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Full text of "The genealogy of the Wheeler family : genealogy of some of the descendants of Thomas Wheeler of Concord, Massachusetts, 1639, and Fairfield, Connecticut, 1644"

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j^(i\. '^li^t&^t-^^ u^^^ ay^J)Cu... (j^ lO:^^^ /^^'^^^■^■-r ^/^ 

^inTC ^"fe^•i^-^-*.«^- tice'gkrealogy op thejwhkki/r family. 

Some of the Descendants 






Compiled "by 

William D. Wheeler, 

Washington, D. C. 

"It is Wise for us to recur to the History of our 
Ancestors, Those who do not look upon theciaelvea as 
a Link connecting the Past v/ith the Future do not per- 
form their Duty to the World." Daniel V/ehster. 

■ ■ y 


C3 Wiueler, V^illiam D. Conip. 

71 The genealogy' of the Vfheeler family. I.^ashing- 

.W562 ton,D.C.,[iyi'4]. 

1954 193 p. ty-psscfipt 28^ cm. 


LV-lieeler fam. (Thomas Vlhesler, fl.l639) 

':X^ %)Sfj 


national Society 

Baunbters of tbc Hmcrican IRevolution. te^'^'-i:-;^x::imrK 

"Tfy ^ /^ -, »,'C'^i>'-5 v^iJ^^s^Am- 

P^t^-'' '^c^s -"^"-^'r' 

MADAM:- 1 IlAVi; nil'. llnNoR TO INKOKM Vol I lilAI' Y(JUU 
MANAGEMKNT, ' • ' ,. u , 189^ AND THAT YOUK 


,-0 ';:;:N'vr^VY-\, 'C s 




Th.e arrangement of this v^ork has "been borrowed 
froDi works of a similar kind. A general account of 
the family is first given, followed "by an account of 
the first knovm acnestor, then of his children and so 

On the left hand of the name of each descendant 
who bears or has "borne the name of V/heeler is a num- 
ber which serves to identify the individual. An "x" 
prefixed to a nvimher signifies that the name thus 
marked is made the subject of a paragraph fxirther on 
in the book, where it will be found with the individ- 
ual's number printed above it. Directly to the right 
of the name is placed a small figure, which indicates 
the generation. Adjoining, printed within brackets, 
are given the names and numbers of the male ancestors. 
These names show one's line of descent. 

To determine the relationship between two individ- 
uals compare the names enclosed in brackets, beginning 
at the right hand. Where one individual has not been 
made the subject of a special paragraph, compute the 
relationship by means of the names appearing after his 
father's name or mother's or grandmother's. "Where 

toth. persons have not teen made the sutjects of special 
paragraphs, first compute the relationship "between 
their parents or grandparents and from that you can 
determine their relationship. 


It is popularly supposed that the surname Y/heeler 
originated from an occupation. In other words that 
some remote ancestor of the family, at the time sur- 
names came into use, was engaged in that necessary 
occupation of making wheels, a,nd that, follOY;ing the 
fashion of the day, he added "Wheeler - the designation 
of his occupation - to his given name. 

Y/hen we consider the word Yi/heeler as it is now 
pronounced and spelt, the foregoing derivation is 
plausihle. But it is not reasonable to judge the past 
hy the present. The name Y/heeler was not always spelt 
and pronounced as it is to-day. Like thousands of 
other English words it is the product of an evolution, 
and so decided has heen its change that vjhen we place 
the present surname heside its progenitor its resem- 
hlance thereto is slight. 

The name -Wheeler did not originate from an occu- 
pation at all. That of course is not the only source 
from v/hence our family names come. It just as often 
happened that a man's neighbors "bestowed upon him an 
appellation on account of some marked trait, or "because 
of some signal feat he may have performed. So it was 
v;ith the name TOieeler. 

■ i 

Away "back in the days of the Teutons, there was 
among them in one of their communities a great giant 
of a man noted far his bravery and fearlessness as a 
warrior, who, "because of the good fortune which seemed 
always v/ith him in his daring exploits, his neighbors 
called the "wela hari" or "Welhar - the lucky warrior. 
¥hen this personage lived I know not. Likely it was in 
the 5th Century, for it requires no great stretch of 
the imagination to suppose that ¥elhar, this mighty 
and prosperous warrior was among the first selected 
"by Hengest, or AElle, or Cedric, or Cynric, or some 
one of the Saxon chieftains, as a follov/er in the in- 
vasion of Britain. And it v;as in this way perhaps 
that this old Teutonic name was transplanted into 

In the 8th Century the bearers v/rote it Wielher, 
and in the great Domesday Book of William the Conqueror 
the name of a holder of lands is recorded as V/eleret. 
Hugh le Welere of the County of Cambridge is mentioned 
on the Hundred Rolls in 1273, ejid Richard le V/helere 
on the Close Rolls in 1348. Pirst the "le" was dropped, 
and then the final "e" and we have the name YOieler as 
it is to-day written by some of the English families. 


It is by spelling it at tlie present time TTOieeler that 
plausibility is lent to the above mentioned erroneous 
derivation of this old Teutonic name. ("The Teutonic 
Name System," by Robert Ferguson (London: 1864) pp.29, 
382 and 383; "British Family Hames" by Rev. Henry Bar- 
ber (London: 1903) p. 14 and p. 275; "The Norman People" 
(London: 1874) ; "A Dictionary of English and Welsh 
Surnames" by C. W. Bardsley (London: 1901) p. 805.) 

In England the TOieeler family has not been treated 
as extensively by the historians as its merit demands. 
Branches of the family are to be found in alsciost every 
county. The names of Worcester, Kent, Bedford, Wilts, 
Middlesex, Buckingham, Gloucester, Durham, Hertford and 
Nottingham make but an incomplete list. Members of the 
family are found in the army, and in the navy and among 
the Landed Gentry, Knighthood, Members of Parliament 
and Baronets. 

Rev. Samuel Orcutt, the historian, tells us that 
the Wheelers were in and around London for more than 
four hundred years. That is true, and it is equally 
true, as all our information shows, that they were a 
God-fearing, honest, sober, industrious and intelligent 
people, and their descendants, especially in this country, 

have sustained that reputation. 

"In the v/orld of letters members of the ¥laeeler 
fajiiily are pre-eminent, and the numher of authors and 
their valuable contributions to theology, history, 
science, a.rt , poetry, philosophy and travels is some- 
thing remarkable and surpassed by ver:^'- few," ("Welles 
American Family Antiquities, vol. 3 (1881) pp. 41-45.) 

The author of the above supports this seeming 
bold assertion by ni«aerous excerpts from Allibone's 
Authors and various biographical dictionaries. 

Morally and mentally the ¥heeler family is vrell 
developed. I may add, "and physically," for the 
early feelers, especially those of new England, were 
rery fond of athletic sports and probably produced some 
of the beat wrestlers of the day. 

The families of the name that were among the early 
emigrants to this country were exceedingly numerous. 
They settled principally in Massachusetts, Connecticut 
and Virginia. "Between 1650 and 1680," says Shattuck, 
"there were in Concord, Mass., alone, thirty distinct 
YAieeler families." And Parmer records as an interest- 
ing fact that twenty- six of the name had graduated from 

Hew England colleges in 1826. 

In Hotten'B "List of Emigrants to America, 1600- 
1700" it is stated tliat in 1620, Henrie TWheeler arrived 
in Virginia in the "Tryall"; that Edward TOieeler emtarked 
at London, May 16, 1635, in the "Plaine Joane" for 
Virginia; that on July 24, 1635 John "Wheeler emharked 
in the "Assurance" from London for Virginia; that 
Richard Wheeler sailed for Virginia on August 21, 1635 
in the "Thoma-s"; that on August 1, 1679 John Vflieeler, 
Jr., emharked at London in the ship "Returne" for Few 
England. There was a John Y/heeler in Newhury, Mass. 
who Savage says came in the "Mary and John" in 1634. 
There was a Thomas in Boston in 1636; a Thomas in Lynn, 
made freeman in 1642, and a Moses (ancestor of Gen. 
Joseph Wheeler) in Stratford, Conn., who, Mr. Orcutt 
says, was "born in 1598, in the County of Kent, England. 

The progenitor of the "branch of the Wheeler family 
of v/hich I have herein undertaken to preserve some 
record, was Thomas Vflieeler. In 1639 (possihly as early 
as 1635) he appeared in Concord, Mass, The new Eng- 
land records clearly show that at Concord and the vicin- 

.b's>M ' 



ity there appeared at about the same time the following: 





Thomas, aforesaid. 

Ephraim, who first settled in Concord, and 

afterward permanently in Pairfield, Ct , 

Ohadiah, with his wife Susannah, settled in 
Concord, and died there October 29, 
1671, aged 63 years/ 

George, with his v;ife Catherine, and two or 
three children. 

Thomas, afterv/ard a Captain and the hero of 
the Indian fight at Brookfield, Mass. 

Joseph, vflio settled in Concord and was Icnown 
as Lieutenant Joseph. 

Timothy, settled in Concord; made freeman 
May 13, 1640; Ensign in 1646 and Cap- 
tain late in his days; most frequently 
called Lieutenant Timothy. 

Thomas, settled in Concord; was nephew of 
above Capt . Timothy. This Thomas was 
appointed Sergeant in 1642, 

Isaac, with his v;ife Prances, settled in 
Chariest own, Mass. 

Richard settled in Dedliam, and afterward in 
Lancaster, Ijlass. 

How these persons v/ere related to one another the 
boolcs on Hew England genealogy do not state. Orcutt 
does say that (1) and (2) were hrotherB and on this 
account Ephraim V/heeler's name v/as included in the 
above list. As to where these TWheelers came from there 


is in the books only a tradition - a faint v;hisper 
from the past - that it was Wales. Not a single fact 
or circvunstance have I "been able to find that points 
to 7/aleB rather than to any other country as their home. 
On the other hand the local history of Concord, and 
the neighborhood, does disclose certain facts which 
seem significant and suggestive. First, that the 
original road cut through the v/oods by the first sett- 
lers in Concord, over which they and their immediate 
followers came into the meadows of the Musketequid has 
been knovm since 1650 as "the Virginia Road", and the 
district through which it runs is called "Verginy" on 
old deeds and records. And second, that the plain 
behind the hill at Meriam's Corner, right at the end 
of Virginia, is called "Cranefield" in conveyances and 
in the town's records from 1648 to almost the present 

Now Peter Bulkeley, the first minister of Concord, 
cm\e from Odell, Bedfordshire, England. (See "The 
Bulkeley Family" by F. V/. Chapman.) In the same county, 
about eiglit miles from Odell, and equidista.nt southwest 
of the city of Bedford is a little parish called Cran- 
field, a,nd in that parish there was in 1632 a district 


(or poasi'bly merely an estate) known as Virginia. On 
the parish registers of Cranfield I find the names of 
most all of the foregoing TOieelers, the records of the 
marriages of some and the records of the "baptisms of a 
nuralDer of their children. And after a ca.reful compari- 
son of these parish registers with the American records 
of the foregoing Wheelers, I thinlc that lam correct 
in solving their relationship in this v/ay. Nine of them ■ /. 
were sons and one a grandson of three "brothers, viz: 
Richard, Thomas and John "Wheeler, hushandmen, who lived 
and died in Cranfield. Nos. (1), (2) and (3) were sons 
of Richard; Nos. (4), (5), (6) and (7) were sons of 
Thomas; and Nos. (9) and (10) sons of Jolin. Ho. (8) 
was a grandson of Thomas, a nephew and adopted son of 
(7) Captain Timothy. In the following pages v/ill "be 
given the genealogy of the descendants of (l) Thomas 

"Strong are the ties of kindred." 





'^ THOl/LAS ¥HEELER was undoubtedly born in Cranfield, 

Bedfordshire, England, about 1588. The record of his 
baptisEi is not found on the registers of the Cran- 
field parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul because 
those records v/ere not begun to be kept until 1600, 
and, 8-ccording to them, Thomas TOaeeler and Anne Halsey 
were married as early as May 5, 1613. 

Por at least tv;enty-five years after his marriage 
Thomas 'Wheeler resided in Cranfield; ajid then, with 
his family, he emigrated to America. Just when he left 
England, from what port he embarked, where he landed 
in this country, are all unknown. Like many others, 
the record of the first fev/ years of his residence 
here is so tightly bound up with the history of the 
settlement of Concord, Massachusetts, that as we unfold 
the latter we learn more about our subject. 

Late in the summer of 1635, a number of persons 
met in Cambridge, Mass., and organized a church or col- 
ony, and petitioned the Court for a charter. This 
assembly elected Rev. Peter Bulkeley teacher and Rev. 
John Jones (or Joanes) , pastor. A grant of land six 


miles square and "bearing the Indian name Musketequid, 
had alDout a year previously "been purchased from the 
Indians hy Major Simon Willard. On this tract the 
newly-handed colonists decided to settle. 

Some conjecture that this colony had heen pre- 
viously organized in England. Others say that the 
settlement of Concord was made necessary by the crowded 
conditions of the other colonies, and that, as the 
settlers came from all parts of England, it is unreason- 
able to suppose that they had come together in that 
country before coming to America. 

The nucleus of the Concord colony was formed 
in England. One of - if not the moat influential - per- 
Bons present at the meeting in Cambridge in 1635 was 
Rev. Peter Bul3celey, who was elected teacher. He and 
the four "Wheelers ) thomas, Thomas, Jr., Ephraim and 
Timothy - were from Bedfordshire. He had been a min- 
ister in Odell in that county and had been warned for 
his non- conformity to the English church. Odell is 
only eight miles from Cranfield - the home of the 
Wheelers. In viev/ of these facts it requires no great 
stretch of the imagination to suppose that the 7/heelers 
and other persons in Bedfordshire shared Bulkeley's 



religious views and decided to accompany him to America. 
According to Savage, Bullsreley came over in the "Susan 
and Ellen," which landed in Cambridge in 1635. The 
TOieelere may have come with him. Certainly they were 
here in 1639, hecause in a petition to the Court ask- 
ing for the enlargement of the township of Concord, 
signed "by them in 1643, they say they came to Concord 
in 1639. According to some authorities Ephraim Y/heeler 
was made a freeman on March 13, 1639, and Thomas, his 
"brother (our subject), on April 17, 1639. 

But to return to the history of the settlement. 
The charter, granted the Colony by the Court on Septem- 
ber 2, 1635 (old style), which provided for the estab- 
lishment of a plantation at the Indian village of Mus- 
ketequid, also clianged the name of the place to Concord. 
In the early part of October, 1635, settlement v/as be- 
gun. At first the church was very prosperous, the con- 
gregation v;as numerous and the ministers zealous. But 
the unexpected pecuniary difficulties of the town, oc- 
casioned by its then peculiar situation and condition 
induced many to remove, which rendered it difficult 
for the remainder to support tv/o ministers. Mr. Bulke- 

ley's salary as teachex' "beiriG seventy pounds a year, 
some difficulties arose in the cliurcli on this account. 
These enkindled sparks of dissension and discord were 
shortly afterward fanned into flames, according to 
Cotton Mather, "by "Mr. BuUceley's pressing a piece of 
charity, disagreeable to the vail of the ruling elder." 
The discord, however, was at last ended hy the colony 
calling in the help of the council and by the abdica- 
tion of Mr. Jones, the ruling elder. 

In this dissension Thomas Wheeler took sides with 
Mr. Jones and was one of the number that left Concord 
in October, 1644, and v/ent with Mr. Jones and settled 
Pairfield, Connecticut. 

Thomas Y/heeler became a prominent person in Pair- 
field, a large landowner and one of the proprietors of 
that township. He lived there until his death in 1654, 
Anne, his widov;, sujrvived him five years. They were 
both buried in Fairfield. 

The following were their children, all born in 

Cranfield, as the records of that parish show: 

1. Maria, baptized October 20, 1615. (Mentioned 
in her father's will but her name not 
given) . 



x2. Anna (called in American recoi^ds Hannah) tapt- 

tized February 20, 1617. 
x3. V/illiam, "baptized March 16, 1618. 
-:...--^''x4. Thomas, baptized April 8, 1620. ->(, 
x5. John, baptized February 27, 1624. 
x6. Sarah, baptized August 10, 1628. 

y HAOTTAH (I.Thomas) baptized February 20, 1617 in 
Cranfield, county of Bedford, England. In American 
records she is called Hannah. She married in 1639, 
James Bennett of Fairfield, Conn. He came from Eng- 
land to Concord with the Rev. Peter Bullceley. 

^ I. Sarah (Bennett) m. John IV. Thomas (Bennett), 

shorn of Fairfield. V. Jolon (Bennett) . 

II. Hannah (Bennett). VI. Mary (Bennett). 

III. James (Bennett). VII. Jane (Bennett). 

WILIIAM (I.Thomas) baptized March 16, 1618 in 
Cranfield, county of Bedford, England, came with his 
father from England, stayed awhile in Concord, after- 
T/ard removed to Fairfield. However, finally settled at 
Oronoque on land given him by his father. The inventory 
of his property was sworn to in 1666 by Sarah Brooks 
as of her "husband Y/heeler", deceased. She had married 
Willieim Brooks. William 7/heeler's nuncupative will. 



proliated August 9, 1667, was attested to "by llirable 
Thompkins and Nathaniel V/lieeler. He had gone to Dela- 
ware to settle, "but died "before removing his family. 
In his will he mentions his wife Sarah, brother Thomas 
of Milford, and his eldest and youngest son, and daughter, 
and his sister. Children: 

x7. V/illiam, married probably Ruth Smith, April 
10, 1682. 

8, Thomas. 

9. Sarali, married James Briscoe, of Milford, 

December 6, 1676. 

\l THOl/IAS (1. Thomas) was baptized in Cranfield, 

Bedfordshire, England, according to the parish regis- 
ter, on April 8, 1620, However, he v;as probably born 
not later than 1616. It is stated in some twon his- 
tories that Thomas' father, at the time of his arri- 
val in this country, was a grandfather by reason of 
the fact that our subject brought with him from England 
a wife and children. This statement is not v/orthy of 
consideration. Thomas V/heeler, Junior, or Lieutenant 
Thomas Ti/heeler, as he was most frequently called, cstme 
from England v;ith his father and the latter 's family 


and lived awhile in Concord. And it was not until 
1639 that he was married, and then he married in Con- 
cord, Joanna Seahrook, daughter of Rohert and Alice--. 
Seabrook, who came from England ahout 1638 and settled 
in Stratford, Connecticut. <sTheir only children were 
four daughters, of whom Joanna was the eldest. The 
other three, Alice, Sarah and Tigden married respec- 
tively Thomas Sherwood, Thomas Payrechild (or Pairchild) 
and William Preston of New Haven, Connecticut. 

Joanna ¥heeler, wife of Thomas V/heeler, Junior, 
(our subject) joined the church at Milford, Connecti- 
cut, apparently in 1640, and their children, John and 
Samuel, were baptized there August 16, 1640, yet Thomas 
7/heeler, Junior, signed a petition in Concord, Massa- 
chusetts, in 1643. In 1646, he had a house-lot in 
Milford, and in 1649 was living in ^airfield, where he 
was tiien in possession of a dwelling and several pieces 
of land. On January 21, 1653, he sold a dwelling house 
and house-lot in Pairfield and removed to Stratford, 
for the next year he accepted forty acres of land of 
the Indians at Dei-by, and the deed says he was of 


Thomas "Wlieeler's Deed of Gift. 

"This present writing witnesseth that I, Toweta- 
nome, att pagaset and Raslconate, with ye consent of 
all Pagaset Indians, Doe frely and fully make from us 
our Heirs and asigns and Doe freely give a percell of 
land lying "bee Twene Poodertoice River and ITaugatuck 
Riyer, Padertoke River laounding it on the Southv/est, 
ITaugatuck River Northeast j and Bounded on ye Northwest 
with trees ijiarlced "by ourselves and other Indians; to 
Thomas Vftieeler of Stratford, his Heirs and asigns for 
ever to possess it and doe ffree ye said land from all 
claims of any indian or indians; and this afore said 
land wee doe freely give to the afoi-e said Thomas Vi/heel- 
er and his Heirss for ever upon condition that hee 
come to live on it himself; and if the said Thomas 
V/heeler seles the land it must "be to such a man as wee 
like, in witness here of we have sett toe our hands; 
May , 1657. 

In the presence of 
Rith V/heeler, 
Timothy Wheeler. 




his mark, 
his mark. 
his mark. 

Manomp, his mark. 

James, his mark." 

The land is wliat is now Birmingham Point, in 
Derhy, and in 1659, Thomas "Wheeler was residing on it, 
hut sold it in 1664 to Alexander Bryan for 200 pounds. 
On January 4, 1660, he says in a deed, "I, Thomas 

Wheeler, sell to Richard Booth of the same place 

wy dwelling house, lot, ham, and what thereto 




In a paper recorded in Stratford in 1659, he says he 
formerly resided in Pairfield, and owned a farm there 
on the east side of Uncoway hrool:. This was at Black 
Rock. Soon after this (about 1662) he removed to 
Milford, Conn., where he lived afterwards, and was 
representative from that town in 1670 and 1571 and 
died ITovemljer 26, 1672, providing for his wife Joanna 
his sons John and his daughters; Nathaniel and his wife 
Esther, who had removed to Newark, N. J., Ephraim, 
Thomas and Joseph. He mentions his "brother William 
of Stratford and children, 7/illiam, Thomas and Sarah. 
His widow Joanna died in January, 1673. Children; 

xlO. John, "baptized August 16, 1640; married 

Sarah Sherv/ood; died May 12, 1704/ 
11. Samuel, haptized August 16, 1640; died young. 
xl2. Nathaniel, horn ahout 1640, "baptized Pe"bruary 

20, 1642; married Esther Bottsford; 

died Octo"ber 4, 1726 in Orange, N. J. 
xl3. 0"badiali, "baptized March 10, 1644; married 

Ruth ; died 1688. 

xl4, Ephraim, "baptized March 26, 1644; married 

I'lary Holbrook; died 1685. 
15. Eliezer, "born 1648; died August 10, 1649 

in Milford, and "buried there. 
xl6. Thomas, "born 1650; "baptized July 28, 1650; 

married Anna, pro"ba'bly dauglater of 

Francis French, June 1, 1685. 

17. Josiah, born June 5, 1653 and died young 


18. Joseph, born November 23, 1655 and died 1655, ^^' 
-^'-^^ xl9. Joseph, baptized 1660; born March 13, 1656-7. \^^/^ 

:B^ '/n ■ • 


JOHN (1. Thomas) was baptized rebruary 27, 1624 
in Cranfield, England, came with, his father from Eng- 
land, stayed awhile in Concord, Mass., afterward removed 
to Pairfield. He married Elizabeth, but whose daughter 
she was is not known. He was a representative in 1671, 
1672, 1674 and 1677. He owned a large portion of 
Gover's Hill, at Black Rock near Bridgeport, Coianecticut , 
where he resided, and in 1681 paid teixes on 1,004 acres 
of land, he being the third from the highest in the 
town of Fairfield, and was ancestor of William A. "Wheeler, 
for four years Vice-President of the United States. 
Sergeant John Wheeler (for that was his title) died 
early in the year 1690, leaving an estate, inventoried 
llarch 8, 1689-90, at 1566 pounds, and a widow Eliza- 
beth or Judith, with thirteen children. Her will was 
dated February 21, 1702-3 and probated March 24, 1703. 

20. Judith, born in 1661. 

x21. Jolm, born in 1663. 

22. Elizabeth, born in 1667; married ^Comstock. 

x23. Thomas, born in 1669. 

24. Mary, born in 1671. 

25. Rebecca, born in 1672. 
x26. Joseph, born in 1674. 

27. Hannah, born 1676; married Saimuel Wheeler, 




28. Abigail, born 1680; married John Brinsmade. 

29. Obadiali, born 1582. 

30. Ann, born 1584. 
x31. Jonathan, born 1687. 
x32. David, born 1689. 


SARAH (I.Thomas) was bajitiaed August 10, 1628 in 

Cranfleld, countj'- of Bedford, England. She married 

Thomas Sherwood, Jr., son of Thomas Sherwood and died 

before August 21, 1659. 

I. Thomas (Sherwood), born before 1654; died 
1699 at Fairfield, Conn. 

II. Sarah (Sheir/ood) , born before 1659; married 
John Whitlock. 


WILLIAM (S.William; 1. Thomas) married probably 
Ruth Siuith, April 10, 1682, and seems to have resided 
in Milford, Connecticut. From the Town Records we 
learn that his wife died September 28, 1705, and that 
he died November 27, 1705. 

33. Ruth, born January 14, 1683. 

34. Elizabeth, born January 12, 1696. 

35. Rhoda, born December 9, 1701. 

36. Samuel, died October 28, 1705. 

JOHN (4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was baptized August 16, 
1640 at Milford, Conn., married Sarah, daughter of 
Thomas and Alice (Seabrook) Sherwood and grand- daught e r 
of Robert Seabrook, December 16, 1662. After remain- 
ing in Stratford a number of year he removed to Wood- 
bury, where he died llay 12, 1704. He was a signer of 
the fundamental articles for the settlement of Wood- 
bury . 

37. Sarah, born February 24, 1663-4. 

38. Mary, born August 26, 1666; died unmarried in 


39. Elisabeth, born February 15, 1669; married 

Jeremiah Burch, June, 169 6. 

40. Mercy, baptized June 19, 1670-71. 

x41. Thomas, born May 2, 1673; married Sarah, 
daughter of Benjamin and Abigail 
Stiles, August 20, 1701; died March 
2, 1728. 

42. Ruth, born June 30, 1679; married John Rich- 

ardson of V/aterbury, April 23, 1701. 

43. Dinah, baptized 1681; married Ephraim Tuttle, 

February 13, 1706-7. 
x44. John, born May, 1684; married Ruth, daughter 
of Benjamin and Abigail Stiles, Nov- 
ember 4, 1704 and died May 19, 1727. 


NATHAlTIIiX (4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born at Milford, 
Conn., about 1640. He was married at Milford, June 27, 


1665 to Esther, daughtex' of Heniy and Eliza"betli Bots- 
ford of Milford "by Benjamin Fenn, Llagistrate. She was 
■born at llilford about 1646. They removed to Newark, 
N. J. in 1666, and he was "Pence Viewer" 1670, 1679, 
and 1681. He was the last surviving signer of the 
"iPundamental Agreentn" drawn up at the settlement of 
Newark. "Constahle" 1682. I>uring the latter part of 
his life he lived out at "the Mountain" now Orange, 
N. J., where his tomhstone is still standing (103). 
Nathaniel Wheeler died October 4, 1726 and his widow, 
March 14, 1732-3, aged 87. Both buried in Public 
Cemetery, Orange, N. J. 

45. ^, daughter, married Caleb Ward and 

pro\)ably died after having one or two 

x46. Isther, born about 1666-7 i married Samuel 

Williams of Elizabethto^mi, N. J., 1586. 
x47 . Hannah, married Amos Williams, d. Nov. 13, 1719, 
x48. Nathajiiel, born about 1677j married Mary ; 

died March 13, 1761. 
x49. Samuel, born about 1678; married Sarah ; 

died May 1, 1762. 
50. Elizabeth; married John Ogden. 


OBADIAH (4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was baptized March 10, 
1644, married Ruth . He died in 1588 (?) leaving 



no children. His widow, Ruth, on July 8, 1669, married 
Ephraim Stiles as his first wife. 

EPHEIAIM (4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was "baptized March 
26, 1644; made freeman in 1669, and married Septemher 
8, 1675, Mary, daughter of Richard Hollsrook of Milford, 
Conn. He died early in 1685 leaving a widow Mary. In 
1696 the sons were deceased "but the daughters, Mary and 
Abigail, were living. 

51. Ohadiah, horn June 15, 1676; prohahly died 

young . 

52. Mary, horn Pehruary, 1677; married Eliphal 

Gillett, died Janviary 31, 1720, 

53. , son, horn June 25, 1680; probably 

died young. 

54. Ephraim, born January 5, 1681; died young. 

55. Abigail, born February 8, 1683; married 

John Erinsmade, son of Paul of Strat- 

THOMAS (4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was baptized July 28, 
1650, married Anna, probably daughter of Francis Prench, 
of Derby, Conn., June 1, 1685. His will dated January 1, 

-.ji'r ^If 

^^ 15 

1724-5 was proved April 28, 1727. The inventory dated 
July 10, 1727 was Si 467-13-6. He must have married 
second, Mary, early in 1697. 

By his 1st wife: 

x56. Obadiah. 

57. f daughter, married Daniel Mun had 

Shna naiaed in her grsmdfather 's will. 

58. , daughter, married Stephen Hine, 

Ead llary, naiaed in her grandfather's 

59. Thanlcful; married Ashhurn. 

60. Joanna; proTjahly "baptized Decemloer 6, 1696. 

By his 2d wife: 

61. William, baptized Decemher 5, 1697. 

62. Job, "baptized December 25, 1698. 

, /J 
v-^ ./JOSEPH (4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn at Milford, 

*^''Conn., March 13, 1656-7. He was married in the same 
place to Patience, daughter of Richard Holhrook, June, 
1678, "by Uajor Treat. I conjecture that hi s wife 
Patience died in Milford about 1700, and that there- 
upon he married Dorcas, v/hose surname may have possibly 
been Ward. Soon afterward he removed to Newark, N. J., 
and here he resided with his son Joseph until his death, 

which occurred sometime between June 25, 1725 (the 
date of his will) and September 15, 1727 (date of 
probate) . In his will Joseph \Jheeler describes himself 
as yeoman and mentions lands in Milford, and in "Wolling- 
town in the Naraganset" and at Port Royal. He also 
menions his wife Dorcas and children: Joseph, Justice, 
Obadiah, Patience, Keziah and his son-in-law Samuel 
Parrand . 

Children, all born in Milford and of his wife 
Patience Holbrook, who was born December 19, 1658: 

63. Patience, born June 7, 1679; married 1st, 

Stephen, son of Samuel Miles of Derby; 
married 2d, Benjamin Bunnel. 

64. Anna, born February 20, 1680, probably pre- 

deceased her father. 

\ x65 . Joseph, born December 1, 1683; married Sarah J 

/^ Crane . i" 

66. Justice, baptized August 11, 1695; married 

Elizabeth . Lived p rob. Stamford, Ct, 

67. Ephraim, baptized August 11, 1695. 

68. Obadiah, baptized August 11, 1695 in Milford; 

married Joanna . 

69. Eeziah, baptized May , 1699 ; marri ed 

Beardsley . 

70. Sarah, married Samuel Parrand of Milford and 

died before her father. 

JOHN (5. John; l.Thoroas) was born in 1663, married 
Abigail, daughter of Jehu and Esther Burr, March 22, 1692. 


She died Fe'bruary 7, 1711-12, and lie married second 
Lydia Porter of Windsor, OctolDer 17, 1712. Her grave- 
stone inscription reads: "In memory of/ IJErs. Lidy 
¥heeler/ Consort of Left./ John Wheeler/ who departed 
this/ Life Novemher ye 12th/ A. D. 1747, in the 57th/ . 
Year of her Age." His reads: "In memory of Left./ 
John Wheeler/ who departed this/ Life March the 19th/ 
A. D. 1754 in the 92/ Year of his Age." 
By his 1st wife: 

x71. John, horn July 20, 1694; died February 19, 

72. Sarah, horn February 11, 1696. 

73. Abigail, born August 16, 1698. 

74. Mary, born IToveraber 4, 1701; died December 

11, 1713-14. 

75. Elizabeth, born April 3, 1703. 

76. Judith Ann, born Januar^'- 16, 1705-6; married 

Samuel Odell, January 21, 1732-3. 

By his 2d wife: 

77. Mary, born October 11, 1713; died February 

28, 1720-21. 
x78. Obadiah, born March 15, 1716. 

