Fern 242 
Craven, Cowden 261 
, Mary 124 
" , Minnie Viola 261 
Cm Tim, Mary Eva 105 
" , Nicholas 105 




erty, Julia 332a 

Daufen, Albert Turner 342 


, Donna Lee 342 


, Jacob 342 


, Jesse 342 


, Theda Lorain 342 


, David A. F. 206 


, Elizabeth May 206 


, Mary Elizabeth 377 


, Nannie 140 


, Patrick Anthony 377 


Frances 130 

Decker, Benjamin 116 


, James 116 


,, James William 116 


, Joseph Melvin B. 116 


, Pearl Ditmer 116 


, Samson Amassa 116 

Deemer, Adam 2, 4 


, Andrew 2, 4 


, Charlotta 4 


, Dorothy 2, 4 


, Eleanor 4 


, Isaac Newton 4 


, Jacob Uriah 4 


, John 4 


, Lavina 2 


, Margaret 2, 4 


, Mary 2 


, Rachel 4 


, Richard 4 


, Rosaima 2, 106 


, Sarah 4 

De Moss, Lula 294 

Dever, Mary 117, 367 
Dickson, Margaret 139 
Duncan, Rebecca Jane 143 

" , William Stuart 143 
Durbin, Genevieve 191 

Eaton, Lois 34 

Eddings, Charlene Elizabeth 289 

" , James William 289 
Evans, Cresse Dale 247a 
Everitt, George R. 307 

" , Helen Marie 307 

Faulk, Maud V. 256 
Fawley, Harry W. 299 

, Helen 299 
Felton, Norma Jean 398 

" , Samuel Miller Reed 398 
Fowler, Mary 197 
Foster, Mary Ellen 107 
Funkhauser, Sarah J, 204 

Gallaher, Ida 205 

" , Lewis 205 

Gerwig, Carrie R. 149 
, Henry 149 

" , Mary Ann 212 
Good, Estella Anna 164 

" , John T. 164 
Gosnel, Benjamin 225 

" , Bertha 225 
Graff, George A. 212 

" , Mary Louella 212 
Greglow, Lily 319 
Grenn, W. W. 175 
Grim, Benjamin 30 
Grimm, Michael 30 

" , Phillip Louis 30 
Grundy, Jane 86 
Guist, Ruth Emma 326 
Gulentz, Ann 330 

Hall, Bertha Helena 364 

" , Mary 237 
Hamrack, Ella 325 

" , Jacob 325 

Hartzell, George 99 

" , Harriet 99 

Haynes, John 72 

, Sarah E. 72 
Hazen, Austin Pierce 49 




Hazen, Bertha Annetta 49 
Edwin Parker 49 
Elwin Seth 49 
Helen Marie 62 
Ira Rose 49 
Isaac 195 
Janies Elmer 62 
James L. 62 
James Osgood 62 
Jennetta 195 
Loretta Blanch 62 
Ora Eulalie 49 
Samuel 49 
Samuel Grant 49 
Smith McDanel 49 
Willis Wesley 62 
Grace 193 
Alberta 152 
William 152 
Hess, Elizabeth 313 
Higgins, James 104 

" , Laura S. 104 
Hinkle, Billy 328 

" , Joseph Piersol 328 
" , Susie 237 

, William 237 
" , William James 328 
Hoar, W. J. 173 
Hohle, Catherine 209 
Honnifer, Caroline 202 
Horton, Nancy 150 
Houk, Elizabeth 134, 138 
Huettner, Bertha 247 
" , Johann 247 
Huff, Belle 7 
Humphrey, Elizabeth 68 

Jehaut, Mary 22 
Johnson, Lee 177 
Johnston, Alexander 46 
, Alice C. 39 

" , Arrilla 39 

" , Caroline Etta 46 

" , Emma 39 

" , John Coleman 39 

" , Jordan 39 

Jones, Agnes 7 

" , Catherine 327 

" , David 158 

" , Emaline 93 

" , Richard John 158 


Catherine 29 

Ruth 27 

Susannah 8 


Chimelas 43 

Kennedy, Betty 272 


, Elizabeth 143 


, Emily 272 


, Geraldine 272 


, Isabel 272 


, Jacqueline 272 


, John 272 


, Margaret 24 

Kimes , 

Elizabeth 17 



Phillip 17 


James Scott 58 


Tirzah 58 

Kist, John 63 

" , Olive J. 63 

Klinedinst, Florence Ellen 264 


, Frank 264 


, Gelmer 264 


, Nellie 

Klingensmith, Alberta 326 


, Harry 326 


Effie May 248 


Elizabeth 248 


Forrest William 248 


Joseph Henry 248 


Liora Ida 248 


Raymond Calir 248 


Thomas 248 


Thomas Wilson 248 


Chester Burt 302 


Jacob Sharp 302 


Kenneth Carl 302 


Lewis Lyle 302 


William 302 


, Blanche Marie 332 

Lash, Margaret 261 

Ligget, Nancy 17 

Losey, Virginia 189 

Lynch, Lucy Ammatile 25 
" , Patrick 25 

Lynn, Leah 61 

Lyons, John A. 119 
" , Nancy C. 100 
" , Sarah Elizabetli 119 
" , William Jackson 119 

Lytle, Cora Edith 115 
" , Iva Lulu 115 



Lytle, James Lewis 115 

" , John Birdie 115 

" , John S. 115 

" , Leander 115 

" , Lizzie Almeda 115 

" , Nellie Cecil 115 

" , Norman Alvah 115 

" , Rosa Myrtle 115 

" , William Samson 115 


, Anna Maxemelia 92 


, Annie Maxemelia 35 


, Samuel 35 


, William 35 


Andrew 13 


Anna 13 


Anna Wiley 46 


Dan 6 


David 13 


Eliza Jane 44 


Faithfull 237 


Hannah 6 


Hannah Minerva 58 


Hiram 6 


Jacob 6 


John 6, 13, 44 


Jordan 6, 106 


Mary Ann 6 


Nannie Elzena 106 


Nicholas 6 


Nye Andrew 6, 58 


Phillip 13 


, Rachel 13, 242 


, Sarah Jane 6 


, Soloman 13 


, Susanna 6 


, Wesley 237 


, Wiley 46 


, William 13 


hall, Florence 146 


, JohnH. 57 


, John Hamilton 146 


, Margaret 139 


, Nancy P. 63 


, Rebecca 57 


in, Gladys Esther 306 


, Grace Annalie 306 


, Janice Allene 306 


, John Peter 306 


, John Richard 306 


, Paul Raymond 306 





Martin, Roberta Margaret 306 
Matheny, Aaron 9 
Amanda 9 
Elijah Gad 9, 40 
Elizabeth 9, 33 
George 9 

Hannah Leonora 9 
James Parker 9 
John Deemer 9 
Joseph 9 
Mahala 9 
Moses 9, 33 
Moses Erskine 9 
Nancy 9 
Rachel 9 
Charles Erwin 248 
, Michael 248 
, mUis Leslie 248 
Mauck, Levi 130 
Mauk, Tena 130 
McCaslin, Elmer 314 

, Jean 314 
McCloskey, Edna 232 
" , Harry 232 

" , Margaret 232 

" , Michael 

" , Sarah 232 

" , Virginia 232 

McColough, Sarah 19 
McConnel, Joseph 238 

, Nora 238 
McCracken, Rebecca 207 
Mc Crumb, Carlyle 332b 
" , Chester 332b 

" , Margaret Elizabeth 332b 

" , Marion Edward 332b 

" , Richard Carlyle 332b 

McDanel, Eliza 49 
McDermott, Eleanor Jane 58 
McDonald, Rachel 1 
McFadden, Mary 18 
McFarland, Isabel 27 
" , John 27 

" , Martha 35 

Mcllvane, Almira Jane 38 
" , Eliza Miller 16 

" , James 38 

McKay, Muriel 355 
, vV. T. 355 
McLauchin, Betty Sue 369 
, C. H. 369 



McLain, James A. 59 

" , Marcus 59 

" , Tirzah 59 

" , William Elmer 59 
Metzer, Daniel Patrick 372 

" , David William 372 

" , Diana Marie 372 
, R. W. 372 
Miller, Eliza 38 
Moorland, Elinor 116 
Mor eland, Carol Joan 344 

" , Nancy Ann 344 

, Ross 344 
Morris, Amy May 197 

" , James 197 
Morrison, Jennie 225 
Moyer, Laura 348 
Myers, Emaline 293 

Nay, Ira P. 364 

" , Irene Virginia 364 
Nixon, Ellen 263 
Noe, Jacob 86 

" , Sarah Jane 86 

Obrien, Charles 139 

" , Minnie 139 
Owrey, Celia Ann 60 

" , David S. 60 

" , Florence Ruth 60 

" , George 53 

" , James G. 60 

" , Lena Fern 60 

" , Mary Ann 53 

" , Ora Leota 60 

Palmer, Clyde W. 270 

" , Florence Irene 270 
" , Mary Elizabeth 270 

Pander, Alice 196 
" , Edgar 196 
" , Emmet Everett 196 
" , Irene 196 
, Jane 196 
" , John 196 
" , John Byron 196 
" , John Williard 196 
" , Leslie 196 

Panley, Elsie 64 

Parker, Emma Lucetta 124 
, Henry H. 124 

Parker, Margaret S. 124 

Patterson, Charles 68 
" , Elizabeth 68 

Perry, Cdr. O. H. 14 

Pettit, Perninah 16 

Phillips, Serapta Jane 67 

Pickles, Eliza 16 

Piersol, Ann 8 
" , Jacob 28 
" , Ruth 28 
" , Samson 8 

Plantz, Hannah 10 
" , Mary Jane 196 

Plumb, Almira Mahala 96 
" , Esadora 96 
" , John 96 
" , John Avory 96 
" , Laura Abie 96 
" , Lida Florence 96 
" , Nancy Isabelle 96 
" , Rhoda Ellen 96 
" , Samuel 96 

