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cljermerJjorn Jfamilj» 

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^citfalogjj of tf)f ^\)i\'X} )3mnrf) 

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^d)frmnf)orn Jfamilj) 



G E N E A L O G Y 

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d)ermerl)orn Jfamilp 







'■'■ Eindelijk ivordt tcti Spruit een Boom" 

l^rintcD for ^ribatc Circulation 


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Who, through their inherited sterling qualities of heart and mind, 
gave to their children the richest of earthly gifts ; and who, through 
life-long devotion, love, and Christian virtues, taught their sons 
and daughters those lessons which would best fit them for the 
duties of life, these pages are dedicated, in loving and grateful 
remembrance by their 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
January 30, 1903 

Oricjin of ti)c jFamiljj ilantc of ^d)fvincif)ovn 

With a •;3ricf slffount of liiliat is hnotun of tlic €i[v\r} ^ufrstor 
of flic J-anul)i in tUc UmtcD States 

HHOUT fifteen miles north of Amsterdam, Holland, near the 
ii(irth\vest corner of the former site of a lake, is the village 
of Schermerliorn. Upon a map dated 100-i this lake is indi- 
cated as De Scher INIer; ahont two luindred and fifty years ago the 
lake \\as drained, and its site is now occupied by highly cultivated 
farms. A point of land jutting into the lake, near tlie former water 
connection between De Scher Mer and De Beemster, is marked, upon 
the map referred to, as De Hooren, and upon this land stands the 
present village of Schermerhorn. 

The old Saxon word Skir became changed to Scher in the ^Middle 
Dutch period of the language, and means clear, pure, bright.' 'i'hc 
designation Scher ]Mer was probably given to the lake from the 
clearness, piu'ity, or brightness of its waters. Tlic word Meer, or 
INIer, means lake, and the word Hooren a point, hook, or cape of land. 
The name Scher-^Ier-IIorn is simj)ly a compound of tlicse three 
words, and, like the majority of Holland family names, is of geo- 
graphical origin. In the early Dutch colonial records the name 
appears as Schermerhooren, and was so written by the first gen- 

^ The l^ll^■ll^ll word Sluur, imanini^' clear, pure, Iiri^-lil, was (Icrlved from 
tlic Saxon root Skir. See Century Dictionary, 189.3 edition, \ol. vii. p. 5562. 

— 8 — 

eration in this country. The proper pronunciation of the name is 
Scare-iSIer-Horn. The faniilj' still exists in Holland, and its members 
bear to-day the baptismal names so common in the early generations 
in America. 

The first emigrant bearing this name from Holland — and, so far 
as known, the only one — was Jacob Janse * Schermerhooren, who 
left the Fatherland on the ship " Rensselaerwyck," on October 1, 1636, 
and came to Beverwj'cke (Albany) . On the ship's list of colonists he 
is designated as "Jacob Janse van Amsterdam, age 14 years;"" he 
was therefore born in the year 1622. In the early records of the 
Colony he is sometimes referred to as Jacob Janse van Schermer- 
liooren. In a State document of Holland published at The Hague 
in 1650,' relating to Governor Stuyvesant's conduct in the affairs of 
the Colony, Schermerhooren is referred to as " Jacob Janse van Scher- 
merhooren, formerlj^ a citizen of Waterland, Holland." This locality 
included the village of Schermerhorn, and the areas formerly covered 
by De Scher INIer, De Wur Mer, De Pur Mer, and De Beemster. 

The colonial records state that in 1648 Jacob Reynties (Reyntsen, 
Reyntgen) obtained from the West India Company's agent at New- 
Amsterdam (Xew York) arms and anmiunition, which were sent to 
Schermerhooren at Fort Orange (Albany), who in turn sold them to 
the Indians. This traffic being illicit, in the opinion of Governor 
Stuyvesant, unless carried on by himself,^ Reynties and Schermer- 
hooren were seized on May 26, 1648, and, with their goods, books, 
and papers, carried prisoners to New Amsterdam. On July 9, 1648, 
they ^vere sentenced by Stuyvesant to banislunent from the Colonj^ 

^ Sometimes othei'wise spelled Jan, Jans, Jansen, and Janssen. 

