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By a. S. SALLEY. Jr. 



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The Rumphs of South Carolina, and their relatives in other 
Southern States, trace back to five adult Rumphs, whose names 
first appear on South Carolina records about 1735. '1'^:^ - 

These were David, Jacob, Abraham, Peter and Catherine 
Rumph. They were all brothers and sister. These young 
people, undoubtedly, came over with the Swiss emigrants (from 
the German cantons) who arrived in Charleslqwn July 13, 1735, 
and settled a township fifteen miles long by^or miles wide, that 
had been laid off on the Edisto river (2), about eighty miles from 
Charlestown, in 1730. Up to this time it had been known merely 
as "The Township on the Edisto;" but when settled by these 
Switzers, was named by Lieutenant^^roughton, Orangeburgh, in 
honor of the, then. Prince of Orange (William IV) who was the 
son-in-law of King George II of England. 

Note I — "On Sunday last arrived here Capt. Hugh Percy in 
nine weeks from Rotterdam and six from Cowes, with 
250 Switzers on board, who are come to settle a town- 
ship on the King's land in this Province." — T/ie Sotith 
Carolina Gazette, July 19, 1735. 

Note 2 — "About 220 of the Switzers that have paid all their 
passages are now going up to Edisto to settle a township 
there. The Government defrays them upon their jour- 

ney, provides them with provisions for one year, and 
gives them fifty acres ahead ; they are exempt from all 
charges for ten years." — The South Carolina Gazette, 
Saturday, July 26, 1735. 

It is most likely that the parents of these young people came 
with them ; but if so they must have died soon after, for we do 
not find their names in contemporary records. 

Catherine — (i) — Rumph was married in Mr. John Hearne's 
house, near the village of Orangeburgh, in Orangeburgh township, 
on Thursday, September 3, 1741, to James Pendarvis. (3) 

Note 3 — Rev. John Giessendanner's record, Saliey's History of 
Orangeburgh County, 1 704-1 782, pp. 96 and 107. 

Peter — (i) — Rumph, "of Horse Savannah, in the Province of 
South Carolina Cordwainer," 'iCatherine Kno^ije, of St. James' 
Parish, Goose Creek, in the province aforesaid, widow," and 
* 'David Rumph, of St. Paul's Parish, in the province aforesaid, 
planter," made a tripartite agreement, April 4, 1746, arranging a 
marriage and settlement between the said Peter Rumph and Cath- 
erine Knaj|^, widow." (4) 

Abraham — (i) — Rumph settled in St. George's Parish, Dor- 
chester, at an early date. By his will, dated October 4, 1777, he 
is known to have had three sons, Abraham, Christian and George. 
(5) The first of these was brigadier-general of the Plfth Brigade 
of South Carolina militia, in 1808. Christian's son, Christian, 
married his cousin, Sarah Rumph, and "died just at the close of 
the late war, in Georgia, at an advanced age, after expending a 
fortune in trying to help along the Confederate government." He 
had but one son, and that son left but one child, George M. 
Rumph, Esq., a lawyer of St. George, Dorchester County, South 
Carolina, who died October, 3, 1902. 

Note 4— Probate Court records, Charleston County, S. C, Book 
1736-40, page 415. 

Note 5 — Ibid. Book 1774-78, p. 561. 

David — (i) — Rumph married Mary , He first set- 

tied in St. Paul's Parish, but at an early date removed to St. 
George's Parish, Dorchester, Charleston District, near the 
site of the present town of St. George, and became one of the 

most prominent men in his parish. On April i8, 1767, he was 
selected by the Commons House of Assembly, to be one of the 
commissioners for building a "chapel of ease," in the upper part 
of the parish, "at the north side of Four Holes Swamp, within 
three miles of the said swamp." (6) He was "several times In- 
quirer and Collector of taxes for the parish (7), and was one of 
those selected January 15, 1775, by the First Provincial Congress 
of South Carolina as the "Committee for Carrying into Execution 
the Continental Association" for (8) St. George's Parish, Dor- 
chester. He died in 1782 or 1783. (9) 

Note 6 — Statutes at large of South ^Carolina. 

