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3 1833 01774 5875 







Compiled by W. J. Maxwell 

for THE 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity 






List of Abbreviations VIII 

Abbreviations for Names of Degrees Conferred VIII 

Chapter Rolls 

Alabama Alpha-Mu 1 

Alabama Beta Beta 11 

Alabama Iota 12 

Alabama Mu 20 

Arizona Alpha 29 

Arkansas Alpha-Upsilon 31 

California Alpha 38 

California Beta 44 

Colorado Delta SO 

Colorado Zeta 52 

Colorado Lambda 60 

Colorado Chi 65 

Connecticut Alpha 74 

Florida Upsilon 76 

Georgia Beta 79 

Georgia Delta 96 

Georgia Epsilon 99 

Georgia Eta 106 

Georgia Pi 107 

Georgia Phi 109 

Georgia Psi 118 

Illinois Beta 127 

Illinois Delta 136 

Illinois Theta 140 

Illinois Psi-Omega 146 

Indiana Alpha 154 

Indiana Beta 161 

Indiana Gamma 169 

Iowa Beta 174 

Iowa Gamma 180 

Iowa Sigma 185 

Kansas Alpha 187 

Kansas Beta 193 

Kentucky Alpha 197 

Kentucky Alpha-Epsilon • 198 

Kentucky Epsilon 199 



Kentucky Iota 205 

Kentucky Kappa 211 

Kentucky Chi 218 

Louisiana Epsilon 223 

Louisiana Zeta 229 

Louisiana Tau-Upsilon 230 

Maine Alpha 236 

Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon 244 

Massachusetts Gamma 254 

Massachusetts Delta 269 

Massachusetts Iota-Tau 278 

Michigan Alpha 287 

Michigan Iota-Beta .. : 294 

Minnesota Alpha 304 

Mississippi Gamma 310 

Mississippi Zeta 316 

Mississippi Theta 317 

Missouri Alpha 319 

Missouri Beta 328 

Nebraska Lambda-Pi 336 

Nevada Alpha 344 

New Hampshire Alpha 348 

New Hampshire Beta 354 

New York Alpha 356 

New York Delta 366 

New York Mu 37i 

New York Sigma-Phi 380 

North Carolina Theta 386 

North Carolina Xi 393 

North Carolina Rho Rho 402 

Ohio Delta 403 

Ohio Epsilon 412 

Ohio Theta 421 

Ohio Rho 420 

Ohio Sigma 434 

Oklahoma Kappa 447 

Oregon Alpha • • • 452 

Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta 455 

Pennsylvania Delta 463 

Pennsylvania Zeta 469 

Pennsylvania Theta 475 

Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi 483 

Pennsylvania Chi-Omicron 490 

Pennsylvania Omega 494 

South Carolina Gamma ! 502 

South Carolina Delta 506 



South Carolina Lambda 511 

South Carolina Mu 513 

South Carolina Upsilon 515 

South Carolina Phi 516 

South Dakota Sigma 520 

Tennessee Zeta 524 

Tennessee Eta 532 

Tennessee Kappa 541 

Tennessee Lambda 549 

Tennessee Nu 562 

Tennessee Omega 573 

Texas Theta 582 

Texas Rho 583 

Texas Psi 591 

Virginia Theta 592 

Virginia Kappa 597 

Virginia Omicron 598 

Virginia Pi 609 

Virginia Sigma 612 

Virginia Tau 619 

Virginia Upsilon ' 620 

Washington Alpha 621 

Washington Beta 627 

Washington City Rho 630 

Wisconsin Alpha 637 

Wisconsin Phi 645 

Wyoming Alpha 648 

Geographical Index 651 

Alphabetical Index 813 

Additions and Corrections 895 


Acad Academy 

A. E. F American Expeditn 

Am American 

Apt Apartment 


Assn Association 

Asst Assistant 

Atty Attorney 

Ave. . Avenue 

Bd Board 

Bldg Building 

Blvd Boulevard 

Capt Captain 

Chrmn Chairman 

Co Company 

Col Colonel 

Coll College 

d Died 

Dept Department 



Dist District 

do Ditto 

E East 

Engr Engineer 

F. A. C. S " 

Fellow of the American College of 

Genl General 

Hon Honorary 

Hosp Hospital 

Inf Infantry 


Inspr Inspector 

Inst Institute 

Instr. Instructor 

Lieut Lieutenant 

Lit Literary 

M. E Methodist Episcopal 

Mech Mechanical 

Med Medical 

Mfg Manufacturing 

Mgr Manager 



g Camp 

Natl National 

No Number 

O. R. C Officers' Res 

O. T. C Officers' Trai 

P. E Protestant Episcopal 

P. O Post Offic 

Phys Physician 

Pres President 

Prof Professor 



R. R Rural Rout 


■ and Rail Road 


Sec Secretary 

Sem Seminary 

Soc Society 

Sq Square 

St Street 

Supt Superintendent 

Tech Technology 

Theol Theological 

Treas Treasurer 

U. S United States 

Univ University 

Vice-Pres. . . . Vice-President 

Vols Volunteers 

W West 

Y M. C. A...Voung Men's Christii 

and office 

ndicate freshman, sophomore, ju 

Numerals (i), (2), (3). (4) after college ho 
an \ S T.l"(Taf.eTrname y tha^t the member is deceased. In every case in which the year of 
decease :' 


i£^r*J\^ti^°^3!***Jft£^<^ follows the date of degree. 
™ .uch name indicates "that the degree was conferred by the institution containm 

chapter of the Fraternity 



A. B Bachelor of Arts 

A. C Analytical Chemist 

A M Master of Arts 

Art. D Doctor of Arts 

B Arch Bachelor of Architecture 

B C. E Bachelor of Civil Engineering 

B C. S Bachelor of Commercial Science 

B. D Bachelor of Divinity 

B. E Bachelor of Engineering 

B F Bachelor of Forestry 

B. L Bachelor of Literature 

B Lift Bachelor of Literature 

b! Mils Bachelor of Music 

B. o Bachelor of Oratory 

B* S Bachelor of Science 

H si'i'n Agri. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 

B. S. in C. E. Bachelor of Science in Civil 

Engineering . 

n S in Chcm. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 
B. S. in E. E. . Bachelor of Science in Electrical 

B. s!&lM. E. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical 

C E Civil Engineer 

D. C. L Doctor of Civil Law 

D. D Doctor of Divinity 

D D. S Doctor of Dental Surgery 

D. M. D Doctor of Dental Medicine 

D. O Doctor of Osteopathy 

E. E Electrical Engineer 

E M Engineer of Mines 

7' u D Doctor of Canon and Civil Law 

L jj rj Doctor of the More Human Letters 

LL.B. Bachelor of Laws 

LL!D. Doctor of Laws 

LL M ....Master of Laws 

M 'b' A Master of Business Administration 

M' C. E Master of Civil Engineering 

M. C. L Master of Civil Law 

M D .Doctor of Medicine 

M E Mechanical Engineer 

Met E Metallurgical Engineer 

M F Master of Forestry 

M M E Master of Mechanical Engineering 

M o Master of Oratory 

M ' p E Master of Physical Education 

m' S Master of Science 

V A M Master of Pedagogy 

ph' b' ...Bachelor of Philosophy 
Ph C" ..Pharmaceutical Chemist 

Ph D ...Doctor of Philosophy 

Ph' G ' Graduate in Pharmacy 

ph' M Master of Philosophy 

S c D Doctor of Science 

STB . . Bachelor of Scientific Theology 

^' -p yj Doctor of Scientific Theology 

Text ' E. .". '. '. '. '. Textile Engineer 

T. E Topographical Engineer 



Auburn, Alabama 

Chartered June 15, 1878 

Robert Wilton Burton,* 

Private Ala. Cav., C. S. A., 1865; Stationer. 
d. June 22, 1917. _ 

John Jenkins Wilmore, 

B. M. E., 1888 Purdue; M. E., 1S91; Pro- 
fessor Dean School of Engr. Ala. Poly. Inst. 
Auburn, Ala. 


Silas Charles Dowdell, 

B. S., 1878; Charter Member; Planter. (Mer- 
rick, La.) 


Mark Samuel Andrews, 

A. B., 1879; Charter Member; Real Estate. 
(Greenville, Texas.) 

Joshua Silas Dowdell, 

A. B., 1879; Charter Member; Cotton & Mer- 
cantile Business. LaFayette, Ala. 

Thomas McCarthy Oliver, 

B. S., 1879; Charter Member; Pharmacist. 
(13th St. cor. 1 st Ave., Columbus, Ga.) 

John Edgar Dawson Shipp, 

A. B., 1879; Charter Member; Founder Tenn. 
Kappa and Alabama Iota; Founded City of 
Cordell, Ga ; Lawyer; Pres. Americus Security 
Co.; Member of Legislature, 18S3-1S84; Author 
"Giant Days, or Life and Times of William 
H. Crawford". 103 W. Forsyth St., Ameri- 
cus, Ga. 


Charlton Eugene Battle, 

A. B., 1880; A. M., 1882 Mercer Univ.; Cicer- 
onian; Attorney-at-Law; State Legislature; 
House and Senate; Member Bd. Trustees 
Columbus Public Schools; Dir. Fourth Na- 
tional Bank, Columbus, Ga.; Pres. Columbus 
Alumni Assn. of S. A. E.; Member Georgia 
Bar Assn. ; Muscogee and Country Clubs. Ma 
sons, Commandery, Shrine; Affiliated Ga. Psi 
1882. 505-7 ..j-urrah Bldg.; res. 727 Broad St.. 
Columbus, Ga. 

Joseph Brown Duke,* 

Charter Member; Mayor LaFayette, 1S86-87. 

Charles Breckenridge McCoy, 

B. S., 1880; M. D., 1882 Coll. Physicians and 
Surgeons; Charter Member; Physician. (Ope- 
lika, Ala.) 

Henrv Gaither Perry, 

A. "B., 1880; M. D., 1888; Charter Member; 
Registrar Vital Statistics State of Ala. since 
1911; Counsellor, 1S94; Treas., 1897-1913; and 
Sec. Med. Assn. State of Ala.; Mayor Capitol 
Heights. 1916; Field Worker Rockefeller Hook- 
worm Commission, 1910-1911; Author Papers 
on Medical Subjects and Statistics; Member 
Rotary Club, 1915-1916. State Capitol; res. 
1500 Madison Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Jabez Curry Street, 

B. E., 1880; Charter Member; Pres. Opelika 
Cotton Oil and Refining Co. (Opelika, Ala.) 

Robert Yancey Street,' 




April 2i, 1917, Anniston, Ala. 

John James Sykes,* 

d. F'eb. 22, 1009, Courtland, Ala. 

Barton Luther Walker, 

B. E., 1880; Real Estate. (565 E St. N. W., 
Washington, D. C.) 


Wilson Monroe Blackwelder, 

Charter Member; Clergyman. (Decatur, Ala.) 

Marion Scott Estes,* 

Charter Member, d. Jan. 10, 1891. 

Joseph Henrv Teter, 

B. S.. 18S1; 'Planter. (Opelika, Ala.) 

Frank Philip Ouinlan, 

Traveling Salesman. (St. Louis, Mo.) 


David Clopton, Jr., 

Charter Member; Clerk. War Dept. R. 19, 
1523 L St. N._ W., Washington, D. C. 

Daniel Frederick Davenport, 

Charter Member; Websterian; Junior Orator, 
put up by Faculty; 2d Sergeant Co. "B;" 
Postmaster; Asst. Supt. 1st Methodist Sunday 
School; Patriotic Order Sons of America. 
Taylor St., Americus, Ga. 

Thomas Lewis Ingram, 

Special Agent Southern Bell Telephone & 
Telegraph Co; Mason. 46 S. Pryor St.; res. 
34 Columbia Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

James C. Boykin, 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 


Boiling Anthony Blakey, 

Initiated by Ala. Mu 1886. 

Thomas Hugh Jones, 

B. S., 1887; Chemist. (Bonnet Carre, La.) 

Charles Irvin Mell, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1886. 


Cyrus Washington Ashcraft, 

B. S., 1888; President Ashcraft Cotton Mills. 
Florence, Ala. 




Lolling Hall Crenshaw, 

B. S., 1889; M. E., 1890; Honor Graduate; 
Senior Capt. Cadet Corps; Professor of 
Mathematics, Ala. Polytechnic Inst.; Elder in 
Presbyterian Church. Auburn, Ala. 

Alonzo L. Dillard, 

Merchant. (Auburn, Ala.) 

Walter Davis Dunlap, 

Junior Speaker; Secretary; Assoc. Editor The 
Record; Member New York S. A. E. Alumni 
Assn. (34 W. 46th St., New York, N. Y.) 

Arthur St. Charles Dunstan, 

B. S., 1889; M. E., 1890; C. E., 1892; Pro- 
fessor of Electrical Engineering Ala. Polytech- 
nic Institute; Consulting Engineer for various 
Towns and Co.'s. Box 306, Auburn, Ala. 

Lawrence Avary Smith, 

A. M., 1887; LL. B., 1893 Univ. of Ala.; 

Farming; Affiliated Ala. Mu 1891. La Fayette, 

Hugh McGehee Taylor, 

B. S., 1880; Railway Official. (Vera Cruz, 


Edward Lawrence Chambliss, 

M. D., 1894 Kansas City Med. Coll.; Literary 
Soc; 1st prize in Surgery and Clinical Surg- 
ery, 1894; Surgeon; Dir. Troost Avenue Bank; 
Ex-prof. Physiology Kansas City Med. Coll. 
and Clinical Med. Univ. of Kansas, Med. 
Dept.; Sec. Jackson County Med. Soc; Author 
of various articles on medical subjects; Mem- 
ber Elks, mi Rialto Bldg.; res. 1210 Lin- 
wood Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Francis Maury Fontaine,* 

B. S., 1890; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1891. d. April 
25, 1894, Atlanta, Ga. 

Hugh Anderson Haralson, Jr., 

Stenographer. (Fort Worth, Texas.) 

William Groce Harrison, 

B. S., 1890; M. D., 1892 Univ. of Md. ; Sur- 
geon; Professor, Diseases Eve, Ear. Nose and 
Throat Graduate School of Univ. of Ala.; Au- 
thor medical and surgical papers; Affiliated 
Tenn. Nu 1892. 904 Empire Bldg. ; res. 3818 
Cliff Road, Birmingham, Ala. 

Americus Mitchell, 

Army Officer. Care of Adjutant General of 
the Army, Washington, D. C. 


James Nathaniel Dean, 

B. S., 1891; Farmer. (Pine Bluff, Ala.) 

Arthur Harris Hall, 

Architect. (Cartersville, Ga.) 

John Calvin Kimball, 

A. B., 1891; B. L. Univ. of Ga.; Mer- 
chandise Broker; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1892. 614 
Chamber of Commerce Bldg; res. 1500 S. 20th 
St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Thomas Dix Lewis, 

Planter. (Greenville. Ala.) 

William Audlev Marshall, 

B. S., 1891; M. E., 1892; A. B., 1805 Harvard; 
Awarded Scholarship, 1891-92; Cotton Mill 
Superintendent; 1st Lieut, (retired) Natl. 
Guard Georgia; Member Masons; Shriner; K. 
of P.; Elks; Capital City Club and Coosa 
Country Club (Rome, Ga.) Lindale, Ga. 

Joseph Augustus Speed, 

Locomotive Engineer. (Boligee, Ala.) 


Charles Allen Brown, 

B. S., 1892; C. E., 1893; LL. D., 1915 How- 
ard; Principal Central High School since 1907; 
Teacher of Science High School, 1893-1897; 
Principal Henley School, 1897-1907; Pres. Ala. 
Educational Assn., 1916-191?; Central High 
School; res. n 13 N. 24th St., Birmingham. 

William P. Burgett, 

Real Estate, Sage, Burgett & Yuille. 72 St. 
Francis St.; res northwest cor. Old Shell Road 
and Foote's lane. Mobile, Ala. 

Alfred Flournoy Griggs,* 

Oculist and Aurist. d. Nov. 9, 1909, Reno, 

Robert Lee Shipp, 

Mayor Moultrie, Ga.. 1894-189^; Attorney-at- 
Law. Moultrie, Ga. 

Robert Jefferson Trammell, Jr., 

B. S., 1892; C. E., i8q!; Draftsman T. C. I. 
Co. ^Birmingham, Ala.)' 


Lee Ashcraft, 

B. S.. 1893; Work Lit. Soc; Member Ash- 
craft-Wilkinson Co.; Pres. Associated Chari- 
ties; Member Piedmont Driving and Capital 
City Clubs. Candler Bldg.; res. 547 W. 
Peachtree St.. Atlanta. Ga. 

Frank Marshall Bovkin, 

B. S., 1893; Planter. '(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Walter Scott Crump, 

B. S., 1893; Farmer, Merchant, Manufacturer 
and Investments: Elected member of Court of 
County Commissioners, 4th Dist. St. Clair 
Countv. Ala., at General Election 191 6. Sed- 
don, Ala. _ 

John Harris Dunstan, 

Civil Engineer (Care United Engineering and 
Contracting Co., u Park Row, New York, 

N. Y.) 

James Monroe Little, 

Mayor of Auburn, mo-: Lawyer. (716 E. 
Grav St., Norman Okla.) 

Edward Baker Mell, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1893. 

Hampton Knox Miller, 

B. S., 1893; M. S.. 1894: Chemist and Vice- 
Director Univ. of Fla. (Lake City, Fla.) 

Joseph Samuel Pou, 

Special Student: Electrical Engineer, Central 
Iron and Coal Co. Holt, Ala. 

Charles Henry Smith, 

B. S., 1893; Websterian Lit. Soc; 1st Corporal 
(2), 1st Sergeant (3) and Capt. (4) Cadet 
Corps; First Honors (1) (2) (3); Speakers 
Place (2) (3); Distinction (4); Assistant Elec- 
trician, South Eastern L/nderwriters' Assn.: 
Electrical Engineer Corona (Ala.) Coal 8 
Coke Co.: Capt. -i U. S. Vol. Engrs., Spanish 
Am. War; Contributor to the Electric Journal 
and Street Raihrov Journal: Member Engineers 
Soc. of Western, Pa.; Westinghouse Club; 
New York Southern Soc. and Georgia Soc. of 
New York. Westinghouse Electric Mfg. Co.. 
Fast Pittsburgh; res, 7228 Thomas Blvd., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Charles Hutchinson Weston, 

(Sheffield, Ala.) 


Champe Seabury Andrews 

B. S., 1804; Class Orator. First Honors Mili- 
tary and Academic: Lawyer and Manufacturer; 
Capt. id Tenn. Inf. U. S. V. Spanish Am. 
War, and 9th Coast Artillery Dist. N. G. 



N. Y.; Past Exalted Ruler N. Y. Lodge 
B. P. O. Elks, Eminent Supreme Treas. ; 
Editor of the Record, 1902; Founder of The 
Board of Trustees; Member Sons of Revolu- 
tion, Spanish War Veterans, Naval and Mili- 
tary Order Spanish-Am. War, Rotarian. O. B. 
Andrews Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.; res. Signal 
Mountain, Tenn. 

James Burch Charles, 

Merchant. (Mt. Meigs, Ala.) 

Altus Lacy Quaintance, 

M. S., 1894; B. S., 1893 Univ. of Fla.; 

D. S., Cornell; Entomologist in charge 

Orchard Insect Inv., Bureau of Entomology, 
U. S. Dept. Agriculture; Author numerous 
hulletins and reports on Entomology; Mem- 
ber Cosmos CluD. Bureau of Entomology; 
res. 1807 Phelps Place N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

Toseph Beasley Rudulph, 

Merchant. (Hayneville, Ala.) 


David French Boyd, 

Grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1897; Survivor of 
wreck U. S. S. "Maine"; served in Spanish- 
Am. and Philippine Wars; U. S. Navy re- 
cruiting duty. (U. S. Navy, Washington, 
D. C.) 

Solon Lycurgus Coleman, 

B. S., 1895; Ph. B., M. D., 1898 Tulane 
Univ.; Physician. Uniontown, Ala. 

Langdon Bowie Gammon, 

B. S., 1895; Capt. Co. B, Military Dept.; 
Merchant; Senior member firm of W. M. 
Gammon and Sons: Past Exalted Ruler Rome 
Lodge 694 B. P. O. E.; Member Chamber of 
Commercial; P.. P. O. E. 241 Broad St.; 
res. 700 2d Ave., Rome, Ga. 

Henry Hearst Kyser, 

B. S., 1895; M. E., 1896; Asst. Prof. Elec. 
Eng., Clemson Ag. Coll. (Talladega, Ala.) 

Charles Linn, 

B. S., 1895; Merchant. 2300 Hebert St.; res. 
2329 A Hebert St., St. Louis, Mo. 


Albert Lea Alexander, 

B. S., 1896; Dentist. (La Grange, Ga.) 

Andrew Beirne Andrews, 

B. S., r896; General Manager Dayton Hosiery 
Mills and Spring City Hosiery Mills. Day- 
ton, Tenn. 

Hubert Alberto Drennen, 

B. S., 1896; Baseball; Football; President 
Drennen Motor Car Co.; Member Country and 
Roebuck Clubs; 32 Mason and Shriner. Ave 
C and 20th St.; res. 1223 Iroquois St., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Walter E. Henley, 

Coal Operator; V-Pres. and General Manager. 
901 _S. 10th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Claudius Bertram Johnson, 

(La Cross. Ga.) 

George Bates Kelley, 

A. B., r896; C. E.,— ; M. A.,— ; Best All 
Round Athlete, 180c; Cant. Co. C. 1806; 1st 
Honor Man in Civil Engineering Course; 
President Kelley Realty Co., Inc.; Member 
Roebuck Springs Country, Southwest and 
Birmingham Country Clubs. 1025-6, 1st Natl. 
Bank P.ldg.; res. 37 Fairview Circle, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

William Henry Lawson, !>., 

Special Agent Legal Dent. Am. Tel. and Tel. 
Co.; Member Capital Citv and Brookhaven 
Country Clubs. 172.! Hurt BIdg. ; res. 67 E. 
17th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Tohn Allen Reeves, Jr.,* 

B. S., 1896. 

William Abner Tippin, 

B. S., 1896; Distinction 1894; Pres. Web- 
sterian Lit. Soc. two terms 1894-1895; Senior 
officer class; Capt. Co. A, 1895-1896; Senior 
Class .Historian 1896; Farmer and Fruit 
Grower; Asst. Cashier Bank of Commerce 
Gulfport, Miss., 1904; Asst. Postmaster Pen 
sacola. Fla., 1904-1908; Pres. Ferry Pass Tim 
bermen's Assn., 1909-1910; P. O. Inspr., 19] 
Supt. of Mails Pensacola, Fla., 1913-19 
Delegate Noor Ranch, Thermal, Cal.; r 
Pensacola, Fla. 

Tohn Wills, 

B. S., 1895; E. and M. E., 1896; Special Rep- 
resentative Eureka Fire Hose Mfg. Co. and 
La France Fire Engine Co.; Member Beauvoir 
(Montgomery) and Southern (Birmingham) 
Clubs; B. P. O. E. No. 393 Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
1631 Candler Bldg.; res. 900 Glen Iris Park, 
Birmingham, Ala. 


Erister Ashcraft,* 

B. S., 1897; Cotton Dealer, d. June 17, 1911, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Bayard Mcintosh Atwood, 

(Darien, Ga.) 

William Alexander Fitzgerald, 

B. S., 1897; Planter; Cashier Farmers and 
Merchants Bank of Richland, Ga., 4 yrs. 
Omaha, Ga. 

Ernest William Heck,* 

d. Nauvoo, 111. 

E. W. Hicks, 

(Talladega, Ala.) 

William Welsh Hill, 

B. S., 1897; E. E., 1898; M. E., 1905; Edu- 
cator and Consulting Engineer; Supt. of 
Power and Lighting Plants; Dir. of Student 
Branch, Am. Inst. Electrical Engineers; Pres. 
of Engineering Soc; Member Soc. of Pro- 
motion of Engineering Education and Am. 
Inst, of Electrical Engineers. Auburn, Ala. 

William Alexander Hood, 

P.. S., 1897; Ice Manufacturer. (Birmingham, 

Edwin, Boyce Joseph, 

B. S., 1897; M. S., ; Pres. Class; Mgr. 

Baseball, 1898; Business Mgr. College Annual; 
do. College Paper; Capt. Co. D; Honor 
Graduate; Real Estate and Insurance; City 
Commissioner 1911-1915; Pres. Chamber of 
Commerce; do. Montgomery Country Club; 
Member of Beauvoir and Montgomery Country 
Clubs; Chamber of Commerce; Masons; K. 
of P. 22 Commerce St.; res. 30 S. Gold- 
thwaite St., Montgomery, Ala. 

George Powe Kyser, 

Merchant. (Talladeea, Ala.) 

William James Nixon, 

P.. S., iS'97; Vice-President and General Man- 
ager The Fentress Coal S: Coke Co. 522 
Tames Bldg.; res. 563 Oak St., Chattanooga, 

William Henry Patterson, Jr., 

Initiated by Georgia Phi 1896. 

Clifford Bavard Seay, 

E. E., 1896^ M. E., do.; Electrician. (50? W. 
124th St., New York, N. Y.) 

Noble Tames Wiley, 

B. S^, T897; LL. B.. 1899 LTniv. of Ala.; 
U. S. Army officer. (Washington, D. C.) 


James Robert Atwood, 

(Darien. Ga.) 

Henry Crawford, 

(810 Palmetto St., Mobile, Ala.) 



Absalom Mason Kennedy, 

B. S., 1898; Staff Engineer, Thomas A. Kdison 
Laboratory; .Member Soc. of Mechanical En- 
gineers and Am. Electro Chemical Soc. Care 
Edison Laboratory; res. 148 Eagle Rock Ave., 
W. Orange, N. J. 

William Augustus Mitchell, 

Grad. U. S. Military Acad., 1002; U. S. Army 
Officer; Philippine Service, 1902-04; Instr. 
Dept. of Engineering U. S. Military Acad., 
1907-1908; Asst. Prof.; Capt. Corps of Engrs., 
1909; Received Moro War Medal, Army of 
Cuhan Pacification Medal and Atlantic Divi- 
sion Target Competition, 1906, Gold Medal. 
Care Adjutant General of the Army, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

John P. Moore, 

Electrical Engineer Interstate Commerce Com- 
mission, Division of Valuation; Author of 
articles on Railway Construction in The En- 
gineer and the Indiana Engineering Society's 
Magazine; Member Am. Institute of Electrical 
Engineers, Washington Soc. of Engineers, Am. 
Electric Railway Assn., National Electric Light 
Assn. and The Tovians. R. 10.14 Interstate 
Commerce Bldg. ; res. .14 Laclede Apts., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Benjamin Tvrrel Morgan, 

(Meldrim, Ga.) 

Storv Elias Noble, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota, 1897. 

Samuel Bernard Rice, 

602 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Temple Herbert Tutwiler, 

Iron Broker. Tutwiler & Brooks, 1124 Brown- 
Marx Bldg.; res. 2224 S. 22d St., Birmingham, 

Almuth Cunningham Vandiver, 

B. S., 1898: LL. B., 1904 N. Y. Univ.; Law- 
yer of Firm O'Gorman, Battle & Vandiver; 
Member Manhattan, City, N. Y. Athletic. Oak- 
land Golf, National Democratic and Bankers 
Clubs. 17 Wall St; res. 1 W. 64th St., New 
York, N. Y. 


Bernard Law Green, 

Journalist (Birmingham, Ala.) 

W. B. Jones, 

(Camden, Ala.) 

William Bibb Leedy, Jr., 

Real Estate and Insurance; Sec. W. B. Leedy 
Real Estate & Insurance Co.; Member Coun- 
try Club. 112 N. 2 1 st St.; res. 1008 S. 19th 
St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Barton Harris McQueen, 

(L. & N. R. R., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Collett Henry Munger, 

Manufacturer (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Frederick T- Oser, 

(New Orleans. La.) 

Wade Hampton Shipp, 

Merchant; U. S. Armv Officer. 1331 Laguna 
St., San Francisco, Cal. 

B. L. Shussler,* 


Fletcher Ashcraft,* 

Pres. Wirt Lit. Soc; E. A. of chapter; Manu- 
facturer, d. July, 1911, Florence, Ala. 

Guy French Boyd, 

B. S.. 1000; Clerk. (Greenville, S. C.) 

Tesse Wright Boyd, 

' Initiated bv La. Tau Upsilon, 1900. 

Andrew Crazier Cameron, 

B. S., 1000; M. D., 1904 Univ.«Pa.i Sec. Class 
Univ. Pa., 1904;; Gynecologist St. Vincent's 

Hosp.; Surgeon L. & N. and S. A. L. Rys.; 
Member Southern Club. Tefferson Co. Med. 
Soc. and State Med. Assn. 505 The Wood- 
ward; res. San Jose Apts., Birmingham. Ala. 

William Beach Dozier, 

Clerk. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Henry Daniel Green, 

Physician. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Robert Thomas Hicks, 

Merchant. (Talladega, Ala.) 

John Paul Blges, 

B. S., 1900; Manufacturer; Pres. Illges Co.; 
Sec.-Treas. Golden's Foundry and Machine 
Co.; V.-Pres. Lummus Coton Gin Co.; Mem- 
ber Muscogee, Rotary and Country Clubs; 
Chamber of Comerce; Masons. 600, 12th St.; 
res. 1425. 3d Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Wilbur E. Kelley, 

B. S., 1900; Capt. Co. B, 1900; Real Estate; 
Sec.-Treas. Kellev Realty Co., Inc.; Member 
of Southern. Birmingham Country and Edge- 
wood Country Clubs. 1025-6 First Natl. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 2717 Highland Ave, Birmingham, 

Frank Clarke McAlpine, 

Merchant (Talladega, Ala.) 

Charles Walter Nixon, 

B. S„ 1900; Manager Holt riant, The Central 
Foundry Co. Holt, Ala. 

Alfred Taylor Whiteside, 

Coal Broker. 521-22 James Bldg.; res. 203 
Lindsay St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Oliver Burnside Andrews, 

Insurance. (Philadelphia. Pa.) 

Franklin Carlisle Bivings, 

Electrician. (289 Jackson St.. Atlanta, Ga.) 

Kenneth Bradford, 

B. S., 1901: M. D., 1905 Univ. of Va.; Nu 
Sigma Nu; Raven Soc; rhvsician; V.-Pres. 
Augusta Co. (Va.) Med. Assn.; Member City 
and Co. Bds. of Health; Physician to Mary 
Baldwin Seminary; Med. Examiner B. P. O. 
E.; Member Am. Med. and Augusta Co. Med. 
Assns.; Med. Snc of Va.; Post Graduate and 
Staunton Country Clubs; Affiliated Va. Omi- 
cron 1905. 216 E. Frederick St., Staunton, Va. 

William fames Cameron, Tr., 

Manager* Foot Ball Team; Sales Manager; 
Member Southern. Masonic and Southern 
Yacht (New Orleans) Clubs. 2205-7 First 
Ave.; res. 1231 S. 21st St.. Birmingham, Ala. 

Malcolm Nassau Fleming, 

Salesman. (Marietta, Ga.) 

lames Hinds Hall, 

(Greenville. Ala.) 

Robert Holland Hood, 

2704 Hanover Circle, Birmingham, Ala. 

Blair Hughes, 

Assistant Engineer Southern Railway System; 
Member Knights Templar and Mystic Shrine: 
Affiliated Kv. Epsilon, 1905. 1205 Am. Trust 
Bldg.; res. 1321 Waucoma St., Birmingham. 

Gordon Houston Tones,* 

d. July 30. 191 1. 

Erskine Miller, 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Merrill Hastings Moore, 

Chemist (403 S. Decatur St., Montgomery, 

Vernon Burleigh Whiteside, 

Secretary and Treasurer Whiteside Coal Co. 
esj James Bldg.; res. 23 Hardwick Hogshead 
Apts., Chattanooga, Tenn. 




Warren Alfred Dewees, 

Merchant, S. T. & W. A. Dewees. 810 Mar- 
ket St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Jesse Duncan Elliott, 

Civil Engineer. (Manila, P. I.) 

J. Sears Francis, 

Manager E. B. Crawford Ford Shop; Mem- 
ber Shrine and Knights Templar. 2225, 1st 
Ave.; res. 1723 S. 10th Ave., Birmingham, 

Albert Sydney Johnson. 

Boiler Maker Southern Railway. West side 
Jefferson 3 n of 4th St., Tuscumbia, Ala. 

James Allen Kyser, 

Civil Engineer:' Affiliated La. Tau Upsilon 
1911. (Richmond, Ala.) 

Israel Pickens, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota, 1901. 

George Baker Tyson, 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

John Walker Wakefield, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota, 1899. 


Robert Wright Cabaniss, 

(2251 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala.) 

George Bloise Hill, 

B. S., 1903; Civil Engineer. (Sylacauga, Ala.) 

John Blevins Hudnall, 

(Knoxville, Tenn.) 

Jabez Curry Nelson, 

Civil Engineer; Affiliated Ala. Mu 1905. (Bir 
mingham, Ala.) 

Rufus Peugh Shuptrine, 

Pharmacist. (Farmsdale. Ala.) 

Holmes Fielding Troutman, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 1902. 


Henson Estes Bussey, 

Class football and baseball; District Engineer 
General Electric Co.; Local Sec. Am. Institute 
Electrical Engineers; Exec. Comm.; Affiliated 
Technical Societies of Atlanta; Member High 
Tension Transmission Comm. A. I. E. E. 1915 
and Membership Comm., 1916; Author of pa- 
pers on technical subjects before Am. Institute 
Electrical Engineers and Natl. Electric Light 
Assn.; Member Atlanta Athletic Club, Am. In- 
stitute Electrical Engineers, National Electric 
Light Assn. 1605 3d Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 
345 Juniper St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Isham Kimball, 

U. S. Army. Commerce St., Jackson, Ala. 

Thomas Peters McElderry, 

B. S., 1904; Manufacturer of Fertilizer; Gen- 
eral Manager Talladega Fertilizer and Manu- 
facturing Co. Talladega, Ala. 

Albert Henry Newman, 

(Talladega, Ala.) 

Zachary Pope Smith, Jr., 

C. E., 1904; Capt. Auburn football team, 
1903; Quarterback; 1st Lieut. 105th Regt. 
Engineers; Proprietor and mgr. Zac. Smith Sta- 
tionery Co.; mgr. Zac Smith Tours; Member 
Country Club. 1015 N. 20th St.; res. 1016 
Eula St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Robert Eubank Williams, 

(Porter, Ala.) 


Franklin King Beck, 

(Camden, AlaV) 

Edward Harmon Cabaniss, Tr., 

831 First Natl. Bank Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 

John Edmund Cross, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1904. 

James Chester Elmer, 

Sheriff; Affiliated Va. Omicron 1905; Miss. 
Gamma 1906. 216 W. Beach St., Biloxi, Miss. 

Coke Smith Matthews, 

Automobile Business. 2108, 5th Ave.; res. 
1221 Virginia Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Ralph McFarland Matthews, 

(Columbus, Ga.) 

William Werle Peagler, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1905. 

Charles Holmes Reed, Jr., 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

George Burton Skinner, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1904. 

Shem Arthur Tyson, Jr., 

(309 Mildred St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Walter Van Weatherby,* 

d. March 2, 1915, Biloxi, Miss. 

Ralph Gordon Williams, 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Samuel Borders Wilson, 

Leader for Freshman Hon; Cashier Talladega 
National Bank; Deacon First Baptist Church. 
Care Talladega National Bank; res. East St., 
Talladega, Ala. 


Knox Harwood Camp, 

(Talladega, Ala.) 

James Gile Fritter, 

(Jackson, Ala.) 

Clavton St. Tohn Hale, 

(Mobile, Ala.") 

George Estes Hicks, 

(Talladega, Ala.) 


Shelby Montgomery Cullom, 

(Bifmingham, Ala.) 

Jackson Martin Hobble, 

(Commerce St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Jesse Gary Humphreys,* 
Wallace Frederick McClary, 

(Tuskegee, Ala.) 

John Marcus McClelland, Jr., 

Audit Clerk Western Union Tel. Co. 5th floor 
Healey Bldg., Atlanta; res. 104 McDonough 
St., Decatur, Ga. 

Hugh Francis McElderry, 

B. S., 1906; Theta Nu Epsilon; Banking and 
Insurance; Member B. P. O. E. and Shrine. 
Talladega Natl. Bank; res. East St., Talladega, 

Charles Pollard Marks, 

Jemison Real Estate and Insurance Co.; Mem- 
ber Country Club. 211 N. 20th St.; res. M li- 
ner Heights, Birmingham, Ala. 

Robert Kennard Martin, 

(408' 19th St., Ensley, Ala.) 

David Hampton Morris, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1905. 

Wilbur Napoleon Morris, 

Cashier First National Bank of Samson, Ala. 
Samson, Ala. 

Wilfred Trammell Neill, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon 1906. 



William Louis Perdue, 

B. S., 1907; A. M., 1910 Princeton and Ph. D., 
191 2; \\'irt Lit. Soc; Distinction each year; 
Graduated with Honor, 1907; Pres. Class; Edi- 
tor Glomerata (College Annual); Asst. Editor 
Orange and Blue; Capt. Co. D; Chemist; Asst. 
Prof. Univ. of Miss., 1912; Acting Prof. do. 
1913; Special Work for Parke, Davis & Co, 
Detroit, 1913-15; Author "Electrolytic Method 
for Determining Metals"; "Atomic Weight of 
Radium"; "Silica in Running Water": etc.; 
Member Key and Seal (Princeton, N J.), 
Southern (Birmingham, Ala.) and Du Pont 
(Va.) Clubs. Nitric Acid Laboratory c/o Du 
Pont, City Point; res. Box 372, Petersburg, 

Harry Torrey Pillans, 

Captain, Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army. 
Care Adjutant General, War Department, 
Washington, D. C. 

Edward Hunter Cobb Smith, 

(Tuskegee, Ala.) 

William Reeves Vandiver, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Glee Club; Varsitv Base- 
ball and Track; Manager James Everard's Stor- 
age Warehouses; Affiliated Ala. Mu 1907. 667- 
675 Washington St.; res. 635 W. 170th St., 
New York, N. Y. 

William Paul Watkins, 

B. S., 1907; Vice-President and Secretary W. 
L. Bussey Lumber Co. 244 Calhoun St., An- 
derson S. C. 

William Church Whitner, 

Varsity football, 1905 and 1906, Capt., 1906, 
Varsity baseball, 1907. Testing Dept. Westing- 
house Electric and Mfg. Co.; res. 7932 Lloyd 
Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Daniel Elmer Wilkinson, 

(612 N. Alcaniz St., Pensacola, Fla.) 

Edward Augustus Wright, 

B. S. in E. E., 1907; Chairman Honor Sys- 
tem Committee; 2 years capt. Co. D; capt. 
track team 2 years; Fraternity rep. athletic 
council 3 years; mgr. football team, 1906; 
Eminent Recorder and Eminent Archon Fra- 
ternity; Sec, Treas. and General Manager 
Am. Hame and Singletree Co.; Member Chat- 
tanooga Golf and Country Club. Care Am. 
Hame & Singletree Co.; res. 1600 Union Ave., 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Thomas Bailey Dryer, 

B. S., 1908; Asst. Editor in Chief Orange and 
Blue; Varsity basketball capt.; leader glee 
club; Mining Engineer U. S. Steel Corpora- 
tion. Care Edgewater Mine, Birmingham, 

Macon Carmichael Ellis, 

B. S., 1908; Lumber; firm of L. P. Ellis & 
Sons. Orrville. Ala. 

Chalmers Hale Moore, 

A. B., 1909, Wash, and Lee; M. D., 1913 
Johns Hopkins; Theta Nu Epsilon; Sigma; 
Pi Alpha Nu; Nu Sigma Nu; football; basket- 
ball; Surgeon; assoc. surg. Hillman Hosp. ; 
surg. St. Vincent's Hosp.. O. P. D. ; surg. 
University Free Disp. ; Member Birmingham 
Country and Clinical Clubs; Jefferson County 
Med. soc. Alabama State Med. and Am. Med. 
Assns. ; Affiliated Va. Sigma, 1909. 808 Jef- 
ferson County Bank Bldg.; res. Milner Cres- 
cent, Birmingham, Ala. 

Pickett Chauncey Smith, 

Corporal. Sergeant. 1st Lieut Cadet Corps: 
class football: Manager Montgomery Ma>p and 
Blue Print Co. 1128 Bell Bldg.; res. 714 
Washington St.. Montgomery. Ala. 

Charles Branch Waddell, 

lie. Brook Springs. Tenn.) 

Robert Young Ware, 

(Care T. C. I. Co.. Ensley, Ala.) 

Henry J. Weiss, Jr., 

(2129 Humboldt Ave., Birmingham. Ala.) 

Charles Williamson Woodruff, 

B. S. in M. E., 1008; varsity football 1905; 
varsity basketball, 1906-8; capt., 1908; athletic 
editor Orange and Blue, 190S and Glomerata, 
1908; corporal, 1906, sergeant, 1907 and lieut., 
1908, cadit corps; Asst. Manager Benzol De- 
partment, Tenn. Coal, Iron & R. R. Co.; Mem- 
ber Birmingham Athletic Club. Tenn. Coal, 
Iron and R. R. Co., Fairfield; res. 131 1 Hunts- 
ville Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 


Grover Cleveland Davis, 

(32 Gray St., Oxford, Ala.) 

Daniel Jackson Duffee, 

B. S., 1909; Chemist. Chemical Laboratory 
T. C. I. & R. R. Co.; res. "2804 Ave. E, Ens- 
ley, Ala. 

Rex Woodruff Le Fevre, 

Mining Engineer and Superintendent; Supt. of 
Mines. Sugar Valley, Ga. 

George Tinsley McElderry, 

(Talladega, Ala.) 

Reiner Young Mclntyre, 

B. S. in E. E., 1909. 311 S. Hansell St., 
Thomasville, Ga. 

Charlton Smith, 

(1008 S. 23d St., Birmingham, Ala.) 


Theron Saville Allen, 

B. S., 1910. Farmer. Anderson, S. C. 

Francis Sterling Baggett, 

With Georgia Railway & Power Co. Gas and 
Electric Bldg.; res. 29 Durant Place, Atlanta, 

John Hinton Graves, 

(Talladega, Ala.) 

James McAdory Gillespy, 

Lawyer; U. S. Military Service: Affiliated Ala. 
Mu 1912. 206H N. 20th St.; res. 4 Glen Iris 
Park, Birmingham, Ala. 

Ernest Starr Hansberger, 

(2832, 2 1 st St. N., Birmingham, Ala.) 

James Murphree Haralson, 

B. S. in E. E., 1910; Assistant Engineer Con- 
solidated Gas Co.; Member B. P. O. E., Soc. 
of Gas Engineers of New York City, Am. Gas 
Institute, National Commercial Gas Assn. 130 
E. 15th St.; res. 219 W. 106th St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Armstrong Hill, 

(Sylacauga, Ala.) 

Walter Burgwyn Jones, 

Initiated Ala. Mu, 1909. 

Lawrence Kelly, 

A. B., 1910; Highest Distinction, 1908-09; 
Capt Co E, 1910; Sergeant Co. A, Headquar- 
ters Train and Military Police 82d Div. Na- 
tional Army; Cashier Covington Countv Bank 
S years; Member Yacht Club (Pensacola, 
Fla.). Country and Bcauvoir Clubs. 431 S. 
Court St.. Montgomery. Ala. 

Winston Carlvle McKey, 

D. D. S., igio'Univ. of Md.i Wholesale Lum- 
ber Dealer. McKev Bldg.; res. 215 E. Cen- 
tral Ave, Valdosta, Ga. 

William Preston Phillips. 

Clerk, Gulf Refining Co. of La. Range Ave.; 
res. 615 Mabry St.. Selma. Ala. 

Malcolm Alexander Smith, 

B. S., 1910; Major First Battalion; Base Ball 
Team: Bank Teller Birmingham Trust & Sav- 
ings Co.; Member Southern Club. 210 N. 
20th St.: res. 630 Cotton Ave., Birmingham, 



Edwin Harris Teague, 

Class Baseball, Football and Basketball; Sales- 
man; Vice-Pres. Teague Hardware Co. Com- 
merce St.; res. Cloverdale Road, Montgomery, 

Troy Watts, 

(742 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala.) 


Marion Gourdin Allen, 

(Barnwell, S. C.) 

Aiden Emmett Barnes, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Psi, 191 1. 

Lytle De Witt Burns, 

Secretary and Treasurer Ashcroft-Wilkinson 
Co.; Member Chamber of Commerce and At- 
lanta Athletic Club. 1308 Candler Bldg. ; res. 
64 Druid Place, Atlanta, Ga. 

Robert Francis Corneil, 

Chief Engineer Mowden and Hauser. P. O. 
Box 92, Durant; res. 211 Newman St., Hat- 
tiesburg, Miss. 

Robert Knox Greene, 

A. B., 191 1 ; Agriculturist. Route 3, Greens- 
boro, Ala. 

James Taylor Jones, 

(935 S. 20th St.. Birmingham, Ala.) 

Maury Alexander McWilliams, 

Ph. G., 191 1 ; Pres. Pharmacy Class; Drug- 
gist; Member Beauvoir (Montgomery) and 
Thalian Clubs. Prattville, Ala. 

John Perry Major, 

(Anderson, S. C.) 

Robert James Malone, 

B. S., 191 1 ; M. O. H. G.; Bear Tracks; Oxcy- 
line; Class Prophet; art editor of publica- 
tions; Capt. Class Football Team, 1911; Mgr. 
Varsity Football Team, 191 1; Lieutenant 
Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army; Resident 
Eng. U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co.; 
Pres. Clark-Malone Realty Co., Inc; Instr. 
at Fort Monroe; on duty at Bd. of Ordnance 
and Fortifications; Member Birmingham 
Country Club. 935 S. 20th St., Birmingham, 

Hubert Nelson Moye, 

Sophomore German Club; Leader of Ge 
1909; Civil Service; Peach and Pecan Grower 
and Farmer; Manager A. J. Moye & Son, 7 
years. 501 Lumpkin St., Cuthbert, Ga. 

Edmund Fay Pearce. 

B. S., 1911; Highest Distinction, 1908; Dis- 
tinction, 1909, 1910; Sales Engineeer, General 
Electric Co.; Member Atlanta Athletic Club. 
3d National Bank Bldg.; res. Winecoff Hotel, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Joshua Stephens Pruitt, 

(320 Calhoun St., Anderson, S. C.) 

Van F. Pruitt, 

(320 Calhoun St., Anderson, S. C.) 

John Lloyd Shinn, 

(Sylacauga, Ala.) 

Morgan Smaw, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1909. 

Truman Aldrich Thomas, 

Master Mechanic Sloss Sheffield Steel and 
Iron Co. Brookside, Ala. 

Charles M. YYatkins, 

Thendara; Pres. Freshman Class, 1907; 
Traveling Salesman, Texas Oil Co. 423 E. 
River St.. Anderson. S. C. 

William Howland Webber, 

(1531 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Willis Post Woodruff, 

Varsity Baseball, 1909; Construction Engineer, 
Tenn Coal, Iron & R. R. Co., Fairfield; res. 
131 1 Huntsville Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 


Frank Gamble Carrington, 

Assistant Superintendent Woodstock Operating 
Corporation; Member Am. Inst, of Mining 
Engineers; Affiliated Tenn. Nu 1913. Wood- 
stock Operating Corp.; res., 1030 Christine 
Ave., Anniston, Ala. 

Edward Alonzo Dillard, 

B. S. in E. E., 1912; Electrical Engineer; 
Member Birmingham Athletic and Leicester 
(Mass.) Country Clubs. c/o New England 
Power Co.; res. 941 Main St., Worcester, 

Thaddeus E. Horton, 

(639 Westmarket St., Anderson, S. C.) 

George De Votie Noble, Jr., 

German Club; Lawyer; Asst. State Librarian, 
1911-15; Member Montgomery Country, Mont- 
gomery Shooting and Beauvoir Clubs. State 
Capitol; res. 301 Alabama St., Montgomery, 

Oscar Richardson Porter, Jr., 

Bookkeeper. College St., Greenville, Ala. 

David Clare Rumph, 

B. S. in Horticulture, 1912; Fruit Grower 
and Planter. Marshallville, Ga. 

Hazen Eagen Smith, 

B. S., 1912; General Farming and Livestock; 
Affiliated 111. Beta 1913- Prattville, Ala. 

Charles Coleman Thach, Jr., 

B. S., 1912; M. S., 1913; Student Johns 
Hopkins Univ. Auburn, Ala. 


Winston N. Anderson, 

U. S. Army. 2240 Sycamore St., Birmingham, 

Ira Isaac Canterbury, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 19 13. 

Arthur L. Crowe, 

Captain 321st Field Artillery, U. S. Army. 
Smyrna, Ga. 

Paul Mitchell Davenport, 

Thendara Club; Corporal, Sergeant, Captain 
and Regimental Adjutant; Varsity Baseball, 
4 years Capt. and Mgr. Baseball Team; Vice 
Pres. Senior Class; All Southern First Base- 
man, 1912-13; Salesman. 742 Broad St.; res. 
429 Dawson St., Thomasville, Ga. 

Coleman Ferrell Driver, 

(20 Sayre St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Joseph R. Duncan, 

Depot Master L & N Railroad Co. 1400 
Lakeview Ave., Pensacola, Fla. 

Franklin Lloyd Gaddis, 

Class Football and Baseball; Planter and 
Stockman; Steward Methodist Church; Sec. 
Elmore County Livestock Assn.; Ex. Sec. 
Business Men's League; Member Knights of 
Pythias. Wetumpka, Ala. 

John Franklin Gay, 

" Affiliated Ga. Phi 191 5. (543 S. Perry St., 
Montgomery, Ala.) 

Alexander Shepherd Tones, 

(1044 Front St., Columbus, Ga.) 

Harold Lewis, 

(2541 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Tohn Perry Major, 

D V. M., 1913; Assoc. Editor College Paper; 
Won Popularity Vote 2 yrs. ; Baseball Team, 
4 yrs.; Basketball, 2 yrs.; Soccer Team, 2 
vrs.; Football Team, 3 yrs. (Capt. 4); Pure 
Food Inspector, Anderson, S. C; Sec. City 
Bd. of Health; Bd. of Governors, Social Club; 
Member Rose Hill Club, B. P. O. E. City 
Bldg., Anderson, S. C. 



William C. Sanford, 

(915 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Thomas O. Smith, Jr., 

(Globe Indemnity Co., 45 William St., New 
York, N. Y.) 

William Thomas Summers, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1913. 

William Eugene Watson, 

Real Estate. 132 N. Main St., Anderson; res. 
North Ave., North Anderson, S. C. 

John Benton Dundee Woodburn, 

(Barnesville, Ga.) 


Daniel Stetson Denton, 

(Washington St.. Gainesville, Ga.) 

John Sharp Gillespy, Jr., 

Student. 2006 Highland Ave., Birmingham, 

Gustave D. Gilmer, 

(17 McDonough St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Augustus Tompkins Gravdon,* 

A. B., 1914. Affiliated N. C. Xi 1916. d. May 
5, 1915, Greenwood, S. C. 

Fred Crisp Hale, 

(310 W. 15th St., Anniston, Ala.) 

Carlton Anderson Lee, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon 1914. 

Hobart Babcock McAuley, 

(Dalton, Ga.) 

Herbert Marshall Martin, 

B. S., 1914; M. S., 1916; Phi Kappa Phi 
(honorary fraternity); Graduated with honor; 
Instructor Chemistry Dept. A. P. I.; Sec- 
Treas. Auburn Alumni Assn.; Sec-Treas. 
Province Epsilon S. A. E. ; Official Adviser 
Ala. A. M. Chapter S. A. E. ; Associate Edi- 
tor The Record; Asst. Business Mgr. The 
Auburn Alumnus; Member Auburn Golf Club. 
P. O. Box 84, Auburn, Ala. 

Melvin Hammond Means, 

(759 N. Main St., Anderson, S. C.) 

Roland Hall Neel, 

(624 College St., Macon, Ga.) 

Anthony Dickerson Savre, 

(6 Pleasant Ave., Montgomery, Ala.) 


Charles Russell Bricken, Jr., 

Franklin Lit. Soc; Varsity Football. (Letter 
Man), 1915 both Marion Inst.; First Lieu- 
tenant, 1 06th Supply Train — Commanding 
Truck Company No. s- 1 Gilmer Ave., Mont- 
gomery. Ala. 

Harry Center Kendall, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 1915. " 

Ira Boon Kerlin, 

B. S. in Agr., 191s Auburn; Bovs' Agricultural 
Club Work. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture; Au- 
thor Extension Bulletins and Matters Pertain- 
ing to Organization in States Relations Ser- 
vice, U. S. D. A. Agricultural College; res. 
400 Main St., Starkville, Miss. 

Tohn Colin McLean, 

" C1714 Lake-view Ave.. Pensacola, Fla.) 

Edwin Lee McMillan, 

Ph. G., 191s; A. I!. and I!. S. at Marion 
Institute; Druggist. Uniontown, Ala. 

Norman McNeill, 

U. S. Army. Fayetteville, N. C. 

Sam Marshall Major, 

City Engineer. R, F. D. No. 6, Anderson, 
S. C. 

John William Moore, 

(P. O. Box 60, Wetumpka, Ala.) 

John Sutherlin Noble, Jr.. 

(314 Scott St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Leonard Graham Pearce, 

B. S., 1915; Student Engineer General Elec- 
tric Co.; Member Edison Club (Schenectady, 
N. Y.). General Electric Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas Chilton Smith, 

1). S., 1915; Planter. Eutaw, Ala. 

Forrest Holt Truitt, 

Vice-President and Manager C. V. Truitt Co. 
3 Main St.; res. 63 S. Lewis St., La Grange, 

Furman Leffel Tucker, 

B. S., 1915; First Lieutenant Officers Reserve 
Corps. R. F. D. 1, Anderson, S. C. 


John Gill Anderson, 

Initiated by Tenn. Zeta 1908. 

John Dunklin Ashcraft, 

B. S., 1916; Student at Harvard; Member 
of firm C. W. Ashcraft & Son. 501 N. Wood 
Ave., Florence, Ala. 

Wyly McGehee Billing, 

B. S., 1916; Thendara; Editor-in-Chief The 
Orange and Blue; Corporal, First Sergeant. 
Captain in the Cadet Corps; Pres. Chemical 
Society, V-Pres. Engineering Soc, Pres. 
Tunior Class, Varsity Cheer Leader; Research 
"Chemist. Hercules Powder Co.; Member of 
American College Quill Club and Hercules 
Club. Laboratory Hercules Powder Co.; res. 
Hercules Club, Parlin. N. J. 

Preston Halcombe Cannady, 

Ph. G., 1916; Candidate Reserve Officers 
Training Camp; Asst. Mgr. Albright and 
Wood, Mobile. Ala. Jackson, Ala. 

John Charles Ferris, 

(837 Green St., Augusta, Ga.) 

Elza Bland Holloway, 

(Prattville, Ala.) 

George Elliott Mclver, 

(408 E. Henry St., Savannah, Ga.) 

George Lewis Moulton, 

Thendara Club; Wirt Lit. Soc; Capt. Base- 
ball 1914; Varsity Baseball. 1912-1913-1914; 
Class Football; Champion Tennis Team P. H. 
T. A.; Athletic Editor Glomerate.; Lieutenant 
Machine Gun Co.. 123d U. S. Inf.; City 
Engineer Camden, Ala.; do. Citronelle, Ala.; 
Officer Ala. N. G. ; Officer U. S. Army; Mem- 
ber Santa Cruz and Officers' Clubs. 1261 
Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

William Charles Payne, Jr., 

B. S., 1916; Spade; Ouill; Engineering Soc; 
German Club; Cant. Varsity li.isket Ball; Capi. 
and Regimental Adjt. ; Ed. -in-Chief Glomcrala; 
Distinction. 1014-1015; Salesman and Appli- 
cation Engineer Wcstinghniise Elec. and Mfg. 
Co. Union Bank Bldg.. Pittsburgh; res. 903 
Center St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Dempsey Tones Rov, Tr., 

(46 W". North Ave., "Atlanta, Ga.) 

James Terry Smith, 

Hanker; Member Country Club. Union Bank 
and Trust Co.; res. 714 Washington Ave., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Alfred Haskell Taber, 

Mine Superintendent for Flaketown Graphite 

Co.; Member Montgomery Country Club. R. 

F. D. 2. Mountain Creek; res. 720 S. Perry 
St., Montgomery, Ala. 



William Audley Taber, 

(720 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Andrew J. Wynne, 

Lieut. U. S. A. Fort Bliss, Texas. 

Toel Richard Abney, 

Theta Nu Ersilon; Member Company C 323d 
Regiment Infantry National Army. 597 New 
Market St., Greenwood S. C. 

Frederic Victor Cluis, 

B. S. in M. E., 1917; Thendara Club; Asst. 
Engineer and Inspector Sidewalks and Street 
Paving. 408 Peters Bldg. ; res. Blackstone 
Apts., Atlanta, Ga. 

Frank Ellis Cranford, 

(Jasper, Ala.) 

William Franklin Green, 

U. S. Army. Anderson, S. C. 

Tames Edwin Hickey, Jr., 

B. S. in E. E.. 1917; Engineering Soc: Glee 
and German Clubs; Class Football; Clirmn. 
Student Council; Pan Hellenic Council; Mem- 
ber Training Camp, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. 
Piedmont Hotel, Atlanta. Ga. 

Frazer Westmoreland Kolb, 

U. S. Army. Auburn, Ala. 

Lamont Major, 

Member Roebuck Golf and Auto Club. Roe- 
buck Springs, Birmingham, Ala. 

George Lafayette Morris, 

(917 S. 20th St., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Tohn Callaghan Moulton, 

U. S. Army. 1261 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Samuel Tohn Oliver, Jr., 

(Dadeville, Ala.) 

James L. Rouse, 

Agent, Ford Automobiles. Wetumpka, Ala. 

Harry Berry Seyht, 

B. S. in E. E., 1917; Lieut. U. S. Army. 504 
E. Orr St., Anderson, S. C. 

William Alburto Stiles, 

Lambs; Thendara; Baseball 1917; Football 
1917; Student. 1302 Cliff Road, Birmingham, 

Harold Smith Watkins, 

U. S. Army. 244 Calhoun St., Anderson, S. C. 

Emmett Morgan Whatley, 

(Moundville, Ala.) 

Allen Davidson Williamson, 

Initiated N. C. Xi 1917. 


Madison Leroy Bonner, 

Student. Lineville, Ala. 

William Baker Farrar, 

In Government service. Dalton, Ga. 

Tames Thomas Fowler, Jr., 

" Spades; Thendara; Keys; Student. 102 N. 
Oates St., Dothan, Ala. 

Charley Smith Henagan, 

Cheer Leader 1914 Class; Bookkeeper. Care 
Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Co.; res. Cen- 
tral Y. M. C. A., Birmingham, Ala. 

William Henry Kettig, Jr., 

U. S. Navy. 2747 Niazuma St., Birmingham, 

Lamar Cantelon Le Bron, 

Student. Millbrook, Ala. 

John Catlett Martin, Jr., 

" Architectural Draftsman. Murrah Bldg.; res. 
1 30 1, 2d Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Tames Clark Meredith, 

Mechanical Engineer; Studebaker Corporation, 
Detroit. 1500 Quintard Ave., Anniston, Ala. 

William Woodward Sullivan, Jr., 

Websterian Lit. Soc.; Corporal, 1st Sergeant, 
1st Lieut.; Distinction 1914-1915; Student. 
1032 S. Main St.. Anderson, S. C. 

Tohn Simpson Tennent, 

Private in U. S. Army, Co. A 10th Engineers 
(Forest) American Expeditionary Forces, m 
Montford Ave., Asheville, N. C. 


Roland Lee Adams, 

2d Lieut. Infantry U. S. R. Jackson, Ala. 

Robert Marion Beasley, 

Student. Magnolia Ave., Auburn, Ala. 

Samuel Earle Greene, 

2d Lieut., 7th Regt., Coast Artillery U. S. 
Reserve Corps in France. 200 Sarah Ave., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Charles Alfred Tones, Jr., 

Pres. Freshman Class; Varsitv Football; Bas- 
ketball, 1915-1917; Mgr. Basketball, 1917: Can- 
didate, Officers Training Camp (C. A. O. R. C.) 
1216 Huntsville Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

William Cloyde McKee, 

2d Lieutenant, U. S. Army. 1413, 4th Ave., 
Columbus, Ga. 

Dashiell Livingston Madeira, 

Glee Club; Student; Affiliated Tenn. Omega 
1919. 140, 4th St. N., St. Petersburg, Va. 

George Knox Miller, 

With Ala. Steel Plant, Anniston, Ala. Monti- 
cello, Fla. 

John Patrick Sullivan, 

Websterian Lit. Soe.; Distinction 1915-1916 
and 1916-1917: Student. 1032 S. Main St., 
Anderson, S. C. 

Nim Belotte Sullivan, 

Websterian Lit. Soc; Engineers Soc; Student. 
1015 S. Main St., Anderson, S. C. 

Charles Esington Walton, Tr., 

Printing and Paper; Walton ' Printing Co.; 
Member Country Club. Columbus, Ga. 

Lamar Munroe Wise, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi 1918. 

Toseph Augustus Worthington, 

Student. 1529, nth Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 


Thomas Lyons Bradley, 

Yellow Dog; Lamb; Student. 640 Idlewild 
Park, Birmingham, Ala. 

Howard Hill Camp, 

Student. 190 South St., Talladega, Ala. 

Charles Fairchild De Bardeleben, 

Student Colorado School of Mines; Affiliated 
Colo. Lambda 1921. 17 Idlewild Circle, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Walter Havnes Gordy, 

Student. Abbeville, La. 

Alfred Flournoy Griggs, 

Student. 904 Vickers Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Alfred Cameron Mclsaac. 

Student. 315 Kirby Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Jesse Norman McLane, 

Student. 204 W. Brainard St., Pensacola, Fla. 




Thomas Marshall Norton, Jr., 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1919. 

Alfred Irvin Young, 

Student. Wynton, Columbus, Ga. 


Samuel Thomas Barnes, Jr., 

Wirt Lit. Soc. ; Clionian Lit. Soc, First Dist. 
Agricultural School, Jackson, Ala.; Varsity 
Baseball, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917; Varsity Foot- 
ball, 191 7; Clarke County Oratorical Contest, 
1915-1916; Pres. Senior Class First Dist. Agri- 
cultural School, 1917; Student. Care S. T. 
Barnes, Jackson, Ala, 

Daniel Eugene Bivins, Jr., 

Student. 87 Orange Ave., Bartow, Fla. 

Lamar Cantelon, 

Student. Tuskeena St., Wetumpka, Ala. 

Mason James Dillard, Jr., 

Student. 2180 Highland Ave., Birmingham, 

James Lewis Evans, 

Student. 1212 S. 13th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

James Lavoisier Fulghum, 

Student. 1600 E. Mallory St., Pensacola. Fla. 

George Dewey Mclsaac, 

S. S. U 558 Convois Autos A. E. F. 315 
Kirby Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Andrew Clinton Moye, Jr., 

Student. 501 Lumpkin St., Cuthbert, Ga. 

Oliver Kennedy Perkins, 

Student. 1606 E. La Rua St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Edward Creech Shirling, 

Student. Greenville, Ala. 

Graham Stewart Vinson, 

Student. 1300 E. Jackson St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Preer Walton, 

Student. Waverly Hotel, Columbus, Ga. 

Edwin Fontaine Warren, 

Draftsman. South R. R. Ave.; res. 9th St., 
Opelika, Ala. 

Eugene Lyon Wynne, 

Student. Dayton, Ala. 



Marion, Alabama 

Chartered December, 1870 

Chapter Killed by Faculty Oppositii 

*ohn Archibald Battle,* 

' A. B., 1846; A. M., 1S49; D. D., 1872; D. D., 
1S72 Columbian; 1873 Univ. of Ga. ; LL. D. 
1883 Miss. Coll.; Clergyman; Former Pres. 
Ala. Central Female Coll.; Judson Female Inst, 
and Mercer Univ. 

D. G. Jones, 

Charter Member. 

Pope Lloyd Mosely, 

Charter Member; Clergyman. Hartford, Ala. 

Benjamin John Skinner, 

Charter Member; Clergyman. (Altmore, Ala.) 

Lewis Maxwell Stone, 

A. B., 1870; Charter Member; Clergyman; Pri- 
vate Co. C 24th Ala. Regt., C. S. A. (Shu- 
qualak, Miss.) 


J. H. Tohnson, 

C. M. 'Tones, 

T. A. Moore, 

Thomas Tefferson Rutledge, 

Bank Examiner. 421 Alabama St., Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Zachary Taylor Weaver, 

B. S., 1872; Baptist Clergyman. (Reynolds, 

Edwin Theodore Winkler,* 

d. Nov. io, 1883, Marion, Ala. 


Josiah McKeron Harrell, 

A. B., 1S72; Charter Member; Lawyer. 911 
Hamilton St., Springfield, Mo. 


William Lipscomb Bradfield, 

County Official. Jefferson, Ala. 

William Drakeford Fonville, 

A. B., 1871; A. M., 1876; Delegate to Natl. 
Convention 1871; Prop, and Supt. Mo. Mili- 
tary Acad. (Mexico, Mo.) 

William Peyton Pinckard, 

Partial Graduate Declined College Honors; At- 
tended Howard Coll., Marion, Ala.; Lawyer 
(retired); For 32 yrs. identified with Indus 
Life, Coal and Iron District; "" 

Country Club; Affiliated Va. Omii 
930 S. 20th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

William Walter Saunders,* 

Clergyman; d. 1879, Dadeville, Ala. 

Amand Pfister Smith, 

B., 1873; Judge Probate Cour 




Joseph Mason Dill, 

A. B., 1876; A. M., 1S77; Valedic 
cator; Supt. of Schools. Besseme: 

William Chambers Morrow, 

Author. 1871 Sacramento St., Sa 



aptist Argus: Promoted 
;, London, 1905 and was 
:a. (306 W. Broadway, 

Tordan Loftis Bonner, 

A. B., 1875; Merchant. (Estabuchie, 

Tohn Newton Prestridge, 

D. D. Furman Univ.; Georgetown Un 
Bethel Coll.; Editor " 
Baptist World Congre 
chosen Sec. for Amet 
Louisville, Ky.) 

John Lee West,* 

Clergyman; Editor a 
tist; d. Sept. 17, 18S 

Robert Taylor Hanks, 

The Philogian; First Orator; Minister; Elecl 
Pres. Simmons College 1901; Author "A Tr 
on Baptism" and "The Lord's Supper", a 
various newspaper articles. Palacios, Texa 

Benjamin Henrv Ivey,* 

A. B., 1876 Mercer Univ.; A. M., 1878 d 
Clergyman; Affiliated Ga. Psi 1878. 

James Augustus Ivey,* 

Clergyman and Educator"; Pres. Le Vert Co 
Talbotton, Ga. ; Affiliated Ga. Psi 1878. 
1915, Dawson, Ga. 



Greensboro, Alabama 

Chartered November 25, 1878 

Charles Augustus Grote,* 

A. M., 1875. d. Oct. 7, 1893. 

Luther M. Smith,* 

Pres. Southern Univ., 1875-1879. d. July, 

William E. W. Yerby, 

Attornev-at-Law; Editor Greensboro Watch- 
man. (Greensboro, Ala.) 


Samuel Patton Hand,* 

Affiliated Tenn. Nu 1884. 

George L. Hawkins, 

(Davton, AIa.1 

William P. Hurt, 

A. B., 1880; D. D., 1902; Belles Lettres; 
Challenge Debates and Commencement Ad- 
dress; Minister Methodist Episcopal Church; 
Presiding Elder Eufaula District; Trustee 
Southern Univ. 20 years. 310 Barbour St., 
Eufaula, Ala. 

Linton D. Landrum,* 

Ph. B., 1879; Attorney-at-Law; State Legis- 

C. B. Walker,* 

Charter Member. 


James Henry Bell, 

Charter Member; Attorney-at-Law. (82 St. 
Francis St., Mobile, Ala. I 

Thomas Howard Tack, 

A. 1'... 1880; Broker. (Blooming Grove, 

William A. McCann,* 

Clergyman. d. April 30, 1913, Tuscaloosa, 

lames Madison Spurlock,* 

A. B„ 1880. d. March o. 1884. Eufaula, Ala. 

Newton Le Grand Whitfield.* 

Member Ala. Legislature. 1866-1867. d. Dec. 
2, 1872, Montgomery, Ala. 


Edward Young Dent, 

Clariosophic T.iterarv Soc; Planter and Fire 
Insurance. Broad St., Eufaula, Ala. 

John Marshall Kendall, 

Charter Member; Life Insurance. (Eufaula, 

William Allen McLeod,* 

d. 1906, Mobile, Ala. 

Henry A. Young, 

A. B., 1881: Vice-President First Natl. Bank, 
nth and Noble Sts.; res. 1625 Wilmer St.. 
Anniston, Ala. 


Edward de Graff enried, 

A. M., 1882; Clariosophic Soc; Lawyer; Ad- 
mitted to Bar, Tan., 1882; Presidential Elector 
in 1888; Member Ala. Constitutional Conv., 
1901; Judge Court of Appeals, Ala.; Assoc. 
Justice Supreme Court of Ala. Alston Bldg. ; 
res. Greensboro Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Walker Bancroft, 

Clergyman; Ala. Conference of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church South. Louisville, Ala. 

Isaac Franklin Betts, 

Clergyman. (Bryant, Texas.) 

W. H. Lowry,* 

A. B., 1885. d. 1888. 

Waldo Wooley Moore, 

A. M., 1885; Pres. Cooper Inst. (Laurel, 

Amos L. Smith, 

B. S., 1885; Manufacturer Blinds and Doors. 
Prattville. Ala. 

George W. Terry, 

CDenison. Texas) 

William H. Terry, 

Clergyman. (Dodd, Texas.) 

Lewis Capers Branscomb 

A. M., 1886; Clergyman. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

George Wrightman Burton,* 

A. M., 1886. d. 1000. 

Stanlev Hubert Dent, 

A. B., 1886; LL. B., 1889 Univ. of Va.; 
Attornev-at-Law; Prosecuting Attv. for Mont- 
gomerv Co.; Member 61st. fi2d, 6ld. 64th and 
fisth Congresses: Affiliated Va. Omicron iSSq. 
804 First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 404 Felder St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Burton Temple Epps,* 




Obadiah Clayton Hand,* 

A. B., 1886; A. M., 1889. d. 1897. 

John Frederick Huey, 

M. V., 1887, Coll. Phys. and Surgs., Balti- 
more, Md. (Blossburg, Ala.) 

William Spencer Jack, 

Planter (Stewart's Sta., Hall Co., Ala.) 

Francis A. Rogers, 

A. M., 1886; Clergyman. (Dothan, Ala.) 

Charles A. Rush, 

A. B., 1886; Clergyman. (Mobile, Ala.) 

P. N. Booker, 

(Eufaula, Ala.) 

Edward Lorenzo Edmonson, 

B. S., 1887; Cotton Merchant; Partner firm, 
Atkinson & Lowrev; Member Pickwick Club. 
828 Gravier St.; res. 1206 Webster St., New 
Orleans, La. 

Rufus Jesse Felder,* 

d. July 20, 1899. 

Frank Aikman Jones, 

Pres. Memphis Alumni Assn.; Prof, of Physi- 
ology Memphis Medical Coll. (250 Madison 
St., Memphis, Tenn.) 

James Turner Kendall, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon 1887. 

Thomas Edmund Knight, 

LL. B., 1888 Univ. of Ala.; Attorney-at- 
Law; Member Ala. Legislature, 1892; Solicitor 
Hale Co., Ala. (Greensboro, Ala.) 

Michael Nehemiah Manning, 

B. S., 1887; Lawyer. 171 South St., Talladega, 

John W. Radney, 

B. S., 1887; Manager Roanoke Guano Co. 
and Roanoke Oil Co. Roanoke, Ala. 

John Solon Robertson, 

B. S., 1S87; Clergyman. (Decatur, Ala.) 

Henry A. Smiley, 

Ph. B., 1887; Teacher. (Jonesboro, Ala.) 

lames William Bondurant. 

Printer. (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 

James McCoy Glenn, 

A. B., 1888; A. M., 1891; Clergyman. (Brant- 
ley, Ala.) 

George Monroe Sellers,* 

A. M.. iS8o: Clergyman. d. Pensacola, Fla. 

Edgar Harris Trammell,* 

d. Dec. 2, 1890, Winsboro, Texas. 

Henry A. Dent, 

(Eufaula. Ala.) 

Warren Y. Dent, 

Secretary and Treasurer Eufaula Farms Prod- 
ucts Co. Eufaula and Broad Sts.; res. 207 
_ Barbour St.. Eufaula. Ala. 

Sidney Eugene Donovan,* 

d. August, 1886. 

Louis Pierce Dowdell, 

Clariosophic Literary Soc; Sophomore Decla 
mation Prize; Citv Collector; Member Masons; 
Keeper of Records and Seals; Past Chancellor 
and Representative to Grand Lodge. Knights 
of Pythias. 401. 13th St., Columbus, Ga. 

Worcester Hoklridge, 

B. P., 1889; Belles Lettres; Teacher. Line- 
ville. Ala. 

Edward S. Jack, 

A. H., 1889; Lawyer; Tax Assessor Hale Co- 
Ala., since 1897. Greensboro, Ala. 

Charles Alfred Jones, 

Salesman Alabama Grocery Co.; del. to Na- 
tional Conv., 1888. (1216 Huntsville Road, 
Birmingham. Ala.) 

fames Whitfield Miller,* 

Ph. B., 1889. 

Whitfield F. Nix,* 

A. B., 18S9; Affiliated Tenn. Nu, 1895. d. 
Dothan, Ala. 


William Wardlow Benson, 

A. B., 1890; A. M., 1893; Pres. Belles Lettres 
Soc; Essayist Medal; Challenge Debate; 
Prophet Senior Class; Professor Mathematics; 
Member State Text Book Commission; Pres. 
S. Ala. Teachers' Assn. and Tenn. Vallev 
Assn.; Member Masons, Knights of Pvthias, 
Odd Fellows. Red Men and Woodmen "of the 
World. State Normal School, Florence, Ala. 

Henry A. Dent, 

A. B., 1890; Pay Inspector, U S Navy; Affili- 
ated with Tenn. Nu, 1892. Navy Dept., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Edward Ayers Donnelly, 

Clergyman. (Dothan, Ala.) 

John Everett Hand, 

Merchant. (Ellisville, Miss.) 

Harry C. Long, 

Physician. (Gainesville, Ala.) 

John W. Roebuck, 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Edward Campbell Tarrant, 

Real Estate Loans; Treas. and Paymaster San 
Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway (1900-12); 
Sec. and Treas. San Antonio Club since 190^; 
Member San Antonio Rotary and Country 
Clubs. 102 E. Crockett St.; res. 108 Carey 
Ave.. San Antonio, Texas. 


Sydney Harkney Bell, 

(Manoma, Fla.) 

Elijah Gary Burchfield, 

Ph. G., 1893 Vanderbilt Univ; Retail Drug- 
gist; Affiliated Tenn. Nu, 1S93. 100 N 77th 
St.; res. 7808. 2d Ave. S., Birmingham, Ala. 

Eugene Lowther Crawford, 

Clergyman. (Andalusia. Ala.) 

T. M. Gillespie, 

(Linden, Ala.) 

Leonidas Adolphus Hanson, 

Clergyman. (Opelika, Ala.) 

W. B. Hennagan, 

(Epes, Ala.) 

James Fleeker McGraw, 

Merchant. (Falkville, Ala.) 

Thomas Marion Patterson, 

B. S., 1891; Challenge Debater, 1891; Class 
Poet; Lawyer; Member of Ala. Legislature 
Session, 1898-99: Solicitor Third Judicial Cir- 
cuit. Ala. Clayton, Ala. 

John Perkins Scales, 

M. D.. 1897 Univ. of Louisville; M. D., 1912 
Polyclinic; Physician and Surgeon; County 
Health Officer. Livingston, Ala. 


Josiah Dozier Bancroft, 

M. D., 1S94 Vanderbilt Univ.; Clariosophic; 
Physician; Senior Counsellor Ala. State Med. 
Assn. joo'/, S. 77th St.; res. 7922 Underwood 
Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 




Albert Kelley Butler,* 

d. 1894 Childersburg, Ala. 

David James Castleman,* 

A. M., 1892. d. 1900. 

Thomas H. Cooper,* 

Clergyman, d. Jan. 30. 1894, Selma, Ala. 

Houston Campbell Jack, 

B. S., 1982; Lawyer. (Amarilla, Tez.) 

John William Killough, 

Clergyman. (Eclectic, Ala.) 

L. M. Lipscomb, 

(Senatobia, Ala.) 

John William Menefee,* 
Charles Hearn Motley, 

A. B., 1802: A. M., 1891; Clergyman. (Cen- 
terville, Ala.) 

Thomas. Lee Rippey, 

(Guthrie, Okla.) 

William Stephen Street, 

Clergyman (Abbeville, Ala.) 

James T. Stuart, 

Dentist (Montgomery, Ala.) 


John Madison Clark, 

Banker (St. Petersburg. Fla.) 

James William Eckford, 

A. B„ 1893; M. D., 1896 Tulane Univ.; 
Physician. Starkville, Miss. 

Tames Stanley Freeman, 

Physician. (Gamble Mines, Ala.) 

Thomas R. Jones, 

(Birmingham," Ala.) 


Milton Andrews, 

Bookkeeper. (Galloway, Ala.) 

Larrie Kee Benson, 

A. B., 1894; Teacher; Prin. High School. 
(Odenville, Ala.) 

Frank Calvin Brown, 

(Decatur, Ala.) 

Henry S. Crawford, 

Attorney at Law. (221 Recon St., San An- 
tonio, Texas.) 

George Howard Dent, 

Life Insurance. (Washington, D. C.) 

William Ellison Floyd, 

D. D. S„ 1897; Dentist. (Clayton, Ala.) 

Robert Edward Holman, 

(Curies Station, Ala.) 

Boanerges Clay Hunter, 

(Curies Station, Ala.) 

Louis McRea, 

Telegrapher. (Albany, Ga.) 

William Thomas Moore, 

Planter. (Brierfield, Ala.) 

Armstrong I. Selden, 

Pres. Central Trust Co. (Mobile, Ala.) 

Tesse Roderick Sparkman, 

Principal Cooksville Consolidated School. 
Cooksville, Miss. 


Thompson Harris Cooper,* 

d. Jan. 30, 1894, Mobile, Ala. 

Robert B. Crawford, 

Affiliated Va. Omicron 190C. (Charlottesville, 

Oliver Prentiss Curtiss, 

(Lower Peach Tree, Ala.) 

Cadwallader Erwin, 

Banking; Assistant Cashier and Director. 
Greensboro, Ala. 

John Gill Lilly, 

' B S., 1895; M. D., 1899 Tulane; Post Grad., 
1905 Johns Hopkins; Physician; House Surg., 
Natchez Hosp., 1907-08; Affiliated La. Tau 
Upsilon 1899. St. Joseph, La. 

Edward William Long, 

Merchant. (Cordova, Ala.) 

Tesse Orville Long, 

Pres. Peoples Drug Co.; Mayor Cordova, Ala., 
1899-1900. (Jasper, Ala.) 

Pope McFarland Long, 

B. S., 1895; Challenge Debate; Intrastate 
Representative Collegiate Contest; Real Es- 
tate; U. S. Marshal Northern Dist. of Ala.; 
Delegate to last five Natl. Republican Con- 
ventions. Cordova, Ala. 

John Webb McGehee, 

M. D., Tulane; Physician. Affiliated La. Tau 
Upsilon 1899. (Gretna, La.) 

Robert Henry Mangum, 

Belles Lettres; Sophomore Declaimer; Con- 
testant for Literary Socs. Medal; Commence- 
ment Orator; Associate Editor Southern Umv. 
Monthly; Mgr. Baseball Team, 1895; Class 
Historian; Lawyer; Solicitor Dallas County; 
Member Country. Rotary and Six and Seven 
Clubs, Knights Templar, Shrine, Knights of 
Pythias. County Court House; res. 703 Tre- 
mont St., Selma, Ala. 

William Vaughn Montgomery, 

(Woodlawn, Ala.) 

Frank English Poole, 

Lawyer; Twice Representative Clarke Co. in 
Legislature; One Term Solicitor of Criminal 
Court of Clarke Co.; Member Masons. Knights 
of Pythias, Scottish Rite Masons. Woodmen 
of the World and Modern Woodmen of 
America. Grove Hill, Ala. 

Frank C. Rosamond, 

With Tenn. Coal and Iron Co. (Adgar, Ala.) 

Thomas P. Taylor, 

B S., 1895; Attorney at Law. (Birmingham, 

Charles Walter Vaughan, 

Teacher. (Sunny South, Ala.) 


Malcolm Smith Carmichael, 

A. B., 1896; Belles Lettres; Editor in Chief 
Coll. Monthly; Anniversary Debater; Pres. 
Belles Lettres Soc. ; Lawyer; Referee in Bank- 
ruptcy, Montgomery Division. Middle Dist. of 
Ala.; Mayor Elba, Ala.; Member Alabama 
Constitutional Convention, 1901 and Alabama 
Legislature; Chairman County Democratic 
Committee; Member Rotary and Montgomery 
Country Clubs, Alabama Historical Soc. and 
State Bar Assn. Federal Bldg.; res. 615 
Monroe St.. Montgomery, and Elba, Ala. 

Edward Ellerbe Cobbs, 

B D., 1899 Genl. Theol. Sem.; Class Essayist; 
Clergyman; Rector St. John's Church, 1809- 
1917; Affiliated Tenn. Omega (Chapter Roll.) 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Thomas Christopher Cross, 

(Decatur, Ala.) 

William Marnette Curtis, 

Clergyman. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Alfred William Dupuv, 

A B., 1896; D. D. S., 1899 Vanderbilt; 
Belles Lettres; Dentist; Member Southern 
Club, Alabama State Dental and Southern 
Dental Assns. Brown-Marx Bldg.; res. Pow- 
derly Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 




William Ellison Floyd, 

Dentist. (Clayton, Ala.) 

Henderson Loonev Holman, 

A. M., 1S96; Physicin. (Ozark, Ala.) 

Edgar William Long, 

Merchant. (Cordova, Aia.) 

William Elvnes Martin. 

A. M., 1896; Pres. Woman's Coll. of Mont- 
gomery. (Montgomery. Ala.) 

Clarence Young Stollenwerek, 

Pharmacist. (Greensboro, Aia.) 

Harry A. Taylor, 

Liveryman. (Greensboro, Ala.) 

Toseph Edgfar Wilkinson, 

A. B., 1896; Attorney-at-Law ; Dir. People's 
Bank & Trust Co. and Selma Oil & Ice Co., 
Selma. Ala.; Member Selma Bd. of Educa- 
tion; Member Executive Committee Ala. State 
Sunday School Assn.; Attorney for a num- 
ber of Banking and Business Corporations of 
Selma, Ala. Water Ave.; res. 709 Tremont 
St., Selma, Ala. 


James Patrick Tack, 

(Christiansburg, Va.) 

Philip Happel Knight.* 


Storv Elias Noble, 

Journalist; Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu 1S9S. 
(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Josephus Powell.* 

d. Dec. 3, 1913, San Diego, Cal. 


Charles Fletcher Bush* 

A. B., 1S98; M. D. Vanderbilt Univ.; Physi- 

Josiah Madison Crawford, 

Lumberman. (Hyatt, Texas.) 

John Randolph Dupuy,* 

d. Jan. 18, 1S95, Greensboro, Ala. 

Frank Asburv Gamble, 

A. B., 1S99;" LL. B.. 1900 Univ. of Ala.: 
Capt. Football. 1S9S; Mgr. Football and Base- 
ball, 1S99; Varsitv Baseball (4 yrs.), Foot- 
ball (3 yrs.); Varsity Football, Univ. of Ala.; 
Champion Debater, 1S98; Commencement Ora- 
tor Senior, 1899; Junior, 1S98; Attorney for 
Interstate Commerce Commission; Circuit So- 
licitor 14th Circuit, Ala., 1905; Register in 
Chancery, Walker Co.; Member State Demo- 
cratic Executive Committee, 1911-19; Delegate 
Natl. Democratic Conventions, 1904 and 1916. 
Care Interstate Commerce Commission, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 

George Monroe Hall, 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Edward Larned McGehee, 

M. D., 1902 Tulane; Physician; Affiliated La. 
Tau Upsilon, 1901. Hammond, La. 

Kossuth Aaron Maver, 

M. D., 1900 Memphis Hospital Med. Coll.; 
Belles Lettres: Sophomore Declaimer; Physi- 
cian; Worshipful Master Unitv Lodge No. 136 
(Masons) (S yrs.); Member Masons, State 
Med., Southern Med. and Wilcox County 
Med. Assns. Lower Peach Tree, Ala. 

Mack Marcus Pippin, 

B. S., 1S9S; Teacher. (Ozark, Ala.) 

Lindsay L. Scarbrough, 

Mayor City of Anniston. 1124 Leighton Ave., 
Anniston, Ala. 

Thomas Arthur Walthall, Jr., 

(Newbern, Ala.) 

John Edward Wilkinson, 

Ph. B.,; M. D., 1900 Sewanee; Physician. 
(Prattville, Ala.) 

Wilev Toel Williams, Tr., 

Cla'riosophic Literary Soc"; Teller First Natl. 
Bank; Clerk and Treasurer town of Milton, 
Fla. Milton, Fla. 

Jesse Clayton Adams, 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Richard Cottie Clark, 

(Jackson, Ala.) 

Hugh Wilson Hill, 

Affiliated Ala. Mu 1901. (Greensboro, Ala.) 

Lawrence Hubbard, 

(Talladega, Ala.) 

Archibald Lawson, 

Affiliated Tenn. Nu 1906; Dentist. (Greens- 
boro, Ala.) 

Frederick Adien McCall, 

(Greenville, Ala.) 

Gibson Marshall Mahone, 

(Luverne, Ala.) 

Robert Eugene Rarden, 

(Bessemer, Ala.) 

John Walker Wakefield,* 

Shoe Manufacturer; Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu 

Bartlev Bvnum Walker, 

Manager ~ Paint. Glass and Builders' Supply- 
Co. P. O. Box 653; res. 125 Snow St., 
Oxford Station. Anniston, Ala. 

Alexander Ellerbe Waller, 

Lumberman. (Greensboro, Ala.) 


Erasmus Franklin Childers, 

Real Estate. (Arcadia, Fla.) 

James Wendel Davis, 

Clergyman; Pastor Grace P. E. Church; 
Affiliated Tenn. Omega. (Chattanooga, Tenn.) 

Edward Donaldson, 

(Pratt City, Ala.) 

Foster Kirk Gamble, 

A. B.. 1900; A. M., 1902; B. D., 190- Vander 
bilt Univ.; Clariosophic Lit. Soc; Joint De 
bater 1S99; Challenge Debater, igoo and 1902 
Senior Speaker, 1902; Varsity Baseball. 1S98 
1900 and 1902; Mgr., 1900 and 1902: Minis 
ter, M. E. Church, South; Asst. Editor Ala- 
bama Christian Advocate, 1907; Missionary to 
Korea, 190S-15: Member Tasper Chapter No. 
118, Roval Arch Masons: Affiliated Tenn. Nu 
1907. 4915 Fifth Ave. N., Birmingham, Ala. 

Thomas Anderson Hanna, 

Merchant. (Greensboro, Ala.) 

Lewis Joshua Lawson, Jr., 

A. B-, 1900; Bank Cashier; Trustee and 
Treas. Southern Univ.; Affiliated Tenn. Nu 
1900. Greensboro, Ala. 

Lucian Glenn Xoble,* 

Newspaper Business. 

Edgar Artie Patterson, 

Physician. (Eufaula, Ala.) 

Joseph Martin Pickett, 

" (Fresno, Cal.) 

Charles Malachi Powell, 

(Ozark. Ala.) 

Benjamin C. Threadgill. 

A. M., 1902; Commercial Traveler. (Talla- 
dega, Ala.) 




Earle Austin Tucker, 

(Booneville, Miss.) 

Henry Albert Vaughn, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Selma, Ala.) 

Charles Edward Waller, Jr., 

A. B., 1901. (Greensboro, Ala.) 

Charles Stovall Weems, 

B. S., 1900; Agent Gulf Refining Co. of La.; 
Past Master, Blue Lodge; Past High Priest 
Chapter; Past Chancellor Commander K. of 
P, Mt. Athos Lodge No. 100; Member K. of 
P.; Shubuta Lodge 483, F. and A. M.; Wavne 
Chapter No. 24, Shubuta, Miss.; Cyrene Com- 
mandery No. 9, Meridian, Miss.; Hamasa 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S., Meridian, Miss. 
P. O. Box 4; res. 103 South St., Talladega, 

Elisha Asa Young, 

Teacher. (Livingston, Ala.) 


William Wirt Clarke, 

Belles Lettres; Manager of Bevill Mercantile 
Co. Jackson, Ala. 

Tohn Rufus Gamble, 

A. B., 1901; Hardware Merchant; Member 
firm Smith & Gamble; Proprietor Gamble 
Hardware Co.; Vice-Pres. Tullis-Gamble Hard- 
ware Co.; Pres. Gamble Hardware Co., Alex- 
ander City; Pres. Wetumpka Construction Co. 
and Central Alabama Construction Co.; Pres. 
Alabama Hardware Assn., 1910-11; second 
V.-Pres 1915 and first V.-Pres., 1916 Natl 
Hardware Assn.; Member Woodmen of the 
World, Red Men, Knights of Pythias, Knights 
of Khorassan, Rotary Club, Chamber of Com- 
merce. 36 Commerce St.; res. 627 S. Court 
St., Montgomery, Ala. 

William Reynolds Howell, 

A. B., 1902; Clergyman. (Cordele, Ala.) 

Theodore Henley lack, 

A. B., 1902 Univ. of Ala.; A. M., 1903 do.; 
A. M., 190S Harvard Univ.; Ph. D., 1915 
Univ. of Chicago; Professor of History, 
Emory Univ.; Prof, of History, Southern 
Univ., 1909-16; Instr. in History, Univ. of 
Chicago, 1914-15; Author "Sectionalism and 
Party Politics in Alabama"; "Alabama and 
the Federal Government," and contributor to 
Historical Review; Affiliated Ala. Mu 1902 
and Tenn. Omega (Chapter Roll). Oxford, Ga. 

William G. Miller, 

Farmer. (Greensboro, Ala.) 

Israel Pickens. 

Real Estate; Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu 1902. 
(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Harris M. Roberts, 

(Columbiana, Ala.) 

Marcus Daniel Still, 

Clariosophic Soc; Real Estate and Insurance; 
Ex-Judge Probate Court of Elmore County. 
Wetumpka, Ala. 

Walter Vinson, 

(Huntsville, Ala.) 


Tames de Lafayette Carpenter, 

Belles Letties; Hesperian, Trinity Coll., Dur- 
ham, N. C; Sigma Nu Phi; Sophomore Medal 
1899; Orators' Medar for each Literary Soc., 
1901; Pres. Athletic Assn., 1900-1901; Pres. 
Senior Class Natl. Univ. School of Law, 1907; 
Lawyer, Bureau of Indian Affairs Dept. of In- 
terior; Author "The Five Civilized Tribes", 
"Marriage and Divorce (Indian Custom)"; 
Member Marigold Club. Pension Office Bldg. ; 
res. 1816 Kilbourne PI. N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 


Ernest Bnndley Dunlap, 

A. B., 1903; M. D.; Physician. (801 A St., 
Lawton, Okla.) 

Ernest William Patton, 

D. D. S.; Dentist; Past Pres. Ala. Dental 
Assn.; Member Masons. 201 Broad St.; res. 
402 Union St., Selma, Ala. 

Amasa Dorman Stollenwerck, 

Physician; Affiliated La. Tau Upsilon 1907. 
(Greensboro, Ala.) 

Matthew De Witt Thomason, 

(Brushy, Miss.) 

Stewart H. Welch, 

A. B., 1903; M. D., 1907 Cornell Univ.; Nu 
Sigma Nu; Mgr. Football and Baseball 1902- 
1903; Delegate Natl. Convention, Washington, 

D. C. ; Physician; Asst. City Bacteriologist 
igio; Asst. City Health Officer, 1904-1905; 
Sec. Bd. of Censors, Committee of Health, 
Tefferson Co. until 1916. 626 Woodward 
Bldg.; res. 2805 Juniper Ave., Birmingham, 


John Dantzler Chappelle, 

A. B., 1904; LL. B., 1906 Univ. of Ala.; 
County Judge Logan County; Affiliated Ala. 
Mu 1906. County Court House; res. 117 E. 
Noble Ave., Guthrie, Okla. 

John Edmund Cross, 

Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu 1905. (Decatur, 

Charles Madison Hanna, 

Initiated by Tenn. Zeta 1902. 

John Crawford Hope, 

(Pine Hill, Ala.) 

John William McCann, 

Teacher. (Louisville, Ala.) 

George Edmund Moslander, 

Ice Cream Manufacturer. Conception and Esl- 
osa Sts. ; res. 337 Springhill Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Thomas H. Seay, 

E. A. of Chapter; Lawyer; Asst. Atty. Genl. 
of Ala.; Affiliated Ala. Mu 1906. (First Natl. 
Bank, Montgomery, Ala.) 

George Burton Skinner, 

Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu 1905. (Birmingham, 

William Hilliard Cryer, 

A. B., 1905; M. D., 1908 Tulane Univ.; Clario- 
sophic Literary Soc; Physician; Surgeon for 
Southern Railway Co. in Miss.; Physician 
Union Printers Home, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Columbus, Miss. 

Cullen Coleman Daniel, 

Minister. (Uniontown, Ala.) 

David Hampton Morris, 

Lumber Manufacturer and Merchant; Affili- 
ated Ala. Alpha Mu 1907. Noma, Fla. 

Walter Werle Peagler, 

Belles Lettres (Southern Univ.) and Wirt 
(Ala. Poly. Inst.) Socs.; Floor Mgr. Senior 
German Dancing Club and Ranch Inspector 
(Ala. Poly. Inst.); Assistant Cashier, Bank 
Cashier Bank of Greenville (Ala.); Contributor 
of various articles to newspapers; Affiliated Ala. 
Alpha Mu 1905. Bank of Greenville, 106 
Commerce St.; res. 211 Church St., Greenville, 



Isaac Pierce Mason, 

A. B., 1906; Teacher; Teacher, Anniston, 
Ala., 1910-16; Prof. Physics, Southwestern 
Presbyterian Univ., Clarksville, Tenn.; Mem- 
ber Blue Lodge, Masons. 515 Main St., 
Clarksville, Tenn. 

William Owen Turnipseed, 

Affiliated Ala. Mu 1908. (Flora, Ala.) 


William Jasper Cannon,* 
William Braddy Davis, 

Manager Watch Dept. George T. Brodnax, 
Inc.; Member Masons; Colonial Country Club. 
22 S. Main St.; res. 42 N. Cleveland St., Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 

Fletcher Tally Turnipseed, 

Business. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Spotswood W. H. Williams, 

A. B., 1907; LL. B., 1908; Sophomore Medal, 
1905 and Junior Medal, 1906; Univ. Debating 
Contest; Medal for Oratory, 1907; Lawyer. 
Greensboro, Ala. 

John F. Bilbro, 

Minister. (Waller, Texas.) 

James Burris Burgin, 

LL. B., 1909 Univ. of Ala.; Belles Lettres 
Soc.; Kent Club; Attorney-at-Law; Pres. 
Southern Mortgage and Realty Co.; General 
Counsel Ala. Marketing and Canning Co.; 
Member Southern, Birmingham Motor and 
Country Clubs; Elks, Masons; Affiliated Ala. 
Mu iqo8. 1008 Jefferson County Bank Bldg.; 
res. Mt. Pinson Pike, Birmingham, Ala. 

David W. Campbell, 

With U. S. Army in France. Tallahassee, Ala. 

William Rison Hosmer, 

Office Manager Pioneer Lumber Co. Reform, 

Gilderoy Killough, 

Belles Lettres; Capt. Baseball Team; V.-Pres. 
Athletic Assn.; Dairy Farmer. Bowie, Ariz. 

William Wallace McCaskill, 

(219 N. Tanagona St., Pensacola, Fla.) 

Archie McDonnell, 

Belles Lettres; Baseball and Football; Sales- 
man; Member Masons; Worshipful Master 
Prairie Lodge No. 87 and Chancellor Com- 
mander Eva Clan Lodge No. 5. Gatlin St., 
Okolona, Miss. 

William C. Newell, 

M. S., 1908; Salesman; Member B. P. O. E. 
US Eubanks St., West End, Birmingham; res. 
Dadeville, Ala. 

Leroy Madison Wilson, 

(St. Stephens, Ala.) 


William Craddock Boyd, 

(Columbus, Miss.) 

Lebon Henry Scott Chapelle, Tr., 

Minister. (Eufaula, Ala.) 

Noel T. Dowling, 

Initiated by Tenn. Nu 1909. 

Morgan Smaw, 

Clariosophic Lit. Soc; Law Clerk; Affiliated 
Ala. Alpha Mu 191 1. Attorney-General's Of 
fire; res. 1307 Broadway, Denver, Colo. 


James Christopher Carr, 

(Mobile, Ala.) 

Oliver Bryan Christopher, 

LL B., 1913 Univ of Ala.; Belles Lettres 
Lit. Soc.; Alpha Sigma Delta, Law Soc; 
Football 1908-1909; Attorney; Mayor of But- 
ler 1912-1914; Solicitor of County Court of 
Choctaw County 191 5-19 19. Affiliated Ala. 
Mu 1913. Butler, Ala. 

Crawford Hal Cleveland, 

A. B., 1910; M. D., 1915 Vanderbilt Univ., 
Nashville, Tenn.; Belles Lettres; Y. M. C. A.; 
Capt. Basketball, 1908; Mgr. Baseball and 
Football, 1909; V.-Pres Y. M. C. A.; Treas. 
Athletic Assn., 1909; Physician; Member An- 
niston Athletic Club; Countv, State and Am. 
Med. Assns. 1111^ Noble St.; res. 11 07 Quin- 
tard St., Anniston, Ala. 

Henry Petty Coor, 

(262 S. Franklin St., Mobile, Ala.) 

Franklin Curtis Jones, 

M. D., 191 5 Atlanta Med. Coll.; Kappa Psi; 
Superintendent St. Luke's Hospital Assn.; Res- 
ident Phvs. Duval Co. Hosp. St. Luke's Hos- 
pital Assn., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Robert Sanders Jones, 

(Woodstock, Ala.) 

Robert Toombs Smith, 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

Frank Edward Spain, 

A. B., 1910; LL. B., 1913 Univ. of Ala.; 
Belles Lettres; Local Law Fraternity; Scholar- 
ship Medal and German Prize 1908; Repre- 
sented Ala. Univ. in Vanderbilt-Ala. Inter- 
collegiate Debate 191 3; Lawyer; Member Com- 
munity Club; Affiliated Ala. Mu 1913. 921 
First Natl, uank Bldg.; res. 1528 Ave I, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Fred Albert Swanburg, 

(Anniston, Ala.) 

Lewis John Weber, 

A. B„ 1909; Alpha Kappa Delta; Vice-Pres. 
of Class (3) (4); Belles Lettres Lit. Soc; 
Mgr. Baseball, 1907-08; Sophomore Orator 
Junior Commencement Orator's Medal; Coll 
Representative Ala. State Oratorical Contest 
Lawyer. (170 Coffee St., Talladega, Ala.) 


Augustus Henry McDonnell, 

(Okolona, Miss.) 

Edward Wyche Seay, 

(Greensboro, Ala.) 


John Tuman Allen, 

Belles Lettres; Football 1909-1910; Mgr. Dra 
matic Club, 1910; Merchant. Cromwell, Ala. 

Robert Bryan Carr, 

A. B., 1912; Mgr. Football, 1910 and Base- 
ball, 1912; Pres. Athletic Assn. and Y. M. 
C. A., 1912; Editor Coll. Magazine, 1912; 
Winner Cox Medal for Oratory. 1912; Senior 
Lawyer. University; res. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Tohn William Griggs, Jr., 

Cotton Buyer. Okolona, Miss. 

Peterson B. Jarman, Jr., 

A. B., 1912; "Skulls," "Key-Ice" Club; Glee 
Club, 1910; Class Football, 1910; Chief Clerk 
Probate Office, Sumter Countv, Ala.; Affiliated 
Ala. Mu 1913. Court House, Livingston, Ala. 

Thomas Haughton Sansom, 

Cotton Buyer, c/o Striplin Cotton Co., Oko- 
lona, Miss. 

Fred Stickney Whatley, 

Belles Lettres; Farming. Moundville, Ala. 




Ira Isaac Canterbury, 

Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu 1913. (Linden, Ala.) 

Frank H. Chappelle, 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Jim W. Cleveland, 

Mgr. Basketball Team, 1912; Ladies' Debater 
Belles Lettres Literary Soc., 1912; Teacher 
Public Schools. Centreville, Ala. 

T. Reynolds Smart, 

Affiliated Ala. Mu 1913. (Brundidge, Ala.) 


H. Grady Gilder, 

Belles Lettres; Secretary and Treasurer East 
Texas Oakland Co. San Jacinto St. and Walker 
Ave.; res. 907 Caroline St., Houston, Texas. 

Clark McKerall Osborn, 

A. B., 1914; Belles Lettres; Merchant. 
Greensboro, Ala. 

James T. Whittlesey, 

(Columbus, Ga.) 

Robert Allen Willis, Jr., 

Belles Lettres; Ladies' Debate and Sophomore 
Speaker; Mgr. Baseball Team; Naval Stores. 
Carrabelle; res. Greenwood, Fla. 


Seaborn A. Driver, Jr., 

Lumber and Farming. Augustin, Ala. 

Grady Lee James, 

(Centreville, Ala.) 

William E. Little, 

(Epes, Ala.) 

Sidney Jordan Morrow, 

(320 Hunter St., Birm.ngham, Ala.) 

James Kendrick Parks, 

Graduate State Normal Coll., Troy, Ala., 1913; 
Belles Lettres; Calhoun Literary Soc; State 
Normal Coll. Medal for Oratory, 191 1; Twice 
Pres. Calhoun Literary Soc; State Normal 
Coll., Troy, Ala.; Representative Speaker at 
Graduation; Prize for Vaulting; Baseball 
Pitcher Troy Normal Team; LT. S. Army; 
Clerk Med. Dept., 2d Ala. Inf., Nogales, Ariz. 
Box 113, Luverne, Ala. 

Lewis Claude Reynolds, 

Varsity Football Team; Merchant. Clanton, 

Emmett Morgan Whatley, 

Cotton Ginner. c/o Whatley & Maxwell, 
Sweetwater, Tex. 


Troy Crampton Brannan, 

(134 Michigan Ave, Mobile. Ala.) 

Ira Isaac Canterbury, Jr., 

(Linden, Ala.) 

David Irby Deramus, Jr., 

Merchant and Farmer. Verbena, Ala. 

Wayne Gilder, 

(Linden, Ala.) 

Charles A. Lewis, 

(Eutaw, Ala.) 

Thomas Hilburn Cleveland, 

D. D. S., 1917 Vanderbilt Univ.; Psi Omega; 
Dentist. First Natl. Bank Bldg.j res. 1220 
Madison Ave, Montgomery, Ala. 

Howard Gray Douglas, 

A. B., 1916; Belles Lettres; Pres. Y. M. C. A. 
Local Chapter; Challenge Debater; Commence- 
ment Speaker (3 yrs.); Football Team (1 yr.); 
Principal Sweet Water Graded School; Mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias and Maccabees. Sweet 
Water; res. Cyril, Ala. 

Daniel Wilson Godfrey, 

A. B., 1917; Scholarship Medal, 1916-1917; 
English Prize, 1916; Editor-in-Chief Southron. 
1916-1917; Bugler U. S. Army. Sumterville, 

Osceola Kyle Welden, 

B. S., 1917; Fellow in Science; Teacher Sum- 
mer School; Society Orator; Univ. Debating 
Contest Orator; Junior Orator; Teacher. Ec- 
lectic, Ala. 


Webb Wood Jordan, 

Franklin Literary Soc, Howard Coll.; Clario- 
sophic Literary Soc; Ladies' Debater 1914; 
Challenge Debater, 1917; Freshman-Sophomore 
Declaimer, 1915; U. S. Navy. Autaugaville, 

James Lamar Kelly, 

Belles Lettres; Freshman-Sophomore Decla- 
mation, 1015; Ladies' Debater, 1915; Ready 
Debaters Medal, 1916; Ladies' Debate Orator, 
1916; Pres. Sophomore Class, 1915-1916; 
Junior Orator, 1017; Society Orator, 1917; 
Dramatic Club, 1017; Challenge Debate, 1917; 
Pres. Athletic Assn.. '.917-1918; Pres. Senior 
Class, 1918; Band. 1914-191 5-1916; Editor-in- 
Chief Southron, 1918; Treas. Y. M. C. A., 
1917-1918; Student. Repton, Ala. 

Adger Ellison King, 

Student. James, Ala. 

George Corley Wallace, 

Stock Farming. Clio, Ala. 


George Ellis Carter, 

Belles Lettres; Ladies' Debater; Freshman 
and Sophomore Declaimer; Sec. Athletic 
Assn.; V-Pres. Sophomore Class; Drug Clerk. 
Lauderdale St.; res. 102 I-amar Ave., Selma, 

John Bennett Collier, 

Student. Brundidge, Ala. 

John Capers Glenn, 

Belles i^ettres; Football; Pres. Junior Class, 
1917-18; Glee Club; Manager Football and 
Soc. Debater, 1916-17; Clergyman. Greens- 
boro, Ala. 

William Browder Helms, 

Clariosoobic Lit. Soc; Y. M. C. A.; Base- 
ball, Scrub Football; Gymnasium Team; Agri- 
culture; Member F. O. B. S. and French 
Clubs. Enterprise. Ala. 

Edward McCurdy Jones, 

Student. Opelik3, Ala. 

George Erwin Jones, 

Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball; Mid- 
shipman U. S. Navy. U. S. Naval Academy, 
Annapolis, Md. 

Joseph Clowd Kendrick, 

Belles Lettres; V.-Pres. F. O. B. Club; Gym- 
nasium team, 1913-15; Delegate Province Con- 
vention, Montgomery, Ala., 1916; Eminent 
Warden; Pres. Freshman Class; U. S. Armv; 
Border Service with Ala. N. G., 1916-17; 
Member Alabama Club, San Antonio, Tex., 
Falcon Club. Greenville. Ala. Medical Dept., 
117th Field Artillery, Camp Wheeler, Macon, 



Thomas Marshall Norton, Jr., 

Farming; Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu 1920. 
Midway, Ala. 

Lee Paulk, 

Belles Lettres; Receiving Clerk for Lobman, 
Moog & Co. Foot Coosa St.; res. Brown's 
Apts., Clayton St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Rufus Buena Shuptrine, 

Clariosopnic Lit. Soc; Freshman Sophomore 
Declaimer; Student; Affiliated Ala. Mu, 1019. 
1 105 University Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Louis David Veal, 

Baseball; Basketball; Clerical. Greensboro, 

Charles Edward Jefferson Whitehead, 

(Mobile, Ala.) 


James Fairly Alison, 

Belles Lettres; Student at Univ. of Ala.; 
Member Inter-Se Club, Selma, Ala. Univ. of 
Ala.. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Walter Timons Cardwell, 

Clariosophic Lit. Soc; Anniversary Deb; 
1917; Challenge Debater, inr- and 1918; L 
Representative State Inter-Collegiate 
torical Contest, 191 7; Ready Debater's Mi 
1917; Mgr. Glee Club. 1917-1S; Business I 
Southron, 1917-18; Mgr. Baseball, 1918; 1 
Clariosophic Soc, 1917; Student Soutl 

LTniv.; Principal and Teacher, Southei 
Acad.; Prin. Eden High School. 1913- 
cent High School, 1914-15. Linde 
School, 1915-16. L^niversity Ave., Gr« 

Nicholas Leon Howard, 

Student. Prattville, Ala. 

James William Stuart, 

Student. Berlin, Ala. 

Herbert Ellerbe Waller, 

Student. Greensboro, Ala. 


Charles Melton Kelly, 

Student. Repton, Ala. 

Edwin Marshall Lovelace, 

Student. Brewton, Ala. 

Angus Arthur McDiarmid, 

Student. Safford, Ala. 

Neil Miller McQuaig, 

Student. Clanton, Ala. 

Holmes McKernall Osborn, 

Student. Greensboro, Ala. 

Frank Nelson Shofuer, 

Student. Brewton, Ala. 

Rufus Ezekiel Stafford, 

Student, Brewton, Ala. 



University, Alabama 

Founded March 9, 1856 

Charter Surrendered 

on Account of War; Chapter Re-established 


Nathan Elams Cockrell,* 

A. B., 1856; Editor; One of the Founders of 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. d. June 3, 1859, Liv- 
ingston, Ala. 

Noble Leslie Devotie,* 

Minister; Chaplain C. S. A.; Principal Foun- 
der of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. d. Feb. 12, 1861, 
Mobile Bay, Ala. 

Wade H. Foster,* 

A. B., 1856; Merchant; One of the Foun- 
ders of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. d. Feb. 15, 
1867. Marshall. Tex. 

Tohn Webb Kerr,* 

A. B„ 1856; LL. B., 1858 Harvard; Lawyer; 
One of the Founders of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
and first E. A. of Ala. Mu. d. Sept. 14, 1898, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

John Barrett Rudolph,* 

Planter; One of the Founders of Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon; Capt., Major and Colonel. 10th Regt. 
Ala. Cavalry C. S. A.; Pres. and Trustee 
Pleasant Hill Male and Female Acad. 


Thomas Chappell Cook,* 

A. B., 1857; A. M., 18S9 Princeton; M. D., 
1859 Univ. of Pa.; Physician; One of the 
Founders of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Asst. Sur- 
geon 1st Heavy Artillery, C. S. A.; U. S. 
Examining Surgeon; Member Texas Legisla- 
ture, 1885-86. d. Feb. 19, 1906, Weimar, Tex. 

Samuel Marion Dennis,* 

One of the Founders of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 
Private C. S. A. d. 1864 Federal Prison. St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Abner Edwin Patton,* 

A. B., 1857; LL. B., i8s9 Cumberland; Law- 
ver; One' of the Founders of Sigma Alpha 
"Epsilon. d. July 13, 1863, Richmond, Va. 


Talbott Adams.* 

A. B„ 1858; Planter; Major. C. S. A.; Co. 
Commissioner Pickens Co., Ala., 1888-91. 

Tames Atwood Bullock,* 

A. B„ 1S58; Planter; Private, C. S. A. d. 
April 27. 1863. 

Newton Nash Clements,* 

A. B.. 1858; A. M., 1861; Lawyer; Colonel 
50th Regt.. Ala. Vols., C. S. A.; Member U. S. 
Congress, 1880. d. Feb. 20, 1900. 

Boiling Hall, Jr.,* 

A. B., 185S; Planter; Colonel 59th Ala. Regt.. 
C. S. A.; Affiliated Va. Omicron 1861. d. Feb. 

3, 1866, Montgomery, Ala. 

John Dozier McLaughlin,* 

A. B., 1858; Lieutenant then Captain, 8th Ala. 
Regt., C. S. A. d. Sept. 1S62, Battle of Va. 

James Forrest Tarrant,* 

A. B., 1858; Planter; Private nth Miss. Inf., 
C. S. A. d. Jan. 10, 1882, Jonesboro, Ala. 

Robert Kershaw Wells,* 

A. B., 1858; Planter; Capt. 4^d Ala. Regt.. 
C. S. A. d. Aug. 7, 1864. 

Gustavus Adolphus Wynne,* 

Planter: Private, C. S. A. d. July, i86i. Bat- 
tle of Gettysburgh. 


Jewett Gindrat Devotie,* 

Editor; Founder of Washington City Rho, 
1858. d. April 4, 1881, Columbus, C.a. 

Thomas Lucien Moreland Owen,* 

A. B., 1859; M. D., 1859; Physician; Lieut. 
Co. B, 18th Ala. Regt., C. S. A. d. Feb. 6, 
1862 near Mobile. Ala. 

Enoch Parsons Riley,* 

Teacher; Private, C. ST. A. d. May 31. 1862, 
Battle of Seven Pines, Va. 


J. Hodges Golson,* 

Lawyer; Colonel Cavalry, C. S. A. d. Sept. 
29, 1863. 

James Henry Judkins, 

Lawyer; Adjutant. Claxton's Brigade with 
rank of Capt., C. S. A.; Adjutant 1st Ala. 
Regt. Cavalry; Affiliated Va. Omicron. i860. 
(215 Moulton St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Vernon Henry Vaughan,* 

Lawyer; Adjutant, C. S. A.; Prof, of Mathe- 

matics, Univ. of Ala.. 1868-69; C.ov. of Utah, 

1S70-71: Affiliated N. C. Xi. i860, d. Dec. 

4. 1878. 


Tohn Mordecai Anderson. 

B. E., 1S86: M. D., 1891 New York; Physi- 
cian; Affiliated Va. Omicron. 1891. 26 S. 
Perry St.; res. 1 Elliot St., Montgomery, Ala. 



Boiling Anthony Blakey, 

A. B., 1886; M. "S., 18S7 Alabama Polytechnic 
Inst.; City Electrician; Instr. Auburn Poly. 
Inst., 1889-93; City Electrician, Montgomery, 
Ala.; Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mil 1887. City 
Hall; res. 714 Washington St., Montgomery, 



Robert Fnerson Peters, 

A. B., 1887; LL. B.. 1887; Lawyer; E. A. Ala. 
Mu 1887; Mayor Fayette, Ala. Fayette, Ala. 

Tames Jefferson Robinson, Jr., 

.. 2.,' :CE7; ;_is: of Probate Court, Cham- 
bers Co., Ala. La Favette, Chambers Co., 

William Mabson Blakey, 

A. B„ 1888; Philomathic Lit. Soc; Lawyer; 
County Atty., 1903-11; County Tax Commis- 
sioner, 1901-08; Pres Crescent Lake Country 
Club; Member Ala. State and Montgomery 
Bar Assns. First Natl. Bank Bldg., Mont- 
gomery; res. Millbrook, Ala. 


Paul Terome Moeris Acker, 

A. B., 1889; M. D., 1892; A. M., 1894; Physi- 
cian; Prof, of Operative Surgery, School of 
Medicine, Univ. of Ala.; Visiting Surgeon. 
Mobile City Hosp.; Surgeon G. M. & C. 
R. R. Co. and M. L. & R. R. Co.; Fellow Am. 
Surgical Soc; Member Athelstan and Coun- 
try Clubs, Mobile Co. Med. Soc, Am. Med. 
Assn. 153 Government St.; res. 151 Govern- 
ment St., Mobile, Ala. 

William Freret. 

John Thomas Keener, 

Merchant. (New Decatur, Ala.) 

Frank Thomas Payne,* 

Captain La. Vols. U. S. Army. Spanish Am. 
War; Lieut U. S. Army. Philippine War. 
d. Feb. 1900, Philippine Islands. 

William Frank Skinner, 

Planter. (Macon, Miss.) 

Lee Stone, 

Wholesale Grocer. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Charles Walsh Tompkins, 

A. B„ 1889; LL. B., 1891; Lawyer; Past 
Counsellor Commander Maple Camp No. 5. 
W. O. W.; Trustee Tuscahoma Tribe No. 
59, Improved Order of Red Men; Past 
Supreme Counsellor Independent Order of 
Beavers. 201 Pollock Bldg., Mobile, Ala. 

George Washington Willett, 

A. B.. 1889; M. D. Bellevue, 1S93; Physician. 
614 Flat Iron Bldg.; res. 29 Houston, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Emile L. Gibson, 

A. B., 1890; Clerk, Treasury Department. 
Treasury Dept.; res. 1343 Clifton St. N. W., 
Wash.. D. C. 

John Allen Inzer, 

A. B., 1890; A. M., 1892; Lawyer. Etowah 
Trust & Savings Bank Bldg.; res. Bellevue 
Highlands, Gadsden, Ala. 


John Hollis Rankhead, Tr., 

A. B., 1891; LL. D., 1893 Georgetown; Cadet 
Capt. Univ. of Ala.; Pres. Senior Class; 
Pres. Senior Law Class, Georgetown; Attorney- 
at-Law; Chrmn. Bd. of Educaton, Jasper, Ala.; 

Major Ala. N. G. Inf.; Author "Election Laws 
of Alabama." Jasper, Ala, 

Robert Woods Collins, Jr.,* 

Merchant, d. 1906 

Eli Abbott, 

Initiated Miss. Theta, 1888. 

Parkham N. Booker, 

(Eufaula, Ala.) 

William W. Brandon, 

LL.B., 1892; Judge of Probate, Tuscaloosa 
County; Member Ala. Legislature; Auditor of 
Ala.; Adjutant General of Ala.; Honorary 
V. Pres. Epsilon Province, 1903-08; Appointed 
Pres. Epsilon Province, 1908; Elected Pres. of 
Epsilon Province bv the Province Convention, 
Rome, Ga., 1909; Elected Eminent Supreme 
Archon, 1910; Eminent Supreme Recorder at 
the Re-installation of S. C. Delta. 191 1; Mem- 
ber Bd. of Governors De Votie Memorial 
Bldg.; Member Masons. Knights of Pythias, 
Elks, Odd Fellows and Woodmen of the 
World. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Lothair Brooks, 


ripal Contractor. 

1st Ave., West 

Allen Vories Fearn, 

Proprietor Ashland Gaarage. s. s. Springfield 
Ave. W. of Foote's lane, Mobile, Ala. 

John Abbott, 

B. M. E., 1893; Electrical Engineer. (Green- 
wood. Miss.) 

William Mitchell Adams, 

A. B., 1893; Philomathic Lit. Soc; Sec 
Chattanooga Convention, 1892-93; Attorney- 
at-Law; Prosecuting Solicitor Chilton County, 
5 yrs.; Procured the Material for the Re- 
organization of Alabama Mu in 1892, and 
with the aid of Dr. D. J. Castleman. now 
deceased, and the Chapter of Southern Uni- 
versity, Reorganized the Mother Chapter; 
Member Knights of Pythias and Knights of 
Honor. 7 Seventh St.; res. 32 Oakdale Ave.. 
Clanton, Ala. 

George Edward Gordon, 

LL. B., 1893; Erosophic; Best Wrestler of 
all Classes, 1892-93; Lawyer; Supt. Public 
Schools. Lownds Co., Ala., 1902-10; Mason. 
Washington St., Havneville, Ala. 

William Bonnell Hall, 

Initiated by Tenn. Omega (Chapter Roll.) 

John Little, 

A. B., 1893; B. D„ 1899 Ky. Theol. Sem.; 
Minister; Sunt, of Presbyterian Colored Mis- 
sions. 540 Roselane; res. 618 Floral Terrace, 
Louisville, Ky.^ 

Thomas Harris Maxwell, 

B. M. E., 1893; Civil Engineer; Supt. Tusca- 
loosa Compress: Sergeant Co. M., 3d Regt.. 
U. S. Vols.; Engr Spanish American War. 

Tames Pincknev Powers, 

Planter. (Stewart, Ala.) 

Seaborn William Purifov, 

M. D., 1894 Ky. School of' Medicine; First 
Honor (Ky. School of Medicine); Physician; 
Sec.-Treas. Yazoo Co. Med. 211% S. Main 
St.; res. 704 Grand Ave., Yazoo City, Miss. 

Lawrence Avery Smith, 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha Mu 1S89. 


Collier B. Monroe, 

B. C. E„ 1S94; Druggist. (Roseland, Ark.) 

Stephen Henrv Strickland, 

A. B., 1871. (Johns, Ala.) 




Ricliard Harris Little, 

A. B., 1895; LL. B., 1896; Real Estate; E. A. 
of Chapter. 1895. 22261/2 Broad St.; res. 2303 
9th St., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Samuel Byron Slone, 

B. S., 1895; LL. B., 1897; Cashier Ft. Payne 
Bank. (Ft. Payne, Ala.) 

Archibald Lownds Tyson, 

B. S„ 1895; LL. B., 1896 Harvard; Farmer. 
16 Court Sq.; res. 502 S. McDonough St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 


Jesse Crook Nicholls, 

Graduate U. S. Military Acad.; Major, Ord- 
nance Dept., U. S. Army; Commanding Offi- 
cer. Army Factory; Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, 

N. J. 

Graham Parker, 

B. S., 1896; Army Officer; Lieut. U. S. Army, 
Philippine War; 2d Lieut. Artillery Corps., 


David Taliaferro Blakey, 

Salesman. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Andrew Cory Legg, 

Merchant. 911 S. nth St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Joseph Gerst Rentz, 

Department Manager, Alkemeyer's, Inc. 808 
Prairie Ave.; res. 2204 Chartres St., Houston, 

Gibson Reynolds, 

A. B., 1897; M. D., 1901 Columbia Univ.; 
Capt. Baseball Team, 1896; Editor Crimson- 
White. 1897; Physician; Visiting Gynaecol- 
ogist. St. Margaret's Hosp. 109 S. Perry St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Euclid [Caldwell] Snow, 

Ph. G., 1897 Natl. Inst, of Phar., Chicago; 
Ph. C. 1898 Vanderbilt; Druggist; Member 
Bd. Directors Warner Drug Co.; Member 
Sons Am. Revolution; 32° Mason; Shriner; 
Affiliated Tenn. Nu 1898. 401 Public Sq.; 
res. 408, 21st Ave. S., Nashville, Tenn. 


Marzette Hardie Bell, 

Merchant. (Montgomery, Ala.) 

Augustus Hoke' Nicholls, 

Civil Engineer. (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 

Thornton Parker, 
Alexander J. Troy, 

Clerk Court of Appeals. 703 S. Perry St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 


William Robert Harrison, 

B. S. Univ. of Ala,, 1899; Supt. of Schools; 
formerly Pres. Alabama Educaational Assn. 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Henry Orrin Hendrick, 

Druggist. Brundidge, Ala. 

Taul Everett Jones, 

A. B., 1899; LL. B., 1902; Lawyer. Camden, 

Winston Boykin Jones, 

M. D., 1901 Tulane*; Physician. Camden, Ala. 

Charles S. Lawson. 

B. S., 1899; M. S., 1900; B. S., 1902 Mass. 
Inst, of Tech.; Electrical Engineer; Author 
Articles to Electric Journal. Westinghouse 
Electric & Mfg Co.; res. San Jose Apt., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Reynolds Tames Powers,* 

B. S., 1899; Grad. U. S. Military Acad., 1901; 
Officer of the Army. 

James Ward Stickney, 

B. S., 1899; C. E., 1900; Sophomore and Jun- 
ior Honor Roll; Editor-in-Chief Crimson White 
1899; Chief Engineer The Cuban Central Rail- 
ways. Oficinas Generales F. C. Centrales; res. 
Quintin Banderas No. 9, Sagua La Grande, 

Edward McGruder Tutweiler, 

LL. B., 1903 Univ. of Va. ; General Manager 
Ala. State Land Co.; Private Co. G, 1st Ala. 
Vols., U. S. Army, Spanish Am. War; Land 
Commissioner, Q. & C. Route, Ala. Great 
Western R. R., New Orleans & Northwestern 
R. R., Ala. & Vicksburg Ry. and others; Affili- 
ated Va. Omicron 1901. 206 Ala. State Land 
Bldg.; res. 2220 S. 22d St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Temple Wilson Tutwiler, 

Private Co. G, 1st Ala. Vols.. 
War; Manufacturer. 1034 W. 
St., Chicago, 111. 

Noble James Wiley, 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha Mu 1897. 


Cecil Acmond Beasley, 

LL. B., 1900; Graduate State Normal Coll., 
Florence, Ala.; Winner W. J. Bryan Medal. 
1900; Lawyer, Firm of Beaslev and Wright; 
Private Sec. U. S. Senator J. H. Bankhead; 
Member State Senate (Alabama), 1911-15. 
Fayette, Ala. 

Landon Garland Smith, 

B. S. in C. E„ 1900; C. E., 1902; Lions Head; 
Asst. Field Engineer, Interstate Commerce 
Commission; Engineer in charge, Lee County, 
Miss., System of Highways, 1910-15; Acting 
Division Eng., M. & O. R. R., 1915-16. Room 
46 Municipal Bldg., Chattanooga, Tenn. 


Robert Boyd Armistead, 

Merchant, Planter, Express Agent. Scotia, 

John Clifford Cheney, 

(Montgomery, Ala.) 

Tohn Osborn Ely, 

B. S. in E., 1901; Erosophic Lit Soc; Y. M. 

C. A.; Lions Head; Second Year Honors, 1899; 
Pres Erosophic Lit. Soc. and Y. M. C. A.; 
Roadmaster S. and N. A. Division, L. and N. 
R. R. Co.; Resident Engineer; Asst. Engineer 
M. of W.; Roadmaster L. and N. R. R. Co. 
R. jo L. and N. Station; res. 1918, nth Ave. 
S., Birmingham, Ala. 

Hugh Wilson Hill, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1899. 

Henry Martin Hobbie, 

President H. M. Hobbie Grocery Co. and 
Hobbie Motor Car Co. 224 Commerce St.; res. 
618 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Tohn Auston Lancaster, Tr., 

B. A., 1901; "A" in football; 1st Lieut. Co. 
B; Hardware: Member Beauvoir Club (Mont- 
gomery), Elks (Opelika). Alexander City, 

Robert Irving Little, 

A. B., 1901; A. M„ 1912 Harvard Univ.; 
Instructor Romance Languages, Harvard Univ. 
2223, 9th St., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

William Augustus McCreary, 

LL. B„ 1901; Baseball, 1899-iQ'oi; Football, 
1900; Druggist; Manager Rosser Drug Co., 
Inc.; Member Board of Education. Deming, 
N. M. ioq Gold Ave.; res. 2.6 S. Nickel St., 
Deming, N. M. 




Allen Parker, 

A. B., 1901; Secretary Tremont Lumber Co. 
Winnfield, La. 

Claude Montgomery Plowman, 

A. B., 1901; Cotton Yarn Merchant; Pres. 
and Treas. C. M. Plowman & Co.; Member 
Merion Cricket, Bryn Mawr Polo, City and 
Fourth Street Clubs. 242 Chestnut St., Phila- 
delphia; res. s Rugby Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Frank Houston Powe, 

B. S., 1901; C. E., 1902; Civil Engineer. 
(Talladega, Ala.) 

Pope Bates Smith, 

A. B., 1901; Salesman. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Archibald Pitt Tyson, Jr., 

A. B., 1901; LL. B., 1903; Erosophic Lit. 
Soc; Lions Head Club; Varsity Football, 
1897; Asst. Coach, 1902; Class Baseball, 1S98; 
Mgr. Class Football, 1S9S-1899 and 1902; Vice- 
Pres. Class, 1901; Real Estate and Insurance; 
Member Beauvoir and Country Clubs. 709 
Bell Bldg. ; res. 441 S. McDonough St., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Tohn Wade Watts, 

M. D., 1904 Tulane Univ.; Physician. Maben, 


Augustus Roscoe Brindley, 

LL. B., 1902; Pres. Kent Club, 1901; Lawyer, 
Firm of Goodhue & Brindley; City Atty. two 
terms; Member Ala. House of Representatives, 
1911-15; Chrmn. Comm. Wavs and Means, 
191 1 ; Chrmn. Comm. on Revision of Laws, 
and Member of Special Recess Comm. on Ju- 
diciary which revised judicial system, 191s; 
Author "General Revenue Law of 191 1"; 
"Minority Report" from Special Recess Com- 
mittee on the Tudiciary in Legislature, 191 5; 
"Municipal Government in Alabama and Some 
of its Problems"; "Indian Boundary Lines in 
Etowah County"; Member Drama League, In- 
vestigators, and 20th Century Clubs. 428V5 
Broad St.; res. Mallard Apts., Gadsden, Ala. 

Marvin Ward Dupree, 

M. D., 1902; Physician. Athens, Ala. 

Cecil Dean Gray, 

LL. B., 1902; Lawyer. Jasper, Ala. 

Luke Pryor Hunt, 

LL. B., 1902; Lawyer. 619-20 First Natl. 
Bank Bldg.; res. 924 S. 26th St., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Theodore Henley Jack, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1901. 

George Herbert Jones, 

A. B., 1902; A. M., 1903; Highest Honors, 
1900-02; Editor-in-chief College Weekly. Senior 
year; Editor-in-chief College Annual, Graduate 
year; Stock Raising; Sec. and Pres. Univ. of 
Ala., 1903-05; Bursar-Registrar, 1905-09. Fitz- 
patrick. Ala. 

Frank Montague Lett, 

B. S., 1902; M. S., 1903; M. D., 1909; b. s. 
Troy Normal Coll.; Football. 1901-03; Glee 
Club; Mgr. Crimson-White and Corolla; Educa- 
tor; Prof, of Chemistry, Missouri Military 
Inst., 1903; Capt. Medical Reserve Corps, U. 
S. Army. Lecompte. La. 

Hunter Hawthorne McClelland. 

LL. B., 1902; Lawyer. (First National Bank 
Bldg., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Gessner Tutwiler McCorvey, 

A. B., 1902; LL. B., 1903; Fre'shman Honor 
Roll; Sec. -Treas. Kent Club; 1st Lieut. Corps 
of Cadets, Junior and Senior yrs.; Color 
Sergt. Sophomore year; Football Team; Cham- 
pionship in Tennis Singles; Member College 
Championship Team in Tennis Doubles; Class 
Baseball Team; Attorney-at-Law, Firm of 
Stevens, McCorvey and McLeod; Vice-Pres. 

Mobile Bar Assn.; Member Athelstan and 
Country Clubs; Y. M. C. A. 503-07 City Bank 
Bldg; res. 867 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

William Henry Mitchell, 

A. B., 1902; LL. B., 1904; Graduate State 
Normal School; Lawyer; Asst. Atty. -General 
of Ala., 1915; City Atty.; Member Beauvoir 
Club (Montgomery). Tennessee St.; res. 
Wood Ave.. Florence, Ala. 

Frederick Grist Stickney, 

A. B., 1902; A. M., 1903; A. M., 1907 Har- 
vard Univ.; Phi Beta Kappa; End, 1901-03; 
Full Back, 1902, Varsity Football Team; 
Baseball Team, 1901-03; Asst. Professor, Eng 
lish, LTniv. of Ala.; Sec. Soc. of Alumni, 1908- 
16. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


James Maxwell Austin, 

M. D., 1904; Physician; Member Convict 
Board of Ala.; Physician in charge State Peni- 
tentiary and Tuberculosis Hosp. Wetumpka. 

Elisha Judkins Cain, 

Assistant Cashier, First Natl. Bank, Wetumpka. 

Joseph Williams Holt, 

Assoc. Editor Crimson-White; id Highest Mili- 
tary Honor (2); Mgr. Charlotte, N. C, Branch 
Ford Motor Co.; Member Charlotte Country 
Club; National Soc. Sons of the Revolution. 
Ford Motor Co., Charlotte, N. C. 

Edmond Ruskin Lett, 

M. D.; Physician. Eclectic, Ala. 

John Thomas McCants, 

A. M., 1906 Univ. of Va.; A. M., 1909 Yale 
LTniv.; Scholar Univ. of Va.; Fellow, Yale 
L^niv.; Instructor, English and Sec. to the 
Pres. The Rice Institute; Affiliated Va. Omi- 
cron, 1906. The Rice Institute; res. 4910 
Caroline Boulevard, Houston, Tex. 

John Osmond Middleton, 

LL. B., 1903; Attorney-at-Law; Mayor of 
Clanton, 1904; Prosecuting Atty., Chilton 
County. Ala., 1905-06; Member Ala. Legisla- 
ture, 1907-11; Twice Republican Nominee for 
Congress, 4th Dist.; Delegate to many Political 
Conventions; In great demand as Campaign 
Speaker. Clanton, Ala. 

Benjamin Franklin Noble, 

Business Manager Montgomery Light & Water 
Power Co. tog Dexter Ave.; res. 720 Felder 
St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Patrick Howell Roberson, 

A.«B., 1903; Certificate Lowell Textile School, 
1905; Merchant. Cropwell, Ala. 

Leon Edgar Tallichet, 

A. B., '1903. (Maury Cole Co., Memphis. 

James McCaleb Wiley, 

Member firm of Wiley Fertilizer Co. Folmar 
Bldg.; res. Murphree St., Troy, Ala. 


Frank Simmons Beard,* 
Joseph Hurd Mitchell, 

President and Manager Muskogee Produce Co. 
422 N. Main St.; res. 2305 Boston Ave., Mus- 
kogee, Okla. 

Rittenhouse Moore Smith, 

LL. B., 1904; Lawyer. City Bank Bldg.; res. 
206 S. Ann St., Mobile, Ala. 

Edward Seabrooks Watts,* 

LL. B., 1904; Lawyer; Co. Atty., Montgomery 
Co.; Member State Epileptic Commission, d. 
Oct. 6, 1916. 





Sorsby Jemison, 

Baseball (Univ. of the South) 1905; Football 
(Washington and Lee) igo=;; Capta-'n Field 
Artillery, U. S. Army; Salesman and Manager 
of Store, Young & Vann Supply Co.; Member 
Birmingham Country, Roebuck Auto, Golf and 
Country Clubs; Affiliated Tenn. Omega (Chap- 
ter Roll) and Va. Sigma 1909. 16 Glen Ins 
Park, Birmingham, Ala. 

Joseph Eggleston Tohnson, 

' Lieut. First Division, Motor Supply Train, 
U. S. Army. Tuscumbia, Ala. 

Jabez Curry Nelson, 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha Mu, 1903- 

William Taylor Palfrey, 

B. S., 1905; Lions Head; Senior German 
Club; Assistant Cashier Commercial Bank and 
Trust Co.; First Treas., Devotie Memorial Hall 
Fund; Member Thalian Club (Houston, 



Jesse Dolphus Pope, 

B S., 1905; LL. B., 1907; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Lion's Head; Class and Scrub Football; Asst. 
Mgr. Crimson-White ; Mgr. College paper; Law 
Editor College Paper; Class Baseball; Lawyer; 
Member Southern, Birmingham Motor, Coun- 
try, University and Birmingham Newspaper 
Clubs; Masons; Woodmen. 1525 Jefferson 
County Bank Bldg; res. 1703 S. 12th St., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Truman Aldrich Smith, 

B. S., 1905; C. E., 1906; M. E., 1907; Class 
Pres., 1903-05; Civil Engineer; With U. S. 
F.ngr. Dept. 352 Government St.; res. 52 N. 
Monterey St., Mobile, Ala. 


Hurieosco Austill, 

C. E., 1906; Football "A"; Bridge Engineer 
M. & O. R. R. and So. Ry. Co., Miss.; Assoc. 
Member Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers; Member 
Am. Railway Engineering Assn. and Am. Soc. 
for Testing Materials. Terminal Station Mo- 
bile; res. Spring Hill, Ala. 

Henry Cabaniss, 

Lawyer; Member of Firm 
8n First National Bank Bid 

James Dantzler Chapelle, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 

William Irvin Holt, 

Treas. Freshman Class 
Baseball (1), (2); E. 
mingham Agent, Bashii 
Member Montgomery 




• j"i. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Oscar P. McGraw, 

A. B., 1906; Erosophic 
Scholarship; Wholesale 
F.arle Feed Co. P. O. I 
N. C. 

John William McLeod, 

" A. B., 1906 Univ. of Ala. 
Editor Crimson-White 191 1 
bating Team versus Suwa 
Firm of Stevens, McCorvey 
7 City Bank Bldg 
Mobile, Ala. 

Thomas Howard Seay 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1Q04 

Edwin Earle Tallichct, 

Assistant Cashier Robertson 
mopolis, Ala. 


Frederick Ciilman Koenif 

Sec.-Trcas. Erosophic Lit. Soc 

Class Football an 
*. of Chapter; Bii 
kv Cotton Co Inc. 
"ountry Club, no 
res. Margaret Apts 

Debating Soc; Fitt"; 
Feed, with J. D 
Box 984, Asheville 

LL. B., 191 2 do. 
:; Member of De 
?e 1012; Lawyer 
nd McLeod 
S. Georgia A 



Banking Co. Dc 

Assoc. Editor College Annual; Vice-Pres. Kent 
Club; T. T. of Chapter; Lawyer. (1918, nth 
Ave. S., Birmingham, Ala.) 

Elisha Merriweather Moore, 

(Mobile, Ala.) 

Wilfred T. Neill, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon 1906. 

Charles Dozier Norman, 

B. S., 1907; Business Mer. Crimson-White; 
Newspaper Publisher. Union Springs, Ala. 

James Talmage Norman, 

LL. B., i907;Pres. Senior Law Class, 1907; 
Judge of Probate, Bullock County, Ala.; Jus- 
tice of the Feace, 1904-1907; Judge of Probate 
Bullock County since 1913; Member Beauvoir 
Club, Montgomery, Ala. Union Springs, Ala. 

Alexander McKay Parker, Sr., 

Editor Arizona Daily Star. Church St.; res. 
407 E. 2d St., Tucson, Ariz. 

William Reeves Vandiver, 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha Mu 1907. 

Frank Crook Whatley, 

Real Estate and Mortgage Loans; Member 
Southern and Countrv Clubs. 1102-03 Jeffer- 
son County Bank Bldg.; res. 1215 Beach St., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Seaborn Thornton Whatley, 

A B., 1907; Supervisor of Agents, Reliance 
Life Ins. Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Member Pitts- 
burgh Athletic Assn.; Pittsburgh Field, Pitts- 
burgh Commercial and Birmingham, (Ala.) 
Country Clubs. 1214 Farmers Bank Bldg.; 
res. 7 Dunmoyle PI., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Tames Burris Burgin, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1908. 

Charles Madison Hanna, 

Initiated by Tenn. Zeta 1902. 

T.amar Young: McLeod, 

A. B., 1908: LL. B., 1913; Fitts Scholar 1906- 
08; Corolla Bd., 1907; Crimson-White Bd., 1907- 
08; Class Pres., 1906-07; Class Football 1907; 
Lawyer; Sec. and Treas. Mobile Bar Assn., 
1916-1017; Local Officer Bureau of Investiga- 
tion. U. S. Dept. of Justice; Member Mobile 
Country Club, 309-311 Van Antwerp Bldg.; 
res. 255 S. Georgia Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Benjamin Frank Nicholls, 
Philip Beale Travis, 

Special Agent, Niagara Fire Ins. Co. 521 
Hunt Bldg.; res. 319 Bedford PI., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Owen Turnipseed, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1906. 

Spottswood W. H. Williams, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota I9°7- 

Tohn King Wolf, 

(Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 


Robert Briggs Beard, 

B. S. in E., 1909; M. D., 1913 Tulane Univ.; 
Physician and Capt. M. C. N. G. Ala. with 
First Ala. Field Hospital; Interne N. Y. Post 
Graduate Hosp., New York, N. Y., 191316; 
Affiliated La. Tau Epsilon 1913. Troy, Ala. 

Samuel Francis Clabaugh, 

A B., 1909; A. M., 1910; LL. B., 1918; Edi- 
tor Crimson-White; Pres. The Black Friars 2 
yrs.; Post Master; Pres. Rotary Club; Mem- 
ber Rotary Club. Federal Bldg.; res. 1526 
10th St., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Charles Benjamin Gladdis, 

Banker and Cattleman. Three Rivers, Texas. 




Walter Burgwyn Tones, 

LL. B„ 1909; Kent Club; Somerville Club; 
Pres. Law Class 1909; Lawyer and Sec. to U. 
S. Judge; Member Montgomery County Demo- 
cratic Executive Committee; Past Chancellor 
Central Lodge No. 9 K. of P.; Sergeant "A" 
Co. Ala. National Guard 3 yrs. ; Author "The 
Jones-Burgwyn Family History" (1913) "The 
First Code of Legal Ethics" (1916) pamphlet; 
Member Alabama Anthropological Soc; Affili- 
ated Ala. Alpha Mu 191 o. 205 Federal Bldg.; 
res. 323 Adams St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Kirby Weathersby Sevier, 

Sec. Sophomore Class; V-Pres. Junior Class; 
Rate Clerk Q. & C. R. R.; Member Masons; 
Affiliated Va. Sigma 191 1. 11 Margaret Apts., 
Birmingham, Ala. 


Jere Austill, 

LL. B., 191 1 ; Football and Baseball; Coached 
Southern Univ. 1911; Springhill Coll., 1912-13; 
Lawyer; Firm of Rickarbv and Austill; U. S. 
Commissioner, Southern Dist. of Ala., 1909- 
191 1 Van Antwerp Bldg., Mobile; res. Spring 
Hill, Ala. 

Herbert L. Cobbs, 

Blackfriars (Dramatic Club); Assistant Pay- 
master, Tenn. Coal, Iron & R. R. Co.; Vice- 
Pres. Birmingham Athletic Club; Past Chan- 
cellor Commander Jefferson Valley Lodge No. 
II, Knights of Pythias; Member Community 
and Birmingham Athletic Clubs. 1401 Brown 
Marx Bldg.; res. 722 N. iSth St., Birmingham, 

Robert Park Davison, 

B. S., 1910; LL. B., 1915; B. S., 1908 Trov 
Normal; Lawyer, Firm of Ball, Beckwith & 
Davison; 2d Lieut. Quartermasters Corps, U. S. 
Army. -19 First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 310 
Mildred St., Montgomery, Ala. 

John Harold Disque, Jr., 

1034 Forest Ave., Gadsden, Ala. 

John Kelly Fitzpatrick, 

On Staff Crimson-White, 1908-1909 and Cor- 
olla, 1909-1910; Planter. Wetumpka, Ala. 

Samuel S. Gaillard, 

M. D., 1910; Physician. Perdue Hill, Ala. 

Clarence Johnston Going, 

B. S., 1910; Principal of Junior High School; 
res ii!7 Montgomery St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Thomas Waverly Palmer, Jr., 

A. B., 1910; LL. B 1913 Harvard; Theta 
Nu Epsilon; Acacia; Varsitv Football 2 yrs.. 
Varsity Track 3 yrs.; Awarded Letter each 
Year; Pres. Class Junior Year; Business Man- 
ager College Annual (4); Lawyer and Capt- 
First Ala. Calvary; was Awarded Sheldon 
Travelling Fellowship by Harvard Univ. 1913- 
1914 to Study Law at Madrid. Spain; Author 
of "A Guide to the Law and Legal Literature 
of Spain," 1915; A sketch of the Law of the 
U. S. prepared for The Academia Real de 
Jurisprudent y Legislacion of Madrid; "A 
Study of Mexican Law," Address Delivered be- 
fore Section on Jurisprudence of the Second 
Pan American Scientific Congress, Washington, 
1915-1916 and various magazine articles on 
Legal Topics; Member Country Club; Mason. 
1329 Brown-Marx Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 

William Whatley Pierson, jr., 

A. B.. 1910; A. M., 1911; B. Ph., 1908 State 
Normal College; A. M., 1912 Columbia; I'll. 
D., 1916; Honor Roll; Phi Beta Kappa; As 
sistant Prof, of History, Univ. of North 
Carolina; Teaching Fellow in English Univ. 
of Ala., 1910-1911; Instructor in History 
Columbia Univ., 1914-1915; Contributing Edi- 
tor "New International Encyclopaedia";; 
Author of Numerous Periodical Articles and 
Special Articles . on American History; 
"Texas v. White: A Study in Legal His 

tory," 1916; "A Syllabus of Latin American 
History," 1916; Order of Gimghouls. Country 
and Faculty Clubs, Am. Historical Assn. and 
the North Carolina Historical and Literary 
Society. Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Andrew Tackson Pittman, 

(Union Springs, Ala.) 

Elgin Jackson Pope, 

Baseball; Clothing and Gents' Furnishings. 
129 West Main St.; res. 315 Hill St., Mor- 
ristown, Tenn. 

Mitchell Porter Stiles, 

(902 S. 29th St., Birmingham, Ala.) 


Frank Yarborough Anderson, Tr., 

B. S., 1911; Skulls; Insurance; Vice-Pres. 
Atlantic Coal and Coke Co.; Dir. Acton Min- 
ing Co.; Member Country and Birmingham 
Motor and Country Clubs. 1014 Woodward 
Bldg.; res. 2220 Sycamore St., Birmingham, 

Pelham H. Anderson, 

Salesman F. A. Grider. 1414 Am. Trust 
Bldg.; res. 4240 Cliff Road, Birmingham, Ala. 

Ligon Briggs Ard, 

Graduate XL S. Naval Academy, 1913; Tor- 
pedo School, 1915 and Submarine School, 
1917; Naval Officer, Lieutenant; Member 
Army and Navy Clubs of Washington and 
New York Citv; Thames Club (New London. 
Conn.); Country Club (Norfolk, Va.) Navy 
Dept. Washington, D. C. 

Joseph Bibb Cain, 

Commercial Traveler. 210 Felder St., Mont- 
gomery. Ala. 

Thomas Ewing Carter, 

Hotel Royal. Huaucayo, Peru, South Amer- 

Alpheus Chewning Dickinson, 

(612, 13th Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 

Joseph Arthur Gaboury, 

(Jacksonville, Tenn.) 

Thomas Owen Gamble, 

B. S., 1912; M. D., 1917 Johns Hopkins; Phi 
Chi; Interne Johns Hopkins Hospital. Jasper, 

Littleberry Byrd Haley, 

A. B., 1911; LL. B., 1912; Key Ice; Law- 
yer; Firm of Haley & Haley; Sec-Treas. 
Province Ensilon, 1913-1916; Member South- 
ern Club; Birmingham Bar Assn. 703 Jeffer- 
son County Bank Bldg.; res. 1014 S. 3-d 
St., Birmingham, Ala. 

John Rankin McLure, 

11. S., 1911; A. M., 1914 Columbia; Diploma 
as a Supt. of Schools Columbia, 1916; The 
Palestra Y. M. M. A. Cabinet; The Philosophy 
Club; Associate Editor Crimson-White; Super- 
intendent of City Schools; Pres. Associated 
Charities, Deacon Presbyterian Church; For- 
merly Pres. Univ. of Ala. Schoolmans Club 
and Dept. of Citv and Town Supts of Ala.; 
Member of Knights of Pythias. Troy, Ala. 

Giles Edward MacOueen, 

11. S., 191 1 ; Treasure? Birmingham Building 
& Improvement Co.; Member of Southern 
Club. 415 Am. Trust Bldg., Birmingham, 

Benjamin Franklin Paine, 

U. S. Military Service. Care Adjutant-General 
of the Army, Washington, D. C. 

Dudley Diggs Paynor, 

U. S. Military Serv'ice. Mt. Hebron, Ala. 

Emory Bush Peebles 

Class Pres., 1907-1908; Glee Club, 1907-1909; 
Varsity Football and Baseball; Planter and 
Stock Raising. Vienna, Ala. 




Percy McCraw Pitts, 

LL. B., 1913; Alpha Sigma Delta; Key Ice 
Club, Glee Club. 1908-1910 and 1912-1913; 
Lawver, Firm of Peters & Pitts. Columbiana. 

James Grover Sims, 

(657 S. Bayou St., Mobile, Ala.) 

Paoli Ashe Smith, 

A. B., ion; First Lieut. Intelligence De- 
partment U. S. Army. Birmingham, Ala. 


James Henderson Black, 

U. S. Military Service. (Troy, Ala.) 

Burwell Lewis Bradfield, 

LL. B., 1912; Sales Manaager. P. O. Box 782, 
Columbus, Ohio; res. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Joseph Kirven Brantley, 

Hardware; Member of Elks, K. of P., Masons, 
315 North Three Notch, Troy, Ala. 

Mark Waverly Cauble, 

LL. B., 1913 Univ. of Ga.; Real Estate Loans; 
Member Scottish Rite Masons, The Shrine. 
211 E:npire Bldg.; res. 12 St. Charles Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

James McAdory Gillespy, 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha Mu 1910. 

Phillips Brooks Keller, 

B. S. Highway, Eng., 1912; Varsity Football, 
2 yrs. ; Mgr. Varsity Baseball; 441st Aero Con- 
struction Squadron, U. S. Army; Genl. Supt. 
Healy Const. Co., Meridian Miss, 1913-18. 
527 S. McDonough St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Thomas Robert Owens, 

(Lineville, Ala.) 

Henry Grady Reynolds, 

LL. B., 1912; Skulls; Attorney. Hayes Bldg.; 
res. 712 West Fourth Ave., Clanton, Ala. 

Lawrence Reynolds, 

B. S., 1912; M. D., 1916 Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity; Blackfriars Dramatic Club; Class Foot- 
ball for 3 vrs.; Contestant for Tennant Lomax 
Prize in Oratory, 1909; Physician X-Rav Dept. 
Am. Ambulance Hospital near Paris, France; 
Mmber of Senior German Club. Ozark, Ala. 


Waldo Emerson Ard, 

(E. Broad St., Ozark, Ala.) 

Oliver Bryan Christopher, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1910. 

Algernon Sydney Coleman, 

Lieutenant Field Artillery U. S. Army. 422 
Lapsley St., Selma, Ala. 

John Fuller Dillard, 

LL. B„ 1913; Ala. Glee Club; Blackfriars 
Attorney-at-Law, Firm McGhee & Dillard 
Member Beauvoir Club. 1008-9 Bell Bldg. 
res. 618 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Emmet Baxter Frazer, 

B. S., ion; Blackfriars; Key Ice; Base'-all 
Team, 191 1; Class Vice-Pres., 1910-1912; Sec. 
Y. M. C. A.; Chemist. 256 State St., Mobile, 

Toseph Arthur Gaboney,* 

d. Jacksonville, Term. 

Peterson Bryant Jarman, 

Initialed by Ala. Iota 1012. 

Frederick William McLaurine, Jr., 

Farmer. Fitipatrick, Ala. 

Thomas Cummings Manning, 

Engineers Club; Football. 1910 and 1912 
Coal Business (Mine Operation). Talladega 

Frank Darrow Peebles, 

LL. B., 1913; Skulls; Varsity Baseball; Glee 
Club; Planter; Lieut, nth Cavalry, U. S. 
Army. Aliceville, Ala., Route A. 

Charles Douglas Riddle, 

B. S., 1913; C. E.. 1914; Engineers Club; 
Football, 1912-13; Civil Engineer, Hardaway 
Contracting Co. Electric, N. C; res. R. No. 
4, Talladega, Ala. 

T. Reynolds Smart, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1913. 

Frank Edward Spain, 

Initiated by Ala. Iota 1910. 


Pete Crispell Black, 

U. S. Military Service. Troy, Ala. 

Tames judkins Durr, 

First Lieutenant U. S. National Army; Clerk, 
Durr Drug Co. 209 Commerce St.; res. 215 
Moulton St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Leon Beauregard Herblin, Jr., 

With Semet-Solvay Co. 1129, 8th St., Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. 

Jess Hamilton Jackson, 

A. B., 1914; A. M., 1915; Blackfriars; Sigma 
Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Roll, 1914; 
Editor in Chief Crimson-White, 191314 and 
1914-15; Among Founders of Jasons; Princi- 
pal of Moore School. Ave. G and 14th St.; 
res. 2312 Ensley Ave., Ensley, Ala. 

James Frederick Johnson, Jr., 

A B., 1914; LL. B., 1916; Sigma Upsilon; 
Blackfriars; Glee Club; Varsity Quartette; 
Varsity Debating Team (Won Championship 
of South); Vice Pres. Forum; Executive 
Council and Honor Committee of Student 
Government; Winner of Tennant Medal for 
Oratory, 1913. and Trustees' Medal for Ora- 
tory, 1 914; Served Nearly Two Terms as 
E A. of Mother Chapter of S. A. E., 1914; 
Pres. of House Assn. and Junior Law Class, 
1915; Made Prof, of Public Speaking and 
Valedictorian Senior Law Class. 1916; Debat- 
ing Council; Lieutenant in 56th Infantry. 
West Tuscaloosa St., Florence, Ala. 

Bonner Lucius McLeod, 

Engineer. Edwards Construction Co., Perry, 

L Alex Reynolds, 

" A B., 1914; Class Baseball. Football and 
Track, 1910-14; Contestant for Senior Prize 
in Oratory, 1914; Agriculturist; Senior Ban- 
quet Committee and Member of Senior Ger- 
man Club, 1914. Broad St., Ozark, Ala. 

Merrill P. Smith, 

B. S., 1914; C. E., 191s; Key Ice Club; 
Senior German Club; Member Honor Com- 
mittee, Sophomore Class 191 1; Class Football. 
1910-11 and 1912-13; Employed at By-Product 
Plant of Woodward Iron Co., Woodward, Ala. 

Enoch Morgan Stickney, 

Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Tames Tordan Tvson, 

US Navy. 231 Catoma St., Montgomery. 

Tames Lamar Wiley, 

IL B 19IJ: B S.. 1907 Slate Normal Coll.. 
Troy Ala: Shackelford Lit, Soc.; Glee Club; 
Honors. Junior Class, Law Dept., 1913; Law- 
yer. Troy, Ala. 


Virgil Oates Barnard, 

A. B„ 1915; Skulls; Key Ice; Arch; Jasons; 
Blackfriars;' Philomathic; Trustee; Student 
Loan Fund; Pres. Pan-Hellenic Council; Mgr. 
Track; Class Football. Baseball. Basketball 
and Track, Varsity Track and Tennis; Secre- 




tary; E. A. of Chapter; Past-Pres. Province 
Epsilon; Custodian of Files; Delegate to Na- 
tional Convention, Nashville, 1912; Province 
Convention, Columbus, Ga., . 1913; Chicago 
National Convention and Province Conven- 
tion, Montgomery, Ala., 191 5; Contributor to 
The Record. Ozark, Ala. 

Charles Heyward Barnwell, Jr., 

A. B., 1915; Lieutenant U. S. Infantry. 
Pinehurst, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Ben Walker Curry, 

Initiated by Colo. Chi 1915. 

Frederick Augustus Luqueer, 

Initiated by Colo. Chi 1915. 

J. Samuel McCants, 

Mt. Koszell, Ala. 

John Augustus Moore, 

Initiated by Va. Sigma 1914. 

John Borders Noble, 

Sophomore German Club; Montgomery Club; 
Mgr. Class Baseball; Glee Club; Vice Pres. 
Freshman Class; Cotton Business; Member 
of Country and Beauvoir Club. Cotton Ex- 
change Bldg.; res. 301 Alabama St., Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 

John Sutherland Noble, Jr., 

Bookkeeper, Robinson, Noble Fish Market, 
14 Monroe St.; res. 1001 S. Perry St., 
Montgomery, Ala. 

Coleman De Troy Shepherd, 

LL. B., 1915; Member Debate Team, Ala. 
University vs. Vanderbilt; Lawyer. Jasper, 

Hugh Sutherland Sherman, 

B. S. in E. E., 1915; Engineers Club; A. I. 
E. E. ; Wireless Club; Class Baseball; Asso- 
ciate Editor Crimson-White; Commercial En- 
gineer. General Electric Co., Monadnock Bldg., 
Chicago, 111.; res. Columbus, Miss. 

Robert Tennant Simpson, T r -> 

807 N. Woods St., Florence, Al"a. 


George Smith Barnard, 

Ozark, Ala. 

W. Latimer Brown, 

Blackfriars; Traveling Auditor, Remington 
Typewriter Co.; Member of Y. M. C. A. 374 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Ben Walker Curry, 

Initiated by Colo. Chi 1914. 

J. G. Dickenson, Jr., 

(Gadsden, Ala.) 

Evans Dunn, 

Initiated by Va. Sigma 1915. 

Arthur Key Foster, 

A. B., 1916; Arch Club; Senior German 
Club; Track Team; Class Football; Olde 
Bailey and George Gray Law Clubs (Har- 
vard) ; Law Student, Harvard. 5 Drayton 
Hall, Cambridge, Mass.; res. 353 N. Three 
Notch St., Troy, Ala. 

Robert Montgomery Goodall, 

Salesman Goodall, Brown Dry Goods Co.; 
U. S. Military Service. 2200, 1st Ave. N.; 
res. 17 Glen Iris Park, Birmingham, Ala. 

Fred A Luqueer, 

B. S.. 1916; A. B., 1917 Univ. of Colo.; Phi 
Rho Sigma; Pre Medic and Steward Clubs; 
Steward S. A. E. House and Assistant Biology 
Dept., 1914-16; Student; Affiliated Colo. Chi, 
1917. Olathe, Colo. 

Joel Herron Rainer, 3d, 

Skulls; Key Ice; Varsity Baseball, 2 yrs.; 
Hardware Business. Union Springs, Ala. 

Julian Camille Tallichet, 

(Demopolis, Ala.) 


Fred Anderson, 

Clerk; 2d Lieut. Officers Reserve Corps, 318th 
Field Artillery, U. S. Army. 2240 S. 22d 
St., Birmingham, Ala. 

George Lewis Bailis, 



Troy Brannon, 

In U. S. Navy. 154 Michigan Ave., Mobile, 

William Henderson Brantley, Jr., 

B. S., 1917; Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Nu Epsi- 
lon; Sigma Upsilon; Law Student, Harvard. 
5 Drayton Hall, Cambridge, Mass.; res. Troy, 

Charles Richard Dickinson, 

B S in E. E., 1916; M. S., 1917; Glee Club; 
Class and Reserve Football: Fellow and As- 
sistant in Physics and Electrical Engineering; 
Junior Engineer. Henry L Doherty & Co.; 
res. 174 Jefferson St., Toledo, Ohio. 

Milton Elliott, 

818 Forest Ave., Gadsden, Ala. 

Samuel Palmer Gaillard, Jr., 

A. B., 1917; Aviation Section of Signal Corps, 
U. S. Army, Fourth Detachment Aviation 
Students Am. Expeditionary Forces. Care 
Adjutant-General, War Dept., Washington, 
D. C. 

John Lancaster Gamble, 

' (Wetumpka, Ala.) 

Robert Lee Glenn, Tr., 

Lieutenant U. S. Army. Wood Ave., Flor- 
ence, Ala. 

James Harris Hardv. 

Planter; Member Choctaw, Golf. Country and 
Magowah Gun Clubs. Fourth St. and Sixth 
Ave., Columbus, Miss. 

James Goree Johnson, 

A. B., 1917; Skulls; Jasons; "A" Club; Var- 
sity Football, 1915-16; Lieutenant Field Ar- 
tillery, U. S. Army. Fort Jackson, Colum- 

WillTarri H. B. Perry, 

(Joseph, Ala.) 

David Kennedy Plunket, 

(Birmingham, Ala.) 

J. M. Summerville, Tr., 

Aliceville, Ala. 

W. C. Summerville, 

Aliceville, Ala. 

Joseph William Vann, 

B. S., 1917; Key Ice; Class Football, 191S-16; 
Mgr. Baseball, 1916-17; Pres. Senior Class; 
Assistant in Biology; 2d Lieut. 51st Artillery. 

C. A. C. A. E. F., France. 704 W. 20th 
St., Birmingham, Ala. 


Harry McGuire Barnes, 

Student. 145 Holcombe St., Snowdown, Ala. 

Charles Baldwin Cullom, 

Freshman Football; Track; Second Lieuten- 
ant, Officers' Reserve Corps; Member Birming- 
ham Country Club. 3633 Cliff Road, Birming- 
ham. Ala. 

Robert Otis Harris, 

2d Lieutenant Infantry O. R. C. of U. S. 
Armv; Affiliated N. C. Theta, 1919. 9'2 Gov- 
ernment St.. Mobile, Ala. 

Charles Isaac Johnson, 

Student. 606 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Thomas Nickolas Tohnson, 

Student. 216 W. Tuscaloosa St., Florence, 




Thomas Edmund Knight, Jr., 

Student. Greensboro. Ala. 

Roland Moore Meyer, 

Student. 409 S. McDonough St., Montgomery, 

Benjamin Franklin Moore, Jr., 

Graduated Lawrenceville. N. J.. 1914; Vale- 
dictorian (Lawrenceville); First Lieut. Hdqtrs. 
Co., 167th Infantry, Am. Expeditionary 
Forces, 191 7; Private Battery C., U. S. Field 
Artillery, Mexican Border, 1916; 2d Lieut., 
U S. Cavalry, 1916. 1001 S. iqth St., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

William Jewell Whatley, 

Arch and Glee Clubs; Theta Tau; E. H. and 

E R. of the Chapter; Student Mich. Coll. of 

Mines; Member Q. E. D. Club. 1331 S. 21st 
St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Paul Leon Williams, 

Law Student; Member Nashville Golf and 
Country and Gadsden Golf and Country 
Clubs; Affiliated Tenn. Mu, 1918. 200, 23d 
Ave. N., Nashville, Tenn.; rees. 4th St. (Prin- 
tup Hotel), Gadsden, Ala. 


Walter William Bankhead, 

A. B., Marion Inst.; E. A. of Chapter; Stu- 
dent. Jasper, Ala. 

Clifford Judkins Durr, 

Student. 215 Moulton St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Sterling Johnson Foster 3d, 

Student. I"- Mazuma St., Birmingham, Ala. 

John Lancaster Gamble, 

B. S., Marion Milit. Inst.; U. S. Naval Re- 
serve Force. 501 S. Lawrence St., Moutgom- 
ery, Ala. 

Gerald Alex Henderson, 

Key Ice; Student. 105 Montgomery St., Troy, 

Edwin Tulian McCrossin, 

Key Ice Club; Parasites; Vice-Pres. Junior 
Class, 1917-18; 1st Lieut. Co H., 1916-17; 
Capt. Co. D., 1917-18; Student; Steward, 
S. A. E. House, 1917-18. 1105 University 
Ave., Tuscaloosa. Ala. 