79. Daniel, born July 15, 1718. 
x80. Jabez, born February 25, 1721-2. 
x81. Ichabod, born January-- 11, 1725-6. 
x82. John, born June 3, 1729., 

THOMAS (S.John; I.Thomas) was born in 1669, did not 
marry, but want to sea when about thirty-three years 



of age, and wrote a letter home of which. I have a copy. 
On March 12, 1704-5, the Court of Probate granted ad- 
ministration on the estate of Thomas Wheeler, the estate 
amounting to 98 pounds. He never returned. 


JOSEPH (5. John; I.Thomas) was horn in 1674, married 

Dehorah, daughter of Ephraim Nichols, Decemher 7, 1705. 

This Joseph was the son of John, for in his will dated 

March 9, 1758, and proved July 20, 1759, he speaks of 

his "brother David, who was the son of John. His wife 

was living when he made his will and his son Thomas 

was to take care of her. His residence was prohahly 

at Black Rock, hut he may have settled some years 

afterward on the northern portion of the Wheeler 

long lot, north part of Fairfield. His land seems 

to have heen in that part of the town. He mentions 

in his will, wife, Dehorah, and all his children 

given below, except Esther who may have been deceased. 

x83. Joseph, born November 18, 1706. 
84. Thomas, born July 16, 1708. 


85. Esther, born August 1, 1710/ 

86. Catherine, "born lTovem"ber 7, 1712; married 

Jonathan Osborn, 1733. 
x87 . Ephraim, horn llarch 25, 1716; married Martha 

(Buckley?) . 
x88. Seth, horn llarch 26, 1721; married Ruth 

Knapp, October 27, 1745; died August 

11, 1751. 


JOIIAIHAIT (S.John; I.Thomas) was born In 1687, 

married Rebecca . His gravestone inscription 

reads: "Here Lyes Buried/ the Body of/ 1/Ir. Jonathan 

"Wheeler/ who departed this Life/ February ye 20, 1772/ 

in ye 86 year of His Age." 

89. Sarah, baptized October 15, 1732. 
x90. Abel, born in 1737. 

DAVID (5. John; I.Thomas) was born in 1689, married 
Esther Nichols, March 28, 1716-17. On September 4, 
1753, he deeded land to his son David at Black Rock, 
where he and his brother Jonathan were then residing. 

91. Eunice, baptized November 1, 1719. 

92. Temperance, born November 6, 1721. 

93. Patience, born October 1, 1723. 


94. David, born April 6, 1726. 

95. Eunice, born December 24, 1727. 


THOMAS (lO.Jolin; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was born 
May 2, 1673 probably in Stratford. He married Sarah, 
daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Stiles of Stratford, 
Conn., August 20, 1701. She was baptized April, 1680. 
Thomas V/heeler was Icilled by the fall of a tree, I'Earch 
2, 1728. He resided in Woodbury, Conn. 

96. Prudence, born September 19, 1702; married 

Isaac Tut tie, January 10, 1729. 
x97 . Benjamin, born July 21, 1706; married Mary 

Vifeller, October 3, 1729. 
x98. Lemuel, baptized January, 1711, married 

Bet hi a Bronson, August 14, 1729; died 

x99. Thomas, born June 13, 1715; married Eunice. ■ 

100. Obadiah, born November 11, 1716; died young. 

101. Sarah, born August 1, 1719; married Robert 

¥arner, April 24, 1744. 

102. JJary, born August, 17 25. 

JOHN (10. John; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born in 
May, 1684. He married Ruth, daughter of Benjamin and 
Abigail Stile, November 4, 1704. She was baptized 
May, 1682-3. He died May 19, 1727. 


xl03. Caleb, "born March 21, 1705; married Ruth 

104. Ahigail, iDorn PeTjruary 15, 1707. 

105. Obadiah, born May 28, 1709, drowned October 

1, 1715. 
xl06. Samuel, born June 24, 1712, married Abigail, 
who died 1792; he died 17 86. 

107. Lois, born llarch 10, 1714; died young. 

108. Lois, born May 2, 1716; married Olive Atwood, 

November 12, 1740. 
xl09. Obadiah, baptized April 27, 1718; married 

Agnes Tuttle, May 12, 1740; died 1806. 
xllO. John, born March 5, 1720; married Delilah 

Sanford, January 3, 1752, who died 

Pebniary 6, 1802. He died May 22, 


111. Jesse, baptized April 22, 1722; married and 

had a daughter Sarah. 

112. Seth, born 1724 lived in Bethlem; died 1746 


ESTHER (12. Nathaniel; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was 
born about 1666-7; married Samuel Williams of Eliza- 
bethto-vvn, now Elizabeth, N. J. He was a son of Matthew 
and Susanna (Cole?) Williams and was born at Wethersfield, 
Conn., January 4, 1653-4. It is nearly certain that 
Esther was his second wife. He settled on the northwest 
corner of what is now (1906) called Mt . Pleasant and 
Prospect Avenues, Newark, IT. J. His will dated May 4, 
1706 raantions the following children, all by his wife 
Esther Wheeler perhaps, except the two oldest: 




I. Joseph (Williams). 
II. Samuel (Williams). 
III. llathaniel (Williams) 
IV. David (Williams) . 
V. JosiaQi (Williams) . 
VI. Susanna (V/illiams) . 
VII. Hester (V/illiaras) . 
VIII. Sarah (Williams). 

HAUITAH (12. Nathaniel; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) married 

Williams. (I imagine that this is Joanna' named 

after Nathaniel's mother, wife of Amos Williams of Newark, 
N. J.) This Joanna T;as horn about 167 6 and died No- 
vemher 13, 1719. No children definitely known. Pro- 
hahly there was an Amos, Jr. and possibly a Samuel. 

CAPT. NATHANIEL (12. Nathaniel; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 

was horn about 1677, married Mary . She was 

born 1682 and died July 22, 1721, Overseer of Poor, 
1709. Surveyor of Highways, 1719. Sheepmaster, 1714, 
1741. Pence Viewer, 1705, 1733, 1740. Owned land at 
Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey, which he willed to 


son David. Died Ilarch 13, 1761 and was "buried at Nevj'ark, 

N. J. 

xll3. David, married Charity Mott; died atout 

xll4. Nathaniel, "baptized Septemloer 13, 1747. 

115. Joanna, married Poster. 

116. Sarah, married Ross. 

SAIIUEL (12.1Tathanielj 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn 
ahout 1678 and died May 1, 17 62 in 84th year. Wife 

Sarah . Was huried at Orange, IT. J. Referred 

to in 1717 as "Lieut. Samuel V/heeler." A Sarah Wheeler 
died at Orange, Pehruary 9, 1732 in "first year" accord- 
ing to a copy of the inscriptions made in 1853 hy Dr. 
John S. Condit. I take it that this should he "fifty- 
first year" and that she was the wife of Samuel. The 
stone is possihly still standing (1903) . Congar gives 
him three children (Vide N. J. Hist. Proc. Supp. to 
Vol. VI) . Others died young. 

117. Daniel, horn ahout 1732; died March 1735. 


*' ifl A. 



118. Richard, 'bom atout 1734; died March. 1, 

1735 at Orange, N. J. 

119. Samuel, born aToout 1724; died March 1735. 
xl20. Samuel, "born aliout 1736; died May 1, 1759, 

leaving a daughter Sarah who married 
Joel Condit. 

121. Mary, married Ogden. 

122. Sarali, married" Daniel, son of Moses and 

Irany (Raynor) Lindsley of Orange, 
N. J. 


OBADIAIi (16. Thomas; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) had a 
wife Joanna. Ahout 1732 they settled in ITewtown. 
in 1739 he vvas commissioned "by the Governor of the Colony 
of Connecticut, first lieutenant of the second company 
of "trainhand" in Uewtovaa. 

123. Joanna, horn lIsQ/ 3, 1719 in Milford. 

124. Hannali, horn Novemher 1, 1720. 

125. Mary, horn June 29, 1724. 

126. Ahiah, hora llovemher 16, 1730. 

127. Ohadiah, horn October 7, 1732. 

xl28. Joseph, horn November 2, 1734 in Newtovm; 
married Keziali Boteford. 
129. Thomas, born February 6, 1736. 

JOSEPH (19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born 
December 1, 1683 at Milford, Conn.; married Sarah, 


daughter of Jasper, Jr. and Joanna (Swaine) Crane of 
Newarl:, N. J. at Milford, on I.larch 27, 1707. Tlie mar- 
riage ceremony was performed by Mr. Samuel Andrews. 
At this time Joseph was residing in Newark, II. J. and 
here he continued to live until his death. His will 
is dated February 22, 1726-7 and was probated at 
Newark, September 15, 1727 - the sarae time as his 
father's will. He menions his v/ife Sarali and chil- 
dren Marjr, Patience, Abigail, Ephraim, Stephen and 
Dorcas, and devises lands in Connecticut and in other 
parte of ITew England and also lands in New Jersey, 
His v/idow Sarah died in Newark, January 28, 1735-6, 
aged 49 years. 

The father of Sarah V^heeler, Jasper Crane (1651- 
1712) was a member of the East Jersey Provincial Porces 
(1675-1G76) ; New Jersey Assembly (1704) and also a 
magistrate; was Deputy to the Provincial Assembly in 
1697 to 1702 and soon afterv/ard appointed Commissioner 
to settle the boundary controversy between Newark and 
Elizabethtovai. (Por further information in regard to 
the Crane family, see "The Genealogy of the Crane 

•Vl I 

Family," 1900, by Hon. Ellery Blcknell Crane.) The ^- 
record of Jasper Crane 1b sufficient to entitle the 
descendant e of Sarah "Wheeler to membership in the 
Society of the Colonial Wars and the Society of the 
Colonial Dames. 

130. Mary. 

131. Patience. 

132. Abigail. , 
.^„.i 3cl53. Ephraim, born August 5, 1718; married Mary .V-^ 

134. Stephen, bom Tebruarj^ 1720-1; died July 

17, 1747. 

135. Dorcas. 

JOmT (21. John; 5. John; I.Thomas) was born July 
20, 1694; married, but his wife's name is unknown. 
His gravestone says: "Here Lyes ye Body/ of Mr. John 
HTheeler/ Junr. Deed. February/ ye 19th, 1725-g/ in 
ye 32d year/ of His Age." 

136. Abigail, baptized May 26, 1722. 

137. John, be-ptized March 14, 1724-5. 


OBADIAH-(21.John; 5. John; I.Thomas) married but 



liiG v;ife's naxfle is unknown. He died 'Eorembex 6, 1753. 

xl38. Ezra, "baptized Uarcla 21, 1742-3 at Green- 
field Hill, "but recided at Black Rock; 
moved to "V/eston, Conn, in 1788. 

139. Josiali, taptized 1746. 

140. Abraham. 


CAPT. J/JBEZ (21. John; 5. John; I.Thomas) was "born 

Fe'bruarj^ 25, 1721-2, married Charity Beach, Decem'ber 

9, 1742. 

141. Isaac, "bom Decem'ber 17, 1743. 

xl42. Nathan, "bom May 7, 1751. 

143. Sarali, "born Februarj^ 19, 1754. 

144. Elizabeth, bom August 27, 175 8. 

CAPT. ICHABOL (21. John; 5. John; I.Thomas) was 
born January 11, 1725-6; married Deborah, daughter of 
Capt . Jolin Burr, January 1, 1752. He built six vessels 
at the upper wharf at Black Rock, one of them carried 
"above ninety tons." He sold one vessel to Thomas 
Allen, of New London, who failed in business and V/heeler 
lost i, 265. He died September 14, 1806, in the Slst 
year of his age. She died May 5, 1799, in the 69th 


year of her age. 

145. Mary, 'born May 21, 1756. 
xl46. Y/iiLliain, born July 12, 17 62; graduated at 

Yale, 1785; died 1845. 
147. John, "bom Pehruary 24, 1765; died October 

13, 1846; removed to Westmoreland, 

N..Y. in 1809. 


JOHIT (21. John; 5. John; I.Thomas) was horn June 3, 

1729. Said to have had five v<rives, the last one "being 

the widow Turney of Fairfield. 

xl48. Stephen, married Elinor, daughter of Samuel 

Wakeman . 
xl49. Samuel; married 2d Esther . 
xl50. John. 

151. Lois, married Jesse Atwood and removed to 


152. Eunice, married Philo Mallett of Trumbull. 

153. Lydia, married John Sandford of Redding. 

154. Sallie, married Ezekial Wakeman of Y/eston. 

155. Abbie, married "Lyman Somers of Weston, 

JOSEPH (26. Joseph; 5. John; I.Thomas) was born 
Uovember 18, 1806; married Abigail Perry, September 
10, 1729. Their residence was in the northern part 
of Eairfield, probably on the Wheeler long lot. 


156. DeTjorah, torn January 14, 1730. 

157. Joseph, torn December 1734; died Marcli 1735. 

158. SaraJa, "born December 1735. 

xl59. Joseph, born May 27, 1738; married Prances 

160. Lois, 'bom December 15, 1740, 

161. Hezekiah, "born July 15, 1744. 

162. Ichabod, born May 11, 1746. 
xl63. Eliphalet, born June 3, 1749. 

EPHEAIM (26. Joseph; 5. John; I.Thomas) was born 
March 25, 1716; married Martha (Buckley?). Residence 
in Pairfield, northwestern part. He had a grist mill 
east of Redding. He lived to a great age, dying at 
Redding, January 9, 1806, aged 90 years; and his wife 
Martha died in 1812 aged 92. His children were bap- 
tized at Greenfield Hill. 

xl64. Enos, baptized NoTember 4, 1739. 

xl65. Calvin, born January 17, 1742; married 1st 
Ruhama Bradley, 1762; 2d Mary Thorp, 
17 66. 

xl66. Daniel, baptized August 4, 1745. 
167. Martha, baptized 1748; died 1804 unmarried. 

xl68. Ephralm., baptized March 1750; married Abi- 
gail Read, daughter of John Read of 
Redding, Conn. 
169. Hannah, baptized November 12, 1758; probab- 
ly married Ebenezer Andrews, June 
1781; and Ebenezer Merritt , November 



170. Grace, taptized June 12, 1763, married 

John Uoreliouoe, November 4, 17 84. 

171, Catharine, probably baptized (no date) an 

infant . 

SETH (2 6. Joseph; 5. John; 1. Thomas) was born 
March 26, 1721; married Ruth Knajjp, October 27, 1745. 
He died August 11, 1751 and on October 1, 1751, Ruth, 
his widow, and Thomas Wheeler, were appoihted admin- 
istrators of Seth Wheeler's estate, and on April 15, 
1752, widow Ruth Y/heeler was appointed guardian for 
Hannah Wheeler, probably her only child. 

172. Hannah. 


ABEL (31. Jonathan; 5. John; 1. Thomas) was 
born in 1737; married Rebecca, daughter of John Whit- 
ear, March 27, 1758. He died March 26, 1772. His 
gravestone says: "Here lyes Burried the Body of Mr. 
Abel Wheeler, who departed this life, March the 27th 
1772, in ye 36th year of His Age." 

173. Huldah, born June 21, 17 60. 

IserfWr ilsrtn 


BEIIJAIIIN (41.T]iomas; lO.Jolin; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 
was "born July 21, 1V06, married llary Weller, October 
3, 1729 and had: 

174. Joseph, 'born July 20, 1730. 

175. Mercy, born February 27, 1733; died 1751. 

176. Benjamin, baptized October 26, 1735; died 


177. Bathsheba, born February, 1739. 

17 8. Caleb, baptized December 19, 1740. 
179. Abigail, baptized January 5, 1748. 


LEMUEL (41. Thomas; lO.Jolin; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 
was baptized January 1711, married Bethia Bronson, Aug- 
ust 14, 1729; died July 29, 1782. He resided in Wood- 
bury, Conn., and had: 

xl80. Obadiah, born June 27, 1730; married Mary 
Manyille, llarch 25, 1756. 

181. Prudence, born June 26, 1732; married Nathan 

Baldwin, March 28, 1757. 

182. Sarah, baptized September 2, 1737; died 

October, 1749. 

183. Amos, baptized May 3, 1741. 

184. David, baptized May 11, 1746. 

185. Asa, baptized September 10, 1749. 

186. Justus, born in 1751. 


THOMAS (41. Thomas; 10. John; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 


was torn June 13, 1715, married Eunice and 


187. IJoah, ■bom June 6, 1743. 

188. Chloe, baptized February 2, 1746. 

189. Seth, "baptized April 2, 1749. 

CAJJEB (44.Jolin; lO.Jolin; 4. Thomas; 1, Thomas) 

was horn ilarch 21, 1705, married Ruth , Was 

called "Engsin." 

190. Sarah, horn September 1727. 

191. Ruth, born July 1729; died 1730. 

192. Caleb, baptized October 17, 1731; died 

June 1737. 

193. Simeon, born November, 1733. 

194. Preserved, baptized March 28, 1736; married 

Lucy Paries, May 1, 1757; died 1769. 

195. Caleb, born November 9, 1737; died February, 


196. David, born September 13, 1739. 

197. Jolin, born October 14, 1741; married Lois 

Dudley in 17 63 and had a daughter 
Lydia . 

198. Peter, born April 16, 1744. 

199. Gideon, baptized March 13, 1745. 

200. Martha, baptized April 27, 1746. 

201. Abigail, baptized June 30, 1748. 

202. Ashbel, baptized November 12, 1749. 

203. Ruth, baptized April 5, 1752. 

SAIIUIL (44. John; 10. John; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 
was born June 24, 1712, married Abigail , who 


died 1792; he died 17 86. He liad: 

204. Justus, "baptized October 8, 1733. 

205. Matel, "bajjtized August 4, 1735; married 

P ierce , 

206. Patience, married Amtrose Sperry. 

207. Ann, "baptized September 14, 1743; married 

Parmlee Allen, July 21, 1768. 

208. Ruth, baptized Uarch 24, 1745; married 

Nehemiali St. John. 

x209. Seth, baptized July 26, 1747, married and 
had a faraily. 

x210. Johnson, born 1754 had Jolinson born 1797 

v/ho had John born 1825 vrho was a col- 
onel in the Civil V/ar. 

109 . 

■ OBADIAE (44. John; 10. John; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 

was baptized April 27, 1718, married Agnes Tuttle, 

May 12, 1740 and died in 1806. He had: 

x211. Truman, born November 26, 1741. 

212. LTartha, born July 12, 1742. 
x213. Adin, born Novei;:ber 20, 1743. 

214. Gideon, born July 27, 1745. 

215. Betty, born May 15, 1747; died January 26, 


216. Olive, born September 21, 1749; died January 

14, 1752. 

217. Currence, born January 20, 1752; died same 


218. Obadiali, born May 1, 1753. 

219. Betty, born January. 1, 1755; married Jude 

Moulthrop, July 30, 1777, 

220. Olive, baptized January 5, 1757; married 

Samuel Dralceley, October 2, 1777. 



JOmi (44. John; 10. John; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was 
horn March 5, 1720, married Delilah Sanford, January 
3, 1752 who died Pehruarv 6, 1802. He died May 22, 

221. Amos, horn January 18, 1753. 

222. Elizabeth, horn Octoher 11, 1754; married 

Y/illiam Hues, 17 81. 

223. Rachel- hoi-n January 14, 1757; married 


224. Daniel, horn August 3, 1758. 

225. Annis, baptized May 4, 1760, 

226. Zaphar Sanford, baptized May 6, 17 64. 

227. Ruth, baptized April 2, 1766. 

228. Amarillis, baptized January 26, 1772; married 

Hezekiah Gilbert, Pebi-uary 10, 1793. 
x229. John, married Thankful Beecher. 


DAVID (48.IJathaniel; 12. Nathaniel; 4, Thomas; 
I.Thomas). By his father's will he had one-half of 
his Indian right of 1,000 acres at Parsippany, Morris 
County, New Jersey. He lived at Parsippany, then part 
of Hanover, New Jersey. Under date of March 24, 1742-3 
he advertised the escape of an Irish servant "with the 
brogue on his tongue." Wife Charity Mott . He died 
about 1757. David Wheeler, of Morris and Charity Mott 
of Morris, married or licensed to marry March 17, 1739-40. 
(See Marriage Licenses, p. 435, New Jersey Archives, Vol. 



x230. David, iDorn a'bout DeceialDer 1747; married 
Hannah Youngs; died March 8, 1775. 

x231. John, married Cliarity Stiles, Noveaber 4, 
1772; died before August, 1781. 

232. liary. 

233. Phebe, married Dr. Barnabus Budd, July 15, 

1761. Had John Cozens B., b. Jan. 30, 1763. 

234. Ehoda, married Job Bacon, December 10, 1760, 

235. Sarah, born 1746; married Sainuel Stevens 

Johnes, llarch 23, 1767. 

NATHAITIEL (48.JTathaniel; 12. Nathaniel; 4. Thomas; ' 
1. Thomas) had the follovving children, by wife Bathieih had: 

236. Joseph, bapt . January 11, 1745 at Morristown,N. J, 

237. Meriam, baptized January 11, 1745 at Morristown. 

238. Jemima, baptized Jan. 11, 1745 at Morristown. 

239. Rachel, baptized January 11, 1745 at Morris- 

tovm, N, J. 

240. Abiel, baptized December 8, 1745; married 

Sarah Dalrimple, of Rockaway, 21 reb.1774. 

241. Nathaniel, baptized Septeoaber 13, 1747, probably 

m. Mehitable Turner (See IT. J. Archives, 
vol. xxii, p. 435) on Oct. 27, 1761. Both 
T/ere of Nev/ark, N. J. 

SAI-IUEL (49. Samuel; 12. Nathaniel; 4. Thomas; 1. 
Thomas) was born about 1736; died May 1, 1759; had: 
x242. Sarah, married Joel Gondlt . 

JOSEPH (56.0badiah; 16. Thomas; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was born November 2, 1734 in Newtown, married 

Keziali Botsford, March 25, 1755. In 17 66 he was 
coxomissioned Captain of the second company of "train- 
band" in Nevrtov/n "by William Pitkin, Captain General 
and Commander. Died in 1818, wife died September 9, 

243. John. 
x244. Joseph Bennett, horn June 26, 1763. 
245. Eli. 

133. i 

EPimAIll (65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
1. Thomas) was horn August 5, 1718, o.s., near Newark, 
Essex County, Uew Jersey. He was married to Mary, whose 
surname was probably Poster. It is quite cei-tain that 
Ephraim TWheeler lived the peaceful life of a farmer, 
tilling his goodly acres near Newark. And on this 
farm all of his children were undoubtedly born. 

There is no record of a will of Ephraim 7/heeler, 
but, according to the Essex County Administration Rec- 
ords an Ephraim Wheeler - a yeoman of Newark - was 
appointed on December 23, 1748, the guardian of Job 
Foster of Newark "an infant of upwai'ds of fourteen." 
This Ephraim Wheeler may have been identical with our 

subject and Job Foster, a child of one of Ephraim's 
doccaood slstera. 

Right here let me make a statement that I think 
I ovire the family - the descendants of this Ephraim 
T/Theeler. It concerns a wide- spread, deep-rooted tra- 
dition that I am unable either to substantiate or to dis- 
prove by records. 

In an old faraily Bible, bearing on the flyleaf 

"John "Wheeler, Jr., June 15th, 1821" (undoubtedly the 

property of Col. John H. "Wheeler) , it is written that 

"Ephraim "?^ieeler, son of Joseph and Sarah, was born 

August the 5th, 1718." This entry begins the family 

records. Who the father of Joseph Wheeler was the -— ' 

family records do not state. However, in "Eeminiscen- , 

ces and Llemoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North 

Carolinians" by John H. TSheeler, on the first page of 

the memoir of the author, it is stated: 

"In the latter end of the 17th Cen- 
tury, under a grant of land from Charles 
II., Joseph "yjheeler emigrated from Eng- 
land, and settled in Newark, New Jersey. 
Like William Penn, he was the son of a 
gallant naval officer. Sir Francis Wheeler, 
an English admiral, was his father and 
the grant of land from the Crown was in 
reward for faithful services. Pie ^nd his y 
young wife had follov/ed soon after 


the conquest of the New Netherlands "by 
the Duke of York, son of Charles I., 
afterwards James II. 
To them was horn, in 1718, their son 
Ephraira Wheeler, to whon, and his wife 
Uary, the first American John Y/heeler was 
■born in the year 1744," 

This quoted from Moore's "Historical Sketches 
of Hertford County" (North Carolina) . The author of 
these sketches, Maj . John 7?heeler Moore, is a memher 
of the family (vide p. 109), I have corresponded with 
him and he writes me that his authority for saying 
Joseph V/heeler was the son of Admiral Sir Francis 
Yi/heoler, as well as his assertion relative to the 
grant of land from Charles II., is pure tradition, 
which he derived for the most part fz'om his uncle, 
John H, "V^eeler, 

In his diary for 1875 (now in xtry possession) 

Col, John H. Iheeler writes: 

"My Grandfather (Dr. John Vflieeler) , 
for whom I was called, horn in 1747, and 
who died in Northampton County (N, C,), 
told me that his grandfather (Joseph 
\^ "7/heeler) came from England to America, 
ahout 1667, and settled in the colony of 
New York, under a grant of land from 
Charles II, for military services. He 
could and did explain the origin and 
names for several generations," 





In a sketcli of the family sent me "by Mrs. 

Henrietta Mullen Y/right, which was written "by her 

father Samuel TOieeler Mullen, Esq., v/ho was a grandson 

of Dr. John "Wheeler (vide p. 84) it is stated: 

"According to family tradition the 
family emigrated from England about the 
year 1690. They settled a grant of land 
"by the cro\Tn, for naval services, in the 
reign of Charles 2nd, situated near the 
place where the town of Newark stands, 
state of New Jersey. The family records 
were on parchment, and in possession of 
Stephen Wheeler, son of Ephraira and Mary 
V^heeler at the time of the war of the re- 
olution, when that part of the country 
was overrun "by the British and Hessian 
armyi and to preserve them from the re- 
fugees and soldiexy they were placed be- 
tween the ceiling of the house, where they 
were destroyed \>y vermin." 

Here is the family tradition from three sources - 
all emanating from Dr. John Wheeler. According to this 
tradition two things are related of Joseph Wheeler: 

First, that he was the son of Admiral Sir Fran- 
cis Wheeler; and 

Second, that he came to this country armed with 
a grant of land. 

Consider the first assertion, that Joseph 
V/heeler v/as the son of Admiral Sir Francis Wheeler. 


In endeavoring to su"bst ant late this I haye examined 

a niimlser of "books, tut do not find that Sir Prancis 

"Wheeler (or Ti/heler) had a son "by the name of Joseph. 

I have also corresponded with E. (J, "Wheler, Esq., of 

Claverdon Leys, Co. Warwick, England, who is a memher of 

the same "Wheler family to which the Admiral "belonged. 

He writes me that 

"During most of my life I have col- 
lected every scrap of information pos- 
si"ble regarding my family, v/hich was the 
easier, since, owing to their continued 
residence at Leamington Hastings for 
over 200 years, the registers are unus- 
• ually complete." 

Mr. \i/heler sent me a chart showing all of the 
immediate descendants of Sir Prancis "Wheler. (x) Accord- 
ing to this paper the Admiral's three children were 
"William, Francis and Anna Sophia. My correspondent 
tells me that there is not a record of any of his 
family emigrating to America, nor even a tradition. 

It will "be o"bserved In the foregoing quotations 

from the writings of mem"ber3 of the family that only 

Major Moore asserts that Joseph "Wheeler was a son of 

Sir Francis. Col. John H. Y/heeler does not go this ^ 

(x) The coat of arms of this ¥i/lieler or "Wheeler family is: 
Arms: Or, a chevron "between three leopard's faces, sable. 
Crest: Out of a ducal cro\Tn, or, an eagle displayed, gules. 
Motto: Facie tenus, meaning, Up to the mark,- a transla- 
tion adopted for the want of a better. 


as Jj'. 


far. However, the last naiaed does say that his grand- 
father could and did eicgla,in the origin and names for 
several generations. And in his correspondence with 
the father of Genei'al Joseph "Wheeler (see "Ancestors 
of Joseph and Daniella Wheeler" hy Gen. Joseph V/heeler) , 
— >J Col. John H. "Wheeler roaintained that his family is a V 
branch of the same ¥heeler family to which Sir. Francis 
"belonged. Therefore, in ray opinion, Major Moore's 
authority for saying Joseph was a son of the renowned 
English admiral is insufficient . 

"Mow in regard to the grant of land - I have "been 
equally unfortunate in my efforts to o"btain records 
to support this tradition. I confess, however, that 
I have not worked this point as thoroughly as I might. 
It seems to me that there is surely somewhere a list 
of the grants of land in America made by Charles II. 
A careful search through the records in the office 
of the Secretary of (New York) State in Albany and in 
. the office of the Secretary of (New Jersey) State in 
Trenton and in the proper office in England will con- 
firm or disprove this tradition. 

Now for my proofs in claiming that Joseph 
Y/heeler of the Bible records was identical with the 

husToand of Sarah Crane, and therefore a descendant of 
Thomas and Anne (Halsey) Wheeler of Fairfield, Conn. 
The Bitle records show that the family resided at one 
time in or near Uevrarlc, New Jersey. In the Essex County 
prohate records there is hut one Joseph Wheeler that 
liyed in ITewarlc that had a wife Sarah and this Joseph 
was the hushand of Sarah Crane. Moreover, the will 
of Joseph, the husband of Sarah Crane, names Ephraim 
as one of his children, and this Ephraim must have 
"been horn aToout 1718, for his hrother Stephen (whose 
name in the will immediately follows Ephraim' s) was, 
according to the inscription on his tombstone horn in 
I'ehr^^ary, 1720-1. 

I suhiflit that there could not have "been living 
in ITewark at the same time two persons named Joseph 
V/heeler, whose wives were called Sarah, who had each 
a son named Ephraim of exactly the same age. If there 
were there would he some record of them. 

15y authority for the correctness of the ancestry 
of Joseph Y/heeler, husband of Sarali Crane, rests upon 
the probate records of New Jersey, the town and church 

records of Milford, Conn., and Rev. Samuel Orcutt's 

genealogy of the TWieeler fam^-ly as given in the second. 



voliAjne of his "History of Stratford and Bridgeport, 

Connecticut" on pages 1337 to 1342. 

Ch.ildren of Ephraim and Mary Tillheeler: 

I ^x246. John, torn April 12, 1747, o.s., married 
\y^ Elizabeth Longworth. 

247. Stephen, "born March 8, 1749 near Newark, 
U. J., married Rhoda Spinnage. 
x248. Mary, horn April 13, 1751, married Bakor 
249. Sarah, born September 11, 1753 near Newark, 
N. J., died April 20, 1769. 

• EZRA (78.0badiah; 21. John; 5. John; I.Thomas) 
of Black Rock, baptized March 21, 1742-3 at Greenfield 

Hill, married . He lived at Black Rock, had 

a store, and was quite prominent in that place. The 
records say he sold, December 20, 1783, to Sarah Pargue 
15 acres of land, "together with mj'- dwelling house, 
barn and store thereon standing." He moved to Weston, 
Conn., in 17 88. 

NATHAM (SO.Jabez; 21. John; S.John; I.Thomas) was 
born May 7, 1751, married Abigail Oakley, daughter of 
Jeremiah Oakley, October 19, 1775. 


250. Levi, "born August 7, 1776. 

251. Daniel, "born September 16, 1778; died Decem- 

ber 31, 1782. 

252. Jesse, born July, 1780. 

253. Sarah Burr, born November 10, 1782. 

WILI.IAM (Sl.Icliabodi 21. John; 5. John; 1. Thomas) 
was born July 12, 1762; married Ehoda "Parrit," She 
was bom January 3, 1780, and died November 26, 1808. 
He was graduated at Yale College; died January 25, 
1845, aged 82 years. His journal, which is still pre- 
served, contains some very interesting and strange en- 

254. William, born June 7, 1804. 

255. Eliza, born April, 1804; died June 15, 1839. 

STEPHEN (82. John; 21.Jo}in; 5. John; I.Thomas) 
was a man of note, Judge of the Superior Court of Con- 
necticut, and filled other offices with honor. He mar- 
ried Elinor, daughter of Samuel Wakeman and had: 

x256. Willis, married Eliza P. Pairchild. 