Pyle, Belle 312 

Quinn, Ann 10 

Raidel, Maggie B. 124 
Ramsey, Charles 188 

" , Gladys 188 

Reese, Sarah E. 66 
" , Thomas 66 

Reno, Mary 58 

Ressler, Elizabeth 72 

Rice, Theresea 188 

Rider, Alice 314 

Riggle, Cecil C. 308 
" , Gladys Ruth 308 
" , Harry 308 
" , Harry Edward 308 
" , Marrial Louise 308 
" , Ritter, Haydon 347 
" , Hayward 343, 347 
" , Sasan Louise 343 

Robertson, Elizabeth 374 

Rodgers, Delia Jane 207 
" , Jacob 201' 

RoRonberger, Jean C. 395 
" , Samuel 395 

Rough, Clara Ann 13 

Ro'.vlauds, Emaline 58 
" , Dr. Jamas 53 



Riigh, Da^.sy Edna 6i 

" , Effie Pear' 61 

" , George Ralph 61 

" , HalUe Blanch 6i 

" , Jennings Bryaa 61 

" , John 81 

" , John S. 61 

" , Lydia Laola 61 

" , Mag:;i3 May 61 

" , William Henry 61 
Runyan, Elizabeth 62, Elizabeth 58 

Samnnons, Susannah 57, 146 
Sample, Elizabath Ann 13 

" , John 13 
Seth, Jacob 14 

" , Sarah 14 
Shaefer, Esther 330 

■' , Henry 330 
Shaeffer, AJbert 316 

" , Elizab^^'h Mar^ct.'3t 316 

Shaffer, Rachel Julia 398 
Shearer, Mar^arat 43 
Sheets, Deborah Ray 373 

" , Melissa 37 s' 

" , Re>: F. 373 
Sherard, Catherine 133 
Shoaff, May ^'A 3 
Shoeinaker, Abraham 117 

" , Andrew Jackson 117 

, Eliza Jane 117 

, Emma Dora 117 

, George Alva 117 

, Ida Parthenia 117 

, Jacob 117 

, Jasper Newton 117 

, John Jacob 117 

, Joseph Francis 117 

, Minerva Ellen 117 

, Sarah Elizabeth 117 

, William Abraham 117 


, lola 131b 


Helen 290 


Garvin 283 


Jack 283 


, Ella Jane 150 


, Fanny 342 


, John 147 



, William 150 


Elizabeth Frances 211 

Smith, Jacob 211 
" , James 118 
" , Mary Gilmore 16 
" , Mary Isabell 300 
" , Ross 300 
" , Susie 369 
" , William 134 

Spencer, Wilhelmina 238 

Sportt, Isabella 311 

St. Clair, Ellen 234 

Stamm, Charlotte 99 

Steen, Jane 53 

Steffler, Frank, 312, 313 
" , Harold H. 312 
" , Mai.-<^-ar3t M. 313 

Stevenson, Mary Ann 158 

Stewart, Janes 32 
" , Lillian Bell 67 
" , The nar, C. 67 

Stilly, Ruth 28 

Strong, Elizabeth 211 

Sumner, Mar'ha Smiley 147 

Swick, Mollie 302 

Thompson, Emma 64 
, Estella 64 
" , Dr. Gene 287 

, Geor^-e W. 64 
, John B. 64 
, Laura 64 
, Mary 64 

, Newton Addison 64 
, Olive Irene 64 
, Robert Michael 64 
Tunney, Mary 343 
Tusing, Ellen 21 
, Polly 20 
Twcntiar, Effie Ellen 202 
, Frederic 202 
, Harriet Ethel 202 
, John G. 20i; 
, Nettie Grace 202 
, William Edwin 202 





Vail Etten, James 36 

" " , James Camelford 36 
VeoQ, Herman Nye 126 

" , Robert 126 

" , Set! Ftbderlck 126 
Vogt, George 332a 

" , Margaret 332a 



Wallace, Annie Maximelia 31 
" , Hannah Jane 31 
" , Hiram 31, 205 
" , Hy Ann 139 
" , James 31 
" , James Hiram 31 
" , Michael 31 
" , Michael N. 139 
" , Nancy 205 
" , Nancy Margaret 31 
" , Rachel Eleanor 31 

Warren, George Avory 262 

Watson, Elizabeth 60 

Weekley, Ledema 345 

Werner, Elizabeth 134 

Wilders, Lucille 286d 

Wiley, Benjamin 138 

" , Caroline Elizabeth 138 

" , Clarence Gilbert 134 

" , HaUie Rosetta 134 

" , Ida May 134 

" , Joann Allen 304 

" , John 134 

" , John Albert 138 

" , Jonathan 134, 138 

" , Jonathan Leroy 134 

" , Josiah Gilbert 138 

" , Josia Gilbert 304 

" , Leslie Aiken 138 

" , Margaret Marie 300 

" , Phyllis Jean 304 

" , Ralph Benjamin 138 

" , Ruth Lorraine 304 

" , Samuel 300 

" , Viola 134 

" , Walter Earl 134 

" , Wanda Jennett 304 

Williams, James J. 211 
" , Lucy Rhyne 289 

" , Mary Willa 211 

Wilson, Anna Agnes 269 
" , Jane 300 
" , Martha 44 
" , Nancy 59 
" , Sarah 135 
" , Virginia May 319 
" , Warren Spencer 319 
" , Wesley 319 

Wise, Margaret 149 

Woolen, John 139 
" , Rose 139 

Wright, Catherine 25 
" , Doris May 213 
" , Ethel Charlotta 213 
" , Evelyn Mabel 213 
" , Howard Bradford 213 
" , Ida Jean 213 
" , James Calvin 213 
'• , Joseph Calvin 213 
" , Ruth Piersol 213 
" , Sharp Bradford 213 



Nancy 139 
Daniel 135 

Edward Frederick 135 
Edward James 135 
Evart Merle 135 
George Eli 135 
Glen Harvey 135 
Harry Webber 135 
Louis Elmer 135 
May Eltha 135 
Roy Earl 135 




Adam 7 , 29 
Albert Nigh 39 
Alberf. C. Nigh 43 
Albert D. Nigh 114 
Alfred 78 
Alfred Jennings 51 
Alice Elizabeth 81 
Amanda Ellen 62 
Anna Jeanne 242 
Anna Jean 369 
Anna Maude Nigh 37 a 
Anna Mildred 243 
Anna Virginia 138 
Annabelle 154 
Annie B. Nigh 46 
Anthony Nigh 356 
Arnold Ray 130 
Arthur Edwin 139, 268 

Barbara Jean 275 
Barry Edwin 387 
Bernard Elmer 233 
Bernice Florence 204 
Bessie Elizabeth 72 
Beth Ann 292 
Betty Leoda 246 
Betty Lorraine Nigh 213 
Betty Virginia 303 
Beulah Pearl 86 
Beverly Estelle Nigh 220 
Blanche Ethel 155 
Brad Hollar 322 
Brenda Nigh 348 
Brenda Eileen 372 
Brenda M. 363 
Bruce E. 151 

Carl Boyd Nigh 225 
Carl Keller Nigh 113 
Carl Kenneth Nigh 20o 
Carol Nigh 32'J 
Carol Virginia Nigh 224 
Carrie B. 69 
Carrie Grace Nigh 36 
Carrie May 82 
Carrol Elsie 378 
Catharine 5,14 
Cathy Jo Nigh 324 

Cecil Ira 202 
Celia Anna 30 
Charles Beavsr Nigh 41 
Charles Henry Da-v^d 139 
Charles Howard Nigh 99, 115 
Charles Hutchison 239 
Char]3s Perkins Nigh 34A 
Charles Ray 148 
Charles Richard 196, 315 
Charles Robert Nigh 209, 341 
Charles Taylor 367 
Charles Wesl.?y 13 3 
Charlotte Loaise 258 
Cheryl Elaine 373 
Chester Eugene 377 
Christine Helen 20 3 
Christy Anne 316 
Clyde David Nigh 1 01 
Clyde E. Nigh 110 
Cora Elva 83 
Curtis Andrew 22 

Dallas Litch 183 
Dan Alvin 174 
David Ellis Nigh 359 
David Elmer 309 
David Franklin Nigh 11 
David Henry 28 
David Lee Nigh 212, 276 
BSL^nd Robert 135, 388 
David -A^. 17 
David 'A^Uliam 4 
Deboi-ah Sue Nigh 351 
Dennis Eugene 286 
Donald Elmer 193 
Donald Eugeie Nigh 211 
Donna 244 
Donna Fay 287 
Doti'ia Marie 279 
Doris Wheeler Nigh 122 
Dorothy May 255 
Dorothy Rachel 245 
Dorothy Virginia Nigh 221 
Dorothy Winona Nigh 1 03 

Eber Curtis 67 
Edith Rebooca 127 
Edith Viola 90 



Edna Laura 84 

Edward 79 

Edward B. Nigh 42 

Edward Leroy Nigh 118, 222 

Edward Lynn 325 

Edwin Harry 184 

Edwin Leroy Nigh 219, 355 

Edwin Ray 300 

Effie Grace 71 

Elizabeth 16, 64 

Ellen Elizabeth 94 

Ella Mae 175 

Elmer Ellsworth 53 

Elmer Nicholas 87 

Emma Nigh 47 

Emma Elizabeth 31 

Emma Grace 151 

Emma Helen Nigh 37 

Emma Viola 66 

Emma Rachel 60 

Ephraim 25 

Erma W. Nigh 117 

Esther Roberta 156 

Ethel Grace 162 

Ethel M. Nigh 112 

Eugene Elmond 141 

Evelyn Ann 195 

Fannie 20 
Fanny Amelia 61 
Florence 129 
Florence Gail 299 
Floyd Raymond 88 
Frances Anita Nigh 216 
Francis H. 126 
Frank Craig 317 
Frank Elmer 251 
Frank Clayton Nigh 38 

