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Full text of "Genealogy of Samuel Williams of Grafton, N.H. : fifth in descent from Richard Williams, of Taunton"

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/"^ 'p iV rr AT ^ iC ^ V 

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GRAFT(3N, N, H, 





SMrri: :.c Sa.'.E; Prvi:-.TKHs, 





RICHARD WILLIAMSS a native of Gloucester- 
shire, England, but descended from the same Williams 
Family of Wales from which Oliver CromwelL came, 
horn in 1606, and his wife FRANCES DIGHTON, 
daughter of John and Jane [Bassettj Dighton, came to 
this country about 1636; they were a short time in 
Dorchester, but soon v/ent to Tauntcn, of Vvhlch lie v/as 
one of the first settlers and was so prominent in its 
a,wairs that he v/as called "The Feather of tlie Town." 

They had a large family whose numerous descendant's 
are found in all parts of our country. 

Their youngest son, Benjamin- marrie>i Re'becca 
Macey, daughter of Lt. George and Susannah [Streei] 
Macey. Tliey had a son BEN.;A^5IN,3 born July 31, 
1695, who married, December 22, 1720, Susanna How- 
ard of Brid2:ewater, dauo-hter of Mai, Jonathan and 
Sarah [Dean] Howard; they had an only son, Rurr':-, 
born about 1723. 

Note. — The larger part of the material for tins work was garherecl 

by Benjamin Franklin Williams, Esq., of Grafton, who lives on a pn^t 

of the f;>!d farm. Samuel \\'i!Ii?.ni.s v-as fifth in descent from ]'Jrhr-rd 

Wi''i:un5 of Taunton, and the [;entrations are numbered fron, him. 

Tnc si'^'n -i- means that the name is carried forward ; the sign — 

, rne.ins died without issue; the sign = means hving and unm.nried; 

and t refers to mention made below of a purscn whose name is not 

j carried forward. 

J. H. U, 

i • 'H-.'i 


RuFi-s Williams^ married, Tvlarch ij, 1745/6 Mercy 
Shaw, daughter of Jonathan and Mercy [Mason] Shaw 
of Raynham.and their first born was Samuel Wij.i.iam^.s. 
born in Taunton, March 20, 1746/7. Col Samuel 
Pitts of Taunton, who died at Louisburg, October 54, 
1745, was the guardian of Rufus^ whose mother died 
in his infancy, and who apparently lived witli Cob 
Pitts and with the Colonel's widow after his death. 
She m.arried James Williams, and a fragment of the 
Bible of the latter (imprint 1734) is still held by the 
descendants of Samuels, which undoubtedly cam.e to 
them from Rufus'^. Ir purports to be the Bible of 
James Williams; it contains a record of the deaths 
of Col. Pitts and James Williams, but nothing furiher 
relating to the famil)'. 

As the population of Taunton increased, individu^.'s 
and colonies went away into the vast wildernes? and 
established new homes and founded new towns. Amon^ 
these was Samuel Williamss, who with several of in's 
Taunton neighbors, emigrated to Grafton, New Hamp- 
shire; he settled on what is still called "Williams llii];" 
and cleared a farm which has been in the possession cf 
his descendants ever since. 


VI. Samuel WilliamsS (Rufus4, Benjayiiv^r^ Bcvia- 
min^,Rtckard^)\v^s born in Taunton, March 2c, 174^^'-'; 
he married, January 25, 1770, Mercy Case of Rehobcrh, 
daughter of William and Mary Case, born in 1748; he 
died in Grafton, July 7, 1^4, and she, May 28, 1841, 
Children, born in Taunton: 

4- 2. Samuel^, b. April 2S, 1771, 

-{- 3. Mercy^, b. 

-j- 4. Alexander^, b. 17S4. 

4- 5. Rebecca^ b. 1788. 

-•^aH .IV 


Tlicre ni?.y have lieen ethers -who died young. 

They moved to Grafton about 17S9, probably in the summer of 
that year. The following letter from them to their rxiother, Mary 
Case, has been preserved : 

"Grafton January 17 1790 
Honer mother after our dutifull Respects to you these lines are to 
inform you that vve are all well and in good health Nothing special 
has taken place since i wrote to you last only we built a log house 
upon land that we bought and moved into it the tlfth day of October 
last; as to. the season past it was very good but we had an early 
frost that hurt us very much we raised no corn and but a very little 
wheat or Rye But we work out a Brlckmaking about eight weeks 
and made about tv/enty pounds which we expect to Receive Partly 
in Wheat So we expect to make out for grain But it looks very likely 
that grain will be scarce in this and the neighboring towns Remem- 
ber us to Perserved and Hannah and the family in general also to 

James and Prudence and the family and if you have any other 

questions to ask you may ask otis and so we remain your dutiful 

Sam Will!a:.!> 
Mercy Williams." 

