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Full text of "General Catalogue of officers and students, 1837-1911"

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genea. -'.-:-. action 



3 1833 01150 1837 

977. 40E 

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1942307 Cnvm 

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Japan I'.ook Pai-i-u. 

llic Am. A.bof I'l 


This edition of The General Catalogue tollows ^^'°-b' th g-^ o 
U,e edition of u,o.. It ain.s to present n. Part I tl,c nan^s o ^ O . e^ 
uf tl,e Unn-ersitv froui the organization ot the hi >t hoard ^' ^^^f '^r' ^^ 

.,,y to December 3^ u. t ; iVi^^i^p^^nr^^Ih: Jn f o ^ ^^^eni: 
University down to the same date, m 1 ait 111., he "'^"^^j' 
who mat icnlated before September, 1907, and who l^*^^ *- "^^ .^^^ \ ^ 
deg^-ee here; and also names of deceased students who matncnlated attcr 

"'"' i'an I has been divided into appropriate groups, and each group 
.n-u ge in e inologieal order according to date of original apponUment 
The S n entitled -Members of the Faculties." has been sulxuKled 

ordmg o r k, and each subdivision has been arranged accordmg to 
;, s e plan- 1 amelv, seniority of aprnnntinent. The title n. itahc 

cr ch run ■ 1. the '.ne last held. Following this, m smaller ype. 1. a 
;,";,::!:.; clli ot tiHe. previously held at this University. No names 

,„ U e n e'ilv. \ l-l o' H'-'-ary Degrees, alsu arranged by yeai. 
y>l s , De, h.l.. In DepaiUueiUs where higher degree. 
,n. ol ll.r p..i graduate s.iuly, the lists of such graduates uill be 
f in n c uli ca^e at the end of the class lists of the Department. 

..,!t 111 has been arranged under one alphabet rather than by 

Dcru-'tments and Classes, for the obvious reason that no precise arrange- 

i 1 ; o t t k nd was po.ssible. In the Literary Department a large part ot 

e on graduate, entered as special stiulents, and never became identi- 

\ 1 'uCla.. > )nKr. were members of different Classes^ or of 

^ce Department, at di.terent tunes. In the I'rofessiona Schcx^s 

1 ' u . i. true in le^^er degree. Nor would it have been possible alwajs 

'^i^r.^ie 'peoKd ..ude.m" from those who were candidates for a 

]M 1-nt. 11 and 111. an attempt has been made t,> record addre.s and 

,'',:,' .:;!.,- „u. hviu.. and date and ,.lace -f death of tho.^e not living. 

lal Schools it ha-^ been a^-sumed that persuii:, are 

to >ei 

. _ .upaluMi 01 the 1 
In c.i-e ..I the I'r' 


■' iy. - PREl-ACn. 

' following the occupations indicated by their professional degrees unless 
. '. otherwise indicated. Where a graduate appears in more than one list 
'■■' any subsequent recurrence of the name after the first entry is followed 
'■ only by a back reference and by the address when known. 

Special pains have been taken to record, with dates, academic degrees 
V . received elsewhere by our students. With reference to academic and 
r • other official positions, the editor has been much embarrassed in drawing 
the line of selection. County and municipal offices (excepting judge- 
. : ships), postmasterships, membership in State legislatures and on boards 
"' of control, membership in learned societies, etc., have been generally 
omitted. To have made record of all these would have added many 
hundreds of items, aiul would have swelled the volume to undue propor- 
I The necessity of making room for nearly fourteen thousand new 

: names in this edit'ion has compelled the condensation of the records of the 

earlier classes as found in the editions of 1891 and 1902. This applies 
i especially to the military records. The new volume is therefore in some 

j degree supplementary to the earlier ones. Some copies of the former 

I editions are still to be had, should any one desire to possess them. 

I Service in the Mexican, Civil, and Spanish Wars is indicated by a 

' dagger (|) prefixed to the name, and in most cases only the highest rank 

i attained has been indicated. Considerable labor yet remains to be done 

to make this part of the record complete. 

To names of persons known to be deceased an asterisk (♦) is prefixed. 
I^luch care has been taken to make the record complete in this respect, but 
some blanks yet remain to be filled. Doubtless a c.msidcrable number of 
the "unknowns" are deceased, for whom, owing to imperfect registration, 
it will not now be foun.l practicable to make any further recor.l. For tiie 
t•^■^t lime an elTort has been made to record the ages of the deceased. 
iMgures HI paieuthescs following each recor.l have been u^ed to economize 

' ' The editor has proceeded on the principle of excluding all conjecture, 
no matter how plausible, when known to be conjecture. Much informa- 
tion more or less probable, but still lacking confirmation, has been 
received, but not used. No doubt some matters here recorded rested 
more or'less on conjecture in the minds of those reporting tiiem ; but all 
possible diligence has been exercised by the editor in checking error. 
Official records have been constantly referred to whenever accessible. 
.\s indicated in the previous edition, no small ditTiculty has been 
encountered in making up the lists of non-graduates. The lists of grad- 
uates here given aggregate upwards of forty-three thousand names. Jt 
is manifest that in so large a number identical or simdar names would 
•,pp<.;u- in the sann- 1 K'l.artment, or difi-eient Deparliuents, (dten in close 

;-.ii -•!•.' ^ <■ :v.^ 

■ J' ' ■tW\ vi 

.!,'/ .i>';fi;Di|Hi; -ii: 7 ■:: 

!i 1 •, -iH' .finoKli 

.■t^'.linj-n ,.-!'^':i,- 1", • : f.) _,;• ; ,{'t(\m 

■)Mr;.. IS u.-:; -T -r ■•;' 


proximity of time. Owing to the fact that back of 1864 no records of 
students have been found except the printed hsts in the Annual Cata- 
logues, that in many cases only initials are given in those early lists, and 
that numerous misprints occur in them, the ditiiculty of determining the 
identity or non-identity of the persons .represented has often been very 
great. The care bestowed upon this portion of the work has, we believe, 
reduced the number of duplications very nearly or quite, to zero; and the 
lists as now settled may be taken as a substantially complete roster of all 
persons who have matriculated at the University in tlie years covered by 
this record. 

For twenty-five years and more the editor has devoted a good share 
of his leisure to the perfecting of the ufticial records of the University, 
and especially as they relate to the men and women wlio have studied 
upon this hill and who have carried the name of Michigan to the ends of 
the earth. When he looks upon this great array and recalls their achieve- 
ments in the work of the world he has some satisfaction in feeling that 
the task of making even so inadequate a record has been labor well spent. 

I. N. D., '68. 

Ann Arbor, June 12, 1(^12. 

., , , ■ I " : 

,•■■■ •(!)<j if . ■■■■' >iii'V/ :. U i )./• '1 - 
J .; !<uf ;o-i ' .. ■ .j;;i'i> ■ ... if \ ■ ■ 


v^. ,.,-,• I ' ,' ,-,--' :; v..i .." a.i f 

.U 'll !■ M 




Shckhtakiks ..... 


Sni'KKi.NiK.snKNTb oi- I'Liii.ic l.NSTKrcrio 


Mk.mi'.kks oi- the Facli.tiks 

Pkoiessoks .... 


AssiMANT Pkoi i:s>0Ks 
Lnsiklckihs .... 

N%).\-Rksiiii:.\t I.iA'TUKKKS 


PART II r.K \l)UATi:S (~>l~ TllK UNIV 

Dki-akt.mknt OF l-:.\.;i.N) 

DUl'AKl.MK.M OI- Mi:i)Ui: 

l)ri'Ai<TMi:.Nr oi.- 
.\i.\ \\n:i> l)i-(.i<i:is 



>11 MKI'.tlKV 



CO. V 77-;. vr.s- 

IkiMoKorATiiic Mr.incAi. Coi.i.KoiC 
Cor.i.ECE oi- Dkntai, Surci-uy 

AuvANCKti Dkckkks 
IlciNOKAKY Dkci<i:i:s 


Makkifd Nami;.s of Non-Guahuate \\'omi:n 









I' ihe Acts i.i March iS and June 21. 18.17, the Hoard was oriRinally made uo ot 
tithticii iLiinhirs. si\ ex officio, and Iwehe by apijuiiun.ciit of the C.ovcriior with the advice 
and consint uf tlie Sciiat.:. Of the twelve l^egeriis named by Governor Mason, March 21, 1837, 
three were to hold ol/ice for one year, three for two years, three for three years, and three 
lor four ><ars; lliereafter, the term was four years. In iSj.S an additional Justice of the 
Supreme Court was authorized, which increased the uuniber to niucleeu ; but in 1847 the 
ollice <.f Uiaiic.-llor of bi.ilc w.iS ahoiishcd, thus reducina tile total to eiuhleen at'ain The 
(.overnor was I'resident ol ihe Hoard ; in lus absence, the J.iculenaat-Covernor. In case of 
the jd.sciue of both, a I'lesident pro tempore wa^ chosen by the H.>ard. The.,e conditions held 
(ill .lanuary 1. iS^-'. wheu a new Hoard chV.jcn under the ronM, union of iS=;o took office. 

Ihe (.onstuulion of 1850 p;ovuled that the Ketjents slionl.l be elected by the people voting 
at the A|):il election of 1851, on the same ticket with the Circuit and Supreme Courts, one 
Ktyent to be chosen from each Judicial Circuit, to hold office for six years from January 1 

'- ' ■>• 111 case of death or resignation the vacancy was tilled by popular elec- 

icancies were not promptly filled, sometimes not at all. The first Hoard 
rrant'enuiit took oflice January 1, i85.", and consisted of eight members, 
luiuber « as incieascd to ten. 

ihtilulJou was amended so as to provide for a Hoard of eislit Ueijeiits to 
ral ''^'^'•t :" the April election of i86.i and to take office January i follow- 

l\u; were to be elected every second year, at the April election, for the 
ears. In case of vacancy from any cause the lloveruor was to' a|.point. 

rid and folly persons have borne the title. Of the entire number, thirteen 

>ears or more. The longest period was eiflileen years (fCdward Carey 

and the n.Nt longest sexeuteen years U^lou I'arubWorth, 18J7-184J. 1846- 

idu.l'ur ,''■/ -Tlo') '"'"'''" ^''■'"''' ""'^'"' \\''"''""-'' fiidlerheld, 18881904; and Frank Ward 


'SiiivK.Ns TlioMSo.N M.\S(iN-, 1837-40 *.\M•lll;l^ l'i;icJi, 1846-47 

•\\ii.i.i.\M \VuoniiKiiK,K, 1S40-41 *\\'ii.i.i.\M L. (-;ki:i;M.v, 1847-48 

M\Mis W'kioiit CoKiKi.x, 1841-42 *Ei'.\piiKoiiiTi s k.vNSoM, 1848-so 

MoiiN Situ KKP lUnuv. 18.1-46,1850-52 


*F.p\S.\l;li .MUNPV, 18.57-40 *\\ll.I.IAM h. GkHK.NT.V, 1846-47 

M.\MKS Wku.iit C.dKiHi.v, 1.S40-41 *\Vir.i.(.\.M .M.^nm-w Fenton 184S-52 

'C)kICK.\ 1). RUTISKHH.N-, 1842-46- 

•Fui.N- F.MiNswt.kiTi. 1837-42. 1846 *Kani„m.iii, 1842-46 


iwiiik; the election 


In practice va 


jen under this a 


years later the 1 

In 18M the Coi 


jhosen on a «enr 


y. Tlureaft\r.' I 


term of ciiiht y 


s arrangement sti 

In all, one hund 


e served for ten 


ker, 1804188J) .J 

J L' STICKS i)h 

'D.NNifi, Gouuwi.v 

i2, 1846 

*KANPnl.|ll M.AN.M.NL 




nV.M<M:u Wi.Nc, 


*r.KOi<c,K .\fn.i;s, 


*Fpwai<ii Ml Niiv. 


*S.\.\l(il<li Mnii.\ (iuilJ- 


*Aii.\i:i< I'katt. 


*(1K(ik(.ic .M Auri.v, 


*\\ ii.i.iAM A. Fli: 

H'.KdKCK .M()Ki-:i,i„ 1837-43 +('.KOi<c,K .\fn.i;s, 1846-50 

I'-PAPiiudpnus Ra.\s(i.\i. 1877-j.S *FiiwAki, Mi ni,v 1848-51 


*.-\i.PHKus l-KLcii, ,«4..-45 *A„.M.:u i-KM-r. ,850-52 


yr^SHsi -/ ■ /'^ '._! '-i'r.i "'m;j c.A'-ii'j) i'^>:i 

■.J'.- ,!•: y ) ' •"A I /'■''.' 1. 





tlNTMKNT (1837-52). 

♦Thomas FitzgiCkai.d, 

*Roi3EUT McClKi.i.and, iB.!7, 

*JoiiN Fkeui-kicii Puktkk, 


*Lucius Lyon, 


*'juHN Johnstone Adam, 
*Samui:i. Dkntiin, 
*Gii)EON Oi.iN Wiirn'EMiiKE, 
♦Henry I^owe Scimui.ckai-t, 

*R0SS Wll.KINS. 

♦Isaac Iujwjn Cuaky, 
♦ZiNA Pitch EK, 
♦bEUA MuuriiY, 
♦(iuKuoN C. Leech, 
♦Jonathan Keaksi.EY, 
♦Josru'H \V. Bkown, 
♦Chakles Chkistoi'HEk Tkow- 


♦MiciiAEi. A. Patteksux, 
♦Wii.i.iAM Dkapek, 
♦Daniel Hudson, 
♦Fkancis John IIiocinson, 
♦S\mim:i, Wiii.iAM DixTEi;, 











1 837-4-' 





1 838-5-' 









^Oi.ivEK Ckomwi-i.i. Comstock, 
♦Martin KuNUir., 
*JoiiN Owen, 
♦Geouge Goodman, 
♦Andrew ^L Fitch, 
■^sMSiiA Crane, 
■Wii.i.nM A. iM.EiviiKK, 
♦DKwnr Gmmun Walker, 
♦Marmn Allk.n-. 
♦Lewis Cas:,, 

♦F.DWAKU Mlin'dy, 
♦Alexander Hem an Rkdeielu, 
♦MiNoT 'I'liAYER Lane, 

^AUSIIN l'",NOCll WlNO, 

♦GiiARLEs CoEFiN Taylor, 
♦lii.ijAH Holmes Pilcher, 
♦Fl,ON F'arnswortu, 


*Jl sri;s Goonwix, 

4;i\lAMlN FrANIsLIN 1L\wkii 

H'Dwix ^L Gr>T. 
^iM'sriiRODiTus Ransom, 





1 84 1 -43 
























♦Michael A. Patterson, 
♦I'lnwARD Shaw Mooue, 
♦lu.oN Earns worth, 
♦James Kingsley, 
m'.i.isha i'.lv, 
♦Charles Henry Palmer, 
♦Andrew Parsons, 

♦WlLLlA.M UlMollN, 
^^HenrV 1 liilJATlo NoRTHRul', 

♦James I'.astman Johnson, 
♦Levi liisiioi'. 
♦Donald McIntyre, 
♦Edenezer Lakin Brown, 
♦r.uKR H. Parsons, 
♦John Van VlEck, 
♦llENKY Whiting, 

Oliver Lyman Si>AULt)iNG, 
♦William Montagi:k I'Ekrv, 
♦George Bradley, 
♦luiwARD Carey Walker, 
♦George Wii.lard, 
♦Thomas D wight Giliu-.rt, 

Thomas Jeeeerson Joslin, 
♦Henry C., 
♦Alvah Sweetzer, 






















I 864 -82 




♦Cyrus Moses Stockwell, 
♦loH'N ALmielm Berry Sill, 

Hiram Austin Burt, 
♦Joseph I'.st.mmjook, 
♦|0N\-^ Harivel ^k■G0WAN, 

CL.\rDi(> lifcii \NAN Grant, 


■^I'.MfoN Mac Ci'TCHEoN, 
♦S\mui:l .^now W.m.ker, 
♦Vutory PiiEi.i's Collier, 


♦t^EORCE Lewis ^ 
♦James Shearer, 
■ ♦I'liENEzEK Oliver Grosvenor, 

Jacoi! J. Van Riper, 
♦Austin 15lair, 
*JamES F'redErick Joy, 
♦Lyman Di-catlk Xouris, 
♦ Vrthiir Merrill Ci.ark, 

Charles Josei'H Wii.lltt, 
'Moses Wheei.ock Field, 

Charles Rudolph us W'hit- 


♦Charles ^ 
Roger Wii 
♦Charles 1 

ART Dk.' 
MS liriT 




1870 77 




1870 83 







1 88(3-86 





1 884-9-' 






i7;C7v'/: TARIliS, TRLi. ISUKP.kS. HTC. 



PivruK Wiim:, 


W'Ai.'riiK llui.ME Sawvi:r, 


JuNuis ]{mi:ky 1?i:ai., 


1m;\nk I'liuici' Li:i.A.\u, 


Chasu- Salmon Osuukn, 


John Hknkv Grant, 


WiixiA.M Lawrknce Clements, 


CilXlUGK I'u-UldC CoDl), 






IIakuv Conanl- 1!,i;v, 


'lllKMANN KlEl'EK, 1889-I9OJ 

*\\ iLLiAM Johnson Cockeu, 181)0-1901 

I'ETEK Nai'oi.eon Cook, i89_'-i9aj 

*11k.n'ky II(A\aki), i.Sijj-94 

Levi Lewis Rarbouk, i89-'-9S, i(>):i-o8 

I-'UANK \\'aRD I'LETCHEK, 1894-I9IO 

llEN'fiV Stewart Dean, 1894-1908 

Gkoroe Alexander Faru, 18-^0-1904 

♦Charles I'E Witt Law ton, 1898-191^) 

I'j.i Kaxsom Sutt(.in, 1900-02 

*Ari'iu'r Hill, 1901-01) 

^llE.NKV Wl^tonrae Cakev, 190J-10 


18,57-30 ^Alexander \\'in'c1ii:ll, 1854-56 

1839-45 *J0HN Ll\'IN(.STON TaiM'AN, 1856-58 

I'.ELL. 1845-4(1 *1)amel Leonard Wood, 1858-64 

1S40-S-" *fo]iN Hiram IIurleson, iS<j4-6<j 

iS;j " *Henky l)E\Viri' Kennetl, i^mj-S.? 

I. "'5-' 55 JAMiS Henrv Wm'E, i8S5-iix>8 

i'~^55-5-l Shirlev \\in:Ei.i;R Smith, 19^- 


1858-39 *Volney Chai'in, 1860-64 

1839-41 '"Donald McIntvrE, 1864-7J 

1841-44 *ji)HN ^[ARSHAl,L WlIEELER, 187J-78 

^William Addison Toi.chard, 1878-83 
144-46, 1818-51 IL\RRisoN SouLi:. 1883-1908 

1846-48 C.Eokr.E SiiMNEK Baker, ii>(j8-ii 

1^51-58 KoiiERi' Alkxandi;i< C.vmi'UELL, 1911- 




.1 ^ \V 


'J ^ 


o.vv '1 



xTiNi; CA^ 
1 Who IX, 

' C 1 


1 III 

< W Al 

MT< MooK,' 

" '■ ' 

w \ 

■" ''' 

MoXD C\l \ 





V K. S 







Tone .\l>\M 


■■nv \'. 11 
IN .Mam 



V Chase, 
i,m:v W 1:1 1. 1- 




♦John Dams Pierce, 


*]ra May hew. 


*1k\nklix Sawyer, Jr., 


♦Francis \\illi;tt Shearman, 


*ni|\iu CuoMWELL CoMSToi'K. 



'TED liY 

■oi'Ui.AR \(riTC 

'■[•RWATs \\ ll,l,i;ri' SllEAKMAN, 


^TiiEoDOKE Nelsoiv, 


*1ra .Ma^hi-w, 




*JoilN Mil Ton CiREGOKY, 


1'"ekris Smith ]'"ircH, 


*,i. Hoseord, 


Henry Ro.maine Pattengh.l, 




Jason Klmer Ha.mmond, 

1897- 1901 

♦Horace Su.mner Tardell, 


Delos P'.m.i , 


CoRNEi.ii's Albert Gower, 


Patrick IIenry Kei.ley, 


"Varnu.m P- \rstow Cochran, 


LiTHER La.mi'heare Wright, 


HeRSCHEL liollERT Gass, 


*Kev. Henry Philh- Taitan, D.D.. LL.D., 1852-63. 

i'rulcbbor of I'liilosophy, 1 352-63. Died at Vevey, Swil/erl.iu.l 

♦Rev. Hrastus Otis Haven, D.D., LL.D., 1863-69. 

I'rok-ssor of Rhetoric aiul Ijiiilisli Literature, 1863-65; of i. 
1865-68; of Jlental and Mocil IMiilosopliy, i868-6y. Kesigiit.l .1 

ityiivj>i .-■., !•; -I M 


liesidency of the Northwestern University. Afterwards became lliancillor of Syracuse Uhx 
vcrsily. In *1ay, iSSo, was chosen Bishop of the M. li. Church. Died at Salem, Ureuoii, Auy. 
2, i88i. (See Professors.) 

"Henky Simmons Fkif.ze, LL.D., Acting 1860-71. 

Also Acting President during President Angell's absence as V. S. Minister to Cliina, i88o- 
8j. tSee I'rofc^sors.) 

James BuKiiiLr, Ancell, LL.D., 1S71-1909. 

Lecturer on Political Economy and International Law. 1871-80; on International Law, i88i- 
1910; President limerilus. 190B — . 

Hakrv Burns Hutchins, LL.D., 1910 — . 

Actiiit; President, i8<>7-9S, lyog-io. (See Professors.) 


.Xrranyed in yroups in the following order: Professors (including Associate, .\diunct. and 
Acting Professors and Lecturers); Junior Professors and Acting Junior Professors who had 
no higher rank; Assistant Professors and Acting Assistant Professors who had no higher rank; 
Instructors who had no higher rank ;• — each group in the order of original appointment to 
that rank. 

♦Asa Gray, M.D., Professor of Dotiuiy and Zoology, 1838-42. 

Resigned to accept a iiosition ni Harvard College, where he iciiiained till liis death. Jan. 
30, 1888. 

*l)uL'Ci.ASS lIorcino.N, A.m., M.lJ., Professor of Cluiiiislrv. Mmer^ilogy, mid Geol- 
ogy. 18.3-J-4.S. 
Drowned in Lake Suj-erior, Oct. 13, 1845. 

♦Rev. George Pai.mer Williams. LL.D., Professor of Pliysics, 1863-81. (Eiiierilus, 

Professcr of Natural Philosophy, 1S41-54; of Mathematics, 1854-63. Died at .\nn Arbor, 
Sept. 4, i8si. 

♦Rev. Joseph Whitinc, A.M., Professor of Greek and Latin Languages, 1841-45. 

Died at Ann Arbor, July 20, 1845. 

♦AiiRAM Sacer, am., AI.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of U'uDien and 
Children, lik'to-ys. (limeriins, 1874-75.) 

Professor of Zo.^lugy and Botany, 1842-50; of Obstetrics, Diseases of Women and Children. 
Uotany, and, 1850-54; of Obstetrics, Physiology, liotany, and Zu^lugy, 1S54-55; of 
Obstetrics and Physiology, 1855-60. Died at Ann Arbor, .\ug. 6, iM;;, 

♦Rev. HuWAku Thomson, A.M., M.D., Profcssur uf Moral and InlclleciHal Pliilos- 
ofliy, 1843-44. 

Resigned August, 1844, to become President of Ohio W ealeyan I'niversitv, which position he 
held till 1S60; Kditor of Christian Advocate, 1860-64; l!i;hop iM. K. Chuic'h Irum 1864 till his 
deulh at Whcelnig. \V. Va.. March .■-•, 1870. 
♦Uev. Am.ui:\v Ten Hk.k.k, A.M., Professor of Moral and InlcUcclual Philo,o[>hy, 

18-14-5 1- 
Librarian, 1850-51; 1864-77. Died at Detroit, Mich., Nov. 5, 1899. 

♦Rev. Daniel Deniso.s- Whedon, D.D., Professor of Logic, Rhetoric, and History, 

Editur of Methodist Quarterly Review, 1856-84. Died at Atlantic Highlands, N. J., June 
9. 1885. 

♦Rev. John Holmes .\t.NLw, A.M., Professor of Greek and Latin Languai^es, 1845- 


♦Silas Hamilton Docclas, .\.M,, Professor of Melallurgv and Chemical Tech- 
nology, 1875-77. 

Assistant to the I'rofessui of Chemistry, 1844-45; Lecturer on Chemistry and Geology, 
1845-46; Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology, 1846-51; of Chemistry, Pharmacy, 
Medical Jurisprudence, Ge.dogy, and Mineralogy, 1851-5,5; of Chemistry. Mineralogy, Phar- 
macy, and To.xicology, 1S55-70; of Chemistry, 187075. Director ut the Chenucal Laboratory, 
1870-77. Died at Ann Arbor, Aug. j6, i8yo. 

♦Louis Fasoueli.E, LL.D., Professor of Modern Languages and Literalure, 1846-6.'. 

Died at .^lln .\rbor, Oct. i, 1862. 

r - a»AT \0 ■^:A\X\hlV 

■ li ,-,( .; 'J' 


*MosES GUNN, A.M., M.l)., Professor of Surgny, 1854-67. • 

Professor of Anatun.y and Surgery. 1849-52; Trofcs.or of Sur«ery, ami I.ecturer on Anat- 
omy 185.-54. Kesigncd Marcli. 1867, to accept the Cl.air of burgery in Kusl. Medical College. 
Chicago. Died at Chicafo, HI., Nov. 3, 1887. 

*SamuE1., M.D., Professor of the Theory and Practue of MeJieine anJ 
of Pathology, 1850-00. 

Regent 1837-40. Died at Ann Arbor, Aug. 17, i860. 

*JoN.\Tii.\N Adams Ali.KN, A.M., M.U., Professor of Therapeutics, Materia Mediea, 
and Physiologv, 1850-54. 

Died at Chicago, 111., Aug. 15, 1890. ^ , , o; 1 

*Ri;v. \Vii.i.i.^M Stanton Cuinis, A.M., Professor of Mora! and Intellectual Uiil- 
osophv, 1851-52. 

Died at Kockiord, 111., May io, 1885. 

+Z1NA PirciiUK, M.D., Emeritus Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Obstet- 
rics, 1851-72. 

Regent, 1837-52. Died at Detroit, Mich., April 5, 187-'. 

*Ai,ONZo Bi.NjAMiN PAi.MKk, M.U., I.L U., Profc'ssor of Pathology and the Practice 
of Medicine and Clinical Medicine. J^o-i>7. 

Trofeibur vi Anatoniy, i85---54 (luu on duty); ol Materia Mediea, 1 herapeutics, and Dis- 
eases of Won. en and Children, i854-<^o; "f U'* Theoiy aii.l I'ractice of Medicine, Pathology, 
and Materia Mediea, .86uO. ; of the Tlicory and I'laeli.e of Medicine, and of I'atholoBy 
1(501-04; ol I'athology, the I'ractice of Medicine, and of Hygiene, 1804-09, ot Pathology and 
the Practice of Medicine. 1809-80. Died at Ann Arbor, Dec. j3. 1887. 

*Ai.vAH Bkauisu, A.M., Professor of fine Arts, 1852-63. 

Died at Detroit, Mich., April 19, 1901. 
♦James Rohinson Boise, LL.D., Professor of the (Jreek Language and Literature. 

Resigned January. 1868, to accept the Chair of Creek in the I'nive.sity of Chicago. Died 
at Chicago, HI., I'eb. 9. 1895. , ,. ,. , , . 

♦Rev. Ek.-\stus Otis Haven, A.M., Professor of History and hnghsk Literature, 

Profebi?of the I.atiu Language and Literature, 185.1-54. I'lesidcnt of the University. 

♦AEE.XANMUt WiNCiiEi.i,, I,I,.D., Professor of Geology and Palaeontology, i879-9i- 

Professor of Phy.sics and Civil I'ngincering, 1853-55; "' I'Cology, Zoology, and Botany, 
1855-73. Resigned March, 1873, to become Chancellor of Syracuse University. Died at Ann 
Arbor. Feb. ig, i8gi. 

♦CouYiwN I,.*. FoKD, M.I)., 1,1,1)., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, 1860-94. 

Professor of Anatomy, 1851 (jo. Died at Ann Arbor, April 14, 1X91- 

♦Edmund Anduews, A.M., M.D , Professor of Comparaiire Anatomy and Demon- 
strator of Human Anatomy, i854-55- , , 
Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1851-53; Demonstrator of .-XiKUomy a 
Anatomy. 185354. Professor of Clinical Surgery in the Medical Sell 
versify. Died at Chicago. HI., Jan. -•-', 1904. 

*Rev. Ch m< Fox, A.M., Professor of Agriculture, 1854. 

Died July 24, 1854. r , -,. 

♦Francis Brunnow, Ph.U,, Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Obsena. 
tory, 1854-63. 
Died at Heidelberg, Germany, Aug. 2.>. 1891. 

♦Henry Simmons Frieze. LL-D., Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, 

Died at Ann Arbor. Dec. 7. 1889. (See Presidenis.) ^. ., „ . . „ 

♦William Guy Peck, AM., Professor of Physics and Lwil Engineering i>iSS-57; 

Resigned to become Professor ot Mathematics and Astronomy in Columbia College. Died 
at Nev^ York, N. Y., Feb. 7. 1892. 
♦Benjamin Braman, A.M., Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, 1855- 

In place of Professor Frieze, absent in Europe. Died at Norton, Mass , Jan. .-o, 1889. 

♦William Petit TrowbkidcE, A.M., Professor of Mathematics, 185(1-57. 

Died at New Haven. Conn.. AuE. 12. i8gj. 

Andrew Dickson White, A.M.. Professor of Historv. \^>},-U7- Itl>"C;'. ^- Y. 

I'rofessor of History and linglish Literature, 1857-63. Resigned to accept llie I icsMency 
of Coinell University. 

T" ']-■■* 


*JamES Valentini; Campliell, LL.D,, Marshall Professor of Lazv, 1859-85. 

Died at Dclioit, Mich., March 26, 1890. 

*CiiAKi,F,s Irish Wai,ki;k, LL.D., /vi')i/ Professor of Law, 1859-76; 1886-87. 

Also filled tliib Chair during I'rofessor Wells's absence, 1879-81. Died at Flint, Mich., Vch. 
ij, 1805. 

*Tiiomas McIntyrE Coolky, LL.D., Professor of American History and Constitu- 
tional Laiv, 1885-98. 

Jay Professor of Law, 1859-84. Also Lecturer on Constitutional Law and Medical Juris- 
prudence, 1861-65. Died at Ann Arbor, Sept. 12, 1898. 

*Di; Vor.soN Woop, A.M., Professor of Civil Engineering;, fi^-72. 

Assistant I'rotcssor of Civil ICngineering, 1857-59; I'rofessor of Physics and Civil luigincer- 
ing, 1859-60. Kcbiyned tu accept a Chair in Stevens Institute of Tcchiiolujjy. Died at llobo- 
kei), N. J., June 27, 1897. 

*Jamf:s Ckaig Watso.v, LL.D., Professor of Astronomy ami Director of the Obser^!- 

atory, i86.i-79. 
Assistant Observer, 1858-59; Professor of Astronomy and Iiislniclur in M jiheinatics, 1859- 
60; Professor of Physics, and Instructor in Mathematics, i86o-6,t. Kesifncd to become Pro- 
fessor of Astronomy and Director of Washburn Observatory, University u( Wisconsin. Died 
at Madison, Wis., Nov. 23, 1880. 
*Sa.\iui;i, Glasgow Akmor, A.M., M.D., Professor of Institutes of Metlicine and 

Materia Mediea. 1861-68. 

Died at iJrooUlyn. N. V., Oct. 27, 1SS5. 

EuwARii Pavso.v ]''.vans, A.AL, Pr.'fessor of Modern Lan</na<ies and Literatures, 
1863-70. 5S Siiinmit R(l., .MciJfurd, ^hlss. 

Instructor in Modern LaiiKuayes. 1862-63. 

*Rev. Li'Cius Dkiison Ciiapin, D.D., Professor of Moral and InleUeelual Philos- 
ofhv, i863-(hS. 
Died at Phillips, J- la., June 18, 1S92. 

*Ei)WAKi) Oi.NKV, LL.D., Professor of Mathematics, 1863-87. 

Died at Ann Arbor, January 16, 1887. 

*Asin,i:v Pond, A.B., Pletcher Professor of Laiv, i8t)6-(i8. 

Professor of Law, 1S65-66. Died at Detroit, Mich., Jan. 12, 1910. 

♦Wii.i.iAM Wakri:n GiiEiiNi;, M.D., Professor of Civil and Military Surt^ery, 1867-68. 

Died at sea. Sept 10, 18S1, returning from the International Medical "Congress at London. 

*AnAM Knight SpKnce, A.M., Professor of the French Language and Literature, 

Instniclor ill Greek, 185859; in Creek and Prcnch, iHy)6o; in (".reek, Latin, and I'rench, 

1860-63; ill Greek' and l''rencli, 1863-65; Assistant Professor of C.ieek and I'reiKh, 1865-67. 

Kesisucd to accept the Presidency of Pisk University. Died at NasliMllc, 'I'liui., .\|;ril 2^, 

*CnARi.i:s Ki'NiiAi.i, Auams, LL.D., Professor of History. iS<^^i7-85. 

Insiiu, l..r in lliMuiy, iM,..-63; in History and Latin, 1X63-65; Assistant Piofes^or of His- 
lo.y ,.i.d l,,,iin, ,,S(,.s<.7 Ke,-,iKiic,l, July 21, iS.Sj, Ic, aceei I the Presidency of Cornell I'lii- 
veibitv. l'ii:,ukiil ol tlic rniverslly of Wiscoasiu, i89--i9oi. Died at Ucdiaiids, Cal., July 

*Mubi;s CoiT Tvi.ER, LL.D, Professor of the English Language and Literature, 

Professur of Khetoric and ICnylish Literature, 1867-73. Kesigncd, June 2, 1881, to accept 
the Chair of American History in Cornell I'nivcrsity. Died at Itliaca, N, Y , Dec. 28, 190a. 

Charles .-Krtem.vs Kent, A.M., Fletcher Professor of Law, i8<38-86. Detroit, Mich. 
*Rkv. Benjamin Fr.vnkiin Cocker, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Psychologv, Sfecu. 
latere l'hilosofh\\ and l'hilosot<hv of Relivion, i88i-8v 

ProfesMir of Moral .iiid Menial Philosophy, 186981." Died at Aim, .\pril 8, i.'^Si 

♦IlENRV Svi-VEsri;R Cin:i:vEi<. A.NL, M.D., Professor of ThcrafentLs. Materia Med- 
ico, and Physiologv, i87_>-7(j. 

Assistant in Chemistry," 180365; Denion.siralor of .\tialoiin, i.s67-6.S; l.cliuer on Thera- 
peutics and Materia Mediea, i8o!'-7o; Professor of Thei apeiities and Materia Medica, 1870-72. 
Died at Ann Arbor, March 31, i«77. 

♦Ai.PHEus Kenning Crosiiy, A.M., M.I)., Professor of Snn^erv. 1870-71. 

Lectmer on Surgery, 1869-70. Died at ll.moier. .N. II . Auk. i", 1877. 

♦Ai.ilEKT Benjamin Pki'siott, M.D,, LL.D., Professor of Oryanu Chemistry, i8<;o- 

A>Mst.,iil ill CI,niiiM.>, 1.S036,,; Assistant I'luless.,! ol Clieiiii.Mi y, and L.elui.'i on Oryaiii.: 

.:\'T^'j:,k-' ■ .yy no c.A'^.^sr.WK 


Chemistry ami Metallurgy, 1065-70; Professor of Organic and Applied Cheiiiistry and of Phar- 
macy. I&70 Sy; Professor of Organic Chemistry and of Pharmacy, liiSij-go. Uean of the School 
of Pharmacy, iSrbigos. Director of the Chemical Laboratory. 1884-1905. Died at Ann Arbor, 
l"eb. -'5, 1905, 

Uiiv. Mautin Luther D'Ooce, Ph.D., LL.D., D.Litt., Professor of the Greek Lan- 
guage ami Lilcralure, 1S70 — . 

Absiatani Professor of Ancient Languages, 1867-68; Acting Professor of tlie Greek Language 
and Literature, 1868-70. 

*Gi;oKCt: Sylvester Morris, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy. 1887-89. 

Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, 1870-79; of Lthics,Jii4tory of Philosophy, 
and Logic, 18S1-87. Died at Ann Arbor, March 23, iS8y. 

r.EOKCE Benjamin, A.M., Adjuiut Professor of Physics, 1871-75. 

Washington, D. C. 

Assistant Professor of hfathcinatics. 1866-71. 

Theodore Andrews McGraw, A.M., M.D., Lecturer on Surgery, 1871-72. 

Detroit, Mich. 

President of Detroit College of Medicine. 

*Gi;orc.e Hdwaru Fkothingiiam, M.D., Professor of Materia MeJica, Uphtha-linic 
and Aural Surgery, and Clinical Ophthalmology, 1880-8.;. 

l*i..,tcli| fl ^urgciy iiud Ucinuiislrator of Anatomy 1S07-08; Demun^ of .\natoiiiy. 
i.S0,S/5; l.eiiiae, on Dphthalmulogy, 1870-7^; Profcbsor of Ophthalmology and Aural Surgery, 
187.' 75; PruK-sjui- of Practical Anatomy and Ophthalmic and Auial Suigery, 1875-76; of Ma- 
teria .Medica and Ophthalmic and Aural Surgery, 1876-80. Died at Detroit, Mich., April 24, 

.ES Ezra GrEENE, A.M., C.E., Professor of Civil Engineering, 1872-1903. 

I of the Department of Lngineering, 1895-1903. Died at Ann Arbor, Oct. 16. 1903. 

*Do\ALu Maclean, A.M., M.D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, 188089. 

Lecturer on Surgery, i87j-73; Professor of Surgery, 1873-80. Died at Detroit, Mich., July 
24. luoj. 

*PiHKK£ Leslie Irving, A.M., Acting Professor of the English Language and Liter- 
ature, 1873-74- 

Died at .\e,v lirightoii, N. V., April 14, 1891. 

Kucene Wulue.mar HiLCAui), Ph.D., Professor of Mineralogy, Geology, Zoology, 
and Botany, 1874-75. Berkeley, Cal. 

Prok-isor i.l l.eology, Z.iology, and ISotany, 1873-74. Professor of Agriculture and .\gri- 
tnlluial Chemiitry in the UnivcrbUy oi Cahloriiia. 

I'KiaiEKic llENRV Gekrish, A..\L, ^LD., Professor of Therapeutics. Materia Medica, 
and J'hysiology, 1874-75. Portland, Me. 

Lecturer on Therapeutics. Materia Medica, and Physiology, 1873-74. 

*F.u\v'ARu Swift Dunster, A.M., ^LD., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of 
Women and Children, 187^-88. 

Lecturer 011 Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, 1873-74. Died at Ann .\rbor. 
May 3, 18S8. 

♦Samuel AkThur Jones, NLD., Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and 
F.xperinienlal i'athogencsy in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1878-80. 
Piofesaor oi Materia Medica and Therapeutics and Dean in the Homoeopathic .Medical Col- 
lege, 1875-78. Died at .\iin .\rbor, March 9, 1912. 

♦John Morgan, ^LD., Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine in 
the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1875-77. 

Died at M.llville. N. J.. April 10. 1899. 

♦Jonathan Taft, M.D., D.D.S., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Oral 
Pathology and Surgery, 1891-1903. 
Professor of the Principles and Practice of Operative Dentistry, 1875-91. Dean of the 
College of Dental Surgery, 1875-1903. Died at Ann Arbor, Oct. 16, 1903. 
♦William Henry PETfEE, A.M., Professor of Mineralogy, Economic Geology, and 
.\Hning Engineering, 1881-1904. 
Professor of ^Iining ICngineering, 1875-77; oi Geology, in charge of Mining ICngineering, 
1877 79; of Mineralogy and i;conomic Geology, 1879-81. Died at Ann .Arbor, -May 26, 1904. 

John Andrews Watling, D.D.S., Professor of Operative and Clinical Dentistry, 
1891-1903. The Mcndota, Washington, D. C. 

Professor of Clinical anil Mechanical Dentistry, 1875-91. 

John Williams Langi ev. SB., M.D., Professor of General Chemistry and Metal- 
lurgy, 1888-89. ' -Ann Arl.or. 

^^ ,• ■ .,. .:. .<i.'Ki' .\ >>" 

X' • ' ■ 

. t 


AclinK I'rofcssor of General Chemistry and Physics, 1875-76; rrolessor of General Chem- 
istry and I'hysics, 1876-77; of General Chemistry, 1877-88; non-resident Lecturer o'l ^'he Met- 

nllurgy of Steel, 1889-9:; 

electrical ICngintering in the Case School of Applied 

*\ViU.iAM U Uakon Jennky, C.E., I'rufessor of Aicliitdlurc and Dcstgn, 1876-80. 

Died at Los Angeles, Cal., June 15, I9u7- 

♦Wu.i.iAu FAi.MtR Wi:u,s, A.M., Kent Professor of Lmw, 1876-85; 1887-91. 

Lecturer un Law, 1874-76; Lecturer on American History and Constitutional Law, 1887. 
Died at Detroit, Mich., March 4, '89'- 

Charles Kasson Wead, A.M., Acting Professor of Physics.'' 1877-85. 

U. S. Patent Office, Wasliiiigton, D. C. 
Burt Green Wilder, B.S., M.D., Lecturer on Physiology, 1S76-77. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Professor in Cornell University. Ketired. 

*Fkank Augustus Rockwitu, M.D., Lecturer on Obslelriail Therapeutics in the 
PIoinoeof>alIiic Medical College, 1876-77. 

Died at Saginaw, Mich.. June 23, 1904. 

*James Grant Gilchrist, A.M., M.D., Lecturer on Surgical 'Therapeutics in the 
Homoeopathic Medical College, 1876-78. 

Professor of Surgery and Surgical Gynaecology in the State University of Iowa. Died at 
Iowa City, Iowa, March 22, 1906. 

♦Charles G-Vicheu-, M.D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in 
the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1878-80; 1889-93. 

Lecturer on Theory and Practice of Medicine in the Huiuucoi.athic Medical College, 1877-78. 
Died at Los Angeles. Cal., Jan. 26, 1910. 

*Edwaru Carroll Franklin, M.D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery in 
the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1880-83. 

Professor of Surgery and Dean in the Iloinoeoapthic Medical College 1878-80. Died at St. 
Louis, Mo., Dec. 10, 1885. 

Mark Walrou Harrington, A.M , Professor of Astronomy and Director of the 
Obscn'dtory, 1879-92. Morris Plains, N. J. 

Assistant Curator of the Museum 1868-70; Instructor in Mathematics, and Assistant Cura- 
tor of the Museum, i87o-72; Instructor in Geology, Zoology, and liotany, 187273; Assistant 
l^rofessor of Geology, Zoidogy, and Itotany, 1873-76. Resigned to accept position of Chief of 
the U. S. Weatlier llureau. 

Joseph Beal Steeke, PIi.U., Professor of Zoology. i88i-<)4. Ann Arbor. 

Assistant Professor of Palaeontology, 1876-77; of Zoohsgy and I'alneoiitology, 1877-79; Pro- 
fessor of Zoology, and Curator of the Museum, 1879 81. 

♦Edward Lorraine Walter, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages and Litera- 
tures, i887-()8. 

Assistant i'rofcssor of Ancient Languages, 1868-69; of Latin, 1869 70; Professor of Modern 
Languages and Literatures, 1879-87. Lost on La Bourgogne, July 4. 1898. 

♦William llAnm.n Pavne, A.M., 1,I,.D., Litt.D.. /';•./. .vjnr of the Science and the 
Art of Tcachini!. i87<>-88, I(kii-o7. 

Chancellor of University of Nashville, and President of PeaLody Normal College, 1887-1901. 
Died at Ann Arbor, June 18, 1907. 

♦Aii'iiEus I,L D., Tappan Professor of Law, i87</-8j. 

Kegent, 18.12-45; 1846-47- I'icd at Ann Arbor, June 13, 1896. 

♦lIilRiiKRT TurrLE, A.M., Lecturer on International Law, 1880-81. 

Died at iJinghamton, N. Y., June 21, 1894. 

♦Henry Clay Allen, M.D., Lecturer on Materia Medico, Pharmacology, and Clin- 
ical Medicine in the Homoeopathic Medical College. 1881-8.). 

Lecturer on Materia Me.lica and Clinical Medicine in the Uumoeopalliic Medical College, 
i88o-8i. Died at Chicago, HI., Jan. 22, 1909. 

♦Thomas Pardon Wilson, M.D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Med- 
icine. Ophthalmology, and Otology in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1880- 

Died at llpper Montclair, N. J., June 22, 1909. 

Isaac Newton Demmon. L1..D., Professor of English, U/n.i,—. 

Instruitcr in Mallicmatics, 1872-73; Assistant Professor of Uhcloric and History, 187679; 
of Hheloric and Anglo-Sa>.on. 1879-81; Professor of Lnghsh and Khctoric, 1881-1903- 

♦Bvhon William Ciiirvii;. A.M., M.D., Acting I'rofesior of Melalturgv. 1881-88. 

Ashln.mi in Chemical 1 .:.!,. ,1.. lory, 1878 81. Died at Arm A.bor, Mauli (., 18.SK. 

... ;. .j'j i-.i 

I .. .-■ \'.v ,,.1 


I ♦WiLUAM Henry Dorrance, D.D.S., Professor of Froslhetic Dentistry and Dental 
I Metallurgy, 1881-02. 

I Demonstrator 01 Dentistry, 1877-79; Assistant in Mechanical Dentistry, 1879-81. Died at 

Ann Arbor. Jan. 22, 1909. 

I *Elisha Jones, A.M., Associate Professor of Latin, 1881-88. 

I Acting Professor of the Greek Language and Literature, 1870-72; Acting Assistant Profes- 

I sor of Latin, 1875-77; of Greek, 1877-78; Assistant Professor of Latin, 1879-81. Died at 

I Denver. Colo., Aug. 16. 1888. 

I ♦Aluert Henderson PArrENCiix, A.M., Professor of Greek, r889-igo6. 

I Assistant Professor of Greek and French, 1869-70; of Greek, 187081; Associate Professor 

; of Greek. 1881-89. Died at Ann Arbor, March 16, 1906. 

, Mortimer Eewyn Coolev, AI.K., LL.D., Hng.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, 1881—. 

Dean of tlie Department of Engineering, 1903 — . 

Henry Sewall, A.M., M.D . Professor of Physiology, 1882-89. Denver, Colo. 

Lecturer on Physiology. 1881-8:;. Professor oli Physiology, University of Denver, 1890 — . 

*WiLLiAM James Hekdman, ^LD., LL.D., Professor of Diseases of the Mind and 

Nerz'uiis System, and Electrotherapeutics, i8»>S-ii)o6. 

Demonsiralur of Anatomy, 1875-90; Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy, (879-80; Assistant 

Professor of Pathological An.Ttomy, 1880-82; Professor of Practical and Pathological Anatomy, 

I 188---88; Professor of Practical Aantomy and Diseases of the Nervous System, 1888-90; Profes- 

I sor of Nervous Diseases and Llectrotherapeutics, 1890-98. Died at Ualtiniore, Md., Dec. 14, 


Wooster Woodruff Beman, A.M., LL.D., Professor of Mathematics, 1887 — . 

Instructor in Mathematics. 1871-74; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1874-82; Associate 
Professor of Mathematics, i88j-87. 

Henry Wade Rogers, A.M., Tappan Professor of Law, and Professor of Roman 
Laiv, 1885-90. * New H.tven, Conn. 

Tappan Professor of Law, 1882-85; Lecturer on Domestic Kelations and Criminal Law, 
1890-91 (second semester). Dean of ihe Deiiartment of Law, 1886-90. Kcsigned September, 
1890, to accept the Presidency of Northwestern Universit>. Professor and Dean in the Law 
School of Yale University. 

George Hol.mes Howison, LL.D., Lecturer on Psychology, Logic, and Speculative 
Philosophy, 1883-84. Berkeley. Cal. 

Mills Profissur of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy and Civil Polity in University of Cal- 

Victor CearencE Vauchan, M.D., Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Hygiene and Physio- 
logical Chemistry, 1887 — . 

Assistant in the Chemical Laboratory 1875-83; Lecturer on Medical Chemistry, 1879-80; 
Assistant Professor of Medical Chemistry, 1880-83; Professor of Physiological and Pathological 
Chemistry, ni\d Associate Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica, 1883-87; Director of 
iho Hygienic Luhoralory, 1887-1909; fican of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, 1891 — . Henry Stoweei., M.D., Professor of Histology and Microscopy, 1883-89. 

Lowell, Mass. 

Instructor in Physiological Laboratory, 1877-79; Lecturer on Physiology and Histology! 
1879 80; Assistant Professor of Physiology and Histology, 1880-81; of Histology and Micro- 
scopy, 1881 -S3. 

Henry Lorenz Obetz, M.D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery in the 
Homoeopathic Medical College, 1883-95. Detroit, Mich. 

Newton IJai.uwin. M.D., Lecturer on Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Chil- 
dren in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1883-85. Coldwater, Mich. 

James Franklin Brown, M.D., Lecturer on Principles and Practice of Medicine in 
the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1884-85. Riverside, Cal. 

Harry Burns Hutch ins, LL.D., Professor of Law, and Dean of the Department 
of Law. i8f>4-i9io. 

Instructor in History and Khetoric 187^-73; Assistant Professor of Klietoric and History, 
>873-76; Jay Professor of Law, 1884-87; Acting President, 1897-98, 1909-10; President, 1910—. 

Ali.En Corson Cowi-Erthwaite, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Materia Medica, Phar- 
macology, and Clinical Medicine in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1884-85. 

Chicago, III. 
Calvin Brainard Cauv, Acting Professor of Music, 1885-188. 

15 ClarcnKuit Ave, New York, N. Y. 

In,ltn,l..r mi Mnnic. iHM.. M,, Lccl.ner in Teachers CoHnjc, Colunil.l.i Univoily, since 1907. 

'-■■'* '.. ■.■■a\4.i'' . (.'1 .ij . 1/' •'• ;' ;n«4u«< w nsT-' v'V t 

■ • ^ ; I . <ioU «« iv-M-lo J ;r u. ,*i.. 

. ■VIM!':') V' , 

:■■■ ,,-■' ii; 

■V-',' ,•!', ,'• 


CiiAKLKs Si.Mi::oN Di-Nisox, M.S., C.E., Sc.D., Professor of Stcreotuiny, Mecliaiiism, 
and Drawing, IQOJ — . 
Instructor in tugincering and Drawing, 1872-76; Instructor in ICngineering and Drawing, 
aiuj Assistant in Architecture. 1876-81 ; Acting Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Free 
Hand Drawing, 1881-82; Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Tree Hand Drawing, 1882-85; 
Professor of Descriptive Geometry, Stereotomy, and Drawing, 18S51902. 

11 uco Ruijoi.i'ii Arndt, M.D., Professor of Materia Mcdica and Therapeutics, and 
Clinical Professor of Diseases of the NerTous Sysleni in the Homoeopathic 
Medical College, 188X-80. Rose BUlg., Cleveland, O. 

Professor of Materia Medica in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1885-S8. 

James Craven Wood, M D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of U'oinen and 
Children in the Homoeopathic Medical College. i8«5-<v=i. Cleveland, O. 

Pruicssur of Gynaecology in the ClevelandPulte Homoeopathic Medical College. 

*Daviu F. McGuike, M.l)., Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology in the Homoeo- 
pathic Medical College, i8«5-«7- 

Died at Pasadena, Cal., Auy. 18, 1888. 

Orio KiRCiiNER, A.M., Professor of l.aiv, 1893-1906. Detroit, Midi. 

Kent Professor of Law, 1885-86. 

Da.mel a. McLaciiuan, M.IX, Professor of Ophthalmology, Otology, and Paedology 
in the Homoeopathic Medical College, i88f)-<j5. Detroit, Mich. 

Professor o( Theory and Practice of Medicine in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1885 89. 

HtNKY S-Miiii Carhaut, I.L.D., Professor of Pliysics. j88<)-i90«>. 

Director of the Physical Laboratory, 1890-1909; Professor Lmeriius, lyog— . 

*Levi Thomas Gkikhn, A.M., Pletclier Professor of Eau; 1880-97. 

Died at Detroit, Mich., March 17, 1906. 

Raymond Cazai.lis Davis, A.M., Librarian Emeritus and Lecturer on Bibliography, 

Librarian, 1877-1905. 

Voi.NEY Morgan Se'aldinc, Ph.D., Professor of Botany 1886-1904. Loiiia Linda, Cal. 

Instructor in Zoology and liotany, 187679; Assistant Professor of Botany, 187981; .Acting 
Professor of botany, 1881-86. 

Henry Carter Adams, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Political Economy and Finance, 

Lecturer on Political Economy, 1880-87. Tho.mas, .A.m., Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, 1887-96 

New York, N. V. 

Instructor in Modern Languages, 1878-81; Assistant Professor of Germ.iu and Sanskrit, 
1881-87. Professor of the Geinianic Languages and Literatures in CuUimLiia I'nivcisity. Nei-Son Iones, .A.B., Professor of Applied Mathematics, 1887-88. 

IJO Rro;idw;iv, New York, N. Y. 
InMruri,,! in Malhemalii s, i87.f7><; Assistant Professor of Mallicinatics, 1878-87. 

(.'iiARi.Es i''i<iiii;i<n.'iv SiKKi.iNi;, Ml)., Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology in 
the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1887-89. 404 Jellersun Ave., Detroit, Midi. 

Hene.'VGE (iiiiiiES. M.D., Professor of Pathology, 18^87-93. McAllister, Okla. 

*BuuKi; .'\ar(in lliNSDAi.K, I,I,.D., Professor of the Science and the Art of Teaching, 

Died at Atlanta. Ga . Ni.v. j.;. 1900. 

*Ih:Ni<v I'KANcis I.vsiT.u, A.M., M.D., Professor of the Theorx and ri.uiice of 
Medicine and Clinical Medicine. i88«-rxi. 

LeLlui.-i on S.irg. ly, i,N<,,Si,.,. Died near Niles. Mich., Oct. ,i, iS.^. 

KiciiAui) lliDSoN, 1J..1), Professor of History, i888-i<iii 

Care i.f J. I,. Iliuls^m, Detroit. Mich. 

Assistant Professor of History. 1879-88; Dean of the Depj. liiiiiit of Science, 
and the Arts, i897i.,..7; Prof, ssor Ki.ieiilus, 1911--. 

JiK.Mii.EV .MAiniN TiioMPSoN. M..S.,, /ay Professor of Law. i8^S i.,ii. 

Ai.iiiKT Ai(.t>nis Stanm.k'v, A.M.! Professor of Music 1K.SS -. 

loMi'ii W'i ATiiiuiiLAiJ Warren. , M.D., Lecturer on Physiology, i88,S-8'> 

llrvii Mawr, Pa. 

Associaie Prt.(i-s,,r ol Physiology in Itryn Mawr ColleKC 

John IJewev, Ph I) , I'cfc^sor of Philosophy. i8.S()-(m. New York, N. Y. 

Iii-li. 1 m Ph.l..-...|l''. . if-MiH^; Ahsislaiil Proltbsoi of Phil pi. v. i8S(,hH. Pi..(r,s..r .4 

n.,l,.M,pl,x Ml Ih. I, ..I ll,i..,L-o. and nou in Col, ,11. 1, la Inuii-itv. 


Bakci.ay Tf.n.nvson TuuEiii.cxiu, Ph.D., M.D., Lecturer on Medical Chemistry, 1888- 
8ij. Seattle, Wash. 

Lucius Lincoln- Van SlvkK, Ph.D., Lecturer on Ccnernl Chemistry, 18.SS-80. 

Gineva, N. Y. 

Assistant in the Chemical Laboratory, 1881-85. 

1■■K.^NCIS Kelsev, Pli.D., Professor of the Lulin Language and Literature, 

Jkuumk CvKii. Knovvl'ion, A.B., LL.B., Marshall Professor of Linv, i88<>— . 

Asiistant I'rofcssor of Law, 1885-89. Dean of the Department of Law, 1890-94. 

Cii.MiUs Samuel Mack, ^LD., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in 
the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1889-95. Toledo, Ohio. 

Chakles Bevlaku GuEkaku de NanckeuE, ^^D., LL.D., Professor of Surgery and 
Clinical Surgery, a)id Director of Surgical Clinics, 1904 — . 

I'rofcssor of SurKery and Clinical Surgery, x88y-i904. 

Klemmin;', Carkow, M.D, Professor uf Ophthalmic and Aural Surgery and Clinical 
Ophthabnology, i889-KX>4. Tniverse City, Mich. 

(Jxis CoE JoiiNBON, Ph.C, A.M., Professor of Qualitative Analysis, i<X'6-ii 

Assistant in the Chemical I.aboiatory. 1H73-80; Assistant I'rofcssor of .ApplicJ Chemistry, 
i«Ko89; Professor of Applied Chemistry, 1889-1906; I'rulessor Kmeritus. 1911—. 

"Paul Casi'Ak Freeh, Ph.D., J\I.D., Professor of General Chemistry, 1890-1904. 

Lecturer on General Chemistry, 1889 90. Resigned to accept the Directorsliip of the Gov- 
ernment Scientilic Laboratories at Manila. liied at Daguio, I'. I., April 17, 191.!. 

William ]1enky Howell, Ph.D., M.D., Professor uf Histology and Physiology, 

1890-92. Baltimore, ^td. 

Lecturer on Physiolo({y and Histology, 1889-90. I'rofcssor of I'hysiology in Johns Hopkins 

*\V'altek Shield Christopher, M.D., Lecturer on the Theory and Practice of Med- 
icine and Clinical Medicine, 1890-91. 
Died at Chicago, III., March 2, 1905. 

James Nelson ^Lmoin, Ph.^L, ^^D., Bates Professor of the Diseases of Women 
and Children, 1899-1901. Redondo Beach, Cal. 

.\ssistant to tlie I'rolcssor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, 18S3-85 ; Lecturer on Oral Path- 
ology, and .^ssistant tii the Prolessor uf Ubt,telrics, 1S85-88; Lecturer on Oral Pathology and 
Surgeiy, 1SS8 01 •. Acting Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, 1888-91 ; 
Profc^^ur of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women, 189199- 

John Jacou Auel, I'h.B., M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 
1^)^-93- liahimore, Md. 

Lecturer on Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 1890-91. Professor of in Johns 
Hopkins University. 

.\'i;l\ili.e Soiii.i- lIoiE, D.D.S., Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry, 1903—. 

.\^.^l^(,lnl Pu.l.f..-..r of Pi.Kiiial Uenlisliy, iSH/91. Pi..(ess..r of Dental ftlatcria Medic* 
inul Denial Mechanism, iKyi-Hjo.l Acting Dean of the Dent.d College, 190711; Dean, 1911— . 

Geoiu.e Docic, A.M., ^LD., ScD., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, 
and of Pathology. i89^-i9.)S. St. Louis, Mo. 

Professor ol tlie Theory and Practice of Medicine and Clinical .Me.licine, 1891-95. 
Nathan Aiihott, A.ii., Tappan Professor of Law, i8.>i-<j2. .New York, N. Y. 

Professor of Law in Columln.i Uiiivcr»ity. 

♦John Wayne Champlin, LL.D., Professor of Lirw, i,S.)i-(X'i. 

Died at Graii.l Rapids, Mich., July J4, 1901. ' . .,- ' 

*1miwin lujuREST CoNELY, Professor of Law, i8<;i-9i. 

Died at Detroit. Mich., April jo, 190-. 
.^Nl)^EW CuNNiNCllA.M McLauch LIN, A.M., LL.B., Professor of .4mcrica)i History, 
i8i)i-i9o6. Cliicago, III. 

liulrueiiM- in Latin. 1S86S7; in History, 1887-88; Assisl.nit Professor of lliatury. 1K8S91. 
Ueslt;ned to accept a Chair in Chicago University. 

.loMiii liAKiH Davis, CV... Professor of Geodesy and Surveying, 1801-1910. 

Dexter. MidL 

Assistant pM.frs.sur of Civil P.iigineei ing, 187^-91; Ass..o.,te Duin of the ol 
I-ngiiiecring, 190.V119. Professor Ivineritus, 1910- 

.\SAiii Hall, Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Obsen'olori*, 
i8<>j-i9o5. Washingloii, D. C. 

■'Lkmi. C.oK ki'^sci.i.. C \'.., l.\..l), I'rofcssor of Gc-logv i8..j-i.^/.. 

D.d ,il A„„ .\,l„.,. M.,v 1. n,..l. 

.:l'n\V .'lit.'.;:; 

.\.A \ 

w.- • ■■ » M 


Warren Pumpton Lomuaku, A.U., M.D.. ScD., Frofcssor of Fhysiology. 1808--. 

Professor of Physiology and Histology. iSQ-J-yS- 

Floyd Russell Meciikm, A.M., Tappaii Frofessor of Law, 189^-1903. Chicago, 111. 

Resigned to accept a Profes.sorship in Chicago Universily. 

Jacob Ellsworth Reighaku, Ph.B., Frofessor of Zoology and Director of the 
Zoological Laboratory and the Zoological Museum i8i;5— • ^ ^ ., „^ „^ 

Instructor in Zoology, 1886-87, 188889; Acting Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1887-88, 
Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1889-9- ; i'rofessor of Animal Morphology, 189J 95- 

Thomas Clarkson TruKhlood. A.M., Frofessor of Oratory, iyo8-- 

Teacher of Klocution. 188789; Assistant Professor ol I'.locut.on. 18899-=; Professor of Llo- 
cution and Oratory, 189^-1908. 

James Alexander Craig, Ph.D., Frofessor of i\-/;,/(a- Languages and Literatures 
and llellenislic Greek; iStLj— . 

Professor of Oriental I^anguages, i893-94- 

Alexis Caswell Angell, A.B.. LL.B., Professor of Law, 1893-98. Detroit, Mich. 
Arthur K. Cushny, A.M.. M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therafeutus' 

1893-1905. Loudon, England. 

Resigned to accept a Cliair in University College, Lon.lon. 
♦Maurice Hunt, M.D., Frofessor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in the 

Homoeopathic Medical College, 1893-95. 

Died at Santa Monica, Cal., Nov. 20, 191 1. 

♦Eugene Ransom EgclESTOn, M.D., Frofessor of the Theory and Practice of Med- 
icine in the Homoeopathic Medical College, i8<_>3-95- 

Died at Chardon, Ohio. Jnnc 18, 1907. , , , . ,. 

John Cakew RoleE, Ph.D., Professor of Latin, 1894-1902. Philadelphia, 1 a. 

•^ Assistant Professor of Latin, 1890-9^ I Acting Professor of the I.atui f.angnage and Litera- 
ture, 1892-93; Junior Professor of Latin, i893-94- Resigned to accept a Chair in the University 
of I'ennsylvania. 

James Piayfair McMurrich, Ph.D., Frofessor of Anatomy and Director of the 
Anatomical Laboratory, 1898-1907. , ,, . T<^'""l"tO' Out. 

Professor of Anatomy, 1894-98. Resigned to accept a Chair in the University ot loronto. 

Thomas Ashford BoglE, LL.B., Frofessor of Laiv in charge of the Practice Court, 

WiLBERT B. Hinsdale, A.M., M.D., Professor of the Theory and^ Practice of Med. 

icine and Clinical Medicine in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1896—. 

Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Clinical Medicine in the Homoeopathic Med- 
ical College. 1895-96; Dean of the Homoeopathic Medical College and Uirector of the Univer- 
sity Hospital (Homoeopathic), i«95— • 

Oscar Le Seure, M.D., Frofessor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery in the Homoeo- 
pathic Medical College, 1895- 1000., Mich. 

UoYAL S\Mtii:i. CV.riM.ANii, .\,M.. M.D., Professor of i)thtluilmoU>gy, ()lology, and 
Faedologv in the Homoeopathic Medical College, i8.)5-uavS. New York, N. Y. 

Resinned to become Dean of the .Nlw York Homocopalhic Mcdicil College. 

Myron Holly ParmelEE, M.D., Acting Frofessor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics 
in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1895-97. foledu, Qhio. 

Robert Mark Wenlev, Sc.D., D.Phil., Litt.D., LL.D., Professor of Philosophy. 

Eliza Maria Mosher, M.D., Professor of Hygiene, and Women's Dean m ll'e De- 
partment of Literature, Science, and the Arts, 1896-1902. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

♦George Allison Hench, Ph.D., Frofessor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, 

Instructor in German, 1890-91; Assistant Professor of Ccriiiaii 1891-95; Acting Professor of 
German, 1895-96. Died at IJoston, Mass., Aug. 16, 1899. 

Willis Au)nzo Dewey, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in 
the Homoeopathic Medical College^ 1896 — . 

Acting Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases, 191 1 — . 

James GheoRd Lynds, M.D., Acting Frofessor of Gynaecology, 1897-98. Ann .\rl>or. 

Assistant to tlie Acting Professor ot Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Cliildrcn, |8H«- 
91; Assistant to the Profes.sor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women. 1891-9.'; Demonstrator 
o( Obstetrics and Diseases »f Women. i89J-9J. 1896-97, i«9'> ")oi ; Dem.mstralor of Obstetric! 

an. I Cynacrulogy, 181).) 96, 1M9H 99. 

'•' m:::-:, 


CuohCE Hemi'L, Ph.D., Professor of English Pliilolot,'y and General Linguistics, 1897- 
igoo Stanford University, Cal. 

Absistaiit Piofessor of linKlish, J889-93; Junior Proftssur of K.iKlish, i8y3-97- Kesigncd to 
accept a Professorship in Leland Stanford Junior University. 

Victor Hucu Lank, C.E., LL.B., Fletcher Professor uf Law, 1897—. 

Law Librarian, 1899 — . 

James IIen'ky liKEWsriCK, Ph.B., LL.B., Professor of Conveyancing, 1897—. 
Horace LaFavette Wilcus, M.S., Professor of Lazv, 1897—. ^ 

Acting Professor of Law, 1895-97. 

Ei,ias Fineay Johnson, B.S., LL.M.. Professor of Laio, 1897-1901. Manila, P. I. 

Assistant in the Ucpartnient of Law, iS.jomji; fnstriictor in Law, 1891-96; Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Law, 1896-97: IJ. S. Judge in Philippines, 1901- . 

Clarence George Tayf.or, B.S., M.E., Professor of Mechanical Practice, and Su(>er- 
inlendent of Shof>s, 1897-99. Manchester, N. H. 

Assistant in the Mechanical [<ahoratory, 1883-85; Superintendent of Shops, 1885-89; Super- 
intendent of Shops in the linyineering Laboratory (with rank of Assistant Professor), 1889-97. 

Claudius Bi icii Kinyon, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Cynaecology in the) 

ilomoeol>alhic Medical College, 1897—. 
Aaron Vance iMcAlvay,, LL.B., Professor of Law. i8<)8-i903. Lansing, Mich. 

Acting Professor of Law 1897 98. Justice of the Supreme Court of Michigan since 1904—. 

Arthur Graves Caneielu, A.NL, Professor of Romance Languages, 1900 — . 
Ma.x Winkleu; I'h.D., Professor of the German Language and Literature, 1902;—. 
Instructor in German. 18909.-; 1893-95; Assistant Professor of German, 1895-1900; Acting 
Professor of German, 1900-0J. 

Perry Wessel Coknue, M.U., Acting Professor of Surgery in the Homoeopathia 
Medical College, 1900-1901 (ist semester). Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Dean Tyler Smith, B.S., M.D., Professor of Surgery a)id Clinical Surgery in the 
Homoeopathic Medical College, 1901 — . 

Acting Professor of Surgery in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1900-1901. 

Reuben Peterson, A.B., ^LD., Bates Professor of the Diseases of Women and 

Children in the Department of Medicine and Surgery, 1901—. 
RoHERT Emmet Bunker, A.KL, LL.B., Professor of Law, 1901—. 
Fri;ii NEW'itiN Scorr, Ph.D., Professor of Rhetoric, 1901 — . 

Instructor in I'jiglisli. 1889-90; Assistant Profcsfor of Khcloric, 189096; Junior IVoicssor 
of Kheioric, 1896-1901. 

Frederick Georce Novy, ScD., M.D., Professor of Bacteriology, !(>)_>—. 

Instructor in Hygiene and Physiological Chemistry, 1SS789; in ffygieiic, 188991; Assistant 
Professor of llvgiene and Physicdogical Chemistry, 1891-iij; Juniur Professor of Hygiene and 
Physiological Chemistry, 1893-190.'. Director of the llygunic alory, 1909- . 

l'".D\\AKU DeMh.i.E Cami'hei.i., B.S., Professor of ('hcmical F.nginecring and Analyti- 
cal ( heniisirv, iixi- -. 

A>sislanl I'lof.ssur of Mclallui^y, 1890 93 I Junior Professor of Mrlallmgy and MctalU.r- 
>;ii..l Chemistiv, 189396; Junior Piolessor of Analytical Chcmistrv, 1896 i>jo--; Dirccio; of the 
I hcoical Laboratory. 1905--. 

Allen Sisson Whitney. A.B., Professor of Education, kjos — . 

Junior Professor of the Science and the Art of Teaching and Iii'spector of Schoo's, i899-' 
190-'; Professor of Ped;igogy, and Inspector of Schools, igo.'-os. 

♦Hermann Kieeer, M.D., Professor F.merilus of the Practice of Medicine in tho 
Department of Medicine and Surgery, \<.)02-i\. 

Kegcnt of the University, 1889-190.-. Died at Detroit, Mich., Uct. 11, 1911. 

l-'iLiDEKT IsoTH, B.S., Professor of Forestry, 1903—. 

G. Carl lluDER, MD., Professor of fJistology and Embryology, 1903 — . 
I .^sslslant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 188789; "instructor in Histology, i8S-;92; Assistant 

Professor of Histology, 1892-98; Assistant Professor of Anatomy, 1898-99; Junior l'rofe^s^Jr of 
Anatomy, 1899-1903; ftirector of the Histological I.aboratoiy, 1898- . 

I Henry M.mire B.viES, Ph.B., LL.B., Tappan Professor of Law. 1905--. 

i Dean of the ih-partmcnt of Law, 1910 -. 

I luiwiN CllAKi.Es GoDDARii, Pli.P,., LL.B., professor of Law, and Secretary of the J'ac- 

' ully of the Department of Law, 1903 — . 

Instructor in Mallu inatics, 1895-1900; Assistant Professor of Law, 190003 

j Ai.DRED ScdTT Wauthin, Ph.!), M.D., Professor of Pathology in the Department 

1 ('/ Medicine and Sury,crY. and Director of the Pathological Laboratory, i(k\5 -. 


V ■ ..... 1 


Assistant to the I'rofcssor ui Tlioory aiul Practice of MeJiciue auj Clinical Medicine, 1891- 
gj; Uemonsiraior of Clinical Medicine, ibgj-gs ; liistrnclur 111 I'atlioluyy, i893«9; Assistant 
Professor of Patliology, iSygiSU^; Junior Professor ut I'atlioloyy. lyoj-uj. 

Louis Piiiiiii-; Hall, D.IXS., Piojessor of OpenUirc and Clinical Dentistry, 1903—. 

Assistant to the Professor of Clinical and Mechanical lJenti = try, 1889-91 ; to the Proieisor 
of Operative and Clinical Dentistry, iSyi 93 ; Instructor in Dental Anatomy and Operative 
Dentistry, 1S9J-97; in Dental Anatomy, Oi.eiative Techni<iue, and Clinical Operative Dentistry, 
1897-99; Assistant Professor of Dental .\natomy. Operative Technniue, and Clinical (.)i,erativc 
Dentistry, 1899-1903- 

Egbert Thicouori; Loki-i'i.Kk, B.S.. D.U.S, Professor of Vcntul flierafeutics, lyoj— . 
Furu MANViLhE Taylor, Ph.D., Professor of Political Liconoiny and Puuince, 1904— • 

Lecturer on Political Kconomy, 1890-9'; Assistant Professor of Political Ivconomy and l-i- 
naiice, 1S9J-93; Junior Professor of Political l-:coiioiny and Finance, 1893-1904- 

ALEXANDtK ZiwKT, C.U., Profcssor of Mathematics, i<>04-. 

Instructor in Mathematics, 188890; Acti.iK Assistant Professor of Mathematics, .690-91. 
Assistant Professor of Mathematics. 1891-96; Junior Prolessor of Mathcmatic:., 1896-1904. 

HtKiiURT CiiAKLEs Sadlkr, ScD., Profcssor of Naval Architecture and Marine Jins'- 

Junior Professor of Naval Architecture, 1900-04; Professor of Naval Architccluie, igc.-i-oj. 

Ki;eni; FiT^i'ATKiCK, Professor of Physical Trainini: and Director of the IVaternuin 
(iynmasiiiin, 1904-10. , ,, ^ ,,• , 

Instructor in the Cyninasium, 189496; Acting Director ot the Gymnasium, 1S9899; Director 
of the Walerman Gymnasium, 1899-1^04. 

Fkank L1..0LX Sac, B.S.. UJl , Professor of La., u^-^.^^^^^ ^^ _ ^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^ 

Assistant Professor of Law, 190J o,. 

Gauunek Stewart Williams, C.E., Professor of Civil, Uydranhc, and Sanitary Ln. 
gineering, 1904-11. -■^"" •^'■'^'"■ 

UosiS GoMVEKG, ScD., Professor of Organic Chemistry, um-~. 

Assistant in OrKanic Chemistry. 18^0-93; Instructor m Organic Uiennsti y 189306 ; 1 8.)7-99 , 
Assistant Prolessor of Organic Chemistry. 1 899-1 9^:1-: I Jumor Piolcasor of Organic Chem.,liy, 

WiLUAM Joseph Hussev. B.S., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Ob^ 

scrz'atory, 1905—. 
TuEouoKE WesCev Koch, A.M., Librarian, 1905— • ■ ■•• ^ , 

.\ssistaiit Librarian, 190405. ' ' -' 

FkkiiErick CiiAKLES NevvcomuE, Pli.L)., Professor of Botany, iijo^—. 

Instruclor in liolany 1S909J; Acting Assistant Professor »l iloiany, 189395; Assistant 
Professor of Dotaiiy, 1893-97; Junior Professor of liotany, 18971905. lu '^I'ar^e of the Botan- 
ical Laboiatory, I9"4— • , 

GEokCE Washington PArrERSON, Ph.D., Professor of IJectncal hngmeenng. u}os— 

■instlu.tor in I'.Uetrical luiKiueerinK. 1889-90; iu I'hy^i's, 1S9.. 91; Assistant Prolessor of 
Phyics I.S91');'; imiior ProleSMU- of Physics, 18971905. 

WvLTKK I^uii;i(t'1"auki;i<, U.S., M.D, Professor of Ofluhalmoloiiy in the Defariment 
'of Medicine and Snrgery. 1905—. 

Clinical Prolessor of 0|ihllialniolo«y. 190405. 

R. Bisuoi' Caneiei.u, A.B., M.D., Professor of Otolaryngology in the Department 
of Medicine and .'iiirgery, ujos—. 

Clinical Prolessor of Otolaryngology, 1904 05. 

WiLiiAM Fleming BkEakKY, M.D., Professor of Dermatology and Syfhilology, 

Pi'S^o, s!:Sai,d Associate Demonsln.tor o, Ana, y, 18..869; Lecturer on Dcr- 

matoloKy, 1890.1901; Lcluier on Derinatolo«y and Sy|.hil..loK y, 1901 05. 

John OrEN REED, Pli.D.. ;Wfii(;rt;/ /'/jjrj/o-, ityos- ■,,v,t..s,r 

Instructor in Physics, 189J.94; Assistant Profcssoi .4 Ph>sics, 1891-99, Junior i rolcssor 
of Physics, 1899-1905. Dean of the Department of Litciaturc, Science, and tlie Ails, 1907—. 
Director of the Physical Laboratory, 1909- . 

I'.Mii, I,oin:ii, A.M., Professor of Architecture, U)oCt—. , , , , 

Arthur 1'airi.anks. Ph.D., Professor of Creel; and Cieek Archaeology, 1900-07. 

BoslDii. Mass. 
Claude Hai.steai. Van Tynb, Pli.D., Professor of History, 1911—. 

Assistant Professor of History, 190301; of American History, 190406, 1 rolessor ol .^lucr• 
icaii History, 1906. 11. 

i ■ \ i A 

-V . O !■ ' ^k: 

MliMHliKS UF run I'ACULTlliS. ij 

JuM-.i'ii lloKACi-; Dkakk, I'li.l;., 1J,.]5, I'rofcssor of Imm. )<)oH-. 

[iibtnictur Ml l.atiii, iS88yo; Asaibtaiit I'rofL-Sbur of r.alin, iSvJu-i.jou; Assibtaiit Professor 
of I,atin and Lecturer on Uoinaii Law, 19001901 ; Jtiniur I'rofessor ol Latin and Koiiiaii Law, 
1901-U6; Profcisur of Latin, Roman Law, and Jurisjirndencc, iyo6o8. 

John Rom M.v R(«u, LL.B., Professor uf Law, 1906 — . 

Instructor in Law, i89!i-i9ij4; Assistant Professor of Law, 1904-06. 

F.DSON Ri;.\D SiiNDKni.ANu, A.M., LL.B., Professor of Imij. iyu(j— -. 

Instructor 111 Law, 1898-1904; Assistant Professor ol Law, 1904-06. 

W'l.i.iAM Hi:i<iii:nT liuiius, rii.D., Professor of Geology, i(>o6 — . 

JJn-eetor of tlie Geological Laboratory and tlic lieologic.ii .Mii->euin, 4J900 — . 

AuiU'KT MuuHii Baukktt, A.B., ]VLD., Professor of Psychuitry aiul Diseuu-s of the 
A'cn'oiis System in the Depurtiiicnt of Medicine iind Surgery, iyo() — . 

iJAvii), ^Ll)., Lecturer on Nervous Diseases miJ '1 lieinpeutics in the Depart- 
ment of Medicine and Suri^ery, 1006-07. Uclroit, Mich. 

CiiAKf.Ks \Vai.i,is Edmu.n'us, A.B., ]\LD., Professor of Therapeutics and .\Lttena 
Medici in the Department of Medicine and Sun^ery, 1007—. 

.\sM^lalU ni I'li.niiiacoluK.v, I'jo.'-o); In,ii,Kl..r m I'li.u 1.1,1, . .log) , 190, -us; Lcctnier on Ma- 
teri.i iNUdici .md Therapenlics, 1905 07. 

.\i!i<i:i. lli;.\KV Li.ovi., Ph. I), Professor of Phdosophy, 1907— ■ 

In^rnctor n. Pliilosopliy, 1891-9-1; Aclnii,',lant Proic.sor of Philoso|,l,y 189195; Acting 
PiofesM.r of iMiiUis.,pliy. i«95 9"; A = ,isIUMt Piufcssor of Pliil.isopl.y, 1890 99; J umor 1-rofessur 
of flulosoidiy, 1899-1907. 

AloKiTi; LiA'L A.B., Professor of Prcnch, uyaj — . 

Instructor iu Picncli, 189090; Assistant Professor of I'lencli, 18961902; Junior I'rofessor 
of French, I9o::-o7. 

John RouiNii Ai.i.Kn,, Professor of Mechanical Lnnineerin^, 1907 — . 

Instructor in Alcclianlcal Jji^'ineerinij, 1896-99; Asaistant Profe.->sor of Mechanical Lngineer- 
ins, i899-igoj; Junior Profe^.sor of Mcclianical ]';ni,'ineenn)i, 190J-07. 

JoSKi-a LvitKANu .\L\i<KLi:v, I'li.l)., Professor of Mathematics, 1907—. 

instruciur in Mathematics, 18909(1; .\s:>i=.tant I'rofessor of .Matlicinatics, 1896-1904; Junior 
Professor of Mathematics, 1901. .7 

CiiAKUis IIoUTiiN Ctxji-Ev, Ph.lJ., Professor of Sociology, 1907—. 

.\ssistani in Political l':eonoiu>, 1892-95; Instructor in Sociology, 1895-99; -Assistant Pro- 
fessor of SociuloKy, i8.,9-i9'M. Junior Profes.sor of Sociology, 190407. 

J)i:an \\'i:N'iWOKTn Mvi-us, .\L1J., Professor of Ophthalmology, Otology, Khinology, 
and Larxngologv m the Homoeopathic Medical College i<»8— . 

Professor of Diseases' of the .\o,e. I'ai, and Throat, 190708. ' ' ' 

Sa.\iui-l L-WVkiNCiC BiGUi.iiw , Ph.D., Professor of General and Physical Chemistry. 

Instructor in Ceneral Chemistry, 1898-1901; Assistant Piofcssor ol General Chemistry, 1901- 
04; Junior Professor of General Chemistry, 1904-05; Junior Professor ol General and Physical 
Chemistry. ,90507. 

C.i.i.Kc.i: LiMis Srid i:rKK,-.\M., ^Ll)., Professor of Anatomy in the Department of 
Meduine and Surj^ery, i*;!.)/--. 

ninxi i.r ,.f ilie .\i.aIomieal Laboratory, 1908- . 

J I I ii> ( )iiu Sciii,uTTKKi;irK, I'h.l)., I'h.C, Professor of Pharmacognosy and Botany, 
1907- . 
Assistant in Pharmacognosy ami Pharmacy, 1888-90; Assistant in Pharmacognosy, 1891-92; 
Instructor in Pharmacognosy and llotany, 1893-95; Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy ami 
liotany, 1896 1904; Junior Professor of Pharmacognosy and Uoiany, 190407. Dean of tlitf 
School of Pharmacy, 1905—. 
Caki, LKonaku in; Mukai.t, Mcch.K., Ivlv, Professor of I'.lectriail I'.ni;ineering; 

AK-ninK C.u.MiAM llvii,. I'h.l), Profess,)!- of Malliematics. Registrar of the Depart, 
mem of l.iteialure. Science, and the Iris, and h.diloi of linricrMly Publica- 
tions. K/lS-. 
Inslrucl.a ill .Malheni.iti,-,. i8.,i 9.). 180, -1903; .\isistaiit Piofe,„,r of MailRiualies in Uni- 
versity of lliiiio,,, 190,105; Piol.ssor of Mathematics in Miami I 'iiiv ersily. 1905-08. 

I'UWAUi) lliAHY Khai's, Ph Ij , Professor of Mineralogy and Petrography, and Di- 
rector of III,- Mineral '•■teal Laboratory. li;o,S— . 
.\ssislai,t Professo, of M,i„,,,lo^:y. ,,;„,„„; Junior Piofe.sor of MineialoKy. ■9o6.,7; Junior 
Pioicsor of .Miiu-raK.«y ;,.,d P.l , ogra|.liy, 1.107 08. Seeiciary of liie Ciaduate School 1907 ij- 

\ ..wv" ••, ■■'> 

1 8 MHMBLIRS Of niH I'ACULriliS. 

Makcus Lli;wellyn Wakd, D.D.Sc, Professor of I'ltysics and Clieinislry in the Col- 
lege of Dental Surgery, 1908 — . 

Abbibtaiit in Cli'iiciil Oiierative Dentistry, 1902-03; Instructor in Operative Technics and 
Operative Dentistry, 190305; Lecturer on Operative Principles and Operative Technics, 1905-08. 

Albion Walter Hewlett, B.S., M.D., Professor of Internal Medicine and Director 
of the Clinical Laboratory in the Department of Medicine and Surgery, 1908 — . 
Karl Hugen Guthe, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, irxx) — . 

Instructor in I'hysics, 1893-1900; Assistant I'rofessur uf I'hysics, 190003; Professor of 
Physics, State University of Iowa, 1905-09. t 

George Luthek Clark, A.B., LL.B., Professor of Lazv, igaj — . 
Percv Ash, C.E., Professor of Architecture, I90<j-i2. 

Cosmos Club, Washington, D. C. 
Jesse Siddall Reeves, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science, lyio— . 
Earle Wilhur Dow, A.B., Professor of European History, 1910—. 

Instructor in History, 1S92-99; Assistant Professor of History, 1899-1902; Jcuiiur Professor 
of History, 1902-10. 

Walter Bowers Piixsuury, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, igio— . 

Instructor in Psychology, 1897-1900; Assistant I'rofessor of I'hilosophy, 190005; Junior 
Professor of Philosophy, 190510. Director of the Psychological Laboratory, 1900 — . 

Alviso Buruett Stevens, Ph.C, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacy, 1910 — . 

Instructor in Pharmacy, 1886-90; Lecturer on Pharmacy, 1890-92; Assistant Professor oi 
Pharmacy, 1892-1906; Junior Professor of Pharmacy, 1906 10. Secretary of the School of Phar- 
inacy, 1905—. 

KvANS KoLUROOK, A.B., LL.B., Professor of Law, lyio — . 

Instructor in Law, 1905-07; Assistant Professor of Law, 1907-10. 

Clarence Thomas Johnston, C.E., Professor of Geodesy and Surveying, 1910—. 
Harrison Standish Sm alley, Ph.D., Professor of Political l-.conotny, 1911 — . 

Assistant in Economics, 1902-03; Instructor in Political Lconuiny, 190J07; Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Political Kconomy, 1907-11. 

Ulrich Bonnell Phillips, Ph.D., Professor of American History, 1911 — . 
Louis A. Strauss, Ph.D., Professor of English, 1911—. 

Assistant in Lnglish, 1893-95; Instructor in English, 1895-1904; Assistant Professor of Eng- 
lish, 1904-06; Junior Professor of English, 1906-11. 

Ali-rek Holmes White, A.B., B.S., Professor of Chemical lingineering, 191 1—. 

Instructor in Chemical Technology, 1897-1904; Assistant Prodssor of Chemical Technology, 
190407; Junior Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1907-11. 

Arthur Lvdn Cross, Pli.D., Professor of European Jlislory, ion—. 

Instructor in History, 1899-1904; Assistant Professor of Histurj, 100407; Junior Professor 
of History, 1907-11. 

Edward Rayaiond Turner, Ph.D., Professor of European History, 1911—. 
Hknuy Arthur Sanders, Ph.D., Professor of Latin, ii>ii- . 

Insliuiiui- in l.atm. i«yj-9S, iH.j9 1902; Assistant l'rc.(is-,or of Latin, 190208; Junior Pio- 
lessor of l.alm, 1908 1 I. 

James \Vati:kman Guweu, Ph.D, Professor of Mathcmaiics and I)uiirancc, 191 1- 

Instnielor in Mathematics, 1895-1903; Assistant l'r>.[cs^nr of M.alicuKili.s, 190306; Jun 

.\liii:kt 1'".mi:rson (jKEene, Pli.P.., B.S , Professor of Sliuclural Engineering, 1912- 

Assislant Professor of Civil lingineering, 1903-07; Junior I'rofessor of Civil Engineering, 
1907-11; I'rofessor of Civil Engineering, 1911-12. 

Charles Joseph Thjjen. B.S., Professor of Engineeriiig Mechanics, 191 1 — . 

Instructor in Civil Engineering, 1904-06; Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, 190608 
Junior Professor of Civil ICnginecring, 1908-11. 

Henry Earle Ricr.s, C.E., I'r.'lcssar of Civil Eni:incfyi)ig, 1012—. 


James B. FiTZC.ERAi.n. M.D,, Director of the Gymnasium (with rank of Junior Pro- 
fessor from iSo.S'*, i8<).4-9^. SL"; Ave, Boston, Mass. 
Walter Dennison, Ph.D., Junior I'rofessor of Latin, Hyo.'-ui Swanthmort, Pa. 