' New York Historical Society, list of emigrants from Holland in Ihe ^ear 

■^ Vertoogh van Nieu Nederland, by A. Van der Donk : Hague, 1650, pjj. 
86 and 118. 

* Hist. N. Y. Doc. Col., vol. 5. p. 501. 

— 9 — 

Cor five years, with tlu' con fiscal ion of all their property, which it is 
stated was considerable. This sentence was, in tlie opinion of tiie 
" Nine JMen" and others, undeserved, an<i thi-ouf^h their interposition 
it was revoked on August 1, 1048.' 'I'he property of Scliermerhooren 
liad I)een contiseated lietween the sentence and its revocation, and so 
remained. These proceedings of .Stuyve-sant subsequently formed 
part of the complaint of maladministration made against him by the 
Colony to the States-(ieneral in Holland. 

Jacob Janse Scliermerhooren was commissary to tlie Cieneral l'ri\i- 
leged West India Company, and was also one of a court of three 
commissaries (magistrates) at Beverwycke and Fort Orange (Al- 
bany), in 1652, 1654, 1656, 1657, 1664, 1666, 1()74. and 1675." The 
records of this eoiu't also .show that in 1(554 he visited Amsterdam, 
where his father, Jan Scliermerhooren, was then living.' He again 
visited his native land in 1668, and there loaded the ship " King 
Charles" with goods for the Colony. The .ship was prohibited from 
sailing to New York, and on December 11, 1668, Scliermerhooren 
petitioned King Charles H. for his permission to depart with his 
ship from the Trexel, " where it hath lain many days ready to sail, 
and now lies there at great hazard on account of the season of the 
year." The permi.ssion was .sub.sequently granted by the orders of 
the King, through the Duke of 'S'ork. Lord High Adniii'al of Eng- 

1 Vcrtoogh van Nieu Xcdiiland, pp. 86, 118, 11*); Coll. N. Y. Hist. Soc, 
second series, vol. ii. pp. 290, 311, 312, 334, 335; Hist. N. Y. Doc. ( "ol., vol. i. 
pp. 312, 337, 345, 428, 501 ; O'Callaghan's History of New Netherlands, vol. 
i. p. 6y ; .\ll),uiy Records, vol. vii. p. 240; vol. viii. p. 60; Holland Doc, vol. 
iv. pp. 238, 243; Calender \. Y. Hist. :\rs.. Dutcli. 1(W(>-1664. vol. iv. pp. 286. 
387, 388, 392, 394, 402. 

- Col. Hist, of Albany, Mnnsoll, vol. i\. pp. 225 ct scq. 

■ 11. id., p. 225. 

* Doc. Col. Hist. N. Y., vol. lii. pp. ITS. 179. 

— 10 — 

The name of Jacob Janse Schernierhooren is recorded as the 
twelfth male member of the Reformed Dutch Church of Beverwycke, 
organized in 1642 by Domine Joliannes ]Megapolensis ; and as a mem- 
ber of the Consistory he audited the deacon's accounts generally 
between 1665 and 1686. 

About 1650 Schermerhooren married Jannetie S. Van Voorhoudt, 
and at least nine children, five sons and four daugliters, were the re- 
sult of the imion. In his will, dated INIay 20, 1688, recorded at Al- 
bany, New York, he names his children in the order given in the 
following genealogical table, and refers to the last four as then in 
their ininority. 

He was a trader with the Indians, and the owner of quite large 
estates. He lived in Albany until 1686, when he removed to Sche- 
nectady, where he died in 1688. Prior to 1676 his house and gardens 
were on the east side of North Pearl Street, Albany, beginning sixty 
feet south of INIaiden Lane; after 1676 he lived on the north side of 
State Street, just east of Chapel Street. His wife received the in- 
come from his estate until her death in 1700, when the estate, amovmt- 
ing to 56,882 guilders, was equally divided among the nine children; 
it included Iiouses and lands at Schenectady, Albany, and Schodack, 
and moneys in Holland. 

