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3 1833 01418 8061 

Chaplain-Colonel The Rev. JAMES SMIiH, B.L)., T.D., 

F.R.G.S., F.S.A. Scot. 
Minister of St. George's-in-the-West Parish of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen 





F.R.G.S., F.S.A. Scot. 

Chaplaik-Colonel Royal Army Medical Corps (T.F.) 

Minister of St. George's-in-the-\Vest Parish of St. Nicholas 


Aberdeen : 

John Avery & Co., Ltd. 

1 91 3 


The folloiving pages form a chapter in a larger publication 
dealing ivith the paternal and maternal sides of my ancestry. I 

have thought it might interest some of my immediate relatives 
and friends to have this part of the other book in such a form as 
this ; and I nozv publish it in tlie hope that it may interest them. 


■Si -Ji ~ 












(Belhelvte, c. 1590- ). 

I. Thomas Smith {c. 1590— after 1615). 
Thomas Smith, b. about 1590 ; in. about 1613 : d. after 1615. He 
was a Farmer at Laingseat, Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire. His family 
consisted of: — 

I. James, /;. about 161 5, of whom hereafter. 

II. James Smith (r. 1615— after 1640). 

James Smith, Ik about 1615; ni. 12th March, 1637, Marjorie Mill 
{d. after 1640), daughter of Thomas Mill, Farmer at Leuchlands, 
Belhelvie ; d. after 1640. He was a Farmer at Laingseat, Belhelvie. 

"March I3, 1637. Quhilk day in presence of Master David Lindsaj-, 
Parsone of Belhelvie, compeared James Smith, sonne lawful to Thomas 
Smith in Laingseat, and was contracted in marriage with Marjorie 
Mill, daughter to Thomas Mill sometime in Leuchlands, and they both 
obliged themselves to accomplish their marriage within 40 days after 
proclamation of their bands no impediment being found, and in the 
meantime to abstain from carnal dealings and not to have a penny 
bridell under the pain often pounds. Thomas Smith cautioner for the 
man, and Patrick Mill cautioner for the woman." (Belhelvie Register). 
Their family consisted of: — ■ 

I. John, b. about 1640, of whom hereafter. 

III. John Smith {c. 1640-1717). 
John Smith, /'. about 1640 ; m. about 1670; d. 24th Oct., 1717. 
He was a Farmer at Laingseat, Belhelvie. His family consisted of: — 
I. Alexander, b. about 1675, of whom hereafter. 

IV. Alexander Smith {c. 1675-1735). 
Alexander Smith, b. about 167:; ; in. before 1696 ; d. 4th Oct., 1735. 
He was a Farmer at Laingseat, Belhelvie. In the Poll-Book of 1696, 
the general poll on the estate of the Earl of Panmure of himself and 
wife is given at 12s. His family consisted of: — 

1. George, b. 25th Jan., 1702. 

2. Margaret, b. 27th Feb., 1707. 

3. William, b. iQth June, 1709, of whom hereafter. 

4. Jean, b. 14th June, 1712. 

V. William Smith (1709-1750). 
William Smith, b. 19th June, 1709; in. 20th July, 1738, Elizabeth 
Ferguson {d. after 1750); d. 8th June, 1750. He was a Farmer at 
Laingseat, Belhelvie. Their family consisted of: — - 
J. William, b. 30th Sept., 1739; d. an infant. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 5th April, 174 1. 

3. Alexander, /;. 8th iMay, 1743, of whom hereafter. 

4. John, b. 1 2th May, 1745. 

5. Barbara, h. 20th Dec, 1747. 

6. William, b. 5th Aug., 1750. "The said day Elizabeth Ferguson 

in Laingseat, her husband being dead, had a son baptised 
called William. George Smith in Drumhead, brother to the de- 
ceased William Smith, became sponsor." {Belhelvie Register). 

VI. Alexander Smith (1743-1773)- 
Alexander Smith, h. 8th May, 1743 ; m. 26th Aug., 1764, Elspet 
Muire, Foveran (6. about 1742; d. after 1770); d. 28th Oct., 1773. 
He was a Farmer at Leyton, Belhelvie, on the estate of Menie. Their 
family consisted of: — 

1. James, h. 4th Nov., 1766, of whom hereafter. 

2. William h. 17th Sept., 1763; d. 9th Feb., 1809. 

3. Margaret, h. 6th June, 1770 : d. 2nd June, 1773. 

Vn. James Smith (1766-1808). 
James Smith, h. 4th Nov., 1766; m. 14th May, 1803, Janet Grant 
(6. 15th June, 1769; d. 19th Nov., 1854), elder daughter of William 
Grant, Farmer, Mickle Tillylair, Aboyne, of whom before ; d. 7th May, 
1808, and was buried at Belhelvie. He was a Tailor and Clothier at 
Newburgh, and at Bridge of Don. Their family consisted of: — 

