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Full text of "Genealogy of Richard Baker : born in England, died in Dorchester, Mass., October 25, 1689"

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BiiRX IN Exglaxd; 
Died in Dorchester. Mass.. October 25. 1689. 



rrc'jiiient of thi- Dorclii ^tc'^ Antiiiuarian ami Ili-torical .Society. 



115 lliijli Street. 

I S S 9 . 



The materials for this ;;ene;ilogy wei'e. for mo>t part, rrathererl aiul ar- 
ranged many years ago, but additions have been made from time to time as 
opportunity occurred. Records of the contemporary generation have in 
some instances been obtained only since the manuscript was in preparation 
for tlie press. Tliis circumstance will account for an occasional lack of 
symmetry in the arrangement. 

What relates to the fii'st four generations and the later generations of 
the line of James l>aker (i). 17."!'J, d. 1S2.3) was printed as a contribution 
to the New England Ili^-torical and Genealogical Register of Jul^', ISSi). 
The method and typography of the whole conform in geni^ral to the -standard 
of that periodical. 

Roman numerals are used to denote the chihben of each family in the 
order of seniority, ami Arabic numerals to denote the heads of funilies. 
The exception to the latter rule is that a ^mall Hgure ajipeariiig alutve the 
line, and called in type a "superior," is used to indicate the generation of 
each head of family and each of his direct ancestors. These superiors are 
used only in the introductory line of the [)aragra()h relating to a particular 
family. It will readily be kept in mind that the children of the person 
thus designated are one ueneration later, and that the grandchildren, some- 
times meiitioned in the same connection, are two generations later than that 
indicated by such superior. 

An Arainc numeral on the level of the line standing either l)efore the 
particular name, or, enclosed in a parentliesis, after it, may be u-^t-il re- 
peatedly in conformity with the method referred to without confu-ion. 
'1 liis may be called the "pergonal numeral." 

\VIh'Ii so ii«eil it ?er\e.> all the purj>osc5 of a surname. T'lion g:iining a 
,-li^lit laiulli^ivity with the text the reail.-r will find, lor examiile. eae-li 
'• Julin " to stand foi-th in mind in stron^^ indi\idnalitv, a> "JDhn (-)," 
'•John (o)," '■Jolm (1''^)." ** Julm (47)," etc., a> if hi-^ surname were not 
I5ake'r. but -duiethin^ else. In like mannei" childrfn having no [lersonal 
nuuierah the several Sarahs, tor instanee, as daugliters respectively of 
"John (2)," "John (7)," "Jdhn (•'7)" ami "John (40)" become nvn- 
taliv di>tinct. In the u>e of these two elas>es tU' numerals. thei"e is coinci- 
dence in the first three names only: Richard (1), John (2) and John (o) 
are also Richard,^ John^ and John.^ 

A lack of symmeti'y in failing to give certain heads of family a personal 
numeral has been explained. The enumeration having (Hice been made it 
was impossible to interpolate, because of cross-rcfei'ences by number and 
for other reasons. An abbreviation for the name of the State follows any 
mention of a cit\ or toun out of Massachusetts, and that .State is to be in- 
ferred where no such abbreviation appeals. Where in the oiiginal record 
there were double dates, the earlier date, or '"old style," has been u-ed. 
In the pre2)aration of the manuscri[)t for the press the undersigned has 
had the assistance of 3Ir. Daniel W. Baker, son of Benjamin (48) of this 
series, who has collected some of the more recent dates and contributed 
certain biogi'aphical and historical matter. 



r)ICriAKD^ P.AKF.R. tlie fir^t Am^y\r:in ancestor of tlu..e kiiouii 
Vi (listiiictivcly :i-> ut tlie Doi-cliotri- laMiily of Hukfr, arrixL-d in tiii;? 
coiiiiti'y troin Lii;^lan(l in 1 (]■'!•;. Tlie datr iiiiy be fixeil with piHci.-ion a^ 
Nuvt'iiiber 2S oi that yeai\ In hi^ jcjuinal ot'ciirrent ewnt-. Gov. Wiuthrup 
notes the aiTi\al at l>oston on that (hty of a ve>-el whicli he <le-ori!)e^ a> 
'' ;i small Xor^ey hark of tuenty-livf tnii-;" iiml he ailds. •• her pa-seiigcrs 
anil »ro()(ls all safe."' Tlii-. [>hra-e, " Xul■.■'^•y hark." wa-^ tor <'iiiu' time afti-r 
the oriixinal [in'olicafion of the •• Jimrtiak"' a niy^terv to the hi-toriaii>: inic 
the later i.<sue of Winthro[) jiapers.* iiiclu'lin^i leitci's uiittcn \<y Ivlwani 
IIopkiIi^t ill Lnnilon to John ^^ inthrnp. -Jr., -olve'l the in\ <rri-x'. for lIoj-.kitK 
in leferrin;^ to the same vessel, cails it a •' Xortli-sea boat,."" lie al>o n>'.-'l 
the wcH'il "bartiUH" in de-iirnatinLif tlif vi'<~el. It i-; fi'om the^e lftti-r> of 
Hopkins that tlie tir^t inftH'mation as to Riehard iJaker is d.-rivf"!. ami ih'-v 
ex[)lain very clearly the circum>ranees of his comini^' to th-,--e >liMri;>. 
PMuaril Hopkins was the agent in L')ndoii of a eolonizin;^ CMinpanv or 
association, the chief members of which were Lord Say ami St-al. Lurd 
Bi'ook, Lord lueh, Sir Richard Saltoustall. and others of inlla Miri' politi- 
cally and socially. They had obtained a i;i-ant of territory wliirh included 
what is now the State of Connecticut, and were anxious to :^et military 
control of the regi(_>n by establishinij a fort at the mouth ot' tin- (.'onm-cti'MiL 
liiver in antici[)atioa of a like movement on the part of the Dutch ot 2Se\v 
Amsterdam, who also claiuied possession or rii^dit^ of trade there. 

To this end the projectors lu't-ile 1 a sranrh ve--el af lii:ht di'aft to ply 
between Boston and the month of the C'tuuactieut duiiuLi; tlu' buildini: ot a 
fort. This North Sea boat, which was named tht3 " Racheior." was oi.taincil. 
and a master and crew (jf eight in all were engaged to sail the vessel aero-,s 
the sea and on coastwi-e voyages here during the construi'tion ot tlu' fort. 
The vessel was laden with matei'ial, iron work, etc., suit dilc t'oi- siu-h con- 
struction, as the invoice contained in Hopkins's letter shows. Four p i-shu- 
gers were taken, .Sergeant Lyon Gardiner.;|; a military engintt-r ; hi- :i--;~ranr. 
and the .Sergeant's wit'e aiul maid. The letter of Ho[ikins containing: the 
first nieiition of Richard Raker is dated London. Aug. IS. l(;;i.'». and states 
in the po.^tscrijtt that the Bachelor was cleared fiom Gravescnil l)elo\v 

• CullcLtioiis of the Ma-s;icIiusL-tt» Historical SoL-icty, 4tli S(iic<, vol. vi. \'. 3'25 et •j-";. 
t Appendix 1. ' X Appendix II. 


LoikL.ii nil tli;it (lay. If nivis tlie names of the master ainl crew. Ricliai'il 
liakiT Iifiii'j s'M'iMiil in cuniniand. or " ina^tL-r's mate." The wa^i'-^ to liC 
]iai'l eai-ii ami tlif tfi-ms of th'-ir emjjhi}'ment are al■^() «tateih The It-tti-r 
\va^ adilrt'-Nril to .I(>hn Winthroj). .Ir.. the ai;ei)t of the cempanv in tliis 
country, ami. a^ it was fore.-een that hn iniMht he in Conneelieiit ou anival 
of the \e-s('l ill l!o>ton. the aht'i'n:iti\ e was ;ii!<h ih "* or, in liis ah-i-nee. to 
tlie wor-liipliil .Iiio. Wintlirop the e-Iih'r. at JJo-toii atore-ai.h" lloiil^ins 
speaks somi'uiiat in tlfroL:ation of a part of the erew. tov wliieh, as a[ipears, 
lie '^ooii rea>oii. and i-t-maiks in an exphtnatoiy w.iy that "it was not; 
easv here to ^r.-t any at this time to ;ro in so small a vessel." He remarks 
iticiileiitally that ••th<' master hatli a de-ii'e, as h'- tells im-, to continue in 
the country." He' <hie- not say that of the master's mate, witli whom 
(Richard liaker heini: then a yuiig man of not mneh more than one au'l 
twenty) he prohahly held no com t-rsation. Ihit tho reasons eflective witii 
tho ma-ter in tlie niattei' would likely to he xj with the mate, ami, if thev 
rel.ated only to pur-nit of the mariner".^ calling, there were with the latter 
other iiiit h-ss potent reasons. 

At the la^t moment, when the haripie was at Grave>i'nd. four of the 
crew, whom Hopkins names, lenoiinced tiieir contract so far as it pr'A'ided 
for ser\iee on the vessel in New Knulaiid. •• Whereupon." ht,'-avs. " hein;:; 
]iut to some straits I was in a manner constiMineil to yield to their de-ires." 
Of the other four, one (_>f whom was tlu- mastei''s mate, he say^ that tliey, 
"stickiiii; to the former agreement, will he ahle. I conceive, with -mall !iel[) 
more, to sail the hanjue in the countiy."' Oa the liaek of the next letter 
from Hopkins, dated London. 21 Sept.. IGoo. is a menioraiidum in the 
liandwritin^- of John Wintlirop. Jr., of four items, one of whieli reads: ■• .'J 
bills of exchange of oit li to he paid to IJich: Haker." The-e iiills, f(jr- 
^varded by a vessel sailing a imtnth later than did the Daelndor. indicate 
sutTicieiitly on the part of tiie pei-soii in whose favor they run, not meiely a 
desu'e but a purpose to continue in the country. 

This recital of remote, and. in part, uidmportant facts oi record is perti- 
nent here as evincing to tliose who will chicHv he intei'e.-ted in this gene- 
alogy that tluir common ance>tor came to America under ciicum-tane's 
liighly creditahle to himself. They give proof that he was a man of gicat 
couraL'e and of skill ;>.nd re-ources in the mai'iner's art; that in an 
e.xigency which me'ii oi small soul took advantage of he was one of those 
who did etjuity by "sticking to the former agreement " ; and that he was of 
a frugal hahit. pi'eferring to take passage where he would liave nothing to 
pay out. but a considerahle sum in [)ocket at the end of his ocean and 
wise voyages. The bills of e.\(diange may also be taken as evidence of a 
like habit in money matters while he was yet in his native land. 

The next date of record of Richard Baker is November 4, IGOO, when 
he became a inemh*'r of the chuich in !)orchester./^It is probable that ho 
■was man ifd ah(,Lit that time. IIi.> wile. Faith Withington, is recordeil 
under her maiden name as a ini-mher of the same church of •^lJ•Iier date. 
She wa- a daughter of Henry Withington. the ruling elder of the Churrh. 
The oliicf was one of much honor, and vaiious facts >iioW that tin; lamily 
of Withington \vas (Uie of -social di-tinction. Mary, a sister of i'aith, 
married 'Ihomas Danforth," w ho liecanie deputy governor of the colony. 
Near relatives of Richard Raker were Thomas Raker, his Ijrothei', a 

• Appendix III. 

resident of Roxbury and owner of the historiciil t'nle-ruill* there; :»n<l John 
Baker of Boston, a nephew of both Kicliard antl Tlionias. who in dillLrtiil himself as '• smitli " and " mariner." Tliese descriptive 
appellations do not indicate that he was mt-rely an employe in either husiness. 
lie was a prominent and entfrprising citizen of the metropolis, and carried 
on business extensiwly. He died a comparatively youn^ man. al)i>u^ 
twenty years before either of his uncles, and his inventory >liows that ii^ 
had ac([uired property in shippinirt and real estate amounting to £7".)'J, a 
considerable estate for that peiiod. 

It does not appear of locord that Richard Baker assi::.ted in sailinrr the 
Bachelor coastwise, but his contract reipiir.ed him to do so if the owneis 
desired. It is certain, as ap^nvus in others of the Winthroi) letters, that 
the vessel was thus employed. It he was in that service, a [jait. at least, of 
the interval between 1 G-io and 1 Go'J is accounted foi-. In tlu' lecords of 
Dorchester, very soon after the latter date, he is put down a.^ a considt- rable 
owner of real estate in that town. Ills homestead was a tract of land 
frontintj southerly upon tin; road now called Savin Hill Avenue. The 
site of his dwelliui^-house was uniloubtedly that of the building known to 
the contemporary generation as the "Tuttle 3Ian.-ion."' Hh mlded from 
time to time to tlie original area by pureha>e of adjoining lau'!-. 

One of these additions appears to have been a tract on the northwesterly 
slope of Savin Hill, where, up to a recent date, stood two dwellings known 
from time immemorial as the Baker houses. One yet )-emains. Tliat 
which has been demoli^^hed was in all probability the house which Richard 
I>aker. as he states in his will, built for his >on John. The statement is 
made in connection with a bellue^t to this sun of adjacent lands. Richardi 
Jlaker bequeathed his homestead estate to his sou Jamc-<. who lived a 
bachelor. He in turn beiiueathed it to his nephew .John \Vi:^wall. and the 
property remained in possession oi the Wiswall I'eir.-, until !>:.''>. uiu-.i it 
was sold to Mr. Tuttle. The piemises referred to as heiiueathed to John 
Baker continue<l uninterruptedly in possession of some of his descendants 
till the year 187-2. 

• Richard Baker was made a freeman of the colony 3Iay 1."^. 1012. He 
became a member of the Ancient and Honorable Ai-tili»^ry Company in 
1 ''''><. In nearly every year from lt;i2 to Wj^'j his name is ot leconi as 
exercising some office in the town admini.-trati(;n of D'irihi;>tei-. lie 
a[ipears not to have aspii'ed to the highest station, antl during only 
year. \G.Jo, is he recorded as a selectman. In lGlj.':> he was elected a 
luliiig elder of the church, but declined the office. Both in the town and 
the cFiurch records his name appears from time to time with tho>e of others 
who were amoii" the principal citizens in the making up of im[)Ortant 
coiiuuittees. He was a propriet(jr in all the " Divisions" of town lamls 
subseiiuent to the date of tiie "Great Lots." The "Divisions" covered 
nni.'h the larger area. The inventory of his estate amounted t(j £I.'j1o 1./. 
lie dieil Oct. 25, 1G89; his wife die(i Feb. 3, preceding. Children: 

i. M.vnv. chr. Felx 14. 1(U1: m. Sauuiel Robinson; she d. Aug. -27. 

'2. ii. John, chr. April ;;i'). I'U;'. : ni. rr<-serveil Trott. 

iii. Sauaii, chr. June I'l', liil.>; m. .James White. Feb. 22, li;(j4 ; shj d. 

Oct. 13, lGt<b. 

• Appcnai.x IV. t Appendix V. 


iv. Th.vxkvii., chr. March 10. ]04('. : in. William C.riL'a>. 

V. ELi/ chr. (»ct. I'T. l»;:,o: d. vouiii:-. 

vi. Jami>. chr. April ;'.ii. Id.'.L As si;irc(i. t(i him Avas be(nu-:uh(.Hl llif 
iiome-tcad estate of his fatlu-r; tliis comprised considorahlc tracts 
of laml ailJoiniuL: ami near to tlic dwcllimr housc : he appear-< t-; 
have bei-ii a pro-prrous farmer: only once (\n[ he lake a puMic 
ollice, that of \ iewer i.>l" I'euces oi couuiioii cum lichls ; he 'lied. 
siii::-le. .March :;o. 17l'1. 

vii. Ei.i/.Aiuvni. clir. -Inly 'i'l. l*;.':.t;: m. William I'l'att of \\'eyiriouth. 
Mass. : they resided in l)orche>ter for a wliile. and went thence with 
the church "or-j.ani zed iu that town, Oct. L'L'. \'<:i:>. for mi>-ionary 
piirpo.-es in South Carolina; they had a dauirhter Thankful, born in 
Wevmouth Oct. U, Kis;',. 

viii. llANXAir. b. Jan. U. IGGL': m. Johu WisMall, May o, His.".: d. Se[)t. 

i,s, u;l(0. 

2. JoHN^ B.vKKU {I?ir/H/nP). son of Ricliarcl and Faith, was liorn ia 
Dorchester ami was cliristeneil. as a[>{>ears by the cliiucli recoils, 
_ April oO, nU:]. lie married Preserved Trott. July 11. 1'H;7. lie 
lived at Savin Hill, iu the dwelling house alr<-a<ly referred to.* The 
site is a'oout two rutls south-easterly of the pi'esent boundary of the 
street, and. in an air line, about '2i'>0 feet due north-east from the 
centre cf the highway bridge over the Old Colony railroad. The 
house was occupied as a barrack tor American troops during the 
siege of Boston. Joliu Baker owned a large area c^f farming land, 
though his homestead tract was comparatively small. He appears 
to have been an elHcieut townsman, and served during a succe->-i(ju 
of years in ditierent town oHiees. He died Aug. 2G, I'J'JU; his wife 
died Nov. -lo, 1 7 1 J . Children : 

■^ i. Sakati. b. Ami. 1-- l''''--- i'^- Oliver Wiswall. Jan. 1. liIOO. 
ii. Maiiv. b. Nov. 10. If.To; d. .Ian. 2(;. HITU. 
~<S. iii. Ji>ii-v, 1>- Nov. 2'.. bi:i; m. Hannah WitliiuLCtou. 
i. iv. Ja.mks. b. Ami'. 4. lii:4; m. Judith Maxlield. 

V. Makv. b. Au--. 1'4. lioil: m. John Minot. May •2:). V>\>i'<: she d. Feb. 

15, ITir.. 
vi. TiiANKi-fL, b. April i:', 1079; m. Hopestill Capen, Aug. 4. l,o-*: she 

d. Dec. <;, 17i;i. 
vii. Hannah, b. Julv 22. Ii'.s2: il. Amr. 9. I(;s3. 
viii. Ei.i/.Aiu-.TH, b. .Julv is. \>\^i: al-o calhnl '-Uet-ey"; d. siiiude. 
ix. Hannah, b. July 11. L"".-7; d. Nov. 12. IO'.mi. 
5. X. Aiii.JAtr, b. Peb. 2.'*, lt;9U; m. Hauuali Lyon of Milton, Ma—. 

3. JoHN^ B.VKKU {.Mu.- R!char(P ). son of John (-2) and Pre^e'rvod. was 
burn in Dorchester, Nov. 2-J. 1071. lie marri = :d H.innali U'ithing- 
ton, May IG. 170^. His dwelliuir house wa> situated eui "the great 
couutry"road," so called, now Wa-hingtou Street, in Dorchester. 
The site is three or four rods east of that street, and [)rolKil.iy pro- 
jects slightly u[iou the southerly sidewalk of the pre-^eut -Melville 
Avenue. The premises wei-e bought I'y Jolm I'.akcr of \\ illMui 
Stougiit<»u.t as appears by dee<l of -March JtJ. \^V.i^. Tiie !iou-- w-i, 
occupied l>v the descendants of John Baker down to a 'iat<; wiriiin 
the recollection of tlie oldest persons now living. It faeed .-omh, 
with tiie west end towards the road, and was (jf two stories in }r...nt, 
the long sloi)C of the northerly roof making it to be one story m 

* Appendix VI. t Appciiilx VU. 

the re;xr. He owned extensive fanning trhrts adjoinini^ ruid in the 
vicinity. He died Oct. 1), 1746; his wife died Ajirii oU, ITG-!?, nirod 
82 years. Cliihh'en : 

^ i. IIannvu, b. June 0. 170'.) ; in. Bonjaniiu Clapp. a sveat-irraiidsoi! df 
C'apt. ]{outr Olapp. Dec. 2'.), IToO; they livetl in. Stoughton, .Mass., 
after 174(1: she d. there. 
(3. ii. .Iamk.s, b. ^fay 24, 171;''; m. I'risciUa Paul. 

iii. John, b. in 1711; d. in infancy. 
-7. iv. John', b. Jnne 28, 171.:; : n\. 1st, Sarah Wiswall ; m. 2d, Jane Wheeler. 

