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Full text of "Genealogy of the Stevens and Tripp and allied families: from 1520 to 1906"

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Stevens and Tripp 

and Allied Families 

FROM 1520 TO 1906 







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TN loving remembrance of our ancestors, and 
■*■ to my father, Giles Stevens, and cousins, 
J. S. Tripp, Ella Farrington, Amanda J. 
Stevens, E. D. Stevens and wife, and all others 
whose encouragement and loving kindness has 
helped me to complete this book, it is most 
kindly dedicated to, by the author 

Mary Stevens Ghaston. 

Genealogy of the Stevens and 

Tripp and allied families from 
1520 to 1906 :::::::: 


The name is of Scotch origin, and was originally Fitz 
Stephens. Henry the immediate progenitor of the family 
was born in the County of Cornwall, England, about 1520. 
He was knighted in 1545 by King Henry VIII. His children 
were Henry, John, Richard and one daughter who married 
an Asquith. John had sons, Henry, John, Phillip, Richard, 
Thomas, Nicholas. 

Nicholas was a brigadier general in Oliver Cromwell's army. 
He was granted lands with armorial bearings in Ulster Co., 
1665. Was also made Lord Lieutenant of Dublin. After 
the defeat of Cromwell, he came to America with his sons, 
Nicholas, John, Thomas and Henry, 1669. Henry was then 
16 years old. 

Nicholas, jr., married Mary Gallup, and settled near 
Taunton, Mass. 

Thomas settled near Boston, Mass. 

Ebenezer, a son of Nicholas, married Eleanor Hull, at 
Eos con. 

John Stevens, son of Thomas, son of Nicholas, Sr., had a 
son, Timothy, whose son Rev. Timothy married Eunice 
Chester and 'settled at Glastonbury, Conn. Their children 
were : 

i. Joseph, 

2. Timothy, 

3. Saraii, 

4. Eunice, 

5. Martha, and 

6. Benjamin married Deborah Dickinson. 

Benjamin married Deborah Dickinson and had: 1, 
Benjamin married Anna Phelps; 2, Deborah; 3, Sarah; 4, 
Timothy: 5, John; 6, Ebenezer. 

Joseph, son of Rev. Timothy Stevens had: 1, Timothy; 
Joseph, Thomas, Mary, Elisha, David (died), Jurusha (died 
young), Samuel, David, Elijah, Jonathan, Jurusha, James, 
Peter, Ashbel or Abel. 

Peter Stevens married Mercy Howse and had: Jonathan, 
Sector, Xoel and Joel (twins), Jared and Betsy. 

Henry married Elizabeth Gallup and settled at Stonington, 
Conn. Their children were: Thomas, Richard, Henry (com- 
monly called Tom, Dick and Harry), Elizabeth and Lucy. 
Henry and Elizabeth Stevens were baptized in Stonington, 
Conn., May 31, 1725. 

Thomas married Mary Hall, and settled at Plainheld, 
Conn. Their children were: 

2. Thomas, 

3. Uriah, married Martha Stevens. 

4. Andrew, married Esther Safford. 

5. Benjamin, married Sarah Staunton. 

6. Samuel, was killed by the Indians. 

7. Zebulon married Thankful Stevens Pardrige. 
- Richard Stevens married Sally Foster and had: 

1. John lived and died at Hartford, no children. 

2. Ebenezer lived at Marlboro, Mass. 

3. Roxany married Justus Weldon. 

4. Martha married Uriah Stevens, her cousin. 

Henry Stevens married Anna Babcock, lived in Stonington, 
their children were : 

1. Henry married Polly Stitts. 

2. Jedediah married Mary Rothbone, April 17, 1743. 

^3. Simeon married 1st Susanna Greenleaf, 2nd Hannah 

4. Mary married John Weeks, Aug. 25, 1746. 

5. Lucy married Ephriam Smith, 1744. 

6. Elizabeth married Wm. Stewart Dec. 4, 1740. 

7. Thankful married 1st Jas. Partdrige 1744, 2nd Zebulon 
Stevens, 1773. 

Simeon Stevens and Hannah Rosewell had: 

1. Jared, married Lucy Stuart (his cousin), 1759. 

2. Abel, married Bridget Palmer, 1770. 

3. -Simeon, married Susanna Sherman, 1760. 

4. Elizabeth, married Samuel Hull, 17S9. 

5. Roswell. married Tryall Rogers, 1770. 

6. Hannaa, married Theophilus Fitch, 1753. 

7. Anna, married John Udell. 1768. 

8. Benjamin, married Hopestill Shaw. 
0. Roger married Marv Doolittle. 

Abel Stevens married Bridget Palmer and moved on 
horse-baek to Caanan, his children were: 

Abel, Lydia, Eunice, Bridget, Pricilla, Sanford, Palmer 
and Gilbert. 

Benjamin Stevens married Hopestill Shaw and moved to 
Dutchess Co., N. Y., to Barnett, Vt., his children were: 

i. James married Douglass. 

2. Jonhathan 

3. David. 

4. Benjamin married Lydia Fields. 

5. Simeon. 

6. William. 

7. Hopestill married Col. Eathan Allen. 

8. Nancy. 

9. Samuel. 

10. Seymour died young. 

n Roger Stevens and Mary Doolittle had: 

Roger, Abel, Ephriam, Elihu, Moses and Abigail. 

Abel had: 

Abel, Elizabeth, Eunice, Alfred, Isaac, Uriah and David. 

Uriah Stevens moved to Kentucky. 

Benj. Stevens and Lydia Fields moved to Pittsfield, Vt., 
later to Barnett, Vt. Their children were : 

1. James, born 1795 in Vt., died in Missouri Aug. 27, 
1875; married Nancy Miles Dec. 12, 1820. 

2. John. 

3. Amos. 

4. Benjamin, married Margaret Van Dyke. 

5. William. 

6. Elizabeth, married Peters. 

7. Hannah, married Arnold. 

James and Nancy M. Stevens settled at Bennington and 
later at Barnett, Vt., and Galesburg, Knox County, 111., their 
children were: 

1. Benjamin. 

2. Hannah, married Benj. Bradbury. 

3. John, married Sarah. 

4. Mary, married Joshua Brown. 

5. Anthony. 

6. Margaret. 


7. Elizabeth, married Derrick Livermore. 

8. Socrates, bora Oct. 22, 1S24, died Aug. 15, 1S74, 
buried Colchester, married Amanda Stevens, Nov. 14, 1S47. 

9. Matilda. 

Andrew Stevens who married Esther Safford, had: 
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2. Mary, married Thomas Dickenson. 

3. Esther, married Peter Hatch. 

4. Safford, married Hannah Wells and moved to Vermont. 

5. Amy, married Oliver Jewell. 

6. Andrew, married Cynthia Brownell. 

7. Dorothy, died young. 

8. Nathaniel, married, 1, Phoebe Montague; 2, Amy 

9. Stephen, died young. 

10. Oliver, married Nancy Chittenden, moved to N. Y. 

11. Desire, married Ebenezer Waterhouse. 

12. Olive, married Samuel McCleary. 

Benjamin and Sarah Staunton Stevens moved to North 
Carolina, their children were: Benjamin, Ebenezer, Thomas, 
Sarah, Mary, Nathaniel and James. 

Thomas Stevens married Esther, and had Thos., Esther, 
Eliphalet, James, Lois, Johnathan, Mary, Julia, Samuel. 

James Stevens, son of Benjamin Stevens, and Sarah 
Staunton, married Rachel Tyler, in East Haven, Ct., had: 

Benjamin, James, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jacob, Rachel, Eli- 
phalet, Samuel and Hannah. 

Jacob Stevens married Rhoda Dawson in East Haven, Ct., 
and about 1776 or 1777, moved to Virginia, thence " to 
Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. He died in Highland 
Center, Iowa. His children were: 

1. Benjamin, married Mary Love. 

William Dawson, married Mary Myler. 

Sarah, married Wright. 

Thomas, married Grant. 

Abraham, married Mrs. Katrarine Miller. 

Nathan, married Robertson. 

Elizabeth, married Wm. McCormick. 

Matilda, married Geo. Francis. 

9. Mary, married Robert Barbour. 

10. Nancy. 

ii. Dorcas. 

12. Juanita, married Single. 

Wm. D. Stevens and Mary Myler moved to Kentucky, then 
Indiana and Illinois; their children were: 
i. Emily, married Thos. McCormick. 

2. Ann, married Cyrus Hoyt. 

3. Amanda, born Oct. 3, 1S2S, died Sept. 11, 1905, 
buried at Colchester, 111., married Socrates Stevens. 

4. Jasper, married Caroline Smith. 

5. Henry, married Lucy Lyons. 

6. Charles, married Eliza Smith. 

7. Thomas, unmarried. 

S. Mary, married Henry Roberts. 

9. Elizabeth Stevens and Wm. McCormick had: 

1. Albert, married Martha Gray; have, i.Ida, m. G. R. 
Wheaton; 2, Joe C, m. Cea Jordan, 3, Eva E. 

2. Cloe, died young. 

3. Infant, died young. 

4. Infant, died young. 

5. Lavina, married James Reeves. 

6. Sarah, married 1, John Dennis; 2, Richard Baker. 

7. Jacob, married Sarah Dennis. 

8. Charles, married Phcebe Turner. 

9. Benjamin, married Eva Correll. 

10. John, married Sarah Ann Reems. 
Mary, married Daniel Knight. 
Elizabeth, married Geo. Bender. 
Rhoda, married Richard Baker. 
Katharine, unmarried. 