1. Lewis, h. i8th April, 1804, of whom hereafter. 

2. James, 6. 30th March, 1806, and baptised at Bridge of Don by 

the Rev. James Templeton, M.A., Minister of the Anti- 
burgher Congregation in Aberdeen, before Alexander Smith, 
his grandfather, and George Sangster, witnesses ; d. 28th 
March, 1807, and was buried at Belhelvie. After the death 
of her husband, Mrs. James Smith married, 22nd June, 
1808, George Cruickshank {b. 27th Dec, 1762 ; d. 4th Aug., 
1813), Wright, Aberdeen, and a native of Belhelvie, by 


Born at Newburgh. iSth Apiil, 1804 
Died at Aberdeen, 24lh October, 1S80 

whom she had no family, and ' whom she survived. He was 
buried at Belhelvie, and she was buried in Nellfield Cemetery, 
in the family grave bought there by her son, Lewis Smith. 

VIII. Lewis Smith (1804-1880). 
Lewis Smith, b. 18th April, 1804, at Mill of Newburgh, Foveran, 
and baptised by the Rev. William Duff, M.A., Minister of Foveran ; 
m. 6th Oct., 1823, within the upper room in the South Porch of St. 
Machar Cathedral, by the Rev. Dr. Skene Ogilvy, to Mary Spalding 
{b. 14th Nov., 1806 ; d. 2nd May, 1882), third daughter of James 
Spalding, Ironfounder, Grandholm, of whom hereafter ; d. 24th Oct., 
1880. He was apprenticed in his tenth year to Mr. David Wyllie, 
Bookseller and Stationer, Aberdeen, and in his eighteenth year he set 
up business on his own account, at the shop adjoining the gate of 
Marischal College. His shop became the rendezvous of most of the 
eminent men of Aberdeen and the North, and he became intimate with 
the Proprietors, Clergy, Doctors, and Schoolmasters of the surrounding 
counties. Dr. John Hill Burton, Dr. Joseph Robertson, Dr. Kilgour, 
the Principals and Professors of King's and Marischal Colleges were 
among his patrons ; and he published many local books and pamphlets. 
Among the many works published by Lewis Smith, his eldest son 
James and his youngest son Isaac— both of whom were at 
different times his partners — may be named the following : — 
"The Aberdeen Censor" (1825); "The Deeside Guide" (1829"); "The Aberdeen 
Magazine" (1831) ; "Sacred Harmony by James Morgan, Auchindoir "(1833); 
"Jamie Fleeman " (1835); " Dunnottar Castle" riS3S) ; "The Book of Bon- 
Accord" (1839); "Davie's Music of the Church of Scotland" (1S42) ; "The 
People's Tune-Book" (1844) ; "The Donside Guide" (1844); "Pratt's IJuchaa" 
(1858) ; " Speyside" (i860) ; " The Aberdeen Saturday Post and Northern Counties 
Chronicle" (1861)— a newspaper which lived 15 weeks, published by James Smith, 
eldest son and partner of Lewis Smith; "Legends of the Braes 0' Mar "(1861); 
"The Druids" (1861); " Tamlanc " and "John O' Arnha'" (1S62) ; "Peter 
Williamson" (1865); "Aberdeen V\ky Years Ago" (1669) ; " Shetland " (1871) ; 
'•The Northern Psalter" (1872); " Ilelenore " (1S74) ; "New History of Aber- 
deenshire," 2 vols. (187s); "Pocket Map of City of Aberdeen" ; " Wall Map of 
Aberdeenshire " ; "Past and Present of Aberdeenshire " (1881) ; " Waifs of Rhyme" 
(1887); "Tourist Guide to the Athole and Breadalbane Highlands of Perthshire" 
(1890); "Benrxhie" (1890); " Strath-Spey " (1902); and "The Popular Dream 
Book " ('190S). 

Burgess of Guild, 23rd Jan., 1827. He bought the estate of Maribank 
Maryculter, and built the mansion-house there. On ist Nov., 1836, he 
entered the Town Council, being elected for the First Ward, and 

defeating Mr. Middleton Rettic, Jeweller. He took an active share in 
Municipal affairs (1836-77), and filled all the Council offices except the 
Lord Provostship, which he declined. Master of Guild Brethren's 
Hospital, 1837-8, and 1850-3 ; Master of Mortifications, 1838-9 ; Fourth 
Baillie, 1853-4 ; Second Baillie, 1854-5, and 1856-7 ; Third Baillie, 
1855-6; First Baillie, 1857-8; Councillor, 7th Sept., to ist Dec, 1868, 
in room of a Councillor resigned ; Dean of Guild, 1871-3 ; Fifth Baillie, 
1873-4 ; Treasurer, 1874-7. He was a Commissioner to the Conven- 
tion of Royal Burghs, 1875-7. He interested himself in the educational 
and philanthropic work of the city, as well as in politics. An intimate 
friend of Mr. John Farley Leith, M.P., he did much to assist his return 
as a Liberal. His devotion to business was equalled only by his love 
for the city, whose prosperity and fame he did so much to advance. 
His portrait, an oil-painting, by Sir George Reid, late P.R,S.A., and 
presented to him by his fellow-citizens, hangs in the Council Chamber, 
to which the family of his son, John Rae Smith, gifted it. At his death 
he was awarded a public funeral, attended by the Lord Provost and 
Magistrates and a great concourse of leading citizens, and was interred 
in the family grave in Nellfield Cemetery. He was a devoted member 
of the South Parish Church. Their family consisted of: — 