This letter was directed "For Wd° Mary Case Rehoboth." It has 
been assumed that inasmuch as the original has been preserved in 
the family at Grafton, the letter was never sent. But }.Iary Case, to 
whom the letter was written, came to Grafton, lived with her children 
and died there. It is more probable that she preserved the letter 
herself and it was found among her effects after her death. The 
parties named in the letter have not been identified. In the oldest 
cemetery in town is a stone inscribed "Mary, wife of ^^■illiam Case, 
died 179S, aged 86 years, 10 months."' Her estate was administered 
upon by Samuel Williams, Jr., and while the records sho'.v that 
payments were made to heirs in Massachusetts, presumably in 
Rehoboth, their names are not given ; the records of that town do 
not give the family and her maiden name has not been ascertained. 

From this letter, it appears that they had purchased land, built a 
log cabin and moved into it, October 5, 17S9. But there is no 
recorded deed, showing that Samuels had then acquired title to any 
land; but in 1795, four deeds v/ere given to Samuel Willinrns and 
Samuel Williams, Jr., both of Grafton, of land in Grafton, and these 
are the earliest on record. 

A house was built on the farm, in place of the log cabin, about 
1791, his descendants think; about 180S, another house was built 



f . , . I,;. ,,. 


for Samuel, Jr. ; and l.tter still, another for Rufus?, oldest son of 
Samuel, Jr. ; all on the original farm, wldch v.-as divided according::)'. 
The two latter are still occupied by descendants of Sarnueb of the 
Williams name ; but the old house, probably the oldest in town, is 
occupied by a descendant in the feniale line.'* 


VII. Samuel Williams^' {Savmc/':>) was born in 
Taunton April 28, 1771; lie married. January 26, 1797, 
Jean Bullock, daughter of Benjamin and Jane [Kelton] 
Bullock, of Rehoboth, born Apiil 26, 1773; he died 
August 12, 1S38, and she, April 27, 1S58. 

Children, born in Grafton, N. M.: 

-\- 6. Rufus7, b. Jan'y 17, 1798. 

-|- 7. Melanc)^, b. Nov. 26, 1799. 

-I- 8. Fannys, b. ^L^I. 11, 1802. 

-[- 9. Jean?, b. Feb'y 20, 1804. 

— 10. Cyrena7, b. April 11, 1806; d. April 2. 1808. 

— II. Samuel?, b. April 28, 1S08; d. July 29, iSoS. 
t 12. Anna7, b. Sept. 28, 1809. 

— 13. Barzillai?, b. Occ. 10, iSii; d. Sept. 2, 1814. 
-\- 14, Benjamin 7, b. July 29, 1S14. 

An?ia Williams''^ married Feb'y 14, 1836, Alanscn Walker, son of 
Jason and Betsey [Kinsman] Walker, born July 12, iSii ; he died 
April 22, 1881, and she, Nov. 14, 1S89; no children. 

Deed, May 7, 1810, ack. Feb'y 25, 181 1, from Samue! Williams to 
Samuel Williams, Jr., of two hundred acres of land in Grafion. 

Deed, Sept. i, 1838, from Rufus \\'illiams, Jarvis Barney and 
Fanny Barney, wife of Jarvis, Simeon B. Hale and Jean Hale wife 
of said Simeon, both of Danbury, Alanson Walker and Anna 
Walker his wife, all of Grafton, except said Hales, of all their right 
in the lands and estate of Samuel Vv'illiams late of Graitcn deceased, 
\>€\n^ four-sixths, to Benjamin Williams. Book 150, p. 460. 

* Note. Since this was written, hy the d.^ath of G. r.iicklin, tae old 
house has passed out of the ^Vi!iiams family. 


i,„ >:.l .'."iJ'jiJ 



\^1I. Mercy William-.^ {Scvl'iu'/'^) was born in Taun- 
ton, Mass., ; she married, 

Jeremiah Hoyl. son of John and Hannah 
[Prescott] Iloyt, born in Epping, I\h H., February 14, 
1777; he lived in Grafton, N. IL, till about j8i6, when 
he moved to Oranfre, Meiois Countv, Ohio, where he 
died, August 31, 1S54, and she, March 20, 1S44. 

Children, the last born in Orange, Oliio, and the 
jjothcrs in Grafton, N. H.: 
i 15. Clarissa Hoyt", b. 

I 16. Rebecca Hoyt?, b. 