8. V. Thomas, b. May o, 1717; ni. Ann Matto.v. 

9. vi. Km.iaii. b. May 14. 172ii: m. llannali rntt'er. 

10. vii. Cir.omii:. 1). Auir. l:>- 1724; ni. 1st. lintli Williams; ui. 2il, Mary 

Junes; ni. iJd, Susan \'iles. 

4. Jamk.s^ Bakf.k [Jjltn,^ iLicItarcP), son of John (-2) ;ui<T Preserved. 

w;is born Auij. 4. 1 ('>74. lie murried Judith M:i\ti(ld. :d>o called 
'•Juduh." lie lived in llie house at Savin Hid v.hieh had li en 
his fatlier's. cotnini; into full ownership by (juit-claini deed of mlu-r 
heirs, Aug. 7, 1712. He died Aug. 24. l7o4; his wife died Dec. 
21, l7o7. Children : 

i. :Mary, h. Xev. 22. 170S; m. Hopestill Withington, Feb. 11, 17;;o; 
she d. Fell. 2^. 17i;0. 

11. ii.>. b. Feb. 14. 1711; m. Martha Ilarriniitoa. 

12. iii. Samuel, b. .Vug. 1('>. 1710; m. Jolianna Kiteley. 

iv. Sakah. b. Nov. 18, 172:3; m. Samuel Hall. Sept. 27. 1739. 

5, Abi.iah^ liAlCKii (Jnhur Ricltard'^) . son of John (2) and Preserved, 

was Ijora in Dorchester, Feb. 2."», Ki'.HJ. He married Flannah Lyon 
of Milton. M;iss., ami about the year 1717 removed to .Medtield. Mass. 
His lioiueste;id was about a mile and ;i half from the centre of tlie 
town, on the Walpole ro;id, now called IIi:j;h .Stieef. A lioir~e of 
later date occupies the site, but the well which he constructed is 
still in use. lie died Dec. ol, 17G1; his wife died .Se[K. 1 G, 177G. 

i. MiCAH. b. Nov. 13, 1712; d. Jan. 24, 1713. 

13. ii. KHi;vi:/.r,n, b. Oct. 14. 1714; ni. E-ther Kimr-bnry. 

14. iii. Aui.iAH. b. Oct. l.j. 1718: ni. Esther Hill.- 

iv. THAXk-icr.. b. Mav 2. 1721: m. Daniel iNIorsi; of W:ilpole i;i 1742. 
V. Makv. b. \\v^. 14." 1724: m. John Ellis, April 17, 17415. 
vi. Er.iZA, b. Xov. 'J, 172.s (twin); ni. 13 .■/.;ileel Turner, .May lu. 1747. 
vii. H.vNXAH, b. Xov. 9, 1728 (twin); d. AprilM. 1729. 

15. viii. Mt.vvri.'t). Feb. 19, 1730; m. 1st, .Vbigail Strctjr; m. 2d, Elizabeth 


6. Jamks" r.AKKU {Jo/ui.'J'>/iik' PJrhnrri:). SOU of John {'^) and Hannah. 
was born [May 24, 17lo. He married Priscilha Paul. Dec. 14. 
l7o8. He inherited ;ind lived in the house described ;iliMVe a- that 
of his fattier, at Melville Avetnie. in Dorches:er. His i iventoiy 
shows that he was an cxteri'^ive farmer. He dieil Xov. IS. 17<G; 
his wife died Xov. 2G, 17.}U, aged o2 years. Children : 

1<3. i. Jamks. b. Sept. .", 173'."; m. Lydia Bowman. 

17. ii. Em:Nr.zr.i;, b. Xov. 19, 1743; m. Ist, Abigail rre-ton; m. 2d. Su-anna 


18. iii. Jous. h. Doc. 14. 1740; in. 1st. Ann Tiorce: m. 2il, Eliplial Swif, : 
ni. ;](!. (,'hri>ti:ui;i rolsoii. 
iv. Mai;v Ann. b. Maich 17. 17:.(i: in. Nt. Jonathan Ilold.-n. .Inlv It. 
17t;>; in. LM. John ricrcu, i-'ul). -Jo, 17'.»2: slie d. Sept. l!:'>, 17'.»2." 

7. JonN* Uakku (./o/in.^ Jn],n} Rlrlutrd^ |. son of John (.T) ami Ilaniiali. 

was horn in Dorchcstt-r. Jniif' I's. 171"). Ho inarrifil l-t. .Sarah 
"\Vi>w;;lh F.-h. 7. 17;;S; sho died April 4. 17ns, ;,i:ed (')'.> v.'ars. He 
nianit'il -Jd. .lan.^ Wheeler, Feb. 2. 171M). His homestead was on 
tlio io;id now ealied Norfolk street, in Dorchester, the estate havin" 
by descent f;one into the name of Capen. The dwellinjj lioii-e. 
stood ahont four rods iiort-li from Norfolk street, and partly on land 
now in the westerly siilewalk of a new street called Darliii"- street.* 
He died Nov. II, i 71)8. Children: ° 

i. Er.iZAiiKTii, b. June :.'.'), 1740; in. John Tohnan. April 0. 17G1 ; ^^he 

(1. Nov. L>;;. I7i;i'. 
ii. Sakaii. b. Jnne l>s, 174;3; ni. lIope-.tlU Ilall, Mav 3, 17<i;3: bhe d.. 

Sept. 20. l,si)S. 
iii. TuAXKi'iL. b. Oct. 7, 1744; ni. I'hineas Holdeu, Sept! ."0, 170': ; she 

d. April 1.^ IS lit. 

8. Thomas* Uakkk {Jnlm? Jolni? Ric/>a)yP).i-on of John (3) and Hannah, 

was born ]May o, 1717. He married Ann IMattox. A* a|)pears 
by deed bearing,' date. Jime 1, 1738, he bought of Kheiiezer 
-Nfawdsley a dwellin;r house and ten acres of land bounded westerly 
by the highway !ea<ling to Boston, .^ontherly by land of John IJakcr, 
easterly by Capen, and northerly by Robert .Seaile. Jr. The des- 
cription is snllicieiit to fix it as licar to the land which J(din liaker 
bought of William .^tonghton. and fronting- on '"the i;rcat countrv 
road." Thomas Baker died Dec. 2'J, 1745 ; his wife died Oct. .3, 
1758. Children: 

i. Sarah, b. Nov. 24, 17:)!!; m. Abrain "Wliecler. Nov. 1.3. 17.yj; >he d. 

Feb. 11, 177t;. 
ii. Hanxaii, b. Au<?. 3. 1741: m. John Clapp. Nov. 20. 17r.4, tlie same 

described in the Clapp genealoirv (p. 22s) as •• John tild Times "; 

slie i\. Auir. 10. 17711. 
iii. Ann, b. <_>ct. .3, 1744; d. (.)ct. i), 17.37. 

9. Y.Li.ixn* B.\ki:r [JnJm.^ Johnr Rirh(ir(0), son of John (3) and Han- 

nah. WHS born in D(^rchester, May 14, 1720. He married Hannah 
]*iitfer of Stou-hton, Nov. 20, 1744. He I'emoved to '■ .Stoui:hton- 
iiam," now Sharon, .Mass., and settled on the v/esterly side of 
that part of the " Bay road " which is the boundary between 
Stoughton and Sharon. His dwelling house still stand<, and is 
about 30 roils bai'k fr<3m the r>:iy road, and a somewhat gre;iter 
distance southerly from Stoughton Strei't. He died Nov. 8, 180'2; 
his wife died April G, 180G, aged 8i> years. Childi-eii: 

i. Haxxaii. b. Dec. 2j, 174.3: m. Natlianiel Fi>her of StouLchton. April 

22. 17r,.;. 
ii. Saiiah. h. Dee. IC. 1747. 
r.i. iii. Th<>m\-. b. Sept. 2s. 174'j; m. FJiza Cony. 

iv. Amioaii., b. Mav 21, 1751 ; in. John Box Bronsden of Milton. Ma^s., 

Aug. ;i. 1774. 

• Appcndi.K VIII. 

. 11 

2ii. V. F.r.ij.vir. b. April 12, 17."^: ni. Olive Koii^rs. 

vi. Mauy, h. Dec. I'li, 17.")4; iii. Jusoph 15L-lcher of Sharon. (Jet. L'->, 

l'~'> (iiiteiitiou of that dato). 
vii. Batiisiii:i!a. in. Nehomiah B. Sampson of Koche-tiT. X. II.. Oct. 

T. 17S!I. 
viii. Sr'>AN'NA, ni. Oliver Shci)aril of Stou'j.iiton. July 21. 17',Hj. 

21. ix. Joiix. I). Mareh 7. 171;.') : m. AliiLrail lUake. 
X. ]\lKmiAi5Lr.. m. Neil MeCoy of I'tiea. N. Y. 

22. xi. .Jami:.>^. b. April 21, 17'J.^; in. .Martha Bird. 

10. Gr.ouGE'' IjAKF.u (Jolin,^ John?' RirluinF), son of John (o) and Ilaii- 

iiah, x^as born in Doiehester, Aug. lo, 1721. lie enliyted in tlic 
Cape Breton expnlition. which sailed tVuni Boston M.-irch '1\. 17 1."). 
He returned disabled with sliip lever. His brotlier Thomas took 
the'disease from him, and died in conseiiiience. He married 1st, 
Rtitli Williams, Feb. lU. 1747; she died June ."lO. 1 701. aged o t 
years. He married '2d, INIrs. Mary J(Mies, April 11. 17")'>; she died 
Dec. 9, 177G, aged 51 years. He mari-ied -3(1, Susanna Vih-s, Oct. 2, 
1777; she died'Sept 2G, 1810. He died March 4, isio. His home- 
stead was in Dorchester, on the northerly side of the road now called 
Norfolk Street, near the crossing of the N. Y. & X. E. railroad and 
not far from the Dorchester station of tliat railroail. His dwelling 
stood within what is now a small triangular lot, bounded south by 
the street and north-west by the railroad. Childieu : 

i. Gkouck. 1). Fel). 4. 174S; d. sinijlo. Sept. l*!. isoj. 

ii. :Mai:y. b. Feb. 21, 17.">4; ni. Nathaniel Snift, Sejjt. 2."">. 1777; shed. 

Jan. 1."). 17S.-,. 
iii. Ei.iZAi'.KTii, b. April 2.j, 1700; m. Ebenezer Withinu,ton, Duj. I'J, 

1773; she d. April 14. 177G. 
iv. Ann. b. April 4, 1758; m. Lemuel Withington, Jan. 27, 177:); shed. 

May 12. I.s2(;. 
V. Stkpiii;n, b. July 1, 17i;0; d. Oct. 3, 17G1. 

11. Pkeseiivkd* Bakf.11 {James? John? RlchariP), son of James (1) and 

Judith, was born Fell. 14, 1711. He married .Marth.i Harrington, 
March IG, 1737. He owned and occu|»ied the homestead pro[)erty 
at Savin Hill, which had been his father's and grandfather's. He 
died April 28, I'J 77; his wife died Feb. 10, 180.3, aged 88 years. 
Children : 

i. Maktiia, b. March 2, 17^0; m. Paul Hall, Feb. 11, 17*11: -lie d. 

April 1(], 177(;. 
ii. Mauv, b. June 25, 1740; m. Joseph Trescott, June .'3, 17G2; shed. 
• Oct. 18, isiju. 

23. iii. Jamks, b. Nov. 1), 1742: m. Lvdia Lacy. 

24. iv. Sa^iukl, b. Dec. M, 1744; m., Elizabeth Clapp; m. 2d. Sarah 


25. V. ri:i:-r.uvi:o. b. Nov. 17, 174fi; m. Submit Clapp. 

vi. JiDirir, b. Dec. 17, 1748; m. Aaron Wilsou of Koxbury, .Mass., Nor. 

I'J, 1778. 
vii. JosKi'ii. b. 1751 : d. in infancy. 

viii. Sai:ah. b. July 24, 1753; lu. Beecher. 

ix. SxHruKN, d." in iufaucy. 

" S.XMUF.L* B.vKFii (James? John? 7?/c/m/-ri'), son of James (4) and 
Judith, was born iu Durchcater, Aug. IG, 1710. He was married 


in Kinn;'s Ch.ipel, in Boston, to .Tolianna Kitclcy, Nov. 2u. IT;. 
They liveil for a wliile in Stoii-liton, wlifit; ilie two t-ldest cljiM-. 
were horn. The (Jthers were Worn in Dori-hester. C'irciim>t;iiii-. 
iiidicat.- that the Dorolir^trr residence was at Upper Mills Wlhv 
now 3Littaivin. ;uiii that lie \va> employed in the panT-niakn 
lMi>iue>s. IIh dird in Sprinuthdd. Mass.. June I. 1 7.V.>. H;'. 
widow married :i man named .Morgan. She died in DoreliHst-- 
Sept. cS, ISN. Chddren: 

i. JouANNv. h. All-. LM. irt'.i; m. .Tosiali Wild.a- of dardiner. Me.^ 

2(1. ii. SAMri;i.. li. .lau. ID. IT.M: m. I'aticiice Jones. 

iii. 1)avii>. 1). March 4. i:.'):'. : died at sea. 

L'7. iv. '^U(lMA.-^. b. l\l). 2k 17.-.:.: ni. Abiirail McT)auiels. 

V. Makcaiikt. b. An-. 21. 17.-.7: in. Willhun Pierce. Dec. 7. 17>r). 

vi. SiLKXCK, b. Sept. !.■>. 17."i;t: ni. Benjamin White of IIalh)w..'ll. .Me. 

13. Ebknkzi-.i:'* Uvkku {Ahijnh.^ Joh,,.'' PJrharcP). son of Al.ij.ili {:,) 

and Hannah, wa-. horn in l)i>ivhe^trr.;()rt. 1 }, 1714. 11^ r.-inoved 
uhen a child with his parents to .Medlield. He nuirried K-th-n- 
Kini:sl)!iry, .Mareli 2;). i7.!i;. lie died Xov. 2'.'. 1797. Tliev lived 
in Wal[>oIe. .Ala-s.. where their children wei'e horn. Children: 

i. P:srin-.i:.^r. 2 >. L7:;:i: m .[oslma Mm-s- in 17i;s!. 

ii. Samii-.l, b. .)u;\ I. 1744: ni. Mary IJoyden of WiVHtliani. lied. 

Sept. 2;i. 1>2I : -he d. D.r. .'.o. iso7. aired (17 year-.. Thev liad 

Init one child. K>thtr. wlio niarrit'd Klea/.er Belcher. Oct. ;j."l7!il; 

sli- d. -May I'.i. I.s20. at Foxburo". 
iii. Ei$i:nk/.kk. b. Mai-ch 22. 174-<: d. in 17(10. 

iv. I'liA.N-Krrr.. b. .luue ;;. 17:-o: m, I~a:ic Eaton of Franklin. Mass. 
V. .Vhi'.i.. b. .luly 4. 17::;: ni. Sandi Smith of Walpohj. Ma--, [[e 

r.anovcd to Fitzwil!i;!m. X. 11.. and .lidl tlicre. leavinir no cliildrcn. 
28. vi. Zii'.v. b. .ln!y U. I7.J7: m. Millie- (•lc\ eland. 

vii. IIanxvii. Ii. .ban. 21. 1771 : ni. .Vmor Ilardiii-. Oct. I;l. i7'-'.». 
2'.). viii. Eni:Ni:zia;. b. Jan. 2'.i. I77,->: m. Lin-y .Maxii^'ld. 

14, Ar.i.T.vii'* 1>.\KF.R {AJnjiiK^ Juhn^ li'irlmrd'' ) . -on of .Vl.ijih ('.V/and 
\ IlaniKili, was born in .Medlield. Oct. io. 171N. lie nnirried Kstin-r 

Hill of that town in 1742. ;uid his chiMiiai were born there. His 
liome^tead was on the pre-eiit Sonth Street, one tonrth nule soiitli 
from [Medlield centre, the premi-es heii--. in Ins'.), (juip-d bv Frank 
Klujdes. In 17(J1 Abijah l!:iker removed to the n(M-th precinct of 
Wrentham. now the town of Fr;uiklin. He settle'! on ;i bv-wav 
exteiiilin- i'lto the wilderne-- fi-oni tin; [ire-ent lieaver .Str<'et. Tiie 
premi-es are now a p:irt of wlrit is known as the Klias llaker F;irm. 
The old cellar and leninants of an orciiaid yet m:irk the -pot. which 
is about Indf a mile from r>e;iv<-r Street, and an eightii mile on tiie bv- 
way beyord th" Flias 15aker farni-hon-e. L:(ter the fannly domicile 
w;is e-t:d)li-hed on Lincoln .Stieet. as it now is e.KteniJed, aiioiU ;x 
milenoith of tin,' town centie. .Vlnjah r>;iker's docemlants still 
own ami live there. He died Sept. 27. 17^0; his wife died Sept. 
2.J. Fs()2. agi'il 7'.» ye;irs. Children: 

i. J ami:-. 1). March b:. 174:'.: d. (ict. .".. K.'.u. 

ii. Sll.A.-. Ij. .lane 1 1. 171 I : 1 1, in ni l';iii<-y. 

30. iii. ri:i>ia;\i !>. b. May 1 ■>. I7i:i: m. Kii/.abeth Daniels, 
iv. 'ill \Msi ( I., li. Jii'.v I. 1717: ij. ill i-:;:;. -jn-h'. 

31. V. .Viu.iAii. b. .V\s- II. 171'.,': in. 1-t. E-tlicr I'arker; in. 2d. I'lnebe 



32. vi. JoHV, b. Xov. .">. 17.")! : m. ^folly llnnlinix. 
vii. 1). Oct. 11. 17."i:l: d. ymniir. 
A-ili. y.vTHANiKL. l). Dl'c. 21., ir.'ii", ; (1. May 11. 1777. PrDbably k\\\'-<\ iit 

the aniiv service nt'tir Saratoira. 
ix. E.-^TiiKK. "b. April 2+. 17.")'.>; la. Noah Hill of Duuiilas, Mass., Mav 

2(*. 17.S4. 
X. jAMr.>, b. 17(;i: <]. in Franklin. Oct. .'>, l.S.">0, '-a^'od s'.) vears."' 
xi. :Mai:v. (1. .single. Ai)ril is, I7'.»n. 