William Provost Moore, 

Literesgue Lit. Soc. ; Skulls, Parasites, A 
Club; Varsity Basketball, 1917; Student; Af- 
filiated N. Y. Alpha 1919. S Fairview Circle. 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Joshua Rowan Oden, 

Student. 2729 College Hill, Birmingham, A'a. 

John Singleton Pitts, Jr., 

Student. Columbiana, Ala. 

Thomas Coleman Potts, 

Initiated by Miss. Gamma. 1914. 


James Fairly Allison, 

Student. Kings Landing, Ala. 

Payne Benjamin Anderson, 

Student. Sycamore St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Harry McGuinn Barnes, 

Student. Winthrop Court, Montgomery, Ala. 

Leon Crow Bramlett, 

Key Ice; Student. 117 Catalpa St., Clarksdale, 

Charles Richard Dickinson, 

Student. 113 Ridgeley Apts., Birmingham, 

George Fleming Eustis, 

Civil Engineer Southern Railway. Box 61, 
Bessemer, Ala.; res. 1302 Waucoma St., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Madison Wilson Gaillard, 

Student. Spring Hill. Mobile, Ala. 

Yancey H. Goodall, 

Basketball, 1916-18; Capt., 1918; Student. 17 
Glen Iris Park, Birmingham, Ala. 

John Bailey Hardy, 

Student. Member Choctaw Club. R. F. D., 
No. 1, Columbus, Miss. 

Howard Preston King, Jr., 

Student. 710 N. 2d Ave., Columbus, Miss. 

Thomas Marcus McClelland, Jr., 

Student; Custodian of Files, Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon Fraternity. 3022 Mountain Ave., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Augustin De Mony Spottswood, 

Student; Member of Engineers Club. 855 
Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Leonard La Fayette Vann, Jr., 

Student 1814 Dartmouth Ave., Bessemer, 

Charles Blanton Webb, 

Glee Club; SkuUs; 2d Lieut. Coll. Cadets; Stu- 
dent 3821 Mountain Terrace, Birmingham, 


Edward Wadsworth de Graffenried, 


Student. 1217 Gr 

nsboro Ave., Tuscaloosa, 


Walter Scott Nichols, 

Student ' 2d St. (Oakhurst Edition) Clarks- 
dale, Miss. 

Paul Trammwell Sessions, 

Student. 1060 Crescent Ave., Birmingham. 



Tucson, Arizona 

Chartered March 2, 1917 


Francis Cogwin Mack, 

(Box 1241, Tucson, Ariz.) 

Howard Wilmot Estill, 

B. S., 1913: M. S., 1916; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Scholarship; Gold Medal in Chemistry: Mem- 
ber National Army; Instructor in Chemistry; 
Acting State Chemist, Ariz. State Laboratory; 
Member Am. Chemical Soc; Am. Assn for 
Advancement of Science. 1727 Speedway, 
Tucson, Ariz. 

Lvman Dalton La Tourrette, 

B. S. in Agri., 1913; M. S. in Agri., Kans. 
State Agricultural Coll.; Franklin Lit. Sor. 
(Kans. State); Varsity Football "A"; Capt. Mili- 
tary; Powell Sabre, Best Drilled Officer in 
Cadet Corps; Pres. Agricultural Assn.: Busi- 
ness Mgr. Arizona Life; Senior Flag; Fellow- 
ship in Crops (Kans. State). Under Sheriff. 
Maricopa County; Author "Peace Officers of 
Arizona." Sheriff's Office, Court House; res. 
11 21 E. Washington St., Phoenix, Ariz. 


Walter Martin Brewer, 

B. S., 191 5; Track Letter; Lieut-Col. Cadet 
Corps; 2d Lieutenant, U. S. Marine Corps; 
Member University Club. 2927 Kansas Ave., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Verne Gerald La Tourrette, 

B. S. in Agri., 191=;; Pres. Agricultural Club; 
do. Rifle Club; Capt. and Coach Rifle Team 
(4); Major (s); Junior Class Plav (3); Mem- 
ber Student House of Repr. (4); Football (5); 
Instructor Manual Training; made application 
for 4th Officers' Training Camp. 11 50 E. 
Van Buren St., Phoenix, Ariz. 


Henry Howard Grimshaw, 

B. S. in Agri., 1916; Officer U. S. National 
Army; Commander 10th Company 166th Depot 
Brigade, 2d Lieut. Infantry O. R. C. Bonne- 
ville Hotel, Tacoma, Wash. 

Allan Chester Tones, 

B. S. in C. E., 1916; Civil Engineer with 
A. G. McGregor. Box 2307 Bisbee and 745 
N. Stone Ave., Tucson, Arizona. 

James Preston Tones, 

A. B., 1916; Class Sec-Treas. (1); Class Pres. 
(4); Sec. Y. M. C. A. (1), (2); Pres. Y. M. 

C. A. (3); Varsitv Ouartette (1), (2), (3); 
Freeman Militarv Medal (1); Cadet Capt. (2); 
Powell Sabre (2); Cadet Major (3); Editor 
Junior Annual (3); Scholastic Honors (3), 
Varsitv Debating Team (4): Phi Kappa Phi 
(4); Clerk, American Legation. Berne Switzer- 
land; Assistant to the President, LIniversity 
of Arizona; Pres. Alumni Assn; Author 

"Arizona State Bureau of Mines Bulletin." 
"Workmen's Compensation": Member Univer- 
sity Club. University Campus, Tuscon, Ariz. 

Francis C. Mack, 

Cattleman. Box 1241 ; res. 92S N. 1st Ave., 
Tucson, Ariz. 

William Watson Pickrell, 

B. S. in Agri., 1916; Track Letter; Mgr. 
Football: Pres. Agricultural Club; Soldier, 
Battery B, 340th Field Artillery. 364 N. 7th 
Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Ralph Lyman Reynolds, 

Takamine Laboratory, Inc., 120 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y. ; res. 77 Willow St., 
Brooklyn, N. 1. 

George William Scheerer, 

B. S. in Agri.. 1916; Sergeant in National 

Army, 31st Company. 164th Depot Brigade; 

Formerly Agricultural Agent in Yavapai 

County. Camp Funston, Kans.; res. 835, 9th 
St., Douglas, Ariz. 

Turner Church Smith, 

B. S. in M. E., 1916; Mechanical Engineering 
Soc; "A" Cluh; Football, 1013-1915: Capt.. 
1914; Mecba11ic.1l Engineer; Member Engineer 
Officers Training Camp. Box 1622 Globe, 


Charles Pablo Beach, 

"A" Club; A'ggrie Club; Football, 1913-1914; 
Baseball, 1912-1913; Capt., 1014; Basketball, 
1913-1914; 1st Lieut. Cadet Battalion, 1914- 
1915; Mining and Cattle. 745 N. Stone Ave., 
Tucson, Ariz. 

Albert Harlan Condron, 

B. S. in C. E.. 1917; Civil Engineering Soc; 
"A" Club; Class Pres. (2): Pres. Student 
Body (3); Football (2), (3); Pres. Civil 
Engineering Cluh (3), (4): Freeman Medal 
of Merit (4); Member House of Representa- 
tives (2), (3), (4); First E. A. Ariz. Alpha; 
Student Bodv ~ 


U. S. Geological Survey Dept. of 




Charles Zaner Lesher, 

B. S. in Agri., 1017: Glee 

C. A.; Edit.or 1016 Desert: 
First Battalion, sth Returner 
Marine Corps IT. S. Navy. 
New York, N. Y. 

Orville S. McPherson. 

A. B., 1017; Coffee Club: 
and Buskin Soc: Varsity 
Business Mgr. Wildcat. 1 
1916; Pres. "A" Club; Bro* 
1914; Lieutenant Field Arti 
(Adjutant 20th F. A.). 


Hub: Pres Y. M. 

On Staff Wildcat: 

t, 76th Co. U. S. 

c/o Postmaster, 

Militarv Medal, 
ry U. S. Armv 
>x 132, Yuma, 

Frank Tohnson McSherrv, 

B. S. in Mathematics, 1916; 'B. S. in Minin 
and Metallurgical Engineering, 1917; Secon 
Lieutenant^ Coast Artillery Corps. Fort Bake 
San Francisco, Cal. 




Robert Strong Rowell, 

Sigma Pi Alpha; Editorial Staff Life, 191.1; 
Real Estate, Insurance and Investments; Sec. 
Oliver Realty Co.; Mgr. The Merwin Agency; 
1st Lieut. Co. C Johet Home Guard; Mem- 
ber .Toliet ^ Country, Commercial, Rotary, Ad- 
vertising and Rifle Clubs; Toliet Commandery 
No. 4 Knights Templar; Golf and Country 
Chih (Tucson, Ariz.). First National Bank 
Bldg.; res. 523 Western Ave., Toliet, 111. 


Justin Fred Barnard, 

Initiated by N. H. Alpha, 1918. 

Edward Howard Estill, 

Student; E. A. of Chapter. 1727 Speedway, 
Tucson, Ariz. 

George Wesley Seeley, 

Sigma Pi Alpha; Letter Football, 1914 and 
1915; Capt. Freshman Basketball and Track, 
1915; 2nd Lieutenant U. S. Army. P. O. 
Box 233, Douglas, Ariz. 

James Alfred Tong, 

Mining Soc. ; 1st Lieut. Cadet Battalion; 
Sergeant, Aviation School, U. S. Army. 528 
E. 4th St., Tucson, Ariz. 

Harry Ellsworth Turvey, 

Capt. Football, 1917; Pres. Student Body; 
Sergeant U. S. Army. Box 701, Douglas, 


Charles Everette Barklev. 

Battery C, 340th Field Artillery U. S. Army. 
Glendale, Ariz. 

Roland Victor Downey, 

Football (2 yrs.); V.-Pres."Student Body, 1917- 
1918; House Mgr.; Student. 745 N. Stone 

Ira Noma Gilbert, 

Student. 745 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, Ariz, 

Albin August Iselin, 

Lyceum Debating Club (Pomona Coll.) ;Varsity 
Soc. (Pomona Coll.); Deutsche Verein; V- 
Pres. Aggie Club; Baseball; Capt. and Mgr. 
Tennis; Basketball; Track; Student; House 
Mgr. and E. W. Banning, Cal. 

John Kelly Moeur, 

Phi Beta Pi; Varsity Baseball, 1915-1917; 
Medical Student, Univ. of 111. 508 S. Lawn- 
dale Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Temple Faust Penrod, 

Honor Student. 1916-1917; Brown Medal for 
Best Drilled Non-Commissioned Officer; Ser- 
geant, 340th F. A. Natl. Army, Battery A. 
206 W. 4 th St., Winslow, Ariz. 

Harold Ladd Pierce, 

Sock and Buskin Dramatic Club, Glee Club, 
Orchestra; Honor Student, 1916-1917; Basket- 
ball, 1016-1917; Football, 1916-1917; With the 
Federal Reserve Bank; Member A. B. I. 
Club. 20 New Montgomery St.; res. Y. M. C. 
A., Leavenworth and Golden Gate Aves., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Carter Clayton Porter, 

Student. 626 Prospect Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

John Fred Sehaffer, 

Student. 619 N. Kansas St., El Taso, Texas. 

Rolf Ethelbert Weber, 

Headquarters Co., 340th Field Artillery, U. S. 
Army. Winslow, Ariz. 

Henry Franklin Wilkey, 

115 Headquarters and Military Police 340th 
Field Artillery, L 1 . S. Army. 523 E. Van 
Buren St., Plioenix, Ariz. 


Maurice Breen, 

Student. 813 W. 59th Place, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Roger Gay Brown, 

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Club; 
Eminent Chronicler, 191 7-1 918. 745 N. Stone 
Ave., Tucson, Ariz. 

Julius Ralph Bush, 

Chemical Soc; Baseball; Student. 74s N. 
Stone Ave., Tucson, Ariz. 

Kenneth Perritt Comstock, 

Sigma Pi Alpha; Track, 1915-1916; Real 
Estate. Lewiston, Mich. 

Malcolm Byron Cummings, 

Student. Mabel Ave., Tucson, Ariz. 

Gordon Ballance Dunlap, 

Coffee Club; Honor Student; Eminent Corre- 
spondent, 1917-1918; Treas. Coffee Club and 
of Branch Red Cross Organization; Student. 
725 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, Ariz. 

Thomas Owen Marlar, 

Football, 1016; Track Mgr., 1918; Treas. 
Ariz. Alpha: Student. 74s N. Stone Ave., 
Tucson, Ariz. 

William Montgomery Work, 

Student. 845 X. 2d Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 


Leslie Blair Blanchard, 

Student. Tempe, Ariz. 

Edward Loomis Elliott, 

Student. 570 E. End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

George Dainwood Hardaway, 

Varsity "A" in Football. 1917; Member Track 
Team sent to Southern Cal. Conference at Los 
Angeles; Freshman Class Pres.; Student. 31 5 
Iron Ave., Deming, N. Mex. 

John Wesley Murphey, 

Civil Engineering Soc. 1916-1917; Agricul- 
tural Soc, 1917-1018; Runner Up in Tennis. 
1916-1917; Mgr. Tennis. 1017; Real Estate 
and Insurance; Member Y. M. C. A. 55 W. 
Congress St.; res. 592 N. Tark Ave., Tuscon, 

Ernest Moeur Pafford, 

Mining Soc: Baseball: Student, no W. 8th 
St., Tempe, Ariz. 

Kenneth Patrick Pickrell 

Class Rep. House of Representatives, 1917-18; 
Student. 364 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Arthur Rowen Seaman 

Student. 921. nth St., Douglas, Ariz. 

Willard Masters Sidebotham, 

_ Student. P. O. Box 206, Clifton, Ariz. 

Pickney Franklin Steed, 

Cross Country Team, 1918; Student. 622 S. 
Iron St., Deming, N. Mex. 

Raymond Maver Wood, 

Student. 641, '56th St., Oakland. Cal. 



Fayetteville, Arkansas 

Chartered July 9, 1894 


Carroll Falconer Armistead, 

B. A., 1893; i_olonel of Infantry U. S. Army. 
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. 

Louis Russell Ash, 

B. C. E., 1893; B. E. E., 1894; C. E., 1901; 
Charter Member; Philomathean Lit. Soc.; City 
Manager. City Hall; res. 1058 N. Lawrence 
St., Wichita, Kans. 


John Carr Bell, 

R. A., 1894; Charter Member; Physician; Ark. 
Legislature, 1895. 1023 Jackson Ave.; res. 
1 710 Chelsea Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Tames Dekalb Head, 

B. A., 18Q4; Charter Member; Class Honors: 
Lawyer: Member Bd. of Trustees. Univ. of 
Ark. State Bank Bldg.; res. 721 Beech Ave., 



Richard Baxter Irwin, 

B. C. E., 1894; Charter Me 
neer. (Fayetteville. Ark.) 

Edward Lee Mock, 

B. A., 1894; Charter Member; Buyer 
ager for William D. Cleveland & S 
ber Houston Club; Houston Turnve 
Commerce St.; res. Cottin Hotel, 

Robert Tuttle Pittman, 

B. S., 1S94; Charter Member; Rec< 

Civil Engi- 

and Treas. Athletic Ass 

1.; Chief Ch 

Sheffield Steel and Ir 

on Co.; M 

Chem. Soc. 29th St. ■< 

nd 1st Ave. 

28th St. S., Birmingha 

n, Ala. 

Carl Price Barnett, 

B. E. E., 1896: Charter Member; Engineering 
Soc; Structural and Mechanical Engineer, 
Wilson & Co.; Member Am. Soc. of Mechani- 
cal Engineers. Wilson & Co., 41st and Ash- 
land Ave.; res. 1532 E. 68th St., Chicago. 111. 

Jubal Early Beavers, 

B. C. E., 1896; Charter Member; Civil Engi- 

William Ewing Boyd, 

B. A., 1896; LL. B„ 1899: Charter Member; 
Rusk Lit. Soc; Lawyer; Asst. Criminal District 
Atty.; Affiliated Texas Rho 1899. Court 
House; res. 1209 Baker St., (Hyde Park), 
Houston, Texas. 


John M. Kelso, Jr., 

Baseball Pitcher; Charter Member; Captain 
U. S. Armv; Quartermaster and Recruiting Of- 
ficer, U. S. Army. Room 16, Ziegler Bldg.; 
res. New Madison Hotel, Spokane, Wash. 

Albert Ernest Menke, 

Superintendent Steel Works. (Cleveland, 

Edgar Earl Mobberly,* 

B. E. E., 1896; Charter Member, d. 1898. 

Elbert Lycurgus Watson, 

M. D., 1900 Coll. Physicians and Surgeons; 
Charter Member; Physician and Surgeon; 
Member City Council; Citv Health Officer. 
123 Walnut St.; res. 300 Elm St., Newport, 


Charles Dunbar Adams, 

Charter Member; Traveling Salesman; Mem- 
ber B. P. O. E.; Hoo-Hoo. Box 84; res. 
226 V2 N. 8th St., Muskogee, Okla. 

David Ferguson, 

chant. W. F. Ferguson Lumber Co. 

William Meade Fishback, 

Charter Member; Farmer; Adjutant Spanish- 
Am. War. R. R. No. 5, Bentonville, Ark. 

Oscar Marion Gates, 

Charter Member; Architect. (Asheville, N. C.) 

Arthur Jackson McDaniel, 

Capt. Cadet Company 1896; Football; Operat- 
ing Plantation near Bruins; Formerly in Civil 
Engineering Work; Had charge of Railroad 
Constructing, Maintenance. Location Surveys 
and Levee Construction. Bruins, Ark. 

Dane McNeill, 

B. M. E., 1897; Mechanical Engineer. (Los 
Angeles. Cal.) 

George Nicholls, 

B. A., 1S0S; Charter Member; Owner Nicholls 
Printing Co.; Delegate Natl. Convention, St. 
Louis, Mo., 1896. 319 York St.; res. 627 Pop- 
lar St.. Helena, Ark. 

Henry H. Rightor, 

M. D., 1904 Tulane; Charter Member; Phy- 
sician; Specialist of Eve, Ear, Nose and Throat 
diseases. Salomon Bldg.; res. 720 Beech St., 
Helena, Ark. 


George Henry Askew, 

B. A., 1898: Cashier Dorrogh Co. Foot E. 6th 
St., Little Rock, Ark. 




\\ llhs Edward Ayers, 

B. C. E., 1898; Consulting Engineer; Member 
Memphis Country Club; Chamber of Com- 
merce, Chickasaw Guard Club, Engineers Club 
and Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers. Randolph 
Bldg.; res. 1265 Carr Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Harold Rathrock Brown, 

Capitalist. (Little Rock, Ark.) 

William Truman Chariness,* 
d. 1900. 

Joseph Henrv Grimmett, 

B. A.; Lumberman; General Superintendent 
Germain and Boyd Lumber Co.; Director Bank 
of Winnfield, La. Atlanta, La. 

John Hardee Keel, 

Insurance; State Legislature 1897-1903. (New- 
port, Ark.) 

linger Dade Moore, 

Cotton Broker; 1st Lieut. U. S. Vols., 1898. 
(Helena, Ark.) 

Corley Gee Price, 

A. B., 1898; Mathesian; First Editor-in-Chief 
Cardinal 1897; Business Mgr. Ozark 1898; Gen- 
eral Agent Union Central Life Insurance Co.; 
V.-Pres. Southern Trust Co. and Thompson 
Bros. Cigar Co.; Pres. Little Rock Chamber of 
Commerce 1913; Pres. Spring Lake Club; Sec. 
Bd. of Trustees Al Amin Temple (A. A. O. N. 
M. S.); Member Ouapaw Club. 321 Southern 
Trust Bldg.; res. 4206 S. Lookout Ave., Hill 
Crest, Little Rock, Ark. 

John Harrison Snapp, 

Planter. (Fitzhugh, Ark.) 

Robert Gill Strain, 

Cashier Tupelo Oil and Ice Co. Box 399; 
res. Madison St., Tupelo, Miss. 

Frank J. Wassell, 


John Orren Williams, 

Initiated by Ky. Iota, 1898. 


John Leroy Bentz,* 

d. 1896. 

Frederick Lonis Dengler, 

Attended Natl. Convention Washington, D. C. ; 
Capt. Coast Artillery Corps, L T . S. Army. 
(Fort Moultrie, S. C.) 

Herbert Yates Fishback,* 

d. Jan. 3, 1898, Fayetteville, Ark. 

Donald Kent Hawthorne, 

Lawyer; Member Am. Bar Assn.; Ark. Bar 

Assn., Little Rock Bar Assn., Country and 

Quapaw Clubs. Southern Trust Bldg.; res. 
1313 Main St., Little Rock, Ark. 

George Pendleton Leatherman, 

Traveling Salesman; Tax Assessor Garland 
County. County Court House; res. 857 Park 
Ave., Hot Springs, Ark. 

Wesley Gilbert Parker, 

With Arkansas National Bank. (1014 Cen- 
tral Ave., Hot Springs, Ark.) 

Lncien Shnford Ramseur, 

Manager Scott Mayer Com. Co. 205 Elm St.; 
res. 126 Hawthorne St., Hot Springs, Ark. 

Carl Foster Sanders,* 

B. A., 1899; Teacher. 

Clarence Norwood Weems, 

B. A., 1899; Missionary. Songdo, Korea. 

Guv Bussey Wood, 

B. A., iSoo; Assistant to President Kansas 
City Southern Ry Co. 301 Gulf Bldg.; res. 
2390 Broadway, Beaumont, Texas. 


John Henry Blair, 

B. C. E.. 1899; Civil Engineer. Sunlight 
Coal Co., Booneville, Ind. 

William Volney Boatright, 

Pres. Freshman Class; Assoc. Editor Annual; 
Garland Lit. Soc; College Quartet and Glee 
Club; Football (Fullback), 1897, 1899; Asst. 
Business Mgr. and Editor Athletic Department 
of The Ozark; First Lieut. Cadet Company; 
Real Estate Dealer; Ex-County Clerk; Direc- 
tor Citizens Bank and Trust Co. 101 Masonic 
Bldg.; res. N. 9th and William Penn Ave., 
Van Buren, Ark. 

Edsrar Thruman Brown, 

B. C. E., 1900; C. E., 1901 Cornell; Division 
Engineer, B & O. R. R. Co.; Affiliated N. Y. 
Alpha 1901. (Grafton, W. Va.) 

Robert Lee Derrick, 

Planter. Marianna, Ark. 

John Lyford Horner, 

B. A., 1900; A. M., 1900; Commandant 
Colonel of Cadet Regiment; General Transfer 
and Drayage and Reconsigning Agent. 508 
Cherry St.; res. 11 16 Perry St., Helena, Ark. 

Benjamin Lewis Moore, 

B. A., 1900; Lawyer. 2005 L. C. Smith Bldg.; 
res. 1230, 15th Ave. N., Seattle, Wash. 

William Summerfield Neelv, 

Officer, U. S. Army; Lieut. 13th U. S. In- 
fantry. (Manila, P. I.) 

Raymond Percy Rutherford, 

Benjamin Gaston Covington, 

Merchant and rianter. Route 3, Ripley, Tenn. 

Edward Gantt Martin, ' 

(Voss, Barber Saddlery Co.. Little Rock, Ark.) 

Gordon William Matthews, 

Merchant. 238 Main St.; res. 711 Union St., 
Jonesboro. Ark. 

Daniel Pittman, 

Merchant. (Prescott. Ariz.) 

Thomas Earl Sanders, 

B. A., 1901; M. D., 1905; Physician. s°4% 
Central Ave.; res 127 Hobson Ave., Hot 
Springs, Ark. 

Robert Aaron Stephens, 

Merchant. (Tahlequah, Okla.) 

Oscar Thweat, 

Real Estate; Affiliated Va. Omicron. 1902. 
401J/S Cherry St.; res. 905 Torter St., Helena, 

George Ashton Yincenheller, 

Varsity Football; Baseball and Track Teams, 
1 896- 1 901; Capt. Football and Baseball. 1901; 
Senior Major Cadet Corps; Fruit Grower; 
Member Ark. State Board of Control for 
Charitable Institutions. State Capitol, Little 
Rock, Ark. 

Henrv Owen Walker, 

M. D„ 1902; Washington Univ.; Nu Sigma 
Nu; Physician and Surgeon; School Director; 
Health Officer; Member Benevolent Protective 
Order Elks. 303 Ash St.. Newport, Ark. 

Thomas Duane Warner, 

Hotel Proprietor. (Jonesboro, Ark.) 


Richard Fletcher Baldwin, 

A. B., 1900 Christian Bros. Coll.; B. S., 1902 
do.; Football (Left End); Baseball (Center 
Field); Mgr. Baseball. 1898-99; Football, 
1900-02 and Track, 1900; Winner Mo. Cham- 
pionship, Mile Run, 1901; Manager Lesser 





Goldman William Almy Co.; Member Queque- 
chan. Fall River Country and Mo. Athletic 
Clubs. 10 Purchase St.; res. 225 Prospect 
St.. Fall River, Mass. 

Frederick Isaac Brown, 

B. M. E., 1902; M. E, 1903 Cornell Univ.; 
Manager Arkansas Foundry Co.; Affiliated N. 
V Alpha 1903. Foot E. 6th St.; res. 1006 
Welch St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Joseph F. Govan, 

General Agent Chicago and Eastern Illinois 
R. R, & Frisco Lines; Vice Pres. Chicago 
Traffic Club; Member General Railroad Agents 
Assn. of Chicago; Mason. 10S W. Adams 
St.; res. 5201 Blackstone Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Oscar Eve Tones, 

M. P.. 1902 Vanderbilt Univ. ; Physician and 
Surgeon; Member of State Board of Med. 
Examiners, 1904-05; Pres. City Board of 
Health; Acting Asst. Surgeon U. S. Public 
Health Service since 190S; Pres. County Med. 
Soc; Member State Med. Soc. ; Am. Med. 
Assn. 31214 First St.; res. 619 Walnut St., 
Newport, Ark. 

in L. McConnell, 

C. E.. 1902; Arkansas Club; Garland Lit. 
Soc; Construction Engineer; Member Engi- 
neers Club; Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers; 
Western Soc. of Engineers. Holabird & 
Roche, 104 S. Michigan Ave.; res. 5213 Ken- 
wood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Scott Wood, ■ 

Circuit Judge. Court House; res. 106 Watt 
St., Hot Springs, Ark. 


Fred Merritt Billings. 

B. C. E., 1903; Football, 1901-02; Track, 
igoo-02; Construction Quartermaster, Camp 
Kearny. Cal.; Capt. Engineers Reserve Corps, 
U. S. Army; Member Am. Soc. of Civil 
Engrs.; Rowing and University Clubs. 1807 
Sheridan Ave., San Diego, Cal. 

Thomas Roy Lester,* 

d. New Lewisville, Ark. 

Montrose Graham Lide, 

Garland Lit. Soc; Special Agent N. Y. Life 
las. Co.; County Clerk Quachita County, 
1907-11; Member Elks Club; Woodmen of the 
World and Masons. Camden, Ark. 

Edward William McAlester, 

B. E. E., 190* : Salesman, General Electric Co. 
McAlester, Okla. 

James Fred Muller, 

B. M. E., 1903; Mechanical Engineer; 312th 
Engineers. Camp Pike, Ark.; Affiliated N. Y. 
Alpha 1904. 414 Rector Ave., Little Rock, 

Ashbel Calloway Neel, 

B. S. E. E.. 1905; Purdue Univ.; Secretary 
Tackson Water Works. 836 N. Jefferson St., 
Jackson, Miss. 

Edward Roleson Norton, 

Norton-Wheeler Stave Co. Benton, Ark. 

Carlton Callaway Ramsey, 

President Bank of Nashville. Nashville, Ark. 

Walter Frederick Reichardt, 

LL. B., 1913; Certificate of Proficiency, U. S. 
Armv Officers Garrison School, Fort Logan 
H. Roots; Goar Lvceum, Law School: Pres. 
Tennis Club; Mgr. Track Team; Baseball; 
Univ. Band and Orchestra; Consulting Muni- 
cipal Engineering: Col. and Chief of Engi- 
neers, Ark. N. G.; Major on Staff General 
H. A. Tyler, Forrest Cavalry Corps, U. S. 

C. V.; Scout Master Bov Scouts of America. 
Troop 2, Little Rock, Ark.; Capt. Arkansas 
Rifle Team. Camp Perry, Ohio, 191 1; Served 
as Sec, Treas.. Vice-Pres. and Pres. Ark. 
Alumni Assn.; Assoc. Member Am. Soc. Civil 
Engineers; Member Western Soc. of Engi- 


Engineering Soc; Am. Soc. for 
Testing Materials: del. to Atlanta Conv. S. A. 
E., 1906; Member Elks; Country Club. 606 
Main St., Watertown, Wis. and 120 1 Welch 
St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Albert Gallatin Simms, 

Baseball; Lawyer; Member Albuquerque 
Country Club. Cromwell Bldg.; res. 211 N. 
14th St., Albuquerque, N. M. 

Guy Cosgrove Worthley, 

Arkansas Club; Asst. Mgr. Baseball; 2d 
Lieut. Cadet Company; Insurance; Manager 
Fire and Liability Dept. ; Member Elks No. 
533, McAlester. Okla.: Blue Goose Insurance 
Organization; Spring Hill Park Club (Pres.) 
and 32° Mason, Scottish Rite. 209 Colman 
Bldg.; res. 6308 Alki Ave., Seattle, Washn. 


Elmer T. Archer, 

Consulting Engineer; Member of Firm E. T. 
Archer & Co.; Affiliated 111. Beta 1905. 609 
New England Bldg.; res. 3912 Agnes Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

i\ckert Bickel, Jr., 

Electrical Engineer; Member Engineers Club; 
Masons. (402 Lyceum Bldg., Kansas City, 

Elbert Otto Brack, 

B. S. E. E., 1905; Automobile Business; 
Affiliated Mo. Alpha 1905. 407 W. Capitol 
Ave.; res. 2509 Broadway, Little Rock, Ark. 

Johnson Chapman, Jr., 

(Barfield. Ark.) 

Samuel Smith Jeffries. 

A. B., 1905; LL. B., 1005 Univ. of Va.; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Lawyer; Affiliated Va. Omicron 
1912. Clarendon, Ark. 


Charles Dennv Coffey, 

Salesman. Wetdon Williams & Lick Printing 
Co.; Capt. of Volunteers in Spanish-Am. 
War: Member Elks and Country Club. 711 
North A St.; res. Elks Club, Fort Smith, Ark. 

George Taylor Conway, 

Real Estate: Member of Firm Conway Bros. 
Schifflin Bldg.; res. 405 E. 6th St., Texarkana, 

Walter Black Conway, 

Real Estate; Member of Firm Conway Bros. 
Schifflin Bldg.; res. 511 Pecan St., Tex- 
arkana, Ark. 

Cleveland White Croom, 

B. A., 1906; B. L., 190S Univ. of Virginia; 
Lawyer; County Atty:, El Paso County, 
Texas; Affiliated Va. Omicron 1908. 631 
First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 1800 Mesa Ave., 
El Paso, Texas. 

Arlander Denson Du Laney, 

LL. B., 1905; Attorney-at-Law; Prosecuting 
Atty.. 9th Dist. of Ark. Ashdown, Ark. 

Robv Harrington, 

Cotton Shipper; Member firm of Harrington 
& Moore; Dir. Dist. Natl Bank; Treas. Citi- 
zen's Compress Co.: Member Country Club. 
Cherry St.; res. 216 Beech St., Helena, Ark. 

Alvin Stull Irby, 

B. A., 190s: LL. B.. 1906; Mathesian Lit. Soc; 
Lawyer. Walnut Ridge, Ark. 

Jesse Warren Moore, 

Varsity Football (fullback) 4 yrs. ; Capt. 1904; 
Varsity Baseball (2 yrs.); Asst. Superinten- 
dent. Major Stove Co., Camden; res. 1032 
Caddo St.. Arkadelphia, Ark. 

Donald Blackburn Morrow, 

U. S. Military Service. Booneville, Ark. 




Charles William Reid, 

President National Bank of Commerce; Ju- 
nior Warden Episcopal Church; Dir. Chamber 
of Commerce; Member Motor (Pres.) and 
Golf Clubs; Elks and Shriners. 800 Ohio 
Ave.; res. 2107, loth St., Wichita Falls, Tex. 

Prentiss Eldon Rowe, 

LL. B., 1905; Lit. Socs., Goar Lyceum; Hon- 
ors in Law; Lawyer; Representative L. D. 
Powell Pub. Co.; Member Ark. Legislature 
from Fort Smith, Ark., 1909; Asst. Prosecut- 
ing Atty. Fort Smith Dist., 1911-14. 626 S. 
Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal. ; res. Fayette- 
ville. Ark. 

Gerald Triplett, 

Baseball and Football; Cotton; Member Elks. 
219 Walnut St.; res. 1502 Main St., Pine 
Bluff, Ark. 

Clarence Van Winkle, 

(5909 Richmond Ave., Dallas, Tex.) 


Clarence Edgar Beloate, 

Corning, Ark. 

Dave Block, 

Class Pres., 1904; Capt. Baseball, 1905; Gen- 
eral Merchant; Member Cross Country Club. 
Commercial cor. Ferry St.; res. 600 Hamil- 
ton Ave., Wynne, Ark. 

William Wallace Dickinson, Jr., 

Manager Arkansas Brick & Tile Co. 1612 
Battery, kittle Rock, Ark. 

Hamilton Atwood Dinsmore, 

(Houston, Tex.) 

Alcuin Pitt Eason, 

Periclean; Pres. Freshmen Class, 1903; Base- 
ball. 1003; Football (Ouarterback) 1903; Asst. 
Capt. Football, 1904; Capt., 1905; General In- 
surance; Member City Council, Fayetteville, 
1912-17. First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 1004 
W. Center St., Fayetteville, Ark. 

David Mills Finlev. 

(Hope, Ark.) 

Everette Hicks, 

(Little Rock, Ark.) 

Ralph Richard Jones, 

Electrical Construction. 502 \V. Maple St., 
Fayetteville, Ark. 

Basil Clement McKennon, 

Manager Arkansas Light & Power Co.; Assoc. 
Member Consulting Bd. of U. S. on Indus- 
trial Preparedness; Roval Arch Mason; Mem- 
ber W. O. W. El Dorado, Ark. 

William Franklin Moore, 

Affiliated N. Y. Mu 1909- (Arkadelphia, Ark.) 

William Plenry Rector, 

Mathesian Lit. Soc; Arkansas Club; Best 
Student Actor, 1904; Lawyer; Member State 
and Local Bar Assns.; Member Natl. Confer- 
ence of State and Local Taxation, 191 2; Asst. 
States Attv., 1906-09; Asst. Atty. General, 
1909-12; Asst. U. S. Atty, 191s; Author "Ar- 
kansas Laws Made Plain," etc.; Member Am. 
Bar Assn.; Country and Little Rock Athletic 
Clubs; "Twelve Club"; Elks. 1000 Southern 
Trust Bldg.; res. 322 Gaines St., Little Rock, 

Joseph Hopkins Stanley, 

B. A., 1907; LL. B„ 1910 Columbia LTniv.; 
Trust Officer. Southern Trust Co.; res. Lud- 
ington Apts., Little Rock, Ark. 

Thomas Edward Stanley, Jr., 

(Augusta, Ark.) 

William Moore Van Valkenburgh, 

B. S.: General Contractor- Affiliated Mass. 
Iota Tau, 1900. Conway, Ark. 

Constant Perkins Wilson, Jr., 

B. S. A„ 1006; M. D„ 1010 Univ of Pa.; 
Thcta Nu Epsilon (Univ. of Ark.); Alpha 

Kappa. Southern Club and James Tyson Med. 
Soc. (Univ. of Pa.); Corporal. 1902-03, Ser- 
geant Major, 1903-04, Adjutant, 1904-05 Univ. 
of Ark. Cadet Battalion; Pres. U. of P. South- 
ern Club; V.-Pres. James Tyson Med. Soc; 
First Lieut. Medical Section Officers Reserve 
Corps, U. S. Army; Member Local Pension 
Board, Eastern Dist. of Okla. and Western 
Dist. of Arkansas; Member Sons of American 
Revolution; Masons; Elks and Fort Smith 
Country Club. 16 West. Officers' Row, Jef- 
ferson Barracks, Mo. and Care Adjutant-Gen- 
eral of the Army, Washington, D. C. 


Charles Homer Buford, 

B. C. E., 1907: Tau Beta Pi; Trainmaster; 
Associate Member Am. Soc. Civil Engineers. 
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway 
Passenger Station; res. 6m, i itu St., Sioux 
City, Iowa. 

Haiden Curd Cantwell, 

Mathesian Lit. Soc; Pan-Hellenic Council; 
Track Team, 1905; Univ. Band, 1904-05; As- 
sociate Editor Annual, 1904-05; Traveling 
Passenger Agent, Illinois Central Railroad 
Co.; Member Sons of Confederate Veterans 
and Am. Assn. of Traveling Passenger Agents. 
27 Hogan St.; res. Y. M. C. A., Jackson- 
ville. Fla. 

Sam Carpenter, 

Post Master, Arkadelphia, Ark. Post Office, 
Arkadelphia, Ark. 

Toseph Warren House, Tr., 

' B. A., 1907; LL. B., iqio Columhia Univ.; 
Lawyer. Louisiana and Second Sts.; res. 2218 
Spring St., Little Rock, Ark. 

George Fillmore Leftor, 

(Tishomingo, Okla.) 

Hugh Smith Parish,* 

d. 1908, Newport, Ark. 

William Harvey Stark. 

B. S. A., 1909 "Cornell; Nurseryman; Affili- 
ated Col. Alpha 1909 and N. Y. Alpha 1909- 
502 S. Wood St., Neosho, Mo. 


Alexander Walter Boozman, 

Electrical Engineer. 445 Gaines Ave., San 
Antonio. Texas. 

Clinton Lee Brack, 

Automobile Salesman; Affiliated Mo. Alpha 
1909. mo Main St.; res. 1200 Chester St., 
Little Rock, Ark. 

John Brizzolara, 

B. A., 190S; Lawyer. 41S N. 6th St., Ft. 
Smith, Ark. 

Claude McKinney Burrow, 

President Munn-Burrow Brokerage Co. --8 
Skillern Bldg.; res. S21 E. 5th St., Little 
Rock, Ark. 

Lester Norman Collier, 

General Solicitor Equitable Assurance Soci- 
ety, N. Y. (Box 177, Augusta, Ark.) 

Ralph Knox Dunn, 

Insurance; Vice Pres. Oklahoma Citv Alumni 
Assn. (1000 Colcord Bldg., Oklahoma City, 

Robert Earl Holt, 

Initiated by Tenn. Nu 1907. 

Marion Cleveland Mutton, 

LL. B., 1908: Football. Baseball and Track 
Team; Pres. Freshmen Class. 1905; Secretary 
Voss Barbee Mfg. Co.; Member Country 
Club. Y. M. C. A.. Elks and Masons. 616- 
622 E. Markham St.; res. 1624 W. 22d St.. 
Little Rock, Ark. 



Alfred Jefferson Jeffries, 

B. A., 1908; Merchant and Planter; Member 
Elks. Clarendon, Ark. 

William Augusta Jett, Jr., 

Capt. Football, 1904; Salesman, Burroughs 
Adding Machine Co. 831 Stahlman Bldg.; 
res. 3 Watagua Apts., Nashville, Tenn. 

Irwin Keller, 

Assistant Manager A. C. Jones Ice Co.; Mem- 
ber Elks and Royal Arcanum. Mellard-Latta 
Bldg.; res. 253 Cedar St., Hot Springs, Ark. 

William Franklin Moore, 

Merchant. 517 Main St.; res. 8th and Crit- 
tendon Sts., Arkadelphia, Ark. 


William La Fayette Bullock, 

Varsity Baseball, 1907-08; Football, 1907-08; 
Secretary, McLoud & Sparks Furniture Mfg. 
Co.; Sec. Ft. Smith Baseball Club; Member 
Elks No. 341; Ft. Smith Country and Twin 
City Gun Clubs. N. 1st and J Sts.; res. 1102 
N. 13th St., Ft. Smith, Ark. 

John Catling, 

Wholesale Grocer; Sec. County and City 
Democratic Central Committee; Member Elks, 
Masons, Odd Fellows and Woodmen. Forrest 
City, Ark. 

Thomas Catling, 

311 Washington Ave., Forrest City, Ark. 

John J. Hughes, Jr., 

Alpha Zeta' Phi; Merchant, Planter and 
Banker; Pres. Bank of Haynes; Dir. St. 
Francis Levee Bd.; Member Masons, Elks, 
Woodmen of America. Haynes, Ark. 

William Howard McLean.* 

E. A. of Ind. Beta; E. D. A. of Ark. Alpha 
Upsilon; Electrical Engineering; Sec. and 
Treas., Auto Supply Co.; Affiliated Ind. Beta 
1911. d. Nov. 11, 1913. 

James William Mehaffy, 

B. A., 1910; A. B., 1908 Henderson Coll., 
Arkadelphia; Lawyer; City Arty.; Member 
Shrine, Elks, Eagles and 32° Mason. 715 
Boyle Bldg.; res. 2513 Broadway, Little Rock, 

John William Nelson, 

Capt. Football Team; Farmer. Mathis, Texas. 

Hiram Heartsill Ragon, 

Initiated by Va. Sigma 1908. 

James Lee Rice, 

(Little Rock, Ark.) 

Francis Augustus Terrv, 

B. L., 191 1 ; Lawyer; Member of firm W. L. 
& D. D. Terry. 39 Moore and Turner Bldg.; 
res. 1422 Scott St., Little Rock, Ark. 


Oualie McArthur Bourland, 

(Hamilton Brown Shoe Co., St. Louis, Mo.) 

William Bolliver Conner, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Assistant Manager E. H. 
Conner Mercantile Co. Augusta, Ark. 

Benjamin Franklin Dickinson, 

B. M. E., 1910; M. E., 191 1 ; Sec. and Treas. 
Arkansas Brick and Mfg. Co. and Big Rock 
Stone and Construction Co. m Center St.; 
res. 1608 Battery St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Jack Francis Home, 

(640 Park Ave., Hot Springs, Ark.) 

Paul L. Mardis, 

B. E. E., iqio; E. E., iqn; Electrical Engi- 
neer. Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., East 
Pittsburgh; res. 916 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg, 

Clinton George Milford, 

(Rome, Ga.) 

Frederick William Niemeyer, 

B, A., iqio; Assistant Cashier People's Savings 
Bank. 124 Main St.; res. 514 Cumberland St., 
Little Rock, Ark. 

Stanley Philip, 

(Ft. Pierre, S. Dak.) 

Ralph Elbert Plunkett, 

Buyer Plunkett-Jewell Grocery Co; Member 
Elks and Athletic Assn. 700 E. Markham St.; 
res. 621 N. Pine St., Little Rock, Ark. 

William A. Ragon, 

Postmaster; Formerly Asst. Cashier First Natl. 
Bank over 5 yrs. 407 S. Fulton St., Clarks- 
ville, Ark. 

John Alvis Reed, Jr., 

B. C. E., 1910; Theta Nu Epsilon; Student 
4th Engineers Office Training Camp; Asst. En- 
gineer Frisco R. R. 304 N. College Ave., 
Fayetteville, Ark. 

Laban Howell Southmayd, Jr., 

Lawyer; City Atty., 1913-1916. Van Buren, 


Stephen Wheeler Creekmore, 

B. A., 191 1. (Lesser Goldman Cotton Co., 
Fort Smith, Ark.) 

Wayne H. Moore, 

Lumber; At present Officer Aviation Dcpt. 
Reserve Corps; Member Elks. 906 Malvern 
Ave., Hot Springs, Ark. 

James Murray Percival, 

200 Beauregard Ave, San Angelo, Texas. 

Cecil Randolph Warner, 

B. A., 191 1 ; LL. B., 1914 Harvard Univ.; 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Lawyer. Merchants Natl. 

Bank Bldg.; res. 509 N. 15th St., Fort Smith, 

William Normente Wilkes, 

(Crossett, Ark.) 

John Montague Williams, 

Initiated by Va. Theta 1910 


Philip Henry Brodie, 

B. A., 1916 "Oxon; Rhodes Scholar for Arkan- 
sas 191 3; Student. Van Buren, Ark. 

John Allen Dickinson, 

Assistant Manager. Big Rock Stone & Con- 
struction Co. in Center St.; res. 417 Cumber- 
land, Apt. 6, Little Rock, Ark. 

George Little Dortch, 

(Little Rock, Ark.) 

Thomas Woodfin Keese, Jr., 

Cotton Factor. 316V2 Cherry St.; res. 72; 
Arkansas St., Helena, Ark. 

Leslie E. Lenker, 

B. E. E., 1912; Senior Honors, 1911; Capt. 
Cadet Corps, 191 1; Tester with Westinghouse 
Electric & Mfg. Co. E. Pittsburgh, Pa.; res. 
1414 Coal St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Louis McDaniel, 

Hardware and Automobile Business; Member 
B. P. O. E. Forrest City, Ark. 

William Havden Mcllroy, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Secretary Arkansas Cold 
Storage and Ice Co.; Member Elks. S. West 
St.; res. Ozark Ave., Fayetteville, Ark. 

Percy P. Mardis, 

Glee Club; Coal Mine Operator, Sec. and Mgr. 
Spadia Creek Coal Co.; Member Elks. Russel- 
ville Lodge 1213; Mason, Franklin Lodge No. 
p; Scottish Rite Mason 12°; Ark. Consistory 
No. 1, Little Rock. Spadia; res. W. Severe 
St.. Clarksville, Ark. 


Bard Nichols,* 

d. Oct., 1915, Forrest City, Ark. 

Norman Bates Reed, 

B A, 191-'; Special Fire Insurance Agent 
and Adjuster. Pearce-Woolworth Bldg., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Claude Lee Sparks, 

Football (Ouarterback) 1908; Manager Arkan- 
sas Offices of Hazlip-Hood Cotton Co. of Green- 
ville, Miss. 105 W. Barraque St.; res. Hotel 
Pines, Pine Bluff, Ark. 


Samuel Willard Ball, 

Attended Purdue Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; 
Tulane Univ.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Phi Delta 
Phi- First Lieutenant, Headquarters Company, 
64th Artillery; Member Osceola Club, Pensa- 
cola Fla.; Affiliated La. Tau Upsilon 1916- 
Ravenden, Ark. 

Thomas Howard Faulkner, Jr., 

Second Lieutenant U. S. Army; Affiliated 
Tenn. Omega 1914. Care of Adjutant General 
of the Army, Washington, D. C. 

William Emerson Harville, 

Mercantile Business. Augusta, Ark. 

Bernice Skinner, 

B. A.. 1914. (Lockesburg, Ark.) 

Earle Edgar Spencer, 

Grocery ' and Supply Business. Monticello, 

Roy Winton Wood, 

B. A., 1913; Assistant Secretary to Gov. 
Brough. 4206 Fairview Road, Little Rock, 


Samuel Gaston Croom, 

B A., 1914; LL. B., 1917 Harvard; Lawyer. 
631, 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., El Paso, Texas. 

Robert D. Dunlap, 

Banker; Assistant Cashier First Natl. Bank. 
Clarksville. Ark. 

James Howell Gordon, 

' Affiliated Colo. Chi 1915. (Washington, D. C.) 

William Elza Green, 

Missouri Field Artillery. 1 1 14 W. Capitol 
Ave., Little Rock, Ark. 

Archie Watson Harville, 

B. A., 1914; with Exchange Natl. Bank. Little 
Rock, Ark. 

Archie Franklin House, 

LL B., 1013; Attornev-at-Law. Louisiana and 
Second Sts.'; res. 2126 Arch St., Little Rock, 

Vol Thomason Lindsay, 

(Bentonville, Ark.) 

Moss Edward Penn, 

(Marvell, Ark.) 

Robert Ray Stockburger, 

Democratic Club; Sphinx; Captain, V. S. 
Armv; Member Elks; Camp Pike Officers Club. 
Fayetteville. Ark. 

Harry E. Womack, 

Bookkeeper. Hugo, Okla. 


Wylie Ernest Bradford, 

(Haynes, Ark.) 

Julius Arthur Ferguson, 

(Rogers, Ark.) 



Marvin Nichols Keith, 

Melbourne G. McCain, 

Seed ' and Fertilizer Co. 
6 Desoto Ave., Clarks- 

Bookkeeper Unic 
353 Y az< 
dale Mi: . 

Donald Deane Wilson,* 

d. December 18, 1916 at Hot Springs, Ark. 

Oscar Myers W'infree, 

Alpha Upsilon; Sergeant Major 153d Infantry, 
U. S. Army; With Legal Dept. Western 
Union Telegraph Co. McCrory, Ark. 


Harry Wilcox Bryan, 

Plebe Corporalcy Western Military Acad.; 
Gold Scholarship and Gold Merit Medal; 
Lieutenant Officers Med. Corps, Natl. Army. 
Camp Pike, Ark. 

Henry S. Dunn, 

A B, 1916; Periclean Lit. Soc. ; Cadet Club; 
Analytical Chemist. c, o Shibley, Heard & 
Co., '306 Broad St., Van Buren, Ark. 

Frank Robert Garner, Jr., 

Lieutenant U. S. Army. Marvell. Ark. 

Thomas Tapscott Gill, 

Departmental Honors in English: Honors at 
Graduation; Second Lieutenant 83d Field Ar- 
tillery, U. S. Army. 612 E. 5th St., Little 
Rock, Ark. 

lames Stevenson Kenney, 

Varsitv Football. 1913-1914; Timekeeper 
Missouri Pacific Railway Shops. 310 Thurston 
St., Van Buren, Ark. 

Karl Joseph Michel, 

Senior Law Student Univ. of Chicago; 
Second Lieutenant Infantrv Reserve Corps, 
U S. Army. Van Buren, Ark. 

Roderick D. Philip, 

Ranchman. Fort Pierre, S. Dak. 

James Thomas Rudd, 

B A., iqi6; Football Team 4 yrs.; Capt., 
19IS-1916; Chemist, Universal Portland Ce- 
ment Co. Puluth Minn.; res. 108 E. 29th 
Ave., Council Bluffs. Iowa. 

William Paul Sadler, Jr., 

B A., 1916; Theta Nu Epsilon: Quo Vadis; 
Varsitv Football (Ouarterback), 1913-1914. 
(Halfback), 1915: Medical Student, Johns 
Hopkins LIniv. 103; N. Broadway, Balti- 
more. M.l. 

Leon Perrv Woods, 

B A 1916; Teacher. Fort Towson, Okla.; 
res. Houston. Miss. 


A. B. Armstrong, 

B A., 1917; Eta Theta Epsilon: Honorary 
Journalistic: Boosters Huh; A. B. C. ; Athletic 
Editor University Weekly; Chief Musician 
Univ. Band; Eminent Correspondent; Emi- 
nent Chronicler: Eminent Archon; Student 
R O. T. C, Leon Springs, Texas. 316 Union 
Ave., Wynne, Ark. 

Edward Everette Burr, 

(Paragould, Ark.) 

Edwin Head Cheever, 

B A., 1917; Theta Nu Epsilon; Second 
lieutenant Quartermaster Corps, National 
Army. Richmond. Ark. 

Robert Leak Dortch, 

(Kerrs, Ark.) 

Leo Manier Ming, 

Lieutenant. V. S. Army. 1724 Arch St.. 
Little Rock, Ark. 




Hugh Mortimer Lawson, 

B. A., 191 7; with Campbell and Bell Dry 
Goods Co. 360 Arkansas Ave., Fayetteville, 

Frank Davis Pape, 

B. E. E., 1917; Scabbard and Blade; Second 
Lieutenant Coast Artillery, Officers Reserve 
Corps. Fort Morgan, Ala. 

Joe Lusk Tanner, 

B. A., 1017; Baseball' 4 yrs.; Varsity Club; 
Member Student Council; Assistant Cashier, 
Farmers Rank. Blytheville, Ark. 

William Preston Warner, 

Scabbard and Blade; First Lieutenant 348th 
Infantry, U. S. Reserve. Camp Pike, Ark. 


Paul Cecil Brooks, 

Student. Springfield, Mo. 

Laurence Neill Reed, 

Pyramid Club; Philomathean; Sec. Lee Lit. 
Soc; Program Committee and Treas. Arkan- 
sas Club; Pitcher on Cumberland Varsity 
Baseball Team; School Teacher, Notary Pub- 
lic and Insurance; at present Pilot Aviation 
Section, Signal Corps, U. S. Army. Heber 
Springs, Ark. 

James McLauchlan Thweatt, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Delta Tau Omicron; Rho 
Alpha Delta; Tennis Champion, 10J2-1913, 
Henderson Brown Coll., Arkadelphia, Ark.; 
Financier. De Vails Bluff, Ark. 


Samuel Jerome Beard, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Kappa Kappa; Y. M. C. A.; 
Student. 346 Arkansas Ave., Fayetteville, 

James Herbert Butler, 

U. S. Army Service. Van Buren, Ark. 

Samuel James Kuykendall, 

With Arkansas State Highway Dept.; Member 
Athletic Assn. c, o State Hightway Dept., 
Little Rock, Ark. 

John Julian Little, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Quo Vadis; Black Friars 
Planter. Conway, Ark. 

William Eugene Mullins, 

P.lackfriar Dramatic Club; Pan-Hellenic Coun 
cil; Cast Commencement Play. 191 6; Student 
605 Hickory St., Texarkana, Ark. 

Charles Lester Skaggs, 

Student. Rogers, Ark. 

Junius Samuel Wade, 

Eminent Treas. of Chapter; Head of House; 
Student. Augusta, Ark. 


Emerson Cornelius Conner, 

Student. Augusta, Ark. 

Jack Fulbright, 

Student. ( Mt. Nord, Fayetteville, Ark.) 

Hamilton Evrard Little, 

First Sergeant Co. M. 153d Infantry U. S 
Army. Blytheville, Ark. 

Harold Speight Towler, 

Arkansas Booster Club; Asst. Business Mgr. 
Universitv Weekly 1917-1918; V-Pres. Inter- 
Fraternity Conference; Student. Fordyce, 


George Herschel Beasley, 

Student. 932 Hickory St., Texarkana. Ark. 

Edward Harris Bowers, 

Quo Vadis; Tri Chi. 1815 Broadway, Little 
Rock, Ark. 

Daniel Gaines Hon, 

Phi Alpha Tau; Theta Nu Epsilon; Book- 
keeper Solid Scissors Co. N. 15th and Kel- 
ley Highway; res. 622 N. 19th St., Ft. Smith. 

Granville Maurice McCaslin, 

Boonville, Arkk. 

Charles Rollin Sadler, 

Varsity Football and Baseball; Glee and Pre 
Medical Clubs; Real Estate. 517 W. Main 
St., Booneville, Ark. 

Boyd Lewis Tallman, 

603 S. Grand St., Stuttgard, Ark. 

Robert Easton Wait, Jr., 

Theta Nu Epsilon. 1519 Spring St., Little 
Rock, Ark. 



Stanford, California 

Chartered March 4, 1892 


John Sherman Gifford, 

Charter Member; Superintendent of City 
Schools. (Carlisle, Ind.) 

Horace Elbert Williams,* 

A. I)., 1S92; Geologist. 


George James Bancroft, 

A. B., 1895; Charter Member; Pres. Boat 
Club 2 yrs.; Mgr. Track Team, 1893-04; 
Mining Engineer; Member Denver Club. 220 
llroadway. Denver, Colo. 

William Henry Victor Canfield, 

(St. Stephen's College, Allendale, N. Y.) 

Harry James Cox,* 

Charter Member; Asst. Editor Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon Record: Eminent Supreme Deputy 
Archon, 1896. 

Claude Standish Downing, 

Charter Member; Varsity Football and Base- 
ball; Bank President. Bank of Richmond, 
Cal.; res. 2742 Derby St., Berkeley, Cal. 

James Rufus Edwards, 

Charter Member; Varsity Baseball; President 
Savings Bank; Mayor City of Santa Rosa (1 
term). Fourth and Exchange Aves. ; res. 
1047, 3d St., Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Henry Lane King, 

Charter Member; Auditor and Office Manager 
Williams Construction Co. 608 W. Euclid St.; 
res. 303 S. Locust St., Pittsburg, Kans. 

William Eugene Luman, 

Charter Member. (Santa Rosa, Cal.) 

Lawrence Adams Pressley. 

Charter Member; Assistant Cashier; Deputy- 
County Recorder; Auditor and County Clerk 
4 yrs.; City Councilman 7 yrs. Exchange 
Bank; res. 607 Benton St., Santa Rosa, Cal. 


Samuel Wiley Belford, 

Lawyer. (1323 Evans St., Denver, Colo.) 

Henry Tyhrie Poindexter,* 

A. B., 189s; President Poindexter & Orr 
Live Stock Co. 

Alfred Baker Spalding, 

A. B., 1896; M. D., 1900 Columbia Univ.; 
Theta Nil Epsilon; Sigma Sigma; Varsity Foot- 
ball. 1894-95; Physician; Prof, of Obstetrics 
and Gvnecology. Stanford Univ. School of 
Medicine: Author of various Medical Reprints; 

Member University and Commonwealth Clubs. 
Lane Hospital; res. 2651 Green St., San Fran- 
cisco. Cal. 

Erastus Bartlett Webster, 

Lawyer. (San Diego, Cal.) 

Thomas Henry Williams, 

Real Estate and Investments; Member Real 
Estate Exchange; 32° Mason. 609 Ideal Bldg.; 
res. 831 Clarkson St., Denver, Colo. 


Alvin Bronson Daniels, 


John William Duncan Dicks, 

Initiated by Tenn. Zeta, 1890. 

Warren Floramond Geary, 

Pharmacist. (Sutter and Polk Sts., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.) 

Walter Marlette Mcintosh, 

Sigma Sigma: Theta Nu Epsilon; Sword and 
Sandals; Athletic Editor Daily Palo Alto; 
President Redlands Sanitarv Laundry Co. 124 
E. State St.; res. Madera No. 1 Bungalow 
Apts., Redlands, Cal. 

Harry Elisha Rockwell, 

LL. B.. igo2. Univ. of Denver; Lawyer; Affi- 
liated Colo. Zeta, 1902. (415 Ernest and Cran- 
mer Bld<"., Denver, Colo.) 


Louis Samuel Beedy, 

A. B., 1898; Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer; Eminent 
Archon Cal. nlpha; Pres. Kappa Province; 
Member University, Commonwealth, Commer- 
cial and Economic Clubs. 310 Sansome St.; 
res. 3435 Pacific Ave., San Francisco, Cal. 

Charles Pryde Cutten, 

A. B., 1914; Phi Delta Phi; Editor-in-Chief 
Daily Photo Alto; Pres. Press Club; Lawyer; 
Cal. Legislature, 1907; State Senate. 1909-11; 
Chairman Finance Committee, Senate, iqn; 
Member Bohemian and Union League Clubs. 
445 Sutter St. and 230 Euclid Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

Harry Austin Deuel, 

A. B. in M. E., 1898; Theta Nu Epsilon; As- 
sistant to Manager Colorado Fuel and Iron 
Co. Steel Plant. 205 W. Orman Av., Pueblo, 

Charles Sumner Fleming, 

(Washington St.. Phoenix, Ariz.) 

Tohn Martin Gait, 

" Theta Nu Epsilon: Skull and Snake; Retired; 
Member Yacht Club and Elks. Roser Park, 
St. Petersburg, Fla. 




Edward Leslie Oakes, 

LL. B., Univ. of Denver; Lawyer. 325 Rail- 
way Exchange; res. 4679 Raleigh St., Denver, 

Rush Franklin Pickens, 

(1901 N. Penn St., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Eugene Young Sayer, 

A. B., 1898; Theta Nu Epsilon; Key and 
Snakes; Track Team; Banjo Club; Electrical 
and Mechanical Engineer; V.-Pres. and Gen- 
eral Mgr. The Improved Equipment Co.; Mem- 
ber Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers, Am. 
Institute of Electrical Engineers and Am. Gas 
Institute. 60 Wall St.; res. 258 Riverside 
Drive, New York, N. Y. 


John Warren Carhart, 

Capitalist. (California Club.) 

Otto Baldwin Gottschalk. 

(702 W. 17th St., Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Raymond William Logan, 

M. D., 1900, Univ. of Ore.; Real Estate. 
131- Adams Ave., Le Grande, Ore. 

William Peter Mcintosh, Jr.,* 

Fruit Grower, d. Nov. 6, 1912, Redlands, Cal. 

John Hart Polhemus, 

Merchant; Member Presidio Golf Club. 149 
California St.; res. 101 Walnut St., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

William John Schlachs, 

(Denver. Cojo.) 

Arthur Benjamin West, 

Initiated by Colo. Chi, 1898. 


Henry Herman Bell, 

707 J St., Eureka. Cal. 

Leo St. Clair Chandler, 

Phi Delta Phi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Baseball. 
1899; Banking; Vice-President Citizens Trust 
and Savings Bank; Member California. Mid- 
wick Golf and Rotary Clubs. Broadway and 
Third St.; res. 637 W. 2 id St., Los Angeles, 

Henry Harrison Hedger. 

(1608 Golden State Ave., San Francisco, Cal.) 

James Lanagan, 

A. B.. 1900; Glee and Mandolin Clubs, 1896- 
00: Varsity Daseball. 1899-00; Lawyer; E. T. 
Cal. Alpha; Member San Francisco Commer- 
cial and Yacht Clubs. 310 Sansome St., San 
Francisco; res. 17 Bulkley Ave., Sausalito, 


Winslow L. Beedy, 

Merchant. 3^2 Pine St., San Francisco; res. 
Sausalito. Cal. 

Henry Winthrop Blackstone, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Member California, Ath- 
letic and Country Clubs. 1226 W. 28th St., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Burdette Tevne,* 

d. Dec' 25, i8<«v 

Henry MacPherson Merriam, 

Officer U. S. Artillery Corps. Care Adjutant 
General of the Armv. Washington, D. C. 

Thomas Jerome O'Hara, 

(Los Aneeles, Cal.) 

William Metcalf Parkin, 

A. B., 1901: Geological Soc: Editorial Board; 
Glee and Mandolin Clubs; Pres. Senior Class. 
1901; Baseball; Football; Member LTniversity 
Council; Football Class Team, Varsity Squad 
(3), (4); Consulting Engineer, Coal and Chem- 


ical; Member LTniversity and Duquesne Clubs; 
Engineering Soc. of West Pennsylvania; Affili- 
ated N. Y. Mu 1902. 1414 Park Bldg.; res. 
5577 Hampton St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


A. B., 1901; Superintendent. (Santa Ger- 
trudis Co., Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.) 

Arthur Bonbright Stewart, 

A. B„ 1901; Capt. Track Team, 1901; General 
Counsel The Davis Coal and Coke Co. Con- 
tinental Bldg., Baltimore, Md. 

Harold Adams Thaver, 

B. S., 1901; Theta Nu Epsilon; Football; 
Class Team; Wholesale Paper. 1625 Blake St.; 
res. 2600 E. 14th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Richard Alden Vose, 

President Southwestern Cotton Oil Co. Res. 
436 W. 14th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 


Frederick Wolcott Bancroft, 

A. B., 1902; M. D., 1916 Johns Hopkins 
Univ.; Surgeon; Assoc. Attending Surgeon 
New York Hosp. ; Instructor in Surgery, Co- 
lumbia Univ.; Member Columbia Univ. Club; 
A. M. A., N. Y. County Med. Soc, Academy 
of Medicine; Harvey Soc; Lenox Soc. 8 E. 
S4th St.; res. 955 Lexington Ave., New York, 
N. Y. 

Henry Avery Campbell, 

A. B. in C. E., 1903; Civil Engineer in Charge 
Bureau of Inspection Merchants Assn. of San 
Francisco. (787 Post St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Kenneth Farra Cooper, 

A. B. in C. E., 1901; Engineer and Manager 
American Cyanamid Co. (River Road, Niag- 
ara Falls, Ontario, Canada.) 

Arthur Dorman Geissler, 

Vice-President and Managing Director New 
York Talking Machine Co. and Chicago Talk- 
ing Machine Co.; Member University Club of 
Chicago; Racquet Club of Philadelphia; Lambs 
Club of N. Y.; St. Andrew's Golf Club, Mt. 
Hope, N. Y. 119 W. 40th St.; res. Evanston 
Apt., 272 W. 90th St., New York, N. Y. 

Joseph Burt Gildersleeve, 
Cyrus Lincoln Merriam, 

A. B., 1903; Superintendent of Sugar Fac- 
tory; Plantation Oaxaquena. Oaxaquena Sta- 
Lucrecia, V. C, Mexico. 

Toseph A. Schaefer, 

A. B.. 1902; Secretary and Treasurer of the 
Schaefer Tent & Awning Co.; Vice-Pres. 
Schaefer Realty Co.; Member Alumni Assn.; 
Pioneer Soc; Denver Civic Assn.; Country, 
L'niversitv and Motor Clubs. 1421 Lorimer 
St.; res. S41 Marion St., Denver, Colo. 

Charles Walter Sell,* 

A. B. in C. E., 1902; Civil Engineer, d. June 
26, 1904. 

Charles Thomas Stephens, 

A. B., 190?; Western Manager Traylor En- 
gineering Co. (Hotel Moxum, Salt Lake City, 


Charles Partridge Allen, Jr., 

Engineer; Affiliated Colo. Chi 1903. (2923 W. 
18th Ave., Denver, Colo.) 

Joseph Wade Alston,* 

d. April, 1901. 

Leroy Kingsley Baldwin, 

Initiated by N. Y. Alpha 1903- 

H. Erskine Campbell, 

Lawyer; Member of firm Pain, Campbell & 
Kasper; Sec. Edgewater Country Club 1902- 
05; Pres. 1911-12 and Dir. 19x2-13; Dir. Edge- 
water Golf Club 1912-14-16 and 17; Pres. Chi- 




cago Aiumni Assn. of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
1907-08; Member Chicago Athletic Assn; A. F. 
and A. M. Edgewater Lodge; Corinthian Chap- 
ter; Apollo Commandery; Medinah Temple.- 
Consistory Council; Edgewater Country and 
Edgewater Golf Clubs; Chicago Bar and Illi- 
nois Bar Assns. ; Chicago Law Institute. 38 
S. Dearborn St.; res. 1066 Berwyn Ave, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Royden James Keith, 

A. B., 1904; Sales Manager The Talking 
Machine Co., Chicago. (Kenilworth, 111.) 

Harry Dravo Parkin, 

A. B., 1904; Senior Football; Manufacturer; 
Vice-Pres. and Asst. Mgr. Pittsburgh Block 
Mfg. Co.; Member University Club, Harvard 
Club of Western Pa; Affiliated Mass Gamma 
1904. 81S South Ave N. S.; res. 4735 Bayard 
St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Preston B. Plumb, 

A. B., 1904 Univ. of Mich.; Attorney; Mem- 
ber Overton, Lyman & Plumb; Member Ma- 
sons; Knights Templar; Military Order of 
Loyal Legion; Affiliated Mich. Iota Beta 1904. 
121 1 Citizens Natl. Bank Bldg., Los Angeles; 
res. 2041 Ashbourne Drive, South Pasadena, 

Edward Irving Thayer, 

A. B., 1903; LL. B., 1906 Harvard Law 
School; Phi Delta Phi; Attornev-at-Law, asso- 
ciated with Hughes & Dorsev; Member Denver 
Bar and Civic Assns.; Alumni Assn.; Uni- 
versity. Athletic and Country Clubs. 408 In- 
ternational Trust Bldg.; res. 500 Williams St., 
_ Denver, Colo. 

Richard Emerson Warfield, 

Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Organized Province 
Kappa; Manufacturer; Vice Pres. and Sec. 
International Endless Chain Saw Co. (34 
University Place, Nevy York, N. Y.) 

Henry Hepburn Wilkins, 

Rea'l Estate. (2485 Broadway, San Francisco, 


Harry Salstonstall Babcock, 

(Flushing, L. I., N. Y.) 

Raymond G. Barnett, 

Initiated by Mo. Alpha 1904. 

William Horton Blake, 

R. F. D. No. 2, Orland, 111. 

Charles Willard Clapp, 

Initiated by Nebr. Lambda Pi 1904. 

Theodore Goodman Hosmer,* 

d. June 22, 1902. 

William Henry Lanagan, 

A. B., 1905; Glee, Mandolin and Quadrangle 
Clubs; Geological Soc. ; Track 1904 and 1905; 
Mining Engineer; Member Engineers Club. 
1057 Monadnock Bldg.; res. 1097 Green St., 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Edward Dean Lyman, 

A. B., 1904; LL. B., Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer, 
Overton, Lyman & Plumb; Formerly Pres. 
and Sec. California Club; Dir. Chamber of 
Commerce; Member California, Midwick Coun- 
try and Los Angeles Country Clubs; Masons, 
Blue Lodge— Royal Arch; Knights Templar; 
Shrincr. 1211 City Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 
2429 Juliet St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Walter Martin Misner, 

Varsity Baseball, Glee and Mandolin Clubs; 
General Insurance; Member Chamber of Com- 
merce, Ad Club, Automobile. Rotary and E. 
Aurora Country Clubs. Niagara Life Ins. 
Bldg., Buffalo; res. Elma Center, N. Y. 

E. Whitman Prentice, 

Merchant; Sec. and Mgr. Phoenix Desk & 

Chair Co.; Member Rotary, Olympic and San 
. Francisco Yacht Clubs; San Francisco Cham- 
ber of Commerce; F. & A. M.. Cal. Chapter; 
R. A. M., Cal. Commandery; Islam and Mys- 
tic Shrines. 254 Bush St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Thaddeus Rowland, Jr., 

Initiated by Cal. Beta 1904. 

John Dolph Spreckels, Jr., 

Steamship Business. (58 Clay St., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.) 

Orin Allen Wilson,* 

d. August 25, 1916, Del Monte, Cal. 


William Baily, Jr., 

With Crescent Wharf & Warehouse Co. (510 
Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Lester Goodwin Bradley, 

Assistant Cashier Southern Trust and Savings 
Bank. 4th St. and Broadway; res. 2970, 2d 
St., San Diego, Cal. 

Wesley Ellsworth Crothers, 

(St. Clair Club, San Jose, Cal.) 

Harold Eaton, 

Ranching; Member California Club of Los 
Angeles. Bigpine, Invo County, Cal. 

Philip K. Funke, 

A. B., 1905; LL. B., 1908 Harvard; Phi Delta 
Phi; Eminent Archon 1904; Purchasing Agent, 
Stanford University; Member Press Club. 608 
Insurance Exchange Bldg., San Francisco; 
res. 2124 Central Ave., Alameda, Cal. 

George Dunlap Lyman, 

A. B., 1905; M. D., 1909 Columbia; Physician. 
240 Stockton St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Merle Thorpe, 

A. B., 1908 Univ. of Washington; Phi Delta 
1'hi; Quadrangle Club; Sigma Sigma; Theta 
Nu Epsilon; Editor The Nation's Business; 
Member Natl. Press Club; Affiliated Wash. 
City Rho 1906. 705 Riggs Bldg., Washington, 
D. C. ; res. 3703 Ingomar St., Chevy Chase, 
D. C. 


Roy Edward Collom, 

Initiated Colo. Lambda 1905. 

Herbert Compton Howard, 

Baseball (1); Architect, Member of Firm 
Marsh & Howard; Member Jonathan Club; 
Alumni Assn. 214 Broadway Central Bldg.; 
res. 251S Ocean View Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

George Wade Mcintosh, 

Rancher. Mentone, Cal. 

Roy Vieto Meike, 

(567 E. Ankeny St., Portland, Ore.) 

Victor Michel Peltier, 

(221 1 Scott St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Robert D. Pike, 

A. B., 1907; Tail Beta Ti; Consulting Chemical 
Engineer; Member Family, Engineers and 
Yosemite (Stockton) Clubs; Affiliated Cal. Beta 
1907. 44 New Montgomery St.; res. 1 230 A 
Washington St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Dudley Daniel Sales, 

A. B., 1906; J.«D., 1909; Phi Delta Phi; Quad- 
rangle Club; Euphronia Debating Soc; Car- 
not Debating Team 1905-06; Intercollegiate 
Debating Team 1905-06; Varsity Baseball 1903- 
06; Capt., 1906; Tres. Senior Class 1906; Emi- 
nent Archon 1906; Sec. 1905; Attornev-at-Law; 
Member Olympic and Commonwealth Clubs. 
311 Holbrook Bldg.; res. 3299 Washington St., 
San Francisco, Cal. 





Willis Arthur Clark, 

Contractor; E. A. of Chapter. (657 Monad- 
nock BIdg., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Alfred Holbrook Goudy, 
Franklin Burris Goudy, 

A. B., 1907; A. M., 1908 Columbia; Lawyer. 
420 Symes BIdg., Denver, Colo. 

Ben Stogden Morrow, 

Civil Engineer; Principal Asst. Engineer, 
Water Bureau; Capt. Engineer Officers' Re- 
serve Corps. City Hall,; res. 6S0 Hancock 
St., Portland, Ore. 

Leroy Tracy Ryone, 

President Ryone-Blankenholm Hunter Co. 
405 Montgomery St.; res. Palace Hotel, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

George Franklin Shaner, 


Howard Dearborn Ainsworth, 
Ralph Hugh Bookmyer, 
, Amos Newton Cole, 
Frederic Rodgers Lanagan, 

Phi Delta Phi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Quadrangle 
Club; Mandolin Club, 1904-08, Leader 1905- 
07; Glee Club, IQ04-0S; Track, 1904-0S, Capt., 
1908; Insurance; Special Agent Fireman's 
Fund Insurance Co.; Member Lakewood 
Country Club. 406 Colorado BIdg.; res. 1063 
Milwaukee St., Denver, Colo. 

Claudius Hall Raymond,* 

d. Nov. 17, 1916, California. 

Walter Augustus Sumner, 

Freshman Football; First Lieutenant, Engi- 
neers Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. 1639 Race 
St., Denver, Colo. 

Frank Warren Turner, 

A. B., M. E., 1912; Pres. Geological and Min- 
ing Soc. Am. Univ.. 1908; Hammer and 
Coffin Soc; Quadrangle Club; Varsity Crew, 
1905-08, Coach, 1908; Asst. in Metallurgy, 
1907-09; Corporation Salesman, W. P. Fuller 
& Co.; Member California Lodge No. 1, 
F. & A. M.; Press and Olympic Clubs. 301 
Mission St.; res. Press Club, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

Charles Henry Wondries, 

Initiated by 111. Theta 190S. 


Carl Breer, 

A. B. M. E., 1909; Engineer. (Acme Electric 
Auto Works, 1210 S. Grand St., Los Angeles, 

Harry Frederick Bruning, 

Ph.B., 1910 Univ. of Chicago; LL.B., 1913 
Harvard; Lawyer. Standard -Oil BIdg., San 
Francisco; res. 1029 Myrtle St., Oakland, Cal. 

Norman E. Doan, 

Court Reporter and County Law Librarian; 
Member Del Paso Country Club. Court 
House; res. 1601 P. St., Sacramento, Cal. 

Philip Reis Fayvonville, 

(1 Presidio Ave.. San Francisco, Cal.) 

Gorham Lane Goodell, 

Baseball, 1907-08; General Insurance Agent; 
Member Multnomah Amateur Athletic Club 
and Elks. 226 Chamber of Commerce BIdg.; 
res. 924 Bryce Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Milton Tohn Helmick, 

Affiliated Colo. Chi 1910. 

Elliot Holcomb, 

(m N. 23d St., Portland, Ore.) 

Albert George Luchsinger, 

A. B.. 1909; With Humboldt Savings Bank; 
Member Chamber of Commerce; Olympic 
Club. 7SS Market St.; res. 3221 Washington 
St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Clarence M. Lynn, 

Stock Raiser and Farmer. Milpitas Rd., San 
Jose, Cal. 

John Phelps, 

* LL.B., 191 1 Univ. of Southern California; 
Phi Delta Phi; .Manager Bradford Baking Co.; 
Member San Gabriel Country Club. 405 San 
Fernando Blvd.; res. 342 S. Vendome St., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Harvey Stark, 

Initiated by Ark. Alpha Upsilon 1907. 


George Frederick Chapman, Jr., 

507 Broderick St., San Francisco, Cal. 

William E. Dunn, 

Initiated by Texas Rho 1909. 

W. Tanner Fuller, Jr., 

A. B., 1910; Phi Delta Phi; Press Club; 
Sword and Sandals; Quadrangle Club; Editor 
Daily Palo Alto and Sequoia; Eminent 
Archon, 1910; Manufacturer, Treasurer, W. P. 
Fuller & Co.; Member Bohemian, Burlingame 
Country, San Francisco Commercial and 
Presidio Golf and Country Clubs. 301 Mis- 
sion St., San Francisco; res. P. O. Box 54, 
Burlingame, Cal. 

Paul Church Giesy, 

Sales Manager, Clarke-Woodward Drug Co.; 
First Lieut. Officers' Reserve Corps; Member 
Waverley Country. Multnomah Amateur Ath- 
letic and Portland Commercial Clubs. Wood- 
lark BIdg.; res. Trinity Place Apts., Portland, 

Speldon Kraag Johnson, 

(525 Forest Ave., Palo Alto, Cal.) 

David Greenleaf Martin, 

(San Francisco, Cal.) 

Harold Hugh Maundrell, 

Attorney-at-Law; Asst. Dist. Atty., City and 
County of San Francisco; Member Olympic 
Club. 965 Monadnock BIdg.; 21 Presidio 
Terrace, San Francisco, Cal. . 

Samuel Unswarth, 

(Reno, Nev.) 


Allen Westcott Field, Jr., 

Initiated by Nebr. Lambda Pi 1911. 

Hugh Coffin Harle, 

Initiated by Va. Sigma 1904. 

Joseph Adolph Killian, 

Second Lieutenant U. S. Army. Care of 
Adjutant General of the Army, Washington, 
D. C. 

Henry Watson Swafford, 
Thomas Norton Turner, 

(Stanford University, Cal.) 

Blakelv M. Tyson, 

Orange Rancher; Member Elks. Redlands; 
Press Club, San Francisco. Mentone, Cal. 

Robert Woodville, 

A. B., 191 1 ; Sword and Sandals; Paint Busi- 
ness; Factory Representative, W. P. Fuller 
& Co.; Member Press Club. 301 Mission St., 
San Francisco; res. Naples, Cal. 


Alexander Grow Budge, 

A. B., 1912; Sales Engineer. Fort and Mer- 
chant Sts. ; res. 2945 Kalakaua Ave., Hono- 
lulu. H. T. 



[1912 17 

Edward Burke Corbet, 

A. B., 1913; Varsity Football, 1912; Mining 
Engineer. 1201 First Natl. Bank Bldg., San 
Francisco, Cal.; res. c/o Salt Lake Copper 
Co., Tecoma, Nev. 

Benjamin Edward Erb, 

(Chemalilus, B. C.) 

Robert J. Finnie, 

Mgr. 'Glee and Mandolin Club; District 

Manager, California State Life Ins. Co.; 

Member University Club. People's Bank 

Bldg.; res. 819 Capitol Ave., Sacramento, Cal. 

James W. Henderson, 

A. B., 1912; J. D., 1914; Phi Alpha Delta; 
Lawyer. Gross Bldg.; res. 1719 G St., 
Eureka, Cal. 

Lyman Stevenson King, 

A. B., 1912; M. E., 1913; Ensign U. S. 
Naval Reserve. 562 Walsworth Ave., Oak- 
land, Cal. 

Frederick Ellsworth Palmer, 

(1261 Waller St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

John Partridge, 

(Merlo Park, San Mateo. Cal.) 

Edward Richter Polhemus, 

Merchant; Member Yacht Club. 149 Cali- 
fornia St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Henry B. Post, 

Freshman Crew, 1908; Stanford Glee Club; 
Civil Engineer. A. Schilling & Co., San 
Francisco and 1235 Webster St., Palo Alto, 

Clarence Sanborn, 

(1617 Fruitvale Ave., Fruitvale., Cal.) 

Remo Scarboro, 

(3401 Washington St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Ashleigh Newton Brown Simpson, 

With W. P. Fuller & Co., 301 Mission St.; 
res. 1656 Leavenworth St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Oman Bridges Smart, 

Mining Engineer. With New Cornelia Cop- 
per Co., P. O. Box 126, Ajo, Ariz. 


William Edward Dunn, 

(112 E. iSth St., Austin, Texas.) 

Paul Eells Teffers, 

Initiated by 'the Mass. Iota Tau 191 2. 

Tohn Z. Martin, 

(S. San Francisco, Cal.) 

Leroy Hamilton Stanton, 

(902 Grattan St., Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Christian Madson Vrang, 

(Dawson Cit--, Canada.) 

George Draper Worswick, 

Freshman Football; Varsity Substitute, 1909- 
11 j Sophomore Baseball (2d semester); Class 
Baseball, 1900-11; Tunior Class Pres. ; Farmer. 
Livingston, Cal. 


John Miller Brown, 

Seedsman, Orchardist and Fruit Packer. P. O. 
Box 3, Gilroy; res. 520 N. 2d St., San Jose, 

Frank Everett Chaffee, 

A. B., 1914; M. B. A. Harvard Univ.; Effi- 
ciency Manager, H. G. Chaffee Co. 387 S. 
Broadway; res. 901 i\. Lake Ave., Pasadena, 

Faber Laine Johnston, 

A. B., 1914; Phi Alpha Delta; Lawyer. 20 
Knox Bldg.; res. 80 N. 8th St., San Jose, Cal. 

Martin Luther, 

(476 S. 2d St., San Tose, Cal.) 

Virgil Wellington McCourt, 

(640 Fairmount St., Oakland, Cal.) 

Osborn Belt Morrow, 

(390 E. 7th St., Portland, Ore.) 

David Lee Narver, 

A. B., 1914; With Standard Oil Co. of N. Y. 
Penang, Straits Settlements. 

Douglas Hamilton Sim, 

Varsity Football Squad. 1911-12; Orchardist. 
115 Singleton Ave., San Jose, Cal. 

Blaine L. Wines, 

Football (2), (3); Banker. Hotel Newhouse, 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Cherrill R. Bitterton, 

(5030, 1 6th Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash.) 

Edward Henderson, 

A. B., 1915; J. D., 1918; Lawyer; Private, 
U. S. Army Ambulance Service, Allentown, 
Pa.; Member Santa Paula Lodge No. 291 F. 
& A. M.; Oxnard Chapter No. 86 R. A. M.; 
Square and Circle Soc. of the U. S. A. A. S. 
Santa Paula, Cal. 

Walter Kinney Lewis, 

A. B., 191s; With U. S. Naval Reserve. 451 
14th St., Riverside, Cal. 

foseph A. Partridge, 

A. B., iau; J. D., 1917: Phi Delta Phi; 
Attorney-at-Law. Nampa, Idaho. 

Leland P. Reeder, 

A. B., 1975; Phi Nu Delta; Phi Delta Phi; 
Real Estate; Recorder of Deeds; Member 
Alumni Assn. Res. 811 Gwendolyn Drive, 
Beverly Hills, Cal. 


Sewall Solon Brown, 

Freshman Rugby Team; California Seed 
Growers Assn., Inc. 412 First National Bank 
Bldg., San Jose; res. Los Gatos, Cal. 

Daniel Brendon Carroll, 

("Tuam" Arncliff, Sydney, New South Wales, 

Arthur Leslie Erb, 

LL. B., 1916; Phi Alpha Delta; Pres. of 
Class 1915; Jrres. Law Class 1916; Varsity 
Football, 1914-16; Varsity Soccer, 1912-15; 
Lieutenant U. S. Army, 363d Infantry; Law- 
yer; Member Olvmpic Club. Hobart Bldg.. 
San Francisco; res. 326 Addison St., Palo 
Alto, Cal. 

Arthur Percy Flint, 

Sergeant, U. S. Armv. Battery D, 347th Field 
Artillery. 224 E. Park St., Stockton, Cal. 

Hurry N. Laine, 

Freshman Football; Swimming Team; Credit- 
man Globe Grain & Milling Co. 013 E. 3d 
St.; res. 945 Orange St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Murray Randolph Mackall, 

(Tacoma. Wash.1 

Oaklev Kendall Morton, 

Initiated b- III. Theta 1014- 

Willis Sherwood Norton, 

A. B., 1916; Farmer. 826 N. California St., 
Stockton, Cal. 


Wayne Chester Chapman, 

Stock Farmer. 523 Walnut St., Pendleton, 




Delos Allen Chappell, Jr., 

Field Ambulance Service France; S. S. U. 71 
Convois Autos, Par B. C. M., Paris, France. 
1060 Race St., Denver, Colo. 

Wheeler F. Chase, 

Art and Gym. Clubs; Real Estate; Member 
University and Los Angeles Country Clubs. 
James T. Kellv Co., 620 Haas Bldg.; res. 611 
S. Hobart Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Arthur Field Ganong, 

Initiated by Wash. Alpha 1917. 

Alfred Louis Kavanagh, 

(2150 Vallejo St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Harold Cushman Lewis, 

(Fowler, Cal.) 

J. Goodwin Locke, 

A. B., Phil.. 1917; Student. 951 Hamilton 
Ave., Palo Alto. Cal.; res. Houston, Texas. 

Hugh William McNulty 

Fresh. Crew; Football; Student Conference; 
Student. Stanford Univ., Cal. 

Fillmore Collins Sample, 

Initiated by Cal. Beta 1917- 

Brevard Davidson Sinclair, ]r., 

(2610 Benvenue Ave.,_ Berkeley, Cal.) 

Robert Augustus Sinclair, 

(Berkeley, Cal.) 

Oliver H. Stuart, 

(3162 Central Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Joseph Clark Urban, 

(Hamilton City, Cal.) 

James Thomas Wylie, 

Football (Rugbv). 1914-rs; Coach, 1917: 
Rancher; Mgr. of Floward Ranch for past 
two vears at Tracy, Cab; Author "Rugbv as 
It Should Be Plaved"; Articles in Daily Palo; 
Member Barbarians. Olvmnic and Press Clubs. 
San Francisco; University Club, Auckland. 
New Zealand. Box 420: res. Lomas Ferrv 
Road, Naglee Bunk Tract, Tracy, Cal. 

Claude Oscar Yates, 

A. B., 1918: Eminent Archon, 1917. 400 \V 
8th St., Austin, Texas. 


Carleton F. Brvan, 

A. B., 1918; Theta Nu Epsilon; E. C, 1915- 
16; E. W., 1916; E. C. H., 1915; E. H., 1915; 
Law Student. 2430 Vallejo St., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

F. Forrester Chase, 

A. B., 1918; Theta Nu Epsilon; E. R., E. H. 
and E. W. ; Junior Committee; Law Student. 
611 S. Hobart Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lester Lyon Clark, 

"Caterpillar" Tractor Engineer, Holt Mfg. 
Co.; Member Anteros Club; Affiliated Cal. Beta 
1918.- 420 S. Aurora St.; res. c/o Stockton 
State Hospital, Stockton, Cal. 

Revere P. Fisher, 

319th Engineers, U. S. Army. 205 Forth- 
camp Ave.. Fresno, Cal. 

Kenneth Hume Hunter, 

Initiated by Colo. Lambda 191S. 

Dean McAllester Liarle, 

Student. 307 Parke St., Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Wilbur Emmett Morrow, 

Private. 148th Hdotrs. Co.. Field Artillery. 
66th Brigade. 41st Division U. S. Army. 390 
E. 7th St., Portland, Ore. 

John William Nelson, 

A. B., 1911 Washington State Coll.; Nu 
Sigma Nu; National Sprint Champion, 1900 
and 191 1 ; Intercollegiate Sprint Champion, 
1910; Pacific Coast Champion, 1913; Senior in 
Medicine at Stanford; Member Olympic Ath- 

letic Club; Seattle Athletic Club. Lane 
Hospital; res. 2730 Sacramento St., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Warren M. Turner, 

Initiated by N. Y. Epsilon 1918. 


Louis Gerlach Baldwin, 

Student, School of Ordnance; Member Ante- 
ros Club. 231 E. Flora St., Stockton, Cal. 

Palmer Beckwith, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Interclass Championship 
Basketball, 1915-17; E. T.; Student. 1219 W. 
36th Place, Los Angeles, Cal. 

George Britton Finch, 

Student Council and Freshman Debate Team 
(Beloit); E. Ch. of Chapter. 339 N. Park- 
side Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Herbert Russell Hall, 

Aviation Section U. S. Signal Corps. France; 
"Ecole D' Aviation," D' Avord. 1301 Bryant 
St., Palo Alto, Cal. 

Charles Edward Henderson, 

Student. 1726 Oakland Ave., Piedmont, Cal. 

Wilbur Denio Kistler, 

Privy League, Univ. of Colo.; Fraternity 
track; Baseball; Member Elks. J. W. Denio 
Milling Co.; res. 320 Gladstone St., Sheridan, 

Earl Leslie May, 

Student. 910 E 2d South St., Salt Lake City, 

John James O'Connor, Jr., 

Initiated by Cal. Beta 1919. 

Lloyd George Schultz, 

Gamma Eta Kappa; Reserve Military Aviator, 
U. S. Armv; First Lieut; Chief Credit Dept. 
of Bond & Goodwin, Investment Bankers; 
Pres. Castilla Co.; Regular Correspondent San 
Francisco Examiner. 454 California St; res. 
318 Walnut St., San Francisco, Cal. 


Grant Andrew Atchison, 

Student. Affiliated Cal. Beta, 1921. 28 Wood- 
land Ave., San Francisco, Cal. 

Charles Frederick Carlisle, 

E. H. in Chapter; Student. Kenwood Hotel, 
Chicago, 111. 

Holt W. Ganong,* 

d., Portland, Ore. 

Harold Larson Gravem, 

Student. Affiliated Cal. Beta 1921. 806 E. 
Lindsay St., Stockton, Cal. 

Elmer E. Hardies, 

Student. Los Gatos, Cal. 

Raymond V. Knowles, 

Student. 496 N. 5th St., San Jose, Cal. 

Lewis C. Torrance, Tr., 

E. W. in Chanter 1917; Student. 426 S. 
Kenmore Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 


San ford Marrian Dickey, Jr., 

Student. Isleton, Cal. 

Maurice Reed, 

Student. 4=9 W. Pike St., Clarksburg, W. 

Harris Brownlee Sproles, 

Student. R. F. D. No. 14, Los Gatos, Cal. 

John G. Walsh, 

Initiated Nev. Beta, 1920. 



Berkeley, California 

Chartered November 24, 1894 

George Francis McNoble, 

B. L„ 189s: Charter Member; Debating L'nion; 
Winner of Hearst Gold Cup for Oratory; 
Lawyer; District Attorney of San Joaquin 
Co.; Author of "California Reclamation Trea- 
tise," 1912; Member Yosemite and Shriners 
Clubs. 8th Floor, Farmers' and Merchants' 
Bank Bldg.; res. ,103 W. Flora St., Stockton, 



John L. Wittenmyer,* 

B. L., 1896; Charter Member, d. Sept. 
1 9 1. 3, San Francisco, Cal. 


g Machinery Co 

Nelson D. Phelps, 

With Power and 
(Cudahy, Wis.) 

Meyers Albert Preston, 

Charter Member; Capitalist, 


George Robinson Baker, 

Charter Member; With Desmond Park Service 
Company; Member Golf and Country Clubs. 
Hotel Clark; res. P. O. Box 413, Stockton, 

Neville Richmond Baugh, 

B. S., 1S99; Charter Member; Civil Engi- 
neer of Public Works Construction in the 
Province of Misamis (Capital Cagavan), Bu 
reau of Public Works, Government of the 
Philippine Islands. Cagayan, P. I. 

William Ogle Blasingame, 

Theta Nil Epsilon; Vineyardist and Stock 
Raiser; Member Fresno Sequoia Club. Fres- 
no, Cal., R. R. Box 370. 

George Lyon Cross, 

Ph. B.. i8q8; Charter Member; Baseball Mgr., 
1897-98; Business Manager California State 
Prison at Folsom; Attoi ncv-at-Law; Member 
Executive Committee LTniv. Cal. Athletic Assn. 
and Pacific Coast Amateur Athletic Assn.; 
Merchants Exchange Club, San Francisco. 
Represa; res. Stockton, Cal. 

Robert Arnold Foster, 

B. S., 1898; Charter Member; Belmont Club; 
Sigma Xi; Varsity Baseball, 4 yrs.; First Vice- 
Pres. St. Louis Convention, i8g6; Associate 
Editor The Record 1896-97; Eminent Archon, 


Deputy Eminent Archon, Recorder, Treasurer 
and Chronicler during 1S94-1898; President 
Washington-Idaho Water, Light and Power Co. 
and Lewiston-Clarkston Improvement Co.; 
Yiee-Pres. Columbia and Snake River Water- 
ways Assn; Vice-Pres. Northwest Electric 
Light and Power Assn.; Member Calam Tem- 
ple A. A. O. N. M. S.; Lewiston Consistory 
No. 1, A. A. S. R.; Wise Master Lewiston- 
Rose Croix No. 1; Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; 
Lewiston Golf Club. Box 218, Lewiston, 
Idaho; res. Boulevard, Clarkston, Wash. 

in Allen Reid * 

joo; Charter Member; Educator, d. 
July 4, 1909. 

James Clarence Sperry, 

B. S.. 1900; Charter Member; Oil Operator 
and Rancher. 2425 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, 

George Julius Wagner, 

B. S. in C. E., 1808; Civil Engineer. Union 
Iron Works. San Francisco; res. 240 Bonita 
Ave., Piedmont, Cal. 


Robert Belcher,* 

B. L., 1900; Mining Engineer, d. July 24, 

James William Ely, 

Farmer. (Woodland. Cal.) 

Fred Harmon Huffman, 

Th. B., 1899; Theta Nu Epsilon: Manager 
rotter-Huffman Land & Live Stock Co. Al- 
turas, Modoc County, Cal. 

Donald McLaren, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and Keys; Capt. Var- 
sity Baseball: Landscape Engineer; Asst. Chief 
Dept. of Landscape Gardening Panama Pacific 
International Exposition; Member Bohemian 
Club; LTnion League; Commercial Club. 141 
Powell St.; res. Golden Gate Park Lodge, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Frederick Royal Sherman, 

LL. B„ 1899 Univ. of Mich; Merchant: Mem- 
ber Bohemian, Olympic. Scuayah Country and 
Presidio Golf Clubs; Affiliated" Mich. Inta'Beta, 
1899. Sherman Clay & Co. San Francisco; 
res 285 Jayne Ave., Oakland, Cal. 


Herbert Chester Bclding,* 

Merchant, d. 1909, Stockton, Cal. 

Richard Ernest Hvde, 

B. L„ 1900; Flour "Milling. (Visalia, Cal.) 




Vance Craigmiles Osmont, 

Initiated by Mass. Iota Tau, 1896. 

William Edward Sauer, 

Civil Engineer. Municipal Council, Shanghai, 

Samuel Field Scott, 

(122 Davis St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

George H. Wilhelm, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; General Manager and Chief 
Engineer of East Bay Water Co., Oakland; 
Member Bohemian, Olympic, Athenian, Nile, 
Commonwealth and Economic Clubs. Ninth 
St. and Broadway, Oakland; res. 38 Crocker 
Ave., Piedmont, Cal. 


William Ross Childs, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Contracting; Member Ath- 
enian-Nile Club. Security Bank Bldg., Oak- 
land; res. 201 1 Oakland Ave., Piedmont, Cal. 

Frederick Harold Freeman, 

Journalist. (Los Angeles Examiner, Los An- 
geles, Cal.) 

Charles F. Holman, 

Hotel Keeper. Dir. Stockton Savings and 
Loan Society Bank. 103 S. Center St., Stock- 
ton, Cal. 

Arthur C. Nahl, 

B. S., 1 901; Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and 
Keys; Mining Engineer and Manager; Mgr. 
Progress Mining Co.; Instr. in Mining, Univ. 
of Cal., 1901-02; Member Olympic, Bohemian 
and Sequovah (Oakland) Club's; Soc. of Mines 
and Metallurgy (London); Am. Inst, of Me- 
chanical Engrs. 507 Kohl Bldg.; res. Bohem- 
ian Club, San Francisco, Cal. 

Tames Bennett Southard, 

' B. L., 1901 ; Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and Keys; 
Actor; Author of Dramatic Sketches; Mem- 
ber The "Lambs" Club. 130 W. 44th St., New 
York, N. Y. 


Forest Beamer Caldwell, 

B. S., 1902; Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and 
Keys; Mining Engineer; Consulting Engr. and 
Owner Morning Glory Mining Co. and Divide 
Extension Mining Co. of Tonapah, Nev. ; Mem- 
ber Bohemian Club. 812 Insurance Exchange 
Bldg., San Francisco; res. 904, 1st St., Wood- 
land, Cal. 

Frank Elmo Ely, 

Mining Engineer. (Woodland, Cal.) 

Ralph Larose Phelps, 

E. E., 1902; Skull and Keys; Junior Soc; 
Glee Club 1899-1901; Junior Class Day Play; 
Chrmn. Freshie Glee; Asst. Yell Leader 1901; 
Faculty Club; Organization Engineer; Pacific 
Coast Mgr. Safety Insulated Wire & Cable Co., 
1908-13; Contributing Editor Mining; Sec.- 
Treas. Scientific Press, 1907; do University 
Club, Can Francisco, 1914-16; Pres. Province 
Kappa 1910-17; Past Asst. Paymaster U. S 
Naval Reserve Force 191 7— rank of Lieut.- 
U. S. Naval Training Station; Author "After 
glow", 1913; "Christmas Jinks", 1916; Mem 
ber Alumni Assn.: Bohemian and University 
Clubs. 2d and Folsom Sts., San Francisco 
res. 201 1 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Robert Welles Ritchie, 

Fiction Writer. Mountain Lakes, N. J. 

El wood Woodburn, 

Merchant. (Sacramento, Cal.) 


Laurence D. Hyde,* 

Physician, d. Sept., 1913, San Francisco, Cal 


Carl Power Jones, 

M. D., 1907 Cooper Medical; Physician and 
Surgeon. Grass Valley, Cal. 

Charles Breckenfeld Jones, 

M. D., 1906; Zeta Omicron; Nu Sigma Nu; 
Physician and Surgeon; Pres. Sacramento Co. 
Soc. for Medical Improvement; Member Acad- 
emy of Medicine, Cal.; Sacramento Country 
Club, etc. 1021, 10th St.; res. 1008, 19th St., 
Sacramento, Cal. 

Taylor Bayard McLean, 
Jay Clyde Nurse, 


Arthur H. Halloran, 

B. S., 1904; Eminent Archon 1903-04; Editor 
and Mgr. California Journal of Technology; 
Vice-President and Managing Editor Journal of 
Electricity; Past Master Occidental Lodge No. 
22 F. and A. M. ; Past Congressman Jovian 
Order; Sec. Pacific Coast Section National 
Electric Light Assn.; Pacific Coast Representa- 
tive Soc. for Electrical Development; Lieut. 
Col. Engineer Corps; Member Engineers and 
Press Clubs. 618 Mission St., San Francisco; 
res. 2721 Forest Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Thaddeus Rowland, Jr., 

Affiliated Cal. Alpha 1904. (152 E. College 
St., Oberlin, Ohio.) 

Villiam] Theodore Watson, 

San Francisco office of the H. K. McCann Co. 
Advertising Agents. 461 Market St., San 
Francisco; res. 2839 Fulton St., Berkeley, Cal. 


Charles Philip Boone, 

B. S., 1905; Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and 
Keys; Eminent Archon; Mining Engineer; 
Member Bohemian Club. 10S1 Monadnock 
Bldg., San Francisco; res. 402 Grande Ave., 
Oakland, Cal. 

Mark Roy Daniels, 

B. S., 1905; Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and 
Keys; Glee Club; Eminent Archon; House 
Mgr.; Author Junior Curtain Raiser; Land- 
scape Engineer; Pres. Daniels & Wilhelm Inc.; 
Genl. Supt. and Landscape Engineer of U. S. 
National Parks; Author Series of Twelve Ar- 
ticles on National Parks;' "Scenic Resources 
of the U. S."; Member Bohemian, Family and 
Olympic Clubs; Faculty Club Univ. of Cal.; 
Athenian Club, Oakland. 1085 Monadnock 
Bldg.; res. 1200 California St., San Francisco, 

James Kirk Firth, 

Assistant Manager Standard Oil Company of 
California. Standard Oil Building.; res. 3423 
Washington St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Henry Emerson Foster, 

(2015 Florence St., Berkeley, Cal.) 

Frank B. Kellogg, 

B. S., 1905; M. F., 1907 Yale; Skull and 
Keys; Asst. Editor Journal of Technology; 
Forest Examiner, Forest Service, U. S. Dept. 
of Agriculture; Author of numerous articles 
for technical magazines; Member LTniversitv 
Club. 407 Federal Bldg.: res. 256 S. Broad- 
way, Tacoma. Wash. 

Fred Hiett McMillin, 

Vice-President Tacoma & Roche Harbor Lime 
Co.; Member Masons, 32°, Knights Templar 
and Shrine; Elks, Bellingham, Wash. Roche 
Harbor, Wash. 

Leonard Toe Miller, 

Initiated" by 111. Beta 1904. 

James Druillard Patterson,* 

A. B. in C. E., 1907. d. Reno, Nev. 


J. Sheldon Potter, 

Real Estate and Ranch Ov 
Huffman Co.; Member Alun 
Club. 837 Phelan Bldg.; r 
San Francisco, Cal. 

John B. Reddick, 

"' il Engine 



; Pres. Potter 
\ssn.; Olympic 
15 Cherry St., 

Soc. Civil 

Engineers. Humboldt Bank Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., Clay Peters Bldg., Reno, Nev.; res. 
2616 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Benjamin Kendrick Stroud, 

With St. Lawrence Oil Co. (Bakersfield, 


Frank R. Bell, 

Merchant. Auburn, Cal. 

Charles James Cox, Jr., 

Real Estate. Monadnock Bldg., San Francisco, 

Francis George Crane, 

Mine Operator; Sec. and Treas. of Loon Lake- 
Copper Co.; Member Univ. Club. 408 Co- 
lumbia Bldg.; res. 1108, 8th Ave., Spokane, 

Charles MacDonald Smiley, 

With Pacific Hardware & Steel Co. (58 
Eignth St., Oakland, Cal.) 

Percy Langley Wicks, 

Theta Nu 'Epsilon; Skull and Bones; Real Es- 
tate; First Lieut. Infantry, Officers' Reserve 
Corps, U. S. Armv; Member University (Los 
Angeles) and San Gabriel Valley Country 
Clubs. 806 Story Bldg.; res. University Club, 
Los Angeles, Cal. 


William Francis Boyken, 
Herbert Kittridge Brainerd, 

Civil Engineer. City Hall; res. 542 Belvedere 
St.. San Francisco, Cal. 

Norris E. Cochran,* 

Le Roy Toseph Littleton, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Teller Commercial and 
Savings Bank; Member B. P. O. E. and K. 
of C. Commercial and Savings Bank; res. 
245 West Vine St., Stockton, Cal. 

Floyd S. McAllister, 

Civil Engineer. 451 Belvedere St., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Robert Dickson Pike, 

Initiated by Cal. Alpha 1906. 


Clyde Elbert Healv, 

(281 1 Regent St., Berkeley, Cal.) 

Henry Merrill Kinsey, 

Merchant. (Northern Electric Railway Co., 
Chico, Cal.) 

William Burhans Pendleton, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and Keys; Superin- 
tendent of Mine. Loomis, Placer Co., Cal. 

Robert Howard Smilie, 

Land Titles. 839 Mills Bldg., San Francisco; 
res. 3037 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 


George V. Bell,* 

d. May 13, 1917. 

Howard Benjamin Kinsman, 

Mining Engineer; Member A. F. and A. M. 
Mountain King Mining Co., Mountain King. 

Henry Hiram Ray, 

B. S., 1914; Mining Engineer, Yukon Gold 
Co. (Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada.) 

Tames William Rose, 

" With Standard Oil Co. 2020 Fell St., San 
Francisco. Cal. 

George H. Yocco, 

Civil Engineer; Civil Engineer, So 
Pacific Railroad Co. Los Gatos, Cal. 



Jo Hodgen Beamer, 

Bank Clerk. First National Bank of San 
Francisco; res. 6055 Rockridge Blvd., Oak- 
land, Cal. 

Edward Ransome Dunn, Jr., 
Edgar Alexander Freeman, 

("Crossways Hillcrest," Oakland, Cal.) 

Frank Harold Sanderson, Jr., 

Fruit Grower. Box 82, Strathmore, Tulane 
County, Cal. 

Thomas Alfred Scadden, 

Fresh Football; Superintendent Casualty 
Dept. U. S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co.; Member 
Union League Club. 1 Montgomery St.; res. 
1151 Post St., San Francisco, Cal. 

George T- Shoup, 

(Jarbridge, Nev.) 

Tohn Adrian Wills, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Superintendent of Con- 
struction, Southern Counties Gas Co. of Cal. 
724 S. Spring St., Los Angeles; res. 1461 
Milton Ave., Hollywood, Cal. 


John Wheelwright Barnett, 

B. S., 191 1 ; Skull and Kevs; Theta Nu Ep- 
silon; Lieutenant Roval Field Artillery. Anto- 
fagasta, Chile, S. A.; res. The Grange, Rhye, 
North Wales. 

Tohn Peter Buwalda, 

Initiated by Wash. Alpha 1910. 

Harry Norman Child, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Freshman 
(pitcher); Treasurer, Buyer and Ge 
Manager, Automobile Supply Jobbing He 
Member Spokane A 


Athletic Club. 
Augusta Ave., 

(445 Cole 


1217, 1st Ave.; res. £. 
Spokane, Wash. 

Arthur C. Drysdale,* 

d. 1914, California. 

Harold Maguire, 

LL. B.. 1912; Lawyer. 
Francisco. Cal.) 

Chester Malcom, 

(1330 Filbert St.. Oakland, Cal.) 

Allan Raymond Powers, 

B S., iqoi; M. S., 1904 Yale; M. D„ 1912 

Cooper Med. Coll.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull 
and Kevs; Glee Club; Varsity Quartette; De- 
koven Club; Physician and Surgeon; Dist. 
Surgeon, S. P. Co., Tracy, Cal. Tracy, Cal. 

Robert W. Simpson, 

(Hillcrest Apts., San Francisco, Cal.) 

Herbert Edward Smith, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Assistant Manager, Revere 
Rubber Co.; Member Bohemian (San Fran- 
cisco. Cal.) and New York Athletic Clubs. 
•59 Reade St.. New York; res. 11 Castleton 
Park, New Brighton, N. Y. 


Charles Douglas Barnett. 

With Barnett & Co. (Antofagasta, Chile, 
S. A.) 




Leslie Boyd Henry, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Intercollegiate Debating 
Team, 1909; Bond Salesman; Dir. First and 
Second Liberty Loan Propaganda Campaigns 
for Southern Cal.; Member Executive Com- 
mittee Four Minute Men, Southern Cal.; 
Member University of California Club; Col- 
umbia Club of Manila; Press Club of San 
Francisco; Friars Club of New York. Trust 
and Savings Bldg., Los Angeles; res. 171 S. 
Lake Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

Clifford Woods Jones, 

Theta Nu Epsilon-" Insurance. 203 Merchants 
Exchange Bldg.; res. 118, 20th Ave., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Chester A. Kemp, 

Manager Exchange Dept., Haynes Auto Sales 
Co.; Executor and Mgr. Reed Estates; Mem- 
ber S. F. U. Club; Five Brooks Country 
Club (Pres.1. Turk, cor. Polk St., San Fran- 
cisco; res. Grand Ave., San Rafael, Cal. 

Fred E. Palmer, 

Real Estate. 235 Montgomery St.; res. 238, 
2 1 st Ave., San Francisco, Cal. 

George Dalton Ray, 

Assistant Engineer S. P. R. R. Co.; Member 
Elks, Grass Valley, Cal. 384 Flood Bldg.. 
San Francisco; res. 501 Jones St., Oakland. 


Charles Reader Blood, 

Initiated by Mo. Alpha 1911. 

Arthur H. Cawston, 

Single Tennis Champion (Columbia), 1911; 
Member Aviation Corps. U. S. Army; Affili- 
ated N. Y. Mu 1914. Care of Edwin Caw- 
ston, Cobham, Surrey, England. 

Robert Leroy Jones, 

Initiated Colo. Zeta, 191 o 

Aubrey Forrester Kinsman, 
Harold Cushman Lewis, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Regimental Supply Ser- 
geant U. S. Army; Member University and 
Sunnyside Country Clubs. Maulridge Apts., 
Fresno, Cal. 

Oscar Sargent Norton, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Basketball (2) (3); Mem- 
ber Anteros Club of Stockton. 8S0 Bush St., 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Reis Joseph Ryland, 

Initiated by Kans. Alpha 191 2. 

John Allen Stroud, Jr., 

B. S., 1913; Theta Nu Epsilon; Winged 
Helmet; Golden Bear; Big "C" Soc; U. N. 
X.; Capt. Freshman Football; Freshman 
Track; Varsity Football, 4 yrs.; Capt. (4); 
Mgr., Athletics, 4 yrs.; Manager, E. H. 
Edwards Wire Co. 54 5 Howard St.. San 
Francisco; res. c/o Univ. of California, 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Danilo J. Tadich, 

A. B., 1911 Univ. of Santa Clara; Nobili 
Medal (Santa Clara); Salesman, Standard 
Oil Co. Standard Oil Co. Bldg.; res. 1327, 
4 th Ave., San Francisco, Cal. 

Rollo Clark Wheeler, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and Keys; Glee 
and Dekoven Clubs; Farming. St. Helena, 

Oliver Creighton Wyllie, 

B. S.. 1915; Theta Nu Epsilon; Upsilon Nu 
Chi; Skull and Keys; Glee Club; Mining. 
Campo Seco, Cal. 


Harry Haskell Boone, 

Chief Petty Officer, U. S. Naval Training 
Station, Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco, 
Cal. 2029 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Christopher Augustine Buckley, Jr., 

B. L., 1914; J. D.. 1916; Phi Delta Phi; 
Lawyer. 68 Post St.; res. 2220 Clay St., 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Joel Shepard Conklin, 

B. S.. 1914; Theta Nu Epsilon; U. N. X.; Big 
"C" Soc; Omega Delta; Winged Helmet; Skull 
and Keys; Forestry Club; Baseball (Pitcher), 
1911-14; Custodian of Axe, 1912-13; Sergeant 
Co. E, 20th Engineers, U. S. Army; Lumber 
Buyer; Member Olympic Club. 323 1st Natl 
Bank Bldg., San Francisco; res. Loyalton, 
Sierra Co., Cal. 

John Cornelius Feeley, 

B. S., 1914; Engineer. (East Auburn, Cal.) 

Douglas Knox Hotchkiss, 

Tlieta Nu Epsilon; Fruit Rancher. Applegate, 

John Farwell Hotchkiss, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and Keys; Second 
Football (1), (2), (3); U. S. Army; 2d 
Lieut., Co. D, 346th Infantry. Camp Lewis, 
American Lake, Washington. 

Charles Clyde Hurrle, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Sergeant, Ambulance Co. 
No. 4, 311th Sanitary Train, 86th Div. U. S. 
Army. 1001 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. 

George Alfred Thompson, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; City Passenger Agent, C. 
M. & St. P. Ry. 130 W. 6th St.; res. 1231 
Ingraham St., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Stanley Willcox Coon, 

Hanker; Asst. Cashier, First Natl. Bank of 
Lordsburg; Sergeant, Quartermasters Corps, 
U. S. Army. Lordsburg, N. Mex. 

Orrin Loyola Gravem, 

A. B., 1916; With Gravem Bros. Bakers. 
(Stockton, Cal.) 

Otto Durham Rasmussen, 

_ I! 

Stanley Tilden Runyon, 
Lloyd Laurie Stroud, 
Louis Roy Turner, 

B. S., 1917: Theta Nu Epsilon; U. N. X.; 
Skull and Keys; Farmer. Dodge Orchard, 


Charles H. West, 

M. S., 1917; B. S. in Agr., Utah Agricul- 
tural Coll. 082, 24th St., Ogden, Utah. 

Esmond F. Wiley, 

A. B., 1915; Big C. Soc; Superintendent of 
Construction. 2545 Benvenue Ave., Berkeley, 



Daniel Henry Blood, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; U. S. Army, i02d Co., 
26th Battalion, 166th Depot Brigade. Care 
Adjutant-General of the Army, Washington, 
D. C. 

Alfonse Henry Heller, 

(1245 Jackson St., Oakland, Cal.) 

Hermon Rafael Lake, 

B. S., 1916; Theta Nu Epsilon: Institute 
Architectural Soc: Ensign, U. S. Naval Re- 
serve; Member Technology Club. 1000 Park 
Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Vincent T. Mead, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Real Estate; With R. A. 
Rowan & Co.; Member Alumni Assn. 200 
Title Insurance Bldg.; res. Rex Arms Apts., 
945 Orange St., Los Angeles, Cal. 



Raymond Charles Phelps, 

Chief Engineer and Superintendent, Mt. 
Shasta Land & Irrigation Co. Grenada, Cal. 

Lloyd F. B. Sawyer, 

'lheta Nu Epsilon; U. S. Navy. 1618, 18th 
Ave., San Francisco, Cal. 

Robert Judson Stull, 

B. S., 1917; Crew 1916; E. R., E. A., 
Steward and Deputy Constable of Chapter; 
Member Am. Inst, of Electrical Engrs. ; Ma- 
sons. 426 N. 1 st St., San Jose, Cal. 

John Bandini Winston, Jr., 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Omicron Delta; Skull and 
Keys; Ensign, U. S. Naval Reserves. 1407 
Carroll Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 


Ernest Blood Camper, 

A. B., 1917; U. N. X.; Beta Beta; Kappa 
Beta Phi; Theta Nu Upsilon; Omicron Delta; 
Big "C" Soc; Skull and Keys; Freshman, 
Class and Varsity Crews; Mandolin Club; E. 
Ch. and E. D. A. of Chapter. 1516 LeRoy 
Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

John Marshall Denbo, 

B. S., 1917; Theta iau; U. N. X.; 23d 
Engineers, U. S. Army; E. T. and E. A. of 
Chapter; Member Southern Club and Y. M. 

C. A. 1206 Lafayette Ave., Lafayette, La. 

Jackson Dean Diggs, 

(Forum Bldg., Sacramento, Cal.) 

Robert Dean Easton, 

B. S., 1917; Am. Soc. Mechanical Engineers; 
Fresh. Poster, Senior Informal, Senior Perma- 
nent Organization and Banquet Committees; 
Student; Eminent Correspondent, 1916; House 
Mgr., 1917. 2510 Ridge Road; res. 2019 I 
St., Sacramento, Cal. 

John Lawton Freeman, 

(1302 Wilshire Blvd.. Santa Monica, Cal.) 

Roland Young Glidden, Jr., 

831 Irolo St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Russell Graham Holabird, 

Radio Electrician, U. S. Navy. 2962 Pied- 
mont Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Donald Surface Jarvis, 

Assayer. Hedley Gold Mining Co., Iledley, 
B. C, Canada. 

Goodyear Wycherly Kirkman, 

(206 Monticello Ave., Benicia, Cal.) 

Lewis Reese Morgan, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Farmer. 2022 E 1st St., 
Long Beach, Cal. 

J. R. Murray, Jr., 

A. B., 1017; Tau Theta Epsilon; U. N, X.; 
Kappa Beta Phi; Skull and Keys. Green- 
ville, Cal. 

Marion Earl Pedlar, 

Sugar Boiler, California and Hawaiian Sugar 
Refining Co. Crocket; res. 440 Arguello 
Blvd., San Francisco, Cal. 

Fillmore Collins Sample, 

A. B., 1918; Nu Sigma Nu; Univ. Council and 
Conference; Rugby, 1915-16-17; Student; Emi- 
nent Archon, 1916-17; Eminent Recorder, 1915- 
16; Financial Committee, 1015-17; Interclass 
Rugby, 1915; Affiliated Cal. Alpha, 1917. 1435 
M St., Fresno, Cal. 

Percy Cortelyou Smith, 

Soldier, U. S. Army, American Expeditionary 
Forces, France. 380 Euclid Ave., Oakland, 

Elmer Ellsworth Stone, Jr., 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Omicron Delta; U. N. X.; 
Skull and Kcvs; E. T. of Chapter T915; E. A. 
1916; Delegate Pittsburgh Convention 1916. 
U. S. Military Service. Car- Adiutant-General 
of the Army, Washington, D. C.j res. Palace 
Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 


James R. Carpenter, 

A. B., 1918; Football; Baseball; Basketball; 
Tennis; Mandolin Club; Student and Fore- 
man Drying Co.; E. T. and H. S. A. E., 
1917; Pres. Los Angeles Junior Coll., 1915; 
Treas.. 1916; Member Los Angeles Athletic 
Club; Y. M. C. A. 2519 Ridge Kuad, Berke- 
ley; res. 138 N. Hill St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lester Lyon Clark, 

Initiated by Cal. Alpha 1918. 

Jesse Denver Johnson, 

Student. 2519 Ridge Rd, Berkeley, Cal. 

Ralph Hilton Kircher, 

Aviation Division, Signal Corps, U. S. Army. 
Care Adjutant-General, U. S. Army, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

George Henry McCarthy, 

U. S. Navy Aviation Corps. 216 S. 13th 
East St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Walter Porter Shaw, Jr., 

In U. S. Naval Coast Defense Reserve. 
Municipal Pier No. 1, San Pedro; res. 1006 
S. Burlington Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Clinton Wren, 

Student. 2519 Ridge Rd., Berkeley, Cal. 


Lyman Grosvenor Bolles, 

Student. 2407 Rowditch St., Berkeley, Cal. 

John James O'Connor, Jr., 

Student; Eminent Chronicler, 1915: Member 
Olympic Club; Y. M. C. A; Affiliated Cal. 
Alpha 1919. 78 Mercedes Way, Ingleside Ter- 
race, San Francisco, Cal. 

George Steely Petersen, 

Sigma Phi Beta; Omicron Delta; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Fresh. Football; Soph. Pres.; on Com- 
mittee Fresh. Glee and Soph. Hop; Y. M. 
C. A.; Sergeant-at-Arms Fresh. Class; Cor- 
poral and Sergeant Univ. Cadets; Student; 
Eminent Warden; Book Salesman for Smith- 
son Co. of Oakland, Cal.; Electrical Work 
S. P. R. R.; Member El Circulo Espanol 
Club. 2519 Ridge Rd.. Berkeley, Cal.; res. 
307 _S. 3d Ave., Tucson, Ariz. 

Francis Holloway Rodgers, 

Student. 2510 Ridge Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Ralph Winfield Scott, 

Student. 828 Taylor St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Alfred Adolph Siebert, 

Track and Football; Student. 2519 Ridge Rd., 
Berkeley, Cal.; res. 2606, Puunui, Honolulu, 
T. H. 

Hubert William Starr, 

Sergeant, Quartermasters Corps, U. S. Army. 
755 Wesley Ave., Oakland. Cal. 

Leland Warren Sweenev, 

Yell Leader (1): Student; Member El Circulo 
Espanol. 2450 San Jose Ave., Alameda, Cal. 

Warren Mortimer Turner, 

Headquarters Department. 2ofh Engineers, 
Forestry Service, U. S. Army, France; Affil- 
iated N. Y. Delta. 228 Linwood Place, River- 
side, Cal. 


Forest L. Campbell, 

B. S., 1920; Eminent Herald, 1917; Student; 
Member Y. M. C. A. 1266, 7th Ave., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

George E. Williams Davis, 

Student; mem. Olympic Club. 2627 Hearst 
Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 




Herbert Lee Jones, 

Sergeant, Medical Department, U. S. Army. 
1540 Van Ness Blvd., Fresno, Cal. 

Averill George McAlpine, 

Student. 2155 Grant St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Joseph Hirschfelder Maddur, 

Glee Club; Student. R. F. D. No. 5, Box 
t6o, Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Eugene Robinson Paul, 

Initiated by Nevada Alpha 1920. 

John Paul Rohrer, 

U. S. Navy. R. R. Box 288, Reedley, Cal. 

John Godfrey Schaeffer, 

Student. 2226 Chapel St., Berkeley, Cal. 


Grant Andrew Atchison, 

Initiated by Cal. Alpha 1920. 

John Foote Chaddock, 

Student. 2S24 College Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Leonidas D. Cranmer, 

Student. 1434 N St., Fresno, Cal. 

John Anthony Davitt, 

Student. 314 Page St., San Francisco, Cal. 

.Harold Larson Gravem, 

Initiated by Cal. Alpha 1920. 

Herbert Bennett MacRae, 

Student. 1732 Central Ave., Alameda, Cal. 

Felix George Mehan, 

Student. 1023 Walnut St., Alameda, Cal. 

Coltman Douglas Shepard, 

Student. 3225 Briggs Ave., Alameda, Cal. 

John G. Walsh, 

Initiated by Nevada Alpha 1921. 



Fort Collins, Colorado 

Chartered February 3, 1917 


John Columbus Hays, 

B. S. A., 1912; Forensic Debating Soc.; Philo 
Anthesium Anthineum Lit. Soc; Agricultural 
Club; Track Team; County Agricultural Agent; 
Member Solto and Home Ranch Clubs. 
County Court House; res. 1 1 7 E. Delaware St., 
Casper, Wyo. 


Archie J. J. Chisholm, 

Agriculture. Center, Colo. 


Edward Heber Divelbiss, 

B. S., 1914; Alpha Zeta; County Agricultural 
Agent. Delta, Colo. 

Bert Edward Dutton, 

B. S. in E. E., 1914; "A" Club; Am. Inst, of 
Electrical Engrs. (Student Branch); Capt. Ca- 
det Co.; Editor College Annual; Capt. Track; 
Sheep Dealer. 305 Exchange Bids., Denver; 
res. 603 Highland Ave., Boulder, Colo. 

William L. Green, 

D. V. M., 1914; Alpha Psi; Veterinary Med. 
Assn.; Federal Veterinary Inspector; Member 
City Park Golf Club. Denver Union Stock 
Yards; res. 1614 Adams St., Denver, Colo. 

Homer Virgil McCullah, 

D V. M., '1914; Veterinary Med. Assn.; "A" 
Club; Varsity Football (2); Varsity Track (1); 
Mgr. Freshman Football; Mgr. College Track 
Team; Athletic Editor; Second Lieut. Veter- 
inary Reserve Corps; Member Masons and 
K. of P. Ft. "Lupton, Colo. 

Earl L Thompson, 

Agricultural Club; Medical Department U. S. 
Army. Divide, Colo. 


Wendell Lowell Bevan, 

B. S., 1915; Entomology Club; "A" Club; 
Horticultural Club; Varsity Track, 2 yrs. ; 
Cross Country Team, 1 yr. ; Capt. U. S. Field 
Artillery. Care Adjutant-General of the Army, 
Washington, D. C. 

Thomas Forrest Limbocker, 

B. S. in Agri., 19";; Alpha Zeta; Major Cadet 
Battalion. 1014; Student Instr. Military Sci- 
ence and Tactics, 1914-15; Capt. U. S. 
Army; Member of Staff, Colo. Agricultural 
Experiment Station, ion-16; Author two Bul- 
letins of Nature, 1916. Care 
Adjutant-General, Washington, D. C. 

Richard L. Strong, 

B. S. in Agri., 1915; Letter in Football, 1912- 
14; County Agricultural Agent and Ranchman. 
Estancia, New Mexico. 


Stephen Leroy Conrey, 

B. S. in M. E., 1916; Capt. Cadets, 1914-15; 
Sergeant Co. B., 110th Engineers, 35 Division 
U. S. Army. Care Adjutant-General of the 
Army, Washington, D. C. 

Earl Barton Darrow, 

B. S. in Agri., 1916; Sigma Theta Pi; Agri- 
cultural Club; Live Stock Club; County Agri- 
cultural Agent. Markham Bldg., Lamar, Colo. 

Harry Charles Graham, 

First Serg. Co. E., 4osth Telephone Battalion 
U S. Army. Care Adjutant-General of the 
Army. Washington, D. C. 

John William Mollenbauer, 

' Ranchman; Member B. P. O. E. No. 30-9- 
P. 0. Box 174; res. Washington Ave., Manitou, 

Louis Morgan Sweitzer, 

B. S., 191 6; Alpha Zeta; Fruit Grower and 
General Farmer. Delta, Colo. 


Floyd Edgar Ball, 

B. S., 1917; Sigma Theta Pi; Live Stock and 
Agricultural Club; Class Football and Basket- 
ball; Agricultural Field Man Great Western 
Sugar Co. Box 81; res. cor. 6th and Bridge 
Sts., Brighton, Colo. 

Roscoe Harry Becker, 

D. V. M„ 1917; Veterinary Med. Assn.; Men's 
Glee Club, 191S-16; Debating Soc; First Lieut. 
Veterinary Reserve Corns U. S. Army. 311 
Plum St., Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Francis Alfred Chisholm, 

B. S., 1917; Horticultural Club; Grafters Club; 
College Band; Garden Expert in Extension, 
Colo. Agricultural College; Asst. in Horticul- 
ture, Colo. Experiment Station. 729 Peter- 
son St.. Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Carl Herman Doehling. 

B. S.. 1917; Dramatic Club; "A" Club; Civil 
Engineering Soc; Hikers Fraternity; Athletic 
Bd.; Football, 1 yr.; Baseball, 2 yrs.; Civil 
Engineering and Instruction. 2735 Curtis St., 
Denver. Colo. 

Charles Eugene Essex, 

B. S. in Agri., 1917; Major in Agronomy, 
1017; Vice-Pres. Junior Class, 1916; Senior 
First Lieut. College Military Cadet Corps, 
1915-16; Tlii Alpha Correspondent, Feb., 1917- 





191 7; Wrote College Description in S. A. 
Record; Manager 400 Acre Ranch. Nepes- 
ta; res. 1701 Grand Ave., Pueblo, Colo. 

Lee Foster, 

B. S., 1917; Alpha Zeta; Pres. Officers Club, 
1916-17; V.-rres. Associated Students, 1915-16; 
Pres. 1916-17; Students Council, 1913-17: V.- 
Pres. Owl Debating Club; Captain U. S. R. 
Infantry; Battalion Adjutant 1st Motor Mach- 
ine Regimental Signal Corps; Commanding 
Officer 3d Co. Reserve O. T. C, Ft. Sheridan, 
111.; Member Masons, Ft. Collins Lodge No. 
19. 1533 Clermont St., Denver, Colo. 

Ralph Lewis Freed, 

(5th Ave., Castle Rock, Colo.) 

George Robert lohnson, 

D. V. M., 1917; Football, 2 yrs.; Capt. Cadet 
Corps.; Veterinary Inspector Bureau of Animal 
Industry; 2d Lieut. Officers Reserve Corps. 
218 Livestock Exchange Bldg.; res. 716 Jen- 
nings Ave., Ft. Worth, Tex. 

Ralph Rollins Robinson. 

B. S., 1917; Mgr. College Paper and College 
Annual; All Rocky Motintain Conference End, 

3 yrs.; County Agricultural Agent; Member 
U. S. Aviation Corps. Federal Bldg., Ros- 
well, New Mexico. 


Wayne Mellinger Akin, 

Live Stock and Dramatic Clubs; Student. 1008 
Remington St., Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Ralph Erland Alstead, 

Veterinary Med. Assn.; Class Pres.; Varsity 
Baseball; First Lieut. U. S. Army. 729 Peter- 
son St., Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Rudolph David Burck, 

Alnha Zeta; Fresh. Basketball; Bookkeeper, 
Armour & Co. 3330 Shoshone St., Denver, 

Harold Livermore Gaymon, 

Alpha Zeta; Dramatic Club; Horticultural 
Club; Student Council; Student. 331 1 Tyon 
St., Denver, Colo. 

Linne Daniel Klemmedson, 

Dramatic Club; "A" Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabi- 
net (Pres.); Pres. Assoc. Students; Football, 

4 yrs.; Capt. 1917; Basketball. 2 yrs; Senior 
Capt. Colo. Agricultural Cadet Battalion; Mem- 
ber Live Stock Club; Student. 616 W. Kiowa 
St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Frederick N. Megaham, 

Student. 407 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg. Pa. 

Hobert Eugene Northrup, 

Second Lieut., Battery C, 19th Regiment, U. S. 
Army. 2963 Irving St., Denver, Colo. 

Leland Seville Smith, 

Student. Grand Junction, Colo. 

Edward Eugene Summers, 

Football (Right Tackle) Colo. Agri. Coll., 191S; 
Student; Affiliated Kans. Beta 191S. R. F. D. 
No. 1 Box 81, Kingman, Kans. 

David Harry Moffat Strong, 

Corporal U. S. Army, Battery E, 341st Field 
Artillery; Manager Automobile Clearing House 
Co., Denver, Colo. 3795 S. Gallapago St., 
Englewood, Colo. 

R. Duff Willson, 

Agricultural Club; Varsity Glee Club; Lieut. 
79th Field Artillery, U. S. Army; Student, 
Scbool of Aeroplane Observers; Member Den- 
ver Country and Denver Athletic Clubs; Rockv 
Mountain Climbers. 115 S. Howes St., Ft. 
Collins, Colo. 


Joseph Donald Chisholm, 

Second Lieut, i s8th Infantry; Regimental 
Football Coach. Del Norte. Colo. 

George Zopher Dimmitt, 

Student. 95s Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 

W. Arthur Ross, 

Glee and Dramatic Clubs; Asst. Yell Leader, 
1917; Pres. Freshman Class. 1916; Track 
Team, 1916; College Annual Staff, 1917-18; 
Student. 130 VV. Laurel St., Ft. Collins, Colo. 

James Barclay Smith, 

Lieutenant 42d U. S. Infantry. R. D. Box 
no, Aurora, Colo. 

Harley Kelso Stevens, 

Student. Third Ave. and Telegraph Rd., Dav- 
enport, Iowa. 

Jay Tracy Williams, 

Am. Inst, of Mechanical Engrs. Student Body; 
Member id Officers Reserve Training Camp. 
2529 Dahlia St., Denver, Colo. 


Volney Briscoe Bowles, 

First Lieutenant, Signal Corps, Radio Co., 
109th Field Signal Battalion. 2745 W. 35th 
Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Otto Clair Brubaker, 

Student; Glee and Sketch Clubs. 313 S. 3d 
St., Victor, Colo. 

Frederick Axel Fredlund, 

Sergeant, Squadron 29, Aviation Corps, U. S. 
Army. Durango, Colo. 

Phillip Edwin Murray, 

Medical Corps, 115th Trench Mortar Battery, 
40th Division, U. S. Army. 926 Corona St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Irving Otto Schafer, 

Basketball 1 yr.; E. C. of Chapter; Farming. 
1545 S. Lincoln St., Denver, Colo. 

Donald Arthur Sillers, 

Student. 900 il. 20th Ave., Denver. Colo. 

William Edward Strohm, 

Football, 191 7; Student. 920 Corona St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Taul Frederick Sweitzer, 

Yarsitv Baseball (Right Field), iqi7; Foot- 
ball (Right Half Back), 1917; E. T. of Chap- 
ter; Student. Delta, Colo. 


Harold John Buck, 

Student. 3^1 6 Marion St., Denver, Colo. 

Wendell P. Harding, 

Student. 727 Howard St., Denver, Colo. 

Duane Fargo Hartsorn, 

Student. 227 Gay St., Longmont, Colo. 

Clay Hughes, 

Student. 815 l£. Kirk St., Hugo, Okla. 

Roland Rodney Hughes, 

Student. 815 Kirk St., Hugo, Okla. 

Arthur Calvin Ketcham, 

Sec. Philomathean Soc. (North Denver High 
School); Winner of Medal. City Track Meet 
of High Schools; Student. 1 70S Colorado 
Blvd., Denver, Colo. 

Donald Charles Mcintosh, 

Student. 217 Remington St., Ft. Collins, Colo. 

George G. Robinson, 

Student. 903 Mathews St., Fort Collins, Colo. 

Claude Bryan Rosenburg, 

Student. 712 Colorado St., Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Neal Don Sanborn, 

Student. Longmont, Colo. 

Alvin Joslin Schrefferman, 

Student. 677 I.afavette St., Denver, Colo. 

William Hem an Shockey, 

Veterinary Medical Assn.; Freshman Football; 
Glee Club; Student. 221 N. id St., Cripple 
Creek, Colo. 

Gardner Willson, 

Student, us S. Hawes St., Fort Collins, Colo. 



Denver, Colorado 

Chartered December 18, 1891 

James Everett Johnson,* 

A. B., 1891; M. D.. 1895; Physician; Charter 
Memher and First Pres. in Denver Univ.; on 
Staff of St. Joseph Hospital, Denver, Colo.; 
Member Denver Medical Club. d. March 18, 
1917, San Diego, Cal. 

John Joseph Post, 

A. B., 1891; S. T. B.. 1896 Iliff School of 
Theology; Charter Member; Class Pres., 1892; 
Pres. State Oratorical Assn., 1891; Pres. Phi 
Alpha Lit. Soc; Clergyman; Affiliated Mass. 
Beta Upsilon 1893. (123 E. Las Animas St., 
Colorado Springs, Colo.) 


Charles William Bridwell, 

A. B., 1893; A. M., 1910; Charter Member; 
Pres. Evans Literary Club; State Oratorical 
Contest, 1890; Baseball; Minister; Dist. Supt. 
The Pentecostal Union; Managing Editor 
The Metropolitan Magazine; Author, "The 
Second Coming of Christ." 1845 Champa St.; 
res. 2619 Champa St., Denver, Colo. 

Frederic Tevis Kreuger, 

A. B„ 1804; D. D., 1911; S. T. B., 1897 
Iliff School of Theology; A. M., 1901 Univ. 
Wyo.; Phi Nu; Evans Lit. Club; John Hipp 
Entrance Prize; Class Valedictorian; Pastor 
First Methodist Episcopal Ch.; Member of 
seevral important committees in Colo. Confer- 
ence. 749 Fourth Ave.; res. 328 Terry St., 
Longmont, Colo. 

Frank Crain Schofield, 

A. M., 1897 Univ. of Ohio; Editor The 
Oracle, 1891-92; The esperus, 1892-93; 



Charles Geiger Carroll, 

A. M., 1897' Southern Univ.; Charter Member: 
Sec. Treas. Evans Lit. Soc; Teacher. (465 
Galapago St., Denver, Colo.) 

John William Graham, Jr., 

A. B., 1897 Princeton; LL. B., 1899 N. Y. 
Law School; Football; Baseball; At*orney-at- 
Law; Member of Firm, O'Donnell, C.raham & 
O'Donnell; Officer and Dir. of Various Cor- 
porations; Member Alumni Assn.; Denver, 
American and Colorado Bar Assns.; Denver 
' Athletic and Countrv Clubs; Formerly Mem- 
ber Denver University Club. 822-26 E. & C. 
Bldg.; res. 1622 Race St., Denver, Colo. 

George Deering Kimball, 

Charter member; Evans Lit. Club and various 
other college activities; General Manager Rug- 
by Fuel Co.; Past Commander Colo. Comman- 
dery No. 1 Knights Templar, 1902; Potentate 
El Jebel Temple Mystic Shrine, 191 6; Past 
Presiding Officer all Scottish Rite Bodies of 
Denver; 33° Mason; Pres. Eta Province, 1894- 
98; Eminent Supreme Deputy Archon, 1899-00; 
Eminent Supreme Treas., 1901-06 and 191 1 to 
date; Eminent Supreme Archon, 1907-10; Pres. 
Sons of Revolution in Colo.; Member Denver 
Athletic Club. 314 McPhee Bldg.; res. 2256 
S. St. Paul St., Denver, Colo. 

Arthur Curtis Munson, 

Lumber Merchant. (403 S. Campbell Ave., 
Chicago, 111.) 


Eugene Marion Antrim, 

A. B., 1896; D. D., 1914; S. T. B., 1900 
Roston Univ.; Ph. D., 1904 do.; Evans Lit. 
Soc.; Athletic and Oratorical Assns.; College 
Y. M. C. A.; Univ. Senate; Pres. Evans Lit. 
Soc.; Winner Coll. Oratorical Contest, 2 yrs. 
in succession; Winner State Oratorical Con- 
test, 1806: Jacob Sleeper Fellow, Boston Univ.; 
District Superintendent M. E. Church, Spring- 
field (111.); Dist. 111. Annual Conference; 
Author "The Greatest Tilings in Religion"; 
Member Optimist Club; Vermilion Consistory 
Scottish Rite Masons; Atbelstan Commandery 
Knights Templar; Ansar Shrine. 310 S. Grand 
St. W., Springfield, 111. 

Ervin N. Edgerton, 

A. B., 1896; S. T. B., 1900; D. D.. 1912 (Hon- 
orary) Minister; Dist. Supt. Grand lunction 
Dist. M. E. Church. 1429 Grand Ave., Grand 
Junction, Colo. 

Albert Martin Gullerte, 

A. B., 1902 Univ. of Minn.; Principal Holmes 
and Nicollet Public School; Member A. F. & 
A. M. Third Ave. S. E. and sth St.; res. 2522 
Fillmore St. N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Henry Paul, 

E. M., 1896; Consulting Mining Engineer, In- 
ternational Railways of Central America, New 
York.; Manager (Resident) Davison Sulphur 
and Pbosnhate Co.. Cumanavagua, Cuba: City 
Engr. Central City, Colo., 1S98; Mine Mgr., 
Dolores Mines Co., 1006; Mining Engr. Empire 
Zinc Co., 1900-06; Member Denver (Colo.) 
Athlvetic and Foreign (Chihuahua, Mexico) 
Clubs: A. F. and A. M.. Scottish Rite 32d 
and F.l Maida Shrine. El Paso, Texas. Davi- 
son Sulphur & Phosphate Co.. Mina Carlota, 
Cumanayagua, Prov. de Santa Clara, Cuba; 
res. Littleton, Colo. 




Marvin Andrew Rader, 

... B., 1897; A. M., 1903; D. D., 1908; Aris- 
totleian Lit. Soc, Pres. three yrs.; Pres. Y. 
M. C. A.; Pres. Interstate Oratorical Assn.; 
Won Essay Prize on Economics; Missionary M. 
E. Ch. in Philippine Islands; Supt. of Manila 
Dist. since 1906; Editor of The Philippine 
Christian Advocate; established The Philippine 
Observer, 191 1; lead in establishment of 
churches, hospitals, schools and dormitories in 
Manila and the P. I.; Delegate to General Con- 
ference in 1908 and 1916; Author of nu- 
merous books in the dialects of the Philippines. 
259 General Luna, Manila, P. I. 

John Robert Swenson, 

A. B., 1896; A. M., 1904 Univ. of Texas; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Evans Lit. Club; Prof, of 
Education North Texas State Normal College; 
Author "A Syllabus of Civics," 1913-14; Af- 
filiated Texas Rho 1904. 50 N. Normal Ave., 
Denton, Texas. 

Richard Paul Lyon,* 

d. Feb. 10, 1898. 

Guy Winters McCreery, 

A. M., 1903; S. T. B., 1902 Boston Univ.; 
Clergyman: Veteran Spanish Am. War. (Es- 
condido, Cal.) 


Frank Ray Dunlavy, 

Real Estate, Coal Mining and Farmer; Alder- 
man two vrs. ; Member Masons and Woodmen 
of the World. E. S. Bell Block; res. 305 
Colorado Ave.. Trinidad, Colo. 

Sylvester Eldon Ellis, 

Initiated by Ohio Delta, 1897. 

George Roy Graff, 


Thomas Mays Hopkins, 

Physician. 768 Santa Fe Drive; res. 314 
Detroit St., Denver, Colo. 

Wilbur Crawford Madison, 
Norris Lilburn Watson, 


Charles M. Deardorff, 

B. S., 1899; B. O., iSqq; LL. B., 1904; Foot- 
ball, Tackle; Baseball, 3d Base; Debating Club 
and Oratorical Soc; Represented Colo. Inter- 
state Oratorical Contest, 1899; Attorney-at- 
Law; officer and dir. of various corporations; 
Nominated by Denver Bar Assn. for County 
Judge, City and County of Denver, 191 6; Dele- 
gate to various conventions: Member Royal 
Arch; Knights Templar: Shriner; A. F. and 
A. M.: Odd Fellows; Denver Bar and Alumni 
Assns.; Y. M. C. A. 725 Ernest & Cranmer 
Bldg.; res. 2540 Albion St., Denver, Colo. 

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Hiller, 

A. B., 1899: D. D., 1914; S. T. B.. 1902 Bos- 
ton Univ.; Phi Alpha Lit. Soc; Minister First 
M. E. Church: Vice-Pres. Boston Evangelical 
Alliance; Member Executive Comm. Mass. 
State Sundav School Assn.; Chrmn. Comm. on 
Philanthro"v, Mass. Federation of Churches; 
Member Itinerants and Clerics Clubs. 647 
Main St.. Melrose. Mass. 

Arthur Brainerd Steele,* 

d. April 17, 1897, Denver, Colo. 


George Bickley Hauseman, 

B. S., 1893 Univ. of Pa. d. 1899, Arizona. 

Francis L. L. Hiller, 

A. B., 1900; A. M., 1901; Herrick Prize in 
Economics, 1899; Class Leader; Senior-Junior 
Debate, 1899 and 1900; Law Examiner; Dele- 
gate Univ. of Denver to Pan-Am. Congress, 
1915; Member Masons. General Land Office; 
res. 457 Park Rd., Washington, D. C. 

Ola Putman, 

M. D., igoi Rush Medical Coll.; Physician 
and Surgeon; Pres. Linn Co. Med. and North 
Mo. Med. Socs. 106 W. Gracia St.; res. 324 
N. Kansas Ave., Marceline, Mo. 

Lyell Mayes Rader, 



Henry Bryon Allen, 
Julius Nicholas Lindsey, 
Omar E. Garwood, 

Ph. B., 1901; LL. B., 1903; Football, 1898- 
1900; Lawyer; Firm of Garwood and Garwood; 
Deputy Dist. Atty., 1898-1900; Atty. D. L. and 
N. W. R. R.; Author numerous articles on 
Woman's Suffrage in Colo.: Member Alumni 
Assn.; Masons, Scottish Rite and Shriners, 
Past Master Blue Lodge; P. B. O. E. ; W. O. 
W.; Denver Bar Assn.; Commercial Law 
League of Am.; Lakewood Country and Den- 
ver Motor Clubs; Affiliated Colo. Chi 1900. 
223-26 Ernest and Cranmer Bldg.; res. 1 170 
Josephine St., Denver, Colo. 

Tames Hunter McKechnie, 

Reporter. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Charles Franklin Seitter, 

Clergyman. (121 E. Washington St., Pasa- 
dena, Cal.) 

Clifton R. Bassell, 

Real Estate Dealer; Countv Tudge Douglas 
Co., Colo. 180 Rapp St., Littleton, Colo. 

William C. Borst, 

Initiated by Mich. Iota Beta, 1901. 

Arthur R. Gullette, 

Head Book Keeper Great Western Sugar Co. 
Brighton, Colo. 

Edward W. Lazell, 

Initiated by Colo. Chi, 1902. 

Charles Toseph Ling, 

A. M.,"i90o; Ph. D., 1902; B. S., 1890 Cor- 
nell Univ.; Prof, of Physics and Astronomy 
Allegheny College. Allegheny College; res. 
58 1 Park Ave.. Meadville, Pa. 

Cuthbert Powell, 

Initiated by Colo. Chi, 1902. 

Harvey Elisha Poweli, 

Initiated by Cal. Alpha, 1897. 

Wayne C. Williams, 

LL. B., 1906: Debating Club; Won Chancel- 
lor's Prize; French Revolution Essay Contest; 
second place State Oratorical Contest, 1900; 
on State debating team. 1903: Lawyer; Member 
State Industrial Commission; Memher Y. M. 
C. A. and Alumni Assn. 1569 Eudora St., 
Denver. Colo. 

Roscoe Tracv York, 

LL. B., 1902 "Univ. of Mich.; Associate Editor 
Michigan Law iieview: Lawyer. 1531 Mil- 
waukee St., Denver, Colo. 


Miller Edwin Preston, 

M. D., 1903, Physician. 

Edward Stauffer,* 

A. B., 1903; A. M., 1903. d. March 2. 1904, 
Denver, Colo. 




Clyde Herbert Stewart, 

LL. B., 1903; Phi Delta Phi: Faculty Prize 
for Highest Class Standing; Lawyer; County 
Attorney; Pres. School Board. Delta Natl. 
Bank Bldg.; res. 9th and Main Sts., Delta, 

Rudy S. Uzzell, 

Manufacturer and Lecturer for the Board of 
Education; Pres. New York City Alumni of 
S. A. E. ; Attended Conventions Atlantic City 
1909, Chicago 1914; Sec. Alumni Degree Com- 
mittee, which conducted the Contest that pro- 
duced the Ritual for Alumni Degree of S. 

A. E. ; Past Master Long Island Lodge No. 
382 F. & A. M.; Author of magazine articles 
on Summer Amusement Parks; Member Long 
Island Historical Society; Sons of Colonial 
Wars. 2 Rector St. New York; res. 467 Clin- 
ton Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. 


Wallace Marion Bayliss, 

Winner Kinley Prize, Oratorical Contest, 
Fresh, and Soph. Classes; Editor-in-Chief Kyne- 
wisbok, the University annual, 1903; Shorthand 
Reporter and Teacher; Proprietor The Booth 
& Bayliss Commercial School; Vice-Pres. Conn. 
Business Educators' Assn.; Associate Editor 
Bridgeport Life; Contributor to various maga- 
zines, technical and otherwise; Member Natl. 
Shorthand Reporters' Assn.; Eastern Commer- 
cial Teachers' Assn.; Kiwanis Club. 167 Fair- 
field Ave.; res. 1151 Capitol Ave., Bridgeport, 

Rolla Copley Bulkeley, 

B. S., iqoS Washington Univ.; Fruit Grower; 
Affiliated Mo. Beta 1908. Loma, Colo. 

Arthur Clements.* 

d. Hartford, Conn. 

Smith R. Downs, 

Initiated by Mo. Alpha 1904. 

Oflin] D [wight] Neill, 

Baseball; Football; Retail Lumber. Neill Lum- 
ber Co., 703, 6th St.; res. 1 127, 18th St., 
Greeley, Colo. 

Dewitt Shelton Swan, 

Delegate Natl. Convention, Washington, D. C. 

Harold Scott Vaughn, 

Draftsman, Mountain States Telephone and 
Teleeraph Co.; Affiliated Colo. Lambda 1906. 
Wyoming Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Frederick Charles Winship, 

(State Agricultural School, Manhattan, Kans.) 


Henry Walton Allen, 

A. B., 1905; LL. B., 1907; Attornev-at-Law. 
Miller Hale Bldg.; res. 907 San Juan Ave., 
La Junta, Colo. 

Jesse Ulysses Harry Barker, 

(Central City, Colo.) 

Alfred Keister Mills, 

A. B., 1904 Lebanon Valley Coll.; A. B., 1905 
Yale; Class and Varsity Baseball; Varsity Ten- 
nis; Glee Club; Editor, Coll. Publication; Class 
Pres.; Deputy Prothonotarv, Lebanon County; 
Sec. of Pres. pro tern, of Senate of Pa.; Mem- 
ber Masons; Odd Fellows, etc. Court House, 
Lebanon; res. 444 E. Main St., Annville, Ta. 

Arthur T- Pate, 

D. D. S., 1905; Capt. Football and Basketball, 
1904-05; Dentist; Treas. City Dental Soc, 
1910. 203 Broadwav Bank Bldg.; res. 339 Lin- 
coln St., Denver, Colo. 

Robert Matson Perry, 

A. B„ 1006 Columbia Univ.: E. M„ 1908 do.; 
General Superintendent Moffat Coal Co.; Mem- 
ber Am. Inst, of Mech. Engrs.; Affiliated N. Y. 
Mu 1008. Oak Creek, Colo. 

Robert W. Poundstone, 

Farmer. R. F. D. No. 17, Grand Ridge, 111. 


Max M. Bulkeley, 

LL. B., 1908; Phi Delta Phi; Debating Club; 
Dramatic Society; Football; Attorney-at-Law. 
Wray, Colo. 

Earl E. Dole, 

Proprietor, Akron Ice and Creamery Co. Ak- 
ron, Colo. 

Edwin George Green, 

A. B., 1906; College Teacher and Registrar. 
816 E. Cleveland St., Guthrie, Okla. 

Robert Matson Perry, 

(Oak Creek, Colo.) 

Floyd Earl Stewart, 

(Denver, Colo.) 

Herbert Sherwood Warwick, 

A. B., 1906 Ohio State Univ.; Football 1905: 
Cheer Leader 1906; Varsity "O" Assn.; Chair- 
man 1st Carnival Committee; Treas. Y. M. 
C. A. Ohio State Univ.; Director of Sales 
The Upper Arlington Co., Real Estate; Direc- 
tor Columbus Chamber of Commerce; Vice- 
Pres Boy Scouts; Director Y. M. C. A.; Mem- 
ber Masons, Athletic and Rotary (Secretary) 
Clubs; Affiliated with Ohio Theta 1906. Room 
201-8 E. Long St.; res. Arlington Ave., Upper 
Arlington, Columbus, Ohio. 

Franklin Earl Cranston Williams, 

A. B„ 1906; A. M., 1914; Pres. Y. M. C. A., 
1904; Track, 1905-06; Class Pres., 1904-05; 
Missionary; Principal Higher Common School; 
Dist. Supt. East Kong ju District of Metho- 
dist Church: Member Masons. Kongju, Cho- 
sen, Japan. 

Paul Sargent Worth, 

A. B., 1906; A. P., 1908 as of 1907 Harvard; 
Affiliated Mass. Gamma 1907. (Coulter Inn, 
Germantown. Pa.) 


Theodore K. Bushnell, 

A. B., 1907 Cornell; Clerk, McPbee & McGin- 
nity Co.; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha 1907. 23d 
and Blake Sts.; res. u6l Fillmore St., Denver, 

Charles Clifford Hawke, 

A. B., 1907; A. M., 1908; M. D., i9n Univ. 
of Minn.: Medical Soc; Basketball and Ten- 
nis: 1st Lieutenant Med. Corps. U. S. Army; 
Affiliated Minn. Alpha 1913. Winfield. Kans. 

David Sievert Painter, 

A. B., 1907; Chief Clerk Colorado Mines De- 
•partment of Standard Chemical Co. Naturita; 
res. Telluride, Colo. 

Wilbur Daniel Steele, 

A. B., 1907; Athletic Letters. Baseball and 
Football 1 vr.; Tennis 2 yrs.; Basketball 3 
yrs.; Capt. 1; Track 3 vrs.; Capt. 1; Author 
and Writer; Author of "Storm" and numerous 
Short Stories; Member Beachcombers Club. 
Provincetown, Mass. 

Frank W. Appleton, 

B. S. in E. E., 1909 Univ. of Mich.; Tan 
Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Engineer, Plant Depart- 
ment New York Telephone Co.; Member Mich- 
igan Union. 24 Walker St., New York; res. 7 
Jefferson Place. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Thompson Fldridge Ashby, 

A. B., 1908; A. M., 1914; S. T. B., 1914 
Harvard: Capt., Football. 1907; Congregational 
- First Parish Church. 1 Boody St., 


vick, Me 




Franklin I. Badgley, 

A. B., 1908; Farmer. Blue Mounds, Wis. 

Paul Frederick Brissenden, 

A. B., 1908; M. A., 1912 Univ. of Cal.; Ph. D., 
1917 Columbia Univ.; Expert United States 
Department of Labor; Author of "The Launch- 
ing of the Industrial Workers of the World," 
University of California Press. 1913; "Pro- 
ductivity of Labor in Anthracite Coal Mines 
Aug. 1917, and "The Welfare Plan of the Lake 
Carriers Association" Sept., 191 7, Published by 
the Monthly Review of the U. S. Bureau of 
Labor Statistics; Member Sphinx Club. U. S. 
Department of Labor, Washington, D. C. 

William Martin Cary, 

Soliciting Freight Agent Denver and Rio 
Grande R. R. Co. 124 North Main St.; res. 
422 W. 14th St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Edward C. Cline, 

A. B., 1908; Assistant Manager Mercantile 
Business; Member Mancos Lodge No. 100 A. 
F. & A. M. Main St.; res. Grand Ave., Man- 
cos, Colo. 

John R. Griffith, 
Roy James Johnstone, 
Walter Charles Ladd, 
Clarence Tohn Morrow, 

Oratorical Contest 1905: Insurance, Real Es- 
tate and Loans; Agt. Arapahoe Bldg. ; Mgr. 
and Owner Citv Service Co. 1622 Arapahoe 
St.; res. 1131 Downing St., Denver, Colo. 

John Milo Tait, 

Charles Odell Thibodeau, 

A. B., 1908; A. M., 1913; Y. M. C. A.; Capt. 
Baseball and Football; Minister Grace M. E. 
Church; President Alumni Assn. Univ. of 
Denver; Trustee Preachers Aid Society of 
Colo. 1257 Bannock St., Denver. Colo. 

Robert Montgomery Wheeler, 

Mining Engineer. 1044 St. Paul St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 


George H. Duke, Jr., 

Attended Denver Univ., 1906-08; Univ. of 
Chicago, 1909-10: Denver Law, 1910-11; As- 
sistant Cashier Bank of North Forks; Affili- 
ated 111. Theta 1912. Hotchkiss, Colo. 

Raymond V. Forsyth,* 

d. Dec. 2, 1908, Denver, Colo. 

Melvin Wesley Gipe, 

Accountant. Monte Vista, Colo. 

Guv Lycan Hammitt, 

A. B., 1909. 2629 Elm St., Denver, Colo. 

Kenneth Henderson, 

D D. S.. 1912; Delta Sigma; Dentist. 215 
Central Savings Bank Bldg.; res. 1 10 1 Har- 
rison St., Denver. Colo. 

Austin Rodgers Kracaw, 

M. D.. 1909; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Baseball 
and Basketball, 190S-06; Physician and Sur- 
geon; Staff St. Anthony's Hosp. and Sunlight 
Sanatorium; Author Paper on Infantile Para- 
lysis. 212-2T4 Commonwealth Bldg.; res. :475 
Humboldt St., Denver. Colo. 

Lloyd Binford Neill, 

A. B., 1909; Class Treas.; Basketball, 1006-09. 
Capt. 1908, Manager. 1900; Lumber Dealer; 
Director and Treasurer Greeley Commercial 
Club; Eminent Archon of Chapter, 1908-09. 
703, 6th St.; res. 1945. 8th Ave., Greeley. 

Terry Albert Pierce, 

1660 Vine St., Denver, Colo. 

Ray T. Sechrist, 

Pd M. Gunnison State Normal School; Cant. 
Basketball; Teacher; Supt. School Dist. No. 
11. Delta Co.; Member Masons. Hotchkiss, 

Charles William Sterling, 

A. B., 1909; A. B., 1909 and LL. B., 191 1 
Univ. of S. Dak.; Phi Delta Phi; Business 
Mgr. of The Volante; Attorney, Firm of 
Todd, Fosnes, Sterling & Nelson; Special 
Agent, U. S. Dept. of Justice, 1912-16; Asst. 
U. S. Attorney for Dist. of Minn., 1915-16; 
Member St. Paul Athletic Club; Founder of 
S. D. Sigma of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Affiliated 
S. Dak. Sigma 1911. 1115-20 Merchants Bank 
Bldg.; res. 254 Macalester Ave., St. Paul, 



Kenneth Dayton Allison Allen, 

U. S. Military Service. Care of Adjutant 
General of the Army, Washington, D. C. 

William Henry Andrew, 

D. D. S., 1913; Football, 1906-07, Mgr., 1908; 
Baseball, 1906-07; Pres. Student Body, 1908; 
Dentist. 320-22 Citizens Bank Bldg.; res. 
218. E. 25th St., Cheyenne, Wyo. 

W'alter B. Green, 

Glee Club: Draftsman; Special Engineering 
Work in Construction and Engineering Dept., 
Bell Telephone Co.; Member Alumni Assn. 
1421 Champa St.; res. 1733 S. Logan St., 
Denver. Colo. 

Israel Seth Heath, 

(Gypsum, Colo.) 

Ernest Myron Henning, . 
Robert Leroy Jones. 

Civil Engineer. Specializing in Drainage. Re- 
clamation and Irrigation; Asst. Engineer, Re- 
clamation District No. 1500; Assoc. Member 
Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; Affiliated Cal. Beta 
1913. 304 California Fruit Bldg.; res. 21 15, 
28th St., Sacramento, Cal. 

Rufns Alfred King. 

Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer; State Champion Trap 
Shooting. 1910-16; Attv., Denver and Rio 
Grande R. R. Co.; Master Masonic Lodge; 
Affiliated 111. Theta 1912. Delta. Colo. 

Bradford Randall Kirkbride, 

CHotel Woodward, New York, N. Y.) 

Earl B. Tibbals, 

President of The Tibbals-Anderson Motor Co. 
1 166 Broadway; res. nth Ave. Hotel, Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Bertram A. White, 

A. B., 1910: Haberdashery, The Brown 
Palace Haberdashery ; Member Alumni Assn. 
333. 17th St.; res. .221 Sherman St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 


Clarence A. Bailey, 

A. B., 1911: LL. B., 1914: Phi Delta Phi: 
Lawyer; Attorney. Irrigated Farms Mortgage 
Co.; 1 st Lieut. Infantry O. R. C, U. S. Army. 
530 Cooper Bldg.; res. 900 S. Gaylord St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Rex W. Henneberrv, 

A. B.. 1911; Clarion Staff; Annual Board; 
Traveling Salesman for Henneberry-Zittle Hat 
Co.; Member Alumni Assn. 1812 Lawrence 
St.; res. 1224 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Walter Pyke Tohnson, 

Sigma Delta Chi; Editor Clarion. Kyniewis- 
bok (Denver Univ.), The Quill, Sigma Delta 
Chi: Sporting Editor, Rocky Mountain News; 
Contributor to Newspapers and Magazines; 
Member Denver Athletic and Press Clubs. 
Rocky Mountain News; res. 2715 Gilpin St., 
Denver, Colo. 

James Frederick North, 

Tau Kapna Alpha; Scarab Soc; Debating Soc; 
M A. C: Editor and Business Mgr. Univer- 
sity Clarion; On Staff College Annual; Pres. 
Debating Soc: Member Intercollegiate Dehat 
ing Team; Memher Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; 
Lawyer. Rocky Ford, Colo. 




George Russell Painter, 

A. B., igu; Sigma Delta Chi; Treas. Fresh. 
Class; Baseball; Capt. Soph. Baseball; Mem- 
ber Student Athletic Commission; Managing 
Editor and Principal Owner, The Daily Jour- 
nal; Sec. School Board; Postmaster; Member 
The Telluride Club. Telluride, Colo. 

Hawley Winchell Sterling, 

Football; Installment man Alaska Ry. Care 
Alaska Ry. Commission, Fairbanks, Alaska. 


Raymond Fred Bell, 

D. D. S., 1915; Delta Sigma Delta; Football 
and Baseball, 1909-10: Vice-Pres. Student 
Body, 1914 Univ. Southern Cal. Dental Coll.; 
Asst. Prof, in Chemistry, 3 yrs. ; Dentist; 
Grand Master Delta Sigma Delta, 1913-14; 
Member of Faculty of Univ. Southern Cal. 
Dental Coll., 191V16; Author Chemistry Quiz 
Book. 1006 W. P. Story Bldg.; res. 3907 S. 
Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Walter S. Bell, 

Leroy Edward Carlson, 

(Carlson Ice Cream Co., Denver, Colo.) 

Raymond Albrooke Chase, 

(Mountain States Telephone Co., Cheyenne, 

Ralph Roval Donnen, 

(1640, iSth Ave., Denver, Colo.) 

Carl Spencer Henning, 
Frank Joseph Henry, 

A. B.. 1912; A. M., 1914; B. S., 1915, Univ. 
Pa.; Department Manager Crews Beggs Dry 
Goods Co. Crews Beggs Drv Goods Co.; res. 
1909 Elizabeth St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Lloyd W. King, 

A. B., 1912; President L. W. King Co.; State 
Distributor Chalmers Motor Cars; Member 
Unity Lodge No. 130, A. F. & A. M. 122 
W. -th St.; res. 205 S. Spring Ave., Sioux 
Falls, S. D. 

Walter Albertus Koch, 
Robert Frederick McMinstry, 

(Hagerman, New Mexico.) 

Harry Christopher Meyers, 2d, 
Frank Otis Skidmore, Jr.,* 

d. Oct. 30, 1915, Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Hawley W. Sterling, 

Football; Mining Engineer; On Government 
R. R. in Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska.; res. 800 
S. Franklin St., Denver, Colo. 

Mark H. Volk, 

D. D. S., 1912; Dentist: Member University 
Club. 609-10 Watts Bldg.; res. University 
Club, San Diego, Cal. 


Willard Ainsworth Banks, 

A. B., 1913; Capt. of Track Team; Assistant 
City Editor Columbus Citizen; Affiliated Ohio 
Delta 1013. 34 N. 3d St.; res. 2291 Adams 
Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Archie William Bulkeley,* 

A. B., 1913. d. August 9, 1913, Fruta, Colo. 

Nathaniel Forrest Card, 

A. B.. 1914; Varsity Football, 191 1; Baseball 
and Track; Capt. Class Football and Base- 
ball, 1912-13; Ranching and Stock Raising. 
Lost Springs, Wyo. 

Kenaz Huffman, 

A. B., 1910; LL. B., 1913: Attorney and 
Counselor-at-Law; Member of Firm Veaman 
& Gove; Attorney for and Officer The Wyo- 
ming Life Ins. Co.; Attorney for The Victor- 
Am. Fuel Co.. Western Holdine Co., The Am. 
Metal Co. and the Ocean Accident and Guar- 

antee Corp.; Author, ''Huffman's Index and 
Workman's Compensation Laws of Colo."; 
Member Alumni Assn.; Royal Arch Mason, 
Colo. Chapter No. 29; Knights Templar No. 
25; Denver Bar Assn.; University Club. 411 
Ernest & Cranmer Bldg.; res. 1019 Lincoln 
St., Denver, Colo. 