I. Mary, b. 4th Aug., 1824 ; m. 3rd Sept., 1846, James Hobb Hay 

{b. 1822 ; d. 2nd Nov. 1882), of the firm of J & J. Hay, 

Carvers and Gilders to Her Majesty Queen Victoria ; d. 8th 

Dec, 1894. Their family consisted of: — 

(1) Mary Ann, //i. loth Sept., 1863, George Miller Robertson 

(6. 9th Nov., 1842), son of Samuel Robertson, Currie, near 

Edinburgh, and now a Contractor in Melbourne. Their 

family consists of: — 

i. Samuel Lewis, Architect, London, who is married to 
Annie Austey, of Lincoln. They have a family 
of Angus and Marie, 
ii. George, Merchant, Perth, Western Australia, who 
is married to Minnie Wardle, of New York. 
They have a family of Evelyn, 
iii. Mary Smith, w. 24th July, 1895, Andrew Gordon, 
Solicitor, Edinburgh, son of Alexander Gordon, 
P'armer, Oldtown, Roscisle, Duffus, and Jane 
Brown, daughter of William Brown, Burghead, 

Morayshire. He is Quarter-Master and Hon. 
Captain in the 9th Battalion The Royal Scots 
(Lothian Regiment;. Their family consists of :— 
(i.) William Finlay, h. 15th July, 1896. 
(ii.) Stanley Alexander, h. 9th Feb., 1903. 
(iii.) Hilda Mary. 

iv. Elizabeth Laura, m. Clarence Cole, Banker, Mel- 
bourne. They have a family of James {d. an 
infant), Basil and George. 

V. Annie Mitchell. 

vi. Henry Hay, b. 22nd March, 1878, Accountant, 
Western Australia. He is married, and has 
three children. 

vii. Stanley Gladstone, who is an Ironmonger. 

(2) Elizabeth Brodie, b. 27th July, 1849; w. 3rd June, 1870. 

Charles Walker, Merchant, Aberdeen, a younger brother 
of Lord Provost James Walker, D.L., of Richmondhill, 
Aberdeen; rt'. nth Oct., 1899. Their family consisted of :— 
i. Mary Hay, w. Joseph Coutts, retired Banker, Kaim 
Park, Bathgate. Their family consists of: — 
(i.) Mary. 
Mrs. Charles Walker married, as her second husband, 
Angus Macdonald, Merchant, Trinity, Edinburgh. 

(3) Henry Smith, b. 26th March, 1857; ^''' Cecilia Grapes, 

London. He is a Slate Merchant in London. Their 
family consists of: — 

i. Dorothy, ii, Raymond, iii. Brodie. 

(4) Helen, ;//. Edward Charles Symons, of Chat Moss, Bexhill- 

on-Sea, Sussex. He has a Boarding House there. 

(5) Janet, in. Clement Green, Mill Overseer, Snowtown, 

Kapunda, South Australia. 

2. James, b. 15th Jan., 1826, of whom hereafter. 

3. John Rae, b, 14th Nov., 1827; ;//. 23rd Aug., 1855, Isabella 

Fiddes {b. 1834; d. 8th Sept., 1897), eldest daughter of 
Wilham Fiddes, M.D., Overhill, Belhelvie, and Elspet Barbara 
Mitchell, and niece of David Mitchell, Advocate, Aberdeen ; 
d. 28th Aug., 1905. He was a Bookseller and Stationer in 
Aberdeen, Burgess of Guild, 2nd Nov., 1868. Their 


family consisted of:— (i) Isabella. (2) Maria Mitchell, d. 
3rd Jan., 1904, aged 46 years. (3) Jane Elsy. (4) William 
Fiddes ; he is a Stationer in Aberdeen. (5) John Rae ; he 
is a Stationer in Aberdeen. (6) Eleanor. (7) Lewis, d. 28th 
May, 1866, aged 3 months. (8) Francis George; he is an 
Insurance Clerk. (9) Jessie Fiddes, d. 6th Aug., 1868, aged 
7 days. (10) Edward ; he is an Accountant in Middles- 
borough, Yorkshire. (11) Norman, d. 3rd Sept., 1873, aged 
15 months. (12) Richard; he is a Bookseller in Aberdeen 
(13) Walter, d. 25th July, 1877, aged 3 months. (14) Alfred 
d. 1 2th Aug., 1879, aged II weeks. 

Lewis, h. 3rd Sept., 1829; d. 8th Dec, 1909. He was a Book- 
seller in Aberdeen, but was in weak health from his 
eighteenth year to his death. 