Jacob Janse Schermerhooren was a man of indomitable energy 
and will, combined ^vith marked intelligence and executive ability ; the 
former is attested by the early age at whicli he left his native land, 
by his opposition to Governor Stuyvesant, and his final business success 
in the Colony ; and the latter by the stations of honor and trust which 
he was called liy his fellow-colonists to occupy Avhile he was yet a 
yoiuig man. 


^^^■^IIIS coat of arms of the Schermerhorn faniily was oljlaimd 
^ 1^ by Captain Joseph ISIarschalk, in 1800. Iiom a painted whi- 
dow of the c-lmrc'h in tlic \ illage of Schermerhorn. Holland. 
The device upon the seal of the village is a mole. The following de- 
scription of the above coat of arms is contained in " Armorial Gene- 
ral," ])ar J. B. Rietsap, 1887: "Schermerhorn: D'argent (on d'azur) 
a un chene an natnrel, pose surlin tertre de sinople, et ime taupe de 
sable au pied de I'arbre. Casque couronne: Cimier, le chene : Devise, 
Industria semper crescam." 

1. Jacob Janse Schermeuiiooren married Jannetie S. ^'an 
Voorhoudt. Issue: 

2. Reyer J., horn 1()5^: iiiarriccl Ariaantje Arentsc Hr;itt. 

3. Symon .T., born U).5S ; married Willempsic Viclc. 

_ 4. Heleka, Ijoni !()()() ; married Myndert H. Van dor Bogaart. 

— ^5. Jacob J., born KJGii; married Gerritic H. ^'an Buren. 

6. ^Iachtelt, born Ififi-i; married Joliannes M. Beeckman. 

7. CoRNELis J., born KjGS; married Marritic H. Xnn Buren. 

8. Janxetie, born KiTO; married Casper Springsteen. 

9. Neklime, l)orn 1674; married Barent Ten Ej'ck. 
10. LfCAS J., born KiTfi: married I'.li/ahelli Dnmen. 

Tlic birth dates as given above are somewhat conjectural, iuit I'rom 
collateral evidence thev are believed to be nearly correct. In the will 

— 12 — 

of Jacob Janse Schernierhooren, dated IMay 20, 1688, the children are 
named in the above order, and the last four are referred to as then 
( 1688) being in their minority. 

Jannetie S. Van Voorhondt. born in Holland about 1632, was the 
daughter of Cornelis Segerse "V^an Voorhondt and Bregje Jacobson, 
who came from Holland to Beverwycke (Albany) in 1642. Jannetie 
Schernierhooren died at Schenectady, New York, in 1700. 

5. Jacob Jacobse Schermerhoorn married Gerritie Hendrickse 
Van Buren. Issue: 

^ 11. Catalyntje, baptized Novem}3cr 18, 168.'3: nuirricd Aljraliani Van 
Valkenbui'g. >t,' 

12. Jacob, Jk.. baptized Deceml)er 27, 1685; married Antie Van Vechten. 

13. Hendrick, baptized October 16, 1687; married Elsie Jans Albertsc 


14. Cornelis, baptized September 22, 1689; married Margarita Jans Al- 

bertse Bratt. 

15. Machtelt, baptized January 3, 1692. 

16. Jannetul, bajitized May 6, 1694. 

17. Elizabeth, baptized August 28, 1698; married RoelefF Jansen. 

18. Johannes J., baptized July 21, 1700; married Engeltie Gardenier. 

19. Reyer, baptized February 21, 1702; married Gcertie Ten Eyck. 

Jacob Jacobse Schermerhoorn, born about 1062, was master of the 
sloop " Star" from 1681 to 1684, which sailed between Albany and 
New York; his brotlier Cornelis subsequently sailed the same ves.sel. 
In 1682 he married Gerritie Hendrickse, daughter of Hendrick Cor- 

nehs Van Buren and Elizabeth ; or granddaughter of Cornelis 

Maas Van Buren and Catal^^ltje IMartense De Weever, Avho came 
from Guilderland, Holland, in 1631. The brothers Jacob and Cor- 
nelis (see Nos. 5 and 7) married sisters. 