John Chase Jenkins, Jr., 

A. B., 1913; Stockman. J' Ranch, Superior, 

Jep Knight, 

(1224 l\. Shartel St., Oklahoma City, Okla.) 

Edmonson Benjamin Link, 

(Las Cruces, New Mexico.) 

William Joseph Meehan, 

(1356 Garfield St., Denver, Colo.) 

Max Dickinson Melville, 

A. B., 1913; A. M., 1914; LL. B., 1914; Jur. 
D., 1915; Phi Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; 
Corbey Court; Asst. Editor Clarion; Attor- 
ney-at-Law; Member Denver Athletic and 
Press Clubs. 527 Gas & Electric Bldg.; res. 
1421 Gilpin St., Denver, Colo. 

William Owen Murray, Jr., 

LL. B., 1914 Univ. of Texas; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Chancellor; P. E. C.J Football, 191 1- 
13; Lawyer; Capt. Battery D, 131st Field 
Artillery; Affiliated Texas Rho 1914. First 
National Bank Bldg., Floresville, Texas. 

Edwin Arthur Rees, 

A. B„ 1913; A. M.. 1914; Phi Lambda Up- 
silon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Phi Alpha; 
Scarab; Varsity Baseball and Tennis; Pres. 
Tunior Class; College Year Book Board; E. A. 
'of Chapter; Delegate to National Convention, 
Nashville, 1912; Fellow in Chemistry; Assist- 
ant in Chemistry, University of Denver; Instr. 
in Chemistrv, University of 111.; Research 
Chemist Garfield Smelting Co., Summers, 101. - 
17; Member Gamma Alpha, Graduate Scien- 
tific Fraternity; Am. Chemical Soc; Am. In- 
stitute Mining Engineers. Room 266 Chem- 
istry Bldg., Univ. of 111.; res. 907 S. Sixth 
St., Champaign, 111. 

French Lee Taylor, 

Varsitv Football. (2233 S. Josephine St., Den- 
ver, Colo.) 


Harry Tames Beattie, 

A. B., 1914; A. M., ion; M. S., 1917 Univ. 
of 111.; Phi Lambda Ups'lon; Chemist; Tunior 
Chemist, War Gas Investigation Bureau of 
Mines. American L T niv. Experimental Sta- 
tion; res. 3210, 34th St., N. \\\, Washington, 
D. C. 

Rollin d'Evers Chittenden, 

A. B., 1914; A. M., iqi6; Sigma Delta Chi: 
Tau Kappa Alpha: Phi Delta Phi; Delta Phi 
Omega; Scarab; Class Pres.. 1013-14: Inter- 
collegiate Debater; Winner Cranston Oratory 
Prize; Editor-in-Chief Kyuewhbok; Capt. Class 
Football and Baseball; Superintendent of 
Schools. Reese, Colo. 41s S. High St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Herbert Cross Denny, 

(3032 York St., Denver, Colo.) 

William Plantz Green, 

LL. B., 1914: Attended Univ. of Chicago one 
vcar and Univ. of Colorado one vear; Phi 
Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi: Attorney and 
Special Investigator on Staff of National Vigi- 
lance Committee Associated Advertising Clubs 
of the World; Newspaper and Publicity Wok. 
I007-I4 1 . Merchants Bank Bldg., Indianapolis; 
res. 305 Polk St., Warsaw, Ind. 

Frank W. Harrah, 

A. B.. 1014; M. D., iqiR Cornell Univ : Phi 
Lambda Upsilon; Class Officer Literary Socs. ; 
Football; Varsity Baseball: Sunt, of Commun- 
ity Chautauqua System; Two Summers; Mem- 
ber Enlisted Medical Reserve Corps, no Man- 
hattan Ave., New York, N. Y.; res. Parlett, 




Forest Charles Kracaw, 

B. S., 1915 and M. D., 1916 Marquette Univ.; 
Physician and Surgeon. Burns Natl. Bank 
Bldg., Durango, Colo. 

Warren Edgar Mulford, 

D. D. S., 1016 Colo. Coll. of Dental Surgery; 
Psi Omega (Colo. Coll. of Dental Surgery); 
Basketball, 1912; Dentist. Oak Creek, Colo. 

Harold Tiffany Schuck, 

Yardman, Clay, Robinson & Co. Live Stock 
Exchange Bldg., Stock Yards; res. 841 Hum- 
boldt St., Denver, Colo. 

Russell Bonney Wells, 

Baseball, 1911-13; Basketball, 1911-12; Capt., 
1912; Tennis Champion, 1912-13; Baseball, 
1915 Univ. Colo.; Tennis Champion (Doubles), 
1913-14 Univ. of Colo.; Salesman, with H. W. 
Moore & Co., Denver, Colo.; Affiliated Colo. 
Chi 1915. no N. Broadway; res. 622 N. 
29th St., Billings, Mont. 


Stowe Hallaway Allen, 

(1012 Steele St., Denver, Colo.) 

Roger Kane Bent, 

A. B., 1915; Acacia Fraternity; Pres. Inter- 
fraternity League: Mgr. Track Team; Business 
Manager Sheridan Gas Co.; Member A. F. 
and A. M., Albert Pike No. 117 Denver; 
Roval Arch Mason No. 7 Boulder, Colo.; 
Affiliated Colo. Chi 1915. Keenan ■ Bldg., 
Sheridan, Wyo. 

Melvin Kimball Gaymon, 

Machinist Central Garage. Hotel Tours, Den- 

OrvTl'le P.' Hurdle, 

A. B., 1915; Scarab; Scroll and Torch; Phi 
Alpha; Editor and Mgr. Clarion; Pres. General 
Student Assn.; V-Pres. Y. M. C. A.; Pres. 
Phi Alpha and Scroll and Torch; Ranching 
and Teaching. Guernsey, Wyo. 

Harold B. Jeffery, 

Cashier New York Life Ins. Co.; Member 
Alumni Assn. 322 Foster Bldg.; res. 2129 

E. 1 2th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

John E. Lee, 

Chief Clerk General Traffic Superintendent; 
Member Alumni Assn.; Telephone Society of 
Mountain States. Wyoming Bldg,; res. 3063 
W. Lake Place. Denver, Colo. 

Fred Richard Lutz, 

Baseball; Clerk, Post Office. U. S. Post 
Office; res. 1057 S. Emerson St., Denver, Colo. 

Elmer Milton Munn, 

Capt. Fresh. Football, 1912; Varsity Football, 
1913; Varsitv Baseball, 1913; Assistant Sales 
Manager, Los Angeles Ice & Cold Storage 
Co. 7th and Mesquith Sts. ; res. 3926 Denker 
Ave.. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Forrest Clifton Northcutt, 

A. B., 1915; LL. B., 1917 Denver Law 
School; Phi Delta Phi; Debating Club Univ. 
of Denver; Lawyer; Pro. Consul Delegate 
to Natl. Convention, 1914; Eminent Archon; 
Affiliated Colo. Chi 1917- Trinidad, Colo. 

Maynard Porter, 

Football, 1912-13; Student Colo. Coll. Dental 
Surgery. 318, 14th St., Denver, Colo. 

John Fay Sinclair, 

A. B.. 1912; A. M. T916; German Club, 
Debating Club Y. M. C. A.: Literary Soc.; 
Class Pres. (1); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (1), (2); 
Varsity Baseball (2), Yell Master (2), (3); 
Honor Student; Instructor in High School; 
Countv Dir. U. S. Bovs Working Reserve; 
Coach" Girls and Bovs Basketball; Supt. Sun- 
day School; Scout Master; Member Masons, 
Masonic Brotherhood. 515* Nevada St., Trini- 
dad, Colo. 

Walter Harvey Ziegler, 

3637 Zuni St., Denver, Colo. 


Denison Merrill Budd, 

(1414 Detroit St., Denver, Colo.) 

William Willard Burke, 

A. B., 1916; Sigma Delta Chi; Scarab; Pres. 
Senior Class; Editor-in-Chief Kyncwisbok; 
Business Mgr., Denver Clarion; Student Of- 
ficer Plattsburg Training Camp, Plattsburg 
Barracks, N. Y.; Rocky Mountain Harvard 
Club Scholarship, 1916-17. 232 Chestnut St., 
Sterling, Colo. 

Edward Chapman Carter, 

D. D. S., 1916 Colo. Coll. Dental Surgery; 
l'si Omega; Dentist; 1st Lieut. Dental Reserve 
Corps; Assigned as Oral Surgeon Base Hos- 
pital No. 29; Past Assistant to Chief Dental 
Surgeon Colorado Fuel & Iron Co. 7S& Met- 
ropolitan Bldg.; res. 228 W. 14th Ave., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Marcus Joseph Fields, 
Pinckney Bethell Foster, 

Clerk Interstate Trust Co.; U. S. Military 
Service. 840 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 

William Charles Henry, Jr., 

A. B., 1916; Sigma Delta Chi; Track; Chemist 
Brighton Factory Great Western Sugar Co. 
P. O. Box 303, Brighton; res. 2181 S. Columbia 
St.. Denver, Colo. 

Jerome Hughes Keating, 

(1627 Cartaret Ave., Pueblo, Colo.) 

Rogers Maxwell McDonough, 

Corporal, Battery A, 346 Field Artillery; Man- 
ager, Motor Filling Station Co.; City Sales- 
man Continental Oil Co., Salt Lake City, 
L T tah; Member (Jniversity Club, Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 1501 E. 8th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Clarence Cramer Milford, 

Letter Man Football. 191 1; Field Manager 
Prudential Insurance Co. of America. 308-9 
Colorado Bldg., Denver; res. 131 Hamilton 
St., Sterling, Colo. 

Tohn Orlando Northcutt, 

" Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Alpha; Editor-in-Chief 
one year and Business Mgr. one year, Denver 
Clarion; Member Annual Year Book Editorial 
Board: Private Secretary Colorado Fuel & 
Iron Co.; President Chronicle-News, Trinidad, 
Colo. 706 Boston Bldg.; res. 1650 Pearl St., 
Denver, Colo. 

James McKnight Patterson, 

A. B., 1916; Aviator American Flying Corps. 
302 First Natl. Bank Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Harry James Reynolds, 

1707 E. iSth Ave.. Denver, Colo. 

Thomas Francis Savage, Jr., 

Manager Hungarian Milling & Elevator Co. 
7th and Wazee Sts.; res. 1322 Downing St., 
Denver. Colo. 

Robert Tay Spencer, 

Factory Representative and District Sales 
Manager International Rubber Co. 999 S. 
Broadway; res. 1560 Downing St., Denver, 

Lou Kennedy Spratlen, 

Varsitv Baseball (Catcher); Sales Manager 
Colorado Nash Motor Sales Co. 1135 Broad- 
way; res. 2210 E 13th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Robert Wilbur Steele, Tr., 

LL. B., 1916; A. B. Princeton. 1913; Phi 
Delta Phi: Key and Seal; Attorney-at-Law. 
403-0S Ernest & Cranmer Bldg.; res. 1019 
Lincoln St.. Denver, Colo. 

Robert G. Stovall, 

General Agent, Aetna Life Insurance Co.: 
Vice-Pres. Province Eta; Member Denver 
Athletic Club. 518 McPhee Bldg.; res. 2320 
Elm St.. Denver. Colo. _ 

Charles Sumner Sullivan, 

D. D. S.. iqi'6; Dentist. 80 Suffolk St.; res. 
285 Suffolk St., Holyoke, Mass. 




Willford Cassidy Taylor, 

Phi Lambda Epsilon, l'res. S. Denver High 
School; Toll Facilities Engineer, The Mountain 
States Telephone & Telegraph Co.; Member 
Telephone Soc. of the Mountain States. 
Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Co.; 
res. 1 133 Lincoln St., Denver, Colo. 

Harry Brown Teets, 

LL. B., 1916; Phi Delta Phi; Salesman. Den- 
ver Dry Goods Co.; res. 1021 E 19th Ave., 
Denver, Colo. 

Raymond Leonard Walde, 

A. B., 1916; Phi Alpha; Sigma Phi Alpha; 
Varsity Basketball, 1914-16; Rocky Mountain 
Champions, 191 5; Football Sauad, 1916; Pro- 
fessor of Science High School. Scarsdale, 
N. Y. 

Claire Vernon Welch, 

Student Aviation School: Kelly Field No. 1. 
Care Y. M. C. A., S. San Antonio, Texas. 

Chauncey M. Woods, 

Coal. 724 W. Colfax St.; res. 685 S. Grant 
St.. Denver. Colo. 


Timothy Joseph Drew, 

D. D. S., 1917; Psi Omega; Flynn Dental 
Soc; Football, 1915-16: Dentist. }u 7 E. Call 
Ave., Cripple Creek, Colo. 

James Arthur Flint, 

1570 St. Pauls St., Denver, Colo. 

George Adair Handy, 

Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Alpha; U. S. Military 
Service; Pres. Drama Club; Art Editor Den- 
ver Year Book; Graduate Third Officers' Train- 
ing Camp of Camp Funston, Kans. 1045 S. 
University Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Horace G. Harvey, Jr., 

A. B., 1917; Steward and E. T. of Chapter; 
Student Med. School Univ. of Mo.; Member 
Colorado Union; Affiliated Colo. Chi, 191 7. 
1545 E. 31st Ave., Denver, Colo. 

James Boyd McKelvy, 

Alpha Kappa Psi; Chief Clerk and Credit 
Manager H. J. Heintz Co.. Denver Branch. 
1412-14 Wayzee St.; res. 545 S. Lincoln St., 
Denver. Colo. 

Henry Philip Ryan, Tr., 

Evans Lit. Soc; Clerk Midwest Refining Co. 
Third and Center Sts. ; res. 944 S. Center St., 
Caspar, Wyo. 

Horace Malcolm Root Smith, 

B. S. in E. E.. 1917 Univ. of Colo.; Chemistry 
Club; Student. 775 Grant St., Denver, Colo. 

Adolph Arthur Unfug, 

D. D. S., 1917; Dentist. Kearns Bldg.; res. 
212 E. 5th St., Walsenburg, Colo. 


Harry Vincent Booth, 

Phi Alpha Delta; Sergeant 115th Ordnance 
Depot Co., U. S. Army. Longmont, Colo. 

William Francis Drew, 

Psi Omega; Pres. Students' Assn. Western 
Dental College: Student. 2526 Elmwood Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Earl Agard Fngle, 

Phi Lambda Upsilon. 2233 S. Columbia St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Myron Parker Gerton, 

Office Manager. Daniels and Fisher Stores Co.; 
Medical Reserve Corps. U. S. Army. 1033 
Grove St., Denver, Colo. 

Tames Prescott Gibson, Jr., 

Football. 1015-17; Student. 225 E. Cedar St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Ross William Kirton, 

Scroll and Torch; Football; Soldier, U. S. 
Army. Fraser, Colo. 

Dye G. Liggitt, 

Baseball; Banker. Guardian Trust Co.; res. 
i.Vl Detroit St.. Denver, Colo. 

Arthur Willard McCarter, 

Transfer Business; U. S. Natl. Army. Bea- 
trice Creamery Co.; res. 21st and Lime St.. 
Topeka, Kans. 

George Edward Mallett, 

Student. Hotchkiss. Colo. 

Harold Funk Mudge, 

Phi Alpha Delta; Cheer Leader, 191 5; First 
Sergeant Base Hospital No. 29; Member Y. 
M. C. A. 3795 Walnut St.; res. mj Madison 
St., Denver,_ Colo. 

Charles Smith, 

Student. 2135 S. Columbine St., Denver, Colo. 

Clarence George Thomson, 

Evans Literary Soc. (1), (2) Treas., Pres.; 
Y. M. C. A. (1), (2). Administration Sec. (3); 
Univ. Band (2), Track (1), (2), (3); Capt. 
Class Track (2), (3); Student Mgr. Athletics 
(3); editor College Annual (3); Vice-Pres. 
Scarab; 20th Co., 5th Regt., Base Battalion, 
U. S. Marine Corps., Estes Park, Colo. 

Frank Wilkinson, 

With Great Western Sugar Co. (Ft. Mor- 
gan, Colo.) 

Francis Wilson, 

Student. Vinton. Iowa. 

George Aaron Yetter, 

A. B., 1918; Sigma Delta Chi; Evans Lit. Soc; 
Pres. Spanish Club 2 yrs. ; French and Glee 
Clubs; Treas. of Class (1); Class Relay and 
Basketball (2), (3); Capt. (3); Varsity Basket- 
ball Squad (3); Tennis Doubles Champion (2). 
(3); Editor-in-Chief Clarion; Art Editor 
Kynewisbok; Asst. to Prof, of Journalism: 
Asst. Physical Instructor; Associate Editor 

D. U. Dailv Campaigner; Treas. and Chairman 
of Executive Comm. of Evans Lit. Club; Y. M. 
C. A. Comm. man: Member Students Commis- 
sion: Pres. Interfraternity Council; E. Ch. t 

E. D. A.. E. A. and E. W. at Colo. Delta 
Chapter Installation. 221 1 S. Josephine St., 
Denver, Colo. 


George Phillips Anderson, 

Psi Omega: Football, 1015-17; elected capt. bv 
acclamation All Rock Mountain Half Back; 
Student. 242 S. Broadway, Denver, Colo. 

Russell Harrison Coles, 

Cattle Business. Axial, Colo. 

Albert Eugene Corfman, 

Evans Lit. Club Pres., 1917; Spanish Club of 
the Roman Language; Basketball Letter (2I ; 
Baseball (2); Track (1); (Capt., 1918); Stu- 
dent; Member Whcatridge Athletic Club. 
Box 725 W. 29th Ave., Edgewater, Colo. 

Roval Irwin Hudson, 

Sergeant-Major U. S. Army. Y. M. C. A. 
Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Granville Bradby Johnson, 

Biological Soc: Physical Director (Men) Univ. 
of Denver; Member Denver Athletic Club. 
Univ. of Denver Gymnasium; res. 4625 Race 
St., Denver. Colo. 

Edward Caldwell Iving, 

Chemistr- Club; Phi Alpha Lit. Soc: Annual 
Board; Tennis Champion. 1914-16; Basketball. 
1916-17; Student* Treas. Students.' Assn. 2255 
S. Fillmore St., Denver, Colo. 

Raymond Edgar Layne, 

Student, m W. 5th Ave., Denver, Colo. 




Weldon Crawford McLaughlin, 

Phi Alpha Lit. Soc; Student Mgr. Athletics, 

Baseball, Basketball, Tennis; Treas. Junior 

Class; Student; Member "D" Club. 2255 S. 
Columbine St., Denver, Colo. 

Oliver Hull Parish, 

Student. 1253 Corona St.. Denver, Colo. 

James Marion Richardson, 
William J. Schaetzel, 

Student. 1023 S. Emerson St., Denver, Colo. 

Clark Hartman Stone, 

Biological Soc; Evans Lit. Club; Scroll and 
Torch; Sociological Soc; Varsity Basketball 
Team; Hand Grenade Team; Student; News- 
paper Work; Treas. Wheatridge Athletic Club; 
Member Wheatridge Athletic Club. 2106 
Raleigh St., Denver, Colo. 

Homer G. Thomson, 

2064 S. York St., Denver, 


George Henry Childs, 

Student (Dental). 317 S. Olive St., Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Luke Cody Gilligan, 

Student. 1240 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 

Clee Ethan Hickman, 

Phi Alpha; Lit. Soc; Glee Club. McPhee 
Bldg.; res. 1238 S. Lincoln St., Denver, Colo. 

James Ralph Hymen, 

Manager Trunk Dept. The Denver Dry Goods 
Co. 2345 Cherry St., Denver, Colo. 

Herbert E. Johnson, Jr., 

Agricultural Club; Freshman Varsity Baseball 
Team; Student. 408 W. Illinois St., Urbana. 

Arthur Calvin Ketchum, 

Student. 1708 Colorado Blvd., Denver, Colo. 

Harry Denny Liggitt, Jr., 

Student (Chemistry). 1343 Detroit St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Arthur Earvey Maroney, 

Lumber (Retail); Member Denver Athletic 
Club. Hibernia Bank and Trust Co.; res. 
760 Clarkson St., Denver, Colo. 

Ortis Otto Moore, 

Evans Lit. Soc; Capt. Fresh. Football; Pres. 
Fresh, and Soph. Cilasses; Demonstration Mgr. 
on Student Commission; Yell Master; Stud- 
ent. 1805 S. Emerson St., Denver, Colo. 

Guel Garverich Robb, 

Student. 1500 Sherman St., Denver, Colo. 

William Franklin Smith, 

Student. 2135 S. Columbine St., Denver, 

Andre Lewis Strong, 

1 126 Grand Ave., Grand Junction, Colo. 

William Glenn Sumners, 

Student. 101S S. High St., Denver, Colo. 

John Dale Thweatt, 

Student. De Vails Bluff. Ark. 

Vernon Ewure Tweed, 

Student. 6 Broadway, Apt. 19, Denver, Colo. 

Matthew Brown Wilson, 

Evans Lit. Soc; Spanish Club; Biological 
Club; Member Executive Committee Soph. 
Class; Band, 2 yrs. ; Student; Member Dam- 
fino Club. 1 190 S. Franklin St., Denver. 


Marcus Frank Church, 

Student. 2180 S. Josephine St., Denver, Colo. 

James Marion Dunne, 

Student. 1845 Vine St., Denver, Colo. 

Neil Patterson King, 

Phi Alpha Lit. Soc; Student. 2255 S. Fill- 
more St., Denver, Colo. 

Dwight Eugene Lambert, 

Student. Wray, Colo. 

George Wallace Moffett, 

Student. 944 Lincoln St., Denver, Colo. 

Clifton Funk Mudge, 

Student. 1333 Madison St.. Denver, Colo. 

Louis Watkins Prentiss, 

Student. 1720 Oregon Ave., Washington, 
D. C. 

Howard Vincent Smith, 

Commercial Debating Soc; Skilled Workman 
Coining Room, U. S. Mint, Denver, Colo. 
IS2I Clarkson St., Denver, Colo. 



Golden, Colorado 

Chartered January 30, 1903 


Tames Fay Montrose, 

E M., 1902; Merchant; Firm of T. K. Mont- 
rose & Sons. 1640 Market St.; res. 1623 
St. Paul St., Denver, Colo. 

John V. Richards, 

I-:. M., 1902; Scientific Soc; Football 3 years; 
Track 3 years; Capt., 1902; Class Baseball; 
Consulting Mining Engineer; Examiner Mines 
in Europe, Central America, Mexico, United 
States, Canada and Alaska; Author articles for 
Technical Magazines and the Transactions of 
the American Institute of Mining Engineers; 
Member Northwest Mining Assn.. Am. Inst, 
of Mining Engineers, University, Spokane 
Tennis and SnoKane Amateur Athletic Clubs. 
1024 Old National Bank Bldg.; res. 1725 First 
Ave., Spokane, Wash. 


George Wright Taggart, 

E. M., 1903; Charter Member; Mining Engi- 
neer. (Liano Mining & Milling Co., Socorro, 
N. Mex.) 


Walter Stuart Larsh, 

E. M., 1904; Charter Member; Superintendent 
Underground Mines, Nevada Consolidated 
Copper Co. Ruth, Nevada. 

Wallace Lee, 

E. M., 190.1; Charter Member; Geologist 
Cosden Oil & Gas Co.; Author "The Rollo 
Quadrangle"; "Oil and Gas in Macoupin and 
Montgomery Counties, 111."; "Quadrangle 
Union Co., Ky."; "Gillespie and Mt. Olive 
Folio." 506 Daniels Blug., Tulsa, Okla. 

Henry William Lohman, 

B. S. in E. M., 1904 Mo. School of Mines; M. 
S., 1909 do.; A. M., 1905 Columbia; Secretary 
and Treasury Kingston Smelting Co., Ltd.; 
Affiliated N. Y. Mu 1905. Kingston Smelting 
Co., Ltd., Kingston, Out.; res. 726 Ocean Ave., 
Brooklyn. N. Y. 

George Philip Robinson, 

E. M., 1904; Superintendent, American Smelt- 
ing & Refining Co., Velardena. Durango, 
Mexico; Member University (Mexico City. 
Mexico) Club. American Smelting & Refining 
Co., 1 108 Mills Hide., El Paso, Texas; res. 
911 E 14th Ave., Denver, Colo. 


Wales Smith Collins, 

Charter Member; Cicil and Mining Engineer. 
Superior, Ariz. 

Roy Edward Collom, 

A. B., 1906 Leland Stanford Jr., Univ.; 
Charter Member; Geological Soc. Am. Uni- 
versities; Petroleum Engineer; Deputy State 
Oil and Gas Supervisor, Cal. State Mining 
Bureau; Affiliated Cal. Alpha 1906. Room 1 
First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 115 E. Cypress 
St., Santa Maria, Cal. 

Robert McCart, Jr., 

E. M., 1905; Charter Member; Mining Engi- 
neer; Gen. Mgr. Inde Gold Mining Co. and 
other interests; Member Am. Inst, of Mining 
Engineers, Parral Foreign (Mexico), Rocky 
Mountain (N Y.), El Paso County and Toltec 
Clubs. Mills Bldg.; res. Caruso Apartments, 
El Paso, Texas. 

Bradley B. Metcalf, 

Charter Member; Real Estate and Farming. 
712 Ideal Bldg; res. 12S Sherman St., Denver, 

Leroy Louis Middelkamp, 

E M„ 1905; Charter Member; Pres. Freshman 
Class; Football 4 yrs.; Athletic Director 2 
yrs. ; Superintendent Ellamar Mining Co. 
Ellamar, Alaska. 

Frank J. Reinhard, 

E. M., 1905; Charter Member; Scientific Soc; 
Winner Frenzel Prize for Highest Standing in 
Economic Geology (Senior); Asst. Mgr., 1003 
and Mgr., 1904 Football: Member Per. Ath- 
letic Directors, 1902; District Mgr. Equitable 
Life Assurance Society of the U. S.; Deputy 
Treas.. Jefferson County, 1910-14; E. A. Colo.. 
Lambda Chaoter 1903; Province 
Province Eta 1914; Pres. Colo. 
Alumni Assn.; Member Sons of t'>e . 
lution, Golden Club and High Ma: 
nections. Bank Block; res. 810 ' 
Golden, Colo. 

George Bicknell Rice,* 

d. Feb. 10, 1905, Denver, Colo. 

Howard Spangler, 

E. M.. 1905; Charter Member; Baseball 




1. Revo- 


( 'on- 





; Engineer 
ng Co.: M 

nd Pres.. 100304 
and Assayer foi 
nber Am. Inst. 

ir, Alaska. 

Mining Eni 

Alexander M. Speer, 

Operator of Electric Utilities. McCook, Nebr. 


William Gardiner Bailey, 

Attended Mo. School of Mines and Metallurgy. 
1907: Thcta Nu Epsilon; Mining Engineer; 
Foreman. Sterling Hi] Mine (N. J. Zinc Co.). 
P. O. Box 164. Ogdensburg. N. J. 

William Henry Finigan, 

Charter Member; Football; Mining Engineer; 
E. A. and E. R. of Chapter; Cordage llroker. 



736 Westgate Ave., St. 

42 Gay Bldg. ; 
Louis. Mo. 

John Gardner Gordon, Jr., 

E. M., 1906; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Chief Engineer and Director, Layne & Bowler 
Corp.; Assoc. Member Am. Soc. of Civil 
Engineers. 900 Santa Fe Ave.; res. 909 S. 
Harvard Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

James Harbison Hensley, Jr., 

E. M., 1906; Mining Engineer. P. O. Box 
100, Miami, Ariz. 

Will E. Jones, 

229 E. 52d St., Portland. Ore. 

Thomas Hitchcock Reed, 

Initiated by Kans. Alpha 1906. 

Edward McCullough Stewart, 

Charter Member. 


Gaston A. Bastanchury, 

B. S., 1903 and M. S., 1905 St. Vincent's Coll.; 
E. M., 1907 Colo. School of Mines; Baseball, 
1903-07, (Capt., 1906); President and General 
Manager Bastanchurv Ranch Co.; Member 
Knights of Columbus'; Elks; Affiliated N. Y. 
Mu 1908. Fullerton, Cal. 

James Lewis Beale, 

" Clerk. (1640 Kearney St., Denver, Colo.) 

Tames Harris Broidrick, 

(777 Center St., Jamaica Plain, Boston, 

Clarence R. Geisel, 

E. M„ 1907; Engineer, Denver Union Water 
Co. 1654 Broadway: res. 2714 E. 13th Ave., 
Denver, Colo. 

Andrew Morton Howat, 

E. M., 1907; Superintendent, Pacific Gold 
Mining & Milling Co. Mokelumne Hill, Cal. 

William Bemiss Phelps, 

E. M., 1907; Theta Nu Epsilon; Scientific 
Soc.; Pres. of Class Senior Year; General 
Manager Tom Reed Gold Mines Co.; Con- 
tributed a number of articles to Technical 
Tournals and two papers to the Transactions 
"of the Am. Inst, of Mining Engineers; Mem- 
ber Los Angeles Athletic Club and Am. Inst, 
of Mining Engineers. Oatman, Ariz, and Los 
Angeles Athletic Cluh. Los Angeles Cal. 

Theodore William Ouayle, 

E. Met., 1907; lau Beta Pi: Mine Foreman, 
Phelps-Dodge Corporation (Burro Mountain 
Branch). Tvrone, N. Mex. 

Francis J. Shaver, 

M. E., 1907; B. S., 1902 and M. S., 1903 St. 
Vincents Coll.; Mgr. Football, 1906; Athletic 
Dir.. 1904: Hardware Merchant; Asst. Engi- 
neer Portland Gold Mining Co., Victor. Colo., 
1907-09; Sec. San Tacinto Levee Board 1916- 
17. San Jacinto. Cal. 

Harold Scott Vaughn, 

Initiated Colo. Zeta 1904. 


Harry Bishop Clapp, 
Leroy P. Clapp, 

Initiated bv Mass. Delta 1907. 

Hal G. Knight, 

Met. Engr., 1908: B. S., 1906. Buchtel Coll.; 
Lone Star Frat. (Buchtel Coll.) J General Man- 
ager Glacier Creek Gold Mining Co.; Mem- 
ber Arctic Club, Seattle, Wash. Glacier Creek, 
Haines. Alaska; Winter address, 607 Pioneer 
Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Gordon Ferguson Macbeth, 

Ph. B., 1908; Post Grad. Work at Mines; Coal 
Mine Operator; Treas. McNut Coal Co. 1120 
First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 1440 High St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Robert M. Wheeler, 

Mining Engineer. (41S Colorado Bldg., Den- 
ver, Colo.) 

Howard Douglas Whitehouse, 

E. M., 1908; Charter Member; V.-Pres., Fresh- 
man Class; Athletic Dir., 3 yrs. ; Member Ten- 
nis Championship Team; Investigating Engi- 
neer E. H. Rollins & Sons. 234 S. La Salle 
St.; res. 645 Grace St., Chicago, 111. 


Enos R. Ayers, 
Eugene C. Brooks, 
Fritz Brueggemann, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Baseball; Credit Man, The 
Taylor Fruit Co.; former Sec. of The Law- 
rence-Henslev Fruit Co.; V.-Pres. Colo. 
Lambda Alumni Building Assn.; Capt., 1st 
Regiment New Mexico Natl. Guard; Member 
Alumni Assn. 1626 Market St.; res. 2349 
Bellaire St., Denver, Colo. 

Thomas Fitch Harwood, 

(215 Woodland Ave., Bloomington, 111.) 

Cecil Bertram Hull, 

E. M., 1909; Mining Engineer. Care D. C. 
Hull, 135 W. Maple St., Denver, Colo. 

Chester A. Lyon, 

(192 N. Grove St., East Orange, N. J.) 

William Brownlow Patrick, 

Mining Engineer. (Drawer C. Goldfield, 

William C. J. Rambo, 

E. M., 1909; Manufacturer of Hosiery; Mem- 
ber Am. Inst, of Mining Engineers; Manu- 
facturers Club (Phila.). Rambo & Regar, Inc., 
Main St. below Ford St.; res. 1448 DeKalb 
St., Norristown, Pa. 

George F. Roehrig, 

(1257 Fullmore St., Denver, Colo.) 

Earl A. Zeisloft, 

E M, 1009; City Engineer; Member Uni- 
versitv (Boise) and University Clubs. City 
Hall; res. 119 Merriman Road, Akron, Ohio. 


Louis Montgomery Allen, Jr., 

(1656 Oxford Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Emmett Raymond Braun, 

Junior Am. Soc. Civil Engineers: Civil Engi- 
neer; Chief Engineer Cosden & Co.; Resident 
Engineer Penn. Highwav Dept.: Construction 
Engineer, Struthers-Wells Co.; Chief Engineer 
Cosden Oil & Gas Co., Cosden Pipe Line Co.; 
Member Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; Yale Club 
of Oklahoma. Care Cosden & Co.; res. 303 S. 
Olympia Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 

Walter R. Brown, 

E. M., 1910; Theta Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Mining 
Engineer; Chief Engr., Nevada Consolidated 
Copper Co., 1910-16; Mine Supt., Sante Fe 
Gold & Copper Mfg Co.. since 1916. San 
Pedro, N. M. ; res. 966, 12th St., Oakland, Cal. 

Webster Page Cary, 

E M., 1910 Colo. School of Mines; Metal- 
lurgical Engineer, The Am. Metal Co. Ltd. 
of N. Y.; Consulting Eng. Climax Moly- 
bdenum Co.; Genl. Supt. Atlas M. & M. Co.; 
Supt. Saguach Mining and Bonanza Milling 
Co.; Member University Club, Salt Lake City. 
822 A. C. Foster Bldg.; res. 1025 E. 9th Ave., 
Denver, Colo. 

Louis Jerome Christie,* 

d. March 3. 1909, Denver, Colo. 

Albert E. Gregory, 

Superintendent, Beebe Mine. Georgetown, 




John Victor Harvey, 

E. M., igu; Mine Foreman. Minas de Mata- 
hambre, P. Pinar del Rio, Matahambre, Cuba. 

Fred Russell Mihleisen, 

Initiated by Minn. Alpha 1910. 


H. Paul Decker, 

Oil Producer; Member Masons, Rotary and 
Two Country Clubs. 22-24 Booth Bldg.; res. 
61. i E. Myrtle St., Independence, Kans. 

James Edward Dick, 

(667 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio.) 

William Crawford Douglass, 

Mining Engineer. (500 Clark Block, Butte, 

Joseph Ivan Gilbert, 
Philip Chapin Jones, 

B. S., 1Q12 Mass. Inst. Tech.; Attended Univ. 
of Chicago; With Goodvear Tire & Rubber 
Co. Elect. Eng. Dept.; Affiliated with Mass. 
Iota Tau 1912. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., 
Akron; res. Wintergreen Ledges, Barberton, 

James Alfred Lannon, 

Initiated by Colo. Chi 1010. 

Philip M. McHugh, 

E. M., 191 1 ; Theta Tau; Sales Manager, The 
Doer Co. Engineers; Member University, Den- 
ver Country and Rotary Clubs. 812 Cooper 
Bldg.; res. 317 Downing St., Denver, Colo. 

A. Largue May, 

E. M., 191 1 ; Crichton-Curl Enamel Co.; Mem- 
ber Beaver Vallev Country Club. Ellwood 
City; res. 1105 Eighth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 


John Dawson Callery, 

Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Warren W. Currens, 

E. M., 1912; Chemist, Ray Consolidated Cop- 
per Co. Box 101 Ray, Ariz.; res. 1000 Corona 
St., Denver, Colo. 

Harold Davis, 

Football; Real Estate and Merchant Tailor; 
Member Scranton Canoe and Bicycle Clubs; 
Elks. Bliss-Davis Bldg.; res. 323 Jefferson 
Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

Donald Dvren forth, 

E. M., 1912; Theta Tau: Letters in Football 
and Baseball; Assistant Manager, The Federal 
Exploration Co. 1022-23 First Natl. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 2080 Birch St., Denver, Colo. 

Alan Kissock, 

E. M., 191 2; Theta Tau; Winner Stoiber Prize 
for Metallurgical Thesis; Varsity Basketball, 
4 yrs.; Capt., 1910; Football, 1911; Manager. 
Molybdenum Products Co. 944 N. 4th Ave., 
Tucson, Ariz, and 63 Wall St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Albert. T. Mertes, 

E. M., 1912; B. S., 1909 Univ. of Notre Dame; 
Football, 1909-10; Notre Dame, 1907-08; 
Track 1910-11; Chemical Engineer; Superin- 
tendent; Contributor of articles in Chemical 
Journals; Member Am. Chemical and Colo. 
Scientific Snes. ; Knights of Columbus. Chem- 
ical Products Co.; res. 725 Grant St., Denver, 

Joseph D. Rambo, 

Vice-President Bridgeport Knitting Mills, Inc. 
Bridgeport; res. 1314 Marlsley St., Norristown, 

Elmer R. Ramsey, 

E. M., 1912; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Mining 
and Metallurgical Engineer; Sales Engineer, 
The Dorr Co.; Member Am. Institute Mechani 
cal Engineers; Alumni Assn. 812 Cooper 
Bldg.; res. 1530 Grant Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Warren D. Smith, 

Machinist, H. H. Franklin Auto Co. 121 Front 
St., Deposit, N. Y. 


Gordon Meldrum Bettles, 

(S3, 6th St. East, Salt Lake City, Utah.) 

John B. Bisland, 

Initiated by Louisiana Epsilon, 1910. 

John D. Brunton, 

Farmer and Stockman; State Stock Inspector; 
Pres. Pitkin County Stockgrower's Assn.; 
Pres. Pitkin County Fair Assn.; Treas. School 
Board; Treas. and General Mgr. Brush Creek' 
Telephone Co. and Deputy State Humane Of- 
ficer. Glendale Stock Farm, Aspen, Colo. 

Roy Clark Campbell, 

(233 Bryan St., Dallas, Texas.) 

Irving Annan Chapman, 

E. M., 1913; Mining Engineer. 42 Broadwav, 
New York; res. 354 Adelphi St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Herbert Radford Hammond, Jr., 

E. M., 1913; Tau Beta Pi; Football, 1912; 
Lieutenant, LTnited States Reserves, Ordnance 
Dept. 1444 Newport St., Denver, Colo. 

Standish Meacham, 

Ph. B., 1913, Yale; Berzelius Soc. (Yale); 
Elizabethian Club; Kopper Kettle Klub; Yale 
Record; Salesman Rogers, Brown & Co.; Com- 
mittee of Management Y. M. C. A.; Deacon 
Avondale Presbyterian Church; Supt. Sunday 
School; Member Chamber of Commerce; 
Miami, University and Yale Clubs. 73 Carew 
Bldg.; res. 3901 Reading Road, Cincinnati, 

Charles Edward Prior, Jr., 

E. M., 1913; A. M., 1914, Columbia; Tau 
Beta Pi; Pres. Scientific Soc; Pres. Glee 
Club: Class Sec; Winner Thesis Prize; Min- 
ing Engineer; Mgr. Claremont Mining Syndi- 
cate and Supt. Diamond Drilling. British 
Columbia; Chief Engineer La Blanca y Anexas 
Mines, Mex.; Member Am. Inst. Mining Engi- 
neers. Apartado 142, Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mex- 

Howard C. Smith, 

E. M., 1913: Mine Foreman. Care Ciade 
Santa Gertrudis S. A. Pachuca, Hidalgo, 

Evans F. Stearns, 

Manufacturer of Depos-Art Ware; Sec. -Treas. 
of The Glass and China Decorators, Ltd. 45 
St. Alexander St.; res. 16 Linton Apartments, 
Montreal. Canada. 

Mearle William Wilkinson. 

E. M„ 1913; M. S„ 1914; Metallurgical Chem- 
ist. American Smelting and Refining Co.; 
res. 4260 Julian St., Denver, Colo. 


Armistead F. Carper, 

Initiated by Wis. Alpha 1913. 

Ernest R. Crutcher, 

E. M.. 1914; Zinc Department, Anaconda Cop- 
ner Mining Co. 620. 3d Ave. N.. Great Falls, 
Mont.; res. Salida, Colo. 

Gilmore S. Davis, 

E. M., 1914: Theta Tau; Engineer and As- 
sayer. Care Empire-Arizona Consolidated Cop- 
per Co., Parker, Ariz.; res. care of O. L. 
Davis Lumber Co., Trinidad, Colo. 



Robert Ramsey Harper, 

E. M., 1914; Theta Tau; Varsity Football and 
Track; letters (3 in football, 3 in track); 
Broker, Member of Firm Harper & Sons. 306 
Bldg.; res. 1204, 21st St., Des 



Rufus Earl Ritchfield, 

E. M., 1014; Theta Tau; Baseball, t vrs. 
Basket Ball, 4 vrs., Capt., 1 vr.; Mill Supei 
intendent, Atlas Mining and Milling Co. 
Member The Fay Club, Fitchburg, Mas: 
Sneffles, Colo. 

Albert William Smith, 

E. M-, 1914; Assistant Superintendent Open 
Hearths. Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co.; 
res. 38 Lincoln Apartments, Youngstown, Ohio. 

Earle A. Strong, 

E. M., 1914; Tau Beta Pi: Theta Tau; Mer. 
Baseball, 1912-13; Asst. Editor Prospector; 
Mining and Metallurgical Engineer; Sales En- 
gineer, Dorr Co. 812-824 Cooper Bldg.; res. 
24 E. 14th Ave.. Denver, Colo. 


Daniel Worth Butner, 

E. M,, 1915; Chemist. Daiguire, Oriente; res. 
812 E. Cache La Pondre St., Santiago de Cuba, 
and Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Alfred F. Duggleby, 

E. M., 1915; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Stoiber 
Prize; All Rocky Mountain Guard, 191 3; Cen- 
ter, 1915; U. S. Army. Care Adjutant Gen- 
eral, U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

Wells Alan Franklin,* 

d. July 5, 1915. 

Gilbert Norman Rhoades,* 

Sergeant U. S. Army. d. Dec. 10, 19 j 6. 

Charles Arthur Rogers, 

E. M„ 1915; One-half Stoiber Prize for best 
Metallurgical Thesis; Junior Mining Engineer. 
Care Chile Exploration Co., Chuquicamata via 
Antofagasta, Chile, S. A. 

John Nicholas Teets, 

E. M., 1915; Glee and Trowel Clubs; Assaver 
and Chemist. Red Cliff, Colo., and Newton, 


Charles B. Gauthier. 

E. M., 1916; Theta Tau; Varsity Football, 
Track, Basketball, Capt. 1914-15; Pres. of Class, 
1914; Athletic Bd. of Control; Chemist. Bar- 
tlesville Zinc Co.; Member Am. Inst, of Min- 
ing Engineers. 444 E. Padon St., Blackwell, 

W. A. Harrod. 

E. M., 1916; Theta Tau; Glee Club, 1912-14; 
Class Football, 1015; Class Sec, 1914; Mining 
Engineer; E. W., E. R., E. A., E. D. A.; 
Junior Member Am. Inst, of Mining Engineers. 
634 E. Washington St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Alfonce Henry Ignatius Heller, 

Mill Superintendent, Montana Mines Co., 
Ruby, Ariz.; Member American Institute of 
Mining Engineers. Ruby, Ariz.; res. 21 Beu- 
lah St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Burton Anderson Laylin, 

Resident Engineer. Brewster; res. 2414 S. 
Erie St., Massillon, Ohio. 

Harold McClave White, 

Graduate U. S. Military Academy, 1917; Cham- 
pion Light Weight Boxer, West Point, 1916; 
1st Lieut. LI. S. Armv; Instructor 1st Corps 
School Somewhere in France; Memher Judith 
Club (Lewistown, Mont.) Buffalo, Mont. 

George Morris Cheney, 

E. M., 1917; A. B., 1910, Williams Coll.; 
Mining Engineer with S. American Develop- 
ment Co. Newberry Club, Portovelo, and 
Box 655 Guayaquil, Ecuador. 

Max T. Hofius, 

E. M., 1917; Theta Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Junior 
Member Am. Inst. Mining Engineers; Editor 
The 1917 Prospector; Class Football, 1915-16; 
Class Treas., 1914; Varsity Track. 1914-15; 
Varsity Basketball, 1915-16-17; Student; Emi- 
nent Chronicler, 1914; Eminent Correspondent, 
1915; Eminent Archon, 1916; Eminent Dep- 
uty Archon, 191 7; Delegate National Conven- 
tion, 1916. Belize, British Honduras, Central 

Norman E. Maxwell, 

E. M., 1917; Class Football. 1913-15-16; Asst. 
Editor Prospector, 1917; E. W., E. T. of 
Chapter, 1917; Corporal Co. B., 27th Engineers, 
U. S. Army; Dir. Colo. Lambda Alumni Assn.; 
Member Colo. Metal Miners Assn. Silverton, 

Arthur W. Stedman, Tr., 

Second Lieutenant U. S. Army. S. A. E. 
House, Golden. Colo. 

Lisle Reed Van Burgh, 

E. M.. 1917; Class Football, Baseball, Basket- 
ball, Track; Varsity Football, 3 yrs.; Varsity 
Track, 2 yrs.; Vice Pres. (3), Sec. (4); 1st 
Lieut. 115th Engineers, U. S. Army. 127 
S. Humboldt St., Denver, Colo 


Lee Wilson Bird, 

Colorado School of Mines Athletic Assn.; Ser- 
geant Co. B, 355 Infantry, U. S. National 
Army. 221 S. Vine St., North Platte, Nebr. 

Granville T. A. Eyman, 

Mine Surveyor and Asst. Engineer. Care of 
Smuggler Union Mining Co., Telluride, Colo. 

Francis Hodgson Geib, 

Theta Tau; Satyrs; Pipe and Bowl; Editor 
Missouri Miner; Student. P. O. Box 739, 
Rolla, Mo.; res. 1055 Mariposa St., Denver, 

Kenneth Hume Hunter, 

Student; Affiliated Cal. Alpha, 1918. 
Student. 35 Grove St., Auburn, N. V. 

John Henrv Rabb, Tr., 

Co. F., 115th Engineers, V. S. Army. Ful- 
lerton, Cal. 

Charles Wallingford Teets, 

B. S., 1916 Mich. School of Mines; E. M., 
191 7; Theta Tau; Corporal 27th Engineers, 
U. S.^ Army. Box 453, Newton, III. 

Guv Kingsley Young, 

Student. 217, 16th St., Spokane, Wash. 


Leland Davis Breckinridge, 

Student; Eminent Correspondent, Phi Alpha 
752. 8th Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Frank Arcularius Brown, 

Varsity Track; Student; Eminent Correspond- 
ent, 1916. Care of J. Tait Milliken. 1615 
N. Cascade Ave.. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Raymond M. Carr, 

Student. J445 S. Baltimore St., Tulsa, Okla. 

Ronald S. Coulter, 

Integral Club; Varsity Basketball, 1916-17; 
Class Football; Student; E. W. ; Member 
South Coast Yacht Club (Los Angeles, Cal.). 
22d St., San Pedro, Cal* 




Samuel Davis Cunningham, Jr., 

Student; E. C. of Chapter; Dir. Alumni 
Assn. Silverton, Colo. 

McElroy Carlyle Dyson, 

With Hardesty Mfg. Co.; E. Ch. of Chapter. 
1833 Market St.; res. 1133 Sherman St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Rene Jean Mechin, 

Initiated by 111. Beta ioio. 

Loren Dallas Mulford, 

Theta Tau; Sec.-Treas. Freshman Class, 1919; 
Pres. Sophomore Class, 1919; Track mgr. ; 
Student. 1007, 12th St., Golden, Colo. 

Chester M. Pittser, 

Fresh. Football (Fullback); Varsity Basket- 
ball, Track, Baseball and Football; Manager, 
Motion Picture Show and Student; Member 
Gunnison Gun Club. Unique Theatre, Gun- 
nison, Colo. 

John A. Poulin, 

Freshman Football; Student; E. H.. E. W. 
and Asst. Steward of Chapter. Naturita, Colo. 

Carleton Richardson, 

Corporal. Co. A, 115th Engineers U. S. Army. 
Care of Adjutant General U. S. Army, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Emory Mayers Tiffany, 

Initiated Fla. Upsilon 1918. 


Donald Lewis Bailey, 

Freshman Football; Freshman Ball Comm.; 
Student. 2386 Dexter St., Denver, Colo. 

Prentice Farrar Brown, 

Four Years Scholarship from North Side 
High School; Student. 1232 Pearl St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Ernest B. Bunte, 

Capt. Freshman Football; Chrmn. Freshman 
Ball Comm.; Varsity Basketball, 1917; 
Student. 1277 Downing St., Denver, Colo. 

I. H. Fessenden, Jr., 

Student; E. Ch. of Chapter. 3402 Nebraska 
Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Howard Thomas Flint, 

Basketball; Freshman Baseball; Student. 1570 
St. Paul St., Denver, Colo. 

David John Graham, 

Student. 928 Lincoln Highway E., Misha- 
waka, Ind. 

Tom Burbridge Hill, 

Student. 302 N. 4 th St., Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Frederick Albert Lichtenheld, 

Student. 4161 Julian St., Denver, Colo. 

Claude Hamilton Smith, 

Fresh. Football (Ouarterbackl ; Varsity Track: 
Student. 12 Amherst St., Holyoke, Mass. 


Rex John Allan, 

Freshman Football; Student. 212 E. 2d St., 
Grand Island, Nebr. 

Glen Verlan Coffey, 

Student. La Fontaine, Ind. 

Charles Fairchild De Bardeleben, 

Initiated Ala. Alpha Mu 1920. 

Henry Peter Fidel, 

Student. 858 Grand Ave., Grand Junction. 

Ernest Herbert Frenzell, 

Student. 418 E. State St., Redlands, Cal. 

Percy Logan Hamilton, 

Student. Craig, Colo. 

Daniel Stuart Harroun, 

Freshman Numerals; Student. 1202 N. 8th 
St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Kirk Gilcrest Hartung, 

Student. 501 E. 18th St., Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Tames Stewart Henderson, 

Student. 244 S. 1st St., Montrose, Colo. 

Theodore Marvin, 

Student. 714, nth St., Sheldon, Iowa. 

Fred Merriam Nelson, 

Student. 1 1 10 S. 9th St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Louis Watkins Prentiss, 

Student. 1720 Oregon Ave., Washington, 
D. C. 

Andrew Buchfink Robb, 

Student. New Britain, Conn. 



Boulder, Colorado 

Chartered April 11, 1891 


Frederick Edward King, 

Initiated Mich. Iota Beta 1S91. 


Harvey S. Murdock, 

Initiated Tenn. Eta 1893. 

Paul McCoy North,* 

B. A., 1893; LL. B., 1901 National Univ.; 
LL. M., 1902 do.; Charter Member; Pres. 
Province Eta 1S93; del. Natl. Canv., 1902; 
Lawyer, d. Jan 2, 1917. 

Charles Arthur Potter, 

Ph. B., 1893; M. A., 1909; Literary Club; 
f olitical Science Club; Editor Silver and Gold; 
Teacher History and Civics; Member Denver 
Teachers'. Interlachen Golf and Denver Chess 
Clubs; High School Guild. East Side High 
School; res. 1209 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 


Eliphalet Comer Baldwin,* 

M. D. t 1897; Physician; Asst. Surg., U. S. 
Army in Philippines, d. 191 2. 

David Elwood Fryer, 

LL. B„ 1804; Dealer in Building Materials; 
Member College and Rotary Clubs. 305 
Lumber Exchange; res. 1223, 8th Ave. W., 
SeaUle, Wash. 

Edward C. Howe,* 

LL. B., 1894; LL. D.. Colo. Sch. of Law; 
Lawyer; Dep. Dist. Atty. Seventh Judicial 
Dist. ; County Atty., San Miguel Co. 

Alwyn Charles Smith, 

B. S., 1894; M. S., 1901; E. M., 1905 
Teacher (Chemistry); sec. Colorado Mathe 
matical Soc. ; treas. Denver Teachers' Club 
Pres. Denver H. S. Men's Club; Rural 
School Coram.; Asst. Prof. Mining and 
Mathematics, Colo. Sch. Mines; Member 
Teachers' Assn. (Colo.) ; Colorado School- 
masters' Club; High School Men's Guild. 
North Denver High School; res. 1 130 York 
St., Denver, Colo. 

Bethuel M. Webster, 

LL. B„ 1894; Province Pres. Western 
Province, 1908; Lawyer, firm of Allen & 
Webster; Member Commercial and Civic 
Assn.; Masons. 612 A. C. Foster Bldg.; res. 
140 Humboldt St., Denver, Colo. 


Conrad Bluhm, 

B. A., 1895; B. D., 1897 Union Theol. Sem.; 

Charter Member; Clergyman; Chrmn. N. J. 

State Prohibition Conv.. 1901. 424 E. Mich- 
igan St., Marquette, Mich. 

Lewis Gay lord, 

Ph. B„ 1895; Advertising. 410 Colby-Abbot 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis.; res. 526 Diversey 
Parkway, Chicago, 111. 

Wellington Barnett Givens, 

Teacher, Fresno State Normal Sch.; author 
"Playground Apparatus," "Rural Sanitation," 
"Woodwork for the Grammar Grades." 
State Normal School; res. 821 N. Van Ness 
Ave., Fresno, Cat. 

James Nesbitt Hamill, 

LL. B., 1895; University Glee, Banjo and 
Mandolin Clubs, 1893, 1894 and 1895; Law- 
yer; Member Seattle Yacht Club. 1309-1316 
Hoge Bldg.; res. 2029 E. Newton St., Seattle, 

Harry P. Lay ton, 

B. A., 1895; Bell Lit. Soc; Homerian Lit. 
Soc; Charter Member; Varsity Team, End 
and Halfback; Bus. Mgr. "The Columbine," 
1894; Broker; mem. Board of Trustees of 
S. A. E. 8 Bridge St.. New York, N. Y. 
and 30 Midland Ave., East Orange, N. J. 

Harry Lorraine McGinnis, 

B. A., 189s; M. A., 1900; Charter Member; 
Attorney -at-Law; Supt. of Schools, Chaffee 
Co., 1904-12; Dep. Dist. Atty., 1912-14; Town 
Atty., 1912-17. Main St.; res. Pleasant and 
Princeton Aves., Buena Vista, Colo. 

Charles Marsh Sumner, 

Broker. (Kittredge Bldg., Denver, Colo.) 


Roval Reid Graham. 

Ph. B., 1894 Grove City Coll.; Shakespeare 
Lit. Soc: Dehating: Athletic; Class Historian; 
Quarterback Coll. Team, 1892-93; Quarterback 
Univ. Team, 1894-9';: Baseball; Tennis; 
Chess; County and Probate Judge, Clear 
Creek County; General Counsel Mining Com- 
panies (3); Member University, Travel and 
Athletic and Chess Clubs. Georgetown, Colo. 

Charles H. C. Miller,* 

Supt. and General Mgr. Cactus Valley Irri- 
gation Co. 





Frederick Eugene Carroll, 

Football. 1S94-9S; State Commissioner of 
Mines; Sec. Colo. Section Am. Inst. Mining 
Engineers; Member War Mineral Committee. 
State Capitol; res. 1600 Steele St.. Denver, 

Earl \Y. Haskins, 

B. A., 1897; LL. B., 1901; Attorney. La 
Junta, Colo. 

Alexander O. Hitzler, 

Attorney-at-Law. (1108 York St., Denver, 

George Lewis Holly, 

Stock Raiser. (La Junta, Colo.) 

Jesse Robert Morgan, 

A. B., 1912 Colo. State Teachers' Coll.; A. M., 
1917 do.; Superintendent of City Schools; 
Member of Faculty. Summer School, Colorado 
State Coll., Greeley. Colo.: Colo. State Teach- 
ers' Reading Circle Hoard; Author '■Element- 
ary Spanish Text for Junior High Schools"; 
Member Denver Schoolmasters' Club. High 
School Bldg.; res. 723 Fourth Ave., Trinidad, 

Carl H. Paddock,* 

Immigration Bureau. d. Oct. 30, 1914. 

George T. Sherman,* 

d. Sept. 9, 1901, Pueblo, Colo. 

Charles H. Studin, 

B. A., 1897 Yale; Lawyer. 55 Liberty St.; 
res. 310 W. 94th St., New York, N. Y. 

Claude M. Taussig, 

LL. B., 1897; Treasurer, Newcomb Realty 
Co.; Member Y. M. C. A., Denver Artists' 
Club and Civic and Commercial Assn. 511, 
17th St.; res. 1243 Humboldt St., Denver, 

Walter Evans White, 

LL. B., 1S97; Attorney-at-Law; Tres. Platte 
Valley Canning Co.; Member Alumni and 
Denver Bar Assns. ; University of Colorado 
Club. 502 E. & C. Bldg.; res. 800 Marion 
St., Denver, Colo. 

Frederick W. Whiteside, 

B. S. in C E., 1897; Tau Beta Rho; Instr. 
and-Mcr. Athletics; Chief Engineer Colo. & 
South Eastern R. R., Victor Am.. Fuel Co., 
Mountain Telegraph Co. and Allied Compan- 
ies; Sec.-Treas. Rocky Mountain Coal Mining 
Institute; Lecturer at Colo. State School of 
Mines and State Univ. of Boulder; Contri- 
buted to Various Engineering Journals and 
Magazines; Member Alumni and Denver 
Civic Assns.; Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; Scot- 
tish Rite and Shriner; A. F. & A. M. 307 
Ernest & Cranmer Bldg.; res. 356 Lafayette 
St., Denver, Colo. 


Charles A. Chase, 

Ph. B.. 1898; Consulting Mining Engineer; 
Mgr. Liberty Bell Gold Mining Co.; Genl. 
Mgr. Mogul Mining Co.; Cons. Eng. Maxwell 
Land Grant Co.; Chrmn. Colo. Chapter Am. 
Institute Mining Engineers, 1915; Pres. Colo. 
Scientific Soc, 1917; Dir. Bank of Telluride; 
Author "Notes on Liberty Bell Mine"; Joint 
Author •'Mine Safety Regulation," etc.; 
Member University Club and Denver Civic 
and Commercial Assn. 812 Cooper Bldg.; 
res. 777 William St., Denver, Colo. 

William Rodwell Hardcastle, 

Manager, Am. Linseed Co. 794 Hampden 
Ave.; res. 2164 Roblyn Ave., St. Paul., Minn. 

Arthur Maurice Nye, 

LL. B., 1898; Creditman. 8th and Walnut 
Sts.; res. 1131, 25th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Erwin L. Regennitter, 

LL. B., 1895; Bell Lit. Soc; University Debat- 
ing Club; pres. of class; Attorney-at-Law; Dist. 
Atty., First Judicial Dist. of Colo., 1898-1900; 
State Civil Service Commr., Colo., 1913; lec- 
turer on Code Procedure, Law Sch. Univ. of 
Colo., 191S-16; Co. Atty., Clear Creek Co.; 
pres. Co. Attys. Assn. of Colo., 191 6; Author 
address "The Court Rules Act of 1913 and 
the Supreme Court Rules of 1914"; Member 
Llniversitv and Democratic Clubs. Suite 1-5 
Regennitter Bldg.; res. 1236 Colorado St., 
Idaho Springs, Colo. 

Arthur Benjamin West, 

A. B.. 1899 Leland Stanford Tr.; Phi Delta 
Phi; Vice-President and General Manager 
Nevada. California Power Co., Southern 
Sierras Power Co.; Member Denver University 
and Country Clubs; Los Angeles Athletic Club; 
Affiliated Cal. Alpha 1899. First Natl. Bank; 
res. Edgemont, Riverside. Cal. 


William D. Arnett, 

B. S., 1900; Business. 44 E. Santa Clara St.; 
res. 642 S. 8th St., San Jose, Cal. 

Stuart Bellows, 

Acting Manager Port of Havana Docks Co. 
P. O. Box 1289, Havana, Cuba. 

Ralph Denio, 

Crabbers Club; Vice-President and General 
Manager Denio Milling Co.; Member Sheri- 
dan and Denver Athletic Clubs; B. P. O. E. 
Care Denio Milling Co., Sheridan; res. 508 
Sumner St., Sheridan. Wvo. and Lankershim 
Hotel, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Edward Paul Dillon, 

B. S. in E. E., 1899; Capt. Varsity Football, 
1897: Manager Power and Raihvav Divisions 
N. Y. Dist.. Westinghouse Mfg. Co.; Member 
Crescent Athletic Club. 16s Broadway; res. 
860 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. 

Barry Hogarty, 

(Garfield, Utah.) 

John R. Lewis, 

Glee Club; Debating and Oratorical Contests; 
Editor Coll. Paper; Dry Goods Merchant; Asst. 
Mgr. A. T. Lewis & Son Drv Goods Co.; Pres. 
Colo. State Commercial Assn.; Pres. Ben 
Franklin Club; Author Papers on "The Amer- 
ican Standard" and "The Rocky Mountain 
National Park"; Member Civic and Commercial 
Assn.; Merchants Assn.; Denver Rotary, Ath- 
letic. Ben Franklin and Colo. Mountain Clubs; 
Colo. Scientific Soc; Denver Tourist Bureau; 
Univ. of Colo, and Artists Clubs; Drama 
League. 16th and Stout Sts.; res. 1030 Penn- 
sylvania St., Denver, Colo. 

Gordon Byron Meldrum,* 

M. D., 1899 Univ. of Denver; Cattle Dealer, 
d. ion, Buffalo, Wyo. 

Vance Sickman, 

B." S. in E. E., 1899; pres. Farmers Elec. & 
Power Co., Eaton, Colo., Alliance Cnal Co., 
Wolf Park Leasing Co., Xon Explosive Ap- 
pliance & Coal M. Co.. C, K. & N. Coal Co., 
Central Coal Co.; formerly member D. A. C. 
Club. 200 Cooper Blvd.; res. 968 Downing St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Lucius Irving Wightman, 

E. E., 1890; Advertising and Sales Counsellor; 
Member of Faculty Am. School of Correspond- 
cm ,. Chicago, 111.; former editor Compresttd 
Air Magazine; Author "Compressed Air"; 
"Subways and Tunnels of New York" (jointly 
with Dana and Sanndcn) and many articles 
in technical press. 10 Union Sq., New York, 
N. Y.; res. 45 Walnut St., Montclair, N. J. 






Henry Sumner Canby, 

M. D., 1900 Bellevue hosp. Med. Coll.; Base 
ball and Tennis, 1S97-9S; Physician; Author 
short articles on medical subjects; Member 
Am. Med. Assn.; Med. Assn. City and Coun- 
ty of Denver; Physicians and Surgeons Round 
Table and Medical Science Clubs. 00b Metro- 
politan Bldg. ; res. 1129 Gaylord St., Denver, 

Harold Gould Garwood, 

B. S., 1900; M. D., 1904 Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
Omega Upsilon Phi; Heart and Dagger; Foot- 
ball 1S96-97-98; Capt., 1900; Surgeon; assoc. 
in surg., City and County Hosp. of Denver; 
exam. Blue Lodge, Chapter, Knights Temp- 
lar, Shrine; Member City and County Med. 
Soc; Medical Science Assn.; Round Table. 
724 Metropolitan Bldg.; res. 620 Race St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Omar E. Garwood, 

Initiated by Colo. Zeta 1900. 

William Wesley Hall, 

B. A., 1900; M. A., 1901; Student fellowship 
Romance Languages, 2 yrs. ; do. Dept. of Ger- 
man, 1 yr. ; Head Assistant Instructor, Yeat- 
man High School; mem. Educ. Comm. from 
Colo, to Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. 
Louis, 1904; dir. Men's High Sch. Club, St. 
Louis; ^ Author "The Tragic Heroines of 
Racine"; "Practical Experiments in Learning 
a Modern Foreign Language"; B. P. O. E. ; F. 
and A. M.; Roval Arch Chapter; A. A. Scot- 
tish Rite. Natural Bridge Road cor. Garrison 
Ave.; res. 3936 Greer St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Robert Guy Humphrey, 

Electrical Engineer. (1008 E. Clinton Ave., 
Lincoln, 111.1 

Frederick Henry Merten, 

A. B., 1901; A. M., 1915 Columbia Univ.; 
Principal, High School, Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Cheyenne High School; res. 614 E. 23d St., 
Cheyenne. Wyo. 

William Felix Ramsey, 

LL. B., 1902 Univ. of Texas; Attorney-at- 
Law; Affiliated Texas Rho 1902. National 
Bank; res. 620 N. Granbury St., Cleburne, 

Tohn Edward Rogers, 

Electrician. (Cincinnati, Ohio.) 

Joseph Spencer Rogers, 

M. D., 1900 Univ. of Colo.; quarterback 1897 
Football team; Physician and Surgeon; Coun- 
ty Physician, Elbert Co.; Member Masons and 
Colorado State Med. and City and County 
Med. Socs. of Denver. Colo. Kiowa, Colo. 

Willis Lloyd Strachan, 

Ph. B., 1900; LL. B., 1902; Heart and Dagger; 
Order of the Golden Crab; Mgr. Coloradoan; 
Lawyer; County Atty. El Paso County, Colo., 
1909-13; Dist. Atty. 4th Tudicial Dist., Colo., 
since 1917; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha 1902. 60 
Independence Bldg.; res. 116 E. Jefferson St., 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 


William Harry Anderson, 

Investments, no? Story Bldg.; res. 927 Grat- 
tan St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

John Fred Cleaveland, 

Editor Camp and Plant. (Morenci, Ariz.) 

Lawrence Lewis, 

A. B., 1901 Harvard; LL. B., 1909 do.; Ath- 
letic Ed. Silver and Gold, 1898; Attorney-at- 
Law; pres. and mem. Bd. of Trustees Rockv 
Mountain Harvard Club; mem. exec. comm. 
Colo. Bar Assn., 3 yrs.; asst. instr. in English, 
Harvard, 1906-09; special atty. for Chicago, 
Burlington and Quincv and Union Pacific 
R. R. Co's.; Author "The Advertisements of 

The Spectator ; also numerous articles in Out- 
look, Harpers Weekly. Worlds Work, Travel 
Alagazinc, Country Life in America, Engineer- 
ing and Mining Journal, Scientific American, 
Atlantic Monthly and Boston transcript; Mem- 
ber University (Denver) and Rocky Mountain 
Harvard Clubs; former Member Minnequa 
(Pueblo) Club. 533 Equitable Bldg.; res. Uni- 
versity Club, Denver, Colo. 

Howard S. Robertson, 

LL. B., 1901; Attorney; General Attorney and 
Sec. Denver Tramway Co.; Sec. Denver and 
Intermountain R. R. Co.; Member Advisory 
Comm. Y. M. C. A. School of Commerce; 
Member Rotary Club; former member Lake- 
wood Country Club; Member Colo. Bar and 
Denver Bar Assns.; Alumni Assn. 807 Tram- 
way Bldg.; res. 760 York St., Denver, Colo. 

Jonathan Vaughan Sickman, 

LL. B., 1901; Lawyer; General Counsel, The 
Rocky Mountain Fuel Co.; Member Blue 
Lodge Masons. 1:19 Foster Bldg.; res 1111 
Gaylord St., Denver, Colo. 

George Michael Spangler, 

Football 1897; Chief Clerk, Arkansas Valley 
Plant, A. S. and R. Co. Arkansas Valley 
Plant, Leadville, Colo. 

William N. Vaile, 

A. B., 1S98 Yale; Harvard Law Sch., 1 "4 yrs.- 
1 yr. honor in Political Science and Law, 
Yale, 1898; Freshman Fence Orator, Yale- 
Attorney -at-Law; Republican candidate for 
Congress, 1st Dist. of Colo., 1916; Member 
Denver School League; Officer and Dir. in 
various corporations; Past Master Awada 
Lodge No. 141, A. F. and A. M.; 2d Lieut. 
Co. A, 1st Separate Battalion Inf. N. G. Colo., 
on duty at Douglas, Ariz., 1916; Member Uni- 
versity, Denver Motor and Cactus Clubs; 
Colo. Bar, Denver Bar and Denver Civic and 
Commercial Assns.; Awado 141 (Blue Lodge)- 
R. A. M.; Knights Templar; A. A. S. R.; El 
Jebel, Shrine; Affiliated with Mass. Gamma 
1901. 727 Equitable Bldg.; res. 556 Franklin 
St., Denver, Colo. 


Byron King Baird, 

Deputy Collector, Port of Hilo, Hawaii; Mem- 
ber Industrial Accident Board Co. of Hawaii, 
commissioned by Gov. of Territory; U. S. Im- 
migration Inspector; sec. U. S. Civil Service 
Commission. Federal Bldg.; res. 213 Kapio- 
lani Ave., Hilo, Hawaii. 

George Snyder Gildersleeve, 

B. S. in C. E., 1902; Tau Beta Pi; District 
Representative Trussed Concrete Steel Co.; 
Assoc. Mem. Am. Society Civil Engineers. 
644 Prudential Bldg.; res. 200 Huntington 
Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

George Richard Hay, 

Ph. B., 1902; Heart and Dagger; mgr. Silver 
and Gold: do. Junior Annual: Leader Glee 
Club; Mining. P. O. Box 325, Nogales, Ariz. 

Edward William Lazell, 

M. D., 1902 Univ. of Denver; Physician and 
Surgeon; Affiliated Colo. Zeta 1902. (432 Met- 
ropolitan Bldg.. Denver, Colo.) 

Cuthbert Powell, 

M. D., 1902; Omega Upsilon Phi; F. A. C. S. ; 
Surgeon; 1st Lieut. M. R. C, U. S. Armv; 
Gynecologist Mercy Hosp. and Denver City 
and County Hosp.; surg. Denver Children's 
Hosp. and Denver Orphans' Home; instr in 
gynecology Medical Dept., Univ. of Colo.; 
Author of numerous papers on medical and 
surgical subjects; Member University, Cactus. 
Mile Hieh and The Physicians and Surgeons 
Round Table Clubs; Am. Med. Assn.; Med. 
Soc. Citv and County of Denver; Denver 
Clinical and Pathological Soc; Albert Pike 
Lodge No. 107 A. F. and A. M.; Affiliated 
Colo. Zeta 1902. 936 Metropolitan Bldg.; res. 
2261 Albion St., Denver, Colo. 




William Gregory Powell.* 
1 lan-v S. Thayer, 

I! S., 1902; Mining Engineer. 6 Earl Bldg.; 
res. 537 Pine St., Boulder, Colo. 

lames Chapin Vinton,* 

Affiliated N. V. Alpha 1903. d. Feb. 14, 1903, 
Ithaca, N. V. 


Charles Partridge Allen, Jr., 

Initiated by Cal. Alpha 1903. 

Philip Henry Argall, 

B. S., i9<n;"M. A., 1904; Heart and Dagger; 
Manager Ozark Smelting and Mining Co., 
Magdalena, N. M.; Mayor of Victor, Colo., 
1913.14; Pres. Bd. of Regents, N. Mex. State 
School of Mines 1917; Author "Western Mill 
and Smelter Methods of Analysis" and various 
articles on mining and smelting in the min- 
ing and scientific press; Member Inst, of Min- 
ing and Metallurgy, London, England; Am. 
Inst, of Mining Enginers. Magdalena, N. 
Mex.; res. 1407 E. nth St., Denver, Colo. 

Warren F. Bleecker, 

B. S., 1905; Phi Beta Kappa; President Tung- 
sten Products Co.; Author technical magazine 
articles on rare metals. 3 Williams Bldg.; 
res. 1305 Pine St., Boulder, Colo. 

John Franklin Fughe, 

B. S. in C. E., 1903; Golden Crab; Football, 
1901-02; Basketbalb 1899-1900-01-02, Capt., 
1901-02: Farming and Stock Raising; Make-up 
Clerk U. S. Mint, Denver, Colo, 1906-10. 
Longmont, Colo. 

Edison Coe Rohinson, 

Football, 1806-09; Master Mechanic, Liberty 
Bell Gold Mining Co. Box 285. Telluride; 
res. 3756 Franklin St.. Denver, Colo. 

Meade Austin Thomas,* 

d. Sept. 1, 1901, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Dewev Crossman Bailey, 

(Cafe Frueauff. Robinson & Sloan, 60 Wall 
St., New York, N. Y.) 

Charles Risley Borst, 

Initiated by Mich. Iota Beta, 1904. 

William John Chelev, 

B. A., 1904; Heart and Dagger; Oil Develop- 
ment. Thermopolis, Wyo. 

Ilerhert Bancroft Dwight, 

II. S. in E. E., 1904; E. E.. 1011: Assistant 
Professor of Electrical Engineering. College 
of Engineering, Univ. of Colo.; res. 1325 
Grandview Ave.. Boulder. Colo. 

Arthur Robert Morrison, 

Initialed by Ya. Omicron. 1902. 

George Bayard Thatcher, 

LL, B.. 1904; Golden Crab: mgr. Football, 
[002: Lawyer; Attorney General. Nevada; 
Presidential elector, Democratic, 1912; Atty. 
Genl. Nevada since miu; Member State Coun- 
cil of Defense; Chairman State Red Cross 
Commission; Member Reno Commercial Club; 
Tonopah Lodge 1062, B. P. 0. E.; Tonopab 
Lodge z8, F, and A. M. Care Norcross & 
Thatcher, Nixon Bldg., Reno; res. Carson City, 


Ralnh Glaze, 

B. S., 1906 Dartmouth Coll.; Kappa Kappa; 
Turtle; Sphinx; All Am. Football .Team 
10". t "s: Class Marshal, 1906; Paleopitus; 
Baseball, 1902-06; Football, 1906, and Baseball. 

1908 Dartmouth; Physical Director Colo. 
Teachers Coll.; Boston Am. Baseball Team, 
1906-08; Indianapolis, 1909-11; Athletic Dir. 
Univ. of Rochester, 190809; Baylor Univ. 
1910-12; Univ. of So. California, I9"4'S; 
Ilrake Univ., 1916-17; Member B. P. O. E. 
No. 879 and A. A. V. Colo Teachers College; 
res. 1801, nth Ave., Greeley, Colo. 

Marshall G. Goudy,* 

d.. 1903, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

William Wiley Tones, 

B. A., IQ05; M. fa., 1909; Physician; Instruc- 
tor Univ. of Colo., Med. Dept.; Member Cac- 
tus and Physicians and Surgeons Round Tabic 
Clubs; Am. Med. Assn. and Medical Soc. City 
and County of Denver. 704 Metropolitan 
Bldg.; res. 1433 St. Paul St., Denver, Colo. 

Charles Leslie Parker, 

(2356 Williams St., Denver, Colo.) 

Charles Ernest Pate, 

M. D., 1905; Alpha Kappa Kappa: Football. 
1901-02; Basketball. 1901-02, Capt.; Football 
(Denver Univ.). 1903-04; Physician and Sur- 
geon; on Staff County Hospital; Member Am. 
Med Soc. State and County Med. Socs. and 
Medical Science Club. Metropolitan Bldg., 
Denver. Colo. 

Jean Philip Varian, 

B S. in M. E., 1906. Mass. Inst, of Tech.; 
Flant Superintendent Prime Western Speller 
Co.; Member Am. Inst. Mining Engineers; 
Affiliated Mass Iota Tau, 1906. 420 S. Wash- 
ington St., Iola, Kans. 


John Raybourne Bailey, 

Abbreviated Runts; Advertising, John R. Bai- 
ley Co.; Member Hamilton (Chicago) and Los 
Angeles Athletic Clubs. 122 S. Michigan Ave.. 
Chicago. 111.; res. Riverside, 111, and Coro- 
nado, Cal. 

George O. Fairweather. 

A. B., 1906; B. S.. 1907 Chicago: T. P.. 1009 
do; Northwestern Debate, ioor. Colorado-Utah 
Debate: Heart and Dagger Soc; Glee, Drama- 
tic and Debating Clubs (Univ. of Colo.l; gen'l 
sec. Y. M. C. A.: Public Speaking Scholar- 
ship; pres. class: Lawyer; Asst. Counsel and 
Bus. Manager. Univ. of Chicago; mem. Bd. 
of Educ. Highland Park, 111.; treas Univ. of 
Chicago Scholarship Loan Fund: Pres. Ravinia 
Commis.: mem Navy League: Citv and Quad- 
rangle Clubs; Affiliated 111. Theta. 1907. 134 
S. La Salle St., Chicago and Ravinia, II. 

Henry Vilev Tohnson, 

M. D., 1906: Golden Crab; Physician and Sur- 
geon; sec. Scott Co. Medical Soc: Member 
Scott Co. Bd. of Health; F.Iks: Knights of 
Pvthias. 138 S. Hamilton St.; res. Chambers 
A've., Georgetown, Ky. 

Rohert McKinnev See, 

A. B., 1906; LL. B., 100S: Heart and Dagger; 
Golden Crab; Friars; Barristers; assoc. ed 
Michigan Lute Rested;; Lawyer in Tatent st-d 
Trade Mark causes: Member University (Chi 
cagol and Country (Evans ton) Clubs. 1315 
Monadnock Block. Chicago; res. 1230 Forest 
Ave.. F.vanston. 111. 

Clifton Tyre Van Sant.* 

Attorney, d. Feb. 17. 1913. 

Oscar F. Willev, 

Phi Delta Phi: law course at Denver, Univ.; 
football "C"; baseball 2 "C's," Colo., 3 foot- 
ball and 1 baseball "D." Denver; Manager Re 
tail Lumber Yard; Y-Prcs. Chautauoua Assn.; 
So, Treas. Local Democratic organization: 
Sec Base Ball Club. 6th and Spring Sts. ; 
res. mi High St.. Klamath Falls, Ore. 

John G. Wolf, 

M. II.. 1906; ('apt. Baseball Team; Physician; 
Health Officer; Member Commerce and Minne- 
qua Clubs. 121 W. Orman Ave, Pueblo, Colo. 





Harold L. Flanders,* 

d. 1906, Boulder, Colo. 

Alden McLellan, Jr., 

Initiated by La. Tau Upsilon, 105. 

Max R. Schwer, 

B. A., 1907; Torch and Shield; Heart and 
Dagger; mgr. Track Team (1) and (4); Glee 
Club (1) (2) (3); Mgr. Colorado,™ (3); 
Marshal Commenc. Week (4); Secretary and 
Manager P'atterson Engineering and Sales Co.; 
Member Commerce Club (director), Minnequa 
Country Club. 326 Thatcher Block; res. 1924 
Elizabeth St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Hugh Thatcher, 

B. A., 1907; Football, 1903-04-05; Asst, Mgr. 
Baseball, 1905; Salesman, Real Estate; Mem- 
ber Minneapolis Athletic Club. 294 Andrus 
Bldg.; res. 4300 Aldrich Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

William Trudgian, 

B. S. in E. E., 190'; Alumni Assn.; Basket 
Ball, 1903; Baseball, 1904-06; Capt, 1907; 
selected as All-Colo. Shortstop, 1907; Football, 
1903-05-06; All-Colo. Quatterback, 1905-06; All- 
Missouri Quarterback, 1906; Engineer; Repre- 
sentative Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co. 
1052 Gas and Elec. Bldg.; res. 329 Lincoln 
St., Denver, Colo. 

James Barrows Vaile, 

B. S., 1908 Pomona Coll.; Phi Delta Phi; 
Rancher. San Dimas, Cal. 


William Boyd Davis, 

(San Francisco, Cal). 

Owen Lovejoy Dickenson, 

(Denver, Colo.) 

Charles D. Hayt, Jr., 

B. A., 1908; LL. B., 1910 Univ. of Mich; 
Phi Delta Phi (Univs. of Colo, and Mich.); 
Torch and Shield and Heart and Dagger (Univ. 
of Colo.); Barristers and Friars Club (Univ. 
of Mich.); Mgr. Track 1907; Football Squad, 
1904-07; Univ. of Colorado Annual, 1907; 
Attorney-at-Lavv; Member Oriental Lodge No. 
87, Denver; Law, Denver Athletic and Denver 
Country Clubs; Colo. Bar and Denver Bar 
Assns.; Affiliated Mich. Iota Beta, 1910. 1205 
First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 2600 E. Colfax 
Ave., Denver, Colo. 


Nathan L. Coleman, 

Initiated by Mass. Iota Tau, 1909. 

Claude H. Compton, 

B. A., 1909; Crabbers; Theta Nu Epsilon; Al- 
pha Chi Sigma; Masonic Club; Baseball, 1 vr. ; 
Chemist C. & A. Mfg. Co.; Asst. Chief Chem- 
ist in mining dept.; asst. to metallurgist in ex- 
perimental work, W C. C, Ajo, Ariz.; Mem- 
ber Country Club; Royal Arch Mason. C. & A. 
Laboratory; res. Box 725, Warren, Ariz. 

Francis Mott Downer, Jr., 

LL. B., 1908; Phi Delta Phi; Golden Crab; 
Attorney at Law. Thermopolis, Wyo. 

Edward Percy Eglee, 

A. B., 1909; M. D.. 1911 Coll. of Phvs. and 
Surg., Columbia Univ.; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi 
Rho Sigma; Physician; asst. visiting phys. and 
chief of Tuberculosis Clinic, Bellevue Hosp.; 
clinical asst. Post Graduate. Hosp.; 1st Lieut. 
Officers Reserve Corps, Medical Section. 105 
E. 53d St., New York and 800 Broadway, 
Flushing, N. Y. 

John D. Lobb, 

B. S., 1909; N. Y. Representative F. W. Home 
Co., Machinery Exporters of Tokyo, Japan; 


Yonkers, N. Y. 

Albert Teller Orahood, 

A. B., 1909; LL. B., 1911 Univ. of Mich.; Phi 
Delta Phi; Attorney-at-Law; dir. Fairmount 
Cemetery Assn.; officer and dir, various corpo- 
rations; Member Alumni Assn.; Denver Bar 
Assn.; Roval Arch Masons; Knights Templar; 
A. F. and A. M.; Denver Council No. 1 
R. & S. M; Affiliated Mich. Iota Beta, 191 1. 
312 Symes Bldg.; res. 910 Downing St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

George Arthur Pughe, 

LL. B„ 1909; D. V. V.; Phi Delta Phi; 
Football, 1906-07; Mgr. Baseball Team, 1907: 
Mgr. Inter-Scholastic Track and Field Mf t, 
1909; Attorney-at-Law; County Atty., Moffat 
Co., Colo. Craig, Colo. 

John L. Schwer, 

Phi Rho Sigma; Theta Nu Epsilon; Physician 
and Surgeon; Member Countv, State and 
Am. Med. Assns. 520 Thatcher Bldg.; res. 
918 E. 10th St., PuAlo, Colo. 


Henry Knox Adams, 

Ranching; Affiliated Nebr. Lambda Pi, 1910. 
Burn Cleuch Ranch, Sheridan, Wyo. 

Albert J. Argall, 

M. D., 1910; Phi Rho Sigma; Physician and 
Surgeon. 625 Commonwealth Bldg.; res. i,,„i 
E, 10th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Ii. Ellsworth Booth, 

American Telephone & Telegraph Co., 1-5 
Broadway, New York, N, Y. ; res. 107 W. 
Passaic Ave., Rutherford, X. J. 

Byron B. Boyd, 

Initiated by 111. Psi Omega 1910. 

George Spelman Downer, 

LL. B., 1910; Crabbers; Phi Delta Phi; At- 
torney-at-Law; Attv. for A. T. & S. F. "v. 
Co., State of N. Mex. Cromwell Bldg.. L-iw 
Dept., A. T. & S. F. Ry. Co.; res. 709 -W. 
Silver Ave., Albuqueroue. N. Mex. 

Milton John Helmick, 

Initiated by Cal. Alpha 1909. 

James Alfred Lannon, 

E. M., 1911. Colo Sch. of Mmes; Att-"- 3 - ' 
Univ. of Colo., 1906-07; Tau Beta Pi; Theta 
Tau; General Superintendent, Atlas Minine ,\ 
Milling Co.; Affiliated Colo. Lambda 1911. 
Snefflels; res. 1024 N. Main St., Pueblo, Colo. 

Frank Pryor, Tr., 

Housefurnishing. Main and 2d Sts. ; res. 1325 
Greenwood St., Pueblo, Colo. 

F. Raymond Rochford, 

LL. B., 1910; Theta Nu Epsilon; Lawye- ; 
Prosecuting Atty., Hamden, Conn., 1913-15, 

1915-17. 17 ; Member New England Club. 

129 Church St., New Haven; Hamden 1'. ( (.. 
Hamden, Conn. 

Joseph Sampson, 

LL. B., 1909 Univ. of Denver; Theta Nu 

Epsilon; Lawyer; Public Exam, of Titles and 

Adviser to the Registrar under the Torrens 

System; Author articles for Newspapers < n 

Political Subjects; Member University Club 
300 Wight Bldg.; res. 1360 Race St., Denver. 


Antoine Blezek, 

Initiated by Mich. Iota Beta 1909. 

William Harrison Booth, 

'fata Nu Epsilon; Sales Manager T-te-na- 
tional Rubber Co.; P.. P. O. E. No, .- 
"09 S. Broadway; res. "1414 \V. 23d Ave., 
Denver, Colo. 




Scott Howe Bowen, 

Aviator; Member Cleveland Advertising and 
Elyria Country Clubs. Greene Aeronautical 
Co.; res. 510 West Ave., Elyria. Ohio. 

George Alfred Crowder, 

1. 1., I!.. 1911; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi 
Delia Phij Golden Crab; University Dramatic 
Club; (dee Club; Asst. Yellmaster, 1900; 
Yellmaster, 1910; Reader of Glee Club, 1907 
08-09-10-11; Mgr. Dramatic Club. tono; 
\ -Pres. Junior Laws, 1910; Lawyer; City 
Attorney, Cripple Creek, 1916; Author "Sena 
lor From Arkansas"; Member Elks. Nolan 
Block, Bennett Ave.; res. 507 E. Golden Ave., 
Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Arthur James Cunningham, 

Initiated by Wis. Alpha, 1909. 

Ralph Bruere Daudt, 

A. 1!., 1907 Cornell; C. E., toio do.: n v :> 
Engineer; Chief Engineer, A. Bentley & Sons 
Co.; .Member Am. Soc. Civil Engineeis, Toledo 
Soc. nf Engineers; Commerce Club. A. Bent- 
ley & Sons Co.; res. 616 Tennyson Place, 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Theodore F. Daudt, 

(2020 Robinwood St., Toledo, Ohio.) 

Clarence H. Fontius, 

Proprietor Ground Gripper Shoe Sto-e. 6r 
S. Hill St., Los Angeles; res. 605 Bushnell 



Richard M. Hennessy, Jr., 

Claims Attorney. 1514 Merchants Bank Bldg.; 
res. Apt. 26 Dolly Madison, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Chester William Horner, 

A. B., 1912 Univ. of Wis.; Sigma Delta Chi; 
Skull and Crescent; White Spades; Varsitv 
Baseball (2) (3); Capt. (4); Athletic 
Council (4) ; Secretary and Business Man- 
ager Board of Education; Affiliated Wis. Alpha 
1912. 1400, 9th Ave.; res. 1909, 13th Ave.. 
Greenely, Ala. 

George Montgomery Lowell, 

(Laporte, Colo.) 

George Matthews, 

B. S. in E. E., 191 1; Vulcan Eng. Soc; Capt. 
baseball team 1910; Assistant Manager Crew. 
Levick Co. of Del.; 161 1 May St., Fort Worth, 

Harold Newnham Raymond, 

R. C. H. A. British Expeditionary Force. 
Care General Post Office, London, Eng. 

Edgar M. Stith, 

Deputy Clerk District Court. Colorado Springs, 
Colo.; Corporal, 1st Field Artillery, N. G. 
U. S. A.; Member Masons. Court House; 
res. Joyce Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

William B. Waldo, 

LL. R.. 1911; Acacia; Phi Delia Phi; Law 
yer; Belknap Block; res. 124 Ave. D, Billings 

James Wesley Wightman, 

II. S. in E. E., 1011; E. E., .0.4; Tan 
Beta Pi; Sabs Engineer for General Electric 
in., ( incinnati Office; Assoc Memher Ami 
Inst. Electrical Engineers. I'. O. Box • 1 •. 
Pinevillc, Ky. 


William Thomas Brown, 

ft05 W. Wall Si . Morrison, III 1 

I )avid 1 irant < i< irdon, 

1 Rock) Ford, Colo > 

Irving Leslie Wightman, 

E. F... 1912: Football. 1912; Valuation Engi 
neer. B01 Tramwav Bldg.; rev 1043 W, .-id 
\>. . Denver. Colo, 

Earl Edwin Wright, 

n \ . 1912; LL. H„ iqi 1 Denvi . r, m ; 
Phi Delta Phi; Thcta Nu Epsilon; "Arch"; 

Mgr. Track Team. 1912; Bank Clerk; Deputy 
County Atty., Big Horn Co., Mont. Bank of 
Victor; res. 410 S. 3d St., Victor, Colo. 


Ralph R. Andrus, 

LL. B., 1913; Phi Delta Phi; Football, 1910- 
[2; Basketball 4 yrs.; Attorney-at-Law ; Mem 
ber Alumni Assn.; Colorado and Montana Bar 
Assns. 824 Symes Bldg.; res. 529 Lafayette 
St., Denver, Colo. 

J. Roy Auers, 

C. E., 1913; Manufacturer Gasoline; Super- 
intendent. Box 645; res. Hotel Tulsa, Tulsa, 

Robert Morrison Beresford, 

C. E., 1913: With Santa Fe and Illinois 
Central R. R. Cos. 1064, 13th St., Boulder, 

Chauncey B. Brewster, 

Salesman Pillsburv Flour Mill Co. 122 N. 
Main St.. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Walter Burchard,* 

d. Sept. 6, 1912, Evanston, 111. 

Robert Smith Burket, 

M. D., 1913; Phi Rho Sigma; Physician and 
Surgeon; Member Colorado State Med. and 
Citv and County of Denver Med. Socs.; A. F. 
& A. M. 625 Commonwealth Bldg.; res. 4619 
Lincoln St., Denver, Colo. 

E. Edgerton Crouter, 

LL. B„ 1913; Phi Delta Phi; Letters for 
Football 3 yrs.; Track 3 yrs.; Attorney. 102 
N. Center St.; res. Westminster Apt., Roose- 
velt St. and 2d Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 

George H. Eveland, 

B. 'S., 1913; Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Xi; Radio 
Draftsman, U. S. Navy. 1030 Ohio St., 
Vallejo, Cal. 

George L. Humphreys, 

12513 W. 26th St., Denver, Col.) 

lames Robert McClelland, 

LL. B., 1913: Phi Alpha Delta; Football 4 
yrs.; Baseball, 1st Asst. Mgr., 191 1, Asst. 
Mgr.. 1912 an. Mgr., 1913; 1st Lieut. Inf., 
U. S. N. G.; Asst. Cashier Merchants and 
Miners Natl. Bank. 946 Colorado St., Idaho 
Springs, Colo. 

Lewis K. Maires, 

B. S., 1914; Theta Nu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; 
Pres. of the Combined Engineering School; 
Civil Engineer; Member Colorado Soc. of 
Civil Engineers. 729 E. 16th Ave., Denver, 

]av AT. Parrish, 

LL. 1!.. 1913: Lawyer. 603 Idaho Bldg.; 
res 1311 E. State St., Boise, Idaho. 

Joseoh Carr Savage, 

1st Lieut. Med. Corps, U. S. Army. Care 
Adjutant General of the Army, Washington, 
1). C. 

George Hamlin Shaw, 

A. li.. 1913; LL. B., 191-5: PI" Delta Phi; 
Delta Sigma Rho; Somalia; Heart and Dag- 
en; Golden Crab; Glee and Players Clubs: 
Debating Squad; Lawyer. 1st Natl. Rank 
Bide.; res. 430 Remington St., Fort Collins, 

Henry Merritt Stenhouse, 

( U. S. Navy, Washington. D. C. ) 

1 .aurence D. Talbot, 

Phi Delta I'ln; Advertising Writer: Asst Mgr. 
Adveitising, Denver Dry Goods Co.; Member 
Denver Chamber of Commerce and Advertis- 
ing Club. Denver Dry Goods Co.; res. Apt 
177, 1--.U Sherman St.. Denver, Colo. 

Robert Emmett Talbot, 

Initiated by Mo. Alpha 1912. 





F red W. Varney, 

A. B., 1913; LL. B., 1914; Phi Delta Phi; 
Golden Crab; Plavers Club (Pres. and Dir.); 
Athletic Editor Silver and Gold; Sophomore 
German Committee; Reader for Glee Club; 
Chairman Law School Smoker Committee; 
Lawyer; Deputy Dist. Atty., Gilpin County, 
1915-16. Nederland, Colo. 

Courtland De Lano Vaughn, 

(1334 Humboldt St., Denver, Colo.) 

Walter H. Wheatley, 

B. S., 1913; Tau Beta Pi; Broker. Care 
James N. Wright Co., First Nat. Bank Bldg.; 

1640 Downing St., Denver, Colo. 

Frank Wilhite. 

B. S. in C. E., 1913; Civil Engineer; Member 
Chickasawba Club; B. P. O. E. and Mason. 
912 W. Walnut St., Blytheville, Ark. 


Donald Bronson,* 

d. August 12, 1912. 

Clinton C. Carney, 

Buyer, Daniels-Fisher Stores Co. 16th and 
Arapahoe Sts. ; res. 1526 Lafavette St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Albert Frederick Garlinphouse, 

A. B., 1914' Leland Stanford Jr. Univ.; Vul- 
can Eng. Soc. (Univ. of Colo.); Civil Eng. 
Soc. (Stanford Univ.); Construction Engineer 
and Superintendent Shafer Const. Co., Los 
Angeles, Cal. ; Asst. res. eng., April to Nov., 
1914 and res. eng., Nov. 1014 to Feb. 1918, 
Cal. Highway Commission, Division 6, Fresno, 
Cal. 539 N. Encina Ave., Visalia. Cal. 

William Coulter Hamilton, 

B. S., 1914; Field Engineer, Westinghouse, 
Church, Kerr & Co. 37 Wall St., New York, 
N. Y.; res. 19 Prospect St., Morristown, N. J. 

Samuel Burdon Sherrill. 

Chemist. Care Empire Zinc Co.; res. 116 N. 
7th St., Canon City, Colo. 

David Christian Stemen, 

LL. B., 1914; Phi Delta Phi; Dramatic Club; 
Attornev-at-Law; City Attorney. First Nat. 
Bank Bidg.; res. East Gregory Ave., Telluride, 

Chauncey H. Vivian, 

Scoop Club; Golden Crab; E. A. of Chapter 
1915; City Editor, Boulder News-Herald. 
2049, 12th St.; res. 1130, 13th St., Boulder, 

Ralph Douglas Waterman, 

Affiliated Mass. Iota Tau, 1915 
(1666 Race St., Denver, Colo.) 


Warren Edward Anderson, 

M. D., 1916, Emory Coll.; First Lieut. M. R. 

C. 319 H. F. Artillery; Interne and House 
Surg., Societe Francaisc de Bienfaisance (New 
York City). 223 W. Georgia St., Pensacola, 

Robert Kane Bent, 

Initiated by Colo. Zeta, 1915. 

Carl Mansfield Billings, 

A. B., 1915; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Delta Phi; 
Sumalia; Heart and Dagger; Editor-in-Chief, 
Coloradoan; Asst. Editor, Silver and Gold; 
3 Intercollegiate Debates- Pres. Assoc. Stu- 
dents; Rancher. Chugwater, Wyo. 

Ben Walker Curry, 

A. B., 1914; LL. B., 1916, Univ. of Ala.; 
Theta Nu Epsilon; Beta Alpha Beta; Sigma 
Phi; Sigma Upsilon, Attic Chapter; Skulls, 
Arch; Philomatic; Attorney; Atty., Mpbile- 
Penn Oil Co.; C. and N. Corp.; Gulf Coast 
News; International Correspondence School; 
Egyptian Paint Co.; Pres. Southern Land Co.; 

Affiiliated Ala. Mu, 1916. 220 City Bank 
Bldg.; res. 108 St. Joseph St., Mobile, Ala. 

James J. Fairweather, 

Ph. B., 1913 Univ. of Chicago; LL. B., 1916, 
Northwestern Univ.; Order of The Coif 
(Northwestern Univ.); Lawyer, Firm of Fair- 
weather, Mason and Gutzell; Member Garfield 
Lodge, A.'F. and A. M.; Affiliated HI. Theta, 
1913. 914, 10S S. La Salle St.; res. 3236 W. 
Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 

William Bethell Foster, 

(910 Pearl St., Denver, Colo.) 

Edward Morris Freeman, 

A. B., 1915; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Sigma 
Rho; Won Oratory Medal High School, El 
Paso, Texas; State Championship Debate Team 
and Industrial Honor, State High School; De- 
bating Team and Represented Univ. of Colo, 
in Debate with Okla., 1915 (won); 2d Lieut. 
Inf. Division, U. S. Army. 920 Detroit St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Tames Howell Gordon, 

Initiated by Ark. Alpha Upsilon, 1914. 

Ernest Clifford Miller, 

Assistant Engineer, 111. Central R. R. 706 
Central Station; res. 6312 Kenwood Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Arthur Leonard Morgan, 

A. B., Leland Stanford Junior Univ.; Opera- 
tor, Idaho Power Co. Bliss, Idaho; res. 423 
Rudd Ave., Canon City, Colo. 

Forrest Clifton Northcutt, 

Initiated by Colo. Zeta, 1915. 

Horace Hale Pierce, 

Private, Quartermasters' Corps, LT. S. Army. 
Care Adjutant General of the Army, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Paul Vanderlip Smith, 

B. S., 191s; Sigma Tau; Vulcan; Freshman 
Football, Capt.; Sophomore Football; Fresh- 
man and Sophomore Baseball and Track; Foot- 
ball Squad, 1913-14; Pres. Combined Engin- 
eers; Vice-Pres. Junior and Sophomore Engin- 
eers and Mechanical Engineers; Sales Engin- 
eer, Ingcrsoll Rand Co. 11 Broadway; res. 351 
W. 71st St., New York, N. Y. 

Russell Bonney Wells, 

Initiated by Colo. Zeta, 1914. 

Clifford G. Weston, 

Acacia; Phi Rho Sigma; Medical Student; As- 
sisting Dr. Frank E. Miller in Writing Scien- 
tific Texts on Vocal Art Science. 17 W. 54th 
St.; res. 393 Central Park West, New York 

N. Y. 


Howard McArdle Baldwin, 

Cadet Officer U. S. Army Air Service, A. E. F. 
Care Charles N. Crittenton Co., ;S Park Place, 
New York, N. Y. 

Lester Treat Beresford, 

B. S., 1916; Sigma Tau; Varsity Basketball, 
3 yrs.; Engineering Dept., 111. Central R. R. 
Care Asst. Eng. 111. Central R. R. ; res. 407 
W. Oak St., Carbondale, 111. 

Standish Edmund Berry, 

A. B. and B. S., 1917; Pres. Class, 1912; 
Electrician Care Colorado Power Co.* res. 
1140, loth'St., Boulder, Colo. 

Paul Joseph Dunn, 

B. S., 1916; Baseball and Basketball Teams, 
19 12-16; Agriculture. Olathe, Colo. 

Charles Barrick Griffith, 

Investment Banker. 302, 1st National Bldg.; 
res. 1550 Lafayette St., Denver, Colo. 

Leslie Middlekauff Le Cron, 

Track, 1913-16; Basketball, Mgr., 1915; Pri- 
vate, Battery D, 341st Field Artillery, U. S. 
Army. 3401 Lincoln Place Drive, Des Moines, 




Fred Scobev, 

(Scobcy, Miss.) 

Walter Thomas Urquhart,* 

d. Nov. 10, 1914. 

Walter Harvey Ziegler, 

A. B., 1916 Univ. of Colo.; Alpha Chi Sigma; 
Sumalia; Heart and Dagger; Football, 1914- 
15; Track Team; Chemist. Rare Metals Ore 
Co.; Member Colorado Union and "C" Athletic 
Club; Affiliated Colo. Chi 1916. Rollinsville; 
res. 3637 Zuni St., Denver, Colo. 


Paul Converse Beresford, 

Sumalia; Basketball. Mgr.; E. D. A. and E. C. 
of Chapter; Student; Sec. Colorado Union. 
1064, 13th St., Boulder, Colo. 

Chauncey Bunce Brewster, 

(838, 14th St., Boulder, Colo.) 

Harold James Brunton, 

B. S. in M. E., 1917; Electrical Engineer. 
117 Brandywine Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 

George Eddy Cook. 

Second Lieut., 20th Inf., U. S. Army. Care 
Adjutant General of the Army, Washington, 
D. C. 

Frank Tohn Devlin, 

LL. B'.. 1917; Student. 1205, 13th St., 
Boulder, Colo. 

Ernest Grill, Tr., 

Lumber. 1739', 12th St., Boulder, Colo. 

Horace Granville Harvey, Jr., 

Initiated by Colo. Zeta 1917. 

Jack Thomas Joyce, jr., 

LL. B.. 1917; Thi Delta" Phi; Baseball, 1913- 
14; Editor and Owner Silverlon Standard: 
Mines and Mining; Treas. Town of Silver- 
ton; Chrinn. Democratic Central Committee; 
Member Elks. 11 17 Greene St.; res. 3 Cot- 
tage St., Bertramville, Silverton, Colo. 

Harry George Liebhardt, 

Farm Foreman. Antcro and Lost Park Res. 
Co. 1035 Foster Bldg.; res. 1856 Washing- 
ton St., Denver, Colo. 

Fred A Luqueer, 

Initiated by Ala. Mu, 1916. 

Ray Tennyson Morgan, 

With U. 'S. Army. Boulder, Colo. 

Frank Leslie Neisler, 

A. B., 1917; Arch Soc; Vaudeville; Fratern- 
ity Baseball. 4 yrs.; E. A., E. D. A., E. R., 
and E. W. of Chapter; Chemist. R. R. No. 
1, Boulder. Colo. 

Forrest Clifton Northcutt, 

Initiated Colo. Zeta 1915. 

William Ancona Ranck, 

Pres. E. V. I\ Debating Soc, 1st Semester, 
1013-14; Varsity Debating Squad, 1913-14; 
Given Leadership of ,,,„■ Debating Team in 
Okla.-Colo. Debate; Winner Second Cash 
Prize ($10.00) in Annual Oratorical Contest, 
1913-14: Cattle Raising; Instr. Ellis County, 
Okla. Public Schools, 1914-15; and Laverne, 
Okla. High School, 1015-16; Member Young 
Men's Democratic Club of Okla. Gage, Okla. 

Thomas I [enry Ryan, 

LL. B.. 1017; Torch and Shield; Order of 

lolden Crab; Cheer Leader; Baseball; 

Mgr. Dramatic Club; Lawyer. 107 Century 
Blag.; res. 920 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 

William A. Paul Walter, 
(Denver, Colo.) 

I [orace Palmer Wells, 

A. B„ 1917; Arch Sophomore Soc (Vice 
Pro I; Glee Club; Chapi 1 1 juartette (2 yrs.); 
Dramatic Club; Men's Union Opera (_■ yrs.), 
Committee (a yrs.); Chaii Social Dept., V. M. 
C. A. Cabinet; !•'.. K , ,.f Chapter; Student 

Columbia Univ. (N. Y. C); Member Y. M. 
C. A. and Mason Blue Lodge. No. 84. 1464 
Milwaukee St., Denver, Colo. 


Walter Harold Batts, 

Track Team; Student; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha 
1919. 300 Eastern Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Howard C. Beresford, 

Torch and Shield; Boosters Club; Sumalia 
(Pres.); Colorado Union (Asst. Mgr.); News 
and Asst. Editor Silver and Cold. 1914-17; 
Basketball, 191 5-17, (Capt., 1917); Baseball. 
I 9 I S~ I 7> Treas. Sophomore Class; E. R. of 
Chapter; Student; Member Y. M. C. A. 1064. 
13th St., Boulder. Colo. 

Wilbur Edwin Brooks, 

Arch Soc. and Acacia; Coal Mine Operator; 
Sec. and Treas., Brooks Fuel Co.; Masonic 
Connections. Care Brooks Fuel Co., Louis- 
ville; res. 1060. 12th St., Boulder, Colo. 

Theodore A. Chisholm, 

Torch and Shield; Privy League; Most High 
Penobscoffer. Privy League; Football, 191 5-'°: 
Fraternity Baseball; Track, 1916; Vice-Pres. 
Class, 1915-16; Student; Member Denver 
Athletic Club. 420 Equitable Bldg., Denver, 

Phillip Jordan Clark, 

Arch Soc; Football, (Asst. Mgr.); With Delta 
Beet Sugar Corp. Delta, Utah; res. 1259 
Steele St., Denver, Colo. 

Karl Samuel Earp, 

Student. Eldorado, Kans. 

Lester G. Kohlhousen, 

LL. B.. 1918; Privy League: Herald in Frat.: 
Student; Memer Colorado Union. 1205, 13th 
St., Boulder, Colo.; res. Raton, New Mexico. 

Walter John Leppla, 

B. S. in M. E., 1918; Privy League; Member 
Am. Soc. Mechanical Engineers. 1559 Marion 
St.. Denver. Colo. 

Arthur G. Lock, Jr., 

Varsity Soccer Team. 1 yr.; Hardware Sales- 
man; Corporal. Quartermaster Corps No. roo, 
U. S. Army. 929 Downing Ave., Denver, 

Walter Fletcher Parkin, Tr., 

Aviator Flying Corps, V. S. Army. 104 
Eastern Ave., Aspinwall, Pa. 

Duval Jackson Prey, 

Student. 1349 High' St., Denver, Colo. 

John Earl Wallace,* 

d. March 22, [915. 

Harold Edward Wheatlev. 

U. S. S. Hartford. Care Navy Dept., Wash- 
ington. D. C. 

George Findlay Willisen, 

Deita Sigma Rho; Torch and Shield; Sumalia; 
Student. 1835 E. jsth Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Harold D. Writer, 

Fraternity Track. 1016; Phi Alpha Corre- 
spondent and E. R. of Chapter; Student. 1235 
Humboldt St., Denver, Colo. 

Kenneth E. Beresford, 

Basketball; Colorado Union Vaudeville; 
Student. 1064, 13th St., Boulder, Colo. 

Robert Laughlin Bone, 

Vaudeville; Fraternity Track; E. C. of Chap- 
ter; Furniture Business; Member Dramatic 
Club. Monte Vista. Colo. 

Robert Glenn Breckenridge, Jr.. 

Torch and Shield; E. W. and E. H. of 
Chapter; Student. 1829 Grand Ave.. Pueblo. 





Leo Frederick Flower, 

Baseball and Football Squads: Freshman 
Football; Fraternity Baseball and Basketball 
(Champs); Campus Cactus Staff; Student. 
Care Western Colo. Power Co.; res. 6:5 N. 
1 st St., Montrose, Colo. 

Lafayette Franklin, 

Student; Automobile Salesman; Member 
Kopus Klub and Rockv Mt. Interstate Sports- 
men's Assn. 86! Humboldt St., Denver, Colo. 

Edward L. Harvey, 

Football; University Choir; Student. 1545 E. 
31st Ave.. Denver, Colo. 

Wendell Thomas Hedgcock, 

Arch. Sophomore Soc. ; Treas. Sophomore 
Class; E. C. of Chapter; Student of Engineer- 
ing. 3S9 Lafayette St., Denver, Colo. 

Harry M. Mulvihill, 

Torch and Shield, Vice-Pres; Scribblers 
Club; Freshman Party Committee; Chrmn. 
Sophomore Dance Committee; Athletic Editor 
Silver and Gold; Coloradoan Staff; Member 
Colorado Union. 1205, 13th St., Boulder; 
res. 1635 Bellaire St., Denver, Colo. 

Elvin Franklin Scheidegger, 

Arch Soc; Freshman Football; Varsity Foot- 
ball, 1916; Fraternity Track; Student. 1205, 
13th St., Boulder, Colo. 

Floyd Santi Steven, 

General Manager Store. Care Shannon Cop- 
per Co., Shannon Hill; res. 147 Riverside 
Ave., Clifton, Ariz. 

Caleb Stone, 

Student. 720 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 

R. Bruce Tidwell, 

Psi Omega; E. R. of Chapter; Student. 315 
Humboldt St., Denver, Colo. 

Andrew Brunton Willison, 

Torch and Shield; Intercollegiate Tennis; 
Warden in Frat.; Student. 1825 E. 25th Ave., 
Denver, Colo. 

Russell Mapes Writer, 

Fraternity Track, 1915-16; Student. 1235 
Humboldt St., Denver, Colo. 


Morton Shelley Bailey, 

Student. 2386 Dexter St., Denver, Colo, 

Ralph O. Baird, 

Fraternity Track and Basketball; Freshman 
Football; Freshman Mgr. Coloradoan ; Re- 
porter, Silver and Gold; Student. 127 Davis 
St., Monte Vista, Colo. 

Albert Sneed MacDonnell, 

First Lieut. Co. C, 359th Inf., U. S. Army. 
Care Adjutant General of the Army, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Clayton Phelps, 

Student. 831 Broad St., Grinnell, Iowa. 

Lloyd Wesley Scheidegger, 

Debating Soc; Freshman Football; Silver and 
Cold Staff; Student. 702 Sherman St., Ft. 
Morgan, Colo. 

Felix Scudder, 

Student. 1212 E. 14th Ave., Denver, Colo. 

William Glenn Sumners, 

Student. 1018 S. High St., Denver, Colo. 

Sam Tucker, 

Freshman Football; Student. 619 Park St., 
Grinnell. Iowa. 

Jeremiah M. Wilson, 

Student. 1450 High St., Denver, Colo. 


Tom Thompson Freeman, 

Student. 920 Detroit St., Denver, Colo. 

Stanley M. Ladd, 

Student. 960 Clark-son St., Denver, Colo. 

Chester Arthur Lamborn, 

2021 Albion St., Denver, Colo. 

Samuel Morris Lee, 

Student. 531 Ensign St., Ft. Morgan, Colo. 

Raymond James Savage, 

Student. "741 Corona St., Denver, Colo. 



Hartford, Connecticut 

Chartered November 11. 1892 

Chapter Withdrawn at the National Convei 
Held at Boston. Mass.. December, 1900 

Frederic S. Crossfield, 

M. D., 1879 Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; Phy- 
sician: Larvngologist and Rhinologist, Hart 
ford Hosp. and Wildwood Tuberculosis Sani- 
tarium: Member American Med. Assn.; New 
England Otological and Laryngological Soc. ; 
Conn. State, County and Hartford Med. Socs. 
75 Pratt St., Hartford, Conn. 


William Joseph Miller, 

A. B.. 1892; A. B., 1893 Harvard; A. M.. 
1896 do.; Phi Beta Kappa; Educator; Private 
6th Mass. Vol. Infantrv, 1898-99; Affiliated 
Mass. Gamma, 1893- (Cleveland, Ohio.) 

Frederick Bradford Cole, 

Clergyman; Rector St. Paul's Church, Wick- 
ford. R. I. (Warren. R. I.) 

Ellis Bedell Dean, 

A. II.. 1893; A. M., 1S96; Charter Member; 
Clergyman; Rector St. James P. E. Church, 
Farmington, Conn. (Wellesley, Mass.) 

William Leslie French, 

A. B., 1893; Charter Member; Lecturing 
Throughout New England on Home Wai Gai 
dens National War Garden Commission, Wash- 
ington, I). ( '.; Founder of the French Demon 
stration Frames; Boys Taught Scientific 
Farming, held in abeyance until after the war; 

Author "What Handwriting Reveals", writing 

constantlj on various phases of the Psychology 
<.i Handwriting for magazines; leading Author 
ity on the subject in this country and abroad; 
Member Sons ,,f the Revolution. Fraunces 
Tavern, Broad St., New York and Gedney 
Farms. White Plains. N. Y. 

Samuel I tenry fobe, 

\ B . S.i; A "M . 1899; Charter Member; 
1 apt Tract Athletic Team; Pre. Glee Club; 
Clerygyman. [5 Clinton St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Herbert Mendenhall Smith,* 

d. 1900, New Hartford, Conn. 

Richard 1 lam Woffenden, 

A. 1!,. [803; A. M . 1896; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Charter Mender; Clergyman. (Apponaug, 

R I 1 


Nathan Tolles Pratt, 

A I! . [8941 M I). ro"| Yale; Charter 
Member; Physician; Member Bridgeport Med. 
Assn.: Conn. State Med S01 ; Am Med 
As-.ii. 1..1 Sn.iii. id Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 


George Edwin Hamlin. 

A. B., 1895; Phi Beta Kappa; Charter Mei 
her; Assistant Superintendent of Repail 
Highway Commission. State Capitol; res. 
May St.. Hartford. Conn. 

Henrv Hakes James, 

Cha'rter Member. (Hartford. Conn.) 

Frederick Ernest Pratt,* 

Tohn Francis Forward, 

B. S.. 1896; Statistician on Class Day; Attor- 
ney-at-Law; Public Defender. Hartford Co.; 
Member Street Bd.; Treas. Trinity Coll. Alum- 
ni Assn.; Member University and Citv Clubs; 
Historical Soc. n Central' Row; res. 281 
Collins St., Hartford, Conn. 

Samuel Kurtz Zook, 
Henry [ohn Gundacker,* 

A. 'B., 1897; M. D„ 100.; Physician. d. 
Dee. 8. 1909. New York, N. Y, 

Ernest Albert Hatheway, 

(Suffield. Conn.) 

Harry Woodford Hayward, 

A. B., 1897; LI- B., .900 Harvard; Class 
Pres.; Mgr. Varsity Football Team. 1896; 
Lawyer; tst Lieut. 107th U. S. Infantry; 
Member Natl. Bd. of Trustees of S. A. E„ 
1905 — ; Member Harvard. Lawyers and LTni- 
versity Clubs; Assn. of the Bar'. City of New 
York; Affiliated Mass. Gamma igoo. 27 Cedar 
Si : res. 60 W. sSth St., New York, N. Y. 


William Russell Allen, Jr., 

Secretary-Treasurer Gerke Allen Cartoon Co.; 
Affiliate.! Mass. Iota Tan. tooo. 1701 Chou- 
teau Ave.; res. 4=;io Maryland Ave., St Louis, 

Austin Cole, Jr., 

(Ocean Park, Cal.) 

Harry Wilson Hurlburt, 

(Hartford Dairy Co.. Hartford, Conn.) 

Roland 1 [enry Mechtold, 

Lieutenant Quartermaster's Corps, N. A.; ,- 1 st 
N. Y. Vol. Infantrv, Spanish-Am. War. 53 

W. joth St., New York, N. Y. 




Allan E. Philbrick, 

(-'i W. 5 2d St., New York, N. Y.) 

Alexander Pratt, Jr., 

A. B.. 1808; M. A., 1900 Yale; Ph. D., igoi 
do. J Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Graduate Greek 
History and Economics; Alumni Prize, 1897; 
Prize Version Declamation, 1898; Tuttle Prize; 
Douglas Prize; 2nd Prize. History and Polit- 
ical Science; Member Natl. Geographic Soc; 
Fellow Am. Assn. for the Advancement of 
Science. 1221 Stratford Ave., Bridgeport, 

Alfred IT. Timpson, 

Merchandise Broker. 100 Hudson St., New 
York, N. Y.; res. 12 Curtis Place, Maplewood, 
N. J. 


John Bowen Bunn,* 

Real Estate, d. June 17, 1912. 

William Robert Golden, 

William Yale Mather, 

(Suffield, Conn.) 

Alexander Neil, Jr.,* 

d. Hagerstown, Md. 

Francis Curtis Smith, 

A. B.. 1899; A. M., 1902; Rector, St. Luke's 
Church; Pres. Diocesan Bd. of Religious Edu- 
cation, Central New York. 812 Columbia St., 
Utica, N. Y. 


Arthur Henry Bryant, 

Grad. U. S. Military Acad. 1897; Officer U. S. 
/>rmv. Care of Adjutant General, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Percy Leon Bryant, 

Review; Principal Gloversville High School. 
(Far Eastern Review, Shanghai, China.) 


Augustine Hugo Wells Anderson, 

Initiated by N. Y. Sigma Phi 1901. 


Saxon Cole, 

B. S., 1902; Iota Kappa Alpha; Flour Milling; 
Member K. of P. and B. P. O. E. Care H. C. 
Cole Milling Co., Chester, III. 

Jewett Cole, 

B. S., 1902 (1413, 12th St., Altoona, Pa.) 



Tallahassee, Florida 

Chartered February 11, 1884 

Charter Withdrawn 

Jesse Talbnt Bernard,* 

A. B., 1S4S; A. M., 1851; LL. D., 1S80: Law- 
yer; Cai)t. and Asst. Quartermaster 8th Fla. 
Regt.. C. S. A.. 1S62-64; Commissioner to 
World's Fair, Philadelphia, 1876; Chicago, 
1893. Mayor of Tallahassee, 187; and 1895- 
97. d. Tallahassee. Fla. 

Isaac Leonard Harris, 

Merchant and Planter. (104 O'Reilly St., 
Havana, Cuba.) 

Clarence fames Miller Shine, 

Charter Member. (Jacksonville. Fla.) 

John Thomas Gavin Crawford,* 

Charter Member, d. July 25, 1899, Ft. Ogden, 

Milton Bryan, 

Initialed by Ga. Epsilon, 1887. 

Elenry Rutgers Shine,* 

Charter Member, d. July 16, 1891. 

Richard Alexander Shine, 

li. 11. S., 1887 Univ. of Montana; Dentist; 
Prea State Bd. of Dental Examiners; Mem- 
ber Woodmen of the World. ol Pj 
thias. Elks. Lewis State Bank Bldg.; res. 257 
\. Calhoun St., Tallahassee. Fla. 

William Bailey, 

(barter Member; Banker. (Lewisburg, N. C.) 

Arlington McMahon,* 

Charter Member, d. 1900, Tallahassee, Fla. 

William Alexander Steele,* 

d. July --7. 1888. Key West, Fla. 

Donald Minor Badger, 

(Ft. Meyers, Fla.) 

( leorge ( iurtis * nun, |r.. 

B S, in I' E., 1014: Phi Kappa Phi; Delta 
Pi Delta; Kelvin Engineering Soc; Cant. Co. 
A. [912-13; Pies. Combined Junior Classes, 

:, Asst. ui Mechanical Drawing, 1911-13; 

Laboratory Asst. Electrical Engineering, 1913- 

14; Vice-Pres. Kelvin Engineering Soc, 1912- 
13; Mgr. Scrub Football; Sophomore and Ju- 
nior Football; Meter Foreman and Actjng 
Commercial Agent, Pcnsacola Electric Co.; 
Member Pensacola Rifle (Sec.) and Pensacola 
Yacht Clubs; Engineers Club of Pensacola. 
Pensacola Electric Co.; res. 719 N. Barcelona 
St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Harold Charles Houghtaling, 

B. S. in Agri.. 1914; Mgr. Football, 191 3 ; 
Cashier New York & Porto Rico Steamship 
Co.; Member 10-th U. S. Infantry (7th Regt. 
New York, N. Y.) 11 Broadway; res. 414 W. 
154th St., New York. N. Y. 

John Rice Springer, 

B. S. A., 1014; Phi Kappa Phi: Manager J. 
Schnarr & Co.. Mfrs. of Insecticides and 
Fungicides. Box 476; res. Box 553, Orlando, 



Niels R. A. Becker, 

(5=9 Oscala St., Jacksonville, Fla.) 

John Shorter Cowles, 

(30 W. 7 th St., Jacksonville, Fla.) 

Henry Edward Freeman, 

(Starke, Fla.) 

Leverett Earl Futch, 

LL. B., 1915; Lawyer; Member of Firm King, 
Spear & Futch. American Bank and Trust 
Co. Bldg., Suite No. 1; res. 850, 6th St., S., 
St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Fred Jordan Hampton. 

Initiated by Ya. Sigma, 191 I. 

Richard Ray White, 

A. B., 1913; LL. B., igis: Charter Member 
Fair Lit. Soc.; Delegate Southern Students' 
Conference: Sec.-Trcas. Athletic Assn.; Inter- 
Soc. Debating Council; Lawyer; Member Or- 
lando Countrv Club. 44 Watkins Block; res. 
108 E. Church St., Orlando, Fla. 

Bradley Carlysle Wilson, 

LL. B., 1915; Attorncy-at-Law. Bartow, Fla. 


Gordon Brown Knowles, 

A. V... iqis: LL. B 6; Fan Lit Soc ; 

John Marshall Debating Soc.: Historic Essay 
Medal, 1913: State Oratorical Medal and 
Bounty, 1915; Senior Class Oratorical Medal. 
rpx6; Lawver; Member Officers Training 
Camp. Manatee Ave.: res. 104 Prospect Ave., 
Bradentown, Fla. 

Burleigh K. Pancoast, 

(St. Petersburg, Fla.) 


Herbert Smith Sawyer, 

(Merritt, N. C.) 


Everett Wilson Barkwell, 

B. S. A.. 1917; Farmer. Crooked Lake, Fla. 

Clyde Crenshaw Caswell, 

(838, 6th St., N., St. Petersburg, Fla.) 

Edward B. Fielding, 

(152 Birchwood Ave.. Oak Park, 111.) 

Frank Joseph Hecker, IT, 

Florida Agricultural Club; Farmer. Century, 
Escambia Co., Fla. 

James A. Johnson. 

B. S. A., 1017; Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Alpha 
Kappa; Theta Ribbon Soc; German Club; 
Varsity Baseball, 1914-16; Varsity Basket Ball, 
1914; Class Football, 1914; Lieutenant. U. S. 
Army. 525, 3d St., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Phillips Ramage McMullen, 

B. S. A., 1917; Agricultural Soc; "Mac" Club; 
Class Football, 1914-17; Farming. P. O. Box 
568, Largo, Fla. 

Charles Madison Mann, 

B. S. A., 1917; Theta Ribbon Soc; German, 
Tennis and Agricultural Clubs; Y. M. C. A.; 
Treas. Freshman Class; Pres. Agricultural 
Club; Vice-Pres. and Pres. Y. M. C. A.; Art 
Editor Seminole (College Annual); Agricul- 
tural Investigation Work. Fernandina, Fla. 

Robert Claire Smaller, Jr., 

Agricultural, University Minstrels, Glee and 
Theta Dancing Clubs; Dramatic Soc; Bd. of 
Control Gold Medal in Oratory; Agriculturist. 
228, 2d St. S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Zachariah Jay Stanley, 

LL. B., 1917; A. B., 1914 Earlham Coll.; John 
Marshall Lit. Soc; Cooley (Law) Club; Pres. 
Senior Law Class; Basket Ball and Track 
Coach: Asst. Athletic Director Univ. of Fla., 
1915-17; Lieut. 327 Infantry, U. S. Army; 
Athletic Coach, Maryville Coll., 1914-15. Lib- 
erty, Ind. 

Henry Rawlings Tribble, 

B. S. A., 1917; Farming. 404 S. Marion St., 
Lake City, Fla. 


Ulmont U. Beville, 

John Marshall Debating Soc; German Club; 
Capt. Football, 1914; Received 3 Football. 3 
Baseball and 2 Basket Ball Numerals at South- 
ern Coll.; Student Rule Committee; Student. 
Ft. Myers, Fla. 

Omer Buck Dahm, 

Student. Hames City, Fla. 

Edwin Wills Freeman, 

Student. Starks, Fla. 

Paul Frank Haigler, 

Student Univ. of S. Carolina. Orangeburg, 
S. C. 

Warren Hayford, 

Student. Portsmouth, N. H. 

Philemon David Huff, 

Initiated by S. C. Delta, 19 14. 

Marshall Leo McClurg, 

Student. 704 E. Wright St., Pensacola, Fla. 

William Lacy Mahon, 

Student. 306 E. 6th St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Charles B. Maloney, 

Aviation Reserve Corps. 1402 W. Main St., 
Kalamazoo, Mich. 



John Moore Murrell, 

Student. 918 Magnolia St., Sanford, Fla. 

Emory Mayers Tiffany, 

Glee Club; Football; Student. 774. 3d Ave., 
Durango, Colo. 

William Hamilton Watkins, 

Life Insurance Salesman, New York Life Ins. 
Co. Care New York Life Ins. Co.; res Y. 
M. C. A., Jacksonville, Gla. 


Louis L. Angle, 

With 5th Division Motor Supply Train, XJ. S. 
Army. Care Adjutant-General of the Army, 
Washington, D. C. 

Etienne George Hoehm, 

Serpent Ribbon Soc; Agricultural and Chem- 
ical Clubs; Freshman Football; U. S. National 
Army; Member Alpha Sigma of Cleveland. 
9009 Parmelee Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Herbert West Liddon, 

Student. Marianna, Fla. 

Howard McCallum Malloy, 

Student. Monticello, Fla. 

Frederick David Morrish, 

With Atlantic Natl. Bank. 1959 Park St., 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Francis Marion Rast, Jr., 

Student. Cameron, S. C. 

Ralph Lester Robinson, 

Theta Ribbon Soc; Clerk United Engineering 
& Foundry Co. 833 N. St. Clair St. E. E., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Elisha Pierson Swift Wright, Tr., 

Student. Harbor Oaks, Clearwater, Fla. 


Henry Crane Ball, 

Theta Ribbon Soc; "F" and German Clubs; 
Varsity Football, Baseball and Track. San- 
ford, Fla. 

Seth Merton Clarkson, 

Asst. Managing Editor Florida Alligator, 1916; 
Student and Newspaper Correspondent. 144. 
10th St., Miami, Fla. 

William Kenneth Collins, 

Grad. Eastman Business Coll., 1 9 1 7 ; Teller, 
Exchange Bank. 615 N. Munroe St., Talla- 
hassee, Fla. 

Goodrich Russell Copeland, 

Theta Ribbon Dancing Club; Student. 714, 
3d Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Gordon Maxwell Epperson, 

Farming and Stockraising. Williston, Fla. 

Elmo Kehr Knight, 

Student. Fairview Ave., Bradentown, Fla. 

Osgood Otto, 

Student. 534 Eaton St., Key West, Fla. 

Hubert Giles Powell, 

U. S. Army. S. Marion St., Lake City, Fla. 

Raymond Stephen Rood, 

Agricultural Club; Varsity Baseball (Short- 
stop) and Football (Fullback and Halfback); 
Farmer; Treas. of Y. M. C. A.; Chaplain of 
Chapter. Richland Ave., Bradentown, Fla. 

Paul Lanius Willoughby, 

Farr Lit. Soc; Flint Chemical Soc; Student. 
200 Roux St., Gainesville, Fla. 





Charles Parke Anderson, 

Student. 157 Dixon Ave., Ben Avon, Pa. 

Harold Latham Barker, 

Student. 13s, 9th St., Miami, Fla. 

Anthony Kennedy Blakney, 

Student. Kershaw, S. C. 

William Fakes Canova, 

Student. Duval St., Lake City, Fla. 

Nathan Bryan Carson, Jr., 

Student. 403 Broadway, Kissimmee, Fla. 

De Forest Lewis Christiance, 

Student. Cocoanut Grove, Fla. 

Mooney Davis Futch, 

Student. 607 E. Duval St., Lake City, Fla 

Adrian Hastings Hall, 

Corporal U. S. Army Ambulance Corps. 
Elizabethtown, Ky. 

Van Ellis Huff, 

Student. Orange Glade Rd„ Miami, Fla. 

Samuel Gideon Johnson, 

Student. 5.25, 3d St., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

lames Caiiyle Lightsey, 

Student. 11S Oak Ave., Bartow, Fla. 

Walter Herman Mann, 

Agricultural Club; Student. Snell Bank 
Bldg.; res. Villa Road, Winter Haven, Flor- 

William Harvey Whitaker, 

Student. Manatee. Fla. 



Athens, Georgia 

Chartered January 15, 1866 

William Le Roy Brown,* 

A. M. Univ. of Va.; LL. D., St. John's Coll.; 
Educator; Pres. Ala. Agricultural ami Mechan- 
ical College, 1SS4; Lieut Col. C. S. A. and 
Commandant, Richmond Arsenal, 1863-65. 

Leon Henry Charbonnier,* 

A. M., 1867 Univ. of Ga.; Teacher; Prof, of 
Ancient Languages, Univ. of Ga., 1866-67; 
Civil Engineering, 1867-77; Natural Philos- 
ophy, 1877. 

Charles Whitmarsh Lane,* 

A. M., 1842 Oglethorpe Coll.; Clergyman. 

Andrew Adgate Lipscomb,* 

D. D., Univ. of Ala.; LL. D., Emory Col- 
lege; Educator; Pres. Tuskagee Female Col- 
lege; Chancellor, Univ. of Ga., 1S74-78; 
Author of Several Religious Books. 

Patrick Hughes Mell* 

Grad. Amherst Coll., 1837; Teacher; Moder- 
ator. Ga. Baptist Assn. and Ga. Baptist Con- 
vention; Pres. Southern Baptist Convention; 
Chancellor Univ. of Ga., 1878; Author of 
Mell's "Parliamentary Practics." 


Carlton Hillyer, 

A. B., 1866; A. M., 1869; Charter Member; 
Phi Kappa; Shared First Commence. Honors 
with Two Others; Retired; Member City 
Council, 1874; Auditor, Ga. R. R., 1869-1914; 
Author, "All Sorts of Statements"; Member 
Knights of Pythias and Master Mason. 952 
Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 

Augustus Longstreet Hull,* 

A. B., 1866; A. M„ 1868:. Banker; Trustee, 
Univ. of Ga., 1885-1901; Engr. Corps, C. S. 

Henry Jackson,* 

B. L., 1866; Charter Member; City Attorney; 
Member Ga. Legislature; Capt. and Adjt. 
Genl., 138th Ga. Regt., C. S. A., 1861-65. d. 
Dec. 13, 1885, Atlanta, Ga. 

Francis Adgate Lipscomb,* 

A. B., 1866; 1st Md. Cavalry, C. S. A. d. 
March 8, 1877. 

James Ray McClesky, 

Initiated by Ga. Pi 1863. 


Allen Fort,* 

A. B., 1867; A. M., 1869; Charter Member; 
Railroad Commissioner; Member Ga. Legis- 
lature, 1872-74 and 1876-S0; Judge Supreme 
Court, S. W. Circuit of Ga., 1882. 

Samuel Spencer, 

Initiated by Ga. Pi 1863. 


Alfred Hamilton Alfriend, 

A. B., 1868; Lawyer; Private, 15th Ga., C. 
S. A. 971/2 Peachtree St.; res. 3 Carriage 
Way, Atlanta, Ga. 

George Dalton Bancroft,* 

A. B., 1868; Teacher; Private, S. C. Regt., 
C. S. A. d. 1878 

fames Augustus Bethune, 

Charter Member; Clerk, War Dept.: Principal. 
Male Acad., Monroe, La.: 3d Sergeant and 
Acting Adjt., Campbell Siege Artillery. 1S63- 
65 and Sergeant 1st Regt. Engineers. C. S. A. 
499 War Dept.; res. 3306 Warder St., Wash- 
ington. D. C. 

Albert Hill Cox, 

A B., 1868; Attornev-at-Law; Member Ga. 
Legislature, 1876-80; Tylers Brigade, C. S. A. 

William Lofton Dennis,* 

A. B„ 1S68; Farmer, d. 1879, Eatonville, Ga. 

Charles S. Du Bose,* 

Attorney-at-Law; Member Ga. Legislature, 2 
Terms, d. 1SS1, Sparta, Ga. 

George Thomas Goetchius, 

Initiated by Ga. Pi 1S63. 

Walter Scott Gordon,* 

A. B., 1868; Railroad Official; Lieut, and Aide 
de Camp, C. S. A. d. Oct. 16, 1888. 

Benjamin Pullium Hollis,* 

A. B., 1868; Attorney-at-Law; Member Cutt's 
Artillery, C. S. A.; Trustee Univ. of Ga. d. 
1893, Americus, Ga. 

Davenport Jackson,* 

A. B., 1868; Solr. Genl.: Member Ga. Legisla- 
ture 1880-88. d. 1884, Augusta, Ga. 

Lucius Lamar McCleskey, 

Charter Member; Assistant "General Freight 
Agent, Southern Railway System; Member 
Capitol City Club. Southern Railway Office 
Bldg.; res. 302 Myrtle St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Albert Letcher Mitchell,* 

B. L.. 1S68; County Judge; Solr. Genl. West- 
ern Circuit of Ga.; Private 63d Ga. C. S. A.; 
City Treas. Athens, Ga. 

Herbert Pearce Myer, 

Clergyman; Dist. Supt. Am. Bible Soc. (Ft. 
Valley, Ga.) 

William Winstead Thomas,* 

A. B., 1868; A. M., 1871; C. E., 1869; In- 
surance; Trustee Univ. of Ga., 1S81-91. (708 
Prince Ave., Athens, Ga.) 




Henry Arthur Whitman,* 

1!. L„ 1868; County lodge; Solr. Genl. West- 
var.l; Grad. Southern Baptist Theol. Sem., 
1X7X; Minister; Private State Troops, C. S. 
A., 1864-65. d., 1911. 

Samuel Frank Wilson, 

A. B., 1868: LL. B.. i860 Cumberland Univ.; 
Judge Supreme Court; Private 2d Tenn. Regt., 
C. S. A.; Member Tenn. Legislature, 1877-79; 
State Senator, 1879-81; Affiliated Tenn. 
Lambda, 1869. (Gallatin, Tenn.) 


Benjamin White Barrow,* 

A. B., i86q; LL. B., 1S70; Lawyer, d., 1876. 

Wilson Edgeworth Bird,* 

A. B., 1869; Merchant. d. Jan. 19, 1910, 
Baltimore, Md. 

Henry Harrison Cabaniss, 

A. B., 1869; Manufacturer; Asst. Sec. Ga. 
Senate (17 vrs) ; Business Mgr. and Part 
Owner Atlanta Journal (18 yrs.); Owner and 
Mgr. Augusta Chronicle (3 yrs.); Member 
Capital City Club. 136 Marietta St.; res. 671 
Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

John I. Callaway, 

Attorney-at-Law; Capt., C. S. A. (Lexington, 

Charles A. Collier,* 

A. B., 1869; Attorney-at-Law; Pres. Capital 
City Bank and Cotton States International Ex- 
position (Atlanta) ; U. S. Commissioner to 
Paris Exposition; Mayor of Atlanta, d., 1900. 

Augustin Clayton Howze, 

A. B., 1869; Demosthenian; Lawyer; Judge of 
Probate Perry County, 1901; Member Ala. 
Constitutional Convention, 1901; Pres. Birm- 
ingham Bar Assn. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg. ; res. 
1025 Sycamore St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Oliver Edwin Mitchell,* 

A. B., 1869; U. S. Marshal, d., 1S97. 

Samuel S. Murdock,* 

Editor Christian Index, d., 18S4, Atlanta, Ga. 

Erasmus Milledge Murphy,* 

d. March, 1876. 

John Daniel Rambo, 

Farmer and Merchant. (Bluffton, Ga.) 

Frank J. Spain,* 

Manager; Private, Cobb's Legion, C. S. A. 
(Quitman, Ga.) 

Howard Van Epps, 

A. B., 1869; LL. B., 1870; Judge, Atlanta 
City Court; Private 19th Tenn. Regt.. C. S. 
A.; Author "Digests of Georgia Reports." 
(Atlanta, Ga.) 

I esse Williams Walters, 

A. B., 1869; Phi Kappa; Sophomore Declama- 
tion Medal; Lawyer and Farmer; Representa- 
tive State Legislature, 1878-79; Solicitor Genl. 
Albany Circuit. 1881-85. 109'/, Washington 
St.; res. 117 Tift St., Albany, Ga. 

Thomas S. Bothwell,* 

d., Augusta, Ga. 

Walter Mixer Jackson, 

A. B., 1870; Phi Kappa; Real Estate. 201 
Terminal Itldg., Augusta, Ga.; res. 3 Forest 
Ave., North Augusta, S. C. 

William Elbert Jackson, 

A. B., 1870; Attorney-at-Law. 

William Sherwood McCarty,* 

A. B., 1870; Clergyman; 27th Ga. Battalion 
of Bays, C. S. A., 1864-65: State Senator, 

Toel Thomas Olive,* 

A. B., 1870; U. S. Land Inspector; Private Ga. 
State Troops, C. S. A., 1864; Memberf Ga. 
Legislature. 1868-69. d., 1897. 

|. Hunter Pope,* 

Lawyer, d. Sept., 1876. 

William Du Gas Trammel,* 

d. June 6, 1884. 


Harry Graig Ansley, 

A. B., 1 871'; Railroad Auditor; Treas. South- 
ern Railroad. (Washington, D. C.) 

Brantley Astor Denmark,* 

A. B., 1 871; President, South West Railroad; 
Member Legislature, d., 1901. 

Henry Richard Goetchius, 

A. B., 1871; Demosthenian Soc; Essay Prize 
Medal; Lawyer; Trustee Univ. of Ga. and 
Columbus. Ga. Public Schools; Master in 
Chancery U. S. Court; Pres. Ga. Bar Assn., 
1897; Member Muscogee and Country Clubs; 
American and Ga. State Bar Assns. Corner 
Broad and nth Sts.; res. 1501, 3d Ave., Co- 
lumbus, Ga. 

Isaac Thomas Heard, 

A. B., 1871; Phi Kappa; Treas. S. A. E., 
Beta Chapter; 1st Medal Sophmore Declama- 
tion; General Agent, Penn Mutual Life Ins. 
Coo. Lamar Bldg.; res. 1003 Meigs St., Au- 
gusta, Ga. 

George Arthur Howell,* 

A. B., 1871; Attorney-at-Law. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

James Luther Cary Kerr, 

LL. B., 1 871; Attorney-at-Law. (Decatur, Ga.) 

Azmon A. Murphey,* 

A. B., 1871; A. M., 1872; LL. B., 1872; 
Attorney-at-Law; Pres. Gordon Inst.; City 
Atty., Barnesville; Member Legislature. 

Edgar G. Simmons,* 

Member Legislature, d. Dec. 12, 1891, Ameri- 
cus, Ga. 

Burgess Smith, 

A. B., 1870; A. M. and C. E., 1871, 3d Honor; 
Demosthenian; Wholesale Book Dealer; Coun- 
cilman and Member of Board of Education. 
121 Auburn Ave.; res. 75 Lucile Ave., At- 
lanta, Ga. 


Edward Bancroft, Jr., 

(Athens, Ga.) 

J. E. Bivins,* 

Director Ga. Loan & Trust Co. d. 1900, 

Walter R. Brown, 

Lawyer; Sophomore Speaker; Founder Ga. 
Epsilon. (2914 E. Hunter St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Henry Latimer Collier, 

C. E., 1872; Chief of Construction, 1917-18; 
Chief Engineer of Six Railroads. 1872-93; 
U. S. Examiner, 1893-08; Chief Engineer of 
Railroad, 1899-00; Commr. of Public Works, 
Atlanta, iqoi-10; Chief Engineer, Yellow Pine 
Mfrs. Assn., ignis; Author. "A Treatise on 
Street Pavements''; Member Engineering 
Assn. of the South. Mystic Shrine. Knights 
of Khorassan and Elks. Citv Hall; res. 252 
W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles Bibb Mitchell, 

Grand Treas., Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mer- 

Leonard Phinizy, 

A. I!.. 1872: LL. B„ 187s; Fanner; Affili- 
ated Tenn. Lambda, 1875. Flat Rock, N. C. 

Cicero Arnold Turner,* 

Lawyer; Trustee Mercer Univ.; Member Ga. 
Legislature, 1S80-81. d. Forsyth, Ga. 




Billington Sanders Walker, 

A. B., 1872; Attorney-at-Law; Pres. Bank of 
Monroe and Monroe Cotton Mills. (Monroe, 

William Bohler Walker, 

A. B., 1S72; Demosthenian; First Prize in 
Eloquence; Minister. Jessup, Howard 

County, Md. 


Robert Adams, 

A. B„ 1873; D. D., 1903 Presbyterian Coll. 
of S. C; Demosthenian; Speakers Place at 
Commencement; Latin Medal; Minister; Pres. 
Presbyterian Coll. of S. C, 1907-10. Pendle- 
ton, S. C. 

Joseph Shelton Davis, 

President Albany Power and Mfg. Co. and 
Albany Trust Co.; Vice-Pres., Citizens First 
Natl. Bank; U. S. Marshal, Southern Dist. 
of Ga. ; Member Rotarian Country Club. 
Davis Exchange Bank BIdg.; res. 514 Pine 
St., Albany. Ga. 

De Witt Clinton Denmark,* 

d. June 11, 1873, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

F. P. Gray,* 

Member Ga. Legislature. 

Richard Henning Randall,* 

A. B., 1873; Real Estate. 

William Thomas Tripp,* 

d. July, 1886. 

J. A. Williams, 

(Americus, Ga.) 


Richard H. Brumby,* 

d. 1S84, Cartersville, Ga. 

William Richards Du Bose, 

M. D., 1875; Univ. of Va.; Medical Officer, 
U. S. Navy; President. Board Medical Ex- 
aminers, Navy Yard; Commissioned Asst. 
Surg. U. S. Navy, 1875; Surgeon Medical 
Insp. and Medical Director, U. S. Navy; 
Member Army and Navy and Chevy Chase 
Clubs; Affiliated with Va. Omicron 1875- 
Board of Medical Examiners, Navy Yard and 
1850 Kalorama Road, Washington, L. C. 

James Neal Johnson, 

Demosthenian; Farmer; Surveyor, Lee and 
Russell Counties; Ala.; Teacher, Barton 
Acad. (Mobile, Ala.) 1880-S1; Principal, 
Phenix City Schools, 189S-99. Smith Station. 

William Edwin Johnson, 

Merchant. (Hillsboro, Texas.) 

Charles Zachariah McCord,* 

A. B., 1874: LL. B., 1879 Cumberland; At- 
torney-at-Law; Member Ga. Legislature, 1SS6- 
88; Trustee Univ. of Ga. ; Affiliated Tenn. 
Lambda. 1879. d. Oct. 1899. 

Eneas Stanley Murphey, 

Insurance. (Barnesville, Ga.) 

Phineas A. Murphey,* 


Sidney Daniel Smith, 

Demosthenian; Warehouseman. 1 N. Lee St., 
Forsyth, Ga. 

Samuel Peeples Sparks,* 

First Sophomore Medal. 1873; Broker. 

Lewis Wimberly Thomas, 

LL. B„ 1874; A. B., 1S72 Pacific Methodist 
Coll.. Santa Rosa, Cat.; A. M., 1876 do.; 
Attorney-at-Law; Solicitor, County and City 
Courts, Clarke County, 1876-82; Criminal 
Court, Atlanta, 1892-96; Member Atlanta and 
Georgia Bar Assns.; Shriner. 508-10 Silvey 
BIdg.; res. R. F. D. No. 6. Box 29, Clearview, 
Peachtree Rd., Atlanta. Ga. 

Thomas Neal Walker,* 

d. Aug., 1872, Monroe, Ga. 


Elisha Peck Smith Denmark, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 1S75. 

William Henry Doughty, 

A. B., 1875; M. D., 1878; Phi Kappa; Sur- 
geon; Dean and Prof, of Surgery Med. Dept. 
Univ. of Ga.; Chief Surgeon Ga. R. R.. 
Charleston & Western Carolina R. R., G. & 
F. R. R. and A. A. R. & E. Co.; Trustee, 
Richmond Acad.; Fellow Am. Coll. of Sur- 
geons, Am. Acad, of Medicine, Am. M.ed. 
Assn., Ga. Med. Assn. and Southern Surgical 
and Gynecological Assn.; Country Club; 
Masons. 822 Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 

W. E. Elam, 

Railroad Official, Ga. Central Railway. (Am- 
ericus, Ga.) 

William Henry Fleming, 

C. E.. 1875; A. M., 1S91; Phi Kappa; Debat- 
ing Soc. ; Tutor in State Coll. before Gradua- 
tion; In First Six in All Classes; Phi Kappa 
Debating Medal; Commencement Orator; 
Medal for Best Essay, Open to Entire Coll. 
and Law Sch., Awarded When Junior; Capt. 
Co. A; Lawyer; Supt. Public Schools, Rich- 
mond County, 1877-1881; Member Ga. House, 
18S8-96; Speaker Last Term; Member of 
Congress, 1897-1903; Pres. Ga. Bar Assn.. 
1894-95; Author, "Volume of Speeches and 
Essays," "De Luxe Edition of Speech on the 
Race Problem"; Member R. M.; Knights of 
Pythias; Mason; Knights Templar and Ga. 
Bar Assn. Leonard BIdg.; res. 2631 Walton 
Way, Augusta, Ga. 

George Fletcher Gober, 

A. B., 1875; A. M.; Judge, Superior Court: 
Trustee Univ. of Ga. (Marietta, Ga.) 

Joseph Marshall Hodgson, 

C E., 1875; Demosthenian; Merchant; Elder, 
Presbyterian Church; Trustee Lucy Cobb 
Inst.; County Commissioner. Clarke Co., Ga. 
Cor. Oconee, Broad and Thomas Sts.; res. 
125 N. Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Hugh Nesbitt Starnes, 

A. B., 1875; Phi Kappa; Cashier Warrant 
Warehouse Co.; Biologist and Horticulturist. 
Ga. Agr. Experiment Station; Prof, of Agri- 
culture and Horticulture, Univ. of Ga. 1101 
Empire BIdg.; res. 1019 S. 17th St., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Pleasant Alexander Stovall, 

B. S., 1875; Editor Savannah Press. (Savan- 
nah, Ga.) 

Thomas Combs Walton, 

A. M., — ; Ph. D., — ; Supt. City Schools. 
(Anderson S. C.) 

Lott Warren, 

Bank Officer (Asst. to Pres.); Agent, Central 
of Ga. R. R., at Americus, 1883-90; Asst. 
Cashier, Bank of Commerce. 1892-1900; Asst. 
State Sec, Y. M. C. A. of Ga., 1903-05. 506 
Candler BIdg.; res. 246 Myrtle St., Atlanta, 



Horace Cornelius Ayer,* 


LeRoy Broun, 

B. S., 1880 Vanderbilt; M. D.. 18S7 do.; 
Founder's Medal, 18S7 (Vanderbilt); Physi- 
cian; Attending Surgeon Woman's Hosp. in 
State of New York; Consulting Surgeon Man- 
hattan State Hosp.; Chrmn. Ex. Committee 
of the Am. Soc. for Control of Cancer; Fel- 
low, Sec. and 1st Vice-Pres., Am. Gynecol- 
ogical Soc; Fellow Am. Coll. of Surgeons. 
N. Y. Acad, of Medicine and N. Y. Obstet- 
rical Soc; Author of Surgical Papers and 




Brochures; Member Hartwood Club. 148 W. 
77th St. New York, X. V. 

Roy I. Dixon, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Henry Gordon Ganahl,* 

A B.. 1876; Treasurer, City and Suburban 
Ry. Cos. 

Thomas Rubens Gibson,* 

A. B., 1876; Editor; Dir.. Sec. and Pres. 
Young Men's Library Assn. d. 1S97, Syria. 

Moses Wiley Harris, 

Planter. (Sparta, Ga.) 

William Madison Henry, 

B S., 1876; Demosthenian; Junior Debater 
and Speaker; Junior Debater Medalist; Cham- 
pion (Inter Soc.) Debater and Senior 
Speaker; Lawyer; Mayor of Somerville. Ga., 
1879- County School Commissioner of Chat- 
tooga County, Ga.; Representative State Legis- 
lature; Judge Superior Courts of Rome, Judi- 
cial Circuit; Master Mason. Masonic lemple; 
res. 501 E. 3d St., Rome, Ga. 

James Urquhart Tackson, 

B S 1876; Phi Kappa; First Honor Senior 
Class; Capt. Military Co.; Capt. of Baseball and 
Football Teams; President North Augusta 
Land Co. ; also North Augusta Hotel Co. and 
North Augusta Water and Gas Co.; Industrial 
Agt., Augusta-Aiken Railway and Electric 
Corp.; Member Bd. of Commerce and Elks. 
Terminal Bldg.. Augusta, Ga.; res. 550 Caro- 
lina Ave., North Augusta. S. C. 

Leonidas Mell Landrum, 

A. B., 1876; Scholarship Medal. Sophomore 
Class; Superintendent of Schools, Member 
Home Mission Bd. of Southern Baptist Con- 
vention; Deacon, 1st Baptist Church; Mem- 
ber National Educational Assn.; Chamber ot 
Commerce and Barnes Lodge No. 55. Odd bel- 
lows. City Hall; res. 507 N. Jackson St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Robert Emmet Mitchell,* 

A B., 1876; Member Ga. Legislature, 1880-84; 
Principal City Schools. d. Jan. 14, 1891, 
Atlanta. Ga. 

Henrv Ponllain Moore, 

A. B., 1876; Editor Augusta Gazette. (Au- 
gusta, Ga. t 

Henry Holcombe Tucker, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 1S75. 

George R. Alexander,* 

R. S. C, 1877: Merchant. 

William Yates Atkinson,* 

Trustee Univ. of Ga.; Speaker House of Rep- 
resentatives, Ga., 1892; Governor of Ga., 1804 
98. d. iqno, Newman. Ga. 

Benjamin Waldo Butler,* 

B. E., 1877; Civil Engineer. 

William Edwin Dozier, 

Demosthenian; Debater Medal (2); Presby- 
terian Minister; Served One Term as Member 
of County Bd. ot Education; Twice Elected 
from Atlanta Presbytery as Commissioner to 
General Assembly of Presbyterian Church of 
(J, S. R. F. D. No. 3, La Grange, Ga. 

Darling rones Knotts, 

Initiated by S, C, Phi 1875. 

Artemus < >. Murphey, 

\ P.. 1877; Demosthenian; Class head 1877; 
\nniversanan Lit. Soc.; Farmer and Fruit 
Giowir. 701 Thomaston St., Barnesville, Ga. 

Albert Durant Smith, 

B E 1877; A. M.. Howard Coll.; Trustee 

East Lake Female Coll.; Insurance. (So,, 
1st Ave. S.. Birmingham, Ala.) 

William Stokes Walker, 

A. B., 1877; Baptist Minister; Missionary to 
China, 1881; Supt. Walton County Schools (6 
yrs.). Monroe, La. 

Charles Lewis Floyd, 

A. B., 1878; Retired; Supt., Citv Public 
Schools, Montgomery, Ala. (28 yrs.). R. F. D. 
2, Forsyth, Ga. 

[dim Tay Huguley,* 

A. B., 1878; First Honor Champion Debater, 
d. July 10, 1881. 

George Herbert Jackson, 

B. C. S., 1878; Real Estate Broker. (1565 
15th St., Augusta, Ga.) 

Samuel T. Lane,* 

A. B., 1878; M. D., 1885; Physician, d., 1888. 

Thomas Summer Mell, 

A. B., 1878; A. M., 1879; C. E., 1879; M. E., 
1879; LL. B., 1890; Pres. Senior Class; Anni 
versarian and Champion Debater Phi Kappa 
Soc; Lawyer; Pres. S. A. E. Natl. Conven- 
tion, 1884; First Eminent Supreme Arehon of 
the Fraternitv; Member Ga. Legislature, 1894- 
95. 2 9 8<A E. Broad St.; res. 257 Hill St., 
Athens, Ga. 

William K. Miller, 

Lawyer; Chancellor Diocese, Ga. Episcopal 
Church; Member Ga. Bar and Augusta Bar 
Assns. 705!^ Broad St.; res. 711 Telfair St., 
Augusta, Ga. 

Samuel G. White, Jr., 
John Hooper Alexander, 

A. B., 1879; Demosthenian; Public Debate, 
1877; Champion Debater, 1879; Permanent 
Pres., Class of 1870; Lawyer; Pres. South 
Ga. Agri. Coll., 1S82-84; Member Legisl. 1904- 
12; U. S. Atty. Northern District of Ga. since 
1913. 406 Government Bldg, Atlanta; res. 18 
College Ave., Decatur, Ga. 

John Haygood Armstrong,* 

B. L., fS 7 9; Lawyer. 

Benjamin Johnston Edwards, 

B. S., 1S79; Phi Beta Kappa; Demosthenian: 
Speaker (2), (.1), (4); Debater, 1877-79: Ad- 
jutant Univ. Cadets; Lawyer; Assoc. Editor 
Walton County Vidette, 1S80-81; Mavor of 
Monroe, l88S-8'o; Clerk Superior Court, 1891; 
Judge Walton County Court, 1891-1905; Mem- 
ber Ga. House of Representatives, 1909-10 and 
1915-17. 214 Broad St., Monroe. Ga. 

William Wallace Lambdin,* 

A. B., 1S79: Lawyer; U. S. Judge of Southern 
District of Ga. 

John Tasper Mikell, 

' Planter. (Edisto Island. S. C.) 

Joseph Hamilton Napier, 

A. B„ 1S70; Demosthenian; Capitalist and 
Planter. Grand Bldg.; res. 271 College St., 
Macon, Ga. 

John Franklin Parker, 

B. S„ 1879; Insurance and Real Estate, m 
N. Broad St.; res. 129 Seward St., Thomas- 
villc, Ga. 

Richard Brevard Russell, 

A. B., 1870; Ph. B., 1879; LL. B.. 1880; Phi 
Kappa: Skull and Bones; Sophomore De- 
claimer; Junior and Senior Orator; Spring 
Debater 1S78; Junior Medalist; Champion De 
hater. Phi Kappa Commencement, 1870; Law- 
yer and Farmer; Representative. Clarke IV, 
Ga General Assembly, 1882-86; Solicitor, Gen- 
eral Western Circuit, 1880-9?: Judge Superior 
Court Western Circuit. 1898-1906, Resigned: 
Judge Court of Appeals of Ga., 1906-13; Chief 




Judge Court of Appeals, 1913-16; Trustee Univ. 
of Ga., 1887-91; Trustee Ga. Normal and Ind. 
Coll. for Girls; Past Grand Master I. O. O. F. ; 
Past Grand Regent, R. A.; Past Grand Rep., 
Knights of Pythias; Member Atlanta Athletic 
Assn. 522-24 Atlanta Natl. Bank Bldg. ; res. 
Whitehall St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles Alexander Scudder, 

Jeweler; Member Chamber of Commerce and 
Cloverhurst Golf Club. 216 Clayton St.; res. 
490 Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Stephen Nathan Woodward, 

LL. B., 1882; Attorneyat-Law. (Barnesville, 


Oliver Hazzard Bartow Bloodworth, 

A. B., 1880; Demosthenian; Junior Debater 
and Senior Class Speaker at Commencement; 
Judge, Court of Appeals; Mayor City of For- 
syth; Member Legislature; Solicitor General, 
Flint Judicial Circuit, 14 yrs. State Capitol, 
Atlanta; res. Forsyth, Ga. 


Thomas Williamson Alexander, 

Ph. B., 1881; Cotton Factor. (432 Broad St., 
Augusta, Ga.) 

Charles Hillyer Brand, 

A. B., 1881; Demosthenian; Lawyer; Member 
of Congress 8th dist. of Ga. ; Ga. Senate 1904- 
05 pres. pro tempore; Solr. Gen. Western 
Judicial Dist., 1896-1904; Judge of Superior 
Court Western Dist., 1906-17; Dir. Ga. Natl. 
Bank and Am. State Bank, Athens, Ga. ; Dir. 
and Former Pres. Brand Banking Co., Law- 
rence, Ga. ; Established two scholarships, one 
in Univ. of Ga. and one in Normal Sch. of 
Ga. for poor bovs and girls; Grand Master of 
the I. O. O. F. of Ga., 189718; Member 
Masons, K. of P., I. O. O. F. and Elks. 
House Office Bldg., res. The Brighton, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

George Rolland Brown,* 

A. B., 1881; Lawyer; Member Ga. Legislature, 
1886; Solicitor Genl. Blue Ridge Circuit, 1888. 
d. Canton, Ga. 

Tracy Irving Hickman, 

Phi Kappa; President Graniteville Mfg. Co. 
(18 yrs.); Member County and One Hundred 
Clubs. Campbell Bldg.; res. 927 Meigs St., 
Augusta, Ga. 

David Wilson Meadow,* 

A. B., 18S1; LL. B., 1882; Attended North 
Georgia Agricultural Coll.; Phi Kappa; Elected 
one of Three Debaters for Public Debate. 
Phi Kappa Lit Soc. vs. Demosthenian Soc. 
which won the Debate in 1881 ; Lawyer; 
Taught School Spring and Summer Months, 6 
yrs.; Clerk, Winter Months, 6 yrs.; Member 
Ga. House of Representatives, Madison County. 
1894-95; Solicitor General Northern Judicial 
Circuit then containing 10 Counties, 1900-08; 
Judge, Superior Court, Northern and Toombs 
Circuits, 1908-16; Affiliated Ga. Delta 1SS1. d. 
Dec. 28, 1917. 

Gwinn Henry Nixon, 

A. B., 1881J Demosthenian; Cotton Factory 
and Farmer; Chrmn. Board County Commis- 
sioners. 851 Reynolds St.; res. cor. Hickman 
Rd. and Meigs St., Augusta, Ga. 

Robert Hardwick Warren, 

Demosthenian; Sophomore Speaker; Manager 
Albany Trust Co. of Ga.; Member Citv Coun- 
cil and County Supt. of Schools; Member 
Knights of Pythias. Broad and Washington 
Sts. ; res. 520 Broad St., Albany, Ga. 


Joseph Brown Alexander, 

Initiated by Ga Delta, 1880. 

Piromis Hulsey Bell, 

A. B., 1882; Champion Debater; Lawyer and 
Farmer (Retired); Registrar, U. S. Draft Act; 
Author "Los Estados Mimics America"; Edi- 
tor .?. A. E. Record, 1S84; Member Bunny 
Club and Odd Fellows. Decatur, Ga. 

Robert Craig Berckmans, 

Polemic; Demosthenian; Horticulturist and 
Expert Adviser on same; Former Pres. Am. 
Nurserymen's and Southern Assns. ; State Bd. 
of Entomology; Bd. of Educ; Pres. Ga. State 
Horticultural Soc; Pres. Home Guard of Ga. ; 
Contributor to many horticultural journals in 
America and Europe; Retired officer N. G. of 
Ga., Capt. Cavalry; Member University Club. 
Washington Rd., Augusta, Ga. 

Robert Bartow Cousins, 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 18S1. 

Julian Field, 

Broker; Member Capitol City and Piedmont 
Driving Clubs. 24 K Luckie St.; res. 805 
Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Gait, 

Initiated by Ga. Delta, 1881. 

Daniel Clayton Peacock, 

A. B., 1883; A. M„ 1893 Univ. of Texas; 
Beta Kappa; Teacher; Principal Peacock 
School; Steward Saint Marks Methodist Ch.; 
Author "The Man With a Cowl"; "In Indian 
Summer"; "Children on the Seashore"; "The 
Woodland Nvmphs"; "A Dew-drop"; "In Two 
Worlds"; Affiliated Texas Rho, 1893. 41 W. 
14th St.; res. 152 Crescent Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Tohn D. Pope, 

A. B., 1882; Demosthenian; Junior Speaker, 
1881; Senior Speaker, 1882; Attorney-at-Law; 
Prosecuting Atty., Dougherty County, 18S8-92 
and 1806-1909; 'Division Counsel Southern Ex- 
press Co. and Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co.; 
Member Am. Bar and Ga. Bar Assns., Capitol 
City (Atlanta) and Knickafoonee Country 
Clubs. 200 Vi Broad St., Albany, Ga. 

Maury M. Stapler, 

Attended Tenn. Med. Coll., 1892; Physician 
(Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat); Member Visit- 
ing Staff Macon Hosp. ; Surg. Ga. Southern 
and F"la. Railways; Member State, County and 
Am. Med. Assns. Citizens and Southern 
Bank Bldg.; res. 203 High St., Macon, Ga. 

Azor Warner Van Hoose, 

Initiated by Ga. Delta, 1SS1. 


Davis Freeman, 

B. E.. 1883; Demosthenian; Sophomore Decla- 
mation Medal; Junior Speaker; Anniversarian 
Demosthenian Soc; Lawver; Judge Citv Court. 
Court House; res. 101 E. 31st St., Savannah, 

John Douglass Gunn, 

Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Merchant. 702 Lump- 
kin St.. Cuthbert, Ga. 

Henrv Scott McCleskey, 

Hotel Proprietor. (Rome, Ga.) 

James Francis Neill, 

Actor; Member Players, Lambs, Green-Room, 
Elks, Eagles and Masons; Affiliated Texas Rho, 
1893. 6284 Vine St., Hollywood. Los An- 
geles; res. 1226 Lomita Ave., Glendale, Cal. 

Hamilton Thinizy, 

A. B., 1881; Demosthenian; First Honors: 
Lawyer; Affiliated Va. Omicron, 1886. 718 
Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 

Leon Henri Charbonnier, Jr., 

Cotton; Member Country and Carmicbael 
(lulis; Affiliated with Va. Sigma 1S86. 739 
Reynolds St., Augusta, Ga. 




Ilenrv Freeman,* 

Insurance, d. June 12. 1S93. 

Edward Algernon Groover, 

Cashier. (Jacksonville, Fla.) 

1 larvev Johnson, 

A. if., 1884; LL. B., 1885; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Phi Kappa; Junior and Senior Speaker; Cham- 
pion Debater, Phi Kappa Soc.; Baseball; Sec. 
Industrial Bureau. Atlanta Chamber of Com- 
merce, Antwerp, Belgium, 1893-97; Alderman 
Atlanta, 1899-1901; Mayor pro tcm., 1900-01; 
Member I' Driving Club and Ga. Soc; 
Sons of tbe Revolution. 67 N. Pryor St.; 
res. 625 Peacbtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Inlm Dagg Mell, 

A. IS.. 1884; LL. B., 1885; Minister; Prof. 
Law School; Member Supreme Council. S. A. 
E., 1885; Solicitor City Court; Pres. Bd. of 
Educ. 807 S. Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 

John Phinizy, 

B. S., 1884; Demosthenian; Druggist; Pres. 
Augusta Drug Co. and Rotary Club; Member 
Rotary Club. 305 Jackson St.; res. 722 Gre-*n 
St., Augusta, Ga. 