17. Mercy Hoyt", b. 
iS. Bn'ttunia Hoyt", b. 

19. Hulda Hoyi'-. b. 

20. Jeremiah Hoyt 7, b. Oct. 31, 1S15. 

21. Elias Hoyt^ b. Nov. 27, 18 18. 
There v/ere probably others, who died young. 


VII, Alexander Williams^ {Samuel':) was born in 
Taunton, Mass., in 1784; he married, August 5, [806. 
Candis Martin, daughter of Levi and Anna fh^iiLonl 
i Martin, born November 20, J7S6; he died December 
10, 1868, and she, May 8, 1869. 
Children, born in Grafton, N. H.: 
-|- 22. Cyrus", b. Sept. 19, 1807. 

— 23. Samuel?, b. 0.:t. 20. 1809; d. Feb'y 6, 1S15. 
-|- 24. Cyrena?, b. Jan'y 19, iSii. 

-|- 25. Elias", b. Nov. 13, 1S13. 

— 26. Mary", b. 2i, iSjG; d. Aug. 17, 18 iS. 

— 27. Roxaua?, b. Jan'y 12, iSiy; d. in August, 1325. 

— 28. Rebekih?, b. Feb'y 14, 182 i ;. d. in August, iS:.5. 
-j- 29. Martin-, b. Mar. 13, 1823. 

-f- 30. Candis", b. May i, 1S26. 

— 31. Harriet^, b. Jan 22, 182S ; d. in August, 1820. 

I a J 




VI I. Rebecca Williams^ {Saw.i{el':>) was born in 
Taunton, in 17SS; she wcnl to Grafton with her father 
about 1789; she married, in June, iSoS, Abner Hale, 
son of Thomas and Sarah [Barrett] Hale, born Decem- 
ber 26, 17S6; he died, September 13, 1855, and she, 
October 28, 1840. 

Children, born in Grafton, N. H.: 

— 32. Horace Hale?, b. June 30, 1S09 ; d. Oct. 30, 1813. 

33. Lattice Hale?, b. Nov\ 28, iSio. 

34. Rufus Hale?, b. Jan'y — 1S12. [Mar. iS, 1815.] 

— 35. Elvira Hale?, b. Sept. — 1814; d, Aug. 7, iSiy. 
36. Albert Fogg' Hale?, b. Sept. 18, 1S17. 

— 37, Nancy Hale?, b. May — 1819 ; d. May — 1820. 

38. Hiram Stevens Hale?, b. Jan'y 20, 1820. 

39. Rebecca Hale?, b. Oct. 15, 1823. 

40. Mercy Hale?, b, April 28, 1826. 

41. Cyrus Hale?, b. Jan'y 18, 1S29. 


VIII. Rufus Williams? {Saimtel^, Savzucl':) was born 
in Grafton, N. H., January 17, 1798; he married, March 
22, 1821, Lettice Smith, daughter of Eleazer and Keziah 
[Peck] Smith, born March 5, 1802; he died, March 16, 
1868, and she, February 5, 1868. 

Children born in Grafton: 

+ 42. Clarissa^, b. July 23, 1823, 

-[- 43. John^, b. June 6, 1825. 

-f 44. Alfred Smithy b. May 26, 1827. 

4- 45. Ruth Ann^ b. April 14, 1830. 

— 46, Edwin^^, b. July 24, 1836: d. Ocl 27, 1S53. 

-f- 47. Simeon Hale^ b. July 24, 1838. 


VI 1 1. Melaxcey Williams? iSavmel^, Sam^ul^} v;as 
■ born in Grafton, N. H., November 26, 1799; she mar- 



ried, February ii, 1S24, Jedediah Barney, son of John 
and Annie [Sniith] Barney, born January 17, 1798; he 
died, November 4, 1S69, and she, April 4, 1S30. 
Child, born in Grafton, N. H.: 

48. !Mark Fernalcl Barney^, b. Dec. 27, 1824. 


YIII. Fanny Williams/ {Savniel'^, Sanmcl':^) was 
born in Grafton, N. H., March 11, 1802; she married, 
February i, 1822, Jarvis Barney, son of Aaron and 

Barney, born January 24, 1797; 
he died, September iS, 1S69, and she, March '^o, 1S42. 

Children, born in Grafton: 

49. Emily Barney^, b. Mar. 11, 1823. 

— 50. jarvis Barney^, b. Oct. 2S, 1824; d. Oct. 17, ihx-x. 

51. Samuel Williams Barney^ b. Oct. 21, 1825. 

52. Melancy Barney^, b. Nov. 15, 1829. 

53. Hiram Barney^, b. June 12, 1833. 

54. Jennie Vv'illiams Barney^, b. Mar. 12, 1836. 

9. -^- 

VIII. Jean Williams^ {Sajjmel^, Samuel'^) was born 
in Grafton, February 20, 1804; she married, December 
8, 1.825, Simeon Barrett Hale, son of Thomas and Sarah 
[Barrett] Hale, born June 2, 1803; he died June 2, 
1876, and she, July 7, 1878. 