Note 7— Ibid. Vol. iK 

Note 8 — Moultrie's Memoirs of the American Revolution. Vol. 
I, p. 4^* 

Note 9 — In his will, made Nov. 2, 1774, witnessed by John Dan- 
dridge, Isaac Utsey, and James Pettigrew, and in a 
codicil thereto, made January 4, 1782, for the benefit o! 
the children of Ann Clayton — John and David Clayton 
— and prove^ before George Abbott Hall, ordinary C. 
T. D., Seev^S, 1783, he mentions wife, Mary, children, 
John, David, Ann, Catherine Rumph, Elizabeth Gies- 
endanner, Sarah Dewitt, and his three youngest sons, 
named Joseph, Jacob, and Christian Rumph. (P. C. R. 
C. C.) Henry Giessendanner and John Pendarvis, ex- 


I — Elizabeth Rumph, b. probably in 1748, m. Feb. 23, 1767, to 

Henry Giessendanner. 
II — David Rumph, b. April i, 1750. 
Ill — Mary Rumph, b. Aug. 16, 1751. 
IV — Sarah Rumph, b. May 7, 1753, baptized at the house of 

Thomas Pendarvis, near the Four Holes, April 23, 1754. 
V — Anne Rumph, baptized Jan. 26, 175^, at the house of Frederick 

Thore, at the Four Holes. Probably married Clayton. 

VI — John Rumph. 
VII — Catherine Rumph, 
VIII — Joseph Rumph. 
IX — Jacob Rumph. 

X — Christian Rumph. 

— 2 — 

David Rumph (David — i — ), b. April i, 1750, bap. in 
Orangeburgh Church, Sunday, June 17, 1750. Sponsors, Jacob 
Rumph, William Berry, and Barbara, wife of John Jennings. He 
grew to man's estate in Colleton district, was twice married, his 
first wife being a Miss Lewis, his second wife Miss Anne Had- 
dock. He was a planter, and lived at "The Cypress." On 
October 20, 177^'^ "David Rumph, Jr., of Charles Town district," 
conveyed to "John SiUey, of Orangeburg district," his h"lf of 
a tract of 200 acres in Colleton county, which had been conveyed 
by Christian Minnick to John Salley and David Rumph, Jr., 
October 24, 1774. {id) 

Note 10 — Original paper in the hands of the compiler. 


Mary Rumph, b. 1773, m. James Preston Appleby, d. 1852. 
Thomas David Rumph, b. March 24, 1783, d. in Carlowville, 

Ala., Jan. 19, ^ngij , fil,C* 
Joshua Rumph, b. , unmarried, killed by lightning 1823. 

Thomas David Rumph — (David 2 — David i) was born in 
Orangeburgh District March 24, 1783, married Nov. 6, 1806, to 
Sarah Maxwell (who was born March 6, 1788, and died in Carlow- 
ville, Ala., March 27, 1866), removed to Alabama in 1823, and 
died in Carlowville, Ala., Jan. 19, 1^9;- fS^C* 


Peter P. Rumph, b. Nov. 14, 1807, d. Sep. 23, 1809. 

Mary A. Rumph, b. May 12, 1809, d. Aug. 15, 1811. 

William Maxwell Rumph, b. June 21, 181 1, in Colleton District, 

S. C, m. April 4, 1839, to Frances Jane Lide, d. April 

16, 1881. 
Elizabeth A. Rumph, b. July 5, 1813, m. Dec. 13, 183 1, to 

Lewis More, d. June 29, 1839. She had no children. 