Instructor in Latin, 1807 9') Uesigned to accept a Clialr in Swarthmore College. 

Lewis Burton Alcer, Ph P. , Junior Professor of Pedagogy, ]90.'?-05. 

East St. Louis, 111. 

.a.. . ^. ../\:.'\v;., 

;^o ? qi .ft 

1 .i/i>'\ 

.>q(j 1- ■»!-•;,.' •{ 

Ci'--' ■ 'i'l" 

! -■•■••.t^ 



Gkorgk RebKc, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Philosophy, uj04-oi). Eugene, Ore. 

Instructor in fnglish. 1891-93; in I'hilosopliy, 18941900; Assistant Professor of Pliilosophy, 

Edward David Jones, Pli.D., Junior Professor of Commerce and Industry, 1904 — . 

Lecturer on the Industrial Resources ol tlio United States, 1900-1901 ; Assistant Professor 
of Coninierce and Industry, 1901 -o-|. 

John ARCiuiiAi.D l'".\iiu.iE, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Adi\iinistrative Loiv, 1906-09. 

Urbana, 111. 
Assistant Professor of Administrative Law, 1900-06. i 

John RouEkt Eifinckk, Ph.D., Junior Professor of French, 1906 — . 

Instructor in French, 189^-1901; Assistant Professor of I'rencli, 1901-06. Dean of tlie 
Summer Session. 1907-ij. Actinj; Dean of the Deparln>ent of Literature, Science, and the 
Arts, 1912 — . 

ToiiiAs J. C. DiEKHOiF, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Cernuin, 1906 — . 

Instructor in German, 1893-190J; Assistant Professor of (".crnian, 190J-06. 

Henry Ci.ay Anderson, B.M.E., Junior Professor of Mechaniiul Engineering, 
1906 — . 

Instrnctrjr in Muchaiiicai f'.MKincerinb', 1899-1903; .\ssisi.iut l'i..fcssor of Meclianical Cngi- 
iicciiiii,', 19UJ u(j. 

Cykenus Cakuitt Darling, M.D., Clinical Professor of Suriicry, and Demonstrator 
of Surgery in the Defartincnt of Medicine and Surgery, and Clinical Professor 
; of Oral Surgery in the College of Dental Surgery, i<x)7 — . 

; Assistant to the I'rofessor of Surgery, 1890-91 ; Assistant to the Professor of Surgery, and 

I Clinical Lecturer on Oral Patliology, 1891-92; Demonstrator of Surgery, and Clinical Lecture^ 

r on Oral Pathology, 1892-96; Demonstrator of Surgery and Lecturer on Minor Surgery, and 

Clinical Lecturer on Oral I'athology, 1896-97; Demonstrator of Surgery and Lecturer on 

Minor Surgery, and Clinical Lecturer on Oral Pathology and Surgery, 1897-99; Lecturer on 

j Genitourinary and Minor Suigery and Demonstrator of Surgery, and Clinical Lecturer on Oral 

i Pathology and Surgery, 1899-04; Clinical Professor of Surgery, Lecturer on Genito-urinary 

and Minor Surgery and Demonstrator of Surgery, and Lecturer on Oral Pathology and Sur- 

' gery, 190405; Professor of Clinical Oral Surgery, and Clinical Professor of Surgery. Lecturer 

I on (jenito-urinary and Mincjr Surgery and Demonstrator of Surgery, 1905-06; Professor of 

( Clinical Oial Surgery, Clinical Professor of Surgery and Demonstrator of Surgery, 1906-07. 

I Acting Dean of the College of Dental Surgery, 190307. 

j Ca.mi'dkIvI. Bunneu,, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Creel;, vjoy — . 

I Cari, Dudley Cami', M.D., Clinical Professor of the Diseases of the Nervous Sys- 

I teni in the Def>ariment of Medicine and Surgery, K907 — . 

! David Murray CowiE, M.D., Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine 

j in the Department of Medicine and Surgery, u)o~ — . 

j Assistant in Internal Medicine, 1902-05; Instructor in Pediatrics, 1905-07. 

Clarence Cii:iiR(;iv WkEntmoue, C.E., Junior Professor of Civil Engineering, 1904-11. 

Manila, P. I. 

Instructor in Descriptive Geometry and Drawing, 1893-1902; .'\ssistant Professor of Descrip- 
tive Geomeliy and Diawing, 19020.1; Assistant Professor of Civil Ungineering, 190407. 

WiLLiA.M Henry Wait, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Modern Languages, in Charge 
of Modern Languaije Work in the Department of Engineering, 1907 — . 

Instructor in Greek and Sanskrit, 189596; in Greek, Latin and Sanskrit, 18961901; in German, 
1901-04; Assistant Professor of German, 1904-07. 

Hekuert Jay Gouluini', 13. S., (Mcch.E.), Junior Professor of Descriptive Geometry 
and Draiving, \goy — . 

Instructor in Descriptive Geomctiy and Dr.iwing, 1895 1904; Assistant Professor of Descrip- 
tive (leunielry and Drawing, 1904 07. 

John S'irong Perry Tatlock, Ph.D., Junior Professor of English. 1907 — . 

Instructor in IvnglisU, 1897-1905 ; Assistant Professor of ICnglish, 190507. 
Ekkdekic I.ocan Paxson, Ph.D., Junior Professor of .Imcrican History, H)07-io. 

Madison, Wis. 

.Assistant Professor of ,\merican History, 1906 07. Resigned to accept a Chair in the Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin. 
Walter Muleokd, liS.A,, Junior Professor of I'oresliy, 1907-ir. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 

Assistant Professor of l',,irsiiy, 1905 07. Resigned to accept a chair in Cornell University. 

William Lincoln Mir,(.i.i-i-. M.IC, Junior Professor of Shop Practice, and Super- 
intendent of Engineering Shops. I</)K- 

Supern.tendent of I'ligN.eei nig Shops, 1899 1908. 

.1 i;^i ' 

■.;■ -l 1 >,l ' ,; /. 

20 MEMDllKS OF THE fACL'I/niiS. 

John Bukton Piiiixirs, rii.O., Acting Junior rrojcssoy of Administralivc Lau>, 

jg^g Denver, Colo. 

Wii.UAM IlENRV Butts, A.M., Junior Professor of Mutlicnialics, 1908-. 

Instructor in Mathematics, 18981906; Assistant l'ruftbb..r u( .M.illic.nalics, 190608. Assist- 
ant Dean in tlic iJcpartmc-ut of Knyineciinb', 1908—. 

Ika Di-AN LoKi-K, M.D., Clinical I'rufcssor of Ocnilo-Unnary Surgery in the De- 
partment of Medicine and Surgery, )()o8— . 

Demonstrator of Ural Surgery, 190J-03; Assistant 111 SurM<-ry, i')o3'u6; Assistant 111 SiiiRery 
and Lecturer 011 Genito-urinary Surgery, 190608. 

JoN.'^THAN Augustus Chmu.ks Hii.dnkk, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Ceniuin, i(/)8— . 

Instructor in German, 1891 97, 1899-1904; Assistant I'rofessor oi (..iiiiian, 190(08. 

Ai.iiKKT RoiUNSON CKnTENbi:.v, Ph.D., Acting Junior Professor of Latin, i(X>8-fJ<j. 

Instructor in Latin, 190910; Assistant I'rofessor of Latin, 1910 . 

Huco Paul TiuEmE, Pli.D., Junior Professor of Prench, ujocj—. 

Instructor in Frencli, 189S-1905; Assistant Professor of I'rench, 1905 oS. 

Haurison McAllistek Randau., Ph.D., Junior Professor of Physics, i<>cx>— . 

Bknjamin Fkanklin Baii.i:v, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Piectricul Engineering, 
1909 — . 

Instructor in K.lectrical KuHineerinn, 190306; Assistant I'n.fessor of l.lectrical J'.naincering, 

Lyman FooTii Mokkhousi:, A.M., Junior Professor of Electrical E.ngineering, ujoty 
10. 15 Dcy St.. New York-, N. Y. 

Instructor in I'hysics, hjojos; in Jlleclrical I-:nt;ineci iiiK. 19051.1.; .\-,M5lant I'l of 
Electrical Engineering, 190609. 

EkMiNE CowLEs Case, M.S., Ph.D., Junior Professor of Historical Ceotogy and 
I'alaeonlology, igoy — . 

Assistant Professor of Historical Geology and ralaeonlolugy, 1907-..9. Curator .A llie I'al- 
aeontological Collection, 1911 — . Hughes Johnston. P]i.D., J.unior Professor of Education, 1909-10 

Lawrence, Kan. 

Assistant Trofessor of Kducation, 1907 09. Kcsigncd to a.cci.t a Chair in the University 
of Kansas. 

George Pi.umer Burns, Ph.l.)., Junior Professor of Holany. loio-ij 

llurlmj^, Vt. 

Assistant in Uolanv, 1901 oj , InsirucH.r in Itotany, ic,uJ<.6; As^i^l.o,l l'ruU^s,.r ,.f liolany, 
190610. Dircolor of the liolaiiical Garden, i9o6-i.-. K< sit^ucd i,, acHe,,! a Chair in llie I'ni- 
vcrsity uf Vennout. 

Cl.MiENn; LiMo.N Meaiiik. I'h.U., Junior Profe^soi of l.alin. Sanshril. and General 
Eiuiiuistics. luio -. 

Inslruclor in l.alin, i893i')os; .N^sist.u.l l'lo^c^^..r ..i l.aini, S.n.skril, ami Comparative 
Philology. 1905-06; Assistant Professor ..f l..ilin, Sanskrit, .oul General I.inaulslies, 1906-10. 

Wai.tKK Burton I'oun, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Mathematics, igio— . 

Inslruclor in Alathemalies. 1900-03, 1905-07; AsMstant I'lofe^sor of Malheniatics, iy„7-io. 

Ralph Hamilton Curtiss. I'h.D.. Junior Professor of Astronomy. 1911— . 

Assistant I'rofessor of Astro-Physics, 1907-11. Assisiant Direct, .r of tlie ( )b-ci v.a.ii y, 1911—. 

James Bauki.ey Pollock, Si.D., Junior Professor of llotany. ion—. 

Assistant 111 liotany, l^.,5 97; Instructor in lloianv, 1 8.,7 1 .;■.(, ; ,\sM-,lanl Pi.,fe,.ur of Hot- 
any, 1906 11. 
I'.WM.u AticuSTUS Boui-Li:. I'li.D., yinii.o- I'rofessor of i,eroian. loll -. 

Inslnicu.r in German. l.Xo.S 1..06; AsMsl.inl Piuf,..,,, ,.( l,.n,..,n. i.».(. 11. 
Josipii Ai.iiRiCH lU'Rsl.iA, U.S. (.M.ilil". ), Jiniiuc Professor of Mechanical Engi- 
neciing. 1911--. 

Inslruclor 111 Mechanical liuKUicering, 19>.3 09 ; A-siManl Pu.fesM.r ..I Mcehaniial Kngincer- 

Stanisi.aiis Jan Zowski (Zwierzchowsui), Junior I'rofessor of Mechanical Engi- 
neering, 101 1 -. 

ioslioilnr in Mc.haniv.d l.nginccring, 190709; Assisiant Pn.fessoi of Meehanical Engineer- 

V .' .«' 

- »w 

Mf-MnnRS OF ri/F. FAcrriiiis. 21 

*Aii-KED Du P.ois A.M., Assistant Professor of Clicinisny, 1857-6.^ 

Assistant to the I'rofesscr of Chemistry, 185557. U'ed a' Stv^.U Cuy, Lai., Jan. 1, 1909. 

♦Datus Brooks, A.M., Assistant Professor of Rhrtonc and Unglish Liter- 
ature, I857-6.V . . . ,, , C- VT X- 

Abbistant in Creek and Khetoric, 1856-57; Librarian, ii<Oj64. D.e.l at Saranac, N. \.. 
Aiik'. 1, lyui. >■ 

loiiN ]'".MUKy Ci.AKK, A.B., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, i857-59- , 
•^ njT, IxjiiKmLadow St., SpriiiKliekl, Mass. 

Vrofessur of Mathematics in the ShetVieM Scientific Schcul, Vale University, i«73i9<"- 

*Ai.i.tN JKKEMIAU Curtis, A.M.. Assistant Prujcssor of Rhetoric and Bnglish Lit- 

Instructor in Khetoric and Mathematics, 1863-65. Died at WashinKton, Mich., Dec. 28, 1871. 

*Stii.i.m.\n\ms Roui.n^o.m, C.E., Assistant Professor of Mining Engineering 
anil Geodesy. 1867-70. , r~, < ^r 1 ■ ■ i- • 

■\s,iblant in Civil l-nfiineerinK, i8(.r, (.7. Kesinned to ncce|.t the Chair r,f Mcclianical Kngi- 
iicetinir m llw I niveisity of lllin..ib. Later frofess-.r of Meili^niical I'.iininceriiiH in the Ohio 
St lie Uiiiverbilv Hn-d .it Coluii.lnis, II, Oct. 31, xjn.. 

♦CiiAKii-S DhWity i.AWiXiN, A.M., CM, Assistant Professor of F.nguieenng, 1870-71. 

Kesjent of the Univeisity, iSyB-iQOO. Died at Lawton, Mich.. Aug. 24, 1909. 

Pkeston Be.n-jamin Rose, M.D., Assistant Professor of Physiological Chemistry 
and Toxicology and Lecturer on Renal Diseases, 1879-81. Ann Arbor. 

Assistant in Chemistry, i86i-03; 1866-75: Assistant I'rofebsor of Physiological Chemistry. 

John Maktin SchaeuEki.e, C.E.. Acting Assistant Professor of Astronomy. 1885-86. 
•" Ann Arbor. 

\bsistant in the Observatory, 187885; Instructor in Astronomy, 188688. Left to accent a 

position in the Lick Obs . ,,.,.,,„,• 

Benjamin Cuai'ma.n Bukt, A.M., Assistant Professor of hnghsh and Rhetoric, 
1881-87. 321 N. Howard Ave.. Austin. Chicago, III. 

, Theodore J(ihn WkampEi.mEii;i<, A.B., Vli'.C, Assistant Professor of Organic Chem- 
istry and Pharmacy. i885-8(j. Berkeley, Cal. 
1 lubtructor 111 Analytical Clieniislry, 1881-85. 

*DE\virT Bkistoi. Bu.'-cE. Pb.lJ., Assistant Professor -of Physics, 18S6. 

Professor of Physics in the University of Nebraska. Died at Lincoln, Neh., Oct. i, 1905. 
CnARi.ES Mills Gayley, A.B., Assistant Professor of Fn.i^lish and Rhetoric. 1887- 
g,, llerkeley, Cal. 

Instructor ill Latin, 1881-84; Acting Assistant Professor of Latin, 1884-86. Professor of 
the I'ntilish LaiiKuane and Lileialurc in the Univer.sity of California. 

C.rditoi' llATiiriii HaukowEk, PIlD., Acting Assistant Pr.'lessor of Latm, 1888. 
I ' Buffalo, N: \. 

! Walter Mhlek. A.M , Actin,/ Assistant Professor of Latin, 1888-89. Columbia, Mo. 

I Instructor in Greek, 1886S7 ; m Latin, 1887-88. Professor in University of Missouri. 

I *pAi>L RofssEAu uePont, .-\.B., B S., Assistant Professor of French, and Registrar 
of the Department of Literature. Science, and the Arts. 1888-1906. 

' Instructor in L'rench and Drawing, 1871-72; in I'reiieli, 187J88. Died at Ann .Xrbor, 

I March I, I9"C'. , . 

i I.Ei. Dwic.itT Miner, U. S. N., Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Mannc Lngt- 
j neering. i88o-<X). Cai-.: of Navy 1 )ei.arinunt, Washington, D. L. 

i Cai.tain in United States Navy. 

! l'H.\Kic Ni-LSOK CuiE.Fh.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. i^j0-<jj. 

Columbia University, New 'i ork, N. Y. 

. Instructor in ^rathematics, .)--S8 8.,; Acting Assistant Pr.,fess..r of Maili. nialus, 1S89-90. 

Kesigiicd 10 accept a Chair in Culainhia University. 

' Prank- Caspar Wagner, A.M., U.S., Assistant Professor of McJnnn,at Ln.iiineeruig 
I 18.11-06 ''••'■f'^ Haute, Iiul. 

Aet^i!!^ Professo, „1 Mech. al Kn«ince„o,, KeMKU. d to acce„t a Chai, 

' in the Kosc Polvtechnic Ihsiumu-. 

*Cai,l WiLiiA.M Bi.i.sEi'. I'l. I>. AsMMani Profess..,- of Oriental Languages, i8')i-93- 



! . I:> ■...c-.f 
,i -..It ; ' ....:ll 

•./ 1 


; ti-;. '■!•'( auMi 

! i«. : •. 'l-. 

•i ■ 'i, •• ., I 


\\i Mi'u Hli.swouvh Buown, Ph.D.. .Ltins Assistant Professor of the Science and 
the Art of Teaching. 1891-9J. New York, N. Y. 

I'lCMMi-iit ..i lNc^/ York University. 

David Eli.sworiii Spi-nckk. A.M., Acting Assistant Professor of History, 1892-93. 
WiLU.'iM Muss-Aknolt, Pli U., Acting Assistant Professor of Oriental Languages. 
1893. The Boston Public Library, Boston, Mass. 

Geokce llEiUiKKT Mi-An, .\.ll., Assistant Professor of Philosophy, i«93-94 

Chicago, 111. 

Instructor in I'liilusopliy, iS&iyj. Kebiyned to accept a Cliair in tlie University of Cliicago. 

Hf.kman V.\nuUnuukc A.mKs, Ph.D., Acting Assistant Professor of American His- 

torv, 1893-94. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Instructor in History, iSyig.). Professor of American Constitutional History, and Dean 
of tliu Grailuatc School, University of Pennsylvania. 

WiLUAM Auixs CAMi'iiti.L, R.S., M.D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy, i894-97- 

Muskegon, Mich. 

Assistant in Microscopy and Histology, i88j-88; Assistant to the Professor of Anatomy and 
Physiology, 1888-89; Instructor in Anatomy, 1889-9'! Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1891-94. 

Dean Conant Wokcesteu, A.B., Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1895-1900. 

Manila, P. I. 
Assistant in fiotany, 188990; Instructor in Animal Morphology, 1893-94; .Assistant Profes- 
sor of Animal Morphology, iH9t-95- designed to accept position on the Philippine Islands 

Emory Bair Lease, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Latin, i8'j6-97. New York, N. Y. 

Instructor in Latin in College of the City of New York, 1900 -, 

Frank Haigh Dixon, Ph.D., Acting .-Issistant Professor of Political Economy, 1897- 
qJ5 Hanover, N. H. 

.•\ssistant in Political Kcoii.uiiy, 189.- 95; Instructor in History, 189697- Kcsigned to accept 
a Chair in Dartmouth College. 

Ernest PIeinrich Mensei,, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German, i8<»i90i. 

Northam[>ton, Mass. 
Instructor in German, 189^-99. Resigned to accept a Chair in Smith College. 

Bkniamin Parsons Bouui.a.nd, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French, 1899-1901- 

Cleveland, O. 

Instructor in French. 189.: ys; 1898-99. Kesigned to accept a Chair iii Western Ueserre 

HekbERI- Si-ENCER Jennings, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1901-03. 

Baltimore, Md. 

.\ssistant in Invertebrate Morphology, 189J-94; Instruct. Ji in Zoology 1899 1901. Professor 
in Johns Hopkins University. 

Thomas 1!i:nton (\)oiev, .\ B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Hygiene, in Charge 
of the Pasteur Insliliile, i<a)3-o5. Detroit, Mich. 

.\ssistant in Hygiene 1S98-1900. 

James Euwin Duekuen, Ph.D^ Acting Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1903-04. 

Instructor in Zooolgy, 1904-05. Professor in Rhodes University College, Grahamstown, Cap* 
Colony, S. Africa. 

George Augustus IIulett, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry, nx)4- 
05. Princctmi, N. J. 

Instructor in General Clicmistiy, 1899-1904. 

Frank Mekkii.i. DtJNi.Ai', M.E, Acting Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, 1903-04. Detroit, Midi. 
W1LI.1AM Sylvester IIazelton, A.B., B.S., Assistant Professor of Mechanical En. 
gineeriug. 1904-07. -'549 Main St., BulTalo, N. Y. 
TiiivODORE vz Leo de Lacuna, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education, 1905-07. 

Bry.i Mawr, Pa. 
Resigned to accept a Chair in IJryn Mawr College. 

ANDRfe Beziat dB Bordes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of I'rench. i<>(/) aS. 

New Orleans, La. 
Instructor in l'"rencli, iguj uj. Kcsigneil to accept .1 Cli.iir in ' I'luvi ^ii) . 
<".Ai.viN OriN Davis, I'h.l)., Assistant Professor of luincation and Inspector of 
Schools. UMfy—. 
Iii.Hliiu tor ill Ivducation, and Inspector ot ScUooIh, 1905 u6. 

.;iv..v:/<.V.' v..'/..^o:j ;-. <■ 

.1'.,]/. ,1 

-\c a", ••,f"iL t. ,.' . iI-! ■iAW.'^.-i\ ..ovTici T>i8<i5i;;it 

<■• ; if.av.. a. ..a d 



Fkedekick Levy Dunlap, Sc.D., Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry, 1906- 
07. Washington, D. C. 

Instructor in General Chemistry, 1900-01; Instructor in Analytical Chcniistry, n;aio6. Ke- 
signcd to accept a position in the Department of Agriculture. 

HowARu B. MtKRicK, B.S., Assistant Professor of Surveying, 1906 — . 

Instructor in Surveying, igoj-oO. 

MvRA Beach Jordan, A.B., pyoj^n's Dean in the Department of Literature, Science, 
and the Arts, 1906 — . 

Women's Dean, 190206. 

MoKRis Palmer Tiu.EY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English, 1906 — . 
Irving King, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education and InsCeclor of Schools, 
1906-09. Iowa Cily, Iowa. 

Professor of Education in State University of Iowa, 1909 — . 

James Elbert Cutler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor uf I'ulitical Economy, 1906-07. 

Cleveland, O. 

Professor of Sociology in Western Kcserve University. 

Joseph Morris Thomas, .'X.M., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, 1906-av. 

Instructor in KukI'sI', I9010(; Instructor in Rhetoric, 1904 oO. Keainnc.l to accept a Pro- 
fessorship in the Iniversity of .Minnesui.-i. 

Thomas liR^K^T Rankin, A.M., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, 1907—. 

Instructor in Hhetoric, 1905-07. 
Daviu Martin Lichty, Ph.D., .issislant Professor of General Chemistry, 1907 — . 

Instructor in General Chemistry, 1891-1907. 

I Warren Washburn Florer, Ph.D., Assislatit Professor of German, 1907 — . 

I Instructor in German, 1897-1907. 

Arthur Whitmore Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics, 1907 — . 

I Instructor in Physics, 1903-07. 

I Akciinc Burton Pierce, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Engineering Mechanics, 
i 1511—- 

I Instructor in Mathematics, 190.107; Assistant Piulessor of Mathematics, 1907-08; of Civil 

[ Engineering, 1908-11. 

' Theodore Rudolph Running, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1907 — . . 

I Instructor in Mathematics, 1903-07. 

; Peter Field, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Kyuy^. 

Instructor in Mathematics, 1903 07. 
i Edward Miltxin Bracc, B.S., Assistant Professor of Marine Engineering and Xai-at 
Architecture, \gcrj — . 

Instructor in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture, 1903 07. 

I Charles Piulip Wagner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, 1907^. 

Instructor in Romance Languages, 1904-07. 

William D. Henderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics, 1907 — , 

I Assistant in Physics, 190301; Instructor in Physics, 190407. 

I John Alexander Ross, Jr., U.S., Assistant Professor of Marine Engineering, 1907- 
j 08. Eastoii, Pa. 

' Professor in Lafayette Collefe. 

' Alfred Henderson Knight, M.M.E., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineer- 
j j'lig, 1907-10. 185 Seward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

I Instructor in Mechanical Engineering, 1906 07. 

j John Howell Grheith, M.S., Assistant Professor of Ciril Engineering, 1907-11. 

Btircaii of Staiulard.s, Arsenal, Piltshnrgh, Pa. 
, Bekt J. Denman, B.S., Elv, Acting Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 
I 1908. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Scorr Bi-u«ry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education, 1909 — . 

Acting Assistant Professor of Education, 1908-09. 

Otto Charli:s (jLasek, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1008—. 

Inslruclor in Zoology, 1905-08. 

Caul Edgar ICggert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geniuin, 19*18 — 
Instructor in German, 19UI-0.S. 

William Jay Hale, Ph.D., .issistant Professor of General Chemistry, 1908—. 

Instructor in General Chemistry, 1903-08. 

Charles Alton Ellis, A.B., Assistant Professor of Cizi! Engineering, 1908—. 

1.; ;,! U ; : 

': '■' ,1' IT, 

a .yiM«-3<] i. ivur 

24 MiiMBURS oi- run I'.-icui/niis. 

liuwAUb DuNUAK Kicii, civ, Assistant Professor of Civil Uiii^ineering, kxi^ — . 
Jamks Am1!Kosi; Movi.K, A.M., Assistant Professor of Mcclumu-nl lingiiiccnng, 

Lewis Hen'kv H.\.ni;y, Ph.U., Assistant Professor of Political luonoiny, 190.S-10. 

Austin, Tex. 
Uesigncil to accept a Chair iii the University o( Te.\as. 

James Pyi-ek Bird, A.B., Assistant Professor of French and Spanish, \f)orf—. 

Instructor ii> I'Vench, iyo3-o5; Instructor ni l-"rcnch anJ Spanish, i<jo5oy. Secretary of 
the Enginecriiit' Vacuity, iyo6 — . 

}^ENi<Y Uakoi.u IJiGbiE, ME; Assistant Professor of lllectri^al P.ngineering, 1909- 

Instniclor in Meclianical iCiigineerinj;, 190406; Instructor in IClectrical Kiiginecrintj, 190009. 

(h;ui;CE Aui;uSTiJS .Mav, M.l)., Assistant Professor of Physical Tr.iinin^ anJ Direc- 
tor of the ll'ateruhtH (.ivuinasin)n, lyoy — . 

Instructor in the Wateiiuan Gymnasium, lyoioy. 

John Wh.i.iam Ukadsuaw, Pli.D., .Issistant Proje^^or of Maihcoiatics, i<>)<j— . 

Instructor in Mathematics, 190409. Registrar of llic Department m1 i.itc.atuie, science, 
anU the Arts, 19060B. 

Claude AuELDEkt BuiutErr, Ph.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Dermatology and 
Genito-Urimiry Diseases in the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1909 — . 

Director of the I'athogcnetic and Patholoijical Laboratories, 190508; Instructor in Toxicol- 
ogy, 1907-08; Instructor in Uisea^ea ot the lilood and Genito-urniary Diseases, 190809- U<--g- 
ibtrar of the Homoeopathic Medical College, 1908—. 

R.vLZEMo.M) DkAKE<, M.S., Assislafit Professor of PAectrical Engineering, 

.\ssibiaiit 111 Mechanical Ijiginccring, 1905-0O; Inslrucior in l-;kclrioal ICngineering, 190609. 

Caky I.i;Roy 11iu„ A.B., M.S.F., Assistant Professor of Pvrestry, 19CHJ-12. 
RiCHAKD De-VNIs Teall Hui.i.ibTEK, A.M., Acting Assistant Professor of Oratory, 

Assistant in Klocution, i9o.--o4; Instructor in lUocutiun, 190409; Iiiatructor in Oratory, 

Caki. V'EKNtiN TowEK, Pli.l)., .Icting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Kjo^io. 

Cohiiiihia UnivL-rsity, New York, .\. Y. 
Instructor in Philosophy, 1S98 1900. 
Ai.viN CiiiasTiAN Ki<AEN/.i.i;iN, D.D.S., Assistant Professor of Physical Training, 

llE.NUY Ai.i.AN (ii.EASO.M, I'h.l)., Assistant Professor of Botany, 1910 — . 
AuTiiuh Si'EKKY Peakse, i'li.U., Assistant Professor of Zoology, loio-ii. 

.St. Louis, Mo. 

Instructor in ZooloRy, 1908-10; I'rofessor iu St. I.ouis University, 1911 — . 

Louis Karpinski, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Malhenuitus, 1910—. 

Instructor in Matlieinatics, lyo.j-io. 

John DiETEKi.E, li.l)., A.M., .Issistant Professor of (,'./ i/in/i, 1910 — . 

William C.aiui S.mEa'ion, A.B., .Issistant Professor of Ceneral Chemistry, 1910—. 

Instructor in Chemical ICiigincci iiig, 190J-10. 

Lee Holt Cone, Plt.D., Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry, 1910 — . 

Assistant in Chemical Laboiatory, 190304; Instructor in Organic Chemistry, 190510. 

Russell Weleoku Buniing, D.D.Sc, .-Issistant Professor of Dental Pathology and 
Histology, 1910—. 

Assistant in Dentistry, 190407; Instructor in Dental I'atliology and Histology, 1907 10. 

Willis Gokuon Stoner. A.B., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Law, )<;io— . 

Instructor in the Practice Court in the Department of Law, 1907- 10. 

Ralph William Aicler, LLB., Assistant Professor of Laic, 1910—. 

Instructor in Law, 1908-10. 

Walter ^^\NN Mitchell, Pli.D., Assistant Professor of Astronomy, 1910 — . 
Fkeuekick Stephen Breed, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education, 1910 — . 
Koheut Wilhelm Hecnek, Ph.D., .-Issistant Professor of Zoology, 1910 — . 

Instructor in Zoology, 190S10. 

VicioK Roy McLlcas, A.B., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Ea'u; 1910-iJ. 
Walter Turner Fisin.Enni, A.B, B.S., Assistant Professor of Stereotomy au\i 
Drawing, 1910 — . 
Instructor in Descriptive Ceoiuelry and Drawing, 1906 10. 

^., ) U ^..'-.A M 

\ •' 1.. .'I 


Aako.v 1'"kanki.i.s' Sihi.i., I'll D., Ailing .issiiUint I'i'cfcssor of Zoology, 1910-II 
(second SfincsUT). 
Inslrucior in Zuoloyy. lyii— . 

John Edwaku Kms\vili:k, M.F.., Assistant I'lofcssor of McL-lninicnl F.nginccriiig, 

KJII — . 
Inbtnictor in Mechanical Engiiiccrint;, 1906- ii. 

John R. Brumm, A.M., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, lyii— . 

Instructor in i<ln.-toric. 1905- 11. 

Cai.vjn Hekky Kaukiman, Pli.D., Assisunit Professor of Botany, 191 1 — . 

Instructor in llotany, 1904 11. < 

Alexander Gkant Ruthvicn, Pli.D., Assistonl J^'rofessor of Zoology, 191 1—. 

Instructor in ZooloKy, 190711; Curator of tlic Musenm, 1.J06-0S; Head Curator of tlie Mu- 
seum, 1908 — . 
Geokge Leroy Jacksun, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of P.ducation, 191 1—. 

Instructor in Education, 1909 11. 

AuiiuKv Teai.di, Grad. Roy. Tech. Iii-t., I.ivorno, Assistant Professor of Landscape 
Design, lyii— . 

Instructor in Landscaiie Desitrn, 1909 11. 

Ih:Ki;i;iiT RiciiAKu Ckijss, AM.. Assistant Professor of the Fine Arts, and Curator 

of the U)ii-:'ersitv Art Collections, 191 1— . 
Jdii.s GAKKEi-r Wi.NTKK, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of An.ient Lan-^na^^es, 1911— . 

liisnuctor in Greek, 190611) ; in (Jrcek and Latin, 1010 11. 
Joii.\ Fki:iikkick SiiEfAKi), Vh.D.,. Assistant Professor of Psychology, 191 1 — . 

.\Sbistaiit in I'syclioloKy, 1903-06; Instructor in Psycholotjy, 1906-11. 

F.i)i.,.\N .\'om,i: Diiui'Ei;, A.B., J.D., Assistant Professor of I.aiv. 191 1—. 

IloiiAKV lluKU W'li.i.AKD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry, 1911 — . 

Assistant in Analytical Chemistry, 19"3 "5 ; Instructor in Qualitative Analysis, 1905-11. 


♦Jd.N'AVllA.V I'l-Alll, iSlV-ll- 

Aeeidei, tally killed near Na^hvllle, .Mieh., June 19, iHvj, 

*13in;i<rrf Alu.ustus S-Mnii, .^.B., Grceh and Latin, 1844-46. 

Died at Worcester. Mass., June 16, 1S99. 

*FncH Rkfii Williams, A.B.. /.<i//)i, iS;8-6o. 

l>ied at i:ik Uapids. Mich.. July 13. 1904. " 

Clevllanu AiiiiE, A.B., Physics and Civil Lnginecring, 1839-00. Wn.^liiiigton, D. C. 

Professor of Meteorology, George Washington l.'niversily, iS.S4-i909; Lecturer on Meteor- 
ology, Johns llopkini Universiiy. since 1895; Professor ol Meicr-logy, U. S. Weather IJurcau. 

*Ei Miiui: IlouTON Wells, B.S., C.E., Lnginecring, 18(14. 

Died at Meshoppeii, Pa., Dec. 13, 1904. 

♦WiiiiAM BiiTiEu MuKCAN, CM'.., AM., Malhcnialics and ('iiil Fngineciinv., i8()S-6<). 

D.ed at !,..«> II. Kans., I'el,. J4, ,.,,,4. 

».\i'..i:;,Ti s .Maamh-ki., Pli.D,, C.erman, iS7o-7L 

Ji'i.Es Makius Di-Luii me, A.B., French, 1870. 

Jules FkI'Dikkk ]5illaku, A.M., French, 1S70-72. Ijuirel, Md. 

Ei)WAi(i) J.Ai'KENS Mark, A.B., Mathematics, 1871-72. Cambridge, Mnss. 

Hersey Professor o! Anatomy in Harvard I'nivcrsity. 

*Ri)iiEKT llAKiiisoN. A.M.,' Modern Languages and Lileraturc, 1871-73. 

Died at liristol, K. I., Oct. 6, 1903. 

Ekancis AuKLiiERT Bi.ACKiiuuN, A.M., Latin, 1871-75. Chicago, 11). 

.\ssociale Professor of the liugUsh Laiiguai-'e in the I'nueiMiy of Chicago. 

*Mai(cus Baker, A.B., Mathematics. 1871-7.V 

Died at Washington, D. C, Dec. 12, 1903. 
Alereii Hekneouin, Ph.D.,/-Ve«f/i, 1872-7S; French and C.erman, 187=8.^ 

i;,,ii, Mass. 
Austin Scott, Ph.D., German, i87.v7.|. N\\v ntimswick-, N. J. 

♦John Lorii Giipatuick .A.B., Math.ematics, 187 V74. 

Professor of Malheniaties iu lleuis..n rniversilv. D,. d .,t G.anvilU. OIilo, March i8. 191^. 
SeniVa IlAsEi.To.s-, A.r. . .U,///;,'y/iii/iV.f. 1873-7.1. I'.urliiigtnn, Vt. 

Jud,;e o( ,he Sup, erne Co,,,, ol Veimo,,.. 


Henry Fairfield Burton, A.M., Latin. 1874-75. Rochester N Y 

Professor of I.atin in the U.uvcrsity of Uochester. K001iebt<.r, N. Y. 

John Jamison Mapei., A.M., German and French, 187S-76 Milwaukee Wis 

♦George A. Heni.ricks. M.D., Anatomy 18S2-S8 iviuwauKee, vv.s. 

Died at MirMieapolis. Minn., Sept. .'5, 1899. 

Benjamin Leonard irOooE. A.M., Latin, 1884-86. • Ypsihiui Mich 

Professor of the Latin and Greek Lansnages in Michigan Slate Normal CoMoLe 

Supcri!,S'!lt''ors!^'!^lf'livan^;!;!-'i^ '^^^^'- Evanston. 111. 

*Aii)Ei(T Stanley Dolan,' M.D., i'lmrmacology 1.S84-85 

Died at Riverside, Cai., March 21. 1904. * 

Arthur William Bukmvix A.M., English and German, 1885-87; English, 1887-88. 

^ X itbiuLiu 01 tnc UniveibUy ol Cmcmjiati, 1899190.1. 

bxEuMAN WiLLARD Clary, A.M, Modern Languages, 1887-88; German. i888-8<j. 
1- , T ,w I-" Boylstoii St., Boston Mass 

'^^SL^^?'^::L^£rln'^h^Unlv^sitf^feeS-''■ Mi""eap.Hs,'Min,i: 

*LuDovic KsTES, A.M, Matliematies, 1887-88 

Died at Grand I'orks. N. U., Marcli ii, 1898. ' 

^"'■''^Ssi?"''' '^^■"■' ^^'""'''' ■'^'''^""' '^^"*^' '^^''''''■'" '^^'''''^■" ""^ n,e/-a/..,</ux 

Joseph Fla\',us McCui.locu, A.B., Mathematics. isS7-.S8. (^.recnsU. m' N^ c' 

ProlT '^■'r""' ^v^^;"'"' ^'^'}}' ^'''''^^^Cl'y, i.^S8-8.;. Washingio,,; l).' Q. 

1 rolesbOr in George W aslnngton University. . . —. 

ALEXAm.E,< Frederick Lance, A.M., EngUsh. i,S88-S<); German and Anglo-.'^avon 
^^-i-^'O- Bcrkelev Cii' 

Dean of the Faculties in the University of California. ' 

WiLUAM Wallace C.^MPiiELL, B.S., Astronomy, 188S-91. Mount H.nnilton, Cal. 

Director of the Lick Observatory. 

Charles Puryeah A.M., C.E., Mathematics, 1888-8.J. College Station, Tex. 

Professor of Mathein,,l.cs in the Agrienltural and Meclianical College of Texas 

*Thomas McCaue, I'h.D., French, 1888-80. 

Died at Bryn Mawr, Pa., Peb. 22, 1891. 

George Walton Wiivte, B.S., Metallurgy, 1888-8.J; Metallurgy and Assaying. 1880- 
r^ ^„ ^ 'XX) Cooper St., Cani.lcn' N. J. 

DAVID Henry Browne, Ph.B., Qualitative Analysis i888-S<j Copiicr ClilTs Out 

*Elmer Saneord, B.S., Physiologv, 1888-89. 

Died at Ann Arbor, peb. 15, 1889. 

♦Lewis Adi^ison Khoades, A.M., German, i888-<jo. 

Profcsor o( the German Laiiynane and Lileralure in Ohu. Stale University. Died at Co- 
Imnbns, Hhi.i, Aug. jo. 1910. 

Philipi'E Belknap ALxkcou, Ph.D., French. i88.)-<x). Cambridge. Mass. 

CiiARi.Ks King McGee, A.B., General Chemistrv. 188.J-91. Aim Arbor. in General Chemistry, 1882-89. 

James IIayden Tuets, A.B., B.D., Philosophy, i88o-no. Chicauo III 

Professor of Philosophy in the University of Chicago. ' 

Frank Clemes Smith, B.S., Quantitative Analysis, 1889-90. Chase City Va 

Mellen Woodman Haskei.l, Ph.D.. Mathematics. i88(;-90. ]5eikeley ' Cal 

Professor of Mathematics in the University of Califunua. 

WiLL.\Rii Kimball Clement, Ph.D., Latin, 1890-93. Fvanstoii, 111 

Edwin Whiteiei.d Fay, III1.D., Ancient Languages, iS<)o-9i. \iistin Tex 

Professor of Latin in the University of 'I'e.xas. ' ' ' ' 

Joseph VilliErs Denney, A.B., English. 18^)0-91. Columbus O 

Professor of Knglish, and Dean in the Ohio State Univeisily. 

John Hanson Thomas McPherson, I'h.D., History. 1890-91. Athens Ga. 

Professor of History and Political Science in the University of I'.corgij. 

Charles Carroll Marden, .A B., French. 1890-91 Baltimore, MJ. 

Professor of Spanish in Johns Hopkins University. 

/:./, , , ■:!■, h 

•'., tv.. :: 1 

Ji .ttil 1. fi. i^f nr. 



FkicdEhick Chakles Hicks, Ph.D., Political Economy, 1890-91. Cincinnati, O. 

Assistant in Political Ivconomy, 1888-90. Professor of Economics in the University of Cin- 

Fred Mokley, C. E., Descriptive Geometry and Draxving, 1800-94. Lapeer, Mich. 

Assistant in Drawing and Surveying, 1888-yo. 

Glen Levin Swuxett. A.B., German and French, 1890-92. Scwance, Tenn. 

Professor of Modern Languages in the University of the South. 

Elmek AuEi.dicrt Lym-^n, A.B., Mathematics. 1890-98. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Professor of Mathematics in Michigan State Normal College. 

Wiui.iAM Hm'Ei.i, SuEKZEK, M.S., Geology, 1891-92. Ypsihinti, Mich. 

Instructor in Geology and Palaeontology, 1890-91 (second semester). Professor of Natural 
Sciences in Michigan State Normal College. 

*Hi«AM Allen Sober, A.B., Greek and Latin, 1891-93. 

-Assistant Professor in University of Wisconsin. iJied at Davenport, Iowa, Sept. 10, 1900. 

Frank Ai.swoktu Waples, B.S., Histology, 1891-92. Cudy, Wyo. 

Assistant in Physiology, 1889-91. 

George Oswin 11icu;v, M.S., General Cliemistrv, 1891-1905. Dt.'hiware, O. 

Professor of Chemistry in the Ohio Wesleyan Universil). 

Raymond Leslie Weeks, A.^L, French, 1891-9?. Cohinibia Univeisity, N. Y. 

Professor of Romance Languages in Columbia University. 

Louis Murdach. Ph.B,. B.S., Morphology, 1891-9-'. Detroit, Midi. 

SiMiiN Menno Yutzy, M.D., Osteology, i8<>i-93, i8<;6-97, 1900-09; Anatomy, 1895- 

i;6, i8'j7-i900. Ann Arbor. 

Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1891-95; 1896-97; Assistant to the Professor of Anat- 
omy and Physiology, 1891-9.); Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1897-1909. 

Ernst Karl Juhann Heinrich Voss, German, 1891-9^; 1895-96. MacHson, Wis. 

Professor of German Philology in the University of Wisconsin. 

George Herdekt Rowe, B.S.(,E.E.), Electrical Engineering, 1892-93. 

115 Clinton St., Chicago, 111. 

Assistant to the Professor of Physics, 189 1-9.'. 

Martin Luthek Bei,sER, M.D., Pathology, 1892-95. Ann Arbor. 

Assistant to the Professor of Pathology, iSgi-gj; Demonstrator of Autopsies, 1894-95. 

♦Lorenzo Nickekson Johnson, A.^L. Botany, 1892-96. 

Died at Boulder, Colo.. Peb. 17, 1897. 

♦Heuhekt Fletchek DeCou, A.M., Greek and Sa)iskyit, 1892-93; 1894-95; Greek, 
■ 189.3-94; 1899-1900. 

Died at Cyrcne, North Afiiia, March ii, .911. 

Elmek Louis Ai.wh, B.S., .-Ishononiy, icS9_'-93. Detruit, Mich. 

llENKV Bauuvin Ward. Ph.D.. Morphology. i8';2-9.?. lirbaiia, 111. 

Professor in the University of Nebraska, 1893-1909; Proftss(jr of Zoology in the Lliiuiisiiy 
of Illinois, 1909 — . 

Lawrence McLouth, A.B., German, 1892-9S. New York, N. Y. 

Piolessor of Germanic Languages and Literatures in Neu Vo.k University, 1895 -. 

C.EoKi.E 1m<Eim:riik Met/i.kk, I'li.D., Mathematics, iSrij o^. Syracuse, N. Y. 

A^ Pu.h.sur m Syracuse Univc.sily. 

Po.MEKoY J.ADUE, B.S., Mathematics, i8<H 94- Land Title Blilg., Pliiladelphia, Pa. 
I'UGENE Li:m:r, Ph.D., French, i8<>3-94. liloMininnioii, hid. 

.\ssistaiit Professor of German in Indiana University. 

GEtiRGE Ellsworth Dawson, A.B., English, iS9V9S. Springfield, Mass. 

Professor of Psychology in Bible Normal College, Siiringlield, Mass.. i8.,7-i9oi ; Professor 
of Psychology in Hartford School of Keligious Pedagogy, 190.:—. Lecturer on Psychology in 
the International Y. M. C. A. Training School, 1910—. 

GivORGE AiiuMM, Ph.D., Maltiematics, i8<)3-95. Urban.i, 111. 

.Marshall Stewart Brown, A.M., History. i8<;3-<)4. New Yurk, N. Y. 

Professor of History and Political Science in New York University. 

William Frankun Edwards, B.S., Organic Chemistry, 1893-95. Hnu'^iiin, Te.\. 
William Biair, I\LD., Etectrotherapctitics, 1803-94. -^nn .\rbor. 

Sidney DEan Townley. Sc D., .-Istronomy, i8<)3-<)5; i8(/i-o8. 

sSianford University, Cal. 

Av-,oiiale Piolessor of Applied Mallu-m„lics iu SlaiiL.rd Ui.iveiMiv. 

CiiAKi.Ls Atwood Koioid. I'll D., rcrtehrale Morphology. i8<)4-95. Berkeley, Cal. 




.\mi Arbor. 





New York, N 







Sl, 1 






Wai.i.aci-: Stkuman lii.ur.N, .A.M., l-reiuh, iy<:)4-(^). 

I'rufLbaur of the Classical languages in Oliio Slalc Snivel iily. 

JuiiN \Vii.i,iAM JJwYi;i;, I.L.M., Uno, iS94-i»jo5. 
TiruMAs Wiii.ijuu.v 11ih;iii:s, I.L.M-, Laio, i8<j4-(j8 

(Jui^iiiaitcr i.i Law. i8y3y-|. I'rolessor of l.a.v ii. the l,..uiiMana 

*VValti;k Dento.v S-Mriii,, Laiv. i8y4-yu. 

Died at Calcshiirj;. -Mich,, Sept. 20, iS.ju. 

'VVII,l.IA^[ Dawso.n Joii.N-sroN, A.M., Historv, 1804-97. 

Uhrariaii of Columbia I'liiversity. 

Fkank Rattkay I.iu.iK, I'li.D., Zoology, i8i)4-<>;. ^ 

rrofcsbur oi ICiiibryoluyy in ihi: Uaivcrsily of Chicano. 

Daniei, Bi;nja.\ii.v I,uti:.v, U.S.. Hiiginceriiiii, 1894-95. 
John Jiir.nAM, I'h.D., I'liilosoi^liy, i8i,)4-<)5. 3(3o I. a 

*CnAKirs Roiii-uv Gil. MS. i'b.H., .Islioitumv, iSv^ ')^>- 

Died at WashiiiKtoii, 1). C, .luly jo, ly.,... 

Hdcai; Hwi.n'C Bkanuux, A.M., I'li-iuli, iS'K-ou; i8<>7-<j8. 

I'rofcssor of Uoniancc LanKuan.., i.i Mianii UiuvoMly. 

HUNKY Fui.iiEiucK Liiwis Ricichi.l:, .A.M., Z,ij/i';i, i8^>5-i/j; 1897-98. 

AIanisti(iue. Mich. 
Hdgar PiERCu, Ph.D.. Philosophy, 1895-96. 144 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

IIenky Livj.vGSTo.v CuAK, A.M., Mathcinoiics, 189S-97. Marietta, O. 

Profcisor in Marietta College. 

VicroK F,.mman-l;i:u Pkantuis, I'icnch, i8<;5-i90J. Now York, N. Y. 

Associate Professor of ia the College of tile City of New York. 

PiiKRY Fox 'fKOWiiKiDCi.:, Pli.B., Orgoiiic Chemistry, 1895-i'Xi^. Columbia, Mo. 

Assistai;t in Qualitative Clieuiistry, 1893-95; .\ccoumanI in the Clieniical Laboratory. 1895- 
1901. Professor of Agricultural Chemistry 111 the I'iiucibiiy ul -Missouri. 

Penoveu Lkvi SiiKKMAN, Ph.D., Oivu/ci/ Chc-utisny, \A/>-<)'j. I.os .Angeles, Cal. 

Assistant in (iciieral Chemistry. 1895.90. 

Daviu Lakk Davdi.e,, Pii.C, Organic Chemistry, I'&'jb-fjy. C.uantapaiiio. Cuba. 

.^ssi5tallt in Qualitative Analysis, 1893 94. 
Aktiiuk I<aciima.\, Pli.D., Chemistry, i89()-97. 

445 .2ik1 St . San Francisco, Cal. 
Chaklks Euwaki) St. John, Pii.D., Fhysies, i8<av97. Pasadena, Cal. 

Astrophysicist in Carnegie Institution, 1908 -. 

Orro ]'".i)WAUu l.MSriiNG, .\ B., (j'ermnii, i8(;6 <>S. Urliana, III. 

Associate Pro(es..or of Ceniia.i 111 the Univ.rsily oi lllui.,,,. 

]Ii-Kiii:i(T IlAKOi.iJ \Vaiti-. A.B., Jiacteriology, iS(/)-iikh. Lincoln, Neb. 

Pr(.f.^,.u• m the IJniveisily of Nebrask.i. 
John Tiii-oiMKi-: K.\li;,, Meeluuiicol /■n;;i//,v/ 1//-. iS-/, <>S, C'iiiaiiiiati. O. 

I'u.hs,,,, ul MM-hauu-al i:u.yinc. , „,,.; ,u the ^.u^,,Ml^ \.l 

Cinuii . \km\sm i^ Mil iMi.i;. .MM, In^fu^tr, in C vuiui.uinii. i,"'.;*! .).), 

K.unJord Island, Boston. Mass. 
Tiiioium;!. C'lNUki; S.MMu, I'll! J. Ihslorv, i8<)7.i,>S. Williaiiistowii, Mass. 

Pi..u.s..r of Amcncau lli-,M,y in Wilh.rins Cnlkuc 

Ai.m.uT JiiiiN 1'"ai(hah, LL.B., 1, 0:^1, i8<;7-i9<)0. Gainesville, Fla. 

Professor of Law in the University of PloriJa. 

Edwin Caki, Roihiukk, Ph.D., German, iSg7-u)oo. Madison, Wis. 

Assistant in German. 189596. A.ssociate Profcsor of German Philology in tlie L'inser,ity 
of Wisconsin. 

*Cai<uoi.i. Dunham Joni;s, H.K., lileetrieol luiiiineerini^, i8<^7-h/ii. 

Died at Saraiiac Lake, N. V., July 30. 1901. 

♦Fanny Ei.izaiii;th I.anc.ixjn, MS.. Botany, )897-<>S; Zooloi^y, i8<>S-<>j. 

.'\ssistant in llotauy, 1896-97. IJied at .^lln Arbor, (let. Ji, 1899 

John Edward Lautnkk, M.L.. German, i8i)7-9<j. Mai.itictte, Mich. 

Professor of Modern Languages in Northern Slate .Vormal Sclmol. 

John Black Johnston, Ph B.. Zoolof-v, iH'jj-g^). .Minneapolis. Miim. 

Assistant in Invertebrate Morphology, 1893-95; Zoological Assistant m Goneial tJiology. 
1895.97. Professor of Compai alive Neurology in the li'niversity of Miiuic-^oia 

Ai.iCK Guw Snyuicr. M.D., Iiutrnetor in Uarlumr Cyiniuisinin, iS<j7- 11^)4. 


\Vii,i;i K CoKTKi: Aiuiun, 1! I.iu., Uisluiy, iH<j7-i_/). Ni-w Haven, Conn. 

j l>rr,lcbSor of Ilisloiy iii ^\.lc riiuci^ily. 

1 AtBiiKT jKKKMiAii lu.i.Kiir, M.L)., I'iilholoi^y (ill llinnocopdthic Medical College), 

i iSij7-gS. San Diego, Cal. 

Augustus Tkowdkiuci:, PJi.D., J^hy.ucs, i8<jS-ujoo. I'linceton, N. J. 

Professor of I'liysicb in I'riiiecloii University. 

Coi.MAN Dldi.i'.v Fkank, Pli.l)., Ercnch, iSy8-<jo; Eicnch and SMni^h, nwi-04. 

New Yoik, N. Y. of tl,u I)c|u.ln,cm ui liuniance Laiignagc-s in DeWitt Clinton Uiyii SlIio.,1. 

Ai.iiKKT Wiins W'liiTM-v, A. It., Mulhcmatics, i8.>S-(>,. licikclcy, Cal. 

1 Ab.sislant l'rufc.-,bur 01 Mallicn.itici and Ii.jiirance in tlic iMiiveiMty of Cal.iurnia. 

! JiKNST JuiiN Fi.ui;i'.i;i„ I'li.l),, (Jcnmiii, i&>S-(» * liluiL-a, N. Y. 

Assistant Professor of C.erman I.ananage ami l.itera-ure in Coiiull Tni-. e, ,ity. 

*1I.\M^.T().^F GufKNWOuu TiMj:t:i<i..\Ki:, .\.B., M.S, Botany, i8'j8-g<j. 

Died at Sladison, Wis., July ly, 191JJ. 

Jui.i.\ W'aknku Snow, Ph.D., Botany, iS<j8-iyoo. Nortliamplon, Mass. 

Associate Professor oi IJotany in Sniiili C.jlleKe. 

RoiiKUT Ci.AKK Sti:vi;ns, .\.li., H.S., Mechanical Ennincciiuxi^ i8.j«-</> 

.154 W. iitli St., Erie, Pa. 
.Akciiiiiai.i. L'A.Mi'in.ii.. Pli..\l.. Oyi^anic I'ltcniisti v, iSij,S<)<>. Cincinnati, O. 

Assistant in p.ialil ilivc CIr. iiii-,1 rv, i.Sy6.>S. .Xcconni .uit m the Clicniical Laboratory, 1898- 
9.J. r.encral Sii|.---iinlL n.leri t ..f Uie f.lulje Soap Company. 

Siiua.i:v \\'iii;i;i.i;k Smith, A..M., English, 1898-1901. Aim Arbor. 

Seeietary of the University, 1908 — . 

Oi-ouc.i; Lv.MAN Gkimi:s, H.S., Meclianical Engineering, 1898-1901. 

120 Cliaiuller Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
John Evenson Guankud, Ph.D., Latin, 1898-99. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Assistant in Latin. iSi)7-gS. Professor of Latin in the University of Minnesota. 

Herman Ai.uekt Zeitz, Music, iS<><;. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Thomas Edwaku Omver, Ph.D., Ercnch. 1899-1900. Urbana, 111 

Professor of Koniance Lansiuayes in the Uni\ersity of lllijiois. 

Chkistian Fkf.1)i;uick Gauss. .\.M., French, i89fj-i9oi. Princetan, N. J. 

Professor of Modern Langnapes in Princeton University, 1907 — . 

James Rae Akneh.l, .\.B., M.D., Clinical Medicine, i89<9-i9o?. Denver, Colo. 

Professor of Medicine in the I'nivcrsity of Colorado, lyuj- . 

RoHEKT Coi.i.vEK PouKi.ANu, A.]}., M.D., Anatumv, i8(j9-i90j RockforJ, 111. 

Assistant Denionatralor of Anatomy. iM97-98- 

]''UCENE Con.\i:i.iu3 Sui.LiVAN, IMi.D., Analytical Chemistry. 1899--KJ03. Corning, N. Y. 
Samuee Jackson Holmes, Ph.D., Zoology, i89<)-ii)05. 

.Assistant Professor of Zoology in the University of Wisonsiii. 

Chaki-Es May Wileiams, Cyinnasiiun. i8()<M90i. 

Director of Physical Training; in Browning School. 
KaRI, WlEHEIM CiENTlll", Ph.D., Zoi)log\\ I(XX)-0I. 

.\i,u-E l.ouisi: llu.NT. thawing, 18).) . 

DfA.Ni; Klin Sti'akt.'.S.IV, Latin. i.^k)-oi ; Creek and Latin. 

Edwaru Brinii Escott. M.S., .Uatheniaiics, 1900 — . 
Wii.EiAM Makshall, M.S, Matlieinatics, 1900-08. 

Associate Professor of Maiheniaiics in Pnidue University. 

HeiuiKkt DeWiit Cakrincton, Ph.D., Cernian, 1900-01 

Instinclor in German in Smith College. 
GilOKGE KlMUAI.E BUKCESS, B.S., I'hvsicS, I9(W0I. 
Physicist in linreau of Standards. 

Cari, Fredi'kick Augustus Eange, .\.M., Gernmn, hxk) 05. 

Associate Profe.ssjr ..f German in Smith ClK-ge. 

Frepeuick Mav Grei:n, I'.S ( ), Civil Engineering, i<xxi o.-. 

4,? Norw.Ju.l .\vc, Bniralo, N. Y. 
Vernun Justin Wu.i.ev, .A.M., Electrotherapeutics, Ujoi-vH. 

Director ol Koei.tgen L.l,.„a,,„y, i,j„5-oS. 



1, \\ 




, N. 



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) v.< 

_^,j ■ MiiMlillRS OF Till-. 1-ACl Llll'.S. 

L'liAKi.iCs Ai iii;ici- Davis, A.M., I'vrcstrx, 1901-05. Washington, D. C. 

I'cat Kxpcil, IT. S. lUireaii uf .Mi.KS. 

Wii.i.iAM HuwAku LSoiiN, A.M., linglhli, iyoi-04; 1905-10. 

5-l() William St , East Orange, N. J. 
kciVAu Alhi:i<t .ViiHurr, rii.B., lin^lisli, 1901-05. j.41-' SitTJing I'l., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
WiNTHKOi' llui.T CuKNEKV, A.M., I'reiich, 1901-04. St. Louis, Mo. 

Asiistant I'rufcssur of Spaiiisli, Jiallrui, ami Kuiiiai.ic I'liiloloBy, in W'abhiiiKton UiiiversitJ- 

Ci.AKtNCii Burton Mokkii.i,, B.I.., Unglish, 1901-aj. Brandon, Fla. 

*IIoMER Jav Pakkek, M Iv, MechanUal llngiiu-ciiiig, 1901. 

Died at Aim Arbor. Nov. -V. I9<"- 

John William Sciioi.i,, Ph.D., Ceriiuin, 1901 — . 4 

John Cuaklks Thoki'K, B.S., Mcclniniail engineering, i<^i-oj. Urbana, 111. 

Assistant I'rofessor of Steam RiiKiiiccriiiK in the Vniversity of Illinois, iyo6-io 

Ravmomj Pkaki,, Ph.D., ZuiJiogy, 1902-06. Oroiio, Me. 

llcaj of tlie Ueparlmcnt of liiolony in tlie Maine Experiment Station. 

.'\i.iMioNso MoKToN Ci.ovKK, Ph.D., General Cheniistry, kxi2-o.|. Detroit, Mich. 

Kcsiarcli Cliemist with Tarkc, Davis & Co. 

Fki:iii;kick Ciiahi.i:s Wii.sox, B.S.(C.H.), Deseriplize Geometry and Drawing, 1902- 
o(). Felton, Cuba. 

With Spanish American Iron Company. 

WiU'.UK Pakuon Bowln, M.S., Physiology, 1902-03. Ypsil'anti, Miclh. 

i'roftbsor of I'hysical ICdncation in the Stale Normal College. 

Kenvon Li;i:<'ii BinTi:i(i''ii:i,ii, A.M., Rural Sociology, 1902-03. AniJierst, Mass. 

I'rcsiilent of Massachusetts AKricLiltnral College. 

LviiiA .Makia Di:Wirr, B.S., M.D., Histology, 1902- jo. 

Spraj-'iie Inslitiitc, Chicago, 111. 
♦Charles MurehEad Bkiccs, D.D.S., Clinical Dculnlry, 1902-03. 

Died at I.os Angeles, Cal., June 19, I9o^. 

RoiiERT Brown Howell, D.D.S., Coinfarati-.e Amtloniy and Ctown and Bridge 
]l'ork, 1907 — . 

Prosthetic Technics and Comparative (Jdontology, 19UJ03; Compaiative Anatomy and Pros- 
thetic Technics, 190305; Lecturer on Comparative Anatiuiiy and Crown and IMdye Work, 

Fred Goodrich Frink, M.S., Civil Engineering, 1902-04. Eugene, Ore. 

Professor of Railway Enumeerinn in the University of Oregon. 

Charles Bakek Davis, B.S. (C E.), Surz'eying, 1902-03. Binninghani, Ala. 
Franz Alexander La Mutte. M.S., Mathenialics, i<ki-'-o3. 

Kov Komanzo Peck, A.M., French, 1902-05. South Bend, Intl. 

Walter Henry BlomE, B.S., Pharmacv, moyo^. Detroit, Mich. 

Instructor in Detroit Teelmical Institute. 

Carl Clhton Taruox, A.B., Rhetoric, 1903-0(1. Eaton's Ranch, Wolf, Wyo. 

Assistant in Englisli, if(oj oj. 

C.EoiiC.E Mil I IK l!AKiii:ri', U.S., PcscriMirc (.'c.'uicli v ond lha:.-ing. i.x)3-io, 

i;iS N, Dd.iwaic Si., Iiidianapohs, liul. 
*C.i'STAv Sti:in, I.1..H., y.(i.\', i<»ovo5. 

Died at Denver. Colo.. Nov. 15, i^-ii." 

Frederick Amos Baidwin, .X.B., M.D, I'alhology in the Department of Medicine 
and Surgery. 1903-04. St. Louis, Mo. 

Assistant in Pathology. iivy8-ici03. Professor of l'alh..lut;y, American Medical College. 

RooEK Sylvester Morris, A.B., M.D., Internal Medicine, and Demonstrator of Clin- 
ical Medicine, in the Department of Medicine and Surgery, 1903-06. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Associate Professor of Medicine in Washington Univeiiity. 

John Nel.son James. A.B., Mathematics, nyj3-o.\. Indiana, Pa. 

Professor of Chemistry in the Pennsylvania ScIiol.1. 

Henry William Duhee, .A.M., German, kk^-oo. Bcloit, Wis. 

Professor of German in Ueloit College. 1906--. 

ko.scoE liRAiiuuRY Jackson, B.S. (, Mechanical I'.iiKinecring, 1903-04. 

Detroit, Mich. 
CEorck Hamilton, Ph.D., /'rr/n/i, io<i3 n. lihac.i, N. Y. 

I,' !• M- :'■■ '1 


Vekner Lee Pace. B.S. (C.H.), Descriptive Geometry and Drawing, 1903-04. 

Chicago, 111. 
RiCH.-\BiJ Ray Kirk, A.M., Rlieloric, 1904-08. liliaca, N. Y. 

Assistant in Klictoric. 190301. Instructor in ICnylisli in Cunicll University. 

Augustus 1Iai.v.\i<u Henky Roth, A.B., M.D, Anatomy, 190.1-05. Eric, Pa. 

iJumonbtrator ui Uiihtlialniul.jHy, 1906 07. 

KLxMEk LilkuY \Viin.\!AxN-, U.D.S., Prosthetic Technics, 1904—. 
EnwAKij l,Ai<i{.Mii;i-: AuAMS, A.M., Romance Languages, 1904 — . 
Fkkdkkick J.\cou Mi:nckr, A.M., Herman, 1904-08. Beloit, Wis. 

Instructor in German in liL-l.nt College. 

Elmoki; ]Cvi; UuntKi-ii-.i.i), M D., Pathology, in the Department of Medicine and 
Snrgery, I904-o<o. RockefcUor liibtitiite, New York, N. Y. 

Geokc.k r.orii.iKB STKiii-iif., US.(C.H ), Descriptive Geometry a)id Draioing, 
i<;04-05; Civil P.ngineci ing, ii^/)-!!. Manila, P. 1. 

IlowAKU BuLCi; Muui-iftv, li S , Descriptive Geometry and Drawing, 1904-06. 

71 J N. Peak St, Dallas, Te.x. 

Ai.Lt:\ I.uu.Mis, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, i<.jo^-otj. LJetrtnt, Mich. 

RuShi:i.i,.\Vii.i.iA.M llAur.u.wK, B.S., Machine Desii^n, WK)4-o:;. Ma.liscni, Wis. 

MAuiiici- c;aki A.ND Fi-nu.v, .\.M., Rhetoric, 1904-05. DaviiLMUi, N". C. 

As=i,iant in Klietuiio, i^ui-oj. rr.Hc^or oi Ivnglisli in l)avi.i = on Colleye. 

Hi)i<.\Tio IlAi^KKiT I'h.D., Zoology, kkis-oS. Chica-o, HI. 

A>s..eiate I'rulessur ui Zu.,lo/y m tlic L niveisity of Clue:i>;o. 

Roy WtKm Sti-iAxs, Ph.D., Philosophy, 1905—. 
Hakky Conk.Mj Thuknau, Ph.D., German, 1905 — . 

RiiUDEX Wii.FOKu Balco.m, Ph.D., General Chemistry, 1905-06; Analytical Chemistry, 
1906-07. Nashville, Tciiu. 

Herbert .\i.iiEN Kenvhn, A.M . French and Spanish, 1905 — . 

Robert Bean, B S., M.D., .Anatomy, in the Department of Medicine and 
Surgery. 1905-07. New Oilcans, La. 

Associate Professor of Anatomy in Tulaiie University, 1910—. 

Ward J. Macnxvi., Ph.D., M.D., Histology, in the Department of Medicine and 
Surgery. \(}oyoi>. 172 Prospect Park, W., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Assistant in liy^ienie [.allot atory, lyoi-o^. Lecturer on l'atliolo«y ami IJactcriolugy. in 
New Vork>liialo Mc.lical School an.l llosi-ital. 

Dana Buaiki-nriuci; Ca;,iei:i.. Pli D., Zoology. i905-0(j. .Austin, Texas. 

liwirucior in ZooloRy in tlic Un.ver.-ity of Texas, ujoy— . 

Wii.i.iAM .\iovsius McI.AUCHi.iN, A.B., Instructor in French. I<X>5— 
Kari. \\ii.iiei..mj Z1.MMERSCI11EL1, A.D , M.S., Metallurgy and (Jnantitatii'e Analysis, 
1005-11. Detroit, ^lich. 

.Assistant in Quantitative Analysis, 1903-04. 

Charles Bkrry Newco.mer, Ph.D., Modern Languages, u»7-o8. Des Moines, la. 

liLlriKtur ill I'.ieck iinti l.iiiin, iodj-u/. I'mtessof of Uom.n.ce LanBuages in lliake I'ni- 

-Artiiur K. 1'ai.mer, B.S.. Descripiiie Geometry and Drawing, 1905-00. 
IIakrv HiRi) Atwei.1., B.S. ( Surveying, 1905- . 
Sa.miei. Coi.Vii.LE I.IM), Pill)., (Jeneial and Physical Chemistry, KJ05— . 
Cu.^Ri.Ks Bruce ViiiiniRT, .\.B., Philosophy, 1905 — . 

.\asi5tant in I'hilosupliy, Iyu3-u5. 

Kk.nest Steck, B.S. (F..E.), Electrical Engineciing, looyuij. Philadcli.hia, Pa. 

Ci.VDK Ki.TON Love, A.B., Mathematics. 1905—. 

W'li.iiA.M Van Nest GARi<ErbO.«f, M.S.. .Matiicmatics, K/15— . 

l-RA.VK liLKR Marsh, I'li.D, History. i.;os-io. Austin, Texas. 

Assistant in Jlislury, 190J 05. liist.uclor in llie University of Texai. 1710 

H.vRoi I) Pru.i, BreiiEniim-h, Pli.D , Rhetoric, 1905 — . 

Assistant in IjiKlisli, lyuj „). 

Henry Prime NmuE. Pli.K, .Machine Design, and .Issislant to the Superintendent 
of Shops, n;o5-io. I'alls Clittrch. Va. 

J. Leslie French, Ph.!)., II. D., Semiiics. Kjoo-ii. .\im .-Xrliur. 

l-R.VNK William Smithies. .\I D , Internal Medicine, and Demonstrator of Clinical 
.Medicine, in the Department of .Medicine and Singeiy, i<;(j() oS. 

K,Hlu-sler, Minn. 

>\ ,'l ;.' ;, r! 

• ■ -;.;! .1.'/ .' i ' 

■\'V< >' i\ A , 'J 

32 MILMBF.RS or THE FACULTIES. Lkkoy IIahpham. A.B., AccouiUnig, icjoi'yo-. Toronto, Ont. 

Assistant in Accountmi.', igo5o6. 

Walter Fki:d Hunt, A.M., Mineralogy, igoC> — . 

Assistant in Mineralogy, 1905-06. 

CuAKi.Es KvKui-TT Skin'.m-.k. B.I.., Rhetoric, 1906-aS. 

Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. 

Fkancis Pevio.m Rous, A.B,, M.D., Fathologv. in Ihc Defurtincnt of Medicine and 

Surgery, 1906-08. 6()lli St. and Ave. A, New York, N. Y. 

Associati: in I'atlioloyy, Kockefcllcr Institute. 

O'no CiiARi.ES Marckwardt, A.M., Rhetoric, \<io(y—. >■ 

Louts A1.1.KN lIoi'KiNS, A.B., M.S., Miilhenuiiics, U)^>G—. 

*George Fessenuen Hun/ li.S., Descriptive Ccoiiiclry and Drinving. 1906—07. 

Dic-a at Portland, Maine. Se,.t. 5. "loS. 
IIekuekt lluTCiiiNSU.M llAKi'ER, D.D.S., Clinical J'cnlislry, ujixi—. 
Frederick A. DeLav, B.S., Electrical Engineering. i(/j(,-o(). Fort Collins, Colo. 

Professor of Physics an.l l;lcctrical i;nj;ineering in IliC Colorado Ayi iciiltm al College. 

Frank RICH.^RD Finch, Ph.B., Descriptive Geometry and Dnizi'ifig, 1906 — . R. Swinefokd, B.S. (Mcch.F.), Descriptive Geometry and Drawing, 1906- 
08. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

John Schmutz, Snneying, \go6 — . 
James E. Fui.cher, C.E., Descriptive Geometry and Droning, k^oS-oq. 

DlS Moines, Iowa. 

Instructor in Civil I-.n^incc in;-. Itjo6-o8. Professor oi Civil i:n;.:ineeriut; ia Highland Park 

Wn.i.iAM F. Hauiiart, Ph.D., (,Vr/)i«)i, 1900--. 

Frederick Wieiiam Wi:ck, .X.M.. 1906-—. 

Care John \\'u-.gers, M.U., Phvsiologv, 1906-11. New York, N. Y. 

Resigned to accept a Clia.r in the Cornell University CoUoki-. 

Wales Melvin Sicnor, M.D., Obstetrics and Diseases of ll'onu-n, in tlw Department 

of Medicine and Surgery, i<K»-07. 
ViKCii, Morrison KimE, .\ I'.., Accounting, I907-o<) In.lianapolis, Tnd. 

Fthee Perrin, Physical I'raining, 19^)7-08. Palms Apts., Detroit, Mich. 

I.ER Mii.TON HoiXANDEK, Ph.D., German. icjoj-\o. MaiHson, Wis. 

Inslniclor in German in the University of Wisconsin. 

ICareE CrEnvii.i, Kh.i.een, Afusic, 1907-10. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Profes.-or of Music in Coe 

RonERT John Carney, .\.\i , Analytical Chemistry. 10:17- 

Harry Newton Cole, A.B.. B.S., .4nalyiical'y. 1007- ■ 

Henkv Wilson Stiles, M.D., .■Iiiiidonv. 1907-CH). Sxracnsc, N. Y. 

Professor of .-Xnaloiiiy in Syracuse I'liuerbity. 

I'lid^ Pon; liiMiNCS. A B.. M D., Obstetrics and Ihscascs of ll\'mcH in the /'.-- 
railmcnt of Mcdi,ine and Snrg.'i v. i.;o7-tK^. . C.rand Rapids, Mid; 

Makmimi. I^\wrence Cushman, iM.D , {Hohnyngology, in Hie Department of 
Medicine and Surgery. i()(57-io. Lansing, Midi. 

llenionstrator of Dtolaryiinoloiry, 1906-07. 

Irving Day Scm-r, A.M., Fhysiographical Geology, nxv— ■ 
I-'rank John Meli.Encami', I'liD., Physics, \i)07--. 

Assistant in Physics, 1.10^-07. 

Walter Francis Colhy, A.M., Physics, KJ07— . 

Chalmers J. Lyons, D.D.S.. Clinical Dentistry, ujoj-i^r Jackson, Micli. 

NonKcsident Lecturer on Clinical lieiitistry. lyo.i . 

Henry Wesuy Ai.linceu, Pli B., .\.B., German. i(;07-c..S. l-jnnieit, Idaho. 

Sa.muel Lee Wolff. A.M., LL 15., Rhetoric, i(X)7-li8. 

Colninliia L'niversity, New \ ork, N. \. 
William Caldwell, A. P.., Architecture. K107 - . 
Fkiiikruk Clarence I'lKcn.L, I! S. (Meclilv). .Mechaniail Engineering. 1907-08. 

Detroit, Mich. 
William Daniel Moriakty, A.^L, English. \907-~. 

Assistant in Hhetoric, i<,oto5. u T i 

KuDon-H Krnst Knait, B.S., Bacteriology, 1907-08 Fvansville, ln<l. 

1 s:-1. I.. ■ rx- 


\Mi h.m;m.\n k 



1. W'lll.lAM Ca 

iiiK Kav 1 Ir.M 

1.1AM lldVT W 

j • Ml-.MI<I:RS or Tin- I-ACVI.TIP.S. 33 

I Kki-.inai.ii 1u)WIN ]Ii)i;i:. A.H.. I'clro^nil^liv. i(j07-oX. lIouK^litou, Midi. 

Jn<lnul..r in lVlri,t,'i;ipl.y i" lln- Micl.ii;;in Scliwl of Mints, jyuv- . 

\'iNCK.\T Col. I. INS Took. .A.H., M.S., .\talliriiiatics, 1907 — . 

TiiUODiiKK I.i.Mx.iiTisr, A. 11, M.S., Malliciiuitics, IW/ — . 

Ku.NKST McPiirusciN- Si.MS, .\.r.., Lh-awiHi^ und Dcsi-ripdrL- (Jcoiiiclry, ]<)o~-o^. 

Tor.vmo, Out. 
Jli:ia!i:uT III NiTU \'Ar(-.ii\x I'h I), l^ouaiii.i-,:--. MX17 oS. IIai:u\cr, N. H. 
luMnicU.r ill l<iiiii;,iK-.- I.;Minn.,>;Ls in Daitmoutli Cul'lLt/c. 

I,urvii.i.i; l\i'i'.KNK l",Mi:i(sii.\. I'li 1).. Philosophy. 1907-10. .Cambridge, Mass. 

l,i;ui>, Hi KiKox llKssi.ii;. A.M , Khclonc, i<x)8-ii. Phihulclijliia, Pa. 

.m:k. U.S., .M.Jv, Dc-sriipiirc licmu-lrv and Diaiciin:, i<ki8. 

Colunil.115, C). 
K, A.l-!.. MalhciiuiUcs, i90«-io. Princetuii, N. T. 

<i:vs, A.M., UiirJish. Kjo.S~. 
KM.. Ph.D.. Soiiillcs. ioChS-10. llaiiinrd, C.-nii. 

, li.btiuclur .„ ll:irl(..i.| TliL•l,l,.^;u .,1,iy, ioi„- . 

: Caiu. Saiioud I'mtov, .\ H, r.D., Ilchrc7i'. khi&o-j. l'i.liiiiil,us, ( ). 

i Ja.mks CilKKii' \'a\Z\vai,i\vi:.muiu.. 15 S., M.l).. Inlcnuil Mcduinc. and 1 >,niouslra- 
' lor of Clniuiil Medicine, in ihc Piparhiicnl ,-/ M.-dhin,- and Snri:cr\, i.kvS— . 

j I'kwk Ci.AKENii; \Vini:K. .\I.1>.. Obstetrics and J)isea.u's of H'omcn, in the Depart- 
! n(,-)it of Medicine and Surgery, 1908-09. Pctoskey, Midi. 

Frank Aham McJunkin, M.l)., Baclcrioloi^y, igoS-aj Salt Lake Citv, Utah. 

I'ri.kbM.r in llic I'nivcTbilv <.t i;t;ili. 

RonKKT l.iviNi'.STDy DixoN, .A.B., Patholoiiy, in the Oepaylmrnt of Medicine and 
Siin:er\, 1908-09, 1910-11. LaiisiiiK', Mich. 

Paui. Van- Hki'NT Jonks. A.M. History. i.joS-io. i.>(. Packard St., Ann Arbcr. 
Caki. Ffi.KNK Pakkv, \.M., Political P.couomw 1908 — . 
FkANCis Mii.r.KK Bacon. UDS. A.l!., Ilislorv. iqoJ^-u. N', \'a. 

.•\>l;int 111 llist.ny. i.n,^. 

Davim Fkii.AV. .\.H, Poliliiiil P.,onoinv. I908— 

\\ii.ii\.M H;\i:ki.i;v Stom:. \'h \)., Mutheinaties. i<)08— . 

.NiiKii, Oit.uToN l.KK. PI) I), (.crnian, looS— . 
I Dwir.i, Ciia.mim:i<s Mii.ii:k, U.S. (C.IC), Descnpliir (.ieomelrv and Ihaieini;. 1908 — . 

III. 11 i'.K. ;. U.S. (C.F..), .S'nneyina. 1908—. 

I CiiM.ix ()'.\'i:ai. Caki-.v, H.S. (C.F.), Snn'eyin^, icjoN^ 

i ihioiKT 1.i:mi:i< Aiuiorr, H.S.. iJescriptiir Geometry and IhaxeiiiR, 1908--. 

i l.\\\iiMr. .Xui'isoN Ci.NKK, US., Oescriptinc Cconietry and Dra'iOiiifi, n/b^-io. 

■ 3ilii au<l Western .\vc., Chicago, 111. 

I Sl.^Mo^K \\'ll.ll^M Pinnik,, Descriptirc CeonieHv and Ih-au-ina. i.ioS 10. 

Uciroit. Mich. 

Sami n. Ti:n-M\ .Miner, M V... Mechanical lin^ineenu^. i.)o.S-io. 

Sonih ManchoUT. Conn. 

Wiiiiii.M .\i:ii.>o.v, H.S., Insliuctor in Snn'eyiuf^, 1908 ikj. 

I2_>.>J Aslnirv Ave, CIcvilaiul, O. 

CiiAKu;:, llouACK Fi:ssi;xni;N. M.K., Mechanical Pn-ineerini^. 190S— . 

Wii.i.iA.M I'KANK- Vi-KNKK. H.S., DescriptiTe Geometry and Drai^'ing. 1008-10; Me- 
chanical P,n>^incerin)i, 1910 — . 

John lUx-iiK Ci.KVKiAM., .\.H. Malhcmatics. uiii<-c»i Mn^kcu-n, Midi. 

llr.Niu TiiroiKiKi; .\ntoini' mk I.i:m-, llns. Pli.l)., Ii<'tany. kk.8— . 

Koi.ANii Chatkn A.m.. t.'coluux, i(>;8-09. I.aiiMiig, Midi. 

Noil l<ivi>l<i,t I.totnrir on l'.<-ol..ny. 

lln.niKV Sa.mi'Ki, Mai.kikv. Ph.i)., Rhetoric. 1908—. 

l'i'\:-K C.inow To.Mi'KiNS. A.M., Rhetoric, 1908—. 

1)1 Win IliNuv l'M<Mi(, Pill), Philosophy. 1(^)8 (.,, i.jiii-. 

N'lll. II .IK WllllAMS. .MS. Physics. I<K)8- ■. 

jAKi.i; Ki .N/ PhD. /'/.■VM..V 1(;<kS-ii.; I'rbana. III. 

A.SNA Hun. .M D , Uini,al l.aho'ratorv. I lo,noe<.Mthic Medical Colle^,', 
i'»i< o-i I.o^ AiiKcUs, Cal. 



MiiMiuiRs ()!■ run r.iciJLi ii:s. 

I.oHEN \V.\i.r.\CD Mc()Miii;i(, U.S. {EM.}, lUdtiical linginccnn-, 1908-10. 

Coluiuluis, O. 

Assistant I'rotessur i.i l-.Kvincal UiiKU.eciniK' in l»liio Sialu I'luvcr^ity. 

IvouEKT IIakkis Pi..msa.nci;, A.M., frcncli, lyoH-oj, ujio—. 

Oliveu Bowles, A.M., l\'lrugra[>hy. 1908-cxj. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Instructor in Geology in the University ui Mnniesola. 

WiuLi.AM Louis B.Mi.r.v. M.A., Adminisinitivc Jm:,', iyoS-09. Bonld«^r, Colo. 

Ernest Pf.iek Kuiil, A.M.. Rhetoric, kxxS^-. 

JosEPH Raleigh Nelson, A.M., Rhetoric, 190&— . ^ 

Kdmund Wild, M.S., German, 1908 — . 

Aliiekt Fkancis HuKi.iiuKT, A.B., French and Sp^uiish, 190S— . 

Ih-AN I'.uwAKu KosiLi;, li.S., Descriflive Ge<iinctrY and f)ra:cini;, U)oS-io. 

I', Wasli. 

.\^:,l^t.Ma I'lulcs^..!- ..I .Moili.uiit.a l-.i.^iiu Cling in U .i.-,lna.^l..n Stale f..|l.-w>-. 

(lEoucK iJiM.iJiii 1;avii>son, J'li.l) , Ihcnch, 1908 tx). .Va^hvillc, Tumi. 

InslriKtur in I'lcncli an, I Spansili in Vaiulcibilt I Ji.iv. i ,-,il> . 

I'uANK HowAKi) Stevens, U.S., Mathei)uiiics, lyoH— . 

HiHU 1.1.1: IJakns, B.S. (, Electrical Ungineering, i9o8-o<j. Miiwankee, Wis. 

ClAKEY llEKHEKT CoNLEY, A.B., Rhcturic, 1909—. 

C.vniEKiNE I.EiciiTON Bic.ELOW, Director of the Barbour Gynmasiuin, 1909—. 

Solomon Fhancjs Gin(,i:kicii, Ph.D., Hnglish, ii)(>;-io, 1911 — . 

\Vai,ti:k Clark IIaui'T, Pli.D., German. 1909-10. Baltimore, Md. 

John Franklin Uaniel, Ph.D., Zoology, 1909-10. liL-rk-eluy, Cal. 

Assistant I'rotcssor oi Zoulugy in tlie University of Caliioriiia. 

Tiiivin-iiii, Uenrv llu.DEiiRAN'DT, Ph.D., Mathematics, h)o<>— . 

J.ELANi) Dale Doknev, A.B., I'olilical Hconomy, ujo^yw. I'iinllay, O. 

Clarence Edwin Cousins, A.B., French, HXXhio. Madison, Wis. 

William Alley Fravek, A.B., History, 1909—. 

Albert Eddy Lyon, A.B., Romance Languages, i<x)9 — • 

Rene Tai.amon, Licenciii-L-s-Lettres, French, 1909 -• 

Blaine Free Moore. .A.M., Government, 1909-10. Cla-rr) vale, Kan. 

RouERT W'.vTsoN Clark, .\.B, Petrography, 1909—. 

Harry Garfield Holchton, A.AL, Oratory, 1909-10. Tiffin, O. 

I'rofessor of Oratory in Hci.lelI.erg University. 

Rov William Cowden. AW., Rhetoric, \<.yx)—. 

i\i.HERT Ivoss Bailey, Surveying, i<j<k; — . 

George Auel Kami-ERma.\, ^LD., Otistetncs and Gynecdogv, in the Department of 

Medicine and\, 190*) — . 
Pli\n FuEDEKiCK MoR^K, .\.B . ^L1)., Pathology, in the Peparlmenl of Medicine and 

I'. KK*)- 

K'liMii, Mul 

Ei.MiK Fi'Wi.N Ware. 11. S H."U<.'mi 1". ), Cliemual l.n-meei ing, ii,i>)--. 

Dnnui. Leslie Rich, .\.M , I'hysiiS, 11)09-. 

Fern I.. Shannon, Ph C. H.S.. Pharmacy, uxxj-ii. Lansiiit;, Midi. 

Frank Moses Dryziu .\.M. C.E., Mathematics. i9o<MO., Wis. 

Instrncl..r in Mallicnutic. in the I'mvcrsity of Wi-,cun,in. 

Charles Wh.eokd Cook, .A.B., M.S., PU-onomic Geology. 1909- 

Whi.iam Warner Sleator, -\.H., Physics, igaj — . 

Mark Marshall, A.l'.., U.S., MD., Therapeutics and Materia .Mcdica. 1910--. 

Paul Ai'()1.1'H SchulE. A.H., liacterioloyy, 190'j-io. Ann Arbor. 

Assistant in Uacteriulogy, iyi»7-ucj. 

Frank Alukrt Krisiai.,, Descriptive Geomelrv and Drawing. \i)oy—. 

llARKV l.AURENCi; Tan.nkk. B.S. (E.E.), F.lectrical Ijigincci in:;, i-xk/ -. 

.NuTiitu James 1)i;cki:i<. H S. ((.Mv), Civil Fiigincering. lxx) 11. Fjigineering Me- 
1 lianics, li;l I — . 

Raiimi RoiiERTSoN Mei.lo.m, U.S., M.D., Physual Dmgnosis and Director of the Path- 
ogenetic Laboratory in he Homoeopathic Medical College, kxx)— . 

Charles Edward Tem ri.E, .\.^L, liotany, K^xj-n Moscow, Idaho. 

I'rofcssor (if Jtutany in llie University of Idaho, mil—. 

Oris Mikriam Chit, .\ U , M D., Physiologv, 1910—. 

■l 'ijl.'. 



KiLinKii CiiACi: Tdimav. I'li.l)., I'livsical Chcmisiry, k^io-ii. Cincinnati, O. 

,\s.',i.-,l;iiit I'r.iktsi.r .,( Tin -.u-al Cliinuslry iii Oic riin<iMi> ,.i (. incinnali. 

Cauu Ji:nni>s Coi:, A.M., Miillu-iiinliis, lyiu — . 

W.MTU.N ll.M.i: Ha.MII.TO.V, .\.I'.., I'olilUill licoHOUlX, KjK)—. 

.Makh.n Ci.vim; W iKk, A.M., Rhetoric, uno--. 

CiiAr.MiA Sa.mi 1.1, li.H'CUKK. A.M., Aincriciui llisloiy. ii;io-ii. Marii.n, Ind. 

l\AV.M(iMi I'.vrui.iT, r.,S., Ih-scril'tivc L'contctry ami f'inii.jii;. i<;io— . 
lIxKuv .An;!:!;!- .\k(;iii.. A.l'.., IlifUnx. lyio— . 

NiAi. Xakamuki; \\'<n.i., M.I)., Obstelii.s mid Gyiu\<'loi:y. in the Dcfjiiinent of\ 
Medicine and Surgery, lyio-il. * Ann Arbor. 

1 )cini)ii.slial<ir of KljbUlrics .iiul Gynaecology, lyogin. 

Chaki.ks Ai'GUST J'.i:iiui:.NS, M.l'liar., Doctciiulogv, kjio-. 
.•\-,sisiant in Jtacn-rioKigy, lyo;) lo. 

Kioi.VAiii Coi'Ki.AM) I'l.iMMi-H. M.I)., O tolarynnoldiiv, lyio-ii. Ann Arbor. 

CiHK, i: I'.^KMN U„iH. \ l;., .MM., ['haniuieoloiiv. u,u>-. 

koii \ I'.i ui:m: .McO.iTii;, .M D., .liuitoinv. lyio— . 