In the will of Jacob Janse Schermerhooren, dated May 20, 1688. 
it is stated: " I do freely remitt & discharge my sonne Jacob Scher- 

■# - fof . boi-+ ;'/ Vc»<~i '/cJA-en burqh l4Kt^)ry - 

— 13 — 

merhooni that lives upon my faiTu at Scliotak of ye rent wliicli lie 
is owing for ye same and wliieli will l)e due to ye day of my decease 
not willing that my exeeutrix or admx shall any wise molest liim the 
said Jacol) Sehermerhoorn ,Ir oi- liis lieirs lor ye same." In the sub- 
sequent division oi' the property, in 1700. .laeoh Jaeohse Sehermer- 
hoorn came into possession of the property referred to. and his de- 
scendants retained the original farm until it was sold, in lH.'{t>. hy 
Barent C. Schermerhorn. in the sixth generation. 

12. Jacob Schermerhoohx. .Ti;.. married. June •_'.'}. 171 +. Antie 
Van Veehten. Issue: 

20. Jacob J., l)aj)ti/.cd .lulv 10. 171 5; nuuTicd Catjiiynt jo Van Buroii. 

21. Makia, baptized Marcli 6, 1717: died in infiuicv. 

22. J., baptized Jamiary 1, 1719: married Maria Wiiuu-. 
2.3. Reyek J., Imptized April 9, 1721. 

2-i. Maria, baptized June 30, 172:5. 

25. Gerretie, baptized October 11. 1724': married Adam Danilse Winne. 

26. Hendrick J., ljai:)tized September 25, 1726; married Cornelia liansing. 

27. Janxetu;, baptRed I'^ebniary 25, 1728; married Johannes Janscn. 

28. Cathelyntje, baptized ^lareli 1, 17,'JO: married Barent Van Biiren. 

29. LrcA.s J., baptized October 15, 1732: married Wyntje Fitzjferald. 

30. Johannes J., baptized August K 1734. 

31. Philip J., baptized April 17, 1737. 

Antie Van Veehten was baptized December 20. 1G02, and was the 
dauehter of Cornelis Teunise Van Veehten and Maria Luease, and 
granddaughter of Tennis Van Veehten. 

22. Cornelis Jacob Sciiek.mekiioun married. October 22, 17-t2. 
Maria Winne. Issue: 

32. Jacob C, born May 25, 1743; married (1) Gcrritje Sciiernierborn : 

(2) Cornelia (iardenier ; (3) Saraii \tu\ der reel. 

— 14 — 

;33. Daxiel C, baptized March 23, 1745 ; married Maria Xnn dor Poel. 

34. John W., baptized July 4, 1747: married (1) Catlialyntje Van ^'al- 

kenburgh; (2) Abigail Everett. 

35. Philip C, baptized June 28, 1750: married Dorotliy Miller. 

36. DiRKiE, baptized June 14. 1752. 

Cornelis J. Schermerhnrn, born 1719. died prior to 1762, for it is 
known tliat liis eldest son. Jacob, at bis marriage gave a home to liis 
motlier, wlio was then a widow. 

Maria Winne, baptized December !). 1722, was the daughter of 
Pieter Danilse Winne and Rachel A"an Alen. tlie granddaughter of 
Daniel AA'^inne and Dirckje Van Xes. and great-granddaughter 
of Pieter Winne and Tannatje Adams. The former was born in 
Ghent, Flanders, and the latter in Leeuwaerden, Vrieslandt. A 
portrait of Maria Winne and her sister is in the possession of the 
Van Alen family at Schodack Landing. New York. 