Henry Constable, b. 23rd May, 1831; vl Eliza Denbigh, 
daughter of Alexander John Denbigh, Merchant, London; 
d, 28th May, 1907. He was a Linen Merchant in London. 
Burgess of Guild, 2nd May, 1875. Their family consisted 
of: — (i) Clara Mary. (2) Henry Vagliano ; he is a Linen 
Merchant in London, was married to a Miss Sayers, of 
London (now dead), and has one daughter. (3) Eliza Fernie. 
(4) Kathleen Agnes Denbigh. (5) Julia Rowlett. (6) Lewis 
Valentine. He is married, and has two children. He went out 
to Vladivostock, Siberia, where he is engaged in the Tea 
Trade with his uncle, Mr. Denbigh. (7) Margaret, who is 

William Leith, b. ist April, 1833, and baptised by, as well as 
named after, the Rev. William Leith, M.A., Minister of the 
South Parish (1S25-32) ; d. 8th Dec, 1865. He was a 
Merchant in Aberdeen. 

Jean Thomson, b. 17th March, 1835; m. 28th Aug., 1861, 
Alexander Walker (/;. 3rd March, 1825 ; d. loth Feb., 1903), 
Wine and Tea Merchant in Aberdeen; d. 17th Feb., 1899. 
Alexander Walker was the second son of William 
Walker, Wine and Tea Merchant, Aberdeen. A pupil of 
Aberdeen Grammar School, under the famous Rector, Dr. 
James Melvin. Burgess of Guild, 3rd Jan., 1854. Dean of 
Guild, 4th Nov., 1873, to 2nd Nov., 1880, succeeding Lewis 

(Mrs. Alexander Walker) 

ISorn at Aberdeen, I7tli March. i8j5 
Died at Aberdeen, 17th February. 1899 

Smith, his father-in-law. F.S.A. Scot., 1874. LL.D., 
Aberdeen University, 1895. Elder, West Parish Church, 
1869. An intimate friend of Sir George Reid, late P.R.S.A., 
and one of his earliest patrons. A lover of Art, Literature, 
Education, and Philanthropy, and a devoted citizen. His 
portrait, drawn at a single sitting by the famous Legros, 
hangs in Aberdeen Art Gallery. In politics, an enthusiastic 
Unionist. Among the numerous institutions he served were 
Aberdeen Public Library, Mechanics' Institute (President), 
Robert Gordon's College, Savings' Bank, Educational Trust 
and School of Domestic Economy (Chairman, 1891-1903), 
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (1877-94), Royal Asylum (Chair- 
man, 1890-94), Soup Kitchen, United Coal Fund, Sick Man's 
Friend Society, Pauper Lunatic Fund, Aberdeen Dispensary, 
Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, Aber- 
deen School Board (1876-82), St. Nicholas Parochial Board, 
and many other minor benevolent agencies. Altogether, he 
was one of the best citizens Aberdeen has ever had. His 
last public appearance was on 26th June, 1902, when he laid 
the Memorial Stone of the new Parish Buildings at St. 
George's-in-the-West Parish Church, of which he was the 
Senior Trustee, and sole-surviving original Trustee, and of 
which his nephew. Rev. James Smith, is the First Minister. 

Dr. Walker wielded a facile and graphic pen, and was a 
voluminous contributor to the press. He wrote on many 
topics, conveying in a style all his own what he had to say. 
As a lecturer to local societies he was greatly esteemed. No 
man ever had a warmer heart nor a more generous hand. 
Among his chief literary productions are the following : — 

" The Selected Writings of John Ramsay " (1871) ; •' How we Manage at Our 
Board " (1872); "Sum Notabil Thinges Aboot Abirdene Ilospitales" (1873); 
"List of the Deans of Guild of Aberdeen, 1436-1875 -'(1875) ; "Robert 
Gordon, 1665-1731 "(1876); "The Paroch Kirk of St. Nicholas, 1860- 
76" (1876); "Ten days out of harnesss " (1878); "In Memoriam : 
Lewis Smith " (i83o) ; " Selections fi-om the Writings of William Forsyth "' 
(1882; ; "On some Church Relics shown at the Seabury Centenary Meeting"' 
(1884); "Disblair, 1634-1S84 " (1S84) ; "History of the Workhouse or 
Poors' Hospital of Aberdeen "(1885); "On a Bronze Pot "(1886) ; "Robert 
Gordon, 1665-1731, and his Hospital, 1732-1882, and College. 1882" 
(1886); "Mary Queen of Scots" (1887); "The Templar Knights ' 


(1887) ; "John Craig, 1512-1600" (1889) ; " Address to Ancient Order of 
Shepherds" (1890) ; " Aberdeen and its Famous Printers " (1890) ; " The 
Aberdeen Educational Trust " (1891) ; " Peei Men, or The Light of Other 
Days"(iS9i); "The Aberdeen Soup Kitchen, 1800-92 " (1S92) ; "The 
Comnionty of Perwinnes " (1893) ; " Thoughts on Theine " (1893) ; " Our 
Current Coins" (1895); "Aberdeen Educational Trust: What is it?" 
(1896) ; "The Tapestries of the Church of St. Nicholas " (1897) ; " Robert 
Gordon, 1665-1731, and his Hospital, 1750-1876" (1897); "From the 
Mither Kirk " (1898) ; " Mrs. Emslie and her Female Orphan Asylum" 
(1S98) ; and " Some Facts about the Estate and Castle of Muchalls " (1902). 