257. Burr. 

258. Sanford. - 

259. llabel. I ttASYXAWB 

260. Nancy. «i.toi..c^i. 

261. George. Ll':^^^^ 

262. Charles. 

263. Samuel Wakeman. 

264. Mary. 



SALRJEL (82. John; 21. John; 5. John; I.Thomas) 

married second Esther v;ho died January 5, 

1860, aged 99 years, 8 months ajid 20 days. He had hy 
first wife: 

x265. Sila, married De^borah Sanford. 

x266. j^nna, married David Sherwood of Bridgeport. 

JOHN (82. John; 21. John; S.John; I.Thomas) married 
Amelia, daughter of Elnathan ¥illiams of Weston and had: 
x267. Eli, married Hannah Wakeman. 

268. Ruth, married Joel Turney. 

269. Esther, married Nathan Keeler of Redding. 

JOSEPH (83. Joseph; 26. Joseph; 5. John; I.Thomas) 
was 'born May 27, 1738, married Prances, daughter of 
¥illiam Hill, both of Fairfield, Connecticut. They 

removed to Pownall, Bennington County, Vermont, where 
they were residing when they sold, November 11, 1784, 
to their son Zalmon "Wheeler all interest they had in 
the estate of William Hill of Pairfield, Conn., deceased, 
This Joseph Wheeler with his wife and children was the 
first settler in the town of Fairfield, Tranklin Co., 
Vermont. His wife Prances died July 30, 1805, aged 
68 years. He removed in later life to western New York 
with his son Joseph "V/heeler. 

3c270. Zalmon, grandfather of Hon. Wm. A. Wheeler. 

271. Joseph. 

272. , daughter, died young. 

273. Wances, horn April 16, 1766; married Samuel 

Lawrence of Lower Canada. 

274. Eleanor, horn October 1, 1774; married 

Daniel Pairchild of ^airfield, Ver- 
mont, and mother of Rev. John Fairchild 
of V/isconsin. 

275. , daughter married Locirwood; 

went West . 

276. , daughter, married Wheaton; 

v/ent West . 

277. Eunice, married Daniel Pairchild as second 

2'^S* , daughter, married Hon. Joseph 

Parnsworth of St. Albans, Vermont. 
279. , daughter, married Hon. JoseiJh 

S'arnsworth as second wife. 

ELIPHALET (83. Joseph; 26. Joseph; 5. John; 1. Thomas) 
was born June 3, 1749, married Hannah Turney. They re- 

o <? 


moved to Predericksburgh, Dutchess County, New York in 

1784 or 1785, where they were residing OctolDer 10, 

1785 when thej'- sold land in the Forthfield parish in 
Fairfield, Conn. 


ENOS (87.Ephraira; 26. Joseph; 5. John; I.Thomas) 
was "baptized Novemlaer 4, 1739, married Hannah, daughter 
of Peter and Damaris (Dimon) Bradley, May 15, 1760, and 

280. Dimon, horn April 20, 17 61. 

281. Ruhainah, born Pehruary 28, 1763. 

282. Esther, horn January 17, 1765. 

283. Hannah, born January 20, 17 67. 

284. Peter, born April 1, 17 69; mari'ied Hannah 

Leacih, November 25, 1796 and had son 
Jarvi s . 

285. Enos, born July 26, 1772. 

286. Grissel, born October 2, 1775. 

287. Damaris, bom December 25, 1777. 


CALVIN (87.Ephraim; 2 6. Joseph; 5. John; I.Thomas) 
was born January 17, 1742, married first Ruhama, daugh- 
ter of Peter Bradley, July 5, 1762, and she died De- 
cember 5, 1762. He married second Mary Thorp, daughter 
of David Thorp," June 3, 17 66, and by her had: 


x288. CalTin, torn January 5, 17 67, married Hannah, 
daughter of Thaddeus Bennet . 

289. Ruhumah, born February 23, 1769, married 

Samuel Sanford. 

290. Martha, born March 10, 1771, married Piatt 

Bennet, July 29, 1792. 

291. Huldah, born January 30, 1773, married 

Thaddeus Gilbert. 
x292. Mary, born August 25, 1775, married Joseph 
Bradley, emigrated to Bern, Albany 
Co . , lTe\7 York. 

293. Sarah, born March 5, 1777, married Wakeman 

Bradley, emigrated to Tioga County, 
New York. 

294. Ephraira, born January 21, 1779, married 

Elizabeth Wakeman, emigrated to Elmira 
from Galway, New York. 

295. Mabel, born July 31, 1781, married Aaron 

Bennett, emigrated to Tioga County, 
lle\7 York, 

296. Esther, born May 12, 1783, marx^ied Samuel 

Y/illicuns, emigrated to Tioga County, 
New York. 

297. Anna, born July 27, 1785, married Alden 

Winton, emigrated to Tioga County, 
New York. 

DANIEL (87 .Ephraira; 26. Joseph; 5. John; I.Thomas) 
was baptized August 4, 1745; married Elanor . 

298. Ellen, born April 5, 1767. 

299. Daniel, born February 14, 17 68. 

300. Stephen, born December 17, 1769. 

EPHRAIM (87.Ephraim; 26. Joseph; 5. John; I.Thomas) 
was baptized March, 1750, married Abigail Read of Redd- 


ing, daughter of Jolin Read, Jr. After her death he 
married again, moved to Vermont and had several other 
children. By Ahigail he had: 

x301. John Read, baptized ITovemher 7, 1773. 

302. Abigail, born about 1775; married Noah 

Taylor. These are not all of the 
Veimont children. 

OBADIAH (98. Lemuel; 41. Thomas; 10. John; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was born June 27, 1730, married Mary Llanville, 
March 25, 1756. Lived at Southbui-y, Connnf cticut . She 
died May 20, 1819, aged 82. 

303. Sarah, baptized Pebrviary 13, 1757; married 

Paul Clarl:, November 17, 1774. 

304. Mary, born September 2, 1758. 

x305. Asa, born October 15, 17 60; married Abigail 

Tyler, December 6, 1781. 
306. Ebenezer, born November 28, 1762; married 

Love Curtiss in 1789. 
x307 . Amos, born December 12, 1764; married Reny 

Booth, Noven;ber 13, 1793. 

308. Job, born Pebrviary 12, 1767, married Molly 

Mallorj'-, Pebruari^ 11, 1787. 

309. Ruth, born March 17, 1769, married Daniel 

Wooster, November 4, 1792. 

310. David, born June 22, 1771; died February 

16, 1774. 
310-a. David, born June 25, 1774, married Desire 
Roberts, January 18, 1794. 

311. Aremynta, born Ivlarch 10, 1781. 


SETH (106. Samuel; 44. John; 10. John; 4. Thomas; 
1. Thomas) was baptized July 26, 1747 and had the follow- 


ing children: 

312. Hinraan, born April 21, 1768. 
x313, Seth Noble, born Janiiary, 1772; married 
Olive Mitchell, February 19, 1795. 

JOmTSON (106. Samuel; 44. John; 10. John; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was bom in 1754 and had: 
x314. Johnson, bom 1797. 

TRUMAF (109.0badiah; 44. John; 10. John; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) v/as born November 26, 1741, married Hulda 
Cadwell; graduated from Yale College in 1763 and settled 
in Great Barrington, Mass. Truman Iheeler was the fa- 
ther of a large family; was a gentleman of the "Old 
Regime." He pursued no profession althougla liberally'- 
educated at Yale. He was well to do, owning handsome 
domains in Berkshire County, Mass. Hulda Cadwell, his 
v;ife, v/as a v;-oman of great energy and amiability of 

x315. Truman, born 1777, married Nancy Burritt , 
November 18, 1806 and died November. 
3, 1843. 


ADIN (109.0'badiali; 44. John; 10. John; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was horn Novemher 20, 1743. He was called 
"Deacon. " 

316. Currence, haptized August 5, 177 8; married 

Joel P. Benedict . 

317. Lois, haptized August 5, 1778. 

318. Clarissa, haptized August 5, 1778. 

319. Agnes, haptized August 5, 1778; married 

Sheldon Bristol, Pehruary 17, 1811. 

320. Esther, horn July 9, 17 80; married Benjamin 


321. Adin, horn Septemher 16, 1795. 

JOroi (110. John; 44.Jolin; 10. John; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) married Thankful Beecher and had: 

322. John L., horn July 31, 1805. 

323. Francis, horn February 28, 1808. 
323. Ransom B., horn January 25, 1810. 

325. Philander, horn May 25, 1811. 

326. Marietta, horn December 2, 1812. 

327. William E., horn May 7, 1814. 

328. I.Tariette T., horn May 17, 1817; married 

Dr. vailiajTi C. Catlin, 1840. 


DAVID (113 .David; 48. Nathaniel; 12. Nathaniel; 

4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn ahout 1747, married Hannah 


Youngs daughter of Rev. David Youngs May 25, 17 69. He died 
on March 8, 1775. She was torn June 13, 1747 at Hanover 
N. J. His widow married Capt . Enoch Beach of Morris 
Co., F. J., Decemher SI, 1777 and died Noveml^er 14, 
1827. David had: 

329. David Youngs, horn March 12, 1770; married Nov- 

ember 12, 1796 Caty Baker of Hanover, H. J. 

330. Sarah, horn March 1, 1772. 

331. Steven Johnes, "bom July 15, 1775; died 

Januari-' 13, 1845 according to tomhstone 
at Hanover, N. J, 


JOHN (113. David; 48. Nathaniel; 12. Nathaniel; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) married Charity Stiles, Novemher 4, 1772. He 
died hefore August, 17 81. 

332. Charity. 

333. Susanna, torn Decemher 8, 1776; died January 

2, 1798. 

334. Elizabeth, born March 18, 1779. 

SAEIAH ( 120 . Sajnuel ; 49. Samuel; 12. Nathaniel; . 
4. Thomas; I.Thomas) married Joel Condit, son of Daniel 
and Ruth Condit. He was born about 1757 in Orange, 
N. J. and followed the occupation of farming. He was 


fifth in descent from Jolin Condit who came to Uev/ark, 

IT. J. in 1678. They had: 

I. Samuel DTheeler (Condit), horn DecemlDer 29, 
II. Adonijah (Condit), died in childhood. 
III. Ira (Condit), born Octoher 14, 1791. 
IV. Joel W. (Condit), born July 2, 1795. 
V. Mary (Condit). born October 3, 1796. 
VI. Sarah (Condit), born 1801; died unmarried 
October 17, 1874. 
VII. Ruth H. (Condit), born November 11, 1805; 
died uniaarried October 20, 1884. 

JOSEPH BEiraETT (128. Joseph; 5 6.0badiah; 16. Thomas; 
4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom June 26, 1763, married Anna 
Botsford in 17 83, a daughter of Deacon Abel and Mary 
(Bennett) Botsford; died October 27, 1837 and wife died 
December 18, 1842. He and his son John Botsford V/heeler 
built the present home on the homestead in 1809. Joseph 
Bennett ■\?/heeler was one of the prominent men of the town. 
He served as Justice of the Peace, was Selectman for 
many years and had the settling of many estates. His farm 
contained one hundred acres and was situated near Pair- 
field, Conn, 

x335. John Botsford, born April 6, 1785. 



336. Lucy. 

337. Mollie. 

338. Anna M. 

I/' JOHN (l33.Eph.raiin; 65. Joseph.; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was "born April 12, 1747 near Newark, in Essex 
County, N. J., married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas 
Longwcrth and Elizabeth (Rogers) Longworth. of Newark, 
N. J., October 20, 1768. Resided in Newark, N. J. and 
Murfreesboro, N. C. and died at the latter place on 
October 4, 1814 and was buried in Northampton County, 
N. C, near Murfreesboro. His wife was born at Newark, 
N. J. and died July 13, 1827 at Murfreesboro, N. C. 
A Sketch of Dr. John "Wheeler. 

Dr. John "Wheeler had bestowed upon him by his 
parents the best educational advantages — in addition 
to a good common school education, he v/as educated as a 
physician. / 'j ) 

At the beginning of the American Revolution, he 
assisted in raising a volunteer company (of which he 
became Surgeon) and with it joined a New York battalion 


attached to the army under Gen. Richard Montgomery and 
inarched to Canada, enduring incredihle sufferings in 
that inhospitahle country in the most inclement season 
of the year. 

After the siege and hattle of Quebec (at which 
tradition says he caught the dying Montgomery in his 
arms) Dr. "Wheeler returned to the bosom of his family 
to enjoy his fireside a little. He had not the happiness 
to enjoy it long for he v/as soon afterward taJcen prisoner 
and carried to Stat en Island and from thence to New York, 
which was then in the hands of the British. There in 
prison, under the noted Cunningham, celebrated for 
wickedness and cruelty, he endured sufferings from which, 
had it not been for the excellence of his constitution, 
he certainly v/ould have sunken. By the assistance of 
friends, who were in the British interests, he obtained 
his release from prison on condition that he should 
remain neutral during the war. As his fellow-prisoners 
were dying daily by dozens, and he reduced to a mete 
skeleton by the jail distemper and cruel usage, and 
seeing no prospect of any exchange of prisoners, at the 


same time liaving a delicate wife and five small children 
on Long Island, surrounded "by the enemy, Dr. Wheeler 
coirplied v/ith the proposition and remained in New York 
with his family during the remaining part of the war. 
(It is asserted, however, hy some of his descendants 
that soon after his release from prison he joined the 
army under Gates and was with Gates and Greene, his 
successor, throughout the whole Southern campaign of 
the Revolution.) In consequence of his living with the 
British, his property was confiscated and sold. \/ i 

After the v;ar. Dr. Y/heeler went to the Province 
of Hew Brunsvrick, hut not being pleased with the manage- 
ment of the British Coimnissi oners, he returned to New 
Jersey, where he lived until 1803, when he removed to 
New York. In the year 1807, he removed to Murfrees- 
horo, North Carolina, and, with his v;ife, took up his 
residence with his son Jolan, who several years "before 
had removed to Murfreeshoro and established a large 
mercantile husiness. 

Dr. IWieeler spent the last days of his life in 
Murfreeshoro, practicing his profession and during 

V if{ 313 t J" - f 


spare time cultivating his garden, for which he had 
great taste. He died there Octoher 4, 1814. 

He was curious in chemistry and was celebrated 
for his exquisite extracts from bergaraot, lavender and 
other perfiimes. He wrote largely on medical suhjects 
and left to his grandson, Dr. Samuel J. Y/heeler, several 
woi'ks in manuscript on medical science which evinced 
the depth of his acquaintance and devotion to his pro- 

"He was a genius," says his grandson, Col. John 
H. V/heeler, in one of his diaries, "but erratic as 
genius generally is, of a restless, roving tenrper; of 
hid miglit well be said, as Jacob did of one of his sons, 
•Unstable as v;ater, thou shalt not excel, • I record 
this as a warning to those who inherit his blood that 
they may guard against this trait, which I often feel 
would lead me from a steady, consistent course. He was 
also of a poetic, imaginative temper, and sometimes in- 
dulged in writing poetry. Well does my memory trace the 
old English ballads, such as 'Chevy Chas' and others, 
that he early taught me, and which I can never forget 

as long as 'meciory holds a seat in this distracted globe,'" 

His wife, Elizabeth Longi/yorth ¥h.eeler, was model 
of piety and virtue. She v/as a daughter of Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Rogers) Longworth of Newark, N. J, and a 
niece of Gov. Aaron Oden, who filled a great figure 
both in peace and in war. She v/as also a cousin of 
Nicholas Longvvorth, Esq., of Cincinnati, Ohio, (grand- 
father of Hon. Nicholas Longworth, nov; (1905) a Member 
of Congress from Ohio) distinguished for his culture 
of the vine and great wealth. Dr. YJheeler left her 
for a better world, as I have said, in 1814, and lies 
buried beside his v/ife in Northampton County on the 
banks of the Meherrin River near Murfreesboro. 

Cliildren of John and Elizabeth (Longworth) 


x339. Mary, born August 16, 1769, married David 

x340. John, born June 23, 1771, married Elizabeth 

Jordan and others. 
x341. Jabez, born August 15, 1773; married Mary 
;^^x342. Samuel, born June 24, 1775, married Sarali 
<'■'/ Parsons and married second Jane Sum- 

343. Joseph, bom August 6, 1777 in Essex County, 
near Newark, N. J. and died June 29, 


x344 . ElizalDeth, 'bom April 14, 1780, married 
James Mullen. 

x345. Julia Ann, born September 13, 17 82; married 
Robert llunro . 

x346. Ephraim, born January 22, 17 85, married Mary- 

x347. Itartha, born February 7, 1788, married Richard 
Johnston and others. 

ItARY (133. Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was born April 13, 1751 near Newark, N. J,, 
married BaJcer Woodruff. Resided probably in Elizabeth- 
town, N. J. (now Elizabeth) and died there December 7, 
1790. Buried in yeard of First Presbyterian Church, 
Elizabeth, N. J. Baker Woodruff died December 12, 
1813, aged 63 years, and appears to have been married 
after Mary's death. Erom grave-stones in Elizabeth: 

I. Whitehead (Woodruff), died September 28, 
1806, aged 29 years. 
II. Whitehead (Woodi-uff ) , died September 29, 1776, 
aged one year and four months. 
III. Jabez (Y/oodruf f ) , died November 4, 1799, aged 
tv^elve years. 

WILLIS (148. Stephen; 82. John; 21. John; 5. John; 
I.Thomas) married Eliza E. Eairchild and had children: 


348. Prederick R. 

349. Arthur Martin, professor of history in 

Yale College. 

350. RufuB. 

351. James ¥. 

352. Stephen D. 


SILAS (149. Samuel; 82.Jolini 21. John; 5. John; 

I.Thomas) married Dehorah, daughter of Josiah Sanford 

of Weston and had children; 

353. Samuel, married removed to Canada had Alger- 
non and Silas. 

x354. Sallie, died August 9, 1860, married Bradley- 

x355. Sanford, married 1st Marietta Banks, 2d 

Laureany Wilson; 3d Eunice Perry and 
had four sons. 

356. Esther, married Gersham Bradley Sanford of 

Bedding, only child Ilary Burr, horn 
at Redding, August 29, 1830, married 
William Burr Y/right then of Nev/ Mil- 
ford, Conn., Septemher 3, 1848, 

357. David, married Eiinice Worden; children 

Elizabeth, Elmer and Y/orden. 

358. Eloeia, married John Hull of Easton and 

had Jeannette and Irving. 

359. Ebenezer, married 1st Eliza Nichols and 2d 

Eunice Gould, had James and Harriet. 

360. Edwin, married Lucinda Thorpe and had Andrew. 
x361. Jolin, married Malvina Smith. 

362. Burritt. 

363. I.ydia, married William Sanford of Weston; 

had Mason, Emma, Frederick. 

-. jjSXIIBflt 


AiWA (149. Samuel; 82. John; 21.Jolin; 5. John; 
I.Thomas) married David Shei-wood of Bridgeport and 
had children: 

I. Yi/heeler (Sherwood). 
II. David (Sherwood). 
III. Pannie (Sherwood). 
IV. Sarali (Sherwood). 

V. Polly (Sherv/ood). 


ELI (150. John; 82. John; 21, John; 5.Jolin; 1. Thomas) 
married Hannali, daughter of William V/akeman of Weston 
and had children: 

364. William. 

365. Sarah. 

366. Elinor. 

367. Jolm. 

368. Charles. 

369. Henry, 

ZAIAIOJI (15 9. Joseph; 83. Joseph; 26. Joseph; 5. John; 
I.Thomas) of Fairfield, Vermont, married Hannah Butler. 
They resided in ^airfield, Pranklin County, Vermont. 



370. Polly, "born April 23, 1788 in Fairfield, Vt 

371. Almon, "born Octo'ber 1, 1789, married Eliza 

V/oodward and recioved to Malone, N. Y. 
where William Almon Wheeler, the Vice 
President, vras horn June 30, 1819 and 
died June 4, 1887. 
x372. Alfred, horn August 4, 1791. 

373. Salmon, horn July 7, 1794. 

374. Thomas, horn Pehruary 9, 1796. 

375. Eanny, horn April 8, 1798. 

CALVIN (165. Calvin; 87.Ephraim; 26. Joseph; 5. John; 
I.Thomas) was horn January 5, 17 67, married Hannah, 
daughter of Thaddeus Bennet, 1786. He died Pehruary 
8, 1842 at his son's in Ballston, where he spent the 
last tv;o years of his life. 

376. Piatt, horn 1787, moved to Ballston, Sara- 

toga Co . , N. Y. 

377. Eli, horn 1789, an Episcopal minister of 

Y/eston church in 1813, 

378. William, horn 1791, moved to Ballston with 

his hrother. 

379. Edwin, horn 1797, lived at V/estport, Conn. 

380. Panny, horn 1802; married Mr. Baldwin of 

Mast Hope, Pike County, Pennsylvania. 

381. Harriet, horn 1813; married Frederick Augustus 

VJheeler of Stratford family, Marietta, 

MAKY (165. Calvin; 87.Ephraim; 26. Joseph; 5. John; 
I.Thomas) was horn August 25, 1775, married Joseph 



Bradley in 1794 and they had: 

I. Philo (Bradley) l3orn March 23, 1795, married 
Mercy Gardner of Bern. He v^as the 
father of Joseph P. Bradley, at one 
time Associate Justice of the Supreme 
Court of the United States. 
II. Olive (Bradley) horn December 30, 1797; mar- 
ried John Pisher of Bern. 
III. Elam (Bradley) "born January 9, 1801, married 
Saily Stonehurun of Bern. 


EPHRAIM (165. Calvin; 87.Ephraim; 26. Joseph; 
5. John; I.Thomas) was horn January 21, 1779, married 
Elizabeth V^akeman, May 13, 1802. He died at Elmira, 
October 12, 1853; his wife died December 12, 1833, 
aged fifty- four years. 

382. Eliza, born 1803, iiarried George Poster, no 


383. Julia, born 1805; married John W. , son of 

John Read Wheeler (llo. 301 hereof) 
of Cleveland, Ohio. 

384. Caroline, born 1807, married Jolin Hepburn, 

died 1878. 

385. Anna, born 1810; married William Morehouse, 

died 1832. 

386. Eli, born 1813, married Laura Bent ley, died 

1882, Elmira, IT. Y. 

387. Orsemus, born 1816, married Malvina Barney; 

living at Y/illiamsport , Pa. in 1897. 

388. Roania, born in 1819; married Joseph More- 

house, died in 1848. 

JOffiT EEAD (168.Epliraim; 87 .Ephralm; 26. Joseph; 
5. John; l.Thoniae) was baptized NoTemlDer 7, 1773, married 
Jerusha Bristol, June 27, 1793, and resided in Vermont. 

389. Eussell Beers, born 1795. 

390. Joseph Bristol, born 1796. 

391. Jolin V/., born 1805, married Julia Wheeler 

(Ho. 383 hereof) 

392. Anna M., married Henry Ames. 

393. A.bby never married but died at 22. 

and other children. 

ASA (leO.Obadiah; 98. Lemuel; 41. Thomas; lO.Jolin; 
4. Thomas; I.Thomas) tras born October 15, 1760, married 
Abigail Tyler, in 1781 and had children: 

394. Lemuel; died June 11, 17 89. 

and perhaps others. 

AMOS (ISO.Obadiah; 98. Lemuel; 4L. Thomas; 10. John; 
4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom December 12, 1764, married 
Reny Booth, November 13, 1793 and had; 

395. Sally, born October 17, 1793. 

396. Minerva, born August 13, 1795. 

397. Amos, born November 30, 1797. 

398. Leorany, born September 20, 1799. 

SETH NOBLE (209.Sethi 106. Samuel; 44. John; 10. 
John; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn January 28, 1772, 
married Olive Mitchell, Pehruaiy 19, 1795 and had: 

399. Betsey, horn October 22, 1798, married Peter 

C. Oakley. 

400. Eunice, horn lilay 15, 1805, married Matthew 

E. Mitchell, 1825. 

401. Sarah, horn May 8, 1807. 


JOHHSOU (210.JolinEon; 106. Samuel; 44.Jolin; 10. 

John; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn in 1797, removed 

with his wife to Huron County, Ohio, in 1824 and had: 

x402. John, horn Eehruary 6, 1825 in New Milford, 

403. Mrs. Manalian. 

404. Mrs. Julia A. Hughes. 

405. Mrs. Burnliani. 

406. Mrs. William KJrimhill. 

407. Mrs. Martha Burnham. 
x408. Oliver G., horn in Ohio. 


TRU1.IA1T (211. Truman; 109.0hadiah; 44. John; 10. 
John; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was horn in Great Barrington, 

Mass., in 1777. At the age of six years he came to 
live with his grandfather, Ohadiah Y/heeler, at V/oodhury, 
Conn. At the death of his grandfather he "became owner 
by deed of the farm at Woodbury, which v/as the home- 
stead and first location of his ancestor John \Vheeler 
who was one of the signers of the fundamental articles 
for the settlement of Woodbury. Trxoman 7/heeler married 
Nancy Burritt, November 18, 1806. She was the daughter 
of Dr. Anthony Burritt of Southbury, Conn., who was a 
Captain in a militia company in Connecticut and whose 
commission was written and signed by Gov. Trumbull. 
Truman Wlaeeler died November 3, 1843 in Southbury. 

409. Sarah Ann, born May 3, 1808; married Albert 

G. Ambler, November 25, 1829; died 
May 3, 1877. 

410. Mary Ann, born August 21, 1811; married 

Ebenezer Hurd, November 18, 1834; 
died September 30, 1868. 

411. Burritt T., born June 13, 1813; died York- 

ville, S. C, July 18, 1886. 
x412. Truman B., born November 1, 1819; died June 
14, 1892 at Southbury, Conn. 

413. Harriet M., born April 4, 1820 still living 

(1904) . 

414. .?lora N., born November 24, 1822; died Roxbuiy, 


JOim BOTSFORD (244. Joseph Bennett; 128. Joseph; 
se.Obadiah; 16. Thomas; 4, Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn 
April 6, 1785, married 1808 Polly Blackman, who \7a3 horn 
in 1788, a daughter of Truman and Phehe (Hawley) Black- 
nan. John 3. was a good citizen, a Democrat in politics, 
hut not active in puhlic affairs. He attended the Con- 
gregational Church and died Pehruary 20, 1862, and 
his wife died March 11, 1871. 

x415. Russell, horn Novemher 7, 1809. 

416. Sally M. 

417. Caroline. 

MARY (246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. 
Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn August 16, 1769 
in Essex County, near Newark, N. J., married David D, 
Merritt, son of Thomas Merritt and Amy Merritt , of Eye, 
Westchester County, Nev; York, at Saint John, New Bruns- 
wick, on ITovemTjer 12, 1788. Resided at Saint John, 
N. B. and died and was huried there April 20, 1842, 



David D. Merritt was 1)0X11 Noveraber 28, 1764 at Saint 

John, N, B. and died there June, 1828, 

I. Amy (Merritt), was horn Foveraher 23, 1789 at St. 
John, N. B., married Samuel Miles and died 
Decemher 25, 1871 in St. John and was Jur- 
ied there. JTo issue. 

II. Thomas (Merritt), horn April 27, 1792 at St. 
John, married Catherine Noris and died and 
was huried in St. Jolm, Octoher 9, 1869. 

(1) Robert Noris (Merritt). 

(2) Mary Julia (Merritt) married John 


(3) Thomas Gray (Merritt), married 

Emma Worth Milliner. 

(4) Lydia (Merritt), married Mr. 


(5) Susan (Merritt). married Mr. Hare. 

(6) David Prescott (Merritt) resides 

in Elmira. N. Y. 

(7) Albert (Merritt) never married. 

(8) Anna Clara (Merritt), married Mr. 

Uesbett . 

III. Eliza (Merritt), born 1798 (?) at St. John, 
married James Burns and died January 31, 
1827 at St. John and was buried there. 

(1) Howard (Burns), born 1824; died 

young . 

(2) John (Burns), born August 29, 

1825; died March 20, 1871. 

(3) Eliza (Burns), born January, 1827; 

died in 1830. 



IV. Maiy (Merrltt), "born September 1, 1800 at St. 
John, N. B., married Johai Jump Roberts and 
died and was buried at St. Jolin, May 17, 
1894. Issue: 

(1) Thomas Merrltt (Roberts), born 

April 20, 1825 i died I/Iarch 
9, 1892, married Annie Toten. 

(2) Mary Ann (Roberts), born February 

17, 1827. 

(3) Emma Hare (Roberts), born December 

2, 1828. 

(4) John Jump (Roberts), born January 

2, 1831. 

(5) Julia "Wheeler (Roberts), bom 

January 4, 1833, married 
Charles Brown sword Coygley. 

(6) Ephraim TOieeler (Roberts), born 

February 8, 1835; died July 
1. 1851. 

(7) Jane Elizabeth (Roberts), born 

August 19, 1837. 

(8) Caroline Matilda (Roberts), born 

September 21, 1839; died 
December 27, 1851. 

(9) Robert Somers (Roberts), born 

April 12, 1842, married 
Mary Ann Murphy. 

V. David Jabez (Merritt) , born November 1, 1805 at 
St. John, married 1st. Fainny Cornwell Smith, 
November 1, 1828 and married 2d. Anna Magee, 
November 1, 1341. He died and was buried at 
St. John, October 23, 1884. 
Issue by 1st wife: 
(1) David (Merritt), born September 14, 



(2) Julia Harrison (Merrltt), "born 

Novemljer 10, 1832. 

(3) Edward Miles (Merrltt), born 

Noveaiber 19, 1834; died 1896, 
married Annie Cler-ke. 
Issue "by 2d. wife: 

(1) Thomas Henry Weymess (Merrltt), 

"born August 31, 1842, married 
Mary Istelle Hosford. 

(2) William Hamilton (Merrltt), "born 

March 4, 1844. 

(3) Prederlcl^ Jabez (Merrltt), "born 

January 9, 1846. 

(4) Eliza (Merrltt), born September 

21, 1849, married James 
Pre de rick Lawton. 

(5) Charles Richard (Merrltt), born 

Horember 23, 1851. 

(6) Anna Maude (Merrltt), born February 

17, 1853. 

(7) Fanny (Merrltt), born February 23, 


(8) Louise (Merrltt), born March 31, 

1865 married John Swalnson 

VI. Julia (Merrltt), born February 23, 1807 at St. 
John, II. 33., married Rev. William Harrison 
and died and was buried February 16, 1881 
at St. John. Issue: 

(1) Eliza (Harrison), married Richard 

Hawe s . 

(2) John Swainson (Harrison) born 1833 

in Demerara, West Indies, died 
July 15, 1872 at Hew Black Dia- 
mond Falls, South Africa. 

(3) Julia (Harrison) , married Jeremiah 


VT.ef'i -1 '? 


(4) Y/illiain Gray (Harrison) , married 

Agnes Magee. 

(5) Mary (Harrison). 

(6) V/ard Cliipman (Harrison). 

(7) Albert (Harrison) . 

(8) lilanton (Harrison) * 

VII. Caroline Matilda (Merritt) , married Rev. 

Enoch Wood of Toronto, Canada, and died at 
Davenport or Toronto, Canada. Issue: 
(1) Robei't A. (Wood), and others. 

JOHtT (246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. 
Joseph; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was horn June 23, 1771 in 
Essex County near Newark, New Jersey; married first Maria 
Elizabeth, daughter of William Jordan and Mary (Hill) 
Jordan of Bertie County, North Carolina, January 6, 
1796. She was horn November 7, 1776 in Bertie County, 
N. C. and died October 14, 1810 at Murfreesboro, N. C. 
He married second Sally Pord Wood, daughter of James 
Wood and Christiana (Ereeman) Wood of Bertie County, 
N. C, April 11, 1811 at Roanoke River near Windsor, 
N. C, She was born September, 1790, near Roanoke River, 
Bertie County, N. C. and died October 19, 1814 at Mur- 


freesboro, IT. C. He married third, SaraJi I. Clifton, 
daughter of Charles (?) and Mary (Cheatham) 
Clifton of Northampton County, N. C, Septeiaher 9, 
1816 in Northampton County. She was "born December 9, 
1795 in Northampton County and died July 13, 1833 at 
Murfreesboro, N. C. John Yflieeler died August 7, 1832 
at Murfreesboro, N, C. and was buried there. 