1.5. MfCAii* P)AKr.lJ (Abfjali,^ Jdhit,^ RiclniriP). son of Al>ij:i1i (•")) and 
Ilaiiiiali, was l>oru in ]\Ied(iflil, Feh. 10. IT^JU. lie niarrieil 1st, 
Abigail Streeter of Walpole. Jan. 31. 17,:'l ; slie 'lied Sept. 18. ITi'.l. 
He married 2(1, Elizabeth Whittemore. Jan. li). 17G."). About the 
year 1700 he removed to Roy.ilston. Mass. He died in tliat town, 
April 2.'>, 1808; his wife died there Dec. 2-3, 1814. aged 74 years. 
Children : 

i. Rr.BKCCA, b. June 2'.>, 1752, in MedQekl: m. Joshua He-ws of Koyal- 

ston, :\rass., Nov. >>."). 177;>. 
ii. IIanxau, b. July 12, K.^ii; d. .^ept. 0, 1754. 
iii. MiCAii, b. Sept. :•. 17."."); d. yonui:-. 
iv. MAnxnA, b. April 1."., 17.">7: d. 1777. 
V. Abigail, b. July K!, 17.").'^ (probably m. x\.mos ParkerV 
vi. Elizabeiii, b. Nov. lo. 17*;l1: m. .tonas WarrMof Littleton, Mass.. 

Sept. 14, 17SS; :,hc d. at Uethleheni. N. H., March fi, 17'.i7. 
vii. EiiDDA, b. March 12, 17(;.J. in Medtield ; ni. Jonathan Gale of Iloyal- 

ston. Mass, 
?>?>. viii. "MiCAir. b. Nov. 2'.), 17i;i>, in Walpole: m. Polly Hopkins. 

ix. IIkpsibaii, b. Sept. 17G8, in Walpole; ni. I'eter Barton of Croydon. 

N. R. 
x. Amos, b, Manh 17, 1772. in Mcilticld : removed to Sprinirticld, O., 

and d. tliere .luly 12, L-5;'.2 ; his chil<lren were .Mnlinda, Amos, Sally. 

Keuben and Juditli. 
;54. xi. Abi.i.ui, b. Dec. 12, 177J. in Medtield, 
xii. S.uiAH, b. July 1, 1777; d, July ;», 1778. 

10, James* Raicku (James* Jo/in,^ John,- Richard^), son of James (C) 
and Priscilla, was born in Dorchester, Sept. 5. 17;3!>. lie graduated 
at Harvard College in 1700. He married Lyiiia I'.owman, daughter 
of llav. Jonathan Bowman,* in 17G9. He practised as a physician 
for some time in Dorchester, but eventually establisheil a country 
store connected witli his then new house, a l)uilding yet stamling on 
its original site at the corner of Washington and Norfolk Streets. 
Until after the building of the town house on the 0|)posite comer of 
Norfolk Street, the place wa.s known to the towns-people and to 
travellers as "Dr. Baker's Corner." In the year 1772 he b'-g:iii 
the manufacture of chocolatef at Dorchester Lower Mills, a business 
which was developed into great magnitude by his son and grand>on. 
Dr. Baker did not remove to the Lower Mills, but continue*! at the 
" Corner," wdiere be died Jan. 2, 1825 ; his wife died July 2i'. 1^10. 
Children : 
:••''• i. Ki>MfXD, b. April 20, 1770; m. Nt, Sarah IIowc ; m, 2d, Elizabeth 
Li Hie, 

ii. Er.i/, b, Dec, 20, 1774; d. -iiiLrlc May 2. 1S03; 

iii. Lydia, b, Jan. 1, 1777; d. single, Dec. 27, 1-^.'»1. 

• Appundi.K IX. t AppcnJi.K X. 


17. Ebicntzt-.k'^ Bakku {Jaws* John? John.' RichanP). son of James ("' 

and Priscilla, was born in Dorchester, Nov. 19, 1743. He niairi'-.l 
1st. Abigail Preston, Dec. l.'J. IT"'.'.); -lir (li.-d Jan. iM. 1 78 i. II- 
married 2d, Susanna Glover, June 1. 17^0. His re>idf'nce •.vas oi, 
'"the great country road" neaily oj)posite to the end of Sehoi.i 
Street, in Dorcliester. the site being the same as that of tli^ mansion 
of the late Koswell Gleason. Mr.'^l)al<er died .M:tv l'2. I 70s. Hi. 
widow Susanna removed with lier son to Hender.sun. K v. L'iiildren : 

i. PiusciLi.A, h. St>pt. .".. 1770; m. Samuel Most-lev. Dec. 2'.*. IT'X]-. ^lll• 
d. in Hill. \. H. 
3G. ii. Eiu-.XEZKii 1;iciiaki>. b. .Tuly 12. 17'.'0: m. rrutli'uci' Buckley. 

iii. IIaxxaii, b. Amr- l"^. 171i.">; m. (havles .]. Atlams of .McdiicUl, July 
18, 1612. They lived in Dorchester in the* liou>e whicli hail behjUi^cd 
to her father, and she died there Oct. 21. is;).s. aired I:; years. 

18. JonN° {Jimes.* Ji>hn? John? RirhanP-), son of James (G) and 

PrisciUa, was born Dec. 14. 174G. He married 1st, Anne Piei'ce, 
in 177o; she died May G, 1775, aged 24 years. He married 2il, 
Eliphal Swift, in 1777; she died April 4, 1788. He married od, 
Chi-istiana Colson, July 8, 1804, widow of Adam Colson of Jjoston. 
In the settlement of his father's estate John Baker became owner of 
the liomestead on the great country road which had been thai of ins 
father and grandfather. He built a house upon the site of the 
ancient structure. He died Aug. 14, 1818. His widow survived 
him many years and is remembered as the donor of the clock which 
is upon the gallery tVont of tlie Village Church at Lower Mills. 
Children : 

i. AxxK. h. :Mav G, 177."); m. Samuel Toplifl", Feb. G. 1707: shed. Jau. 

27, 1.S20. 
37. ii. Joiix, b. May 1, 17^0; ui. 1st, Frances Sargent: ni. 2d, Sarah L. 

iii. Jami:s, b. Mar. 10, 17S:5; d. in Boston, single, March .J. Is28. 

19. TnOM.\s^ Baker (Elijah? John? John? Richard'), son of Elijah fO) 

and Hannah, was born in Sharon, Sept. 2fi. 174'J. He married 
Elizabeth Cony of that town. He resided for ten years or un'ie in 
that part of Milton called "New State." but does not appear to liave 
owned a homestead there. He died in Milton, Dec. 28, l7'Ji;, 
Children : 

i., b. Dec. IG, 1772; m. Jnhn Blackman of Canton; they 

removed to Chenaniro County. New York. 
ii. Sakaii, b. Dec. 20, 1774; m. Luther May of Canton. Nov. LI, 17'.).5. 
iii. Thomas, b. Oct. G. 177G; d. in Milton. Slarch 17, 17'.i7. 
iv. FiiANCis, b. Nov. .">, 177S; d. July. 177'.>. 
V. nAXXAii, b. Feb. 12. 17S2: m. Elisha Vose of Boston, sou of Tlio- 

mas and ^farv Tucker Vose. 
I'or.i.v. b. Jan". 12. 17s.-): d. hiiiirle in Canton. Mas-.. A.D. isoo. 


vii. Fi:aN(I>, b. March 31, 17>i7, in .Milton; m. Kli/.a K. \\'hitui;irs|i. 

20. Elljaii* liAKKR [Elijah? John? John? Richard'), son of Elijah (0) 
and Hannah, was born in. Sharon, April 12, l7o.,i. He m;uried 
Olive Roi:ers, Feb. 24, 1777, and removed to Stockbridge.- \'t. She 
died July^oO, 182G, aged 70; he died Oct. 1-3, l8o8. Children: 


I i. Xakdy, b. Auic. 2S, 1770 ; m. Liithor IIowc in 1^13 and liveil in Stock- 

I ii. Oi.iVK. b. AuiT. 2.'!. l7^-2. in Sharon; ni. Branch "Whitcoiub, in \s,»o. 

f and lived in Stookbrul::e. 

I 30. ill. Ei.r.TAU, b. Feb. (). 17>.')^ m. A/.uba rnlhnrn. 

( 40. iv. Joiix. b. April 1':'.. 17sS: m. ii-t^rv r.iillard. 

H V. Xanxy, b. Oct. in. 17'.i"2: d. < »ct. iVi. isiyj. 

! vi. Satt.y. b. F.-b. 21. 17'.tO; m. Daniel Gay. June 12, ISIO, and lived iu 

21. JORN^ Bakeu {Elijah.* John,'' John,'' lilchnrrP). son of Elijah (0) 

ami Hannah, was bora in Sharon, [March 7, 17iJ5. lie tnarried 
Abigail Blake, Dec. 15, 1796. He lived in the old house in Sharon 

|, near the Ray Koad. heroming owner of the premises by inheritance. 

\ He died May 22, 1834:; his wife died 3Iav 1-3, 1840, aged 70 years. 

' Children: 

•il. i. PniXF.A';, b. Oct. U. 1707: m. Alzada Howard of Ea<ton, Mass. 

ii. Stf.piif.x. b. Auir. 24. isnO: d. Oct. 7. l.-^02. 

iii. IIaxxati. b. April 27. isUo: m. David Periico of Wrentliani, Mass., 

Oct. 20. is-i.j: >he d. March 27, 1827. 

iv. Mauy TrcKKi:. b. Nov. is. iso.-, ; cl. Oct. 17. IsO^. 

42. v. A.vRON I5LAKE. b. Oct. 20. lsr)7: m. Cvntliia Clark, 
vi. Layima, b. Jan. 4. ISU; d. Sept. 10,"lsno. 

22. JA>fE5* Bakkk {Elijah* John? John,"" Richard'), son of Elijah (0) 

and Hannali, was born in Sharon, April 21, 1768. He married 
INIartha Bird of Dorchester, ii\ 1792. For several years he lived 
on and owned an estate in Dorchester next to " llo.vbury Brook," 
the estate on the opposite side of the brook being that of Gov. 
Eustis. About the year IS'H) Mr. Baker removed to Boston. He 
lived on Hawkins Street, and for many years was se.xton of King's 
Chajiel. He returned to Dorchester in 1815, and occupic'l a liouse 
on Wales's Lane, now Columbia Street, where he passe<l the re- 
mainder of his days. He died Jan. 12, 1820; his wile died May 6, 
1826, aged 59 years. Children: 

i. Patty, b. Feb. 13. 1703: d. sinirle, March 31, 18G8. 

43. ii. Abkl riFFKU. b. July 10, 17'.i.";: ni. Hannah Lewis Dav?nport. 
iii. STKniEN Bim>, b. Oct. «, 17ln'", : d. Auir. 21. 1707. 

44. iv. Jamks. b. Sept. H. 1708: m. Harriot Davenport. 

y. Axx, b. June 30, 1802: ni. Thomas Bird, Nov. 0. 1842: -he d. March 
25. 1880. 

45. yi. Stephfx, b. .Tan. 10, 180": m. Hannah Davis Vose. 
vii. Edw.ujd, b. June 10, l;s(.)7 ; d. July 30, 1812. 

23. James* Uaker {Preserved* James? John,'' Richard^), son of Pre- 

served (11) and Martha, was born in Dorchester, Nov. 9. 1712. He 
married Lydia Lacy, in 1768. He owned by hecpiest of his father 
the homestead at Savin Hill, and was the last of the name of B;iker 
to own and occupy the ancient dwelling house built l>y Richaiti 
Baker for his son John. James Baker died iu 18U.j; hi- wife died 
May 24, 1818, aged 71 years. Children: 

Sauah, b. Feb. 24. 1773; m. Joseph Muncreof. Auir. ■"'. 1703. 
Phinka.s, b. Dec. 31, 1775; d. leavini: nu children. 
Samfi:l, b. July, 1778; m. Charlotte Mnncreef, Feb. 1>|">- 

Jamfs. b. Oct. 0, 1780; m. Mnncreef. l)nt liad no eliildren. 

V. William, b. July 3, 1782; d. single, Feb. 10, 1*02. 



Samukl* i'.AKKii (Presrri-ed.* Jomrs,^ Jo/nir HlrhnviV). ?oii of Pre- 
served (11) ami Martlia. \va^ Itorii in Di)rclie>ter. Der. ]."). 1 7-i |. 
II_e married l>t. K!i/.a!>etli Clapp. Oct. o\ , 177! ; she died X.-v. !:», 
1782, aired 'M] years. He married "id. Sarah Clark. Aiicr. 2'). 17s;;.' 
lie died March 12, 1819; she died Aiiir. O. 1S28, a-^ed 7.>s years. 
lie lived in an ancient liou.-e wliich is still .-tandini; (in lSSi)).*:il.,.ut 
six rods to the northeastward of the site of tlie lioiise of his hnnh.r 
James. Tiie date of tlie house of Samuel is uncertain, hut it was 
prior to the iM-i^innini;- of tin- Ivev(jhuion ; for duriiiff the sieije of 
Boston it was occupied us a harrack by American troops. It was 
part of the bequest to James Baker above referred to. and was con- 
veyed by him to Samuel by deed of May lo. 1777. Children: 

•iC. i. Ei.KA/.KR. 1). .Tiui.' 27. 17>4; m. Susan Muiiroc 
li. Joshua, b. Jan. 17. 178fi ; d. sini^le, Sept. 1. ls:'>0. 
iii. Ei.iZAUKTrr, b. Aiiril 10, 1790; m. 1st, Hatch Tierce, Sept. 2G. ISU; 
m. I'd, David Conroy. 

25, Pkkseuvf.d* Baker (Prcs:erreJ* James.^ Juhu,"^ RicharcP), son of 

Preserved (11) ami Martha. wrxS born in Dorchester, X<>v. 17, 
174G. He married 8iil)mit Clapp, IMarcli 11. 1777. She was a 
sister of Elizabeth, tlie first wife of Samuel his bi-otlier. The resi- 
dence of I^eserved Baker for some years was on the westerly .side 
of Adams Street, near Centre Street, in Dorcliester, and there his 
children were born. In 1793 he removed to Brookline, 3fass.. and 
■was superintendent of the large farm of Hon. Jonathan 3IasMn in 
that town, until 1810, wlien he returned to Dorchester. In 1797 
and 1803 he had purchased the title of the iieirs. other than his wife, 
in the estate of John Clapp. This was his homesteaii durin" the 
remainder of his life. The site of his dwelling house encroaches at 
the southwest corner upon the present line of Willow Court. The 
position is about half way between two passage ways extending 
northeasterly from that roadway, called "Baker's Court" and 
"Field's Court." He died Jan. 16, 1832 ; his wife died Doc. 28, 
183G, aged 87 years. Children : 

i. MATtTiiA, b. Jan. 14. 1778; d. sinirle, Oct. 2, ISo'i. 

47. ii. John-, h. Feb. 27, 17S0; m. Tatty Ellis. 

iii. Xatiiamkl, b. May:'.l. 17^1; d.\inale. Dec. 18, 1839. 

48. iv. Bkx.jamix, b. Jan. 5, 178G; m. Lydia Thayer. 

26. Samuel* Baker [Samuel* Janvs? Jnhn^ Richard^), son of Samnel 

(12) and Johanna, was born in Stou^hton, Jan. D!. 17.J0. He 
married Patience Jones in 1785. He removed to Dori-he>:er and 
■was employed in paper making at dillVrent periods, both at the 
Upper ilills village, now Mattapan, and the Lower Mills village. 
In later years he was toll-gate keeper on Brush Hill turnpike, ami 
lived in the toll-house at the corner of the turnpike, now call<-<l Blue 
Hill Avenue, and the lane now called ilortfui Stieet. His wife 
died Nov. I, 1820; he die.l June 17, 1838. Children: 

49. i. Edwai:i>, b. ^^av 31, 178G; ni. Susan G. Youn;;. 
ii. Bet-ky. b. April 10, 17t'0: d. sin-le, Sept. l>,;o. 
iii. Svi.oMK. b. 1791; d. siiiLrle. 

iv. Su.>AX, b. 1792; d. single, March 30, 18.10. 


V. Lois, 1). — ; m. Lewis Tavlnr. Auir. 1.'). lsl9. 

50. vi. Juki., h. May 7, isol : ni. Diautha Alhee. 

vii. .Maiiy. h. Si-pt. Lxm; il. ^inuili'. Juiio --^u, l.s42. 

viii. Licv. b. ; (I. ill infancy. 

27. Tii(>M.\.s' B.MCKU (&n>inel,* Jr////*.v.' ./„//;«.- Richard^), son of Sainiiel 

(12) and .loluiiina, was Ix.nii in Duichester, Feb. 2A. ll'i't. W,- 
married Abigail in 177,s. He died Dec -27. 17'.iij; she 
died Oct. o. 1803, aged 77 years. They lived at the r|.|>er .Mills 
Village in Doreliester, where he followed the trade- of [>a|M-i- m.ik<M-. 
Alter his d-eath slie lived with her sister Hannah McDauiels in the 
"Tolmun house." on Tuhnaii I.ane. in Dorehe.-ter. Children: 

5L i. Thomas, ]>, Yi-h. •2;'.. 177'.»: in. Ilaniiali Rri<,'lit. 

ii. Haxnau, 1). .Sept. I'll, 17S1: ni, Jo,sepli Tohuan, Jan. L I so.", • -h^,l 
May 27, ISoi;. 

52. ill. 1)a\-id, b. June 2(j. 17ti5; m. 1st, Eliza I>rii,dit; in. 2d, Cathrriiie 

iv. Fanxy, b. June 24. 17'^7: iii. Columbus Warren, May ;{, l.slo ; they 

lived in Doreliester several years, and later in Whitesboro". X. V. : 

she died July H!, l.s;'>7. 
V. Catiikkixk, h. Julv 2;;;. 1700; m. Artemas Stone and lived in Wilton 

vi. AiuGAiL, b. Jan. 1. 17!)4; d. single. 

28. ZiH.v^ B.\KKK {Ehcnrzer* Abijali.^ John.- Richard^), son of K!)enezer 

(13) and Esther, was born in Walpole. duly 11. 17o7. He married 
iNIillie Cleveland. Aug. 17. 17f^(). He was an e.\tensive and pros- 
perous farmer in Wulpole. and owned lai'ge tracts of land in ailjuin- 
ing towns. His liomestead was at "Walpole plains, now called West 
"Wulpole. He died Aug. 15, 184G; his wife died Dec. 25, 1857, 
aged 91 years. Children: 

i. Patty, b. Oct. 1. 17S7; m. John Pearson ]5owkerof Uutlaml. .Ma>s.. 

July 24, 1822. V)ein<r his second wife; she d. Nov. 2."). Is7:;. 
ii. Polly, b. June 2. 17114; ra. John Pearson Bowker, Nov. 12, Lsl2; 

she d. Dec. ill. lS2o. 
iii. AViLLAUi). b. Sept. 22, isnO; m. Lucetta Chirk of Foxboro', Sept. 

7, 1»2G; hed. April tJ, lyyO; they had no children. 

29. Ebf.nezeu^ B.\kku {El>enezer* Abijah,^ John.^ Richard'), son of 

ICbenezer (13) and Esther, was born in Walpole, Jan. •_".', 1775. 
He married Lucy Ma.xfield in that town, in May, 18"i'. His 
homestead, which comprised a larixe farming tract, was on the roail 
now called liaker Street, in Walpole, near to the "Old Post Uoad." 
his father having been the piior (jwner and original occupant. He 
died duly "2-4, 1811, from injuries received iu being run over by 
the wheel of his cart as he was driving over Boston Neck. His 
wife died Se{)t. 24, 184G. Childi-en : 

53. i. WiLLiA>r, b. Sept. 4, l.siti ; m. Amelia Ilunkins. 