Gail Lambert 243 
Galen Lee 302 
Garland May 176 
Garry Nigh 330 
Gary Donald 278 
Gary Robert 296 
Gay Elaine 271 
Gay Marlene 363 
George Beaver Nigh 119 
Gerald Daniel 194 
Gerald Earnest 97 
Gerald Gregory 312 

Gerald Preston Nigh 214 
Gladys Viola 178 
Glen Eugene 253 

Harold Alfred 187 

Harold Edward 252 

Harold Richard Nigh 210, 337 

Harriett Betty Nigh 206 

Harriet Sue 320 

Harry Jacob 76 

Harvey Clayton 65, 153 

Harvey George 256 

Helen Graham 132 

Helen Rhea 93 

Henry 1, 15 

Henry Clay 56 

Henry Matthew 52 

Homer Curtis 172 

Howard LaDue Nigh 218 

Ida K. Nigh 45 

Ira Nicholas 95 

Iva Pearl Nigh 111 

Jack Elwood 261 
Jack Glenn 197 
Jackie Gwen Nigh 335 
James Curtis 272 
James Eugene Nigh 343 
James Michael 310 
James Robert Nigh 331 
Jane Elizabeth 267 
Janet Elaine 277 
Janet Isabelle 247 
Janet Lorraine Nigh 345 
Janet Ruth 249 
Janice Nigh 333 
Jay Ray Nigh 230 
Jay Wilson 167 
Jean Elizabeth 234 
Jene Robert 198 
Jerry Ellis Nigh 228 
Joanie Lynn Nigh 342 
Joann Lucille 326 
John 6, 166 
John Ervin 68 
John Franklin 144 
John Leroy 265 
John Nicholas 77 
John Richardson 35 
John Russell 37 
John W. Nigh 9 



Jolin Washington Nigh 106 

John Wesley 21 

Judith Ann 371 

Judith Louise Nigh 229 

Judy 263 

Judy Arlene 285 

Julia Anna 30 

Julia Catharine 134 

Julie Edwina 294 

June Arlene 181 

Kate Nigh 13 
Katie Elizabeth 59 
Kathryn Is may 157 
Kay Elizabeth 301 
Kelly Sue Nigh 360 
Kenneth Eugene 266 
Kenneth Lenhart 17 
Kitty Lee 386 

Larry Nigh 344 
Larry Allen 262 
Laurene Brown 306 
Lauretta Elizabeth 250 
Lawrence Elmer 313 
Lee Clippinger 362 
Lee Denton 164 
Leland Watson 96 
Linda Nigh 328 
Linda Lou 385 
Lloyd Mark 168, 264 
Loretta Viola 145 
Loretta Lee Nigh 226 
Lorie Renee 383 
Lois Catherine 137 
Louise Velma Nigh 105 
Luann 282 
Lucille Nigh 124 
Lucinda Rae 289 
Lucy E. 165 
Lula Grace 85 
Lula Rebecca 73 
Luther Grant 159 
Lydia May Nigh 40 

M. Ruby Nigh 123 
Mabel Ellen 152 
Mae Ellen 252A 
Marie Elaine 254 
Marie Ellen 269 
Mark Alan 291 

Marsha Grace 364 

Mary 158 

Mary Ann 24 

Mary Catherine Nigh 98, 190 

Mary Danielle 314 

Mary Kridler 133 

Mary Virginia Nigh 108 

Mary Winifred 201 

Merle Edward 191 

Merle Ray 163 

Michael Dan 283 

Mildred Jane Nigh 107 

Minnie Frances 63 

Minnie Rosalie 160 

Molly Sharon 380 

Nancy Ellen 27 
Nancy J. 48 
Nancy Jo 379 
Nancy Rose 304 
Naomi Ann 200 
Nicholas 8 
Nola Mae 281 
Nyla Jo 280 

Ormand Samuel 177 
Oscar William 148 
Owen Wendell 173 

Pamalee Gale 182 
Pamela Sue 381 
Patricia Nigh 334, 340 
Paul Burton Nigh 100 
Paul Edgar 150 
Paul Ellis Nigh 215 
Paul Nervin Nigh 349 
Pauline Burdette 136 
Pauline Helen Nigh 103 
Peggy Lee Nigh 205 
Peggy L. Nigh 223 
Peter Daniel 32 
Peter Todd 321 
Phoebe Elizabeth 238 
Philip Preston Nigh 390 

Rachel A. 241 
Ralph Edward 375 
Ralph James 147 
Ralph Sleighter 130 
Randall Ross 307 
Randy Lee Nigh 346 



Ray Ellis Nigh 121 

Raymond David 140 

Raymond Kellar Nigh 339 

Reba Elizabeth 149 

Rebecca 57 

Rhoda Jeanette 89 

Richard Allen 308 

Richard Louis 199 

Richard Ragan Holland Nigh 104 

Richard Wolfinger Nigh 217 

Robert Achens 235 

Robert Edgar 259 

Robert Edwin Nigh 350 

Robert Eugene 17 

Robert Howard Nigh 352 

Robert Jay 260 

Roger Lee 29 

Ronald Lee 274 

Ronald Lee Nigh 332 

Rosalie Emma 374 

Rose Marie Nigh 207 

Rosemary Brown 305 

Roy Elwood 27 

Ruby Audette Nigh 232 

Russell Adam 74 

Russell Elwood 91 

Russell Oliver 143 

Ruth Alice 135 

Samuel Nigh 2 
Samuel 19 
Samuel Arthur 75 
Samuel D. Nigh 34 
Samuel E. 54 
Samuel T. Nigh 10 
Sara Anne 58 
Sarah 3, 18 
Sarah Ann 23 
Sarah Catharine 26 
Sarah Ellen 49 
Sharon Nigh 338 
Stanley Thomas 179 
Stephen Donald 311 
Susan Nigh 12 
Susan 50 

Teresa Kay 288 
Thelma Louise 192 
Thomas Allen 273, 389 
Thomas Elwood 189 
Timothy Ernest 323 
Timothy Mark 384 
Timothy Morgan 318 
Tracy Lynn 382 

Velma Catherine Nigh 120 
Vickie Lee Nigh 353 
Vickie Lynn Nigh 336 
Victor Calvin Nigh 116 
Virginia Gail Nigh 227 
Virginia M. 240 
Virginia Sue 297 

Wade Mickey 319 

Wallace McClelland 128 

Wallace West 236 

Wallace William 365 

Walter Greenwalt 142 

Walter Joseph 257 

Wanda Nigh 347 

Wayne Kenneth 366 

Wilbur Henry 92 

William Arthur 131 

William David 55 

William Franklin Nigh 102 

William Heberlig 203 

William Henry 70 

William Henry Nigh 327 

William KeUer Nigh 44, 125, 231 

William Kenneth 237 

William Kurt Nigh 361 

William Nicholas 33 

William Samuel 284 

Willis Joseph 186 

Wilma Xatherine 298 



Alber, Lois Arlene 174 

Alexander, Hazel Berdena 161 
" , James A. 137 

Allen, Thelma Lee 119 

Angle, Betty 257 

Anspach, John 182 
" , Kim Ileen 182 

" , Michael John 182 

Armstrong, Ann Elizabeth 70 

Baer, Ezra 27 
Bailey, Josephine 170 
Baker, Alfredah D. 117 

" , Gwendolyn 157 
Bard, Robert E. 81 
Barger, Harry Theodore 207 

" , Kirk Lynn 207 
Barkdoll, Ada 45 
" , Albert 45 

" , Earl 45 

" , Herman 45 

" , Joseph 45 

Bashore, Eleanor Jane 62 
" , Isaiah F. 62 

" , Rachel Emily 62 . 

" , Ralph Blough 62 

" , Ruth Nye 62 

Beachley, Ronald 135 
Beam, Elsie 87 
" , Olivia 80 
Beard, Hazel 45 
Beaver, Mary J. 11 
Beckenbaugh, Lillie Josephine 82 
Bectel, Joan 296 
Beecher, Donna 261 
Beidel, Anna Margaret 58 
Bender, Alice 27 

Carl Nye 72 
David 27 
Dwight Leroy 73 
Eber Wesley 73 
Elijah 27 
Elva B. 63 
Emma 27 
Floyd 63 
Grace 63 
John 27, 63, 73 
Lula Grace 143 
Mary 27 
Margaretta 63 
Murray 27 

Bender, Violet Ann 73 

" , Virginia Hope 73 

" , William H. 64 
Bergner, Robert 157 
Bietsch, Elmond Ray 82 
Bistline, Ethel Wilma 186 
Bloom, Darlene 264 

" , Gerald N. 124 

" , Irvin K. 124 

" , Nancy L. 124 
Boggs, Olive 26 
Bolan, Betty Jane 158 

" , Janet Pamelia 158 

" , Melvin C. 158 
Borlet, Chester Gaston 127 

" , Gaston J. 127 
Brewbaker, Ezra Clarence 26 
Brezler, Nettie 34A 
Brinser, Martin 61 
Brown, Florence Laurence 191 
Brubaker, Abraham 26 

" , Annie May 26 

" , Emma Elizabeth 26 

" , Mary Ellen 26 

" , Silas Ephraim 26 

Burham, Ethel 212 
Burkholder, Ethel M. 167 

, Dale M. 82 
Bus hey, Frank Ewing 107 
Buterbaugh, Paul 117 

" , Robert Paul 117 

Carbaugh, Nannie A. 5 
" , Ruth Irene 143 

Carr, Lloyd 63 

Christian, Edna 210 

Cline, Emory C. 105 

Clippinger, Helen Elizabeth 235 
" , Norman 27 

Goldsmith, Russell 234 

Germany, Arthur Huber 58 
" , Jacob Roy 145 

" , Mary Elizabeth 145 

" , Pauline Ruth 145 

Corwell, Freda 150 

Coy, Raymond 26 

Crampton, Charles Edward 103 

Cranford, John Free 221 

Cressler, George Edward 178 
" , Jeffrey 178 

" , Stanley 178 



Crider, Ezra 30 

" , Robert 59 

" , Wayne S. 40 
Grout, Janet 157 

" , JoAn 217 

Davis, June 217 
Dayhoff, Donald 112 

" , Ernest 112 

" , Helen 12 
Debias, Albert 258 
Dehart, Dorothy 80 
Delauter, Harold 213 

" , Martha 115 

Dennis, Robert Eugene 271 
Derfligher, Anna Virginia 56 
Door, Ferria 224 
Dupois, William 298 