.NlAimiw kui.iu;, .\.li.. .M.I), .huilu,ny,'ig\<>-. 

1,1 Tin:i< Im.m.j: Wakui.n.. .\ i; , Ml). Cliiiieal Miero.^, <-f\\ lyio— . ^ O^OOrft"^ 

Ci>ii. lli;vuAi(i, Wu.i.iAM.-,. .\ .M , i.einuni, uho-u. iC? 'i/JOU / 

-\-,MMaiil III Cl-iii,;..!, ..),.., 1... i.Mi 
i iMnvii lvM<i, I!au'ii:i 1., I'li.l)., (;,-)ii'/(i/ and J'hysunl llieiiiislry, Hjio— . 
Wii.i.iA.M l-'kiiauicK Koch, .\.M., IHslohifiw lyio— . 
I'niK Oi \i > OKKKMiKKi-,,. A.M., /.ihdoiiy, lyio— . 

I'liii.ii' l'A'i:i<i:iTi: Hcksi.i-v, .A.M.. Fienelt. 1910-11. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

(jKiiur.i- JuiwAKj), B.S., Mechanical Itnsineerina, i<)io— . 
luir.i: Ta\i.()i< Coi'K., Mecluui'ctil I[ii)^iiieeri}ii', 1010 — . 
Ai.ii(i:i. IlK.Nkv I.ovKi.i., 15. S. (]■..]-..). r.leelrieal liniiineerini;. igicj— . 
Feudin.ind Notrhkup M^nctek, C.E., Descriptive Geometry and Drutciiiii, lyio— . 
Fka.nki.i.v Thomas,, Pe.uriplive CeoiiietiY and Drawin^^, kjio - 
II MikV Ahch \r..i:viu.ici.. (W... Descriplne Ceonietry and I iniwiuK. 1910-11. 

•Inlun.f HldK., New Vurk, N. Y. 
C.idKi.r. l-.\rii\i; 1.i;\ms. M.S. I'escnplire Ceometry and l)ra7.niK. lyio-ii. 

.\nii .Arbor. 
i-"i<\.NK Fi<am:i< I'oTiiK. .\ M, (,;,•.■/.■ and I.aiin. I.cxinL,'lun, Kv. 

kiNNi:iii \Vllll^M 'Ikaua. I'll I-,, rhanna.y. lyio-ii Deiruil, Mich. 

Si\Mi:v i!o\i<i.MA.\ Wh.i.i.N.. l',,S., (i'.l'.). I't-snipii-.c (,\,nnehy and J>rai,.-in^, 

( ii\uii:s .Mii.ToN Pkkkv, I'll 1)., I'hilasahliw igii—. 

RuHAKi) Kaui. Hkkmann brv, I'li.l)., Cennan. ii;ii - 

W'm.-iTk \V .^riw\HT, A.n.. I'tditical l-.eanomv. ujii-ij. Colnmbia, Mo 

Sn MCI' .\K-(,'rM: llAMin.i.s. All., Commerce and hidn.^'rv, igii-. 

C.ioK,,.. KiH.iK.. l.vKii:, I'j, 1),, y.oolO'^y, i.;ll — 

r.iMAMi.N Kkcci.: WM.i.Aci:, I'll. I).. I'oiiUcai Science. i<iii- 

t'AM. \'i:kno.n \\'i:i 1 i;k,, l'alho!o^y, ,n the I'epanmeul of Medicuu and Snr- 

Krry. lyii- -. 
CiAci.i; Thom.vs Uki n. .Ml), Oiolai \nnolu:^y, in the Peparimeni of Medicine and 

Snrneiy. lyi 1--. 
llr.NKV l'oSTi-i< Ain.vs, IMi I). I'sveholu-v, lyii— . 
.1a\ii-.s Im.mi:k IIakui.<, I'liD.. Cencral and I'liv.ucal Cliciiii.^irv, i.^ii— . 
Jkvm: Tai.iioj' I.irrirn..v. I'li I'.. /'/iv.v/V.<. 1011- . 

Hi:i<rH(ii.ii Bi:i<iKA.Mi I.ku.nw m.u, Dipl Iu^., chemical /:'<i,i;nu-iV/)(.i,'. ujii— . 
{■.i-.HKi.i; McDo.N-Ai.L) Mi-C()NKi:v. Architecture, 1911—. 
llAiioiu lAmii Fki-ncii, HS (CMv"), Fjifiineerin^i Mechanics lyii--^. 
\\'i.\-rii:i.i. Scon lliiir.AKu I'li 1 )., /'/„//(//,/,-v. lyi i —, .\i.i.i:n, .\.1:, MS. d',., ), y-,./v///-v. lyn-. 
l.i-ic.ii Jauvis Noi n... A.l;.. .MS. (lA-r.). l-orestrv. i.,ii--. 
MncHi:i.i. Hi-N.Mir 1',akki:it. Fh.l)., History, lyii -. 
Kov Kkn.m;iu Mc.\i.I'I.\j:. .\.H., .Inalyticiil Chnnislr\. i.,ii— . 
Waitik UouiKT Uatiiki;. .a li., t'remh and Spanish,' ujn -. 


•^0 MiiMiiiius oi' 'iiii: I'.icc'i.riiis. 

AuuAiiA.M .MAN'uur, ln.\, C.l".., Dcscii(>tivc Cc'inctiy and Dianing, lyil— . 
John Fav, U.S., lUi-cliiciil luiiiinccnui;, igii -. 

]^UUTON Gi;OUC.I' C'iKIM, A.IV, Rlu'hnii-, lyll — . 

1). R. San-r, A.H., M.S., roliliail llcniioiiiy, kjii-]-'. 


IIKNRV BiLLiNCs Bkuwn, I,E.D., I.cctuicr on .hlmimlly Laic. 1887-90; 1891-9,5. 

Washington, D. C. 

Lecturer on Admiralty ami Patent, 1890.)!. 

MiiUVii-Ui; MAUibON iJici.i.ou, I'll I)., l,I,,i:)., l.rcliirn- on fnMirunce. iS'.SN-S.); iSiji-Ujoy. 

A,=liburton i'l., Bunion, Mabb. 

♦William Gakj>inhk 11.\mmonij, ]J<.D., l.atur.-r on the L'iUoiy 0/ Common I.aio, 
1887-90; 18<)I-<M. 
Died at "St. Louis, Mo., .\\,n\ i->, iS.j). 

Mausiiall Uavis Ewkll, LE.U., Lecturer on McJical Jm isprnJcme, iH^jogb. 

155 N. Chirk St., Cliicago, 111. 
*Samui;i, Ma.xwkll, Lecturer on Code Pleadin'^. iK<),?-94. 

Lecturer on Code I'luadiu.w' and Pracliee, KSyo-i)3. Hied at I'Veniont, Nel,., Feb. 11, igoi. 

*Jami;s Eamulkt Jlicu, 1,1, .1)., Lecturer on Injunctions and Receivers, 1892-98. 

Lecturer on Knuity J viriiprudence, liigo-yj. Died ai Ciiicago, 111., (Kl. 3, iS.jS. 
*Cauuoi.l DAViDStiN WuiouT, A.M., Lecturer on political lleonomy, 1890-91. 

Died at W. .reenter, M,,,,,.. I'eb. 2u. 
I'.lAVl.v RdiuKT .XNlii-iiSii.Nj SilLbiMAN. 1,1,.B., Pli.U, Lecturer on I'olitical liconomy, 
i.S-/)-9i. New York, N. V. 

i'rulVsbor of I'olitical Keononiy in Colun.ljia Univ.-iMl). 

John Bi;i<tkanu Clamu-iu;, IX. B., Lecturer on Minin:^ Lit:i.'. and Irrigation Lou; 
i<;o?— . Hckna, Mont. 

I.ectiu'er on Mniijig Law, i8yo-J903. 

OsCAk Ri ssLi.L EoNC, Ml).. Lecturer on Mental Diseases in the lloinoeopalhic Med- 
ical Collcce. i8<^-<;i, i8.;.i-95, i8ikj-i<>X^, i<Xi8— . Ionia, Midi. 

Lecturer on Mental and Neivuns Di-,ca,ea in the Honio-u|,atl.ic .Medical College, iHy5y;- 

*(;r()uc,i-; llowAuii RoruKoi', Pit B., Lecturer on Latent Law, iS.)i-9.S. 

Die.l .It Detroit, .\lielr, .\ov. _■ i , !«.)(.. 

lliNuv llsKuisoN SwA.N. .\,.\l., Lccturcr on Adinnallv La:.\ i8/;.m<k>>. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Im<\nk Fklmont Reiji, .\.1!., Lecturer on the Law of Tradeniarhs,'O. 

Chicago, 111. 

Leelurer on Co|,yrii;hl, .Hysi'Joo; on Copwu.l.t .u,d the of T, ade.nark^, 

■.mkm;, 1. 1, i;, l.ccluroi- Oil r.u.iU i..iw. 1803^-. Xc\v York, N. Y. 
, Iviw.vKi... m'.D, Lecturer on Meuta! Diseases. i8.>S-)<a35. 

Ci'iKi.viiw .\.15, .M.D., Lecturer on Mental Diseases. i8<^-i<^io. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
jAMi:s DiX-KKK MiiNSo.N-, M.D., Lecturer on Moital Diseases. iS'^S-l.jlo. 

Traverse City, .Mich. 

SAMuri, Bi;i.i„ M.D., Lecturer on Mental Diseases, i8'>S-(j9. Detroit, Midi. 

IlrNHY BuooKS J'.AKiK \.M , M.D., Lecturer iui the .Idmiuislration of Health Laics, 

,K.,.S.,.;Ov ■ K. I) I J, llollan.l, Mich. 

\Vii.i,i.\M Austin ^si:, M.D., I.ecluier on the I'lieory and I'ladice of Meduuic, 

and on Nervous Diseases, in the 1 1 onioeof<alhic Medical Collei^e. l8<w-l<xX). 

New York, N. Y. 
Dm.las BmjDLMA.v, M S., Lecturer on .S'talnte La:o. iS.m-. Kahinia/.oo, Midi. 

I.VMAN I'J'CAK Cooi.i;v,, Lecturer on the Industruil Siiiuifuance of .S'liif Canals. 


Died a 

M .\ll: 
t -Xnu 





194x1- 1901 


Uoiii-;icr Thomas llii.i.. B.S., Lecturer on the Cmnuercuil .S',^o/,7i, (/;i,v of the ll'es 
Indies for the I'inted Slates, 1';ik) i.>.i. W,ishinKi"i>, D- *■ 

.u/;.i////{A',v (;/■• riiii I'.ici.r.'i iiis. 37 

Oi.ivru MiiciiKii, W£.\r\V(>i;ii( Si-kagui;, Ph.D., Lecturer on InWnuitioiud Dh-iiion 
of Labor, iyoo-1901. Cambridge, Maai. 

♦Thomas Lvman Gi<1;i;ni:, Lecturer on the I'ttmtion of Linonee in Indnitiud Ori^.ui- 
icution, l<)Oo-l<;(M. 
Died ill Ncu-'Vuik City,,. 
GCdkci; l..\i .wiriii-: Cn-WMiMlKLAiN, ]\[ D., Lecturer on Jnsonily, ujcm-C)4. 

I.aiK'cr, -Midi. 
*11aki.ou- Pal.mkk Dawick, C.l'.., M.S., Lecturer on I'r,ntue under Bankruptcy Lai^', 

IncJ at Uicttoii \, N. JI., Ann. 30, lyio. * 

CKi'bhV l.iviNCS'ruN \Vii.i:iJi<, M.D., Lecturer on Vital Statistics, kkii-cki. 

Cfiibus Hurcati, Washington, 1). C. 

I'Lij.Mi Makk HoucuTux, I'h.C, Ml), Lectuier on the Manufacture and Prepara- 
tion (.ij Medicines, ii>ui-io. 

*RoLHN Oi.iN, AJ.D., Lecturer or^ Theory and Practice, in the llonioeo- 
pathic Medical College, i<jo-'-o,?. 

Dic-J at, Midi.. Muich S, lyi.j. 

Wii.i.iAM 'J-iiu.\iAS Mii.iiK, Ml)., Lecturer on .S/n-cTv in the Homoeopathic Medical 

L otlcKC. i'li'J Oi. Clrvclaihl, O. 

Ai-iii,i r IUmimii, llMd, I'll,!), 1.1.1),, Lecturer on IliStoix, K.'OJ-dI- 

Can.l.i-idgc, .Mass.- 
iuLM-KiLK J.\i:k.sun Tukm.u, I'h.U., Lecturer on History, KV03-05. Caialiridge, Mass. 
Joii.x Fi(.\.M,i.i.N' jAMtbON, 1.1.. IX, Lecturer on History, 190,5-05. 

CaiiR-(4iL' liibiitiition, Washington, D. C. 
Rui.i.i.N lloWAUD Stuvens, M.L), Lecturer on Uerinatology m the Homoeopathic 

Medical College, iqi)-\-o>). Dcti.-il, .Midi. 

Wii.i.iAM -I'MSwouTii Kkiais, \).\).S.. Lcilurer in the College of Dental .Suri;er\', 

KXM-nS Chicago, 111. 

KuWAiiii 1'..\kii.i;ti' Si'Ai.iu.Ni;, D.D.S., Lecturer in the Collc'^e of Hcntal Surgei v, i«>D4- 

oX. Dctniit, Midi. 

Kui:ia;T .Mii.ioN RiCHAKDS, M.D , Lecturer on Renal Diseases, in the Homoeopathic 

U<-(//.u/ College, 1904-05. Dclroit, Mich. 

Mii.iii.N Tati: Watso.n, 1) U.S., Lecturer on Orthodontia, \<)0-i—. DLlroit, Mich. 

.\i.ri;i.ii I'm KCii l.A.M, rill), Lectuier ,>n Lcoiumiic i,eolo'^y, i(/J4 115., Mich. 
Caki. 1'aksons, .\.li. Lecturer on Accounting, !<>i4-o5 Chicago, 111. 

(jKOUCU WaTmi.n RoBKKi'S, Ph B., M.D., Lecturer on Clinical Sui -eiy, in the Homoeo- 
pathic Medical College, 1904-05. New York, N. V. 
Wii.i.iA.M .Xmuso.w SioNi:, Ml)., Lecturer on Insanity, ui the Department of Medi- 

1 inc and Surgery, iijo5-(i<). Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Ivvifi. II. CA.Miiiiir.i,, M.IJ., Lecturer on Insanity, in the Department of Medicine and 

Surgery, H>>5-io. Newberry, Mich. 

liDWAKU Sui.Miv RoCEKS, I.L.B., Lecturer on Copyright Laic, 1905—. Chicago, 111. 
ALi-Ki-:D 1. Noui.K, M.l)., Lecturer on Insanity, in the Department of Medicine anj 

Surgery, 1906-10. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Lawkknce MaxwEi,!,, LL.U., Lecturer on Legal Ethics, lyoti^— . Cincinnati, O. 

OssiAiV Coi.E SiMONus C.H., Lecturer on Landscape Gardening, 1908—. Chicago, III. 
FuANK Lk\ei(Ktt, B.S., Lecturer on Glacial Geology, nx)8 -. Ann Arbor. 

TiiEoiioKK BacmEISTEk, M.D., Lecturer on mectrothcrapeutics, in the Homoeopathic 

Medical College, 1908-cxj. Chicago, 111. 

R01.AND Ckaten A1.1.EN, A M., Lecturer on Geology, i(xi8— . Lansing, Mich. 

Bert J., B.S. (Ivlv), Lecturer on Llectrical J'.ngineering. i.vo<>-ii. 

Delniit, Midi. 
C11AI.MEKS J. I.vuNS, D.D.S., Lecturer on Clinical Dentistry, i<>x>-. Jackson, Mich. 
Benjamin Cii.M'.m.\n Buki-, PhD, Lecturer on h'ail;oay . Idinmistration, 1909-10. 

Chicago, 111. 
Geokc.e Lewis Caneiei.u, A 1! , Lecturer on Admiralty Law, !<>>>—-. Detroit, Midi. 

■\. ( V \ ^\ \\\ 

is^y.,:---y y 

^H l.lllh'.lh'I.I.WS. 

Ilndiiin' lltrrciiixsoN- IIaki'Kk, IXD.S., Lcct\ircr on L'liiiicul Pcnlisliv, 1910-. 

V|,siluiui, Mich. 
Ci.Aiuixcr: Asiii.Kv l.iciiTNKK, A.B., Uclurcr on Medical J iirisfi ndcncc , )<;ii -. 

Uclruit, Mioh. 


*Rev. Hi;N'kv,A/!i;u, iS,?7-45 ^Josiu-ii llAHriCASTi.K Vanci:, 1^54-56 

*Ki:v. GaiKGi; Pai.mkk \Vii.i,- *Joiin I.ivincston Tapi-an', A.M., US56-63 

lAMs. JJ,.D,, 184S-.1H *l)A'iiis CuASK lIuoiiKs, A.M.. 1X03-64 

♦AriKAM Sac.ick, A.m., M.D.. i.SjS-su *Ki:v. .\mii(i:\v ri:.\ I'.koi.k, \..M , \i^^-77 

■Ri;v. Anhukw Ti;n- ISuckik, A.M., jSso-si ]<av.m(,.\i. CV\ Davis . 
*\{v.\\ Da.nmki, Di:.\]bii.\ W'lM.- .\.\\ . 1^(77-1905 

Dii.v. D.l)., 1851 Tiii,ciDMi;i; Wi>i.i:v Kocu, AM., 11/35—. 

*I.oris KAsni'Ki.i.i:, I,I..D, i85-'-54 

Jl-i'' ,;)..ii;.cq. 

(H .i..M).A.: 

- ' ■ PART II. 


Li --n/- 




*l.!iiAKr.i:s Ai.i-XA.N'ui'K Ci.AKK, AH., d. 

Frccijort, 111., 1854. (29) 
*Jiii>so.\ Dwicur Collins, A.B., d. Lyn- 
don, Mich., May 13, 1852. (28) 
*TiiuMAS Harnks Cumminc, A.B., d. 

Omaha, Neb., March 23, 1858. (30) 
*Edmund Fjsh, A.B., A.M. '54, d. llills- 

horo. 111., April 20, 1904. (80) 
♦MiiKCiiANr Hu.xi'OUD Coodkich, A.B., 

.\.M. '40, d. Ann Arbor, Feb. 19, 1892. 

♦EuwiN Apoi.lo Lawrence, A.B., d. San 

Francisco, Cal., June 10, 1886. 
*J(Hi.v D. McKay, A.B., A.M. '61, d. St. 

l.uuis, Mu.. 1874. (59) 
♦F'l.iCTCHEK Osci;oi.A Maush, A.B., A.M. 

'54, d. New Orleans, L,a., March 25, 

1893- i7i) 
*|ji;oi(ce Edgar Parmeuee, A.B., A.M. 

'.M>, d. San Francisco, Cal., May I, 

1898. (7(1) 
♦Cii;oi«;e \\'asiiington Pray, A.B., A.M. 

'63. M.L). cWcst. Res.) '48, d. Wood- 

ard Lake, Ionia Co., Mich., Jan. 27, 

1890. (64) 
♦tPAUEWiuE.NfAN Huntington Rawees, 

.A. 15., Capt. in Mexican War, d. Farm- 

inRton, Mich., 1849. 
*Wu.i.i.sM liuir.HAM Wesson, A.B. '73 

{nunc I'll! tunc), d. Dciroii, Mich,, 

June l.S, 181M (70) 


*C.KouoE Po.MEKOY Anurous, A.B. , d. New 

York City, Aug. i6, 1906. (82) 
♦George I.oomis Becker, A.B., d. St. 

Paul, Minn., Jan. 6, 1904. (75) 
♦PiiiEANDEK Goodrich Buchanan, A.B., 

A.M. '50, d. Berkeley, Cal., April 21, 

1904. (82) 
*Ed\vin DuNHANf, A.B., A.M. '601 

d. l.awton, Mich., Aug. 4, 1900. (81) 
*tCHARLEs James Hunt, A.B., d. Ann 

Arbor, April 4, 1905. (81) 
♦Jamus Shki.don Mitchell, A.B,, d. 

Greenwich, O., 1848. 
*tMARi< Anthony Mosher, A.B., A.M. 

'66, Surg. 20th Wis. Inf., d. Austin, 

111., Sept. 12, 1899. (80) 
♦Charles Wing Noble, A.B., A.M. '61, 

d, Detroit, Mich., Apr. 18, 1891. (63) 
*Wh,ll\m Walukidge Perry, A.B., A.M. 

■6<), M.D, (.Rush) '50, d. Hancock, 

Mich., Dec. 29, 1877. (Si) 
♦fWn.LiA.M Wallace Phelps, A.B., A.M. 

'S4, Repr. from Minnesota in 35th 

Cong. (1857-59), Capt 10th Minn. Inf. 

1862-63, d. Spring take, Mich., Aug. 

4, 1873. (47) 
♦Homer French Schoee, A.B,, A.M. '6r, 

(1. Chicago, 111., May 25, 187O. (50) 
♦Savillon Story Schoee, A.B,, A.M. '61, 

d. Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O,. Jan. 

30, 1902. (79) 

(.\.R.), Ikichelor of 

>Tlie H;iclK-li.r's degrees in this Ucpartiiieiit are, liacliclur of .\rts (.\.R.), liach 
Science (U.S. J. Itaehelor of IMiilosophy (Ph.Ii.). ami of Letters (U.l..). 

The names of urailuates of otiier institutions who liavo taken ailvunccil detirces 
Department of llic University are included in a Special list of Kradnatc students follow 
Class of nil I. 


Class of .. 
An Ita 
the I 

.^..v. ..ith fmiMcs following ind.>.c>^c ...m...v.u.....>,.. ... .,„.., v. «...^. >.> 

y; e denotinK the Department of KiiKineering ; i/r, the Department 

and Surgery; /, the Department ot ; p, the School of Tharmacv ; /i, the 11 

Me.lical Cohcge; ./, the CoIKko of Dental Surgery, 

... some other department of 

the Department of Medicine 


> - / . 1, 




*\ViNiu.u. Smith. A.Ii, A.M '49. d. 

Wcbtoii, England, Nov. 8, i8<)9- (7-2) 
*|\Mi'= MoNkoK \, A.B., A.M. '50, 
■(1. Chicago, 111., Jan. 21, 1881. (60) 
*\iJC)MjAH Stuonc Wkixh, A.B., A.M. 

•52 UJ^. '78, LL.n. (Univ. of Iowa) 

'73^ U. S. Senator from Florida, i8(xS- 

69 d Pasadena, Cal., March 14. 188.J. 

*N\Tii.\Mi:i. Wkst, .\.H., A.M., 50, 

D.I). ( '60. d. Washington, 

1). C , Jnly 7, i'Jo6. (82) 
*J\Mrs Oi.iN WiriTTKMoRi;, A.B., d. 

Ovid. Midi., Jnnc 7. '^^9. (61) 


*CiirsTER D.»lvtu.s Yost AlE-x.^nder, 
A.B., d. Adrian, Micii., Sept. 5, i860. 

*r).\NiEi. Bisiini- Bkuwn, A.B., d. De- 
troit, Mich., Nov. 2-1, lyoi. (77) ^ ,, 

*I-. DM LI .Ml Potts Ciikistian, A.B., A.M. 
'54, Ml). (Bndalo) '52, d. Wyandotte, 
^lich, Nov. 17. i8<Xi. (69) 

♦Fkankmn Be.njamin Collins, A.B., 
A.M. '51, d. Ann .Vrbor, March 13, 

1857- (3.3) ^ „ , 

♦ KwEU. A.B., d. St. Helena, 
Cal., April 2, 1904. 

*Fno LeslUV FuEK.MAN, A.B., d. North- 
ville, Tenn., Feb. 24. i8<j2. (64) ^ 

^"SiMON SnAii.ou Hall, A.B., d. East 
1 lampion. Conn., i8<>o. (41) 

*JoiiN' BoNAi'ARTE Myers, A. B, d. Jack- 
sonville, Fla., March 27, i8<j9. (41) 

♦John SroucuTON Newheurv, A.Ii., 
A.M. '^|, Rep «""ii MichiKUii in the 
.Idlh Cong. (1S7.J81), d. Detroit, 
MkIi , 1.111. 2, 18S7. (61) 

fl'nn.iuiKH- KoMEVN lllECK] PalmEk, 
A 1!., A.M. (Colgate) '$7, HI)- 
(Franklin Coll.) '72. Lieut. Col. 13th 
:Micli. Inf. Retired Clergyman. 

National City, Cal. 

♦pRANia.iN l.Eo.NiiiNS Parker, A.B., 
A.M. '50, d. Ann .\rhor, Feb. 19, i894- 

»Piiii.\niii:h Cham: S\i-Eoun, A.B., d 
OlHTlin, O., Nov. 8, 1850. (25) 


*D\viii Mack Cooi'Ek, A.B., D.D. (Al- 
ma Coll.) '02. d. Ditruit, Mich., Aug. 
28. kxkS. (81) 

*Alii(i;i. Di.'Bois, A 1'.,, A.M. •.S4. d- 
\\ v:id:i Cilv, Cal . Ian. I, )'<<>■). (84) 

*jA.\irs Ariosto Dunca.v, A.B., d. San 

.Xnluiiio, Tex., 1850. 
*WILLL^.\I Garwood, A.B., A.M. '51, 

M.D. ^=;. d. St. l.ouii, Mo., Nov. 30, 

1857. (-'9) 
*Ja.mes I.andrktil A.B., A.M. '51, d- 

Caiiisteo, N. Y., Nov. 30. 'S-M. (71) 
*Peteu FusKf.NE Latimer, .^.B., d. 

1853. (26) 
*tWEi.LS Ransom Marsh, .\.B., A.M. 

's8, Surg. 2d Iowa liif , d. Crystal 

Falls, N.. Y., 1870. (49) 
*Siu.sEv David Mii.i.Ei;, .\ B., .\.M. '5;, 

d. St. Augustine, Fla., April 2, 1904. 

♦fJoiiN Cross Norton, A.B., A.M., '51, 

M.D. '52, d. Frceport, 111.. 1870. 
*tBi.NjAMiN Franklin Parks, A.B., 

A.M. '60; Lieut. Col. 13th HI. Inf., d. 

Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 11, 1899. (71) 
♦fXNM.i.vs Cadwell Ransom, A.B., 

.A.M. (/i(7)i.) 'ys, d. at (jrand Rapids, 

Mich., Feb. I, 1008. (79) 
*tiloKST10 W.\TSoN Sll.UV, A.B,, .\.M.. 

'54, d. Worcester, N. Y., May 14, 1910. 

♦tJosEiii RowE S.MiTii, A R., A.M. '52 

Ll.U. '01, NLD. (Buffalo) '53; Brevet- 

Brig. C.en. U. S. A. 1904, d. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Feb. II, 191 1. (80) 
*Fn\VARi. Tennv, A.B., A.M. '54, d. 

1I..11V. Mich., June 23, UW). (78) 
♦WiiiiAM Howard Wait. A.B., d. 

lirooklyn, N. Y., March 13. 1880. (61) 
*tJ\\iis H. WniiEkiM.i, .\.B., drowned 

in the Kin CiaiHlc, March, lS<.I. (33) 


♦tFoMUND Andrews, A.B., A.M. '52, 

M.D. 'S2, LL.U '81, d. Chicago, 111.. 

Tan. 2.-: 1904. (79) (See Faculties.) 
*Ei'Hi(..\iM Baldwin, A.B, d. Maybee, 

Mich., Julv 17, 188.5. 
*Cii\Kt.ES Beckwitm, A.B., d. Buifalo, 

N. Y, March 9, 1893. (70) 
*Jamis Spencer Cannon Bkekm.\n, 

\ II A.M. '61, .1. Millinglon, III.. Oct. 

..(,, I (>-)(.. (81) 

*ThoMAS Si'.I.KlRK Bi,,\ckmar, A.B., 
A..\l. '.■^4. d. Detruit, Mich., Nov. 27, 
i8(.(). (4.S) ^ 

*IliNuv Chase, A.B., A.M. '53, d. De- 
irnit Mich., Sept. 3". iS^^^ (3^) 

*Thi<idoke Rt'ssEi.i. (."HASE. A.B.,A.M. 
•=;_', <1. l)cti..ii, Mich,, I'rb. 9. i'^'^- 


I :f:< .r.Ti ,•>(■ 

.(. , I ,'J, • I W 

1840-5-'. J 

/./ 1 liKARV DUi'Aiu.\n:sr 


* Cqcurani;, A.B., A.M. '53, 

LL.B. (Ballston) '52, d. Detroit, 

Mich., Feb. 5, i87«J. (54) 
*Ji;uoMi; Di;xti;k, A.B., d. Miami, Mu., 

Dec. 31, 1S50. (28) 
*P.\1(K Su.\TTUCK DONF.r.SON, A.B., D.D. 

(.Asbnry Univ.) '59, d. Dexter, Alicli., 

-May 6, 1882. (57) 
*Cii.\Ri,i;s r.\rn;RsoN Felch, A.B., d. 

Chicago, 111., Aug. i, 1S92. (70) 
*Douc;i..\ss C.iusaN, A.B., d. Jackson, 

Mich., June 6, iHcSo. (61) 
*\\'if iiAM G. Goodwin, A.B., A.M. '60, 

.1. P 

ill, Aiu., Oct. 7, iS<:6. 



Gu.w, A.B. Lawyer. 

Kansas City, Kan. 
i.^MiLTON, A.B., A.M. '77, d. 
Gal., April 16, 1903. (,82) 
A.MioN, A.B., d. 
. Colo., Jan. 15, 1874. (47) 

*iIosMER Ai.r.EN Johnson, A.B., A.M. 
'52, M.D. (Rush) '52, LL.D. (N. W. 
Univ.) '83, d. Chicago, 111, Feb. 26, 
1891. ((yct) 

*Cai,vi.\ Sciu.oatt Kinosluy, A.B., d. 
Idaho City, Idaho, Nov. 2, 1890. (08) 

*tDwioiiT M.w, A.B., A.M. '52, Brevet 
Brig. Gen., 1865; Lieut. Gov. of Mich., 
1867-69; Atiy. Gen. of Mich., 186J-73, 
d. Kalama/uo, Mich., lan. 28, 1880. 

TnoMAS WiTHERivi.i, P.M.MKK, .A.B. 'y6 
[iiiiiic fro tunc). U. S. Senator from 
Mich. i88,i 89; LI. S. Minister to Siiain, 
lS.S<;-()2; Pres. World's Columbian 
Connnisbion, 1890-93. Detroit, Mich. 

*Sti:i>iien TiLLSON, A.B., d. Onawa, la., 
Nov., 188 1. (62) 

♦("ii;!)!;!'.!: Pnii.i.u's Tinu.m.i,, A.B., A.M. 
•>l, d. Sau.uncnto, Cal., Sept. 8, 1804. 

■^tDwin Dwis Van Antwkki-, A.B., 
.\.M. 'sj. d. Idaho Springs, Colo., Dec. 
JO, 1887. 

*Da.mei. Wii.KiKS, A.B., d. Chicago, 111., 
Jan 2. 1804. (72,) 
I 2) ) 


*tl{invARu Bacon, A.B., Col. 6tli Mich. 

Inf. 1863, d. Niles, Mich., April 25, 

n)Q\. (71) 
*tGKRSiio.M MoRSi; Baruer, A.B., A.M. 

'(x), P.revet Brig. Gen. U. S. Vols. 

1865, d. Cleveland, Ohio, Jnly 20, 1903. 

■►Orlando Mack Barnks, A.B., A.M. 

'S4, d. Lansing, Mich., N'ov. 11, ii>)ij. 


*\V'ili,:am Cathcart, A.B., A.M. '53, d. 

Lima, Ind., May 16, 1870. (,47) 
*Li:\vis Ransom Fiskic, A.B., A.M. '53, 

LL.D. '7<), D.D. (Albion) '73, Pres. 

Albion Coll., i877-<-j8, d. Denver, Colo., 

Feb. 1. 1, 1901. (75) 
''Sa.muki, Hakiuk, A.B., d. Orland, Ind., 

Jnly 7, i8'j8. (74) 
*Gi:ok(,i; Livi.NGsitJN Lke, A.B., d. San- 
ta Cni/, Cal., May 23, 1909. (82) 
♦John Watson McMatii, A.B., d. Bay 

Ciiy, .Mich., June 21, 1900. (76) 
♦WiLi.iANr Austin Moore, A.B., A.M. 

'.S4, d. L)elruit, Mich., Sept. 25, 1906. 

+CiiARj.i-s Rich Pattison, A.B., A.M. 
'54, J. DcLand, Fla., Feb. 2, 190S. (82) 

^ll]:.\Rv Harrison Powkks, A.B., Capt. 
C. S. -\ ]8(ji-0s, d. Ripley, .Miss, June 
20, 18O8. 

♦C11AR1.KS John Wood, A.B., d. Tole- 
do, O, 1S54. 


*JoSEi'ii \Vi:iiu Bancroet, A.B., d. Has- 
tings, Mich., Feb. 26, 1903. C78) 

*Ciiauncev Marvin Cady, A.B., A.M. 
'54, il- AsheviUe, N. C, June 16, 1889. 

^tCiiAREEs RussEi. Gardner. A.B., d. 
Ann Arbor, Oct. 17, i&x;. (75) 

♦rilO.NfAS IJATUAWAV 11.\rtwei.i., A.B., 
d. New 'i'ork-, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1900. (72) 

*JosiAu Kei.i.occ, A.B., il. Leaven- 
worth, Kan., Jan. I, 1890. (59) 

*tPiiiLii' McKernan, A.B., A.M. '60, 
Capt. 7lh Mich. Inf., d. Camp Benton, 
Maryland, Sept. 26, 1861. (36) 

♦Geokoe Perrv, A.B., <1. Mad- 
ison, Wis., Feb. 17, 1883. 

♦FKhuEKiCK BissEUL Porter, A.B., A.M. 
'54, d. Detroit, Mich., Feb. 21, 1905. 

♦Arthur Draper Rich, A.B., A.M. '54, 
d. Chicago, 111., Oct. 22, 1900. (73) 

*Bvron Gkav Stout, A.B., A.M. '54, 
Rc|)r fr.jui Mich, in 52d Cong. (1891- 
<)?,), d. Pouli.iC, .Mich., June 19, 1896. 


♦tCincsTKR SinoN .Ar.mstronc, A.B., 
A.M. 'S7, D.D. (Hillsdale), Chaplain 
4tb Mich. Cav., d. Balile Creek, Mich., 
Nov. 12, 18./). (64) 

nou'lr.'" l-..l,l 

.\o.- i ■■ ^■.. ■ :. r 

., .iw .■ 

'■ ,.I.1A<J.M')' !•■ I.' ■.! •.•''/ <.■' "•• •'•* 

. I.; y . '. h Jill i,j. ; ': ,, 

! 'J Mi ij. >{lsu! . - I-'../ 
;>',-' .uv 

ex. ..•'- Jl'L .■■i'i^' ...-■'•).' -J' j !• .?. *■ 




^tSi;tii Mdusi; Bakiii:k, A.M. '71 (niiiic 

tio liiiu), A.M. (.Di-'iiison) '52, Brevet 

Lieui.-C\.l. 1865, d. Ni.rwiilk, Ohio, 

Marcli 27, lyoo. (&:>) 
*tSiiiNKY Ai.FKKD Bi:.\N, A.B. Lieut. 

Col. 4tli Wis. Inf., killed in action at 

Port Hudson, May 29, 1803. (29) 
♦fWALKi-R Ltnijsi,i;y Bi:.\n. A.B., Lieut. 

2.Sth Wis. Inf., d. Colunilius, Kv., Dec. 

29, 1862. (31) 
♦JdSKi'ii EnoS Bic.KI.ow, A.B., d. Mem- 

Ijliis. Teiin., June 17, i8.Xj. (70) 
*I1i;nuy DkPuv, A.B.,d. Lodi, 

Mich., Sept. 18, i8s2. (27) 
*Ai,i-Kii) Ciiii-oN O-ns, A.B., LL.B.. 

( Louisville) '54, il. Atchison, Kan., 

^L-iy 6, iyi2. (8,?),i.i; Konr.KTS, A.B., A.M. '56. 

r.ra.l. Union Tlieo. Svni. 1855. Fresh. 

Clergyman. Nurrisiown, I'a. 

*Ki)WiN Watts Shaw, A.I'.,, d. lias- 
tings, Midi., June 7, KXH). (87) 
*Tii.i..M.\N Cd.n'ki.i.nt, 'rK(iwii]<u)i;ii, 

A.B., LL.D. '80, d. iMarash, Turkey, 

July 20, 1888. (57) 


*Jr)iiN Imi.i.mokk Bi:cki:i(, A.B., d. Su- 
perior, Wis., Aug. 22, 1855. (22) 

*()i<i<i.i, Jackso.n Cii-M-Hi., A.B., d. Mor- 
rison, 111., Dec. 2J, 1857. 

*I1i:nuv Martv.n Ciiiikvi'K. A.B., A.M. 
'56, d, Cedarhurst, N. V., July 11, 1904. 

*\\ii.i.iAM I'.iiUNK/.i'K Ciii:i;vi;K, A.B., 
.\M, \h, .1. Ypsilanii, Mich, Marcli 
-vS, iS.,; ((o) 

-iW'Ai.i.n CuKTis l)AMi;i.:;, A.l!., M.D. 
(liullalo) '54, d. Chicago, ill., Jan. 
20, 1882. 

♦Jay Aiii;i. LIuiiuiii.i., A.B., Repr. from 
Mich, in 4.3<1 and four succeeding Con- 
gresses (1873-8.^), (1. Houghton, Mich., 
C)ct. 13, 1000. (71) 

fCiKORGK AIiNOT Lanic, A.B., A.M. '60, 
Brevet Maj. 1865. Kelired. 

34 Melhourne Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

♦Wii.i.iA.M B. MlLi:<.i>, A.B., d. 1858. 

*TiioMAS Si'ENCKK (}c.i)i;.N, A.B., A.M. 
'37, went as missionary, muler the 
I'resh. Board, to the Island of Corisco, 
where he d. about i860. 

*Iai<i:i) Patciun, A.B., A.M. '63, d. De-, Mich., Jan. 23. i.S<j2. (6.1) 

ni/xu.i, I'uTNAM, A.r... .\ M. 's6, d. I'o- 
hai.nn. Mich,, l',h, ,„ iS;.,. (52) 


*Hi:nr\ Dk.ming B.vuTiioi.o.Miiw, A.B., 

d. Lansing. Jilich., Feb. 2, 1907. (75) 
IlAKRibfj.N Ward Basskxt, A.B., A.M. 

'62. Farmer. Saline, Mich. 

*Lii\vis Br.wDi-N, A.B., d. Southampton, 

N. Y., April 3, 1888. 
*Fi(A,\CK Cii.\NDi,EK, \.r>., d. St. Louis, 

Mo., Aug. 21, 1894. (()0) 
*tWii.i,iA.M, A.B., AM. '57, 

1st Lieut. 1st III. Art., 1801-65, d. 

Cleveland, O., Oct. 11, 18(8. (31) 
'CnAi<i.i:s Gi<iui4;v Clark, .\.B., A.M. 

'^7, d. Minneapolis, Minn., July 6, 1903. 

*jAMiis Robinson Cook, A.B., A.M. '57, 

d. \Vashington, D. C, .April 2, 1910. 

*RiciiAKii CoKDi.EV, A.B., AM. '57, D.D. 

(Kansas) '73, d. Lawrence, Kan. July 

!_•, iy.)4. C7-I) 
-Dakiis Jami;s Daviso.n-, A.H.. d. De- 

tniii, Mich., Dec. 9, igo.y. (77) 
Samui;!, Pkakck Dui-i'iicld, A.H., A.M. 

'57, Ph.D. (Giessen) '58, M.D. (De- 
troit) '71. Prof, in Detroit Med. Coll. 

Health Ofhcer of Detroit, 1887-93, 

1895 (aS. Physician and Chemist, ' 

126 Cortland Ave,, 

Highland Park, Mich. 
EuwAUD Payson ICva.ns, A.B. Author. 

(See l'"aculties.) 

58 Sununit Rd,, Med lord. Mass. 
♦tJoii.N C.n.MiCR FvANS, .\,B, 2d Lieut. 

4th Ohio Inf., d. Washingtun, 1). C, 

Jan. 10, i8yo. (61) 
Rohki;t Cooi'i-i; Crii;u, AB, Grain 

Meiclani, Peoria, 111. 

♦Ji'i.irs, MorTun. .\.li. '58 

(iiniu- pi,i liiiic), (Union) '56, 

LL.D. (Williams) 'yC., U. S. Sec. of 

Agr, 1893-97, d. Lake Forest. Ill,, 

April 27, 1902. (70) 
♦Roswki.i, Davicni'Ort Paukiu. A.B,, 

A.M. '57, d. Manhattan, Kan., March 

2 J, 18.;,. (72) 
*Natiianii:i, Pitchur,, A.M. '59, 

(1. Detroit, Mich, March J2, KiOJ. (70) 
*Asiii.i.Y PciNU, A.B., d. Detroit, Mich., 

Jan. 1-', iMio. (82) (See I'aculties.) 
*Jami;s QiucK, .\.li., d. Pomona, Cal., 

June iti, 1880. 
♦fl.YMAN RiciiARtisoN, A.B, Capt. 1st 

Neb. Cav., (1. Savannah, (la,, Aug. 8, 

i<A>f>, (72) 
♦Ciik>ti:k CoiiUKN Wiii;i;i.i:k,,, d. 

N'..ilh.uniM..n. .M.i-s,, hine 7, .89.. 

1 ,..'- 

54-5'il LIll'.KAkY DlWARTMliST 


'l)\Mi:i, I.i;..N-.\i(i. Wool, AH., Scue- 1856 
tMr\ c.f fiiiv. 1858(14, (1. [iKJianapulis, 

liul. Feb. 22, i.,(.^. (73* *7Li-.Mu.\ B..\KNi:s, A.M. 'sa M.D. 

'-■' (Eel. .Mi<l. Inst.) 'to, (1. Tccumsch, 

1855 Mich.. Dec. .^ lOOI. (71) 

"D.NTl-ri ClIASK l^KUOKS,, A.M. '^o, 

^\.^■|.Kl:w j.u■K^w.x 111, . I.I.., w, A.1!,.\.M, .1. Sai-aiMC Lake, N. Y., A.m. j, igoi. 

'5.S, a. Dctruit, -Midi., Jnlv .^t), i.x>) (71). 1 Stx- Faculties.) 

»74) *\^\\ HruK.N Cask, A.H.. A.M. '60, d. 

"tl'.i.w.-iRU Payson Ci.akk, .\.1'.., A.m. Sail I.ake Citv, Utah, March 27, loos. 

•.=S, UU.B. '60, Ser^t. Olli Mich. Inf., (0.4) ' /■--■> 

.\'e\v Orleans, l.a , July 15, i8oj. Or.i \ r.u \'i:\v;;Kkrv Ciiaffkk, A.B.,A.M. 

'(«. Railed. Detroit, Mich. 

IllNKV t'kANK CllAMl'lDN, A. 15., A.m. 

■(Ki. ,1 Vpsilaiai, Mich., .March 18, 
Juii.N I'm, ,10 e'l.vuK, All, \\\. '5(,, 

a'liMMi::- DiM.,\r. .\.l!., .\..\l. '5,S, (1 

Cr.-uul Junction, Culi,., June 2\, KJ07 

■ I ^\ll,^ liicri.ow I'.i.iMiKiM.i;. .\ H., il 

.Ml (.'leinehS, Mich, I'el.. uS. 

Mattumw AL.iN.o \;.viks,, A.^i. VJ- \V'^'\. ''■\.. ^'"'''' '•'^" 

d. Dorset, Vt., Feb. 18. lOOl. (74) 

^ee i-aciilti 

*C,aluci.i C.'M.viN Giuiis, A.H.,'A.M. '58. I'M l.iMif^ineaduw St. ,.,,,, 

d. Big Beaver, Mich., July 13, i<;o6. ,^, , , , Si-nnglield, Mass. 

(76) . J :> J. -/ =^tUuANi; Doty, A.B., A.M. '50, Adjt. 

*Gi:(.KGE IfAKTiCR, B.S., d. InJepeu- 7tli Mich. C'av., d. Pullman, 111., Nov. 

dcnce, Iowa, Dec. 12. KXM. l8o) 17. i')OJ. (<iM 

♦Matthias IIaiitkr, B.S., d. Halo, *.MaS()N C,nn^^. A.H„ A.M. '59, d. Ho- 

Suuunit Co., O., Oct. 10, 1906. (81) "HI-, Mich.. Jan. 21, i88(x 

*tCiiAKi.i:s lIuwiTT, A.B., d. Knights- * S. 1 Iic.c.ins, A.B, d. Chicago, 

town, Jnd., Jan. 28, 1894- CS7) ]"■- I'^''- '. i«8i. (46) 

*Mai<cus Lank, A.B., \M. '(r2, d. Free- (unKi.i.; Hood, A.B,. A.M. 

port, ill., Tune 25, Hj02. ((.7) '^o. d. l..•|n^il]g, Mich., Nov. 30, 191 1. 

*Aiv.fsTus Mau.mi, A.B., A.M. 's8. d. ( Sj 1 

C.rand Ra|.id>, Mich., June 3, 1910. -tJA.Mi;s I'Au.sKi.i. ]u>.i-$. A.B., A.M. 

(70) \o, Maj 71I1 Maine Int., was killed 

*Ai.i:.\ANi)i;K Marti.v, A.B., A.M. '58, in action in front of Fort Stevens, 

I.I..H. (Harvard) '58, LL.D. (Mis- Md., Inlv 12, 18(^4. (29) 

<oun) 'go, d. Colunihia. Mo., Dec. 15. Marcus .Xi''s Osiris Packard. 

,'""-,, ,, ,„ ^ ,, A.B. .\.M. '50. Lawyer and Banker. 

BvKox HooTii NnNT.iuni., A.B AM (,,,^ \\u>.,:i.,nd P.nrk, Chicago, 111. 

\-ice I'rcs. Manulaclurcrs' Natl 

M\.Mi.u Packaiu^ A.B., Brevet Brig 
Cieii , kepr. from Indiana in the 41st 

, ,... ...ANCis I'uwi.ii, A.H., A.M. '59. d. 

-■ ^^.'■''- -N'evada City. Cal , March 18, H)Oj. 

*Mii.To.N William Ruv.xni.DS. A.B.. 

dlwo succeeding Congresses (i8(k)- ■\^^- ''^'>- ''■ J''l".oud, Okl. Aug. 9. 

75). d. Indiana State SMldicrs" Home, ,/''"' , ., , , 

l')ec 13, i8.>j (67') Fkldkkic Kowi:, A.B., AM. '59. Re- 

*KMANtuu'. SciiMiD, A.B., A.M. "58, d. '■'"' CheLea, Mich. 

(.■ohinihii'=. O Dec -'8 181/, ((.'i) tJkhn Qli.ncv Adams Si:ssio.n's, A.B., 

CiiMdis Tf.Li.. A.B., I.L.l! (Albany) ^•^■^I- '^9. 1st Lieut. 7th Mich. Cav., 

'-S. Law .uid Real I'lslate. 1862-65. Lawyer. .\nn Arbor. 

Monroe Mich *Dwir.iiT Di:i.avan Stkhhis's, A.B.. 

*Ij.wi.n' Wii.i.rrs, A.B.. A.M. '58, Rcpr. A.M. '.«, M.D. 'sS. M.D. (Cohnnl.iu) 

from Mich, in the 45th and two mic- ''o. il- Cairo, HI., July 18. 1862. (27) 

ceeding Congresses (1877-8O: Piinc. "-Lyma.n Addison Soiu.ic, A.B,. .1. New- 

of Mich. Slate Normal School; Pres. ark, N. J., Feb. 2, J857. (2)) 

of Mich. Agr. Coll.; Assist. Sec'y of *tWn.i.iAM Wirt WiiiCUi.iCR. A.B, A.M. 

Agr., 188.1-os. d. Wasiiington. D. C, 'do. LI,.B. (Albany) "58. Col. -'Sih 

Oct 2^. i8<,6. (CL) -Mich. Inf, d. Cliicago. HI. .\ug. 2<), 

( (7) (■'^71 (.171 

K ■'■ M..' -13,1 
\ ';. 1,>'J V- 
- -iiif III 

'u tito 1 ^ijj 


^6_ CRADU.VniS. I1H56-58. 

*Samuf.l Holmes Wiuti., A.l;., A.M. Kkvix J'.m.mkr, A.l!., A.M. '(k). 
'59, d. Peoria, 111., March 9, 1S82. (52) y^r- lO Montcalm St., W 


Detroit, Mich. 

Joii.N RuiiAUDS, A.H., A.M., '<3o. 

,o__ Cciiinl)- liilirmary, Flint, Mich. 

i*'^' -S.xMiKi, T.M.uuT Scott, A. 15., A.M. 

♦Jo.tN Baun.aud, A.B., A.M. '60, d. Ro- J-; 'I- '•— ■illc, Ky., Aug. 6, .89<.. 

Chester N. Y., Oct 10, 1863 (2,5) , '; , Sukur.vuu, A.B.. d. Brooklyn, 

*1Ii:ni{y William BiiiilsoN, U.S., d. iJc- ■" . • > • ■ ■ 

troit, MMi., Jan. S, 1000. (63) .^^ ^ !.; " Va^:^,^^^, ^^^volk, B.S., 

*'^;;:dh,.'r^r^t. t"89s'- ('0' ""' ^f f^--;!:; ^ J- "• ^^"-'' ^''"^' ^'^'^ 

'^P^'"'' Ai'::h"'M.M6' i^r^- (J^ ^- nAm'usT,}^ AuoLnuN Stakk, B.S.. 

Parma, Mich., May lO, iwjj- <- <-'-.) ',,, ,. , ,,.1; ,,, ,,1, r,,,i it-.t ,1 

*\V.LLI.^M F. CUS.IING, B.S., M.S. '60. (""^"••.'^S'Y \,f t 87 ('.T.' 

d. South Bend. Ind., Octoher 3. 187S. *^^?; '^'"^X' ,^;';,' ,;'"^^St ',< b's '1 

Governor of Minn. 1874-76; U. S. ^ ,^ '' , V"^i?^/ ■'r';°\l^ ^ 

Senator from Minn. 1887-1900, d. St. f". ,' ''^'^V ,?c'' ''■ -^"" -^'''"'' ^''"• 

Paul, Mimi., No\'. 27, 1900. (62) "■ ';' -^;,.';5;V,,, t,,,,,,,,.-,, AR AM 

*I.ori.:nzo M^ktkl Gat,.:s, A.l!., A.M. ^''.'^^■^'^^' '■,';' Vi , x. k'.- In-i 

•60, d. Lena, 111., March 31, njo?- i77) '!;■ "^^ "• ^ , l' ' ! o, '<^"'^" 

*J..MKS ALI-..KU6 Gk.,.-i.-i.;s, A.B., A.M. clergyman, 121 ^^^J'-^t M 

'60 d. Braidentown, Fla., 1-eb. 1. 1907. ,^^^^^,_,_^^ Tu.K.nKL. K.S , M S ' 'S, .h 

nuJVi Thomas GRirr.N, A.B.. A.M. .'^"::^'^r'v!^^^:J^i^ AM 

V«. Brevet Maj. 4tl' Mich- Cav. 1865, ^.^''''Y'/u rY^ N 4. In) 'fi ,88i 

Repr. from in the .S3d Congress (^. d-. ^ " ^^ '.^Z' ^'-';v ,-^' i.J^' fV' 

\h;::^\J^ ''^v^:^^^'''" "v^rv'^:^ue:u' anV^iruent'i-; 

Mich. Cav., d. Nashville, Tenn., I). 

Dec. i8(K). 

,«r; V;^ ''"""""■ ■ • *J.vMi.:s CuAiG W.usuN, A.B., A.M. '59, 

Mass., May i, INJS. (.-«) *t,,,,- ll.>^■•,- w/^mi.-. it; A K d 

ni.vcuRG.s llAGO.vrT Irwin, A.B.,A.M. *Jam.".- 1I"\ ^7" '''•','•' ^, '^,;;. 

'<,:;, 2d l.ieut. i^lh Ind. Inf., d. Ne- Hnd;.;el>H,, Mo.. Nov. 7. iSS'J- (-7 

• I I () ■ iv^^i tl'i'^vi^ Pih.-k.minsti':r WiGiiT, A.B,, 

^iVw'; WhunlV j'smKs, A.B., d. Sar- A.M 'u.Maj. 24th Mich Inf. Re- 

; c . M V 1,,,.,. 11 1010 I red. (Hj N. 2ir< St, Portland, Ore. 

f'«;' ^'■""^="' '^^ ^-^ ■'""^ "• '^'" *\Vm.,am Dial Williams. B.S., M.S. 

t(^,'m!oK McQlkkn l.ANDON, A.H., '0^ d. Maniuelle, Mich., Nov. 27. i89,i. 

Judt;e of Probate for Monroe Co., (58) 

18S5-80. Capt. 4th Mich. Cav. 1864. C'^.S) 

Lawyer. 1858 
Monroe, Mich. 

CiLiiKRT Ranlioli'ii Lyon, A.B. Law- *tFKANK Askew, B.S., lirevet Brig 

yer. Owosso, Micii. Gen., 1865, d. Kansas City, Mo., April 

*TuOMAS CRAWI'OKI) McNuiLL, A.B, 28. 1>>)2. (65) 

•\ M '61. )n'57-'58, M.D. (Univ. i.f *Lutjii:r Bi-.ckwitii, B.S., d. Bay City, 

Pa.) 'U->, d. Paris, Tenn., h\0,. 9, 1907. Mich., Aug. 10, 1885. (53) 


IIi:m(v .\lli;n Buck, A B., A.M. '61, 

DwiGUT Mausii, A.B, A.m. Lieut. Sisl Hi. Inf., killed in action at 

Yk) D.D. (Alma) \)a, d. Grand Rap- Chickamauga, Sept. 10, i8r)3. 

ids, Mich., March i<), U)U. (73) IIkman Bi-ldinc Burglss. A.H, A.M. 

Jloi.ART MiLi.LK, All, .\.M. '(K), Adjt. '6y P. F. Clergyman. 

,,il, .Mich. Cav., d. S.pi, 7, i8''7. (30) Plallsmonth, Neh. 

ih.^.-^ ,h: 

.1 n r I 

1H5K.1'y Di:i:uriMi:.\t\ 47 

fl'j.wAKD r.i<r(.-i; CiiANui.KK, A.l'.,. AM. *tC'ii nki.i.s B.S., M.S. 

08, d. Chicago, ]11 , June u, 1<X)4. (,0()) (u, U,.|{, '(«), Cai)t. iStli Mich. Inf., d. 

'tCicuf.r MoKrii. Cin-'-TrK A li. 'uu Adrian. Midi., Oct. M, i<)08. (76) 

(iniu,- I'lu linii), A.M •70','Ou, .1. tj>'i:i Momn, U.S., ^'l.S. '72. Lawyer 

Detroit, Micl)., Juiii: 7, 1891. (53) aiul Auih.T. 1222 Kansas Ave, 

K'.iioKC.K .M(i.\TC(i.\ii:uv UANi-dUTii, Tiijieka, Kans, 

l',.S., iVI.S. 'iiJ, 1.L.15. '00, d. New 'M<ui)i:kT St.kkk Mdoki-, A.H., d. Chil- 

V(,rk, N. Y., Jan. y, 1881. (45^ licoihe, .\lo. April 4, itjoj. (70) 

MI.\Mii.T()N jAMics Dknms, A.H., l.L.l!. nji'i.h .\li\ Mmtt. A.B., Capt. i6ih 

'()!, d. Topcka, Kan., Oct. 1.', i.S.)!. .Mich. Inl , d. Wasliinj^ton, I). C, June 

( :;.S) -''"5. !«''.?■ (-V) 

'l>.IIN Oll.NCV .\li.\MS I'KITCIIIIV. A. 11, (. ' 1 1 I! I ST< i r 1 1 I. U .\hKI<.\.NTX, .\.li. I.aW- 

".\M. Ym. d. All.nilic Cilv, .\. J., Sept. .vcr _ Ashland, O. 

.?, i&>7- (^7) 

AiiKAM .\i-i-i-, .\.H. Farmer. 

*Tii<..\iAS C.Ki; G.xMK, .\.li., d. I)l- Ciiha iMdtou to.. Ill 

iroit Mich., Dec jS, i,S(,i. (jO) tI.vsti.k .Mii.i.r.u O i!i<i!:.\. A.H., and 

Mt>ux C-,Kv\is All \..M ■70, 1. 1. .15. '■ -"^ Jd l.uiit., ibl l.ieut., Capt., Bre- 

■■,,,■ ,1 |),,r;„'i, MiJi. .\ -M, UK.-', ^'l ^'•'.' • -V""> -"^l'^-''- '"f- 18(^-05. Of- 

,-'p ' ... . ^^^^^ .^^ 1^. ^^ .\,-,,,y since kSmj. Re- 

*t\\'Vsirv \ i.iKi-i'\ \ li A M ui tu\il wiih rank oi" t'ojonel, -ince i<x<o. 

11 B ( Mhanv) '(.o 1st' 1 ieiit .iili '''l'^' l':isadena, Detroit, Mich. 

.Mich.' Ca'v., d.Soldie'rs- llon.o. Grand *Jui..n Wi^i.ujs Paink, B.S.. d Bri>-h- 

Kapids, Mich., Feh. 2S, Die (78) J^'"' ^''^'',' J"'"^ -l?- '*^' '-»-\, c , 

*Ho,'.vci: llAi.miKT. B.S, d I-ar,o, N. Huari.ks STl^^K'r P.vrr..;RSON B.& d 

Dak., Feh. 5. .y.2. (85, ,,N^^v York N. V Dec. 15, 1873. (37) 

I.ii;i:kty K.mokv Moi.i-KN, All., .\ .M 
'(u. Publisher. 

Cleveland, O 

Bkowsu- Tkist Pkkntis, .\.B., d. De 
iroit, Mich., May 4, i<;i.'. (7^) 
tOscau FirzAi.LUN Price, A.M., A.M. 

•' ■ Col. I8lh Mich. Inf., d. Osawat..- '", ^ ,^.. ^ 'f '" ,^ Vi^V^i ;'• ^"'" 

ni;, Kan., Aur. 16; ,87-,: (41) .:';:■ f",,, ^^^^.^tl'f, ^ p g M S 

1. Washington, 1). C, Feh. .7. iS>«. , ;„ ,',;,;:„:, \,';.'; 'k :.,„,, City, Mo. 

■:^'_. , ,, , ,, *\Vii. 1,1AM FM..KV OuiM.v, A.B.; A..M. 

'01, 1,1.1) '</), I'. ,S. .Minister to the 
Nellurlan(K, i8(;3-./7, d Detroit, Mich., 
June 7. u>o8. (7J) 

*Ai.kxani>i:k RiciiAUD, B.S., d. Tecuni- 
seh, Mich., Dec. 7, !(>.> (7.0 

♦ISxMi;!;!. F/i;\ S.mitii, U.S., 1st I.icut. 
,01.1 Adjt, 4lil> liid. Inl., d. San Fran- 
cisco, C.d., Oct. ('., 1888. 

■■'tJdiiN Ti:NnunoK Snoddv, li,S., Maj. 
7th Kan. Cav., d. Mound City, Kan.. 
.\pril _'l, 186^. (2^)) 

*AoN.\i KN'ic.nT Si-u.NCK, A.B , A.M, 'or, 
d N'ashville, Tenn , .April 2^, 1000. 
((«)). fSei- Facullies.) 

^j\.Mi:s WcUTIIINCTON St,m<k, .\.H, 
.\ M. Y,8, .1. |,os Anodes, Cal, ( tct. 

*t()/uRA I'lKKsoN Sn:AR.N.s, n.S., 

"(in. Col. ,VMii If. S. Colored Inf.. U. S. 

Senator from Minn. 1870-71, il. San 

Dien-, Cal, June 2, 18.X.. (C>S) 
M'.i ,,i<,.i I'liii.ANiuik Swiir.T, B.S., MS. 

Y,i, M I) 'OS, rUi'tn. d. West Fork. 

.\l-. I.iii s. loll (:8i 

■Mli;,M<v Av 

ciyriNi: IUi.mi'ii 


A. 11., 

.\..\1. '01, 

d. Hudson, Wi 

s., F 

Vb. 6, 

i8'm. (33) 

♦tKuF.L Mil 

.TON Johnson, 



•05, d. c... 

shen, liul., Nov 

. 1-', 



•M)A,Mi.:i, K: 

OS. .VII., D.D. 

I Highland 

Cniv ) 'S.|, 

d, CI uenionl, (," 

al, J 

an. 11, 


lui.suN- LOO.MIS, 



■hi. d. I'.h 

,e, Kan.. 

, Ma 

rch 2, 

11J03. (Cg) 

*tlli:NRV Francis I.vsri:i;. 



•61, M.D. "i 

to, Snri,^ 5ih Mi 

ch., 1 

nf., d. 

(M 3. li^i) 

|. (58)^ ( See 1" 



*l.i V, l^ .\U 1. 

.oi'Tii, .\.ll., ,\..\l 

, '01, 


( Hillsdale 

) '8_'. I're.-,. ol S, 


. .\nr. 

Coll,, 18,80 

</., d. New lint 



March 16, 

nxv). (7.0 

*Otis II. .M 

cOMiir.K, .\ 11,. ( 

1. K. 


you. Mich, 

, .May 13, i8<,7 

(•.loKCI \i 1 

iruT .M suK, 1; S 

.. M 

S- '01, 

Civil \-.ny\ 





r- ' , : a ■ '\ » I, :.;«>. I in. 

■f :■'■' ■ ■■ <■■ i! 




fliRADLEv Martin Thomi'Su.m, D.S., 

M.S. '01, I.L.B. '60. Brevet Lieut.-Col. 

7th Mich. Cav. 1865. (See FacuUies.) 

Aim Arbor. 

Geokgk Willard Wall, A.B., A.M. 
'62, LLr.B. (Cincinnati) '59. Judge of 
Circnit ami Appellate Courts, 1877-97; 
Pres. of Illinois State Board of Law 
K.xaniiners since 1897. DuQuoin, 111. 

Daviu Bui-Li, VViiusTiiu, B.S., M.S. '64. 
2256 Rosewood Ave., Toledo, O. 

"KiTcir Rkkd VVii.LiAMs, A.B., A.M. '6>j, 
/'59-'6o, d. lilk Rapids Mich., July 13, 
1004. (70). (See Faculties.) 


1st L,ieut. 1st Mich. Inf., d. June 28, 
1864, of wounds received in action in 
front of Petcrslnirg, Va., June 25, 
18O4. (25) 


Wjlliam Jami;s, A.B., AM.' '62, 

rii.D. '80, S.B. (Harvard) '65, M.S. 

(Chicago) '76, D.S.(Mich. Agr. Coll.) 

'05, Prof, of Botany Mich. State Agr. 

Coll. 1870-1910; Prof. Emeritus, 1910 

— . Author of many scientific papers. 
.\inherst, Mass. 
*tRiciiARD Bkardslev, B.S., U.S. Con- 
sul-Gen. to Egypt, d. C.iiro, Feb. 21, 

1876. (37) 
*.\i.i)i(ui( 1''rki:man [Hijtts) Butllr, 

U.S., d. St. Th(ini:ib, Out, March 10, 

*J\.MKs RiciiARDSO.M Cakv, A.B., d. Ne- 

ligh, Nel. . Sept. 2, 190<). (75) 
Aii-RiCD Hi NKV Castli:, .^.15., /'59-'6o. 

h.iu .iiid Sti-cl nuiihaiit. 

|.M W \d,,ni> St., I.ns \ngclcs C.d, 
+ .\ti>;i Mt s ,\i,i:xA.Ni)i;u Cmapin, 

Judge ..f Siuieri^.r Cuuii of .Allen Co., 

188090, d. I'ort W'ajne, hid, Jan. 10, 

1909- (77) 
♦CiKORiu; Edward Cuminc, B S., M.S. 

'62, d. St. Louis, Mo., April 25, 189s. 

♦tjAMKS Mauison Eumu.nus, A.B., A.M. 

'62, LL.B. 18C?, 2d Lieut. 1st Mich. 

Ileavv An., d. M..bile. .\la., Oct. 5, 

1864. '(27) 
*tJoiiN Gill Everett, A.B., /'6i-'62, Q. 

M. U. S. Navy, was drowned in the 

Mississippi, 1863. 
*tGEORCE Aur.usTus Flanders, A.B., 

r,L.]i. '66, Lieut.-Col. 8th N. H. Inf., 

d. East Saginaw, Mich , Aug. 26, i88s. 


'Ruiii:kt Lv.m.\iet Frazer, B.S., LL.B. 
'bi, Juilge 3rd Judicial Circuit of 
Mich. 1894-1900, d. Detroit, Mich., 
May 9, 1908. (07) 

tCLAunius Buchanan Grant, A.B., 
A.M. '62, /'65-'66, LL.D. '91. Lieut.- 
Col. joth Mich. Inf. Regent of Univ. 
1872-80. Justice of the Supreme Court 
of .Mich. Jan. i, 1890-1910. Lawyer. 
The Pasadena, Detroit, Mich. 

fWll.l.lA.M 1I0W.\R1) llAU'.llT, B.S. 

i.jIXj ]C. (K)th St., Cleveland, O. 
"CuAui.ics Bird I1.\, B.S., M.S. 
'02, <l. Wooditoclc, Out., June 4, 1867. 
I 3.5 ) 
tRiu..Ni:v Jay Hathaway, A.B. Adjt. 
07th Ohio Inf. Fanner. Bedford, t). 
Fayette Huhd, A.B., A.M. '62, Ph.D. 
1891. On stalf of 'Daily Leader." 
1334 Summit Ave., Siiringfield, Mo. 
David M. Juh.nscj.x, B.S. Banker. Care 
ot i;i,n-i.,n .S. Heath Co. 

T,K(,nia, Wash. 
^I'l.isiiA Ju.-vKs, A.l!., .•\..M. '62. (See 

*tCll \Kl.i;S lifKl.KlC.ll I.A.MllOUN, A.B., 

A.M. 'Go. Lieut. -Col. I5tli Pa. Cav. 

1863, d. New York, N. V., Jan. 2, 

1902. (64) 
*JunsoN Clark Lowell, A.B., A.M. 

'62. d. Ciiicago, III., Sept. 12, iS')2. 

EuwAki) Walker McGraw, A.B., A.M. 

'OJ, /'5<; (x). Lawyer. 

35 I I'ine Si., San Francisco^ Cal 
tTiiKouoKi; Andrews McGr.^w, A.B., 

L1..I). 05, M.D. (Cohniil.ia) '63. Phy- 
sician. (See Facnlties) 

Delioii, Midi. 
■tWniMM .MAKSllAl.l, U.S., 1.1..1!., 'fX), 

l.ieui -Col. 8oth Ohio Inf., d. Fremont, 
Xob., Dec. 21, i8.>S. (02) 

*Ji)iiN Di'MPSTER Parker, A.B., A.M. 
'62, B.D. (Chicago) '65, Ph.D. ( lUi- 
n.jis Coll.) '67, d. San Francisco, Cal., 
March 8, igog. (77; 

♦fOukiN Parsons, .\.B., Capt. 3d Mich. 
Cax., a. Saline, Mich., Jan. 4, i>jo(>. 

t.\iu-.usTi;s Herman Pettibone, A.B. 
Maj. 20th Wis. Inf. Repr. from Ten- 
nessee in the 48th and two succeeding 
Congresses (1881-87). Lawyer. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

tl'jnvARD Powell Pitkin,, A.M. 
'62, LL.B. '60. 1st Lieut, and Adjt. 
20tli Mich. Inf. i8(j2-()3; Capt. 5th Vet. 

Z:\ I 


•T. 1 ( .....if 

H >:■•;:/. 

./■•I ..J.-; ,1.. M. 

kS5i>-6o.|'.R.lkV l)liL'Al<lMl-.\r. 


f^c. Corps, 186J-65, Colorado I.egis- tSii.As W'uK.iir Dunning, A.B., A.M. 

hitiiru, 1S85-88. Lawyer. 01, /'{)5-'6o. Inslriictor in Latin, Jaii.- 

Dcnver, Colo. Jmic, iiStx). Journalist. 

*Li:oN\kD PuounFiT, B.S., d. Clarinda, 80 .Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. 

iowa, Nov. 18, 1906. (7i) *Mark Fk.vncis Fasqui-i.le, A.B., A.M. 

*BusiiuoD Fi.UTciii-R Rice, A.B., d. '6,, ^LD. '72, d. Mt. Pleasant Mich 

Brooklyn. N. Y., Dec. 23, iSyo. Aug. (>, 1894. (54) 

*tKicn.\RD Cii.\UNcr,v S.mjine, A.B.. *Ei)\vin D.\nii.x Fibki;, A.B., AM. '6j, 

lirevct Lieut. -Col. 87th Ind. Inf. 1865, d. Detroit, Mich., June 7, 1873. (37) 

d. La I'orte, Ind., 1869. (33) *()sr,u()u H.mdn Fui.i.i-k, A.B., A.M. 

*Danii;i. S-M'TiUiTiiWAiTE, A.B., A.M. '7.). d. Caru, Mich., Oct. 5, 1900. (65) 

'62, d. Toledo, C)., March 17, 1910. *tSi.\ioN CoUNiaiO Guii.u, A.B., Capt 

(78) 81I1 Mich. Inf., was killed in action at 

*tJoii\ Cochrane S.mitii, A.B.. d. James l^-land, S. C, June 10, 1862. 

Twinsburg, O., March 30, 1872. (-'!) 

tjAMHs Do.vai.dson S.voui>v, B.S., M.S. *tlli;M<v i/iiuM).v Ili;niiAi;i), B.S, M.S. 

'07. ibt Lieut. 7th Kan. Cav. Lawyer. 'u,, jd Lieut. Mich, luigiu., d. Battle 

Pleasunion, Kau. Creek, .\lich., May 29, i9<w. (05) 

Joii.N- I'AKMR ST(n)i;\u]>, .\.li., A.M. •(',,.1,1 KEv LuwiN Knight, U.S., /'oo-oi, 

■05, );i'0-(-00, M.D. ( Bellevue) 'O7. d. Kaianiazou, Mich., Nov. 19, I910. 

Physician. Missoula, Mont. (72) 

''AViiLiAM Josia-ii Swirr, B.S., d. Lan- t\\'ii.i.i.\.\i Nicwton Ladue, A.B., A.M. 

sing, Mich., June 14, 1911. i7&) '<>,!; 1st Lieut, and Adjt. 5th Mich. 

*STEi'iihN lloc.EiiOO\T \\'ei!1!, B.S., /'59- Lif. Real Instate and Insurance. 

60, d. Cleveland, U., April 28, 1909. 4.57 Bcjston Blk., iMinneapolis, Minn. 

(70) tCiiMo.Es llENKV McCreeuv, A.B., 

*t.\RTnuR Tai'1-an Wii.cox, A.B.,LL.B. A..M. '08. Brevet .Maj. U. S. Vols. 

'61, Col. 177 Ohio IiiL 1864, d. Port i'"!".^- l're=h. Clergyman. 

Limon, Costa Rica, Oct. 24, 1902. 7 i'ros|>ect St, Milwaukee, Wis. 

*.\i.i!ruT llAMirioN W'li.Ki N.SOX. AB, I'-i'Wi.N .M \.\si'iEi,u Mason, A.B., A..M. 

.\..M. \~J. /'.vj-'oo. ol' Probate '07.>er. 

lur Wavne Co. iS/v;;, d. Detroit, Girard, Kan. 

.Mull, Ma^ 7, i.,ii. 170) t(MAkTi,N| Lmtuer MENiH:NHAt.i„A.B., 

In, lis- Lmmia Wi.NOEK. .\ H. .\ M. '05, I'nv. i si I'a. Ke.^erves. In- 

-m; Am. Bank BKb^ , Los Au-eles, Cal. vesiiiieuLv Dulutli, Minn. 

(3'J) *Ja.mes L\cv .MiTciiEi.i., B.S., d. Lima, 

Mich., July 17, 1888. 

18(50 *Samuei. Agassiz Muri-hv, B.S., M.S. 
'66, (1. Greencastle, Mo., Nov. 22, 1910. 

Ai..\ioN LvMAN .\i.i)Ricu, H.S., M.S. i''') 

■(xj. Publisher. Lyford, Texas. *Fin:R Waru Owen, B.S., d. Marine 

♦KinvAki) Iutcem; Baldwin, A.B., d. ^"'f>'' ^''^"'•' J'"'- -3. 1863. (25) 

Norrell, Mi=s., Sept. is, 1909. (6<j) P.vrkinson, A.B., .V.M. '03, 

George Beck, B.S., M.S. '63. U. S. LLB. (Nat'l Univ.) '77. Clerk in War 

School Supervisor, Chickasaw Nation, ' '^'Pt- 

i«;o2-o7. Teacher. i^^s B. St. S. E., Wabhington, D. C. 

S14 N. Him St.. Platteville, Wis. *GEokGE Wourms Pascal, B.S., d. 

*tLouis Frederick Booth, B,S., Capi. <-'';ind .Mound, Iowa, CXt. 28, i8<>}. 

9th 111. Cav, d. Gallatin, Mo., Sept. *''<J> 

21, i8<,3 Harmon: Hill Seymour, B S., C.E. '61. 

♦fWii.LiAM Jesse Buciia.van, A.B., -'d Lieut 1st Mich. Laigin. Retired. 

.\(ljt. y\ .Mich. Cav., d. Washingtnn, io<X) Lapeer St., Flint, Mich. 

D. C, May 2, 1880. James Franklin Si-aldinc, .\.B., A.M. 

♦f.^ucub-ns Warren, .'\.B, '63 Pres. of Spalding's Commercial 

Capt. 6th Mich. Inf., d. Manstlel.l, La., Coll. Kansas City, Mo. 

.April 28, iS<,4, (20) *L:i)wi.v Ai.e.xa.nder Si'ENCe. .A.B, 

♦John llE.Nkv CuNRAD. .\.l!, d. Chica- A.M. 'os, d Detroit, .Mich., Dec. 20, 

go, 111.. Aug. 10, i8y8. {--.y) i,K>)i. (71) 

I JV'I' . . 1 tl.-l 




1 1860-61 

C'vkus liACKUs Thomas, A.B,, A.M. '63, 

/'62-'(p,v Retired. i'asaclcna, Cal. 

''"rCilAKI.KS Al.lillKT TlloMl'SON, A.H., 

A.M. '65, Capt. icitli Mich. Inf., d. 

Kalama/oo, Mith., June 8, 1871. (3j) 
*tCHAKr.i:s Fui;i)i-uiCK Trowukidgi;, 

A.M., I.L.IJ. '()!, Capt. i6th U. S. Inf.. 

d. Ann Arbor, l-Vh. 9, 1878. (40) 
♦tlJAVii) UoFK.MAN Wiini:, B.S., M.S. 

•65 \^A^. '6s, -'d Ijcut. 74th Ind. Inf., 

d. MiddU-bnry, Ind, J >l'c. 11, 1891. 

( S7) 
*tlnou..i: .Al.l-XAN-UKIt W IllTK, B.S., d. 

Na-hvilli'. Tenn., I.S()_'. 
*tl".n('.AK NoKVi:i,t< Wii.cox, B.S., Capi. 

iSth U. S. Inf., d. Soldiers' Home, 

Uayion. O., Mardi 13, 1887- (4«) 
*Jac.)h C'aim- WoKTi.Kv, A.B., d. Ypsi- 

lanti, Mich., Oct. 2.\, i89<> (O9) 
*t\\'ii.i.i.\M llowAKi) Ai.i.KK Zacharias, 

A.B., Cai)l. 7lh Mich. Inf., d. Dec. 31, 

i80_', iif wounds received in action at 

Ainietani. vSept. 17, uSdj. (_'i;) 


*Or\ili.i; Solomon Abbott, B.S., d. 

Niles, Mich., March 16, 1878. (39) 
*CuAiu.i;b KiiNDAtL Adams, A.B., A.M. 

'6_', IX.I). (Chicago) '78, LL.D.dlar- 

vard) '87, d. Redlands, Cal., July 26, 

icjoj. (67) (See Facuhics.) 
*tFni:i)i:KiCK Akn, B.S., Maj. 31st Ind. 

Inf., was killed in aciion at Shiloh, 

Tenn., April 6, 1862. (23) 
*Jami:s Tam.ou Aulls, A.B., A.M. '64, 

d. Den\cr, Colo., June 2, 1911. (84") 
tWii.i.iAM Uknrv Bkauuic, A.B., A.M. 

'(14. 1,1,1!. '07, l.L.l). '02, Brevet Brie;. 

C.en. l\ S. VnK. lS(,s. P,e,^. of S. 

hak, .^i.iie Noiniai S>ii<M.l, iSS.)-i.j05; 

1 li.niri;ii\ I'ml. ul lli-.tniv ^ilK■e 1005. 

Keln-ed. .MiidiMui, S. Dak. 

^C..i.iM\\i\ Sroi>i>Aui. Iti:\\i:k, .\.l!., d. 

inne .'S, iXds. (31 » 
*tSAMui I, Mr.Ai) Bii.i.iNGS, A 1!., d. 

Marquette, Mich., Dec. 13, looi. (63) 

tBlCNJ.\MlN FUANKl.lN Bl.AlR, A.B. 

Capl. 123d O. Inf. Lawyer. 

55 I.iherty St., New York. N. Y. 
tjAMi'S C.AY Buti,i:k, KA14 (nunc 

tio tunc). I'riv., Sgl., l.ient. C.ipi , 

Maiur 3rd ^Iich., Cav. \^u bu. .Man- 

nf.-icturer (retired). 

4184 \V. Bine Blvd., St. I.onis, M... 
nBvk..N M.\cCnvciii:<..v. A.B., A.M. '6u. 

1,1.. B. 'Ck). Brevel Briu. Gen. U. S. 186s, KcKenl ..f I'niv. 187(1-8^ 

kepr. from Midi, m ihe .)Slli and 

three succeeding Congresses (1883- 
91), d. Ypsilanti, Mich., April 12, 
HXxS. (72) 
*\Vii.i.iA.M VViKT Dkdrick, A.B., A.M. 
'64, I.L.B. '64, d. Washington, D. C, 
May II, I8<J7. (55) 
*tCllAI(M:S IlAI.DUKT Dr.Niso.N, A.B., 
A.M. '(.5, I.I,.B. '64. ist l.ient. 5th 
Mjcli. Inf. )fi6i-62, d. New York, N. 
Y., Jnlv 13, 1011 (7,S) 
KnwAui) DiCKi.Nso.N, A.B., B.D. (Au- 
burn) '0.1, D.D. (Tabor) 1902. Presb. 
minister. Sidney, Iowa. 

tlsAAi lll(,nl^ I'.i.i, A.B. Breve: 
I'.rif;. den. U. S Vols. i86s. Fanner. 
Dexter, New Mex. 
*I1((MKR .'\sAi'ii Fi.iNT, B.S., d. Detroit, 

Midi., Nov. 2?, i8<;8. (6?) 
1'i;ti:k Giuson, B.S. and C.E., 
M.S. '(14. Sur\eMir and Enuiueer. 

Willuwdale, Out. 

*\Vii.i.iAM Gi 1.1.1:1 11:, B.S., M.S. '64, '03. d. I'.ast Saginaw, Mich., 

June s, i8;^>. (4-') 

'i^CiiAiji.Ks DowNi.M-. Gkkc.ouv, .\.1!., <1. 

Feiiton, Mich., Nuv. 15, i<)07. (txj) 
*Jami;s John I Iai',i;rman, B.S., /'6i-'62, 

d. Milan, Italy, Sept. 13, 1909. (71) 
*tHi'iiKAiM Gaylori) Mali., A.B., A.M. 
'66, Capt. Iith Mich. Inf., d. W. Sal- 
amanca, N. Y., March 2<), i88r. (40) 
♦fFuwAuo Sicvmour Jackson, .\.\i., d. 

ScraiUun, Pa., .April 19, 1910. 172) 
tJoiiN CvRi's Johnson, B.S. LL.B. '66. 
Capt. 149111 Pa. Inf. I,.iwyer. 

Fmporium, Pa. 

*RANsi-dui) S. Johnston, B.S, M.S. '64, 

ln'b^-^h\. d. Stockley, Dd , .\ug. 26, 

i<)o(i. (70) 

MoiiN Kn.i and, .\ B., d. Detroit. Mich., 

.M.iv 13, loio. (70) 
tlllCMJV BiSllOl' l.ANDON, .\.B., A.M. 
'('5. Ml'- '65. Assist. Surg. 7th Mich. 
Inf. I'liysician. Bay Cit\ , Mich. 

b;iu;.\i:/i-i; l.ANc.noN I.itti.ic, A.B., B.D. 
( K.H-luster) '(.(.. liapli^t Clor-vinan. 
Alpena. .Midi. 
'^fluiiN- S-Mirii I.okii, \.B., i,t Lieut, 
and Adjt. ir^tli III. Int. 1802-65, d. 
Sprinufidd, III, Dec 23. 1912. (74) 
'ISvMri-i. Koiau.Ns Bkciwn l.oiiu, A.B., 
Sev-'l. Ill l.t. .\rl. i8()2-(.i, (I Chicago, 
111.. Dec ^2. 18.S7. (48) 
'tCi(Ai(i.i:s lu.soN .McAr.KSTi'.R, B.S, 
Capt. 1st I'. S. Vet. Fngin., d. Flint, 
Mull., l\b. 20, um. (62) 
n\VAi.Ti:» .Mi-Coi.i.nM, A.B., Capt. 20tli 
.Midi. Inf.. kille.l in action at Spoti- 
s\lv,ini.i. \'a , .Mav u. i«o-| U\) 

f' -. ,M A .-/,!'!' ■• I. IV .'f 


I'- Kl ■'/«./ 

'tTiKiMss l!i:i.i. Wi:ii(, A.B., I.iciit. Col. 
m\ Midi. C;iv., (1. New York, N. Y., 

1S61-6J.J UrnKAliV Dni'.lRTMUXT. 5£ 

♦tJoNAS Il.\KTzi:i. McGow.-ln, B.S.,M.S. ♦Koswki.i, 15.\v.\rd T.wi.ok, B.S., M.S. 

'fis, LL.B. '68, LL.D. '01, Capt. Qtli '65, LL,.B. 'O5, d. Mctucheii, N. J., 

M'ich. Cav. 1862-6.), Regent of Univ. March 'J2, lyio. (71) 

1870-77. Repr. fi 0111 Mich, in tile 45II1 Roukkt II.m.i, Tkii-i', A.B., A.M. '64, 

and 46th Cungresbcs (1877-81), d. I'h 1). '78, J'rof. in Occidental Coll., 

\Va.shin^;tun, 1). C, July 0, igog. (7--) iSh-kid-. (Retired.) 

S.\:MiM.;i. .\.\i.i;kso.\, A.B., m? W. Ocean I'ark Ave., 

.\.M. '64, ;;,'6j-oi M.l). (N. VV. Long Beach, Cal. 

Univ) '(1(1 I'hysician. Hk.n'kv Mi^nso.m HtlKv, A.B., A.M. '70. 

U.S6 Mich. .Ave, Chicago, III. City Detroit, Mich. 

*Cii.\ui.ics WkslI'V Mi'SKKVi;, A.B., d. ►S\Mur.i, Snow Wai.kkk, B.S. Regent 

Ow'is'^o, Mich., June 16, iS()2. (28) ui ilu- L'niv. 1876-80, d. Uid Mis^iun, 

filiK^M Roi.i.iN Mills, A.B., A.M. '66, Mich., Dec. u, kxkj, (68) 

Ml) \M: Surg. Sih Mich. Cav. 18(15, 

(1. Craiid R.ipids, .Mich., Nov. 2y, kkX). 

■'tSnixLV (,.,.„i\i\.N .Moi;m;, \.B., Scrgt. Josi.rn W m;kk,n W.inn, B S. and CM, 

i.t Muh l\,v, u.l^ KilKd in aclinn al MS. ■(...■. h'.irnier. Sunnier, Wash. 

the -ec.n.l h.mle ..f Bull Kuu. .\u^. (34) 

.50, l.^'iJ. (J.>) 

C.i'OKc.i: W.\siii.\'GTON Nkih.mjdt, A.B., ISfiO 

A.M. '64. Retired. Orland, Ind. '°°^ 

*ilKNRY OiLMJi.Mi, A.B, A.M. ALi)r..v .\lli;n, A.B, A.M. '66. Cong;. 

'64, d. Hiram, O., vSept. 16, 1870. (32) Clerg)uian (retired). 

Srfii-uKN JosRi'ii NouTUKoi', A B., I.akeuiont, N. Y. 

A.M. '65, ;)l'()-(-'()5. *\VlLLl\-M W.X'ISON I'.NCLANl) A.MliKUS- 

Muntrnse, I'a. tlu, B.S, I.L.B. 'O4, d. I'hiladelphia, 

*Waltku Scott Pkkrv, A.B., A.M., I'a., M:,rch 18, 1904. (61) 

'71, Supt. of SchcHils at .Ann Arbor, ^S.\ml;i;l ktrnii'Ui'nui) Andeuso.v, A.B., 

1S70-07, <1. .Ann Arhiu-, Dec. 15, 1S97. A.M. 'O.^, d. Wichita, K;.n., Sept. 28, 

(1.(1) I(J02. (Os) 

*I1,,M l'(.si A.B., 1. 1. .11 ■<,.!. d. Detroit. nULi.x/i ][iu.\n 1!.\ki-:k, A.B., d. Adri- 

Micli,. l.ui, ^1, i.jij. (74) ail, Mich., March 10, i</Vi. (0=;) 

tl\Mi.> Al. i:\is I'osT, li.S.. M.S. '65, + Thom \s M \ksii.\LL 1! wtlk, U.S., /•62- 

.\1 D. '00. Surg. 28th Ky. Inf. Sec- V,,j, ,1. I•:vall^t..n, 111, .\piil 9. ".Ji-- 

relarv Detroit Association of Chari- (71) 

lies, i88;-iyio. Detroit, Mich. *Cii.\RLKS Bi-ckinuton, A.B., A.M. '65, 

" Pljun Quick, A.B., A.M. '64, d. New York City, March 15, UJ04. 

d. Birniinghaui, Mich., June 24, 1008. ♦fOLivKu [..\ F.wi'.rTi- Buownic, B.S., 

(72) I.L.B. (.\lhiny) '67, .1. Des Moines. 

♦tC.Kouc.i: I'di.MiL.xTKR S.xNi-.iRi), B.S., lowa, June 10, i<xvS. (71 > 

M.S. '04, Brevet l.ieut.-Col., d. I,an- IIiuam .\usti\ 1{urt, A.B., A.M. '65. 

siim. .Mich., Jan. 14, 1894. (58) Regent of Univ. iS(i8-7(.. Retired. 

*AsA Caumck Sarc.lnt, A.B., A.M. '64, 19 Paleii St., Bangor, Mc. 

d. Marshall. Mich., .\pril 6, 1S66. (32) nR"Swr.i.i. Parsons Cari-k.ntlr, A.B. 

*Wii.LiAM IliCNKV S.MiNOKRS, A.B., Capl. jotli Mich Inf. was killed in 

A M. •( ), .\I.D. 'o.s, d. Keiiosh.i, Wis., action at Si".lts> Ivauia, Va., May 12. 