Abraham and Kathrine P. Miller had: 
William H., married Mary Dennis. 
Charlotte, married Robert McCormick. 

Rhoda, married James Davis. 
Jacob L., married Mary Abrams. 
Owen F., married Mary Lee. 
Jane E., married John Gray. 

John C, married Xellie Fancher. 
Benj. I., married Mary Phelps. 
Nancy, married James Anderson. 
Lydia, married Ewd. D. French. 
Abraham D., married Emma Randall. 
Orlando C, married Mary Buckner. 


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Wm. H. Stevens and Mary Minerva Dennis had: 
i. Leo Eugene, married Grace E. Miller and is President 
of the Ottumwa National Bank at Ottumwa, la. 
2. Fred C, married Bessie Moore. 

Edward D. Stevens, the oldest son of Socrates and 
Amanda J. Stevens, was born Aug. 29, 1S4S, in Col- 
chester, McDonough Co., 111. Tic attended the com- 
mon schools, and later finished his education at Abing- 
don, Knox Co. College. He taught in the grammar 
school of Colchester. Dec. 28, 1S69, he married Miss 
Jessie Cuyler at Plymouth, 111. He and his brother 
James W., conducted a general store at Colchester for a 
number of years. The Stevens Bros, were promoters of 
many of the enterprises at Colchester, the flouring mills, 
pottery business, and E. D. Stevens opened the first bank in 
Colchester. He came to Chicago, May 1, 1S91, and engaged 
in the silk business with his brothers, James X., John H., 
Chas. A. and Thomas A. . Later he and James withdrew 
and entered the Illinois Life Insurance business. His health 
finally becoming very poorly, he left this concern and took a 
rest for three years, and then became President of the Amer- 
ican Silk Co., cor. Adams and Fifth avenue, where he still is. 
He is also Vice-President of the Drexel State Bank. He 
belongs to the Union League and Kenwood Clubs. He is a 
member of Kenwood Lodge A. F. and A. M, Xo. 800, Morse 
Chapter Xo. 17, at Macolm, 111., and Chevalier Bayard Corn- 
mandery, Chicago. He and his wife were charter members 
Order of the Eastern Star at Colchester, and at the time he 
was Master of the Blue Lodge. A. F. and A. M. 

He is also a member of St. James M. E. Church, and one of 
its Board of Trustees. Mr. Stevens is one of the staunch 
business men of Chicago, and through strict attention to 
business has acquired considerable property; has a lovely 
home at 4504 Greenwood avenue, and is considered by all 
who know him to be a man of quiet, retiring habits, and kind 
and seneial to all nearest and dearest to him. 

Edward D. Stevfn: 

larried Jessie Cnyler 
1S50; married John A. 

Socrates Stevens, bora Oct. 22, 1S24; and Amanda Stevens, 
born Oct. 3. 182S; Socrates Stevens died Aug. 5, 1S84; 
Amanda J. died Sept 11, 1905, they are both buried at Col- 
chester, 111., their children were: 

Edward D.. born Aug. 20. £848 
Dec. 2S, 1S69. 

Mary Elizabeth, born Nov. iS, 
Stookey Nov. 26. 1S71. 

James Wm., born May 25. 1S53; married, 1st Jessie L. 
Smith, Feb. 26,1873 ;• 2nd Alice Marie Bradley, Jan. 21, 1905 

Chas. A., born Mar. 16. 1859; married Fannie E. Thorn- 
pkins Mar. 16, 1882. 

John Henry, born Oct. 12, 1S56; married Anna Higbee 
Sept 2, 1S77. 

Joshua Franklin. born Aug. 22, 1S61 ; married Elizabeth 
Fields Jan. 21, 1SS3. 

Thomas A., born Sept 2, 1S6S; married Mary Edgerton 
Dec. 24, 1S91. 
Edward D. and Jessie C. Stevens have: 

1. Ralph Cuyler, born Nov. 13, 1S71; married. 1, 
Katharine Kanner; 2, Marian Cummings, have Ralph 
Cuyler, Jr., born Xov. 1, 1903. 

2. Edgar, born July 31, 1S76; married Elizabeth Willing; 
have Elizabeth born Feb. 17. 1902 ; and Martha born Apr. 
7. i9°4- 

3. Bertha, born Dec. 9, 1S84. 

4. Fannie born Oct., 1886. 
Mary Elizabeth and John A. Stookey have: 
1. Bert J., born Sept. 12, 1S75; married Edith Johnson 

Aug. 19,1902; have Dorothy Adella born Mar. 8, 1904. 

2. Grace, born Aug. 25, 1 89 2. 
James Stevens and his first wife had: 

1. Raymond, born Aug. 31, 1S74; married Anna 
have Katherine L., born May z>, 1900; James Wm., 
Jun. 7, 1902; and Elettor Hull, born Dec. 23, 1904. 

2. Earnest J., born Feb. 12, 1SS4.J 



- • 

By second wife no children. 

John H. and Anna Higbee Stevens live in Chicago, have 
two children; i. Edna born June 27, 1S7S; married James 
Sheldon and 2, Clyde Garfield, born Nov. 11, 1SS0; married 
Henrietta L. Sauer. 

Chas. A. and Fannie E. Stevens have three children: 
Elmer, born Nov. iS, 1SS3; Alta, born Feb. 9, iS36; and 
Hazel, bom Jan. 25, 1890. 

Thos. A. and Mary E. Stevens have Delmar, born May 2, 
1893 ;and Elsie B " born ^P r - 3°< lS 9 5- 

• Joshua F. and Elizabeth F. Stevens live in Malcomb, 111. 
and have two children, Bemice Ethel born Aug. 14, 18S4, and 
Glen Albert born Mar. 14, 1S92. 


M=\! A ^ t-VEV- 

Jared Stevens, son of Simeon Stevens and Hannah Rose- 
well, married his cousin, Lucy Stuart, and moved to Albany- 
Co., N. Y., He was killed in 1S00 by being thrown from 
his horse, and his wife, Lucy, was burned in her house, being 
a paralytic, and could not get out. The children of Jared 

and Iwiov Steven^ were: 

i. William. 

2. Roswell. 

3. Eliphalt, married Susanna Blatchley. 

4. Lucy, married Parke De Winter. 

5. Jared. 

6. Mercy, married Dr. Jewells. 

7. Simeon. 

8. Elizabeth, married Way. 

9. Jedediah, married Mercy Rurlinghame. 
Eliphalet and Susanna Blatchley Stevens, had: 
Elihpalet, Johnson, Joshua, Stuart. Daniel William, Hiram, 

Nathan, Ira. Clara, Lucy, Michel and Cynthia. 
Jedediah Stevens and Mercy Burlingame had: 

1. Parry Cleet, married Betsey Xichols. 

2. Samuel, married Pamelia Tripp. 

3. Martha, married Silas Tripp (see Tripp). 

4. Phcebe, and one an infant, died. 
Parry Cleet Stevens had: 

1. Betsey Ann, married Ira Schoolcraft. 

2. Minerva, married John Riggs. 

3. Mercy, married Wm. Duffin. 

4. Phcebe, married Richard Harrington, Geo. Mann. 

5. Silas, married Millissa Zimmerman. 

6. Martha, married Adna Loomis. 

7. Lydia, married Jas. Gibson. 

8. Louisa, married Decaytor Turtle. • 
•9. Jedediah. 

Also Samuel and Pamelia T. Stevens had : 

