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A (g^n^alogg 







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^i6 SDescentiants 


By / 


l^artfottJ fn0: 

The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company 


THf ^iSr^AlY OF 

Two C< r3 Receivs? 

Mi^. !J 1902 

CLM3 <l^ XXa N», 

1. U a s 7- 
copY a. 

Copyright by F. H. ViETS 


from everlasting to everlasting upon 
hteousness unto children's children; 
;, and to those that remember his com- 

Psalm cm. 17-18. 

r things are true, whatsoever things 
s are just, whatsoever things are pure, 
'hatsoever things are of good report; 

there be any praise, think on these 


Then the forms of the departed 

Enter at the open door; 
The beloved, the true-hearted. 

Come to visit me once more; 

He, the young and strong, who cherished 

Noble longings for the strife, 
By the roadside fell and perished. 

Weary with the march of life ! 

They, the holy ones and weakly. 

Who the cross of suffering bore. 
Folded their pale hands so meekly, 

Spake with us on earth no more ! 

O, though oft depressed and lonely. 

All my fears are laid aside, 
If I but remember only 

Such as these have lived and died. 


THE <..iBt?A?tY 


Two Ci r3 Reel 


CLASS «. XXc. 

X <;> ^ g- 1 

COPY 3. 

Copyright by F. H. ViETS 

The mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon 
them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children's children; 

To such as keep his covenant, and to those that remember his com- 
mandments to do them. 

Psalm cm. 17-18. 

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things 

are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, 

whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; 

if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these 



Then the forms of the departed 

Enter at the open door; 
The beloved, the true-hearted, 

Come to visit me once more; 

He, the young and strong, who cherished 

Noble longings for the strife. 
By the roadside fell and perished. 

Weary with the march of life ! 

They, the holy ones and weakly. 

Who the cross of suffering bore. 
Folded their pale hands so meekly. 

Spake with us on earth no more ! 

O, though oft depressed and lonely. 

All my fears are laid aside. 
If I but remember only 

Such as these have lived and died. 



With much hesitation I undertook the work of making a 
genealogy. Encouragement of friends, as well as my own 
interest in the subject, beguiled me into the task, and, having 
once put my hand to the plow, I could not well turn back until 
the end of the furrow was reached. 

A genealogy is a family record extending through many 
generations. It is of interest as families are of interest, and 
no ties are more precious than those of the home. The first 
object of this work is to emphasize the value of the home, 
the good character of which is essential to happiness. If 
parents, children, and kindred are worthy of each other's 
honor they will be worthy of the honor of all. A genealogy 
is made up largely of names and dates, but this need not in- 
dicate that such a work is dry and meaningless. A name 
with two dates standing as sentinels, the one at the gate of 
entrance into life, the other at the gate of exit, means much. 
A name stands for a life with its joys, sorrows, labors, hopes. 
A mother as she gave the dates of the birth and death of her 
boy burst into tears ; a love was there, a hope, yes, a life, 
whose history no pen can trace, which only the heart knows. 

The writer of this work has spared no pains to make it 
accurate and complete. That a w'ork of this nature be wholly 
free from error cannot be expected. The care which the 
compiler has taken in weighing evidence, in reading manu- 
scripts, in transcribing names and dates, should exempt him 
from receiving more than his share of blame for any errors 
that may exist. 

Research has been made to learn as much as possible 
about the early fathers of the Viets family. Town and pro- 


bate records have been searched, old letters and other papers 
have been brought forth to testify, gravestones have been 
conferred with, the oldest living members of the family have 
been consulted, and every available source of information 
resorted to. Only one thing is lacking to make the record 
of earlier generations complete and perfect in every instance, 
and that is some means by which the departed may be made 
to speak. 

Several hundred letters have been sent out into all parts 
of the country, and these have in most cases received a 
prompt and cordial response. The writer has enjoyed mak- 
ing acquaintances and finding kindred in distant states, and 
the interest shown by them has been a constant encourage- 
ment to him in his work. 

The plan of the writer at first was to carry the genealogy 
but one generation out of the Viets name, but more remote 
descendants have been included when records could be ob- 

If a more complete account is given of some families or 
individuals than of others it is because more material came 
to hand. 

It is believed that the line of descent as given is in every 
instance correct unless a doubt is expressed. There is a 
break in the line of descent of a few families, which cannot, 
as yet, be bridged over. In some instances probably a 
knowledge of but one generation is wanting to connect cer- 
tain existing families with older ones. Families probably 
descended from Dr. John Viets, but whose line cannot be 
traced with certainty, are placed in an appendix at the end 
of the volume. 

Mention is made of services rendered in the Revolutionary 
and other wars, as far as the facts are known. The majority 
of the family are eligible to join the " Sons " or " Daughters 
of the Revolution," some by more than one ancestor. 


I desire to acknowledge my indebtedness to Levi Clin- 
ton Viets, whose knowledge of early family history has been 
an indispensable help, and whose interest in the work has 
been an encouragement from the first. I also desire to thank 
friends in different sections of the country and in Nova Scotia 
who have sent records and information regarding their 
branches of the family, some of them at considerable expense 
of time and labor, and to all of whom I am deeply indebted. 

Francis H. Viets. 


Name, Origin, and Spelling, 
Family Characteristics, 
Historical View, 
Genealogy : 

First Generation, 

Second Generation, 

Third Generation, 

Fourth Generation, 

Fifth Generation, 

Sixth Generation, 

Seventh Generation, 
Appendix — Other Families, 
Index to Viets Names, 
Index to Names other than Viets, 











Among the nations of modern Europe, family names may 
in some cases be traced back as far as the tenth century. In 
early times each individual bore one name only, which, after 
the coming of Christianity, was usually given at baptism. 
The surname, or overname, so called from the fact that it 
was at first written over the given name, like most innova- 
tions, came into general use slowly. 

When surnames came into use they were often found 
ready at hand in the occupation, place of residence, or some 
characteristic of the persons to whom they were given. The 
origin of such names as Tanner, Carpenter, Smith needs no 
explanation. The names Hill and Underbill, Wood and 
Underwood are no doubt derived from places of residence. 
Such names as White, Brown, Longfellow may have had 
their origin in personal characteristics. Some names had 
their origin in words no longer in use in common speech, or 
in a forgotten dialect, and are more difficult to trace. 

The origin of the name Viets may be looked for among 
the dialects included under the general term German, or Teu- 
tonic, spoken in former ages in that interesting region which 
extends from the Alps to the North Sea, a country romantic, 
and occupied for twenty centuries by a people among the 

noblest. . . 

This name, as seems probable, if not certam, is from an 
old Teutonic given name Veit, or Viet, which corresponds 
with the common English name Guy, a shorter form of 
Guido, and of the same origin and meaning as the word gmde. 
The letters w and v in early German dialects correspond to 
su in Italian and French words of kindred origin. An ex- 
ample of this is seen in the name William, which in German 


is mihdm, in French, Gmlkum. By the same analogy. Veit 

and Gtndo are one name. £;■. vcu 

With this agrees Adelung, who in his " Dictionary of the 

fuus am?" '" ^"" "" '°"°"'"S: Veil Latin 

(^.'.w, a man s given name of ancient German origin and 
contracted from Guido. " ' 

Frif alid' r '" '"'"'"' ''''°'" '" "°"='"''' '"'°™^ "= that 
o7;;e same Lm: ^""""-"'"g ^^-^ and English forms 

m was probably once in use as a common word, and 
becommg a proper name, as such, has survived the long since 
forgotten d.alect of which it once formed a part. Thf orig! 
mal n,eanmg of the word veit can only be inferred from the 
meanings of l<.ndred words. The Gothic vitan. meaning 
o tak-e heed; the Anglo-Saxon ^.Va„, to know; the Eng^ 

et;" L r T "■'-'' ■"""'"? ""' ="="'»«^. good 


of =,?"' T '^"'' "' " '°""'°" "'°'''' ■" ^°"<= German dialect 
of an early day probably had reference to a wise, knowing 
person, or a This seems to have been the vier o1 Alexander Viets Griswold. according to Rev. R. Man 

th:\.^h;';"""' ™'°' "''^" ^ ^°™^ ■"-• -^ ^ -ighbor ^f 

the?' "T'' ^"' ''"" '° ''' "^'^'' =>' =• ''°-'^ given name 
^he ong,naI meanmg of the word being at leng^r lost sigh 

of. Tins name gamed wide currency from the fact that it 

was borne by a distinguished saint who died a boy martyr 

m the re,gn of Diocletian in the fourth century, known [„ 

Germany as Samt Veit, or Viet; in Latin, St. Vitu . Though 

bell The°" ; ■'"' "" "" '^"' '°^ ^°°^ -"ks that he 

became the patron samt of Saxony and Bohemia, and 

hroughout Germany was regarded in the popular superstU 

den"ce"o,°t"h "' '""'"" '"'P"^ ™ '™' °' "«d. Ev- 
dence of the esteem m which he was held is seen in names 

of places, there bemg as many as four towns named St. Veit 


also a St. Veitsberg and a St. Veit's mountain, and in Ba- 
varia a place named Veitshocheim ; while on the borders of 
Holland and Germany there is said to be a place called Viet's 
Flat, where Emperor William I. once stopped in his progress 
through the country. From the belief that this saint could 
cure the dancing malady that disease came to be called St. 
Vitus' dance; in Germany, Veitstanz. His day on the cal- 
endar was June 15th, hence the garden bean, which began 
to be eatable about this time, was called in some regions the 
Veitsbean. Among old German proverbs are : " Holy St. 
Veit, wake me in time, wake me neither too early nor too 
late ; wake me when it strikes five," and " Rain on St. Veit's 
day brings a fruitful year." 

The name St. Veit is sometimes spelled St. Viet in Ger- 
man, and in the high German of the Middle Ages was pro- 
nounced the same as Viet in modern German. 

Veit, or Viet, in use for centuries as a common name, 
came at length to be applied as the surname of a family. 
How this came about is a matter of conjecture. A reason- 
able supposition is that someone in need of a surname chose 
the name St. Viet, either because he was from a town or vil- 
lage of this name, or from regard for the saint. St. was 
dropped from the name in course of time, perhaps at the time 
of the Protestant Reformation, and a final 5 added. Another 
conjecture is that a father bearing the given name Viet, the 
children took this for their surname, perhaps at the same 
time adding the letter s, the origin of surnames from given 
names being of frequent occurrence. 

The spelling of this name seems to have been, usually, Veit 
in the dialect of an early day, but in modern high German the 
correct spelling of the name as we pronounce it is Viet, and 
Viets, for ie in modern German is pronounced ee, while ei is 
pronounced i. 

The father of John and Henry Viets, who settled in Sims- 
bury, Conn., in 1 7 10, spelled his name John Viet, or Viett, 
while in the records of the old Dutch Church in New York 
his name is written Veet. On the same records is also re- 
corded the name of one Margrita Veets, who was sponsor at 
a baptism in 1702 and again in 1734. Margrita may have 


been a connection of Dr. John, but of this nothing is known 
On the gravestone of the widow of Dr. John in Simsbury the 
name is written Vets. This is the phonetic spelHng of some 
stonecutter, as Phelps is sometimes spelled Felps in old rec- 
ords. John and Henry, the sons of Dr. John, added .y to the 
name \ lett, as the father wrote it, making it Victts. A few 
years later one t was dispensed with, and the name since 
about 1750 has been written Fiets by the descendants of John 
and Henry, with few exceptions. The fact that this is the 
spelhng of the name in public and family records, and in the 
almost unvarymg usage of branches of the family so widely 
separated as from Nova Scotia to' California, is good reason 
tor preservmg it without change. 

It may be of interest to mention that in Oesterley's Geo- 
graphical Dictionary of the Middle Ages the folio win o- are 
given as names of places in the region of Brandenburg 
Prussia: Vietmts, Veitnitz, Wietmannsdorf, Vietmannsdorf 
and Vtct2. Viet, in Vietmannsdorf, is thought to be from a 
word in some early dialect meaning wood. It may be conjec- 
tured that the name Victs is derived from this old word Wiet or 
Viet, meaning wood, instead of from Veit or Viet before men- 
tioned, meaning guide; in this case Viets corresponds with the 
surname Wood, instead of with Guido and Guy. Viet-manns- 
dorf means Wood-man' s-village. Viets is a modern town of 
some 3,000 inhabitants in Prussia, twenty-six miles northeast 
rom Frankfurt. It is probably of different origin from the 
family name Viets, but of this nothing is known with cer- 

In "Foerstmann's Old German Proper Names" is found 
the following: Witisa, a king of the West Goths in the eio-hth 
century; allied names, Wiso, Vizo, Guico, Weiss, Weitz, 

Z'T'n ^°''^^"^^"" S^^^ another group of allied names: 
Wide, Guido, Wito, Vito, Vitus, Witt. 

The name Vietsch occurs in Germany. One family of this 
name received a title of nobility. This name may have been 
formed from Viet or Viets. On the other hand, it may be 
supposed that one bearing the name Vietseh might drop the 
German ending, making the name Vict or Viets. 



One of the speakers at the Viets reunion named as char- 
acteristics of the family honesty, modesty, and oddity. The 
family is characterized by industrious and home-abiding qual- 
ities and by abhorrence of vice and crime. Those of this 
name are, as a rule, deliberate, just, and fair-minded. They 
are a race of well-to-do farmers, each son usually succeeding 
in acquiring a good estate of his own. Few have become 
rich, none very poor. Few have risen to eminence, yet all, 
without exception, have been useful and respected citizens. 
Many town offices have been well filled by them. Several 
clergymen have sprung from them. A number have left the 
farm to become merchants. A few have become lawyers, and 
a few manufacturers, while the medical profession has re- 
ceived from them able recruits. 

As regards religion, the early fathers and mothers of the 
family were identified with the Congregational Church, the 
mother church of New England. The first to dissent was 
Roeer Viets, who joined the ranks of the Episcopalians. 
The family are now, as a rule, well represented in churches 
and Christian work, those of this name being found in the 
Congregational, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, Disciples, and 
other communions, and thus have regard for the honor of 
God, and for the well-being of themselves and families. 


Simsbury was settled about 1664 and became a town in 
1670. The first settler was John Griffin, who came there to 
manufacture tar and turpentine from the pine woods which 
reared their stately trunks on the outskirts of the open 
meadows of the Farmington, as if to guard the entrance to 
the greater forest of oak, beech, and maple beyond. In 1786 
the northern half of Simsbury was set off as a separate town 
under the name of Granby, the southern boundary of the 
new town touching the Farmington at its northern bend 
and including the district of old Simsbury known as the Falls. 
In 1859 East Granby was set off from Granby, the line run- 
ning north and south about two miles west of the mountain, 


near the Northampton division of the New York, New Ha- 
ven & Hartford Railroad. The center of East Granby Hes 
east of the mountain. The district known as the Falls is 
west of the mountain in the extreme southwestern part of the 
town, and enjoys the eminence of being the earliest settled 
portion of East Granby, as it was of the mother town of 
Simsbury. It is stated that in 1709 there were but two fami- 
lies living within the limits of the present town of East 
Granby, and these were the families of John GrifSn and 
Joshua Holcomb, both living at the Falls. 

The next year, 1710, marked the advent of Dr. John Viets, 
who settled at the Falls, then a part of Simsbury. Dr. Viets 
left two sons, Henry and John. The life of Henry stretched 
from 1709 to 1779, the life of John from 1712 to 1777. From 
these two brothers have sprung all of the Viets name in 
East Granby, and, for the most part, throughout the country. 


In the genealogy an index figure at the right and a little 
above a name indicates the generation, counting Dr. John 
Viets first. 

In lists of children, the Arabic number placed at the left 
of a name near the margin indicates the paragraph where the 
name is again found as the head of a family. By means of 
this numbering the line may be traced back from a name to 
its connection in the preceding generation or forward to its 
place as head of a family in the generation following. 



Dr. John^ Viets, or Viett, a young physician from Eu- 
rope, came to America a few years previous to 1700, settled 
in New York, where he married Catharine Meyers, and in 
the year 1710 removed with his family to Simsbury, Con- 
necticut, where he lived until the close of his life, thirteen 

years later. 

The earliest written reference, probably, relating to our 
ancestors is in the records of the First Dutch Reformed 
Church of New York, now the Marble Collegiate Church, 
as follows : 

A 1700 Apr 24 Johannes Veet, j.m. Van Brisach, in 
Sweden, en Catharina Meyers, j. d. 
Van N. Yorck, beyde woonende alhier. 

In the New York city record of marriages is the follow- 
ing, referring, no doubt, to the same persons : 

April 27, 1700, John Veet and Catharine Meyers. 
That these records refer to our ancestors is almost or quite 
certain, for both names and the date agree with this view. 
But a difficulty arises in the fact that the church record seems 
to indicate that the groom was from Brisach in Sweden, for 
no tradition points to that country as the early home of 

John Viets. 

An explanation may perhaps be found in the fact that 
there appears to be no place named Brisach in Sweden, while 
there is a place of this name on the Rhine, in the Duchy of 
Baden, Germany. Brisach, or Old Brisach, stands on the 
right bank of the river, is said to have a fine cathedral, and a 


population of 2,355. On the left bank of the river is New 
Brisach. If we are right in supposing that the record should 
read Brisach in Baden instead of Brisach in Sweden, the early 
home of our ancestor was on the Rhine, among the hills of 
Southern Germany. To confirm us in this view we have the 
family traditions, which point to Germany, never to Sweden, 
and the still more convincing fact that the library of Dr. 
John Viets, if we may trust the appraisers of his estate, was 
in the German language. 

It should, however, be mentioned that in one branch of 
the family there is a tradition that Dr. Viets came from Hol- 
land, and the biographer of Bishop Griswold speaks of the 
descent of the bishop, on the Viets side, from Alexander 
Viets, an eminent Dutch physician. But the last statement 
lacks confirmation from any other record or tradition, as re- 
gards both name and nation. 

After carefully weighing such evidence as we possess this 
may be said with confidence : John Viets, or Viett, was born 
in Germany, possibly in Holland, at a date not far removed 
from 1665 ; received more than a common education ; studied 
medicine; came to America about 1690; brought with him 
to this country fifteen books in the German language, which 
in those days was a library; was entitled "Mr.," which, as 
the term was used at the time, indicates that he belonged to 
the better class, and was a man of respectability and enter- 
prise. Judging from his descendants, and from the race to 
which he belonged, we may picture him as a man of even 
features, good looks, physical force, and fair intellectual 

"There is a tradition handed down by Mrs. Captain George 
Viets, whose mother was a granddaughter of Dr. John, which 
runs as follows: "John Viets was a good linguist, able to 
read and write several languages; on completing his studies 
in Germany, including medicine, he took a sea voyage for 
pleasure and travel, and came to New York; three times he 
undertook to return to the Fatherland, but was shipwrecked 
and driven back on the American coast each time, and was 
thus led to the conclusion that Providence had decreed that 
he should settle in this country," 


Another tradition is from Mrs. Andrew Clark, a great- 
granddaughter of Henry, the oldest son of John Viets, as 
follows : " John Viets was a gentleman's son in Germany ; 
was educated for a physician ; took a sea voyage, as was cus- 
tomary for young men before setthng down ; was shipwrecked 
on an island in the Atlantic, where, with other survivors, he 
lived ten days on fish caught and roasted in the sun ; a vessel 
laden with mahoganv rescued them, but the captain and mate 
dying soon after of a fever, Dr. Viets, with such knowledge 
of navigation as he possessed, managed to bring the vessel 
into New York harbor." 

These traditions have points in common. Both tell us 
that our ancestor was from Germany, was educated for a 
physician, went to sea, was shipwrecked, and finally landed in 

New York. 

That John Viets came first to New York and lived there 
several years, there is no doubt. There he married his wife, 
and there two or three of his children were born. He must 
have found in the mixed population of the place many of his 
own countrymen, the Germans, although the greater part of 
the inhabitants were English and Dutch. 

He was probably led to remove to Connecticut by the 
same motives which are ever urging people to change their 
residence, the pursuit of fortune and a better place for himself 

and family. 

The copper mines in Simsbury had been discovered a few 
years before Dr. Viets settled there, and made the place 
famous both in this country and in Europe, but there is no 
evidence that he ever was in any way connected with these 
mines. The statement made in a local history that he was 
connected with a company of German miners as physician 
and surgeon, is, I think, without foundation, for his advent 
antedated that of the German miners by eleven years. Re- 
siding as he did about three miles from the mines he may have 
been summoned there in cases of sickness or accident among 

the miners. 

Mr. Levi Clinton Viets, who is separated from Dr. John 
by only three intervening generations, and has always lived 
in the vicinity of his Simsbury home, gives the following as 



his opinion after carefully considering the family traditions : 
" John Viets came from a respectable but not wealthy family 
and was fairly well educated for a physician in Germany. On 
completing- his studies he decided to go to America. He had 
two objects in view, one to see the world, the other to find a 
good situation for the practice of his profession, and for that 
purpose took with him his books and a choice selection of med- 
icine to use in his practice ; but if he did not find a situation 
to suit him he would return to his native land. In his attempt 
to return he was prevented by storms and shipwreck that 
nearly cost him his life. After this he abandoned his inten- 
tion of returning to Germany and settled down to the practice 
of medicine, in which he was not particularly successful, but it 
afforded him a living. In 1710 he had a wife and several 
small children ; his wife was forty-four years of age and he 
was past middle age, and his practice not large. He probably 
thought it would be better for him, and much better for his 
family, to move into the country, where land could be had for 
nothing and the prospect for his children would be much 
better than in New York." 

The earliest written reference to our ancestor which we 
possess, subsequent to that of his marriage, is found in the 
Simsbury town records, under date Dec. 18, 1710, when the 
following vote was recorded : " Mr. Viett admitted to become 
an inhabitant here in Simsbury." This was the way new- 
comers were naturalized, by a vote of the freemen at a duly 
warned town meeting. The next reference to him is under 
date Jan. 5, 171 1, eighteen days after he was admitted to citi- 
zenship, when the heirs of Sergeant John Griffin deeded to 
" Mr. John Viett, now resident of Simsbury, a certain piece 
and parcel of land situated within the township of Simsbury, 
at Samon Brokks, near the Falls, somewhat northerly of 
Thomas Griffin's house where said Thomas now dwells, and 
northeastward of said Thomas Griffin's field. . . . The said 
parcel of land is 11 acres, 3 roods, 8 perches, be it a little more 
or a little less." By "Samon Brokks" is meant Salmon 
Brook, a name applied at that day to the region bordering on 
the brook of that name, and extending from the Farmington 
at Tarififville, northward into the present town of Granby. 



The land referred to could not have been a great distance 
from the intersection of the Granby and Simsbury roads a 
mile north of Tariffville. Here our forefather settled and built, 
unless there were buildings on the place when he received it 
from the Grififins, and the deed mentions none. Dec. 11, 1712, 
he was " granted liberty by the town to keep a house of public 
entertainment for the year ensuing." The next reference to 
him bears date April 9, 1713, when he mortgaged the land re- 
ceived from the Grif^n family to Mrs. Hannah Merriman of 
Windsor, " w'ith the dwelling-house, linseed-oil mill and 
other buildings standing thereon for the sum of ten pounds 
current money." In April, 1723, a few months before his 
death, he received a grant of eighty-two acres of land from 
the town. This land was bounded " on the north by the high- 
way leading from Salmon Brook mill towards Windsor, and 
on the west by William Hays' and Joseph Lamson's land." 

In the inventory of Dr. John Viets' estate, as probated, 
are the following articles which show that he was a man of 
sufficient enterprise to have provided himself with the imple- 
ments in use in those days : Saddle and bridle, collar and 
traces, horse cart irons and cart saddle, sledge and wedges, ax, 
stubbing hoe, andirons, chisel, numerous pewter cups and 
plates, iron pots, hooks, trammel, brass kettle, earthen jug, 
hand bellows, mortar and iron pestle, trunk and chest, spin- 
ning-wheels large and small, and numerous phials and bottles. 
There are also mentioned a library in German and a picture, 
which if preserved, would now be of considerable interest. 
This inventory mentions seventy-eight acres of land, part of a 
building and lumber, but has no reference to any other real 
estate. From this it may be inferred that he had disposed of 
his home place, and was beginning to build on his new grant 
of land. 

Dr. Viets died in middle life, it is said of a fever. He left 
a widow and family of children, the oldest of whom was per- 
haps sixteen years of age and the youngest eleven. There 
are three records of his death, the Hartford probate record, the 
Simsbury town record, and the record made by his oldest son 
Henry. These agree except that the two official records 
write the name Viett, while the son, who probably made a note 


of his father's death some years later, wrote the name Vietts. 
He died in Simsbury, Nov. i8, 1723. The grave cannot be 
found, as no stone marks the spot. The most probable con- 
jecture is that his remains lie in the Simsbury burying ground, 
for there his wife was buried. 

Tradition asserts with confidence that John Viets married 
Catharine Meyers, from a Dutch family of New York, and 
with this agrees the marriage record in the old Dutch church. 
Nothing further is known of her. Her stone in the Simsbury 
burying ground bears the inscription : Catron Vets, ye wife 
of Dct. John Vets, died March 5, 1734, Ae. 68. This gives 
1666 as the date of her birth. Her son Henry leaves a rec- 
ord of her death as occurring on March 6th, as does the town 
record. Following the two latter records Catherine, wife of 
Dr. John Viets, died March 6, 1734. 

Dr. John and Catherine Viets had four children: 

2. i. Catherine, m. Aug-. 17, 1738, John Hoskins. 

3. ii. Henry, b. 1709; d. April 2, 1779. 

4- iii- John, b. Nov. 3, 1712; d. April 8, 1777. 
iv. Mary, or Mercy, m. Goff. 

Catherine, Henry, and John will appear again, as head of families, 
in paragraphs numbered to correspond with the Arabic numbers at 
the left of their names. Of Mary, or Mercy, nothing further is known. 

Mention should be made of a Benoni who was brought up in the 
family and bore the name. His parentage is unknown. In the Sims- 
bury records reference is made to property that came to Benoni Viets 
from his grandfather, Sargent Wilcoxson. The farm of Benoni Viets 
extended from near Newgate Prison southward about one-third of a 
mile on both sides of the highway, the house, now gone, standing on 
the east side under the peak. He married, June 20, 1745, Martha 
Moore, daughter of Amos Moore, born April 5, 1722, and had two 
daughters: Martha, b. Feb. 27, 1747, and Mary, b. June 27, 1751. 
Martha married Benoni Grififin, and had Martha, Benoni, and Viets 
Grimfi. Mary married Abner Viets. Benoni Viets died Oct. 7, 1795, 
age 80. His wife, Martha Moore Viets, died in 1796. 







(Catherine,' John.' ) 

Catherhste^ Viets, daughter of Dr. John and Catherine 
(Meyers), was born, it is thought, before her parents left New 
York, and came with them to Simsbury in the fall of 1710. 
She married, Aug. 17, 1738, John Hoskins of Windsor, Conn. 
According to the History of Windsor by Ezra Stiles, he was 
third in descent from John Hoskins who came from England 
to Dorchester, in 1630, and thence to Windsor with the first 
party of settlers. 

Children of John and Catherine (Viets) Hoskins as given 
in the town records of Windsor were : 

i. John Hoskins, b. May 5, 1740. 

ii. David Hoskins, b. May 24, 1741. 

iii. Simeon Hoskins, h. Jan. i, 1743. 

iv. Daniel Hoskins, b. Sept. 6, 1744. 

V. Mary Hoskins, h. Jan. 31, 1746-7; married David Viets. 

vi. Ezekiel Hoskins, b. Jan. 3, 1749. 

vii. Catherine Hoskins, b. Sept. 16, 1750. 

viii. Benjamin Hoskins, h. Dec. 7, 1752; d. 1753. 

ix. Benjamin Hoskins, b. Dec. 25, 1753. 

(Henry,' John.') 

Hekry Viets^ was born, probably in New York, in 1709, 
and came to Simsbury in 1710 with his parents, Dr. John and 
Catherine Viets. He obtained a practical education. His ac- 
count book, still in a good state of preservation, is in the cus- 
tody of his descendant, Jonathan M. Viets of Bryan, Ohio. 
It shows that Henry was a good penman and accountant. 
He made use of Latin expressions, which he may have 
learned when a lad, from his father. On the first page of the 
old book may still be seen the following: Henry, alias Hen- 


ricus Viett, of Simsbnry, Conn., his book of accounts or ac- 
compts, 1729. Henry Viets and his brother John are both 
said to have been stout, strong young fellows, and given to 
practical jokes, as was the case with young men in the fron- 
tier settlements in those days. Henry, after the death of his 
father, which took place when he was but thirteen years old, 
was for a time connected with the copper mining industry at 
Newgate. He soon, however, came into possession of con- 
siderable real estate, and settled down as a farmer in the 
northern part of the town, at what is now the little village of 
Copper Hill. Tlie old homestead is now the property and 
place of residence of his descendant, James H. Viets. The 
old house is no longer standing. 

Henry Viets married, first, Sept. 22, 1735, Margaret Hos- 
kins of Windsor, sister of his brother-in-law, John Hoskins. 
She was born May 10, 1712, and died Sept. 28, 1750. He 
married, second. May 22, 175 1, Margaret Austin of Sufifield. 
She was born in 1712, and died Oct. 15, 1783. 

Children by first marriage : 

5. i. Henry, b. Jan. 13, 1737; d. in Becket, Mass., Feb. 5, 1824. 
ii. Margaret, b. May 9, 1739; m. John Austin; d. Sept. 22, 1782. 

iii. Luke, b. June 17, 1743; accidentally shot in October, 1757, 
while hunting in Becket, Mass. 

6. iv. David, b. Feb. 18, 1746; d. Nov. 3, 1815. 

7. V. Jonathan, b. Sept. 26, 1750; d. Feb. 17, 1837. 

By second marriage : 

8. vi. James, b. Aug. 28, 1752; d. Dec. 23, 1827. 


Captain John^ Viets, son of Dr. John and Catherine 
(Meyers), was born in Simsbury, Nov. 3, 1712. He gives evi- 
dence of having had a practical education for those days. His 
firm, legible hand may still be seen in his account book, now 
in possession of his descendant, Charles Preston of Syracuse, 
N. Y., and in the account book of his son. Captain Abner 
Viets. John worked for a time with his brother Henry in 
the Simsbury copper mines at Newgate. It is said that while 



working in the mines at Newgate he met Lois Phelps, an un- 
usually charming girl, who had come with others to visit the 
caverns, which, then as now, were objects of curiosity. Lois 
afterwards became his wife. 

John Viets passed some years of his early life in Westfield, 
Mass. It was another John Viets, probably his grandson, 
who raised a family in Westfield at a later day. Mr. Viets 
possessed great energy and considerable business sagacity. 
He settled on an estate near Newgate and became a farmer, 
store and hotel keeper, and an extensive trader. His home- 
stead is now in possession of his descendant, Virgil E. Viets. 
The present house, however, or the greater part of it, was 
built at a later day. Tradition gives John Viets the credit of 
introducing potato culture into this part of Connecticut ; he is 
said to have brought the seed from Rhode Island in his saddle- 
bags. When the first crop of potatoes had broken the ground, 
the old men of the neighborhood were called together to de- 
cide how they should be hoed. After due deliberation it was 
decided that at the first hoeing they should be entirely cov- 
ered with fresh soil. A fair crop was reported. Mr. Viets 
bought horses about the country and took them to Boston 
for sale. It is said that he rode his mare to Boston in one 
day, a distance of a hundred miles. On one occasion he 
reached the east bank of the Connecticut opposite Windsor 
late in the day with a drove of horses ; the ferryman being on 
the west side, and unwilling to cross over for him at such a 
late hour, Mr. Viets, impatient of delay, urged his horses into 
the flood and swam them to the opposite shore, although he 
himself was not able to swim, and the river high. He was 
first a lieutenant and afterwards captain of militia. His ap- 
pointment as captain is recorded in the Colonial Records, 
May 17, 1746, when the following vote was passed: "This 
Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. John Viets to be 
captain of the fourth company or train band in Simsbury, 
and order that he be commissioned accordingly." In 1753 
he was one of the selectmen of the town. In 1754 a memorial 
was presented to the General Assembly by John Viets re- 
questing abatement of taxes on unimproved land in North 
West Simsbury. In 1773 Captain John Viets was appointed 


master or keeper of Newgate prison for the ensuing year. In 
1775 he was again appointed keeper of Newgate during the 
pleasure of the Assembly; he was paid this year for his serv- 
ices as keeper £149, 17s, 8^d. During the early years of 
the War for Independence he did good service for the patriot 
cause by keeping Tory prisoners in durance at Newgate. It 
is said that he purchased large tracts of land in Becket, Mass., 
owning at one time half the town. His nephew, Henry, who 
settled in Becket, bought land of him. Starting in hfe with 
little inherited wealth, except good blood and good health, he 
accumulated an estate which was valued at his death at the 
age of sixty-five at £2,243, 15s, and id., or about $10,000. 
He brought up a family of ten children, two of whom were 
fitted for college, and one was graduated at Yale. In the in-, 
ventory of his estate are three hundred and seven articles; 
among them are: Bible, singing book. Book of Common 
Prayer, law book, dictionary, Book of Martyrs, Psalter, Testa- 
ment, and Vade Mecum. There were among his possessions 
a beaver hat valued at £1 and 13s., leather breeches, silver 
knee and shoe buckles, two great coats, desk, and a set of 
China tea dishes. 

Captain John Viets died of smallpox April 8, 1777, aged 
65. He was buried a short distance north of his home at 
Newgate, and there the remains of his widow were afterwards 
laid by his side. An iron fence erected by descendants en- 
closes the two graves, and the spot has been deeded by the 
owner of the farm, Virgil E. Viets, to the following trustees : 
Henry R. Viets of Newton, Mass.; Charles H. Barrows of 
Springfield, and Virgil E. Viets of East Granby. 

Lois Phelps was born March 10, 1718, and became the 
wife of John Viets December 12, 1734. Lois was a descend- 
ant of Mr. William Phelps, one of the early settlers of Wind- 
sor, Conn., who was born in Tewkesbury, Gloucester county, 
England, in 1599; came in 1630 to Dorchester, and thence in 
the spring of 1636 to Windsor. He is referred to as an " ex- 
cellent, pious, upright man, truly a pillar in church and state." 
Mr. Phelps was accompanied from England by his wife and 
live children, and by two ^younger brothers, George and 


There is a tradition that Lois was a daughter of Nathaniel 
Phelps of Turkey Hills (East Granby), and Mr. A. T. Servin, 
the genealogist of the Phelps family, makes this Lois^ daugh- 
ter of Nathaniel* Phelps (and Lois his wife), who removed 
from Northampton to Granby, son of William^ Phelps (and 
Abigail Stebbins) of Northampton, son of Nathaniel- Phelps 
(and Elizabeth Copley), who came with his father, William,^ 
to Windsor, Conn., and later settled in Northampton, Mass. 
Elizabeth Copley was an English lady of rank. 

As the majority of those given in the following pages are 
descended from Phelps ancestry, we are able by the courtesy 
of Mr. Servin to present the coat of arms of the Phelps family 
in England. 

Tradition says that Lois was small, bright, and active. 
When John Viets and his bride appeared at church they were 
spoken of as the handsomest couple that had ever entered the 

After the death of John Viets his widow married, in 1778, 
Colonel Jonathan Humphrey. She lived to an advanced age, 
able to read or work without glasses, and died Nov. 12, 1810, 
aged ninety-two. 

Children of Captain John and Lois (Phelps) Viets : 

9. i. John, b. March 2, 1736; d. Sept. 27, 1765. 

10. ii. Roger, b. March 9, 1738; d. Aug. 15, 1811. 

VII. iii. Seth, b. May 26, 1740; d. 1823. 

12. iv. Eunice, b. Nov. 24, 1742; d. Aug. 20, 1823. 

13. V. Lois. b. Jan. 29, 1745. 

14. vi. Abner, b. Feb. 15, 1747; d. July 17, 1826. 

vii. Catherine, b. Aug. 7, 1749; d. April 14, 1756. 
viii. Dan, b. July 2. 1751; is said to have left home, and was not 
afterwards heard from. 

15. ix. Rnsannah, b. May 13, 1755- 

16. X. Luke, b. June 6, I7S9; d. Feb. 25, 1835. 


(Henry,^ Henry,' John.') 

Henry' Viets, son of Henry and Margaret (Hoskins) 
born at Copper Hill, East Granby, then the northern part of 
Simsbury, Jan. 13, 1737, died in Becket, Mass., Feb. 5, 1824. 
Northern Simsbury, when Dr. Viets settled at the Falls, con- 
tained but few famines. There were in 1709 but eleven fam- 
ilies in the region now embraced in the town of Granby. The 
generous families of the eafly settlers, together with new 
comers, soon changed the wilderness into thriving farms 
with occasional taverns, shops, and stores; while roughly 
made carts drawn by oxen might be seen taking loads of 
produce to the cities, or to the nearest boat landing on the 
Connecticut. About 1750 the sons of older families began 
to look for new regions in which to find scope for their enter- 
prise. Henry Viets became the owner of a large farm in 
Becket, Mass., which remained in his family for several gen- 
erations. He married, first, Beulah Messenger of Becket, 
Aug. 18, 1763, and second, Abial Kingsley, Dec. 31, 1776. 

Children by first marriage: 

i. Chloe, b. .May 18, 1765; m. May 25, 1785, Capt. Abner 
Pease of Blanford, Mass., and had: Levi, Ruth, EH, and 

ii. Eunice, b. Feb. 20, 1767; m. Pearly Snow of Ashford, Conn 
in. Beulah, b. Nov. 23, 1769; m. ist, Levi Coffrin, 2d, John 
Austin; removed to Ohio. 
17- iv. Henry, b. Jan. 16, 1772; d. Aug. 25. 1866. 

By second marriage : 

V. Ruth, b. April 16, 1778; d. in infancy, 
vi. Ruth, b. Nov. 18, 1782; d. in infancy. 



(David/ Henry,' John.') 

David^' Viets was born at Copper Hill, in Simsbury, 
Conn., Feb. 18, 1746, and died Nov. 3, 1815, or, according 
to the' account book of his brother Jonathan, " Dec. 3d, near 
Connecticut." In pursuance of a course similar to that of his 
brother Henry, David went into northwestern Connecticut 
and became a large landowner in the town of Colebrook. His 
estate, which embraced several hundred acres, extended as 
far north as the Massachusetts line. He was living in Cole- 
brook as early as the War for Independence, and perhaps 
earlier, for he bought land there in 1766 of David Hoskins of 


David Viets married. May 24, 1764. Hannah Hoskins of 
Windsor, according to the Simsbury town record, but the 
officiating clergyman, Rev. Roger Viets, gives the name as 
Mary Hoskins, the date of the marriage being the same m 
both records. Children of David and Hannah (or Mary) 
Hoskins Viets: 

i. Mary, b. Feb. 9, 1766. 

ii. David, b. Feb. iS, 1767; his wife may have been Lucretia, 
who died in Colebrook Sept. 8, 1818, aged 43- 
Luke, b. Dec. 9, 1768; was Uving in Colebrook in 1799- 
iv. Sibah, b. May 6, 1771. 
v. John, b. Aug. 4, I772. 

vi. Catherine, b. June 18, 1775- „ 

Benjamin, "son of David and Mary, b. Oct. 7, I783- 

Colebrook Records. 
There was also a Chauncey Viets who lived in Colebrook 
Benjamin sold land there in 1805 to James Viets of 
Granby, and Chauncey sold land in 1825 to Horace and 
Festus Viets of Granby for $1,640. Fanny Viets of Cole- 
brook was married to Ebenezer Cannon Jan. 18, 1823. 
Fanny and Chauncey may have been younger children 
or grandchildren of the older David. What became of 
the Colebrook family is an unsolved problem. It is said 
by their relations at Copper Hill that they went West, 
but no family yet found can be traced with certainty to 
the Colebrook family. See Appendix, families C. and D. 





(Jonathan,^ Henry,' John,' ) 

Jonathan'^ Viets, son of Henry and Margaret (Hoskins), 
born at Copper Hill, Sept. 26, 1750, died Feb. 17, 1837. He 
served in the Revolutionary War, in the Sixth Brigade, 
Eighteenth Regiment, made up in Simsbury and vicinity, 
under Captain Job Case and Colonel Phelps. His home 
was in Suffield, west of the mountain just north of the Granby 
line. The place is now in possession of the heirs of Mrs. 
Caroline (Viets) Clark. His account book indicates that in 
partnership with his brother James he worked his mother's 
farm and was employed in the copper mines. He married 
Caroline Munsell, October, 1793, and " on Oct. 24, 1793," 
he says in his account book, " we moved into our house in 
Suffield." His wife was born in 1757 and died Jan. 19, 1813. 


18. i. Jonathan Munsell, b. Sept. 2, 1794; d. Oct. 12, 1843. 
ii. Henry, b. June 20, 1801; d. in third year of his age. 


(James,^ Henry,' John.' ) 

Captain James^ Viets, son of Henry and Margaret 
(Austin), born Aug. 28, 1752, died Dec. 23, 1827. He re- 
mained at home while his older brothers found places else- 
where, finally inheriting the old homestead, which still re- 
mains in the family. He built a new and commodious house, 
which was later the home of his son Festus, and is now the 
home of his grandson, James H. Viets. James bought land 
of his brother, or nephews, in Colebrook until he owned some 
four hundred acres there. At a town meeting held in Sims- 
bury, December, 1784, James Viets was appointed, with 
others, a surveyor of the highways. He married. May 10, 
1780, Elisabeth Brown. She died Feb. 23, 1837. 


i. Betsey, b. Sept. 6, 1781; m. May, 1817, Robert Church. 

Daughter: Betsey Church, 
ii. Horace, b. March 27, 1783; never married; lived with his 
sister Achsah Griffin, on the place just north of Copper 



Hill, afterwards owned by his nephew, Homer Griffin; 
died Jan. 16, 1870, aged nearly 87. 

19. iii. Achsah, b. June 28, 1785; d. Dec. 17, 1869. 

20. iv. Festus, b. June 12, 1790; d. Sept. 24, 1874. 


(John,' John, VoHn.') 

JoHN^ ViETS, oldest son of Captain John and Lois 
(Phelps), born at the old homestead near Newgate, March 
2, 1736, died at his home at Hop Meadow, in lower Simsbury, 
Sept. 27, 1765, at the age of twenty-nine, leaving a wife and 
four children. John, with his brother Roger, attended a 
school at Salmon Brook, where both were fitted for college. 
As the boys came home from school Saturday it is said that 
in fun they passed through a forked tree that stood by the 
road, but on returning to school Monday morning they found 
that they were not able to get through between the forks of 
the tree. 

John did not enter college with his brother, but became 
a farmer. He wrote verses of some merit. There are still 
preserved two printed copies of a poem of his, entitled " A 
Prospect of the Final and Awful Judgment, written by John 
Viets, Jr., not long before his death, which, in his last hours, 
he expressed a strong desire might be published to a sinful, 
careless, and stupid world." The work contains three hun- 
dred and twenty-two heroic verses, printed on one side of a 
single sheet in four columns. At the end is the following 
acrostic on the author, written by an unknown hand : 

7ust and upright, religious and sincere, 
Of judgment deep, of understanding clear, 
His chief delight was in God's holy word, 
/Nothing he loved so much as Christ his Lord. 

Firtues fair paths continually he trod. 

In various science studied nature's God: 

Envied by few, respected by mankind, 

To all men civil, to his friends most kind, 

So great and good a .man our age can seldom find. 


On his stone in the Simsbury burying ground is the fol- 
lowing epitaph: 

" In memory of John Viets, son of Captain John 
and Mrs. Lois Viets, and brother of the Rev. R. 
Viets, Missionary, a man of great understanding, 
exemplary piety, and prudent behavior. Living and 
dying he bore testimony against all popular errors, 
and in these points, what his conscience dictated, his 
reason was able to defend." 

John Viets married, July i, 1755, Elisabeth, daughter of 
Hezikiah and Dorothy Phelps. After his death, Elisabeth 
married, Aug. 5, 1766, Amasa Case. 

Children of John and EHsabeth (Phelps) Viets : 

i. Deborah, b. June 25, 1757. 

21. ii. Hezekiah Phelps, b. Dec. 24, 1759. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 15, 1762; m. Colton, res. Simsbury. 

22. IV. John, b. about 1764-5. 

The births of only the first three of this family are re- 
corded on the town records. The existence of the fourth 
John, rests upon evidence afforded by the probate record 
which refers to Hezikiah P. Viets and John Viets as heirs of 
John Viets, Jr. Also in the will of John Viets, Jr., are men- 
tioned " My beloved sons, Hezekiah P. Viets and John Viets." 


(Roger/ John,' John.') 
Rev Roger3 Viets, son of Captain John and Lois 
(Plielps), was born at the old homestead on Newgate Hill in 
East Granby, then Simsbury, Conn., March 9, 1738; attended 
school with his brother John at Salmon Brook, where he was 
fitted for college, and graduated at Yale with the degree of 
A.B. m 1758. 

His parents were ' Congregationalists, and it is probable 
that Roger entered college with the intention of preparing 
for the ministry in the church of his boyhood, which was the 
mother church of New England. While in New Haven he 
was led to attend services at Trinity, the Episcopal Church of 

Present home of James H. Viets at Copper Hill. 

• i-'.'-F^V? 




Restored in part from memory. 



the place, and was so impressed that he began to read on 
Episcopacy in the college library, and became an ardent Epis- 
copalian. In 1759, a year after his graduation at Yale, he 
was employed by the parish of St. Andrew's, at Scotland, in 
Simsbury, his native town, as lay reader. The old church is 
still standing in a picturesque but thinly settled locality near 
where the Farmington River cuts its way through the moun- 
tain. The place, by a later drawing of town Hues, is now in 
North Bloomfield. After Roger Viets had served two or 
three years as lay reader, the parish expressed a desire for 
the continuance of his services, and the Society for the Propa- 
gation of the Gospel agreed to grant him an allowance of 
£20 a year as soon as he should be admitted to holy orders 
and enter upon the care of the parish. 

The aspirant for ordination, according to the " Apostolic 
succession," was, in those days, under the necessity of going 
to England, as there was no bishop in this country. Cross- 
ing the Atlantic was a most formidable undertaking, but Mr. 
Viets was not daunted, and the voyage was accomplished in 
three months. Upon his arrival he learned that the cere- 
mony had taken place two weeks before, and he was obliged 
to wait six months for another opportunity. The pluck which 
took the young man across the sea enabled him to wait, and 
the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge befriended 
him during his stay. He passed the time, as we may sup- 
pose, in reading, conversation, and sight-seeing. It is said 
that after ordination he was invited to preach before the 
king, who was no doubt interested in hearing a young and 
promising clergyman from a distant colony. 

Returning to America, he took charge of the Simsbury 
parish, where he was a devoted and faithful pastor for more 
than twenty-four years. The adherents of St. Andrew's in- 
creased during his ministry to nearly three hundred families. 
Not only Simsbury and vicinity felt his force, but scores of 
surrounding towns. It was not unusual for him to journey 
thirty miles on a trip of pastoral visitation. Churches were 
established by him in outlying places, as at Salmon Brook, 
in Granby, and at Great Harrington, Mass. He was a Glad- 
stonian woodchopper, a tiller of the soil, and at the same 


time was known as a cultured and scholarly man. He is 
said to have possessed the best library in Connecticut, which, 
for the most part, had been given him by friends in England. 
He was a prolific producer of sermons, many of which were 
published. One of his printed sermons had been delivered 
before the lodge of Free Masons of which he was a member. 
During the Revolution Roger Viets was suspected of 
sympathizing with the loyalists. He was on one occasion 
arrested and placed in the county gaol at Hartford for giving 
comfort to a company of Tories. In answering the charge 
he replied that he could not refrain from giving food and 
shelter to men who came destitute to his house. He is said 
to have preached to the prisoners, including Tories, confined 
at Newgate. 

Roger Viets continued to minister to the Simsbury parish 
until the close of the war. When the independence of 
America was an established fact, the English society which 
had sustained him withdrew its support from missionaries in 
this country, and he was invited by them to take charge of 
an extensive parish, not yet organized, whose center was to 
be at Digby, in the British province of Nova Scotia, where 
he went in the spring of 1787. In a volume of sermons by 
him, printed by Hudson & Goodwin of Hartford, is the fare- 
well sermon to the Simsbury people, in which he says : 

" Born, as I have been, and nurtured among you, having 
led your devotions almost twenty-eight years, having been 
in holy orders twenty-four years, I have administered the 
holy sacrament of the Lord's Supper to a great number of 
devout and exemplary communicants, have admitted into 
Christianity by baptism no less than one hundred and twenty- 
two of riper years, and one thousand seven hundred and forty- 
nine infants, have joined in marriage one hundred and 
seventy-six couples, have committed to the silent grave, in 
full hope of their rising again at the last day, the bodies of 
two hundred and nineteen deceased persons, and have re- 
ceived by profession into the bosom of our excellent church 
two hundred and fifteen heads of families. From the year 
1759 to the present time the number of conformists to the 
church has increased from seventy-five to more than two- 



hundred and eighty famihes. Within the above period I 
have, upon a moderate computation, traveled by land and- 
water more than the extent three times the circumference of 
the terraqueous globe." 

Mr. Viets speaks in his farewell sermon of the gratitude 
which he feels for the kindness of other denominations, of 
the pangs of separation, of the shortness of life, and of the 
reasons which led him to remove to Nova Scotia, among 
which were : Gratitude to the S. P. G., from which he had 
received his most constant means of support hitherto, the 
attractive features of Nova Scotia as a place of residence, the 
need of the people of Digby and vicinity of the benefits of the 
church and sacraments, and especially the amiable, gentle, 
and hospitable character of the inhabitants. 

For some account of the journey of Roger Viets and 
family to Nova Scotia we are indebted to traditions handed 
down from his daughter Martha, known to later generations 
as Aunt Beyea (be-a) and regarded by them as the family 
record. She died in 1872, aged ninety-four, and was there- 
fore eight or nine years of age at the time of the removal to 
the new home, which seemed the happiest period of her life. 
Her father chartered a vessel to convey his family and some 
friends to the new country. The larder was well stocked. 
Music and dancing helped to beguile the tedium of a sea 
voyage. They skirted the shore and often landed to explore 
the coast, which looked so beautiful from the ocean. 

On arriving at his new field the minister found work 
awaiting him. The country was already fairly well settled, 
in part by loyalists from the colonies, by mercenaries who 
had here received lands, and by home-seekers from beyond 
the sea. Farm houses, surrounded by fertile acres, were 
scattered along the shores of St. George's Bay. The new 
pastor had a parish and a church to organize. His work 
was very extensive. Sometimes he traveled on foot as far as 
Yarmouth, eighty miles from his home in Digby, guided by 
an Indian who had blazed a path through the primeval forest. 
He extended his duty to Shelburne and Liverpool to the 
south, and as far as Brier Island, which was in his own parish, 
forty miles from home, to the west. He kept a pair of horses 


and would himself drive to the forest, cut a load of wood and 
take it to a poor parishioner, then enter and sup with him. 
One day he was accosted by some army sportsmen. To their 
surprise they found the woodman a scholar, and invited him 
to dine at the hotel with them, where he appeared as the 
rector of the parish. Each expressed himself as having spent 
a delightful evening. 

Roger Viets possessed the pen of a ready writer, is said 
to have been a good Greek scholar, and wrote smoothly flow- 
ing verses. Among his poems is one " On Anapolis Royal," 
from which these lines are taken : 

The king of rivers, solemn, calm, and slow, 

Flows toward the sea, yet scarce is seen to flow; 

On each fair bank the verdant lands are seen 

In gayest clothing of perpetual green; 

On every side the prospect brings to sight 

The fields, the flowers, and every fresh delight; 

His lovely banks most beautifully are graced 

With nature's sweet variety of taste. 

Herbs, fruits, and grass, with intermingled trees. 

The prospect lengthens and the joys increase; 

The lofty mountains rise in every view, 

Creation's glory, and its beauty too. 

Amidst the rural joys the town is seen. 
Enclosed with woods and hills forever green; 
The streets, the buildings, gardens, all concert 
To please the eye, to gratify the heart; 
But none of these so pleasing or so fair 
As those bright maidens who inhabit there. 

Another poem of his is entitled " A Father's Lamenta- 
tion on the Sudden Death of an Amiable and Beautiful Child." 

The rector did not consider it beneath his calling to spec- 
ulate in real estate. On coming to Digby he bought large 
tracts of land of the mercenaries, who had lately received 
grants from the crown for services, and were glad to sell 
cheap. As a consequence neither he nor his son and suc- 
cessor were obliged to receive a stipend from the parish, but 
lived on their own property. 

A number of letters passed between Roger Viets and his 
brother Abner, whom he appointed his attorney and agent to 
attend to business affairs which he had left unsettled in New 


England. Abner seems to have been the principal corre- 
spondent among his friends in Connecticut ; several letters to 
him are preserved. In one of these, written in 1795, the 
older brother expresses great fear of a war between the 
United States and Britain. In a letter written from Digby 
at this date he speaks thus of his own children : " Anna and 
Patty (Martha) are both married ; Anna to Joseph Williams, 
a sailor; Patty to John Beyea, master of one of the king's 
packet boats that passes betwixt this place and St. John's, 
N. B." In another he asks for garden seeds ; in another he 
cautions his brother not to allow the postmaster to collect an 
extra twenty-five cents on the letter, as the postage has been 
prepaid in full. In a letter written from Digby, March 26, 
1807, he says : " I have met with a most severe loss which 
almost distracts me. It pleased God to take away my oldest 
son, Botsford, in the prime of life. This is perhaps as healthy 
country as almost any in the world, yet I have lost a wife, two 
children, and two grandchildren since I came here." In this 
letter he requests that his nephew, Dan, may come and live 
with him. He writes : " By the death of Botsford I am left 
very destitute of help. If he had lived I designed to have sent 
to desire your son to come here this spring. But as it now is 
I have more necessity for him. I cannot well do without 
some hearty young man to live with me, especially one in- 
genious in farming and mechanical business." He advises 
that if Dan come he walk to New York, " lodging at houses 
of decent fairness, offering to pay them for his entertain- 
ment," and there to take boat for Digby, or St. Johns, where 
he will find his son-in-law, Captain Beyea, who will take him 
to Digby. " At Digby," he writes, " there is a set of very 
good people, and a set of very bad. Your son must have 
nothing to do with the bad sort, except to treat them with 
decency and civility when he meets with them. I hope he 
is not inclined to profane swearing, or quarreling, or hard 
drinking, or tavern haunting, or idleness, or slander. He 
will have temptations to those vices. I hope he will be 
proof against all such temptations. I hope he is not pas- 
sionate and addicted to beat and abuse cattle and horses, to 
which I am very averse." 



Unfortunately Dan did not go to Digby, but lived and 
died near the old home. 

In a letter written by Rev. Roger Viets to his brother, in 
June, 1809, he says : " My son Roger is an assistant clergy- 
man at St. Johns and has the care of a grammar school 
there besides, supported by the province of New Brunswick. 
His income is a little more than £200. Roger is married to 
Eliza Knutton, a very worthy and good young woman." 

Rev. Roger Viets visited his old parish and many friends 
m Connecticut in 1800. He died at Digby, August 15, 181 1 
aged 7s- 

Rev. Roger Viets married, Nov. 19, 1772, Hester Bots- 
ford, daughter of Captain Nathan Botsford of New Milford, 
Conn. The husband, it is said, never regretted the move to 
Nova Scotia, but the wife, although she twice visited her old 
home in New Haven, died broken hearted, her delicate con- 
stitution breaking down under exile. She died April 25, 
1800, aged 47. Roger Viets married, second, at Kingston,' 
N. B., July 18, 1802, Mercy, widow of Benjamin Isaacs, and 
daughter of David Pickett from Norwalk, Conn. 