Sarah Rumph (David i), born May ^, 1753; married William 
Dewitt. One of their daughters, Sarah Dewitt, married John 
Robinson, of Orangeburgh District, who died without issue, and 

she married Jacob McMicharl (second wife) by whom she had one 
daughter and two sons — Lieutenant-Colonel Paul A. McMicha;!, 
of the 20th S. C. V. C. S. A., and Cephas Manly McMichajl, 
who was the maternal grandfather of the compiler of this 

— 9— 
Jacob Rumph (David i) had eight children — Joseph, Ann, 
Jacob, Charles, John, Margaret, Elizabeth and Sarah. 

— 10 — 
^Christian Rumph (David i) had five children — Ann, Wil- 
liam, David, Mary and Sarah. 

William Maxwell Rumph (Thomas David — David 2 — David 
i) b. in Colleton District, June 2i, i8ii, m. Frances Jane Lide, 
d. April i6, i88i. 


Thorns Eli Rumph, deceased. 

William James Rumph, m. Frances Ann Lee. 

Alice Elizabeth Rumph. 

Sarah Frances Rumph, deceased. 

Cornelius Mandeville Rumph, m. Mary Mazyck Hume. 

Henry Lide Rumph. 

Mary Mandeville Rumph, m. States Allen Deas ; deceased. 

Julia Edith Rumph, deceased. 

Jane Lide Rumph, m. E. T. Bowman. 

Hugh David Rumph, deceased. 

Edward Rumph, deceased. 

Herbert Rumph, deceased. 

Charles John Rumph, m. Ariana Hume. 

Cornelius Mandeville Ru^ph (William Maxwell — Thomas 
David — David — 2 — David — i — ) married Mary Mazyck Hume. 


Alice Edith Rumph. 

Florence Estelle Rumph, m James Martin Smith. 

Julia Hume Rumph. 

•Died at his plantation mar Orangeburgh, on the 7th insl.. Captain 
CHRISTIAN Rumph, aged 43 years.''— Charleston Courier, Monday, November 
21, 18U7. 


Mary Eliza Rumph. 

Annie Kate Rumph, ^ 

Hugh Mandeville Rumph, /• 

Mildred Coley Rumph, 
Olive Wryde Rumph. 

Charles John Rumph (William Maxwell — Thomas David — 
David — 2 — David — i — ) m. Ariana Hume. 


Charles Hume Rumph. 
Dorothy Lee Rumph. 

Jacob (i) Rumph was married May 19, 1748, to Ann Dat- 
wyler (i i) in Orangeburgh Township. He died in 1785, (12) 

ISSUE, (13) 

1, I — Anne Rumph, born August 26, 1750, married Jacob 

Wannamaker. (14) 

2, n — Jacob Rumph, b. July 9, 1752. JU.*-v<_ 

3, HI — Abraham Rumph, b. Sep, 2^, 1754, d(^^aaar. 17, 1756. 
4 IV — Susannah Rumph, b. May i, 1757. 

5. V — David Rumph, b, Nov, 10, 1759. 

Note II — Rev. John Giessendanner's reeord. Salley's History of 
Orangeburgh County, 1704-1782. 

Note 12 — "Notice, The creditors of the estate of the late Jacob 
Rumph, Sen, of Orange Parish, deceased, are desired 
to render an attested statement of their demands, to 
either of the subscribers, to be settled, and those in- 
debted to said estate are requested to make payment , 
by the ist day of October next, as after that period no "^jiuiAi^t 
indulgence can be given, ^ 

Jacob Rumph, ^ 
. John Hook, > Executors, 
David Rumph, j 

Orangeteffgfe- Parish, July 29, 1786." 
— The State Gazette of South Carolina, Thursday, Aug. 
24, 1786. 

Note 13 — Giessendanner's record, Salley's OrangeburgJ^, pp. 125- 
i33-i50-i70-i88-4nd 201. 