The records and tradition do not tell where John 
V/heeler was educated. In all probability it was at 
Newark, N. J. near his birthplace. We first hear of 
him as a clerk and then as a partner of his uncle, 
David Longworth, a bookseller and publisher in New 
York City. Several of the early editions of the New 
York directory, we are told, bear the imprint of the firm 
of "LongvTorth & IWheeler, New York." 

IMiile engaged in the publishing business, Mr. 
"Wheeler made the acquaihtance of Zedekiah Stone, a rich 
farmer of Bertie County, North Carolina, and the father 
of Gov. Stone. Mr. Stone persuaded the young book- 
seller to come South and become his partner. This he 


did and was in the mercantile "business at Windsor, N. C, 

with. Mr. Stone until the latter 's death. Then Mr. TWheeler 

left Windsor for Murfreeshoro where he began husiness for 

himself and with a large family and his own paretns spent 

the remainder of his life. 

His son Col. John H. Wheeler in one of his diaries 

speaks of his father as "being a "mariner and merchant." 

And in another Col. Wheeler makes entry under the heading 

"Diary of Events": 

"1820. Made a voayage to Burmudas in capa- 
city of Supercargo, in my father's schooner, 
•The Pacific,' Capt . Joel Thorp." 

In addition to being a large merchant and ex- 
porter, lam told he also operated a tannery and that 
the remains of the vrorks could be still seen at Mur- 
freesboro not many years ago. 

Prom the papers of that day the following is 

"Died, on Tuesday, the 7th of August (1832) at 
his residence, in the town of Murfreesboro, John Wheeler, 
Esq., Postmaster of said place, in the 62d year of his 

Ir rfl 

bi&B to '.-.i-if. 

"He was one of the earliest inlia'bitantB of the 
village in which he died. He had seen it grow up, 
from one or tv^o scattering houses, to the appearance 
it now presents. In all his dealings with mankind he 
was distinguished for his integrity of character and 
honesty of purpose. As a citizen, he was faithful to 
every trust committed to his care; as a Christian, he 
was a humhle and devout memher of the Baptist church 
for ahove thirty years; as a father, he was kind and 
indulgent to his numerous family; and as a hushajid, he 
was alv/ays affectionate. In all his relations to society 
he sustained an unblemished reputation; he lived res- 
pected hy all who knew him, and died deeply mourned hy 
a large circle of friends and acquaintances. 

"I>uring his long, severe, and fatal illness, he 
manifested the utmost patience and suhmission to the 
decrees of an all-wise Providence. He retained his 
faculties to the last moment. V/hen the hand of death 
pressed upon him, he was conscious of the toucher, and 
did not shrink from it. He emhraced his affectionate 


relations v;]ao were mourning around him, and composedly 
"bid them "farewell." He said he felt he was dying; 
that it was not so hard to die as he though; he was 
not afraid to die, that he knew he v;as going to an 
eternal rest. Such was the triumphant end of the good 

"Sure the last end of the good man is peace 

How calm hi s exi st .' 
ITight dexfB fall not more gentlj-- to the ground, 

Nor weary worn-out winds expire so soft." 

Issue by 1st wife: 

x418. Elizabeth Maria, born January 4, 1797, mar- 
ried Jonas Clifton. 

419. Uary, born June 1, 1798 at Murfreesboro, 

died and vras buried there November 
2, 1799. 

420. Caroline, born May 19, 1800 at Murfreesboro, 

died and was buried there July 10, 

421. Y/illiam, bom July 27, 1801 at Murfreesboro 

died and was buried there October 2, 

422. Martha, born December 12, 1804 at Murfrees- 

boro, died and was buried there De- 
cember 17, 1805. 

x423. Jolin Hill, born August 2, 1806, married 
first Mary Brown and married second 
Ellen Sully. 
424. Margaret, bom May 6, 1809 at Murfreesboro, 

died and v/as buried there July 13, 1810. 

x425. Samuel Jordan, bom October 5, 1810; married 
Lucinda Bond. 


Issue "by 2d wife: 

426. Jajnes Wood, born September 1, 1812 at Mur- 
freeaboro, N. C, died and was buried 
there March 16, 1813. 
x427. Julia Munro, born April 28, 1814, married ^y^ 
Dr. Godwin Cotton Moore. 

Issue by 3d wife: 

428. Susan 7/aring, born September 29, 1817 at 
Murfreesboro, died and was buried 
there September 25, 1818. 

x429. Sarah Clifton, born May 21, 1819, ma-rried 
James H. Southall, 
430. Martha, born June 29, 1820 at Murfreesboro, 
died and was buried there January 26, 

x431. Henrietta, born November 25, 1821 at Mur- 
freesboro, married Rev. John Baldwin. 

432. Charles, born August 26, 1823 at Murfrees- 

boro, died and was buried there Octo- 
ber 11, 1834. 

433. Claiborne Clifton, born August 7, 1825 at 

Murfreesboro, died and was buried 

there October 22, 1834. 
x434. Amy Miles, born November 4, 1827, married 

Rev. John Baldwin. 
x435. Junius Brutus, born February 21, 1850, mar- / 

ried Emily Beale. v 

436. Anna Staughton, born May 11, 1832 at Mur* 

freesboro, died and was buried there 

September 7, 1834. 

JABEZ (246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. 
Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born August 15, 1773 
in Essex County, near Newark, New Jersey, married Mary 

Bell of Winton, North Carolina at Winton, April 6, 1806. 
She came from Scotland with her parents when she was 
twenty years of age. He resided in Winton, N. C, and 
died therd Septemher 18, 1812. She died a year later. 
Both are probahly huried at V/inton, N. C. Their children 
Emma and Jahez went to live with their aunt, Mrs. Mary 
■Wheeler Merritt (ITo. 339 hereof) and the other child 
Mary was cared for by a Mr. V/aring of North Carolina. 

437. Emma Merritt, "bom April 30, 1806 in Winton, 

N. C, married Jacoh Hare. 

438. Mary, horn April 4, 1809, married N. 0. 


439. Jahez, born June 16, 1813. 

(Por the descendants of these three 
see Appendix I.) 

SAMUEL (246.J"ohni 133.Ephraimi 65. Joseph; 19. -J 
Joseph; 4. Thomas i I.Thomas) was horn June 24, 17 75 in 
Essex County, near Newark, New Jersey, married Sarah, 
daughter of James and Elizabeth Parsons of Alexandria, 
Virginia, December 19, 1803 at Alexandria. She was 
born January 2, 1776 at Alexandria and died there June 
20, 1816. He married second, Jane, daughter of Hervey 
Summers and Isabella (Shaw) Summers of Alexandria, Va., 
July 24, 1817 at Alexandria. She was born in Alexan- 
dria about 1795 and died there September 9, 1843. 
Samuel Wheeler died April 3, 1835 in Alexandria and 

l^9■t £' 


was "buried there. 

At the old paternal homestead near Nev/ark, N, J., 
Samuel iWheeler passed his toyhood days. And it must 
have teen at or near here too that he was educated - 
most likely in the country schools nearhy. On attain- 
ing his majority he vrent to New York City and learned 
the shoe husiness. Two years later, ahout 1798, he v;as 
sent hy his employer to Alexandria, Virginia, as Super- 
cargo of a vessel load of shoes. Mr. Y/heeler was so 
pleased with the result of the sale of the shoes, and 
with the then flourishing town, that he did not return 
to New York, hut, after settling for the cargo entrusted 
to him, opened a shoe manufactory in Alexandria, married, 
and resided in his old mansion on Prince Street near 
Payne until his death. 

His first wife. Miss Sarah Parsons, was a daugh- 
ter of James Parsons, who v;-as one of the huilders of 
Glirist'e Church. This edifice has the historic merit 
of having been the house of prayer George V/ashington 
attended in Aleisandria. Bhat Mrs. "Wheeler was a true 
and no"ble Christian woman is evidenced "by the follow- 
ing o"bituary copied "by the writer from "The Alexandria 
Herald" of Wednesday, June 26, 1816, on file in the 
Li'brary of Congress, Washington: 

"Departed this life, on Thursday last, at the 


house of Mrs. H. Adams, Fairfax County, Mrs. Sarah 
Wheeler, in the 40th year of her age, consort of Mr. 
Samuel TH/heeler, of this place. 

"This amiahle woman had just entered her 15th 
year whan, hy the preaching of the gospel, she was 
"brought to the experimental knowledge of the truth; 
and was from that time a pattern of patience, humil- 
ity and self-denial. As she drew near the clost of 
life it afforded her peculiar consolation that the 
flower of her days were devoted to the Lord, and not 
to the vain pleasures and foolish passions of the world; 
through grace, she v;as enabled cheerfully to resign a 
"beloved companion and five small children. It may 
tiruly "be said, her last end was peace - speaking of the 
mansions of the hlessed she said, "there I shall see 
Ahraham and all the Patriarchs, and prophets with the 
good of all ages, hut best of all there I shall see 
Jesus, cast my crown at his feet, and praise him for- 
ever - let me died the death of the righteous and my 
last end he like his." 


A photograph of Mrs. SaraJi Wheeler's tomhstone, 
taken "by the v/riter, is given on the opposite page. It 
is a sandstone slab, about three and a half feet high, 
tv/o feet v^ide and three inches thick and somev^hat brown- 
ed by age. The family lot, in which Mrs. "Wheeler lies 
buried, is in the extreme Southv/estern corner of the 
Methodist-Episcopal Cemeteiy, just outsid.e of Alexandria. 

After his first wife's death, Mr. IS/heeler married 

again. I copy the brief notice of the fact from "The 

Alexandria Hersild" of Monday, July 28, 1817: 


On Thursday evening, by the Rev. Isaac 
Robbins, Mr. Samuel Wheeler, to Miss Jane 
Svumners, both of this place." 

In 1835 Mr. 7/heeler ended his eathly career and 
lies buried beside his first wife in Alexandria. Prom 
all accounts, he v/as a vei-y successful merchant and was 
entrusted b^^- his fellov/- citizens v^ith several respon- 
sible offices in the government of Alexandria. 
Issue by 1st wife: 

440. Elizabeth, born September 26, 1804 at Alex- 
andria, died and was buried there 
September 28, 1804, 



Y ^ x441. John ParBonB, "born January- 2, 1808, married \^ 
>^ Anna Vinson. 

/ x442. Jame^s Parsonc, born January 20, 1812, mar- 
/ ried Sarali Casey, 

443. Samuel Longworth, "born Januar;>' 20, 1812 at 

Alexandria, died and was "buried there C^ 
Januarj^ 4, 1819. He v;as twin to 442, ■ 
James Parsons. 
x444. Jahez, 'bom September 3, 1813, married, 

Louisa Mead. 
x445. Ephraim, bom December 20, 1815, married 
Martha Creighton. 

Issue by 2d wife: 

446. V/illiam Summers, born June 30, 1818 in 
Newtown, Va., died and was buried ^ 
there October 26, 1819. 

447. Jane Eliza Hervey, born November 29, 1819 in 
Newtown, Va., died on board steamer 
"Herald" on Chesapeaice Bay en toute 
from Norfolk, Va. to Baltimore, Md. ^ 
on Pebruary 18, 1846 and buried at 
Alexandria, Va. 

448. Thomas A Kempis Longworth, bom March 3, 
1822 at Alexandria, Va. Y/as a min- 
ister of religion, sei-ved in Mexican 
War and died from wounds at Pueblo, o 
Mexico, October 11, 1847. 

449. Stephen Hanford, born November 19, 1824 at 
Alexandria, Va. Went with '49 's to 
California by way of Cape Horn. Last ^ 
heard from at Valparaiso while en 
route to California. 

x450. Julia Munro, born November 6, 1826, mar- 
ried Richard J. Byon. 

x451. Joseph Ridiards, bom November 12, 1828, 
married Julia C. Wanton. 

x452. Mary Longv/orth, born October 16, 1830, mar- 
ried Joseph H. Daniel. 

x453. Isabella Elizabeth, born August 14, 1833, 
married Joel C. Green. 


ELIZABETH (246.Jolin; ISS.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 
19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was bom April 14, 1780 
in Essex County, near Newark, N. J., married James 
Mullen of Londonderry, Ireland, on March 12, 1800 at 
New York, N. Y. Resided in New York, N. Y. and Colum- 
bus, Miss. She died April 3, 1836 at Murfreesboro, 
N. C, and was buried there. He was born in Londonderry, 
1774 and died about 1811 in Havana, Cuba. Their issue: 

I. Samuel (Mullen), born December 15, 1800 at 

New York, N. Y., died and was buried there 
December 16, 1800. 

II. John (Mullen), bom January 7, 1802 at New 
York, N. Y., died and was buried in Mur- 
freesboro, N. C, October 12, 1812. 
III. Eloner, born May 8, 1804 at New York, N. Y. 
died and was buried there May 7, 1809. 

IV. George Munro (Mullen), born August 9, 1806 
at New York, N. Y., educated at Murfrees- 
boro, N. C, was a merchant, held the 
rank of Major in the Confederate Airny 
during the Civil War, married 1st Mary 
Goodman Cross, daughter of AJjram and 
PeninaJi (Goodman) Cross of North Carolina 
at Winton, N. C, August 17, 1834. Mar- 
ried 2d, Mrs. Ann Simmons Cooper, daughter 
of George Simmons and Hester Simmons of 
West Point, Miss., near West Point, March 
12, 1860. Resided in Columbus, Miss., 
died Pebruary 24, 1879 near Pickensville, 
Ala., and was buried there. Mrs. Mary 
Cross Mullen was born October 9, 1818 in 


Gates County, N. C, and died at Colximbus, 
MisB., April 23, 1856. Mrs. Ann SiDHnons 
Mullen v/as torn April 18, 1834 at V/est 
Point, Miss, and died near there December 
8, 1868. George Munro Mullen married third 
Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Crawford Gregory near 
Pickensville, Alabama. She died at Columbus, 
Miss., in 1902. 

Issue by 1st wife: 

(1) Elizabeth Penina (Mullen), born 

July 7, 1836 at Plymduth, 
Miss, and died there August 

11, 1836. 

(2) Mai-tha Yi/heeler (Mullen) , born 

June 17, 1838 at Plymouth, 
Miss., married Charles 
Pranklin Harper. 

(3) Samuel Johnson (Mullen), born 

Pebruar:^^ 11, 1841 at Colum- 
bus, Miss., died November 15, 
1863 at Camp Chase, Ohio. 

(4) George Shaeffer (Mullen) , bom 

July 2, 1843 at Columbus, 
Miss, died there November 

12, 1850. 

(5) Cyprian Cross (Mullen), bom 

August 1, 1846 at Columbus, 
Miss., died at Port Dela- 
ware, Md., July 15, 1864. 

(6) Mary Rebecca (Mullen), born Nov- 

ember 28, 1848 at Columbus, 
Miss., married Dr. James 
Hughes McEachin. 

(7) Prancilla Goodman (Mullen), born 

June 12, 1851 at Columbus, 
Miss., married Sophia Mariah 

(8) Joseph Hutchinson (Mullen), bom 

June 20, 1854 at Columbus, 
Miss, died there May 30, 1856. 


(9) Anna Harper (Mullen) , torn March 
12, 1856 at Columbus, Miss. 

Issue by 2d. wife: 

(1) George Jefferson (Mullen) , born 

December 18, 1860 at Col- 
xunbus, Miss., died near Talla- 
dega, Ala. Uovember 22, 1879. 

(2) John Munro (Mullen), born January 

16, 1862 at Columbus, Miss. 

(3) Hester Simmons (Mullen), born 

Hovember 11, 1864 at Colum- 
bus, Miss., died there De- 
cember 26, 1864. 

(4) Cooper (Mullen), born March 23, 

1866 at Coliimbus, Miss., died 
November 2, 1892 at Memphis, 

No issue by 3d wife: 

V. Samuel Wheeler (Mullen) , born August 12, 1808 
at New York, N. Y. , educated at Murfrees- 
boro, N, C, was a merchant, at one time 
City Treasurer Columbus, Miss, and also 
County Treasurer, Lauderdale County, Miss., 
married 1st Emily Rebecca Murphy, daughter 
of Edv/ard and Susan (Franklin) Murphy of 
Murfreesboro, N. C. at Murfreesboro, Feb- 
ruary 22, 1835. Llarried 2d. Mrs. Eunetta 
C. Franklin of South Carolina at Brooks- 
ville, Miss.T April 11, 1869. He resided 
at Columbus, Miss., died June 27, 1882 at 
Lauderdale Springs, Miss., buried at Colum- 
Bus, Miss. Mrs. Emily Murphy Mullen was 
born May 14, 1814 at Murfreesboro, 11. C. 
and died at Columbus, Miss., January 22, 
1850. Mrs. Eunetta Mullen was born in 
1815 in South Carolina and died March 13, 
1888 in Colvunbus, Miss. 


Issue "by 1st wife; 

(1) Edward Munro (Mullen), 'born April 

25, 1838 at Plymouth, Miss. 
married George Etta M' Shane, 
died March 24, 1887 at Col- 
luabus. Miss, 

(2) Henrietta Y/heeler (Mullen), born 

Pebruap^ 16, 1843 at Colum- 
bus, Miss., married John 
Samuel V/right . 

(3) Emeline Susanna (Mullen) , bom 

August 31, 1646 at Columbus, 
Miss., married Daniel Davis 
Lev/is Quin, died May 5, 1889 
at Los Angeles, California. 

No issued by 2d. wife. 

JULIA AITN (24 6. John; 153.Ephraimi 65. Joseph; 
19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born September 13, 
17 82 on Long Island, New York, married Robert Munro of 
New York, N. Y. , Mary, 1799 at New York. He is said 
to have been a relative of President Monroe. Resided in 
Alexandria, Va., died October 4, 1822 at Aleiiandi'ia 
and lies buried in the old Methodist-Episcopal Cemetery 
just outside of Alexandria, a short distance from 
the lot of her brother, Samuel ¥lieeler. Robert Munro 
was born about 1776 and died April 9, 1852 at Washington, 
D. C. They never had any children. I am told 

>0 ■*Tf. 


that Mr. Munro was engaged in some kind of manufactur- 
ing industry in Alexandria which necessitate the employ- 
ment of a large numher of persons, including young women, 
and that his v/ife was well-known for her generosity and 
kindness to these employees, especially to the young women. 


EPIlRAni (246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. 
Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom January 22, 1785 
in the Province of Few Brunswick, probably at St. John. 
He married Mary Kimberly Y/aring, daughter of Henry 
and Susan (?) Waring of Brooklyn, IT. Y. , October 18, 
1820 at Brooklyn. She was born December 29, 1797 at 
Brooklyn and died October 9, 1822 at Murfreesboro, N. C. 
He died January 9, 1825 at Murfreesboro, N. C. 

Ephraim Wheeler v^as associated in business with 
his brother, John, in North Carolina. In commercial deal- 
ings he became acquainted with Henry Waring, Esq. of 
the firm of J^iraberly & Waring, Merchants, of Brooklyn, 
N. Y. It was through Mr. Waring that he met his charm- 
ing daughter. Miss Mary, and after a bi'ief courtship was 
married to her. Mr. Wheeler brought his v^ife to his 
hoiie in Murfreesboro, IT. C, and here their only child 


was born in 1821. Mrs. Wlieeler died the next year and 
Mr. V/haoler himself, ahout three years later. Thier son 
who was reared by his uncle John, died in early maiihood 
unmarried, after having been graduated from college 
with high honors. 

The following, a copy of a letter, the writer has 
in his possession, attests the fact that Iphraim Wheeler 
was a Christian gentleman of high character: 

"Murfreesborough, Sept 4th 1815. 
Dear Mother: 

I arrived here about three weeks ago and 
have concluded to stay and assist Brother John in his 
business. He calculates to be in New York in three or 
four T<reekQ. 

It was with a great deal of satisfaction 
we received your letter and understood that you had such a 
good passage. I hope your sickness has gone off and 
that you will live many years a blessing to your chil- 
dren. I have been and still am in very good health. 
I think I have somewhat fallen away since I left Nor- 
folk, perhaps it may be on account of the difference 
of air and diet . 

5.1 Jb -Tf 


I have not "been to the plantation yet, tut 
occasionally see Isaac \7Tio infonas me that Molly and her 
child are well. He "brought me a watermelon a few days 
ago. I told him I had no change. He wished me to 
acceiDt it as a present from Jiim with such hmnhle tokens 
of affection for the family, that called a numher of 
melancholy ideas to my remembrance such as his Master, 
Mistress and old Master "being all gone to the grave. And, 
my dear old Mother, Betsey and the little children hav- 
ing left the country, and shortly I only shall remain 
perhaps never to see you more. These reflections oc- 
curred and almost melted me into tears, 

"I wish to do right my dear Mother in all my 

thoughts, words and actions, and these words often 

occur to me; 

"Let the words of my mouth and the medita- 
tions of my heart be acceptable to thy sight, 
Lord, ray strength and ray Redeemer." 

V/e have but a short time to stay in this world, 

and if I can so fill up my time in useful employment 

with reasonable gains I hope I shall be content edi and 

I believe I can say wihtout hesitation that if my mother 

can be contented and easy for the remaining part of her 


life It will add greatly to uy happiness. 

I shall always be glad to hear from you and the 

family. Lty affectionate regard to Martha Johnston and 


Yours sincerely, 

E. TITheeler." 

The only child of Ephraim and Mary (V/aring) 

V/heeler was: 

454. Henry faring, TDom July 24, 1821; died 

IIARTHA (24 6. John; 133. Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. 
Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn February 7, 1788 
in St. Jolm, Few Brunswick, married 1st. Richard John- 
ston of St. John, F. B., May 7, 1806 at St. John; mar- 
ried 2d. William P. Morgan of Alexandria, Virginia, 
about 1817 at Alexandria; married 3d. James Y/orrell 
of Murfreeshoro, N. C, at Murfreeshoro, about 1824. 
Resided in Murfreesboro, M". C, and died and was buried 
there November 19, 1856. 

By 1st . husband: 

I. Richard Wheeler (Johnston), born February 11, 
, 1807 at Murfreesboro, IT. C and died 
about 1870. 


II. Julia Munro (Johnston), "born October 31, 1808 
at Murfreesboro, N. C, inari'ied Joiin Wes- 
ley Scut hall, son of Rev. Saniel Southall 
and Julia (Riddick) Southall of Gates Co., 
N. C, at Bucidaorn Cliapel, Hei-tford Co., 
U. C, lToveml)er 1, 1325. Resided at Mur- 
frecslDoro, IT. C, died Septem'ber 11, 1835 
at Murfreesboro and was buried there. He 
was "born July 28, 1797 at Gatesville, N.C. 
and died July, 1873 at Hurfreesboro. 

(1) Laura Rebecca (Southall-, born 

Pebruary 11, 1827 at Murfrees- 
boro, N. G. and died and 
was buried there May 7, 1827. 

(2) Julia Riddick (Southall), born 

December 20, 1828 at Murfreos- 
boro, U.C, married Dr. Thomas 
Fewsom Myrick; died November 
20, 1857 at Evergreen near 
Greenwood. Florida. 

(3) Martha Prances (Southall), born 

September 14, 1833 at Mur- 
freesboro, N.C., died and was 
buried there September 30, 
1852. Never married. 

III. Elizabeth (Johnston), born June 10, 1810 at 

Uurfreesboro, II. G. 

No issue by 2d. husband, but by 3d: 

I. Elisha Cyrus (Worrell), born March 10, 1826 
at Murfreesboro, N. C, was a physician 
held the rank of Surgeon in the Confederate 
Array, married Lydia E. Beal, July 9, 1872, 
died January 6, 1875. 

(1) Julian B. (Worrell), born July 1, 

1873. • 

(2) Cyrus E. (V/orrell) , born July 23, 


II. John V/esley (Worrell), born October 26, 1828 
married Mrs. Johnnie Harrell, January 6, 


1867, died June 26, 1900. 

(1) llartha ■V;heeler (Worrell) , "born 

February 22, 1869. 

(2) Elizabeth Long^•/ortil (Worrell), 

born January 4, 1871. 

(3) Harriet (V/orrell) , born Decem- 

ber 20, 1873. 


SALLIE (265. Silas; 149. Samuel; 82.Jolin; 21. John; 

5, John; l.Thoraas) married Bradley Burr, December 6, 1819; 

died August 9, 1860. 

I. Julia (Burr), born April 28, 1821, married 
Daniel B. Gould of Fairfield, Conn. 
II. Fannie (Burr), born December 6, 1822; died 
in infancy. 
III. Fannie (Burr), born November 16, 1824, married 
Samuel Sturges of Wilton, October 15, 
1845 . 
IV. DeboraJi (Burr) , bom December 26, 1826, marx'ied 
Seth Todd, October 1, 1845. 
V. George (Burr), born April 19, 1829. 
VI. William Henry (Burr), born March 11, 1831. 
VII. Sarah M. (Burr), born Hay 21, 1833, married 
December, 1859, Nathaniel SellicJi of 
Danbury, Ct . , and died in April, 1862 
in Chicago, 111. 
VIII. Lyman T. (Burr), born July 25, 1835; died 
September 13, 1837. 

SAITFORD (2 65. Silas; 149. Samuel; 82. John; 21. John; 
5. John; l.Thoraas) marx'ied let. Marietta, daughter of 
Solomon 0. Banks of Easton; married 2d. Laureany Wilson; 



married third Eunice Perry. By first wife he had: 

455. Marcus, a fanner at Greenfield Hill, Pair- 

field Co., Conn., who has one daugliter 
Mrs. Iwight Banks. 

456. Pranklin S., a carpenter in Bridgeport who 

has two sons Kathias and Stephen. 

457. Benjaaain, now deceased, made his home in 

Canada. Left two daughters Stella and 

458. Morris, "born Novemher 15, 1837, a guilder 

and contractor of Bridgeport, Conn., 
married Rosanna Burns of Buhlin, Ire- 
land, ha:?e a daugjiter who married 
Jolin Crowley of Bridgeport, Conn., 
and had one son Henry Sanford who died. 

JOmi (265. Silas; 149. Samuel; 82. John; 21. John; 
5.Jolin; 1. Thomas) married Malvina Smitli and had: 

459. Horace, horn March 23, 1844 in Fairfield, 
Conn., married 1872 Sarah A., daughter 
of John Clark Mallet t and has Alice 
and Franklin L., who died. 

460. Burritt , deceased. 

461. Esther, married Frank Sherwood of Southport, 

462. William who is deceased. 

ALFRED (270.Zalmon; 159. Joseph; 83. Joseph; 26. 
Joseph; 5. John; I.Thomas) was horn August 4, 1791, mar- 
ried March 2, 1817 and died Novemher 11, 1850. 

463. Jane, horn Decemher 8, 1817. 

464. Harriet, horn March 30, 1820. 
4G5. Aliaon, bom May 7, 1822. 


466. Hannah, "born May 23, 1824. 

467. Lucy, 1)0171 August 5, 1826. 

468. George, "born Jaiiuary 23, 1829. 
4 69. Alfred, born February 19, 1831. 

470. Rollin, born December 25, 1833. 

471. Marietta, born October 15, 1836. 

JOIQT (314. Johnson; 210 Johnson; 106. Samuel; 
44. John; 10. John; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born Febru- 
ary 6, 1825 in New Milford, Connecticut, married Ann C. 
Jones, December, 1846. Was Colonel in Union army dur- 
ing Civil V/ar and v/as killed at the Battle of Gettys- 
burg, July 28, 1863. 

472. John J., born January 11, 1848, married 

Belle Holton. 

473. Edgar C, born July 11, 1856; married Allie 

A. Taylor. 

474. Alice, married Sanford S. Cole, 1872. 

OLIVER G. (314. Johnson; 210. Johnson; 106. Samuel; 
44. John; 10. John; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born in Ohio, 
married Alice Clark in 1870 and had: 

475. ilaud. 

476. Mira. 

477. Ned Johnson. 

•iu ilA . i^S I 



TRU].1/\]^I B. (315. Truman; 211. Truman; 109.0badiah; 
44. John; lO.Jolin; 4.T]aomas; I.Thomas) was "born November 
1, 1819 at Southbury, Conn. Left home at the age of 
twelTe and entered the employ of "Smith & Greves," mer- 
cliants in New Haven, Conn. Hfe remained with them until 
of age and then went to 7/ilraington, N. C, as clerk in 
a store. ./Iftei-ward "Smith & Greves" opened a dry goods 
store in Vicksburg, Miss., and in a few years Mr. Wheeler 
bought the business himself. Being sole owner he was 
very successful and was a man of wealth until the Civil 
V/ar. Then being an ardent sympathizer with the Con- 
federates he spent his fortune freely and after the 
was was over found himself nearly a ruined man. For- 
tunately he owned many farms North and paper mills, etc. 
so he had a home to come to in the North. A very much 
discouraged and disappointed man here he lived and 

In 1855 he married Miss Hariett Robertson, a 
native of Edinborough, Scotland, who came to this 
country and was a teacher in a Southern family in St. 


Joseph., Louisiana. She came to this place and lived 
only eiglit months. She died February 6, 1856 and was 
buried here (Southbury, Connecticut). In 1869 Mr. 
"Wheeler married Miss Catherine Webb (the writer of this 
sketch) of Woodbury, daughter of Dr. Charles Webb, for 
more than forty years a practising physician and sur- 
geon of that town. 

478. Lucy Burritt , born 1871, baptized January 

24, 1872, marx-ied Havery Stone of 
Southbur^', Conn. 

479. Truman Kenry, born September 26, 1873. 

480. Charles, Webb, born September 2, 1875, now 

manager of a large feed store in 
Woodbury for his brother-in-law, 
Hanrey Stone, 

RUSSELL (3 35. John Botsfordj 244. Joseph Bennett; 
128, Joseph; 56,0badiali; 16, Thomas; 4. Thomas; 1, Thomas) 
was born November 7, 1809 on the farm which he has 
never left. It is in Pairfield County, Connecticut, 
He has been a very temperate man in all things through- 
out life; has been a great reader and is able now (1899) 
to read v;ithout glasses. He has never been very active 
in politics, though in 1848-49 he represented Newtown 




in the state legislature. Since 1856 he has been a 

Republican and through life has heen an attendant of 

the Congregational Church. On February 22, 1837, he 

married Lydia Ann Botsford, horn November 29, 1813, 

daughter of Charles and Fanny (Mannington) Botsford. 

She died March 15, 1873. 

x481. John B., born Noveiaber 29, 1838. 
482. Ellen, born December 30, 1840; died August 
6, 1843. 


ELIZABETH IIARIA (340. John; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 

65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born 

January 4, 1797 at Murfreesboro, N. C, married Jonas 

Clifton in 1811 and died June 16, 1813. He died April 

5, 1814. I am told that, against her father's will, 

this young lady ran away and was married and that in 

consequence her father completely ignored her and never 

entered her house until her death. 

I. Eliza Ann (Clifton), born June 16, 1813, mar- 
ried V/illiam, son of Colin W. Barnes of 
Northampton County, IT. C, March, 1833 and 
died December 9, 1833. No issue. 

JOinT HILL (3 40. John; 24 6. John; 133.Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom 

August 2, 1806 at MurfreeslDoro, N. C, marx-ied let. 
Mary Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Rev. Obadiali Bruen 
Brown and Elizabeth (Riley) Brown of Washington, D. C. 
April 19, 1830 at Washington. She was horn Septemher 
1, 1810 at Washington, D. C. and died Octoher 4, 1836 
at Millwood, Frederick County, Virginia. He married 
2d. Ellen Oldmixon Sully, daughter of Thomas Sully and 
Sarah (Annis) Sully of Philadelphia, Pa., November 8, 
1838 at Philadelphia. She was horn January 22, 1816 
in Philadelphia, Pa., and died August 6, 1896 in V/ash- 
ington, D. C. He resided in ITorth Carolina and Wash- 
ington, D. C, and died December 7, 1882 in Washington 
and v/as buried in Oak: Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, D. C. 