Children of Roger and Hester Botsford Viets : 

i. Catherine Sarah, b. July 8, 1774; d. Nov. 18, 1782. 

Anna, b. June 6, 1776; m. Joseph Connelly; d. 1802; left 
four children, three of whom were living in 1809;' one 
of them, Ann Hester, was bapt. Aug. 15, 1802. 

Martha, b. July 9, 1778; m. Capt. John Beyea; d. 1872; had 
five children living in 1809. 

Nathan Botsford, b. Feb. 3, 1781; d. Jan. 12. 1807; un- 

23. v. Roger Moore, b. Nov. 29, 1784; d. June 26, 1839 
VI. Margaret, b. Nov. 21, 1786; d. Jan. 18, 1787 

vu. Hester, b. April 27, 1789; m. Calvin Camp; family lived 
in Alexandria, Va. 

24. viii. Mary, b. Feb. 9, 1792; d. July 16, 1868. 


(Seth,* John," John.') 
Seth^ Viets, son of Captain John and Lois (Phelps), was 
born May 26, 1740. He is mentioned in a will drawn up by 
his father in 1763 as " my third son Seth," and given thirty 





acres of land, one-half of the house and barn, and one-half of 
all his other land in Simsbury not otherwise disposed of. This 
will, however, was set aside by another written later, of which 
Seth, Abner, and Luke were executors. His brother, Rev. 
Roger Viets, leaves in his parish register a record of his 
marriage: "At Turkey Hills, Nov. 12, 1769, Seth Viets of 
Simsbury and Ruth Smith of Sufifield." Ruth Viets is men- 
tioned in the Colonial Records as the only child and heir of 
Simeon Smith of SufBeld. Where Seth lived during the early 
part of his married life is not known, possibly on his father's 
place at Newgate. His name was on the grand list in Turkey 
Hills parish in 1785. At a later day he joined the procession 
of stalwart sons of Connecticut that moved northward and 
helped to form the Green Mountain commonwealth. At 
what date he settled at Pawlet, Vt., is not certain. His 
youngest daughter, Sarah, who married Daniel Brewer of 
East Hartford, was born in Westfield, Mass., in July, 1798. 
It is also known that his son Jesse was living in Westfield 
about that time. He probably settled at Pawlet, Vt., about 
1800. Some of the descendants of Seth Viets are still living 
at Pawlet, but the greater part are in Ohio and elsewhere. 
Seth Viets died in 1823, aged 83; his wife in 1817, aged 68. 
Children of Seth and Ruth (Smith) Viets: 

Ruth, baptized Sept. 26, 1770; d. 1840. 
Seth, baptized Dec. 20, 1772; d. 1847. 
Simeon Smith, baptized March 19, 1775; d. 1836. 
Lydia, b. May 28, 1777; m. Capt. David Cleveland; d. 
Medina, Ohio. 
V. Deborah, m. Joseph Jones; d. about 1871, at Saratoga, 
N. Y. 

vi. Lois, m. Moody; d. Granby. 

28. vii. Jesse, b. Feb., 1781; d. Jan. i, 1841. 
>i 29. viii. Roswell, b. Dec. 30, 1784; d. Feb. 28, 1864. 

30. ix. Zopher, b. Jan. 30, 1790; d. Sept. 4, i860. 

31. X. Julia, b. 1794; d. May 14, 1842. 

32. xi. Sarah, b. Westfield, Mass., July 16, 1798; d. Oct. 4, 1883. 


(Eunice,' John,' John.' ) 
Eunice^ Viets, daughter of Captain John and Lois 
(Phelps), born Nov. 24, 1742, married, Nov. 11, 1761, Elisha 








Griswold. Elisha was descended from Edward Griswold, 
who came from Kenilworth, England, to Windsor in 1639. 

Elisha Griswold died March 13, 1803, aged 71; his wife, 
Eunice, died at the home of her daughter in Lanesborough, 
Mass., Aug. 20, 1823. They lived at Tariffville. 

Children of Eunice and Elisha Griswold : 

i. Elisha Griswold, Jr., m. Arispha Mitchelson. 
ii. Alexander Viets Griszvold, h. April 22, 1766; was instructed 
by his uncle, Rev. Roger Viets; ordained by Bishop 
Seabury in 1795; was rector at Bristol, R. I.; was bishop 
of the Eastern Diocese of the Episcopal Church which 
included New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and 
Rhode Island, from 181 1 until 1843; became presiding 
bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United 
States in 1836; published many discourses and sermons; 
was an earnest Christian worker; d. in Boston, Feb. 15, 
1843. An extended life of Bishop Griswold was written 
by Rev. J. S. Stone, D.D. Bishop Griswold married ist, 
Elisabeth Mitchelson, 2d, Widow Amelia Smith, having 
by the first marriage twelve children, by the second two: 
I. EHzabeth, m. Augustus Collins. 2. Viets. 3. 
Eunice. 4. Harriet. 5. Susan Maria, m. George 
F. Usher. 6. Julia. 7. Sylvia, m. John De Wolf. 
8. Rev. George. 9. Anne De Wolf, m. Rev. 
Stephen H. Tyng, D.D., of New York. 10. Alex- 
ander H. II. Henry Augustus. 12. Harriet. 13. 
George. 14. Mary Williams, 
iii. Ezra Griswold, h. 1767. 
iv. Eunice Griswold, b. 1770. 
v. Roger Griswold, h. 1772. 

vi. Deborah Griszvold, h. 1776; m. Bethuel Baker of Lanes- 
borough, Mass. 
vii. Samuel Griswold, h. 1780. 
viii. Sylvia Arabel Griswold, h. 1781, m. Rev. Jasper D. Jones. 



Lois^ Viets, daughter of Captain John and Lois (Phelps), 
born at the old -homestead near Newgate, Jan. 29, 1745 ; mar- 
ried, April 25, 1768, Jonathan Buttolph, afterwards written 
Buttles. This is probably the Jonathan Buttolph who served 
in the Revolution as captain of the Eighteenth Regiment. 

From an engraving in Dr. Stone's Life of Bishop Griswold. 


They resided at North Granby, Conn. Children as found in 
the Whitney Genealogy: 

i. Lois Buttles, b. 1771; d. 1777. 

ii. Annis Buttles, b. 1773; m. Samuel Everett; d. 1852. 
iii. Elihu Buttles, lived and died at Orwell, Bradford Co., Pa. 
iv. Jonathan Buttles, Jr., b. 1778; m. Lucy Whitney. 
V. Lois Buttles, b. 1782; m. March 10, I799, Samuel P. Whit- 
ney; settled at Montville, Ohio, in 1834; celebrated dia- 
mond wedding at home of their son, John Viets Whitney, 
of Montville, March 11, 1870, when the descendants num- 
bered twelve children, fifty-seven grandchildren, and fifty- 
six great grandchildren. 

Children of Lois Buttles and Samuel P. Whitney were: 
I. Samuel H. Whitney, who had Milton B., a law- 
yer in Westfield, Mass. 2. Lois Whitney, m. John 
Steer. 3. Jonathan R. Whitney. 4. Agnes Whit- 
ney, m. I St, Horace Gillett, 2d, Richard Steer. 5. 
Marcus L Whitney, had son, Martin V. Whitney, 
now residing at Hockanum, Conn. 6. Wm. Lewis 
Whitney. 7. Seth Whitney. 8. Nelson Whitney. 
9. John Viets Whitney. 


(Abncf,= John,-John.O 

Captain Abner^ Viets, son of Captain John and Lois 
(Phelps), was born Feb. 15, 1747. and died at his home, one 
mile from the place of his birth, July 27, 1826, in the eight- 
ieth year of his age. His farm embraced some four hun- 
dred acres in the western part of the present town of East 
Granby, and extending over the Granby line. The homestead 
was, until 1901, in possession of his grandson, Levi Clinton 
Viets, when it was sold and passed out of the family. A part 
of the original farm lying south of the highway comprises the 
farm still owned by another grandson, Joseph F. Viets. 

Abner Viets was an extensive farmer, at a time when 
farming in Connecticut consisted in producing large quanti- 
ties of rye, corn, and other grains, in the products of the dairy 
and the orchard. His papers show that in 1790 he leased for 
a term of four years, for £16, land in Turkey Hills lying 
north of Roswell Phelps' land and extending to the top of the 


mountain, with the grain growing on it. His name was on 
the grand Hst in Turkey Hills parish in 1785 for the sum of 
£70 5s. He was a surveyor, and sometimes a lawyer. In 
his account books are numerous charges for pleading cases. 
He was captain of militia. During the War for Independence 
he did not enter the field in person, but hired substitutes on 
several occasions. An old certificate among his papers shows 
that on March 27, 1778, Owen Ruick enlisted in the room of 
Abner and Luke Viets. At a town meeting held in Sims- 
bury, December, 1784, he was appointed surveyor of the high- 
ways and grand juror. In 18— he was appointed by his 
brother Roger as his attorney and agent to settle his business 
affairs in New England. He is spoken of by his grandchil- 
dren, who remember him as a man of good stature and of 

Abner Viets married, in 1771, Mary, second daughter of 
Benoni and Martha (Moore) Viets. She was born June 27, 
1751, and died in September, 1825. 

23- i. Abner, b. June 28, 1772; d. Nov. 18, 1825. 

ii. Mary, b. May, 1774; m. June 22, 1795, Henry Viets of 
Becket; d. April 7, 1805. 
34. iii. Benoni, b. Feb. 13, 1777. 
35- iv. Samuel, b. Jan. 17, 1779; d. March 6, 1814. 
36. V. Eunice, b. Dec. 27, 1780. 
Z7- vi. Dan, b. Oct. 17, 1783; d. Dec. 20, 1866. 

vii. Annis, b. March 11, 1785; m. Rudd. 

38. viii. Levi, b. June 15, 1786; d. Dec. 22, 1857. 

ix. Elisabeth, b. April 30, 1790; m. Russel, son of Noah 

Loomis; d. Oct. 10, 1823. 
X. Apollos, b. July 25, 1794; d. Aug. 30, 1815, aged 21. 


(Rosannah/ John,' John,') 

RosArmAH^ Viets, daughter of Captain John and Lois, 
born May 13, 1755, married Eleazer Rice, a soldier of the 
Revolution. They resided in the west part of the present 
town of East Granby. 


Children of Rosannah and Eleazar Rice: 

i. Mary (Polly) Rice, b. 1777; m. Horace Phelps at the age of 
fourteen; d. June i, 1846, age 69. Children: 

I. Mary Phelps, m. Scoville. 2. Eliza Phelps, m. 
Barnes, son William Barnes, was insurance com- 
missioner for the state of New York. 3. Hester 
Phelps, m. Clough. 4. Willis Phelps, m. Maria 
Bartlett, and had Henry and John. 5. Nancy 
Phelps, m. Stephen Hendrick. 6. Jane Phelps. 7. 
Almira Phelps, m. Holman, went to Oregon as mis- 
sionary. 8. Horace Phelps, m. Eliza Turner, and 
died young, leaving children: Frances, Mary, and 
George. The first named, Frances Phelps, m. Dr. 
Dow, and resides at Reading, Mass. 9. Geo. 
ii. Lois Rice, m. Justus Holcomb; d. in Meadville, Penn. ; 

children, Wesley, Henry, Julia, and Lorenzo, 
iii. Rosanna Ri-ce, m. Hezekiah Loomis; children, Luther, 

Henry, and Lorenzo Dow. 

iv. Eunice Rice, b. Sept. 18, 1784; d. Aug. 24, 1854; tn- Dec. 25, 

1805, Seth Smith of West Springfield, Mass. Children: 

I. Wesley Smith. 2. Riley Smith, m. Mary Chapin. 

3. Heman Smith, m. Pamelia Clark. 4. Lydia 

Smith, b. July 23, 1814; d. March 16, 1901; m. Sept. 

5, 1838, Charles Barrows of Springfield, Mass., and 
had Mary Sophia, Jane Elisabeth, and Charles Henry. 
The last named. Lawyer Charles H. Barrows of 
Springfield, is one of the holders of the deed of trust 
of the Capt. John Viets burial place at Newgate. 5. 
Seth Smith, b. 1816; d. 1896; m. Serinda Nichols, 
and had Wesley, Rose, Marshall D., and Caroline. 

6. Henry Smith. 

V. Eleazar Rice, Jr., m. ist, Harriet Goodrich; children: Wil- 
liam, Riley, Harriet, and Sarah, 
vi. Laura Rice, m. Levi Bush and had Mary Ann and Maria, 
vii. Charlotte Rice, h. Sept. 13, 1787; m. her cousin, Capt. 

George Viets; d. April 21, 1862. 
viii. Harriet Rice, m. ist, Ormsbee, 2d, Ennis; children: Hanni- 
bal Ormsbee and Sarah Ennis. 


(Lukc'John,^ John.') 

Lieutenant Luke^ Viets, youngest of the ten children 
of Captain John and Lois, was born June 6, 1759, and died at 


the old homestead, Feb. 25, 1835. His mother, after the death 
of her second husband, Colonel Humphrey, if not before, 
lived in the family of Luke at the old place. 

Newgate was the state's prison until 1827, and no doubt 
some of the prison officials, as well as numerous comers and 
goers, were guests at the Luke Viets tavern. 

" Kendall's Travels in the United States," in the chapter 
entitled Newgate, gives an unique description of the family 
of Luke Viets. The traveler, after fording the Farmington, 
and passing . through a region " beautiful with the varied 
charms of hills, field, and pasture," approached the place 
from the south. He says : " On my right I saw a house of 
respectable figure and dimensions, wooden, and white-painted. 
This was the inn. On entering the door the good looks of 
the landlord afiforded me some consolation. . . . My land- 
lord was a plain and industrious farmer, in whom and his 
whole family there was realized, more than in any other in- 
stance I have met with, the picture which the imagination of 
so many has drawn, as that of the agricultural life in America. 
He was himself a grandfather, and had living with him his 
very aged mother. He was the father of nine children, of 
whom one or two were married and settled at a distance, and 
one or two near by. Two daughters and two or three sons 
were still under his roof. All the members of the family were 
personable and well-featured, and the two girls were beauties, 
one a blue-eyed blonde and the other a dark-haired brunette. 
I found them employed in a building detached from the 
house, one at the wheel, the other at the loom. They were 
presently in the farmyard milking the cows." The traveler 
adds further that he '' was informed by the family that there 
was somewhere in the neighboring hills a black stone, by 
looking through which the seventh son of a seventh son bom 
in the month of February with a caul over his head could see 
everything in the interior of the globe." 

Luke Viets married, 1777, Keziah Phelps, daughter of 
Ezekiel Phelps, who lived one mile and a half south of New- 
gate, on the place since known as the Raynor Holcomb place. 
The boundary stone of Mr. Phelps' farm, it is said, may be 
seen on the mountain, with the initials E. P. marked on it. 


710?/ ieir^a L, the fenera.L ^f^^-f^ oVthu Jiate accef^tedU i. 6.y^^/^^P^ 

.eHcin^ ^ecld 7...t o.d Gonf.dence <n you. TMu^^, &o..a^e. and ^ood ^or^duU, 
y S)0 iy y^^^t^' "f ^^ -^-'"^ •'f*''^ '^*''^'' ^' ^1^"'^^^' tnaUcn^. a^^ouUand e ,rt. 
f^^^r Jio uLiUfa.d^^.,^ ..t.r.. f.a.. .nd U..^e a. il..r ^f^^^ 
oa.jJf anddM^cntiy . d..charf tkat Offc. a^d 7^.t. e.eru..J ^ou. ^er.o. Off. 
cJ aIdMd.Jin tUU.c of the.. M^.. c^occd.^^ to ike ^.U. and W^c^/.n. of 
Wa. cd^lTvd and ctdUhed l^^ tkc /.^. of t/,.. Jtate. kt^^ them .^ ^cod^ and^m.nt. and comma J.rf them -to cUy you a. the.r (b^^^ and ^cu a.e - 

o - ..„, n , I rf\- .■ ^— Jume toJcme-ifou dliail xcceive, either jfi 

'oLetve all &ock O^dexo arj 
one, ox f^o-m other y^u,r ffier.or Officer, fru7^ 

ana uou- a/te to 
Kxed'ion^ao ftom J^ome to T'cTne you Jmll xcceive. either fro^ 
iui-nt to the fTru,.)/ heiel'y. xefiOdtJ 

dyrSJf under ^,J^nd, and the i^uUu Jeal of th.. JtoM. -^ V^ 

By, JCio £xcclUnoYJ^om-my 


Ut^^Ui^i^f^ ^ r/ectetaty. 

[(Governor's Commission to Luke Viuts, by courtesy of Carl J. Viets. ] 


Ezekiel Phelps served in the Revolutionary War. He 
brought home a cannon ball and a corkscrew. The encamp- 
ment was so near the British that Ezekiel Phelps shouted to 
the British : " Shoot straight ; shoot to kill, not maim." He 
was in New York Aug. 26th, and was discharged Sept. 3, 
1776. Ezekiel Phelps married EHzabeth Gillett. According 
to Stiles' History of Windsor, he was the son of Joseph and 
Rebecca (North) Phelps, son of Joseph and Mary (Collins) 
Phelps, son of Joseph and Hannah (Newton) Phelps, son of 
William Phelps, who settled in Windsor in 1630. Keziah 
Phelps was born Nov. 12, 1757, and died Nov. 22, 1850. 
Children of Luke and Keziah Viets : 

i. Keziah, b. Nov. 12, 1777; m. ist, Eli Moore, 2d, Hendrick; 
lived in East Hampton, Mass., under the overhanging 
heights of Mt. Tom. 

39. ii. Rosanna, b. Dec. 4, 1778; ni. Elisha Remington of Suffield, 


40. iii. Luke, b. Aug. 2, 1780; d. April 30, 1821. 

41. iv. John, b. March i, 1782; d. Oct. 11, 1857. 

V. Catherine, b. Nov. 22, 1783; m. Fowler; d. 1813. 

vi. George, b. June 23, 1786; d. April 10, 1787- 

42. vii. George, b. Feb. 12, 1788; d. May 3, 1863. 

43. viii. Esther, b. Jan. 22, 1790; d. Oct. 8, 1820; the blonde men- 

tioned in Kendall's Travels. 

44. i.x. Roger, b. Oct. 28, 1791. 

45. X. Chloe, b. May 8, I793; d. Feb. 4, 1855; the brunette men- 

tioned in Kendall's Travels. 


(Henry/ Henry,^ Henry,' John.') 
Hen-ry* Viets, son of Henry and Beulah (Messenger) 
of Becket, Mass., and grandson of Henry and Margaret 
(Hoskins) of Simsbury, was born in Becket, Jan. i6, 1772. 
He married, first, his second cousin, Mary, daughter of Cap- 
tain Abner Viets of Granby, Conn., June 22, 1795. She died 
April 7, 1805. Henry married, second, Charlotte Fowler of 
Westfield, Mass., Nov. 18, 1807. She died May 3, 1841. 
Henry was a highly respected farmer on the old place 'settled 
by his father in Becket. He died at the home of his daughter, 
Charlotte Van Wyck, at Clifton, 111., Aug. 25, 1866, at the 
advanced age of ninety-four. 
Children by first marriage: 

46. i. Sophia, b. May 11, 1796; d. July 29, 1883. 
47- ii. Abial, b. Dec. g, 1798; d. July 10, 1884. 
48. iii. Mary, b. Aug. 13, 1802; d. Oct. 23, 1888. 

By second marriage: 

49- iv. Henry, b. Aug. 31, 1808; d. at Oberlin, O., Feb. 28, 1894. 
50. V. Charlotte, b. 1810; d. Sept. 12, 1880. 
51- vi. William Atwater, b. Feb. 20, 1813. 

vii. Margaret, b. Jan. i, 1816; d. July 9, 1849; m. William Slos- 

son; son, John Slosson. 
viii. Maria, b. April 23, 1819; d. April 23, 1858. 
ix. Jane, b. Sept. 2, 1821; m. Sept. 2, 1844, John Spooner, at 

Fishkill, N. Y.; left no children. 
X. Abner Fowler, b. May 3, 1824; d. Jan. 20, 1825. 


(Jonathan Munsell,^ Jonathan,' Henry," John.') 
JoN-ATiiAN MuNSELL* ViETS, son of Jonathan and Caro- 
line (Munsell), was born near Copper Hill, West Sufifield, 


Conn., Sept. 2, 1794, and died at the old homestead Oct. 12, 
1843. ' He married Fanny Remington, born April 22, 1794, 
and died July 20, 1858. He was a deacon of the First Bap- 
tist Church, Suffield. 


52. i. Caroline, b. April 29, 1815; d. Jan. i, 1893- 

53. ii. Henry Munsell, b. Oct. 22, 1816; d. Jan. 10, 1896. 

54. iii. Ezekiel, b. March 30, 1818; d. April 21, 1897. 

55. iv. Fanny, b. Sept. n, 1821; m. Chauncey Owen. 

56. V. Sarah, b. March 25, 1826; d. July 18, 1845, aged 19. 
vi. Bushnell, b. June 21, 1830; d. Nov. S, 1843. 

57. vii. Mary, b. Jan. 6, 1836. 


(Achsah/ James,^ Henry," John.') 

AcHSAH* ViETS, daughter of Captain James and Elizabeth 
(Brown), was born at Copper Hill, in Granby, June 28, 1785. 
She married Oliver Griffin and resided at Copper Hill, not 
far from the place of her birth, where ahe died Dec. 17, 1869. 
Stephen Griffin, a descendant of Lord. John Griffin, first set- 
tler of Simsbury, had children: Stephen, Isaac, Timothy, 
Mercy, Samuel, Oliver, David, Deborah. Of these, Oliver, 
who married Achsah Viets, was born Feb. 12, 1788, and died 
Feb. 16, 1862. 


i. Betsey Griffin, h. Sept. 27, 1813; d. Sept. 21, 1882. 
ii. Imri Griffin, b. July 10, 1815; d. Oct. 29. 
iii. Homer Griffin, b. in Suffield, April 21, 1822; res. at Copper 
Hill, in East Granby, where he died July 14, 1893; m. 
Nov. 16, 1843, Susan Jane Griffin, b. May 3, 1822, 
daughter of Aristarchus, son of Seth, a descendant of 
Lord John Griffin. Children: 

I. Jefierson Homer Griffin, b. East Granby, June 27, 
1848; m. Oct. 29, 1873, Amanda Spring, daughter of 
George and Mahala Spring of Granby. 

Children: Genie Laura, b. Sept. 28, 1874; Bertha 
May, b. July n, 1878; Birney Edward, b. May 
14, 1880; Clayton Weston, b. Nov. 14, 1883; d. 
Sept 21, 1888; Mabel Cora, b. Dec. 26, 1890; 
Gladys Marion, b. April 24, 1898. 


2. Flora Susan Griffin, b. East Granby, Jan. 29, 1852; 
m. Lewis Spring of Granby, April, 1872. 

Children: Everett Homer, b. Aug. 8, 1876; Fran- 
cis Lewis, b. Nov. 26, 1879; Susan Mahala, b. 
March 20, 1885; Edna Grace, b. Sept. 30, 1887; 
Edward Raymond, b. Aug. 31, 1890. 

3. Martin Wilson Griffin, b. East Granby, March 8, 
1854; graduate of Wesleyan University; teacher 
twelve years at Portland, Conn., and now in New 
Haven; m. June 30, 1880, Mary Minerva Richardson, 
daughter of Lemuel and Martha Richardson of 
Barkhamsted. Daughter: Ethel Martha, b. Jan. 24, 
1890, and d. July 16, 1890. 

4. Martha Belle Griffin, b. Nov. 20, 1861; d. Dec 8 

5- Burton Lemuel Griffin, b. East Granby, June 25, 
1866; m. Oct. 20, 1891, Bertha Louise Beman,' 
daughter of George T. and Ruth Beman. Daughter: 
Ruth Marjorie, b. Jan. 20, 1897. 


(Festus,' James,' Henry,' John.') 

Festus* Viets, son of Captain James and Elisabeth 
(Brown), was born at Copper Hill, Granby, June 12, 1790, 
and lived at the old place until his death, Sept. 24, 1874. He 
was a man of worthy qualities and a good farmer, keeping 
everything in order. He married, Oct. i, 1823, Maria, daugh- 
ter of Ebenezer Hatheway of Suffield. She was born June 
24, 1802, and died Sept. 27, i860. 



59- i 
60. ii 

James Hatheway, b. Aug. 21, 1824. 

Harriet Maria, b. Sept. 3, 1826. 

Candace Eliza, b. Aug. 2, 1828. 
iv. Philo Horace, b. Aug. 12, 1830. 
v. Adaline Jael, b. Dec. 13, 1832; d. March 23, 1839. 

62. VI. Lamira Jane, b. Jan. 27, 1835. 

vii. Daniel Benjamin, b. March 19, 1838; d. March 2, 1839. 
vui. Annis Susan, b. Jan. 28, 1840 ; d. Sept. 26, 1842. 

63. IX. William Dixon, b. May 17, 1842. 

64. X. Jason Rushmore, b. Jan. 17, 1846. 



(Hezckiah Phelps,* John,' John," John.' ) 
Hezekiah Phelps* Viets, son of John Viets, Jr., and 
Elizabeth, daughter of Hezekiah Phelps, was born at Hop 
Meadow, Simsbury, Dec. 24, 1759. The father died when 
Hezekiah P. was not quite six years of age. The mother 
soon after married Amasa Case, and the children probably 
went with her to her new home, although it is possible that 
the older ones may have been taken to the home of their 
grandmother, Deborah Phelps. April 24, 1781, Hezekiah P. 
Viets and his brother John appeared before the Simsbury 
Probate Court as heirs of John Viets, Jr., and the court ap- 
pointed administrators to distribute land belonging to them 
in Salmon Brook. He did service in the War for Independ- 
ence with his father's cousin, Jonathan Viets, in the Sixth 
Brigade, Eighteenth Regiment, made up in Simsbury and 
vicinity, under Captain Job Case and Colonel Phelps. 

Of the family of Hezekiah Phelps Viets nothing is known 
with certainty. Hezekiah Viets, an errand boy in Philadel- 
phia about 1790, may have been a son. There was also a 
Truman Viets hving in Clarion county, Pennsylvania, early 
in the last century who named his son Hezekiah Phelps. 
This almost convinces one that Truman was a son of Heze- 
kiah Phelps Viets and gave his boy the name of his father. 
(See Appendix, families A and B.) 


(John,* John,» John,* John.') 
John* Viets, son of John and Elisabeth (Phelps), and 
brother of Hezekiah Phelps Viets, was born in Simsbury 
about 1764, and was about one year of age at the time of his 
father's death. His birth is not recorded on the town records 
with those of the three older children. He is mentioned, 
however, in his father's will found at the Halls of Record, 
Hartford, signed Jan. 11, 1765, as follows : " I give to my be- 
loved sons Hezekiah Phelps Viets and John Viets the sum 
of £ 120 each." His name again appears on the probate rec- 


ord with that of his brother Hezekiah P. as one of the heirs 
of John Viets, Jr. 

John Viets settled in Westfield, Mass., as a farmer. Near 
by was a good neighbor by the name of Harrison. Mr. Viets 
and Mr. Harrison used to invite each other to dine each 
urgmg that his bread was the best. John Viets married Lois 
Phelps of Simsbury. Thus grandfather and grandson of the 
same name married wives of the same name. The town rec- 
ords mention a Lois, daughter of Ebenezer and Susanna 
Phelps, born m Simsbury about 1770. This is probably the 
Lois who became the wife of John Viets of Westfield 

Mr. Viets removed with his family about 1800 to Rome 
N. Y where he died. The widow, Lois, soon returned with 
the children to Westfield, Mass., where she died in 1847. 

i. Betsey. 

65. ii. Letia, b. at Westfield, Mass., 1796; d. 1857 
iii. Lois. 

iv. Harvey, died about 1847. or soon after that date, leaving 
as It IS thought, no family. 


(Roger Moore/ Roger/^ John,'^ John.' ) 

Rev. Roger Moore^ Viets, son of Rev. Roger and Hes- 
ter (Botsford), was born at Scotland, in Simsbury, Conn., 
Nov. 29 1784. The sponsors at his baptism were Captain . 
Roger Moore, Alexander Viets Griswold, and Eunice Gris- 
wold. He was about two years of age when his parents and 
their family removed to Digby, Nova Scotia. He was edu- 
cated for the ministry. In 1809 he was at St. Johns N B 
where he was assistant clergyman, and had charge of a gram- 
mar school. He succeeded his father as rector at Digby On 
his stone in the cemetery at Digby is the following epitaph : 
"Sacred to the memory of Rev. Roger Moore 

Viets who died 26 June, 1839, Ae. 54 years, having 

been for 25 years rector of this parish." 

Qi, ^^°^r.f ""i'" ^'''' "^^'"'^^ ^^^^^ K""tton of St. Johns. 
She died March 17, 1862. 












John Knutton. b. 1809; d. 1868. 

Botsford, b. July 4, 1810; d. 1897. 

Margaret, m. Nov. 19, 1833, Stephen Henry Synnott of St. 
Johns, N. B.; children: Rev. Stephen Henry Synnott of 
Troy, N. Y. ; Eliza, m. Henry Scott, res. at Cooperstown, 
N. Y. Mrs Scott had two sons and a daug. Edith, who 
m. Dr. Johnston, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Louisa, b. about 1813. 

Catherine, b. July 16, 1815. 

Eliza, b. 1816; d. aged 63; m. Wm. F. Bonnell. Children: 

1. Katharine Viets Bonnell, m. Edward S. Fowler; d. 
at Brooklyn, N. Y., April 17, 1901. 

2. Mrs. Stephen T. Burroughs, Long Hill, Conn. 
Caroline, b. 1818. 

George Augustus, b. 1819; d. 1839, divinity student at 
Kings College, N. S. 


(Mary," Roger,^ John,' John.') 
Mary* Viets, daughter of Rev. Roger and Hester, born 
Feb. 9, 1792, died July 16, 1868. She married Jacob Dakin, 
son of Thomas Dakin. Jacob was born Aug. 17, 1786, at 
Digby, N. S., and died there Nov. 5, 1873. 

i. Orlando Viets Dakin, b. May 19, 1812; m. Mary E. Bruce. 

I. Frederick Bruce Dakin. 

Celia Viets Dakin, a novelist of distinction, m. 

Samuel Jamison, res. New Orleans. 

Annie E. Dakin, m. Robinson of Nahant, Mass., 

daughter, Lilian Viets Robinson. 

John Viets Dakin, m. Mary Ellen Taylor, and had: 

Francis John Viets, attorney at law, Boston, Mass.; 

Annie C; William Taylor; Mary Ellen; Frederick 

Eliza Daki-H, h. Feb. 22, 1815. 
Jane Ann Dakin, h. Feb. 27, 1818. 
Maria Dakin, b. April 2, 1820. 
Margaret K. Dakin, h. Dec. 27, 1822. 
Botsford W. Dakin, b. June 20, 1825. 
Emily Dakin, b. Nov. 18, 1826. 
Gilbert Watson Dakin, b. Nov. 12, 1829. 
Henry Walker Dakin, h. June 11, 1832. 
Robert Augustus Dakin, h. Sept. 27, 1836. 












(Ruth/ Seth/ John,' John.') 

Ruth* Viets, daughter of Seth and Ruth (Smith), born 
in East Granby, was baptized by her uncle, Roger Viets, Sept. 
26, 1770. She married Jonathan Palmer, and died in 1840. 


i. Betsey Palmer, d. 

ii. Chauncey Palmer, d. 

iii. James Palmer, res. Attica, N. Y. 

iv. Carlisle Palmer, b. about 1812; m. Rose Ann, dau. of Jesse 

V. Caroline Palmer, m. P. W. Grant, Nov. 14, 1846; had: Sid- 
ney A. and Charles P. Grant. 


(Seth/ Seth,^ John/ John.') 

Seth* Viets, son of Seth and Ruth (Smith), was born at 
Turkey Hills, Simsbury, now East Granby, in 1772, and bap- 
tized by his uncle, Roger Viets, Dec. 20th of that year. He 
married, Feb. 19, 1799, Eunice, daughter of Josiah Dewey 
of Canterbury, Conn., at Feeding Hills, Mass., then a part of 
Westfield, where both the Viets and Dewey families were 
living. He succeeded to the old homestead of his father at 
Pawlet, Vt., where he died in 1847, aged 75, and his wife in 
1859, aged 80. 

Children of Seth and Eunice (Dewey) Viets : 

70. i. Seth, b. about 1800; d. Oct. 2, i860. 

ii. Harvey, removed from Vermont to Michigan in 1853, when 
his family consisted of a wife and one child; his wife 
dying, he married again; one of his wives was Emeline 
Brown, daughter of Seeley Brown; is said to have lived 
at Plainville, Mich.; family cannot be traced. 

71. iii. Mary, b. about 1808; d. , 1893. 

72. iv. Isabel, b. about 1810; d. about 1880. 

v. Eunice, b. about 1812; d. about 1880, unmarried. 

73. vi. Henry, b. 1814; d. 1877. 


(Simeon Smith/ Seth/ John,^ John.') 

Simeon Smith* Viets, son of Setli and Ruth (Smith), was 
baptized by his uncle, Roger Viets, March 19, 1775, and 
named for his grandfather, Simeon Smith of Sufifield. He 
was born, probably, in East Granby, and died in Suffield, 
Conn., where he spent a considerable portion of his life. He 
introduced into SufBeld the manufacture of cigars, which be- 
came an important industry in the town. The following is 
from the pen of Hezekiah S. Sheldon, in the " Memorial His- 
tory of Hartford County": "The year 1810 marked an im- 
portant era in the town's history. Cigars were seldom seen 
here before 1800. These were imported from the West In- 
dies. A foreigner, Spaniard or Cuban, of intemperate habits 
— a cigarmaker by trade, and a tramp — drifted to West Suf- 
field, and in some way made the acquaintance of Simeon 
Viets, who was a man of enterprise and a Connecticut Yankee. 
The result was that Viets bought a little Spanish tobacco, 
gave the man a job, and began the manufacture of genuine 
Spanish cigars, the first industry of the kind in the Connecti- 
cut Valley, if not in New England. Girls were taken as ap- 
prentices, and instructed by the Cuban in the art of making 
a Principe cigar. This was made four and a half inches in 
length, with a kink head. To make the kink was such an 
accomplishment that when it was mastered the trade was 
acquired. Mrs. Clarissa Rose, nee King, and Mrs. Sally 
Olds, nee Ingraham, were the first two learners, and were 
not out of practice fifty years later. Viets employed many 
women and girls in making cigars, and sold them to peddlers 
to distribute over the country. James Loomis was the first 
peddler to carry Connecticut cigars into the state of New 
York. Viets failed in 182 1. His home and shop (a cellar 
kitchen) were in the North School District, now Irish Row. 
The buildings have all disappeared. In 1836 Simeon Viets 
died in poverty." 

He married, first, ; second, Widow Warner. 


Children of Simeon Smith Viets : 

74. i. Sophia, b. Aug. 10, 1800; d. Oakland, Cal., Jan. 25, 1884. 

ii. Simeon, Jr., b. , 1802; d. at Granby, Conn., in 1847; 

m. Betsey Holcomb. 

75. iii. Jane, b. , 1804; m. Orlin Dibble. 

iv. Nancy, b. , 1807; d. 1878; m. Rev. James H. Merry, 

and had: Leander, Harry, Edward, Henry, and Emma; 
res. Fond du Lac, Wis. 
V. Louisa, b. , 1809; d. at East Hampton, Mass. 


(Jesse," Seth,' John,' John.') 

Rev. Jesse* Viets, son of Seth and Ruth (Smith), was 
born at Turkey Hills (now East Granby), February, 1781. 
He was living at Westfield, Mass., when about twenty years 
of age, where he became interested in religion, and associated 
with the M. E. Church, of which he was afterwards an effi- 
cient preacher. He probably removed with his father's family 
to Pawlet, Vt. He was a minister of the M. E. Church, first 
in Vermont, and later in Ohio, his ministry covering a period 
of forty years, during twenty-one of which he was an or- 
dained elder. There is a family tradition that while the battle 
of Plattsburg was going on, which took place Sept. 11, 1814, 
on the New York side of Lake Champlain, Rev. Jesse was 
preaching, and within hearing of the battle. He was located 
for a time at St. Albans, Vt., and was the only minister in 
that region at the time, and consequently was called upon to 
officiate at a great number of weddings and funerals. From 
St. Albans Mr. Viets moved westward with the tide of enter- 
prising frontiersmen who settled the rich lands of Ohio, 
where he settled at Amboy in 1823. It is said that when he 
and his family decided to leave their old home and many 
tried and true friends there was great sorrow among all the 
people, and when the time of their departure was announced, 
everybody came from far and near to bid them farewell and 
Godspeed on their long and tedious journey. With all their 
earthly possessions in one wagon, and with one span of 


horses, they finally arrived in Amboy, Ashtabula county, O., 
and, it is needless to add, were all homesick, the mother in 
particular. But success finally crowned their efforts, and 
their last days proved to be their best. Mr. Viets organized 
the M. E. Church at Amboy, was its first pastor, and was a 
successful preacher in eastern Ohio for nearly twenty years. 
The end of his life did not come upon him as a thief. His 
house was in order. As a Christian he was a pattern of piety, 
his life being a practical comment upon the gospel of Christ. 
Jesse Viets married Dolly Ann Saxton, a woman spoken 
of as possessing many Christian virtues. Both Mr. Viets and 
his companion departed this life the same year, 1842. 





i. Jesse, Jr., d. in youth. 

ii. Rodney, b. 1806; d. 1887. 

iii. Rollin, b. June , 1808; d. April, 1848. 

iv. Dolly Ann, b. Feb., 1811; d. 1882. 

V. Mary Ann, b. 1813; d. 1887. 

vi. Rose Ann (Nancy R.), b. 1816; d. 1893. 

vii. Eunice M., b. 1819. 


(Roswell/ SctV John,- John.') 

RoswELL-* Viets, son of Seth and Ruth (Smith), was born 
Dec. 30, 1784, probably in East Granby; may have lived for 
a time at Westfield, Mass., and at Pawlet, Vt. ; resided and 
carried on business for some years at East Hartford, and 
later at East Windsor, Conn. ; removed in June, 1820, to 
Amboy, O., and died Feb. 28, 1864, at Conneaut, O. He 
married, Sept. 27, 1814, Arabeha Granger; she died May 27, 
1824, aged 31. 


Franklin, b. at East Hartford Jan. i, 1816. 

Barzillia Granger, b. at East Windsor, Feb. 5, 1818; d. 

June 14, 1885. 
Fidelia, b. Feb. 28, 1820; at West Springfield, Mass. 
Charlotte, b. March 20, 1822; d. Sept. 21, 1859. 











(Zopher/ Seth,' John,' John.') 

ZoPHER* ViETS, son of Seth and Ruth (Smith), was born 
Jan. 30, 1790, in New England, and died Sept. 4, i860, at 
WilHamsfield, O., where he went in 1834. He married, May 
II, 1814, Tacy Hillyer, in East Granby, Conn., where he was 
then Hving. She died at Conneaut, O., Nov. 20, 1868. His 
education, common school; occupation, farming; church, 


i. Julia A., b. East Granby, Conn., Jan. 13, 1815; m. in 1838, 
King Pier, and moved to Indiana; d. April 24, 1843. 

86. ii. Armenus E., b. East Granby, June 18, i8i7; d. 'au^ 28 

1881. ' 

87. iii. Emeline A., b. Nov. 27, 1819; d. June 29, 1881. 
iv. Daughter, b. Jan. 7, 1821: d. in infancy. 

88. v. Zopher H., b. April 16, 1823. 

89. vi. Lois A., b. Oct. 28, 1825; d. April 23, 1857. 

90. vii. Hiram A., b. Jan. 19, 1828. 

91. viii. Mary J., b. at East Granby, June 2, 1830; d. Conneaut, O., 

Dec. 29, 1890. 

92. ix. Martha M., b. at Andover, O., May 25, 1834. 

93- X. Shalor N.. b. WilHamsfield, O., Jan. 4, 1837. 

94- xi. Gaylor G., b. Aug. 24, 1840. 


(Julia/ Seth/ John/ John.') 
Julia* Viets, daughter of Seth and Ruth (Smith), born 
in 1794, died at Conneaut, O., May 14, 1842. She married 
Paschal Winthrop Grant of East Windsor, Conn. He was a 
son of Roswell Grant, was born in 1793, and died at Conneaut, 
O., Nov. 2, 1869. They removed from Connecticut to Ohio 
in the autumn of 1832. 


i. Edward Grant, b in East Windsor, Conn., May 14, 1821; 
m. Mary C. Keyes; resided at Conneaut, O.; drowned on 
Lake Erie, owing to the explosion of a steam boiler, 
March, 1850. Daughters: Julia E. and Agnes Grant, 
ii. Henry Grant, h. East Windsor, Feb. 10, 1830; m. Mary 
Jane, daughter of Zopher Viets; res. Conneaut, O. 


iii Paschal Winthrop Grant, Jr., b. July lo, 1832; m. at Con- 
neaut, O., January, 1858, Maria Porter Woodruff; d. 
January, i860. 


(Sarafa/ Setfa,^ John,' John.') 
Sarah^ Viets, daughter of Seth and Ruth (Smith), was 
born at Westfield, Mass., July 16, 1798; when thirteen years 
of age attended her brother Roswell from her father's home 
in Pawlet, Vt., to East Hartford, Conn., where she assisted 
in a manufacturing business carried on by Roswell Viets and 
his sister, Mrs. Moody. She married, at West Springfield, 
Mass., Daniel Brewer of East Hartford, Conn., Feb. 25, 1819, 

and died Oct. 4, 1883. 


i. Arthur E. Brezver, b. Nov. 19. 1819; resided at Munson, 

Mass., and later at Staffordville, Conn, 
ii. Hansey S. Brezver, b. March 10, 1822; m. Wm. Jones, 
Hockanum, Conn., where she resides. Children: Ed- 
ward, d. ; Geo. S., res. Hockanum. 
iii. Charlotte Brezi'cr, h. Dec. 12, 1823; m. E. Hewlett, East 

Hartford, Conn, 
iv. Caroline Brezver, h. May 23, 1826; m. Wm. S. Avery, Willi- 

mantic, Conn. 
V. Edgar Brezver, b. June 17, 1830; m. Ellen King of Hart- 
ford. Children: 

1. Cassius K., m. Nellie E. Dibble, and had Harold 
E., Louis D., and Merrill King. 

2. Helen E., d. 

3. Robert H., d. 

4. R. Montgomery, res. Hockanum, Conn. 

vi. Hamlet Brezver, b. Oct. 15, 1832; d. June 17, 1870; m. Ellen 

vii. Julia Brezi^er, b. April 13, 1835; m. Cyrus Knight of Hart- 
viii. Roswell Henry Brezver, b. May 30, 1837; d- 1839- 
ix. Roswell Viets Brezsuer, b. Aug. 18, 1839; d. age 26. 


(Abner/ Abner,^ John,' John.') 
Abner Viets,* Jr., son of Captain Abner and Mary, was 
born in East Granby, June 29, 1772. He married Sarah 


Booth, born in 1773. They lived and raised a family in a 
house, now gone, which stood a little east of the old home- 
stead of his father, on the north side of the highway, and also, 
for a time, on the farm of his grandfather on the mother's 
side, near Newgate. 

An incident touching the family life of Abner and Sarah 
has been handed down which is worthy of relating, as it in- 
dicates acumen and sense of humor in the one, and pluck in 
the other. Abner's wife was sick and not expected to live. 
A clever girl, Abiah Phelps, was helping and taking care of 
the children. Abner was sitting near the sick bed, when his 
wife said to him : " Abner, what are you going to do when 
I am gone ? You will be getting married again, I suppose." 
Abner, after a moment of quiet, replied : " I don't know. 
Abiah, here, is a good hand to take care of children." There- 
upon, Sarah sprang up in bed, and, with great determination, 
said : " Abiah Phelps shall never take care of my children ; " 
immediately dressed herself and went about the housework. 

The family of Abner Viets, Jr., removed, about 1825, to 
Fowler, Trumbull county, O. Mr. Viets died Nov. 18, 1825 ; 
his wife, surviving him nearly twelve years, died May 26, 1837^ 
and was buried at Fowler, O. 

Children of Abner, Jr., and Sarah Viets : 

i. Sarah, b. Granby, Conn., March 7, 1794; d. July 9, 1867. 

ii. Rebecca, b. Sept. 4, 1796; d. June 25, 1871. 

iii. Mary (Polly), b. Feb. 25, 1798; d. July 3, 1876. 

iv. Angeline, b. May 4, 1800; d. Sept. 9, 1857. 

V. Byron, b. Jan. 25, 1802; d. April 28, 1869. 

vi. Drayton, b. June 13, 1804; d. June 19, 1868. 

vii. Carlos, is said to have been a soldier in the Mexican War, 
and to have died near New Orleans, 

loi. viii. Oliver (Dr.), died, it is said, in New York city about 1865. 

102. IX. Lathrop A., b. Dec. 2, 1816; d. July 16, 1883. 


(Benoni," Abncr,^ John,' John.') 

Benoni'' Viets, born Feb. 13, 1777, married Esther, 
daughter of Gad Dewey, born at Westfield, Mass., May 6, 
1780. They lived for a time near the home of his father. 







Captain Abner Viets, and also occupied for a time the farm 
of his grandfather on the mother's side, just south of New- 
gate ; the house is now gone. His wife died May, 1829. 


i. Lester, b. about 1800; d. aged 3 years. 

ii. Diadama, b. about 1801; m., March 23, 1826, Alonzo Ed- 
wards; went West. Son: Frank Edwards. 
Eliza, m. Oct. 15, 1826, Nelson Felch, a steelyard maker, 

of Mansfield, Conn., and later of New Harmony, Ind. 
Julia, m. Justus P. Gillett of West Hartford, Conn.; a 
daughter, Martha, m. Benj. W. Edwards of Hartford. 
V. Lester D., b. 1809; d. 1821. 
vi. Ratus, b. 1809; d. 1821. 

vii. Rudd, b. about 1810; was a trading man; went to New 
Harmony, Ind.; was in the clock business, belonged to 
the firm of Viets & Thrall; was a good story teller; m. 
Dunham of Mansfield; no children. 

103. viii. Hobart Benoni. 

ix. Edwin Alonzo, went West; had two children; no response. 


( Samuel,* Abner,^ John," John.' ) 
Samuel* Viets, son of Captain Abner, was born Jan. 17, 
1779, and died suddenly, March 6, 1814, aged 35. He resided 
for a time on his grandfather's place just south of Newgate, 
near the Peak, afterwards occupied by his brother Benoni. 
Samuel Viets married Susan Pratt, sister of Willis Pratt, a 
prominent dry goods merchant of New York, whose mother 
was a daughter of Haynes Woodbridge and Elizabeth (Gris- 
wold), the latter being a daughter of Hon. Samuel Griswold 
of Poquonock. Haynes Woodbridge was a descendant of 
Governor Haynes of Connecticut, also of Governor Dudley 
of Massachusetts. Samuel Griswold was descended from 
Hon. Henry Wolcott, founder of the Wolcott family of Con- 


104. i. Seymour Samuel, b. May 16, 1800; d. 1886. 

ii. Miles, b. tt r j 

iii. William Pratt, b. ; was in Trinity College, Hartford, 

for a time; d. in Pennsylvania. 

105. iv. Susan Jane, b. July 30, 1814; d. Oct. 13, 1888. 



(Eunice/ Abncr,^ John,' John.' ) 

Eunice* Viets, daughter of Captain Abner, born Dec. 
28, 1780, married, Dec. 6, 1802, Enoch Kellogg of Southwick, 
Mass., and lived to old age. 

i. Enoch Viets Kellogg, b. Feb. ig, 1804; was a prominent 

man at Fowler, Trumbull county, Ohio, 
ii. Annis Kellogg, h. March 2, 1806. 
iii. Eunice Kellogg, b. Oct. 11, 1808. 
iv. Mary Kellogg, h. Dec. 22, 181 1. 
V. Lavinia Kellogg, b. Feb. 24, 1814; m. her cousin, Lothrop 

A. Viets, of Fowler, O. 
vi. Samuel Kellogg, h. Aug. 23, 1816. 

vii. Hiram Kellogg, h. Dec. 9, 1819; the only one of the family 
now (1900) living; res. Southwick, Mass. 


(Dan/ Abner,^ John,' John/ ) 

Dan* Viets, son of Captain Abner, was born at the old 
homestead Oct. 17, 1783. He contemplated doing active 
service in the war of 1812, but on account of poor health was 
disappointed. When twenty-eight years of age he married 
and built on the south side of the highway, nearly opposite 
his father's place, where he lived for about fifty-five years. In 
addition to being a farmer he was a stonecutter. The step- 
stones of his own house, as well as those of many houses in 
East Granby, are still a memorial of his work. He was a 
man of medium stature, full, dark eyes, dark hair, and a com- 
plexion inclined to be florid. He was social and friendly with 
people generally. He was called Deacon Dan, although he 
never bore the ofBce of deacon in any church. He was a lay 
member and vestryman of the Episcopal Church at Salmon 
Brook. He partook of the communion with his wife at the 
Baptist Church in TarifTville, of which she was a member, and 
she in turn communed with him at the Episcopal Church. 
He was somewhat public-spirited ; for the sake of convenience 
to himself and others he built by contract, at a low figure,, 
the highway from Granby to East Granby. 


Dan Viets married, Jan. i, 1812, Beulah, daughter of Dea- 
con Tudah Phelps (and Abigail Bishop) of Suffield, and sister 
of the late Captain Apollos Phelps. Deacon Judah Phelps 
was in the Revolutionary War, in Colonel Josiah Spencer s 
re-iment. Judah« Phelps was son of Elijah^ (and Esther 
Kent) of Turkey Hills, son of Joseph* (and Rebecca North), 
son of Joseph,3 ,^,, of Joseph,^ son of Mr. William^ Phelps 
from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. Beulah was 
born Feb. 21, 1790. She was a woman of energy, workmg 
marvels at the spinning-wheel and the loom. 

Dan Viets died December, 1866; Beulah, Feb. 6, 1862. 


106 i. Mary A. Louisa, b. Feb. 15, 1813; d. July 14, 1890. 

■ ii ^nms Samantha. b. Feb. .3. 1815; m. Nov. 21, 1834, Aralza 
Griffin- res. West Suffield; d. Dec. 13, 1885; was the first 
of the family of nine to pass away, and the only one to 
leave no children. 

107. iii. Julia Ann, b. Aug. 17. 1816; d. May 26, 1897. 

108. iv. Harriet Newell, b. Jan. i, 1818; d. 

109. V. Apollos Phelps, b. Sept. 20, 1819. 
no. vi. Judah Dryden, b. Feb. 2, 1823. 

111. vii. Dan Alexander, b. Nov. n, 1824. 

112. viii. Joseph Franklin, b. Feb. 6, 1827. 

113. ix. Benjamin Erskine, b. June 12, 1828. 


(Levi,-* Abner,^ John/ John.') 
Levi* Viets, born in Granby, June 15, 1786, passed his 
Hfe at the old homestead, which he received from his father, 
Captain Abner. Levi was a man of energy and sagacity, cul- 
tivated a large farm, was prudent and saving, both of time 
and monev, never wasting an hour. He married, Feb. 15, 
1825, Sarah, daughter of Deacon Benjamin Dibble of Granby, 
a woman of marked ability, industry, and economy, in her 
girlhood she attended the academy at Salmon Brook and 
mastered Lindley Murray's grammar. She learned the tail- 
or's trade, or art of cutting garments by measure. She was 
as much the head of the family as her husband, and was con- 
sulted by him in important matters. It is said that there- 
was never a cross word between her and her husband. A 


great calamity befell the family in 1840, when she became 
insane, her two sons being at the time thirteen and ten years 
of age. 

Sarah Dibble was born April 10, 1792. Her mother, the 
fourth wife of Deacon Benjamin Dibble, was of a family of 
the name Fuller, from Lyme, Conn. The family moved to 
Ft. Edward, above Troy, on the Hudson, and lived on the 
river bank. Here, in July, 1777, they had taken land, built, 
and cleared the fields when General Burgoyne came down 
from the north with his army, followed by a plundering crew 
of Indians, driving the American army before them. Mr. 
Fuller was ordered, as a means of safety, to abandon his 
farm and take his family and stock down the river. He re- 
marked to his wife that he had a sow and pigs in a hollow 
log back of the house and would go and drive them in, as 
they might be useful for the army. Soon after he left the 
house, three Indians came in. Mrs. Fuller told them to leave 
the place, as the American army was near by. They went 
out, but had been gone only a short time when the report 
of a gun was heard. Her husband not returning, Mrs. Fuller 
went to look and found him shot, scalped, and tomahawked. 
He soon died. Mrs. Fuller and the children, two or three 
in number, were put on board a scow and sent down the river 
to Albany, never returning to the frontier. Mrs. Benjamin 
Dibble, mother of Sarah, was one of these children and about 
twelve years of age at the time of the massacre of her father. 

Elizabeth Fuller was born March 10, 1765, and died Octo- 
ber, 1838. Benjamin Dibble was born May 7, 1723, and died 
Dec. 5, 1810. Levi Viets died Dec. 22, 1857; his wife, Sarah, 
Sept. 15, 1852. 


114- i. Levi Clinton, b. Jan. 17, 1827. 

ii. Richard Benjamin, b. April 23, 1830; d. July 24, 1863; was 
a young man of excellent character and principle; was 
a communicant of the Episcopal Church in Tariffville; 
when about 12 years of age he decided of his own ac- 
cord to drink no more cider, a too prevalent habit 
among farmers of that day; and neither he nor his 
brother, Clinton, ever drank cider thereafter. 





( Rosanna,* Luke,^ John," John.' ) 
RosANNA* ViETS, borii Dec. 4, 1778, married Elisha Rem- 
ington of Suffield. 

i. Eliza Remington, m. Jabez Hendrick and had: Eliza A., 
m. Aden Palmer; Esther H., m. Oliver W. Lathrop, 
Springfield, Mass.; Edward M., m. Alvira Noble, West- 
field; Pearson M., m. Emma Carver; Rhoda M.; Joel H., 
.m. Lucy A. Munger, res. Springfield; Chauncey E., d. 
in the war. 
ii. John Remington. 


(Luke/ Luke,Uohn,2 John.' ) 

Luke* Viets, Jr., born at the old homestead near New- 
gate, Aug. 2, 1780, died at his home not far distant, April 30, 
1 82 1, aged 40. He married, June 4, 1798, Abigail Phelps, 
daughter of Judah Phelps of Suffield, said to have been a lady 
of remarkable beauty. She was born May 27, 1781, and died 
May 16, 1831. 


115. i. Gervase, b. Feb. 4, 1800; d. March 15, 1839. 

116. ii. Nancy Ann, b. July 3, 1801; d. 

iii. Charles, b. March 12, 1803; d. March i, 1838, unmarried. 

iv. Catherine, b. Aug. 14, 1805; d. Jan. 9, 1818. 

V. Orlando, b. Aug. 5, 1807; d. July, 1809. 

117. vi. Henry W., b. Sept. 2, 1809; d. Aug. 2, 1840. 

118. vii. Abigail, b. Aug. 6, 181 1; d. March 9, 1835. 

119. viii. Ansel, b. March 27, 1814; d. 

120. ix. Jane, b. May 9, 1816; d. (Feb. 21, 1889). 

121. X. Emeline C, b. Feb. 2, 1818; d. 

122. xi. Amoret E., b. May 31, 1821. 


( John,* Luke,' John,^ John.' ) 

Captain- John* Viets, son of Luke, and grandson of 
Captain John, was born March i, 1782. He was captain of 
a training band, read much, and was well posted in law and 
the practical affairs of the day, and was an industrious and 


successful farmer. He settled at the age of twenty-five on 
the farm a mile south of Newgate, afterwards for many years 
in possession of his son Chauncey E., and now owned by 
George E. Bidwell. He purchased and occupied during the 
latter part of his life the Orson Phelps place in East Granby. 
He is said to have been a man of medium stature, and of 
dark eyes and hair. 