1. Lionel, died age about 23. 

2. Mercy, married Marvin Handy. 

3. Giles, married Erica Schonfelt Dec. 21, 1858. 

4. Charles, married Ida Mann. 

5. Martha, married John Cady. 

6. Benjamin, died young. 


Giles Stevens, an old resident of Reedsburg, Sauk Co., Wis. 
was born September 15th, 1833, in the town of Wright, 
Schoharie County, New York. His father was Samuel B. 
Stevens, a farmer in comfortable circumstances, who in his 
later years owned and operated a flouring mill. His mother's 
maiden name was Permelia Tripp. He received his education 
in the district school and in Schoharie Academy, and after 
graduating, began reading law in the office of Goodyear & 
Martin at Schoharie Court House, Schoharie County, New York, 
and afterwards in the office of Houck & Mackey at the same 
place. In October, 1S53. Mr. Stevens came to Wisconsin and 
located at Baraboo, Sauk Co. where he opened a law office, 
in partnership with J. S. Tripp, under the name of Tripp & 
Stevens. The next year, in July, 1S54, he removed to Reeds- 
burg and formed a partnership with J. Mackey under the 
firm name of Mackey & Stevens. In 1857 he formed a part- 
nership with Wm. Miles under the firm name of Stevens & 
Miles. This partnership continued until September, 1S61, 
when Mr. Stevens organized Co. B, Twelfth Wisconsin Volun- 
teer Infantry, at Reedsburg. and went to the civil war with 
the company. He participated in the battles and skirmishes 
at Lamar, Fernando, Coldwater, Hatchie river, Siege of 
Vicksburg, Baker's Creek and Jackson, in the State of Mis- 
sissippi, and at Big Shanty, Kenesaw Mountain, Xick-a-Jack 
Creek, Bald Hill and Atlanta, in the State of Georgia. On 
his return from the war. he re-opened his law office at Reeds- 
burg, and has ever since practiced his profession alone, with 
the exception of three years (1867,1868 and 1S69) when he 
was in partnership with W. A. Wyse, under the firm name 
of Stevens Sc Wyse. Mr. Stevens has always been a democrat 
but he disagreed so decidedly with his party when the Na- 
tional Convention of 1S96 adopted the so-called "Chicago 
platform" that he has since been without party affiliations. 
He served as county surveyor during the years 1S55 and 1856 
and was county judge of Sauk County from 1878 to 1882, 
inclusive. He never was a member of any society or club 
except the Masonic bodies, neither has he been a member 
of any church. Mr. Stevens has been a Mason for over forty- 
seven years. He received the Svmbolic degrees in Reedsburg 
Lodge Xo. 79 (now Ironton Lodge Xo. 79) at Reedsburg, Wis. 


in the winter of 1857-8, and the Capitular and Cryptic degrees 
in Baraboo Valley Chapter Xo. 49, and its Council of Royal 
and Select Masters, during the winter of 1879-80. The 
Orders of Knighthood were conferred upon him in St. John 
Commander}- No. 21, at Reedsburg, during the winter of 
1891-2, He has filled all the offices of the "Blue Lodge" 
except Treasurer and Tyler, the offices of King and Secretary 
in Reedsburg Chapter Xo. 56, and the offices of Captain 
General and Eminent Commander in St. John Commandery 
Xo. 21. He has also been Warder, Junior Warden, Captain 
General and Generalissimo of the Grand Commandery of 
Wisconsin, Deputy Grand Commander and Grand Com- 
mander. As a citizen, for uprightness, honesty and integrity, 
none stand higher than Judge Stevens, kind and helpful to 
all who come in contact with him, and in his home life con- 
siderate and good to all of his household. 


Mercy Stevens and Marvin Handy have three children, 
Benjamin, Ella and Millie. 

Benjamin married Jennie Zeh, lives in California have, 
i, Thos., married Elsie Tree; 2, Lionel; 3, Francis. 

Ella, married Chas. Farrington, lives in Peoria, 111. 

Millie married, 1st Chas. Lord, had one child, Marcia Lord; 
2nd, Seneca Tripp; 3rd, Frank Hillyer. 

Giles Stevens married Erica Schonfell in Reedsburg, Wis., 
have: Mary, Charles, Giles and Ettie. 

Mary E. married Harry Ghastin, lives in Chicago, has one 
son Giles Stevens Ghastin, born Jan. 16, 1S86. 

Chas. C. married Louisa Curtis, lives at Reedsburg, Wis., 
no children ; is Superintendent Electirc Light and Water 
Works plant. 

Giles L. married Anna Hudson, lives in Chicago, has one 
son, Paul Hudson Stevens. 

Ettie O. married Win. H. Snyder, lived in Chicago. She 
died Oct. 30, 1902, left two children: 

John Wesley and Marlowe Stevens Snyder. 
Martha Stevens and John Cady had: 

1. Dora, married George Mereness. 

2. Samuel, married Cora Zeh, have son Merle. 
Martha Stevens Cady, died in 1892. 

Chas. B. Stevens and Ida Mann live in Schoharie, X. Y. 
Their children are: 

1. William, died young. 

2. Francis, born Oct. 19, 1886; married Addison West, 
have one son, Byron. 

3. Sam'l Byron. 

4. Louise, married Daniel Vrooman, has one son, Chas. 
Stevens Vrooman. 

I. Henry Stevens, b. 164S; m. Elizabeth Gallup. 
They settled at Stonnington, Conn. He died 1726. She 
was a daughter of Capt. John Gallup who was killed in 
the fight with Indians Dec, 1675, and granddaughter 


C$'$fo&40 &fra*&<* fizL £> -j± t . j&r* 

' ' n '^i 

$ur2»*rt6~ ---'"-t;;. , 


Samuel B. Stevens. 

of Capt. John Gallup, who came over with Gov. John 
Winthrop. The date of birth and baptism of their 
children is recorded in the Congregational Church, 
Stonington, Conn. 

2 I. Thomas, b. Dec. 14, 167S; m. Man- Hall, 2nd 
Abigail Wynn. 

3 II. Richard, m. widow Sarah Foster. 

4 III. Henry, m. Anna Babcock. 

5 IV. Lucy, m. 

6 V. Elizabeth, in. 

2. Thomas, b. Dec. 14, 167S, at Stonington, Conn., 
m. May 26, 1702, to Mary Hall. They settled at Plain- 
field, Conn. He died at Cannon T750; she d. 17 19. 
He m. 2nd Abigail Wynn. By first: 

7 I. Thomas, b. 1703. 
S II. Phineaus, b. 1705. 

g III. Uriah, b. 170S; m. Martha Stevens. 

10 IV. Andrew, b. 1709; m. Esther S afford. 

11 V. Benjamin, b. 1713; m. Sarah Stanton. 

12 VI. Samuel, b. 1714. 

13 VII. Zebulon. b. 1 7 1 7 ; m. Thankful Stevens Pardrige 

By second wife: 

14 VIII. Jessie, b. 1721; d. 1726. 

9. Uriah, b. 170S; m. Martha, daughter of Richard 
Stevens (3) 4 Sarah Foster. He was Capt. at Stonington 
in 1 7 13; she was b. at Stonington. They joined the 
Congregational Church at Stonington. He and some, 
if not all, of their children were among a party of So 
who in 1760 to 1764 migrated from Canaan, Conn., to 
Stillwater, X. Y. They were all Congregationalists. 
He d. at Canaan, Conn., in 1764. Their children were: 

15 I. Uriah, b. 1730. 

16 II. Mary, m. Thomas Williams. 

17 III. Sarah, m. Thos. Stevens. 

18 IV. Lucy, m. Abel Palmer. 

19 V. Phineaus. 


1 2. Samuel Stevens was killed by Indians while riding 
horse back during the French War. He lived at Stock- 
bridge, Mass., and left two children, Samuel and a 
daughter supposed to have moved to Sangertield and 
to have been the mother of Thomas R. Stevens (46). 

15. c'riah, b. 1730. m. I^artha Rathbone 1764. They 
settled in Wyoming. Pa., afterwards in Canisteo, X. Y.. 
and he d. there Aug. 14, 1S00. This family passed 
through the horrors of the Wyoming massacre. Their 
children were: 

20 I. Benjamin. 

21 II. Sarah. 

22 III. Mary (Polly). 

23 IV. Uriah. 

24 V. Martha. 

25 VI. John. He had: 25a Alexander H. Stevens, b. 

Sept. 8, 1S00 at Canisteo, X. Y., and living in 
1877 at Greenwood, X. Y. He had: 25b 
Redmond Davis Stevens, b. Nov. 2, 1825, at 
Greenwood, X. Y. Removed to Marion, Iowa 
in 1S55. He had: Mary 3., b. 1S6S; Louise 
b. 1S71, Redmond Davis, Jr., b. 1S74. 

26 VII. Phineaus. 

27 VIII. Elijah. 

28 IX. Elias. 

29 X. William } ■ 

30 XI. Anna j tv - 1Tls - 

31 XII. Benjamin, b. 17S0; d. 1799. m. Hannah Brainard. 
17. Sarah Stevens, b. about 1735, m - Thomas 

Stevens (in one place given Xoah Stevens). What re- 
lation they were, if any, is unknown. A deed, dated 
Jan. 30, 181S, in the records of Luzerne Co., Pa., conveys 
the right and title as heirs to Thomas Stevens, late of 
Stillwater, X. Y., the right of his children to property 
in that county. Some, perhaps all of them, retnoved 
to Sangerheld, X. Y., about this time. Their children 

XII. Benjamin and Hannah B. Stevens had Eleanor, 
Catharine, Benjamin, May. Hannah, Ebenezer and John. 

2,2 I. Thomas. 