Children, the first five born in Grafton, and the other 
two in Danbury, N. H.: 

Elvira Hale^, b. Jan'y 3, 1827. 

Ann Hale^, b. April 18, 1829. 

Sarah Jane Hale^, b. Aug. 25, 1S31. 

Sewall Hale", b. May 6, 183.^1. 

Mary Hale^ b. July 21, 1836; d. Sept. 25, 183S. 

Barzillai Hale^ b. Feb'y 20, 1842; d. unin. Sept. 19, 

Benjamin Williams Hale'^, b. Mar. 22, 1S45. 





r :) ::-\\;,< 

;\? I 



VIII. Benjamin Williams'' {Sam?(c/^, Sami'.:!':) was 
born in Grafton, N. H., July 29, 1S14; he married, Jan- 
uary 25, 1S3S, Sarepta Barney, daughter of Horace and 
Hepsey [Dickenson] Barney, born January 14, 1S20; 
she died July 20, 1854, and he married, April 10, 1S55, 
Deborah Jane Story, daughter of William and Lois 
[Lowe] Story, born January 5, 1822; he died, October 
21, 1SS8, leaving her surviving. 

Children, born in Grafton: 

By first wife : 

-|- 62. Horace Barney-, b. April 17, 1S39. 

-|- 63. Ellen Hepsey^, b. Aug. 11, 1S43. ' ■• 

By second wife : •- ■ 

t 64. Josephine Jslaria^, b. Sept. 19, 1859. 

= 65. Benjamin Franklin^, b. June 23, 1S62. 

Josephiue Maria- married, April 2. 1SS2, George Eugene ^Vh;tfcrd, 
son of William Francis and Mary Jane [Griswold] Wh'tfcra, born 
March 20, i860; no children. 


VIII. Cyrus Willia>ls' i^Alexande/^ Saniucli) was 

born in Grafton, N. H., September 19, 1807; he married, ( 

1 83 1, r^Iarv Currier, daughter of Richard i 

and Nancy [Pettingill] Currier, born January 11, iSoS; | 

he died September 15, 1S86, and she, January 9^ 1892. i 

Children, the first four born in Grafton, N. H., the 1 
fifth in IMethuen, Mass., and the others in Lawrence, j 
Mass.: j 

-f 66. Albert MerrilP, b. April 18. 1832. j 

— 67, Maria Arabelle", b. Sept. 10, 1S34; d. June 17. 1855, 1 

unm. i 

-\- 68. Elias\ b. Oct. 6, 1S3S. 1, ' 

-[- 69. Sarali Juline-, b. Jan'y 13, 1842. ,- 

— 70. iNIary Eliza^, b. June 13, 1S45 ; d. June 12, 1855. I 

J ! 


.> . 

'rl {{fih 



t '/r. Frances Adcinide^, b. May 20, 1S49. 

— 72. Georgiana^, b. April 2, iS-;4: d. Feb'y 28, 1855. 
Frances Adelaide^ married, in September, 1S71, Alfred Frederick 

rinnimore, son of Frederick Finnimore; he died, November 9, 1S98; 
no children. 


VIII. Cyrena Willi ams7 [Alexander^, Samuel':) was 
born in Grafton, N. H., January 19, iSii; she married 
in June, 1830, Georri;e Bucklin, son of Jesse and Alice 
[Greene] Bucklin, born November 19, 1806; he died 
March 15, 1869, and she, March 31, 1894. . ■; 

Children, born in Grafton, N. H.: 

— 73. Sylvester Buckling b. July 17, 1S31 ; d. Mar. 17, 1852, 

— 74. Lewis Bucklin^, b. Feb'y 9, 1836: d. Jan'y, 1S39. 

— 75. Harriet Bucklin-, b. Oct. 6, 7S3S; d. Jan'y 19, 1S5G. 
t 76. Constant Gile Bucklin^, b. Dec. 13, 1S43. 

t 77. Sarah Jane Bucklin^, b. Sepi. 9, 1849. 

IX. Constant Gile Bucklin^ married, May 15, 1864, Hannah Maria 
Smith, daughter of Peter and Theodora [Dean] Smith, born Decem- 
ber 8, 1846; he died, November 29, 1898, leaving her surviving. 

Child, born in Grafton : 

t Laura Etta Bucklin^, b. April 29, 1867. 