John Viets married, Oct. 2, 1805, Abigail Eno, daughter 
of Jonathan and Mary (Hart) Eno of Simsbury, where she 
was born Feb. 28, 1785. Jonathan Eno was a descendant of 
James Eno, one of the early settlers of Windsor. Mary Hart, 
his wife, was a descendant of Deacon Stephen Hart, who set- 
tled at Cambridge, 1630, and later at Hartford, Conn. 

John Viets died Oct. 11, 1857; his wife, Dec. 20, 1863. 



124. i 

125. ii 


John Jay, b. Sept. 22, 1806; d. Dec. 10, 1885. 

Imlay Bird, b. Dec. 19, 1808; d. Oct. 19, 1875. 

Abi Lavinia, b. April 20, 1810; d. Cleveland, O., Aug. 26, 
iv. Chauncey Eno, b. Oct. 3, 1812; d. July, 1876; m. ist, Esther 
Denison of Suffield, 2d, Nancy Noone of Chester, Mass.; 
no children; he was a farmer and trading man, occu- 
pied his father's old place west of the mountain, where 
he made extensive improvements. 

126. v. Mary Adelia, b. Feb. 19, 1819. 

127. vi. James Rollin, b. Sept. 20, 1821; d. July 14, 1896. 

(George/ Lukc,^John,- John.^) 

Captain" George* Viets, born Feb. 12, 1788, was captain 
of a training band, a thrifty farmer, and carried on an exten- 
sive business in gravestones. He built the stone house oc- 
cupied for many years by his son George Watson ; was a 
promoter of good roads ; lived in East Granby, and during 
the latter part of his life, in partial retirement, at Windsor 
Locks, where he died May 3, 1864. 

George Viets married, Feb. 16, 1809, Charlotte Rice, 
daughter of Eleazer and Rosannah (Viets) Rice. She was 
born Sept. 13, 1787, and died April 21, 1862. 










George Watson, b. Dec. 2, 1809; d. Dec. i, 1864. 
Charlotte, b. Sept. 20, 1811; d. Nov. 18, 1811. 
Allen, b. March 24, 1813; d. Sept. 5, 1848. 
Esther K., b. June 18, 1816; d. Feb. 8, 1891. 


(Esther,*' Luke,' John,' John.' ) 
Esther* Viets, born Jan. 22, 1790, married Pliny Owen, 
and died Oct. 8, 1820. Esther and her sister Chloe are prob- 
ably the two daughters of Luke Viets mentioned in Kendall's 


Children of Pliny and Esther (Viets) Owen : 

i. Fanny C. Owen, b. March i, 1810; d. at East Granby, 

Conn., Oct. i, 1824. 
ii. Milo Milton Owen, b. Aug. 3. 181 1; d. at Suffield, Conn., 
Aug. 12, 1886; m. Martha Alderman, June 12, 1839- Chil- 

1. Emily Kibbee Owen, b. Aug. 29, 1841; d. at Suf- 
field Sept. 3, 1859. 

2. Alena Frances Owen, b. Jan. 10, 1858; resides in 

iii. Esther Louise Owen, b. March 22, 1815; d. at Painesville, 
Ohio, Dec. 24, 1882; m. July 7, 1834, Levi C. Brown, 
M.D., who died at Painesville, Aug., 1882. Children: 

1. Ellen Josephine Brown, b. April 26, 1836; m. Oct. 
IS, 1856, Emerson S. Seymour, who died April i, 
1877. Children: 

(a) Georgia Louise Seymour, b. Dec. 8, 1857; 

m. July 6, 1882, John Hubbard. 

(b) Leora Brown Seymour, b. Feb. 14, 1863; 

m. Dec. 6, 1887, Francis Hilliard Pierson. 
Son: Seymour Hilliard Pierson, b. Dec. 

17, 1889. 

(c) Clark Sedgwick Seymour, b. Feb. iS, 1870; 

d. April 15, 1873- 

2. Leora Caroline Brown, b. May iS, 1840; m. June 
26, 1867, Hector Sears, Painesville, O. Son: 
Charles Brown Sears, b. Oct. 16, 1870; m. Oct., 
1896, Florence A. Gilbert. 

3. Charles Owen Brown, b. July 16, 1844; d. Jan. 23, 


4. Frank Dwight Brown, b. Jan. 19, 1848; m. Jan. 
16, 1875, Ella Woodworth, who died July 20, 1883. 

(o) Mabel Ella Brown, b. Dec. i, 1875, m. Jan. 

21, 1895, Dr. George A. Roberts. 
(b) Ella May Brown, b. June 28, 1883. 
iv. Emily Parinthia 07ven, b. June 22, 1816; d. Oct. 15, 1894, 
at Parkecsburg, W. Va.; m. Oct. 16, 1838, at Farmington, 
O., Austin Durkee Kibbee, who was b. Jan. 6, 1806, and 
d. May 3, 1882. Children: 

I. Caroline Esther Kibbee, b. May 23, 1842, at War- 
ren, O., and d. April 23, 1872, at Des Moines, Iowa; 
m. June 23, 1863, at W. Farmington, Ohio, Hal- 
bert B. Case. Children: 

(a) Halbert Austin Case, b. at Youngstown,. 

O., April I, 1865, and d. at Des Moines, 
Iowa, April 28, 1872. 

(b) Frank Luther Case, b. Dec. 10. 1866; m. 

Dec. 7, 1893, Minnie L. Magee, Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn. She died in 1896, leaving 
a son: Francis Owen Case, b. at Chatta- 
nooga, Dec. 9, 1894. 

(c) Edward Anderson Case, b. Dec. 28, 1870, 

at Des Moines, Iowa; d. April 25, 1872. 
2. Emily Owen Kibbee, b. Nov. 7, 1843; m. at W. 
Farmington, O., June 20, 1865, Charles W. Arch- 
bold. Children: 

(a) William Kibbee Archbold, b. at W. Farm- 
ington, O., June 5, 1866; m. at Titusville, 
Penn., May 10, 1893. Helen Cornell, and 
had: Elizabeth Cornell and Carolyn 
Dana Archbold, b. at Brookline, Mass., 
May 25, 1896, Wm. Cornell Archbold, b. 
at Roseville, N. J., March 7, 1898, and 
Helen Archbold, b. at Buffalo, N. Y., 
June 20, 1900. 
J) Emma Frances Archbold, b. May 17, 1868; 
m. June 20, 1888, Walter S. Speece, Titus- 
ville, Penn. Children: Charles Arch- 
bold Speece, b. Jan. 28, 1892; d. at Par- 
kersburg, W. Va., in 1899, and Dorothy 
Speece, b. July 9, 1893. 
(c) Caroline Louise Archbold, b. at Titusville, 
Pa., Aug. 18, 1874; m. at Parkersburg, W. 
Va., Oct. 25, 1900, John Warren Inslee.. 



(Roger,^ Luke,^ JoEn,^ John.' ) 
Dr. Roger* Viets, son of Luke, born in East Granby, 
Oct. 28, 1 791, studied medicine and was for some years a 
practicing physician at Albany, N. Y., where he is said to 
have married. He removed to Lewistown, Fulton county, 111. 
His family cannot be traced fytlly, as none of them appear to 
reside in Lewistown or vicinity at the present time. 

i. Charlotte, is said to have grown up in Lewistown; m. Jacob 
Fisher, known as Jake Fisher, captain of the " Swisboy," 
a boat on the IlHnois River, and they hved in the town 
of Liverpool, Fulton Co., 111., from about 1850 until 
about 1880, when Mr. Fisher died. Charlotte (Viets) 
Fisher is said to have died about 1897. Children: 
Roger Fisher, d. a young man, unmarried; a daughter 
married, had a family, and is said to be living in 
ii. James, d. in middle life or later, 
iii. Luke, was a pilot on the Illinois River; d. 

The sons of Dr. Roger Viets, with their sister, Char- 
lotte Fisher, are said to have owned a 160-acre farm in 
Illinois, which was sold after Mrs. Fisher's death. 


( Chloc/ Luke/ John," John.' ) 
Chloe* Viets, daughter of Luke, born May 9, 1793, mar- 
ried, Sept. II, 181 1, Reuben Barker, Jr., and died Feb. 4, 
1855. They lived at the old homestead near Newgate. 
Reuben Barker died April 23, 1862. 

i. Lucy M. Barker, b. 1813; d. Feb. 21, 1876; m. Lester Grif- 
fin. Children : 

1. Horace Viets Griffin, b. Sept. 20, 1845; m. Caroline 
Irene Hayes, and had: Lucy Maria, b. Aug. 21, 
1875; Millard Carl, b. Jan. 27, 1877; Dora Chloe, b. 
May 22, 1878; Irving Horatio, b. June 17, 1880; 
Caroline Irene, b. Jan. 9, 1883. 

2. Millard Filmore Griffin, d. in youth. 

ii. Charles Don Ferdinand Barker, b. 1818; d. March 8, 1824. 




Mary J. Barker, b. March 30, 1828; m. ist, Hiram Johnson i 

of Westfield, Mass., who d. in 1852, aged 28; m. 2d, Dr. 
Charles N. Germaine, who d. in 1882; res. Westfield. 
Children: Josie J. Johnson, and Minnie, Chas. Irving, 
Oliver W. H., and Mary Germaine. The last-named m.' 
F. R. Lewis of Westfield. 
iv. Benjamin Franklin Barker, d. May 27, 1856, aged 28. 



(Sophia,^ Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ John/) 
Sophia^ Viets, daughter of Henry of Becket, Mass., by 
his first wife, Mary, daughter of Captain Abner Viets, was 
born May ii, 1796; married, in Ohio, Joseph Watts, an Eng- 
lishman; settled near Baraboo, Wis., where she died July 29, 
1883, aged 87, having survived her husband many years. 


i. Joseph Watts, d. near Baraboo, Wis. 

ii. Henry IVatts, res. in Ohio. 

iii. Nelson M'atts, a physician in Oregon, or, in the far West, 

iv. Cyrus Watts, a lawyer; d. in Iowa. 

V. Martha Watts, d. at Baraboo, Wis. 

vi. Mary Watts, h. 1836; m. Aaron Teel; res. near Baraboo, 


vii. Americus Watts, a lawyer at Ottawa, Putnam Co., O. 

viii. Jackie IVatts; d. young. 


(Abial/ Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ John/) 
Abial^ Viets, daughter of Henry and Mary, was born at 
Becket, Dec. 9, 1798; married, Oct. 4, 1830, Samuel Williams, 
son of Jehiel and Martha Spencer Williams, born at Middle- 
town, Conn., April 9, 1801, and died at Bangor, Wis., Jan. 
13, 1878. Mr. and Mrs. Williams removed from Massachu- 
setts to Ohio in 1838, to Dodge county. Wis., in 1846, and 
thence to Sauk county, Wis., in 1854, where Mrs. Williams 
died, July 10, 1884, aged 85. 

i. George W. Williams, b. Otis, Mass., May 8, 1833; d. in 
Indiana in 1875; m. ist, Lavinia Hoover, by whom he 
had two children; m. 2d, Elisabeth Slocum, by whom 
he had five children, now (1900) Hving. 


ii. Mary F. Williams, b. Otis, Mass., Dec. 5, 1835; m. March 

30, 1864, David J. Jenkins, b. Cardiganshire, Wales, 
March 12, 1829, came to America in 1852, and d. Oct. 

31, 1871. 

iii. Hester A. Williams, b. Jan. 27, 1842, at Troy, O.; d. 1849. 


(Mary/ Henry," Henry,^ Henry," John.') 
Mary^ Viets, daughter of Henry and Mary, was born 
Aug. 13, 1802; married Michael Stewart, and lived in Streets- 
boro, Ohio, where she died October 23, 1878, aged eighty- 
six, her husband having died several years before. 


i. Michael Ste-ivart, a lawyer at Ravenna, O. 

ii. Mary Steiuart. 

iii. Charles Steivart. 

iv. Jennie Stezvart. 


(Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ John/) 
Henry^ Viets, son of Henry and his second wife, Char- 
lotte (Fowler), born at Becket, Mass., Aug. 31, 1808; resided 
during the latter part of his life at Oberlin, O., where he was 
a respected citizen. He married, first, Sarah Boise of Bland- 
ford, Mass., Sept. 2y, 1831. She died at Huntington, O., 
Nov. 2y, 1844. He married, second, Samantha Joslin of 
Michigan, Sept. 29, 1845. Mr. Viets died at Oberlin, Feb. 
28, 1894; his wife, July 14, 1898. 
Children by first marriage: 

i. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 5, 1836; d. at Ohio City, Aug. 18, 1838. 

131. ii. Henry Sheldon, b. at Huntington, O., Feb. 4, 1839. 

iii. Edward Goodwin, b. May 22, 1842; d. Oberlin, O., Sept. 
20, 1857. 

132. iv. Sara Elizabeth, b. Nov. 21, 1844. 

By second marriage: 

133 V. Helen Josephine, b. July 24, 1846. 
134. vi. Charlotte Jane, b. July i, 1853. 



(Charlotte/ Henry/ Henry,'' Henry/ John.') 

Charlotte^ Viets, daughter of Henry and Charlotte 
(Fowler), born at Becket, Mass., July 10, 1810; married Al- 
fred Van Wyck of Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; resided at Clifton, 
111. Mrs. Van Wyck died September 12, 1880, Mr. Van Wyck, 

Jan. 13, 1892. 


i. John B. Van Wyck, h. June 28, 1831; res. Clifton, III; m. 
July 10, 1867, Mary Gorham, at Newberg, N. J.; had: i. 
Alfred, b. 1873; d. 1874. 2. Laura, b. March 11, 1876, 
and m. March 24, 1898, to Paul L. Reed, at Liege, Bel- 
gium; has since lived one year at Antwerp, and later in 
Calcutta. Mr. Reed is a civil engineer employed in 
building dredges, two for the Russian government, one 
in Bombay, India, and two for the Australian govern- 

ii. Henry V. Van Wyck, h. Nov. 8, 1833; d. 1837. 

iii. William A. Van Wyck, b. Oct. 3, 1835; d. 1837. 

iv. Mary Van Wyck, b. Jan. 7, 1840; d. 1890. 

V. Charlotte Van Wyck, b. March 23, 1842; m. Lester Bart- 
lett at Kent, Conn., Feb. 22, 1864; d. at Washington, D. 
C, Aug. II, 1865, leaving a son, John L. Bartlett, res. 
Hartford, Conn. Lester Bartlett d. 1888 at Atlantic City. 

vi. Susan I'an Wyck, h. March 29, 1854; d. 1856. 


CWilliam Atwater/ Henry/ Henry/ Henry/' John/) 

William Atwater^ Viets, son of Henry and Charlotte 
(Fowler), was born at Becket, Feb. 20, 1813. He married, 
first, Mary Elizabeth Pennoyer in New York, May 17, 1836. 
She died in New York, March 11, 1853. He married, second, 
Mrs. Francis N. Reeves of Boston, in Chicago, Sept. 17, 1856. 
Mr. Viets has been, during a long Hfe, a man of enterprise, 
and of kindly qualities. At one time he had a desire to pre- 
pare a genealogy of the Viets family, and when on a visit East 
looked up some of the old records with that end in view. It 
is a matter of regret that other duties did not permit him to 
carry the project to completion. The older records of the 
Becket line of the family have been furnished by him for this 


work. He is still (1900) living at his home at Clifton, 111., at 
the age of eighty-seven. 

Children by first marriage: 

i. Catharine Augusta, b. in New York, July 26, 1841; m. 
John R. Cameron of Ottawa, 111., Jan. 24, 1866 
135- ii. Mary Punnett, b. at Fishkill, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1844. 
iii. Charlotte, b. Dec. 17, 1849; d. June 4, 1853. 

By second marriage: 

iv. Helen Cornell, b. in Chicago, June 22, 1857. 
V. William Henry, b. at Clifton, 111., Nov. i, 1864; d. March 
17, 1879, from a gun accident. 

(Caroline/ Jonathan Munsell,'' Jonathan,^ Henry,' John.') 
Caroline^ Viets, daughter of Jonathan Munsell and 
Fanny (Remington), was born near Copper Hill in West Suf- 
field, Conn., April 29, 1815. where she died Jan. i, 1893, at the 
old home received by her from her father. She married An- 
drew Clark December 18, 1844. He was born in Hartland, 
Aug. 10, and died at Copper Hill, July 26, 1899. Mrs. Clark 
was a communicant of the Baptist Church in Suf^eld, of which 
her father, Jonathan Munsell Viets, was a deacon. 

i. Almira Caroline Clark, b. Nov. 25, 1848. 
ii. Albert Munsell Clark, b. July 26,' 1851; d. May 10, 1886; 

m. Dec. 9, 1873, Anna Eliza Beaman. Daughter: Mary 

Ada, m. Olin C. Frazier; d. 1892. 
iii. Mary Viets Clark, b. Oct. 22, 1853; d. April 29, 1854. 
IV. Willett Boardman Clark, b. Feb. 23, 1856; res. at the old 

place near Copper Hill; m. Sept. 23, 1876, Clara E. 

Easton, b. Aug. 21, 1859. Son: Henry Willett Clark, b. 

May 26, 1879. 


(Henry MunseU,^ Jonathan MunseU/ Jonathan,^ Henry/ John.') 

Henry Munsell^ Viets, son of Jonathan Munsell and 

Fanny (Remington), was born near Copper Hill in Suffield, 

Oct. 22, 1816. He married, first, Esther Grifhn, May 15, 1839. 

She was born May 12, 1818, and died March i, 1844. He mar- 


ried, second, Jane Cook, Feb. i6, 1845. She was born April 
10, 1821. He removed from Copper Hill to Henrietta, O., 
thence to North Ridgefield, O., in i860, and thence to Albion, 
Ashland county, O., in 1873, where he died January 10, 1896. 
He was a successful, enterprising farmer, and extensively en- 
gaged in the manufacture of cheese. 


136. i. Sarah J., b. Nov. 28, 1845. 

ii. Martha O., b. May 17, 1848; d. May 10, 1850. 

137. iii. Martin H., b. Sept. 12, 1849. 

iv. Abbie F., b. Dec. 24, 1851; d. Jan. 13, 1866. 

138. V. Mary E., b. Oct. 12, 1854. 

139. vi. Maria A., b. May 25, 1856; d. July, 1879. 
George Willett, b. Oct. 23, 1861; d. Aug. 30, 1864. 



(Ezekiel/ Jonathan Munsell,^ Jonathan,^ Henry," John.') 

EzEKiEL^ ViETS, SOU of Jonathan Munsell and Fanny 
(Remington), was born near Copper Hill in Suffield, March 30, 
1818. He married, Oct. 9, 1842, Catherine Charity Warner, 
born Feb. 20, 1823, and died July, 1884. Ezekiel Viets was a 
farmer at Avon, O. He died April 21, 1897. 


140. i. Jonathan Munsell, b. Sept. 15, 1843. 

ii. Bushnell, b. Nov. 9, 1845; d. in Kansas April 24, 1873- 

141. iii. Chauncey Hastings, b. June 29, 1848. 

iv. Eliza Catherine, b. Oct. 5, 1850; d. June 11, 1898. 

142. V. Lydia Mary, b. Jan. 17, 1854. 

143. vi. Charles Fremont, b. Sept. 23, 1856. 


(Fannie/ Jonathan MunseU,^ Jonathan/ Henry/ John/) 
Fannie^ Viets, daughter of Jonathan Munsell and Fanny 
(Remington), born at the old home near Copper Hill, Sept. 
II, 182 1 ; married Chauncey Owen January 12, 1842. He was 
born at Granby, Aug. 12, 181 5. They reside at West Mecca, 
Trumbull county, O. Children all living (1900) in Ohio. 

i. Sarah Bliss Owen, h. Granby, Conn., Sept. 27, 1842; m. 
Clinton Irwin March 25, 1875. 



ii. Marion Amelia Ozvcn, b. July 8, 1844; d. Henrietta, Lo- 
rain Co., O., Oct. 5, 1861. 

iii. Harriet Caroline Otven, b. Granby, Aug. 25, 1846; m. 
George F. Pray, Jan. 14, 1867. 

iv. Abbie Amanda Owen, b. Granby, June 20, 1849; m. Georg, 
Wilbur July 29, 1866. Children: May Armenia, m" 
Martin De Forest Kee; Leon Alton. 


(Sarah,^ Jonathan Munscll/ Jonathan,^' Henry,' John.' ) 
Sarah^ Viets, daughter of Jonathan Munsell and Fanny 
(Remington), born in Suffield, near Copper Hill, March 25, 
1826; married Rev. Charles Willett, a Baptist clergyman, and 
a preacher of considerable power. She died July 18, 1845. 

i. Henry Bushnell Willett, b. March 14, 1845; d. Feb. 14, 
1900; was born in Southwick, Mass.; was in Wisconsin 
at breaking out of the Civil War, and enlisted as a 
private in Co. E, 29th Wisconsin infantry; towards close 
of war lost his right arm, then learned telegraphy; went 
to West Point in 1868, where he followed the occupa- 
tion of telegraphy until his death. His wife died March 


(Mary,= Jonathan MonseU/ Jonathan/ Henry/ John.' ) 
Mary-^ Viets, daughter of Jonathan Munsell and Fanny 
(Remington), born at Copper Hill, Jan. 6, 1836; married La- 
fayette Kniffin August 22, 1859, at Henrietta, O. He died 
March 15, 1869. She resided at Tacoma, Wash., and later at 
Eureka, Cal. 


i. Bertha L. Knimn, b. July 2, 1861, at Henrietta, O.; m. 

Feb. 18, 1891, C. L. Moore; res. Ellensburg, Wash, 
ii. Willard M. Knimn, b. July 3, 1863; d. July 18, 1876. 
HI. Hattie M. KniMn, b. Feb. 16, 1866, at Manchester, Iowa; 

m. July ID, 1897, L. R. Lothrop; res. Eureka, Cal. 
iv. Fannie J. KniMn, b. Jan. 19, 1869, at Manchester, Iowa; 
m. Nov. 13, 1887, G. L. Haven; res. Ellensburg, Wash. 



( James Hathaway/ Fcstus/ James,' Henry,' John.' ) 
James Hathaway^ Viets, son of Festus and Maria (Hatha- 
way), born at Copper Hill, in East Granby, Aug. 21, 1824; is a 
farmer residing at the old homestead, which has been m the 
family four generations; has been first selectman for the town 
of East Granby; was in the legislature in 1862; has been 
school visitor and justice of the peace. He married, Oct. 11, 
1849, Marilla Hayes, daughter of Dudley Hayes of Granby, 
of a family of that name who were among the first settlers. 


144. i. James Duane, b. Feb. 20, 1853. 

ii. Ella M., b. Dec. 11, 1854; d- April 27, 1856. 

iii. Horace, b. Dec. 22, 1862. 

iv. Nora Belle, b. June 17, 1865; d. Oct. 13, 1885. 

145. V. Samuel David, b. Feb. 19, 1868. 


(Harriet Maria,' Festos/ James,' Henry,' John.' ) 
Harriet Maria^ Viets, daughter of Festus and Maria 
(Hathaway), born Sept. 3, 1826; married Henry Griffin, and 
resided at Hungary in Granby. 


i. Henry Eugene GrMn, h. April 4. i849; m- ist, June, 1870, 
Emma Owen, who died in May, 1875; m. 2d, Capitola 
Griffin, Aug. 9, 1882; d. April 10. 1884. at Michigan City, 

ii. Larena Harriet Grimn, h. March 4, 1854; m. Hinman A. 

Dibble Oct. 15, 1879; res. Hartford, Conn, 
iii. Frank Wilbur GrMn, b. July 15. 1857; resides at Gales- 
burg, 111. 


(Eliza Candace/ Festus,* James,' Henry,' John.' ) 
Eliza Candace^ Viets, daughter of Festus and Maria 
(Hathaway), was born Aug. 2, 1828. She married, first, April 
20, 1848, William Lorenzo Hayes of West Granby, who was 


born July 31, 1825, and died March 28. 1849. She married 
second, Lmus N. Hayes, brother of Wilham L., born April 
30, 1821. Residence, West Granby, Conn. 
Children by first marriage: 

i. William Lorenzo Hayes, b. Dec. i, 1849; m. Ida May 

Emmons March 26, 1875, daughter of Warren Emmons i 

of East Hartland, Conn. Children, born and residing 
in East Hartland: Delia A., Robert W., Lottie M 
Avena L, Willis L., and Lewis E. Hayes. 

By second marriage: 

ii. Frank P. Hayes, b. Jan. 7, 1S52; d. May 14, 1889; m. May 
16, 1875, Emma J., daughter of Arlow and Lucy Case 
of Canton, Conn. Daughter: Emma Birdena Hayes 
b. Oct 20, 1887. Residence, Waterbury, Conn 
111. Alfred L. Hayes, h. Sept. 7, 1856; d. March 21, 1901; m 
Aug. 5, 1882, Lenora E. Gutierrez. Son: Ned Hayes 
d. 1891. ' 

iv. Edward M. Hayes, h. March 4. i860; d. Feb i 1865 
V. Lizzie M. Hayes, h. April 10, 1861; d. April 28, 1861 
VI. Henry J. Hayes, b. Oct. 15, 1862; m. March 28, 1888 El- 
nora M. Wilcox, daughter of Augustine and Ma'rinia 
Wilcox of West Granby. Residence, West Granby 
Daughter: Edith B. Hayes, b. Aug. 10, 1891 
vii. Burton E. Hayes, h. Dec. 29, 1868; m. Jessie M., daughter 
of Henry M. and Charlotte Weed. She died April 25 
1900. Residence, West Hartford. Conn. Children' 
Bertha L., b. Feb. 22, 1892, and Ina M., h. June 13, 1898. 


(Philo Horace,^ Festus/ James,^ Henry/ John.' ) 

Philo Horace^ Viets, son of Festus and Maria (Hatha- 
way), born at Copper Hill, East Granby, Aug. 12, 1830; re- 
sided in Granby until 1870, when he removed to' Hartford- 
two years later removed to Derby, Conn., where he has since 
lived, engaged most of the time in the hardware business with 
Hallock Bros. He married, first, Almira W. Clark April 11, 
1855. She was born May 5, 1834, and died March 25, 1863.' 
He married, second, Susan Camp of Derby April 20, 1865 
She was born Nov. 2y, 1831, and died Sept. 5, 1876. He mar- 


ried, third, Ann Augusta Hallock Oct. 29. 1883. She was 
born in Derby in 1835. Children by first marriage: 

i. Arthur L., b. May 10, 1856; d. Nov. 22, 1857. 
146. ii. Stanley W., b. Feb. 28, 1859- 

iii. Albert D., b. March 18, 1863; d. Jan. 22, 1865. 

By second marriage: 

iv. Alice Susan, b. May 5, 1871; d. Aug. 4, iSji- 


( Lamira Jane/ Festus/ James,=* Henry,^ John.' ) 

Lamira Jane'^ Viets, daughter of Festus and Maria 
(Hathaway), born Jan. 27, 1835; married Nov. 24, 1853, Willis 
Lester Hayes, who died Oct. 26, 1886, aged fifty-six. They 
resided in East Granby and Granby, where Mrs. Hayes now re- 


i. Charles Willis Hayes, b. Nov. 29, 1854; m. MolUe 

Meadows Jan. 2, 1888. 
ii. Emogene Cornelia Hayes, b. Nov. 4, 1856; m. Charles A. 

Greene Nov. 12, 1879. Children: Eva Lamira, Allen 

Hayes, Marion Emogene, Blanche Eliza, Mardula Maria, 

Anna Belle, and Helen Amelia, 
iii. James Viets Hayes, b. Oct. 13, 1869; d. Jan. 3, 1885. 


( WiUiam Dixon,' Festus/ James/ Henry,' John.' ) 

William Dixon^ Viets, son of Festus and Maria (Hatha- 
way), born May 17, 1842; married Jennie M. Griffin Feb. 15, 
1872. She was born March 15, 1849; died Nov. 20, 1882. 
They reside at Copper Hill in East Granby, where Mr. Viets 
has been postmaster for several years. 


i. Shermie L., b. May 29, 1873; d. Dec. 2, 1877. 
ii. Hattie M., b. June 28, 1875; d. Dec. 10, 1877. 
iii. Willie L., b. Nov. 2, 1878. 



( Jason Rushmore/ Fcstus/ James,^ Henry,'' John.' ) 

Jason Rushmore^ Viets, youngest of the family of Festus 
and Maria (Hathaway), was born Jan. 17, 1846. Mr. Viets 
was a representative in the legislature in 1888. He married, 
first, Rhoda Phelps, daughter of Captain Apollos Phelps, Dec! 
9, 1867. She died Sept. 14, 1874. He married, second, Wil- 
helmina M. Grohman Oct. 30, 1876. She was born in Hart- 
ford, Conn., Jan. 6, 1854. They reside in East Granby. 
Occupation, farming. 

Children by first marriage: 

i. Adella M., b. March 7, 1869. 

By second marriage: 

ii. Jason Edward, b. in East Granby Dec. 25, 1877; m. Dec. 
5, 1900, Lucy Adeline Bacon, b. in Poquonock, Conn., 
March 21, 1881. Residence, East Granby. 

iii. Lena Mae, b. Sept. 25, 1883; d. July 31, 1900. 

iv. P. Grohman, b. Dec. 6, 1898; the youngest Viets at the first 


(Utia,* John," John/ John," John.' ) 

Letia^ Viets, daughter of John and Lois (Phelps) of West- 
field, granddaughter, as is believed, of John and Elizabeth 
(Phelps) Viets of Simsbury, and great granddaughter of Cap- 
tain John and Lois (Phelps) Viets of Newgate, was born at 
Westfield, Mass., in 1796, and died at Hamilton, Can., in 1857. 
She married Seth Harrison, son of Reuben Harrison and his 
wife, Nancy Baldwin, both of whom lived and died in West- 
field. The Baldwins are said to have been a large and fine 
family who married well, and were respected and honored 

Children of Letia and Seth Harrison: 

i. Emeline Harrison, b. at Westfield Dec. 13, 1818; d. at 
Westfield Feb. 18, 1862; m. at Westfield Sept. 5, 1836, 


William Ely, b. at Westfield April 17, 1817, and d. at 
Elizabeth, N. J. Children: 

1. Thomas Jefferson Ely, b. Westfield June 11, 1838; 

d. 1839. 

2. Grace Rose Ely, b. July 4, 1840; m. April 10, 1861, 
Jared Sandford, who has been county clerk of 
Seneca County, N. Y., school commissioner of 
Westchester County, 2d district, twelve years, first 
Mayor of Mount Vernon, N. Y., member of the 
Assembly, and superintendent of public instruc- 
tion for the state of New York. Res., Mount 
Vernon, N. Y. 

3. Emma Josephine Ely, b. Sept. 30, 1842; d. June 

9, 1849. 

4. Abigail Letia Ely, b. Oct. 27, 1844; m. Clements; 
d. at Mount Vernon, N. Y., June, 1893. 

5. Nancy Judson Ely, b. Westfield Nov. 30, 1846; d. 
New Buffalo, Mich., Sept. 23, 1848. 

6. Emma Josephine Ely, b. New Buffalo, Mich., Dec. 
23, 1848; res. Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

7. William Henry Harrison Ely, b. Westfield, May 
10, 1851; graduated at New York University, 1875; 
is a lawyer at Tarrytown, N. Y.; m. Sept. i, 1875, 
Ida Roberts. Children: 

(0) Wm. Allen Hall Ely, b. July 5, i877; grad- 
uated at Michigan University and New 
York Law School; is an editor at Tarry- 
town; m. 1900 Grace Spencer White. 

(b) Grace Rose Ely, b. April 12, 1880. 

(c) Helen Roberts Ely, b. Dec. 31, 1894- 

(d) Ruth Buchanan Ely, b. Aug. 24, 1896. 

8. Addison Ely, b. at Westfield May 23, 1853; lawyer 
at Rutherford, N. J.; m. at Union, N. J., Dec, 
1874, Emily Johnson. Children: 

(a) Addison Ely, b. Caldwell, N. J., Nov. 26, 
1875; Columbia College and Michigan 
University Law School; lawyer, Ruther- 
ford, N. J.; m. Sept., 1900, Clara Lord. 

(fc) Abigail M., b. April 15. 1881, at Rutherford, 
N. J.; student at Michigan University. 

(r) Jared Sandford, b. Oct. 10, 1884; d. 1885. 

(d) Seth Harrison, b. Oct. 10, 1884, twin of 


(e) Sandford Dana, b. June 12, 1886. 

(f) Emily Emmeline, b. Sept. 2, 1888. 

(g) Clara" Harrison Stranahan, b. March 26, 



(h) Wm. Harvey Johnson, b. Sept. i8, 1891. 
(0 Leon Abbott, b. Nov. 25, 1893. 
(/) Hiram Baldwin, b. March i, 1896. 
(k) J. S. T. Stranahan, b. Oct. 17, 1898. 
9. Thomas Jefferson Ely, b. at Westfield June 2, 1855; 
d. April 10, 1858. 
10. Nancy Judson Ely, b. Oct. 10, 1857; m. at Eliza- 
beth, N. J., July, 1881, Eugene Cady of Westfield, 
Mass. Children: Emma Cady, b. Westfield July 
7, 1883; Bertha Cady, b. March 31, 1889; Ely Cady, 
b. Feb. 19, 1891. 
ii. Elizabeth Harrison, b. March 2, 1821; d. Feb. 17 1840- m 
William Willis. ' H , . 

iii. Mary Jane Harrison, b. Jan. 12, 1823; d. April 25, 1898; m. 
Dean Grey. Children: Wm. Mason, Wilhelmina, and 

iv. Lucy Ann Harrison, h. April 7, 1825; m. Luther Grover 
Children: Martha, Ada, Harr^iet, Willie, Harry, and 

V. Nancy J. Harrison, h. April 6, 1827; d. Feb. 28, 1895; 


Wm. Ely after the death of his first wife, Emmeline. 
vi. Harriet N. Harrison, h. April 29, 1829; d. Aug. 23, 1894. 
vii. Clara C. Harrison, b. April 9, 1831; m. Hon. J. S. T. 
Stranahan, originally from East Killingly, Conn., one 
of the first citizens of Brooklyn, N. Y., member of Con- 
gress, and originator of Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Mrs. 
Stranahan is the author of an able work on French Art. 
She gave $25,000 to Michigan University as a memorial 
to her father, Seth Harrison, as a scholarship fund 
vni. William H. Harrison, b. Feb. 22, 1833; m. Lucy Ingersoll; 
d. Sept. 19, 1878. 
ix. Maria L. Harrison, b. May 12, 1835; m. Judge Henry R. 
Lovell of Flint, Mich. Children: Clara, Almira, Helen 
L., Hattie A., Henry H., and Fannie M. Of these, 
Clara and Fannie M. died in infancy; the others have 
all graduated at Michigan University. Helen married 
John W. Million, President of Hardin Ladies' College. 
Henry H. married Nina B. McQuigg. Hattie A. died 
in 1894 at Marash Girls' College, Central Turkey, where 
she had been two years a teacher. She was a young 
woman of rare gifts and great promise, a sw'eet singer. 
She once wrote that she was far happier teaching the 
poor Armenian girls to sing than she would be as the 
prima donna of America. 
X. Fannie E. Harrison, h. 1837; d. 1839. 
xi. George W. Harrison, h. March 30, 1839. 



(John Knutton/ Roger Moore,* Roger,^ John,' John.' ) 
John Knutton^ Viets, son of Rev. Roger Moore Viets 
and his wife, Eliza (Knutton), was born at Digby, N. S., in 
1809, and died in 1868. He was sheriff of Digby county. He 
married Harriet Martyn, born May 11, 181 1. 

147 i Charles, b. June 21, 1832; d. in Boston in 1878. 

ii. Celia, bapt. Aug. 17, 1834; m. Charles Stone; resided at 
Maiden, Mass.; d. April iS, 1899- 

148. iii. Henry Synnott, b. April 24, 1836. 
Harriet, b. Nov. 8, 1837; d. aged 10. 
Sarah Morton, m. Charles B. Shaw; res. Maiden, Mass.; 

d. May 18, 1893- Daughter: Mary Letitia. 
Margaret Lavinia, bapt. Aug. 29, 1841. 

149. vii. Edward Martyn, b. April 12, 1843. 
viii Mary Eliza, bapt. May 3. i845- 

John Botsford, b. March 11, 1850; d. March i, 1889. 




X. William, d. in infancy. 


( Botsford,' Roger Moore,* Roger,' John,'' John.' ) 
BoTSFORD^^ Viets, son of Rev. Roger M. and EHza (Knut- 
ton), was born at Digby, July 4, 1810; resided at Digby, N. S., 
where he was collector of customs ; died in 1897. He married 

Sarah Martyn. 

i Caroline Adelaide, b. June 10, 1834; named for her aunt, 
Caroline Viets Wade, and Adelaide, the Queen Dow- 
ager; res. at Digby; has furnished valuable notes and 
records for this work, 
ii. George Augustus, b. 1835. 

150. iii. Sarah Eliza, b. Aug. 28, 1837- 

151. iv. John Moore, b. Dec. n, 1839. 


(Louisa,'' Roger Moore,* Roger,' John,^ John.' ) 
Louisa^ Viets, daughter of Rev. Roger Moore and Eliza 
(Knutton), born about 1813; married in June, 1832, James 
Archer Dennison. 



i. Emma Denmson, b. 1833; m. and had daughter Maud, who 

m. Benjamin Walter of Wareham, Mass. 
ii. James Dennison, b. 1834. 
iii. Louisa Dennison, b. 1835; d. 1872. 

iv. Julia Dennison, b. 1838; d. 1873. J 

V. George Dennison, b. 1839; d. 1869. ■ 

vi. Frank Dennison, b. 1841. 
vii. Lucy Dennison, b. 1844. 
viii. Herbert Dennison, b. 1846. 
ix. Archibald Viets Dennison, b. 1848; d. 1867. 
X. Charles Dennison, b. 1851. 

xi. Eliza Dennison, b. Oct. 31, 1853; m. A. J. J. Copp, so- 
licitor and member of House of Parliament in Canada. 
Daughters: Ethel and Kate, 
xii. Walter Dennison, twin of Eliza, 
xiii. William Dennison, b. 1858. 


( Cafoline,^ Roger Moore/ Roger,* John,' John.' ) 
Caroline^ Viets, daughter of Rev. Roger Moore, born 
about 1818; married J. C. Wade, speaker of the House of Par- 
liament of Nova Scotia, barrister, and notary public. 


i. John Wade, M.D. 

ii. Harry Wade, barrister. 

iii. Katherine Wade, m. F. L. Jones, inspector of customs, 

iv. Alan V. Wade, m. Amy Lane of Ottawa. 


( Seth,* Seth," Seth,« John,^ John.' ) 
Seth^ Viets, son of Seth and Eunice (Dewey), born at 
Pawlet, Vt., lived there during the earlier portion of his life- 
Later he moved to Oberlin, O., where he died Oct. 2, i860. 
He is said to have married a daughter of Samuel Taylor. 


152. i. Charlotte Marie, b. in Vermont, Nov. 14, 1832. 

ii. Samuel B., b. in Vermont, May 22, 1838; m. Julia A. 
Washburn of Oberlin, O., where they reside. 



(Mary/ Seth,* Seth,^ John,^ John.' ) 

Mary^ Viets, daughter of Seth and Eunice (Dewey), born 
at Pawlet, Vt., about 1808; married Franklin Jones of West 
Pawlet, and died in 1893. 


i. Alta Jones, b. about 1838; m. Edward Moran; children: 

Frank, m. and res. at Burlington, Vt. ; Nellie, m. 

Fuller; Horace. 
ii. Fanny Jones, b. 1840; d. 1893; m. Nov. 25, 1858, Joel A. 
Nelson, who died in 1876. Children: 

1. Thelbert M. Nelson, d. 1895. 

2. Martin J. Nelson, res. Hebron, N. Y.; m. Susie 
Munson and had Clara, Munson, and Mason. 

3. Rollin G. Nelson, m. Flora Hatch; res. West 
Rupert, Vt. 

4. Wilber G. Nelson, res. North Hebron, N. Y.; m. 
Alice Filer and had Hazel and Ernest. 

5. Ida S. Nelson, m. Willie C. Mason of Rupert, Vt., 
and has children: Melville and Ernest. 

6. Mary E. Nelson, m. Bert Jenkins, Granville, N. Y. 

7. Merritt E. Nelson, m. November, 1901, Alice 
Lewis; res. Manchester, Vt. 

iii. Helen Jones, h. about 1845; d. 1894; m. Elery A. Clayton. 


( Isabel/ Scth,^ Seth/ John/ John.' ) 

Isabel^ Viets, daughter of Seth Viets, Jr., and Eunice 
(Dewey), born at Pawlet, Vt., about 1810; married Henry 
Sherman, and died about 1880. 


i. Harriet Marie Sherman, d. at Pawlet about 1885; unmar- 

ii. Laura Ann Sherman, m. and her husband was killed in the 
Civil War; d. at Pawlet, 1898. 

iii. Lester Sherman, placed third on this list, but thought by 
some to have been the oldest of the family; m. and had 
children: Mary L., m. Edson, Claremont Junction, N. 
H.; Will, res. Providence, R. I.; Frank, Cavendish, Vt. 


iv. Sarah Jane Sherman, b. Nov. 15, 1847; d. March 9, 1892; 
m. March 17, 1870, Isaac Barnes. Children: Charles' 
d. April 14, 1890; Blanche, Archie, Pawlet, Vt.; Harold, 
Pawlet, Vt.; Guy, West Rupert, Vt.; Sara, Donald, 
West Rupert, Vt.; Blanche, m. Dec. 24, 1895, Rollin F. 
Hopkins of West Rupert, Vt., and has a son: Frederick 
Field Hopkins, b. Nov. 3, 1898. 


(Captain Henry/ Seth," Seth/ John,' John.') 

Captain Henry^ Viets, son of Seth, Jr., and Eunice 
(Dewey), was born at Pawlet, Vt, in 1814; married, in 1836, 
Harriet Maria Shaw; resided at Pawlet, where he died in 1887. 


153. i. Harriet Louisa, b. 1836; d. 1882. 

154. ii. Fayette, b. 1841; d. 1893. 

iii. Helen Maria, b. 1846; d. 1895; m. first, about 1866, Amyle 
B. Searles of West Pawlet. Son: Edgar Brewer Searles, 
b. 1868; m. about 1897 Lillian Kingsley and res. at Dor- 
chester, Mass. She m. second, about 1882, James 
Adams; res. at Rutland, Vt. 

155. iv. Martin Henry, b. 1849. 


( Sophiat^ Simeon Smith,'* Setli,^ John,' John.' ) 

Sophia^ Viets, daughter of Simeon Smith Viets, was born 
Aug. 10, 1800; married Jesse M. Leonard, Geneva, O. ; died at 
Oakland, Cal, Jan. 25, 1884. 


i. Julia Ann Leonard, h. June 6, 1822; m. in 1847 Calvin 
Munger; res. Sacramento, Cal. Children: Carlton Mun- 
ger and Mrs. Julia C. Jones. 

ii. Ambrose Viets Leonard, b. Oct. 23, 1824; left Moore's 
Flat, Cal., in 1869; has not been heard from since; sup- 
posed to have been murdered for his money. 

iii. Volney M. Leonard, b. July 15, 1832; m. in 1851 Helen 
Loomis; res. at Roseville, Cal. 

iv. Carlisle Leonard, h. July 19, 1834; d. at Sacramento, Cal., 
in 1854. 


( Jane,' Simeon Smith/ Seth,' John,' John.' ) 
Jane^ Viets, daughter of Simeon Smith, was born in 1804; 
married Orlin Dibble of Granby; Hved in East Hampton, 
Mass., and died in Springfield about 1895. 

i. Nelson Dibble, m. and had children: Louis Nelson, East 
Hampton, Mass.; Nellie E., m. Cassius Brewer, Hock- 
anum. Conn.; Frank H., Holyoke, Mass.; Lyman W., 
East Hampton, Mass.; Harriet L., d.; Mary A., Her- 
bert L., William A., Harry P. 

ii. Amelia Dibble. 

iii. Harriet Dibble, adopted daughter, m. Moses Leonard of 
East Hampton, Mass. Daughter, Henrietta Leonard; 
d. on her wedding day. 


(Rodney,^ Jesse,* Seth,' John,^ John,') 
Rev. Rodney^ Viets, son of Rev. Jesse and Dolly Ann 
(Saxton), was born at St. Albans, Vt., June 16, 1806; re- 
moved with his parents to Amboy, O., in 1823, and married, in 
1829, Lucinda H. Wood, born at Conneaut, Pa., March 28, 
1808. Both died the same year, 1887, the wife, Feb. 28th, the 
husband, Nov. 20th. 

The following sketch of Rev. Rodney Viets is from the 
pen of his daughter, Mrs. D. H. Gaylord: Mr. Viets was, like 
his father, a pioneer preacher. At the age of twenty-one he 
was a prominent member of the M. E. Church, a class-leader, 
and an active exhorter. Soon after that, however, when the 
wave of reformation swept over the Western Reserve and ad- 
jacent states led by the Campbellites, and those who pleaded 
for a return to primitive Christianity, he became deeply in- 
terested, and was thoroughly convinced that he had learned 
the way more perfectly. He met with opposition, yet never 
afterwards regretted his final decision. 

In his obituary is this tribute : " Elder Viets, in his chosen 
field of thought, was a man of more than ordinary powers. 
His forte was the gospel, to which he devoted heart, brain, and 
purse. The Disciples in Geneva owe him a debt of love for the 


hundreds of dollars he gave them in their first efforts there. 
He united with the Disciples fifty years ago, when such a step 
covered the heretic with contempt ; but he lived to see the 
church of his choice number a membership of 700,000, among 
whom are scholars, authors, editors, generals, senators, and 
a president of the nation. He was a hated, original abolition- 
ist, and lived to see his wildest dreams on that subject more 
than realized in the extinction of American slavery. He held 
gently the reins of family government, was true to temperance 
principles, loyal to God, to his country, his church, and his 
friends, and, we believe, his supreme hope is now realized in 
eternal life." 

Mr. Viets' wife shared with him their pioneer life, and, by 
her industry and economy, assisted in securing a competency 
for their old age. Having nobly filled the place of mother, 
wife, and friend, she died as the righteous die. 

Children of Rev. Rodney and Lucinda Wood Viets: 

i. Rodney Dwight, b. Conneaut, O., March 19, 1830; d. Feb. 
21, 1831. 
156. ii. Mandana Lucinda, b. Nov. 13, 1831; d. Feb. 10, 1883. 
157- iii- Byron Mortimer, b. Sept. 13, 1833; d- Dec. 28, 1896. 

158. iv. Harriet Melissa, b. Ashtabula, O., March 11, 1836. 

159. V. Frank Jesse, b. Saybrook, O., March 12, 1839. 
vi. Clarissa Maria, b. July 19, 1841; d. Dec. 25, 1847. 

vii. Mary Elisabeth, b. Aug. 30, 1845; d. Dec. 21, 1871. 

160. viii. Celestia Clarissa, b. Nov. 6, 1847. 

161. ix. Durell Fremont, b. April i, 1854. 

(RoUin/ Jesse/ Seth/ John,'^ John.' ) 

RoLLiN''^ Viets, son of Jesse and Dolly Ann (Saxton), was 
born June, 1808, and married at Conneaut, O., Dec. 2, 1831, 
Electa A. Brown, who was born in Schoharie county, N. Y., 
Aug. 29, 1805, and died Sept. 20, 1884. Mr. Viets died in 
April, 1848. 

Children born between 1833 ^"cl 1846: 

162. i. Rollin Burton, b. 

163. ii. Philander Dan, b. 1836; d. June 22, 1895. 

164. iii. Elliot W., b. July 28, 1839. 

165. iv. Jesse L., b. about 1842. 

166. V. Andrew Hamlin, b. 1845. 




( Dolly Ann/ Jesse/ Seth/ John/ John.' ) 

Dolly Ann^ Viets, daughter of Jesse and Dolly Ann 
(Saxton), was born Feb., 181 1; married in 1835 Horatio A. 
Lovejoy, and died in 1882. 


i. Caroline D. Lovejoy. 

ii. Helen Lovejoy, m. A. Crittenden; res. Conneaut, O. 
iii. Jannet Lovejoy, m. Robert Goldsmith; res. Conneaut, O. 


(Mary Ann/ Jesse,' Seth/ John/ John/ ) 

Mary Ann° Viets, daughter of Jesse and Dolly Ann (Sax- 
ton), born in 1813; married Henry Benson in 1834, and died in 


i. Watson Benso-n, m. Ursula Fox. 

ii. Emory Benso^t, res. Oregon. 

iii. Rosett Benson, m. John Starkweather; res. Missouri, 

iv. Adelbert Bensan, m. Myra Simpson; res. Conneaut, O. 

V. Leslie Bensan, m. Alice Beckwith; res. Moosehead, Pa. 


(Rose Ann,^ Jesse/ Seth,^ John/ John/) 

Rose Ann° or Nancy Rosann'a^ Viets, daughter of Jesse 
and Dolly Ann (Saxton), was born in 1816; married, in 1840, 
Carlisle Palmer, and died July 9, 1893. Carlisle Palmer died 
at Amboy, O., Feb. 28, 1896, aged nearly eighty-five years. 
He was born, it is believed, at East Hartford, Conn., in 
181 1, was adopted into the family of Roswell Viets when about 
five years of age, and went to Amboy with Mr. Viets in 
1820. He was by turns a painter and merchant. 


i. Arthur D. Palmer, enlisted in Fifty-second Ohio Regiment 
in Civil War, taken prisoner at battle of Peach Tree 
Creek, near Atlanta; was imprisoned at Andersonville, 
and died after liberation in 1864. 


ii. Emma L. Palmer, m. George L. Younge of Amboy. 

iii. RoIIin M. Palmer. 

iv. Robert E. Palmer, d. September, 1858. 

V. Leon D. Palmer, d. Sept. 22, 1894. 

vi. Infant daughter, d. 


(Eunice/ Jesse/ Seth/ John/ John.' ) 

Eunice'' Viets, daughter of Jesse and Dolly Ann (Saxton), 
was born in 1819, and married John Watson. Family res. 
in Nashville, Iowa. 


i. Reed Watson. 

ii. Edgar Watson. 

iii. Leslie Watson. 

iv. Eugene Watson. 


( Franklin/ Roswell/ Seth/ John/ John/ ) 

Franklin^ Viets, son of Roswell and Arabella (Granger), 
was born at East Hartford, Conn., Jan. i, 1816. For the fol- 
lowing account of Franklin Viets and his wife we are in- 
debted to their daughter, Miss Emily A. Viets. 

At the age of four years Franklin Viets removed with his 
parents to Conneaut, Ashtabula, O., where he has resided ever 
since, with the exception of one year spent in the southern part 
of the county. This section of the country was a vast wilder- 
ness at that time. Franklin Viets witnessed the change of a 
heavily wooded country into a thickly settled community. 
Conneaut Harbor has become, during the past year (1899), 
the chief ore-receiving port on the great lakes. Mr. Viets 
was married, June 13, 1844, to Ellen Elizabeth McDonnell, 
daughter of James and Theodocia McDonnell. She was born 
in Kirkland, Oneida county, N. Y., July 17, 1821. Her father, 
James McDonnel of Highland Scotch ancestry, was born in 
Ballymona, Antrim county, Ireland, only a few miles from 
the birthplace of the parents of Presidents Arthur and Mc- 
Kinley. Mrs. Viets died March 11, 1870, at the age of forty- 


eight. She was the true type of Irish beauty, sweet disposi- 
tion, and generous nature. Franklin Viets resides (1900) 
at Amboy, O. 


i. Ellena F., b. Conneaut, March 28, 1845. 
ii. Emily A., b. Oct. 5, 1847. 


(Barzillia Granger,' RosweU,^ Seth,^ John,' John.' ) 

Barzillia Granger^ Viets, son of Roswell and Arabella 
(Granger), was born in East Windsor, Conn., Feb. 5, 1818, 
and died at Conneaut, O., June 14, 1885, aged sixty-seven. 
His wife, Hannah Bushnell, whom he married. May 20, 1840, 
died at Conneaut, Sept., 1890, aged seventy. 


i. Orpha Veronia, b. May 11, 1842; m. Nov. 11, 1859, D. K. 
Carter; d. at Conneaut Feb. 17, 1861. 

167. ii. Edward Walton, b. July 28, 1847. 

iii. Francis W., b. July 28, 1847; d. July 24, 1863. 

168. iv. Byron B., b. June 2, 1849. 


(FideUa,'* RosweU/ Seth," John," John.' ) 

Fidelia^ Viets, daughter of Roswell and Arabella 
(Granger), was born at West Springfield, Mass., Feb. 28, 1820, 
and married at Conneaut, O., Jan. i, 1840, Walker S. Bennett, 
who was born in Fairfield county, Conn., Aug. 25, 1817. She 
died in Monroe, Ashtabula county, O., Jan. 28, 1878, he in 
Monroe, Dec. 26, 1883. 

Children born at Monroe, O.: 

i. Ellen Arcelia Bennett, b. March 26, 1844; m. Wiltshire 
Webster; res. Cleveland, O. 

ii. Loren Marcus Bennett, b. March 14, 1846; m. Alzada 
Brockway; res. Jefferson, O. 

iii. Ann Eliza Bennett, b. April 14, 1849; m. Isaac D. Cham- 
berlain; res. Pueblo, Col. 

iv. Frank Edward Bennett, b. Sept. 19, 1852; m. Carrie Baker; 
res. at the old homestead in Monroe. 


V. Rollin Andrew Bennett, b. Dec. lo, 1853; m. Ella M. Hen- 
derson of Panama, N. Y. ; res. David City, Neb. 
vi. Lillian May Bennett, h. March 28, 1863; m. F. B. Hazel- 
ton; d. at Hazelton, Kan., 1886, leaving a daughter. 


(Charlotte,^ Roswell,* Seth,=' John,' John.') 

Charlotte^ Viets, daughter of Roswell and Arabella 
(Granger), born March 20, 1822; married Jan. i, 1840, Norman 
Matson, and resided in Ottawa, 111., where she died Sept. 21, 



i. Albert Eugene Matson, b. at Conneaut, O., June 4, 1841; 

a soldier in the Civil War, afterwards a minister of the 

gospel; res. San Diego, Cal. 
ii. Charlotte Arabella Matson, b. May 10, 1844; m. Deles 

Gregory; res. Rockford, 111. 
iii. Catherine Adelaide Matson, h. in Ottawa, 111., Jan. 20, 

1848; m. Dr. Byron B. Viets. 
iv. Ella Matson, h. July 17, 1853; m. Albert Brown Pitcher, 

Conneaut, O.; children: Chas. and Catherine H. 


(Armenus E./ Zopher,^ Setfa,' John,' John.') 

Armenus E.^ Viets, son of Zopher and Tacy (Hillyer), 
born in East Granby, Conn., Jime 18, 1817; married Delia U. 
Smith at Cherry Valley, O., Dec. 16, 1840; by trade, a cigar 
manufacturer; church connection, Congregationalist. He 
died at Amboy, O., Aug. 28, 1881. His wife died at Amboy, 
Jan. 8, 1864. He married, second, Adelia Williams, Nov., 

Children by first marriage: 

i. Julia E., b. Aug. 26, 1844; m. Dec. 12, 1865, Edward Bock- 
enstone; d. July 5, 1887. 

ii. George A., b. Dec. 28, 1845; d. April 13, 1850, at Con- 

iii. Amanda E., b. Feb. 22, 1851; m. Nov. 5, 1871, Frank A. 
Rogers, since deceased; is living in Amboy, O.; five 
children: Ollie M., Ada L., Pearl H., Carl, and Reva. 



iv. Ada M., b. Aug. 28, 1853; m. first, George Risley, about 
1873; daughter: Alberta F. Risley. She m. second, 
1877, James Mills; son: Ray Mills; res. Oregon. 