Oci. 20. U)07. ((>7) |X"I- t-t) 

M-luwARi., .\.B., .\.M. "64, Pre^ H'iiaulls, A.B., .\.M. 05. 

of State Normal Scho.,1, Maukato, I.I..B. '79.(1. tkand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 

Minn., i88o(;8, d. St, Paul, Minn, <), 1905. (ij6) 

Oct. 22, i8(>S. (6^) *Aliikrt Jay Chai'Ma.n, .\.B, A.M. '65. 

William Soule, B.S., M.S. '62, Ph.D. d. Detroit, Mich.. Nov. 10, i<;o.?. (68) 

Mt. Union) 'Si. Prof of Chem. and James IIenrv Coc.siiall, B.S., M.S. 

Physics ill Mt. Union Coll. uSSo-kjoj. '07. Bookseller. 

Retired Alliance. O. Muskegon, Mich. 

♦tCiiARLLS Ue.nkv Stocki.m-., .\.B, *Joun Ki'iiKAiM Coi.uY, .\.B., A.M. '65, 

A.M. '65. Ml). '()<), d. Kreeport, 111., I'U^-'C^k d. Liverpool, England, Sept. 

Jati 24, "18X1. (44) 14, 1S81'). (52) 

If Vr;-;. ', )i '(. 

|-l,(Mlli': I i:! 

Is:/,1' « .(! •'■'" 0-; »l! 

:i t. ill.-' 

) wif^ ,.f i.i.t 




*()ns Ai.,\MS Critciiktt, A.B, A.M. 
•(■5, 1. 1.. I!. '6.4, il. Monroe, Mich., June 
«. 189.5- (.S5) 

*tNATii.\N Ck(jsiiv, A.B., A.M. '06, /'6s- 
'66, Capl. i8(jth N. Y. Inf., d. Hart, 
Mich., Nov. 4. 187-'. (38) 

Maktin I.utukk ITOoGi-,, A.B., A.M. 
'65, LL.D. '8y, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '7.3, 
I.itt.D. (Riitf^crs) 1901. (See Facul- 
lics. ) Ann Arbor. 

*tJ.\.Mi:s r.DWi.N' JAsTMAN,, Grad- 
uate of West I'oint, 1866, Capt. 2d. 
I". S. Artillery, d. near Glcniield, N. 
v., Aug. 28, iSc/.j, from disease con- 
tracted in the war with Spain. 

EuwARiJ -Ai.i.iCN Fay, A.B., .A.M. '65, 
rh.D. (Johns Hopkins) '81. Vice- 
Prcs. and Prof, of Languages in Gal- 
landet Coll. since 1885. 

T, Kendall Green, Washington, D. C. 

*11akmon Dkwicy Foi,i.i;tt, A.B., A.^L 
'(.<), iJ.B. '06, d. lirainerd, Minn., June 
-M, 1885. (47) 

♦tMAKVi.N AiiGUSTiNi-; Gavi.oki), .A.R., 
j 3rd N, Y. Art., d. Portsmouth, Va., 

! Oct., 1862. 

tJosi'Pii Conner Gricenawai.t, A.B., 
A.M. '67. ist Sergt. 86th Ohio Lif. 
Lawyer and Stockdealer. 

Muscotah, Kan. 

*S\Mii:i. liowAKi), A.B., A.M. '65, d. 
Milwaukee, Wis., April 16, kxx). 

Cmari.ks llijuu, A.B., A.^L '6s. Man- 
ufacturer. ^Llrshall, Mich. 

♦fTiiDODORK Ham.\iond HuRli, A.B., 
Sergt. 83rd III. Inf. 1862-65, d. Gales- 
l.urg, III. June 14. 1863. (23) 

*t.AAR().N' Com: Ti:wktt, ;\ B. m'sH-'sg, 
ua. killed in aolion at WillianisiHUI, 
Md . liiK o. i,^n (--I) 

'lllNUY .\KT111J1( l.ATS.-.N, .\ li.. A.M. 

'OS. d. (~,rass Lake, Mich., Sept. 2, 1807. 
CiiAKi.i:s Ili'NUY Lkwis, a. B,, a.m. 

'65, M.n. '66. Pliysician and Surgeon. 

Jackson, Mich. 

*n\vni ll.MfMo.N- I.ovKiov. a. p.. A.M. 

'..^. Ml). '0;, d. Poslvn, Pa, Julv 2(^, 

Kjii. (73) 
*Gi:oRGi-: Anson M.\ru, B.S.. C.F. '63, 

M.S. '67, d. Chicago, 111., March 2.|, 

K)05. (68) 

^tWl'.LIAM EUGUNK NlCI.SO.S'. A. 15., d. 

Na-hvillc, Tenn., Jan. 23, 1863. (26) 

■(.6, l.L.B. Tk). 1st Lieut. 1471I1 Lid. 

Inf. Lawyer. Riclnnoud, Tiul. 

♦tAi iii;ur Nvi„ A.I'., Cm'I oHi \V\yh. 

I'lf,, d. Murfrcesl.orc, 'renii,, June 

-M, i.^'..'. (-'3) 

Samuiu, lu<Asrus Pi;rry, A.B. Teacher. 

(retired). Limerick, Me. 

tLi-wis Stici'iiun Fisk Paciii'.R, A.B., 

A.M. '63, ALI). '66, LL.D. 1900, LL.D. 

(Dickinson) 1900. Surgeon. 

145 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tRujcLi'Y Ci;yi.on PowtRS, A.B. 1910 

iiinnc />/■,) //(;/,}. A. IS. (Union) '62, 

A.M. (,/./,/.) '(10. ^Brevet Lieul-Col. U. 

S. Vols. 1865; Go\xTnor of Missis- 

siijpi, 1872-74. Retired. 

817 W. 30th St , Los .\ngeles, Cal. 
*tWi I.I.I AM \'iGoi;s Richards, A.B., 

/'os-'oo, Lieut.-Cok 7th U. S. Inf., d. 

\'anconver Barracks, Wash., Dec. 8. 

njoi. (Chi) 
*tGKoui.i. DoRGHE Robinson, B.S., 

M.S. 'U., Brevet Brig. Gen. 1865, d. 

San Mateo, Fla., April 14, 1873. (35) 
*I\Iosi:s Ki:i.i.Y Rosiiiiuucii, .-\.B., /'62- 

'63, d. San Diego, Cal., April 29, 1874. 

tlll■.^■lt^• Harrison ,Si oan, .'\.B., .A.M. 

'6s. M.I). (N. W. Univ.) '6.). Physi- 
cian. IS14 Lunt Ave., Rogers Park, 
Chicago, 111. 
♦KuwiN Fuller Uhl, A.B., A.M. '65, 

Assist. Secr'y of State, .'Xctiiig Secr'y 

of State, .\mbassador to Gerniany, 

i8<j3-07, d. Grand Rapids, Mich., .May 

17, ](X)i. (5'J> 
♦James Irvin Van Keuren, .•\.B., A.M. 

'66, LL.B. '64, d. Howell, Mich.. Oct. 

1, 1902. (66) 
*tMADisoN Otis Walker, B.S., Sergt. 

6ih Mich. Inf., W..S l;ille<l in action 

at Pert Hudson, La., June 2.), 1863. 


►\Mi..x .Xkmsikonc, \Va-iki\s, A.B., 
A.M. '(.-., .i. Alhanv, N. Y,, March i<(. 
nSi)-. (.U>) 

iCiiAui.i:s Leach Watrous, B.S., LL.B. 
'6s. Capt. 76th N. Y. Inf. Pres. Am. 
Pomological Soc. i8o7-i<X)3. Nnrsery- 
inaiL Dcs Moines, Iowa. 

*tFLM0RE lIoRTON W'Ef.LS, B.S. aiul 
C.F., M.D. (Bcllevue) '67, A.M. (La- 
fayette) '60, d. Meslxippen, Pa., Dec. 
n, irKi4 (Oj) (Sec P'aciiliies.) 

CiiMti.i:s lliNuv WiiEEi.ER, A.B., A.M. 
'1.:,. l',,l). { Aidiurn) '6/). Presb. Min- 
ister Creston, III. 

■•"to Ki. AX DO 15i:r.iN-A Wheeler, A.B.and 
B.S.. A M. aiul MS. 'ds, C.F. '70, d. 
St. I.enis, Mo, lune i l8./'>. (<.l) 

* liKKRs Wool.. A. 15, i^t 
Lieut, and (). M. .ph Mich. Int., d. 
Chic:.)..., lIl.^N'ov. .■!. 1010. f7i) 
( |S) 

'', %'y I ■ ' ><■ 

:: .l> !.■ 1.1 

r.n rriv/il.l 

f.f-" H 

lS(M fill 

l.l'l l:l<. IRY nUr.lK'l Ml: \ 1' 



Jami.:s Ci.KMKNT Amiiu.isk, A.l!., I.l, B. 
'CO. A.M. iX. \V. Univ.) '78. l.v- 
LHimi I.cclur.r. 

Allianibra, Cal. 

Ll-vi Liiwis l'..\KiiouK, A.B., A.iM. '7b. 
l.L.B. '65. Regent of the Univ. 1892- 
98, 1902-08, Member Const. Conven- 
tion, 1907-08. Lawyer. 
u6i Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

*tJoiix Mic'ir.^Ei, HoWKK.-;. A 1'.., Priv. 
S4th (Jhii. Inf. 18O4, d. St. J<ili'i. Mn,, 
Jan. 16, uS<ji. (54) 

*Li-vi J.\Y Bkown, A.B., LI..]^. '65, d 
Dcs Moines, Iowa, Jan. 4, 1.S8.?. {45) 

Mll.KS II.^R1<I^,^.N t\\Kl.TON', 1!.S, M.S. 

*t\Vii.i.iAM .Ni.i.i'N CiiANi)i.::i;, .A.l'i, 
A.M. '71, M-1'. '0-1. d. Piiiladeipliia, 
I'a.. Dec. 19, lS<-;s. (62") 

*J?m;()n CiiKicvER, A.B., A.M. 
'(i(\ M.D. '67, l.L.B. '75, d. Ann Arbor, 
.March 6, i8l«. (47) (.See Facnllies.) 

♦Uknuv;r Cmi:i:vi:r, A.B., 
A.M. 'W), M.D. '(/), d. Ann Arlnir, 
March 31, i«77. (39) (See facul- 

♦NoAii Wood Ciif.kvkk, A.B., A.M. '66, 
LL.B. '6s, d. Ami Arbor, July 20, 1905. 

Orniui.e William Coolidgk, A.B.. 
1.1. I',. (Harvard) '65. Judge of 2d 
Mull. Circuit, 1894-1912. Lawyer. 

Niles, Mich. 

*tCu\i<Li;s Stuart Draper, A.B., 2d 
Lieut. 3rd Mich. Lif. 1801-63, Regent 
of the Univ. 1887-0.', d. at sea, Aug. 
S, 1802. (.^1) 

"•■Li.N'CDLN TiiiiiALS Kakr, A.B., d. San 
Francisco, Cal., Jan. 25, 1904. (64) 

♦tl^.i-oucE Fletcher Fish. A B., AM. 
'\J6, LL.B. '67, ist Lieut. 4th Mich. 
Cav., d. Aug., 1874. (32) 

Elisiia Ai.I'Xander Frasi:r, A.B , A.M. 
I '66. ProL in Detroit Cull, of Law 

' since iSfJl. Lawyer. 

McGraw Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

fWn.i lAM Smith Harroiin-, A.B., T\I.D. 
( C.eurget(j\vn~i '(is. Piivsician. 

Sant'a Fc, N. Atex. 

llEXRV Mills lIuRn, A.R., A.^L '70, 
M.D. 'a,, LL.D. 'o.S. Prof, "i Psy- 
chialry at Johns ilopkiiis Univ. anci 
Supt. of Ilos|)ital since 1809; Fditor 
.hiiriiiiDi Jdiinitil of /iiSiiiiily, i8()7- 
Kjoo. Ilaltiuiore, Md. 

*l-./i<\ Dkm^-o.n Lav, A.P. . d. Y|,Mlanii, 
Mhh., M.n i.t, 180;. (." , 

MoiiN- llMu.A.v ^roC^.URE, A.B., A.M. 
'ij(i. d. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 19, IQ04. 

n\ n.i.iAM .Mende.n'hall, B.S. and C.E., 
d. Medlurd, Ore., Dec. 2i, 1909. (73) 

"tCoNww WuniTER Noiu.E, A.B., A.M. 
'«), LL.B. (Ohio S. and U.) '64, Judge 
of Court of Coinnion Pleas.-Cleveland, 
l''^''^7->;7, d. Cie\ eland, ()., Dec. ^. u,lo. 

CiL\ui.i:s Hi:.\uv Palmer, B.S. Civil 

and Mining F.ngineer. 

,^06 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. 
*t(u:oR(;K I'ooL Peck, A.B, .^.^L '66. 

LL.B. (Albany) '6s, d. Fvansville, 

Lid, July 2_', i8f.8. ■ 
Fu.WK Rice Potteu, .\ P.. Lumberman. 
0S7 -'lid Ave. Detroit, Mich. 
•Stkiiik.x P.iWKK^, .\.11„ .1. Jacks(jn- 

\illc, b'l.i., April 2, ic;u). (03) 
*l".nw,MU) Kei:ii Si.awso.n, AM. .A.M. 

■-.S, LL.P.. '1)8, d. Bav City, Mich., 

Nov. 16, 1881. (40) 
*Tiii;i)i'Hii.tis Bhuce Smvtii, B.S., d. 

Negannee, Mich., June 10, 1865. (2S) 
J.XMEs I.A.Ni.oN Taylor, A.B., .VM. 'fe, 

;;/'7n-'7i, M.D. (Ohio) '72. Retired. 

Wheelersbtirg, O. 

Stanton' Bic.w.n Tiio.m.\s, B.S., ■/•64- 

'(1.5. Merchant. Cassopolis, Mich. 

Beniamin 'riti'MiiiiLL, B.S. Farmer. 
(29) Jackson, Mich. 


■^Georce Sl'mnEk Ai.iiEE, A.B., Pres. 

Wis. State Normal School, d. Osh- 

kosh. Wis., Sept. 4, i8<j8. (61) 
John He.nry Booth, B.S., M.S. '67. 

Lawyer. New Philadelphia, O. 

Wii.iiAM TessE Booth, B S. Banker. 

Ann Arbor. 
*WiLt.iA.\t Stowe Brewster. A.B., /'64- 

'65, d. Omaha, Neb., .Aug. 19, 1867. 


*.\.M0S Franklin Chai'FEE, A.B., d. 

Rock Island, 111., Aug. 29, 1874. 
.Ai.iiERT Taylor Clark, A.B., A..^L '68. 
Mngr. sKick farm. Abilene, Tc.k. 

♦.Arthur IweuEtt, A.B. d. Oshkosh, 

Wis., Julv 10, 1872. (3-i) 
*TosEiMi Weir Ewinc, A.B.. A.M. '67, 
■ l'r..l. in .\hna Cull., d Alma, Mich., 
\iie J8, MK.V (70) 

WlLI.IA.M .\l.E\ANI)ER I'.WINO, A.B., 

A.^L (kS, ,„V,7-'()8, ^LD. (Bellevue) 
'6k;. Phvsician and Surgeon. 

134 \V. 58th St.. New York, N. Y. 
H^iAio.i s l.i;nNARi> Fr.nsEk, A.B., .'\.M. 

•71. d, iMiMii, M,:h., jidy 8, i„fX). 

.t , ' jT.i 1 '(](! 

It-:J. " / 




*Sonrvii:i< GkA.vr, A.I!., d. LX-troit, 

Mich.. Jan. 28, I(;l2. (71) 
JoSF.f'H ClUTTlCNDKN Hakt, A.B., A.M. 

•(H. Rclircil. 

Wiiukrmere Apts., Octiuit, Midi. 
*\Vii.i.i.\.\( H. llKNDUY.x, A. 15., d. Tc- 

ciiiUbcli, Mich., June 10, i&)7. (2>jj 

^VII,I,I.\.M "l)i)UCI.\SS lIlTCIICDCK, A.B. 

Capt. ,3]rd Mich. Inf. i8<j8. Insur- 
ance. .\ipcna, Mich. 
7as\ I'lTcin.K Ki.sT., A li., I,I..i!. '(.7. 

r,;uv and Real l{-,t.alc. .\nn Aihur. 

l'.iAV\ui. DiAViTT Ki.NNi:. A l!., I.I..I;. 

(Culiiniliian) '(V). Judge _>jnd Mich. 

Circuit .NJucc 18X8. .Vnn .\rbor. 

liiuiMUiT Arc.ub'irs Li;k, A.H. Retired. 

i)U) Howard Ave., N., Seattle, Wash. 
U.Mnus RovKK Snoop, A.B., A.M. '67. 
*\\'i!.i.i.\.M SiMki.Vb, A.B, 

A M. '1.8, d. Salina, Kan., Mav 6, 1903. 

.\i.v.\u Ar..rsTi-s Smith, A.B., A.M. 

'(17. \(<o Ciiestiuit St., Boston, Mas.-,. 
*ScovKi. CoxsiDEK St.vcv, A.B., /'67- 

'(«S, d. Tccuniseh, Mich., Dec. 11, iS<)5. 


*SlDNEV Fli.\N'K W.M.KKK, B.S, M.S. 

'67, LL.B. '67. d. Raleigh, Tenn., Sept. 

22, 1878. (38) 
*Br:N?\MiN' Fr.\n'klin Welles, A.B., 

d. Martpiette, Mich., March 26, 1888. 
tSuniAEL Fish White, A.B., LL.B. 

(Ali)any) '67. Capt. 28ih Mich. Inf. 

1864-66. Jnd.Lie loth Mich. Circuit, 

1873-74; Mich. Senate, l88j. Lawyer. 

Duluth, Minn. 

H'i.AKi:.NCE F.nw.MU) Wii.iu;u, A.B, d 

Heir.. it, ,Mich., April 1, 1885. 


■.\nuAM J..M;r 
'(K), d. CoUlw, 

I. A. 11., .\.M. 
Oct. JX, l.;07. 

♦William Henry Barnes, A.B., d. 
Tucson, Ari/., Nov. 11, 1904. (61) 

*OscAk Peri.kv r.iii.s, A.B, d. Swartli- 
more, Pa., \u\'. 30, luii. (uS) 

♦Pleasant Bonu, B.S., M.S. '68, d. In- 
dianapolis, Ind., Feb. 10, 191 1. (75) 

tOAnniEL Campbell. A.B., A.M. '68, 
B.D. (Chicago) '68, D.D. (Dart- 
mouth) '86. Capt. 17th Mich. Inf. 
Prof, of Philosophy in Dartmouth 
Coll. I88.VI9IO. Hanover, N. II. 

*Stei'hen Wilson Ci.auk,A.B., /'65-'66, 
M.l). (Harvard) •^^. d. Lynn, Mass., 
Oct. ->■>, 1897. (54) 

James D. H. Cornelius, A.B., A.M. 

'68, Ph.D. (Adrian) '04. Prof, of Lat- 
in in Adrian Coll. since 1880. 

Adrian, Micii. 
♦fORsn.v Blair Curtis, A.B., A.M. '68, 

d. Detroit, Mich., Jan. 11, ic/ji. (60) 
Charles Dudley, A.B., A.M. 

(hon.) 'o(), /'66-'67. Prof, of Law in 

Drake Univ. Lawyer. 

Des Moiius, Iowa. 
*WlLI lAM Hen'ry Fieield, A.B., ^65- 

'66, d. San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 12, 

1 90 1. (58) 
Edward Pavson C.oodricii, A.B., A.M. 

'68, B.D. (Chicago) ■70. Court Sten- 

Ann Arbor. 
*CnARi.ES Morgan Goodsell, A.B., 

A.M. '68, d. New York, N. Y., Aug. 

I, 1888. (4_>j 
Aluert Jennings, B.S., LL.B. '(&. 

Priiic. of Union School 181)7-1911. 

r,rand Rapids Mich. 

D.wji, Kia.i.r.u. A.H., A..M. '(mH. Lawyer. 

N'ewark, (J. 

Sankord lUiRRiTT Ladd, A.B. Law- 


Kansas City, Mo. 
James Claude McKercher, B.S. 
William James ]\[aynard, A.B., A.M. 

'68. ;;r65-'66, M.l). (Rush) '68. Phy- 
sician. Orlando, Fla. 
Daniel Monroe, A.B., LL.B. (Albany) 

'(>7. Lawyer (retired). 

1041 Lincoln Way, San F'rancisco, Cal. 
James Peter Ni.\on, B.S., I6s-'G6. 

ludMc Court of Appeals. 

Springlield, Mo. 
♦tl'i:i,(,s I'liii.i.ii's, A.B., A.M. '69. Capt. 

I7ih .Mich Inf., d Kalamazoo, Midi., 

I'd., i.s, 1887. (48) 
♦tllci.MER Caleii Powers, B.S., d. 

Siarkvillc, Miss., Feb. 19, i8<)6. (54) 
♦John Barnes Root, A.B, r6v66, d. 

Rockford, HI., Nov. 28, 1876. ( j2) 
Arthur Herbert Snow, .\.B., LL.B. 

(Albany) '67. Judge .Kd Judicial Dist. 

of Minn, since 18(^7. 

Winona, Minn. 
*JoiiN TiioMi-soN, A.B., d. South Ab- 

ington, Mass., Oct. 31, i«76. (38) 
♦Francis Laruna Walker, A.B., B.D. 

(Kalamazoo) '68, d. Garnett, Kan., 

Jan. 24, 1896. (58) 
♦Cii.\ Gii.more Williams, A.B., d. 

Carthage, O., Oct. 2, 1871. (26) 
tBLui-oRD I Briscoe] Wilson, A.B. 

H)o\ (iiiiin- />r,) tiiiu-). Capt. I20tli 

^ibc. ! 

...•"■: r.b.L':; -..^1 

.)••.■.,'(< '^ , ii.j-. 

,.U,/. ,r^4 

.;^f.M< I M;w-;i,r:t 

Fki:ui;i(ick Walt 
/■(.ti-\i7, il. Cluca^i 

i:r Bih'kkr, 
., HI., 2S, 
1, igio. 

Sm.NKV 15i;cK\viTii 
luiiy H:ill) '(K). d. 

. AH., B.D. 
Cr.irui Rapids 


i^6s-('6.\ !./ri:h\ih-y Dr.r.urfMnxr. ^3 

111. Inf. iSuj,. I'. S. nist. Atty., i86y- A.mos S. L.M'iia.m, A.B., LL.B. (Ohio 

74; Solicitor of ilu- Trcabur), 1S74- S. and I'..) '(x). Trcas. of Nash Co., 

76; Col. in Si)anisli-Aniericaii War. Kan., 1876-80. Lawyer. Channie, Kan. 

l.awxer. Sin mj-'-lkld, HI. Jc^iix Fii.i.kk L.^wrivNcu, A.B., LL.B. 

(-'") 't'l^- La\\\cr. Ann Arbor. 

tlK.K.ui; Luwis, B.S. and C.E. 

1866 <^'ori)., Sl;!., J(1 Licnt. uih Vt. Inf., 

if^oj-()3. Scale Jnspociur A. T. S: S. F. 

Ky. at Topcka, K;in. 

lo.^o !•;. 151I1 St., Davenport, Iowa. 
JoM.x i:i.M,,KK McKi:ir.i!A.x, A.B.,A.M. 
■71. .1. I!:, him,. re, Md., March .'I, KjoK. 

Jan. I, 1906. (64) *.\i.i-Ki;u I{lgi-:nic AIuuui;, A.B., A.M. 

Mki-ville M.ADiso.v Bici:i.o\v, A.B, '(>*), r6j-'(<8, d. Brooklyn, X. Y., April 

AM. '71, LL.15. 'OS, Ph.D. and A.M. jS. kjo.?. (sK) 

(Harvard) '7(;. Ll-.D. (X. W. L'niv.) thiM.-i-ii \'i kv Or \l<l.K^. A.i!, liM-'bj. 

•<;<). Prof, in Boslun Inn l.:iu Sell..., I l.i.D. \,x jm l.a-ut .^.nh Wis. Inf., 

>inct lS7_'; Dean, kwj-ii, .Menili. ['. S. Senator iruni W'i,. ify./j-njos, 

Mass. Hist. Soc; Fellow vvf .Vni. Acad. L'. S Dist. Jndj;e, KKJ5-11, d. Milwau- 

ol Arts and Sciences. (See Faculties.) kce, Wis., Oct. 7, i(>ii. (C8) 

Asliburton PL, Boston, RL'iss. Gkokgi: Bk.-vui'okd Kkmick, A.B., LL.B. 
J.x.Mi.s Kno.\ lii.isii, A.B., A.M. '76. 'uS. .Mich. Lcgislatnre, 1881-82. Law- 
Lawyer and Banker. Kevvanee, 111. ver. yOQ "\\'oodward Ave., 
*tl).vvii) Boyd, A.B., A.M. '69, d. Bnnl- Uelroit, Mich, 
der, Colo., Nov. j8. IQ08. (74) Iu.o.ak Rixfcikd, A.B. Merchant and 
S.M.i-.\i Town Cn.Mi.v, B.S., ^LS. '7(>, Banker. Yi)silanti, Mich. 
Real Estate. F.hnliiirst, Cal. '^tCii.Mu.i-s Aduison S.\nfoiu), A.B., 
*tl'a.i;.\zi;R D.vuiujw, A.B, A.M. '(xj. d. AM '(«/, d. Coiirtenay, N .Dak., Jan. 

Ypsilanli, .Mich., Jan. 30, 187.'. (29) 17, 1911. (.72) 

*Oi.ivm< i'.vKTKiucic Dickinson, A.B., *Ja.\ii;s Mokiuson Scott, A.B., di'OG- 

A.M. '70, d. Chicago, 111., Oct. 7, i()0-|. '67, d. Warren, O., April 7, 1876. (34) 

((X)) ] ICNiiY S.MiTii, A.B., .A.M. '70. Missouri 

l\i)WAi<i) S.Mrni Fi.mi:k, .A.I!., .A.M. '70. l.cL;islatiue, 1870-72, i88.|-88. Lawyer. 

.\rt Dealer. Winona, Minn. Kansas City, Mo. 

Cakuoi.i. SuTiiiCRi.AND FuAsiiR, A.B., *1Ii:kma.n \Vai.ti;r St):\i;.ns, .'\.li.,i,L.B. 

.\.M,, 'tio. Real Estate and Insurance. '(kS, d, l'.,ri Huron, Mich., .May 15, 

. Port Huron, Mich. 1907. (Oj) 

I *tWu,i.iAM Ci.AV Fui:w, B.S.. MD. John- Aucni;i< Van Ci.kvk, A.B. Rc- 

I tLouK l.sland) '<H), d. Co-,li(.ct,.n, (),, ^;ent Iniv ..f Wis. i8.)7-i.x>o. Banker. 

:' -April 2, ujoij. l(>|) .Marinette, Wis. 

+ IV1.WAUI) CvKST, B.S. Corp. 71SI HI. Jamks \'an Fi,i:i:t, A.B., A.M. 

Inf. Alrichant. Coon Rapids, Iowa. '69. P.,nltry. Winsluw, N. J. 

E.MORY l,i.\i, .A.B. Lumber \\'ii.r.iA.M Wai.i.ack Wasiiuuun, A.B., 

i Mercliant. Kenosha, Wis. A.M. ■(«), D.D. (Ohio Wesl.) '82. M. 

j tWii.i.iAM Bruci: Hamilton, A.B., E. Clerj^yman. 

I A.M. '(.9, M D. '60. ist Lieut. 2Jd V Ecrris .\ve.. Highland Park, Mich. 

; Mich. Inf. Farmer. Almont. Mich. *t<'i-.oi<ci: Snow Wiutk, A.B., A.M. '69. 

, Ci-c.Koiv Harris, A.B. Lawyer. d. Jacks.-n, Mich., March 21, 1909. 

I'r.iiiklin, Kv. ( 71 ) 

*Waki;i;.n- Ivi:s Hicks, A.B., A.M. '69, Nr.wT(..N Horace Wi.Ncm.Li.. A.B., 

(1. Waniej^o. Kan., Feb. 1 1, 1911. (72) .\.M. (k;. State^l of Minn. 

fllKNUY Wrhwit IlimiiARi., B.S., M.S. an.l l'r..f. of (',.■<,], .-v and Minendoyy 

'72. /'()7-'(,8. Tre.-is. of .\m. Mis.M..n- in tlu- Iniv. of Muin. 1873-1900. Oeol- 

arv .\sso, i.yist. Miimeapolis, Minn. 

287 l-ourih Ave., New York. N. Y. '.Xivaii Bi:x.m:ii- Wool. B S., M.S. '71, 

♦I'.i.wi.M Di.imont Ki:imv, .\.I'.. .Mis- d, .\nn .\ib..r, April 18. 1912. iyj) 

>inn;iry I.. Burmali, .1 Ian. 1, 1873. nHco>>..s' Au.):.niiis Wood, A.1!.,A.M. 

(..".) ■ V,.,. I'l,,l) 1 Xew Wiiuhor Cll., Md.) 

I'ju* ; 1. . .. 



1 1806-67. 

\jS, il. Alt. Vernon, \'. Y., Sept. 28, 
1903. (,02) 
*Cii.u4i.i;b N.vniAN Wuoi.ui-y, A.B, M.L). 
(Lung ]slai,.l)'(.8, d. Novl.mgii, N.V., 
Dec. II, j8.Kj. (^8) 


^''JonN ()sc.\u Andrews, B.S., d. lUiana, 
111., Nov. 17, 1871. U'7) 

*tJoil.M iiA.'VSO.M 15i;.\ui.K, A. 11., /'0j-'O4, 

d. Rockvillc, Ind., jail. IS, 1897. (57) 
J.\.Mi;s Bui.i.-\N..i;i;, Ji.S., M.S. '70. llor- 

licuUnrc. Faiiiiope, Ala. 

\Vii.i.i.\.\i M.MiLuN liuowN, A.B., A.M. 

'74, y'oS'Oy. Lawyer. Angola, Ind. 
*VVui,LiNCTON Cari,kton, A.B., A.M. 

'70, y/r07-'0<), M.L). (I)ctroil) '71, d. 

kudKlIc, ill., March 2, iyo2. (58) 
(iKouc.i; lvMi;nv C'liuiu'ir, A.B., .\.i\l. '70. 

Iiid.m- of Superior Court, 

lli-;,NRV I'liii.i.ii's Cm KCUH.i,, .\.l'. , A.M. 

'70, /■{)7-'(.8. BroktT. 

<XX3 Msher Bldg , Chicago, 111., 
*Joii.\ MoNRoi- l)AKNi;i.i„ B.S, M.S. 

'76, d. Frederick, III., Oct. 2.^, 1909. 

*tHoirro.\' Hamii.tom Dkuhv, .\.B., A.M. 

'70, Priv. ibt Wis. int. 1801-6J, d. 

Orap.d Rapid^, Mich., .March iS, igog. 

^MSAAC .Vl.NVTON Kl,\V.M)l), .\,B., A.M. 
'70, d. Flint, Mich., Jan. 19, 1887. (43) 

William John English, A.B., A.M. 

'U), IJ..B. "69. Meniljcr Chicago Bd. 

of Kducation for twenty years; Pres. 

of Chicago Bar Association. Lawyer. 

iiou I', osth St., Chicago, 111. 

'C,i;.,i(c.i: Ai.i:i.iii;uT Fostkk, A.B., 
A.M. '7o,;j('07-'(K), M.D. (Detroit) '70, 
.1. Ann Ail.or, Sept. 5. l88r. (36) 

'■ \\ii,M.\.M ScoiT, B.S, M.S. 
■74, A.M. (Iwii.) '95, Pill). (Univ. of 
West. I'a.) '95, d. Jersey, Channel Is- 
lands, Jan. 31, 1912. (60) 


A.M. '70. Sergt. 2d Mich. Cav. 1861- 
62. Farmer. R.D. 3, Hillsdale, Mich. 

*Li;sTicn Orestes Goddaku, A.B., A.M. 
'70, /'69-'70, d. Riverside, III., July 13, 
1910. (64) 

CoR.vEi.ius .Albert Gowkr, A.B., A.^L 
'70, /■67-T.«. Supt. of Public Instruc- 
tion for Mich., 1878-81. Supt. of the 
Mich. State Reform School, 1881-92. 
l,.oi-ing, Mich. 

♦Georcr Sherwood Hastings, A.B., 

LL.B. '69, d. Quincy, Mich., Jan. 28, 

1871. (25) 
Alhicrt McKee Henry, B.S., M.S. '70, 

/'6S-'09. Lawyer. 

1201 Penobscot Bldg. Detroit, Mich. 
*Mii.T(jN Jackson, B.S., M.S. '70, d. 

Shanghai, China, June 6, 1909. (65) 
Edward Ei.moro; Kane, A.B., I'oH-'Og. 


Moffat Blk., Detroit, Mich. 
*tIsA.\(: Keksicv, U.S., Pnv. 70th Ind. 

Inf. 18O2, d. BedlunI, I,,\va, March 16, 

I'J". (7.i) 
*Petkr Baldv Ligiitner, A.B., A.M. 

'72, d. Philadelphia, Pa., May 3, 1902. 

*DwiGiiT Nelson Lowell, A.B., d. 

Romeo, Mich., July 27, 1907. (64) 
Georgic Lewis Maris, A.B., A.AI. '74. 

Princ. of Friends' Central High 

.School, Phila., 1883-93; Princ. of 

C.coige School, Pa,, 1893- 1901. 

Saiiford, Fla. 
F.i.iiiiKr Lekoy Miller, A.B., A.M. '70, 

D.I), (illmois Wesl.j '87. M. E. Cler- 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Jabez Mdmgo.merv, U.S., M.S. '70, 

Ph.D. '81. Teacher in Ann Arbor 

High School, 181JO-1910. 

2120 Lexington Ave, I<os Angeles, Cal. 
■^Isaac Newton Otis, A.B., d. Valmont, 

Colo., t)ct. 29, i,S8o. (35) 
fT II DMAS MiTciiici.L Potter, A.B. 


Peabody, Kan. 
*JosEiMi HowAUo Riun, .V.B., A.M. '70. 

d. \',i>^,ir. Mich., Sept. ii, 1877. (35) 
.\kti:m ■>., KoHKKTs, B.S. Architect. 

Dade City, Fla. 
tJoii.M .Adams Rollins, A.B., A.^L '70, 

/■63-'6.i, LL.B. (Albany) '68. ist Lieut. 

451b 111. Inf. Retired. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
♦Ja.mes Sanders, B.S., M.S. '73. d. 

Wcsllield, Ind., Nov. 6, l8<x). (49) 
■^James Steel, A.B. and C,E., d. at sea, 

.Aug. 16, 1869. (23) 
David ]5rainerd Taylor, A.B., A.M. 

'70, LL.B. 'Lx). Law>cr. 

Lansing, Mich. 


A.M. '70, d. Albany N. V., March 22, 
1911. (64) 


A.B. P. !•:. Clergyman. 

(36) Benton Harbor, Mich. 


:■:■> 7 

iSfrfi.] l.niiRAUy PHPARTMl-.X'T. 57 

1868 ^C(..\ki;nii-: Niciioi, Howei.i., A.B , d. 
Si. l.ouis, Mu., Mai-di 9, i8y_>. (44) 

*\\'ii.i.i.\M Kvi.i: Am)i:rson, A.B., A.M. *Rosi:i,i.k Nichols Jennk, A.B., d. 

•71. il. Detroit, Mich., j\iv^. 28, io<^> Keokuk, low;i, Aug. 5, 1868. (21) 

(62) 11i:nky S.mith Jkwett, A.B., A.M. '75, 

WicKi.iiTE Wvy.vs Bei.vh.LK, a B., I'll C. and M D. '70. Physician and 

A.M. '71. Oliio Legi.hiturc, 18X8-91. Surgeon. 15 W. Monument Ave., 

Lawyer. Dayton, O. Dayton, O. 

tFR.^^•CIS .Adki.hf.rt Blackpurn, A.B., \\'ii.i.iaki) Akno Kingsley, B.S., LL.B. 
A.M. '71, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '92. (See '70. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Facuhies.) *]Ie.n'rv \\'ii.r,i.\M Lord, A.B., d. Wash- 
Chicago, III. ington, D. C, July 16, 1883. i :i7) 

\\'ii.i.i.\.\i Henry Bo\rdm.\n, A.B, C.F. ^tFowMU) Coui.tas Loveli., A.B, A.M. 

'<(,. Hdiior. 83 Fulton St., 7i, LL.B. '70, Capt. is?d 111. InL 

New York City, N. Y. i,sr,s. County Judge of Kane Co., 111., 

^.XiHiNiR.^.M Carter, A.B., d. Chicago, iWj-ijo. ,1. I^lgin, III., Jan. 6, i.>oj.(6o) 

111., -Maroli 19, 18S5. (40) IFkancis 11i:n'uv, B.S., -M.S. '76, 

*Ja.mes IIayden CiiAiMN, A.B., d. De- Keiired Kenosha Wis. 

troit, Mich., Fell. 16, 1873. (26) .\akox ^^^NCE Mc.Vf.VAY, A.B. '81 

♦Daniel Wkhstek Cuoi'se, B.S., MS i ///n/,- r;,* /lou-), LL.B. '(19, LL.D. '10. 

'7:^, Mi). (Long Island) '(k), d. Citron- (See Faculties.) Ju.stice of Su|)renie 

elle, Ala., Oct. 12, 191 1. (W)) Curt of Mich. Lansing, Mich. 

tARciiinALD Bakd Darragii, A.B., /'61- *J(.nN Ci'KTi.s Mauill, A.B., A.M. '71, 

'62. Capt. 9tli Mich. Cav. Repr. from d. Clay \'illage, Ky., Aiiril 15, 1885. 

Mich, in 57lh and three succeeding (43J 

Congresses {\goi-ot)). Banker. *ili'.\ii'iiitEv IIknry Clay Miller, A.B., 

St. Louis, Mich. A.M. '71. d. ICvauiton, 111., Nov. 15, 

♦Joii.v James Davis, A.B., A.M. '77, d. k^io. (o.s) 

.Aurora, 111., Sept. iq. i<)ii. (<i7) *t.\Nrii().\v Sciiuvlkr Mo.ntcomery, 

(h.i\i:i; IIavs Dean, Al!., LL.B. '70. .\.|',., Brevet Maj. LI. S. Vols. i86<), d. 

Lawyer. Kansas Cily, Mo. Saginaw, Mich , I'eh. 21, 1905. (62) 

tIs.\ac Newton Demmon, .A.B., A.M. *.Ai.iiert Henderson Pattengill, A.B., 

'71, LLD. (Nashville) ■</.. (See Fac- A.M. '71, d. Ann Arhor, March 16, 

nlties.^ Ann Arhor. 190G. (64) (See Faculties.) 

*tJ.Mi.N Freeman, A.B., A.M. *(^\lusil\ Pennell, A. 15., im-'f>o, U. 

'7L B D. (Chicago) '71, LL.D. (Chi- S. Marshal for the Hasiern Dist. of 

eago) 'Ko. Capt. 1st N. Y. Vet. Cav., ]\Iich. 1886-90, d. St. Johns, Mich., 

Prof, of Fng. Lit. Univ. of Wis. 1879- Oct. 28, 1910. (65) 

i<)in, V. S Consid to Copenhagen, *tPiiiLETi!S IIarvi'.y Piiii.nniCK, B.S., 

i.;<H>0|, d. Topeka. Kan, .\piil 10, and CI', ^LS. '73- Prof, of Civil 

loll ((Kj) l:rui,i ill Si. lie Univ. of Iowa, 1873-87. 

C.iMKOE Cook I'Rv. ,\,li, .\..M. '71. <1 .Mcillord. Ore., Oct. 10, 1012. (63) 

Lawyer, lj8 N.. I.aSalle Si., M.ouiN/o Bkdwne Potts, A.B., d. 

Chicago 111 Whitehall. 111., Feb. 2.S, 1003. (.58) 

I'.UMfNi) Waller Gale, A.B. Postal *CiiAKi.r.s Qcarles, A.B. '98 (xinif pro 

Service. J15 N. Hope St., linn-), d. Milwaukee, Wis., April 8, 

Los Angeles, Cal. ^<yi^ <('-) 

Mark Walkod Harrington, .\.B., A.M. Tiiomss Ckmgiiead, .\.B. 

'71, LL.D V|. (See Faculties.) In- .\M. '7^ lonrnalisl. .Akron. O. 

male of Stale Ho^p , Mmris PI,, ins, Josi:iil Bi;al SteluE, .\.B., LL.B. '70, 

N'. J. Ph.D. (hun.) '73. (See Faculties.) 

IChWAKD Loi'is IIessenmuellER, A.B., Fanner. R. D. 6. .Ann .Arbor. 

A.M. '74, LL.B. (Albanv) '69, B.C.L. *tRiLEv Clark Story. A.B., /Y)6-'67, 

( lleidelherg) '70. Lawyer. LL.B. (Indianapolis) '69. d. Palo AI- 

7|io iM-anklin Ave. Cleveland, O. t... Cal, Sept. 17, i(j02. (59) 

C.idKGE Smith IIickev, A.B., A.M. '71, ]<<^f.n\ .Mvuon Stoutt, A.B. Banker. 

/(M '(.5, D D. (Albion) 'gs. -M. E. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Cleig.Muan. 67 King Ave.. Wii i.iam James Stuart, A.B., A.M. '76, 

Detroit, .Mich. LL.B. •?-■ .^L•lyo^ of Grand Rapids. 

■H< a!'->. r 

.1 ,..^.7/ .ir- >, :V/ 

5« hh-.lDU.IT/iS. (1868-O9. 

].S<j2-i;4. Judge of SupLiior Court, jW'ii.iAwi J.w GiiiS(jn-, A, 11 Journalist. 

since i<)OS- Grand Rapids, Mich. i,Si loili St., Detroit, Mich. 

*I'.ui.AK il. Tai.i.m.\.\', A.H., d. Ogdcn, *|-NAriiAN l.i:wis Gutiikiu, A.B., A.M. 

I tall, July 5. i'S7.S. (.^4) '7X d. Wilcox, Ari/., April I. i8<;j. 

Li,Kwi;i...vN l',rr Taki.ton, U.S., (52) 

(Kentucky Univ.) '6y. Member Ken- Stiumik.n' Cch;^.wi:i.i, IIai.i,, A.B., A.M. 

lucky R. R. Conunission, 1907-11. '72. .Manufacturer.' Waverly, N. Y. 

Lawyer. Krankfort, Ky. pRA.NCib Mauion Hamilton, A.B.A.M. 

*WiLUAM Ali.Kn UndKkwood, A.B., ';_.. Mayor of Ann Arbor, JOos-07. 

;.)4 {miuc tro lunc) 1 LB. (.Albany) R,a| I'.stale. . Ann Arbor. 

69, d. New York, N. Y., Dec. 8, 1905. tSAMi;i:i, 1Iayi;s, B S., M.S. '/.S, 1J..B. 

.Sy) , ,,. . , ( loua) '.,1. I'rof. of Law in Iowa 

'tl'.UW.MU) I.OKK.M.Ni: \\'.\l.Ti:i{, .V 

I ni\-. iNji- 

A.AL;7I, PhD. n.cip.i,) '77, d. July • - ,,.,,, City, Iowa. 

4, ihyb. (5J) (bee IvKult.e..) *j,,„,- j,-^^.^,,.^,,,, .VB, A.M. 

*■■'-' '72, d. HulTalo, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1898. 

I ^-' t 

1869 tWiLi.iAM CoKwiN Johns, B.S., LL.B., 

COLMAN BANCRO..r, B.S., M.S. '72, Prof. (Albany) '70. Judge of Circuit Court. 

of Math, and Astron. in Hiram Coll., ..r ,, Ueeatur 1 1. 

1875-79, and since 1881. Hiram, O. ^^\^"^'\'^"'^'^, i^.^^^^ ':••'■ Kh. i.o,;g, .-VB., 

SiDNKv Bnow.NShKRGKK, A.B., A.M. '75. '^■^^- 7.' ''• Belmont, Cal., Aug. 25, 

Pres. Battle Creek Coll. 1873-81, of ''-^7. (,0o) 

Healdsburg Coll., 1881-H6; Vice-Pres. *^'n;oDOi<i; FRiuiNCnuYSKN Kurh, 

and Treas. of Naples Industrial and ^}-\' '"7-2/73. M.D (Columbia) 74, 

Normal School. Naples, N. C. ''• ^ew York, N. Y., May 2.5, lyo.;. 

Wii.MAM AnuisuN BuTLiiu, B.S. Re- ,/*'-^^ , 

tired. 84 Griswold St., Hi-NRV Lam.m, B.S. Justice of Supreme 

Detroit Mich Court of Missouri. Jefferson City, Mo. 

*Hi:nrv Allkn Ciianky, A.B.,' A M'. Bicnjamin Lomiiaru [Cook] Loturoi', 

•72, I.L.B. '71, d. Detroit, Mich., June A.B., A.^[. '7., M.D. (Bellevue) '7-'. 

14, 1894. (46) Physician. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ckorgi: Manfri-d Ci.avbkro, B.S. Chaklks Hugune Otis, A.B. Judge 2d 

Princ. W. Div. High School, Chicago, Judicial District of Minn. 1880-1903; 

1889-1904; Princ. McKinley High Special Ma.ster in Chancery of 8th 

School since 1904. Oak Park, III. I'eder.d judicial Circuit, since 1908. 

*\Vit,liam Johnson Crockkr, A.B.,\ir. St. Paul, Minn. 

.'\.M. '72, Regent of Uiiiv. 1800-1901, Tiiom\> Omk.rnk I'l.uuv, A.B., A.M., 

d. Ann .\rbor, May 10, i<)oi. (55), and M Iv '72. Mechanical En- 

Samim-i, 1m i:tciu:i( C\u,k, A li,'".\.M. mincer. ,i2.| N. I'.uclid Ave., 

•;■-•. (...s S, Clie>tmit Si, Oak Park, HI. 

Lansing, Mich. .\i.iii:rt .\i.on/.o lioiuNSON, B.S. and 

Wii.i.iAM Johnson Dakiiv, A.B., A.M. CM' , .MS. '72, LL.D. igoo. Pres. Mex- 

'72, B.D. (Cumberland) '71. A.M. ico Central Ry. Co., 1893-1906. 

(ibid.) '78, D.D. (Lincoln Univ.) '83. Topeka, Kan. 

C. P. Clergyman. Horack GrKf.i.Ey Snover, A B., LL.B. 

Kvansville, Ind. '71. Repr. from Mich, in 54lh and S5th Smith Df.wkv, B.S., M.S. Congresses (i8<)5-99). Receiver of 

'72. Insurance. Unitecl Home Protectors. 

^(XJ Warren Ave. W., Detroit, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. 

*1'ri:iji:rick .Anthony Dudgeon, A.B., ♦Gii.i> I'.i v Stii.i.wici.i., A.B., d. Biif- 

d. Crosse Isle, Mich., May 20, 1875. falo, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1894. (47) 

(28) Thomas Chai.mers Taylor, A.B., A.M. 

James Du Shane, B.S., M.S. '76. Law- '76. Michigan Legislature, 1889-91. 

yer. South Bend. Ind. Lawyer. .Xlmont, Mich. 

JosEi-H Mills Gelston, A.B., B.D. 'Oi.ivek Simeon Vkeeland, A.B.,A..M. 

(Union) '73, D.D. tWooster) '04. '76, >1. S.dainanca, N. Y, .May 20, uS<j7. 

Presb. Minister. Valparaiso, Ind. (53) 

.:!■ ! . ,;'; Jo 1 .1 

y M . J.v . ■ • '.ijMirM'U'trrA 

(v ) 

i«6()-7o.| Liri-.KARY Dlil'ARTMliXT, 59 

tAi.i-KED Ekneat Wilkinson-, A.B., Ei'ckne Fkank Coolkv, A.B. Manii- 

/'70-'7i. RiportiT (it i^upremc Court factiircr. Lansing, Mich. 

...f hince 1896. Lawyer. *1Iari.u\v Palmer Uavuck, B.S. and 

C«4 W. iMh St., Austin, Tex. C.H., MS '73. d. Brcttou WV.ds, N. 

Chaui.i> WoiujwuKiii, A.l!., IJ..1!. '71. H-, Aug. 30, 1910. (62) (Sec Facul- 

C.'unlv Survivor. Atclii>on, Kan. lies.) 

^U'l Glmugi. Ellis Dawson, A.B., A.M. '73. 

Lawyer. ist Nat. Bank Bldg., 

1H70 Chicago, 111. 
William Rulus Day, B.S.. LL.D. '98. 

■+tAKTiu'R Clakk Adams, A.B., A.M. I-I- ')• (-N'- V. Univ.) '99, l'7i-'72. As- 

'7S, M.I). (Colunil.ian) '73, d. Wash- ^i^t, Secr'y, and Secr'y, of Stale. 1897- 

inglon, 1). C. Dec. Ji, i>m- (57) Y/'-'^'v^v '!^, l^'l'^ Connn.s.ion u 

♦.MxKCUS Bakkk a B., A.m. '76, LL.B. ' ans, |N,.S; U. b. Circuit Judge, bi.\lli 

(Clumliian) '96, d. Washington, D. Judicial Circuit, 1890-KAJ3; Justice U. 

C, Dec. 12, 190?. (54). (See Faeul- S. Supivnic Court, since 190J. 

,1,.^ , Washington, D. C. 

John Ai.i.LKT Bai.uwi.n', A.B. Ranch- Cii m<li:s K i; Dou,;l, .V 1!. Lawyer. 

iii;,ii l,os C.atns, Cal. ''"ri Huron, .Mich. 

*Cii'ai< Lali.ini.Lk. a. 11., d.' Indian- Cuaki.L.s Stouto.n I'.i.wakds, A.I!., 

.ipolis, Ind., March 13, K^Si. (37) A.M. '73. Dairyman. El Dorado, Kan. 

Hlnkv liovr Barlow, A.B. Lawyer. *Wii.i.iam 'riiOMAS Emerson, B.S., d. 

Coldwater, Mich. Racine, Wis., Aug. 29, i897- (49) 

George William Bates, A.B., A.M. Russell Erkett. A.B. Publisher. 

'73. Lawyer. Bo.x 5, Sta. N, Cincinnati, O. 

Detroit, Mich. *RonERT Newvon Fearon, A.B., A.M. 

Wooster Woodruef Beman, A.B., '73. d. Ironton, O., Jan. iS, 1910. (70) 

A.M. '73, LL.D. (Kalamazoo), '08. Achilles Fini.ey, A.B. Lawyer. 

(See Faculties.) Ann Arbor. Fult. i. Mo. 

»Ji:lii-s .Auir\m Blackiu-rn. A. 15.. Euwin Fllminc, A.B., A.M. '73, i'70- 

A.M. '7?, d. Manchester, Mich., April '71. Journalist. 

25, iS7(). (29) BulTalo Club, Buffalo, N. Y. 

James Harrison Blanciiakd, A.B., tM'iRRis BisiioL Foster, B.S. Farmer. 

LI. 1'.. '7J. Lawver. Hector, Minn. 

Teinple Blk., Los Angeles, Cal. (hiukoe Jav French, A 1!. Capitalist. 

Fkaxklin Bradlev, A.B., A.M. '7,3. M Homer, Mich. 

I-. Clergyman. Wayne, Mich. ♦Otis Haven, A.B., A.M. '7,?, 

♦Patrick Henry Bumi-us, A.B., M.D. M.D. (Rush) '83, d. Evansion. III., 

•77, d. Devereaux, Mich., Fel>. 18, i8.)8. Feb. 3, i8,S8. (j8) 

(5K) *1m<ank 11. .ward Howe, AB, LL.B., 

"CiiMdLS Im;,\.sci-^ lUiKToN, .\.l!., A^L ( '72, d. New Citv, 

■,-L 1.1. li ■:-', d. D.troii, MkIl, Oct Dec. _•<;, i.S.)7. (4O) 

S 1011. (OJI John Collins Howlanu, B.S, MS. 

♦I'liiiMAs IImo'KR liusH, .\.li., /'7i-'72, '73- /'7i-'7-' Lawyer. 

d. Cliicago, 111., Miirch 20. i.'^S7. (40) Cen'l Land ( Xlice, W.i.^lungion, 1). C 

♦C.EORca- TiiRooi- Cami'au, .\.11, d. De- WamiinoTon Hyde, Pli.B.. LL.B. '72. 

troit, Mich., Feb. 5, 1879. (31) l.a\\\er. Warren, O. 

tOsc.sR James Cuii-hell. .\ 1! and *Kk\Ncis Wavi.ano Jones, .\.B., A.M. 

I'h.B., A.M. '77. LL.B. '7?. I'avmas '71. /'ro-^i, LL.B. (Nat'l I'niv.) '74. 

ter's Clerk L'. S. A., i.So^vbS. 'Law- d. Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 8, kki.S. (5.S) 

yer. Cleveland, O. ♦F.iu'.ENE Ketciium, B.S., d. \\ averly, Simeon Carter, B.S., LL.B. Iowa, Nov. 16, 1906. ((xj) 

(Columbia) '79. Lawyer. Owen Ei<(;ar LkFkvre, Ph.B. Dist. 

472 !•:. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis. Judge, 2.1 Judicial Dist. .)f Colo. 1895- 

tTin.MA.s Chalmers Christy, :\.\',, 1001 131 1 York St., 

.\ M. '7U, m'72-'73. M.D. (Bellevne) Denver, Colo. 

'71. Physician (retire.l). »Viscent S.mitii Lovei.L, A.B., A.M. 

9<; N. lludsun -Ave., I'asailena, Cal. '73, d. Scranlou, Pa., \)i:^-. 7, l8<j2. (47), 

lOI iiiyi oj .;^ti;. 

.1 i-/>'l !■/•/ 

,1-1 ■■' ■ ■.:) y 

A ... ! A .ii'iA'l tf'.i^iiiV' ; .'la-'JiO 

Jr ,;-: ' ,■■■ ■■' /. 

H A ,v : '•! 

,,.; ., i. ,;v I 



fjuii.v bcoTT .Mai.tman, ]i.S, LLB 
7i. lit I.ieiit. i7tli Alicli. Ini" 

t-.TC of J. II. Prc = luM, 

.318 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles. Cal. 

M11.0 Elijah Maksh, B.S., LLB '7^ 
Jo,un.d„l. LansiMy, Mich.' 

i'-i-i''," '''V^'-^'AN MATnn.:ws, A.B., 
A.M. 73. .Mnuster. .-5628 Wayne Ave., 

^,,, ^ Kansas City, Mo! 

♦William Cottkr iMAviinRy, AM '80 
y"'r pro j,nut. '7,. K 
from Midi. Ill the 48111 and 49th Con- 
.^resscs (1883-87), d. Detroit, Mich 
May 6, igoj. (60) 

BoNARu MosKs, Ph.B., LLD 'o' 
Ph.D. (Heidelberg) '73. ProL of in;: 
lory and Political Science in the Univ 
01 Cal. 1875-1911; \J. S. CuMHius.Mun- 


ooKiiEis. A.B., /'7i-'7> d 
Oraiid Rapids, Mich., Dec. 17, iSoo.' 

Olivkr Hart Wattles, B.S., d. La- 
peer, Mich., March 23, 1911. (60) 

.1-\.M Wl-ISUKOD. A.B., d. 




pt. of State, 
D. C, May 

;. Ketired. 

Clark Olds, B.S., M.S. ^'73''"'774-^7^' 

,\^''^^>«^r- , Erie; Pa 

William Loriinzo Pe.mfiiid AB 

/7o-'7i, U. S. ■ ■ ■ •- 

1897-1906, d. Washi 

y. i(xx). (63) 
TD.JRius CoMSTocK Pknsi.scton, B S 

Hortic-iilturist. Vacaville, Cal 

A.^RON Perry, B.S., M.S. '73. LL B '75 

Lawyer Poiuiac, Mich. 

SAMUEL Britton Price, A.B I L B 

72. Lawyer. Scrailton", Pa! 
tWiLLiAM Henry Schock, B S M D 

(Chi. Hahn.) '81. Physician and Min^ 
Richfield, Utah. 
Barlow Steve.ns, A.B., A.M. 

73. LL.D. (Washington Univ) '08 
Connected \viih the St. Lotiis press 
since 1870. The Washington Hotel, 

,. „ St. Louis, Mo. 

l'..MiAii Stockini:, pi, b, M.n 
Si. I,.niis) '76. Physician u, Slate 

_ I'?. BlRRIE SwiET, Ph.B., Ph.M. 
70. Lawyer. 

p„.„ II ^ Indianapolis, Ind. 

Kuius lliLDRETir TnAVER, AB AM 

74. .LL.D 'II, LL.B. (Columbian) ■73 

Assist. Librarian, Univ. of Mich, 

1870-71. Judge of U. S. Court fo; 

*+V,';."''' ,p Shanghai, China. 

•tAli.xa.vdek fHuMsoN, B.S., LLB '7^ 

^d. Clackainas, Ore., Dec. 28,' 1(^4. (60")' 

Orl.ando La Fayette Tindall, A B 

^fM-'^^' ?P;,(^'="-r«-'tt) '73. Princ! 

of Ministerial Training School of Zio,, 

College, i8.x>i9o5. Zioii City III 

I'lsiiER TwEEUY, AB. Broker 

5 Nassau St., New York, N Y 






,n.liL-o^h. Wis., April 18, 18.J2. UD 

tCharles Manley Wells. B.S.. M S 

73. 172-73, d. Los Angeles, Cal. Feb 

,24, 1905. (62} ' " 


,4 75. LL.B. '73. Regent of Univ. 
Ii>60-g4. Lawyi 




I^t Nat'l Bank BIdg.. Chi, 


AM '73. Mnyr. Chicago Scliool Suji- 

Ply H,.u>e. 1844 W. Lake St.. 
xn .-^ Chicago, 111. 

TCiiARLEs C.ORnoN WiNo. Ph n LLB 

'73- Seaman in U. S. Navv, 1862-63! 

banker. LudiuKton, Mich. 

*liio.MAS Wylie, A.B, d. Martin, Mich 

April 3, 1877. (29) 

A.B., A.^L 


13. 1910. 


Edward Mills, 
LLB. (Harvard) '73. 

+R- '''7''. T',"'-" ''^'- ^''" i'>a"cisco, Cal. 

TElROV MckENDREE Avi:ry, Ph B 

Pi.M. '75. Ph.D. (Hillsdale) '80' 

ml,^-, /^^'"'*■"''^'"> ''-«> D.C.l! 
U-lillsdale) 1910. Ohio Senate i&r"- 
96. Author. 

-•■S31 Woodhill Road, S. E., 
»T ,, Cleveland, O. 

•^'0'',^'^"^"' '•''AWARDS BiSSELL, A.B. 

li.D. (\ale) '77, d. Lucas, O., March 
-•5. 1910. (61) 
*JonN Drake CiiAMUERS, BS 
'71, d. I'ort W.iyiic, Ind, Jan. 

Cii\Ki.i:s Chandler, A.B. AM '74. 

Prol. of Latin. Univ. of Chicago'siiice 

i!59^- 5717 Monroe Ave., 

r- T- ^ Chicago, 111. 

Charles Edgar Conley, A.B , A M 

'76. Baptist Minister and Editor. " 

r. . Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Alonzo Cook, A.B. '84 {mine 

pro tunc), M.D. (Harvey) '00. Princ 

JefTerson High School since 1883. 

4000 Bellefontaine Ave., Chicago, III 

John Patterson Cornell, B.S., l'7i- 

73. d. Monroeville, 0., June 3 ' 

(61) ' 

*JoiiN I'osTEH Eastw.hid. A.B., AM 

I'h.C. '7 I. PJi.l). '87. (1. Grand R.-ipid 

June 30, lyii. (64) 



■l-:i • 

irv .J -„:^, > , 

Mr'. .,- .: ,1 

nr i- 

.li :: .■ .■'...<■■ •>' -' - -'!■■ " 

■I' ly ■ . 

'.i .I--.' '. 


l.iri'.RAUY Dlil'AK'l MliSi, 

AiMM.-;<.N Jobi-.iii Ud.-.i-.imux, B.S., I.L.B. 

'71J. C'unlraclwr ;uul F.-iniK-r. 

Nine Mik', Mont. 
'J'liKiinoRE Ai.PHKis, Ph.B., 

.\[.I). U)rtr(.it) '7.1. Physician. 

IsliiJciiiing, Midi. 
PiVRc.N- Ai.iKi;i) Fi.Nxr.v, A.D. '90 {nunc 

piii tiiiiL-)- KcfL-rence Librarian inGen- 

1,'ral Library of the Univ. since 1891. 

Ana Arbor. 

*PEMiiROOK Ri;f.\'i-s Flitcrai-t, A.B., 

A.M. '74. Judge Circuit Court of St. 

I.ouis, iJ<<j4-i>j)0<j, il. St. Loni--, Mu., 

June 17, iyo8. (61) 
*Gi:()Rr,r. TowNSKND Fox, A 13., /;('7i- 

'72. .M.D. (Harvard) '76, d. Vienna, 

An:>lria, Jan. i ^, 1.S77. (.-8) 
^Ju-nrs l..xriiu.n''ik, Ph. P., 

C,b. ^-J. d ll.ulhMd, CmIIII., .\i^^. JJ. 

JiKNuv I\L\urvx C.()()i)i:i,i., .\.P.., IJ..H. 
'70. B.D. a'hicago) '7.4. Presb. Cler- 
uynian. Pasadena, Cal. 

Cn.\i(i,i;s EucicNii Gcjkto.n, Ph.B., Ph.D. 
(Alfred) '07. Supt. of Schools at 
Yonkers since 1884. Yoiikers, N. Y. 

lilCNRV ClI.M'lN GR.VNtiKK, A.B. Grad. 

Union Theo. Scni. 1875. P. H. Cler- 
gvmaii (retired). ^22 Church St., 

Evansion, 111. 

Samukl Su.^Ki'LUss Grekx, B.S., -M.S. 

•74. Bart.Av, Fla. 

.Xi.ixANDr.R W'liiTK Mamii.tox', AA'i., 

.\AL '71. /'7i-'7-'. Stock-farniing 

llainiltun, Xeb. 


.\ M. '73. Clerk U. S. Circuit Court, 
liiSj-iyog. Lawyer. 

32 Peterboro St., Detroit, Mich. 
I ♦tPi(i:sTox Ckanm; llunsox, A.B.. A.W. 
I ■74, .\dit. Smh 111. Inf., d. Toledo, ()., 

'■ .\u-, 10. iS.';*.. (S2) 

Kuiim;i. lUhSox, A B., A.M. '77. ''7&- 

■70. l.LU. (.Vasluille) 'oi. (See Fac- 

ultu■^ ) Detroit, Mich. 

, Harrv Burns IIutciuns. Ph.B., LL.D. 

j (Wisconsin) '97. Prof, of in 

I Cornell I'liiv,, 1887-1;^. (See Facul- 

j ties.) .\nn .\rbur. 

♦F.ARi.i-. Johnson Kxicnr, .\.li., .\.M. 

'74, d. The Dalles, Ore, Sept. 0, i'>J- 


CiiAKi.i:s Kki.i.ucc Latii.wi, A.B, AM. 

•76, LI. 1; '7-; Lav\)er. Detroit, Mich. 

*IMol<ioN Wll.KINSnX LM'SON', A.I!, 

I I'nv (lib .Mich, ileav. .\it. i8'.4-0s, d. 

i-at.Ni Kapld>, .Midi., I'd., I), i8S<,, 

Euuaku Lalkuxs >.L\rk, A.B., LL.D. 
'</., PhD. (l.eipig) '76, LL.D. (Wis- 
CLJiidn) 'o(. (See Faculties.) 

Cambridge, Mass. 

*Josl;i-ii .Aaron Merci:r, A.B., d. Pe- 
oria, 111., April 15, !<>>;. (64) 

♦Wiui.iAM MiCRRiLL, Ph.B., d. Boston, 
Mass., Fd). 16, 1907. (56) 

♦Watson Bikcuard Millard, A.B., 
B.D. (Chicago) '7I4 d. Hancock, Mich., 
Jan. 3, 1905. (57) 

*I1i:nry Watson Montrosk, A.B., d. 
Galena, 111., March 18, 1897- (53) 

*.\ktiiur Gray Otis, A.l}., /'72-'7,5, d. 
St. Peter, Minn., June 4, ion. ((ji) 

HoKACi; Piiii.i.U'S, A.B., A.M. '74. In- 
surance and Real F'state. 

Kcwaiiee, III. 

♦Kui-i;:, I'.MiKsuN Piiinm:v. am., d. 
Monroe, .Mich., Feb. 23. 1S84. (37) 

Bhxjamin TusTiN Kii.i.AM Pkhston, 
A.B. Newspaperman. 

Salinas, Cal. 

Pkkry Anthony Randall, A.B., A.M. 
'74, LL.B. '73- Lawyer. 

Fort Wayne, lud. 

*Frank Ric.MiCK, A.B., d. Lake Co., 
Mich., May 2, 1872. (23) 

♦Benjamin Grenvii.le Rice, A.B., A.M. 
'74. /'66-'07- d. Grand Island, Neb., 
.May 23, 1875. (29) 

Wii.i.iAM Francis McKnu;ht Hitter. 
.\.i;., A.M. '74. .-\ssist. in Observatory, 
.\nn Arbor, 1871-76; in U. S. Naval 
()bservator\-, 1876-87. Theoretical and 
Practic.d .\sir.inomy. Potts Grove, Pa. 

♦ .\.masa Rust, B.S., d. Sagi- 
naw, Alicli., Feb. II, icjo). (58) 

♦fGiDEON Wehster Se.wey, A.B., A.M. 
'71, d. L..S Angeles, Cal., March 13. 
1803. (4.0 

John Wkm.ev Sleei'Eh, A.B., A.M. '74.\er. 438 F..|uitable Bldg , 

Denver, Colo. 

I'DWAuu Hi.AKE Su.MNER, B.S., LL.B. 
'73 Lawyer. Rockford, 111. 

♦Jamiis A\\:u\- S.vtterlee Warden, 
A P., d. Cdasgow, Scotland, June 5, 
I90(). (57) 

CiiAKiES .Mi-i.viN Wilkinson. H S. Law- 
yer, McOaw Bldg., Detroii, Mich. 

♦Harry Cole Wili.cox, B.S., d. 
L'Anse, Mich., May, 1874- (23) 

Charles Josei-h Willett, A.B., A.M. 

'74. Regent nf Univ. 1S84-9J. Lawyer. 

P.isadena. Cal. 

Fi.ovn BvKi.K Wilson, A.M., A.M. '74. 
LLP.. lOliio S. and U.) '73, LL.D. 

,.-. r;. M 

, ly' iV 1,1..; 

B.' • V- 
^9' «! 2,. 



( Riiliriiniiil Cdll.) iV(«J. C'oriinration 
l;iu .111.1 Spanish Anuiican law. 

ju:, H.oadwav, iWu V..rk. N, V. 

R(.iii;ur ^lt■[.l.lxs Wui.-.iir, A li,, A.M. 

'71, Ju. It;.' of Di^l. C'..url, .^ilUL■ K/X;. 

(5.1) I'.-ii I). .due li.wa 


tC^.iK.KCK \Vamiin,.tw,\- Ai.i.VN, A.B., 
A.M. '70, M l>. '7S. U. S. Navy, 181)4- 
(iS. riiv.sici.m. sio l':iiiinrc'; , 

I'ilislumli, I'a. 

FiiANK J).\V1^ A.M.KIIS, .\.ll., A .\L '7^, 

1.1, r. •7(,. ]!..a..l <.[ KMini.ais, City 

cil' Dclinii, iS()i-i<)!i. I,au\cr. 

IViroit, Mich. 
Ki.wiN iRviNc; AvKK, A.H., I.L.B. '75, 

H.I). (Chii-a^o) 'Hi Ctiiin'. Clergyman. 

traverse City, Mich. 

Cn.\Ri.r,s OmoN Bakhn, .A. 15., A.M. '77, 

M.n. '7K rhvsiclau. 

J'ort Madi.sou, Iowa. 
ArsTiN Bauih-u, A.L;.. A.M. '76. Mer- 
chant. Howard Cit.v, Mich. 
*CiiAl<i.ES Tui'i'ER Bkattv, A.B., A.M. 

'75, d. Pittsburgh, Pa., June 3, 1910. 

♦CiiAiu.Ks GinsoN Bi;;tt, A.B , Ph.D. 

(l.cip/ig) '77, d. Mi<ldletown, N. J., 

Sept. 8, i<)io. (60) 
*Soi.(;M(.N BiCTiiKA, B.S., Judge U. 

S. Dist. Court, d. Sterling, 111., Aug. 

X KXKi. (57) 
Wautick Augustus Brocks, A.B., D.D. 

(Lafayette) '03. Prcsh. Clergyman. 

Trenton, N. J. 

*TiioMAs Akciiur IIUiMTiNOTON Brown, 

A.B., d. I'.ast Orange, N. J., Sept. 23, 

100 1 153. 

R.M.l.KY I'-.MMKT llllNlM'K,, A.M. 
'7^. 1.I..I!. '80. USee I'acullies.) 

Ann ArJH.r. 
*J(mx Marsuam. Hatch Burcktt, d. 

l.ewibt<in. 111., Jan. _• 1, 191 1. (()o) 
lli-.NRv 1''aiki-ii:i.u Burton, A.B., A.M. 
'7S. LU.l). (Heni.son) W (Sec Facul- 
ties.) Acting Pres, Univ. of Roches- 
ter. i8<)8-i<)oo. 

R.KlKSlcr, N. V. 

Jamks Ciikistik, 

Hor.\tio NiiLsoN Cmuti;, I'.S., M.S. 

'7s. Instructor in Physical Sciences 

Ann Arl.or High School, since 1873. 

Ann Arl.or. 

CiiARi iMAf.Nic Ci.\KK, A.B. Proprie- 

i..r I'h.enix Wire Works. 

.11 Delaware Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

m;i:(.i;,-,i: I'.nwAun Cochran, A.B., A.M. 

■7.S, d. Kalamazoo, Mich., Feb. 7. 1880. 

(31 » 
"C.f.DRCi: Coi.r, AM, d. Kalamazoo, 

-Mich., July ->.), 1K78. (30) 
Fill. \i< .\uTiiUR Cdoi.KY, A.B., l'72-'7i. 

Lawyer. Bay City, Mich. 

IUmii.ton Dkv, Ph.B. Banker. 

Detroit, Mich. 
*tJon.M iMuiuiiRioK DuTToN, A.B., A.M. 

'75, S.T.B. (Harvard) '80, d. Winslow, 

Ari/., .May lo, 1808. (50) 
Rii.i.v FoSTKR, B.S., /''7->-'7V Farmer. 
Lnderwood, N. Dak. 
FuA.NCKs .Amrlia Ca(;i:, B.S. (Mrs. Zar 

D. Scott.) Duluih, Minn. 

Fricoi:i<ick Lyman Gicddes, A.B., A.M. 

'75. /'74-'7S- I-awyer. Toledo, O. 

Wii.i.iAM Stonu Haskell, A.B., A.M. 

'73. Lawyer. Bowling Green, (). 

''tWiLLiA.M Ja.mes Herdnl\n, Ph.B, 

.M.D. '7S, LI-.D.. (Nashville) '97. d. 

Maltnnore, Md., Dec. 14, lyoo. (58) 

(Sec l';lcullie^. ) 
tlli.NRV lliKsi \.M., U.S.. LL.B- '74- 

Law\er. Chandler of Commerce Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 

tFrucN Lkandicr Hill, A.B., B.D. 

(Oberlin) '76. Prof, of Greek and 

Latin, Kansas City Univ., since 1897. 

Kansas City, Kan. 

Jkkkmiah JliLi.uc.Ass, A.B., A.AL '75, 

l'72-'73. Retired. Huntertown, Ind. 
♦William Hknrv Hinman, B.S., M.S. 

'76, d. Denver, Colo., Nov. li, 1907. 

( ^o ) 
n\'AKiM.:.\ .\isTi.v llo^.Ml■:R, B.S., d. La 

I'oltr. Ind., Sept. _>5. I<X)I. ( so) 

PliAI. '75, d ^hlskegon, Mich, Feb. 

-■3. 0)M. ((!->) 

•C.i.iia.i: I'Riiii.KH- III Kii, A.B., d. Union 
Cit\, .Muh., March 11, 1878. (,29) 

Lewis Morris Idoinos, Ph.B., LL.B., 
(Columbia) '81. Secr'y of U. S. Em- 
ba^M at Rome, l8<J7-l<X)S; U. S. Dip- 
lom.uic Agent at Cairo, l'g>pt, 1905- 
10 Rome. Italv. 

tl.otus Henkv Ie.n.mnos, A.B., /•(.7-'l'8. 
Real I'state ami Law. 

j; X Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Clark Jones, Teacher in Si. 
lolm's School. Uniontown, Ky. 

*Josi;ni CoMSTocK Jones, A.B., A.M. 
'7S, d. ChicaKo, 111, April 14, l8c;7- 

Hiram Mouse Keeler, A.B., .\.M. '75. 
Seci'v- Treas. Am. Injector Co. 

IJ9 Selden Ave., Detroit, MIcJl 


1 -■ .), 

■' . .- 1 ,..■ - 

, :/ 


'* :r 


' ■:," ■': 

■.1 : 

w ."! ^; M i. •:...' Ml,' !, „:• .'• .;. :> -'■', "'. ■'. ■' .'J^'sr • 

.V, .-j.-ha. i ,; 

.-.:(.!/ ,.;/ -11 

,.s72-7j.l i.iriiK.iuy Di'.i'AiaMiixr. 63 

(vMib lii'NRV KiuKi'iiKicK \|{ l'";ir- ■I'i:m;si' Wim.iam \'u.n SciikKi:u, A. 15., 

„uV ' ' lilica, (). A.M. '75, '1. Oit.iwa, 111, Ahiy 7, i«'A 

nViiii\M RnSOK I.KI..U,, MJ{. I.S.n 

(C'nniliciiaiHl) "7-1, «1. l'.r.)wii.s\ IHl', Imja-^k T.wi.ok Si:ki,i;v, H.S., M.S. '75, 

Tiim Si'in I-', I'M'I- l^fJl M.l). '7^, /Vx^'jo- I'liysici.iii. 

*Cii\i;ii-, r,K.\ui.i:\ l.oTiiuMi', A. IV, il. Alj^onn, Iowa. 

Dcirnu' Mich t)a IS iS:/!. (41) B.xuton Smith, R.S., I.L.B. '7.S. 

*llii;iiii<T * Ihs's l,^o.\s, .vlv, M.U. .V^'''- Toledo, (). 

(t'lcvv lloiii llosp) 't\ il. San Kraii ■ .M<i.Niu)i-: ]ii:.N'j.\.\UN SnvdKK, A.H., A.M. 

ci-,cu fal JuiR- -M, iSSi (iO '/.> I''"'' "f Astfon. ami Math, in 

Jusi-iii McDo.N.M.i) McGk.viii, .\ 15. i'"-' I'liil;'- I'l^'i School, since i.S8o; 

\ M '-'s 1' li Ck-rn^-man ' Diicclor of I'hila. Observatory, since 

" Jj/U". Seventh St., Cincinnati, ( >. ^^')7. Plnla.lclphia Pa. 

Uii.i.iAM llKNKV McKui:, .\.l'.. .V.M. ■^lV'l','"\ n'-"''w ^^'f'^'^"-.';'- /•?;• 

■7(,, /,S(,-',S.S. 1,1.1!. (Cohnnl,ia) '7<i. AM. (.\lhion) 90. ^rs. Charles k. 

Sin, I Mull I Ionic for C.irK 'Innur.) Kalamazoo, Mich. 

' ' 1;., on Centre,, ll^<-^M litr:,. SwAurz, .\.l! , LLB. '7-'. 

*i.KSTi.K Mci.KAN, Its, M s. ■73, i.iji ,'-'">^':-, .. ^Y:'^''!^";!. ^• 

■7?. (1. Denver, Colo., Dec. 3, 

llr.KUHKT T.MiOR, A. 15., (1. De 
I, AM,, Jan. 22, 1879. (28) 

Ivm'-s Hkkukut MAOiiKt:, .\ 1!., A.M. Hussiu... F. Tinkham, A.15. A.M. '75, 

■' • , ,_(j .__ I-MO Prospect St., Ann Arbor. 

(,08 JelTers..,, Ave., Iv, Detroit, nCu.Ma Es King Ta.<NKK Ph.H I LB. 

Juu.v Jamison M.vna., A.15., A.M. '75. , ;';, 'o' m'm ' 'a l^o'^.i^ ' (.7^ 

(See Facilities ) Pres. of Wis. State .^^^^'^'^^^^^^.S^^^^m., 

^""r^ ?::':; \vf"Milw ml"';'"' Wis '''-'^ (lleidelber,) '7.5, d. Highland 

,^ -'-"' \.*^ \.' '^'"'"'■"'V'' ,^\'^- Park, 111., Dee. 8, i.)io. (s8) 

^SAM..iaCKuK,:KM..Niu, A.15., A.M. n,,,, ' Dki.ok.n Uri.iKK, A.15. Real 

■7(., .M.I). (/D '87. ,1, Dciron, .\lic 

Kslate. .IS'") McMillan A> 

^'■'^' -'■ ""'7- "'O . ■ ' • H.I • • ^^^ ^-.^^^.^ ^j^^ 

*.\iH.isoN- Moi.i.Ar, .\.15., A .M •7(., d *if,,,y_„,„ |, Van Vkankicn. A.lV. d. 

C olor.ado ^prniKS, Jnne 8 ,,S.S,. (.,,5) ^,,,j^. j,,^ ^^^,^ ^_ ,,^^ (33) 

JACKH-.N .Morrow, .\, I',, ^itv iMinnieer. n;i:ouc.r; Pmih-mo.v Vookhkis. A.H. 

'^"'^■'"""^ ''"'■ 1,1. 15. '74. d. Toledo, ()., Fell, m, 191-'. 

■Joll.N Wl.M.lSC.To.N- .MOKTO.S, \.ll., .\..\1. l(,|) " 

■75. '"'74-'r<', -M.U. (Kn^h) '77. 'I. Ann Thkoi.ori.; lloorii Wilson, A.l!.. A.M. 

.\rlior. Feb. 15, 191.'. lo.s ) .75 1^ j , (Vale) '78. Cong. Clergy- 

-lliKVM MvtRS, A.15, d. Orleans, Mass., ,„m, Cetired). New Haven, Conn. 

April 10, ion. (07) Roi.ANi. W(M)Imi.\ms, A.B., A.M. '76. 

llKCToK Ni:iiiioi'i', A.H. Lawyer. M. V,. Cler^) man. Ann Arbor. 

<K)() l.aSalle ISldii;.. St. l.ouis. Mo. ♦J.un.s .\i.i:.xani)K r Woods, .\.H., d. 

Duio I.iTiii.R Orr, a.15. Lawyer. Belfast, Tenn., Jan. 19, i8<ji. (43) 

.\nson, Te.K. Cn \ri.i:s C.vrtkk Wortiiinc-.ton, H.S. 

l.Kwis Baldwin Parsons, A.B. 'yi Trnck Fannin!,^ Sanfonl, Fhi. 

(iiiiiii piu hutc). Orchardist. (77) 
R. D. 2, North Yakima, Wash 
Edward Waldo Pi:ndi.i:t<>n, .\.B 


\.M. '75, l'75-'7A- Lawyer. nVii.LiA.M Bicnson, A.B., d. Mimicli. BldK., Detroit, Mich. li.iv.uia. .Vov. 17, l(>x;. (60) 

*J()iiN William Piiia.i-s, Ph.B., d. San- Artiii k Cills Bisiioi', H.S. Banker. 

ta Barbara, Cal , Oct. 22, 1887. (37) Flj,,,, Mj^h. 
1Iomi;k Ri:i:d, .\.B. Loan Broker. *Aliri:d Urskinic Brush. Ph.B., d. De- 
Kansas City, Mo. iroit, .Mich., Nov. 14, UKi.i. (S3) Cakxkk Kkmoru, A.B., 1,1,. 15, ♦Fliot Hunv Brush. Ph.B., d. Santa 
■74 Lawyer. Barbara, (.'al , Jan. O, 1877. (25) 

Detroit. Mich. Dwn.iir Xmh.v.n BuuRin, 15. S. Re- 

JouN Barnlv Rosr.\i:i.T, B S., /'(,7-'(.8 i,,.d. i p 1 S- ''"'"^^'■t Si., 

Civil Fnj-ineer. S.mcli Spiiiins, Cnb.i. I,os Angeles, Cal. 


h ;i /: 

,■,,.■„,.. 1^ . -.o I 

f -; . 1 f(i 

, '. i :■■,•. 


■•'•■," '.tl (J 





Ci AUKNcK MoxKdi: III KTiiN. B.S. '91 

()/»;(,• /Ti- /(()/(■■), 1,1.. H. '7-1. A.M. 

i/nu, ) Vi;. Mi-mlKT l!..ard of Kdu- 

caiioii. 1;mu1. Ci.lli.'ct..r and Writer. 

Dilroit, Mich. 

Wii.iuK JUv/.i:!.i„ .\.H., .-X M '76. L) IIS 

'83. Dentiht. port Clinton. O. 

\Vn.Li.%M :\1atim;\vs C.m(uii:r, A.B., 

A.M. -7(1, l.l..r>. (Busi.,,!) '7(). Law 

,ni.l Real I'.slalc. Flint, Mich. 

\\'ll.l.l\M I'l.lNT Ci..\uKi:, I'll V,. Willi 

Intcriiaiiwnal ll.arxcMcr Co. 

lack-M,,,. Mich. 

]1i:nkv ki;i;i) Cockick, ii.S., i7^-'77- 

Friiit-srower. R. D. 2, I.awtoii, Micli. 

Cii.\Ri.i;S Henky Dank, A.B., LLB., '75, 

lIi^KiuCKT Ki(.\sTi's n.\vi<, A.B. Presb. 

Clcr^N man. .\nn Arbor. 

*\\'ii.iiKi.Miis Dkckkr, B S., M.S. '77, 

M.D. '78, was drowned in Lake St. 

Chiir, April 27, 1881. (35) 

S.AMi'Kr, IYjw.n'sknd I)ciur.i..\s, Ph.B., 

Ph.M. '76, Ph.C. '74- Lawyer. 

473 Jefferson .\vc., Detroit, Mich. 
SiDNKv Corning, A.B. Law- 
yer. 001 Monadnock Block, 

Chicago, 111. 
Hknuv William Ei.i.K)TT, AB. 

Bentonville, .Ark. 
Ht.N-RY Waterman Fairbank, A.B., 
.-\.M. '76. Supervisor of Music in Chi- 
cago Teachers' College. 

7752 Lowe .Ave., Chicago, 111. 
♦Frank Ward Faur, A.B., d. Chicago, 

111., Sept. 23, 1873. (20) 
* Willi AM IIenrv Fox, A.B., LL.B., 
(Harvard) '77, d. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 
10. 1887. iM) 
Ki.iAS DuRi-i;EnALLOWAV, Ph.B. Whole- 
.-ale 1 

lohnson City, Term. 
lli:usciin. KuMLKT Cass., .\..M. V"''- 
Supt. of Public Instruction lor .Mich. 
iSSv.Ss. Keal I'Stale. 

koval Oak, Mich. 
♦.Marshall Thomas Cass. A B.. A.M. 
'76. d. Daveii|iorl, Iowa, May G, 1004. 


Presb. Clergyman. Kalamazoo, Mich 
Clark Hough Gi.icason, Ph.B., LL.B. 
'75. Lawyer. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
James Riddle Goffk, Ph.B., Ph.M. '76, 
.M.D. (Bellevue) '81. Prof, of Gyne- 
cology in N. Y. Polyclinic, and in 
Dartmouth Medical School. I'hysi- 
ciaii. 616 Madison .^ve., 

New Ycirk, N'. Y. 

William Wallace Granger, Ph.B. 

*koitEKT Si-KAR Gross, A.B., d. luistis, 
I'la., Feb. 10, 1S88, (39) 

*.\Iahy Im(asci:s IIalgood, Ph.B., d. 
Kalania/00, Mich., Jan. 16, 1886. (44) 

KiciiAKi) D' Harriso.n', B.S. 
F'anncr. Princeton, III. 

ili-.Miv Marsh Haskell, A.B.,A.M. '70, 
)/r7S-'7''', M.D., (Bellevue) '78. Re- 
tired. Redlands, Cal. 

Wavnk IIavman, A.B., LL.B. '75- Law- 
yer. Sweet Springs, Mo. 


LL.B. (Univ. (.f Iowa) '75. Lawyer. 
Hampton, Iowa. 

*.-\i.iiERr PooLE Jacobs, A.B., LL.B. 'yb, 
d. Detroit, Mich., Jan. 30, l<x>J. (55) 

♦Charles Butler Keeler, Ph.B., d. 
Spokane, Wash. Aug. 11 1907. (56) 

WaltI'R Monroe Klenan, .\.B. Far- 
mer. I.eRoy, III. 

JtiSEi'Ji R. Keenly, B.S. Farmer and 
Stockrai.scr. Tecumseh, Mich. 

Ciiarli:s FdwauI) Kkm;. A.B. Grocer. 
Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Loyal Iumvin Knaiten, A.B., A.M. '76. 
U. S. Dist. Judge, West. Dist. of 
Mich., 1906-10; U. S. Circuit Judge, 
6th Circuit, since Feb., 19:0. Regent 
of Univ., iix)4-ii. Grand Rapids, Xlich. 
*JoSKi-H Marvin Lewis, B.S., M.S. ^c. 
M.D. '76, d. Jackson, Mich., March 31, 
1.883. (35) 

Hknuv Howi-LL I.ocKwofin, B.S. Far- 

mer. 310 Laurel St 


,^au F'raiicisco, Cal. 
*JoH.v .Ale.xander McEldowney, .A.B., 

(1. Fargo, N. Dak., -Aug. 21, 1910. (62) 
•'JuIl^(>^' Gregory Pattengill, .A.B. 

Pri.u-. Ann .\rbor High School 1870- 

KXkS, d. -\nn .Xrbor, Dec. 14, 1.J08. (59) 
^Sim:i;\\ih)1) Ray.mond Peabody. A.B., 

.\.M "76, d. Canandaigua, X. Y., May 

n, 1.S70- (-9^ 
Harkv Otis PerlEY, A.B., .A..M. '76, 

M.D. (Detroit) '76. Col. Med. Cori.s 

U. S. .\rmv, 1000 — . Surg. U. S. A, 

■ Fort D. A. Russell, Wyo. 

*Hkrm;rt Dwigiit Peters. Ph. B.,Ph.M. 

'7ri, (1. Monlicello, 111., Mav 2S, 1910. 

♦George Francis Ruiuson. AB., A.M. 

'76, d. Detroit. Mich, Oct. o, 1907. 


♦Marshall Key Ross, Ph.B., Ph.M., 
'76. .M D. (Detr(;it) "78, d. Detroit, 
Mich, Dec. 4. 1883. (31^;y Russell, A.B., A.M. '76, LL.B. 

.^_ I . I \ .1- :. M : .1, 

'75. Law; 

Detroit, Mi 

-.. -I 

xL.t- ..!; 

.V ...» . lA) .a 

[/ /- , :• '' .M 

,-■•! IK- 

A- 1 U -la 'rt'Ul 

1873-7-1 I UTEKAUV Dlil'ARTMF.Xr . 65 

C.iioui.i- Rust, B.S. Associ;itioii Secre- 'Frank Lawton Axtell, A.B., LL.B. 

tarv. 804 15roadwav, '7^, d. CoopcTbtown, N. ]), May 2j, 

(Jakland, Cal. 1883- (3?') 