33 II. A boy, died at n years old. 

34 III. Uriah. 

35 IV. Desire, m. Joseph Stevens. 

36 V. Huldah, m. John B. Goodrich. 

37 VI. EBzabeth (Bet-y). 

38 VII. Sarah, m. Daniel Johnson. 

26. Phineaus Stevens, died at Almond, X. Y., and 
left three sons: 

39 I. Uriah. 

40 II. George. 

41 III. Levi. 

32. Thomas Stevens, m. 1795 to , daughter of 

Samuel Stevens (12). Their children were: 

42 I. Henry, b. Xov. 1796, d. 1S61. 

43 II. Xoah, b. Xov. 179S, d. 1S67. 

44 III. Wealthy, b. Apr. 1S00, d. 1S56. 

45 IV. Josiah, b. July 1S03, d. 1S71. 

46 V. Thomas R~, b. Aug. 4, 1805, d. 1S82. 

47 VI. Harriet, b. Apr. 1S10, d. 18S2. 

37. Betsy Stevens, m. James Johnson in Mass, ( 5 ) 
where their older children were born. They lived in 
Sangerfield, Oneida Co.. X. Y., in 1S06, and removed to 
Palermo, Oswego Co., X. Y., where died. Their children 
were : 

Sally Ann. 

James Stevens, b. May 2, 1794. 
Huldah, b. Jan. 24, 1795. 

Eliza, b. Mar. 7, 1S02. 
Xoah, b. 1S10. 
Mary Ann. 
Thomas R. Stevens, b. Aug. 4, 1S05; m. 1st 

— Dutv; 2nd ; 3rd . had: 

By 1 st:' 

55 L Caroline,- m. E. C. Adams. They lived at 
Garden City, Kan. 

56 II. Mary Louise, m. Dr. Daniel Pardee, son of Dr. 
Stephen Pardee and Mary Ann Johnson (54). Both are 







S 1 









57 III. Sarah Adelia, m. Charles Marsden Bridge. Both 
are dead. He also had other children, but none married. 

48. Sally Ann Johnson, m. Abner Owen, and they 
had Hebron, Chauncey, Uriah, and three girls. This 
family lived at Grand Rapids, Mich. She died in 1880. 

4y. jciiixcs Stevens Johnson.* b. May 2, T794, at Pel- 
ham, Mass. He lived at Sterling Center, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y. His children were, Maxon, Maria, Eliza, Valnet* 
and Helen. 

50. Huldah, b. Jan. 24, 1795, at Greenfield, Oneida 
Co., N. Y., m. to Henrv Barnes. He was a shoemaker. 
She d. Mar. 7, 1S73. They had: 

58 I. Melinda, b. 1^,19, m. Jonathan Church. 

59 II. Laura Ann, b. Feb. 10, 1S20, m. Ashlev Ball. 

60 III. Delois G., b, Feb. 24, 1S22, m. Cynthia Hollister. 

61 IV. Louise C, b. May 3, 18:4, m. Austin. 

62 V. Harriet E., b. June 26, 1826, d. May 15, 1853. 
Never m. 

63 VI. Marv Jane, b. Sept. 25, 1S2S, m. Addison Hall. 

64 VII. Sarah Huldah,* b. Nov. 28, 1830, m. 1st 

Hall, 2nd Simons. 

65 VIII. Henry Luther,* b. Jan. 31, 1S39, m. Maria Wilsey. 

51. William Johnson, m. Esther . He lived in 

Oneida and had no children. 

52. Eliza Johnson, b. Mar. 7, 1S02, at Sangerfield, m. 
to Dr. Ransom Howard at Palermo, N. Y. She d. Apr. 
1, 1807. He was a physician in Volney, Oswego Co., 
N. Y., and died in 1864. Their children were: 

66 I. Silence, b. Jan. 31, 1828, m. Allen Richardson 

67 II. Elizabeth, b. m. Albert Durfey. 

68 III. William Burr, b. June 15, 1835, m - Lucy Mary 

69 IV. Ransom, b. . Was drowned at 5 years old. 

53. Noah, b. 1810, at Sangerfield, N. Y., m. to Mar- 
garet Miller. They lived at Palermo, N. Y. He died 
Apr. 6, 1S64. Their children were: 

7° I- Stephen, b. , m. 

71 II. Uriah, b. , m. 1st , 2nd . 

7 2 HI. William, b. , m. Maria Clock. 



7 6 


54- ] 

was a p 









Mary Ann, b. 1S47, d. Mar. 26, 1S61. 

George, b. , m. Webb, 2nd. 

Harriet,* b. , m. Edward Clark. 

Frank , d. unmarried. 

Mary Ann Johnson, m. Dr. Stephen Pardee. He 
>hysieiaai in Fulton, N. Y. Their children were: 

Daniel, m. Mary L., daughter of Thomas R. 


Emery, m. Eunice Tibbels. 

Adelaide, died when 5 or 6 years old. 

Stebbins,* m. Elizabeth . 

Those marked (*) are alive. 

2 3 


i Henry Stevens Conn, line. Continental army; 2 R oswel l 
Stevens, Farmingham, Mass., Reg. taken prisoner July, 1777, 
exchanged 1783. Roswell moved to and owned a large carding 
and clothing mill at Huntington, Vt. ; 3 Simeon Stevens town 
of Killing, Reg. entered service Jan. 13, with Capt. Brodis, May 
14, enlisted with New London Co. in Col. Parsons Brigade, re- 
cruited from New London, Hartford and Middlesex counties, 
ordered on duty until Jan. 17, 1775. Ordered to Boston 
camps. On duty in Roxbury in Gen. Spicer's Brigade until 
expiration of service. Dec. 10. Adopted as continental and 
re-organized under Col. Parsons' Reg. 1776. Also served as 
Col.; 4 Simeon Jr. Lieutenant in Albany Co., N.Y. Reg. and 
Cumberland Co. Militia, N. Y. ; 5 Jared Stevens private in 
Albany Co. 5th Re^. and in Capt ."Turner's Co. Rensaeller 
Reg. ; 6 Roswell Jr. Albany Co. ; 7 Jedediali Stevens 4th Reg. 
Orange Co7; 7 "Capt. Phiness Stevens was sent to Vermont 
with Win. Baker, Eathan Allen, and others from Conn., to 
subdue the Indians, who were murdering and capturing 
the settlers, in 1740. In 1763 a large grant of land was 
given his sons, Encs. Samuel and Willard for the services 
their father rendered; S Jacob Stevens, Serg't at Fort Gris- 
wold, Gorton Heights, Conn.; 9 James Stevens private in. 
Col. Parson's Reg't 5th Co. from New London; 10 Benj. 
Stevens Commissary Officer in Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

Col. Simeon Stevens (3) was also sent to Vermont and com- 
manded Fort No. 4 (3n the Stevens River, Vt. 


The name is derived from the German, Gott and Lobe, 
meaning Gcd and praise. 

John, a son of John Gallup and Mary Crabbe, was born in 
England, who was a son of Thos. and Agnes (Watkins) 
Gallup of Xorth Bowood and Strode, and the descendants 
of Galluo Sr.. still occupy the manor of Strode. 

John 2nd came to America with his son John 3rd, March 
20, 1630, in the ship Mary and John, from the parish- of 
Mostene, County of Dorset. He owned Monumental Island, 
where he pastured sheep. He and his son were engaged in 
the first battle on the Atlantic coast, where they overtook 
the Indians for the cruel murder of the Rev. Mr. Oldham, 
killing some and capturing the rest. He died in 1649. 

John Gallup 3rd was born in England, 16 15. Came to 
Boston, March 20, 1630, and was one of the first to come to 
what is now Stonnington, Conn. He, as well as his father, was a 
renowned Indian trader, and fighter. Capt. Gallup commanded 
warriors under Harmon's Co. in 1675, and distinguished him- 
self by his bravery and fidelity to the English. He came to 
Pequot in 165 1. and in 1654 moved to the Mystic. He also 
joined an expedition under Col. Dennison against the Indians 
in Xarragansett, where he performed good service. As an oificer 
he was much loved and respected by his men, and was one of 
the six captains slain in the terrible swamp fight against King 
Phillip, Dec. 19, 1675. He married Hannah, daughter of 
John and Margaret Winthrop Lake, 1643. (Madam Margaret 
Lake was a sister of Gov. Winthrop, of Conn., and daughter 
of Gov. Winthrop, of Mass., and was the first white woman 
in Xew London Co., Conn. All honor to Margaret Lake, 
who braved the storm and hardships, and trod the land of our 
fair heritage). The children of John Gallup were: John, 
born 1646. married 1st Elizabeth Harris; 2nd, Hannah 
Frink; Elizabeth, born 164S. married Henry Stevens 1670; 
Esther, born 1653, married Henry Hodges; Ben Adam born 
1655, married Hester Prentiss; Hannah born 1644, married 
Stephen Gifrord. 1672: Wm. born 1658; married Sarah Chees- 
brough; Christobel. born 1660, married Peter Creary; Samuel 
born 1662, died: Margaret born 1664, married Nicholas 
Stevens; Mary born 1666, married John Coiver. John 
Gallup left to widow Hannah, £100, to John £137, to Ben 
Adam £90, Wm. and Samuel £89 each, daughters £70 each. 