Note 14 — Jacob Wannamaker, the celebrated lieutenant of 
Rumph's Militia Company, (See Salley's Orangeburg)|f, 
pp. &j:4gb ) 

N — 2- 

JACOB RUMPH (Jacob I) b. July 9, 1752. bap. August 2, 
"iT^ married Anne Mary Harrisberger (b. 1756, d. Sep. 30, 
-— T83?)- served throughout the Revolution as a captain of militia 
(15) fi-hting, perhaps, one of the very last battles of the war (16); 
. was colonel of the 21st Regiment^of South Carolina militia for 
many years; was brigadier-general of the 5th Brigade m 1810; 
represented Orange Parish in South Carolina House of Repre- 
sentatives ; was tax collector of Orange Parish in 17^5 (i7) I was 
State Senator for the combined parishes of St. Matthew and 
Orange in 1796-1800 ; was a deputy surveyor-general in 1802 (18) ; 
died Dec. 12, 1812. His home was in Orange Parish, abouteight 
miles above the town of Orangeburg, near Turkey Hill, and some 
of his descendants live in that locality now. 

Note 15— Salley's History of Orangeburgh County, 1 704-1 772, pp. 

j^ote 16— "The militia under the command of Capt. Rumph came 
up with a party of the enemy, under Cunnmgham and 
Fanning, a few days past, near Orangeburgh, killed one, 
wounded another, and re-took f^ve horses that they had 
stole." The South Carolina Weekly Gazette, Saturday, 
February 22, 1783. 

Note 17— "26 February, 1795. Jacob Rumph, Esq.: I have at 
length received your commission to act as tax collector. 
You had better forward your bond as speediiy as possi- 
ble and shall transmit to you the commission. It is 
tim'e that the business of the office should be entered 


Yours respectfully, 

J. G. Guignard." 
From letter book of J. G. Guignard, Comptroller-General of 
South Carolina, 1795. 

Note 18— Plat made by him of a survey made by him for Benja- 
min Hart. Original in possession of compiler. 


6. I — John Rumph. 

7. n — Lewis Rumph. 

8. HI— Christian Rumph. 

c,. IV— Jacob Rumph, b. yaeh=^ 1777 




10. V — David Rumph, b. Oct. 28, 177 f. 

11. VI — Elizabeth Rumph, b, Aug. 25, 1783, m. Jan. 22, 1799, 

to Dr. Van de Vastine Jamison/9) (b. March 24, 1765, 
d. Dec. 15, 1836) d. Feb. 2, 1814 (Issue). 

12. VII — Mary Elvira Rumph, m. July 10, 18 17, to Donald 

Bruce Jones^ b. May i, 1792, d. Sept. 18, 1853), d. 
June, 1854. (Issue.) 

13. VIII — Caroline Ann Rumph, m. Daniel Frederick, who re- 

moved to Marshallville, Ga. (Issue). 

14. IX — Anne Rumph, m. Rev. James H. Mellard. 

Note^ — "Married on the 22d instant, at Orangeburgh, Dr. V. 
' Jamison to Miss Elizabeth Rumph, daughter of Col. 
Jacob Rumph." — Ct0^ Gazette and Daily Advertiser, 
Wednesday, January 30, 1799. 

— 6— 

John Rumph — (Jacob 2 — Jacob i) was twice married. The 
name of his first wife has not been learned. His second wife was 
Elizabeth Frederick. He lived out to the right of the old Colum- 
bia Road, in Orangeburgh District (now county) near where Mr. 
F. W. Farnum now lives. 


15. I — J. Lewis Rumph, who was sheriff of Orangeburgh Dis- 

trict, 1820-24. 

16. II — James D. Rumph, who became a physician, married 

his cousin, (Caroline Rumph, daughter of Christian 
Rumph, and removed to Alabama. 

17. Ill — A daughter who married William Wannamaker, who 

removed to Alabama or Georgia, and died, his body 
being hauled home by one Sam Pt;arson, who made 
a sort of business of hauling corpses long distances. 

18 IV — A daughter, who married a Methodist minister named 
Thomason. He died and she married another Method- 
ist minister named Crowell. 

19. V — John Rumph (?) 

Note 20 — Information given by C. M. McMichael, Esq. 