Sarah Jane Bucklin'^ married William Cochrane of Enfield. 
Laura Etta Bucklin') married Fred Gage of Grafton. 


VIII. Eltas Williams7 {Alexander^, Sajnnel>) was 
born in Grafton, N. H., November 13, 181 3; he married, 
January 30, 1S40, Mary Jane Gile, daughter of Samuel 
and Polly [Green] Gile, born May 29, 1S18; he died, 
•"September 25, 1866, leaving her surviving. 

Cliildren, the first two born in Grafton, N. H., and 
'^•'le others in Quincy, Mass.: 

+ 78. Julia Elmer^ b. Sept. 11, 1841. 

"T- 79- Emmaline-, b. June 9, 1843. 

'\~ So. Caroline Emmaranai*^, b. Mar. 27, 1846. 










12 SA^rurL yvilliams. 

Zvlarj' jane^, b Aug. 13, 1849. 
Maria^ b. Oct. 16, 1S52. 
Elias Gile', b. April 30, 1S55. 
Ciara\ b. June 2, 1S5S. 
-f- 85. Henry'', b. June 19, 1S62. 


VII. jNIartin Willi ams^ {Akxandcr^\ Samuel'^) was 
born in Grafton, N. H., March 13. 1S23; he married, 
January 5, 1S45, Angelina Caswell, daughter of Fantil- 
laray and Nancy [Barney] Caswell, born April 21, 1827; 
he died, April 3, 1852. 

Child, born in Grafton, N. H.: 

t 8G. Laroy Daniels b. April 27, 1849. 

Laroy Daniel' married, February 20, 1S6S, Ellen Adelaide Phil- 
brick, daughter of Jeremiah and Lydia Ann [Sanborn] Philbiick, 
born ^NLarch 27, 1848 ; no children. 


VIII. Candis Williams7 {Alexander^, Sam2{.el':>) was 
born in Grafton, N. H., May i, 1826; she married, 
March 6, 1S45, Ira Riddle, son of John and Polly [Rob- 
inson] Riddle, born April 8, 1821 ; he died in Grafton, j 
October 26, 1S76. 

Child, born in Grafton: 

87. Sarah Jane Riddle^, b. Dec. 13, 1846. -J 

Sarah fane Riddle^ married, October 6, 1866, Charles Henry | 

Rogers, son of Abner and Mary Ann [Hartford] Rogers, born August j 

13, 1841, and they have, born in Grafton, N. H., j 

Nellie Mary Rogers'?, b. Dec. 22, 1868. | 

42. - I 

IX. Clarissa Williams^ {RuftisJ, Samtiel^, Samtiel'^ 1 
was born in Grafton, N. H., July 23, 1823; she married, j 1 
November 25, 1847, Fayette Tinkham, son of Cvrus and j \ 

I : 

_: : XJ 

- . ; 7.' 

u Vi 


iK'tscv [Kemp] Tinkham, born January i, 1S25 ; he 
vh'cd Janiiar}- 19, 18S0, leaving her surviving. 

Cl'iildren, the first born in Grafton, anr] the others in 
r)anbury, N. H.: 

SS. Charles C}tus Tinkham?, b. Jan'y 14, 1S49. ^ ^ 

S9, Edwin Laroy Tinkham'^, b. Feb'y 27, T851. 

90. John Williams Tinkha!n9, b. Nov. iS, 1852. 

91. Susan Keziah Tinkham^, b. April 24, 1S58. 

92. Lettice Jane Tinkham?, b. Aug. 11, 1S62. 

43. ''''■'-'' -■ 

IX. John Williams^ {Rnfus'J, Saur.icl'^, Saiiiucl'^) 
'.".-.IS born in Grafton, N. H., June 6, 1825; he married, 
j;inuary i, 1856, Lucy Ann ?\Iiller, daughter of George 
i-ec and Mary Ann [Hamilton] Miller, born July iS, 

Child, born in Quincy, Mass.: 
= 93. John Edward?, b. Jan'y 28, 1866. 


IX. Alfred Smith Willi ams^ {Rh/ust, Samuel'', 
S(77j!2(els) was born in Grafton, N. H., May 26, 1827; he 
married, April 19, 1S50, Sarah Ann Sanborn, daughter 
of Abram and Joanna [Leavitt] Sanborn, born Septem- 
J^er 28, 1829 ; he died, September 28, 1889. 

Children, born in Grafton, N. H.: 

Martin Alfred?, b. Mar. i, 1S52 ; d. in infancy. 
Clara Emma?, b. July 6, 1855. 
Simeon Rufus?, b. Feb'y 26, 1S57. 
Alanson Walker?, b. April 19, i860. 
Ichabod Sargent?, b. Nov. 15, 1S66. 