Timothy Miles was one of the first settlers of Vermont. 
He married Theoda Blodgett and settled near Bennington, 
where he owned a large farm. The Indians were very 
troublesome and during one of the massacres he, with others, 
was taken prisoner and sent to Canada, where he was held 
for two years. His wife, not knowing what had become of 
him, sent for her father, who took her and her two daughters, 
Betsey and Nancy, to his home in Barnet; here she soon 
gave birth to a son, whom she named Timothy, but being a 
frail boy he only lived to be 17 years old. After two years 
Timothy Miles, Sr.. was released and he and his wife moved 
to Barnet, where they lived to be very old, and where their 
other children, John and Ebenezer were born. Nancy Miles 
born in Barnet, Vt.. 1S00, died in 111., Mar. 20, 1870; married 
James Stevens, Dec. 12, 1S20. 

Mrs. Miles was a woman of rare capabilities, full of fun, 
and of great courage, staying alone for days while her husband 
was away from home on business. 

26 - 


Four brothers by the name of Blodgett came to America 
from Lancastershire, Eng. Joshua settled in Barnett, Vt. 
He had two sons, Joshua and James, and three daughters. 
James was born Dec. 21, 1723. He and his father both were 
soldiers in the Rev. war. James Blodgett married Theoda 
Walbridge, and had eleven children: 1, Molly or Mary 
married Phineas Moulton; 2, Theoda, married Timothy 
Miles; 3, Ruth, married Elijah Moulton; 4, James, married 
Man' Blodgett; 5, Henry, married Abigail Parmely; 6, 
Joshua, went to Canada; 7, Salmon; 8, Azuba, married Nathan 
Carpenter; 9, Olive, married Polly Peckham; 10, Sally, 
married Mosses Miller; 11, Porter, died young. 



The name of Stuart originated with Robert Fitz Alan, 
High Steward of Scotland; his son James, married Marjorie, 
only child of Robt. Bruce. After the death of Bruce, he 
(James) became ruler of Scotland, and was still called James 
Steward or Stewart, but in order to designate the name from 
the Irish Stewarts, the spelling was changed to Stuart. 
William Stuart who came to America is of this family, but 
when he came is not definitely known, but he is supposed to 
be one of the 20 young Stuarts who were banished by Crom- 
well to America and given to the colonists as bondsmen, 
nearly all of whom perished of homesickness or broken hearts. 
He was born in Scotland and baptized an adult in First 
Cong. Church in Stonnington Conn., Feb. 13, 1712, by the 
Rev. James Xoyes. 

He m. Sarah Church 17 13. His children were: Wm. Stuart 
born Dec. 26, 17 14, m. Elizabeth Stevens; Xathan born Jan. 
8, 1717, m.; Oliver b. Feb. 12, 1719, m. Rebecca Pendleton; 
Phineas b. May 26, 1721. m. Remember Babcock; Lemuel 
b. May 2, 1723, died young; Sarah b. June 10, 1725; Content 
b. Dec. 24, 1727; Eliphalet b. Nov. 10, 17 --9; Lemuel b. Jan. 
31, 1732, m. Elizabeth; Wm. wife died Alar. 2, 1745. He 
m. 2 Mary Bellows. He purchased of Puchard and Henry 
Stevens, 172S, lands in Xorth Stonnington containing Asoup- 
sink Pond north of Stuart's Hill. In 166S the census showed 
43 inhabitants. A permit was granted by the Gov., 17 16, 
to each inhabitant for a home lot on condition a house was 
built on it within six months. 

Wm. Stuart 2 had children as follows: Lucretia born July 
3, 1741, m. Dr. Jno. Bartlett; Lucy b. July 30, 1743, m. Jared 
Stevens; Xathan b. June 22, 1745, m. Barbara Palmer; 
Elizebeth b. Oct. 7, 1747, m. John Coates; Mary b. Nov. 28, 
1749, Oliver Wilcox; Wm. 3 b. Jan. 17, 1752, m. 1 Amanda 
Darrow, 2 Hannah Palmer; Content b. June 6, 1754. m. 
Timothy Wilcox; Eliska b. June 29, 1757, went west; 
Eliphalet b. Aug. 14, 1759, went west. 

Wm. Stuart 2 was a pattern farmer of his day. He died 
1760, age 46 years. His widow, Elizabeth, married Joseph 
Palmer, and had one daughter, Zubra, who died young. 



Robert Dawson came to America in 1683. Ke married 
Sarah Tuttle, and was granted 30 acres of land at East Haven, 
Conn. He was a man of great energy and spirit. He held 
several important offices of trust and died leaving consider- 
able property in Connecticut and Massachusetts. His 
children were.: 



William, married Isabella, had Wm., born 1757, in Va. 


Amanda, married Axford Hart. 

Thomas, moved to Xewport in 1721, then to Xew Haven 
in 1722. His son, Job, married Sarah Thomas, daughter of 
Samuel Thomas, Feb. 12, 17 18, and had: 

Thomas, born 1720. 

Ann, born 1722, married Benjamin Wantmore. 

Sarah, born 1724. 

Elizabeth, born 1727. 
— Rhoda, born Aug. 5, 1721, married Jacob Stevens. 

Amanda, born 1733. 

Job, born 1735. 

And others who died in infancy. 

William, son of William of Robert had: 

Joseph, Peter, John, Charles, Elizabeth, Mary, Henrietta, 



Roger b. about 1620, m. Mary in Eng., came to Amer- 
ica, 1649, an d to Stonnington, Conn, in 1654. In Warwich 
in 1660, and in Providence 1670. Sept. 25, 1671, he and 
+tt^ n+her^ were ^n-nriintpd a ftp a^H tew an assessment in 
Mashantatack. Sept. 1, 16S7, he was taxed 6s. In 1690 
he was elected Deputy from Warwich, but on account of 
much debate in the assembly, he withdrew. In 169S-99-1 700 
member of Town Council. Sept. 6, 169S. he deeded to his 
son Peter, house and 50 acres of land subject to the use of 
Roger and wife for life. He made his will Nov. 28, 1715, 
he died 171S. His will was proved Sept. 13, 171S. His 
wife Exx but as she died 171S, his oldest son, John, took 
administration with his brother Roger, and sons-in-law of 
Roger, Sr. Thos. Arnold, Ames Stafford to wife Mary, all 
moneys, cattle and chattels, household goods for life, and 
then 'to go all his daughters, and three grand-daughters, 
Freelove, Roger's daughter, Francis, Mercy's daughter, and 
Alice's daughter, Deborah. To son Roger 50 acres; to 
grand-son John, 50 acres to be laid out; to son Thos. the rest 
of undivided land that was my son Peter's, with the proviso, 
" if I and my wife have not occasion to use lands herein given. " 
To sons John, Thos. and Roger 20s each. Inventory: 
;£i99-i3S-~8d. viz.: mare, 3 cows, 3 yearlings, calf, 2 sheep, 
old sword, wearing apparel, cash, etc., etc. 

The children of Roger and Mary were: John b. Aug. 

1664, m. Mary Lippet b. . Their children were: John, 

Roger, James, David 1695, Barlingstone, Benjamin and 
Elisha. Barlingstone was born June 25, 1698. In 1687, 
Sept. 1, John was taxed Ss. Dec. 23, 17 12, he having heired, 
as eldest brother of Peter, deceased, the latter's deed of gift 
of their father's homestead, land, dwelling house, etc., which 
said Peter had received from his father some time before;, 
it was now agreed by John, that, notwithstanding he was 
entitled to the whole, yet being willing that his brothers 
Thomas and Roger shall share with him, he takes the house 
and 50 acres to himself, and gives the rest equally to them, 
all three brothers to be at equal charge should their father 
and mother need assistance for their comfortable maintenance. 


Jan. i, 1 713, he deeded to eldest son John, for love, all right 
in lands and housing of my brother Peter, deceased, allowing 
to my father and mother, Roger and Mary, use of home for 
life and at their death to return to my said son John. Mar. 
6, 1 7 19, his son David had a legacy from will of his grand- 
mother Marv Lippet. Mar. 18, mn, be sold Thos. Gorton 
mansion house and 60 acres of land in Providence for £390. 
Thomas, second son of Roger, born Feb. 6, 1667, died July 
9, 175S, m. Martha Lippet, children were 1 Thos. b. May 29, 

16S8; 2 Moses 1690; 3 Samuel b. 1692, m. Whipple; 4 

Peter, 5 Joshua, 6 a daughter, 7 Mary m. John Warner 17 19; 
8 Margaret m. Joseph Remmington 17 17; 9 Sarah m. - — — 
Briggs; 10 Freelove m. Thos. Gorton; 11 Alice m. John 
Wescott; 12 Patience m. Thos. Weaver; 13 Stephen m. Mary 
Burlinghame. Sept. 1, 16S7. he was taxed 2s. In 17 15, 
Sept. 28, he deeded his son Moses, 20 acres in Mashantuck. 
He deeded at sundry times to his sons Thos., Samuel, Peter, 
Joshua and Stephen. Aug. 29, 1726, he, having married 
2 the widow of Josiah Wescott, gave bond for administration 
on her former husband's estate. He made a will June 5, 
1756, proved Oct. 7, 175S. Exs., sons Thos. and Peter. To 
wife, Hannah. £6 per year, and her son gave bond for, it being 
part of her dowery of her former husband's estate. To sons 
Thos. and Moses 5s. each. To grandson, Samuel Burlingame, 
5s., to Peter and Joshua 5s. each, to grandson, John Warner, 
5s., granddaughter, Freelove Arnold, 5s., to daughters Mar- 
garet, Freelove, Sarah, Freelove, Mary, Alice and Patience 
5s. each, to son Stephen, all real and personal estate after 
debts and legacies are paid. Inventory; 2 beds, warming 
pan, gun, pewter, cooper's adz, cow, table, chairs, couch, 
money, scales, hatchet, steelyards, etc., etc. Mary, dau. 
of Roger, b. 1669, d. 1760, m. Amos Stafford Dec. 19, 16S9, 
had, Mary b. Sept. 16, 1690; 2 Samuel Sept. 24, 1692; 3 
Amos b. Sept. 21, 1694; Stuckley b. Nov. 4. 1704; Mercy b. 
Apr. 24, 1707; Freelove b. Oct. 14, 1709; Patience Apr. 21, 
1706. Jane, of Roger, b. 1672, rri. 1 John Potter. 2 Edward 
Potter, had: John, Wm., Amey, Mary. Fisher and Alice. 