32. Jacob C'ouxklis Schermekhokx married (1), JNIarch 29, 
1762, Gerritje Schermerhorn ; (2). February 1.5. 1783. Cornelia 
Gardenier; (3) , April .3, 1794, Sarah Xnn der Poel. Issue: 

37. Cornelius I. (J.), born August ]5, 1764: married ( 1 ) Elizabeth Mon- 

den (Montague): (2) Cathlina Scliermerhorii. 

38. :\Iarvtje, baptized December 17. 1769: died in infancy. 

39. John I. (J), born Sei)tembcr 5, 1772: married Cynthia A'an Valken- 


40. Samuel, baptized October 6, 1776. 

41. :\, baptized August 16, 1778: married Daniel Van Buren. 

42. Engeltje, baptized February 5, 1781. 

43. Cathalyxa, baptized January 20, 1782; died in childhood. 

44. CiEREiTJE, bai^tized January 11, 1784-: married Joseph G. Seabring. 

45. Barent I. (J.), baptized April 3, 1786; married Lucretia Barheit. 

46. Hannah, ])aptized November 18. 1788; married Kobus B. ^'an der 


— 15 — 

Jacob C. Schernierhorii lived at Sch(Mlack Laiuliiij;-, N\\\ ^'()l•U. 
the home of his ancestors. He was a laij>e hiiul-owner, and was 
promniently connected with the pnhhc att'airs of his time. He served 
in the Revolntionaiy War. in 177.J-7t>, as first hentenant in C'a])lain 
John H. Beekman's eoni])an\ of the Fifth All>any Contity He^inient. 
commanded by Colonel Stejjlien Schuyler: and in 177f'-77 as lirst 
major of the Second Hattalion nf tlie I'onrtli AHiany C'onnty He^'i- 
nient, commanded b\' Culduel Killaii \'i\\\ ]{ensselaer. 

JNlajor Schermerhorn was in connnand of liis reniiiunl at the sur- 
render of (ieneral Bur^oyne at Saratoga, on Oeliilni- 17. 1777. He 
was a member of the New ^'ork .State Assenilily in 17'.'"). and from 
1793 to 1707 was Slate Commissioner for the County buildings at 
Troy. Xew York. He died at Schochick Landing. New ^'ork. otr May 
.). 1822. A portrait, in watei'-colors, taken in the later |)arl of his life, 
now exists in our family. 

Jacob C. Schermcriioins first wife, Crevritje Schermerhorn, born 
May 1. 1742, was the daughter of Johannes J. Schermerhorn and 
Engeltie Ciardenier (.see No. 18). She died March 2. 1782, .six weeks 
after the birth of her danghler Cathalyna. His second wife, Cornelia 
(xardenicr, was born in 17"):{: she was the widow of .Johannes Vos- 
burgh. and died .Inly 21. 17'.»:J. His third wife. Sarah Van der Toel, 
born July 14. 17.5 (•. was the daughter of .Johannes \'an der I'oel and 
Aimatje Staats. and the widow ol' .John .\. \'an .\lslyiie: she died 
March 21. 1817. 

;J7. CouxEi.ii's I. (J.) ScHEKMKKHOUN married (1^. November 
19, 1785, Elizabeth Mondcn (xMontagne) ; (2). November I'.i. 181.j. 
Cathlina Schermerhorn. Issue: 

47. \I.\iu;akkt, horn .Iiinnnr\ 1!), 1788; nmrried Israil I'liiH. 

tS. Jai i)n. l>i>rn May IS, 17'.)1 : iliitl in infancy. 

49. .I\(()n ('., 1)1)111 .Xiigiist ;.J.'). 179^2: married Uacliil H.nlaii. 

50. John, l)Oin .\iif,nist il'i, 179:2; .lii.i in inrancy. 

— 16 — 

51. Gakhita a., born November 19, 1793; married Isane Jessup. 

52. jNIahia, born February !il, 1796; unmarried. 