Aurelius Albert Riley, 

Demosthenian; City Clerk. City Hall; res. 411 
Smith Ave., Thomasville, Ga. 

Thomas Jefferson Ripley, 

I'h. I'... 1884; Phi Kappa; Lawyer; 1st Lieut. 
Snanish-Am. War. 3d Ga. Vols.; Capt. 5th 
Reg. Ga. Vols., 1896-1902; Member Atlanta 
Bar Assn. and Piedmont Driving Club. siKJ 
S. Pryor St.; res. 141 W. Peachtree St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Irvin Alexander, 

I'll. B., 1885; Demosthenian; Lawyer; Dir. 
Plantive Loan and Savings Bank; Member 
Trustees Acad., Richmond County; Trustee 
Augusta Free School; Member Augusta Bar 
and Ga. Bar Assns. Lamar Bldg.; res. Wash- 
ington Rd., Augusta. Ga. 

James Bishop Alexander, 

Cotton Exporter; Member Carolina Yacht, 
Charleston Elks, Country, Otranto Preserve 
and Green Pond Clubs. Charleston Cotton 
Exchange; res. P. O. Box 29s Charleston, 

William Hale Barrett, 

I'll. I'.., 1885; Demosthenian; First Honor; 
Lawyer; Bd. of Trustees Med. Coll. of Ga.; 
Recorder City of Augusta; City Atty. ; Pres. 
Augusta Building Co. and Cbromitli Building 
Co.; Vice-Pres. Merchants Bank and Atlantic 
Stahs Warehouse Co.; Pres. Ga. Bar Assn., 
191(1-17. Lamar Bldg.; res. 2350 Walton Way, 
Augusta, Ga. 

Inlicn Prosper Alfonso Berckmans, 

Nurseryman. (Care P. T. Berckmans Co., Inc., 
Lamar Bldg.. Augusta, Ga.) 

James Lawrence Brown, 

Phi Kappa; Declamation Medals, Freshman 
1st, Sophomore 1st; Postmaster; Teacher Glad 
Hand Adult Bible Class. M. E, I'll.; Affiliated 
Go Psi. 1885;. Bermuda Hill. Oconee Ave., 
Greensboro, Ga. 

William Dn Pre Carswell, 

A. lb. 1885- LL. B., 1889 Univ. of Va.; De- 
mosthenian; First II. mors, Lawyer; Vice-Pres 

Chickamauga Trust Co.; Member Chatti ,m 

Golf and Country and M nam City Club. 

Affiliateo Va. Omicron, 1889. 800 Broad St ; 
res. Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

II.. His T. Estill,* 

fournalist. d. Savannah, Ga 

John Brown < lordon, Jr.,* 

d. Sept. 12, 1884. 

James Daniel Grant, 

With Columbia Mortgage and Trust Co.; 
Member Capital City and Memphis Country 
Clubs. 80 Madison Ave.; res. 652 Adams 
Ave.. Memphis, Tenn. 

Peter G. Grant, 

Pres. Columbia Mortgage and Trust Co.; 
Member New Y,.rk I X. ?.), Capital City (At- 
lanta, Ga.), Little Kalis Country (Herkimer 
Co., N. Y.) and Memphis Country Clubs. 80- 
82 Madison Ave.; res. 1785 Harbert Ave., 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Arthur Ledlie Groover,* 

Ph. B., 1885; Lawyer, d. 1897, Brunswick, Ga. 

Judson Sapp McElmurray, 

Member State Senate, 1894-95; Attorney-at- 
Law; Collector International Revenue, 189s; 
Mavor Waynesboro, 1891-93. (Waynesboro, 

E. Tressilian Napier, 

Demosthenian; Spring Debater; Real Estate, 

Loans and Insurance; Pres. E. Tris. Napier 

Co. 421, 2d St.; res. 263 College St., Macon, 

William Wilson Osborn, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi, 1885. 

William A. Reid, 

Initiated by Ga. Delta. 1883. 

Grisby Thomas Sibley,* 

State Manager, Life Ins. Co. (352 Green St., 
Augusta, Ga.) 

Daniel Washington Waggoner, 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 1883. 

Hugh Hull Alexander, 

Real Estate; Dir. Natl. Exchange Bank and 
Augusta Savings Bank; Member Augusta. Car- 
michael and Commercial Clubs. Lamar Bldg., 
Augusta; res. Gracewood, Ga. 

Andrew Vincent Anderson, 

Jeweler. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

John Devine Carswell, 

A. B., 1886; Phi Kappa; 2d Honor Class 1886; 
Insurance; Dir. Chatham Bank and Trust Co.; 
Savannah Cotton Exchange; Savannah Bd. of 
Trade; Member Oglethorpe Yacht and Savan- 
nah Bd. of Trade; Member Oglethorp, Yacht 
and Savannah Volunteer Guards Clubs. 112 
Bay St. East; res. 128 Harris St., Savannah, 

William Law Clay, 

A. B. and Ph. B., 18S6; Demosthenian; First 
Honor, A. B. and Second Honor Ph. B., 1886; 
Attomey-at-Law; Member Am. Bar; Ga. Bar 
Assn.; Oglethorpe, Savannah Yacht and Uni- 
versity Clubs. Savannah Bank and Trust Co. 
Bldg.; res. 503 Whitaker St., Savannah, Ga. 

Guy Crawford Hamilton, 

Insurance. (Augusta, Ga.) 

Forest Dudley High, 

Merchant. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Nathan Louis Hutchins, 3d, 

A. B.. 1SS6; Phi Kappa; Attorney-at- Law; 
Member Ga. General Assembly Gwinnett Coun- 
tv 1898-1902; County Solr., 4 vrs.; Referee in 
Bankruptcy, Northern Dist. of Ga., since 1908; 
Delegate S. A. E. Convention. 1884; Member 
University Club. Hutchin's Law Bldg.; rc«. 
West Croghan St., Lawrenceville, Ga. 

Thomas Cobb lackson,* 

A. B., 1886; Delegate S. A. E. Convent 

1884-85. d. Aug. 19. 1892, Atlanta, Ga. 

( Tiaiies Irwin Mell, 

V B., 1886; M. S., 1887; Fire Insurs 
Delegate S. A. E. Convention. 1886; Re-estah 
lished Alpha Mu 1887. 21 Johnson Bldg, 
us. 1016 Hickman Rd., Augusta, Ga. 


Frank Heard Smith, 

Merchant, no Broad St.; res. 324 Reming- 
ton Ave., Thomasville, Ga. 

Pevton Harry Snook, Jr., 

"(Atlanta, Ga.) 

William Augustus Strother,* 

d. April 24, 1888. 

William Edward Wooten,* 

A. B., 1886; General Historian of S. A. E., 
1S85; Member Supreme Council, 1885-86; Ga. 
Legislature, 1890-02; Ga. State Senate, 1892- 
94; Major 1st Ga. Regular Vols.; Col. 4th 
Ga. Infantry; Solicitor General, d. Jan. 28, 
1913, Albany, Ga. 

William Lawrence Manning Austin, 

A. B.. 1887. (Atlanta. Ga.) 

James Henderson Blount, 

Attended Columbia Law Sch., 1890-91 ; Demos- 
thenian Soc; 3d Junior Speakers Place, 1886; 
Lawyer; U. S. Dist. Judge in Philippines, 
1901-05; Confidential Agt., U. S. State Dept. 
in San Domingo during Revolution, 1914; 
Author, "Georgia Forms and Practice"; "The 
American Occupation of the Philippines", 1898- 
1912; Contributor of various articles on Pub- 
lic Questions to North American Review, Re- 
view of Reviews and Harper 's IVeekh. 78 
Fendall Bldg.; res. 210 A St. N. E., Wash., 
D. C. 

J. Ferris Cann, 

Lawver; Member Ga. Senate and House of 
Representatives; Capt. 2d Ga. U. S. V., Span- 
ish-American War; Major, Judge Advocate U. 
S. Army, 31st Division; Pres. Oglethorpe Club; 
Former Commodore and at present Member 
Board of Stewards Yacht Club; Member Elks, 
Golf, Chatham County Country Clubs. Citi- 
zens Trust Co. Bldg.; res. 220 E. 45th St., 
Savannah. Ga. 

William Hampton Hammond, 

Ph. B., 1887; Demosthenian; 1st Honor; Law- 
ver; judge, City Court since 1907. 118 S. 
Broad St.; res. 226 Remington Ave., Thomas- 
ville, Ga. 

Charles Christopher McGehee, 

Ph. B., 1887; A. B., 1889 Howard Univ.; 
Manager Southern Dept., Home Life Ins. Co. 
of N. Y.; Member Piedmont Driving, Druid 
Hills Golf and Capital City Clubs. 726 Em- 
pire Bldg.; res. 126 Juniper St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles Tenkins Montgomery, 

. B. S., 1889 Princeton Univ.; M. D., 1892 
Univ. of Pa.; Demosthenian; Sophomore De- 
claimer; Mathematics Prize; Physician; Prof. 
Med. Juris, and Hvgiene, Med. Dept. Univ. 
of Ga.; Member Bd. of Trustees Summerville 
Acad.; Bd. of Directors Warren Mfg. Co.; 
Major and Surg. National Guard, Ga. ; Former 
Member Bd. of Trustees Ga. State Sanitarium 
and Phvs. and Coroner's Phys. Richmond Co., 
Ga.; Author "The Need of a Scientific System 
of Identification in Georgia"; "Survivors from 
the Cargo of the Negro Slave Yacht Wan- 
derer"; "Old Homes on the South Hills"; 
Member Country Club; Richmond County 
Med. Soc; Am. Med., Southern Med. and Ga. 
State Med. Assns. 918 John's Rd., Augusta, 

Weslev Peacock, 

Ph. B., 1887; President Peacock Military Col- 
lege. San Antonio, Texas. 

Murray McGregor Stewart, 

Ph. B., 1887; Demosthenian; Cotton Merchant; 
Member St. Andrews Soc; Elks; Savannah 
Golf, Oglethorpe, Motor Boat and Savannah 
Yacht Clubs. 5 Bay St.; res. 426, 45th St., 
Savannah, Ga. 

Benjamin Hill Thompson,* 

A. B., 1887. d., 1895. 




Charles M. Walker, 

A. B., 1887; LL. B., 1S93; President and Sec- 
retary, The Monroe Cotton Mills. Monroe, 

Joseph Henry Walker, 

A. B., 1887; President Fifth District A. and M. 
School since 191 1 ; Supt. Commerce Ga. 
Schools, 1888-92; Griffin, Ga., Public Schools, 
1892-1911; Chair Mathematics State, 1905-06. 
R. F. D. 4, Monroe, Ga. 

Warren Weaver Wimberly,* 

A. B., 1887; M. D.; Physician. 


William Edward Baldwin,* 
in Andrew Barnes, 

Ph. B., 1888; Attorney-at-Law; Member Su- 
preme Council and State Legislature; U. S. 
Government Service. 

Thomas Mayhew Cunningham, Tr., 

A. B., 1888; Lawyer; Pres. Chatham Real 
Estate and Improvement Co. and Oglethorpe 
Club; Member Bd. of Education; Member 
Oglethorpe and Savannah Yacht Clubs; Ga. 
Historical Soc; Ga. Bar and Am. Bar Assns. 
26 Bryan St. East; res. 1918 Drayton St., 
Savannah. Ga. 

Clarence Paul Fuller, 

Merchant. (Ellenton, Fla.) 

John Dozier Little, 

A. B., 1888; LL. B., 1890; Demosthenian; 
Attorney-at-Law; Speaker Ga. House of Rep- 
resentatives; Member State Legislature, 189^- 
97; Member Piedmont Driving, Druid Hills. 
University (New York), New York. Maryland 
and Baltimore Capital Clubs. 3d Natl. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 760 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Tames Cooper Mell, 

A. B., 1888; Insurance; Delegate S. A. E. 
Convention, 1884-86. (Athens, Ga.) 

George Anderson Mercer, 

Ph. B., 1888; Lawyer and Investment Banker; 
Trustee Chatham Acad.; Dir. Savings Bank and 
Trust Co. and Chatham Real Estate and Im- 
provement Co.; Treas. Bethesda Orphans Home 
and Florence Crittenden Mission; Member 
Elks, Oglethorpe, Guards, Yacht and Golf 
Clubs. 116 Bull St.; res. 118 Hall St., East 
Savannah, Ga. 

Wilmer Lee Moore, 

Ph. B., 1888; President Southern State Life 
Ins. Co., Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and 
Atlanta Credit Men's Assn.; Chrmn Bd. of 
Mgrs. Ga. Training Sch. for Girls; Founder 
of Ga. Phi; Member Piedmont County, Capi- 
tal City and Druid Hills Golf Clubs. 1233 
Candler Bldg.; res. 36 W. nth St., Atlanta, 
Ga. _ 

Maurice Wheeler Tift, 

Demosthenian; Wholesale Groceries; Mavor 
Citv of Albany; Chrmn Bd. of Educ; Member 
Woodmen of the World; Rotary and Country 
Clubs. 311 Tift St., Albany, Ga. 

George Arthur Whitehead, 

C. E., 1888; Secretary and Sales Manager Chi- 
cago Builders Specialties Co. 11 S. La Salle 
St.; res. 7610 East Lake Terrace, Chicago, 111. 


James Garnett Basinger, 

Initiated by Ga. Delta, 1889. 

Curtiss Buxton Carter, 

M. D., 1890, Medical Coll.. Mobile, Ala ; 
Physician. 171 W. 95th St., New York, N. Y. 

Edward Ware Charbonnier, 

Cotton Business. (Spartanburg, S. C.) 

Chapin McKinstry Gerdine, 





Boiling Anthonv Stovall, Jr.,* 

d. July 29, 1892, Columbus County, Ga. 

William Starr Basinger, Jr., 

Initiated l.v Ga. Delta, 1S89. 

John Anderson Bryan, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi, 1890. 

Bryan Cheves Collier, 

B. E., 1S90; Phi Kappa; Civil Engineer; Gen- 
eral Mgr., Cement Gun Co.. Inc.; Pres. N. Y. 
Cits Mumni .Assn.; Member Supreme Coun- 
cil. 1889-00; Member Bd. of .Trustees; Asst. 
Topographical Surveyor of Mo. River, 1890; 
Member Am. Soc. Civil Engineers. Allen- 
town. Pa.; res. Traylor Apt. Hotel, Allen- 
town, Pa. 

Alhin Eugene Bearing,* 

d. Savannah, Ga. 

Rohert Foster Maddox, 

Banker; Mayor of Atlanta, 1909-10; Pres. Ga. 
Bankers Assn.; Atlanta Chamber of Commerce; 
Vice-Pres. U. S. Chamber of Commerce; Dir. 
Seaboard Air Line Rv.; Ga. Rv. and Powei 
Co.; Trustee Vanderbilt Univ.; Martha Perrv 
Sch.; Pres. Atlanta Natl. Bank: Member Elks. 
Shrincr. Capital City, Piedmont Driving and 
Druid Hills Clubs. Atlanta Natl. Bank; res. 
Paces Ferr>- Rd., Atlanta Ga. 

James Madison Mitchell, 

Druggist. -576 Decatur St.;' res. 57 Cherokee 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Daniel Stetson Sanford. 

Phi Kappa; Lawyer; Vice-Pres. of Millcdge- 
ville Banking; Trustee Ga. Military Coll.; 
Member Tunior Order Masons; Odd Fellows 
and Knights of Pythias. P. O. Box 226, 
Milledgeville, Ga. 

James Bolton West, 

Grocer. (Montgomery, Ala.) 


Francis Maury Fontaine, 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha Mu, 1890. 

Thomas G. Gerdine, 

P. E., 1891; Geographer, U. S. Geological 
Survey; Member Cosmos Club. U. S., Geolog- 
ical Survey. Washington. D. C. 

Marion Mcllenry Hull, 

B. S., 1891 j M. S., 1S92; M. D., 1895 George- 
town Univ.; Phi Beta Kappa; Demosthenian ; 
Soph., Junior and Senior Orators 1st Honor 
in Literary and Medical Courses; Color 
Sergeant and Capt. Cadet Co.; Physician; 
formerly Prof. Materia Medica and Thera- 
peutics, A. C. of P. S. and Atlanta Medical 
Sch,; Elder Presb. Ch.; Pres. Supts. Congress; 
dn. Atlanta Evangelistic Assn.; Author "Notes 
on Therapeutics"; "The War in tin- Light of 
Prophecy"; Member Fulton County Med. Soc ; 
Southern Med. and Ga. Med. Assns. 502 
Grant Bldg. ; res. 505 Spring St.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Harry Rootes Jackson,* 

d. 1891, .itlanta, Ga. 

William I.. Corbins, 

Merchant. 1 Madison, Ga.) 

( larrard I (arris, 

LL. B., 1900 Millsaps Coll., Jacks,,,,, M,v S ; 
Special Agent and Trade Expert. U. S Dcpt. 
of Commerce; Writer: Chrmn. Bd. of Trustees 
Alcorn A and M. Coll., Mix,; Dist. Atty. 
7th Hist,. M,ss, : M.-,i,„ and Aid.- Staff of Gov. 
.las. K. Vardaman, Miss,; Author "Joe 

Book Farmer" (Harpers, 1914); "The 

Trail of the Tcarl" (Harpers, 1916);' "Cen- 

tral America as an Export Field" (U. S. Dept. 
of Commerce, 1915); "The West Indies as an 
Export Field" (U. S. Dent, of Commerce, 
1017); "The Treasure of the Land" (Harper 
and Bros.. X. V., 1917); Charter Member 
Baronial Order of Runnymede. The Depart- 
ment of Commerce, Washington, D. C. ; res. 
515 S. HicUrv St.. Aberdeen, Miss. 

John Calvin Kimbell, 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha Mu, 1891. 


Wallace Winn Bacon, Jr., 

LL. B.. rSo.t; Attornev-at-Law. Member of 
Firm Bacon & Ferrell." Albany, Ga. 

Frederick Greene Barfield, 

A. B., 189.1; Ph. G. and M. D., 1897 Univ. of 
Va. ; Pi Mu; Physician; Attending Phys. St. 
Luke's Hosp, Jacksonville, Fla.; Phys. N. Y. 
Infant Asylum; Member Seminole and Florida 
Country Clubs; Affiliated Va. Omicron, 1897. 
302 St. James Bldg.; res. 14S4 Riverside Ave., 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Julian Scudder Goetchius. 

Asst. Treas Mathieson Alkali Works (21 yrs.); 
Pres. The Saltville Bank, Inc., and Employ- 
ees Mutual Benefit Assn.; Mayor Saltville 
(9 yrs.); Dir. Smyth County Trust Co.; Elder 
Presb. Ch.; Past Eminent ' Commander Lynn 
Commandery Knights Templar: Past Master 
William King Lodge, A. F. and A. M.; Mem- 
ber Acca Temple Shriners. Saltville, Va. 

Andrew Scale Harris, 

M. D., 1804 Univ. of Va.; Physician; Sec. 
and Treas. Southern Med. Soc: 'Member Am. 
Soc. of Tropical Medicine; Affiliated Va. Omi- 
cron. 905 Antwerp Bldg., Mobile. Ala. 

Edward Baker Mell, 

B. S., 1S03; Ala. Agricultural and Mechanical 
Coll.; Principal Athens High School; Affili- 
aetd Ala. Alpha Mu, 1891. Prince Ave.; res. 
897 Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Tames Taylor,* 

A. B., 1893; D. S.; Attorney-at-Law; City Atty. 


David Crenshaw Barrow, 3d, 

A. B., 1894; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Attor- 
ney-at-Law; Member Ga. Legislature, 1907-08; 
Asst. City Atty, 1911-12; Collector of Customs. 
Dist. of Ga., 1913-17; Lieut. 3d U. S. Vol. Inf. 
Spanish-Am. War; Member Ga. Bar Assn.. 
Elks. Masons, Knights of Pythias, Savannah 
Yacht and Oglethorpe Clubs. Savannah Bank 
& Trust Bldg.; res. 426 Abercorn St., Savan- 
nah. Ga. 

George Phineas Butler, 

B. F... 1S94; Gimghoul (Univ. of N. C.) Sphinx 
(Univ. of Ga.); Grad. with First Honors; Eel 
low in Mathematics 18940s; Capt. Football 
[893-94; Baseball, 1893-94; Football (Univ. of 
N. C.) 1S95; Principal and Commandant Acad 
cmy of Richmond Co.; Supt. First Presbyterian 
Church and Sunday School; Affiliated N." C. Xi 
1898. 544 Telfair St., Augusta, Ga. 

William Moore Draper, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi 1894. 

Noel McHenry Moore, 

A. B., 1894; M. S., iSos; M. D.. 1898; Phy- 
sician. (201 Leonard Bldg., Augusta. Gal 

Samuel Lumpkin Olive, 

B. L.. 1895 Mercer Univ.; Demosthenian; 
Ciceronian; Sophomore Declamation Medal; 
Lawyer; Solicitor City Court and Citj Am. 
Elberton; Member House of Representatives. 
Richmond County. 191 1-17: State Senator 
101-: Affiliated Ga. Psi. iSos. Montgomery 
Rldg., Augusta. Ga. 

William Archibald Wilkins, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon, 1893. 





David Crenshaw Barrow, 4th, 

Demosthenian; Banker, Farm Loans and Farm- 
ing; Pres. Barrow Loan & Abstract Co.; Vice- 
Pres. Pelham Land Loan and Improvement Co.; 
Pres. Consolidated Drug Co.; Vice-Pres. Mit- 
chell County Fair, Mitchell County Live 
Stock Assns.'; Pres. Carolina State Bank, Sal- 
uda, N. C; Mason, 32d degree, Shriner. Pel- 
ham, Ga. 

S. H. Hawes, 

(Bainbridge, Ga.) 

Thomas Cobb Hull,* 

d. Sept., 1892. 

Arthur Fleming Latimer, 
Robert Edward Lee, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon, 189.1. 

Malcolm Mabry Lockhart, 
Milledge Lockhart, 

Phi Kappa; Thalian ; Glee Club; Real Estate. 
211 Seventh St.; res. 2423 Walton Way, Au- 
gusta, Ga. 

Howell Blanford Simmons,* 

d. June 13, 1910, Americus, Ga. 

Henry Hegner Steiner, 

Craig Barrow, 

A. B„ 1896; M. P., 1000 Univ. of Md.; 
Demosthenian Lit. Soc. ; Physician; Supt. The 
Ga. Infirmarv; Pediatrist Telfair Hosp. ; Dir. 
Merchants Natl. Bank; Member Am. Med-, 
Ga. Med., Ga. State Med. Assns., Savannah 
Golf, Savannah Yacht and Oglethorpe Clubs. 
23 E Liberty St., Savannah, Ga. 

William Trov Bivings, 

Initiated by 'Ga. Epsil'on 1896. 

Robert D. Draper, 
John Gerdine, Jr., 

Physician. (Athens, Ga.) 

Henry Hillyer, Jr.,* 

d. April 4th, 1895, Augusta, Ga. 

Agnew Hodge Hilsman, 

M. D., 1899 Cornell Univ.; Physician; Citv 
Physician; Member Rotary Club. 206 N. 
Jefferson St., Albany, Ga. 

William Remshart Dancy, 

B. S., 1896; M. D., 1900 Tohns Hopkins 
Univ.; Attended Univ. of Berlin; Univ. of 
Vienna; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Adjutant 
Cadets; Physician; On Staff, Savannah Hosp. 
Bd. of Sanitary Commissioners; Member Am. 
Med. Assn., Ga. State Med., Ga. Med. Socs.. 
Cotillion and Oglethorpe Clubs. 102 Jones 
St. W.; res. 104 Jones St. W., Savannah, Ga. 

James Bothwell Lockhart, 

A. B„ 1896; Phi Kappa; Teacher; Principal 
Summerville Acad. 23^9 Williams St.; res. 
2368 Cumming St., Augusta, Ga. 

Elton Smith Osborne, 

B. S., 1896; M. D., 1899 Univ. of Md. ; 
Demosthenian Lit. Soc.; Ophthalmologist, Sa- 
vannah Hosp., Park View Sanitorium; Fellow 
Am. Med. Assn.; Member Southern Med. 
Assn., County and State Med. Socs.: Masons 
and Elks._ 19 E. Jones St., Savannah, Ga. 

John Daniel Rambo,* 

d. 191 1, Bluffton, Ga. 

Frank Coe Richmond, 

22, 32d St. E. (Savannah, Ga.) 

Edward C. Ryals, 

Journalist. Affiliated Va. Omicron, 1897. 
(Washington, D. C.) 


Richard Boiling Baxter, Jr., 

(Camden, S. C.') 

Robert Irvine Branch, 

Broker; Affiliated Tenn. Omega (Chapter 
Roll) (921 Johns Rd., Augusta, Ga.) 

[Henry] drattan Colvin, 

A. B., 1897; LL. B., 1900 Harvard Univ.; 
Treasurer, Piatt Iron Works; Member Bar 
Assn. (N. Y. C), Harvard (N. Y. C.) and 
City Clubs. Keowee St.; res. 60 W. Miami 
Blvd., Dayton, Ohio. 

Walter Sullivan Cothran, 

A. B., 1897; Phi Beta Kappa; Demosthenian 
Lit. Soc.; Sphinx; Mgr. Football; Manufac- 
turer of Agricultural Implements. Corner E. 
4th St. and N. C. and St. L. Ry.; res. 1002 
E. Second Ave., Rome, Ga. 

Rogers Burton Davis, 

Electrician. (Covington, Ga.) 

Howell Cobb Erwin, 

A. B., 1S97; B. L„ 1898; Lawyer. Southern 
Mutual Insurance Co. Bldg. ; res. 294 Dealing 
St., Athens. Ga. 

George Twiggs Tackson, 

B. S., 1S97; B. L„ 1898; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc.; 
Thi Beta Kappa: Sphinx; First Honor Anni- 
versarian and Champion Debater Phi Kappa 
Soc; Medal Ga.-N.C. Debate; Sophomore, 
Senior, Lawyer, Speaker; Attorney-at-Law; 
Member Ga. Bar and Augusta Bar (Sec.) 
Assns. Lamar Bldg., Augusta, Ga. ; res. 3 
Forest Ave., N. Augusta. S. C. 

George Edmondson Maddox, 

A.'B., 1897; LL. B., 1899 Georgetown Univ.; 
Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Business Mgr. Red 
and Black: Sec. Athletic Assn.; Cadet Capt.; 
Lawyer; Trustee. Univ. of Ga. ; Member 
Chamber of Commerce; Am. Bar, Ga. Bar 
(tst Vice-Pres., 1915) Assns., Coosa Country 
Club, Elks and Shriner. 202-6 E. First St.; 
res. 705 Broad St., Rome, Ga. 

Harry Stovall, 

Sec-Treas., Bludwin Co.; Asst. Postmaster. 
1913-14; Cashier Commercial Bank, 1914-16; 
Member Chamber of Commerce; Mason. 227 
Oconee St.; res. 850 Hancock Ave., Athens, 

Clifford Mitchell Walker, 

A. B., 1S97; Lawyer. (Monroe, Ga.) 


Hugh Screven Brown, 

U. S. Army. (Ft. Howard, Md.) 

Nevle Colquitt, 

B. L., 1S98; Thalians; Scroll and Pen; 
Holder 1 Mile Running Record for Twenty 
Years; E. C. 1897-98; Lawyer; Delegate at 
Large, Dem. Natl. Convention, 1916; Clerk, 
Ways and Means Comm. of Congress; Author, 
"History of Midway." "Savannah's Renais- 
sance." "Heart of Liberty," "Famous Amer- 
icans" and others. 503-14 Southern Bldg.; 
res. 2120 Connecticut Ave., Washington. D. C. 

Walter Talmage Johnson, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon 1896. 

Paul Heartwell Jones, 

Phi Kappa; Tax Collector, Dougherty Countv; 
Alderman, 1906; Member Country Club, 
Masons, Elks, Knights of Pythias. Court 
House; res. 532 Pine St., Albany, Ga. 

Marcellus Oliver Markham, Jr., 
John Houston Mcintosh, 

B. L.. 1898; Lawyer. (Marietta, Ga.) 

lames Ernest ralmour, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 1896. 



Edgar Erastus Pomeroy, 

B. S.. 1898; B. L.. 1899: Phi Kappa; Sphinx; 
Football, 1895-98; Mgr. 98; Cadet Capt., l'rcs. 
Y M. C. A.; Lawyer; Member, Council and 
Mavor Pro-tern.; County Atty.; Col. Natl. 
Guard; Ga. Historical Soc. ; Atlanta Bar 
Assn.; Capital Citv, Druid Hills Golf and 
Atlanta Athletic Clubs. n.'o Hunt Bide; 
res. 395 E. North Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Edward S. Upson, 

Brick Mfr. (Athens, Ga.) 


George Nesmith Barker, 

Affiliated Ga. Phi 1900. 

Thomas Venable Bond, 

M. D.. Univ. of Va.; Physician. P. O. Box 
500, Steilacoom, Wash. 

George W. Brunson, 

Initiated by S. C. Gamma 1898- 

Richard Malcolm Charlton, 

Reporter. (Savannah, Ga.) 

Zack Lamar Cobb, 

B. L., 1899; Phi Kappa; TJ. S. Collector of 
Customs; Member Masons, Elks, Toltec, Uni- 
versity and Country Clubs. U. S. Post Office 
Bldg.; res. 6 Caruso Apartments, El Paso, 

Clarence Lethridge Connerat, Jr., 
Lawrence A. Cothran, 

Cotton Buyer, 

Henry Coleman Daniel. 

Phi Kappa; Insurance; Member Oglethorpe, 
Hussars, Yacht and Golf Clubs. 10 Drayton 
St.; res. 230 Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah, Ga. 

Thomas Norwood Denmark, 

A. B., 1899; Lawyer; Affiliated Va. Omicron, 
iqoi. (Savannah, Ga.) 

Garrard Glenn, 

Lawyer; Affiliated N. Y. Mu 1903. (170 W. 
73d St., New York, N. Y.) 

Marion William Howze, 

Graduate U. S. Military Acad., 1903; Lieut. 
Col. U. S. Army; Judge Advocate, 77th Divi- 
sion ('.imp Upton. N. Y. Care of The Adju- 
tant General LI. S. Army, Washington, D. C, 

Henrv Hull, 

B. S„ 1899; B. L., 1900; Sphinx; Scroll and 
Pen; Track, [808-00; Attorney, Interstate 
Cnnum-rce Ciimmissinn; Author Many Legal 
Articles in Professional Publications. iSth 
St. and IVnn Ave.; res. 1408, 21st St. N. W„ 
Washington, I). C. 

Thaddeus Hanks Johnson,* 

d. 1900. 

Robert Purmedus fanes, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 1899, 

Edward Smith Lyndon, 

Electrical Engineer. (203 E., 30 Church St., 
New York. N. Y> 

Tinsley White Rucker, 

B. L., .899; Insurance. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Charles Cunningham Schley, 

(98 Gaston St., Savannah, Ga.) 

James Boiling Sullivan, 

B. S.. 1800: Phi Kappa: Manufacturer of 
Agricultural Implements; Pres. Towers & Sul 
livan Mfg. Co.;"Dir. Natl. Citv Bank; Sec- 
Treas. Citv Land Co.; Trustee, Shorter Coll; 
Member Masons. Knights Templar. Shriller, 
Coosa Country and Atlanta Athletic Clubs. 
7 E. 4th St.; res. 312 Fourth Ave.. Rome, Ga 

Rogers S. Woods, 

rhi Kappa; Secretary Morehead Co., Member 
Elks. 16 Bay Si E.; res. 107 Oglethorpe Ave, 
VV., Savannah, Ga. 


Charles Reneau Andrews, 

B. S., 1900; Physician. 176 N. Augusta Ave. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Steinmetz Bryan, 

Lawyer. (San Francisco, Cal.) 

Louis Garrard Castleman, 
Harmon Orme Cox, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi, 1899. 

Anderson Green Cozart,* 

d. March 21, 1917. 

Remer Lane Denmark, 

A B., 1900; LL. B., 1901; Phi Kappa; Sphinx 
Business Mgr., Editor-in-Chief Red and Black 
Sophomore, Junior, Senior Speaker; Lawyer, 
Yice-Pres. Liberty Street Branch of Citizens 
and Southern Bank; Member Oglethorpe and 
Cotillion Clubs; Mason. Savannah Fire In- 
surance Bldg.; res. 101, 36th St. East, Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

Yonalbade Gammon,* 

d.. 1897- 
Russell Verstille Glenn, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi, 1899. 

Bryan M. Grant, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi, 1S99. 

John Lamar Irwin. 

Lawyer. (Athens, Ga.) 

Andrew Tay McBride. Jr., 

B. L.. 1900"; Phi Kappa; Sphinx: Asst. Busi- 
ness Mgr. and Business Mgr. Red and Black; 
Asst. Mgr. Football; Capt. Baseball, 1S9S-00; 
Capt. Battery B, 116th Regt. Field Artillery, 
U. S. Army. 188 Cooper St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Tames Wilson Mclntyre. 

" Sheriff. (310 Savannah Bank & Trust Bldg., 
Savannah, Ga.) 

Lamar Cobb Rucker, 

B. S., 1900; Lawyer. (Southern Mutual Bldg., 
Athens, Ga.) 

William Howell Trezevant, Jr., 

Lawyer. (Marietta, Ga.) 

Frederick Geddings Tupper, 

Graduate U. S. Naval Acad.; Ensign. U. S. 
Navy. Care Navy Dept., Washington, D. C 

George Tyson Walter, 

Lawyer. (New York City, N. Y.) 


Albert Troup Cox. 

Lawyer. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

William Mazyk Davis, 

B. S., 1901; B. S.. 1903. Ga. Tech.; Phi Kap- 
pa; Assoc. Editor Gcorqian and Pandora; Busi- 
ness Mgr., 2 yrs., Red and Black; Mgr. Foot- 
ball, 1900; Stock and Bond Investments; Af- 
filiated Ga. Phi. 1904. 305 Georgia Casualty 
Bldg. and 10- Buford PI., Macon, Ga. 

Allen Fort, jr., 

Lawyer. Americus, Ga. 

Blanton Erwin Fortson, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon, 1898. 

Joseph Francis Gatins, Jr., 

Office Fixtures. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

William Wilkins Jones, 

Cotton Factor. (Waynesboro, Ga.) 

Warren C. Lott, lr.. 

Initiated by N. C. Theta, 1901. 

I [erbert 1. ALP.ride, 

A H, mm; Lawyer. (Tallapoosa, Ga.) 

Alexander H. Stewart, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon, 1900. 





Augustus Dixon Adair, Jr., 

Asst. Sec.-Treas., Dir. and Supt., Fu 
Improvement Co.; Member Piedmont Driving 
and Ansley Park Golf Clubs. Walton Bldg.; 
res. 34 E. Sixth St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Frank Harvey Barrett, 

A. B., 1902; Phi Kappa; Editor-in-Chief Geor- 
gian; Editor-in-Chief Pandora; Valedictorian; 
Cotton Factor; Pres. Barrett & Co., Inc.; Vice- 
Pres. Montala Mfg. Co. 703 Reynolds St.; 
res. 2527 Walton Way, Augusta, Ga. 

Sidney Smith Dean, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi, 1901. 

Wilson Moore Hardv, 

A. B., 1902; Phi Kappa (Pres.); Sphinx 
(Pres.); Casque and Gauntlet; Thalians 
(Mgr.); E. T.; E. A.; Province Treas.; Dele- 
gate S. A. E. Natl. Convention; Editor Geor- 
gian Handbook: Pres. Y. M. C. A.; Bryan 
Medal; Intercollegiate Debater; Insurance: 
Former Member Bd. of Trustees Ga. School 
for Deaf; State Democratic Executive Com- 
mittee; Capt. National Guard; Member Ma- 
sons, Shriner and Country Club. 419 Broad 
St.; res. 411 Third Ave., Rome. Ga. 

Edward Young Hill, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon, 1902. 

Augustus Longstreet Hull. 

Sphinx; Football; Baseball; Court Reporter. 
U. S. District Court; res. 1S17 W. Cleveland 
St., Guthrie, Okla. 

John David McCartney, 

Initiated by 111. Psi Omega, 1902. 

Barn* Wright, 

Phi Kappa; Lawyer; Member Ga. Legislature; 
Former Capt. Ga. Nat'l. Guard; Dir. Citizens 
Bank; Member Capitol City (Atlanta) and 
Coosa Country Clubs. Broad St.; res. 903 
Second Ave., Rome, Ga. 


Julian Fiz Simons Baxter, 

Sphinx; Casque and Gauntlet; Football, 1900- 
02; Track, 1900-03, Capt. 1903; Vice-Pres. 
General Supply Co. 37 S.( Forsyth St.; res. 
109 Linwood Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas Wiley Baxter, 

Phi Kappa; Baseball; Wholesale and Retail 
Lumber; Pres. Athens Lumber Co.; Chrmn. 
Bd. of Governors Southern Sash, Door and 
Millwork Mfrs. Assn. 954 N Chase St.; res. 
1354 Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Minor Sadler Boyd, 

Life Assurance. (Stone Mountain, Ga.) 

Camelius Dawson Dorsey, 

B. S., 1903; LL. B., 1907, Columbia Univ.; 
Sphinx; Lawyer, Firm of Dorsey, Sheton & 
Dorsey; Member Piedmont Driving Club. 
Empire Bldg.; res. Wesley Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 

Walter M. Jackson, Ir., 

B. S., 1903; Phi Kapp'a: Sophomore, Junior 
and Senior Speaker; Thalians (Pres. two 
yrs); Mandolin and Club (Guitar); Tenor 
L^niv. Quartette; Magazines and Newspapers; 
Member Commercial Club. Box 206 Augusta, 
Ga. ; res. 410 West Ave., N. Augusta, S. C. 

Clayton Jones, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi. 1902. 

William Henry Tones, 

Initiated by Ga". Psi. 1903. 

Winfield Payne Jones, 

LL. B., 1903; A. B., Georgetown Univ.; Law- 
ver; Member Atlanta Athletic and Piedmont 
Driving Clubs; Soc. of Ark and Dove; Ga. 
and Ala. Bar Assn. 333337 Trust Co. of 
Ga. Bldg.; res. 97 W. 14th St., Atlanta. Ga. 

Francis P. Mclntire, 

C. E., 1901; B. L., 1903; Football, 1902; 
Baseball, Football, 1S99-01, Pa. Milit. Acad.; 

Adjutant 31st Division, U. S. Army, Camp 
Wheeler, Ga. Savannah Bank and Trust 
Bldg.: res. 222 Hall St. E., Savannah, Ga. 

Hush J. Mclntyre, 

Lawyer. (Thomasville, Ga.) 

Ronald Ransom, 

1). I... 1903; Lawver; Member Piedmont Driv- 
ing and Capital City Clubs. 1114 Hurt Bldg.; 
res. 85 Juniper St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Marion Smith, 

Sphinx; Football; Editor Georgian, Pandora; 
Champion Debater; Tunior Orator; Attorney- 
at-Law, Firm of Little, Powell, Smith & Gold- 
stein; 1 st Vice-Pres. Atlanta Bar Assn., 1913; 
Pres. Young Men's Democratic League, 191 1; 
Member Am. Bar, Ga, Bar, Atlanta Bar Assns., 
Ga. Historical Soc, Piedmont Driving, Capi- 
tal Citv and Atlanta Athletic Clubs. 1608, 
3d Nat'l. Bank Bldg.; res. 21 W. nth St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Billington Sanders W 7 alker, 

(Citizens Nat'l. Bank, Macon, Ga.) 

[esse Wallace Walters, 

Lawyer. (Albany, Ga.) 


Joseph L. Hull, 

Casque and Gauntlet; Lawyer; Asst. Attv. 
Genl. of Okla.. 1912-14. 1010 Barnes Bldg.; 
res. 2312 W. Okmulgee Ave., Muskogee, Okla. 

Samuel Randolph Jaques, Jr., 

Manufacturer. 413 Broadway; "res. 221 For- 
syth St., Macon, Ga. 

Sydney Carswell Tones, 

Fertilizer Manufacturer. Box C; res. 80S 
Baduly St., Waynesboro, Ga. 

Arnold D. Robertson, 

(Americus, Ga.) 

Edmund Wevman Strother, 

Graduate U. S. Naval Acad., 1908: Football, 
1 yr. ; Track, 1 yr. ; Championship Middle- 
weight Boxing, 1 yr. ; all at Naval Acad.; 
Lieut. U. S. Navv; Member Armv and Navv 
(Washington, D. C.) and New York Yacht 
Clubs. Care of Navy Dept., Washington, 
D. C. 

Thomas Nelson Woolfolk, Jr., 

1!. L.; Demosthenian; Lawyer; Affiliated Tenn. 
Omega, 1905. 1246, 2d Ave, Columbus, Ga. 

Louis M. Wright, 

Initiated Ga. Phi 1904. 


Austin Hill Barnett, 

(Washington, Ga.) 

Thomas William Cozart, 

B. S., 1905; Cotton Factor; Mgr. Wilkes Lin- 
coln Warehouse Co. Washington, Ga. 

Rhoderick Henry Hill, 

(Washington, Ga.) 

Edgeworth Lamkin, 

C. E., 1905; Baseball; Fire Insurance. 
Athens, Ga. 

Harvey Wilson Moore, 

Attended Davidson Coll., 1903-04; Manager 
Pine Bluff Cotton Oil Mill; Mgr. Southern 
Cotton Oil Co., Concord, N. C. 1907-08; Asst. 
Cashier Merchants & Farmers Natl. Bank, 
Charlotte. N. C.J Member Southern Manufac- 
turers and Mecklenburg Country Clubs, both 
of Charlotte, N. C. P. O. Box 657; res. 1016 
West 6th Ave., Pine Bluff, Ark. 

William Montgomery Nichols, 

(Wavcross, Ga.) 

Paul Wood Plunkett 

(Augusta, Ga.) 

William Crockett T witty, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 1904. 


Tones du Bignon Vow, 

Livestock Breeder. Avalon, Ga. 

Theodore Ellis Atkinson, 

(La Orange. Ga.) 

Archibald Tooms Colley, 

CU. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y.) 

Charles Harmon Cox, 

Initiated Ga. Phi 1905. 

Henry Ewing Dean, 

Bugler, Univ. Battalion; rianter; Member 
Druids Hills Country Club. 177 Juniper St.. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Augustus Hansell Denmark, 

Local Manager, Reliance Fertilizer Co.; Affil- 
iated Ga. Psi 1907. R. 10 Strickland BIdg. ; 
res. 305 W. Hill Ave., Valdosta, Ga. 

Erastus Roy Dorsey, 

LL. B.. 1910 Columbia Univ.; Theta Nu Epsi- 
lon; Phi Delta Phi; Glee Club; Thalian ; Anni- 
versarian; Staff Red and Black; Football; 
Track (Capt.); Lawyer, Firm of Dorsey, Shel- 
ton & Dorsey; Member Capital City Club. 907 
Empire Bldg. ; res. Wesley Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Leonard Erwin, 

B. S. C. E., 1906; B. L., 1910; Phi Kappa 
(Vice-Pres., 1909); Sphinx; Gridiron; Base- 
ball, 1905-06; Pres. Athletic Assn., igoq; Pres. 
Jeffersonian, 1910; Lawyer; 1st Lieut. U. S. R. 
Field Artillery; Member Elks, United Com- 
mercial Travelers of Am. 203 Southern Mu- 
tual Bldg.; res. 524 Hill St., Athens, Ga. 

John B. Felder, 

Traveling Salesman, Procter & Gamble Co. 
Main St.; res. Gayoso Hotel, Memphis, Tenn. 

Edward Norvill Fortson, 

(Washington, Ga.) 

Forest Trippe Gilbert, 

On Foreign Service U. S. Army. Albany, Ga. 

Eugene Pringle Hoke, 

Football; Cotton, Firm of L. Doughty & Co.; 
Member Cotton Exchange: Country' Club and 
Century Club (Athens, Ga.). L. J. Doughty 
& Co., Cotton Row, Augusta; res. 21 Hancock 
Ave., Athens. Ga. 

Golden McBean Knight, 

Official Court Reporter. Western Judicial Cir- 
cuit of Ga. s F.ulelia Bldg.; res. 218 Walton 
St., Monroe, Ga. 

Lansing Burrows Lee, 

A. B., 1006; LL. B., 1010 Harvard Univ.; 
Lawver. Firm of Alexander K: Lee; Member 
Ga. Bar and Augusta Bar Assns. .Lamar 
Bldg.; res. Fleming Ave., Augusta, Ga. 

Tohn Milehell Ross, 

Vice-President Fourth National Bank; Cashier 
Citizens Natl. Bank. 1010-16. Cherry cor. 
Third Sts.j res. 21S Georgia Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Arthur R. Sullivan, Jr., 

Initiated l.y Ga. Phi 1906. 

Edward Hillsman Vason,* 

William Gordon Brantley, Jr., 

A. B., 1907; LL. B., .,,.,. George Washington 
Univ.; I'ln Beta Kappa; Sphinx; Senior Round 
Table; Secretary The A. P. Brantley Co., Sea 
Island Cotton: Member Atlanta Athletic Club; 
Ga. Historical Soc; Knights of Pythias. 
Affiliated Wash. City Rho, 1910. Blackshear, 

( arhsle ( obb, 

H. L„ 1909: Baseball; Lawyi 
Athens, Ga. 

Alvin Zack ( '"\. 

Clerk. (Waynesboro, Ga.) 



S20 Reese St , 

Bryan Brown Davis,* 

■'B. S., 1907; Attended Mercer Univ.j "G" in 
Baseball, Track, 1906; Lawyer, d. Aug. to, 
1913, Macon, Ga. 

Hiram Warner Hill, Jr., 

Cashier People's Bank. Greenville, Ga. 

Lemuel Downing Hill, 

Assistant Cashier Third National Bank. 815 
Broad St., Columbus, Ga. 

John Lindsay Johnson, Tr., 

B. L., 1907; Theta Nu Epsilon; President, 
Tribune Herald Co.; Member Elks, Coosa 
Country Club. 419^ Broad St.; res. 2d Ave., 
East Rome, Rome, Ga. 

Holland B. Lowndes, 

Insurance. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Alvin Wilkins Neely, 

A. B., 1907; Treasurer R. C. Neely Co. 
Waynesboro, Ga. 

I^oring Raoul, 

B. S., 1907; Sphinx; Senior Round Table; 
("apt. Track, 1905-06; Football, 1906-07; Capt. 
Co. "C"; President Consumers Monument Co. 
605 Walton Bldg.; res. Lullwater Road, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Trammell Scott, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Thalians; Glee Club; Base- 
ball; Captain Inf. O. R. C. 97 E. Merritt 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Carrington Sherman, 

U. S. War Deptl (Washington, D. C.) 


Henry Harris Atkinson, 

fewelry; With Eugene V. Havnes Jewelry Co.; 
Member Elks (La Grange, Ga.), Atlanta Ath- 
letic City and Country Clubs. Eugene V. 
Haynes Jewelry Co.; res. Majestic Hotel, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

N. C. Barrett, 

Demosthenian; Lawyer; Judge Municipal 
Court, Dublin, Ga.; City Atty., Barnesville. 
Stafford Ave. Barnesville, Ga. 

Charles Harmon Cox, 

ed by Ga. Phi 1905. 

Milton Cozart, 

I... 1908; Theta Nu Epsilon; Theta Lambda 
Phi; Thalians, Casque and Gauntlet; Imps; 
Demosthenian; Winner Freshman Debate. 
1905; Sophomore Declamation Cup, 1906; Law- 
yer' 1 108 Palmetto Bldg., Columbia; res. 
Ridgeway, S. C. 

Henry Haywood Deane, 

Phi Kappa; Freshman Club; Senior Round 
Table; Thalians; Glee Club; Capt. First Bas- 
ketball Team; Intercoll. State Tennis Champion 
2 vis.; Coll. Champion 3 vrs.; Insurance; Dist. 
Mgr. for Middle Ga. ; Guardian Life Insur- 
ance Co. of N. Y.; Pres. Macon Alumni of 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 409 Georgia Casualty 
Bldg.; res. 310 Washington Ave., Macon, Ga. 

William Theodore Gary, 

B. I... 1908; 2d Lieut. Co. B. 117th Machine 
Gun Battalion, U. S. Army. 718 Greene St., 
Augusta, Ga. 

Lion Boone Hawkins, 

Assistant Cashier Aetna Life Insurance Co.; 
2d Lieut. U. S. R.; Member Capital City and 
Atlanta Athletic Clubs. Aetna Life Insurance 
Co.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Robert Toombs Hawkins, 

LL, B., [908 Mercer Univ.; Attorneyat-Law; 
Affiliated Ga. Psi 1908. Wheatley Bldg., Ainer- 
1CUS, Ga. 

I Icnrv Philip Jones, 

B. I.., 1908; Attended Yale Univ. and Mt. St. 
Mary's (Md.); Theta Lambda Phi; Sham- 
rock Club (Mt. St. Mary's): Sopohomore 
Declamation, 1905; Mt. St. Mary's, 1904; 




i st Lieut, and Capt. Cadets; Attornev-at-Law; 
7 Years Officer, Co. E, ist Inf.. Natl. Guard, 
Ga. Waynesboro, Ga. 

Robert Harrison Tones, Tr., 

B. L., 1008; A. B„ 1906 Princeton Univ.; 
Theta Lambda Phi; Phi Beta Kappa (Prince- 
ton); Sphinx: Casque and Gauntlet; Pres. 
Intercoll. Debating Soc; Lawyer; Pres. 
Princeton Alumni Assn., Ga.; Pres. S. A. E. 
Alumni (1910); Chrmn. .Executive Commit- 
tee. Ga. Children's Home Soc; Member 
F. & A. M., No. 447. Sio Third Natl Bank 
Bldg. ; res. 24 Adair Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Eugene Kellv, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Track, Champion Point 
Scorer; Major of Engineers, U. S. Army; 
Champion at Diving and Handball; Member 
Piedmont Driving, Atlanta Athletic and 
Capital City Clubs. 428 Peachtree St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Remsen Porter Kins", 

B. L., 1908; Attended. Yale Univ.; Business 
Mgr. Pandora; Track; Football; Lawyer; ist 
Lieut. Field Artillery, O. R. C.J Member 
Piedmont Driving Club. 79 Merritts Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

John Dozier Lowndes, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Varsitv Baseball, 190S-06: 
Capt. Varsity Football, 1906; Stock and Bond 
Broker; Pres. Atlanta Alumni Assn. of S. A. 
E., 1917; Member Piedmont Driving and Druid 
Hills Golf Clubs. 601 Empire Bldg.; res. 58 
Ponce De Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

George Andrew Nicolson, fr., 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Insurance. 221 Grant 
5ldg.; res. 28 Prado, Atlanta, Ga. 

Eugene Mason Ransom, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Thalian; Football; Basket- 
ball; Insurance. Special Agent Commercial 
Union Assurance Co., Ltd., of London; Dir. 
Columbus Savings & Loan Assn.; Member 
Muscogee and Country Clubs. 1149 Broad 
St.; res. Dinglewood. Columbus, Ga. 

George Parker Swift, 

B. S-, 1908; Sales Manager, Muscogee Mfg. 
Co.; Member Country Club. Front St.; res. 
1 145 Second Ave., Columbus, Ga. 


Alexander S. Cassels, 

Class Club: Band and Orchestra; Fertilizer 
Dept.. Southern Cotton Oil Co.; Dir. Home 
Syndicate Co.: Member Savannah Golf Club. 
204 Bay St. East; res. 317 \V. 36th St., Sa- 
vannah, Ga. 

Carroll Demcie Colley, 

Cotton Business. (Washington, Ga.) 

Henry Hunter Cranston, 

(1029 Telfair St., Augusta, Ga.) 

Omer White Franklin, 

A. B., 1909; B. L.. 191 1 ; Sphinx; Demos- 
thenian; German Club; Univ. Boating, Junior 
Lit., Gordon Inst, and Gridiron Clubs; Ath- 
letic Assn (Pres.); Capt. Varsity Football, 
1910; Lawyer; U. S. Commissioner; Member 
Valdosta Country Club. Strickland Bldg.; 
res. 314 River St., Valdosta. Ga. 

John Zimmerman Hoke, Jr., 

Mgr. Football; Sergeant Major, 17th Regt. 
Engineers, U. S. A. Expeditionary Forces in 
France: Member Capital City (Atlanta), Cen- 
tury and Country Clubs. lyo Cloverhurst Ave., 
Athens, Ga. 

J. T- Scott, 

Manager, George Duck & Cordage Mill. 
Scottdale; res. Decatur, Ga. 

Robert Bucher Scott, 

A. B., 1909; Cotton Buyer. Scottdale; res. 
Decatur, Ga. 


Emory \\ inship Cabamss, 

Secretary. Macon Railway & Light Co. Public 
Utilities Bldg.; res. Katherine Court. Macon, 

William Gammell Gary, 

(Savannah, Ga.) 

Toe B. Gordon, 

(Columbus. Ga.) 

Samuel Hall, 

Farmer. Hilton Farm, Lorane. Ga. 

Pierre Heard, 

Phi Kappa; Insurance, Agency Supervisor, 
Penn. Mutual Life Ins. Co.; Member Elks 
and Country Club. Lamar Bldg.; res. 1003 
Meigs St., Augusta. Ga. 

Charles Overton Lowe, 

B. S. C. E., 1910; Phi Kappa; Engineering 
Soc; Sec, Athletic Assn.; Capt. Co. B.; 
Civil Engineer. 1565, 15th St., Augusta, Ga. 

Daniel McDougald, 

B. L„ 1910; Theta Lambda Phi; Demos- 
thenian; Casque and Gauntlet; Lawyer, Firm 
of King & Spalding; Chamber of Commerce; 
Member Am. Bar, State Bar, Atlanta Bar 
Assns. ; Capital City, Piedmont Driving and 
Druid Hills Golf Clubs; Mason. Empire 
Bldg.; res. 87 E. 15th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

S. Brazelton Scott,* 

d. Jan. 8, 1910, Atlanta, Ga. 

Tohn Moore Walker, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 1909. 

Louis Edmondson Wisdom, 

B. L., 1910; Phi Kappa; Casque and Gaunt- 
let; Jeffersonian; Gridiron and German Clubs; 
Pres., Vice-Pres., Athletic Assn.; Lawyer; 
Pres. Farmers & Merchants Bank, Cumm'ing, 
Ga. ; Ga. Legislature. 191 2-13; Sec. and Treas. 
Ga. Beta Chapter House Assn., Ga. Beta 
Alumni; Member Capital City and University 
Clubs. Corner Broad and Main Sts.; res. 
Green St. Circle, Gainesville, Ga. 

Max Wright, 

Initiated bv N. C. Theta 1908. 


Robert Waddell Barnes, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 191 1, 

Robert Batty, 

(Rome, Ga.) 

Prank Welborn Blalock, 

(ii Highland Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Garnett T. Brooks, 

Expert Cotton Classer, Bureau of Markets, 
U. S. Dept. Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 

Edward Scott Gay, Tr., 

Southern Bell Tel. and Tel. Co.; Sec-Treas., 
Investment Co.; Member Atlantic Athletic 
„ and Piedmont Driving Clubs; Shriner. 78 S. 
Pryor St.; res. 26 Currier St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Wilbur Oglesby, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Demosthenian; Baseball. 
1908; Superintendent, South Georgia Rail- 
way; Dir ; , Citizens Bank, Valdosta, Ga. ; 
John F. Lewis & Co., Atlanta, Ga.; West Coast 
Lumber Co.; Clerk of Quitman; Member 
Quitman Country Club. Quitman, Ga. 

Thomas B. Sherman, 

(406 Watkins St., Augusta. Ga.) 

Augustus O. B. Sparks, 

(468 College a St., Macon, Ga.) 

Edward Davis Tupper, 

Fire Insurance; Member Atlanta Athletic 
Club. 52 W. nth St., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Conrad Turpin, Tr., 

A. B., ion; B. L., 1914 Mercer Univ.; Law- 
yer; Affiliated Ga. Psi 1913. Georgia Casualty 
Bldg.; res. 376 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 




Edward D. Tracy Wadley, 

(Bolingbroke, Ga.) 

Graham Wright, 

B. 1... Mil i : ' Lawyer. Cor. Third Ave. and 
Broad St.: res. East 3d St.. Rome, Ga. 

Mark Waverly Caubly, 

(ioq E. Linden St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

William Loraine Converse, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon, 191 2. 

Ross Addison Creekmore, 

(Lexington, Ky.) 

Aubille Eager, 

(2030 Mt. Royal Terrace, Baltimore, Md.) 

C. Pinckney Grantham, 

White Friar Ribbon Soc; Lawyer; Affiliated 
with Va. Sigma 1913. 107'A S. Broad St.; 
res. 311 S. Dawson St., Tbomasville, Ga. 

Marry McCleskey Hawkins, 

B. L.. 1015; Phi Kappa; Lawyer. Forsyth St.; 
res. 1301 S. Lee St., Americus, Ga. 

Samuel Stephens King, 

Phi Kappa; Superintendent Public Works; 
Member Masons, Modern Woodmen, Coosa 
Country Club. City Hall; res. Summerville 
Pike R. F.D., No. 1, Rome, Ga. 

Henry Lanier,* 

d. Nov. 25, 1915, Americus, Ga. 

Joseph Henry Lumpkin, 

B. L.,^ 1912; LL. B., 1913. Albany (N. Y.) 
Law School; Phi Kappa; Gordon Inst, and 
Boat Clubs: Lawyer; Citv Recorder; County 
Game Warden: Member Cloverhurst Country 
Club. Holman Bldg.; res. 9- 3 Prince Ave., 
Athens, Ga. 

James Maddox, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi, 1909. 

Benjamin Wade Miller, 

(Appleton, S. C.) 

John Irvin Scott, 

1 190 Milledge Ave. (Decatur, Ga.) 

Thomas J. Scott, 

B. S., 1912; Phi Kappa; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Junior Cabinet; Hardware Merchant; Mem- 
ber Shriner, Elks, Knights of Pythias, Coun- 
try Club. 131 Clavton St.; res. 1160 Milledge 
Ave.. Athens, Ga. 


Alonzo Freeman Awtrey,* 

d. March 27, 191 7, La Grange, Ga. 

Enoch Callaway, 

M. D., 1916 Tulane Univ.; Alpha Kappa 
Kappa; Pres. Sophomore class (Tulane); 
chairman honor com. (2) (3) (4); Physi- 
cian; Pathologist and General Interne, Miss. 
State Charity Hosp.; Affiliated La. Tau Up- 
silon 1917. Main St.; res. 119 Broad St., 
La Grange, Ga. 

Edgar Brown Dunlap, 

A. I'.., Mm; 1!. T... tots: Phi Kappa (Pres.l; 
Sphinx; Halix; Thalians; Junior Cabinet; 
Senior Round Table; Freshman, Sophomore, 
Impromptu and Intercollegiate Debate; Sopho- 
more Declaimer; Tunior Orator; Capt., Major, 
Lieut. Col. Cadets; assoc. ed. Red and Black; 
Toastmastcr Sophomore and Senior Banquets; 
Permanent Pres, Class 1013; Attorney-al Law; 
Teacher of Latin, High School, 1013-14; Tutor 
of Public Speaking Univ. of Ga., 1914-15; 
authoi "II., use on The San, Is." 191,. Gaines- 
ville Natl. Bank Bldg.j res. 51 Green St.. 
Gainesville. Ga, 

Vmbrose ( lordon, 

Captain, Field \i till. 1 v Reserve Corps. 42 
Baj St. F.ast; res. 105 E. .17th St., Savannah, 

Hdes Hamilton, 

B. L., 1913; First Lieut. Cavalry, U. S. R. 
306 E. 4 th St.. Rome, Ga. 

Anson Jesse Ives, Jr., 

(Savannah, Ga.) 

William Addison Knowles, Jr., 

Phi Kappa; Freshman Club; Real Estate; 
Member Masons, Chapter, Knights Templar 
and Shrine. 127-29 Broad St.; res. 911 Wood- 
lawn Ave., Rome. Ga. 

Joe N. Neel, Jr., 

Second Lieut. Co. E. 327th Regt. U. S. Army; 
Affiliated Ga. Phi, 1913. 624 College St., 
Macon. Ga. 

Gwinn Nixon Pope, 

(Albany, Ga.) 

Robert Vance, 

(Buford, Ga.) 

William Thomas Summers, 

Cotton Merchant; Affiliated with Ala. Alpha 
Mu, 191.. Barnesville, Ga. 


Clifton Olen Barrett, 

(Barnesville, Ga.) 

Arthur Charles Beall, 

(653 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Henry Latimer Collier, 

(252 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Robert Jackson De Graffenreid, 

Initiate'd by Ga. Phi, 1914. 

Thomas Irving Denmark. 

(305 W. Hill Ave., Valdosta, Ga.) 

Hugh Mitchell Gannon, 

(Savannah, Ga.) 

Carl Pinson Goldsmith, 

(61 E. 10th St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

William Berrian Hattaway, 

Affiliated with Ga. Psi. 1915. (Bluftton, Ga.) 

Dudley Cowan Huff, 

(22 E. 34th St., Savannah, Ga.) 

George Lewis Cope Hunter, 

(212 W. Hall St., Savannah, Ga.) 

Malcolm Maclean Hutton, 

(220 Henry St. E., Savannah, Ga.) 

William Vernon McMillan, 

(29 E. 14th St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Charles Mills Maclean, 

(722 Drayton St., Savannah, Ga.) 

Pierce Merry, 

B. S., 1914; Gridiron Club; 2d Lieut. 326th 
Inf. National Armv: Member Country Club. 
9th and Reynolds Sts.; res. 2714 Walton Way. 
The Hill. Augusta, Ga. 

Emmitt Tupper Moses, 

(Uvalda, Ga.) 

Nevin Patton, 

(319 E. 8th St., Rome, Ga.) 

Thomas Egleston Tupper, 

B. S„ iqii; Lieut. U. S. R.; Member Atlanta 
Athletic Club. Trust Co. of Ga. Bldg.; res. 
52 W. r i tli St., Atlanta. Ga. 

Harry Maxwell Arnold, 

With the U. S. Expeditionary Forces. Mon- 

Edwin H. Barnes, 

(109 Linwood Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Edward Augustus Barnett. 

Phi Kappa; Freshman Club; Farmer and Tim- 
bei Business; in IT. S. Army. Washington, 




Clifton O. Barrett, 

B. L., 1915: Resident Manager, Hooper-Holmes 
Bureau, Insurance Inspectors; Member Atlanta 
Athletic Club. 923 Healey Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Carden Bunn, 

Debater: Class Teams; U. S. Naval Flying 
Corps No. 1, France; Lowry Natl. Bank, At- 
lanta, Ga., to June 1, 1916. 440 College St., 
Cedartown, Ga. 

Stephen Alexander Crump, Jr., 

Pres. Tunior Class; Varsity Football; Track; 
Basket Ball; Cotton Export. Pallazzo Nuova 
Borsa, Genoa, Italy. 

Joseph Cutler, 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Montgomery Lyle Francis, 

Freshman, Glee and German Clubs; Debating 
Soc; Baseball; Football; Manager of Cotton 
& Cotton Seed Oil Dept.; Tenks, Gwynne & 
Co.; Member Capital City Club, Atlanta, Ga. 
IS Broad St.; res. 14 W. 84th St., New York, 
• N. Y. 

William B. Hattaway. 

Farmer; Affiliated with Ga. Psi 1915. Bluff- 
ton, Ga. 

Dudley Cowan Hull, 

First Lieut., Quartermaster C, N. A.; Served 
with Separate Troop A, Ga. Cavalry, during 
Mexican border trouble; Member Oglethorpe 
and Savannah Golf Clubs. Joseph Hull & Co., 
130 Bav St. E.; res. 22 E. 34th St., Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

John Gerdine Lumpkin, 

Phi Kappa; Law Clerk. Holman Bldg.; res. 
973 Prince Ave., Athens, Ga. 

Alexander MacDougald, 

B. L.. 1915; Demosthenian; Lawyer; Mem- 
ber Bar Assn., Capital City and Piedmont 
Driving Clubs. Healey Bldg.; res. 87 E. 
Fifteenth St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Robert Cooley Maddox, 

M. D., 1916 Emory Univ.; Physician. 1st 
Lieut., Med. Officers Reserve Corps, U. S. 
Army. 419 Third Ave., Rome, Ga. 

Alfred M. Martin, 

(312 Greene St., Augusta, Ga.) 

Thomas Henry Nickerson, Jr., 

Alpha Phi (Prep. School). Athens Hard- 
ware Co.; res. 779 Hill St., Athens, Ga. 

Mitchell Albert Nevin Patton, 

Agricultural Soc; Vice-Pres. Class; One 
Year Special Glee Club; Lumber Business; 
Pres., Treas. and General Mgr.; Member 
Country Club, F. & A. M. No. 113, Elks. 
West Seventh St.; res. 202 Fourth Ave., 

James Wilmer Ray, 

(Monroe, Ga.) 

Willis B. Sparks, Jr., 

B. S. in Commerce, 1915; Business Mgr. Red 
and Black; Business Mgr. Georgia Glee and 
Mandolin Club; 2d Lieut. U. S. Army. 468 
College St., Macon, Ga. 

Clarence S. Tomlinson, 

(Jacksonville, Fla.) 

Basil A. Wise, 

(305 Bond St., Macon, Ga.) 


Benjamin Terry Adams, 

(409 College St., Macon, Ga:) 

William Theodore Campbell, 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

, Augusta, 

h St., Phila- 
St., Augusta, 


Joseph Shelton Davis, 

(Albany, Ga. ) 

Roger Gamble Doughty, 

B. S.. 1916; Medical Student; Men 
try Club, Augusta, Ga. 518 N. 
Baltimore, Md., and 822 Greene St 

Julien Erwin, 

B. L., 1916; Tail Sigma; Grid 
Baseball; Lieut., 55th Inf., U. 
Care of War Dept., Washington, 

Martin Witherspoon Gary, 

Traveling Salesman. 12 
delphia, Pa.; res. 718 C 

Walter Jasper Grace, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 191 5. 

Charlie Will Johnson, 

(602 Pine St., Albany, Ga.) 

Boiling Henry Jones, 2d, 

B. S., 1916; Phi Kappa; Gridin 
Buccaneers; With Atlanta Stove 
Member Atlanta Athletic Club. 
Stove Works; res. 900 Peachtree St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Ben Hollis Lainer, 

(Americus, Ga.) 

William L. Maclntyre, 

(Thomasville, Ga.) 

Clay W. Penick, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon 1914. 

Edward Swanson Pinckard, 

Glee Club. 18 St. Bernard St., Saranac 
Lake, N. Y. 

Milton Candler Scott, 

A. B., 1916; Phi Kappa; Junior Cabinet; 
Senior Round Table; Gridiron and XV Clubs; 
Sophomore Debater; 1st Lieut, Capt.. Major 
Cadets; Permanent Pres. Class 1916. 357 
Pulaski St.. Athens; res. 40 S. Candler St., 
Decatur, Ga. 

John Wright Wheatly, Jr., 

(Americus, Ga.) 


John Pattlow Andrews, 

(315 W. Cambridge St., Greenwood. S. C.) 

Arthur Charles Beall, 

Insurance, Firm of Beall & McMillan; Mem- 
ber Marietta Country Club (Marietta, Ga.). 
Hurt Bldg.; res. 653 Piedmont Ave., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Alonzo Plumb Boardman, 

(Augusta, Ga.) 

James Franklin Brown, Jr., 

(Louisville. Ga.) 

Landon C. Dulaney, 

LL. B., 1917; S. C "Riverside Military Acad.; 
Phi Kappa; Senate; Jcffersonian Club; Attor- 
ney-at-Law; Member Columbia Country, Uni- 
versity and Gridiron (Athens. Ga.) Clubs. 
831 Southern Bldg.; res. 3915 Huntington St., 
Washington, D. C. 

Lauren Holmes Goldsmith, 

B. S., 1916; Medical Student Harvard Univ. 
Harvard Medical School. Boston, Mass.; res. 
850 Peachtree St.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Julien Dontzler Kelly, 

Assistant Bookkeeper and Cashier. Broad 
St., Monroe, Ga. 




Andrew Jackson Milstead, 

Freshman Clubj Traveling Salesman; Member 
Atlanta Athletic Club. 15-17 N. Pryor St.; 
res. 700 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Itihn Elam Nunnally, 

B. S. C. 191 7 ; Varsity Baseball; Secretary; 
Monroe Wholesale Co. 30J Church St.,; res. 
. 1.) Walton St., Monroe, C.a. 

Henry Benning Pease, 

Senate; leffersonian; Gridiron and German 
Clubs. Box 4-1 Athens; res. 1438 Third Ave, 
Columbus. Ga. 

James Wilmer Ray, 

B. L., 1917; Phi Kappa; Jefffersonian; Grid- 
iron, Buccaneers; Sophomore Declaimer. 217 
X. I'.road St., Monroe, Ga. 

Marrion McKenzie Reid, 

A. I;., ioit; Phi Kappa; Buccaneers; German 
Clubs; Sophomore Declaimer. Montezuma, Ga. 

Herman Perry Reynolds, 

(Waynesboro, Ga.) 

George Adams Shu ford, 

Initiated by N. C. Xi, 1917. 

Pinckney Welch Snelling, 

A. B., 1917; Phi Kappa; Senate; Freshman, 
Gridiron and XV Clubs; Y. M. C. A. 198 S. 
Hull St., Athens, Ga. 

Walter S. Staples, 

(203 High St., Macon, Ga.) 

Maxwell Overton Tupper, 

German Club; Lieut., Co. F., 123d Inf. U. S. 
Army; Member Atlanta Athletic Club. 52 
W. nth St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Claude B. Barrett, 

Phi Kappa; Reserve Officers Corps. Gaines- 
ville, Ga. 

Harold Martin Boardman, 

The Hill, Augusta, Ga. 

Robert Elliott Carter, Jr., 

Phi Kappa; Stenographer: Bookkeeper. U07 
Broad St.; res. Wynnton, Columbus, Ga. 

Joseph Stovall de Graffenried, 

Student; Eminent Recorder. 1917-18: Affiliated 
with Tenn. Omega, igiS. .,14 Pine St.. Al- 
bany. Ga. 

Goodwyn Lapp Elkin, 

307 Ponce de Leon Ave.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas Harrold, Jr.. 

Sec-Treas Freshman"; Student. 301 College 
St.. Americus, Ga. 

Robert H. Leonard. 

■ paper man. fournal and Tribune Co.; 
res. 607 7th St.. Knoxville, Tenn. 

William Lynn McKenzie, 

Affiliated with Va. Sigma, 1918. Engram St., 
Montezuma, Ga. 

I ieorge Waller Mercer. 

1 rx E. Hall St.. Savannah, Ga. 

Winfield Robison Xisbet, 

Phi Kappa; leffersonian; Student. Athens; 
Willedgi Mil' , Ga 

Charles Willard Olson, 

408 W. Pcachtree St., \tlanta, Ga, 

Richard Brevard Russell, Jr., 

Phi Kappa; Student. 357 Pulaski St.; ics. 
Winder, Ga. 

Walton Wiley Smith, 

Midshipman U. S. Navy. U. S. X'aval Acad- 
emy, Annapolis. Md, 

|ohn Law Stevens, 

Agricultural Club; Student. 314 River St., 
Valdosta, Ga. 

Samuel Lamar Tribble, 

419 Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 

William Wimberly Wilson, 

Senate; Glee Club tmgr.); Student: Member 
Cloverhurst Country Club, Athens, Ga. Fitz- 
gerald, Ga. 


James Yarnedoe Cranford, 

Phi Kappa; Varsity Baseball; Scrub Foot- 
ball. Valdosta, Ga. 

West Lemuel Crawford, 

Student. 400 N. Patterson St., Valdosta, Ga. 

James Cooper Jones, 

Phi Kappa; Baseball; Student. Valdosta, Ga. 

Alphonso Linton Lippitt, 

Student. 503 Broad St., Albany, Ga. 

William Hill McKenzie, 

Phi Kappa; Senate; Freshman and German 
Clubs; Capt. S. A. E. Football; Student. 
Montezuma, Ga. 

Edward Howard McMichael, Jr., 

Phi Kappa; Varsity Football; Student. Buena 
Vista, Ga. 

Elisha Pierson Swift Wright, Jr., 

Buccaneers; Winner Cross Country, 1916; 
Farmer. The Vineyard, Asheville, N. C. 


William Walker Alexander, 

Phi Kappa; Freshman Club; Student. Thomas- 
ville, Ga. 

William Reynolds Barker, 

Phi Kappa; Student. Gainesville, Ga. 

Richard Orme Campbell, 

Student. 865 Teachtree St.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Edward Steele Carswell, 

Freshman Club; Student. Mission Ridge, 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Whitney Carswell Colburn, 

Freshman Club; Student. Mission Ridge. 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Alexander Davison. Jr., 

Student. 740 Prince Ave. Athens. Ga. 

William Adolphus Dodson, Jr., 

Student. 61; Lee St., Americus, Ga. 

William Stokes Goldsmith, Jr., 

Phi Kappa; Student. 656 Piedmont Ave.. At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Frank Walker Harrold, 

Phi Kappa: Thalians; Student. Americus, Ga. 

Terrell Wingfield Hill, 

Phi Kappa: Freshman Club; Student. 815 
Broad St.. Columbus, Ga. 

lames Edgar McLean, 

Senate; Student: Member Cloverhurst Coun- 
try (Athens) and Kracker Country Clubs. 
Dougias, Ga. 

1920-21] GEORGIA BETA 

Francis Sorrel Mackall, 

Freshman Club; Student. 12 W. Harris St., 
Savannah, Ga. 

Robert Lee Nowell, Jr., 

Phi Kappa; Freshman Club; Sub-Baseball; 
Student. Monroe, Ga. 

Edward Delancy Sledge, Jr., 

Engineering Soc.; Student; Affiliated Ga. Phi 
1920. Athens, Ga. 


Allan Johnson Arnold, Jr., 

217 N. Jackson St., Monroe, Ga. 

Kendrick Goldsmith, 

Student. 824 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Samuel Benjamin Ham, 

Student. 20 E. Spring St., Gainesville, Ga. 

Ricl ard Harris Hancock, 

S udent. 66 W. North Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 


Cliff Cicero Hatcher, Jr., 

Student. 63 Peaehtree Circle, Atlanta, Ga. 

Richard Lee Hickev, 

Student. Piedmont Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. 

Alfred King, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi 1921. 

Richard Dennv King, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi 1921. 

Hiram Hill Nowell, 

Phi Kappa; Student. Highland Ave.. Monroe, 

Frank Darnell Rose, 

Student. 1007 N. Patterson St., Valdosta, Ga. 

Richard Redding Stevenson, 

Student. 1S68 Battery St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Cobb Caldwell Torrance, 

Student. 350 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, 



Daiilonega, Georgia 

Chartered September 29, 1879 

Charter Withdrawn on Account of Internal Dissension on No 

E. H. Beck, 

Clergyman. (Oklahoma.) 

Weir P>oyd, 

Lawyer; Col., 520. Regt. Ga. Vols.. C. S. A., 
1862; State Senate, 188S; Ga. Legislature, 3 
terms. (Dahlonega, Ga.) 

John B. Estes,* 

Lawyer: Col.. C. S. A.; Judge Superior Court. 
N. E. Circuit of Ga. 

George Summers Hoyle,* 

Grad. U. S. Military Acad., 1S73; Officer, 
U. S. Army; Delegate S. A. E. Convention, 
Atlanta, Ga., 18S2; Capt., First U. S. Cavalry. 

William Fleming Lawrence,* 

Merchant; Former Editor Dahlonega Signal. 

Joseph Brown Alexander, * 

A. B., 1880; Junior Speaker, 1881; Senior 
Speaker, 18S2; Second Honors, 1882; Affili- 
ated Ga. Beta 1882. d. Marietta, Ga. 

James Josias Gaillard, 

A.B., 1880; City Engineer, Macon, Ga. 
City Hall; res. 123 Buford Place, Macon, Ga. 

Robert Garner,* 

Charter Member, d. April. 1885. 

L. L. Lyon, 

Charter Member. 

Uldrick Huguenin McLaws, 

Charter Member; Lawyer; Vice-Pres. Com- 
mercial Bank. 15 Bay St.; res. 3 u Ander- 
son St. K., Savannah, Ga. 

Horace Emmett Wilson, 

A. B.. 1880; B. L.. lSSs Univ. of Va.; Char- 
to Member! Phi Mu; kfferson Soc. (Univ. 
of Va.); Lawyer; Member of Firm Wilson & 
Rogers; Affiliate, I Y.-i, Omicron 1886. 16 
Bryant St. E.; res. 203, 36th St. W., Savan- 
nah. Ga. 

Walter Scott Wilson, 

A. B.. 1880; A. M., 188.1 Univ. of Ga.; Char- 
ter Member; Firsl Honor, 1880; Gold Medal 
for Best Record, 1879-80; Capt. Co. A. Cadet 
1 orp Hi- iii 1..11 and Surgeon. 221 Jones St. 
E.. Savannah, Ga. 


Horace Maecenas Harden,* 

d. Feb. 5, 1882, Nashville, Term. 

William Gait, 

A. P., 188- Univ. of Ga.; Phi Kappa Lit. 
Soc; First Lieut. Coll. Cadets; Cashier Bank 
of Canton; Mayor of City of Canton, 1016-17; 
Affiliated Ga. Beta, 18S2. Main St, Canton, 

David Wilson Meadow, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1SS1. 

William Tesse Neil, 

P.. L.. 1887 Georgetown Coll.; M. L., 18S8 do; 
Lawyer; Member Ga. Legislature. 1802-03. 
(Rome, Ga.) 

C. N. Peck, 

(Smyrna. Ga.) 

Giarles Ceiger Power, 

A. B., 1 881; First Honor; Adjutant Cadet 
Corps; Stevens Medal for Best Record; 
Teacher. (Endora, Ga.) 

John Franklin Snelson, 

Planter. (Thomaston, Ga.) 

Charles Edgar Watt, 

A. B., 1S81; Spring and Fall Debater; Decora 
Palaestra Soc, 1880; Capt. Co. A. Cadet 
Corps; Stevens Medal for Best Record; 
Planter. (Camilla, Ga.) 


Tames Irenaeus Coleman, 

Public Debater, 3 times; Commencement 
Orator. 1881; First Sergeant, Cadet Corps; 
Clerk. Railway Mail Service. 1 s Holdcrness 
St.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Robert Bartow Cousins, 

A. B., 1882 Univ. of Ga.; Charter Member; 


Affiliated Ga. Beta 


A. B. Harrel, 

Farmer. (Barretts, Ga.) 

James Seaborn Lattner, 

Lieut. Cadet Corps; Broker. (40s McCallie 
Ave, Chattanooga, Tenn.1 

Edgar Brown Thompson, 

Planter. (Gainesville, Ga.) 

Azor Warner Van Hoose, 

A. 11. 1882 Univ. of Ga.; LL. D., 1911 Mer- 
cer Univ.; Spring Debater; Capt. Co. A. 
Cadet Con".; K. locator; Prof, of Mathematics 
and Science. South Georgia Coll., 1882-83; 
Mathematics and Latin, Howard Coll., 1S83- 
84; Adjunct Prof, of same, Univ. of Ga., 
1884-85; Assoc. Prof, and later Pres. Brenau 
Coll., 1886-1909; Pres. Shorter Coll., since 




1910; Member Masons; Affiliated Ga. Beta 
1902. Shorter College; res. "Maplehurst," 
Ala. Park, Rome, Ga. 

Charles Robert Winship, 

Charter Member; General Manager Continen- 
tal Gin Co. 610 Temple Court; res. 1175 
Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Jefferson Davis, 

M. D„ 1884 Atlanta Med. Coll.; M. D., 1891 
New York Polyclinic; Physician. Toccoa, Ga. 

Newton Alexander Fricks.* 

A. B., 1883; Public Debater 1881-82: Second 
Honor, 188.!; Member Ga. Legislature, 1888- 
89; Delegate Democratic Convention, 1892. 
d. 1900, Martin, Ga. 

Charles Heard Greer, 

Champion Debater; Annual Orator Ala. Press 
Assn.; Editor. (Marion, Ala.) 

William Fitzpatrick Jones, 

A. B., 188.1; Public Debater, Phi Mu Soc; 
Pres Phi Mu Soc, 188.3; Champion Debater; 
First Lieut, and Adjutant Cadet Corps; Citv 
Clerk and Treasurer, Elberton, Ga.; Prof, of 
Mathematics and Commandant Cadets, Gaines- 
ville, Ga.; Pres. Piedmont Coll., Cumming, 
Ga. ; Supt. Washington Military Acad.; Supt. 
Elberton, Ga.. Schools; Col. 3d Regt. Ga. N. 
G. ; Member Ga. Legislature; author of "Au- 
tobiography, Reminiscences, Addresses and 
Poems." City Hall; res. 311 E. Heard St., 
Elberton, Ga. 

William Henry Key, 

A. B., 1883; Capt. Co. B. Cadet Corps; Public 
Debater, 1S83; Lawyer. (Russellville, Ala.) 

William A. Reid,* 

Affiliated Ga. Beta, 1885. d. Aug. 20, 1883 
Donaldsonville. S. C. 

Marvin Whitfield Stanton, 

A. B., 1883; LL. B., 1886 St. Louis Law; 
First Honor, 18S3; Public Debater 5 times; 
Alumni Orator, 1S86; Lawyer. 401 Caples 
Bldg.; res. 1121 Magoffin Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Daniel Washington Waggoner,* 

Teacher; Affiliated Ga. Beta, 1885. 

Walthew A. Breazeale, 

Planter. (Belton, Ga.) 

Elnathan Walker Coleman,* 

A. B., 1884; Public Debater, Decora Palsstra 
Soc., 18S0-82; Champion Debater, 1882; Dele- 
gate S. A. E. Convention, 1884; Lawyer, d. 
Dec. 18, 1890. 

Walter Scott Coleman, 

A. B., 1884; Second Honors, 1884; Public De- 
bater; Inspector U. S. Indian Service, Interior 
Dept. ; Editor and Prop. Cedartown (Ga.) 
Standard; Vice-Pres. Ga. Fire Insurance Co.: 
Pres. Ga. Weekly Press Assn., 12 yrs. ; Grand 
Master Ga. Grand Lodge, I. O. O. F. ; Mem- 
ber Atlanta Athletic, University and Capital 
City Clubs; Old Guard. 436 Peachtree St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

George Washington Doss, 

M._ D., Univ. of Ga.; Physician. (Whit, Texas) 

William Clinton Martin, 

A. B., 1884; Champion Debater and Salutato- 
rian Decora Palaestra Soc, 1883; Lawyer; Pres 
First Natl. Bank. ig'/S N. Hamilton St.; res. 
Cleveland cor. Crawford Sts., Dalton, Ga. 

Benoni Duane Power, 

M. D., 1885 Electric Medical Coll.; Physi- 

Henry Cowell Whelchel, 

M. D„ 1886 Univ. of Ga.; Public Debater, 
Decora Palaistra Soc; Physician. Douglas, Ga. 

Henry Oscar Willi ford, 

Public Debater; Merchant. (Commerce, Ga.) 


W. W* Burckhalter, 

M. D. Southern Med. Coll.; Physician. 

A. N. Edwards, 
Charles Newton King, 

Second Sergeant Co. B,' Cadet Corps; Lawyer. 
(Spring Place, Ga.) 

Luther Tilman Moore, 

Frank Cheatham Wilson, 

A. B., 18S5; DD. S., 1891 Baltimore Coll. of 
Dental Surgery; First Honor Medal and First 
Mechanical Prize, Baltimore Coll of Dental 
Surgery, 1891; Dental Surgeon; Member Ogle- 
thorpe Club. 12 Jones St. E., Savannah, Ga. 


Henry Lyman Brannon,* 

Champion Debater; Public Debater 3 times; 
Teacher, d. 1891, Huffins, Texas. 

Nelson Greene Canning,* 

A. B., 1886: First Honor, 1886; Corporal, 1883: 
Sergeant, 1884 and Capt. 1885, Cadet Corps; 
Public Debater, 1883-85: Champion Debater, 
1884: Salutatorian, 1884; Decoration Day 
Speaker; Decora Palsstra Soc, 1885-86; Law- 
yer, d. Gadsden, Ala. 

Lawrence Orr Fisher, 

A. B., 1886; Champion Debater, 1882; An- 
niversian Lit. Soc, 1886; Capt. Co. B, 1885- 
86; Assoc. Editor Students' Herald, 1886; 
Lawyer. (Lavaca, Ark.) 

Stephen Sheppard Pearce, 

Public Debater, 1884; Rice Latin Medal. 

Tohn Henderson Reed,* 

Teacher, d. Blairsville. Ga. 

Charles Thomas Standard, 

A. B., 1S86; Salutatorian, 1882; Champion De- 
bater, 18S5; Clerk Railwav Mail Service. 314 
E. 5th St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Nathaniel Lee Davis, 

Public Debater; Anniversarian, 1SS4; Cham- 
pion Debater. 1885-86; Decoration Day Speak- 
er, Phi Mu Soc, 1886; Color Sergeant Cadet 
Corps; Lawyer. 

Colin McRae, 

Traveling Salesman. (Hattiesburg, Miss.) 

Keith Alaska Nisbet, 

B. S., 1887; Public Speaker: Anniversarian. 
1887; Pres. Decora PaL-estra Soc, 1887; First 
Lieut, and Coll. Adjutant Cadet Corps. 11 15 
Anderson St. E., Savannah, Ga. 

Thomas Allen Smith, 

Merchant, (Lawrenceville, Ga.) 

Tesse Brown Terry, 

Public Debater, 18S5; Teacher. (Spring Place, 


William Burt Taynes, 

Champion Debater, 1885; Public Debater, 
1884-85; Decoration Day Speaker Phi Mu Soc, 
1885-86; Sergeant Cadet Corps; Lawyer, 

Daniel Glenn Sudderth, 

Public Debater, 1885; Champion Debater, 1887; 
Insurance Agent. 





James Garnett Basintrer, 

A. M., 1S89 Univ. of Ga.; B. E., 1890 do.; 
Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Corporal Cadet Corps; 
Salutatorian Phi Mu Soc; Consulting Civil 
Engineer; Member Am. Soc. of Civil Engrs., 
Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engrs., Municipal 
Engrs., City of New York; International Assn. 
of Navigation Congresses; New York Athletic 
Club; Affiliated Ga. Beta, 1889. R. 1124, 52 
Broadway; res. 200 W. 8jd St., New York, 
N. Y. 

William Starr Basinger, Jr., 

A. M., 1889 Univ. of Ga.; General Passenger 
Agent Union Pacific R. R.; Affiliated Ga. Beta, 
1890. Omaha Club. 

Edgar Oliver McCord, 

Public Debater, Phi Mu Soc, 1886-8-; Law 
yer; Teacher in Public Schools, 1884-87; Prir 
cipal Guntersville Dist. High School, Bloun 
Co., Ala., 1888-89; Founded Blount Coll 
Blountsville, Ala., 1890; Prof, of Languages 
and Natural Science, Blount Coll., 1890; Supt. 
Public Schools, Attalla, Ala.. 1891-91; Editor 
Marshall County iXcws, Albertville, Ala., 1893 
95; Mayor Albertville, Ala., 1896-98; Membei 
Bd. of Educ, Albertville, Ala., 1896-99; M 
ber Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Red 
Men and K. of H. Simpson Bldg.; res. Bell, 
vue Highlands, Gadsden, Ala. 

Emory Charles Pharr, 

Merchant; Affiliated Ga. Epsilon, 1889. 
(Gainesville, Ga. ) 


Edward Henry Almond, 

A. B., 1890; Second Honor at Graduation; 
Engineer's Asst. Southern Bell Telephone & 
Telegraph Co.; Mayor, Conyers, Ga., 1896; 

Major 2d Ga. Vol. Infantry, Spanish Am. 
War. 1898; First Lieut. 29th Inf. U. S. Vols. 
Philippine Expeditionary Command, 1899-1901; 
In Command of D Co. 29th Inf. at Muster 
Out of Regt. Southern Bell Telephone & 
Telegraph Co., Atlanta, Ga. ; res. Conyers, Ga. 

Walter Ervin Brown,* 

M. D., 1891 Louisville Med. Coll.; Second 
Sergeant, 1887 and Sergeant Major, 1888 Ca- 
det Corps; Physician, d. Ft. Gaines, Ga. 

James Thomas Jones, 

Public Debater Decora Palxstra Soc, 1887- 
89: Sophomore Speaker, 1889; Clergyman. 
(R. F. D., No. 2, Buford, Ga.) 


Jesse Mercer Almond, 

A. B., 1891; Decoration Day Speaker, 1890; 
Decora Palaestra (Pres.); Third Honors; Lum- 
ber Dealer. 808 Walton Bldg.; res. 108 East 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

James Sproull Fouche, 

B. S., 1891; Law Course Univ. of Va., 1891; 
First Lieut. Co. B., Cadet Corps; Public De- 
bater, Phi Mu Soc; Banker; Pres. Citizens 
Bank of Rome. 604 River Ave., Rome, Ga. 

Joseph King Stewart, 

Pres. Louisville Forge Co. 

James W. Ryals, 

A. B., 189:; Sergeant Major, 1891 and Capt. 
Co. A, 1891-92, Cadet Corps. 


Robert Preston Hodgson, 



Oxford, Georgia 

Chartered October 15, 1881 

John Wesley Heidt,* 

D. D„ Trinity Coll.; LL. B., Univ. of Ga.; 
Business Mgr., Wesleyan Christian Advocate, 
d. Jan. 23, 1909, Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles Carlock Tones, Jr.,* 

LL. B., 1855 Harvard; LL. D.. Univ. City of 
N. Y.; Col. Artillery, C. S. A., 1862-65; 
Mayor of Savannah, 1860-61. d. July 19, 
1893, Augusta, Ga. 

John Martin McKleroy,* 

Joseph Edgar Hunnicutt, 

B. S„ 1882; Charter Member; Merchant; 
Pres., The J. E. Hunnicutt Co.; Member 
Piedmont Driving Club. 170 Peachtree St.; 
res. 1045 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 


Lindsay S. Arrington, 

A. B., 1883; Few Lit. Soc; Merchant; Mem- 
ber Rotary Club. 1002-04 Fenwick St.; res. 
956 Heard Ave., Augusta, Ga. 


Thomas Morton Christian, 

B. S., 1884; Clergyman. (Grace Methodist 
Church, Savannah, Ga.) 

Rohert Simpson Patillo, 

A. B., 1884; Charter Member; Junior and 
Senior Speaker; Manager Milledgeville Oil 
Mills; Pres. Middle Ga. Brokerage Co. 
(Macon, Ga.). Milledgeville Oil Mills, Mill- 
edgeville, Ga. 

Alexander Tefferson Smith, 

Charter Member; Phi Gamma; Declamation 
Medal (1); Superintendent Agencies, The 
Morris Plan Insurance Soc; Assisted in 
Founding of Ga. Epsilon, Va. Pi and Fla. 
Upsilon; Sec. S. A. E. Convention, 1882; 
Delegate Convention, 1883-84 and 1886; Ed- 
itor Record, 18S6-R7: Publisher of S. A. E. 
Catalogue, 18S6; Member Masons, Knights 
Templar and Shriner. S2 William St., New 
York, N. Y. 


Luther L. Arrington, 

Charter Member: Few Lit. Soc; Merchant; 
Dir. Merchants Bank; Member City Council. 
1002 Fenwick St.; res. 451 Broad St., Au- 
gusta, Ga. 

William Marcellus Bearden, 

Few Lit. Soc; Chief Clerk, City Tax As- 
sessor's Office; Member Red Men: Mason, 
32°, Shriner and I. O. O. F. City Hall; res. 
149 E. 10th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Addison Key Bell, 

M. D., Univ. City of N. Y. ; Physician and 
Surgeon; Surg., Ga. R. R., 1904. 

Rohert Willis Flournoy, 

A. B., 1885; Phi Gamma; Sophomore, Junior 
and Senior Speaker; Lawyer. Continental 
Bank Bldg.; res. Arlington Heights, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 


Franklin Lee Bryan,* 

Thomas Hicks,* 

d. March 22, 1884, Oxford, Ga. 

Charles Good Mercer, 

A. B., 1886; Attornev-at-Law; Delegate S. 
A. E. Convention. (Georgetown, Ga.) 

Beniamin Augustus Neal, 

Merchant. (Jacksonville. Fla.) 

Thomas Eugene Owens, 

A. B., 1886; Attornev-at-Law. (11 Castle 
Hall, Jacksonville, Fla.) 

Robert Lee Paine, 

A. B., 1886; Speaker's and Mathematics' 
Medals; County Superintendent of Schools. 
Walton Co., Ga., 14 yrs.; City Supt.. Fair- 
burn, Flovilla, Jonesboro and Social Circle, 
Ga. Schools, 20 yrs. Social Circle, Ga. 

Fayette Edward Shipp, 

Teacher; Affiliated Tenn. Nu 1888. (Mango. 

Alpha Robert Smith, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Gainesville, Ga.) 

Charles Manley Taylor, 

Few Lit. Soc; Teacher; Member Ga. Legis- 
lature (4 yrs.) ; Charter Member. Smarrs, 

John Losson Teague,* 



Max Adams, 

Journalist. (Care W. W. Sharp, 25 Broad 
St.. New York, N. Y.) 

William Madison Brotherton, 

Clerk. (235 S. Forsyth St., Atlanta, Ga.) 




Milton Bryan, 

Attorney-at-Law; Founder Fla. Upsilon; E. 

A. ,,f Chapter; Second State Senate of Okla- 
homa; Fudge, Volusia Co. Court; Vice-Pres., 
State liar Assn.; Affiliated Florida Upsilon. 
(204 N. Main St.. Oklahoma City, Okla.) 

fames Turner Kendall, Jr., 

Commercial Traveler; Delegate National Con- 
vention, 1885-86; Affiliated Ala. Iota 1887. 

William James Rowe, 

Physician. (Buford, Ga.) 

Cnllen Ross Smith. 

Initiated by Tenn. Nu 18S7. 

William E. Baldwin,* 

B. S.. 18S8; Insurance. d. 1908, Cuthbert, 

Edward Porter Fearn, 

Butter and Cheese Broker. 2131 Ave. F.; 
res. 1307 S. 17th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

George Fearn, Jr., 

B. S., 18S8; Real Estate; Pres. Country Club, 
Real Estate Exchange and Gulf Coast Fair, 
1916; Sec. Ashland Corp. and Shore Acres 
Corp.; Member Chamber of Commerce; Coun- 
trv, Athelstan. Tourists and Rotary Clubs, 
id" St. Joseph St.; res. Ashland PI., Mobile, 

Julius Courtney Mitchell, 

Thomas Henry Goodrich, 

A B.. 1889: Few Lit. Soc; With Charleston 
and Western Carolina Ry. Co. 540 Calhoun 
St.; res. 1225 Monte Sano Ave., Augusta, 

William II. Harrison,* 

d. 1902. Montezuma, Ga. 

Emory Charles Pharr, 

Initiated by Ga. Delta 1889. 

Tohn Augustus Rudolph, 

' Salesman. (Kings Ferry, Fla.) 

Edward Hudson Stallcup, 


Tames Edward Wray, 



Charles Witt Key, 

Bookkeeper. (Augusta Grocery Co., Au- 
gusta, Ga. ) 

Lee Tyner Mann, 

Iverson Lea Graves, 

A. B.. 1891; Phi Gamma; Public Debater, 
Fall Term. 188S; Fourth Honor. 1801 Class; 
General Freight Agent; Southern Ry. Co.; 
Pres. Rotary Club; Resident Member Cum- 
berland and Cherokee Clubs; Non-Resident 
Member Atlanta Athletic and Capital City 
(Atlanta. Ga.) Clubs. Care Southern Ry. 
Co.; res. 14 Maplehurst Park, Knoxvillc, 

Tl nil. 

William Warner Lewis, 

Initiated by Tenn Nu 1889. 


Joseph Neshct Le Conte,* 

A B., 1893; M. D., 1898 Bellevuc; Physician. 
d. Aug. II, 1911, Atlanta, Ga. 

Robert Edward Lee, 

A. B., 1893; B. L., 1895 Univ. of Ga.; At- 
torney-at-Law; Delegate. S. A. E. Convention, 
1892; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1895. (Americus, 

William Archibald Wilkins, 

Phi Kappa; Corporal, Sergeant and 1st Lieu- 
tenant Corps Cadets; Sophomore and Junior 
Speaker; Baseball; Cotton Broker; Capt. Co. 
E, 1st Infantry, Ga. National Guard; Capt. 
and Adjutant. 6th Infantry, Ga. National 
Guard; Member Y. M. C. A.; Southern 
Yacht, Boston, Country and Louisiana Clubs; 
Affiliated Ga. Beta, 1894- 834 Common St.; 
res. 462 Commercial PI., New Orleans, La. 


Richard Cox Cheekier, 

A. B., 1S94; Minister; Member North Ga. 
Conference. Methodist Episcopal Church. 
South, Conference Bd. of Education and 
Committee on Admission: Pastor Inman Tark 
Methodist Church. 37 Poplar Circle, Atlanta, 

Lewis Penning Rumph. 

Few Lit. Soc; Fruit Grower. Planter and 
Manufacturer. Marshallville, Ga. 


William Danner Thomson, 

Ph. B., 1895; Attended Law Dept., Columbia 
Univ.; Phi Gamma; Lawyer; Trustee. Emory 
Univ.; Acting Dean, Lamar School of Law. 
Emory Univ.; Member Am. Bar, Ga. Bar and 
Atlanta Bar Assns..; Affiliated N. Y. Mu 1898. 
1430 Candler Bldg.; res. 12 Springdale Rd., 

Atlanta, Ga. 


Dennis Barton Barrett, 

B. S., 1896; E. R. of Chapter; Banker; Pres., 
Whitfield Co. Fair Assn.; Treas.. Dalton 
Chamber of Commerce. (Dalton, Ga.) 

William Troy Bivings, 

Ph. B.. 1896: M. D., 1899 N. Y. Univ. and 
Bellevue Med. Coll.; Physician and Surgeon; 
Ex-house Surg. Bellevue and Allied Hasps., 
Harlem Branch. 1900-02; Author "Avulsions 
of the Scalp"; Fellow Am. Med. Assn.; Mem- 
ber Atlanta Athletic Club: Affiliated Ga. Beta 
1896. 401 Atlanta Natl Bank Bldg.; res. 140 
Westminster Drive. Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas Samuel Hawes, 

LL. B., 1895; Attorney-at-Law; General Coun- 
sel Georgia. Florida and Alabama Ry. Co.; 
Member Capital City _ Club. Bainbridge, Ga. 

Edward Roberts Hines, 

B. S., 1896: LL. B., 1898 Univ. of Va.; 
Lawyer; Affiliated Va. Omicron 1898. 23V2 
Hancock St.; res. 610 Tatnall St., Milledge- 
ville, Ga. 

Walter Talmage Johnson, 

A. B., 1S90; B. L.. 1S9S Univ. of Ga.; Second 
Honor; Honor (Univ. of Ga.); Best Legal 
Thesis Prize; Attorney-at-Law; Corporation 
Official; Affiliated Ga. Beta 189S. 9'9 
Georgia Casualty l'.ldg. ; res. Jefferson St. and 
Georgia Ave., Macon, Ga. 

John Colen McRae, 

A. 1'.., iSo6: Farming and Real Estate. Route 
A. Milton, Fla. 

William Ellington Morgan, 

M. D.. 1898 Atlanta Med. Coll.; Physician 
and Surgeon. 204 Broad St., La Grange. Ga. 

Shelton Oliver Vickers, 

Few Lit. Soc.; Secretary and Treasurer. Chel- 
sea Land Co. soi Flatiron Bldg.; res. 141 
Peeples St., Atlanta, Ga. 





Gordon Everett,* 

d. 1917. 

William Henry Gurr, 

Ph. B., 1897; Phi Gamma; Lawyer and 
Farmer; City Atty., 1906-10; Solicitor, 
County Court, since 1910; Delegate to State 
Conventions, 1908, 1912 and 1916, and to 
Democratic National Convention, 1912; Mem- 
ber Masons and Knights Templar. Dawson, 

Leon Otho Lewis, 

Ph. B., 1900; Clergyman; Los Angeles Con- 

George Deane Lowe, 

. Ph. B., 1S97; Editor The Emory Phoenix 
and The Zodiac; Bovnton Medallist, 1896; 
Farmer and Writer; Author of Various In- 
dustrial Hand Books. Route 1, Surrency, Ga. 

Louis Gilman Smith, 

Initiated by Ga. Psi 1S96. 


Fielding Hill Ficklen, 

Few Lit. Soc; Immortells; Editor Emory 
Phoenix and College Annual; The Zodiac'; 
Junior Oratorical Medal; Treas. Few Lit. 
Soc; Washington's Birthday Orator; Class 
Prophet; Twice Delegate to National Con- 
vention and Pres. Gamma Province; Bank 
Cashier; Editor and Owner, Washington Re- 
porter, 15 yrs. 100 Main St.; res. 347 Main 
St., Washington, Ga. 

Isaiah Tucker Irvin, Jr., 

A. B. and LL. B., 1898; Few Lit. Soc.; Won 
Speakers Place at Commencement, 1893, 1S95, 
1S96 and 1898; Champion Debater from Few 
Lit. Soc. Commencement. 189S; Latin Medal, 
1897; Lawyer; Mayor of Washington, Ga., 
1914-16; At Democratic Convention, Atlanta, 
1907, made Nominating Speech in Favor of 
Joseph M. Brown for Governor, who was 
elected; Member Washington Country and 
University (Atlanta) Clubs. Public Square; 
res. 323 W. Main St., Washington, Ga. 

Paul Hill Irvin, 

B. S., 1898; Real Estate Operator and Broker. 
3S8 Fifth Ave., New York; res. 216 N. 
Church St., Richmond Hill, N. Y. 

Albert Danner Thomson, 

B. S.. 1898; Real Estate; Firm of Thomson 
and Lynes; Ex-Member City Council and 
Aldermanic Bd. of Atlanta; Executive Sec. to 
Mayor. 416 Healey Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 


Edgar Brotherton, 

A. B., 1899; Clerk. (235 S. Forsyth St., 
Atlanta, Ga.) 

Reed Bryan, 

B. S., 1899; Farmer. (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) 

John Fletcher Denton, 

A. B., 1899; M. D„ 1903 N. Y. Univ. and 
Bellevue Med. Coll.; Phi Gamma; Latin 
Medal, 1898; Physician; Assoc. Prof. Atlanta 
Med. Coll.; 1st Lieut. Officers Reserve Corps; 
Member Capital City and Piedmont Driving 
Clubs. 724 Candler Bldg.; res. S28 Highland 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Fisher Johnson, 

Ph. B.. 1899; Graduate Mercer Law School, 
1899; Sophomore Declamation Medal, 1897; 
Real Estate and Farm Lands. 313 Grand 
Bldg.; res. 1223 Oglethorpe St., Macon, Ga. 

John Speight Murph, 

Ph. B., 1899; Farmer. Marshallville, Ga. 

Arthur Benjamin Simms, 

A. B„ 1899; Vice-President, Fulton National 

Bank and Continental Trust Co.; Member 
Capital City, Piedmont Driving and Druid 
Hills Golf Clubs. Fulton Natl. Bank, At- 
lanta; res. 85 Elizabeth St., Inman Park, Ga. 

John Alexander Smith, 


Perry Hill Smith, 

Ph. B., 1899; Merchant. Elberton, Ga. 

John Danner Thomson, 

B. S., 1S99; Physician. (449 N. Boulevard, 
Atlanta, Ga.) 

William Brown Williams, 

Assistant Postmaster. Post Office; res. 216 
N. Dawson St., Thomasville, Ga. 


Harry Ainsworth, 

A. 'B., 1900; M. D., 1901 Univ. of Md.; 
Physician; City Phys.; Surg. Atlantic Coast 
Line Railroad Co.; O. S. Pension Examiner. 
210 S. Broad St; res. 325 N. Broad St., 
Thomasville, Ga. 

Walter Rolin Armor,* 

Clerk, d. Monticello, Ga.' 

Irwin M. Callaway, 

Ph. B., 1900; Insurance, South Eastern Un- 
derwriters Assn. 533 Trust Co., Ga., Bldg.; 
res. 193 Spring St., Atlanta, Ga. 

John Dixon Carroll, 

A. B., 1900; Bookkeeper. (Pensacola, Fla.) 

Alexander Irvin, 

Ph. B... 1900; Few Lit. Soc; Second Honor 
Debater; Class Baseball; Cashier. Citizens Natl. 
Bank; Treas. W. and L. R. R. Lexington 
Ave., Washington, Ga. 

Junius Oslin Macon, 

B. S., 1900; Clerk. 

James Raleigh Pattillo, 

A. B., 1900; Few Lit. Soc; Insurance. Bur- 
well Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Arthur Polhill Small, 

Postmaster. (Cuthbert, Ga.) 

Alexander Horace Stewart, 

A. B., 1900; Banker; Affiliated Ga. Beta, 1901. 

John Martin White, Jr., 


James Roche Wooten, 

Insurance. (Munroe, La.) 


James Ogilvie Boyd, 

Clerk. (Broad, Wilkes Co., Ga.) 

Lauren Foreman, 

Ph. B., 1901; Second Lieut. Quartermasters 
Corps, Natl. Army; Newspaper work in various 
capacities with The Atlanta Constitution, 1901- 
10; Publicity Mgr. Southern Railway System, 
1910-17; Entered Reserve Officers Training 
Camp at Ft. McPherson, Ga., 191 7; Alumni 
Trustee, Emory Coll.; Member Capital City, 
Piedmont Driving, Rotary and National Tress 
(Washington, D. C.) Clubs. 315 Southern 
Railway Bldg.; res. Capital City Club, Atlanta, 

Eugene Palmer Fortson, 

Captain U. S. Marine Corns; Member Army 
and Navy Club. U. S. Marine Corps, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

George Nelson, 

Engineer, Ga. Railway and Power Co.: Affi- 
liated Ga. Phi, 1902. 75 Marietta St.; res. 
?2 East Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Crosswell Ragin, 

A. II., 1001; Asst. General Freight Agent. 
Care Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co.. Savannah. 




James McNair Rawls, 

A. B., 1901; Phi Gamma; Naughty Ones; Class 
Baseball, Capt., 1899-1900; Mgr. 1901; Coll. 
Baseball, Capt., 1901; Vice-Pres., Athletic 
Assn., 1899-1900; Pres., 1900-01; Topographer, 
U. S. Geological Survey; Second Lieut. En- 
gineers Reserve Corps, U. S. A. U. S. Geolog- 
ical Survey, Washington, D. C. 

Edwin Fortson Wright, 

Clergyman. (Rome, Ga.) 


Thomas Murray Bryan, 

Farmer. (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) 

John Le Roy Duncan, 

Ph. B., 1902; D. V. S., Senior Honor Soc; 
Innocents Social Club; Class Historian, 1902; 
Sec. and Treas.. W. S. Duncan Co.; Pres. At- 
lanta Alumni Assn.; Member Atlanta Athletic 
Club; Atlanta Chamber of Commerce; Gate 
Cit-- Lodge No. 2, F. and A. M.; Ancient and 
Accepted Scottish Rite and Mystic Shrine. 18 
S. Butler St.; res. 197 Myrtle St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Blanton Fortson, 

B. L., 1901 Univ. of Ga. ; Phi Kappa; Lawyer; 
Asst. Division Counsel Southern Railway; Ref- 
eree in Bankruptcy; Dir. Commercial Bank of 
Athens; Pres. Ga. Development Co.; Member 
Cloverhurst Country and Atlanta Athletic 
Clubs. Southern Mutual Ins. Bldg.; res. 1190 
Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 

John D. Hightower, 

D. V. S. (Charter Member); Certified Public 
Acct.; Fellow La. State Soc. of Certified Pub- 
lic Accts.; Member Am. Inst, of Accts. S. 
Elm St., Greensboro. N. C. 

Edward Young Hill, Jr., 

Drummer; Affiliated Ga. Beta. 190;. 

Wyley Benton Milliken,* 

d. March 16. 1900. 

J. Craig Phillips, 

Lawyer; Affiliated Va. Omicron, 1902. Camp- 
bell Bldg.; res. 349 Hyde Park Ave., Tampa, 

Guy Trimble Smith, 


Robert Hill Timmons, 

A. B., 1902; Few Lit. Soc; The Innocents; 
Freshman and Sophomore Declamation Medals; 
Boynton F.ssay Medal, junior yr. ; Capt. and 
Mgr. Basketball Team junior and senior yrs. ; 
Alternate State Oratorical Contest junior yr. ; 
Vice-Pres. The Kansas Casualty and Surety 
Co.; organized and have entire charge of 
agency force of company corn-posed of over 
soo men; Member Advisory Committee; Bd. 
of Commerce; Vice-Pres. "Wichita Southern 
Soc; Member Wichita Rotary. Wichita and 
Wichita Country Clubs. 403 Schweiter Bldg.; 
res. 2408 E. Douglas Ave.. Wichita. Kans. 


Roy Scott Anderson, 

Teacher. (Soochow Univ., Soochow, China.) 

Nicholas Ralph Bayard, 

Asst. Supt. Liddell Co.; Affiliated Ga. Phi 
1905. tool N. Church St.; res. 4 Watkins 
Court. Charlotte, N. C. 

( lvde Keener Campbell, 

A. B., i.,o 3: B. D., 1907 Vanderbilt Univ.; 
Greek Medal (3) and (4); Young Medal for 
Oratory and Founders' Medal for Scholarship; 
Minister; Missionary in China and Prof, in 
Soochow Univ. 4 yrs.; Affiliated Nu 
1907. 3503 lime. 1 St., El l'aso, Texas. 

Nathan Bell 1 >ozier, |r.. 

I'h. I'... 1903; Division Supt. Wrought Iron 
Range Co. 5661 Natural Bridge Ave., St 
Louis, Mo. 

Louie James Leonard, 

Ph. B., 1903; D. V. S.; Baseball, Football, 
Basketball and Track Teams; Speakers Places, 
Freshman and Sophomore; Special Agent, Am. 
Ins. Co. of Newark, N. J.; Member Atlanta 
Athletic, University and Capital City Clubs. 
307 Trust Co. of Ga. Bldg.; res. 11 North 
Park Apts., Atlanta, Ga. 

Willis M. Timmons, 

Few Lit. Soc; Baseball; Relay Team; Whole- 
sale Hardware; Dir. and Sec. Crumlev-Sharp 
Hardware Co.; Pres. Atlanta Rotary Club; Dir. 
Atlanta Builders Exchange; Member Builders 
Exchange; Chamber of Commerce, Capital City, 
Atlanta. Presidents and Rotarv Clubs. 47 Wal- 
ton St.; res. 1373 Peachtrce Rd., Atlanta. Ga. 


Alfred Ilayne Crovatt, 

A. B., 1904; LL. B., 1905 Mercer Univ.; 
I). V. S.; Capt. Football, Track Runner and 
Pole Vaulter; First Lieut. Co. D, 51st Infan- 
try, U. S. R.; Attorney-at-Law; Solicitor City 
Court of Brunswick; Member Capital City 
(Atlanta. Ga.) and Mountain City (Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn.) Clubs. Brunswick, Ga. 

William Cecil Crovatt, 

Salesman. (210 Union St., Brunswick, Ga.) 

Boyce Ficklen, Jr., 

Ph. B., 1904; Gamma Lambda Delta; Few Lit. 
Soc; Banker; Asst. Cashier Natl. Bank of 
Wilkes: Vice-Pres. The Bank of Tignall. Ga. 
Care Natl. Bank of Wilkes, Washington, Ga. 

Sidney Gilbert Glenn, 

Division Supt. Ga. Ry. and Power Co.; Mem- 
ber Gas and Electric Club. 79 Piedmont Ave.; 
res. 130 E. 8th St.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Logan Danner Thomson, 

A. B„ 1904; Florist: Sec. and Treas. C. A. 
Dahl Co.: Member Atlanta Chamber of Com- 
merce. 103 Peachtree St., Atlanta; res. R. F. 
D., Smyrna. Ga. 

Harold Le Sueur Wootten, 

Tennis Club: Class Relay and Baseball Teams; 
Manager Shoe Store; Kennesaw Hotel, Mari- 
etta and Lexington Ave., Washington, Ga. 


George Albert Barron, 

Ph. B., 1905; D. V. S. Senior Soc; Mgr. Ju- 
nior Baseball Team; Capt. Sophomore Basket- 
ball and Track Teams, 1905; Cashier; Banker. 
Lexington, Ga. 

James Chadwick Battey, 
Albyn L. Campbell, 

Phi Gamma; Bookkeeper and Cashier; Mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias. 749 Reynolds St.; 
res. 126, 7th St., Augusta, Ga. 

John Ravmond Duncan, 

Merchant. (Douglasville, Ga.) 

William Hill Lewis, 

A. B., 190c; M. D., 1908 Atlanta School of 
Med.; D. V. S.; Speakers Place. 1902; Foot- 
hall. 1003-05; Baseball, 1905; Physician. Si- 


Oliver Goldsmith McLean Murphy, 

Phi Gamma: Football; Supt. of the largest 
Unci, Mill in the world; Member Riverside 
Club (West Point, Ga.); Odd Fellow; Junior 
Order of Am. Mechanics and Masons. Shaw- 
nn.t. Ala. 

Madison Atticus Park,* 

d. Tuscumbia, Ala. 

James Evans Stratford, 

(Care Tohn Church Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.) 

William Bruce Watts, 

Bookkeeper. (110 Capitol Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 




William Arthur Wilson, 

Affiliated Ga. Phi, 1907. (Hampton Buggy Co,. 
Hampton, Ga.) 


Bennett Crawford Tenkins, 

Few Lit. Soc.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Football 
and Basketball; Farmer; Dir. Hamburger Cot- 
ton Mills; Branch Distributor, Willys Overland 
Motor Cars; Member Masons; Muscogee and 
Columbus Country Clubs. Care Overland Sales 
Co., 9, 13th St.; res. 209, 13th St., Columbus, 

Paul Waddell Lester, 

(Covington, Ga.) 

Alexander Walker Lynn,* 

d., 1909, Dalton, Ga. 

Thomas Stokely McCain v, 

A. B., 1906; Managing Editor The Dalton Citi- 
zen; Treas. The A. J. Showalter Co. Gordon 
St.; res. 25 Selvidge St., Dalton, Ga. 

Edward B. Martin, 

A. B., 1906; Theta Nu Epsilon; Bookkeeper. 
Care People's Oil Co.; res. 409 Telfair St., 
Augusta, Ga. 

Wilfred Trammell Neill, 

Affiliated Ala. Mu, 1907. (Lithia Springs, Ga.) 

Binson E. L. Timmons, 

Few Lit. Soc; Baseball and Track; Bond 

Salesman. Louisville, Ky. 


Harry King Brooks, 

Teacher. _ (Talbotton, Ga.) 

John David Crump, 

Pres. Freshman Class; Class Capt. Baseball; 
Basketball, Football and Track Team; State 
and County Tax Collector, Bibb Co., Ga. ; 
Former Capt. N. G. Ga. ; Former Pres. Macon 
Rotary Club; Vice-Pres. Macon Chapter Red 
Cross; Member Macon Rotary Club; Al-Sihah 
Temple Shrine, R. A. M. and Scottish Rite 
Mason; B. P. O. E. ; F. O. E.; I. O. of Red 
Men; Knights of Maccabees; Chamber of Com- 
merce; Idle Hour Country Club; Camp Harde- 
man, U. S. C. V.; Former Member Floyd Rifles 
Assn. 420 Forsyth St.; res. 263, 2d St., Ma- 
con, Ga. 

John Thaddeus Floyd, Jr., 

Cashier, Clayton Banking Co. Clayton, Ala. 

Lester Lee, 

(Care Lee Bros., Covington, Ga.) 

Louis Cass Oliver, Jr.,* 
Frank Madison Tucker, 

Salesman. 219 East St., Talladega, Ala. 


John Callan Brooks, 

Affiliated Va. Omicron 1910. (Washington, 

Ouillian Felker, 

~ (Dalton, Ga.) 

Benjamin Simms Heard, 

(Jonesbor'o, Ga.) 

Robert E. Lee Martin, [n, 

A. B., 1908; Capt. Class Football Team; Cot- 
ton Accountant. Care Gulf Compress Co.; res. 
109 Issaquena Ave., Clarksdale, Miss. 

William Q. Roberts, 


William Roberts Strickland, 

B. S., 1908; Cashier Merchants Bank; Vice 
Pres. Strickland Cotton Mills and Security 
Savings and Loan Co.; Sec. and Treas. Strick- 
land-Tillman Hardware Co. 106 S. Patterson 
St.; res. 1006 N. Patterson St., Valdosta, Ga. 

Read William Wynn, 

(Augusta, Ga.) 


Otto Lee Henderson. 

A. B., 1909; Theta Nu Epsilon; Secretary 
Beckwith Range Jewelry Co.; Sec. and Treas. 
Henderson Land and Lock Co. 410 Franklin 
St.; res. 302 Seventh Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

John Young Roberts, 

Automobile Dealer; Member Elks; Affiliated 
' Phi, 1913. 118 W. Hill Ave., Valdosta, 



Harry William Gallaher, 

U. S. Military Service. Tampa, Fla. 

Ouillian L. Garrett, 

~ Ph. B., 1910; LL. B., 1916, Atlanta Law 
School; Lawyer. Waycross, Ga. 

Leonidas Caswell Kolb, 

A. B., 1910; Graduate Work at Univ. of Va.; 
Speakers Place, Junior and Senior yrs. (Scho- 
larship basis); Banking; Attache in Am. Con- 
sular Service in Hamburg and Berlin, Ger- 
many, 1912-15; Affiliated Va. Omicron 1913. 
Care Bank of Palm Beach; res. 406 S. Olive 
St., West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Paul Waring- Partridge, 

Clerk. Care Cummer Lumber Co.; res. 425 E. 
2d St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Frank B. Rheney, 

Bookkeeper; Member Knights of Pythias. 922 
Walker St.; res. 514, 4th St., Augusta, Ga. 

William Henderson Warren, 

(302, 7th Ave., Tampa, Fla.) 

Thomas Alwvn Wilson, 

B. S., 1910; A. M., 1911; Mathematics Medal; 
All Emory Football Team, 190S-09; Farming. 
Hampton, Ga. 


Courtland Akin, 

(3 Halifax Square, Brunswick, Ga.) 

Graham Du Bose Barnett, 

City Clerk and Treasurer. Washington, Ga. 

William Meriwether Barnett, 

Ministry. Dahlonega, Ga. 

Albert Converse, 

Clerk. Tulsa, Okla. 

Laurence O. Fortson, 

Agent Ford Motor Co., Wilkes and Lincoln 
Counties; Vice-Pres. Washington Telephone 
Co.; Past Vice-Pres. Washington Country Club; 
Member Atlanta Athletic and Country Clubs; 
Alee Temple Ancient Arabic Order Nobles, 
Mystic Shrine (Savannah, Ga.). Main St., 
Washington, Ga. 

Hugh N. Fuller, 

B. S., cum laude, 1911; A. B., 1912, Harvard 
Univ.; LL. B.. 1914 Univ. of Ga. ; Owls Social 
Club; D. V. S„ Senior Honor Soc; Few Lit. 
Soc; Cotton States Club (Harvard); Gridiron 
Club (Univ. of Ga.); Pres. Class, igog-n; 
Track Team, 1909-1:, Capt. 1911; Pres. Greater 
Emory Club; Ed-in-Chief Emory Phoenix; Lit- 
erary Ed. Emory Campus; Phoenix Short Story 
Medal, 1910; Honor Roll, 1909-10; Anniver- 
sarian. Few Lit. Soc. 1911; Attorney-at-Law; 
Affiliated Mass. Gamma 1912. 1620 Hurt 
Bldg.; res. 134 Myrtle St., Atlanta, Ga. 

La Fayatte Montgomery, 

Freshman Football 'Team, 1907, Capt.; Assist- 
ant General Manager Atlanta Coca-Cola Bot- 
tling Co.; Member Piedmont Driving, Druid 
Hills Golf and Atlanta Athletic Clubs. 460 
Edgewood Ave.; res. 234 Ponce de Leon Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 




Albert Sidnev Pendleton, 

Freshman Social Club; Wholesale Grocer; Sec. 
and Treas. The A. S. Pendleton Co. S. Pat- 
terson St.; res. 413 N. Ashley St., Valdosta, 

John Lander Prince, 

Gamma Omega Lambda; Preston Lit. Soc. ; 
Class Football, Capt.; Real Estate; Pres. Ban- 
ning Chamber of Commerce. Banning, Cal. 

Edgar Eugene West,* 

d. Oct., 1 914, Jacksonville, Fla. 


Osborne Bounds, 

Cotton Buyer and Farmer. Washington, Ga. 

Fred L Boyer, 

Cashier. Union Central Life Insurance Co. 
213-14 Heard Bldg.; res. 37 W. nh St., Jack- 
sonville, Ma. 

William Loraine Converse, 

Affiliated Ga. Beta 1912. (300 Patterson St., 
Valdosta, Ga.) 

Thomas Felder Crowell, 

Owls; Mummies and Pan. Hellenic Council; 

Capt. Football Team; Creditman, Division 

Paxon Stokes Co. 61 Whitehall St.; res. 

Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

Steve Arthur Garrett, 

Student in Dentistry. Lithia Springs, Ga. 

Harry E. McNeel, 

Ph. B., 1912J Teacher. Pinson College; res. 
La Zambrana. Camaguey, Cuba. 

Louis S. Perry, 

Travelling Freight Agent, Phila. and Reading 
Ry. 914 Hurt Bldg., Atlanta; res. 405 Wash- 
ington Ave., Marietta, Ga. 


William Newton Bradlev, 

(Cartersville, Ga.) 

Tandy Elkanah Bush, 

B. S. 1913; Few Lit. Soc; Pan Hellenic 
Council; Relay Team, 1911-12; Basketball 
Team, 1913; Law Student. Covington, Ga. 

Guy Russell Felker, 

(Dalton, Ga.) 

James Eugene Malone, 

Accountant Swift & Co. 41% Front St., 
Florence, S. C.J res. 404 Society St., Albany, 

Milton Monroe Tarver, 

(James, Ala.) 

George Vaughan Timmons, 

Teacher. Culloden, Ga. 


Fred Gladston Barnes, 

(Covington. Ga.) 

William Henry Briggs, 

(309 Patterson" St., Valdosta, Ga.) 

James Curran Davis, 

Relay and Football Teams. (Franfclii 

James Duncan Baker Jones, 

Division Manager, rrcst-O-Lite Co. 

St.; res. 1550 St. Johns Ave 

sonville, Fla. 

Carlton A. Lee. 

Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu 

Clav W. Penick, 

Ph. B.. ig.j; Phi Garni 
Hellenic Council; Mystic 
Senate Social Club 1 Unh 
tra, 2 yrs. ; Athletic Edite 


!2 W. 

oi Ga.); 
r, Emory 

1913-14; Member Football, Baseball and Bas- 
ketball, 2 yrs.; Attorney-at-Law; Affiliated 
Ga. Beta 1916. 302 Commercial Bldg.; res. 
120 Fifth Ave. S. W., Moultrie, Ga. 

William Fisher Plane, Jr., 

Bookkeeper. United States Tire Co. 49s 
Peachtree St.; res. 645 Ponce de Leon Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 


Edward Carson Demmond, 

A. B.. 191 ■;; Phi Gamma; Varsity Football 

and Basketball, 1913-14; Medical Student. 

Johns Hopkins Med. School. 207 E. 49th St., 
Savannah, Ga. 

Robert Selman Duncan, 

Freshman and Sophomore Clubs; Freshman 
Football Team; All Emory Baseball Team, 
1913-14; Insurance. 91 Walton St, Atlanta; 
Box 204, Douglasville, Ga. 

Charles Irvin Ennis, 

A. B., 1915; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Sigma 
Upsilon; Phi Gamma; Coffee House Lit. Club; 
Pres. Phi Gamma; Class Poet; Won Four 
Phoenix Medals; Member Publication Com- 
mittee, Phoenix; Medical Student at Emory 
Univ.; Teacher Chemistry. Boys' High School. 
Courtland and Gilmer Sts. ; res. 575 Ponce de 
Leon Ave.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Toe Poley Fagan, 

A. B.. 1915: A. M.. 1917 Univ. of Mo.; 
Sigma Upsilon; Phi Gamma; Owl Social Club; 
Editor. Emory Weekly; Teacher; Instr. Eng- 
lish. Univ. of Mo. 1320 Keyser St., Colum- 
bia, Mo.; res. 211, 40th St. E., Savannah, Ga. 

Harry Gray Griswold, 

Phi Gamma; Honor Roll, 1912; Purchasing 
Agent, Bibb Manufacturing Co. 235 Main 
St.; res. 907 Orange St., Macon, Ga. 

Robert Norton Groover, 

(106, 37th St. E.. Savannah, Ga.) 

Harvey Dantzler Kelley, 

Army Field Clerk in France. Broad St., 
Monroe, Ga. 

Warren Thomas Loftis, 

Phi Gamma; D. V. S.. Senior Honor Soc; 
Y. M. C. A.; Honor Roll, 1915-16; Physics 
Medal, 1916: Commencement Speaker, 1916; 
Basketball. Capt. and Mgr., 1915; Baseball, 
1915-16; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1916; With 
National Army, U. S. A.: Cashier, Atlanta 
District. General Electric Co. 47 S. Gordon 
St.. Atlanta. Ga. 

Henry Fairfield Manget, 

(66' Rice St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

William Asa Porter, 

A. B., 1916 Univ. of Ariz.; Sigma Pi Alpha; 
Football, (1), (2), (3); Capt. (3); Basket- 
ball, (1), (2), (3); Capt. (2); Baseball, (1), 
(2), (3); Track, (3) (Emorv); Baseball, (3), 
(4); Track, (4): Tennis. (4); A Club; Ath- 
letic Editor. Arizona Wildcat (4); Football, 
(3), (4); Capt. (4); Capt. All Southwestern, 
(4); Basketball, (3), (4); Capt. Cadet Bat- 
talion, (4); House of Representatives, (4); 
Class Speaker, (4) (Arizona); Real Estate; 
Member University Club. Caples Bldg.; res. 
104 Montana St., El Paso, Texas. 

Brandon Henrv Rampley, 

(Carnesville. Ga.) 

Robert N. Stokes, 

Ph. B.. 1915: General Insurance and Real 
Estate; Member Moultrie Country and Ath- 
letic Clubs. 410 Commercial Bldg.; res. 607, 
3d St. S. W.. Moultrie, Ga. 

Tolin Bob Weaver, 

(Covington, Ga.) 

James Thweatt Whittlesey. 

A. B.. 1915; Phi Gamma; Art Editor, Emorv 
Phoenix; Winner Medal Prize Poem. 1915; 
Relay Team. [912-15; Corpora] Co. A„ 151SI 
Machine Gun Battalion. Columbus, Ga. 





Downing Brown, 

(245 Gordon St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

George Francis Forster, 

A. B., cum laude 1016: Honor Roll, 1913-M 
and 1914-15; Relav Team, 1913-16; Class 
Football. 1914-16; Class Basketball, 1913-15; 
All "E" Track Team, 1913-14; "E" in Special 
Gym., 1915-16; Assoc. Editor, Emory Weekly, 
1914-15; Sec. and Treas., Y. M. C. A., 1915- 
16; Hospital Service, U. S. Army. in 
Rogers Ave., Macon, Ga. 

William Asburv Hodges, Tr., 

Freshman Scholarship; Farming. R. F. D. 
No. 2, Halcyondale, Ga. 

Sanford Stedman, 

(Covington, Ga.) 

Lee Trammell, Jr., 

(Madison, Ga.) 

William Morgan Weaver, Jr., 

(107 Cleveland Ave., Macon, Ga.) 


Frederick Duell Bush, 

Stock Keeper, Ford Garage. 511 Church St., 
Covington, Ga. 

Benjamin Hall Henry, 

LL. B., Mercer Univ.; Sigma Upsilon; Adver- 
tising Solicitor. Macon News; Affiliated Ga. 
Psi 191 7. Macon News Printing Co., Cherry 
St.; res. 271 Spring St., Macon, Ga. 

Horace Henry, 

Salesman. Care Burden & Smith Co.; res. 
871 Walnut St., Macon. Ga. 

William Thomas Knight, Jr., 

Phi Gamma; Chi Sigma Chi; Football and 
Basketball; Druggist; Secretary and Treasurer 
Knight Drug Co.; Member Guards Club. 
104 W. Broughton St.; res. 312 W. 37th St., 
Savannah, Ga. 

Worley L. Sewell, 

(Main St., College Park, Ga.) 

Wilbur Early Bostwick, Jr., 

Commencement Speaker and Baseball Team, 2 
yrs.; Banker; Assistant Cashier. Care Bank 
of Arlington; res. Church St., Arlington, Ga. 

Claude Brown, 

59 Green St., Gainesville, Ga. 

Richard Williams Bush, 

R. B., 1916 Reinhardt Coll.; Track. Baseball 
and Basketball Teams (Reinhardt Coll.), 1916; 
Traffic Clerk. Marshall Field and Co., Chicago, 
111. Covington, Ga. 

William Thompson Carlisle, 

Student. Gainesville, Ga. 

Harvey Wilson Fraser, 
Isaac A. Gibson, Jr., 

Student. 403 Bolton St. E.. Savannah, Ga. 

Jno. C. Kilgo, Jr., 

Receiving Clerk, Smith Wadsworth Hdw. Co. 
29 E. Trade St.; res. The Plaza, Box 1022, 
Charlotte. N. C. 

William Louis Williams, 

Corporal, Co. D. 121st Inf., U. S. Army. 800 
2d Ave., Columbus, Ga. 


James Fred Adams, Jr., 

Beta Omicron Phi; Medical Student. 4 En- 
gram Ave., Montezuma, Ga. 

Toel Edmond Mann, 

Student. 585 Thornton Ave., Dalton, Ga. 

Albert Asa Stone, 

Student. Jackson, Tenn. 

William Benjamin Stubbs, Jr., 

Phi Gamma; Honor Roll, 1917; Spring Term 
Debate 191 7; Impromptu Debate 191 7; Class 
Basketball and Football, 1917; Student; Treas. 
Phi Gamma Lit. Soc. 1120 E. Park Ave., 
Savannah, Ga. 

Richard Blanton Wilson, 

Phi Gamma; Football, 1916-17; Student. 
Hampton, Ga. 


Henry Homer Allen, 

Phf Gamma; Historian Freshman Class; Fresh- 
man Relav. Basketball and Baseball Team: 
Chief Clerk, Auditors Office, Hardaway C01 
trading So. Camp Tackson, Columbia, S. C 
res. 212, nth St.. Columbus, Ga. 

Tohn David Finlav, 

Student. Brewton, Ala. 

William Stokes Goldsmith, Jr., 

656 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

James Thomas Hendricks, 

Bank Clerk, Third National Bank. 1148 
Broad St.; res. 2841, 10th Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Clyde G. Hicks, 
William Paul Kolb, 

Ozark, Ala. 

Arthur Hugo Richter, 

Phi Gamma; Y. M. C. A.; Class Football 
Basketball and Relav Teams; All Emory Foot 
ball. Basketball and Relay Teams; 1st Serg 
eant, 6th Co. Savannah Coast Artillery Corps; 
Enlisted as Private April 6, 1917. Appointed 
Corporal May 7. 1917, Sergeant May 21, 1917 
1st Sergeant Mav 21, 1917; Qualified as 2c 
Class Gunner July, 1917. and 1st Class Gun 
ner Oct. 9, 1917. 1201 Duffy St. E., Savan 
nah, Ga. 

William Ernest Rogers, 

Sigma Upsilon; Chi Sigma Chi; Phi Gamma 
Sporting Ed. Emory Weekly; Class Poet, 1917 
18; Freshman and Sophomore Debate, 191 7 
Commencement Speaker, 1917; Impromptu De 
bate, 1918; Toast Master Freshman Banquet 
Student. 174 Lee St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Samuel Westcott Toole, 

Beta Omicron Phi; Chi Sigma Chi; Student. 
Winder, Ga. 


Rufus Olin Ansley, 

Student. Guvton, Ga. 

Jack Martin McNulty, 

Beta Omicron Phi; Student. 605 N. Crawford 
St., Dawson, Ga. 

Joie N. Price, 

Student. Mount Blanchard, Ohio. 

Howard Fairly Rogers. 

Beta Omicron Phi; Vice-Pres. Freshman Class; 
Capt Freshman Football Team; Student. Win. 
der. Ga. 

Alfred Linley Thompson, 

•Class Prophet, 1918; Y. M. C. A.; Phi Gamma; 
Pugilistic Club, 1918; Football Team, 1917; 
Basketball Team, 1918; Co. A., 1918; Fresh- 
man-Sophomnre Debate. 1918; Freshman De- 
claimer. 1918; E. W„ E. H.. 1918; Student. 
1 1 33 Henry St. E., Savannah, Ga. 

James Thompson Vann, 

Phi Gamma; Y. M. C. A.; Beta Omicron Phi; 
Student. -04 W. 20th St., Birmingham, Ala. 



Midway, Georgia 

Chartered January 23, 1859 

College Killed by the Civil War 



am Pelham,* 

B., 1859, 


r Me 


First H 


nior Orato 

r, 1858; 





nior Orato 

rs Med 

il, 18 

59; I 

res. Phi 


c., 1859; 




or, Thi 


c., 1859; Valedictorian 

of CI. 

ss, 1859; 


r; 1st Ser 


st L 


and Capt 


a. Cavalry 


. d. 


9, 1889. 


Edward Foster Hoge,* 

A. B., i860; LL. B.. 1861 Univ. of Miss.; 
Charter Member; Distinguished Graduate; 
First Prize Sophomore Deelaimer's Contest, 
1858; Junior Orator, 1859; Salutatorian, Thal- 
ian Soc., 1859; Senior Orator's Medal, i860; 
Anniversary Orator, Thalian Soc., 1S60; Pres., 
i860; Lawyer; Col. 9th Ga. Regt. C. S. A.; 
Ga. Legislature, 1870-76 and 1882-83; Pres. 
Young Men's Library Assn., 1872-73 and 1874- 
75. d. Aug. 10, 1885. 

Clifford Anderson Lanier,* 

Sophomore Declaimer, 1S58; Highest Scholar- 
ship (2), (.1); Junior Orator, 1859; Public 
Debater, 1859; Anniversarv Orator. Thalian 
Soc, 1859; Private Ga. Battalion Signal Corps, 
1861-64; Milligan's Battalion Signal Corps, 
1863-64; Author of "Thorn Fruit"; "Love 
and Loyalty at War", etc.; Contributor to 
various periodicals. 

John Andrew Weems, 

Second Prize, Sophomore Declaimers Contest. 
1858; Charter Member; Tunior Orator, 1859; 
Anniversary Orator Phi Delta Soc.. 1859; Pres. 
1859; Private 2d Ga. Regt.. Columbus Guards. 
(' S. A.. 1861-62; Independent Cavalry, Nel- 
son Rangers. 18636s; Farmer and Warehouse- 
man. (Union Spring, Ala.) 


John Woodville Baker, * 

Sophomore Declaii 



Public 11 


i860; IV 

es. Thaliai 


c, 186 

; Senior Orator 

1861 j 1. 

uvvcr; Co 


st Ga. 

Regl C. 

S. A. 

1865. d 

Nov. 4, 

1867, Hele 

11:1. Aik. 

Charles Coleman 


A, 1'... [861 ; Sonho 

urn <■ 1 i. . 1 . 

mer, 1859 



Soc.. i860; 





1 Debater, 


1: Sen 

or Orator, 



ary Orat 

Thalian Soc, 

[861 : 


Pres. Y. 


C. A .; 

Grand Dictator, 


of Honor. 


Aug. 1 

3, 1882, Oi 



Grigsby E: Thomas, Jr.,* 

Second Prize, Sophomore Declaimers Contest, 
1859; [unioi (i, ,,!,,,, 18S0; Pres. Phi Delta 
S01 . i860: Lawyer; Private -d Ga. Battalion, 
Co. A., C. S. A., 1861-62; Ordnance Sergt., 

Arms ot Northern Va., Wrights Brigade. 1862- 
65; Member State Democratic Executive 
Com., 1884-85; Vice-Pres. Ga. State Sundav 
School Assn.; Grand Dictator Knights of 
Honor, d. Nov. 1903, Yaldosta, Ga. 

James Oglethorpe Yarnedoe, 

A. B.. 1861; A. M., 1862; Distinguished Gradu- 
ate; First Prize, Sophomore Declaimers Con- 
test, 1850: Tublic Debater, 1859; Champion 
Dehater, 1S60; Tunior Orator, i860; Anni- 
versarv Orator, Phi Delta Soc. 1861; Pres. 
1861; Senior Orator, 1861; Sergt. Civil War; 
Postmaster, Valdosta, Ga. ; Mavor Valdosta, 
1877-78; Lieut. Col. Ga. Vols.; Major Ga. 
Vols., Spanish Am. War. 604 N. Patterson 
St., Valdosta, Ga. 


James Garland Lane, 

A. B., 1862; Distinguished Graduate; Fresh 
man Declaimer, 1859; Sophomore Declaimer 
i860; Public Debater, i860; Junior Orator 
1861; Pres. Thalian Soc, 1861; Champion Dt 
bater, 1862; Anniversarv Orator, Thalian Soc 
1862; Senior Orator, 1862; Minister; Private 
8th Ga. Regt. Co. E, C. S. A, 1862-65. 

Malcolm Alexander Smith, 

Freshman Declaimer, 1859; Sophomore De- 
claimer, i860; Public Debater, i860; Junior 
Orator. 1861; Salutatorian, Phi Delta Soc, 
1S61: First Prize Essavist; Lawyer; Private 
1st Ala. Regt. of Artillery, ijd and 58th Ala. 
Infantry, C. S. A„ 1862-65: Member Ala. 
Legislature. 1882-81. (P. O. Box 237, -Pratt- 
ville, Ala.) 


William Edward Goetchius.* 

Thalian Soc. Improvement Medal. 1S60; Soph- 
omore Declaimer, 1861: Tunior Orator, 1862; 
Pres. Thalian Soc, 1862; Private, C. S. A.. 
1862-64. d. July 22, 1864. Petersburg!!. Va. 


Samuel Thompson Dean,* 

A. 1!., 1864; Freshman Declaimer, 1861; First 
Prize Sophomore Deelaimer's Contest. 1862: 
Champion Dehater, 1863; Junior Orator. 1863; 
Salutatorian Thalian Soc, 1863; Senior Ora 
tor, 1864; First Prize Essavist, 1864; Private, 
C. S. A., 1864-65. d. 1865. 

Thomas Howell Whitaker,* 

Phi Delta Soc. Improvement Medal. 1862; 
First 1 rize in Ilistorv, 1863: Pres. Phi Delta 
Soc. 1863; Lawyer: Chief of Detachment and 
4th Sergt. Terrell Artillerv. C. S. A.. 1861-65; 
In, lee Co. Court. Troup Co., 1883-87; Mem- 
In 1 Ga. Legislature. 1889-00; Member State 
Democratic Executive Committee, d. Sept. 
1896, La Grange, Ga. 



Marietta, Georgia 

Chartered February 23, 1857 


Raleigh Spinks Camp,* 

A. M., 1S56 Univ. of Va.; Charter Member; 
Teacher; Major 40th Ga. Regt., C. S. A., 
1861-65. d. Dec, 1867, Marietta, Ga. 


William H. Dickinson,* 

B. E., 1857; Charter Member; Distinguished 
Graduate, 1857; Public Debater, 1857; Pies. 
Lyman Hall Soc, 1857; Planter; Capt. Co. 
D. 2d Ga. Regt., C. S. A., 1861-62; Major, 
186.1-65. d. Oct. 1, 1897, Waynesboro, Ga. 

Robert Griffin,* 

Charter Member; First Prize, Final Oratorical 
Contest, 1856; Public Debater, 1S57; Pres. 
Svnemolectic Soc, 1857; Lawyer; Capt. Co. 
E„ 3d Ga. Inf. C. S. A., 1861; Lieut. Col. 
Partisan Rangers of Ga. and N. C, 1862; Col. 
62d Ga. Inf., 1S63; Col. 8th Ga. Cavalry, 1864- 
65; Ga. Legislature, 1872-76; U. S. Claim 
Attorney, 15 yrs. 

Robert Gesse Irwin, 

Lawyer; 1st Lieut. 7th Ga. Regt. Co. I., C. S. 
A„ 1861-65. (Marietta, Ga.) 

William Andrew Hansell,* 

B E., 1858; First Honor, 1878; Supt. of Pub- 
lic Works, Fulton Co.; Adjutant 35th Ala. 
Regt. C. S. A., 1861-63; Capt. Topographical 
Engrs., 1864-65. d. Jan. 4, 1907. 

George C. Holcombe,* 

Private, C S. A. Killed during the War. 

John Summerfield Lanier, 

Initiated by Tenn. Nu, 1857. 


Samuel Barry Brooks,* 

B. E., 1859; Charter Member; Distinguished 
Graduate; Pres. Svnemolectic Soc, 1858; Pub- 
lic Debater, 1858; Final Orator, 1859; Capt. 
Terrills Battalion Artillery, C. S. A., 1861-62. 
d. May 31, 1862, Battle of Seven Pines. 

Tames Nicholas Gilmer, 

Charter Member; Synemolectic: Second Year 
Speaker, 1857; Third Year Speaker. iS;S: 
Champion Debater, 1858; Pres. Lyman Hall 
Soc, 1858; Retired; 2d Lieut. 2d Ala. Vol. 
Co., F. C. S. A.: 1st Lieut. 3d Ala. 
Vols., Co. F, 1863; Quartermaster 1st Bat- 
talion, Hilliard's Legion, Ala. Vols., 1863; 
Adjutant.' 1863; Inspr. Genl., General Gracy's 
Staff. 1S64; Adjutant 60th Ala. Vols., 1864- 
65; Adjutant General State of Ala., 1884-86 

Member Company of Regimental Commanders; 
United States Confederate Veterans; Knights 
of Pythias. 4750, 14th St. N. E., Seattle, 

Jamison H. Moore,* 

B. E., i8^n: Second Honor; Declaimer's Med- 
al, 1S57; Second Year Speaker, 1857; Third 
Year Speaker, 1S58; Fourth Year Speaker, 
1850; Pres. Lvman Hall Soc, 1859; Capt. nth 
Miss. Regt. Co. H, Chickasaw Guards, C. S. 
A., 1861-63. d. July 1863, Battle of Gettys- 

Thomas S. Paine, 

Essavists Medal, 1858; Pharmacist; Color 
Sergt. G. M. I., 1858; Lieut. 29th Ga. Inf. 
Co. B., C. S. A., 1861-62; Capt. 10th Ga. Cav- 
alry Co. E., 1863-65. 

George Fauntleroy Todd,* 

B. E., 1859: First Honor; First Prize in 
French, 1S59: Champion Debater. 1858; Pres. 
Synemolectic Soc, 1859: First Lieut, and Capt. 
4th Ga. Regt., Co. D., C. S. A., 1861-62. d. 
July 22, 1862, Battle of Malvern Hill 


Giles Goode,* 

Capt. Monroe Co. Guards, <;th Ala. Regt. d. 
Virginia soon after the first battle of Man- 

AdolDhus C. Powell,* 

B. E.. i860; First Honor- Capt. Co. A., Col- 
lege Cadets: Essayists Medal, i860; First Prize 
in French. 1S60; Adjutant General 16th Ga. 
Regt.. C. S. A., 1861-65. d. March 10, 1873. 

Tohn W Reynolds,* 

LL. B„ i860' Cumberland Univ.; Planter; Or- 
derlv Sergt., 2d Co. Ga. Vols., Co. D„ C. S. 
A., i86i-6s; Affiliated Tenn. Lambda, 1S60. 
d. April 13, 1917, The Hill, Augusta, Ga. 

Robert Maner Wade, 

B. E., i860; M. D.. 1872 Univ. of Md.; Sec- 
ond Honor; Phvsician and Pharmacist; Lieut, 
and Capt., 1st Ga. Regulars, C. S. A., 1862- 


Henrv C. Harper,* 

Planter; Private Co. D. 2d Ga. Reel., C. S. A., 
1861-6- d. May 29. 1894, Martin, S. C. 

George Paul Harrison, 

A. B. and C. E., 1861; First Honor, Lvman 
Hall: Capt. Co. A, College Cadets; Lawyer: 
Lieut.. 1st Lieut., Adjutant. Major. Col and 
Brigadier Genl.. C. S. A.; Brigadier Genl, 
Ala. State Militia: Member Ala. State Legis- 
lature, 8 yrs.; Ala. State Senate, 12 yrs.; Pres. 




Senate, 18S2-S4: Member of Congress, 3d Ala. 
Dist., 4 vis.; Delegate S. A. E. Convention, 
Columbus. Ga.. i860; Member Constitutional 
Convention, 1876 and 1001; Grand Master. 
Grand Lodge, A F. and A. M. twice; Com- 
mander Ala. Division United Confederate Vet- 
erans, 12 yrs., Tenn. Dept. 3 yrs and at 
present Commander-in-Chief. Opelika, Ala. 

Horace D. Randall,* 

B. S., 1861; Distinguished Graduate, 1861; 
First Prize Oratorical Contest, 1859; Second 
Yeai Speaker, 1850; Pres. Synemolectic Soc, 
i860; Merchant; Lieut. Cutts Artillery Bat- 
talion. C. S. A., 1861-65. d. July 10, 1885. 

Christopher Columbus Sanders,* 

B. E., 1861; Second Honor; Public Debater, 
i860; Pres. Lyman Hall Soc., 1861; Banker; 
Col. 24th Ga. Regt., C. S. A., 1861-65; Trus- 
tee Ga. Female Sem. d. Gainesville, Ga. 

Robert Holt Atkinson,* 

B. E., 1862: First Honor; First Prize in 
French. 1S62; Valedictorian, 1862; Railroad 
Official; Adjutant 1st Ga. Regt., C. S. A., 
1861-65. d. July 17, 1S86, Atlanta, Ga. 

Egbert Beall, 

C. E., 1862; Distinguished Graduate; Commer- 
cial Traveler; Capt. Co. C, 6th Ga. Regu- 
lars, 1862-65. 

David Blount, 

C. E., 1862; Enlisted in C. S. A., 1862. 

Theodore Miller Elyea,* 

B. S„ 1862; Lieut. Co. A, 14th Ga Regt., 
Wright's Brigade, C. S. A., 1862. d. June 2, 

Paul Faver, 

M. D.. 1868 Richmond Med. Coll.; Physician; 
1 st Lieut. Battalion Ga. Cadets, C. S. A., 1864- 
65. 638 Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Archibald Carlisle McKinley, 

Planter and Lawyer; 1st Lieut. "Co. H, 57th 
Ga. Regt., C. S. A., 1S61-65. 


George Madison Blount,* 

B. E.. 1863; First Honor; Champion Debater, 
1862; Pres. Svnemolectic Soc, 1864; Adju- 
tant General Co. A, 2d Ga. Regt., C. S. A., 
1863-65. d. March 20, 1865. 

George Thomas Goetchius,* 

A. ['.., 1868 Univ. of Ga.; B. D., 187 1 Co- 
lumbia Theol. Sem.; D. D. do.; Minister; 
Private Array of Va., C. S. A., 1864-65; One 
of the Founders of Ga. Beta; Affiliated Ga. 
Beta. 1868. d. Aug. 31, 1900, Rome, Ga. 

James Ray McCleskey,* 

A. B., 1866 Univ. of Ga.; A. M., 1867 do.; 
LL. P... 1869 do.; Pres. Lyman Hall Soc, 
1863; Champion Debater, 1862; Minister; 
Lieut. Commander Co. A, Battalion, Ga. Ca- 
dets, C. S. A., 1864-6';; Affiliated Ga. Beta, 
1866. d. Nov., 1908, Washington, D. C. 

James Hurt Shorter, 

B. E., 1861; M. D., 1876 Long Island Coll. 
I Ins,,.; Pres. Svnemolectic Soc, 1863; First 
Prize in French, iSoi; Specialist (Eye, Ear. 
\ose and Throat); Ordnance officer 3d Ga. 
Cavalry, C. S A.. 1863-65; I 'culiM. Southern 
Ry. and Central of Georgia Ry. Co.; Author 
of various papers on medical subjects. The 
Grand Bldg.; res. 130 Georgia Ave., Macon, 

Samuel Spencer,* 

A. B., 1SS7 Univ. of Ga.; C. F... 1869 Univ. 
of Va.: First Honor, 1867; Railroad Official; 
Private C. S. A.. 1863-65; Affiliated Ga. Beta, 
1S67 and Va. Omicron, 1869. 

James S. Todd, 

M. D., 1S69 Tefferson Med. Coll.; Physician; 
1st oergt.. Battalion Ga. Cadets, C. S. A., 
1864-65; Pres. Ga. Med. Assn., 1889; Asst. 
Surgeon Gen'l. United Confederate Veterans 
Assn.; Pres. Atlantic Acad, of Medicine. 


Martin L. Arnold,* 

Private Co. D 38th Ga. Regt.. C. S. A.. 1863. 
d. June 18, 1864, Washington, Ga. 

P. A. Hazlehurst,* 

Sergt. Major Battalion Ga. Cadets, C. S. A., 
1864-65. d. July 18, 1887, Brunswick, Ga. 

James Howard Meade,* 

Captain Co. B., 53d Ga. Regt., C. S. A., 1863- 

64. d. July 27, 1864, Battle of Kenesaw Moun- 

Charles Henry Solomon,* 

Adjutant Battalion Ga. Cadets, C. S. A.. 1864- 

65. d. Aug. 27, 1898, Macon, Ga. 

Solomon Moss Wynn,* 

Private Battalion Ga. Cadets, C. S. A., 1864- 
65. d. Canonsville, Md. 

Francis Fontaine, 5 ' 

Real Estate; Capt. 3d Ga. Cavalry, C. S. A., 
1863-65; State Commissioner of Land and Im 
migration, 1880-81. d. 1901. 

I^odowick Johnson Hill, 

Attended Univ. of Va. 1865-68; Univ. Berlin 
1S69-70; Washington Lit. Soc; Mortgage and 
Building Loans, Life Insurance and Real Estate 
(Retired); 1st Lieut. Co. A., Ranking Cadet 
Officer, 1864; Asst. Inspector Genl. on Staff of 
Genl. R. W. Carswell. 1865; Cashier 1st Natl. 
Bank, Newnan, Ga., 1871-77; Cashier and Vice- 
Pres. Ga. Savings Bank of Atlanta, 1879-93; 
Pres. Ga. Securities and Investment Co. of 
Atlanta and Fla.; Ry. and Construction Co. 
and Furman Farm Implement and Cement Co. 
since 1893; Member Capital City and Pied- 
mont Driving Clubs; Affiliated Va. Omicron 
1868. 313 Century Bldg.; res. 456 Spring St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Lawrence A. R. Reab,* 

Merchant; Private Co. D 63d Ga. Regt., C. S. 
A. and 12th Ga. Battalion, Artillery, 1862-65. 
d. Augusta, Ga. 



Atlanta, Georgia 

Chartered March 3, 1890 


Tames Weldon Bridge/' 

B. S. in M. E., 1892; Charter Member; Ath- 
letic Editor Technologian, 1890-91; Electrical 
Engineer; Delegate Natl. Convention, 1891. 
d. 1910. 

George Freeman,* 

B. S. in M. E,. 1892; Charter Member; Dele- 
gate S. A. E. Convention, 1890-91; Sergt. Co. 
M 2d Regt. Ga. Vols. Spanish-Am. War. 
d. 1902. 

Edmond Fenwick Jackson, 

Charter Member; Asst. Sec. and Treas. Ga. 
Chemical Works; Member Webbs Lodge 166. 
745 Reynolds St.; res. 340 Telfair St., Augusta, 

Gilhain Hoyle Morrow, 

Charter Member; Pres. Morrow Transfer and 
Storage Co.; Vice-Pres. Crawford Morrow Co. 
182 Marietta St.; res. 727 W. Peachtree St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

George Lewis Pratt, 

Charter Member; Chemical Engineer. 1716, 
3d Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 25 Fairview Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 


Roger Waddell Davis, 

B. S. in M. E., 1893; Charter Member; Sec. 
Electric Supply & Equipment Co. and Southern 
Agent Saco Lowell Shops; Member Southern 
Manufacturers; Charlotte Country and Capital 
City and Piedmont Driving (Atlanta. Ga.) 
Clubs. 1000 Realty Bldg.; res. 5 Garland 
Court, Charlotte, N. C. 

William Moore Draper, 

Charter Member; Merchant; Member Grand 
Lodge Elks; Affiliated Ga. Beta, 1894. Mur- 
freesboro, Tenn. 

Arthur W. Hall, 

M. E., 1893; Sec. and Treas. Universal Steel 
Package Corp.. Albemarle Hotel Co. and Broad- 
way & 24th St. Co.; Sec. Crystal Brook Park 
Assn. 22 William St., New York; res. 173 
St. James Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Ross Harper, 

Charter Member; Capt. Baseball Team; Man- 
ager Aetna Life Ins. Co.; Pres. Philadelphia 
Assn. of Life Underwriters; Member Phila- 
delphia CricKet, Bavhead Yacht and Plainfield 
(New Jersev) Clubs; Automobile Club of Ger- 
mantown; India House. 714 Widener Bldg.; 
res. 634 W. Cleveden Ave. (Germantown) 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sherwood Frank Teter, 

B. S. in M. E., 1893; Chief Engineer Hart- 
ford Steam Boiler Co. 56 Prospect St.; res. 7 
Oakland Terrace, Hartford, Conn. 

Thomas Neal Kelly,* 

d. April 22, 1891. 

Joel Wilson Little, 

B. S. in M. E.. 1893; Engineer. (Russell 
Elevator Co., 54 N. Broad St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Murdock Wilcox McRae, 

B. S. in M. E., 1893; Mechanical Engineer. 

Hal Gordon Nowell, 

B S. in M. E., 1893; Attorney and Counsellor- 
at-Law; Trustee Georgia School of Technology. 



Edwin Davis Sheffield, 

Charter Member; Cashier Bank of Commerce. 
Forsyth St.; res. 502 Church St., Americus, Ga. 

Pierce Robert Sims, 

Farmer. (Washington, Ga.) 

Richard Baxter Wiley, 

Supt. of Construction. (Sparta, Ga.) 


Claude Eugene Buchanan, 

Film Broker; Member Bd. of Education; 
Member Rotary and Piedmont Driving Clubs; 
Chamber of Commerce. 65 Walton St.; res. 
121 1 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

George Franklin Forest,* 

B. S., 1894; Mechanical Engineer. 

Trezevant Holmes, 

B. S. in M. E., 1894; Engineer. (Lawly, Ala.) 

Welly Cornelius Jordan, 


Robert Daniel Draper, 

(Denver. Colo.) 

George Hendree Harrison, 

B. S. in M. E., 1895; Graduate in Divinity, 
1902 Univ. of South; Cheledon, Red Ribbon; 
Mgr. College Paper. 189 V94: Commencement 
Debater and Reader of Thesis. 189s; Rector 
Calvary Parish; Trustee Univ. of South; Mem- 
ber Masons and Knights of Pythias; Pres. 
Province Gamma, 189s: E. S. T., 1898-1900; 
E. S. A., 1900-1902; Affiliated Tenn. Omega 
(Chapter Roll). Ashland, Ky. 

CX ew 
-, Ash- 

7 Co.! 
C oosa 


William Pratt Heath, 

Sec. and Dir. N. P. Pratt Laboratory 
ber American Chemical Soc.J Chemist: 
\ork) Club, go Auburn Ave- res ii 
by St.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Fred M. Hull, Jr., 

Pres. of Florida Provision Co. 230 Bu 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

William Branch Nunnally, 

With Empire Laundry. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Reuben Norton Towers, 

B. S. in M. E., 189s; First Honors; 
facturer; Pres. Rome Machine & Found. 
Member Chamber of Commerce; Pres. 
Country Club. 1916; Dir. 1917. 409 
Ave., Rome, Ga. 

William Oliver Chears, 

(A. B. & A. R. R., Atlanta, Ga.) 

George Zim Eckles, 

Quartermasters Corps, U. S. Army. 

James Wadsworth Furlow, 

Major U. S. Armv; Member Army and Navv 
(New York, N. Y., and Manila, P. I.); Chi- 
cago Athletic (111.) and Toltec < El Paso, Texas) 
Clubs. Care Dept. Quartermaster, El Paso, 
lexas and Adjutant-General of the Army, 
Washington, D. C. 

Charles Warren Hill, 

P. S. in M. E., 1896; Mechanical Engineer 
(Dayton Stamping & Tool Co., Dayton, Ohio) 

William Henry Patterson, Jr.,* 

Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu, 1897.* d. Atlanta, 

Joseph Adger Smith, 

Mgr. Football Team; Pres. Gamma Prov., 1894- 
95 ; Pres Louisville Axe & Tool Co.; Treas. 
Ijoard of Church Extension M. E. Church 
South; Member Pendennis and Louisville 
Country Clubs; Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion; hoc. of Colonial Wars; Sue. of Cincin- 
n .aJ>; Masons, 32d Scottish Rite. 4779 Louis- 
ville Ave.; res. 2525 Ransdell Ave., Louisville 

Thomas Perrin Thompson, 

B. Sin M. E., 1896; E. E. Cornell; Mem- 
ber of Firm Neff and Thompson, Architects 
and Engineers. 600 Seaboard Bank Rldg .; res 
Lochhavcn, R. F. D. No. 6, Norfolk, Va. 

Lee Newton Trainmell, 

(Marietta, Ga.) 





ood B. Ainsworth, 

General Manager: Firm of Ball Ainsworth 
Hardware Co. Blakelv, Ga. 

Joseph Hamilton Etheridge, 

Salesman. Wholesale Millinery Lines 1^7 
S. 20th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Floyd Charles Furlow, 

B. S. in M. E. 1897; Editor-in-Chief, Georgia 
led,.; Ires. Class, 3 yrs. ; Pres. Athletic 
Assn.; Pres. Debating Soc; Mgr. Football 
ream; Class Thesis Reader; Manufacturer; 
Vice-Pres., Otis Elevator Co.; Dir Central 
Iron & Coal Co. and Central Foundry Co.; 
E. A. of Chapter; Editor Province Gamin* 
Quarterly; Pres. Province Gamma (nuw Ep- 
Sllon), 1897-98; E. S. A., 1S08-00; Member 
Metropolitan of Buffalo, Engineers Buti.-iln 
and University (Washington) Clubs; Alumni' 
Assn. of Ga Tech. nth Ave. and 26th St., 
New York, N Y • res. 114 Upper Montelair 
Ave., Montelair, N. J. 

Carlos Ponjaud Lynes, 

Real Estate, Firm of Thomson & Lynes 416 
Healey Bldg.; res. Ormev I Park, Atlanta, 

Robert Lowry Meader, 

Officer, U. S. Army; isl Lieut., gth Infantry. 

Care of Adjutant General of the Army, 
Washington, D. C. 

Thomas Dent Meador, Jr., 

President, Meador Construction Co. and 
Southern Tile & Stone Co., Municipal En- 
gineers and Contractors; Member Capital 
C ity Piedmont Driving and Atlantic Athletic 
Clubs. ioi Wells Sta.; 34 Lombardy Way, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Edwin Leigh Wight, Jr., 

B. S. in M. E., 1897; Capt. Football Team, 
1896; Secretary and Treasurer, Atlanta Whole- 
sale Jobbing Co. and Loans; Member Capital 
< ity and Atlantic Athletic Clubs, in Empire 
Bldg.; res. 21 E. 8th St., Atlanta, Ga. 


John Augustus Betjeman, 

Phi Eta Sigma; Athletic Assn. ; Local Editor and 
Asst. Editor-in-Chief Georgia Tech; Pres. Phi 
Eta Sigma and Annual Debater, 3 times; 
Treasurer, The Jordan Co. and Enquirer Sun 
Co.; Vice-Pres., Waverly Hotel Co.; Chrmn. 
Executive Committee, Ga. Immigration Assn., 
3 yrs.; Treas. and One of 3 Organizers, 
Southern Commercial Congress; Pres. of Local 
Assns., etc.; Editor, Columbus Enquirer Sun; 
Member Muscogee Club and Country Club of 
Columbus. Exchange Bldg.; res. Waverly 
Terrace, Columbus, Ga. 

Frank G. Ford, 

Bookkeeper. 841 Liberty St., Waynesboro, 

Leroy Collier Hart, 

Electrical Engineer. 

John Calhoun Kirkpatrick, 

Salesman; Delegate Natl. Convention, 1898. 
60 Drewry St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Albert Thompson Matthews, 

Cotton Mill; Supt. Thomaston Cotton Mills; 
Genl. Supt. Aldora Mills. Thomaston, Upson 
County. Ga. 

Samuel Hill Meriweather, 


Hugh Montgomery, 

Auditing Dept. A. K. & N. Ry. (Knoxville, 

Edward Johnson Peters, 

Architect; Pres. Okla. State Assn. of Archi- 
tects, 2 yrs.; Member Rotary Club. P. O. 
Box 456; res. 526 N. Douglas St., Shawnee, 


Robert Augustus Alston, 
Samuel McDonald Carter, 

Planter; Member Capital City and Piedmont 
Driving (Atlanta) Clubs. Carters, Ga. 

Harmon Orme Cox, 

Insurance; Affiliated with Ga. Beta 1900. 
(Equitable Life Insurance Co., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Thomas Middleton Gibbes, 

B. S. in E. E., 1899; Manager New Depart- 
ment, Appalachian Power Co. Bluefield, W. 

John Fisk Glenn, 

Engineering and Steel; Member Piedmont 
Driving. International. Rotary and Druid Hill 
Golf Clubs. John F. Glenn & Co.. 10.7 Grant 
Bldg.; res. 30 Westminster Drive, Atlanta, 

Russell Yerstille Glenn, 

Civil Engineer; Division Engineer, Province 
of Albany, Ambos, Canarises and Sorsogon; 
Board of Public Works. Philippine Islands; 
Member Iloilo, Panay Iloilo Country, Baquio 
< puntry Clubs, Philippine Islands; Capital 
City and, it Driving Clubs, Atlanta, 
Ga.; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1900. Bureau of 
Public Works, Manila, P. I., and Atlanta, Ga. 