Zar Di:lavax Scott, IVS. Lumber Iuiza Bkntox, Ph.D. TeacluT. 

manufactiirci-. Ihiliitli. Minn. 106 E. Chicago St., Coidwater, Mich. 

*\\'ii.i,iAM S.MiTir Siir.i:u\N, .\.B., .\.xM. ^MiciiAiii, Uuknnan, A.H., /'74-'7S, d. 

■77, d. Detroit, Mich., March 8, kjOJ. Saginaw, Midi., May 6, 188:;. (20) 

(so) ()siii:a Stowki.f. Bhigiiam, Pli.B.,'Ph.A'I. 

V.M.NKV MoKC\N Spammnc, a. B., Ph.D. -77, "i';5-'7'', MIX O-ong Mand) '76. 

(.Leipzig) '«J4. (Sec Kaciillics.) Physician. Toledo, O. 

Lonia Linda, Cal. l),:i.(-s lUixzia.i., B.S., ^LS. '77. Princ. 

CiiAKi.KS CuMMiKCis Stuwart, A.B, II. IL Belding Sciiool. Chicago, 111. 

.\M. '77, LL.B. '75. Lawyer. ' 1m;i:i>];ric Augustus Cady, A.B., A.M. 

295 Avery Si.,, Mich. 77, "('75->). MIX (Mich. Coll. of 

1:kni:st Tayi.ou Tai-i-kv. A.B., A.^L -Med.) '06, d. Wayneshoro, Ga , Dec. 

'7(, ^LD. (Columbia) '79. Physician 20, u/io. (S7) 

(retired). Detroit, Mich. OukiN Cadv, Ph.B., LL.B. (Cincinnati) 

'Mm. WARD I'R.M.ST Tiiavi;r, A.B., d. '7!<, .M.I 1. ( Cincinnali ) 'S .. I'li)iician. 

Flint, Mich., June lo, iSS|. (31) 4^(> Mill St., Cincinnati, O. 

Ai.iii.NUS Levi Todd, A.T?. l,uniber ami Fka.m: .Alviix Carli:, B.S. Newspaper 

Real Estate. Chebuygan, Mich. writing. 128(j7 Stevens .'\ve., 

*CvRus OiiAoiAU TowivU, Ph.B., Pll.^L Mitineapolis, Minn. 

'76, d. Chicago, 111., Nov. 28, 1908. (63) I^IkWjtt Clinton, Ph.B. ^L 

CiiARi.i;S McKiNSTRY Van ClivVi;, A.B., M Clergyman. Watrousville, Mich. 

A.M. '77. Retired. - *Anma .NIlnkkva CiiA.NDr.i-R. • Ph.B,, 

135 S. O.xford St., Brooklyn, N, Y. PI1..M. '77. <!■ Fscanaha, Mich,, .\pril 

Franklin Hiram Walker, P..S. Man- 10, 1004. (31) 

niacturer. 850 Jefferson A\e,, ALnir,i;s \\ iht.m;v Clark, A P.. Mngr., Mich. Moffat EMate. Detroit. Mich. 

CiiAULKs Ru.ssi-.i.L Wells, A.P>, Man- ='R(.iii:rt Harris Come, A.B., d. 1870. 

nf.iciurcr I'.av Citv. Mich. Charles Hall Cook, A.B„ .•\.^L '97. 

■I.>ii,v I., \ViiiTE, Phi;.. .M.D, '78. d. I'.D. (Chicago), Ph.D. (Denver) '<V- 

Willi. imsburg, Mich,, Sept, M, i8.Ss, 1'. \'.. (.lergvman. 

( V'l 184s Grant St., Denver. Colo. 

\\ii,Li\M liLowN Wii.i.tA.Ms, \V,., A.M. Josi;fiii.M: .Xc.nks Day, Ph.B. '7s innnc 

■70, l.L.l'.. '77. Lau)er. t>" '""-1, I'hM. '7:, (-Mr,, Charles 

Lapeer, Mich, .\. Rnl,nl^..n,) llemp^, N. V. 

>CiiAULES LvMA.x Wilson, A. B., d. Port John E.i.wai;]. E.nsig.n. B.S., LL.B. 

r.vron, N. Y,, L'ln, ('), igil. (i-O (Ohio S and U) •70, Lawyer. 

Charles Scotto Wilson,, Law- Westficld, N. J, 

ver (retired). i8i Sycamore .\ve,, +1.vman Diicatur F'gi.lett, A.B., d. 

i.os Angeles, Cal, B.av of Panama, Oct. 19, lS()7. (45) 

El. WARD White Wo(.i., A.B., A.M. '77- '-eorge Pinckney (^,len.n, A.B., A.M. 

Tiiliacconist Owensboro, Ky. '77- Sn(it. of Schools at Jacksonville, 

El c.KNE B. WouDRtu-i-, A.B, LL.B. '73. 1887-100.^ Real I'.-tate. 

Judge of I3lh Judicial Circuit of Liua, Jacksonville, Fla. 

since Jan. 1. 1909. Glenwood, Uiwa. Ja.mes Henkv C,lo\er, Ph. P.. Farmer. 

KiMi'.XLL Young, A,B., LL.B, ( N. W, Wayne, Mich. 

rr,i\ ) '70, I'armer, ,\nnje, A,B. (Mrs, Orson 11. 

Oilfield, Clark Co,, Bl. lollnur, ) Woodville, Ore. 

*Iami:s William Yulk. B.S., ^LS. '76, Glouge El^K Gross, A,B. Merchant. 

<1 .Mma. Wis, Aug. ^o, i8Sr. (28) Wateri'ord, Mich. 

((kXj M'.i.MiNn Georg.e Hall, A.B„ d. Gib- 
raltar, Mich. Oct. 12, 187s. (22) .Makia Ham.. A.B, .\ M. '75. ^L 
l'.. Mi->i^.ii.,n. 

\'ia .Marlinn m. Italy. 
♦IniiN Hall, .\,1'.,. .\.M. '77, 

(1 Slull.v'.ille, III . lime I, l88v ( 32) 


Isaac Ada; 

MS, .\,B, 

Lawyer, I'.urean of 


M.mila, P. L 


El'.. EXE 

,\rnoii., A,B., (1. 


Midi, 1 

■cb. l,|. lo(x;. ((.I) 


r 1 874-75. 

Sakah 1)ix JIami.i.v, A.M. '75- 

Tcaclicr. 22io I'licilic Ave, 

San Krancisco, Cal. 
*Gi:ORGI; LlCSTKR Hakuinc, A.R., A.M. 

'77, d. ^\'alsenbllrg, Colo., Dec. 11, 

1909. (62) 
Frank Ci.akk IIayman, A.B,, /'72-'73. 

Missouri Senate, 1905-09. Farmer. 

lloiistonia, Mo. 
♦CiiAiu.Ks Coii HiiiBAKi), Li.S., M.D. 

(Detroit) '76, d. North IJrancli, Mich.. 

April 4, 1S78. (24) 
FinvAKD CiiAt;.\ci:v Hi.n-.\ia.\, B.S. Pres. 

-Am. Sieani Pmiii) Co.; I're.s. Central 

Nat'l liauk. Battle Creek, Mich. 

*Ai,.MON Franki,in IIqyt, A.B., A.M. 

'77. d. .Mbiuiuercjiie, N. Me.\., Oct., 

1SS8. (.39 ) 
*C.i:oKGi-; llb'Gii J.\.Mi;suN, A.M., d. 

Washington, 1). C, Aug. 3, 188-). (39) 
TiiKouoiii; MiTcucocK Johnston, .A.B., 

A.M. '77, Ph.l).^Slra^.sllnr.^^)'^!o. i'rinc. 

of West Side lIiL;h Selu.ol, Cleveland, 

(i., 1SK3-101X'. 

(I'l Knlh Ave., 1,1,. Angele.s, Cal. 

l.ouis I'.Liii. Ki.Ni-,, Ph.H. Merchant. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Cm:sri-:R Tayi.ok Lank, A.B. Princ. 

I'\>rt \\'a}ne High Scliool, since iiS79. 

I'ort Wayne, Ind. 

])oN- Ai.o.s/.o MA-niii:ws, A.I',., A.M. 

■77, /:- '70. With N. W. 'releiihone 

J'xeh. Co. 

ii;i8 Rondo St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Lawki.nci: Ma.\\vi:i.i., B.S,. A.M.(/io;j.) 

'93, LI,.D. '04, LL.B. (Cincinnati) '75. 

U. S. Solicitor General, 1893-95; Pro- 
fessor of Law, Univ. of Cincinnaii, 

since iS.x,; (See Faculties.") 

io| W, ,|ih Si,, Ciuciunati, t ). 
Cu Uii.i> lli.NKV Mw, Its. Hanker. 

Cho, Mich. 
Fkkii AroL^Tiis Maynauo, A. 11, AM. 

•77, I.L.H. '76. Att'y-C.eii'l of Mich. 

1895-99; Special Assist, to U. S. Att'y.- 

(jeu'l, ^ince l<>oi. 

Grand Rapids, P^lich. 
*JosKi'ii Ronald Mili.ick, .A.B., d. Bur- 

gcttstoun, Pa., March (), 1S76. (22) 
lli'NKY Ro.maink Patti-ncii.i., B.S. 

SuiJt. of i'ublic Instrnclion for Mich. 

i8<j3-97- Menvber of Slate Lihr.iry 

Connnibsion. Fditor and [iublisiier. 

Lansing, Mich. 
♦J.\.Mi:s 1'"au\vi;i.i, Pottku, B.S., d. Chi- 
cago, ]ll., Sept. 25, 1879. (27) 
WiuiuK iMSK Ri:i:i), A.l!.. AM. '77. Ml'- 

'77. Phpsician and Surgei.n. 

Chrbovgan, Mich. 

John Sui.i.ivan Richardson, B.S. 

IJKNRY \Maw, Rogkrs, A.B., A.M. '77, 
l'7(i-'77, L1<.D. (Wcsl. Univ.) '90. (See 
FacLillies. ) New Haven, Conn. 

Sey.mqur .McGi.une Sauukr, B.S. Law- 
yer. Omaha, Neb. 

*Mary Downing Sheldon, A.B., (Mrs. 
Earl Barnes,) d. London, Eng., Aug. 
27. 1898. (^8) ^ 

Wn.iiEKT Wesley S.mhh, B S. Care of 
(1. Foster Smith, -N'at'l. Bk., Bro<,klyn, N. Y. 

*ll:i!MikT Artemas Thayer, A.B., d. 
Flushing, Mich., Aug. 27, 1899. (45) 

Calvin Tuo.mas, A.B., A.M. '77, LL.D. 
'04. (See Faculties.) 

501 W. ii3lh St., New York, N. Y. 

♦Charles Joseth Thomas, Ph.B., m'7<-y 
'80, d. Chicago, 111., April, 1882. (30) 

*IIenry Tho.mas TiiURiiER, A.B., d. De- 
troit, Mich., M.-irch 17, 1904- (sO 

"W'li.LiA.M Henry Townsend, A.R., 
AM. '77, LL.B. '79, d. Flint, Mich., 
Jidy I I, i.yo.i. (53) 

Joii.N- VanBuui'N Vohce, A.B. 

Ja.mi;s Dickinson Warner, Ph.B. Ce- 
ment manufacturer. Long 15each, Cal. Ashley Wakkf.n, WlB. Law- 
yer. 25 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, III. 

♦William Henry Wells, A.B., Ph.C. 
'75, LL.B. '77, d. Flint, .Mich., June 
29. iy<'4- (.SO) 

Francis Ja.mes West, Ph.B. Fanner. 
Moclips, W^ash. 

John Newton Wheatley, Ph.B. R. R. 
Tax Specialist. 895 Lexington Ave., 
Cincinnati, O. 

Lalra Ror.i-.Ks White, B.S. Teacher. 
)('«) Crescent .\\e., Louisville, Kv. 

Chaki I .-, K'o\.\L Wi.NG, Ph.B. Lawyer 
(ici.ud). Monroe, Mich. 

*i:owAKi. William Withev, A.B., 
.\M. '77. LL B. '7(1, d. Grand Rapids, 
Midi.. .March 9, 188.;. (,3t)) 


*George Hazelton AiinoTT, Ph.B., d. 

Colorado, May, 188S. (3^) 
Chaiji.i:s Henry .Aldruh, A.B., A.M. 

(/u'/l) '9L U. S. Solicitor (jcueral 

lS)2-93. Lawyer. 

Home his. BIdg., Chicago, 111. 
*San Louie Anderson, A.B., was 

(Irovsned in the S.icraniento River, 

June 5, 1886. (34) 
Iv.MMA Cornelia Andrews, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

(V'orge S. Baker.) 

1. 103 l'!lnnvood .\ve., Evanston, III. 




Maktiia Anci,!!, I'll B. (Mrs. Charles 
W. l^orsctt.') Aliiincapolis, Minn. 

Fkank Wkhsti'R Eai.!., I'll B., )»'73-'74- 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

luviNC Wilms Baknuaut, A.B. In- 
surance-. Orand Rapids, Mich. 

Jamis Madi-on BAKKK'rr. Rli.H. In- 
diana Senate, 188701 ; Trustee Pur- 
due Univ., 1892-1906. Lawyer. 

Fort \Vayne, Ind. 

\\'ii.i.iAM Francis Bioi-i.ow, B.S. Law- 
yer. 3-\5<) W'ellinKtcm St., Chicago, 111. 

D.sNin Ai.oN'zo I'li.xiiv, A.B. Willi Am. 
Car and Foundry Co. 
S071 Westminster I'l., St. Louis, Mo. 

*C,i-.okGK Ai.i.ic.v Bi(ic,i;s, Ph.B., d. Paw 
Paw, Mich., Dec. i.-?, 1881. (20) 

*Wii.i.AKu Ikvi.n'c BuoTiii'.in'ON, B S„ 
d. Saline, Mich., Aupr. 17, i')0.|. (57) 


(St. John's Coll.) 'aS; D.D. (Ilohart) 
'(xj, "S.T.lX (Columhia) 'ii. Bi'^hop 
SulTragan of New York, since Nov., 
416 Lafayette St., New York, N. Y. 
♦John Flktciikr Burris, A.B , d. Gold- 
field, Nev., July 31, 1907. (56) 

'79 Ph.D. '94. (See I'aculties.) Prof, 
of Philosophy and Pe<ki:^o-y, Univ. of 
Colo., kSc)4-9^. .Author. Stalf I'.ditur, 
Chicago .\s<o. of C.Hnmercc 

:.,2\ N. Howard Ave, .\uMin. 111. 

Ancii; C(,m<\ Cu mw.n', A.B.,.\.M.(;i.i)/.) 
\,--. l'r..f. ,,f C,rc(k in Wdleslcy Coll., 
since 1887- W.'lk-sley, Mass. 

CiiAiu.iis W^ urn: I' 1 1:1. 1) i'i.srk, B.S., 
M.D. (Chiq. llahn.) '66, MIX (Mo. 
Horn) '67. Physician. 

WinnipeLi: Man. 

WlU.IAM KUK I'l.AUK, .\.\\ 

K Linden St., l'ill>Hcld, .M.iss. 
h'.MM.v I'l-KMS Cook, A.B. 

LausiuR, Mich. 
^^NoRMAN Pini.ip Cook, A.M., <1. Mcn- 

dota, 111., March 21 1809. (49) 
Frank 11. Culvkr, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

II Scott St., Chicaso, 111. 
*I'1oui,a Tii.iCsToN CusiuNc;, A.B., d. 

Svracuse, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1878. (25) 
*Lori:nzo Davis, A.B., d. Berkelev, 

Cal., May i, i8S<). (38) 
Cii\ki.i.:s Wiii.iAM Dorsktv, Ph.B. 

Caterer. Mimieaptdis, Minn. 

Wii.i.iAM C.i-oRC.K DoTv, Mayor 

of Ann Arhor, iSoi-o.v; Jii.siice of the 

Peace since i8<h). Lawyer. Ann Arh.M. Fai.i., U.S., M.S. '8?, ScD. (Al- 

hiou) '08, LI.D. (.Mhiwn) '(wS, I'n.f. 

of Chemistry in Albion Coll. since 
18S2; Supt. of Public Instruction for 
Mich. 1901-05; Member State Consti- 
tutional Convention, 1907-8. 

Albion, Mich. 

CuARi.KS Fri;ij l''n:i.D, A.B. Publisher. 

liastiuRS, Mich. 

Frank Ward FliCTciikr, Ph.B., A.M. 

(/icji.) '10. Regeitt of Univ. 189.^-1910. 

Manufacturer. Alpena, Mich. 

Lori>;/(i Vaknl'm Fi.i-:'rciii;K, A.B. 

F.irnKT. Linden, Mich. 

UoKATKi Ci.AKK I'oRo, B S. Lawyer 

an.l Baid<er. Cleveland, O. 

CiiARi.i:s Fox, A.I!. Manufacturer. 

413 Cherry St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
^GiiORci: Ludlow L'ox, 11. S, d. De- 
troit, Mich., April 4, K^ii. (17) 
William I'anning GlU.STon, A.B. Maii- 
aijcr Pro\ident Loan Co. 

937 I'.lmwood Ave., Bufi'alo, N. Y. 

CiiAKLi:s PiKRCK Gilchrist, A.B., 

LL.B. '■^7. Vessel owner and ARcnt. 

1859 !■:. 97th St., Cleveland, O. 

Thomas Fri:i)i:rick Graiu;r, Pli.B. 

L.-iuyer. City Att'y of Berkeley, 18S3- 

00. _'0 57 Durant .Ave., 

Berkelev, Cal. 


)/r8i-'8_', M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) '8.?, cL 

Santa Rlonica, Cal., Aug. T, 1009. (59) 
*lli..\RV Harrison IIaiin, .A.B, i/r7S- 

'7U, M.D. (Lbn- Island) '76, d. 

Ynnn^^louu, O,, .\uk'. -'S. u^S- iSO) 
CiL\KLi> Taylor Harris, .\.B. Mugr. 

Fi^ke \- Co. Inc. 

410 Wesi Fud Ase., New York, N. Y. 
*Fki:di;rick Waltku Harris, Ph.B., d. 

Battle Creek, Mich., April c. 1877.(23) 
♦Waltlr Iv.nii Hi;vsi:k, B.S., d. Mus- 

koj.,cc. ( iki , Ocl. -'5, i.)07. (52) 
C.LoKr,i: SlLn.MAN lloSMllR, A.B., LL.D. 

'10. jud^^e of the 3d Mich. Circuit 

since J.m., 1&S8. Detrcnt, Mich. 

Carolink Iri-nk HuniiARii, B.S., .M.S. 

'76. (Mrs. Carl G. Kleinstiick.) 

Kalamazcjo, Mich. 
Flt.kxk HuTciii.vs, Ph.B., LL.B. 

'78, Lumber and R.R. supplies. 

.\'>.\ Grc.u Northern Bldg., 

Chicago, III. 
*Charli;.s HuNTiNivroN Jacohs, A.B., d. 

Ventura, Cal, March 5, nxx). (53) 
■^tP'iiONso.v C. Ki;i:li;u, A.B., d. I.os 

Angeles,, Aug. 11, I909. (60) 
JHRMMK CvuiL Knowuon, A.B., LL B. 

'rS. (Sc, i'.icullies.) Ann Arbor. 

^A^■oRl•;w Josiah McGowan, Ph.B, d. 

llaih-v, idahn, Jan. 28, |8<)1. {.\o) 

6« CU.Uni.liUS. 11.^75-7(3. 

-Jami::, IlCN.iix McMaiion, I' Jiu1l;o 1,i:i.ia Ai ic:: Tai;i:k, A.H. (Mis, Uen- 

of I. nil -Mifli. Cii-ciiil, d. i.iuliiigtun, j.imin C. liiirl.) 

MiWi., Maivh IS, lyoi. (53) .i-'i N- ll'-ward Ave., Austin, III. t'.Miiis Mcl'in;i(SON, A.IS. Jour-' Tho.mxs ]'.i,w(j.)1) Tavi.ou, A.l!, M.IJ. 

ii;.li-,L 1710 .M:u-m;ulul.:f Si., -N. >S , '7<j. I'roi. uf OljsU'trics in Univ. of 

rillslnu-|;li, I'a. Culu, since i8<j_». I'liysiciaii. 

*\Vii.i.(.ur.iiuv Davton Mh.i.ick, A.l!., Denver, Colo. 

Ph. I), (hon.) '85, D.['>.S. (Univ. uf Iu.i.a Til. .mas, Pli.B. 

I'a.) '70, -M.D. (liei-lin) '88. Dean ' Schuolernft, Mich. 

licet <.f iIk- toll, of Dcm. .Sura,, Ujoj, William Thomas, li.S. Teacher and 

(1. Newark, O., July 27, 1907. (54) I'.iinu r. Newton Kails, O. 

*Jvu\\iN- LiiCKWOoiJ Mif,i,s, B.S., lost W'n.i. L'. 1 iju.mck, A.H. Investment 

oM ilu- >lcainer Ali)cna, in Lake Mich- l;, 

iL;an, Ua. 10, iSSo. (_>;) U Nassau St., New York, N. Y. 

IkmaC. MiTcm-.i.i., r' Prof. Hukaci; .Xi.o.nzo Jaouks Uimiam, A.U., 

of llioK.oy in Wis. Stale Normal I'l^-'j:-,- I.a\syer. Milwaukee, Wis. 

School, biucc 1891. I\lilwaukee, Wis. I, von Watkins, .A.B, Judge of 

*Di;VViTT Jav Oaki.UY, Ph.l!., d. Clyde, I'mijatr for Washtenaw Co. iyoi-05. 

()., March iS, 180S. (48J Lawyer. Ann Arhor. 

F.I.WIN- Ci.ari:.n'Ci;Oaki.i:v, A.B., B.D. *J \mi:s DwiohT Wiu.i.s. A.B., d. Des 

iVaki '70. Con.;. Clergynrin. .Moines Iowa, July 27, l89<j. (;o) 

San Malco, Cal. Wkii.i.s Wii it.mork, A.l!. Lawyer. 

*Akiimk Cuuuo.v ()vi;n, .\1!, A..\I. uis IdiVrMMi St., Oakland, CaL 

';8, .\I,D. '8i, d. Pctoskrv, .Mich, .\prd ' J'KUev kiei.Kv, Ph.l!., fjG-'yj, 

18, i.,o8. (;(.) d. Lo^ Angeles, Cal., Dec. 30, Kjoy. 

Jo.NATiiv.N- PakkKk, A.B. Law- (ss) 

yer. Olalhe, Kan. IIaukii.i Winsi.ow, li S. 

I'.Nos David Pikkso.v, Phi!. Merchant. .....i Sluarl Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

h'linl, Mich. Lkankm.n PiKkcic Wood, li.S. Re- 

Pui-nKKick A. Pi.ATT, .\.l'.. tired. I.iRonier, Ind. 

80-. 211.1 .\ve., Detroit, Mich. Akram Van Hls Vouxr., I'h.l!., Ph.C 

llr.NRV John- Rc.i;, All. '7^. Prof, of Chemistrv in N. W. 

11i:i:max .Mi.KTo.s- K(.',s, B.S., Ph.C. '7I). Univ.. since iX.S:;. I'vanston, III. 

l-ruv-it U.'.ired). .\iui .\rl,oi. (Si ) 

^\,,:sAXDi:u Hawks, B^S., d. ,376 

L hica-i., Ill,, Nov. 23, 1910. (56) 

Jon.x 1m;\' SiiM'KoTii, B.S., I.L.D. IIkxkv \\',s Ai.kxaxdk u, A.B. 

•co, k.|.r. ironi Colo, in the sitli .ind Law and Real h'siale. Vinceiines, Ind. 

Iluvr luoedinK C..nmc^>cs. i.S.j, l.i >A ( A kui.i x i: .\ NDiii; ws. A, I!. Pro- 

1003. C,..\unoi ,,1 C,,|,, Miicc Jan., ni.iini-, Nn.l.d. Cull.iue industries. 

DKM. I)en\c-r, Colo. UK) I'ark St., Orange, N. J. 

Jami-s I1i:xkv Siii:i'.\i(d, li.S. Prof ..f C,i:oK,.i: Sxr.i.i. Hakkk, A.B., LL.B. 

Cheniisiiy in the S. Dak. Agr. Coll. i Ciiiciiai.ili,) 'So. Lawyer. 

since 188S. llrookiuKS, S. Dak. Evnnslon, III. 

OsCAK Pi.iNv Siiia-AKDSox, B.S. Coin- ]''d.\u;xd Drinax Barry, Lawyer. 

mercial traveller. Lock Box \2\. Pasadena, Cal. 

2833 Mcnio Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Ida M., B.S. (Mrs. Alhert W. 

Sti;w.vut \\'iii:don Smith, A.B, Ph.C.,) Dnlulh, Minn. 

'7(., M.D. '77. Phjsiu.u. and Surgeon. Cii \ri,i,s .Ni-sti.v Bi.air, A.B, LL.D. 

Denison, Tex. 'o"). .\lt'y-C.eii. of Mich., 1903 04; Jus- 

.Xnc.usTi^s John Chari.hs Stum.w aoi-\, lice Supreme Court of I^lich., since 

A.B. Lawyer. ii><)4. Lansing, Mich. 

Detroit, Mich. Rii.KV Boonk, Ph.l!. Priiic. 

J.Mix \i.i:x\xi)i;k Stkwart, A.l!. Supi. liooiu-N Univ. School. Berkeley, Cal. 

"f Scl L at Port Huron, Mich , i,S«.S- Ci \ri \ci: Siii:rARi) Brown, A.B. 

9t; at liay Cily, l.S.)|-i„ii. jer. 4S Wall St.. New York, N. Y. 

l!av City, Mich. nVii.i.iA.M Wadsworth Burt, A.B, 

John J.,si;imi St.hhmri, Law- d. Il.itlle Creek, .Mich, April 12, KS.S2. 

ver. II Is. St , Cohnnhus, 0. I (o) 



l:i:\- 'I'avior L'auli;, U.S. Kcpr. from 
111. Ill the SJd Con;^. 0^91-93'- '^■^^V- 
it.ilibt. ^-'14 Sheiidaii Uoatl. 

Chicago, 111. 

*15rKTCi.\ livKON Cami'i;i;i.i., H.S., il. IZl 
Dorado, Kaii., N<-v. 13, i«7S. (.23) 

IIenkv .Munuou CA.\u-iii:i.L, l^h.B., 
I,I,.H. 7S, Memlicr of C'oiut. Coiiveii- 
lioii i<^. Lawyer. Detroit, Midi. 

* C. Cami'ui:!.!., I'll 11, Ph.C. '7^). 

I'ry'vA. d. DciiviT, c>.i..., Jxc. 24. 
i.'^'w;. t4.^) 



.11. '/« I. 
K. .\'.i;., 

^\;rt C.)> 

lli^hlaiul.-^. .\'. C, Ian. 22, iN.Si. (;,i,) l.AMoNT Dami:i,s, .\.L1, 

ScD. i I'riiucion) '.S6. I'rot. of iMath- 

i-inalics in tin: Univ. of Veniioiit since 

i.-iN-. Burlinston, Vt. 

A.Nso.M Puti:r DeWoLF, A.J5., A.M. '7.J. 

Frnit grower. Crescent City, l'"la. 

EuwAiu) Donovan, li.S , LL.IJ. '78. 

Mtrcli.uulise Broker. 

!2.S Mathilda St., I'iltshiiri^h, Pa 
Wii HAM Ili.NUV Doi'i', .\.ll. Chemical 

hjil^illeer. K. 1). ?, lln.sdale, III. 

Willi \M I'iTT DUKl-KK, .\.l;., Ph.D. 

( ll..|'hins) '.S,,. Prof, of M.uh- 

eniaiic- in ll.ihart Coll. -ilice l.^S); 

Dean .'■in. c i<n'~^:.S; Actiif.^ i'res., igoi- 

ov Ceiieva, N. Y. 

Ki i/M'.r.Tii UAr.i,i.;si.ii:i.D, A.B., LL.B. 

'7S Grand Rapids, Mich. 

*.\NMi: Wakdkn Ekin, Ph.B., (Mrs. 

Alhert 11 Paiteiitiill,) d. Aim Arbor, 

\'m\. .1, 1S70 (jS) 
lln is AJAi.ii: I'Akuwi., Pii 1!. (..Mrs. 

Ilcnnaim 1. .Xaniiiann. ) 

lojo h.iiililh St., Port Unroll, Mich. 
I'kv.nk 1.a\\ki:nci-; Fklcm, .\ B. Real 

I'-iate. ?ii C.arfield Rddir., 

Cleveland, O. 
Joii.N- CiiAui.i-s Fi.OYi), B.S., D.D. (.'VI- 

hiciii 'dO. Secr'y P.oard of PoiLi-ii 

Mi.-MoiiN M. K. Clniich. 

\7 W.ishington St., Chicago, 111 

■*h'Kll. 1.1.1: iM.UMAN, Ph.l!., d. Mollt- 

io-,e, Colo., June 3, 1903. (SU 
*\'i.\r. Coi.iiv I'osTKu. I'h.B., m'jG-'yy, 

Ml) (Keokuk) •77. CMrs. Sidney 11. 

FnMer,) <1. Moira, N. Y, March q, 

187S. (2^) 
*Alici-: lu.viKA Fiu:i;.MA.N, All., Ph.D. 

(hou) 'Sj, L.ll.D. (t-uluml.ia) '87, 

1.1..D. (I'nion) '()-., (.\hv C,.-.n>;e II. 

P.llliur.) Prev of Well' lev C..1I. 

iS,Si->S7; Woman's Dean, Univ. of 
Chicago, i8<j2-95 ; d. Paris, I'rance, 
Dec. o, 1902. (47; 

*Ft.\vAki) Ai.oNzo GoTT, Ph.B., LL.B. 
'77, d. Detroit, Mich., May y, i(>a4.(52) 

Fki:ij Ki-AVri Gt'sriN, A.B. Lawyer. 

610 N. Y. Life Bhlg., Chicago, 111. 

AiiRA.M SAC.iat llAi.t, Ph.B., Ph.M. '77, 

Ph.D. '7X. Prof, of Natural Science 

ill Washington Coll., Md.,' since 1800. 

Chestertown, Md. 


1216 Chaiulj. of Coiniiierce, 

Chicago, III. 
D,.Mr„..N- I. Ihci.i.v, .\ B., A..M. '7>i. 
M.D. 'S2. Physician. 

(jraiuUiew, loua. 

lA.Miib Kkki.i-r, A.B. lianker. 

.Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jamks llKNUY McDonald, A.B., LL.B. 

'7.S. l.awver. 

iM.r.l Ilhlg, Detroit, Mich. 

Ja.\ii:s liovT, B.S. Lawyer. 

Flint, Mich. 

C.KKTiu'Di- Hru.iCN Mason, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

'88. Teacher. Berkeley, Cal. 

*Ji)siAii Bi:.\jA.MiN NnwTON, B.S., /'79- 

'Xo, d. .Miieiia, Mull., Ai)ril 10, 1891. 

.\mo:i<t Ciir.>Ti.i<i-ii:Li) Pi:ak5on, B.S. 

Teacher of Piano. 

Ci'lorad.i Springs, Colo. 
♦ Wai.ti;k Howard PorTi-.R, 

A B, /^i '77, '1. lX-tr,>ii, Mich, Julv 

25, i',»J7 CS4) 
lu)\v\nu lliiciicoCK Ran.m^v, .\.B., i77- 

l,ooi>v Maris Rki:i), B.S., M.S. '77 

(.Mrs Charles 11. Slowell.) Assistant 

ill .Micro^copical Botany, ■ 1877-81J. 

Lowell, Mass. 
John Hk.nry Ri;vnoi.d.s, .\.B., LL.B. 

(.Coluinhia) '78. Lawyer. 

T,\h P.iii.idwav, Paterson, N. J. 
Bi:n Sxrt.Kv, .\.1I. Lawyer. 

lofKJ llmiiholdt St., Denver, Colo. 
I.TicY M\VN\Ri. Sm.mon, A.B., A.M. 

•S.). Prol. of llistury in Vassar Coll. 

bince 1.S.S7. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

1)avii> ,\u(.i.imius Sawoi;y, Ph.B, 1'77- 

'7S. Law\er. Frie, Pa. 

Fk\nk D. Siiwi'.r, .A.B. Coiiunercial 

Salesman. -I4 limit .\ve , 

BulTalo, N. Y. 
Howard Bi 'jniia.m S-Mitii, A.B., LL.B. 

'78. I.awver. Omaha, Neh. 

I.niis 1'r\ndai.i, Stani.I'Y, a B. Liw- 

vri. .10 Seward Ave, Detroit, .Mich. 

70 uK.lDL'.iri'S. [1876-77. 

JosKi'ii IJall Sri;r.RE, A.B. Judge nth Higli School, 1887-c/j; Detroit Univ. 

Mich. Circuit, iS8_'-i9ii; Justice of School since 1899. 

the Mich. Supreme Court, 1911 — . 175 Van Uyke Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Lansing, Mich. Cii.\i;i,i:s .\nki;.\v J?oswou'ni, .\.B.I.L.I5. 

*F,MM.\ SiiiMiiA Stockukidci-, A.B., ( Cinciiiiiaii)'<So. Lawyer. .Assist. Treas. 

(Mrs. Thomas Iv Kllison,) d. Fort U. S. since 1898. 

Wayne, Ind., Marcli 26, 1884. (31) Cincinnati, O. 

Emv.ARD Cassius Swift, Ph.B. Law- *Gi;oi«-,i: Pur.STOM. Bkown, A B, d. Brook- 

yer. Ottawa, 111. lyii, N. Y., .\Lirch 2, i(ji2. (0.?) 

CiiAKLKs Lke \'ANPi:i.r, .X.B., MD. Gkanvillk Williams'g, B.S. 

(BulTalo) '78. I'hvbician. Law\er. Master in Chancerv since 

Toledo, Ohio. i8.>S. Hartford Bldg'., Chicago, 111. 

CuARLKs Bark.nt VanSlvki;, A.B. Life (n;oRf.i: Ai.o.szo Cauv, A.B. Lawyer. 

hisiirance. Des Moines, Iowa. Sault Sle. Marie, Mich. 

*OLAf Vaulo, A.B., d. 1883 (27) W1LLIA.M Cari'i-ntkk, Ph.B., LL.B. 8n. 

♦Aldurt Jacob Vollanu, A.B., d. Lawyer. Muskegon. Mich. 

Grand Rapids, MiclL, Dec. 29, 1906. I1i:kiii;rt Elwood Gary, A.B, M.D '82. 

iS2) Adjimct Prof, of Gjn.ecology in llani- 

Bkvant Walker, A.B., LL.B. '79. Law- line Univ., i895-]i;02. Physician and 

.\cr. Detrciit, Alich. Surgeon. Minneapolis, Minn. 

*\\ SiioTWF.i.L AVat.klr, A.B., Li:.\iiii;l Watson Clark, BS Peal 

LL.B. 78. d. Spokane Palls. Wa.h., I'slate. Rcdlands, Cal. 

Jan. 10, 1890. (34) Cahlos Bi.n'i.mam Cociiran. A.B. A.M. 

♦William Jay Warnku, B.S., d. Gene- '.sK, .^c.l). (Iwii.) '07, »i'78-'7<). Teadi- 

va Lake, Wis., Dec. 11, 1883. (jij) er of IMiysical Sciences, West Cluitcr 

Jami:s Anulksu.n WattivRSON, B.S. State .Xoruial School, 1879-1909. Cliem- 

Lnniherinan. (Gallup, Ky. ist lo P.i. Dairy and Food Bureau. 

John Koui.n'sok WkhsTLu, .A.B. um West (."liester. Pa. 

(uiiiic />/•« liiin-). Omaha, NM.. Braniii Harris CoLny, B S. Civil F.n- 

TiioMAS Rawli.n'S Wjlcoxsdn, A.B., gineer. Security Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

I'jCi-'??. (040 Filis Ave., Chicago, 111. Clara M. Colman, (Mrs. Deiiison 

Mary Alice Williams. A.B. B. Smith.) .233 Oak Grove St.. 

Wcedsport, N. Y. Minneapolis, Minn. 

*CiiARi.i:s William Wooldriuce, B.S, (".kh'if C.m<v Comshkis. Ph.B, Sc D. 

M.D. '77, >1. Helena, .M.nit., Oct. 10, (lion.) 07, LLP. (Wisconsin) '8j. 

1<A>8. (01) 1.1. 1> (Lmv. of III.) '07. I'rof. of 

RoiiKUT jLbiici: Yorx.-,. A.B., 1)1). .\si,,„„,mv and Director of the Wash- 

(Kans. Cilv I'liiv.) i.m:i Presl,. Min- l,„rn dliserv.itorv. .Madison, Wis. 

iMrr. '-8'M,ld .\v,., Delro.i, Mich. j I 'kktv Tv i.Ku CooK, Ph.B. Seaman ll 

K^i) S. S. 1 .'.sc'M/i/f, 18<^S. Real l\-t.le. 

1877 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

M.'iiN Samuel Cuomiue, A.B., Ph.D. 

M.isrni Si HON .\vki:s. .A.l! . d. l)e- ( Minnesota) '93, <l. Moiiticello, .\. Y., 

troil, Mich., JaiL 2.), l8.)l. (3O .\pnl 10, i8(n. 138) 

tGEoK.,E P.Au.NEs. .A.B, A..M. '8.:;. LMi- Thomas Jefferson Faman, Ph. I!. Live 

tor and puhlisher. Howell, Mich. Stock Broker. Kansas Citv, Mo. 

♦Octavia Williams Bates. A.B., LL.B. Mary I-Inlma Farrand. Ph.B., Ph.M. 

'96, l.L.M. '97. d. Baltimore, .\ld., Jan. '78. (Mr.s. Joel C. T\ler.) 

12, 191 1. (65) II 15 W. Clinch Ave., Kno.wille, Tenn. 

.Alfred .Allen Bennett, B.S., M.S. *Oc.i)En Winner Fekdon, Ph.B., /■77- 

(lowa State Coll.) '88. Prof, of '78, d. Ami Arhor, ^^1rcll 9, 1881. (26) 

Chemistry in Iowa St.iic ("oil. ■-ince Fi<\nk Ci.\i<k Fi-rc.wson, .A B. Lawyer. 

1885. .\m,s. L.wa Savings P.ank Bhlg, BulLil... N .V. 

Georc.e Stei'HEn Bismol, .\.B, Fruit n\'iLMAM llAi;r..N Imikkis, B.S.. d. 

grower. R. 1). 9, Ann .Arli.)r Hhn k K 1\ er. Mi>h, N'.iv. 14, 1879.(24) 

*AliiEut Nelson Bliss. A. B., A.M. '8). Iomih 1"im.i;, .A.B. .Merchant. 

d. Marslilield, \'t., |ulv 27, i.j<jv (S2) l.ead\ille. Colo. 

iMiEi.ERicK I.EKov i'.i.iss, A.B., A.M. Feums Smitu 1-ncii. A I'. Supt. of 

{lu'ii.) 'oi. I'rinc. Ditroit Cenlral Pul.lic Instuuiion l-r .Mich, iS.)i-<;3; 

.ts? '■ t. 

I.S77.I I.irt-.R.IKV !)i;i'ARrMJ:XT. 71 

rii.iiKillur Univ. of Aii/., lyoj o.?. Wii.i.iam .McC'akkoi.i., A.B, M.D. '81. 

K. \). Stockbridgc, Mich. i'liyMcian. 

*C'.\Ki.ruN C.^sslus l''RKin;uicK, 15. S., Pontiac, Mich. 

Ml). (HmTiilo) 'Xi, d. HuffaU), N. Y,, Ann I'.i.iz.Mii-rnt McDo.n.m.u, A.B. 

-\inil VK Kill. (S(i) (Mrs. Ivlward H. Gibson.) 

F.nw.MUj .\sui,i:v Oii.iiKitT, Kc- Ann Arl)or. 

tiled. Sania llaih.ira, C:\\. 1Ii;nuv Ci.w McDihig.m.i., A.B. Uni- 

Jun.N 1!.\\Ti;r Ci.asc.dW , Mcr- larian Minislci-. 

chant lacksoii, Mich. ' Franklin, N. H. CouDincir, I'h.B. (Mrs. Oliver Josi-fii Rociius, B.S., 

N. Duwns.) Teacher. Ann Arbor. 1,1,.]]. '7() Mich, v^enatc, 1893-95. Real 

\\iJ.i,i\M I0HN Grav, A.B. Lawyer. Kstaie. Am. Bank Bld^,^, 

Kord Bid-, Detroit, Mich. Seattle, Wash. 

Ki.u \kt. IIoi.Mics Guvi:r, a B., I,I,.B. .Marv Oi.ivic Marston, A.B. (Mrs. 

';<). l.awver. Rock Island, 111. Horace B. Walnisley.) 

.M\KV I,.irisK ]iA:.T„ I'li 11. (Mrs. s76 Mnrrav Ave., Milwankec, Wis. 

(.harKs II. Walker.) Keiidwortli, 111. luiASTi's Ku'TCiiKK Mk.\uki.i-:, A.B.. 

Ki.wvKo A.Nin;usuN, A.B.. I,r,.B. '77, I.L.D. (llaniline) '03. Prof. 

and Rial I'.state. iif Pi.)litical I'.cononiy, liandine Univ., 

S51 I'.elden Ave, Chicago, III. i,S8i-9.t Vice-Prcs. Security Nafl 

Ai. 1:1.1(1 \\ 11. 1.1AM ll.\:;u, Ph.B. Bawjer. Bank-. Minneapolis, Minn 

Mihvankce. Wis. ♦Wii.i.iam Jamics Mii.i.ku, A.B., ['72- 

B.i.i.c.N Ci.AUA IIocivUuoM, B.S., M.S. 'y], d. Port Huron, Mich, Aug. 12, 

'95. Ann Arbor. 1878. (27) 

IIarrikt Amanda Hoi, man, A.B. (Mrs. Gkorck Nathan Orcutt, A.B. Atl'y 

George S. P.ishop.) ,,f Krie U. R. Co. 

R. D. 9, Ann Arbor. so Cluirch St., New York, N. Y. 
*Mai<v Hi;i.I)A HuiuiARi), Ph.B., (Mrs. Mn.o Mii.ton Pottur, B.S. Hotel pro- 
Henry B. Hoyt,) d. San Diego, Cal.. prietor. Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Feb. i^, ii)(X). (43) *Kmma Margaret, Ph.B., 

I.ui;isr. 1Il:c.iiKS, Ph.B. Decnah, Iowa. (Mrs. Samuel C. Andrews,) d. Ann 

I,Awki.sci: Camkkon Hum,, A.B., A.M. Arbor, Jnlv i-i. 1887. (32) 

{li,')i.) \jj. I.alin Master, Lawrence- Ri:ad RonKRTS, Pii.B. Seed 

ulle School (N. J.), i8.S7-(w; Princ. Bn^iness. Norristown, Pa. 

BrnokUn Prep. Polytechnic School, William .\iir.i, Satti:rli;i:, Ph.B. 

iS.;<;-i902; of Sliortridge High School. Oen'l Mngr. J(.plin and Pittsburgh 

lndiana(iolis, 1902-03; Head master Ry. Kansas City, ^io. 

and ['resident, Mich. Military Acail., Ili;Riii;Rr Minku Slausun, Ph.B. Snpt. 

u,o3-o«;. .\gency .Mngr. for I'aiuilable of Schools. Ann /\rbor. 

I.ile =04 Union Trn^t Rldg , ♦luiNLST Fuanklin Smith, Ph.B., d 

Detroit, Mich. abmit Ui(x). (S3) 

*Ili;\i<v 'l\iwNi; Ki;nt. A.B., d. St. Bynhon Sam-okii Smith, A.B. Lawyer. 

l.nuis. Mu., Nov. 4, iH8.i. <-7) 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

I'RANK llr..\Kv KiMHAi.i., B.S., M.D. (N. Fuwauu Aucustus Stlvk.ns, A.B. Or- 

W. Univ.) '80. Physician. chardist. 

Rocklord. 111. R. D. 6, Centralia, 111. 

*Hi;iN Lankhkkt, B.S , d. Austin, Tc.x- Marcarkt Sti-.wart, A.B., A.M. '87. 

•as, June 2, i*).). (.)2) Chemist. 3021 Dawson Ave., 

Ortim: 1.\tiiam, Pli.lL, /I'So-'Si, M.D. Cincinnati, G, 

iClii. Halm.) 'S^. Retired. *Vi:knor Jkromi; Tiiia-T, A.B., d. Al- 

2137 llorton St., Toledo, (). bion, Mich., Oct. 21, 1895. (4:) 

]\IiLo Li-wis, Ph.B. Postmaster, iSuj- *J(,iin Gkdrc.i; VanWinkli:, A.B., d. 

98. Lawyer. Greenville, Mich. Washington, D. C, March 15, 1901. 

William Huklkv Lh'.utnkr, (.|8^ 

I.awver. 318 Summit Ave., Frank Frkncii Williams, A.B. Law- 

St. Paul, Minn. yer. S-t Irving PI., Budalo. N. Y. 

*CiiAKi IS I'.MMi-.T l,()\vKi;v, All, A.M. ♦AriMv Jknniic Wii.sun, A.B., (Mrs. 

'Sj, I'h I). '8 1, d. Boulder, t'nio,, Aug. Mallory N. Slickney.) d. Lapeer, 

10. iSoi. IJu) .Mich,. Oct. 28, |M8(. (2M) 

'' .'.:' , ■../' /i^ .. '. ' V 

. --.IxJ. 1 1 

V , a;U, !f 

.a;V ,11 !:'! .-;,.j:: 

(vs. '^"i ,». 


•I.I ':.\ !/: 

1 /•/,..! 

^2 URADUATI-.S. 1877-78. 

MrtANCTiiON' Li.oYD Wooi.sKV, Pli.B. JuiiN lli.Kin.uT EuwARDS, Ph.H. p. E. 
P, K. Clc|-Kyiu;ni. Ck-rgyiiKin. 53-' ^'""^■'"'^JVf^y' 

Chicago, III. [Palmer] Wadk Pi.i;ming, 

CiiAKLKs Edwin Garnkr, Ph.B. Man- 
iifaciuiing and Real Estate. 
Daniel Ayres Allen, Ph.P. Buoksel- . ^^•,?"'',"^^''f.^ 

Icr ^4 Dearborn St., Chicago. 111. *Franklin Garrison, A.15., d. Albany, 
*M.\KiON Benjamin Allen, Ph.B.. d N, Y., April 7. i«79. (21) 

67 Lombard St, London, Lug. 


Colorado Springs Ci 

Tilly s i!S7v. CiL\KLEs Mills Gavley, A.B., LL.D. 
■ ■ ■ ■■ (Kcnyoii) '00, LL.D. 

AiENis Caswell Ancell, A.B., LL.H. tCda-<>nv, '01. (See 1-,-iciilties.) ^ 

■ So'. (Sec Faculties.) Judge U.S. , ic-rkcley, Cal. 

Dist. Court, i.jii-iJ. Lawyer, Claue.'.ce Cric,i;s, .\.B. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. Ottawa, 111 

*\\'MTER WiiE.vroN Aucui^, A.B,LL.B. Paul Henry Haxi^s, B.S. Assist. Proi. 

<Si d Chicago 111 .\pnl 2J, 1905. of Education in Harvard Univ.. ibQi- 

47) ., . ,, ^ . ">-' 

Prof, of I'.ducation, since KjQl. 

Eiouns Ai.oNZO Bakiiouu, A.B. Prof. ;, lUrkcky St., Cambridge, .\ ass. 

of Lng. Lit., -Mich. State Normal Coll. I'.eoio.e IIateield 1I.\I(ROwer, .A.B 

,i,„-i. ,.S,Ss Ypsilaiiti, Mich. I'bli. (Halle) 87. (Sec l-acuhies.) 

Minnie Baky, A.B. (Mrs. Branch li. lr,.n .NUivhani (rctind). _ 

i\ilbc ) :;S76 \'oii Wr-cii \\e. o^ lr\iiig PI., Bultalo. N. Y. 

''"•■'-' S. I. au's, .Mo. \V.n>nN DENTEK JllNCKLEY, Ph.B. 

*CiiaklES E.MERSON Beecuek, B.S., Pre JhJge ,<7ih Judicial 1)1^1. .H Pa. 

Ph.D. (Yale) '8y. Professor in Yale Warren, I a. 

liniv d. New Haven, Conn., Feb. 14, Geouoi: Hokton, A.B., Litt.D. (Geo. 

jy04.' (47) \\:i^l'- L »'^-> 'o.V !-'■ y t-^'"^"! '" 

Cora Ac.NEs Benneson, A.B., A.M. '83, Atben^ Greece, i8<j,3-'j7. I'jO/io; to 

LL.H. 'Sri. Coiinscllor-at-Law. Saloniki, Turkey, lyuv- . 

S l-hillips I'lace, Cambridge, Mass. Saloniki, Turkey. 
William Henry Birns. A.B., A.M. '79, ♦Edwaru KiNr. Humi.\ki), .\.B., was 
PhD. (.Zurich ) '07. (See l-'aeulties.) drowned in Lake St. Clair, .\ug. 16, 
.\iin Arbor. 1870. iJ]) 
Mauy J'.mma Bvrd, A.B., Ph.D. (Carle- Jeremiah Wiuei-le Jenks, A.B., A.M. 
ion) '04, Director of Snihh College '70. 1.1. . I ). 'o.^. PhD. ( Halle ) '85. Prof. 
C)bservatorv, i887-i9!/j. Teacher. ,,t S.ial Science ami l-curiomics in 
U. D. o, Lawrence, Kan. L'liiv. iS.-^)-i;i: "f I'olilical 
b\ \ Giiwniii; All .\>.mk-, I'roi, ..I Seur.c.- ii; Cnniel! Cniv. .-iucc i8.;i. 
M.ulKur.iics 111 Welle. K\ Cull. Miice Expert Agent C. S. liuhisirial Coni-^ XWileslev, Mass. mi>Moii : consulting .\gent U. S. De- 
li ni; UoSE Coi.iiv, A.B, A.M. '85, Ph.D. parlment of l.aL.r. 

■ '.SO I' and Prof, of Litora- Ithaca. N.\. 

ture ill the State Nurinal Univ., i8jj- William Lee Jenks, A B. Lawyer. 

Kjoj; Prof, of I.iieraiure, j-iuce 1009. P'Ti Huron, .\ licli. 

Normal. 111. Willi \.m Claei. in Johnson, Phil. 1 nu- 

■■Weiister Cook, A. IV. A.M. '86, Ph.D. her ,ii;d Real I'.siaie. 

■,S7, ,1. Saginaw, Muh., June ,50, kkxS. 07 1 Jeriers..ii Ave., Detroit, .Mich. 

( s,3) (;emk,.e Wells Kmciit, A.B., A.M. '8,?, 

CiiNRi.ES Malcolm Cuoli:v, Ph.B. PhD. '8), /■78-'79. I'rof. of History 

lawyer and l"n li-ii l.iteialure in Ol'i.i Statu 

Ci-aiid h'ork-. \'. D.ik. I 11 lM-!s-87; of I list, rv ai .1 Po'.iti- 

MiCUAEL BucilA-.NN iMNMiiK All. e,.l S... in e. 1887. ;8: of .American II is- 

I-iuycr I udinjit .11. .Mich. L j- .ii<l I'oiili.a! Science. 1 .'<< .8 • 1 909 ; 

Charles ^L D.M-.-.iiEii-iv. \.l(. I'. S. ,,, A.m , , ica:. Hi-.ory. mi. e i. 00 . .Wi- 

Civil Service. Wa^liiiiglon. D. C. n,.. Dean 01 lav Olle.H. (• ^ H.. 

*DaVI1) NoiiI.E Di I M-. A.I'.. MIL '80, l<;..--UI. |.,<,So, .Men. I.. <;-"i-i ^ -i>v 

d. P.oone, Iowa, J.i 1 .<i. I'l^ii. I 4M 

. I. <■".•..» 



llowi.1.1. CHA1T1-.I.I. .MooKi;, A.B. Uw- 

vcr. San Jose, Cal. 

William \'an Mdoui:, A.B, IJ..I!. 

(Bo~loii) '.So. Lawyer. iJctioit, IMIlIi. 
*Il()KACf: C.RKKI.KV iMvKKS, B.S, (1. 

Januslown, N. JJak., Nov. 2-', 1904. 

I 17) 
llAKiiv I'li-.ucK MvuicK, A.B., /'/S-Vy. 

I'.diu-r. Miluaukcc, Wis. 

.\m;i Ki' Ja.mks NoKl'o.s', I'll. I!. Lavvyci". 

7n H. .soih St, Cliicago, 111. 

.\ S.Mirii Pix'K, A.P,., A.M. '81. 

l''.N|/l()r(T and Lfcuircr. 
.jS I'riiueltiii .A\i'., I'rcjvideiici', R. I. 
A'HAULis Ki:.M)ALL l'i:KiaNi;,A.B.,A.M. 

'Si, (1. .\iin .\il)(u-, lu'li. n, njaS. (so) 
I \.Mi.> lh:i:vi:v RAVM...N1,, A.l! , /Si>\Si. 

Ki.d r.Malr and Ins, 

Anslin. 'I\x 
J \v Jr.ML's Ri-AD, l!.S.,l.I..l!. (N. \V. 

Rogers Park, Chicago, HI. 

Almkkt William Rva.m, A,B,, B D. 
(SeaUiry Hall) '82, PIlD. (]1!. Wesl.) 
'8^, Sc.D. (Wooster) 'Ss, I.l.D. (Vic- 
toria Univ., Toronlo) V). P. K. Cler- 
.L'vinan. iJnkilli, Minn. 

Our Sciiurtz, A.B. Snpt. of Scho.ds. 
Nci,'annee, Mich. 

Jamls Truman Shaw, A.l!. Treas. 
Oen'l Motor:, Co. 

Detroit, MkIl 

*|)oi-c,i.Ass llorciiioN SiKix.,iiAM,A 1;.. 
/•/S-'jo, d. Chica,140, 111, Sept. _', w\. 

*Sarau Ei.ix.vbi;tii Swift, A.B., (Mrs. 
Will Lathers,) d. Ypsiianti, Mich., 

^hlv 3, icK>8- (56) 

*CoRA li.ioN'i: ToWNsi-N'i), A.B., d. Ad- 
rian. Mich., Jan, i, icjoti. (-lu) 
SitAKT DnrcLAs, A,B, Law- 

Bostun Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

lloRNCi: Baillv Wai.mslkv, A.B. Law- 
yer. C..wper lildn., Milwankee, Wis. 

Louis Kossuth Wiciui, B.S., /'73-'74. 
A.I\L (Stanford) '(;8. Real Kstate. 
418 Van Ness Ave., Los AiiKeles, Cal. 

.\ni>ki;w WiuTi'iii-Ai), A.l'.., /'78-'7o. 
Lawvcr. Nassau Blk., Denver, Colo. 

Ross Wiukins, Ph.B., Ph.D. (lleidel- 
herg) Sz. Chemist. 

Detroit, Mich. 

*C.F.oR<;ic Si'i:m:i:r Wii.lit^, A.B,, d. 
San Jnan, P. R., Nov. 26, 18.J.S. 1 41) 

'rin:()0<iKi; John Wkami'i:i.mi;ii: r, A.B., 
i'hC. '78. (See K.tciilties.) Pelroleiini 
production. Berkeley, Cal. 

I'li.D. 'So, ;/i'8i-'8 


IR .A.N-DKRSO.N', :\.y[., 



.u As 

A,B. Man- 
nlacuirer, Toledo, (.). 

*\\'1LL1\M LlMXC.STON' A.XI-ORD, Ph,B., 

-M.D. 'c^i, d. Chica'uo, 111., Jan. 17, 18.^1. 
( 2 i I 

*l:r\sti s ,\lui:rt I!arni;s, Ph.B.,Pll.^L 
'80, d. Clnca,^o, 111., Jan. 8, lycx). (63) 

Frluicric So.mlrs Bull, Ph.B. Luiii- 
I'linian Winona, Minn. 

*M\RiA l.Avi.MA Blood, A.B., d. Wal- 
lli.ain, .\la-^., Nov. t,, 1880. (24) 

Mui,ai:l Uknkv )5rl,\,\a.v, Ph.B., /'79- 
So, Ciiv ,\lt'y, i8<j(j-(,8; Register U. 
S Land ( 11 lice I<;07-o8. Lawyer. 

Devil's Lake, N. D. 

''1 liii;i:ui William Brow.n, A.B. and 
.\ M , Mis,-,iuiiarv in Mexico from 
18S4, d. Clifton Springs, N. Y.. Feb. 
15, K.a'i, (48) 

Jami:s Paui;li-ori) Brow.v, Ph.B. Real 
I'st.ile. Milwankee, Wis. 

■W'li.i.iA.M FosTKR BuYA.N', A.B., d. La- 
fayette, liul.. May 25, uyx). (57) 

'Jamls David Callahan, A.B., S.T.B., 
and A.M. (Harvard) '8,^, d. Welling- 
ton, Kan., 1884. (T,z) Bulkluv Cami'iu-.ll, A.B. (Mrs. 
ja,ne= T. Ivauleslicld. ) 

.(,51.; X. .Meridian St., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 


MoiUerev, Mex., Mav 20, i8ij8. (43) 
JoH.v CuASE, A.B., M.D. '81. ProL of 

Ophthahnology and Otology in Univ. 

of L'cilo. sin.e 1801. Physician. 

Majestic Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
F.DMiNn .\i>oi.i'ii Christian, A.H.. 

ALD. "82, h.U. (hon.) '06. Medical 

Supt. Fastern Mich. Asyhnii, since 

l&)\. (See Faculties.) 

Pontiac, Mich. 
♦Frantz Hint Coi:, A.B., M.D. '88, 

d Se.UtK-, Wash., luly 16, 1004. (48) 
CiiAUNrKv Flrris (Jook, A.l!., LL.B. 

■S2. P.anker. Hillsdale, Mich. 

RuiiARi. C,AV DiT'fv, .\.l!., M l).(/i)'8i. 

Phvsician. Jamcstnwn, N. D. 

Laura Donxax, .\.B, A.M. '87. Teach- 
er. 2,^2 N. Capitcd Ave., 

hidianapolis, Ind. 
»Ori;n Dunham, Ph.B., d. Toledo, O., 

Sept. 23, 1907. (57) 
Thomas R.xndolimi Fdwards. Ph.B. 

Seedsman. Chehoygan, Mich. 

- u- li .J.--1 ,, 

■.H.I I 


I bi .r. ! •. ,11 

u,...n ^ iji' 

li-i.l:.r;. :l t,-|^,ii, 



[i 879-80. 

Fanny Clinton Farrand, A.B. (Mrs. 

John F. Boyiiton.) Saginaw, Midi. 
Makio.v Sakaii GivRLS. Pii.B. Teacher 

in Central High School. 

.Si) Seidell .^ve., Detroit, Mich. 

CllAKl.KS lloWAKD GklCAlllOUSK, AB, 

A.M. '80. Fditorial Clerk, IJepartuKiit 
of Agr., since 1897. 

R. D. 4, Box ir. Washington, D. C. 

William Albi;rt Gri:i;son, .A.B. and 
A.M. Dean of Lewis Institute, Chi- 
cago, ]S<j6-iijo(0; Su|)t. of Schiiols, 
since li)o(>. (irand Rapids. Midi. 

Lr. Roy, A.B. and .\..M. A^.ncy 
Mngr. Iviuital.le Life. 

liatlle Creek, Mich. 

Francis Dwiciit Haskici.l, A.B., .AM. 
(Kalamazoo) '82. Paper .Mill Sup- 
plies, sio Peck Bl.lg., 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Gi:oRCi- llLMi'i,, A.B., Ph.D. (Jena) '89. 
(See Faculties.) 

Stanford University, Cal. 

'William Cauv Hill, A.B., d. Chelsea, 
Mich., May -.'8, 1S.S1. (40) 

♦EnwiN Waltlr jKN.MCy, A.B., d. Ir- 
vington, Ind., Feb. 9, 1897. (43) 

Fkld Parker Jordan, A.B. Assist. Li- 
hrarian in General Library of Univ. 

-Ann Arbor. 

*^L^VA Violet Lee, Ph.B., (Mrs. Frank 
R. Osborn,) <1. De Land, Fla, March 
-^ i«'A5. (.55) 

Lorenzo Joiix Locv, B S., M.D. '81. 
Physician. Flavison, Mich. 

James Wilfred McKinley, B.S. Judge 
Superior Court of Los Angeles Co., 
i8.S<)-97; Regent Univ. of Cal., since 
i.)nj. I.Mwver. Los Angeles, Cal. 

XlAMuN NK'.Mlll.AN, .\.H., /^.j'^o, 'Sj- 
'>Si. lonrnali^t j:;i W. ojlh St, 

New Yurk, N. Y. 

Frank Day Mead, .AB. Member Const. 
ConvcntioiL 1907-08. Lawyer. 

Hscanaba, Mich. 

Jesse Fonua Millsi-aloii, A.B., .A.M. 
(hoii.') '04. );r8i-'8j, M.D. (Univ. of 
Pa.) 'S.v Sup(. of Schools, Salt Lake 
City, Utah, iSoo-.;<); Pres. Winona, 
Minn., State Normal School, iS</>- 
1004; Pres. Ixis Angeles State Nor- 
mal School, since 1904. 

mo I'orest Ave., Hollywood, Cal. 

^^\RK NoRRis, Ph.B., LL.B. '8j. Law- 
yer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ai.iiERT Samuel Pettit, A. 15. Red 
I'.stalc and Mines. Baker, La. 

(Long Tslan.l) '80, Ph I). (III. Wesl.) 

'&7, L.]LD. (Allegheny) '02, Capt. and 
Surg. U. S. .A.; Maj. and Brigaile 
Surg. U. S. Vols., i8(j8, d. Savannah, 
(la., April 8, 191 1. (.54; 

Cyrus .Aucustus Pomerov, A.B. Real 
Estate. _'2i7 McGee Ave., 

Berkeley, Cal. 

John Ross Russel, A.B., M.D '8.'. 
ALanufaclurer.'' Detroit, Mich. 

Charlotte i\L\ria Smith, B.S. (.Airs. 
Oscar F. Angstman.) Writer. 

-'77 Pnlnani Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Si'i-.Nci.R Ramsey S.mitu, A.B. Princ. 
Wei.ddl Phillips High School. 

3-'4 N. Park Ave., Chicago, III. 

Kenneth Russell Smoot, A.B., LL.B. 
'82. Capitalist. Beaumont, Cal. 

John Huuuaru Tweedy, A.B. Invest- 
ment Bonds. Milwaukee, Wis. 

I.ticius Lincoln Van Slkye. -A.B,, A.M. 
•Si, Ph.D. '82. (Sec Faculties.) Chief 
Chemist, N. Y. Kxperiment Station, 
since kVj. Geneva, N. Y. 

■'CiiAki.i.s C.ii.iiEKT \'anWekt, Ph.B., 
/'ro-'.So, d. Minneapolis Minn., .\ng. i, 
I'/hS. (55) 

William Dow Wasuiiurn, .\.B., I'&i- 
"62. Lawyer, jst Nat'l Bank Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 

Elmer Ranooli'h Webster, .A.B.. 
LL.B. '80. Lawyer. Pontiac, Mich. 

Enoch Clark White, A.B. Retired. 

Lapeer, Mich. 

Geokce Demino Wright, .A.B., B.D. 
(General Theo. Seni., N. Y.) '^6 P. 
]■:. Clergyman. Chaplain to St. Luke's 
Ho.piud. Chicago, 111. 


JusiAM Little .Amurose, P1i.P>., i;r8o- 
•81, Ml). (Rush) '83. Phvsician. 

Bay City, Mich. 
Martha Elizaheth Arnold, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. Willis Boughton.) 

227 E. 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Orlando Fleming Barnes, .A.B. Real 

F.stale. Lansing, Mich. 

George W'eu.ster Borden, .\.B., B.D. 

(Union) '8(. Retired Clergyman. 

Piedmont, Okl. 
John AL\rion Brewer, .A.B. Banana 
Pl.mur. San Pedro, Sula, 

Honduras, C. .A. 

♦Edward Miles Brown, Ph.B., .A.AL 

and I'll I). (Gollingen) '91. Prof, i.f 

.Modern Languages and Literatures, 

Uni\. of Ciiicimiaii, i8<aj-92; of ling. 


/./ TliRARy DllI'.lRTMIiX'T. 


Lang, and Lit., 181)2-1908, d. Ann Ar- 
bor, Sept. 14, lyoS. (54) 

*Is.\AC Howard Buli.ock, A.B., d. Ann 
Arbor, Feb. 11, uSvSo. {jj) 

AinuuK W'ji.i.iA.M BuUiN'ETT, A.M. (See 
FacultiL=.) Publisher. With Henry 
Holt ^V Co. J4 W. 3.^d St., 

x\eu' York, N. Y. 

CuAui.ES IIoTCiiKiSS Camtueel, Fli.B 
Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Ei.i.K.N Lbcy Clothieu, B L. Teacher. 
Fredonia, N. Y. 

Katiiaki.xe Ellis, Fh.B. Prof, 
of History and Fcunoniics in Welles- 
ley Coll. since iS^O. Wellcsley, Mass. 

William Wilson Cook, A.B., LL.B. 
Sj, FL.D. (Hillsdale) '99. Lauycr. 

44 N\'all St., New York, N. Y, 
i^,Mi,.v\ Cka.meu, Ph.l'.. (.Mrs. Byrun S. 

Waite.j 0J4 N. Broadway, 

Yc.nkc-rs, N. Y. 
l.Kwis Fka.xkli.n Culver, A.B. Manu- 

Harvey, 111. 
Charles Levi Uuiiuar, Liunbcr 

Norlhville, Mich. 
Joii.v Thomas Ewinc, A.B., A.NL 
(Wooster) 'yo. Prof, of Greek in Al- 
ma Coll., 1890-KP5; of Ancient Lan- 
guages, since 1905. 

Ahna, Mich. 
Jav Fl'i.ler, Ph.B., LL.B. 'Si. Lawyer. 

45 Buhl Block, Deiruit, Mich. 
^.M.sKV He.nkietta Graii.\m, Ph.B., 

(Mis. F. L. Barnett,) d. Cliicago, HI., 
Jan. 2, 1890. (32) 
'John Alexander Green, A.B., LL.B. 
(.Cumberland Univ.) '82, d. San An- 
tonid, Tix., Jan. U, iS<>(). (40) 
*Tiu.MAS C. Green, Ph. 15., d. South 

Haven, Mich., Nov. 4, 1894- (-9) 
Frederic James Gurnev, A.B., B.D. 
(Chicago) '8j. Assist. Recorder, Univ. 
of Chicago, 

6416 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Nqrman Washington Haire, A.B., 
LL.B '85. Judge ^Jd Mich. Circuit 
i8(>i-i905. Law and Mining. 

Houghton, Mich. 
Wii.i.iA.M Washington Hannan, A.B., 
LL.B. S.?. Real Estate. 

The Pasadena, Detroit, Mich. 
Thomas Lorenzo Heaton, B.L., LL.B., 
'80. Diiiuty Sui>t. of Schools. 

175 Carl St., San Francisco, Cal. 
William Helmle, A.B. Teacher in the 
Crane High School, Ciiicago. 

534 Wwudbiiio Ave.. ( ).ik Park, III 

Charles Wellman Hitchcock, A.M., 
M.D. (Detroit) '85. Physician and 
Surgeon. 270 Woodward Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

*Wili.iam Henry Honey, A.B., /■94- 

'95, d. Hartford City, Ind., May 8, 

1910. (50} 

*James Edward Hunt, A.B., /'8i-'82, d. 

Toledo, C), Aug. i5, 1888. (29) 

Ledul' Roi.i.iN Hunter, A.B. Farmer. 

South Lyon, Mich. 

•''WiLi.i.vM Kemi'Er Jones, A.B., d. 

Cry,lal Falls, Mich, Feb. X 18S5. (24) 

*James R. Laing, B.S., LL.B. '76, d. 

Flint, Mich., July I, 1896. (48) 
Peter Burr Loumis, A.R. Manufac- 
turer. Jackson, Mich. Kin.; McGee, (See Fac- 
nliies ) Ann Arbor. St-MXKR Mitchell, Ph.B. 
I'ditorial Writer. 

Duluth, Minn. 

Leroy Stei'Iien Norton, Ph.B., ^'74- 

'75. Sn|it. of Schools at Jackson, 1896- 

lyii. Jackson, Mich. 

JosEi'H Wilson Parker, A.B., A.B. 

(Earlhain) '79. Bookkeeper. 

631 S. Glenn Ave., Wichita, Kan. 
Carolyn Cook Parrish, A.B. (Mrs. 
Park B. Olmsted.) 

4207 Perry Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Ai.i.Ex Bautlit Pond, A.B, A.M. U'on.) 
'II, /'Ss-'.S*). .Architect. 

04 E. \'an Buren St, Chicago, 111. 
Aliucrt Jav Potter, A.B. Farmer. 

R. D. 20, Danbury, Conn. 
.Stella Prince, AH. (Mrs. Samuel M. 
Stocker.) 1014 E. 2iul St., 

Duluth, Minn. 
Fr\nk I'ltEMONT Reed, A.B. Lawyer. 
(S.e I'.iciilue..) 

Peoi)le's Gas Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
H.nrry Si.xde Richards, Ph.B. Insur- 
ance Adjuster. 

Insurance Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 
Osman Cooley Seelye, A.B. Life In- 
surance Manager. 

80 Griswold St., Detroit, Mich. 

Edwin Stanton Sherrill, A.B., M.D. 

(Columbia) '85. Physician. 

270 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Joseph Warri:n Smith A.M. Secr'y 

Home Investment /\sso. 

Redlands, Cal. 
Samuel Makston Stocker, Ph.B., 
Hi'8i-'82, M.D. (N. Y. Univ.) '85. Phy- Duluth, Minn. 

•jEEEEusoN Ray Thomas, B.S., d. Del- 
ta, Colo., May 22, i8<,,2. (jy) 

I ,. ':-. ■ < .Xi ,CvI t vou' 

7 6 



Mai.coi.m r.M<Ki:i( TiiciMAS, A.l'.. Far- 

iinr. Sclioulcraft, Mich. 

"CiiAki.Ks Wki,lini'.ton Tui'Ts, A.M., 

A.l!. \j\ (}nnic pro time), d. Detroit, 

-Midi., June J7, 190C. (sol 
Juki, Cl.wkki.y Tvi.ku, A.M. Mami- 

faclnrer. Kuuxvillc, Tcnn. 

Ai.icic Van lloosiiN,, /;('87-'8(>. 

(.Mrs. Joseph C. JOI1L-.S.) 

484s CaiuuK-t AvL'., Chicago, 111. 
I,viii.\ Va.nHouskm, A.H., A.M. 

(Cnlnnihia) 'yo. (Mrs. Alhcrt J. I\U- 

Irr, ) 1^. D. 20, Uauhiiry, Conn. 

lUuo.^ Waiti;, ii.I,. 

Ml ^(1 Mich. Circuit, iSjy-i'XX). LI. S. 

Ccu'i Appraiser, New York. 

6,u N. Bruadway, Yoiikers, N. Y. 

*CllAKI.KS ClIASK WlllTACKK, I'il.B., d. 

Point au Pic, P. Q., Sept. 14, 1905. 

F.DWiN Kikiiv WiiiTi'iuiAu, A.B. Real 
ICstale. Denver, Cul... 

J(.ii,v Havk.n Wii.i.AKi), Slocks 
and llund.. 294J Indiana Ave., 

Chicaj^o, 111. 

Ei.i.A CuKNKi.iA Williams, A.M. Teach- 
er. 30 W. 55tli St., New York, N. Y. 


l.I,.B. •&}. Uwyer. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
M.\x ZiNKKiSi:.\', A.B. Merchant. 

107 !•:. 7olh St., N'ew York, N. Y. 



Fj(.\nk Gatks Ai.i.iiN, A. 15. Vicc-Pres. 
Mohnc Plow Co. Moline, III. 

Sakaii linZAUVAii Bancs, .^.B. Teach- 
er, Av,.n Park, Fl.i, 

(■.^•^ M ^^^•M;n Bic.iii.ow, All. M. Iv 
MiniMer (retired), 
(.10 W, I'icn Si., l.os Angeles, {.'aI. 

•»lM<ANK I'ARin:!-; ll..iu;iiru.M, A,B.. d. 
Hal lie Creek, Mich, May 2O, I.)o6, ra.HciiTo.Ni, A.l!,, A.M. (Dick- 
iMM,:,) \)i, PhD. (Ohio Univ.) KKK), 
Teacher .d hlimlrsh, luasimis II. ill 
llinh Scho.d. Ili.ioklvn, N. Y. 

♦KowAKi) ]JAUvi:v I!u\viA.v, A.B., was 
drowned at Sea View, Mass., .\n.:;. ji>, 
\^%. (31) 

*Cii\Ki.i:;, Tayi.ok Bkaci: .\,B., d. 11. id- 
der, Colo., Jiilv iK l<;il (S-O 

Tii<.m\s 1{i:utuanl) Bkonson, A.B., 
A.M 'sr. Head of M<.dern LanKnagc 
Depl, I.awrenceville School. 

I.aureiiceville, N. J. 

Cl.Al.Di; RollLXbO.-^ BlJCIIA.NA\, .A.B. 

Lawyer. Grand Ra|)ids, Mich. 

}I]:.N'Kv Ja.\ii;s ]5i;ti.i-:i<, A.B. 

Geokc.i-; Noiu.i-, A B., A.M. 
Uuni.) '0(1, Director of Lewis Iiisti- 
tiUe since l.S()v 

ChicaKO, HI. 

SAMiii;i, CiiANDi.iiu, A.B. Mamil'actnrer. 
2,i0 Ovinglon Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

F"i;sTus Cli.AKKic «Coi,i;, Pli.B. Lnmher 
Dealer, Iron Mountain, Mich, 

Ni-LLii; May, A.B. (Mrs. John 
D. Mersereau.) Pasadena, Cal. 

*JoiiN Cdukmii.i, Watkkson Cowi.EY, 
A.B. d. Croiik Urleigh, Michael, Isle 
of Man, June 20, lyoo. (43) 

Isaiah Riiiii) Cuosshttk, A.B. Lumber 
Dealer. Muskegon, Mich. 

Gkokgic Buown Daniui.s, A.B. Lum- 
ber Dealer. Grand Mich. 

Bk.niami.nj Lkonakd D'Ooci:. A.B„.\.M. 
•84, PhD. (Bonn) '01. (See Facul- 
ties,) Vpsilanti, Mich. 

J,n.m: I'Aku, AB. (Mrs. Kenneth R. 
SiiioMt ) Beainnont. Cal. 

D,\\io !m.;i.mi.i.;v, A.l!., LL.D. (Univ. of 
III) '05, LH.D. (Blackburn), Prof, 
of Mathemalics in Normal L'niv., 
i8<jo-ujt»; i^iesident, 1900 — . 

Normal, 111. 

*VVii.LiA.M Fijward Fknwick, Pll.B., d. 
Detroit, Mich., .'Xpril 4, 1911. (51) 

*C.i:okc.i: lIiiNkv F'l.ETciiKu, A.B., d. 
Los Angeles, Cal., May 2S, 1903. (45) 

DiiAN-K Fi.wiN Fox, A.B., I.L.B. (Co- 
lumbian) '8{, LL.M. iibiJ.) '84. Law- 
yer Washington, I). C. 

Ai.i.A.v II..WAU1. I'kAzi-k. Ph B. Pros. 
.Xti'v inr \\'a\ne Co., i8i)_>- KKK). 
Ncr' Deir-ii, Mich. 

I>,.\ .\i (.^/(l G.xkWcjoD. .\ B Lawyer. 
Grand Rapids, .Mich. 

A.SN,\ BokowKi.i, Gi;i,sT.).N, PliB., A.M. 
uxxx Cai.iloguer in Indiana Univ. Li- 
brar\', Bloomingion, Iiid. 

1mii:i.i;kuk llAKkis G.ii-i.-, Pres. 
t-leyel,uul Trust Co. Cleveland, O. 

Cii,\kiis Watson Gooiikicii, .\.B, Col- 
lee I'laiiler. I.a.s llava,, 

Vera Cm?, Mcx. 

*.\Krii(K C.ii.i.i-si-iK llAi.i., A.M., d. 
C.i/eiiMM,,. N'. v., March 31. 18S3 (27) 

WiiiixM Simon llii.i., A.B,, /'Si-'S-. 
I.awver. Marciuette, Mich. 

MIm;oi o I'.TiiKki.iNC. Ihi.ToN, A.B, d. 
\\'.i,sliiiii;l..n, D, C,. Julv -'.', iS.M-1. (3-') 

^MaIKICK .\|.MOk llol.SKMAN, Phi;., d. 

Grand, Mi> h , June 23, I'jo.]. 

l.ii iwy...,l 


i.rn:i<ARy dhpaktmuxt. 



(Univ. of Cal.) '03. (Mrs. Henry J. 

Ciirran.) Teacher. Grass Valley, Cal. 
Or.mcind Frkmont Hunt, A.l!., LL.ll 

■S... I.auver, 

I'euuhscot W.Ik., Detroit, Mich. 
\Vi.:tmoki-, Hunt, I'h.U. Trcas. Mexican 

Criiile Knhlier Co. 

Penobscot ISldg-., Detroit, Mich. 
CiiAiii.Es Hutchinson, I'h.B., I'h.M. 

'83, LL.B. (JO. Farmer. 

R. 1). I, Battle Creek, Mich. 
*l'".n\v.M<u IsiiAKi-, A.B., Astronomer of 

Cireely E.xpeilition, perished al Camp 

Clav, near Cai)e Sabine, Smith Sound, 

May 27, i>S8.j. (25) 
I'ka.nk AkTiiuii JuiiNSON, A.l!., M.D. 

Co'lV.lNS lllCKHV JulINSTo.N, A.B, M.D. 
VSj. I'hvsician and Surgeon. 

(kand Kapids, Mich. 

tJoiiN Kkli.v, A.B., M.D. '84. Physi- 
cian. 200 Forest Ave., W., 

Detroit, Mich. 

11(3 .Mh'R Hitchcock Kincslky, A.B. 
(See Faculties.) Evanston, III. Han.mbai, KuMi.icK, A.B. 
Lawyer. Dayton, O. 

*\V. LuiGii LiLiGi-TT, A.B., d. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Feb. 11, i88<j. (31) 

Wii.i.iam I.ocv, B.S., M.S. '84, 
Sc.l). (/i,);i.) '06, PhD. (Chicago) '04. 
J'rof. of Zoology in N. W. Univ. since 
i8.j(). Aulhi.r. I'.vanston, 111. 

Da\'ii) MacKi-nzik, .-\.M. I'linc. Cen- 
tral High School. Detroit, Mich. 

I'"kancis McNa.maka, Ph. 15. Lawyer. 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

'1''k.\\k CiiiTTi'NDi'N Mani)i;i.i„ A.B., 
d, llailev, lil.ilu., Dec. 14, I.hK). (.17) 

' \i ,M \ M \n:.i III I. A I! A.M. ^Sj, (Mks. 
iMnul I).,) d. .\nn .\f 
l.ur. M.iv 1, loi-v (S-O 

(;i:(iK.,i.; IJAKT .Mini:k, B.S., D.D.S. '^7- 
Dcnliht. Ilntcliinson. Kan. 

*MAC,r.iK Murtun, A.l'.., (Mrs. Charles 
K. Mitchell,) d. Ludington, Mich., 
Fel). 4, 1888. (2g) 

I'.ii.-.KNi: CiiARi,i-;s Nardin, I'h.B. Teach- 
er. Ashley, Mich. 

^"Martii.v 1{stici,i,a Norton, A.M., 
(Mrs. VVilham B. Woods,) d. Man- 
mee, O., Dec. 2, 1906. (S-t) 

Horacjc Mann Ori;n, A.B., I,I,.B. '8 f. 
.Vll'v-Cen'l of Mich. i8ij() UM)i. Cir- 

ill St 

•8,,. Prof. 


Therapeutics in Detroit Coll. of Med. 
As-:isl. Surg. L'. S. Vols. i8g8. Phy- 
sician and Surgeun. 

559 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

iX.B. V?. Oklahoma City, Okl. 

Isaac Nkwton Pavnk, A.B., /'8i-'8j. 

l.auycr. Detroit, Mich. 

lli.;Ria:RT .Maury 1;i;i.iiam, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Iron Mountain, Mich. 
Moss Ki.NT Pkkkins, A.B. 
CiiARi.ns John Ricicn, A.B. Chemical 

Engineer. Box 751, San Francisco, Cal. 
KdWi.ANij Hknry Rkrick, B.S. Editor 

of 'llic Slnnchiid. La Grange, Ind. 
*liAi;i;v CuAciv Richardson, A.U., d. 

\VM Claire, Wis., Oct. 23, 1S83. (23) 
^Arthur Raymond Rood, Ph.M.,LL.B. 

'83, d. Grand Rapids, Mich., April 5. 

100... (.^) 
"^ Sa.x, A.B., d. Milwaukee. Wis., 

Nov. 10, HJ03. (43) 


d. Grand Rapids, Mich, April, i8<j6. 

John Gii.ks Schuutz, .A.M. Production 

170 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Job Hart Scott, A.B., B.D. (Chicago) 
'87. Baptist Missionar\. 

Osaka, Japan. 

'[oiiN- W. Sowor.N, B.L., nSi-'Si, LL.B. 
( '83, d. Washington, D. 
C, .M.iy s, i8()j. (3S) .\i;i;', Sta.\i,i;v, A,B. (.Mrs. 
Lsaac .v. Payne.) 
31 Milwaukee Ave., E, Detroit, Mich. 

+T110MAS Cari.yi.i: Tati:, B.S,, d. Keo- 
kuk, l.iwa, June o, l8.;i. (3j) 

H MiUIKT I'.KKCIIKR T.Wl.oR, .\.B. Teach- 
er. Alinoni, Mich. 

huA.NK Taylor Ti;rkv, .\.1:. Iuncsi- 
mcnl Broker. 

71 \ Astor St., Milwaukee, \\'is. 

Wll.l.lAM Man.s' TlloMCSO.S, Ph.B. 

Banker. Jackson, Mich. 

Cn.\Ki.i.:s Arnktti: Towni:, Ph.B. Repr. 
from Minn, in the 54tli Cong. (i&)5- 
>;;) ; I'. S. from Minn., k/jg- 
'01 ; kepr. from New York Citv, 1905- 
'07. I.auver, us Broad w.iv, 

New ^-'ork, N. Y. 

I'kkdkric Marti.\' Tow.\, .\.B., 
A.iM. (Coll. ill St Francis .Xavier) 't;i. 
Director of Cl.n PMen Seminary. 

I'oughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Jkan .\i..ii:,ns Wi-.TMouK, B.S., M.S. 

■8j. Mngr, of ihc P,,lygl,,t Co, 

M Paik Row, New York, N. Y.;^. 

t. -; : Al' J 



[ 1881-8.'. 

Wii.r.i.wi TcRNiCk WiiKDON, Pli.U. 

Manulaciiucr. Noruoud, W;iss, 

A^\ l)i:\ii.i.u Wiiiii'i.i:, A.M. Banker. 

Owosso, Mich. 

JOSEIMI I\I.\.N-Dli;viI,Le WlllTK, A.B., 

A..M. {hon.) '01. Siipt. of Schools at 

Carthage, AIo., 1885-95, and since lyoj. 

Carthage, Mo 

*Evr.Ri-.TT J^RO.Mi-: Wiini'.iiiv.M), A.B., 

M.l). '90, d. Kiuialh, Va., Dec. 9, 1901. 

tLouis DwKNi'uRT Wight, li.L. Yeo- 
man V. S. S. Hector, i8.j8. 

Credit Lyonnais, Paris, France. 
S.vMUKL L.MNO \VlI,l.l.^MS, A.B., LL.B., 
(Columbian) '84, LL.M. (f^iU) '85. 
1 .iwver. 4203 St. I,a\vrencc Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

SiiKi.uo.N- .Xi.VA Wood, A.B. Lawyer. 

(Hit Wood Bldg, Detroit, Mich. 


*KiK-..\R John Adams, M.l.., d. ]3atavia, 
N. v., Jan. 28, \i)07. (52) 

Fr\.nki.i.v CoRviiDN, B.I.., B.T. 
(.Union) '86. I'rcbl). Clergyman. 

Houston, Minn. 

♦Julian Wii.i.iam B.mkd, A.B, A..M. '8?, 
Ph.C. '83, M.D. (Harvard) '90, d. Bos- 
ton, Mass., June _>6, 1911. (52J 

FuANCis F.i.isiiA Baki:r, i\,15. Justice 
of Supreme Court of Indiana, i89<j- 
1902; LI. S. Circuit Judge, 7th Cir- 
cuit, since 1902. Goshen, Ind. 

Carrii: Jui.iA Barkkr, Ph.B. 

Highlands, N. C. 

Ju.Nif.s I'.MilKV Bi;ai„ lil,. Regent of 
Ciux Miuc l.ui. 1.X.8 .\Kinler Pub- 
lic |)oiii,uii CounHl-,^io^. .\nn .\rho[. 

*Cai<i. Wii.i.iam Bi;, A.l!., A.M. 
'i>3. Ph.D. (l.eip.^ig) '8.^. (See I'ac- 
nltiev I 

John Wiibi.i-v Bknnktt, A.B.,I,L.B. '85. 
Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

*Fui:d Bi;tts, A.B., d. Los Angeles, Cai., 
Dec. 6, 1906. (47) 

BiiNjAMiN PiTCHKR Bkodik, A.B., M.D. 
(Mich. Coll. of Med.) '84. Physician 
and Surgeon. Detroit, Mich. 

Waltkr SiCY.MOUR Brown, B.S., M.D. 
'8s. Farmer. Oakley, Kan. 

Wii.i.iam Byron Cadv, Ph.B., /■82-'8,?. 
Lawyer. Detroit, Midi. 

Doucn.AS Houghton Cami-bell, Ph.M., 
Ph.D. '8(). Prof, of Botany in Indiana 
Univ. 1888-91; ill I.eland Stanford Jr. 
liiie. Miu-e J8.>|. Slanl'ord Univ., Cal. 

Wii.i.ARD Kdcak Chandler, A.B. Real 
Fslate and Tropical Agriculture. Su- 
lierior, Wis, ami Isle of Pines, West 
CtAKLNCi: Heriuckt Guilds, Ph.B. 
Lawyer. 1925 S. Queen Ave., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
William Lawrence Cle.micnts, B.S. 
Pres. Industrial Works. Regent of 
llni\-. since Jan.,' 1910. 

Bay City, Mich. 
CuARF.Es Lewis Cokei.v, B.S., Ph.C. '84.' 
.Mining. JO .Medbury Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Fred George Coldren, A.B., LL.B. 
(Columbian) '84. Lawyer. 
1725 Park Road, Washington, D. C. He.n'ry Cole, A.B., A.M. '97. 
Field Kei)reseiitative of "The Conti- 
nent." 1012 State St., 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Fdwi.v Locke Cole, li.S., M.S. '83. 
liuestmeuts. City of Mexico, and 

Passaic, N. J. 
James Su.mnek Collins, A.B. Special 
Peii.^ion Fxaminer. New .Mbany, Ind. 
KooER Wii.i.iam Cooi.ev, B.L. Lectur- 
er and I'diior. 54 ^Vest 3rd St., 

St. Paul, Minn. 
CiiAULEs .Albert Crampton, B.L., Ph.C. 
'H2, A.C. (Purdue) '82, M.D. (Colum- 
bian) '84. Chemist in U. S. Int. Rev. 
Ottice, 1890-1910. Consulting and Ana- 
lyiic.d Chemist. Evans Bldg., 

Wabiiiugtoii, D. C. 