It would be impossible for the writer, in the 
limited space at his disposal, to do anything more than 
outline the eventful career of John H. Wheeler. He 
was sent to school to Rev. James Wright on Portucarey 
Creek, Northampton Co., N. C, when he was but six years 
of age. In 1813, he v/ent to Hertford Academy, N. C, 
at that time under the charge of Jonathan Otis Preeman, 
D. D., an eminent divine. In January, 1822, he entered 
the preparatory school of the Columbian College (now 

George Washington University) near Washington City, at 
its opening; one of the first pupils of that institution. 
He was graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts 
in the class of 1826. One year later he was reading 
law under the direction of Heniy V/. Long, Esq., and 
Judge John Louis Taylor, Chief Justice of the Supreme 
Court of North Carolina. In August of the same year 
(1827) he was elected a memher of the House of Commons 
of North Carolina and took his seat in November, — the 
youngest memher in the House. In 1828 he was examined 
and licensed to practice law and also received the de- 
gree of Master of Arts from the University of North 
Carolina. In 1829 and 1830 he was re-elected to the 
legislature. Then state legislatures were honored 
bodies, and secured some of the best talent in the 

This legislature contained many eminent and able 
men, among them were Judges Gaston, Nash and Bailey, 
George E. Spriguell, John M. Morehead, and James Ire- 
dell, and many more. To win a position in such a body 
was the promise of a frutiful manhood, in a youth just 
twenty-one years of age. Por an earnest and aspiring 


mind it proved a Talua"ble school. Success was not to 
"be hoped for without severe study and thorougli prepa3r- 
ation. Conscientiousness in the execution of the great 
trust committed to hira hy a generous and proud con- 
stituency inarlced his every effort for he could not hear 
to see their dignity overshadowed. He svumnoned all 
his powers to the work, and won for hinoelf a eonspicu- 
ous and honorable position. So well did he perform the 
task assigned to hik that his approving constituents 
in his twenty- fifth year of his age nominated him for 
Congress, hut after a severely- contested and gallant 
canvass, he was defeated hy the more experienced can- 
didate, Hon. Williar/i B. Shepard. 

President Jackson in 1832 apijointed Mr. V^eeler 
Secretary to the Board of Commissioners under the treaty 
v^'ith Prance to adjudicate the claims of American citi- 
zens for spoilations vmder the Berlin and Milan decrees. 

On January 17, 1837, he was nominated hy Presi- 
dent Jackson as Superintendent of the United States 
Branch Mint at Charlotte, N. C, hut in 1841 shared 
the political fortune of his friends and party; and in 
1842 removed to "Ellangowan" - his beautiful countiy 
home at Beattie's Pord on the Catav/ha River, N, C. In 

NovemlDer, 1842, he was elected "by the Legislature of 
North Carolina Treasurer of the State. After his terra 
of office had expired he again retired to his rural 
home ofl the "banks of the CataWba, and, aided hy the 
suggestion of his friend, Gov. Swain, "began the patri- 
otic labor of \7riting ""Wheeler's History of North Caro- 
lina," on which he was engaged a"bout ten years. Col. 
Y/heeler gave his work to the pu"blic in 1851, It was a 
complete success, and is highly esteemed as a faithful 
record of a most interesting and remarkable people. 
In 1852 he was again elected to the legislature. In 
1853 he was appointed by President Pierce as the latter's 
Assistant Private Secretary, and in the sauue year took 
up his residence in Washington. On his forty- eighth 
birthday Col, "Wheeler v/as apj)ointed by the President, 
by and v/ith the advice and consent of the Senate, 
Minister Resident of the United States near the Repub- 
lic of Nicaragua, Central America, This was considered, 
from the position of the counti*y and the coiiplications 
as to the protectorate assumed by England, as an imijor- 
tant and delivate mission. Mr. Everett of Massachu- 
setts, in March, 1853, stated in the Senate that it v/as 

a to 


more iiriportant tlian the mission to London or to Paris. 

The revolution in that country and the advent of 
Willie Wallcer and his followers, with their leader as 
president, v;ere incidents of Col. "Wheeler's iministra- 
tion. He thought he saw in Walker's movement in the 
government he purposed to establish the only hope for 
the peace of the country, and promptly recognized his 
authority. This act was not approved "by Secretary 
Marcy and he requested Col. Wheeler's recall. But the 
President deieided that he was not to be recalled v/ith- 
out a hearing. His reply to Secretary Marcy 's stric- 
tiures v/as triumphant, and the President refused to re- 
call him. Col. Vi/heeler however resigned his mission 
in 1857 and returned to his home in the national capi- 
tal Yevy much broken down in health. 

So long as he lived he claimed his legal resi- 
dence to be in North Carolina. On his door plate was 
that name coupled v/ith his own, and over the breEst 
of his encof fined form was engraved the name so dear 
to him. In all his thoughts, and in all his journey- 
ings, his heart yearned toward North Carolina, and 
within the boi'ders of that state he would have prefer- 


red interment . 

The last years of his life were spent in sta- 
tiecal labor and gathering material for an enlai^ged 
history of North Carolina. In 1863 he made a journey 
to Europe for the latter purpose, and, far from the 
desolating and sanguinary events of the war, in which 
he was too old to he an actor, he sought the treasures 
of the British archives and buried himself in that 
wonderful collection. Eut death cajiie just as he was 
about to give his work to the press. However, his son 
Y/oodbury, assisted by Senator Powler of Tennessee, care- 
fully edited his manuscript and printed it in 1884 under 
the title of "Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Caro- 
lina and Eminent North Carolinians," 

Col. TOieeler v;as a sincere believer in the 
salutary influence of labor directed by method. Ar- 
dent labor, regulated by reason, is the price of ex- 
cellence. He that v;ould win the latter, cannot dis- 
pense with the former. 

Time v/as a sacred trust that no one could neglect 
without evil. Thoroughly realizing its demands, with 
earnest purpose said willingness, he consecrated all to 

the noTolest ends of life. Knowing that the 'brighteet 
genius and the most "brilliant powers could avail tut 
little if this trust v/as not escecuted v;ith system, he 
introduced "by means of faithfully kept diaries and 
other "books the most convenient order into all his 
labors, so that he could call up the gleanings of years 
in a moment . 

A systematic and la"borious schdilar, he entriched 
his understanding from the treasures of many tongues. 
The English furnished him the richest stores, and he 
had drunk deeply at her purest fountains. Into his 
tenacious and fruitful memory, were joined the wealth 
of the prose and poetry of that wonderful people, v/hose 
intelligence, more than their arms, has filled the 
world. He v;as familiar with all the great dramatists. 
The great poems of Shakespeare, he could repeat with a 
power rarely equalled hy the first actors of his time. 

His friendships were ardent and sincere, s,nd 
his devotion to his friends knev; no "bounds; influence, 
purse, life itself, if in the right, were at their 
service. Attacliments so strong and pure, insured a 
loving and faithful hus"band, and an indulgent and de- 


voted fqther, and a kind and generous neighlDcr. In all 
his relations of life he filled the measure of a notle 
manhood; tender and charitahle to the afflicted and 
courteous to the prosperous. He ever sought to miti- 
gate the asperities of life, those rude "blasts that 
visit too often every home. 

The social qualities of Col. TOaeeler were of the 
highest order. His warm heart, his classic wit, and 
mirth- creating humor, made him the favorite of all 
circles in v^hich intelligence, refinement and grace- 
ful address were desired. 

ITot less fortunate in his political associations, 
he knew personally all the presidents and cahinet of- 
ficers from the administration of Jefferson to that 
of Arthur. He had "been the confidential friend of 
Jackson, Pierce and Jolinson, and v/as hy them called 
to counsel and advice. He did not look to high of- 
ifficial station for the richest manifestation of intel- 
lectual and moral v^oi-th. He had too often seen the 
most commanding positions occupied by presuming in- 
feriority, through the lahors and merits of the modest 
and deserving. By the fruits of their lives he es- 


teeiaed the actors of the age in which they lived and 
worked. His work, "Reminiscences of North Carolina 
and Eminent Uorth Carolinians" discloses his estima- 
tion of characters that figured in the moral and politi- 
cal life of the state and nation far better than any 
sketch of his life. It also presents v;ith equal force 
his moral, social and political preferences and appre- 

By his 1st wife: 

483. Richard Mentor Johnson, horn March 30, 1831 

at Washington, D. C. died and v/as hnried 
there Septemher 13, 1832. 
x484. Elizabeth Brown, horn December 14, 1832; 
married George Nancride Beale. 

485. Julien Sevier, born August 7, 1835 at Wash- 
ington, D. C, died and was buried 
there March 2, 1837. 

By his 2d. wife: 

x486. Charles Sully, born November 6, 1839; married 
1st. Prances Osborne; married second 
Elizabeth Downing. 

x487. Levi Woodbury, born July 30, 1842; married 
Clara Bayne. 

SATHTEL JOEDAH (340.Jolin; 24 6. John; 133.Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born Octo- 


iDer 5, 1810 in Murfrees'boro, N. C, married Lucinda 
Pugh Bond, daughter of Lewis Bond and Catherine (Pugh) 
Bond of Bertie County, II. C. at V/illow Hall Plantation, 
Bertie County, N. C, April 14, 1836. Resided in Mur- 
freesboro and at Willow Hall Plantation, died September 
8, 1879 at Willow Hall Plantation and was buried on 
the banks of the Roanoke River, near the Bonds above 
mentioned. Mrs. Wheeler was born November 20, 1814 at 
Quitsna, Bertie County, N. C. and died December 9, 
1879 at Willow Hall Plantation. 

Dr. Samuel Jordan Wheeler was probably one of, 
if not the most, liberally educated members of the 
family. He began his schooling at the Hertford Acad- 
emy, IT. G. and upon completing the course there, and 
growing old enough to be sent away from home, he matri- 
culated at Colvunbian College (no\7 George Washington 
University). Receiving his bachelor's degree here, he 
went to Union College (now University) ; Schenectady, ll.Y, 
and completed a course of study in medicine. He then 

entered the medical department of the University of 
Pennsylvania, October, 1830 and received therefrom 

the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1833. After his 

graduation at the last named institution, he studied 

medicine for a while witli Dr. Fatlian Cliapman in Phila- 
delphia, hut at length left there and took up his res- 
idence in North Carolina - his native state. 

At the outbreak of the Civil ¥ar, he raised, 
and was commissioned colonel of, a regiment of cavalry 
that acted as home guards for the Confederacy. 

Dr. 7/heeler resided for the most part at Llur- 
freeshoro and "V/illow Hall" v^here he practiced his 
profession for a number of years, but his health fail- 
ing he retired from active practice and served for a 
number of years as postmaster in Murfreesboro. 

In addition to being a Christian gentleman of 
the highest type. Dr. iWheeler was an earnest co- laborer 
in the cause of religion and education as the Baptist 
Church of Murfreesboro and the Chowan Institute evidence. 

x488. Catherine Pugh, born January 12, 1837, mar- 
ried Jolin W. Cooper. 
489. Elizabeth Jordan, bom January 1, 1840 at 
Murfreesboro, N. C. died and was bur- 
ied there October 7, 1844. 

x490. John, born October 2, 1841 at Murfreesboro, 
11. C. died July 7, 1861 at Portsmouth, 
N. C. 

x491. Julia Munro, born November 28, 1843, mar- 
ried Ist Jolin T. Mebane and 2d. Deni- 
son Worthington. 


492. ¥3.ry ElizalDeth, 'bom DecemlDer 16, 1845 at 
MurfreeslDoro, N. C, died and was 
"buried there May 25, 1847. 


JUI.IA immo (340.Jolin; 24 6. John; 133.Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was 'born 
April 28, 1814 at Murfreeshoro, N. C, married Dr. 
Godwin Cottpn Moore, son of James Wright Moore and 
Esther (Cottt^n) Moore of "Mulherry Grove," Hertford 
County, North Carolina, June 28, 1832 at Murfreesboro, 
N, C. She resided at "Mulherry Grove" and died and 
was "buried there May 11, 1885. He was horn September 
1, 1806 at "Mulherry Grove" and died and was buried 
there May 12, 1880. 

Dr. CHDdvdn Cottb'n Moore was "born and reared at 
"Mulberry Grove" - the homestead of his ancestors of 
>the Cottldn family for several generations. He was 
educatt;d at the Hertford Academy in Murfreesboro, N. C. 
and at the university in the same state; studied medi- 
cine and graduated at the University of Pennsylvania 
and enjoyed a long and successful career as an able 
and acceptable physician. His skill in the healing 


art was surpassed only loy his genial and generous dis- 

He entered put)lic life as a member of the House 
of CoimonB, II. C, in 1831, in the Senate of 1842; and 
again in the Commons in 1866. Modest and retiring in 
his disposition he never was amhitious of political 
favor i his v/as the popularity that sought him, not that 
which was pursued. In 1837 he was urged and did hecome 
a candidate for Congress against Hon. Samuel T. Sawyer, 
and again, against Hon. Kenneth Rayner. The canvass 
was irksome and no one regretted his defeat less than 

Dr. Moore was an exemplary memher of the Baptist 
Church, and for forty years continuously elected Modera- 
tor of the Chowan Association. 

He died May 12, 1880 at his "birth place, and lies 

huried within a stone's throw of the old mansion. 

I. John "Wheeler (Moore), "born Octo"ber 23, 1833 
at Mulberry Grove, N. C, v/as educated at 
the University of North Carolina, was a 
major in the N. C. Light Artillery, C.SA 
married Ann James "V7ard, daughter of James 
Ward and Elizabeth (Jones) Vferd of Hertford 
County, IT. C, September 28, 1853 at Maple 
Lawn, Heiiiford Co., U. C. She was born 
June 30, 1834 in Hertford Co., N. C. and 

/ *1iJ 



died ITarch. 16, 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland. 
He died DecemlDer 8, 1906 near Powellsville, 
Hertford Co., N. C. ^Their issue: 

(1) Arthur Gotten (Moore), torn July. 

28, 1854 at Mulberry Grove, 
married Jolinnie P. Rayner. 

(2) Elizabeth Jones (Moore) , horn 

August 15, 1856 at Mulberry 
Grove, married Wyatt L. 

(3) Charles Godv/in (Moore), bom Jan- 

uary 26, 1859 at Murfrees- 
boro, N. C, niarried Mary 
P. Massenburg. 

(4) Julia 7i/heeler (Moore) , born Sep- 

tember 16, 1860 at Murfrees- 
boro, N. C, married William 
Smith Yeates. 

(5) Helen Manly (Moore), born Novem- 

ber 17, 1862 at Murfrees- 
boro, N. C, died July 7, 
1862 at Wilmington, N. C. 

(6) Philip St. John (Moore), born 

March 12, 1864 at Murfrees- 
boro, N. C, married Emily 

(7) John Wheeler (Moore), born August 

29, 1866 at Maple Lavm, N. 
C, married Elizabeth Par- 

(8) Annie Ward (Moore), born February 

6, 1869 at Maple Lawn, N.C. 
died there October 5, 1871. 

(9) James Ward (Moore) , bom December 

23, 1870 at Maple Lavm, N. C. 
died there July 25, 1872. 
f: ,■ (10) Godwin Cotti^n (Moore), born April 
12, 1878 at Maple La\7n, N. C. 

(11) Rutland Ward (Moore), born May 19, 

1876 at Maple Lawn died there 
May 22, 1876. 

(12) Isabella Campbell (Moore) bom Octo- 

ber 1, 1878 at Maple Lawn, died 
there October 2, 1880. 


II. James Wright (Moore), iDorn Novemljer 7, 1835 
at Mulbeny Grove, N. C. was educated at 
Wake Forest College, Wake Co., N. C. and 
University of Virginia, was a physician, a 
major in the cavalry of the G. S. A., mar- 
ried Henrietta Rabey, daugliter of Henry 
Blake Rabey and Celia (Rice) Rabey April 
24, 1856 in Bertie Co., N. C. Resided at 
Mulberry Grove, died October 15, 1862 at 
Mulberry Grove and was biirried there. She 
died November 15, 1861 at Mulberry Grove. 

(1) Godv/in Cotton (Moore) bom January 
c _. 1, 1857 at Mulberry Grove; is 


(2) Paul Virglnius (Moore) bom Decem- 

ber 10, 1858 at Mulberry 
Grove . 

(3) Gertrude (Moore) born November 25, 

1859 at Mulberry Grove, died 
there March, 1860. 

(4) Heniy Rabey (Moore) ; deceased. 

III. Esther Cotti'n (Moore), born February 27, 1838 
at Mulberry Grove, married Dr. Richie Thomas 
Weaver, son of Richard H. Weaver and Eliza- 
beth T. (llason) Weaver of Jackson, N. C, 
December 11, 1860 at Mulberry Grove. He 
was born March 4, 1827 in Jackson, N. C. and 
died there April 9, 1902. 

(1) Julian Mason (V/eaver) bom September 

27, 1861 at Mulberry Grove, 
married Gertrude lola Council. 

(2) lilay (7/eaver) born November 15, 1862 

at Rich Square, N. C, mar- 
ried Kenneth Barrow. 

(3) Ellen Matilda (Y/eaver) born Feb- 

ruary 28, 1867 near Mulberry 
Grove, died in 1886 at Rich 
Square, N. C. 

(4) Richard (V/eaver) born May, 1873 

near Mulberry Grove and died 
1874 at Mulberry Grove. 


(5) Thomas (Weaver), Tjorn May, 1874 

in Hertford Co., N. C. near 
Mulberry Grove, died Novem- 
"ber, 1874 at Multerry Grove, 

(6) Esther Cott0n (7/eaver) , horn No- 

vember 30, 187 6 near Mulberry 
Grove, married Russell Buxton. 

IV. Julian Godwin (Moore) born October 2, 1840 in 
/ Brunswick County, Virginia, educated at 
/ / ColujEbian University, a soldier, lav/yer, 
ky ._■ captain in N. C. Light Artillery, C. S. A., 

/ < K married Ist . Emily Bland Southall, daughter l^ 

; /;/f'J ^--. of James Hunter Southall and Sarah Clifton 
/P^ -^ (Wheeler) Southall of Hertford Co., N. C, 

October 12, 1865 at Mulberiy Grove; married 
2d. May Powell, daughter of Joseph and Marj' 
Powell of Greenvile Co., Va. at Winton, 
U. C, July 29, 1882; married 3d. Julia 
lleet Smoot, daughter of Avory Smoot and 
Emily (Terrett) Smoot of Washington, D. C., 
December 11, 1890 at Washington, D. C, 
LIrs. Emily Southall Moore was born July 19, 
1843 at Colvmbus, Miss, and died November 28, 
187 8 in Hertford Co., N. C. Mrs. May Powell 
Moore was born May 4, 1856 near Hicksford, 
Va. and died February 27, 1883 at Winton, 
N. C. Mrs. Julia Smoot Moore was born 
March 31, 1841 at Jackson, Miss. Capt . 
Moore's only child - by his first wife - was: 
(1) Clifton (Moore), born January 14, 
1868 at Mulberry Grove and 
died and was buried there 
April 12, 1880. 

V. Thomas LongvTorth (Moore) born February 22, 
1843 at Mulberry Grove, educated at U. S. 
Naval Academy is a civil engineer and 
Assistant Engineer of Nev/ York Cit^- . Held 
the rank of Lieutenant in the C. S. N. 


married Rose Standish Ludlam, daughter of 
Henry Ludlam and Sarah P. Ludlam of Rich- 
mond, Va. at Baden-Baden, Grand Duchie de 
Bade, August 17, 1865. She v/as horn in 
Richmond, Virginia and died Pehruary 29, 
1868 in Baltimore, Md. No issue, 

VI. Y/illiam Edward (Moore) horn Pehruary 11, 1847 
at Mulberry Grove, N. G. educated at Hills- 
horo Military Academy, H. C, is a vivil en- 
gineer, was private in Company A, 3d Batt . 
Light Art., C. S. A., married Annie Goree 
Tait, daughter of Pelix Tait and Narcissa 
(Goree) Tait of Y/ilcox County, Alabama, 
December 23, 1873 in Wilcox Co. Ala. She 
was born April 18, 1854 in Wilcox County, 

(1) Helen Goree (Moore) born October 

2, 1874 at llulberxy Grove, 
H. C, married Harry L. 
Stevens, Sept. 16, 1908 at 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

(2) Alice Lisle (Moore) born February 

3, 1876 at Mulberry Grove 
and died there December 4, 

(3) Pelix Tait (Moore) bom October 

31, 1879 at Mulberry Grove. 

VII. Charles Richard (Moore) born September 8, 1851 
at Mulberiy Grove, IT. G. and died and v/as 
buried there October 10, 1854. 

VIII. Sallie Wood (Moore) born April 19, 1855 at 

Mulberry Grove, F. C, married Samuel James 
Calvert, son of Samuel Jaines Calvert and 
Gulielmo Rebecca (Paison) Calvert of Jack- 
son, F. C. at Mulberry Grove, October 23, 
1877. Resides at Jackson, N. C. He was 
born July 17, 1856 at Jackson, N. C. 

(1) Samuel (Calvert) born October 17, 
1878 at Mulberry Grove, N.C. 


(2) Junius 'Wlaeeler (Calvert) 'born 

April 9, 1881 at Mulberiy 
Grove, IT. C. 

(3) May (Calvert) born April 17, 1884 

at Jac]cson, N, C. 

(4) Paul Paison (Calvert) born January 

6, 1887 at Jackson. IT. C. 

(5) Longi.vorth. Moore (Calvert) born 

April 12, 1890 at Jackson, 
N. C. 

(6) Sallie Moore (Calvert) born April 

16, 1893 at Jackson, N. G. 

(7) Julia Munro (Calvert) born May 1, 

1899 at Jackson, N. C. 

IX. Julia "Wheeler (Moore) born February 19, 1858 

at Ilulberi-y Grove, N. C. died and was buried 
there April 25, 1859. 

SARAH CLIFTOU (340. John; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; ' 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was bom May 
21, 1819 at Murfreesboro, N. C, married James Hunter 
Southall, son of Rev. Daniel Southall and Julia (Riddick) 
Southall of Gates County, N. C, at Mulberry Grove, Hert- 
ford County, N. C, June 7, 1837. Resided at Columbus, 
Miss., and died there and was buried there July 13, 1861. 
He was born March 29, 1806 at Gatesville, N, C. and 
died December 12, 1862 at Greensboro, Alabama. Their chil- 

■::• ::or 


dren were: 


I. Julia Munro (Southall) 'born March 20, 1838 at 
Mullaerry Grove, N. 0, 

II. Jolin Daniel (Southall) horn July 30, 1840 at 
Columhus, Miss., died June 26, 1852 at 
"Mont et Vale" near Columhus, Miss. 

III. Emily Bland (Southall) horn July 19, 1843 at 

"Mont et Vale" near Columhus, Miss., married 
Julian Godwin Moore, son of Dr. Godwin C. 
Moore and Julia Munro (7/heeler) Moore of 
Mulherry Grove, N. C. (For further infor- 
mation see page 112 hereof) • 

IV. Sarah Clifton (Southall) horn July 5, 1846 at 
"Mont et Vale" near Columhus, Miss, died 
and was huried there August 14, 1851. 



V. James Hunter (Southall) horn Novemher 24, 1848 
at "Mont et Vale", educated privately, is 
a comiaercial traveler, was a dispatch carrier 
^. in the Confederate Army, married Catherine 

f Ringwalt Rurruiey, daughter of Williana Young 

^; Rumney and Harriet Hunt (Larned) Rumney of 

f Detroit, Mich. Resides in Minneapolis, Minn. 

|, She \7as horn May 27, 1853 at Detroit and 

died and was huried January 1, 1903 at St. 
Anthony's Park, St. Paul, Minn. 

(1) William Rumney (Southall) horn July 
26, 1875 at Detroit, Mich. 
died March 4, 187 6 at Windsor, 
Ontario, Candda. 

(2) Catherine Clifton (Southall), horn 
January 9, 1879 at Norfolk, 
Va., married Allan Porter Ahhott . 

(3) Frederick Driggs (Southall) horn 
July 30, 1885 at St. Paul, 


(4) Walter Ruan (Southall) iDorn May 24, 
1887 at St. Paul, Minn. 

VI, Annie Re'becca (Southall) "born SeptemTjer 29, 

1351 at "Mont et Vale" near Columbus, Mios. 
married V^alter Joseph Biggs, son of Col. 
Kader Biggs and Lucy Ann T^rick) Biggs of 
Norfolk, Va. at Mullaerry Grove, N. C, on 
December 10, 1874. Resides at Salem, Va. 
He was horn September 29, 1850 at "Engleside" 
Hertford Co., N. C, and died December 4, 
1905 at Salem, Va. 

(1) Kader (Biggs) horn October 18, 1875 

at Norfolk, Va., died Septem- 
ber 16, 187 6 at Christians- 
burg, Va. 

(2) James Southall (Biggs) born Octo- 

ber 18, 1875 at Norfolk, Sa. 
died August 4, 1876 at Big • 
Spring, Va. V/as a twin bro- 
ther of above Kader (Biggs) . 

(3) Loula llyrick (Biggs) born March 3, 

1877 at Norfolk, Va., died 
August 23, 1879 at Hot Springs, 
North Carolina. 

(4) Lucy Clifton (Biggs) bom February 

9, 1880 at Norfolk, Va., mar- 
ried Lewis Ward Langliorn9 April 
30, 1907 at Salem, Va. 

(5) Julia Southall (Biggs) born January 

4, 1883 at Big Spring, Va., 
died there January 5, 1883. 

(6) V/alter Joseph (Biggs) born June 4, 

1886 at Big Spring, Va. 

VII. Prances Josephine (Southall) born August 14, 
1853 at "Mont et Vale," married William 
Cornelius Bowen, son of Stephen Rielly Bowen 
and Harriet Emily (Brit ton) Bowen of Phila- 
delphia, Pa. at Mulberry Grove, N. C, June 
5, 1877. Resided in Jackson, N. C, died 
January 25, 1893 and was buried there. He 
v;-as born November 9, 1349 at Philadelphia, 
Pennsylvania. Children: 


(1) Harriet Emily (Bov;en) "born Marcli 29, 

1878 at Jackson. N. C. 

(2) Julia Southall (Bowen) "born Octo- 

ber 16, 1800 at Jackson, N. C. 

(3) Ellen Britton (Bov^en) "born July 

30, 1883 at Jackson, N. C. 

(4) Josephine (Bowen) born February 

25, 1886 at Jackson, N. G. 

(5) Bland Clifton (Bowen) born January 

11, 1889 at Jackson, N. G. 

VIII. Joseph Branch (Southall) born Pebruary 22, 1856 
at "Hont et Vale" near Columbus, Hiss., died 
September, 1866 at Mulberry Grove, N. G. and 
was buried in Murfreesboro, N. G. 

HENRIETTA (340. John; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born 
November 25, 1822 at Murfreesboro, North Carolina, 
married Rev. John Benjetmin Baldwin, son of Dr. V/illiam 
Baldv^in and Sarah Ann (Billups) Baldwin of Marietta, 
Georgia, on September 29, 1846 at Columbus, Miss. Re- 
sided at Columbus, Miss., died and was buried there 
July 11, 1852. He was born August 24, 1822 at Athens, 
Georgia, and died July 15, 1894 at Enterprise, Miss. 

I. James Gordon (Baldwin) born July 6, 1847 at 
Columbus, Miss., was a merchant, married 
Lucy Antoinette Cabiness, daughter of Maj . 
James Anderson Cabiness and Hart ha Ann 
(Callaoun) Cabiness of Huntsville, Texas, 


at Hunfetville on Marcli 23, 1874. Resided 
in Huntsville, Texas, died and was tiuried 
there July 19, 1900. She was horn August 
23, 1852 at HubtsTille, and died there 
March. 1884. 

(1) Lola Clifton (Baldwin) bom March 
4, 1875 at Huntsville, Texas, 
died Hovemher 29, 1891 at 
Belton, Texas. 
?> (2) James Anderson (Baldivin) horn 

January 26, 1877 at Hunts- 
ville, Texas, died there 
August 20, 1892. 

(3) Henrietta Worthington (Baldwin) 
horn August 21, 1878 at 
Huntsville and died there. 

(4) Prances (Baldwin) horn January 11, 
1880 at Huntsville and died 
there . 

(5) Antoinette Gordon (Baldwin) horn 
I/iarch 4, 1882 at Huntsville ' 
and died there. 

(6) Annie Wrigjit (Baldwin) horn Janu- 
ary 12, 1884 at Huntsville, 
Texas, married Stephen Tre- 

II. John Wheeler (Baldwin) horn Decemher 7, 1849 
at ColumhuE, Miss, educated there, was a 
tanner. Resided in Columhus, Miss., died 
Hay 27, 1869 in Michigan City, Mich, and 
was huried there. He never married. 

III. Henrietta TOieeler (Baldwin) horn May 18, 1852 
at Columhus, Miss., married William Higgins 
Worthington, son of Isaac and Margaret 
(Higgins) Worthington of Leota, Miss., No- 
vemher 6, 1872 at Meridian, Miss. Resides 
at Enterprise, Miss. He was horn Decemher 
6, 1834 at Leota, Miss, and died Pehruarj-- 
28, 1890 near Enterprise, Miss. Their issue: 


(1) Aimee Baldwin (Woi-thington) "born 

August 10, 1673 at Meridian, 

(2) Isaac Clifton (ViTorthington) torn 

llovem'ber 17, 1875 at Meridian, 
HiSB., married Addie Kamper, 
Septerater 15, 1897. 


AM" MILES (340 John; 24 6. John; 133.Ephraim; 

65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was "born 

llovem'ber 4, 1827 at Murfreechoro, IT. C, married Rev. 

Jolin Benjamin Baldv/in, son of Dr. William Baldwin and 

Sarah Ann (Billups) Baldwin of Marietta, Ga. on Octoher 

12, 1853 at Coluiii'bus, Miss. Resided at Columljus, Miss. 

and died and was "buried in Entei-prise, Miss., June 1, 

1890. Rev. John Benjamin Baldwin was the widower of 

Mrs. Henrietta (VJheeler) Baldwin (Ho. 431 hereof). 

I. Sarah Clifton (Baldwin) horn August 22, 1854 
at Columhus, Miss., died and was "buried 
there July 19, 1855. 

II. Aimee (Baldwin) "born Octo"ber 29, 1856 at Col- 
um'bus. Miss., died and v/as "buried there 
October 12, 1857. 

III. "William T. (Baldwin) horn Pehruary 6, 1858 

at Citronelli, Alabama, educated at Colum- 
hus, Miss, is a clerk and resides at Hous- 
ton, Texas. 


IV. Annie Bradfort (Baldwin) 'bom March 5, 1859 
at Mobile, Ala., married Thomas Jefferson 
Davis, Bon of Nathan Davis and Eliza (llall) 
Davis of Beaufort, N. C. at Entei-price, 
Miss., on April 21, 1890. Resided in En- 
tei-prise, Miss., died and was huried there 
llovemher 23, 1903, He v/as bom November 
23, 1843 in Surapter County, Alabama. 

(1) Aimee E. (Davie) bom February 21, 

1892 at Enterprise, Miss. 

(2) Elisabeth V/ortMngton (Davis) 

born July 18, 1893 at Enter- 
prise, Miss, 

(3) Thomas Jefferson (Davis) born 

November 6, 1895 at Enter- 
prise, Miss. 

(4) Adine (Davis) born January 24, 

1897 at Enterprise, Miss. 

(5) Henrietta (Davis) born August 5, 

1901 at Enterprise, Miss. 

V. Julia Moore (Baldwin) born January 8, 1861 at 
Golvunbus, Miss., married William Barton 
Evans, son of Judge Sylvanus Evans and Maiy 
Jane (Mar shall) Evans of Enterprise, Miss. 
at Entei-prise, May 27, 1889. Resides in 
Birmingham, Ala. He v;as born at Marion, 
Lauderdale Co.. Mss., February 21, 1851. 