Alice, of Roger, b. May 1673, had Deborah; Mercy, of 
Roger, b. 1675, had Francis; Roger, of Roger, b. May, 1678, 
m. Elenor , had: 1 Josiah m. Eunice Chandler; 2 Johna- 


than, 3 Wm. m. Susanna Sherman; 4 Freelove m. James 
Arnold and 5 Elenor m. Benj. Colvin. Elizebeth, of Roger, 
b. Jan. 9, 16S4, m. 1 Thos. Arnold; 2 Wm. Spencer had: 1 
Job b. Nov. 16, 1772; 2 Johnathan, 3 Mary, 4 Thos., by 2d 
husband, Lvdia and Esther. Patience, of Roger, b. Aug. 8, 
16S-, m. Thos. Omev,, had Lydia and Esther. Samuel 3, 

son of Thos. 2 of Roger, m. Whipple, had: Samuel m. 

Elizebeth Condon 1742; Mercy m. Thos. Manchester 1742; 
Phillip m. Sarah Colvin 1744: Pardon m. Prudence McCieary 
1746 and Freelove m. James Arnold 174S. Phillip and 
Sarah had: 1 Samuel m. Susanna Potter 1770; 2 Phillip m. 
Elizebeth Donoway, July 21. 1771:3 Phoebe m. Thos. Holden 
17S3; 4 Roger m. Ruth Field 1768; 5 Sarah m. John Bennet 
1776; 6 Susanna m. Ezra Simmons 1776. Phillip, son of 
Phillip and Sarah, was born in Providence, R. I., 1749. died 
Sept. 5, 1S04, his wife, Elizabeth, died Sept. 16, 1S04. They 
were buried at Castleton, X. Y. They came to Dutchess 
Co., N. Y. previous to the Revolution. Phillip and his 
brother Samuel were in Dutchess Co. Reg. 6, in 1775. His 
children were: Mercy m. Jedediah Stephens; Samuel m. 

Anna Knight; Phillip, "Peggy m. Harden; Polly m. Thos. 

Estes; Patty m. Joe Davis; Sarah, Susie m. Bennet; 

Phcebe and Lydia. 


Giles Stevens. 


The name of Trippe is of Dutch origin. The first of that 
name to come to America was John Trippe. He was born 
in England in 1610. Came to America in 1635. He, with 
Power Williams and others came to Aquidneck Pond, now 
Portsmouth, R. [., m 1638. He was one of the signers of the 
compact. April 30, 1633. On Nov. 30, 1643, he bought three 
acres of ground next to Thomas Gorton. In 1647 he was 
granted Hog Island. He married Mary, daughter of Anthony 
and Rose Weeden Payne, 1639. He was a very influential 
man in the community, was a member of town council, a 
member of the board of General Court of Tryalls. Deputy to 
General Assembly. 1642, 54, 55, 61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 68, 69, 
72, and Assistant from Portsmouth from 1670 to 1675. He 
died in 167S, leaving large tracts of land in Portsmouth, 
Dartsmouth, and Westerly. He had ten children, viz.: 

1. John, born 1640, died 17 19, married Susanna Anthonv, 

2. Peleg, born 1642, died 1714, married Ann Sisson 1667. 

3. Joseph, born 1644, died 171S, married Mehitable Fish 

4. Mary, born 1646, died 17 16, married 1, Gershom 
Woodell, 1662; 2, Johnathan Getchel, 16S2. 

5. Elizabeth, born 164S, died 1706, married Zurial Hall, 

6. Alice, born 1650, died 17 10, married William Hall, 1689. 

7. Isabel, born 165 1, died 17 16, married Samson Sherman, 


8. Abiel, born 1653, died 1684, married Deliverance Hall. 

9. James, born 1656, died 1730, married, 1, Mercy Lawton;' 
2, Lydia Lawton; 3, Elizabeth Cridsworth. 

10. Martha, born 1658, died 171 7, married Samuel 

John Tripp and Susanna Anthony had: 

1. Susanna, born Oct. 31, 1667. married Thomas Potter, 

2. Mary, bom Dec. 4, 1^70, married. 

3. John, born July 19, 1673, married Mary Hart. 

4. Othmiel, born June 5, 1676, married Mary Potter. 

5. Benjamin, born Feb. 21, 1678, married Elizabeth 


6. Lot, born Dec. 26, 16S4, married Ann . 

Lot's son Joseph married Susanna Hull. 
Peleg Tripp and Anne Sisson had: 

1. John, born 1667, married Sarah Mott. 

2. Sarah, born 167 1, married Thomas Rogers. 

3. Pricill r . born t66o. married. 

4. Job, born 1673, married Elizebeth S T .veet. 

5. Peleg, bora 1675, married Mary Gardiner. 

6. Mary, born 1677, married Smith. 

7. Ann, born 1679, married Thos. Rogers (she was his 
second wife). 

8. Mehitable, born 16S1, married Thomas Thurston. 
'9. Richard, born 1683. 

Peleg Tripp was surveyor, constable in 1672-73, member 
of town council 1677, 78, 79, S3, and was Deputy to the 
General Assembly, 16S0, 81, 86. 

Joseph Tripp and Mehitable Fish had: 

I. John, born 1668. 
Thomas, bora 1672. 
Johnathan, born 167 1. 

Peleg, bora 1673, married Elizebeth Grinnell. 
Ebenezer, bora 1675. 
James, bora 1677. 
Alice, born 1679. 

Abiel, born Aug. 8, 16S1, married Anna Davis. 
Mehitable, born Oct. 19, 16S3. 

10. Joseph, born Aug. 24, 1685, married Elizabeth Smith. 

II. Jabez, born Xov. 8, 1689. 

12. Mary, born Aug. 22, 1690, married Thomas Wait. 

13. Daniel, bora Xov. 3, 1691. 
Mary Tripp and Gershom Woodell had: 
1. William, born 166^. 

Mary, born 1665, married Robert Lawton. 

Elizabeth, bora 1667. 

Richard, bora 1669. 

Return, born 16 71. 

Gershom, born 1673. 

Sarah, born 1675. 

Innocent, born 1677. 
By her second husband Johnathan Getchell, had: 
1.' Pricilla, bora 1683. 



2. Isabella, born 1685. 

Elizabeth Tripp and. Zuriel Hall had: 

1. Mary. 

2. Zuriel. 

3. Johanna. 
-4- Benjamin. 

Alice Tripp and William Hall had: 

1. William, born Dec. 12, 1673. 

2. Preserved, born 1675. 

3. Abigail, bom 1677. 

4. Mary, born 1679. 

5. John, born 16S1. 

6. Deliverance, born Jan. 8, 16S3, married Robert Spink. 

7. Alice, born Jan. 14, 1685. 

8. Elizebeth, born Oct. 2, 16S7. 

9. Robert, born Feb. 16, 1690. 

Miss Kate Louise McMillan of Wooster, Ohio, is a descend- 
ant of Deliverance and Robert Spink. 

Isabelle Tripp and Sampson Sherman had: 

1. Phillip, born 1676. 

2. Sarah, born 1677. 

3. Alice, born 16 So. 

4. Sampson, born 1682. 

5. Abiel, born 16S4. 

6. Isabel, born 16S6. 

7. Job, born 1687. 

Abiel Tripp and Deliverance Hall had: 

1. Abiel, born June 22, 1684, married Eleanor Hull, and 
had: Wait, Joseph, Abiel and Thomas. Joseph married 
Francis Hull. 