54. ii. EiJKNKZKU, b. June 22, lMt:{: m. Uelicf Drake. 
iii. GEoiuiK, b. June 11. lf<US: d. March 1.]. 1821. 
iv. Lucy, b. Aui:;. iJ,'.). 

30. Pkkservkd* B.vKKl! ( Ahijidi* Ahijafi? Julm.^ Richard^ ), son of Abijali 

(14) and E>ther, was born in >iedHeld, May 15, 1745. He married 
Elizabeth Daniels. He ap[)ears to have lived for a wlule in several 
different towns, but tinallv settled in Medtield, where he died Dec. 
4, 1792; his wife died Dec. 31, 1794. Children : 



55. i. Amos. b. Angr. 24. 1772. in Franklin; m. At)iirail Smitli. 

ii. Kachk.i.. 1). -Ian. 2"-', 177."). in ML-ntlon. Mass.; m. Mark Wood of 

rxbridLC'', Mass.. Sept. 1. 171"!. 
iii.', b. Jan. :'>. 177s, in 3k-ndon: ni. sandi Snt-lli^Mluf, in Bo>lon, 
Oct. l.s, IsU'.'; ht.' d. in I)oiTi)e>tLT, ^larcli 2u, Is^'S. 
of!, iv. Daxiiu.s, b. Jan. 17. 17so, in W.-dpoli-; m. Klniina Hanford. 

57. V. l'i:i:.>i:uvi:i), b. Jan. 21. 17.S2; ni. Lydia Cnunninus. 

vi. Ki.iZAr.iyni. b. Oct. 1, 17^4; m. IVtcr I'lionipson of Donirlas, Mas.s., 

Fel). 2(j. 1S07. 
vii. NAiif.M. 1). Jan. S, 178!>; d. sinirje. in ^k-dtield, Feb. 7, 1^.32. 

58. viii. Asa. i). Sept. 4, 17'J1 ; m. Abi^^ail Uidle}-. 

31< Ar-LJAii'^ Uakki: [Abijoh,^ Ahijah,^ John.' Richard^). ?.oii of Abijah 
(14) and Esther, was born in ^Mediic^lcl, Aug. 11, 1740. lie 
marrietl 1st, Esther Pinker of Watertown, Mass., March, 1775; 
she (lied May I'J, 17'J'>, aged 41 years. He married 2d, Pinebe 
Boydeii of \V'i-enthani, April 17, 17'J8. Fie served in the army of 
the Revolution. He resided in Franklin, on the Lincoln Street 
farm. He died April 20, 1824; his wife died Nov. 19, 1821. 
Children : 

i. E.sTirKii, 1). Oct. -IT), 1770; ni. Oct. 25, l.s(>2, Jolm Wnrlleld of Med- 
Avay, who later lived in Franklin; she d. Nov. 25. ks55. 
5'J. ii. ])a\ ii>, b. Jnno 5, 1782; m. 1st, Jeniinia Itichardson ; m. 2d, Lucy 
iii. AxxA, b. June 5, 17.S0; d. single, May 2, 1804. 

32. JoiiN-s Ba k vm ( Abijah,-' Ahijah,' Jnhn^ Richard' ). son of Abijah (14) 

and Esther, was born in Medfield. Nov. •'*, 1751, and removed to 
Ei-anklin with his fatlier's faniilv. He ni.arried .Molly Harding, and 
lived iu that part of the town called S .uth Franklin, where he 
owned a farm. He died June 15, I81G; his wife died Feb. 17, 
1818. Children: 

i. EuA.s, b. Xwj.. 1. 1780 ; m. 1st. Pihoda ElUs. Nov. 27, 180G ; their only 
child, John Ellis, d. July 22. ls-_>'J; Mrs. Khoda Baker d. Oct. 23, 
1833. Elias Baker m. 2d, Hannah Foster, Anir. Is.'.i;; they had one 
dan^liter, Harriet, -wlio ni. ]\I. iM. Daniels, and d. Sefit. lsi;7. Ellas 
Baker inlierited Ins fatlier's farm and lived at South Franklin; he 
d. Jan. 30. ls53; his wife Hannah d. An.:r. 23, i8i;(;. 

11. EnuDA, b. Feb. 5, 1782; m. Asa Hill, Jan. (J, 1808; they lived iu 
Douglas, Mass. 

iii. ror.LY, b. June 5. 1784; ni. Elijah Kicliardson, in Franklin, Feb. 3, 
1808; in 1822 thev removed to AVestford, Vt., Avhere she d. June 
25, 1830. 

iv. Julia, b. Oct. 5, 1788; m. David Barden of F'ranklin, Jan. 20. 1812. 

V. Ulivk Haiiding, b. Aug. 28, 17'JL>; d. single, March 11, 1817. 

33. MiC.\li* P>.VKKK {JRcah,* Abijah,' Johnr Richard^}, son of ^Iic:di (15) 

and Eliziheth, was born in \Val[)ole. Nov. 29, 17CG. Pie married 
Polly Hopkins of Waterford, Vt., Aug. o, 1797. IShe was born in 
^Vilmington, Mass. His four eldest children were born in Bethle- 
hem, N. II. Later he lived iu Concord, Vt. He died June 12, 
1859; his wife died in .Morristown. Vt., subsequent to 1859, at, which 
time she was 95 years of age. Child: en: 

i. Ektsky. b. Feb. 8, 17'.t;»; ni. William 15nck in Waterford, March 15, 
1821; she d. iu Coucord, Vt., April lo, IsiO. 


I 00. ii. Sf.weli,. b. .Tniio 17. IsnO; m. Elizabeth Brown. 

I iii. I'or.rA", b. ^[arcU _. ImU: ni. .Taiiu-s ,I.>slin. Jr.. Juue 22. 1-2"'.. in 

! Waterford : they liveil also in Concord. Vt. 

I iv. 3IUAH. b. Jan. 2o. isOt!; m. Arvilla Joslin. in ^^'ate^t■ord. Jan. 1.".. 

/ 1S.">3; their children Mere Iloracj li., (r^'on^e K.. Josiaii J., ('hm-'i-. 

j and Kllen M. ; llor.ace na-; b. in Dec. l.s;!;5. and (M-ori:-!' in >ray. l-:'.i;. 

i V. Ukcbkn' H.. b. Fel). r.». lso->: m. .Mary B. (.ininiby "t" W'aterford. Mav 

f 1. L'^u:!, and lived in I'ittsbnrir. N. IE.; their children Mere ('1i''-i.t 

j ()., Kiehard and .Mary .V. ; ot Chester < >. Avas b. Jan. i'J. 1>:'.4, 

)and Kiehard died in I'itLsljnrir. X. II.. al)ont the vtar l>i.")l-. 
31, Ar.i.TAii' B.\KKU [Mtca/i* Aln/ali,^ John* RicJinrd^). ?on of Micah 
I (15) and Elizabeth, was horn in Medtield, D^'C. ll'. 177.>. lie 

s lived in Bethlehem. N. II., and died tiiere in iHlo. Children: 


I i. Xaxcy, ii. nr..N'UY. iii. IIhoba. iv. Br.xsp.v. v. .\.Nros and vi. Xi:i.-;ov 

I Avere the names of the children. All l)nt .Vnio-^ are said to liave 

^ removed to Utali. Amos lived in Lisbon. N. II. ; he m. Loi> KUiot 

of that toM'n. alxjnt the year l'^:'.s ; they hafl two children, William, 
wlio removed to XeM'port, X. II.. and Horace, Avho removed to 
Boston; he d. in Hookset. X. H.. abont ISC'.J; his wife, Lois, tl. in 
Lisbon, Jnly 22. Is,")."). a;,'ed 42 years. 

3.3- I->D3lUxr)'' B.\KEli {.Lunes,^ Jaiues,^ Juhu? John* Richdrd^), son of 
Jame.s (IG) and Lydia, was l)orn in I)oi-chester, April 2U. 177n. IK- 
marrie<l 1st. .'^arah Howe. Sept. 29, 1791,; .she died Jan. 29. l.so2. 
He married 2d, .Mrs. Elizabeth Lillie, a daughter of Daniel Vose ot" 
INIilton, ^lass.. Oct. 5, 1803.* At the time of the first marriage he 
became a resident at the Lower iNIills Village, and took sole charge of 
the manufacture which had l)een begun by Ui". Baker, his father. 
3Ir. Baker eidargeil the works from time to time, and became owner 
of all the mill privileges aliove the bridge on the Dorchester side of 
the River, at the lower fulls. His homestead was compri.^ed in the 
lot at tlie northerly corner of Washington and Richmond ."streets. 
He (lied Oct 11, 184G; his wife Elizabeth died ^larch 28. 18-13. 
Children : 

i\l. i. Waltki;.^ o. June 28. 1702; m. 1st, Deborah Smith Mott; m. 2d, 
Eleanor Jameson Williams, 
ii. CiiAULKs, b. March 2<!. 17'.>."): d. simjfle. in Verm<int. in May, ls:^>0. 
fVi. iii. Horatio, b. July I'.t. I7'J7 ; m. ^lary A. Sontlnv(n-th. 
t'.:3. iv. Edmcnl) Jamks, b. Xov. l.j. isni; ni. Sarah HoMard Sherman. 

v. Lyi>ia B(iWMAX, b. Eeb. 2s, l.suC; m. Kev. Benjamin IInntoon.+ .Inly 

7, 1.S41; ?he d. Oct. 2. isU. 
vi. Jamks, b. May 1:5, ISd'.): m. Martha Xeal of Portland, Me. : 
he d. at Lagrange, Fla., Sept. 11, l.s;37, leaving no childreH. 

36, Ebenezkr Ricn.\iiD^ B.\kku ( Ehenezer* James* Julin? John^ Rlcli- 
ard^), son of PLbenezer (17) ami .Susanna, was born in Dorchester. 
July 12, 1790. He married in 1813 Prudence Buckley, who was 
Ijorn in Wethersrield. or Rocky Hill. Conn. They lived for a while 
on Chestnut .Street, in Boston. About 1815 he removed to Hend- 
erson, Ky., where he engaged in mercantile business. Later he 
I went to Evansville, Ind., and carried on the s.irae hininess. He died 

.■ there in 1824; his widow died April '2o, 1843. Children: 

• Appendi.x XI. t Apper.di.x XII. 




i. Eiu;xK/r.i; Fiiancis, b. .]aii. 2'.'. I'^U. in llu' hou-o on Clu-tmit Siivrl. 
I5o>ti)ii. Dtiriuir the civil Avar pcTioil lu- livtil in l.oni-iima. ili- 
servLHi in tiio FfilL-ral army nearly tliree years, hnt \va< di^eliarueii 
for tlisability a lew week;^ before llie close of the term. He (.lied 
in 15o>ton. (»et. .".. iMl'.t. loa\inir no ehil(h'<-n. 

li. SrsAN Ki.i/.Aiu.rii. b. April s, l•^^s•, m. Jann-s Henry Wallace of 
New York Lily, .Mareii 8. is-lO; d. in New York. Sei)t." 27, I'-il. 

37i John*' 1>ari:r {Jolm.^ James* JoIdi? J<Jui,'^ liicliurd^ ). son of Joiui 
(18) and Eli|ilial, wa.s bora in Dorchester. 3[ay 1, 178U. He 
married, France.s Sar^'eut of Gloucester, ^la.-.-;., A[)ril -8, L'^U-j; 
she died Aug. 24. l.sOG. Jle married 2d, Sai-aii L. Loring of Iling- 
liam. Julv 22, is 10. He lesided for many years in Boston, wheie 
his children were born. lie died in liingham, June 13, 18u7. 
Chihu'en : 

i. JoHX Osuoitx, b. March \o. ISOi;;; m. Ruth Mather Dean. 

ii. Jami:.-. Loi.TNCr. b. Feb. 2. Islo: ni. l.--t, Nancy U. Samp.^on; m. 2d, 

Susan LunenljuriT. 

iii. Anna L.>i;ixr>. b. Nov. 2.-^. ISH; m. Kobert Fi>k. M.D. 

iv. Ahxki: Lonixcr, b. Dec. 21. l.sii;; d. in infancy. 

V. William Swift, b. May 21. l-'JS; d. in infancy. 

vi. Ai?NKu Loi:ixu, 1). Nov. 7. Is2n: lu. Lydia Kipley. 

vii. Sahah Fi:ax<ts. b. :\Iay 22. ls2;5. 

viii. Maky Swift, b. Sept. Ij, I6'lii. 

38i Fkancis^ B.a.kf:r {Tliomas,^ Elijah.* Juhn,* JoIhu"* Richard}). ?>on of 
Thomas (19) and P^liza. was born in ]\Ii!ton, Marcli 31, 1787. lie 
married, April 21, 1822. Eliza liol)inson Whitmarsli of Boston, and 
lived in that city, wliere his chililreii were born. He earned on tlie 
"West India goods bu.^inesson Long Wharf for some years, but in IS Id 
removed to Stow, Ma.-^s., and occupied a farm there. He died iu 
that town Se[)t. o, 18G9 ; his wife died Sept. 5, ls76, aged 79 years. 
Children : 

i. Fraxcts. b. Jan. 26. 1824: m. Lydia May Vose. (V-t. IC. IS.ji'. ; he d. 
Dec. ID. 1877: she d. April lo,"l«.sl, aged 48 years. Tlieir children 
were — Francis P'dwin, b. .luly 21, 18.J7. d. Oct. 2'J.l8.j": Thomas 
Vose, b. May 5. 1861. d. AprilK, 1862; Lydia May, b. Dec. 1, ls64 ; 
Geor;;e Vose. b. March 17. I8t's. d. April 8, l>s:>. 

ii. Cacdlixk Eliza, b. .Tuly 7, 182.j. 

iii. Thomas Wihtmaiisii. b. April 4, 1S20; ra. Abbie Pwhodes Gardner of 
Cranston, K. L. Oct. 21), l.s.-,7, and resides in Brooklyn. N. Y. Th«'ir 
chiUlren were — Mary Loui^a. b. April i;», 186:3: Thouia^ Fraiici-. b. 
Nov. 16). 18<;4, d. Dec. 2."). 18i;4 ; Caroline Kli/.a, b. July 2o. ]567. 

iv. Emvrx \'()SK, b. Oct. 31, lS;;i; d. May IJ, l87J. 

39. Eli.i.ui^ Bakfr {Elijah,^ Elijah,* John? John." Richird'), son of 
Elijah (20) and Olive, was born in Stockbridge, V^,., Feb. G. 1785. 
He married Azuba Coliturn, in 18"7. Children: 

C7. i. Eli.jah C, b. Sept. 24, l^os ; m. Hannah Howe, 

ii. Naxcv A., b. April 21, l8lo; d. Oct. 4, 1810. 

iii. Ciiai:li:s F., b. .lulv IK ]sis. 

iv-. J.tMKS IF, 1). Feb. 215. 1824. 

40. Joiix* Bakku {Elijah? Elijah.* John.^ Jolin? Richard^), son of Elijah 
(20) and Olive, was born in Stockbridge, Vt.. April 23, 17S8. Ho 
married Betsey Bullard in 1817, and lived in Stockbridge. Children: 


{. Bkt-i-y, b. ^h^y 2:^, 1^21 : m. Oliver ?,. Twitchcll. AvvW 14. ]<ir,. 
ii. Joirx v.. li. .how 2*'<. l-.'": m. Kmilv ('. duil'l i>\' J'oxhon)', Ma-s.. 

July 2i;, ISlil: t!i:n- Imd oiio child. Ida F.. 1). An-. 21, [si7. 
iii. Jii.irs Ai-crsTrs. b. Oct. 17, l>2'.t ; d. .Tune ID. 1-^.il. 
iv. Gi:i:irs E.. b. \nv. 2(;. ls;",i. 
V. ,)., b. ])('(-. 1. ls:;rj. 

11. PiiiXKA-' 1;akku (John.' Eb'juh^Joh)K''Jnhn,'' Richard^), son of John 

(21) anil Ahiix.-iil. was l>orn in Sliaron. Oct. W- 1707. lie nianied 
Alza<l;i Ilowanl of Iviston. .Mass. During several years tlu-y live.} 
in Sharon, in \\\e ancestral house, where their chililren were horn. 
Later thev removed to IJridgewater. Mass. lie 'lie-l Oct. 3, 187-3; 
his wife died Oct. -JO, issO. in her 81st year. Children : 

08. i.>foi;i>. b. June oD. ls22; m. Florinda Jones. 

09. il. riHMOAS IIi>\VAi:n, b. ( ti-t. 1."). I>.2.": ni. Cynthia Carpenter. 

iii. ]\[.\KV Ei.iZAKKTii. b. .March 27, 1>2S; m. George II. Burt of Cridtre- 

Avater, Oct. 1, IsiS. 
iv. Aai:ox Bi.ake, b. INIay 0, l^?,?,-. d. Nov. 10. 1S41. 
V. AnKiAir,. b. Oct. r., l,s;;s; d. Nov. 14. isU, 
vi. CvNtniA CLK^r^.^■TI.^•A. b. Nov. Kl. Is44; m. George DeUnar Dorr of 


42. Aaron- IU.aki:* Bakkr (.l>hn.^ El!j<tlu* JnhuJ' Jnhnr nichnrcV). son 

of Jolin (21) and Abiirail. was born in Sharon. Oct. I'lt, 1807. He 
married Cynthia Clark of Canton, Nov. 7, 1827. He died March 
21, 1831 ;'she died Oct. G. 1811. Children: 

i. FKKor.itiCK. b. July 10. 1S20: d. Nov. 1!>, is29. 

ii. Lavixia, b. March ;3o, ls:;i; m. Joel Brett of Bridgewater. in 1>!47. 

43. Abi:l PuFFKr/' Raker {Jumpsj' Elijdli,* JoJtn,^ John.'^ Ricliard^) was 

son of James (22) and .Martha, and was horn in Dorehester. July 
16, 179.3. He married Hannah Lewis Davenport of that town, 
July 3, 1836. For some years he lived in Dorchester, on premises 
which now make the northerly coi'iier of Colnmi)ia and .Saywaril 
Streets, hut eventually removed to Boston, wiiere he carried on a 
dry goods store on Washington Street, nearly opposite the Old 
South. He died June .8, 1<841 ; his wife died June o, 18 18, aged 
41 years. ChiUlren : 

i. .Vbf.i. Edward, b. .June 2.">. 1>>37: d. March 12, l>i7.'>. 

ii, Lrcv Elizaukth, b. July 20. ls4:l; ni. Alplieus Todd Braiuerd, May 

13. isi;;). 
iii. Hannah France.s, b. June IG, 1>30; d. .Vpril 29, ls42. 

44. James^ Baker {J'nnes,^ EJijuh.* JoJm? Ji<hn^ RicJmrd^), son of James 

(22) and ^lartha, was horn in Dorchester, .Sept. 14. 170S. He 
married Harriot Davenport of Dorchester, Jan. 1(5, 183."'. He liv-d 
on Bird .Street, in that town, of)posite the end of Glcndale .Street. 
He died Oct. 19, 18.80. Children : 

i. Jaait.s Edwakd. b. in 1>-:'.:'. : il. in infancy. 

ii. IIaruikt CoiiM-.i.iA, b. ,\o\-. 7. Is.U: ni, .John Colter, May 24, l*^*:.'*. 

iii, Ellen Maria, b, Dec, ]i;, !>:'<<;: d, .March i;, !>>(;;;. 

iv, Urstla -Vmanda, b. May 4, ls;v.», 

v. James Ed.mtnd, b. June 13, Lsil ; m, Isabel Liiid>ey, Nov, 2.'>, l>tr)3. 

vi. Edward Jarvis, b, Sept. 8, 1843; m. Mrs. Eniilv Brittan, 
April 24, 1«(;7. 