(1) Vane (Evans) born January 10, 1889 

at Enterprise, Miss., died 
there June 1, 1891. 

(2) Aimee Marshall (Evans) born June 

13, 1891 at Enterprise, Miss. 

(3) Mary V/heeler) (Evans) bom January 

14, 1893 at Enterprise. 

(4) William H. (Evans) born November 

11, 1895. 

(5) Daisey Clifton (Evans) bom Llay 5, 

1898 at Bessemer, Ala, 

(6) Annie Adine (Evans) born September 

4, 1900 at Bessemer, Ala. 


VI. Aimee Adine (Baldwin) 'born December 25, 1863 
at ColumlDUS, Miss., married Alfred Alston 
Brown, eon of Little Berry Brown and Annie 
Olivia (Alston) Brown of Enterprise, Miss., 
on October 27, 1886 at Meridian, Miss. Rer 
sides at Enterprise, Lliss. He was "born 
DecemlDer 21, 1855 in Clark County, Miss. 

(1) Aimee Clifton (Brown) torn November 

4, 1887 at Meridian, Miss. 

(2) little Berry (Brown) born June 18, 

1892 at Enterprise, Miss. 

(3) Annie Alston (Brown) "born July 

11, 1898 at Enterprise, Miss. 


JUinUS BRUTUS (340. John; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was torn 
Pe'bruar;^'- 21, 1830 at Murfreesboro, U. C, married 
Emily Truxtun Beale, daughter of George Beale and Emily 
(Truxtun) Beale of Washington, D. C, September 18, 
1855 at Washington, D. C. Resides at West Point, N. Y. 
and North Carolina, died at Lenoir, N. C, July 15, 
1886 and buried there. She was horn September 7, 1832 
at Washington, D, C, died November 6, 1880 at West 
Point, N. Y. 

Junius B. Y/heeler after finishing at the country 
schools near Murfreesboro, N. C. entered the University 



of that State. But wlien he had heen at the last named 
institution but a short v;hile he ran away and going 
further South "became a printer. Then we hear of him, 
while still at hoy, a Yolunteer in CaJ>t . William J. 
Clarke's company in the Mexican War. He was in every 
hattle from Vera Cruz to the City of Mexico. At the 
fiercely contested affair at the Nacional Puente, one 
of the lieutenants was killed, and young as he v/as, he 
was appointed by the President as the successor, on the 
report of his commanding officer, nov/ on file, that 
"he had seen young Wheeler under h'eavy fire, and he had 
proved to the command that he was made of the stuff of 
which heroes are made." On his return from Mexico young 
Wheeler resigned his commission in the a.vw and was ap- 
pointed by the President a cadet at West Point, where 
he was graduated among the first of his class. 

During the Civil War he served with credit as 
Pirst Lieutenant and Captain of Corps of Engineers, 
U. S. A. "Breveted Major, April 30, 1864 for gallant 
and meritorious services at the Battle of Jenkin's 
Periy, Ark." Ajid on March 13, 1865, was breveted Lieu- 

J-Q LL.i'. 


tenant Colonel and Colonel for "gallant and meritorious 
services during the Rebellion." 

After serving for several years in the Corps of 
Engineers in Missouri, Mississippi, ^7/ashJ.ngton, D. C, 
and on the great lakes and elsewhere, he was appointed 
on SepteiiiTjer 16, 1871 to succeed Professor Mahan at 
the Military Acadeiny as "Professor of Civil and Military 
Engineering and the Science of Y/ar." He held this 
position for alsmost thii-teen years. 

On Septemher 29, 1884, his health failing, he 
was, on his ovm application, retired from active service 
and spent the last tno years of his life as a farmer 
near Lenois, IT. C. 

Colonel YQieeler was the author of the "Elements 
of the Art and Science of War," 1878; "Elements of 
Military Engineering," 1883-4; and the "Elements of 
Civil Engineering," 1884. All of these works have been 
adopted hy the government and are used as text-hooks in 
the Military Academy. 

Together v;ith his rare qualities of mind, Col. 
ViTheeler was endowed with a beautiful and nohle character, 

coupled with a charming and easy address. He was respected 
and loved hy all who knew him, 

493. Emily Beale, "bom Septemher 5, 1857 at 

Benicia, California. 
x494. SaraJi Clifton, horn November 27, 1860; 

married Lieut, (now ilajor) James G. 

¥arren, U. G. Array. 
x495. Mary Eliza, horn January 4, 1861, married 

George Ker. 
x496. Gertrude, horn January 21, 1867; married 

Thomas Vance. 

497. Julia, horn April 8, 1869 at Milwaukee, Wis. 

498. Amy, horn Eehruary 19, 1871 at Washington, 

D. C. 

499. John, horn May 19, 1872 at West Point, N. Y. 

died and huried there Septemher 3, 1872. 
x500. Y/illiaja Mactall, horn June 22, 1874 at West 
Point, N. Y. 

O,^'^' 441. 

JOmi PARSONS (342. Samuel; 24 6. John; 133.Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn Janu- 
ary 2, 1808 at Alexandria, Virginia, married Anna Mary 
Vinson, daughter of Colonel Thomas Pogg-warmon Vinson 
and Mary (Hiclortan) Vinson of Montgomery County, near 
Poolesville, Maryland, Octoher 17, 1843 at Roclrville, 
i^Iaryland. Resided in Washington, D. C. and died May 4, 
1881 at Baltimore, Maryland and was huried in OaJc Hill 
Cemetery, GeorgettDfwn, D. C. She was born in 1823 and 




died August 11, 1852 at Washington, D. C. 

Mr. Wheelei' for many years held a responei'ble 

position in the Treasury'' Department at Washington, D. C. 

He v/as a Christian gentleman of the highest character, 

sternest integrity, ajid loved and respected "by all. 

x501. Mary Thomas, "born January 7, 1845; married 

H. Skipwith Gordon. 
x502. Ella, horn October 15, 1847; married Prancis 
S. Robert son. 
503. Sarah Constance, "born October 5, 1849 at 
Washington, D. C. and died and was 
buried there January' 20, 1853. , 

.x504. John Harold, bom Jaiuarj' 17, 1852; married >/ 
Emma Hi Hard. 

JAMES PARSONS (342. Samuel; 24 6. John; 133.Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was born Janu- 
ary 20, 1812 at Alexandria, Virginia, married Sarah Ray 
Casey, daughter of Hiram Casey and Catherine (Depriest) 
Casey of Smith County, afterward of Hardeman County, 
Tennessee, in Hardeman County, July 30, 1849. Resided 
in Hardeman County, near Middleburg, Tennessee, died 
December 9, 1882 in Hardeman County, Tenn., and was 
buried there ten miles from Bolivar. She was born June 
10, 1815 on Smith County, Tennessee, and died September 


26, 1875 in Hardeman County, Tenn. 

It has "been my aim in compiling these records 
to relieve when possible the tedium of constant repeti- 
tion of dry facts concerning the "btrth, marriage, and 
death - coriimon to every one's life - "by a sketch of the 
person's career, and V7hen a career savors of the ro- 
mantic I jot down the romance in the hope of enlivening 
these pages. 

Why James Parsons Y/heeler, who like his brothers 
was horn, reared, and educated in Alexandria, Virginia, 
Should take up his home in Tennessee has a romantic ex- 
planation. It was all on account of the "beautiful 
Louisa Mead, a belle of Alexandria in the days of bodices 
and hoop-skirts. James loved the beautiful Louisa, and 
so did his brother Jabez, But Jabez won the beauty, and, 
at the present time, it is not definitely known by what 
means he achieved success. Some conjecture that he v;'on 
in a fair contest by a preponderance of personal charms, 
and was Louisa's choice. Others says that through some 
artifice Jabez managed to keep his brother avray from 
the Mead house. Still others insist that 11 v/as through 
brotherly love and natural magnanimity that James allov/ed 


his tu'other to v/in. Certain it is that Boon after Jahez 
and the "beautiful Louisa were married James vrent to seek 
his fortune in the mountainous regions of Tennessee. And 
there in Hardeman County as a pedagogue he lived and 
died; meanwhile marrying and rearing tv^ro hardy sons 
that now farm the paternal acres. 

In addition to his love of "beautiful women - a 
HTheeler characteristic - James also possessed a number 
of other family traits, such as a gentle, sympathetic 
nature, and a fondness for expressing his strong emo- 
tions in verse. The following is one of hie poems: 
"Oh Take Me Home] 

"Lines on the death of Miss Jane E. "Wheeler, 
who "breathed her last on "board the Steamer 'Herald' 
from Norfolk to Baltimore, I'e'bruary 18, 1846. She had 
left the home of her relatives in llorth Carolina some 
weeks since, where she had gone for her health, her 
friends hoping it might restore the color to her cheeks 
and the lustre to her eyes; "but their hopes were doom- 
ed to be blighted. Finding herself gradually sinking, 
she anxiously desired to reach her home and die surround- 
ed by her friends. Alas J her v/ish v;as not gratified. 
On her passage from Norfolk her pure spirit passed av/ay. 

"Oni take me quickly to my home, 

E're this weak pulse shall cease to beat; 

And let me breathe my native air. 

And once again those loved ones greet. 

Hasten, oh hasten 'ere this frame 

Shall sink 'neath the destroyer's hand; 


And lay me gently down to die, 
Amid the zephyrs of my landl 

This laboring breath, this hollow cough. 
Too surely speak of swift decay - 

And ohJ this "burning heat I feel, 
My life is ebhing fast away. 

No dear, familiar friend ie nigh. 

To wipe the death damps from my hrow, 

Uo loved ones near my couch of pain 

To soothe the grief which haunts me noT/. 

But yes - oh yes - there is one friend, 
Dearer than all, sure He is near, 

He smiles and on my spirit sheds 

A calm which quiets each rising fear. 

I see "bright angels near me stand, 

And one a glittering crown doth hear; 

OhJ list that silvery notes are those 

That round me sr/ell - they fill the airi 

My Mother.' oh, I see her now, 

V/ith form all beautiful and "bright. 

She calls me J oh, wliat scenes are there 
V;hich dazzling greet my raptured aight J 

X X X X X X X 

Her head fell lightly on her breast, 
The strings of life were gently riven; 

Her lips were parted, as in prayer, 

And her bright spirit passed to Heaven. 

Oh she was far too pure for earthJ 
Then let no bitter tears be shed 

O'er her young and sleeping form, 
Resting within its earthen bed." 

Children of James Parsons "Wheeler: 

x505. James Samuel, "born DecemlDer 25, 1850; married 

Sarah Daily. 
506. Mary Retecca Casy, torn April 14, 1853 in 
Harderaan County, Tenn., died and was 
Juried there October 18, 1862. 
x507. ViTilliaDi Joseph, "born March 4, 1858; married 
Tennie Doyle. 

JAEEZ (342.Samue; 246.Jolin; 133.Ephraim; 65. 
Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was "born Sep- 
tem"ber 3, 1813 in Ale:candria, Virginia, married Louisa 
Mead, daughter of Samuel Mead and Eleanor (McCutchinson) 
Mead of Glasgow, Scotland, in Alexandria, "7a., on March 
6, 1836. Resided in Alexandria, "Virginia and "\Vashing- 
ton, D. C, died January 24, 1887 in V/ashington, D. C. 
and "buried there in Glenwood Cemetery. She was born 
August 28, 1816 in Alexandria, "Va. and died Novem'ber 
24, 1891 in Washington, D. C. 

As far as his education was concerned, the early 
life of Jabez "Wheeler was very much like his brothers. 
He went to shhool in Alexandria - his birthplace - and 
in early manhood came to Washington. As a confidential 


cleric in a large mercantile establishment in the capi- 
tal city he spent his professional life, contentedly 
preferrring this ohscure existence to the many public 
positions that were often within his reach. This quiet 
and simple manner of living was in keeping with his 
character, and was "but a manifestation of the sound 
rule of life that was the undercurrent of his career. 

It is not the ability or the achievements of 
Jahez "Wheeler tliat commend him to us as a model, hut 
his "beautiful character, his pure and "blameless life. 
In contemplating these all other things (usually inter- 
esting in a "biography) vanish and we are satisfied v;ith 
them alone. 

It is related of him that his love of the truth 
was so strong tLhdt even in boyhood he was so scrupulous- 
ly e>;a.ct that his father once said to him: "Jabez, run 
the risk of telling a lie." 

Tenderness of heart, a sympathetic and gentle 
nature, a love of the beaut if xil, the noble and pure - 
all characteristics of the Wheeler family - he possess- 
ed in an eminent degree. Inheriting from his Grand- 

nX B at :i'S9lo 


father Yi/heeler an aptitude for expressing in verse the 
emotions of his inner self and those nohle thoughts 
with which he always kept company, he has left us majiy 
poems - mostly religious - which are v;orthy of preser- 
vation. I cannot do "better than to conclude this sketch 
with a selection from "Jottings" - one of his hooks be- 
fore me on my desk: 


"Blest he the uncomplaining one, 

However his lot he cast, 
V/ho cheered hy Hope in every state, 

Is steadfast to the last. 

Is steadfast, thougla each flower decay, 

Trained with such tender care 
Througli the nights darkness or the day. 

Though every hope he hare. 

Though life its common gifts deny, 

A sojourner helow, 
Y/ith every fount of hlessing dry, 

Rigiit steadily I go. 

I go as Ahraham v;-e±it before, 

At God's supreme command; 
I rest upon the mountain top. 

And there by faith I stand. 

I stand to do or not to do, 

At His Almighty v/ill, 
To travel through the wilderness, 

Or hear His voice be still. 


Thus may I do , no will of mine, 
But live "by simple faith.; 

This he loy heart's supreme desire, 
To do what Jesus saith. 

7/hat Jesus saith, I humhly ask, 

And trust to him alone; 
His V7ill would "be my only taslc, 

His gracious will he done." 

Children of Jahez and Louisa (Mead) Wheeler: 

x508. John BanMiead, horn August 19, 1837; married 
1st Mai-'y Chedal and 2d. Maria Jones. 

x509. Rohert Henry, horn Octoher 22, 1841 in 

Alexandria, Va. died March 21, 1861 
in V/ashington, D. C. and was huried 
there . 

x510. Eleanor Louisa, horn June 8, 1846, married 
Charles H. Y/hite. 

EPHKAIM (342. Samuel; 246.Jolin; 133.Ephraim; 65. 
Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn Decemher 
20, 1815 in Alexandria, Virginia, married Martha E. 
Creighton, daughter of John Creighton and Anne (MCaulley) 
Creighton of Baltimore, Maryland, at Alexandria, Va., 
March 24, 1836. Resided in Washington, D. C, died there 
January 6, 1892 and \ras hui'ied in Congressional Cemetery 
in that place. She was horn June 15, 1816 in Alexan- 


dria, Virginia, and died DecemlDer 23, 1882 in Washington, 
D. C. 

Ephraim Wheeler was Toorn in his father's mansion 
in Alexandria, Virginia, was educated there, married 
and had established himself in "business in that town 
"before attaining his majority. 

About 1844, he removed to Washington and "became 
permanently identified with its interests. For many 
years he was in the hardv/are "business on Pennsylvania 
Avenue, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel and later on 
Louisiana Avenue, 

As a mem"ber of the Common Council in 1849-50 
and 1851 and of the Board of Alderman in 1852 and 1853, 
Mr. V/heeler did his share in shaping the destinies of 
the grov^ing capital. He was captain of the company 
of Continentcils, and always cherished his commission 
signed "by the President. Rarely, if ever since its 
organization did he miss a meeting of the Society of 
the Oldest Inha"bitants, of which he was an honored 
mem"ber. On account of his remarkahle memory of events 
and persons, especially connected with the history of 

-iJ-cifi 310'iet) 



Alexandria and tlie vicinity, his recitals of reminis- 
cences were unusually interesting and instructive. 

Proineearly youtii he was connected with the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, a class leader and active 
worker. At the time of his death he was a member of 
Hamline Church, and rarely was missed from his place 
on Sundays or regular meetings. 

Mr. "Wheeler was a man of high character and firm 
convictions. Being once sfetisfied in his own conscience 
that to do a certain thing was right, no amount of per- 
suasion could make him refrain from so doing. He waa 
also very kind hearted, sympathetic and generous, and 
was ever ready to come to the aid of the needy when it 
was in his power. 

jfrs. HTheeler was a woman of a retiring disposi- 
tion, greatly devoted to her home life and dearly "be- 
loved hy those who knew her best. She will ever be re- 
membered for her deeds of charity by those v/hose troubles 
she shared with loving kindness. She has left behind 
her a memory fragrant with the blossoms of unobtrusive 
piety and gentle goodness. 


x511. Creighton Massie, "born Decera^ber 26, 1836; 
married Hary Armbruster. 

512. Anna Sarali, horn July 23, 1838 at Alexandria, 

Virginia; died Marclx 24, 1914 at Washington, 
D, C. 

513. Ephraim, iDorn May 23, 1840 at Alexandria, 

Va., died and was "buried tliere July 6, 

x514. llartlia Cornelia, torn January 12, 1843; 
married Tliomas V. Mackintosh. 

x515. Mary Virginia, iDorn July 4, 1844; married 
Y/illiam H. Walker. 
516. Emma Jane, "born January 3, 1848 at Washing- 
ton, D. C, died and was "buried there 
April 26, 1883. 

x517. Arthur Uiddleton, "born May 15, 1850; mar- 
ried Rose Canfield. 

518. Samuel James, born September 29, 1851 at 

Washington, D. C, died there Febru- 
ary 18, 1852 and was buried in Alex- 
andria, Va. 

519. Julia Olive, born January 5, 1853 at Waslaing- 

ton, D. C, died there August 8, 1853 and 
was buried in Alexandria, Va, 

JUIIA MUHIiO (342. Samuel; 246. John; 133. Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom 
llovember 6, 1826 in Alexandria, Virtginla, married 
Richard James Ryon, son of Thomas P. Ryon and Jeanette 
Dawson (Wheeler) Ryon of Washington, D. C, October 2, 
1849 at V/ashington, D. C Resided in V/ashington, D. C, 
died and was buried there September 28, 1865. h© ^'^as 


iDonr April 8, 1818 in Prince George's County, Maryland, 

and died June 14, 1868 in V/ashington, D. C. 

I. Samuel V^eeler (Ryon) born July 10, 1850 at 

V/anhington, D. C, died and was "buried there 
July 19, 1852. 

II. Jesse Truesdale (Byon) 'born August 10, 1852 
in Wasliington, D. C, died April 10, 1872 
in Charleston, V/est Virginia, and was bur- 
ied in Washington, D. C 

III. Jeannette Wheeler (Ryon) born September 1, 

1854 in Washington, D. C, married Harding 
Wheeler Kuhn, son of Adam Kuhn and Priscilla 
(Wheeler) Kuhn of Wellsburg, West Va., at 
Charleston, West Va., February 14, 1888. 
Resides in Charleston, West Va. He was 
bom January 25, 1848 in Wellsburg, Brooke 
County, West Virginia. Their issue: 

(1) Sydney Summers (Kuhn) bom July 23, 

1889 in Charleston, West Va., 
died and was buried there 
June 27, 1890. 

(2) Anna Isabella (Kuhn) born May 29, 

1892 in Cliarleston, V/est Va. 

IV. Richard Joseph (Ryon), bom January 16, 1863 in 
Washington, D. C, died and was buried there 
ITovember 2, 1865. 

JOSEPH RICPIARDS (342. Samuel; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born Nove- 
mber 12, 1828 in Alexandria, Virginia, married JvG.ia 

Crawford Y/anton, dauglxter of William Rodman V^anton and 
Mary Elizatieth (Hewes) Wanton of Louisville, Kentucky, 
PelDruary 21, 1856 in Alexandria, Virginia. Resides in 
Reisterstown, Maryland. She was "bom July 26, 1835 in 
Louisville, Ky. 

Joseph. R. Wheeler received his education in hhe 
schools of his native town, Alexandria, Virginia. He 
started life in a wholesale china and glass store, in 
which he acquired an amount of husiness experience that 
has "been of the greatest value through life. At twenty- 
one he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church and four 
years later v;as received into membership fo the Balti- 
more Annual Conference of the M. E. Church. His first 
appointment v;as at Christ ianshurg, Montgomery Co., Va. 
Afterward he served respectively in Lexington, Staunton, 
V/inchester and Alexandria, Virginia; six churhces in 
Baltimore, Maryland, two in Washington, D. C. and six 
years as a Presiding Elder of the Frederick District, 
embracing the territory along the Potomac River from 
above Piedmont, West Va. to Frederick, Md. 

In 1899 he was appointed to Reisterstown, a 
suburb of Baltimore, but in 1904 he resigned this charge 


after active work in the ministry of fifty-one years. 

520. Isabella Smith, born September 4, 1857 in 

Roanoke Co. Va., died February 4, 1885 
in Baltimore, Md. and buried in V/ash- 
ington, D. C. 

x521. Emeline Pitzer, born January 6, 1859; married 
John T. Preeman, 
522. ilary Jiaia, born Llarch 28, 1860 in Staunton, 
Va., died August 10, 1904 at Reisters- 
town, Md. and was buried in V/ashington, 
D. C. 

x5a3. Joseph Richard Ryon, bom August 4, 1861; 
married Ella Irene Cromwell. 

x524. William Samuel, bom March 9, 1865; married 
Ella Virginia Stevens. 
525. Sydnie Sumiiiers, born October 10, 1866 in 
Alexandria, Va. 

x526. Thomas, born November 10, 1868 in Alexandria, 
Va., married Henrietta B. llathews. 

x527. John Baltzell, born August 16, 1871 in Bal- 
timore, urd., died October 19, 1899 in 
Reisterstown, Md. and was buried in 
V/ashington, D. C. 

KARY LOITGV/ORTH (342. Samuel; 24 6. John; 133.Ephraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born Octo- 
ber 16, 1830 in Alexandria, Virginia, married Joseph 
Humphrey Daniel, son of Joseph Daniel and Tacie (Hum- 
phrey) Daniel of Dover, Loudoun Co., Virginia, May 22, 
1855 in Washington, D. C. Resided in Washington, D. C. 
and died and was buried there April 20, 1858. He was 


"born June 10, 1816 near Dover, Va., and died February 

4, 1897 in Washington, D. C. 

I. Mary "Wheeler (Daniel) born June 19, 1856 at 
Washington, D. C, married Theodore Fre- 
linghuysen Gaver, son of Henry Gaver and 
Margaret (Remsburg) Gaver of Hillsboro, Va. 
in Wasiiington, D. C, llarch 6, 187 7. Re- 
sides in Hillsboro, Va. He was born March 
22, 1845 in Hillsboro, Va. 

(1) Clayton Daniel (Gaver) bom Novem- 

ber 17, 1879 in Hillsboro, Va. 

(2) Roy (Gaver) bom January 6, 1882 in 

Hillsboro, Va. and died and 
was buried there June 26, 1882, 

(3) Elizabeth (Gaver) bom November 24, 

1888 in Hillsboro, Va. 

ISABELLA ELIZABETH (342. Samuel; 246. John; 133. 
Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was 
born August 14, 1833 in Alexandria, Virginia, married 
Joel C. Green, son of Amond Green. Resided in Salem, 
Virginia, died there August 17, 1859 and was buried in 
Gi^nwood Cemetery, Washington, D. C. He died January B, 
1900 in Witheville, Virginia. 

Mr. Green was a Marylander by birth, but lived in 
Washington until he reached ma.n's estate. During the 
Civil War he entered the Confederate Ar,y and sdrved 


throughout it. A part of the time he was a memher of 
Genei'al Breckinridge's staff. 

Shortly after his marriage he moved to Salem, 
Virginia, where he continued to live until his removal 
to V/ytheville in 1885. His keen interest in political 
matters and sound judgment secured for him the leader- 
ship of the Wytheville democracy in 1889 and afterward 
his election to the State Senate of which hody he was 
a memher for six years from 1891 to 1897. He was also 
a meiiilaer of the firm of lIcMahon & Green, Contractors 
and Engineers. 

I. Ida (Green) "born a"bout 1849 in Salem, Va. died 
there about 1861 and l)v;ried in Glenwood 
Cemetery, Washington, D. C. 

II. Samuel (Green) "born ahout 1856 in Salem, Va., 
died there aboixt 1861 and "buried in Glenwood 
Cemetery, Washington, D. C. 

JOmi B. (415. Russell; 335.John Botsford; 244. 
Joseph Bennett ; 128. Joseph; 56.0badiah; 16. Thomas; 4, 
Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom IToveijifeer 29, 1838, attended 
the district school and then completed his studies in 
the Uewtown Academy at the age of nineteen. He has 


since "been occupied as a fanner, though engaged in out- 
side lines, and has teen one of the prominent men of 
the twon for years. For five years he has "been select- 
man representing the Repulalicans, who were in the minority, 
Jle is a staunch Repuhlican, has "been chairman of the 
town coimnittee for fifteen years and aserved as Post- 
master of ITewtovm through President Harrison's adminis- 
tration. He is director of and serves as the loaning 
coimnittee in the Savings Bank in Newtown Village and is 
an esteemed citizen and a successful man. 

On April 26, 1867 Mr. Vi/heeler married Mary A. 
ViTilcox, a daughter of Hervey and Lydia (V/rigJit) Wilcox 
of Kellingworth, Conn. His only child: 

528. Hervey \7ilcox, "born Septemher 13, 1868; mar- 
ried Nellie C. Huhhell; has a son 
Russell Huhhell "Wheeler. 

ELIZABETH BROV/IT (423, John Hill; 340. John; 246. 
John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was horn Deceml)er 14, 1832 in Washington, D. C, 
married George Nancride Beale, son of George Beale and 

lot HOW* &f{* 
) frgerf . 

ai ^1 


Imily (Truxtun) Beale of ¥asliington, D. C, June 2, 

1851 in V/ashington, D. C. Resides in Geoi-getown, D. C. 

He v/as born lloveialjer 14, 1829 in Y/ashington, D. C, 

I. Elizaljetli (Beale) torn UoveialDer 6, 1852 in 
Y/ashington, D. C, married 1st a Mr. Stuy- 
vesant of New York, IT. Y. He died and she 
married 2d Capt . David Porter Heap, U. S. A., 
nephew of Admiral Porter, in V/ashington, 
D. C, DecemTjer 1, 1875. Resided in Wash- 
ington, D. C, died there leaving one child 
"by Capt. Heap, viz: 

(1) Robert (Heap) born in Y/ashington, 

D. C. and died there at the 

age of 12 years. 

II. Thomas Truxtun (Beale) horn August 16, 1854 
in Y/ashington, D. C, died and was "buried 
there June, 1861. 

III. John YVheeler (Beale) bom August 26, 1858 in 
Y/ashingtoa, D. C, is a civil engineer, at 
one time a midshipman in the U. S. ITav^^, 
married Kathrine Carroll, daughter of Gen. 
Samuel S. Carroll, in Y/ashington, D. C, 
December 13, 1877. Resides in Y/ashington, 
D. C. and has: 

(1) Carroll (Beale) born about 1882; 

married Mabel Wilson. 

(2) Elizabeth B. (Beale). 

(3) Samuel S. Carroll (Beale). 

IV. Violet Blair (Beale) born June, 1862 in Wash- 
ington, D. C, married George C. Bloomer 
of Lewisburg, Va., February 2, 1881 in Wash- 
ington, D. C. Resides in Y/ashington, D. C. 

(1) George Beale (Bloomer) . 

(2) Pansy (Bloomer). 

fit bW 




CPIAKLES SULLY (423. John Hill; 340. John i 246. John J 
133.Ephralm; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thoiaas ; .1. Thomas) 
was 'born Fovember 6, 1839 in Charlotte, ITorth Carolina, 
married 1st Prances Florence Osborne, daughter of 
Orlando Cannon Oshorne and Margaret Ann C. (Dunlaury) 
Osborne of Trenton, New Jersey, in Uew York, N. Y., 
Octoher 10, 1861. She was horn llarcl:i 15, 1845 in Trenton, 
N. J. and died March 2, 1875 in Washington, D. C. Mar- 
ried 2d Elizabeth Esther Downing, daughter of vailiam 
Butler Downing and Catherine Matilda (Webster) Downing 
of Washington, D. C, January 28, 1879 in Washington, 
D. C. She was born March 8, 1849 in Washington, D. C. 
and died there December 26, 1913. 

Charles Sully Wheeler's education, like that of 
his brother, began near Beattie's Pord, Uorth Carolina, 
under the tutelage of an old school master, reputed by 
many to hare been the renowned Marshal Ney. Afterward 
he attended Columbian College near Washington, D. C, 

His father mapped out for him the career of a 
naval officer, and on September 27, 1854, Mr. V/heeler 
entered the United States Naval Academy by appointment 


from Hon. Thomas I. Clingman of North Carolina, Among 
hi a classmates at the Academy were many who subsequently 
•became distinguished naval officers. Among them many he 
mentioned the name of Admiral George Dewey. 

But the career of a naval officer was not destined 
to hecome Mr. "Wheeler's life work. His father was then 
in Central America representing the United Statds in 
the capacity of Minister, and the notoriety which Gen. 
William Walker, "the little gray-eyed man of destiny," 
was achieving "by his exploits in that country, penetrated 
the old Academy walls and enkindled within the breast 
of young Midshipman Wheeler so ardent a desire to he 
with his father and to see and e3q)erience some of V/alker's 
adventures that paternal remonstrance and advice could 
not withstand his pleadings and entreaties. 

Young "Wheeler resigned from the Academy in 1856 
and joined his father in Central America. A few skir- 
mishes with Walker sufficed to teach the adventurous 
youth that his life was at a discount when he was serv- 
ing under such a leader as Y/alker, who considered men as 
mere checkers to "be played in a game whose sole object 

baok T' 


was his own advancejaent . 

On Sepetenlaer 19, 1859, Mr. TOieeler was commissioned 
by President Buchanan a Third Lieutenant in the U. S. 
Revenue Cutter Service. At the beginning of the Civil 
War, in 1861, the revenue cutter of which Lieut. V/heeler 
was Executive Office, was detached fi'oia the revanue 
service and attached to the 9th Array Corps and co-oper- 
ated with the U. S. Wavy. But the strain and exposure 
incident to the seaman's life soon began to tell on 
Lietu. Y/heeler, and on July 13, 1863, he was condeioned 
and ordered before a Retiring Board and found physically 
unfit for further service. He thereupon resigned and 
since then has served the government in various positions. 

Mr. V/heeler's second wife is a meraber of an old 
and respected Washington family that originally came 
from Prince George's County, Maryland. Many cincestors 
and relatives of hers in the Revolution and in the War 
of 1812 fought gallantly and heroically to form and 
preserve this mighty nation. 

Mr. Wheeler is sespecially fond of out-door sports, 
particularly gunning and fishing, to which he devotes 



his recereation. He is enthusiastic in rifle practice and 
a moiiiljer of the Washington Revolver Association. V/hile 
he has held a commission in the District of Columhia 
National Guards, he particularly cherishes his present 
one of major in the First Regiment of Minute Men - a 
military organization whose aim, above all others, is 
to keep ever-green the memory of those heroes that wrested 
our independence from Great Britain. 
By his 1st wife: 

x529. Rosalie Sully, "born September 19, 1862, 

married William Hai^per. 
x530. John Hill, born September 28, 1865; married 

Susan Esputa. 
x531. Julia Moore, born June 30, 1867; married 

James W. Morrissey. 
x532. Wisewell, bom April 10, 1870; married Grace 


533. Ella B. De Preitas, born December 3, 1874 ih 

Y/aahington, D. C, died July 24, 1875 
at "Woodstock" near Washington, D. C. 
and buried in Washington, D, C. 

By his 2d wife: 

534. Mary Maud, born July 29, 1881 in Washington, 

D. C, died and was buried there July 
17, 1882. 
x535. William Downing, born October 4, 1883 in Wash- 
ington, D. C; married Mary Church Turtle. 