Martha Tripp and Samuel Sherman had: 

1. Sarah, bom 16S2. 

2. Mary, born 16S3. 

5. Mehitable, born 1685. 

4. Samuel, born 1687, married Hannah Manchester. 

5. Othmiel. born 16S9, married Elizebeth Manchester. 

6. Martha, born 1691. 

7. Rebecca, born 1692. 

James Tripp and his first wife. Mercy Lawton, had no 
children. By his second wife, Lvdia Lawton, he had: 


David Henry Tripp, senior member of the firm of D. H. 
Tripp & Son, booksellers and stationers of Peoria, Illinois, 
was born in Decatur, Otsego County, Xew York, on the 24th 
of November, 1828. He came to Illinois in the spring of 
185 1 and since the fall of that year has resided continuously 
in Ppd-p'-v He Viae been prdrffrnently identified with the 
business interests of the city for half a century and none 
stand higher in financial circles than he. From 1S60 to De- 
cember, 1901. the name of the firm was D. H. Tripp & Co., 
but in the latter year Capt. S. S. Tripp who had been the 
company of the concern withdrew and Mr. D. H. Tripp's 
oldest son took his place and the firm name was changed to 
its present one of D. H. Tripp & Son. 

On the 29th of September, 1S53, Mr. Tripp was married 
to Miss Mary Tripp of Farmingdale. They have five children- 
living, two daughters and three sons, four of them in the City 
of Peoria, 111., and the other in Los Angeles, Cal. 

Mr. Tripp was one of the best known and most prominent 
Masons in Illinois. In the fall of 1853 he was elected and 
received the degrees conferred in Temple Lodge Xo. 46, 
A. F. & A. M., since which time he has continued a member 
thereof and is at this date, December 19, 1904, probably the 
oldest member who was made a Mason in that lodge. He 
held important offices with Peoria Chapter Xo. 7, Peoria 
Council Xo. 11, Royal and Select Masters, Peoria Com- 
mandery Xo. 3, K. T., and the Peoria Consistory. He was 
a charter member of St. Helena Conclave of Red Cross Knights 
of Constantine, and also of Mohammed Temple, Ancient 
Arabic Order Xobles of the Mystic Shrine. Of this latter 
order, Mr. Tripp was made Treasurer at the time of its or- 
ganization and held the office until 1902, when he was obliged 
to resign it on account of failing health. 

Mr. Tripp retired from active business and enjoyed the 
fruits of an honorable and upright life, loved and respected 
by all who know him. 

David H. Tripp died at his home in Peoria, 111., Feb. 4, 

1. John, born 1685, married, 1, Rebecca, Spooner; 2, 
Hannah Dubol. 

3* ' 

David Henry Tripp, 

2. Elizabeth, born 16S7. 

3. Robert, born 16S9, died 1763, married Alice Anthony 

4. James, born 1694, married Anna Cook 17 19. 

5. Mary, born 1700, married Daniel Stoddard. 

By his third wife, hlizabetn Cudsworth, he had: 

Lydia, born April 3, 1707, married Wm. Thurston. 
Thankful, born Mar. 8, 1709, married John Cooke. 

3. Stephen, born Sept. 30, 17 10, married Alice Manchester. 

4. Israel, born Mar. 22, 1716, married Elizabeth Bentley. 

5. Isabel, born Dec. 31, 1713. 

Robert Tripp and Alice Anthony had: 

1. Gideon, born 1737, married Amy Shippe in 1758. 

2. James. 

3. Robert. 

4. Alice. 

5. Margaret. 

Gideon Tripp and Amy Shippe had: 

1. Robert, born 1757. 

2. Alice, born 1762. 

3. Anthony, born 1762. 

4. Margaret, born 1764. 

5. Hannah, born 1766. 

6. David, boni 17 68, married Mary Dickenson. 
David Tripp and Mary Dickenson had: 

1. Lovina, born 1790. 

2. Polly, born 1793. 

3. Patience, born 1791, married Jacob Eliot, had: Nathan 
Tripp, David A., Marcus Delos. 

4. Nancy, born 1795, married Chauncy Parker. 

5. Elizebeth. married Alexis Elliott. 

6. Nathan, married Mary or Polly Seward. 

7. Robert had Gideon married Lydia Watts. 

8. Hannah, married — ■ — ■ Delameter. 

9. Emily. 

10. David, married Sally Elliott. 

11. George, married Mary AVinans. 

12. Stephen. 

13. Marcia, married Almeron Case. 


14. Rheuma, married Piatt. 

15. Celestia. 

Nathan Tripp and. Polly Seward had: 

1. David Henry, married Mary Tripp. 

2. Edwin, married Helen Adams, had: Stephen, Orville, 
Mary. Ella. 

3. Lucy, married John Kirk and had: Stephen Efner, 

4. Stephen, married Amelia Snyder and had: Anna, 
Virginia, and Will. 

5. Man-, married Wm. Hoover and had: Wm. and 

Robert Tripp had: 

1. Gideon, married Lydia Watts. 

2. Amy. 

3. Robert. 
5. David. 

Gideon Tripp and Lydia Watts had: 

1. Mary, married David Henry Tripp. 

2. Jane, married Colton. 

3. Benjamin, died young. 

4. James, married Riggs. 

5. Charles, married Alvina Crow. 

5. Gideon, killed in Oregon. 

6. Isaac, married Alice. 

David H. Tripp and Mary Tripp had: 

1. Stephen, married Califernia Miner, have: Mary, Emma 
and Mattie. 

2. Charles, married Jennie Rockwell, lives in California. 

3. Sidney unmarried lives in Peoria, 111. 

4. Jennie, married Geo. Gibbs, have Charles and Delia. 

5. Delia, married Otis Easton, have: Milo Tripp and 
Sidney Harris. 

Job Tripp son of Job, married Elizabeth Sweet, had: 

1. Job, born 1704, married Sarah White. 

2. Isaac. 

3. Elizabeth and others. 

Job Tripp and Sarah White had : 

1. Peleg, born 1723, married Mrs. Mary Mannering. 

■ 38 s • 

Peregine, born 1725. married Susanna Sherman. 

3. Charles, born 1727, died 172S. 

4. Mehitable, born 1729. 

5. Sarah, born 1731. 

6. Job, born 1734. married Virtue Wait. 

*-. Arnn5 T~iorn t-j6. 

S. Mary, born 1739. 

_q. Phoebe, born 1741. 

10. Ezekiel, born 1743, married Mary Lawton April 20, 


11. Charles, bom 1746. 


Ezekiel Tripp was born in Exeter, R. I. He married Mary 
R. Lawton, daughter of Benj. Lawton who lived in the 
beautiful Lawton Valley. He was a staunch Quaker, and 
account of his earnest pleadings for peace, just before the Rev. 
he fell out with his more patriotic neighbors, and moved to 
Long Island, and in in 89 he moved to Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
In 1 791 he moved to Duanesburgh, X. Y., where he puchased 
no acres of land for $30, of John Schaff and no history 
of Schenectady County would be complete without men- 
tioning Ezekiel Tripp, the pioneer Quaker preacher, who 
was so widely known. The children of Ezekiel and Mary 
Lawton Tripp were: Mary Tripp died Feb.. 1S27, aged Si 
yrs. 5 mos. Ezekiel Tripp died July 23, 1827, age 84. 

1. Benjamin, born 1766, married Hannah Duell. 

2. Ezekiel. 

3. Johnathan, married Elizabeth Finch. 

4. Lucy, married Briggs. 

5. John. 

6. Mary, married Moshier. 

7. Susanna, married Finch. 

8. Elizabeth, married Brings. 

Benjamin Tripp, married Hannah, daughter of Silas and 
Sarah (Soule) Duell, and had: 

1. Ephriam, married Abigail Dixon and had: Benjamin. 

2. Giles, married Abby Gallup, had: Rebecca, Lucretia, 

3. Charlotte, married Hiram Simmons. 

4. Marjorie, married John Mcintosh had: Geo., Betsey, 
Ruth, Mary Ann, and John. 

5. Ruth, married Morgan Lake, had: Thos., Mary, Sally, 
Benj., Alanson and Andrew. 

6. Mary, married Jacob Simmons, had: Wm., Peter, 
Mary Ann, Patience and Betsey. 

7. Hannah, married Brownall Lake, had: Porter, Silas, 
Mary Ann, Permelia, Brownell. 

S. Patience, married Wm. Ketchum. 

9. Silas, married Martha Stevens. 

10. Permelia, married Samuel Stevens. 

Silas Tripp was born Jan. 16, 1S03, was married to Martha 
Anne Stevens April 25, 1825. He was the son of Benjamin 


and Hannah (Duell) Tripp, he lived and died upon the old 
homestead of his grandfather Ezekiel Tripp in Duanesburg, 
N. Y. His children were: 

i. Samuel B„ died Dec. 3, 1853. 

2. Jedediah Stephens, married, 1 Fannie Hallet, 2 Nellie 
^ ? _f er K v Ar p,. Ar» v:ffe had Harry S f e"er.s died young. 

3. Ezekiel D., died Sept. 2, 1S53. 

4. Mercy Ann, married Isaac Ouimby, lives in Quaker St., 
N. Y. 

5. Mariette, died May 19, 1S56. 

6. Darins, died April 12, 1S99. 

7. Emily, died young. 

S. Seneca, married Millie Handv Lord. 
9. Ursula, died Feb. 26, 187S. 

Silas Tripp, died Mar. 11, iSSo, and his wife Martha Stevens 
Tripp died Feb. 16, 1877. 