By second marriage: 

V. Eva, d. 1882. 
vi. Elmer, d. 1882. 


(Emeline A.,^ Zopher/ Seth,^ John,^ John.') 

Emeline A.^ Viets, daughter of Zopher and Tacy (Hill- 
yer), born at East Granby, Conn., Nov. 27, 1819; married 
William Royal, and died June 29, 1891. 


i. Hiram L. Royal. 

ii. Albert Royal. 

iii. Martha Royal. 

iv. Tacy Royal. 

V. Wilhelmina Royal. 

vi. Amanda Royal. 


(Zopher H.,^ Zophcf,-* Seth/ John," John.' ) 

Zopher H.^ Viets, son of Zopher and Tacy (Hillyer), born 
in East Granby, Conn., April 16, 1823; married Mary Jane Hill 
May 18, 1841; is a farmer, and resides now (1900) at Troy, 



i. Eugene E., b. Sept. 7, 1855: m. Feb. 21, 1877, Mary C. 

Mills; res. Troy Center, Crawford county, Pa., perhaps 

later at Meadville, Pa. 
ii. Sarah E., b. May 28, 1858; m. Feb. 21, 1878, Albert B. 



(Lois A./ Zopher/ Seth/ John,' John.') 
Lois A.^ Viets, daughter of Zopher and Tacy (Hillyer), 
born in East Granby, Conn., Oct. 28, 1825; removed to Wil- 
liamsfield, O.; married James F. French in 1846, and died 
April 23, 1857. 



i. Adella E. French, b. Oct. i8, 1848; m. July 3, 1866, Wm, 

Lossie. Children: Maude E., b. April 15, 1867; Frank, 

Ida, and Wallace D. 
ii. Volney Franklin French, b. Nov. 27, 1850; m. July 4, 1878, 

Clara Black, 
iii. Ida Estella French, b. Feb. 21, 1852; m. March 25, 1874, 

Wm. Webb. Daughter: Grace, b. March 4, 1877. 
iv. Homer Delos French, b. Sept. 25, 1856; m. June 11, 1884, 

M. Edna Marvin. Daughter: Mabelle Elizabeth, b July 

17, 1885. 


(Hiram A./ Zopher/ Setli,^ John,' John.') 
Hiram A.^ Viets, son of Zopher and Tacy (Hillyer), was 
born in East Granby, Conn., Jan. 19, 1828, and married Emma 

He was a cigar manufacturer; is retired, and lives at Beloit,. 
Wis. Son: 

i. Royal T., b. April 25, 1881; d. Nov. 2, 1881. 


(Mary J./ Zopher,' S«th,^John,Vohn.') 

Mary J.-"^ Viets, daughter of Zopher and Tacy (Hillyer), 
was born in East Granby, Conn., June 2, 1830, and married, 
Oct. 24, 1850, Henry Grant, son of Paschal W. and Julia Viets 
Grant. They resided at Conneaut, O., where Mrs. Grant died 
Dec. 29, 1890. Daughter: 

i. Lena May Grant, b. Jan. 23, 1856. 


(Martha M.,^ Zopher,* Seth,^ John,' John.') 
Martha M.^ Viets, daughter of Zopher and Tacy (Hill- 
yer), was born at Andover, O., May 25, 1834, and married,, 
Sept. 6, 1850, Jackson Simons. 


i. Francelia S. Simons., h. Dec. ii, 1851; m. Charles W. Ben- 
ton, 1879. 
ii. Susie M. Simons, h. June 11, 1875. 



(Shalof N./ Zophcr/ Seth,' John,^ John.^) 
Shalor N.^ Viets, son of Zopher and Tacy (Hillyer), was 
born at Williamsfield, O., Jan. 4, 1837, and married Catharine 
Gillett at Cherry Valley, O., July 22, 1862. Occupation, 
farmer; education, academic; residence (1900), Madison, O. 
He was postmaster at Unionville, O., from 1888 to 1893. 


169. i. Eva Sophia, b. May 4, 1864. 

170. ii. Jessie M., b. Aug. 20, 1865. 

171. iii. Mabel T., b. Oct. 25, 1866. 

172. iv. Kathleen L., b. March 16, 1869. 


(Gaylor G./ Zopfacr/ Seth,^ John," John.') 
Gaylor G.' Viets, son of Zopher and Tacy (Hillyer), was 
born at Williamsfield, O., Aug. 24, 1840, and married Ella 
King at Kingsville, O., Sept. 8, 1868. Education, academic; 
church connection, Presbyterian. He was postmaster at 
Kingsville from 1893 to 1897; has been clerk in the railroad 
freight department, and a cigar manufacturer. He died April 

30, 1900. 

Adopted daughter: 

i. Maude, m. Dr. Thatcher. 


(Sarah,' Abner/ Abner/ John,' John.' ) 
S-\RAH'^ Viets, daughter of Abner, Jr., and Sarah (Booth), 
was born in Granby, Conn., March 7, 1794; married Benjamin 
Perkins of Ashford, Conn., Aug. 20, 1815, and died m Greene, 
N. Y., July 9, 1867. 


Chaplin Viets Perkins, h. Springfield, Mass., May 31. 
1816; m. Rhoda Sweetland of Freetown, N. Y., in 1843; 

d. Aug. 30, 1849- „ , . 

Mary Perkins, h. Springfield, Mass., Dec. n, 1817; d. in 
Sheffield. Mass., Oct. 8, 1823, aged six years. 




iii. Sarah P.r;^/„^, b. in Springfield, Mass., Oct. 26, i8iq- m 
Lucius T. Darby of Greene, N. Y., Sept. 30 1838' d" 

w'n- ^' '^^^' ^^^^'""^ ^'''^^ '°"'' ^^"'•y' Frank, 'and 

iv. Benjamin Perkins, b. in Springfield Feb. 3, 1822; d. July 

V. Mary Sophia P.r/em,, b. in Sheffield, Mass., July 29 i8-6- 
m. Henry C. Maynard of Greene, N. Y., May 24,' 1849' 
d. in Binghamton, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1894 
VI. Carohne Pe^ins, b. in Greene, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1828; m 
Jefterson Kingman of Cincinnatus, NY Nov 6 i8?i- 
res. Binghamton, N. Y. ' • - 5 , 


(Rebecca/ Abner/ Abner,^ John,^ John.') 
Rebecca^ Viets, daughter of Abner, Jr., and Sarah, was 
born in Granby, Conn., Sept. 4, 1796; married Chandler Haw- 
ley at Granby, Feb. 2, 1817, and died in Trumbull county O 
June 25, 1 87 1. •' ■' 

Children born and died in Trumbull county, O.: 

i. Mary Hawley h. Nov. 13. 1817; m. Isaac Smith, who is 
still (1901) hving at Fowler, O., at the age of ninety. 
Children: Sarah, Orpha, Emmogene, Delia, and Van 
Zandt Smith. Sarah m. Post, res. Youngstown, O. 
". Samantha Hazvley, b. July 19, 1819: m. Loren Sigler Oct 
23, 1839; d. Nov. 28, 1883. Children: 

1. Lemira M. Sigler, b. 1841; d 185^ 

2. Mantie L. Sigler, b. Oct. 19, 1843; m. Oct. 14, 
i«74, La Fayette Hunter and had: Maude, b. Jan 
8, 1876; d. May 11, 1883. and Loren, b. Aug 13 
1883. Mrs. Mantie L. Hunter res. at Warren o' 

Chauncey Hawley, b. Oct. 16, 1821; m. Mary Manly'- d' 

Dec. 10, 1853. Children: Florence Hawley, b. 1849 'm' 
^'^rr: Post of Cortland, O., and Chauncey Hawley. 
Sally Hawley, b. Sept. i, 1823: m. Aurorah Hayes; d. Sept 

?' . Children: Hiram, Henry, Florella, Estella, 

Eva, and Watson Hayes. 
V. Orpha Hawley, b. Feb. 14, 1826; m. Ephraim Posf d 

IT' i ^870. Children: Jay, Viets, Loren, Harry, and 

rl^ Tr. ' '^'' "^"'"^ '^ M"- May Richards of 
Cortland, O. 

vi. Watson Hazvley, b. April 10, 1830; m. Lemira Doud- d 
July, 1853. One child: Watson Hawley, d. young. 





(Mary or Polly,^ Abner,'* Abner,^ John/ John.' ) 
Mary,^ or Polly, Viets, daughter of Abner, Jr., and 
Sarah, was born in Granby, Conn., Feb. 25, 1798; married 
George Sigler, one of the first settlers of Fowler, O., who died 
Dec. 3, 1837, aged 45. She married, second, Asa Manley, 
and died July 3, 1876. Daughter: 

i. Almira Sigler, b. July 12, 1822; d. Sept. 28, 1875; m. Curtis 
Hall of Fowler, O., who d. Nov. 12, 1898. Daughter: 
Mary E. Hall, b. Oct. 31, 1843; m. Jan. i, 1865, Allen 
Cadwalader; d. July 10, 1874, leaving a son, Elmo Cad- 
walader, b. July i, 1874, who m. Irene Strickland 
April 15, 1900, and has a son, Alfred Cadwalader, b. 
April 26, 1901. Res. of Allen Cadwalader and family,. 
Oakfield, O. 


(Angeline,^ Abner/ Abner/ John/ John.') 
AirGELiNE^ ViETS, daughter of Abner, Jr., and Sarah, was 
born in Granby, Conn., May 4, 1800, and died in Fowler, Trum- 
bull county, O., Sept. 9, 1857. She married, April 4, 1824, 
Alanson Taylor, the youngest of eight children, born in Great 
Barrington, Mass., Aug. 24, 1799. Mr. Taylor's father gave 
him one hundred acres of land in Ohio on condition that he 
would clear and settle. Across the highway from this land 
lived Miss Angeline Viets with her married sister, Mrs. Polly 
Sigler. Here Alanson Taylor boarded, and, being so far from 
home, naturally planned to have one of his own. Mr. Tay- 
lor died at Fowler, March 18, 1842. 


i. Hannibal Taylor, h. July 30, 1825; d. at Neodesha, Wil- 
son county, Kan. 

ii. Sarah Ann Taylar, h. July 16, 1827; m. Coe, South 

Newbury, Geauga county, O. 
iii. Edgar Taylar, h. April 16, 1829; d. in Fowler, 
iv. Allison Taylar, h. Feb. 4, 1832; res. Traverse City, Mich. 
V. Otis Taylar, b. March 18, 1834; res. at Fowler, O. 


vi. Byron Taylar, b. April 15, 1836; res. at Vienna, Trumbull 

county, O. 
vii. Lathrop Taylor, h. March 10, 1838; d. at Nashville, Tenn. 
viii. Alanson Taylor, h. Jan. 20, 1840; res. at Fremont, Newago 

county, Mich. 


(Byron,^ Abner/ Abncr,^ John/ John.') 

Byron^ Viets, son of Abner, Jr., and Sarah, was born in 
Granby, Conn., Jan. 25, 1802, and died at West Salem, Wis., 
April 28, 1869, where he was buried in Neshonoc Cemetery. 
He married, at Fowler, O., April 28, 1828, Milla Kingsley. 
She was born at Becket, Mass., July 18, 1805, and died at New 
Whatcom, Wash., April 2y, 1893. She was the oldest daughter 
of John F. and Sabrina (Burchard) Kingsley of Becket. 

In early life Byron Viets was a peddler traveling through 
the South until 1822 when he moved with his mother to 
Fowler, O., where he owned a store and a large farm, remain- 
ing there until about 1845, when, hearing of the glories of 
Wisconsin, he sold out, and, with his wife, some of the smaller 
children, and a few household goods, all in a large covered 
wagon, he journeyed to Wisconsin overland through Ohio, 
Indiana, IlHnois, and located at Waupun, Wis., where the 
youngest of the eight children, Cassius Marcellus, was born 
Sept. 19, 1845. The family were many months on the road 
through a wild and unsettled country full of hostile Indians 
and dangerous animals, and many were the hardships endured. 
After remaining in Wisconsin a while, they became dis- 
satisfied, and returned to Ohio the way they came. They 
made the trip back and forth several times, evidently in search 
of the lost Eldorado, until about 1850, when they located in the 
lovely La Crosse River valley, the Eden spot of Wisconsin, the 
place Mr. Viets had so long sought. They settled at Burns 
first, then at Neshonoc, La Crosse county, on a large farm. 
Mr. Viets was content to spend the balance of his days here, 
and his eight children were soon gathered around him in 
various occupations, mercantile, farming, stock-raising, etc. 

In 1859 the railroads began to pierce the rich agricultural 
regions of Wisconsin. The C. W. and St. Paul, being first 


to discover the La Crosse Valley, ran a few miles south of Mr. 
Viets' farm, and a town was located at West Salem, where 
he bought a good home, and moved in 1865, and where he 
died four years later. 

Byron Viets and his wife, Milla, were charter members of 
the First Congregational Church in La Crosse, organized in 
1852. " He was a very upright and honorable man, whose 
word was as good as his bond. He was loved and respected 
by all who knew him." 

i. Byron Augustus, b. March 14, 1829, at Fowler, O.; d. 

Feb. 14, 1877. 
ii. Catharine, b. July 5, 1831; d. Sept. 29, 1876. 

Apollos Kingsley, b. Oct. 30, 1833; d. Dec. 10, 1888. 
Leander, b. May 14, 1836; d. April 14, 1895. 
V. Mary Almira, b. April 3, 1839. 
vi. Samantha, b. Dec. 13, 1841. 
vii. John Flavel, b. Jan. 14, 1844. 

Cassius Marcellus, b. at Waupun, Wis., Sept. 19, i845- 







(Drayton,^ Abner/ Abner/ John," John.') 
Drayton^ Viets, son of Abner, Jr., and Sarah, was born 
in Granby, Conn., June 13, 1804; lived for a while in Becket, 
Mass., and was a farmer in Trumbull county, O., where he 
died June 19, 1868. He married, Nov. 27, 1827, Caroline 
Segar of Massachusetts, who was born April 26, 1806, and 
died Jan. 8, 1881. 


181. i. Alonzo D., b. Jan. 14, 1829; m. about 1840 Adelia Bur- 

gher; farmer; res. at Holton, Mich. 
ii. Marcia Ann, b. Feb. 19. 1830; d. Jan. iS, 1835- 

182. iii. Oliver O., b. Feb. 7, 1832; d. June 7, 1862. 

iv. Emily M., b. June 22, 1834; d. April 22, 1835. 

V. Sarah Ann, b. Dec. 14, 1835; d. Aug. 7, 1850. 

183. vi. Abner C, b. June 21, 1837; d. July 6, 1871. 

184. vii. Orville Dakin, b. July 14, 1838. 

viii. James D., b. Feb. 15, 1840; d. Aug. 20, 1840. 

185. ix. Dudley L., b. June 21, 1845. 

186. X. Henry A., b. May 26, 1847. 




(Oliver,^ Abner," Abncr,' John,' John.' ) 
Dr. Oliver^ Viets, son of Abner, Jr., and Sarah, born in 
Granby, Conn.; studied medicine, was a surgeon in the army 
in the Civil War; was with the army stationed on Mackinac 
Island, Mich., in Lake Huron; later was at Sackett's Harbor, 
N. Y.; is said to have lived at Syracuse and at Watertown, N. 
Y., and to have died in New York not long after the war. 

i. Henry, 
ii. Daughter, m. ist, Littlefield; 2d, a dentist, and moved to 

La Crosse, Wis.; cannot be traced. 
iii. Oliver, said to have settled at Sackett's Harbor, N. Y.; 
does not seem to be there no-w. 


(Lathrop A.,^ Abner,* Abner ,^ John," John.' ) 
Lathrop A.^ Viets, son of Abner, Jr., and Sarah, was 
born in Granby, Conn., Dec. 2, 1816, and died at Parkers 
Prairie, Minn., July 16, 1883. He married, Feb. 15, 1836, 
his cousin, Lavinia Kellogg, daughter of Enoch and Eunice 
(Viets) Kellogg, who was born in 1814, and died April 6, 1861, 
at Burns, Wis. He removed about 1850 from Ohio to Burns, 
La Crosse county, Wis., where he was for many years engaged 
in mercantile business and farming. He also lived at 
Wadena and at Parkers Prairie, Minn. He married, second, 
Julia M. Avery, Oct. 29, 1862. 

Children of Lathrop A. and Lavinia Viets: 

i. Lavinia, b. March 5, 1837; d. March 20, 1837, at Burns, 

187. ii. Annis, b. March 30, 1838; d. Jan. 18, 1873, at Burns, Wis. 

188. iii. Henry Leslie, b. March 18, 1840; d. Oct. 16, 1895. 
iv. Eunice, b. March 20, 1842; d. Aug. 19, 1843. 


(Hobart Benoni,* Benoni,'* Abner," John,^ John.') 
HoBART Benon'i^ Viets, SOU of Bcuoni and Esther 
(Dewey), was born in Granby, Conn. When a young man he 
went with his brother, Rudd, to New Harmony, Ind., about 



1836. New Harmony was a socialistic community founded 
by Robert Dale Owen, geologist and naturalist. Hobart 
Viets lived also in Kentucky. He married, first, Martha 
Higgins, who died in 1846, and, second, Amelia Higgins, 
sister of his first wife. Mr. Viets died in 1864. 


i. Marcia Jane, d. in her seventeenth year. 

189. ii. Sarah Frances, b. in 1846. 

iii. Robert Rudd, res. at Hazelwood, Ballard County, Ky. 
iv. William Hobart, res. at Hazelwood; no response. 

190. V. Mary Susan, b. Nov. 29, 1856. 

191. vi. John Oscar, b. Jan., 1863. 


( Seymour S./ Samuel/ Abner,^ John,' John.' ) 

Seymour Samuel^ Viets, son of Samuel and Susan 
(Pratt), was born in Granby, Conn., May 16, 1800, and died at 
the home of his daughter, Sophia, near Tariffville in 1886. He 
married, Nov., 1820, Maria Olds, who was born in Southwick, 
Mass., Nov., 1800, and died in Forester, Mich., Feb. 6, 1855. 


i. Samantha, b. 1822; d. 1823. 

192. ii. Sophia, b. 1824; d. Jan. 18, 1892. 

193. iii. Samuel Willis, b. 1825; d. March 8, 1899. 

iv. Alvira, b. 1827; d. 1845; m. Henry H. Olds, a baker of 
New Haven, Conn. 

194. v. Ellen Jane, b. Nov. 23, 1831. 

195. vi. William Chauncey, b. May 22, 1834. 
vii. Lewis, d. aged ten months. 

viii. Laura Ann, d. aged fifteen years. 

196. ix. Maria Salome, b. June 4, 1842. 

197. X. Cynthia Isabel, b. June 22, 1844; d. Feb. 19, 1901. 

198. xi. Mary Susan, b. March 17, 1846; d. May 9, 1886. 


(Susan Jane,^ Samuel/ Abner/ John/ John.') 

Susan* Jane^ Viets, daughter of Samuel and Susan 
(Pratt), born July 30, 1814; married Lester Merriman of 



Sufifield, Conn., who died in middle life. She removed with 
her family to Melville, Kansas, where she died Oct. 13, 


i. William Merriman. 

ii. Julia Sophia Merriman, m., and res. in Oklahoma, 

iii. Jasper Merriman. 

iv. Frank Merriman. 


(Mary Louisa,^ Dan,* Abncr,^ John,' John.' ) 
Mary Louisa^ Viets, oldest child of Dan and Beulah 
(Phelps), born in Granby, Conn., Feb. 15, 1813; married 
Lemuel Holcomb of North Granby, and died July 14, 1890. 

i. Clifton Lemuel Holcomb, b. April 17, 1851; m. Luella M. 
Talmadge. Children: Cecil Talmadge and Mary 
Luella. They res. in Springfield, Mass. 


( Julia Ann,' Dan,* Abner,^ John,' John.' ) 

Julia Anist^ Viets, daughter of Dan and Beulah (Phelps), 
was born in Granby Aug. 17, 18 16, and died May 26, 1897, 
She married, April 13, 1837, Richardson Grifhn, son of 
Aristarchus Griffin, who was born Nov. 22, 1812, and died 
May 21, 1898. . They resided in Hungary in the town of 
Granby. Mrs. Griffin was a woman of good feeling and 
Christian sentiment. 


i. Jennie Ellen Grifiin, b. Dec. 4, 1838; attended the Academy 
at Hancock, Mass.; graduated at the Westfield Normal 
School, and afterwards took an advanced course; taught 
twenty-seven years, eleven years in the public schools of 
Massachusetts, at Westfield, Hadley, and North Sud- 
bury, ten years in a select school and the academy at 
Granby, five years at the public school in the home dis- 
trict, and one year in an academy at Allen's Grove, Wis- 
consin; married Dec. 20, 1883, Moses Willard Maynard 
of North Sudbury, Mass., where they reside. 



ii. Alice Josephine GriMn, b. May 23, 1849; was educated at 
a select school in Granby and at the Westfield High 
School; married Sept. 29, i86g, Halsey Starr Holcombe, 
a farmer in Granby. Children: Nathaniel and Jessie 

iii. Duane Nelson Griffin, b. Dec. 24, 1853; was educated at 
Westfield High School, Wilbraham Academy, and Bos- 
ton University, is a minister in the M. E. Church, and 
has held appointments at Haddam, Unionville and 
Burlington, Plainville and Farmington, Meriden, Ham- 
den, New Haven, Hartford, and again in New Haven. 
He is an able preacher and lecturer. He married Jan. 
I, 1880, Ada Belle Moore of Montgomery, Mass. Chil- 
dren: Jennie Mabel, Ray Maynard, and Roy Duane. 


(Harriet Newell,^ Dan/ Abner/ John,' John.' ) 

Harriet Newell^ Viets, daughter of Dan and Beulah 
(Phelps), was born in Granby Jan. i, 1818, and died Dec. 20, 
1897. She married, first, Gilbert Griffin, son of Aristarchus 
Griffin of Granby, and, second, Milton Griffin, brother of 
Gilbert. They resided in Granby. 

Children by first marriage: 

i. Annis Samantha Griffin, b. in Granby Jan. 26, 1842; mar- 
ried March 2, 1863, Oliver L. Holcomb, son of Lemuel 
Holcomb of North Granby, by his first wife. Children: 

1. Hattie Louisa Holcomb, b. Nov. 22, 1868; m. Oct. 
27, 1887, Clement E. Robinson. Children: Etta 
Louisa, b. Aug. 10, 1888; Ernest Clement, b. Feb. 
25, 1894; George Dennis, b. Oct. 22,, 1895; Myrtle 
Fannie, b. June 21, 1899. 

2. Orrie Bell Holcomb, b. Nov. 7, 1872; m. in 1891, 
Carlton H. Case. Children: Mertie Caroline, b. 
Dec. 9, 1891; Nellie Calista, b. Feb. 15, 1893. 

3. Frank Oliver Holcomb, b. May 24, 1878; m. Dec. 
25, 1900^ Jessie M. Morgan. 

4. Minnie Annis Holcomb, b. Feb. 19, 1882. 

5. Bertha May Holcomb, b. Dec. 4, 1885. 

ii. Gilbert Benjamin GriMn, b. July 13, 1850; m. Sept. 27, 1871, 
Margaret G. Fleming; resides in Hungary, Granby, 
Conn. Children: 

I. Fred B. Griffin, b. June 16, 1873; is notary public 
and in mercantile business at Granby; m. Sept. 11, 



1895, Bertha Shattuck. Children: Marion Mar- 
gret Griffin, b. July 5, 1897; Freda Bertha Griffin, 
b. June 28, 1900. 

2. Charles F. Griffin, b. Dec. 12, 1874. 

3. Gertrude M. Griffin, b. Jan. 31, 1878. 

4. Emma G. Griffin, b. Dec. 30, 1888. 

Children by second marriage: 

iii. Arthur Milton Griffin, b. July 10, 1857; resides at Hungary 
in Granby; ,m. ist, Dec. i, 1880, Julia C. Andrus of 
Granby, who died June 12, 1884, aged 28. Children: 
Winfield M., b. Nov. 25, 1881; Sadie A., b. Dec. 10, 
1883. He m. 2d, Dec. 25, 1884, Helen M. Hubbard of 
Granville, Mass., b. June 28, 1856. Children: Seymour 
R. and Allie A., b. Oct. 19, 1885; Roy A., b. Feb. i, 
1890; Alida Jane, b. June 22, 1898. 


(ApoUos Phelps/ Dan/ Abner/ John/ John/) 

Rev. Apollos Phelps^ Viets has kindly furnished the 
following autobiographical sketch, written by him at the age 
of eighty-one: 

I was born in the town of Granby, Conn., on the twentieth 
of September, 1819. My parents were Dan Viets and Beulah 
Phelps. My grandparents were Captain Abner and Mary 
Viets, and Deacon Judah Phelps, and Abigail Bishop. My 
name was for Captain Apollos Phelps, a maternal uncle. 
Heredity, environment, and an overruling Providence have 
shaped the way in which I have been brought. We begin to 
learn as also to go astray as soon as we be born. My father 
was a man of parts, but not of thrift, to which he showed an in- 
difference. His varied abilities foimd demand in the com- 
munity, sometimes at a distance, which took him much from 
home, to the neglect of the farm and discomfort of the family. 
My mother's picture was drawn by a wise king of a former 
time as one who looked well to the ways of her household, and 
eating not the bread of idleness. Her worth was not known; 
she was one of " God's hidden ones," of whom the world is 
not worthy, and is now a saint in heaven. She overawed 
me in my tender years with her views of the exceeding sin- 
fulness of sin. She is beyond praise. 



The family record is of nine children, four sisters older 
and four brothers younger than myself. Our home was a 
kind of wayside inn, a resting-place for wayfaring men, where 
hospitality was dispensed and strangers entertained (possibly 
angels unawares among them). Surely the Abrahamic spirit 
made its abode with us. 

After home my education was in the common school, but 
in this my timidity was against me, and I gained very little. 
It was the same in the winter select schools which I attended 
two or three terms. I afterwards attended one term at the 
Hartford Grammar School, and two terms at the Institution at 
Suffield. In my early school days, " the eyes of my under- 
standing being enlightened," I began to look around for help, 
and was directed to self-help, which I have ever found to be 
the best kind of help. So, from the beginning, my education 
has been of the chimney-corner kind. Unaided, I mastered 
the various geographies, grammars, arithmetics, algebras, 
trigonometry, surveying, and botany, — all without a syllable 
of assistance. I took up Latin and Greek, walking six miles 
and back weekly to compare notes with a distinguished scholar 
in these languages. I went to Sufheld to more thoroughly 
perfect myself in these studies, where I think my recitations 
were more than those of any other student in the institution. 

I was from the beginning religiously inclined, and, with 
my sister, Harriet Newell, held religious services, using the 
Book of Common Prayer. The atmosphere in which I first 
breathed was decidedly of a spiritual nature, and all my home 
surroundings were favorable to spiritual growth. The bend- 
ing of the infant twig has given direction to my being. The 
Bible, from the first, has been my text-book, and I believe 
that I have read it through fully fifty times, once annually for 
many years. I love the habitation of God's house, the place 
where his honor dwelleth; there, in my tender years, I re- 
ceived my most precious, as well as my most lasting, im- 
pressions. Having been much in the family of Dr. Hiram 
Preston, who was on from Georgia , he, to my surprise, sug- 
gested, advised, and persuaded me to return with him. There 
I passed three years in teaching. This was a very pleasant 
sojourn, and made me many friends, who strongly protested 


against my leaving, and, but for the existence of slavery, I 
should have remained. 

While in Suffield I made many friends, both in the institu- 
tion and the community, and was given the place of merit 
and honor among the speakers appointed for the commence- 
ment. Immediately after leaving SufBeld I had three in- 
vitations to settle with churches, one from Georgia, one from 
Massachusetts, and one from Canton, Conn., where I went, 
and was afterwards ordained. On invitation I served the 
church in Milford, Conn., and on invitation went to the Bap- 
tist Church in Hancock, Mass., where I remained twenty 
years with a noble and very dear people. During my entire 
pastorate here I was on the school board, and was given almost 
the entire charge of examining teachers and visiting the 
schools of the town. 

About 1870 a plan was conceived for the settlement of a 
community in Kansas, called the New Haven Colony. By 
request and inclination I went out to avail myself of the 
government offer of a homestead to those who would ac- 
cept one. The opportunity seemed good for one to till the 
ground, do gospel work among the pioneers, and secure a 
good home and refuge for old age. The colony scheme was 
a failure, but the country good. I enjoyed four years of 
pioneer life on the prairie, and organized a Baptist Church. 
For family reasons, and much to my regret, I was com- 
pelled to return East. 

I do not forget mother earth. My early days and years 
were spent on a farm, in the woods and fields, among the 
birds and flowers, in close communion with Him who clothes 
the grass and paints the lily, and gives life and food to all. 

I have written and published to some degree. While in 
Georgia I was correspondent to the New England IVcckly 
Review of Hartford, also to many other publications on various 
subjects — religious, agricultural, domestic, and economic, 
both in prose and verse. Many of my contributions have 
been considered of sufficient merit to be copied into such 
papers as the Christian Advocate of New York, the Watchman 
of Boston, and others. I have published, " Voice of the De- 



parted," an essay on Christian patriotism, and " The Cloud- 
veiled Throne." 

I have been something of a traveler, my pilgrimage tak- 
ing me into twenty-six states and Canada. The strangest 
land I found was among the Cumberland and adjoining 
mountains and valleys, a land primeval, and a primitive people, 
a land of wonders, the greatest of which are its people, which, 
to be comprehended, must be seen. 

Looking back over the way I have come I see it marked 
by many infirmities, many things unwise and wrong, which 
I lament, and humbly and sincerely repent. Now, at the age 
of eighty-one, I am looking for the mercy of the Lord Jesus 
Christ unto eternal life, " of whom the whole family in heaven 
and on earth is named." 

Apollos Phelps Viets married, Oct. 9, 1848, Henrietta 
Louisa Webster. She was born in Bethlehem, Conn., June 
II, 1830, and is a descendant, in the eighth generation, from 
John Webster, fifth colonial governor of Connecticut, and 
mentioned with Mr. Hooker and Mr. Stone among the lead- 
ing men in the first party of settlers. Mr. and Mrs. Viets 
reside in Waterbury, Conn. The following tribute is from 
the pen of Mrs. C. A. C. Hadselle, a former parishioner, and 
appeared recently in the Pittsfield Sun: 


The beautiful poem which was so fitly used by the Rev. 
Mr. Nickerson, as a finish to the fine tribute paid to the la- 
mented Mrs. William H. Phillips, has an unusual interest to 
many persons still living in Berkshire county, in that its 
author. Rev. A. P. Viets, was once prominently identified 
with the churches, the schools, and the best homes in the com- 
munity. Responding fifty years ago to the call of the Han- 
cock Baptist church to become its second pastor, he brought 
to the work the vigor of youth, the enthusiasm of an ardent, 
hopeful soul, and a brilliancy of mind and intellect that soon 
made itself felt, not only at home, but in adjacent towns, 
especially Pittsfield and Williamstown, where he was often 
called to an exchange of pulpits, and, by that means, made 


friends with many of the best people. Prof. Libson, who for 
years passed his vacation in Hancock, making his home in the 
pastor's family, and always in his place in the choir, was wont 
to say that, whether for subject-matter, strength and elegance 
of diction, or doctrinal soundness, the sermons of Mr. Viets 
were unsurpassed by any of the noted divines of the day. 

Mr. Viets has written much, both prose and verse, but, in 
his overweening modesty, has resisted all the persuasions of 
his friends to collect and publish. He and his worthy and ac- 
complished wife, Henrietta Webster, a lineal descendant, by 
the way, of Connecticut's Governor Webster, are passing 
a serene old age in their well-appointed home in Waterbury, 
Conn., where they hold a warm place in the hearts of all who 
are fortunate enough to know them. That Mr. Viets' mental 
gifts are unimpaired is proven by the fact that " He Giveth 
His Beloved Sleep " was written after he had passed his 
eightieth milestone. 


i. Ellsworth Phelps Berkley, b. at Milford, Conn., Nov. I2, 
1850; drowned at Ansonia July 28, 1867, while clerk in 
a store. This seeming untimely going of one of much 
hope and promise brought an overwhelming grief to his 
family and friends. 

ii. Wordsworth Bertrand, b. at Hancock, Mass., Nov. 18, 
1854; is a large and prosperous farmer at Grand Ronde, 

iii. John Charles, b. at Hancock, Mass., Nov. 18, 1856; is a 
clerk for a manufacturing business in Waterbury, Conn. 

iv. Mary Louisa, b. at Hancock, June 16, 1858; m. Wilfred 
L. Horton; res. Waterbury; are telephone operators. 

V. Beulah Ruth, b. June 11, 1861; d. Sept. 22, 1861. 

vi. Henrietta Claribel, b. at Hancock Nov. 28, 1863; res. 


( Judah Drydcn/ Dan,* Abner,^ John,' John.' ) 

JuDAH Dryden^ Viets, son of Dan and Beulah (Phelps), 
was born in Granby, Feb. 2, 1823; after his marriage he 
resided for a while in East Granby, where he was engaged 
in the wheelwright business some twelve years; removed to 



Bloomfield, Conn., where he has for many years resided; 
occupation, farming. He married, Oct. 28, 1846, CaroHne E. 
Rowley, born Jan. 16, 1826, daughter of Silas Rowley, Jr., 
and Abigail Holcomb. Silas Rowley, Jr., was son of Captain 
Silas Rowley, a soldier of the Revolution, and he a son of 
Samuel Rowley, born in 17 10, and died in Wintonbury, 
Bloomfield, aged one hundred and one. 


199. i. Albert Andrew, b. Dec. 9, 1847. 

200. ii. Hattie Phelps, b. April 24, 1856. 

201. iii. Minnie Holcomb, b. Aug. 7, 1858. 


(Dan Alexander,^ Dan,^ Abner,^ John,'' John.' ) 

Dan Alexander^ Viets, son of Dan and Beulah (Phelps), 
born in Granby Nov. 11, 1824; married, first, Caroline Phelps, 
daughter of Orson Phelps of East Granby, second, Jane 
Phelan of West Suffield, third, Mary Jane Getman, who died 
Nov. 13, 1877, and, fourth, Mrs. Alice Atwood Grant. He 
has always resided in East Granby, where he has been select- 
man, and held other offices. 

Children by first marriage : 

,202. i. Walter D., b. 1848; d. in December, 1879. 
ii. Fannie. 

By second marriage: 
203. iii. William Burt, b. in West Suffield, Nov. 22, 1853. 

By third marriage: 

iv. Emma L., b. Nov. 20, i860; m. Wm. Tift of Westfield, 
Mass., where they reside. Daughter: Frances Louise 
Tift, b. Feb. 19, 1900. 
^04. V. Hartley A., b. March 28, 1863. 

vi. Annis S., b. Jan. 9, 1866; m. Warren Parker, and resides 

in Westfield, Mass. 
vii. Whitney D., b. June 17, 1868; has for several years had 
charge of Old Newgate prison and copper mines, where 
he has acted the part of a hospitable host, entertaining 
visitors at the historic ruins. 


205. viii. Willard W., b. July 7, 1870. 

ix. Jessie B., b. April 5, 1872. 
X. Raynor H., b. July 29, 1875; d. Nov. 25, 1877. 

By fourth marriage: 

xi. Harry Linwood, b. March, 1885. 
xii. Pearl Frederick, b. December, 1887. 


(Joseph Franklin/ Dan," Abner/ John,'' John.') 

Joseph Franklin^ Viets, son of Dan and Beulah (Phelps),, 
was born in Granby Feb. 6, 1827. He owned and occupied,, 
for some years, the farm where Jason R. Viets now lives ; after- 
wards purchased the old Viets place near Newgate, and later 
bought of his brother, Benjamin E., his father's old homestead, 
where he has since lived. He married, first, Elizabeth 
Spencer, daughter of Christopher Spencer. She was born in 
Homer, N. Y., and died in East Granby July, 1865, aged 
twenty-nine. Mr. Viets married, second, Oct. 11, 1870, 
Angeline Chapin, daughter of Hiram Chapin of Granby, where 
she was born July 11, 1836. 

Children by first marriage: 

206. i. Lydia Estella, b. Dec. 8, 1857. 

207. ii. Clarence Austin, b. Dec. 12, 1859. 

iii. Nellie Maria, b. Oct. 27, 1861; d. Aug. 26, 1862. 

208. iv. Anna Mary, b. July 6, 1863. 

By second marriage: 

V. Hiram Chapin, b. Aug. 23, 1871; was for some years pro- 
prietor of a store in North Granby; has since been con- 
ducting the farm for his father at the old homestead; 
has held for some years the office of tax collector for 
the town of East Granby; is treasurer of the Viets Re- 
union, and was one of the first movers in inaugurating" 
the movement. P. O. address Granby, Conn. 


( Benjamin Erskine,^ Dan,^ Abner,^ John," John.') 

Benjamin Erskine^ Viets, youngest of the nine children 
of Dan and Beulah (Phelps), was born in the western part of 



East Granby, then in the town of Granby, June 12, 1828. He 
was educated at the district school, at a select school in East 
Granby, and trained himself at home in mathematics. He has 
been a farmer of considerable energy and perseverance. In 
1869 he purchased a farm in East Granby, formerly owned by 
Orson Phelps, and later by John Viets and Almerin Pratt, 
This naturally excellent farm, extending from the top of the 
mountain across a ridge of upland to the meadows a mile east, 
was greatly improved under his care. In 1888, leaving the 
farm in charge of his son, Scott B., he purchased a home on 
South Street, Suffield, which he improved, and where he now 

Mr. Viets was for a time treasurer of the town of East 
Granby, but usually avoided public life from greater love 
for other duties. He has, since early life, been connected with 
the Baptist Church, to which he has been loyal, but for many 
years aided in supporting the Congregational Church in East 
Granby where he lived. 

Benjamin E. Viets married, Sept. i, 1853, Anna Hub- 
bard, the youngest of the five children of Benoni and Abigail 
(Francis) Hubbard, born in Bloomfield, Conn., one mile south 
of the center, March 18, 1828. Her father, Benoni, was a son 
of Asa and Submit (Bishop) Hubbard. Asa was a son of 
Nathaniel and Mary (Cadwell) Hubbard. Nathaniel was a 
son of John Hubbard, the first of this line to live in Bloom- 
field, which was then Wintonbury Parish, in the town of 
Windsor. John came from Hartford to Bloomfield. He 
was descended from an English family who were among the 
early settlers of Hartford and Middletown. 

Anna Hubbard was educated at the public school, and at 
the Normal School in New Britain, afterwards teaching for a 
time. She was a woman of gentle nature, of excellent Christian 
principle and character, and of correct views of life and duty. 
She died at her home in East Granby June 27, 1886, in the 
fifty-ninth year of her age. 

Mr. Viets married, second, Lottie M. Merriam of Hartford, 
daughter of Munson Merriam of West Hartland, where she 
was born April 19, 1840. 


Children of Benjamin E. and Anna H. Viets: 

209. i. Francis Hubbard, b. in East Granby, Conn., Sept. 16, 1854. 

210. ii. Edward Bradford, b. in East Granby, Jan. 27, 1857. 

211. iii. Scott Benjamin, b. in East Granby, May 4, 1859. 


(Levi Clinton/ Levi,* Abner/ John,^ John.' ) 

Levi Clinton'^ Viets, the elder of the two sons of Levi 
and Sarah (Dibble), was born Jan. 17, 1827, in the old house 
owned and occupied by his grandfather, Captain Abner, and 
in which his father was born and died. He lived as farmers' 
children lived in those days, and was sent to school as soon as 
old enough to attend. The schoolhouse stood about a mile 
east of the farm, and one-half mile west of the mountain on 
the road between Granby and East Granby. To use Mr. 
Viets' own words, " The old schoolhouse was sixteen feet 
square with posts seven feet high, one door and three win- 
dows, and a chimney that came down to the attic floor. The 
room was ceiled inside with wide, matched pine boards on 
the sides, and had a floor above and below. Writing desks 
on the east and west sides extended the length of the room, 
and by each desk was a bench made of a strong oak slab stand- 
ing on round, oak legs. The room contained a table, a chair, 
and an open Franklin stove. The schoolhouse was torn 
down, and a new one built in 1840. The teachers were good, 
and the scholars made fair progress. There were two terms in 
a year, a winter and a summer term of three months each." 

When Levi Clinton was thirteen years of age the family 
encountered a great calamity in the insanity of the mother, 
who had been with the father the dependence of the family, 
and between whom and his father, Mr. Viets says, there never 
passed an unpleasant word. From fourteen to sixteen years 
of age he attended, during three winter terms, a private school 
in Granby. In 1844, when seventeen years old, he entered 
the Connecticut Literary Institution at Suffleld, where he 
attended five terms. He was a good linguist, and read Caesar 
and Cicero, but was more interested in mathematics and the 
natural sciences. He was given credit by his teacher of being 

^-<yz^ W^ Utl^ 


the best mathematician that ever entered the school. On 
finishing his course at Suffield he decided not to enter college, 
as he had little taste for the classics, had already advanced in 
mathematics further than any college at the time could lead 
him, and did not feel that he had time for his favorite pastime,, 
scientific research. After teaching school for a time, in 185 1 
he took the management of his father's large farm in company 
with his brother Richard, and was thus engaged for five years, 
building on the place during this period a large barn, and, 
by contract, the north bridge over the Farmington at Tarif¥- 
ville, making at farming and in the wood and lumber business 
a fair profit each year. 

In 1856 Mr. Viets closed his business partnership with 
his brother, and made a tour of the West, visiting Chicago, 
St. Paul, and other points, and making investments at Sioux 
City, which he reached by mail team from Omaha, returning 
in November to his home in Granby. In April, 1857, he re- 
turned West, Hilton Griffin accompanying him. They 
reached Iowa City by rail, and went thence by coach to Des 
Moines and Omaha, where they engaged a peddler with a 
two-horse team to take them to Sioux City, one hundred and 
ten miles, traveling much of the way by the blufif roads, as the 
Missouri was at the highest flood which the oldest inhabitants 
had ever seen. Mr. Griffin soon returned to Connecticut, but 
Mr. Viets continued his journey up the Missouri ninety miles 
beyond the settlements, had some experience with hostile 
Indians and the measles, and returned as soon as practicable 
to Sioux City, going thence, after a week of rest, to Dakota 
City, Neb., a town with two or three small houses. Here he 
made his home for the remainder of the time which he spent 
in the West, making investments and engaging in business. 

In i860 Mr. Viets, after getting his business in shape to 
leave, returned home at the summons of his brother Richard, 
who was in poor health, and needed his assistance. The 
following March, 1861, he took a short trip to Washington, 
D. C, and witnessed the intense excitement which prevailed 
there at the time; returning to Granby he assisted his brother 
in carrying on the farm until the latter's death in 1863, and re- 
mained at the old homestead until the spring of 1901. 


Mr, Viets says that the best period New England farmers 
have ever had was from 1850 to i860. He was a staunch re- 
pubhcan during- the war, but later has reasoned ably against a 
high protective tariff. Although his business interests have 
been such as to ally him far more with the capitalist than 
with the farmer, his sympathies have been with the latter ; on 
the farm most of his work has been done, and the old place 
was much improved under his care, and by the work of his 
own hands. 

Levi Clinton Viets is now (1901) hale and cheerful at 
the age of seventy-three, well read, vigorous both in mind and 
body, a keen, original observer, and a fluent talker. As re- 
gards honesty and kindred virtues he is beyond reproach. He 
has no family, having never married, but has cherished an in- 
terest in the ancestral history, and has assisted very much in 
this work in preserving data and traditions of the Viets 


(Gervasc/ Luke,^ Luke,^ John,^ John.' ) 

Gervase^ Viets, son of Luke Viets, Jr., and Abigail 
(Phelps), was born near Newgate in Granby Feb. 4, 1800; re- 
sided in the vicinity of his birth, where he was a farmer, and 
where he died March 15, 1839. He married, Nov. 26, 1823, 
Esther Phelps, daughter of Shubael, born Dec. 19, 1802, and 
died June 29, 1864. 


Martha Ann, b. Sept. 17, 1824; d. Sept. 12, 1889. 

Gervase R., b. Oct. 6, 1826; d. May 8, 1827. 

Julius G., b. April 29, 1828. 

Charles R., b. July 15, 1830; d. Oct. 29, 1874. 

Abigail E., b. Oct. 13, 1832; d. May 19, 1873. 

Virgil E., b. March 17, 1835. 

Emily V., b. Dec. 9, 1837. 


(Nancy Ann/ Luke,'' Luke,' John,^ John.' ) 

Nancy Ann^ Viets, daughter of Luke, Jr., and Abigail 
(Phelps), born near Newgate July 3, 1801, married Warren 
















Case of West Suffield Nov. 26, 1822, and died at her home in 
West Suffield April 4, 1884. Mr. Case was born April 4, 
1791, and died April 30, 1871. He was on guard at New- 
gate prison for ten years. 


i. Jarvis W. Case, h. Sept. 2, 1823; res. West Suffield; m. 

Ellen M. Warner, daughter of Curtis and Parmelia 

Warner. Children: E. Geraldine, m. J. P. Van Gelder, 

West Suffield; Bertha P., m. J. C. Terrett, Suffield; L. 

MabeJ, Hartley C. 
ii. Henry L. Case, b. June 13, 1827; d. Feb. 10, 1897. 
iii. Catherine Eliza Case, b. Nov. 4, 1828; m. Francis Lucas 

of Hartford, Conn., who died May, 1885. She resides 

at Providence, R. L 
iv. Mary Jane Case, b. Jan. 27, 1830; m. David Hubbard of 

New York; d. March 12, 1854. 
V. Martha Cornelia Case, b. June 5, 1832; d. Feb. 18, 1837. 
vi. Caroline L. Case, h. May 24, 1834; d. Nov. 9, 1835. 
vii. Dewitt Clinton Case, h. July 22, 1841; d. March 21, 1891; 

m. Emma J. Johnson, b. in Middletown, Conn., May 

22, 1861. Children: Warren Lester, b. Oct. 28, 1882; 

Ada Ella, Vivian Rachel. Res. West Suffield. 


(Henry W./ Luke," Luke,^ John,^ John.' ) 

Henry W.° Viets, son of Luke, Jr., and Abigail (Phelps), 
was born at a farm house near Newgate Sept. 2, 1809, and 
died Aug. 2, 1840. He married, Nov. 24, 183 1, Lucia L. 
King, born March 13, 1813. She married, second, Julius 
Phelps, and, third, James Osborne. 

Children of Henry W. and Lucia L. Viets: 

218. i. William Ansel, b. July 29, 1833. 

219. ii. George Luke, b. Sept. 6, 1835. 

220. iii. Marietta Louisa, b. Sept. 11, 1837. 

221. iv. Henrietta Elizabeth, b. Sept. 6, 1839; d. July 10, 1867. 


(Abigail/ Luke,' Luke/ John/ John.> ) 
Abigail^ Viets, daughter of Luke, Jr., and Abigail 


(Phelps), born Aug. 6, 1811; married Eaton Phelps, and died 
March 10, 1835: 

i. Franklin PJtelps, b. ; d. aged six years, 

ii. Abigail Phelps, h. March 4, 1835; d. Jan. 21, 1884; m. Sept. 
18, 1853, Joseph A. Root, son of Geo. Root of Wood- 
bridge, Conn. Mr. Root has passed most of his life in 
Hartford, and now lives in Barkhamsted, Conn. Chil- 

1. Albert Joseph Root, m. Augusta Swicker and had 
Ethel, Minnie, and Albert. Res. Hartford, Conn. 

2. George Root, d. 

3. George Elmer Root. 

4. Jennie Abigail Root, m. F. H. Root of New Hart- 
ford, Conn. Children: Arthur Joseph, Howard,, 
Georgie E., d. ; Raymond Alfred, Ada, Eaton 
Phelps. Res. Hartford. 

5. Hattie Root, d. 

6. Edward R. Root, m. Grace Baker and had Olive 
and Rose. Res. Barkhamsted. 

7. Florence Root, m. Charles Baker and had Ray- 
mond W. Res. Barkhamsted. 


( Ansel/ Luke," Luke/ John/ John.') 

Ansel° Viets, son of Luke, Jr., born March 27, 1814;. 
married Sarah Minerva Root June 3, 1838. She was born 
at New Hartford, Conn., March 6, 1814. They resided during 
the latter part of their life in Sandisfield, Mass., where they 
died. Son: 

i. Henry Jarvis, b. at Tolland, Mass., Feb. 12, 1844; has been 
a farmer and successful teacher; m. Anna Hull, who 
has also been a teacher in the public schools. Resi- 
dence Sandisfield, Mass. 


(Jane/ Luke/ Luke/ John/ John,') 

Jane Viets, ^ daughter of Luke, Jr., born May 9, 1816, 
married Eaton Phelps after the death of his first wife, Abigail, 
and died Feb. 21, 1889. 


i. Huldah Sarah Fhclps, h. March, 1837; d. September, 1864. 
ii. Franklin Phelps, b. May, 1839; d. February, 1889. 



( Emeline C.,' Luke,^ Lukc,^ John,' John.' ) 

Emeline C.^ Viets, daughter of Luke, Jr., and Abigail 
(Phelps), born Feb. 2, 1818, married, Nov. 27, 1839, O. P. 
Case, a well-known merchant of Hartford, born in Bark- 
hamstead, Conn., Nov. 9, 1814, died May 19, 1888. Mrs. 
Case died March 18, 1895. 

Children of Emeline C. and O. P. Case: 

i. Horace Orville Case, b. July 27, 1841; m. Laura Ann 
Tucker; res. East Hartford, Conn. Children: Wm. 
Clarence, b. Feb. 27, 1864; Ernest Lincoln, b. Aug. 22, 
1866; Emma Lillian, b. Nov. 14, 1869, d. Dec. i, 1869; 
Mabel Delia, b. Nov. 10. 1875. 
ii. Sarah Jane Case, d. in infancy. 

iii. Charles Henry Case, b. Sept. 4, 1845; d. Aug. 6, 1867. 
iv. James Harper Case, b. June 10, 1848. 
V. Albert Marcus Case, d. in infancy in 1852. 
vi. Albert Marcus Case, b. Feb. 11, 1854; m. Ella J. Goodhue; 

res. Hartford, Conn, 
vii. Willie Arthur Case, d. in infancy, 
viii. Freddie Everett Case, b. Dec. 16, 1861; d. Dec. 3, 1881. 


(Amorct E.,^ Luke,* Loke,^ John,' John.') 

Amoret E.^ Viets, daughter of Luke, Jr., was born May 
31, 1821, and married, first, Wells Loomer, second, William 
Card. She removed to Mexico in 1843, ^^'^ to California in 
1848, and died at San Jose, Cal., Jan. 29, 1901. 

Children by second marriage: 

i. William Card. 
ii. Gertrude Wyoming Card, m. James A. Provines, San 

Jose, Cal. 
iii. Nellie Frances Card, m. Wm. H. Hough, Elmira, Cal. 


(John Jay,^ John,* Luke,* John,' John.') 

John Jay^ Viets, son of Captain John and Abigail (Eno) 

was born in East Granby Sept. 22, 1806; was a graduate of 

Wilbraham Academy, and taught many terms in Simsbury. 

When a boy he lived one season with his grandfather, Luke 



Viets. He was for many years a merchant, and a well-known 
citizen at East Granby center, where he died Dec. lo, 1885. 
He married, May 6, 1841, Jane Wadsworth, daughter of 
Timothy and Mary (Gillette) Wadsworth of Farmington, 
Conn. She was born Dec. 11, 1824, and died in East Granby 
Dec. 26, 1885, sixteen days after her husband's demise. She 
was descended from William Wadsworth, one of the early 
settlers of Connecticut, who came across the wilderness to 
Hartford in Mr. Hooker's company. His name is on the 
monument back of Center Church, Hartford, 

i. Frank Wadsworth, b. April 6, 1853; d. April 5, 1854. 

222. ii. Jennie Abigail, b. March 31, 1855. 

223. iii. Carl Jay, b. June 14, 1857. 

224. iv. Hubert Wadsworth, b. March 8, 1859. 


(Imlay Bird/ John/ Luke/ John/ John/ ) 

Imlay Bird^ Viets, son of Captain John and Abigail 
(Eno), was born in East Granby Dec. 19, 1808, and died Oct. 
19, 1875, in New Britain, Conn., where he resided, and where 
he was engaged for some years in real estate business. He 
married, first, June 27, 1838, Julietta Hart, daughter of Cyrus 
and Elizabeth Clark Hart. She died Feb. 23, 1842. He 
married, second, June 27, 1843, AngeHne Hart, sister of his 
first wife. 

Children born in New Britain: 

i. John Hart, b. April 8, 1844; d. Feb. 7, 1845. 

225. ii. Mary Adelia, b. March 10, 1847. 

226. iii. Elnora Julietta, b. July 22, 1849. 

iv. Imlay Dumont, b. March 20, 1851; d. Jan. 22, 1857. 

V. Annie Elizabeth, b. Feb. 28, 1854; d. June 23, 1854. 

227. vi. Ida Eugenie, b. Oct. 29, 1856; d. Dec. 31, 1900. 
vii. Angle Lillie, b. June 30, 1859; d. Aug. 2, 1862. 

viii. Carrie A., b. Dec. 29, 1863; d. Aug. 5, 1864. 


( Abi Lavinia/ John/ Luke/ John,^ John/ ) 

Abi Lavinia^ Viets, daughter of John and Abigail (Eno), 
born in East Granby April 20, 1810; married, Nov. 10, 1841, 



Almerin Pratt. They resided for a time in East Granby, 
removing in 1869 to Cleveland, O., where Mrs. Pratt died 
Aug. 26, 1884. 


i. William Jay Pratt, b. April 28, 1842; m. at Painesville, O., 
Dec. 5, 1872, Mary A. Russell; res. Des Moines, la. 
Children: Russell Jay, Everett S., Anne H., Wm. Jay, 
Mary Agnes. 

ii. Henry Pratt, b. 1844; d. 1852. 


(Mary Adelia,^ John,^ Luke," John,'' John.' ) 

Mary Adelia^ Viets, daughter of John and Abigail Eno 
Viets, born in East Granby Feb. 19, 1819; married, March 16, 
1848, Edward H. Bowers, who died March, 1872. Residence, 
Hartford, Conn. 


i. Eddy Rollin Bowers, h. Oct. 22, 1849; d. April, 1856. 
ii. Alice Augusta Bozvers, b. Jan. 28, 1852; m. G. R. Clarke. 
Son: William Davis Clarke, a young man of promise, 
who died Dec. 27, 1899, aged 21. 