536. Alice Porman, born March 20, 1886 in Y/ashington, 

D. C. 

537. Charles de Sales, born March 29, 1891 in Wash- 

ington, D. C. 



LEVI Y/OODBin^ (423. John Hill; 340. John; 246. John; 
133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 
was "born July 30, 1842 at "Ellangowan, " Seattle's Pord, 
Lincoln County, North Carolina, married Clara Bayne, 
daughter of Dr. John Ilency Bayne and Harriet (Addison) 
Bayne of Prince George's County, Maryland in St. Barna- 
has Church, Prince George's County, Md., Octo"ber 27, 
1869. Resided in North Carolina and Washington, D. C. 
died May 2, 1900 in Washington, D. C, buried in OaJt 
Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, D. C, She was horn Decemher 
6, 1843 at "Saluhria, " Prince George's County, Maryland. 

V/oodToury Wheeler received his early education near 
his home at Seattle's Ford, N. C, from an old school- 
master, thought hy many to have "been the famous French 
general, Marshal Ney. He then entered Colvunhian College, 
Washington, D. C. (now George Wasliington Univex'sity) 
and was graduateed therefrom with the degree of Bachelor 
of Arts. 

At the beginning of hostilities in 1861, he was 
commissioned by the Confederate Government a Lieutenant 


in the Nortli Carolina Heavy Artilleryi served throughout 
the entire war with great credit and when mustered out 
was a Captain. 

After the close of the war, Mr. \7heeler returned 
to V/ashington and laegan a course of law in Columhian, 
now George Y^ashington, University. At his graduation 
on June 12, 1867, he received in addition to the degree 
of Bachelor of Laws, a prize - a gold medal - for his 
thesis "Our Usury Laws - They Ought to he Uodified." 
In this essay he displayed a depth of knowledge of that 
oft-mooted suhject quite hyyond his years. Immediately 
after graduating from the law school he made a tour of the 
world, and on his return home in 1868, "began practising 
law in Ilaryland with office at Upper Marlhoro. Ahout a 
year later, March 19, 1869, he v/as admitted to the Bar 
of the District of Columhia. 

It was while as a young lawyer in Maryland that 
he met the no hie and lovahle Miss Clara Bayne, and soon 
aftexTivard they were married in the historic old St. 
Barnahas Church near Upper MarllDoro. After his EiEtrilage 
he removed to Y/ashington and "began a continuous practice 

of hie profession v/hicli was terminated "by his death in 

In 1883, Mr. Wheeler took up his father's pen, 
which death has separated from the v/riter, a.nd finished 
and published the latter 's "Reminiscences and Memoirs 
of North Cax'oliha and North Carolinians" - which is now 
a recognized authority among those interested in the 
genealogies of the families of the "Old North State." 
The laBt few yesLVS of Mr. V.'heoler's life wace spent in 
compiling "The Testamentar;;/ Law of the District of Col- 
umhia," which was pulDlished in 1898, and was most 
favorably received hy the profession. 

Mr. V^eeler was a true type of the Southex'n gentle- 
man j a-lways coui-teous and affahle; a fond father and 
devoted hushand. 

x538. Harriet Ellen, horn September 15, 1870; mar- 
ried Ralph Nutting. 

539. May, horn May 9, 1875 at "Woodstock" near 

V/ashington, D. C, died March 6, 1874 
at "Woodstock" and was huried at St. 
Barnahas Church, Md. 

540. Genevieve Ashhy, "born October 31, 187 6 at 

"The Oaks" near V/^ashington, D. C. 
x541. Clara Bayne, hom April 4, 1878; married Otto 
P. Wieters. 

542. Lucy Stuart, horn July 2, 1879 at "The Oaks." 

543. John Woodbury, born January 21, 1884 at "The 

Oaks . " 

ea ' CI 



CATlIEiairE PUGH (425.Sarauel Jordan; 340.Jol-m; 

246.^01x11; ISii.Ephi'aim; 65. Joseph.; 19. Joseph.; 4. Thomas; 

I.Thomas) was horn Januarj'- 12, 1837 in Ifurf re e shore, 

IT. C, married John ¥atson Cooper, son of Joseph Cooper 

and Mary (Watson) Cooper of Bertie County, N. C. at 

V/illow Hall Plantation, Bertie County, N. C, April 30, 

1868. Resides at "The Oaks and Elms" near Windsor, N. C, 

He v/as horn July 11, 1835 at Cashie Neck, Bertie Co., 

IT. C. and died llay 21, 1901 at "The Oalcs and Elms." 

I. Joseph Edward (Cooper) horn Octoher 14, 1869 
at "The Oalcs and Elms" was educa,ted at the 
University of North Carolina, is a farmer, 
mar.ried Kate Bake of Percy, Miss., at Green- 
ville, Miss. Resides in Percy, Miss. 

(l) a diild, unnaraed, died one hour after 

II. John Y/heeler (Cooper) horn August 14, 1873 at 
"The Oaks and Elms" educated at the Univer- 
sity of North Carolina, and various other 
schools. Resides at "The Oalcs and Elms" 
and is unmarried. 


JOHN (425. Samuel Jordan; 340. John; 133.Epliraim; 
65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn Octo- 

"ber 2, 1841 in Murfrees"boro, N. C. and died July 7, 
1861 in Portsmoutli, N. C. 

The exceptional iDrilliancy of this young man's 
"brief career has caused me to depart somewhat from my 
usual custom in writing the sketches of only those 
"Wheelers who left families. 

The suhject of this notice finished at the most 
advanced school near his home in Murfreesboro, N, C, 
"before his fifteenth year^ e,nd when scarcely sixteen 
entered Colum"bian College (now George Washington Uni- 
versity) as a freshman. 

His college course v/as replete with honors for 
him. "While attending Colum"bian he found time, amid hie 
arduous duties, to contribute articles and letters, 
under the nom de plume of "Hertford" to many of the 
leading newspapers of the South. 

In 1861, he immediately o"beyed the summons to 
arms of North Carolina - his native state - was 
one of the first volunteers from Hertford County to 
enclist in the Confederate Array. His career as a soldier 
was "brief. He followed his company to Portsmouth, N. C. 

'Ji jo; li 

and while in camp hear there was taken ill with a 
fever from which he died. 

The following is an excerpt from his obituary 
which appeared in one of the North Carolina nev/spa- 

"Y/ithin the whole range of our widely extended 
acquaintance, v/e knew of none with "brighter prospects 
for future usefulness and distinction than the sub- 
ject of this notice 

"His talents v;ere of a high order, and he v/rote 
with remarkable fluency and at times brilliancy for 
one of his years. His letters from Wasliington to 
this paper were extensively copieel, and frequently 
have we received inquiries asking their authoi'shlp. 
Among his college-mates and associates, he enjoyed 
large popularity. His stern integrity, of character, 
unassuming manners, e.nd rare amiability, endea,red him 
to all, and but few v/ho knew him will fail to drop a 
tear to his memory, when they learn that the grave 
has so early claimed him as its victim. Truly, 'Death 
loves a shining marki'" 

"The remaine of the deceased v/ere carried to 
MurfreoBhoro for interment, accompanied "by a detach- 
ment of hie fellow- soldiers. As the funeral cortege 
entered the vollage, the tolling of the church hells 
brought together a large numher of citizens, eager 
to pay their trihute of respect to the memory of so 
amiahle a youth." 

JULIA JTUNRO (425. Samuel Jordan; 340. John; 133. 
Ephraim ; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) 
was horn Novemher 28, 1843 at Murfreesboro, North 
Carolina, married first, John Thomas Mehane, son of 
Dr. Alexander Wood Mehane and Mary (Howe) Mehane of 
Bertie Co., N. C, November 20, 1865 at Murfreeshoro, 
N. C. Resided at "Hermitage," Bertie Co., N. C. He 
was horn in Bertie County April 20, 1838 and died there 
November 15, 1867. She married second, Dennison Worth- 
ington, son of Robert Hazard Worthington and Elizabeth 
(Herbert) Worthington of Murfreesboro, North Carolina, 
at Willow Hall Pla.ntation, November 17, 1871. Re- 
sided at Wilson, North Carolina. She died 


at Wilson, N. C, Decemloer 11, 1898 and was "buried 

there. Mr, Worthington v/as "born October 16, 1842 at 

Murfreesboro, N. C. and died May 14, 1904 at Hanover, N. H. 

By 1st husband: 

I. Lucinda Howe (Mebane) bom October 2, 1866 in 
Murfreesboro, died there xTovember 23, 1866 
and v;as buried there. 

II. John feeler (Mebane) born and died July 25, 1867 
in Bertie Co., IT. C, lived about two hours. 

By 2d husband: 

I. Alice Elizabeth (V/orthington) boi^n August 18, 1872 
at Yellow Hall Plantation, IT, C, married . 
Dr. Herman Harrell Home, son of Hardy 
Home and Ida Caroline (Harrell) Home of 
Clayton, N. C, at Wilson, IT. C, August 
29, 1901. Resides at Hanover, IT. H. He 
was born November 22, 1874 at Clayton, N.C. 

(1) Julia Carolyn (Home) bom Hay 23, 

1903 at Dartmouth College, W.H. 

(2) Elizabeth Worthington (Home) bom 

April, 1905. 

(3) "Williani Henry (Home) born May 17,1907. 

II. Robert Herbert (Worthington), born May 21, 
1874 at Willow Hall Plantation, N. C. and 
died there October 16, 1874; buried at 
V,rind3or, IT. C. 

Ill, Samuel "Wheeler (Worthington) bom November 28, 1875 
in Bertie Co., N, C, was educated in the 
University of N, C.,; is a traveling sales- 
man; married Lucy Roscoe Outlaw, daughter 
of Captain Edward Ralph Outlaw and Lucy 
(Roscoe) Outlaw of Bertie County, N. C. 


at Windsor, N. C, December 7, 1899. Re- 
sides at Wilson, N. C. She v;as boi-n May 
4, 1873 in Bertie County, N. C. 

(1) A boy, unnaraed, born March. 11, 

1901 at Wilson, N. C. and 
died there March 13, 1901. 

(2) a girl, unnamed, bora and died 

April 3, 1903 at Wilson, 
N. 0. 

(3) Samuel Wheeler (Worthington) born 

May 7, 1907 in Baltimore, Md. 

IV. Julia Wheeler (Worthinfeton) , born April 4, 
1884 at Williamston, U. C. died and was, 
buried there June 3, 1884. 

SARAH CIIPTON (435. Junius Brutus; 340. John; 246. 
John; 133.Ephxaim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4, Thomas; 1. 
Thomas) was bom November 27, 1860 at West Point, N. 
Y., married Lieutenant (now Major) James Goold Warren, 
U. S. Engineer Coit?s, son of Joseph Warren and Jane 
Vail (Goold) Warren of Buffalo, N. Y. at West Point, 
N. Y., July 6, 1881. She died May 4, 1901 at Milwau- 
kee, V/isconsin, and was buried at ViTest Point, N. Y. 
He v/as born September 12, 1858 at Buffalo, N. Y. 

I. Jennie Goold (Warren), born Pebruaiy 19, 

1882 at V/illets Point, N. Y. , died there 
July 21, 1882 and vras buried at West Point, 
N. Y. 


-I ..Y .]' 
9 no: a 


II. Fmily (Y/arren) , born April 3, 1883 at Wlllets 
Point, N. Y. 

III. VJheeler (Warren), "bom June 19, 1886 at West 
Point, N. Y. 

IV. Josephine (Y/arren) , born February 5, 1890 at 
Willets Point, N. Y. and died there July 
21, 1890; buried at Wst Point, N. Y. 


MAE Y ELIZA (435. Junius Brutus; 340. John; 246. 

John; 133.Ephraim/ 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 

I.Thomas) was born January 4, 1861 at West Point, N. 

Y., married George Ker, son of Dr. Jolin Ker and Marian 

(Balfour) Ker of Glasgow, Scotland, at North Yakima, 

Washington, May 25, 1892. Resides in North YaJkima, 

Washington. He was bom Pebruarj-^ 26, 1861 on the Isle 

of Arran, Scotland. 

I. John Balfour (Ker), born December 8, 1892 at 
North Yakima, Washington, died August 10, 
1898 at Hickory, N. C. and was buried at 

GERTRUDE (435. Junius Brutus; 340.Jolin; 246. John; 
133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 

:VII {«:• 11 • 


was 'born January 21, 1867 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 
married Thoinas Malvern Vance, eon of Gov. Zebulon Baird 
Vance and Harriet Newell (Espy) Vance of Asheville and 
afterward Charlotte, IT. C, at Lenoir, N. C, August 
18, 1887. Resides in Olympia, Washington. He was 
born September 6, 1862 at Asheville, N. C. No issue. 


WILLIAM llkCKALL (435. Junius Brutus; 340. John; 
246. John; 133,Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19* Joseph; 4, Thomas; 
1. Thomas) was born June 22, 1874 at West Point, New 
Yox'k. After graduating from high school in Washington, 
the subject of this brief notice matriculated at the 
University of Virginia and on coiapleting the prescrib- 
ed course of study received from that institution the 
degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1895. 

On May 27, 1896, he entered the United States 
Navy as Assistant Surgeon and eiiactly three years after- 
ward was promoted to Passed Assistant Surgeon. He is 
at present a Surgeon, having been promoted to that 
rank March 3, 1903. On February 21, 1907 he married in 
Washington, D. C. his cousin on the Beale side, Laura 
Forbes Denby, daughter of Mrs. Wythe Denby of Washington, 
He died in the latter part of 1915. 



IIAIO- THOMAS (441. John ParBone; 342. Samuel; 246. (/' 

John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19, Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was "born January 7, 1845 at Washington, B. C. 
married Henry Skipwith Gordon, son of Bazil Pitzhugh 
Gordon and Eliza Boiling (Skipwith) Gordon of Henrico 
County, Virginia, at Was&ington, D. C, January 9, 
1866. Resided in Baltimore, Md., died and was "buried 
there June 22, 1892. He was horn October 25, 1844 in 
Baltimore, Md. and died and v/as buried there May 17, 

It is interesting in this connection to note that 
Mr. Gordon was a direct descendant of William the Con- 
queror, through the Skipwiths. (See "Americans of 
Royal Descent" "by Charles H. Browning, page 446.) 

I. Bazil Pitzhugh (Gordon) horn October 5, 1866 

in Baltimore, Md. and died and v;as buried 
there February 27, 1888. He died unmarried. 

II. Henry Skipwith (Gordon), born August 26, 1868 
in Baltimore, Maryland, educated with his 
brother at Marsden's University School, 
Baltimore, married Mai-garet Wallach Stew- 
art, daughter of V/illiam E. Stevmrt and 
Margaret (V/allach) Stewart of Cambridge, 
Maryland at Baltimore, Maryland. He re- 


sides in Easton, Maryland. She was "born 
in Easton, Md, 

(1) Plenry Skipwith (Gordon) torn 

January 5, 1901 at Baltimore, 




'A' ELLA (441.Jolin Parsons; 342. Samuel; 246. John; 
133.Ephraiin; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 
was horn October 15, 1847 at Washington, D. C, mar- 
ried Prancis Smith Rohertson, son of Gov. V/yndham 
RoTjertson and Mary Prances Trigg (Smith) Rohexiison of 
Abingdon, Va. at Baltimore, Md., Januar;^' 30, 1868. 
Resides at "The Meadows" near Ahlngdon, Va. He was 
horn January 3, 1841 at Richmond, Va. 

The outhrealc of the Civil War found jfr. Robert- 
son a student in the University of Virginia. He prompt- 
ly obeyed the suimiions to arms of his native state, re- 
ceiving a commission as Pirst Lieutenant in Company I, 
48th Virginia Infantry, with which he served in the 
West Virginia campaign of General R. E. Lee. Hard- 
sliips and exposure wrecked his health, and in 1862 he 

j ■I 


was honoratly discharged. After recruiting his health, 
he accepted the position of Assistant Engineer on the 
staff of General Stuart, served until the death of 
his famous chief, and after that to the end of the 
war, as engineer officer in W. H. P. Lee's division. 
In the reports he was often coimnended for ability and 

Lieut. Robertson is descended from the marriage 
of Princess Pocahontas to John Rolfe. A valuable his- 
tory of Pocahontas and her descendants has been pre- 
pared by father. 

I. Mary IWheeler (Robertson) born October 24, 
1868 at "The Meadows" near Abingdon, Va., 
married Willoughby Athelstan Reade, son of 
Willoughby Reade and Hannali (Garland) Reade 
of London, England, June 26, 1894 at Ab- 
ingdon, Va. He was born July 9, 1865 in 
London, Eng. 

(1) rrank Robertson (Reade) born 

July 13, 1895 at "The 

(2) Eveljoa Drew (Reade) born August 

22, 1898 at "The Meadows." 

(3) Stella Garland (Reade) bom Apr. 

14, 1900 at the Episcopal 
High School, near Alexan- 
. dria, Va. 

(4) UsiTy Willoughby (Reade) born 

January 16, 1905 at the 
Episcopal High School. 


II. Stella Porresta (RoTjertson) , "born Decemlaer 
25, 1870 at "The Meadows" died March 9, 
187 6 at Baltimore, Md. and was buried in 
Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D. C. 

III. Frank Smith (Robertson), born September 13, 
1873 at "The Meadows"; died Baltimore, Md. 
February, 1876 and was buried at Oak Hill 
Cemetery, Washington, D. C. 

IV. Kay Markham (Robertson), born at "The M«adows" 
August 6, 1877. 

V. Jolin V/heeler (Robertson), bom at "The Mead- 
ows" May, 1882; died there July 12, 1883 
and buried in Abingdon, Va. 

VI. Ella Wheeler (Robertson), bom June 20, 1890 
at "The Meadows." 

(J y' 504. 

y p'" JOmT HAROLD (441.Jolin Parsons; 342. Samuel; 246. 
John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was born January 17, 1852 at Washington, 
D. C, married Emma Abi Hillard, daughter of Oliver 
Burr Hillard and Hannah Elizabeth (Dennis) Hillard of 
Wilkes- Barre, Pa., November 2, 1875 at Baltimore, Md. 
He died April 2, 1902 at Hot Springs, Arkansas, and 
was buried in Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore. She v/as 
born January 20, 1854 at Y/ilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Ou/ ^i'ud- 

-•^•7/1 ■- /</,u^,i.x 




• 162 

Mr. 'Wheeler was reared in Washington, D. C. and 
was educated at the Episcopal High School near Alex- 
andria, Va. Upon graduating at that institution, he 
completed a course in Civil Engineering and was prac- 
tising that profession when he had hardly reached his 
majority. After his marriage to the heautiful and 
charming Miss Hillard, he settled in Talhot County, 
Maryland, near Easton. Here in their pretty country 
--hoBie, "Marengo," Mr. and Mrs, "Wheeler and their chil- 
dren lived for twenty, years. About 1895, having re- 
ceived an appointment in the U. S. Subtreasury at Bal- 
timore, Mr. "Wheeler removed v:ith his family to that 
city. / He remained in the subtreasurj' until his death, 
having filled with remarkable efficiency his position 
for eight years. In politics Mr. Wheeler was a staun- 
ch Democrat. His integrity of character, cheerful- 
ness of disposition, and affability of manner endeared 
him to all whose good fortune it was to know him. 

Children, all born at "Marengo," Talbot County, 
Maryland: ' < .'.^ \ f^:.',P i'-^' -< / u'^' / X : ' •- / y >■"''-"' t 


c> r 


LJ.iJ J-i~. 

--J ^ x544. John Harold, "born August 15, 187 6; mar- -/-^ 

,/ ried Olivia Dulany. 

/ 545. Emma Porresta, 'born September 15, 1877 
at "Marengo," Taltot Co., Md. died 
I there January 19. 1891 and was "buried 

'• in OaJc Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C. 

x546. Louise Hillard, "bom DecemlDer 23, 1882;,, . 
I' j / I married Lieut. Lewis Turtle.^-x.:.' -iiu^-Ui-<-^ 

'rii-^^r'^''^-547. John Parsons, horn July 18, 1887. ' . X^L^ag/f.? 

'^c^j^ 505 . 

JAJIES SAHniEL (442. James Parsons; 342. Samuel; 246. 
John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19: Joseph; 4.ThoEias; 
I.Thomas) was horn December 25, 1850 in Hardeman County, 
Tennessee, married Sarah Louisa Daily, daughter of 
Loving Daily and Gracy (South) Daily of Hardeman County, 
Tennessee, January 12, 1871 in Hardeman County, Re- 
sides at Hickory Valley, Tenn., and is a farmer. She 
was horn June 28, 1848 in Blount County, Alabama. 

X548. John David, born March 30, 1872; married 
Tempe Ann Barher. 
549. Samuel Ellis, boxn September 23, 1873 in 
Hardeman County, Tenn.; died thei-e 
October 17, 1875 and was buried in 
Middleburg, Tenn. 

x550. Joseph Edgar, bom December 31, 1875; mar- 
ried Sarah Sparkman. 


551. Ransom Madison, "born January 2, 187 8 in 
Hardeman Co., Tenn., died there 
June 12, 1891 and was "buried in 
Middleburg, Tenn. 
x552. Jajmes Charles, "bom Noveaber 17, 1879; 
married Prances Jane Trout. 

553. Infant son, unnamed, born and died May 18, 

1882 in Hardenan County, Tenn.; buried 
in Middleburg, Tenn. 

554. Sarah Snma, born November 3, 1884 in Harde- 

man Co., Tenn. 

WlUjim JOSEPH (442. James Parsons; 342. Samuel; 
246.Jolan; 133.Ephi'aim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was born March 4, 1858 in Hardeman County, 
Tennessee, married Tennie Allen Doyle, da-Ugiiter of 
Samuel Doyle and Jerusha (Sexton) Doyle of Hardeman 
County, Tenn., January 7, 1883 in Hardeman Co. He re- 
sides in Bolivar, Tenn., and is a merchant. She was 
born November 1, 1866 in Hardeman Co., Tenn. 

555. William Ernest, born November 21, 1883 in 

Hardeman County, Tenn. 

556. Samuel Arthur, boi-n September 17, 1887 in 

Hardeman County. 

557. Lily, born August 6, 1889 in Hardeman County, 

died there October 4, 1891; buried 
in Middleburg, Tenn. 



558. Cleo, "born January 8, 1893 in Hardeman Co. 

559. Mary Willie, born December 18, 1900 in 

Hardeman County; died December 5, 
1901 at Bolivar, Tenn., and buried in 
Middleburg, Tenn. 

JOHN BMTEHEAD (444.Jabe2i 342. Samuel; 246.Jolin; 
133.Ephraim; 65.Josepli; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 
was born August 19, 1837 in Alexandria, Virginia, mar- 
ried first, Ivlar:^- Chedal, daughter of William Claedal at 
Washington, D. C, November 2, 1859. She was born at 
Washington, D. C. and died there. He married second, 
Annie Maria, daughter of Prancis Jones and Elizabeth 
Jane (Donaldson) Jones of Georgetovm, D. C. at George- 
to\Tm (now West Washington, D. C), January 3, 1867. 
Resided in V/ashington, D. C, died in Kansas City, 
Missouri, January 6, 1890 and was buried there. Mrs. 
Elizabeth (Jones) Wheeler was born May 30, 1848 in 
Kansas City, Missouri, and died there January 27, 
1890. No issue by first wife, but by second had: 

x560. Louise Jane, born August 29, 1867; mar- 
ried Nathan Wetzel. 


561. John Bankhead, "bom July 12, 1869, at Wash- 

ington, D. C, 

562. Rohert Francis, "bom Pehruary 13, 1871 at 

Washington, D. C. 

563. Francis RoBzell, "bom July 9, 1878 at Wash- 

ington, D. C. 

564. Infant girl, unnamed, ho to May 30, 1888 at 

Kansas City, Mo., and died and was 
huried there January 27, 1890. 


ROBERT IIEITERY (444.Ja"be2; 342. Samuel; 246. John; 
133.Ephraim; 65.Jo]aeph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 
was born October 22, 1841 in Alexandria, Virginia, and 
died March 21, 1861 in Washington, D. C. and was hur- 
ied there. 

This exemplary young man has just graduated from 
high school with high honors and was preparing to 
enter Columbian College when he died. In addition to 
a noble and beautiful character of great strength he 
was gifted with a tenor voice of high order and an 
astonishing talent for writing poetry. 

ELEAITOR LOUISA (444.Jabea; 342. Samuel; 24 6. John; 
133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 


was "born Juhe 8, 1846 in Alexandria, Va., married 
CHiarles Henry TOiite of Philadelphia, Pa., at Washing- 
ton, D. C, October 7, 1875. Resides in Washington, 
D. C. He was "born July 29, 1836 in Philadelphia, Pa. 
and died Pehruary 6, 1896 in Washington, L. C. No issue. 


CREIGHTON MASSIE (445 .Ephraim; 342. Samuel; 246. 
John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 
was born December 26, 1836 in Alexandria, Va., married 
Ua.Ty Armbruster, daughter of Peter Armbruster and 
Emeline (Stokes) Armbruster of Philadelphia, Pa., De- 
cember, 1858 at Philadelphia, Pa. Resided in Wash- 
ington, D, C. and died and was buried there December 
23, 1871. She died June, 1873. 

Mr. Wheeler received his education at McGloud's 
Seminary in Washington and then engaged in the hardware 


■buoinesa. During the Civil War he served three months 

with the V/ashington Light Infantry. 

x565. Harry Linthicum, torn Septemher 27, 1859; 
married Llattie Dodd. 

566. Peter Ephraim, horn 1862 in Philadelphia, 

died August, 1865, in Washington, D. C 
and via.3 buried there, 

567. Creighton, horn ahout 1864 in Washington, 

D. G. died September 10, 1865 in Wash- 
ington and was buried there. 

5 68. Emma, born September, 1866 in Washington; 
died November 6. 1867 in Washington 
and was buried there. 

5 69. Mary Isabel, born September 30, 1869 in 
Washington; died March 10, 1869 in 
Washington and was buried there, 
x570. Clarence Creighton, bom Oct. 6, 1870 in 
Philadelphia,. Pa., married Jessie 
Jane Locl^ood. 


MARTHA CORHELIA (445 .Ephraim; 342. Samuel; 246. 
John; 133. Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was born January 12, 1843 in Alexandria, Va., 
married Thomas Vernon Maclcintosh of Washington, D. C. 
son of James Mackintosh and Lucinda (Vernon) Mackintosh, 
September 4, 1861 in Baltimore, Maryland. Resides in 
V/ashington, D. C. He was born March 9, 1841 in Waelh- 
ington, D. C. 


I. Clifford TWheeler (Mackintosh), "born May 1, 
1862 at V/aahington, D. C, died and 
"buried there Octoloer 9, 1862. 

II. Martha Creighton (Mackintosh), bom Septem- 
ber 10, 1865 in Washington, D. C, 
married William Ellsworth Wise, son 
of Samuel Wise and Jane Ann (Jacobs) 
Y/ise of Alexandria, Va., March 19, 
1888 in Y^ashington, D. C. Resides in 
V/ashlngton, D. C. He was horn March 
15. 1861 in Washington, D. G. 

(1) Cornelia Louise (Y/ise) horn Aug. 

21, 1891 in Washington, D. C. 

(2) Mildred Ellsworth (Wise) horn 

August 18, 1893 in Washing- 
ton, D. G. 

III. Ephraim Wheeler (Mackintosh) horn February 
18, 1868 at Washington, D. C, mar- 
ried Bessie Amelia Gass, daughter of 
Stuart Gass and Amelia Ann (Gatley) 
Gass of Concord, N. H., March 11. 
1891 at Baltimore, Md. Resides in 
Washington, D. G. 

(1) Grace Amelia (Mackintosh) born 

April 8, 1392 at Washington, 
J). C. 

(2) Majel Stuart (Mackintosh) born 

April 7, 1893 in Washington. 

(3) Elsie Park (Mackintosh) born March 

10, 1895 in Washington. 

(4) Bessie Gass (Macklntsoh) born 

July 8, 1897 in Washington. 

(5) John Wheeler (Mackintosh) , born 

September 23, 1899 in Wash- 

IV. Thomas Vernon (Mackintosh) born April 27, 1873 
at Washington, D. C., married Cora 


Edna Skeen, daughter of Stephen Dunn Skeen 
and Caroline (Echternock) Skeen of Stras- 
"burfe, Lancaster Co., Pa., Octo"ber 24, 1892 
at V/asliington, D. C. Resides in WasMng- 
ton, D. C. She \yas "born May 24, 1876 in 

(1) Earl Middle ton (Mackintosh) born 

DecemlDer 24, 1894 in V/ash- 

ington, D. C. 

V. Clara (Mackintosh) "born December 25, 1878 in 
Washington, D. G, 

VI. Ernest King (Mackintosh) "bom February 11, 
1881 at Washington, D. C. 


.MAIIY VIRGINIA (445. Ephraim; 342, Samuel; 246. John; 
133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) 
was born Ju2iy 4, 1844 in Washington, D. C, married 
William Henry Walker, son of Levi 7/alker and Laura 
(Smith) Wallcer of Chester, N. H., May 30, 1863 in 
V/ashington, D. C. Resides in Washington, D. C. 

Capt . Williaxa H. Walker was born in Chester, N. H. 
February 2, 1838. His grandfathers on both sides served 
in the Revolutionary War. During almost the entire 
period of the Civil War, Capt. Walker rendered con- 


spicuous serrice to the Union. He enlisted in Gorapany 
E., 5th. Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, and served 
until the discharge of his regiment. After that he 
assisted in the organization of the Quarter-Master's 
Department at Alexandria, Va. and then enlisted in the 
20th Mass. Volunteers. He was in many engagements, 
including those of Gettysburg and Prederickahurg and 
was wounded a nvimher of times. He was finally incapa- 
citated hy a shell wound in the hack. 

For more than twenty- seven years he was employed 
in the General Land Office. He died August 28, 1899 
at his home in Washington add was "buried at Arlington. 

I. Laura Virginia (Walker) horn Noveaiber 6, 1864 
in Washington, D. G. 

II. Grace Anita (Walker) horn June 30, 1866 in 
Washington, D. C., married Hallett Osmer 
ITettleton, son of V/arren Nettleton and 
Augusta Maria (Tut tie) Net t let on of New 
Haven, Conn, at Washington, D. C., Novemher 
29, 1892. Resides in Washington, D. C. 
He was horn August 1, 1863 at New Haven, 

(1) Walker Orin (Bettleton) , harm ■ • 

June 14, 1895 in Washington, D.C, 

(2) Majorie (Nettleton) horn Decemher 

22, 1896 at Washington. 

(3) Malvern Revere (Nettleton) horn 

February 11, 1904 at Wash- 


III. Malvern McKay (7/allcer) Isorn Feliruary 21, 1868 
at Washington, D. C, died and was "buried 
there January 19, 1871. 

IV. Atlaott Revere (Walker) torn DecemTjer 12, 1870 
at Washington, D. C, married Addie Lar- 
rick, daughter of David Larrick and Retec- 
ca L. (Prenger) Larrick of Y/inchester, Va., 
September 18, 1895 at Baltimore, Md. Re- 
sides in Mitchellsville, Md. She was born 
March 25, 1865 at Hay field, Va. 

(1) Warren Revere (Walker) born Aug. 

4, 1856 in Hayfield, Va. 

(2) William David (Walker) born Januaiy 

15, 1898 at Washington, D.C. 

V. Mayday Louise (Walker) born May 1, 1874 in 

Washington, D. C, married William Britton, 
son of Alexander Thompson Britton and Mary 
(Martin) Britton of New York, N. Y. at 
Washington, D. C, November 17, 1897. Re- 
sides in V/ashington, D. C. He was born 
February 4, 1872 in Washington, D. C. 

(1) Alexander Walker (Britton) born 

and died Deceiaber 23, 1898 
at V/ashington. D. C. 

(2) Alexander Thompson (Britton) born 

April 7, 1903 at Washington. 

(3) Laura Virginia (Britton) . 