Jedediah S. Tripp, son of Silas and Martha Ann (Stephens) 
Tripp, was born in the town of Duanesburg, Schneetady 
County, in the State of New York, July 5th, 1S2S. He 
worked on his father's farm, attending the district school 
during the winters until he was eighteen years old, when he 
went to the Schoharie Academy at Schoharie, X. Y., teaching 
school part of the time to get the means for paying expenses. 
He continued in the academy acting part of the time as a 
tutor until the spring of 1S50, when he entered the law office 
of Goodyear Martin, in Schoharie, X. Y., where he continued 
reading law until June, 1S53, when he was admitted to the 
bar at a General Term of the Supreme Court at Albany, 
X. Y. In Xovember, 1853, he went to Wisconsin and lo- 
cated at Baraboo, in that state, entering into partnership 
with his cousin, Giles Stevens, now Judge Stevens, of Reeds- 
burg, Wisconsin. This partnership was dissolved in the 
spring of 1S54, and in September of that year he went to 
Sauk City, in said county of Sauk, and entered into partner- 
ship with Cyrus Leland. This partnership continued for 
about two years, after which he continued the law practice 
alone. In 1S6S he commenced doing a banking business, 
in connection with his law practice, but retired from law 
practice in 1S87, since wmich time he has confined his atten- 
tion to the banking business. 

He was postmaster of Sauk City from 1S54 to 1861, was 
town clerk of the town of Prairie du Sac, then embracing the 
villages of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac, for twenty years 
consecutively, was president of the village of Prairie du Sac, 
member of the county board of Supervisors of Sauk county 
much of the time for the last thirty years, and several times 
chairman thereof. He was member of the Wisconsin As- 
sembly in 1862, was a delegate to the national democratic 
convention at Cincinnati in 1880. He has been an independ- 
ent democrat since the advent of W. J. Bryan in 1S96. He 
was a charter member of Eureka Lodge No. 113, A. F. & 
A. M. of which lodge he is still a member. He has resided 
in Prairie du Sac, Wis. since 1S73. 

He is not a member of any church, but is a regular attendant 
at and liberal contributor to the Presbyterian church of 
Prairie du Sac, of which he is a trustee. 


He was first married in 1857 to Fannie W. Hallett of Little 
Falls, N. Y. She died in 1S65. He was again married in 
1874 to Nellie M. Waterbury, daughter of Hon. James I. 
Waterbury of Prairie du Sac, Wis., by whom he had one son 
who died in infancy. His second wife died in 1893. 



The name Soule is of English origin with armorial bearings. 
Guillaume, meaning banner displayed. Armors granted the 
Soules 1 59 1. In the history of Xormandy, it says that de Soule, held and owned Chateau de Souie during 
the reign of Henry II, and it is still owned by the Soule 
descendants. Geo. Soule, 1590, who was a passenger on the 
Mayflower was a member of Gov. Winslow's family but how 
related is not known, but the love they had for each other 
continued all through life. He was born in 1590, married 
<Mary Becket in 1625. He was a man of distinction even in 
the days of plain living and plain speaking, and held his own 
as a citizen where essential services were needed. Every- 
thing held in the way of office was on his own probity and 
integrity, a wielding of his own personal power, which was 
felt his whole life long. He made his record as one of the 
volunteers, to aid those of Mass. Bay and community, against 
the Pequod Indians. In 1637 a garden place was granted 
him to lye his grounds at Powder Point. He with Standish, 
Alden, Winslow, Brewster, Howland, Eaton and Brown, 
settled at Duxbury, 1637. They were each granted 69 acres 
of land, as members of Plymouth Colony. They were all 
men of highest respectability, and took active part in the 
affairs of the colony. He was Duputy Gov. in 1645-46-50- 
5 1—53—54. He died in 16S0, and was buried at Duxbury, 
Mass. His wife died 1677. He was a stockholder of Pilgrim 
Suez Co., and also had an interest in Mass. Bay Colony. 
His cottage was fortified against the Indians, and under the 
eaves of the garret were hidden china galore, ebon}' desks 
and all sorts of eastern stuffs, gathered by the Soules, as they 
were emphatically men of the sea. Was 35th signer on 
board the Mayflower 1620. 

The children of Geo. and Mary Soule: 1 John, 2 George, 3 
Benjamin, killed in King Phillip's war, 1676. 4 Nathaniel. 

5 Zachery m. Margaret , 6 Susanna, 7 Mary m. John 

Peterson,' 8 Elizabeth m. Francis Walker, 9 Patience m. John 

John m. Esther Sampson, widow, whose maiden name was 
Nash. His children were: John m. Mary Finkham, Joseph, 


Joshua m. Johanna Studley, Josiah m. Lydia Delano, James 
m. Lydia Thornton, Benjamin m. Sarah Standish, (dau. of 
Alexander, son of Miles and Barbara Standish and Sarah, 
dau. of John and Priscilla Alden.) 

Benjamin had: Zachery b. Mar. 31, 1694, m. Mary Eaton; 
Hannah b. Mar. 10, 1696, m. Geo. Sampson, Sarah b. May 9, 
1699, m. Edward Weston; Deborah b. Apr. 23, 1702, m. 
Adam Wright; Benjamin b. June 5, 1704, m. Hannah Whit- 
man; Ebenezer b. Feb. 16, 1710. / 

Joshua had: Ezekiel m. Hannah Delana had: 1 Wm. b. 
i73S7m. Anna Soule; 2 Lucy b. 1740; 3 Lydia b. 1742; 4 
Amasab.1746; 5 Hannah b. 1748; 6 John b. 1750; 7 Deborah 
b. 1752 ;S Josiah m. Lydia Delano.'-had: Abisha m. Abigail 
Delano, whose son Nathaniel m. Lydia and had Daniel, Lydia, 
Hannah, Abigail, Xathaniel, Mary, Capt'. Freeman, John 
and Enoch. Joseph, a son of Joshua m. Mary Fullerton, 
and had a son Joseph m. Abigail Wilbur 1775. 

Benjamin and Hannah Whitman married Mar. 31, 1730, 
by Rev. Isaac Cushman, their children were: Hannah m. 
Geo. Sampson; 2 Benjamin m. Mehitable Bonny; 3 Ephraim 
m. Rebecca Whitemarsh; John m. Patience Normall; Sarah 
m. Silas Duel; Abigail m. David Weston. Sarah Soule Duell 
was killed by the Indians at Saratoga Springs. 



Wm. White born in Eng. 1590, m. Susanna Tilley, daughter 

of and Tilley, at Leyden, 16 12. Wm. with his 

wife and son, Resolved age 6, came to America on the May- 
flower. Dec. 19, 1620, when within Plymouth harbor, and 
before landing, another son was born whom they named 
Perigene. (The cradle of old Dutch pattern is still in pos- 
session of the Boston Hist. Society.) Feb. 12, 162 1, Wm. 
White died of the general sickness and his wife afterward 
m. Gov. Winslow. Perigene grew to manhood, tall, manly, 
and of handsome appearance, and the position he held as a 
member of Gov. Winslow's household gave him many ad- 
vantages. He m. Sarah Basset, daughter of William, 1654. 
His children were: Daniel b. 1656; Johnathan June 4, 16 58; 
Sylvanus 1660; Peregene 1662; Sarah Oct., 1663; Mercy 
1665. "* Sarah m. Thos. Youngs, died Aug. 9, 1755, age 92 
years. Mercy m. Wm. Sherman, died. 1739. Peregene m. 
Susanna Sherman 16S5, had Benoni b. Jan. 26, 16S6, Peregine, 
Sarah b. 1704, m. Job Tripp 1722, and others. 



Miles Standish came in Mayflower, his wife Rose died on 
the voyage, he afterward sent for and married her sister 
Barbara. He with Geo. Soule. and others, settled at Dux- 
borough, named after his ancestral home, Duxborough Hall, 

Eng. Children of Miles and Barbara: Alexander b. m. 

Sarah Alden, dau. of John and Priscilla Alden, had: Miles, 
Ebenezer, Lorah m. Abraham Sampson, Lydia m. Isaac 
Sampson, Mercy m. Caleb Sampson, Sarah m. Benj. Soule, 
Elizebeth m. Sam'l Delano. 




I, Anthony Paine, in perfect memory, doe manifest in my 
mind, and last will, to bequeath to my daughter Alice one 
cow. Shee or her husband payinge to my daughter, Mary 
Tripp, as much as ye cow is judged to be worth more than ye 
heifer, and to be mayde equeall out of ye cow. My wife, 
Rose Weeden Payne, to be soule executrix; my last will to 
be performed, and debts payd. 

Signed, his 

Anthony X Payne. 

The Author is descended from the following families who 
came to America previous to 1700. 











1 1. 












. 3°- 




1 3- 


2 2 . 










3- 7 - 














2 5- 




















And also had 9 ancestors on board the Mayflower that came 
1620; Geo. Soule, John Mullins, wife and daughter, Priscilla, 
Miles Standish, John Alden, Wm. White, wife and son, 
Perigene, born Dec. 19, 1620, on board the Mayflower. 

£ y ; •