He was interred in Allenvale Cemetery amid tokens of wide- 
spread regret and respect, his obsequies being attended by a 
great assemblage of his fellow-citizens and friends. 
Their family consisted of: — 

( 1 ) Mary Spalding. She is Principal of Roan School for 
Girls, Greenwich. 

(2) James, b. 20th April, 1864; iu. 8th Sept., 1892, Georgina 

Mary Carr Dunn, daughter of George Dunn, London, 
Captain in the P. and O. Company's service, and niece of 
William Dunn, of Murtle, Aberdeen. He entered the 
Indian Civil Service in 1883, and now resides in Nagpur, 
Central Provinces, India, from which he will shortly retire. 
He was made a CLE. in 1904. Their family consists of: — 
i. l^ertram William George, /', 22nd Aug., 1894. 

(3) Alexander, /;. 6th April; 1867: in. ist July, 1896, Mary 
Jane Mackenzie, eldest daughter of James Mackenzie, 
Merchant in Aberdeen. He is a Merchant in Aberdeen. 
Burgess of Guild, 7th Oct, 1895. Their family consists 

i. Elizabeth Martin. 

ii. Alexander William, b. ist Dec, 1898. 
iii. Jean Thomson. 

(4) Jane Smith. She is Lady Superintendent of St. Margaret's 

School, Polmont. 

(5) George Robert, b. 29th Dec, 1873. 

George Boyd, b. 23rd Feb., 1837 ; d. 9th June, 1876. He was a 

Alexander Philip, b. 3rd June, 1839; vi. 4th Nov., 1871, Lucy 
Dudley Rowlett {Ik 13th Nov., 1845; d. 7th Sept., 1886), 
elder daughter of William Rowlett, of London ; d, 20th 


March, igol. He was in the Head Office of the Bank of 
England, Threadneedle Street, London. Their family con- 
sisted of: — 

(i) Sydney Hastings, b. 1st Aug., 1872 ; ;//. 14th March, igoi, 
Antoinette Mary Hames, eldest daughter of Charles 
William Hames, Tailor, Clapham, London. He is a Clerk 
in the Head Office of the Bank of England, London, and 
resides at Wimbledon. 

(2) Alexander Philip, b. nth Jan., 187;. He is a Merchant in 

10. Elizabeth, b. 7th March, 1841 ; d. 13th Dec, 1883. 

11. Frederick, b. 30th May, 1843; ^- 27th Dec, igo6. He was a 

Bookseller, but was in weak health the most of his life. 

12. Janet,;//, (ist) 14th July, 1864, George Henry Gray (/;. 1833 ; 

d. 7th April, 1867), Ironmonger in Aberdeen, and nephew of 
Lord Provost Henry. They had no family. She married 
(2nd) 25th Nov., 1869, Robert Cowie, M.A., M.D., of 
Lerwick {b. 1st Feb., 1842; d. ist May, 1874), author of 
"A Guide to Shetland," and son of Dr. John Cowie (^. 18 13; 
d. 26th Aug., 1866), also a well-known Medical Practitioner 
in Lerwick. Their family consisted of :— 
(i) Mar}' Spalding, w. 31st March, 1897, John Westwick 
Christie, Captain in the Merchant Service, Bristol, a son 
of James Christie, Commission Agent, Liverpool, and a 
relative of the Very Rev. Dr, William Walker, late Dean 
of Aberdeen and Orkney. Their family consists of: — 
i. Janet Smith. 
ii. Elizabeth Mary. 

iii. John Westwick, b. iith June, 1902. 
iv. Robert Cowie, <5. i8th April, 1904 ; d. 20th April, 1906. 
V. James Maclaren, b. 29th May, 1907. 

(2) Margaret Heddell Gray. 

(3) Elizabeth Smith, d. 12th Jul}-, 1874; and (4) Roberta— twin. 

13. Charles, b. 5th July, 1847; d. 23rd April, 1865, of phthisis, at 

Aberdeen. He was a Bookseller in his father's warehouse. 

14. Isaac Forsyth, b. 2nd Feb., 1850 : m. (ist) 4th June, 1879, Jane 

Dickson {b. 4th June, 1853 ; d. gth June, 1894)' only daughter 


of John Dickson, Merchant, Edinburgh ; d, 12th Jan , 1902, 
and was interred in AUenvale Cemetery, Aberdeen. He was 
a Wholesale Bookseller and Stationer in Aberdeen (Lewis 
Smith & Son), and resided at Heathcot, near Aberdeen. 
Burgess of Guild, 2nd Aug., 1875. Their family consisted of : — 
(i) Lewis, b. 4th Nov., 1880 ; in. 29th Jan., 1907, by his cousin, 
the Rev. James Smith, B.D., Minister of St. George's-in- 
the-West Parish of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, to Jessie 
Stephen Greig, fourth daughter of Charles Greig, Tobac- 
conist, Aberdeen. He is a Wholesale Bookseller and 
Stationer in Aberdeen, and a Lieutenant in the City of 
Aberdeen (Fortress) Royal Engineers. Their family 
consists of; — 

i. Margaret Evelyn, baptised by Rev. James Smith, 
ii. Jane, baptised by Rev. James Smith. 