Eagle, David Sylvester 82 

Eaton, John 26 

Ebersole, Harry 59 

Eckstine, Alethea Magdalene 104 

Elliott, Brian Nigh 206 

" , Ralph Irvin 206 
Engle, Solomon G. 61 

" , Stanley 30 
Ernst, Charles 71 
Eshelman, Harry 71 
Etter, Dorothy May 133 
Ewan, Paula 180 

Fiery, Walter L. 40 
Filisovitz, Delores 135 
Flickinger, Mary Frances 28 
Flory, Frances 90 
Forbes, Mary Jane 3 
Foreman, Ruth E. 155 
Forrey, Merle Becker 90 
Fortney, Betty 209 
Foust, Nancy 7 
Frey, Hazel 233 
Fridinger, Mary Elizabeth 9 
Funk, Fannie 42 

Gantt, John 94 
Garling, Harry 26 
Games, Arthur 50 
Geddes, Ellen Catherine 72 

" , Frank W. 72 

" , Ralph Edgar 72 

Garman, Annie Mary 16 
Gilbert, vVilliam J. 123 
Gipe, Beatrice 168 
Glass, Esther Ruth 58 

" , Roberta Vienna 5t 

" , \Villiam Irvin 58 

" , William Paris 58 
Goellner, James 275 
Gordon, Cynthia Louise ' J7 
, Harry Clinton 1 07 
, John Nigh 107 

" , Thomas Anthony 107 
Goshorn, Virginia 94 
Goss, Ruth 127 
Graham, Carrie Blanch 55 
Green, Esther Emma 81 

" , Harold William 81 

" , Pauline Elizabeth 81 

" , Samuel Raymond 81 

" , William Finley 81 
Greenfield, Mai-vin 135 
Gutshall, Edna Mae 187 

Hammersla, Catherine Virginia 116 
Hardy, Cecil 138 

" , Elaine 138 

" , Joyce 138 

" , Virginia 138 
Hartle, Daisy 45 
Heathcott, Amette 193 
Hebb, Douglas Richard 195 

" , James Stuart 195 

" , Peggy Ann 195 

" , Richard 195 
Heberlig, Alta May 96 
Heckman, Eliza 21 
Heistand, Mary 62 
Helm, Margaret Esther 90 
Hemphill, Theo 113 
Henneberger, Norman L. 135 
Henry, Carl 149 

" , Doris 149 

" , Elizabeth 125 

" , Hazel 149 

" , Irvin F. 149 

" , Ruby 149 
Henson, Vivian 215 
Herman, Melo Charles 90 
Hershey, Betty Lou 85 

" , Catherine Grace 85 

" , Doris Jeanne 90 



Hershey, Dorothy Louise 85 
Eleanor May 90 
Edith Ann 90 
Fay Evelyn 90 
Galen Wilbur 85 
Glenn Donald 90 
Harold Floyd 85 
Harold Robert 90 
Harper Daniel 85 
Helen Louise 90 
James Lloyd 90 
Joanne Beatrice 85 
Joyce Arlene 85 
Margaret Adeline 85 
Paul Edward 90 
Paul W. 90 
Richard Lee 90 
William Fred 90 
High, Charles 63 
Hill, Edwin 69 

" , Russell 69 
Hillier, Barbara 71 
Hock, Frances Ruth 59 
Hockersmith, June 89 
Holtzman, Boyd 46 
Hoover, Carl Nye 71 
" , Ray Edgar 71 

, Clifford Curtis 71 
" , Elsie May 71 
" , Janet Grace 71 
" , Margaret Ellen 71 
" , Merton Lester 71 
" , Samuel Rohrer 71 
Horn, Arthur 152 

" , Gregory 152 
Houpt, Mildred 148 
Huey, Jackie 260 
Hunsicker, Ray 234 
Hunter, J. Harry 5 
" , Jeremiah 5 
, Lydia A. 5 
Hutchison, Myrtle 139 
Huth, Jayne Lucille 102 

Jackson, Robert Lee 158 
Jacoby, Charles Henry 20 
Jarrell, Joyce 234 
Johnson, Julia Eve 184 

Kam, Charles Kirk 216 
" , Douglas Leroy 216 

Karn, Terry Ellis 216 
" , Wilfred 216 

Kaufman, Florence 27 

Kauffman, Bernard N. 234 
" , Carl McClelland 234 

" , Garnet Nye 234 

" , Lois Elaine 234 

" , Norman H. 234 

" , Roy William 234 

" , Sara Ellen 234 

" , Thelma Jean 234 

" , Walter Marland 234 

" , Wayne Brinton 234 

Keefer, Rose 147 

Keisling, Charles 234 

Kell, Janet 251 

Kendall, Erma 211 

Kepner, Richard 190 

Killiam, Patricia Ann 90 
" , Ruth Elizabeth 84 

Killinger, David William 16 
" , Hezekiah 16 

" , Jacob H. 16 

King, Edward 250 

" , Karen 250 

" , James 62 

" , Ruth 250 

Kister, Resta Mae 185 

Koontz, Jacqueline R. 85 

Kuhn, James S. 62 

Lambert, Anna 141 
Landis, Donald Frank 90 
Latsbaugh, Lee Hull 158 
, Kimberly 158 

" , Timothy 158 

Lawrence, Frank Ames 31 
Leedy, Isaac 245 

" , Michael Allen 245 

" , Rebecah 245 

" , Susan Kay 245 
Lehman, Alma Hazel 40 

" , Edna Blanche 40 

" , Frances Luella 40 

" , Grace 59 

" , Harry M. 40 

" , Iva May 40 

" , Mary Katherine 40 

" , Norman 59 

" , Ruth Helen 40 
Lenhart, Beulah Elizabeth 74 



Lesher, Robert Eugene 133 
Lickey, Shirley Ann 228 
Liles, Thomas H. 223 
Linninger, Charles 156 
Linton, Charles 156 
Litch, Alberta Edith 76 
Loeckel, Jacqueline 113 
Logan, Freaner Futterer 98 

" , Jo Ann 98 

" , Richard Lee 98 

" , William Nigh 98 
Long, Michael Winfield 108 
" , Ralph M. 40 
" , Russell Winfield 108 
Longenecker, Charles G. 62 
Lorshbough, Sarah Berry 34A 
Lowman, Jacob 12 

" , Samuel 13 

Mahon, Sarah Edith 81 

Major, Shirley 194 

Martin, Ann Eloise 252A 
" , Charles Luther 271 
" , Harry Elmer 89 
" , Harry Ray 89 
" , Michael Earl 252A 
" , Ruth Elizabeth 252A 
" , Rebecca Elva 252A 
" , Robert Edwin 156 
" , Sherry Ann 269 
" , Thomas 252A 
" , Wayne Elwood 252A 
" , William Clarence 269 

Mathna, Clark Eugene 165 
" , Helen Catherine 165 
" , Herbert C. 165 
" , Herbert Dean 165 
" , Jay William 165 
" , Melvin Gene 165 
" , Nancy A. 165 
" , Stanley 165 
" , Thomas Dallas 165 
" , Vivian May 165 

Mentzer, Myrtle 20 

Metz, Harriett Louise 38 

Mickey, Janet Mae 88 

Miller, Austin 30 
" , Clyde 48 
" , Robert E. 40 

Meyer, Robert B. 238 

Miller, Margaret Genevieve lU 

Minick, Elizabeth 8 
Mohler, Glenn 73 
Montague, Daniel J. 40 
Morgan, Dorothy Dodd 196 
Mort, Lydia 2 
Mowen, Sarah (Sallie) S. 44 
Mowers, Howard Eugene 85 
Mueller, Bertha Elizabeth 92 
Mundorf, Rita Leona 97 
MuUendore, Audrey 121 
Myers, Alfred 63 

" , Carolyn 265 

" , Fannie 15 

" , Lloyd Christian 90 

McAllister, Gary Lee 287 
McClure, Arthur Leberknight 23 

" , Charles McClay 23 

" , Delores 249 

" , Donald 249 

" , Esther 249 

" , Kenneth 249 

" , Samuel 249 

McEnespy, Dorothy 95 
McLearey, David L. 135 
Mc Phillips, Doris Mae 175 

" , Leland 175 

" , Pvobert Eugene 175 

Naugle, Bonita 262 
Neifert, Vance Emmett 132 
Newman, Donald W. 155 
Nicholson, Grace Almedia 82 
Neikirk, Rena B. 41 
Newman, Howard Augustus 155 
" , Robert Augustus 155 

Nunamaker, Nancy 231 

Ocker, Catherine 27 
Overcash, Ruth 63 

Panderkolk, James Charles 90 
Patterson, Helen Jane 37 

■' , Mayberry Irwin 37 

Paup, Bruce E. 246 

" , Nancy Jo 246 

" , Sally Jean 246 

" , Robert Bruce 246 
Peters, Clialmers 58 
Plumb, Deborah Ann 303 

" , Jack 303 



Plumb, John Robert 303 
" , Karen Jean 303 

Polston, Kenneth 248 

Porter, Charles 20, 151 
, John 151 
, Robert 151 

Preston, Berry Lou 349 

Pugh, Doris Marie 157 
" , Eugene Fred 157 
" , Lester Paul 157 
" , Paul Lester 157 
" , Theodore Jacob 157 
" , William Edward 157 

Rabold, Erma Jeanette 132 
Rebok, Mary Ruth 237 
Reed, Dolly 214 
Reedy, Burton B. 132 
Rhoads, Blanche Theresa 132 
, Dorothy Elizabeth 132 
, Harold William 132 