53. Sarah, born July 18, 1797; married (1) Joseph Fryer; (2j ^lichael 


54. John C, born December 3, 1798; married Hannah Springsteen. 

55. Anna, born April 7, 1800; married I^ewis Younglove. 

56. Joseph C, born November 26, 1801 ; luimarried. 

57. Barent C, born January 28, 1804: married Catharine Witl)eck. 

58. Peter C, born August 21, 1805: married Sarah S. Ryder. 

Cornelius I. (J.) Schennerhorii, born August 1:5. 17<^)4. lived at 
Scliodaek Laiulino-, New York. He was a merchant and a large land- 
and vessel-ownei-. several of his vessels being engaged in trade with 
the East Indies. In 1808. 1809, 1810, 1811. and 1818 he was a mem- 
ber of the NeAV York State Assembly, and during that service he was 
prominently identified with the plans for the inauguration of the Erie 
Canal. He ^vas commissioned on Marcli 30. 1803, as major, on ]March 
12, 1810, as lieutenant-colonel, and on April 13, 1812. as colonel of 
the Forty-third Regiment, Eighth Brigade, Third Division, of the 
New York ]\Iilitia, under command of Brigadier-General Jacob A. 
Fort and Major-General Henry I^ivingston. Colonel Schermerhorn 
served on the northern frontier -with his regiment diu'ing the war of 
1812. He died at Schodack Landing, August 25. 1828. 

Cornelius I. Schermerhorns first wife, Elizabeth ]Monden. was 
born in 1764. She was a descendant of Heer Johannes La Montague, 
\ice-director of the West India Company at Fort Orange (Albany) 
from 1659 to 1664. The family was of Huguenot origin, emigrating 
from Holland about the middle of the se\'enteenth century. Among 
some of the later generations the original name became phonetically 
changed to jNIonden, Monton, and INIunden. Elizabeth INI. Schermer- 
horn died June 9, 1815. His second wife, Cathlina Schermerhorn, 
born September 15, 1775, was the daughter f)f Hendrick J. Scher- 

— 17 — 

merliorn and Cornelia Lansiiif? (see Xo. 2li), and tlic widow ul' I'etrus 
Hardenburg; she died January 23, 183.3. 

In 1808 the headstones marking the graves of Jacob C Schenner- 
horn and family, and also those of Cornelius I. Sehcrnierhoni and 
family, were removed from their several biu'ial-places and placed in 
the cemetery at Schodack Landing. 

57- Barent Cohnelius Scheumerhorx married, January 8, 
1827, Catharine AVitbeck. Issue: 

59. Elizabeth, born Uccembcr 13, 18Ji7; married Robert yi. Pease. 

60. Catharine A., born October 22, 1829. 

61., born June 16, 18.'52; niiirried Jane Wells. 

62. Fr.\nk, born August 29, 1835. 

63. Louis Y., born November 18, 1840; married Romie Bovie Dods. 

64. Ahext Y. D., born October 22, 1842: married Adelade Potter. 

Barent C. Schermerhorn was born Januaiy 28, 1804, at Schodack 
Landing, New York, and upon the death of his father inherited the 
old homestead of his ancestors. (See Jacob Jacobse Schermerhoorn.) 
He was commissioned as major on August 11, 1831, as lieutenant- 
colonel on June 2(), 1834. and as colonel on September 9, 1835, of the 
Forty-third Regiment, Eighth Brigade, Ninth Division, of the Ncav 
York State Militia, under Brigadier-tieneral Henry I. Genet. This 
regiment had successively been commanded by Colonel Schermer- 
horn's grandfather in 1777, and bv his fatiier in 1812. Tn 1838 he 
removed to Greenwicli, New York, and in 18()3 to Troy, Xew York, 
where he died March 10, 1872. Barent C. Selicrmerhorn was always 
identified with the advancement of the best interests oi" the com- 
munity in which lie lived, and for forty years he was a prominent 
menil)cr of tlie Dutch Ueforined Church and its .synods. His life was 
that of a Christian gentleman. 