-^^:!.iion Riifiis^ married, April 11, 1878, Augusta Maria I'cnney, 
'•:;:hter of Albert and Mary Jane [Morse] Tenney, born March 9, 
r-3 ; uo children. 













IX. Ruth Ann Willl\ms^, {Ru/i-s', Saj;n/r/'^, Sam- 
iicl'^) was l^orn in Grafton, N. H„ April 14, 1S30; she 
married, August 15, 1852, Daniel Wilson, son of Nathan 
and Sarah Clough [George] Wilson, born April 22, 

Children : 

99. Etta Jane Wilson", b, Sept. 9, 1853, in Springfield, 

N. H. 
100. Emma Frances Wilson?, b. July 6, 1855, in Grafton, 
N. H. 

— loi. Sarah Arabella Wilson?, b. May 5, 1S60, in Haverliill, 

Mass.; d. Sept. 4, 1S73. 

— 102. Arthur Lincoln Wilson', b. Aug. 28, 1S64, in Srilem, 

I^Iass. ; d. June 5, iSSg. 
103. Lillian Annie Wilson?, b. Aug. ^i^ 1870, in Chester, 
N. H. 


IX. Sunieon Hale Willl^ms^ {Ru/7(s\ Samuel^, 
Samiieli) was born in Grafton, N. H., July 24, 1S3S; he 
married, September 29, i860, Rozina Heath, daughter of 
Daniel and Barbara [Roelf] Heath, born January 28, 
1841 ; he died, September 23, 1863, leaving her sur- 

Child, born in Grafton : 
-\- 104. Ida?, b. May 5, 1862. 


IX. Horace Barney Williams^ {Benjamin'^ , Sa-ju- 
tiel^, Samuel'^) was born in Grafton, N. H., April 17, 
1839; he married, September 7, 1862, Eveline Barney, 
daughter of Arad S. and Hannah [Prescott] Barney, 
born August 18, 1S44. 

Children, born in Grafton, N, H.: 

-|~ 105. Anna Sarepta?, b. June 23, 1S63. 
. -|- loG. Alberto Horace'^, b. Oct. 19, 1S71. 


«?3. 159S241 

IX. Ellkn Hkpsy Williams^ {Benjamin' , Sa)niicl''\ 
Sa?!!ueli) was born in Gr^iflon, N. H.^ August ii, 18,12; 
she married, December 30, 1S5S, Albert Kellc}^ Little, 
son of El bridge and Nanc}- [Mc Kinney] Little, born 
October 2, 1S30; he died November 8, 1S60, and she 
married, June 28, 1S63, Frank James Tucker, son of 
Moses and Louisa [Hale] Tucker, born February 8, 

Children, born in Grafton, N. PL: 

By first husband : 

107. Willie Albert Little?, b. May 22, 1S60. 

By second husband : 

108, Fred Ferdinand Tucker?, b. July 24, 1865. 


IX. Albert Merrill Williams^ (Cyrus'', Alexan- 
dt}-^, Sanucel'^) was born in Grafton, N. H., April iS, 
1832; he married. May 10, 1856, Lucy Jane Dodge, 
daughter of Edward and Elizabeth [Smithers] Dodge, 
born November 3, 1837; she died May 9, 1S66; he 
rnnrried, July 2, 1870, Sarah Jane [Rhodes] Williams, 
v.'idow of his brother Elias and daughter of Aaron and 
Ruth [Roberts] Rhodes, born December 30, 184 i ; he 
died, June 9, 1894, and she married, in 1898, Albert 
Emerson. ^ 

Children, born in Lawrence, Mass. : 

By first wife : 

— 109. Frederic Elias?, b. in 1S68 ; d. unm. Mar. 31, 1S97. 
By second wife : 

— no. Albert Cyrus?, b. jan'y i, 187S ; d. April 14, 1S93. 


IX. Elias Williams^ {CyritsJ , Akxande?-^, Saniiicb) 
was born in Grafton, N. H., October 6, 1S58; he mar- 

Fl Kc^f'cJl 



ried, September 5, 1S61, Sarah Jane Rhodes, daughter 
of Aaron and Ruth [Roberts] Rhodes, born December 
30, 1841; he died, January 5, 1S67, and she married his 
brother, Albert Merrill Williams ; no children. 


IX. Sarah Julixe Williams^ {Cyr2is', Alcxaudcy^, 
Savmch) was born in Grafton, N, H., January 13, 1842; 
she married James Albert Storer, son of Jotham and 
Olive [Tebbetts] Storer, born September 11, 1836, in 
Sanford, Maine; he died, February 4, 1S75. 