( James Rollin/ John/ Luke/ John,' John.' ) 

James Rollin^ Viets was born in East Granby, and there 
died July 14, 1896, in the seventy-fifth year of his age. The 
following obituary, which appeared in the Hartford Courant, 
gives a truthful and comprehensive sketch of his life: 

" In the death of James Rollin Viets, whose funeral was 
held Thursday at his late residence, the town of East Granby 
loses one of its most prominent citizens and business men 
of the valley, one who for a half century has been actively and 
honorably associated with them. Mr. Viets was born at East 
Granby Sept. 20, 1821. He was the son of Captain John 
Viets of the same town, and Abigail Eno of Simsbury. He 
was descended from Stephen Hart, who came with Hooker 
from Dorchester to Hartford, and was the first deacon of the 
Hartford church. He was the great grandson of Captain 
John Viets, who, when the Revolution broke out, was ap- 


pointed the first military keeper of old Newgate prison. Early 
in life Mr. Viets entered the employ of the firm of Eno & 
Phelps of New York, which was then composed of his cousins, 
John Jay Phelps and Amos R. Eno, — the latter of whom is 
still living. Being anxious to obtain a more liberal education, 
and cherishing a desire to enter the ministry, he afterwards 
attended in succession a private school in Amherst, Mass., 
the Hopkins Grammar School of Hadley, and joined the first 
class of Williston Seminary, Easthampton, which had just 
been opened, and where he prepared to enter college in the 
sophomore class. He later turned again to business pursuits, 
but always preserved his literary tastes, and was a wide reader 
of the better literature. After leaving WilHston Seminary 
he bought out his brother, John Jay Viets, and formed a 
partnership with James O. Allen, lately of Springfield, and a 
few years later bought the entire interest of his partner, and 
for about thirty years continued in business alone. He had 
extensive business relations, and was everywhere recognized 
as a man of sterling worth, of utmost integrity, honesty, and 
purity of character. His judgment was often sought, and his 
counsel was considered safe and wise. He united with the 
Congregational Church in early life, and for a period of thirty 
years served as treasurer of the parish. In politics he was an 
ardent republican. His convictions were clear, deep, and 
• strong. He held slavery, intemperance, gambling, and kin- 
dred evils in utter detestation, and did not shrink from the 
fullest expression of his views. For many years he held the 
office of postmaster." 

It may be added that Deacon Stephen Hart of Hartford, 
from whom Mr. Viets was descended, came from Braintree, 
England, and was buried in the burying ground of the Center 
Church, Hartford, where his name is recorded on the historic 
monument. Mr. Viets was also descended on his mother's 
side from James Eno, who came to Windsor in 1670. In com- 
mon with others of this branch he was descended from Wil- 
liam Phelps who settled in Windsor in 1635, ^^^ from Ezekiel 
Phelps who fought in the Revolution. 

Mr. Viets married, Sept. 14, 1852, Cordelia Tryphena 
Rouse of Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Mrs. Viets was the fourth 


child of Joel Chapman Rouse and Emily Henderson, and was 
born Jan. 5, 1827, at Bennington, Vt. Among her ancestors 
are numbered many of the early settlors in America, several of 
whom became well known for their distinguished services 
to their country. She is descended from Caspar Rouse, 
" yeoman," who came from Paltz, Germany, and settled at 
Cold Springs on the Hudson about 1730. He was enrolled as 
one of the first five hundred freeholders in New York state. 
His son, Jonathan Rouse, resided at Pittstown, Rensselaer 
county. He was one of the projectors of the Erie Canal, 
postmaster, judge of the county court, and a member of the 
New York legislature. Among her natural ancestors were 
James Breckenridge, a Scotch covenanter who emigrated to 
Ireland, and in 1720 to America. He was one of the founders 
of the state of Vermont, served in the militia in 1764, was 
a member of the Provincial Congress, 1775, and founder of 
the First Church of Bennington. He was appointed special 
commissioner to England to settle the boundary claims be- 
tween New York and Vermont. Another ancestor, Thomas 
Henderson, married Jerret Breckenridge, daughter of the 
above; a Scotchman of the Clan of Gunn, on coming to 
America he settled in Ware, Mass., and served in the French 
and Indian War in 1757, and was at the battle of Mount In- 
dependence. He removed to Bennington, Vt., in 1764, where 
he bought a large farm at the top of what came to be known as 
" Henderson Hill," down which the troops marched to fight 
the memorable battle in which every able-bodied man in town 
engaged. He served in Captain Elijah Dewey's Company. 
He was one of the members of the First Church in that town, 
and shared the " honorable pew " with Deacon Webb. He 
married Tryphena Sloan, daughter of John Sloan, who served 
in General Fellows' Brigade, doing duty at Albany, and died 
Oct. 22, 1778. 

Mrs. Viets is also a descendant of Thomas Dewey who 
came from England in 1633 with the first settlers of Dor- 
chester, Mass., and was one of the founders of Windsor, 
Conn., and is thus in direct descent from Alfred the Great, 
William the Conqueror, and other kings of England and Scot- 

















Mrs. Viets was educated at the Old Academy, Bennington, 
and at Troy Female Seminary, which was founded by Emma 
Willard, the distinguished pioneer of education for women. 
To this school, its inspiring memories, and its present work, 
she has cherished a warm devotion. After leaving Troy she 
taught several private schools, and developed an abiding fond- 
ness for the English classics. She is a member of the Congre- 
gational Church in East Granby, Conn., of the Emma Willard 
Association of New York city, and of the Louise St. Clair 
Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Children of James RoUin and Cordelia (Rouse) Viets: 

John Berthrong, b. June 27, 1853. 

Helen Mary, b. Aug. 17, 1854. 

Henry Rouse, b. Feb. 17, 1856. 

Frederick Henderson, b. July 7, 1858. 

James Rollin, b. Dec. 2, i860. 

Arthur Eno, b. Aug. 27, 1864. 

Emily Henderson, b. Nov. 14, 1865. 

Julia Gracie, b. July 14, 1868; d. Nov. 19, 1868. 


(George "Watson,' George,"* Luke,' John,'^ John,') 

George Watson^ Viets, son of Captain George and 
Charlotte (Rice), was born in East Granby Dec. 2, 1809, and 
died Dec. i, 1864. He was a farmer, and resided in the stone 
house built by his father near the schoolhouse on the Granby 
and East Granby road. He married Delia E. King, who was 
born June 6, 1810, and died May 24, 1865. 


235. i. Eliza Ann, b. March 11, 1836; d. Sept. 11, 1895. 

ii. Esther Antoinette, b. 1834; d. March 26, 1837, aged three 

236. iii. George Byron, b. July 17, 1837. 

22,7. iv. Antoinette Cynthia, b. Aug. 7, 1840; d. Feb. 27, 1878. 

V. Charles Wilbur, b. July 14, 1844; m. Harriet Hayes, daugh- 
ter of Wm. Hayes of Granby; res. Napoleon, N. D. 
238. vi. Alfred Watson, b. Sept. 30, 1850. 


(AUen,' George," Loke,^ John,' John.') 
Allen^ Viets, son of Captain George and Charlotte 


(Rice), was born in East Granby, March 24, 1813, lived on a 
farm just south of Newgate, where he died Sept. 5, 1848. He 
married, April i, 1840, Lorinda Smith, born Dec. 9, 1821. 


239. i. Seth Allen, b. April 17, 1842. 

ii. Laura Lorinda, b. Dec. 7, 1845; d. Aug. 31, 1848. 
iii. Harriet Laura, b. Dec. 26, 1847; d. Jan. 4, 1857. 


(Esther K^^ George,* Luke/ John,' John.') 

Esther K.^ Viets, daughter of Captain George and Char- 
lotte (Rice), was born in East Granby June 18, 1816; married 
Dr. Hiram Preston Oct. 19, 1834, and died at Syracuse, N. Y., 
Feb. 1891, having resided in Syracuse twenty-three years. She 
was a devout Christian, a member of St. Paul's Cathedral, 
Episcopal, and led a life of self-sacrifice, devotion, and un- 
ostentatious charity. 

Dr. Hiram Preston was born in Cazenovia, N. Y., March 
14, 1808, and died in Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 21, 1877. Most 
of his business life was passed in Hartford, Conn., where he 
practiced dentistry, and made many friends. The following 
notice of his death is from the Hartford Times: 

"The announcement of the death of Dr. Hiram Preston will 
bring back to many in Hartford and vicinity memories of the 
kindly, honest face of their old friend who practiced dentistry 
at No. 18 State Street for about twenty years prior to 1864. 
The doctor came to Hartford a comparative stranger, and soon 
secured a large practice, and made many warm friends by his 
genial manners and careful, skillful operations. The columns 
of the Times of 1847-8 occasionally gave to the public articles 
from his pen on the care of the teeth, and hints as to the means 
of their preservation; and those articles with added chapters 
were subsequently published in book form, dedicated by the 
author ** to that portion of the community who think." As a 
dental instructor Dr. Preston was recommended in 1857 by 
fifteen regular physicians in Hartford and vicinity, who had 
employed him professionally as competent to give instruction 
" in every department of this important but nice and difficult 


art "; and later we find among the number who studied under 
him, Dr. Charles O. Hall, now a resident of Nice, France, 
and one of the most skillful and successful of the famous den- 
tists of Europe. 

About 1863, on account of failing health. Dr. Preston re- 
tired from practice, and removed to Auburn, N. Y., and soon 
decided to make Syracuse his home. There he has lived with 
abundant means to enjoy life if he had only the one great 
blessing which money cannot purchase, good health. In 
hope that a change of air and scene would benefit him the 
Florida trip was taken." 


i. A son, b. in 1836; d. in infancy. 

ii. Charles Preston, b. Aug. 27, 1846; a merchant in Syracuse, 
N. Y.; married, February, 1876, Ella James of Syracuse. 



(Henry Sheldon/ Henry,^ Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ John.') 
HE>rRY Sheldon'' Viets, son of Henry and Sarah (Boise), 
was born at Huntington, O., Feb. 4, i839- He married Dec. 
27 1865, at Kewanee, 111., Louise Little, daughter of Henry 
G and Louise Stoddard Little, and has resided for many years 
at Grinnell, Iowa, which was also the home of Mrs. Viets 

^^^Mrs' Viets' father, Henry Gilman Little, was born at Goffs- 
town N. H., in 1813, and died at Grinnell, Iowa, Nov. 3, 1900. 
He was of Puritan blood. His revolutionary grandfather 
stood with the " embattled farmers " at Lexington to fire 
" the shot heard round the world," and numerous earlier an- 
cestors were members of the provincial and colonial congresses 
and men of influence and standing. In one branch of his 
mother's ancestry there had been a line of deacons unbroken 
for a hundred years, and many clergymen of his blood were 
prominent in the Massachusetts Congregationalism of early 
days Mr Little, leaving home with his parents' blessing at 
the age of'sixteen, lived for a time at Wethersfield, Conn m 
the family of his mother's brother. Rev. Dr. Tenney, and after 
wards in Newington. He went to Illinois m 1835, and the 
next year brought a young wife from the comforts of a Con- 
necticut home to dwell in a log cabin of one room The place 
where they settled, by the energy of Mr. Little and others, be- 
came the thriving city of Kewanee. He was smveyor 
teacher, lecturer, builder, and in early days a hunter. He held 
many public offtces, and was considered a man of good judg- 
ment and wise counsel. n ■ ^^ Tr^wa 
He removed with his family in 1867 to Grinnell Iowa, 
partly for the educational advantages of the place, and partly 
because he enjoyed using his influence in shaping the char- 


acter of a new community. He aided in church and other 
benevolent work, and was mayor of the city. 

Children of Henry Sheldon Viets and Louise Little: 
i. Helen Maude, b. Dec. i, 1866; d. Dec. 23, 1880. 
ii. Eddie, b. July 31, 1868; d. in infancy, 
iii. Henry Little, b. Nov. 13, 1869. 
iv. Mary, b. June 15, 1872; d. in infancy. 
V. Sara Elizabeth, b. June 15, 1875. 
vi. Louise Stoddard, b. July 25, 1877; d. Nov. 17, 1878. 


(Sara E.,'' Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ John/) 
Sara Elizabeth^ Viets, daughter of Henry and Sarah 
(Boise), was born in Ohio^ Nov. 21, 1844, and married, Sept. 
5, 1866, at Oberlin, James Wait Clarke of Cleveland, O., son 
of Rev. Elbert W. Clarke. They reside at Ashland, Wis. 


i. Helen Stanley Clarke, b. at Cleveland, O., March 7, 1870; 

d. Jan. 15, 1871. 
ii. Edward Wait Clarke, b. April 9, 1875; d. April 10, 1875. 
iii. Charlotte Louise Clarke, b. Sept. 12, 1876; d. Sept. 15, 1876. 
iv. Edith Steele Clarke, b. Nov. 21, 1877. 
V. Alice Viets Clarke, b. Nov. 26, 1881; d. Feb. 21, 1884. 
vi. Mildred Elizabeth Clarke, b. at Bismarck, Dakota, Aug. 16,. 


(Helen Josephine/ Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ John.') 
Helek Josephine*^ Viets, daughter of Henry and Sa- 
mantha (Joslin), was born at Huntington, O., July 24, 1846^ 
and married at Oberlin Dec. 5, 1866, George H. Fairchild, 
son of President James H. Fairchild of Oberlin College. 
George H. Fairchild was born Aug. 9, 1844, and died Feb. 
9, 1894. Mrs. Fairchild and her daughter Katharine now 
reside at the old Henry Viets home in Oberlin. 


i. Gertrude Viets Fairchild, b. June 3, 1869; d. Sept. 15, 1870. 
ii. A son, b. Aug. 11, 1871, d. in infancy. 

iii. Katharine May Fairchild, b. Aug. 15, 1881, at Bismarck^ 
N. D. 



(Charlotte Jane/ Henry/ Henry," Henry/ Henry/ John.') 

Charlotte Jane^ Viets, daughter of Henry and Sa- 
mantha (Joslin), was born at Huntington, O., July i, 1853, 
and married at Oberlin Sept. 4, 1877, Dr. Henry Porter of 
Bismarck, N. D. She died in Bismarck Aug. 6, 18 , and was 
buried in Oberlin. Dr. Porter resides in Bismarck. Son: 

i. Henry Viets Porter, h. at Bismarck, May 23, 1881. 


(Mary Punnett/ WiUiam Atwater/ Henry/ Henry/ Henry/ John/) 

Mary Punn-ett*^ Viets, daughter of William A. and Eliza- 
beth (Pennoyer), was born at Fishkill, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1844, 
and married, Dec. 25, 1867, Madison H. Ferris of Chicago. 


i. Lowther Ferris, m. Maude Merrigold. 
ii. Catharine Ferris, m. Sidney W. Smith. 


(Sarah J./ Henry M./ Jonathan M./ Jonathan/ Henry/ John/ ) 

Sarah J.*' Viets, daughter of Henry Munsell and Jane 
(Cook), was born Nov. 28, 1845, and married, Jan. 16, 1877, 
John L. Van Evra. They reside at West Salem, O. 


i. Arlington L. Van Evra. 
ii. Gertrude L. Van Evra. 


( Martin H./ Henry M./ Jonathan M./ Jonathan/ Henry/ John/ ) 
Martin- H.*' Viets, son of Henry Munsell and Jane 
(Cook), was born at Henrietta, O., Sept. 12, 1849, and married 
Myrtle M. Bolles March 18, 1874. They reside at Alta Vista, 




i. Clara M., b. June 23, 1875, at North Ridgeville, Ohio; m. 

Nov. 29, 1894, Lewis C. Case, 
ii. Nettie B., b. Oct. i, 1876; m. Feb. 27, 1895, John E. Chitty. 
iii. Charles B., b. April 25, 1879, at Albion, Ohio; m. May 2, 

1900, Lena Longwardt. 
iv. Nellie D., b. Oct. 19, 1881, at Alta Vista, Kansas; d. May 

4, 1887. 
V. Jennie R., b. Jan. 4, 1884. 
vi. Nora J., b. March 16, 1886. 
vii. Gertrude M., b. Aug. 7, 1888. 


(Mary E./ Henry M./ Jonathan M./ Jonathan,^ Henry,^ John,') 

Mary E.® Viets, daughter of Henry M. and Jane (Cook), 
born Oct. 12, 1854, married Charles A. Stebbins Jan. 29, 1874, 
and died Jan. 29, 1896. 


i. Harry Stebbins. 
ii. Carl Stebbins. 
iii. Mildred G. Stebbins. 


(Maria A.,« Henry M./ Jonathan M./ Jonathan,' Henry,* John.') 

Maria A.** Viets, daughter of Henry M. and Jane (Cook), 
born May 25, 1856, married Solomon Hull Dec. 27, 1875, and 
died in July, 1879. 

i. Winifred A. Hull. 


(Jonathan M.," Ezekiel,^ Jonathan M,/ Jonathan,' Henry,'' John.') 

JoN'ATHAN MuNSELL*^ ViETS, SOU of Ezekicl and Catherine 
Charity (Warner), was born at the old home of his grandfather 
of the same name at Copper Hill in Suffield, Conn., Sept. 15, 
1843; removed to Ohio with his parents in 1849; resided at 
Elyria, O., and since at Bryan; is a traveling salesman. He 
married at Elyria Feb. 20, 1868, Elisabeth L. Henson. 



i. Lawrence Henson, b. Nov. 29, 1868; d. aged 5 years. 
240. ii. Leroy Ellsworth, b. July 25, 1871. 


(Chaunccy H./ Ezckiel/ Jonathan M./ Jonathan/ Henry," John.') 

Chauncey Hastings^ Viets, son of Ezekiel and Catherine 
Charity (Warner), was born June 29, 1848. He resides at 
Avon, Lorain County, O. In the estimation of his neighbors 
he is a first-class farmer. He married, July 16, 1874, Annie E. 
Buck, daughter of John and Elizabeth Buck of Avon, born 
Nov. 14, 1852. 


i. Carrie Edna, b. Nov. 20, 1875; m. Howard Walker June 3, 
1896, and has children: Albert Walker, b. May 30, 1897, 
and Jessie Walker, b. Nov. 24, 1898. 
ii. Bertha May, b. Aug. 11, 1878. 
iii. Nellie Elizabeth, b. March 25, 1883. 
iv. Ralph, b. June 29, 1888. 
V. Harry, July 28, 1897. 


(Lydia M./ Ezekiel/ Jonathan M./ Jonathan/ Henry,' John.') 
Lydia Mary^ Viets, daughter of Ezekiel and Catherine 
Charity (Warner), was born Jan. 17, 1854, and married, Oct. 
2, 1879, James Wallace. 


i. Cora Eleanor Wallace, h. July 5, 1883. 
ii. Ralph Robert Wallace, h. Dec. 25, 1886. 


(Charles F.,^ Ezekiel,' Jonathan M.," Jonathan,' Henry,' John.') 
Charles Fremont*^ Viets, son of Ezekiel and Catherine 
Charity (Warner), was born Sept. 23, 1856, and married Jennie 
Everett May, 1886. They reside in Grainland, Butte county, 



i. Jennie Estelle, b. Feb. 22, 1887. 

ii. Viellie Lydia, b. 1893. 

iii. Charles, 

iv. Josephine Maria, b. 1899. 


(James Duane/ James H./ Festus,* James,^ Henry," John.' ) 

James Duane*' Viets, son of James H. and Marilla 
(Hayes), was born at Copper Hill, East Granby, Feb. 20, 1853; 
attended Granby Academy, and was in the mill business at 
West Granby from 1884 to 1893. Since 1894 he has been one 
of the partners in the S. D. Viets Company, Springfield, Mass. 
He married, Nov. 12, 1884, Kate Henrietta Reed, born in 
Granby May 2, 1861, daughter of Wilbert Reed and Henrietta 
Humphrey, daughter of Lyman Humphrey of Bloomfield, 

i. Beula Nora, b. in Granby, July 5, 1890. 


(Samuel David,* James H.,^ Festus,* James,^ Henry,' John.') 

Samuel David*' Viets, son of James H. and Marilla 
(Hayes), was born at Copper Hill, East Granby, Feb. 19, 1868. 
He attended the Academy at Wilbraham, Mass. Since 1895 
he has been engaged in the grain business in Springfield, 
Mass., and in 1900 organized a corporation known as the S. 

D. Viets Company ; masons' supplies, seeds, fertilizers, hay 
and grain are parts of the extensive business. He married, 
Dec. 30, 1896, Gertrude Mary Clark, born at East Granby 
March 16, 1871, daughter of Benjamin Pinkney Clark, son 
of Charles P., son of Horace, son of Joel Clark. Mrs. Viets' 
mother was Myra Allen Smith, daughter of Deacon Benjamin 

E. Smith. 

i. Marion Gertrude, b. at Springfield Oct. 29, 1897. 



(Stanley W./ Philo H./ Festos/ James,^ Henry,' John.') 

Stanley W.^ Viets, son of Philo H. and Almira W. 
(Clark), was born in Granby Feb. 28, 1859; has been in the 
printing business in Derby, New Haven, and elsewhere, and is 
now engaged in the same in New York; married at Birming- 
ham, Conn., Jan. 4, 1881, Mattie P. Otis, daughter of Samuel 
L. and Maria L. Otis, born at Manchester, Conn., Nov. 2y, 


i. Stanley L., b. in Birmingham May 16, 1882; d. May 22, 

ii. Marjorie M., b. in Ansonia, Conn., June 9, 1888. 
iii. Dorothy, b. Aug. 17, 1893, in New Haven; d. May 30, 1896. 


(Charles,* John K.,*^ Roger M.,^ Roger," John,' John.') 

Charles*' Viets, son of John K. and Harriet (Martyn), 
was born at Digby, Nova Scotia, June 21, 1832, and married 
Ellen Boyle of New Brunswick. He died in Boston in 1878. 
Mrs. Viets died in Providence, R. I., in 1897. 

Children born in Boston: 

i. Harriet Eliza, b. in 1856; d. aged 9 years. 

ii. Ella Edith, b. May 3, 1858; m. Edward Drowne Williams 
of the firm, Starkweather & Williams, Providence, R. I., 
and a descendant in direct line from Roger Williams, 
founder of Providence. Son: Edward Allen Williams, 
b. Jan. 16, 1884. 


(Henry Synnott,^ John K.,^ Roger M.," Roger,^ John,'' John.') 

Henry Synnott^ Viets, son of John Knutton and Harriet 
(Martyn), was born at Digby, N. S., April 24, 1836. He 
married Hannah Isabelle Woodman. They reside in Boston, 
Mass., w^here Mr. Viets is superintendent in the car-repairing 
shops of the New Haven and Hartford Railroad. 



i. Roger Griswold, b. Jan. 20, 1865; m. Anna B. Woodis. 
ii. Harry Augustus, b. Aug. 12, 1866; m. Minnie E. Foster; 

daug., Gladys, b. 1895. 
iii. William Cutler, b. Feb. 24, 1868; res. Boston, Mass. 
iv. John Knutton, b. Sept. 18, 1869; m. Minnie M. Magrath; 

child b. Dec. 24, 1898; d. April i, 1900. 
V. Archibald Maxwell, b. Feb. i, 1871; d. Sept. 4, 1871. 
vi. Mary Harriet, b. June 19, 1872. 


(Edward Martyn,* John K.,'^ Roger M.,* Roger/ John,^ Jolrn.') 

Edward Martyn^ Viets, son of John Knutton and 
Harriet (Martyn), was born at Digby, Nova Scotia, April 
12, 1843. He has been for many years a prominent mer- 
chant at Yarmouth, N. S. He married, first, Mary Shaw, and, 
after her death, Annie Moody, daughter of Rev. John Moody 
of Yarmouth. 

Children by first marriage: 

i. Augustus, 
ii. Arthur. 


(Sarah Eliza/ Botsford,* Roger M./ Roger/ John/ John/ ) 

Sarah Eliza*^ Viets, daughter of Botsford and Sarah 
(Martyn), was born at Digby, N. S., Aug. 28, 1837, and 
married Dr. P. W. Smith. 


i. Harry A. P. Smith, sheriff of Digby County; m. Elizabeth 
Hughes. Children: Clifford and Violet Smith, aged 6- 
and 4. 

ii. Eliza Viets Smith, m. James H. Watson of the English 
Navy; res. Canterbury, England. Children: Greta M. 
A. Watson, at school in Upper Norwood, London, and 
J. Digby Watson, aged about 10, pupil of King's School, 


(John Moore/ Botsford/ Roger M./ Roger/ John/ John/) 
John" Moore^ Viets, was born at Digby, N. S., Dec. 11^ 


1839, and resides at Digby. Occupation, barrister. He 
married at Liverpool, N. S., June 23, 1870, Jane S. Roberts, 
Rev. Dr. E. E. B. Nichols performing the ceremony, assisted 
by Rev. John Abbott, pastor of St. Luke's Church, Halifax. 


i. Guy Roberts, b. June 29, 1871; manager of the Bank of 

Nova Scotia, in Harbor Glace, N. F. 
ii. Harry Augustus, b. Nov. 17, 1873; in business in Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
iii. John Douglas Willoughby, b. Oct. 4, 1876. 
iv. Alexander Griswold, b. April 25, 1878. 
V. Robert Botsford, b. Jan. 29. 1880. 
vi. Gerald Digby, b. June 2, 1883. 
vii. S. E. Kathleen, b. May 14, 1885. 
viii. C. Winifred, b. July 31, 1888. 


(Charlotte Marie/ Seth/ Seth,* Seth," John," John.>) 

Charlotte Marie® Viets, daughter of Seth, born at 
Pawlet, Vt., Nov. 14, 1832; married at Oberlin, O., April 5, 
1855, George B. Bailey, who was born at Lowell, Mass., Dec. 
22, 1830. Residence, Oberlin, O. 


i. Ella M. Bailey, h. at Oberlin Oct. 18, 1856; m. at Excelsior, 

Minn., April 30, 1884, Frank B. Wakefield. Children: 

Cleo, b. at Excelsior, March 21, 1885; Frank B., b. April 

27, 1887; Georgia, b. at Seattle, Wash., July 29, 1894; 

Volney B., b. Aug. 20, 1896. 
ii. Clara Bell Bailey, h. at Oberlin, July 15, i860; d. July 23, 

iii. Seth O. Bailey, b. at Oberlin, July 26, 1861; m. at Elyria, 

O., Feb. 4, 1886, Louisa H. Kelly. Children: Merton 

Wyman, b. at Oberlin, Nov. 22, 1886; Lottie Jane, b. 

March 8, 1888; Lulu Bell, b. Feb. 27, 1889; George B., 

b. May 6, 1890. 
iv. George B. Bailey, Jr., b. at Oberlin Jan. 14, 1868; m. at 

North Amherst, O., Dec. 22, 1891, Elizabeth K. Merthe. 

Children: Lowell Omar, b. at Amherst Dec. 22, 1893; 

d. Aug. 10, 1894; Dortha Bessie, b. at Oberlin April 16, 

V. Maud G. Bailey, h. at Oberlin Nov. 23, 1869. 



(Harriet Louisa,* Captain Henry/ Seth/ Seth/ John," John.') 

Harriet Louisa" Viets, daughter of Captain Henry and 
Harriet Maria (Shaw), was born at Pawlet, Vt., in 1836, and 
died in 1882. She married in 1857 Leonard Johnson. 


i. Wilbur Johnson, d. young. 
ii. Hattie Johnson, d. 

iii. Wayland F. Johnson; m. in 1886, Mary Burch, and has chil- 
dren: Porter B., b. in 1889, and Harold R., b. in 1900. 
They res. at West Pawlet, Vt. 
iv. Rensselaer Johnson, m. in 1884 Flora Moore; has for many 

years been station agent at Poultney, Vt. 
V. Anna A. Johnson, b. in 1868; m. about 1885, Gomer Wil- 
liams, a farmer at Middle Granville, N. Y. Children: 
Leon, b. 1887; Ella Harriet, b. 1890; and Leslie, b. 1898. 


(Fayette,^ Henry/ Scth/ Seth," John/ John.' ) 

Fayette" Viets, son of Captain Henry and Harriet Maria 
(Shaw), was born in 1841 ; was a farmer at Pawlet, Vt., where 
he died in 1893. He married in 1861 Lura Davis. 


241. i. Eugene Fayette, b. 1865. 

ii. Ida, b. 1869; m. 1890, D. Eugene Smith. Children: Wini- 
fred E. Smith, b. 1894; Stanley K. Smith, b. 1900. Resi- 
dence, Pawlet, Vt. 


(Martin Henry/ Henry/ Seth/ Seth/ John/ John.') 

Martin Heistry" Viets, son of Captain Henry and Harriet 
Maria (Shaw), was born at Pawlet, Vt., in 1849. He married 
Elsie Slade. He has been station agent at Eagle Bridge, N. Y., 
more than thirty years. Son: 

i. Harry Slade, b. 1878. 



(Mandana Lucinda,^ Rodney/ Jesse/ Seth/ John/ John/) 

MaNdana Lucinda" Viets, daughter of Rev. Rodney and 
Lucinda (Wood), was born at Conneaut, O., Nov. 13, 1831. 
She married A. J. Wahon of Saybrook, O., July 15, 1849, ^"d 
died Feb. 10, 1883, deeply lamented by her family and many 


i. Alice Jane JValtou, b. Saybrook, O., May 16, 1850; d. Feb. 
19, 1851. 

ii. Frank E. Walton, h. Oct. 13, 1851; d. March 14, 1875. 

iii. Ella Roselma Walton, h. July 26, 1853; m. at Saybrook, O., 
April 29. 1877. Frank G. McEwen. a prosperous farmer 
and stock dealer of Woodbine, Harrison County, Iowa. 
Children: Grace, b. Feb. 22, 1878, and Verna, b. April 
9, 1884. 

iv. Carrie May Walton, b. Sept. 22, i860; m. W. R. Shaffer, 
April 30, 1877. Daug. : Herma A., b. in Saybrook July 
18, 1878. They reside in Woodbine, Iowa. Mr. Shaffer 
is a telegrapher and railroad employee. 


(Byron Mortimer/ Rodney/ Jesse/ Seth/ John/ John/) 

Byron Mortimer'' \'"iets, son of Rev. Rodney and Lu- 
cinda (Wood), was born in Conneaut, Ashtabula county, O., 
Sept. 13, 1833, ^"d died Dec. 28, 1896. He married, March 
12, 1856, Abigail Harvey, daughter of Solomon and Orpha 
(Clark) Harvey, born in Saybrook, O., March 8, 1838, and 
died Aug. 27, 1899. 

" Mr. Viets was a thorough farmer. When the war cry 
was sounded he was patriotic enough to think it his duty to 
leave wife and little ones and help defend the rights and honor 
of his country, and returned with impaired health. By his 
death, and that of his devoted wife, eight children are left to 
mourn the irreparable loss. Of these the oldest son enlisted in 
the standing army; the rest remain together, and cling to the 
old homestead." 


i. Maria Alice, b. Nov. 22, 1859; m. Hubert Piper, Cherry 
Valley, O.; d. Nov. 7, 1878. 


ii. Phebe Jane, b. July 7, 1861; d. April 8, 1865. 

iii. Frank Elmer, b. Oct. 4, 1863; is in the army. 

iv. Ida Parthenia, b. Oct. 16, 1865; m. Frank Miller, Montville, 
O.; d. Aug. 28, 1893. 

V. Wilber Byron, b. May 10, 1867. 

vi. Mary Ellen, b. Nov. 3, 1868. 

vii. Clara Emeline, b. Nov. 3, 1868. 

viii. Florence Vanelia, b. Feb. 10, 1870; d. Oct. 6, 1872. 

ix. Edgar Harvey, b. Nov. 8, 1871. 

X. Harry Earl, b. July 4, 1873. 

xi. Effie Gertrude, b. Feb. 20, 1875. 

xii. Winifred Marian, b. Oct. 16, 1877. 

xiii. Lee Clark, b. Aug. 10, 1883. 


(Harriet Melissa/ Rodney/ Jesse/ Seth/ John/ John/) 

Harriet Melissa^ Viets, daughter of Rev. Rodney and 
Lucinda (Wood), was born in Ashtabula, O., March 11, 1836, 
and married David H. Gaylord Feb. 7, 1855. Residence, 
Geneva, O. 


i. Herbert Clinton Gaylord, b. at Saybrook, O., Oct. 4, 1859; 

d. March 21, 1862. 
ii. Mabel Gertrude Gaylord, b. at Geneva, O., Feb. 6, 1861; m. 

at Painesville, O., Oct. 21, 1880, George H. Brigham. 

Children: Edith Eleanor, b. March 23, 1882, d. 1884; 

Lois Mabel; Leon Delos, d. 1898; Jay Clinton; Ralph 

W. ; Ruth Margarite; Philip Earle. 
iii. Bertha Alice Gaylord, b. March 27, 1865; m. April 17, 1894, 

Edward N. Smith. Daughter: Florence A., d. in infancy, 
iv. Nora Daisy Gaylord, b. at Jefferson, O., April 14, 1869; m. 

Grant Langstaff at Erie, Pa., Aug. 22, 1892. Daughter: 

Genevra, b. April i, 1893. 
v. Lucy Maria Gaylord, b. March 28, 1871; m. Harry C. Gan- 

son at Unionville, O., July 9, 1891. Daughter: Martha 

b. 1892; d. aged two. 
vi. Jerry Lee Gaylord, b. at Geneva, O., Nov. 7, 1873. 


(Frank Jesse/ Rodney/ Jesse/ Seth/ John/ John.') 

Col. Frank Jesse^ Viets, son of Rev. Rodney and Lu- 
cinda (Wood),»was born at Saybrook, Ashtabula county, O., 



March 12, 1839, and lived there until twenty-one years of 
age. Then he entered the army, serving as private four 
months, when he was appointed first lieutenant, serving as 
such until April, 1864, when he resigned on account of dis- 
ability. He married, Nov. 30, 1865, Nancy L. Dow of Madi- 
son, O. From 1868 to 1870 he was in Kansas and Colorado. 
In 1870 he moved with his family to North Dakota, and lo- 
cated at Grand Forks, Here he opened the North Western 
Hotel for the Hudson Bay Company, and afterwards built the 
Viets House, known for many years as the best hotel in 
the northwest. He planted what is known as the Viets Addi- 
tion to Grand Forks, built a grist-mill and saw-mill, the first 
mills north of Alexandria, Minn., and bought the merchandise 
business of the Hudson Bay Company at that place. He then 
went to Minto, North Dakota, and built a large roller flour- 
ing mill, and was in an extensive general store for about two 
years. Going back to Grank Forks he again engaged in the 
hotel business, and remained there until the winter of 1896, 
when the grand structure known as the Viets House was 
burned, entailing a very heavy loss upon its owner, as well as 
destroying a very profitable business. Within a few months 
he went to British Columbia and invested the remainder of his 
fortune in a mine which proved to be very remunerative, and 
after nearly two years of labor, to which he was unaccustomed, 
and which caused- him to grow old quite perceptibly, he suc- 
ceeded in disposing of his interest in the mines, exceeding his 
most sanguine expectations. In the interval from 1880 to 
1890 he owned and occupied a fine farm in his native town 
near Ashtabula, one-half mile from the city limits. While re- 
siding there the Loudon Rubber Works was incorporated, in 
which he became a stockholder with Viets, Southwick & Co. 
general managers. He has been ever ready to aid in the ad- 
vancement of any plan to further the interest of any town or 
city in which his lot has been cast. 

Mrs. Viets is a noble type of the true wife, mother, and 
friend, always ready to assist the sick and afflicted, and to 
relieve the needy and destitute. She is highly esteemed by all 
who are favored with her acquaintance. Daughter: 


i. Gertrude Dow, b. at Saybrook, Ohio, March 5, 1867; m. in 
1885, M. S. Titus, a banker of Minto, N. D., where they 
reside. Children: Annie G. Titus, b. at Ashtabula, O.^ 
in 1887, and Frances E. Titus, b. in Dakota in 1889. 


(Celestia Clarissa,^ Rodney,' Jesse/ Seth,' John,*^ John/) 

Celestia Clarissa*' Viets, daughter of Rev. Rodney and 
Lucinda (Wood), was born at Saybrook, O., Nov. 6, 1847. 
She married at Geneva, O., Dec. 28, 1865, Charles H. Cooper,, 
an extensive landowner and farmer in Emerado, Grand Forks 
county, N. D. They enjoy a beautiful home on Riverside 
Farm. Mr. Cooper was in the Civil War in the same com- 
pany with Mrs. Cooper's brother, Col. Frank J. Viets. 


i. Katie Cooper, b. at Saybrook, O., in 1867; d. of malignant 

diphtheria at the home in North Dakota Jan. 6, 1881. 
ii. Herbert D. Cooper, b. at Saybrook, Feb. 22, 1869. 
iii. Mattie Cooper, b. in Cherry Valley, O., in 1873; d. at the 

home in North Dakota Jan. 6, 1881. 
iv. Lotta A. Cooper, b. at Cherry Valley February, 1875. 
V. Maude Viets Cooper, b. in North Dakota Jan. 16, 1879. 


(Durell Fremont,'' Rodney/ Jesse,^ Setfa,' John/ John/) 

Durell Fremont*' Viets, son of Rev. Rodney and Lu- 
cinda (Wood), was born at Saybrook, O., April i, 1854, and 
married Mary M. Perkins in Ashtabula, O., Feb. 25, 1874. 
He remained at the old homestead with his father and mother 
until 1 88 1, and then removed to North Dakota, locating near 
his sister, Mrs. Cooper. Unfortunately for him his wife died 
within two years after their removal to North Dakota, leaving 
him and their only child, a boy of eight years, to mourn their 
loss. Mr. Viets has never ceased to lament her untimely 
death, for she was his guiding star always. Son: 

i. Roy Burdette, b. at Saybrook, O., Aug. 16, 1875. 



(Rollin Burton/ Rolling Jesse,'* Seth,^' John,' JoHn,' ) 

RoLLiN Burton*' Viets, son of Rollin and Electa 
(Brown), was born about 1833; married, first, Lucy Thayer, 

and, second, . He resides at East Saginaw, 


Son by first marriage: 

i. Willis Burton, resided at Sharpsville, Pa., at one time; 
is now (1900) chemist in charge of a blast furnace at 
Parryville, Pa. He is married. 


(Philander Dan," Romn,^ Jesse," Seth,^ John,^ John.' ) 

Philander Dan'' Viets, son of Rollin and Electa 
(Brown), was born in Ashtabula county, O., in 1836, and 
died in Evansville, Ind., June 22, 1895. He married in 1859 
Eliza Kellogg, still residing at Evansville, which is also the 
place of residence of all her children. 

Philander Dan Viets was left without a father when he 
was twelve years of age. He went to Covington, Ind., about 
1850, where he learned the art of printing, and did his first 
regular work as compositor on the Cincinnati Commercial 
in 1854. Later he went West; was a printer on the squatter's 
Sovereign, the first newspaper started in Kansas, and removed 
thence to Warrensburg, Mo. In 1855 he removed to Evans- 
ville, Ind., and secured a position on the Evansville Enquirer, 
and later on the Journal, where he remained until 1861. In 
1863 he received an appointment as Captain of the small gun- 
boat. Moor, which was in the harbor service of Evansville dur- 
ing the war. He was afterwards appointed agent of the Pro- 
vost Marshal's office under Major Blythe Hines, and served 
in that capacity until the close of the war, when he was ap- 
pointed wharfmaster. Later he took the agency of the 
Evansville, Cairo, and Memphis Steam Packet Company. 
He was also a steamboat clerk. In 1874 he retired from the 
river, and accepted a position in the printing olifice of T. J. 
Groves, and afterwards in the Courier ofifice. Later he was 


given the position of river editor of the Courier, and after- 
wards was made city editor. Mr. Viets acted in that capacity 
until 1891, when he accepted a position on the writing force of 
the Standard. He was a good news gatherer, bright, chatty, 
and informing. He was an active man of affairs, and well 
liked. He was elected to the office of justice of the peace a 
few months before his death by a handsome majority without 
making a political canvass, trusting to the friendship of those 
who knew him. He never had a quarrel during his life. 
" Life is too short to make enemies on a difference of opin- 
ion," he would say. 


242. i. Rollin Sackett, b. Feb. 2, i860, 
ii. Orson Collins, d. in infancy. 

243. iii. Charles Fellows, b. Oct. 23, 1865. 

iv. Orlantha, b. Dec. 8, 1867; m. in 1887 John Wm. Irons; d. 
Oct. 16, 1898, leaving one child, Fielding Irons, b. Sept. 
9, 1888. 

V. Laura, b. Jan. i, 1872; m. in 1890 Charles V. Meyer. 
Daughter: Ethel Guyneth Meyer, a bright, beautiful, 
and talented child, who lived to the age of nine, dying 
in December, 1899. She possessed remarkable his- 
trionic talent and was a wonder for her age. 

vi. Lida G., b. Oct. 6, 1873; m. in 1895, Theodore M. Geupel, 
now (1900) an officer on a government vessel in the 
Philippine service. 


(Elliot W.,'= RoUin/ Jesse/ Seth/ John,^ John.' ) 

Elliot W.° Viets, son of Rollin and Electa (Brown), 
was born July 28, 1839. He married, Jan. 12, 1876, Elina 
Simpson, born Sept. 5, 1851. They keep the Royal Hotel at 
Colfax, Dunn county, Wis. 

i. Bertha E., b. Nov. 5, 1877. 
ii. Ralph S., b. May 2, 1880. 
iii. Jay B., b. Jan. 24, 1888. 


(Jesse W Rolling Jesse," Seth,^ John,' John.') 
Jesse L.^ Viets, son of Rollin and Electa (Brown), was 


born about 1842. He married Alvira Brown. Residence, 
Kane, Pa. 


(Andrew Hamlin,*' Rolling Jesse,^ Seth,^ John,^ Jolin.') 
Andrew Hamlin« Viets, son of Rollin and Electa 
(Brown), was born in Ohio, and commenced teaching m 1861 
at the age of sixteen. He " managed to get the equivalent of 
a college course by alternately teaching and going to school. 
He was for a time professor at Jefferson Institute, Ohio 
Since 1890 he has held the position of superintendent of 
United States Indian Schools. He has been in the work as 
principal or superintendent most of the time for thirty-nme 
years. He was for a time at Santa Fe, N. M. ; is now at Silver 
Valley, Texas. He married Emma Cadwell. Daughter: 

i. J. Grace. 


(Edward Walton,^ BarzilUa G.,^ RosweU," Seth,« John/ John.' ) 
Dr. Edward Walton^ Viets, son of Barzillia G. and Han- 
nah (Bushnell), was born at Conneaut, O., July 28, 1847- He 
was educated at the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College. 
His life work has been the practice of medicme and surgery, 
for a time at Lock Haven, Penn., and later at Plymouth, Ind., 
where he now resides. He married, Feb. 15, 1870, at La 
Porte Ind., Ella Munday, daughter of Reuben Munday, a 
descendant of Lord Elgin of England. Her mother was 
Eleanor Waeir, of Scotch descent. 

i Bessie Munday, b. March 8, 1873; educated at Plymouth, 
Ind., and at Chicago, III, where she has studied the 
past ten winters. 


(Byron B.,^ Barzillia G..^ RosweU,^ Seth,^ John,' John.') 
Dr. Byron B.« Viets, son of Barzillia and Hannah 


(Bushnell), was born at Conneaut, O., June 2, 1849 He 
studied at the Homeopathic College, Cleveland, and is pro- 
fessor of ophthalmology and otology in the Cleveland Medical 
College, oculist to the Huron St. Hospital, and lecturer in the 
training school for nurses. 

Dr. Viets married Katie Matson, daughter of Norman and 
Charlotte (Viets) Matson of Ottawa, 111. 

i. Veronia Evelyn, b. Nov. 2, 1877, at Conneaut. O.; has 
been thoroughly educated in music, having spent two 
years in the musical conservatories of this country, and 
one year in the Royal Conservatory at Dresden, 'Ger- 
many; m. March 29, 1900, Junius Hosford Smith' 
n. Vmeta Annah, b. Aug. 20, 1880, at Ashtabula, O.; gradu- 
ated from the Brown Hathaway School for Young La- 
dies, June, 1898, and spent one year traveling in Europe. 


(Eva Sophia,« Shalor N./ Zopher/ Scth/ John,' John.') 

Eva Sophia^ Viets, daughter of Shalor N. of Madison, 
O., and Catharine (Gillett), was born in Ohio May 4, 1864, and 
married, Dec. 8, 1885, John H. Green. 


i. Bessie M. Greew, b. Feb. 4, 1887. 

ii. Carl S. Green, b. Nov. 8, 1888; d. Oct. 30. 
iii. Ruth E. Green, b. May 29, 1892. 
iv. Lois E. Green, b. Jan. 5, 1896. 

V. Shalor Green, b. June 2, 1898. 


(Jesse M./ Shalor N./ Zopher/ Seth,^' John,^ John.' ) 

Jessie M.« Viets, daughter of Shalor N. and Catharine 
(Gillett), born in Ohio Aug. 20, 1865; married, Dec. 12, 1885,. 
John T. CoUister. 


i. Nelson C. CoUister, b. Oct. 29, 1886. 

ii. Don CoUister, b. March 21, 1889. 

iii. Viets CoUister, b. May 31, 1894. 

iv. E. Howard CoUister, b. July 10, 1896; d. Aug. 2, 1896. 

V. Hiram A. CoUister, b. June 16, 1898. 



(Mabel T.;' Shalor N.,^ Zophcr/ Sett/ John,' John.') 
Mabel T.*' Viets, daughter of Shalor N. and Catharine 
(Gillett) born in Ohio Oct. 25, 1866; married March 14, 1889, 
John E. Kent, who died Aug. 19, 1897. 


i. Mabelle E. Kent, b. Oct. 11, 1891. 
ii. Nellie Marie Kent, b. April 8, 1897. 


(Kathleen W Shalor N.,^ Zophef," Seth,' John,^ John.' ) 
Kathleen L.'' Viets, daughter of Shalor N. and Cathar- 
ine (Gillett), born in Ohio March 16, 1869; married, April 18, 
1894, Eugene Prouty. 


i. E. Royal Prouty, b. Feb. 8, 1896. 
ii. Ralph H. Prouty, h. July 13, 1899. 


(Byron Augustus/ Byron/ Abner/ Abner/ John/ John.' ) 

Byron Augustus'^ Viets, son of Byron and Milla 
(Kingsley), was born at Fowler, O., March 14, 1829, and 
died at lola, Kan., Feb. 14, 1877. He married at West Salem, 
Wis., March 3, 1852, Louisa M. Leonard, born at Minerva, 
N. Y., June 7, 1833. Her father, Thomas Leonard, was the 
founder of the city of West Salem, Wis., and one of the 
principal streets bears his name. Mrs. Louisa M. Viets re- 
sides with her daughter, Mrs. Whitcomb, at Kansas City, 



i. Olive Emeline, b. Jan. 10, 1854; m- January, 1873, Charles 

Farrand, and resides at Salt Lake City, Utah, 
ii. Ida Viola, b. March 30, 1856; m. March 14, 1885, H. J. 
Whitcomb, and resides in Kansas City, Mo., where Mr. 
Whitcomb holds an important position with the C. R. 
I. &. P. R. R. Daughter: Vera Whitcomb. 


in. Seymour Leonard, b. June 8, 1858; m. July i, 1895, Louise 
Roulett; is an artist in CRicago, doing portrait work in 
pastel; is a musician, has composed considerable music 
and written words for some. 


( Catharine/ Byron/ Abner/ Abner/ John/ John.' ) 

Catharine^ Viets, daughter of Byron and Milla (Kings- 
ley), was born at Fowler, O., July 5, 1831, and died at West 
Salem, Wis., Sept. 29, 1876. She was married in 1852 at La 
Crosse, Wis., by Rev. William Card, to Almanzo Eldred. The 
latter was born in Otsego county, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1818. He 
was one of the first settlers of Wisconsin, was the first sheriff 
of La Crosse county, a hunter and Indian scout, and was made 
a medicine man by the Winnebago Indians. He is now (1900) 
residing at West Salem. 


i. William Eldred, h. Aug. 3, 1854; m. May 2, 1875, at La 

Crosse, Nellie Tiffany; residence West Salem. Children: 

Jesse, May, and Almanzo Eldred. 
ii. Milla Eldred, h. Feb. 15, 1857; m. J. D. Howe; residence 

San Jose, Cal. Children: Lilian, Maud, Mark, Olive, 

and Ruth Howe, 
iii. Milton Eldred, b. Jan. 14, i860. 


( Apollos Kingsley/ Byron/ Abner/ Abncr/ John," John.') 

Apollos Kingsley® Viets, son of Byron and Milla 
(Kingsley), was born at Fowler, O., Oct. 30, 1833, and died 
at West Salem, Wis., Dec. 10, 1888. He married at Warren, 
O., July 31, 1859, Aurelia Leete, Rev. J. Everett officiating. 

Apollos Kingsley Viets, at the age of about eighteen, 
was attacked by the California gold fever, and, in company 
with a large caravan, made the perilous overland journey from 
Omaha by ox-team, the trip taking from six to nine months. 
They were often attacked by the Indians, losing a consider- 
able number of their small company. At night they formed 
their wagons in a circle with the oxen in the center and guards 
outside. Many are the tales of adventure and hardships told 




of this terrible trip, of hand to hand conflicts with the Indians, 
the war whoop waking them in the dead of night, of days and 
weeks with little water or food, of the immense herds of 
bufYalo, etc. 

After six or seven years in California Mr. Viets returned 
to the La Crosse valley, and in 1858 went to Ohio, where 
he married, soon afterwards removing to West Salem, Wis., 
where he engaged in the mercantile business very success- 
fully. He was also postmaster at the time. In 1863 gold was 
discovered in the Black Hills, S. D., and Mr. Viets made an- 
other overland trip, and, after a year's absence, returned to 
take charge of his business enterprises at home, where he 
was a grain dealer, stock buyer, owned a hardware store, 
and a general store. About 1875 he disposed of his various 
business interests and opened a drug store, which he ran 
successfully until the time of his death. 

He was considered a good financier, and one whose judg- 
ment was sought on important matters. At his death he 
owned a handsome residence at West Salem, several business 
blocks, and a fine drug store. He was prominent in masonic 
circles, being a charter member of the Masonic Lodge in 
West Salem. He held important town offices and trusts of 
various nature. 

Aurelia Leete Viets, wife of Apollos Kingsley Viets, was 
born Sept. 24, 1839, a daughter of Dr. George Leete and 
Jane Chew of Brookfield, O. George Leete was fifth in de- 
scent from Governor William Leete of Guilford, Conn., 1639, 
governor of New Haven and Connecticut colonies, born in 
Huntingtonshire, Eng., in 1612. The Leete family record 
goes back without a break to 1209 in the reign of King John. 

Aurelia Leete Viets resides at West Salem, where she is 
interested in the good work of the Congregational Church, 
and is also a member of the Easter Star Masonic Lodge. 

i. Carrie Baker, b. July 29, i860; m. Clayton Leander Viets. 

244. ii. Jessie Fremont, b. Feb. 2, 1862. 

245. iii. Frank Abner, b. Feb. 2, 1868. 

iv. George Byron, b. Oct. 18, 1869; is engaged in mercantile 
business in West Salem, Wis.; has very kindly furnished 
records and notes concerning his grandfather, Byron 
Viets, and descendants. 




(Leandcf/ Byron,^ Abner/ Abner,^ Joba,^ Jobn.') 

Leander® Viets, son of Byron and Milla (Kingsley), was 
"born at Fowler, O., May 14, 1836, and died at Augusta, Kan., 
April 14, 1895. He married, first, Lois Smith, at Fowler, 
April 27, 1856. He married, second, Ann French in Augusta, 
Kan., in 1877. 

Leander Viets moved to West Salem, Wis., about i860, 
where he engaged in the mercantile business until 1870, when 
lie moved to Towanda, Butler county, Kan., and opened a 
store. In 1879 1^^ moved to Augusta, Kan., where he con- 
tinued his general store, and owned a large sheep ranch until 
his death in 1895. He was a very upright and religious man, 
a church member and a Knight Templar. 

Children by first marriage: 

246. i. Clayton Leander, b. May 16, 1858. 

247. ii. Charles Allison, b. Oct. 26, 1862. 

iii. Ernest, b. March, 1870; d. July, 1870. 

By second marriage: 

iv. Milla K., b. July 31, 1879; d. Oct. 2Z, 1898, at West Sa- 
lem, and was buried in Augusta. 
V. Arthur J., b. Feb. 9, 1881. 
vi. Ethel M., b. July 15, 1885. 

The family reside at Augusta, Kan. 


(Mary Almira/ Byron/ Abner,^ Abner,^ Jobn,'' John.^ 

Mary Almira" Viets, daughter of Byron and Milla 
(Kingsley), was born at Fowler, O., April 3, 1839, and mar- 
ried, March 25, 1856, Hulbert A. Higley in Orangeville, Pa. 
They reside at New Whatcom, Wash. 


i. Lenora Erma Higky, b. April 26, 1857; m. Dec. 22, 1875, 

Zalmon O. Martin, Jamestown, N. D. 
ii. Warren ApoUos Higley, b. Sept. 6, 1858. 
iii. Emma Jane Higley, h. June 11, 1863; m. December, 1888, 

Ernest E. Martin, Jamestown, N. D. 



iv. Florence Pamelia Higley, b. Oct. ii, 1866; m. Robert 

O'Neil Dec. 29, 1891, at New Whatcom. 
V. Nellie May Higley, b. Jan. 27, 1870. 
vi. Marion Julietta Higley, h. Dec. 7, 1879. 
vii. Samantha Mabel Higley, h. May 14, 1882. 


(Samantha/ Byron/ Abner/ Abner/ John/ John.') 

Samaisttha^ Viets, daughter of Byron and Milla (Kings- 
ley), born at Fowler, O., Dec. 13, 1841, was educated at 
Oberlin College, and at the age of fifty-two took a course at 
the San Jose, Cal., State Normal School, graduating with 
honor. She has taught some twenty-five years. She mar- 
ried, first, at Bangor, Wis., May 10, 1863, William McGeoch. 
After his death she married, second, J. H. Ratliff. Residence, 
Steamboat Springs, Routt county. Col. 

Children by first marriage: 

i. William Watson McGeoch, b. 1864; d. 1895. 

ii. Byron Viets McGeach, h. 1871 ; d. 1895. 
iii. J. Douglas McGeach, h. 1875; d. 1896. 

iv. Marguerite McGeach, m. J. E. Weaver, son of E. M. 
Weaver of Windsor Locks, Conn.; res. San Jose, Cal. 

By second marriage: 

V. J. Harry Ratcliff, h. 1879; has been in Mexico; res. at 
Steamboat Springs, Col. 


( John Flavcl/ Byron/ Abner/ Abner/ John," John/ ) 

John Flavel® Viets, son of Byron and Milla (Kingsley), 
was born at Fowler, O., Jan. 14, 1844, and married at Sparta, 
Wis., Sept. 20, 1869, Lucy Pitkin, born June 18, 1847, at 
Barnett, 111. He was a soldier for the Union in the Civil 
War. They resided in Wisconsin between i860 and 1870, 
then removed to Garner, la., and in 1888 to Augusta, Kan., 
where they now live on a stock ranch. 


i. Cora E., b. Aug. 6, 1870; m. March 31, 1890, Harry Ham- 
mond; res. Augusta, Kan. 


ii. Nellie P., b. May 2, 1872; m. Dec. 24, 1890, J. W. Mc- 

Clure; res. Augusta, Kan. 
iii. Byron John, b. Sept. 23, 1873. 
iv. Lulu L., b. Oct. 31, 1875; m. Oct. 23, 1896, Philip Wilson; 

res. Wichita, Kan. 
V. Zulu Z., b. Oct. 31, 1875; m. Dec. 16, 1896, Firman Pike; 

res. at Wichita, Kan. 
vi. Frank G., b. Aug. 25, 1881. 
vii. Milla K., b. July 9, 1883. 
viii. Flavel John, b. March 5, 1885. 


( Cassius M./ Byron,' Abncr / Abncr,^ John,^ John.' ) 

Cassius Marcellus° Viets, son of Byron and Milla 
(Kingsley), was born Sept. 19, 1845, ^^ Waupun, Wis., on the 
first visit of his parents to the state. During the early sixties 
he was on the frontier in Montana, mining and fighting the 
Indians. He went to Kansas with his brother in 1870, and 
shortly after to Colorado, where he engaged in stock raising 
and mining. He is a story teller of frontier life and Indian 
warfare, and a reader of science. He has done considerable 
excavating in the cYifi dwellings of southwestern Colorado ; 
worked one year for the museum of Harvard University, and 
one of his collections went to the World's Fair at Chicago. 
He married, March 15, 1874, Elwelda Olsen at Stonewall, 
Col. Residence, Antlers, or Rifle, Colorado. 

i. Lulu, b. July 8, 1875; educated at home by her parents, 
and spent two years at the State Agricultural College 
of Colorado studying botany, in which she is well in- 
formed; began teaching at the age of sixteen, and has 
taught in various parts of Colorado ever since; has 
written articles for leading magazines; m. Sept. 16, 1900, 
S. A. Keller, Steamboat Springs, Col. 

ii. Edna, b. Aug. 17, 1878. 

iii. Stanley Oliver, b. Feb. 3, 1882. 

iv. Floyd Harvey, b. March 23, 1889. 