George Nesmith Barker, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1899. 

Francis Marion Burner, 

Farmer. Sapelo Island; res. 11 Perry St. \V., 
Savannah. Ga. 

Donald Donaldson, 

Deputy Collector, U. S. Internal Revenue; 
Dir., Holy Trinity Chapter, -Brotherhood of 
St. Andrew; Member Brotherhood of St. 
Andrew. 226 Post Office Bldg., Atlanta; res. 
38 Oak St., Decatur, Ga. 

Strothers C. Fleming, 

Insurance; Member Piedmont Driving. Ath- 
letic and Nine O'Clock Gamma Club. 1020. 
4th Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 182 Penn Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Felder Furlow, 

B. S. in C. E., 1893; Civil Engineer; Dele- 
gate Natl. Convention. 1S98. (Sao Paulo. Rio 
Grande Ry., Ponto Grosoa, Parana, Brazil.) 

David Wright Jordan,* 

Electrical Engineer. 

Hugh Wallace Kirkpatrick, 

Sigma Ribbon Soc; Theta Nu Epsilon; Gra- 
ham-Lee Lit. Soc, Washington & Lee Univ.; 
Mgr. Baseball, 1899; Vice-Pres. Athletic 
Assn.; Chief Marshal of Finals, Washington 
& Lee Univ.; Treas., Va. Sigma Chapter; 
Sec. and Treas., 1905-06; Vice-Pres., 1906-07, 
Epsilon Province; Special Agent, South East- 
ern Underwriters' Association; Affiliated with 
Va. Sigma, 1901. 541 Equitable Bldg.. Atlanta, 
Ga.; res. Jefferson Apts., Roanoke, Va. 

Edward Mills McLean, 

Superintendent Boyd Mfg. Co. (Griffin, Ga.) 

William Tarver Wheeler, 


Walter P. Barnes, 

Cotton Mill Superintendent. Griffin, Ga. 

Samuel Jacques Corbin, 

Clerk. 114 Corbin Ave.. Macon, Ga. 

Edwin W. Cubbedge, Jr., 

Teller Citizens Southern Bank; Member Sa- 
vannah Volunteer Guards; Alee Temple 
Mystic Shrine; Past Master Landrum Lodge, 
No. 48. F. & A. M. 2z Bull St.; res. 15 
Jones St. E., Savannah, Ga. 

Sidney Smith Dean, 

A. B„ 1898 Univ. of Ga.; Caed; Athletic 
Council; Track, 3 yrs.; Football, 1 yr.; 
Baseball Squad, 1 yr. ; Capt. Track, 2 yrs.; 
Winner of 2 Medals, Southern Intercollegiate 
Track Meet, 1902 in Hurdle Races; Treas- 
urer, Walker Electric and Plumbing Co., 
Atlanta, Rome and Columbus, Ga. ; Principal. 
Rome High Schools. 1902-04; Asst. Supt. First 
Baptist Sunday School and Dir. Country 
Club, Rome, Ga. : First Troop Cavalry. L. S. 
N. G. ; Member Cossa Country Club; Knights 
Templar; Shriner; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1902. 
621 Rhodes Bldg.. Marietta St.; res. 109 Lin- 
wood Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

John Clement Forbes, 

(College Park, Ga.) 

Robert Render Gray,* 

d. June 1st, 1906, LaGrange, Ga. 

Herbert Hawkins, 

General Insurance. 14 Planters Bank Bldg.; 
res. College St., Americus, Ga. 

Benjamin West Holtzclaw, 

B. S., M. E., 1901; Chief Engineer J. S. 
Schofield's Sons Co. Cor. Hammond and 
Boundary Sts. ; res. 154 Summit Ave., Macon, 


Tames Wayne Moore, 

B. S. in M. E., 1901; Pres. of Class (3), (4); 
Varsity Baseball Team, 2 yrs.; Manufacturer 
of Machinery. Washington and Martin Sts.; 
res. Ware and Church Sts., East Point, Ga. 

John Lamar Moore, 

Superintendent of Plant Southern Bell Tele- 
phone and Telegraph Co.; Member B. P. O. E. 
and Chamber of Commerce. Southern Bell 
Telephone and Telegraph Co.; res. 1401 Eliza- 
beth Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

Henry Clark Plunkett, 
Willard Parker Sullivan, 

B. S. in M. E., 1901; Engineer. (Blossburg, 

James Fulton Towers, 


Donald G. Davis, 

General Insurance; Member B. P. O. E. and 
Kinchifoonee Country Club. 109^ N. Wash- 
ington St.; res. 514 Pine St., Albany, Ga. 

William Meriweather Furlow, 
Walter E. Good, 

Pres. Class; District Manager Modern Wood- 
man Insurance Co. 422 Carney Bldg.; res. 
Y. M. C. A., Atlanta, Ga. 

James Shackleford Hines, 

Managing Owner Pacific Marine Review (Larg- 
est Shipping Magazine Published on Pacific 
Coast) ; Member Commercial Club. 576 Sacra- 
mento St., San Francisco; res. 88 Plaza Drive, 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Folger Johnson, 

B. S., 1902; B. Arch., 1910, Columbia LTniv.; 
Architect; Member Universitv, Portland Golf, 
Multnomah Athletic Clubs; Chamber of Com- 
merce; Am. Institute of Architects; Affiliated 
N. Y. Mu, 1909. 207 Oregon Bldg.; res. 693 
Marshall St., Portland, Ore. 

Clayton Jones, 

Lawyer;" Judge City Court of Albany; Member 
Georgia Bar Assn.; Affiliated Ga. Beta, 1903. 
Court House, Albany, Ga. 

Marion MacDonald Lawrence, 

B. S. in C. E., 1902; Engineer. (Marietta. 

George Nelson, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon, 1901. 

Fitzhugh Scott, 

B. S., 1905, Columbia LTniv.; Architect; Mem- 
ber University Club. 401-424 Jefferson St.; 
res. 626 Summit Ave.. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ravmond Demere Sullivan, 

With Cotton Factor Corporation; Capt. 1st Co. 
Ga. Coast Artillery N. G. ; Member Oglethorpe 
Club. 18 E. Bay St.; res. 1 W. Jones St.. 
Savannah, Ga. 

jjian D. Towers, 

Athletic Champion, 1901-02: Graduated 1st 
Honor; Supt. Hillside Cotton Mills. La 
Grange, Ga. 

Samuel Yoer Tupper, Jr., 

Initiated by Va. Omicron "1900. 

James Percy Williams, 

Track Team; Teweler; Member of Firm J. H. 
& W. W. Williams Co.; Member Idle Hour 
Club. 553 Cherry St.; res. 220 High St., Ma- 


Morns Yow, 

Capt. 1S99 Football Team; Mgr. Track Team, 
1S9S; Football (center), 4 yrs.; Pres. of Class, 
1906; Automobile Dealer; Member Capital City 
and Atlanta Athletic (Atlanta, Ga.), High- 
land Lake (Flat Rock, N. C.) and Cloverhurst 
Country (Athens, Ga.) Clubs. 378 Broad St.; 
res. 1 1 20 Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga. 




Guy Garrard, 

B. S. in Textile Engineering, 1903; Treasurer 
Hamburger Cotton Mills. Hamburger Cotton 
Mills; res. "Wildwood," Columbus, Ga. 

Henry Alexander Leonard, 

Plant Accountant Southern Bell Telephone and 
Telegraph Co. 78 S. Prvor St.; res. Georgian 
Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles Will Livingston, 

Farmer. Member B. P. O. E. 132 Broad St.; 
res. 430 Broad St., Albany, Ga. 

Robert S. Munford, 

Mining and Farming; Dir. First National Bank 
and Bank of Cartersville; Member Knights 
of Pythias and Elks. 509 Market St., Carters- 
ville, Ga. 

Warren Raybon Neel, 


Husji Maddux Robinson, 

General Manager and Assistant Treasurer 
Savoy Shirt Co. 1261 Broadwav, New York, 
N. Y. 

Sidney Goodwin Ryalo, 

With Henry Nanninga & Co., also Dir.; Mem- 
ber Yacht Club and Masons. 4 E Bay St.; 
res. 743 E. Henry St., Savannah, Ga. 

Charles Frederick Stone, 

Manager of Sales Atlantic Steel Co.; Eminent 
Correspondent, 1902-06; Eminent Supreme 
Treas., 1906-10; Member Druid Hills Golf 
Club. Atlantic Steel Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

Earl Lanier Wayne, 
Robert Brooke Berkeley, 

Special Agent for Miss, and Tenn. for the 
Cotton Insurance Assn. of Atlanta; Member 
Business Men's Club; Chamber of Commerce. 
811 Central Bank Bldg.; res. 1834 Madison 
Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

John Avery Gere Carson, Jr., 

Naval Stores; V. Pres. Carson Naval Stores 
Co.; Dir. Savannah Electric Co.; Member 
Oglethorpe, Savannah Yacht and Savannah Golf 
Clubs; Volunteer Guards; Board of Trade; 
Alee Temple A. A. O. N. M. S. National 
Bank Bldg.; res. 122 W. 38th St., Savannah, 

William Mazyck Davis, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta, 1901. 

Joel Dean,* 

Varsity Football; General Manager Ranch and 
R. R.; Mgr. Pittsburgh Branch Fairbanks Co.; 
Member Masons, d. February 14, 1 9 17, Asher- 
ton, Texas. 

Charles Henry Edmondson, 

Textile Engineer, Massachusetts Mills in Ga. 
Lindale, Ga. 

Stewart Davenport Furlow, 

B. S. in Textile Engineering, 1904; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Traveling Salesman; Member B. P. 
O. E. 135-137 Forsyth St.; res. 1202 Lee St., 
Americus, Ga. 

Gustavus Richard Glenn, 

B. S. in Chem. E., 1904; With South-Eastern 
Underwriters Association; Member Atlanta 
Athletic Club. 542 Trust Co. of Ga. Bldg.; 
res. 540 Spring St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Lucius Jack Harris, Jr., 

Football; Assistant Cashier Georgia Ry. and 
Power Co.; Sec. Providence Loan Soc. 75 
Marietta St.; res. 119 Linwood Ave., Atlanta, 

Zadoc Daniel Harrison, Tr., 

Clerk Supreme Court. State* Capitol, Atlanta; 
res. Fern Bank, Ga. 

Joseph Washburn Hawkins, 

Civil Engineer; Assistant Engineer J. B. Mc 
Crary Co. Care The J. B. McCrary Co., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Walter Scriven Heyward, 

With Savannah Guano Co. (Savannah, Ga.) 

Robert Clifford Holtzclaw, 

Chemist. (Federal Chemical Co., Nashville, 

George Stell-e Lowndes, Jr., 

Publisher; Member Piedmont Driving Club. 
402 Atlanta Trust Bldg.; res. 85 Avery Drive, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Frank Reese Maddox, 

Chemist. 310 E. 2d St., Rome, Ga. 

George Muse, Jr., 

With George Muse Clothing Co. 3-5-7 White- 
hall St.; res. 129 E. 15th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Charles Hall Strong, 

B. S. M. E., 1904; Theta Nu Epsilon; Football, 
1903; Pres. Athletic Assn., 1903-04; V.-Pres. 
Senior Class; Engineer Roadway Dept., Ga. 
Railway and Power Co.; Member Athletic and 
Anslev Park Golf Clubs. 315 Electric and 
Gas Bldg.; res. 141 E. 17th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Louis M. Wright, 

Affiliated Ga. Beta 1904. 


Bart Herndon Barr, 

With Duncan & Barr. (Cor. Broad & 8th St. 
N. E. ; res. 409 Poplar St., Chattanooga, 

Nicholas Ralph Bayard, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon 1903. 

Harrv Irvin Callaway,* 

d. "Macon, Ga. 

Charles Harmon Cox, 

Affiliated Ga. Beta 1906. 

Frank Gross Ellington, 
James Hardie Hedrick,* 

d. Montgomery, Ala. 

Youel Gilbert Hilsman, 

Druggist; Member Elks Lodge; Kinchafoonee 
Country Club. 201 Broad St.; res. 319 Pine 
St., Albany, Ga. 

Lindley McClure, 
James Allen Morris, 

Distributor Automobile Trucks; Member New 
York and Columbia Yacht (New York) and 
Racebrook Country (New Haven) Clubs; Affili- 
ated N. C. Xi, 1906. 100 Temple St.; res. 
Tudor Apartments, New Haven, Conn. 


Lambert Spencer Coburn, 

(326 Barnard St., Chester, Pa.) 

Earle Menelas Hartridge, 

(Florida East Coast R. R. Extension, Miami, 

Malcolm Roderick McLean, 

B. S. in M. E., 1906; Capt. Track Team; Edi- 
tor College Paper; Manufacturer; Member 
l-niversity (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pa.), 
Yale (New York, N. Y.) and Oglethorpe 
(Savannah, Ga.) Clubs. University Club, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Samuel Marshall Orr, Jr., 

B. S. in E. E., 1906; Mgr. Football, 1905; 
Farming. Heardmont, Ga. 

Charles Hall Smith, 

Graduated in Chemical Engineering, 1906. 262 
Georgia Ave., Macon, Ga. 




Arthur Richard Sullivan,* 

Affiliated Ga. Beta 1906. d. Dec. 4, 1915, 
Rome, Ga. 

Livingston Mims Thompson, 

With Ga. Ry. & Electric Co. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

John H. Towers, 

Naval Officer; Member Army and Navy Club; 
New York Yacht Club; Aero Club of America 
(New York) ; University and Racquet Clubs 
(Philadelphia, Pa.). Navv Department; res. 
17 1 5, 19th St., Washington, D. C. 

Wayne Warfield, 

With Tampa Electric Co. (Tampa, Fla.) 


Samuel Grover Branan,* 

d. Port Tampa City, Fla. 

Prentiss Stillwell Edwards, 

(315 Bond St., Macon, Ga.) 

Garrard Haines, 

B. S. in M. E., 1907; Theta Nu Epsilon ; Mgr. 
Baseball; Track General Insurance, firm of 
George S. Haines & Son; Board of Stewards 
Savannah Yacht Club; Member Oglethorpe, 
Golf, Yacht, Rotary Clubs, Savannah Volun- 
teer Guards. 603 Savannah Bank and Trust 
Bldg.; res. 1414 Abercorn St., Savannah, Ga. 

Gilbert Holtzclaw, 

B. S. E. E., 1907; General Superintendent 
Pensacola Electric Co. Pensacola, Fla. 

Eldridge Moore, 

_ (Nashville, Tenn.) 

Vivian Edison Stevens,* 

d. Valdosta, Ga. 

Henry Waring Todd, 

Baseball Team, 1903; Fire Insurance; Mem- 
ber of Firm Rauschenberg & Todd; Member 
Capital City Club. (Atlanta National Bank 
Bldg.; res. Muscogee Ave., Peachtree Heights 
Park, Atlanta, Ga. 

William Arthur Wilson, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon 1905. 


Spencer Roane Atkinson, Jr., 

D. D. S., 1917; Psi Omega; Dentist. Candler 
Bldg.; res. Spring Hill (Smyrna) Atlanta, Ga. 

Van Gordon Baker, 
H. Ewing Dean, 

(Atlanta Agricultural Works, Atlanta, Ga.) 

Fred Edmondson, 

Hardware and Groceries, firm of Strange and 
Edmondson. Summerville, Ga. 

Calvin William Felder, Ir., 

(215 N. 2d St., Nashville, Tenn.) 

George W. Gibbs, Jr., 

B. S. M. E., 1908; Manager Gibbs Gas Engine 
Co.; Member Am. Soc. Mechanical Engineers; 
Seminole Club. 26 S. Main St.; res. 121 
Bayard Place, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Albert Vaughan Jones, 

Manufacturing and Contracting; Vice-Pres. 
and Mgr. Continental Marble & Granite Co. 
Canton, Ga. 

Robert Brown Logan, 

Architectural Draftsman. 613 Candler Bldg.; 
res. 217 Williams Mill Road, Atlanta, Ga. 

Hunter McClure, 

B. S. in C. E., 1908; C. E., 1909 Cornell 
Univ.; Letter in Baseball 1908; Civil Engineer; 
Asst. Field Engineer, Division of Valuation 
Interstate Commerce Commission; Affiliated N. 
Y. Alpha 1909. 731 Wells Fargo Bldg., San 
Francisco; res. 34 Highland Ave., Piedmont, 

Joseph Mitchell, 

U. S. Naval Service. U. S. Navy, Care of 
Postmaster, New York, N. Y. 

Burke B. Murph, 

Farming; Live Stock; Fruit; Vegetables. Mar- 
shallville, Ga. 

fames Norman Pease, 

Pres. Junior Engineers (Washington and Lee); 
Constructing Quartermaster U. S. Army; Mai. 
Q. M. U. S. R.; Affiliated with Va. Sigma 
1908. Care War Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Samuel Conrad Rumph, 

Fruit Grower; Candidate for Officers Training 
Camp Fort McPherson, Ga. ; Mayor of Mar- 
shallville, Ga. Marshallville, Ga. 

Timothy Willis Spivey, 

Affiliated N. Y Alpha, 1909. (Greenville, 


James Maddox, 

Theta Lambda Phi; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; At- 
torney-at-Law; Member Coosa Country Club; 
Masons; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1912. 202-4-6 E. 
First St.; res. 305 Fourth Ave., Rome, Ga. 

John Blakely Mills, 

Secretary and Treasurer, Newton Coal and 
Lumber Co. and Mills Printing Co.; Com- 
missioner Light, Water and Sewerage; Vice- 
Pres. Griffin and Spaulding County Fair Assn. 
Hill and Broad Sts. ; res. 515 S. Hill St., 
Griffin, Ga. 

Francis A. Norman, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Wholesale Broker; Firm 
of Dexter, Norman and Hamburger. 13 W. 
10th St.;" res. 1136, 4th Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

William Clark Pease, Jr., 

Insurance. 4 Exchange Bldg.; res. 1438, 3d 
Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Randolph Shaffer, 

Special Textiles (Albany, Ga.) 

George Dudley Wheatley, Jr., 

(Americus, Ga.) 

Samuel Watson Whitthorne, 

Junior C. E.. 1909, Special Course; Elected 
Deputy Archon, (did not serve); Engineer, 
Cypress Creek Drainage District, Largest 
Drainage District in the South; Resident 
Construction Engineer, C. M. & St. P. Ry.; 
Asst. Engineer on Construction and Main- 
tenance of Way, St. L. I. M. & S. R. R.; 
Royal Arch Mason. P. O. Box 315, Arkan- 
sas City, Ark.; res. Columbia, Tenn. 


Frank Broilsford Atkinson, 

Dentistry. Brunswick, Ga. 

Jacob A. Blanton, 

C. E., 1910; Inspector U. S. Engineer De- 
partment; Member Elks. U. S. Engineer's 
Office, Miami Beach, Miami, Fla. 

Norman Austin Bull, 

Member Carolina Yacht and Charleston Coun- 
try Clubs. 21 Broad St.; res. 2^ Meeting St., 
Charleston, S. C. 

Royston Cabaniss, 

Manufacturer; Member Piedmont Driving 
Club. 136 Marietta St.; res. 171 Cypress St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Culver Cox Corbin, 

Mill Supplies; Pres. Corbin Supply Co.; 
Member Chamber of Commerce; Rotary and 
Holly Bluff Clubs. 414 Broadway; res. 113 
Rogers Ave., Macon, Ga. 

George Eveleth Dicks, 

Sales Manager, La Valliere Co.; Member La. 
Natl. Guard; Served on Mexican Border as 
Sergeant, Battery C, 1st Field Artillery; 




Member Southern Yacht, Nine O'clock and 
Neptune Clubs. 518 Bienville St.; res. 1004 
Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Gilman Johnathan Drake, 

Superintendent Light, Water and Sewerage 
Commission. Slaton and 6th Sts.; res. Hotel 
Griffin, Griffin, Ga. 

George W. Duncan, 

Initiated by Tenn. Omega (Chapter Roll). 

Carl Tom Furlow, 
Nelson George, 

(Marietta. Ga.) 

Thomas Russell Wright Jordan,* 

d. Augusta, Ga. 

Albert Bleckley Means, 
Albert Converse Rountree, 

Second Lieutenant Coast Artillery Corps, TJ. 
S. Army. Affiliated N. Y. Alpha ion. Care 
of Adjutant General of the Army, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

George \\ ingfield Semmes, 

B. S. in M. E., 1910; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Bull Dog; Anak; Track, 1909; Capt., 1910; 
Sec. Athletic Assn., 1910; Glee Club, 1909-10; 
Mandolin Club, 1909-10; Honor Board, 1910; 
Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Assistant Chief En- 
gineer, Standard Gas Power Co. 17 Battery 
i'lace; res. 256 W. 76th St., New York, N. Y. 

Redding Sims, 

B. S. in E. E., 1910; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Anak; Southern Representative French Oil 
Mill Machinery Co. 615 Empire Bldg.; res. 
50 W. 12th St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Rudolph John Thiesen, 

B. S. E. E., 1910; Theta Nu Epsilon; Bull 
Dog, Anak, Advertising Mgr. Blue Print; 
Asst. Mgr. Football; Cheer Leader. 2 years; 
Class and Varsity Squad Football; Staff, Yel- 
low Jacket; Instructor at Technological High 
School; Commander U. S. Jr. Marines. 3S5 
Marietta St.; res. 29 Ponce de Leon Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Reaves Troutman/* 

d._ Gainesville, Ga. 

Benjamin Wilson Tye, 

Initiated by Tenn. Lambda, 1908. 

Charles Llewellyn Williams, 

Special Agent, The Cotton Insurance Asso- 
ciation, Atlanta, Ga. so8 Insurance Bldg.; 
res. 1202 S. Ervay St., Dallas, Texas. 


John Collier Beall, 

Assistant Engineer Plant Department Amer- 
ican Telegraph and Telephone Co. 1422 
Hurt Bldg.; res. 653 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta. 

Augustus Moody Burt, Jr., 

B. S. in Textile Engineering, 1911; Anak; 
Varsity Football. 1008-10; Traveling Sales- 
man, A. Klipstein & Co.; Member Country 
and Southern Manufacturers' Clubs. 812- 
13-14-15 Commercial Bank Bldg.; res. 119 
E. Morehead St., Charlotte, N. C. 

Joseph Howard Clark, 

A. P., 1007 Christian Brothers Coll.; Base- 
ball, 1908: Treasurer. Gulf Comnrc-. Co ; 
Member Chickasaw Club. Tennessee Trust 
Bldg.; res. 1535 Poplar St., Mem,. his Tenn. 

I larrv L. Collier, Jr., 

Baseball: All Southern Pitcher. 1009; Vd 
justcr, Southern Adjustment Bureau; Member 
Atlanta Athletic Club (Atlanta, Ga.) 81 1 
Central Bank Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 

William ( )wen Donovan, 

(23 E. Owen St., Savannah, Ga.) 

Josiah Budd Gordon, 


Griffiss Hazlehurst, 

B. S. in C. E., 191 1 ; Soc. Civil Engineers, 
Glee and Literary, German Clubs; Blinkite; 
Class Football; Class Baseball; Basketball; 
As_st. Mgr. Basketball; Assistant Engineer in 
Charge of Water Department; Member Golf 
Club and Y. M. C. A. City Hall; res. 330 
Bull St., Savannah, Ga. 

Eugene Du Boise Hill, 

B. S. in E. E., 191 1; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Anak; Athletic Assn.; Pan Hellenic Council; 
Bull Dog; Y. M. C. A.; Varsity Basketball. 
1909-n; Class Football, 1909-n; Superin- 
tendent of Traffic, Cumberland Telephone & 
Telegraph Co.; Member Louisville Boat and 
Cherokee Golf Clubs. Cumberland Telephone 
& Telegraph Co.; res. 1328 S. 1st St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Montgomery Stokes Hill, 

B. S. in E. E. 191 1; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Mandolin Club; Bull Dog; Anak; Vice-Pres., 
Athletic Assn.; Pres., Freshman Class; Base- 
ball, 1910-11; Toll Traffic Superintendent. 
Cumberland Telegraph & Telephone Co.; 
Member Nealton Country Club. Cor. Church 
St. and 3d Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

J. Albin Johnson, 

Varsity Football; Baseball; Weightman, Track; 
General Manager, Ruud-Humphrey Water 
Heater Co. of Texas; Special Agt., Dept. 
Commerce and Labor; Acting Am. Counsel 
Bremerhaven, Germany Foreign Representa- 
tive, Humphrey Co., Kalamazoo. Mich.; Offi- 
cers Training Camp, U. S. A., Leon Springs, 
Texas; Member Hella Temple Mystic Shrine 
(Dallas, Texas); River Crest Country Club. 
1501 Commerce St, Dallas; 51 Jennings Ave.; 
res Westbrook Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Kenneth Collier McRae, 

B. S. C. E., ion; Civil Engineer. 1150 Pen- 
obscot Bldg., Detroit, Mich.; res. 1014 Peach- 
tree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Harman Wayne Patterson, 

B. S. in M. E., 1912; Theta Nu Epsilon; Soc. 
of Mech. Engrs.; Bull Dog; Anak; Glee Club; 
Football, 1908-11; Capt., 191 1; Track. 1908- 
n; Capt., 1910; Honor Court; Pres. Athletic 
Assn.; Asst. Supt. of Power, Columbus Power 
Co.; Sec. and Treas. Columbus Alumni Assn.; 
Member Country Club. 1151 Broad St.; res. 
Wvnnton, Columbus, Ga. 

William Winfrey Peck, 

(Cedartown, Ga.) 

Albert Brown Pitts, 

Affiliated Miss. Gamma, 1912. (Hazelhurst, 

George De Saussure Tucker, 

Land Dredging; firm of Elder, Tucker & Wade. 
Kenton, Tenn. 

Robert Deaderick Van Dyke, |r., 

With Pidgeon Thomas Iron Co. 04 N. 2d St., 
Memphis, Tenn. 


Asher Ayers, 

(Robinson Neckwear Co., Atlanta. Ga.) 

Marion Hill Barnett, 

B. S. in T. E., 1912; Asst. Cashier Citizens 
Natl. Bank. Washington, Ga. 

Tilman Trammel Blakelv, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Bull Dog; Sec. and Treas. 
Griffin Grocery Co. (Wholesale Grocers); D11. 
Savings Bank of Griffin. Griffin. Ga. 

William Giroud Burt, 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Charles Leimonal Cranford, 

Affiliated \'a. Sigma 1012. (104 W. Beaver 
St., Jacksonville, Fla.) 

Robert Malcolm Fortson, 

(Washington, Ga.) 




Tucker Carrington Gibbs, 

Asst. Paymaster U. S. Navy; Member Army 
and Navv Club, Washington. D. C. U. S. S. 
Raleigh, P. M., New York, N. Y. 

Willis Irvin, 

Architect; Junior Member Firm of Bleckley 
and Irvin, Atlanta and Augusta; Member 
Merchants and Manufacturers Assn.; Washing- 
ton Country and Augusta Country Clubs. 
Broad St., Augusta; res. Summerville, Ga. 

Campbell Thomas King, |r., 

B. S. in C. E., 1912; Tennis Mgr.. 1912: 1st 
Lieut. Engineers Section E., O. R. C 503 Serv- 
ice Battalion Engineers (Railway). 290 Col- 
lege St., Macon, Ga. 

William Hawkins Lamar, 

(Monticello, Fla.) 

Leonard Garrard Pearce, 

(Prattville, Ala.) 

John Young Roberts, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon, 1909. 


Sherrod Aiken, 

(Brunswick, Ga.) 

Frank Willis Barnett, 

(Washington, Ga.) 

Chauncey Wrenn Butler, 

Initiated by N. C. Theta, 1912. 

William Lewis Campbell, 

Architect; Member Chattanooga Golf and 
Country Club. 1021 Hamilton Natl. Bank 
Bldg. ; res. Mission Ridge, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

John Eugene Cay, 

Insurance Business; Member Cotillion and 
Golf Clubs. Savannah Bank and Trust Bldg.; 
res. 120 W. 38th St., Savannah, Ga. 

Ray Cheatham, Jr., 

(800 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Robert Ledbetter Hughes, 

B. S. E. E., 1913; Student Member Am. Inst, 
of Electrical Engrs. ; Asst. Mgr. Football; Glee 
and Dramatic Clubs; Alternate Delegate Nash- 
ville, 1912; Member Alumni Assn. and Triple 
"A" Club. 1301 Pierce Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Norman Martin, 

Studied Architecture; Alpha Sigma Delta 
(Prep. School); Attended Columbia Military 
Academy, Columbia, Tenn.; Mgr. Canned 
Goods Dept. G. H. Hammond Co. G. H. Ham- 
mond Co., Union Stock Yards.; res. ^254^ 
Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Frank A. Morris, 

Buyer. Keely Co.; Sec and Treas. Atlanta 
Alumni Assn.; Member Athletic Club. 62 
Whitehall St.; res. 202 Washington St., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Joe N. Neel, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Beta, 1912. 

John R. Slater, 

B S., 1913 Vanderbilt; Gridiron and Glee 
Club (Vanderbilt) Officers Reserve Corps, 
U. S. A.; Affiliated Tenn. Nu, 1913. Pat- 
terson St., Valdosta, Ga. 

John Henry Thiesen. 

(205 N. Barcelona St., Pensacola, Fla.) 

Austin McRae Wynne, 

B. S. in C. E., 1913; Horace Court Electrical 
Soc; Cotillion Club, Bull Dog; Sergeant Bat- 
tery C 319 F. A. (Heavy); With Otis 
Elevator Co. Eleventh Ave and 26th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Thomas Cook Wylly, 

(Isle of Hope, Savannah, Ga.) 


L. Beeman Beckwith, 

(208, 7th Ave., Tampa, Fla.) 

John K. Converse, 

Salesman E. L. Adams Grocery Co., Atlanta, 
Ga. Kirkwood, Ga. 

Robert J. De Graffenreid, 

Affiliated Ga. Beta. 1914. (Albany, Ga.) 

Edward Ethol Elmer, 

Football, 1910-11; Pres. Sophomore Class; Sec. 
Mississippi Board Oyster Commission; Gen- 
eral Insurance and Real Estate. Peoples' Bank 
Bldg.; res. 216 W. Beach St., Biloxi, Miss. 

Tames Bothwell Lee, 

(The Hill, Augusta, Ga.) 

Allen Fairfax Montague, 

B. S. C. E., 1914; Theta Nu Epsilon; Bull 
Dogs; Anak; Koseme; Cotillion Club; Sec. and 
Treas. Senior Soc. of Electricity; Varsity 
Baseball, 4 yrs., Capt. 1 yr. ; Varsity Football, 
1 yr.; Mgr. Class Athletics 2 yrs.; Pres. Pan 
Hellenic Council 1 yr.; Sec. and Treas. Senior 
Class; Atlanta, Ga., Dist. Traffic Chief South- 
western uell Telephone & Telegraph Co.; 
Vice-Pres. Atlanta Alumni Assn., 1917; Mem- 
ber Reserve Officers Training Camp. 25 Au- 
burn Ave.; res. 34 E. 3d St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Augustus Hansell Paine, 

President Paine Hardware Co. 13s N. Ashley 
St.; res. 409 E. Savannah Ave., Valdosta, Ga. 

Jack Jones Pease, 

Bank Clerk; Member Country Club. 1148 
Broad St.; res. 1438, 3d Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Lawrence Clyde Scott, 

(504 Terrace St., Milwaukee, Wis.) 

Claire S. Tomlinson, 

(205 Washington St., Jacksonville, Fla.) 

Graham Trippe, 

Cotillion and Dramatic Clubs; Student Avia- 
tor U. S. R.; Pres. Am. Game and Toy Co., 
New York City, N. Y. 687 Milledge Ave., 
Athens, Ga. 

James N. Whitehead, 

(500 Jefferson St., Albany, Ga.) 


Paul Elliott Cheney, 

Auuitor Armour & Co.; 2d Lieut. Quarter- 
masters Corps, U. S. Army. Valdosta, Ga. 

Pat Candler Denkins, 

(508 N. Boulevard, Atlanta, Ga.) 

Walter Highland Du Bard, 

First Lieutenant Field Artillery, U. S. Re- 
serve Army; Asst. Treas. The Southern Mort- 
gage Co., Atlanta, Ga. ; Member Atlanta Ath- 
letic Club. Milton Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Jesse Jordan Gardner, 

B. S. in M. E., 1915; M. E., iqi 7 Columbia 
Univ.; Phi Kappa Phi; Tennis Double Cham- 
pion 1914; Mgr. Tennis 191s; Scholarship. 
1914; Honor Roll 1915; Columbia Univ. Schol- 
arship, 1915; U. S. Inspector of Ordnance 
Supplies; Second Lieut. Ordnance Dept., U. 
S. R.; Affiliated New York Mu 1917. R. F. D. 
No. s, Marietta, Ga. 

John Franklin Gay, Jr., 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha Mu 1913. 

John Cooper Harris, Jr., 

(iQ4 Juniper St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Abram Illges, 

B. S. in Textile Engineering 1915; Assistant 
Superintendent Swift Spinning Mills; Director 
City Mills Co. and The Illges Co.; In Officers 
Reserve Corps Training Camp Coast Artillery, 
Fortress Monroe, Va. Second Ave. and 32d 
St.; res. 1428, 2d Ave., Columbus, Ga. 


Edgar Burwell Montague, 

(.id St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

|ohn Tyler Montague, 

' Born Richmond, Va. ; Varsity Football, 2 yrs.; 
Varsity Baseball, 3 vrs. (Capt. 15): Second 
Lieutenant Field Artillery U. S. Reserves. 
Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. . 

Ralph Akard Preas, 

(Johnson City, Tenn.) 

Clement Clay Shelton, Jr., 

(13 Bluff View, Chattanooga, Tenn.) 

Daniel Pollard Wood, Jr., 

Warrenton, Va. 

Thomas Hume Williams, Jr., 

(510 W. Moreland Ave., Atlanta, Ga.) 


James Courtney Alexander, 

Bull Dog; Soc. of Textile Enginsers; With 
Meadox Construction Co. 286 W. Peachtree 
St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Daniel Cornelius Ashley, Jr., 

Assistant Cashier First National Bank; Mem 
her Yal de Osta and Valdosta Country Clubs. 
100 N. Patterson St.; res. 800 N. Patterson 
St., Valdosta, Ga. 

Edgar Pomeroy Brantley, 

B. S. in E. E., 1916; Acis; Sec. Treas. and 
Teacher, Tech. Signal Corps 1915-16; Rifle 
Club, 1914*6; A. I. E. E., 1915-16; T. B. C, 
1912-16; Motorcycle Club, 1913-15; Treas. 
Bible Class, 1915-16; Transportation Dept., 
Savannah Electric Co. Savannah Electric Co.; 
res. 810 Park Ave. E., Savannah, Ga. 

Frederic Victor Cluis, 

(513 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Thomas Crenshaw, Jr., 

D. D. S., 1917 Southern Dental Coll.; Tsi 
Omega; Class Baseball and Football, 191213 ; 
Dental Surgeon; Member Atlanta Soc. of Den- 
tal Surgeons; Natl, and Ga. State Dental 
Assns. ; Capital Citv and Atlanta Athletic 
Clubs. 610-21 Grant Bldg. ; res. 606 N. Boule- 
vard, Atlanta, Ga. 

William Redd Crowell, 

(Columbus. Ga.) 

Charles Schley Gardner, 

B. S. in M. E., 1916; Kosime; Anak; Cham- 
pion Tennis; Mgr. Baseball and Tennis; Me- 
chanical Engineer. Fortress Monroe Training 
School C. A. C, Marietta, Ga. 

Ellard Phelps Hoffman, 

Cotillion Club; E. A. of Chapter; Mgr. Tennis; 
Student. 48 Trado St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Frank Arthur Hooper, Jr., 

Cotillion Club; Gold T Scholarship; Attorney- 
at-Law; Member Knights Pythias. 3d Natl. 
Bank Bldg.; res. 7-9 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, 

Harrison Spencer Jenney, 

(607 Monroe St., Montgomery, Ala.) 

Josiah Law Mitchell, 

U. S. Navy. 1949 Hamilton Ave., Columbus, 

Vivian H. Pease, 

With Golden's Foundry and Machine Co. w.iS 
3d Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Frank Arden Perkins, 

It. S. in E E., 1916; Bull Dog (Pres.) and 
Cotillion Clubs; Student Branch Am. Soc. of 
Electrical Engrs. ; 2d Lieutenant t'oa-t Ar- 
tillery Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. 510 Greene 
St., Augusta, Ga. 

Marcus Aurelius Pharr, Jr., 

B, S. in E. E., 1916; Factory Southorn Cot- 
ton Oil (>. Southern Cotton Oil Co.; res. 
211 K. Charlton St., Savannah, Ga. 

Augustus Robert Towers, 

General Manager Standard Car Record Co. 
Standard Car Record Co.; res. 401 N. Allen 
Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Clarence Eugene Turner, 

(622 Hickory St., Texarkana, Ark.) 

Henry Clay Burr, 

(50 W. 15th St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

Waiter Wellborn Colquitt, 

Storekeeper Savannah Gas Co. Bay and E. 
Broad Sts. ; res. 326 Barnard St., Savannah, 

Julius A. Peck Garlington, 

(Rome, Ga.) 

Ben Hollis Hawkins, 

Bull Dog; Dramatic Club (Sec. and Treas.); 
Glee Club; "Cheer Leader; First Lieutenant A 
Battery 320th Field Artillery. 635 Piedmont 
Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Vernon McMillan, Jr., 

(29 E. 14th St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

John Collier McRae, 

Medical Student Emory University. 1014 
Peachtree St.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Tule Carnes Mitchell, 

' Basketball; Farming. R. F. D. No. 3, Pitts- 
view, Ala. 

Isaiah Hamilton Tillman, 

Junior Society of Mechanical Engineers. 286 
W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Albert S. Woodfolk, 

Cotillion Club; Auto Salesman; Member Coun- 
try Club. Battle Motor Co.; res. Wvnnton, 
Columbus, Ga. 


David Johnson Arnold, 

Honor Roll Sophomore and Junior Student. 
Hampton, Ga. 

Toe Burch Atkinson, 

With 141st U. S. Field Artillery. 522 Hickory 
St., Texarkana, Ark. 

Frank Roscoe Beall, 

Honor Roll, 1914; Student. 653 Piedmont 



Celon B. Blackwell, 

Civil Engineering Soc; Cotillion Club; Track 
1915-17; E. T. of Chapter, 1916-17; Student. 
373 N. Bellevue St., Memphis, Tenn. 

George Washington Blackwell, 

Cotillion Club; Student. 373 North Bellevue 
Blvd., Memphis, Tenn. 

Tames Sloan Budd, Tr., 

Skull and Key; Koseme; Bull Dog; Cotillion 
Club; Student. 240 College St., Macon, Ga. 

Wilfred Edward Gross, 

Student. 1223, 5th Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

William Hansell Hall, 

Student. Milledgeville, Ga. 

Albert Barnett Hill, 

Skull and Kev: Koseme: Bull Dog; Anak; 
Baseball; Football; Cotillion; Student. 204 
Water St., Washington, Ga. 

foseph Edgar Hunnicutt, Jr., 

Manager, 'Baker-Hunnicutt Co. 1520 Fourth 
Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 104S Peachtree St., 
Atlanta. Ga. 

Charles Warren Irvin, 

Student. Washington, Ga. 

Tohn Hawes Mcintosh, 

Student. F.lberton. Ga. 




Kenneth Holmes Merry, 

Tennis. 1916-17; Honor Roll, 1916; Student. 
2714 Walton Way, Augusta, Ga. 

John Cabe Rogers, 

Skull and Key; Scrub Football; Student. 
355 N. Bellevu'e Blvd., Memphis, Tenn. 

Maynard Robert Sanders, 

Student. 139 S. Main St., Gainesville, Ga. 

Francis Wyatt Scott, 

Student. 1374 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas Tenkins Semmes, 

Skull and Key; Cotillion Club; Cheer Leader; 
Leader. Mandolin Club; Treas. Glee Club 
Quartette; Student; Member Memphis Coun- 
try Club. 1 591 Carr Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Stuart Hunter Shippey, 

Student. 3 t/ Adams St., Macon, Ga. 

George Everett Strupper, Tr., 

Skull and Key; Koseme; Anak; Bull Dog; 

Cotillion Club; Football, 19 15-16; Basketball. 

1914-16; Track, 1916-17; Student. 1120, 3d 
Ave., Columbus. Ga. 

William von Phul. Jr., 

Initiated by La. Tau Upsilon 1917. 

Lamar Munroe Wise, 

Sub. Freshman Track; Class Basketball; 
Midshipman U. S. Navy; E. Ch. of Chapter; 
Affiliated with Ala. Alpha Mu 1919, Ga. Psi 

1918. 305 Bond St., Macon, Ga. 


Bernard Henry Allen, 

Student. (Macon. Ga.) 

Willis W. Battle, 

Varsity Track, Ga. Tech., 1915-16; Freshman 
Basketball, do., 1915; Student, Columbia 
University; Affiliated with N. Y. Mu 1919. 
Exchange Bfdg. ; res. 727 Broad St., Colum- 
bus, Ga. 

Lewis Edmond Crook, Jr., 

Glee, Mandolin and Dramatic Clubs; College 
Paper; Student. 10 11, 226. Ave., Meridian, 

Burnham Brooks Hoist, 

Track; Student. 151 E. 3d St., Atlanta, Ga. 

William Kimble Jenkins, 

Second Lieutenant, 346th Infantry. 854 
Jordan St., Shreveport, La. 

Willis Callaway Lindsey, 

Merchandising; Affiliated with N. Y. Mu. 

1919. Washington, Ga. 

William Archibald McClure, 

Student. Grand Junction, Colo. 

Alden McLellan, 3d, 

Initiated by La. Tau Upsilon 1919. 

Eugene Egbert McNeel, 

With McNeel Marble Co.; Member Golf Club. 
Cherokee St., Marietta, Ga. 

Morgan Louis McNeel, Jr., 

Pres. Skull and Kev; Cotillion Club; Koseme; 
Scrub Football, 1915-18; Scrub Baseball, 
1913-17; Mgr. Class Football, 1914-17 and 
Baseball, 1914-17; With McNeel Marble Co.; 
Member Golf Club. 923 Cherokee St., Mari- 
etta, Ga. 

Horace Lisle Rhorer, 

Goodrich Tire Co. 246 Peachtree St.; res. 
482 N. Boulevard, Atlanta, Ga. 

William ,Redding Sims, 

Student. Washington, Ga. 

Robert Hall Smith, 

Glee Club; Student. 262 Georgia Ave., 
Macon, Ga. 

Harold Ellis Wright, 

Student. 1 1 09, 25th Ave., Meridian, Miss. 


John Neville Birch, Jr., 

Student. 235 High St., Macon, Ga. 

Tohn Wright Brown, 

Skull and Key; Student. Louisville, Ga. 

Charles Faulkner Carter, 

U. S. Aviation Corps. Bullockville, Ga. 

Charles Frederick Crisp, 

Student. Taylor St., Americus, Ga. 

Gordon Haywood Dameron, 

Second Officers Training Camp. Leon Springs, 
Texas. 305 New Reymond Bldg.; res. 445 
Convention St.. Baton Rouge, La. 

Charles Estes Dimon, 

Student. 11 16, 3d Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Alvin Brown Morgan, 

Student. 1701 S. Olive St., Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Edmund Newton Nowell. 

Student. 301 N. Broad St., Monroe, Ga. 

Redden Lamb Panamore. 

Student. 401 N. Lee St., Valdosta, Ga. 

Grattan Whitehead Rowland, 

Student. Waynesboro, Ga. 

Frank Sheffield, 

Student. 202 Taylor St., Americus, Ga. 

Edward D. Sledge, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1920. 

William Raymond Tooke, 

With Flournoy & Kernaghan. 352, 2d St., 
Macon; res. Montezuma, Ga. 

Edgar Allen Vance, 

Student. Buford, Ga. 


Sherrod Brown Aiken, 

Student. Brunswick, Ga. 

Charles Rogers Campbell, 

Student. 2432 Fairfield Ave., Shreveport, La. 

Thomas Richard Garlington, 

Student. Rome, Ga. 

Albert Lee Hawes, 

Student. 493 Heard St., Elberton, Ga. 

Charles Allen Hollenshead, 

Student. Washington, Ga. 

Robert Kingsley Hopkins, 

Freshman Honor Roll Student. 50 Waters 
St., St. Augustine, Fla. 

Alfred King, 

Student; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1921. Summer- 
ville Rd., Rome, Ga. 

Richard Denny King, 

Student; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1921. Summer- 
ville Rd., Rome, Ga. 

Benton Lee McMillan, 

Student. Acworth, Ga. 

Charles Howell Mulles, Jr., 

Student. Cochran, Ga. 

Albert Rhodes Perdue, 

Student. 1222 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Kendrick Lovelace Scott, 

Student. 1374 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Julian Greene Spivey, 

Student. Eatonton, Ga. 

Arch Calder Willingham, Jr., 

Student. 333 Vine St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 



Macon, Georgia 

Chartered December 1, 1870 


[ohn Parker Callaway, 

A. B., 1S71; Merchant. (Leesburg, Ga.) 

[ohn Pope Jones, 

A. B., 1871; Planter; State Legislature; Char- 
ter Member. 

William Moses Jordan,* 

A. B., 1871; Charter Member, d. Aug. 27, 
1891, Augusta, Ga. 

William H. Norton, 

A. B., 1871; A. M., 1885; Minister; Pastor 
Baptist Church; Author "Bible Talks To Young 
Christians", "Bible Talks on The New Life In 
Christ" and "The Ideal Christian Life." P. O. 
Box 273, Fort Valley, Ga. 


Bennett A. Salter, 

A. B., 1872; Valedictorian, First Honors; 
Farming and Occasional Preaching; Member 
State Legislature; One of the Organizers of 
the chapter in Penfield. Bartow, Ga. 


John Pope Brown, 

Planter. (Hawkinsville, Ga.) 

John Storke Freeman, 

A. B., 1873; A. M„ 1880; Attornev-at-Law; 
Soliciting Agent P. F. Collier and Son. (109 
Richardson St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

William Edward Reynolds, 

A. B., 1873; A. M., 7878; Teacher; Pres. Ga. 
Military Acad. (Milledgevillc, Ga.) 

William Ira Smith, 

A. M., 1880; Teacher. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Thomas Florence Stubbs, 

A. B., 1873; Clergyman; Charter Member. 
(Savannah, Ga.) 

Charles Edward Armstrong, 

A. B.. 1874; A. M.. i8 7 f,; LL.'B., 1875; Cot- 
ton Planter. ( Yickshnrg, Miss.) 

Eugene Saunders Bartlett,* 

B. L., 1876 Univ. of Va.j Affiliated Va. Oini- 
cron 1876. d. Aug. 19, 1879, Monticello, Ga. 

Edward H. Cabaniss, 

A. B., 1875; A. M., ; Ciceronian; Second 

Honor at Graduation; Lawyer, Firm of Cabaniss 
and Bowie; Member State Senate, Ala., 18S6- 
87; Pres. Birmingham Bar assn. (several years 
aeo); Member Am. Bar, Alabama Bar and 
Birmingham Bar Assns.; Southern, Country 
and Roebuck Clubs. First Natl. Bank BUg.; 
res. 2251 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Charles Wesley Dasher.* 

d. May 15, 1874, Macon, Ga. 

Linton Adams Dean, 

A. B. 1S75: A. M., 1878; LL. B., 1876 George 
Washington L T niv.; Demosthenian ; Anniversar- 
ian Speaker for Demosthenian Soc. 1875; 
Lawyer, Firm Dean and Dean ; State Senate, 
1876-77; Ga. House of Reprascntati'es, 10-7. 
08; Trustee, Shorter Female Coll.; Pres. Bd. 
of Education. Floyd County, Ga. 207;^ Broad 
St., Rome, Ga. 

Elisha Peck Smith Denmark, 

A. B., 1875 Univ. of Ga.; AttornevatLaw; 
State Senator, 1880-81; Affiliated Ga. Beta 
1875. (305 W. Hill Ave., Valdosta. Ga.) 

Lovick Randolph leter,* 

A. B., 1S75. d. 1896, Savannah, Ga. 

Lambert W. Jones, 

A. B., 1875; A. M., 1880; Graduated East- 
man's Business Coll.; Attorney-at-Law; Sec. 
and Treas. Democratic Club. 11 13 Bovce St.; 
res. 1209 Calhoun St., Newberry, S. C. 

Roland G. Lyons, 

(Macon, Ga.)" 

Henrv Cabiness Peeples, 

A. "B.. 1875; A. M.; Ciceronian Lit. Soc; 
First Honor Class of 187c;; Lawyer; Reporter 
Supreme Court of Ga., 1887-07; Member Am. 
Bar, Ga. Bar and Atlanta Bar Assns. Trust 
Co. Bhlg. of Ga.J res. 417 Piedmont Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

C. Alhert Stafford,* 

d. March 7, 1873, Dalton, Ga. 

Walter Robert Sullivan,* 

A. B., 1875. d. "875, Rome, Ga. 

Henrv Ilalcombe Tucker, Jr., 

LL. B., 1876 Univ. of Ga. ; AttornevatLaw; 
Affiliated Ga. Beta 1876. (75 McAfee St., At- 
lanta, Ga.) 


James Marion Dunwody,* 

A. B., 187b; Salesman, d. Waynesboro, Ga. 




Thaddeus E. Murphy,* 

A. B., 1876; A. M., 1879; Insurance; Mayor, 
Barnesville, 1879. d. April 21, 1917, Macon, 

Phillip Edward Pearce, 

Demosthenian; Retired. 1310, 15th St., Au- 
gusta, Ga. 

George C. Stewart, 

Cadet Virginia Military Inst., Lexington, Va., 
1S76; Sophomore Class Speaker; Winner Best 
Declaimer Medal, Cadet Soc; Receiving Clerk. 
General Land Office; Appointed Major Pay- 
master by Pres. McKinlev, 1898, Spanish-Am. 
War; Member Southern Soc. (Washington, D. 
C); Masons; Formerly Member Red Men, 
Odd Fellows and Knights of Pvthias. Gen- 
eral Land Office, Washington, D. C; res. 
Tacoma Park, Md. 

John Westley Stubbs, 

A. B. ( 1876; Manager and Director King 
Hardware Co. 122 Decatur St.; res. 393 N. 
Boulevard, Atlanta, Ga. 

Thomas E. Watson, 

Attorney-at-Law; Member of Congress, 1891- 
93; Nominated for Vice-Pres. of U. S. at St. 
Louis Convention, which endorsed Bryan for 
Pres. in 1806; Author "The Story of France"; 
"Life of Thomas Jefferson"; "Life of Napo- 
leon" and "History of the United States." 
(Thomson, Ga.) 

W. J. Wilson, 

(Augusta, Ga.) 

Peter Walton Butler. 

A. B., 1877; A. M., 1881; M. D., 1884 South- 
ern Med. Coll., Atlanta, Ga. ; Former State 
Senator. Leesburg, Fla. 

John Andrew Callaway, 

A. B.; A. M.; M. D.; Physician (Milledge- 
ville, Ga.) 

Lagare H. Fister, 

Farmer. (Buckhead, Ga.) 

Elijah Tones Moultrie, 

Real Estate Broker; City Assessor- Member 
City Council; Member Coosa Country Club 
and Knights of Pythias. 312 Broad St.; res. 
210 E. 8th St., Rome, Ga. 

John Wardlaw Sutlive, 

A. B., 1877; Insurance Agent. (Ft. Gaines, 


Daniel McKay Cabaniss,* 

A. B., 1878. d. Oct., 1898, Athens, Ga. 

William Hamilton Felton, Jr., 

A. B., 1878; LL. B., 1880 Univ. of Va.; At- 
torney-at-Law; State Legislature, 18S6-8-; 
Affiliated Va. Omicron 1880. (124 Georgia 
Ave., Macon, Ga.) 

T. D. Gaultney, 

(Rome, Ga.) 

Guy Smith Hilsman, 

A. B., 1878; Bookkeeper. (102 Lawton Ave., 
Macon, Ga.) 

Benjamin Henry Ivey, 

Initiated by Ala^ Beta Beta 1876. 

James Augustus Ivey, 

Initiated by Ala. Beta Beta 1876. 

William Richter Mustin,* 

A. B., 1878; A. M., 1881; Mayor of Madi- 
son; State Legislature, 18S8-89. d. May 22, 
1901, Madison. Ga. 

Samuel Reddins: Sims,* 

d. Nov., 1892, Wilkes Co., Ga. 

Thompson M. Smith, 

A. B., 1878; Planter; Vice-Pres., 1st Natl. 
Bank and Ashley Trust Co. Valdosta, Ga. 


Cullen Guild Battle, 

A. B., 1879; Salesman. (597 College St., 

Methuen Thompson Freeman,* 

A. B., 1879. d. March 11, 1891, Savannah, 


Paul Mortimer Atkinson, 

A. B., 18S0; Farming 
Member State Legislatu 
Member Executive Con 
Gommerce. Madison, G 

Robert D. Brown, 

Planter. _ (Hawkinsville, Ga.) 

Clark Grier, 

Contractor. 307 Leonard Bldg. ; res. 25 
Ellis St., Augusta, Ga. 

T. O. Hamilton, 

Physician. (Hawkinsville, Ga.) 

William Minter Wimberly, 

A. B.. 1880; LL. B., 188s; Attorney-at-Law 
City Atty.. 1893-1907; Member General A: 
scmbly; Member Ga. Bar Assn. Citizens an 
Southern Bank Bldg.; res. 427 College St 

d Manufacturing; 

[908-11; Pres. and 

Ga. Chamber of 




William Carden Baum,* 

A. B. ; A. M. ; Attorney-at-Law; Mayor of 
Cedartown, 1891; State Senator, 2 terms, d. 
Jan. 27, 1913, Cedartown, Ga. 

T. H. Greaves,* 

d. Dec, 1 88s, Clinton, Ga. 

Thomas Grier, 

A. B„ 1881; Agent, Southern Express Co. 
(Macon, Ga.) 

William A. Jelks, 

Speaker's Place. Junior and Sophomore yrs. ; 
Champion Public Debater's Place; Fertilizer 
Manufacturer; Chrmn. Bd. of Deacons, 
Hawkinsville Baptist Church; Dir., Planters 
Bank, H. & F. S. Ry. and Southern Trust Co. 
Commerce St.; res. Dooly St., Hawkinsville, 

George Walker McCall, 

A. ' B., 1881; Bank Cashie 

William L. McElmurray, 

Cotton Planter. Waynesboro, Ga. 

Armin Butler Palmer, 

Merchant. (Savannah, Ga.) 

Rowe Price, 

A. B., 1881; Metal Bed Manufacturer; Chief 
Clerk to Sec. of State of Ga., 1899-1904. 41- 
Ridge Ave.; res. 71 Waddell St., Atlanta, 




Carlton Eugene Battle, 

Initiated by Ala. Alpha Mu 1880. 

Francis Barton Gregory, 

A. B.; A. M.; M. D., Tulane; Physician. 
(Americus, Ga.) 

William K. Palmer,* 

d. .8,0. 
John Bessien Walker, 

Cashier, P. R. & A. R. R. (Port Royal, 
S. C.) 



Robert Lee Branhan, 

Clerk, E. T., Va. & Ga. 1 

Marcus Henry Bunn. 

tit Se 


Eugene Culer Daughtie,* 

Salesman, d. 1899. 

M. T. Davis, 
Walter Huff, 

Salesman, E. I. Du Pont & Co. (Wilming- 
ton, Del.) 

L. S. Branham, 

(Eatonton. Ga.) 

Albert Sidney Hilsman, 

Salesman. (Macon, Ga.) 

Richard Childers Tordan, 

A. B., 1884; Attorney-at-Law. Ga. Casualty 
Bldg.; res. 768 Mulberry St., Macon, Ga. 

William G. Obear, 

Inspector; Asst. Adjt.-Genl., Ga. Vol. (At- 
lanta, Ga.) 

William Battle Spain, 

Salesman. (Macon, Ga.) 

Ambrose Ransom Wright, 

A. B., 




Tames Laurence Brown, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1885. 

William Wilson Osborne, 

A. B., 1885 Univ. of Ga.; Attorney-at-Law; 
Member Ga. House of Representatives, 1892- 
93; Ga. State Senate. iSo-t^s; Solicitor, Gen- 
eral Eastern Judicial Circuit of Ga., 1S97- 
1909; Pres., Exchange Bank of Savannah, 
since 1906 and Ga. Bankers Assn., 1910-11; 
Affiliated Ga. Beta 1885. Bryan and Drayton 
Sts.; res. 118 E. 31st St., Savannah, Ga. 


Adam Moore Hendon, 

Ciceronian; Sophomore Declamation Medal; 
Principal, Citv Schools; City Supt., Bessemer, 
Ala., 5 yrs.; Principal. City Schools, Alexan- 
dria. La.. 7 yrs.; Parish Supt.. West Feliciana 
Parish, La., 6 yrs. Florida St. High School; 
res. 512 Florida St., Baton Rouge, La. 

J. F. Willis, 


Joseph Edward Brown Burkett, 

M. D., 1893 Univ. of Ga.; M. D., 1896 In- 
dependence Coll.: Superintendent Am. Clay 
Co. (Dry Branch. Ga.) 

Zachariah H. Clarke,* 

d. May 8, 1916. Moultrie, Ga. 

Clarence Frank Finch,* 

d. 1888, Quitman, Ga. 

Edward Walker Freeman,* 

A. B., 1887. d. Jan. 17, 1896, Macon, Ga. 

Walter Jasper Grace, 

Attornev-at-Law; Affiliated Va. Omicron 1890. 
(631 Forsyth St., Macon, Ga.) 

Samuel Young Jamison, 

Initiated by S. C. Phi 1886. 

Greene Harper Murra) . 

d. Jan. 17, 1806, Macon, Ga. 


Edgar Strong Freeman, 

Insurance. (Richmond, Va.) 

Bovd Alexander Geiger, 

A. B.. 18S8; Clergyman. (Sebree, Ky.) 

Tames Edward Kidd, 

Pharmacist. (Milledgeville. Ga.) 

Fernando Callo McConnell, 

A. B., 1888; D. D.; Clergyman. (Kansas 
City, Mo.) 

Paul Ackerus Phillips, 

M. D„ 1891 Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.: Phy- 
sician; Hudson River State Hosp., Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y.. 1 893-96; Asst. Phys.. Man- 
hattan State Hosp., Wards Island, N. Y., 
1896-99. (Springfield, S. C.) 

Tulius F. Bell, 

Merchant; Grand High Priest, Grand Chap- 
ter. Royal Arch Masons of Ga. Milledge- 
ville, Ga. 

Willard Luther England, 

Merchant. (Westminster, S. C.) 

Asbury Beaureeard Greene, 

A. B.. 1889; Second Honors; Teacher; Mem- 
ber Bd. of Education; Principal Hiawassee 
High School, 20 yrs. R. No. 1, Wayside, Ga. 

Thomas Marshall Hall, 

M. D., 1893 Southern Med. Coll.; Declama- 
tion, 1888; Best in Manual. 18S8: Physician 
and Surgeon; Surg., Central of Ga. Ry. Co. 
and Ga. R. R.; Former Trustee Ga. State 
Sanitarium for the Care of Insane; Assoc. 
Editor, International Journal of Surgery: 
Past Master Benevolent Lodge No. 3, F. & 
A. M.; Past High Priest, Temple Chapter 
No. 6, Royal Arch Masons; Past Eminent 
Commander, Plantagenet Commandery No. 12, 
Knights of Pythias. Callaway Bldg.; res. 301 
W. Montgomery St.. Milledgeville, Ga. 

Tohn Green Harrison, 

A. B., 1889; D. D., 1902; Southern Baptist 
Theol. Sem.; Ciceronian Soc; Junior Orator; 
Clergyman; Prof. Mercer Univ.; Pastor, 
Tatna'll Square Baptist Church. (316 Linden 
Ave., Macon, Ga.) 

Samuel Clinton Hood, 

A. B., 1889; A. M„ Colgate Univ.; Clergy- 
man. (Columbia, Mo.) 

Walter Daniel Tollev, 

Clergyman. (Kissimee. Fla.) 

Wilbur Graham Peacock, 

(Cochran. Ga.) 

Wilmer O. Peacock, 

(Cochran, Ga.) 

Clyde Afton Taylor, 

"Grain Broker. (Brunswick, Ga.) 


Alfred Livingston Atwood, 

B. S., 1890; Editor Evening Herald. (At- 
lanta, Ga.) 

Teremiah Henry Ayres, 

B. L., 1898 Furman Univ.; Minister and 
Farmer. Mt. Airy, Ga. 

Alonzo Lewis Brantley, 

Clergyman. (Swainshoro. Ga.) 

Tohn Anderson Bryan, 

' Physician; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1890. 
< Pendergrass, Ga.) 

Archelaus M. Duggan, 

A 11.. 1890; Teacher; Trof. N. E. Coll. 
(Finleyson, Ga.) 




George Robert Gunn,* 
G. B. F. Stovall, 

A. B., 1890; Clergyman. (Sharpsburg, Ga.) 


Joseph Henry Cantelou, 

B. S.. 1891; Lawyer. Edgefield. S. C. 

Warren Jefferson Durham, 

A. B., 1891; Clergyman. (Conroe, Texas.) 

Zachary Broodus Rogers, 

A. B„ 1 891; Attorney-at-Law; County Atty. 
Elberton, Ga. 


Frank Edwin Andrews, 

Machinist. (Augusta, Ga.) 

Henry Grantland Atwood, 

B. S., 1892. (Darien, Ga.) 

Tames A. Bagwell, 

A. B., 1892; Editor, News-Herald; County 
School Commissioner. (Lawrenceville, Ga.) 

Charles Norman Briggs,* 

d. July 4, 1890, Macon. Ga. 

George William Cooper, 

Dentist. Ashburn, Ga. 

Tohn Franklin Cox, 

A. B., 1892; Clergyman. (Calhoun, Ga.) 

William T. Halliday. 

A. B., 1892; County School Superintendent; 
Teacher, Rural and City Schools, 10 yrs.; 
County Surveyor, 10 yrs.; Sec. and Treas. 
Prudential National Farm Loan Assn. Lump- 
kin, Ga. 

George Washington Harp, 

A. B., 1892; Shared Second Honors; Farmer; 
Dir,, Fla. Lit. Exchange; Author, "The Laws 
of Health and How to Cook and Eat Food"; 
Member Woodmen of the World and Wood- 
men Circle. Wauchula. Fla. 

Young Wiley Jones,* 

d. April 21, 1890, Macon, Ga. 

George Scott Kytle, 

A. B., 1892; Attorney-at-Law; County School 
Commissioner. (Cleveland, Ga.) 

Orlando H. Lufborrow, 

B. L., 1892. (Grahamville, S. C.) 

George W. Tribble, 

A. B., 1892; Editor and Publisher. ioy 2 
Court St.; res. Boulevard Heights, Calhoun, 


Charles T. Brown, 

Clergyman; Delegate Natl. Convention, At- 
lanta. Ga., 1891. (Gainesville,' Ga.) 

Toel Toy Curry, 

A. B., 1893; M. D., 1897 George Washington 
Univ.; Medical Clerk, Bureau of Pensions. 
Bureau of Pensions; res. 1236, nth St. 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

John L. Davis, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Irvington, Ga.) 

Jule Felton, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Montezuma, Ga.) 

Judson Hartwell Gary, 

Ciceronian; Speaker's Place, Sophomore yr.; 
Attorney-at-Law; Mayor; Superintendent, 1st 
County Schools, 7 yrs.; Solicitor. City Court. 
10 yrs.; Member Knights of Pythias; Odd 
Fellows; Woodmen of the World; Modern 
Woodmen; Blue Lodge, Royal Arch, Com- 
mandery and Shriner. Box 212, Nashville, 

William Emera Godfrey, 

A. B., 1893; A. M., 1898; Professor of 
Physics, Mercer Univ.; Member Blue Lodge, 
Mason. Care Mercer University; res. College 
St., Macon, Ga. 

Ezekiel Harold Holland, 

A. B., 1894; Manager Ga. Dept., State Life 
of Ind. (204 Georgia Casualty Bldg., Macon, 

Edmund Fenwick Jackson, 

Cashier. (Albany, Ga.) 

Carl W. Minor, 

A. B., 1S93; D. D., 1910; Th. G., 1895 South- 
ren Baptist Theol. Sem., Louisville, Kv.; Cicer- 
onian; Champion Debater, 1892; Pastor First 
Baptist Church, Madison, Ga. ; Trustee Cox 
Coll., Park, Ga., 1916-17; Pres., 1917; Trustee, 
Mercer Univ., 1902; Pres. Ga. Baptist Mission 
Board; Member Knights Templar, Mason and 
Shrine. Care Cox College, College Park, Ga. 

Pierre Robert Sims, 

Wholesale Merchant; Sec. and Treas.. Cairo 
Flour Co.; Member Masons; Knights of Pyth- 
ias and Woodmen of the World. 3d and Tack- 
son Sts. ; res. 1013 N. 16th St., Waco, Texas. 

Tesse M. Threadgill, 

A. B., 1891; M. D., 1898 Coll. of Physicians 
and Surgeons; Ciceronian; Champion Debater, 
1893; Speakers Place (1), (2), (3); Physician. 
6336 Bartmer Ave.; res. 1234 Sutter Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

David White,* 

d. June 6, 1891 


Moses Young Allen, 

Physician. Affiliated La, Tau Upsilon 1S98. 
(Valdosta, Ga.) 

Tohn Spurgeon Bagwell, 

Teacher; Principal High School. (Wills Point, 

Frederick Oscar Brinson, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Stellaville, Ga.) 

George Frank Brinson, 

Bookkeeper. (Griffin, Ga.) 

Georsre Alexander Tohns, 

A. 'B., 1894; LL. B., 1896; Phi Delta; Tunior 
Orator; Sophomore Speaker; Editor Mercer- 
ian; Attornev-at-Law; Atty.. City of Winder 
and Barrow County, Ga. ; Judge, Citv Court 
Teerson, 4 yrs.; Lieut.-Col., Aide de Camp to 
Gov. Joseph M. Brown and Tohn M. Slaton; 
Capt. Nat. Guard of Ga. ; Delegate, S. A. E. 
Convention, 1891; Member University Club 
(Atlanta, Ga.). Broad St.; res. Candler St., 
Winder, Ga. 

William Johns, 

A. B., 1894; Cashier, Commercial Bank of 
Athens. 170 College Ave.; res. 225 Milledge 
Ave., Athens, Ga. 

John Cooper Morcock, 

LL. B., 1894; Ciceronian; Deputy Clerk, U. S. 
Court; U. S. Commissioner. United States 
Court, Savannah, Ga. 

Thomas Henry Robertson, 

Teacher. (Gainesville, Ga.) 


William E. Martin, Jr., 

B. L., 1895; Attorney-at-Law; U. S. Com- 
missioner; District Deputy Grand Exalted 
Ruler of Elks, State of Ga., 1906; Member 
Elks. Washington Block, Mulberry St.; res. 
310 Bond St., Macon, Ga. 

Samuel Lumpkin Olive, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1894. 




Judson Martin Strickland, 

A. B., 1895; LL. B., 1895; Ciceronian; Pres. 
Athletic Assn.; Lawver; Presidential Elector, 
Supervisor U. S. Census, 1900; Member F.Iks 
Club. Cotton Hotel, Houston, Texas. 


John Thomas Arnall, 

A. B., 1896. (Turin, Ga.) 

William Sinclair Booten, 

Clerk. (Denver, Colo.) 

Laurence Alvah Cooper, 

(Cedartown, Ga.) 

Augustus Cullen Freeman, 

Phi Delta; Executive Committee Athletic Coun- 
cil, 2 yrs.; Rate Clerk. M. D. and S. R. R. 
Citizens and Southern Bank Bldg., Cherry St.; 
res. 123 Second St., Macon, Ga. 

James Ernest Palmour, 

A. B., 1897; B. L., 1898 Univ. of Ga.; Mer- 
chant; Member Ga. Legislature, 1913-14; Rep- 
resentative Elect of Legislature. 191718; Affil 
iated Ga. Beta 1898. 1-3 S. Main St.; res. 
46 Boulevard, Gainesville, Ga. 

Louis Gilman Smith, 

LL. B., 1907; Ph. B., 1897 Emory Coll.; Few 
Lit. Soc; Phi Delta (Mercer Univ.); Senior 
Class Speakers Place; First Honor (Mercer 
Univ.); Attornev-at-Law; Affiliated Ga. Epsi- 
lon 1897. Fourth Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 709 
Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga. 


Joseph Warren Cabaniss, Jr., * 
Frank Convers Gilreath, 

Debating Soc; Owner and Manager, Gilreath 
Press Syndicate; State News Editor, Atlanta 
Journal, 1896-1906; Masonic Connections. 
1403, 4th Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 306 W. Peach- 
tree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Ernest Verner McConnell, 

Dentist. Sinton, Texas. 


Edgar Dismukes Crawford, 

LL. B., 1899; M. D., 1907 Atlanta School of 
Med.; Physician. Oculist and Aurist; Member 
Knights of Pythias, Masons and Shrine. 615 
Grant Bldg.; res. 850 Highland Ave., Atlanta. 

Charles Colbert Ellis, Jr.,* 

Affiliated Va. Omicron 1898; Reporter, d. 
April 8, 1902. Atlanta, Ga. 

Uriah Tohn Mitchell Rogers, 

Physician. (P.oneville, Ga.) 

Thomas J. Simmons, 

Managing Editor, Macon Hews; Member Idle 
Hour Country Club. 412 Cherry St.; res. 11 
College Hill Apts., Macon, Ga. 

Frank Hugh Carter, 

(Gainesville, Ga.) 

Benjamin Kingsbery Godfrey, 

A. B.. 1899; Phi Delta; Editor The Mercer- 
• an; Trcas. Athletic Assn.; Law Agent, Ga 
Ry. and Power Co.; Member Knights Temp- 
lar; Shriner; Atlantic Athletic and Vespei 
Clubs. Electric and Gas Bldg.; res. 15 How- 
ard St.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Bryan Morel Grant, 

Real Estate; Member Piedmonl Driving. Cap 
ital Citv. Athletic and Rotary Clubs. Broad 
and Walton Sis', res, _-.| W. nth St., Atlanta, 


Walter Asburv Stout Allen, 

B. S., 1899. (Collier St., Thomaston, Ga.) 

Robert Barry Almand, 

E. T. of Chapter; Banker. (Conyers, Ga.) 

William Howard Bullard, 

Clerk. (Macon, Ga.) 

Homer Beeks Carreker, 

A. B., 1900; Superintendent of Schools; Pres. 
Ga. Educational Assn., 1917-18. Commerce, 

Tohn M. Edge, 

Attorney-at-Law. (448 New St., Macon, Ga. ) 

Laurence E. Grant, 

Cattle Business; Member Atlanta Athletic. 
Capital City and Piedmont Driving Clubs. 
Grant Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

Robert Purmedus Jones, 

B. L., 1899 Univ. of Ga.; Sphinx; Baseball 
Teams both Colls.; Intercollegiate Debater 
(Univ. of Ga.); Lawver. Firm of Jones and 
Chambers; Member Ga. Bar Assn.; Druid Hills 
Golf and Atlanta Athletic Clubs; Affiliated Ga. 
Beta 1899. 1103 Empire Bldg.; res. East Lake. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Leon Price Lewis, 

Clerk. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Linton Cobb McAfee, 

M. D., Univ. of Ga. ; Alpha Kappa Kappa; 
Phvsician and Surgeon; Member Idle Hour 
Country Club and Bibb County Med. Soc. 
Grand Bldg.; res. 400 Washington Ave., Ma 
con, Ga. 

Lilian Clay Murphey, 

Real Estate, Life Insurance and Banking; 
Delegate Natl. Convention. Washington. D. C„ 
1902; Pres. of Province Gamma. 548 Orange 
St., Macon, Ga. 

Millard Reese, 

LL. B., 1903; Lawyer. Brunswick, Ga. 


Tohn Asburv Beasley, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Crawfordville, Ga.) 

Tackson Lane Edwards, 

Attended Ga. Inst, of Tech.; Baseball (Ga. 
Inst, of Tech.); Manager, Macon Electro 
Storage Battery Co.; Member Holly Bluff 
Country Club. 620 Poplar St.; res. Holly 
Bluff, Macon, Ga. 

Arthur William Tackson, 

B. S., 1901; Phi Delta; Editor-in-Chief Col- 
lege Annual, 1900-01; Champion Debater, 1900; 
General Agent Life Insurance Co. of Va. ; 
Member Atlantic Assn. of Life Insurers. 1033 
Healey Bldg.; res. 126 Peachtree Circle, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Archibald B. Lovett, 

Phi Delta; Sophomore Debater; Attorney-at- 
Law; Mayor, 1908-10; Solicitor City Court, 
1914-17; Chrmn. Congressional Executive Com- 
mittee, First Dist. of Ga., 1917: Asst. Adjutant 
Gen. Ga. Brigade; Member Knights of Pythias. 
Sylvania, Ga. 

Paul Pinson. 

Affiliated Tenn. Nil. 1904. (Nashville, Tcnn.) 

I [enry Reeves, 

LL. B., 1 901; Attorney-at-Law; Mayor, 1903- 
17; Solicitor City Court. La Grange, Ga. 

Cloyd Henrv Watson, 

Phi Delta; Cotton Broker. 8th St. and nth 
Ave; res, 316, nth Ave., Cordele, Ga. 


William Girard Burt, 

Mechanic. (711 Forsyth St., Macon, Ga.) 




Arthur Henry Codington, 

B. L„ 1902; E. C. of Chapter; Attorney-at- 
Law; Asst. Dist. Atty, Southern Dist. of Ga. 
(907 Georgia Casualty Bldg., Macon, Ga.) 

Edward Eugene Cox, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Camilla, Ga.) 

Herman Schwed Hertwig, 

A. B., 1902; LL. B., 1907, Harvard; Lawver, 
Firm of Everett, Clarke & Benedict. 37 Wall 
York; res. 260A Brooklyn Ave., 


N. Y. 

Willburn Lassiter, 

M. D., 1903, Tulane Univ.; PI 
iated Va. Omicron, 1002, and 
silon, 1903. 402 S. Michigan 
ville, Fla. 



William W. MacDonell, 

M. I)., 1905, Vanderbilt Univ.; Ph. C, 1906, 
do; Physician and Surgeon; Pres. Duval 
County Med. Soc. Affiiated Tenn Nu, 1905. 
6.5 Laura St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Charlton Greenwood Ogburn, 

A. B., 1902; LL. B., 1905, Harvard Law 
School; Lawyer; Vice-Pres. Province Epsilon, 
1908; Pres. Atlanta Alumni Assn., 1909, and 

Juvenile Protective Assn.; Author "The Lswver 
and Democracy"; Member Oglethorpe Golf and 
Capital City (Atlanta) Clubs; Affiliated Mass. 
Gamma. 306 Savannah Bank and Trust Bldg.; 
res. Isle of Hope, Savannah, Ga. 

Louis Fielding- Tisinger, 

M. D., 1907 Atlanta Coll. P. & S. ; Physician 
and Surgeon; Affiliated Va. Omicron 1905. 
Suite 104, Fov Whitlock Bldg.; res. 308 Bar- 
bour St., Eufaula, Ala. 

Holmes Fielding Troutman, 

B. S., 1903; Affiliated Ala. Alpha Mu, 1903. 
(Railroad Ave., Ft. Valley, Ga.) 


Charles Vincent Asbury, 

A. B., 1903; Teacher. (Crawfordsville, Ga) 

Harry C. Culbreath, 

Philatheon; Sales Manager, V. Guerra Diaz & 
Co., Cigar Mfrs. Box 406; res. 1401 Florida 
Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

William Henry Jones, 

Affiliated Ga. Beta, 1903. (Macon, Ga.) 

William C. Kilpatrick, 

A. B., 1903. (113 Courtland Ave. C. H., Ma- 
con, Ga.) 

John Fulmore McTyre, Jr., 

B. L., 1903; Attorney-at-Law. (Eufaula, Ala.) 

Robert Smith Mathews, 

B. L., 1902; Attorney-at-Law. (Thompsonville, 

Oscar Rivers Thompson, 

(Augusta, Ga.) 

John Boerien Williams, 

Salesman. (226 High St., Macon, Ga.) 

C. B. Young, 

B. L., 1903; Ciceronian; Cotton Factor. 731 
Reynolds St.; res. 925 Reynolds St., Augusta, 

William Key Young, 

Banker. (1003 Reynolds St., Augusta, Ga.) 


Edward Thomas Gibbs, 

M. D., Coll. of Phys. and Surgs. ; Physician. 
S3 Brenan Ave., Gainesville, Ga. 

John Jasper Harber, 

B. S., 1904; Merchant and Farmer. Com- 
merce, Ga. 

William Crockett Twitty, 

With The Audit Bureau of Circulation; Af- 
filiated Ga. Beta, 1905. 703 Venetian Bldg., 
Chicago. Ill: j res. 12 Pennsylvania Ave., At- 


Jere Hilsman Walters, 

(Society St., Albany, Ga.) 

James Saffole White, 

(Hill St., La. Grange, Ga.) 

George W. Yauncey, 

Affiliated Va. Omicron, 1904, and N. Y. Mu, 
1905. (Birmingham, Ala.) 


Alfred Hayne Crovatt, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon, 1904. 

John F. Eden, Jr., 

(Louisville, Ky.) 

Hollis Fort, 

B. L., 1905; Attorney; Referee in Bankruptcy; 
Member Am. Bar Assn. Lamar and Lee Sts.; 
res. 321 Lee St., Americus, Ga. 

Albert S. Gresham, 

Pharmacist. (Rome, Ga.) 

Robert Evans Hutton, 

Reporter. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 

Marshall H. Lane, Jr., 

(1844 Crawford Rd. N. E., Cleveland, Ohio.) 

William Ross McCornie.ll, 

Merchant. Box 360, Gainesville, Ga. 

William Fielding Ogburn, 

B. S., 1905; A.' M., 1909; Ph. D., 1912; 
Teacher; Prof, of Sociology, University of 
Washington. University of Washington; res. 
1308 E. 62d St.. N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Teaster V. Tribble, 

Insurance. (Birmingham, Ala.) 

Horace M. Walker, 

Physician. (Texas.) 

Roosevelt Pruyn Walker, 

A. B., 1905; A. M., 1908 Yale; Attended Univ. 
of South, 1902-03; English Medal; Adjunct 
Prof, of English, Univ. of Ga.; author of maga- 
zine verse; Affiliated Tenn. Omega (Chapter 
Roll). P. O. Box 105, Athens, Ga. 

Paul M. Wynne, 

(South McAlester, Okla.) 


Herbert Augustus Codington, 

Ph. C, 1906; M. D., 1911 Univ. of Md.; Nu 
Sigma Nu; Theta Nu Epsilon; Rush Med. 
Club; Surgery; Supt. Jas. Walker Memorial 
Hosp., 1915-16; 1st Lieut. N. C. Military Regt., 
U. S. Army; Member Masons; Cape Fear and 
Inter Se Clubs. 207 Southern Bldg.; res. Or- 
ton Hotel. Wilmington, N. C. 

John C. Cook, Jr., 

Insurance; Dir. Home Savings Bank; Member 
Muscogee and Country Clubs. 19, 12th St.; 
res. 1516 Third Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Earl Harris Kimbell, 

Manager, Smith-Winn Co (General Insurance); 
Member Masons and Atlanta Athletic Club. 
608 Walton Bldg.; res. 344 N. Moreland Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Franklin P. Mansfield, 

(501 Ford Bldg., Detroit, Mich.) 

Davis Shanon, 

(Colon, Panama). 

Percy Thigpen, 

Initiated by Va. Omicron, 1905. 




Josiah Blasmgame, Tr., 

Mercantile Business; Mayor, Jersey, Ga.; Mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias. Jersey, Ga. 

Thomas Brisks Converse, Jr., 

Merchant; Mayor City of Valdosta 2 terms. 
Patterson St.; res. 310 W. Hill Ave., Valdosta, 

Augustus Hansell Denmark, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta, 1906. 

Charles T. Eden, 

(Point Praesidio, Cal.) 

Clarence Craig Epperson, 

LL. B., 1907; Attorney-at-Law. Williston, Fla. 

Thomas W. Evans, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Sandersville, Ga.) 

James L. Fort, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Americus, Ga.) 

Albert Nicholas Howard, 

(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Mell Anderson Knox, 

A. P... 1907; Ciceronian; Gen. Excellence 
Medal, 1907; Planter; Trustee Public Schools. 
Social Circle, Ga. 

John Morris, Jr., 

Junior Member Firm of Keely Co.; Member 
Piedmont Driving and Capital City Clubs; 
Affiliated N. Y. Mu 1909. 62 Whitehall St.; 
res. 1 541 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Clarence Neil Walker, 

(Kirksville, Mo.) 


William Le Roy Daughtry, 

With Fourth Nat. Bank. Fourth Nat. Bank; 
res. 526 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

William M. Goodwin, 

LL. B., 1008; A. B., 1901 Univ. of Nashville; 
Attended Peabodv Coll., L. I., 1901; Attorney- 
at-Law. Sandersville, Ga. 

Robert Toombs Hawkins, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta, 190S. 

Louis Spurgeon Jackson, 

(Forsvth, Ga.) 

Paul Myddleton, 

Cashier, Exchange Bank. Ashley St. and Cen- 
tral Ave.; res. 416 River St., Valdosta, Ga. 

Robert L. Reeves, 

(La Grange, Ga.) 

Robert Lewis Render, 

A. B., 1908; Theta Nu Epsilon; General Excel- 
lence Medal; Gen. Mgr Southern Female Coll.; 
Cashier Bank of La Grange; Pres. Fire Ins. 
Agency of La Grange; Firm of Render and 
Broome; Pres. Render and Co.. Cotton Fac- 
tors; Trcas. Independent Order of Odd Fel- 
lows; Banker of Woodmen of the World; 
Chrmn. V. M. C. A. 8 Main St.; res. 273 
Greenville St.. La Grange, Ga. 

David Dudley Smith, 

II. B., 1908; Lawyer; Solicitor City Court of 
Eastman. Eastman, Ga. 


Robert Waddell Barnes, 

(Macon, Ga.> 

Frank L. Brinson, Jr., 

(Waynesboro, Ga.) 

George Clisby Clarke, 

Right Guard, IQ06-07; Sophomore Tennis Team 
Doubles; Special Agent Mass. Mutual Co.; 
Macon Vols., Co. B 2d Regt. Natl. Guard of 
Ga.: Member Idle Hour Country Club. 96 
Porter Bldg.; res. 11 38 Dorothy PL, Memphis, 

Frank Dure Coburn, 

E. T. of Cha-ter; Delegate Province Conven- 
tion, Macon, 1911; Delegate Atlantic City Natl. 
Convention; Sec. and Treas. Macon Alumni 
Assn. of S. A. E„ 1910-11; Pres. 1911-12: 
Vice-Pres. Province Epsilon, 1912-13; Real 
Estate; Hereditary Member Soc. of Cincin- 
nati in the State R. I. and Providence Plan- 
tations; Member Cherokee and Idle Hour 
Country Clubs. (Kilkare Farm, R. F. D. No. 
1, Macon, Ga.) 

Archelaus Augustus Drake, Jr., 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta: Treas. Sopho- 
more Class; Capt. Sophomore Baseball Team; 
Auditor Bibb Mfg. Co.; auditor Country Club; 
Adjutant 2d. Inf. N. G., Ga. 1912; Member 
Idle Hour Country Club. Main St., East 
Macon; res. 200 College St., Macon, Ga. 

James Arthur Fort, 

(Americus. Ga.) 

Richard Ezekiel Parrish, 

(Bessemer, Ala.) 

William Allen Post, 

Ph. G. and M. D.. 1913 Univ. of Ga.; Pres. 
Class (3); Physician and Surgeon; Member 
B. P. O. E. and Masons. Grantville, Ga. 

John W. Reid, 

' (149 Forsyth St., Macon, Ga.) 

William A. Ross, 
Frederic Clifford Tucker, 

(Macon, Ga.) 

John Moore Walker, Tr., 

B. A., 1910 Univ. of Ga. ; B. D., 1910 Univ. 
of the South; Clergyman; Affiliated Ga. Beta, 
1910 and Tenn. Omega 1913- 510 N. Jeffer- 
son St., Albany, Ga. 


Robert Waddell Barnes, 

LL. B., 1910; B. S., 1910: Attended Univ. 
Mich.; Lawyer; Assistant City Attorney. 1911- 
13; Affiliated Ga. Beta 1910. 114 Courtland 
Ave., Macon. Ga. 

Arthur Lee Dasher, Jr., 

LL. B., 1910; Pres. Law Class, 1909-10: Capt. 
Headquarters Co., 319th Heavy Field Artillery. 
U S Natl. Army. Care Adjutant-General 
U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 

William Donovan, 

(Macon, Ga.) 

John Baxter Duncan, 

(702 N. Broadway, Baltimore. Md.) 

Olin G. Jackson, 

Traveling Salesman. Care Peacock Clothing 
Co.; res. 2924, 10th Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Claude C. Kilpatrick, 

(Macon, Ga.) 

Peter Burns Knox, 

(Social Center, Ga.) 

William Tvndall Knox, 

A. B., 1010; Asst. Mgr. Football Team; Mer- 
chant. Social Circle, Ga. 

Marvin De Kalb Pierce, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Ciceronian; Cashier, The 

Planters Bank of Parrott. Parrott, Ga. 




Tohn Boyce Riley, 

Phi Delta: Assistant Freight Claim Agent. 
Southern Ry. Co. 9 S. 20th St.; res. 1114 
S 14th St., Birmingham. Ala. 

Fugene Grafton Smith, 

Banking; Member Idle Hour Country Club. 
Citizens and Southern Bank; res. 461 Vine- 
ville Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Frank North Winship, 

American Consul. Tahita, Samoa. 

T. Hines Wood, 

" B. L„ 1910; Lawyer. Sandersville, Ga. 


Aiden Emmett Barnes, Tr., 

A. B., 191 1 ; Insurance and Surety Bonds: 
Member Idle Hour Country Club; Affiliated 
Ala. Alpha Mu 1911. 4th Natl. Bank Bldg.; 
300 Hardeman ave., Macon, Ga. 

Wallace H. Clarke, 

Affiliated La. Tau Upsilon 191 1. 

Robert D. Hale. 

(Sandersville, Ga.) 

Sam Hall, 

(Macon, Ga.) 

John H. McArthur, 

(Mt. Vernon, Ga.) 

Walter Eugene Mobley, 

Social Circle, Ga. 

Thomas Fort Sellers, 

A. B.. 1911; M. D., 1917; Ciceronian, Liter- 
ary and Glee Clubs; Blalock Science Medal, 
191 1 ; Research Chemist. Care Paike-Davis 
Co., Detroit, Mich. 


Louis Thurmond Edwards, 

(Griffin St., Senoia, Ga.) 

Julian R. Evans, 

(330 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga.) 

John Baylis Lewis, 

Merchant. Cartersville, Ga. 

Robert I. Taylor, Jr., 

(205 Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga.) 

Warren Holmes Thorpe, 

Clerk, R. S. Thorpe and Sons. 566 Cherry 
St.; res. 1427 Ash St., Macon, Ga. 


Bailev Tyler Bryon, 

(3 IS Frederica Court, Owensboro. Ky.) 

William Warren Crews, 

(Albany, Ga.) 

Murrah Bradford Hodges, 

General Storekeeper, Bibb Mfg. Co.; Member 
Southern Club (San Francisco. Cal.). Main 
St., East Macon; res. 260 Orange St., Macon, 

Solomon Hoge, Jr., 

Vice-President's Secretary, Georgia Southern 
and Florida Ry. Co.; Member Idle Hour 
Country Club. Care Vice-President's Office, 
G. S. & F. Ry. ; res. 271 Orange St., Macon, 

Tack Walker Tones, 

A. B., 1913; M. D., Univ. of Mich.; Alpha 
Kappa Kappa; Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Navy. 
Canton, Ga. 

Richard Greer Mansfield, 

Graduated at Georgia-Alabama Business Coll.. 
1913; Postmaster at BlufFton, Ga. ; E. A. of 
Ga. Psi., 1911-1912. Bluffton, Ga. 

Cecil A. Thorpe, 

Clerk; Member Idle Hour Country Club. 566 
Cherry St.; res. 1427 Ash St.. Macon. Ga. 

William Conrad Turpin, Jr., 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 191 1. 


Tohn Milton Cutler, Tr., 

Glee Club; Contracting Freight Agent; 2d 
Lieut., Co. C, 151st Machine Gun Brigade; 
Member Macon Lodge No. s. F. & A. M., 
and Idle Hour Country Club. 317 Orange 
St.. Macon. Ga. 

Baron De Kalb Gray, Tr., 

A. B.. 1914; Mgr. Track "Team. 1914; Clerk, 
The N. K. Fairbank Co. 915 Grant Bldg., 
Atlanta, and Box 226. College Park. Ga. 

Robert Fleming Tohnson, 

(164 Central Ave., East Orange, N. J.) 

Harry Center Kendall, Jr., 

(Bond St., Macon, Ga.) 

Tames Ethelbert Morgan, 

(301 College St.. Macon, Ga.) 

Willard Merrill Murphv. 

(133 Forsyth St., Macon, Ga.) 

Tames Wilkinson Roberts, Jr., 

(Buena Vista, Ga.) 

Eugene Hammond Taylor, 

(205 Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga.) 

Basil Augustus Wise, Jr., 

(305 Bond St., Macon, Ga.) 


Walter Jasper Grace, 

A. B., 1915; LL..B.. 1916 Univ. of Ga.: 
LL. B.. 1917 Yale; Phi Alpha Delta; Book 
and Gavel; Baseball, 1912-14; Basketball, 
1913-15; Track, 1913; Attornev-at-Law; Mem- 
ber Idle Hour Country Club and Mason; 
Affiliated Ga. Beta 1916. Citizens and South- 
ern Bank Bldg.; res. 631 Forsyth St., Macon, 

William B. Hattaway, 

Initiated by Ga. Beta 1915. 

Estelle Paul Hodges, 

Emory Base Hosp., Unit No. 43. U. S. Govt. 
Service. Reynolds, Ga. 

William Thomas McArthur, Tr., 

(McGregor, Ga.) 

Dave Theodrick Montford, Jr., 

Farming. Reynolds, Ga. 

Emmett Tupper Moses, 

(Uvalda, Ga.) 

Thomas Henrv Phillips, 

(Douglasville. Ga.) 

James Wilkinson Roberts, 

Initiated by N. C. Theta, 1915. 

William Lee R. Sellers, 

Nu Pi Beta; Paymaster. U. S. Navy, France; 
Former Lieut., Floyd Rifles. 2d Regt., Natl. 
Guards Hosp. Corps, U. S. N.. 4 yrs. Assist- 
ant Paymaster. U. S. Navy. Brest, France. 

Willie B. Smith, 

(Tenille. Ga.)_ 

Lewis Lee Tilley, 

(Parrott, Ga.) 


Helon L. Chichester, 

With Taylor-Bayne Drug Co,: Dir. Lethean 
Club: Member Lethean and Idle Hour Coun- 
try Clubs. Second and Cherry Sts.; res. 453 
New St., Macon, Ga, 




Stuart Hunter Shippey, 

Ph. G., 1916; Alembic Club; Highest Honors 
in Pharmacy; Bacteriologist ami Deputy 
Health Officer, State of N. D. Bismarck City 
Laboratory, Bismarck, N. D. 

Hudnall Gentry Weaver, 

Medical Student. 107 Cumberland Ave., 
Macon, Ga. 


Ralph Daniel Adams, 

(29 Arlington St., Macon, Ga.) 

William McElvain Adams, 

(409 College St., Macon, Ga.) 

William Holinger Andrews, Tr., 

Mail Teller, Fourth National Bank; With 
Quartermaster's Corps, U. S. Army. 120 
Lamar St., Macon, Ga. 

Chambers Laird Bunting, Jr., 

Corporal, Co. B, 15th M. G. "Brigade. U. S. 
Army. 218 Georgia Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Charles Kibbee Crump, 

Lumber Dealer. 325 Forsyth St., Macon. Ga. 

William Gerue Dunn, 

(Parrott, Ga.) 

Benjamin Hall Henry, 

Initiated by Ga. Epsilon 1916. 

My rick S. Hilsman, 

Track, 191 7; Sergeant Co. H, 121st Inf., 
U. S. Army. 101 Lawton Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Tohn Hawes Mcintosh, 

Nu Pi Beta; Student; Author "The Chrysa- 
lis" Published in 1916 by the Authors Coopera- 
tive Publishing Co. of New York; Member 
K. K. K. Klub. Elbert County Court House; 
res. 100 Forest Ave., Elberton, Ga. 

James Freeman Sellers, Tr., 

With Officers Reserve Camp. U S Armv; 
Member K. K. K. Klub and Lethean Club. 
317 Adams St., Macon, Ga. 

Robert Hall Smith. Jr., 

(262 Georgia Ave.. Macon, Ga.) 

Samuel Levie Stevens, 

LL. B., 1917; Phi Delta; Baseball. 1914-17; 
With U. S. Army; Lawyer. Carrolton, Ga. 

Charles Ernest Vinson, 

LL. B., 1917; Phi Delta; Football. 1916; With 
U. S. Army; Lawyer. Walden, Ga. • 

James Harper Williams, 

Sergeant-Quartermaster, Motor Truck Co. No. 
80, Reserve Corps. U. S. Armv; Member Idle 
Hour Country Club. Care J. 'H. and W. W. 
Williams Co.; res. 226 High St.. Macon, Ga. 


Bernard Henley Allen, 

Student. Largo, Fla. 

Guv Anton Faircloth, 

Student. Wrightsville. Ga. 

William F. Jones, Jr., 

Student; Lieut. Co. G. 24th Inf., U. S. Army. 
311 E. Heard St., Elberton, Ga. 

Reid Hill McKenzie, 

Varsitv Football, iois-17; Coach Class Foot- 
ball; Athletic Dir. Special Class; Track Team; 
Salesman, Paige Motor Co. Moultrie, Ga. 

Leo Daniel McMillan, 

Salesman. Arlington, Ga. 

Robert Browning Mobley. 

Phi Delta; Mercer Round Table; Vice-Pres. 
Class, 1918; Pres. French Club; Student. 
Social Circle, Ga. 

Bomar Amos Olds, 

Graduate of G. M. A.; Phi Delta; Mercer 
Band; Student; E. A., 1916-17. 652 Main 
St., College Park, Ga. 

Edgar Montfort Pope, 

Pan-Hellenic Council, 1915-17; Student; 
Member K. K. K. Klub; Alembic Club. 19 
Arlington PI., Macon, Ga. 

Milton C. Riley, 

Salesman; Member Lethean and Country 
Clubs. 566 Cherry St.; res. 453 New St., 
Macon, Ga. 

Erie Dees Sellers, 

Phi Delta; Pan-Hellenic; Singles Tennis 
Championship; Student; Treas. K. K. K. Klub. 
317 Adams_ St., Macon, Ga. 

James David Walker, 

Phi Delta; Asst. Mgr. Baseball Team, 1916- 
17; Student. Cochran, Ga. 

Lamar Munroe Wise, 

Initiated by Ga. Phi 19 18. 


Robert Fleetwood Bozeman, 

Insurance Clerk; Member K. K. K. Klub. 
Care Georgia Casualty Co.; res. 431 Calhoun 
St.. Macon, Ga. 

Clarence Artope Eden, 

Glee Club; Basketball and Class Baseball; 
Clerk, Bibb Mfg. Co. 407 Forsyth St., 



Tohn William Faulkner, 

Student. 1346 Hoe Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Harold Thomas Moore, 

Student. New Albany Hotel, Albany, Ga. 

James Rov Rowland, 

Student, Wrightville, Ga. 

Edward Swift Shorter, 

Medals and Prizes for Speaking at various 
Private Schools; Honors for Scholastic Work; 
C. E. of Chapter, Student. 130 Georgia Ave., 
Maeon, Ga. 

Louis Monroe Smith, 

Pres. Glee Club, 1917; Student; Memher 
K. K. K. Klub. Angier Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Claude Bennett Whitchard, 

Athletic Dir. of Special Class, 1917; Varsity 
Basketball and Baseball. 1917; Student; Mem- 
ber K. K. K. Klub. Blakely, Ga. 

James Morton Whitworth, 

Student. Camilla, Ga. 


James Taylor Cowart, 

First Honor High School; Capt. High School 
Baseball Team; Student; Member K. K. K. 
Klub. Walden, Ga. 

Emmette Grant Jackson, 

Student, Baconton, Ga. 

Charles Hiram Perdue, Jr., 

Midshipman. U. S. Navv. " Bancroft Hall. 
U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md. 

Robert Samuel Roddenberv, 

Phi Delta; Football, 1916; Student. Moultrie. 



Paul Berlyle Owenby, 

Church St., Marietta, Ga. 

William Elmer Nye, 

Student. Salem, S. Dak. 

Alexander Hamilton Weaver, 

E. R. of Chapter; Editor in Chief Orange and 
Green and Lanierian, (Lanier High School), 
Student. 107 Cleveland Ave., Macon, Ga. 


Lowell Farlow Smith, 

Student. Adel, Iowa. 



Champaign, Illinois, 

Chartered January 28, 1899 


Albert F. Kaeser, 

b. s., 


M. D.. 

T. G. Co 

Berlin, Germany, 1909; Charter 
Member; Adelphic Lit. Sne. ; Honor Roll; 
Physician; Dir. State and Trust Bank; Mem- 
ber Am. Med. Assn.; III. State Med. and 
Madison County Med. Socs. Highland, 111. 

Cicero justice Polk,* 

A. B., 1898; A. M.. 1901 Harvard; Charter 
Member; Teacher, d. Boston, Mass. 

Archibald Dixon Shamel, 

B. S.. 1902; Charter Member; Organized and 
Edited Illinois Agriculturist; Physiologist, Bu- 
reau of Plant Industry. U. S. Dept. of Agri- 
culture; Asst. and Instr., 111. Coll. of Agri., 
1898-1902; Author "Manual of Corn Judging"; 
"Book of Corn"; "Bulletins on Corn and Corn 
Breeding"; "Bulletins on Tobacco and Tobacco 
Breeding"; "Bulletins on Citrus Fruits and 
Citrus Breeding." Box 586; res. Arrazo Drive 
R. R. 3. Riverside. Cal. 

George Bedell Worthen, 

LL. B., 1898; LL. M., 1899; Charter Member; 
Mgr. Track Team 1898-99; Lawyer; Sec. 
Waterloo Assn. of Credit Men; Vestryman, 
St. Marks Episcopal Church; Member Water- 
loo Club; Iowa State Bar Assn.; Commercial 
Law League of America: Natl. Assn. of Credit 
Men. 517-8-9 Black Bldg.; res. 1414, 4th St. 
W., Waterloo, Iowa. 


Clarence Edgar Bocock, 

A. B.. 1899; Charter Member; Natural His- 
tory Club; La Cercle Francais; Dean of Insti- 
tution and Head of Department of Science, 
State Normal School. Albion, Idaho. 

Harry Arthur Chase, 

B. S. in M. E., 1899; Assistant General Man- 
ager, Chase Engine Manufacturing Co. 
Chase Engine Manufacturing Co.; res. 1504 
Charleston Ave.. Mattoon. 111. 

John King Hoagland, 

B. S., 1899; Charter Member; Capt. Track; 
Pres. Athletic Assn.; Conference Record in 
Mile Walk; Farmer and Shipper of Hav and 
Grain; Member Masons and Elks. Clarks- 
burg and R. F. D.. Shelbyville, 111. 

James Franklin Kable, 

B. S„ 1899; Charter Member; Structural En- 
gineer; Instr., Univ. of Wis., 1901-02. (70, 
1st St., Portland, Ore.) 

Oscar A. Leutwiler, 

B. S., 1899; M. E., 1900; Charter Member; 

Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Shield and Trident; 
Editorial Staff, Technograph; Professor of 
Machine Design, Univ. of 111.; Pres. 111. Beta 
Assn.; Dir., Commercial Building and Loan 
Assn.; Author "Notes on Mechanics of Ma- 
chinery," "Notes on Steam Power Plant De- 
sign"; "Text Book on Machine Design"; Mem- 
ber Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers; Soc. 
for Promotion of Engineering Education; LTni- 
versity Club. Engineering Bldg.; res. 511 
W. Green St., Urbana, 111 

Carl Edmunds Sheldon, 

A. B., 1S99; LL. B., 1902; Charter Member; 
Lawyer; Judge City Court; Pres. Province 
Delta. 1902-06; Chapter House Officer, 1904- 
06; Eminent Supreme Deputy Archon, 1906- 
10; City Attorney, 1907-14; Judge. City Court, 
since 1914; Editor. Phi Alpha of S. A. £.; 
Member Sterling Club, Lodge No. 1218, Elks; 
Lodge No. 726, Moose. 14-16 E. Third St.; 
res. 60S Ave. C, Sterling, 111. 

Charles Augustus Smith, 

B. S., 1899; Charter Member; Architect. 
(Mattoon, 111.) 


Bruce Alexander Campbell, 

A. B., 1900; Charter Member; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Univ. Debating Teams; Pres. Dramatic Club, 
1S98-1900; Lawyer; City Attorney, 1903 Albion, 
111.; Member 111. House of Representatives, 
from 4SH1 Dist., 1904; Nominee for Congress, 
22d Dist., 1910; Pres. East St. . Louis Bar 
Assn., 1912; Pres. 111. Elks Assn., 1911-12; 
Chrmn., Grand Lodge Committee on State 
Assns. B. P. O. E„ since 1914; Delegate to 
Democratic Natl. Convention, 1912; Bd. of 
Governors. 111. State Bar Assn.; Member Mo. 
Athletic Assn. and Press Club. St. Louis, Mo.; 
Elks, St. Clair Country and Rotary Clubs; B. 
P. O. E.; 32° Mason; Knights Templar; 
Shrine; Knights of Pythias; M. W. A. 624- 
633 Murphy Bldg.; res. 1472 College Ava., 
East St. Louis, 111. 

George Alexander Darmer, 

A. B., 1900; M. D., 1903 Rush Medical Coll.; 
Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Physi- 
cian. 401 Terminal Bldg.; res. 101 S Lin- 
coln Ave., Aurora, 111. 

Thomas Lewis Philips, 

Charter Member; Attorney-at-Law; Member 
Normandie Golf Club. 1S06 Third Natl. Bank 
Bldg.j res. 1212 Hamilton Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Frank J. Thompson, 

Attorney and Banker; Vice-Pres. First Natl. 
Bank; Member City Club. 1315^ Jefferson 
St.; res. 1804 Jackson St., Sullivan, III. 





William Wright Arnold, 

1. 1.. B., iqoi; Lawver; Member Masons Blue 
Lodge; Chapter; Knights Templar; Consistory; 
Shrine; K.Iks: Odd Fellows; and Knights of 
Pythias. Robinson, 111. 

Ira Waddell Clokey, 

B. S. cum laudc, 1903 Harvard; Mining Engi- 
neer; Affiliated Mass. Gamma, 1903. 802 Equit- 
able Bldg. ; res. 1314 Emerson St., Denver, 

Frank G. Frost, 

A. B., 190 1 ; General Supt. Houston Lighting & 
Power Co. 1 20 1 Capitol Ave.; res. 305 Hath- 
away Aye., Houston, Texas. 

Harlan Hoyt Horner, 

A. B., 1901; A. M.. 191 <; N. Y. State Coll. 
for Teachers; Phi Beta Kappa; Philomathean 
Lit. Soc.; English Club; Oratorical Assn.; In- 
tercollegiate Orator and Debater; Editor Class 
Annual; Dean N. Y. State Coll. for Teachers; 
Pres. Upper Hudson Assn. rni Beta Kappa; 
Vice-Pres. Natl. Assn. High School Super- 
visors and Inspectors; Editor The American 
Flae, The Lincoln Centenary and Author of 
numerous pamphlets and magazine articles; 
Member University and Rotary Clubs, New- 
port Hall Historical Assn., Natl. Historical 
Assn. N. Y. State Coll. for Teachers; res. 
82^ Lancaster St., Albany, N. Y. 

Fred Leavitt McCune, 

B. S., 1901; Charter Member; Tau Beta Pi; 
Asst. Foreman Laboratory Gas Power Engi- 
neering Dept. International Harvester Co. 
2600 W. 31st Blvd.; res. 3424 W. 62d Place, 
Chicago, 111. 

Cyrus Forsyth Newcomb, 

A. B., 1901; M. D., 1904: Physician and Sur- 
geon; First Vice-Pres. 111. State Med. Soc; 
Chief-of-Staff J. F. Burnham Hosp.; Chrmn. 
Red Cross; Vice-Pres. Chamber of Commerce; 
contributed numerous articles to professional 
journals; Member A. F. & A. M.; R. A. M ; 
Commandery; Shrine; Elks; Phys. Club. 401 
Illinois Bldg.; res. 1213 W. Park Ave., Cham- 
naien. 111. 


Harry Wales Belknap, 

D. D. 15., 1902; Charter Member; Dentist. 
(Genoa. 111.) 

Oliver Carter Boggs, 

A. B., 1902; LL. B., 1902: Adelphic Lit. Soc; 
French, Latin and Law Clubs; Oratorical and 
Athletic Assns.; Pres. Oratorical Assn.; Track 
Team, 1894; Debating Team, 1902; Debated 
Univ. of Indiana; Lawver; Attv. State Land 
Bd.. State of Ore. for Jackson County; Library 
Bd.; Member Masons and Elks. 427 Howard 
Block; res. 109 S. Orange St., Medford, Ore. 

Charles Howard Kable, 

B. S. in Arch., 1902; Charter Member; Alpha 
Delta Sigma; Architects' Club; Architect, 
Knighton & Kable, Tulsa, Okla.; U. S. Govt. 
(Washington, D. C); D. H. Burnham and Co. 
(Chicago); Kable & Kable (Portland. Ore.); 
Head Draftsman with State of Ore.; City Park 
Archt. (Portland. Ore.); Sec. Chicago Archi- 
tectural Club, 1905; Sec. and Treas. Portland 
Architectural Club, 1905-10; Officer Engineers 
Reserve, U. S. Army. 510J4 S. Main St., 
Tulsa, Okla. 

Charles D. Wesselhoeft, 

B. S., 1902; E. E., 1913; Pres. Wesselhoeft 
Co.; Sec. Lake Bluff Country Club. 910 W. 
Jackson Blvd.. Chicago; res. 618 E. Prospect 
Ave., Lake Bluff, 111. 


Harold Eckstonn, 

Engineer, Allman Gary Title Co. (656 Broad- 
way, Gary, Ind.) 

Clarence Wilson Fiske, 

?•. ?•■ i 00 -^ M - E - l 9"j Charter Member; 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Mech. Engineering and 
Electrical Engineering Soc; Class Football; 
Fraternity Baseball; Mechanical Engineer, 
Williams, White and Co.; Bd. of Directors 
Moline Machinery Co.; Worshipful Master 
Doric Lodge No. 319 A. F. and A. M. ; Mem- 
ber Commercial. After Dinner Clubs; Tri City 
Alumni Assn.; Masons, Royal Arch; Com- 
mandery; Knights Templar; Williams, White 
and Co.; res. 2021, 13th St., Moline,. 111. 

Ralph Hawes Gage, 

B. j. in C. E., 1903; Tau Beta Pi; Sec and 
Chief Engineer Gage Structural Steel Co; 
Member Structural Engineers Assn. (Chicago) ; 
Suburban and Country Clubs. 3 141 S. Hoyne 
Ave., Chicago; res. 301 S. Eighth Ave., " La 
Grange, III. 

Lewin Edwin George, 

Class Football Team; Univ. of 111. Band; 
Clerk. Automobile Dept., Sec. of State; Mem- 
ber Illini Club. State Capitol; res. 730 S. 
6th St.. Springfield, 111. 

Charles Henry Green, 

B. S., 1903; Consulting Engineer. (501 Rail 
Road Ave., Spokane, Wash.) 

Albert Mvron Johnson, 

B. S. in M. E., 1903: Supt. Barnes Drill Co. 
Barnes Drill Co.; res. 611 Auburn St„ Rock- 
ford, 111 

John Rufus Sheldon, 

Farmer; Affiliated with Tenn. Omega (Chap- 
ter Roll). R. F. D., No. 1, Tampico. 111. 


Henry Hervey Anderson, 

355 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Ralph Adams Ballinger,* 

B. S., 1904; Engineer, d. Feb. 3, 1905. El 
Paso, Texas. 

Thomas Aquilla Clark, 

B. S., 1904: Electrical Engineering Soc; Capt. 
Coast Artillery Corps. U. S. Army; Honor 
Graduate Coast Artillery School, 191 1; I" 
tailed one year at Mass. Inst, of Tech., 19 
13 to take special engineering work for am.. 
War Dept. Care Adjutant-General, Washing 
ton, D. C. 

John Wolfersperger Davis, 

B. S„ in C. E., 1904; Alpha Delta Sigma; 
Pres. Students Dancing Club; Contracting 
Engineer. Joliet Bridge and Iron Co.; Mem- 
ber Illinois Club. 122 Michigan Ave., Chicago; 
res. 204, 7th Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Chester Arthur Ileinzelman, 

Clarence E. Holcomb, 

B. S., 1004; Tau Beta Pi; Salesman. 121; 
Amory St.; res. 282 South St. (Jamaica 
_ Plains), Boston, Bass. 

Timothy Osmond Holcomb, Jr.,* 

A. B„ 1904. d. Oct. 1, 1910, Denver, Colo. 

William George Kaeser, 

LL. B., 1904; Mgr. III. Inter-scholastic, 1904; 
Manager and Director Helvetia Milk Con- 
densing Co. Greenville. 111. 

Harry Bertram Kircher, 

B. S., 1904; Manager Commercial Dept. Ohio 
Northern Public Service Co.; Member Elks; 
St. Clair Co. Country Club. Bowling Green, 
Ohio: res. Kircher Tlace. Belleville, 111. 

Todd Kirk, 

Initiated by Mo. Alpha 1904. 

Albert Edwin Logeman, 

B. S. in M. E.. 1904; Sec. and General Man- 
ager Peoples' Water, Light and Power Co. 
Mellen, Wis. 




Herbert Shaw Lowrie, 

Engineer. (607 Franklin St., Keokuk, Iowa.) 

Leonard "Joe" Miller, 

Manager of Aztec Fuel Co.; Affiliated with 
Cal. Beta. 1905. 1102 N. 1st St.; res. 924 
N. 2d St., .Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Walter A. Rice,* 

d. Sept. 5, 1903, Elkhart, Ind. 

George Graham Taylor, 

A. B., 1904; LL. B., 190S; Instructor of Math- 
ematics in Deerfield. Shields Township High 
School and Lawver. 352 E. Central Ave. High- 
land Park, 111. 

John Guy Wilson, 

A. B.. 1904; LL. B.. 1907; Lawyer; Sec. to 
Pres. of Univ. of 111., 1904-08. 333 Pittock 
Block; res 839 Tallamook St., Portland, Ore. 

William Wilberforce Wright, 

LL. B., 1904; Charter Member; Lawver and 
Stock Breeder; Pres. 111. Cattle Breeders 
Assn.; Dir. 111. Shorthorn Breeders' Assn.: 
Member Creve Cceur (Peoria) and Midland 
Country Clubs. Toulon, 111. 

Earl Lay ton Yocum, 

A. B., 1904; Banker; Pres. L. M. Yocum and 
Co., Bankers; Haves Pump and Planter Co. 
and Galva Heater Co.; Vice-Pres. Farmers 
Natl. Bank, Aurelia, Iowa; Member B. P. 
O. E., Mystic Shrine and Masons. Galva, 111. 


Elmer Thtodore Archer, 

Initiated by Ark. Alpha Upsilon, 1904. 

James N. Ashmore, 

Baseball; Football; Director Physical Educa- 
tion and Athletics ai Univ. of Colorado. 1085 
Lincoln Place, Boulder, Colo. 

Thomas Stanley Bailey, 

A. B., 1905; Assaver and Chemist. (Wall 
Street, Colo.) 

William Arthur Clark, 

A. B., 1905; A. M„ 1907; M. D., 1911 Har- 
vard: Glee and Mandolin Clubs; Military 
Band; Scholarship, 1907-08, Harvard Med. 
School; Physician (Orthopedic surgery); Asst. 
in orthopedic surgery, Univ. of 111. Med Coll.; 
1st Lieut. Officers Reserve Corps; (med. sec- 
tion) U. S. Army; Contributor to Military 
Surgeon, Am. Journal of Orthopedic Surgery 
and Journal Am. Med. Assn; Fellow Am. Med. 
Assn.; Member Illini Club of Chicago: Cen- 
tral States Orthopedic Club and Snc. of Mili- 
tary Surgeons. Room 907, 7 W. Madison St.; 
res. 5540 Cornell Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Roland William Fairbanks, 

Agriculture. (St. Hilaire, Minn.) 

Troy Lovell Long, 

A. B., 1905; A. M., 1907 Harvard; Xoyan; 
Class Football and Baseball; Univ. Track; 
General Manager and Secretary Stonington 
Coal Co. 603 S. Webster St., Taylorsville, 

Dwight Armistead Parish, 

Jeweler; Member Masons Blue Lodge and 
Chapter. Phelps Dodge Mercantile Co., Bis- 
bee, Ariz. 

Henry Everett Pond, 

LL. B., 1905; B. L„ 1905 Millikin Univ.; 
Theta Kappa Nu; Wittenagemote Club; Law- 
yer; States Attorney of Menard Co., 111.; Edi- 
tor The Greenview Review. Petersburg, 111. 

Harold Adair Ray, 

Real Estate. (Kettle Kails, Idaho.) 

William Wilberforce Wright, 

Insurance. 212 E. Macon St., Carthage, Mo. 


Ray J. Emmerson, 

LL. B., 1906; Theta Kappa Nu; Political Sci- 
ence Club; Attorney. 410 Brown-Marx Bldg. ; 
res. 1301 Philan St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Tohn Burr Glass, 

B. S., 1906; Mining Engineer. 

Tames Wesley Huss, 

Capt. Freshman Football; Banking; Asst. Cash- 
ier Bank; Member Elks; Knights of Pythias. 
Urbana Banking Co.; res. 1409 S. Orchard St., 
Urbana, 111. 

John Wilson Kirkpatrick, 

A. B., 1906. 806 E. Jackson St., Medford, 

Louis William Mack, 

A. B., 1906; LL. B., 1910 Harvard; Alpha 
Delta Sigma; Philomathean ; Dramatic Club; 
French Club; Hamilton Law Club; Lincoln 
Inn; The Guild (Harvard); French Scholar- 
ship; Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class; Senior 
Prom. Committee: Sophomore Cotillion Com- 
mittee; Chrmn., Univ. Circus: Fraternity Edi- 
tor Illinois: Business Mgr. Illinois Magazine; 
111. Univ. Press Committee; Lawyer; Archon 
of Province Delta of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 
Pres. Federation of Young Men's Clubs; Dir. 
Hospitals Assn.; Trustee Chicago Tuberculosis 
Assn.; Pres. and Trustee Chicago Alumni Assn. 
of S. A. E.; Pres. Chicago Zaines Committee 
(Olympic Project); Dir. Chicago Journalistic 
Soc; Member Chicago Bar and 111. State Bar 
Assns. ; Art Institute of Chicago; Playwrights, 
City, Harvard, Illini, Legal, College Fraternity 
and French Clubs. 134 S. La Salle St.; res. 
2817 Pine Grove Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

Tames Vance Waddell, 

Civil Engineer; Member A. F. and A. M. 
No. 122, Taylorville, 111.; R. A. M. Chapter 
No. 136. 230 S. 7th St., Vandalia, 111. 


Arthur Ward Archer, 

B. S. Arch., 1907; Architects Club; Architect; 
Supt. of Court U. S. Public Bldgs.; Treasury 
Dept. New England Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Arthur Norton Bennett, 

B. S., 1907; M. S., 1915; Phi Lambda Upsi- 
lon; Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Xi; First Lieu- 
tenant 337th Field Artillery R. C. U. S. 
Army. Care E. W. Bennett, Lawrence, Mich. 

John Weir Gilchrist, Jr.,* 

Assistant General Superintendent, Alden Coal 
Co. d. Jan. 10, 1918, Chicago, 111. 

Philip Oliver Hannum, 

(1312 S. Main St., Carthage, Mo.) 

Percy Clifton Hayes, 

Treasurer Hayes Pump and Planter Co. 
Galva, 111. 

James F. Mclntire, 

B. S., 1907; Chief Engineer United States 
Radiator Corporation; Member Bd. of Com- 
merce. Broadwav and Grand River Ave.; res. 
65 Quincy Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Herman Emerson Reams,* 

d. Oct. 30, 1915. 

Louis Gustav Schumacher, 

B. S. in E. E., 1907; Electrical Engineer. 
Denton Engineering and Construction Co.; 
res. 319 E. 33d St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Carl Van Doren, 

A. B., 1907; Ph.D., 1911 Columbia Univ.; 
Adelphic Lit. Soc; Scribblers; Phoenix; Pre- 
liminary, Final and General Honors; Editor 
Illinois Magazine; Class Poet; Pres. Class; 
Head Master The Brearlev School, New York; 
Assoc, in English, Columbia LTniv. ; Translated 
"Hebbel's Judich," 1914; Edited "The Cam- 




bridge History of American Literature," 1917; 
Author of "The Life of Thomas Love Pea- 
cock," 191 1 ; and various articles in periodi- 
cals; Member Authors and Columbia Univ. 
Faculty Clubs. 60 E. 61st St.; res. 351 W. 
114th St., New York, N. Y. 

Walter Howard Wroughton, 

(302 Downer Place, Aurora, 111.) 


Albert Allen, 

A. B., 1908; Treasurer Jefferson Milling Co. 
Jefferson Milling Co.; res. 113 Twelfth St., 
Mt. Vernon, 111. 

Philip Heckman Arbuckle, 

Ph. B.. 1909 Univ. of Chicago; Capt. Fresh- 
man Track Team (Class of 1907); Football 
and Track; Director of Athletics, Rice Inst.; 
Pres. Texas Intercollegiate Assn.; Sec. and 
Treas. Southwest Athletic Conference; Execu- 
tive Committee Natl. Collegiate Assn.; Mem- 
ber Z Z, University and Houston Country 
Clubs. Rice Institute, Houston, Texas. 

Roscoe Laurence Ball, 

B. S., 1908; A. B., 1906 Eureka College; Farm- 
ing and Stock Raising; Member A. F. and A. 
M. and R. A. M. Wenona, 111. 

Archie Stanton Buyers, 

B. S. in M. E., 1908; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma 
Xi; Gamma Alpha; Preliminary Honors and 
Final Honors; First Lieut. Coast Artillery 
Corps, LT. S. Army; Member Army and Navy 
Clubs (New York and Manila). Care Adjutant 
General of the Army, Washington, D. C. 

Neill Chauncv Dunham, 

Special Agricultural Course; Agricultural Club; 
Letter man Track; Farming. Marengo, Mc- 
Henry Co., 111. 

Clare C. Hosmer, 

Blackfriars; Architect and .Western Represen- 
tative of The Journal of the American Insti- 
tute of Architects; Member Masons and Am. 
Institute of Architects. 64 W. Randolph St., 
Chicago; res. 931, 12th St., Wilmette, 111. 

George Koser Johnson, 

A. B., 1908; Merchant, General House Fur- 
nishing and Undertaking. 218-220 S. 9th St.; 
res. 804 E. Main St., Mt. Vernon, 111. 

Emil Fred Kaeser, 

Manager Branch Plant of Helvetia Milk Con- 
densing Co. New Glarus, Wis. 

Arthur Thomas Kincaid, 

Traveling Salesman. 826 S. Lincoln Ave., 
Springfield, 111. 

Edward Landon Lyon, 

Attorney -at-Law; Asst. Attv. Genl. 206 Mer- 
cantile Block; 257 N. Lake St., Aurora, 111. 

Ralph Varney Norris, 

Track; Conference Pole Vault Record 1905; 
Stock Raising. Mildred, Mont. 

Clarence Robert Olsen, 

Merchant. Cambridge, 111. 

Carl Raymond Reid, 

Farmer; Member Ross Township, Green Co., 
Board of Education. R. F. D. No. 2, South 
Charleston, Ohio. 

Lowell Babcock Smith, 

LL. B., 1908; Lawyer. (Court House Bldg.; 
res. 133 Mason Court, Sycamore, 111.) 

Evert Homer Tice, 

LL. B., 1909; Phi Delta Phi; Thcta Kappa 
Nu; Farmer. Grcenvicw, 111. 


Harry Baxter, 

Farming. Newman, 

Rex George Bolend, 

B. S., 1910, and M. D., 191 1, St. Louis Univ.; 
Alpha Kappa Kappa; Physician; Asst. Prof. 
Genito Urinary Diseases, Univ. of Okla. ; Capt. 
Field Artillery No. 1, Okla. Natl. Guard; :st 
Lieut. Med. Reserve Corps U. S. A.; Pres. 
Okla. Citv Alumni; Author "Modern Methods 
Diagnosis of Gonorrhea and Syphilis"; "The 
Newer Methods for Treatment of Gonorrhea"; 
"Action of Syphiletic Blood Stains on Acetic 
Acid." 201-207 American Natl. Bank Bldg.; 
res. -1125 W. 32d St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Avery Brundage, 

B. "S., 1909; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Phoen' 
Editor Illinois Magazine; Member Athletic Bd 
of Control; Track, 1907-09, Mgr., 1909; Basket 
ball, 1907-08; Class Football, 1906-09; Con 
tractor; Sec and Treas. Intercollegiate Con 
ference Athletic Assn.; Dir. Illinois Club 
Member Athletic Assn. and Masons. Room 
1019, no S. Dearborn St.; res. 846 Bradley 
Place, Chicago, 111. 

Fred Dwight Danford, 

B. S. in C. E., 1909; Office Engineer, Texas 
and Pacific Ry.; Member University Club. 
Texas and Pacific Rv. General Office; res. 2013 
Commerce St., Dallas, Texas. 

Roland William Fairbanks, 

206 S. Tremont St., Kewanee, 111. 

Howard S. Green, 

Ku Klux Klan; Helmet; Phoenix; Football, 
3 yrs., Capt. iqos; Letter man, 1906-07; Muni- 
cipal and Railway Contracting, Consulting 
Engineer; Member University and Alumni 
Clubs. 517 N. Lincoln St.; res. 918 S. Can- 
non St., Spokane, Wash. 

Harry Stirling Horner, 

P. S. in Arch.. 1909; Helmet; Yoxan; Chief 
Draughtsman, C. H. Johnston, Architect. 715 
Capitol Bank Bldg., St. Paul; res. Sinnissippi 
Lodge, Bald Eagle Lake. Minn. 

Andrew Ted Kincaid. 

Civil Engineers Club; Mayer Reliance Lumber 
Co. and R. L. McNaugbton Hardware Co. 
Craik, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Todd Purcell Kincaid, 

Farmer. Greenview, HI. 

Garfield Lankard Miller, 

(Albuquerque, N. Mex.) 

Harry John Wernsing, 

A. B., 1909; Shield and Trident; Yoxan; First 
Lieutenant 341st Infantry U. S. Army, Green- 



Herbert Eugene Bell, 

B. S. in E. E., 1910; Merchant; Treas. W. J. 
Bell & Sons Co. 22 E. 3d St.; res. 80s Ave. 
B., Sterling, 111. 

Rav Chamberlain Berry, 

Initiated by Iowa Gamma, 1909. 

Elmer M. Cooper, 

Oil and Gas Producer. Chanute, Kans. 

Rollin Moulton Haves. 

LL. B., 1910; Phi Delta Phi; Assistant States 
Attorney, St. Clair Co., 111. Court House; 
res. 500 S. High St.. Belleville, 111. 

Alvin Eugene Hovda, 

(Rochelle, 111.) 

Colus C. Hunter, 

Initiated by Ind. Beta, 1910. 

William Lloyd Kclley, 

I.awvcr; Master in Chancery, Circuit Court; 
Chrmn. Executive Committee 111. Elks Assn. 
Shell. yville, 111. 

Christopher Mamer, T'"., 

LL. B., 1910; Lawyer; Member Illinois Club. 
Room 720, 10=; N. Clark St.; res. 501 Throop 
St., Chicago, III. 




John William Palmer, 

LL. B., 1910; Lawyer; Member Chickasaw 
Guards Club. Bank of Commerce & Trust Co. 
Bldg.; res. 1278 Madison Ave., Memphis, 

Eugene Hamilton Rennick, 

Varsity Baseball; Farmer. R. R. No. I, Tou- 
lon, 111. 

Robert Guy Van Doren, 

B. S., 1910; Helmet Club; Estimator and Con 
struction Superintendent. 370 Fourth Ave.; 
res. 611 La Salle Gardens S., Detroit, Mich. 


Millard Winfield Baysinger, 

Theta Omega Pi (Louisiana) ; Theta Nu Epsi- 
lon; Egyptian Club; German Club (Louisiana); 
lnily Illini Staff and Junior Prom. Committee 
Univ. of 111.; Head Cheer Leader 1911-13; 
Vice-Pres. Athletic Assn., 1911-12; Pres. Ath- 
letic Assn., 1912-13; Chrmn. Senior Ball Com- 
mittee 1913 and Member of Gumbo Bd. at 
Louisiana; Farming; Co-Author of Song "Lou- 
isiana Loyalty". R. F. D. No. 1, Woodlawn 
Farm, Grand Tower, 111. 

Harold Dodge Burling, 

First Lieutenant 45th Infantry, U. S. Army 
Riverside, 111. 

Andrew Minor Clark, 

Helmet; Class Numerals; Track; Secretary and 
Manager Bartles Northern Oil Co.; Kern Tem- 
ple; Grand Forks Chapter Natl Assn. of Credit 
Men; Grand Forks Associated Ad. Club; 
Grand Forks Commercial Club; 32 Mason. 
315 N. 3d St.; res, 104, 4th Ave., Grand Forks, 
N. D. 

Clarence Reuben Constant, 

(Williamsville, 111.) 

Carl Raymond Gray, Jr., 

Initiated by Mo. Beta 1911. 

Chester Warren Guild, 

Helmet; Montana Salesman, The Barrett Co. 
1, 19th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn.; res. 
Rainbow Hotel, Great Falls, Mont. 

Harold B. Hill, 

B. S. in A. E.; Univ. Orchestra, Glee Club; 
Architectural Engineer and Superintendent. 
1456 Lemcke Annex; res. 3236 Capitol Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Jav Raymond Horton, 

"Jobber of Mill and Steam Supplies. Horton 
Machine Works; res. 465 W. Church St., El- 
mira, N. Y. 

Hugo Layer, 

Helmet, Ku Klux, Yoxan; Varsitv Football; 
Sophomore Cotillion; Senior Committee; Dele- 
gate Province Delta Convention, 191 o; With 
Clay Products Co. (1810 Central Park Ave., 
Chicago, 111.) 

Howard Walton Kelly, Tr., 

(919 Broadway, Normal, 111.) 

Irving E. Pagels, 

Glee and Mandolin Clubs, 1907-08; Credits 
Detiner Woolen Co. 20s W. Monroe St.; 
res. 7647 Stewart Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Earl Houghton Swingle, 

(Hillsboro, 111.) 

Carlton Thompson Trimble, 

A. B., 1911; Shield and Trident; Delta Kappa 
Chi; Business Mgr. Illio, 191 1 ; Circulation 
Mgr. Daily Illini; Mgr. Intcrscholastic Circus, 
1911; farming. Trimble. 111. 

Frank Anthony Ward, 

B. S. in Architectural Decoration, 191 1; Ar- 
chitects Club (Pres. 2 yrs.); Quartet, 2 yrs.; 
Glee and Mandolin Clubs, 3 yrs.; Designer and 
Superintendent of Construction; Member Elks 
Club No. 1218; A. F. and A. M., Rock River, 

No. 612; Sterling Chapter R. A. M. No. 57- 
410 Lawrence Bldg.; res. 807 B Ave., Ster- 
ling, 111. 

Grover C. Wilson, 

(1001 S. 5th St. Champaign, 111.) 


Charles Reader Blood, 

Initiated by Mo. Alpha, 1911. 

Arthur James Bradley, 

Helmet; Ku Klux; Scarab; General Manager 
The Bradley Co. 324 W. Monroe St., Chi- 
cago; res. Evanston, 111. 

Eugene P. Bradley, 

B. S. in M. E., 1912; Engineer; Firm of 
Hester-Bradley Co.; Member Alumni Assn.; 
Am. Soc. of Heating and Ventilating Engi- 
neers; Am. Soc. of Mech. Engineers; Missouri 
Athletic, University, Engineers and St. Louis 
Architectural Clubs. 1212 Chemical Bldg.; res. 
5327 Maple Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Bennett Wellington Cooke, 

Director, Coyne National Trade School. 45 
E. Illinois St.; res. 548 Arlington PI., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Paul Harned Gillan, 

Initiated by Wis. Alpha 191 1. 

Galen Van Rensselaer Gloyd, 

B. S., 1912; Scarab; Yoxan; E. A. of Chapter; 
Architect, Whitsitt and Schulzkes: Member B. 
P. O. E.; Moline Commercial Club; Masons 
and Rock Island Alumni Assn. 610 Peoples 
Bank Bldg.; les. 2716, 12th Ave., Moline, 111. 

Howard Ru£rs;les Green, 

Consulting Civil Engineer. Union Block; 
res. 1 42 1 First Ave. E., Cedar Rapids, la. 

Cole Lawrence Hayes, 

Draftsman. Building Department Am. Express 
Co.; Member Knights Templar. Mount Olivet 
Commandery No. 38. 29 W. Monroe St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Frank Spencer Kailer, 

B. S. in E. E 1912; Ku Klux Klan; Hel- 
met; Yoxan; Class Baseball, 1910-12; Spe- 
cial Representative, Equitable Life Assurance 
Soc. of U. S. A. Frick Bldg.; 5212 Baum 
Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Clayton Mark, Jr., 

General Manager, Mark Mfg. Co.; Pres., 
Mark-Quick; Storage Battery Co.; Member 
University Club. Mark Mfg. Co., Box G, 
(Chicago; res. 848 Ridge Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Raymond Earnest Matter, 

Capt. Freshman Varsity Basketball; Mer- 
chant. Three Forks Mercantile Co.; res. 3d 
and Fir Sts., Three Forks, Mont. 

Victor Robert Sladek, 

B. S., 1912; Scabbard and Blade; 1st Lieut, 
and Battalion Adjutant, 1910-11, and Capt. 
and Regimental Adjutant. 1911-12 (III. Univ. 
Regt.); Salesman. Am. Steel and Wire Co.; 
Sergeant. Battery D, 1st 111. Field Artillery; 
Member Illinois Club. 208 La Salle St.; res. 
2242 S. Marshall Blvd.. Chicago, 111. 

Willis Daniel Slonneger, 

A. B., 1912; Salesman. Washington, III. 

Charles Michael Sullivan, 

B. S. in E. E., 1912; Shield and Trident; 
Mawanda; Business Mgr., The Daily Illini. 
1911-12; Salesman, Westinghouse Electric 
and Manufacturing Co.; Member Pere Mar- 
quette Council No. 594. Knights of Colum- 
bus; The. Jovians Potential, 18370. 1527 
First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 542 Farwell Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hugti Harrison Tolman, 

A. B., 1912; Farming; Member Elks and 
Masons. 1107 Corning St.. Red Oak, Iowa. 

Charles Kahlke Woodin, 

(Galva, 111.) 





Harry Emanuel Ackerburg, Tr 

IX. B, igi. Northwestern Un' " 
Freshman Organization Committee; I 
Baseball; Lawyer; Member Masons 
m 5 i, .o S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111 

John D. Bainer, 

Theta Nu Kpsilon; Helmet; Bank E: 

i 1m 


Cleveland, Ohi. 

I Ferbert Thomas Barclay, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Trave 
Kawner Mfg. Co.; Lieut., Co 

g Salesman, 
C, noth En- 
- Union Club. 
784. gth St.. Des Moines. Iowa; res. 740 
Sandusky Ave.. Kansas City, Kans. 

Edward Wesley Bullard, 

B. S., 1913 Univ. of Texas; Mawanda; Track; 
Capt. Freshman Team; Chrmn. Bd. of Class 
Athletics. 1913; Building Inspector. 111. Cen- 
tral R. R. Building Dept., I. C. R. R. ; res. 
6156 Dorchester St., Chicago and Mechanics- 
burg. 111. 

Clemens J. E. Fischer, 

Egyptian: Helmet; Merchant; Member Elks. 
304 S. Charles St., 



Clarence Thurman Hewitt, 

Assistant Cashier. Tavlorville National Ba 
Treas. Mound Lodge No. 122 A. F. & A. : 
■ Member Masons and Elks. N. E. cor Squa 
res. 215 E. Poplar St., Taylorville, 111. 

Ralph Leverett Kelley, 

B. S. in Arch.. 1913; Theta Nu Epsil 
Superintendent. Coast Division. Signal Corps 
Aviation Section; Assistant Supervising Archi 
tect. Univ. of III.: Member Masons and Uni 
versity Club, Urbana, III. 783 South St. 
Elgin, 111. 

Eeon Woodford Kelso, 

(Paxton, 111. I 

Curtis Roy Light, 

f-12-13 American Trust Bldg., Cedar Rapids 

Herbert Tohn Matter, 

(Wheaton, 111.) 

David Sidney Oakes, 

First Lieutenant Field Artillery, O. R C. 
Care of Adjutant General U. S. Army Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Dick Oglesby Rogers, 

Signal Corps," U. S. Army; Company A. 113th 
I'icid Signal Battalion, U. S. Army. Hume, 

Glenn Thompson Ross, 

(412 Iowa St.. Urbana, 111. ) 

Erwin A. Schmitz, 

Initiated by Mo. Beta 1912. 

Glenn W. Smiley Scheidecker, 

Electrical Engineer; Pres. and Gen. Mgr., 
Warren Light and Power Co., Inc. Warren. 

Hazen Eager Smith, 

Initiated Ala. Alpha Mu 1912. 

Philip Henry Ward, 

LL. B„ 1913; Phi Delta Phi 
silnn; Helmet; Shield and 
Marshall and Ben Franklin 
Member Masons and Elks 
res. 406 Ave. B, Sterling, 111 


Holland Robert Bacher, 

Initiated by N. Y. Mu 1914. 

Theta Nu Ep- 
Trident: John 
Clubs; Lawyer; 
• Bldg;. 

Edmond Bechtold, 

Washington Univ.; Nu Sigma 

: Physician; Asst. Resider 

Hosp._ Kings Highway 


Nu; Egypt.... 
Surgeon, Barn 
Euclid St., St. Louis," Mo. 

Raymond Starr Dunham, 

A. B., 1914; Alpha Zeta; Cons 
tunst. R. -11, 25 N. Dearborn 
Highland Ave., Chicago, III. 

Edward Morris Grady, 

(800 Graham St.. Bloomington 

Richard Hartloff Habbe, 

A. B., 1914; Attended Wabash Coll.. 1 
Earlham Coll., 1 yr.; College Club, 
Lasebalj and Basketball; Salesman, Mass. Mu 
Co. ; Tresa. Indianapolis Alumni 
1. E.; Sec. Indianapolis Illini 
.salesmanship Club; Indianap- 

Iting Agricul- 
St.; res. 15 19 



al Life Ir 

Club; Membi 

olis Assn of Life Und 

Fletcher r ~ 





Henry Harrison Kuhn, 

Section c 
Rock Isla 

:. o 

Ol ( 

it, U. S. 

4; Mechanical Engineer; 

R. S.; Attending Motor 

if Instruction, Ordnance 

Army. 1329, 17th St., 

The B. F. 
Tire Dept. 
6849 Corm 


id, 111. 

Lloyd A. Patch, 

:rritoriaI Sales Representative of 
Goodrich Rubber Co., Pneumatic 
IQ 25, 27 S. Michigan Ave.: res. 
I Ave., Chicago, III. 

George San ford Perry, 

Traffic Manager, Chicago Telephone Co.; First 
mess Mgr. of The Lion Tattler Chapter 
ise, Oregon. 701. 212 W. Washington St.; 

res. 1654 W. S7th St., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Charles Quirk, 

Theta Nu EpsilonT Helmet; Yoxan : Manager. 
The Lyle Co.; Member Elkhart Illini and 
Shore Acres Clubs. 11 W. KinHe St- res 
1 141 North Shore Ave., Chicago, III. 

Hugh Walker Rankin, 

Initiated Ind. Beta 1914. 

Roy Meneley Ross, 

A. B., 1914; Meneley Ross Plumbing Co. (412 
Iowa St., Urbana, III.) 

Roger Lewis Stephens, 

LL. B.. 1914; Phi Delta Phi; Order of the 
Coif; John Marshall Law Club; Lawyer; Treas 
Lodge No. 118S, Elks; Member Moose and 
Elks. Farmers and Producers Bank Bldg.; 
res. 206 W. Locust St., Robinson, 111. 

Otto Bismark Werasing, 

Agriculturist and Stock Raiser. R. R. No. 2, 



Rudolph Renning^sen Wernsing, 

(Greenview, 111.) 


William Frazier Baldwin, 

Initiated by Va. Theta 1913. 

William Foree Cromwell, 

Lieutenant Battery A 324th Heavy Artillery. 
6*7 State St., Frankfort, Ky. 

Llarold F. Da Costa, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Medical 
Student. 607 Fullerton Parkway, Chicago, III. 

Thatcher F. Davis, 

Held all Offices Phi Sigma Chi; Alumni Assn.; 
Chief Clerk. Supply Dept., T. R. R. A. in 
S. 18th St.; res. 1440 Ranken Blvd., St. Louis', 


Raymond T. Gregori. 

Architect. " 1236 Eddy St., Chicago. III. 




Howard \\ alton Kelly, Jr., 

Helmet; Salesman Campbell Holton Co. 
Campbell Holton Co., Bloomington; res. 304 
S. Grand Ave. E., Springfield, 111. 

William Joseph Pete Noonan, 

Track 1913; Civil Engineer Santa Fe R. R.; 
Member Illinois Athletic Club, Chicago, 111. 
125 N. Edward St., Decatur. 111. 

William Ambrous Piper, 

Salesman B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co.; Hosp. 
Apprentice, 1st Class, U. S. Navy. Care Will- 
iam Swinbank, Sycamore, 111. 


John Thomas Bradlev, Tr., 

A. B.. 1916; Alpha Kappa Psi; Ma-Wanda; 
Helmet: Sachem, Tribe of Illini; Varsity Base- 
ball, 1914-16; Capt., 1916; Assistant Director 
of Recreation, Natl. Lamp Works of General 
Electric Co. Nela Park; res. 2320 Murray 
Hill Rd., Cleveland. Ohio. 

Lloyd Daniel Bunting, 

U. S. Army. Adjutant General U. S. Army, 
Washington, D. C. 

Owen Mcintosh Burns, 

A. B., 1916; Phi Delta Phi; Member Students 
Council; Chairman Annual Smoker; Capt. Co. 
L 341st Infantry U. S. Army. Care Adjutant 
General of the Army, Washington, D. C. 

Harold Edward Clark, 

B. S. in Ceramics, 1916; With Monmouth Clay 
Mfg. Co. Care Monmouth Clay Mfg. Co.; 
res. 404 S. 3d St., Monmouth, 111. 

Henry Clay Coleman, 

(Greenville, III.) 

William Crutchfield, II, 

B. S„ 1916; Scarab; Ku Klux Klan; Architect. 
313 Times Bldg.; res. 3 Battery Place, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 

George Albert Geib, 

Initiated by Minn. Alpha 1915. 

James Harman Gilbert, 

LL. B., 1916; Phi Delta Phi; Lambda Tau 
Rho; Attorney-at-Law; City Atty. Gilbert 
Bldg.; res. 301 N. 16th St., Mt. Vernon, 111. 

Maynard Wayne Johnson, 

A. B., 1916; Beta Gamma Sigma; Real Estate 
Investments and Ranching. P. O. Box 86; 
res. Rogerson Annex, Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Louis Frederick Jungkunz, 

A. B., 1916; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma 
Sigma; Ku Klux Klan; Assistant Recruiting 
Manager. W. T. Rawleigh Co.; res. 153 Car- 
roll St., Freeport, 111. 

Elie Spencer Kriegh, 

B. S., 1916; Sergeant Co. C 330th M. G. B. 
205 Laurence Ave., Springfield, III. 

Roy Walter Leibsle, 

B. S., 1916; Honorary Architectural; Scarab; 
Architect; Member Masons and Elks. 1520 E. 
9th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Charles William McCumber, 

Initiated by 111. Theta 1915. 


Eugene Denby Bacher, 

Farming. Rock Tavern, Orange Co., N. Y. 

Richard Bell Buchanan, 

B. S., 191 7; Theta Nu Epsilon; Skull and 
Crescent; Ku Klux Klan; Schomeeze; First 
Lieutenant U. S. Marine Corps. 66 West Ave., 
Norwalk, Conn. 

Clyde Harold Burgston, 

B. S., 1917; Lambda Tau Rho; Chemist Deere 
& Co.; Eminent Archon, 1916-17; Member 

Commercial Club. Deere & Co.; res. 836, 15th 
St., Moline, 111. 

Elmer Burt Cooley, 

(112 Pine St., Danville, 111.) 

H. Ray Cox, 

B. S., 1917; Alpha Gamma Rho; Varsity Base 
ball; Aviation Corps U. S. Army. 4712 El- 
kins Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Milford Harrison Davis, 

(Blackstone, 111.) 

Eugene M. Fredirick, 

B. S., 191 7; Wrestling 3 yrs. ; Second Lieu- 
tenant 61st U. S. Infantry. Clarence, 111. 

Raleigh Augustus Gibson, 

B. S., 1917; Second Lieutenant 344th Inf., U 
S. Army. 318 S. Monroe St., Decatur. 111. 

Donald Charles Johns, 

B. S. in Mining Engineering, 1917; Th-ta Nu 
Epsilon; Students Branch Am. Inst. Mining 
Engineers; Varsity Swimming Team, 191 6; 
Capt., 1917; Assistant Paymaster U. S. Navy. 
608 S. Buchanan St., Danville, 111. 

Robert Eugene Johnson, 

B. S. in E. E., 1917; Theta Tau; Electrical 
Engineer. Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

Alfred Pruden Kellev, 

LL. B., 1917 Univ. of Mich.; Theta Nu Epsi 
Ion; Onyx Dancing Club; Pres. Class 1016; 
Second Lieutenant 25th Cavalry LT. S. Army. 
783 South St., Elgin, 111. 

John George Estill Kipp, 

A. B., 1917; First Lieutenant LT. S. Marin" 
Corps. Headquarters U. S. Marine Corps, 
Washington, D. C.J res. 3923 Botanical Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

James Lawrence McWilliams, 

First Lieutenant Aviation Section U. S. Army ; 
Lieut. 124th Field Artillery U. S. Army. 2733 
McCasland Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

William Rolfe O'Connell, 

Clothier, O'Connell & Sons. 504 South Side 
Square; res. 1403 Whittier Ave.. Sprinfituld. 

Timothy Edwin Peterson, 

(Mesa, Ariz.) 

George Edward Sladek, 

B. S., 1917; Alpha Chi Sigma; Keramos; 
Scholarship in Ceramic Eng. ; Minor "I" 111 
Tennis: Soldier Instructor in U. S. A. School 
of Aerial Photography. 2242 Marshall Blvd., 
Chicago, 111. 

Herbert Norman Stevens, 

Advertising Manager Record, N. Market St.; 
res. W. Center St., Paxton, 111. 


Elmer F. Bauer, 

B. S. in Agri., 191S; Master Linguist. Det- 
willer Coll. of Languages; S. M. Club; El cir- 
culo Espanol; Le cercle Francais; College Club; 
Capt. Freshman Varsity Swimming Team; 
Holder of the Interscholastic Diving Cham- 
pionships of America, U. Gymnastic Team; 
Winner of the Fancy and High Diving Cham- 
pionships of Western America, 1912-16; 2d 
place in Natl. A. A. U. Indoor Championship 
of Am.; Am. Rep. to Olympic Games; Univ. 
of 111. Rifle Team; Foreign Interpreter. U. S. 
Marine Corps; Sec. and Treas. Spanish Club; 
Active Member Foreign Dept., Wilson & Co. 
(Packers). Chicago Stock Yards; Author "Ger- 
many's Upheaval," and "Corresponding With 
Our South American Customers"; Member Mo. 
Athletic Assn.; 111. Athletic Assn. (non-resi- 
dent mem.); Latin Am. Chamber of Commerce; 
Sunset Hill Country Club (St. Louis); Pro- 
gressive and Scientific Agriculturists Club of 
Am. U. S. Marine Corps, Paris Island, S. C 
and 4162 Cleveland Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 




Woodruff Lynder Crawford, 

B. S., 1918; Nu Sigma Nu; Medui; Med. Stu- 
dent. 1450 Argyle St., Chicago, 111. 

Gavlord Stillman Davidson, 

Second Lieut. 141st Infantry U. S. Armv. 
1302 South Grand Ave. W., Springfield, 111. 

Clarence Scott Gill, 

Student. 4052 Washington Blvd., St. Louis, 


Terdme Bruner Grigg, 

Second Lieut. O. R. C, U. S. Army. Olivia 
Apts., Joplin, Mo. 

Francis Putman Knight, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Chrmn. Junior Promenade 
Com.; Capt. Motor Truck Co., Quartermaster 
Corps, N. A. 215 E. nth St., Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 

Paul Moll, 

Ku Klux Klan; Freshman Varsity Swimming 
Team; 128th Field Artillery U. S. Army; 
Member Ridgedale Country Club. 4549 Berlin 
Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 

John Childs Neely, 

Scarab; Comitatus; Architectural Club; Class 
Track Mgr., 19 is; Chief Engineer Fuller Con- 
struction Co., Fort_ Riley, Kans. 1285 Lin- 
coln St., Topeka, Kans. 

William Albert Noyes, Jr., 

Alpha Chi Sigma; Adelphic Lit. Soc; Honor 
Junior Scholarship, Grinnell Coll., Sophomore 
year; Reserve Signal Corps, U. S. Army; 
Business Mgr.. Illinois Chemist: E. C. of the 
Chapter; Member Chemical Club. 1005 Nevada 
St.. Urbana. 111. 

Francis Edward Richardson, 

Second Lieutenant 133d Field Artillery. U. S. 
Army. 1541 Chicago Ave., Chicago, 111. 

John Irving Rinaker, 

1331 Noble Ave., Springfield, 111. 


Raymond Leroy Baxter, 

Student Chemical Engineering. 190 McLean 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

George Victor Buchanan, Jr., 

Cartoonist, 111. Siren; Member Staff Daih 
Illini; Newspaper man. 66 West Ave.. Nor- 
walk, Conn. 

Leo Harper Kelley, 

Reporter on Siren, 1916; Sales Dept., The 
Rand Co.. Bank and Office Equipment: Mem- 
ber Illini and College Fraternity Clubs. 116 
S. Dearborn St.; res. 5422 Ingleside Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Samuel Everett Layton, 

Second Lieut. U. S. R.. Rossville, 111. 

Rene J. Mechin, 

E. M., 1919; Helmet; E R. of Chapter; Stu- 
dent; Affiliated with Colo. Lambda, 1919. 5088 
Raymond Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Frank W. Meyer, Jr., 

Helmet Club; "Manager ,,f Dept. Store. 603 
F.. 4th St.; res. 503 E. 4th St.. Beardstown. 


Jerome Anthony O'Connell, 

Clothier. Co. C. all Infantry, III., N. G-, 
U. S. Army. 504 S. Side Square; res. [403 
Whittier Ave.. Springfield, 111. 

George Rawlcigh Rideout, 

Ku Klux Klan; O. R. C. Aviation Section, U. 
S. Army. 38 Prospect Terrace, Freeport, 111. 

Edgar Van Syckle Sayles, 

Columbian I. it. Soc., Mich. Agricultural Coll.; 
Student in Railway Electrical Engineering; 
Member Edison Meter Club. Detroit, Mali. 
East Lansing, Mich. 

Malcolm Edward Schroyer, 

Helmet; Skull and Crescent; Junior Council- 
man. 111. Student Union; Lieut. 333d Field Ar- 
tillery, U. S. Armv. Natl. Bank of Pontiac, 
Pontiac, 111. 

Kenneth Seward Seibert, 

Advertising with S. F. Bowser, Inc. 607 E. 
Lewis St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Harry Edward Wuertenbaecher, Jr., 

Skull and Crescent: Scarab: Ku Klux Klan; 
Chrmn. junior Prom.; Pan-Hellenic Represen- 
tative; Student: Eminent Archon; Eminent 
Recorder; Member Liederkranz Club and Sun- 
set Inn. 211 E. Daniel St., Champaign, 111.; 
res. 41 12 Flora Blvd.. St. Louis, Mo. 


Wilber Price Armstrong, Jr., 

Skull and Crescent; Student. 824 S. 6th St., 
Springfield, III. 

Howard Hutson Bentley, 

Freshman Class Basketball: Eminent Corres- 
pondent and Eminent Chaplain, 1917-18. 520 
W. Adams St., Clinton, 111. 

Reuben Riley Boynton, 

Farmer. Pleasant Plains. 111. 

Nigel Dobell Campbell, 

Phi Delta Phi; Student. Albion, 111. 

Charles Willard Carter, Tr., 

Piesian Sodality Harvard Coll.; First Group 
Scholars Harvard Coll., 1916-17; Student. 
203 N. Center St., Clinton. 111. 

Edmund Burroughs Colwell, 

Merchant. 208-216 S. Main St.; res. 521 E. 
Broadway. Monmouth. 111. 

Greene Smith Fitz Hugh, 

Student. 114 Powell St., Henderson, Ky. 

David Arthur Frederick, 

Freshman, Varsity Basketball; Student. Clar- 
ence. 111. 

Leo Boleman Hanafee, 

With Hosp. Unit. U. S. Navy. U. S. S. Ne- 
braska. Care Postmaster N. Y. City; res. 
1409 E. Oak St., New Albany, Ind. 

Edward L. Kerns, 

Board i reas. of Chapter, 1917-18; Student. 
842, 15th St., Moline, 111. 

Russell Micenheimer, 

Student. 420 W. First St., Taylorville, HI. 

William Payson Pearre, 

Student. 206 N. Court St.. Pontiac', 111. 

Earl Stanley Rav, 

Student. Arthur, 'ill. 

Charles W. Reeder, Jr., 

E. H. of Chapter, 1917;" Student. Hays, Kans. 

James Thomas Reid, 

Student. 349 W. Washington St., Sullivan, 

Leslie Edward Shallberg, 

Freshman, Varsity Football, 1917; Student. 
1544, nth Ave., Moline, 111. 

Edward Mason Stewart, 

E. W. and Commissary of Chapter; Student. 
3537 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Samuel Clarence Stout, 

Signal Enlisted Reserve Corps Aviation Sec. 
U. S. Army. Mahomet, 111. 

William Ilunsinger Tucker, 

Pianist Glee Club, 1916-.7; Pianist Empress 

Theater. Galesburg, 111. 147 W. Thompkins 

Si . <;.,!, -burg; res. 227 S. 18th St., Mt. Ver- 
non, III. 



Harris George Baitinger, 

Student. 821 Lake Blvd., St. Joseph 

Frederick Victor Emmerl, 

Student. Avoca, 111. 

Frederick Otis Hine, 

Student. 301 Laurel Ave., Highland 

Charles Maris Kerns, 

Glee Club; Student. 1930, 6th Ave.. 


Erwin Albert Kramer, 

Student. 4234 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Maynard Holding Raggio, 

Student. 2250 Adams St., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Vernon Ray, 

Student. Arthur, 111. 

Allen Ambrose Simmon, 

Skull and Crescent; Student. 517, 26th St., 
Moline, 111. 

George Ferris Watson, 

Student. 11 13 Gilbert St., Danville, 111. 



Decatur, Illinois 

Chartered January 14, 1911 

Ellis E. Bankson, 

B. S. in C. E., 1907; Engineers and Literao 
Socs.; Glee Club; Pres. Senior Class am 
Philomathean Literary Soc. (2 terms); Asst 
Editor Year Book; Assoc. Mgr. Book Store 
Treas. Engineers' Soc; Mgr. Track Team 
Engineer on Appraisal Work and Rate Mak 
ing; Instr. and Asst. Prof. Civil Engineering 
Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1007-12; Lecturer in Civi 
Engineering, Univ. of Manitoba (Can.), 1012 
17. and on Good Roads; Member Can. Soc 
Civil Engineers, and Promotion of Engineer 
ing Education. mi Union Bank Bldg.; res 
125 Hemphill St. N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Leonard H. Cassity, 

Farmer. (R. R. No. 1. Oreana. III.) 

Edward Luther King, 

A. B., 1904; B. S. in r'd., 190s; B. S. in Agri., 
1915 Univ. of Illinois; Pres. Y. M. C. A.; 
Superintendent of Schools; Pres. Alumni 
Assn. Northwood, Iowa. 

Edgar Daniel Morrow, 

A. B., 1907: General Farming.. Newman, 111. 

Rav Hughes Oliphant, 

B. S. in E. E., 1907; Sales Dept., General 
Electric Co.; Former Member Am. Inst, of 
Electric Engineers; Member Natl. Electric 
Light Assn.; Alumni Assn.; Mason, .12°; Scot- 
tish Rite and Shrine. lo^i Pierce Bldg., St. 
Louis; and R. R. No. 2, Clayton, Mo. 

Hoyt O. Smith, 

Manager Electrical Dept., The Hardware and 
Supply Co.; Member The Akron City, Masonic 
and Elks Clubs. 19, 31 W. Market St.; res. 
84. Casterton Ave., Akron, Ohio. 


George Ewart Ewing. 

Orlandian Lit. Soc. Treas., 1006; Sec. Ath- 
letic Assn., 1906-07; Capt. 2d Univ. Football, 
190s; Farmer. Areola. 111. 

Ansel Oswald Magill, 

Physician. (Concord, Ills.) 

Clinton Covel Morgan, 

(625 Board of Trade Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Lyman Smith, 

Alpha Sigma Theta; Real Estate and Insur- 
ance. Albion, 111. 


Harry Baxter, 

Farmer. (Newman, 111.) 

William H. Bell, 

A. B., 1909; Philomathean Soc; Coffin Club; 
Y. M. C. A.; Pres. Tunior Class; Business 
Mgr.. Dccaturian and Baseball Team; Varsity 
Eleven (3 yrs;). Assistant City Passenger 
Agent, Soo Line Railroad; Member Chicago 
Passenger Club; Mason; A. F. and A. M. 140 
South Clark St.; res. 367 E. 58th St.. Chicago, 

Harold Arthur Cole. 

Decatur; Glee Club; Teacher of Music; Mem- 
ber Facultv. Millikin Conservatory of Music, 
3 Years; Pres. Class of 1907 N. E. Conserva- 
tory of Music; Composer Songs and Piano 
Pieces. "Alia Rah" Coll. Song; Member Sin- 
fonia (Boston), Toilers and Prospectors; F. 
and A. M. 500 Mill St.. Porterville, Cal. 

Walter Fruit Isaacs, 

B. S.. 1909; Philomathean Lit. Soc; Professor 
Fine and Applied Art. ~Colo. State Teachers' 
College; Member Assn.. College Art Teachers' 
Am., Greeley, Aloha Social and Greeley Coun- 
try Clubs; Mason. 928, 11th St., Greeley, 

George T. Owens, 

Orlandian. Lit. Soc; Glee Club; Leader Univ. 
Quartette; Pres. Sophomore Class; Division 
Storekeeper. Wabash Rv. Co.; Member Bd. 
Dirs., Y. M. C. A. 915 W. Franklin St., 
Moberly, Mo. 

Louis P. Ritz, 

11. S. in C. E„ 1909 l T niv. of Mich.; Civil En- 
gineer. Louisville Bridge Co.. 14th and Main 
Sts.; res. 613 S. 34th St.. Louisville, Ky. 

Frank F. Sheffler, 

Orlandian Pres.; Pres. Sophomore Class; De- 
bating Team ^ times; Stock Raiser and Farm- 
er. (R. F. D. No. 55, Illiopolis, 111.) 

Earl Emerson Winters, 

Lvceum and Chautauqua Entertainer. Ston- 
ington, 111. 


Tohn Rambo Lyons, 

(S43 W. Macon St., Decatur, III.) 

Encil Harry Sumners, 

Mfg. Yellow Pine Lumber. Stewart, Miss. 

Lloyd Scott Wallace, 

B. S. in E. E.. 1910; Tennis; Mgr. Football, 
190S-09; City Salesman, Electric Dept., The 
Hardware & Co.; Member Masons, 
Elks. University (Tub. 21-29 W. Market St.; 
res. 277 W. North St., Akron, Ohio. 





Jesse Harold Hampton, 

A. B., 191 1 ; Philomathean Lit. Soc; Y. M. 
C. A. Cabinet; Pres. Freshman Class; Auto- 
mobile Editor Democrat and Times; Member 
Masons, Knights Templar, Advertising Club 
(Springfield, 111.). 112-114 S. Boulder St.; 
res. Y. M. C. A., Tulsa, Okla. 

Ellis Herndon Hudson, 

A. B.. 191 1 ; Medical Student; Enlisted in 
Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. 3319 
Hamilton St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harrison Tones McCown, 

Glee Club; Letter in Football. 1908; Baseball 
Squad; Farmer and Livestockman; Commis- 
sioner Highways; Member Newman Masonic 
Lodge No. 360; Chapter No. 172, 32°, Valley 
of Danville. Newman, 111. 

Ira T- Pease, 

Phi Delta Kappa; Football; Basketball, 3 yrs. ; 
Mgr. Basketball, 1 yr.: Teacher. Industrial 
Department, Seattle Public Schools. 1407 
E. 45th St., Seattle, Wash. 

Floyd Winton Perry, 

B. S. in Commerce and Finance, 191 1 ; Track, 
190S-11; Capt., 1910-11; Football, 1909-10 
Mgr., 1910; Business Manager, Millidek, 191 1 
Pay Roll Clerk III. Steel Co. North Broad- 
way; res. 342 Marshall St., Gary, Ind. 

Loyal. John Petrie, 

B. S.' in Commerce and Finance, 1911; Pres. 
Junior Class; Vice-Pres. Literary League; 
Student Council; Intercollegiate Debating 
Team; Inter-Soc. Debating Team; Asst. Busi- 
ness Mgr. Millidek; Salesman, American Hide 
and Leather Co. 1320 Elston Ave.; res. 6143 
Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Corwine E. Roach, 

A. B., 191 1, " President Capital City Paper Co. 
812 E. Adams St.; res. 817 N. 5th St., Spring- 
field, 111. 

Edwin Hervey Wiggers, 

A. B., 1911; LL. B., 19m; Lawver. 413-14 
Mercantile Bank Bldg.; res. 202 S. 6th St., 
Evansville, Ind. 


Charles Frederick Aurand, 

Baseball, 1909-11; Basketball. 1909-1 1; Track, 
1909-11; Sec.-Treas. Brownlow-Aurand Motor 
Car Co. 312 S. Jefferson St., Springfield, Mo. 

Harry H. Farrell, 

Commercial Artist and Designer, with Rogers 
& Co. 20th and Calumet Sts.; res. 1408 E. 
62d Place. Chicago, 111. 

Otis Rav Hill, 

Glee Club; Football, 3 yrs.; Student Officer, 
Coast Artillery; Foreman, Ft. Wayne, N. Ind. 
Traction Co., 1913-17; Master Mechanic, 111. 
Traction System. St. Louis, Mo., 1911-12; 
Member University Club. Traction Co. Shops, 
Clinton and Chestnut Sts.; res. 1203 Jefferson 
St.. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Orville H. Martin. 

Department Store. State and Washington Sts.; 
res. S. Market St., Monticello, 111. 

Clinton Benjamin Rigs;, 

Attended Univ. of 111.; Track. Univ. of 111.; 
Bank Extension S-rviee; Member Levere 
House Fund Assn. Ashland, Wis. 

Grover Walter Yoder, 

B. S., 1912; Football. 4 years; Capt., 1912; 
Track, 4 years; Secretary and Treasurer, Cap- 
ital Paper Co.; Member Masons, Elks. 812 
E. Adams St.; res. 438 W. Allen St., Spring- 
field, 111. 


Robert Marsha Davidson, 

(Tecumseh, Nebr.) 

Archibald Taylor Dunn, 

B. S. in Commerce and Finance, 1911; Farmer 
and Stockman. Beardstown, 111. 

Harold Ordwav Rugs;, 

B. S., 1908 Dartmouth; C. E., 1909 do.; Ph. D., 
1915 Univ. of III.; Bd. Editors Dartmouth 
Aegis; Assistant Professor of Education, Univ. 
of Chicago; Author "Statistical Methods Ap- 
plied to Education"; "Mental Discipline in 
School Studies"; "Cost of Education in Grand 
Rapids, Mich."; "Public School Costs and 
Business Management in St. Louis"; "Mono- 
graphs and Articles on Standardization and 
Efficiency in Public Education". 206 Blaine . 
Hall, Univ. of Chicago; res. 5813 Dorchester 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Stanley Stilhvell Thayer, 

B. S. in Commerce and Finance, 1913; Philo- 
mathean Lit. Soc; Chaos, Commerce and Fi- 
nance, Glee and Ekon Clubs; Honor Student, 
1910-11; Student Council; Class Pres., 1910- 
11; Collection and Savings Teller, Citizens 
Natl. Bank; Member Millikin Club. 236 N. 
Water St.; res. 439 W. Wood St., Decatur, 111. 