Children, born in Lawrence, Mass.: 

Ill, Frank Williams Storer9, b. April G, 1862. 
— 112. John Albert Storer^^ b. April i, 1SC4; d. Dec. 25, iS36. 

113. Mabel Adelaide Storer?, b. April 26, 1S69. 


IX. Julia Elmer Willlams-^ {Elias^, Aiexa}ider^^.^ 
Saunich) was born in Grafton, N. H., Septeniber 11, 
1841; she married, April 11, 1S59, Charles Gridley 
West, son of William Henry and Louisa [Beal] W'est, 
born October 5, 1S30; he died, December 16, 1874, 
leaving her survivincj. 

Children, the first two born in Quincy and the others 
in Milton, Mass.: 

114. Charles Frederick West?, b. Sept. 21, 1861. 

115. Emma Louisa West?, b. April 23, 1S66. 

116. Mattie Frances West?, b. Sept. 12, 1S68. 

117. William Henry West?, b. Feb'y 28. 1872. 


IX. Lucv Emmeline Williams'"^ {Elias^, Alexander^, 
Samueb) was born in Grafton, N. H., June 9,- 1843: she 
married. May 2-^, 1S66, Harrison Crane, sori ci Joseph 

►4 unn 


and Mary Glover [Rowellj Crane, born Fcbruar)- 6, 
1S42, in Quincy, Mass. 

Children, the first born in Quincy and the other in 

118. Cora Elmer Crane'', b. June 7, 1S67. 

119. Joseph Harrison Crane'^, b, Nov. 4, 1872. 


IX. Caroline EM^LA.RANAI Willl\ms^ {Elias~, Alex- 
ander^^ Samuel'^) was born in Quincy, Mass., March 27, 
1S46; she married, September 14, iSSi, Joseph Xewell 
Leach, son of Jonathan Gove and Lucy Jane [Turile] 
Leach, born December i, 1S41. No children. 


IX. Mary Jane Willl^ms^ [Elias" AIexa::dcr^, 
Sa7J22(eI':>) was born in Quincy, ^lass., August 13, lS49 ; 
she married, August 25, 1S6S, Samuel Whiting Alden, 
son of Samuel and Sarah Turner [Piper] Alden, born 
October 8, 1841. 

Children, the first two born in Quincy, and the other 
in Milton: 

120. Annie Florence Alden'?, b. Oct. 21, 1S69. 
12 1. Samuel Egbert Alden"?, b. April 24. 1S72. 
122. Grace Gertrude Alden', b. May 24, 1874. 


IX. IMaria W^illiams^ {EliasT, Alexander^, Samucb) 
was born in Quincy, Mass., October 16, 1852 ; she mar- 
ried, September 23, 1871, Lemuel Tabcr Hathaway, son 
of Samuel and Nancy [Taberj Hathaway, l:)orn October 
7, 1849. 

Children, the first two born in Charlcstown and the 
others in East Milton, Mass.: 


123. George Leonard Halhav.ay?, b. July 26, 1872. 

— 124.. Eva Maude Hathav.ay^, b. April 16, 1S74; d. Aug. 

23, 1S74. 

— 125. Ir\ing William Hatha way?, b. Oct 20, 1875 ; *^^- S'^pt- 

9, 1S97 ; unni. 

126. Flora Maria Hathaway"*, b. Dec. 12, 1S77. 

127. Homer Hathaway^, b. Jan'y 2, 18S0. 

128. Samuel Earle Hathaway?, b. Feb'y 13, 1SS7. 


IX. Elias Gii.e Williams^ {Elias'', Alexander^, 
Saiiuteh) was born in Quincy, Mass., April 30, 1S55; lie 
married, September 20, 1879, ?vlary E. Obrien, daugh- 
ter of John and Annie [Foley] Obrien, born April 10, 


129. Frank Herbert?, b. Feb'y 5, 1S81, in Milton, 111. 

130. Annie Maud", b. !Mar. 20, 1882, in Quincy, 111. 

131. John Henry9, b. Aug. 8, 1SS3, in Quincy, 111. 

132. Elias GilC, b. May 19, 1SS5, in Milton, 111. 

133. May Folsom^, b. Mar. 4, 1888, in Milton, 111. 

134. Charles Frederick9, b. April 6, 1889, in I\Iilton, III. 

135. William'^, b. June 3c, 1895, in Milton, I!!. 


IX. Clara Williams^ {Elias' , Alcxaiidcy'^, Savntc!'^) 
was born in Quincy, Mass., June 2, 1858; she married. 
May 9, 1877, Walter Brown Randlett, son of George 
Washington and Adaline Isabelle [Brown] Randlett, 
born November 2, 1853. 