Georok Oliver Clrme, A.B., A.M. 

iDe Pauw) '84. Prof, of Germanic 

l'hi| in N. W. Univ., since 18-^7. 

I'vai.ston, 111. 

.M\in Mi-iissA Gurus, A.B., A.M. '83. 

(.Miv Ch.irles 11. Greathousc.) 

R. D. 4. Box II, 

Washington, D. C. 
*Kliza Darling, Ph.B.. (Mrs. Law- 
rence C. Hull,) d. Boulder, Colo., 
Feb. r, 1906. (48) 
'Frank William Davenport, PIi.B., 
d. Bloomington, 111., Oct. 6, 1883. (24) 
John Philander Deli-hey, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. 411 Adams St., Toledo, O. 
Charles Howard Durham, A.B. 
Teacher of Latin in High School, 
since i8<J5. Ravenna, O. 
James Freukric Galuvher, .\.B. Judge 
of Circuit Court. Michigan City, Iiid. 
William Gali-in, A.B. P. E. Clergy- 
man, Muskegon, Midi. 
Arthur Mills Gelstun, A.B. Cashier. 
Hamilton, Cal. 

: ■!•; J.-, /.■-.) 

/-M..I .. ■'* ,). 


LI ri-.KAKY i)i;i'Ai<rMi:\r, 


Maucia GiLMORf, Ph.B., M.D. '84. 

53S Ladcra St., Pasadena, Cal. 
Wii.MAM 11i:kiii:i<t Ckauam, a. II. 

.\syliim. Kaiikakrc, 111. 

luiiN lli:.NKV (.^.uant, A.B., Ll,.li. 'Hi. 

Jiuiuc of I'r.ihatc l>.r Manistee Co., 

since iSy|. Regent of LJniv., since 

Kjoy. Manistee, Mich. 

RoiiKRT Toms Gray, Pli.B. Lawyer. 

Ford Bldg., JXtroit, Mich. 
Ai.DKRT Bari,i)w IIai.i;, A.B., /i'83-'&), 
M.D. (N. W. Univ.) 'SO. Special 
Compiler, Pan American Union. 

Wasliin^ton, D. C. 

Mary Lucy Harding, Ph.B. Teacher. 

PlunuuerviUe, Ark. 

^L^RY IIi-r.i:i,i;R, B.S. (Mis. Paul Car- 

us) La Salle, Hi. 

Jamks Bkvan Hi-rrick,, A.M. 

(hoii.) '07, I\LD. (Rush) '88. Prof. 

of Medicine in Rush Med. Coil since 

189s. 221 Ashland Blvd.. Chicago, 111. 

Laura IIii.i.s, Ph.B. (Mrs. James LL 

Norton.) Teacher of French. 

4410 N. Paulina St., Chicago, III. 
IIkruekt Augustus Hodge, BL.,LL.B. 
'85. Farming and Real lislate. 

R. I). 6, Ann Arhor. 
Louis Howard Hydk, Ph.B. With tlie 
Dwight & Lloyd Metallurgical Co. of 
New Yoi'k. S02 S. Kastern /\ve., 

Joliet. 111. 
Frank Brucic Li;i-and, A.B., LL.B. '84. 
Regent of Univ. since Jan., i9aS Bank- 
er. 2(/j Griswold St., Detroit, Mich. 
JoiiN Jacoii Lkntz, A.B., LL.B. (Co- 
lumbia) '8.5, Repr. from Ohio in .S5th 
and 56th Congresses ( i8'^7-i<;oi). Nat'l 
Pre.i, Am Ins. Union, 18 )S-. Law 

Cohuulnis, U. 

Wlll.lAM LluNAKI, I.OVKLA.MI, 1!.!,. G.U- Man..i;er. 42 Broadwav. 

New York, N. Y. 

Andri-w Cunning]i.\m McLaughlin, 
A.B., LL.B. '8s, A.M. (hoi,.) 'cyG. (See 
Faculties.) Chicago, 111. 

*J[i;nry Symks Mauon, Ph.B., LL.B. 
■8t, d. Duluth, Minn., June 20. 100.S. 

Wii.i.iAM L'Estrangk Mauon, Ph.B. 
Sales Engineer, Taylor Iron & Steel 
Co. 100 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Wii.i.iAM l'",i,MORE Martin, Ph. P. 
Merchanl.-,' Nat'l Bk. BMk , 

(luuih.i, Neh. 

\Vii.i.iAM Jami;s Mu,i.i:r, I'h B. Mer- 
chant. .Manros, Colo. 

Mary L<aicy Mim:r, Pli.B. Teacher 
of Latin in I'.astein High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

''W'll I.IA.M IJDhMIvR MlTCIll'.I.I., A.B., d. 

Los .\ngeles, Cal„ Oct. 3, 189,). (,f8> 

JOHN- loMIII .\U)N/:0 MuKI'llKY, .\.l!., 

/'8()-'8i. Lawyer. La Grange, 111. 

*Ja,mus Ilii.u Norton, B.L., d. South- 
ampton, I'.ngkmd, June 26, KJOO. (40) 
Anxu; .\i.air OcKi-oRi), A.B. (Mrs. 

Fdward Van de Vanter.) 

(Jnllia, Wash. 
Hknry Siir.RRiNG Pratt, A.B., Ph.D. 

(Leipzig) '(),5. Prof, of Biology in 

Haverford Coll. Ilaverford, Pa. 

jAct)n F.i.i.swoRTii Reiguauu, Ph.B., 

()i'8£-'S6. (See Facidties.) Ann Arbor. 
I'ri;i)i:rick Austin Roiunso.n', A.B., 

LL.B. '8.1. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 
'MCnwAun .\ihii.imius Rosi;.\th.\i . .A.B, 

A.M. '85, LL.B. '85, d. Ft. Wayne, 

Inil., March 24, igoo. (38) 
Thornton William Sargent, A.B.. 

LL.B. (Columbian) '84, LL.M. {ibid.y 

'85. Lawyer. Wichita, Kan. 

*Harrv Gray Sherrard. A.B., A.M. 

ikon.) 1902, d. Grosse Pointe Farms. 

Mich., Nov. 13, 1909. (48) 


Lawyer. Moffat Block, Detroit, Mich. 

Hi:nry Hall Si-enckr, A.B., Ph.C. '85. 
Druggist. Morenci, Mich. 

Gi;oRc,K Walter Staple, A.B. Drug- 
t^ibl. Meriilinn, Mis^s. 

♦Fra.nces Adi;ll Steiiuins. B L., (Mrs. 
Thomas 1,. HeatoiL) d. Fresno, Cal., 
April 3, i8'J2. (3,S) 

William I'.ement Streeter, .A.B. 

Stale Snpt. of the North Carolina 

Cliildien's I'ouie Society, since 1(;ol 

Greenslioro, N! C 

jE.SNiE SwEETZER, A.B. (Mrs. Freder- 
ick D. Sanborn.) Port Huron, Mich. 

Charles Wats.jn Tinsman, A.B. Trav- 
eling Salesman. 8^,7 3rd Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

RuEus, A.B. Banker 

i22 (Niesinnt St., Philadeiphia, Pa 

I'R.\Ncis Day Weeks, A.B. Metallur- 
gical Engineer. Salida Colo 

»K<)i!ERT Green West, PIlB, d Aus-' 

^tm, Tex., April 26, 1904. (44) 

Frederick William Whiting Ph B 
Lawyer. 1m. rd Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Harold IBeckwith] Wilson, BS 
M D. (/;) '8,',. I'Jiysician. 

32 W. Adams Ave., Detroit, Mich. 


'83. Director of Delr.iit Conserv.ilory 

h.) m.^aK 


'- ■ f >','■■ ,...j .. .1 o. '.oA 

.1.':.. ■ to' 

. ,. ! .» ' I'fj, J ill) .1 'l ; / 



uf Music. 530 W'uodward Ave, 

(75.) iJctroit, Midi. 


John Jacou Auei,, Pli.B., A.M. i^hon.) 
'u,i, iM.I). (Slrasbbiirg) '88. (.Sec Kac- 
ultiL's. ) llalliinore, Md. 

n.xuKir.T I'.. Aii.KS, (Mrs. Wil- 
liam ];]•:. MaJKUi.) Ami AiImt. 

ll..\KKV SVUUDAKU Amks, A.B., 1,1.,.15., 
'85. Lawyer. Orange, Mass. 

Fki:i)i;kii;k \ Akhurv, A.B. 
Supl. lit Schools at Kenton, lloughtun, 
and Battle Cieck, i8S.vy5; With Sil- 
ver, Biirdett & Co. 832 2ud Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

F.\N.NV D.^.Nl••OIn■il U.w.l, A.B. Libra- 
rian. 130 N. Latayelte St., 

C.raiul Rapids, Mich. 

luiWAKii Ainiiuk Hak.nks, A.B. Law- 
yer. 111.' JeUersoii Ave,, 

Detroit, Mich. 

Jui.iA Ka.^i.ui.i'U Bm.i., A.B. (.Mrs. 
John J. Comstock.) La Grange, 111. 

*L.Mii.v Augusta Bknn, A.B., M.D. 
'yj, d. Ypsilanti, Mich., Jan. 2, nj02. 

Lii.i.iA.v Maiu.aki;t Bi;kki;v,.\.B (.\lrb. 
John (\ kickenhan^li.) 
203 (.'rcscinl A\e., 

t;rand Kapids, Mich. 

Lai.'avi.tii-; Si;avi:v JiKURy, I'li.B. Lur 
lilivcr. Ill Stale St., Chicago, ill. 

CiiAKi.FS llcCK Hi.ACK, A.ii. Hardware 
Merchant. Seattle, Wash. 

AnTiiuu Ai.iiKur BuviCK, A.B., y/i'85-'86, 
M.D. (Cohinihia) '87. I'liysician. 

I I I' .|Sih St., New York, N. Y. 
iWii.i lAM t'i,.Mn;Ni'i.; l!KAi,.n.:,., I'h II, 
.Ml>. iv'nlnmi.ia) 'S'l Snm. V. S. 
N.UN. uilh r:nik wl l.iriil. Comman- 
der, m Sp.uii^h War. 
Navv Dcp.iitmciit, W.i.hi.iMton, D. C. 

Aduison .\lAKi:i'i;\cr. Bkuw.n, A.B. 
Slate Senator, i8<)Sm)«); Secr'y State 
Board of Ayr. and Mich. Agr. Coll. 
since IQ02. I'.avt Lansing, Mich. 

Udwin Nkwto.n Brown, .\.B., A.M. 
'84. LL.B., '87, I'li.D. 'oj. I'rof. ol 
I'etiagoKy in lloi)e Coll. 

Holland, Mich. 

Anni;ttk KsTiiiCR Burton, B.L. Teach- 
er. . l''loreiice, Mass. 

Cauoi.iniC Ci.K.MivNTS, .\.B, Teacher. 

IJ42 l7tli Ave,, N„ Seatlle, Wash, 

John Josiaii CoMsrocK, A.B. Hard- 
ware .Mercliant. 

.S8 W. Lake St., Chicago, 111. 

Crack Darling, Ph.B. (Mrs. John 
Madden,) Teacher in Stont histitnte. 
Menomonie, Wi.. 
BiMJU.xK Dui--i.-ir;i.i), A.B. Lawyer. 

Lord Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

I' Wkst luu)!;, B.S., M.D. (Co- 

Inmlii.i) 'Aj. Lliysician. 

508 Woodward Ave., ]3ctroit, Mich. 

l'j..MUNj. Ki.wooi) Fai.i,, A.B., w'83-'S4. 

Ml). (Coliimlpia) '87. I'.ditor. 

Walla Walla, \Vash. 
lli;.M<v .\i,i.i:.v FiTzsi.M.MONs, A.B. 
.\gem .\', Y. Life Ins. Co. 

C.rand Rapids, Mich. 
Wai,ti:k I'.RowN Garvin, A.B. Law- 
yer. Chattanooga, Tenii. 
J.\Mi:s Ciii-sTKu Giuus, A.B., /i'S3-'85, 
M.D. (Chi. 1 loin,), '86. Physician. 

Crown Point, Lul. 

*Cll.\Rl.i;S 1\MKRSC)N GoODKICil, Pii.B., 

d, Kansas City, Mo,. Marcli 16, 1887. 
( ,^0 ) 
H^Aii'ii (iKAV, A.B., .1, Cleveland, O., 
.May I, lyio. (.|8) 


Salesman for Glohc Mills. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
1'"k\\k Hkvwoud llODDiCK, Ph.M. Prof. 

y)i .\inericaii History, I'niv .of Kan. 

since i8i)i. Lawrence, Kan. 

.M \RV 1".i,i/aiii;tii Hunt, B.L. Teacher. 

i.soo S, iMgnera St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
John Hi srv Jknnings, .X.B. Snpervis- 

Feiitoii, Mich. 

Frank Juski-ji Jknnison, A.B. Banker. 

Maniuette, Mich. 

An.n.^ M.uiir: KiMUAi.i,, A.B. (Mrs. 

(a'oi..;e II. I'hulier.) 

Ail-; («. >.m \iew ,\ve. 

1,0. .Xngelcs, Cil 
TiiKoiH.Ri; H|iCKi.i.;| Lasi.i:v, A.B. 

.M.niul.iclmer. Chattanooga, Tciin 

jKi'Tii.^ I'.i.MKR I.nMO.M, A.B. Snpt. of 

Scho.ils. Bine Island, Bl. 

Ci,ARi:.NCi; Asiii.ijY Lightni:k. A.B. 

I.awver. Detroit, Mich 

Flora' .McDo.nai.o, .\,1!. (Mrs. David 

Pierce.) .McKeesport, Pa. 

Willi \\i Harrison Mack, M,L„ A.AL 

( 'So, Ph.D. (Jena) '97. Prof. 

of lli^tor>-, Syracnse Univ., since 

i8<;i. Syracuse, N. Y. 

I'.inviN Lrli.luick ^L\OK, A.B. Vice- 

I're, Central Trust Co. Chicago, 111. 
*Jon.N .\i.i;.\ani)1.:r Mi-Li:nn.\n, A.B., d 

Ciiicag.., Ill,, April 16, i8<«, (38) 
Haurv McNkal, B.L., M.D. ujoo. Phy- 

slci:o, Uavenswood. La. 

f .:■ .-.if. .. I fl.:,' 





a /. ^ifv: ■\ll ; ,.-1.. . 

'( '.• . ■.._uLi oc ..'. -i.( 

■U, .ifi. 

i..- I..'.! .-' 111!. I 

I8S3-S-).] i.rniu.iRV vr.r.ikTMH.xr, . gi 

JlKNRV AiJiMbo.N- Ma.n'di:(,i„ Pli.ll., Cir- I'.mma .Smitii, I!.S. 

cuit IikIl'c of Wayne Co., since hmj- 3555 i'-l'is Ave, Cliicago, III.. 

Dctnat, Midi. \\'.\i,ti:k I.ouis Stkiiiuncs, A.B. Civil 

Lkavitt Ki.NC. Mkukii.i., A.B. i'ub- and Con.snltiiiK linsincer. 

lislicr. -■24 Ashley Giirdens,, Chicago, 111. 

I.omlon, Knglaiid. 1Ja\iu C.u.w Tavi.ok, A.B., As.sist. City 

R.M.i'ii Mi-TC.M.i", A.n., iii'Si-'tiz. Alann- .\tlornc>-. San Diego, Cal. 

laclnrer. Taconia, Wa.-^h. IUjmkr Ki.i.swoutii, A.B. 

Ai.iii KT J'UWAKD Mii.i.KK, A.B. Law- Lawyer. H\. l.a .Salle St., Cliicafo, 111. 

yer. Maniiiette, Mich. Sami'i:i. Cuoi.icv 'luruii.i., A.B., wi'83- 

JuuAN Coats Mooki:, .\.B. I.awver. V^t. ]..nnidr)-. I'.luin, 111. 

r,)l I'aiwell .\ve,, .Miluankee, Wiv K A 1 11 KK 1 .s ■; \'an 1 1, I'h.B. 

hm.N .M..i;i;is, A. II. i.auAcr. ihm, fekxiMph .\ve., Oakland, Cal. 

I'on Wayne, liul. Chkistlm: I.o.-im: \ wu.t, fh.B. ^Mr.. 

RoKi-KV C.ii\vi:s M(ii;:(c.\v, I'h.ll. Circuit llcrni.tii Kicil.) Ueinjit, Mich. 

Ju.l-e. I'unlaiid, Ore. 1m;u.nam..j Auiiiuk Wai.kuk, A.B. 

lli;.\i<v ]ii.Mi;i< MosKi.r.v, A.B., y'Si-'i^J. Teaclur Taiini^.n, Mass. 

\\h..k-^ale .Merchant Ci. \u\ \\i;ir, I'll B. (.Mrs. Darwin R. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. Stockkv.) Cuve, Wash. 

Tiio.MAK Azuo NufT/GKK, I'h.B. Stale I'.iJWiN i'WKit W'lirn:, A.M. Life Ins. 

Senator, njoi-oy. Lawyer. I'ahst BldLC., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wichita, Kan. Ciimu.ks Tiujwiiki t)(;K Wii.i^NS, Ph.D., 

llKNUV Gak.nsi-y O111.S, Ph.B., MD. Lawyer. 

(Rush; 'S7. Physician. Hammond P.ldii.. Detroit, Mich. 

927 Lawrence Ave., Chicago, 111. Cii \iu.i:s Dwicirr Wii.i.aud, A.B. Writ- 

Wii.iJA.M Jamks Oi.cott, Ph.B., ALS er I'qiiitable Bk. Bldg., 

'84, A.AL Uiun.) 'c8. Pres. Oliver Iron Los Angeles, Cal. 

•Mininj,' Co. Cai vi.n Scorr Williams, A.B., A.^L 

Duluth, Minn. (lion.) 'uS. Presh. Missionary. 

Frank Lincoln 0.suor.\i:. .\M. Pub- Mexico City, Me.x. 

li-her 517 S Division St Joiii^ Tuo.mas Wixsiiii', A.B. Editor. 

Ann Arkor. (78) Saginaw, Mich. 
Ai<riiL^K Thomas Packarh, .\.1'.. Piu- 

inotion work. 516 Wright wood Ave, 1884 
Chicago, HI. 

»11i;nky Pl-t.nam Page, A.B., d. De- .Makv Ii/muiu Aims. .\ B. Assoc, 

catur, 111., Jime 30, 1895. (35) i'rof. of Latin and Greek in Pomona 

TiiicoDOKi: WiNC Pi;i-KS, Ph.B., U.D. Coll. Claremont, Cal. 

'8s, Phvsician. Topeka, Kan. Cii \Ri.i-s Sf.MS'KR .XsuliCY, A.B., /'84- 

SavIimi. 'I. Piatt, A B., I.L.B. '85. '8^. Real h'.siale. Toledo, Oliio. 

.\liifr. .\lil.oii .Mkak.idal Cc. Wil.i.i.s r.Ai OW1.S-, .\.B. Lawyer. 

' v/i Plukin lUde, .M..„r..c, Mich. 

Sail Lrancisco, Cal. Iu.mi'.k I.i.i.swortu Bi:ahi, .\.B. 

Alici; Porti:r, Ph.B. Teacher in High ver. isoi Ashland Block, 

School. .\nii Arlior. Chicago, 111. 

Carrie Elli:n Preston, A.B. (Mrs. IIarrv Bitxer, A.B. Hotel Keeper. 

Joseph O. Hudnutt.)'s Peak, H^tes Park, Colo. 

''Morse Roiinurt, A.B, Circuit Judge Boulder, Colo. 

.jf Wayne Co., 1900-11, d. Ruchesier, CiiARLES I'.ur.ENE BovcE, B.L. General 

Minn, March 2() Kjii. (.17) Insurance. Port Huron, Mich. 

TiiEonoRK Rover, A.B., P1i.C.'8j. Man- Mi:kle Amos Breed, A.B., B.D. (Ober- 

ufacturer. Piipia, C). liii) '03. Cong. Clergyman. 

♦Samuel Balkam Sciiover, A.B., d. Monticcllo, Iowa. 

Oiichy. Switzerland, .April 2, loio. (48) Fred 1'R.vesT Bkitten. A.B. Invest- 

Cakman Newcomu Smith, Ph.B. Law- ineiits. 71*) Treinont Temple, 

ver and manufacturer. Bay City, Mich. Boston, Mass. 

Edwin Norton Smith, A.B. Piano Hroii Bkowm, AU., /'<io-'9i. Mamifac- 

Blisiiie-s. 555 Grand .Ave, Hirer. 388 E. Main Si., 

St Paul Minn. Battle Creek, Mich. 

il.'.n/, ,■,!■■• 1 1 1 

. •,■:', III I.,' 

,.1 . ... ^i •■ i •' \:-'. .: ■■.U'tl 

I ;' , . ■*!,, 1 

...I ■ !.•■■. ,1 y 



J'.l.MUNU r.UCKI.llV, A.M.. I'll. I). (Clii- 
c:iHo) '()4. Docciit in Cliicago Uiu\-., 
bince iJ<9-|. 1364 K. 561I1 St., 

Chicago, 111. 
EuciCNi-; .Ali;xandkr Byknks, A.l'., 
LL.B. (Cohmil.iau) '87, LhM. (ibi,!.) 
'88, Ph.D. (/('/(/.) 1900. Patent Law- 
yer. 018 V St., N. \V., 

Washington, D. C. 

E.MILE Cl..\UDi; C.M.KyKlIN, A.B. 

J.AMUS Ai.uKKT C.\si:, A.B., LU.B. (Cu- 
linnhian) 'Hj. Lawyer. 

36 W. 26ih St., New York, N. Y. 
^L\RY Soi'iii.\ C.xSK, A.B. Assoc. Prof, 
of Philosophy in Wellesley Coll., iS()o- 
loio; Prof, of Philosophy, 1910— . 

Wellesley, ]\lass. 


Associ.ite L.ilitor of The Journal. 

Minneapolis, Alinn. 
EuGENB Stf.imif.n Ci.-arkson, .\.B. 

Lawyer. Buhl Block, l^etroit, Mich. 
*Ei.iz.\iii:t]i Gu.\y CoKKi-i.i,, B.L. (Mrs. 

Walter L. Stehhings) (1. lly.le Park, 

111., May II, i8.j6. (37"> 
John Ev.ans Coknkli., A.B., LL.B. (N. 

W. Univ.) '8<). Mn-r. of Ilvtle Park 

Hotel. Chicago, HI. 

1*j..mi:r Sutiii;ri..\.nd Ck.wvi'dkd, .\.li. 

jonrnalist. 2O0--'H N. Jefferbon St., 

Chicago, 111. 
L'iL\i<r,i-s PuiNTV Dki'mmiind, B L. 

l.awNrr, S.unh Bend, Ind. 

I'.i Mi.i; iJwicci.NS, 15.L. Keal L'.slate and 

hnebluuiitb. iv« I'.roadway, 

New York, N. V. 
Ja.nE Emi:rso.n, A.B. (Mrs. Walter 

Miller.) Columbia, Mo. 

JdiiN Cii..\sr.n\v FiT/i'.-\TuicK, A B., /84- 

'Ss. l.av^v.-r. Mi.ldleshnro. Ky. 

Wii.ii\M i'iii:svi:k Fnui]:. .\ It. With 

Silver, Burilett \- C" 

J41 W. .wth St., New Voik, N V. 
-■'Jl.VKKY R\1<IS EoR!:KS, B.S , d k.icklurd, 

HI., Nov. 20, loii. (4<)) 
Thomas W. Gii.moriC, Ph.B. Coninierce. 
12 Harris(jn St., Chicago, 111. 
Francis Wili.i.vm GRKr.oRY, A.B. 

Princ. of Boys' School. 
IS32 Calliope St, New Orleans, La. 
Dki.hf.rt James Haef, A.B., LL.B. '86, 

A.M. (hoit.) '09. Member of Me.vican 

.\cad. of Jnrisp. and Legislation; Pres. 

Board of Park Connniasioners ^Ince 

loo-S. Lawver. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Avon Stacy IIai.l. A.B. Princ. of Cal- 

nmct High School .since 1889. 

7700 Union .\\e, Chicago, 111. 

"Li:h.ii: 1!i;.\ton' Ha.schett, Ph.B., d. 
Mint, Mich., June 11, 1902. (39) 

K. \). llARr.i;R,'B.S.. LL.B. (Kent Coll. 
I'i Law) '<>5. Lawyer, and Examiner 
of Land Titles for Riverside Abstract 
Co. Riverside, Cal. 

*ih:.NKY WlI.I.IAM ILmvi.EV, Ph.B., d. 
Berkelev, Cal., Sept. 20, 1905. (43) 

Wii.i.ibTo.v Sami:i:l Hoixni, Ph. M. (See 
Faculties.) Prof, of Philos. Geo.. 
Wash. Univ. Washington, D. C. 

*t.'i,i:.ME.Nri.NE Lord IIouc.uto.v, B.L., 
.M.l). 'S.S, (Mrs. lingo Liii>inski,) d. 
Grand Rapid., Mich., .AL.v Jj. i8>J. 

Toii.v ]l.\.Mi(,vo\ Ho\\i:i.i., Ph.B. Law- 
yer. 1227 ^L St., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 

IsAiii:i.i..\ ]L\rrikt Hui.i., A.B. Teach- 
er. 541 2d Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

J5i;sbii: Perry IJuwr, A.B. Music. 

Eau Claire, Mich. 

Thomas Scen'cer Jerome, Ph B., /'84- 
'S^, A.M. niarvard) '67. .\inerican 
Ctjnsnlar .Agent at Sorrento, Italy, 
19OU-01 ; at Ca[iri, since 1901. 

Villa Castello, Ca|)ri, Italy. 

Ei.iiERT I.Ei.ANi) Johnson, Ph.B. Bank- 
er. Waterloo, Iowa. 

*Ji:nnik L. Jones, Ph.B, d. Redlands, 
Cal., Aug. 6, 1800. (35) 

I'K.wcES KusEL, A.B. Teacher. 
941 La Fayette Parkwav, ClHcago, 111. 

Chio Lam. MANN. Ph.B. Nil) 87. Phy- 
Mcian. 2^0 .Michigan St., Tv.ledo, O. 

Sirii Dwiuirr Lathr(H', A.B. Real Es- 
tate. ,iV> La Favelte Blvd., 

Detroit, .Mich. 

F:rf.i..M-: Fl^^.^■Kl.l^( I.'MIH. .\.li. Supt. 

Ml Scli..,,N .,t M,ir.>hall. .Mich., \S)7- 

iMoo Willi Atkinson. .Ment/er ^^ Co.. 

30 W . 3uth St., .\ew York, N. Y. 

.Ai.MiR.v F. l.ovEi.i., -A.B. Teacher in 
High School. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Eraniv Nathaniel Lufkin. A.B , LL.B. 
'86. .Auditor of United Fruit Co. 

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. 

luiWiN HoWAKi) l.vo.v. I'll B. Lawver. 
St. Johns, Midi. 

Wn.i.iAM Lane McDonai.u, Ph.B. 

3718 Slieflield Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Janetti- Kim; MncKenvie, .A.B. Princ. 

<A Fiel.l School. 

Detroit. Mich. 
Tamks Martin, A.B., LL.B 
'80. -Judge of Municipal Court. 

City Hall, Chicago, 111. De.vtek .Mav, Ph.B,, LL.B. '86. 

Banker. Clinton, Iowa. 

fCf . .t 

:. ;!■ 

.) ■■ ' / 

i>;y )^ 

i>i.wrr.>: »!;;'< •;! 

.1,1 ?>!■ 

> ,.:,\xn 

,H V) it:. 




*Sti:mii:n Aunoi.d Douglas Mav, W.h., 

(I. Cliic;iK(j, J II., M;iy. 3. I'-OJ- (47) 
Waltkk Mii.i.i'K, A.M. (.Sec faculties. J 
Cijluml)ia, Mo. 
Edmond [IIankv] Palmek, A.B. 
Dan'iki, RnssKi.i, Piiii.i.ii'S, A. 15., M.D. 
(CmImiiiM.i) '87. riiyMcian. 

l.uavcuworlh. Kail. 

.MVKA ll'LL^AliUTIll Pdl.l.AKU, A.B., 

:\..M. ;^S. Cliristiaii Science Pracii- 
liuiier. 70.^ Oakwoud lllvd., 

Cliicago, III. 

Hstate. Rock Rapids, Iowa. 

*Lk\vis Addison RiioadiiS, A.B., A.M. 
'86, Ph.D. (Guttiiigen) '92, d. Colmii- 
hns, O., .Vug. 30, 1910. (-19). (See 
KuGi;.\i: \'an Yai.kknmiuiuui Riki.r, 
A.H.. .M.I). '87. Phvbiciaii. 

Flint, .Mich. 

Fk.\.nk AtiuvKTOn Ross, Ph.B. Mining. 

Spokane Club, Spokane, Wash. 

William Saviuce, A.B. State Seiiatur. 


Spring Lake, Mich. 

Frkij Xkwton Scott, A.B., A.M. '88, 

I'll D. '8y. (See Faculties.) Author. 

i\nn Arbor. 

*Jj;.\.\ir: Klizauictii Sckanto.m, A.B., d. 

Grand Rapids, Mich., March _•!, i88<j. 


Chaulks Jacoii Scuor.c.s, .\.M., 1,1, B. 

Cincinnati) '8(). l,aw>cr. 

Bucyrus, O. Mauia Shaw, A.B. Teacher. 

0(X> Holland Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 
FuiiMONT Uldi'UKin Suuktlhkk, A.B. 
l.awver. i8 N. Main St., 

(.'uncord, N. H, 

Aid-mi; Wii.i.i.vM Stalki:u, A.B., .X.M. 

'(vS, D 1). U.awrence) 'oj. M. \\. Cler- 

Ann Arbor. 
■^Al.IllUlT CUSIIMAN SrA.NAKl), B.I.,., M.D. 

(Harvard) 'vS<j, d. New York, N. Y., 
March 19, 1894. (-m;) 

Aliuckt Bovnton Storms, A.B., A.M. 
'0,^. D.D. (Lawrence) '03, I,I,.D. 
( Drake) 'o.}. M. V.. Clergyman. 
1309 Central Ave,, Indianapolis, Ind. 

CLAUiiNcii QuiMBY Tai'I'an, B.L. Man- 
ufacturer. Nilcs, Mich. 

[Mauy] Gracr Taylor, A.B. 

701 S. Ingalls St., Ann Arbor. 

IsADouK TiioMi'SON, A.B. (Mrs. ImoI 
N. Scott.) Ann Arbor. 

Martin Bkya.nt Tkai.n.iu.^ A.B. Law- 
yer, t'.reeiiville, O. 

Julian Howard Tvllr, A.B. Coninion 
Pleas Judge, 190J 07. Lawyer. 

Tcdedo, O. 

\Vi:lli;r Van Hook, A B., M.D. (Univ. 

of 111 ) '85. Prof, of Surgery in N. W. 

L'niv. 103 Slate St., Chicago, 111. 

Bi-itiHv Van lloosH.N-, A.B., M.D. '88. 

Prof, ui Clinical Gyiuecology in Univ. 

ui HI. 48.15 Calumet Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
AkiiA S. Van Valki;nuurcii, A.B. U. 
S District Judge, 1910—. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Hi>WAun Klicd Wagnlr, A.M., M.D. '&?. San Jose, Cal. 

Frank Casi-au Wagnicr, A.M., B.S. 

(.McMi.l"..) '85." .\s5MC. Prof, of Steam 

and Fleciricil Fiigiiiecring in Rose 

Pii|>uilinic Institute, since 1896. (See 

Faculties.) Terre Haute, Ind. 

Claudius Wallich, Ph.B. Field Supt. 

U. S. Bureau of Fisheries. 

Washington, D. C. 
Ac.NKs Clara Weavkr, PliB., M.D. '90. 
Physician, i 18 W . 8th St., 

Oklahoma City, Okl. 

Hi. I Co.Ni; Williams. A.B., I\1.D. (/i) '89. 

Physician. Hot Springs, Va. 

Carrik IsA Wii.MOT, B.L. (Mrs. Avon 

S. Hall.) 7ji>o Union Ave., 

Chicago, I!l. 
John Ma.xcv Zanl, A.B. Lawyer. 
(84) isi Nat'l Bk. BIdg., Chicago, 111. 


CoRAi.vN'N .\lliCn, A.B. Teaclief. 

253 Madison Ave., Bay City, Mich. 
May Ella Barni-s, B.L. 

Rochester, Mich. 
Ji:ssiH Kati; Bi:als, B.L. 
118 Ivastern Ave., 

Arlington Heights, Mass. 
Caroline Piieiu-; Bell, A.B. (Mrs. 
Bertram T. Stevens.) 
281J S. Fremont Ave., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Reno Kandoi.i'h Bu.lincton A.B.,LL.B. 
(Columbia) '8.). Lawyer. 

45 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
1'"r.\nklin Pierce, A.M., 
LL.Ii. '87. Lawyer. 

1919 N. Park .Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Nellie Borland, Ph.B. 

1 inlay City, Mich. 
*.\rtiiuk Leuell Bresler, A.B., d. 

New York City, Nov. 6, 19(58. (46) 
Henry Zacmary Brock, B.S. Hydraul- 
ic I'".ngiiieer. Hancock, MicJL 

.kit ' 

'f •■ I .1/ 

f' <JJ '...:.( : t-C"!,! W 1 

It, /I .1 .' .. I 


H4 CKAI'U.lTliS. [1885. 

n.wji. Ih.Miv liuow.Ni:, (Sci- FuKUKKick Wii.i.iAM Joi), Ph.B, LL.B. 

l';iciilliL-.s.) Mftiillurgist fur C:iiiad):in 'N7. Jl:i«aiiaii C'luisiil Gcn'l at Cliica- 

C'opiier Co. since uS<)i. gu, i.S.j4-(j,S ; Cliairmaii Illinuis Stale 

L'o|)])i.-r Clilt, (hil. lii'ard wf Arliilraiiim, iyuo-02; Con- 

WiULiAji Elmkr Hkow iNi.i;i:, A.B. Lum- sul (kn'l nt Sau Domingo at Chica- 

licr. 1085 2nil Ave, Detroit. Mali go, since Kjoi ; Sccr'y L'liicago Hm- 

RoiiER'f NivWTON BuKNETi', A.B. Slock- plos era' Asso. since H)02. Lawyer. 

broker. 65 Oakland Ave., Marqiielle Bldg., Cliicago, 111. 

Bloc.nil'ield, N. J. *Ai.ici: RuFiii, B.S., LL.B. 

Cii.\Ki.ES Peatt Bush, li.L., /'S^-'Sj. (Yale) '86, (Mus. (korge D. Blake,) 

President Ohio Valley Tie Co. d. Chicago, 111., Nov. 29, 1893. 131) 

2026 3rd St., Louisville, Ky. Ciiaki.ks Ci.n'ica Ki-k.n, Ph.B. Sales 

I\[auv Ei.iZAiiKTu Ci.AKK, B.T,.,M.D. '87. .Mngr. 12 W. Randolph St., 

(.Mrs. Fred Morley. ), Mich. Chicago, 111. 

Dt)N Carlos Cokuktt, Phi;. Lawyer. (ii:oK(-,i; WA.siiiNcro.N L.\ci;.v, BL.,M.D. 

tMarion, Pa. '^7. .M.innfaciurer of Phannaceiiiicals. 

lIiCuui'RT Hi'NKY Ciusi', B.S. -'8[ Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Pontiac, Mich. Ai.kxamii: it Pukdkkick La.ngic, A.M., 

Frank Warner M. Clitcheon, Ph.B. Ph.D. yj. (See Facnlties. ) 

'97 {nunc ITU time), /'84-'85. Lawyer. Berkeley, Cal. 

24 Broad St., New York, N. Y. Hui;ene Le Roy Lockwoou, .\.B.,LL.B. 

George Em.\nuei. Cutler, A.B. Com- (Cohimhia) '87. Lawyer. 

mission Merchant. 100 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

22 Harrison St., New Y..rk, N. Y. *llr.NKV K.h,u Loveeand, A.B., d. W'ar- 

*JouN Pattekson Dams, .A.l'.., A.M. len, o, Sept. i(), i8.jj. (3D 

'03, Ph.D. '94, d. Ashevillc, N. C, Dec. CiiAki.Ks .\lc■Cl,El,EA.^J, A.B. Wholesale 

28, 1903. (41) Lunilier. S-O Walnut Si, .Ann .\rl)or. 

JosEi-u Vii.i.iEKS Denxi-.v. A.1!„ AM. Makv McNeai., B.L., i'h.C. '8j. (.Mrs. 

(lujii.) 'io. (See Facnllies.) John O. Reed.) 

Columlms, (). Ann .\rhor. 

Lci'is Monroe Dennis, Ph.B., B.S. To.u Hi..n'kv McNeil, A.B., LL.B. '86. 

(Chem.) '8(>. Prof, of Inorganic tlaini .Agent Metropol. St. Ry. 

C'hemi^try in Cornell I'nn. Kansas City, Mo. 

hhaca, N. Y. F;RNE>ri\E Antonie .Mkucleu, Ph.B., 

l.i^n'ii ll()i;\ci- Draki-, .\.l!., Ph.D. D.D S 1 Pmnsvh .ini.i ) '88 (Mrs. 

l(;.x). (See I'acnlties.) .\nn Arhor. John W. Schell.) 

kohi:RT I'lTcii l-'.LouEDGE, B.S. Law- 7nS N. 481I1 Si., Philadelphia, Pa. 

\cr. .Ml. Clemens, Mich. Pl-1N^ .Mo, ,10; .M..oi,iE. A.B. Lawyer. 

IIE.SRV llARVEV Frost, .\.B. Teacher. West Point, Neb. 

Mo_- lohn R, St., iKIroii, Mich. lox .\nn MoKUisn, ML. (Mrs. W. Guy 

Lor,., (-v, COM,. N,:, \,l; Ivlcanci.ui I'-iUi Lake Wdlc, \. .Me.s. 

us l..inu.l Si., \i. Dcii-n, .Mich I'.owix 1 .1 .xc-ln Mo^ELl;^ , .\.M. Teach- 

l-.iMoTV tii.ivKK Gi;..svENuu,.\ 1;, Law . r. Sandusky, O. 

^e^ 1 I M Graiul Rixei .\vc, Samuel Con ^^•T Parks, A.B.. Ph.D. 

Daroil, Mich ill.-dle) '88. Regent Uiiiv, of Wj'O. 

C'liMii.Hs lli'.NRv ll\K\i;v. A.B. Prev i;v;8-n)o2. Banker. Lander, Wyo. 

Kno.xville Ry. .Jt Light Co. Tim. mas J. Peach, B.S.. LL.B. '87. Jew- 

k'liowillc, Tenn. < Her. Grand R.-qncL, .Minn. 

*Samuel Fuedekick Hawlev, Ph.H, Iuavaud Ji:rome Piullii's, Ph.B. Law- 

d. Si. Louis, Mo., Jan. 1(1, 1.J02. (^8) \er !-,( N'.il'l Bank Bldg., 

Sni'.LLEV KuilENE llu'.C.lNS, Ov t'liicago. 111. 

leopathic .\nn .\rl.or. Tiium \s Cii \kLi:s PiniLii'S, B S., M.D. 

.\i:r.ii. Little Hitchcock, Ph. B. (.Mr.v 'S7. I'liiMcian. Milwaukee, Wis. 

.\ C. B.irilell.) .\i.vMi Gke.nelle Pitts, A.B. Lawyer. 

_'72() Prairie .Ave., Chicago, 111. 8«)7 3rd Ave, Detroit, Mich. 

Mm;tiE Celia Hudson, B.L. (Mrs. I'.lmer I'.li.sworth I'owEll, A.B.. 

I'.dward R. Wagner.) San Jose, Cal. S.T.B. (Bosion) '<)0. Ph.D. fRoiin) 

Gidi;(;E Ai.iKEi) Hunt, .A.B. Supt. of '<n. I'rof. of Modern Languages in 

Schools i8(),^-i9ii. Alpena, Mich. FVanklin and M.irsliall Coll. }<_)<») o^; 

1 1. .;•;!/ 

/ : 1 i: , .-I J . ... ' :> 

isvr ,S(,) l.iniKAKV Dlir.lh'TMI-.xr. H5 

I'ruf. (,1 l'hiln.,,,,|iv, Mi.-uni t'niv. Aktihjk IIknuv Wim.iam^ A,)!. 

IU05 . ()xf..r.l, (;. v(.r. C'ennty Ilk. l'.l<l^,^, liuffalo, N. Y. 

llokACK C~.. 1'ui;ttvman, A.I'., h/'85-'Wi. \Vii.i.iam 1m;sti:k Wuki), A li. iMiiiiny 

I'listniasUT. Anil Arbor. Hiigiiiecr. ] Iclciu, Mimi. 

M.\KY Bui;mi.\m Putnam, Pli.13., Ph.M. (75; 
(Chicago) '10. TcML-hcT in State Nor- 
mal Coll. Ypsilanti, iMich. 1886 

John Oukn Rki:i>, Pli.l!., Ph.M. '93, 

J'h.lJ. (Ji.iia) 'u7. (Sec l'\iciihics.") *Ki(AXKi.iN AucusTus Ainswortii, 

Am. Arbor. I'h.U., d. Slicldoii, Iowa, March 20, 

CllAKI.KS llOWI.ANl) RiCUMwNU, Phli. iH'Jl. (J/) * 

CoiUracting luiginctr. Ciiaui.ks Lincoln Andkkws, A.B. Re- 

Ui.trgins Bhlg., Los Angeles, Cal tired. Ui] Jlighland Ave, 

An'druw Cooi'i'U Roui;soN, Ph.B.,LI,.H. Boulder, Colo. 

\Si. Lawyer. Creenvillc, O. Ai.uKur I.iAi AuNKu, B.L. Slate Health 

HiiMui-.i: CiiiusToi'ii SciiKMM, A.l!, Ofiu-er and Local Registrar of Vital 

M.l). (JelTerson) 'S7, d. lialiimore, Stati>lics. .Monessen, Pa. 

iMd., Oct. JO, iyo4. (4-') M.MMiN- I ).\KKri.i.i; Atkins, .\.B. Teach- 

Makii- 1u.iz.\i;i-th ScuMiiu.MU.Nii, Ph 1!. er River l'"ore.->t, 111. 

Teacher. i(.ou jnd Ave., Monkui: 1 ). Bakur, A.B. Civil Engi- 

Cedar Rapids, luvva, jieer. Mt. Morris, N Y. 

Bowr.N W'lSNKK Sciiu.\iaciii:r, A.B. Ni;i.i.ii; I'j.izauetii BANCunrr, Ph.D., 

Lawyer. 107 Dearborn St., A.M. (Chicago) \fii. Teacher. 

Chicago, 111. 690 Baker St., Detroit, Mich. 

Jamks B. SiiEiiAN, A.B. Gen'l Solicitor *\Vai.tkk Bond Bmss, A.B., d. Chica- 

of C, St. P., ^L & O. Ry. go, 111., April 2<'), 1905. (41) 

St. Paul, Minn. 1 1i:uhi:kt I\ugicnk Boynton, A.B. Law- 

GuoKGii Bi'ATTY Siii-KHV, -A.B. Law- yer. Detroit, Mich. 

yer. . Moffat Bldg., Detroit. Mich. Pratt, A.B. Teacher. 

Ei'i-iE Ai.MiRA Soutiiwoutii, B,S.(i\lr^. 726 W. 6th St., Albany, Ore. 

Vtdney M. Spalding.) CiiARi.i-s P.iavi.M Bruci;, B.S. ■\Vhole- 

Loiu.i Linda, Cal. sale Hay, (^irain, etc. 

Ai.ici- Mav Si'KNCKK, B.L. (Mrs. Her- 271 Linwood Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

bert A. Hodge.) R. 1). <>, Ann Arlxir. I'.dward Cai.dwKi.i., A.B., Mcch E. 

(o:ouc,i; Bisiioi' SiJDWouTii, A.B. Den- (Cornell) '88. Trcas. MiCraw IHll 

ih>.lo-ibl, I'. S. Forest Service. liook C>.. J^g W. V)lh St.. 

Washington, D. C. .New York, N. Y. 

C,i;kti;ui)K Mary Si'owukth, A.B. I'.dwaki) DkMii.i.i; Cami'iii:i,i„ B.S. 

.\nn Arb(jr. (Cheui.). (Sec Faculties.) .\nn Arbor. 

1)1- [OS Tiio.MisoN, B.L. Banker. Wu.i.iam Wihtinc, CuAfix, A.B. Judge 

Rensselaer, Ind. of Recorder's Court, l8<)4-I()00. Law- 

.M'.uv I'.i.i.A TnoMi'suN, .\.li., .M.l). '88. )er. Detroit, Mich. 

(iMr=. Rolliu II. Stevens.) Physician. 11aurii;t Ai.icK Chii'.man, Ph.ll. (Mrs. 

j.i Pingree Ave., Detroit, Mich. John Dewev.) Principal of Laboratory 

t)K\ Tiin.ursoN, B.L. (.Mrs. Frank A. School, Univ. of Chicago, igoi-04. 

Ross.) Renshelacr, Ind. .'880 liroadway, New York. N. Y. 

■►Ll'ka Wai.i.aci- Tozmr,, Ph.M. Fr\nk Ai.i.-rkd Ci.arv, A.B. Lawyer. 

'<)7, d. Los Angeles, C.-il., July 13, i9<).i. 27 Pine St., New York, N. Y. 

(.V8) Ci.Aiis SiKM;ssi;n, Ph.B. Manufac- 

Ai,i.i;n SissoN WinTNHV, A.B. (See tnier. SHS S. West. Blvd., 

l'"acullies.) Ann Arbor. Chicago, HI. 

Levi Pki;t Wii.cox, B.L., LL.H. 'Sy. *.M\uv Ct.iMii:, B.S., d. Battle Creek. 

Lawyer. .Mich., A[iril 27, 180J. (-'8) 

5020 W. Ontario St , Chicago, 111. Minnii: l.ouisi; Conm.usi:, A B. l.i- 

Maroarkt Lyons Wii.cox, A.B., LLB. brarian CeiUr;il State Normal School, 

'87. (Mrs. Levi P. Wilcox.) Te.icher. since l<;(.J. 

in l.;.ke High School, i8,S.S i<,os. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

Sojo W, Ont.irl.. Si . '^Xvtiian Davis Couiiin, B.S., M.S. 'ijo, 

Chi.-.igo, 111. d Dein.ii, .Micb., .March JO, i.j<)6. (.M) 

: hi 

luA Ci-.okci.; CuKKV, A IS. llanlware 
McrchaiU. Owosso, Mich. 

Nkttik CuLoii D.\.\-iiCus, Karining. 
Orcgoiy, Mich. 
N.\T Uaki, Uki.Kn, Ai^cucy Mugr. 
N. Y. I'qnilahic I.ilo. 
Miirray^ Jilock, CiraiKl Rapids, Mich. 
Ktwociu Kk.ank Dii.M.MtJN, A.Ij. Tcacli- 
cr in Union School. 
,^8o Crescent Ave, 

Gran.l Rapids, Midi. 
RoBURT Neii. iJiCKM.w, A. Li. Milling 

iiio Tlic Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

ClI.AKLKS Wlill-.IIT DUDGK, li.S. (Hio.) 

M.S. 'So. Prof, of I5iology in Univ. 
of Rochester since iS<).'. 

X>,o Oxford St., Kocliester, N. Y. 

Ai..\ l'.i.i;cT.\ lM.;ui;iis().\, li.L. (Mrs. 

Jolni II. I'rout.) Howard City, Mich. 

Giouc.E I'liii.H' Ki.i:isiii;k, A.H. Wiih 

Flint X; Walling Miifg Co. 

Kendallville, hid. 
l.lJKI.l.A Hki.i.k I'OSS, li.S. 
luSKi'U C.ANAiii., .^.li. Lawyer. 

Aii.uusta, Ga. 
William Maksiiai.u Gii.i.kk, Law- 
yer. Brandeis Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 

CMrs. Homer P. Lewis.) 

656 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 
MvKo.N' Uscak GravI'S,, A.M. '8,S 



R, AB., 

Wii.ui-R James Gregory, banker. 

Manistee, Mich. 

AijiERT Cotton Grier, li.S. Univer- 

salist Minister. Spokane, Wash. 

Ci.AUA ViETs Guover, A.B. (Mrs. 

Clarence Q. Tappan.) Nilos, Mich. 
h'j.lSllA MnXUOi: llAKT.MAN, li.L, M.L. 

■S,,. 'l\:Klu-r. Sxulh r.i'iui, Ind, 

Iamo i:k>>,nt Hays, .\,I!., I.I. .11. '^7. 

l.awNci. Suissvale, I'a. 

JuNATiiA.N Heato.v, A.B. Banker. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Frederick Hicks, A.B, Ph.D. 

'90. (See Faculties.) Cincinnati, O. 
Fred Buuck IIoi.i.enheck, A.B. Real 

Fstate. Newport Hotel, Seattle, Wash. 
Wii.uER FiSK Jackman, B.S., Ph.C. '87. 

Assist. Prof, of Pharmacy Univ. of 

Maine 1895- lyoo; I'rof. since 1900. 

Orono, Maine. 
C.EdKCE Francis James, A.B., A.M. 'H7, 

Ph.D. (Halle) '94. Dean Coll. of Hd- He.nky Ahuutt Reynolds, A.B. Farni- 

ucation, Univ. of Minn., since 1902. er. R. D. .?, Walla Walla, Wash. 

306 lolh Ave, Minneapolis, Minn. Sakaii Iu.izauetii Sattertiiwaite, 
John Nelson James, A B. (See Fac- .\.B, (Mrs. Francis A. Leslie.) 

ulties.) Indiana, Pa. 2037 Franklin .\ve., Toledo, .(D. 

C. Rails',, 
111., .\pril J, 191J. (4,S) 
Andrew Stewart Loiiinc 
M.D. '89. Surgeon. 
11. W. Ilelhiian lildg., 

Los Angeles, Cal. Iv LuRMAN, Ph.B. (Mrs. Ira 

N. ill. Ills.) Cambridge, Mass. 

K1..MER .\ui;li)Ert Lvman, A.B. (See 

I'aciilties.) 4 Ypsilanli, Mich. 

\\'n.i.i\M .Andrew Mc.Andrew, A.B. 

I'niic. ol Washington Irving High 

Sch.Mjl. .!)'. Iv i-'th St., 

New York, N. Y. 

William McCracken, .A.B. Prof, of 

I'hysics and Chem., Northern State 

Normal Sclioul, iS(/)-i9()7; in Western 

Stale .\iniiial School, since 1907. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Al.K.KANDEK I'kaser McIvwan. B.L. 
Uegeiit L'liiv. ot Wash. H>xj— . Luin- 
beniiaii Seattle, Wash. 

JoMAii .McRuiiEKTs, Ph.B., LL.B. (Nat. 
Univ.) '<)(), 1.L..M. iibiJ.) \j2. Patent 
Lav.ver. Aluiiadiiuck Blk., 

l-hicago, 111. 
Ross l.E HuNTE -Maiio.n, Ph.B., B.S. 
(iMecli. Iv) 'b'8. Printer and Publish- 
er. Port Huron, Mich. 
Frederick Geokce Now, B.S.(Chem.), 
M.S. 'cS7, Sc.l). '90, M.D. '91. (See 
Faculties.) Ann Arbor. 
Bi^ston Bldu 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Kate Okr, Ph.B. (Mrs. Edward L. 
Doni ) 1st N'al'l Bk. lildg., 

Oakland, Cal. 
llEi i:n- l.iicv Osi-.ooD, I'll li. (.Mrs. Wil- 
liam Iv Waite ) Meiiuminee, Mich. 
Alice I'aiks, .\.1!. oMis. Arch lliii- 
shiKvood.) .>3 Tavlor Rd., 

i:ast Cleveland, O. 

Kdwakd Leroy Parmentek, B.L. Snpt. 

of Schools. .Alpena, Mich. 

Edwin Deiten Peieer, A.B., LL.B. '^7. 

Supreme Secr'y, Order of Columbian 

Knights. 319 N. S3rd Ave., 

Chicago, III. 

Herman Josici-it Powell, A.B., B.D. 

(Chicago) '</j. liajitist Clergyman. 

Santa Ana, Cal. 

Gi;oRc.i-: L.\mi'iii:ki; Price, A.B. Manii- 

factiinr. Seattle, Wash. 

Whitiier, Cal. William Moroan Odell, Ph. 

; ii-rj ./; 

iK»; Hy.\ 

l.rn.R.lKV lUil'AKl Ml[ 


KuwiN Fkank Saundeks, I'h.B. Chii.f 
Clerk, Hoard of Assessors. 

565 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Clvdu W'li.i.iA.M S.MiTii, A.B. ].a\vyer. 
Di.xoii, 111. 

KinviN Fkink S.MITII, B.S. (Bio.), Sc.lJ. 
'89. Path.jlogisl in the Department of 
Agr. Wasliingtoii, D. C. 

*HiKAM Ai.i.KN Soiii-K, A.B., d. Daven- 
port, Iowa, Sept. 10, 1900. (37). (See 

Fkkuiikick Wiluy Stkvkns, B.S., »;i'87- 
'88. Prof, of Physics in Lake Forest 
Univ., i8yr— . Lake Forest, 111. 

C.UANT 15VKU.N SwisiiKK, A.B. Clerk. 
Oil City, P.i 

OKI. A Hi:.\i;i)icT Tavlou, A.B., LL.ll 
■■S7. l.auyer., Mich. 

*Hi:Nkv Sii.\^ Tinnriri, A.B., d. River- 
side, 111., July I-', ivio. (45) 

*Samuui. liuuw.M Todd, A.B., A.M. 
(Nashville) '89, d. Chicagu, 111., Oct 
S, 1908. (-)8) 

*Ei.izA Putnam Unduuwoou, A.B., d. 
Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept. 11, 1890. (24) 

Bki.mont Waim.ks, A.B., l.L.B. '91. 
l.awver. Ironwood, .Mich. 

Francis i.uuis \\kavi;u, I'h.B., LL.B. 
•87. Lawyer. 

Omaha, Neb. 

Frank Dav Wui.i.s, A.B. Writer and 
Farmer. U. D. 3, Rochester, Mich 

CiiAu.s'ci;v Ai.VAN \Viiki;i,i:k, A.B., 
A.M. 'gj. Post Ollice Clerk. 

JO5 Wood Court, W'ilmette, 111. 

*Fki;d liisnoi' \Vi.\son, A.B., d. Alhu- 
(liieniuo, N. Mex., Nov. 27, 1890. (25) 

1mu:di;i<ick Tiiumi'Son Wuicut, A.B., 
M.D. \/). Physician. DL>uglas, Ariz. 


I'.i'iiHAiM Di)t;i;i.Ass Adams, A.B., Ph.D. 

•<M Assist. J'rof. and PioL of llis- 

tory, Univ. of Kan., i8<ji-i(kj_' ; Assm-. 

Prof, and Prof, of lli.slory, lAland 

Sl.infurtl, Jr. Lhiiv., since ujoj. 

Stanf.,rd Univ., Cal. 
*WiKT McChuxoK Austin, Ph.B.,l'li.M. 

'94, d. Vassar, Mich., Seiit. 20, 181 j8. 

Jami:s F.vkkktt Ball, .\.V>., LL.B. \_m. 

Lawyer. Marquette, Mich. 

■^Thomas Jack Ballingi:i{. Ph.B., d. 

C.alveston, Tex., Oct. 27, 1899. (.3.3) 
*K\tiikrini-: Fi.oisiv BARNKs,B.S.,(.Mrs. 

Augustus W. Tate,) d. Collinsville, 

Ala., Dec. 17, 1890. (2O) 

CiiARLUS PuTwiN Blckwith, B.S., /i'88- 
'89, p'^y'go. Cliief of Cheni. Dept., 
Parke, Davis & Co. Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Euclid Biiii.MAN, A.B. '88 {nunc 
[TO tunc). Lawyer. Kearney, Neb. 

E.M.\iA Ei.Kctra BiCKRS, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
George F. Schmermund.) 

(jreenville, O. 

A[rtiiur1 L[incoln] Blni-ijict, A.B., 
A.M. (Ohio West.) '91, M.D. (Buffa- 
lo) 88, i\LD. (Univ. of Pa.) '89. Phy- 
sician. 354 Franklin St., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Addii; Di:r,TT Bird, B.S. (Mrs. Charles 

1!. Scoii ) 'IVacher at New Pallz, N.Y. 

Oswego, N. Y. 

El. -MA M AKY Blackman, B.I.,. Teacher 
in High School. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Adiu.aidi: May Bradturi), .\.B. (Mrs. 
James U. McConnell.) Evanston, 111. 

.Antuinlttk Brown', B.L. (Airs. Cles- 
son S. Kinney.) Regent, Univ. of 
Utaih, i9</)-09. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

*Roni:RT CoRwiN Bryant, .\.B., B.D. 
(Chicago) '91, d. Moline, 111., May 17, 
I'M.!. (.4-') 

Fka.nk 1'okui:st Bumi'S, Ph.B. Lawyer. 
Majestic Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Clauunck Byrnks, A.B. Patent Law- 
yer. 165 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Anna Louisk Cami'iji;i.l, Ph.B. fMrs. 
Arthur J. Covetl.) Fitchburg, Mass. 

Gkwuc.k, Pirn-K Carv, Phi;. Lawyer. 

Pasadena, Cal. 

Martin CavanaU(,ii, .A.B. Lawyer. 

.\nn .\rbor. 

Wii.i.iA.M Wallack CiiAi.Micus, A.B., 
A.M. (I'ureka Coll.) '89, LL.D. (Ilei- 
iKllieig, O.) '04. Supt. of Schools at 
Crand Ua).uls, 1890-98; at Toledo, 
i8iaS 1905. Real Ivslale and Loans. 

Toledo. O. 

Cl-l.l.V I'.STIIKR ClIA.Mlll-RLAIN, Ph.B. 
(Mrs. James T. Coolev.) 

Jamaica, N. Y. 

♦Fi;i:d Convlrsic Clark, A.B., A.M. '&8, 
Ph.D. '91, Prof, of ]\C'jnomics and 
Sociology in Ohio State Univ., d. Co- 
hunhiis, ()., Sei)t. 19, 1903. (38) 

Minnik Olive Florunck Clark, .A.B. 
C.Mrs. Louis M. Dennis.) 

721 Univ. Ave., lihaca, N. Y. 


IsAiiKi.LA Cook, A.B. Teacher in High 


Tacoma, Wash. 
CiiARLLS IlouTON Cooi.Kv, A.B., Ph.D. 

'94. (See Faculties.) Aim Arbor. 

.S8 i;RADu.iriis. ■ [1887. 

Akthur Joiix Cm r.t.i,, A.B., A.M. truit Coll. of McJ. since 1893. Health 

(Jlarvard) '97, H.l). (AiiJovcr) '98. OII'klt ^n Detroit since lyoi. 

Cung. Clci-{,oin;in. Detroit, Mich. 

Fitcliburg, Mass. Fi.ori-nce Bincuam Kinnk,, A.M. 

GiCOR(;e I'Xi.swoKrii D.wvson, A.B., 1900. 209 York St., 

Ph.D. (Clark) '97. (Sec Faculties.) New Haven, Conn. 

214 Belmont Ave., Springfielcl, Mass. Ci.KSSon Sklwvnk KinnKv, A.B. 

GiCORGi- Fnw.Mti) F.MUii.uitN, I'h.B. yer aiul writer. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Clerk, U. S. luigineer's Ott'ice. I,i i\\ 1 C\uv L.wvkknci:, A.B. 

31S Frederick .\ve., Detroit, Mieh. ]■^e^l.. MiniMer Ulica, O. 

J'l.i/MiKTii Sak.:i;.nt (^..\sr.M.\N, A.B, .Momi/ 1,i;m, ,\.I!. (See Faculties.) 

(.Mrs. lolm II. J'owell.) Ann Arbor. 

Seattle, Wash. llr.iK.x I,,i(.is,\ I..A i:i.r., A.B. (Mrs. 

Cii\kr,is l''.ii\v.\i;iis Cunvw. A.B., A'S/- folm W. .Million) |'|-,,f. of Greek 

•SS, Ml), (llalni, Phila.) '89. IMiy- and in Hardin Coll. since 

Moian Spokane, Wash. i8<;!i. Mexico, .Mo. 

.\1m!i.\ Ki'iit Grri'V, B U. Teacher in M xri v McDo.N.^i.u, ]!.L. (Mrs. K. D. 

Annie Wright Seniinarv. 1 larger.) Riverside, Cal. 

Tacoma, Wash. Muii\i;:, lu)\v.\ui) .McI"..\.\NV, Ph.B., 

^'lli-ri;.N Bakti.ktt II.mui:, .\.Ii. (Mrs. 1.1,1;, >',S. 

Salmon O. I.evinson,) d. Chicago, 111., I. vwKK.sci: .Amos McI.uutii, A.B. (See 

Feh. o, Hio,|. ( VS) Facuhies.) 

Ai;Tin K Gk,\ii.\,m H.m.i., B S., Ph.D. L'ni\>rMiy Heights, New York, N. Y. 

(l.eip/i..^) 'o-!. (See Faculties.) Mvrm.n' W'ii.i.ivms Mii.i.s, B.I,. PreS. 

Ann Arbor. Mich. United Kys. Co., lackson, Mich. 

Wii.i.i.wi lIi'NRY Il.wvKHS, A.B. Teach- i\lar)Sville, .Mich. 

or in High School. .Ann Arbor. Susa.n Mism.iiK, A.B. (Mrs. 

David Kmii,, Ph.B., /'88-'89. Charles W. Belser.) Boulder, Colo. 

Mich. House of Repr., 1899-1901 ; Pres. Stai'i'ori) Thomas Mrrciii:i,i., B.L., 

and Member Connnon Council of De- /'88-'F(;, M.I), (llering) '95. Prof, of 

Iroit, iMo.i-io; I'res. and Member of Anatomy, lleriiig ^Ied. Coll., since 

State Board of Library Conunission- uS<j<>. 1712 Wilson .Ave,, Chicago, 111. 

ers, since 1903; Pres. League of Mich. Roi;i;i;t Wiuiui-u Mookk, Ph.B. Prof. 

Municipalities, 1906-08; Pres. League of in C(jlgate Hniv. since 

of .American Mimicipalities, 1909-10; 1S90. Hamilton, N. Y. 

Contr<iller of City of Detroit, since Tjiomas Francis Moran, A.B., Ph.D.. 

Jnlv I, 1910. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. (Johns Hopkins) 'os. Prof, of His- 

Gi;ouc,i: Mattiikws Hi-wi:y,B L. Teach- loiy :m,l l".coii,,niirs in Purdue L'niv. 

er in High Sch.iol. C.alesbnrg, 111. since iS.,?. We.M L.ih'avette, Ind. 

S\Ti\ Ii:\\i;tt llvi.i;, A II. ^Mrs. Ammions.) C,i:uam» .\'i:\\comi-r, .\.B.. 

iiard A leid.iiis.) .\M. (Cornell) 'S8. As^ist. Prof., .As- 
i-S Cold Spi ing St , .\ew 1 la\ en. Conn, soc. I'rof., ami Prof, of l-jiglish in 
\'ioi.i:t Di:Lii.i.r; Javni;, A.B., .A.M. \j6. 1. eland Stanford Jr. Univ., since 1891. 

Dean ot Women and Asm.c. Prof, of Palo Alto, Cal. 

I'Ug. Lit. in Univ. of 111., i897-i<;<)4. Avkrv Orr, A.B. Teacher in 

(.Mrs I'.dward C. Schmidt.) Chicago Iligli School, iS<n-l<)0?; U. 

Urbana, 111. S. Consular Service, 1003-"^. 

Louis Parki;i( Joci; i.v.v, B.S. Teacher '"'ji Kimbark Ave, Chic.igo, III. 

in llirb School. Koi.KRT I'/UA Park, Ph.B, A.M. ([hu- 

Ann Arbor. vard ) •>,). Ph.D. ( Heidelberg) '03. 

*Fri;i)i;rica Fi.oric.ncic Joni;s, A.B., d. Writer. HilLide .\ve, 

Kansas City, Mo., March 4, i(X>.i. (46) Wollaslon, Mass. 

l).Mi\ ICi.i.A Ki;nni:i>y, B.L. (Mis. John Samumi, Kkmi-, I'h.B. Eastern 

W .Matthews.) .Manager U. S. Radiator Co. 

20 Park Ave., Detroit, Mich. 236 Congress St., Boston, ^L^ss. 

Cvx Lincoln Kiki'kr, .A.B., A.M. '91, Anna Bki.i.K Purmort, A.B. (Mrs. 

M.I). '01, D.P.ll. 'if. Adjunct I'rof. George 1 lemiil.) Stanford Univ., Cal. 

of llNniene and Infectious Diseases *J()hn- Ciiari,i;s Ranacmikr, A.B., li. 

and CIniicd Prof, of .M.dicine, in De- Cleveland. O., Nov. 8, 18X9. (-'2). 

iW; y«.) 

i.n r.KAKY i)iii'Ai<rMi:sr, 


Wi; II ST lire S. Ruckman, H.S., 
(Cohunbian) '97 U,.M. (Nat'l Univ.) 
'<j>S. Law Ivxaiiiiiicr in U. S. I'alciil 
Uflicc. Washiiigldii, IX C. 

*Hi.mi;k Sani-oud, B.S., <1. Ann Arbor. 
Feb. IS, 18S9. (28). (See Kaculties.) 

Ji'SSF, CoRNKi.i, SiiATTucK, Pli.B. Mer- 
chant. Uwosso, Mich. 


San Jose, Cal., March jr, 1896. (3^) 
l'Ki:i)KuicK David, A.B.,Ph.l). 
(l.eip/ig) '07. Teacher of Lalin in 
DeWitt Clinion Jligh School, N. Y. 
C"ii)-. Ill Fisher .Ave., 

While Phiins, N. Y. 
Mark \U,i.\-\>. Shmuman, A. I!., l,I..l'.. 
•J<a Fauyer. 

yjo F'nily Hklj^., Chicag.., 111. 
Jamus Lincoln Skinni-k, U.S. llcjuiv- 
bindcr and Statiuner. 

Ann Arbor. 
Fkaxo-s Adt-lia Si.AGiiT, Fh.H. (.Mrs. 
Jay F. ^K■r.aren.) 

Palo Aho, Cal. 
W'ai.tkk Tj:is Smith, A.B., FF.B. (Co- 
hnnl)ia) 'KS. Treas. of Clarke & Co., 
Peoria, 111. 

Pekin, III. 
K. ('.Kuii<ri)F, Sti;vi;.\s, B.S. (Mr.-,. 
William C. Fewis.; 

Berrien Spriiiys, Mich. 
r,::..Kr.r; Fiuvaki. Tavlon, I'h.ll. 

AsjUnn, P.mliac, Mich. 

liK, .■,,,; r.i:,:i;s Thomas. A.!;., M.I). 

( I > Mi; Fl.incj) 'oj. Asbisl. Sur,^. and 

SiMi'. I'. S. Vols. HKX) o:) Phvbician. 

Santa Cm/., Cal 

I'-.ouix PkiTchaud Ti<im:i;i.ooi>, B.F., 

l!S. (l-.arlhain) 'Ss, A.M. ((7'/./.) 'oo. 

I'i,.| ol l'.l,Kuli..M and Uialory in 

I'.olli.ini Cull, .since iS.SS 

UichniMMd, Ind. 
I'KwKi IN l.riiKN \'i;i.i,K, .A.B,, l.FB. 
( .\. W. Iniv, ) 'X.). FauNcr, 

I'ekin, 111. 
Wii.i.iAM lli;.NkY Wai.klcu, .\.1!., B.D. 
(Andover) '92, Ph.D. (Strasshnrg) 
Vl- Cong. Minister. 

Sonth Haven, Mich. 

♦Jami.s AuTiiiiu Wauih.ow, a. p.., d. 

St. Helena, Cal., June 6, 1902. (66) 

Ions CnM;i.i:s Wai: liiil-«, Ph.B., d. 

Wv;.inloiie, Mich, .\i>ril 21, 1891. (2(,) 

I'KXNK r..Nos Wi.i.eii. .\.B. A.M. (Til 

l.:liel •.•;■ T.-.-c',er 

lloilo, p. I. 

I'KNNAis Jami:^ W.k.i : i.:v, ph.B. Fau- 

.Mi S| I. a Sal!.- St., ChicaKo, 111. 


Makv Fmma Asiii,i;v, A.B." (Mrs. Ed- 
ward K. Hewitt.) 

127 F. 21st St., New York, N. Y. 

Cauuik Avi;ks, B.F. (Mrs. Henry IF 

Hoover.) Hobart, Okl. 

DA Aykus, B.F. Fort Smith, Ark. 

vA\ KUNK Bassi:tt, Ph.B., FF.B. '90. 

Fawver. 204 C.risVold St., 

Detroit, Mich. 
,\\iis llAiu'iV Bi'Azi'M., A.B. Special 
Ayt. N. A'. Mutual Fife his. Co. 

9-1 Horloa .'\ve., Detroit, Mich. 
oiiN- Noun: B1.AIH, A.B. Lawyer. 

^S Liberty St.. New York, N. Y. 
i.waud" Bovi.i:, A.B. Priuc. of Hiuh 
School, .Michigan Cilv, Ind., 18H8-93; 
Sni.t. of Schools, ISJ^99. Fawver. 

218 FaSalle St., Chicajio. 111. 
JK.AR Fwi.Nc. Bkan'Do.v, Ali, A.M. 

(Univ. of Mo.) '97. (See Faculties.) 
Oxford, O. 

iiurruunF, Tamoua BrkiU), A.B. Teach- 
er in the Hiuli School. Aim Arbor. 

'AUoi.i.N-K Flm-.n-Bkittkn, Ph.B. Teach- 
er ill Hij.di School, since i8.)2. 

Jack^un, .Mich. 

\\:u\<i:v. AuTiiuit Biiow.N, 11, ^\ B.D. 
( Garrett") '02. M. F. ClerK\nian. 

Battle Cieel:, Mich 

Hkn'rv IlKKi:i;in' BkowN, .A.B., d. Fos 
.\nneles,, April 2, i8,)2. (26) Bfaitv Bi-ktt, .\.B . FF.B. '89. 
I..iw),r. i(Hi:> .\shl.,nd i;ik., 

Clilca-.;o, III. 

Iai;vi:v Smioiu. Brsii, .\.li, B.D. 
(Vale) 'u\, Ph.D. (Tnl.inuen) '.ii. P- 
v.. (.•IcruMiian. Ch.ulotte, N. \'. 

'i.M'KNci:' (F\i,i;x Camimikii., Ph.B., 
M.D (IMKauc) '00, 

iiiM , 1: l.i:\\ I-, C \Mii:i.i). .\.ll. it)i 1,1 moil 

/>!.' luiu ]. I,aw^e^, (See I'.icnltirs.) 
Detroit. Midi. 

,out:i.T.A CiiAfiN, Ph. p.., M.S. (Chica- 
go) '97- Teacher. 

SI 18 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 
•<.KA Mav Ciiai-man, B.F. (Mrs. Fd- 

wiii H. Babcock.) 
Ci.i/Aiiiriii Ki:iii:ccA Ci.akic, A. P.. (Mrs. 
Frank R. Payne.) .Ann .Arbor. 

Danid Kipllvo, CociiRANi:, Ph.B. Faw- 
yer. 107 Dearliorn St., Chicigo, III. 
nssi:TTi:ii Gi.i;.\soN Coi.i:, Ph.B. Com- 
poser and Teacher of Music. 

721 Fine Arts lUd-, Cliica^o. 111. 
oiiis Kossirni Comstock, Ph.B. I'.lec- 
trical KiHiineir. 

so Church St., New York, N. \. 

d>-i ; til .riJ 




Frank Elmer Conversic, B.L. Supt. 
of Schools, since 1897. Beloit, Wis. 

Ansom Bartie Curtis, A.B., A.M. (Al- 
leghenv) 'Sj, B.D. (Meadville) '89, 
Ph.D. (Allcgliciiy) '90. Prof, of Ile- 
bi-L-w in Tufts Coll. 1890-96; Clergy- 
man. Jackson, Midi. 

Charles Henry Cusiiim;, A.B. Farm- 
er. TroiMco, Cal. 

Rachei. lu-EA D.uvsoN, Ph.B., A.M. 
1900. Poiitiac, iMiiii. 

*Heubei<t ri.ETCiiKK DeCou, A.B., A.M. 
■<X>, il. at Cyrt-ne, N. Africa, March 11, 
loli. (^2> vSce Faculties.) 

Ki.i.iwuKiH Thomas Dekk, A.B. 

15J3 iilh Ave., Sijokane, Wash. 

John Leandek Dufi-v, A.B., LL.B. '93. 
Lawjer. Ann .Xrhor. 

Si.l.OMON lilSENSTAEDT. B.S.,M.l). ( Rusll ) 

'iK>. Inslructcjr in Meilicine, Lhuw of 
III., since h>:k). Physician. 

\A2 Maili.son St., Cihicago, 111. 

J)snm:i. Iumu<aim FwAii,, Al'., AM. 
( N. V. Univ.) 'o^. Clerk ol Supreme 
Court, Appellate Div. 

i'.oruii(.li Mall, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Fkancis Chu'man i'oKi., A.B.,'M 1). '.>o. 
Prof, of Anatomy, Halm. Med. Coll. 

Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111. 

*Tjiomas Hakt Gai.e, B.L., I,I,.B. (Chi- 
cago) '98, LL.M. I,ibui.) '99, d. Oak 
Park, 111., -March 20, 1907. (40) 

ALliEKT l-".L-(,ENE CEUHAKUr, A.B., LL.B. 
'i-yo. Lawyer. Portland, (Jre. 

Cakoi.ine Louise Gels ion, A.B. (.Mrs. 
James .\.. Woodlnirn.) 

Bluoinington, Lid. 

K.\TV llii.iN Cow Eli, A.B. (Mrs. Charles 
II. Hatch.) Detroit. Mich. 

WiiiiA.M \MAs\ (n(.M.i:. \.li., AM, 'oi, 
l.l.,i;. '.Hi llrnkrr. Kaii.vis Ciiv. M... 

l..M\ 111 iiKi CKi:rsKi.. 1! I.. Jnmnali.t. 
I K.IK wood, Cal. 

Cauuie Ha!,,ii, A.B. (.Mrs Charles 1. 
Holmaii.) Toronto, Out. 

Wai.ikk Tones Hamilton, Ph.B., Ph.M., 
and LL.B. (Cornell) '<;o. Lawyer. 

-'058 F. 961!) St., Cleveland, O. 

Chakles Hakkison Hatc-h, B S. Law- 
yer, w Delaware Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Pheston ^L\NAssElI HiCKEV, A. It., M D. 
(Detroit) '92. Physician. 

32 Adams Ave. W., Detroit, Mich. 

*Hei(Mann C? Wii.i.i.v.M HiiiiNrK 
A.B., d. Detroit, Mich., (3ct. 21, 1888. 

Alice Minerva IK.smek. .\.B.(Mrs. Rob- 
ert B. I'reble.) 

1518 Dearborn Ave, Chicago, III. 

Klmek Fllswohth HuiiBAKi), A.B. Supt. 
of Industrial Home for Cuban Or- 
phans. Cartenas, Cuba. 

Wii.i.i.s.M Ai.EKEu HuTzEL, B.S. Farmer. 
•Ann Arbor. 

Ricii.\Ki) CuEENE Inwood, B.L., LL.B. 
(X. W. Uiiiv.) '92. Manufacturer. 

South Bend, Ind. 

Fi.siE Jones, AJ5. (Mrs. Charles If. 
C"i>ole\-.) .Ann .Arbor. Hakvkv Kinnev, A.H., LL.B. 
( I'ir.iiin.ili ) 'on, Secrv. and Treas. 
llv.le Park Supple Co, ' 

lly.le Park, Cincinnati, O. 

H.Mouv Davis Kikmv, A.B. Prof, of Ger- 
man in L'nion Coll., Nebr. 

College View, Nebr. 

Alexaxiiek Cami-hei.i, Kiskadden, B.L. 
Judge .U" Pr.,b,ae, Seneca Co., O., 1894- 
07. Lawyer, Tiirm, O. 

I.i VKia.E K.NAi-r, I'll B., MI). '94. Physi- 
• i.m Trout Creek, N. Y. 

Makii:it\ I,\u<.hi(ii.oe Knowles, B.S. 
( I. Teachir of Chemistry in High 
School. St. Joseph, Mi>. 

R.w Di 1: Lami'son, Ph.B. .\ew.spaper 
l'nbli>.lur. Jefferson, (). 

lEu 11 AN MUM, Lee, B.L. .\4eiit Mich. 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. Deiruil, Mich. 

Franklin Frees, A.B., M.D. 
(A) 91. Physician. Sandusky, O. 

Ar.min Orro Leuschner, .A.B., Ph.D. 
(Berlin) '06. Instr. In Math., Univ. 
.J I" Cal., i8';o-02; .\ssist. Prof. 1892- 
91 ; .\ssHt. Prof, of -Astron. and Geod. 
1801-08; .\ssiic. Prof, iK<>S-l9<J7; Prof. 

Berkeley, Cal. 


.\,1!. l.awver. 

Youiigstown, O. 

Ia.mes Nathan McBride, B.L. 

Frank Daniel McDonell, B S. Com- 
mission Business. 

114 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 

RonEKT Douglas AIacLeod, A.IJ., i'Sg- 
'90, A.M. (Colorado Coll.) '03. Law- 
yer. I.eadville. Colo. 

MoKCAN McMoRRiEs Mann, Ph.B. 
Judge of Probate, Galveston Co., Tex- 
as, i8i/j-i(XX). 24 Broad St., 

New York, N. Y. 

Mautha Pkentice Merwin, A.B. Writ- 
er. II Moiiiitfort St., Boston, Mass. 

CiixKLEs Tyler Miller, Ph.B. With 
Caua.lian Bridge Co. 

Walkcrville, Ont. 

♦Georc.i; I'j.MER Mii.i.iMAN, A.B., d. 
R.Klu-,ter, N. Y,, June l(., K/yi. (41) 

.1 -.kA ll .•!. 

■; ' ■■ •4av.ji 

j8SS ,S.^| I.nilRARY DliPAKTMHSl', 91 

Gkokci: Kai.imi Mitcihu.i., A.B., 1,1,. B. Clvdic Si.o.m:, A.B. Supt. of Schools, 

(N. \V. Univ.) 'yo. Lawyir. since i8yo. Huron, S. Dak. 

100 Wiisliinutoii St., Cliicago, 111. I1onT/\ Bici.i.K Smai.i.Uy, A.B. Teacher 

Sici.iiv Ai.iir.KT Mou.\N, B.L. Teacher in N. Div. High School, Chicago, 

in High Schoul and Publisher. 1894-1901. (Mrs. lUias A. Bredin.) 

Ann Arbor. 837 Sherman Ave., Kvanslun, 111. 

*Fu.\NK Irwin iMuir, A.B., d. Ann Ar- Reuukn Sim-rman Smith, A.B. Presh. 

bor, June 8, 1S92. (28) Clergyman. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

*Fan.\v Tai.cott A1ui,i,iki:n, Ph.B., Fuancis I.i:sr.iF, Sti»vi;nson, B.l,. En- 

( Mrs. Samuel L. Thompson,) d. gineer fcjr International Harvester Co. 

(>rand Ra|)ids, Mich., Jan. 17, iSy.'. (06 Su. Mich. Ave., Cliicago, 111. 

(28) Joii.N KuwARD Sxii.i.wiai., B.L. L,aw- 

LizziK HURSON NoRTiiRUR, B.L. (Mrs. yer. Seneca, Kan. 

Lincoln Avery.) Port Huron, Mich. Julia Ruih, .A.B. Teacher 

CARoi.i.Nii LouisiC Pai.nk, B.L. Teacher. in Lake High School. Chicago HI. 

Salt Lake City, Ut.di. CnARi.i:s Okuin Townsk.n'd, B.S., M.S. 

AciiSA Snow I'akkkk, A.B., .\.M. (Chi- '.ji, PhD. (Lei|)ng) '07. Cunsnlting 

cago) '04. Norwalk, t). .\gi icullurist fur U. S. Sugar and 

Stiuu.ini; P.\rks, A.B., LL.B. (C\duni- Land C,\). Garden City, Kan. 

hian Univ.) \)\. Lawyer. I.m ua Oi.ivr.R Tuiti;u, B.L. 

.M Tavlor Road, East, Cleveland. O. ColTevviile, Kan. 

Paui, Victor PiutRV. A.B., r8.)-'c)0. Bkkt John Vos, A. 15., Ph.D. (Johns 

Journalist. Tribune Oflice. Hoijkins) '92. Instructor and Assoc. 

Chicago, 111. Prof, of German in Johns Hopkins 

Frank Gkorc.f, Plain, A. B., LL.B.(N. Univ. 1892-1908; Prof, of German, 

W, Univ.) 'd.?. County Jutlge of Kane Indi.ina Univ. since i<)o8. 

Co. Aurora, Hi. Bloduiinglon, Ind. 

I'KASTus Fr.snc'is P.iTTi:u, A.B. Gi:..Kc.r, J(.si:imi \Vac.coni;r, A,B., M.D. 

lM.<ii;A M.\iii:i, I'uTTiK, .A. 11, .\.M. 90. (^N. Y. Univ.) '90. Physician. 

(.Mrs. Selhy A, .M..ran. ) Ann Arbor. Ravenna. O. 

Toiix 1Ia\-.\i;1) i'uwKi.T,, A.B. Lawyer. lunviN Ki.ijaii Wasiigurn, Ph.B. 

S-16 N. Y. Block, Seatile, ^Vash. 14^8 S. s8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ci.AVToN Ai.I!i;kt Ri;ai), B.L. Merchant. Ciii:sri;R Wkt.moki;, B.S. Technologist. 

SIS I.cicust St., Kalama^^oo, Mich. i./j iMemnnt -Ave., Snn Franci-co, Cal. 

Haroi.I) Rkminc.ton, A.B., /'88-'89. llr.NUV Kirk Wiirric, Ph.B. lidit.jr and 

Lawver. 165 Broadway, Publisher. Owossu, Mich. 

New York, N. Y. Lai'un F., A.B. (Mrs. Frank 

Jonx David Rikicr, B.S. (Chem.),M.D. B. Moore.) Coldwater, Mich. 

•90. I'lnsician. Pouiiac. Mich. Gi-oia'.i: \Vai,ton WilvTi-., B.S. (Chcm.). 

MuKiT/ RusCNruAl., B.L. Lawyer and ( See I'aculli.s.) Camden, N. L 

Hanker, js Biuad St., I'.i.MKi; ('.ka.n'T W'ii.i.VoUNC, B.S. Law- 
New York, N. Y. \cr. Isxprrt in Patent Cases. 
Cni:sTi:K Hauvkv Rowiu.i,, Ph.B. Edi- 2s Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

lor. Fresno, Cal. Bkktiia H'ammon'd Wright, A.B. (Mrs. 

W'li.i.AUi) Ci.AKK SanI'-orp, B.S. Henry C. Adams.) .Ann Arbor. 

(Cheui.), (;i'88-'8c), M.D. (N. W. (105) 

Univ.) '90. Physician. iooq 

n N. State St., Chicago, HI. '°°'' 

l'n\NH'is Morton Si;ssions, Phi! 1m.i:i. Him.i., A.B., I.L.B. 'or. 

.Mngr. Chas. A. Sloneham \' Co. Lawver. Crystal Falls, Mich. 

Penobscot Bldg., Detroit, Mich. J.\mis Waki'. .\i)ams 1!.L. k:uiclniian. 

I'l.ri.i-.iiicK Im;ai.i:v Siiari'I.lCss, B.S. French, N. Me.K. 

(Clieni). Cnnsuhing Mining Engi- IsatiKm.a Montc.omkrv .An1)Ri:ws, A.B. 

lu.r. Wesibury, N. Y. (Mrs. lames E. Tallev.) 

I'.owiN SiiMKR SuAW, A.B. Cong. 218 S. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

.Mmister. Minot, N. D.ik. Hknuv Towni; Bannon, B.L. Lawyer. 

Hi'.N'KV h'isn Snii'H, Ph B. Presh. Min- Repr. from Ohio in 59th and Ooth 

isier, in of Sociological work Congresses (igos-cxj). 

of Vei-fMia .Mining Co. Palatka, Mich. " Portsmouth, O. 

lis". !I1.IA>1 3--'P' 


i I ' .' kK -' 

,*'; ifJvifv' u' 

i.-yff'l ,..■ - ■,!.-• I . / 

v: y^y,^ 

'A • 111 .'I ■" 

... ( /; II-'. !• u f I 


■■;.. .'. •(! . Ji ;(■; MTifr' U ■'. V:. 'ill 

92 GRADUATliS. [i88.j. 

I'AN.Mi; l-iARKMK, I'll,]!. (Mrs. Juscp'h J'.oy,' IIJkIi SlIkk.I, N. Y. City, since 

B. Whiiiery.) Graml Rapids, Mich. iSu;. 3(0 \V. 57tli St., 

Bi.ANCiii; KiNr.siiUKV J!akni;y, li.L., New York, N. Y. 

I\[.l.. 'iji Tcaciid- in Western High lu-Fii: Mxth.da Oayi.uud, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Sch.Kil. Detroit, Mich. Ilanv V. Huston.) Ludinj^ton, Midi. 

VlUC-.lMA BlCAUClIA.Ml-, A.H., A.M. '94. l{n\M.N (.-IIAKLKS GouuAkii, Ph.B.,U..H. 

iJi Mark Ave., tSyiacuse, N. Y. Vj. (See I'acuhies.) Jiiii.N- lliXKi.icv, Ph. 15. I'ros. ^ Ann Arlior. 

Atlv., Puilage Co., ()., iSy<M90.S. Law- Cll\l<l,|■.^ .\i.i:.\ wnuR Gri:i-,n, I'li.B. 

\er. kavenn.i, (J. 'l.-iix C,!;im:.nsii 1 i;i.os, A.B., M.IX '91, 

I.DUIS Bi;ci;.MA.\\', U.S. M.S. 'g;, Pii.D. d. Iv'onir... .\li,-h,. .May 9, 1900. («) 

(Chicago) '10. I'lol. of Ph>sic= in Jii.M^ Da.s.y JImoio.v, A.B., 'M.IX 

State Teacheis' Colk'.^c. (Cnu. oi I'a.) yj, d. Warren, Ohio, 

Ce.hir Fails, Iowa. Sepi, ,S, i8<;8. (J5) 

Eluum; .\'i.\\'s lii;sT, A.l'.., LL.B. Wn.i.ia.m Wklton Hauuis, Ph.B. Edi- 

(. Minnesota) 'oJ. Lawyer. Un; an The Xcic Voil; IJerald. 

.V. \'. Life BklK-., Minneapolis, Minn. Yoiikers, N. Y. 

CI.vlu^^v SofiiiA Bi(.i;i.o\v, Ph.B., M.D. 1m;a.\k Wi.NCiii;.sri;i< Hawks, Ph.B. 

'o|. i'h.vsieian. Victor, Mont. Ucal h'.st.ile. Pa.iaJena, Cal. 