" , Raymond David 132 
, Raymond William 132 
Rine, Donald Martin 93 

" , Judith Elaine 93 

" , Nedra Ruth 93 
Ritchey, Dorothy Jane 81 
Ritter, Millie 132 
Rosenberry, Blain Henry 73 

" , Ruth Martha 73 

Rottler, Carl 48 

" , Clarence 48 

" , Fanny 48 
, Henry 48 

" , John 48 

" , Norman 48 

" , Rose 48 
, Roy 48 
Rotz, Benjamin F. 24 

" , Bertie 24 

" , Catherine 6 

" , Edith 79 

" , Evelyn Minnie 155 

" , Irvin 24 
Rowe, Hattie 26 

" , Lou Jean Kitty 268 
Rupert, Joanne 234 
Ruth, Suzanne Romaine 80 
Russel, Delia 189 
Rutt, Anna Mary 90 

Sailhammer, Helen Elizabeth 94 
" , Jesse William 94 

" , Lewis Willis 94 

" , Willis John 94 

Schwartz, Jacob G. 129 

Schleigh, C. Frank 232 

Schmuck, David W. 93 

Slichter, Aaron 3 
" , Amos 3 
" , Cyrus 

, Harriet 3 
, Harry 27 
" , Henry 3 

" , Jacob 3 
" , Jeremiah 3 

Scogin, Errol 241 

Scott, John Keefer 48 

Seibert, WiUiam S. 109 

Shadle, Gerald Eugene 156 
" , Helen May 156 
" , Homer Paul 156 
" , Lorraine Jeannette 156 
" , Melvin Leroy 156 
" , Ray S. 63 

Shannon, John Clinton 36 

Shaw, Mary 100 

Sheffler, Catherine 45 
" , Frank 47 
, Freda 47 
" , Norris 47 
, Vera 47 

Shetter, Emma J. 59 

Shirley, Vernon 258 

, Vickie Ann 258 

Shoemaker, Donald Lee 85 

Shoap, Harper Moore 84 
" , Richard Nye 84 

Shoop, Carrie Viola 77 
" , Wendell 71 

Shuman, Sarah 4 

Shupp, Mary Louise 219 

Sleighter, Annie Elizabeth 53 
" , Clarence W. 133 

" , Doris Jane 133 

" , Maggie Irene 53 

" , Robert Clarence 133 

Slick, Emily Jane 9 

Smith, E-dna 46 
" , Mary 46 
" , Otis 46 



Smith, Richard A. 294 

Snader, Clarence 59 

Snavely, Ella 22 

Snyder, Gladys Evelyn 169 

Socke, Louisa May 35 

Sollenberger, Barbara M. 75 
" , David 50 

Squires, Marian Fay 84 

Sprecher, Lydia Adaline 32 

Stambaugh, Alice Louise 135 
, Betty Arlene 135 
, Gwendolyn Ruth 135 
, Lois Jean 135 
, Norma Nyanna 135 
, Norman 135 
, Samuel Henry 135 

Stark, Clarence Floyd 85 

Statler, Norma 212 

Staver, Charles Wayne 81 

Stay man. Amy E. 78 

Stock, Annie Mary 23 

Stoey, Paul 85 

Stoner, Arthur H. 135 

Stoops, Lillie 51 

Stouffer, Cyrus 45 

Strassburger, Carolyn Clarice 197 

Stouffer, Sarah Ann 16 

Strike, Annie Loretta 65 

Stumbaugh, Nancy 234 

Summers, Alvey 135 
, Viola 71 

Swain, L. G. 226 

Swanger, David Joseph 80 
" , Glenn Edward 80 

, Harold Nye 80 
" , John Abram 80 

Tarner, Emma 20 

" , Frances 20 

" , John 20 

" , Nancy Ann 17 
, Rachel 20 

" , Wilhelmina 20 

" , William 20 
Taylor, Becky 239 
Teague, Beverly Joyce 218 
Tenley, Sarah Ellen 156 
Thomas, Rhoda 202 
Thompson, Robert Joe 255 

" , Warren Harding 255 

" , William Lewis 255 

Timmons, George 181 
, Janet 179 

" , Pamela Kay 181 

Toms, Austin 46 
Trego, John Foster 156 
Turner, Jean 251 

" , Ralph Edward 220 

Viar, Evelyn 121 

Wade, Bernice 256 

Wadel, Amelia Nancy 59 
" , Anna Frances 59 
" , Florence Catherine 59 
" , Harry Samuel 59 
" , John Peter 59 
" , Laban Aaron 50 
" , Lydia Elizabeth 59 
" , Noah Benjamin 59 
" , Norman David 59 
" , Rosetta May 59 

Walters, Marj^ Ann 67 

Warehime, Shirley Elaine 172 

Warren, James A. 20 

Washabaugh, James L. 85 

Watson, Anna M. 33 

Weaver, Dorothy Adaline 82 
" , Edna Pearl 82 
" , Harrison Newton 82 
" , Henry K. 82 
" , Merle Edward 82 
" , Mildred May 82 

Wenger, Phoebe Isabella 142 
" , Richard 62 

West, Sarah Jane 128 

Weyant, Patty 253 

Wheeler, Ethel 43, 131 

White men, Lynn 134 

Wilhide, Eddie 153 
, Gary 154 
" , Leon 154 

Wilson, Tillie Martha 68 

Wingert, Helene Le Mira 252 
" , Treva 59 

Wise, Esther 31 
" , Ira Franklin 31 
" , Joseph Kurtz 31 
" . Marie Alcesta 31 

Witmer, Daniel Preston 93 

Witters, Charles Joshua 247 
. Luann 247 



Wittfi-s, Sue Ann 247 

, Thomas Lynn 247 
, Tiniotliy Charles 247 
W'ulte, iMary Elizabeth .S5 

" , Walter HI 
Wolt/., E ranees 1 SS 
Woodwell, iluraee 201 

, -lames Allan 2 01 
, Xaney Ellen 2 01 
U'yant, AHldred 177 
VVyrick, Wilbur Clinton 82 

Young, J. W. 30 
Youse, Freda 251 



, Geoffrey 122 
, Leon 122 


, Pamela 122 


1 f 

, Charles Phillip 85 
, Bertha 30 
, Edith 30 

, Elizabeth 3 

Emma 30 

, Florenee 30 

Harrison 30 

Harvey 30 
Hazel 30 

Mary 30 
Noah 30 


Samuel 30 



Albert 20 
Anna 19 

Chester 49 

Earl Benjamin 25 
Earl Edson 42 
Earl John 48 
Edison J. 30 
Elizabeth 3 
Ella 33 
EUen 13 
Emaline 12 
Emanual P. 6 
Emerson Boyd 18 
Everett Earnest 43 

Florence 35 
Franklin P, 27 

George L. 41 
Glenn 34 

Hazel 50 
Henry 5 

Ichabod 32 

John 1 
John F, 21 
John Peter 7 

Laura Imogene 44 
Leah 14 

Leonard Benton 16 
Lester 51 
Lorry Anne 11 
Lucy 15 
Lula 52 

Mary 9 
Melvin O. 24 

Nola Ellen 47 

Oscar Lloyd 

Permelia 10 
Peter 2, 8 

Ralph C. 29 
Reah Annette 45 
Robert Paul 46 

Sarah 4 
Solomon 23 

Theodore Edward 37 
Tongo M. 28 

Warren 31 
Warren Ray 53 
Weir Clinton 36 
Wilson Peter 26 

Ambrose, William 9 

Boney, Ina G. 36 
Brown, Ida May 26 
Bardner, Christina 1 

Dixon, John 12 
Dugot, George 19 

Foltz, Sadie May 
Free, Dorothy 2 
Fulton, Winona 53 

Hoddenott, George H. 10 
Hosier, Lavina Catherine 7 

Kastler, Hannah 34 

Laipply, Abram 35 

Masterson, Chlora 49 


Nickie, Jennie 31 

Ruth, Win 50 
Ryan, Wayne 54 

Schultz, Jacob 15 
Seiple, Elizabeth 6 
Smith, Leona Elma 25 
Snook, Edward 14 
Speaker, Harriet Amanda 8 
" , Mary Marcella 5 

Thatcher, Orestes 52 
Tyler, Williard Monoque 33 

Vanderhope, Clara Mona 29 

Weil, David 4 
Williamson, Nora D. 29 


Amos 9 

Caroline s 
Catherine 12 
Charles 15 

Elizabeth 2 

Frank 1(3 

Geoi'ge Lewis 18 

Harper Joel 19 
Henry 10 


Joel ;; 

John 1 1 

Lewis 13 
Louisa 14 
Lucetta 5 
Lydia G 

Mary Alice 1? 

Priscilla 5 

William 7 



Aim, Hugh Wiley 

" , Richard James 
Allen, Deanna Carol 

" , Jeanette LaVonne 

" , Robert Lawrence 

" , Waldo Bert 
Ansley, Brian Lee 

" , Christina Dawn 

" , Kimberly Lora 

" , Vickie Lynn 
Arthur, Linda Lee 

" , Martha Jean 

" , Mary Frances 

Barnes, Bradford Scott 

" , Bryn Moira 

" , Creighton Drew 

" , Diane Layne 
Benda, Cheryl Shirleen (Dawson) 

" , Deborah Jo (Dawson) 

" , Kelly LeRoy 

" , Maria Jeanne (Dawson) 

" , Scott Ray 
Blakeman, Alan Earl 

" , Glenda Faye 

Bow en, Charlene Ellen 

" , Gifford Neal 

" , Janet or Janice 

" , Jeffrey 

" , Jerry 

" , Neal Gifford 

" , Phillip Gale 

" , (Ralph) Irwin 

" , Rosie 
Brunke, Carrie Louise 

" , Connie Joann 

" , Edwin Earl, Jr. 

" , Edwin Earl, Sr. 