(2) Margaret Ethel, 111. 20th April, 19 10, George Eraser, 

Engineer, Colombo, Ceylon. Their family consists of : — 
i. Margaret Ethel. 

(3) Jane Dickson. 

(4) Mary Eveline. 

After the death of his first wife, Isaac Forsyth Smith married (2nd) 
nth Aug., 1897, Petrina Stewart Currie {b. 1863; -^^ 8th Sept., 1906), 
second daughter of Andrew Currie, of Glassmount, Fife. She was a 
niece of the Rev. Bruce B. Begg, D.D., Minister of Abbotshall, Kirkcaldy, 
and of the Rev. John Wilson, D.D., Minister of Methven, 1S50-1904, 
whose successor in that charge was the Rev. James Robertson, D.D., 
D.S.O., the distinguished Army Chaplain, and a former schoolfellow 
of the Rev. James Smith, B.D., of St. George's-in-the-West Parish, 
Aberdeen, at Fordyce, Banffshire. 

IX. James Smith (1826-1863). 
James, b. 15th Jan., 1826; m. 9th Aug., 1849, in Bridewell, Aber- 
deen, by Rev. James Bryce, D.D., Gilcomston Free Church, to Christian 
Chalmers {b. 7th Aug., 1826; d. 20th May, 1876), elder daughter of 
Alexander Wallace Chalmers, Governor of Aberdeen Prisons, of whom 
before ; d. loth July, 1863, and interred in Nellfield Cemetery. 

"25th January, 1826. Lewis Smith, Bookseller, and his spouse 
Mary Spalding had a son born named James, baptized by the Rev. Mr. 
Stirling, in presence of James and William Spalding." (A.R.) 


Born at Aberdeen, I3tli January, 1S26 
Died at Aberdeen, loth Jul)'. 1S63 


" August 7, I S26. Alexander Wallace Chalmers, Governor of Bride- 
well, and his spouse Mary Jamson, had a daughter born named 
Christian, baptized by the Rev. Dr. Kidd. Witness, Richard Jamson, 
late Shipmaster in Aberdeen, and William Chalmers, Clerk of Police, 
Aberdeen." {O.R.) 

"July 29, 1849. Mr. James Smith, Bookseller, residing in Belmont 
Street, Aberdeen, Parish of St. Nicholas, and Miss Christian Chalmers, 
eldest daughter of Alexander Wallace Chalmers, Esq., Rose Street, in 
this parish, signified their purpose of marriage by Mr. Alexander Stables, 
Elder, and being thrice proclaimed they were married on the gth of 
August, 1 8-1 9, by the Rev. James Bryce, Minister of the Free Church, 
Gilcomston." {O.K.) 

He was a Wholesale Bookseller and Stationer in Aberdeen, and 
was a partner of the firm of Lewis and James Smith, 1852-1S63. He 
was reputed to be one of the finest violinists Aberdeen ever produced, 
and was an intimate friend of many musicians. Burgess of Guild, 3rd 
Jan., 1854. He was a remarkably elegant penman, and was also 
possessed of a ready wit. His wife, Christian Chalmers, was descended 
from an Aberdeen family of Donaldson, whose ancestry has been 
traced back to I540, and of Cassie back to 1590. Of her five brothers, 
who all died young and unmarried, three were Officers in the Army 
(two of them serving in the India Mutiny, for which they were 
awarded Medals), and the fourth was a Chief Engineer in the Royal 
Navy, serving in the Crimean and Chinese Wars (Siege of Canton), for 
which he received two Medals and a Clasp. Their family consisted of 

nine children. 

X. The Family of James Smith. 
The family of James Smith and Christian Chalmers consisted of:— 

1. Mary Chalmers, b. 24th Dec, 1850, and baptised by the Rev. 

Simon Mcintosh, D.D., Minister of the East Parish of St. 
Nicholas, Aberdeen. She was a Governess in London and 
Brighton, and was one of the first to pass in 1874 the Cam- 
bridge University Examination for Women. She also gained 
the Certificate of the London School of Art for Freehand 
and Model Drawing. She became an invalid in 1879. 

2. Christian, b. 23rd Oct., 1852, and baptised by the Rev. Simon 

Mcintosh, D.D.; d. 12th Oct., 1872, of phthisis. 

3. Alice, b. 2nd July, 185^, and baptised by the Rev. William 

Ogilvie, M.A., of the East Parish, afterwards of Fintray ; 
d. 23rd Aug., 1855. 