Charles Wartmann Williams, 

(Louisville, Ky.) 


Kenneth L. Anderson, 

B. S-, 1917 Northwestern Univ.; Second Lieut. 
344 Regt. Infantry, U. S. Armv; Affiliated 
111. Psi Omega 1917. Onarga, 111. 

Cleon Marshall Bell. 

Sales Manager. Jacksonville Packing Co.; 
1060 W. College St., Jacksonville, 111. 

Urban Radcliffe Bell, 

1914 Hiram Coll.; Attended Drake Coll.; 
Intersoc. Oratorical Contest Winner; Leader 
Triangular Debating Team; Clergyman; Ma- 
son. Walnut St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 

Delmar Gilbert Cooper, 

Charter Member; Attended Univ. of 111.; Pres. 
Class 1911-12; Student Council, 1911-12; 
Track, 1911-13; Univ. of 111. Track 1914; 
Drainage Engineer. Box 245, Paxton, 111. 

Leslie G. Fuquay, 

Banker; Asst. Cashier, North Side Bank. 
Evansville; res. Newburgh, Ind. 

Edward Sevier Gilson, 

Tennis ion; Traveling Salesman; Member 
Seminole Club. 410 Broadway; res. 1204 Jef- 
ferson St., Paducah, Ky. 

James Harvey Hall. 

B. S. in Commerce and Finance, 1914; Teacher. 
Niantic, 111. 

Raymond Wilson Lemmons, 

Insurance & Loan Agencv; Member Elks. 
1015K' E. State St.; res. 909 E. State St., 
Lawrenceville, 111. 

Andrew Hubert Mills, 

A. B., 1914; Pres. Athletic Assn., 1912-13; 
Armv V. M. C. A.; Member Masons. Blue 
Lodge, Chapter, Knights Templar. 356 W. 
Decatur St., Decatur, 111. 

Arthur Logan Starkey, 

A. B., 1914; Glee Club; Debating Team; Div- 
ision Head Correspondence, Sears, Roebuck & 
Co. Iloinan and Arthington Sts.; res. 3210 
Arthington St.. Chicago, 111. 

Lynn R. Taylor, 

Farmer. Macon, 111. 


Donald Tames Wallace, 

Secretary The Wallace Milling Co.; Dir. State 
Bank. Dale, Ind. 

Charles Edward Williams,* 

d. Feb. 20, 1915. 

Finis Ewing Wilson, 

(1182 W. Wood St., Decatur, III.) 


Lew Ancell Rates, 

(4.U1 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas.) 

Andrew Tohn Dallstream, 

B. S. in' Commerce and Finance; Ph. B., 1017 
Univ. of Chicago; LL. D., 1917 do.; Theta No 
Epsilon; Alpha Rho Sigma; mgr. Basketball 
Team, 1914; Mgr. Minor Conference Basket- 
ball Tournament, 1914; Leader Tri College De- 
bating Team, 1911-13; 2d Lieut. Quartermaster 
Corps, Natl. Army; Commanding Detachment 
Med. Dept., Base Hosp.; Field Mgr. Lincoln, 
Chautamiuas; Member Oriental Consistory and 
Hoopeston Commercial Club; Affiliated 111. 
Theta 1917. 219 E. Penn St., Hoopeston, HI. 

Leland Frazier Ford, 

Banker. Illiopolis, 111. 

Raymond Wills Lippe, 

Glee Club; Symphony Orchestra; Accountant, 
First Natl. Bank. First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 
604 E. Daniel St.. Champaign, III. 

Wayne Rennett Mitten, 

Salesman, Bennett and Venable; Member Phi 
Chi Psi Corporation and Commercial Club. 114 
E. Locust St.; res. 310 N. 2d St., Fairbury, 

Harry Martinus Peterson, 

A. B., 1916; Philomathean Lit. Soc, 1913-15; 
Pres. Y. M. C. A., 1915; Honor Student; In- 
tercollegiate Debates; Minister; Pastor Presby- 
terian Church. The Presbyterian Manse, Rock- 
field, Ind. 

Carl Willard Pritchett, 

Football Mgr., 1913; Treas. Freshman Class; 
Treas. Sophomore Class; Cashier State Bank 
of Niantic; Treas. S. A. E. Fraternity, 19 12- 
13; Ordnance Dept. U. S. Army. Niantic, 111. 

Charles Francis Rafferty, 

Farmer. 325 Fidelity Bldg.; res. 506 Delaware 
Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Emerson Cash Springer. 

A. B., 1915; Farming and Stock Raising. 
Hume and Newman, 111. 

Alexander Moss Thomas, 

(3612 Worth St.. Dallas, Texas.) 

Frank Macknet Van Deventer, 

B. S. in M. E., 1917 Univ. of III.; Pi Tau 
Sigma; Student Branch Am. Soc. Mech. En- 
gineers; Mechanical Engineer, Illinois Traction 
System. 620 W. Decatur St., Decatur, 111. 

Forest Gale Wikoff, 



Funeral Directo 

Member Masonic **« 

res. 1349 W. Wood St., Decatur, III 

W. Wikoff and Son; 
W. William St.: 


Milan Goodvear Rarackman, 

(Strcatnr, 111.) 

Harold Arthur Cole, 

(945 N. William St., Decatur. III.) 

Kenneth W. High, 

B. S. in Commerce and Finance; Accountant 
Central III. Public Service Co. res. 1300 
Charleston Ave., Mattoon, 111. 

Scott Walter 1 [irshey, 

(519 E. Park St., Tayiorville, III.) 

Clarence Rosworth Jones, 

Superintendent's Secretary, The Great Western 
Sugar Co. P. O. Box 633, Gering, Nebr. 

Raleigh Rucker Lichtenberger, 

Football; Baseball; Basketball: Manual Train- 
ing and Athletic Director. High School; res. 
148 S. Delaware St., Wenatchec, Wash. 

Fred R. May, 

Farming. Mt. Zion. 111. 

Harold Mitchell Osgood, 

B. S. in Economics, 1916 Univ. of Pa.: Water 
Polo Team (2): Assistant Mgr. Swimming 
Team (il; Mgr. (4); lunior Week Committee; 
Minor Sports; Mgr. Committee (4); Sec. and 
Treas.. Intercollegiate Swimming Assn. (4); 
Secretary, Osgood and Heiner Mfg. Co.; 
Affiliated Pa. Theta IQ16. Osgood and Heiner 
Mfg. Co.; res. 8S4 W. William St., Decatur. 

Carl Reed Russell, 

A. B., 1916; 159th Depot Brigade. Hospital 
Corps, U. S. Army. 1296 W. Wood St., De- 
catur, 111. 

Arthur Monroe Scroggin, 

Farming and Pine Bred Stock. R. R. No. i, 
Mt. Pulaski. III. 

E. Tudson Shurtz, 

A. B.. 1916; Men's Glee and Dramatic Clubs; 
Intercollegiate Debate and Philomathean Lit. 
Sec; Pres. Freshman Class; Mgr. Basketball; 
Accountant, American Sheet and Tin Plate 
Co.; Member University Club. Garv Sheet 
Mill, A. S. and T. P. Co.; res. Y. M". C. A.. 
Gary. Ind. 

Thomas Casper Smith, 

Farmer. R. F. 1). 4. Lovington, 111. 

Clifford Sharp Stokes, 

Football, 1012-14: Asst. Mgr. Baseball, lotj; 
Assistant Cashier, First National Bank, Tayior- 
ville. res. Edinhurg. 111. 

Hiram White Stokes, 

Farmer. Edinburg. 111. 

Paul C. Swanson, 

With Swift and Co. Union Stock Yards; res. 
4036 Calumet Ave.. Chicago, III. 


William Carl Duvall, 

Football 1913-14; U. S. Marine Corps. 4th 
and Jersey Sts., Ouincy, 111. 

Roscoe Aaron Ford, 

Sangamar Oratorical Athletic Soc; Student of 
Medicine. Northwestern Univ. 2904 Prairie 
Ave.. Chicago: res. Illiopolis, 111. 

Raleisrh Augustus Gibson, 

Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army. Care Adju- 
tant General of the Army, Washington, D. C. 

E. Wayne Hight, 

First Lieutenant. Supply Co., 1 }oth Infantry, 
U. S. Army. Assumption, 111. 

Harry J. Horn, 

Phi Lambda Epsilon; Engineers' Club; Asst. 
Gym. Instr., 2 semesters: Private. 2\& En- 
gineers. Member B. P. O. E. 431 Central 
Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.; res. Keokuk, Iowa. 

George Ernest Jacobsen, 

11. S. in Commerce and l'inance, 191;: Cor- 
poral. 149th Infantry. U. S. Army. Niantic, 

Cecil F. Koch, 

i:. S., 101 7; First Lieutenant, Aviation Pilot. 
A. S. S. C, U. S. Army. 7,0. 4 tb St . Rock 
Island. 111. 

Floyd Russell Miller, 

11. S. in Commerce and Finance, 101-; Varsity 
Track, 1913-1(1; Baseball. 1911-16; Capt., 1915- 
10: I. I. A. A.. High Hurdle Record; Varsity 

(brer Leader. 1017: Business Mgr. 77ic /V.,i 
turian: 2d Lieut., 342<1 Infantry. U. S. Army, 
144.1 W. Decatur St., Decatur, III. 




Everett Brown Penhallegon, 

Pres. Class. 1913-14; Varsity Baseball, 1914- 
15: Manager, Rloomington Auto Parts Co. 
437 Powers Lane. Decatur, 111. 

Harrv Francis Robb, 

With Swift and Co., Chicago, 111.; Private, 
U. S. Armv. Decatur, 111. 

Roland T. Teague, 

Philomathean Lit. Soc; Pres. Manual Train- 
ing Club, 1015-16; Football and Raseball; 
Coach. Seconds Football, 1916; Private, Co. 
A, 309th Engineers, U. S. Army; Member 
University Club. Y. M. C. A., Gary, Ind. 


James Howard Baldwin, 

White Hall, 111. 

Henry Burrage Curry, 

Proprietor College Supply Store before enter- 
ing Training Camp; with U. S. Army. Bea- 
son, 111. 

Albert Decker, 

Medical Student. S41 W. 124th St., New 
York, N. Y.; res. 819 S. 5th St.. Hooperston, 

James Riley Hardendorf, 

With Aviation Section in France. 2601J4 
Fort St.. Detroit, Mich. 

Milton Ellsworth Kile, 

Student. Affiliated Pa Theta, 1919. 3908 
Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.; res. Ivesdale, 

Vernon Hill Richardson, 

Assistant Cashier, Kincaid Loan and Savings 
Bank. Edinburg, 111. 

Ora William Seward, 

Watseka, 111. 

Jesse Raymond Vertrie, 

Orlandian Lit. Soc; Baseball, iois-17; Track, 
1915-16; Teacher of Manual Training. Res. 
522 East Third Ave., Monmouth, 111. 


Austin Kessler Gilroy, 

Student; E. H. of Chapter. 219 W. Lo- 
cust St., Canton, 111. 

Armin C. Hofsammer, 

Student. Breese, 111. 

Leo Thomas Johnson, 

Harold Brice Kenney, 

Manager Savings Dept. ; Member Decatur 
Countrv. Citizens National Bank; res. Oak 
Crest, Decatur, 111. 

A. Ensel Knowles, 

Garrick Club; U. S. Marine Corps; Affiliated 
Ind. Gamma, 1920. Owensville, Ind. 

Forest R. McCown, 

Manual Training Club; Football; Basketball; 
Student; E. D. A.: Member Baroca and Elks. 
185 N. Fairview St., Decatur, 111. 

Paul Alpheus Noel, 

Master Millikin Men; Cadet, U. S. Military 
Academy. Res. Uliopolis, III. 

Jack Thorpe Priestley, 

Honor Grades; in Medical Department, 124th 
Field Artillerv. U. S. Army. Res. 404 N. 
Charter St., Monticello, 111. 

James Franklin Scott, 

Corporal, Co. B. 349th Infantry, U. S. Army. 
724 E. Locust St., Canton, 111. 


Guy H. Cottle, 

student. 1283 W. Macon St., Decatur. 111. 

Dean George Curry, 

Member 1st Baseball Team, Western Military 
Acad., 1915-16; Sergeant in Band, 1915-16; 
Student; Senior Partner, College Supply Store, 
1 01 7-18. 185 N. Fairview Ave., Decatur, 111. 

William Hammer Grove, 

Spanish Circle; With Vonurgut Hardware Co. 
124 E. Washington St.; res. 5536 University 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Eugene h. Hiser, 

Basketball, 1916-17; Corporal, Battery "F," 
13th Field Artillery. Lexington 111. 

Eeslie C. Johnson, 

Draftsman; Universal Tractor Co. 4 id St. 
and 51.1 Ave.; res. 4421 Seventeenth Ave., 
Rock "Island, 111. 

Rolland Edward Kiel, 

Student. 612 Church St., Jacksonville. 111. 

Thornton Howard McElvain, 

Track. Springfield and Auburn High Schools; 
Student; Eminent Treas. Auburn, 111. 

John Johnston McRoberts, 

Initiated by Mo. Alpha, 1920. 

Karl Edward Madden, 

Glee and Lit. Clubs; Orlandian; Student. 185 
N. Fairview St.. Decatur; res. 306 E. Peun 
St., Hoopeston, 111. 

Donald Benjamin Miller, 

Student. Geneva, 111. 

Leonard Thomas Saalwachter, 

Student. Owensboro, Ky. 

Jesse Lewis Sanders, 

Student. Pawnee, 111. 

James Franklin Scott, 

724 E. Locust St.. Canton, 111. 

Thomas Craig Scott, 

Lexington. 111. 

John Paul Turner, 

Glee Club (1) (2); Student; Asst. Sec. Y. M. 
C. A. 16 E. Scott St., Tuscola, 111. 

Gerald M. Waters, 

Student; Edinburg, 111. 


Cecil Fisk Abrams, 

Student. 88 E. Sale St., Tuscola. 111. 

Lawrence Barrette Anderson, Jr.. 

Student. 1 601 Ohio St., Terre Haute, Ind. 

Robert Alfred Barracks, 

Harry Everett Cannon, 

Student. 1616 N. Union St., Decatur, 111. 

Harold Albert Carmack, 

Student. Villa Grove, 111. 

James St. Clair Cussins, 

Student. 464 W. Decatur St., Decatur, III. 

George F. Moffett, 

Chemistry Club; Left Tackle Varsity Squad, 
2 yrs. 915 N. Main St., Decatur, 111. 

Richard Leonard Schurtz, 

Student. 1315 W. Macon St. Decatur, 111. 

Louis William Still, 

Student. Atwood, 111. 

Cecil Sterley Travis, 

Student. Mt. Zion, 111. 



Chicago, Illinois 

Chartered March 9, 1903 


Werrett Wallace Charters, 

Vh. M.. 1903; Ph.D., 1904; A. B., 189S Mc- 
Master Univ.; B. Pd., 1900 Toronto Univ.; 
Charter Member; Phi Delta Kappa; Dean 
Faculty of Education. Univ. of Mo.; Author 
"Methods of Teaching," "Teaching the Com- 
mon Branches"; Member Soc. of Coll. Teachers 
of Education. 120 Academic Hall; res. 300 
Glenwood Ave., Columbia, Mo. 

Xenophon de Blumenthal Kalama- 

A. B., 1903; Charter Member; Instructor, 
Racine Coll. (Racine, Wis.) 

Ralph Merriam, 

Ph. B.. 190.1; Charter Member^ Scholarship in 
History and Political Science; Intercollegiate 
Debating Team. 1902-03; Northern Oratorical 
Contest, 1903; Treas. Reynolds Club; Lawyer; 
Author "Digest of Decisions under the Inter- 
state Commerce Act." "The Law of Carriers," 
and "Claims Between Shippers and Carriers"; 
Member Sons of Veterans. 19 S. La Salle 
St., Chicago; res. 1515 Forest Ave., Wilmette, 

Alfred De Shon Radlev, 

A. B„ 1903; LL. B., 1908 Harvard; Charter 
Member; Alpha Pi; Lawyer; Trustee of Vari- 
ous Estates; Treas. of Various Corporations; 
Consulting Counsel; Assoc. Member Legal 
Advisory Bd., Mass. 6 Beacon St.. Boston; 
res. 89 Church St., Winchester, Mass. 

Kelley Rees, 

Ph.D., 1906; A. B., 1902 Stanford; Charter 
Member; Phi Beta Kappa; Professor of Clas- 
sics, Reed College; Author "The Rule of 
Three Actors in Greek Drama" and Various 
Articles in Classical Journals: Classical Philol- 
ogy and American General Philology; Member 
University and The New Clubs. Reed College; 
res. 1310 E. 34th St., South Portland, Ore. 


George David Birkhoff, 

Ph. D.. 1907; A. B., 190s Harvard Univ.; 

A. M., 1906 do.; Charter Member; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Xi: Assistant Professor Mathe- 
matics, Harvard Univ.; Assoc. Editor, Trans- 
actions of the Am. Mathematical Soc; Mem- 
ber Council of the Am. Mathematical Soc; 
Author of Articles on Mathematical Subjects 
.11 American ami Foreign Periodicals; Affiliated 
Mass. Gamma T905. 44 Shepard St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass, 

John Wellington IToag, 

B. D.; A. B.. Kalamazoo Coll.; Minister. 
Woodward Ave. Baptist Church; res. 1842 
Second Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

George Pullen Tackson, 

Initiated by Tenn. Nu 1902. 

Hollis E. Potter, 

B. S., 1904; M. D., 1908 Rush Med. Coll.; 
Physician; Member University Club. 1410, 
122 S. Michigan Ave.; res. 916 Ainslie St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Laurens Luther Simpson, 

Treasurer and Business Manager, The Manual 
Arts Press. 105, 4th St.; res. 215 S. Maple- 
wood Ave., Peoria, 111. 

William Tohn Waterman, 

A. B., 1904: Charter Member; Gen. Sec. Y. M. 

C. A., 1904-05; Pres. Senior Coll. Council; 
Senior Class Orator; Univ. Orator for Students 
Welcoming Heir of Throne of China, 1904; 
Scholarship; Football (Denison Univ.). 1900-' 
01; Orchardist and Farmer; Sec. (Assoc. Ex- 
ecutive) Y. M. C. A., at Camp Gordon; Sales 
Mgr. Irvington Land Co.. 1908-11; Gen. Mgr. 
Irvington Development Co., 1911-12; Treas. 
Alumni Club of 111. Theta, 1906-11; Member 
Y. M. C. A.; City and Rotary (Chicago) Clubs. 
Care Y. M. C. A., Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga.; 
res. Irvington. Ala. 

Dudley Kezer Woodward, Jr., 

Initiated by Texas Rho, 1901. 


Charles D. Berta, 

A. B„ 1905; Charter Member; Phi Beta 
Kappa; With Harris. Forbes & Co. 56 William 
St.; res. 789 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Dudley K. French, 

Lincoln House; Directing Chemist, Dearborn 
Chem. Co.; Sec. and Treas. Chicago Section, 
American Chemical Soc, 1907-16; Chemist. 
Swift & Co., 1901-03; Editor Chicago Chemical 
Bulletin; Author Several Technical Arti- 
cles in Trade Journals; Member Am. Chem. 
Soc; Am. Soc. for Testing Materials; Am. 
Water Works Assn. 332 S. Michigan Ave.; 
res. 503 Hawthorne Lane. Winnetka, 111. 

Harrv Cooper Marvin, 

B. "S.. 1904; A. M., 1017 Univ. of Mich.; 
Student. 749 E. University Ave., Ann Arbor, 

William Gorham Matthews, 

Ph. B., 1905; Charter Member; Owl and Ser- 
pent; Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Chrmn. Senior 
Coll. Council; Sec. Christian Union; Track 
Team, 4 yrs.: Winner of "C"; Capt. Cross 
Country Club; Advertising Representative, 
Kansas City Star, in Charge of Chicago Terri- 
tory; Member Advertising Club of Chicago and 
A. F. and A. M. 1800 Grand Ave., Kansas 
City, Mo. 




Edwin Arthur Pearson, 

A. B., 1901 Beloit Coll.; Charter Member. 
Calabogie, Ontario, Canada. 

Forest G. Smith, 

Ph. B., 1903; J. D.. Elsewhere; Charter Mem- 
ber; Lawyer; Member Elks. 312, 8 S. Dear- 
born St., Chicago; res. Oak Park, 111. 

Paul Atlee Walker, 

Ph. B„ 1909; LL. B.. 1912 Univ. of Okla.; 
Charter Member; Phi Delta Phi; Debating 
Soc; Dramatic Club; Class and Univ. Debating 
Teams; Coach Univ. of Okla., 1910-12; Coun- 
sellor, State Corporation Commission; Affiliated 
Okla. Kappa 1912. Care Corporation Commis- 
sion, State Capitol; res. 170 W. 20th St., 
Oklahoma City, Okla. 


William Horace Davenport, 

Ph.B., 1906; Officer R. C, A. S„ U. S. Army; 
Member Los Angeles Athletic Club. 1S13 
Fletcher Ave., S. Pasadena, Cal. 

Clinton Joseph Davidson, 

Charter Member. (5 Nassau St., Princeton, 
N. J.) 

Frederick Toseph Lesemann, 

B. S., 1906; M. D., 1908 Rush Med. Coll.; 
Pres. Freshman Club; Physician and Surgeon; 
Member Rainbow Chapter No. 972. Normal 
Park Chapter No. 210 and Englewood Com- 
mandery No. 59. A. F. and A. M. 800 W. 78th 
St.; res. 7759 Main St., Chicago, 111. 

Harry Edgar Mock, 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1904. 

Guy Freeman Wakefield, 

Charter Member; M. D. Univ. of Pa., 1909; 
Physician. West Salem, Wis. 

Edward Marsh Williams, 

(Norman, Okla.) 

Edward W. Workman, 

Charter Member; District Manager Fire Insur- 
ance. 208 S. La Salle St.. Chicago, 111.; res. 
423 S. Main St., Independence, Mo. 


Carey Herbert Brown, 

Honorable Mention Scholarship; Star Graduate 
(West Point); Captain, Corps of Engineers, 
U. S. Army; Member Army and Navy Club 
(New York. N. Y.). Care Adjutant General 
of the Army, Washington, D. C. 

Allen Early, 

(Santa Fe R. R.. Springfield, Mo.) 

George Marshall Endacott, 

Captain, 5th Battalion, Canadians (Originals); 
Park Commissioner, 1913-14; Member Termi- 
nal City Golf and Country and Hunt Clubs. 
Terminal City Club, Vancouver, B. C. 

George O. Fairweather, 

Initiated by Colo. Chi 1906. 

Robert Bruce Farson, Jr., 

Interfraternity Baseball Team. 1903-04; Bowl- 
ing Team, 1903-04; Account Manager (General 
Advertising Agencv), Dunlap-Ward Advertising 
Co.; Author of Short Stories in Red Book, 
Blue Book, Ainslec's Magazine and Semi- 
Monthly Magazine. 58 E. Washington St., 
Chicago; res. 318, 5th St., Geneva, 111. 

Paul Rowley Gray. 

A. B„ 1907; Owl and Serpent; Tennis Team, 
1905-07; Capt., 1907; "C" in Tennis; Winner 
Western Intercollegiate Tournament Doubles, 
1905-07; Singles, 1907; Correspondent, Sears, 
Roebuck & Co.; Member Union Lodge No. 32. 
F. and A. M. : Chapter No. 35, Knights of 
Pythias. Homan and Arthington Sts.; res. 
3210 Arthington St., Chicago, 111. 

Hugh Coffin Harle, 

Initiated by Va. Sigma 1904. 

Earl Granville Hewson, 

Real Estate (City Subdi' 

Hewson Realty Co.; res. 1040 Woodward Ave., 

South Bend, Ind. 

Ralph Howard Mobray, 

Ph. B., 1907; Head History Dept., Culver 
Military Acad.; Member Am. Historical Assn. 
Culver Military Academy, Culver, Ind. 

Adolph George Pierrot, 

Ph.B., 1907; LL. B., 1912; Univ. of Colorado; 
Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Acacia; Dra- 
matic Club; Blackfriars; Fencibles Debating 
Club (Colo.); Crabbers; Won Sophomore De- 
clamation Contest; Represented Chicago in 
Intercollegiate Contest; Assoc. Ed. Cap and 
Gown; Officer Reynolds Club; Scholarship; 
Lincoln Oratorical Contest; Senior Commit- 
tees; Class Orator; Graduate Student in Eng- 
lish, Harvard Univ.; Instr. in English and De- 
bating, Univ. of Colo.; Author Poems and 
Miscellaneous Articles. 611 Ferdinand Ave., 
Forest Park, 111. 

John Harrison Rees, Jr., 

Initiated by 111. Theta 1907. 

Russell Phillip Schuler, 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1906. 

Dudley Kezer Woodward, 

Initiated by Texas Rho 1901. 


Melbourne Clements, 

B. S., 1908; M. D., 1910 Rush Med. Coll.; 
Phi Rho Sigma; Black Friars; Physician; Act- 
ing Asst. Surgeon, U. S. Navy; Member Resi- 
dent Staff Cook Countv Hos-p., 1910-11; Army 
and Navv Club, Washington, D. C. 1409 
Arch St.; 4519 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harry H. Harper, 

Real Estate, Firm of Oliver and Co.; Member 
Chicago Real Estate Board; Realty, City and 
Union League Clubs. 40 N. Dearborn St.; 
res. 1439 Thome Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Leicester Le Mont Jackson, 

Architect. 1006 Am. Trust Bldg.; res. 700 S. 
Center St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Clyde Ernest Stackhouse, 

B. S., IQ09; M. D., ioio Northwestern Univ.; 
Skull and Crescent; Black Friars; Freshman 
Football, 1904; Physician and Surgeon; 
Countv Phys.; Trustee Elks Lodge; Member 
Masonic Lodge; Elks and University Club. 
120, 4th St.; res. 814, 5th St., Bismarck, N. 

Robert Morrel Toms, 

(Ann Arbor, Mich.) 

Charles Henry Wondries, 

A. B., 1909 Leland Stanford Univ.; Civil 
Engineering Soc; Capt. Freshman Foothall 
Team: Varsity Basketball Tea'u, 1905-06; Gen- 
eral Manager, Standard Rock Products Co.; 
City Engr.. Colton, Cal., 1909-13; Cal. High- 
way Commission, iqn-17; Member Masons and 
Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers; Affiliated Cal. 
Alpha 1908. 1007 Wright and Callender Bldg., 
Los Angeles; res. 1556 La Baig St., Holly- 
wood, Cal. 


Tohn Ernest Davenport, 

Real Estate: Member Los Angeles Athletic 
Club. 50! Storv Bldg., Los Angeles: res. 1813 
Fletcher Ave., South Pasadena, Cal. 

Harry Hansen, 

Ph. B., looo; War Correspondent and Special 
Writer, Chicago Dailv News; Member South 
Park Lodge. No. 662', A. F. and A. M. is 
N. Fifth Ave., Chicago; res. 260 Fairview 
Ave., Winnetka, 111. 




Russell Drake Hobbs, 

Fire Insurance Actuary; Masonic Connections 
and Blue Goose. 17s W. facksn Blvd.; res. 
4843 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, III. 

Floyd A. Klein, 

University Hand; Blackfriars; Pen Club and 
Mummers; Co-author with Bro. H. A. Ilan- 
sen of Blackfriars Operas, 1907-08; Advertising 
and Sales Manager, Hollow Hill Farm, the 
Model Dairy of the U. S., owned by G. \V. 
Wilder, Pres. Butterick Co., N. Y. R. F. U. 
No. 1, Box 210A, Colton, Cal. 

Melville Stuart McEldowney, 

With McEldowney and Son, Electrical Con- 
tractors; Member Rotarv Club; Affiliated Mich. 
Iota Beta 1009. 106 N. Broadway, Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 

Ned Alvin Merriam, 

Skull and Crescent; Iron Mask; Owl and 
Serpent; Univ. Marshal; Track and Football 
Teams; Track Coach. Gymnasium Station A; 
res. 425 Welch Ave., Ames, Iowa. 

Nathaniel Rubinkam, 

I'll. B. 1910; J. D., 1912; Reynolds and Hall 
Law Clubs; Soccer, 1907-08; Lawyer; Pres. 
III. Theta Alumni Assn. of Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon. 1915-16; Sec. Chicago Alumni Assn. of 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1916-17; Member Col- 
lege Fraternity and Jackson Fark Yacht and 
Coif Clubs; Chicago Bar Assn. .10 N Lasalle 
St.; res. 1560 E. 61st St., Chicago. 111. 

Karl Herman Schmidt, 

B. S., 1909; M. D., ion Northwestern; Phy- 
sician and Surgeon; Pres. Calumet Branch, 
Chicago Med. hoc. 107S8 Michigan Ave.; 
res. 14.1 E. 1 nth St., Chicago, 111. 

Tames Middleton Smith, 

(Winchester, Tenn.) 

Carroll Palmer Webb, 

(R. F. D., Durango, Colo.) 

Guv Waldo Whitcomb, 

il. S., >»oq: Publishers Representative; Trras. 
Alumni Club of 111. Theta Chapter of Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon, 1910-16: Member Advertising 
Assn.; Prairie Club; Masons. 58 E Wash- 
ington St.; res. 6832 East End Ave., Chicago, 



Robert Lvle Allison, 

Ph. B„ 1010; Salesman; Masonic Connections. 
Care T. P. Maltbv, Inc.; res. 96 E. 2d St.. 
Corning. N. Y. 

Byron Bennett Boyd, 

Initiated Colo. Chi 1909. 

Charles A. Burkholder, 

B. S., 1910; M. D., 1912 Rush Med. Coll.; 
Physician and Surgeon: Asst. Eye Surg., 111. 
Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; Assoc. 
Prof. Ophthalmology, Loyola Univ.; Member 
State Med. Soc; Chicago Med. Soc, and Am. 
Med, .Assn. 108 N. State St.; res. 6312 
Drexel Ave. Chicago, 111. 

Ravmond Dean Chadwick, 

Initiate. I by Ind. Alpha 1909. 

Stuart Munson Chambers, 

Blackfriars and Skull and Crescent; Manager, 
Automobile Dent., St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 
Twelfth and (Hive Sts. ; res. 1231 Hamilton 
Ave, St. Louis, Mo. 

Forrest Ferdinand Cunningham, 

Initiated by Wis. Alpha 1910, 

Tames Edward Foster, 

I'h. i:., 1.11,,; Priest in charfe of All Saints' 
Church. Western Springs, 111. 

John Elias Freed, 

(227 Kent Ave., Terre Haute, Ind.) 

Frank James O'Brien, 

Decorator; Member South Shore Country and 
Olympic Fields Country Clubs. 820 E. 6id 
St.; res. 6932 Jeffery Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Arthur F. W. Platz, 

(960 Huron St., Racine, Wis.) 

Earl Israel Preston, 

(Kansas City, Mo.) 


Edgar M. Allen, 

A. B., 1908; M. D., 1511; Alpha Kapppa 
Kappa; Member Student Council, Senior Class 
(Ohio State Univ.); Member Executive Com- 
mittee, Senior Class (Rush Med. Coll.); Lieut. 
Cadet Regt.. Ohio State Univ.; Physician and 
Surgeon (Specialist in Diseases of Women, 
Including Obstetrics); Ex-Interne Presbyter- 
ian Hosp., Chicago; Ex-Asst. to Drs. B. W. 
Sippy and J. Clarence Webster; Asst. Attend- 
ing Obstetrician, Los Angeles County Hosp.; 
Member Brentwood Country Club. 800 Audi- 
torium Bldg., Los Angeles; res. 1835 Fremont 
Ave., South Pasadena, Cal. 

Yallee O. Appel, 

Ph. I!., ion; T. D., ion: LL. B., 1914 Har- 
vard; Owl and Serpent; Theta Nu Epsilon 
(Harvard); Pres. Class (4); Editor Year 
Book, 1910; Delegate to Kansas City Con- 
vention of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1910; Law- 
yer; Member South Shore Country and Ham- 
ilton Clubs; A. F. and A. M.J Chicago Bar 
Assn. 39 S. La Salle St.; res. 5141 Harper 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Orley Andrew De Graw, 

S. B., 191 1; Associate in Arts. Lewis Insti- 
tute; Canad an Manager, Western Clock Co.; 
Member Rotary Club of Toronto. Room 506, 
Empire P.ldg.; res. 246 Heath St., W., To- 
ronto, Canada. 

Charles F. Grey, 

Ph. B., 191 1 ; Blackfriars; Real Estate Agent 
(Business Property); Member Chicago City 
and Evanston Country Clubs. R. 30, 138 N. 
La Salle St., Chicago; res. 329 Lake St., 
Evanston, 111. 

Lyle Harper, 

Asst. Buyer; Member 111. Naval Reserve, U. S. 
Marine Corns. 303 N. State St.; res. 1055 
E. 47th St., Chicago, 111. 

Daniel Tracy Innes, 

(4); Farmer; Affiliated Pa. Theta 191 
No. 1 ; res. 7 Tioga St., Canton, Pa. 

Harold Lewis Nickerson, 

Affiliated Mass. Iota Tau, 1913. (Care Boston 
Tech. Univ.. Boston, Mass.) 

Clarence Edward Parmenter, 

I'll. II., 1910; Ouadrangle Club; Instructor in 
Romance Languages, Univ. of Chicago. 234 
Faculty Exchange, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 

Fay McKenzie Smith, 

Proprietor Smith Bros. Men's Shop. 120 
Laura St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

George Sutherland, 

(J12 Grove Ave., Oak Park, 111.) 

Aleck G. Whitfield, 

I'h. P.. ion: Order of Iron Mask; Owl and 
Serpent; Blackfriars; Salesman Trussed Con- 
crete Steel Co. 1506 Garland Bldg.; res. 423 
E. adtli St., Chicago, 111. 





Benjamin Bills, 

Ph. B., 1912; J_ D. cum laude, 1914; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho; Beta Epsilon; Pen 
Club; Fencibles; Lit. Ed. Cap and Gown; Upper 
and Lower Junior Extempore Speaking Prizes; 
Lawyer and Instructor in Law Univ. of Chi- 
cago; Author "The American Flag in the 
Orient"; Member Chicago Bar; City and Quad- 
rangle Clubs. Office C, The Univ. of Chi- 
cago Law School; res. 1374 E. 57th St., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Ralph Works Chaney, 

B. S., 1912; Teacher State Univ. of Iowa; 
res. 624 N. Lynn St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

George H. Duke, 

Initiated by Colo. Zeta, 1909. 

Fred Leib Glascock, 

Ph. B., 1912; M. D„ 1916 Rush Med. Coll.; 
Interne St. Luke's Hosp. 1439 S. Michigan 
Blvd., Chicago, 111.; res. Muncie, Ind. 

Charles Dana Hiegs, 

(212 Grove Ave., Oak Park, 111.) 

Wilson Keith Hobart, 

(Topeka, Kans. ) 

Rufus Alfred King, 

Initiated by Colo Zeta, 1910. 

Thomas E. Miller, 

Sales Manager Shaw Walker Co.; Member 
Fellowcraft, Athletic, Red Run Golf and En- 
gleside Clubs; Detroit Bd. of Commerce. 57 
Farmer St.; res. 239 Collingwood Ave., De- 
troit, Mich. 

A. John Pixley, 

Skull and Crescent; Restauranteur; Member 
Suburban Club. 710 W. Madison St.; res. 
301 S. Elmwood Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

James H. Vetter, 

A. B., igi4 Univ. of South Dakota; M. D., 
1916 Rush Med. Coll.; Phi Rho Sigma (Rush 
Med. Coll.); Interne St. Luke's Hosp.; Affili- 
ated S. D. Sigma, 1914. 1015 S. Jay St., 
Aberdeen, S. D. 


Paul Daggett Karsten, 

A. B., 1915 Harvard Univ.; Banking. Citi- 
zens and Southern Bank; res. College and 
Ash Sts., Macon, Ga. 

John Paul McArthur, 

Ph. B.. 1913; LL. B„ 1917 Univ. of Mani- 
toba; Blackfriars; Tiger Head; Glee Club; 
Basketball; Barrister; Sec. McMillan Bros, 
Ltd., Carnefac Stock Food Co., Ltd., and Mc- 
Millan urain Co., Ltd.; Member Carlton Club. 
1205 Union Trust Bldg.; res. 152 Lome Ave., 
Norwood, Winnipeg, Man. 

Richard Nash, 

Tri Phi; Asst. Cashier Continental Natl. 
Bank; Sec. and Treas. Guaranty Title and 
Realty Co.; Treas. Edgewater Realty Co.; 
Member Knights of Columbus; Sioux City 
Boat, Elks, and One Hundred Clubs. Con- 
tinental Natl. Bank; res. 1715 Jackson St., 
Sioux City. Iowa. 

Harold Alfred Ramser, 

(786 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Frank Ward Smythe, 

(554 East St., Memphis, Tenn.) 

Frank Wilton Ward, 

(no S. Grove Ave., Oak Park, 111.) 

Kenneth Taylor Wenger, 

Glee Club; % Club (Univ. of Chicago); Spe- 
cial Eastern Representative, Lubricating Dent., 
Standard Oil Co. (Indiana): Member Soc. of 
Automobile Engineers; Affiliated Va Omicron, 
1914. R. 900, 72 W. Adams St.; res. 525 
W. 70th St., Chicago, 111. 


Dudley Dunn, 

(319 Dudley St., Memphis, Tenn.) 

Ralph Eugene Field, 

Lieutenant Engineers Corps, U. S. Army; 
Member Am. Soc. of Mech. Engineers. 5636 
Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

James Harvey Hall, 

(Xiantic. 111.) 

Henry Larsen Holm, 

(Bozeman. Mont.) 

Robert William Kispert, 

B. S., 1914; M. D., 1916 Rush Med. Coll.; 
Interne, St. Luke's Hosp. St Luke's Hosp., 
Chicago, 111. 

George Stanley Leisure, 

Ph. B., 1914; "C" Track; Graduated U. S. 
Army School of Military Aeronautics, Cornell 
Univ., Utica, N. Y. ; Attended Harvard Law 
School; Lawyer; Aviator, U. S. Army. Care 
Adjutant-General of the Army, Washington, 
D. C. 

Daniel Francis Mathias, 

M. D., 1915 Tulane Univ.; Alpha Kappa Kap- 
pa; Track Team, 1914 (Tulane); Physician, 
Ear, Eve, Nose and Throat; Affiliated La. 
Tau Upsilon, 1915. Box 203, Audubon, Iowa. 

Oakley Kendall Morton, 

Ph. B„ 1914; T. D., ioi6 Stanford Univ.; 
Tiger's Head; Glee Club; Fencibles and Mili- 
tary Band; Scholarship; Extemporaneous Pub- 
lic Speaking and Sophomore Debating Team; 
Lawyer; Y. M. C. A.; Masonic Blue Lodge and 
Royal Arch; Affiliated Cal. Alpha, 1916. R. 6-7 
Evans Block; res. 1035, 9th St., Riverside, Cal. 

Claude Worrell Munger, 

B. S., 1914; M. D., 1916 Rush Med Coll.; 
Phi Beta Pi: Physician; Interne Children's 
Memorial Hosp., Chicago, 1916; House Phys. 
Columbia Hosp. of Milwaukee, 1917. 830 
Sycamore St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Earle Astor Shilton, 

U. S. Military Service. Lewiston, Mont. 

Alexander Macqueen Squair, 

Ph. B., 1914; Political Science Scholarship. 
1913; Marshal, 1914; Tennis, 1912-14, and 
Capt., 1914; Indoor Gymnastic Team, 1912- 
14; with Sears, Roebuck and Co.; Member 
Chicago Tennis Club. 925 S. Homan Ave.; 
res. 5530 S. Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Derwent Stainthorpe Whittlesey, 

Ph. B„ 1913; A. M., 1915; Blackfriars; Glee 
Club; Tiger's Head; Instructor in Military 
Science, Univ of Chicago. 1815 Elm St., 
Rockford, 111. 


Tohn R. Allais, 

Pres. Fencibles; Mgr. (bus.) Dramatic Club; 
French Club; Trident and Ring; Public Speak- 
ing Contest Scholarship; Employment Asst. 
Sears, Roebuck and Co.; Member Advisers 
Club. Homan and Arthington Sts.; res. 3557 
Van Buren St., Chicago, 111. 

Donald Daniel Delany, 

Ph. B„ 1915; J. D„ 1917; Phi Delta Phi; 
Blackfriars; Owl and Serpent; Glee Club; 
Iron Mask and Score Club; Pres. Class. 191 3; 
Bus. Mgr. Cap and Gown, 1914; Librarian 
Reynolds Club, 1915; Chrmn. Publicity Com. 
Interscholastic Meet, 1913; Reception Com. 
Prom., 1914; Lawyer; Legal Sec. to Judges 
F. E. Baker and Samuel Alschuler of U. S. 
Circuit Court of Apneals, 1916-17; Alumni Re- 
corder S. A. E. Alumni Assn.; Member Chi- 
cago Alumni Assn. of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
752 Federal Bldg.; res. 5646 Maryland Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 




James T- Fairweather, 

Initiated by Colo. Chi, 1915. 

Clyde Wilbur Gebhardt, 

(207 \V. i8th St., Erie, Pa.) 

Willard Terry Goodwin, 

(3563 Jackson St., San Francisco, Cal.) 

George Alexander Gray, 

B. S., 1915; M. D., 1917 Rush Med. Coll.; 
Alpha Kappa Kappa; Pen Cluh; Reporter and 
Assoc. Editor The Daih Maroon, 1914-15- 
Vice-Pres. Med. Class. 191 3; Physician; E. A., 
1915; Affiliated Va. Omicron 1917. 204 Baker 
St., Detroit, Mich. 

William Micajah Gray, 

Ordnance Sergeant, U. S. Army. Leesburg, 

Francis W. Hamilton, 

Ph. B., 191 5; Glee Club; Soloist; Tiger's 
Head; Inspection Dept., Sears, Roebuck & Co. 
Homan and Arthington* Sts.; res. 3103 W Polk 
St., Chicago, 111 

Edward Frederick Kixmiller, 

Ordnance Dept., U. S. Army. (Vincennes 

Charles William McCumber, 

B. S., 1916; Scarab; Seabbard and Blade 
Editor Scarab Bulletin; Major, Univ. of II 
linois Cadet Corps; General Contractor; P 
siding Officer Natl. Scarab Architectural Soc. 
Member Illini Club; Affiliated 111. Beta 1916 
140 S. Dearborn St.; res. 10350 S. Seeley Ave. 
Chicago, 111. 

Clyde Edward Watkins, 

(Care J. W. Wallace, 465 E. 40th St., Ch 
cago, 111.) 


Arthur Paisley Foster, 

Freshman Football and Baseball; Varsity Foot- 
ball, 1914-15; Aviator, U. S. Army. Care 
Adjutant General of the Army, Washington, 

Guy Allan Gladson, 

Ph. B., 1916; J. D., 1918; Law Student. Ef- 
fingham, 111. 

Robert Charles Hamilton, 

(Fort Worth, Texas.) 

Leo S. Hay, 

Glee Club; Tigers Head; Mgr. Glee Club, 
1914-15; Correspondent, Sears, Roebuck and 
Co. Home and Arthington Sts.; res. 314? 
Lexington St., Chicago. 111. 

Lenus Herbert Lundberg, 

Second Lieut., U. S. Reserve's. 11200 Indiana 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Michel, ]"r., 

Ph. B., 1916; Reynolds and Glee Clubs; Var- 
sity Tennis Team, 1914-16; Freshman Gymnas- 
uim and Tennis Teams; Farmer. Josephine 
Ala.; res. 5825 Drexel Ave, Chicago, HI. 

George Walter Patrick, Jr., 

l 29t K ?■ rS- Inf - Band - 2I - AIb «' Ave., 

Kockiord, 111. 

Gifford W. Plume, 

Ph. B.1016; Three Quarters, Reynolds and 
Score Clubs; Owl and Serpent; Business Mgr 
£?r\.<"* d G <"<'".- "C" in Tennis and Track 
With Automobile Blue P.ook Publishing Co., 
Dir. Edward C. Plume Co. 900 S. Michigan 
Ave.; res. 6737 Cornell Ave., Chicago, 111. 

William Phipps Roe, 

(510 Pine St., Omaha, Neb.) 

Denton Ii. Sparks, 

Skull and Crescent; Iron Mask; Owl and 
Serpent; Won "C" in Football 3 times and 
1 in Track; Private, Ordnance Dept., U S. 
Army. Vermilion, HI. 


le Toseph Stout, 

Capt Track Team, 1916; Holder of Western 
Conference 2 Mile Record; With Swift & Co 
Care Swift & Co., Union Stock Yards; res. 
5817 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Charles A. Thomas, 

Government Service. Corunna. Ind. 


Berry Willis Cooper, 

Ph. B„ 1917: Glee Club (Bus. Mgr.); Univ. 
Band; Tiger's Head: Officer U. S. Reserve 
Corps; Capt. 344th Inf., 86th Division Natl. 

Main y; St rt^ n R T US , ing CaPt • 1 ' 4 W - 
luam at.. Ureenneld, Ind. 

Andrew John Dallstream, 

Initiated by 111. Delta 1915. 

Forrest A. Dann, 

(Centreville, S. D.) 

Norman Gale Hart, 

Owl and Serpent; Ancient Order of the Iron 
Mask; Skull and Crescent; Glee and Three 
Quarters Clubs; Band; Undergraduate Coun- 
cil; Univ. Marshal: Varsity Baseball, 1915. 
'",: Cap*- '917: Capt. Freshman Baseball, 1914; 
With Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. Cunning- 
ham, kans. 

Jerrold Jerome Kessler, 

(5912 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Allen Bruce King, 

B. S., 19,7; Three Quarters Club; Blackfriars; 
Student. 35 W. 33d St., Chicago, III. 

Eugene F. Navlor, 

B. S., 1917; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; \ice-rres. Freshman Med. Class; 
Student Care Supt. Bldg. and Grounds. 
Springfield, 111. 

John Russell Paisley, 

Graduated from M. S. N. C, 19 16; Teacher- 
Taught Manual Training. Ann Arbor. Mich . 
1916-17; With U. S. Army. 924 W. 71st St., 
I hicago, 111. 

Charles Grosvenor Parker, 

Blackfriars: Score Club; Student. Univ of 
111. 6S20 Perry Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Everett Hale Pringle, 

Attended Univ. of Wisconsin: Athenaean: 
Debating ream; Superintendent, Wholesale 
Department. Alexander Grocery Co.. Savannah 
Ga.; with U. S. Marines. Navy Dept., Wash- 
ington, D. I . 

Chauncey Harrison Scott, 

Ph. B., 1917; Phi Delta Thi; Blackfriars- Bank 
Clerk. Box 271, Scio, Ohio. 

„ Halden Veblen, 

Initiated by Iowa Beta, 1917. 


Norman Nathaniel Barber, 

1st Lieut. U. S. Railway Engineering Corps. 
6042 \ernon Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Sheldon B. Cooper, 

Associate of Philosophy, 1918; Glee Club; 
Tiger's Head; E. T. of Chapter; Banking; with 
The Citizens Bank. Citizens Bank; res. 314 
W. Main St., Greenfield, Ind. 

Byrl Reed Enoch, 

Three-quarter Club; Private 43d Co., U. S. 
Marines. 414 Linsley Ave., Crawfordsville, 

Neil Gebhardt, 

Second Lieut. Ordnance Reserve Corps, U. S. 
Army. 207 W. 18th St., Erie, Pa. 

Arthur James Henrich, 

Retail Lumber Business. Centerville, S. D. 





Charles Jung', 

Student. 543 E. 112th St., Chicago, 111. 

Archie Lewis Lake, 

Private 6th Regt., 97th Co. U. S. Marines. 28 
Burlington Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Paul Shannon McMahon, 

116 E. 54th St., Chicago, 111. 

Harold Theodore Nehling, 

Student. Nehling, Nebr. 

Adam Robert Pakulay, , 

1 1 853 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Edward Theodore Soukup, 

Honor Scholarship; 75 W. 7th St., Fremont, 

Charles Ellis Teeters, 

Affiliated N. Y. Mu, 191S. 824 Walnut St., 

Canal Do 


Harold J. Torell, 

346 Bee Bldg. ; res. 2638 Capitol Ave., Omaha. 

Harold Theodore Uehling, 

Bus. Mgr. Cap and Gown, 1917; Asst. Mgr. 
Interscholastic Meet; Ordnance Reserve Train- 
ing Camp, U. S. Army; E. A. and Steward. 
Uehling, Neb. 

John Arthur Wild, 

Medical Student. Hoffman, Minn. 


Forrest A. Dann, 

Initiated by S. Dak. Sigma, 1919. 

Francis Claire Gurney, 

Blackfriars and Three-quarter Club; Bank 
Clerk. First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 74s E. 5th 
St., Fremont, Neb. 

Franklin Leslie Heiss, 

Tiger's Head; Clerk, Erie R. R. Co. Division 
Eng. Office, Erie R. R. Co.; res. 528 Wil- 
kerson St., Huntington, Ind. 

Charles Graham Higgins, 

Skull and Crescent and Iron Mask; Reynolds 
Club; Football, 1916-17; Track. 1916-18; Stu- 
dent. 6042 Calumet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

John Sterry Milligan, 

Student; U. S. Navy. 429 S. Ridgewood Ave., 
Daytona, Fla. 

Dwight Brookie Yoder, 

Initiated by 111. Psi Omega, 1919- 

Joseph Mercer Zick, 

Phi Lambda Epsilon ; Student. 417 N. Dela- 
ware St., Independence, Mo. 


Arthur Maurice Abraham, 

Student. Watson, 111. 

Frank Lowell Dunn, 

Student. 406 Masonic Temple, Erie. Pa. 

Roland Funk Hollowav, 

Blackfriars and Score Clubs; Undergraduate 
Council; Night Editor Daily Maroon, 1917-18; 
Student. 5540 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Herbert Koossell, 

Student. 5533 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Leo Harvey Maus, 

5631 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Leo A. Perry, 

Student. 219 Dover St., Joliet, 111. 

Luther Martin Sandwick, 

Student. 444 N. St. Johns PI., Highland Park, 

Hart G. Smith, 

Student. 9 S. 12th St., Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Roscoe E. Taylor, 

Student. Montezuma. Iowa. < 

Joseph Mercer Zick, 

Student. 417 N. Delaware St., Independence, 


Edgar Balfour Eastman, 

Football; Student. 5610 Blackstone Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

James Joseph Wagner, 

Student. 62, 2d St., Seymour, Conn. 

Hall Ivan Sippy, 

Student. 5717 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

George Dumas Stout, 

Student. Glenarm, 111. 



Evanston, Illinois 

Chartered October 17, 1894 


John Edward George,* 

A. B., 1895; Ph. D.; Charter Member; Pro- 
fessor, d. Jan. 18, 1895. 

Chester A. Grover, 

Charter Member; Lawyer and Special Writer; 
Lecturer; Author "The Navy from the Stand- 
point of a Civilian Rookie"; special articles 
for newspapers and minor publications. R. 
1409, 11 S. La Salle St., Chicago; res. Hub- 
bard Woods. Winnetka, 111. 

David B. Rawlins, 

Ph. B., 1895; Charter Member; Hinman Lit. 
Soc; Raymond Debate Prize; Lawyer; Treas. 
Bd. of Education 7 yrs., City Supt. Schools, 
7 yrs., Quincy, 111.; Mason. Westside Public 
Sq., Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 


Henry Benedict Fisher, 

A. B., 1896; Charter Member; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Hinman Lit. Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; Supt. of 
Schools; Member A. F. and A. M., Streator 
Golf and Streator Clubs. Bridge and Bloom- 
ington Sts. ; res. 229 La Salle St., Streator, 

George J. Gilbert, 

A. B., 1896; Charter Member; Lawyer. 79 W. 
Monroe St.; res. 28 S. Central Ave., Chicago, 

Elmer Andrew Miner, 

Ph. B., 1896; M. D., 1904; Physician and 
Surgeon. ioi!4 E. Main St.; res. 624 E. 
Main St.. Independence, Kans. 

William Sheller, 

A. B.. 1896; Hinman Lit. Soc; Vice-Pres. and 
and Acting Pres. Athletic Assn., 1895-96; Bus. 
Mgr. Northwestern, 1895-96; Lawyer; Muni- 
cipal Judge. 1909; helped organize chapter at 
Univ. of Wash.; Member Masons. Odd Fel- 
lows, Knights of Pythias. 3.10 Stokes Bldg. ; 
res. 2522 Colby Ave., Everett, Wash. 


James Edwin Chapman, 

A. B., 1900 Colo. Coll.; Charter Member; 
Post Graduate at Columbia Univ.; in cast of 
Freshman stunt "Trig Cremation" in Junior 
play; Cashier Federal Mining & Smelting Co.; 
Engineer South American Development Co., 
Ecuador; Am. Smelters Securities Co, .in. I In. ,1 
del Monte Co., Mexico; U. S. Smelting. Re- 
fining and Mining Co.. Cab: Asst. Supt. Mam- 
moib Copper Mining Co., Cal. ; Assoc. Editor 
Record, of S. A. E.; newspaper work in Chi- 
cago, Kansas City and Denver; Member Am. 

Inst, of Mining Engineers; Hailev Commer- 
cial Club. Blaine County Bank Bldg.; res. 
Second Ave., Hailey, Idaho. 

Benjamin G. Davies, (formerly 

Charter Member; Lawyer. (Castana, Iowa.) 

George C. Edgerly, 

Machinery Jobber. 1006-10 Douglas St.; res. 
51 10 Cuming St., Omaha, Neb. 

Tames R. Hammer., 

Lumberman. (Daphne, Ala.) 

Frank Edgar Jones, 

Ph. B., 1807; Charter Member; Philomathia 
Lit. Soc; Member Assn. of "N" Men; Major 
in Mathematics and Physics; General Agent 
•Natl. Life Insurance Co., Montpelier, Vt.; 
Treas. and Pres. Men's League First Con- 
gregational Church, Rogers Park; Member 
Life Underwriters' Assn.; University Club. 
140 S. Dearborn St.; res. 1635 Lunt Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Homer H. Tallman, 

M. D., iqoo; Physician and Surgeon; Mason 
32°; Knights Templar. Culver, Ind. 

Walter Williamson, 

Marion E. Hopkins, 


William C. Levere, 

Eminent Supreme Recorder of Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon; Sec. College Fraternity Reference 
Bureau; Editor Leading Greeks; delegate to 
every natl. convention since 1898; founder and 
installer of many chapters; eminent supreme 
arch on, 1902-06; honorary, 1 909-1 2; delegate 
to Chicago Greek Conf., 1913J inter-frater- 
nity convention, 1913, 15, 16; member and 
sec. exec, committee of ten of Coll. Fraternity 
Reference Bureau; Editor Greek Quarterly 
since 1913, of "Bulletin" of the Reference 
Bureau, 1915 and "Evanston Index," 1901-05; 
Pres. Soc. for Erection of Evanston Hist. 
Tablets; Sec. Evanston Historical Soc; Mag- 
istrate of City Court, 1899-01; City Treas., 
1901-03; Member 111. Legislature, 1906-07; 
author "Imperial America"; "Twixt Greek and 
Barb"; "The Evanston Poets"; "Sharper Than 
a Serpent's Tooth"; "The Original Minutes"; 
"The Songs of Sigma Alpha Epsilon"; "The 
History of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity" 
(3 vols.); "Who's Who in Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon": "Leading Greeks"; "Songs of Purple 
and Gold"; "A Paragraph History of Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon"; "Vivian of Mackinac"; Mem- 
ber Evanston, Commercial and Westmoreland 
Country Clubs; B. P, 0. E.; A. A 0. N. M. 
S. ; 32a degree Mason. 600 Davis St., Evans- 
ton, 111. 


John William Thompson, 





David E. W. Wenstrand, 

M. D., 1900: Charter Member; Physician; 
Asst. Med. Dir. Northwestern Mutual Life 
Ins. Co.; Interne Cook County Hosp., 1900-02; 
Fellow in Pathology, Rush Med. Coll., 1902-03; 
Pres. Province Delta. 1908-10; Pres. Phi Rho 
Sigma, 1912-16; On Grand Council, 1899-1916; 
Chrmn. Intermedical Fraternity Conference, 
1916; Author "History Phi Rho Sigma Fra- 
ternity"; Member University, City, Scandinav- 
ian and Milwaukee Lawn Tennis Club. 210 
Wisconsin St.; res. 733 Summit Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Oscar W. Dorman, 

Assistant Cashier; Member Freeport Country 
Club. State Bank Bldg.; res. 413 Stephenson 
St., Freeport, 111. 

George Warren Henson,* 

d. Feb. 19, 1899. 

Albert R. Jones, 

Ph. B., 1899; Deru and Rogers Debating Club; 
Capt. Track, 1898-90; Oil and Gas Producer; 
Pres. The Great Southwestern Oil Co.; Pres. 
The Mfrs. Fuel Supply Co.; Vice-Pres., The 
Kansas City Refining Co.; Member Inde- 
pendence Country Club. P. O. Box 222; res. 
720 S. Fifth St., Independence, Kans. 

William Leonard Karcher, 

M. D., 1900 Medico-Chirurgical Coll.; F. A. 
C. S.; Phi Rho Sigma; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Gold Medal, Highest Standing Senior Class; 
Physician and Surgeon; Interne Phila. Hosp.. 
1900-01; Instr. in Physical Diagnosis Medico- 
Chirurgical Coll., 1901-02; Surgeon, St. Francis, 
Globe and Freeport General Hosps. ; Pres. 
Stephenson County Med. Soc, 191 5; Member 
Masons, Elks and Freeport Country Club. 97 
Stephenson St.; res. 545 Stephenson St., Free- 
port, 111. 

William Russell Prickett,* 

A. B., 1899; On Staff, Chicago Evening Post. 
1S99-1901; Editor Chicago Street Railwaymen's 
Journal, 1900; Alaskan Magazine, 1900. d. 
Aug. 8, 1901, Kinmundy, 111. 

Frederick A. Smith, 

(St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis, Mo.) 

Robert H. Stibgen, 

(91 Iroquois St., Freeport, 111.) 

Louis George Voigt, 

M. D.. 1900; Physician and Surgeon; With 
U. S. Government; Member Masons, 32°; Elks. 
87 Stephenson St.; res. 5 Park Ave., Freeport, 


Alpha B. Cosier, 

Assistant Manager Furniture Department, New 
York Store; Member 27th Battery, Ind. Light 
Artillery, Spanish-Am. War. New York Store; 
res. 157 W. 29th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Emanuel Tohnson, 

(R. 611. 150 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111.) 

Karl F. Snyder, 

M. D., 1902; F. A. C. S.; Surgeon. 90 
Stephenson St.; res. 297 Stephenson St., Free- 
port, 111. 

Seymour E. Wheelock, 

B. S.. 1900; Football; Accountant. Sixth and 
Quebec Sts.; res. 776 Quebec St., Denver, Colo. 


Thor H. Erickson, 

A. B., 1901; With Peck Estate; Fin. Sec, 1st 
M. E. Church, La Grange, 111.; Member Uni- 
versity Club. Evanston, 111.; A. F. and A. M. 
R. 817, S3 W. Jackson St.. Chicago; res. 212 
S. Madison Ave., La Grange, 111. 

James Harold Hance, 

B. S., 1901; B. S. in E. M., :go8 Univ. of 
Washn.; E. M., 191 1 do.; Sigma Xi, Univ. of 
Washn.; Glee and Mandolin Clubs; Junior 
Play; Assistant Professor Geology, Univ. of 
Iowa; 1st Asst. Assayer in U. S. Assay Office, 
Salt Lake City, 1909-10; Geologist, U. S., 
Washington, D. C; Author of Reports and 
Papers on Professional Subjects; Member Am. 
Assn. for the Advancement of Science; Am. 
Inst, of Mining Engineers; Alumni Assn. 
Northwestern Univ.; Triangle and Baconian 
Clubs. State University; res. 815 N. Johnson 
St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

Paul William Schlorff, 

A. B. , 1901; Theta Nu Epsilon; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Deru, Editorial Bd., Svllabus; Assoc. 
Editor The Northwestern; Deru Scholarship 
Prize; Pres. and Leader Glee Club; Adver- 
tising Manager. Keuffel & Esser Co.; res. 59 
Thirteenth St., Hoboken, N. J. 


James Lee Dick, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Salt Manufacturer; Sec. 
Carey Salt Co.; Hutchinson Interurban Ry. 
Co.; Sec. Gazette Printing Co.; Sec. Carey Ice 
& Cold Storage Co.; Member Hutchinson Coun- 
try Club. Corner B and Poplar Sts.; res. 428 
First Ave. East, Hutchinson, Kans. 

Charles Henry Green, 

B. S., 1902; LL. B., do.; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Deru; Lawyer; States Atty., Stephenson 
County. 125 Stephenson St.; res. 580 Stephen- 
son St., Freeport, 111. 

Robert Halsey Henderson, 

Ph. B., 1902; Henderson Electric Co.. Ampere, 
N. J.; Member Am. Soc. Mech Engineers; 
Fellow Am. Inst, of Electrical Engineers. 157 
Greenwood Ave.. East Orange, N. J. 

Leslie P. Kincaid, 

(Girvan, Sask.. Canada.) 

Arthur Howell Knox, 

B. S., 1902; B. S. in Arch., 1904; Chicago Art 
Inst.; Illustrator, Syllabus, 1899-1901; Archi- 
tect; Member Illinois Soc. of Architects: Ki- 
wanis Club; A. F. and A. M. 104 S. Michigan 
Ave., Chicago and 2400 Park Place, Evanston, 

John David McCartney, 

B. S., 1902 Univ. of Ga. ; Phi Kappa; Casque 
and Gauntlet; Thalians; Editorial Bd. The 
Georgian; Editor-in-Chief Pandora; Intercol- 
legiate Debate, with N. C, 1902; Managing 
Editor Tribune-Herald; Past Eminent Com- 
mander Knights Templar; Past Exalted Ruler 
Elks; Pres. Province Epsilon, S. A. E. ; Mem- 
ber Coosa Country and Rome Shrine Clubs; 
Affiliated with Ga. Beta 1902. Tribune-Herald 
Bldg.; res. 497 Third Ave., Rome, Ga. 

Ernest L. Pratt, 

(National News Assn., 200 William St., New 
York, N. Y.) 


Fred Edgerton Abbott, 

B. S., 1903; Surgeon; Member Am. Med. 
Assn., Yellowstone County Med. Soc. Broad- 
view Commercial Club. Suite A, Mutual State 
Bank Bldg.; res. 2055 Donald Ave., Broad- 
view, Mont. 

Reuben F. Booth, 

(222 Wood St., Lafayette, Ind.) 

Avery Reeves Colburn, 

On Staff Wisconsin Cardinal; E. A., E. R.. 
E. D. and E. C. of Chapter; Delegate, Pro- 
vince Delta Convention, 1905; Engineer; Mem- 
ber Am. Inst, of Electrical Engrs.; Affiliated 
Wis. Alpha 1905. 

Percy Roland Davis, 

Ph. B., 1904; Theta Nu Epsilon; Deru; 
Teacher and Rancher. Union High School; 
res. 315 Everett St., Glendale, Cal. 




Orson Loftm Hall, 

Attended Greer Coll.; Debating Soc. (Greer 
Coll.); Philomathean Soc; Northwestern; Dra- 
matic Editor Chicago Daily Journal; Sunday 
Editor Chicago Inter-Ocean, 1903-05; Assoc. 
Managing Editor Chicago Journal, 1905-06; 
Contributor to various periodicals; Member 
The Cliff Dwellers. 15 S. Market St. and 
Drexel Arms Hotel, Drexel and Oakwood 
Blvds., Chicago, 111. 

Matson Williams Platter,* 

d. Dec. 7, 1903. 

Karl Frederick Putnam, 

B. S., 1903; Banker. (Mt. Carmel, 111.) 

George Staley Tibroe, 

A. B., 1904; Dir. Univ. Band; Teacher, Prin- 
cipal Trescott Day and Night School; Sec- 
Treas. Schoolmasters Club, Central N. Y.; Au- 
thor "Courtesies for Young People"; Member 
F. and A. M., Newswriters Club (Rochester, 
N. Y.); Billy Sunday Business Men's and City 
Clubs. 312 E. Willow St.; res. 848 Sumner 
Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 


William Soaper Gazlay, 

A. B., 1904; Theta Nu Epsilon; Deru; Track 
4 yrs. ; Assistant to Valuation Engineer, C. & 
N. W. Ry., C. M. & St. P. Ry.; Pres. and 
Dir. 111. Psi Omega Bldg. Assn.; Dir. Hen- 
derson Brewery; Former Pres. Evanston Alum 
ni Assn. S. A. E. 226 W. Jackson Blvd.; res. 
5416 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. 

George O. Grover, 

LL. B., 1904; Banker; Cashier Ottawa Bank- 
ing & Trust Co.; Sec. La Salle County Repub- 
lican Committee; Member Masons. Corner 
Madison and La Salle Sts. ; res. 402 Second 
Ave., Ottawa, 111, 

Curtis L. Harrington, 

LL. B., 1904; Attorney-at-Law; Officer and Dir. 
in Various Corporations; Member Hennepin 
County Bar and Alumni Assns. ; Miroc Lodge 

A. F. and A. M.; Inst, of Arts; Rotary, Civic 
and Commerce, Commercial. Interlachen and 
(formerly) University Clubs. 1123 Plymouth 
Bldg.; res. 4332 Fremont Ave. S., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Charles C. Jackson, 

Insurance. (Little Falls, N. J.) 

George Spencer Keepers, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Captain, Adjutant, 1st 
Regt. N. Y. Inf.; Member Rotary, Bingham 
ton Country and University Clubs. 227 Wash- 
ington St., Binghamton, N. Y. 

Alexander Wallace McGregor, 

Real Estate. 609-13 American Trust Bldg.; 
res. 1916 B Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Roy Hughes Monier, 

B. S., 1904; Real Estate & Loans. Carrollton, 

John Wendell Robinson, 

B. S., 1904; Electrical Engineer; Member 
Milwaukee Athletic Club. 1527 First Natl. 
Bank Bldg.; res. 718 Maryland Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Charles Gilbert Sabin, 

B. S., 1904; M. S., 1905; M. D., 1907; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Nit Sigma Nu; Sigma Psi; Deru; 
Football (letter) 1902-03; Editor-in-Chief Syl 
labus; Surgeon; Author "Origin of Subclavian 
Artery"; "Pathology of the Appendix"; "Frac- 
tures of the Pelvis"; Member Am. Med., State 
Med., County Med. and City Med. Assns.. Uni- 
versity and Multnomah Athletic Clubs; Mason 
32°; Shriner. 11 20 Selling Bldg.; res. 28. 
Broadway, Portland, Ore. 

William Arthur Vawter, 2d, 

A. B., 1905 Cornell Univ.; Cornell. Sphinx 
Head; Masque; Sunday Night Club; Mgr. 


Cross Country Team; Senior Book Committee; 
Secretary and Treasurer Baker- Vawter Co.; 
Mfrs. Loose Leaf and Steel Filing Equipment; 
Chrmn. Financial Code Committee S. A. E., 
101s; Dir. Baker, Vawter & Wolf (Chicago); 
N. Y. Alpha Assn. S. A. E.; Vice-Pres. Elec 
trical Specialties Mfg. Co.; Treas. Climax 
Shock Absorber Co.; Sec. and Treas. Natl. 
Assn. Office Appliance Mfrs.; Member Cornell 
Univ. Assn. and University (Chicago) and 
Berrien County Country Clubs; Affiliated with 
N. Y. Alpha 1905. Baker-Vawter Co., Benton 
Harbor, Mich. 

Tames A. Whitmore, 

Secretary, War Council Y. M. C. A.; an In- 
ternational Sec. Y. M. C. A., 10 yrs. 124 E. 
28th St., New York; res. 32 Midland Ave., 
White Plains, N. Y. 


Charles Alfred Briggs, Jr., 

(Elgin, 111.) 

Henry Alfred E. Chandler, 

B. S., 1905; Ph.D., 1916 Columbia; Deru; 
Associate Professor of Economics, Columbia 
University; Tax Expert and Adviser to N. Y. 
State Legislature; Author "Equalization of the 
Tax Burden in the State of N. Y."; Numerous 
Reports to State Legislatures and Articles in 
Scientific Periodicals; Member Science, Co- 
lumbia, University and Civic Clubs; Am. Eco- 
nomic Assn.; Academy of Political Science. 
Journalism Bldg., Columbia University and 615 
W. 176th St., New York, N. Y. 

litis Goodwin Carlson, 

B. S., 1905; L. R. B. Chicago Kent Coll. of 
Law; Letter in Football, 1903-05; Contracting 
representative American Seating Co., Chicago, 
111.; Member L. V. 774 A. F. and A. M., 
Aryan Grotto, No. 18 (Chicago, 111.) and 
Lodge No. 44 Elks. 302 Hennepin Ave.; res. 
3317 Fourth Ave. S-, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Payson L. Nusbaum, 

B. S., 1907; M. D., 191 1 ; Phi Rho Sigma; 
Varsity Baseball 1900, 3d base; Physician and 
Surgeon, Specializing in Gynecology and Ob- 
stetrics; on Staff Wesley Memorial Hosp.; 
Instr. in Chemistry Northwestern Univ. Med. 
School; Member Am. Med. Assn.; Ill State 
Med. and Chicago Med. Socs. 30 N. Michigan 
Ave.; res. '621 Oakwood Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Huber Hall Root, 

(Medina, Ohio.) 

Granville H. Twining, 

B. S., 1905: M. S., 1906; Sigma Xi; Hinman; 
Deru; Aleph Teth Nun; District Surgeon, C. 
M. & St. P. Ry. Co. Mabridge, S. Dak. 

Tames Fred Van Deventer, 

Trig.; Shoe Merchant; Genl. Mgr. Van De- 
venter Shoe Co.; Sec.-Treas. Vandeventer Shoe 
Co., Toledo, Ohio; Member Toledo Yacht, Flli- 
cott and Buffalo Automobile Clubs. 382 Main 
St.; res. 366 Norwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Tohn William Baird, 

Attended Yale Univ.; Real Estate. 44 W. 
Eagle St.; res. 366 Potomac Ave., Buffalo. 
N. Y. 

Herman Lyman Brockway, 

A. B., 1906; Aleph Teth Nun; Pres. Senior 
Gift Committee; Pres. Interfraternitv Council; 
Deru (Pres.); Pres. Athletic Assn., 1906; 
Clergvman; Pastor First Methodist Church; 
Chaplain N. Y. State Sons of Veterans, 101 5- 
in; Patriotic Instr. 1916-17; Member Medina 
Lodge No. 316, F. and A. M.; Humanity 
Lodge No. 466, Order of Eastern Star; Red 
Cross, Eureka Grange. 91 William St., Lyons, 
N. Y. 




Noah G. Klove, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Vice-President, Treasurer 
and Director The Sherman-Klove Co.; Mfg. of 
Cap Screws and Special Automatic Screw 
Machine Products; Vice-Pres. and Dir. Ame- 
ston Motor Sales Co.; Mfrs. Agents, Ameston 
Worm Drive Truck Units for Fords. 140 
S. Dearborn St.; res. 5452 Glenwood Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

William H. Long, 

B. S., 1906; LL. B., 1910; Hinman Lit. Soc; 
Glee Club; Y. M. C. A.; Lawyer; Sec. to 
Pres. Northwestern LTniv., 1906-10; Corpora- 
tion Asst. Office Sec. of State of 111., 1914-17; 
Member Yavapai (Prescott, Ariz.); Midday 
(Springfield, 111.) and City (Chicago) Clubs. 
76 W. Monroe St.; res. 6654 Kenwood Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Walter Christopher Redeker,* 
Walter Edmund Squire, 

M. G., 1906; A. A. G. O., 1907; Mask and 
Quill; Assistant Professor Music, Univ. of 
Wash.; Editor S. A. E. Song Book; Member 
Assn. Am. Guild of Organists. University of 
Washington; res. 5507 University Blvd., 
Seattle, Wash. _ 

Granville Marion [Faye] Walker, Jr., 

Attended Univ. of Chicago; Stump (Univ. of 
Chicago); President Air-O-Flex Automobile 
Corp. 570 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit, Mich.; 
res. 4541 N. Racine Ave., Chicago, III. 

D wight Alexander Wallace, 

(Hawarden, Iowa.) 

Fred H. Clutton, 

A. B., 1907; A. M., 1908; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Harris Prize Economic Thesis; Secretary to 
President Butler Brothers; Member University 
Club. Butler Brothers; res. 1313 Carmen Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Weslev Crothers, 

Initiated by Cal. Alpha 1905. (St. Clair Club, 
San Jose. Cal.) 

George Preston Derickson,* 

d. Sept. 5, 191 1. 

Clyde D. Foster, 

B. S., 1907; Deru; Pres. of Sophomore Class, 
1007; Real estate and Insurance; Member 
University Club. 701 Davis St. and 1925 Or- 
rington Ave.. Evanston, 111. 

Fred Robert Melick, 

A. 1!., 1907: Attended Simpson Coll.; Kappa 
Theta Psi; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Class Sec, 
all at Simpson Coll.; Letter Carrier; Organist, 
1st M. E. Church. Corner 3d and Warford 
Sts. ; res. 1623 Warford St., Perry, Iowa. 

John Russell, 

Editor Northwestern Magazine; Author and 
Journalist; Special Corres. N. Y. Herald to 
Panama and Peru, 1908; staff writer, N. Y. 
Herald Snndav Magazine, 1908-10; Student; 
Author of over 400 Short Stories in Leading 
Magazines of U. S. and Great Britain; Mem- 
ber Authors' League of America. 101 Park 
Ave. and 74s Riverside Drive, New York, 
N. Y. 

Ernest C. Rea, 

A. B., 1005 Simpson Coll.; Credit Work. 118 
Eighth St.; res. 1239, 33d St., Des Moines, 


Frank G. Adams, 

Sales Manager. Storrs-Schaefer Co.: Natl. 
Treas. Phi Alpha Delta, 1910-llj Member 
Bloomington, Country (Bloomington, 111.), Au- 
tomobile Clubs; Mason 32 . Shriner, Elks. 
Storrs-Schaefer Co. 4th and Pike Sts.; res. 
4329 Tower Ave., St. Bernard, Cincinnati, 

Raymond Prentice Bowman, 

Salesman and Estimator, with H. G. Adair. 
107 N. Market St.; res. 3S42 N. Avers Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

V. Kenneth Brown, 

(4352 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Clinton T. Davison, 

B. S., 1908; r-h. D., 1911 Princeton; Phi Beta 
Kappa: Engineer, Western Electric Co.: On 
leave from Dept., Phvsics Carnegie Inst. Tech., 
doing War Work. 463 West St.; res. 82 
W. 12th St., New York, N. Y. 

Louis G. Galland, 

B. S., 1908; Assistant Cashier Valley Bank; 
Member Arizona and LTniversity Clubs. Val- 
ley Bank Bldg.; res. Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Phoe- 
nix, Ariz. 

Howard Ralph Goold, 

B. S., 1908; Kappa Pi Phi: Attended Dakota 
Weslevan Vniv.; Football (Capt., Mgr.); 
Class Basketball: Baseball (D. W. U.); E. T. ; 
Principal. Irving School: Assisted at Instal- 
lation. S. Dak. Sigma; Master Mason. Howard 
No. 45, Howard, S. Dak. Irving School; res. 
4106 N. 30th St., Tacoma, Wash. 

Don E. Hopkins, 

Real Estate, Farm Mortgages and Abstracts. 
Presho, S. Dak. 

John H. Hostetter, 

Chaplain, 35th Engineers, U. S. Army. Care 
of Adjutant Gen'l of the Army, Washington, 
D. C. 

Harry W. Tohnson, 

Member U. S. Gov't Life Saving Crew; For- 
mer Asst. Swimming Instr., Y. M. C. A., 
Evanston, 111.; Insurance Broker, Writing Life. 
Accident and Liability Ins.; Member Masons 
12°. Shriner. 17s VV. Tackson Blvd.; res. 4567 
Elston Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Arthur T. lolley, 

A. B., 1008; Attended Cummock School of 
Oratory; Deru, Hinman Lit. Soc, Glee Club; 
First Prize Sargent Speaking Contest; Fresh- 
man and Tunior Plav Casts; Class Dav 
Speaker; Teacher. High School; res. 16 Park 
Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

James Defrees Le Cron, 

A. B., 100S: A. M., rooo Univ. of Wvo.; 
Deru; Editor, 1908. Syllabus: Assoc. Editor 
The Northwester,,; With Register and Tribune. 
Register and Tribune Co.; res. 34th St. and 
Lincoln Place Drive, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Edwin F. Lee, 

(Wesley Manse, Kuala Lumpur, F. M. S.. 

Walter E. Long, 

Ph. G., 1908; Cattle Raising. Darby, Mont. 

Ambler B. Patron, 

(Cook Countv Hospital, Chicago, 111.) 

Pascal S. Ritter, 

Initiated by Ohio Delta, 1908. 

Aurelius C. Root, 


Harold Holmes Scott, 

A. B.. 1908; LL. B., joio Benton Coll. of 
Law; LL. D., 191 1 do.; Lawyer; In charge of 
Legal Claim Dept. of Memphis Office. Am. 
Automobile Insurance Co. 1229 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg., Memphis, Tenn., 162^ Pierre 
Bldg.; res.' 5776 Berlin Av., St. Louis. Mo. 


Frazer Arnold, 

A. B., 1009; LL. B., 1912; Phi Delta Phi; 
Deru; Hinman Debating Soc: Aleph Teth 
Nun; Pres. Senior Class; Winner Raymond 
Debate; Editor-in-Chief The Northwestern, 
The Northwestern Magazine. Sporting Extra. 
1908; Attorney-at-Law; Pres. Denver Alumni 




Assn. S. A. E.; Contributor to (N Y) Life; 
Member Ind. Soc. of Colo., Colo. Bar, Den- 
ver liar Assns, Colorado Republican (on Ex- 
ecutive Committee). Tbe Law and Young 
Men's Republican Clubs. 1030-36 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg. ; res. 3257 Irving St., Den- 
ver, CI,,. 

G[eorge] O [liver] Curme, Jr., 

B. S., 1009; I'll. D., 1913; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Sigma Xi: Dramatic Club; Class Baseball; 
Class Football; Research Chemist. Mellon In 
stitute; res. 5614 Walnut St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Joseph B. Garnett, 

A. B., 1909; Merchant. 05 S. Main St.; res. 
612 Grant St., Fort Atkinson, Wis. 

Louis F. Hermann, 

(Marengo, Iowa.) 

Robert Baird Kiningham, 

LL. B., 1910 Georgetown Univ.; Phi Alpha 
Omega; Freshman Football; District .Manager, 
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.; Member 
Masons, Elks. 401 Adams Bldg.; res. 503 N. 
Vermilion St.. Danville, 111. 

Ritze Claus Mulder, 

Real Estate. 701 Davis St.; res. 132 Main 
St., Evanston, III. 

Hugh Alexander Seeberger, 

Hardware Merchant; Affiliated Wis. Alpha. 
1910. 48 Fifth St.; res. 825 Hamblet Ave., 
Portland, Ore. 


Thomas E. Adams, 

LL. B., 1910; Lawyer, in E. Main St.; 1 es. 
105 S. 9th St., Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Byron B. Boyd, 

A. B., 1910 Univ. Colo.; M. A., 1913 and 
Architecture, 1914 Columbia Univ.; Pres. Lit. 
Soc; Dramatic Club; Author "The Chaperon" 
and "The Moon Goddess": Glee Club, Univ. 
Colo.; Glee Club and Columbia U Plavers; 
Architect; Member Bd. of Dirs. Iowa State 
Soc. of Architects; Author Lectures on Archi- 
tecture; Affiliated Colo. Chi 1910, N. Y. Mil 
1913. 216 Central Life Bldg.; res. 650, 31st 
St., Des Moines, Iowa._ 

Ernest Coulter Davies, 

Class Football, 1907; Varsitv Football, iqo8; 
Engineer and Statistician; with Chicago Tele- 
phone Co.: Member Coll. Fraternity Club of 
Chicago. 212 W. Washington St.; res. 5960 
Sheridan Road, Chicago, 111. 

Arthur F. Haise, 

Leading Ladv in Freshman Plav: Author of 
Class Song; Assistant Superintendent Mechan- 
ical Departments, T. B. Lippincott Co.; Mem- 
ber Phila. Club Printing House Craftsmen. 
Sixth and Locust Ms. ; res. 4805 Chestnut St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hubert Edmund Heren, 

B. S., 1910; Deru; Varsity Basketball Capt.; 
Football "N"; Manager' Woodward Ave. 
Branch, Central Savings Bank. Woodward 
Ave. and Forest Sts. ; res. 620 Brush St., De- 
troit, Mich. 

Paul Kimball Hill, 

Basketball; Fruit Grower. Darby, Mont. 

Frank T- Landee, 

A. B., 1910; A. B.. 1910 Augustan Coll.; 
Lawyer; Master in Chancery : Member Com- 
mercial Club. 40s Reliance Bldg.; res. [207 
Fifth Ave., Moline. 111. 

Henry Parker Lowell, 

B. S„ 1910; Deru; 1. M. C. A. I Pies); 
Pres. Senior (lass; Author Freshman Play, 
1907; Editor S-llabus; Cartoonist Daily North- 
western; Assoc Editor Northwestern Maga- 
cine: Advertising Manager, M. O'Neil Co.; 
Two years Sports Writer, Des Moines, la . 
Register and Tribune; Member .,f Vet- 
erans, Sons of the Am. Revolution. Masons. 
S. Main St.; res 653^ W. Market St., Akron, 

Burke Lyon, 

(Lincoln, Nebr.) 

W. Glenn Stuntz, 

Interfralernitv Champion Basketball, 1908-og; 
With Huston liros. Co., Surgical Instruments. 
Room 509, 30 E. Randolph St., Chicago; res. 
7538 Harrison St., Forest Park, 111. 


Edward Henry Beckman, 

Automobile and Machine Business; Member 
Elks; Affiliated with Nebr. Lambda Pi. t _'~- 
S. oth St.; res. 1210 C St.. Lincoln, Nebr. 

Wrenn Manley Canfield, 

Lawver. 600 Fleming Bldg.; res. 1800, nth 
St., Des Moines. Iowa. 

Raymond S. Dunham, 

A. B.. 1914 Univ. of III.; Consulting Agri 
culturist; Affiliated with 111. Beta 1914. Room 
711, 25 X. Dearborn St.; res. 1510 Highland 
Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

Willard Phelps Earngey, 

(822 Foster St., Evanston. III.) 

Charles Ordway Hilton, 

B. S.. 1911; Hinman Lit. Soc: Aleph Teth 
Nun; Track, 1909; Business Mgr. Junior Play. 
1910; Traffic Supervisor, Chicago Telephone 
Co.; Pres. Evanston Alumni Assn.. S. A. E.. 
1916-17; Contributor to Town and Country; 
Correspondent Bell Telephone News; Member 
College Fraternity Club, Chicago. 2 so W. 
Washington St., Chicago; res. 820 Milburn St.. 
Evanston. 111. 

Harrv Nelson Staples,* 

d. Oct. 26, 191 1 

Frederick Earl Tracv, 

(Seattle Lighting Co., Seattle, Wash.) 

Tames T. Watson, 

B. S., ion; Interfraternity Council: Senior 
Prom. Committee: Track. 1909-11; Secretary 
and Director, Tas. Watson & Co , Printers; 
Member College Fraternity Club. Chicago. 618 
Sherman St., Chicago; res. 912 Forest Ave.. 
Wilmette, 111. 


Clarence Henry Boswell, 

B. S.. 1912; M. D., 1914; Basketball. 1909-10; 
Physician; Member University Club. 327 E. 
State St.; res. 1009 N. Church St., Rockford. 

A. Glen Brown, 

A. B.. 1912; Editor-in-Chief The Syllabus; 
Editor-in-Chief and Business Mgr. The Daily 
Northwestern; President, First National Bank. 
Dieterich. 111. 

Frank Clavton Brown, 

Firm of Brown & Pelermann. 206 Fifth St.; 
res. 232 Iroquois St.. Lauriurn, Mich. 

Merton Alfred Carroll, 

Capt. Freshman Football: Salesman. Baker- 
Vawter Co. Box 24s Billings, Mont. 

Tames Walker Dadlev, 

(104 Ann St., Meridenl Conn.) 

Tohn T. Dale, 

Wholesale Butter and Eggs. 344 West S. 
W r ater St.; res. 422 Aldine Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Tohn R. Davies, 

(1020 College Ave., Racine, Wis.) 

Carl Ernest Fuchs, 

(803 Sheridan Rd., Chicago. 111.) 

Horace Glen Gemmill. 

Pyramid; Basketball. 1908-09; Garage Proprie 
tor; Member College Fraternity Club. Garage 
Owners Assn.. Elks No. 316. Milwaukee Rd., 
Wheeling, III. 

Clifford L. Hubbard, 

LL. B., 1913; Varsity Track. 3 yrs (Hon. 
"N") ; Cross Country. 1 yr. ; Varsity Basket- 




ball, i yr.; Syllabus Bd.; Attorney-at-Law. 
306 Central Bldg.; res. 1013 Sixteenth St., 
Rock Island, 111. 

Roy Irving Miller,* 

d. Feb. 27, 1917, Rockford, 111. 

Frederick E. Tracy, 

University; Chicago Athl. Assn.; Seattle Athl. 
(Capt.) and Los Angeles Athl. Clubs. Swim- 
ming Teams; Head of Publicity Dept., Hor- 
lick's Malted Milk Co.; Former Assoc. Editor 
Grand Rapids Furniture Record; Member Chi- 
cago Athletic Assn.; Seattle Athletic, Olympic 
Athletic (San Francisco), Los Angeles Athletic 
and Hamilton (Chicago) Clubs. Horlick's 
Malted Milk Co.; res. 163S Wisconsin St., 
Racine, Wis. 


William Murray Ballew, 

A. B„ 1913; M. F., 1915 Yale; Sigma Xi; 
Dramatic Club; William Wheeler Prize in 
Silviculture; With Long Bee Lumber Co. 913 
R. A. Long Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Robert C. Carlson, 

B. S., 1913; B. D., 191 7 Drew Theol. Sem.; 
Deru; Adelphi Lit. Soc; Y. M. C. A. (Pres.) ; 
Class Football; E. A.: Student; Pres. Evanstnn 
Alumni Assn. S. A. E. 113 E. Oxford St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Samuel Pirie Carson. 

Litt. B., 1914 Princeton; Firm Carson. Pirie, 
Scott & Co.; Member Princeton Colonial. 
. Evanston Country, University Clubs. 1235 
Ridge Ave.. Evanston, 111. 

John Rees Davies, 

(1020 College Ave., Racine, Wis.) 

Robert Earll Dudley, 

Cartoonist Syllabus, Northwestern: Assistant to 
Auditor of Traffic, C. M. & St. P. Ry. Co.; 
1st Lieut. National Army; Expert on Con- 
struction Costs, U. S. Govt.; Member Brother- 
hood of St. Andrew. Evanston Tennis Club. 
Monroe Courts, Washington, D. C; res. 1403 
Chicago Ave., Evanston, 111. 

George Philip Dysart, 

Varsity Football; Class Basketball; Structural 
Engineer; Member Elks. 16 N. Carroll St.; 
res. 327 W. Washington Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Edgar James Evans, 

E. C. of Chapter. (320 Camp Ave., Braddock, 

Frank W. Fordyce, 

B, S., 1913; M. D.. iqi6; Alpha Kappa Kappa; 
Interne. St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, 111. 

Henry Ravmond Hamilton, Tr., 

Superintendent, Nubian Paint & Varnish Co., 
Chicago. 1856 Le Claire Ave., Chicago; res. 
714 Linden Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Oliver Edwin Hinsdell, 

Dramatic Director; Reader and Lecturer; For- 
merly an Actor. Northwestern University, 
Evanston; res. 443 Chicago St., Elgin, 111. 

W. Howard Nickless, 

With W. H. Nickless. 1400 N. Madison Ave.; 
res. 1513 Ninth St., Bay City, Mich. 

Jedediah Earl Peterson, 

A. B., 1913; Debating Soc; Aleph Teth Nun; 
Treas. Class, 1913; Vice-Pres. Athletic Board. 
1913; Editorship Daily Northwestern, 1912-13; 
All Class Football, 1912-13; Sales Mgr.. Illinois 
Branch, The Cable Co.; Author Articles in 
Piano and Musical Publications: Member Col- 
lege Fraternity Club. 911 Cable Bldg., Chi- 
cago; res. 604 Hinman Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Donald G. Robertson, 

B. S., 1913; Dramatic Club; Donor Class Dav 
Gifts; Pres. Student Settlement Assn.; Com- 
poser Music for College Song. "Push On"; 
Assistant Secretary. National Safetv Council; 
Permanent Sec. Class 1913; Author "West- 
northern Stories"; Publisher Song Book; Mem- 
ber Assn. of Commerce, College Fraternity 

Club. R. 804, 208 La Salle St., Chicago; res. 
911 Reba Place, Evanston, 111. 

Ralph A. Schwarz, 

B. S., 1913; Fire Insurance; With Westchester 
Fire Ins. Co. 160 W. Jackson Blvd.; res. 7010 
Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. 

Raymond Gurton Southworth, 

A. B., i 9 m; LL. B., 1915; Deru; Delta Sigma 
Rho; Varsity Debating Team; Business Mgr. 
Syllabus, 1913; Daily Northwestern; Lawyer; 
Member University Club (Minneapolis). R. 
1632, 72 W. Adams St.. Chicago; res. 1621 
Ovington St., Evanston, 111. 

William C. Vigars, 

Farmer and Stockman. R. F. D., Eldora, 


Harrv A. Ackerburg, 

B. ~S., 1914: Theta Nu Epsilon; Alpha Chi 
Sigma; Football, 1911-13; Track. 1911-14; As- 
sistant Buyer, Butler Bros. 426 W. Randolph 
St.; res. 1413 Hood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Edward Emmons Alt, 

rvramids; Theta Nu Epsilon, Round Table 
Club (Mass. Inst. Tech.); Capt. Freshman 
Swimming Team: Varsity Track (Mass. Inst. 
Tech.); Holder Dupont Cup, (All Around Ath- 
letics), 1913; Athletic Editor Technique 
(Mass. Inst. Tech.); Architect with Perkins, 
Fellows & Hamilton; Affiliated Mass. Iota Tau. 
1915. 6 N. Clark St.; res. 6506 Greenview 
Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

Russell E. Brown, 

Asst. Cashier First Natl. Bank, nth and Wal- 
nut Sts.; res. 2015 Walnut St., Murphysboro, 

Matthew Kirk Coleman, 

A. B.. 1016; Business Mgr. Dramatic Club, 
1914-15; Varsitv Tennis; Freshman Basket- 
ball: Salesman with Hart, Schaffner & Marx. 
l6 S. Franklin St., Chicago; res. Y. M. C. A., 
Evanston, 111. 

lames Harrison Donahoo, 

(620. 17th St., Moline, 111.) 

Merritt C. Gamble, 

Traveling Renresentative, Baker-Vawter Co., 
Penton Harbor, Mich. Box 4 s, Mankato, 

Edwin A. McCord, 

Graduate Hamilton College of Law, Chicago, 
191s: Lawver. 20 W. Elm St.; res. Y. M. C. 
A., 'Canton, 111. 

Clifton Henry Merry, 

B. S., 1916; Diploma in Commerce, 1916; 
Dramatic Club; Student Council; Junior Play; 
Interfraternitv Council; Freshman Basketball: 
Asst. Cashier Bank of Hebron. Hebron, 111. 

Homer Waddington Monahan, 

U. S. Military Service. (Darlington, Wis.) 

George Franklin Thomson, 

Deru: Newspaper Work. 70 Fifth Ave.: res. 
Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. and Craig. 



Wavne L. Allen, 

Gauntlet: Track; Freshman Football; Univ. 
Settlement Work; with Chicago Telephone Co. 
5431 S. La Salle St.; res. 248 E. 109th St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Edwin O. Blomquist, 

B. S., 1915; Campus Plaver; Freshman, Tu- 
nior Scholarships: Assoc. Editor Daily North- 
western ; Asst. Advertising Mgr., James S. 
Kirk & Co.; Steward Editor Phi Alpha; Mem- 
ber College Fraternity Club. James S. Kirk 
& Co.; res. 7152 Rhodes Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Rov Ellis Cruzen, 

M. P., 191 ■; Univ. of Minn; Alpha Kappa 
Kappa; 1st Lieut. Med. Corps 135th Inf., U. S. 




Army; Teaching Asst. Physiology, Univ. of 
Minn., 1014-16; Asst. City Physician, Minne- 
apolis, June 1 to Dec. 1, 1916; Member Uni- 
versity Club. Universitv Club, Minneapolis, 

Henry R. Curme, 

B. 3., 1915; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Chi Sig- 
ma; Sigma Xi; Marcy Scholarship, 1914-15; 
Research chemist. Mellon Inst.; res. 241 Mc- 
Kee Place, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Robert Earl Dudley, 

(140.1 Chicago Ave., Evanston, 111.) 

Sidney Ellison Goltra, 

B. S., 1915 Northwestern Univ.; Hermit and 
Crow; French Club; Delegate Natl. Conven- 
tion, 1912; Sergt.-at-Arms do., 1914; Asst. 
Production Mgr. Albough Dover Co.; Sec- 
Treas. Evanston Alumni Assn. of S. A. E.; 
Albough Dover Co., Chicago; res. 1243 Jud- 
son Ave., Evanston, 111. 

George T. Green, 

Minister. 165 N. Galena Ave., Freeport, 111. 

Howard Clark Greer, 

A. B., 1915; Phi Beta Kappa; Defu; Editor 
T/ic Daily Northwestern; Credit and Sales 
Dept., Hart, Schaffner and Marx. 36 S. Frank- 
lin St., Chicago- res. S2S Simpson St., Evans- 
ton, 111. 

George William Marquardt, 

A. B., 1915: B. S. in Agri., Iowa State Coll.; 
Alpha Chi Sigma; Alpha Zeta; "N" Football, 
Swimming; 2d Lieut., 332d Field Artillery, 
U. S. Army. 929 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 

Charles Philip Peterson, 

A. B., 1915; Deru; Pyramid; E. C; E. A.; 
Cattleman. 845 N. Second Ave., Phoenix 

Arthur Van Vlissingen, Tr., 

A. B., 1915; Obelisk; 'Aleph' Teth Nun; Foot- 
ball; Swimming; Honor Roll (1) (2); Dept. 
Editor System: Author, Contributor to maga- 
zines; Member Chicago Athletic Assn. R. 1707 
5 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago; res. 322 Main 
St., Evanston, 111. 

Crawford Warren, 

D. D. S., 1913; Delta Sigma Delta; Track, 
Football; Fraternitv Basketball; Dentist; on 
Bd. Orthopedic Hosp., 1916-19; Sec -Treas. 
Delta Sigma Delta Alumni, 1915-16; Member 
Natl. State and Countv Dental Assns.; Multno- 
mah Athletic (Portland, Ore.) and Seattle 
Athletic Clubs. 704 Leary Bldg.; res. 1921 
1" Lynn St., Seattle, Wash. 

Cyrus Hillis Williams, 

Delta Theta Phi: The Campus Players; with 
Hart, Schaffner & Marx. 36 S. Franklin St., 
Chicago; res. 2607 Park pi., Evanston, 111. 


Edwin E. Besser, jr.. 

Gauntlet; Obelisk; Insurance Broker. 175 W. ' 
Jackson Blvd., 1332 Birchwood Ave., Chicago, 

Clyde Brown, 

Initiated by X. V. Sigma Phi, 1910. 

Leslie B. Bunch, 

B. S.. igifi; Dramatic Club; Gavel and Ros- 
trum; Y. M. C. A.; Salesman. Kieckhofer Box 
Co., Milwaukee. Wis.; res. Greenville, III. 

Clifford Worthington Michaels,' 

Oil Scout. Ardmo're. Okla. 

Emmet Thomas Morrison, 


Harry B. Moser, 

A. B„ 1016; Retail Lumber Business; : ,\ Lieut 
342d Field Artillery, U. S. Army 01s Ed- 

ginctnn Ave., Eldora, Iowa. 

|nlm R. Palmer, 

B. S., 1916; Alpha Chi Sigma; Chemist, Sani- 

tary District of Chicaso. 39th St.. Pumping 
Ma., 39th St. and Lake Front, Chicago; res. 
724 Custer Ave.. Evanston, 111. 

Lewis E. Perkins, 

Accountant, Mountain States Telephone & 
Telegraph Co. 1421 Champa St.; res. ,134 
Josephine St., Denver, Colo. 

Arthur Philip Stemm, 

(264 Middle St., Kenosha, Wis.) 

John Wesley White, Jr., 

Ccneral Mercantile Business. Russellville, 

Kennettt L. Anderson, 

Initiated by 111. Delta, 1917. 

Willard Bion Brown, 

Baseball. Freshman, Varsity. Capt. Salesman 
with Morris & Co.; Sergt. A. Battery, 149th 
Held Artillery, U. S. Army; Member Elks. 
622 sandier St., Danville. III. 

Albert Byron Chipman, li\, 

LL B., 101,: Honor Roll; Sergt. 139th Field 
Artillery U. S. Army (Med. Dept.) Crown 

Wendell Thomas Crays, 

Obelisk; Interfraternitv Council; Track Var- 
sity, 1915-16 "N"; Football; Freshman Var- 
sity Coach. 1916; Cashier, 1st Natl. Bank. 
Ihetench. 111. 

Charles Guernsey Clarke. 

Xight Editor Daily North-western, 1914-1 s; 
Salesman Valvoline Oil Co.; Member Wil- 
mette Country and Carlsbad Commercial 
(Carlsbad. N. M.) Clubs. mS X. Clinton St. 
Chicago; res. 526 Washington Ave., Wilmette, 

Richard Everett Elhngwond, 

P„ S -'„ I9I . 7; Deru i Freshman, Varsity Basket- 
ball; Baseball: \ arsitv, 1916-17 (Capt. 1917); 
Army Sec, Y. M. C. A. 45 Bedford Sq.. 
London, W. C, England; res. 2209 Central St , 
Evanston. 111. 

Marshall W. Hall, 

(Mt. Vernon, 111.) 

F. Bernard Ingram, 

Phi Alpha Delta': Interfraternitv Council: Pres. 
Campus Players: Law School Student; Mem- 
ber Masons. 705. 17th St., Rock Island, 111. 

Charles Arthur Meers, 

B. S., 1917; Corporal Quartermaster's Enlisted 
Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. 2301 Sherman 
Ave., Evanston, III. 

Timothy Edwin Peterson, 

(Mesa^ Ariz.) 

Harry William Petrie, 

(Lowell, Ind.) 

Richard Searles Penrose, 

(Salamanca. N. Y.) 

Tames A. Richardson, li\. 

Staff Daily Northwestern; Editor-in-Chief Con- 
vention Daily S. A. E., Pittsburgh, Dee.. ioi(>; 
Lieutenant. 43d Inf. U. S. Army; Assoc. Edi 
tor 5. A. E. Record. 401 Spruce St., Trini- 
dad, Colo. 

Hollis Reed Root, 

Attended 111. Univ., [916-17; Freshmen Heavy 
Weight Basketball (Class Champion); Fresh- 
man Fraternity Cup. Highest Scholastic Rec- 
ord, Advertising Manager L. F. Grammes and 
Sons, Allentown, Pa. 4432 X. Ashland Ave.. 
Chicago, 111. 

Frederick Carl Wallman, 

(717, 29th St., Milwaukee, Wis.) 
Sidney A. Wiggins, 

D. D. S., 1017; Dentist. 411 Central Trust 
Bldg., Rnck Island, Milan, III. 





John Leo Driscoll, 

Deru; Football, Capt. (2), (3); Baseball, Capt. 
(3); Student. 1584 Florence Ave., Evanston, 

Toseph Edward Enerson, 

Headquarters Co., 333d Field Artillery. U. S. 
Army. 5227 Ingleside Ave., Cbicago, 111. 

Marshall Wesley Hall, 

Chi Zeta Chi; Washington Univ.; Pharmacists 
Mate U. S. Navy. 171 5 W. Broadway, Mt. 



Lester Daniel Heidemann, 

Clerk. Waterloo, Wis. 

Edward Carleton Kaumever, 

Attended Lake Forest Coll.; Student; Member 
Chicago Automobile and Wilmette Country 
Clubs. 601 Linden Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

Emmet T. Morrison, 

Student. Prescott, Ariz. 

William E. Pape, Jr., 

Student Council Honor Roll; Univ. Band 
Syllabus Bd; Student. 9250 Pleasant Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Charles Harrison Warner, 

Obelisk; "N" Track, 1015-16; Vice-President 
and General Manager Rossville Telephone Co.; 
Headquarters Co., 149th Field Artillery, U. S. 
Army. Rossville, 111. 

Harlan C. Wilcox, 

Track; Inspector. Root & Van Dervoort Ord- 
nance Co., E. Moline; res. Princeville, 111. 

Cyrus Hillis Williams, 

' Student. 2407 Park Place, Evanston, 111. 

Harold Raymond Williams, 

Farming. Arriba, Colo. 


Willis R. D. Brightmire, 

Obelisk; Honor Roll, 1915-16; Football, Fresh- 
man 1915, Varsity 1915-16; Student. 1109 W. 
Illinois St., Evansville, Ind. 

Acken Gordon Bradt, 

Freshman. Varsity Football, Student; Author 
"A Boys' Experiences Around the World." 
1 145 N. Topeka Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

Kingslev L. Coleman. 

Student. 9332 S. Robey St., Chicago, 111. 

Raymond A. Doster, 

Student. 6337 Wayne Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Llovd Ellingwood, 

Football Freshman, Varsity, 1916-17; Basket- 
ball Freshman, Varsity, 1916-18; Student. 
2209 Central St., Evanston, 111. 

Harry Morgan Grove, 

Freshman and Varsity Swimming, Capt. 1915; 
Student. 1447 Foster Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Howard A. Hartman, 

Salesman, Scott Paper Co. 113 E. Austin St ; 
res. 90s Margate Terrace, Chicago, 111. 

Theodore B. Hoffman, 

Student. 1249 Montana St., Chicago, 111. 

John W. Hutch, 

Student. 28 Washington St., Marlboro, Mass. 

Joseph Benjamin Jefferson, 

Agriculture. Clayton, 111. 

Martin James Lynch, 

Freshman Football; Basketball; Varsity Foot- 
ball. 59 School St., Marlboro, Mass. 

Reuben Allen Marcmardt, 

Obelisk; "N" Baseball. Basketball; Student. 
929 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 111. 

Walter Eugene Olin, 

Hermit and Crow; Freshman Varsity Football; 

Western Director, Westchester Fire Ins. Co. 
Room 1101, 160 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 
111., and 3906 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

Orson Lovell Reeve, 

Football (Tackle) Iowa State Coll.; Student. 
204 S. Dodge St., Hampton, Iowa. 

Reginald Leo Schwarz, 

7010 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. 

Frederic Carl Wallman. 

Student. 647, 33d St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dwieht Brookie Yoder, 

Student; Affiliated 111. Theta, 1919. 406 S. 7th 
St., Goshen, Ind. 


Rudolph S. Block, 

Freshman Commission, Y. M. C. A.; Student; 
Member H. W. A.; N. R. R. L. Parkers- 
burg, Iowa. 

Edward William Bonslett, 

Student. West McHenry, 111. 

Francis Leonard Bonslett, 

Student. West McHenry, 111. 

Howard Augustus Hartman, 

905 Margate Terrace, Chicago, 111. 

August Hoerdt, 

Student. 2358 Belmont Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Earl W. Hupp, 

Steward and E. C. of Chapter; Student. So- 
monauk, 111. 

Myron Winn Kirkbride, 

Football; Baseball; Student. 1935 Sherman 
Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Alonzo L. Lyons, Jr., 

Student. N. Vermilion St., Danville, 111. 

Harold Andrew Patterson, 

Student. 913 S. Tyson St.. Charlotte, N. C. 

Edward Bigbee Rawlins, 

Student. 619 E. High St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

Douglas Smith, 

Student. 5929 Race Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Emerson J. Van Patten, 

Student. 406 Webster Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Horace Elisha Wood, 

Engineering Soc; Freshman Varsity Swim- 
ming; High Scholarship Record Engineering 
School; Student. S. A. E. House, Evanston, 

Hoard Gordon Zerwer, 

2513 Kimball Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Harold William Abele, 

Student. 1340 Glenlake Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Edwin Bartow Bradt, 

Student. 1205 Michigan Ave., Evanston, 111. 

George William Bucknell, 

Student. 318 N. Walnut St., Danville, 111. 

Howard Brooks Gillespie, 

Student. Guthrie Centre, Iowa. 

John Howard Hogshead, 

Student. 1353 Norwood St., Chicago, III. 

Carroll W. Johnson, 

Football; Dentist. Corner Dearborn and Lake 
Sts.. Chicago. III. 

Paul F. Jones 

Student. 823 N. Franklin St., Danville, HI. 

Dale Wilford Maher, 

Cadet. U. S. Military Academy, West Point. 

N. Y. 

Henry John Wanner, 

Student. 122 Buell Ave., Joliet, 111. , 



Franklin, Indiana 

Chartered February 10, 1892 


James M. Berryhill, 

B. S., 1892; LL. B„ 1907 Ind Univ.: Charter 
Member; Baseball; Football; Athletics; Law- 
yer; Deputy Clerk Boone County, 1892-96; 
Chamber of Commerce; Member Sons of 
Veterans; Century Lit. Club. 80s Fletcher 
Trust Bldg.; res. 1712 N. Capitol Ave., Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. 

Frank Dorman Johnston, 

LL. B.. 1S98; Ind. Univ.; Charter Member; 
Llead Parole Agent, Indiana Boys School; 
Lawver; Prosecuting Atty., Seventh Ind. Ju- 
dicial Circuit; City Clerk, Aurora. Plainfield, 

Hugh Miller, 

Charter Member; Draftsman. Remy Electric 
Co.; res. 2012 Meridian St., Anderson, Ind. 


Carl Dorsey Hazelton, 

A. B„ 1893; A. M., 1896; Charter Member; 
Minister. Thompson, Conn. 

John Frank Mock, 

Brick Manufacturer. (430 E. Charles St., 
Muncie, Ind.) 

Percy Shinneman, 

Dentist. (Larned, Kans.) 

Ora M. Teague, 

Furniture and Undertaking. 116 Ohio St.; 
res. 414 Howard Ave., Rockville, Ind. 

Jesse Monroe Batterton, 

A. B., 1894; Charter Member; Journalist; 
News Editor The Daily Reporter. ui N. 
Meridian St,; res. 209 W. North St., Lebanon, 

Henry Wilson Davis, 

A. B., 1894; B. D., 1897 Rochester Thcol. 
Sem.j Charter Member; Athenian Lit. Soc; 
Freshman Declamation, 1890; 2d All Round 
Athlete, 1894; Minister; Vice-Pres.. Northwest 
Civilian Naval League; Member Eugene Com- 
mercial and Eugene Country Clubs. 513 E. 
Ninth Ave., Eugene, Ore. 

William Carev Vail, 

A. B., 1894; Sales Manager Quick Unloading 
Car Chute Co. 801 Title Guarantee Bldg.; 
res. 1219 Montgomery St., Birmingham, Ala. 


Edker Burton, 

A B., 1895; Charter Member; Clergyman. 
(Madison. S. D.) 

Louis E. Deupree,* 

d. Oct. 15, 1805, Franklin, Ind. 

John Allen Hill, 

R. S., 1895; Charter Member; Athenian Lit. 
Soc; Sales Mgr., George L. Shuman and Co., 
Publishers; Member A. F. and A. M. 913 Gar- 
land Rldg. ; res. 1416 Lunt Ave., Chicago. 111. 

James Herbert Howard. 

Charter Member; Farmer. (Livonia, Ind.) 

Samuel Barr Magill,* 

d. July 16, 1896. 

Clarence Tedford, 

Pastor Baptist Church. (Hutsonville, 111.) 


Pleasant Monroe Dooley, 

Monument Manufacturer. (Lebanon, Ind.) 

John Frederick Howard, 


J. Frank Mock, 

Athenian Lit. Soc; Y. M. C. A.; Special Rep- 
resentative and Field Manager 
Ins Co. of N. Y. 
171Q Kenilworth Av 

Truman Henry Palmer, 

Lit. Soc; Chief Timekeeper. Salt Lake R. R. 
Co.; Mason 14 ; Scottish Rite. Salt Lake 
R. R. Co.; res. 2015 E. Third St., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Man ford Wallace Schuh, 

Ph. B., 1896: Athenian Lit. Soc; Intercollegi- 
ate Orator; Baseball; Clergyman; Author "Ser- 
vices of Worship with Psalter." 6 Central St., 
Westboro, Mass. 

Harry Waldo, 

Pastor Baptist Church. 

lohn Harvey Deere, 

A. B., 1897; D. D., 1911; Minister; Pres! 
Fresno Ministerial Union; Member Bd. of 
Dirs, and Executive Committee State Mis- 
sions; Member Bd. Univ. of Rccllands; Author 
Numerous Pamphlets and Published Sermons; 
Member Rotary Club of Fresno. 956 Har- 
rison Ave., Fresno, Cal. 

La Salle St.; res. 




William Halleck Hockman, 

Missionary to China. 

Paul Hunt Keyes, 

M. D.; Physician. (Dana, Ind.) 

Donald Rankin Montgomery, 

A. B., 1897; B. D. ; Presbyterian Missionary. 

Claude Y. Andrews, 

A. B., 1898; LL. B., 1901 Univ. of Mich.; 
State Oration Contest. 1896; Lawyer; Prose- 
cuting Atty.. sist Judicial Dist.; Pres. Y. M. 
C. A., 10 years; Dir. Chamber of Commerce; 
Author "Ma-Cou-a-quah" for Ind. Centenial 
Pageant. 119 N. Wabash St., Peru, Ind. 

Harold Whitcomb Cope, 

B. S. in E. E.. 189S; Business Mgr., 1898 
Debris; Assistant to Manager of Engineering: 
Member Edgewood Country Club; Affiliated 
Ind. Beta 1898. Westinghouse Electric and 
Mfg. Co.. East Pittsburgh; res. 7225 Meade St., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Edgar Fay Dougherty, 

A. B., 1898; A. M., 1900 Butler Coll.; B. D., 
1902 Yale Univ.; Penclesian Lit. Soc; State 
Oration Contest, 1897; Tennis Champion, 1898; 
Minister; Pres. Bd. Dirs., Bloomington Bible 
Class; Author Religious Press Articles, Special 
Addresses; Member Natl. Geographic Soc, Am. 
Acad. Political and Social Science. Knights 
Templar, Country Club. id St. and Broad- 
way; res. 317 Broadway, Vincennes, Ind. 

John Robert George, 

Forest Ranger. (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. 
Collbran, Colo.) 

Augustus Raymond Hatton, 

Ph. B., 1898; Ph.D.. 1907 Univ. of Chicago- 
First Honor in English, German and History; 
Edited Colleqe Paper, 1897-9S; Class Pres. 
1897-98; Champion High Hurdles, 1 Year, High 
and Broad Jumps, 2 years; Professor of Polit- 
ical Science, Western Reserve Univ.; Counsel 
Natl. Short Ballot Organization; Candidate for 
Congress on Progressive ticket, 1912; Pres. 
City Club, 1915-16; Vice-Pres. Assn. of Urban 
Universities, 1915-18; Member Council Natl. 
Municipal League, 1914; Chief Draftsman, 
Charter Commission, 1913; Special Lecturer 
Harvard Univ., 191 1; Lecturer on Municipal 
and State Govt.; Author "Digest of City 
Charter," 1906; numerous articles, chiefly on 
municipal government; Member City and 
University Clubs. Western Reserve Univer- 
sity; res. 1 1305 Hessler Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Heber Davton Merrill, 

A. B., 1961 Ind. Univ.; Baseball (Capt.) Ind.; 
Teacher, Mathematics; Member LTniversity 
Club. 703 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 111. 


George Lewis Guthrie, 

M.' D.. 1900 Ind. Univ.; Sydenham; Post 
Graduate N. Y. Post Graduate School; Interne. 
St. Vincent's Infirmary, 1900-01; Physician 
and Surgeon; Major Surgeon Ind. Nail Guard 
(retired); On Staff on Medicine City Dispen- 
sary; Chief Surgeon, I. C. & S. R. R., 1901-08; 
Member Am. Med. Assn., Ind. State and 
Marion County Med. Socs. ; Surgeons (Roches- 
ter, Minn.) and Marion Clubs; Mason 32 ; 
Knights of Pythias. 702 Home-Mansur Bldg.; 
res. The Blacherne, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Alvin Fay Harlow, 

Ph. B., 1899; Periclesian Lit. Soc. (Pres.); 
Pres. Athletic Assn., Senior Class, S. A. E.; 
Assoc. Editor Kodak. 1897-98; Editor-in-Chief. 
1898-99; Blue and Gold. 1898; Advertising Spe- 
cialist, Magazine Writer; Sec.-Treas. Grand- 
view Coal and Timber Co., 1909-12; Author 
articles in System, Country Life, Travel. 622 
Market St.; res. 201 Hanover St., N. Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 

Harry Otis Pritchard, 

Clergyman. (Eureka, 111.) 


Emerson Wayland Chaille, 

Pres. Class; Real Estate Broker; Member 
Natl. Assn. Real Estate Bds. ; Ind. Real Estate 
Assn.; Real Estate Bd. ; Columbia; Highland 
Golf Club. 921 Hume-Mansur Bldg.; res. 2252 
N. Penn St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

William Otho Curtis, 

B. S., 1900; Ice Manufacturer; Pres. and Mgr. 
Ice Co. 170 N. Jackson St.; res. 500 E. Jef- 
ferson St.. Franklin, Ind. 

Earle Dudley Kelly, 

Ph. B., 1900; M. D.. 1904 Chicago Homeo- 
pathic Med. Coll.; Periclesian; X-Ray Diag- 
nosis. 2035 Field Annex Bldg., Chicago; res. 
1017 Grove St., Evanston, 111. 

Marcus Schaaf, 

A. B., 1900; B. F., Biltmore Forest School; 
Forester, State of Michigan. Roscommon, 

Guv Elbert Tracy, 

General Foreman; Shriner. Northway Motor 
Mfg. Co.; res. 616 Putnam Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Ezra Allen Van Nuys, 

A. B„ 1900; A. M.. 1902 Princeton Univ.; 
Clergyman. 414 S. Fifth St., Goshen, Ind. 

Watson Morton Van Nuys, 

Farmer. (Franklin, Ind.) 

Fred Campbell Whitcomb, 

B. S., 1900; Teacher's Diploma. 1904 Columbia 
Univ.; Charter Member; Athenian Lit. Soc 
Professor Industrial Education, Miami Coll 
Special Collaborator, U. S. Bureau of Educa^ 
tion. Industrial Education Survey of Delaware; 
Author numerous magazine articles and but 
letins; Member Natl. Soc. for Promotion In 
dustrial Education; Natl. Education A; 
Masons. 310 E. Church St., Oxford, Ohio. 


Harry Baxter Benninghoff, 

Ph. B., 1902; D. D., 1915; Ed. B., 1906 Univ. 
of Chicago.; M. A., 1917 do.; Professor Waseda 
Univ.; Missionary Am. Baptist Foreign Mis- 
sion Soc; Member Asiatic Soc; Am. Japan 
Soc, Ki-itsu, Kyokai. 91 Benten-cho, Ushi- 
gome, Japan. 

Oran Everett Burton, 

Division Superintendent, Swift & Co. 90c, 
Grant Bldg.; res. 115 Greenwood Ave., Atlanta, 

William Albert Burton, 

Glee Club; On Bd. Student Publication; Sec- 
retary-Treasurer and Purchasing Agent; Gradu- 
ate Mgr. Athletics. 551 E. Monroe St.; res. 
201 S. Home Ave., Franklin, Ind. 

Walter Costello Coffey, 

B. S„ 1906 Univ. of 111.; M. S., 1909 do.; 
Alpha Zeta; Final Honors, Univ. of 111.; Pro- 
fessor, Sheep Husbandry and Meat; Special 
Agt., Federal Tariff Bd., 1911; Dir. Am. 
Shropshire Registry Assn.; Hon. Member Am. 
Rambouillet Sheep Breeders Assn.; Author 
"Productive Sheep Husbandry," Numerous 
technical articles, bulletins, circulars; Mem- 
ber University Club . Agricultural Bldg.; res. 
607 W. Oregon St., Urbana, 111. 

Paul H. Keyes, 

M. D., 1901 Med. Coll., Ind.; Periclesian; 
Automobile Dealer; Pres. Peterson-Keyes 
Auto Co.; Member Columbia, Hoosier Motor. 
Canoe and Indianapolis Athletic Clubs. 401 
N. Capitol Ave.; res. 4126 N. Meridian St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 




Chauncey J. Powell, 

Ph. B.. igoi; Periclesian; Ofergau; Football, 
4 yrs.; Track, z yrs.; Gold Medals, Hammer 
Throw, Shot Put: Principal. High School; Re- 
corder. Johnson County, Ind., 1911-15; Mason. 
451 Montana Ave., Laurel, Mont. 

George Tilden Ragsdale, 

Ph.'B.. 100s Univ. of Chicago; LL. B„ Univ. 
of Louisville; Pres. Athletic Assn.; E. C; 
Teacher and Lecturer; Author "The Foster 
School," "What to Do with the Short Term 
Jail Prisoners." Boys' High School; res. 15 14 
Rosewood Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

William Arthur Scott, 

Sec. Y. M. C. A. 

William T. Stout, 

Ph. B., 1001; Periclesian; Glee Club; Baseball. 
1900; Track, 1900-01; Football, 1899-01; Divi- 
sion Superintendent, Bv-Products and Fertil- 
izer, Swift & Co.; Mason. Union Stockyards; 
res. 1021 E. 6sd St., Chicago, 111. 

John Ralph Voris, 

A. B., 1901; B. D., 1906 Univ. Chicago; Omer- 
gon; Periclesian (Pres.); Editor College Maga- 
zine; Assoc. Editor Annual; Author Class 
Song; E. A.; One of the Founders 111. Theta; 
Coach Wyo. Alpha Chapter; Clergyman; Sec. 
Eastern Alumni Assn, 1905-08; Pres. Social 
Welfare Assn., New Albanv, Ind.; State Clerk 
Synod of Wyo.; Author Articles in Religious 
Periodicals. First Congregational Church; res. 
712 Poyntz St., Manhattan, Kans. 


Claude Elmer Alexander, 

A. B., 1902; D. D., 1914 Highland Coll.; 
Periclesian; Clergyman; Trustee Kendall Coll., 
Tulsa, Okla.; Home Mission Council Presby- 
terian Church; Member Rotary Club. First 
Presbyterian Church; res. 115 E. Fifth St., 
Bartlesville, Okla. 

Arthur C. Everingham, 

Farmer. (Hutsonville, 111.) 

Carl Andrew Johnson, 

Stock Raiser. 

Edward Morton Johnston, 

Farmer. (Newmarket, Ind.) 

Rov Wag^ener, 

Football Capt., 1S99-00; Superintendent, J. D. 
Case. Second St. and L. E. and W. Ry.; 
res. Morgan and Eleventh Sts., Rushville, Ind. 

Clarence Ellsworth Walden, 

Periclesian; Track, Baseball, Football, 1901-02; 
Assistant Superintendent. Connersville Lum- 
ber Co.; res. 1204 Central Ave., Connersville, 

Archibald Bertrand Ward, 

B. S., 1902 Moores Hill Coll.; Webster Lit. 
Soc; With U. S. Internal Revenue Depart- 
ment; Affiliated Ohio Epsilon, 1903. 463 Ridge 
Ave., Lawrenceburg, Ind. 

Otis Derrick Wooley, 

Lumber Dealer. (250 ~E. King St., Franklin, 

Gilbert D. Deere, 

Ph. B., 1903; A. M., 1911 Columbia Univ.; 
Teacher; Member University Club. High 
S .? h . ool „ aml J uninr College; res. University 
Club, San Diego, Cal. 

Harry Wallace Dragoo, 


William Graham Everson, 

A. B., 1903; B. D. Newton Thcol. Institution; 
Physical Dir., 189703; Clergyman; Major Inf. 
Officers Reserve Corps, U. S. Army; U. S 

Vol. Spanish-American War; Author "Twenty 
Outline Studies of the New Testament." First 
Baptist Church; res. 224S Mound Ave., Nor- 
wood, Ohio. 

Harry E. Jordan, 

B. S., 1903; Football, Mgr. 1902; Chemical 
Engineer; Member Am. Inst, and Am. Soc. 
Chemical Engineers, Am. Chemical Soc, Am. 
Public Health Assn., Am. Soc. for Testing Ma- 
terials. 113 Monument Circle; res. 5355 Uni- 
versity Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Leon Graff Miles, 

A. B., 1903; B. D., 1906 Newton Theol. Insti- 
tution; Practitioner of Christian Science. 187 
North St., Salem, Mass. 

Alonzo Everett Murphy, 

A. B., 1903; B. D., 1906 Newton Theol. In- 
stitution; Minister. R. R. No. 4, Peru, Ind. 


Harrv Edgar Mock, 

B. S., 1904; M. D.. 1906; F. A. C. S.; Track, 
Capt.; Pres. Junior Class; Editor Blue and 
Gold; Surgeon; Surgical Staff St. Lukes Hosp.; 
Surgeon Sears, Roebuck & Co.; Instr. Rush 
Med. Coll.; Sec. Am. Assn. Industrial Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons; Author "Industrial Sani- 
tation," "Industrial Medicine and Surgery, the 
New Specialty," "Economic Treatment of 
Hand Infections," "An Efficient System of 
Medical Examination of Employees"; Member 
University, City, Press Clubs: Affiliated III. 
Epsilon, 1906. 122 S. Michigan Ave.; res. 
7409 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. 

Norman H. Pritchard, 

A. B., 1904; J. D., 1909 Univ. of Chicago; 
Phi Delta Phi; Periclesian; Debating Team, 
1903-04; Football, 1900-03; Mechem Law Club; 
Lawyer, Firm of Montgomery, Hart. Smith & 
Steere; Member City, Wanderers, South Side 
Tennis, Kimrock Athletic and Legal Clubs. 959 
The Rookery; res. 6019 Harper Ave., Chicago, 


Rov Adonis Alexander, 

Ph. B., 1905; Periclesian; Class Pres ; Class 
Mgr.; One of the Founders The Franklin; 
Lumberman and Ship Broker: Mgr. Sales Of- 
fice, Districts of Puget Sound and Alaska; 
Member Sons of Am. Revolution, The Monks 
Club. Port Blakely Mill Co, Pier 3; res. 610, 
36th Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

William Dinwiddie Coon, 

Ph. B., 1905; Periclesian; Teacher; Sec. Natl. 
Assn. Commercial Teachers. 1630 Milwaukee 
Ave.; res. 2132 Alice Place, Chicago, 111. 

Carl Andrew Tohnson, 

Webster Lit; Assistant Local Manager, Crane 
Co. 333 W. Market St.; res. 955 W. 30th St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Tohn Calvin Moore, 

B. S., 1905; Periclesian; Y. M. C. A.; De- 
bating Soc; Pres. Young Men's Republican 
Club, 1904; E. A., 1904; Professor Chemistry 
and Pharmacy; Member Am. Assn. Advance- 
ment Science, Am. Chemical Soc, Am. Elec- 
tro-Plating Soc, Detroit Chemical Soc, Natl. 
Education Assn., Detroit Yacht, and School- 
masters Clubs of Michigan; Michigan Sov- 
ereign Consistory. Cass Technical High 
School; res. 200 Peterboro Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Brown Shields, 

S. 1!., 1907 Mass. Inst, of Tech.: Manu- 
facturer; Member L T niversity and Country 

Clubs; Affiliated Mass. I., la Tan - 

Fletcher Trust Bldg.; res. 2816 Talbott Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 





Harrv Wallace Dragoo, 

Ph. B., 1906; Periclesian; Mgr. Football, 1905; 
Business Mgr. The Franklin, 1904-05; Editor- 
in-Chief, 1905-06; Central Press Clipping Serv- 
ice; Member Indianapolis Advertisers' Club. 
1 104 Indiana Pythian Bldg. ; res. 3802 Grace- 
land Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Silas Delmer Huff, 

B. D., 1909 Univ. of Rochester; Minister. 
233 Orange St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Albert King Morris, 

Clergvman.' (545 S. River St., Wilkes-Barre, 

Russell Phillip Sdmler, 

B. S., 1907 Univ. of Chicago; M. D., 1909 
Rusk- Med. Coll.; Phi Rho Sigma; Baseball, 
1902-05, Capt. 1905; Physical Dir., 1903-05; 
Physician and Surgeon; Interne Cook County 
Hosp., 1909-11; Member Kokomo Country 
Club. 119'A W. Mulberry St.; res. 713 W. 
Sycamore St., Kokomo, Ind. 


Oliver Edmond Behymer, 

Ph. B„ 1907; A. M„ 1909 Harvard Univ.; 
Scholarship to Harvard; Field Manager Rid- 
path Chautauqua; Author casual contributions 
to magazines. 1505 Chicago Ave., Evanston; 
res. 72 Prairie St., St. Charles, 111. 

John Wesley Coon, 

Ph. B., 1907; Periclesian; Ormsby Dramatic, 
Glee and Debating Clubs; Baseball, 1904-07, 
Capt. 1907; Basketball, 1905-07, Capt. 3 yrs. ; 
Soap Manufacturer. 514-516 Reading Rd.; 
res. 153 Kinsey Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Benjamin Franklin Davis, 

(Franklin, Ind.) 

Charles L. Nichols, 

B. S., 1907; M. S. in C. E., 1916 Univ. of 
Nebr.; Webster Lit. Soc; Debating Team, 
1906; Football, 1905; Teaching Head of Math- 
ematics, Citrus Union Junior College; Author 
"Road Building Material of Nebraska"; Af- 
filiated with Ind. Beta, 191 1. Citrus Union 
High School and Junior Coll, Azusa; res. 480 
N. Minnesota St., Glendora, Cal. 

Egbert Ray Nichols, 

Ph. B., 1907; A. M., 1909 Harvard Univ.; Pi 
Kappa Delta; State Oratorical Contest, 1905- 
07; Head English Dept. Ottawa Univ., Kans., 
1909-11; Head Dept. Rhetoric and Public 
Speaking, Ripon Coll., Wis., 1911-13; Natl. 
Pres. Pi Kappa Delta; Editor Intercollegiate 
Debate Series, Pi Kappa Delta; Member Fort- 
nightly Club. University of Redlands; res. 
814 Campus Ave., Redlands, Cal. 

Walter Clark Sellers, 

Civil Engineer. (Battle Creek, Mich.) 


Charles Emerson Bogart, 

Agent, C. C. C. and St. L. Ry.; Mason. 
Clarks Hill; res. 94 Martin St., Franklin, Ind. 

Benjamin Franklin Davis, 

Traveling Salesman. (Franklin, Ind.) 

Luther Leighton Forsyth,* 

d. March 5, 1913, Trafalgar, Ind. 

Williard Edward Hendrickson, 

(Hope, Ind.) 

Harry C. Hougham, 

Ph. B„ cum laude 1908; Periclesian; Leading 
Part Senior Class Plav; Farmer; with Frank- 
lin Natl. Bank 5 yrs.; Pres. Young Republican 
Club of Johnson County, 1916; Member 
Knights Templar, Mason, Shriner. 850 E. 
Jefferson St., Franklin, Ind. 

Ralph Lafayette Records, 

Ph. B., magna cum laude, 190S; Graduate Coll. 
of the Bible. 1009; A. M„ I910 Transylvania 
Univ.; Instr. History, 1907-08; Prof. Dept. of 
Chemistry; Head Prof. Science Va. Christian 
Coll., 1910-11; Head Prof. Science and Bible 
do, 1911-13; Dean do, 1911-13; Member Am. 
Chemical Soc, Am. Assn. Advancement Sci- 
ence. Transylvania Univ.; res. 414 W. Fourth 
St., Lexington, Ky. 

James Nelson Wright, 

Ph. B. 1908; Periclesian; Webster; Athletic 
Assn.; Bus. Mer., Treas., on Bd. The Franklin; 
Mgr. Class Play; Farmer. R. F. D., No. 15, 
Box 14. Hope, Indiana. 


Le Roy W. Beam, 

B. S", cum laude, 1909; Periclesian; Varsity 
Baseball, 1906-09; Capt. 1908-09; Basketball, 
1906-09; Leading Man Junior Play; On Staff 
Junior Annual. 190S; State Oratorical Contest, 
1909; Principal Sweet Grass Countv High 
School; Instr. Science and Athletics, Pillsbury 
Milit. Acad., 1909-10; Instr. Science and Ath- 
letics, Pocatello, Idaho, 1910-12; Instr. Science 
High School, Anaconda. Mont., 1912-14; Prin- 
cipal Laurel, Mont. High School, 1914-15. 
High School, Big Timber, Mont. 

Walter Clayton Beam, 

Ph. B., 1900; Periclesian; Football, 1907-09; 
Swimming; Basketball; Real Estate and Secu- 
rities; Taught School Danville, 111., 1 yr.; 
Harvey, 111., High School 1 yr. ; Univ. of the 
South, 1 vr. ; Member Minn. Commercial Men's 
Assn.; Ben Hur Club. 710% E. Fourth St., 
Duluth, Minn. 

Carl Rice Byers, 

B. S., iqoo: Research Chemist, Armour & Co.: 
Member Damascus Lodge 888. A. F. and A. M. 
L^nion Stock Yards; res. Chicago, 111. 

Raymond Dean Chadwick. 

Ph. B. cum laude, 1909; Periclesian; Basket- 
ball Capt., 1908-09; Editor 1 he Franklin; Edi- 
tor-in-Chief Blue and Gold, 1908; Principal 
Morgan Park and Harriet Beecher Stow Sch.; 
Author "Vitalizing the History Work"; "Brief 
History of the U. S."; Member Elks; Affiliated 
111. Theta, 1910. Morgan Park School; res. 
25A Third St., Morgan Park, Duluth, Minn. 

Earl Devone, 

Teacher. (Franklin, Ind.) 

Herbert Arthur Llacker, 

Periclesian; Athletic Assn.; Football; Basket- 
ball; Farmer; Masons. R. F. D., No. 5. 
Franklin, Ind. 

H. Eugene Milleson, 

A. B„ 191 1, Ind. Univ.; Prune Rancher; Affil- 
iated Ind. Gamma, 191 1. Park Springs Or- 
chards. Dundee, Ore. 

Everett Allen Spaulding, 

B. S., 1909; Principal Emerson School. 666 
Connecticut St., Gary, Ind. 

Howard Clarkson Whitcomb, 

A. B., mon; B. D. Newton Theol. Inst., 1912; 
Periclesian, Fres., 1907; Y. M. C. A., 1907-0S; 
Pres. Junior Class; Pres. B. Y. P. A., 1907-09; 
State Oratorical Contest, 1909; Physical Dir. 
Men's Classes, 1906-07; E. A., 1909; Com- 
mencement Speaker, Newton, 1912. Clergy- 
man; Member B. B. Club, Brotherhood of the 
Kingdom. Boston Baptist Ministers Conference. 
37 Parker St., Chelsea, Mass. 


Leslie ludson Barrow, 

Letter Carrier. Franklin, Ind. 

William T. Butler, 

With Ford Motor Co. Highland Park; res. 
1448 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 




Lee Edwin Childs, 

B. S., iqio; Teacher; Member Am. Chemical 
Soc ; Detroit Chemists, Detroit Schoolmen's 
Club. Cass Technical High School, Detroit, 

Melvin Gleason Crowell, 

A. B. 1912 Cornell; A. M„ 1912 do; Corson, 
Browning Prize, 191 1; Asst. Production Mgr., 
Isaac G. Tohnson & Co. Spuyten Duyvil; res. 
The Rock'hurst. W. 227th St., N. Y. C. 

Harry Daily George, 

Farmer. Franklin, Ind. 

Willard O. Moore, 


John Roberts Nichols, 
Ernest Reuben Smith, 


Charles Tracy Clark, 

B. S., igu; Executive Com., Student Council; 
Scientific Assn.; Teacher, Chemistry. 217 Syl- 
via St.. West Lafayette, Ind. 

Palmer Fravil Craft, 

Farmer. (Kingsbury, Ind.) 

Ralph Stanley Frellick, 

B. S., 191 1, Basketball; Bus. Mgr. Coll. Publi- 
cation weekly, 1910-11; Corresponding Sec. 
State Oratorical Assn.. 1910; Bus. Mgr. Senior 
Class, 1910-11; Head Dept. of Commerce High 
School; Chamber of Commerce; Member I. O. 
O. F. High School; res. 17 Longwood Ave., 
Fitchburg, Mass. 

Ralph Wallace Tohnson, 

B S„ 191 1 ; A. M., 1917 Columbia Univ.; 
Periclesian; Scientific Assn.; Principal; Mem- 
ber Bd. Control Ind. High School Athletic 
Assn. High School; res. 529 S. Morgan St., 
Bluftton, Ind. 

Charles Abner Pritchard, 

Salesman; Traveling Sales Mgr. Chicago Por- 
trait Co.; Affiliated with Ind. Beta, 1914- 5"9 
S. Wabash Ave, Chicago, 111.; res. 950 F-. 
Jefferson St., Franklin, Ind. 

Frank S. Records, 

Ph. B., igilj Manager, Ind. Pythian BIdg.; 
Member Masons. 308 Ind Pythian BIdg.; res. 
2917 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ernest Reuben Smith, 

With Marshall Field & Co. (Chicago, 111.) 

George Bradshaw Staff, 

(.18.1 E. Madison St., Franklin, Ind.) 

Raymond Andrew Thomas, 

With Cudahy & Co. (Savannah, Ga.) 

1912 " 

Robert Wallace Baker, 

Grain and Seeds (Field Seeds); Asst. Sec. 
Crabbs, Reynolds, Tavlor Co.; Hon. Pres. Ind. 
State Assn.. S. A. E.; Past Pres. Ind. State 
Alumni Assn. Crabbs, Reynolds, Taylor Co.; 
res. 206 W. Pike St., Crawfordsville. Ind. 

Charles Day Branigan, 

B. S., cum laud,-. 1012; Scientific Assn. (Char- 
ter Member); Graduated with High Honors in 
Major Subject; Fonthall. 1909-10; Track, 1900; 
Capt. 1910; Baseball. 1909; Basketball, igoo. 
Teacher. Mathematics; Sec. Detroit Alumni 
Assn.. S. A. E., 1016-17. Cass Technical High 
School: res. io6 Taylor Ave.. Detroit, Mich. 

Edgar Levi Brown, 

(Franklin, fold.) 

Rov LauretTce Burton, 

A. B.. 1012; Capl Varsity Football and Basket- 
hall; Cashier Renners Bank; Member Scottish 
Rite, Shriners. Sandliorn, Ind. 

Thomas Russell Moore, 

(Franklin, Ind.) 

Leroy O. Orahood, 

A. I E. E.; E. K. N.; Telephone Engineers, 
Western Electric Co. 24th St. and 48th Ave.; 
res. 3531 Lexington Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Arthur Edmund Spaulding, 

(R. F. D. No. 1, La Fountain, Ind.) 

Elmer B. Whitcomb, 

A. B., 1912; Track, 1910; Tennis, 191 1-12; 
Minister. Gregory, S. Dak. 

Courtland Matson Yount, 

A. B.. magna cum laude 191 2; A. M., 19' 6 
Northwestern Univ.; Periclesian; Scientific 
Assn.- Y M C A.; Honors in History; Com- 
mencement Orator; Football; Track; Water 
Polo; Graduate Student Wis. Univ.; Asst. 
Political Science, 1916-17; Fellow, 1917-18. 
Political Science Dept. Wis. Univ.; res. 401 
N. Murray St., Madison, Wis. 

Mark Cutsinger Kerlin, 

A. B., 1913; Soldier in Med. Dept., U. S. 
Army; Salesman with C. A. Dunham Co. 
R. 1710, 343 S. Dearborn St.; res. 5325 Black- 
stone Ave.. Chicago. 111. 

Marshall Keith Key, 

Graduate Kv. Military Inst.; Attended Pur- 
due Univ.; Arkansas Club (Purdue); Planta- 
tion Owner and Mining Business; Pres. The 
Great Arrow Mining Co.; Dir. Key Estate; 
Member Venice Athletic (Venice, Cal.), Al- 
hambra. Country and Tri State Clubs. 310-14 
Solomon BIdg..' Helena, Farmers Bank BIdg.. 
Harrison. Ponce City; res. 728 Poplar St.. 
Helena, Ark. 

Flovd Meyers, 

Class Pres.: Football; Basketball; Capt. Base- 
ball. (Rensselaer, Ind.) 

Wallace A. Ross, 

A. B., 1913; Principal High School. Ply- 
mouth, Ind. 

Arthur Edmund Spaulding, 

Merchant. Lafontaine R. R. No. 1; res. War- 
ren R. R. No. i, Ind. 


Ross Raymond Bringle,* 

d. May 28, 1913. Brook, Ind. 

George Thomas Brown, 

(396 W. Jefferson St., Franklin, Ind.) 

Thomas Henrv Campbell, 

A. B., 1614: A. M.. 1915 Ind. Univ^: Peri- 
clesian; Basketball. Capt. 1912-13; Baseball. 
Capt 1914; Teacher and Athletic Coach. 743 
Elm St.. Shelbyville, Ind. 

Virgil Lawrence Eikenberrv, 

A. B., ruin laudc 1914; A. M.. 19! S Ind. 
Univ.; Phi Beta Kappa: Periclesian; Histnry 
Club: Deutsehes Verein; Press Club; "F 
Men's Assn.: Student Council: Scientific Assn.; 
Honors in History; Baseball; Mgr. Football; 
Pres. Student Council; State Fellowship to 
Ind. Univ.; Automobile Dealer and Teacher; 
Delegate to Democratic Convention; Author 
"History of Short Ballot and Commission Gov- 
ernment in U. S."; Member Masons; Affiliated 
Ind. Gamma 1915. Russiaville; res 1125 S. 
Buckeye St.. Kokomo, Ind. 

Ray Bovd Hunter. 

Student Council; Singles and Doubles Tennis 
Champion; With Nordyke & Marmon Co. 1101 
W Morris St.; res. 1235 N. Tacoma Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Maurice V. Johnson, 

A. B„ 1914; Glee Club; Farmer. R. F. D. 
No. 7, Franklin, Ind. 




Reed Jesse Mc Cain, 

(R. F. D„ Flora. Ind.) 

Leonard E. Miller, 

Head of Copy Dept., Homer McKee Advertis- 
ing Agency; Better Business Bureau; Author 
Contributor to Business and Advertising Pub- 
lications; Member Chicago Advertising Club. 
1006 Kahn Bldg.. Indianapolis. Ind. 

William Merrill Murphy, 

CR. F. D.. Morgantown. Ind.) 

William Halter Mustaine, 

(Horse Cave, Ky.) 

Wallace Anderson Ross, 

(Southport, Ind.) 

Arland Russell Saunders, 

Agriculturist. Franklin, Ind. 

Tames Maurice Saunders. 

B. S., 1914; Instructor Radio Theory U. S. 
Naval Radio School; Instr. Chemistry and 
Physics, Lawrenceville, 111., High School, 1914- 
17; Prof. Phvsics and Chemistry, Milligan 
Coll., Tenn., iQi 7 -i8; Member U. S. Naval 
Radio Theory Club. 51 Oxford St., Cambridge, 
Mass.; res. R. R. No. 5. Franklin, Ind. 

Charles Bancroft Staff, 

A. B., 1914; LL. B., 1916 Ind. Univ.; ist 
Prize Junior Year (Ind. Univ.); Lawyer; 
Deputy Prosecuting Atty.. 8th Judicial Circuit, 
Ind.; Contributor Verse to Magazines; Member 
Authors' League of Am. 8 and 9 Farmers 
Trust Bldg.; res. 383 E. Madison St., Frank- 
lin, Ind. 

Hugh Emerson Vandiver, 

A. B., 1914; Football. 1911-13; Capt., 1913; 
Basketball, 1912-13; Baseball, 1911-12; Pres. 
Class, 1912; State Oratorical Contest, 1914; 
Superintendent Hopewell Schools; Mason. 
Franklin. Ind. 

Mark Calvin Waldon, 

(N. Walnut St., Franklin, Ind.) 


Russell Van Cleave Dunkin, 

Automobile Salesman, Track Department, 
Packard Motor Car Co. Long Island City; 
res. 719 W. 1 80th St., New York, N. Y. 

W. Willard Hall, 

A. B., 1915 Univ. of Mich.; Traveling Secre- 
tary, Intercollegiate Prohibition Assn.; Ad- 
vanced Hanly-Landrith Trans-continental Cam- 
paign Train from San Francisco to Boston. 
1520 Menlo Place, Columbus, Ohio; res. 
Franklin. Ind. 

Ralph Tillman Lukens, 

Farming and Stock Raising. Disko, Ind. 

Karl Henry Suckow, 

Flour Milling; Vice-Pres. Suckow Co.; Affili- 
ated Ind. Beta 1916. 150 W. Madison St., 
Franklin, Ind. 

Frank Albert Wood, 

Scientific Assn.; Traveling Passenger Agent, 
Pennsylvania Railroad; Petty Officer U. S. 
Navy; Asst. Instr., Naval Radio School; Edi- 
tor The Oscillator. 507 Terre Haute Trust 
Bldg.; res. 1306 S. Center St., Terre Haute, 


Oscar Willis Bogard. 

A. B., 1916; Vice-Pres. Y. M. C. A.. 1016; 
Class Treas., 1916; Football, 1914-16; Teacher. 
Lyons, Ind. 

Ralph Gav Clarke, 

Boys' Work Director; Scout Commissioner. 
Y. M. C. A.; res. 433 Monroe St., Gary, Ind. 

Ross George Dennis, 

Football; Electrician. Second and Glendale 
Sts. ; res. 1020 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Oke Tilson McClain, 

Co. I. 151st Inf., U. S. Army. R. R. No. 7, 
Franklin, Ind. 

John Frank Pruitt. 

A. B., cum laude 1916; Periclesian; Y. M. 
C. A. Cabinet; Dramatic Soc. ; "F" Assn. 
Football (1), (3); Basketball (1), (2), (3); 
Baseball (1), (2), (3), (4); Captain (4); 
Pres. Freshman Class; Vice Pres. Sophomore 
Class; Athletic Mgr., Junior Class: Teacher 
and Athletic Coach. Northern High School; 
Member Modern Woodmen of America. Wood- 
ward Ave. and Tosephine St.; res. 115 Blaine 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Garland Shafer, 

Lieutenant. 332d Field Artillery, U. S. Army. 
106 E. Madison St., Alexandria, Ind. 

William Curtis Smock, 

A. B.. 1916; "F" in Baseball and Basketball 
(Mgr. 1914-15); Dramatic and Scientific Clubs; 
Pres. Junior Class; Pres. Student Body: 
Honors in History and Political Science; Head 
of Science Dept. High School; Lieut. Heavy 
Artillery, U. S. Army. Delphi, Ind. 


Howard Bryant Book, 

Officers Training Camp, Fort Benjamin Har- 
rison. 924 Seventh St., Columbus, Ind. 

Herman Taylor Dolen, 

Attended Ind. Univ.; Chautauquan and Ly- 
ceum Musician Work: Author some music 
compositions; Latest, "The Old U. S. We're 
Fighting For." 1055 Peoples Gas Bldg., Chi- 
cago. 111.;" res. R. R. No. iS, Greenwood, Ind. 

Leslie William Hays, 

(Waynetown, Ind.) 

Oren Kerlin, 

Attended Purdue Univ.; Wigs and Queues; 
Harlequin Club (Purdue); "F" in Football, 
1915; Purdue Numerals 19 and 20; Farmer. 
R. R. No. 9, Franklin, Ind. 

Benjamin Franklin Kinnick, Tr., 

A. B., 1917 Ind. Univ.; Glee Club (Ind. 
Univ.); Business Mgr. The Franklin. 1915-16; 
Almanac Bd.. 1915-16; Soldier, U. S. Army. 
Greenwood, Ind. 

Robert Rav Reeve, Jr., 

Teacher. "Edwardsport, Ind. 

Charles Butler Saunders, 

U. S. Navy. Great Lakes, 111.; c/o J. M. 
Saunders, Franklin, Ind. 

Jav Webb Thorn, 

'A. B., 1917; Student Ind. Univ. 331 W. Jef- 
ferson St., Franklin, Ind. 

John Albert Trent, 

Farmer. R. R. No. 1, Flora, Ind. 

Oris Adair Vandivier, 

Football; Basketball (Capt.); Soldier, Post 
Hospital. Ft. Benjamin Harrison. R. R. No. 
4, Franklin, Ind. 

Russell C. Wilson, 

Dramatic and Glee Clubs; Executive Bd. 
Student Council; Varsity Football, 1917; Edi- 
tor-in-Chief Almanac. 1917; Managing Editor 
The Franklin, 1914-16; Business Mgr.. 1916- 
17; Student. 441 Monroe St., Gary, Ind. 


Bruce L. Bowen, 

Dramatic Club, 1916-17; Varsitv Football, 
1914-16 (Capt. 1916); Varsity Track, 1915-17 
(Capt. 1916); Varsitv Basketball, 1914-16; 
Pres. Prohibition Assn; Student. Rossville, 


Reuben A. Craig, 

Dramatic Club; Footb; 
1915-17; Mgr., 19 1 6 
Mgr. The franklin, 

Roscoe Dennis, 

Franklin, Ind. 

Ravmond Edwin Douthitt, 

" Edit 



914-16; Baseball, 
Capt., 1917; Circulation 
910: Student. Ockley, 

ok; l'i 


Y. M. C. A. Cab- 

Mgr. College 
Student. 219 S. Crowder St., Sullivan, Ind. 

Paul Foxworthy, 

Baseball. 1915-17; Track, 1915-16; Basketball, 
1916; Marine Aviation Corps; Student Pilot. 
Edinburg, Ind. 

Paul Harvey Hatfield, 

Teaching. Walton. Ind. 

Roy Boyd Hunter, 

Columbus, Ind. 

Hugh Lowery, 

Aviator U. S. Army. Cutler, Ind. 

Alois Louis Martinek, 

Student University of Michigan. 228 Smith 
Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

Glenn Othel Short, 

Rossville, Ind. 


David J. Bunnell, 

Dramatic Club; Pres. Sophomore Class; 
Student. 1706 South D St., Elwood, Ind. 

Ruskin S. Bunnell, 

Glee Club; Student. Elwood, Ind. 

Blanchard P. Davis, 

Student. 215 S. Court St., Sullivan, Ind. 

Harold Lee Denman, 

Periclesian, 1917; Glee and Dramatic Clubs; 
Yell Leader, 1915-17; Basketball, 1917; Staff 
Crimson Rambler, 1917; Divinity Student, 
Transylvania Coll. 310 Ewing Hall, Lexing- 
ton, Ky. 

Taul Ray Montgomery, 

Student. 1212 Lafayette Ave., Columbus, Ind. 

Wendell E. Roberts. 

Pres. Class Freshman Year; Varsity Football, 
2 yrs.; Asst. Prof. Biology, 1 vr.; With Penn- 
sylvania R. R. Co. 309 W. Leith St., Fort 
Wayne. Ind. 

William Gerald Ross, 

Student. Southport, Ind. 

William Russell Shirley, 

Delegate State Oratorical Assn., 1916-17; 
Student. R. R. Franklin. Ind. 

Plarry Glenn Vandivier, 

Mgr. Basketball; Student. R. R. No. 4, 
Franklin, Ind. 

William Edward White, 

Mgr. Track, 1916; E. C, 1916; Student Wash. 





Abner Frank Beck, 


E. W; 

St., Leba 


William Earl Campbell, 

Wigs and Queues; Dramatic Club; Baseball, 
1917; Football, 1 9 1 7 ; Student. 720 N. Main 
St., Franklin. Ind. 

Charles Richard Farmer, 

Student. Franklin. Ind. 

Andres Rodriguez Lendon, 
Melvin Simmons Lostutter, 

Dramatic Club, 1916-17; Managing Editor The 


Franklin, 1916 

Lewis E. Merrell, 

Student. R. R. No. 2, Wayneto 

Eugene Wayne Mortz, 

Student Denison Univ. 207 E. C 
Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Stanley Shuck, 

Student. R. R., Franklin, Ind. 

ille, Ind. 



La Fayette, Indiana 

Chartered May 18, 1893 


Earl Denison Smith, 

Field Marshal; Sec. Athletic Assn.; Food 
Manufacturer and Investor. (Delphi, Ind.) 

Harold U. Wallace, 

Charter Member; Vice-President and General 
Manager, Western Light and Power Co.; Mem- 
ber Denver Club, Denver, Colo.; Am. Soc. of 
Civil Engineers. 821 Mapleton Ave., Boulder, 


Herman Charles Allen, 

Irving Lit. Soc: Idaho State Highway En- 
gineer. Capitol Bldg., Boise, Idaho. 

Theodoras S. Bailey, 

B. M. E., 1895; M. E., 1896 Cornell Univ.; 
Tau Beta Pi; Pacific Coast Representative 
Electric Boat Co.; Am. Soc. Mechanical En- 
gineers; A. F. and A. M. ; Loyal Legion; 
Affiliated with N. Y. Alpha 1896. Electric 
Boat Co., c/o Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Cloyd Marshall, 

B. in M. E., 1895; E. E., 1900; Tau Beta Pi; 
Ind. Intercollegiate Athletic Assn.; Pres. Class 
1895; Editor-in-Chief Senior Annual; Foot- 
ball; Track; Executive Officer; Sec.-Treas., 
Thomas Auto Trucks Co.; Firm of Frith & 
Marshall; Treas. Winters Improvement Co.; 
Pres. Murdock Condensor Co.; Member Am. 
Inst. Electrical Engineers. 81 New St., New 
York, N. Y.; res. Washington Ave., Dumont, 
N. J. 

Harry Bert Rust,* 

Charter Member. 

Harry Robinson Safford, 

B. C. E., 1895; C. E., 1896; Charter Member; 
Pres. Irving Lit. Soc; Engineering Soc; Chief 
Engineer Grand Trunk Ry. System; Dir. In- 
ternational Bridge Co., P. O. & N. Ry. and 

C. & D. G. T. J. Ry.; Dir. Am. Soc. of Engrs. 
and Canadian Soc of Civil Engrs.; Member 
St. James Club. Grand Trunk Ry.; res. 359 
Melville Ave., Montreal, Canada. 

Willis Warren Washburn, 

B. M. E., 189°;; Manager and Owner Tele- 
phone Plant. Goodland, Ind. 


Jay Anderson Clark, 

B. M. E., 1896; Foreman, General Electric Co. 
(306 Glenwood Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y.) 

Charles Ernest Crane, 

Charter Member; General Easter 
Agent. Lehigh Valley R. R. (I 
N. Y.) 

Arthur Brown Fry, 

Electrical Engine 

Detroit St., Lc 

Burt German, 

Angeles, Cal.) 

State Coll.; Charter Member; 
Teacher. (Fremont, Ohio.) 

Leon Abram Jeffery, 

B. S., 1896; M. D., 1907 Louisville Med. Coll.; 
Charter Member; Class Pres., 1902-03; Dept. 
Editor Exponent, 1904-05; Assoc. Lit. Editor 
Debris, 1906; Physician. Weyauwega, Wis. 

David C. Jordan, 

Ph. G., 1896; Traveling Salesman; Member 
University Club, Albany, N. Y. Angola, Ind. 

Alfred Ristine Kipp, 

B. S. in M. E., 1896; M. E., 1899; Charter 
Member; Mechanical Supt. Soo Line Ry.; 
Member Am. Soc. Mechanical Engrs.; Western 
Ry. Club; Am. Ry. Master Mechanics Assn. 
and Master Car Builders Assn. N. Fond du 
Lac; res. Fond du Lac, Wis. 

John Stoddard Small, 

Electrical Engineer. (R. A. Long Bldg., Kan- 
sas City, Mo.) 


George William Axtell, 

B. S. in E. E.. 1897; Operating Engineer 
General Electric Co. Power Stations; Past Mas- 
ter Charles W. Mead Lodge, No. 862, F. & 
A. M.; Member A. F. and A. M., St. George's 
Chapter, No. 157, R. A. M.; St. George's Coun- 
cil, No. -1, R. and S. M.; St. George's Com- 
manderv, No. 37, K. T.; Oriental Temple, 

A. A. O. N. M. S. 30 Robinson St., Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 

Joel Dempster Brownell, 

B. C. E., 1897; Sophomore Class Pres.; Pres. 
Civil Engineering Soc; Pres. Carlyle Lit. Soc; 
Vice-Pres. and Treas. Athletic Assn.; Assoc. 
Editor Exponent; Bus. Mgr., 1897 Debris: Spe- 
cial Agent Manufacturing Lumberman's Under- 
writers. 100s Northwestern Bank Bldg.; res. 
59S E. 40th St., North Portland, Ore. 

Joe Reed Crowder, 

M. D., 1897; Nu Sigma Nu; Benjamin Rush 
Medal; Phvsician and Surgeon; Pres. R. H. 
Crowder Memorial Hosp.; Surgeon I. C. R. R. 
and C. H. & S. R. R. 17 Main St.; res. 241 
W. Washington St._, Sullivan, Ind. 

George Minot Finney,* 

B. S. in E. E., 1897; E. E., 1898. d. June 




Claude D. Fish, 

Special Representative. Continental Credit 
Trust; Former Sec. and Dir. Commerce Trust 
Co.; ist Lieut, is-th hid. Vol. Inf., Spanish- 
Am. War. 824 First Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 
030 Crescent Place, Chicago, 111. 

William C. Halstead, 

B. S. in M. E., 1S97; Tau Beta Pi; Emerso- 
nian; Wilbur Scholar; Football, 1895-96; 
Grain and Coal Merchant; Mech. Engineer, 
Oregon Short Line and Wheeling & Lake Erie 
Rys. Brookston, Ind. 

William Kinnair, 

M. D., 1901 Northwestern Univ.; Physician 
and Surgeon. Changnon Bldg.; res. nth St. 
and Emerson Ave., Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

John C. Kinsley, 

B. S. in M. E., 180-; Sec. G. M. Davis Regu- 
lator Co.; Member Chicago Athletic Club. 422 
Milwaukee Ave.; res. 9540 Longwood Drive, 
Chicago, 111. 

Earl Denison Smith, 

Canned Food Manufacturer; Member Colum- 
bia Club, Indianapolis, Ind. Delphi, Ind. 

William Christopher Taylor, 

B. S. in C. E., 1897; Skulls of n; Athletic 
Editor Exponent; Asst. Engineer Oregon and 
Washington R. R. and Nav. Co.; Member Am 
Ry. Engineers Assn. 1208 Wells Fargo Bide., 
Portland, Ore. 


Harry Moffit Bird,* 

Insurance and Real Estate Agent. d. Sept. 
10, 1914. 

De Witt W. Buchanan, 

B. S. in M. E., 1S98; Vice-Pres. Senior Class; 
Track. 1907-08; Pres. Old Ben Coal Corpora- 
tion; Member C. A. A. and South Shore Coun- 
try Club. 1 114 McCormick Bldg.; res. 5488 
Everett Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

Harold Whitcomb Cope, 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha, 1898. 

Burnet Fulton Foulds,* 

Chemist, d. July 29, 1903. 

Frederic Kirk Knowlton, 

Attended Columbia Univ.; Sergt.-Major of Bat- 
talion; Pres. M. D. Knowlton Co., Mfrs. and 
Engrs.; Pres. Auburn Ball Bearing Co.; Officer 
Engineer Reserve Corps, U. S. Army; Mem- 
ber International Congress of Electricitv. St. 
Louis Exposition; U. S. and Rochester (Trus- 
tee) Chambers of Commerce; Am. Soc. Mech. 
Engrs.; Natl. Metal Trades Assn.; (Charter 
Member and Counsellor several yrs.); Uni- 
versity, Country and Genesee Valley Clubs; 
Affiliated N. Y. Mu, 1901. 29 Elizabeth St., 
Rochester, N. Y.; res. "The Pines," Pittsford, 
N. Y. 

Stanley Hastings McMullen,* 

Skull's of n; Carlvle Lit. Soc.; Member Ind. 
00c. Civil Engineering and Assoc. Member Am. 
Soc. of Civil Engrs. d. Tuly 12, 1916, Cin- 
cinnati. Ohio. 

Paul William Mavitv, 

Journalist. (Muncic. Ind 1 

Jacob Nicey Moore,* 

Electrical Engineer. 

Levon Benjamin Webb, 

B. C. E., 1898; Civil Engineer. (Martinsville. 

Henry T- Wright,* 

Chemist, d. Nov. 22, 1917. 

Robert Arnold Allen.* 

B. S. in M. F... 1890. d. April 19, 191a. 

James Perry Bradner, 

B. S. in E. E., 1899; Thirteen Club; Irving Lit. 

Soc; Capt. Signal R. C. Aviation Section U. S. 
Army; Member Masons; Masonic Club (San 
Francisco, Cal.). Adjutant-General U. S. 
Army. Washington, D. C. 

Henry L. Byers, 

Ph. G., 1809; Traveling Salesman, Eli Lilly Co. 
(322 Washington St., Grand Rapids, Mich.) 

Franklin F. Chandler, 

B. S. in M. E., 1809; Sales Manager, Chandler 
& Taylor Co.; Trustee Purdue Univ. 1913 
Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 

George Frederic Hodell, 

Manager Dept. of Investigation Owens Bottle 
Machine Co.; Member Toledo, Duveness Golf 
and Cleveland Athletic (Cleveland, Ohio) 
Clubs. 982 Libbey St.; res. 2309 Maplewood 
Aye., Toledo. Ohio. 

Louis L. Johnson, 

B. S. in M. E., i8'q; Consulting Engineer and 
Architect; Member Am. Soc. of Mechanical 
Engineers. Attica. Ind. 

George Henry Mueller, 

B. S. in M. E., 1899: Special at Cornell Univ.; 
Skulls of 13; Baseball "P" all classes; Varsity 
Scrub , ootball; Track; Gym.; District Mgr., N. 
Y. Jeffrey Mfg. Co.: Affiliated N. Y. Alpha. 
1900. 50 Dey St.. New York; res. 110 Rock- 
land Ave.. Park Hill, Yonkers, N. Y. 


Clarence Tubus Bodemer, 

B. S. in M. E., 1900. (New Deeatur Ala.) 

Harrison S. Colburn, 

B. S„ 1900; A. M., 1902 Columbia Univ.; 
Mechanical Engineer; Real Estate. 5 Beekman 
St., New York; res. 1958 E. 13th St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Walter S. Galloway, 

Asst. Purchasing Agent. Baltimore & Ohio R. 
R.; Member Ariel Rowing, Oriole Gun. Bal- 
timore Athletic. Baltimore Country and Bal- 
timore Yacht Clubs. B. & O. Bldg.. 311 Cathe- 
dral St., Baltimore, Md. 

Huntington Lee Gordon, 

B. S. in M. E., 1900; Salesman Buick Motor 
Co. 1401 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, 
D. C. 

Paul Backus Sawyer, 

. B. S. in E. E., 1900; E. E., 1902; with Harri- 
son Williams. (60 Broadwav, New York, N. 


Charles Edmund Bird, Tr., 

Manager H. M. Bird Estate "Busv Bee" Stores. 
313 S. State St.; res. 417 Benjamin St., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

Willard Norman Keiser, 

Sales Manager, The Parsons Co. The Parsons 
Co.; res. 704 E. 4th St., Newton, Iowa. 

Frank E. Mueller, 

B. S. in M. E., 1000; M. E., 1901; Sec. and 
Chief Engr. Roberts and Schaefer Co.; Sec. 
and Treas. Chapter House Assn.; Member Chi- 
cago Athletic Assn. 2064-132 S. Michigan 
Ave.; res. 7616 Eastlake Terrace, Chicago, III. 

Howard B. Smith, 

Varsity Football. Baseball. Capt. Frcshmnn 
Team; Track; Sec. J. P. Smith Shoe Co., Mfrs.; 
Member Exmoor Country Club. Sangamon 
and Huron Sts., Chicago; res. 346 Prospect 
Ave.. Highland Park, III. 


Charles M. Best, 

(205 Column Bldg.. Seattle, Wash.) 

John Wesley Cornell, 

Civil Engineer. (6949 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 




Hugh Marvin Harris, 

Initiated by Tenn. Eta, 1900. 

Fred B. Hofft, 

B. S. in E. E., 1902; Vice-President and Gen- 
eral Manager Erie Lighting Co. 1101 State 
St.; res. 629 Cherry St., Erie, Pa. 

Anthony F. Maischaider, 

B. S. in C. E., 1902; Engineer Maintenance 
of Way. Big Four Railroad Co.; res. 1020 
Lafayette Ave., Mattoon, 111. 

Herman Ernst Rhoads, 

B. S. in C. E-, 1902; Assistant Engineer 111. 
Central R. R. (205 111. Central Station, Chi- 
cago, 111.) 

Harrv James Shaw, 

Assistant Division Engineer Penna. Lines. 
Room 9. Union Station; res. 6926 Lakewood 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Walter Thomas Taylor, 

With C. R. I. and P. "Ry. Topeka, Kans. 

Theodore D. Williams, 

Expert Accountant. 509 Exchange Place 
Bldg. ; res. 277 Pierpont St., Rochester, N. Y. 