HwK.\ci: \'.\.\- TuvL BiRD.^i-Li,, B.L 'Li:i.\a .Makv 1Ii;uro.m, B.L., d. San 



d. !>'> 

' ( Clip 

I.'i. < V 1- 

r K.\.\ k 






C:i \i;i K 
^ (C..lii 



•I'lie (Jliver," South Bend, hid. .\iu.iiii,,. Te.x-., March 4, Kjii. (43) 

'l'iiM.iu:is Lincoln BoI.T(J.^^, A.B., Wai.tku Simpson- Hoi,i)i;.n','A.B., LL.B. 

I'h.D. (Clark) '95. Te.icher. (Lake I'urest ) '(/O. Lawyer. 

Tempe, Ariz SM .N. hlasl .\\e., Oak Park, III. lu.MKu Bom., A.B. Prof, of l'iii:i:i: .\nnic Isadouic lli.wici.i., A.B. 

Math., Slate Normal School, since Jiistnu-t..r in Howard Univ. 

uSo.i. Potsdam, N. V. --■■.' Coe^ham PL. WasliinRton, I). C. 

Bk.njami.n' Parsons Bouki.and, A.B., Artju.'r .Mi:kici;i, Husskv, .V.B. Farin- 

.\..\1. '90, I'li.H. (Vienna) '97. (See er. North Berwick, Me. 

Faculties.) Cle\eland, O. C:i Mil i-.s Sh.m.nKU Hvi.i: i'h.l'.,, .\..M. 

TjoiiN Ju>WAkj. Bovi;r, A.l!., A.B. (Columl.iaii) '98. 

I W'liitiii.iin '.sj, ^l',,lumbia) '91. (^ior(.i: PursiiiN Hyih:. Ph.H. Mining 

Capl. 1st Wash. Inf. 1S.J8-99. Law- Ev^uu^r. .MajcMic Bld^, 

vrr. Seattle, Wash. Detroit, .Mich. 

ll.;i.i,n: Bion;(.HTMN Braci; wi-;i,i„ Ph.B., Ai.ikko I'.u.-.knk fi;.N'Ni.NT.s, A.B. Man- 

LL.l'.. (luw.i) '07. Lawyer. ulaLliirer. C.edd.-s .\vc . .\nn Arlior. 

Corydon, Lnva. ll\i:i;n 1 I'rosrv Iii.nmnt.s, .\,B. (Mrs. 

.\\hRi:u McCoRMACK Brow.n', B.S- .\lued !•;. leiinine.v') .\r.ii Arbor. 

I'.,uik CaMnci. Kvn l.,x.,.r,.s |.min>un, 111.. 

Los .\iu;eles, Cal, la.shen, liid. 

I'.iMiK ri.i.:.v\.'Riu Lruwn', .\,1;., PhD. .\i:i,i.ii; Mimiuva Johnson, B.L. (Mrs. 00. (See I'.unllies.) .\rllinr S. Ko-crs.) Saginaw, Mich. 

New York, N. V. Anna Si'san Ionks, A.B., A.M. (Chi- 

.Vi.i.KN Lvs\nm.i:r Cou'on, Ph.B., A.B. ego) 'o.). teacher in Central High 

■<A A.M. ''j8. Statistical Clerk. School. Grand KapicL, Mich. 

Washington, I). C. I.iAvi.. Raii'ii Jonks, Ph. I!, PhD '04. 

Win. ISM Ih-RMAN Df.twyi.Kr, Ph.B. ScD (\erinont) '10, I'lof ..f 

Head of Modern Language Dei.t. of I 'aih- .:-f\ , I'niv. of Wi. 

Vonk.'rs High School. .M.,di,on, \Vi.s. 

J.S Greystone Park, Vonkcrs, N. V. Bkrtii.v Josi.yn, li.L. (Mrs. George L. 

*Wii,i,iAM WoKTii 1vu;an, Ph.B., d. I'.nrrous.) Sagniaw, W. S., Mich. 

New Orleans, La., Jan. 8, 1901. (y-,) Franci.s Ciiaui.otti: Lknnox, Ph.B. 

*CiiARi,i:s KiKKii KuDY, Ph.B., d. Sag- (.Mrs. Herman J. Powell.), Mich., Nov. 10, 1900. (u) Santa .'\iia, Cal. 

Cii\Ri.i;s I'.i.WARi. F,vi:Ri:rr, B.L., M.S. 1"ri;ii Loomis, A.B., 1.1,. B. (N. 

■-17. I'.inner. Lansing, Mich. W. Lniv.) \)0. Lawyer. 

L:i,i i-N Ij i/aiii:tii G\Ri(ic,in;s, A.B., ■ (.s.j The Ko..kery. Chicigo, III. 

.\.M. 'o.i. I'rof. ..f I'.ne,. Lit., lUu-ht.l Locis MoKUAni, Ph 1! , H S. (Bio.) \)o. 

C..1I., iS.,,iu7; Teach. 1 of Ivnglisl, in PhD. (Leipzig) '.)|. I See I'acnhies.) 

, ,:;l.i ■> :lf. 

,7' M i '.«' •) ,1. 

it<S.Mjo.J'.KAKY DlU'.lRTMIiXr, 93 

Teaclur ..£ Biology in LViilral lUah 1m<i;i<i:uu:k BivRnard Si'aulding, A.B. 

Schoul, since 1897. Detroit, Midi. With R:iii<l, McNally & Co. 

Clvi-i: \'Ai.i.AN'Dir.!iA.M Nai-i:, .\.B., /■«)- (lOiS .Muiiroe Ave., Ciiicago, 111. 

'<)<j. I.a\v\er. Klines ami Invehliiieiits. Ci.KMKNt Riciiivi.i i;u Stick.N'icy, A.B. 

j'.l I'aso, Te.K. Patent Lawyer. 

MiNMi, 11. .wi: Ni;wi;v, (.Mrs. 57 Con^res^ Si., \V., Detroit, Mieli. 

f,L-or-e -\l. kickett>..) I'.k.idii; Stum-;, A.B., I.I,.l!. 

-M H 171I1 Si., MiniKMi.olis. .Minn. (Vale) 'oi. Lawyer. 

Cauuii: M.mua.n Pai.mkr, li.D. Teach- ' I'ayctteville, Ark. 

er. Cellar U.ipicL, Iowa. '^J'.i.iza Ril.sD Sunhkki.and, Ph. 1L, Ph.D. 

LKwib W'Ai.i.ACi; Pakkku, 1!I,, i.L.B. ',,.., (.Mrs. Jahcz T. Smulerhuul,) <1. 

■.,(>. I.auver. , Conn., March ?, 1010. (71) 

i.'jo Marquette Blclg., Chicago, 111. Jvm,;s Im.v Tai.i.i:v, A.B., M.D. (Univ. 

U()i:i:kT 15Kfci- Pi;i- 111,1;, A 1!., m'S.)-'(>), ,,1 p,, ) \)j BJiyMcian 

M.D. (N. \V. Univ.) '(ji. Prof, oi _,|8 S. jolli St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

.Me.licine. X. W. Univ. Ph>Mcian. Cii vkms i'uii.K.Niu.i; Tavi.ok, Ph.B. 

15 iS Dearhorn .\ve,, Chicago, 111. Hanker. Oltawa, 111. 

I'ui.m Kui; 1,i:kuv Piu;.\ n<s, A.B. Juiir- [| Bkack Thomcso.n, B.S., A.M. 

":ii>>'- Clcvelaiul, O. ( Stanford ) V'. Corporation Presi- 

Ciim-m;.- l'.\i;Kinr Kockwi;uii. I'h.l'.. j^.,,; Minlo Park, Cal. 

I.i\e Stock. Union Stock Yards, y[j^^. Tuumcr, B.D. 

Irnlianapolis Iiid. Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

GEin-KUDE Bellk Rosic, A.B. (Mrs. i,-,<.,nk Ai.swouTii, B S. (Bio.), 

Lon.s C. IIilI.) Plueni.K, Ariz. M D. '(13 (See Faculties.) Physician. 

Lillian Rosewakne, Ph.B. -" q^^^^ ^y^.^^ 

(Mrs. Ldwiii C. (HKld.ard.) ►Katiucrine Mary West, A.B., d. Osa- 

I '12 llill St , .\nn Arhor. .vato.nie. Kan., Atig. 6, K>yo. Cij) 

AKrn.. IM RuWEEV, I'h.l. Lawyer Sara Wheuon, A.B., A.NL 'o.. Teacher 

and 1 rol.alc Judge. Xorwalk ( . ;,, ,,; ,, ^^.,„„,, ,.s„o-i,;,o. Ann Arhor 

C.Kour,,. l.Ki.muucK RuSM, A.L. A.M. p, „,^,,.,;,,, ],;,,, WiuTCOMn, B.L. (Mrs 

■ U, LL.B. (Lake Forest) 9.. M.asier . , j, ^^ , .,^^ Nicholasvilic' Ky 

in 1. 

'^^^'^'l ^'''!:''\ H'- f^r""' J-">'' 11- ^Vtich.) Nicholasviile, Ky! 

y. 1695-1905; Prot. of l'..|ui- y.-',,^ 1 Wim,.v PhB Teicher 

'l,-,,!;i..r -111,1 Pr-i.-ll-,' I ,lin M , r /-All.\ J. WII.SO.N, lll.lj. Itaelltr. 

ly,uii.,g and IraelKc, John .\l,,i- j^,. j,,^^..|.^, ^^ i},ooklvn, N. V. 

Law School. ,, ' ,,r i>r^ ».- 

Wa^liington Ave., (.' 

\ AlCliN' WiNcllELL, 15. S. Mill- 

.011 .'vvc., V. nicago, in. . ,, , . ^ \i- r -vi • 

1 1 Ci, vMHKiu.iN St. C..A11C B.L., , '":-'^ ^T^""'%r i'"<''m n' Av'""; 

l.I.i;. •.,!, A.M. (N. Y. Univ.) u.oo. J W''^^ ^ "'f"'Oy?""' ''m' '^ ' u^ " \ 

P J- Cler.'vjnan ^^- ^'^'''- ^""-^ y-.- . '^'en'^'i-''" l!"ard 

Ilohokcn. N. J. of Kdncation. Physician^ 

Oscvu I-KKo,;u.eKSci,Mn., PI..B., Ph.C. , , „, Oak and, C .al. 

■,,, n,Mnrui-l Mich I'l'^-"'' CoNNNT W01U-ESTi:i(. A.M. (Sec 

'Tm,.. ■ ■ urv Si^v'n'n.'' \ Funhic. . M.nnla, P. I. 

.\AL -M, d.Ruclu-.ta-.'Mich: Sep.: Ai'"s,.E Mak.akkt Ynuxo, A B,, .\,NL 

11, i.KM. (Ill V)- -17 SI. Stcplien Si., 

Ai.i'.Fin' Mi.KTo.v SiiAw, B.S., Hi'87-'8S, Boston, Mass. 

M.D. (.Med. Coll. of Ohiu) '90. Phv- Lewis S.Mirii Yoi'.vr., B.L. Lawyer. 

sician. Ottawa, 111. (^^"l Boulder, Colo. 
Ai.i.i.UT I.AM-.KNE SiiEi'AKi), Ph.B. I'.aw- 

ver Cily Hall, Rochester, N'. Y. 1890 
Wl 1.1. 1 AM lIlTlELI, SlIEK/.EU, B.S., M.S. 

•<)'., I'h.l). 01. (See Faculties.) IIowaud Auams. Ph.B. Teacher 

Ypsilanii, Mich. in I'.rasnius Hall High School, Brook- 

L1//11. Iiu; SiiiELi., -\.B. (Mrs. Khner lyn, N. \. Clifton Springs, N. Y. 

r. Ilause.) St. Paul, Minn. * .\i.E.kanueu, B.L., 

WMa<i..\ II Mii.Ev Smuti, I'h.R , \..M. 'o(. /■i;o-9i, d. Detroit, Mich., March 5, 

Law and Real l'>t.ile. 

.\nn .\rhor. Ji 

.\..\l. ■.,:. Teacher. Wo-d.lo.k. III. 


|i ) 

X B 


V.NUEk, B.S. 


lu.i W. \V; 

ler Si , 


■, Wis 

[• •; '.-I.- , U.M 

.,!.:! ; / ■" .It: •...•■ .'.ilf,! .il.A 

... ■ ,;,.-<v» .'"' .!' ' , JI,,"I .nil. 




James Rowland Angell, A.B., A.M. 
'01, A.M. (Harvard) '92. Prof, and 
Head of Dept. of Psvchologv, Univ. 
of Chicago; Doau of Senior CuHvKes. 
Chica-o. 111. 
Fkanc Aunoi.u, rii.B. (Mrs. \\'illiani 
H. Chaddock.) 

Allegan, Mich. 
r.i.n-11 Km. MA Atki.n-^ .\ W . A.M. uS. 
Teacher. 44.^ S. L)i\i^ion St., 

Ann Arbor. 

AiajiuK HuKi. r.ANNo.N', Ph. 15. I.awver. 

Purtsnionth, (J. 

Makv SiU'Hii: Bakrv, A.U. Merchant. 

Galena, 111. 

Hi:nky M.ioRi; R.ati;s, Ph.B., LL.B. 

(N. W. Univ.) 92. (See Facuhies.) 

Ann Arbor. 

DoR.\ Orinda Bknnktt, A.B. (Mrs. 

Frank Taliaferro.) 

Carlisle, O. 
Fi.nK.\ Bi:nni;tt, A.l'.. (Mr.s. Janie. \V. 
.Moore ) Carlisle, O. 

tFuANK Swii-T liouuNS, B.S., M.l). '96. 
.Maj. and Smg., U. S. \^iluntecrs, 
i8.)S-99. Chief Medical Inspector, 
Dept. of Health and Sanitation, Se- 
attle, since July I, 1908. Physician and 
Surgeon. Seattle, Wash. 

Mary Bi<anciii: Briccs, B.L. (Mrs. 
Ahrah.uii I,. Knisely.) Portland, Ore. 
Mary Bariiouk Brow.n, B.L. (Mrs. 
JauK's H. Nalle.) 
.(ii.S independence 7\\e., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Sali.y Brown, B.I,. ( Mrs. James C. 
Fuller.) Kansas City, Mo. 

Mary Yictori.\ Cady, A.B. 

?02 Oak St., Ypsilanti. Mich. 
KATuiuisr C\Miiu;i.i, A.l!. Teacher 
in lli.Ji Sclio,.|, .siiuT iSoi 

Siuilh liend, Ind. 
Mautma A.nna Catton, Bh.]!. (Mrs. 
Daniel Rich.) South Bend, Ind. 

Stanton Wai.tkr Ci.arki:, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. SI I Moffat Rldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Warri;.\ John Ci.oucii, .'\.B. Insur- 
ance. 125 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 
Bi-NjAMiN, B.S., M.S. '94. Teach- 
er. Provo City, Utah. 

i>f Schools since iJ^j. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 

LdRiTTA Ckissman, Ph.B. (Mrs. Wil- 

l.ird N. Swecnev ) Lansing. Mich. 

Aiici: llARfi-.R Damon, A.B. Teacher. 

Concord Mass. 

Cora Ar.mi;nia Di-aki', .^.B. Te.iclier. 

South Lyon, Mich. 

ni;.\RY B1NG11A.M Dewey, A.B. Supt. 

of Public Instruction, State of Wash- 

ingtun, since I(Xj8. Taconia, Wash. 

];dc:ak Mii.i.ARu DouciiTY, A.B., A.M. 

'<;i. Lawyer. 44 Court St., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Mary Euna Dowdica.n, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

CJlivcr II. Carson.) Ann Arbor. 

J.\Mi:s Eugene i)ui'EY, B.L., LL.B. '92. 

L.iwver. Bay City, Mich. 

KoIIIn' bluN'KST DUNliAK, Ph B., LL.B. 

(K.jtre D.anie) '9I. Lawyer. 

Soinh iSend, Ind. 
Cuv Dam:, Ph.B., LL.B. '91. 
Law\er. Boulder, Colo. 

Wii.i.i.sM Franklin F.dwards, B.S. 
(See Faculties.) Metallurgical Chem- 
ist. Houstmi, Tex. 
IIarcji,!) Wi: I. L.MAN Fairisanks, B.S., 
Ph.D. (Californi.i) '97. (jeolugist. 

15erkcky, Cal. 

Ni-i.snx (.'lrtis Fiia.n. A 15. Investor 

in L.inds. Kan-,as Citv. .\Io. 

*Gi:..R.-.i: MvcATT I"im<, A.B, Ph.D. 

(.Munich) V), d. Madi^in, Wis., April 

29, igio. (45) 

*GuANT M.\RTiN Ford, A.B., d. Rand- 

lett, Utali, Nov. 14, 1909. (42) 
*HKKiii;RT Martin Frost, /\.B., il. Sag- 
inaw, Mich., ALnrch 19, 1891. (28) 
CiiARi.i-s Byron Garrison, A.B. Office 
Mngr. Fairmont Creamery Co. 

113 Ferry St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
I'DWiN Francis Gay, A.B., Ph.D. (Ber- 
lin) '02. Dean of Graduate School 
i.f ];^sine^s .Administration, in llar- 
vanl Uiiiv Caniliri.lge, Mass. 

Rnii GiATRV, Ph.B., Ph.D. (Bryu 
Mawr) ■()!. Instructor in Maili. in 
\'a-sar Cll., iS.ij-iooo; .Xs-.c. Prof. 
KAki 02. Charity work. 

Siilesville, hid. 

John Evans Gi:rnand, B.L., M.D. '94- 

Physician. Rossville, III. 

♦William Ellis Goudard, A.B., d. 

Chicago, 111., Oct. 17, 190,?. (43) 
Moses Gd.muerg, BS. (Chem. ), M.S. 
'92, Sc.D. '94. (See Faculties.) 

.\nii Arbor. 
Lotus I'liWAKi) Go.-,sman, B.L.. LL.B. 
'87. L.iwser. CrookstoiL Minn. 

llur.n .Xn'oklw Graham, A.B., A.B. 
(.\lbion) '87, A.M. iibiil.) '02. Insur- 
ance. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
I'vni. k.,iii;i<i Gray, A.B. Manulac- 
tm-er. \\(> Scminule Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
CiiARLi-b Jason Greenstkeet, B.S. 

■). . w ry..'U 

( ■ -10 

J.iriik.iuy DHFAKTMliX T 

Jacoii I.f.onaud Ham.k, A.H, I.L li. '91. 

l.awyLi-. Muskwgrf, Okl. 

Gkacu Ivi.i.A Hakhaii, 15 1.. Tcaclicr. 

47 Grumiiuyiul Ave, Dttruit, Midi. 

William Pjcklit IIakius, 1!.!,. M;iii- 

iifactiin-r. Detroit, Mich. 

Faith Helmkr, PIlB. (Mrs. Samuel C. 

Parks.) Cucly, Wyo. 

David Bill Hempstead, A.B., l.L.B. 

(Harvard) '93. Lawyer. 

Salt Lake Cily, Utah. 

'Pkrcv Benjamin Herr, Ph.B., LL.B. 

( Kent Coll. of Law) '93, d. Chicago, 

II!., Jan. 10, lyoi. (31) 

Jcj.N.\i ii.vN .\u(;UbT Charles Hildner, 

A r., .\.M. '95, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '09. 

(See I'aeullies. ) Ann Arhor. 

^■K^.^M■:s lliNKLEV, B.S.,M.S. '9(. (Mrs. 

iM-.nik Muore.) Henl..n Harlx.r, Mich. 

Mak<.ak.;t MiLLicE.Nr Hunt, A.B. 

(,.Mr^. James S. Healon.) 

70 Kliot St., Detroit, Mich. 
Hknkv Iames Kennedy, A.B., M.D. '93. 
Br^.ker. ist Nat. Bank lUdR., 

Chicago, 111. 
Gk.-vemkx-E Ki.NNE, (Mi.s. Charles 
J. Barllelt.) 

Mew ll.-uen, Conn. 
LviHA Hleaxcjk . K.siss, BI.., M.L. 
(Calif(n-nia)'y7. ( Mrs. John J. Kni-.s.) 
Teacher in High School. 

Centerville, Cal. 
PoMKunv l.AnuE, B.S., l\)0-\)\. (See 
!■ acuities.) I'.nsiness. With Whiting 
Mni;:. Co. Land Title BKU., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Francis Ale.kander Leslii;, Ph.B., 
^LD. (Bellevue) '94. Ph) .Mcian. 

2037 Franklin Ave., Toledo, O. 
lu.i.\ Alii:i;i:tta Luuwic, .\ li. 

n)|;M,.M> O^CAK LVO.NS, I'h H.. All., 

* \c:uha Coll.) 'So, il. ChicaKO, 111. 

Sept. 3. )Sol. (30) 

JOi W. .S7th St., New York, N \' . 
Georce Euwaku MacIlwai.v, A.B. 

.\lini-ier, First L'nitarian Cluirch. 

Toledo, (J. 
Akthir MacNeal, A.B., M.D. (Rush) 

'.)J. I'hysician. Berwyn, 111. 

Fim;ak WrriiRuw ^L\cPllEl<RAN, A.B. 

Lawyer, and Land Connnissioner D., 

S. S. & A. Ry. Mar,|nelte, Mich. 

Walter Leman Mann, Ph H. Gen'l 

Insurance Broker. 

I Liberty St., New York, N. Y. 
William Kili-atrick ^L\xwl■LL, A B,, 

LL.Il. (Cineninati) '.,1. I.awjer. 

.|lS Riverside Drive, New Y.>,k, N. Y. 

ICi.oibK Mavham, A.B., A.M. (Chicago) 
\)i. (..Mrs. Lincoln HuUey.) 

DeLand, Fja. 
*l'i<ANK TiioMSo.N Merkv, B.L., M.L. 
'95, d. Lihne, H. 1., Aug. 2y, I902. 
Aura Mauu Miller, B.L., A ^L \,7. 
Ph.D. 'oj. Ann Arbor. 

Fdwin Lii.i.iE MiLL^iR, A.B., A.M. '91. 
Assist. Princ. Central High School. 
50 Delaware Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Owen Lamme Miller, A.B. Manufac- 
tiuer. _'o<-0 N. Capitol Ave., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

LORE.N DcjL'C.l.AS MiLI.lMAN, A.B. As- 
sist. Pnif of Rhetoric, Univ. of Wash. 

Seal lie, Wash. 

nVMU(r:N luENcii Mills, B I... LL.B. 
KS, LL.M. 'lAJ, d. San Francisco, Cal., 
Nov. 17, i«90- U7) 

Oscar Wood Movi.e, Ph.B., LL.B. '92. 
Lawyer. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

FRr;or:kicK Charles Nr:wcoMiiE, B.S., 

PhD. (Leipzig) '03. (See Faculties.) 

Ann Aihor. 

Wu.LL\M L..V1J i'AOE, A.B. Advertis- 
ing. Keiiilworth, III. 

Caroline Crosuy Penny, A.B. (Mrs. 
Alexander F. Lange.) 

2629 Haste St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Harry Nelson Quic.ley, A.B., LL.B. 
'<)i. Gen'l .\tty. Cincinnati Northern 
R. R. Co. Cincinnati, O. 

♦Wll.I.I.VM BUTTI-REIEI.D Rams.w, A.B,, 

LL.B. '<;!, d. Washington C. H., Ohio, 

Oct. 7>i-^)i. (3.i) 
Fanny K. Real, B.L. (Mrs. Justin T. 

Cook.) R. D. 4. Homer, Mich. 

*Roiii:rt KiNNiooTT Reili.v, Ph.B., d. 

Chicago, HI., Nov. 24, iS()9. (31) 
Leon ]osl\h RiciL\RiiS()N, A.B. Assist. 

Prof", of Latin, Univ. of Cal. \^)&' 

1907; .'\.ssoc. Prof, since 1907. 

Berkeley, Cal. 
Jacoii Rincer, Ph.B. Lawyer. 

Fort Dearborn BIdg., Chicago, 111. 
Edward Van Dyke Rohinson, A.B., 

A.M. '91, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '95. Prof. 

of I'.conoinics, Univ. of Alinn., since 

1907. .Minneapolis, Minn. 

John Randoi.imi Rocers, B.S. (CIicul), 

Ml), 'i)^. Phyiic-ian. 

Grand, Mich. 
iMi.iiiERT Roth, B.S. Assist. Prof, of 

I'orestry in Cornell Univ. 1898-1901. 

(See I'acniliis.) Ann Arbor. 

Cora Maria Rowei.l, Phi?. (Mrs. Al- 
bert C. Olnev ) Santa Barbara, Cal. 

./. . ■.' iH .f^.r. I fy.iA 

y6 CRADL'ATUS. [iS<>>-9i. 

Mkrii! Susan Rowlkv, A.B. (Mrs. Xatiian I'dtnam \Vuod, B.l,., M.D. 

(George W. Palterson.) Ann Arbor. ( I)iii\ er; '07. Pliysician. 

H>:n-i<v AuTiiUK Sandkus, A.B., A.M. Cobb HUlg., vSeattlo, Wash. 

'()4. Ph.U. (.Munich) '97. (See Fac- b'uwi.N Akkaiiam Zh.muuo, A.B. Ttach- 

uhies. ) Ann Arbor. ir in lligii Schoul. Rivcrii'lc, Cal. 

IIi:.Nky KocKKs Skackr, Ph.B., Ph.D. (112) 

( L'niv. uf Pa.) '04. .Assi-i. Prof, of 

Pohtical l-.cun.Mny. l'niv. uf Pa., 1896- 1891 

I9(U; Assoc. Prof, of Political Econ- 
omy, Cohnnbi.i Univ., i(;o_'-05 ; I'ro- llii.Aii I.uCKwrtuo Ai.i.i;.--), B,I,. Tcach- 

fc-ssor since J';05. cr. Nilcs. Mich. 

X.w Wn-k, N. V. l'i(\.\K kii.Kv -\sMi.i:v, B.S. (Chtm.;. 

+ ]".\i;iv.v Amanoa Smith, .A.B, d. Ann Pro, ^\V^lc^n Chemical MuIk- Co. 

Arbor, Mvj.. ], kSv->. (50) Denver, Colo. 

Pui-i.r.uK- Patta S.MiTii, J'h.H. Tim- ISai.i.k.ntin-k, A.B. 

ber and Mining Pamls. (.Mrs. Tbcoilore II. llinchman.) 

llannnond P.ldg., Dclroit, Mich. 22,\ Seminole .Ave., Deiroit. Midi. 

+(ii:oRCi- Hkui-.i-kt, Ph.B., d. Wi- Makv Ci.ark Bancki-r, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

nona, Minn., Xov. Jd, iQtxj. (40) 'i<-'. iiistrnctor in Ivn.ulisli, The Brear- 

llK.NKV PoKTi-K Stkarns, B.S, /■.i2-'93. by School, N. Y. Ciiy. 

Sales Mnyr. Peerless Pence Cu. i.n W. 751I1 St., New York, N. Y. 

.Adrian, Mich. Cka.m' S. Bauhi;i<, B.S. Minim,'. 

Waiikk S.\va(,i; Stim ma.x, A. 11. Law- 15e:,semer, Mich. 

yer. Council BIntVs, Jowa. I'ikk I.awkknck Bktti:.\, .\ B , .\.B. 

FoKKST Gi.KNWooi) S\vi:kt, Ph.B. ilb.iK) '(,0, A.M. (Jhid > '.ji. Minis- 

Ad\ Knk-.iit Ti-uuki.i., B.L., Ph.B. ler .d" Kefurmed Clnuch. 

(Iowa) '81, A.M. (ihiil.) '84. (Mrs. .\laiion, X. Y. 

George M. Terrell.) Teacher and Cu AKf.ics LururR Bi.our.r.rr, A.B. 

writer. Independence, Iowa. Teacher. 405-' Magno'ia .Ave., 

ToMN Howard Todd, A.B. Jonrnalist. Chica,L;o, 111. 

Record Herald Bid-, Chica;-;... 111. Ai.I!i:kt Sidskv Brow.v, A.B , /'9i-'92. 

*()s\\'Ai.D Daniki, Ya.ndkrsi.uis, .A.B., I'res. Brown School of C-Trespond- 

d. Grand Rapids, Mich., March 10, ence. 

i8<M. (26) Salt Lake City, Utah. 

tHoRACi- VANni-.vr;.N-ii;K, Ph.B, I.L.B. W'li 1 iam Simon Brow.n, B.S., M.D. 

(Harvard) 'gj. Capt. 6th U. S. V. (Iniv. of HI.;) '86. PhyMcian. 

Inf. i8i)S-Q(^ State Senator, d>oi ; I'.lgin, 111. 

Clerk U. S. Dist. Court, East Dist. Minmi: Thwnntcjn- Bukk, BE. (Mrs. 

of Tenn., since Kjng. Lawyer. Cli;irle-. I!. A'aii l)n>eii. ) 

Knox\ille, Tenn. : |o N'iiKini.i Ave., Detroit, .Mich. 

llAUia Wiiu-KC WAKn.iM:, It!,. Law- l'ni:m. |o.-,i;ni A Bin. lock, .A.B. Music 

\er. 171 La Salle Si,, Chicago, III, leaclkr. 81 Law.<he St., .Atlanta, Gn. 

I'u\M< Ban(,iiai;t WviKiii;, Ph.B., Wnu-nTT Uacki.i-v Buti.KU, Ph.B., 

.M D. (Dclriiil) '<iJ. Lin .-^ician. LI. B. '87. Eawver. .Ann .\rbor. 

iiq W'aison St, Deiroit, Mich. 11i:ni<v Magnus BuTzr.i., Ph.B., I.L.B. 

Cii\ui,i:s Ai.iu;kt Wuhat, B.L. A.ssist. 'o-'. Eawver. Detroit, Mich. 

Co. Su|.t. of Schools. »1'i;i;d Gi:oRC.r: Cadwiu.i.. A.P. , B.D. 

Alhambra, Cal. ( McCormick) '04, d. Bay \"iew, Mich, 

Rti-rii Anna Wii i.diic.iinv, Ph.B. .\ng. 27, 1901. (.1.0 

Teacher. .(04 lurdiiiand .Avi., Eii/\iii:tii .\i,ma l".\Mi'i;i:i.i., Ph.B. 

Delr.iil, Mich. Wilier. .\nn .\ib.or. 

Fi.ori;nci; I^dna \Vii..son, Ph.B. (Mrs. W'ii.i.iam Ci.akk Cami'iii-i.!., B.S , EE.R. 

Brinton F. Hall.) BeldiiiR, Mich. '<;i, A.B. (Trinity Univ.) '89, A.M. 

.li:\NV I.ouisK WiRK. Ph.B. Nora, 111. iihid.) '91. Chemist. 

Rom-RT IIknky Woi.cott, BE., B.S. 1855 A'inewood .Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

(Bio.) '92, M.D. '9.3, A.M. (Nebras- Thkodcui: Lincoln Ciiaduourni-, B.S., 

ka) '<)5. Prof, of ZooIoKV and .Acting .Ml) 'oi PhvMcian. Vint(Mi, Io\sa. 

Dean of the College of Medicine, L'i.\ .Ma^ Ci.vkk, B.L,, B.S. '07. (Mrs. 

Univ. of Nebraska. Eincoln, Neb. Inlins (). Schlotlerbeck) Ami Arb,.r. 

is<>i.| j.irr.h'.ih'V Diii'AivrMiixr. 97 

I.icv I)L'Rri;i- Clark, AM. (Mrs. W'il- Univ. of ]1I., 1900-04; Ohio State 

Ham C. Albertbon.) Univ., ujo^-os; Assoc. Prof. 1905-08; 

Geneva, X. Y. Professor, since 1908. Columbus, O. 

(HMKCK Pii:kuic C./ui., A.K. Mavor of OuMi.i.i: Uirii.MU) ll\i<i)v, U.S. Secr'y 

Deiroii, i<>o.s-o^); Regent of ' Univ. .iml .Mngr. 1 )i.\ie P.irll.uHl Cement Co. 

I'/io 11; Circuit Jiulfje of \Va3ne Co., Clialtanoona, Tenn. 

i.,ii . Detruii. .Mich. |.\Mi:s lli'r.u IIxkkis, .\.li. Supt. of 

J.\Mi> Mi:i.Mi,i.i, C.o,i;.M\.\, .\.i:., .\.M. Sclioolb, P.inliac, .Mich., KAJ-o'j; As- 

•(ij. .\,li. (Ceiieva) 'S;. l'|-,,l. of l"o- sisl. Supt. of Sch^niis, \Iinneapolis, 

Htical Science in C.ene\a C'll., iSijJ- i<)(i(j-ju; Supl. of Schools, KjlO — . 

nio/; I'.istor. i<X)7-io; Collcf'e Dulniciue, Iowa. 

lurer on Social Ktlncs, bince xjio. C.kaci; IlAbTi.NC.s, U.S. (Mrs. Dallas 1.. 

.Mercer, Pa. Sharp.) K. U. J, llinnliain, .Mass. 

.MAK.-.n-kiTi: i;\.M.Mi;i. C(M,K, ];.l.. (Mrs. 11ki,i;.\; ILntcu, Ji.l.., .M.L. '9,5. 

hlarl \'nilo„ jieaU.) ->( W i'uclhl .\ve,. Deln il, Mich. 

.\rlinKlon I le.dus. Ma^s. Wai.ti.r l-nuMU. IIkai.v, \.I!, Lawyer. 

TiioMvs 1!i;ntwn Choi.kv. .\ IV, M.D. I'.Uin, ill. 

•c,v (See I'acnilie-.) In\ /. lliciMUD. I"..!.. (Mrv .Vilhur F. 

■ <j:, Walbon Si., IMroii, Mich. lAen.s,,n.) -•-■_■-• Landlord .\\e.. 

I.fcv Cooi.iiu.r, Ph. I!. I. Mrv. I'rank Si. Pan), Minn. 

Il:un.-,her. ) Cl.ivlon, Mo. (o;<)1o:k ()^\\l.s■ llioi.i'.v, P.,S. (Cheiu.), 

(;i.;(.i((.i-: Skaks CliuTi^s, .\ 11. Join- .M.S 'g.?, Pli.D. '05. (See Facnlties.) 

nali>r Aihens, Pa. Delaware, O. 

I'.i.i/AiiKTii Wjikttkn Dkan, B.S. CiiAKi.Ks llii.!., R.S. (Hio.), .M.S. '92, 

.•\mi Arbor. Ph.D. ( N. W. Univ.) '99. Acting Prof. 

I.oiMb ViNCKNT DkFoK, 15.1,. Dramatic of ZoifloRy in N. W. Univ. Physician. 

I'.ditor of The Worhl. (>,W> Kinibark Ave., CiiicaKo, 111. 

J04 W. 70th St., New V.nk. X. Y. ITiiicoi.nkK ll);.NM<v Hi.nchma.v, A.B., 

Dnmi.:. 1)..i<si;v, .\.I! , l!..\r.I'. P..S ( .Mech, i:. ) '0?. Machini.-i U. S 

(I' '.;o. .\1 aniif aeune. , with S. yoicir.ilc. \^^. Consulting Hngi- 

Tucker & Dorsev (.'0. neer. 22? Seminole Ave., 

Indi.inapolis, Ind. Detroit, Mich. 

l-:\ni.K Wii.i;ri< Dow, All. I See I'ac- C,i:oi<ta; Hoi.den.A.R, m'91- 

uliie. I \i-u Arbor. 'oi. Woolen .Mnfr. Palmer, Ma-s. 

|nn\ kuiM i;t I'.ii, Phil, Pb.M. l.Mu a D \v I loi.MKs. Ph H. 

04. PhD. 'oX. (See Facnlues. ) .jlkj X. .Monroe St.. Uav Citv. Mich. 

\nn >\Vi 1.1.1 a \i I-kv.vk 1 liio; \ki.. .V.l!., d. 

.\Mu;ur CiiAii.stiCV ICvci.Ksii v mi;h, B.S. Delroii, Mich, Xov. .>o, iS.>S. ( ^j ) 

(llio), PhD. (Chicago) Vs. Direc- tJoii.N- .\ i.k.n v.Ni.itu ]AMr.s...\, A.H . 

lor Depi, of .\natoinv in St. l.onis l.j.U. ( N, \V. Univ.) '03. l-.UMgn U. 

I'niw. since i>;o,i St. l.oiiis. Mo. S. S. .V,'</,i;,n-.i. uS(>S. Lawyer. 

Cn\ui.i;s l-.i.M.Ni. I'll. KINS, IVl,., AM. .j,j Randolph St., Chicago, III. 

i.MX.. T.aciur. S.u. Hern.irdin,.. Cal. .M Mn .\ in;i,Ai 1,1; JAv, A.15. (.Mrs. Ed- 

M\i;iK lM.i.:MiNt,, A. 11. (Mrs. Frederick -^.,r II ll,,llard. 1 Instructor in Span- 

M Snihvan.) isb. and ke'_ibtrar, F.arlham Coll., 

87 N. Xoruood .\ve, llnlfalo. X. Y. since lO!io. Riclnuond, Ind. 

Ftiiki. FolNTAix, Phil, (Mrs Wdliani C.fokoi: Iinks US (Chem ) 

I. Ilussey.l .\nn .\rbor. |',-,,| of I'lu sj^af Science i 

*l"i<|-in:i(u-K SiiKuiiouNK Cak.i:, I'b H. /,„, Coll. .snice iSoi 

IIS. (Hillsdale) 'Si. .M.S. (//'/./.) ■S4. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

d Ann Arbor, June n, 191 I. ( 50 ) I.ii.i.iax Wvckoh- Johnson- .\ H , Pli D 

Mi:inii- Fkoka C.o,,i,i.:i.i.. Ph.H. Anisi. (Cornell Lniv. ) 'oj. Teacher of ilis- 

-\nn .\rbn-. turv in lliuh Sclio,,|. 

Wii i.iAM I'-.iu.AU C.KMTi.v, Ph li, I.I. P.. Meini>his, Tenn. 

■'/.!. I.auvir. I,\mav I'Knuioc Ki ui ik U.S. iCIuui. ), 

171 I.. a Salle Si . CbicaKo. Ill .MS ■<;->. I'h C \)o. Chief of Drun- 

Mmiiikw lii;..u.\ ll\MM..No, Phil. DiMsj,,,,, llnrr.m of Tlu lu , U. S. 

.Ml.. (Wisconsin) \,\. I' ( Cobim- <.f ,\-ii. Mine h;o(. 

hi.,) 'oS. As.sisi. I'rof. of l\,.Mo,ni,-s, WaslniiKlon, 1). C. 


'/.YV i: 

V ■(■• V 

-" . 

y \\\ 

V. h 

'; -ii 

/ i 

•i!.../ ;i./. 



r'f ■' f: 

;(..'., • ., • :' P ■ .ir- > )i;v 


WlLlAM liVRON Kki.I.V, li.L., Ll.Ji. Cl.AK\ M.\K1K MtlbliK, Pli.Ii. (Mr». 

(Ciiiciiiiirili) '<J4. Josrpli K. FreiKii,'.) 

TnoMA> Kkki., A.n., l.l.B. (Culuni- Jamaica Plain, Busloii, Mass. 

biaii) '»J4. Farmer. Sa.mui^l Ai.e.\anui:k SrtRRErr Metii- 

Cocur d'Alciie, Idaho. Env, .\.1J., A.U. (Geneva) '90, A.M. 

Joii.N PrASF. KiiYi-.s, Ph.ll, B.S. (Mcch. (ibid.) ■.», M.D. (Jdferson) '94. Phy- 

E.) 'u2. Liiinher and Hngincerin;^. sician. 017 N. 43ril St., 

Powell River, B. C. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Kdna Ati-.MNE Uaskins K\^c, A.B. Jua M k, 111:1,1., Ph.B. I'riiic. of Bryant 

(Mrs. Harry K. King.) Prot. of Hul,'- Seho.,1 Miice i^n\. Chicago, 111. 

lish and Latin, Pikiug I'niv. Ji;.n.mi: .M ^uo .Mii.i.r.u, Pii.B. (Mrs. 

Peking, China. Charles C. Ciilliii:.'.) 

Haukv Im.wi.n- Kino. V. I.. A .M 'o_'. PhD " Kalamazoo, Mich. 

'10 \ice-PrL-.-. .11, d i'roi. 01 lli>lui>, ki;Li;i.\ Uili-; .\Iuoki:, .\.B. Salt Man- 

Pikii,.; rni\-. iiiaciurcr. St. Clair, Mich. 

Peking, China. Bertka.nli Paui, Mussman, Ph.B. Hard- 

GusTAV .Adoi.imius Kli:kni;, A.B., Ph.U. ware Merchant. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

(Univ. of Pa.) 'yO. Prof, of Econoni- Lovai. I.kvi Mun.s, .\.B, Manufacturer. 

ies, Trinity Coll., since 1904. Freeport, 111. 

Hartford, Conn. Wai.ti:r Ham.monu Nichols, B.S. 

AiiUAiiAM LiNCOL-N Knisely, B.S. ( Chem.), .A.M. (Columhia) '01. Seer'y 

(Chem), M.S. '03. Plot, of Cheni. of Teachers' Coll., Columbia Univ., 

Oregon State Agri. Coll., i<xxj-o8. 1898-1900; Prof, of Ilisiory and Po- 

Chicf Portland Laboratory, U. S. liiical Saenee, Univ. of Colo. ryoo-O-'. 

Depi. of Agri., since ii)o8. Monrovia, Cal. 

Portland, Ore. Fi ora Oaki.ev, A.B. (.Mrs. Leroy L. 

Dav Kroi.ik, Ph.B. Merchant. Janes.) San Jose. Cal. 

76 Rowena St., Uelroit, Mich. Luka.n David Osiiorn, A.B., Ph.D. 

RtTii WiN'irREi) Lane, A.B. Teacher. (Chicago) '(». Pres. Des Moines 

34 .Melbourne Ave., Detroit, Mich. Coll, hy.^^-\\. Des Moines, Iowa. 

*.\i.rKKi) Courtney Leweuenz, A.B, Benja.mi.n i'"i.i)i<iDGE Pace, A.B. Gen'l 

B.S. (C.H ) \)i, d. Detroit, Mich., .May Mngr. 1). D. D. Co. 

27, 1911. (40) 143 \V. Michigan St, Chicago, 111. 

Fdwauh Robert Lewis, B.L. Mngr. Walter Tku.m an I'al.mer, A.B, In- 

Gulf Dept., U. S. Fidelity iK: Guaranty surance. Shinglehonse, Pa. 

Co. Whitney Bldg., New Orleans, La. Samimi Ci iakk Pakk, .\.B. 1911 Ktiunc 

♦Harriet Anges Lovell, A.B., d. at pro nuu) l.welbr 

^Llra^h, Turkey, Dec. 27, 1894. (26) Salt Like Cii\, Utah. 

Iesse l.uWENiiAOi'T, B.L. Lawyer. *\'\r\.snu I'.kooks Pi \uso.n-, .\.l! , (.Mr,. 

1m. Dearborn BM.; , Chic.i^o, 111. I'rolerick II. Harlletl,) d. New York, 

'Mmu>.n .NKDoNAi I., .\ 1! . \\\ ( \1- N. ^ .. \ov. 1;, i.,o.j. uO 

bioii) So, d. Shell,) vilK-, .Mich, I'eb. i'.ENevieve Pim.i.ii-S, Ph.B. 

3, kSijj Ui)) Teacher. Ill Park St., Detroit Mich. 

Haukisun BiEciiEK .McC.Kxu, .\.B. Wim.iam Davii. Plant, A.B. Mngr. 

I.awver. Cili/ens Hldg. Rul.lier Plantalion Co. 

Cleveland, O. Paleuiine, Clliapas, ^[e>:. 

John Ai.ovsius McLauoiilix, B.L. Bertha L.dna I'RnciiAui., I'h.H. (.Mrs. 

I.awver. Charles R. Wiike,.) 

Muskegon. Mich. Allegan, Mich. 

-Amelia I'.i.i/aueiii NK Sweeney. .AH. (h:oR.;E Ri:iua', PIi I!., PhD. '97. (See 

Grade Princ, ICaMnn High Schoid. l'\uMliii >. ) 

Detroit, Mich. I'.ugene, Ore. 

Grant Mahan, B.L. .Manufacturer. R.-iieut Minakd Reik, A.B. Hydraulic 

Omaja, Oriente, Cuba. laigineer. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

'WiiiMi. Lorraine Maris. KS, iii'm- --.Xii.ekt Dykeman Rich, Ph.B., d. at 

'.;j, I'. S (Sw.irllniiore) '.jo, .1. Pliila- s.a. Jaii 22, l.S</). (27) 

delpln.i, r.i.. D.c II, i.S.)S. t2|) b'.ir.i Ni: 11i;uiii;rt Roiu-rtson, Ph.B. 

Ci.MdN.K Linton M im.ik, A U , Ph D I'liM ol .Ml) 'ov Prof of Paili 

!.).».. (See I'aculli.-,. .\ii,i .\rbor. o|.,kv and li.iclei ioloi^y, Univ. of 

'V- ; 

.. I 1 

iSoi-OJ.) 1.1 riiKAUY DlU'ARTMliXT, 


folo.. i^!<j7-I9o.s; of I'UclnalicrapL-u- Ai.iii:kt Wilms Tkkssi.ER, A.B. Li- 
lies, siiux- 1003. riiysiii.iiL siKctca ui High Schools 10 the Univ. 
Ilouhlci, I'olo. of \\"\>. suKc KjCK). Madison, Wis. 
J\.Mis Uoiii kTsuN, li S Jn Xauiical L\.\iax 11i:.\ja.mi.n Tuumimju., Ph.B. 
Almanac Oflicc l.awvcT. Jackv.n, Mich. 
Wabhington, D. C. W'n.i.rAM iJAi.i. Turniiui.i,, A.H. l.uni- 
Oi-Ai, Roi'.KMix, Ph. P.. (Mrs. F..lward Ikt. im \at. I'.ank I'.hlg. 

Si'^crfoos.) Can- of War IXiit. Chicago, III. 

of Wi>. 


l.'.MAX 1 





1 N'at. 

Jnu.V Al, 

l.L.H. •< 




'»-', I'h. 

l>. (' 
e in 

Wasliini4ton, 1). C. Jnu.v Aktui.k Van Au^uAi.n:, A.B., 

I:mm\ Wi.sni,k1<(h-.i:i<^. H I,. (Mrs. Jk-n- l.L.H. '.jj. l.awA6r. 

rv Wade Rogers.) Bnllalu, N. Y. 

4H Orange St., New 1 Liven, Conn. I-.stiikk Boisr: N'a.n, A.B., A.M. 

.Makv I'.i.iZA, Ph is. (Mrs. S. '»-', Pli 1>. (Chicago) '98. Research 

Irving Richardson.) San (.'.abriel, Cal. Associate in .AreliaM.logy of Carnegie 

Iri.ii s Otto Sciii.ottkkiuick, U.S. Inst. Washington, D. C. 

(Cheni.), Ph.C. '87, Ph.D. (Heme) Uavm.i.n'd hj.MciNi; Van Svcki.i;, B.S., 

■0(1 (See h'acnities.) -M.S. y.S- i.'.'i- 'w5 I'rof. Polish Sem- 

.\nn .'\rl)or. iii.iry, i8i)()-ii)00; Priiic. Detroit Night 

C,iisiA\i's AiKii.i'iius SiiAKiAi', Ph.B Schools, ii;U)-05; I'rinc. Evening High of .Men and Prof, of Math., Scliool of Detroit, i(>os-io. Lawyer. 

Oakland Cily Coll <'->) l'<"-d Bhlg.. Detroit, Mich. 

Oakland City, Lid. I'.uwakd De)iu.i; \Varni;r, BL. Chris- 

lli'iis(i\ Siii:i,r>ON, A.B., A.M. '99. tian worker and Business. 

Teacher in Lowell High School. Jackson, Mich. 

6?o .ird Ave., San Francisco, Cal. Ciiaki.ks Bkf.ciier Warren, Ph.B., 

Sami'i-i" Stevens Sherman, B.S. Bnsi- LL.B. (Detroit) '0,3. Counsel for U. 

ness Miigr. of The Inter Ocean. S. (a.v't heforc the Hague Tribunal. 

Chicago, LI. i'>i<>. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

Hl'KUl-.RT liUAlJISil SlJllE.MAKKK, A.B., JiUliENE Cl..\KENCE Warrine'(, .\.B. 

1,1. B. \jj. Lawyer. Princ. of Saginaw ( E. S.) High 

so Pine St., New York, N. Y. School i.So.S w; SuiH. of SchooL. 

D\i:ii;s Parsons Siii', 11 S. (Cheni.), uS'W -. Saginaw, ^Lch. 

I'll C 'S; Metallnr■.^i^t Siidlanx- Ojit. ALvkioN IsAiii;i, Watrous, B.L. (.Mrs. 

'k'.ov, sun llniM. Smitm, Ph P , d.' l-ddv, James R .\ngell ( 

.\ .\lex., .March JO, i,S';(/ (j(.) ,S7,^'> W .isliiiiglon .\ve.. Chicago, 111. 

1Iii;i;ii;t Scott Smith, A B., A.B. lu.i.i:\ Wiii:i.ri;K, .\ B. (.Mrs. h'.ugene 

(llarsar.l) \)2, S.T.B. (Cambridge) C. Wanm.r) Sagniaw. Mich. 

•<>(.. P. Iv Clergyman. Wii.i.iwi W 11 11 art/., B.L., LL.B. (Chi- 

Washington, D. C. cago Coil of Law ) 'o_'. Lawyer. 

Katiierine Laura Si'UAi.ui;, Ph.B. I'ort Dearhora Bldg., Chicago, HI. 

joN W. iMauklin St., Jaek.soii, Mich. I.Esi.iE Henk, Weioi., A.B, A.M. (Chi- 

l.\i'R\ lu'Mci; Si'RVC.iiE, I'h.B. Te.ich- cago) 'oi. Head of Dept. of Gco- 

er of L'.nglisli and lli,.tory in Erasmus ur.iiiliv, Weslun State Normal School. 

ll.dl llirh S>lioo|, since iS.)r. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

.S:i L.. -Msi St, I'.rooKlvn, X. V. L'.hWNKi) |\mi;s Wuoi.wortm, A.B. 

.\.-v,Nr:TYi: Stast, liL. 'Lciclur in High .M,,imf,u im , r. h'ort Collins, Coh.. 

(^,i<\CE AuKi.E Stavt, I'll. I'.. Dean ..f 

Women in Knox (.'oil., -ince um- 


C,.,K-l.nrg, 111. 

P\ri L'.owi.\ Stii. I.MAN, .\.l; Puhlisli- 1 

I.EE I'.ARI 1, \M10nN. .\.B., .\.^f. (Har- 

JelUr.on, Iowa. 

\ard) 'oS. Sniit. of Sch..oL -ince iS<>8. 

Kathsrini: 1m.u.\ Sr.MM.R, Ph B , 

Iron .Mcmnl.ini. Mich. 

I'll .\l. •(/.. (Mis. Walter .\. Culler.) 1 

llEi.KN A.,.m;s Atki.ns, I'h 1'., (.Mrs. C. 

C.rass Lake, Mich. 

Leslie llarvvo.ul.) Reno, Nev. 

Rrn ,, Cai \in Tiiam;u, Ph V, l.auver. I 

llEi.iN l-,v,i.i 11: ISm-on, Ph.B Teacher. 

J171 I'aeiric \ve San Li.oiei-co, Cal. 

70 l.vnig PI.. New York, N. Y. 

L.IH,.SK Mll.lJ.R TlloRlM, I'll 11. Puh- 1 

i'AN.NN' L.M 1.1.1 A I'..\kni;tt, .a. 15. 

hsher. LaiiMiiv, .Mich 

-■7311 i-iih St., Washiuutoii, D. C. 

.1 4i.ij:-.l . !i 

"I /, >) •' •A'.';iU :.;. , 



...r,. VI i.lO 

•I ( If..,! 



CiiAiu.Ks Ja.mi:., Hakk, I'li.b. Librarian. I.awki.nck Tin, mas Cui.k, AB AM 

Jului Crerar J.ihrary, Chicago, JU. V,, lil). (Gui. Tlicol. Scm.) 'yO., 

Menxii; l.ouisi; Bk.n.k.nt, B.l.., .1. Ala- I'h.lX (Cninmbia) 'rA Kcclor uf Tri.i- 

plu Kapuls, Mah., May 31, i8'),5. (j.s) ity ScIimmI. 

CiiAiii.i;', Coi.i:.MAN lii;Ni;uicT, A.ii., i.,; W. yist St., New York, N Y 

1.1.. I!, (Cmaiinan) '<j.j. Lawyer. Katiij:uini; Cka.mkk, IMi.B (Mrs 

,,, ,„ , Cineiniiali, (J. Ccuige S. Iloldeu.j Palmer, Mass. 

Wii.i.iA.M W.m<ni:r Bisuoi', A.B., A.M. lli:i;i.k Uuust Cuktjs, AB AM '93 

'93. Siipt. of Readinn-Kooin, Library I'rut ,,i Matli. aii.l Astroii., Univ. of 

of CunKres.s. Washington, 1). C. I'a. .Ik, i8iX)l^AX). Aslrononier at Lick 

M.\.M.\u BouTO.v Ji„KViiwiCK, A.ii., Ob.s. rvalnry. .Ml. JIaniilioii, Cal. 

A.M. y3. (.Mr-. i';,iuin 11. Clu ncy. ) Wkicii r Ciiiiiiss, I'll li /'.j- 

»'ak, 111. Vi -M an. i^^er ot /,.-,// A jW 

Lhahi.i:^ .Xmiikosk llowi..N, A.B., .\.M. Detroit, Mich. 

9.?. .^l.B. (Boston Univ.) '95, Bli.lX \Vai.ti;k .\ Cuti.kk, AB BD 

idnd.) '05, M. ]•:. Ciei-Byman. (Cbicayo) '95. Cong. Clergyman (re- 

,, ,, „^ (Jiympia, Wash. lirol). K. D. _•, Gra.s Lake, Mich. 

.M\u.\ I'.RocKKTT, B.L. iM.uiN IJkBauu, I'h.l!., Ph. I) '99 BS 

81S Kwiiitr St., Chicago, Hi. (Midi. .\gr. Coll.) '90, .\LS. (ibid.) 

l',U..^ liL'CK, B.S. (Bi,..). (Mis. Juhn J. 93 Prut, in Unu. ol Okl., since 1892. 

bclilicher.) Terre Jlaule IiM. Norman, Okl. 

Hakkv Conant Bui.Kf.Kv, A.B., LL.B. W'li.i.iwi Hknkv Dfi 1 inuack B1 

'9.> Kegeiit of Unir, 1911—. Lawyer. 1,1.1!. '03. Lawver. ' 

"^■''■"''. -^l''-"!'- 105 N. Clark Si, Chicago III 

Gi-KTKLi.i; Marv iUt.Ni.v, A.B. (Mrs. i'K s.m; II m,.m D,.x„.n, Ph B Phi) W 

Lewis W. Parker.) l-vanstoir [11. A.M. ( I )art,nonlli) 'oS. ProL of Ju4- 

FiTziiuci BuKNs, A.B., LL.B. (Mm- non.ics, narlnuuith Coll. (See Facnl- 

ncsota) '94. Lawyer. tics) Hanover, N. II. 

.\\2 Summit Ave., St. Paul, Mmn. R(jiu:ut \Vooi)i.v Doucjmv \ B I aw- 

ALviiv iM.iZAMirni lU.Ti.i.;:;, AB. (Mrs. jcr Pishkill-on-l Imi.son ' N Y 

J..s.pli L. Mark-Icy.) Ann Arbor. !• kkoi.ukk Lkvv Dd.n'i.ap BS(Chelu)" 

iV'T'',Nl'-'"Vrn **"T",' ^-^"r,"'''- ^■■"- <l''"^'"-.l) Vs. Assoc. Chemist; 

l.S. (Mr.s., .\. Campbell.) U. .S. Bureau of Cliem. (See Facul- 

Muslug-n, Mich. tics ) Wa-hiiigton, I) C. 

ll;:.NKv LuNKsT Camh...:,<, B.S., LL.B. Maktm v b-,.ou,Nc,: I'.i.ia-, Ph.B. (Mrs 

.«. Lawyer. Detroit, .Mich. Aili cl I lawes ) Bakewcll, luiglanci: 

Li:wis Cu.NTc.N Caksu.n, A.B., .\,M. J-.ouiv 11,,;,, Im.u m;,., BS (Bio) 

'.J9, .\.B. (llarvar.l) '03, A.M. (,7.,,/.) T,-,„ 1,,^ in We.i lli..h ' 

KX'O, Ph.D. (;7;/,/.) '01. Assist. Prof. " \'l,.v.P,n,l H 

"I I liiloM.phy, In. ban.. Univ., looj .k,. \ii:,,ix,n Dam, I'akmkn, I'ii.ll (Mrs 

I.Mc luMirancc. _• 17 W. Il.mcock .\-,c., Clu.n,.- I.. .Mcnlcr. ) \nn \rl.or 

Drii.ui. .Mich. lu'c.rM C.i;i;Ai.n bA>,M.:i r, B.S., LL.B. 

l.iKw I.\\i:k\i.: I iiacma.v, B.l. hire (X W. C„iv.) ■„:;. Lawver 

Jns,n,,ncc. _•_'(, W'rclor,! .\vc,, .Mar.pietfc Bl.lg.,'ChicaRO, III. 

Detroit, .Mich. InA IlKKTiiA Paui.i.n-a lM.l.:,SCIIKR,Ph.B., 

^'V I . 1a«kiiuu>t C,;v, B.L. Ph.M. '04. ri.-D. (C.ottingen) i<;oo. 

Journalist. ^o.SO Oak St., Teacher in State N'onnai College since 

Kansas I'itv, Mo i.joj ^■p^il■lnti Mich 

.Ia.mi;s I'.invAKi. Ciniucii. A.B., Ph.D. Mai in; luuii w B I Sccref.rv'' 

(Munich) '01. Prof of Latin. Univ, - ■ •• • ' ('^;>^- ^^.,^_^ 

of Nevada, since ,S.,o kc-uu, Nev. 1 1 ,; :,<rl-o.x, Phi!. .Manufacturer. 

Ai;i)\ Makian Ci.AKK, BS. (Bio), Iil-oile Iml 

(Mrs Lavcrne Bas.ett.) Juchmv lliu.i^.x C, m.i., m ," B 1. '\M 

•"»/^^'^'0';W, Detroit, Mich. ( Kan-.,s 1 Vs. Prof, of Romance 

(.ivinKii.i: Ci.AKK, B.S. (Mrs, James S. gn.i^cs I'niv ,,f Kan 

(."hurch ) (xS., Sloucll .\' 

Lawrence, Ka 

•^'''"■lukee. Wis, R M,rii S 111,1 m ^n C, n ku , ,oi). A.B. Oeii'l 

iMAMN Kavmoni, Ci.r, U.S., M.S. '9). Supi. of ScImm.N, D,.,,t. .>f Ivlucalion 

WalionMille, .Mich. San Juan, P. R. 

.Hi .v.f,.. - 

>.ti . i.v 

) '' ' ; H' 

(:.-:;-.n n.-'/ 

is.;j,j i.iriik.iuy Diii'.iKiMiiXT, loi 

Jamis \\\ri;k.MAN Oi.dvi-u, IVl., A.B. jWi i.mam Ioux LkHtnte I.ysticr, 

( ll.iivanl) '.M, A M. U^'./. ) 'g4, rh.l). I'll. 11., .\li). (Dcirnu; \j^. Medical 

w/'a/.) '.,5. (Slx- KiiculliL-.s.) Curii. T. S A. at Manila, R 1., iS.jj- 

Auu Arbor. hjoj. .Surj4eH,'ii U. S. A. Care Adjt. 

jKxxii, I'.itACi-: Goui.i;, rii.i;. (Mrs. Ccncral. Washiiigfjii, U. C. 

kul.rri W. I)uiie;hiy.) I'Kn)J^Mi:s McKi.u i;i-:. I'lil'. 

I'lbhkill-un-liudsun, N. Y. Mauui: McCkia-.ok, A.B. (Mrs. Joseph 

1';s KATiuad.MC (".uii.u, B.L.A.M. VanlJ.A uiur. ) . 

■oi. TiaduT. Cuslun, hid. J.ecshurg, Va. 

Mauv |.\M;rrK C.kack, lU.. 'riacher. William Juhn .McKxicirr, A.B., A.B. 

t;«7 I5lh St, l>LtiLil, Mieh. (CeiiLAai '.S,S. R. 1', Cler-yiiiaii. 
ruLiiKkic Dlxtlk Gkli.x, .\.B. Head iO_M S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Ma-icr, The Tutoriiii^- Sclhu.l. Da^iu \\ii.ll\ms .NfcMciRKAN', B.S. 
ly Wiihercil St., IJctr.^ii, Midi. Maniiiaaurer. 
Uxecii HciKTcN Haiuuma.x, ll.r.. Tca.h- i'ort Huron, Mich, 
cr in lliLdi Scliuol. Ummi Siluaut M acI'mluuan, B.S. 
Sprnmilild, 111. (C'luni ). (.limii^t uitli AUis-Chal- 
11. .V, SKI. DAViri 11am<ixs, a. 11., M.l). nui>Co .Milwankee, Wis. 
(Wc.i. lies.; '<j5. As^iM. I'roi. of .\Lwr..x Di-n.nim-.n .Mlul.skss, A.B., 
i'livsiflo.ny and Bio-Clienn.try, W c>t A.M. Vl. I'liD. (C(dniul.ia) .'oi. Ed- 
Re.^. Med. Cull. iicator. s^o W. 123rd St., 

1(174 U. 93ril St., Cleveland, U New Y(jrk, N. Y. 

MvKii.i; May IIaskixs, li.l., A.M. '10. Wili.ia.m Hlxkv Mi-knmk, A.B., A.M. 

Teacher in Central llinii School. ■,,,, I.I..I;, ',,4. Lawyer., 0. Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Ai.Ki; lAiMA Hatch, B.I.. (.Mrs. Clav- RiciiAiu. Owic.iiT Mi-itKii.L, B.I,. I.niu- 

l-n R. r.iNlor.) I'a.,adena, her and Timber Lands 

11..KACL Waltlu IlAWkixs. B.S, I,1..B. <)i<, Harvard Ave. N., Seattle, Wash. 

(Lake Forest) '02. Banker. l.Li; K/-i::>i Li. I\„ B.L., LL.B. 

4711 Daner Si,, ClncaRo, HI. (KuU) 'oi. l.auN.i. .\urora, 111. 

Cai;mi: Rom:i'1ia Hi:at..x, B I.. Teach- Wiiiii i.\i .Mm, 1.1 k, \.B.,.\.M. (Cornell) 

cr 111 Central lliKli School. \)7, I'b.l). dhld.) 'ix). ICditor of C'oioi- 

C.raiid, Mich. t, v l.ijc in .hucndi an.l Tin- Cardeit 

)ii.i\ llLKKiCK, A.B. Teachei. M\r^a:iiu'. Garden City, N. Y. 

,<o7 N. t'ak Park Ave., Oak Park, 111. Fua.nk Makm.x Mouriso.v, A B. Prof. 

ClIAl<Ll^ Wauukll Hi-vwooD, A.B., of .Math., Ciiiv. of Wash., ^iiicc 1905. 

Ml). (X. W. Univ.) \,U. Physician. Seattle, Wash. 

Riverside, 111. Jacoii Wuklky Mokkiso.n. A.B. Teach- 

I'KNihr O^CAU ll(U.L\Nn, II. L. Grocer, er. (Greenville, O. 

Rochester, .Minn. GiaiKCK I'KLD .Mim.i.i kl n, A.B. Manu- 

tkoiiLKT Ti-i;xi;i{ llni.LANM.,l'h.B. Chief facturer. St. Jo.efih, Mich. 

^ eoiiiau C. S. S. l'./.s-c«/i/c, iSg.S. Law- Willi \m Rodiuns Mukuav, Ph.B., 

Mr Saginaw, Mich. M.l). (Rush) '97. Physician, 

Am.lusox Huvt Hulkixs, Ph.B. • Minneapolis, Minn. 

Niles, Mich. Fkaxk Wlsi.kv, B.S., M.D. 

Mauiltta HuunAUl), PIlB. Teacher Kjoo. Pin sician, 

and Anthor. Hinckley, 111. North Yakima, Wash. 

K.vTiiAiiixi; Viola 1i.oi:ni-kitz, Ph.B. *l'j)WAUi) (."kami-td.'^ Nichols, B.L., 

Monroe, Mich. LL.B. (Chicago Coll. of Law) '94. d- 

Jamls Ha.miltox Bakciu)1-t Kayic,.\.B. Maywood, 111., April 2S. 1007. (37) 

.\..M. (Albion) 'oj. Pres. Northern lk..o I'\m, Jiidye of Superior 

State .Vorinal Scli..ol. Court. Chicago, 111. 

.Manpiette, Mich. I'l.wix SlLxcku Plck. .\,B, .Merchant. 

Wjii.iam Ai.i.RLu KiCKLANi), B.S. iS(,j !■:, khsi St„ (."leveland, ('). 

(Biu,), M,H. '95. Phvsiciaii. Jkssica Vauchan Plxxv, .\,B. (Mrs. 

Fort Collins, Colo, Lewis G, Harrier.) 

MxKV Fk.xLsTixl Krolik, Phi!. (Mrs. (^v llcnvenne .\\c., Oakland, Cal. 

Albert Kahn.) +Carl Dio Pi:rrv, All, M l).(Coopcr) 

(.-' Rowena St., Detroit, .Mich 'o.f. d, I'resno, Cd\., June jS, 11)0.), (37) 


1 1892. 

John Aiciiiur Pf.tkrs, A.B., A.M. 
(Iiar\ai(l; '97. Teacher in Marshall 
iJigh Sciiool, Chicago. 

8 Elizabeth St., Oak Park, 111. 


A.M. (West. Res.) '93, LL.B. (Har- 
vard) '97. Lawyer. 

2008 Cornell Rd., Cleveland, O. 
Gi;uRCi- Giui-i'iN PRiCNTib, B.I.., LI,.H. 

•<;]. Lawyer, liiilil l!lk.. 

iJ.rtrcul, Mich. 
Zij.1,1, Pki'isTON, U.l,. (Mrs. William 

I. 'l'>kr.) Niles, Mich. 

Wii.i.i.\M Cll.^Rl.^;s Qu.\i<i,i;s, Ph. 15. 

Lawyer. Milwaukee, Wis. 

LouisK FiTz Randoi.I'k, A.B. (Mrs. 

Kdwin F. Gay.) Cambridge, Mass. 

Ai.i'RKD Day Ratiibone, .'\.B. Manii- 

factnrcr. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Gr.oKCi; RoiiiCRT Ray, B.L. Accountant. 

310 L'Sth St., Oakland, Cal. 

Gkorci; Ca.mi'uei.i. Ri;w, B.S.(Chem.). 

Vice-Pres. Calumet Baking Powder 

Co. 201 E. Ohio St., Chicago, 111. 

Maria Emma Ridi.ev, Ph.B., A.M. 

(Radcliffe) '96- (Mrs. Chaunccy P. 

Colgrove.) Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Roscoe Linscott Rouerts, B.S., LL.B. 

(Lake Forest) '94. Lawyer. 

lofj Washington St., Chicago, 111. 
Pete Wikoee l-ioss, A.B. Teacher. 

3(V)« Park Blvd., San Diego, Cal. 
Homer Erwin Safeord, Ph.B., M.D. 

'96. Physician. Detroit, Mich. 

Kate Sacendori'h, A.B. (Mrs. ICd- 

ward L. Mason.) Corunna, Mich. 

Eri.MOND Li.ndsay Sanderson, A.B. 

L>urnalist. Detroit, Mich. 

HiNRV I'.iiWAKu Sauer, B.S. (Chem.), 

■ M.D. (X. W. Univ.) \p. Snrgeon. 

100 State St., Chicago, 111. 

Mary Anna Sawtei.i.i:, Ph B. Teacher 

in llarlf.ird High School. 

Hartford, Conn. 
Cari, Sciii.Enker, A.B. Assist. Prof. 

of German, Univ. of .Minn i9(k)04; 

Prof, since |ix)|. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lotus Iu<nst SniMii.T. I!.S. (Chem.), 

Ph.G. (U. of 111.) 'So, M.S. and M.D. 

(N.W. Univ.) '95. Phvsician and Sur- 
geon. Schiller Bldg., Chicago. 111. 
Ai.i-RKi> Wiu.iAM ScouEv, B.L., M.D. 

(Ru'-h) '<)S. Physician. 

Kankakee, 111. 
Lewis Sknkrance, A.B., l'S.i)-\p. Law- 

^■er. .Minneapolis, Minn. 

Pu-i. llENRV Sevmoim<, li.S. (Cliem.), 

.MS. '<M. Head ,Ma^ter University 

Sc1h.,.1s, since MnH I'rh.ina, () 

Genevieve Martha Sheehan, B.L. 
Teacher in Newcastle (Ind.) High 
School. Niles, Mich. 

Fkederic Lang Sherwin, Ph.B. Law- 
yer. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Walter Fulton Slocum, Ph.B. Princ. 
Carl Schurz High School. 

Chicago, 111. 

F.ijward Sell S.mitii, A.B. Chemist. 

Warren, O. 

^■R.^NK Carm'.tek Smith, .\.i!., LL.B. 
'()!. S. cr'y C:irler While Lend Co. 
\\e>t Pullman Sla , Chicago, III. 

IIarrv Tyler Smith, AB, LL.B. 
(Harvard) 'oS- Lawyer. 

Hartford, Conn. 

♦George Davio Sones, B S. (Bio.), 
d. Berkeley, Cal., Jan. 5, ^^^5- t^.)) 

Charles Carl Si'Kncer, B.L. Lawyer. 
m4 W. Randolph St., Chicago, III. 

MiKANiJA Belle Si'Erry, Ph.B., M.S. 
(We-^leyan) '02. Head of Dept. of 
l-jigli-h, Wabh. State Normal School, 
since 1905. Bellingham, Wash. 

Soi'HRONi.^ Li;lani> Ste\ i.ns, A.B. 
Clerk. 1208 E. Long St., 

Columbus, O. 

Ella Seass Stewart, A.B., A.B. (Eu- 
reka) '90, A.M. {ibid.) '9J. (Mrs. Oli- 
ver W. Stewart.) Lecturer. 

5464 Jefferson Ave., Chicago, 111. 

♦George Henry Stone, A.B., d. De- 
troit, Mich., Sept. 15, 1893. (40) 

TiiERKSE Study, B.S. (Mrs. Albert B. 
Porter.) Evanston, 111. 

Fri:i)i:uic Bicrnard Sturm, :\.V>. As- 
sist. Prof, of German, Univ. of Iowa, 
since 1901. Iowa Ciiy, Iowa. 

Eli Ransom Sutton, B.S., LL.B. '91. 
LL.M. '9-'. Regent of Univ., ii,-oo-o2. 
Lawyer. Sodus, N. Y. 

♦Alike Sallie Szoi.d, Ph.B., d. Peoria, 
111., Nov. I, 1S9.S. (25) 

Lucii:n Sterling Taylor, B.L. Orange 
ami Lemon Grower. 

San Dimas, Cal. 

Ada Thomas, A.B. (.Mrs. Wmui C. 
Mighell.) Aurora, 111. 

William Coi.lett Tjchenor, A.B., 
LL.B. (Cincinnati) '93. Lawyer. 

Lebanon, O. 

Charles Henry Towlk, B.L., LL.B. 
'04. Mining. Care of Rio Grande 
\^dl(v Bank & Trust Co. 

El Pa-o, Tex. 

Pitt IN^wnsend, A.B. Coal Operator. 
Lake wood, O. 

Pr.Kicv h'ox TwAvuKihCi:., \M. 'o,. 
(."^ec I'acnlliiv) ('..liimbi.,, Mu. 

,(■1 ,;. If,- ,! 

:{'i <■ ■ ■■■■■'■'■ ;ii.\. ■ ;i ■|/Il. 

.l'"n." 'i'h'i'l-nr-'- M 

I ;t >;'!;.■ ' iV ;ll ,:ta 'i:' ' 'I 

• . .'■1, If -i '.) , ' 

Makv M.' 

l.l IHK.IKV DUr.Ui'fMliXr 


;t 'i unNi.K, A.B. I'L-acli- 
LT and Writer. Spring Valley, O. 

Aktuuu J. TuTTLic, Pli.B., Ll..l>. '95. 
U. S. Dist. Attv., Itastcrii Dist. of 
Mich. ' Leslie, Mich. 

P.'lUi, Jo]in Ui.i.Kicii, Ph.B. Cashier 
Ullrich Savini,'S Bank, since 1893; 
■\Ia)or ot Mt. Clcuu-ii!., 11)09-11; Prcs. 
of School Board. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Cn.MU.OT'n: Whippi.e Uni)i:r\vood, A.B. 
(Mrs. Lewis H. Williams.) 

Wankeyan, 111. 

Wu.i.i.^M JujwiN W.\i,ti;k, A.B. Joiu- 
nalibt. 3 Brimmer St., Bo-,ton, ALa-s. 

MiNMK Amej,i.\ Walto.n, A.B. (Mrs. 
Franklin 11. llendrick.) 

>.'.' Ottawa St., l.ansiny, Mich. 

Cai;i, CI.I-...1IOKN \V.\Ki.i;.\', Ph.l!., I\L1) 
'<;> .Ml» (.\ashville) '97. I'rof. ui 
Anatomy and Uijerative Surgery, 
L'niv. of Nashville, i8<)i)-i902; Instruc- 
tor in Pathology, Univ. of Cal., 1909- 
10. Physician. Security Bldg., 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Benj.\min Riddle Whipi-i.e, A.B. Salt 
Manufacturer. St. Clair, Mich. 

Frank Bates Whipple, A.B. West. 
Mngr. .^cme White Lead Works. 
1484 Market St., San Fr.mcisco. Cal. 

Pauline Eli.sabetii Wies, Ph.B., Ph.M. 

'().\. Teacher in State Normal Schoul. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Herbert Edwin Wii.K())<d,.'\.B. Teach- 
er of Latin, DeWiit Clinton High 
School, N. V. City. 

107 3rd St., Fhnluirst, N. Y. 

\'iOLA May Williams, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
William Blair.) Ana Arbor. 

-^Kku.eric I'.LiAS WiH.i), A.B, d. I'ala- 
ime. 111., Oct. 6. 1807. (28) 

C.Kxci, Pvumm: WouitM.i.. .\ H I, Mrs. 
Benjamin W. Burleigh.) 

Perrv, Iowa. 

Ada Zariikll, A.B., A.M. (Chicago) 
'.)v Teacher in Wen.lell Phillips High 
School. Chicago, 111. 



Gekkit Henry Alhers, A.B., LL.B. 

'93. A.B. (Hope) '91, A.M. (ibid.) '94. 

Banker. Hearne, Tex. 

Bertha Montague Alger, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Francis M. Sessions.) 

164 Josephine Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Charles Bronson Allen, A.B., S.T.B. 

(Boston), D.D. (Albion) '10. U. E. 

Clergvnian. Hrtioit, Mich. 

JosEi'HiNi; Allen, B.L. (Mrs. Harry 
W. Birkniier.) Fremont, O. 

Katharini; Sprague Alvoud, A B., 
.\.M. (Cohunhi.i) '08. Mistress of 
Chadhourne Hall, Univ. of Wis. 

MadisoiL Wis. 

*LoOWl.\A HaTTiE .\MUEKr,, B.L, d. 
Battle Creek, Mich., March 20, 1911. 

iJi)-s-c.\N .^N])ERSON, B S. (CheuL). 
-•Knalylical Chemi-l 

57s -'-'d A\e., San I'Vancisco, Cal. 

n.ucv S\niE A.M.KEws, B.L, d. Du- 
rangu, Colo, Feb. 7. i%l- (-'S) 

I'.AKL I). Baust, I'h.ll., LL.B. '94. A.M. 
(I:>'ii.) '[]. Law\er. 

|l:o W isih Si., .\ew Vurk, N, V. 

kiirii (-.EKiRUDE B\GLEY, A.B., A.M. 
(California; '05. Insirnclor in State 
Normal School. Oshkosh, Wis. 

.'\nna May Bailey, B.L. (Mrs. Arthur 
S. Barnes.) Bribtol, Conn. 

Vekdie Jane Baker, B.L., M.L. '97. 
(Mrs. Dan H, Mitchell.) 

Mt. Gilead, O. 

Warren DwiciiT Baker, A.B., A.M. 
'94. Snpt. of Schools. Prescott, Ariz. 

Blanch !• Bi:atrice Banta, A.B. (Mrs. 
Charles M. Leedham.) Seattle, Wash. 

Henri Newton Barker, A.B. Sales 
Mngr. 15.58 Chase Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

Clarimel Kuth Barnett, Ph.B. Li- 
brarian, V. S. Dept. of Agr. 

Washington, D. C. 

*Maliue Augusta Barrett, A.B., d. 
Mt. Clemens, Mich., May 27, i8.;5- 

William 1mu:derick IUur, Ph.B. Mu- 
sic. Cmeiiin.ui Coiiservaiorv of Mu- 
.sic Cincinnati, O. 

I'.uwARi, SeoTr r.iX-K, A.B. Journalist, 
on Tin- Tythnnc. Chicago, III. 

Maude Benjamin Bedi:ll, .A..B. (Mrs. 
Myron J. Sherwood.) 

Maniuette, Mich. 

Fern Amllia Beeue, Ph.B. (Mrs. P. 
H. Drew.) College Club, 

Jenkins Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ira Bei.uen, Ph.B., /'93-'94. 

(~;en'l Att'y Chi. & N. W. Ky., Chicago. 

. 10 Root St., Aurora, 111. 

Ja.mes O'Donnell Bennett, .A.B. '09 
(nunc pro tunc). Dramatic Critic of 
Rccord-lloald. Chicago, III. 

James Pvper Bird, .\.B. (See Facul- 
ties.) .Ann .Arbor. 

I'uEiMKic Fa.nt r.Ki.-.e.s, A.B. Teacher 

IJII hmi, \ve.. Los An;.^eles, Cal. 

1 ' •' t., (, 




JdllN JkKOMK PiRlNCKl'RHOl'l', I'h.B.. 

M.I). (L'liiv. (if 111.) 'g7. Physician. 

Miiiooka, HI. 

NiN.\ Hditii Bkistoi,, A.B. Teacher in 

High Schcu.l. Lansing, Mich. 


Ph.M. (OiicaKo) '07. Teacher. 

Morgan Park. HI. 

l-MM.x Ji-nrni HkoomKi.i., B.S., B.S. 

(Swarlhniore) '<jo. (Mrs. Herman 

Newman ) t.ansdowiie, Pa. 

Bi:nj.\min 1-KA.sKiiN IlicK, .\.B. Princ. 

.,t lliyh School. 

Lake View, 111. 
C.\MKi<()N' Cr.AKK Burns, A.B. 

Asvhini, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Wii.i.i.vM .AiM.i.s C.\Mi'ui;i,i., B.S (Bio.), 

Ml) '«J. (See I'aciillies.) Physician. 

.Muskegon, Mich. 

May fM<n:Nri:i!, Ph U. (Mrs. John 

Wright Tavlor.) Century, 1-la. 

Mm<v l^l,l..^ C\I(Ti;k, B.l,. Teacher. 

.^4 Salem St., Andover, Mass. 

*M\inilA IIOI.WAY CllADliOUK.NK, Pll.B. 

(Mrs. Al.len II. Brown.) (I. BouKler, 
Colo., (Jet. M. "<)«)• (37) 

d. Ami Arhor, Aug. i-i, i^- (22) 

lldl.UKCJOK Cl.KAVKI.AND, .'\.B., 

l.P.B. V)4. Lawyer. 

Security BIdg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Mary Ci.ara Colvkk, B.L. (Mrs. 
(".corgc C. West.) Teacher. 

7SO W. 4tli St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
TiKiMAS Louis CoMi'Aurrri:, A.B. , Ph.D. 
(Chicago) '01. Curator of .Museuni, 
(T. S. Mint. Philadeliihia, Pa. 

Loi.A Hv,m:n Conraii, B.S. (Mrs. John 
R. .Mien.) Ann Arhor. 

lui/Mii.rn CooKK, B.S., Ph.D. (Chica- 
go) ■.,(,, l.oomis Lal.oratorv. 

414 Iv -'(.ih St., New York, N. Y. 

Aktiiuk lliAsi: Covi;kt, A.B„ LL.B. 'qs- 

Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

MAr.i;i, Ckaiuu:, B.L., M.L. '94- (Mis- 

Oreon K. Scott.) 

SJii Westminster PI., St. Louis, Mo. 
.^r.K■l■ Doris Cuami:u, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Willard K. Clement.) 

5<>? Park .Ave., Roeliester, N. Y. 

Uaurison' Parki-.h Cri'C.o, A.B. Prof. 

in Okl Baptist Coll. Blackwell, Okl. 

HlNl;^ I.i-.UoY Cru.mmkr, B.S., m'o.v 

•M, .Ml). (.\'. ^\■. Univ.) V). Phvsi- Omaha, Neh. 

Wii.MAM LivN-KST Cui.i.iCN, A.B. Law- 

v,r Spokane, Wash. 

■ I'hWAui, I'Ar,,; CiMMiNcs, Ph.B. Snpt. 

of Schools. Lansing, Mich. 


Ph.B. (Alhion) '<M Snpt. St. Ry. Co. 
Des Moines, Iowa. 
*Paui. Mari.i-y Day, Ph.B., )/ry3-'94. 
M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) '95, d. Detroit, 
Mich., Aug. I, 1900. (29) 
♦Prank IIen'ry Di;ckk, B.L., d. Chi- 
cago, ill., March 5, i8w. (28) 
llKN'KY Ur.NUKKSON Deniiam, B.S. 
(Chem. ). Princ. Technical High 
School Syracuse, N. Y. 

CiiM<iis A/KA l)i;.Msox. H.L., LL.B. 
'.;1 I.I.M. (HI Coll. of Law) '99. 
Lawyer. Argenla. IIJ. 

Martha I.uki.i.a Dhnman, A.B. (Mrs. 
Albert S. Uanna.) Bovs' High School. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Krnist Josr.iii Dknnkn, .VB., B.l). 
(Camhridge (Mass.) Thco. School) 
V, P. Iv Clergyman. 

So S. Common St . Lvmi, Mass. 
Wmtiu I)i-:n.nis(i.\, A.B., .\.M. V|, 
Ph.D. yS. (See I'aculties. ) 

Suartl.more. Pa. 

ToiaA- joHA.N.N C\sii:n Din.noiF, .\.li., 

I'll I). (Leipzig) '«)<). (See I'.icnltleS. ) 

.\nn Arhor, Mii.i.icKNT Doi'i', B.L., M.L. '9-1- 

Teacher in State Normal School. 

St. Cloud, Minn. 
Katiiarink F.LizAni-TH Doi-i-, Ph.B., 
Ph.D. (Chicago) '02. Lecturer Univ. 
Kxtension Div., Univ. of Chicago. 

56J4 P'liis Ave., Chicago, HI. 
Cn\Ri.i;s Drakk, Ph.B. 
Gk.m \ 11: vi: Katiiarim- Dui-i'y, A.B., 
.\ M. '04. Teacher in Detroit Central 
High School. 

.\nn .-\rhor. 

XiMii Piioi;i:i- Di;.\iiAM, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

iames M. Fletcher.) Elgin, 111. 

AuousTA Hai.u Dl'RI'Ei:, A.B. (Mrs. 

kudoli.h Fliiiterniaii.) 

58 Hancock Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Georok Dvcicrt, Ph.B., 

LL.B. '05. Lawyer. Bntte, Mont. 

ILvrrii; F.ddv, H.L. (Mrs. lames F. 

Mathews.) .Michigan City. Hid. 

Ji:nnii: I'.di.v. Ph.B. 

(k)j Pine St . .Michigan City, Hid. 
Tamis ]Mnv.\Ri> I'KKKis, Ph.B. Iron 
Merchant. Cleveland, O. 

Mauy I'.Mii.v Fisii, B.L. Princ. of High 
School. (ireenville. Mich. 

Hi NRY Arthur Friedman, Ph.B. Man- 
ufacturer. 1.M5 Washiugon .Ave., 

St. Louis, M.). 
U{m- Kaiin pRUiiiM NN, I'h I'. Writer 


I.l'l I'.KAkV DliL'Aia.Mi.ST. 


MiNMK (."athkkinE Fuust, I'li.B. Teach- 
er in Tuk-y lliK-h Scliuul. 

4014 Porry St., Chicago, 111. 
Kdgar Owun Gai.i,oway, A.B. Law- 
yer. Hillsdale, AJich. 
tI\ANsoM Gakdner GiCOKCK, A.B.,LL.B. 
'97. l.andsinaii \j. S. S. Yoseinile, 
1S98. Lawyer. Detroit, Midi. 
Vladimir Aucust Geuin'gkr,, 
LL.Li. '94. I'Mitor and I'liblisher. 
' 541 W. i.'th St., 

Chicago, 111. 

*El.I.i:.N" ClIAMI'M-V GlUSO.N, A.B., d. 

Lince.l.i, Neb., Nov. 17, iScj7- (-'6) 
Diuk Gi,i:vbTi-i;N, A.B., M.D. \js. Phy- 
Mciaii. Banle, Cuba. 

ih.NKV .\i:U 1:1.1. Gol.l.AKll, I'h.l!, I'll. 1 1. 

■11. in School, C)=h- 
k..-h, Wi.-.. i,S<;,}-i.>^,; Prof, ui" Biol- 
.iu\. Carr.ill Coll., j(j<)!i-o<j; in Stale 
.\"riual School, lyii — . Superior, Wis. 

jlKXNK Pi.iNY (^RAVi-s, A.U., LL.B. 'gs. 
(.apt. \\\i\ .Mich. Inf. i8i>S. Lawyer. 
1st N'at. Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Hu.\iiiii(i;v Snki.i, Gray, .A.B,, A.M. 
\p. 1,1. .B. '94. Mich l,et4i.lalure, 
i8)<j-iiK)i. Lawyer. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 

WUI.AUI. \\11..M1:K Gkll'TlN, Ph.B., li).\- 

'')--,. SaleMuan. -'807 P.. oiM St., 

Chicago, 111. 

tSvMiuu. liA'iHs Giu;in;S, A.l!., M,D. 
( e'olunibia I \i6. PasM-il Ashist. Surg, 
C. S. .Marnie llosp. Corps, San Jnan, 
P, K, Washington, U. C. 

Clkmh.nci; IIamiltcv, A.B., )H'g7-'gS, 
.\.M. (.Uadclitle) '01. instructor in 
Latin in Vassar Coll., hah-o6. (Mrs. 
Mas Winkler.') 

.\nn Arbor. 

WAi,ri:i; Jmis Hammu.i., I!.1... .M.L, '94, 
Proprieiur nt Commercial College, 

Council PlulVs, Iowa, 

*tSAMii.i, S.Ninii H.\UKi;,, .A.B, Gun- 
ner's Mate, U, S, S, Vos^niite, i&jS, 
.1, .Mich., May J.^, iyo6, (vi) 

Ci,i;\iMA Iii;i,i.u Havks. A.B,, .A,M, './), 
l.Mr^. Kmiamin 1'. Chase,') 

Asheville, N, C. 

'CiMMAci; Wi(u-,irr lli..vrn, B.L,, M,D. 
( Cinv. ot ill,) Hjoo, d. Hentoii Ilar- 
liur, .Mich,. Jan. 16, 191 £. (40) 

Mi:vi,K L. Hi:iDiNf(;si-Ki.ij, Ph.B., M.D. 

(.Med Coll. of Ohio') 95. Physician. 

i') W. 7th St., Cincinnati, O. 

Bi:U.MIAl(l. CONKAI) IlKssi:, B.S. 