" , Irma Mae 

" , Julia Ellen 

" , Larry Dean 

" , Margaret Helen 

" , Rickey Gene 

" , Thomas Richard 

" , Tony Lee 

Caldwell, Dawn Ann 
" , Debra Lynn 


. 2 


. 2 

. 2 

. 2 



































































































































































































































Caldwell, Donald Arthur 

" , (James) Richard 

" , Jaymes Richard 

" , Peggy Louise 

" , Shirley Lorene (Sue) 

" , Terri Lynn 

Campbell, Ann Louise 

, Frank Gordon, TTT 

" , John David 

Clark, Frank 

" , George Melvin 

" , Grace 

" , Minnie May 

Claver, Bernice 

, Bert 

" , Elbert Ray 

, Gary 

, Glen Nye 

" . (?) 


, Lloyd Wesley 

, Mark 

" , Shannon 

Coburn, Lori Ann 

" , Pamela Jo 

, Sally Kay 

" , Thomas Lee 

Conwell, Kathryn (Warren) 

Cupp, Nancy Lynn 

" , Nyla Jean 

" , William Hugh 

" , William Vincent 

Dawson (Benda), Cheryl Shirleen 

" " , Deborah Jo 

" " , Maria Jeanne 

Dimmitt, Marilyn Kay 

, Wendell Robert 

Eaton, Cynthia Lynne 

" , Steven Craig 

Edwards, Delbert Duane (Nye) 

, Robert Ray (Nye) 

Ensign, James Gregory 

" , John Warren 

" , Susan Joann 

, William Ralph 

Feldmann, Lambert Henry 

" , Deborah Lynn 

Frye, Debbie Kay 

" , Donna Sue 




John Grant, HI 


Patricia Joanne 


William Michael 

Glassburner, Duane Edward 


, Duane LaVeme 


, Elaine Francella 


, Gene 


, Kelly Sue 


, Michael Duane 


, Rickey Lee 


, Valorie Ann 


, Vickie Jean 


, Vonnie 


, Wayne L. 


, Wilma 


Barbara May 


Donna Faye 



Libbie Joann 

Gutlirie, Mark Allen 

Harper, Donald David 
Harrington, Gregory Kent 
Hays, Betty Lee 

" , Joyce Marie 

" , Linda Sue 

" , Marilyn Louise 

" , Ronald Dean 
Heath, Jacquelin Kay 

" , James Victor 

" , Jerri e Lynn 
Hettick, Carol Anne 

" , Donna Rae 

" , (Edna) Lorene 
Hildebrandt, Dorothy Katherine 

" , Harley Joseph, Jr. (Bud) 

" , Harley Joseph, Sr. 

" , Jessie Neil 

'• , Margaret Louise 

" , Warren Lee 

Hodges, Jeffrey David 

" , Scott Alan 

Kautz, Jacquelyn Elaine 

" , Martin Gene 

" , Sheryl Lynne 
Kelly, Karen Sue 

" , Steven Grant 
Kempf, Janan 

" , Jay Douglas 
Kromray, Bryon Eugene 















































































































. 7 . 




, 1. 

















































































































7 . 

















Kromray, Norene Faye 

" , Scott Anthony 

Krouse, Kenneth Miles 

" , Teresa Jean 

Lane, Karen Sue 
" , Larry Ray 
" , Lester Earl (Tatch) 
" , Lloyd Earl 
Mabel May 
(Reno) Alan 
" , Richard Lee 
" , Steve Arthur 
" , Vern Arthur 
" , Wilbur LaVon 
Lantry, Erin 
Larson, Lori Lee 

, Rick Edwin 
, William (Bill) D. 
Latham, David Bradley 
Lesher, Addie Mabel 
, Barbara Ann 
, (Bertha) Leonore 
, David Earl 
, (David) Keith 
, Edna Joyce 
, (Edwin) Earl 
, Fanny Mildred 
, Lois Fay 
" , Stephanie Dee 
Lyon, Billie Dean 

, Charles Edward 

, Walter Gerald, Jr. (Skeet) 






Mc Galium, 





Addie Ellen 
Barbara Jean 
Betty Gene 
Beverly Jean 
Carrie Norene 
Crecy Irene 
Crecy Miriam 
Donald Joe 
Doris June 
Edith Eileen 
Elsie Bell 
Jerry Ray 
John Harold 
Judith Ann 
Maggie Mabel 
Margaret Ann 
Maureen Carol3m 
























































































































McCailum, Ray Alexander 

" , Roderick Eugene 

Russell Douglas 
, Russell Nye 

" , Ruth Marie 

" , Sandra Marie 

" , Thomas Hamilton, Jr. 

" , William Ray 

" , William Robert 

McCusker, Claudia Lee 

" , Linda Christine 

" , Marvin Leo 

, Ralph Wayne 
Mclntire, Andrew Geoffrey 

" , Chris Duane 

" , Duane Marcus 

" , Elliot Gregor 

" , Harlan David 

" , Jana Noel 

" , Kay Muriel 

" , Lynn Ann 

" , Mark Richard 

Miller, Kimberly Kae 

" , Michael Dean 
Mitchell, John F. W. 

" , Ramona 

Moore, Alan Harold 
Morris, Mark 
, Robert 

" , William 
Murphy, Daniel Ray 

" , David Ray 

" , Michael LeRoy 

" , Patricia Gail 

" , Steven Dean 

Neu (Nye), Anselfn 
" " , Elizabeth E. 

" " , (Georg) Ludwig 

" , "Missing Link" 
Newhouse, James Hobart 

, Jan 
Newquist, Catherine Mae 
" , Judith Lorene 

" , Leland Howard 

" , Marian Luella 

" , Nancy Elaine 

" , Philip Craig 

" , Ronald Craig 

" , Russell Dewayne 

" , Virginia Lynn 










































































































































































































Aurelia M. 

Barbara Lee 

Bertha Frances 

(Bertha) Mabel 

Betty Louise 

Carol Ann 

Carolyn Jane 


Carrie Adelle 


Charles Halbert 

Charles Hammond 


(Charles) Melvin 

Charley William 

Clarence Wesley 

Clarence William 

Clayton Charles 

Cora Jane 

David Strohm 

Delbert Duane 

Derald Dean 

Donald Edgar 


Donald Lynn 

Donna Jean 

Edward B. 


(Edwin) Ray 

Elizabeth E. (Neu) 


Ella Louise 


Emma Frances 

Emma Susan 


Eric William 

Erma Alice 

Ernest Dorr 

Ethel Frances 

Ethel May 




Frank Hoyt 


Fred W. 

Frederic Anselm 

Gale Marie 


Gerald Frank 

Gerald Lelan 

Gladys Katherine 

George Howard 

George Louis 


(Georg) Ludwig (Neu) 


Halbert Wesley 

Harold Ray 































(Harold) Robert 

Harold Stafford 

Harry Stephen 

Harry Wolfe 1,7.2.1 

Hazel Aileen 

Helen Estella 

Henry 1.5.1 

Hoyt William 

Hugh B. 

Ida Katheryn (Kate) 1.7.8 

Jack Leon 

James Lowell 

Jean Frances 

Jeanne Ann 

John Arthur 1.7.1,5.1 

John Garret 

(John) Wesley ( Wes) 1,7.2 

Katherine (Katie) Sylvia 1, 

Kenneth Earl 1.7,3,4.1.1 

Kenneth W. 

Lela Ruth 1,7,3,2.4 

Leonard Park 1,7,2.2 

Leslie Raymond 1.7,4.1.2 

Libbie Alice 

Lloyd M, 1.7,1.1.1 

Lowell Earl,1 

(Lowell) Francis 1,7.2,1,1.4 

Luella (Ella or Nell) 1,7,7 

Lula Elizabeth 1,5.1.2,2 

Mabel Emma Clementine 1, 

(Margaret) Fay 

Marilyn Ann,2 


Mary Alice 

Mary (Molly) Elizabeth 1.7,5 

Maurine 1,7.11,1 

Mildred 1,7,3.2,3 

Mildred Louina 1,7,3,6 

Minnie L. 

"Missing Link" (Neu) 1.5 

Myrtle Alice 

Nancy Ann 1.7, 

(Netta) Pearl 1.5.1,1.4 

Orval Jess, Jr. 

Orval Jess, Sr. 

Pamela Dianne,3.1 

Patricia Kay 

Ray 1.5.1,1.5 

(Richard) Til ton 

Richard Wesley 





Robert Ray 
Ronald Ray 
Russell George 
Russell Hugh 
Ruth Antoinette 
Ruth Eleanor 
Samuel Andrew 
Sharon Kay 
Shirley Maryette 
(Stella) May 
Teresa Rae 
Terrolynn Ethelle 
(Thomas) Clayton 
Velma Jeanne 
Verleen LoRee 
Victor Alan 
(Wallace) Duane Nye 
William Anselm (Neu) 
William Anselm, Jr. 
William Dudley 
(William) Earl 
William Frank 
William Rodney 
Wynona Opal 



























Pauley, Phyllis Mabel 

" , Rex 
Peters, Connie Jo 

, Rebecca Sue 
, Stephen Maurice 
Peterson, Robert Rex, Jr. 
, Robert Rex, Sr. 
, Russell Lee 
, Sharon Lea 
, Sheryl Dee 
Prockish, Joyce Marie 

, Richard Kenneth 
, Robert Dale 
, Wayne Andrew 
Pukash, Donna Raye 
" , Michael Lee 




































Ramsey, Gerald 
Rhule, Mark LeRoy 

" , Thomas LeRoj' 
Richardson, Anna Katherine 
, Kathy Lyn 
, (Robert) Gordon 
" , Sherri Lee 

" , Shirley June 




Riffle, Betty Ann 

" , Raymond C. 
Roberts, Inzamae 
Rugg, Dana Ann 

" , Jeffrey Lynn 

" , Mark Edward 

" , Randy Allan 

" , (?) 

Say res, Donald Ray, Jr. 

" , LeAnn 
Scott, Louie Frances 
Shelquist, David Lee 
" , Galin Dean 

" , Marilyn Louise 

Shields, Marianne 

" , Melvin Duane 
Speer, (?) 