— 7— 
Lewis Rumph — ( Jacob 2 — Jacob i) owned the place on the 

Columbia Road in Orangeburg County, now owned by F. /ty; 



Farnum. The plantation then contained about 5,000 acres of 
land. He sold it to Maj. John M. Felder, and moved to Houston 
County, Georgia, and m\ny of his descendants live in that section 
now, (20) Married Miss Aniaker. 

— 8— 

Christian RuMPH (Jacob 2, Jacob i). Married Miss Bouk- 


20. I — Elizabeth Rumph, m. Andrew Jackson. 

21. II — Caroline Rumph, m. Dr. James D. Rumph. 

22. Ill — Anne Rumph, d. unmarried. 

Jacob Rumph — (Jacob 2 — Jacob i), b. tf f r^ . 1777, was a 
Methodist minister, and died unmarried in Charleston, S. C, 
-Sac. II, 1812. (21) 

— 10 — 

David Rumph — (Jacob 2 — Jacob i), b. Oct. ^ ^77^, m. May 
10, 1808, to Elizabeth Carmichael (b. June 8, 1780, d. Nov. 17, 
1847), daughter of James Carmichael, of Orangeburgh District, d. 
Jan. 7, 1835. 


23. I — ^Julius David Rumph, b. March 10, 1809, d. Oct. 8, 

1 809. 

24. II — David Jamison Rumph, b. Jan. 17, 181 1. 

25. Ill — Elizabeth Ann Carmichael Rumph, b. Feb. 15, 18 14, 

m. Dec. II, 1832, to her first cousin, David Flavel Jami- 
son. (22) 

Note 21 — "Departed this life on the nth inst., the Rev. Jacob 
Rumph, aged 3^~years and 22 days, son of General 
Rumph, of Orangeburgh, and one of the ministers of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church in this city." Ciij' 
Gazette and Commetcial Daily Advertiser, Wed., Sept. 
16, 1812. 

Note 22 — "Married on the nth Dec, by the Rev. Mr. Means, 
David F. Jamison, Esq., of Orange Parish, to Miss 
Elizabeth A. C. Rumph, daughter of Mr. David 
Rumph, of St. Matthews." The Cliailesto7i Mercury, 
Dec. 21, 1832. 


Jacob Lewis Rumph, (John — Jacob 2 — Jacob 1) was sheriff 
of Orangeburgh District, 1820-24. 


John B. Rumph. 

Mary Rumph. 

Dr. John B. Rumph was married three times, and was the 
father of twenty-one children — only four sons, one of whom, G. 
B. Rumph, senior, is married. He lived in Camden, Ark. 

G. B, Rumph, Senior, has five children, Eugene B., G. B., 
Junior, Ethel Annie, Edward C. and Mildred. 

Geo. W. Rumph, Atlanta, Ga., Lewis A. Rumph, Marshall- 
ville, Ga., Samuel H. Rumph, Marshallville, Ga., Eugene M. 
Rumph, Evergreen, Ala., are descendants of Jacob Rumph, 
one of the four brothers who came to America, 

David Jamison Rumph (David 2, Jacob 2, Jacob i), b. in 
Orangeburgh District, January 17, 18 11, m. Dec. 27, 1838, to 
Mary CheviLette Rowe, daughter of Capt. Donald Rowe ; was 
major of militia before the Confederate war, and was colonel of 
militia during tl^ war; d. April 27, 1872. He spelled his name 


26. I — Annie Rumph, m. Rev. Lucius S. Bellinger, t^. D. 

27. n — A daughter, m. William C. Wolfe. 

28. HI — Mary Rumph, m. John S. Rowe. 

29. IV — William (])^, Rumph. 


The register of St. Philip's Parish, Charleston, contains the -^ 
record of marriage of Ann Rumph and Nicholas Cofia, Feb. 8, 
1780, and The South Carolina Gazette and Public Advertiser for 
January 15, 1785, announces the marriage of John Cart and Su- 
sannah Rumph. These two cannot be accounted for in the im- 
perfect records now before us. 



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