( Alonzo D.,* Drayton,' Abner,* Abner,^ John,^ John.') 

Alonzo D.'' Viets, son of Drayton and Caroline (Segar), 
was born Jan. 14, 1829. He married Adelia Burgher. He is 
a farmer at Holton, Michigan. 



(Oliver O/ Drayton,^ Abner/ Abner,^ John,' John.' ) 

Oliver O.® Viets, son of Drayton and Caroline (Segar), 
born Feb. 7, 1832; died June 7, 1862. He married about 1856 
Mary Ann Purdy. He was a jeweller. Mrs. Mary Ann 
Viets now resides at Coldwater, Mich. Son: 

248. i. Morey Oliver, b. about i860; d. at Coldwater, Mich., Dec. 
6, 1900. 


(Abner C," Drayton/ Abncr/ Abner,^ John,'' John.') 

Abner C.® Viets, son of Drayton and Caroline (Segar), 
born June 21, 1837, died at Fowler, O., in 1871. He married, 
Jan. I, i860, Leonora E. Clark. The family still live at 
Fowler, O. 


i. Effie Sarah, b. Jan. 8, 1861; .m. 1883, Prof. G. H. Lamb, 
superintendent of schools, Braddock, Penn. Children: 
Harold H. Lamb, b. 1886; Mary Lamb, b. 1890. 
ii. Carrie Elzaida, b. April 18, 1863; m. 1880, Dio Meikle. 
Son: Fritz Roy, b. 1881. 
Drayton Alonzo, b. Feb. 24, 1866; address Youngstown, O. 
Leonard Clark, b. Dec. 23, 1868. 
Abner C, b. Nov. 30, 1870. 


(Orville Daken,^ Drayton,^ Abner,* Abner,^ John,' John.') 

Orville Daken® Viets, son of Drayton and Caroline 
(Segar), was born July 14, 1838. He has been thirty-six 
years a nursery dealer, doing quite an extensive business in 
fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, and flowers. Residence, Cort- 
land, Trumbull county, O. He married, first, Dec. 31, 1861, 
Elzaida B. Terrell, who died Dec. 22, 1875. He married, sec- 
ond, Joana W. Storier, May 3, 1877. 

Children by first marriage: 

251. i. Savern W., b. Jan. 12, 1864. 

ii. Claudias S., b. Aug. 28, 1868; attorney at law. 








iii. Ella E., b. Dec. 31, 1870; d. Oct. 28, 1892. 

By second marriage: 
252. iv. Ward J., b. July 20, 1878; a farmer. 


(Dudley Lefoy,^ Drayton/ Abner,* Abner,* John," Jobn,') 

Dudley Leroy^ Viets, son of Drayton and Caroline 
(Segar), was born at Fowler, O., June 21, 1845. He has been 
a nursery dealer thirty years, doing a large business. Resi- 
dence, Warren, O. He married, first, March 27, 1872, Emma 
J. Holcomb, who died Feb. 2y, 1876. He married, second, 
March 15, 1882, Helen J. Fitch. 

Children by first marriage: 

i. Arthur W., b. Jan. i, 1873; dealer in nursery stock; res. 

Warren, O. 
ii. Willie W., b. July 11, 1875; is in nursery business; res. 

Warren, O. 

By second marriage: 

iii. Eugene Elmo, b. Dec. 26, 1886. 
iv. Fred. Clay, b. Feb. 3, 1888. 


(Henry Albert/ Drayton/ Abner/ Abner/ John,' John.^ 

Henry Albert^ Viets, son of Drayton and Caroline (Se- 
gar), was born May 26, 1847. He resides at the old Viets 
place. Fowler, O. Address, Nutwood, Trumbull county, O. 
He married Lucy Clark. 


253. i. Dudley Van Buren, b. July 11, 1871. 
ii. Daisy, b. April 19, 1873; d. 

iii. Hattie, b. June 2, 1874; m. Rev. Frank Nichols. 
iv. Lottie, b. July 19, 1876; m. Charles Brosius, Fowler, O. 
V. Edna L., b. Feb. 21, 1878; m. in 1899 Charles Card. Son: 
Lawrence Calvin Card, b. April 12, 1900. Res. Youngs- 
town, O. 
vi. Nellie, b. Dec. 11, 1880. 



(Annis/ Lothrop/ Abner,'* Abner,'' John,' John.') 

Annis*' Viets, daughter of Lothrop and Lavinia (Kel- 
logg), was born March 30, 1838, at Fowler, O., and died at 
Burns, Wis., Jan. 18, 1873. She married Barlow B. Cronk 
Dec. II, 1859. Their three children are living in South Da- 

i. Clara Cronk. 
ii. Eva Cronk. 
iii. Drayton Cronk. 


(Henry Leslie,'' Lothrop,^ Abncr/ Abncf,^ John,^ John.' ) 

Henry Leslie*' Viets, son of Lothrop and Lavinia (Kel- 
logg), was born, presumably, at Fowler, O., March 18, 1840, 
and died at Parker's Prairie, Minn., Oct. 16, 1895. He mar- 
ried Mary Ann Parker March 10, 1861. Mrs. Viets and her 
daughter, Daisy, reside at Henning, Minn. 


254. i. John A., b. Jan. 12, 1863. 

255. ii. Lathrop E., b. Nov. 24, 1869. 

iii. Daisy Carrie, b. April 4, 1884; is at school at Fergus Falls, 


(Sarah Frances,* Hobart Benoni,^ Benoni,^ Abner,^ John,' John.' ) 

Sarah Frances^ Viets, daughter of Hobart B. and 
Martha (Higgins), was born in 1846, presumably at New Har- 
mony, Ind. She married in 1862 Tanner, and resides 

at Barlow City, Ky. 


i. Ada Byron Tanner, b. Jan. 2, 1863; d. Oct. 10, 1864. 

ii. Robert Henry Tanner, b. Aug. 6, 1864. 

iii. William Elias Tanner, b. March 16, 1866. 

iv. Jessie Madison Tanner, b. Jan. 20, 1868; d. Aug. 2, 1868. 

V. Hubert Byrd Tanner, b. May 30, 1869. 

vi. Minnie Lee Tanner, b. March 6, 1871. 


vii. George W. Tanner, h. Sept. 8, 1873. 

viii. Josie Tanner, b. Sept. 8, 1873; d. Sept. 3, 1899. 

ix. Guss L. Tanner, b. May 9, 1875; d. March i, 1877. 

X. Delia May Tanner, b. Nov. 11, 1877. 

xi. Mattie J. Tanner, h. Sept. 19, 1879; d. Dec. i, 1881. 

xii. James Francis Tanner, h. Nov. 30, 1881. 

xiii. Gordon E. Tanner, h. Oct. 9, 1884. 

xiv. Myrtle Agnes Tanner, h. Oct. 9, 1884. 

XV. Ward Beecher Tanner, b. March 18, 1887. 


(Mary Susan/ Hobart B.,^ Bcnoni/ Abner,' John/ John.') 
Mary Susan^ Viets, daughter of Hobart B. and Amelia 
(Higgins), bom Nov. 29, 1856; married in December, 1870, 

William Renberger, who died . Residence, New 

Harmony, Posey county, Ind. Son: 

i. Johnnie Viets Renberger, h. June 5, 1874. 


(John Oscar/ Hobart B./ Benoni/ Abner/ John/ John/) 

John Oscar'' Viets, son of Hobart B. and Amelia (Hig- 
gins), born in Jan., 1863; married in Aug., 1883, Sarah Eliza- 
beth Cox. Residence at or near Stewartsville, Posey county^ 


i. Hobart, b. March 28, 1885; graduated at the High School, 

Robb Township, Posey Co., Ind., 1900. 
ii. Ishmael, b. Jan. 17, 1890. 
iii. Percy, b. July 3, 1893. 


(Sophia A./ Seymour S./ Samuel/ Abner/ John/ John/ ) 

Sophia A.'' Viets, daughter of Seymour S. and Maria 
(Olds), born in 1824; married, first, in Westfield, Mass., Nov. 
15, 1840, Edward Merriman, who died Aug. 23, i860, and, 
second, Aug. 7, 1865, Wells R. Cook. She died Jan. 18, 1892, 
at her home in East Granby, near Tariffville. 

Children by first marriage: 


i. Morton Edward Merriman, b. Dec. 27, 1841; d. Dec. 27, 

ii. Celestine Elizabeth Merriman, b. May 16, 1844; m- Wm. 

H. Noll; res. Caughdenoy, Oswego county, N. Y. 
iii. Seymour Viets Merriman, b. Sept. 14, 1847; res. Syracuse, 
N. Y.; m. Belle Wright. Daughter: Lillian Gertrude, 
b. Jan. 25, 1881. 
iv. Ellen Alvira Merriman, b. Nov. 2, 1849; d. Dec. 23, 1851. 
w. Eliza Odell Merriman, b. June 11, 1853; d. Sept. 17, 1886; 
m. Austin P. Stowell of East Granby. Children: Harry, 
Herbert C., Mabel A., Ruth E. 
vi. Elsie Maria Merriman, b. Feb. 8, 1855; m. Will Alford; 
res. Independence, County G, Oklahoma. Children: 
Roy Frank, Seymour Viets, Howard H., Inez Ruth, 
Lester Edward, 
vii. Kate Luess Merriman, b. Oct. 29, 1857; m- first Edwm C. 
Bates; second Frank Alford; res. Poquonock, Conn. 
Children: Louis Alfred Bates, b. March 26, 1881; Arthur 
Wells Bates, b. Dec. 31, 1882; Alden Euclid Alford, b. 
Nov. 29, 1890; Mary Sophia Alford, b. Jan. 9, 1893; 
Elsie Merriman Alford, b. April 10, 1895; Alice Viets 
Alford, b. Aug. 16, 1897; Leon Morton Alford, b. Nov. 
20, 1899. 
By second marriage: 
viii. NeUie Jane Cook, b. Aug. 21, 1869; d. Aug. 21, 1876. 


(Samuel "Wiffis,^ Seymour S,,' Samuel/ Abner/ John," John.') 

Samuel Willis^ Viets, son of Seymour S. and Maria 
(Olds), was born in Granby, Conn., March, 1825 (or 1828), 
and married at West Granby June 27, 1850, Caroline Terry, 
daughter of Stephen Terry and Catharine (Case). 

Mr. Viets learned the trade of cabinet-maker in the 
Windsor chair works, but followed the business of moving 
buildings with his brother-in-law, Edward Merriman. Later 
he carried on this business on his own account in Jersey City, 
New York city, and on Long Island. He moved in 1856 to 
Michigan, locating at Forester, Sanilac county. He seems 
to have cultivated a farm near the village, but farming was not 
his principal business, for he received a salary of $1,800 a year 
and expenses as superintendent of an important buildmg and 


mechanical firm, erecting numerous mills and other buildings, 
being the architect as well as builder. 

In politics he was a life-long democrat. He held the office 
of clerk and treasurer of Forester township for eighteen years, 
and was director of the public schools for twenty years. He 
received httle schooling himself, however, having never at- 
tended school after he was fourteen years old, but was an ex- 
traordinary mathematician, and a great reader. His religious 
connection was with the Methodist Church. He was a man 
of high moral character; his word was as good as his bond, 
and he used no profane language. He was disabled during 
the later years of his life by a stroke of paralysis, and died 
March 8, 1899, leaving a widow and seven children, his death 
being the first break in the family. 


i. Henrietta, b. April i, 1851; m. 1871 or 1872 Wm. Brown, 
an employee of the Grand Trunk R. R. ; res. Gorham, 
N. H. 

256. ii. Fred S., b. at Windsor Locks, Conn., Oct. 23, 1854. 

iii. Eva J., b. at Forester, Mich., , 1857; m. George 

Wyllie about 1887; res. at Hammond, N. Y. She was 
a teacher up to the time of her marriage. Children: 
Caroline, b. about 1891; Florence, b. about 1894. 

iv. Kate M., b. , .1859; m. Arthur M. Dayton, 1887 or 

1888; res. Downington, Mich. 

V. Florence B., b. , 1863; res. with her mother at 


vi. Carrie M., b. , 1866; m. 1892 Wm. S. Wilton; res. 

at Lakeport, St. Clair county, Mich. 

257. vii. Samuel James, b. Nov. 13, 1869. 


(Ellen Jane* Seymour S./ Samuel/ Abner/ John,^ John.') 
Ellen Jane'^ Viets, daughter of Seymour S. and Maria 
(Olds), was born in Becket, Mass., Nov. 23, 183 1. She mar- 
ried Charles Anson Smith, son of Joseph Smith of Suflield, 
Conn., born Oct. 4, 1824, died Oct. 18, 1895. Mrs. Smith and 
family reside in Suffield. 



i. Edgar Norwood Smith, b. July 2, 1850. 
ii. Charles Orville Smith, b. Sept. 24, 1853; m. May 15, 1889, 

Grace Hunting Harvey of Windsor, 
iii. Frederic Arthur Smith, h. July 25, 1855; m. Cora B. Aus- 
tin. Children: Raymond C, Grace Hazel, 
iv. George Letts Smith, b. Oct. 22, 1858; m. Sept. 12, 1899, 

Vena L. Viets, daughter of Seth A. Viets. 
V. Minnie Isabelle Smith, h. Nov. 20, i860; m. Melville E. 
Hungerford. Children: Harry C, Luella Helen, Edna 


("Williani Chauncey/ Seymour/ Samuel,'' Abner,^ John,' John.') 

William Chauncey^ Viets, son of Seymour and Maria 
(Olds), born May 22, 1834; married, Dec. i, 1858, at South 
Windsor, Conn., Harriet S. Chandler, daughter of Professor 
Samuel C. Chandler. They reside in Sufheld, Conn., near 


258. i. Hortense Alethea, b. Feb. 23, 1862. 

ii. Florentia Cleodora, b. May 24, 1864; m. George A. Doug- 
las, Jr.; res. Suffield. 

259. iii. Herbert Leon, b. Jan. 31, 1867. 


(Maria Salome,* Seymour,^ Samuel,'* Abner,^ John," John.') 

Maria Salome^ Viets, daughter of Seymour and Maria 
(Olds), born June 4, 1842; married, Nov. 13, i860, Edward M. 
Capron, son of Benjamin C. and Margaret (Ratcliffe) Capron, 
born at Albany, N. Y., Dec. 3, 1825. They reside on South 
Street, Sufheld, Conn. 


i. Charles Elmer Capron, b. Aug. 17, 1861. 
ii. Florence Anna Capron, h. July i, 1864; m. Charles M. 

Haynes of Springfield. Daughter: Hazel O. Haynes. 
iii. Benjamin Seymour Capron, h. April 19, 1873. 



(Cynthia Isabel," Seymour/ Samuel/ Abner,' John,'' John.' ) 

Cynthia Isabel*' Viets, daughter of Seymour and Maria 
(Olds), was born June 22, 1844; married James McCormick, 
and died at her home in Windsor, Conn., Feb. 19, 1901. 


i. Bertha Viets McCormick, b. Oct. 22, 1866. 

ii. Agnes Gertrude McCormick, b. Aug. 5, 1871. 

iii. Robert James McCormick, h. February, 1875. 

iv. Ralph Hamilton McCormick, b. March 14, 1886. 


(Mary Susan," Seymour,^ Samuel,* Abner,' John,'' John.') 

Mary Susan'' Viets, daughter of Seymour and Maria 
(Olds), born March 17, 1846; married Frederick Chilson 
House of Poquonock in Windsor, Conn. Mrs. House died 
May 9, 1886. 


i. Albert Hammond House, h. June 12, 1870; m. Jennie A. 

Simons; res. Poquonock, Conn, 
ii. Ida May House, h. May 15, 1876; m. Herbert N. Cotton. 


(Albert Andrew," Judah D.,^ Dan,* Abner,^ John,' John.') 

Albert Andrew^ Viets, son of Judah D. and Caroline 
(Rowley), was born Dec. 9, 1847. He married, Sept. 29, 
1868, Mary C. Rowley, daughter of Hezekiah L. Rowley, born 
in Bloomfield Feb. 8, 1849. Albert A. Viets has passed the 
greater part of his life in Bloomfield, Conn., where he now 
resides. He is active in the Congregational Church, and in 
other organizations which seek the public good. Daughter: 

i. May Alberta, b. Sept. 27, 1871; m. Herbert L. Risley of 
East Hartford; d. Feb. 12, 1898. She was much loved. 
and deeply lamented by her family and friends. 



(Hattie Phelps/' Judah D./ Dan,/ Abner/ John/ John/) 

Hattie Phelps® Viets, daughter of Judah D. and Caro- 
line (Rowley), was born April 24, 1856. She taught school 
for several years in the home district in Bloomfield, and was a 
good and successful teacher. She married, Dec. 3, 1885, 
James Loomis Rowley, son of Hezekiah L. Rowley. Son: 

i. Herman Jay Rowley, b. in Bloomfield Oct. 31, 1886. 


(Minnie Holcomb/ Judah D./ Dan/ Abner/ John/ John/) 

Minnie Holcomb" Viets, daughter of Judah Dryden and 
Caroline (Rowley), born Aug. 7, 1858; married, Feb. 17, 1886, 
Dwight C. Newberry, born May 31, 1853, son of Chauncey 
Newberry, and eighth in line from Thomas Newberry, an 
early settler of Connecticut. He has been a farmer in Bloom- 
field, and represented the town in the legislature in 1890 
.and 1901. Residence, Hartford, Conn. 


i. Frederick Chauncey Nezvberry, b. March 5, 1887. 

ii. Abbie Rose Nezvberry, b. Nov. 22, 1888. 

iii. Inez Harriet Newberry, b. Jan. 4, 1890. 

iv. Nellie Caroline Newberry, b. Oct. 17, 1893. 

V. May Viola Newberry, b. Sept. 17, 1895. 

vi. Rose Allien Newberry, b. Sept. 16, 1900. 


("Walter D./ Dan A./ Dan/ Abner/ John/ John/) 

Walter D.*^ Viets, son of Dan A. and Caroline (Phelps), 
was born in 1848, and died in 1879. He kept the hotel in 
East Granby for some years, and ran the stage route between 
that place and Hartford. He was afterwards a traveling 
agent. He married Adelaide GrifBn, daughter of Milton 
Grifltin by his first wife, and brought up in the family of James 
H. Viets. She was born in 185 1, and died about 1897. 



i. Carrie, b. April 25, 1869; m. Fred Damon; res. Holyoke, 

ii. Ralph Waldo, b. about 1878; has been clerk in a hotel in 



("William Burt/ Dan A./ Dan/ Abner/ John,' John.' ) 

William Burt^ Viets, son of Dan A. and Jane (Phelan), 
was born in West Suffield, Conn., Nov. 22, 1853. He lived 
for a time in West Suf^eld and Thompsonville, and later, for 
some years, in Worthington, Mass. For some years he has 
conducted a dairy farm at Tatham, West Springfield, where 
he now resides. He married Louise M. Wright of Worthing- 
ton, Mass., born May 6, 1858. Children born in W^orthing- 
ton, and now residing in West Springfield: 

i. Burdette William, b. Jan. 21, 1875; m. Jennie L. McClaflin,. 

■ who d. November, 1899. 
ii. Nettie Louise, b. May 4, 1876; m. April 16, 1895, Dennis 
C. Bryan, who died Aug. 31, 1897. Daughter: Vivian 
Viets Bryan, b. Feb. 12, 1897; d. July, 1899. 
iii. Robert John, b. Dec. 26, 1880. 
iv. Clifton Marsh, b. April 18, 1884. 


(Hartley A./ Dan A./ Dan/ Abncr/ John/ John/ ) 

Hartley Alexander^ Viets, son of Dan A. and Mary J. 
(Getman), was born in East Granby March 28, 1863, and mar- 
ried, Nov. 28, 1889, Anna E. McNamara, born Aug. 6, 1863, 
They reside in East Granby at the Falls. 


i. John Hartley, b. Aug. 21, 1891. 
ii. Fred Whitney, b. Feb. 25, 1893. 


( Willafd Wesley/ Dan A./ Dan/ Abner / John/ John/ ) 

Willard Wesley^ Viets, son of Dan A. and Mary J. 
(Getman), was born at East Granby July 7, 1870. He mar- 



ried Mary Alice, daughter of David Wilson of Simsbury, 
Conn., born June 17, 1869. He is a farmer in East Granby, 
has been on the board of selectmen for East Granby since 
1895, and first selectman since 1897. 


i. David Alexander, b. May 20, i88g. 
ii. Dan Willard, b. March 20, 1895. 


( Lydia Estella,^ Joseph F.,* Dan,* Abner/ John,' John.' ) 

Lydia Estella^ Viets, daughter of Joseph F. and Elisa- 
beth (Spencer), was born in East Granby Dec. 8, 1857, and 
married John B. Parker, a farmer of Poquonock in Windsor, 
born Feb. 14, 1852, at East Windsor, Conn. 


i. Mary Estella Parker, b. Aug. 7, 1880; d. April 14, 1897. 
ii. John Robert Parker, b. June 29, 1884; in the class of 1902 

at the Windsor High School, 
iii. Ervine Franklin Parker, h. June 9, 1889. 

( Qarencc Austin,* Joseph F.,^ Dan,* Abner,^ John," John.' ) 

Clarence Austin^ Viets, son of Joseph F. and Elisabeth 
(Spencer), was born in East Granby, Conn., Dec. 12, 1859. 
He married in Simsbury, Dec. 8, 1888, Mrs. Nellie (Corey) 
Hayes. Residence, Hartford, Conn. 


i. Clara Elisabeth, b. Sept. 6, 1889. 
ii. Bertha Louisa, b. Sept. 18, 1890. 


(Anna Mary," Joseph F.,^ Dan,* Abner,^ John,'' John.') 

AisTNA Mary^ Viets, daughter of Joseph F. and Elisa- 
beth (Spencer), was born in East Granby July 6, 1863. She 
passed the early portion of her life with her aunt, Annis Griffin 


at West Suffield, and married, first, Fred Bradley of New 
Haven, and, second, Frank H. Dibble of East Granby. 


i. Annis Bradley, b. Sept. 13, 1880; m. John Corey. Son- 

ii. Susan Louise Dibble, b. July 24, 1884. 
iii. Lottie Viola Dibble, b. Dec. 23, 1885. 


(Francis Hubbard/ Benj. E^^ Dan,^ Abner/ John/ John/ ) 

Francis Hubbard« Viets, son of Benjamin Erskine and 
Anna (Hubbard), was born in Granby, Conn., Sept. 16, 1854. 
The place of his birth, and the home of the family during the 
first fourteen years of his life, was situated in the western part 
of the present town of East Granby, the region affording a 
pleasing variety of wood, meadow, hill, and stream, while the 
ruins of old Newgate were seen on the hill a mile distant to the 
northeast. He passed the early part of his life attending school 
and doing farm work, most of which he enjoyed, not the least 
the lunch taken into the field. He attended with the family 
during his early years the Baptist Church at Tarififville three 
miles distant, occasionally going to the Episcopal, the church 
of his grandfather Viets. He spent the summer of 1865 at 
the home of his grandfather Hubbard in Bloomfield, and 
well remembers the coming home of his cousins, Jasper Good- 
rich and Henry Hubbard, from the war, the former from the 
southern army, the latter from the northern. When he was 
fourteen years of age the family moved to the eastern part 
of the town. As a scholar he was not remarkably easy to 
learn, but was gifted with considerable perseverance. He 
taught at his old home school in East Granby during the 
winter of 1872-3, taking great delight in his work, and in the 
progress of his pupils. Entering the Connecticut Literary 
Institution at Suffield, he took the first prize for excellence in 
declamation in 1874, and the first prize for excellence in debate 
in 1875, speaking on the affirmative of the question, " Were 
the political views of Hamilton wiser than those of Jefiferson? " 


(Ulc^uJiy^ I/ijaAaa 






He graduated in June, 1875, at tlie head of a class of eleven, and 
delivered the valedictory address. He entered Brown Uni- 
versity the following September, and graduated in 1879 with 
the degree of A.B. He then pursued the theological course at 
Yale University, and graduated in 1882 with the degree of 
B.D., having presented a thesis on the subject: Theories of 
the Atonement. He ministered for sixteen weeks during the 
summer vacation of 1880 for the Congregational Church at 
North Wolfborough, N. H. During the summer vacation of 
1 88 1, and the school year following, he ministered to the 
Baptist Church in Easton, Conn. On graduating at Yale in 
May, 1882, he accepted a call to the Congregational Church in 
Riverton, Conn., a pleasant and thriving village among the 
Litchfield hills, with an interesting people, where he was 
ordained the following October. He delivered the alumni 
poem at the Connecticut Literary Institution, Suffield, at 
the anniversary of 1883. After a ministry of five years at 
Riverton he accepted a call in May, 1887, to the two Congre- 
gational churches of East and North Woodstock, Conn., 
where he remained in charge of two parishes for nearly twelve 
years, receiving into the churches during this period one 
hundred new members; and during the last seven years was 
an active member of the school board of Woodstock. Con- 
cluding his services for the Woodstock churches March i,. 
1899, he accepted a cordial invitation the following Septem- 
ber to minister to the Congregational Church of Bucking- 
ham, Conn., and while here took up the pleasing work of pre- 
paring a genealogy of the Viets family. 

Francis H. Viets married, May 23, 1883, Mary Elizabeth 
Smith, daughter of Amos D. and Maria (Waterman) Smith, 
born in Providence, R. L, Dec. 12, 1857. Amos D. Smith was 
a son of Isaac and Mary (Fargo) Smith of East Schuyler, 
Herkimer county, N. Y. He was a brass founder in Provi- 
dence, where he died Feb. 12, 1895, aged seventy-two. He 
was in the Civil War, in a regimental band, in the R. I. 
Eleventh Regiment, Company I. 

Amos D. Smith married Maria Waterman Oct. 27, 1851. 
She was one of nine children of William Waterman, for 


twenty-nine years treasurer of the town of Johnston, R. I., 
a lady of gentle bearing and exemplary character and life, a 
descendant of Roger Williams, founder of Providence, and 
one of the first advocates of religious liberty. She died in 
Providence April 4, 1900, at the age of eighty-one. 

Mary Elizabeth Smith graduated at the Providence High 
School in 1876, and at the Rhode Island State Normal School 
in 1879, ^fter which she taught four years in one of the gram- 
mar schools of Providence with gratifying success. 


i. Marion Amelia, b. at East Woodstock, Conn., Nov. 21, 
1887; graduated from the Normal Grammar School, 
Providence, June, 1901; is in the high school. 

ii. Ruby Elizabeth, b. at East Woodstock, Conn., March 5, 
1889; graduated from the Normal Grammar School, 
Providence, June, 1901; is in the high school. 

iii. Paul Winthrop, b. at East Woodstock, Conn., April 18, 


( Edward Bradford/ Bcnj. E./ Dan,^ Abner,' John,' John.' ) 

Edward Bradford*^ Viets, son of Benjamin E. and 
Anna (Hubbard), was born in Granby Jan. 27, 1857. He was 
educated at the public schools, and at the Connecticut Literary 
Institution at Suffield, but more completely in business and in 
the school of life, where he was an apt learner. He went at 
the age of twenty-one to Hartford, where he was in business 
for several years. Later he made a tour of the southern 
states with his cousin, Jasper Goodrich. For several years 
subsequent to 1880 he was conductor on the street cars in 
Chicago, and later has been in business in the same city. He 
married at Joliet, 111., Aug. 17, 1886, Dr. Lewis of the Central 
Presbyterian Church officiating, Lillie Melissa Boardman 
Maxwell, daughter of George Henry Maxwell of Boston and 
Melissa Tryphena Matteson of Chautauqua, N. Y., whose 
grandfathers, Matteson and Whitford, were Revolutionary 
soldiers, and both lived on farms at Chautauqua Lake. Mrs. 
Viets' father, George Henry Maxwell, was the second son of 


Edward Maxwell of Edinburgh, Scotland, and Nancy Board- 
man of Boston, Mass.; the former, coming to America with 
his parents, settled in Maine at Bethel, Wells, and Maxwell. 


(Scott Bcnj„« Benj. E./ Dan," Abner/ John,^ John.' ) 

Scott Benjamin*^ Viets, son of Benjamin E. and Anna 
(Hubbard), was born in East Granby May 4, 1859. He at- 
tended a few terms at the Connecticut Literary Institution at 
Suffield; was in the employ of a manufacturing firm in Water- 
bury, Conn., for a time, and has since resided at the old home- 
stead in East Granby, where he has conducted the farm. He 
married in 1882 Chloe Marietta Viets, daughter of William A. 
Viets of East Granby. 


i. Ethel May, b. in East Granby June 26, 1883. 
ii. Bernice Lucia, b. Dec. 14, 1885; is in the high school at 

Windsor, Conn, 
iii. Dorothy Phelps, b. Feb. 4, 1892. 


(Martha Ann/ Gcrvase/ Luke," Luke,' John,' John.' ) 

Martha Ann^ Viets, daughter of Gervase and Esther 
(Phelps), was born in Granby Sept. 17, 1824, and died Sept. 
12, 1889. She married. May 6, 1846, Apollos P. Griffin, born 
in 1821, and died in 1878. They resided at Hungary in 


i. Marcus A. Griffin, b. April 26, 1847; m. Nov. 7, 1871, Eve- 
lina A. Cushman. Children: 

(0) Milo Cushman Griffin, b. Aug. 7, 1873; m. Gure- 
tha Ina Moore. 

(b) Carl Viets Griffin, b. Dec. 19, 1875; m. Effie 


(c) Henry Apollos Griffin, b. Aug. 24, 1879. 

(d) Gertrude Lorena Griffin, b. Dec. 19, 1886. 
ii. Milo Griffin, h. June 28, 1849; drowned July 15, 1857. 


iii. Ida Griffin, b. March, 1855; d. April 12, 1878; m. March, 
1873, Wilbur Holcomb. Daughter: Ida Gertrude Hol- 
comb, b. March, 1878; m. Charles W. Eddy. 

iv. Gertrude Griffin, h. Dec. 25, 1856; d. April 13, 1878. 


( Julius G./ Get vase,^ Luke,* Luke,^ John,' John.' ) 

Julius G.*' Viets, son of Gervase and Esther (Phelps), 
was born in Granby April 29, 1828. He is a farmer residing 
in Hungary in Granby. He married, Jan. i, 1852, Mary P. 
Gillett, daughter of Horace Gillett and Agnes Whitney of 
Southwick, Mass. She was descended on the Whitney line 
from Lois Viets, who married Jonathan Buttles in 1768. She 
died Feb. 6, 1899. 


260. i. Henry Gervase, b. July 3, 1855. 
ii. Nellie Agnes, b. Sept. 30, 1858; d. Nov. 2, i860. 

iii. Mary Florence, b. Feb. 18, 1868; m. Almond B. Phelps of 
East Granby. She d. Aug. 9, 1898, leaving two chil- 
dren: Nellie Esther, b. Oct. 20, 1887, and Mary Viets, 
b. Aug. 9, 1898, who has always lived with her uncle, 
Henry G. Viets. 


( Charles R.," Gervase,^ Luke,* Luke,^ John," John,' 

Charles R.® Viets, son of Gervase and Esther (Phelps),, 
was born in Granby July 15, 1830, and died at his home near 
Copper Hill Oct. 29, 1874. He married, Nov. 10, 1853, 
Harriet Griffin, daughter of Aristarchus Grififin of Granby, 


261. i. Gervase Aristarchus, b. July 6, 1856. 

262. ii. George Charles, b. May 13, 1864. 

iii. Esther Jael, b. Aug. g, 1868; d. Feb. 9, 1869. 


( Abigail E.,^ Gervase,' Luke,'' Luke,' John,' John.' ) 
Abigail Emeline*' Viets, daughter of Gervase and Esther | 


(Phelps), was born Oct. 13, 1832, and died May 19, 1873. 
She married, Jan. i, 1852, William H. Jenkins, born Oct. 
II, 1826. 

i. Emma J. Jenkins, b. April 26, 1853; m. June 3, 1874, E. 
Whitney. Children: Harry J., b. Dec. 17, 1876; Albert 
C, b. March 28, 1879; John Henry, b. Feb. 6, 1885. 
ii. Mary C. Jenkins, h. July 18, i860; m. June 4, 1884, Anson 
Quincy Perkins, b. Oct. 27, 1851. Children: Lucy Abi- 
gail, b. July 4, 1885, and Charles Lewis, b. Jan. i, 1888. 


(Virgil Eaton,^ Gervase,^ Luke,'* Luke,' John,' John.') 

Virgil Eaton*' Viets, son of Gervase and Esther (Phelps), 
was born in Granby March 17, 1835. He resides at the old 
Viets place at Newgate, the home of Captain John Viets, and 
afterwards of his son Luke. He served the state in the 
General Assembly in 1876. He married, Jan. i, 1861, Mary 
Wilcox, daughter of Hiram Wilcox of Granby and his wife, 
Mary Gillett of Southwick, Mass. 


i. Everett, b. July 17, 1863; d. Aug. 24, 1870. 
263. ii. Hiram Wilcox, b. May 23, 1866. 

iii. Clarabelle T., b. March 17, 1871; at school two years at 
Wilbraham, Mass., and graduated from the High School, 
Westfield, afterwards attending a year at Mount Holyoke 
College; has been teaching since 1895. 


(Emily v.," Gervase/ Luke/ Luke/ John/ John,') 

Emily V.® Viets, daughter of Gervase and Esther 
(Phelps), was born Dec. 9, 1837, and married March 16, 1863, 
Oliver Gabriel, born April 10, 1832, son of Phineas and Fan- 
nie (Wilcox) Gabriel of Suffield, Conn. They reside at Avon, 
Conn. « 

i. George H. Gabriel, h. Nov. 2, 1864. 
ii. Fannie E. Gabriel, h. July 22, 1866. 




(William Ansel/ Henry W,,' Luke/ Luke,' JoHn,' John.') 

William Ansel° Viets, son of Henry W. and Lucia L. 
(King), was born in Granby July 29, 1833. He is a farmer, 
residing at East Granby Center; has been first selectman of 
the town for twelve consecutive years. He married, April 
24, 1859, Sarah F. Alderman, born Nov. 24, 1839, daughter 
of Solomon F. Alderman, son of Harvey Alderman and Sally 
Holcomb of East Granby. Mrs. Viets' mother was Elizabeth 
F. Hastings of Suffield. 


i. Chloe Marietta, b. June 21, i860; m. Scott B. Viets. 
264. ii. Charles Palmer, b. June 2, 1863. 

iii. Alice Elizabeth, b. June 28, 1874; m. Nov. 16, 1897, James 
B. Rose of Suffield. Son: Waldo James Rose, b. Aug. 
22, 1899; d. Dec. 26, 1901. 


(George L«ke/ Henry W./ Luke,* Luke,' John/ John.' ) 

George Luke® Viets, son of Henry W. and Lucia L. 
(King), was born in Granby Sept. 6, 1835; resides in East 
Granby; represented his town in the legislature in 1897, and 
has filled several town offices. He married, April 11, 1865, 
Virginia G., daughter of Anson Bates of East Granby. Mr. 
Bates practiced law about thirty years before retiring to his 
farm in East Granby. He married Louisa Garnett at Rich- 
mond, Va. Their daughter, Mrs. Viets, was born Feb. 8, 
1845, ^"d died July 6, 1889. 


i. Ella Louisa, b. Dec. 28, 1867; d. Sept. 24, 1886. 

ii. Georgie Bates, b. Nov. 21, 1870; attended school two years 
at the Connecticut Literary Institution, Suffield, three 
years at the McLean Seminary, Simsbury, where she 
graduated, and studied two years in New Britain. She 
is a teacher at Montclair, N. J. 

iii. Clara Marietta, b. Jan. 7, 1878; educated at the Connecticut 
Literary Institution. 

iv. Bertha May, b. July 15, 1881. 


(Marietta Louisa/ Henry W./ Luke,* Luke,' John," John.' ) 

Marietta Louisa® Viets, daughter of Henry W. and 
Lucia (King), was born Sept. 11, 1837, and married, May 2, 
i860, George Hiram Griswold. Residence, Windsor, Conn. 


i. Dexter Hudson Griswold, h. June 4, 1861; m. Dec. 1885, at 
Jersey City, Mary Gurnsey, who died July, 1900. Resi- 
dence, Susquehanna, Penn. Children: George Conrad, 
b. Sept. 14, 1886; Lucia Louise, b. Jan. 5, 1888; Estella 
Frances, b. Feb. 8, i8gi; Jennie Marietta, b. June 13, 
1892; Nellie Titus, b. June 7, 1895; d. Dec. 8, 1896. 

ii. Duane William Grisivold, b. June 13, 1863; m. May 2, 1887, 
at Vermillion, N. D., Maria Louisa Miller. Residence, 
Windsor, Conn. Children: Edgar William, b. June 26, 
1888; Frank Newton, b. Oct. 2, 1891; Beulah Lavinia, b. 
Feb. 16, 1895; Gertrude Eudora, b. Oct. 3, 1896. 

iii. Darwin Gillett Grisivold, b. Nov. 27, 1869; m. April 20, 
1892, Anna Dickinson Clapp. They reside in Walling- 
ford. Conn. Children: Julius Clapp, b. Aug. 19, 1894; 
Harold Maurice, b. Jan. 29, 1896. 


(Henrietta Elizabeth,* Henry W.,' Luke,' Luke,' John,' John.' ) 

Henrietta Elizabeth® Viets, daughter of Henry W. and 
Lucia (King), born Sept. 6, 1839; married, Nov. 24, 1859, 
George Owen of Hungary in Granby, and died July 10, 1867. 


i. Henry Almon Owen, b. June 23, 1863; res. Meriden, Conn, 
ii. Alfred George Owen, b. Oct. 5, 1866; m. Jennie Ruick; res. 
Hartford, Conn. 


(Jennie Abigail," John Jay,^ John,' Luke,' John,' John.') 

Jennie Abigail** Viets, daughter of John Jay and Jane 
(Wadsworth), was born at East Granby, Conn., March 31, 
J855; was educated in East Granby and at Maplewood 


Seminary, East Hampton, Conn.; married, Oct. 14, 1878, 
Olin L. Livesey, a graduate of Wesleyan University, born 
Oct. 14, 1849. They resided for some years in New London^ 
Conn., where Mr. Livesey was proprietor of a manufacturing 
business. They now reside at Pasadena, Cal. 


i. Olin William Livesey, b. July 18, 1879. 

ii. John Jay Viets Livesey, b. April 17, 1881. 

iii. Carl Hubert Livesey, b. Oct. 24, 1890. 

iv. Ruth Wadsworth Livesey, b. April 6, 1895. 


(Carl Jay,« John Jay/ John,^ Luke,' John,^ John.') 

Carl Jay"^ Viets, son of John Jay and Jane (Wadsworth),. 
was born at East Granby, Conn., June 14, 1857; was educated 
in his native place and at Claverack on the Hudson; ob- 
tained a situation when about sixteen in the post-ofHce at 
Windsor, Conn., and was assistant postmaster for some five 
years. In the spring of 1881 he was engaged as bookkeeper 
for the Livesey Manufacturing Company in New London, 
Conn., and in 1888 purchased the Charles Allen book store, 
which has been in existence over sixty years, and has since 
been successfully engaged in the book and stationery business. 
He has served three terms on the New London city council,, 
has been police commissioner one term, fire commissioner 
one term, and on the board of health two terms. He is a 
Master Mason, belongs to the Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion by right of two lines of descent, to the Odd Fellows, and 
Ancient Order of United Workmen. He has in his posses- 
sion the Luke Viets commission as ensign signed by Gover- 
nor Huntington, 1790; also a chair that Captain John Viets 
of Newgate used to sit in, and a gold-headed cane, said to have 
been brought from Europe by Dr. John Viets. 

Mr. Viets married May 23, 1883, Mary E., daughter of 
Major William H. and Eliza (Smith) Comstock of New Lon- 
don. Major Comstock represented his town in the legislature 
two terms, his district in the Senate one term, was a member 
of the corporation of Yale College, was for many years director 


n. H^-^' 






of the New London City National Bank, was on Governor 
Bissell's staff, and occupied many other positions. 

Mrs. Viets is a member of the Mayflower Society by right 
of seven ancestors, three on her father's side, and four on her 
mother's, all passengers in the historic craft of 1620. 


(Hubert Wadsworth/ John J./ John,'' Luke," John,' John.' ) 

Hubert Wadsworth® Viets, son of John Jay and Jane 
(Wadsworth), was born at East Granby March 8, 1859. He 
was for some years a locomotive engineer and freight and 
passenger agent, and afterwards owned and operated a large 
laundry business at La Crosse, Wis., where he resided for 
fifteen years. Mr. and Mrs. Viets are members of the First 
Congregational Church of La Crosse, of which the grand- 
mother of Mrs. Viets was a charter member when the church 
was organized in 1852. Selling out his business at La Crosse, 
Mr. Viets removed to Minneapolis, Minn., where he accepted 
a position as agent for the Minneapolis Tribune, and later a 
still better position with the Journal of that city. 

He married at La Crosse July 7, 1879, Carrie F. Crane, 
daughter of Asa and Charlotte (Snow) Crane, born Aug. 16, 
1858. Charlotte (Snow) Crane was a daughter of Charles 
Snow, originally from Plymouth, N. H., and Rhoda (Sargent) 
Snow from Amesbury, Mass. 


i. Mary Crane, b. Dec. 8, 1880. 

ii. Emma Adella, b. April 16, 1882. 

iii. Chauncey Eno, b. May 18, 1885; d. Aug. 30, 1885. 

iv. John Jay, b. April 14, 1890. 


(Mary Adclia/ Imlay Bird,^ John/ Luke,=' John,' John.' ) 

Mary Adelia*' Viets, daughter of Imlay B. and Angehne 
(Hart), was born in New Britain, Conn., March 10, 1847, 
and married, March 10, 1875, Charles Albert Blair, who is in 
business in New Britain. Residence, Newington, Conn. 



i. Cyrus Hart Blair, b. Jan. 20, 1876. 

ii. Nina Louise Blair, b. July 4, 1877. 

iii. Nellie Adelia Blair, h. March 22, 1879; d. Dec. 21, 1883. 

iv. John Dick Blair, h. Oct. 12, 1880. 

V. Charles Pierce Blair, b. Oct. 16, 1882. 

vi. Harry Viets Blair, h. Feb. 5, 1885; d. Nov. 12, 1889. 


(EInora Julietta,^ Imlay Bird,^ John/ Luke,^ John,' John.^ ) 

Elnora Julietta^ Viets, daughter of Imlay B. and 
Angeline (Hart), was born at New Britain, Conn., July 22, 
1849; married, Dec. i, 1870, Theron Hart Camp of New 
Britain, where they reside. 


i. Florence Angeline Camp, educated at Wellesley College, 
ii. Mortimer Hart Camp, educated at Wesleyan University. 
iii. Herbert Viets Camp, educated at Wesleyan University. 


(Ida Eugenie,* Imlay B.,-' John/ Lukc,^ John/ John.') 

Ida Eugen'ie^ Viets, daughter of Imlay B. and Angeline 
(Hart), was born in New Britain Oct. 29, 1856. She was an 
esteemed and successful teacher in New Britain; traveled 
in Europe; married Harris Le Paige; died Dec. 30, 1900, leav- 
ing a little daughter. 

i. Dorothy Viets Paige. 


(John Berthrong/ James RoUin/ John/ Luke,^ John/ John,') 

JoHisr Berthrong® Viets, son of James Rollin and Cor- 
delia T. (Rouse), was born in East Granby, Conn., June 27, 
1853. He had a good business training under his father and 
at Hartford Business College, spent several years in Boston, 
is now connected with a large importing house in New York. 
Residence, Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 


John B. Viets married Aug. i, 1893, Mrs. Catharine 
(Pease) Tourtellotte, daughter of David Harlow and Sarah 
(Burton) Pease, born in Norwalk, O., Oct. 24, 1859. David 
Harlow Pease was son of Erastus Pease of Somers, Conn, 
(and Clarissa Hume of Windsor, Mass.), son of Stephen 
Pease of Somers, Conn., who was engaged in the battle of 
Stillwater at the taking of Burgoyne. 


(Helen Mary/ James Rolling John,'* Lukc,^ John,' John,' ) 

Helen Mary® Viets, daughter of James RoUin and 
Cordelia T. (Rouse), was born at East Granby, Conn., Aug. 
17, 1854. She was educated in the local schools and Miss 
Catharine Beecher's Seminary at Hartford, from which she 
was graduated in 1873. On Dec. 17th of that year she was 
married to Rev. Frank Barrows Makepeace, who has held im- 
portant pastorates in Gloucester, Andover, and Springfield, 
Mass., Champlain, N. Y., and is at present pastor of Trinity 
Congregational Church, New York city. During his ten 
years' service for the North Church, Springfield, nearly three 
hundred members were added to the church. Mr. Makepeace 
is a corporate member of the American Board, and has been 
entrusted with many important offices. He is descended 
from the earliest English settlers in New England, at least 
three of his grandparents having had ancestors who had 
settled in Massachusetts before 1640. 


i. Walter Dunham Makepeace, b. in Gloucester, Mass., April 
27, 1875; graduated from Williston Seminary, 1892; B.A. 
Yale University, 1897; M.A. Yale, 1899; LL.B. Yale, 
1900. He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1900. 
While at Yale Mr. Makepeace took several prizes, re- 
ceived the Foote Fellowship for post graduate work, 
and spent a year in the study of psychology and philos- 
ophy. He visited England and Wales in 1896, served 
in the U. S. Navy in the war against Spain, and spent 
four months in travel in the South during the winter of 
1899-1900. He was registrar of the Law School in Yale 


University, business manager of the Law Journal, and 
at graduation won the Townsend prize for excellence in 
composition and delivery. After graduation he entered 
the law office of Anderson & Anderson, 35 Wall Street, 
New York city, 
ii. Helen Eva Makepeace, b. in Gloucester, Mass., July 17, 
1876; was educated in the public schools of Andover and 
Springfield, Mass., and Smith College, from which she 
was graduated B.A. in 1899. 

In college Miss Makepeace was a member of the 
Philosophical and Biological Societies, assisted in the 
laboratory, and afterwards took post graduate work at 
the Woods Hole Biological School in 1899 and 1900. 
She was prominent in college athletics, and entered 
largely into the life of the institution. She is a teacher 
in Mrs. Mead's School at Norwalk, Conn, 
iii. Frank Barrows Makepeace, Jr., b. in Champlain, N. Y., July 
17, 1878; received his early education in the public 
schools at Springfield, Mass., and graduated at Yale 
University, class of 1901. He has won prizes in English 
literature and athletics, is fond of music, and was a mem- 
ber of the University Choir and Glee Club. 


(Henry Rouse/ James RoUin,^ John/ Luke,' John,'' John.') 

Henry Rouse** Viets, son of James Rollin and Cordelia 
T. (Rouse), was born in East Granby, Conn., Feb. 17, 1856. 
He was educated in the public and select schools of East 
Granby, and the Hartford High School; has been in business 
in Boston since 1875. He married, June 29, 1882, Annie R., 
daughter of Col. Gardiner Tufts of Lynn, Mass. They re- 
side at Newton. 

Col. Tufts was a native of Lynn, and " was during the 
Rebellion specially distinguished for conspicuous and con- 
sistent loyalty." He was appointed by Governor Andrew as 
military agent of Massachusetts at Washington from July 
1862 to July 1870, the first appointment of the kind by any 
governor. Col. Tufts held office under eleven governors of 
Massachusetts, was visiting agent of state board of charities, 
superintendent of State Primary School at Monson, and of the 
Massachusetts Reformatory at Concord. A marble bust in 




the Senate Chamber of the State House at Boston com- 
memorates his memory. 


i. Marion Tufts, b. June i, 1884. 
ii. Gardiner T., b. March 6, 1887. 
iii. Henry R., Jr., b. March 7, 1890. 


(Frederick H./ James R^^ John/ Luke,^ John," John.' ) 

Frederick Henderson'*^ Viets, son of James RolHn and 
•CordeHa T. (Rouse), was born in East Granby, Conn., July 
7, 1858. He is in business in Boston with his brothers, 
Henry R. and Arthur E. He married, Jan. i, 1884, in Lynn, 
Mass., Hattie Florence Baldwin, born in Lynn Aug. 19, 1863, 
daughter of Otis Lincoln Baldwin of Fitchburg, and Lydia 
Maria Thompson of Medford. Hattie Baldwin Viets died in 
Lynn May 11, 1888. Mr. Viets married, second, June 20, 
1893, Grace Elisabeth Trask, daughter of Stephen Wilson and 
Emma (Thompson) Trask, born in Lynn Nov. 6, 187 1. 
Stephen Wilson Trask was son of John Bartlett Trask of 
Marblehead, son of John Trask of Gloucester, son of Eben- 
ezer Trask of Gloucester, who was distinguished for various 
services during the Revolutionary War. He was stationed at 
Gloucester for coast defense, also in Rhode Island. 

Children by first marriage: 

i. Frederick H., Jr., b. in Lynn Aug. 11, 1885. 
ii. Howard Thompson, b. Dec. 5, 1886. 
iii. Edward Lincoln, b. May 8, 1888. 

By second marriage: 

iv. Katharine Eno, b. in Swampscott, Mass., June 4, 1896. 
V. John Bartlett, b. in Arlington, Mass., March 20, 1900. 

(James R.,' James R./ John,'' Luke,' John,^ John.' ) 

James Rollin* Viets, Jr., was born at East Granby, 
Conn., Dec. 2, i860, son of James Rollin and Cordelia T. 


(Rouse). He was educated in the public schools of East 
Granby and Hartford High School. He was for several years 
engaged in mercantile pursuits in New Britain, Conn. In 
1885 he became connected with the General Electric Company 
of Lynn, Mass., and at the present time holds a responsible 
position with this company. In 1886 he married Emily 
Tracy Couch of Middlefield, Conn. She is a direct descendant 
of Captain John Couch, who in 1774 was appointed Captain by 
the General Assembly of the colony of Connecticut for its de- 
fense, and in 1776 was Captain under Washington, and was 
sent with his company to aid in the defense of Fort Washing- 
ton. Residence, Greystone Park, Lynn, Mass. 


(Arthur E./ James R./ John/ Luke,' John/ John.') 

Arthur En-o« Viets, son of James R. and Cordelia T. 
(Rouse), was born in East Granby, Conn., Aug. 27, 1864. 
He was in Des Moines, Iowa, five years after leaving school, 
and since that time has been in business in Boston. He was' 
married, June 17, 1899, to Harriett N. Heathcote, born in 
Salem, Mass., May 19, 1870, daughter of Mark and Elizabeth 
(Jackson) Heathcote, who were born in Glossup, Derbyshire, 
Eng. Residence, Lynn, Mass. 

i. Ruth Winnifred, b. July 19, 1900. 


(Emily H.,« James R./ John/ Luke/ John/ John/) 

Emily Hen-derson« Viets, daughter of James Rollin and 
Cordelia (Rouse), was born Nov. 14, 1865. The early portion 
of her education was in her native town, East Granbv, Conn. 
Afterwards she attended school in Sufifield, and two years at 
Abbott Academy, Andover, Mass. After leaving Andover 
she took a two years course in kindergarten and sloyd in the 
Normal School at New Britain, Conn. She was retained as 
teacher in New Britain one year, then was sent to the Hamp- 


ton Institute in Virginia to start a kindergarten among the 
colored children in that region. After two years at Hampton 
she returned North, spending the next three years at the Sahs- 
bury School, Worcester, Mass., starting the first kindergarten 
of the public schools. Later she went to Detroit, Mich., 
where she is director of the kindergarten of the Washington 
Normal School. She is an accompHshed scholar, fond of 
literary pursuits and art studies; she spent two of her sum- 
mers abroad in travel. She enters the society of the Daugh- 
ters of the American Revolution through six ancestors, who 
were either in the Revolutionary War, or did duty in state 
affairs or assisted in establishing American independence. 
Two ancestors were also in the French and Indian wars. 


(Eliza Ann/ George W./ George,^ Luke,' John,' John.') 
Eliza Ann« Viets, daughter of George Watson and Delia 
(King) was born in East Granby March 11, 1836, and mar- 
ried atEast Granby Sept. 27, 1857, Henry Birge of Windsor 
Locks, where she died Sept. 11, 1895- Henry Birge was born 
at Windsor Locks June 28, 1814, and died March 2, 1899. 


Willis Henry Birge, b. Jan. i, 1859, at Windsor Locks, 
where he resides; m. Feb. n, 1880, Hattie Montgomery 
Sar-ent b. at Haverhill, Mass., July 28, 1857. Children: 
Elmer Willis, b. July 8, 1881; Viola Montgomery, b. 
April 16 1884; Nettie Beatrice, b. Nov. 25, 1885; Harriet 
Zitella, b. March 9, 1889; Alta Emma Lomse, b. April 

18, 1898. 
Burton Alonzo Birge, h. Aug. 17, i860; has been since 
188s head clerk at Grand Union Hotel, New York city; 
m Aug 4, 1896, Helen Josephine BraziU. Children: 
Edgar Brazill, b. June 25, 1897; Mabel AUce, b. Jan. 22, 
1898; d. Jan. 21, 1899; Anna Helen, b. Sept. 29, 1899; d. 

July 7, 1900. 

Clara Delia Birge, b. Aug. i, 1862; m. Aug. 8 188 , at 
Windsor Locks, Albert A. Shaw of Poquonock^ Wind- 
sor, Conn. Son: Harry Elbert Shaw, b. in Hartford, 
Conn., March 26, 1883. 

Alice Eliza Birge, b. Jan. 14, 1866. 








Edward Watson Birge, b. Aug. 5, 1867; residence, Shrub 
Oak, West Chester County, N. Y.; m. at New York 
April 21, 1891, Viola Estella Milhern. Daughter: May 
Louise Birge, b. Oct. 26, 1892. 

Jane Birge, b. Jan. 14, 1869; m. at Windsor Locks Oct. 16 
1889, Alfred Thomas Wyant, b. at Baltimore, Md., March 
21, 1865. Residence, Windsor Locks. Children- Ed- 
ward Birge Wyant, b. at Rainbow, Windsor, Conn Sept 
9, 1890; Alfred Valentine Wyant, b. at Windsor Locks, 
Feb. 14, 1893; Charles Burton Wyant, b. July 28 1895' 
Berthia Elisabeth Wyant, b. Nov. 26, 1898. 


(George Byron/ George W./ George/ Luke,^ John/ John.') 

George Byron« Viets, son of George Watson and Delia 
(King), was born in East Granby, Conn., July 17, 1837- mar- 
ried at Dakota City, Neb., Jan. i, 1870, Wilmina Joyce of 
New York city, daughter of John Jay and Wilmina (Van 
Benschoten) Joyce of New York. He is a farmer and market 
gardener. Residence, Berlin, Conn. 

26s. i. Richard Byron, b. at Dakota City Dec. 25, 1870. 

Anson Eno, b. July 17, 1877, at Dakota City, Neb.; is con- 
nected with the Stanley Works, New Britain, Conn.; was 
one of the first promoters of the Viets family reunion 
John Joyce, b. at Dakota City, Neb., Feb. 17, 1879; was 
connected for a time with the Pope Manufacturing Co 
of Hartford; res. Berhn, Conn. 