Sprecker, Kelly Emmerson 
Stark, Steven Warren 

" , Sue Ellen 
Sterner, Helen Louise 
" , Jeri Lynn 
, Jon William 
, Loren William 
Strong, Douglas Earl 
" , Earl D. 
" , Harold Frank 
" , James Bentley 
" , James Michael 
" , Jennifer Ann 
" , Jerome Culton 
" , Mary Joan 

Nancy Margaret 
Sarah Ruth 
Stephen Kolden 
Timothy James 
Sullivan, Jacqueline 

, James Russell (or Michael) 
, Marshall 






Thompson, Ilene 

" , Larry Ray 

Vanderlip, Bradley 

" , Cynthia 

, Jack Eugene 

, Kurt 

" , Marcia Lane 

Van Draska, Barbara Ann 

" , Deborah Lynn 
















• i; 

















































. 2 














. 2. 














































. 2 





















































































x_ , 







i , 






1 , 







-L • 







X • 






-L- • 








Van Draska, Larry David 
" , Marcia Kay 



Waddington, Andrea Jayne 
, Anthony Lee 
, Garnet 
, Hazel 

, John Howard 
, Julia Ann 
, Lee Orlan 
, Michael Lee 
, Orlando 
Anna Elizabeth 
Bert Allen 
Dora E. 
Emma E. 
Fannie S. 
Florence Miriam 
George L. 
James Tillman 
John Adam 
Kathryn (Conwell) 
(Leah) Elizabeth 
Lora Bell 

Mary Jane 

Richard Tilton 
William Robert 
Webb, Deborah Sue 
" , Kevin Dirk 
" , Monica Meg 
" , Rhonda Lee 
" , Sonja Dee 
" , Teresa Elaine 
Wiles, Mary Lou 
Wilkins, Goldie Jane 
Ruby May 
Sylvia E. 
Wilson, Daisy Marie 
" , Lillie Laurene 
, Violet May 
Withington, Harold Elmer 
Wrakestraw, Clarence 

, (?) 





, Dennia Anne (or Deanna) 
, Frank D. 

2 1.1„ 





















Wrakestraw, Jess Ervin 
" , Loreatte Kay 

" , Thomas Earl 

Youell, Jacqueline Marie 

" , Nancy Lee 
Young, John C. 


Ahn, Richard 
Allen, Dale 

" , Loren 

" , Mildred 

" , Minnie 

" , Oscar John (O. J.) 

" , Rita 
Ansley, Leland 
Arther, Hugh 
Asey, Gene Revere 

" , Richard Neal 
Ashley, Rexford Eugene 

Bagby, Mary 

Baker, Donn Lee 

Bard, Betty 

Barnes, Dale William 

Barr, Gordon Ray 

Benda, Dale 

" , Michael Joseph 

" , Terrence (Terry) Dale 

Bentley, Margaret Ellen 

Blakeman, Glen 

Bolinger, Lena Bell 

Bow en, Ralph Irving 

Brewer, Earl 

Brittain, Velma Lora 

Brunke, Herman Henry 

Bucher, Mamie A. 

Butler, Nina Margaret 

Buttorf, Arzilla 

Caldwell, James (Jim) Maxwell 
Campbell, Frank Gordon, Jr. 
Carmack, Harold 
Carr, Mildred Lucille 
Carrick, Ruth Mae 
Cliildress, Charles Lawrence or 












Clark, Anthony W. 


" , Douglas Lee 

1 . 7 . ;3 . 1 . 



Claver, Bert E. 

Clemo, Jessie 



Coburn, Donald E. 


Connally, Sarah Rebecca 

Constable, Madelyn Stevens 

Conwell, Albert 


" , Alice Melissa 

" , Eliza Eleanor 


, Jane 


Coniman, Doi'is Jean 



Creath, Ava 



Crochett, (Howard) Eugene 



Cupp, William Andrew 


Dawson, (Elmer) Eugene (Gene) 



Dickens, Edna Mildred 


Dim mitt, Robert Orville 



Dudley, (Sarah) Jane 


Duff, Barbara G. 



Eaton, (John) Craig 




Edwards, Pearl 


Elmore, Barbara Elaine 



Ensign, James 



Estrada, Ralph 


Fechner, Joyce Fae 



Feldmann, (Henry) George 




Flickenger, Virginia (Mrs. ) 



Fornkohl, Margie Marie 



Forsythe, Fannie A. 


Frye, John Grant, Jr. 


Fuller, Mary Ann 



Gardner, Clara Belle 

Gallis, Marianne 



Gallup, Vivian LaNora 



Garrett, Betty Lee 



Glassburner, Earl 


Goesseuff, (?) 


Graham, Doris Lucile 


Gray, Hugh L. 


Gross, Ruth 


Guthrie, Glen Dale 



Habig, Anne Marie (Mary) 


Hancock, Toy 


Harper, Donald 



Harrington, Kent Arthur (Kip) 





Hathaway, Addis 

Hayden, Jeanne 

Hays, Clein James (Jim) 

Heath, Lawrence LeRoy 

Heffernon, Henrietta Catherine 

" ^ Mary Agnes 

Herdt, Irene Edna 

Hettick, Ralph 

Hildebrandt, John 

Hilen, Nancy 

Hodges, (Seth) Burt 

Hodgson, (Mabel) Olive 

Horn, Norma Jean 

Hoyt, Mary A. 1.7 

Hunsicker, Sharon Jean 

Hushman, Delia 

Hust, Henrietta 

Johnson, Kate Jeanette 

Jordan, Lu Ellen 

Kautz, Gene 

Kelly, Clarence M. 

Kempf, Harold D. 

Kerlin, Mary Jane 

Ketchan, Dr. Mikel 

Kinnaman, Dennis Leeman 

Knippers, Eunice (Mrs.) 

Kolden, Sylvia 

Kramer, Vayla Jayne 

Kromray, Eugene 

Krouse, (Lawrence) Oscar) 

Lane, Earl Laffett 

Lantry , Ivan 

LaRay, Marina Lucille 

Larson, (Anders) Edwin Emanuel 

Lash, Addie Matilda 1.7.3 

Latham, Charles Wkyne 

Lawson, Ella 

Lerum, Ellen 1.7.10 

Lesher, (David) Edwin 

" , Ethel 

Lewis, Tom 

Linsson, Barbara 

Little , Veva Permilla 

Longcor, Henrietta Marlene 

Lueder, Mary Roberta 

Lukow, Joan Marie 

Lyon, Walter Gerald, Sr. 



Marlatt, Homer Chadwell 

Marquis, Maxine 

Matheson, Elizabeth Marie 

McCallum, Thomas Hamilton, Sr 

McCusker, Leo 

Mclntire, Marcus (Mark) Harvey 

Miller, Donald 

Mitchell, Arthur Jolin 

Moddlemog, Eva Marie 

Monroe, Donna May 

Moore, Henry M. 

, Robert Clare 
" , Roverta Cleo 
Morgan, Edward Allen 
Morris, James Wallace 
Murphy, Virgil LeRoy 






Neely, Winston A. (Dick) 
Nelson, Marylin Faye 
Nevvhouse, Ernest Hobart (Hobe) 
Newman, Ella 
Newquist, Albert Everett 
Niblack, Christa Mae 
Nichols, Viva Ellen 


Olney, Luella 
Oursler, Audrey 

Park, Virginia Frances 
Pauley, Roy 
Peters, Maurice Wilson 
Peterson, Bei'nice Regina 

" , Christian 

Pierce, Lena 
Pope, Anita 
Prats, Carl 

Prockish, Robert Andrew 
Pukash, Robert Lee 
Pumroy, Grace 
Pyle, Jolm 






Rabold, Gladys Irene 
Ramey, Edith May 

" , Marie 
Ramsey, William 
Reams, Ellen 
Reno, Donna Jean 
Rhule, John Fred 

" , Marion Linval 
Rice, Dale 
Richardson, Cliit'ord 
1 7 :^.1.6 
_ 1 




Riffle, Alvin E. (Abncr or Abe) 
Robei'ts, Artie CHlford 
Rousey, Helen 
Rugg, Jess Ross (Tony) 
Russum, Lenorc 

Sadler, Arthur James, Jr. 
Sayres, Donald Ray, Sr. 
Schurle, Angela Arlene 
Scott, Evei-ett 

" , John 
Shank, Ronald Dwanc 
Shelquist, Ivan 
Shields, Richard 
Simmons, Roy 
Simpson, Mattie Pearl 
Smith, Harriett 

" , Hildred El ore 
Somberg, Theresa 
Sowers, Lank Ruben 
Speer, William B. 
Sprecker, Karl Henry 
Stacey, S. Arthur 
Stafford, Edith Blanche 
Stagliano, Nancy V. 
Stark, Donald Robert 
Stceley, Ora Antoinette 
Sterner, John Austin (Aus) 
Stewart, Jerrold 
Stilley, Lois 
Strohm, Margaret 
Strong, William David 
Stump, Christine 
Sullivan, Grace 

, La r kin V. (Jack) 
Sumner, Rosetta 

Tankersl(\\, Charles Wesley (Cork) 

, Eldon Dale (Tinyi 
Tanner, Earl 
Tarr, Muriel Ann 
Thompson, Raymond (Curlv) 

, Ruth Lilliam 
Trainer, Margaret (Mrs.) 

VaJarsky. ii'cne 
Vanderlij), 1 aurence 
Van Draska. William 
Van Tu\ 1 . \'\.~>.v Jane 

Waddingtoj:. -lames Adam 

. 2, 

. 2 







. 1 



4 1. 




1.5.1. ;; 

• ) 

1.7.2. L4 . 



1.5.1. 1.5. 


I.e. 5. 2 



Walker, Beulah 

Wann, Betty 

Warren, Rhoda Catherine 


" , Tillman 


Webb, Dee Lawrence 

West, Lois 

Wicker, Rebecca 


Wiles, Lewis 

Wilkins, George Willard 

Williams, Melbia D. 

Wilson, Clarence 

Withington, Clare H. 

Wolfe, Eliza Frances 


" , (Mary) Lydia 


Wrakestraw, Jess A. 