4j. STKniKN* IjAKKU {JiDiirs!' Elijiih} Jn],H? .lolm^ RirJiurtV). >o;i oi 
James (i'J) aixl :Martli.i. was born in I5u.>t(.n. Jan. 10. ISO.j. };,. 
married Hannah l)a\i> A'o-e. daugluei' of William Vo^e. Ili- 
homestead was on tlie soutlieriy >ide of IJinl Street, in Doieliestt-r. 
aliiitting tlie easterly side of the New Yurk A: New PLngland Kailroa'i. 
lie was of reputation as a, and. in connection with hi> 
own farminu' and iiaideninL;' operations, conducted on these premise-, 
in coopeiation witli ^Marshall P. Wilder certain enterprises and 
experiments for which tlie S(jil was peculiarly suited. ]Mr. Baker 
died Dec. 17, 1SS2; his wife <lied April 2'1. 188.3, aged 7G years. 
Children : 

i. Hannah Vom:. b. Xov. 2:'>. ls;'.rt. 
ii. Mahtha Ann. b. Oct. !'.>. l^'.Vl. 

70. iii. STi'i'iirN. b. Dec. IJ. Is.U; ni. Maria Ami Curtis. 

iv. Jani: ISiki). b. Jan. 2-t. ls;37: ni. Lorenzo Lapliani. Jan. .">. 1>00. 

V. Catiieuink V(>.>r.. b. June 11. is;','.*: ni Warren Daveiiiiort. Nov. 10. 


vi. AVii.r.iAJi VosE. b. .'^^ejn. L'7. ]s41. 

vii. Ki>WAi:i> IvEt/roN. b. July '.i. Is4-;: ni. EM/.a Thomson, Dec. 10, 1S72. 

viii. TiiKononi: Paiuci:!:. b. April .'>. 1>47. 

ix. Alice rAAiKi.iA. h. Dec. 1."). l.s.'.O; d. Jan. 22. 1><.'32. 

46. Elkazki:* Bakek [S^tmnelJ' Preserved * Jomes.^ JoJoi,"^ lurltarcr). ^on 

of Samnel (-4) and .Surah, was horn in Dorchester. Juiie 27, 1784. 
He rnariied Susan ^lunroe. Jan. 23, \^()o. lie inherited and lived 
in the house at Savin Hill referred to as that of his father. He was 
an ingenious mechanic and inventor of apparatus for m.iking wooden 
hand boxes, wdiich was of practical u^e and pecuinarilv prolitable. 
He died Oct. 9, 18-33; his wife died Jan. 28, 1842. Chiidren : 

i. b. in l^n.". ; d. same year. 

ii. Sarah. 1). Xov. 2. isoi;; d.'Ajiril '.iO. \>M. 

iii. KriiKrcA. b. Feb. 2."'.. 1>(IS: m. Joseph Curtis. Feb. 1. 1831; she d. 

Xov. 2, 184-1. 
iv. Hariuet Munuoe, b. Marcli 4. IsiO; m. Xatlianiel W. P. Cobb, Jan. 

2C,. 1S3.j: d. July M. ls:,2. 
V. SA.-MfEi.. 1). Nov." 12, I.sll: ni. Sophronia II. Thaver. Oct. 10, l.sSO; 

lied. May 2(;. ls72: -lie ,L Feb. 21. 1-7:'.. 
A-i. Mary. b. Anir. 12. l.-<i;!; m. Abraiu Thaver, Jan. 1, ]>:j.s; d. Sept. 

\\\. Ai.>tiRA. b. July 3,"); d. siuirle. X'ov. 2i'. l.'^4."i. 
viii. David MrNi:oK. b. .Mav <J. Isl7; in. Elizalieth Vinal. Sept. l.'>o8; he 

d. Feb. 2.S. lss+. 
ix. Sf.SAX MfNRoE. b. Jan. 20.'l ; in. Lyman Daiji^ett. Dec. 20, 1^44: 

(1. Aut;. 10. I.>."i0. 

71. X. Geoi:<;e Wasminciton. b. .Tune 17, l.s24: in. 1st, Frances L. Shedd; 

ni. 2d. Elizabetii Abl)ot Dalaiid. 
xi. Oliver (Goldsmith, b. Xov. 2. 1S27; d. Dec. 21, l.S4i;. 

47. John* Bakek {Preserved* Prpsprved* James. ^ JoJmr Pt'c/ianl'), sou 

of Preserved (2.3) and Submit, was horn in Dorche>ter. Feb. 27, 
1780. He married Patty Kllis of INIedlield. June 4, LSI. 3. He 
lived in Dedham in a hou-e of the old fa.-hioued New Kn::land type, 
yet standing, in that part of the town called '• Connecticut Corner." 
He was apf)oiiite<l <leputy shcriti' of Norfolk Counrv. Sept. 21. LSI3, 
and served in that caj)acity till aft<-r the decea-e of Gen. Klijah Crane, 


llie bifjli sherifT. wlien lie suceeodeil to that ofrice, tlii> dnte of .iji- 
pointnieiit being March 29, 18;34. He '_' ia that jiositiun 
till the (late of his decease. Jan. 1, 184-j. His wife died Fei). 11. 
187G, aged 85 years. Cldldreii : 

i. (Ti:t)i;(;r. h. March 10. IsiC; m. KvcUvie >[. St.'vens. 

ii. Wir.i.iv^'. 1). May 2."). lsr.>: ni. Mrs. Jennie (IrnMi. 1)lm'.;;i. l>7i; tlicy 
had one child. Jennie P.rown, 1). May 10, Is^l. d. April iM . l>rt;>. 

jii. Joiix Jov. I). I-\'l). i:>. 1>-J2: ni. Ilarrictte l'ear-<>n TitconiU. 

iv. Fn.vNCKS M.vxx, 1). April I'o. I.s2t'.. 

V. Bkx.i.vmix Fk.\.nkli.v. I). Anir- -D. I'^i'S; ni. Eu|i!ira<ia r.abork of 
Cluna. Me., Dee. 22, 1S70; th(>y have one child. FrancL-s Maria, h. 
>rareh .s, ls72. 

vi. FisiiKii Ami:s. b. Feb. S. lSo7; ijradiiated at Dartmouth Colleire in 
IS.j'J ; studied law at the Albany Law School and was admitt.Ml to 
the bar of N\n\- York State, IVIay 10, lsi;o. and to that of Massa- 
chusetts, June 2i') of the same year. lie enlisted as a privati' -wiien 
the l.sth Massachusetts rcirinn.'nt was formed, and later was coui- 
iiiissioHL'd as lieutenant and as adjutant of the rc^riment. He served 
a three years term in the civil war. retivin;;; as lieutenant colonel. 
He is a lawyer of extensive jiractice in Xew York City, and resides 
at Yonkcrs. X. Y. He m. Catherine Whitini; Fisher of Oswego, 
N. Y., Mav 23, LSi;;); thev have no children. 

48t Bexj.\:mix* B.4KER {Preserved.^ Preserved,* Jdincs,^ Jo/in,'^ Richard^), 
sou of Preserved (25) and Subuiit. was bom in Doreht^stei", Jan. 
5. 17SG.. He married Lydia Tiiayer, Sept. 'i'i. is.jj. His dwel'iiiLj 
house was on Plt-asant Street. Dorchester. Its position is indicated 
on tlie olhcial liostoii athis. by the name of •• L. H. Jones," to 
wliom the estate was sold l)y Mr. B.iker's heirs. He died ,Tan. IG. 
1857; his wife died ^larch b, 18o7, ageii Ob years. Children: 

i. D.vxiEL "Wklu. b. July 8. 18:^2; m. Chloe Davenport, June 10, 1874; 

she d, Feb, 1, 187i>, aged 37 years; they had one child, ^lary Ulive, 

b. Jan. 2(5. I.s7('>. 
ii. Lvor.v, b. Feb. Vd, Ls:U ; d., single, Aug. 25, lSs2. 
iii. Ahig.vil, b. Nov. 3, 1830. 

49. EuwAUD^ P>.\Ki:u [Samuel,^ Saimiel* James.^ JJut,^ Rirlmrd^), son 
of Samuel (20) and Patience, was born May 31, 17Sb. He married 
Susan Gilmaii Young of Newmarket, xS. II., .Ian. 5, ISj^. He 
lived in Eastport, where his children were born. In Jul v. i8o8. 
he sailed from that place on a voyage to New Orleans, l)ut was not 
again heard from. Circumstances indicate that he was a vi(,'tim ti) 
the yellow fever which was raging at New Orleans at tliat [)eriod. 
His wife died June 25, 1875, aged 8(j years. Children: Axx, b. Nov. 2, 1812; d. Julv IS, 1820. 
i. M.vRiA LorisK, b. Au<r. 0. 1814; d. .July 13. 1828. 
ii. Srs.vx Yorx(;. b. >[ay I'J, Isii); ni. William Kgan of Eastport, Me., 

Jan. 18, ls:l,-j. 
V. CiiAitr.Ks. b. April 21-. 1818; d. May 8, 1810. 

Hakkif.t Xf.w ij.i,. 1). June 30. Is2ij; m. Charles C. Tvler, in Chelse.T, 

Mass.. Feb. 11,; siie d. July, 18s3. 
:\. M \uv Kr.i/.A. I>. Jan. U, l-i23; m. Fatrick E. Donworth, in New 

York City, Oct. 2'.>, FsH!. 
,ii. CiiAUf.i'.s Ei)WAi:i), 1). July 4, l.s2.>; m, Sarah Foster, in Chelsea. 

Nov. 2'J, ls4!>; tiiey hail one child, Maria Foster, who m. Joseph 

Marchington of Bo-ton. 


viii. Hr.xuv Tviri.KY. h. ,T;iu. is. I,s2>;; ni. Sanih S. Yonnir of OaLii^. Mo., 
Aiiz. 11. isr>i). IIi>. roiilviicc is at Hc-vciv. Ma>s. TTi- •- a li.iitcn- 
ant in tlie L'liitiil States Navy. His fiiiWrt'ii arr— IK'l.!! l!ii)U,-y. b. 
Fob. r.). hs(12, Avli.) 111. C'liarlo Masnn df Watcftnwii. Mas>., Sejit. 
L':'.. iSNi!; ami I'lizabcth Yoiinu'. 1>. .May L>, lsi;;i. 
74. ix. John llAiiri;. b. .Nov. It;. l-2'.»: in. I'.lizabi-tli Hnnt. 

50. JoKl/ 15.\KKK {Sa//ti'rl/' S<///ntr/* Jdiios,^ Jolui} RirlidnP), son of 

Samuel ('2G) and Patience was boin in T)oic!ie.-ter. May 7. l-SOI. 
He married Diantlia Albee (jf .Scitnatc. in Watei-toun. Mass.. in 
1824. Soon attcruards lie removed U) Canton, 3Ia-s.. ul,f-re he 
lived 21 years and where his children were born. He was a me- 
chanical draughtsman and pattrrn maker for the Kin>!ey Ir'^n 
AVorks there, and suhse<iueiitly. during a lon'jer jierio'l. lor the 
Fulton Ii-on Foundry in S<mrli P.oston. He died in South IJixstoii, 
Dec. 28, 1880 ; hi., wih- di._-il Mareli ;j, 1879. aged Ih years. Children : 

i. JoKL, b. Oct. i:;, ls-_'4: <A. Mnrcji 1. is^.",. 

ii. JoF.r., 1). Ai)ril 1.'. 1>27: in. Lucy Ilixun; their cliililreiMvore — Ellen- 
Frauces, Ilattie-Jaiie and Joel-Herbert, b. in South 15o->ton, and 
Willie-MarceUus and George-Hixon. b. in :\Ied\vay. ^Mass. ; Joel- 
Herbert is decea>cd. 

iii. Di.vxni.v Coi.i.YKr, b. July 10, 1>;)0: m. Henry J. Poole of South 

iv. II.WDX ]Moz.^i;t. b. April 11, is;',;^; m. Martha .\. Coonil^sof Canton, 
!Mass. ; they lived in WillianishurLT. X. Y. ; tlieir children -were — Ida- 
Florina, Hay<ln-Mozart aiul Jolni-.Maurice. 

V. Jl'i.i.v AfGrsTA, 1). July :'.ij, L-^.iC. 

vi. AxDitKW. b. June I'l;. Is.'.'.t; d. in infancy; twin. 
. vii. Aktiiuk, b. June I'O, l^iW: d. in iiiraiic\": twin. 

51. Tno:\r.\s'^ Baker ( Tliomn&^ Samuel,* James.^ John," I^ichard'), son of 

Thomas (27) and Abigail, was horn in Dorchester. Fel). 2-^. 177!).. 
He married Hannah Ijii^ht of ^Varert(..wn. .Ma->s.. .Tune 7. 1812. 
He lived a while in Hill. X. II., and later in \'crona. X. 1'. He 
died in Perrinton, X. Y., Feb. 2.'3. IS.")!. Children: 

75. i. jKiiKMiAii S.MiTii, b. :May 3, l.slS, at IIoo:-iek, N. Y. : m. Adeline M. 
ii. CATiir.inM: Fuaxck.-, 1). Jan IT,, IM.', at i'eterboro", X. II. ; she lived 
in I'erinton. X. Y. 

52. D.vvii)''' P>AKER ( ThoninsJ' Siomtel,* Janieii.^ John^- liic/iurd^). son of 

Thomas (27) and Abigail, was born in Dorchester. June 20. 178.3. 
He married 1st, Eliza Pjright ot \V:iteitown, Ma--;. lie ni.irried 
2d, Catherine Fort of Iloosick, X. Y., April VJ. ISI.J. Their 
children were horn in that town. He died at Lansiniilmi':.'. X. Y., 
Aug. 6. 1818; his widow died Se[)t. 7, 1872, aged 82.^ Children: 

i. Han.vah, ]). Dec. '2C,. 1mj'.»; ni. Kbene/.er Spear. 

ii. Ei.i/.A. b. March l'.'j, isH; d. at Canton. Mass., Oct. 28, ls4.".. 

iii. AiUfiAii.. b. : d. in infancy. 

7G. iv. Daxiki, Foi:t, b. Sejit. 1, l.>^]•;: in. l>t. Kliza Jiich : m. L'd. Susan 

V. CAriii.niNK Mauia, 1). Oct. 27. 1>1>: in. I'.enjaiuiu F. Tripp. Xov. 

24, 184(1; they live<i in Cainbridire. Wasliin-rtoii Co., X. V.; he and 

his two sons were soldiers in the civil war. 

53. Wii.MA.M* Ij.xkku {Eljewzer,° EJm'hi'z,t* Ahijn},} John} RirJidrd^), 
son of Fbeiiezer (29) and Lucy, wa- born in Walpole, Sej-t. 4. 1>01. 


He ninrried Amelia riiinkins of Hill. N. H.. April -Hk ]s-}<\ ]]U 
homestead tarm wns in that part of Sliaioii near tlie ^\';a^tl!0 'iiiit-. 
called •• Sharon Corner." His dwelling honse is on the wost .siile of 
the "old country road," about a dozen rods south ot its i'.inctioa 
with Walpole Stieet. Me (Ht-d ]May 5, 1817; his wif.' d.icd F(^b. 
10, 187G. aged (')•') years. Children: 

i. Cr.Aiii^s.v .Tank. ]>. June 1'.). ]s:',(): d. Feb. 11. l'^r,5. 

ii. Gkokgh Wii.t.iam. b. <)ct. 1. ls;U; ni. l>t. (it-oruie W. Athortoii. 

Nov. 22. 18.")7; in. 2d. Ellen ; there -were no eliililrcn liy tli..' 

first niarriaire ; the secoiul niarriaire took place in MiiuR'sota: the 
children born there -were Emily-Jane, Cora-May, .Mabel, Ceoru'e- 
"William and Myrtle. 

77. iii. FitEnKUiek' TIkwks. b. May 22. 18;'.7: m. 1st. Mary F. Fairbanks; 

ni. 2d, Ellen Evelyn Dorr, 
iv. Emily Jaxf.. b. Feb. 11, ls40; m. Geor<xe W. Rogers of "Walpole, 

Feb. 21. 18r,8. 
V. FitANKi.ix, b. June 20, LS-to; d. Sept. 4, 1844. 

54. Ehknezku* Baicku (Ehenezer,* Ehenezer* Ah)j<i]i} Joltu.^ JRichrn-d'^). 
son of Ebenezer ("21') and Lucy, was born in Wal[)ole, 3Ias>.. June 
22, 180o. He married Relief "Drake of Mansfield, .AIas<.. June 24, 
1827. He lived in Walpole. having the same homestead which had 
been his fnther's. on IVaker Street. He died Feb. 9, 18G4; his wife 
died Nov. 9, I8.'^7. Ciiihlren: 

i. Jri.iA FuANCK^i. b. March 22. 1828 ; d. Oct. 23. 1828. 

ii. ?*lAnY Er.iZAUKTir. h. Anir. 10. l82'.»: ni. Edward AV. Gere of New 

York. Jan. 21, is,')*",; ^^he d. in Brooklyn. X. Y.. Nov. 2:'.. isr.o. 
iii. Er.i.KN Maiua, b. Feb. 13. is;',!; m. Sanuiel Allen of ^ValpoIe. Julv 

4. ls4it. 
iv. Maimha Axx. b. < )et. 17. 18;;2: d. single. Xov. 4, 18j8. 

78. V. EHr.NKZKK, b. April 2, is:;4; m. 1st, Martha Ann Davis; m. 2d, 

Sarah Ellen Whittier. 
vi. JoHx, b. Jan. 31, isaC; d. Aug. 29, 18.j0. 

55e Amos® I>aki:r {Preserved.'' Ahijah* Abija/t,' Joloir Riclatrd^), son of 
Preserved (oO)aiid Elizabeth, was born in Franklin. Aug. 21-. 1772. 
He marri 'd Abigail Smitii of Medfield. Jan. 5, 179G. in "Walpole. 
She died in ^Medtield. Feb. 1800. Subsequerilly, with some of his 
children, he removed to Richmond, Vt., where he died Sept. 7, 
1841. Children: 

i. Electa, b. Mav 21. 1707; m. Sewall AVare of Milford. Afass., Jan. 

2, 182;?; tliey "lived in Holli>ton. Mass. 
ii. Amos, b. Nov. il. 17'.)8; m. nlive Fisher of Walpole. ( »ct. IS. 1^2.3, 

and lived in Providence. U. I. 

iii. rKEsr.uvEU, b. ; d. single, in Albany. X. Y., Ault- 182'.*. 

iv. Abigail, b. .Vuir. 10, 1804; m. Benoni Morse of Med\v;iy. t'ct. 1-2".. 
V. Thomas Jeeeeiisox, b. Jan. 31, 1800 (twin), resided in .Medw;iy :uid 

d. in that town. 

79. vi. WiLLLvM H., b. Feb. 1, 1800 (twin) ; ni. Sally Montironiery. 