His wife, Catharine Witbeck, boin May 1."). 1810, was the daughter 
of John A. Witbeck and Catharine Van Dvck, and therefore a lineal 

— 18 — 

descendant of Jan Thomase Van Witbeck, who came from Witbeck, 
Holstein, in 1(338, and Heer Hendrick Van Dyck, who came from 
Utrecht in 1645. Catharine W. Schermerhorn died at Lansingburgh, 
New York, October 31, 1898. 

" The funeral of IMrs. Catharine W. Schermerhorn was held on 
INTovember 3 [1808], at the home of tlie family, 286 Third Avenue, 
Lansingburgh. INIrs. Schermerhorn died October 31, having reached 
the advanced age of eighty-eight years, and to the day of her death pre- 
served most of the powers and energies of the body, and all the graces 
of heart and mind which had so eminently distinguished her life. 
Throughout a long and useful life she splendidly exemplified the ideal 
A\'ife and mother. Gentle by nature, and further sanctified by an un- 
questioning faith in a glorious future, she passed away as she had 
lived, fulljr reposing in the faith of a lifetime. Gentleness and grace 
of manner combined with an intense mother-love endeared her most 
strongly to her children. To them she bequeathed, through a model 
life, the priceless inheritance of a pure, consistent, and loving example 
of all that is best in human life, and a lasting memory, endeared by a 
world of cherished associations. To have so lived that Avords cannot 
express the present sense of loss incurred by those she has lived for is 
the most glowing eulogy which can be paid to her blessed memory, and 
such a tribute her children lovingly yield." 

03. Louis Younglove Schermeehokn married, December 4, 
1806, Romie B. Dods. Issue: 

65. HoLDEN B., born July 18, ]868; married Sarah Yeatcs Wlielcn. 

66. Rena, born February 21, 1870 ; married Arthur B. Brccse, IM.D. 

67. Loins W., born November 16, 1871 : died September 20, 1876. 

68. Alfred R., born February 8, 1876; married M. Lillian Mcssig. 

— 19 — 

Louis Y. Schermcrliorii was horn at (iRcin\icli. New York. lie 
studied civil euoineering at llir Rensselaer rolytccliuic Institute. 
ISOO-O.'J. and yradualed. willi tlie decree ol" CMv. IVKin Union 
College, New Voik. in ISdi: ciiuaned on railioad survey and 
construction, in Xcw Vork and Ohio, 18()4-(i<); division engineer 
on Brooklyn l*ark, Xew ^'ork, ]Htit'>-('>!): chief engineer of the 
Riverside Improvement Company, Illinois. 18r)<.)-73; chief" engineer 
Chicago and Great Western Railroad, 187'"J-71; I'nited States Assist- 
ant Kngineer on works of river and harhor improvement, in Mimic- 
sota, ^Michigan, ^^'isconsin, Xew York, ^'ermont, Pennsylvania. Xew 
Jersey, and Delaware, 1874-91 ; memher of United States Engineer 
Commission for Inipiox (.iiunt of Wilniinglon Ilarhor, Delaware, 
1891: memher of Engineer Commission for Protection of ^Villiams- 
port, Pennsylvania, against Floods, 1895: member of Commission 
for Survey of Canal Route hetween Philadelphia and Xew York, 
1894; president of the American Dredging Company, 1891- : presi- 
dent of the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia, 1898: director of the 
Philadelphia Board of Trade, 1893-; director of the Philadelphia 
^laritime Exchange, 1892-. 

Romie Bovie Dods, born in Provincetown, Massachusetts, April 5, 
1840, was the daughter of Dr. John Bovie Dods, of Boston, Massa- 
chusetts, and Julia Ilolden, of X'orfolk, Yirginia. The famil\- name 
was Bovie, but it was changed to Dods during the early life of Dr. 
John Bovie. The I'amily was of Huguenot origin, from Pays de 
Yaud, Switzerland, emigrating from Holland, in the persons of 
"Jerome Bovie, wife, and five children," to Xew Amsterdam (X'^cw 
York), in l(ir>8. The name \\as oi-iginally Beantils, I)nt became 
l)honetically changed to Beau\ ie and Bovie. 


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