Wyckoff, Margaret Elizabeth 

Yates, Natalie 

" , Nyhla Beth 

Youell, Lillard 

Young, Robert A. 

Zrubeck, Barbara Francis 


Adam 6, 36 
Adam C. 81 
Adam P. 28 
Amos 14, 44 
Andrew 25 
Andrew J. 33 
Anna A. 76 
Alice 97 
Arthur 109 



Elizabeth D. 57 
Elizabeth S. 161 
Emery C. 124 
Emma 52, 71 
Ernest B. 114 
Ethel 108 
Eva C. 151 
Everett 89 

Belle Travis 74 
Bemadine H, 145 
Bert C . 61 
Bertha E. 122 
Bessie Lieugardie 100 
Beulah 90 

Captora Dawn 101 
Carl Deroy 115 
Carrie 72, 110 
Catherine 20, 47 
Catherine Angeline 118 
Catherine J. 27 
Cecil R. 150 
Celista Alfaretta 63 
Chancy Ray 94 
Charles 169 
Charles Francis 105 
Charles Lawrence 69 
Clem V. 55 
Condie Leon 104 
Cyril 145 
Cyrissa 138 

Dallas Marion 140, 155 
Darlene E. 145 
David 43 
Dean Zartmaa 98 
Drucilla 34 

Eathel 93 
Edith C. 147 
Edwin 45 
Eli V. 80 
Elias 50 
Elizabeth 10, 18 
Elizabeth Anne 126 
Elizabeth C . 26 

Forest W. 78 
Frances 30 
Francis Jeremiah 70 
Frank Lee 121 
Frederick 79 

George 1, 2, 36, 40 
George E. 130 
George V. 32 
Gertrude 141 
Grace Edmon 112 
Granville 63 

Harriet 31 
Hattie 73 
Helen 158 
Henry G. 53 
Hestor 137 
Hiram 38 
Horace Esley 64 

Ida L. 77 

Ida May 67 

Ina 99 

Isaiah Theodore 64 

Jackie D. 166 
Jacob 5, 24 
Jacob L. 29 
James 42 
James C. 168 
James Edwin 75 
James I. 162 
Jaqueline 157 
Jean 154 
Jean A. 163 
Jerome 49 
Jesse W. 58a 
John 8 



John Byron 65 
John F. 46 
John P. 83 
John William 60 
Johnas 35 
Jolene 156 
Joseph 91 
Juanita 129 
Juanita Roberta 86 
Julia A. 56 

Kenneth E. 144 
Kyle 136, 152 

Laural Kieth 127 

Lavina 21 

Leah Elizabeth 102 

Leora 87 

Lida El my 68 

Lucinda 39 

Lynn Marion 88 

Malissy 22 
Manford D. 59 
Margaret 131 
Margaret E. 145 
Margaret M. 116 
Marilyn R. 145 
Marion Lee 128 
Marvin J, 62 
Mary Amelia 16 
Mary Ann 96 
Mary E. 106 
Mary Jane 48 
Melvin J. 85 
Mervin J. 143 
Michael 3 
Milton Winfield 66 

Nancy A. 51 
Nancy J. 145 
Ned F. 120 
Norman N. 149 

Ola May 103 

Orletta Lee 125 
Orville W. 84 
Otha 92 

Patricia Ann 134 

Peter 9 

Polly 7 

Princess Euthena 107 

Rae Celestia 113 
Raymond G. 164 
Rebecca 17 
Robert Eugene 133 
Robert D. 145 
Robert Leroy 111 
Robert N. 167 
Romaine H. 146 
Ruth Belle 119 

Samuel 4, 12, 23 
Samuel R. T. 58 
Sarah 19 

Schuyler Colfax 66 
Sharon Sue 135 
Sherryl 159 
Silas 15 
Susan Jane 153 
Susanna 11 

Thurston M. 123 
Tommy T. 165 

Ulysses Grant 65 

Vernon Jack 142, 160 

Wallace James 117 
Wayne Zartman 95 
Wilda 82 
William M. 145 
William R. 41 
Willis Ransome 139 
Wilma 132 

Zitella L. 148 



Armstrong, Paul 107 
Arnold Florence 70 
Atkins, Wilnia 133 

Baker, Thomas L. 118 
Bar tram Madge 115 
Bean, Travis Dale 126 
Bechtel, Henry 16 
Black, Irvin J. 112 
Boyd, Wanda 139 
Bloom, William 77 
Brown, James J. 147 

Carter, Nora B. 94 
Cooper, James L. 161 
Coward, Sarah 3 
Cox, Arthur 103 
Crowley, Mary 6 

Davidson, Harriett Chappell 136 
Drenning, Luella 149 

Emory, Lavina 14 
Enders, Zitella Udora 75 
England, Chester 76 

Fischer, Carl E. 82 
Fox, Madge 1 04 
Fry, Rebecca 120 
Frank, David 110 

Green, W. 151 
Gregg, Vivian 111 
Gunion, Donald 134 

Hale, Charles 148 
Hanrahan, John 106 
Higgenbothen, Hazel 149 
Hilbum, Angeline 44 
Hon, Samuel 26 
Hoy, Helen 150 
Hulberry, Isabella 13 
Hunter, Grandville 74 

Jeffries, Cora Belle 66 

Karcher, Barbara 155 
Kessler, Charles H. 146 
Klum, George 27 
Knooce, Susan 2 
Kuder, James 153 

Kyle, Lillie Ethel 109 

Langford, James 73 
Lanning, Albert 138 
Lowery, Martha 140 

Mamiing, Max 154 
Marks, Benjamin 57 
Mattix, Lawrence 99 
Michael, Sarah C. 58 
Miller, Robert 156 

Neff, John 11 

Orchard, Ida M. 60 

Pahl, Sylvester W. 119 
Parkins, Estella 117 
Peters, Daniel 10 
Pickens, Ona 61 
Pietrangelo, Desidio 122 
Potteiger, Martha 150 

Richardson, Mike 18 
Richardson, Joseph 19 
Rust, Claude 135 

Sanders, Alice 64 
Saylor, Mary Magdalena 1 
Saylor, Matthias 1 
Settle, Betsey 29 
Shanks, Sterling 101 
Slater, Gertrude 88 
Sopher, Harvey G. 113 
Stephey, George 71 
Swatlander, Leah Harriet 35 

Tilghman, Frisby 13 

Vancey, Dell 59 

Walker, James 137 
Walter, Roy E. 122 
Warren, Emily 42 
Weber, Josephine Mary 84 

Williams, Connie 142 
Wilshirer, John 7 
Wood, Lillie 60 

Zartman, Earnest 93 



Armbrister, Elizabeth 1.7 

" , Phillip 1.7 

Bowin, Frances Ann 1.4.1 

Bowman, Corrine 

" , Medford Sibert 
Britts, William L. 

Byars, Anna Elizabeth 1.1.1 

Chapman, John 
Cibboney, Robert 



Ferguson, William H. 
Finley, Judge 
" , Mary 
Francis, Lola May 



Gibson, MoUie Alice 


Groseclose, James Kelly 

1.1. la 

1.4,1, 1.4.5 

Haller, Jacob 

" , John 
Hedrick, Eliza Ann 
Home, Helen Lee 




Jones, Kendrick T. 

Kinder, Bill 

" , Emma Frances 
" , Erma Lynwood 
" , Guy Mullard 
" , Guy Thomas 
" , Marvin Thomas 
" , Rodney Preston 

Lawler, Albert M. 
" , Joan Alice 
Long, Joseph T. 
Luttrell, Samuel Lee 

Mc Daniel, Charles Henry 
" , Elizabeth Diamie 
" , Sidney Nye 

McKinney, Cosby Q. 
" , Mary Joyce 

McMurray, Polly 

Miller, Ada 




er, Charles 

" , Isaac 

Neighbors, Chester Irving 

, Helen Nye 

, Jane Wiley 

" , Lycylle Marguerite 


Adam Brown 






Andrew Jackson 



Andrew H. 



Beaufort Lynn 


Bobby Boyce 


Charles William 



Clara Frances 


Clay Gibson 




Dennis Jene 


Dorothy Lee 




Edith Sharon 


Elizabeth Ann 





» T 







Emma Stuart 


George L. 



George O. 

T T 

George Washington 



Helen Gould 

T T 

Henry Hallon 



Ida Frances 


Jacob West 



James Alexander Kincannon 



James Clay 


James Kincannon 


. James Madison 



, James Myron 


, Janie Victoria 

1 T 

, Jefferson 



, John Peter 

1. 1.1.2 


, John Price 



, John Richard 



, John Stanger 


, Joseph Dayton, 1 


, Keturah Malinda 



, Laura Price 

. Lloyd Ryvers 



Xye, Lola 1.1. 

" . EurraiiiL' 1.4. 

" . LovL'Ua Margaret 

■' . Lucylle 

Alarjorie Hall 

" , Alary 

" , Mary Josephine 

" , Nona I'aith 

" , Osear Brown 

" , Priscilla Malinda 

" . Ruth Kelly 

" , Sarah iMalinda 

" , Sidney 

" , Stuart 

" , Sylvia 

" , Thelma 

" , Tlierosa 

" , Thornton 

" , Travers Lineoln \\albert 

" , Viri;inia Pearl 

" . Walter Lee 

" , \\illiani Byars 

" , Williani llarvcy 

" . William Kineannon 1.5. 

" , vVilliam Pepj^er 1.4. 

" . Wirt 1.4. 






















2 . ;J . 2 . 1 





1.1, l.f 

2 . 5 . G 













Pace, Ruth Lois 
Pearson, llai'old E. 

Riehey, Alai'garet Lueille 
Roremus. Hal 

Stanger, John 
" , So]3hia 


\'aughan, Aiinia Scotia 
Vaught, Emory 

" , Joseph Henderson 

Wiggins, Joe Nye 

, John Bovvers 
Wisman, John 
Woodrulf, Charles W. 
Woods. Ruth