(Antoinette Cynthia/ George W./ George/ Luke,=' John/ John/) 

Antoin-ette Cynthia^ Viets, daughter of George Wat- 
•son and Delia (King) Viets, was born in East Granby Aug. 
7, 1840, and died Feb. 27, 1878, at the old homestead where 
she always lived. She married, Nov. 12, 1863, Samuel A. 
Ellsworth, descended from a prominent family of the name in 
Windsor, Conn. Mr. Ellsworth and family removed to Fair- 
mount, N. D., where they now reside. 





i. Giles W. Ellszvorth. 

ii. Jennie Delia Ellszvorth; res. Berlin, Conn, 

iii. Annie Esther Ellsworth. 

iv. Ellen Frances Ellsworth. 

V. Antoinette Lena Ellszvorth. 

vi. Frederick Roger Ellsworth. 


(Alfred Watson,* George "W.,^ George,* Lukc,^ John,' John.') 

Alfred Watson^ Viets, son of George Watson and Delia 
(King), was born in Granby, now East Granby, Conn., Sept. 
30, 1850, and married, Oct. 26, 1885, Lillie Gardner of Mont- 
ville, N. Y., born Nov. 3, 1856. Residence, Fairmount, Rich- 
land county, N. D. 


i. Delia M., b. Sept. 18, 1886. 

ii. Elwyn A., b. April 18, 1888. 

iii. Ena Mae, b. Aug. 9, 1889. 

iv. Floyd G., b. Oct. 20, 1890. 

V. Hermia, b. April 25, 1892. 

vi. Genevieve, b. Dec. 28, 1895. 


(Seth AUen,« AUen,"* George,* Luke,^ John,' John.') 

Seth Allen« Viets, son of Allen and Lorinda (Smith), 
was born near Newgate in East Granby April 17, 1842, and 
married, Nov. 15, 1870, Mary Jane Rowley, born in Suffield, 
Conn., March 27, 1848. He is a farmer and insurance agent. 
Residence, West Suffield, Conn. 


i Vienna Lorinda, b. May 11, 1872; m. Sept. 12, 1899, George 
Letts Smith of Suffield, son of Charles A. and Ellen 
(Viets) Smith. Daughter: Esther Viola, b. Jan. 14, 

ii. Harriet Isabella, b. May 26, 1874. 
iii. Laura Mary, b. May 18, 1879. 


(Leroy E./ Jonathan M./ Ezckiel/ Jonathan M.," Jonathan,' Henry,' John.') 

^ Rev. Leroy Ellsworth^ Viets, son of Jonathan M. and 
Elizabeth L. (Henson) of Bryan, Ohio, was born July 25, 
1871; completed a course in theology at Chicago University 
in 1900; married, July 10, 1900, at Granville, O., Adelaide 
Lucretia Clemons of Granville; was settled Oct. i, 1900, as 
pastor of the First Baptist Church of St. James, Minn. 


(Eugene Fayette,' Fayette,« Henry,' Seth,* Seth,' John,^ John.') 

EuGEN-E Fayette^ Viets, son of Fayette and Lura 
(Davis), was born at Pawlet, Vt, in 1865; married in 1889 
Anna Touslee; resides at Manchester Depot, Vt. 

i. Arthur, b. 1892. 
ii. Harry, b. 1895. 
iii. Charles Fayette, b. 1900; d. 1900. 


(RoUin Sacfcett,' Philander Dan,« Romn,^ Jesse,^ Seth,^ John,' John.') 

^ RoLLiN Sackett^ Viets, son of Philander D. and Eliza 
(Kellogg) of Evansville, Ind., was born Feb. 2, i860; is at the 
head of the Indiana Egg Case Company, Evansville, Ind.; 
married in 1881 Clara L. Dyson of Evansville. 

i. Will, b. July 10, 1882. 
ii. Edith, b. July 29, 1886. 



(Charles FeUows,^ Philander Dan/ RoUin/ Jesse/ Seth/ John/ John.') 

Charles Fellows^ Viets, son of Philander D. and Eliza 
(Kellogg) of Evansville, Ind., was born Oct. 23, 1865; is a 
member of the Evansville police force; married in 1887 Ber- 
nadena Lohoff. 


i. Son, d. in infancy, 

ii. Vivian, b. Jan. 10, 1890. 

iii. Son, d. in infancy, 

iv. Clyde, b. May 30, 1899. 

(Jessie Fremont,' Apollos K./ Byron/ Abner/ Abncr/ John/ John/) 

Jessie Fremont^ Viets, daughter of Apollos K. and 
Aurelia (Leete) of West Salem, Wis., was born Feb. 2, 1862; 
married, Feb. 10, 1886, Hon. Alfred A. Leissing, born in i860 
at Bangor, Wis., and died in 1895 at Del Norte, Col. He was 
a member of the legislature of Wisconsin in 1892-3, and a 
prominent business man of La Crosse. Mrs. Leissing resides 
with her family at La Crosse, Wis. 

i. Beatrice Leissing, b. Nov. i, 1886. 
ii. Alfred Leissing, h. July 6, 1891. 
iii. Ruth Aurelia Leissing, b. Feb. 21, 1893. 


(Frank Abner/ ApoUos K./ Byron/ Abner/ Abner/ John/ John/ ) 

Fran-k Abner" Viets, son of Apollos K. and Aurelia 
(Leete), born at West Salem, Wis., Feb. 2, 1868; married, 
March 18, 1891, Gertrude S. Miller, born Nov. 23, 1874. 
Business, confectioner and United States railway postal clerk. 
Residence, West Salem, Wis. 

i. Hazel Bernice, b. March 4, 1892. 



(Qayton Lcandcr,^ Lcander/ Byron/ Abner/ Abncf,^ John,* John.') 

Clayton Leander' Viets, son of Leander and Lois 
(Smith), was born May i6, 1858, at Fowler, O.; lived with 
his parents at West Salem, Wis., between i860 and 1870;, 
later removed with his father to Kansas; returned to West 
Salem in 1894, where he resides conducting a store, having 
business interests also at Augusta, Kan. He married, Feb. 
14, 1882, Carrie Baker Viets, daughter of Apollos K. Viets of 
West Salem. 


Jessie Rae, b. Oct. 29, 1884. 
Clayton Rupert, b. Sept. 25, 1886. 
Delia Blanche, b. Nov. 5, 1891. 


(Charles Allison,' Leander,'' Byron,'' Abner/ Abner,^ John," John.') 

Charles Allison'' Viets, son of Leander and Lois 
(Smith) of Fowler, O., was born Oct. 26, 1862; removed from 
Wisconsin to Augusta, Kan., in 1879, where he resides, con- 
ducting a large clothing store. He married, Oct. 4, 1888, at 
Augusta, Stella M. Sullivan. 


i. Lois A., b. July 17, 1889. 
ii. Hazel S., b. Nov. i, 1890. 


(Morey Oliver,'' Oliver 0.,« Drayton,^ Abner,* Abner,' John," John.' ) 

Morey Oliver^ Viets, son of Oliver O. and Mary Ann 
(Purdy) of Fowler, O., later of Michigan, was admitted to the 
bar at Coldwater, Mich., July 2, 1885, where he practiced law 
with more than ordinary success until the fall of 1891 when 
failing health caused him to make a change. He then went 
to Denver, Col., where he remained five years, but, his health. 



not improving, he returned to Michigan, and afterwards went 
to Alabama and Texas. His health continuing to fail, he re- 
turned home, where he remained until his death. He died 
Dec. 5, 1900, aged forty-one years. 

Mr. Viets married Julia M. Cavanaugh, who now resides 
at Bronson, Branch county, Mich. Son: 

i. Francis M., b. Sept. 13, 1894. 


(Leonard Clark,' Abner C./ Drayton,^ Abncr/ Abner,^ John,^ Jobn.' ) 

Leonard Clark'^ Viets, son of Abner C. and Leonora 
E. (Clark), was brorn at Fowler, O., Dec. 23, 1868; is engaged 
in nursery business; residence, Fowler, O., married in 1889 
Ella M. Blackburn, who died in 1898. 


i. Clare Leola, b. 1890. 

ii. Lloyd Oscar, b. 1892. 

iii. Charles Eugene, b. 1894. 

iv. Austin Jesse, b. 1896. 

(Abner C,' Abner C.,* Drayton,^ Abner,* Abner,^ John,' John.' ) 

Abn:er C.^ Viets, son of Abner C. and Leonora E, (Clark), 
was born at Fowler, O., Nov. 30, 1870; is engaged in can- 
vassing for nursery stock; residence, Niles, Trumbull county, 
O.; married in 1892 Etta M. Doud of Fowler. 


i. Mildred, b. 1895. 
ii. Harold, b. 1899. 


(Savern WUlie,'' OrviUe D.,« Drayton,^ Abner," Abner,^ John,' John.' ) 

Savern Willie'^ Viets, son of Orville D. and Elzaida 
(Terrell) of Cortland, O., was born Jan. 12, 1864; attorney-at- 



law; residence, Mansfield, O.; married, June 17, 1896 Minnie 


i. Aubrey Orville, b. Aug. 7, 1898. 
ii. Ella G., b. Dec. 12, 1899. 


(Ward },; OrviUe D./ Drayton/ Abner/ Abner,^ John/ John.') 

Ward J.'^ Viets, son of Orville D. and his second wife, 
Joana (Storier) of Cortland, O., was born July 20, 1878, and 
married, Aug. 17, 1898, Blanche Ryder. Occupation, far- 
mer; residence, Cortland, O. Daughter: 

i. Vivian V., b. Sept. 2, 1900. 


(Van Buren Dudley/ Henry A./ Drayton/ Abner/ Abner/ John/ John/ ) 

Dr. Van Buren Dudley^ Viets, son of Henry A. and 
Lucy Clark Viets, was born at the old Viets place at Fowler, 
O., July II, 1871, and brought up on a farm; was educated at 
public schools, and at Cortland High School, which he en- 
tered at the age of seventeen, graduating in June, 1892; en- 
tered Medical College, Cincinnati, graduating in 1895; " hung 
up his sign, and went to work as a physician at Youngstown, 
O., and has been at work ever since." He married, Nov. 11, 
1894, Minnie M. Arthurholt, daughter of his preceptor. Dr. 
D. H. Arthurholt. 

i. Elton Willard, b. Oct. 26, 1898. 


(John A./ Henry L./ Lothrop/ Abncr/ Abner/ John,'' John.') 

John A.^ Viets, son of Henry Leslie and Mary Ann 
(Parker) Viets of Parker's Prairie, Minn., was born Jan. 12, 
1863, and married Susie G. Capers at Van Horn, Tex., Oct. 17, 



1886, who died at Parker's Prairie Dec. 24, 1887. He mar- 
ried, second, Annie Buffey at Pembina, N. D., Jan. 18, 1890. 

i. Susie G., b. Dec. 22, 1887. 

By second marriage : 

ii. Mabel Daisy, b. Jan. 31, 1891, at St. Thomas, N. D. 
iii. Ethel Irene, b. Jan. 21, 1894. at Chinacum, Wash, 
iv. Henry Leslie, b. June 7, 1898, at Harrington, Wash.; d. 
Nov. 12, 1898. 


(Lathrop E./ Henry Leslie/ Lothrop,' Abner,'' Abner,' John,' John.') 

Lathrop E." Viets, son of Henry Leslie and Mary Ann 
(Parker) of Parker's Prairie, Minn., was born Nov. 24, 1869, 
and married Elizabeth Murray at Elmo, Minn., Feb. 26, 1891. 
They reside at Hawley, Minn. 


i. Clare H. L., b. Oct. 30, 1893. 
ii. Leonard Wallace, b. Nov. 18, 1898. 


(Fred S.,'' Samuel "W./ Seymour S.,' Samuel,^ Abncr,=* John,' John." ) 

Fred S." Viets, son of Samuel Willis and Caroline 
(Terry), was born at Windsor Locks, Conn., Oct. 23, 1854. 
The family removing to Forester, Mich., he attended the 
village school at Forester until seventeen years of age, work- 
ing during vacations on his father's farm three-fourths of a 
mile west of the village; then went to Au Sable and clerked 
in a store one year; returned to Sanilac county, and took up 
the business of teaching, reading law at the same time, which 
he followed until 1878, when he entered a law office at Oscoda, 
Mich., and in the spring of 1880 was admitted to the bar; re- 
turned to Sanilac county, and in April, 1880, went into part- 
nership with W. E. Stevenson in the general merchandise 
business, which they continued until 1884; then commenced 


the practice of law at Downington, Mich., where he has since 
resided, excepting from May, 1891, until May, 1893, when he 
had charge of the State Law Library at Lansing. He has 
been twice a candidate for representative in the legislature, 
and once for prosecuting attorney of the county, but, belong- 
ing to the political party which was in the minority, was de- 
feated each time. He has held the office of commissioner of 
schools two years, and that of township treasurer four years, 
and has been twenty-one years director of the village schools. 
Fred S. Viets married Matilda Hill at Deckerville, Mich., 
in 1878. 


i. Maud S., d. aged five years, 
ii. Florence P., d. aged seven months, 
iii. Myrtle, b. June 6, 1901. 


(Samuel J.,'' Samuel W./ Seymour S./ Samuel/ Abner/ John,' John.') 

Samuel James^ Viets, son of Samuel Willis and Caroline 
(Terry), was born at Forester, Sanilac county, Mich., Nov. 
13, 1869. About 1877 the family moved to Oscoda, Mich., 
where he attended school until 1885, when he went to St. 
Regis Falls, N. Y. From 1888 to 1893 he was employed by 
the P. A. Ducey Lumber Company at Moira, N. Y., as lumber 
inspector and shipper. In 1896 he went to the Upper Pen- 
insula of Michigan, and in 1898 entered the employ of the 
Soo Line Railroad at Gladstone. In May, 1901, he entered 
the employ of the Gladstone Milling Company in charge of 
their branch at Manistique, where he now resides. He mar- 
ried in 1888, Lottie M. Clark of Moira, N. Y. Son: 

i. Clarence C, b. July 6, 1889. 


(Hortense Alethea,'' William C.,^ Seymour S.,^ Samuel,'* Abner,^ John,** John.') 

HoRTENSE Alethea'^ Viets, daughter of William C. and 
Harriet (Chandler) of Sufifield, Conn., was born Feb. 23, 1862; 


graduated from the Thompsonville High School; married, 
Aug. I, 1881, Elmer E. Randall, who has been principal of the 
Grammar School at Hazardville, Conn., since 1883. 


i. Ethelmer H. Randall, d. aged five years. 

ii. Jesse W. Randall. 

iii. Dora M. Randall. 

iv. Lola V. Randall. 


(Herbert Leon/ William C./ Seymour,'* Samue^ Abner,=' John," John.') 

Herbert Leon' Viets, son of William C. and Harriet 
(Chandler) of Suffield, was born Jan. 31, 1867. He is con- 
nected with the Westiield Plate Company as treasurer and 
bookkeeper, and has held other responsible positions; resi- 
dence, Suffield, Conn., near the village of Thompsonville. 
He married, Oct. 28, 1890, Carrie Hemenway. 


i. Vera, 
ii. Seeley H. 
iii. Herbert Leon, Jr. 


(Henry Gervase,^ JuUos G./ Gervase,^ Luke,* Lufce,^ John,' John.') 
Henry Gervase' Viets, son of JuHus G. and Mary P. 
(Gillett) Viets, was born July 3, 1855, at Westf^eld, Mass., 
his parents soon after removing to Granby, Conn., the native 
place of his father, and since that time he has resided in the 
towns of East Granby and Granby. He finished school at 
the Granby Academy, Rev. T. D. Murphy, principal. On 
leaving school he entered upon the duties of farm life, taking 
an interest in his father's farm at Hungary, Granby. He 
has for several years been employed during the winter as a 
buyer and handler of leaf tobacco for the firm of E. H. & W. 
F Fuller of Hartford, and has a warehouse where he employs 


about twenty men. He served as assessor for the town of 
Granby two terms, and was a member of the school board 
several years. At the age of twenty-eight he represented the 
town in the General Assembly, session of 1883. He has been 
tax collector of the town eight years, the last two years hav- 
ing been elected by the unanimous vote of both parties. 

Henry G. Viets married, Feb. 25, 1880, Amanda A. Clark 
of Blandford, Mass. Mary Viets Phelps, daughter of Mr, 
Viets' sister, has always lived with them. 


(Gervasc Aristarchus,'' Charles R.,'^ Gervase/ Lofce,^ Luke/ John," John.') 

Rev. Gervase Aristarchus^ Viets, son of Charles R. and 
Harriet (Griffin), named for his two grandfathers, Gervase 
Viets and Aristarchus Griffin, was born in East Granby, 
Conn., July 6, 1856. He pursued courses of study at Con- 
necticut Literary Institution, Suffield, and at Wesleyan 
Academy, Wilbraham, Mass., and after teaching two years 
entered Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J., gradu- 
ating in May, 1882. He was ordained to the ministry of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church at the April session of the New 
England Conference at Northampton, Mass., in 1882. He 
labored in Springfield, Mass., and its near vicinity until the 
spring of 1890, when he entered the work of the Congre- 
gational Home Missionary Society for the state of Illinois; 
later held the pastorate of the Columbia Congregational 
Church of Cincinnati, O., and also of the York St. Church of 
Newport, Ky. Ultimately, however, he returned East, and 
re-entered the ministry of the Methodist Church, being re- 
admitted to the New York East Conference and stationed at 
Redding, Conn., April, 1901. 

Mr. Viets married, June 27, 1894, Carrie Louise McLane^ 
daughter of Deacon Edward P. McLane of Mt. Carmel, 


i. Charles McLane, b. Dec. 14, 1896. 
ii. Esther Louise, b. April 20, 1900. 



(George Charles,'' darks R.," Ger vase,^ Luke,* Lufce,^ JoSn,* John.' ) 

George Charles^ Viets, son of Charles R. and Harriet 
(Griffin), was born at Copper Hill in East Granby, Conn., 
May 13, 1864; completed his education at the common school; 
is a locomotive engineer in the employ of the New York, New 
Haven and Hartford Railway Company, operating on the line 
between Suffield and Hartford. He married Fannie Adams 
Trowbridge, daughter of Luther P. and Fannie P. Trow- 
bridge, born in West Warren, Mass., May 19, 1866. Resi- 
dence, Suffield, Conn. 

i. Raymond Trowbridge, b. Dec. 13, 1891. 


(Hiram Wilcox/ Virgil E./ Gervase/ Luke/ Lvke,^ John/ John.' ) 

Hiram Wilcox'^ Viets, son of Virgil E. and Mary (Wil- 
cox), was born May 23, 1866, and named for his maternal 
grandfather. He married, Oct. 16, 1893, Laura Abbie Griffin, 
daughter of Alfred Henry Griffin and Sarah Abbie Roberts of 
Maine. They reside at the old Captain John Viets place near 
Newgate, East Granby, Conn. 

i. Marjorie Ruth, b. May 19, 1897. 


(Charles Pahner/ William A./ Henry W./ Luke/ Luke/ John/ John.' ) 

Charles Palmer^ Viets, son of William Ansel and Sara 
F. (Alderman), was born at East Granby June 2, 1863; is a 
farmer. He married, Oct. 17, 1888, Anna Lucinda Hastings, 
born March 14, 1863, daughter of Virgil Marvin Hastings, 
born in Suffield Nov. 28, 1832, and Sarah Nettleton, daughter 
of Benjamin Nettleton, one of the early settlers of Lee county. 


111. Mr. Hastings was one of the earliest settlers of Grant 
township near St. Paul, Minn.; the distinction belongs to him 
of having built the first frame house in that county. Charles 
P. Viets and family reside in East Granby. Son: 

i. Leon Hastings, b. Sept. 29, 1890. 


(Richatd Byron,' Geofge B^' George "W,,^ George,^ Luke,^ John^* Jolrn.') 

Richard Byron'^ Viets, son of George Byron and Wil- 
mina (Joyce), born at Dakota City, Neb., Dec. 25, 1870; mar- 
ried, Nov. I, 1893, Alice B. Tryon, daughter of William and 
Susan Tryon of South Glastonbury, Conn. ; has been in busi- 
ness at South Glastonbury several years; resides at the pres- 
ent time in Berlin, Conn. 

i. Estella May, b. Nov. 14, 1894. 



Probably descended from Dr. John and Catharine Viets, 
but whose descent has not as yet been fully proved. 


Hezekiah Viets was probably a son of Hezekiah Phelps 
Viets (paragraph 21), from the fact that he bore the same 
name, and was born about 1780 when the latter was twenty- 
one years of age, but there is no positive proof of his descent. 
He was an errand boy in a hotel in Philadelphia when twelve 
years old, and sold books on commission in Philadelphia, 
Nothing is known of him previous to this time. Among 
his papers are found notes given to H. V., bearing date 1797. 
Letters were written him from Reading, Pa., in 1802 from 
some of his associates. He was for a time in New Orleans, 
and later in Cuba and St. Domingo, where it seems that he 
was sent for his health. Again letters were written him in 
Philadelphia congratulating him on his safe return. He is 
next found in Cincinnati in 1802, doing business for a man 
by the name of Barnes, from whom he received goods up to 
1813. In 1816 he brought a store to Fort Jefferson, Darke 
county, O., where he laid out the town, and lived the re- 
mainder of his life. He entered several tracts of land at Ft. 
Jeflferson, opened up a farm, and built a saw-mill, which fur- 
nished all the lumber that was used for building purposes for 
miles around. About 1839 he was attacked by rheumatism, 
which incapacitated him for his usual work. In 1845 he took 
a notion to peddle, and followed this until his death, which 
occurred July 3, 1850, at Parkersburg, Va. 


These interesting facts were furnished by John Wesley 
Viets, a son of Hezekiah, now living at Fort Jefiferson It 
may be added that a nephew of John Wesley Viets living 
in another part of Ohio, speaks of his grandfather, Hezekiah, 
as having gone from Vermont and settled at Fort Jefferson! 

Hezekiah Viets married, and raised a family at Fort Jeffer- 
son, o. -^ 

i. Peninah, b. March 17, 1820; d. May 8, 1870; m. April 15 
1841, Everts Reed and had children: Francis M Reed' 
Hezekiah Reed, Emmeline Reed. The two sons served 
in the Civil War. The first died in 1868. Hezekiah 
lives at New Corydon, Jay county, Ind. 
ii. Andrew Jackson, b. May 5, 1826; m. Sept. 10, 1847 Re- 
becca Washington; d. June 14, 1884, leaving no children 
111. Hezekiah, b. May 4, 1829; d. Aug. 6, 1833 

267. iv. William, b. Sept. 18, 1830; d. Sept. 6, 1881^ 

268. v. Charles, b. June 10, 1832; d. Sept. 11, 1879. 

269. vi. John Wesley, b. Jan. 6, 1835. 

270. vii. Elijah, b. June 15, 1838; d. March 31, 1890. 


William Viets, son of Hezekiah, was born at Fort Jeffer- 
son, O., Sept. 18, 1830, and died Sept. 6, 1881. He married, 
March 30, 1856, Catharine Schlechty, and had eight children, 
five girls and three boys. The boys are: 

1. Elijah A. J., now living at Maumee, Lucas county, O. 
ii. William, 
iii. Nova. 


Dr. Charles Viets, son of Hezekiah, was born at Fort 
Jefferson June 10, 1832, and died Sept. 11, 1879. He served 
in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. He married, Aug. 24,, 
1862, Clementine Robbins, who died in September, 1866. 


i. Harry W., res. Portland, Ore.; is in the drug business, 
ii. Daughter, d. 





John Wesley Viets, son of Hezekiah, was born at Fort 
Jefferson, O., Jan. 6, 1835. He served in the Civil War from 
1861 to 1865. He married Sophia Burkett May 8, 1862. 
They reside at Fort Jefferson; have had seven children, four 
boys and three girls: 

i. Orville D., b. May 25. 1863; m. Hattie Pyle in 1883. 
Children: Lester, Bessie, Roxie, Gladys, Lewis, Harold, 
ii. Son. d. March 26, 1892, aged 23 years, 
iii. Son, d. in infancy, 
iv. Daughter, d. in infancy. 

Ulysses Schuyler, b. June 4, 1868; m. Mary Adkins June 

4, 1889. Children: Omar, Hester, Flossie, Ethel. 
Sadie, b. Aug. 16, 1876; m. Aug. 1895, T. F. Crawford. 
Children: Roy Crawford, Capitole Crawford, Baby 
vii. Helen Augusta, b. about 1883. 

Elijah Viets, son of Hezekiah, was born at Fort Jeffer- 
son, Jime 15, 1838, and died March 31, 1890, at Henryville, 
Tenn. He served in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. He 
married Phebe Meed Sept. 16, 1868, and had three children, 
two girls, and one boy, who reside with their mother, Mrs. 
Phebe Viets at Henryville, Tenn. 


i. Betie. 
ii. Estella. 
iii. Merle. 



Truman Viets lived in Clarion county, Penn., not far 
from the year 1800, and removed to Minnesota early in the 
last century, where both he and his wife died. It is possible 
that he may have been a brother of Hezekiah Viets of Family 
A. The fact that he named his son Hezekiah Phelps inclines 
us to believe that he was a son of the original Hezekiah 
Phelps Viets of Simsbury, Conn. His descendants, however. 


can furnish no evidence besides the name in support of this 
view. It is also worthy of note that among the papers of 
Hezekiah Viets of Family A. is a note dated 1797, signed by 
Jonathan Truman. It is supposable that the latter was a 
mutual friend or relation of Hezekiah and Truman Viets from 
whom the latter may have received his name. Truman Viets 
left a son: 

i. Hezekiah Phelps, who died at Davenport, la., Feb. 16, 
1876, and left a wife and children, some or all of whom 
live in Minneapolis, Minn. The name of one of the 
sons is Edward. 



Samuel Lemuel Viets and his wife, who was connected 
with the Wilson family, both lived in Connecticut, locality un- 
known, and went West about 1840, settling at Akron or 
Cleveland, O., where he died of the cholera in 1849. His 
widow died about 1885. These facts lead us to conclude that 
he was born not far from 1800. He may have been a son of 
one of the sons of David Viets of Colebrook, Conn., but this 
is only a conjecture, as his descendants are unable to give 
the name of his father. Samuel Lemuel Viets is said to have 
left sons: 

i. Marshall W., who had children: Marshall C, residing in 
Cleveland, O.; Willis Everton and Herbert L. d. in 
ii. Fernando, 
iii. Eugene E. 

It is said that the Burr family is in some way connected. 



The name of the father of this family is as yet unknown. 

Three brothers and a sister of the name Viets are given as 

follows : 

274. i. Harvey, b. in Connecticut about 1799, place unknown. 

ii. Ira, lived near Cleveland, O., where he died; is said to 
have left sons. 


iii. Chauncey, lived at Albion, Mich.; may be the same Chaun- 
cey Viets who lived about 1864 at Marshall, Mich. 
Chauncey Viets of Colebrook, Conn., doubtless a son 
or grandson of David (Par. 6), sold his farm there in 
1825. If he can be identified with the Chauncey above, 
it follows that this entire family is of the David line. 

iv. Belinda. 


Harvey Viets, named above, is said to have been born in 
Connectictit about 1799, place unknown. He had children: 

i. Harrison C, residing at Dundee, Monroe county, Mich., 

whose son Edgar S. resides in Cleveland, O. 
ii. John, lives at McLouth, Jeflferson county, Kan. 
iii. George, 
iv. Three sisters, one living in Ohio, two in Illmois. 


Elam Veats had a sister who lived in Dalton, Mass. His 
children remember hearing him mention having relatives m 
East Granby, Conn. He is thought to have been born m 
Granby about 1808, and is said to have left there when a 
small boy; went to Dalton, Mass., thence to Sherman, Conn., 
where he learned the trade of tanner and currier ; thence to 
New Fairfield, Conn., where he married. He had seven 
children, four sons: 

i. Charles, killed in the Civil War. 

ii. Silas. . ^^ , r- 

iii Wheeler J., b. about 1840; resides in Danbury, Conn. 

iv Henry, married Alice , now residing at Dalton. 

■ Mass., whose son George L. lives at Worthmgton, 



Salmon Viets of Granby is said to have died in the war 
of 1812, and was probably born not far from 1785- His par- 
entage is unknown; he may possibly have been a son of Heze- 
kiah Phelps Viets of Simsbury, but of this nothing is known. 


He is mentioned in the genealogy of the Andrews family as 
having married Mary, daughter of Asahel Andrews, Jr., of 
Simsbury, and Phebe Slater. Mary Andrews was born Jan. 
12, 1781. Children of Salmon and Mary Andrews Viets: 

i. Phebe. 

ii. Caroline. 



Henry Viets lived, it is thought, in Zanesville, O., and 
had children, whose names are given from memory as follows: 
i. William, 
ii. Egbert. 

iii. Louis, killed in the war, hence born probably about 1840. 
iv. Three girls, pet name of one. Mate, another, perhaps, 

V. Newton Eugene, went to Cleveland. O., where he attended 
school and married, went West with his wife, and seems 
to have lost trace, for the most part, of his family in 
Ohio; died young, leaving a widow and a little daughter 
named Frankie Lavern Ardella, called Vernie. 

Vernie Viets, daughter of Eugene Newton, married at 
San Jose, Cal., Sept., 1885, Orrin S. Henderson, super- 
visor of San Joaquin County, Cal. Residence, Stockton, 

A cousin of the above family is recalled, named Calvin 
Viets, who had children, Clara and Emma. Miles Viets is 
also mentioned in connection with this family, presumably 
as a brother of Calvin. 

A letter written to a member of the Muskingum County 
Historical Society at Zanesville was read before the annual 
meeting of the society, but failed to elicit any knowledge of a 
Viets family in that vicinity. 



Sylvester Viets married Lucinda Parsons, and had a 

i. Ida, who married Charles H. Adams, b. Sept. 22,, 1844. 
Adams children: Myron James, b. 1873; Lotta Emilie; 
Clara Kate. 




Ellen Viets, born at Syracuse, N. Y., presumably about 
1840, family unknown; died at Warren, Penn., in 1866. She 
married in 1861 Junius Randolph Clark. 

The item is from the Phelps Genealogy, from which family 
Mr. Clark was descended. 

There are a number of families of the name Viets in the 
country who came recently from Germany, or whose parents 
or grandparents came from the Fatherland, and are not de- 
scended from the Viets family of Connecticut. 

John Viets, who gave the name to Vietsburgh, Neosho 
county, Kan., and is clerk of Crawford county, residing at 
Girard, Kan., came from Hanover, Germany, when a lad, 
with his father, who was born in Hanover. His grandfather 
also was born and lived in Hanover. Samuel Viets of this 
family resides in Kansas. 

A family of the name now living in Cleveland, O., is of re- 
cent German origin; among them occur the names John, 
William, Anna M. 

One of the name, Henry Viets, appeared as a wandering 
miner in Utah about 1890. A letter sent from Colorado to 
his address was forwarded to several post-offices, and, failing 
to reach him, was returned. 

H. A. Viets, treasurer of a business in Milwaukee, has 
not been traced. 


A general reunion of the Viets family had not been 
seriously thought of until the summer of 1899, when a notice 
signed by Levi C. Viets, Whitney D. Viets, Hiram C. Viets, 
and Anson E. Viets was sent out inviting the descendants 
of Dr. John Viets to attend the first reunion at old New- 
gate Thursday, Sept. 14th. A good number responded. On 
the open plat just south of the ruins a tent and tables, pleas- 
ingly decorated, had been erected by the labor of those who 
sent out the invitations, and an enjoyable day was experienced. 
A notice of the event appeared in the Hartford Courant, in part 
as follows: 

An event of note was the first reunion of the Viets family, de- 
scendants of Dr. John Viets, held yesterday on the historic grounds 
near old Newgate, in East Granby. Near by was the old-time man- 
sion of Captain John Viets, a prosperous farmer, merchant, and man 
of afifairs of his day, who lived through the colonial period and died 
in the time of the Revolution, having reared a family of ten children, 
and leaving a large estate. One mile to the north was the home of 
his brother, Henry Viets. From these two brothers all those present 
were descended. 

Two hundred and fifty bearing the name Viets, or able to trace 
their lineage to Viets ancestry, sat down at the well-loaded tables and 
enjoyed the festivities. 

The crumbling walls of Newgate, said to be the only true ruin 
in America, stand on the western slope of the Greenstone mountain, 
and look out upon a mountain-girt valley, forming one of the most 
romantic and beautiful scenes in New England. 

After dinner, Levi Clinton Viets presided as toastmaster, and- 
several gentlemen were called upon for short speeches. Among the 
speakers were three clergymen, all descendants of Captain Abner 
Viets. Edward M. Viets of Yarmouth told how his forefather settled 
in Nova Scotia, and spoke of the good name and fortunes of his branch 
of the family. W. B. Whitney of Westfield replied in an amusing 


A general desire was expressed to have the reunion held every 
year, and an association for the purpose was completed by the elec- 
tion of officers as follows: President, Virgil E. Viets; Corresponding 
Secretary, Anson E. Viets of Berlin, Conn.; Treasurer, Hiram C. 
Viets of Granby; Executive Committee, Whitney D. Viets, Willard 
W. Viets, and Mrs. Warren Parker. 

The following" year, 1900, those chosen for the purpose 
ably performed their duty in making preparation for the second 
reunion. The day appointed was Aug. 15th, which proving 
to be stormy in the afternoon, a portion of the guests came on 
the following day, and were disappointed in not meeting friends 
who had braved the weather of the day before. But interest 
had evidently increased since the previous year, and the 
occasion was much enjoyed. An account occupying nearly 
five columns was published in the Berlin Nczvs. 

Wednesday, Aug. 21st, was chosen as the day of meeting 
in 190 1. The day was a beautiful one after the rain, with mild 
sky and soft air. The committee had made ample preparation 
for a good attendance, and were not disappointed. Fully three 
hundred were present. The following account is from the 
Windsor Locks Journal: 

On the lawn at the southeast of the old prison wall a large 
tent had been erected in which dinner was served. It was decorated 
with flags, evergreen, and flowers, and on a large banner at the top 
was inscribed " The Viets Family Reunion." The long tables were 
leaded with good things to eat, and, although the tables were three 
times filled before all were served, the last were as abundantly pro- 
vided for as the first. It was in every way a profitable gathering, the 
pleasure at being together again showing plainly in the faces of all 
those present. There were many hearty hand-clasps, a recalling of 
old times and favorite anecdotes, and a relating of the happenings 
since the gathering of a year ago, between those who, while bearing 
the same family name, are too widely separated to see each other with 
any frequency. 

There are few families that can boast of so unique a place in which 
to gather from year to year. The old prison is a never-failing source 
of interest, with its crumbling walls and buildings and the caverns 
underneath. It unites historical interest with natural beauty, the 
view to the south being one of the finest in Connecticut. 

At about four o'clock the assembly gathered by the roadside, 
under the shade of several large maples, for the exercises of the after- 
noon, and to listen to the after-dinner speeches. Prayer was offered 



by the Rev. James Lytic of the Congregational Church of East 
Granby. The speakers were introduced in a very happy manner with 
anecdotes and humorous allusions to the family relationships by the 
president of the association, Rev. Francis H. Viets. 

The first address was by Rev. Apollos Phelps Viets of Waterbury, 
a veteran preacher eighty-two years of age. He tottered forward 
leaning heavily on two canes, but showing in his face and speech 
that he was still vigorous. Rev. Gervase Viets of Redding followed, 
who, in forcible and well-chosen words, paid a tribute to the virtues 
of the Viets family, and urged those present to continue and strive 
to increase their personal interest in each other. Professor Martin 
Grif^n of Copper Hill, who until recently taught in Portland, fol- 
lowed, beginning his remarks by saying that he was not of the house 
of Aaron, but rather of the house of Moses, as he was a " wielder of 
the rod." The next address was by Rev. George L. Coburn, pastor 
of the M. E. Church of Copper Hill, who was present as a guest. He 
had learned for the first time that day that he was a Viets and also 
a Grififin, as he had been called by both names during the day. The 
closing speech was by Rev. Duane N. Grif^n of New Haven, whose 
remarks were very entertaining. He said the three cardinal virtues 
of the Viets family were honesty, modesty, and oddity, and proved 
his three points with humorous illustrations and anecdotes. All of 
the speakers were vigorously applauded. The audience joined with 
the orchestra in the rendering of " America," and then a dozen or 
more letters from those unable to be present were read by the presi- 
dent and acting secretary. 


The following ofificers of the Viets Association were elected for 
the ensuing year: President, Rev. Duane Griffin of New Haven; 
Vice-Presidents, A. A. Viets (Bloomfield), Levi C. Viets (Granby), 
Jason R. Viets (East Granby), Henry S. Viets (Boston, Mass.), Virgil 
E. Viets (Copper Hill), Carl J. Viets (New London); Secretary, 
Henry G. Viets, Granby; Treasurer, Hiram C. Viets, Granby. Com- 
mittees — Transportation, Hiram W. Viets (Copper Hill), J. Edward 
Viets (East Granby); Music, Lewis C. Spring (Granby), Clara B. 
Viets (Copper Hill); Supplies, Willard W. Viets (East Granby), 
Whitney D. Viets (E^ast Granby); Decorations, Mrs. J. Edward Viets 
(East Granby); Newspaper Reports, Mrs. Hiram W. Viets, Copper 
Hill; Tables, Mrs. Hiram W. Viets, Copper Hill. 

A vote of thanks was given to the members of the family in East 
Granby and vicinity for what they had done in making arrangements 
for the gathering and furnishing supplies, and also to the orchestra 
for the music. 




The able and interesting biographer of Bishop Alexander 
Viets Griswold on page 21 of his work refers to Dr. Viets 
and his son John as follows: 

Alexander Viets, an eminent and wealthy Dutch physician of New 
York, who had come over from Europe, having learned of the ex- 
istence of copper mines in Simsburj', disposed of his property in New 
York and purchased the territory on which those mines lay. His 
speculation resulted in the loss of all his property. He resumed the 
practice of medicine in Simsbury, though with nothing of his former 
pecuniary success. So poor did he become that when his son John 
asked the daughter of a respectable neighbor in marriage he was op- 
posed by her parents on the ground of his being utterly unportioned. 
The marriage, nevertheless, took place, and John Viets, with more 
talent for business than his father, became the restorer of the fallen 
fortunes of the family. He recovered the territory about the mines, 
and, at his death, left to each of his sons a valuable farm. These 
mines lie on the western declivity of the Talcott mountain, two or 
three miles north of the Griswold estate, and command noble views 
over the Farmington Valley and the hills which rise beyond it in 
the west. John Viets originally lived on the northwest descent from 
the mines to the valley, where the old cellar of his house is still visi- 
ble. Subsequently, however, he removed and built the house which 
is still standing near the mouth of the mines, and which is now (1846) 
occupied by the aged widow of his son Luke Viets. This house, 
perched on a high and sightly step of the mountain, was the birth- 
place of the bishop's mother, and of his uncle Roger Viets. Several 
of the surrounding farms are still in possession of the family and 
constitute a neighborhood of Vietses. 

Although the facts above given are in the main true, the 
statement that Dr. Viets speculated in mining property in 
Simsbury is probably an error, as is also the idea that his 
name was Alexander. Possibly his full name may have been 


John Alexander, but in at least seven different records, con- 
temporaneous with him, or nearly so, the name is John, while 
the name Alexander is found in no record of those times. 
From Simsbury town records, date, Dec. 18, 1710: 

Mr. Viett admitted to be an inhabitant here in Simsbury. 

From a deed made in 1710, acknowledged before justice 
of peace Jan. 5, 171 1, and recorded in Simsbury records: 

To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come: Greeting: 
Know ye that we the subscribers hereunto, Namely, the surviving 
successors and alleants to the estate of our predecessor, sargeant John 
Griffin, long since deceased, and being rightful owners to those lands 
in Simsbury that our honored stood possessed of in his lifetime, there- 
fore we of our own free bounty and of the good will and affection 
that we bear to Mr. John Viett now resident in Simsbury who in- 
clining to settle himself in this said town, therefore his subscribers 
being and belonging to the County of Hartford and the Colony of 
Connecticut in New England do for ourselves, our heirs, executors 
and administrators, by these presents wholly, clearly and absolutely, 
alien, enfeefe, set out, convey, ratify and confirm unto the above men- 
tioned John Viett a certain piece and parcel of land being situated 
within the township of Simsbury at Samon Brokks near the falls some 
what northerly of Thomas Griffin's house where said Thomas now 
dwells, and north eastward of said Thomas Griffin's field leaving a 
convenient passable way between said Thomas Griffin's field and the 
bounds of Mr. Viett's land of three rods wide. The said parcel of 
land is forty four rods and an half southeast taking its abutment at a 
white oak staddle, then turned the square and measured forty three 
rods. Said parcel of land is by estimation an eleven acres, three roods, 
eight perches, be it a little more or a little less. 

In witness whereof and for the confirmation of this instrument of 
alienation to John Viett we set to our hands and seals this year of our 
Lord God one Thousand seven hundred and ten, and in the ninth 
year of the reign of our sovreign lady Ann by the grace of God queen 
of England, etc., signed, sealed and delivered in the presence and 
witnesses of us this the fifth day of January, seventeen hundred and 

Thomas Holcomb, Jno. Griffin, 

John Terry. Tho. Griffin. 

Ephram Griffin. 

Nathaniel Griffin. 

Mary Hoskins. 

Elias Gillett. 

Joseph Humphrey. 



Tan. 5, 171 1. John Griffin, Thomas Griffin, Nathaniel Griffin, Mary 
Hoskins, and Ehas Gillett, all and each of them personally appeared 
before me the subscriber and acknowledged these above mentioned 
deed and instrument to be their and each of their voluntary act and 
deed before me John Higly, Justice of peace. 

Received above said to enter 
into Simsbury record April 14, 1713. 

Test. John Slater, Clerk. 

Simsbury Town Records, b. IV, p. 49: 

April 8, 1723, At the same time layed out to John Viett one 

parcel of land bounding north on the highway that leads from the 
Samon brook mill towards Windsor, westerly on William Hayes' 
and Joseph Lamson's land, being in length 150 rods, and in breadth 
at west end 120 rods, and at east end 36 rods, being 82 acres be it 
more or less. 

Hartford Probate Records, b. X, p. 55: 

At a court of Probate holden at Hartford on the 3d day of 
January Anno Domini 1724. 

Present Joseph Talcott esq. Judge. Hez. Wyllys Clerk. This 
Court Grant Letters of administration on the estate of John Viett, 
Late of Symsbury deceased unto Katharine Viett widow of said de- 
ceased and Andrew Henning of said Symbury provided bond be given 
us as the law directs and order that they render an account of 
administration of said estate on or before the first tuesday of Janu- 
ary 1725. bond was accordingly given and Letters of administra- 
tion taken this day. ...... 

Hartford Probate Records, b. X, p. 211 : 

An inventory of the estate of Doctor Jonn Viett deceased Novem- 
ber the i8th, 1723, as followith: — Wearing Apparel, £1, los, Cutlass, 
los., one Bed, Bedstead and covered furniture, £2, ids., one Bed 
Ticking and Blanket, ics., Saddle and bridle, 15s., one Collar and 
Traces, iis., one Horse Cart Irons and Cart Saddle, gs., one Sledge, 
4s., 3 wedges, 6s., one axe, 3s., Stubbing Hoe, 5s., one pair of And- 
irons, 8s., old Iron, los., one chisel, 8d., 15 books written in the ger- 
man language, the worth not known to us. Two Peauter Platters, 
Qs., S Peauter Plates, 7s., 16 quart cups and pint Cups, 7s., one Iron 
Pott and Pott Hooks, 8s., one Trammel, 3s., one Little Pott, 2s. 6d., 
one Brass Kettle, 8s., 3 Bowles, 8s., 2 dishes, 6d., 8 Trenchers, 8d. 
and Platters, 6d., one earthan Jugg and earthan Pott, 2s., 6d., one hand 
bellows, 3s., one Table, 3s., one morter and Iron Pcssel, 3s., one 
Trunk, is., one old Chest. 3s., one Little wheal, 2s. 6d., one great 
wheal, IS. 6d., 5 chairs. 2s., 2 Payles, 2s., Eleven Vials, 2s., 6d, Lumber, 
6s., one Brass Candlestick, is., 4 Piggs, £1, 3s., one gollon Bottle, 


IS., one Picture, 2s., 78 acres of Land, ,£15, 12s., Part of a Building 
with some Boards, £j, 8s., .... taken this 31st day of De- 
cember, 1723. 

The following three quotations are from the old account 
book of Henry Viets, now in possession of Jonathan M. 
Viets of Bryan, O.: 

On the first page: 

Henry alias Henricus alias Horniricus Viett of Simsbury, Conn., 
His book of Accounts or Accompts 1729. 

On the back leaf: 

November ye i8th Deth of my father Dr. John Vietts 1723. 
March ye 6th Deth of my mother year 1734. 

A record similar to these is said to be seen in the old ac- 
count book of Captain John Viets, brother of Henry, now in 
possession of Charles Preston of Syracuse, N. Y. 

Inscription from a stone in the burying ground at Sims- 

Catron Vets, ye wife of Dct. John Vets, died March 5, 1734, 7E. 68. 

In the inventory of the estate of Henry Viets, son of Dr. 
John, are mentioned among other things the following 

"Old chest — 4s. 

Sea chest — 14s. 

Book of Common Prayer 

9 small books 

18 pamphlets." 

Further quotations from the life of Bishop Griswold: 
On page 29 the author quotes from Mrs. Bright, whose 
mother was a sister of the bishop: 

" His mother (Eunice), whom in person he strongly resembled, 
was a woman of uncommon energy, dignity, and decision of character. 
Well do I remember the deep awe and veneration which filled our 
minds (as children) when she entered the room where we were. I 
remember when myself a very young child, accompanying my mother 
on a visit to her and the bishop's grandmother (Lois) then very aged." 
Mrs. Bright says that Eunice, the bishop's mother, was very strict with 
her children, and kept them at work every moment. 



On page 35 is a quotation from the bishop's journal re- 
ferring- to Roger Viets: 


" About the time of my birth my mother's brother, the Rev. 
Roger Viets, returned from England in Priest's orders. . . . For 
several years he was an inmate in my father's family, and for most of 
the time till .my twentieth year I lived with him. He was an ex- 
cellent scholar, with a rare talent for communicating knowledge to 
others. . . . Even when laboring in the field together, as we did 
for hundreds of days, he would still continue his instructions." As 
the bishop often told his worthy companion . . . many are the 
Latin lessons which he has studied by taking his book from his 
pocket and poring over its contents while riding horse for his plough- 
man uncle. 

Will of John Viets, Jr., son of Captain John, and brother 
of Roger, as recorded at the Halls of Record, Hartford: 

In the name of God amen. I John Viets Junr. of Symsbury, in the 
County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut in New England being 
sick and weak in Body, but of perfect mind and memory Thanks be 
given unto God, calling to mind the mortality of the body and know- 
ing that it is appointed unto all men once to die do make and ordain 
this my last Will and Testament, That is to say principally and first of 
all I give and recommend my soul into the hand of God Almighty 
that gave it, and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in 
decent Christian Burial at the discretion of my executors, nothing 
doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same 
again by the mighty power of God, and as Touching such worldly es- 
tate, as herewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give and 
dispose of the same in the following manner and form. . . . Im- 
primis I give and Bequeath unto Elizabeth, my Beloved Wife one 
third of all my personal estate, also the use of one third part of my 
Real Estate During her natural life. 

Item, I give unto my beloved sons Hezekiah Phelps Viets and 
John Viets the sum of 120 pounds each. 

Item, I give unto my two beloved Daughters Deborah Viets and 
Elizabeth Viets the sum of 50 pounds each. ... I have herewith 
set my hand and seal this nth Day of January, 1763. 


John Viets 
Witnesses { Isaac Dewey 
Roger Viets 


[The numbers refer to pages.] 

Abbie F., 71. 

Abial, 44, 67. 

Abigail, 61, in. 

Abigail E., no, 160. 

Abi Lavinia, 62, 114. 

Abner, 22, 25, 39, 40, 55. 

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Frank J., 84, 132. 
Frank W., 114. 
Franklin, 53, 86. 
Fred Clay, 146. 
Fred S., 150, 179. 
Fred Whitney, 154. 
Frederick H., 118, 169. 
Frederick H., Jr., 169. 



Gaylor G., 54- Qi- 
Gardiner T., i6g. 
Genevieve, 173. 
George, 43, 62, 189. 
George A., 88. 
George Augustus, 49, 79- 
George Byron, 118, 141, 172. 
George Charles, 160, 183. 
George Luke, in, 162. 
George L., 189. 
George Watson, 63, 118. 
George Willet, 71- 
Georgie Bates, 162. 
Gerald D., 129. 
Gertrude Dow, 134- 
Gertrude M., 124. 
Gervase, 61, no. 
Gervase A., 160, 182. 
Gervase R., no. 
Gladys, 128, 187. 
Guy Roberts, 129. 


Harold, 177, 187- 
Harriet, 79. 
Harriet E., 127. 
Harriet I., 173- 
Harriet Laura, 119. 
Harriet Louisa, 82, 130. 
Harriet Maria, 46, j:^. 
Harriet Melissa, 84, 132. 
Harriet Newell, 59, 99- 
Harrison C., 189. 
Harry, 125, 174. 
Harry Augustus, 128, 129. 
Harry Earl, 132. 
Harry Linwood, 106. 
Harry Slade, 130. 
Harry W., 186. 
Hartley A., 105, 154- 
Harvey, 48, 50, 188, 189. 
Hattie, 146. 
Hattie M., 75. 
Hattie P., 105, I53- 
Hazel B., 175. 
Hazel S., 176. 

Helen A., 187. 
Helen C., 70. 
Helen J., 68, 122. 
Helen Maria, 82. 
Helen Mary, n8, 167. 
Helen Maude, 122. 
Henrietta, 150. 
Henrietta C, 104. 
Henrietta E., ni, 163. 

Henry, 20, 21, 22, 26, 28, 44, 50, 
68, 82, 96, 189, 190. 

Henry A., 95, 146. 

Henry G., 160, 181. 

Henry J., 112. 

Henry Leslie, 96, 147, 179- 

Henry Little, 122. 

Henry M., 45, 70. 

Henry R., 24, n8, 168. 

Henry R., Jr., 169. 

Henry Sheldon, 68, 121. 

Henry Synnott, 79, 127. 

Henry W., 61, ni. 

Herbert L., 188. 

Herbert Leon, 151, i8r. 

Herbert Leon, Jr., 181. 

Hermia, 173. 

Hester, 36, 187. 

Hezekiah, 185, 186. 

Hezekiah P., 30, 47, 188. 

Hiram A., 54, 9°. 

Hiram C., 106. 

Hiram W., 161, 183. 

Hobart, 148. 

Hobart B., 57, 96- 
Horace, 28, 72,- 
Hortense A., 151, 180. 
Howard T., 169. 
Hubert W., n4, 165. 


Ida, 130, 190. 

Ida Eugenie, n4, 166. 

Ida P., 132. 

Ida v., 139- 

Imlay B., 62, n4. 

Imlay D., n4. 

Ira, 188. 



Isabel, 50, 81. 
Ishmael, 148. 


James, 22, 28, 65. 

James D., 95. 

James Duane, 72i> 126. 

James H., 22, 46, 72,- 

James R., 62, 115, 118, 169. 

Jane, 44, 52, 61, 83, 112. 

Jason E., 76. 

Jason R., 46, y6. 

Jay B., 136. 

Jennie A., 114, 163 

Jennie E., 126. 

Jennie R., 124. 

Jesse, 2,7, 52. 

Jesse L., 84, 136. 

Jessie B., 106. 

Jessie F., 141, 175. 

Jessie M., 91, 138. 

Jessie Rae, 176. 

J. Grace, 137. 

John, is-20, 22-25, 27, 29, 30, 43, 
47, 61, 189. 

John A., 147. 

John Bartlett, 169. 

John Berthrong, 118, 166. 

John Botsford, 79. 

John Charles, 104. 

John D. W., 129. 

John Flavel, 95, 143. 

John Hart, 114. 

John Hartley, 154. 

John Jay, 62, 113, 165. 

John Joyce, 172. 

John Knutton, 49, 79, 128. 

John Moore, 79, 128. 

John Oscar, 97, 148. 

John Wesley, 186, 187. 

Jonathan, 22, 28. 

Jonathan M., 21, 28, 44, 71, 124. 

Joseph F., 39, 59, 106. 

Josephine M., 126. 

Judah D., 59, 104. 

Julia, 27, 54, 57. 

Julia A.. 54. 

Julia Ann, 59, 98. 
Julia E., 88. 
Julia Gracie, 118. 
Julius G., no, 160. 


Kate M., 150. 
Katharine Eno, 169. 
Kathleen L., 91, 139. 
Keziah, 43. 

Lamira J., 46, 75. 

Lathrop A., 56, 96. 

Lathrop E., 147, 179. 

Laura, 136. 

Laura Ann, 97. 

Laura L., 119. 

Laura M., 173. 

Lavinia, 96. 

Lawrence H., 125. 

Leander, 95, 142. 

Lee Clark, 132. 

Lena Mae, 76. 

Leonard C, 145, 177. 

Leonard W., 179. 

Leon H., 184. 

Leroy E., 125, 174. 

Lester, 187. 

Lester D., 57. 

Letia, 48, 76. 

Levi, 40, 59. 

Levi C, 39, 60, 108-110. 

Lewis, 97, 187. 

Lida G., 136. 

Lloyd O., 177. 

Lois, 25, 27, 38, 48. 

Lois A., 54, 89, 176. 

Lottie, 146. 

Louisa, 49, 52, 79. 

Louise S., 122. 

Louis, 190. 

Lucretia, 27. 

Luke, 22, 25, 27, 41, 43, 61, 65. 

Lulu, 144. 

Lulu L., 144. 

Lydia, 27- 



Lydia E., 106, i55- 
Lydia M., 71, 125. 


Mabel D., I79- 

Mabel T., 91, i39- 

Mandana L., 84, 131. 

Marcia A., 95- 

Marcia J., 97- 

Margaret, 22, 36, 44. 49- 

Margaret L., 79- 

Margery R., 183. 

Maria, 44. 

Maria A., 71, 124. 

Maria Alice, 131. 

Maria S., 97, I5i- 

Marietta L., in, 163. 

Marion A., 158. 

Marion G., 126. 

Marion T., 169. 

Marjorie M., 127. 

Martha, 20, 36. 

Martha Ann, no, 159. 

Martha M., 54, 9°. 

Martha O., 71- 

Martin H., 71, 123. 

Martin Henry, 82, 130. 

Marshal C, 188. 

Marshal W., 188. 

Mary, 20, 27, 36, 40, 44. 45, 49, 

50, 56, 68, 72, 81, 93. 
Mary Adelia, 62, n4, ns, 165. 
Mary Almira, 95, 142. 
Mary Ann, 53, 85, 145- 
Mary A. Louisa, 59- 
Mary C, 165. 
Mary Eliza, 79. 
Mary Elizabeth, 84. 
Mary E., 71, 124. 
Mary Ellen, 132. 
Mary Florence, 160. 
Mary Harriet, 128. 
Mary J., 54, 90- 
Mary Louisa, 98, 104. 
Mary Punnett, 70, 123. 
Mary Susan, 97, 148, 152. 
Mate, 190. 

Maude, 91. 
Maude S., 180. 
May Alberta, 152. 
Merle, 187. 
Mildred, i77- 
Miles, 57, 190. 
Milla K., 142, 144- 
Minnie H., 105, I53- 
]\Iorey O., I45, 176. 
INIyrtle, 180. 


Nancy, 52. 
Nancy Ann, 61, no. 
Nancy R.. 53. 85. 
Nathan Botsford, 36. 
Nellie, 146. 
Nellie Agnes, 160. 
Nellie D., 124. 
Nellie E., 125. 
Nellie M., 106. 

Nellie P., I44- 

Nettie B., 124. 

Nettie L., I54- 

Newton E., 190. 