ARTHUR MIDDLET ON (445 .Ephraimj 342. Samuel; 246. 
John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas: 
I.Thomas) was born May 15, 1850 in Washington, D. C, 
married Rose Eunice Canfield, daughter of Charles I. 


Canfield and Margaret I. (Prentiss) Canfield of Washing- 
ton, D. C, January 8, 1872 at Washington, D. C. Re- 
sided at Washington, D. C. She was 'born October 20, 
1850 at Y/ashington, D. C. 

x571. Arthur Middleton, horn Novemher 9, 1872; 

married Edna Johnson. 
572. Morris Canfield, horn October 1, 1875 at 

Washington, D. C, died and buried 

there August, 1898. 
x573. Rose Anna, born June 22, 1878; married 

Willis Van Sicklen. 

574. Creighton, born at Falls Churdi , Va. and 

died there. 

575. GraOiana, born January 18, 1886 at Washington, 

D. C, died and was buried there No- 
vember 16, 1891. 

576. Roger, born May 6, 1887 at Washington, D.G. 


EMELIJTE PITZER (451. Joseph Richards; 342. Samuel; 
246. John; 133,Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
1. Thomas) was born January 6, 1859 at Lexington, Vir- 
ginia, married John Thomas Freeman, son of William 
Freeman and Mary Ann Freeman of Lancaster, Pa., Octo- 
ber 25, 1883 at Baltimore, Maryland. Resided in Wash- 
ington, D. C, died September 11, 1886 at Baltimore, 
Maryland, and was buried at Washington, D. C. Their 


I. Joseph Wheeler (Preeman) , horn Decemher 19, 
1884 at Washington, D. C. 

JOSEPH RICfCAED RYON (451. Joseph Richards; 342. 
Samuel; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 
4.Thoinas; I.Thomas) was horn August 4, 1861 at Staunton, 
Virginia, married Ella Irence Cromwell, daughter of 
Oliver H. Cromv/ell and Sarah E. (Somerrille) Cromwell 
of Baltimore, Md., Novemher 7, 1888 at Baltimore, Md. 
He resides in Baltimore and is in the lumber and real 
estate business. 

577. William Wanton, horn August 17, 1889 at 

Baltimore, Md. 

578. James Somerville, horn May 25, 1891 at Bal- 


579. Millard Dixon, horn January 14, 1898, at 


WILLIAM SAMUEL (451. Joseph Richards; 342. Samuel; 
246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
1. Thomas) was horn March 9, 1865 at Washington, D. C, 


. ;.;g 



married Ella Virginia Stevens of Baltimore, Md. at 
Baltimore, July 12, 1886. He died October 7, 1894 at 
University Park, Colorado, and was "buried in Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Mr. IWheeler's early life was spent in Washington, 
where he attended at first private school for about four 
years and then public school for a short time. Upon 
i removal of his father's family to Baltimore he entered 
the public schools of that city and continued to at- 
tend until his sixteenth year. Upon reaching that 
age he was granted a license to preach. 

31r. V^heeler then travelled as junior pastor on 
a circuit just outside of Baltimore and under the 
jurisdiction of the Baltimore M. E. Church. Afterward 
he took a course at Pennington Seminary, N, J,, on the 
completion of which ire removed to the Nebraska Con- 
ference M. E. Church. Here he labored until his mar- 
riage, and on returning to Nebraska, added the office 
of Superintendent of Public Instruction to his duties. 
Ill- health, however, prompted his return East and on 
arriving in Philadelphia he joined that conference of 


the M. E. Church. Soon afterward he built the West 
York Street M. E. Church, one of the most desirable 
and prosperous charges of the conference. 

After a few years spent in Philadelphia, however, 
his health 'becaine so impaired that he was compelled 
to desist from all work. Mr. 'Wheeler then went to 
Colorado seeking health, hut after a short sojourn 
there, died. 

580. Joseph, horn Novemher 3, 1887; died same day. 

581. Edna Hancock, horn January 20, 1889 at 
Tamaqua, Penns^^'lvania. 

582. Sydney Stevens, horn February 2, 1890; died 
July 22, 1890. 

583 .William Aurand, born March 7, 1892 at Tama- 
qua, Pennsylvania. 

584. Isabella Calloway, born January 20, 1893; 
died 1893. 

THOMAS (451. Joseph Richards; 342. Samuel; 246. 
John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19, Joseph; 4, Thomas; 
I.Thomas) was born ITovember 10, 1868 at Alexandria, 
Virginia, married Henrietta Burgess Mathews, daughter 
of William Lee Mathews and Harriet Ann (Howard) Mathews 
of Glenwood, Howard County, Maryland. Resides at Re- 


llance, Delaware. She was "born October 6, 1875 at 
Glenwood, Maryland. 

All the years of Mr. TOieeler's youth were spent 
in Baltimore and Washington where his father preached 
as a meraher of the Baltimore Conference of the Metho- 
dist-Episcopal Church. "When ahout twenty years old he 
went to Philadelphia and was employed "by the firm of 
John Wanamaker. During his residence in Philadelphia 
he was convdrted and joined the West York. Street M. E. 
Church, and soon afterward w^s licensed hy that church 
to exhort. Prora there he went to Pennington Seminary, 
the co-educational institution of the M. E. Church, 
New Jersey Conference. 

After a hrief course at the seminary, Mr. Wheeler 
returned to Baltimore and joined the West Baltimore 
M. E. Church, knovm as Whatcoat. The Quarterly Con- 
ference of this church licensed him a local preacher 
ahout the year 1891. In the sping of 1892 he attended 
the session of the Baltimore Annual Conference and re- 
ceived from the Presiding Elder an appointment to Pata- 
psco Circuit, Howard County, Maryland. He then travelled 


two yeai's, but his aealth. would not stand the strain 
of such a large wor]£ so he took local orders for eight 
years. After marrying Mr. "Wheeler resxMied the work, 
hut his wife "being a Methodist-Protestant, and a more 
providential filed opening in this diurch, he withdrew 
from the M. E. Church and took itinerant orders in the 
M. P. Church, By that Conference he v;as assigned to 
Pelt on, Delaware, in 1901; then to Reliance, Del., in 

585. Harriet Mathews, "bom July 29, 1901 at Glen- 

wood, Md. 

586. Plorence Catherine, "born August 15, 1902 

at Reliance, Del. 


JOHN BALTZELL (451. Joseph Richards; 342. Samuel; 
24 6. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; 
1. Thomas) was "born August 16, 1871 in Baltimore, Mary- 
land, died Octo'ber 19, 1899 in Reisterstown, Maryland, 
and was iDuried in V/ashington, D. C. 

Mr. Wheeler's early life was spent in Baltimore. 
There he was educated in the puhlic schools, hut took 
an additional course in the German- English School of 
that city. 

At sixteen he entered the employ of E. M, Lazarus 


& Co. of Baltimore, wlio were dealers in liomlDer. At 
twenty he went to Cincinnati and while there formed a 
partnership with Mr. J. D. Landwehr of Cumherland, Md. 
for the purpose of exporrting hardwoods. At first Messrs, 
Landwehr & V/heeler located their "business in Curaher- 
land, hut on account of superior facilities they removed 
to Baltimore, where the partnership conducted husiness 
successfully until terminated hy Mr. Wheeler's death. 

ROSALIE SULLY (486. Charles Sully; 423. John Hill; 
340. John; 246. John; 133.1phraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 
4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn Septemher 19, 1862 at 
Washington, D. C, married William Harper, son of Wil- 
liam Harper and Nancy (V/orlc) Harper of Shippenshurg, 
Pa., April 12, 1887 at Washington, D. C. Resides in 
New Bloomfield, Perry County, Pennsylvania. 

I. William (Harper) horn Pehruary 29, 1888. 
II. Julia Ellen (Harper) horn Januaiy-3, 1890. 
III. Rosalie Sully (Harper) horn Septemher 23, 1891, 
IV. Nancy 7^ork (Harper) horn March 19, 1893. 
V. David Neil (Harper) horn Decemher. 28, 1894. 

JOIDI HILL (486. Charles Sully; 423. John Hill; 


340. John; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 
4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was 'born SeptemTser 28, 1865 at 
Washington, D, C, mari'ied Susan Adelle Esputa, daughter 
of Prof. John E. Esputa and Mary (Welch) Esputa of 
Washington, D. C, at T/ashington, D. C, Octoher 22, 
1885. Resides in Washington, D. C. 

At the age of thirteen the suhject of this sketch 
left pulDlic school, which he had attended theretofore, 
and "began learning the art of printing. Upon complet- 
ing his apprenticeship a few years afterward, he was 
appointed to a position in the Government Printing 
Office, hut through a change in the administration he 
lost his ijosition ejid then \7ent in the printing "busi- 
ness for himself. This he carried on for six years, 
after vfliich he was reappointed to the Government Print- 
ing Office. A few years later he resigned his position 
and took up his residence in Hew York City, "but about 
1902 returned to V^ashington to his old position in the 
Printing Office, where he is now employed. 

Mr. Wheeler has always had a fondness for aquatic 
sports, particularly yachting. He has owned several 

.i.I , i3'..C 


very fine yaclite on v/hicli the writer remeEibers with 
pleasure accompanying him on his sails down the Poto- 

587. Prances Colleen, horn July 25, 1886 in V/ash- 
ington, D. 0, 


JTJXIA HOOBE (486. Charles Sully; 423. John Hill; 

340.Jolin; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 

4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn June 30, 1867 at "Elha" 

near 7/ashington, D. 0., married James William Morrissey, 

son of Richard Morrissey and Katherine Morrissey of 

Nev; York, N. Y., Decemher 28, 1886 at Washington, D. C. 

Resides in Hew York city. 

I. James Duff (Morrissey) horn October 4, 1887; 
died Pehi-uary 28, 1869. 
II. Julia Prances (Morrissey) horn May 19, 1892. 
III. Grace Elizabeth (Morrissey) born April 28, 1894. 

WISE\\'ELL (486. Charles Sully; 423. John Hill; 340. 
John; 24 6. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4. 
Thomas; I.Thomas) was born April 10, 1870 at "Elba" 


near Y/ashincton, D. 0., married Grace Jane Bell, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Hamilton Bell and Sadie (Harmon) Bell of 
Detroit, 'Micliican, PeT^ruaiy 13, 1890 at Rockville, Md. 
Resides in Washington, D. C She was ■born August 14, 
1870 at Jersey City, N. J. and died February 7, 1907 at 
Wasliington, D. C Mr. Iheeler travels for a prominent 
pu^blishing house. 

588. Prances Lorraine, horn Pehrviary 20, 1891 

at Washington, D. 0, 

589. Dorot}iy, horn August 24, 1893 at Wasliington; 

died there and v/as huried there. 


WILLIAM DOWIITG (486. Charles Sully; 423. John 
Hill; 340. John; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. 
Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn Octoher 4, 1883 
at Washington, D. C 

The compiler of this work was educated in St. 
John's College, Y/ashington, D. C, from which he 
graduated in 1901 with the degree of Bachelor of 
Science, at the same time receiving the College Prize 
for the hest English essay and also a scholarship for 
a complete course in the law department of Georgetown 

In 1904, having completed the prescribed course 
of study, the degree of Bachelor of Laws v/as conferred 
upon him "by Georgetown University, At his graduation 
he also received the Edward Thompson Co. Prize for 
"the hest legal thesis to "be written hy a memher of 
the graduating class." Mr. "Wheeler's subject v/as "The 
Doctrine of Equitable Estoppel." 

After successfvilly passing a severe examination, 
the compiler v/as on his tv/enty- first birthday admitted 
to the Bar of the District of Columbia. 

Mr. "Wheeler was married to Mary Church, daughter of 
Virginia (Lewis) and the lateMaj. Thomas Turtle, Corps of 
Engineers, U. S. Army, July 51, 1912 at Washington, D. C. 
She v/as born September 19, 1887 at Washington, D. C. 


HAHRIET ELLEU (487 .Levi Woodbury; 423. John Hill; 
340. John; 246. John; ISS.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 
4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom September 15, 1870 at 
"Elba" near Washington, D. C, mari-ied Ralph Nutting 
of Oswego, Nev/ York, December 17, 1902 at Washington, 
D. C. Resides in Washington, D. C. 

CLARA BAYME (487 .Levi Woodbury; 423. John Hill; 
340. John; 246. John; 133.Ephralm; 65, Joseph; 19. Joseph; 


4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was 'born April 4, 187 8 at "The 

Oaks" near V/aslilncton, D. C, married Otto Purman 

Wieters, eon of John Christian Meters and Elizalaeth 

(Hash) Wieters of New York, N. Y. , June 2, 1903 at 

Washington, D. C. Resides in New York, N. Y. He v/as 

"bom Janviarj'- 12, 1870 in Charleston, South Carolina. 

I. Charles Benjamin (Y/ieters) "bom April 3, 1904 
at New York, N. Y. 

^y 544. 

\/ '" JOHLT IIAHOID (504. John Harold; 441. John Parsons; l/ 

342. Samuel; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. 
Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was horn August 15, 187 6 
at "Marengo" Talbot County, Maryland, married Olivia 
Donaldson Dulany, daughter of Walter Dulany and Eleanor 
Alston (Siirajions) Kulany of Baltimore, Maryland, Octo- .-^f) 
her 30, 1902 at Baltimore, Md. st^ V^-^l&C- ^-^^"^ ^' "'^ "^ 
Mr. V^eeler v^as educated privately. At the out- 
break of the Spanish War he enlisted- as a corporal 
in Company M, 5th Maryland Infantry, hut never reached 
Cuba. He is at present engaged in the bftfiding busine;ss 
in Baltimore. Mrs. V^eeler was bom January' 30, 1877 

. ciotasJ.i^ilO -it Ovax ,S£ •^^flxxn^t irrod' 



in Baltimore, 1^[\ 1^ <:i CX::io.^^-^ /"^'^^'^ 

590. Olivia Donaldson Dulany , "bo rn November 5, 
1903, in Ealtimore. i 

51 1 £L^...,, .'//..*r^- k-/uul^, ^^f^y^'V / 

LOUISE HIL:lAKD (504. John Harold; 441.Jolin Parsons; 
342. Samuel; 246.Jolin; 133.Epliraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 
4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was 'born December 23, 1882 at 
"Marengo", Talbot County, Maryland, married Lieutenant 
Leviis Turtle, Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army, son of 
Major Thomas Turtle, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army, and 
Virginia Elizabeth (Lewis) Turtle of ¥est .Was}iington, D, 
C, September 27, 1905 at Baltimore, Maryland. Resides 
at port McHenry, Baltimore. He was born January 1, 1880 
at Charleston, West Virginia. 

JOHN DAVID (505. James Samuel; 442. James Parsons; 
342.Sarnuel; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 
4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was born March 30, 1872 in Hardeman 
County, Tennessee, married Tempe Ann Barber, davighter 
of James V/esley Barber and Nancy Jane (Youngblood) Bar^ 
ber of Tipton County, Tennessee, March 18, 1897 in Harde- 


man, County, Tennessee, Resides in Hardeman County, Tenn, 
She v/as "born October 2, 1872 in Calhoun County, ¥is8. 

591. Ruth, born September 14, 1898 in Hardeman 

County, Tenn. 

592. Joseph Alvin, born October 31, 1899 in Harde- 

man County. 

593. Anne Catherine, bom March 26, 1902 in Harde- 

man County. 

JOSEPH EDGAR (505. James Samuel; 442. James Par*- 
sons; 342.Sarauel; 246. John; 133,Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 
19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom December 31, 
1875 in Hardeman County, Tenn., married Sarah Louisa 
Sparkman, daughter of Andrew Jackson Sparlonan and 
Susan (Southall) Sparlonan of Hardeman County, Tenn., 
December 28, 1898 in Hardeman County. He resides in 
Hardeman County, and like his brother, Jolin David, is 
a farmer. She v:as born November 15, 1875 in Harde- 
man County, Tenn. 

594. Samuel Jackson, born July 4, 1900 in Harde- 

man County, Tenn. 

595. Lula Read, born July 21, 1902 in Hardeman 

County, Tenn. 


JAfiES CI-IAKLES (505. James Samuel; 442. James Par- 
sons; 342. Samuel; 246. John; 133.Epliraim; 65. Joseph; 
19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was "born Novemljer 17, 
1879 in Ilardeman County, Tenn., married Prances Jane 
Trout, daughter of Leroy Trout and Elizaheth Nash 
(Plgg) Trout of Hardeman County, Tenn., DecemlDer 25, 
1902 in Hardeman County, Tenn. He is a farmer in Harde- 
man County. She was horn Decemher 27, 1879 in Harde- 
man County, Tenn. 

LOUISE JAITE (508. John Banldiead; 444.Jahez; 342. 
Samuel; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65.Joseph; 19. Joseph; 
4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom August 29, 1867 ih Wash- 
ington, D. C, married Nathan Wetzel, son of Nathan 
Wetzel and Agnes (Herring) Wetzel of Danville, Pa. 
at Kansas City, Missouri, January 11, 1888. Resides 
at Kilhoum, Wisconsin. He v;as horn Octoher 8, 1866 
at Danville, Pa. 


I. ITatalie Louisa (Wetzel) 1)0171 January 27, 1890 
at Kansas City, Missouri. 
II. TWieeler Wallace (V/etzel) bom July 28, 1891 
at Kansas City, Mo., died there De- 
cember 11, 1891. 
III. Eleanor Laura (Wetzel) "bom August 23, 1893 
at Kansas City, Missouri. 

IIARRY LIimnCUM (511.Creighton Massie; 445 .Ephraim; 
342. Samuel; 246. John; 133,Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 
4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was "born September 27/ 1859 at 
Philadelphia, Pa., married Mattie Mary Dodd, daughter 
of Ross Dodd and Jane M. (Houston) Dodd of Montreal, 
Canada, April 23, 1896 at Manhattan, Illinois. Re- 
sides in Ottawa, Canada. She v/as bom May 7, 1873 at 
Montreal, Canada. 

596. Mamie Harrington, bom March 11, 1898 at 
Auburn, N. Y. 

CLAE^ICE CREIGHTON (511.Creighton Massie; 445. 
Iphraim; 542. Samuel; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 
19. Joseph; 4. Thomas; I.Thomas) was bom October 6, 1870 


at Philadelphia, Pa., married Jessie Jane Loclavood, 
daugtiter of Thoraas Jacob Loclcv70od and Evalina (Bockus) 
Loclcvrood of Brooklyn, IT. Y. at Brooklyn, June 17, 1896. 
Resides in Brooklyn. She vras iDom August 19, 1875 in 
Nev; York city. 

597. Dorothy Evelyn, horn March 30, 1897 at 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

598. Thomas Jacoh Lockwood, "bom August 4, 1899, 

in BrookljTi. 

599. C-ilhert Creighton, bom February 14, 1904 

in Brooklyn. 


ARTKUR IUDDLETOU (517. Arthur Middletonj 445 .Eph- 
raim; 342. Samuel; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 
19, Joseph; 4. Thomas; 1. Thomas) was born November 9, 
1872 at V/ashington, P. C, married Edna Johnson, 
daughter of Jolin Colbert Johnson and Marion Jane 
(Goode) Jolinson of West Washington, P. C, June 27, 
1894 at Annapolis, Maryland. Resides at Jails Church, 
Virginia. She v^as bom Pebruary 23, 1874 at West 
Washington, P. C. 

Arthur M. Wheeler, Jr., attended public school in 
his native city until his fifteenth year. He then 

entered Prof. Charles B. Young's Emerson Institute in 
V/asliington and remained at that well-laiov/n academy fox 
aLout a year and a half. When nearly seventeen Mr. 
Wheeler "began and contained work as a clerk, meanwhile 
studying law at Georgetown University, School of Law, 
from which he graduated in the class of 1894. He then 
accepted a clerical position under the Federal Govern- 
ment and has continued in its service at Washington 
up to the present time. 

600. Sue Creighton, torn Decegiher 25, 1894 at 

Indianhead, Charles County, Md. 

601. Keith Compton, horn Novemher 29, 1897 at 

Indianhead, Md. 

602. Morris Conden, torn June 18, 1899 at West 

Washington, D. C. 

603. Ruel Swiggett, torn August 29, 1900 at Palls 

Cliurdi, Va. 

604. Arthur Middleton, toom May 2, 1902 at Palls 

Church, Va. 


ROSE AIDTA (517 .Arthur Middleton; 445.Ephraim; 342. 
Samuel; 246. John; 133.Ephraim; 65. Joseph; 19. Joseph; 4, 
Thomas; I.Thomas) was torn June 22, 1879 at V/ashington, 
D. G., married Willis Lawrence Van Siclclen, son of 

George WasMngton Van Sicklen and Augusta (Ladue) Van 
Sicklen of New York, N. Y., DecemlDer 31, 1900 at Wash- 
ington, D. C. Besided at Hartford, Conn., died March 
21, 1902 and was "buried at Washington, D. C. 

I. Arthur Middlet on (Van Sicklen), horn Septemher 
23, 1901 at Hartford, Conn. 


437. Enuna Merritt Y/heeler, daughter of Jaloez TOaeeler 

(iTo. 341 hereof) and Mary (Bell) Yflieeler was "born April 30, 

1806 in Winton, North Carolina, married Jacoh Hare, son of 

Thomas E. Hare and Sarah (Sharp) Hare of Manley's Necl:, 

Hertford Countj'-, North Carolina. She died in Cross County, 

Arkansas, in 1872 and was "buried there. Children. 

I. Thomas Pipkin (Hare) 'born 1828 in Hertford Co., 

N. C, married Bettie Turheville of Peters- 
burg, Virginia; died Pelaruary 23, 1883. 

II. Jacol) Sharp. (Hare) horn Decemher 25, 1831 in 
Hertford County, N. C. 
III. Ann M. (Hare) "born April 10, 1830 in Hertford" 
County, N. C. - 

IV. Mary Elizabeth (Hare) horn January 8, 1834 in 

Payette County, Tenn.; married Dr. T. ¥. 
Crump who v/as horn in 1830 at Petershurg, 
Va., and killed at Gaines Mills, Battle of 
Seven Pines, June 27, 1863 (?) and "buried 
in Riclimond. Va. 
V. Sallie Sharp (Hare; born March 3, 1842 in Tenn., 
married Capt . T. 0. Mos"by. He was bom in 
Memphis, Tenn. and died in Arkansas. She 
died Dec. in Arkansas. 

VI. P. M. (Hare) born Sept. 18, 1837 in Tenn., died 
July , 1890 in Arkansas. 

VII. Emma (Hare) ^m 1834 in Tenn., married J. B.. 

Crump, a lawyer, who during the Civil War 
v/as aid-de-camp to Gen. W. H. Jackson. She 
died in March, 1889. He was killed in 
Miss, during the Civil War and buried there. 

VIII. Nellie (Hare) born March 3, . in Tenn., mar- 

ried Dr. "P. H. Robins, who was bom in 
Virginia and died in Memphis, Tenn. She 
died in MmsqpidaqpcSEracoacS Arkansas Sept. 
10, 1889. 
IX. David Jabea (Hare) bom in Tenn., married Martha 
. who v/as born in Tenn. 
X. Jabez Wheeler (Hare) born March 10, in Tenn. 
married Olivia He died in Arkansas. 
She was bom in' Virginia. 

APPEKDIX I (Cont'd) 

438. ¥.a.vy Bell TOieeler, daughter of JaTDez "Wheeler 
(iTo. 341 hereof) and Mary (Bell) Y/heeler was torn April 4, 
1809 in V/inton, U. C, married U. 0. Blake. She died in May, 
1851 in ITashville, Tenn., and was "buried there. Children: 

I. Mary Bennet (Blake) horn and died in Tenn. 
II. Julia (Blalce) bom in Tenn. and died in Jackson, Tenn. 
III. Eliza (Blake) horn in Tenn. and huried in Tenn. 
IV. Andrenetta (Blalce) horn in Nashville, Tenn. 

v. Louise (ElaJce) . 

439. Jabez Bell "Wheeler, son of Jahez Wheeler (No. 341 
hereof) and M^ry (Bell) T?/heeler was horn June 16, 1813 in 
V/inton, N. C, married 1st Maria Anne Daughtry, daughter of 
"Williara Llills Daughtry and Susan, his wife. She was horn 
August 26, 1815 in Hertford County, N. C, and died Eehriiary 
14, 1867 in Dallas County, Arkansas. Married 2d . 

He died December 7, 1894 in Dallas County, Ark. Children: 

Jabez, married _^__^^^^ Smith. 

Jabea Hare, who resides in Ramsey, Ark. 

Mrs. Mar^' Susan Smith of Malvern, Ark. 

/ S /' ^ 

C-'LCA---i 'ij,,. .,Y' \ii"-a., i\ :(n,^'fA [C 


^>-^.-:o v^^.w.,/.t^.^-_ vX^_, /i/wd^v/^ 

^fn<t. ;<^T-;^; /...^^ ^,^ /M<:A:^^e^<-C^ ^ Alc'iMcc.^ /^- 7l^:S^ 

^•'•':.^ :^ 

'//<r>;-cr> ... 

^^ri)., J ia^.^VatJi 







'--^^0-)^^^ n 57 -*«^ /(• -7- .-ft-l 

-t — ,^f'^^^'^_^ /f?^.o-"/r..- liy-U^J...,^ U^,^ L^cit /// /^^./. 

V'-'^ ^-^'^ ^rj K... /^- /-Li..<.r -our.... ....... ,uA CO, C^ 


-tJ-v^' /(».-;-,l a>-"' 

-/- -^cr^^Ce^ A^vi.^^/o^^^ M^^^&LK^ ^ ci^u^Jct^i^Sj ($i3^^ 

200,6 -WHEELER, JOHN P., JR.-,.- , ..'^V;:,. A-s-W';' 10 August 1945 

SU;<Ji;cit Award of Bronze Star I^dal, 

,10.,., I First Lieutenant JORN P, WIIEEIER, JR., 025824, 
. ;...::.:■: ;. ... lafantry, (Amiored), Company "C", 19th 
Tank Battalion, APO 259, U, S, Amy, 

Py direction of the Prealden't and under the "provisions 
of AR 600-45, 22 bopteriber 1943, aa amended, and Circular 6, 
Headquarters Third United i>tatQs Army, 26 April 1944, as amended, 
you aire awarded a Bronje *>tar **edal aa set forth in the followingi 


First Lloutonant JOai i' , T^'EELEHi VR.» 026824, Infantry, , 
(Arirorod), Company " C" , 19th Tank Battalion, United States Army, for" 
meritorious service in connection v.ith tnilitarjr opsrationa af.ainst ,,,. 
tl\o enojiiy from 1 Liaroh 1945 to 8 i4iy 1945 in Germany, 'i'hroup;hout 
this ptiriod i'ir6t LiuutooAut v;ik,k.U.K brilliaptly ooordinateu the 
oporations oC his company in its rapid advance through Germany, His 
8killi\jl integration of the tactics of the company and the employiront 
of its I'ires brough.t remarkably sucoestiful roaultB, By his adept de-' ' 
■ployment and cVillfVil leadership, the- enemy was often surprlaed and , , 
derr-oralitcd, counterattacks were dleclpated, hot-tile forces were 
routed and the advance of Viis own troops,. was 'assured ,.^ Ihrnup-hout ■•, 
every phaco of the operations, tlrst Lieutenant yfliEELER went about '" 
t,i,relessl:, i^yzichronii^ing the activities of hi 8., unit and succeeded in 
constantly improving its dispositions. The compotenco and exceptional 
ability displayed by First Lieutenant WHEELER^ reflect great orodlt up- 
on himself and the military service. Entered military service from 
Texas, , 


Brigadier General, U, S, Amy, 


,,':■;'. ^" "COmOTI CATIONS ZOHE ' ' ' 


RELEASE ON KEC2IPT . :':f. . '""'";..,, CENSORED 

NUMBER FS 28089 :'■■'■' '- '" ''-'^^ >■■••/ 4 

f'-'isi i'k\:x: ,. ' oi<u.l>>;ij. . . :•.. ^■•i:'^ .^'«; '. ■-•Hi;" ■^.^;^; .'dirt's; '^^'^^ tt j ■■■ ' /'^^Ji 

'■■ Wlffl TiE 9TH ARMORLT5"''rif'VlSlO!7 III'OT idoutemnt John P. 

Wheolsr Jr., of lAredo* Tsxb.b, learned there waa an enemy tank Ih position 
near 7.ollorsheifli, Conuany, 'as' his company' of the l9th Tank Batfci'l ion waa .>»; • 

storming throu{;;h the area '80 ne b'eofune a one-man reoonnaia'aanoe "patrol* '' 

Dismounting from hio Slienrttin tank,' mioeler approached the oreet of a hill r 

suid observed t'hooamojf laced vehicle waiting for tyi» kill, -^1 

, ,^ . . , , . , , , , ,. ... . . . , ... .,,.• ., ':, .. - . ,, . .,,V5'j 

Ho adjusted fire of the 'tanks \mdor hi Bcoinn&ridarad guna' fired' by Tlrat ''■'■■l\ 
Lieutenant Frank P, Taccarine'^of liou'i eVi lie »^ffli.W'oicy»'a'nd'' Sergeant JoHn'*" !* J 

Carrol, Jt„ of Gunnist'or; i^entts'ylvknVa, aoorod Al'reot hits', The Vadly 
beaten Nasi tank limped aWy under a hiail of mori ahells 'from the 19th 
Tank guns. The action cleared the way for tVie task foroe to' mOTe Into 

Lt. Hfheeler'a wife lives a^ 2oi^ Guerrero St., ikredo, Toxaia, <;.' v ' 

- £li 




Capt, CharXea Glllott, PRO 
, \ 17 March i945'^-:'.. ^I--' ^,'... •;■■■.';>- 

5 7 8 8 

■: .PUBLIC' iiBunoiis'.opFi cs 

. i:>JP.O. 887 

' ' ■ OinTED-. STATES ARliV .7^ 


. Ifn'm THE JUNm armored DItl si on iOiOSS tee RHIHB—Ocjmpftny C of 
'/^tht ; 19th Tank BattaXion'i, vraa 'atta'ckirifi : We llbr sh e ImV ■ -GermaHy-, ■ yj^. 1 ci» ' :j;^'«^*!.£4|||§^ 
(S. wao thoutditto be a Gerinaa ReitmehtalComniatKi Post i The «nmty''wa.s'---^}''-'['Z-^i^^m: 



-■ fyoaits;' posit Ion before the torm/ th« Company, ooittnaiided by '%^-'-'-'"'':-'i^^^^\ 
lat it,'Jolin;T',;\Vhoolor» ' slugged H't out wlt^ ©neqny'antl-t'ank- and ,'twakv-A,|^M^iiiS, " 
gun^,, and -fofrgjit off lnl^t«^ amed wit£''Panaer Faui^ito; until -the, enmy-f7j:'{i^'!^^^i: 

had , begun to'- iw'll' out , 

'- .-■ In-'tho :flghtt' C Company emptieKi Its basic locd:of amnunitlon f out.> -.i'v^i^S'f 

'.■'■'';•"'•'■ •■■■ -'< ': .■'■'■ ' '■ .■'-.-. ■/,■ '.■■ >^sii%§k:' 

'■ ' ■">-. 1.- . ■ ' ■ ,■■.■■■ '..'■■■ ■•- .■ -. ■• - ■''•^' ■' ' ■'-''^^^i^m 

timed before the Oei^naas decided th^ had seen enough. It was then ' Uiat .?/* JkJ, 

CcmpeinyC^ «ith"infantr^- fiupport>' was etbl'e ,'to laovo into tho'tovm,' 

.. LtVV«l;oe).©r'3 wlfe.-livos' >t 2ol0' Ouerif'ore, Laredo, TcucaB;;,:. 

;' 'iWoilerBheim Yfaeth(^-^dt test spot encountered by Combat Commnd A 

;^of the ■Hln^'Whnofed laitiljariv* to ttieRhlnii,:' The: Ninth ^nnbred •«,>:•; 

driVis was '-ciioaxed by the speotaoular seliure of the bridge^t Remagen. 

2707 1