4. jAMES,/'.27th Nov., i855,andbaptised during fivacancyintheEast 
Parish, by the Rev. JamesFraser,D.D.,of St. Clement's Parish, 
Aberdeen. Educated at Michie's (Silver Street) Academy, 
Aberdeen, and at Smith's Academy, Fordyce (1863-70), 
under the Rev. James Largue, M.A., Rector of that famous 
School, 1845-82. Liddell Bursar, Aberdeen University, 1870. 
M.A., 1S74. B.D., 1877. Licensed 2nd May, 1877, by Aber- 
deen Presbytery. Tutor in the family of John Paton Watson, 
of Blackford, Aberdeenshire; to H. W. Knight-Erskine, of 
Pittodrie; and to DuncanVernonPirieat Scotstown,nowM.P. 
for North Aberdeen. Assistant, University Librar}', 1876-8. 
Assistant, West Parish of St. Nicholas. Aberdeen, 4th Nov., 
1877, to 5th Jan., 1879. Ordained and Inducted 20th Feb., 
1879, First Minister of St. George's-in-the-West Parish, the 
northern half of the West Parish, disjoined and erected into 
a separate charge. Interim Chaplain, Aberdeen Prison, 
February to September, 1879. Gazetted, 7th June, 1889, 
First Commissioned Chaplain of the Volunteer Medical Staft" 
Corps, and posted to the 7th Division, in connection with 
the Medical Faculty, Aberdeen University. Promoted ilth 
Oct., 1909, First-Class Chaplain, ranking as Colonel, and 
awarded the Territorial Officers Decoration. Chairman of 
Class Re-Union Committee, and Joint-Iiditor of the Class 
Record, 1870-74. Member of Council and P^xecutive Com- 
mittee, New Spalding Club, Aberdeen Musical Festival, and 
of Business Committee, Aberdeen University General Council. 
Visited Palestine, Egypt, and Italy, 1 893-4. Lecturer in 
Scotland for Palestine Exploration Fund (and Local Hon. 
Secretary), and for Egypt Exploration Fund. Presented to 
King George V. at Holyrood, 1 8th July, 19II, by the General 
Officer Commanding-in-Chief in Scotland, Lieut.-General 
Sir Bruce Hamilton, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., on transfer to Terri- 
torial Force as Chaplain of 1st and 2nd Highland Field 
Ambulances and 1st Scottish General Hospital. P'ellow of 
the Royal Geographical Society, London, and of the Society of 
Antiquaries of Scotland. Member of Aberdeen School Board, 
from 1903. Convener of High Schools Committee (Aberdeen 
Grammar School and Aberdeen High School for Girls), 

15 114B044 

1 903- 1 1, and of Administration Committee, igii. Member 
of Burgh Committee on Secondary Education, from I903, and 
of Provincial Committee on the Training of Teachers, from 
1905. Lecturer on ReHgious Knowledge, Aberdeen Training 
College, from 1908. Director of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and 
Royal Lunatic Asylum, 1 89 1, and of Aberdeen Dispensary, 
from 1894. Life Manager, Morningfield Hospital. Director 
of Aberdeen Victoria Lodging-House, and of Deaf and Dumb 
Benevolent Society. Chairman of Aberdeen Maternity 
Hospital. I9I 2. President, Christian Literature Society for 
China (Aberdeen Branch). Member of General Assembly 
Committees on Home Mission, Christian Life and Work, 
Psalmody and Hymns, Army and Navy Chaplains, Religious 
Instruction of the Young, Statistics, Correspondence with 
Foreign Churches, Education. Benefice Register, and Scott's 
Easti Revision Committee (Joint-Editor for Northern 
Synods). LocalTreasurer, Church Service Society. Member 
of Committee of Management, St. Andrew's Ambulance 
Association (Aberdeen Branch). 

During his ministry a Congregation has been raised, 
numbering 1690 Communicants at the end of the year 191 1 ; 
while the Sunday Schools contained 91 teachers and 805 
children. An Organ and large Church Hall and Parish 
Buildings have been erected, and the Church decorated twice 
and lighted by electricity. The liberality of the Congregation 
from 1878 to 1911 amounts to ^20,000. The Poor Fund 
consists of £s$o. Since the opening of the Church on Sth 
Sept., 1878; to the end of 191 1, there have been admitted by 
Certificate 2204, and as Young Communicants 2375. The 
Baptisms number 3931, the Marriages 1232, and the Deaths 
1866. Among the Church agencies are Guilds for Men, 
Women, and Children ; Bible Classes, a Fellowship and a 
Mutual Improvement Association, a Ladies' Work Party and 
a Visiting Association, a F"lower Guild, a Savings Bank, a 
Library, a Mothers' Meeting and a Girls' Industrial Class. 