Morris E. Breunig, 

Glee Cluh; Auditor Indiana Daily Times Co.; 
Member M. E. Church, Purdue Alumni Assn., 
Marion and South Grove Clubs, Knights of 
Pythias. 28-36 -E. Georgia St.; res. 1233 Park 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Leonard D. Brownell, 

B. S., 1903; C. E., 1910; Engineering Soc; 
County Assistant Engineer in Charge of Con- 
struction State Highwavs in Onondaga and 
Cortland Counties; Member Am. Soc. Civil 
Engineers, Technology Club. 433 S. Salinas 
St.; res. 520 Clarendon St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Rov E. Clisbv, 

B. S., 1903; President The Sterling Machine 
and Stamping Co. Wellington, Ohio. 

Fred Carl Hohn, 

B. S. in C. E., 1903; Civil Engineer. (Mid- 
way Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.) 

Louis C. Kuhnert, Jr.,* 

d. Jan. 26, 191 7. 

Albert Ward McHenry, 

B. S. in E. E. 1903; Superintendent Sterling 
Machine and Stamping Co. 348 S. Main St., 
Wellington, Ohio. 

Morton R. Mavor, 

B. S. in E. E., 1903; Contractor and Builder; 
Secretary William Mavor Co.; Member Ma- 
sons, University and Exmoor Country Clubs. 
72 W. Adams St., Chicago; res. Laurel Ave. 
and Lake Place, Highland Park, 111. 

Harrison L. Rakestraw, 

B. S. in M. E., 1903: Tau Beta Pi. 2303 Au- 
burn Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 

Jay William Skinkle, 

B. S. in E. E., 1903; Manager Technical 
Branch Western Electric Co.; Member Am. 
Soc. of Mech. Engs. and Am. Luncheon Club. 
Henley Road, North Woolwich, London, Eng.; 
res. Lamorbey Park Hotel, Sidcup, Kent, Eng. 

Oliver Preston Smith, 

Tau Beta Pi; Masonic and Cotillion Clubs; 
Regimental Adjutant Cadet Corps; Electrical 
Sales Engineer, Firm of O. P. Smith Co.; 
Member Electric Vehicle Section Natl. Electric 
Light Assn., Jovian Order, Jovian League, 
Mystic Athletic and Lincoln Park Golf Clubs; 
Oriental Consistory, S. P. R. S. 32°; Brother- 
hood Lodge A. F. and A. M. 608 S. Dear- 
born St.; res. 850 Wilson Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Ross Gordon Thomas, 

B. S. in C. E., 1903; Pay Master Lake Erie 
and Western R. R. Co.; Clerk and Treas. Town 
of Woodrnff Place; Sec. and Treas. Woodroff 
Club. Washington and Noble Sts.; res. 671 
E. D. Woodroff Place, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Albert Maser JTraugott, 

Civil Engineer; Division Engineer Virginian 
Railway Co. Princeton, W. Va. 

Irvin E. Artz, 

B. S. in M. E., 1904; Tau Beta Pi; Assistant 
to Manager Industrial Sales Department; 
Member University Club. Westinghouse Elec- 
tric and Mfg. Co., East Pittsburgh; res. 5512 
Avondale St.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Richard C. Canterbury, 

B. S. in C. E., 1904 Farm Loans; Member 
University and South Shore Country Clubs. 
10 _S. La Salle St.; res. 4442 Vincennes Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

John H. Dunham, 

General Advertising; Vice-Pres. Erwin & 
Wasev Co.; Member Evanston Golf, Chicago 
Athletic and Skokie Country Club. .58. E. 
Washington St., Chicago; res. 1034 Michigan 
Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Edward W. Hvde, 

Initiated by Ohio Epsilon, 1904. 

Thomas Grav McDou?all, 

Initiated by Mass. Iota Tau, 1904. 

Carl David Smith. 

Salesman, Universal Portland Cement Co. 210 
S. La Salle St., Chicago; res. 2S W. 19th St., 
Chicago Heights, 111. 


Reed Goss Brady, 

Division Engineers' Office, C. & N. W. Ry. 
(Escanaba, Mich.) 

Joseph Daniel Collins, 

B. S., 1905; M. D., 1910 Harvard Univ.; Phi 
Rho Sigma; "P" in Baseball; Physician; 

Larvngolucist, Hospital: Sec. Hampshire Coun- 
ty Med. Soc; Sec. Northampton Med. Club. 
90 Main St.; res. 88 Pomeroy Terrace, North- 
ampton, Mass. 

Ernest Robert Conrov, 

Class Football and Baseball; Varsity Track; 
Sub Football and Basketball; Civil Engineer 
with H. S. Ferguson Construction Engineer; 
Member S. A. E. Alumni Assn., University of 
Mich. Club; Affiliated Mich. Beta, 1905. 200 
Fifth Ave.; res. 430 W. uSth St., New York, 
N. Y. 

James Percy Hudson, 

Affiliated Ohio Theta, 1907. (5174 Woodward 
Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.) 

Charles R. Jamison, 

B. S. in C. E., 1905; C. E., 1908; Tau Beta 
Pi; Civil Engineering; Treas. Athletic Assn.; 
Works Manager, The Berger Manufacturing 
Co. The Berger Manufacturing Co.; res. 211, 
nth St. N. E., Canton, Ohio. 

Ashbel C. Neel, 

B. S. in E. E., 1904: Secretary Jackson Water 
Works. (Jackson, Miss.) 

William H. Patterson, 

B. S. in C. E., 1905; Manager Resale Section 
Industrial Department; Member University 
and Edgewood Country Clubs. Westinghouse 
Electric and Mfg. Co., East Pittsburgh; res. 
305 Hutchinson Ave. (Edgewood Park), Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

William English Russell. 

B. S. in C. E., 1905; Civil Engineering Soc ; 
Michigan Club; Athletic Assn.; Football; 
Track; Athletic Board; Civil Engineer with 
111. Central R. R.; Member Masons. 111. Cen- 
tral R. R., Carbondale, 111. 

Lauson Stone, 

B. S. in M. E., 1905; Engineer U. S. Bureau 
of Mines; Supt. Pittsburgh Experiment Sta- 
tion; Author "Fuel Values of Gasoline and 
Denatured Alcohol." 4902 Forbes St.; res. 
2212 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 





Dean Kimball Chadbourne, 

IS. S. in E. E., lgo6; Eastern District Man- 
ager, George Cutter Co. 30 Church St., New 
York, N. Y.; res. 1015 Putnam Ave., Plain- 
field, N. J. 

Arthur Roland Chapman,* 

d. Nov. 29, 1909. 

William August Cluthe, 

Attended Univ. of Pa.; Freshman, Swimming, 
Fancv Driving; Univ. of Pa. Senior Store 
Displav Man; in charge of Store Advertising 
Fairv Soap Campaign in Eastern States. 1009 
K. St. N. W., Washington, D. C; res. 1407 
Fulton Ave., Evansville, Ind. 

John Ernest Fisher, 

B. S. in E. E., 1906; Track, 1903-05; First 
Lieutenant 328th Field Artillery, U. S. Army. 
321 Cherry St. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Harrv I. Hair, 

B. S. "in M. E., 1906; Glee Club; Asst. Busi- 
ness Mgr. and Stage Mgr. Dramatic Club; 
Sales Representative, Manning, Maxwell & 
Moore, Inc. 1005 Park Bldg., 5th Ave.; res. 
4 Rose Lawn Terrace, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Harry Louis Hollmeyer, 

B. S., 1913 Univ. of Wis.; Director The Griess 
Pfleger Tanning Co.; Affiliated Wis. Alpha, 
1913. 810 Svcamore St.; res. 2489 Erie Ave., 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Raloh Thrown Knode, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Secretary and Treasurer 

Knode Hotel Co. Exchange Hotel, Union 

Stock- Yards; res. 1430 Broadway, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Thomas W. Macartney, 

B. S. in M. E„ 1906; Draftsman; Member 
Elks. Boeing Airplane Co.; res. 2716 Wash- 
ington St., Seattle, Wash. 

James Clarence Nisbet, 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1906. 

William Edward Ouillin, 

Initiated by Nebr. Lambda Pi 1906. 

William Rood Renwick, 

Farmer. Corunna, Mich. 

Charles Stanley Rhoads, 

B. S. in E. E., 1916; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma 
Xi Engineer, Telegraph Department, C. C. C. 
& St. L. Ry.; Student Member Am. Inst. Elec- 
trical Engineers. 403 Union Station; res. 3328 
College Ave.. Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Bernhard Thiess, 

B. S. in E. E., 1906; LL. B., Kent College of 
Law, Chicago; TauBeta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; 
Patent Attorney; Author "Toll Telephone 
Practice." Western Electric Co., Hawthorne 
St.; res. 4917 West End Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

William Edward Webbe, 

C. E., 1906; Attended Univ. of Wis.; Founder 
Alpha Alpha; (Short Course Agri.) Univ. of 
Wis.; Pres. 191 1 Class (Univ. of Wis.); 
Broker, Associated with Noyes & Jackson; 
Pres. Province Delta, 1910-13; Delegate, 
Province Delta Convention, Chicago. 1909; 
Champaign, row; Cleveland, 1913; National 
Convention, Nashville. 1912; Chicago. 1912; 
Member Consistory, Valley of Ft. Wayne, 
Ind., 32 . 208 S. La Salle St.; res. 7351 
Harvard Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Louis Wilson, 

(97 S. 8th St., Wobelsvillc, Ind.) 

Plumer Wiseman, 

B. S. in C. E., 1906; District Sales Manager, 

C. A. P. Turner Co. First Natl. Bank Bldg.; 
res. 840 Main St., Danville, Va. 


Willis Blanche Dye, 

Wholesale and Mfg. Lumber; Pres. 1916 Ind. 

Assn. S. A. E.; Member Indianapolis Bd. of 
Trade. Hoo Hoo, Masons, Knights of Pythias 
and Elks. 500 S. Union St.; res. 505 S. 
Union St., Kokomo. Ind. 

John Steele Gettrust. 

B. S. in E. E.. 1907; Superintendent Filtra- 
tion Plant, Akron Water Works; Member 
Ohio Club. Akron Water Works; res. R. R. 
No. 6, Kent. Ohio. 

George Washington Hewitt, 

(Franklin Grove, 111.) 

Johnson Heywood, 

B S. in M. E., 1907; Editorial Staff A. W. 
Shaw & Co., Publishers of System. Wabash 
Ave. and Madison St., Chicago, 111. 

Charles G. Julius. 

Track, i 9 05 : o6; Sales Department The F. W. 
Dodge Co. (Construction Reports) 842 Monad- 
nock Bldg ; res. 1332 Marquette Rd., Chicago, 

Arthur R. Moorman, 

City Engineer; Member Engineers and Archi- 
tects Assn. of Southern Cal. City Hall; res. 
206 N. Seville Ave., Huntington Park, Cal. 

Thomas Tefferson Rison, 

B S in C. E., 1907; Automobiles and Road 
Building. 320 Craghead St.; res. 234 W. 
Main St., Danville, Va. 


Howard M. Clarke, 

Estimator and in Charge of Rate Setting and 
Routing; Member Elks and Woodmen of the 
World. Mitchell Motor Co.; res. 1844 Asylum 
Ave., Racine, Wis. 

Walter C. Essington, 

Owner and Publisher The Morning Sentinel. 
P O. Box 178; res. Lucerne Court, Orlando, 

Warren Donald Fisher, 

(28 Spruce St., Wooster, Ohio.) 

Leslie Stuart Gordon, 

Pan-Hellenic Council; Treas Tennis Assn. 
1906-07; Vice-President, The Hewett Co.. Rail- 
way Supplies; Member University and Exmoor 
Country Clubs. 80 E. Jackson Blvd.; res. 200 
E. Delaware Place, Chicago, 111. 

William Francis Keefe, 

Steward; Eminent Archon; Baseball: Hotel 
Manager: Member Elks and Moose. Seymour 
House, Blossburg, Pa. 

Hugh Thomas Layne, 

(1810 S. Central Park Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

David Matteson Light, 

B. S. in M. E., 1908; Mechanical Engineer, 
St. L.-S. F. Ry. Co. 303 Frisco Bldg.; res. 
nu E. Walnut St., Springfield, Mo. 

William I. Lucius, 

B S in E. E„ 1908; Proprietor The Jersey 
Dell Creamery. R. R. No. 2. Hamilton, Ohio. 

Mortimer Tohnson McChesney, 

B. S. in C. E., 1908: City Engineer. Charles- 
ton National Bank Bldg.: res. 411 Ruffncr 
Ave.. Charleston, W. Va. 

Frank C. Maurer, 

B S in E. E. 1908; Electrical Engineer. 
W E Dept. General Electric Co. (Elizabeth. 
N. J.) 

Clyde Willis Moyer, 

(4525 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa.) 

Maxwell Long Spauldine. 

Varsity Football. 1901; Assistant Manager. 
Trumbull Electrical Mfg. Co. 7304 Oglesby 
Ave.. Chicago. 111. 

Oliver G. Thomas, 

Foreman Stores, Allen Motor Co. W. North 
St.; res. 404 N. Union St., Fostoria, Ohio. 




Walter Eugene Viol, 

B. S. in E. E., 1908; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau 
Beta Pi; Telephone Engineer; Chairman Haw- 
thorne Engineers Soc., 1917-17. Western 
Electric Co., Hawthorne Station; res. 1052 
Massasoit Ave., Austin Station, Chicago, 111. 


Edbert Charles Buss, 

B. S., 1909; Football; Track; Director of Ath- 
letics; Pres. Class, 1909 Mich. Agricultural 
Coll.; 32 Mason. Bowman Gymnasium; res. 
303 E. Seminary St., Greencastle, Ind. 

Hubert H. Everist, 

General Manager, L. G. Everist Ins. First 
and Nebraska Sts.; res. 37 McDonald Drive, 
Sioux City, Iowa. 

Herman Morrissey Klentschy, 

(645 W. Columbia St., Marion, Ohio.) 

M. Luckiesh, 

B. S., 1909; M. S., State Univ. of Iowa; 
E. E„ Iowa State Coll.; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma 
Xi; Research Physicist; Author "Color and 
Its Application," "Light and Shade and Its 
Application," "Lighting Practice," "The Lan- 
guage of Color," etc.; Member Am. Physical 
Soc; Am. Inst, of Electric Engrs.; Illuminat- 
ing Engrs. Soc. Nela Park; res. 3020 Berk- 
shire Road, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Ward Beecher Porter, 

Emerson Soc; Freshman Baseball: Assistant 
Superintendent Construction Department; 
Chamber of Commerce; Member Indianapolis 
Canoe Club; Masons. Peoples Light & Heat 
Co.; res. 2344 Park Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

S. R. Rectanus, 

B. S., 1909; Director of Employment; The 
American Rolling Mills Co. Middletown, Ohio. 

James Ernest Stewart, 

(Harvey House, East Vaughn, N. Mexico.) 


Bennett C. Creed, 

B. S. in M. E., 1910; Basketball Letter Man; 
Baseball Squad; Asst. Manager Fulton Saw 
Works; Member Masons. Homan and Arthmg- 
ton Sts.; res. 704 N. Mavfield Ave., Chicago, 

Louis E. Eisensmith, 

B. S. in M. E., 1910; Engrs. Soc; Football; 
Sales Engr.; Manager Columbus Office. Am. 
Blower Co., Detroit, Mich.; Member Athletic 
Club, iih Columbus Savings and Trust Bldg.; 
res. 916 Madison Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Howard Dean Ferguson, 

Track; Salesman Tohn A. Roebling's Sons Co.; 
member Elks. 165 W. Lake St.; res. 4953 
Lake Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Allen Hite, 

(Kansas, 111.) 

Colus Charles Hunter, 

Affiliated 111. Beta, 1910. (8 Irvington St., 
Boston, Mass.) 

Arthur Frederick Kalk, 

B. S. in M. E., 1010; Manager Heinrick 
Franck & Sons. 2 Jefferson Ave., Flushing, 
N. Y. 

Carl H. Norton, 

Hand and Orchestra; Advertising Dept. Cleve- 
land Press. 11412 Saywell Ave., Cleveland, 

Edwin T- Parrock, 

'B. S. in M. E., 1910; Class Numerals in Bas- 
ketball; Steam Engineer. Canadian Steel Cor- 
poration, Ltd. Ojibway, Out., Canada. 

Sidney Rehm Rectanus, 

B. S., 1909; Supt Galvanizing Dept. Am. Roll- 
ing Mill Co. (Middletown, Ohio). 

Elmer Jeremiah Uhl, 

B. S. in C. E., 1910; Operating Engineer, 
Memphis Steel Construction Co. of Pa. P. O. 
Box. No. g'6; res. Fulton St., Greencastle, Pa. 

George Trask Whelden, 

Real Estate Broker; Sec-Treas. Ind. Real 
Estate Assn.; Sec. Indianapolis Real Estate 
Bd.; Treas. Indianapolis Rental Bd.; Chamber 
of Commerce, Member Natl. Assn. Real Es- 
tate Bds. 921 Hume-Mansur Bldg.; res. 2159 
N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


William S. Carroll, 

President and General Manager, Carroll, Ford, 
Edgar Co., Ford Agency. 736-40 E. Long St.; 
res. 43 Parsons Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Rex Sanders Gay, 

B. S. in C. E., 191 1 ; Theta Nu Epsilon; Phoe- 
nix; Manufacturers Agent (Railway Supplies). 
122 S. Michigan Ave; res. 375s Pine Grove 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Carl John Getz, 

B. S., 1911; Forestry Soc; Real Estate; City 
Forester and Park Supt., 1912-17; Member 
Real Estate Bd. ; University, Commercial and 
100% Clubs. 346-47 Utility Bldg.; res. 1 1 ji 
Edgewater Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Wayland Gladstone Hier, 

B. S., 191 1 ; Varsity Baseball 3 yrs. ; Canning 
and Preserving Business. Care E. Pritchard, 
cor. Irving Ave. and Bank St.; res. 174 Broad 
St., Bridgeton, N. J. 

William Thomas Johnston, Jr., 

At Ky. Univ., Lamp" and Cross; Football; Base- 
ball; Gvm.; Advertising Mgr. "U" paper; Sec. 
The William T. Johnston Co.; Author Mu- 
sical Comedy "The Last at Helwash College"; 
-lember Rotary, Traffic and Highland Coun- 
try Clubs; Knights of Pythias; Affiliated Ky. 
Epsilon, 1011. Third and Vine Sts., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio; res. 417 E. 5th St., Newport, 

Albert Herman Kurtz, 

B S. in M. E.. ion; Sales Manager, The 
Alamo Farm Light Co. 1201 Farnam St.; res. 
3818 Leavenworth St., Omaha, Neb. 

Frederick Densmore Leeds, 

(70S W. Walnut Place, Kokomo, Ind.) 

Albert Herman Luhrman, 

B. S. in E. E„ 1911J Pres. and General Man- 
ager, The Cincinnati Storage Battery Co.; 
Member The Cincinnati Business Men's and 
Hamilton County Golf Clubs. 228-230 Stark 
St.; res. 2868 May St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

William Howard McLean, 

Initiated by Ark. Alpha LTpsilon, 1909. 

Earle Sumner Montgomery, 

Initiated by Ohio Delta. 1910. 

Charles Leslie Nichols, 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha, 1907. 

William Howe Shipley, 

Secretary Shipley Hardware Co. 130 Main 
St.; res. 171 Littleton St.. Lafayette, Ind. 

Myron Charles Summers, 

Secretary The Deforest Sheet and Tinplate Co.; 
Member The Nines and Countrv (Youngstown. 
Ohio) Clubs. 903 Robbins Ave., Niles, Ohio. 


Leland Sears Becker, 

Initiated by Va. Beta, 191 1. 

Burgess Buell Brier, 

B. S. in C. E., 1912; Engineering Soc: 




Foster Callaghan, 

Second Lieut. 319th Field Artillery, IT. s. 
Army; Affiliated N. Y. Mil. 1012. 165 Broad- 
way, X. Y. City; res. 4407 Erie Ave., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

George Franklin Campbell, 

B. S. in M. E., 1912; Outside Supt. of Mines. 
West Frankfort, III. 

Russell Allen Dilts, 

B. S. in Agri., 1912; Agricultural Soc Var- 
sovien Club; Football, Class, 1909; Varsity 
Squad, 1910-11; Farm Manager. Winanac, 

Glen H. Fletcher, 

B. S. in C. E.,1912; Iron City; Football, 1909- 

11; Capt., 1910; Farming; Member Morris 

Commercial Club. 114 E. North St., Morris, 

Tohn G. Hollmeyer, 

Firm Carroll & Hollmever, Mfrs. Agents, Bro- 
kers and Tobbers, Dyestuffs and Chemicals. 
900 Eastman St.; res. 5809 Ridge Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Frederick Densmore Leeds, 

iBuyer in Carpet and Rug Dept. Sears Roe- 
buck & Co.; res. 2622 N. Spaulding Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

William E. Lloyd, 

(173 Georgetown St., Lexington. Ky.) 

Matt Luckiesh, 

(G. E. Co., Cleveland, Ohio'' 

Joseph Harrison Miller, 

B. S. in C. E., 1912; Civil Engineering Soc; 
Athletic Assn.; Letter Man Football; Civil En- 
gineer in charge revetment party on Miss. 
River for U. S. Engineers. U. S. Engineers 
Office; res. P. O. Box, 1027, Memphis, Ten.i. 

Oliver Kenneth Quivey, 

B. S. in Agri., 1912; Harleouin Club; Treas. 
Ind. Beta 3 vrs; Delegate Installation Wis. Phi 
and Pittsburgh Convention; Member Exten- 
sion Committee, Pittsburgh; Chief of Agri 
culture, Baltimore & Ohio R. R.: Author "Land 
O' Dreams" and "One Moment, Please"; musi- 
cal plavs at college. Baltimore & Ohio Bldg., 
Baltimore, Md. 

Arthur Marsh Wagner, 

Grocer; Affiliated Pa Theta, 191 1. 19-21 N. 
Harrison St.; res. 113 E. Mechanic St., Shel- 
byville, Ind. 


Earl Hobart Allen, 

Phi Lambda Upsilon; Varsity "P" Club; Stu- 
dent. 213 North St., West Lafayette, Ind. 

Samuel Willard Ball, 

Initiated by Ark. Alpha Upsilon, 191 3. 

John Vincent Boyle, 

Real Estate Developer; Member Elks. 318 
Main St.; res. 631 Belmont Ave., Springfield, 

Harry Clyde Bruce, 

(1277 Amherst Place. Si Louis, Mo.) 

Russell Alger Coles, 

First Lieut. Sanitary Corps, U. S V A. E I'. 
Base Med, Supply Dept. Care Adjutant-Gen- 
eral, Washington, I'. C. 

Wilbur Herbert Harley, 

Re 1.1. Arkansas Democrat. i,n Main St.; 

res. iom X. Beech St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Robert Kay 1 [utchinson, 

B. S. in M. E., 1913; Football, 1911-12; Capt., 
mi.'; 1st Lieut. Battery C, i--Xtli Field Ar- 
tillery, P. S. Army. Adjut.1.11 I ',. m i;,l. Wash, 
ingtnn, II. (.. 

Robert Mont fort Miller, 

Initiated by Ohio Epsilon 1908. 

Harrison M. Montfort, 

Affiliated Wis. Alpha, 1913. (S. A. E. House, 
Madison, Wis.) 

David Sidnev Oakes, 

Purchasing Department. C. J. Railway. R. 
1305, 1st Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 6510 Harvard 
Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

Kirk B. Sweet, 

(Correspondence Dept., N. Y. C. R. R., Chi- 
cago, 111.) 

Ralph T- Thieme, 

Salesman. Wavne Knitting Mills. 715 Union 
St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 


Raymond Marsh Bennett, 

(217 E. 3d St., Chicago, 111.) 

Walter Martin Crockett, 

Harlequin and Glee Clubs; Bd. Dirs. Athletic 
Assn.; Chemical Engineer. Standard Oil Co., 
Whiting; res. 833 Maywood Ave., Hammond, 

Glade K. Eckman, 

Agriculturist. R. R. No. 4, Warren, Ind. 

William Rowe Fisher, 

Stock and Bond Broker; Member University 
Club and Elks (Minneapolis, Minn.); Masonic 
Lodge, Oherlin. Ohio. 90S W. Sixth St., 
Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 

Charles M. Kemmerling, Jr., 

Farming. New Harmony, Ind. 

Russell B. Kulp, 

B. S. in C. E„ 1914; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Junior Prom. Committee; E. A., 1913; Fuel 
Agent, Seaboard Air Line Ry. Seaboard 
Freight Office; res. 129 N. 61st St., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Thomas Thurmon McConnell, 

B. S. in Agri., 1914; Football; Wrestling; 
Farmer; and Director Athletics, Drury Coll. 
791 W. Walnut St., Springfield, Mo. 

Charles Abner Pritchard, 

Initiated bv Ind. Alpha 1911. 

Hueh W. Rankin, 

President. The Great Central Novelty Works 
Co.; Affiliated 111. Beta 1914. 305 E. Second 
St.; res. 224 McCormick Place, Cincinnati, 

Henry Bernard Reiling, 

Capt. Sophomore Basketball; Sophomore Base- 
ball; Treas. Tennis Assn.; Assistant Engineer 
L. & N. R. R: Member Audubon Country 
and Louisville Boat Clubs. L. & N. Office 
Bldg.; res. 1402 Highland Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Benjamin H. Taylor, 

Pay Clerk, U. S. S. Brutus. Fountaintown, 

Ralph T. Wetzel, 

(226 S. Jefferson St., Springfield, Mo.) 


lohn Gill Anderson, Jr., 

Initiated by Tenn. Zeta 1908. 

Samuel Millard Ball, 

Initiated by Ark. Upsilon 1913. 

William Albert Barnard, 

(Greenfield, Ind.) 

Ralph B. Bozell, 

l: S 1,1 C, E., 191s; Varsity Football and 
Baseball; Gala Week Committee; Structural 
Sales Engineer. 2438 N. Penn St.. Indian- 
apolis, l.i.l. and Magee Bldg.; res. Baum Blvd. 
and Millvalc Aye.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

William Hugh Duane, 

(Bonny Castle and Everett Sts., Louisville, 




Richard W. Fox, 

Harlequin; Art Editor Debris; Structural 
Sales Engineer. Magee Bldg.; res. 801 S. 
Millvale Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Philip Sheffield Hiklebrand, 

Irving Lit. Soc: Chemical Engineering Soc; 
Soldier U. S. Army. 2544 N. Illinois St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Carl McKee Innis, 

B. S. in M. E„ 1915; Second Lieutenant 19th 
Infantry. U. S. Army: Member 19th Infantry 
and 24th Co.'s Mess Clubs. Adjutant General, 
Washington. D. C. 

Robert H. King, 

B. S. in M. E„ 1915: Contractor; 2d Lieut. 
337th Field Artillery, U. S. Army. Danville, 

James Alton Kolb, 

(1214 Cherokee Rd., Louisville, Ky.) 

Carroll V. Laird, 

Student, McVillip Veterinary College and 
Farmer. Glenarm, 111. 

John Ross McKay, 

Assistant Manager, Raleigh Electric Service 
Co.; Member Masons. 110 W. Martin St.; 
res. Y. M. C. A., Raleigh, N. C. 

Harry J. Rosenthal, 

(1223 Garrison Ave., Rockford, 111.) 

Luther Albert Taylor, 

(Greensburg, Ind.) 


Frederick Greve, 

(492. 1st St., Brooklyn, N. Y.) 

Louis Richmond Hollmeyer, 

Vice-President The E. H. Silva Co. 804-6 
Sycamore St.; res. Ashland and Jefferson 
Aves., Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Richmond J. Hollmever, 

Honors Ohio Mechanics Inst., Cincinnati, Ohio; 
With Griess-Pfleger Tanning Co. 884 N. Hal- 
sted St.; res. 1503 Ardmore Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Roy Walter Liebsle, 

(Des Moines, Iowa.) 

Angus Mcintosh, 

"B. S. in C. E., 1916; Resident Manager, Har- 
lan Gas, Coal Co., Gaston Mine. Harlan, Ky. 

Miller B. Moren, 

(Lowville, N. Y.) 

Herman E. Paetz, 

B. S. in M. E„ igj6; Sigma Delta Chi; Jour- 
nalistic Carzenran-Mechanical Editor of An- 
nual; Advertising Manager American Blower 
Co. 1400 Russell St.; res. 92 Forest Ave. W., 
Detroit, Mich. 

Harry John Rosenthal, 

B. S. in C. E„ 1916; Leading Part Harlequin 
Dramatic Club; Leader Mandolin Quartette; 
E. A., 1916; Civil Engineer, Inland Steel Co. 
6230 S. Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Walter Kehlar Shakes,* 

Farming and Stock-raising, d. Bourbon, Ind. 

Karl Henri Suckow, 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha 1916. 

Arthur Grant Wilson, 

B. S. in C. E., 1916; Tau Beta Pi; Harlequin 
Club; Class Numerals in Baseball; Office En- 
gineer, Indianapolis Union Railway Co. 311 
Union Station; res. 3247 Kenwood Ave., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 


Raymond Ambrose Ballweg, 

B. S. in C. E., 1917; First Infantry R. O. 
T. C, Fort Harrison, Ind. 21 15 N. Delaware 
St., Indianapolis, Ind. 


Richard Andrew Brisks, 

Hardware Merchant. Geneva, Ind. 

Thomas Edward Fitzgerald, 

Accountant Mechanical Department Cosden 
Refining Co.. West Tulsa, Ala.; Member 
Springfield Club. Springfield, Mo.; A. K. Club. 
1222 S. Cheyenne St., Tulsa, Okla. 

Edwin Clare Fosdick, 

Piece-work Rate Selling Department; Sec- 
Treas. Ind. Assn. S. A. E.; Corporal Co. C, 
12^d Field Signal Battalion U. S. A.; Link 
Belt Co., Ewart Plant; res. 5452 University 
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Martin L. Hardwick, 

(446 South St., Springfield, Mo.) 

Russell Allen Hayworth, 

B. S. in Chem. E„ 1917; Sigma Delta Pi; 
Phi Lambda Upsilon; Theta Beta Pi; Scabbard 
and Blade; Engineer, Semet Solvay Co.; Mem- 
ber Am. Chemical Soc; Independent Turn- 
verein. Langslade and Northwestern Sts. ; res. 
2335 Ashland Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lowell H. Henley, 

Electrical Engineer. Disbrow Motor Corp., 
Cleveland, Ohio; res. Carthage, Ind. 

Ralph Alfred Innis, 

B. S. in Agri., 191 4; Sigma Delta Chi; Gala 
Week Committee; Business Mgr. The Purdue 
Exponent, 1916-17; Freshman Class Vice-Pres.; 
Student Council; Bacteriologist and Chemist, 
Detroit Creamery Co. Cor. Grand River and 
Cass Aves.; res. 103 Edmond Place, Detroit, 

William Marquis Large, 

B. S. in E. E., 1917; Eta Kappa Nu; Capt. 
Cross Country team, 191 7; Member Cross 
Country team, 1915-16-17; won letter 1916-17; 
Track Team, 1915-16-17; won letter 1915-16-17; 
Junior Prom. Comm. ; Chrmn. Gala Week 
Comm.; Candidate for Commission, 4th C. A. 

C, Training Camp; Asst. Engineer C. A. C. 
2317 Webster St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Frank Roddick McKay, 

B. S. in M. E., 1917; Officers' Reserve Train- 
ing Camp. 1 130 E. Pontiac St., Fort Wayne, 

D. T. Maveety, 

B. S. in Chem. E., 1917; Metallurgical Engi- 
neer. Hammond Laboratory; res iS Wood- 
land St., New Haven, Conn. 

Wilbur Edson Petty, 

Assistant Inspector of Ordnance, U. S. Army. 
186 Linden St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Leverett Hourier Pope, 

Sales Engineer, Trussed Concrete Steel Co., 
Pittsburgh. 4239 Floral Ave., Norwood, Ohio. 

Robert Carl Schimmel, 

U. S. Army. Care Adjutant General, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Whitney Race Spiegel, 

Second Lieutenant Inf., U. S. Army. Care 
Adjutant General, Washington, D. C. 


Earl Hobart Allen. 

(103 Thornwell St., W. Lafayette, Ind.) 

William A. Barnard, 

BG. S., 1918; Sigma Tau; Acacia; Mgr. Univ. 
Band; Student. 1205, 13th St., Boulder, Colo. 

Conrad L. Brosseau, 

B. S. in M. E., 1918; Tau Kappa Alpha; 
Tau Beta Pi; Am. Soc. Mechanical Engineers; 
Carzenran; Executive Committee, 1916-17; 
Varsitv Debating, 1916-17; Track Mgr., 1917- 
18; Gala Week Committee, 1917-1S; Student. 
810 E. Court St., Kankakee, 111. 




Paul Dixon, 

Creamcrv Work. 602 W. Main St.; res. 1 510 
Crescent St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Paul F. Droege, 

Attended Purdue Univ., 2 yrs.; Ohio State 
Univ. 1 yr.; Glee Club and Lit. Soc. (Pur- 
due); Downing Soe. (Ohio State Univ.); kgri- 
culturist; Supt. of Farms, Kelley Island Lime 
& Transport Co.; Affiliated Ohio Theta 1918. 
(are The Kelley Island Lime and Transport 
Co., Marion, Ohio. 

Russell Emmerson Harp, 

(179 N. Lyman St., Wadsworth, Ohio.) 

William Spring Horn, 

Harlequin; Musical Director, 1917; in U. S. 
Army. 2139 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, 

Thomas F. Hudgins, 

B. M. E., 1909 Ky. State Univ.; Analytical 
Engineer United Fuel Gas Co.; Asst. Supt. of 
Gasoline; Instr. Electrical Engineering Ky. 
State Univ.; Instr. Theoretic Mechanics Pur- 
due Univ.; Member R. O. T. C. R. F. D. 
No. 1, Box 15a, Ashland, Ky. 

William McKinley Hutchison, 

(433, 2d Ave., Flint, Mich.) 

Leon Harold Nelson, 

Chemical Society; Student. 406 Ellsworth St., 
W. La Fayette, Ind. 

Robert Edwin Pierce, 

B. S. in E. E., 191S; Purdue Harlequin Club; 
Glee Club; Tan Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; 
Ukelele Orchestra; Baseball Mgr. ; Student 
Council: Student. 3823 N. Delaware St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Frank Jameson Reese, 

State Road Inspector and Instrument Man. 
Highway Engineers' Office, Court House; res. 
Hotel Mayfield, Mayfield, Ky. 

Walter Rice Shugers, 

(Auburn, Ind.) 

Fay Stephens, 

"Student. 1248 N. Jefferson St., Springfield, 

Herbert Von Knight, 

Horticulture and Agricultural Socs. ; Class 
Executive Committee; Student. Zanesvlile, 

Wellser Wallace Wientz, 

Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Student. 
80s W. Wayne St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Howard Henry Wikel, 

A. B., 1905 Ind. Univ.; A. M., 1906 do.; 
Goethe Gesellschaft (Pres. 1905-06); History 
Soc. (Pres 1904-05); Undergraduate Scholar 
in European History. 1904-05 Ind. LTniv.; In- 
structor in Modern Languages, Purdue Univ.; 
Author "Diplomatic Relations Between Aus- 
tria and Prussia"; "The Hohenzollern Candi 
dature and Its Effects". Purdue Univ., Dipt, 
of Modern Languages; res. 113 South St., West 
Lafayette, Ind. 


William Knox Creson, 

Engineering Soc; English Dramatic Club; 
Military Band; Won Scholastic Contest, Ex- 
periments Relative to Effect of Heat and Work 
Upon Steel; Machine Tool Efficiency Man. 
2011 George St., Anderson, Ind. 

Bernard Alvin Drake, 

(609 W. Arch St., Portland, Ind.) 

Melford Donald Gjerde, 

98 W. Main St., Chicago Heights, 111. 

Edwin Goodloe Hampton, 

Civil Engineering Soc.; Athletic Assn.; Harle- 
quin; Class Football; Student. 406 Elswortb 
St., Lafayette, Ind. 

E. Frederick Hirschmann, 

Student. 231 Willard St., Michigan City, Ind. 

Paul Oneill Hurley, 

Student Council; Freshman and Sophomore, 
Varsity Basketball (2) ; Second Lieutenant 
20th Cavalry, U. S. Army. 703 Northwestern 
Ave., W. Lafayette, Ind. 

Harrv Kirkpatrick McMillin, 

Agricultural Soc; Private Company B, 151st 
Infantry, U. S. Army. 312 Folwer Ave., W. 
Lafayette, Ind. 

Paul Edward Middleton, 

Sergeant U. S. Army; Candidate in Third Of- 
ficers Training Camp, Camp Taylor, Ky. 3905 
N. Western Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Louis Daniel Streihel, 

In U. S. Army. 718 Pine St., Michigan Citv, 

Verne Alva Trask, 

Phi Lambda Ljpsilon; Company K, 334th In- 
fantry, U. S. Army. 615 E. 20th St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 


John Nelson Black, 

Football; Student, Armv Balloon School. 16 
Walnut St., Greenfield, Ind. 

Robert Allen Thomas Conner, 

Private 150th Field Artillery, U. S.'Army. 609 
E. 25th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edward Harold Glaspie, 

Student. Oxford, Ind. 

Warren Frank Toplin, 

(Elizabethtown, Ky.) 

Ellis Gomert Powell, 

Draughtsman. Haskell & Barker Car Co. Inc.; 
res. 1202 Washington St., Michigan City, Ind. 


Harold Henry Bendixen, 

Freshman; Varsity Basketball; Student. 126 
Ridgcwood Ave., Davenport, Iowa. 

George Henry Bolan, 

Student. Fort Sheridan. 111. 

Raymond Edgar Carson, 

Student. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lewis Walter Davis, 

Student. Mooreland. Ind. 

Robert Fletcher Duke, 

Production Office, Diamond Chain & Mfg. Co. 
126 W. Georgia St.; res. 243s N. Pennsyl- 
vania St.. Indianapolis. Ind. 

Norbert Edward Lawrence, 

Student. 18S3 Race St., Denver, Colo. 

William Howard Nesbit, Jr., 

Student. Dayton. Ind. 

Charles Lee Pirtle, 

Student. Sullivan, Ind. 

Floyd Waldon Powell, 

Student. 1202 Washington St., Michigan City, 

Tames Edward Rees, 

Student. Cynthiana. Ky. 

George Louis S. Smith, 

Student. 314 Michigan St., La Grange, Ind. 

William Avery Thomas, 

Engineering Soc; With Owens Bottle Machine 
Co No. 5; Member K. O. B. Club. Ft. Col- 
lins, Colo. 215 Douglas St., Greenfield, Ind. 

Paul Eugene Wible, 

Farmer. R. R. No. 4, Sullivan, Ind. 



Bloomington, Indiana 

Chartered January 18, 1907 


Edward P. Eisner, 

LL. B., 1904; Attorney-at-Law; State Senator 
of Ind. since 1912; Member B. P. O. E. isJ/S 
N. Chestnut St.; res. 515 N. Poplar St., Sey- 
mour, Ind. 

Charles Augustus Reeves, 

LL. B., 1904; Sales Correspondent, Inter-State 
Motor Co.; Clerk of Circuit Court, Blackford 
County, Ind., 1906-10. 1700 N. Walnut St.. 
Muncie, Ind. 

Edward LeRoy Sieber, 

(Manhattan, Kans.) 


Allen Lewis Brenner, 

A. B., 1905; Independence Lit. Soc; Univ. 
Band; Letter in Football; Comptroller Kirk- 
man and Son Soap Co.; Past Master F. arid 
A. M. 215 Water St.; res. 608 Marlborough 
Road, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

James Dunn, 

" A. B., 1905; Social Work; Supt. Toledo Fed- 
eration of Charities; Sec. Toledo Chapter Am. 
Red. Cross; Sec. Toledo Patriotic League ; 
Member Advisory Bd. Ohio Inst, of Public 
Efficiency; Member Toledo Commerce Club. 
503 Erie St.; res. 290S Robinwood Ave., 
Toledo. Ohio. 

William Oliphant Wilson, 

(Care Pesey Co., Mt. Vernon, Ind.) 


Ross Bradley Bretz, 

A. B., 1906; A. M., 1907; M. D., 1909 West- 
ern Reserve Univ.; Nu Sigma Nu; Physician 
and Surgeon: Fellow Am. Assn.; Member Ind. 
Med. and Ohio Valley Med. Assns.; Lander- 
burv County Med. Soc. (Secretary). Citizens 
Bank Bldg. ; res. Stratford Apartments, Evans- 
ville, Ind. 

Waverley Daniel Bretz, 

A. B., 1906; A. M., 1907; M. D., Western 
Reserve; Nu Sigma Nu; Surgeon. Hunting- 
burg, Ind. 

Daniel Edward Herschelman, 

A. B., 1906; LL. B., 1907; Lawyer. Forum, 

Albert H. Kasting, 

LL. B., 1906; Lawyer. City Attv. Seymour. 
Ind. Z7'A N. Chestnut St.; res. 528 W. 2nd 
St., Seymour, Ind. 

Edward Alfred Lawrence, 

(Los Angeles, Cal.) 

Olin Bertram Norman, 

A. B., 1906; M. D., 1909 Western Reserve; 
Goethe Gesellschaft; Physician and Surgeon; 
Member Am. Med., State Med. and County 
Med. Socs.; F. and A. M. ; Elks. N. Side 
Square; res. 1415 W. 13th St., Bedford, Ind. 

Earl H. Richardson, 

A. B., 1906; History Club; Indiana Representa- 
tive. The Macmillan Co. 931 Eastern Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Llerbert A. Rundell, 

LL. B., 1906; Lawyer. Spencer, Ind. 


Richard Melvin Brumfield, 

A. B., 1907; D. D. S., 1909 Univ. of 111.; 
Delta Sigma Delta; Dentist. 317 Perkins 
Bldg.; res. 555 Umpqua Blvd., Roseburg, Ore. 

Arthur Willard Carnduff, 

Member Acacia; Phi Delta Phi Fraternity; 
Eminent Correspondent, 1907; Author of Short 
Stories and .Lyrics. (527 Broadway, Gary, 

Solomon Arthur Duling, 

Initiated by Mich. Alpha 1907. 

John Charles Guthrie, 

(Rockfield, Ind.) 

F. G. McCarthy, 

A B., 1907; M. D„ 1909; Football, 1905-06; 
Physician. Tribune Bldg.; res. 88 Potomac 
Ave., Edgewood Grove, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Ralnh Penn, 

A. B., 1907; Charter Member; Glee Club, 
1905-07. Mgr. 1907; Le Cercle Francais; Base- 
ball Squad. 1905: Sec. Tennis Assn., 1905; 
Assistant Sales Manager. Ranch & Lang Baker 
Co.; Member Westward Ho Golf Club; Masons. 
2349 Michigan Ave.; res. 6226 Lakewood Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Earl Curtis Price, 

LL. B., 1907; Asst. Law Librarian; Travelling 
Salesman. 1801 Michigan Ave.; res. 5042 
Glenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

John I. Rinne, 

A. B., 1907; M. D., 1909; Physician. Lapel, 

Franklyn Charles W r ade, 

Alpha Delta Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Tail Epsi- 
lon Phi; Honorary Local Soc; Member Foot- 
ball Team, 1903, 1905 and 1906, Capt. Elect 
1907; All State Left Tackle for Three Years; 
Eminent Deputy Archon; Petitioner for Local 
tn S. A. E. Natl. Convention at Atlanta. Ga., 
when Charter was granted. (Fredonia, Kans.) 





\\ ilham Earl Brown, 

A. II.. 1008; General Freight Agent. Duluth 
and Northern Minn. Rv. 510 Lonsdale Bldg.; 
res 11 16 I 5th St., Duluth, Minn. 

Monroe Irvin Greeman, 

(Can Greeman Mfg. Co., Batesville, Ind.) 

Jesse Blaine ( i\\ in, 

(Can 1 ity, Pat. - on, N. J.) 

Robert Mi iss I [ough, 

Manufacturer; Vice-Pres. The Utopian Co.; 
Member Masons. Monon, Ind. 

Herschell Lynn Lucas, 

(Honolulu, 'Hawaii.) 

fames Robinson Maude, 

1. 1.. B , 1908; With Internal Revenue Depart- 
1 Owensville, Ind. 

Richard Marion Smith, 

(1833 Senate Ave.. Indianapolis. Ind.) 

Franklyn Charles W'arle, 

1. 1.. I!.. 1908; Lawyer; City Attorney. Fre- 
donia, (Cans. 

Elbert Shirk Waymire, 

A. I!.. 1008; M. D., 1910; Nu Sigma Nuj 
Varsity Football, 1906-07; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Denver, Ind. 


I Viw Mortimer Day, 

Travelling Salesman. 1105 Michigan Ave., La 
Porte, Ind. 

Don I. Henry, 

E. C T. and Archon; Lawyer. (La Porte, 

I I ugh Thomas Lane, 

(Cloverdale, Ind.) 

Frank Lawhead, 

913 Dime Bank Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Thomas Overbay Robinson, 

(Wheatland, Ind.) 

Arthur II. Schwartz, 

Real Estate. 604 Citizens Bank Bldg.; res. 
1 io S. 1 onradt Ave., Kokomo, Ind. 

Richard T. Schwartz, 

V 1; . 1911; Real Estate. <■., 4 Citizens Bank 
Bldg ; res 1030 \\ . Maple St., Kokomo, Ind, 


( liarlcs Ross Dean, 


Sunt. Public Scl Is 

laer, Ind 

Joseph Bruce Dorsett, 

A. B., 1910; Alpha Chi Sigma; Gem 

. The II. mv In-urancc A,;, „^ 
not Bldg . Main Si and B. 
S. Illinois St. S. 11. Montii 1 llo, Ind. 

Walter F. I >rollinger, 

Niemi 11. 1 Apts., Detroit, Mich, 

Frank I >e \ ere < lorham, 

A. B.j 1910; \l 11 . T.,, • Wash Uni 

Bl la Pi; Alpha I >■ lla Sigma; I 'li v-i.-i.-in 

ing Phys. B( ii.. sda and si I ui., '.. 

A 1 Ph) . V\ 1 h 1 1 .1 Patii hi 

Mi ml.. 1 1 '.n crsiti 1 lub Humboldt 
Washington 1 I Ira id Aves., St. Lou 

loliu I .ntiis ( .i:i\ erson, 

Phi Di Ita Phi; Lawyer. (Sheridan, \\ y 

Harold Owen ( iudgel, 

iii 1 1 ncevjlle, Ill.,i 

I list's ; 

Blvd . 

Harry Franklin Helwig, 

LL. B.; 1910; Sphinx; Lawyer; City Atty., 
Kendallville. Ind.; Former Prosecuting Atty., 
Noble and Whitley Co's., Ind.; Member B. P. 
O. E.; Fort Wayne Consistory, Scottish Rite; 
F. and A. M.; Modern Woodmen of Am. Kel- 
ler Bldg.; res. N. State St.. Kendallville, Ind. 


Walter T. Baltzell, 

(Decatur. Ind.) 

John Howen Brineman, 

(Care Lando Optical Co, 142 N. Penn. St., 
Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Give Le Roy Butcher, 

LL. B., ion; B. S., 1903 Valparaiso Univ.; 
Phi Delta Phi; Reinhard Club; Somerville Law 
School Debate. 1906; Lawyer, firm of Butcher 
& Butcher: Commercial Dept., Decatur, 111. 
High School. 1909-10; member Masons. 422-23 
Northern Bank Bldg.; res. 1708, 18th Ave., 
• Seattle. Wash. 

Tohn Foster Casey, 

(525 N. Chester St., Seymour, Ind.) 

David Delos Dean, 

LL. B.. 191 1 : Lawyer. Odd Fellows Bldg.. E. 
Washington St.; res. 222 S. Front St.. Rens- 
selaer, Ind. 

Lloyd Welker Fellows, 

A. B., 191 1 : Teacher; Member Sierra Club of 
Cal.; Masons. 115 S. Townsend Ave., Los 
Angeles. Cal. 

Dewell Gann, Jr., 

A. B., 1911; A. M.; M. D.. 191, ; Phi Beta 
Pi.; Theta Nu Epsilon; Surgeon; Author 
"Danger and Prevention of Severe Cardiac 
Strain During Anesthesi"; "Cardiac Inhibition 
During Vomiting": "A Simple Apparatus for 
Intra-Insufflation Anesthesia"; "Radium: Its 
rhvsical Properties and Therapeutic Value," 
and others. 22a Bankers Trust Bldg.; res. 1602 
Spring St.. Little Rock. Ark. 

William Henrv Hackman. 

Member Booster Club; Football Team; Emi- 
nent Herald; Visitor at Province, Delta Con- 
vention. Chicago; Delegate to Atlantic Citv. 
S. A. F. Natl. Convention, 1909. (12 N. Sec- 
ond St.. Vinccnnes. Ind.) 

Choice Wellington Hatfield, 

(Claypool, Ind.) 

Howard Eugene JJolsted,* 

d. Ilnliart. Ind. 

Jesse Meyers Howard,* 

d. Jan. 17, 1913, New York, N. Y. 

11. Eugene Milleson, 

Initiated by Ind. Alpha, 1909. 

J. Worth Newton, 

Cashier First Natl. Bank. Dana. Ind. 

Joseph Patrick Ormsby, 

A. B., 1011; Manager Special Sales. Chicago 
Territory and Chemist and Technical Repre- 
sentative; Member Knights of Columbus No. 
527. C R. Ci.nk Painl Co . Kansas City, Mo.i 
res 624 W. Vantress St., Washington, Ind. 

William Alfred Owen, 

1 li 111 ral Contracting; Member and Treas of 

School lid.; Member F. and A. M. I'osevville. 

Cecil Ray Peterson, 

A. In. 'ion: LL. B.. 1912: Class Track and 
Basketball Trams; Coll. Paper Debating; Ban 
Hellenic Council, 3 terms; Treas. and Chron- 
icle! oi Chanter; Delegate to Province Delta 
Convention, Chicago, 1910; Lawyer; Member 
Rhcinhard Club; B. P. 0. E. and Masons 
1559 N. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, Cal. 


Edmon Daniel Richardson, 

(Scotland, Ind.) 


Robert Kennett Auxier, 

A. P.., 1912; Mail Clerk. 508 S. Holland St., 
Edinburg, Ind. 

Earl Gibson Coulter, 

(161 1 Highland Ave., Columbus, Ind.) 

H. F. Drollinger, 

Pitcher Interfraternitv Baseball Team; Asst. 
Manager Herring Hall Marvin Safe Co., Chi- 
cago; Sec. Differential Clock Co., Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich. 211 W. Washington St.; res. 933 
Foster Ave., Chicago, 111. 

George Louis Freeman, 

D. D. S., Northwestern Univ.; Dentist; Mem- 
ber Illinois and Bloomington Clubs. 117 W. 
Jefferson St., Bloomington, 111. 

Clarence D. Fnlwilder, 

(Dana. Ind.) 

Frank Patrick McCarthy, 

(S02 Busseron St., Vincennes, Ind.) 

Wilbur F. Maish, Jr., 

321 So. High St., Warsaw, Ind. 

James Andrew Nyswander, 

B. S„ 1913 Univ. of Cal.; Sigma Xi; Asst. 
Prof, of Mathematics, Univ. of Nevada. Univ. 
of Nevada. Reno, Nev. 

John Gallatly Owen, 

Insurance Business. 611 Olive St.; res. 5604 
Julian Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Harry Clifford Spear, 

Lumber Merchant; Member Stone Citv Club. 
N. J. St., cor. 9th St.; res. 1206 Lincoln 
Ave., Bedford. Ind. 


Charles Newson Bowman, 

(Care Timberlake Pool Room, 

Lowell T. Boyd, 

General Agent for Equitable Life Ins 
Co. of Iowa; Member Sons of the American 
Revolution. 422 Citizens National Bank Bldg.; 
res. 1023 W. Maple St., Kokomo, Ind. 

G. Carl Carmack, 

Farmer. Dana, Ind. 

Tohn Allen Denton, 

Broker. 130s Waldheim Bldg.; res. 18th and 
Washington Sts., Kansas City, Mo. 

Frank Pollard Duncan, 

Mgr., Ellettsville Hardware Co.; Vice-Pres.. 
Cloverdale Hardware and Lumber Co., Clover- 
dale, Ind.; Member Columbia Club. Elletts- 
ville, Ind. 

John Cliffe Duncan, 

(Spencer, Ind.) 

Wilbur Van Dova Glover, 

A. B„ 1913: LL. B., 1914; Gamma Eta Gamma; 
Sphinx; Strut and Fret Dramatic Club; Bd. 
of Dirs. Ind. Union, 1912-13; Pan-Hellenic 
Council; Student Council; Lincoln League Bd.; 
Arbutus Staff; Farmer; Member City Club of 
Bedford, Ind. Hillcrest Farm, Williams, Ind. 

Herschell De Witt Hart, 

(Dunkirk, Ind.) 

Clifford Ray Hoy, 

M. D., 1913; Nu Sigma Nu; Baseball and 
Basketball; First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve 
Corps, U. S. Army. Syracuse, Ind. 

George H. Kelly, 

(Letts, Ind.) 




J. Frank Lindsey, 

' Gamma Eta Gamma; Student Marshal; Glee 
Club Quartette; Dir. Ind. Union; Boosters and 
Jackson (Pres.) Clubs; Letter in Baseball (2d 
Base) 1912-13; Secretary Hoosier Oil Refin- 
ing Co.; Pres United Oil & Gas Co.; Finan- 
cial Mgr. both Companies; Member Y. M. C. 
A.; Kokomo Country Club: Masons. 222 W. 
Walnut St.; res. 704 W. Walnut St., Kokomo, 

Charles M. Rottman, 

A. B.. 1913; Marquette and Economics Clubs; 
Storekeeper. Wm. Wharton, Jr. Sc Co.; res. 
S96 Wolf St., Easton. Pa. 

Augustus Clyde Shipp, 

A. B., 1910; M. D., 1912; A. M., 1913; Sigma 
Xi; Phi Beta Pi; Professor of Pathology and 
Bacteriology and Head of Dept., University 
of Arkansas; Dir. Hygienic Laboratory, State 
Bd. of Health; Pres. Ark. Public Health Assn.; 
Member Bd. of Dirs. Ark. Girls Industrial 
Home; Dir. Local Red Cross. Old State 
House; res. 2723 Gaines St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Frederick Augustus Wiecking, 

(Bluffton. Ind.) 

Clarence Meade Williams, 

(225 E. Water St., Mt. Vernon, Ind.) 

Russell Smith Zeb, 

(West Aurora, Ind.) 


Noble P. Barr, 

A. B., 1914; Assistant Cashier, Bruceville State 
Bank. Bruceville, Ind. 

Donald Adelbert Bartley, 

A. B., 1912; M. D.. 1914; Nu Sigma Nu; 
Skulls; Pres. 1914 Class of Medicine; Surgeon 
Military Hospital (London, Eng.) ; 1st Lieuten- 
ant Royal Army Med. Corps (English). Ful- 
ham Military Hospital, Hammersmith, W. C, 
London, Eng.; res. 320 S. Washington St., 
Danville, Ind. 

Curtis Owen Bridwell, 

Merchant; Member Masons, Elks. 6 S. Court 
St.; res. 298 Court St., Sullivan, Ind. 

John Wesley Cline, 

Initiated by Mass. Delta 19 12. 

Weisell B. Cummins, 

Mail Carrier, Post Office; res. 424 W. Wash- 
ington St., Bluffton, Ind. 

Russell E. Goodrich, 

Citv Editor Shellbyville Republican. 12 W. 
Franklin St.; res. 330" W. Broadway, Shelby- 
ville, Ind. 

Venice Duncan Keiser, 

A. B., 1914; M. D., 1917: Nu Sigma Nu; 
Editor Arbutus, 1914; Asst. Dept. of Anatomy; 
Physician; Interne Indianapolis City Hosp.; 
Asst. Pathologist. Methodist Hosp. Indian- 
apolis City Hospital; res. 2946 Kenwood Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Raymond Clifford Rubush, 

Lincoln (Treas.); Travellers (Vice-Pres.); 
Boosters (Treas.) and History Clubs; Pitcher 
Freshman Baseball; Member O. R. T. C; 
F. and A. M., Acton, Indiana, Battery A, 
Ind. F. A. London, Ind. 

Horace E. Wagner, 

Merchant. 19-21 N. Harrison St.; res. 113 E. 
Mechanic St., Shelbyville, Ind. 


Philip Sheffield Hildebrand, 

(Indianapolis, Ind.) 




Nixon Ray I. aw head. 

Phi Beta Pi; Travelers Club; Freshman Foot- 
ball; Medical Student Class of 1918; Member 
Masons, Elks. 1108 S. rackson St., Auburn, 


Charles Walter McCarty, 

(Washington, Ind.) 

Fred B. Smith. 

1. 1.. I!.. 1915; Salesman, Advance-Rumcly 
1 1 Co 628 Ninth Ave. W.; res. 504 
Centre St.. Calgary, Alberta, Canada and 
Chesterton, Ind. 

fohn Wesley Spencer, Jr., 

LL. B., 1915; Attorney at Law; Ind. Legis- 
lature 101 s: Judge pro I cm Vanderburg Su- 
perior Court 'iqi6; Sec. and Treas. Evansville 
Sanitary Co.; Pres. Ind. Bookkeeping Register 
Sales Co ; Student Officer, Balloon Div. Avia- 
tion Section. Signal Officers Rcseryc Corps; 
Member Country. Crescent. Motor and Black- 
Stone (Pres.) Clubs: Affiliated \'a. Omicron, 
1916. Citizens Bank Bldg.; res. 743 Adams 
Ave., Evansville, Ind. 

Austin Clovis Spriggs, 

(503 E. Smith Ave., Bloomington, Ind.) 


George D. Buckner, 

A. B.. 1916: Nu Sigma Nu: Interclass Baseball 
and Basketball ; Letter in Track: Student; 
Member Masons. 310 N. Illinois St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Maynard Carver Darnall, 

A. B.. 1916; Phi Delta Kappa: Euclidean Cir- 
cle; Teacher: Pres. Ind. Alumni Assn. of 
Huntington Co. 946 Guilford St., Hunting- 
ton, Ind. 

Chauncey Yandell Dodds, 

Banker. Broadway; res. Fourth St., May- 
field, Ky. 

Benjamin H. Drollinger, 

Gamma Ela: Strut and Fret; Wrestling, 1913- 
15: Champion Baseball 1914-15; Western Inter- 
collegiate Conference: Real Estate Operator 
and Broker. Firm of G. W. Drollinger and 
Sons; Mason. JS07 W. Madison St.; res. 
4642 W. Adams St.. Chicago, III. 

Ward Otto Gilbert, 

A. B., 1916; Freshman Baseball. 1913: Varsity 
Baseball, 1916; Freshman Basketball; Varsity 
Basketball, 1914-15; Varsity Track, 1915-16; 
Assistant Chemist. Kokomo Steel and Wire 
Co., Kokomo; res. Russiaville, Ind. 

George William Helwig, 

Junior Member Firm of Hclwig and Helwig; 
Keller Bldg.; res. 31S E. Deamond St., Ken- 
dallville, Ind. 

Grester TTal La Mar, 

Second Lieutenant, 0. R. C. Texhoma, Okla. 

Freal iiildreth Mcintosh, 

Gamma Eta Gamma; Letter in Football, 1914- 
16, and Track, 101 4-1 s; Capt. Football. 1916; 
All Stale Football Team, 1916; 2d Lieuten- 
ant. ('. S. Army. Freedom, Ind. 

Clement George Machael, 

(Warsaw, Ind.) 

Wilbur II. Peutrh. 

LL. B., 1916; Member Freshman Football, 
1908; Lawyer and Farmer, Salem, Ind. 


Norman Roy livers, 
(Oolitic, Ind 1 

Fred C. Fischer, 

Bradslreel Mercantile Agency; Member Cres- 
cent and Country Clubs. Furniture Bldg.; 
res. 1 100 Illinois St., Evansville, Ind. 

Charles Tumors Gaunt, 

U. S. Military Service. 3942 Graceland Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Deloss Andrews Grant, 

A. B., 1917; Alpha Xi Sigma; Purchasing De- 
partment. The Goodvear Tire & Rubber Co.; 
Member Masons. 1144 E. Market St.; res. 
169 Henry St., Akron, Ohio. 

Albert David Hockinsmith, 

(New Augusta. Ind.) 

Herman Hale Hollingsworth, 

A B., 1917: Nu Sigma Nu; On Bd. Editors 
Arbutus, 1016; Pres. Y. M. C. A., 1917; Medi- 
cal Corps. U. S. Army. 218 E. Lincoln Ave., 
Goshen. Ind. 

Robert Stanley Kemp, 

(Kentland, Ind.) 

Raymond F. Milburn, 

(Jasper, Ind.) 

Walter Phillips Morton, 

B. S., 191 7: Nu Sigma Nu; Freshman and 
Varsity Track and Football; Leader Fresh- 
man and Sophomore Class Scrap; Med. Stu- 
dent. 521 Hume-Mansur Bldg., Indianapolis, 

Dwight Harrison Murray, 

B. S. and M. D., 1917; Grade U. S. Naval 
Med. School, 1917; Nu Sigma Nu; Skeleton 
Club; Asst. Surgeon, U. S. Navy. 518 E 4th 
St., Bloomington, Ind. 

Cleon A. Nafe, 

A. B., 1917; Nu Sigma Nu; Varsity Basketball, 
Varsity Track; Arbutus Staff; Capt. Medie; 
Interclass Football, 1916: Union Revue; Med. 
Student. Rochester, Ind. 

Max Sircliff, 

(Loogootee, Ind.) 


Samuel Marcus Alldredge, 

Med. Soc. (Mo. Univ.); Wrestling Squad (Mo. 
Univ.); Am. Ambulance Service, U. S. Army. 
R. F. D., No. 4, Mount Vernon, Ind. 

Laurence D. Baker, 

A. B., 1918; Der Deutsche Verein; Glee Club; 
Student; Principal Gas City High School, 191.V 
17: Member Masons. 411 N. Main St., Ken- 
dallville, Ind. 

William R. Kerr, 

Engineers Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. Lake 
Villa, HI. 

Walter Benjamin Lang, 

Private, Ambulance Service, U. S. Army; 
Member of Staff Ambulance Service News; 
Affiliated Pa. Theta, 1918. Dana, Ind. 

Ralph Keves Lowder, 

Student. ' 439 N. Jefferson St., Martinsville, 

John Wentworth McCarthy, 

Freshman Football, 1914 and Track, 1914-15; 
Principal Consolidated School, Marion Town- 
ship. 214 E. Elm St., Rensselaer, Ind. 

George Tames Mars, 

Strut and Fret: Pan-Hellenic; Baseball Class, 
iniS; Civil Engineer, Interstate Commerce 
Commission. 601 Interstate Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo.; res. Trinidad, Colo. 

Thomas Frederick Reitz. 

Nu Sigma Nu; Marquette Club; Student: a 
few short essavs and "Brief of Materia Med- 
ica." 808 First Ave., Evansville, Ind. 

Alvin Fred Sutheimer, 

Student. 4.-0 Florence St., Evansville, Ind. 





Emory G. Ackerman, 

Corporal, 7th U. S. Engineers. Kendallville, 

H. Emmet Balch, 

Gamma Eta Gamma; Sec. Boosters Club; Sergt. 
id Truck Co., 309th Ammunition Train, U. S. 
Army. Edgewood Grove, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Floyd McKinley Blough, 

U. S. Naval Service. 51 S. 6th St., Goshen, 

Paul Victor Gaskins, 

Garrick, Spanish and Travelers Clubs; Treas. 
Junior Class and Garrick Clubs: Eminent Way- 
farer Travelers Club; Student: Stockholder and 
Dir. A. J. Thompson Stone Co. Ellettsville, 

Carl Girton, 

Garrick and Demurrer Clubs; Browning Soc. ; 
Head Deskman in Univ. Library; on bd. of 
editors Arbutus: Student. 419 S. West St., 
Shelbyville, Ind. 

Forest Everett Keeling, 

Skeleton Club; won letter on track, 1917; U. 
S. Military Service. Waldron, Ind. 

James Pate Mulford, 

Student. Dillsboro, Ind. 

Kent J. Nelson, 

Capt. Freshman Scrap, 1915; Baseball Fresh- 
man Varsitv (Pitcher} 1916; 1st Base Varsity, 
1917. 304 S. Summit St., Kendallville, Ind. 

Lyndon Bartlett Read, 

Student. Petersburg, Ind. 

Willard Jennings Stahr, 

Univ. Band and Orchestra; Freshman Basket- 
ball; E. R. of Chapter; Student. Hagerstown, 

Carl George Wolflin, 

Lumberman. The Wolflin West Side Lumber 
Co.; res. 739 Adams Ave., Evansville, Ind. 


Randall Paul Fisher, 

Lincoln and Glee Clubs; Yellow Dogs; Student. 
209 Chestnut St., Evansville, Ind. 

Ralph Waldo Gilbert, 

Freshman Football and Basketball; Holder of 
16 lbs Indoor Shot Put Record; U. S. Naval 
Service; Coach St. Xavier College Football 
Team, 1917. Russiaville, Ind. 

William Glenne Gilbert, 

Freshman Baseball; Student. Russiaville, Ind. 

George Washington Healey, 

Student. Rensselaer, Ind. 

A. Ensel Knowles, 

Initiated by 111. Delta, 1919. 

Nooville Chappelle LaMar, 

Student. Petersburg, Ind. 

Robert Mills Loomis, 

Student. 223 Sargent St., Kendallville, Ind. 

Franklin Bruce Peck, 

Student. 714 E. 3d St. Bloomington, Ind. 

Ralph W. Roby, 

Student. Mason Town, W. Va. 

Edgar Hartmetz Weber, 

Student. S. A. E., House Bloomington, Ind.; 
res. 205 Washington Ave., Evansville, Ind. 


Joy F. Buckner, 

Freshman Basketball; Student. Poneto, Ind. 

Harold McDonald Davis, 

Skeleton Club; Varsity Basketball and Foot- 
ball; Student. Mooreland, Ind 

Herman Joseph Frankman, 

Student. 2313 W. Meridian St., Indianapolis, 

Paul Everett Heal, 

Student. Gas City, Ind. 

Howard William Kacy, 

Phi Delta Kappa; Freshman Football; Student; 
Member Huntington Young Men's Assn. 731 
E. State St., Huntington, Ind. 

Byron Rogers Richardson, 

Student. Mooreland, Ind. 

William J. Schacht, 

Student. 730 Polk St., Huntington, Ind. 

Fred Carl Strodel, 

Student. 752 Oak St., Huntington, Ind. 


Walter Franklin Stiner, 

Student. 1306 Woodlawn Ave., Indianapolis, 



Iowa City, Iowa 

Chartered February 11, 1905 


Carlton V. Kent, 

B. S., 1904; M. S., 1904: Ph. D., 1915 Univ. 
of Mich.; Sigma Xi; Polygon; Writers Club; 
Bacon ia; Literarv Editor Annual; LowdVn 
Mathematical Prize; Physics, Univ. of Mich. 
Physics Bldg., Univ. of Mich.; res. 1 114 For- 
est Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Edward A. Rule, 

B. S., 1904; Sales Manager, Blue Ridge Lime 
and Stone Co. Woodward Bldg., Washington, 
D. C.J res. R. F. D. No. I, Box 140, Cherry- 



Rudolph Martin Anderson, 

Ph. B., 1903; Ph. D., 1906; Sigma Xi; Ath- 
letic Soc; Polygon; Baconian; Varsity Track, 
Capt. 1902-03, and Class Football Teams; Held 
Varsity Records in 120-yd High and 220-yd 
Low Hurdles; Larrabee Prize in Zoology, 1901; 
Weineke Medal in Artillery and Commandant's 
Medal in Rifle Practice, 1902; Editorial Staff 
Daily lowan; Non-Commissioned Staff, Capt., 
Major, Cadet-Major and Asst. Commandant 
Univ. Battalion; Honor Graduate, Univ. Mili- 
tary Dept., 1903, and Recommended to Adjt.- 
Gen. U. S. Army; Zoologist (Mammalogy); 
Victoria Memorial Museum, The Geological 
Survev, Oltawa, Ontario, Canada; Member Co. 
F, wd low., Inf., U. S. Vols., 1898; 1st Lieut, 
sith Inf., Iowa Nat. Guard (resigned 1906); 
Capt. Nail. Guard of Mo.; Acting Command- 
ant Blees Military Acad, (resigned 1908: Field 
Explorer for Am. Museum of Natural History 
of N. Y., Arctic Exploration. 1908-12; Natl. 
Marksman, Sharpshooter and Expert Rifle- 
man (3 Qualifications I. N. G.); Asst. in 
Mammalogy, A. M. N. H., ion; Executive 
Head of the Southern Party. Canadian 
Arctic Expedition, 1013-10; Author "Birds 
of Iowa," I'roe. Davenport Acad, of Sciences, 
Vol. XI. i.,.,;; Scientific Appendix to "My 
I. if.' with the Eskimo," by V. Steffansson, 
Macmillan Co. 1013; and Various Scientific 

Papers; now Working on Zoological Keport 

of StelT.m-.on. Anderson Arctic Expedition, 
1008-13, and Report on Birds and Mammals 
of Canadian Areiie Expedition, 1013-16; Mem- 
ber Explorers' Club of N. Y.; Dominion Club 
and Imperial Institute of Ottawa; Am Orni 
thologists' Union; Cooper Ornithological Club 
of Cab; Davenport Acad o( Sciences; Oltawa 
Field Naturalists' Club: Iowa City Lodge No. 
4, A. F. and A, M.j Macon Chaptei \" -•.'. 

R. A. M.; Nail Ge,,, : taphi, ,,| S.m- The Geo 

logical Survey. Victoria Memorial Museum; 
res. 10 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, 

Frederick W. Bailey, 

B. S., 1901; M. S., 1903; M. D„ 1905; Phi 
Rho Sigma; Dir. Glee Club, 1908-09; Mgr. 
Basketball Team, 1897-01; Physician and Sur- 
geon; Author of Various Medical Monographs. 
Security Bank Bldg.; res. 1832, 2d Ave., Ce- 
dar Rapids, Iowa. 

William Bonar Bell, 

A. B., 1902; M. S., 1903; Ph. D., 1905; Sigma 
Xi; Zelegathian; Assistant Biologist, U. S. 
Dept. of Agriculture; Pres. N. D. Acad, of 
Science, 1914-15; Farmer; Prof, of Zoology, 
N. D. Agricultural Coll., and Entomologist, 
N. D. Agricultural Experiment Station; Au- 
thor "Guide for North Dakota Bird Study," 
"Extermination of Ground Squirrels, Gophers 
and Prairie Dogs in North Dakota"; Member 
Ornithologists' Union, Cooper's Ornithological 
Club, Am. Genetic Soc, Am. Geographic Soc, 
Washington Biological Soc, District of Colum- 
bia Audubon Soc Biological Survey, Bieber 
Bldg.; res. 803 Rittenhouse St. N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

1 Ienrv C. Danielson, 

(Lamone, Iowa.) 

Dwight Moody Griffith, 

A. B., 1905; Alpha Phi Delta; Scimitar and 
Fez; Instructor Kern County High School; 
Member B. P. O. E. Box 457, Bakersfield, 

Clyde Garfield Teffers, 

LL. B., 1905; Holder of Univ. Two-mile Rec- 
ord; Winner of Cross-Country Run. 4-Mile 
Course, 1904-05; Winner of Track "I": Law- 
yer; Prosecuting Atty. Grant County, Wash., 
1912-17. Ephrata, Wash. 

Lyle Lawson Teffers, 

" D. D. S., 1905"; Dentist. Buffalo, Wyo. 

Nyle William Tones, 

Tres. Law Class; Capt. Football; E. S. of 
Chapter; Real Estate. (420 Linn St., Iowa 
City, Iowa.) 

Calvin Terrv McClintock, 

A. B.. 1905: Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; 
Assistant Cashier, Woodbury County Savings 
Bank, 407 Nebraska St.; res. 2723 Nebraska 
St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

form Thomas McClintock, 

M 1). iooq; A. B., Parsons Coll. 

of Physiology and Dean, Coll. of Med 

.irchild St. 


of I 

City, Iowa. 

Oscar William Okerlin, 

(Essex, Iowa.) 

Harry Clifford Parsons, 

M. D., 1905; "I" in Track and Baseball; 
Physician and Surgeon; City Phys. Water- 
town, S. Dak. 




Carl Emil Seashore, 

A. B., 1891 Gustavus Adolphus Coll.; Ph. D., 
1895 Yale Univ.; College Dean and Professor 
of Psychology; Author "Elementary Experi- 
ments in Psychology, 1908," "Psychology in 
Daily Life, 1914"; Member Am. Psychological 
Assn., Western Philosophical Assn. and Assn. 
of Am. Univ. Professors. 211 Liberal Arts 
Bldg.; res. 815 N. Linn St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

Frederick Bernard Sturm, 

A. B., 1892 Univ. of Mich; Assistant Profes- 
sor of German; Author "Gerstacker's Irrfahr- 
ten," "Der Neffe als Onkel," "Die Wiedertau- 
fer" and articles in Modern Language Jour- 
nals. State Univ. of Iowa; res. 219 Ronalds 
St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

Wilbur T. Teeters, 

Initiated by Ohio Sigma, 1893- 

Hugh E. Young, 

B. S. in C. E., 1905; Alphi Phi Delta; Scimi- 
tar and Fez; Track Team, 4 yrs.; Engineer 
of Bridge Design, City of Chicago; Dir. As- 
sociated Technical Men; Member Mvstic Ath- 
letic Club. 139 N. Clark St.; res. 1833 Lunt 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Ervin J. Barker, 

LL. B., 1906; Charter Member; Phi Delta 
Phi; Capt. Track Team, 1905; Olympic Games, 
1904; State Record High Jump; Scholarship 
and Athletic Prize, 1905; Vice-Pres. Class; 
Treas. Athletic Assn.; Lawyer. 410 Hyde 
Bldg.; res. E. 226, 23d Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Ira Arthur Burkheimer, 

B. S., 1906; B. E„ 1908; Sigma Xi; Basket- 
ball, 1905-07; Track Team, 1906-08; General 
Contractor; Sec. Jarvis & Burkheimer, Inc. 
322 Liberty Bldg.; res. 5240 University Blvd., 
Seattle, Wash. 

in Emmett Burkheimer, 

LL. B., 1906; Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer, Firm of 
Shepard, Burkheimer & Burkheimer; Attor- 
neys. 614 New York Bldg.; res. 6285, 20th 
Ave. N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Louis Denton Dennis, 

LL. B., 1906; Lawyer. 213 First Ave.; res. 
O Ave. mh St. W„ Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Royal F. French, 

B. S., 1906; M. D., 1909; Phi Rho Sigma; 
Physician; Specializing in Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat. 602 W. Main St.; res. Masonic Tem- 
ple, Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Fred Moore, 

(Care Montreal Genl. Hosp., Montreal, Canada.) 

Henry G. Walker, 

Phi Delta Phi; Irving Institute; Scabbard and 
Blade; Acacia; Cercle Francaise; Polygon; 
Dramatic Club; Scimitar and Fez; Winner In- 
tersociety Debates (1), (2); Pres. Class (1); 
Winner Hawkeye Short Story Contest; Pick- 
ard Prize for Extempore Debate; Iowa Rep- 
resentative N. O. L. and Hamilton Club Ora- 
torical Contests; Member Iowa-Wisconsin 
Debating Teams; Genl. Mgr. Athletics; Law- 
year; City Solicitor; Postmaster; Capt. Co. I, 
Iowa Natl. Guards; Member Iowa State Bar 
and Am. Bar Assns.; B. P. O. E. and Masonic 
Connections. Johnson County Bank Bldg. ; 
res. Highlands, Iowa City, Iowa. 


Claude Ham Covle, 

A. B., 1907; LL.' B., 1903 Humboldt; B. of 
Mus., 1914 Omaha School of Orchestral In- 
struments; Readers' Club; Orchestra and 
Band; Chess Club; Waskwi; Teacher, Violin 
and Symphony Study Orchestras; State Chess 
Champion, 1904-05; Justice of Peace, Hum- 
boldt County, Iowa; Dir. Instrumental Music 



in Public Schools; Member Knights of Pythias; 
Lvre and Chess Clubs. Council Bluffs High 
School; res. 617, 5th Ave., Council Bluffs, 

in W. Crossan, 

M. D., 191 1 St. Louis Univ; Irving Lit. Soc; 
The Germanier; Univ. Band and Orchestra; 
Track Team; Physician and Surgeon, Staff St. 
Louis Maternity Hosp. and Los Angeles In- 
firmary (Sister Hosp.); Member Elks (99); 
Sierra Madre Club. 666 Carondelet St., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Rudolf Andreas Kuever, 

Ph. G., 1907; Ph. C, 1911; Phi Delta Chi; 
Baconian; Associate Professor of Pharmacy, 
State Univ. of Iowa; Sec. Section on Educa- 
tion and Legislation, Am. Pharmaceutical 
Assn., 1914-16, and Chrmn., 1916-17; Member 
Univ, Athletic Bd.; Member Triangle Club and 
Masonic Lodge. Coll. of Pharmacy, State 
Univ. of Iowa; res. Westside, Iowa City, Iowa. 

Will Francis Riley, 

Irving; Waskwi; Newman; Polygon; Capt. 
Track Team, 1907; Minn. Preliminary Debate, 
2 yrs.; Pres. Class, 1906; Lawyer; Pres. Bd. 
of Library Trustees; Member Grant and Uni- 
versity Clubs. 1213 Hippee Bldg.; res. 2626 
Forest Drive, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Charles Plume Schenck, 

B. S., 1904; M. D., 1907; Sigma Xi; Cadet 
Major, Univ. Battalion; "I" in Basketball; 
Capt. 1902, and 1905; Track Team, 1901-04; 
Physician, Specializing, Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat. 903 Amicable Bldg.; res. 2S05 Austin 
Ave., Waco, Texas. 

W. Russell Sieg, 

B. S. in C. E., 1907; C. E., 1914; Secretary 
and Treasurer. Moore-Siege Const. Co.; Mem- 
ber Elks and Waterloo Commercial Club. 
1 126 E. 4th St.; res. 902 Cambell Ave., Water- 
loo, Iowa. 

Arthur T. Wallace, 

Member Freshman Football and Basketball 
Teams; E. H. and Deputy Archon; Delegate 
S. A. E. Natl. Conventions, Atlantic City, 
1909, Kansas City 1910; Delegate Province 
Zeta Conventions Iowa City 1909, Lawrence 
191 1 ; Sec. and Treas. Province Zeta 1909- 
191 1 ; Pres. Province Zeta 1912; Lawyer; 
Member Polk Countv Bar Assn., Iowa State 
Bar Assn. (703-707 Citizens Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Des Moines, Iowa.) 


Benjamin G. Bradley, 

B. S. in C. E., 1908; Private Practice, Civil 
Engineering. Steamboat Springs, Colo. 

Charles Everett Couch, 

Irving Institute; Polygon; Assistant Cashier, 
Union Savings and Trust Co.; Member Arctic, 
College and Assembly Clubs and Scottish Rite 
of F. and A. M. ;oi Second Ave.; res. 1216, 
1 st St. W., Seattle, Wash. 

William Toseph Holtz, 

"I" in "Track; Capt. Cross Country Team; 
Lawyer; Bank Dir. and Counsellor; General 
Practitioner in Federal and State Courts; 
Organized and ist Ties. Omaha Alumni Assn.; 
Member Am. Bar Assn.; Omaha Athletic, Com- 
mercial and Barristers' Clubs. 1530 City Natl. 
Bank Bldg.; res. 2415 N. 45th Ave., Omaha, 

Maurice Allen Kent, 

Teacher. (Iowa City, Iowa.) 

Philip D. Macbride, 

A. B., 1909; Attorney-at-Law. 6oj Hoge Bldg.; 
res. 3310 Cascadia Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Walter Lawrence Myers, 

A. B., 1908; A. M., 1912; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Irving Institute; Intercollegiate Debate and 
Oratory, Assistant Professor of English, State 
Univ. of Iowa; Author of Short Stories. 1 177 
E. Court St., Iowa City, Iowa. 



Willis John O' Brien, . 

Football. three years, All Western and All 
Am.; VVaskwi Junior Soc; Track Team two 
years. (1806. 10th St., Des Moines, Iowa.) 

< lillnnl I', I'aul, 

B. S., ,Sg8 Lenox Coll.; Phi Delta Phi; At- 

'', y-at-Law; County Supt. of Schools, tones 

County, Iowa; Member of 32a General As- 
sembly, Iowa. Anamosa, Iowa. 

Frederick J. Poyneer, 

Varsity Baseball, 1006-07; Dept. Editor Junior 
Amml; General Insurance. R. 2, Union 
Block; res. 524 Knollwood Drive, Cedar 
Rapids. Iowa. 

Robert Glass Remley, 

A. B 190S; LL. B„ 1912; Lawyer. 640'/. 
Second St.. Webster City, Iowa. 


William L. Carberry, 

A. B., 1009; Zetagathian; Newman- Pres. 
Senior Class; "I" in Football; Baseball; Track; 
District Agent; International Life Ins. Co., 
St. Louis; Member Elks and Knights of 
Columbus. Yankton, S. Dakota. 

Glenn Reese Griffith, 

Io e wa r 'City rS I Natlonal Bank - 4 ' 4 Iowa Ave " 

Carroll Nathan Kirk, 

(Care Marshall Oil Co., Bismarck, N. Dakota.) 

Clark Hayes Lauder, 

Physician. (S02 E. St. Grinnell, Iowa.) 

John Hyren Peck, 

M. D., 1909; Physician. 1222 Equitable Bldg.; 
res. 1120, 37th St.. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Jeremiah Albert Pierce, 

A - J B ^' I9 °,? : Ph -G.; Phi Delta Chi; Scimitar 
and Fez; Prcs^ Class (4); Greater Univ. Com- 
mittee; Staff Daily Ionian; Dept. Editor Hawk- 
eye; Senior Marshal; Stock Raising; Author 
Isychology of Speech-reading," "Economic 
Efficiency of the Deaf." "The Experience Sys- 
of Speech-rcading"; Member Rio Blanco Com- 
mercial Club. Meeker, Colo. 

Will Darrow Runyon, 

M. D 1909; Physician; Member Sioux City 
Sociological Club. 439 Frances Bide.; res. 
311, 22d St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Isaiah John Waterman, 

(Renwick, Iowa.) 

Frank B. Whinery, 

DD. S.. 1909; Dentist. Johnson County Bank 
Bldg.; res. 1064 E. College St.. Iowa City, 


Joseph Jasper McConnell, Jr., 

A. B 1910; Polygon; Irving institute; Gen- 
eral Secretary, Y. M. C. A. Hyderabad, Dec- 
can, India. 

Arthur T. Wallace, 

Attorney-at-Law. (703 Citizens' Bank Bldg., 
Des Moines, Iowa.) 


Clark Martin Burkheimer, 

Lawyer; Firm of Shepard, Burkheimer and 
Burkheimer. 614 New York Bhlg.; res 5340 
University Blvd.. Seattle, Wash. 

Merlyn Bush Call, 

A. B., 1905; M. D., 191 1; Scimitar and Fez; 
Dramatic flub; Irving Institute; Physician and 
Surgeon; Member Am. Med. Assn. and Knights 
of Pythias. Greene, Iowa. 


Edwin Cobb, 

B S 1909; M. D„ 191 1 ; M. S„ 1912; Phi 
Rho Sigma; Hyperion Club; "I" in Baseball; 
Oculist and Aunst; Clinical Asst. Ophthalmol- 
ogy. Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology; 
Author of Numerous Medical Papers; Member 
J. M. C. A.; Marshalltown and Countrv Clubs 

town° n io P ' ei r "' 6 N ' 5th S '" iiarshaM - 

Ben R Collins, 

A. B., 1911; LL. B.. 1911; Owl and Keys; 
Scimitar and Fez; Left Halfback Football. 
1906-1908 and 1909; Fielder Baseball, 1909; 
Attorncy-at-Law. 1417 Merchants Bank Bldg • 
Ind '° 44 N ' Pennsylvania St - Indianapolis', 

Harry W. Foster, 

Ph. G .1.910; Ph C, iqu; Mortar and Pestle 
Soc; Univ Band; Druggist; Masonic Connec- 
tions. Gladbrook, Iowa 

Ralph Reid Hicks, 

Traveling Salesman, N. O. Nelson Mfg. Co. 
N. O Nelson Mfg. Co.. ,oth and Chestnut 
D Moines"?' ' ; """ 4238 Pleasant St - 

Mark w'^Hyland, 

"-- B W 1 ; Phi Delta Phi; Football, 1908-10 
(Capt.); Track, 1908-00; Basketball, 1909-10; 
Attorney-at-Law; Member Elks, Foresters and 
Knights of Columbus. Tama, Iowa. 

Kenneth N. Macdonald, 

Ivy Lane; Owl and Keys; Proprietor. Bureau 
r . A r- V , er i t,Sln(r; *\S mh " Grant and Waveland 
Golf Clubs. 701 Crocker Bldg.; res. 412 Lin- 
coln Court, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Hugo Louis Ryden, 

B. E., 1911; Capt. Freshman Basketball, 1911; 
Varsity Basketball (2), (3), (4); Capt (4) 
Draftsman, Federal Valuation, B. R. and P. 

P^'t % 'S l . W " \ I x ai '\, St - : res - 2 « Lake View 
I ark, Rochester, N. Y. 

Walter Leslie Schenck, 

D. D. S., 191 1 ; Capt. Cadet Regiment, 1908- 
09; Lieut. Col., 1909-10; Col., 1910-1 1 ; Dentist; 
Instr. in Dental Coll., State Univ of Iowa 
1014-16; Member Iowa City Commercial Club; 
Univ. Dist. Dental and Iowa State Dental 
Socs^ Iowa City State Bank Bldg.; res. 1019 

E. College St.. Iowa City, Iowa. 

Floyd Edgar Thomas, 

A. B., iqii; LL. B„ iqi 4 ; Phi Delta Phi; 
Irving Institute; Scimitar and Fez; Perkins 
Scholarship. Harvard. 1911-12; Editor The 
Hawkeye 1910; Varsity Football, Basketball 
and Track; Freshman Football Coach. 1912.1v 
\arsity Basketball Coach. 191,; Lawyer- 2d 
Lieut. Co. L, 350th Inf.. U. S. Army; Mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias and Commercial Club. 
Care Hunt and Thomas, Leighton Bldg., Ot- 

Earl W. Vincent, 

(Kcota, Iowa.) 

Seth Biggs Weeks,* 

d. March 10. 191 7, Guthrie Center, Iowa. 

Arthur A. Zimmermann, 

A. B.. ion. LL. B., 1915; Phi DelU Phi; 
Lawyer, Firm of Pike. Sias and Zimmermann. 
Waterloo Savings Bank Bldg.; res. 416 South 
St., Waterloo, Iowa. 


Sumner Bereman Chase, 

M. D 1915; M. S. in Med., 1916; Nu Sigma 
JSf.S . lTT - Lane; Dramatic and Sphinx Clubs; 
1 in Track; Physician; Specializing in Eye, 
Far, Nose and Throat; Author "Tuberculosis 
of the Larynx"; Member Commercial and 
Country Clubs. 405 Snell Bldg.; res. 720 N. 
I5th St., Ft. Dodge, Iowa. 

ITarlcy James Hotz, 

Medical Student, State Univ. of Iowa c 22 
N. Linn St., Iowa City, Iowa. 





Robert Francis Hull, 

Capt. Football Team, 1910; Tanner. 18 S. 1st 
St.; res. 408 W. State St., Marshall, Iowa. 

Walter R. Mead, 

Steam Specialty Salesman, Crane Co.; Mem- 
ber Natl. Assn. Stationary Engineers. 1440 
W. Walnut St.; res. 3910 Kingman Blvd., Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

Willis John O'Brien, 

(Cedar Rapids,_ Iowa). 

Rodney L. Price, 

(1030 Kirkwood Ave., Iowa City, Iowa.) 

Carl C. Riepe, 

A. B., 1910; LL. B., 1912; Phi Delta Phi; 
Polygon; Scimitar and Fez; Irving Inst.; 
Lawyer. Iowa State Savings Bank Bldg.; res. 
1420 West Ave., Burlington, Iowa. 

Earl W. Vincent, 

A. B., 1909; LL. B. 1912; A. M., 1913; Law- 
yer. Guthrie Center, Iowa. 

Arlo Wilson, 

A. B., 1912; Phi Beta Kappa; Owl and Keys; 
U'askwi; Scimitar and Fez; Polygon; Irving 
Inst.; Capt. Track Team, 191 1; Center on 
Freshman Basketball Team; Holder of Univ. 
Record in High Hurdles for 5 yrs., 16 sec. 
fiat; Accountant. Care Niles-Bement-Pond Co., 
in Broadway, New York; res. 42 Sidney 
Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Russel Laurie Worcester, 

Building Material Business. 906 Walnut St.; 
res. 686, 33d St., Des Moines, Iowa. 


W'alter John Barngrover, 

LL. B., 1913; Attorney-at-Law; Masonic Con- 
nection. 213 First Ave.; res. 854 First Ave. 
E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Paul Carleton Colegrove, 

M. D., 1913; Phi Rho Sigma; Physician. 7 
W. College St.; res. Elmwood PI., Oberlin, 

Henry Dan Hanson, 

A. B., 1913; Sigma Delta Chi; Sport Editor 
Daily Iowan; "I" in Baseball and Football, 
Capt., 1912; Farm Manager; Mayor; Masonic 
Connections. Union, La. 

William Blair Hulburt, 

A. B., 1913; LL. B., 1915; Phi Delta Phi; 
Sigma Delta Chi; Ivy Lane; Scimitar and Fez; 
1st Lieut. Co. L 340th Inf. U. S. Army; 
E.A., 1913-14; Sec. and Treas. Province Zeta, 
1916-17. Care Adjutant-General of the Army, 
Washington, D. C. 

John Hamilton Johnson, 

A. B., 1913; Newspaper Reporter; Member A. 
F. and A. M. ; Affiliated Wis. Alpha, 1913. 
Tribune, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Russell Paul Tones, 

Salesman, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. 1022 
Locust St.; res. 1631, nth St., Des Moines, 

Archie Raymond Kirk, 

Freshman Baseball, Football, Basketball and 
Track. (400 N. Clinton St., Iowa City, Iowa.) 

Homer D. Long, 

Ph G., iqii; Ph C, 1914; Chemist; with Natl. 
Guard Field Hosp. Corps. 509 S. Clinton St., 
Iowa City, Iowa. 

Stanley Robert Meek, 

A. B., 1914; Scimitar and Fez; Asst. Pur- 
chasing Agent, Iowa Ry. and Light Co. Dows 
Bldg.; res. 1535 Bever Ave., Cedar Rapids, 

Ed. Maxwell Smith, 

(410 E. 3d St., Waterloo, Iowa.) 

Elbert Wright Week a , 

A. B., 1913; Department Manager, Port Hi 
Machinery Co., Ltd. 502 W. .Market St.; 
054, 36th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 


J. Robert Cornell, 

LL. B., 1914; Assistant Manager, Redpath 
Vawter Chautauqua System; Member Internatl. 
Rotary Club, Cedar Rapids Chapter. Cedar 
Rapids Savings Bank Bldg.; res. 1616 Fifth 
Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Ernest Cleveland Hamilton, 

Iroquois; Irving Lit. Soc; Freshman Football, 
Basketball and Baseball; Sergt. Co. B Cadet 
Regt. (Winterset, Iowa.) 

John L. Hanson, 

A. B., 191,1: Scimitar and Fez; "I" in Baseball, 
1912 and Track, 1914; Farming; Masonic Con- 
nections. Union, Iowa. 

Harlan Hans Hestwood, 

(Des Moines, Iowa). 

Carroll Browning Martin, 

A. B„ 1915; Wholesale Tire and Automobile 
Accessories. 299, 7th St.; res. Y. M. C. A., 
Dubuque, Iowa 

Walden White Patrick, 

A. B., 1914; Pandean Plavers; Irving Inst; 
Lowden Prize in Paleontology; Miner; Supt. 
Prospect Drilling; Cashier, Peoples' Gas and 
Electric Co. Indian Mound Mine, Benton, 

Harold Close Thomas, 

Zetagathian Debating and Oratory Soc; Pan- 
dean Players (Organizer) ; Holder of Honorary 
Scholarship to Univ.; Debating, Oratory and 
General Scholarship Honors; Journalist and 
Publicist; Mgr. of Political Campaigns; Asst. 
Citv Editor Dallas News; Editorial Dept. New 
York Herald: Author some verse and short 
stories; Member Press Club of Chicago. Press 
Club of Chicago; 139 N. Clark St., Chicago, 
111., and 109 S. Johnson St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

George King Thompson, 

A. B., 1911; LL. B., 1914; Phi Delta Phi; 
Sigma Delta Chi; Order of the Coif; Lawyer. 
213 First Ave.; res. 1723 Third Ave., Cedar 
Rapids, Iowa. 


Joseph Leo Carberrv. 

(Trinity College, Sioux City, Iowa). 

Clarence Henry Dickey, 

LL. B., 191=;; Attornev-at-Law; Member Keo- 
kuk and Keokuk Country Clubs. 28 N. 5th 
St.; res. 627 Timea St., Keokuk, Iowa. 

Dewitt Coulter Emerson, 

D. D. S., 1016; Dental Surgeon, U. S. Navy. 
SIS E. Park St., Stockton, Cal. 

Thomas Roy Gittens, 

(Williamsburg, Iowa). 

Frank S. Hamilton, 

B. A., 1915; Assistant Cashier, First Natl. 
Bank. Winterset, Iowa. 

Glenn Glassburn Hovey, 

P.. S. in Ens.. 191s; Electrical Dept.. Iowa 
Railway and Light Co.; Member Mt. Hermon 
Lodge. No. 263, A. F. and A. M. Care Iowa 
Railway and Light Co.; res. 114 S. 30th St., 
Cedar Rapids, Lowa. 

Harry Glenn Teffrey, 

(1724 Second Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa). 

Karl Tohn Knoepfler, 

A. B.. 1010; A. M., 1914: LL. G„ 1915; 
Lawyer. Care Keefe and Knoepfler, Walthiil, 



O. L»an Mclntyre, 

(New Bampton, Iowa.) 

Lawrence I f. Martin, 

ii ittumwa, Iowa.) 

Edwin G. Shrader, 

(Wesl Point Military Acad., West Point, N.Y.I 


Walter R. Hanson. 

A. B., 1916; Ivy Lane; Waskwij Scimitar and 
Fez; "I" in Baseball, 1914-16; Lieut. U. S. 
Army; Adjutant, 313 Ammunition Train. 
Union, Iowa. 

W. Don Harrison, 

A. It.. igi6; Phi Beta Ka-oa, Athelney Club; 
Private (Fist Class) Med. Dept. U. S. Army. 
(Natl. Guard). Care Surgeon General U. S. 
Army. Washington, D. C. 

Glenn Resor Lemmon, 

Owl and Keys; Iroquois; with Co. C, 109th 
Engineers. U. S. Army. Guthrie Center, Iowa. 

Thomas Miller Lichty, 

(Iowa City, Iowa.) 

Horace Dewitt Rowe, 

1). I>. S„ I9>6; Xi Psi Phi; Track Team, 1914- 
16; "I" Club, 1915-16; Dentist; First Lieut.. 
Army Dental Reserve; Member Masons and 
F.Iks. Willits, Cal. 


Cassius Clifford Beem, 

Army Officer; 1st Lieut. Aviation Section, 
Signal R. C„ U. S. A. Langley Field, Va.; 
res. Martelle, Iowa, 

Ward F. Bennett, 

Sergeant, Co. C, iogth Ammunition Train. 
U. S. Army; E. A. of Chapter. 1007, 22d St., 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

Victor Herbert Ellingson, 

Football, 19 1 4; With Battery F. 1st Iowa Field 
Artillery. 112 Locust St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

W. Keith Hamill, 

A. B., 1917; Phi Alpha Delta; Sigma Delta 
Chi; Bryan Prize Essay, 1914; Class Debate, 
1015; Snorts Editor, Daily lowan, 1914-16; 
Editor, nil;, Huwlu-v,-: Chrmn. Junior Prom. 
Committee, 1016; Pres. Senior Class, 1917; 
Iowa Law Bulletin Stall, 1918; Editor Iowa 
Alumnus, 1917-16; Student. Iowa City, Iowa. 

Clarence E. Hamilton, 

With Univ. of Iowa Ambulance Unit, U. S. 
Armv. Care Adjutant General of the Army. 
Washington, D. C. 

Ronald Tice Spangler, 

Elling Halden Veblen, 

Aviation Service, U. S. Army; Affiliated 111. 
Theta, 1917- 305 Walnut St. S. E„ Minne 
apolis, Minn. 


Charles Beree Elder, 

Keokuk, Iowa. 

Ernest Robert Johnson, 

Student. 1226 'Fourth Ave.. Cedai Rapids, 

Charles Foss Langdon, 

With Battery F. 120th Field Artillery, U. S. 
Army. 1508 S. W. 9th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Dean McAllister Lierle, 

Nu Sigma Nu House, Iowa City, Iowa. 

Clare Rathbun Marshall, 

With 67th Inf. Brigade. U. S. Army. 1735 
Sixth Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Charles Mason Parsons, 

Freshman Football; Efficiency Dept.. Fulton 
Bag and Cotton Mills; Signal Corps. U. S. 
Army; Coach. Keokuk High School Football, 
1915. 48 Waddell St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Tohn Leslie Powers, Jr., 

Track. 1916; Private U. S. Marine Corps. 
1305 First Ave. E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Henry Warren Statler, 

(Des Moines, Iowa.) 


Frederick Earl Barrett, 

Student. Menan, Idaho. 

John Orville Draney, 

400 N. Clinton St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

John Joseph Foarde, 

A. B„ 1917; Lieut. Co. F, 3 s2d Inf., U. S. 
Army. 301 E. Pine St., Anamosa, Iowa. 

Edward James Hotz, 

Robert Henry Hotz, 

Law Student. 522 N. Linn St., Iowa City, 

Thomas Judson Irish, 

Nu Sigma Nu; Medical Student. 205 E. 
Bloomington St., Iowa City. Iowa. 

Joseph Maurice Kerwick, 

Nu Sigma Nu House, Iowa City, Iowa. 

C. Brinton Knox, 

Student. Stuart, Iowa. 

Owen Meredith, 

Student. 4018 Kingman Blvd., Des Moines, 

Donald Wray Price, 

"I" in Rifle Work Twice; Univ. Champion- 
ship; Tied for 8th Place in Natl. Individual 
Match, Jacksonville, Fla.; Made the Iowa 
State Rifle Team and Held High Average; 
Student; Asst. Rifle Instr.; Won 4 U. S. 
Medals and 4 N. R. A. Medals in Natl, and 
Interscholastic Meets. 1030 Kirkwood Ave., 
Iowa City, Iowa. 

Everett McDonald Raymond, 

Ivy Lane; Student. 620 Country Club Blvd., 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

I Tarry Law Reams, 

Graduate Council Bluffs High School; Univ. 
Players; Irving Institute; Freshman Oratorical 
Contest; Editor Hawkey c. 1909; Student; E. D. 
A. of Chapter. 500 N. 26th St., Council Bluffs, 

( ieorge Harold Rigler, 

Irving Institute, University Players and Drama 
League; Sophomore Cotillion Committee; Pres. 
.Inn, or Class; Business Mgr. i qIQ HawktylJ 
Stu.l.nt; Member Commerce Club. 422 ' N. 
Clinton St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

Perle Wilbur Schneck, 

Student. Pomeroy, Iowa. 

Harry Waldeman Wahl, 

Student. 2814 E. 14th St.. Des Moines, Iowa. 

1 Ln rv M. Willets, 

A It. 1914 Grinnell Coll.; Student. 400 N. 
Clinton St., Iowa City, Iowa. 





Robert Ray Aurey, 

Irving Institute; Valedictory, Iowa City Hit 
School; Student. 615 N. Dubuque St., low 
City, Iowa. 

George Lloyd Barnett, 

Stuart. Iowa. 

Leon H. Brigham, 

Irving Lit. Soc.; Basketball; Football, 191; 

Student; Sophomore Class Representativ 

Interfraternity Council. 608 S. Johnson Si 
Iowa City, Iowa. 

Keith Walter Diddy, 

Glee Club. Redfield, Iowa. 

Rollin William Humphrey, 

Student; Affiliated Iowa Gamma 1920. 11. 
N. Main St., Carroll, Iowa. 

Harry Edward Malloy, 

Newman Club; Baseball; Teacher. State 
ter, Iowa. 

Alfred David Weis, 

Clerk, Valuation Dept., Chicago, Burli 
and Quincy R. R. Burlington Bldg.; res. 
Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Benjamin F. Wolverton, 

Student. 400 N. Clinton St., Iowa City, 


Hubert Harvey Brierly, 

Student. Independence, Iowa. 

Eugene Bonum Laurer, 

Student. Independence, Iowa. 

Rothwell Derby Proctor, 

Freshman party committee; Student. 
B Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 



Ames, Iowa 

Chartered June 3, 1905 


Winfred Forrest Coover, 

A. B., igoo Otterbein Univ.; A. M., 1903 Ohio 
State Univ.; Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Gamma Sigma Delta; Chemical Soc.; Capt. 
Football Team, 1898, Pres. Athletic Assn., 
1899, and Pres. Senior Class, 1899-00 at Otter- 
bein Univ.; Capt. Football. 1902. 3 All-Ohio 
Football Teams and Varsity "O" Assn. at 
Ohio State Univ.; Teacher of Chemistry and 
Chairman of Dept. of Chemistry, Iowa State 
College; Assoc. Member Naval Consulting Bd. 
of the U. S.; Fellow Am. Assn. for Advance- 
ment of Science; Member of Council, Am. 
Chemical Soc. Ames, Iowa. 

Donald Barry Fegles, 

B. C. E., 190s; Bachelor Debating Soc; Con- 
tractor; General Manager, Fegles-Bellows En- 
gineering Co. Ltd.; Member Am. Soc. of Civil 
Kngrs.; Kaministikwia (Fort Williams) Club. 
Grain Exchange, Fort Williams; res. 124 Sum- 
mit Ave., Port Arthur, Ontario, Can. 

Milton Preston Jarnagin, 

Initiated by Tenn. Kappa 1904. 

Clarence A. Mahanke, 

269 Erie St.. Chicago, 111. 

Samuel S. Nichols, 

M. K.. i<j<iq; Sheet Metal Manufacturer. 2400 
Texas St.; res. 912 W. Boulevard, El Paso, 

George Cook Read, 

Civic Investment and Industrial Co. (Mon- 
treal. CanJ 

Adolph Shane, 

Sigma Xi: Assoc. Prof. Electrical Engineering 
at towa State Coll.; Coll. Prof. After Gradua- 
tion, First Connected With Oklahoma Agri- 
cultural and Mechanical Coll. and later with 
1 in' of Pa, Iowa State Coll., Ames, Iowa. 

John Francis Travis. 

Alumni Assn. (Ohio State Univ., Columbus, 


Karl Daniel Bickel, 

1 etter in Track 4 yrs.; Sec and Treas. Bickel 
Baking Co. McGregor, Iowa. 

Frederick Paul Collisnn, 

D, V. M„ 1906; Veterinary Medical Society; 
Farming. R. R., No. 3, Carroll, [a, 

Charles Louis Davis. Tr., 

B. S.. too-; Univ. of Tenn.; M. S., ion Univ 

..f Wis: Teacher Agriculture. North Texas 

State Normal Coll.; res. 80 \\ . Sycamore 
St.. Denton, Texas. 

Henry Mathias Hanssen,* 

B. S. in C. E., 1906; Bachelors; County En- 
gineer Linn County, d. Dec. 25, 1917, Mar- 
ion, Iowa. 

Guy R. Kenny, 

Salesmen. 269 E. Erie St., Park Ridge, III. 

Robert Wier McPherson,* 

d. March 15, 1907, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Ralph Denny Robertson, 

B. S., 1908 Univ. of Cal. ; Civil Engineering 
Soc; Farm Adviser San Joaquin Country, Rep- 
resenting L T . S. Dept. Agri. and Univ. of Cal.; 
Author several govt, and univ. publications 
dealing with irrigation. Commercial and Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg.; res. 445 W. Vine St., Stock- 
ton, Cal. 

Fred Mathias Sloane, 

B. S. in C. E.. 1906; Asst. Engineer C. M. 
& St. P. Ry. 22 Milwaukee Station; res. 65 
S. nth St.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Howard Smith, 

A. 11.. 1906; Farming. Prattville, Ala. 


Russell Forest Balthis, 

B. S. A., 1907; Horticultural and Forestry 
Club (Pres.); Football Team, 1906; Farmer; 
U. S. Dept. of Agri.; Forest Service, 1907-17; 
Forest Supervisor, 1011-16 in charge Alamo 
Natl. Forest, New Mexico; Member Soc. of 
Am. Foresters; B. P. O. E. Hoo Hoo and 

A. F. and A. M. Grimes, Iowa. 

Miles O. Bolser, 

B. S. in E. E., 1907; Charter Member of the 
Iowa Gamma; Tunior Electrical Engineer, Dept. 
of Public Service, Bureau of Power and Light. 
Los Angeles. 723 Knickerbocker Bldg. and 
1.244 W. 40th Place, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lyle Tewett Hicks, 

B. S. in E. E., 1907; Pres. Dongan Electric 
Mfg. Co. 741-74=; Franklin St.; res. 488 Mont- 
clair Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

William J. Kirsher, 

Dragons; Sec. and General Manager, Am. 
Smelting and Refining Co. Box 1139; res. 
327a Stuart St., Denver, Colo. 

Carl A. Kupfer, 

. ■- S. F.. 1 007 : Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi ; 
Philomathean; Editor Bomb; on staff Iowa Col- 
lege Student; Sec. Debating League; Sopho- 
more and Junior Class Plays; in charge Office 
of Pi oil nets U. S. Forest Service, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal : Member University Club (Madison, 
Wis. >. 114 Sansome St., San Francisco; res. 
811 Santa Barbara Rd., Berkeley, Cal. 




1 heodore Taylor Meyhng, 

B. M. E., 1907; Secretary; Treasurer Pech- 
stein Iron Works; Member P. B. O. E. 9th 
and Johnson Sts.; res. 1614 High St., Keokuk, 

Joseph Hale Ouigley, 

Foreman Grain Elevator Repair Works for 
Gilchrist & Co.; Assessor McGregor Corp.; 
Fast N. G. of Itasca Lodge No. in; Elks; 
Fast C. P. of McGregor Encampment No. 100, 
Elks; Member Pocket City Rebekah Lodge No. 
114. McGregor, la. 

Gustav John Scberling, 

E. E., 1907. Sec. and Treas. Dongan Electric 
Mfg. Co. 741-745 Franklin St.; res. 378 
Montclair Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

Edward Norris Wentworth, 

B. S. in Agri., 1907; M. S., 1909; Alpha Zeta; 
Phi Kanpa Phi; Alpha Psi; Sigma Delta Chi; 
Prof. Animal Breeding; Author "Texts on 
Livestock Breeding and Cattle Production." 
Kansas State Agri. Coll.; res. 1421 Humboldt 
St., Manhattan, Kans. 

Roy Daniel Whitacre, 

P., S. in E. E., 1907; Engineer. 721 E. 3d St., 
Tucson, Ariz. 


William Barton Barney, Jr., 

State Dairy Inspector; Charter Member. 
Dairy and Food Commission. State House; res. 
1734 W. nth St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Bert Moyer Blackwell, 

B. M. E., 1008; Foundry Engineer. Whiting 
Foundry Equipment Co.; res. 15520 Vine Ave., 



Herman C. Horneman, 

B. S. in Agri., 1908; Pres. Sugar Creek Cream- 
ery Co. and Dairy Farmer; Vice-Pres. 111. 
Dairymen's and 111. Butter Mfrs. Assns. 119 
Cherry St.; res. Iroquois Farm, Watseka, 111. 

Lyman Andrew Mclntyre, 

Farmer; Township Clerk. Reinbeck, Iowa. 

George Powers,* 

d. June 20, 1910. 

Roland Edward Richeson, 

Class Pres.; Farming. R. D. No. 3, State Cen- 
ter, Iowa. 


Shirley Walter Allen, 

Alpha Zeta; Delta Sigma Rho: Cardinal Guild; 
Winner of Home Oratorical Contest, 190S-09; 
2d Place State Contest; Editor Bomb, 1909; 
Teacher; Forest Asst. U. S. Forest Service, 
1909-12; Deputy Supervisor Lassen Natl. For- 
est, Cal., 1912-14; Asst. Prof. Forest Exten- 
sion N. Y. State College of Forestry, 1914-16; 
Prof., 1916; Author numerous short magazine 
articles. State College of Forestry, Irvington; 
res. 144 Lascelles St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Ray Chamberlain Berry, 

Affiliated 111. Beta, 1910. 

John Connell, 

(Toledo. Iowa.) 

Robert Laurence Fenlon, 

Th. G„ 1915; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Chi; 
Acacia; Student; Member A. F. and A. M. 322 
N. Van Buren St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

Conrad Erwin Frudden, 

B. M. E., 1909; Sigma Xi; with Parrett Trac- 
tor Co. Parrett Tractor Co.; res. 13 W. Hick- 
ory St., Chicago Heights, 111. 

Robert Burton Gray, 

(International Hardware Co.. Chicago, 111.) 

Daniel Webster Hanssen, 

E. E.. 1909; Construction Su-pt. Iowa Light, 
Heat & Power Co. East sth St.; res. 902 N. 
Main St., Carroll, Iowa. 

Carl E. Harris, 

B. S. in C. E., 1900; Baseball "A";- Structural 
Engineer. 119 N. Clark St.; res. 2717 Pine 
Grove Ave., Chicago. 111. 

Homer Concord Hubbard, 

(Ames, Iowa). 

Everett Wesley Lambert,* 

d. July 19, 1910. 

Guy Menten Lambert, 

B. S. in Agri., 1009; Varsity Football Team, 
1906-08; Varsity Track Team, 1906-09; Prop. 
Dairvland Dairv Co.; Asst. State Dairy Com- 
missioner: Author of Farmers' Bulletin No. 
623, Published by U. S. Dept. of Agri.; and 
many articles for newspapers and trade pa- 
pers; Member Newton Commercial Assn.; New- 
ton Country Club. 108 S. 2d Ave., W.; res. 
611, 1st Ave. E., Newton, Iowa. 

George Arthur Mills, 

B. S. in E. E., 1909; Tau Beta Phi; Student 
Member Am. Inst, of Electrical F.ngrs.; Elec- 
trical Engineer, Waterloo Cedar Falls and 
Northern Ry. Co. Waterloo Cedar Falls & 
Northern Ry Co.; res. 1534 2d St., Waterloo, 

Lawrence Anthony Nelson, 

(Pontiac, Mich.) 

John Henry Pechstein, 

M. A. B., 1012 Zvmotechnic Inst, of Chicago; 
Machinist; Member B. P. O. Elks and Fra- 
ternal Order of Eagles. Pechstein Iron Works, 
19 S. 9th St.; res. 1028 Concert St., Keokuk, 

James Calvin Robinson, Jr., 

Attorney-at-Law; Farm Loans; Citv Atty. and 
Citv Clerk Grass Range. Mont.; Clerk School 
Dist. do.; Sec. Grass Range Commercial Club; 
Member B. P. O. E. D and D Bldg.; res. 
452 S. Brooks St., Sheridan, Wyo. 

Harry Allen Walker, 

(Necedah, Wis.) 


Marvin Henry Fedderson, 

. B. S. in Agri., 1910; Zeta Zeta; Farming. 
Bryant. Lowa. 

David White McElrov, 

B. S. in E. E., 1910; Railway Engineering. 
General Electric Co.; res. 112 Park Tlace, 
Schenectady, N. Y. 

Lewis Bersrnan Maytag, 

B. S. in M. E., 1910; Class Baseball; Class 
Tennis; Varsity Baseball; Manufacture; Vice- 
Pres. and Sales Mgr. of Maytag Co.; Member 
Elks; Newton Country. Minikahda (Minne- 
apolis). Newton Golf and Country and Hyper- 
ion (Des Moines) Clubs. Maytag Co.; res. 
211 W. 4th St. S., Newton, la. 

Harry B. Myerly, 

B. S. in M. E., 1910; Farmer. R. F. D. No. 
1, Rodman, la. 

George Holmer Tellier, 

(J. G. Cherry Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.) 

Robert W. Trullinger, 

C. E., 1910; Tau Beta Pi; Kappa Phi; Civil 
Engineering Soc; Varsity Track Team. 3 yrs.; 
First Lieutenant, Ordnance Engineers, U. S. 
Army; Engineer Specialist in U. S. Experi- 
ment Station, 6 yrs.; Author of numerous 
technical articles and bulletins; Member Iowa 
State Coll. Soc. of Civil Engrs.; Am. Soc. of 
Agricultural Engrs.; Am. Forestry Assn.; 
Columbia Lodge No. 3, F. and A. M.; Clarinda 
Chapter No. 29. R. A. M. (Iowa) and W. F. 
Hunt Chapter. Order of Eastern Star. 1218 
Fairmont St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 




\\ alter Allerton Wentworth, 

II. S. in Agronomy, 1910; Alpha Zeta; Sigma 
Sigma; Pan-Hellenic; Agricultural: Track 
1 lass Pres.; Junior Annual !5»1. : Coun- 
i\ Agricultural Agent and P.recder of Jersey 
1 attic Bo> <-•■. Vlgona, [owa. 

Thomas I lenry Wright, Jr., 

( lass Vice-Pres. (Fort Dodge, Iowa.) 

1 1 man I >ale Baker, : 

Alpha Zeta; Sigma Sigma; Class Pres.; Emi- 
nent Recorder; Treasurer Iowa Gamma Asso- 
ciation; Instructor in Animal Industry. Uni- 
versity of California, d. Nov. 27, 1913. 

1 irovi-r C. IViter, 

(Carroll, Iowa.) 

Ambrose D. Folker, 

I! S in Agri.. ign; Alpha Zeta; Pvthian 
Lit Soc: Oratorical Assn.; Am. Breeders 
Assn.; Winner Oratorical Contest. 1007; 
Alternate Hairy Judging Team. .908; County 
Agricultural Agent, Jewell County, Kans.; 
Editor Jewell County Farm Bureau News; 
Member Masons. Mankato, Kans. 

Arthur Elton Nelson, 
("rank Edward Ray, 

(Ray Coal Co., Des Moines. Iowa.) 

Le Roy Autuist Reynoldson, 

Initiated hy Maine Alpha, 191 1. 

George Clinton Sterling, 

Jersey Cattle Breeding. R. R. No. 6, Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

Raymond Hoyt Wilmarth,* 

d. Jan. 20, 1916, Sioux City, la. 


Allen Robert Chappel, 

B. S. in Agri., 1912; Quo Vadis; Athletic 
Assn.; Capt. Baseball Team. 1912; 1 Letters in 
Football and 3 in Basketball: Breeder of 
Holstein Fricsian Cattle. Unadilla, N. Y. 

Paul Christian Feddersen, 

B. S. in M. F... 1912; Chemist. International 
Smelting Co.; Member Phoenix Club. Tooele, 

Leonard Rex Lessel, 

B. S. in Forestry, 191a; Quo Vadis; Forestry 
Club; Class Track Team; Varsity Track Team. 
1910-12; Reserves Football, 1909 to; Forest 
Ranger, in Charge of Payson and Fine Ranger 
Districts; Member F.Iks and Masons. U. S. 
Forest Service, Payson, Ariz. 

George Allen Loomis, 

B, S. in Ceramic Engineering, 1012; Ceramic 
Research, r S. Bureau ..f Si.,ii,l.,r,ls V S. 
Bureau of Standards, ioth and Bull, 1 Sts.; 
res Chislett St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Donald Carlisle Welty, 

Track Team; Class Pres.; V. M C A ('„„„ 

1 ill C01 isioner of Agriculture, Mi ri 

Pacific R, l< Co.; Farmer-Breeder of Regis 

tered Jersey Cattle; Sei rreai R) Develop 

ment Assn.; Member St. Louis City, St. Louis 
Railroad and St. I... ins Automobile Clubs. 

1047 Railway Exchange; res. 323a Lafayette 
Ave., St. Louii . Mo, 

Harry Preintice Allstrand, 

B. M. E . 101 .. Foo ball Pan II, llenic Coun- 
cil and Bomb Bd.j Gi in ral Round Hou • Fort 
man C. & N. \V. Ry. Chicago ,\ \,u llnv. stem 
Ry-; res. 505, 4 tb Ave., I Imton, [a. 

Thomas Farmer Crocker, 

B. S. in A. H., 1913: Alpha Zeta; District 
Agent, Equitable Life Insurance Co. of Iowa. 
406 American Trust Bldg.; res. 812 Welling- 
ton St., Cedar Rapids, la. 

Rov Montgomery Day, 

B. S. A.. 1913; "Farming. R. F. D. No. i. 
Excelsior, Minn. 

Eleazer Robert Divine, 

Sigma Sigma. (Sycamore, 111.) 

Donald A. Hunt, 

Varsity Football; Bachelor Debating Soc; 
Athletic Council, 1913. (Logan. Iowa.) 

George Edward Kirk, 

(Bryant. Iowa.) 

Frederic William Longhurst,* 

d. May 26, 1910. 

William Nelson McGowan, 

Affiliated Mass. Gamma, 191 3. (203 E. Court 
St.. Ottumwa, Iowa.) 

George Alexander Marsh, 

Reserve Varsity Football; Sales Manager, 
Automobile Agencv; Service Mgr. to Sales 
Mgr.. Sec and Treas., Southern Credit Assn.; 
Pres. of San Antonio Alumni Assn. of S. A. 
E.; Bd. of Dirs., Gran Quivera. 1 Terms; 
Member 32° Masons; Shriner and Shrine 
Patrol; San Antonio Auto Dealers Assn., S. A. 
E. Alumni Assn.; Gran Ouivera (Civic Assn.); 
Y. M. C. A., etc. 133-13S \V. Commerce St.; 
res. 940 Essex St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Royal F. Nordstrum, 

D. V. M., 1913; Veterinary Med. Soc; Class 
Football. 1912; Class Track, 1910; Varsity 
Track. 1911-12; Veterinary Surgeon. Hum- 
boldt, Iowa. 

LeRoy A. Reynoldson, 

Initiated by Minn. Alpha, 191 1. 

Charles Dobbs Rice, 

D. V. M.. 1913; B. S., 1902 Georgetown 
Coll.; Veterinary Med. Soc; Associate Pro- 
fessor of Veterinary Pathology and Bacteriol- 
ogy. Veterinary Division. Iowa State Coll.; 
res. 2823 Lick St., Ames, Iowa. 

Herbert Hopkins Whitehead, 

B. S. in Animal Husbandry, 1913. 209. 8th 
Ave., La Grange, 111. 


Richard Whitney Carter, 

Yell Leader; Treasurer Freshman Class. (1817, 
6th Ave., Rock Island, 111.) 

William Elmer Frudden, 

B. S. in Agri., 1914; Lumberman. 610-625 
Main St.; res. 316 Third Ave., Charles City, 

Morrison Charles Garst, 

Quo Vadis: Football Squad, 1913; Track Team. 
1913-14; Litter. 1914; Assistant Manager 
Fairliel.I Glove & Mitten Co. 603-07 W. 
Stone St.; res. 404 E. Burlfngton St., Fair- 
liel.I. Iowa, 

1 !harles 1 tenry Haggard, 

I) V. M.. 1914: Track (Capt. 1914); Cross 
Country; Veterinarian. Luverne, Minn. 

Earle < Henri Nichols, 

B. S. in E, E„ 1914; Tau Beta Vi; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Electrical Inspector, Electrical DepL 
l.iwa Ry, & Light Co. Res. 1439, 1st Ave.. 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Di maid D. Rait, 

C S, Military Service. Perry. Iowa, 

Eewis Rivers Sanderson, 

(749 E, 36th St., Chicago. 111.) 





Karl W. Schalk, 

D. \ T . M., 1914; Veterinary Med. Soc.; Var- 
sity Football Squad; Veterinary Surgeon; Mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias. 514"/; Washington 
Ave.; res. 611 Park Ave., Iowa Falls, Iowa. 

Andrew Campbell Sloss, 

Football, 191 1 ; Track Team, 1912; Chief Elec- 
trician Iowa State Coll., Iowa State Coll.; 
Howard Ave., Ames, Iowa. 

in Keller Tellier, 

U. S. Army. Care Adjutant-Genl., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Thomas Henry Wright, Jr., 

B. S. in Dairying. 1914; Alpha Zeta; Phi Kap- 
pa Phi; Honor Man; Assistant Professor in 
Dairy Manufactures and Manager of College 
Creamery, State College of Washington. 200 
Paradise St.; res. 408 Garfield St., Pullman, 


Ferdinand Allen Board, 

PI., Keokuk, Io 

Lester Waynard Burkhart, 

Little Dutch Band; Breeder of Registered 
Shorthorns and Poland China Hogs. Star 
Mart Route, Dixon, S. Dak. 

Chester W. Cunningham, 

B. S. in C. E., 191 5; Varsity and Class Foot- 
ball; Contracting Engineer. Des Moines 
Bridge and Iron Co.; res. Victoria Hotel, Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

Charles Birge Elder, 
Thomas Roy Gittins, 

B. S., 1913; M. D., 1915; M. S., 1916; "I" 
in Baseball, 191 1; Physician; 1st Lieut. Med. 
Officers Reserve Corps. 128 S. 39th St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Robert J. Home, 

B. S. in M. E.. 1915; Letter in Cross Coun- 
try; Salesman Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. 
Co. East Pittsburgh; res. 421 Hampton Ave., 
Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

G. W. Johnson, 

B. S. in A. E., 1915; Salesman Associated 
Mfrs. of Waterloo, Ind. 105 W. Oak St., 
Red Oak, Ind. 

George Harlow Lewis, 

B. S., in Agronomy, 1915; Athletic Editor of 
College Paper; Sophomore and Senior Class 
Plays; Wheat Farmer. Mills, Utah; res. 1404 
Maltman Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Tyman Andrew Mclntyre, 
Homer Harrison Mattison, 

B. S. in A. H„ 1915; Gamma Sigma Delta; 
Double "A"; Varsitv Football, 2 yrs. ; Mis- 
souri Vallev and Iowa Honorary Teams, 2 yrs.; 
Honorary Agricultural Fraternity; Silo Sales- 
man. 210 A Ave. E., Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Walter Rowland Neilson, 

Hog Breeder and Feeder. 114 Garfield Ave, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lester Davis Powell, 

(Red Oak. Iowa). 

Lew Parks Reeve, 

B. S. in Animal Husbandrv, 191 5; The Dou- 
ble A Fraternitv: "Z" (Athletic); Varsitv 
Football .1 vrs.; Capt. 1 yr.j All Mo. Vallev 
Team 2 vrs.: with U. S. Dept. of Argic. Tor- 



Burton T. Sweely, 

(Whatcheer, Iowa.) 

Harrv Allen Walker, 

B. S. in C. E., 191s; Municipal Engh 

317 Howes Block; res. 602, nth Ave., Clinton, 



William Little Duncan, 

(4520, 7th Ave., Rock Island. 111.) 

William Don Harrison, 
Arthur Blaine Kerns. 

Attended Swarthmore Coll.; Advertising De- 
partment Chicago Daih News. 5 N. Fifth 
Ave.; res. 562 Oakwood Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Houston Murfee Lovelace, 

I'.. S. in Agronomy, 1916; B. A.. 1913 Marion 
Inst.; B. S., 1913 do; Varsity Basketball 
Squad, 1915; Farmer and Stockman. Marion, 

Claude T. Martin, 

Sales Manager, The Kimball System; Con- 
tributor to various Advertising Publications; 
Member Pilgrim (Boston) and Rod and Gun 
Clubs. 108 Middle St., Lowell, Mass. 

Harrv Wood Phelps, 

B. S. in C. E., 1916; Civil Engineer; Member 
Masons, Elks. 622 Roche St., Knoxville, Iowa. 

John Sigwalt Porterfield, 

B. S., '1916; Double "A" Fraternity; Pan Hel- 
lenic Council; Varsity Basketball, 1913-15; 
Ath'etic -A": Vice-Pres. of Freshman Class; 
E. A. of Chapter, 1915-16; Assistant Cashier 
Automobile Registration Dept., State of Iowa; 
Corporal Battery D, 126th U. S. Field Artil- 
lery. 211 Irving St., Waterloo, Iowa. 

Nelson B. Rue, 

(Beaumont Ave., Hamodsburg, Ky.) 

Edward Daniel Shivers, Jr., 

B. S. in Agr., 1916; A. B., 1913 Marion Inst.; 
Member O. R. C. Marion, Ala. 

Melville Alesworth Smith, 

(Marshalltown, Iowa.) 

Joseph P. Tiernan, 

(1009, 1st St., Perry, Iowa.) 


Carrold A. Iverson, 

M. S., 1917; B. S., 1915 S. Dak. State Coll.; 
Alpha Zeta; Second Lieutenant U. S. Infantry; 
Instr. Iowa State College Dairy Dept. 208 S. 
6th Ave., Brookings, S. Dak. 

William Revilo Merriam, 

"A" in Track; Farming; Foreman for S. P. 
Stevens. Bartlett, 111. 

Durwood W. Moss, 

Football. 1914-15, Capt. 1916; Basketball, 1915; 
Track; Lumber. Green Bay Lumber Co.; res. 
1238, 23d St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Harry Donelson Rice, 

H. S. in Agronomy, 1917; Class Football; Hel- 
lenic Council, Pres. 1916-17; E. D. A. of Chap- 
ter, 1916-17; Officers' Reserve Training Camp; 
Appointed County Demonstrator, Laurel Co. 
W. Main St., Richmond, Ky. 

Bernard Francis Sheehan, 

M. S., 1917; B. S., 1916 S. Dak. State Coll.; 
Varsity Football, 4 yrs., and Basketball, 3 yrs.; 
Instructor in Farm Crops, Oregon Agricul- 
tural College. Farm Crops Dept., Ore. Agri- 
cultural Coll.; res. 8, 26th St., Corvallis, Ore. 

John Wilson Sloss, 

B. S. in Animal Husbandry, 1917; Varsity 
Football, 1915-16; Farmer. Univ. Campus, 
Ames, Iowa. 

William Frederick Squire, 

(Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Cal.) 

Robert Law Williams, 

Casnue and Gauntlet; 2d Lieut. 3o2d Field 
Artillery. Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass. 





Harold Wilbur Cummings, 

Football; E. A.; Assistant Department M 
agcr, II. W. Johns-Manville Co. 


3d Av 
Apt.. Boyleston 
St. and Denny Way. .Seattle. Wash. 

( harles Richard Fanner, 

Pres. Freshman Class, 1914; Cadet at U. S. 
School of Military Aeronautics, University of 
III., Champaign, 111. 401 Central Life Iildg., 
Dcs Moines, Iowa. 

Max Henry Finley, 

Co. C, 26th Engineers, U. 
tavia Ave., Batavia, 111. 

Lafayette Higgins, Jr., 

Student. 1 144, 25th St., Des Moir 

Leland PaulKrebs, 

Business Mg'r. Annual; Treas. Seni 
Student. 339 S. nth St. W„ Ceda 

Army. 24 Ba 



Thomas J. Smith, 

Farmer. Bardstown, Ky. 

Leonard Luther Snyder, 

U. S. Navy, Hospital Apprentice. 813 E. Higl 
Ave., Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Milo Louis Wolrab, 

Student. 704 S. Second St. W., Cedar Rapids 




Merle Lloyd Divine, 

Treas. Sophomore Class; 
Sycamore St., Sycamore, 111. 

Ralph M. Kilpatrick, 

Student. -17 A Ave., East Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

R. Clark Nace, 

Crockets; Student. Knoxville, Iowa. 

Raymond Patrick Naughton, 

K. D. A. and E. R. of Chapter; Student. 13 12 
McDonald St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Mark B. Phelps, 

Student. 622 Roche St., Knoxville, Iowa. 

Paul Alexander Watson, 

Creamery Department. Omaha Cold Storage 
Co. Eight and Farnum Sts.; res. 2515 Dodge 
St., Omaha, Nlir 


Richard Butler Carothers, 

Student. 632 Washington Ave., Newport, Ky. 

Burton Hopkins Cowan, 

Masquers; Student. 1603 McCadden Place, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

Roswell Garsh, 

Student. Coon Rapids, Iowa. 

William M. Hawkins, 

Masquers; Vice-Pres. 1920 Class; Student. 
Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Rollin William Humphrey, 

Initiated by Iowa Beta 1920. 

Charles Harold Schuetz, 

Student. 816 W. 5th St.. Sioux City, la. 

Herman Noah Strader, 

Student. Hoopeston, 111. 


Robert Redman Barnes, 

Student. Box 255 Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Damon P. Edwards, 

Student. Storm Lake, Iowa. 

Claude S. Krabs, 

Student. 339 S. nth St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Karl Pitschner, 

Student. 63 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Dubuque, 

William Dewey Termohlen, 

Pres. Freshman Pan-Helenic Council; Class 
Football; Class Chrmn.; Building and Grounds 
Comm; Student, Mechanical Engineering. 1915 
Pierce Ave., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Stewart Nelson White, 

Student. 504 High Ave., East Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Paul E. Wood, 

Student. 1707 Dave St. E., Cedar Rapids, 


Indianola, Iowa 

Chartered May 25, 1889 


John Wilber Goode,* 

Ph. B., 1888; Ph. M., 189 
Springs, Colo. 


d. 1901, Colorado 


A. McClure, 

-. D„ 1S93 Northwestern Univ.: Charter 
Member; Physician and Surgeon (Obstetrics) ; 
Author "Diseases of Women"; Member 
Knights of Pythias; I. O. O. F. ; Woodmen of 
the World; Woodmen of America. 601 Lyon 
Bldg.; res. 159 Hayes St., Seattle, Wash. 


Henry Gross,* 

d. Aug. 20, 1895, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Willis Wheeler Wood,* 

Charter Member; d. June 10, 1891, St. Joseph, 

George Robb Clayton, 

M. D., 1898 Northwestern Univ.; Charter 
Member; Physician. 401 Opera House Block, 

William Robert Hogaboom, 

Charter Member; Electrical Engineer 121 E. 
1st St.; res. 410 S. Chautauqua Ave., Wichita, 

Bert Darius Hull, 

A. B., 1S9K Charter M 
333-363 W. Julian St. 
San Jose, Cal. 

John Pearl Morley, 

A. B., 1893; A. M., 181 
rett Biblical Inst.; S. 
Univ.; Ph. D., 1902 do 

vard; Charter Member; Chi Rho (Garrett Bib 
lical Inst.); William .Scholarship, Harvard 1901- 
Represented Simpson twice in State Oratorical 
Contest; won 2d Honors in State, 1891, Field 
Sec. Bd. of Education, 1917-18; Professor of 
Philosophy simpson College; Member Des 
Philosophy Simpson College; Member Des 
Moines Conference: Jubilee Committee, Bd. of 
Education, M. E. Church, Los Angeles, Cal 
^ 1917. 501 Ashland Ave., Indianola, Iowa. 

George Hosmer Parker, 

Charter Member; Farmer. R. F. D. No 1, 
Hastings, Iowa. 

; Shipping Clerl- 
699 S. 6th St 

., 1895 Gar- 

S96 Boston 

902 Ha 

Robert Osborne Rogers, 

Ph. B„ 1893; Charter Member; Stock Raiser. 

James Michael Williams, 

S T B.. 1S93 Garrett Biblical Inst.; Minister, 
M. E. Church; Trustee Simpson Coll.; Iowa 
Methodist Hosp. ; Inter-Conference Commis- 
sion; Delegate General Conference, 1916. 610 
Hammond St., Red Oak, Iowa. 


Charles B. Cheney, 

A. B., 1S94; Barker Oratorical Medal, 1891; 
Home Contest. 1894; Newspaper Man; Polit- 
ical -Editor Minneapolis Journal; With Same 
Since 1901; Sec. to Mayor. 1899-00; Minne- 
apolis Times, 1894-98; Contributed Articles 
to Review of Reviews, Outlook and Other 
Periodicals. M:nneapolis Tournal; res. 200 W 
40th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Arthur Wellington Knotts, 

A B., 1S93; Charter Member; Assayer 
(Guanacevi, Chihuahua, Mex.) 

Albert Harrison Wood, 

Ph. B., 1S94; Charter Member; Manager Petei 
Jansen Co., Ltd. 237 Grain Exchange; res. 
70 Walnut St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can. 


Ernest Vernon Badlev, 

Merchant. (508 N. A. St., Indianola, Iowa.) 

Horace Holt Brown, 

Farmer. (Shelby. Iowa.) 

[John Ira] Carl Brown, 

Grad Garrett Biblical Inst., 1900; Clergyman. 
Hamburg, Iowa. 

lidward Newton Calhoun, 

Ph B., 1895. (2716 Stanley Ave., Evanston, 

Richard Patton Erwin, 

Grad. Conservatory of Music, 1895; Teacher 

2320 Ada 

of Music. 323 Empire BIdgT: 
St., Boise, Idaho. 

Samuel Maurice Greene, 

B . L., 1897 Nebr. Wesleyan. Lincoln. Nebr ; 
Editor Jefferson Herald. Jefferson, Iowa. 

lames Corwin Tohnston, 

Merchant. (Colfax, 111.) 

Edward Paul Tones, 

A. B.. 1898; Drake Univ.; President and 
Treasurer Jones Piano Co. S07 Walnut St.; 
res. 253 Franklin Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 



Ambrouse Everett lallev. 

Merchant; Mayor of Diagonal, Iowa. (Diag- 
onal. I. .«.,.) 

Edward Doty Thompson, 
Orval Garfield Winder, 

Teacher. (Bedford, Iowa.) 

Brenton Thoburn Badley, 

Ph. B„ 1897 Ohio Wesleyan; A. M., iSgq do.; 
A. M„ 1899 Columbia; Professor; Affiliated 
Ohio Delta, 1897. Lucknow Christian College, 
Lucknow, India. 

Charles Bodine Guest, 

A. B., 1896; A. M., 1899; Ph. B.. 189S Taylor 
Univ.; S. T. B., iSog Garrett Biblical Inst.; 
Everett Lit. Soc. ; Badlev Thesis and Gibson 
Essay Prizes; Clergyman; Statistical Sec. of 
Dcs Moines Conference 7 years. Kent, Iowa. 

Joshua Jester, Jr., 

Real Estate. 332 E. 5th St.; res. 13 17 E. 
13th St.. Des Moines._ Iowa. 

Walter Jerome Smith,* 

Instructor, Capitol City Commercial College, 
d. Dec. 2, 1903. 


Ernest Audley Calhoun, 

Grad. Conservatory of Music, 1897; Manager, 
D. F. Peyton Co. 128% W. Main St.; res. 
323 \V. 1 ->th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Archibald Bruce Johnston, 

Merchant. (Colfax, 111.) 

Charles Coombs Macomber, 

Ph. B.. 1897 Chicago Univ.; LL. B. . 1839 
Iowa State; Manager. 141 5 Greenleaf Ave., 
Chicago. III. 

Daniel Clarence Mattson, 

Teacher. (Jefferson, Iowa.) 

Walter Posdle Munson, 

(Mt. Vernon, Iowa.) 

John Wesley Radebaugh, 

A. B, 1897; B. S., 1903; Smith-Everett; 
Superintendent Schools; County Supt. Schools. 
Waukee, Iowa. 

Loyd Talley, 

Abstracter and Farm Loans. Fairfield, Iowa. 

John Winterbourne, 

Clergyman. (Arispe, Iowa.) 


James N. Bell, 

Merchant. (Dow City, Iowa.) 

Frank Warren Calhoun, 

M. D., 1907 Rush Med. Coll.; Physician. 
Albert Lea. Minn. 

Roy Huntley Dosh, 

A. B., 1900 Ohio Weslevan; A. M., 1907 do.; 
LL. B., 1907 Drake Univ.; Lawyer. (Stuart, 

Roscoe Conklin Head, 

Banker. (Jefferson, Iowa.) 

Frank Libby, 

A. B., 1898 Cornell Coll. (Corning, Iowa.) 

Clarence Edward McDonald, 

A. B., 1898 Ohio Wesleyan. (Kellerton, Iowa.) 

Edward James Rogers, 

A. B., 189S; Stock Raiser. (Carroll, Iowa.) 


Theodore Charles Badley, 

Member of Facultv, Reid Christian Coll. 
(Lucknow, India.) 

Frank Edward Huston, 

(Boonville, Iowa.) 

Edward Walter Rogers, 

Farmer. (R. F. D. No. 3, Carroll, Iowa.) 

Lerov Jason Barton, 

Music Teacher. 206 Lynd Bldg. ; res. 103 E. 
3d St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Vinton J Clark, 

A. B., 1900; A. M.. 190s; M. D., 1915, Rush 
Med Coll.; Smith-Everett Soc; Valedictorian, 
Iindianola High School, 1896; S. in Baseball 
1 yr. and Football 4 yrs.; Physician and Sur- 
geon. 417 McCormick Bldg.; res. 3306 S. 
State St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Samuel Pratt Free, 

M. D.. 1903 Univ. of Iowa; Physician and 
Surgeon. Perry Natl. Bank Bldg., Perry, 

John Roe Montgomery, 

M. D., 1902 Coll. of P. and S.. Chicago; 
Physician and Surgeon. 2451 Bloomington 
Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 



Lawrence, Kansas 

Chartered February 14, 1903 


Leo Barr Crabbs, 

Charter Member; Treasurer, Union Bank Note 
Co.; Pres. Graphic Arts Organization; ist 
Sergeant Co. A, Business Men's Battalion; 
Chamber of Commerce; Member Alumni Assn.; 
Blue Hills, Formerly Kansas City Athletic- 
Swope Park Golf, Kansas City and Rockhill 
Tennis Clubs: Mason 32°- 303 W. 10th St.; 
511 E. 47th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Dwight Frost, 

Charter Member; With Swift Packing Co. 
(Omaha, Nebr.) 

Frank Edward Jarvis, 

Charter Member; Assistant Cashier, Cowley 
County National Bank. 1414 Loomis St., Win- 
field, Kans. 

Joseph Francis Kimball, 

DD. S., 1905 Washington Univ.; Delta Sigma 
Delta; Dentist; Member Elks and Masons; 
Affiliated Mo Beta 1905. 607 Main St.; res. 
620 Illinois St., Neodesha, Kans. 

Joseph Cowles Plumb, 

LL. B., 1903; Charter Member; Farming. 80 j 
Evelyn St., Lewistown, Mont. 

Elmer B. Sanford, 

Iniatiated by the Mich. Iota Beta, 1903. 

Howard A. Sawyer, 

A. B., 1903; A. M., 1904; Sales Manager, 
Monarch Milling Co. Monarch Milling Co.; 
res. 100 E. Fifteenth St., Hutchinson, Kans. 


Joseph Savage Alford, 

(940 Indiana St., Lawrence Kans.) 

Roscoe C. Chambers, 

Charter Member; Zeta Tau; Ouill Club; Editor 
Kansas University Weekly: Merchandise 
Broker; Associate Editor The Record: Member 
of Blue Hills, University, Kansas City Athletic 
and Commercial Clubs. 1409 St. Louis Ave.: 
res. 13s Linwood Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Roy Samuel Filkin, 

B. S. in C. E., 1904; Charter Member; Assist- 
ant Cashier, Farmers State Bank; Member 
Alumni Assn.; A. F. and A. M. Bonner 
Springs. Kans. 

Walter W. Filkin, 

A. B., 1901: LL. B. and A. M., 1904; Charter 
Member; Attorney; Member of Alumni Assn. 
504 American Bank Bldg. ; res. 3800 Wyoming 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Merle Ethelbert Hatfield, 

(480 S. Seneca St., Wichita, Kans.) 

Robert Cortes Holliday, 

Journalist. (lis N. East St., Indianapolis, 

Albert Russell Killgore, 

A. B., 1904; Attended University of S. Cal. 
Law School 2 Years; Charter Member; Phi 
Delta Phi; Senior Class Baseball; Assistant Ed- 
itor Senior Class Manual: Wrote Senior Play; 
Trust Officer and Assistant Secretary, Title 
Guarantee and Trust Co.; Member Alumni 
Assn. and A. F. and A. M.; Scottish Rite. 
Title Guarantee Bldg.; res. 121S Arden Ave., 
GLendale, Cal. 

Roy Clark Kincaid, 

Rancher. (Wichita, Kans. ) 

George I. Mossbacher, 

Fruit Grower. (San Dimas, Cal.) 

Eben Walter Pyle, 

Charter Member; Baseball "K", 1904; Oil 
Operator. 917 Beacon Bldg.; res. 903 Faulk- 
ner Ave.. Wichita, Kans. 

Leonard White, 

(502 Miller Ave., Richmond, Va) 


Will R. Cooper, 

(452 Shiedley Bldg., Kansas City Mo.) 

Walter Herbert Duff, 

(Steamboat Springs, Colo.) 

Merrill Kirk Lindsay, 

M. D., 1910 Columbia; Physician: Member 
Kansas, Shawnee Co., and Golden Belt Med. 
Socs.; Med. Assn. of the Southwest. 823 
Kansas Ave.. Topeka, Kans. 

Joseph O'Neil, 

B. S. in C. E., 1905; Charter Member; Mgr. 
Class Baseball, 1004; Civil Engineer and Con- 
tractor; Pres. O'Neil Construction Co.; Assoc. 
Member Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; Mason. 
608 Oliver St., Leavenworth, Kans. 

Chandler Pierce Robbins,* 

Charter Member, d. June 21, 1903, Winfield, 

William Bertrand Satterlee, 

President. Satterlee Electric Co.; Member 
Jovian Electric Order; Natl. Electric Light 
and Westinghouse Jobbers Assns. ; Kansas 
City Athletic. Mission Hills Country and Kan- 
sas City Clubs: Alumni Assn.; A. F. and A. 
M. 22 E. 9th St.; res. 52S Pierce St., Kansas 
City, Mo. 




I »e Weese Calton Seewir, 

Charter Member; Advertising Manager, La- 
clede Gas Light Co.; Member of Triple "A , 
Hawley and Screen Clubs. 1017 Oliver St., 
St. Louis; res. 533 Hamilton Ave., St. Louis, 

Victor Armitage Smith, 

Adjuster of Fire Losses. 411 Globe Bldg.; 
res. 407 W. Washington St., Pittsburg, Kans. 


George Clvde Baldwin, 

B. S in C. E. iqo6; Member of Sigma Xi; 
Oread Club; Freshman Class; Baseball Squad, 
1902; Pres. Engineer Student Body, Univ. Day, 
igo6; Hvdraulic Engineer; U. S. Geological 
Survey; Pres. Univ. Club of Boise, Idaho, 1914- 
15, at present Dir. of Same; Author of a 
Number of Papers on Water Supply Published 
by the U. S. Geological Survey; Member Boise 
Commercial and Boise University Clubs; Idaho 
Soc of Engrs. and American Soc. of Civil 
Engrs. 615 Idaho Bldg.; res. 1115 N. 17th 
St., Poise, Idaho. 

George Francis Belt, 

Charter Member; Oil Developments. 215-21 
Reliance Bldg.; res. 1408 W. 51st St., Kansas 
City, -Mo. 

Earl R. Gafford, 

A. P.. 1906; Owner Gafford Culvert & Machin- 
ery Co.; Member Manufacturers. Rotary, 
Travis, Automobile and San Antonio Country 
(On Bd. of Governors) Clubs. Box 113, Sta- 
tion A; res. St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio, 

Theodore Grover Hill, 

Monuments; Mgr. Sales Dept. and Member 
Firm of G. W. Hill & Sons; Member Masons, 
Elks, U. C. T. and Country Clubs. 101-103 
\ Broadway; res. 804 S. Catalpa Ave., Pitts- 
burg, Kans. 

Charles Robinson Hine, 

Charter Member; Theta Nu Epsilon; Track 
Team; Sales Manager, Kansas, Golian Iron 
Works & Mfg. Co. 603 W. Walnut St., 
Salina, Kans. 

Richard Forrest Howard, 

Automobile Dealer. 1 16-127-29 N. Summit 
St.; res. 702 N. Third St., Arkansas City, 

Thomas H. Reed, 

Charter Member; Chief Engineer for John 

Baker, Jr., Asphalt Products; Affiliated Colo. 

Lambda 1006. 310 Heard Bldg.; res. 1665 
Post St.. Jacksonville, Fla. 

Theodore Crandell Alford, 

Reportei Kansas City Post. (3640 College 
Vve., Kansas City, Mo.) 

I laiTv !•'. Busch, 

P. S., i')"-; Assistant Engineer St. Louis- 
Santa Fe Ry. Co.: Member Engineering Soc. 

,.i Si.iingiiel.l. and Springfield Country Club. 
417 Frisco Bldg.; res. 606 S. Hamilton St., 
Springfield, Mo. 

I I >lin Bailey < iage, 

Membei V Y / Club, Kansas-Missouri De- 
bating Team; Class Historian; E. A.. D. A. 
and Recorder of Chapter; Lawyer; Prof, of 
Law, Kansas City School of Paw; Membei 
<-.,,:< and Richardson, Atiys. (3700 E. 9th 

St., Kansas City, Mo.) 

Earl Willis Jennings, 

First Lieutenant, 3d Engineers, U. S. A. 

1 1 Adjutant tfi neral, Washington. D. C. 

and Fort William McKinley, Riial, Philippine 
1 land 

Astley Bloxam Purton, 

B S in C. E.. 1907; Assistant Engineer, U. S. 
Geological Survey; Assoc. Member Am. Soc. 
of Civil Engineers. 421 Federal Bldg.; res. 
1002, 8th E. St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Tav Richardson, 

LL. B., 1907; LL. B.. 1908 Michigan; Phi 
Delta Phi; Lawyer; Member of University, 
Blue Hills and Country Clubs. 307 Commerce 
Bldg.; res. 27 E. 55th St., Terrace, Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Ralph Pryor Combs, 

Real Estate. (Truitt Real Estate Co., Kan- 
sas City. Mo.) 

Conrad Edward Cooper, 

Lawyer, Firm of Madden & Cooper. 517 Bea- 
con Bldg.; res. 202 S. Erie St., Wichita, Kans. 

Roy Ramsey De Vasher, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Automobile Salesman; 
Member Kansas City Athletic Club. 27th St. 
and Grand Ave.; res. 2607 Victor St., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Cuthbert Omer Miles, 

Lands. 317 Railway Exchange Bldg.; res. 2636 
Forest Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Fletcher Burr Tavlor, 

M D., 190S; Th. G., Kansas City Coll. of 
Pharmacy; Physician; First Lieut. Officers 
Reserve Corps, U. S. Army; President Leaven- 
worth County Med. Soc. 515 Del. St.; res. 
1500 South Broadway, Leavenworth, Kans. 

George W. Tourtellot, 

Real Estate. 405 Victor Bldg.; res. 83s W. 
57th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Earl Henry Young, 

A B., 1908; On Athletic Bd.; Good Govern- 
ment and Press Clubs; Editor The Kansan. 
The Jayhawkcr; Track, 1905-0S; High Jump 
Record 'for Kansas. 5 ft. gii in. 1907-08; Fruit 
Grower; Reporter Kansas City Star, 1908; Tele- 
graph Editor Wichita Eagle, 1910; Assistant 
Telegraph Editor Globe Democrat, 1910; Mem- 
ber Elks, A. H. T. A., Grange. Oxford, Kans. 


Albert Neville Bradv, 

Automobiles. Member Elks. Affiliated Miss. 
Gamma 1910. ,1219 Washington St.; res. Tark 
Addition, Vickburg, Miss. 

Walter Alex Kirk, 

Traveling Salesman. 1801 Michigan Ave., 
Chicago, 111.; res. ml Grant Ave., Waterloo, 

Eustace Smith, 

LL. B., 1909: LL. M., 1011 National University 
Law School; Theta Nu Epsilon; Masque; Dra- 
matic Club: Pres. Junior Class and School 
Debating Club. National Univ. Law School 
1910; Lawyer; Member Hutchinson Country 
Hutchinson Commercial. Hutchinson Rotary 
Hutchinson Elks and Topeka. Clubs. First Na 
tion.,1 Bldg.; res. 116 N. Elm St., Hutchinson 

Henrv Clay Waters, Jr., 

A. P., igio; Scoop Club; Philosophical Soc.; 
Editor Kansan; Athletic Editor Jayhawker, 
1909 ; Class Debater, Freshman and Sophomore 
Class: Newspaper Reporter. The Chronicle 
Building, Houston; res. 1522 Yale St., Hous- 
ton Heights, Texas. 


Frederick Gazlay Apt, 

LL. B., 1910; Attorney-at-Law. ?V4 W Madi- 
son Ave.; res. 222 S. Oak St., Iola, Kans. 




Archibald Hildreth Beard. 

A B.. iqio: M. D„ 1914 Harvard Univ.; Nu 
Sigma Nu; Charter Member Beta Chapter, Nu 
Sigma Nu (Harvard); Sec. 1913 and Pres. 
IQ14; Boylston and Stork Clubs; Resident 
Phvsician. University Hospital. Univ. of Minn, 
and Instructor in Medical School. University 
Hospital. Univ. of Minn., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Morton Clvde Fox, 

Manager, City Water & Light Co. (Russell, 

Roy B. Funk, 

Farming. Pateau, Le Flore Co., Okla. 

Fred T. Haddock. 

LL. B., 1911J Theta Nu Epsilon; Sachems 
(Charter Member) ; Track Capt., 1010; Indoor 
Record (Mo. -Kans.) 50 yds.; Mo. Valley Inter- 
collegiate Record, 100 yds.; Joint Holder Kan- 
sas Univ. Record, 100 yds.; Attorney-at-Law, 
with Firm of Watson, Gage & Watson; Pres. 
K. C. Alumni Assn. of S. A. E. Temple 
Bldg.; res. 201 W. Concord St., Kansas City, 

Harry James Millard, 

Owner White Star Laundry; Member Elks 
Lodge No. 1198; Shriner (Moolah of St. 
Louis). 106 N. 4th St.; res. R. F. D. No. 1, 
Hannibal, Mo. 

Cecil Lynn Newbold, 

Adelphic Lit. Soc. ; Track Team, 1907-08; 
Capt., 1909; Secretary-Treasurer, Granite 
Bituminous Paving Co. 1859 Railway Ex- 
change Bldg.; res. 5797 McPherson Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Earle K. Radford, 

Advertising. 500 North Dearborn St., Chi- 
cago, 111.; res. 1123 Maple Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Herbert Adams Sloan, 

Firm of McKinley-Sloan Printing Co.; Sec. 
Oil and Gas News Publishing Co.; Chamber 
of Commerce; Member Alumni Assn.; K. C. 
Adv. Club and Graphic Arts Organization. 
701-703 Baltimore Ave.; res. 3S11 Warwick 
Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

William Houser Sloan, 

Charter Member Alpha Chi; Secretary-Treas- 
urer J. T. Morton Gum Co. Inc.; One of 
Organizers and Charter Member of Oklahoma 
City, Okla.. Alumni Assn.. 191 1. 1427-33 
Chestnut St., res. 3128 Tracey Ave., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Edgar Smith, 

Insurance and Real Estate. (409 W. Jefferson 
St., Pittsburg, Kansas.) 


Warren Vernon Baker, 

Life Insurance Salesman. Furman Am. Bank 
Bldg.; res. 2526 Forest Ave., Great Bend, 

Warren S. Bellows, 

B. S., 191 1 ; Engineering Contractor; Member 
of Firm of Fegles, Bellows Engineering Co., 
Ltd. is Maudsloy Court, Port Arthur; res. 
213 Grain Exchange, Fort William, Ontario, 

Alfred Nelson Budd, 

Affiliated Mo. Alpha 191 1. (4 W. Concord 
Ave., Kansas City, Mo.) 

Hal L. Clark, 

Track, 1909-10; Cattle Ranching (Brand S. A. 
E.). Jordan, Mont. 

Charles Raymond Eyssen, 

LL. B., 1911; Phi Delta Phi; Good Govt. 
Club; Salesman; Member Country Club, Ma- 
sons. 610 Lake St., Shreveport, La. 


Benjamin Harrison Hamilton, 

A. B., 1911; Track Team, 1907-11; Capt. 1910- 
11; Deputy District Clerk Eleventh Judicial 
District State of Kansas; Member K. of P. 
Court House; res. 529 W. Maple St., Colum- 
bus, Kans. 

Amos E. Hawkinson, 

Banking. Marion Natl. Bank, Marion, Kans. 

Paul Milton Hawkinson, 

Abstracter. 103K S. Main St.; res. 416 E. 
Kansas Ave., McPherson, Kans. 

Lee Judy, 

L. L. B., 191 1 ; Assistant City Attorney. City 
Hall, 6th and Ann Ave.; res. 318 N. 20th St., 
Kansas City, Kans. 

Herman D. Knecht, 

Assistant Engineer Mo. Pacific Ry. 627 Rail- 
way Exchange Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Elmer Ray Loofborrow, 

Texas State Manager Massachusetts Bonding 
& Insurance Co. 511 Juanita Bldg.; res. Y. 
M. C. A., Dallas, Texas. 

John Graham Charles Koogler, 

With Las Vegas Light and Power Co. (East 
Las Vegas, N. Mex.) 

Frank Wellington Loucks, 

Credit Manager of Armour & Co. Armour 
& Co., West and Walton Sts. ; res. 1028 Lan- 
caster Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

in Bowman Parker, 

Rancher. (Fairport, Kans.) 

Joseph M. Patterson, Jr., 

Farmer and Stockman. Liberty, Mo. 

Raymond E. Watson, 

LL. B., 1911; Phi Alpha Delta; Track; Basket- 
ball; Attorner-at-Law, Firm of Watson, Gage 
& Watson; Officer and Dir. of various Corps.; 
Member State Bar and K. C. Bar Assns,; 
Y. M. C. A.; Alumni Assn.; University, K. C. 
Automobile, Knife and Fork, Hillcrcst Country 
and Rockhill Tennis Clubs. 1 104 Grand Ave.', 
Temple; res. 201 W. Concord St., Kansas City, 


Rialdo A. Darraugh, 

LL. B., 1912; Class Football; Lawyer; Treas- 
urer and Director Commonwealth Oil & Re- 
fining Co.; Dir. and Counsel Mid West Auto- 
mobile Co.; Dir. and Officer of various Corps.; 
Member Kansas City Club; Alumni, Jackson 
County and State Bar Assns. 209 Dwight 
Bldg.; res. 3537 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Francis Edward Davis, 

A. B., 1912; Advertising Manager Schmelzer 
Arms Co.; Formerly with Kansas City Journal: 
Member Alumni Assn. 1216 Grand "Ave.; res. 
1900 E. 34th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Earl York Gregory,* 

d. Feb. 25, 1910, Guthrie, Okla. 

William Edward Hamner, 

LL. B., 1912; Lands and Orange Grower; 
Member Tampa, Country, Universitv, Gas- 
parilla Krew and Valrico Golf Clubs. Valrico, 

Clarence E. Mariner, 

First Lieutenant, 341st Infantry, U. S. Army. 
39 S. La Salle St., Chicago; res. 331 Davis 
St., Evanston, 111. 

Frank Gilpine Mitchell, Jr., 

Business Manager of WaUi Walla Bulletin. 
12 E. Alder St.; res. 136 E. Birch St., Walla 
Walla, Wash. 

Arthur Naylon Morgan, 

City Editor Albuquerque Morning Journal. 
119 S. 7th St., Albuquerque, N. Mex. 




Thomas Anthony Purton, 

B. S., 1912; Sachems; Assistant Engineer Ore- 

Short Line R. R. Co.; Vestryman St. 
Pauls Episcopal Church, Salt Lake City. Engi- 
neering Dcpt., Oregon Short Line R. R.; res. 
i860 S. 16th E St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

lames Drvden Reynolds, 

Track; With Independent Gravel Co.; Memher 
T. P. A., Joplin Country Club, Elks. P. O. 
Box 70, 225-227 Frisco Bldg. ; res. 709 N. 
Byers Ave., Joplin, Mo. 

Reis Toseph Rvland, 

Civil Engineer; Asst. Engineer and Dir . Bac- 
teriological Laboratory, San Jose Water Works; 
Member Am. Soc. Civil Engineers, Elks; Af- 
filiated with Cal. Beta. 1014. '74 W. San'a 
Clara St.; res. Hotel Vendome, San Jose, Cal. 

La Verne B. Spake, 

(21 S. 17th St., Kansas City, Kans.) 

Frank Albert Theis, 

LL. B., 1912; Manager Simonds Shields-Lans- 
dalc Grain Co. 20s Brach Bldg.; res. 805 N. 
Hastings Ave., Hastings, Xebr. 

Leonard Albert Vaughn, 

Assistant in Chemical Laboratory, Eagle-Picher 
Lead Coj Member A. F. and A. M. and B. P. 
O. E. Eagle-Picher Lead Co.; res. 317 Jack- 
son Ave., Joplin, Mo. 

Georee Bailey Waters, 

(Galena, Kans.) 

William Earl YVellhouse, 

LL. B., 1912; Assistant Manager The Ameri- 
can Photo Player Co.; Member Elks No. 99, 
Henry S. Orme Lodge No. 458 A. F. and A. 
M. 737 S. Olive St.; res. 1 3 12 Marvland St., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 


Andrew Alexander Hamilton. 

Black Helmet; Friars; Advertising Manager 

C. R. Cook Paint Co.; Member Base Hosp. 
Unit No. 28, U. S. Army; Editor of Paint- 
alogy; Memher Kansas City Athletic, Kaw and 
Kansas City Advertising Clubs; Chamber of 
Commerce. 2107 Broadway; res. 33 11 High- 
land Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Homer D. Lichtenwalter, 

B. S., 191 1, ■ M. S., 1913; Alpha Chi Sigma; 
Sigma Chi; Director of Chemical Laboratory, 
Hercules Powder Co. Hercules Powder Co., 
Parlin, N. J. 

Adrian fohn Morean, 

Traveling Accountant; A. T. and S. F. Rv. 
Coast Lines. 905 Kcrckhoff Bldg., Los An- 
geles. Cal. 

Hal Fletcher Rambo, 

LL. IS., 1913; Phi Delta Phi; Sachems; Var- 
sity Football, 1910-12; Lawyer; Member Citv 
Club of Tulsa; Good Government Club. so6- 
510 First Natl. Bank Bldg ; res 1,06 S. Car- 
son St.. Tulsa, Okla. 

Claude Houston Trotter. 

Estimator, Missouri Boiler Works Co.; Mem- 
bei Union and Assoc. Member Rotary Clubs. 
3d St. and Minnesota Ave.; res. 13th St. and 
Quindaio Blvd., Kansas City, Mo 


Ralph Spencer Bower, 

(308 Ord St., Kansas City, Mo.) 

I Ian ild ( !allendar, 

Newspaper Writer; Author of Magazine Arti- 
cles on Industrial Conditions, n.iroit News; 
res. 686 Montclair Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Fdwin S. ( ioombs, 

Secretary Burril Collins Brokerage Co.; Mem- 
bet Vlumm .\s>n. Knife and Fork, rlillcresl 

t>-. K. C. Automobile and Fruit and Pro- 

duce Dealers Clubs; Masons. 109 Produce 
Exchange Bldg.; res. 5409 Wvandotte St., Kan 
-as City, Mo. 

Charles Bliss Darnall, 

Theta Nu Epsilon; Delegate S. A. E. Con- 
vention. Nashville, 191 2; Real Estate, Firm 
of C. D. & C. B. Darnall; Member K. C. 
Athletic Club. 709-10 Victor Bldg.; res. 530 
Knickerbocker St.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Samuel Gilbert Fairchild, 

Theta Tau; Theta Nu Epsilon; Student Branch 
Am. Soc. of Mech. Engrs.; Sachems; Vice- 
Pres. Engineering School; Second Lieutenant. 
V. S. Army. 551 Sherman St. E., Hutchinson, 

Lawrence Vale Fickel. 

(904 Bluemont Ave., Manhattan, Kans.) 

Beniamin De Witt Fillmore, 

(Blue Rapids. Kans.) 

George Kenneth Hamilton, 

(424 Lafayette St.. Kansas City, Kans.) 

William Martin Howden, Jr., 

LL. B.. 1914; Lawyer. 632 N. Berendo St., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Walter A. Lambert, 

LL. B., 1914; Retail Lumber; Sec. Lambert 
Lumber Co. Sixth and Delaware Sts. ; res. 
2d Ave. and Congress St., Leavenworth, Kans. 

Ward B. Maurer, 

Assistant Supervisor, Baltimore & Ohio Rv. 
Chillicothe. Ohio; B. & D. Ry.; res. 1223 N. 
Harrison St., Topeka, Kans. 

Will Harvev Poole, 

Thi Alpha "Delta; Mine Operator. Box 634; 
res. 1 51 1 Joplin St., Galena, Kans. 

Thomas M. Puckett. 

Pharmacist. 318 E. 8th St., Newton, Kans. 

Lee Rilev, Jr., 

Assistant Superintendent, Atchison Water Co.; 
Member of B. P. O. E. 406 Commercial St.; 
res. 806 N.. 4 th St., Atchison, Kans. 

LaRue Royce, 

(616 Taylor St.. Topeka. Kans.) 

Ralph Lord Smith, 

(Kennebunkport, Maine.) 

Alexander Rav Stockton, 

With A. B. D". Motor Co. (Chandler Cars); 
Formerly with Anderson Electric Car Co., 
Chalmers Motor Co.; Member Alumni Assn.; 
A. F. and A. M. 1830 Grand Ave.; res. 2107 
N. Tremont St., Kansas City, Kans. 

Albert S. Teed, 

LL. B.. 1014; Phi Alpha Tau: Sphinx; Pacha- 
camac; Rubber Business; Mgr. Hutchinson 
Branch. B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co. 127 E. 
Sherman St., res. 60S, Ave. A East, Hutchin- 
son, Kans. 