56, Daxikls'^ Bakkr [Preserved,^ Ahijdh.* Ahijah,^ John,^ Ru'hard^) s,.u 
of Preservenl (oO) and Elizabeth, was born in "\Va![iole. Jan. 17. 
17H0. He married Elmina Hiinford. April 11. IHIl. He mude 
several reniov;ils during his active life, and le.iided for ;i time in 
Whitestown, N. Y!, and in Jamesville, Onondaga Co.; thence, in 
1820, he went to Oswego Co.; thence to Auburn in Cavuga ('•>.; 


tlience to Cluitauqua Co.; tlieuce in In.'IS to Leoiia, Wiuneba;:o Co., 
III., where ho died O.'t. iO, isi',). Children: 

i. LKANi>r.i; Haxfoi.T). b. Oct. !». lsi-2; 'I. .fuly 14. ISU. 

80. ii. Lf.axdku II.vxroi:n, b. June 27. isi k in .T;uiiesville. X. Y. : m. Martha 

C. Whvr. 

iii. 7*iM",sKi;\ r.D DwrKi.s. b. April r,». Isic,-. Tncl at Durand. 111. 

iv. Kksiaii Aiu<;\ir.. b. .Tnno .;. 1M>: m. T». 1!. liaxtir. ."Ian. :M. 1S40. in 
Winnel)aL;-i> Co.. 111. : >ht' d. ( i</t. i;. 1-.":'.. 

V. Soi'iiiA Axx. b. Xi)v. 2.!, l>_'n; ni. Zil)a ,l"ne< in New York State, 
Jnne 11. ]^:".7. 

vi. FiiiLo llAxroKD. b. May 11. 1-21; d. .Tnly 4. 1.^24. 

vii. "\yii.i.iA:\r Ilvxioin). b. Sept. 12. 1^2".: ni. I.neinda Jolin-icm of Ver- 
mont. May :i. 1>."4. in \Vinnebairo Co., 111.: >iif d. .7;ine 11. 1>.".5: 
they had one cliil<l. ^lary Klniina. b. April i:;, l>^'>'->, d. >anie year. 

viii. I.YDTA I'l.iZABi'.rn. b. Feb. 21. 1^2S; ni. Alexander Scott of Xe^v 
York, :Mareli l". l'<4;'..* 

ix. Ei.MiXA .Iaxi;. b. Jnne S. l.^.'il. 

57. Pukskrved" B.A.KKn (Preserved^' Ahijah.* Jhija/i.' Jo/nt.' Rt'cliarrP), 

son of Preserved (.jO) and Elizabetli, was liorn in Meiltield, Jan. 
21, 17s2. He marrie<l Lyiliu Cnruniini;s of Aubnrn, 3[a>s.. iSe|)t. 
7, ISOt). His residence was in that town, wliere lie died May 26, 
181.5; she died Jan. 1.3, 18.31. Children: 

i. Or.ivi:n. b. Nov. 12, 1802; d. March 1'^. I.s7.><. 

ii. Nathax, b. Sept. 2t). isn'.i : d. .March 2o. 1878. 

iii. Gaiidxei:, b. : d. in infancy. 

iv. l*KF.s.i:uvKi>, b. ; d. in infancy. 

58. A5A« P>.VKER (Preserved,' Ahijah.'' Ahijah." John.^ Pichard^). son of 

Preserved (30) and Klizaheth. was boiii in Medtield. Se]tr. 4. 1701. 
He married Ahiifail Ridley of Dnxlinry, Vt.. Oct. 2'.), 1818. lie 
removed to Duxburv. wheie his children wei-e boiii. lie lived on 
Camel's Hump Mountain, in that town. Afterwards he lived iu 
Essex, Vt. Cliildren : 

i. Elizaisf.tu. b. Oct. 2G. is20; m. Geor<re B. Smith of E>sox, Yt., 

Dec. 28, 1847. 
ii. Clakissa. b. Dec. 13. 1823: d. Fe1). 24, l.--4'.>, in E>.>ex. Vt. 
iii. ritK^F.RA"Fi> "\Yi>wai.l. b. .May HI. 182."). 

81. iv. Saaiffl liiDi.KV. 1). March 7, l,s2s: m. Mary r.rnner. 
V. CiiAiiLOTTF AriiF.sTA, b. Feb. o. \s:\:>. 

59. Dayii)^ Baker {Ahijah,^ Ahijah.* Abijah." J.ihn.^ Rirhard^). son of 

Abijah (.31) and Esther, was born in Eranklin, June '), 17^2. He 
married 1st. Jemima Richaidson of Franklin. Nov. 2'.t. 1m>4. Sjie 
died July 20. 181.3. ai;ed t)l years. He married 2d. Lucv Fairbanks 
of Holliston, Sept. 1.3, 184G.' He died Oct.;i. Heinheiited 
and lived on tlie family homestead farm on Lincoln .Street. Ho 
was commonly called *' Capt. David Baker." In the eonr.-o lif ids 
life he held various military and civil othces in Fr:inklin. Children : 

82. i. Aiu.iAii UniiAUD-ox, b. Au:.'. ;'.0. \snr, -. m. Ibirriit Xcwi-U \^'oo(^. 
ii. CiiAUt-cnri:. b. .Ian. 12. ]so7: ni. .Inm- 1. l>:io. ij-v. A-a llixoiiof 

Medway. Avho \v:i> pa<tor at ( )akliani, Ma->., for a ^^ hile. and. later 
lived in Franklin. 

• One statement is that Kesiali, Sopiiia, Williain and Ly.lia removed ahoac ISU to Prairie 
du Site, Wis. 


iii. Ar.iOAir.. b. Any:. 4. I^IO; ni. Afnr.-liall rinckney WilikTof Dorc-hi^-- 

ter. AiiiT. l".t. l.>:;;">, Ihmih: lii> :.'(i wife; she d. at Aiken. S. ('.. Aii'.il 

4. ls:,L 
iv. Jr.MiMA .Tank. 1). Jnlv ."".. 1>1.'>: in. Daniel 11. y()vbe< of We-tliori)'. 

Ma»., June C. lstL>:"slie il. at Charle^toAvn. .Ma>s.. Jan. 11. 1>1:;. 
V. Davik I'\i:i^i:i;. b. .bnu' •.>, 1>17: ni. L<ii- .Vnirenette Green. .June l'-!. 

I.s4'.i; lie ^va- a nieicliant in New Yuvk : he d. in Franklin, Jan. 1.'^, 

vi. Jfi.iA. b. Oct. 2.". ls21: m. M. P. Wilder. Sept. 8. IS.',.", bein;^ his 

:;d ^y\fv: >]ie i\. Nov. 1."). Iss.".. 
83. vii. Ei:vsTf.s Emmons. 1;. July L's. ISl'-"); m. Abby r^Iininda Bacon. 

CO. Skwkll' IVvkku ( Jfira/,.^ Jlfra/i.^ AhiJaJi.'' John." n!rh<n;P). son of 
3Iicah (o-j) and Polly, was horn Jtme 17. l.'^nii. in H.-rhleliein. 
N. H. He married Elizabeth l>ro\vn, April 14. lS-_>4. in WaterlV.rd. 
Yt., wliere all liis cliildreii were boi'ii. Later he and all his cliildreii 
were residents of INInrri^towu. Vt. Children : 

i. Ei.TZABKTir W.. 1). Oft. oO. l.s'J.'); ui. Jonas G. Either of Hyde Park. 

Vt.. Doc. 2s. iv^.-,. 
ii. Sr.wKi.i.. b. Jan. is. 1S2S; m. Lucy J. Goodale of Morristown, Yt.. 

Jan. 19. ls.-,l. 
iii. For.LV H.. b. June 1. 1S32.- 
iv. Susan E... b. An^. tl. ls:U. 
V. Rradi.f.y r,.. b. Dec. 30. 1S;18. 

01 Walteu" r.AKKU (E'Iiii)i»(/S' Jaines,^ J'loies.* JoJiii.^ J'Jm.' Rl<-]ian?), 
son of Edmund (•!•'>) and .Sarah, was horn in Dorchester. June 2S, 
1792. He graduated at Ilaivard College in iSil. and afti-rwards 
began tlie study of law at LitcliHeld. Conn. Wiiile tliere hi> atten- 
tion was drawn to the woolen numufacture. He rcHn(jni.>hed the 
law and started a factory for woolen goods. The enter|irise proved 
profitable during the continuance of the war with England, but 
ceased to I)e so on the general resumption of impcrtations. Brinc;- 
ing this business to a close he spent some year.■^ at the >^outh. taught; 
school for a while at Natchez and carried on trade in New Orleans. 
In 1M24 he took sole charge of the chocolate manufacture at Dor- 
chester Lower Mills. The business had been well established by 
his father, who now retired. Under the new style of - Walter 
Baker" it became large, prosperous and wiilely known. After 
.some previous service as an officer of the State militia Walter 
Baker was, in ls-27, commissioned as colonel of the Eir.-t IJegi- 
ment, and thereafter was generally known and spoken of as '• Col. 
Baker." He was a popular citizen and for many years a favorite 
presiding officer, or " moderator." of the Dorchester town meetings. 
He served three terms as representative of the town in the (General 
Court, viz.. in I8oo. I-S-'jO and 1.S4<). His residence was at the 
southerly corner of Washinirton and Park streets in Dorchester, the 
site being indicated on the city atlas of this date liy the name of 
Mrs. P)aker. Eor many year-- the estate was owned and occupied 
by Lt. Gov. Andrew ()liver.* who undoubtedly built the mansion 
wliich still adorns the grounds. t The lan<l was lioui^ht by Oliver ill 
17^37, and, with the dwelling house, it was sold by his ailministrator 

* Appendix XIII. Appemli.K XIV. 








to Benjamin ITiclihorn in 17s2. Ci;)l. Bak^-r inarrieil lr,t. Dt;Ijnr:i'i 
Suiitli Mort (it B">toii. .Mairh IM, Isi'."); ^ii.» (]ie<l Dec. !-"'. iS;;-<. 
IIo niarriiMl "2(1. Eleanor Jameson AVillianis of I>(Kt(jii. .May I 1. 
184U. lie (lied IMay 7, 18.>2. Children: 

84. i. "Waltki;, b. Jan. •'>. ISl'T; ni. Frances CordfUa Trenilett. 

ii. F.i.i-\X(in ^VI^.l,l \M-;. h. Sept. •_'!. 1>H: d. .Mardi •_".'. lsl.'>. in P.osioii. 
iii. AvN'v (ii-i;vr.v Rrxiox. b. Xov. ;;'>. l-^4:'>: <\. -Inly 11. l>li;. in (;.:•.>- 

lini^en. (J .Tiiiany. 
Iv. AVrit.ivMs. b. < >ct. 1. isl,": d. Xov. C,. isK]. in Bn-ton. 
V. EiMTii, b. Jan. S. is.'i.i; d. Jnly, is.',!, at Rellow.s Falls. Vt. 

62, Horatio^ Baki'.u {EdniKnd} J'n/iP.t,^ .Tamest John? Jnhit?' RirJi- 

ard^), son of Kdnumd (-^V) and Sarali. was horn in Dorchester. 
July 10. 1707. He mai-ried .Mary A. Sourlnvorth of Stouuliton, 
^lass.. Xov. 15. \^2'). He livfil in Dorchesrer until 1n-J.'>. win n 
he removed to Westfonl. ^Mass. He died at Alstead, N. H., April 
20, 1845; she died April 15, 1881. Children: 

Ja^tks F.DMT'vn. b. Anir- ->!. 1^-1 : ni. Lucinda >[. Ganlncr. 

Mai:v SurTUWoiiru, V). Sei)t. 20. 182:5; ni. Henrv Allen, May 7. 

1843: slie d. July -t. Lsso. 
M vKcrs S()rTUW(.>UTi[. b. Sept. 21. 1828; m. Harriet Ilansell, April 

2.'), 1S47; he (_!. Oct. 2'.>. 18i;t'i. leavinir no children. 
TIijRvci:. b. Xov. 30, 18:33: ni. Susan C. Cole. 

63, EoMrxi) Ja^ffs'^ Baker {Ednvnid? J/unes.^ James,* Ju/ni,' Ju/nt.'' 

liicJturd^), son of Edmund [o')) and Elizjibeth, was burn in Dor- 
chester, >s'ov. 15. 1^04. He reci-isi.'d an academic ednc:uion. Eor 
some years he followed mercantile bu>iness. hut preferriuLT an out- 
of-door occupation he took tip that of surveyiiirf. One of his early 
surveys was of the towns of Dorchester and .Milton, it he'wv^ part 
of a (general survey of the St:ite, the law requirinix every town 
to furnish a map of its territory. This map of the two towns was 
engraved as a lithograph, on a scale of 100 rods to an inch, and 
published in 18;51. the year after the survey. For some years he 
was a resident of ^lilton. and tVom 1838 to 1842 was postmaster of 
that town, and, in 18.37, its re[)resentative in the Legislature. He 
was one of the founders of the Dorcliester Antiquarian and Histori- 
cal Society, in 1843. and from 1873 to the present time its ju-esident. 
He is also president of the . Dorchester Eire Insurance Co. His 
dwelling house, at the northerly corner of Washington and Rich- 
mond streets, in Dorchester, built in 1872. stands upon the same 
lot as did that of his father. The site is nearly the same, the piesent 
building beinir a little farther south and east than its predecessor, 
but occupying in the northerly half of its western piazza the same 
ground. He married >Mr<. Sarah Howard Sherman of Augusta, 
Me., daughter of Thomas IJcnvman, Es(j., Sept. 1, 1817; she died 
June 27, 1870, ag(.il Gl years. Children: 

i. Lydia TJoWMAV. b. Xov. 11. IslS; 111. l>t, Jolui Ilnirlies Edwards. 
Oct. 1, ].si;7; ho (1. in l'iiila.U-l|phia. Fd). 12, 1^77; ui. 2d. < )rray 
.Vuirnstus Taft. Jr.. April 24. is7:i; ho d. Feb. 12. l-?sLt. 

ii. Ellyx LiTiKrOW, b. Fel). h'<, 18.')1 ; il. Xov. 2'J, l.stJT. 



64. John' Osr.oRX Uakku {.luhn!' John," J-nnrs* J^Ja? Joh„r Rlcluird' ), 
soil of John ('j") and Fi-aiices. was born in lio-ton, .Mai'ch l.'l. iNOr,. 
He munieJ Kuth blather Dean of liiookl vi;, N. Y. lli- was for 
some years a .slii[(niaster and later a iiuTchant in New York citv. 
He died March «, 1S72. Children: 

^7. i. John Usboiix, b. Jan. 8. \^V1\ \\\. Lucv Dorr Whiton of llin;,diain. 

ii. Walti:k. b. May 24. 1643; d. Sept. 24, 184:3. 
iii. Jo.srni Dkan. b. Au:j: Ki. 164(1; d. April lo. 1S49. 
iv. Fkancks SAiaiKNT. i). Feb. 27. l64".i; in. William XichoLs Jones of 

Snow Hill. Marvland; they resided in Orange. X. J. 
V. Sauaii Lo]nx(;. b. Jiuie 24. LSJl. 
vi. ^\'ILI.IAAl lIowAUi), b. April oO, ISjt; ni. Luetta Vail Carri;,'an of 

Bayonne, N. J.; they resided in Newark, N. J. 
vii. ^Iauy Matiikk. b. Au<r. 24, 18.">7. 
viii. Edmunu, b. July 10, ls<Jl. 

James Loring^ JjAKKii [Juluu^ Juhn,^ Jamrx.* John,"' Joliu^^ Ruhard^), 
son of John ('"57) and Sarali, was born in Hinghani, Kel). '1. ISL). 
He married 1st, 2*'ancy Kiplev Sampson of Plymouth, ^las-.. 3Iay 
9, 1850 ; she died May 9, l.S."i4. He mairied 2(1, Susan F. Lunen- 
burg of Plymouth, May .3, lybU. He carried on for some years the 
nianufactuie of fringes, carriage ti-imaiings, etc., in Iliughani. He 
died in Minneapolis, 3Iinn., Feb i5, 168G. Children : 

Susan Lokinc;. b. March 2'J. isdl; U. Nov. 4. ItiilU. 
i. Jamks Toi'UFi'. b. Nov. KJ. l^cc'; d. Oct. o. 1603. 
ii. N'Ki.r.ii-: Cuolidgk. b. IMarcli is, 1S(;.>. 
V. Elizauktii Toi'LiFF, b. Jan. 22, 1SG6. 

Abnkh Lc)RINg' Baki:i; {^JdJih,^ JoJm^" Jumcs* J(>hu? Jolm^ llirhard'^), 
son of elohn (o7) and Sarah, was born in Hingham. Nov. 7. l.^^U. 
He married Lydia Jacobs Ripley of Hingham, Fel). 2'.). lc>4i. His 
business was the same as that of his biother the preceding. He 
died Aug. 4, 1849. Children: 

Anna Fk.\>'CE.s, b. March 22, 184 J ; ni. Francis Henry Lincoln of 

Hinirham. June 1, 187.5. 
Maiiiox Kij-r.KV, b. Julv 8, 1847; m. John Winthrop Spooner, M.l>., 

May 2,s, ],s73. 
AuNEU LuiMNG, b. March 23. 18.j0. 

Elijah C Bakek (Elijah,^ Elijah,^ Elijah,' Juhn.^ Johnr FJchard'), 
son of Elijah (39) and Olive, was born in Stockbridge, Vt.. Sept. 
24, 1808. He married Hannah Howe, May 31, 1832. Children: 

Haxn.ui A., b. April 22. 18:33. 
Asa Em.jaii, b. Feb. 2, 18:3G. 
Sauaji J lli ax, b. Oct. 12. 1840. 
Maky Matilda, b. May 2'J. 184:3; d. April 26, 184a. 
V. Charles Ly.max, b. Dec. 11, 184(3; d. Sept. I'J, 1648. 

Bradford" liAKEU {Phlneus,^ Jahn,^ Elijali,* Jolm,^ Jolm,'^ Riilnird'^), 
son of Fhineas (41) and Al/.ada, was born June oO. b'522. He 
naarried Florinda Jones of Sharon, June 30, 1844. Tliey resided 
iu Fo.\boro', ^lass. Chihlren : 




Sarah Flurinda, b. June ~i 
deuce, K. I., Aug. 21, 18.'34. 

1845; m. Georere O. Holmes of I'rovi- 


ii. Alzada AVii.r.iAMs. b. Ft-h. i>:>. 1848; m. 1st. John Burkctt of Tanu- 
ton, 3I:iss.. Xuv. 1, l>(;i;: iii. iM, William K. Brvaut oi" Erockt.,., 
July ;;. !>>;;. • ■ ■ 

iii. Wii.riAM Kr.-Tis. Ii. .Iiiiie 2n, is.-o-. d. ;\[;iv L>",i. Isiir;. 

iv. EruKNK. 1). Jan. i';',. [s:,i: m. Harlid M. Jackson of Camhridire. Ma-- 
Sopt. 4. iss^. 

V. Iln;.v.Ai AuiirsTrs. h. C. Isr.r.-, m. Lulu L. Sayk's of Foxli,,r,,-. 
^laiT-li 2'J. I.s,s4: tJRir cliiiai\-u are: Johu-UavuK.uil, b. Aw^. .s. ]->:.. 
and Leah-Sayles. 1). Oct. l'7. 1>>7. 

vi. Hknuiktia, b. Auir. s. I >:>'.) ■ ni. Gjori^e A. Dnnakin of Sliaron. Nov. 
24. issi. 

vii. Al.mika Anni:. b. March 31, 18<;7. 