In the work of his parish he has been assisted by those whoso 
names follow :— 1882, Alexander Black, M.A., now Minister at 
Blackhill; 1883, James Black, MA., at InvLruric ; 1S85, 


William Grant, B.D., at Drurnblade; 1887, James 
Coutts, M.A., at (I) Ardallie, and (2) Wormit ; 1890, Alex- 
ander Ross, B.D., at Pulteneytown ; 1894, Peter Smith 
Bisset, B.D., at (i) Oyne, and (2) Craig; 1897, Daniel Dewar 
Macdonald, B.D., at Fairmuir, Dundee; 1900, Robert 
Maitland Souter, B.D., at Birsay ; 1903, William Fraser, 
at (i) St. Stephen's, Inverness, and (2) Shurrery ; 1904, 
Alexander Boyd, M.A., at South Uist ; 1904, Robert 
Davidson, M.A., at Fisherton, Ayr; 1 906, William Metcalfe, 
B.D„ at Shoeburyness ; 1908, William Duncan Frater, M.A., 
late of Maud; 1 908, James Alexander Stephen, at Orphir; 
1 909, Angus Boyd, M.A., at Kilchoman ; 1909, Francis 
Cantlie Donald, M. A., Assistant, Huntly; 19 lo, Alexander 
Bain Harper, B.D., Assistant, West Parish, Aberdeen ; 191 1, 
Henry Coulter, B.A., B.D., Assistant, Broughty-Ferry ; and 
igl2, George Alexander Mackeggie, M.A. 
The following hst contains his principal literary productions, 
apart from frequent contributions he has made to the 
Press : — 
" St. George's-in-lhe-West Congregational Reports" (1882- ) ; " The Church 
and Amusements" (1887); "Christianity and Benevolent Patriotism" 
(1889) ; "The Story of the Medical Staff Corps " (1891) ; " The Book of 
St. George'sin-the-West " (1892) ; "A Pilgrimage to Palestine " (1895), 
illtis.', "A Pilgrimage to Egypt" (1897), illiis. ; "A Pilgrimage to 
Italy " (1899), ill»s- ; " The Signs of the Times " (1S99) ; " Tweniy-Oue 
Years' History of St. George's-in-the-West Parish " (1900), illus, ; " In 
Memoriam : Queen Victoria " (1901) ; " Spiritual Independence : What 
is it ?" (1904) ; " Twenty-Five Years' History of St. George's-in-the-West 
Parish" (1904), illus. ; "The Soul and Knowledge" (1906) ; "Against 
Cruelty to Dumb Animals "(1907); "Patriotism" (1908); "Faith in 
God " (1908) ; " In Memoriam : King Edward VII." (1910) ; " Christian 
Manliness" (1912); "The Social Problem" (1912); and "My Family 
History "(1913). 

Elizabeth, b. 25th April, 1857, and baptised by the Rev. John 
Marshall Lang, afterwards the Very Rev. J. Marshall Lang, 
C.V.O., LL.D., D.D., Principal of Aberdeen University, 
(1900-9); fl^. 1st Dec, 1875, in London, ofphthisis,andwasburied 
in Highgate Cemetery, there. She was a Governess in Aber- 
deen and in Cologne, whence she came to London to die. 

Alice, b. 9th Feb., 1859, and baptised by the Rev. Robert Flint, 
M.A., LL.D., D.D., F.R.S.E., afterwards Professor of Moral 



Christian Ciialmers 


r- ^ 

ALicK ^.\l^m 




Philosophy in St. Andrews University, and thereafter Pro- 
fessor of Divinity in Edinburgh University, one of the most 
voluminous and learned Divines the Church of Scotland has 
produced. She was a Governess in the families of Admiral 
Sir John D. Hay, Bart., General Brendon, Count Grafen von 
Gamier, of Turawa, Silesia, and of Sir Charles Shelley, Bart, 
(nephew of the poet), and also in London, Berlin, and Paris. 
She became an invahd in 1893. She is an accomplished 
Artist, Linguist, and Musician. 

7. A daughter, b. 23rd April, i860 ; d. 24th April, i860. 

8. Louisa, b. 17th July, 1861, and baptised by the Rev. Robert 

Flint ; d. i8th August, 1866. 

9. Alexander Wallace, b. 9th March, 1863, and baptised by the 

Rev. Colin McCuUoch, M.A., of the East Parish, and after- 
wards in Australia ; d. 26th June, 1863. 

The descendants of Lewis Smith number 103— of whom 10 are 
sons and 4 daughters ; 20 grandsons and 30 grand-daughters ; 1 1 great- 
grandsons and 15 great-grand-daughters ; and 8 great-great-grandsons 
and 5 great-great-grand-daughters. His family of 10 sons and 4 
daughters has all passed away, except his youngest daughter, Mrs. 
Janet Smith or Cowie, who resides at 16 Cumberland Avenue, Sefton 
Park, Liverpool. The great Wholesale Booksellers' and Stationers' 
Business, which Lewis Smith founded in 1S21, and in which he had as 
his partner for ten years (1852 to 1862) his eldest son, James, under the 
style of Lewis and James Smith, and in which he had later as his 
partner for a year his youngest son, Isaac Forsyth Smith, under the 
style of Lewis Smith and Son, is now the property of his youngest son's 
only son, Lewis Smith.