Children, the first born in ?kIIlton and the other two 
in Newton, Alass.: 

136. Clarence Williams Randlett?, b. Jan'y 18, 1884. 

137. Walter Gile Randletf?, b. Dec. 8, 1887. 

138. Ruth Randlett?, b. Nov. 8, 1891. 

>:> ./U 

6i:- ,0 V 

\lii:i'}i !/ 

SAMfEI. V.'ILLlA^fS. 19 

IX. Henry Wiujams^ {Eliasi , A Icxaiidcr'^, Sahincb) 
was born in Quinc}-, Mass, June 19, 1S62; he married, 
November i, 1SS6, Gertrude Newell Sm.ith, daughter of 
Henry M. and Susie [Brown] Smith, born September 
19, 1866. 

Child, born in Maiden: 

139. Frank Xcwclh\ b. Jan'y 31, 1SS9. 


X. Clara Emma Williams^ {Alfred Svi if Ji^, Rupis'', 
Sai:iHcl''\ Sa;;:iu-/y) was born in Grafton, N. H., July 6, 
1855; she married, April 11, 1S7S, George Samuel 
Tenney, son of Albert and Mary Jane [Morse] Tenney, 
born September 30, 1855: 

Children, born in l^anburv, N, H.: 

140. Herbert Williams Tenney"^. b. Sept. 22, 18S0. 

141. Florence Sarah Tenney'", b. Aug. 31, 1S95. 


X. Alansox Walker \Villl\>ls9 [Alfred Sniilh^, 
Ricfus"^,^ . Savna'li) was born in Grafton, N. H., 
April 19, i860; he married, December 9, 1SS4, Alice 
Shure Tenne}'. daughter of Albert and I\Iary Jane 
[Morse] Tenney, born August 24, 1864. 

Children, born in Grafton, N. H.: 

142. Mabel Shure'°, b. Dec. 12, 1S87. 

143. Ruth Augusta '°, b. Nov. 27, 1895. 


X. IcHAbOD Sarge.xt \Villl\ms9 {Alfred S):?il/:^ 
RufiiS', Scumicfy, Samiicli) was born in Grafton, N, H., 
November 15, 1866; he married, November 4, 1895, 
Mary Katie Dunlap, daughter of Alpheus Pingrey and 
Mary Melvina [Keniston] Pingrey, born Tvlay 3c. 1870. 

I ■ . r. 

: j>f- :.r'i I 

, " i ■ 

20 SAMri'L avi], 

Cliilcl, ])oni in Graii(.)n, N. 1 1.: 

144. Claude. Alfrod'=, b. Feb'y 5. iSqS. 


X. Ida Williams^ [Si/neoji Iialc'\ Ricfus', Sai-iucl^, 
Sa)}ii(cl':>) was born in Grafton, Mav 5, 1S62 ; she mar- 
ried, March 13, I So 7, William Dayton Stevens, son of 
Greenleaf and Lydia [rvinsleyl Stevens, born May., 1S65. 

Children, bo^'n in Orange, N. H.: 

145. Howaid Benron Stevens'", b. Mar. 9, 1S90. 

146. Fiorrie Annd Sievens'^ b. Jan'y 22, 1894. 


X. AxxA Sarepta Williams'^ {Horace Baru-ey^^ 
Bciijaniiu'^ , Samncl-^,':^) was born in Grafton, N. 
H., June 23, 1S63: she married,, julv i, 1SS3, Charles 
Eugene Caswel', son of John and AHec [Tucker] Cas- 
well, born November 25, 1S54; lie died, July 7, 1883; 
she married, September 2S, 18S4, Edson Hubert Martin, 
son of Robert A. and Aramintha [Barney] Alartin, born 
July 25, 1S53. 

Children, l^y second husband, br»rn in Grafton : 

147. iNEinnie Eir.eMne Marrin'°, b. Jan'y 21, iS<r'7. 

148. Charlie Ed.-3on Martin'""', h. Feb'y i'4. 1SS9. 

149. Leon Horace Martin'-^, b. Mar. 18, 1S93. 


X. Alberto Horace Williams'-' {Horace Barucyf^, 
Benjaniiw , Samuel^, Saririiel'^^) was born in Grafton. X. 
H., October 19, 1871 ; he married, September 9, 1803, 
Anna Greo;w Storv, dauQ-hter of William \\^allace z,ri<:^ 
Elizabeth [Cochrane] Story, born March S, 1872, 

Children, bo; n in Grafion: 

150. Wallace Horace 'A b. May 2.\. 1^195. 

— 151. \az7a^'-'\ b. .Seut. 6, 1896; d. same da-,-. 
152. Samuel JJernard- ", b. •\\^'l. f. 1899.