69. PhINKAS MoWAUd' l>AlvKR {Pliiiieus,^ Jo/ti/.^ Elijah,^ John^' John.- 

Jiichard^ ), i-ou of Fliineas (4 1 ) and xMzatla. was born in Sharon. 
Oct. lo, 182";. in thti old dwelling- liouse built hy liis great-ui ainl- 
fatlier near the Stougliton line, lie manied Cyntliia Cai-penter of 
Sharon, May 'J. 1847, and resides on Billings Street, at Sharon 
Centre. Children : 

i. PZ:m-Ma AruiM.A. b. May lib l.s.j2. 

ii. Elmku lIoWAUU. b. Jan. T.). isr).3; m. Sarah Louisa Chickerin;,' of 
Nor\vo<td, Mass.. Jan. 11. l.ssl; they reside in Xorwooii and liave 
three children : Carl Howard, b. Feb. 14. 18.s2 ; Xiua, b. :klarch 14. 
l.ssO; anil Elsie Kelton. b. .March 24. lf;8'J. 

iii. Hk.miy luviNG, b. June 19. Ls,38; d. Sept. 1, 1885. 

70. Stkpiikn^ Bakicu {S/ep/ic/u^ Jumes,^ Elijah* John? John,'' Richard^), 

son of Stephen (40) and Hannali, was born in Dorchester. Dec. 11, 
18o4. fie n.arried 3Iaria Ann Curtis. Jan. 1.3. 18G'2. Ills resilience 
is on Baker Biace. Dorchester, near the Jjird Street depot of the 
New Yoik and 2sew PLngland Railroad, (.'iiildreu : 

i. EiMiAU FisK. b. Oct. ul, isr,.-, ; ,i. d^-c. k;, 18G9. 

ii. Hauuy Ar,Bi:i;r. b. Sept. 2i;, 1-^71. 

iii. Stki'iikx, b. Jan. ul. I.s7.";; d. Jan. o, 1.s7Ij. 

iv. Catukki.nk Vom:. b. ^lay "J, 1878. 


71. Gkougk Washington' Baki;r {Eleazer,^ Siuimel,^ Preserved.'* Ja....^, 

Jij/oi' Jiichitrd^ ). soii oi' Kleazer (4l!) and .Susan, was l)orn June 
17, 1824. He married 1st. Frances L. Slie/ld of .Sontli Braintree, 
Nov. 28, 1850; she died Oct. 2"J. I8o4.aged 21 years. He married 
2d, Elizabeth Abbot Daland of Soutii Braintree, Ma v 4, 1^.3 0. fie 
died at Kandolpii, .Mass., Feb. lo, 1888. fJuring somewhat more 
, than halt" his life he resided in Dorchester and was en^a^ed in some 
form of mercantile business. Later be lived at liandolph. Children : 

i. Gkougi-: Hknky, b. Oct. 31. 18."»1: d. Anir. 30. 18.'52. 

ii. Mvnv Ella Fkancks, b. June 1. Is-U; d. Sept. 18, 1854. 

iii. ;Makv Daland, b. Jan. 11. l^:>'.> -. d. Jan. 'J. isoc. 

iv. SfsiK 'J()Li)>.MiTii. b. .July 1.'). Isiw;. 

V. Gloki.i: \V v>;!iN(ir()X. h. May :., 1^7lJ; d. July 7, 1874. 

vi. CuAKLKs I)alaxi>, f). Juuc 27. Is72. 

72. Gkoimk Fm.Is' Bakkij iJohnP Preserved,^ Preserved* Jnincs? J<din?- 

JiichinuP), .=on of John (47) and flatty, was born iu Dediiam, 
March IG, I8ltj. ffe removed when a young man to New York 
state an<l became clerk of the town of Williumsbur"- about 184'J; 


was meinlier of the Legi>l;itiire tor Kitiii's county in I'^'il. au'l 
private secretary to Gov. Mvrou II. Clark ui Nt-w York. i;i I >■')■'> 
an<l 1^0'i. During' tlie<rf and >ub.-M'ijiieiit years tie wa-: in ii' 
and personal at]i.iation ui;ii William II. Seuaid, Horace 'ire-.-it-v 
and Tluulow Wi-ed. With the tir>t nanie<i he >LOw(i in cimriofntial 
lelatiun.s. lie edited the works of Mi'. S.'ward. as jmblished in live 
Volumes, and uiote the memoir ot' liie statesman Avhich is ili'.-ii- 
preface. During I'rc.^ident's Lincuii;"s administration Mr. IJ.iker 
U'as '•di3bur.-«ini,f a;.'ent " of the department ot" Sta[;c. The service 
was of responsibility in [)ecnniary and other re.spects. and broni:!): 
him into intimate relations with the President uthcially and led to 
the establishment ot a |:ersonal triend-hip. in i67'2 and 1673 .Mr. 
IJaker was "comptroller." or ti-easnrei'. of the District of CoUimiiia. 
He married Kveline M. .Stevens of Gi'eenbnsh. N. Y.. Mav U, IbJ'J; 
he died March '2, 16^7. Children: 

86. i. Gr-OKfrH Fi->iii:i:. b. .March l'7. Lsii); m. Florence Tucker Baker. 

ii. Mautha. Ki.i/aiu:iii. I>. Nov. I'l. isl-L>; m. (irauL liaruey Sch;. y of 
CauauilaiLrua, X. Y., March '2o. 1.^77; they re>i(.le in Xow York city, 
iii. Eva Fi:a.nci:s, b. Uct. J, ls44; d. single (Jot. !•?. lSiJ7. 

73. Joil-V Joy" Hakkh {Juliu^ Preserved,^ Preserved.* James? Juha? 

Richrird^), son of .John (47) and PaCtv. was born in Dediiam, Feb. 
15, 1822. He married Ilariiette Pearson Titconib of Ne\vl)uryporr, 
Mass., ^lay 17, l8o2. During m(*-t of his active life he has resided 
in Boston on his estate, corner of .Shuwmut Avenue and Milfurd 
Street. Cidldren: 

i. Caimmk Locisi;, b. .\pril 4. \s:y?,. 

ii. Fl.oia:NCK Kva, b. Ault. I'tj. is.j.", ; d. .luly 29. 18313. 

iii. Lii.A. b. June .5, 1>."57; d. Auir ;J0. \-^ol . 

iv. FuANCKs Maima. b. Nov. (j. l>.:s; d. .July 24. I'^'U. 

V. ALri:i;i) TncOMn. b. March 2S. l?i;i ; ni. .Mattie M. Nichols of South 

Boston, June 1, IrsG ; thev have oue child, ilarold Titcomb. b. 3ilay 

11, 1668. 

74. Joiiv IIac^.Ci;' IjAICKR (Ela-ard^ S'lmnel? Samuel* Janus? John? 

Pic/tarri^), sou oi' Edward ( 4'.') and .Susan, was born in Ka~C;i.)rt. 
3Ie., Nov. lb, l''^2'J. He mari-ied Klizabetli Hunt of Cheiaca. 
Nov. 2'J, 1855, and resided in that place. He died April b, 1650. 
Chihhen : 

i. GKoiaiH Tayi.oi:, b. Sept. 2, Iti'jC,; he studied medicine and is in 

practice as a denti-t in lio>.ton. 
ii. John Waltkk, b. Sept. 2, IsGU; is past assistant surgeou ia the 

U. S. Navy, 
iii. Hi:.MiY Rii'i.KV, b. March 21. I'lOo; d. Sept. C, 1«83. 
iv. LiLi.iA.v III NT. b. July 1, ls»i"*. 
V. FuLoiaiic Wallace, b. Sept. 21>, 1*70. 

75. jKUKMiAii Smith" Ii vkk.i; ( TIkhuhs? Tnoinas!" Samuel* Jam s? Jo/ia? 

Jiic/iftrd*). son of 'i'iiomas (51) and Hannah, was iiorn in Hoo-ick. 
N. Y. (Rensselaer Co.). Mav o. ISl.J. He married Adeline .^I. 
Sturtevant of Verona. Oneida Co., N. Y., Oct. 8, \6'o.i. He lived 
in that town several years, and afterwards iu Ferinton, Monroe Co., 
N. Y. Chlldreu; 


i. Emma r>i;ii;i[r. h. Juiu- 27. 1841. in VcrtMia. 
ii. Fi:anli;.- Ai>i; h. Au^. 22. ]>i:;. in \'er()na. 
iii. Maky Eliza, b. < )ct. IG, l^ilt, in lV'riut(Mi. 

76t Danikl Foi:t" IiAKicti [Darid.^ Tltonms,* Saittuel^ Jmncs? Johji- 
Richard}), son ut David (Jyl) and Callieriiie. was lioi'n in Hoo-ick, 
Keiisselaei- Co., N. Y.. Sept 1. 1S1(>. Ik' manit-ii 1st. Eliza Ridi. 
' I3ec. lo. 1S41: >iie died Maicli 1'.). 1?<44. Jle inairied "id. Susan 
C'lia;iin, 3Iaicli \'l, lb4'i. lie was a snccesstnl I'ai'uier and >hee|i 
gi'ower at Iloosick. and often took [neiniunis at the State and local 
fairs. Cididren : 

i. Mary Ei.iza. b. Jan. Ifi. 1844: ii. Makia C. b. Jan. 8. is4r,; iii. 
Ei.sEY K.. \i. Jan. 8. ]s4S: iv. Hi:ni:y P., b. Feb. 12. l^.jo; v. Ida 
Fkan'CKS, b. Sept. 8. I.s5l'. 

77. FiiKDiCKiCK Hi:\vi-:s^ IIakkij ( WiJIiain.^ Ebeufzer}' Ehenezer* Ahijuh,^ 

Jolin,^ RicIianP), son of William (.>3) and Amelia, was boin in 
Sharon, May 22. Is.'JT. He married 1st. 31arv F. Fairbanks oi' 
jMedlield. Aui[. 1. 18)06; she died May oW, ISbS. aged 2'.i years. 
He married 2d, pollen Evelyn Uorr of Walpole, March IM. \.^to. 
He occupies and carries on the farm at Sharon Corner, which was 
Ids father's. Cldldreii : 

i. Ahuie Lo\'i:li.. b. Dec. 3, 18Go. 

ii. Xkllik Fkaxli>. b. June 20. LsCT; d. Feb, 12, 18C8. 

iii. Gi;\ci-: Evelyn. 1). Sept. (i. 187-<. 

iv. Fkkdkkiciv Willia.m. b. May 4. 1882. twin. 

V. Fkank Wallace, b. May 4, 1882 twin. 

vi. llovvAKO Dt'.MiN'. b. March 21, l^sT. 

78. Ekknkzek' BAKKit { Ek'nezcr}^ Ehenczer.^ EbciU'zer^ Ah'tjuh? Juhn^ 

liichard^y son of Ebenezer (o4) and Relief, was born in \Val[)(de, 
April 2, lSo4. He marrieil 1st. ^lartln Ann Davi.> (jf New Siia- 
roii, Me.. May 20. 1.^0.3; she die.l April 24. 1800. He married 2d, 
Sarah Ellen Whittier of Walpole. Nov. 15. ISIiS. He is engaged 
i.n the real-estate brokerage business in Boston, and resides on 
School street in Walpole. Children: 

i. Ei>wa]:d Wat>()X, b. Oct. 24, 1>.")7 : ni. Milly Yettan of Wnh.ole. 

Dec. 1."), I8.s7: they liad one cliild, Ei>\vai:i> Hakolk. <1. in infancy, 
ii. Fj;ances, b. Marcii tj, lis.38 ; m. Benjamin Whittier oi \'ieinia, 

Me., July 4, 188.3; they have one child. Mal)el Enuua. ij. May 4, 

iii. Ebexezei: Albeht. b. Jan. 24, 1802; m. Mary Iluxfortl of Iloulton, 

Me., Jan. 1, IsmJ. 

79. "WlLLiA-M H.' Bakkr {Aniosf" Preserved,^ Abfjak* Abijah,^ John? 

Richard'^), son of Amos (o5) and Abigail, was horn in Medlield, 
Feb. 1, l^oC). He married Sally Montg(jmery in Duxi)ury, \'t., 
Oct. ly, 1S42. His four eldest chihlien were horn there; the 
youngest was born in Fountain Piairie, Wis. Two of his .-ons died 
in the United States military service in the civil war. Children : 

i. Amos, b. Feb. 1. 184.-> ; ii. Cykus, b. Sept. 30, 1847: iii. A<a. b. July 
18. 185U; iv. Ciiaules, b. Feb. 24, 18.3.3. 

80. Leandi-.u Hanfoud' Bakkk (Darnels.'^ Preserved.^ Abijah.^ AbijaJt,^ 

Julin^' Richard ), son of Daniels (50) and Elmina. uaa Luru in 

j 33 


I Jamesville, N. Y.. June 27. ISl [. He married r\ravtha C. Win-j of 

,' East Hartford. Conn.. Xuv. "). IS-IT.. He L'raduated at tlie Univt r- 

I sity of Loui.sville, Ky.. in 161"J. He removed to St. Loui-. .Mm.. 

wliere lie remained several years. Durini; the war !ie was a liri-- nic- 
' surgeon in the Union army, and afterwards lived in Belleviilf. ]i!.. 

ulout fourteen miks from St. Louis, whei'e he practised as u [ihv- 

j sician. ChiUlren : 


i. Anxa Fr.MiXA. b. Dec. 11. 1>47; d. Nov. 12. 1Sj3. 
ii. Maky Elizauktu. b. .Tune iH. 1j4'J. 
iii. MAKTitA ,1am:. h. Oct. ;), 1>,">1. 
iv, Lkandi.k Wi.vcr. b. Nov. o, \>'>3. 

CiiAULKs; IlANror.i), b. April 22. l>.j(3. 

82. Abi.taii Richaud-on" Caker {Davld.'^ Ahijdh.^ Ahljnh.* Jbij'f/i:' 
Jo/i)i' Jxi(luird^). son of Daviil (-jO) and .Jeniima, was horn in 
Franklin, 3Iass., Awj,. 30. lSu5. He iirudiiated at Amherst Colleire 
in l'5c)0. his ]ire{)aratory study haviuLl lieen at academies in Meihvay 
and Bradt'ord. After leaving college lie tauglit school in 3Iedway 
for a short time, and next entered Andover Theohjgical .Seminary, 
where he graduated in L'j.j.). He l)ecame pastor of the Coul^vh-.i. 
tional church iu Medford. Mass.. April 25. l■^oS. and was in that 
service for about ten years. Suliseqiiently he made valiiaijle con- 
tributions to the literature of the denominarii>n in various ways. In 
1878 he received the <legree of Doctor of Divinity from Au-tin 
College in Texas. Durini: mucii of his life he resided in Franklin, 
but finally'in Dorche.^ter near to the .Second Parish Church. He 
married Harriett Xewell Woo<i-. daughter of Uev. Leoiuu'd W.aids. 
D.D., of Andover. Hediediii Dorche>ter April oU, li57o. ^'liildreii: 

i. Leoxahd Woods, b. Xov. 13. l>oG: d. June 2'.), is:;7. 

ii. Geouof. SruAitT. b. .Inly 2'J. l>:;s: ^'ratlnated at Union Th.oloirical 
Seminary. of New York in 1>7U: wa>- pa-tia- of the laiipliany 
Episopal Cliurch in li-x-ln-t-r. X. Y.. an<l lat-r <>t >t. .lam.- 
Cliurch in Batavia. N. Y. : unrinir eleven yt-ars i)a-t li'' h i~ i).-rii 
pastor and superintendent of St. Luke's Hospital in Now York t-iiv: 
m. June 0, Is'7i'>. Marzant Coates of New York city, a native of 
GlasLTOw. SeotLiiid: their ciiiMr.-n are: (i.-orire-FU-nry. 1^. An-,'. 2. 
1871, d. Sei)t. r.». 1>7;;: Fannie-1 )rap(T. b. Dec. 17. 1>72: Il.-irriette- 
"WooiU. b. Nov. 2.".. 1^7+: Maru'ar ■t-Uun--e!. b. Nov. 22. l--o. 

iii. CitM.'i.Ks IJnii \i:i)-<)V. b. April l'>. 1-12: LM-aMiiarccj ;ii (•.■i:iii>ri(l_'-'' 
'I'liedlou'ii-il S.-!iiiii:n-v ami i- p:i-.lMr i.T tin- I",,.! -r. .p.-'.l Chiir.-h m1 !:ir 
Me--inh in I'.roMklyn". N. Y.: ui. Mary Sued. mi S'-Jh'in-k m|" tii;it eirv. 
Nov. .'», Is7.]; tiiev have one child. Saridi-lJon-iiyea. b. An_'. 2t. 

iv. "\Vii.i.i\>r Hi:MiV. b. Marcli 11. Is*"-; irradnat'-d at H:irv:ir<l i''>\\yj.-- 
Medical Scii<»ol. and i- profe--or of tryuaM'.»l<,i:y in tiiat iii-tiuni'»n. 


and a physician of exton^ivo praotioo in Enston: m. Oct. 21. ]>:!. 
Cli-u-lotrr Ann I'.ill of P.o-rdii: tlieirfhii.U-eu aiv : Kov-Ba!!. Ij. No\ 
s. [>:<■.: IlaroUl-W'.i.uU, h. s.-pt. ir,. i<si. 

V. ^^'.\I ri:;;. h. Anu- li'. I ^ Hi : li-pailuari'il ar HarvanH'oUciro in I'^TKan.i 
sMli<ci|iK'ntly at t!u' Kpisci>|>al ThrciN'i;iral S. •miliary in Caiiihri.!,'-... 
]Ma>s. ; i-i as^viare niini-trr oi' Trinity C'liiircli in CoviiiLTtoii. Ky. • 
rfcrived tiic tlo^ivc of D.I), t'rdiii .\n<tiii Cnlli'iie. 

vi. FiivNiv \V(«.!>s. 1). Anir- li». l-',r,: -radnatod at Harvard Colloiro in 
1>^:_;. a\id lati'rat the Kpi-copai 'riu-olo-ical Seminary in CanihridLTc: 
is rector of the ahove nameil cliureli in Coviniiton ; ni. Uct. 'J, 1>--:!. 
Jennie Porter Mills of Boston. :\Iass. ; their children are: Leonard- 
Woods, b. in Boston. Uct. 2>, Is^-^-t; Dudlev-Mills, b. iu Covini,'ton. 
March 1.'., is ^7. 

83. EUASTUS KmMOVS^ r.AKF.R (Dari.l^ AJtiJuh,'^ Alojuh* Ahljdh.^Juhn.- 

Richord^ ). ':m\ o[' David (.')!)) iind .Temiini. was burn in Fi-anklin, 
jNIass., July 2s. IS-io. lie married Abi)y .Miranda IJacoii of Franklin. 
April 8. ISol. He resides in the Lim-oln Street mansion and cul- 
tivates the ancestral acres. He is deacon of the church in Franklin 
and a highly resitected citizen. ChiMreii : 

i. ^M.vnY .VrGTSTA. b. June b". ls,-,4; d. July 2, ISTA. 

ii. J(»m:i'1I IIki;i;i'i;t. b. May i;. 1^."k">. 

iii. David I;i;a> i rs. ii. Marcli :'.o. 1n,-,7: ]ii. Harriet E. Loj-d of Xewton, 

Mass.. Oct. 21. fs^r,; lu' i< a phv-ieian at Xewtoii Lo\ver Falls. 
iv. ArsTiN ^[irrcM.i-. b. May 22. !>:.:i: d. Feb. 17. 1>G1-. 
V. Ji:nxif, Pakkkk. 1). Nov. 17, l>t:2. 