Nora Belle, 7Z- 

Nora J., 124. 

Nova, 186. 


Olive E., 139- 
Oliver, 56, 96- 
Oliver O., 95, 145- 
Omar, 187. 
Orlando, 61. 
Orlantha, 136. 
Orpha Veronia, 87. 
Orson C, 136. 
Orville D., 187. 
Orville Dakin, 95, I45- 


Paul Winthrop, 158. 
Pearl Frederick, 106. 
Percy, 148- 
P. Grohman, 76. 
Phebe, 187, 190. 
Phebe J., 132. 



Philander D., 84, 135. 
Philo H., 46, 74. 
Peninah, 186. 


Ralph, 125. 

Ralph S., 136. 

Ralph W., 154. 

Ratus, 57. 

Raymond T., 183. 

Raynor H., 106. 

Rebecca, 56, 92. 

Richard Benj., 60. 

Richard Byron, 172, 184. 

Robert Botsford, 129. 

Robert John, 154. 

Robert Rudd, 97. 

Rodney, 53, 83. 

Rodney D., 84. 
Roger, 25, 30-36, 43, 65. 
Roger Griswold, 128. 
Roger Moore, 36, 48. 
Rollin, 53, 84. 
Rollin B., 84, 135. 
Rollin S., 136, 174. 
Rosanna, 43, 61. 
Rosannah, 25, 40. 
Rose Ann, 53, 85. 
Roswell, 37, S3- 
Roxie, 187. 
Royal T., 90. 
Roy Burdette, 134. 
Ruby E., 158. 
Rudd, 57. 
Ruth, 26, 37, 50. 
Ruth W., 170. 

Sadie, 187. 
Salmon, 189. 
Samantha, 95, 97, 143. 
Samuel, 40, 57, 191. 
Samuel B., 80. 
Samuel D., 73, 126. 
Samuel J., 150, 180. 
Samuel L., 188. 
Samuel W., 97, 149. 

Sara E., 68, 122. 

Sarah, 37, 45, 55, 56, 72, 91. 

Sarah Ann, 95. 

Sarah E., 89. 

Sarah Eliza, 79, 128. 

Sarah F., 97, 147. 

Sarah J., 71, 123. 

Sarah M., 79. 

Savern W., 145. 177. 

Scott B., 108, 159. 

Seely H., 181. 

S. E. Kathleen, 129. 

Seth, 25, 36, 37, so, 80. 

Seth Allen, 119, 173. 
Seymour L., 140. 
Seymour S., 57, 97. 
Shalor N., 54, 91. 
Shermie L., 75. 
Sibah, 27. 
Silas, 189. 
Simeon, Jr., 52. 
Simeon S., 37, 51. 
Sophia A., 97, 148. 
Sophia, 44, 52, 66, 82. 
Stanley L., 127. 
Stanley O., 144. 
Stanley W., 75, 127. 
Susan J., 57, 97. 
Susie G., 179. 
Sylvester, 190. 


Truman, 47, 187. 


Ulysses S., 187. 


Van Buren D., 146, 178. 

Vera, 181. 

Vernie (See Frankie L. A.). 

Verona Evelyn, 138. 

Viellie L., 126. 

Vienna L., 173. 

Vineta A., 138. 

Virgil E., 23, 24, no, 161. 

Vivien, 175. 

Vivien V., 178. 




Walter D,, 105, I53- 
Ward J., 146, 178. 
Wheeler J., 189. 
Whitney D., 105. 
Wilbur B., 132. 

Will, 174- 

Willard W., 106, 154. 
William, 79, 186, 190. 
William Ansel, in, 162. 
William Atwater, 44, 69. 
William B., 105, I54- 
William Chauncey, 97, i5i- 
William Cutler. 128. 

William D., 46, 75- 
William Henry, 70. 
William Hobart, 97- 
William Pratt, 57. 
Willie L., 75- 
Willie W., 146. 
Willis B., 135. 
Willis E., 188. 
Winnifred M., 132. 
Wordsworth B., 104. 


Zopher, 37, 54- 
Zopher H.. 54, 89. 
Zulu Z., 144. 


Adams, Chas. H., 190. 

Clara Kate, 190. 

James, 82. 

Lotta E., 190. 

Myron J., 190. 
Adkins, Mary, 187. 
Alderman, Harvey, 162. 

Martha, 63. 

Sarah F., 162. 

Solomon F., 162. 
Aldrich, 159. 
Alford, Alden E., 149. 

Alice Viets, 149. 

Elsie M., 149. 

Frank, 149. 

Howard H., 149. 

Inez Ruth, 149. 

Leon M., 149. 

Lester E., 149. 

Mary S., 149. 

Roy F., 149. 

Seymour V., 149. 

Will, MP- 
Allen, James O., 116. 
Andrews, Asahel, 190. 

Mary, 190. 
Andrus, Julia C, 100. 
Archbold, Caroline L., 64. 

Caroline D., 64. 

Charles W., 64. 

Elizabeth C, 64. 

Emma F., 64. 

Helen, 64. 

Wm. Cornell, 64. 

Wm. Kibbee, 64. 
Arthurbolt, D. H., 178. 

Minnie M., 178. 

Austin, Cora B., 151. 

John, 22, 26. 

Margaret, 22. 
Avery, Julia M., 96. 

Wm. S., 55- 


Bacon, Lucy A., 76. 
Baker, Bethuel, 38. 

Carrie, 87. 

Charles, 112. 

Grace, 112. 

Raymond W., 112. 
Bailey, Clara Bell, 129. 

Dortha Bessie, 129. 

Ella M., 129. 

Geo. B., 129. 

Lottie J., 129. 

Lowell O., 129. 

Lulu B., 129. 

Maud G., 129. 

Merton Wyman, 129. 

Seth O., 129. 
Baldwin, Hattie F., 169. 

Nancy, y6. 

Otis L., 169. 
Barker, Benj. F., 66. 

Chas. D. F., 65. 

Mary J., 66. 

Lucy M., 65. 

Reuben, 65. 
Barnes, Archie, 82. 

Blanche, 82. 

Charles, 82. 

Donald, 82. 

Guy, 82. 

Harold, 82. 

Isaac, 82. 



Sara, 82. 

William, 41. 
Barrows, Chas., 41. 

Chas. H., 24, 41. 

Jane E., 41. 

Mary S., 41. 
Bartlett, John L., 69. 

Lester, 69. 

Maria, 41. 
Bates, Anson, 162. 

Arthur W., 149. 

Edwin C, 149. 

Louis A., 149. 

Virginia G., 162. 
Beaman, Anna Eliza, 70. 
Beckwith, Alice, 85. 
Beman, Bertha L., 46. 

Geo. T., 46. 

Ruth, 46. 
Bennett, Ann Eliza, 87. 

Ellen Arcelia, 87. 

Frank E., 87. 

Lillian May, 88. 

Loren Marcus, 87. 

Rollin A., 88. 

Walker S., 87. 
Benson, Adelbert, 85. 

Emory, 85. 

Henry, 85. 

Leslie, 85. 

Rosett, 85. 

Watson, 85. 
Benton, Charles W., 90. 
Beyea, John, 35, 36. 
Birge, Alice E., 171. 

Alta E. L., 171. 

Anna H., 171. 

Burton A., 171. 

Clara D., 171. 

Edgar B., 171. 

Edward W., 172. 

Elmer W., 171. 

Harriet Z., 171. 

Henry, 171. 

Jane, 172. 

Mabel A., 171. 

May Louise, 172. 

Nettie B., 171. 

Viola M., 171. 

Willis H., 171. 
Bishop, Abigail, 59. 

Submit, 107. 
Black, Clara, 90. 
Blackburn, Ella M., 177. 
Blair, Chas. A., 165. 

Chas. P., 166. 

Cyrus Hart, 166. 

Harry Viets, 166. 

John D., 166. 

Nellie A., 166. 

Nina L., 166. 
Boardman, Nancy, 159. 
Bockenstone, Edw., 88. 
Boise, Sarah, 68. 
Bolles, Myrtle M., 123. 
Bonnell, Catherine V., 49. 

William F., 49. 
Botsford, Hester, ^6. 

Nathan, 36. 
Booth, Sarah, 56. 
Bowers, Alice A., 115. 

Eddy Rollin, 115. 

Edw. H., 115. 
Boyle, Ellen, 127. 
Bradley, Annis, 156. 
Brazill, Helen J., 171. 
Breckenridge, James, 117. 

Jerret, 117. 
Brewer, Arthur E., 55. 

Caroline, 55. 

Charlotte, 55. 

Cassius K., 55, 83. 

Daniel, 37, 55- 

Edgar, 55. 

Hamlet, 55. 

Hansey S., 55. 

Harold E., 55. 

Helen E., 55- 

Julia, 55- 

Louis D., 55. 

Merrill King, 55. 

Montgomery, 55. 




Robert H., 55. 

Roswell H., 55. 

Roswell Viets, 55. 
Brigham, Edith E., 132. 

Geo. H., 132. 

Jay Clinton, 132. 

Leon D., 132. 

Lois M., 132. 

Philip E., 132. 

Ralph W., 132. 

Ruth M., 132. 
Brockway, Alzada, 87. 
Brown, Alvira, 137. 

Chas. Owen, 63. 

Electa A., 84. 

Elizabeth, 28. 

Ella May, 64. 

Ellen J., 6i. 

Emmeline, 50. 

Frank D., 64. 

Levi C, 6^. 

Leora C, 63. 

Mabel E., 64. 

Seeley, 50. 

William, 150. 
Brosius, Charles, 146. 
Bruce, Mary E., 49. 
Bryan, D. C, 154. 

Vivian V., 154. 
Buck, Annie E., 125. 

Elizabeth, 125. 

John, 125. 
Buffey, Annie, 179. 
Burch, Mary, 130. 
Burchard, Sabrina, 94. 
Burgher, Adelia, 95, 144. 
Burkett, Sophia, 187. 
Burroughs, Mrs. S. T., 49. 
Burton, Sarah, 167. 
Bush, Maria, 41. 

Mary A., 41. 

Levi, 41. 
Bushnell, Hannah, 87. 
Buttolph (See Buttles). 
Buttles, Annis, 39. 

Elihu, 39. 

Jonathan, 38, 39. 
Lois, 39. 

Cadwalader, Alfred, 93. 

Allen, gz- 

Elmo, 93. 
Cadwell, Emma, 137. 

Mary, 107. 
Cady, Bertha, 78. 

Ely, 78. 

Emma, 78. 

Eugene, 78. 
Cameron, John R., 70. 
Camp, Calvin, 36. 

Florence A., 166. 

Herbert Viets, 166. 

Mortimer Hart, 166. 

Susan, 74. 

Theron Hart, 166. 
Cannon, Ebenezer, 27. 
Capers, Susie G., 178. 
Capron, Benj. C, 151. 

Benj. S., 151. 

Chas. E., 151. 

Edw. M., 151. 

Florence A., 151. 

Margaret, 151. 
Card, Gertrude W., 113. 

Nellie F., 113. 

William, 113. 

Chas., 146. 

Lawrence Calvin, 146. 
Carter, D. K., 87. 
Carver, Emma, 61. 
Case, Ada E., iii. 

Albert M., 113. 

Amasa, 30. 

Arlow, 74. 

Bertha P., iii. 

Carlton H., 99. 

Caroline L., iii. 

Catherine, 149. 

Catherine E., iii. 

Charles H., 113. 

De Witt Clinton, in. 



Edward A., 64. 

Emma J., 74. 

Emma L., 113. 

E. Geraldine, iii. 

Earnest L., 113. 

Francis O., 64. 

Frank L., 64. 

Freddie E., 113. 

Halbert A., 64. 

Halbert B., 64. 

Hartley C, iir. 

Henry L., iii. 

Horace O., 113. 

James Harper, 113. 

Jarvis W., iii. 

Job, 28. 

L. Mabel, iii. 

Louis C, 124. 

Lucy, 74. 

Mabel D., 113. 

Martha C, in. 

Mary J., in. 

Mertie C, 99. 

Nellie C, 99. 

O. P., 113. 

Sarah J., 113. 

Warren, ill. 

Warren L., in. 

Willie A., 113. 

Wm. C, 113. 

Vivian R., in. 
Cavanaugh, Julia M., 177. 
Chamberlain, Isaac D., 87. 
Chandler, Harriet S., 151. 

Samuel C, 151. 
Chapin, Angeline, 106. 

Hiram, 106. 

Mary, 41. 
Chew, Jane, 141. 
Chipman, Rev. R. M., 10. 
Chitty, John E., 124. 
Church, Betsey, 28. 
. Robert, 28. 
Clapp, Anna D., 163. 
Clark, Albert M., 70. 

Almira C, 70. 

Almira W., 74. 

Amanda A., 182. 

Andrew, 70. 

Benj. P., 126. 

Chas. P., 126. 

Elizabeth, 114. 

Gertrude M., 126. 

Henry Willett, 70. 

Horace, 126. 

Joel, 126. 

Junius R., 191. 

Leonora E., 145. 

Lottie M., 180. 

Lucy, 146. 

Mary Ada, 70. 

Mary Viets, 70. 

Orpha, 131. 

Pamelia, 41. 

Willett B., 70. 
Clarke, Alice Viets, 122. 

Charlotte L., 122. 

Edith S., 122. 

Edw. Wait, 122. 

Elbert W., 122. 

Helen S., 122. 

Jas. Wait, 122. 

Mildred E., 122. 

Wm. D., IIS. 
Clayton, Elery A., 81. 
Clemons, Adelaide L., 174. 
Cleveland, David, 37. 

Clements, , 77. 

Clough, , 41. 

Coe, , 93- 

Coffrin, Levi, 26. 
Collins, Augustus, 38. 

Mary, 43. 
Collister, E. Howard, 138. 

Don, 138. 

Hiram A., 138. 

John T.. 138. 

Nelson C, 138. 

Viets, 138. 

Colton, , 30. 

Comstock, Eliza, 164. 

Mary E., 164. 



Wm. H., 164. 
Connelly, Ann Hester, 36. 

Joseph, 36. 
Conover. Albert B., 89. 
Cook, Jane, 71. 
Nellie J., i49- 
Wells R., 148. 
Cooper, Chas. H., 134- 
Herbert D., i34- 
Katie, 134. 
Lotta A., 134- 
Mattie, 134. 
Maude Viets, 134- 
Copley. Elizabeth, 25. 
Copp, A. J. J., 80. 
Ethel, 80. 
Kate, 80. 
Corey, John, 156. 
Nellie, i55- 
Willie, 156. 
Cornell, Helen, 64. 
Cotton, Herbert N., 152. 
Couch, Emily Tracy, 170. 

John, 170. 
Cox, Sarah E., 148. 
Crane, Asa, 165. 
Carrie F., 165. 
Charlotte, 165. 
Crawford, Capitole. 187. 
Roy, 187. 
T. F., 187. 
Crittenden, A., 85. 
Cronk, Barlow B., I47- 
Clara, I47- 
Drayton, 147. 
Eva, 147- 
Cushman, EveHna A., 159. 


Dakin, Annie C, 49. 
Annie E., 49- 
Botsford W., 49- 
Cecil Viets, 49- 
Eliza, 49. 
Emily, 49- 
Francis J. V., 49- 
Frederick A., 49- 

Frederick B., 49. 
Gilbert W., 49- 
Henry W., 49- 
Jacob, 49- 
Jane Ann, 49. 
John Viets, 49. 
Maria, 49. 
Margaret K., 49. 
Mary Ellen, 49. 
Orlando Viets, 49. 
Robert A., 49. 
Thomas, 49. 
Wm. Taylor, 49. 
Damon, Fred, 154- 
Darby, Frank, 92. 

Henry, 92. 

Lucius T., 92. 

William, 92. 
Davis, Lura, 130. 
Dayton, Arthur, 150. 
Dennison, Archibald V., 80. 

Charles, 80. 

Eliza, 80. 

Emma, 80. 

Esther, 62. 

Frank, 80. 

George, 80. 

Herbert, 80. 

James, 80. 

James A., 79. 

Julia, 80. 

Louisa, 80. 

Lucy, 80. 

Walter, 80. 

William, 80. 
Dewey, Elijah, 117. 

Esther, 56. 

Eunice, 50. 

Gad, 56. 

Josiah, 50. 

Thomas, 117. 
De Wolf, John, 38. 
Dibble, Amelia, 83. 
Benj., 59- 
Frank H., 83, iS6. 
Harriet, 83. 



Harriet L., 83. 

Harry P., 83. 

Herbert L., 83. 

Hinman A., 72,. 

Lottie v., 156. 

Louis N., 83. 

Lyman W., 83. 

Mary A., 83. 

Nellie E., 55, 83. 

Nelson, 83. 

Orlin, 52, 83. 

Sarah, 59. 

Susan Louise, 156. 

Wm. A., 83. 
Doud, Etta M., 177. 

Lemira, 92. 
Douglas, Geo. A., 151. 
Dow, Dr. , 41. 

Nancy L., 133. 
Dudley, Gov., 57. 

Dunham, , 57. 

Dyson, Clara L., 174. 


Easton, Clara E., 70. 
Eddy, Chas. W., 160. 

Edson, , 81. 

Edwards, Alonzo, 57. 

Benj. W., 57. 

Frank, 57. 
Eldred, Almanzo, 140. 

Jesse, 140. 

May, 140. 

Milla, 140. 

Milton, 140. 

William, 140. 
Elgin, Lord, 137. 
Ellsworth, Annie E., 173. 

Antoinette L., 173. 

Ellen P., 173. 

Frederick R., 173. 

Giles W., 173. 

Jennie D., 173. 

Samuel A., 172. 
Ely, Abigail L., 77. 

Abigail M., 77- 

Addison, 77. 

Clara H. S., 77. 

Emma J., 77. 

Emily E., 77. 

Grace Rose, 77. 

Helen R., 77. 

Hiram B., 78. 

Jared Sanford, 77. 

Leon A., 78. 

Nancy J., 77, 78. 

Ruth B., 77. 

Sanford D., 77. 

Seth H., 77. 

J. S. T. Stranahan, 78. 

Thomas J., 77, 78. 

William, 77. 

Wm. A. H., 77. 

Wm. H. H., 77. 

Wm. H. J., 78. 
Emmons, Ida May, 74. 

Warren, 74. 
Eno, Abigail, 62. 

Amos R., 116. 

James, 62. 

Jonathan, 62. 

Mary, 62. 
Ennis, Sarah, 41. 
Erwin, Minnie, 177-8. 
Everett, Jennie, 125. 



Fairchild, Geo. H., 122. 

Gertrude V., 122. 

Katharine M., 122. 

Pres. Jas. H., 122. 
Fargo, Mary, 157. 
Farrand, Chas., 139. 
Felch, Nelson, 57. 
Ferris, Catharine, 123. 

Lowther, 123. 

Madison H., 123. 
Filer, Alice, 81. 
Fisher, Jacob, 65. 

Roger, 65. 
Fitch, Helen J., 146. 
Fleming, ]\L^rgaret G.. 99. 
Foster, Minnie E., 128. 




-, 43. 


-, 20. 

Charlotte, 44. 

Edward S., 49. 
Fox, Ursula, 85. 
Francis, Abigail, 107. 
Frazier, Olin C, 70. 
French, Adella E., go. 

Ann, 142. 

Ida Estella, 90. 

Homer D., 90. 

Jas. R, 89. 

Mabel E., 90. 

Volney F., 90. 
Fuller, , 81. 

Elizabeth, 60. 


Gabriel, Fannie E., 161. 

Geo. H., 161. 

Oliver, 161. 

Phineas. i6r. 
Ganson, Harry C, 132. 

Martha, 132. 
Gardner, Lillie, 173. 
Garnett, Louisa, 162. 
Gaylord, Bertha A., 132. 

David H., 83, 132. 

Herbert C., 132. 

Jerry Lee, 132. 

Lucy M., 132. 

Mabel G., 132. 

Nora D., 132. 
Germaine, Chas. L, 66. 

Chas. N., 66. 

Mary, 66. 

Minnie, 66. 

Oliver W. H., 66. 
Getman, Mary J., 105. 
Geupel, Theodore M., 136. 
Gilbert, Florence A., 6^. 
Gillett, Catharine, 91. 

Elizabeth, 43. 

Horace, 39, 160. 

Justus P., 57. 

Martha, 57. 

Mary, 114, 161. 

Mary P., 160. 

Goldsmith, Robert, 85. 
Goodhue, Ella J., 113. 
Goodrich, Jasper, 156, 158. 

Harriet, 41. 
Gorham, Mary, 69. 
Granger, Arabella, 53. 
Grant, Agnes, 54. 

Alice A., 105. 

Chas. P., 50. 

Edward, 54. 

Henry, 54, 90. 

Julia E., 54. 

Lena May, 90. 

Paschal W., 50, 54, 55. 

Roswell, 54. 

Sydney A., 50. 
Greene, Allen H., 75. 

Anna Belle, 75. 

Bessie M., 138. 

Blanche E., 75. 

Carl S., 138. 

Chas. A., 75. 

Eva L., 75. 

Helen A., 75. 

John H., 138. 

Lois E., 138. 

Mardula M., 75. 

Marion E., 75. 

Ruth E., 138. 

Shalor, 138. 
Gregory, De Los, 88. 
Grey, Dean, 78. 

Elizabeth, 78. 

Wilhelmina, 78. 

Wm. Mason, 78. 
Griffin, Adelaide, 153. 

Alfred H., 183. 

Alice J., 99. 

Alida J., 100. 

Allie A., 100. 

Annis S., 99. 

Apollos P., 159. 

Aralza, 59. 

Aristarchus, 45, 98, 160. 

Arthur M., 100. 


Benoni, 20. 
Bertha M., 45- 
Betsey, 45- 
Birney Edw., 45. 
Burton L., 46. 
Caroline I., 65. 
Capitola, 73. 
Carl Viets, I59- 
Charles F., 100. 
Clayton W., 45- 
David, 45- 
Deborah, 45. 
Dora C, 65. 
Duane N., 99- 
Emma G., 100. 
Esther, 70. 
Ethel M., 46. 
Flora S., 46. 
Frank W., 73- 
Fred B., 99- 
Freda B., 100. 
Genie L., 45- 
Gertrude, 160. 
Gertrude L., i59- 
Gertrude M., 100. 
Gilbert, 99- 
Gilbert B., 99- 
Gladys M., 45- 
Harriet, 160. 
Henry, 73- 
Henry A., IS9- 
Henry E., 73- 
Hilton, 109. 
Homer, 45. 
Horace Viets, 65. 
Ida, 160. 
Imri, 45. 
Irving H., 65. 
Isaac, 45- 
Jefferson H., 45- 
Jennie E., 98. 
Jennie M.. 75, 99- 
John, 13, 14, 45. 
Larena H., 73- 
Laura A., 183. 
Lester, 65. 

Lucy M., 65. 
Mabel C, 45. 
Marcus A., 159. 
Marion M., 100. 
Martha, 20. 
Martha B., 46. 
Martin W., 46. 
Mercy, 45- 
Millard C. 65. 
Millard F., 65. 
Milo, 159- 
Milo C, 159- 
Milton, 99, 153- 
Oliver, 45. 
Ray Maynard, 99. 
Richardson, 98. 
Roy A., 100. 
Roy Duane, 99. 
Ruth M., 46. 
Sadie A., 100. 
Samuel, 45. 
Seth, 45- 

Seymour R., 100. 
Susan J., 45- 
Stephen, 45. 
Timothy, 45- 
Viets, 20. 
Winfield M., 100. 
Grisvirold, Alex. H., 38. 
Alexander Viets, 38. 
Anne De Wolf, 38. 
Beulah L., 163. 
Darwin G., 163. 
Deborah, 38. 
Dexter H., 163. 
Duane W., 163. 
Edgar W., 163. 
Elisha, 37, 38. 
Elizabeth, 38, 57- 
Estella F., 163. 
Eunice, 38. 
Ezra, 38. 
Frank N., 163. 
George, 38. 
George C, 163. 
George H., 163. 



Gertrude E., 163. 

Harold M., 163. 

Harriet, 38. 

Henry A., 38. 

Jennie M., 163. 

Julia, 38. 

Julius C, 163. 

Lucia L., 163. 

Mary W., 38. 

Nellie T., 163. 

Roger, 38. 

Samuel, 38, 57. 

Susan M., 38. 

Sylvia, 38. 

Sylvia A., 38. 

Viets, 38. 
Grohman, Wilhelmina M., 76. 
Grover, Ada, 78. 

Clara, 78. 

Harriet, 78. 

Harry, 78. 

Luther, 78. 

Martha, 78. 

Willie, 78. 
Gurnsey, Mary, 163. 
Gutierrez, Lenora E., 74. 


Hall, Curtis, 93. 

Mary E., 93. 
Hallock, Ann A., 75. 
Hammond, Harry, 143. 
Harrison, — , 48. 

Clara C, 78. 

Elizabeth, 78. 

Emeline, 76. 

Fannie E., 78. 

Geo. W., 78. 

Harriet N., 78. 

Lucy Ann, 78. 

Maria L., 78. 

Mary Jane, 78. 

Nancy J., 78. 

Reuben, y6. 

Seth, 76. 

Wm. H,, 78. 
Hart, Angeline, 114. 

Cyrus, 114. 
Elizabeth, 114. 
Julietta, 114. 
Mary, 62. 
Stephen, 62. 
Harvey, Abigail, 131. 
Grace H., 151. 
Orpha, 131. 
Solomon, 131. 
Hastings, Anna L., 183. 
Elizabeth P., 162. 
Virgil M., 183. 
Hatch, Flora, 81. 
Hathaway, Ebenezer, 46. 

Maria, 46. 
Haven, G. L., 72. 
Hawley, Chandler, 92. 
Chauncey, 92. 
Florence, 92. 
Mary, 92. 
Orpha, 92. 
Sally, 92. 
Samantha, 92. 
Watson, 92. 
Hayes, Alfred L., 74. 
Aurorah, 92. 
Avena I., 74. 
Bertha L., 74. 
Burton E., 74. 
Caroline I., 65. 
Chas. W., 75. 
Delia A., 74. 
Dudley, y^- 
Edith B., 74. 
Edvi^ard M., 74. 
Emma B., 74. 
Emmogene C, 75. 
Estella, 92. 
Eva, 92. 
Florella, 92. 
Frank P., 74. 
Harriet, 118. 
Henry, 92. 
Henry J., 74. 
Hiram, 92. 
Ina M., 74. 


James Viets, 75. 
Lewis E., 74. 
Linus N., 74- 
Lizzie M., 74- 
Lottie M., 74- 
Manila. 72,- 
Ned, 74- 
Nellie, I55- 
Robert W., 74- 
Watson, 92. 
William, 118. 
Wm. L., 72,, 7A- 
Willis L., 74, 75. 
Haynes, Chas. M., 151. 
Governor, 57. 
Hazel O., 151. 
Hazelton, F. B., 88. 

Pearl, 88. 
Heathcote, Elizabeth, 170. 
Harriet N., 170. 
Mark, 170. 
Hemenway, Carrie, 181. 
Henderson, Ella M., 88. 
Emily, 117. 
Orrin S., 190. 
Thomas, 117. 

Hendrick, •, 43- 

Chauncey E., 61. 
Edward M., 61. 
EUza A., 61. 
Esther H., 61. 
Jabez, 61. 
Joel H., 61. 
Pearson M., 61. 
Rhoda M., 61. 
Stephen, 41. 
Henson, Elizabeth L., 124. 
Higley, Emma J., 142. 
Florence P., I43- 
Hurlbert A., 142. 
Leonora A., 142. 
Marion J., I43- 
Nellie May, i43- 
Samantha M., I43- 
Warren A., 142. 
Higgins, AmeUa, 97- 

Martha, 97. 
Hill, Mary J., 89. 

Matilda, 180. 
Hillyer, Tacy, 54- 
Holco.mb, Abigail, 105. 
Bertha May, 99- 
Betsey, 52. 
Cecil T., 98. 
Clifton L., 98. 
Emma J., 146. 
Frank O., 99- 
Hattie L., 99- 
Henry, 41. 
Ida G., 160. 
Julia, 41. 
Justus, 41. 
Lemuel, 98. 
Lorenzo, 41. 
Mary L., 98- 
Minnie A., 99- 
Oliver L., 99- 
Orrie B., 99- 
Raynor, 42. 
Sally, 162. 
Wesley, 41- 
Wilbur, 160. 
Holcombe, Halsey S., 99- 
Jessie Alice, 99. 
Nathaniel, 99- 

Holman, , 4i- 

Hoover, Lavinia, 67. 
Hopkins, Frederick F., 82. 

Rollin F., 82. 
Horton, Wilfred L., 104. 
Hoskins, Benj., 21. 
Catharine, 21. 
Daniel, 21. 
David, 21. 
Ezekiel, 21. 
Hannah, 27. 
John, 21. 
Margaret, 22. 
Mary, 21, 27. 
Simeon, 21. 
Hough, Wm. H., 113- 
House, Albert H., 152. 



Frederick C, 152. 

Ida May, 152. 
Howe, J. D., 140. 
* Lilian, 140. 

Mark, 140. 

Maud, 140. 

Olive, 140. 

Ruth, 140. 
Howlet, E., 55. 
Hubbard, Abigail, 107. 

Anna, 107. 

Asa, 107. 

Benoni, 107. 

David, III. 

Helen M., 100. 

Henry, 156. 

John, 63, 107. 

Mary, 107. 

Nathaniel, 107. 

Submit, 107. 
Hughes, Elizabeth, 128. 
Hull, Anna, II2. 

Solomon, 124. 

Winnifred A., 124. 
Hume, Clarissa, 167. 
Humphrey, Henrietta, 126. 

Jonathan, 25. 

Lyman, 126. 
Hungerford, Edna V., 151. 

Harry C, 151. 

Luella H., 151. 

Melville E., 151. 
Hunter, La Fayette, 92. 

Lorin, 92. 

Mantie L., 92. 

Maud, 92. 


Ingersol, Lucy, 78. 
Ingraham. Sally, 51. 
Inslee, John W., 64. 
Irons, Fielding, 136. 

John W., 136. 
Irwin, Clinton, 71. 
Isaacs, Wid. Benj., 36. 


Jackson, Elizabeth, 170. 
James, Ella, 120. 

Jamison, Samuel, 49. 
Jenkins, Bert, 81. 

David J., 68. 

Emma J., 161. 

Mary C, 161. 

William H., 161. 
Johnson, Anna A., 130. 

Emily, 77. 

Emma J., iii. 

Harold R., 130. 

Hattie, 130. 

Hiram, 66. 

Josie J., 66. 

Leonard, 130. 

Porter B., 130. 

Rensselaer, 130. 

Wayland F., 130. 

Wilbur, 130. 
Johnston, Dr., 49. 
Jones, Alta, 81. 

Edward, 55. 

Fanny, 81. 

F. L., 80. 

Franklin, 81. 

George S., 55. 

Helen, 81. 

Jasper D., 38. 

Joseph, 37. 

Julia C, 82. 

William, 55. 
Joslin, Samantha, 68. 
Joyce, John, 172. 

Wilmina, 172. 


Kee, Martin De Forest, 72. 
Keller, S. A., 144. 
Kellogg, Annis, 58. 

EHza, 135. 

Enoch, 58. 

Enoch v., 58. 

Eunice, 58. 

Hiram, 58. 

Lavinia, 58, 96. 

Mary, 58. 

Samuel, 58. 
Kelly, Louisa H., 129. 
Kendall, , 42. 



Kent, Esther, 59. 
John E., 139- 
Mabel E., I39- 
NeUie M., I39- 
Keyes, Mary C, 54- 
Kibbee, Austin D., 64. 
CaroHne E., 64. 
Emily O., 64. 
King, Clarissa, 51. 
Delia E., 118. 
Ella, 91. 
Ellen, 55- 
Lucia L., III. 
Kingman, Jefferson, 92. 
Kingsley, Abial, 26. 
John F., 94. 
Lillian, 82. 
Milla, 94. 
Sabrina, 94. 
Kniffin, Bertha L., 72. 
Fannie J., 72. 
Hattie M., y^- 
La Fayette, 72. 
Willard M., 72. 
Knight, Cyrus, 55. 
Knutton, Eliza, 48. 


Lamb, G. H., I45- 

Harold H., I45- 

Mary, I45- 
Lane, Amy. 80. 
Langstaff, Genevra, 132. 

Grant, 132. 
Lathrop, Oliver W., 61. 
Leete, Aurelia, 140. 

Gov. Wm., 141- 

Dr. Geo., 141- 
Leissing, Alfred, I75- 

Alfred A., I75- 

Beatrice, 175- 

Ruth A., 175- 
Leonard, Ambrose V., 82. 

Carlisle, 82. 

Henrietta, 83. 

Jesse M., 82. 

Julia Ann, 82. 
Louisa M., 139. 
Moses, 83. 
Thomas, 139. 
Volney M., 82. 
Lewis, Alice, 81. 

F. R., 66. 
Little, Henry G., 121. 
Louise, 121. 

Littlefield, , 96. 

Livesey, Carl H., 164. 
John J. v., 164. 
Olin L., 164. 
Olin W., 164. 
Ruth W., 164. 
Lohoff, Bernardena, 175. 
Loomer, Wells, 113. 
Loomis, Helen, 82. 
Henry, 41. 
Hezekiah, 41. 
James, 51. 
Lorenzo D., 41. 
Luther, 41. 
Noah, 40. 
Russel, 40. 
Longwardt, Lena, 124. 
Lord, Clara, 77- 
Lothrop, L. R., 72. 
Lossie, Frank, 90. 
Ida, 90. 
Maude E., 90. 
Wallace D., 90. 
William, 90. 
Lovejoy, Caroline D., 85. 
Helen, 85. 
Horatio A., 85. 
Janet, 85. 
Lovell, Almira, 78. 
Clara, 78. 
Fannie M., 78. 
Hattie A., 78. 
Helen L., 78. 
Henry H., 78. 
Henry R., 78. 
Lucas, Francis, in. 




Magee, Minnie L., 64. 
Magrath, Minnie M., 128. 
Makepeace, Frank Barrows, 167. 

Frank Barrows, Jr., 168. 

Helen E., 168. 

Walter D., 167. 
Manley, Asa, 93. 

Mary, 92. 
Martin, Ernest E., 142. 

Zalmon O., 142. 
Martyn, Harriet, 79. 

Sarah, 79. 
Marvin, M. Edna, 90. 
Mason, Ernest, 81. 

Melville, 81. 

Willie C, 81. 
Matson, Albert E., 88. 

Catherine A., 88. 

Charlotte, 138. 

Charlotte A., 88. 

Ella, 88. 

Katie, 138. 

Norman, 88, 138. 
Matteson, MeHssa T., 158. 
Maxwell, Edw., 159. 

Geo. H., 158. 

LilHe M. B., 158. 
Maynard, Henry C, 92. 

Moses Willard, 98. 
McClaflin, Jennie L., 154. 
McClure, J. W., 144. 
McCormick, Agnes G., 152. 

Bertha V., 152. 

James, 152. 

Ralph H., 152. 

Robert J., 152. 
McDonnell, Ellen E., 86. 

James, 86. 

Theodocia, 86. 
McEwen, Frank G., 131. 

Grace, 131. 

Verna, 131. 
McGeoch, Byron V., 143. 

J. Douglas, 143. 

Marguerite, 143. 

Wm., 143. 

Wm. Watson, 143. 
McLane, Carrie L., 182. 

Edw. P., 182. 
McNamara, Anna E., 154. 
McQuigg, Nina B., 78. 
Meed, Phebe, 187. 
Meadows, Mollie, 75. 
Meikle, Dio, 145. 

Fritz Roy, 145. 
Merriam, Lottie M., 107. 

Munson, 107. 
Merrigold, Maude, 123. 
Merriman, Celestine E., 149. 

Edw., 148. 

Eliza O., 149. 

Ellen A., 149. 

Elsie M., 149. 

Frank, 98. 

Jasper, 98. 

Julia S., 98. 

Kate L., 149. 

Lester, 97. 

Lillian G., 149. 

Morton E., 149. 

Seymour Viets, 149. 

Wm., 98. 
Merry, Edw., 52. 

Emma, 52. 

Harry, 52. 

Henry, 52. 

James H., 52. 

Leander, 52. 
Merthe, Elizabeth K., 129. 
Messenger, Beulah, 26. 
Meyer, Chas V., 136. 

Ethel G., 136. 
Meyers, Catharine, 15-20. 
Milhern, Viola E., 172. 
Miller, Frank, 132. 

Gertrude S., 175. 

Maria L., 163. 
Million, John W., 78. 
Mills, James, 89. 

Mary C, 89. 

Ray, 89. 



Mitchelson, Arispha, 38. 
Elizabeth, 38. 

Moody, , 2>7- 

Annie, 128. 
John, 128. 
Moore, Ada Belle, 99. 
Amos, 20. 
C. L., 72. 
Eli, 43- 
Flora, 130. 
Guretha Ina, 159. 
Martha, 20. 
Moran, Edw., 81. 
Frank, 81. 
Horace, 81. 
Nellie, 81. 
Morgan, Jessie M., 99. 
Munday, Ella, 137. 

Reuben, 137. 
Munger, Calvin, 82. 
Carlton, 82. 
Lucy A., 61. 
Munsell, Caroline, 28. 
Munson, Susie, 8r. 
Murray, Elizabeth, 179. 


Nelson, Clara, 81. 

Ernest, 81. 

Hazel, 81. 

Ida S., 81. 

Joel A., 81. 

Mary E., 81. 

Martin J., 81. 

Mason, 81. 

Merritt E., 81. 

Munson, 81. 

Rollin G., 81. 

Thelbert M., 81. 

Wilbur G., 81. 
Nettleton, Benj., 183. 

Sarah, 183. 
Newberry, Abby Rose, i53- 

Chauncey, 153. 

Dwight C, 153- 

Frederick C, 153- 

Inez H., 153. 

May v., 153- 

Nellie C, 153- 

Rose A., 153- 

Thomas, i53- 
Newton, Hannah, 43. 
Nichols, Frank, 146. 

Serinda, 41. 
Nickerson, Rev. 
Noble, Alvira, 61. 
Noll, Wm. H., 149- 
Noone, Nancy, 62. 
North, Rebecca, 43, 59. 

Olds, Henry H., 97. 
Maria, 97. 
Sally, 51- 
Olsen, Elwelda, 144. 
O'Neil, Robert, 143. 
Ormsbee, Hannibal, 41. 
Osborne, James, 11 1. 
Otis, Maria L., 127. 

Mattie P., 127. 

Samuel L., 127. 
Owen, Abbie A., 72. 

Alena F., 63. 

Alfred Geo., 163. 

Chauncey, 45, 71. 

Emily K., 63. 

Emily P., 64. 

Emma, 72. 

Esther L., 63. 

Fanny C, 63. 

George, 163. 

Harriet C, 72. 

Henry A., 163. 

Marion A., 72. 

Milo M., 63. 

Pliny, 63. 

Robert Dale, 97. 

Sarah B., 7i- 

Paige, Dorothy Viets, 166. 
Palmer, Aden, 61. 
Arthur D., 85. 



Betsey, 50. 

Carlisle, 50, 85. 

Caroline, 50. 

Chauncey, 50. 

Emma L., 86. 

James, 50. 

Jonathan, 50. 

Leon D., 86. 

Robert E., 86. 

Rollin M., 86. 
Parker, Ervine P., 155. 

John B., 155. 

John Robert, 155. 

Mary Ann, 147. 

Mary Estella, 155. 

Warren, 105. 
Parsons, Lucinda, 190. 
Pease, Abner, 26. 

Catherine, 167. 

Chloe, 26. 

David H., 167. 

Eli, 26. 

Erastus, 167. 

Levi, 26. 

Ruth, 26. 

Sarah, 167. 

Stephen, 167. 
Pennoyer, Mary E., 69. 
Perkins, Anson Q., 161. 

Benjamin, 91, 92. 

Caroline, 92. 

Chaplin V., 91. 

Chas. Lewis, 161. 

Lucy A., 161. 

Mary, 91. 

Mary M., 134. 

Mary Sophia, 92. 

Sarah, 92. 
Phelan, Jane, 105. 
Phelps, Abiah, 56. 

Abigail, 61, 112. 

Almira, 41. 

Almond B., 160. 

Apollos, 59, 76. 

Beulah, 59. 

Caroline, 105. 

Dorothy, 30. 

Eaton, 112. 

Ebenezer, 48. 

Elijah, 59. 

Eliza, 41. 

Elizabeth, 30. 

Esther, no. 

Ezekiel, 42. 

Frances, 41. 

Franklin, 112. 

George, 24, 41. 

Henry, 41. 

Hezekiah, 30. 

Hester, 41. 

Horace, 41. 

Huldah S., 112. 

Jane, 41. 

John, 41. 

John J., 116. 

Joseph, 43, 59. 

Judah, 59. 

Julius, III. 

Keziah, 42. 

Lois, 23-25, 48. 

Mary, 41. 

Mary Viets, 160, 182. 

Nancy, 41. 

Nathaniel, 25. 

Nellie Esther, 160. 

Orson, 105. 

Richard, 24. 

Rhoda, 76. 

Roswell, 39. 

Susanna, 48. 

Shubael, no. 

William, 24, 59. 

Willis, 41. 
Phillips, Mrs. Wm. H., 103. 
Pickett, David, 36. 
Pier, King, 54. 
Pierson, Francis Hilliard, 63. 

Seymour Hilliard, 63. 
Pike, Firman, 144. 
Piper, Hubert, 131. 
Pitcher, Albert B., 88. 

Catherine H., 88. 



Charles, 88. 
Pitkin, Lucy, I43- 
Porter, Dr. Henry, 123. 

Henry Viets, 123. 
Post, , 92. 

Ephraim, 92. 

Harry, 92. 

Jay, 92. 

Lorin, 92. 

May, 92. 

Viets, 92. 
Pratt, Almerin, 115. 

Anne H., 115. 

Everett S., 115. 

Henry, 115. 

Mary Agnes, 115. 

Russel J., 115. 

Susan, 57. 

William J., ii5- 

Willis, 57- 
Pray, Geo. P., 7^- 
Preston, Charles, 22, 120. 

Dr. Hiram, lOi, Ii9- 
Prouty, Eugene, 139. 

E. Royal, I39- 

Ralph H., 139- 
Provines, James A., 113. 
Purdy, Mary Ann, 145. 
Pyle, Hattie, 187. 


Randall, Dora M., 181. 

Elmer E., 181. 

Ethelmer H., 181. 

Jesse W., 181. 

Lola v., 181. 
Ratcliff, Margaret, 151. 
Ratliff, J. H., 143- 

J. Harry, i43- 
Reed, Emmeline, 186. 

Evarts, 186. 

Francis M., 186. 

Hezekiah, 186. 

Kate Henrietta, 126. 

Paul L., 69. 

Wilbert, 126. 
Reeves, Mrs. Francis N., 69. 

Remington, Elisha, 43, 61. 
Eliza, 61. 
Fanny, 45. 
John, 61. 
Renberger, John Viets, 148. 

William, 148. 
Rice, Charlotte, 41, 62. 
Eleazer, 40, 41, 62. 
Eunice, 41. 
Harriet, 41. 
Laura, 41. 
Lois, 41. 
Mary, 41. 
Riley, 41. 
Rosanna, 41, 62. 
Sarah, 41. 
William, 41. 
Richards, May, 92. 
Richardson, Lemuel, 46. 
Martha, 46. 
Mary M., 46. 
Risley, Alberta F., 89. 
George, 89. 
Herbert L., 152. 
Robbins, Clementine, 186. 
Roberts, Dr. Geo. A., 64. 
Ida, 77. 
Jane S., 129. 
Sarah A., 183. 
Robinson, Qement E., 99. 
Ernest C, 99- 
Etta Louisa, 99. 
George D., 99. 
Lillian Viets, 49. 
Myrtle F., 99- 
Rogers, Ada L., 88. 
Carl, 88. 
Frank A., 88. 
Ollie M., 88. 
Pearl H., 88. 
Reva, 88. 
Root, Ada, 112. 
Albert, 112. 
Albert J., 112. 
Arthur J., 112. 
Eaton P., 112. 



Edward R., 112. 
Ethel, 112. 
F. H., 112. 
Florence, 112. 
George, 112. 
George E., 112. 
Georgie E., 112. 
Hattie, 112. 
Howard, 112. 
Jennie A., 112. 
Joseph A., 112. 
Minnie, 112. 
Olive, 112. 
Raymond A., 112. 
Rose, 112. 
Sarah M., 112. 
Rose, Clarissa, 51. 
Jas. B., 162. 
Waldo James, 162. 
Roulett, Louise, 140. 
Rouse, Casper, 117. 
Cordelia T., 116. 
Joel C, 117. 
Jonathan, 117. 
Rowley, Caroline E., 105. 
Herman Jay, 153. 
Hezekiah L., 152, 153. 
James Loomis, 153. 
Mary C, 152. 
Mary J., 173. 
Samuel, 105. 
Silas, 105. 
Royal, Albert, 89. 
Amanda, 89. 
Hiram L., 89. 
Martha, 89. 
Tacy, 89. 
William, 89. 
Wilhelmina, 89. 

Rudd, , 40. 

Ruick, Owen, 40. 

Jennie, 163. 
Russel, Mary A., 114. 
Ryder, Blanche, 178. 


Sanford, Jared, 77. 
Sargent, Hattie M., 171. 

Rhoda, 165. 
Saxton, Dolly Ann, 53. 
Schlechty, Catherine, 186. 
Scott, Edith, 49. 

Henry, 49. 
Scoville, — 

, 41- 

Searles, Amyle B., 82. 

Edgar Brewer, 82. 
Sears, Chas. B., 63. 

Hector, 63. 
Segar, Caroline, 95. 
Servin, A. T., 25. 
Seymour, Clark S., 63. 

Emerson S., 63. 

Georgia L., 63. 

Leora B., 63. 
Shaffer, Herma A., 131. 

W. R., 131. 
Shattuck, Bertha, 100. 
Shaw, Albert A., 171. 

Chas. B., 79. 

Harriet M., 82. 

Harry E., 171. 

Mary, 128. 

Mary L., 79. 
Sheldon, Hezekiah S., 51. 
Sherman, Frank, 81. 

Harriet M., 81. 

Henry, 81. 

Laura Ann, 81. 

Lester, 81. 

Mary L., 81. 

Sarah J., 82. 

Will, 81. 
Sigler, Almira, 93. 

George, 93. 

Lemira M., 92. 

Lorin, 92. 

Mantie L., 92. 
Simpson, Elina, 136. 

Myra, 85. 
Simons, Francelia S., 90. 
Jackson, 90. 
Jennie A., 152. 

Susie M., 90. 
Slade, Elsie, 130. 
Slater, Phebe, 190. 



Sloan, John, 117. 

Tryphena, 117. 
Slocum, Elizabeth, 67. 
Slosson, John, 44. 

William, 44. 
Smith, Amelia, 38. 

Amos D., 157. 

Benj. E., 126. 

Caroline, 41. 

Chas. Anson, 150. 

Chas. Orville, 151. 

Clifford, 128. 

Delia U., 88. 

Delia, 92. 

D. Eugene, 130. 

Edgar N., 151. 

Edward N., 132. 

Eliza Viets, 128. 

Emmogene, 92. 

Esther Viola, 173. 

Florence A., 132. 

Frederic Arthur, 151. 

George Letts, 151, 173. 

Grace Hazel, 151. 

Harry A. P., 128. 

Heman, 41. 

Henry, 41. 

Isaac, 92, 157. 

Joseph, 150. 

Junius Horsford, 138. 

Lois, 142. 

Lorinda, 119. 

Lydia, 41. 

Marshal D., 41. 

Mary, 157. 

Mary E., 157. 

Maria, 157. 

Minnie L, 151. 

Myra Allen, 126. 

Orpha, 92. 

P. W. (Dr.), 128. 

Raymond C, 151. 

Riley, 41. 

Rose, 41. 

Ruth, 37. 

Sarah, 92. 

Seth, 41. 

Sidney W., 123. 

Simeon, 37. 

Stanley K., 130. 

Van Zandt, 92. 

Violet, 128. 

Wesley, 41. 

Winifred E., 130. 
Snow, Charles, 165. 

Perley, 26. 

Rhoda, 165. 
Speece, Chas. Archbold, 64. 

Dorothy, 64. 

Walter S., 64. 
Spencer, Christopher, 106. 

Elizabeth, 106. 

Josiah, 59. 
Spooner, John, 44. 
Spring, Amanda, 45. 

Edna G., 46. 

Edward R., 46. 

Everett H., 46. 

Francis L., 46. 

George, 45. 

Lewis, 46. 

Mahala, 45. 

Susan M., 46. 
Starkweather, John, 85. 
Stebbins, Abigail, 25. 

Carl, 124. 

Chas. A., 124. 

Harry, 124. 

Mildred G., 124. 
Steere, John, 39. 

Richard, 39. 
Stewart, Chas., 68. 

Jennie, 68. 

Mary, 68. 

Michael, 68. 
Stoddard, Louise, 121. 
Stone, Charles, 79. 
Storier, Joanna W., 145. 
Stowell, Austin P., 149. 

Harry, 149. 

Herbert C, 149. 

Mabel A., 149. 




Ruth E., 149. 
Stranahan, J. S. T., 78. 
Strickland, Irene, 93. 
Sullivan, Stella M., 176. 
Sweetland, Rhoda, 91. 
Swicker, Augusta, 112. 
Synnott, Eliza, 49. 

Stephen H., 49. 


Talmadge, Luella M., 98. 
Tanner, Ada B., 147. 

Delia May, 148. 

Geo. W., 148. 

Gorden E., 148. 

Gus. L., 148. 

Hubert B., 147. 

James F., 148. 

Jessie M., 147. 

Josie, 148. 

Mattie J., 148. 

Minnie Lee, 147. 

Myrtle A., 148. 

Robert H., 147. 

Ward B., 148. 

Wm. Elias, 147. 
Taylor, Alanson, 93, 94. 

Allison, 93. 

Byron, 94. 

Edgar, 93. 

Hannibal, 93. 

Lathrop, 94. 

Mary E., 49. 

Otis, 93. 

Samuel, 80. 

Sarah Ann, 93. 
Teel, Aaron, 67. 
Tenney, Rev. Dr., 121. 
Terrell, Elzaida B., 145. 
Terrett, J. C., iii. 
Terry, Caroline, 149. 

Stephen, 149. 
Thatcher, Dr., 91. 
Thayer, Lucy, 135. 
Thompson, Emma, 169. 

Lydia M., 169. 
Tififany, Nellie, 140. 

Tift, Frances L., 105. 

Wm., 105. 
Titus, Annie G., 134. 

Frances E., 134. 

M. S., 134. 
Tourtelotte, Catherine, 167. 
Touslee, Anna, 174. 
Trask, Ebenezer, 169. 

Emma, 169. 

Grace E., 169. 

John, 169. 

John B., 169. 

Stephen W., 169. 
Trovi^bridge, Fannie A., 183. 

Fannie P., 183. 

Luther P., 183. 
Truman, Jonathan, 188. 
Tryon, Alice B., 184. 

Susan, 184. 

Wm., 184. 
Tucker, Laura Ann, 113. 
Tufts, Annie R., 168. 

Gardiner, 168. 
Turner, Eliza, 41. 
Tyng, Dr. Stephen H., 38. 


Usher, Geo. F., 38. 


Van Benschoten, Wilmina, 172. 

Van Gelder, J. P., m. 

Van Evra, Arlington L., 123. 

Gertrude L., 123. 

John L., 123. 
Van Wyck, Alfred, 69. 

Charlotte, 44, 69. 

Henry V., 69. 

John B., 69. 

Laura, 69. 

Mary, 69. 

Susan, 69. 

Wm. A., 69. 
Vibberts, Ellen, 55. 


Wade, Alan V., 80. 
Catharine, 80. 



Harry, 80. 
J. C, 80. 
John, 80. 
Wadsworth, Jane, 114. 
Mary, 114. 
Timothy, 114. 
Wm., 114. 
Waeir, Eleanor, 137. 
Wakefield, Cleo, 129. 
Frank B., 129. 
Georgia, 129. 
Volney B., 129. 
, Walker, Albert, 125. 
Howard, 125. 
Jessie, 125. 
Wallace, Cora E., 125. 
James, 125. 
Ralph R., 125. 
Walter, Benjamin, 80. 
Walton, A. J., 131. 
Alice J., 131. 
Carrie M., 131. 
Ella R., 131. 
Frank E., 131. 
Warner, Catherine Charity, 71. 
Curtis, III. 
Ellen M., iii. 
Pamelia, iii. 
Widow, 51. 
Washburn, Julia A., 80. 
Washington, Rebecca, 186. 
Waterman, Maria, 157. 

Wm., 157. 
Watson, Edgar, 86. 
Eugene, 86. 
Greta M. A., 128. 
J. Digby, 128. 
James H., 128. 
John, 86. 
Leslie, 86. 
Reed, 86. 
Watts, Americus, 67. 
Cyrus, 67. 
Henry, 67. 
Jackie, 67. 
Joseph, 67. 
Martha, 67. 

Mary, 6y. 
Nelson, 67. 
Weaver, E. M., 143. 

J. E., 143. 
Webb, Grace, 90. 

Wm., 90. 
Webster, Henrietta L., 103. 
John, 103. 
Wiltshire, 87. 
Weed, Charlotte, 74. 
Henry M., 74. 
Jessie M., 74. 
Whitcomb, H. J., 139. 

Vera, 139. 
White, Grace Spencer, yj. 

Whitford, , 158. 

Whitney, Albert C, 161. 
Agnes, 39, 160. 
E., 161. 
Harry J., 161. 
Janet R. 
John H., i6r. 
John v., 39. 
Jonathan R., 39. 
Lois, 39. 
Lucy, 39- 
Marcus I., 39. 
Martin V., 39. 
Milton B., 39. 
Nelson, 39. 
Samuel H., 39. 
Samuel P., 39. 
Seth, 39. 
Wm. Lewis, 39. 
Wilcox, Augustine, 74. 
EInora M., 74. 
Fannie, 161. 
Hiram, 161. 
Marinia, 74. 
Mary. 161. 
Wilbur, Geo., 72. 
Leon A., 72. 
May Armenia, 72. 
Wilder, Emma, 90. 
Willett, Charles, 72. 

Henry B., 72. 
Williams, Adelia, 88. 



Edward Allen, 127. 

Edward Drowne, 127. 

Ella H., 130. 

Geo. W., 67. 

Gomer, 130. 

Hester A., 68. 

Jehiel, 67. 

Leon, 130. 

Leslie, 130. 

Martha, 67. 

Mary P., 68. 

Roger, 127, 158. 

Samuel, 67. 
Willis, Wm., 78. 
Wilson, David, 155. 

Mary A., 155. 

Philip, 144. 
Wilton, Wm. S., 150. 
Wolcott, Henry, 57. 

Wood, Lucinda H., 83. 
Woodbridge, Haynes, 57. 
Woodis, Anna B., 128. 
Woodman, Hannah Isabel, 127. 
Woodrufif, Maria Porter, 55. 
Woodworth, Ella, 64. 
Wright, Belle, 149. 

Louise M., 154. 
Wyant, Alfred T., 172. 

Alfred V., 172. 

Bertha E., 172. 

Chas. B., 172. 

Edward B., 172. 
Wyllie, Caroline, 150. 

Florence, 150. 

George, 150. 

Younge, Geo. L., 86. 



RD 44 



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Vi^ c " * • . ^' 

<5?!i DOBBSBROS. ■ " '?\!!;^^l " '^ A^ **"' 

J' LiaiiAHv BiNoiNO • /^Q ^gr\ • O 

FEB 81 

ST. AUGUSTINE ^^ * ' " * -. V ^ * • - » ' A© "^ * iT^ ' 

' W-a.> %,^^ ,*^\ \/ ,^^, ^^^/' .^^