Edgar Channccv Welsh, 

LL B. 1014; Freshman Football and Basket- 
ball; Oil Producer; Member Officers' Training 
Camp. 3700 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 


William Humphrey Biddle, 

Lawyer. (620 Miami St., Leavenworth, Kans.) 

Chester Adams Dunham, 

Foundry and Machinist. Harrisonville, Mo. 

Kirk Estes Hilton, 

A H., tors; Sachem; Student Council; Chrmn. 
Senior Invitation Committee; Track "K" Let- 
ter Man, 3 years; Joint Holder of Record 220 
"I Da-hiSalesnian with B. F. Goodrich Rubber 
Co. B F. Goodrich Rubber Store, Kansas 
' ity, Mo.j res. Cottonwood Falls, Kans. 

Thomas B. Root, 

Journalist. 1505 Genesee St.; res. 4341 Locust 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 


Roy Ulysses Stevens, 

Medical Student. 2424 Norton Ave., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Thomas Thompson Taylor, Jr., 

Phi Delta and Delta Mu Delta (New York 
Univ.); Banker; Member Judith Club. Bank 
of Fergus County; res. 213 Boulevard, Lewis- 
town, Montana. 


Paul L. Armantrout, 

With Fred Hawey. 308 N. Capitol Blvd., 
Guthrie, Okla. 

\Y. Rvron Black, 

A. B., 1916; Ph. G.; Phi Chi; Attended Lamar 
Coll.; Baseball; Football; Basketball; Track; 
Boxing; Medical Student; Member K. C. Field 
Club. 239 Brush Creek Blvd.. Kansas City, 

Tames Abram Butin, 

A. B.. 1916; Student, Rush Medical College. 
Fredonia, Kansas. 

Selbv Evans Coffman, 

(Russellville, Ky.) 

William T. Hodgins, 

Assistant General Superintendent, Structural 
Concrete Co. 5th Floor, City National Bank 
Bldg.; res. 12 Park View Apartments, Dayton, 

Harland Bartlett Hutchings, 

LL. B., 1916; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Alpha 
Tau; Attorney-at-Law; Member City Club; 
Alumni Assn. 909 Sharp Bldg.; res. 1212 
Armour Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Fred Austin Tohnson, 

With Gate City Laundry; Member Officers' 
Training Camp. 213 W. 10th St.; res. 3426 
Holmes St.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Malcolm Lloyd McCune, 

B. S. in M. E., 1916; Theta Tau; Student 
Member Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs. ; 1st Lieuten- 
ant. Ordnance Dept., O. R. C. Leavenworth, 

Glenn Austin Rishel, 

(324, nth St., W., Hutchinson, Kans.) 

Charles Bunting Shaeffer, 

Freshman Track and Baseball; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Bunting Hardware Co.; Vice-Pres. 
and Sec. Newton Mfg. Co.; Purchasing Agent 
and Asst. Mgr.: Left Guide, Co. A. Business 
Men's Battalion; On Bd. Dirs., Amateur Ath- 
letics; Member Alumni Assn.; Y. M. C. A.; 
Merchants, Hardware Dealers and Bicycle 
Dealers Assns.; Kansas City Advertising and 
Salesmanship Clubs. Sio Walnut St.; res. 2905 
Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Elliott Sibley Taylor, 

Freshman Football; With Merwood, Jaccard & 
King Jewelry Co. and Scruggs- Vandervoort 
& Barney Drv Goods Co. 10th and Locust 
Sts., St. Louis, Mo.; res. n 14 State St., 
Alton, 111. 

Linton Lewelling Trego, 

Principal Junior High School; Member Masons. 
400 W. 6th St.; res. 720M: Main St., Newton, 

Clyde Leroy Van Derlip, 

Theta Tau; U. S. National Army, Third Bat- 
tery, O. T. C, 91st Division. 1411 Wyan- 
dotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Claude B. Wandel, 

Ph. C, 1914: B. S. Chem.. 1916; Sachem; 
Varsity Baseball, 1914-16; Capt. 1916; Pure 
Food Inspector, State of Kansas. 1111 Ver- 
mont St., Lawrence. Kans. 

George Betton Whitaker, 

Initiated by N. C. Xi 1916. 



Claude Robert Barnes, 

Organized Xi of Sinfonia, Univ. Kans.; 
Studied Music in New York; Musician; Naval 
Base Hospital No. 1. U. S. Army; Member 
Masons. Elks, Natl. Assn. Organists, Union 
Club. 1028 Waverly Ave., Kansas City, Kans. 

Carl A. Brand, 

B. S. in Arch., 1917; Architectural Soc; 
Member Knife and Fork Club. 2405 Linwood 
Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Leonard Callender, 

U. S. Military Service. Care of Adjutant 
General of the Army, Washington, D. C. 

Tames L. Carter, 

Alliance Francaise; Univ. Orchestra; Football; 
Real Estate; Firm of B- ram & Carter Realtv 
Co. 401 Commerce Bldg.; res. 3738 Paseo 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Toseph Chrisman, 

Private U. S. Army. 1 513 W. Short St.. 
Independence, Mo. 

Warner Albert Cory, 

Grocery Broker; Member Kansas Citv Athletic 
Club. 1317 St. Louis Ave.; res. 3524 Troost 
Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Fred Maynard Deardorff, 

B. S. in A. E., 1917; Sigma Tau; Architectural 
Engineering Soc. E. R., 1914; House Mgr., 
191s; E. D. A., 1916; E. C, 1917. 3601 E. 
Sixtieth St., Kansas City, Mo 

Charles Harrison Hobart, 

(1034 Tyler St., Topeka, Kans.) 

Myron Libby Johnson, 

Phi Mu Alpha; Manager, Broadway Plumbing 
and Heating Co.; Member Elks. 223 E. Broad- 
way; res. 53s Elms Blvd., Excelsior Springs, 

Adrian Hobart Lindsey, 

B. S., 1917; Theta Tau, Owls and Sachems; 
Capt. Football, 1916; Lieutenant, U. S. Army, 
3423" Field Artillery. Kingfisher, Okla. 

Karl Gibson Pinchard, 

(3S34 Paseo St., Kansas City, Mo.) 

William L Waite, 

B. S., 1917; Alpha Chi Sigma; Ahoku; E. L.; 
E. A.; Chemical Engineer, with Hercules 
Powder Co.; Member Am. Chemical Soc. 
Hercules Powder Co., Parlin, N. J. 


Tames Fraser Barclay, 

" Theta Nu Epsilon; U. S. Army, Co. B, 
Engineers. 740 Sandusky St., Kansas 

Ralph Ashburn Branch, 

A. B., 1016 Fairmount Coll. 
St., Wichita, Kans. 

1323 S. Market 

Charles Augustus Coffman, Tr., 

Farming and Stock Raising. Wiser 

Frank Farley, 

B. S. 1918; Tau Beta Pi 
Sigma Tau; Ahoku; Cls 
Alpha Correspondent. 191 
allurqist, 1916-17. 1608 IV 
sas City, Kans. 

Miles Walker Gates, 

Student. 29 S. W. Boule\ 

Harold Henry Giger, 

A. B., 191S; Freshman I 
Elmdale, Kans. 

Alpha Chi 
s Treas (3 
'-18; Editor 
nnesota Ave 

); Phi 

rd, Rosedale. Ka 




Willard Ordway Hilton. 

A 1! in Geology, ioi8; Sigma Gamma Ep- 

-il.-ii; HI... k Ma'-k: Owl*: Sphinx: Genlogv 
Club; lank, Mann- Representative; E. C. and 
E. I). A.; On Staff Sour Owl; Varsity Track 
l-'r.-shm.-ui Track 1915; Class Football 
1916-17. Cottonwood Falls, Kans. 

I [obart Clayton I tolt, 

Aviation Corps, U. S. Army, iioi Woodward 
Ave., Topeka, Kans. 

Harold John Longenecker, 

Lieutenant. U. S. Army, 164th Depot Brigade. 
511 Ohio St.. Lawrence, Kans. 

George Herbert Miner, 

Freshman Football; Sophomore Class Team; 
Farmer. Chase. Kans. 

John Southworth Niles, 

Student. 5640 Swope Parkway, Kansas City, 

Sidney Quin Noel, 

88th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. Glasco, 

William Otway Owen, 

Student. 13 15 Church St.. Lynchburg, Va. 

Louis Hunter Puckett, 

Student. S. A. E. House, Lawrence, Kans. 

Thomas Oliver Tarrant, 

A. B., 10:8; Band and Orchestra. 1916; 
Student Council, 1916-17; Social Committee. 
1016; Treas. ami Steward, 1916-18; Forty 
Club, 1916; International Polity Club; Fresh 
man Baseball; Rush Captain, 1917. W. 6th 
St.. Florence. Kans. 

1 larold C. Van Houten, 

B. S. in M. E., 1918; Thcta Tau; Tau Beta Pi; 
Student. 615 West St., Topeka, Kans. 


Kenneth Graham Bell, 

Phi Chi; Sphinx; Owl; Sophomore Hop Mana- 
ger, 1917; E. W., 1916; Student. 501 Knicker- 
bocker Apartments, Kansas City, Mo. 

Francis Dana Gage, 

Student. Minneapolis, Kans. 

Cecil Edwards Hassig, 

Phi Beta Pi; Pres. Comparative Anatomy 
Class; Honor System. 315 N. 17th St., Kan- 
-..s City, Kans. 

Frank Julius Foren, 

Student. 806 N. 3d St., Atchison, Kans. 

Paul C. Murphy, 

Freshman Track, 1916: Varsity Track, 1917; 
Athletic Bd„ 1917-18; Student; Librarian, 1917. 
322 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Glenn Moornow Neighbors, 

Student. 20s N. Chestnut St., McPherson, 

Frederick Gere Stodder, 

Initiated by N. Y. Alpha 1918. 

Wilbur Willis Swingle, 

St. 11 lent. 17th and Edgehill Sts., Lawrence, 

Lynn Edgar Alexander. 

Student. Council Grove. Kans. 

Joseph Samuel Atha. 

Sigma Tau; Student. 3427 Wyandotte St., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Howard Freeman Blum, 

Student. 811 Ann Ave, Kansas City, Kans. 

Evan H, Browne, |r., 

E. W. ..f Chapter; Student. Minnesota Ave., 
Slate Bank; res. U4 7 Ohio St., Kansas City, 

lohn Wallace Cook, 

Student. Wallace, Kans. 

William Ray Davis. 

Student. 3407 Pennsylvania St., Kansas City, 

Lawrence Corwin Gray, 

Student. 352g Locust St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Marshall Haddock, Jr., 

Sphinx; Track; Student. 201 W. Concord St., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph Howard Flilton, 

Student. Cottonwood Falls, Kans. 

Rollo Ralph Howden, 

Student. Skidmore, Mo. 

Paul Robert Jones, Jr., 

Student. 3705 Central" St., Kansas City, Mo. 

John Hardv Latta, 

Student. 1542 Fairview Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

Winfield Freeman Liggett, 

Freshman Football. 1916; Freshman Track, 
1916; Varsity Football. 1917; Student. 1300 
Michigan St., Lawrence; res. 817 N. 9th St., 
Kansas City, Kans. 

Frank Philip Mandeville, 

Aviation Corps U. S. Army. Kingfisher. Kans. 

Robert Pathson Sandifer, 

Student. 325 N. Atchison St., Eldorado, 

Charles Kirknatrick Shofstall, 

Phi Beta Pi.; Black Helmet; Student; E. R. of 
Chapter. 3S20 Genessee St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Theodore Soper Smith, 

Student. 742 Nebraska Ave., Kansas City, 

Richard Henry Stodder, 

Student. Burden. Kans. 

Ola Anderson Thorpe, 

Student. Morganville, Kans. 

Josiah Davies Williams, 

Sphinx; Student. 1403, 5th St., Clay Ceiuer, 


John A. Billingsley, 

Student. 11 08 N. 9th St.. Kansas City, Kans. 

Burton Gardiner Darnall, 

Student. 1616 S. 31st St., Kansas City, Kans. 

Arthur Luther Fleck, 

Student. 929 Quindaro Blvd. Kansas City, 

Francis Dana Gage, 

Fhi Alpha Tau; Univ. Band; Black Helmet; 
Sphinx; Student, Mass. Inst, of Tech. Min- 
neapolis, Kans. 

Clement A. Ismert, 

Student. 13th and Michigan Sts., Lawrence; 
res. 26 S. iSth St., Kansas City, Kans. 

George William Jones, 

Student. 3705 Central St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Walter Fletcher McGinnis, Jr., 

Sphinx; Student. 202 West Central Ave.; res. 
405 N. Atchison St., ElDorado, Kans. 

Allen T. Neely 

Student. 1285 Lincoln St., Topeka, Kans. 


Emery James Mclntire, 

Student. 710 E. Armour Blvd., Kansas City, 



Manhattan, Kansas 

Chartered June 24, 1913 


Evan H. Richardson, 

(iii6 Bluemont Ave., Manhattan, 


Charles M. Haines, 

B. S. in M. E., 1909; Student, Coast Artillery, 
O. R. C; Contributing Editor Industrial Arts 
Magazine; Editor Industrial Arts Dept. Texas 
School Journal: Member A. F. and A. M. ; 
Royal Arch Mason; Knights Templar; Moslah 
Temple; Shrine; Shrine Patrol; B. P. O. E. 
309 N. Juliette Ave., Manhattan, Kans. 

Oliver William Hunter, 

B. S., 1909; M. S., Wisconsin; Associate Pro- 
fessor of Bacteriology; Author of Several 
Scientific Papers and Bulletins. Manhattan, 

Walter T. King, 

B. S. in M. E., 1909; C. E., 1917; Kansas 
Engineering Soc. ; County Highway Engineer; 
Member Kansas Engineering Soc; Wichita 
Consistory; 32 ; Elks. Hutchinson, Kans., 
Lodge No. 453; Blue Lodge, Hutchinson, 
Kans.; Reno Lodge No. 140. Court House; 
res. 504, 6th Ave., Oswego, Kans. 


Roy Eaton Crans, 

Architect; 2d Lieut., Engrs. Reserve Corps. 
201 New York Life Bldg.; res. 308 E. 34th 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

William Oliver Dunn, Jr., 

Accountant, Public Utility; Sec. and Treas., 
The Manhattan Gas and Electric Co. Manhat- 
tan, Kans.; Sec. Creston Gas and Electric Co., 
Creston, Iowa; Auditor and Sec. Madison Fuel 
and Heat Co.. Madison, Ind. 79 W. Monroe 
St.; res. 632 Wrightwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Fred F. Greelev, 

Engineers; Oil Operator; Member Elks. Gen- 
eral Delivery, Manhattan, Kans. 

Hilas Browning Rannells, 

B. S., 1910; Cattleman; Member Manhattan 
Country Club. 220 S. 5th St., Manhattan, 

Samuel A. McWilliams, 

B. S. in C. E., 1910; Irrigation Engineer; 
Asst. Engineer U. S. Reclamation Service; 
Member Am. Assn. Advancement of Science; 
Assoc. Member Am. Soc. Civil Engineers. 
Yuma, Ariz. 



Robert Johnson Mackey, 

Mortgage Broker and Insurance; Member B. 
P. O. Elks; Wichita and Wichita Country 
Clubs. 309 Bitting Bldg., res. 2525 E. Douglas 
Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

Harrv Elmer Overholt, 

Wholesale Flour Merchant. 3 s Washington 
Ave.; res. 1502 Franklin St.. Danville, 111. 

Thomas Thornton Parker, 

B. S. in E. E.. 191 1; Student Member Am. 
Inst, of Electrical Engrs.; Manager Union 
Citv Electric Co. Union Citv Electric Co.; 
res. 601 N. Columbia St., Union City, Ind. 

Whitcomb Glenn Speer, 

(Clay Center, Kans.) 

Wayne E. Sullivan, 

Resident Manager, San Juan Fishing & Pack- 
ing Co. Inc. 514 S. 13th St.; res. 4348 Frank- 
lin St., Omaha, Nebr. 


Borden Frazier Beck. 

B. S. in Agronomy, 1912; Teacher. South 
Bend, Wash. _ 

Herbert William Geibble, 

(520 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan, Kans.) 

Scott Roger McDonald, 

(222_ S. '6th St.. Manhattan, Kans.) 

Fredrick J. Ruffner, 

D. V. M., 1912; Veterinarian; Member Am. 
Veterinary Med. Assn.; Kansas Veterinary 
Med. Soc. W. Second St.; res. 4 River St., 
Beloit. Kans. 

Leslie Leon Shaw, 

B. S. in Agronomy, 19 12; Agricultural Soc; 
Agricultural Advisory Work, Swift & Co.; 
Member Officers' Training Camp, Fort Sher- 
idan. 602 Seneca St., Leavenworth, Kans. 

Odith King Spurrier, 

E. E., 1912 Oregon State Coll.; M. E., 1914 
do.; A. B., 1914 Cornell; Lumber; Member 
B. P. O. E.; Affiliated Oregon Alpha 1912 
and N. Y. Alpha 1914. 1.01 E. Oklahoma 
Ave.; res. 123 N. Capitol Blvd., Guthrie, Okla. 

Raymond McKee Wolfe, 

(La Cygne, Kans.) 


Harold H. Bates, 

(900 Humboldt Ave., Manhattan, Kans.) 




\ ernon E. Bates, 

First Lieutenant, .<", |th Infantry U. S. Army. 
23 S 5th St.. Manhattan, K.m-. 

fohn Augustus Billings, 

' It S. 1913; Baseball, [910-12: Financed the 
Sending of ; Delegates to Nashville Con- 
vention to Obtain Kansas Beta Chapter; Pro- 
fessional Ball Player. Grantville, Kans 

David 1). < irav. 

(1116 Bluemont Ave.. Manhattan, Kans.) 

George Burrel Kirkpatrick, 

B.S. in Agri., 1013: Alpha Zeta; Junior and 
Senior Dancing Club; Pres. Freshman Class 
H.„.k Committee; Animal Stock 
Fudging Team; First Prize in A. II. Stock 
Judging Contest, 101-'; Stock Farmer; Stock 
and Grain Fudge ril Various County Fairs. 
R. F. Ii. No. 1. Eureka, Kans. 

Thomas Archibald Leadley, 

B S 1913; Sigma Delta Chi; Hamilton 
Lit Soc.; Cub Club; Associate Editor The 
Nebraska Farmer, no N. 16th St.; res. 1S27 
S. 23d St., Lincoln, Nebr. 

Dick Lcwallen, 

B. S. in A. H„ 1913; 'st E. A.; County Agri- 
cultural Agent, U. S. Dept. Agriculture; Mem- 
ber Elks. Mitchell, S. Dakota, No. 1059- 
Box 65, Presho, S. D. 

Frederick Herbert Looniis. 

B. S., ion; Capt. Varsity Football Team, 1013; 
. Pres. Students Council. 191 3; Clirmn. Athletic 
K Fraternity. 1914: Flour Milling Chemist; 
Member Technical Service Comm. U. S. Food 
Administration; B. V. O. F... Am. Assn. Cereal 
Chemists; Am. Chemical. Soc. Wichita Mill and 
Elevator Co. 1000 Ohio St.; res. 1605, 9th 
St., Wichita Falls. Texas. 

I lavid S. Rose, 

(915 Postal Bldg., San Francisco. Cal.) 

Tohn Gordon Auld, 

B. S.. ion; E. T. of Chapter. 1912-13; Pan- 
Hellenic Council, 1912-13. Schuyler, Nebr. 

Frank F. Bergier, 

B. S„ roi 1; I' A of Chapter, 1913; Second 
Lieut., 11 R. C ; Head of Science Dept., 
Kearney 1Iil:1i School, Kearney, Nebi . 1915- 
16; Member B. P. O. E. moo Bluemont St., 
Manhattan, Kans. 

William O. Dunn, |r., 

i Manhattan, Kans 1 

Ray Benjamin Ellis, 

B s. 1914; Military Bootmaker. 41s S St. 
Francis St.; res. 240 N. Topeka Aye.. Wichita, 

Lawrence Vale Fickel, 

B, S. i.,u; Sigma Tau; Electrical Engineer; 
Lit ut . ' [uai ti 1 n a U r's Corps, (J. S Natl. 
Army; Member Am. Inst of Electrical F.n- 
gineers. 1 : W. I. ti. < ion Ave . Dallas, Texas. 

Lawrence V*. Fickel, 

B in E, E., 11,1 5; Sigma Tau; Am Soc. 

ol I lei trii il E ngn . Sab Di pt. Westinghouse 
Electric and Machinery Co., and Manager 
Su|.|.h Dim 1. .n. Dallas Office;; Mi mbei I. .Mm 
Li ic; Dallas Electric Club Cotton h 
res. 42a W. I. fferson Av.. 
Dallas, 1 1 ■ .. 

Earl I fenry I [ostetler. 

M S. in Agri., 1914; Saddle and Sirloin and 

1 I lubs; M. mhi 1 si... k fudging Team: 

1 , ■ rimental I ivi Stocl I ceding and Breed 

ing; \uthoi Ol Nun 1 r.„, \rtieles on Live 

Stock Subjects; Membci Capital Club. West 
Raleigh ; 1 Capital \pai tmi nl No 14, 

Raleigh, N. C. 

George De Rue Meiklejohn Jones, 

A. II.. 1914; Gamma Sigma Delta; Track 
Team, 1913-14. won letter both years; Treas. 
of Chapter, [912-13; Insurance Solicitor and 
Broker; Capt. 7th Regt. N. G. Mo.; Member 
Chamber of Commerce. Kansas City Advertis- 
ing Club. 118 8E. itoh St.; res. 1206 W. 51st 
St.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Willis Davidson Price, 

(Reading, Kans.) 

Harney Gayle Sims,* 

d. Aug. 15, 19 1 3, Edgeton, Kans. 

De Lois George Tepfer, 

D. V. M., 1914; Alpha Psi; Veterinary Med. 
Assn.; U. S. Veterinary Inspector Bureau of 
Animal Industry. 29 Live Stock Exchange; 
res. 357 N. Erie St., Wichita, Kans. 

George Henrv Thomas Washburn, 

Attended Mass. Inst. Tech.; Architect, with 
Geo. P. Washburn & Son; Member Alumni 
Assn. and Elks. 709 Victor Bldg. ; res. 2006 

E. 40th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Roy Norton Young. 

B. S. in M. E., 1914; Sigma Tau; College 
Orchestra; Chemist and Engineer; U. S. Natl. 
Army. Beloit, Kans. 


Keatley Graham Baker, 

B. S., 1915; Garcia; County Agent. Kerr- 
ville, Texas. 

Louis Marquard Forster. 

(6251 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, Mo.) 

Frank Herman Freeto, 

B. S. in C. E., 191 5; Signia Tau; Civil En- 
gineering, Athenian Lit. and Associate Engrs. 
Socs.; Quill Club; Junior and Senior Honors; 
Highway Engineer; 23d U. S. Engrs.; County 
Engr. ; 'City Engr., Holton, Kans. 130 N. 
Volutsia Ave.. Wichita, Kans. 

Robert Everett Freeto, 

B. S., 1915; Alpha Zeta; Farming, Mgr. 2,000 
Acre Ranch. Anness, Kans. 

Charles Axtell Hunter, 

B. S., 1915; M. S., 1916; Bacteriologist Penn- 
sylvania State College. 116 S. Sparks St., 
State College, Pa. 

William Symington Morrow, 

B. S., 1915; Gamma Signia Delta; Sales De- 
partment Harbison Mfg. Co. 10th and Mul- 
berry St.; res. 4210 Mercier St., Kansas City. 

Edgar Leon Noel, 

B. S., 1916; Banking First Natl. Bank of 
Glasco. Glasco, Kans. 

lames ( )'Connell, Jr., 

Ranchman. Coldwater, Kans. 

George Washington Lacker. Jr., 

Charter Member; Architectural Club; Mechani- 
cal Engineer; E. C. of Chanter ,1912-1 3. Witte 
Engine Works; res. 2719 N. 13th St., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Edward Quinby Perry, 

B, S. in Agronomy 1 c, 1 5 ; Gamma Sigma Delta; 
Agricultural Assn.; Asst. in Dry Farming, 
Hays Kans. Experimental Station, 1915; Agri- 
culturalist. Box 293, Plainview, Texas. 

1. 1 eph 1 liber Pierce, 

It S. [915; Assistant Cashier Wilson Countv 
Hank; Treas I ail Assn. of Wilson County and 
Chamber of Commerce, Fredonia. Kans.; Mem- 
ber Chamber of Commerce. Wilson County 
Hank; res. 126 S. Sth St., Fredonia, Kans. 




Benjamin B. Richards, 

Biological Assistant U. S. Dept. Agriculture, 
Bureau of Biological Survey. U. S. Dept. of 
Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey, 
Washington, D. C. 

Harvey lames Sellers, 

Sales'ma'n, Merchant Calculator Co. Hotel Ed- 
wards, Jackson, Miss.; res. Minneapolis, Kans. 

Leon Warden Taylor, 

B. S., 1915; Manager Live Stock Farm. Pro- 
spect Park Farms, Chapman, Kans. 

Walter Harris Washington, 

B. S., 1916; "K" in Track; Member Athletic 
"K" Fraternity; Farmer. 2102 Nueces St., 
Austin, Texas. 


Ary Clav Berry, 

B. S., 1916; Gamma Sigma Delta; Saddle and 
Sirloin Club; Extension Dept., Sept. 1, 1916, 
to May 14th, 1917; Second Lieutenant I4ist 
Field Artillery, U. S. R. 429 Harrison St., 
Topeka, Kans. 

Robert Elliott Curtis, 

B. S. in Animal Husbandry, 1916; Top Ser- 
geant, Major's Staff, 117th Am. Train. 612 
Vattier St., Manhattan, Kans. 

Clarence Arnold Fickel, 

Theta Sigma Lambda; Second Lieutenant, 
Quartermaster' Corps, Camp Funston; Member 
Elks. 904 Bluemont Ave., Manhattan, Kans. 

Charles T. Geiger,. 

Theta Tau; Bank Clerk. Peoples Natl. Bank; 
res. 734 S. Main St., Ottawa, Kans. 

Charles Glen Hale, 

Owner Prest-O-Lite Battery Station. 213 W. 
4th St.; res. 503 W. Byers, Joplin, Mo. 

Albert Bruce Lovett, 

General Agent Midland Life Insurance Co.; 
Officers Reserve Training Camp; Member Elks 
No. 1 127. 707 State St., Lamed, Kans. 

Everett R. McGalliard, 

B. S. in Agr. 1916; Garcia; K Frat. ; Baseball, 
1914-16; Football, 1913-15; Farming and In- 
surance. Troy, Kans. 

Frederick Rathbone Oshant, 

Merchant. Hays, Kans. 

William Herbert Robinson, 

B. S. in Agr., 1916; Scarab; Pax; Pure Bred 
Livestock Farming. 705 Wisconsin Ave., Hol- 
ton, Kans. 

Byron ]ohn Taylor, 

B. S.," 1916; Manager Livestock Farm. Pro- 
spect Park Farms, Chapman, Kans. 

Oliver F. Barnhart, 

C. E., 1917; Sigma Tau; Engineers Assn.; 
Capt. Cadet Corps; First Class Sergeant Co. 
B, 110th Engineers Regt. 607 Freeman Ave., 
Kansas City, Kans. 

Forrest F. Booker, 

(Beloit, Kans.) 

Earl B. Briney, 

Alpha Psi; Ka'nsas Club; Football; Baseball, 
3 yrs. (Capt.); Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Stu- 
dent, Kansas City Veterinary College. 913 
N. W. 3d St., Abilene, Kans. 

Charles Cook Cromwell, 

(444 N. Main St., Henderson, Ky.) 

William Taylor Douglas, 

B. Ped., I9i"6 Valparaiso Univ.; Scabbard and 
Blade; Quill Club; Track Team; Tennis Cham- 
pion (Sewanee Military Acad.); Tennis Dou- 

bles Champion (Valparaiso); Class Historian; 
Science Teacher. Miami Military Institute, 
St. Francisville, La. 

Rov K. Durham, 

Gamma Sigma Delta; Assistant Chemist Lara- 
bee Flour Mills Corp. Larabee Flour Mills 
Corp, Hutchinson; res. 424 N. Franklin St., 
Anthony Kans. 

William Elliot, Jr., 

(241 Jefferson St., Henderson, Ky.) 

Frank Haucke, 

B. S„ 1917 Cornell Univ.; *'K" Fraternity; 
Football; Baseball; Basketball (Kansas State'); 
Football, Baseball (Cornell); Student; Sergeant 
in U. S. Army; Affiliated N. Y. Alpha, 191 7. 
Council Grove, Kans. 

Ralph Francis Lucier, 

Lieutenant 139th Infantry. 610 W. 2d St., 
Abileine, Kans. 

Herbert Proudfit Miller, 

B. S., 1917; Farmer. Mondamin Farm, 
Olathe, Kans. 

Ellis Morrill Moore, 

Music Teacher. Valley Junction; res. 3S47. 
8th St. Place, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Foster G. Morton, 

Stockman and Feeder. Green, Kans. 

Leslie Averill Plumb, 

Soldier, U. S. Army. Brookside, St. Francis, 

Kenneth Bethel Royster, 

(424 S. Elm St., Henderson, Ky.) 

Joe Senn Weaver, 

Theta Sigma Lambda; "K" Fraternity; Track, 
191s; Held 880 yd. and 5 mile Cross Country 
Record; Farmer. R. F. D., Aurora, Kansas. 

Walter Winfred Wood, 

Ph. C, 1916; Univ. of Kans.; "K" Club; 
Black Helmet; Sachems; Pachacamach ; Fresh- 
man Football and Baseball; Varsity Football 
and Baseball; First Lieutenant. 341st Inf., 
86th Div., U. S. Army; Member Masons. 
1 1 14 State St., Alton, 111. 


Harry Edwin Alexander, 

Football, 1915; High School Football, Baseball 
and Basketball, 3 years; Ranchman; Interested 
in Firm of A. G. Alexander and Sons, Real 
Estate and Live Stock Dealers: Fin. Sec. 
Anti-Horse Thief Assn. Council Grove. Kans. 

John Francis Ellis, 

U. S. Marine Corps. 502 N. Jackson St., 
Pratt, Kans. 

Floyd Perry Hamill, 

Farmer and Stockman. Colby, Kans. 

Clarence Owen Harris, 

Student. Havensville, Kans. 

Harry Bernard Lamer, 

Student. Lamer Hotel, Salina, Kans. 

George Burleson MacDonnell, 

Lieutenant Co. E, 16th Infantry, A. E. F., 
France. R. F. D. No. 4, Kyle; res. 612 W. 
15th St., Austin, Texas. 

Francis Aloysius Slattery, 

Student. Sigma Alpha Epsilon House, Man- 
hattan, Kans. 

William Sterling Sparrow, 

Student. Care Sherwin-Williams Paint Co., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Everett Southward Stephenson, 

B. S., 1918; Delegate 60th Anniversary Con- 
vention; E. T. of Chapter; Student. 1067 
N. Emporia Ave., Wichita, Kans. 




(jiles James Sullivan, 

I'ax; Scarab; Jayhawker: Saddle and Sirloin; 
Newman Club; Athletic K Fraternity; Rooters 
Club Committee; Pan-Hellenic Council; Vars- 
uv Football, 191517; Varsity Baseball, 1915-18; 
Capt. 101S; E. A. of Chapter; Advertising 
Mgr. Royal Purple; Treas. of Athletic K Fra- 
ternity; Sec.-TVeas. Pan-Hellenic Council; 
Vice.-Pres. Rooters Club Committee; Student. 
Wamego, Kans. 

Edward Eugene Summers, 

Initiated by Colo. Delta, 1918. 

Joseph Earl Taylor, 

Phi Alpha Tali; Purple Masque; Scabbard and 
Blade; Holder of New Mexico State Track 
Record, >•■ Mile; Holder of Southwest Long 
Distance Record. 1913-14; Major in Cadet 
Corps; E. D. A. of Chapter; Business Manager, 
College Lyceum; Pres. Lit. Soc; Student. 
[{ Fairchild St., Manhattan, Kans. 

William Erank Veatch, 

With Ambulance Co. No. 353, 31 4th Sanitary 
Train 89th Division. 121 S. Summit Ave., 
res. 115 S. Western Ave., Girard, Kans. 

Charles Forest Zeigler, 

Sigma Tail; Theta Sigma Lambda; Scarab; 
Soc. of Civil Kngrs.; Engrs. Assn.; Junior 
Honors in Engineering; Assoc Editor Kansas 
State Engineer; Principal Musician Cadet 
Band, 1914-17; Coll. Orchestra. 191518; First 
Lieut. Cadet Corps, 191617; Student. 1621 
Anderson Ave., Manhattan, Kans. 

Fred William Boyd, 

Student. 1608 Moffett St., Joplin, Mo. 

fames I Mil Branham. 

Phi Alpha Tan; Purple Masque; Apollo Club. 
1015-17: Student Instr. Public Speaking; S. 
A. E. Basketball Team, 1916-17; Works En- 
gineer's Office. Buick Motor Co.; res. The 
Penfield, West Kearsley. Flint. Mich. 

Joseph Edgar Cassidv, 

Hamilton Lit. Soc; Student. 930 Laramie St., 
Manhattan, Kans. 

Charles Frank Church, 

Student. 202 Wabash Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

[oseph I lamilton Cool, 

' Webster Lit. Soc.; Jayhawker; Saddle and 
Sirloin Club; banner. Glasco, Kans. 

Charles Elbert Curtis, 

Student. 612 Wittier St.. Manhattan, Kans. 

Clarence Frederic Eckelmann, 

Automobile Distributor. Third and Houston 
Sts.; res, 017 Houston St., Manhattan, Kans. 

Albert Edward Fincham, 

harming. Pratt. Kans. 

Luke Albert ( milfoyle, 

Students Council; Baseball; Scrub Football 
and Basketball; U. S. Navy. Wamego, Kans. 

Clarence ( )\ven Harris, 

Student. Havensville, Kans. 

I Inirv fnlin Kluver, 

Freshman; Post Office Employe. 502 Merchant 

St.; res. 111S Rural St., Emporia, Kans. 

Charles Ely Nichols, 

Violinist. 617 Houston St., Manhattan, Kans. 

Louis 1 1. Rochford, 

Student ,1606 Fairchild St., Manhattan, 

Harry Kenneth Shiileler, 

Student 105 S. Western Ave., Girard, Kans. 

Claude .Merlin Willhoite, 

Saddle and Sirloin Club; Hamilton Lit. Soc; 
2d Prize Stock Fudging. 1916; Freshman Vars 
ity Football and Basketball. 1915 t6; Class 
Treas.. 1910; Farmer; Dir. Township School 
Bd. Drcxcl, Mo. 

Albert Edgar Wilson, 

Hospital Apprentice, U. S. Navy. Knisley, 

Jay L. Woodhouse, 

Student. Sharon Springs, Kans. 


Frank G. Bell, 

Bryan W. Bushong, 

U. S. Army. Everest, Kans. 

Laurance Morris Dike, 

Student. 817 Chestnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Clarence Edwin Freeto, 

Hamilton Lit. Soc; Student. 130 N. Volut- 
sia Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

Lawrence Evan Griffith, 

Student. 510 Houston St., Manhattan, Kans. 

Harold R. Guilbert, 

Student. 1600 Fairchild Ave., Manhattan, 

Archie Tubus Hinzy, 

Rifle Team, 1916; Produce Business. Kiowa, 

Edgar' Otis Hull, 

Eureka, Kans. 

Felix Heath Hull, Jr., 

Student. Eureka, Kans. 

fames W r esley Lucas, 

Student Kansas City Dental College. Bayne- 
ville, Kans. _ 

Dewey Zollie McCormick, 

Student. 2718 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph N. Sawtell, 

Student. 632 Oreille Ave., Kansas City, Kans. 

fames Campbell Snapp, 

Farming. _ Boise, Idaho. 

Orville Sidney Veatch, 

Student. Girard, Kans. 

Arlie Eleanoir Wilson, 

Ranching; U. S. Army. Flagler, Colo. 


Lynn Edgar Alexander, 

Student. Council Grove, Kans. 

Floyd Francis Cole, 

Student. Ellis, Kans. 

fohn Parke Colburn, 

Student. 5714 Blackstone Ave.. Chicago, III. 

John W. Cordts, 

Student 106 N. Washington Ave., Welling- 
ton, Kans. 

Morris Lawrence Dike, 

Student. 817 Chestnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Edgar Otis Hull, 

Freshman Baseball; Lumberman and Stockman. 
Recce, Kans. 

Paul Gordon Martin, 

Student. 509 S. Adams St., Junction, Kans. 

Arthur Leroy Meserve, 

Student. Ellis, Kans. 

Benjamin Ferguson Price, 

Student. Reading, Kans. 

George William Schmidt, 

Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Stu- 
dent. Box 126, Junction City, Kans. 

Will Jerrold Scoutt, 

Student. Kearney, Nebr. 

I 'aul Tupper, 

Student. Lecompton, Kans. 



Anchorage, Kentucky 

Chartered November 10, 1877 

Jasper Newton Current, 

Initiated by Ky. Chi 186S. 

Wilbur Fisk Kirkbride, 

Initiated by Ky. Chi 1876. 

Eugene Tafel,* 

Grad. Chergynasium Ulm, Wurttemberg, Ger- 
many, 1S70; Professor of Modern Languages, 
Forest Academy; Prof, of German, Crothers- 
ville, Ind., 1869-8;; Supt. German Schools, 
Columbus, Ohio, 18S7-SS. d. Jan. 2%, 1888. 


J. W. Booth, 

Charter Membe 

Lilbon Logan Carlisle," 

B. L„ 1882 Washington and Lee Univ.; I 
yer; Affiliated Va. Sigma 1882. d. Jan. 
1898, New York, N. Y. 

William Kinkead Carlisle,* 

B. L., 1881 Washington and Lee; Pres. 
ham Lit. Soc, 1880 and Law Soc., i88t; I 
ness Mgr. Collegian; Lawyer; Affiliated 
Sigma 1 88 1. d. 1898. 

C. W. Grisamore,* 

d. March 13, 1901, Mexico City, Mex. 

J. D. Grover, 

Affiliated Va. Omicron 1879. (Owenton, 1 

Anthony Boswell Hundly, 

Planter. (Valley Hill, Ky.) 



Hopkinsville, Kentucky 

Chartered February 5, 1885 

Charter Withdrawn in 1SS7 

Clarence Anderson,* 

M. D., [885; Charter Member; Physi 
July lq, 1S99. Hopkinsville, Ky. 

John Poindexter Burnett, 

Charter Member; Manufacturer. 

Augustus Owsley Stanley, 

Congressman ; Member 58th to 6->d Co 
2d Ky. Dist. (Henderson, Ky.) 


Logan Inland, 

B. S., 1802 Mass. Inst, of Tech.; 
Mi ml.. 1 ; Captain U. S. Mann, Corps 
Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. V. 


Ceorge Fairleigh Campbell, 

1 li unman; Delegate to Natl. Convent! .1 Tenn. Nu 1802. 

Thomas Lee Metcalfe, 

Florist. 119 E. 7th St.; res. 306 E. 6th St., 
Hopkinsville, Ky. 

William Shift' Withers, 

Affiliated Tenn. Lambda. 


Augustus Owsley Stanley, 

B. S.. 18S9 Center Coll.; Charter Member; 
Lawyer; Member of Congress, 2d Kentucky 
Dist. 1903-05. 215V2, 1st St.; res. 339 Powell 
St.. Henderson, Ky. 

Frank Montgomery Stiles, 

M. D., 1889 Univ. of Louisville; Free Schol- 
arship (Univ. of Louisville) 1888; Physician; 
of Pension Examiners Co.; Phys. 6 yrs.; 

Co. Bd. of Health 



of Numerous 
says on Medical and Literary Subjects; Mem- 
ber Athaeneum. First National Bank Bldg.; 
res. 704 E. 7th St.. Hopkinsville, Ky. 

A. Walker Wood, 

LL. B.. 18S9 Cumberland; Proprietor Kentucky 
Neva Era. 7th S. E. cor. Water Sts.; res. 727 
E. 7th St., Hopkinsville, Ky. 



Lexington, Kentucky 
Chartered January, 1900 


William Henry Collier, 

B. M. E., 1897. (Paincsville, Ohio.) 

Courtney Watts McElroy, 

Civil and Mining Engineer. Morganfield, Ky. 

Job Darbin Turner, 

B. Ped., 1898; LL. B., 1910 Univ. of Ky.; 
Charter Member; Union Lit. Soc.; E. S. Soc; 
Capt. Cadet Co., 2 yrs. ; On Military Council; 
Football Team, 4 yrs.; Track Team (Mgr.); 
Head of Feeding Stuffs Department, Kv. 
Agricultural Experiment Station; Pres. Alumni 
Assn., 1912; Sec. : Treas. Alumni Assn., 1913 
to date; Sec.-Treas. of Feed Control Officials 
of U. S., 1909-13; Pres. of Same, 1914; Mem- 
ber Executive Committee, A. O. A. C. of U. 
S.; Alumni Mgr. of Athletics, 1906-08 and 
1914-15; Archon of Province Iota; Author 
Experiment Station Bulletins; Editor of The 
Kentucky Alumnus: Member Chamber of Com- 
merce; B. P. O. E.; University Club. Ken- 
tucky Experiment Station; res. 135 Washington 
Ave., Lexington, Ky. 

Lafayette Breckenridge Brock, 

Charter Member. With' Brock & Co. (Lex- 
ington, Ky.) 


Carter Coleman Jett, 

B. M., 1899; Charter Member; Mgr. Second 
Football Team, 1898-99; 1st Lieut., Cadet Bat- 
talion; With H. Hoppers Co.; Instr. in Ma- 
chine Design, Univ. of Minn., 1900-02. First 
Natl. Bank Bldg.; res. 7303 Monticello St., 
Pittsburgh, Ta. 

Roscoe Frymire Severs, 

B. C. E., 1899; Civil Engineer. (Henderson, 

Arthur John Vance, 

B. M. "E., 1899; Manager Cincinnati Office B. 
F. Sturtevant Co.; Member Cincinnati Rotarv 
Club. 514 Provident Bank Bldg.; res. 1029 
Del Monte Place, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Asbury Stamper Reese, 

D. D. S., 1902 Louisville Coll. of Dentistry; 
Charter Member E. S. Soc.; Mgr. Track 
Team, 1898; Halfback Varsity Football Team, 
Capt. 1899; Dentist; City Clerk, 2 yrs.; Treas. 

and Member Bd. Trustees, M. E. Church. 
South; Member (Trustee 3 yrs.) Kv, State 
Dental Assn.; Member Natl. Dental Assn.; 
Masons, Odd Fellows and Elks. 123 Grace 
Ave.; res. 509 Scott Ave., Pikcville, Ky. 


James Shipp Caldwell, 

Real Estate. (Paducah, Ky.) 

Rex Piatt Cornelison, 

LL. B., 1903 Central Univ.; Lawyer; Member 
Elks; Affiliated Ky. Kappa, 1903; Mich. Iota 
Beta, 1905. 417 Washington St., Paducah, 

Albert Smith Dabney, 

A. B.. 1901; M. D., 1904 Vanderbilt Univ.; 
Charter Member; Phi Chi; Physician; Asst. 
Professor of Medical Jurisprudence; Asst. to 
Chair of Medicine; Lecturer on Physical Di- 
agnosis; Former First Asst. Demonstrator in 
Anatomy Vanderbilt Univ.; Physician in 
Charge Addison Ave. Day House for Children; 
1st Lieut. Tenn. Med. Corps; Lecturer on 
Normal Phvsical Diagnosis; Member Am. Med., 
Southern Med., Miss. Valley Med. and David- 
son County Med. Assns,; Acad, of Medicine 
of Nashville and Tenn. Med. Soc. 212-215 
Eve Bldg.; res. Maxwell Hotel, Nashville, 

- Tenn. 

Claude Doercher Humphrey,* 

B. M. E., 1901. d. Oct. 11, 1961, Lexington, 

Hiram McElroy, 

Charter Member; Civil Engineer. 104 S. 
Moody Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Frank William Millbourn, 

M. E., 1901; Varsity Football (Left Tackle); 
General Manager Southern Engine and Boiler 
Works. 510 E, Main St., Jackson, Tenn. 

Wade Hampton Perkins, 

B. C. E., 1901 ; Charter Member; Engineering 
Soc; 1st Honors in Civil Engineering, 1901 ; 
Mgr. Football Team, 1900; Member Baseball 
Team, 1S98-01, Capt. 1900; Lieut. Cadet Corps, 
1901; Manufacturing Confectioner. 732 E. 
Colfax Ave.; res. 737 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 

Guv Wickliffe Rice, 

B. C. E., 1901; Charter Member; 1st E. A. of 
Chapter; Pres. Athletic Assn.; Chief Engineer 
Cal. Southern R, R. Co.; Assoc. Member Am. 
Soc. of Civil Engineers; Member Masons and 
Elks; Am. Soc. of Engineering Contractors 
and Natl. Geographical Soc. 1 105 Investment 
Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Henry Thomas Smarr, 

Civil Engineer. (Dante, Va.) 




Robert Johnson Thomson, 

M. D., 1901; Physician; 32° Mason. Santa 
Rosa. N. Mix. 

Charles Treas, 

B. C. E., 1901; Charter Memher; Proprietor 
and Manager W. & R. Lumber and Building 
Material; Was Constructing Engineer in 
Charge Liberty White R. R.; Dir. Southern 
Retail Dealers Assn, 15 States; Memher Ma- 
sons, Elks and Woodmen; Country Club. 
Commerce St. and M. & O. R. R., Aberdeen, 

John Willim, 

Charter Member; Baseball and Football; With 
Security Trust Co. 335 Transylvania Park, 
Lexington, Ky. 


Douglas Graham, 

Charter Memher; Cashier Bank of Pembroke; 
Supt, Methodist Sunday School; Conference 
Cashier Louisville Annual Conference. Main 
St., Pembroke, Ky. 

Charles Mills Jett. 

P.. M. E., 1902; Draftsman. Carnegie Steel 
Co.; res. 527 Yale Ave.. Youngstown, Ohio. 

John Hickey Kehoe, 

B. M. E., 1902; Real Estate. (Box No. 9, 
Reno, Nev.) 

Louis Wynn Martin, 

With American Car and Foundry Co. Vladi- 
vostok, Siberia, Russia. 

Samuel Thomas Reese, 

(St. Louis, Mo.) 

John Lee Stoner, 

B. M. E., 1902; Charter Member; Civil En- 
gineer. (Pikeville, Ohio.) 

Richard Napoleon Wilson, 

B. M. E., 1902; Charter Member; Mgr. Foot- 
ball Team 1901; Division Superintendent Reo 
Motor Car Co.; Representative Lodge No. 66, 
F. & A. M.; on Masonic Temple Assn., 6 yrs. ; 
Member South Lansing Commercial Club; 
Knights Templar; Elks and Knights of Pyth- 
ias. 107 W. South St.; res. 707 W. Wash- 
tenaw St., Lansing, Mich. 


Virgil Gihney Collis, 

Bond Broker. 28 E. Jackson Bldg., Chicago, 
111.; res. 438 Fayette Park, Lexington, Ky. 

Parker Aimer Hord, 

Patterson Lit. Soc. ; Playwright and Author 
oj "A .Mix Up"; various Vaudeville Sketches, 
Moving Picture Scenarios and Newspaper Con- 
tributions. 10 With St. Maysville, Ky. 
Ilerndon Browning Kelly, 

(Annapolis, Md.) 

Roy Buckner Montgomery, 

(Lebanon, Ky.) 

John J. Thompson, 

B. M. E., ..,-1; Sales Manager; Membei 
Engineers an. I K*. State University Clubs. 
"■ W. I'earl St., Cincinnati. Ohio; res. 20 
Oak Ridge Ave., Fort Thomas, Ky. 

Clarence I'".. I '.all, 

Bookkeeping. Louisville Natl. Banking Co., 
Mb and Market Sts.; res. 2108 Edgcland Ave, 
Lpui mII.-. Ky. 

Basil Murphey Brooks, 

Pn Patterson Lit. Soc, 1901 ; Studi nl Mr, 
Football Team; General Agent, Western Ky., 
Mo. State Life Ins Co.; I rusti 1 Ky, State 
Univ. Congressional District. 1904-10; Cashier 
Farmers and Merchants Hank. Slaughters, Ky., 
in 9; i'rev, 1909 1;; Membei Madison Com 

mandery No. 27 Knights Templar; Rizpah 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.; Knights of Pyth- 
ias (Dixon. Ky.); B. P. O. E.. No. 106 (Evans- 
ville. Ind.) 410 Sugg St., Madisonville, Ky. 

Duke Dickenson Caldwell, 

(Paducah, Ky.) 

F.dgar Byron Ferguson, 

Traveling Salesman, Paducah Hardware Co. 
(Benton, Ky.) 

Hampton Wallace lohnston, 

(Lebanon, Ky.) 

Robert Harcourt Reese, 

Highway Engineer; Chief Engr. C. L. and L. 
V. R. R., 1909-13; First Asst. Highway Engr. 
of Ky., 1913-16; Member Enginers and Archi- 
tects (Louisville) Clubs. Cynthiana, Ky. 

Heber Holbrook Rice, 

B. S., 1904; LL. B., 1907; Lamp and Cross; 
First Honors in Scientific Dept., 1904; Law- 
yer; Major 2d W. Va. Inf. Commanding 3d 
Battalion, U. S. Army; Served on Border at 
San Antonio, Tex., 1916-17; Mustered out 
March, 1917; Called into Federal Service April 
2, 191 7. 1009, 6th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 

Jay Verne Rice, 

'A. B., 1904 A. and M. Coll.; M. D.. 1910 
Univ. of Louisville; Physician; Ex House 
Physician N. Y. Post Gra'd. Med. School and 
Hosp., 1916. Wheelwright, Ky. 

William Alfred Spanton, 

Editor Blue and White. 1913; Lamp and 
Cross; Varsity Football Team; Eminent Arch- 
on; Delegate to S. A. E. Natl. Convention, 
Washington, D. C, 1902; Real Estate; Pres. 
Spanton Co. (269 Oak St., Portland, Ore.) 


Oliver Stockwell Arrasmith, 

Traveling Salesman. Huenefeld Co. 226 E. 
9th St., Cincinnati. Ohio; res. Bethel, Ky. 

Augustus Ecton Botts, 

Patterson Lit. Soc; Division Engineer, Main- 
tenance of Way Dept., Chesapeake and Ohio 
Ry.; Charge of Huntington and Big Sandy 
Divisions; Member Alumni Assn. Chesapeake 
and Ohio Pass Station; res. 708, nth av., Hun- 
tington, W. Va. 

Lucien Buck, 

Grad. Millersburg (Ky.) Military Inst., 1902; 
Head of Class (Millersburg); General Mana- 
ger, Parana Paper Co., Inc.; Supervising Engr. 
Champion Fibre Co.. Canton, N. C. ; Special 
Paper Mill Engr. and Purchasing Engr., East- 
man Kodak Co., Rochester, N. C. ; Lectured 
before Engineering Socs. on Manufacture of 
Pulp and Paper and have had articles on same 
subject published in Paper Inc., one of Tech- 
nical Journals of the Paper Industry; Member 
Am. Soc. of Meeh. Engrs.; Am. Inst, of Elec- 
trical Engrs.; Technical Assn. of the Pulp 
ami Paper Industry; Anglo- Am. Club of Sao 
Paulo. Brazil; 12° Scottish Rite Mason. Rua 
Floriano Peixoto, No. is. Caixa Postal No. 310 
Curityba, Parana, Brazil. 

William Henry Grady, 

B. M. F... 1905; Lamp" and Cross; Varsity 
Baseball and Football; Military Capt.; Assist- 
ant General Superintendent American Creosot- 
ing Co.; Member Am. Soe. of Mech. Engrs. 
and A. W. P. A. 807 Columbia Bldg., Louis- 
Mile. Ky. 

Blair Hughes, 

InitiatedTjy Ala. Alpha Mu 1901. 

How ard Payne Ingels, 

It. M. E., 1905; --d Vice-President The Realtv 
Guarantee and Trust Co.; Dir. The Fisher 
Fireproof Storage Co.; Member Chamber of 
Commerce; V. S. Navy League; Am. Iron and 
Steel Institute: Univ. Alumni Assn. (Life); 
>i oungstown and Youngstown Country Clubs. 
.•ox Alameda Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 




William George Layson, 

B. M. E., 1905. mi Chestnut St.; res. R. 
F. D. No. 1, Mission Ridge, Chattanooga, 

Hilton Havnes Megee,* 

d. 191 1, L'exington, Ky. 

Charles Beland Owens. 


Roy Kenner Dudley, 

Automobile and Garage; Member City Council. 
Main St., Flemingsburg, Ky. 

Tohn McCord, Jr., 

(Lebanon. Ky.) 

Charles Gamwell Montgomery,* 
James Clarence Nisbet, 

B. C. E., 1906; C. E.. 1908; First Lieutenant, 
U. S. R. Engineers; Affiliated Ind. Beta 1906. 
Madisonville, Ky. 

lAlvin Burns Ratliff, 

Employe of McDonald Bros. Coal Co. S. 
Maysville St.; res. 1 College St., Mt. Sterling, 

Marion Drake Ross, 

(Care L. and E. R. R. Co.. Lexington, Ky.) 

Lowry Smith, 

Mystic 13; Superintendent, Tie Treating 
Plants, N. P. Ry. Co. Brainerd. Minn. 

Harrv Worthington Thompson, 

E. "R.; Advertising Mgr. : Member Fort Mitch- 
ell Country Club (Briar Cliff, Fort Thomas, 


David Randall Hays, 

Merchant; Firm of Graham and Hays. Bloom- 
field, Ky. 

Edmond Shelby Kinkead, Tr., 

(Care Central Ky. Brick Co., Lexington, Ky.) 

Stanley Frazee Lee,* 
L. L. Lewis, 

M. E.. 1909; Lamp and Cross; Mystic 13; 
Secretary, Carrier Engineering Corporation; 
Sec. and Treas. Ky. State Univ. Club of N. 
Y., 1912-14; Pres. Ky. State Univ. Club of 
N. Y., 1916. 39 Courtland St., New York, 
N. Y.; res. 718 Richmond St., Plainfield, N. J. 

Edgar Poe Rice, 

Title Abstractor for Kentland Coal and Coke 
Co. Blackstone Bldg.; res. 510 Broadway, 
Ashland. Ky. 

Francis Marion Stone, 

(9th St., Clinton, Okla.) 

Clay Hutchcraft Sutherland, 

Mystic 13; Lamp and Cross; Salesman. 
Swift and Co.. East St. Louis, 111.; res. 11 15 
Main St., Paris, Ky. 


Morris Trumbo Brown, 

(Owingsville. Ky.) 

Thomson Ripley Bryant, 

B. S. in Agr., 1908; Lamp and Cross; Patter- 
son Lit. Soc; Class Pres.; Major Cadet Bat- 
tallion; Varsity Basketball, 4 yrs.; Mgr. Foot- 
ball Team. 1907; Assistant Superintendent of 
Agricultural Extension; Member Masons and 
Odd Fellows; Kentucky Experiment Station; 
res. 236 Clay Ave., Lexington, Ky. 

Nicholas Warfield Gratz, 

(Lexington Ky.) 

Irvin Morris Kellar, 

(211 St. Charles Ave.. New Orleans. La.) 

Maurice Cushman Kirk, 

B. C. E., 1908; Mystic 13; Pan-Hellenic Coun- 
cil; Transit Staff and Univ. Dance Committee; 
Varsity Baseball (Titcher) 190S; Farming; 
Member Elks; Maysville, Ky. 

Gibney Oscar Letcher, 

Initiated by Ky. Kappa 1905. 

George Madison Adams Manning, 

(P. O. Dept., Washington, D. C.) 

William Preston, 

Affiliated Va. Omicron 1909. (R. F. D. No. 1, 
Lexington, Ky.) 

Jac Rickaby Rardon, 

Mystic 13; Salesman. 1121 Race St.; res. 
2201 Kemper Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

William Roy Swearingan, 

(760 S. Central Park Ave., Chicago, 111.) 

Howard Clifford Yates, 

A. B., 190S; Lawyer; Sec. The Kern County 
Abstract Co. The Kern County Abstract Co., 
Bakersfield, Colo. 


Toseph Hogan Ballard, 

Farmer and Merchant; Asst. Bank Cashier, 
2 yrs.; Member Mystic Shrine. Aleika Temple, 

A. F. and A. M.. Lexington, Ky. Bryantsville, 

Pedro Hogan Ballard, 

(Fulton. Ky.) 

Pedro Rafael Cabrera, 

(Manangua, Nicaragua.) 

William Lester Coons, 

Banking. Lafayette National Bank. Main and 
Upper Sts. ; res. 414 Aylesford Place, Lexing- 
ton, Ky. 

Winn Estille Hord, 

M. D., 1912 Cincinnati Univ.; Omega Upsilon 
Phi; Physician; Member B. P. O. E. Mays- 
ville, Ky, 

Arden Belknap Keeney, 

Assistant General Manager of Bryson Mt. 
Coal and Coke Co. Bryson, Tenn. 

Philip Bryan Montgomery, 

(Elizabethtown, Ky.) 

Frank Congleton Powell, 

Merchant: 'Main St.; res. 105 Chestnut St., 
Carlisle, Ky. 

Henry C. Power, 

(Student, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y.) 

Roy W. Smarr, 

(122% Capital St.. Charleston, W. Va.) 

Harry Edward Taylor, 

Instructor in Coal Mining. Washington State 
Coll.; Master Mason; B. P. O. E; Affiliated 
Tenn. Kappa 1909. Pullman, Wash. 


Robert William Adams, 

B. S., 1910; Key Soc; Mystic 13: Cadet Hop 
Committee; Assoc. Editor Kcntuckian; Member 
Pan-Hellenic Council; Asst. Editor Idea ■ Head 
Assayer and Chemist, Smuggler Union Mining 
Co.; Author of Several Small Literary Gems 
for a Mining Journal. Box J, Tellurid'e, Colo. 

James Thomas Clay, 

(Maysville Pike, Lexington, Ky.) 

Chester Arthur Kuebler, 

B. M. E.. 1910; District Manager, Burnett- 
Larsh Mfg. Co. 709 Free Press Bldg.; res. 52 
Northwestern Ave., Detroit, Mich. 




Robert Alexander Lowry, 

IV M E., 1910; Mystic !.<: Lamp and Cross; 
Mgr. Football Tram. i; I ieutenant En- 

Sneer, Officers Reserve Corps. Care A. 
em ral of the Army, Washington, D. C. 

Sterling Breckenridge Price,* 

d. June .7. <'i". Manilla, Pa. 

fames William Waller, 

(Paris, Ky.) 

Earl Benton Webb, 

A. I! . [910; Pres. Strollers (Univ. Players); 
Capt. of Cadets; Yell Leader; U. S. Deputy 

Collector of Internal Revenue: Asst. Super- 
visor of Revenue Agents at Frankfort. Ky. 
(for* Ky.). U. S. Customs House; res. 316 
Aylesford Place. Lexington, Ky. 

hi' Nun Mfotn Wilson, 

(Can Henderson Chair Factory, Henderson, 



Arthur Carlton Ball, 

B. S, in Agr., 1911; Alpha Zeta; Horn., Man. 
Agricultural Class 1911; Agricultural Agent, 

Soutlii-rn Railway System Development Service. 
815-816 Chemical Bhlg.; res. 3521a Humphrey 
St.; St. Louis, Mo. 

Richard Bryan Ballard, 

(Care Progressive Tailoring Co.. Lexington, 

Saville Marion Bonavita, 

Member Natl. Bankers Assn.: Manager Mer- 
chants' Delivery Co. (109 West Sixth St.. 
Chattanooga, Tenn.) 

Robert I fume Ferguson, 

t Paris. Ky.l 

Richard Vinson Garred, 

I Louisa, Ky.l 

\\ illiam Thomas [ohnston, |r., 

1 .11t1.1t. .1 bj 1 11.I. Beta 191 1. 

|olm Rice McConnell, 

(Catlettsburg, Ky.) 

Inliii Marshall Mc< iehee, 

Clerk. Aetna Explosives Co Aetna Explos 
ives Co., Fayville, 111.; rev Princeton, Ky. 

lames I >wire Reese, 

II II. ion: A. I!.. 1 •!•>•> Kv. Military Inst.; 
Varsitj Baseball Team (Catcher); Farming 
and Ranching; Dir. Canora Agr. S01 : Dii 

1 at ora Livi stock Assn.; Dir Meadowdale 
Telephone Co.; Dir. Canora Branch Grain 
Growers Grain Co, Canora. Saskatchewan, 

• larence I 'hilip Thompsi m, 

Keys: Farming; Membet I rigg Count) Devel 
opmenl So. Cadiz, Ky. 


\\ illiam Franklin Barker, 

(R. F l> No. 1. Trenton, Ky 1 

I tarry < teorge Buchanan, 

Sigma; Football, t yrs. and Baseball. 

2 yrs.: Affiliated Ohio Epsilon .1. Dec. 
27, I9'S. 

Ma. lis, hi Rhoades Burton, 

I tball Team; Farming and Stock Raising; 

Sir Knight ..f Knights Templar; Commandery 
No. is. A F, and A. M. R. F. H No 
. arli I. 1 
lames Robert (lark. |i\. 

Key; M. ... ,.,; With Cumberland Ti li phone 
.....1 I. h graph I Republic Bide ; stli and 
Walnut St*., Louisvilli ... 1 .. Grang. . Kj 

Alexander Howerton Gratz, 

Mgr. Freshman Eng. Basketball, Winners In- 
terclass Series 1910-11; Distillation of Light 
11,1s from Coke l!v Products; Affiliated with 
Mich. Iota Beta 1014- Benzol Dept., By-Prod- 
uct Coke Works, Voungstown Sheet and Tube 
Co.; res. 274 W. Rayen Ave., Voungstown. 

John Clarke Leer, Jr., 

Farming. R. F. D. No. 4, Millersburg, Ky. 

Tyree Lyddell Loyd, 

Farming; Road Commissioner; Dir. Lowndes 
. Hay Growers Assn. R. F. D. No. 1. 

Artesia, Miss. 

Roy Bingham Moss, 

(Care Mining and Coal Co., rinevillc, Ky.) 

William Skinner Thiesing,* 

d. Feb. 18, 191 5. 

Maurice Burnaugh (Peter Page), 

Mystic 13; News Editor Lexington (Ky.) 
Herald: Author of Several Songs and Vaude- 
ville Sketches; Member University, Lexington 
and Lexington Country Clubs; Natl. Vaudeville 
Artists. Lexington Herald; res. 618 S. Lime- 
stone St., Lexington, Ky. 

I I ..ratio Ogden Holt, 

Mystic Thirteen; White Friar Ribbon Soc. 

(Wash, and Lee); Red and Blue (Univ. of 

Miss.); 2d Lieutenant. 54th Infantry. U. S. 

A run-; Affiliated \*a. Sigma, 1914. Duncan, 

1 Ienrv Nute Ingcls, 

(.35 Woodland Ave.. Lexington, Ky.) 

Ralnh Phillips Lane, 

(Winchester, Ky.) 

Harry Phelps Renick, 

Mystic 13; Farmer; Member Elks. 320 S. 
Maple St., Winchester, Ky. 

Charles Henry Spinks, 

Mvstic 13; Keys; General Manager; Member 
Highland Country Club, Ft. Thomas. Kv. 
Fifth and Monmouth Sts.; res. 604 Linden 
Ave., Newport. Ky. 

Archibald C. Wilson, 

Lieutenant. 309th Am. Train Field Artillery. 
U. S. Army. Care of Adjutant General of 
the Army, Washington. D. C. 

Car] Beecher Byrd, 

Mystic 13; Lieutenant Philippine Constabulary. 
Res. Versailles Road. Lexington. Ky. 

Harold Alexander De Bow, 

City Salesman of the Goodyear Tire St Rubber 
Co. No. 1 Beecher Bldg.; res. 217-19 E. Sth 
St., Cincinnati. Ohio. 

( ieorge Edelen Kelly, 

It. \\l. F... 1914: Tan Beta Pi; Mystic 13; 
Keys; Lamp and Cross; Gymnasium Team. 
.... 12; Engineering; Sec. and Treas. Casey 
Home Telephone Co.; Acting See. and Treas. 
Lebanon Light. Ice and Power Co. Lebanon, 

Ben 1 1. Lowry, 

Keys; Freshman Football, 1912; Superintend- 
ent, High School. Catlettsburg, Ky. 

Tom While Lowry, 

1. 1.. It.. ... it: Mystic .3: Lamp and Cross; 
I twyci 26th and Louisa St.; res. 2104 
Broadway, Catlettsburg, Ky. 




William Walter Henry Mustaine, 

B. S., 191 1 ; Inspector of Physical Training; 
Pres. Ky. Physical Educational Soc. 2 yrs.; 
Member Natl. Council Physical Educational 
Assn., 2 yrs.; Executive Council Ky. Educa- 
tional Assn., 1 yr.; Member of Various 
Hygiene Playground and Physical Education 
Assns. New York State Military Training 
Commission, Education Bldg., Albany, N. Y.; 
res. Horse Cave, Ky. 

Dexter Whittinghill Ramsey, 

(Debree, Ky.) 

Tames H. Sallee, 

A. B., 1914 Univ. of Mich.: LL. B., 1916 
Cincinnati Law School: Phi Delta Phi: Edi- 
torial Staff The Idea; Debating Team. Cincin- 
nati Law School; Secretary to Judge Warring- 
ton. 301 Federal Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio.; res. 
515 Wallace Ave., Corrington, Ky. 

James D. Sory, Jr., 

Initiated by Tenn. Omega 191 3. 

Wortham Conklin Beaumont, 

(.614 Grande Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas.) 

Lynn Barkley Evans, 

B. M. E., 1915; Tau Beta Pi; Tau Sigma; 
Lamp and Cross; Keys; Glee Club and Stroll- 
ers; Pres. Dynamic Engineering Soc, 1915; 
Treas. Junior Class; E. A. of Chapter; New 
York Representative, Franklin Mfg. Co. (Fac- 
tories at Franklin and Stoneboro, Pa.); Pres. 
Lebanon High School Alumni Assn.; Member 
Wango Country and Franklin (Franklin, Pa.) 
Clubs. 2422 Whitehall Bldg., 17 Battery PI.; 
res. 614 W. 136th St., New York, N. Y. and 
Lebanon, Ky. 

James Guthrie Herr, 

Alumni Assn.; Vice-President MacMartin 
Advertising Agency; 1st Lieut. Inf., O. F. C, 
U. S. Army; Member University Club. Se- 
curity Bldg.; res. 1828 Elliott Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

John Thomas Jackson, Jr., 

B. M. E., 1913; Sigma Tau; Mystic 13; Tau 
Beta "Kake"; Strollers; Engineering Soc; 
Univ. Glee Club Quartette; Track Team, 1913; 
Engineer Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.; 
Service Engr. in Charge of Planning Dept. 
Mills No. 2; Member Masons. Goodyear Tire 
and Rubber Co., Akron; res. R. F. D.' 9, Cuya- 
hoga Falls, Ohio. 

Samuel Jechonias Lowry, Jr., 

Alpha Zeta; Lamp and Cross; Mvstic 13; Pan- 
Hellenic Council Agricultural Soc; Penny 
Royal Club; Y. M. C. A.; Farmer and Co. 
Agricultural Agent (Oldham Co.); Member 
Pass Time Club. Box 237, La Grange, Ky. 

Kline Vespucius Menefee, 

Attended Univ. of Cincinnati, 1915; Alpha 
Kappa Kappa (Treas.); Medical Student; 
Student Asst. in Anatomy: Contributed Arti- 
cles to Kv. State Med. Journal. Williamstown, 

Gustavus Adolphus Rice, 

(Harlan, Ky.) 


Russell Foster Albert, 

B. C. E., 1916; Tau Beta Pi; Assoc. Editor 
Transit; Prize Inf. Drill; Major Cadet Bat- 
tallion; Acting Commandant of Cadets; Pan- 
Hellenic Council; First Lieut. Corps of En- 
gineers, U. S. Reserve. Elizabethtown, Ky. 

Richard Kimball Catlett, 

B. S., 1916; Keys; Mystic 13; Farming 
and with Bureau of Entomology; Member W. 

0. W.; Masons. Wehela Farm, R. F. D. No. 

1, Pembroke, Ky. 

James Franklin Corn, 

A. B., 1916; Strollers; Kappa Pi; Tau Sigma; 
Canterbury Club; Lamp and Cross; Varsity 
Football 1914-15; Editor Kentucky Kernel 
1916; College Play, 1914-16; Student Athletic 
Committee, 1916; Lawyer; Delegate to Natl. 
Convention, 1916. Moreland Ave., Harrods- 
burg, Ky. 

William Jefferson Harris, 

B. S. in Agri., 1916; Mystic, 1913; Lamp and 
Cross; Dairy Team; Saddle Horse Judging 
Trophy: Student Board of Control Business; 
Mgr. Kentucky Kernel; County Agent in Agri- 
cultural Extension Work. Nolan, W. Va. 

William Lionel Naylor, 

Keys; Traveling Accountant, Texas and Pacific 
Ry.; Member Elks. 1408!- Camp St.; res. 208 
E. Jefferson St., Dallas, Texas. 

Everett Smith Penick, 

LL. B., 1916; A. B., 1913 McLean Coll.; Tau 
Sigma; Glee Club; Class Football; Lawyer; 2d 
Lieut. U. S. Army. Elkton, Ky. 


Willard Frederick Cramer, 

B. S. in Industrial Chemistry, 1917; Alpha 
Chi Sigma Chemist, Experimental Station Her- 
cules Powder Co.; Member Hercules Club. 
Hercules Club, Kenvil, N. J. 

James Howard Evans, 

B. M. E., 1917; Mvstic 13; Glee Club 
(Treas. Librarian); Watt Engineering Soc. 
(Charter Pres.); Pan-Hellenic Council 
(Treas.); Student Branches of A. S. M. E. 
and A. I. E. E. ; Sergeant Co. B Cadet Bat 
talion. 1914 Prize Drill Co.; Student. 300 W. 
High St., Lebanon; res. Lexington, Ky. 

Harold Kemble Hines, 

B. M. E., 1917; Assistant Mining Engineer. 
Republic Iron & Steel Co. 1218 State St., 
Bowling Green, Ky. 

Samuel Camp Johnson, 

(Louisa, Ky.) 

Roy Ernest Neuhaus, 

Track Team 1915; Teller Mechanics and Mer- 
chants Savings Bank. 415, i = .h St.; res. 3217 
Park 1 6th St., Moline, 111. 

Bailey Allen Radford, 

B. S. McLean Coll.; Philomathean; Capt. Class 
Football; Mgr. Basketball and Capt. Class Foot- 
ball Teams (McLean); First Lieut. U. S. Natl. 
Army; Reg. Quartermaster Sergeant, 3d Ky. 
Inf. Howell, Ky. 

William Tandy Radford, 

Mystic 13; Keys; Lamp and Cross; E. K. of 
Chapter; Commanding Co. D, 336th U. S. Inf.; 
Commissioned as Capt. U. S. at the age of 22 
at Fort Benj. Harrison, Ind., Aug. 15, 1917; 
Called away during Senior Year for duty on 
the Mexican Border, with the 3d Ky. Inf. 
1441 S. 4th St., Louisville, Ky. 

John Holoween Webb, 

(Williamstown, Ky.) 


Frank Walton Dempsey, 

LL. B., igrS; Mystic 13; Henry Clay Law 
Club; Democratic Club; Football, 191417: 
Baseball, 1916; Class Baseball, 1915-16; Class 
Basketball, 1916-17; E. T. of Chapter, 1916; 
E. A., 1918. 113 Warren Court Lexington; 
res. Burlington. Ky. 

Addison Gardner Foster, II, 

312 N. Cliff Ave., Tacoma, Wash. 

Robert Logan Gaines, 

Farming and Dealer in Loose Leaf Tobacco. 
R. R. No. 1, Ghent, Ky. 




Granville S. Hollingsworth, Tr.. 

Farmer; Co. Agricultural Agent, V. S. Dept 
of Agriculture, State "I Ki. Madisonville, 

|. Woodford I Inward. 

Phi Alpha Delta; Keys (Treas.); Mystic 13; 
Student. !•"' W. High St., Lexington; res. 
White Oak, Ky. 

William E. fesup, 

Farmer. Pembroke, Ky. 

Stanley Miggason Jones, 

Elizabethtown, Ky. 

Douglas Knhiiison Power, 

Commercial Dept. Western Union Telegraph 
C... Western Union Telegraph Co., 195 Broad- 
way. New York, N. Y. 

William Whitefield Radford, 

Chaplain of Chapter; Treas.. 1916-17; Scien- 
tific Farming; Member Howell County Club. 
Howell, Ky. 

Francis Leslie Rice, 

Civil Engineer; Member Kv. Mining Soc. 
Paintsville, Ky. 

Hobart S. Russell, 

Tail Sigma; Production of Oil. 513 Columbia 
Bldg. ; res. 205 Peterson Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

James Milton Server, 

Keys; Mystic 13; Varsity Football, Baseball 
and Basketball; Pres. Sophomore Crew; 113th 
Engineers Med. Corps. 509, 5th St., Hen- 
derson, Ky. 

William Nelson Soule, 

Paducali. Ky. 

John Branch Taber, 

Elizabethtown, Ky. 

William Rees Worick, 

With The American Tobacco Co.; Hospital 
Reserve Corps Base Hosp., Unit No. 40, U. S. 
.Army. Eminence; res. Lebanon, Ky. 

Reginald Strickler Bowen, 

Addisonian Lit. Soc; Pres. 3 times; Cheer 
Leader, Vice-Pres. Hop Club and Acting Capt. 
Baseball Team; Kv. Militarv Inst.; E. W. and 
E. II. "f Chapter; Sales Mgr. for Alvey Auto 
Top Co.; Member Masons. 64s S. Hancock 
St.; res. 418 W. Ormsby Ave.. Louisville, Ky. 

X ii-1 liurgess Conley, 

Westinghouse Soc; Draftsman Remington 
Arms and Ammunition Co. Louisa, Ky. 

John Thornton Council. 

Alpha Delta Sigma (Treas.); Reporter Ken- 

tucky Kernel, 1916-17; Assoc Editor and 

Sp.irt Writer, 1917-18. 646 Higgins Ave, 

Paris. Ky. 

Charles Thomas Corn, Jr., 

Strollers; Second Lieutenant" U. S. Natl. Army. 
Cane Run Ave., Harrodsburg, Ky. 

William O. Rear I T ogg, 

Mvstic it; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Student. 
Mel lore Bldg., Frankfort, Ky. 

Ned Long Garrott, 

Initiated by Ky. Iota 1919. 

Alexander Daniel Hall, 

Pres. of Class; Student. 611 Elsmere Park, 
Lexington, Ky. 

Bryan W. McMurtry, 

'Farmer. Cynthiana; res. Robinson, Ky. 

Fred Willard Smith, 

Civil and Mining Engineer; Field Engineer 
for Fort Peck. Big Stone Gap, Va. 

Victor Herbert Strahm, 

Sergeant Co. B; Student. 229 S. Limestone 
St., Bowling Green, Ky. 

Alfred McCreary Wood, 

Wildie, Ky. 


I lub Hobson Bennett, 

Student. Mayfield. Ky. 

Orville William Collins, 

Henderson, Ky. 

Carroll Lee Cropper, 

Burlington, Ky. 

Joseph Arthur Dishman, 

Student. Henderson, Ky. 

Merwin Kohl Eblen, 

Farmer. R. R. No. 2, Henderson, Ky. 

Richard William Hagan, 

Student. Elizabethtown, Ky. 

Samuel C. Lambert, 

Student. 220 S. Main St., Henderson, Ky. 

George Frederick Mathews, 

660 S. Limestone St., Lexington, Ky. 

Hugh Ben Orr, 

Student. 300 W. High St., Lexington; res. 
Arch St., Bardstown, Ky. 

Milton Kirtley Revill, 

Student. Hampton Place. Lexington, Ky. 

Augustus Henrv Snyder, 

Tre-Medical Soc. (V.rres.) ; Student; Hard- 
ware. Louisa, Ky. 


Rollie Moore Guthrie, 

Student. New Hope, Ky. 

Russell L. Jones, 

Student. Morganfield, Ky. 

A. Gavin Norment, 

Student. 107 NMain St., Henderson, Ky. 

James Craig Riddle, 

Student. Mentelle Park, Lexington, Ky. 

Hickman Lockett Robards, 

Student. Henderson, Ky. 

Norman Douglass Witt, 

Student. Bowling Green, Ky 

Henrv Tohnson, Jr., 

Woodville, Miss. 




Chartered May, 1858 

James Henry Daum,* 

Professor Modern Languages, Bethel Coll. 

William Semple Ryland, 

Ph.D., 1881 Mercer; D. D., 1889 Georgetown 
Univ.; Chaplain, C. S. A., 1863-65. d. Jan., 
1906, Russellville, Ky. 


Robert Emmet Atkinson,* 

Charter Member. Killed in Civil War. 

Henry Clay Ewing,* 

Charter Member, d. 1882. 

Virgil Alonzo Garnett,* 

A. M., 1865; Charter Member; Private, 1st 
Ky. Cav., C. S. A., 1861-65; Planter. 

John William Gillam,* 

Charter Member, d. 1884. 

George William Owens, 

Charter Member; Planter. (Delta, Miss.) 

Robert Christian Whitfield,* 

Charter Member; Affiliated Tenn. Lambda, 
1861; Killed Feb. 13, 1862, Battle of Freder- 
icksburg, Va. 


Chesterfield Wilcox Harper,* 

Charter Member; Physician. 

John M. Param, 

(Goodlettsville, Tenn.) 

J. C. Saunders, 

(Arkadelphia, Ark.) 

Asa Ellis Young, 

Planter. (Dry Forks, Ky.) 


George Thomas Dismukes,* 

Charter Member, d. 1858. 

William A. Elliot,* 

Charter Member, d. 1881, Nashville, Tenn. 

Albert L. Harris,* 

d. 1879- 

William Weatherhead Page, 

Capt. Morgan's Brigade, C. S. A.; Merchant. 
(Louisville, Ky.) 

Thomas S. Paine, 


William Franklin Bell,* 

Charter Member; Cashier, Elizabethtown Bank, 
d. Elizabethtown, Ky. 

Andrews B. Briscoe,* 

Killed during Civil War. 

John Henry Caldwell, 

A. B., 1861; Farmer; Co. A., gth Ky. Inf. 
Regt., 1st Ky. Brigade (Orphan Brigade); 
Army of Tenn., C. S. A., 1861-65; County 
Surveyor of Trigg Co., Ky., 1S98-1912; Affil- 
iated Tenn. Lambda 1861. Cadiz, Ky. 

Thomas Burksdale Caldwell,* 

Killed April 6, 1862, Battle of Shiloh. 

Thomas Rines Irwin,* 

Killed during Civil War, 1861. 

C. T. Mason, 

(Hopkinsville, Ky.) 

John Thomas Pendleton, 

Police Court Judge, 1873-78; Affiliated Va. 
Sigma 1868. (Atlanta, Ga.) 

Charles G. Prather, 

(Hickman, Ky.) 

Samuel Small,* 

R. R. Allen,* 

Charter Member. 

John Fletcher Barclay, 

Undertaker, d. Jan., 1909, Atlanta, Ga. 

Joseph R. Bennett, 

d. 1 87 1, Bryan, Texas. 

Elijah Brachman Richardson, 

Cashier. (Paducah, Ky.) 

K. Smith, 

(Bowling Green, Ky.) 

William M. Tandy,* 
Leon De Bernard Blythe, 

Speculator. (Murray, Ky.) 

Andrew Tackson Brewer, 

Insurance. (Magnolia, Ark.) 

William Woodford Griffin, 

Draftsman; Stanford University, Cal. 1712 
Allston Way, Berkeley, Cal. 




Dudley Jeffries McComb,* 

Affiliated Va. Omicron 1893. 

fames Sanford Martin, 

i Martinsville, Ark.) 

Edward Tyler Moberly, 

(Owensboro, Ky.) 

Edwin Asbury Montague, 

M. D., roo8, Kansas City Univ.: Pliysician 
and Surgeon; Medical School Dir. 5 yrs.; 
Acting Health Officer 1 yr.j Member Univ., 
Elks and Commercial Clubs; Masons (Grotto). 
404 Natl. Rcaltv BIdg.; res. 714 North Cliff 
Ave. Tacoma, Wash. 

Robert K. Rylahd, 

A. B„ 1802; Shilomathean; Pres. and Vale- 
dictorian Class; Artist; Scholarship Am. Acad., 
Rome, 1903-05; Now Fellow Am. Acad., Rome; 
lnstr. Drawing, (' er Ciiiun; .Member Salma- 
gundi Club; Mural Painters' Soc.; Archi- 
tectural League; Alumni Assn.; Am. Acad, in 
Rome. 232 W. 14th St.. New York, N. Y. 

August Edward YVohlbold, 

Office Secretary and Assistant Treasurer Bap- 
tist State Board of Missions; Teacher of Ger- 
man and Greek. High School. Owensboro. Ky.; 
Teacher of Mathematics, Owensboro College; 
Asst. Sec. General Assn. of Baptists in Ky. 
5 yrs. 205 E. Chestnut St.; res. 305 E. St. 
Catherine St., Louisville, Ky. 



Samuel James Buquo, 

A. B., 1893; Coal Mining and Lime Manu- 
facturing. (Chattanooga, Tcnn.) 

Tohn Wesley Tyler Givens, 

A. B.. 1893; Pastor Princeton Baptist Church; 
Chrmn., Dist. Mission Bd.. Little River Bap- 
tist Assn. of Ky.; Author "How May I Know- 
That I Am a Child of God"; "Albert Stone 
and Mabel Grace"; "In Charleston By the 
Sea." 310 W. Main St.; res. 402 W. Wash- 
ington Ave., Princeton, Ky. 

William Joseph Lanier, 

A. B., 1893; B. L., 1899 Univ. of Mich.; 
Philomathean Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; Atty. for 
Western Union Telegraph Co. and First Na- 
tional Bank; Pres. Bd. of Education; Member 
Masons, 32°, and Woodmen of the World. 
Forresl 1 try, Ark. 

Henry P. McElrath, 

A. M . 1893; Wholesale Druggist. 411 JefTer- 
son St.; res. 716 Broadway, Paducah, Ky. 

Bailey Brown Sory, 

M II. 1803 Vanderbilt; Physician. Cedar 
Hill, Tenn. 


William Andrew Brownlee, 

(I . icarkana, Ark.) 

Albert Ewing Davenport, 

(Ml. Vei , Texas.) 

Norris Lashbrook, 

(Masonville, Ky.) 

Waller Anderson Wilson. 

(Wallonia, Ky.) 


Robert Ferguson Mc( !uddy, 

A II . 189 i; Neotrophian Lit. Soc.: Bankei ; 
fudge. Russellville Police Court; Pasl Mastei 
Russellville Lodge No. 17, F. and A. M.j 
Membei Amelia I odgi Mo. 56, KTiigbis of 
Pythias Mam St.; res. Kb St., Russellville. 


William Cartwrighl Montague. 

well, Kj I 

Eldred Samson Porter, 

Philomathean Lit. Soc.; Farming. R. R. No. 
2, Calhoun. Ky. 

Young Burgher Reed, 

(Honey Grove. Texas.) 

Calvin Butler Trout, 

Merchant; Member Royal Arch Masons 
Honey Grove, Texas. 


Vernon Blythe, 

A. B., 1896; M. D., 1900 New York Univ.- 
Omega Upsilon Phi; Deinologian; Pres. of 
Med. Class. 2 yrs.; Physician and Surgeon; 
Ex-Pres. and Sec. McCraken Co. Med. and 
Ky. Southwestern Med. Socs.; Dir Anti- 
Tuberculosis Assn.; Trustee Riverside City 
Hosp. 2 yrs.; Author "A History of the Civil 
War in U. S."; Member Country Club and 
Bd. of Trade. 619-620 City Natl. Bank; res. 
305 N. 7th St., Paducah, Ky. 

Daniel Henry Breedlove, 

A. B., 1896; D. O., 1900; A. M„ 1908; Osteo- 
pathic Physician. McKev BIdg .; res. 11 1 W. 
Adair St., Valdosta, Ga. 

Leonard Richard Ellis, 

M. D., 1899 Vanderbilt Univ.; Physician and 
Surgeon; Surgeon, Rock Island Ry„ Iron 
Mountain Ry.; Former City Physician; Pres. 
Bd. of Health; Lieut. Col.. 1st Ark. Inc. on 
Mexican Border; Member of Various Clubs 
in City and Little Rock; Affiliated Tenn. Nu 
1899. 30214 Central Ave.; res. 109 Hawthorne 
St., Hot Springs, Ark. 

Joseph Richard Grogan, 

A. B., 1896; Lawyer. 1019-20 City Natl. Bank 
BIdg.: res. R. No. 4, Paducas. Ky. 

Rufus Erasmus Holder, 

(Louisville. Ky.) 

John P. McElrath, 

Traveling Salesman, McElrath-Sloan Shoe Co. 
Murray, Ky. 

Richard Beauchamp Marshall, 

(Chicago. 111.) 

Ulysses Abraham Ransom, 

(Louisville, Ky.) 

Thomas J. Ryland, 

A. B.. [896; Attended Univ. of Chicago 5 mos.; 
George Washington Univ. 4 yrs.; Philomath- 
ean; Former Member Washington Alumni 
Assn.; Salutatorian ; Clerk, Treasury Dcpt. 
325 Treasury Dept.; res. 1113 K St. N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

John Calvin Williamson, 

Physician. (Honey Grove, Texas.) 

Frederick William Wittenbraker, 

(Henderson. Ky.) 

Howard Brame, 

(Gracy, Ky.) 

Thomas Elmer Conger, 

B. 1... 1897; Post Office Employee; Agent 
Volunteer State Life Insurance Co. of Chat- 
tan. M,ga, Tenn.; Capt. Co. E, Texas N. G. 
-Mi" Lee St.. Post Office; res. 3510 Eutopia 
st . Greenville, Texas. 

George Edward Duncan,* 

d Oct. 14, 1903, New York. N. Y. 

foseph Thomas Martin, 

Farmer. R. F. D. No. 2, Cave City. Ky. 

Herschell Everett Potter, 

(Piano, Ky.) 

Richard Clarence Price, 

(Brownsville, Miss.) 




Edwards Sandidge, 

Dentist; Member Natl. Dental Soc; Kv. State 
Dental anil JelTerson Co. Dental Assns. 
1506H W. Broadway; res. 660 Speth Court, 
Louisville, Ky. 

James Marshall Small, 

(Allensville, Ky.) 

Tacob Elie Snider, 

(Seven Guns, Ky.) 

Edwin Burch Terry, 

A. B., 1S97; A. M.. igo3; Neotrophian Lit. 
Soc.; Valedictorian of Class; Teaching; Supt. 
City Schools. 500 College St., Geasgow, Ky. 

Tohn Frederick Williams,* 

Affiliated Tenn. Zeta 1897. d. May 16, 1914. 


James Jefferson Cloar, 

A. B.. 1S9S; Pastor First Baptist Church. 315 
Church St., Tupelo, Miss. 

Cornelius Cunningham Coleman, 

(Louisville, Ky.) 

Tohn Renfroe Curry, 

(Aberdeen, Miss.) 

Ben Franklin Humphrey, 

M. D., 1900 Univ. of Louisville; Physician 
and Surgeon. 6th and Adams Sts., Sturgis, 

James John Lewis, 

A. B., 1S98: LL. B., 1903 Harvard; Lawyer; 
Editor on Staff of Corpus Juris. 27 Cedar 
St., New York; res. 50 Monroe Place, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Joseph Norvell Ryland, 

A. B., 1898; Government Employee. Bureau 
Indian Affairs; res. 1316, 15th St. N. W., 
Washington, D. C; res. Takoma Park, Md. 

John Watson Shepard, 

(Bartlow, Tenn.) 

Walter Heinman Simmons, 

B. S., 1901; M. D., 1903 Vanderhilt Univ.; 
Physician and Surgery; Affiliated Tenn. Mu 
1901. Clark Sanitarium, 5th St.; 1317 Olive 
St.. Pine Bluff, Ark. 

James Hopewell Snider, 

(Bardstown, Ky.) 

Leander Franklin Sory, 

(Sadlersville. Tenn.) 

Andrew Murray Williams, 

A. B., 1898; A. B„ 1S90. Princeton Univ.; 
LL. B., cum laude. 1902 Harvard Univ.; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Whig Hall: Princeton Univ.; 
Neotrophian Lit. Soc: Valedictorian; Attor- 
ney-at-Law; Assistant General Counsel, Brook- 
lyn Rapid Transit and Associate Companies; 
Member Squadron A; Southern Soc; Princeton 
and Harvard Clubs (all of N. Y.) 85 Clinton 
St., Brooklyn; res. 1155 Park Ave., New York, 
N. Y. 

John Orren Williams,* 

Affiliated Ark. Alpha Upsilon 1S98. d. 1S9S. 

Frederick Parke Williamson, 

(Honey Grove, Texas.) 

Cyrus Cline Wilson,* 

d. 1903, Russellville, Ky. 


Nicholas Knight Fry, 

Affiliated Ky. Kappa, 1901. 

William Lorenzo Lane, 

(Greenville, Texas.) 

George Washington Page, 

'West, Texas.) 

Nicholas Knight Tay, 

(Dixon, Ky.) 

Thomas Absolem Turner, 

(Leland. Miss.) 


Larkin Durward Denton,* 

Valedictorian, 1901. d. Aug. 13, 190S. 

Joseph Thomas McClanahan, 

B. S., 1897; Druggist.. Guthrie, Ky. 

John Jefferson Moore, 

Initiated by Tenn. Zeta 1899. 

William Edwin Moore, 

(Cross Plains, Tenn.) 

Woodward Howard Morgan, 

(Aberdeen, Miss.) 

Franklin Powell Turner, 

(Friars Point, Miss.) 


Harry Patton Reid, 

M. D., 1903 Tulane; Acting Asst. Surgeon, 
U. S. Public Health Service; Contract Sur- 
geon U. S. Army; Affiliated La. Tau Upsilon, 
1902. Care Adjutant General of the Army, 
Washington, D .C. 

Prescott Sandidge, 

Neotrophian Lit. Soc; Athletic Editor Blue 
and Gold 2 vrs.; Editor-in-Chief 1 yr.; Foot- 
ball, Left Half Back 3 yrs. ; Track 3 yrs. ; 
Baseball, Right Fielder, 1 yr.; Attorney-at- 
Law; Member Knights Templar and Shriner. 
3urkesville, Ky. 

Fisk Smith, 

- Pharmacy, Vanderbilt Univ.; Affil- 
iated Tenn. Nu 1905. (Texarkana, Ark.) 


Tracy Holland McCarley, 

(Auburn, Ky.) 

George Grundy Potter, 



R. Nc 

vling Gr 


Littleton Fowler Wilson, 

Chief Clerk, Genl. Mgr. D. & R. G. R. 
347 Equitable Bldg. ; res. Argonaut Hotel, De 
ver, Colo 


Guy W. Bacon, 

Banker. Trenton, Ky. 

George Francis Browning, 

(Lewisburg, Ky.) 

Urey G. Davis, 

A. B.. 1904; M. D., 190; 
lege; Physician. 809 W. 

Roy Ready Foster, 

(Central City, Ky.) 

Ernest Perry Jackson Garrott, 

Neotrophian Lit. Soc; Baptist Mini: 
nd Statistical Sec, Ark. Bap 



Springs, Ark. 

George E. Glover, 

(Coopertown, Ky.) 

Carter Harrison Hardy, 

(Care Sacramento Hotel, Sacr 

Joshua Lacv Hopson, 

(Cadiz, Ky.) 




Edgar Marshall Nuckols, 

Special Agent Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. 
Co.; Dir. Y. M. C. A.; Deacon Walnut St. 
Baptist Church; Member Louisville Assn Life 

I'nilrrwriLrs. Louisville Salesmanship Club uf 

ihc World's Salesmanship Congress. 1301 
Starks Ulilg.; res. 3.7 W. Lee St., Louisville, 

Henry Leavell Pendleton, 

(Can Carter Dry Goods Co., Louisville, Ky.) 

Julius Verne Rice, 

(Paintsville, Ky.) 

John Walton Rose, Jr., 

M. D., 1907 Univ. of Va.; Nu Sigma Nu; 
Raven; Physician; Sec.-Treas., Isthmian Canal 
Zone Med. Soc; Pres. Montgomery County 
Med. Soc; Member Knights of Pythias; Mont- 
gomery County and Tenn. State Med. Socs.; 
Affiliated Va. Omicrnn 1907. Daniel Bldg. ; 
res. College St., Clarksville, Tenn. 


Evan Goalder Faris, 

Wholesale Grocery Business. Hickman, Ky. 

George Amos Stowe, 

(Dallas, Texas.) 


Harry Pendleton Craiff, 

.(Care Ogden, Bowling Green, Ky.) 

Clay Thomas Cubbage, 

Merchant. Litchfield, Ky. 

William Ferguson, 

(Island. Ky.) 

William A. James,* 

d. Aug. 1, 1917. 

Garland Groom McConnell,* 

d. March, 1905, Russellville, Ky. 


Harry V. Anderson,* 

d. April 29, 1916. 

I [arpen White Boyd, 

(Cadiz, Ky.) 

Calaway G. Callicott, 

(Tulsa. Okla.) 

Ernest J. Felts, 

(lass Pres.; Football, Track and Gymnasium 
1 earns; Eminent Archon ; Delegate Memphis 
S. A. E. Natl. Convention; Lawyer; County 
Atty.; Member Democratic Committee fRus- 
sellville, Ky.) ' l 

Sank Allen I lopson, 

Baseball; Farmer. Canton, Ky. 

Hardin Davenport Irvan, 

(Hardin, Ky.) 

J. D. Lyddan, 

Banker; Clerk Irvington lid, of Trustees- Sec 
and.Treas. Irvington Natl. Farm Loan Assn.; 
Junior Deacon, Irvington Chapter 868, F. & 
A. M. Lodge. Irvington, Ky. 

Michael I [enry Lyddan, 

Agriculture. Webster, Ky. 

Coleman S. Lyne, Jr., 

Farming and General Merchandise; See and 
Treas. Wluppoorville Farmer Club. K. F D. 
No. 1. Russellville, Ky. 

Thomas Shelton Taylor, 

Planter. Como, Miss. 

James Ware, 

Philomathean Lit. Soc.; Varsity Tennis Team' 


I [enry Ross Cannon, 

Philomathian Lit. Soc; Varsity Tennis Team; 
Merchant. Leitchfield, Ky. 

Robert Boyd Cannon, 

Varsity Football; Traveling Salesman. Leitch- 
field, Ky. 

Grover Cleveland Hille, 

(Roaring Spring, Ky.) 

Herbert A. Lowrey, 

Merchant; See. and Treas. Grayson Supply 
Co. Leitchfield. Ky. 

Lynn David McCarley, 

Milling. Auburn. Ky. 

Richard Hubert Perry, 

(917. 3d Ave. S., Nashville, Tenn.) 


Maunsel Chapman Bain, 

Merchant and Farmer. Brownsville, Tenn. 

John Rowan Claypool, Jr., 

B. S. 1909; Superintendent of Schools; Mem- 
ber Blue Lodge Roval Arch and Council, 
A. F. and A. M. Pembroke, Ky. 

Francis Smalle Hill, 

Baseball; Physician and Surgeon; Surgeon Illi- 
nois Central R. R.; Affiliated Tenn. Eta ion. 
108 Main St., Grenada, Miss. 

Robert Ellison Irvan, 

(Guthrie, Ky.) 

Hugh McCorkle McElrath, 

DD. S 1912 Northwestern Univ. Dental 
School; Dentist. Murray, Ky. 

Carroll Preston Walker, 

Football Mgr., 1907-08; E. C. and T. • with 
Farnsworth-Evans Cotton Co. (Dyersburg, 


Edward Feland Coffman, 

A. B., 1910; riiilomathean Lit. Soc; Vale- 
dictorian and Class Pres., 1910; Post Ofhce 

',,' „ P £ St 0fhce; res - Io6 W - 7th St., Rus- 
sellville, Ky. 

John Floyd Dorsey, 

(Clay St., Henderson, Ky.) 

George Edwin Gough, 

(Russellville, Ky.) 

William Riley Norman, 

Baseball (Shortstop); Varsity Football (Half- 
back and Forward on 2nd Basketball Team; 
Irack Team; Merchant. Broadway, Mayfield, 

Sutton Reid, Tr., 

(709 Bolivar S't., Owensboro, Ky.) 

Charles Robert Shelton, 

(Covington. Tenn.) 

Paul Stanley, 

Attended S. G. S. Sewanee, Tenn.; E. A.. 

';>-:; Mercantile Business Handle Collection 

Papers (Commercial); With R. G. Dun & Co.. 
Nashville. Tenn.; Montgomery, Ala.; Mgr. 
oelma, Ala., 1912-13; Masonic Connections. 
Arlington, Ky. 


William Ncal Beauchamp, 

Fanning. R. F. D. No. 2, Adairvillc, Ky 

Major Oswald Cheek, 

(802 Splight St., Waco, Texas.) 

John Edwin Katterjohn, 

(Russellville, Ky.) 


William Ivan La Rue, 

Farming. Columbus, Ky. 

Tohn Carter Turk, 

(Ballard County, Wickliffe, Ky.) 


Clarence Byers Dewees, 

Accountant; Member Inter-Fraternity Club 
(Chicago). 344 Ry. Exchange Bldg., Chicago, 
III.; res. Central City, Ky. 

Philip Eggleston Haynes, 

A. B., 1912; M. D., 1916 Univ. of Mich.; 
Neotrophian Soc. ; Varsity Track, 1910-12; 
Varsity Basketball, 1911-12; Pres Class, 1914 
Univ. of Mich.; First Assistant Surgeon, Univ. 
of Mich.; Member Dixie and Kentucky Clubs. 
Homeo Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Samuel Zechomas Lowrey, Jr., 

(R. R. No. 2, Oak Grove, Ky.) 

Olie Alexander McArthur, 

(Vernon, Ala.) 

Ernest Perry Rowe, 

Neotrophian Lit. Soc (Pres.); Sec. Y. M. C. 
A.; Lawyer. 208-210 Masonic Bldg.; res. 522 
Crittenden St., Owensboro, Ky. 


Huston Emett Gary, 

Neotrophian Lit. Soc; Declamation and Ora- 
torical Medals; Football, 1910-11; Basketball. 
1909-12; Capt.. 1910-11; Member Grange. 
Hopkinsville, Ky. 

Wrennie Carroll Henshaw, 

Ph.G., 1914; Druggist; Affiliated Miss. Gamma, 
1 91 5. Rosedale, Miss. 

James Anthony Lyne, 

Merchant. Russellville, Ky. 

James Henry Roberts, 

(Adairville, Miss.) 

Jessie Raymond Robey, 

(Hopkinsville, Ky.) 

Edmund Rogers Ware, 

United States Army, Clerk Co. D. Trenton, 

Ralph Hudson Wooten, 

B. S., Texas A. and M. Coll.; Distinguished 
Student (Texas A. and M.) 1914-16: Major, 
1915-16; Teaching Agriculture, Tate Co.. Miss. 
Agricultural High School. Senatobia, Miss. 


Robert Thomas Bryan, 

Affiliated Va. Sigma 1915. (1020 W. 2d St., 
Little Rock, Ark.) 

Joshua Crittenden Cody, 

B. S., 1917 Vanderbilt; Football (Capt. 1917); 
Basketball (Capt. 1916) and Baseball. Vander- 
bilt; All Southern Tackle, 1915-16; Student; 
Affiliated Tenn. Nu 1917. 171 West End Ave., 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Inman Franklin Elliott, 

Yeoman First Class, U. S. Navy. Sturgis, Ky. 

William Little Evans, 

(Russellville. Ky.) 

Frank A. Howard, Jr., 

Registered Pharmacist; Member B. P. O. E. 
Main St.; res. 305 N. Harrison St., Prince- 
ton, Ky. 

Wendell Phillips Loomis, 

(633 S. New Jersey St.. Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Raymond Runyan Perry, 

(Russellville, Ky.) 



John Terry Warder, 

(Care City, Ky.) 

Herbert Lee Whatlev, 

Football; Planter. Ruleville, Miss. 


Marius Courtney Bagley, 

(Liberty, Mo.) 

Selby Evans Coffman, 

Co. D. 1st Florida Infantry U. S. Army. 224 
W. 5th St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Manuel Augustus Cooper, 

(Russellville, Ky.) 

John Meredith Goodman, Jr., 

Chi Delta; Agricultural Club"; Student; Affil- 
iated Tenn. Kappa 1919. 1415 W. Clinch Ave., 
Knoxville; res. Cedar Hill, Tenn. 

Clarence David Strother, 

A. B., 1916; Philomathean Lit. Soc; Saluta- 
torian of Class;" Second Highest Scholastic 
Grade in Collegiate Dept., 1914-15; Student 
Vanderbilt Univ.; Sec. and Treas. Graduate 
Club; Member Kcntuckv and Graduate Clubs; 
Y. M. C. A. Wesley Hall, Nashville, Tenn. 


Ruby Laffoon Compton, 

A. B., 191 7; Philomathean Lit. Soc; Vale- 
dictorian of Class; Scholarship Medal (1); 1st 
Lieut. Co. K, l 5 2d Inf., U. S. Army. Nebo, 

Thomas D. Evans, Tr., 

A. B., 1917; Philomathean Lit. Soc; Scholar- 
ship Medal, 1916-17; Capt. Varsity Basketball 
Team, 1916-17; Mgr. Basketball, i9i3- [ 5; 
Champion Tennis, 1915-16; Member Athletic 
Bd., 1915-17; First Lieutenant, U. S. Army. 
432 Nashville St., Russellville, Ky. 

Tipp Riley Gill, 

Philomathean Lit. Soc; Deputy Clerk, County 
Clerk's Office. Elkton, Ky. 

Roy Lee Gorrell, 

Construction. 514 Nashville St., Russellville, 

James Marshall Greenfield, 

112th U. S. Aero Squadron. Guthrie. Ky. 

Joseph Ramsey Martin, 

Tobacconist; 2nd Lieut. Inf., O. R. C, U. S. 
Army. Birmingham. Ky. 

William Carlyle Repass, 

(Russellville, Ky.) 

Henry Clay Taylor, 

Neotrophian Lit. Soc; Oratorical Medal. 1916; 
Scholarship Medal, 1916; E. A. of Chapter; 
Student and Instructor, Bethel Coll. Russell- 
ville, Ky. 


John W. Edwards, Jr., 

Russellville, Ky. 

James Zebidee Whatley, 

Basketball; Merchant and Planter. Tibbs, Miss. 


Harrv Mortimer Crain, Ir., 

Philomathean Lit. Soc. (Pres. 191 5-18); 
Club (Vice-Pres. 1915-18); Varsity Fo< 
(Right End) 1915-18; Varsitv Baske 
1915-16; 1st Base and Mgr. Baseball, 191 
Representative of Philomathean Lit. Soc; 
nual Oratorical Contest, 1915-16; Stu 
212 Wellington, St., Hickman, Ky. 




Ned Long Garrott, 

Farming: Affiliated Ky. Epsilon 1919- Pern- 
broke, Ky. 

|. T. Lewis, Jr., 

Sei Neotrophian Lit. Soc: Baseball (Short- 
Btop 1915-17); Substitute Varsity Basketball 
Team, igis-i?: Capt and Right Forward on 
ream; Member Student Council; E. K. of 
1 bapter; Student. Main St., Trenton, Ky. 

Henry Carroll Raymond, 

Neotrophian Lit. Soc; Football (Fullback and 
Capt.) W17; Athletic Bd. of Control, 1915-18; 
Student. Russellville, Ky. 

Charles William Rudolph, 

Philomathean Lit. Soc; Member of Winning 
Team Intersociatal Debate. 1916; Capt. and 
Pitcher, 1916 Baseball Team; Assistant Secre- 
tary and Treasurer Tenn. Parfoy Co. (Inc.), 
Clarksville, Tenn.; Sergeant Major, 38th Div., 
U. S. Army. Olmstead, Ky. 

Kendall Williams, 

Graduate High School, 1915; Neotrophian 
Soc; Tenn. Intercollegiate Oratorical Con- 
test, 191?; Sergeant, Co. I. 336th Inf., U. S. 
Army; Member Elks. 112 E. 4th St.. Owens- 
bur...' Ky. 


George Thomas Clark, Jr., 

Philomathean Lit. Soc; Pres. 1916-17; For- 
ward and Mgr. Basketball. 1916-17; Student. 
283 W. 9th St.. Russellville. Ky. 

Benjamin H. Duncan, 

Neotrophian Lit. Soc; Winner of 3 Orator- 
ical Contests; E. D. A. and Phi Alpha; Cor- 
respondent of Chapter; Member Student 
Council; Pastor and Student. Russellville, 

Jonas Huber Ringgold, Jr., 

Philomathean (Pres.); Assoc. Editor Bethel 
Collegian, 1914-15, Editor-in-Chief, 1915-1°; 
Cheer Leader, 1916-17; With Civil Engineering 
Survey Party. Box 172; res. 424 Winter St., 
Russellville, Ky 


Nelson Lee Harris Floyd, 

Student. Cleveland, Miss. 

Willard Booker Kirkpatrick, 

Student. 416 S. Winter St., Russellville, Ky. 

Lewis Bennett Moreman, 

Football (Guard) 1916-17; Student. Irving- 
ton, Ky. 



Danville, Kentucky 

Chartered March 4, 1882 

Hardin W. Bright,* 

Charter Member, d. Oct. 19, 191 5. Richmond. 

Walter Julius Buky,* 

A. B., 1S82. 

William Nathan Ewing,* 

A. M., 1879 Univ. of Va. ; Adjutant Pro- 
fessor of Math, and English and Prof, of 
German, Central Univ., 1882-86. 

Owen Reed Mann, 

A. B.. 1882. 

Edwin Kerr Thomas,* 

Charter Member. d. June I, 1SS9. 

Charles Woodson Welch, 

U. S. Internal Revenue Service. 203 Rich- 
mond Ave., Nicholasville, Ky. 

Stephen Bates White, 
Daniel Everett Bedinger, 

B. S., 1883; B. D., 1887; Princeton Seminary; 

A. M., 1887 do.; Charter Member; Epiphylid- 
ian; Minister, Ky. Conference M. E. Church 
South; Pastor at Crittenden (Cal.). Highland, 
Williamstown, Campton, Port Royal and Wal- 
ton, Ky. Richwood, Ky. and 24 W. Pine St., 
Orlando, Fla. 

Samuel Cabell Denny, 

Charter Member; Philalethean Lit. Soc; 
Cashier First National Bank. Lemington St., 
Lancaster, Ky. 

William Hickman Morton, 

B. S., 18S3; Charter Member; Pres. Inter. 
Soc; Final Debate, 18S3; McCreary Prize in 
Geology; Professor of Physics and Astronomy 
Converse College since 1903; Principal o 
Private School, Winchester, Ky., 1883-89 
Principal _Potomac Sem., W. Va., 1889-94 
Pres. Franklin (Ky.) Female College, 1894-96 
Pres. Elizabeth Aull Sem.. Lexington, Mo. 
1896-97; Prof, of Mathematics, Asheville (N 
C.) Coll. for Women, 1897-1903. Converse 
College Campus, Spartansburg, S. C. 

Lewis Archibald Gaines, 

Charter Member; Traveling Salesman. (Tex- 
arkana, Tex.) 

Orville Anderson Kennedy, 

B. S., 1884; M. D., 1889 Hosp. Med. Coll.; 
Lecturer, Med. Dept. Ky. Univ. (Louisville, 

Robert Lee Marmion, 

B. S., 1884; Journalist. (Harrodsburg, Ky.) 

William Ransom Welch, 

A. B., 1884; Broker; U. S. Consular Agent, 
Taris, Ontario, 1883-89; Countv Atty. Jessa- 
mine Co., Ky., 1892-94. 222 S. Limestone St., 
Lexington, Ky. 

Owen Wynne Butler, 

B. S., i8S S ; Physician. 3700 Benton Blvd., 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Joseph C. Gaines, 

(Chattanooga. Tenn.) 

Walter Bailey Harper, 

A. B., 1885; Farmer. (Midway, Ky.) 

Tohn Maurice Lassing, 

B. S., 1886; Judge Court of Appeals, Ky. 
(Walton, Ky.) 

James L. Simpson, 

B. S., 1885; Merchant and Banker. Main St., 
Nicholasville, Ky. 


William Bowman Bright, 

d. Feb. 1, 1907, Richmond, Ky. 

William Nathan Jenkins, * 

A. B., 1883 Ark. Coll.; B. D., 1893 S. W. 
P. U.; Affiliated Tenn. Zeta 1891. 

James Calvin Knox,* 

B. S., 1885; Lawyer, d. April 17, 1917, Mon- 
ticello. Ark. 

Frank Jay Wise, Jr.,* 

A. B., 1886. 

Terrv Stephenson Hagan, 

B.'S., 1887; Farmer. (Richmond, Ky.) 

Henry Clay Lassing, 

B. S., 1887; Lawyer. (Nashville, Tenn.) 

Robert Pryor, 

Deputy Commissioner, Jefferson Circuit Court. 
Court House; res. 1310 Cherokee Road, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Thomas Hildreth Tarr,* 

d. Sept.. 5, 1913- 


Ollie Wallace Alexander,* 
Leo May Andrews, 

Planter, (rine Bluff, Ark.) 




f. Crepps Wickliffe Beckham, 

1. 1.. D.. 1902; Lawyer; U. S. Senator from 
Kv since 19151 Member Kv. House of Repre- 
sentatives, 1894-98: Speaker of House. 1898; 
Lieut. -Gov., igoo; Gov., 1900-07. Senate Office 
Bldg., Washington, D. C.J res. Frankfort, Ky. 

Julin C. Bedinger, 

Vffiliated Ohio Epsilon, 1892. Farmer. 

(Null wood, Ky. I 

Tohn Milton Lowry, 

Real Estate. 17 Perlstein Bldg.; res. 1660 
Ave. C. Beaumont, Texas. 

Malcolm W. Lowry, 

Attorney-at-Law. 17 Perlstein Bldg.; res. 
1660 Ave. C, Beaumont, Texas. 

William Samuel Parrish Massie, 

Merchant. (Winchester, Ky.) 

George Taylor Barbour, 

A. B., 1889; Epiphylidian ; Assistant Cashier, 
Bank of Maysville. 20 W. 2d St.; res. 213 
W. Wall St., Maysville, Ky. 

Charles Lathrop Bean, 

Merchant. (Mt. Sterling, Ky.) 

Lacv Lee Bright, 

(Vineland, N. J.) 

Robert Lewis Clegg, 

(Pine Bluff, Ark.) 


Benjamin Franklin Bedinger, 

Farming. Richwood. Ky. 

Wallace Lewis Caldwell, 

(Lebanon, Ky.) 

Henry Clay Dickinson, 

(Tufts College, Mass.) 

Charles Molt Dobbs, Jr., 

A. B.. 1890; B. D., 1893 Union Theol. Sem., 
Va. ; Clergyman. Gonzales, Tex. 

Ellis Humphrey Skees,* 

d. May 25, 1893. 


James Barbour, Jr.,* 

d. March 14, 1910, Montgomery, Ala. 

Walter S. Caldwell,* 

M. D., Univ. of Louisville. 

John William Hyde, 

Affiliated Tenn. Zcta 1893- (Talbottom, Ga.) 

Anderson J. Hargett, 

A. I'... 1897; M. A., 190s Transylvania Univ : 
Clergyman. Plattsmouth, Nebr. 

I lenry James Kirby,* 
Alpheus McKibben, 

A 11 . i8o4i M. I).. 1807 Jefferson Med. Coll.; 
W W. Keen Surgical Soc. (Jeff, Med. Coll.); 
Physician; School Med [nap. of Bureau of 

•! W.lf.irr. 127 N. Highland Ave ; res. 

tig N. Highland Ave.. Pittaburgh, Pa 

Charles Logan Nourse, 

Clergyman. (New Orleans, La.) 


John Ileistan Chandler, 

B. I... 1895; LL. B., 1899; Philalethian Lit. 
S.,c; Praidenial Club: Eminent Archon of Fra- 
ternity; 1'rcs. of Philalethian Lit. Soc.; Salu- 
tatorian of Class; Traveling Representative of 
Coll.; Editor of College Paper; Lawyer; Co. 
Commissioner of Jefferson Co.. Ky., 8 yrs.; 
Dir. of Louisville Y. M. C. A., 8 yrs.; Teacher 
of Law Class, Y. M. C. A., past 10 yrs.; Mem- 
ber Lawyers. Audubon Country. Cherokee Golf 
and Louisville Lit. Clubs; Masons; Elks. 426 
Paul Jones Bldg.; res. 944 Cherokee Road, 
Louisville, Ky. 

Nathan Houston McKinney, 

DD. S.. 1808; Louisville Coll.; Dentist. 116 
W. Main St.; Carlisle, Ky. 

Owen Reed Mann, 

A. B., 1895; General Insurance. Republic 
Bldg.; res. 117 Pennsylvania Ave., Louisville, 

Thomas Walter Mourning,* 
Samuel Langley Williams,* 


John Gillespie Alexander, 

Lawyer. (Pine Bluff, Ark.) 

Robert T. Benton,* 
Guy Aloysius Bisset, 

Grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1899; Post Grad. 
Course, Glasgow and Berlin; Distinction in 
Studies; Football (End) Team; Tackle. U. S. 
Naval Acad.; Stood No. 1 in Mathematics 4 
yrs., U. S. Naval Acad.; Stood No. 2 in Gen- 
eral Average; Selected for Construction Corps 
on Account of High Standing; Naval Con- 
structor; U. S. Navy Rank of Lieutenant 
Commander; Author of Several Magazine Arti- 
cles on Technical Subjects; Member Philadel- 
phia Racquet Club. Navy Yard, Puget Sound, 
Bremerton, Wash. 

William Carson Black, 

A. I!., 1896 Linion Coll.; M. D., 1899 Medico 
Chirurgical Coll.; Fhiloncikan ; Tas. N. An- 
ders Med. Soc.; W. L. Rodman Surgical 
Soc; Boyd Obstetrical Soc; L. Webster Fox 
Ophthalmologic^ Soc; Pres. Senior Class 
(Union Coll.); Medical Adjuster, Transvlva- 
nia Insurance Co. and Coal Operator; Regi- 
mental Surgeon, 2d Ky. State Guards, 1900; 
U. S. Pension Examiner. 1902; Barhourville 
and Knox Co. Health Officer, 1903; Minority 
Leader Ky. Legislature, 1904-05; Grand High 
Triest Ky. Chapter R. A. M., 1913; Deputy 
Grand Master Ky. Grand Lodge, F. and A. 
M. Knox St., Barbourville, Ky. 

Robert Thomas Bryant, 

Traveling Salesman. (Harrodsburg, Ky.) 

Howe Overstreet Cecil, 

Southern Intercollegiate Champion Mile Run, 
1894-95; Won Freshman Sophomore Declama- 
tory Contest, 1894; Pres. Ahtletic Assn., 1895- 
90; Painting and Decorating Contractor. 5639 
Kirkwood Place, Seattle, Wash. 

Proctor Knott McElroy, 

11. Lift., 1896; LL. B., 1890; Philathean Lit. 
Soc; James B. McCrearv Prize for Best Es- 
say, t8o6; Valedictorian Class, 1896; Lawyer; 
I ocal Atty. for L. & N. Ry. Main St., Leba- 
non, Ky. 

William Davidson McElroy, 

Merchant. Springfield. Ky. 

Jame Beale Morgan, Jr.,* 

Farmer, d. Nov. 22, 1915, Grimm Landing, 




John William Phelps, 

A. B., 1896 Center Coll.; A. M„ 1906 do; 
D. O.. 1900 Southern School of Osteopathy; 
Ky. State Record Broad Jump. 1895; Osteo- 
pathic Physician; First Pres. Florida Osteo- 
pathic Assn., 1904; Sec. and Treas. Georgia 
Osetopathic Assn., 1909. 662 Candler Bldg. 
Annex.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Peter Higgins Steenbergen, 

B. S„ magna mm laude iSg6; Capt. Artillery, 
Cadet Corps; Class Day Grumbler; Financier 
and Farmer; Pres. Bd. Educaiton Pt. Pleasant 
Independent School Dist. ; Pres. Chamber of 
Commerce; Past Pres. Mason Co. Agricultural 
Soc; Former Su"t. of Schools, Point Pleasant; 
Former Commandant of Cadets, Speers-Lang- 
ford Military Inst., Searcy, Ark. 903 Main 
St., Point Pleasant, W. Va. 


Thomas Allin, 

Surgeon. (Austin, Tex.) 

John Tate Duncan, 

B. L., 1897; Real Estate. 122 S. 4th Ave.; 
res. Owens Hill Apt. 3, Louisville, Ky. 

William Connor Grimes, 

Farmer. (Millersburg, Ky.) 

Joshua Gore Houston, 

B. L., 1897; Secretary, The Title Guarantee 
Co. 1546 Glenarn Place; res. 1026 Steele St., 
Denver, Colo. 

Zed Clark Layson, 

M. D., 1900 Univ. of Louisville. (Chicago, 

Ernest Cheney Mansfield,* 

B. L., 1897. d. Oct. 31, 1902, Cambridge, 

Charles Elgin Smoot,* 

M. D., 1899 Chicago Homeo. Coll.; Physician. 
(Richmond, Ky.) 


Thomas Wilmore Fisher, 

A. B., 1898; Merchant, Bank Dir., Pres. of 
Cocluan Mercantile Co. 2nd St.; res. Dublin 
Ave., Cochran, Ga. 

Hugh Berry Fleece, 

B. S., 1898; B. L., 1905; Theta Nu Epsilon, 
Philathean Lit. Soc; Knight of the Holy Bull; 
First Honors in Mathematics and Law; Editor- 
in-Chief College Monthly; Lawyer; Trustee 
Center Coll. of Ky. and Broadway M. E. 
Church South. 511 Louisville Trust Bldg.; 
res. 16 Eastoun Court, Louisville, Ky. 

Robert Greer Gordon, 

A. B., 1898; LL. B., 1900 Univ. of Va.; 
Lawver. Paul Jones Bldg.; res. 1263, 1st St., 
Louisville, Ky. 

John Robinson Hampton, 

A. P.., 1898; Insurance. Fordyce, Ark. 

Robert Henry, 

B. S., 1898; Pharmacist. (Lexington, Ky.) 

William Wallace John, 

Farmer. (Troy, Ky.) 

Toseph Wilkinson Mansfield, 

With Pa. R. R. (Louisville, Ky.) 

Jonathan Van Dyke Norman, 

B. L., 1898; Salutatorian. 1898; Football, 1896- 
98; Track Team, 1897-98; Lawyer; Vice-Pres. 
Am. Bar Assn.; Trustee Neighborhood Home 
and other Organizations; Member Pendennis 
and Louisville Country Clubs. Paul Jones 
Bldg.; res. 1504, 3d. St., Louisville, Ky. 

Isaac Van Meter Steenbergen, 

Farmer. (Gallipolis, Ohio.) 

Robert Winthrop Stephenson, 

Lawyer. (Mansfield, Ky.) 

Tohn Nelson Turner, 

Banker. (Campbellsville, Ky.) 


James Denny Arbuckle,* 

d. Jan. 28. 1913, Silver Creek, Ky. 

William Alexander Arbuckle. 

Farmer; Vice-Pres. of Farmers Bank, Kirks- 
ville, Ky.; Dir. Home Telephone Co. of 
Kirksville, Ky. ; Member Elks Lodge No. 581. 
Silver Creek, Ky. 

Nathaniel Lynn P.achman, 

Initiated by Tenn Zeta, 189=;. 

Lee Bisset, 

Football, 1897-98; Farmer. Harrodsburg, Ky. 

Tohn Dunn, 

Farmer. (McAfee, Ky.) 

Samuel R. Hughes, 

Merchant. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 

John Steward Sebron,* 

d. Jan. 21, 1897. 

James Ray Wakefield, 

Farmer. (Wakefield, Ky.) 


Norvell Thomas Benton,* 

Merchant, d. April 1, 1916, Winchester, Ky. 

Guy James Chandler, 

Lumber Business; Member Knights of Colum- 
bus. Lebanon, Ky. 

Lucius Graham Hampton, 

Lumber Manufacturer. Warren, Ark. 

Sidney Edwin Ives, Jr., 

Honor Man in Class; Treasurer Dickens Ives 
Co. Department Store, Mgr. Grocery Dept.; 
Chrmn. Bd. of Deacons Presbyterian Church. 
1, 3 and 5 S. Orange Ave.; res. 421 N. Orange 
St.. Orlando, Fla. 

Charles Cromwell Patterson, 

D. D. S., 1901 Louisville Coll. of Dentistry. 
Dentist. (Campbellsville, Ky.) 

Robert Marion Rice, 

Grocer. (Campbellsville, Ky.) 

Edwin Vance Tadlock, 

B. D. Ky. Theol. Sem.; Principal Stuart Rob- 
inson School. Indian Bottom, Ky. 

Clarence Tones Wright, 

A. B., 1900; Farmer. (Paris, Ky.) 


Thomas Curry Dedman, 

Druggist. Harrodsburg, Ky. 

Nicholas Knight Fry, 

Initiated by Ky. Iota 1899. 

Edwin Forest Galbraith, 

(Shawnee, Okla.) 

John Clarence Kenney, 

A. B., 1901; Farmer. R. F. D. No. 3, Paris, 

Husband Edward Kimmel, 

Grad. U. S. Naval Acad. 1904; Lieutenant 
Commander U. S. Navv; Fleet Gunnery Officer 
U. S. Pacific Fleet; Asst. Dir. Gunnery Exer- 
cises and Engineering Performances, Navy 
Dept.; Author of several departmental publi- 
cations on Gunnery; Member Army and Navy 
Club. Care of Navv Dept.; res. 2436, 20th 
St. N. W„ Washington, D. C. 

Lewis Thompson,* 

d. Nov. 30, 1902, Atlanta, Ga. 

Ernest A. Wallace, 

B. S., 1901; Clerk, Penn. Railroad. 1705 Fil- 
bert St., Philadelphia; res. 946 S. 5°th St., 
West Philadelphia, Pa. 



I [amilton Alexander, 

Farmer. Box 503. Owensboro, Ky. 

1 ),ivid Banks, |r., 

Fire Insurance" Agentj Firm of Stanley & 
Hanks; Chamber of Commerce; Member V. M. 
C \ • II 1' O. E. No. 206; Masons: Hender- 
son Country Club. Farmers Bank Bldg.; res. 
u; S Elm St., Henderson. Ky. 

Joe Ballard Clark, 

B. L.. ,903 Univ. of Louisville; Lawyer; 

County Atty. Oldham County; I'unner Police 
Judge. La Grange, Ky. 

Clifton Howell, 

Cotton Buyer. (Tine Bluff, Ark.) 

Chester A. Rankin, 

B. S., 1902; Football, 1900-01; Tobacconist; 
Dir. and Sec. Luckett Wake Tohacco Co.; 
Dir. and Vice-Pres. F. W. McNeely & Co. 
(Evansville, Ind.); Member Pendennis Club 
1 Henderson, Ky.); Navy League, Country 
Club. 808 W. Green St.; res. 2419 Longest 
Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Alexander Hendrix Rowell, 

B. S., 1902; Lawyer; Ark. Legislature, 1905- 
07; Grand Warden, I. O. O. F. of Ark.; 
Officer of Sahara Shrine of Pine Bluff; Nom- 
inated Charles H. Brough for Gov. of Ark.; 
Member Pine Bluff Country Club. 412 Citi- 
zens Bank Bldg.; res. 1507 W. 6tb Ave., Pirn 
Bluff, Ark. 


Benjamin Andres, 

A. B., 1903. (Frankfort. Ky.) 

Rex Piatt Corneilson, 

Initiated by Ky. Epsilon 1901. 

Henry Eugene Curry, 

(Harrodsburg, Ky.) 

Walter Hamilton Lassing, 

Grad. U. S. Naval Academy. 1005; Lieuten- 
ant Commander U. S. Navy, U. S. Steamship 
Minnesota. Care of Postmaster, New York, 

William Walker McClellan, 

Insurance. (Henderson, Ky.) 

John Rockwell Smith,* 

A. B., 1903 ; A. M., 1904: D. D., 100; Louis- 
ville Theol. Scm.; Chamberlain Lit. Soc; 
Clergyman; Pastor Presbyterian Church, d. 
Dec. 28, 1915, Lancaster. Ky. 

Edward Claiborne Stockton, 

Druggist. Main and 2nd Sis,; res. 338 Lan- 
caster Ave., Richmond, Ky. 

( ieoree O. Tebbs, 

Farmer; Member Elks: Affiliated Ohio Theta 
1906. 331 S. Maple St.. Winchester, Ky. 


William Kdward Andrews, 

I , Magazine St., New Orleans. La.) 

Middleton Stuart Barnell, 

(Ceo. Delivery. Baltimore. Md.l 

Sanders Eaves Clay, 

A, B., 1904; Lawyer. Paducah, Ky. 

Edwin Lee I iowdy. 

II. S. 1904; M. D. Hosp. Coll, of Medicine; 
Pi M..; Centre < oil. Club (Hosp. Coll. Med.); 
Physician. Campbellsvillc, Ky. 

1 .11I Theodore Michel, 

\. B . 1004; II- D. Presbyterian Scm . I oui 
ville; Winner tntci Soi Dei lamatorj roc .. 

tlini ti 1 ol thi I Ic pel Intcrnatl. Com 
mitti c Y. M. I \ . I uropi an Pi 1 1 

\\ ai \\ "ik, 1916 17. Ha. l.-m. Ky. 

.Mark Mitchell, 

(1217, 2d St., Louisville. Ky.) 

Tames Brookes Smith, 

" A. B., 1904; A. M„ 1906; Univ. of Va.; Raven 
Soc (Univ. of Va.); Professor of Mathematics. 
Hainpdcn-Sidticv Coll.; Clerk of Faculty and 
Treas. of Endowment Fund of same; Affiliated 
Va. "micron, 1906. Hampden-Sidney College, 
Hampden-Sidney, Va. 

Martin Hardin Stuart, 

(Owensboro, Ky.) 

Hamilton Wallace, 

M. IK. Medico Chirurg'ical Coll. (Phila.); Phi 
Rho Sigma; Surgeon to Pottsville Hospital; 
Author Medical Articles. 501 Garfield Square, 
Pottsville, Pa. 

William Barkley Alexander, 

A. B.. 190s; B. L., 1906; Lawyer; Member 
Masons and Elks. 412 Citizens Bank Bldg.; 
res. 715 W. 5th Ave., Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Walter Scott Floyd, 

(E. Main St., Campbellsvillc, Ky.) 

Benjamin Franklin Gill, Jr., 

(Clarksville, Tenn.) 

Gibney Oscar Letcher, 

\ I', 1905; A. M., 1906 Princeton Univ.; 
LL B, 1908 Central Univ.; Princeton Tri- 
angle and Warwick Clubs; Winner Declam- 
atory Contest 1901 and Oratorical Contest 
1904; Football, 1903-04; Baseball, 1904-05; 
Capt.. 1905; Lawyer; Vice Chrmn. Young 
Men's Democratic League of Ky.; Trustee 
Centre Coll.: Dir. and Atty. Peoples Savings 
Bank: Dir. and Atty. Anderson Box and Bas^ 
ket Co.; Member Masons and Knights of 
Pythias; Affiliated Kv. Epsilon and Va. Omi- 
cr'on 1908. S. 5, Henderson County Savings 
Hank Bldg.; res. 425 Center St., Henderson, 

William Chenault Smith, 

Teller, State Bank and Trust Co.; Member Elks 
and Masons. High St., Richmond, Ky. 


Dean Adams Andrews, 

1624 Washington Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Thomas Font Andrews, 

(Flemington, Ky.) 

William Grenshaw Cloyd, 

(Campbellsvillc Ky.) 

Henry McCoy Core, 

Commercial Traveler. 434 Railway Exchange 
Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

John Crawford Crenshaw, 

Missionary. (Chinkiang, China.) 

Joseph Weisiger Fleece, 

B. S., 1906; Capitalist. 259 Monroe Ave.; res. 
1705 Poplar St., Memphis. Tenn. 

Donald Windsor MacQueen, 

A. B., 1906; Editor Central News, 1903-06; 
Cardinal and Blue, 1906; Track Team, i9"3: 
Saluiatorian, 1906; Commencement Day Speak- 
er, 1906; Professor of English, Arkansas State 
Agricultural College; Supt. of City Schools. 
( ai lisle, Ky.; Prof, of English, Fredricksburg 
Coll.; Pres. Warren (Ark.) Training School. 
College Station, Ark. 

Frederick Cleveland Rowell, 

M |i.. 100S Coll of Physicians and Surgeons; 
attended Univ, of Ark. 1909; Phi Beta Pi 
(Tulane); Track, 1903-04, All Honors Long 
Distance Running; Physician and Surgeon; 
City Physician and Health Officer- Sec. -Treas. 
fcftcrson County Med. Soc. Affiliated La. 
'l;m Upsilon 1008. 4th and Main Sts.; res. 
1111. \S. 23d St., Pine BlutT, Ark. 


George Osborne Tebbs, 

(Winchester, Ky.) 

Henry Alexander Wise, 

(Craddockville, Va.) 


Percy McGee Alexander, 

A. B., 1907; M. D.. 1915 Univ. of Louisville; 
Chamberlain Lit. Soc; Physician; Principal, 
Flemingsburg Ky. High School 2 years; I year 
Interne, Good Samaritan Hosp., Lexington. 
Ky. Campbellsville, Ky. 

James Thomas Baskerville, 

Initiated by Tenn. Lambda 1895. 

Albert Leonard Bass, 

A. B., 1907; M. D., 1912 Univ. of Louisville; 
Phi Chi; Member Baseball and Football Teams, 
1905-07; Physician; Member Jefferson County 
Med. Soc.; Louisville Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat Soc. Atherton Bldg.; res. 127 Penn- 
sylvania Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

N. Bruce Brennon, 

A. B., 1007; Chamberlain Lit. Soc; W. C. T. 
LT.; Automobile Club. 631 S. 5th St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Robert Hardin Bright, 


Tames Llewellyn Crenshaw, 

Chemist. (Geophvsical Laboratory, Upton St.. 
Washington, D. C.) 

John Palmer Darnall, 

(Columbia, Ky.) 

Nicholas H. Dosker, 

A. B., 1907; LL. B.. 1909; Chamberlain; The 
Round Table; Basketball Capt., 1906-07; Mgr. 
Football. 1906; Track; Mgr. Carnival Com- 
mittee, 1907; Attornev-at-Law; Chrmn. Child 
Labor and Workmen's Welfare Committee: 
Men's Federation; Author Ky. Workmen's 
Compensation Law, 1916; Manual of Same. 
1S97; Member Loreen, Pendennis and Wrang- 
lers Clubs. 1409 Intel-southern Bldg.; res. 
1213, 1st St., Louisville, Ky. 

Charles Woodson Dudley, 

(Flemington, Ky.) 

Erie Russell Epperson, 

(317 W. Broadway, Louisville, N. J.) 

Frank Bunyon Ezell, 

(Pine Bluff, Ark.) 

David Elmore Frierson, jr., 

(Gen. Delivery Charleston, W. Va.) 

Henry Chadwick Frierson, 

(Gen. Delivery, Charleston, W. Va.) 

Louis Garrett Howson, 

(Olive St., Pine Bluff, Ark.) 


Maurice M. Alexander, 

Stock and Bond Broker; Member Knights 
Templar, Marion Commandery No. 24. 604, 
14th St. N. W.; res. Apt. 20s Wardman Courts, 
W., Washington, I). C. 

Clyde Louis Garr, 

(Hosp. Coll. of Med., Louisville, Ky.) 

Robert Andrews Harbeson, 

Adjuster for U. S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co.. 
New York. 47 Cedar St., New York, N. Y.; 
res. Flemingsburg, Ky. 

Coleman Hamilton Lassing, 

(Lexington, Ky.) 

George Arthur Wise, 

(Vanceville, La.) 




Charles Fleece Cowherd, 

(Campbellsville, Ky.) 

Asbury Day, 

(Hosp. Coll. of Medicine, Louisville, Ky.) 

Turner Merritt Dohoney, 

(Flemingsburg, Ky.) 

George Dickinson Enwright, 

LL. B., 1909; Proctor Knott; Chamberlain; 
State Championship Gold Medal Intercollegiate 
Debate; Vice-Pres. Class; Senator, Honor Com- 
mittee; Varsity Baseball; Class Representa- 
tive on Athletic Committee; Attorney-at-Law. 
1224 Hamilton Natl. Bank and R. F. D. 
No. 2, Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Fredrick Hess, 

A. B., 1909; A. M., — ; LL. B., — ; Football; 
Basketball; Fellowship in Chemistry; Super- 
visor of Municipal Playgrounds and Recreation. 
Board of Education; res. 202 N. Western 
Parkwav Louisville, Ky. 

David Rowland Lee, 

Graduate U. S. Naval Acad. 1913; Lieutenant 
l'. S, Navy. Care of Postmaster, New York 
and George Lee, Danville, Ky. 

John Shuck McElroy, Jr., 

(Springfield, Ky.) 

Lawrence Inglis MacQueen, 

A. IS., 1909; A. M„ 1912 Univ. of Cinn.; 
Ye Round Table; Democratic Club; Chamber- 
lain (Pres.); Freshman, Sophomore, Junior 
Scholarships; Editor-in-Chief, Cento, Central 
News, Cardinal and Blue: Winner 1 Ernst and 
Intercollegiate Debates; Advertising Mgr. Cen- 
tral News Lyceum Course; Professor Latin 
and Greek, Fredericksburg College; Pres. Mo. 
Svnodical Coll. for Women; Author "Outline 
of Roman History;" Member Masons. Clarks- 
ville. Tenn. 

Robert Montague Phillips, 

(Louisville, Ky.) 

Carlton Victor Ware, 

Baseball Team, 1905-06; Capt.. 1907; Cotton 
Merchant. 127V2 Main St.; res. 622 Walnut 
St., Pine Bluff, Ark. 


Andrew Darnall Allen, 

A. B., 1910; Farmer. Elizaville, Ky. 

David Walter Coleman, 

(Harrodsburg, Ky.) 

Hofford Earl Hay, 

(Murray, Ky.) 

William Daniel Rowell, 

(707 W. 2nd St., Pine Bluff, Ark.) 

Louis Seelbach, Jr, 

A. B., 1910; LL.B., 1914 Harvard; Football. 
Baseball and Basketball; Lawyer; Dir. Louis- 
ville Old Gun Hotel Co.; Dir. Southern 
Asphaltoilene Road Co.; Member Pendennis 
and Louisville Boat Clubs. 610 Inter South- 
ern Bldg.; res. The Seelbach, Louisville, Ky. 

James Williams Waller, 

( Paris, Ky.) 

Thomas Edward Webber, 

(514 Walnut St., Texarkana, Ark.) 


Will Perkins Caldwell, 

I!, S., 1 9 1 1 ; Division Engineer, Kentucky 
State Highway Department; Member Elks. 
Danville, Ky. 




I >avid Dudley Crenshaw. 

A l: . ion; 'I.I.. I!., 191 <; Harvard; Yc Round 
rabli . Chamberlain Lit. Soc.; Fragerica; Assoc. 
Editor Cento; Senior Prize (Highest la Schol- 
arship): Pres. Senior Class; Member Student 
Council; Lawyer Firm of Howmack and 
Crenshaw. Dermott, Ark. 

Coleman Hamilton Lassing, 

(Lexington, Ky.) 

Tohn Thornton Mason, 

A. B., ioio; \'arsitv Basketball, 1007-10; Capt., 
1010; Reserve Officers Training Camp; Man- 
ager Southern Cotton Co., Charlotte, N. C. 
216 Manly St., Greenville, S. C. 

James A. Patillo, 

Accountant and Insurance: Member F. and 
A. M. Home Insurance Bldg., Fordyce, Ark. 

R. Montague Phillips, 

(Louisville. Ky.) 

William Robert Todd, 

A. B.. 191 1 ; A. M.. 1914; Chamberlain Lit. 
Soc; V. M. C. A.; Vice-Pres. and Pres. Soph- 
omore Class. Class Prophet; All Ky. (Guard) 
Football, 3 vrs.; Track; Holder Ky. Record 
in Hammer Throw; Principal Stanford (Ky.) 
High School; Member Masons and Knights of 
Pythias. Stanford, Ky. 

Thomas Edward Weber, Tr.. 

A. B„ ion; LL.B. Univ. of Mich.; Lawyer. 
218% E. Broad St.; res. 514 Walnut St., 
Texarkana. Ark. 


John Lloyd Dorsey, 

A. B., 1912; Chamberlain Soc; Ye Round 
Table: Latin Prize; Debating Prize; Senior 
Prize; Lawyer; Member F.Iks; Countrv Club, 
etc. 1st St.; res. Clay St., Henderson, Ky. 

Richard John Dosker, 

(1213, 1st St., Louisville, Ky.) 

Edwin Giles Fagan, 

Chamberlain; Baseball (Pitcher); Farmer and 
Tobacco Buyer, R. J. Reynolds Co. R. F. D. 
No. 1, Augusta. Ky. 

William Hugh Ferguson, 

I Paris, Ky.) 

John Joseph Garen, Jr., 

(Fulton, Ky.) 

Carlisle S. Whitehouse, 

(High St., Versailles, Ky.) 

Lucius Lehman Clark, 

V. B . 191 1; Editor-in Chief ^ntiiisl, ion; 
Football. Baseball and Track; Capt. Football, 
1.11.'; Insurance. Firm of Clark Bros. 1301 
Tenn. Trusl I'.ldg.; res. 789 Snowdcn Circle, 
Memphis, I enn. 

Edward Mack-. Jr., 

A. B„ 1913 Princeton! A. M.. 1014; Ph. D., 
io:6 do: Phi Beta Kappa; Tennis; Teacher 
Depl of Chemistry, Univ. of Va., Morgan- 
toun, W. \ a. 

William Otto Seelbaeh, 
Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, Ky. 

James D. Sory, Jr., 

Initiated by Tenn. Omega, 1913. 


1 (avis I luuicr Coleman. 

(Harrodiburg, Ky.) 

( iharles Warren Lassing, 

1 I rankfort, Ky.) 

Robert Bradv Lassing, 

A. B„ 1914: Ye Round Table; Pres. Senior 
l lass; Letter in Football (Capt. 2 vrs.); Basket- 
ball; Track: King of Carnival; Student Ath- 
letic Council; Real Estate and Citrus Fruit 
Grower; Member Fort Mitchell (Kv.) Country 
Club. St. Petersburg Countrv and Tayson 
Clubs. 5th St. and Central Ave.; res. 18th 
Ave. and Bay St. S., St. Petersburg. Fla. 

Charles Rice McDowell, 

A. B., igis: A. M„ 1917; Ye Round Table; 
Deinlogian Lit. Soc: Football, Basketball; and 
Track Teams. U. S. Navy, U. S. Steamship 
Bulgaria, Danville. Ky. 

Miles Saunders McDowell, 

A. B., 1915; Deinlogian Lit. Soc; Art Editor 
Annual, 1915: Architectural Draftsman; U. S. 
Navy, ^. S. S. Bulgaria. Danville, Ky. 

Samuel Booker McDowell, 

A. B.. 1914; Attended McCormick Theol. Sem.; 
Crucible Club and Deinlogian Lit. Soc; Stud- 
ent. Danville, Ky. 

Marcellus Tordan Moss, Jr., 

Farmer. Asst. General Mgr. Moss Coal Min- 
ning Co. (Riverville, Ky.). Danville, Ky. 

\\ illiam F. Stevenson, 

1914; First Lieutenant of Infantry 
''lace. St. Thomas. Ky. 

U. S. R. C. Bi 


Clark Holman Hutton, 

Affiliated Tenn. Nu 1918. (Shelbyville, Tenn.) 

William Henrv Miller, 

A. B., 1915; Deinologian Lit. Soc; Art Editor 
Cento, 1913-14; Editor, 1914; On Staff The 
Cardinal and Blue, 1915; Real Estate Sales- 
man with Paul F. Semonin & Co.; Member 
Louisville Salesmanship Club. 207 Paul Jones 
Bldg.; res. 57 Weissinger-Gaulbert Apts., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

James Isham Peters, 

A. B., iqis; Chamberlain Lit. Soc; Varsity 
Football, 3 vrs; Deputy Collector of Internal 
Revenue. Room 318 Custom House, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 


Hubert Blakey, 

Football. Basketball and Baseball Teams. 2 
vrs.; Steel Treater of Armor Plate. 709. 9th 
Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

Samuel David Chestnut. 

Baseball; Football and Baseball (Cumberland 
Univ.); Farmer. Trenton, Ky. 

Samuel Baker Chism, 

First Lieutenant U. S. Army. 1742 Central 
Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

John Marshall Cloyd,* 

d, June 9, 1916, Campbellsville, Ky. 

Albert E. Ely, 

Football, 1913-14; Baseball, 1914-15; Druggist; 
1st Lieut. 336th Infantry. U. S. Army; Sbrincr. 
Oakland. Md. 


Charles Cook Cromwell, 

BaSKetball; Capt.. 191s; Captain Elect Foot- 
ball. 1015; LI. S. Aviation Corps. 444 N. 
Main St., Henderson, Ky. 

Kenneth Lethel Royster, 

robacco Manufacturer. The Planters Tobacco 
Co.; res. 224 N. Elm St., Henderson, Ky. 





John Chandler Adkins, 

A. B. and LL. B., 1918 Univ. of Va.; Delta 
Kappa- Phi Beta Pi; Chamberlain, Esperanto 
and Jefferson Lit. Socs.; Pan Hellenic Council; 
Kentucky Club (Univ. of Va.); Class Officer; 
College Topics (Univ. of Va.) and Old Center 
Staffs; Varsity Basketball and Baseball; Tennis 
Club; College Reporter, E. A., E. C. and Phi 
Alpha Correspondent; Lawver; Author "Au- 
tumn Reviews; "Mountaineer Reviews"; "Our 
Dear Old U. S. A." and "Call of the Cum- 
berlands"; Member nth District Club of Ky.; 
Affiliated Va. Omicron 1018. Main St.; res, 
Depot St., Williamsburg, Ky. 

Harvey Johnson Alexander, 

113 State Line, Fulton, Ky. 

Allen Darnaby Garrison, 

Science Club; Orchestra; Tracks 1915-1917; 
Rice Inst. Military Band; Student Rice Insti- 
tute. 316, 2nd St., Houston, Texas. 

Harry Cowan Moss, 

Deinologian Lit. Soc. ; Vice-Pres. and General 
Manager Moss Coal Co. Meldrum; res. 418 
Engle Wood Rd., Middlesboro, Ky. 

Edward Carlyle Pepper, 

Private Provisional Regt. 52nd Co. U. S. 
Marine Corps care of Post Master, New York, 
N. Y. 

James Edward Rogers, 

Baseball (Capt., 191 7); Farmer. Grant, Ky. 


Tulian Thomas Gentry, 

Student. 337 E. Lexington St., Danville, Ky. 

Robert Wesley Keffer, 

Clerk, Ashland Iron Mining Co. 520 W. Front 
St.; res. 816, 17th St., Ashland, Ky. 


George Doniphan Felix, 

Treas. Sophomore Class; Student. 4th St., 
Augusta, Ky. 

John Immei Hackley, 

Letter in Football, 1916; Second Lieutenant 
Field Artillery O. R. C, U. S. Army. Mor- 
tonsville, Ky. 

Augustus Robbins, Jr., 

Y. M. C. A.; Student Augusta High School 
and Chesterfield Clubs. Box 3, Augusta, Ky. 

Richard Helm Stout, 

Student. 244 E. Lexington St., Danville, Ky. 


William Edward Boswell 

Student. R. F. D. No. 

Tames William Daniel, 

Student. Mt. Sterling, Ky 

William Nelson James, 

Student. Ft. Worth, Tex. 

Ft. Worth. Tex. 



Farmdale, Kentucky 

Chartered Octorer, 1858 

Robert Thomas Pitcairn Allen,* 

Graduate U. S. Military Acad., West Point, 
V V. 1834; Col. of Inf., C. S. A.: Prof. 
Mathematics and Civil Engineer. Allegheny 
Coll., Meadville, Pa., 183S-41; Transylvania 
Univ., Lexington. Ky.. 1841-45; Organized Ky. 
Military Institute, 1845; Pres.. 1845-48, 1850- 
i4 and 1865.74: Prof. Natural Sciences, 1884- 
X7; Founded Bastrop Military Inst., 1857; 
Pres., 1857-65; Appointed Brigadier-General by 
Gov. of Ky., 1884. d. 1890, Florida. 

John Griffin Carlisle, 

Member Ky. House of Representatives, 1859- 
61; Ky. Senate, 1866-71; Lieut.-Gov. Ky., 
1871-75; Member U. S. Congress, 1877-89; 
Speaker U. S. Congress. 1883-89; Sec. U. S. 
Treasury, 1893-97; Member U. S. Senate, 
1890-93; Vice-Pres. Anti-Imperialist League. 
(4 Washington Square. New York, N. Y.) 

John Thomas Gray, Sr., 

' Cost,, in Officer; U. S. Custom Appraiser, 18S3. 
(Louisville. Ky.) 

James William McGinnis, 

(832 W. Walnut St., Danville. Ky.) 

William P.. ( (liver, 

Merchant. (Corsicana, Texas.) 

John O. Gaillard,* 

d. 1865. Kentucky. 

W. Andrew Jackson,* 
|olin B. Kent, 

,1 Battle of Murfreesboro, 1863. 

Benjamin W. Marston, 

Planter; (apt. La. Reg., C. S. A ■ M, mber 
Stale Senate, 1880. ( East Point, La.) 

|. ( i. Marston,* 

d, June, 1870, Clinton, La. 

1 ieoree 1-. Scott,* 

1 Darden's Battery, C. S. A. d. Battle 
ol Decatur, Ala. 


James Robert Binford, 

1. ..1 , Sei Vici Pn and Pres, Philomatbean 
Sue, iH;ii'hi; Coinnicnccmenl Orator, 1861; 
c.,1 1 .1I1 Mi--. Inf., C. S. A.. 1X01-05; Sen- 
ator, mil Dist., 1 ms.; Trustee, Carrolton 
(Mi 1 I'.o, al. Coll ; President; Membi 1 
State Legislature, Montgomery and Grenada 
Counties. (Duck Hill, Mi 

i lharles Stewart Shorter, 

In, hated by X. ('. \, l86l 


Tasper Newton Current, 

A. B., 1868; A. M„ 1869 Ky. Wesleyan Coll.: 
Clergyman; Principal. Forest Acad.. Anchor- 
age, Ky., 1876-79; Teacher, Masonic Coll.. 
Somerset. Ky.. 1874; Principal Washington 
High School, Mason County. 1880-81; Pres. 
15th Dist.; Affiliated Kv. Alpha 1S77. 

John W. Holt, 

Attorney-at-Law. (Yazoo City. Miss.) 


\Y. E, Foster,* 

d. 1S73, Shreveport. La. 

D. A. McGonagill,* 

Attorney-at-Law;' City Atty., Paducah. Ky. 
and Judge County Court. McCracken County. 
Ky., several yrs. d. April 15, 1900, Sonora, 

F. D. Perkins,* 

Teacher; Commandant Cadets; Prof. Language, 
d. April, 1879. 

T. R. Young, 


Edward Augustus Blount. 

A. B„ 1870; Class Orator, 1870; Mayor San 
Augustine, 1875; Dir. Tyler (Tex.) Natl. Bank; 
Delegate Congressional Convention, 1892. (519 
North St., Nacogdoches, Texas.) 

A. II. Lusk,* 

Lawyer, d. May 20, 1888. 

A. G. McMahan, 

Capt. Cadets; Merchant. (Goldthwaite, Texas.) 

Coleman D. Pattie, 

A. B., 1870; Major Cadets; Banking, Southern 
Natl. Bank; Prof. English Literature. 1870. 
Breck Ave. near Lancaster Ave., Richmond, 

Tohn McD. Ross, 

A. B., 1870; Grocer. 390 Patters 
(70 Patterson St., Lexington Ky. 

VY. R. Staten, 
I sham Talbott, 

(Paris, Ky.) 

I. 11. Taylor, 

Planter. ' (Hernando, Miss.) 

I. < ). Wright, 

II. B., 1872 La. State Univ.; 
(Louisville, Ky.) 

St.; res. 





iey-at-Law ; 
Sec Sun- 

W. D. Bridgforth, 

Planter (Horn Lake, Miss.) 

T. C. Nesbit, 

Robert Henry Wildberger, 

A. B., 1871 ; A. M. and C. E., i 

M. K. I. Magazine, 1870-71; Atto: 
Prof, of Natural Science, 1874-81 
flower Oil Co., 1884-88; Cashier. 
Bank and Trust Co., 1888-02; Pres. Grand 
Chapter S. A. E., 1S77-S2; Delegate S. A. E. 
Natl. Conventions, Richmond, 1877, Nashville, 
1879, Atlanta, 1881; Founder and Editor .S. A. 
E. Record, 1875-80. Theatre Bldg.; res. 307 
Oakhurst Ave., Clarksdale, Miss. 

Joe Hay Young, 

A. B.; A. M.; Ph. D.; Minister; Prof. Natural 
Sciences, 1882-84; Pres. Grand Chapter and 
Correspondent to iT. A. E. Record, 188281; 
Prof. English Literature, Kv. Weslevan Coll., 
1879-80; Harrodsburg, 1880-S2; Pastor, Win- 
chester, 1S84-S8. The Courtland, Louisville, 

P. D. L. Hilliard, 


Millard Fillmore Kirkbride,* 

Merchant, d. Mobile, Ala. 

H. F. Taylor,* 

Teacher; Asst. Prof. Mathematics, 1872-74. 
d. 1875. 

J. M. Thompson, 

Planter. (Nashville, Tenn.) 

John L. Williams, 

C. E., 1871; Civil Engineer; Civil Eng. 111. 
Central, 1879-89; Asst. Civil Eng. Mobile & 
Ohio R. R., 1889. 465 N. Royal St., Jackson, 


Robert Walter Cantrell, 

A. B., 1873; Lawyer; Adjutant-Genl., Tenn., 
1883-87; Private Sec. to U. S. Senator, 1887. 
211, 21st Ave. N., Nashville, Tenn. 

George H. D. Gibson, 


R. W. Kavanaugh,* 

Methodist Minister, d. 1884, Chaplin, Ky. 

Evans C. Leslie,* 

Physician; Affiliated Va. Sigma, 1S74. d. May 
16, 1882, St. Louis, Mo. 

Jerry B. Leslie, 

Judge Dept. No. 1, Eighth Judicial Dist. Court; 
Affiliated Va. Sigma, 1873. Court House; res. 
600, 4th Ave. N., Great Falls, Mont. 

William Alfred May, 

A. B., 1873; Gold Medal for Mathematics, 
1872; First Honor, 1872-73; Merchant. 
(Clarksville, Ark.) 


A. F. Bonner,* 

d. Memphis, Tenn. 

Stephen W. Blount, 

LL. B., 1876 Cumberland U 
hater, 1875; Attorney-at-Law 
19th Texas Legislatures, 
tor, Texas Veteran Assn 
(San Augustine, Texas.) 

Edwin B. Kirkbride, 

A. B., 1874; Capt. Co. B., 1873-74; City Li 


Champion De- 

w ; Mt 


1 8th 



; Ar 



, San 






W. M. Kuykendall, 

(Frankfort, Ky.) 

E. D. Mann, 
Robert T. Marshall, 

(Mt. Carmel, Ky.) 

John Caldwell Calhoun Newton, 

A. M.; Capt. Cadets; Methodist Minister; 
Prof. Millersburg Female Coll., Ky. (Japan.) 

John Young Peete, 

Judge; Attorney-at-Law. (Covington, Tenn.) 

Frank Williams, 

(Gainesville, Texas.) 


Benjamin Thomas Farmer, 

A. B„ B. C. S„ C. E., 1875; Valedictorian, 
1S75; Capt. Cadets. 328, 10th St.; res. Vir- 
ginia Apts., 427, 7th St. Huntington, W. Va. 

Edmund Lewis Sloan, 

1875; 2d Lieut, and Capt. Ca- 
Prof. Fair Acad., Simpsonville, 
(Anchorage, Ky. ) 

dets; Farmer 
Ky., 1876-84. 


ITamden Sidney Holloway, 

B. S. C, 1876; A. M.; Senior Capt. Cadets, 
1875-76; Philomathean Declamation Medal, 
1875; Farmer. (Holloway, Ky.) 

James R. Irion, 

Graduate Eastmans Business Coll., N. Y„ 
1S76; Clerk, Local Freight Office, T. & P. 
Ry. 1005 N. Peak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Wilbur Fisk Kirkbride, 

B. S. C, 1876; Capt. and Quartermaster, 

Cadets; Farmer and Merchant; Prof. Forest 

Acad., 1877-78; Affiliated Ky. Alpha, 1877. 

(Grove City, Fla.) 


Henrv Carville Carmer,* 

B. S. C, 1S77; Senior Capt. 

James Alexander Murray, 

A. B., 1877; Farmer and Mechanical Engin 
Member Elks, Knights Templar; Kadoshor 
Scottish Rite Mason; Knights of Pythias 
Odd Fellow. Frankfort, Ky. 

Samuel Phillips Read, Jr., 

(Care S. P. Read, Sr., Union 
Bank, Memphis, Tenn.) 

E. C. Sturdevant, 

(adits; Book- 

and Planters' 


William P. 
B. C. S., 

Natural Sei 


Issaquena Av 


877; Gold Medal Spelling, 
nces. 1876; Public Accounta 
d Expert Accountant 
1st St., Clarksdal. ' 


it; U. 

So 1. 


Walter Robert Bridgforth, 

B. A. and C. E., 1S7S; Capt. Cadets; Scienc 
Medalist, 1S76; Cotton Planter; Affiliated Vi 
Omicron, 1880. Pickens, Miss. 

Harry Victor Bunn,* 

Color Sergeant Cadets, d. March 1, 1881. 

Horace M. Grover, 

(Georgetown, Ky.) 

Victor P. Lobit, 

Traveling Salesman. (Waco, Texas.) 

James Henrv McDanell, 

Orators Medal; Merchant. (Warsaw, Ky.) 




William Blackwell Roberts, 

Clerk, H. R. Canon & Co.; Councilman First 
Ward, 1909. Care Austine Hotel, El Reno, 

P. F. Smith, 

(Owensboro, Ky.) 


Robert Henderson Beard, 

A. B., 1879; Philomathean; Valedictorian; Real 
Estate; Clerk and Master Chancery Court, 
Shelby County, Tenn., 1894-1900; Member 
Business Men's Club. 11S Madison Ave.; res. 
603 Lindon St., Memphis, Tenn. 

William Graham Dearing, 

A. B., 1879; A. M., 1879; LL. B., 1884 Har- 
vard; Cart. Cadets; Won Two Medals for 
General Excellence; Philomathean Soc. Com- 
mencement Orator; Lawyer. (Poplar Plains, 

William Silas Farmer, 

I!. C. S., 1879; B. E., t88o; Gold Medal in 
Natural Science, 187S; Merchant; Firm of 
W. S. Farmer and Son; Corresponding Sec. 
Grand Chapter Chi. 220 W. Main St.; res. 
(03 W. 2d St., Frankfort, Ky. 

Thomas A. Ferris, 

B. C. S.. 1879; Sergeant Cadets; President. 
Waxahachie Cotton Mill and Vice-Pres. Citi- 
zens Natl. Bank. 301 Ferris Ave., Waxaha- 
chie, Texas. 

Charles Allen Leathers. 

A. B.. 1879; M. D., 1882 Univ. of Louisville; 
Pharmacist and Physician. Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

Lucien Benjamin McBrayer, 

A. B„ 1S79; A. M., 1880; Gold Medal, Mathe- 
matics; Cashier; Delegate S. A. E. Conven- 
tion, Atlanta, Ga., 1881; Member Faculty, 1879- 
82. (Lawrenceburg, Ky.) 

Thomas Jefferson Poole. 

B. C. S.. 1879; First Lieut and Adjutant 
Cadets; Merchant; Postmaster, 1SS7. (Tres 
Palacios, Texas.) 

Russell Huston Snively, 

B. E., 1878; A. M„ 1879; Teacher, Louisville 
Boys' High School; Prof., 1881-85; Teacher, 
Rugby School, 1SS0-81; Prof. S. Ga. Coll., 
1891-92; Male High School, 1892. 132 Roberta 
Ave., Louisville, Ky._ 

William Elden Snively,* 

Philomathean Orator's Medal, 1879; Orderly 
Sergeant Cadets; Secretary and Treasurer, U. 
S. Electric Light Co. d. Sept. 2, 1889. 


William Lee Beard, 

Assistant Secretary of City. 

Samuel Burton Bottom, 

A. B.. 1880; Banker; Vice-Pres. Grand Chap- 
ter, 1880; Delegate S. A. E. Convent , 

Nashville, 1880. (Lebanon, Ky.) 

Watson Prather Gilbert, 

Firsl Lieut. Cadets: Chief Clerk, Quarter- 
master's Dept., U. S. Army. (Ft. Yates. N. 

John C. Harbert, 

Firsl Lieut, Cadets, d. .Tunc 25, 1885. 

Robert A. I followay, 

A. II., 1.KX1; Second II. in. .r. 1SS1; ('apt. 

Cadets, 1880-81; Corporation Official, (Hen- 

1' 1 "ii. Ky.) 

Elbridge Davis McBrayer,* 

Orderlv Sergeant 1 A Cadets; Bank Clerk. 
d. April 13, 1SS2. Lawrenceburg, Ky. 

1 1 11 1 iv 1>. McClure, 

Scrgeant-Majoi Cadets; Orator's Medal; 
Planter. (Corydon, Ky.) 

Henry McHenry, 

Sergeant Cadets; Declamation Medal from 
Philomathean Soc. d. Oct. 16, 1887. 

William P. Mitchell,* 

Merchant, d. 1884. 

William Mack Rankin, 

Valedictorian, 1880; 2d Lieut. Cadets; Mer- 
chant. (Cynthiana. Ky.) 


Tacob Tohnston Dickinson, 

A. B., t88i; A. M.. 1882; Salutatorian, 1S81; 
Editor. K. M. I. News, 1SS0-S1; Editor; Dele- 
gate Natl. Democratic Convention, 18S4; Edi- 
torial Staff San Antonio Express, 188S-91; 
Correspondent New Orleans Times-Democrat; 
St. Louis Republic; Chicago Herald; New York 
ll'tirld and Managing Editor St. Louis Chron- 
icle. (St. Louis. Mo.) 

Robert Kent Ferguson, 


Ephraim Wallace Lillard, 

Secretary to U. S. Senator; Capt. Co. G, 2d 
Regt., K. S. G.; Commanded Troops during 
Greenwood Riot among Miners; Dir. Lancaster 
(Ky.) Building and Loan Assn., 1891. (133 
Senate Office. Washington, D. C.) 

Charles Wooden Welch, 

U. S. Revenue Gauger; Founder of Ky. Kappa. 
(Nicholasville, Ky.) 

Jacob Dickinson Allen, 

Salutatorian; Senior Capt. Cadet Corps; Dele- 
gate to Atlantic Natl. Convention; Sec. Grand 
Chapter. 1SS1; Clerk Supreme Court of Mis- 
souri; Editor and Proprietor Butler Weekly 
'limes. 215 Jackson St., Jefferson City, Mo. 

Robert S. Goss, 

B. E., 1882; Capt. Cadets; Declamation Medal, 
1879; Teacher; Founder Texas Rho; Prof. 
Elocution and Oratory, Marvin Coll.; Waxa- 
hachie, Texas and English Literature and Elo- 
cution, Centenary Coll., Lampasas, Texas. 
(Albuquerque, N. M.) 

lames Howard Gray, 

C. E., 1882; A. B., 1883; Mathematical Medal, 
1880 and 1881; Capt. Cadets; Civil Engineer. 
(Bradentown, Fla.) 

George Webster Hall,* 

A. B., 18S2; Orderly Sergeant and Capt. Co. 
A Cadets; Merchant, d. Sept., 1S93, Eddy, 
N. M. 

Claude Payne Tohnson, 

(Pomona, Cal.) 

William Thomas McDaniel, 

Mathematical Medal, 1SS1; Merchant. (Shel- 
bina, Mo.) 

Richard Jackson Owen, 

A. M.. 1883; Senior Capt. Cadets, 1881-82; 
Commissioned Major. 18S4; Teacher; Asst. 
Prof. Science and Mathematics, 1882-83; Sci- 
ence and English, 1S83-84. (Farndale, Ky.) 

Joseph Sidney Wheless, 

A. B., 1882; A. M., 1883; LL. B., 1884 Univ. 
of Miss.; 1 st Lieut. Cadets; Declamation 
Medal. 1880; Orator's Medal, 1882; Medal for 
Excellence in English, 1S82; Lawyer; Atty., 
South Galveston Investment Co. and South 
Galveston and Gulf Shore R. R. Co., 1S92; 
Affiliated Miss. Gamma, 18S4. (Galveston. 

Clarence Allen Witherspoon, 

A. M.. 1S82; Valedictorian, 1882; Mathemat- 
ical Medal, 1SS1; 2d Lieut. Cadets, 1882; 
Abstracts, Notary Public and Insurance Loans; 
Clerk. Anderson County Deposit Bank. 1882- 
87. 114': W. Jackson St.; res. 220 E. Bolivar 
St., Mexico, Mo. 





Jefferson Davis Cockrell,* 

d. Jan. iS, 1893. 

George Blanton Hughes,* 

Valedictorian, 1883; Med