84. AValtku^ IiAKKR ( W'lJtPrJ EiJiiinihlS' Jmui'sf' Jumcs* Jo/ok'^ Jo/m.' 

liichdnl'^), >oii id' Walter (I'.l ) ami Dt-borah. was born in Dorches- 
ter. Jan. 5. ls27. He niari-icd Frances (.'orii.dia Tremlett, An^. 
1.3, 1.S51. He died in Worcoler, Mass.. :Jay -I'l. \6^1. Childreir: 

i. Fr.oiM'.xci: Morr. b. Anir. 1^, 1>.">2, in Dorchester. 
89. ii. Wai.ii;!: Svdxkv, b. in l>.'^s : m. Kitty Constance Pjarlinsr. 

8->. Ja:mf.s Koaium)^ V)\kv.\x { Hnrntir>J Kdmtnnl. Jniiu'^.^ Jiniii^s^ JoJni.^ 
JoliiK^ Riclidvd'^). son ot Horatio (li2) and .Mary, was born in Dor- 
chester, Anix. l!S, l.Sil. He married Liicimla M. Gardner iii 
Hinckley, .^iedina Co.. 0.. Dec. 1'.). ]Sl7. She was horn in Mid- 
dlehnrix, C'ayhan^a Co.. O. They resided in Pre-emption. Mercer 
Co., ().. where he followed the vocation of a fai'uier, and where 
tlieir children were born, viz. : 

i. Hi:M:ii;rrv .\.i.Mii:\. b. ^Tay 2o, ]s|;i. 
ii. C'n.iA Kmma. Ii. Feo. '••. ls.",l. 

86. HoUACl-.'* r>AKlK (////■'///'>.' KilniKiul!' Jniiu-^J' Jutltrs,* Jului."^ J.jlnir 
Jiirlidnl^ ). son of Horatio (<>-) and Mary, was l)orn in \\'e.>tfoni. 
!Mass.. Nov. .')'», is;;;!, lie marrii-(l .Sn-.m C. Cole of Stounhton, 
March 2o. Is.')i>. Hi> residence i^ in limckion. .Ma--<.. where his 
children were horn. He .-erved from April 'l^J, \^^\\. to Jnlv S, 
iSibl. as pri\ate in tlie M.i-s. I2;h i)V •• W'eli-te'' reudiiient." He 
was for .^oiiic time a pi'i-im-r of w.ii' in Li!(ii\' pri-oii. in llieh- 
nunid. \'a. I le n-ceixi-d in the battle (d' the \\"ildi-rii>--> a wniuid 
whirh e.iiiM-d tie- hi--, id' his h-i't .arm. His iitri''i;il -eiviec in a civil 
capacitv ha> l»eeii that ot ine--eMi:'-i' id the (ieie-ral Coui't aiei mi'in- 
lier of the ( 'ii\ CuMiicil > d' i Mni-ktiUi. Childn.n: 





i. Waltek En:\n'xr>, b. Jnne 2. is,"4: m. Mary Aldcn Barrov.-> ,,f 
.Mitldlfboni . Ma-<., Fvh. 14. 1 -■>;•. : their cliildTfii are Bcrili:i I.yiiia, 
b. Feb. rj, ls->t. ami Kdiuuud \\'alter. b. Sept. T2, 1^^.') : "lia'}' 
rcsiile in UroektMii. 

ii. Maucl's lU'iMox. b. April 2"). lsi;7. 

iii. lldUACi: C'i.intox. b. < )ct. ol, 1>7A. 

John' Osbokn^ Baker {John O.J JohnJ' JoJinJ' J(()i}rs* John? Jolm.' 
lCicli(ird^), son of Joliii O. (<J4) and KluIi, wa^^ bmn in iirooklyn, 
!N. Y., Jan. S. \6\-. He married Lucy Dorr Wliitun ot llinghaiii. 
Mass. Tliey lived at Bergeu Point, >«. J., wliere four of their 
cliildren were horn. The youngest was born in ^Newark, N. J., 
"where they resided hiter. Children : 

Jonx (^snoux, b. July 4, is72; d. July 2'J, 1873. 
Lrcv Ellex', b. <Jct. 2ij. lb7o. 
;Mai;y Kii'i.EY 'Wiirrox'. b. March 7. 1S7.3. 
C'LiiEoi!!) IIaedemax', b. Dec. 2, lfi7«. 
V. Kuxix ]\1atiiek, b. March o, ISSJ. 

George Fisher^ Baker {Georrje E.J John.''' Preserved^' Prrserred* 
James,^ John," Richard'^), son of George E. (72) and Eveline, was 
born in Troy. N. Y., March l.*7, 1S40. He married Florence Tucker 
Baker of Louisville. Ivy.. Nov. l.tJ. 18G0.* He served in the banking 
department of New York State, from 3[arch 16. LS56, to July, L'^'jo, 
when lie took position as teller of the First National Bank of New 
Y'ork city, became cashier in 1805, and has been president of the 
bank since Sept. 1, 1877. He resides at Monmouth Beach, N. J. 
Children : 

Flouexce Eveeyx, b. Sept. l.T. ls70. 
riurii, b. Oct. ;51, 1.S72: d. May .>, I.s7n 
Suii;ley, b. Nov. 2G. L^74; d. Si.-i)t. 21, 
Flouexce Bellow.'^, b. June 1.'!. 1^70. 
George Either, b. March I'J, L^78. 


Walter Sydney' Baker ( Walter,^ Walter'' EdniundJ' JaniesJ 
James,'' Juhn,^ John,'- Richard^), son of Walter (84) and Frances, 
was born at Maniaroneck, N. Y. P^om boyhood he haj beeti a 
resident in England. He married Kitty Constance Barling, who 
was l)orn in tiie parish of Lyn>teil, Kent. The marriage took place 
April 2b, 1885, in All Souls' Church. South Hempstead, London. 
He resides at Dartford in Kent. Children: 

i. Sydxey Ti;e.mlett. b. April 1><. Iss8, at Wimbledon, Surrey, Enir. 
It will be observed in tracinir the direct ancestors of this last of 
recordt in the present series, throuirh Walters, (s!)) and the accoui- 
panyiuiT italic list, that each of these is senior by birtli in 1jI-> 
generation. Sidney Tremlett has like priority in tlu; tenth irenera- 
tion. which, in re:>pect to nativitv, bei;ins where the lirst did. in 
Old Eu'daud. 

* Appendix XV. 

t Appendi.K XVI. 


I. (p. 5). 

I Edward Iloriaxs, born in Enulaud in lOon. arrived in BostiMi June 21";. 1037, 
i in piirsnauce of tlie enterprise of eolonization in Coiinectieiit. He -was governor 
of Connectieut in alternare years from 1040 to 1()."^2, wlien he returned to Eng- 
land, and Avas in tlie public service under Cromwell. He died in 10")7. His 
bequest of £000. wliicli came to Harvard College, was invented in wild lands, 
which in due time were taken up by settlers, and became the present tinvn of 
Hopkiuton, Mass. 

II. (p. 5). 
Lyox Ctaudixku was born in Eiiicland, and liad experience in early manhood 
as a military engineer in active service in the Low Countries. He remained in 
Boston during the Avinter of 10:15. and superintended an enlargement of tlie fort 
on Fort Hill. The barque "Bachelor" remained also, and in it he reached 
Connecticut in the spring, where lie built a strong fort at the place now called 
Saybrook. His latter years were speut on the island in Long Island Sound called 
" Gardiner's Island" to this dav, and which he owned. He died in 1003. 

in. (p. 6). 
Thomas Daxfoutii was born in 1022. and died Nov. 5, 1090. From the year 
I0o7 to the latter date he was in public service in ^lassachusetts, occupying liigh 
stations, among them the offices of deputy governor and judge of the highest 

IV. (p. 7). 
Thomas Baker's Tide-:Mill was on the stream called Stony Brook (anciently 
Stony river), where it flowed into the marshes of Back Bay, and became known 
as '-Tide-mill Creek." The mill pond was partly the inflow of tlie tide and 
I'arily the outflow of tlie brook. The mill site is on the north-westerly side of 
till' present Barker Street, one hundred and flfty feet north-cast from the <.-orn.T 
of Ward Street. It was knoAvn as "Baker's mill" as early as ICjO, and the 
privilege and apparatus are mentioned as part of the assets in the inventory of 
Thomas Baker's estate in 1084. 


V. (p. '7). 

IIkn'ry "Wrriirx'^Toy Avn^; born in Tjiiilniul. nn'l diod in DoiTlicstcr. ¥fh. i? 
HU"'!), •,\'j:>.i\ 7',i yc;ir-. In hi- mi!' lie nanx^- llii-hnrd linker ;i~; one ol" the execu- 
tors, and Thonnts Danl'orth as one of thi- overseer-. Tlie hiventorv of !ii- 
estate shoAvs a total of £>:>iK 17s. Anion;:.- the items are: --one >ixteenth p:ui 
of three ketches. £>0: one half part of a warehouse in lin-tuii. £."iO; one Pmlt of 
cotton-wool. £.">.'■ Tlie inventory of .lo'an I'jaker. nehiiew of Kiehard. .-ho\v... 
that he had an interest in three ketches, ajiprai-ed at tCi;. These facts certify 
to a familiarity -with maritime l)iisiness atfairs on the part of tlie iuimedia.te 
relatives of Richard Baker, and. -wliile they pro\ e notliini: a-, re.-pects his voca- 
tion or business pursuits, are in liaiTuony Avilli the facts othenvise adduced as 
to that vocation in his early mauliood. 

YI. (p. 8). 

The John Bakki; Ilorsr: at Savin Hill Avas taken doAvn in IS.jS. Ir is there- 
fore witliin tlie recollection of numy now liviiiir. Latterly it was often called 
the " Rolnnson House," havin;^ been l)ou<::ht by Maj. Edward llr)bin<on after 
the settlement of the estate of James T.aker (2:)). The data relied on in deter- 
minin.ix its antinuity are in part the records of deeds and of probate. one 
evidence of its antiijuity is its plan and style of construction, which corr>spond 
to otlier dwellings of the earliest sreneration. The roof of the house was of the 
garabrel shape in front, and to the rear it made a long slope, tlie northerly eaves 
being scarcely more than >ix feet luL'h. Tlie dimensions of the iiT<iund pian. as 
measured by the >till exi-tiiiir eellar-Avall, were about 2s by :j() feet: the former 
being the front and the latter the side. The lirst tloor a\ as divided into four 
spacious rooms, and the attic had two moderate sized Ioav ceiled chambers, the 
space iu the rear of these being uulinL-^heLl. 

VII. (p. 8). 

William Stolghton's Uksidexce was at the northerly comer of Pleasant 
Street and Savin Hill Avenue, a mile and a half distant, nortli-ea-terly, from tlie 
house Avhich he sold John Baker (M), and seventy-fi\ e or ciiihty roiK easterly of 
the homestead of Bichard Baker. The descrii)tions of })artilion deeds of (lov. 
Stonghton's homestead show that about 17-ts the Avenue was known a> •■ linkers 
Bane." The region near the house of John Baker i:> ). in cons.'(|ueiice of -everal 
of his descendants becoming owners and residents there, gained the name of 
" Baker's Plain. " 

VIII. (p. 10). 

The DwKr.LiXG Hoi'se of John Baker (7) is still standinir on the s[)ot to 
which it was moved on Daiiinir Stn'it. faciinr e;i>ter!y. tlioui:li iu its former 
lio>ition it faee<l .-outlierly. The tr.-iilitioii of the Cap^'U family is t!i;it tln' liou-e 
Avas built ill K.'Js. and it linds support in the fact of record that 17L'.s was the 
year of John Baker's tir.'st marriage. 


IX. (p. 13). 

1 "ijrv. .Ton vTiiAX r.ow^r vx \v:i< ministi-r of the Clinrcli of Dnrcbo-t.-r from 
[x.iv. .". 17i".i. to Doc. U. 177:1. servinir as colli'a'jcue to lii'v. .Iol)ii DanfortU 
I .Im-iiii: t!i.' lir.-t <ix or ^cvcn months of that jn'riod. lIi- marrh"! Klizahdli Ilan- 
\ <vu-ls. whoAva- aunt to .Tohn Hancock, siiiner of the Declaration of Inih'n.'uih.'nce. 
{ The (IweUiuii' house of Kev. IMr. Bowman in Dorchester is still stamlini^ on 
i rieasiint Street, ten rods north from Creek Street. 

X. (p. 13j, 

TiiK Br.r.ixxixr; of this manufacture is lixed thus definitely by records con- 
tained iu an old account book kept by James Baker {')), which still exist- in per- 
fect couditiou, as respects leiribility, and the record is such, also, that it shows 
that the place of manufacture Avas at Lower :Mills villau:e. 

XI. (p. 19). 

D.vxiF.L VosE was a descendant of Rol:)ert Vose, one of the early settlers of 
Alilton. the place beinir at the time of his coming a part of the town of Dor- 
chester. The line <.f doceut is: llobert.i Thomas,- Tliomas.J Tliomas,* 
Daniel.* Eli/.abeth, the wife of Eilmund llaker (;3.'>). was accordinudy of tlic 
-ixth ij^eneration. The other Vose connections iu this i^enealogy are as folhnvs : 

IIaxnaii Bakeh, daughter of Thomas Baker (10), married Elisha Vo>o of the 
sixth ireneration. His line of descent was : Robert,^ Thomas, = Henry, ^ Robert.* 
Thomas.* Eli>ha.^ 

FiiANcis Bakki:. son of Francis Baker (:V-*1. married Lydia May Vose, of tlic 
fiirhih ireneration. Iler line of descent was : Uobert,' Thomas, = Henry. ^ Robert,-* 
Thomas,* Elisha. « Thomas B.^ Lydia .May Vose.^ 

Stkpiiex Baki-ii (4.">), married Hannah Davis Vose of the sixth generation. 
The line of descent was : Robert, ^ Edward,- William,'' U'illiam,-* William.* Hannali 
Davis Vose.* 

XIL (p. m). 
Rev. BKX.rAAiix HrxTODX Avas tirst settled as a minister at Canton. .Ma-s.. in 
l^-JL'. and later held the pastoral oUice in Milton and elsewliere. He was horn in 
17'.i2. and died in lsi;4. One of his children was Daniel T. V. Iluntoon. the 
historian and lienealoLcist. 

Xlir. (p. 27). 

.Vnuukw ()i.i\r.i: was Diie of the commissioners appointed by the kintrin |"ir- 

I >iiauce of the •• stamp act." He ludd other liiirh ollices at ditfereiU time-, aiuoiii: 

! iheiii that of lieutenant irovernor under Tlionias Hutchinson. Tiie two \\ ere 

:• hrother-in-law. liavimr married damriitei-s of William Sanforil of Xew port. \l. I. 

Tiiom.di indi-pntaMy a ■■ tory/" his (h^ith liefore the openiii_^ of ho^iilii ie- -aved 

ilie e-tate of < )liver fi-om beimr I'ontisi'at.'d under tie' law a- thai i'\ a •■ eou- 

-pirator" or •• alp-ente<-," and it took tlie n-nal cour-e in lieim: di-poseii of Iiy 

hi- administrator. 


XIV. (p. 27). 
Tin: Statt:i.y ^Fansiox was nor the sole attraction of llio e^iatc for to V. 
castAvanl it (•(iiniuainltd an (■xteii^i\e vieAv. liiniiul only l.y the liori/.on lin<- ■ 
the bea, and coniprisinu- the harVior A\ith it> islaiul-~ ami >hii)iiinu-. In lli. - 
respects it vied A\itli the llutchin-on mansion, Avhirh -vva^ ahont tAvo mi'- 
farther sonth, in Milton, on the road a\ Inch i^ a continuation of that in Du) 
cheater, calkd •• the ureat country road." 

XV. (p. 35). 

FLor;r,xcE TrcKFii Bakkr is of the line of Alexander Baker of Boston, \\]h 
with his -wife Elizabeth, arrived from Enu'land in li;;>3. One of his scnis av:i 
Josluia. Avho Avas Ixirn in Boston in M42 : removed to Xcav London. Conn. 
about KiTO: married. Svpt. lo. lf;74. Mrs. Sarah Min?ter (or Minter). and dit- 
in XcAV London, in 1717. A son of .To?hna Mas John Baker, "who was born ii 
Xew London. Dec. 24. lOSL and Avlio ri-moved to Woodbury. Conn. His hr-' 
wife A\a> Comfort, and his secontl, Sarali. lie died in Woodbury in 17.")0. ni> 
youni^est son Avas Elisha Baker, Avho Avas born in Wootlbury in October. 17.1. 
Elisha married Phfe])e Xichols, and lived at Bennington. Vt., and Williani>toAsu. 
ISIass. Ezra, a son of Elisha, Avas born in Benniniiton, June lib 17i;2. studied 
medicine in WilliamstOAvn, and liA'ed subsequently in Xe\v Jersey. Ezra m:\rrie<i 
1st, Sally, daughter of Samuel Tucker, governor of Xew Jersey; and 2d. her 
sister Eliza. A son of Ezra and Eliza Avas Benjanun Eraid-;iin Baker, born in 
TuckertoAvn, X. J., Marcli C>. islL He married Sophronia J. Whitney, ^lavcU 
12. Is;j5. Tlieir third child Avas Florence Tucker Baker. 

Among the Baker familio vi early date other than those referred to in the 
foregoing pages (viz. : Bichard, Thomas. John and Alexander) Avere the follow- 
ing, as appeal's by Savage's Genealogical Dictionary : 

Cornelius Baker, Salem, m. in ItJorf. 
^- Francis, in Bos^ton in lUoj. 
Ebenezer, in Salem, l('.7o. 
Jetlrey, in Windsor; m. in 1G42. 
John, IpsAvich, l<;o4. 
John, Woburn, ir)44. 
John. Hartford. lilC.j. 
Xathaniel. HiiiLrham, ir.o.j. 
Xicholas, Seituate, IGuiJ. 
Xathaniel, WatertOAvn, 1030. 
EdAvard, Lyun, lG3u, Avhose genealogy lias been published. 

XVI. (p. 35). 
An ADDKNDrAr as to the family of Joel (.">n) is given place here, the clelinile 
statement being received too late for insertion in regular conr>e, viz. : .loel (ii.), 
m. Lucy Ilixon of Grafton, Mass., ^lay 30, ls4s. Their children Avere : 1- lien 
Frances. Ij, June 22, IS.'^O; Ilattie Jane, b. Feb. 2"i, ls5o; Joel Herbert, b. June 
28, 1855, d. Feb. 22, ls,s7; Willie Marcelln-. b. Anir. 24, 1857; George Hixon b 
May 12, 1S(;2. Haydn ^lozart (iv.). m. Martha Ann ( 'onmbs of Baltinicr ■. .Md . 
Sept. 4. 1-57. Tlieir children AVi're : Ida Fhu-ena. b. in South Boston. April 5, 
185!); Sai-ah .Vniru.-ta. 1,1. in South ibi-tiUK .Mai-ch. bsi;i. ,1. jn infanrs: I!;iv.hi 
Mozart, b. in Koche-ter, X. V.. Fib. 11. Isi'.i): Ibiijaiuin Franklin, li. in W.-i-li- 
ington. D. ('., .Vnir. 7, 1>^<;'.>. tl. in infancy: .lolin Manriic. b. in I'.rooklyu. X. ^■.. 
Feb. i:;. 1.^7;;. In ca-e of the elde-t dauirhter of Joel t5o). ••Diantiie Codier"" 
i> tlie iiroper ortliouni[iliy.