(Chem), PhC. 'S.,. PhD (ChicaLio) 
•.;o Chenncal lixpert. 

00 Willi.nn St, Xeu V.nk, N. Y. 

Lewis liii.i., B.L. Teacher in High 
School, Ottawa, 111., 1893-1906; in 
Male High School, Louisville, Ky., 
1906-CX); in Manual Tr. High School 
since i<x>9. Louisville, Ky. 

tjA.MUs Sticudman Holland, A.B., M.D. 
(Wash. Univ.) '96. ist Lieut, and As- 
sist, Surg, I St Mo. Inf. i8<;8. P. E. 
Clergyman. I30*W. 44ih St., 

.\ew York, N. Y. 


(Wash. L'liiv.) '96, P, H, Clergyman, 
Trenton, N. J. 

-AuTiiUK l].\u,.i.D HoL,MEs, B,L. Teach- 
er in Central High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

JioM-: l!i;KK()ur.iis HoK.\u.Nr.,A.B. Lum- 
ber. Campau Bldg, Detroit, Mich. Willi \m Houic, A.B,, M.S. 
I ,Mieh, .\gri. ) 'o, Director of College 
of .\gricnltnre, S>racu.->e Univ., N. Y. 

*Ti.\iuTiiY Dwic.iiT Hunt, A B,, d. Par- 
ker, Colo,, March «, 1901, (31) 

John Stanlky Hhkd, A.B., LL.B. '94. 
l.asvyer. Detroit, Mich. 

11i;uiw;kt Sim-,nci:k jr.N.MNr.s, B,S. 
(I'.io. ). A..M. (Harvard) '.js, Ph.D. 
(ibid.) \)(>, l.l.D. (C'l.irk) '09, (See 
Faculties,) llahiinore, .Md, 

Lucy Johnson, Ph.B. Instructor in 
Kalamazoo Coll. iS'j3-i9io. 

-'4 N. Locust St.. Aurora, III. 

John Black Joilvston, Phi',, Ph.D. 
'(j<). ( See Faculties. ) 

Minneapolis, Minn, 

Myra Bkacii J(H(dan, .\.B. dxXj. (iiioic 
(>ro tunc). ( See Faculties,) 

.\iin Arbor. 

Thomas Makm.n Kilimuui;, Ph,B. 
Lawyer, Springtleld, III. 

Gkouck ICdwari), .A,B., LL.B. 
'93, A.B. (Hope) '92. A.M. (ibid.) '94. 
Lawyer. Holland, .Mich. 

Franz Christian Kuiin, B.S., LL.B. 
'94- Atty. Geii'l of Michigan since 
June, 1910. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Inicz Matilda I.add, B.I,, Teacher. 

i.S-'o Ccngress St., Chicago, 111. 

Ruius GiLi.KTT Lathkop, .\.B., LLB, 
'9.S. Lawyer, Detroit, Mich. 

Mauy Francks Llacu, B.S. (Chem.), 
Ph D. '03. Prof, of Chem. and Hy- 
giene, Western C'oll., since I(/)7. 

O.xford, O. 


Mercbanl. Si. Paul. Minn. 

■•J^eoH WiM.iAM I.oi:n, I'b.l!., d. Chicag.., 
III. J. Ill .'S, 101.', (3S) 

M .. .]> >u-Ao: 

io6 GRAfn'.Vlf.S. [,8<u. 

Anni; Mm; I.inz, B S. (Rio.), B.S. Ji:ssK Fuancis Orion, A.B , I.I. IJ '07 

(l'ui(liK) '<X), .M..S. Ubni.) \)\. A.M. (L'uiiull) 'os. Lawyer. 

l.afa\Altc, iiiil. 7.5 (Hli Si., I'.lniliiirhl, New York, N. Y. 

Akciiih.m.ii kuw.sN- McCk.\ckk.n-, A.B., S.^MU|•.l, ()si.(,](n, B.S. (Cheiu.), M.U. 

.\l.l). (Diln-il) '01. i'hybiciail. 'd.V 1'1i> .Niciaii. 

Siatlli', Wasli. Lansing, Mich. 

Hitr.n l''Akai:K McOaucukv, B.S., M.D. -MAKiKriA I'akki.k'. I'li.Ii, (Mr,. Tliom- 

(.Columliia) \i>. Physician. _ as V.. I'arkcr.j d. I'ut.lioro. Ind., Oct. 

Winona, Minn. -7, n;<y) (,_)9) ' 

n\'u.i.iAM IlK.vkv Mil. Mu. Ill, AN, riii;.. MMii.i: PAi;s(.Nri, A.B. Teacher of Lat- 

.\1.S il'niicawni '..S, I'h.l). (llres- in 111 W'l^loni Slate Normal Sch.uil. 

lau) u,?, d. S\r.icn:>.. X. V., Sci-t. lo, Kalaina/uo, .Midi. 

ujii. I (-'I hlAKi, ri.iiRiKD Pi:Ti;KS, I'li.B. Ilard- 

]',\A Idici. Mai.ns, riiB. (Mrs. Frank ware Merchant. C'oliiniljtis, O. 

C Carlow.) Mcdford, Ore. l''i,iHii;.\CK IIakud-tt Poim-;, Ph.B. {Mrs. 

I'KANK AbuisoN Mannv, AB.,A.M. '96. Irving M. Wulvertoii.) Mt. Vernon, O. 

Diriclcir of Ttachers Training School. Pakk Pokti'K, A.B., A.M. '(p,. 

I'.aUiniore, Md. Life Insnrance. BiiiTalo, N. Y. 

I'.D'A-AKD LiriiUi Mani.v A.B liubinc.-s. Jank Bi.iss Puttkr, A.B., A.M. (Min- 

Coruniia, Mich. ncboia) '94. (.Mrs. Alden 11. Poltc-r.) 

L.invAKii GoTTLUUi Maui., B.S. Teacher Mnnieapoli,. .Minn. 

of Science in West Seattle High Mauv I' Powkk, Ph.B. Teacher 

School. 7186 Lowinan Drive, in Ceniral Ilij.:h School, since 1894. 

Seatile, Delroir, Mich. 

Davii. PoRfKR Maviii;w, Ph.B., A.M. Dan Laci; Quirk, Ph.B. Banker. 

'(/j, M D. \/>. Physician. Yp,ilanti, Mich. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. LIaruison McAi.i.iistkr Kandali.. 

losia-H Francis Mkrkii.i,, B.S., Ph.D. Ph.B, Ph.M. '(ji, PhD. 'oj. (See h'ac- 

( Johns Hopkins) \/). Prof, of Phys- nlties ) ^ .\iin Arhor. 

ics and Electrical Engineering, Univ. [Hicnry Fredurick] Lewis Reiciile, 

of L'tah. and Director'of State School A.B., A.M. '94, A.M. (Harvard) '99, 

of Mines, since i8</). Ph.D. (ibid.) '02. (See Faculties. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. Princ. of High School. 

M.WJD I'j.iZAiii'.Tu Meriutt, B.L. (Mrs. Manisticjue, Mich. 

Josei.h H. Drake.) Uena Aoime Kichards, A.B., B.L. (01- 

Ann Arhor. ivet) '<jo. (Mrs, l.oran D. Oshorn.) 

Jom:i-ii Li;.-a;in-T Mm.i.i'r, B.S. (Bio.), !)■, .\l,.nie-, Iowa. 

;-/'<M-'ui. M.U. (N. W. Univ.) V;S. Heuuv Vicars Riciiardsox, Ph.B., 

PIns.cian, s^is CieuMvood Ave., LL.B. '.) (. I.awver. Detroit, .Mich. 

Chicaiio, III. Josi;iiiiM. L.uusE Roin;i<Ts,A.B. (.Mrs. 

Wij.i.iAM Smith Mh.i.kk, B.S. Banker. Harry A. Bent.) Oglesbv, HI. 

J^.ckfo^d. 111. L'.iiwiN C,\ui, RoKi.heu, A.B,, .\.M,, '^4, 

Lennetti: Gertkude Mu.i.iman, A.B. Pli I ). '98, (See Facnlties,) 

(Mrs. Alfred C, .Mw,,dy.) I\Lulisoi,, Wis. 

Talent, Ore. Ka'i ii.vri.v'i: IJRAnr.Ev Ros.-,, 15.S Vice- 

Editii Irene Moser, Ph.B. Teacher Princ techiiic High School. 

in John Mar.shall High vSchool, Chi- l.o-, .\n^ik-. (,'al. 

cago. 111. Charlotte, Mich. nViriiAM II skviv Ri-sm, |!,S ( I'.io.), 

jLU.ius Adoi.1'11 Mdse.s, Ph.B. Lawyer. All (ll.-uvard) '.m, A .M (//.„/,) \,'^, 

loS La Salle St., Chicago, 111. .M U, (Washington, St l.onisl 'oi, d. 

Ida May Muma, A.B. (Mrs. Harrison St. Loni,, Mo, June j, mil. i.|;) 

McA. Randall.) IIokvon Casi.aui.s K'van, B.L. .\dver- 

Aiin Arbor. lisiiig Busine.'>s. W'lhster Orovo Sta., 

CvRKNii's Adei.hert Newcomh, B.L. St. Lonis, Mo. 

.Merchant. I )elroit, Mich. (•.lonoi; Wiiiti,n'(, Svmior.v. I'IiB, C'ivil 

Louis,; Mmme OiiKNALiEK, A.B. Jonr- I'.iirineer and Or.iiiL'e ( n . us . r 

naliM. Si. Paul, Minn. S.iu Cil.rnl, Cal, 

M'lHrii May Ork. PL, d. Manisii(|ne, Bikiiia |;m<ii\u\ Sciruos. Ii,l„ 

Mhli, I lec. Ji, i.'^oi (-•.() 817 Spi.ign. St. TacMni, W.i h. 

mj.j-94.] IJTlikAliY DUi'-iklMliXr 


Jri.ii'/iTii Si-SsioNs, Phi!. Teacher 111 Huwaku I Ia.\i ii.tun V'ak., B.L. PresI). 

I'ast lliyli Scliool. Columbus, U. Cltr^x man. Hoiiicr, Alich. 

Joii.v llKNi.v.NUN Shanks, Pli.B. Teach- Anna AIakiic Van IIouskn, Fh.B. (Mrs 

er. l''ainii..iit, Mimi. William M, Warner, j Savuiia, N. Y. 

Jam: liii.i.i; Sih.kvlk, i'li.B., A.M. and AiMiiLiK lli;.\i(v Vi.vsKV, A.H. Author. 

Ph.lJ. (li.'rliu) 'oj, Prcs. of Oxf.u-a St.xkhridgc, Mass. 

Cull, lur W.iuuu. O.\l"or(.l, ( ). I' IJaviii B.S , /I'yQ-'oj, 

1^r:iim;ii .\Ma kv Shut, B.l.., I.U.H. ''M, M-D. ( 'oh. Physician. 

A.M. (Harvard) '';4. Real Kstate. 10,50 JC. Huron St., Ann Arbor. 

Salt Lake City, Ulab. lli:.M<v 1! a.m mkuiJi.kv \, .\.B., 

Ci.oiu.iA SmKai.i.ik, B.l.., B.S. '94. iMI)- l^'J- (Andover) \/>. I'h.l). (Halle) 

07. (Mr.s. Charles II. iXims.) Phv.M- '>kS. Collar. Cler.uynian, l',..ulder, Colo., 

cian. t) hko.^h, \Vib. iSoS-ioio; I'rol. l\\\. IliM, Cliicauo 

Ac.\-i:^ H.N.NN.w S.MiTii, A. IS. (Mrs. TIku. Sem. r<;io - 

Francis A. Ide.) Crcston, l.iua. jo N. A-hlaiid lilvd., CbicaKO, 111. 

Fi<.\NK HiuiiAuii S.Mrni. 1! S., 1.I..1!. 'oS. [MvkvI k'.i.oisi:, A.l!., MA)., \ji,. 

Lawyer. .Mu.keuwii, Midi. I'luM.i.m. 

].i 1 \ ilNKi-llT S./fTll.\i ui.. \.l:. reach- Slate ll(i..|).. 1 hiiKliamton, N. V. 

er 111 Ceiiual Hi'<li S.l I. M M.',, \ui r IAki.v.n W ai' It.).. Teach- 
es rreiiii.-, .\yc,, Mich. u". .\iiu .\rbor. \\'>( Soniiwouiii. A.l!., Caijiuu May Watson, B.S. 

M 1). (L.urialu) VS. I'lnsician. Sj2 E. 51st Bled., Chicago, IlL 

I'.UKeiie, Ore. Al.l'KliD Hoi.MKS WllITU, A.B., B.S. 

CiiAKits Lvm Spain, A. 15. Supervisor (Cheni. E.) '04. (See Faculties.) 

(jf I'riniarv Grades of Public Schools. Ann Arbor. 

IXtluit, Mich, ^L\kION BAI.l.ANTYNli WlIlTf, Pll.B., 

Cakkii: M.w Si'ekky,,, A.M. u>)o. A.M. (Wisconsin) '06, Ph.D. (Chica- 

Teacher in Fort Wayne, Ind., Hi^li go) '10. Assist. Prof, uf I\Lath , Univ. 

School since 1<>J0. .\iin Arbor. of Kan., ujio- Laurence, Kan. 

SiiKUMAN Ci.AUK Srir/.KK, PL., LL.B. l.ouis Grant Wiiiti-iii-au, A.B., A.M. 

'0.1. Lawyer. 100 WashiuHton St., 'g^_ Lawyer. iJulutli, Minn. 

Chicago, Jll. Edwin Wilkinson, Pli.B. 

Fus.Nci.s Li'Li-N-DA Stkauns, B.S. (Bio. I. Bank Teller. 

Teacher m High Sch.iol. Santa Monica, Cal. 

43 l.rr.ue Ave., Grand Rapids, Micli. Wu.i.iam Hknkv Wilson, B.S. (Bio.), 

Lj.MiK llr..Ni,i.icT Sn;iNi:i(, A.B, Agncnl- MAI (Cl,i. Il.ihii. )'.j8. I' in llahn. 

inralist, K. 1), <), Kenton, (). M^d (.',,11. Physician. 

Ch.vklks William Stkatto.n, Ph.B., 31^9 Rhodes Ave., Chicago, lU. 

LL.B. '</!. Lawyer. St. Joseph, Mich. Edward Clakk Winans, A.B., M.D. 

Loiis .\. Stkaiiss, B.L.,PJi.M. '04, Ph. IX (Univ. of 111.) '99. Oculist and Aur- 

hAH). I Ser F.icnliies A ist. 101 State St., Ciiicago, Jll. 

\im Arbor. Bkrtiia Wolf, Ph.B. (Mrs. Moritz 

.\l M<\ .Mmukws Stuucls. B.S. (\Vu>.). Levi.) Ann Arbor. 

MS (Chicago) \)t,. fLvukv Dale Wright A.B., A.M. '94. 

Oak Park, 111. l-amier. Little Current, Ont. 

'■■L.kown ]'ki,u Swht, B.S., M.D. (Rush) Maukici: Calvin Wuicht, A.B. Steel 

'95, d. Chicago, ill., Jan. 19, 1912. (4-') Inspector. Wilkiusbiirg, Pa. 

Amy Eliza Tannuk, A.l!., Ph.D. (Chi- (i,S,S) 

cago) 'oS. Prof, of Fhilos., Wilson 

Cull, i.)o.vo7; lloiior.iry Fellow in 1994 

Clark Lilly., iixi7-o<j; Head of ]\xper- 

■ imeiital I'tdagogy, Children's lust, of Ciiai(li:s Wai.i.acl Adams, A.B., AM. 

Clark L;niv. i<)0.>- . Worcester, Mass. '97, I.L B. '98- Lawyer. 

F'tiw-SKii Evi-i<i:tt Taylor, I'li.B. Lawyer. Port Huron, Mich, 

llelhnan BIdg., Los Angeles, Cal. John Quincy Adams, B.L., LL.B. '98. 

Mary 1!|(\i.LV Tuomi'Son. A.B. (Mrs. Gelbton ProL of English Speech, Al- 

Edward S. Reid.) Detroit, Mich. in.i Cull, i<a'7-ii; I'rof. of Public 

*Cn-:oi<(,i; Thomas Towl, U.S., d. Colo- 111 Louisiana Slate Univ.. 

rado Springs, Colo., Dec. 8, 1895. (23) 1011- Baton Rouge, La. 



(-.' -'l. 

l'Ki;i.r,i;uK .\i,i;N\xi,n;, A.H. Vi;,i. ui 
.MuMc-, SiaU' Xcniial Cull. 

V|.sil;uiti, Mich. 

Dii.i.v S(.nii.\ l'..\it.Kv, (.Mrs. 
Frank J. Cdlib. ) 

?2:i W. S.'ii.l St., New Vuiic, N. Y. 

H.vrrjK Mav iiAii.i;v, U.I,. (Mrs. A.Iri- 
an J. I'ietirs. ) Anil Arbor. 

I.i-SA iM.dKK.NtK llAii.Kv, I'll. 15. (Mrs. 
(k'orKi' H. Haikv.) Seattle, Wash. 

Nhi.iji: I'kkscott i{Ai<ki;rT,H.S. Teach- 
ir. (Kjs; I'ariK'll Ave, Chicago, 111. 

Akciihc J' Bakti.ktt, A.B., A.M. 
■»--,. Tcaolur in Central lli-h School, 
^ii.ce iSo!,, Detroit. Mich. 

JAMu; Mai-u iSi.ANCiiAKi), H.I,. Teacher 
m lli.uh School. 

(.Ji W. 41I1 St., I,os Angdes. Cal. 

C.\i<i. I'".\A\s IJoVD. (Sec i,AWJtr;NCi-; 

HuYl) I'.VANS, helow.) 
Makcts Hovi.AX, B.S. Teach- 
er. S-'O Sth Si., Ann Arbor. 

Tno.MAS l'\KKS ItKAlU.-lKI.O, I'll,!!., 

1,1,15. '.js. Lawyer. 
-'60 Paris Ave.,' C.ra.ul kapias, Midi. 
Clauu r5iiicc.s, R.S. (Cheni.). 

207 W. Main St., Baltic Creek, Mich. 
l.Kr.iA Bkouii.i.KTTk, B.L. (Mrs. Charles 

11. Sloan.) El Monte, Cal. 

C.KKTui'Dic Buck, B.vS., M.S. '95, Pli^- 

■118. Instructor in Hiif^lisli in Vassar 

Coll. iSo7-i(xii; Asso. Prof. 1901-07; 

I'rof. i<io7~. I'onuhkeepsie, N. Y. 

I'.KMlsT Xni.soN Bm.i.ocK, .\.B., B.D. 

( Canibriilf^e ) '9X. P. 1",. Cler).;viiiaii. 

Koswell, N. Mex. 
I.Ko Makti.n Blit/ki., Ph li., I.L.B. '96. 

Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

(^.KoRGK Iasux CAinvr.i.i., Ph.B. Sales 

I'nj^ineer. Secnritv Bk. Bhli.., 

-Sliiuieai.olis, Minn. 
IrNxxi;; 11: I'.i.i/s Caii.uki.i., A 15. 

(Mrs. Charles 1,. Mix.) 

SUM C.reenwood .\nc., diicago. HI. 
Katiikkixk Baukkk Camt, 15. S. (Mrs. 

Davi.l P. Mavhew.) 

--■5 N. Casc.-i.le .\\e,, 

Colorado SpriiiKS, Colo. 

KdUKKT Ci.Aiu Ca.miimi 1.. 15, S. Fanner. 

U. D. (v Ann Arbor. 

Wii.i.iA.M Bi(Ai)i-<iKii C.\xiai;i.i), I'h.P.. 

With Parke, Davis .V- Co. 

X.U Tefferson Ave. Detroit, Mich. 
Tt'xr Cakmt.ntku, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

CreehA.) Taeksonville, I'la. 

l,Aiiiii;N Drwi: C.\nH, B.S. (Clioin.). 

Real I'.sl.iie. Ann Arbor. 

Ih-NKV Oi i\ i-.:< CuAiM.Tox, 15, S. Bank- 
er. Ml. Clemens, Mich. 




.I.IA.M 11i:k1)1;KT CllAKNI.KV, Ph.B., 

l.l,.B. '95. Lawyer. Goshen, liul. 

Lalka EoLiNi- CrjCMiiNs, Pli.B. Teach- 
er. II Weltoii Drive, 

Fast Cleveland, O. 
Aj,]'ri:ii 15i-,i;riio\i;N Connaiu.e, B.L., 
1,L.15. (N. W. Univ.) '<)6. Lawyer. 

Kalaina/uo, Mich. 
KATiiiCRiNii Andkkw (.'k.xni:, B.L. (Mrs. 
Harry M. llerakl.) 

1029 N. 5tli St., Biirliiifiton, Iowa. 

Al.IlKUl UolllN^()X CuiTTKNUKX, A.B., 

.\..M. 'o_', I'h.D, 'n'<. ( See I'.acniiies. ) 

.Ann Arbor. 

CiAi.i'X C.Ki:i:xi-ii;i.ii Ckuzii:k, B.S. 

(Bio.), Ml). '99. B.iptist Missionary. 

Tnra, Assam, India. 

Al.KXANDKR CUMMINC, Ph.B., /'97-'iA 

LL.B. (Harvard) 'oj, A.M. iibiJ.) 'o?. 
Lawyer. SS7 W. 124th St., 

New York, N. Y. 
C.i-okoi: Lawki;m-i- D.uis..x, B.S. 
(Cheni.). Chemist. 

k. D. =;, lolict, 111. 
tJ<.siAn 1)i:aki«,rx, .\.I5., A.M. ( Gal- 
laiidet) '<)=,. LLP.. (Uo.^ton) 'i)<). Pri- 
vate isl Mass. Heavy Art. i8<>S. Law- 
yer. ,?i h^lin St., Springfield, Mass. 
Sara dhn Bi,i;vki:k, B.S. (.Mrs. Wil- 
liam H. Van Deman.) Toledo, O. 
Jamks Hknky Dickson, A.B., B.S. 
(IvF.) '9v Missionary of Am. Board. 
Tillipallie, Jaffa. Ceylon. 
Wai.tkr Wkxdm.i, 1)ri;w, .\.P,., I.L.B. 
v.. l.auyer. (s W. ud St., 

New York-. N. Y. 
Marv I'.i.i.Kx DriKv, Ph I!. A.M. os. 
(Mrs. William F Thomp^o|, ) 

20 Fiiclid A\e., W., Detroit, Mich. 

John Dmdi.kv Dunham, A.B., M.D. 

(Ohio Med. Univ.) '97. Prof, in Siar- 

ling Me<l. Coll. since iS-j?- Physician. 

iSi Iv Broad St., Cohimhus, O. 

\Viii.\M 1.kU<iv Duxn. li.S. (l!io.), 

Ph.C. 'So, M.D. '91. Physician. 

Asheville, N. C. 
Faxxiiv Mahki. Fi,i,ioTr, Ph.B. 

Holly Spring's. Miss. 
Doha Dr r.rr Fi..mi;r. A.B. Teacher. 

.Mason, Mich. 
Harry ()i.ui;r I'.vaxs, A.B, I.L.B. '(/'). 

Pitisbiirgh. Pa. 
Lawri.xci: 15..V0 F.vaxs, Ph.B, PhD. 
(Cbica.uo) 'oS. Prof, of Hist, in Tiifis 
Cell., sm.c loiHi. 

SS Snnmnl KM . .M.,li,.rd. Ma^-v 

KiCHAUi. I'isenilR. 1; S. (Cluni,), Ph.C. 

02, Ph.D. (.M.iibniK ) '(K). Assist. 

1 '... 

■I /■-. ■ 

is<j4.| i.rniKAKY nf-r.ik'rMi-xr 


I'ruf. <,1 I'lianiKu-y, I'luv. .,1 Wis., Saumi Mas Jlt)WAKl., I'h.l!. Tc.a-lu-r 

i<Aiij-(xj; I'lMi. ui Clicm., siiicr KKO. in llif^li ScIk.i.I, Kalaiiiazoci. Mich, 

MadiMui. Wis. iN,4-i„;,i. (,i;,S KcnmoR- Ave, 

I'l.i.A ViK.-.i.NiA liTcii, A.U. TiaclKT ill (."liicago, 111. 

Ilii^li Sell.... I, Cliii-a-u. Aktiilr l.rnrs lliiiiiAKU, A.B.,' IJ. B. 

(oi UiclianU St., J..liL-t 111. (Ilarvanli oS. l.awvcr. 

KriMM.IMI Jm;i:iM.KKK lM,l\TKK.MA.\,.\.r.., Sdlltll fk'iid. Iiul. 

.\.M. '<):;. I'r.s. an.l (-uii'l Mii^r. .Mich. t'.KKTurni: lUu.i., A.l!. Tfachcr in West 

Sucl t-ahtiii). Co. J)ui-.|..ii lli-h ScluH.l. 

J4.S Ciiuiiii St., Doiruit, -Midi. 177 -"Jth St.. .Milwauktc, Wis. 

II M l.V I'KN.NK I'KKI.l-KICKSON, A.B. W . W A I I VCi: II I K|.. I'll I !. M r'.. Ckr- 

Tcaclur 111 Carl Schiir/ lli^li Sclionl. K'.vman l.y.iis, Mich. 
.(Km (".race St.. t'liicau". Hi. Wiii.i\m 1 .i:\\ is I ki:.\iii: ukv, B.S.Tl-acl1- 
l^.^l nt \Kr<ik I'Kii-i.MA.N', Ph B. Man- cr ,,1 li,,iaiiv in L'niv. lliuh School, 

iif.K-tiirci. St. l,.nns, Mo. miuc. Kxw rniv. ..l C'liicanu, 

AIM II. I'M-iiKK ('„!(. uiiiWAiTi:, li.S. ^'hica^o. III. 

(riinii ), rill). U'liic.iKo) 04. Fruf. Cinia.i: I .m. 1:1;-,,, 1.1., .\,B,, l.|,.B. V,^. 

..I Clicui. .Nil, llolvukc C-.)ll.. 18^7- I.auycr. Dululli, .Minn. 

!.«:;; A. .MM. ill ll..iisi-hul.l Science, Roiu'in' 1-,mm,,.v.s Iu.nks. A.B. Pres. 

I'liiv. of 111. Fanner's .\at. Bank. 

I'rhana, Bl. Webster City, Iowa. 

Mi-NKiKTTA Is.MAN Oooi.Kicii, B.L., '^'^ •< ^ Kawaua, Ph B. With Japan .Mail 

M.S. (Chicago) 'y8. Secr'y Women's Steamship Co. Tokyo. Japan. 

Educational and Industrial Union. C.Knu.i 1 tta Kiin.m: i.v, Pli.B. Teacher. 

.'64 Boylslon St., Boston, Mass. C.rand Rapids .Mich. 

W'uA.AUD Ci.AKK GoKi-, Pli.B., Pli.M. l'Ki:ii CiiAKi.i:s Kk\t, B.S. Teacher. 

'g.S. Ph.n. (Chicago) '01. Assist. Prof. Rochester, X. V. 

of Psychology, Univ. of Chicago, since \\\i iii< Jami:s Ki:\t, B S. Tcclier in 

l<)0-'. 3^2ij Creenwood .\\e., lli^ih Scliool 

Chicago, III. Mt. Vernon, Iiid. 

Tnom. C.KdK.-.i; IIai.aim.iax, A B. Pr..f. Bi:i:ciiku Kixr,, Ph.B. Teacher. 

of Creek, Toledo Ciiiv. Importer. (.10 S. W'eadock St., Saginaw, Mich 

3 P. O. Couri, Toledo, O. Cahiuk Kikti.a.nh, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

liiNjAMiN I'KA.NKLi.N Hai.i., J5.1.. Oscar B. Conaiit ) Logansport, Ind. 

herinan. Lansing, Mich. Bakk.nd IIkuma.n K'uoizr, .\ B Bl) 

ICk.nkst Frki-man Mali., A.B., .V.M. (.McCcuini.k ) '<>S, I) I) iC,,e') 'oG. 

(Princeton) '0,5. Secr'y Presh. Board Pres Janust.iwii Coll. 

of Foreign ilissioiis. Jamestown, X. Dak. 

San Francisco, Cal. ♦Mi-kman Bi;iiTi<AM Kkocman", BL d 

Roi,i:i;i hooTi: llAi.i, A.B., 1,I,.P>. 'oS- NVgaunee, .Mich.. Dec. 18, 1000. ( ^o) 

Wiih Ciilscr-.i! I',.rtland Cement C.i. AnoMusxr |fi<S(i.v I, add, A.B., A'.M. 

7J W \d.ims Si, Chicago, III. 'oo, Ph 1) 'o,. Prof, of I'diication in 

WAiii.k M,..m;ui; II.\mii,tox. A.B., Cmv. ,.1 North Dakota. 

\ .M. '.M. \~Msl.-mi m .Xaiiiical Alma- Cran.l h'oik.s, .\. Dak. 

nac Ollice. e'AUi. 1m<|.;i,kuuk AiicohTus Langt 

Wasliiiiiiton, D. C. A.B., Ph.D. 'o."!, A.M. (Harvard) '(». 

Ji;>sii: (~.i:i<riaji)i.: Harkis. Ph.B. (.Mrs. (Sec Facullies.) Noniiauipion, .Mass 

I'rank C. Bacliman.) I.ur I'.i.i.a 1. vToukiitti;, Ph.B. Siipt. 

i.:;..5 Iv .^-'d St., Cleveland, O. Baptist .Miiiist.r.' Home. 

R\v ll.vuT, B.I,., 1.I..B. '93. Lawyer. I'"eni..ii, .Mich. 

Midland. .Mich. W'akkk.v IIakmo.v I.kwis, P,.S. i Bio. ) 

Bi:i!.Nici: Lena IIaiic, B.S. Teacher. .M D ijohiis Hopkins) 'oo. .\ssoc 

3-' Seward .Ave.. Detroit, Mich. I'r.,i ..I .\ii.iioniv, lohiis Hopkins 

SrsAN lli:i-i-i:i<NAN-, Ph.B. Teacher in Univ. ■Haliiniore. Md. 

High Sell. ...I. .Miiineai.oli.s. .Minn. Dnmii I'kvnki.ix I, B 1... LL B. 

W'iNii-ui:i. .\sA llicm:,:. .\.l;, (Mr.. '.iv .Midi .Mimr. D. C. Ileaili .V C... 

C-arhon R R,,se I Pih l.lo, Colo. Feiit..n. .Mich. 

Kati: .Ni.mihs lloi-fT.u, I! I,. Kinder- S\i<\ii hli.i /,\ mrni V<.ni<iii;is McC.jmm, 

partner. (.37 <>"ass A\e.,, Mich. I! I.. Sutter Cn ek, Cal. 

I -'! ./ / ': A 

UjW ; 1 

■ ^ .in, >i , ,■ . ■•! - 

|. ■ ../.n ,:' .„ ... 1 1,, 

. ' .nil ( . I ;i. ./. ?..,.j 

111 ")o , ;i,, j 

c> I*:' 

•,U ,7/ 

.1! ,n.'.K r. .^ 




Amanua McComus, PIi.B,, A.M. U"- 
diana) 'cio. Farming. 

Swiitli Bend, hid. 
Ann.\ Maktha M.acCkackun, Ph.B. 

251 N. Kiiiu; St., Xonia, O. 
Jkssicv Maiidi: MacIntyki;, Pli.B. 
(Mrs. Philip U. BoLirland.) 

Lake l.i.idcn. Midi. 
IsAUKLi.A McRak, Ph.B. 

l.\o N. Second Ave., Alpena, Mich. 
Samukl DuNis Magkus, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.S (CliicaK") '<->!■ I' 111 
Siatt Normal ScIi.kiI., Mich. 

KinvAun Maksii, A.D. Princ. of High 

Schuol, i8.»8iyii; Siipt, of Scli..ols, 

Uji\—. Jackson, Mich. 

tWALTi-R Pauk Maktindaui;, Ph.B., 

LL.B. '«/). Corp. 5tli 111. Inf. 1898. 

T.:i\v>lT Quiiicy, ill. 

DwiGuT Otis Mii.lhr, B.L.' Banker. 

Occniield, O. 
iiMi-Uhd.N- RoMKo Mii.i.iK, 1!.S. (Cheni. ), 
Pli.C. '92, Phar. M. '03. M^- '95- Pro). 
Pharmaceutical Cheiii. in Alahama 
Polyteclmic Institute. Auburn, Ala. 
John Ezra Mu.i.ER, .\.B., A.M. (Univ. 
of III. '03. Pres. Mt. Morris Coll. 

Mt. Morris, III. 

Wu.Kv WiuciiT Mills, .\.B., l.L.B. Ui, 

.\.i;. (Hope) '03, AM. Kibid.) './j. 

1.7 N. Dearhorn St., Chicago, 111. 
Jessl Camkko.n Moouk, Ph.B., LL.B. 

'94. Manufacturer. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Edgar Mauti.n Morsman, Ph.B., LL.B. 

'95. Lawyer. Omaha, Neb. 

Josici'ir Raleigh Nklso.n, .V.B., .V.M. 

■();. (S<c E:u-iillits,) -Ann Arbor. 

iMun, ,;kk \\,iivn.,M:v \ruT<.N, :\\\., 

1,1, 1; \„. L.iuy.r. S.iK.inaw, .Mich. 

l.-.Minu I'.l.ANCI,,: t\.NN..K NUMU.I.S, 

l!.S. (.Mr=. Waller II. .Nichols.) 

Monrovia, Cal. 

Ruth Amelia Nuule, A.B. (Mrs. Cy- 
rus C. Warren.) Jackson, Miss. 

Sara Genevieve O'Brien, B.L., M.L. 
'g.S. Teacher in IIikIi School. 

i.'o N. State St., .\\\\\ Arbor. 

I'KEni-.uic Leigh Osenhurg, B.L., 
D.n.S. (California) '07. Mngr. South- 
ern Dental Coll. Los .\n.ueles, Cal. 

Elmer Iames Ottaway, B.L. Publisher. 
St. Cl.iir, Mich. 

James Bertram Overton, Ph.B., PhD. 
(Chicago) '01. Prof, of Biology in 111- 
inoi> Coll. i.^oi-oi; Instrucior in Boi- 
:mv, Univ. of W 1^ , 100(07; Assist. 
I',;, I i,,o- Ma.lison, Wiv 

Wii.iiA.M Collins Parsal, Ph.B. With 

.\llvii .V- Bacon, Publishers. 

' (.J^ S. Wahash Ave., Chicago, HI. 
Mauiu.n- I'ATTuN, A.B. (Mrs. Addison 

A. i.mdsk-y.j Portland, Ore 

.Alvij^iv .\i.riioNbo Pearson, B.L. 

1'., under of The Michiiian Alumnus. 

Wilier. Pasadena, Cal. 

Hi;Ki;i.Ki I'.iiMUNo Peckham, A.B., ^94- 

'.)3, ;)ri,0-'oo, ]).(). (Kirksville) 'o.'. 

Pr, .. l\ckl:ain Coil, of ICxprission. 

liosloii, Mass. 
.\N.\A MnV Pr.Mln.KTo.N, Ph.B., B.L. 

((;hio Wesl.) ".H, A.M. (Earlhaiu; 
'04. ^.\lrs Clayton L. DeCou.) 

lladdcnfield, N. J. 
Carrie Eleanor Peneielu, B.L. (Mr:i. 

(korge W^ Harvey.) 
Stuaiu- Hoi-EMAN Perry, A.B., LL.B. 
\_Ai. Pnhlishcr riu- Adrian Daily Tel- 
Ci^iaiii. Adrian, .Mich. 

Jes-u; PiiELi'S, B.S., M.S. V"^. Instruc- 
tor III in State Normal Coll. 
since i8i;S. Ypsilaiiti, Mich. 

Adrian John PiETEks, B.S. (Bio.). 
Botanist. oO'J ^'- Jefferson St., 

.Ann Arbor. 
Frank Woodworth Pine, A.B, .A.M. 
(N. Y. Univ.) '97. Enghsh Master 
in ihe Hill ScIu;ol, Pott=toun, I'a , 
1,S<:)S-I9I2; in The Giinian Couiitrv 
School lor Boys, 1912-. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Almika .\nn Prentice, A.B. 

■>H, W. Walnut St., Kalamazijo, Mich. 
Noioi\N Wellington Price, B.S., 
All) (Toronto) Vi. Physician. 

Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

.\.M.RE\V JilHNSoN PlIRUV, B.L., Ph.B. 
(.\lfr..l I'niv.) '.)_', LL.B. (lUillalo) 
'.)5, S.lMl. (Boston) 'ixi. Lawyer. 
" 110:; Did.iware Ave., BulTalo, N. Y. 
Wn i.AKi) K. Pvi.E, B.S.(Chem.). Teach- 
er m Alorris High School. 

New York, N. Y. 
Helen Annetta Rice^ B.L. (Mrs. Bar- 
ton R. Deniing.) East Cleveland, O. 
Sai-a \L\v RiG(.s, I'. L. Prof, of History 
in Iowa Slate Te.ichers' Coll. since 
1S05. Cedar ImIIs, Iowa. 

Charles Andrew Roiunson, Ph.B. 
Teacher. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ai.r.ERTus loHN Rooks, A.B.. A.B. 
( Hope) '.)?, A.M. (ibid.) '96. Princ. 
of Theo. School and Calvin Coll. 

Craml Rapids, Mich. 

.\nM1. I.M nl. Kou.M.N, Ph.B, .\.M. 'o.i 


jjii Broadway, Bay City, Mich. 

a. ^Ml;... : V 

.. . • '■.:'■,■;■ r,f1 

:./. ,>.,J.i .1.. A>.v.'f hiijt. 
1 '/ eff'l .0 II' \r 


U . (>• . J. . (I .1 .', 

•J r-.i,. I 

i.^dl l.rn'.KAKV niil'AUT.\lli\l\ ijl 

L' Kavmo.xd Ruse, Pii.B., Ph.M. siriiLt..r in lliMoi'v in Va^sar Cull. 

'{]h Simllcr Siiiicriiitcndciit. U. S. ;,iiicc imo;. I'oiiylikcepsic N Y 

2""> C\.. Pueblo, Colo A.NXN Tkmn„i;. Ph.]',. "MjiijIo Park,' ill.' 

}\>\\:s Akliuiiai.i- Ross, U.S. Whok- i;i:ou,.i; T. TuiCMum.;, Ph.B. Pres. Cen- 

>''l'^ C.r>cei. Minneapolis, Minn. trj N,,ri Rank. Ellsworlli, Kan. 

l.i-.uis (,k,,\i:k Si;i:i.i;v, A. 15. Bankci-. 1...i:im: IIki.muth Uki-n, B.l,. (Mrs. 

Cai-o, .Mich. .\n(lr.u lr>n.) M.-nireal, Wis. 

RiK.vAKi, HixjAMiN, Pli.R. llAKK, Unm; \-A.N- Ti:vi„ U.S., m'g4-'Q6, 

1.1, l;. V,.^. Raw3u-. Dnroii, Mich. .Ml), i .V. W. H:niv.) \>S, U.D.S. 

Rn.,,,K Snf.K.MAN, A.B., (N. W. (,/.,./.) o, Denii.t. 

Lmv.) 'y.s. Lawver. u,,, l.;. (,„(1 St., Cliica^o, 111. 

jo.s l.aSallu Si, Chic.igu, 111. Wai.ti k Ckuk,-,].; Wai.i.aci:, B S. 

rl' t'l.Ai'hK Snii:i,i,s, H.I.., H'lum i, ,1. Cinnnn.iti, (), M'arcli y, 

M'l. _'>! I.unl. y^\\\ .Mk-Ij. Inl. i,Si,« iS.^. U7 ) IR.ucIl, .Midi. tWn.i.ixm Riii.i.oCK W'aiu., .\,H., 1.I..B. 

\-\\\ CiiMiii i.i: .Snoi;i;, I'lil!,, PhD. ( C.ll. ,,l l,av.) 'i>S. U. 

U'i.nirll) '(HI. (.Mi-v n.ircncc A. S. S, .!/.■/;/-, ./;/,vj, l.S.jS. Lawyer. 

.Manu, I jih:ua, N. ^•. i -l Xal'l Rk. RI.Ik., Chicago, 111. 

Ciim;i.i.s R.iMiii.k S\M:ri/i;K, Ph li. ' h".i;.\ i;s r li.wii.N Wakkii.n, B.l.., d. Vos- 

Raukiiig. h'uii |)(;(lj^L-, Iowa. Ihii-l;, .\li-,s., .May I I, Kjoo, (j;) 

AiMi;uo.N \\'ai;ui..n Smith, R.l,., A.M. M ".dwaki. I.ackv, \Vati<(;us, lil,. Priv. 

(Coluuihi.i) 'o,5. I'rinc. Piihlic School and Corp V. S. \'ols. iM- Hardware 

S<;, Oiiecns, New York C'itv. .Mnfr. l)es Moines, Iowa. 

ManhaVsct, N. Y. Wii i.iam Waltku \Vi:i.i;mi-:viU!, B.L., 

UiHiKicii Cu.NUAi) Smith, .\.B. l.nni- \A..\'-. ''it- I'i'l'r. Mich, in 6-'nfl 

her. .Minneapolis, Minn. Con^ ( loi i—.). Lawyer. Aim Arbor. 

Sa.mui;l Akchibai.i) Smith, .\.B. Ma^- Joii.\ \\'i:si.i;v \, A.B., LL.B. 

ler in luiglibh. The Pingry School, (Noire Danu) 'ii. Salesman. 

i8i;9-iyo7; llead Master, since 1907. Mishawaka, Ind. 

Eli/al.eth, N. J. Chaki.ks 1-ki:di;kick Wi-i.i.i-k, Ph.B. 

'^\^•.^'All May Soui i:, B.L., I^LL., 'y.s, <''cn'l Secr'v .Assoc. Charities. 

I'rof. ,,| lliM,,ry in Alt. ilolyoke Coll, Pitlslmrgh, Pa. 

.1. .Marion, Ohio, March 17, 1905. (^.S) Liom, Jisji.x \Vi;.ntwoktii, B.L. Lnm- 

I li.M-A- AuTiu u Si'Ai.DiNG, A.R heniian Portland, Ore. 

l"i<i:o llKNRv Stauut, B.S. (Chem.) 95 I'Ki-.uikuk MiKi:i: Whitk, .A.R. Bap- 

Cuunc fo tunc). Chemist. list Cler:.;\ man. W'inlhrop, ^Llss, 

Aurora, 111. I'toss CiiAi .nci;v, A.B , .M.I) 

Rom.kT t:i,Ar{K Sti;vk.ns, A.B., B.S. '<»<). Prof. ,,f Patholotjy, Univ. of Cohj.'. ) M.v .M.chanical h'.ngineer, -Miice io .7 Mlh and Wellon St^ 

(See I'.icullicb.) Denver, C.)K.. 

-154 \V. nth St., Erie, Pa. Lincoln Wimtnjcv, Ph B In- 

lio.Ni: SiKWAKT, A.B. Ivditor of Pnhli- slnici..,- m Math, and Chem., lli-h 

call. in-, ol C.anle,^ie I.ihr.cry. Schocl. S.iginaw, Mich. 

Pitl,l,urgh, Pa, J.Mi.N ,\kTHi-n W'hitwouth, .\.B. Treas. 

.Makia.v Una Stkonc, .\ R, iMrs. Mar- .Mi.h. Le.^k Co. 

nis Baker, ^ C.r.nid Rapids, Mich. 

i.Ki? i6th St., Washiir^toii, D. C. Di-.i.ns Wii, cox, A.B., A.M. 

F.I (.i:m; CdUNiu.ius Sl-i.i.ivan, B.S. '0.5, PhD. (Columbia) \)U. (."liief of 

(Chem.L Ph.D. M.eip/ig) '09. (Sec Bureau ot I'ranchiscs, Public Ser\ ice 

ha<r.lties ) Corning, N. Y. Connni^:,ion, ist Dist. of N. Y., .since 

lituTKA.Ni. STAGi-.k Si)M.Mi-KS, B.S. KXV- 7 -:< (th St., r.hnhur-.i, N. Y. 

iCliein.). Manufacturer. *A NNii; M iiMroiU) \Vll,l;^ , .\ li (Mrs 

\'"ri Ihna.n, Mich. Tom W. Bellhouse, ) d. ,\inlurslhnig' 

.I..11N lU'kNHAM Tavi.oi!. AB. I'diior. Oiii, Jan. -i. i(X)7. (.i7) 

!(.() S. I'niou Si, llmliugtr.n, \\. l'i:i:i.ruuK Dooi.iTTi.i; Wii.KKKbo.N, 

Mai<th\ Dickinson Tavi.ok, A.B. A R., Tua- Riuabik Mining Co 

701 S. Inyalls St., Ann Arb.,r. Youngstowu, Oliiu 

l.rcv hj.r/ \m:Tii Ti;\tou. RIi R., A.M. llowi. Aim,;, W'l i,i.i,\.ms, A B Jonin.d- 

(Slanfoul, ■<,^, Rb D, <\.A, , •„ , R. ,.,, Rli,,,,ix, Ari/. 

., I, ', ., ,!■ .M' '. -I.-.;!; I 

, l. •// T I. I I 111! I ' .( m'>.('3 . 

ii_, GRADUATLiS. (i«'^4-95- 

Cc.K\ \l \v \, A.ll. I'riiic. Cnuity M \i<v V.i.\.\ Hhnmht, J'lili., A.M. 'oj. 

N-,,niial School. McnnnniR-c, Mich. 'IVadur in Hi^h Sclu,..l. .Vnii Arln)r. 

Earl Fakwi-i.i, Wiuso.v, B.L. Forest Ai.ici; Tiii;uKr,A JiiKbXKK, A.U. (Mrs. 

Products. Bcariiigcr lildg., Kenneth C. Filch.) 

Saginaw, Midi. ,516 3rd Ave., Juliet, 111. 

EuGKNi- Cvuus Wuoi)Rm-i-, B.S., M.S. Fn.MdNn Bi.uck, A.H., LL.U. 'y6. Law- 

'96, Ph.D. '00. Prof, of Electrical I'.n- yer. Iloilo, P. 1. 

gineering, James Milliken Univ. Autiiur C,'oi.i,ii;u Pi.oo.mfiui.d, A.B., 

(ic8) Decatur, 111. I.L.I! '9(1. Banlter. Jackson, Mic' 


l.Niy. I.uuiSK Ai;H(n'T, A.B., A.M. >S. ';\"^y. ' "'^•- H'^'l' School, Univ. of 
M.sM.nary. Princ. of Girls' School,. ,,^ -;':";, „ ,'-;n V'' 

Sainokar, Bulgari 




A 1.1 CI: 







l,L. 1 







.M.I). ( 





,.M lil.oUNT, B.S. (Bio.), 
Chicago) '07. Teacher uf Zo- 

Tiir:.Nii(M,.\i]: Huuki.ani., B.L.. 

Fhanic DkFoukst Adams, A.B., LI..B. /Vj?'';'^- Law and Insurance. Peoria, III. 

■oS. r.en'l Solicitor LI. S. Slcel On- I'mi le DAi.r.inv B.-hklanu, B.b 

iioratioii Couiiiaiiies ni Norihwe.-,t (Cheni.), M.I). 99. Physician and 

iiulnlh, Minn. Surgeon. Lake l.iiulen, Mich. 

Sadii: Maria Alley, Ph.B. Jcskiu I!;.\ian.m, Ph.B., m\/y<j7, 

356 W. Fort St., Detroit, Mich. -M.l>. ( N'- W. Univ.) 00. Physician. 

KcjsiTTA Andkkson, A.B. Teacher in )()3J Lake Ave., Chicago, III. 

Sniead School, Toledo, O. Ann Arhor. Fksnk I'.kisiok, .\.li Manufacturer. 

*\Vi:,ii.\.\i II01..MLS .\m.iu;ws, B.S. :,•; .Mai.siic I;i,l,u,, l)..'iro,t, Mich. 

(e-heiii.), d. C'.eiie\a, N. V., Sept. JO, JoUN P.iur l'.k.>uK^ .\.ll, 1,1, B. '96. 

i,jo3 lis) l.aus.i. SI- W . (ah St., I'.rie, Pa. 

I'll ioVt ''rALiioT .\is'ri,s, HI,, I'rinc. I'.i.iaMw Hi'i.i.aui., ,\.I!. Teacher in 

D.wnship High School, since 190-'. Hit^'i School. (Uovcrsville, N. Y. 

Sterling, III. Maria Biittkiji.! ki.u, A.B. 

Roiii UT ()i.ivi;k Austi.n, B.I,. Teacher (.Mr.;. Kniiert (). Biillerlield.) 

in Cei.iral High ."School. (i-l.S W. isih St, l,os Angeles, Cal. 

(.'ohnnhus, C). *Jc)iiN Flktciilk Bvincto.n, A.B., M.D. 

,\\.\A K\ii.i-v, A.B. Teacher in Central '97, d. Battle Creek, Mich., Jan, J7, 

High School. sSi Woodward Ave,, 1911. (3<)) 

Detroit, Mich. Ei.izahi;tii Ik.wois (.'amp, Ph.B, Ma- 

Cii.\Ri.r.s Baird, A.B., I.E.B. '95. Dircc- tron of l.athr(i|) Hall, I'niv, of Wis. 

i.,r of Outdoor Athletics, Univ, of ,\ladi>on. Wis. 

Mich. iS(j<;-i()0<). Banker. (.'iiaki i..-, Cisco C' \ \i imii:i.i., Ph.B. Eaw- 

l.ue Slock I'.Nch, I'd, In , ver Rochester. Ind. 

K.o,^,l^ Cilv, .\lo, hu^ Cakk, IS. I.. TeaJier. 

l'iMi;i\>i I'.M.MA IUknsko, \ 11. Teach- ('o.i F .Madison Si, .\nn Arhor. 

er 111 High School, Miiee i.>oo. Croiu.i; I'.nw m;ii Cauuoi.i., B S. Teacher. 

Aiiiiv I...1 isi; B.u<Ni,v, \'UM. Assist, in *.\i)>n Ci.akk, A,1J., d, Weatherford, 

l.ihrarv of Coiigrov Tex., )ulv 5, 1903. (-'9) 

722 C, St., S. F., Washington, D. C. Pkakl I.kom; C.ii.iiv, U.S., A.M. (Stan- 

WiLi.iAM CuY 1!ai;i;k, B.S, l.umher. ford) 'o 1 (Mrs. .\nnand K, Miller.) 

Ilaslings, Mich. .Milton, (Jre. 

I'RVNK ,\mi.r()sk Bi:acii. B.I,. Prof, of *Maiu;l C..i,t..n, A.B.. d. Asheville. N. 

Music ill Slate .N'.uiiia! School. V., Dec. 10, lK<y). (.-3) 

kauiioria, Kan. l.Krrii; Cd.NovLK, B,S. (Bio.). 

I.i:sti:k Havks Buai.s, .\.B., M.D. './;. Teacher in Central High School, 

Medical Missionary. 11 I .\l.^r^toll St, Detroit, .Mieh. 

Wai, Bomhay Presidency, India Chart, i.s IIknkv Co.nhao, B.I., ColTee 

IliA Ai,A,\S()N BlouuW, Ph.B. Head of and 'Tea Imiiorter, 

Depl, of Reading and Puhlic Speak- fo |o Lake .\ve„ Cliicag.), Ill, 

iiig ill Stale Noriii.d School. S.\mi'i:i Rkii\ri> i'ouk, B.S., M.S. 'i)7, 

Ml. Pleasant, .Mich. .\M. (NM.ia^ka) './S, PhD. (Cornell) 

iM.isK CiirNAUi.r Br.NM.Ti-, Ph.B. (Mrs, 'os Prof, of Pli>slc.. Univ. oi the P.i- 

Thomas I, Siiiilh ) Kicliuiond, K\ .llic. San Jose, 

W , ,/ -;*./> 

. ./v .... ,.A. VWi: 


< 1 

LI n:i<.ii<y Di-.r.iRi MiiST 

'3 • 

John Cokdin', Pli.B. Ins|)ector U. S. Cjiari.ks Woodworth Foster, B.L., 

Jnimiyr.itioii Service. Del Rio, Tex. IJ,.H. \jt.>. Lawyer. I.ansiny,' Mich! 

CiiAurits lii-Kiii-RT CovKi.i, A.W. Supt. *W.\i.-n:i{ Cakvi-r'I'kitzk, B.l,., il. Clii- 

>'t ticli.iols. cago, III, I'ob. 20, i8<_>7. (J4) 

RedlaiuJs, Cal. Mai'ui.; l.iiiKi, l-ui,i,i:u,, A.M. 'oo. 

\Vi\ii-Ri;i. K()(j;,A, B.I.. (Mrs. 'IVaclur in Higli School. 

jaiiK- .Maclay ) Cohnnbia Univ., Calumet, Mich. 

New York-, N. Y. nHK.Nkv l) OAMxrux, A.B., M.D. 

Hi-.NRV Siii:i-iii:rd Crank, A.B. Priiic. '^i^. l'n\aie .Milf .Mich. Inf. iS<jS, d. 

I.ewii-Chaniplin Sclioul. Chica-.i, 111., ji, kxvS. (jq; ' 

iU4f»n Seeley .\\c., Chicago, 111; 1I,,kaci- (iARNKiT, B.L. Law- 

Hi-.RiiF.RT .Ai.L.w D.VNCKR, B I.., I.L B. > cr Tribune Bldg., Chicago, III. 

'<;;. JikIl:. <.t District Court, 1911— . •'.X i:i(;.\ii. Stc.xrt C.audkr.v, Ph.B., d. 

Dululh, .Minn. I'ionur, Ohio., Dec. 17, ii>o3. (57; 

Li!\.\cis I'oTTiCR U.\.Mi;i.s, A.B,, A..M. *Ciim(i.!-. k(.i:i:i;T (wins i'h H " iSee 

(. Mi-suuri )'<;;, I'll. 1). (//'/</.) 'OS. Prof. RicuKic,, ) d. \\'.,shinm'oii DC Julv 

of K.oii.uuT l.aii:^'.:. Ill Cnicil Coll.. --o, Io-m ( ,!o ) ' ' 

\'>\\.\. KjiHi-o.j; in Wab.ish Coll. l.i.w K \ ii; (",ji:.\is, Phi! 'i\acher 

"""'-- Crawl, nd.sviUe, luJ. 3-'5 7ili St , Willmar, Minn. 

Caivin (Hi.N Dams. .\ I!., A..\I. ■04, Mari i; Lofisi; Coudma.n, I'li.ii. Secr'y 

I'll. D. I Harvard) '10. (.See Faculties.) Mo, Slate FodcraiRiU of Women's 

.\nu .\rbor. Clubs, since 1907. 

*Biai.i: Di..NAi.DSu.\, A.B., d. Detroit. 400 Warwick- Blvd., Kansas City, Mo 

Mich., July .V, 1907. (37) '-'"i^ ].\MV.i> Cooi.vKAR, Ph.B. Mer- 

MvRoN L\1-.\vi:tti- Dow.ns, A.B,, ;;i'95- chant. Hastings .Mich. 

•.:S, Ml). (Jclfcr^ou) '<,<). Physician. AnnK M.^kris (^.osui-n, B.L Teacher 

Don.glas, Ariz. <" Ps\cho|,,gy in NV-bra^ka State Nor- 

MiiuAM Dr.NHAR, U.S. (I'.io.). Teaclu-r "^d Sch..,,!. iVrn, Neb. 

in High Schoul. S..uth Bend, lud. Cii \Ki.i:s Hk.nuv C.RAy, B.L., M.L. '96, 

CiiARi.i> lir.sRV Dl.vcw, Ph.B. Farm- l;ii D- (Chicago) '04. .-Assist. Prof. .,f 

iug. Barry, Wa^h. J"'if,' Pi'. I'niv. of Kan., since 190s. 

Annik |)i.N\ Dr.NSTi.R, I'll I!, Head of ' Lawrence, Kan, 

l)>pi (.1 Langna-.-,, W dli.un Pcnn Timmias Ijnvi .\ (^u \v, .\.li. .Master in 

lli'.;h SHi.i.>l. I'hilad.liihia, p.i. PIivmcs .md (.-boui. m Hl;d<c School 

I'KiiK Wii.i.iA.M l)\Ki:.\iA, B.L., ^LL. '*"■ l''"^^ h.\7 .Mb .\\e., New York 

'00. Director of .Mtisic, luhical Ciil- >-it3. ^'"cc 1903. 

tiire School, since uyoi. ' Carihage, Mo. 

.1^ Central Park W., New York, N. Y, Ai.iji.:kt h;.Mi-RS(>N C.rki; ni:, Ph.B, PS 

Lt cv .\xMi |;ami:s, H.S. (Bio.), M.D. C^.K I oi.. (Sec h-acullies.) 

■o.< I'luMci.iu. .Muskegon. Mich. .\nn Arb-r. 

b'.ow Mu. r.Ni.M) I'.scoTT, B.S., MS. l-"-'^^ b.KNKsr C.Ri\ii:s, Ph.B. Teacher, 

I CI. ie. !■<..) -.Ki. (See I'aciiUies.) I'llkhari, Ind. 

.\nn \rl)or <.n:oRr,i: Hi-fi i- 11ai«sits, .\.li., A.M. 

Am.n\ bj i/\iii:tm bAiM.i.s, .\.l! Teach- '''^'' ''I'"- '"-■ As-i^t. Prof, of Latin, 

er in lliub Schonl. l'"i^- "I !'•' Piiiladelpliia, P.i. 

Wiike. Harre Pa ' '< ^; ^ I I M'^mt^, H.L. (.Mr.v ( )>car E, 

Ai.vx II,, WARU Piu.oKK, I'h, B. Teacher '' '-l'^-''- > .07 ba-hl .\ve 

,,f Bi,,bi"i in \'iir,l, m,l,- li;,,li < -li,* I Detr,)lt, Mich. 

. 1 l,i„l,,,v ,n .North S„k High Neho„l. ^^.^.^^ W.i.n lU.Mi.v..: Hai.t.vkr, B.S., 

A.M. (Wisconsin) '«>, (.Mrs. iler- 

Denver, Cb, 
Tin, MAS Ih-NRV,)N, Ph.B., B.S 

hian) '9<j. Pate 
M.anpKtte Bldg., Chicago, 111 

iW)er .\ii,. Ti 

ic.vv, ;,,■',, ,. r " \ , ' I ' Chicago, 111. 

Ki.vNrr, L lAU.Nc. l.uui,.\.l. leach- i^,„.„, m,.,„,„ j, ,,,„_ Ph.B. (Mrs. 

e. in l-.i,glew,.od I ligh Sch,.ol C hica- j,,),,, „ Thielen.1 Charlevoix, Mich. 

-.■^"- ,. ,, "" i^,'';' -^V;- ■'',-'?'• '": I'K^NCKs I'-.i.viRA IIarti,i.;v, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Mauv Lsa Imu.kv, li.L. (.Mrs. bMnmi,,! I);,„iel .V. Shoemaker) 

*'■ ^I'HhU.) Ib.uell, .M„h T,, a P,irk, Wasbi„gi,.n, I ). C. 




J{DiTii AciiSAii Hartshorn, B.I,. (Mrs. 

I'lank S. Lyon.) Nebraska Ciiy, Neb. 
KAr.i'ii Wai.uo Emi-kson Havks, Ph.B., 

B.S. (Mech. U.) J910 {nunc pro tunc). 

IMaiuifactiircr. (iaiva, 111. 

Wii.i.iA.M Ai.i.KUT IJiiARTT, Ph.B., Lr,.B. 

I Lake I'un-M ) \,7. Salesman. 

Si. L.sei.h, Mich. 
1{i,i/mu;tii C. 11i;ncii, Lh.l!. Teacher 

111 M.niual Training High School. 

lii.lianapulis, hid. 
KriA lli.usciiMURCHR, A.B. (Mrs. Arcli- 

ie Wade.) 807 Colfa.x St, 

i'vaiLston, 111. 
Lisa 1Ii>sk, I'li.H. Teacher in High 

Seilnul. MlK-e l,S.,s. 

Bine Island, 111. 

JosiAu luiwiN Hickman, B.L., A.M. 
(Cohnnliia) '06. Priiic. Murdock 
.\cailemv. Beaver, Utah. 

*I'T.izA M. Hii.L, B.S., (Mrs. Roy K. 
M. .niton,) d Benton Harbor, Mich. 
hVb. 6, 1903. (29) 

(B. Y. Univ.) '03. Prof, of Natural 
Science, Brighani Young Univ. 

Provo City, Utah. 

BuRTUA Katmerine IIine, Pli.B. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Mii.DRKD Hinsdale, Ph.B. Teacher in 
Detroit Central High vSchool, 1807- 
KX.S; in (^rand Rapfd-s High School, 
since njo8. Ann Arbor. 

Hi-R.MAN I' Hoch, l^h B., />'yo- 
'ox. Assi-t. Princ. in Central High 
School. St. Louis, Mo. 

NiNAii May Holden, A B. (Mrs. Ar- 
thur G. Ciiniiner.) 

Jacksonville, VU 

l;i:-sii; l.i;i; llonsi.NS, I' I'.ibic 
Seer') N . W, C. A. 

.Minneapolis, Minn. 

MiNNii; I'l.AKi. llowi.ii,, I'liB, (Mrs. 
Tlieodnre l.iiid.puM) .\unArhnr. 

' \i.iKi.i, lUien HrNT, .\ 1',., '<aV 


Wll.iAKi. llii.\Ti;i( lloTcni 

M.I) '09. Piiy.sician. 

30 Adams Ave. \V., Helr..ii, Mid 
iKia.r.uicK CuARi.Es Iuwin.B.S Teach 

er in Central High School. 

Hell-oil, Mid 
•MUkuikt Vaavs Ivis. I'll H., d. I. an 

caster. Wis., I icc. 7, hjck). ( ?_> ) 
l.vNN Mvkton Johnston, A.B, 1.1. 1 

'(/i. Lawvir. Mt. Clinuns, Mid 


107 Baker >'t , I 1. iioii, .Miel 

HIi-.NKV KKi.ixH.f,, BL. i<x>j(;u()Il- 
/"o tunc), d. Jackson, Midi., Aug. 23, 
iyii. (30) 
Lucia Kikve, Ph.B. (Mrs. William L. 
Lower.) 5^0 Lexington Ave, 

Chicago, HI. 
I'.VKoN Ci.Auoius KiMES, A.i;. Real 
I'slale and Loans. 

Ciraiid Rapids, iMicli. 
Jui.iA IsAiu.i. KiMi.i.x, B.S. Teacher. 

(Jiiincy, 111. 

^■ Ki.iNtw.Ei;, B.L., I'll. I). (Jena) 

'OS, d. liiiaca, N. v., Nov. 27, i8.j8. 

Mark Stevens K.naiu', B.S., :M.D. VjS 

I'liysician. Flint, Mich. 

Claude Sheldon Larzelere, B.L., 

A.M. (Harvard) '00. Head of Hist. 

iJept., Slate Normal Sciiool, since 

1000. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

John Kdwaru I.autner, B.L., ^LL. '96. 

(See Pacnlties. ) .Marcjueiie, Mich. 
*Ci;uKGE Ki.Ni; Lawton, A.B., A.M. '97. 

d. W'ashiiigtun, 1). C, Juh JS, IQOI. 

( 27 ) 
(JTTu ICdwakd I.EssiNi;, A.B., Pli H. '01 

(See Faculties.) Urban.i, III. 

Walter FERiiusoN Lewis, B.S. Supt. 

of Schools. Port Huron, Mich. 

Herman Adolf Lieuig, A.B. Assist. 

in Brown Univ. Providence, R. I. 

Kras.mus Christopher Lindlev, B.L., 

LL.B. \j6. (icn'l Solicilor Great North- 

^■'■'1 Ry. St. Paul, Minn. 

Jacob Linoakd I.orie, B.L., LL.B. '96. 

Lawyer. K;insas City, Mo. 

Alice b.i.i/ m;ktii I.v.ncu, I! 1. 

■ a.i;, l.l,.i;. '.Ki. Seaman L. S. S 
L...M-//-I/,', i,VS. Lawser. 

Lord Bldb'., Detroit, Midi. 


(.Mrs. Arpad S. Grossman.; 

-115 Oakland Ave.. Pasaden.i, Cal 
l.NA McliiMiNEv, B.S. Teacher. 

(Mj Oak Si , I'linl Midi 

■\i,i \N (Amimoi.l M\cI),,,nai,,,,' I'h.H, 

LI. Ik '0(1. l.uwver. Se:,llle, Wash. 

CiAiiA Mav McOMiir.K, I'h.ii. (Mrs. 

■ Ml'ii <\. .Mill- I I'dencoe 111 

1Ii:mn JMM.riM.NE Malakkev, 'b.S. 

(.Mrs Albert W. JelTei is ) 

loj.s S. 3'>th A\e., Oinah.i. Neb. 
Iamis Haisi:v MAi.iniiv, A.Ik Cbem- 
IM. I<,04 I'eiidlelon Si., 

Culuinbia. S. C. 

11 vs.-, Mns.miaroi, i;s. a:ih-m.). 

Iben.i-^l iro K-:,ii,loli,l, Sl 

.&M ,'a,!,i.,J ;li 1, 


ill r.RAKY DUP.l R TMliX T 


WlLl-KUD IIamiuion Manwaring, B.S. 

M.D. (Juhiis Hopkins) '04. Assist, in 

I'aiiioK.uv, Rockcicller liisthulc. 

New Yoik, N. Y. 
Chaki.ks IIuuaku MAKbiiAix, Phi; , 

Ph.L). 'o-'. I'lui. oi Ijactcriulogy and 

Hygiene, Mich. A-ri. Coll. 

I'last Lansing, Mich. 
Au.Ni;it Jackson l.iiCi.Aiu Maktin, 

i'h.B, i.U.LS. '96, I'h.ii. (Cornell Coll.) 

'94. tauyer. Ceilar Falls, lo\\.i, 

*Ua\ii) I-'kanki.i.n MiCKi/, rii.B., d. 

Mew York, N. V., Aug. 31, 19(X). (ji) 
Hu.NA Mi:rM.i;k, PhU. (Mrs. Albert U. 

Stow ell.) llannihal, Mu. 

Casci:.n Kkh .Mo.\TAc;t'i-:, B.L,. (Mr=. 

(■,e..i.:;e K. Kay.; 310 28ih Si., 

Oakland, Cal. 
Wll.l.lA.M il.-KACl-; MOKI.KV, Ph.B., M.l). 

'(Jl. l'h\Mci:in and Smgeon. 

.^■j R.nsena St., Detroit, Mich. 
Ai.iJKkr CiiAKi.i-.s ifu.MA, B.U. Clerk U. 

(;i;oK..i; \\iio>\ Pi; AW, B.L., MS. (For.) 

■o> IT.... ut l-r,re.try, Oregon Agri. 

•-"ll- Corvallis, Ore. 

Ci.AVTD.N .\mus Phti;ks, B.S. (Bio.). 

MS. '07. Teacher of xNatiiral Science 

HI Br.jMkl>n Polytechnic Inst., lyoi — . 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

CAUi.(,-nA F,.M.MA Poi-E, Ph.B., A.M. 'co. 

(.Mrs. I larris Cbl'CcIi.) 

i<)oi Jv 9<)tli St., Cleveland, O. 
M\u\ Mcl'iii-Kso.M Post, B I.. (Mrs 
William B. Cady.) 

177 Seybnrn A\e., Detroit, .Mich. 

A.NTU.i.NV Pkatt, A.B. Secr'y Detroit l.ea.tjue. Detroit, Mich. 

■-\\-\iv l.iuTii i'fuiie.M, IS.I,., d. Chil- 

Iic.iIk', ()., Aug-. J3, 1901. (jr) 
Ku HAKo kiuiR PuixAM, B.S. (Cheni.). 
IclIkt ill ivasterii High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
I'.i.i/ AiiKTii SouGt: Ri:iii:c, A.B, 

Miniich, Bavaria, C 

S. Fngiiieer's OlHce. Oswego, N. Y. Jamks Cvlvin Rkkd, B.C., I.L.B. (Kan 
' ■ ' t.''ty) 'yS. Teacher in McKinley lligli 

School, Chicago. i.a Orange, 111. 

*CoKA Fkanci-s Rf:ii,lv, B.l, (Mr^ 

I-dward S. Beck,) d. Chicago, 111, 

(Jet ij, i.S<jy. (27) 
A.NN I.ooMis RiciiARiJS, A.B. (Mrs. 

llarrj Coleman.) Pontiac, Mich. 

F](Kih;i;k- RdVD Richardson, B I,. 

J 'anker. Oakland, Cal. 

luin; 1,01s RouKRTS, A.B. (Mrs. Otto 

i:. I,ne.lder.s.) Cold water, Mich. 

.M1..N/ lsi<.\i:i., Ph.B., LI. 1! 

V. Lawyer. Tnhinie BM.i,'., 

'Chicago, 111. 
Wii.i.iAM Bi:nja.\ii.\ Ruui.s, B.L., LL.B 

'o'i. l.;iu.\er. .Milwaukee, Wis. 

'Ji-Mi: liuMo.NT Uimv. U.S., M.l), \)7, 

Jamks Okin Muri-in, B.L., LL.B. 'g6 
State Senator, igoi-03; Circuit Judge 
for Wa\r.e Co., iyo8-il. Lawyer. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Miu.-N Williams Ni:al, A B., LL.B. 

'<jo. 'i'reas. l,\iitral i'aint and Glass 

Co. Delr.nt, Mich. 

llr.l.LN .Xl.l.LLS, Ph.B. (Mis. I.Und L. 

,\ ; _M0 Harper .\\e., 

Detlult, Mich. 
\lM^n\ TiiuMAs .XiciiriN.-.Ai.i-:, Ph.B, 
\..\i, (L iiiv. of 111.) 'O.J. Teacher. 

L\anston, III. 
Cii.\uLorn: Ch:M:vii-:vK Noui.e, B.S. 
(.Mrs. Ce.,rge M. MacGregor.) 

Garfield. Wash. 
\iii;ii> r.iKiiiiLK ()i.m;n, us tl'.io. I, 
M H. 'oi, .MS, '00. D.P II. (Cam- 
JMidgci \«). l'h>sicKin .ind Surgeon. 
The Sanitarium, Caterham, Fngland. 
='.\Iai:ti!a Ki.isAHLTii (Jrk, B.L., d. Up- 
per Sandusky, CJ., (Jet. 15, lii'jb. (2\) 
Marna Ririi OsiiA.NU, .V.B. Newspaper 
Work. Ypsilanti. Mich. 

Martha Drake Oukn, A.B. 
M.MtloRii: Rkfikcca;, B.L. Teach- 
er ill llieh School. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Jamls Willis Pakklk, .X.B., M.D. '.^S. 

Physician. Grand Blanc, .Mich. 

TlllT.i: I'.\i<ki;k, .\ I!, l.ihrarian. Stale 

.\',.riiLil School 

\',illev City, N. Dak. 
Aiiir,.ML PLARC1-, I'h H.' .\-,sist. Pr..f. 
of I'.nglish ill Slate Normal College 

^P ilaiiii, Mi.h 

.. Hairy McNeal,) 
-ea, X..V _'4, 1,^1. (3y) 

Gi:oi<.,i: Bm;.: RrssF.L, A.B. Mamifae- 
lurer. Scy Jellersoii .Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Mav Cix-il Rya.v, A.B., .\.M. '</;. 
iVacher ill High School. 

J_'-',S .Mapleu,,od Ave, Toledo, O, 
I'an.mi: Saiun, Ph.B. A..M •(y>. 
Teacher in High School. 

Oak Park, III. 
I'STiiLR l.AKi.v Sanih.rn, A.B., A.M. 
'</>. (.Mis. F,. Cr.nin.) 

Hampton Falls, N. H. 

i'Ki:i)ll(KK I.VLIC Sl-ARING, .\.B. In- 

>tri'ctor in Lalin, State Normal School 

Mankato, Miim. 

CiiAKLi;s Wilder, Ph.B. 

Cod I'.nsiii. -is. .Aurora, 111. 

i > >>;ni.; ) '.!,■■:■. ^^. 

■^ '1./. Il.lirt ./ :).)-; 11^ 

Ii6 CKADU ATI'S. |iS.^5-.j6. 

I.rur.Ni: Skvmoi'k,, B.S. (Co- Hdwakd Ciikstkr Wi-kks, Ph.H. ,Mer- 

lumliia) CkS. TeaclK-r in Stout Insti- chant. 5 Wells St. 

lutc. Mcnuniincc, Wis. Decatur, 111. Oxford Si., I.ondnn, W C Imh-I ind 

vS.\.\iui;i, lii:.NTcj.\ Siiii.Kv, H.I.. iMuit- Svkwakt I'iuv.xm) Wiuti' i'ii 11 \ \\ 

grower. Nunli Vakinia, Wash. (hoii.) \),i .\ntli..r. ' ■ ; - ■ 

H.Mikv Si.MO.\>, .A.i;., 1.1..H. ( i\. W. Sanla liarhara, Cal. 

l.^niv.) '<J7. l,a\v\er. Wii.i.i.\>t M.MduN Wiuttk.n', ' I}'s' 

70 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. (Cl.nn.), M.S. (Kansas) 97 Cheni- 

Hi:nm<v I1oi;.\ck Smith, Lawyer. i<t, wiih Dnront^de Nemours i'ow- 

Kord Hldg., Detroit, Midi. der Co, Wilmington Del 

Oi.ivKu l,v.M.\.N Si'.xui.DiNO, .', l.L.B. V.n-A kiiooA Wii.iiM< 1! S AM '00' 

■(/!). lloni.r Clrad. U. S. A. Artillery 'i'eaclier in llij^h School. ' 

School, Kort Monroe, lyo^ ; Crad. l.tUi^int;, Midi 

.\rniy Staff Coll., Kort Leavenworth, M.\in ('.ii.moki: W]1.i.i.\ms, A.H.! i'h D. 

i.;05. Caiit. Art. Corps, i»)03. 'u7. I'rof. of Oreck in Mt. Holyoke 

Army War Coll., Washington, D. C. Coll., uS.,.S --. South Hadley. Mass 

I'K.XNKl.l.S' ISl-.NNlCTT SiM-.MI, PIl.H. Coal *1' K I- UK uic K ilosi.iiK Wii.i.ns BL d 

and Merch.uidise. ^hlrquettc, Midi. Michigan Citv, Ind., Julv 4, 1898 ('26) 

I'liiiie lii:.N.Ni,Tr SiKAK, I'h.lL Coal Ivos.\ \'i.u.a \Vi.\ti:kiiui<.v, IM, (Mrs 

Dealer. ^Llr.lUcUe, Mich. C.eorge T, Winlerhurn.) Writer. 

Wii.i.iAM Ai.uKRi' Si'iTZi.i.v, A.B., M.D. Glendale, Cal. 

'<J7. Assi>t. in Surg. I'niv. of Mich, J am is K'rn:i;T W..i.ti:ni)i:n, B.S. ( IBio.) j 

i<S<j7-1()00. Physician. -M.D. '97 . y^^ llroinpton .Axe., 

270 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. Cliica-o, 111. 

Lena lilLiZADKTii Si'iiACUU, Ph.B. Lm-us IUv.nk Wooinai-i', .\ 1!., .\ ^L 

102.' Academy St.. Kalama/oo, Mich. 'w. PhD. \i\. Teacher. 

Ci:rtui;uk Sundkki.a.nd, .\.B. (.Mrs. .104 N. Kenilworih .\ve., Oak Park, III 

Homer !■. SafTord.) *J.^^■E P.. Wokk, H.L., A.M. igoj, <l. Co- 

22 Hancock Ave. W., Detroit, Mich. lunihus, Ohio, July 15, icxX). (jO) 

Jami-s Maucus Swii-T, A.B. Atly.-Gcnl U9S) 

of Mass, 1911 — . Fall River, ?^Iass. 

^\^^^.l: Warricn Tiiavkr, A.B., LL.B. 1896 

■.,0. Referee in Bankruptcy, since Kx,S. Mary; Ai.ams, Ph.B.. Ph.M. '97. 

Lawyer and Writer. Honolulu, H. I. Teacher in Joseph Me.lill "•' -'• ^' ■'•- ' 

Pi-.N.NOCK Thomas, A.B. Mei 
Cassopolis, Mi 

ligh School, 
?04.? Warren .\ve. SavRi: TiiOMi'SuN, A.B. Teach- ]^,,n-KT Stmm k Xiki-i' ^.'s'^'^IVb 

er in Morris High School, N'ew York (Cornell) \>S,' A .M ' ',, ■/■/,/ 1' \,'i Civil' 

City. 7,S Livingston A\e., Simu> 

V-i'lvcrs, N. Y. n„, ^-,.^.,1 \\,„i,ington. D C 

O.uix l.owxKo TuTANx, A I!.. AM. KiKKi.N.M. 1 1 X K K i: K \m:xxn,u;k. Phi;; 

■.»o. PhD, 'o.s- Prot, Hist, and Pohl. I'.dilon.d Writer, Detroit y,';,r/w/ 

Sc, Western .Maryland Coll., Muce The Pasa.lena. Detroit, Mich. 

'"<',- Westiunister, .Md. Sisii: lh:i.i:x .\i.i,KN, Ph.B. fAlrs. Wil- 

Jm.mkk Towi.K, H.L, i.jii (nunc ji.nn C,. Mci^'niie.) Peloskev, Mich. 

/'/„ /,n;, ). .M. ]•:. Clergyman. K,vti,; Oi<i.r-i,\ .\ K.v, .i.ij, A,B. (Mrs Oli- 

T,.\lorville, 111. ver A. llankin^on,) YpHl.niti, Mich. 

JuM.S' Wai.ti;r Vkroiki;, I'h 1'.., m\r/- .\xmi: Loiim,, I'.acuun, HI,,, M.I.. '.aS. 

■(X). M.D. (JelTerson) '02. .Mngr. Light (.M.s William li, Ihuk.) 

and Power Co. Manceloua, Mich. .Me.idowhrook, Pa. 

Alice F.MiLY Wausw'orth, B.L. Te.ich- Samiu IIi;i;,\i\.\ ISaik It S i Cliem ) 

cf. 71-1 1-oster St.. I':v,nist(iii, 111. PhD. il.iip/ig) 'oS. Chemist. 

F.i.i A I.oinsi; Wacnku, A.I',. 212 S. 7ih St.. St. I.ouis Mo 

,\im ,\rhoi. BruTiiv C\umi;i.ia Bm(\|.:v, ]!.L. Teach- 

Cassiis I'.i.WAKi. Waki 111:1.11. B.S. .r m Wisteru High Sch(,o|. 

.M. 1'.. Clergyman. Deiivei, Colo, i^ \iiiewood A\e.., .\tich, 

h".i iiA F..MANUi:i. \\'atsox, B.L. In- M,\i<v I.ui:i.i,a H vtciii.i.dir Ph 1!. 

slnictor in Cerman, Commercial High (.Mrs. lames F. Watkins ) 

School, since i9^x). I'.rool.lyu, N. Y. ' K, D I, D.caiur 111 


1/ . .1 , i,lf 

i,V).l l.iri:h'.\RY DlWAKTMliST, uy 

IdMN W\TM,\ r.i:\cii, A.i;. I'lof. in I' Wm.i.iam Dackus Oh.i:- 

Karn.. Cull. l-arK.', N. Dak". man,, UI..H. 'gy. 

J1..WAKU lii:Mi:NT,, A.M. (Olivet) I'lnvtiMty Chih, Detroit, Mich. 

■()(.. Kn^lish Master in The Hill C.u\ei: I.^lim; Cm.i.i.s-s, Fh.B. (Mrs. 

Sehi.cil. biiK-e iyii5. I'uttsli.wn, i'a. Janies F. Ihenkey.) 

Im.'ki.v I'di'i: Billing^;, A.IJ. (See Fae- .Ann Arhor. 

nines, ) I'lixsician and Snrt;eL)n. (."u ari.ks C.ui.i.iM ITII CoK, .\.H., LL.B. 

31 Janies St., Grand Kapids, Mich. . V^. Lawyer. Detmit, Mich. 

Hakiui;t Hlizauktii Bingha.m, B.L. iMt.wcict'. Ci.aui-: Chok, B.L,. Teacher in 

Gi-oiiCiANA C"i.t:is Bi.iiNT, Ph.B., Ph.M. Central High Sclio«l, since 1906. 

'o;. Teacher of French in High Detroit, Midi. 

Schnoi. Schenectadv. N. Y. Anna F'.i.i/Ainnii Ccoi., Ph.Ii. (.Mrs. 

IlF.NKv lu.UAki. Buu.MAN. PhiB., lc/>- W'illi.iin J. Parks.) 

•.)7. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. Lake l.iinlcn, .Mich. 

lli-Nin Wii.i.iAM Ci(AKi.i;s Bodi:cki:k, I ki.:.m. Codi.kv, .\,B. ( Mrs. Lewis 

l'..S. (Hio.), D.D.S. '07, ))i'04-'9;'. ^LD. ('•■ Seelev. ) (.'aro, Mich. 

( .\'. V. Univ.) '(/). Dentist. Cr\i;i\ci.: Ak^.m.i: Co(>i.ii..;i:, Ph.B., 

Berlin, Oernian\. /uf.-'.)". l.,r,vyei. 

STKATTn.s- Dri.i Til 15KOOKS, A.I!., A.M. n-- -X. LaS.dle St., Chicago. 111. 

(Harvard) \y\. Siipt. of Scho.ds. I'.os- .\.ma/i mi I)., .nam. Davis, A.I!. 

ton, Mass., mhX>-i->; Prest. Univ. of CiiAUi.i;s Pi ,,11 Davis, B.L., LL.B. '99. 

Oklahoma. iqi_'— . Norman, Okhi. Credit Man with C. D. Peacock Inc. 

Ai.ici: BuowN, .'\.B., A.M. '97. Dramatic i'» ^'ate St., Chicago, 111. 

Critic, Oliio Slate Jounwl. Daisy Day, B.S. (Bio.), M.S. '97. 

Cohimhns, O. Lli.D. (Chicago) 'ud. Prof, of Home 

Hkkman Iu.isha Bruwn, 1!.S. (Cliem ). I'lconomics, Lhiiv. of Kan. 

Chemical Fiigiiuer. Lawrence, Kan. 

TS \V. Chesinnt St., Kingston, N. V. ''W'l i.i.i am P>i:i.i.<avs DiaKKu, .\.B., ;/r97- 

^\'^.l.l^M CouDd.N- P.iiVA.NT, A.B. Law- 'oN, d. Bitile Creek Mich, Mav 2^. 

ver. l^'ord lildg., Detroit. Mich. t^^')*)- (-'<)) 

M\kv I'UA.NCKs CvMi', Ph It. Teacher ''P'lSi- Doi ao.v, A.B.. (.Mrs. Daniel B. 

in Ccntr.d High School. Ninde. ) d. Colorado Springs. Colo., 

Detroii. Mich. .Vov. 12, i8(;7. {22) 

Akciiii!A!,ij C.\.mi'iii:i.i., Ph.B , I'hM. '(>S. Gkktuudk .•Xdi-i.aidi- Divi.nic, B.L. 

(Sec Faculties.) Gen'l Supi. Cdohe ' (Mrs. William ^L Ritter.) 

Soap Co. 1754 Hewitt Ave., 14S.? F. Broad St., Columbus, (). 

Cincinnati, O. Fav N. Do.n ai.dsox, A.B , M. l',. Cler- 

CiiAiti.Ks Knapi' Cari'Kntkk, I'h.B. M. g\nian. Woodland, Cal. 

E. Clergyman. Klgin. 111. Nina May Doty, Ph.B. 

Ada Mai, VINA Cautwuioit, B.S, Sten- o^ Warren .Ave., Iv, Detroit, Midi. • 

ograplur, lojo Pin,' C.iov \\e,, 11i:ii:n I.ooim:, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Clnc.ieo, 111. Grorgc W. Creelmail.) 

Ai>nN\ MAin CiiMiN, .\.i;. Lihrarian. Lakeville, Conn. 

Uedlands, Cal. Hm.KN Fi.:/.A Dkvi:u, A.B. (Mrs. I.onis 

Ki.Ai.M- Ciiui.s, B.L. (Mrs. Frederick A. Woodanl, ) 

lohns.Mi,) Teacher. .Manila, P. T. Poland. O. ( R. 1)., Boardman, O.) 

Ci.xuK.NCK Day Ci.u(K, Ph.B. Land Suknioan Fhkman, B.L. 

Dept, M. C. R. R. Princ. of High School. Decatur, 111. 

ii(.7 ird Ase, Detroit. Mich, Matim.a L.mim.. I'aiuman, Ph.B. 

l!i;ssiK Mm'i. Coi.l.Y, 1(1.. (Mrs, .(7 11 Kenuood Ave. Chicago. III. 

Chaihs W. Ad.ims.) Ciim;i,i:s Aiiu,kt 1'\k.nam, .\.]!„ A.M. 

Port Union, Mich, '07. S.nnl I. ike, Mich 

to-cAK PiiiiTs Coi.i:, ,\.lt,, /■</, 'oS. In.m: I'.sTKi.i.i: i'li-i.i), \ B. 

Corii .^ist .Mich. Inf. iS'jS, .\cconniani. .\i.f.i,i.i,rt Howm<i) J'i.n'niv, Phi!, 

lieilin. \', II l.I. r, and ,\ ,\1 ( e'olnnil.ia I '.,.), Slock 

Rii-cs [\oia Coi.i:, B.S. (Hi..,), /-/■<)-'- I'.roker. _> Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

\)^. '>)S-'u«. M.D. (Johns Hopkins) '01. Oiukavv Am\m,a l-isiii:n, lil.. (Mrs. 

Director llosp., K..ckefeller Institute. George P., .MClell.m ) 

{.S v.. 77lh St., New York, N. V. Ilonohihi 1 1 ] 

■,'..> ''}A>/-i:\ I: 

.', V. / , , .-.I! 

-"). i'/. ..r.(!. 

, ..1 , <,.„. ,,• 

1 1 ;,-.)M -J ,p 

I! , I .•■! 

I . , f ; M I. 




J,i;,ui IbAuKi, l-o\vi,i;k, B.I,. (Mrx IJav- 
id L. Hunt.) St. Johns, Mich. 

J.\.MUS JuSKlMl I'KANC, Ph.B., A.M. (,Co- 
hiiiibia) 'y;. l,a\v>tr. 

^j Cedar St., New York, N. Y. 
Stuakt Kui-.i,.nt;, B.L., M.D. 
'00. Physician. 

I'untiac, Mich. 
Cu.skAn Gk.ikc, .\.1!., M.D. '99. Dcnioii- 
.slralor of Surycry, Univ. llosp., 
i<)07— . I'iu^ician and SurKeoii. 

Ann Aibor. 
licssii; Bkktiia C,iv.y.\->, B.l,. Mu.ic 
Tcachrr. -12-' W. Ii5ih St., 

Nlw Yori<, N. Y. 
Ni-.ii. .\i i:.\a.\di:k Gii.cuiust, A.B,B D. 
(L'niiai) '01. .Minister. 

141: Downing St., Denver, Colo. 
i-.AVi.nKi.", B.L. Mer- 
chant. (.^) .\lfred St., Detroit, Mich. 
Caki.otta (".oi.usTONi:, .\.B. (.Mrs. Ed- 
ward \V. (^dynn.) Sntjinaw, .Mich. 
I.UMAX W];];STi;i{ Coodk.nijuc.ii, fll,, 
1,1,1!. '.jS. Lawyer. Detroit, .Mi. It. 

TllKKI.SA .\l.Vl.NA (-,KI HI., B L. 

.\un .\rl.or. 
WAi.riCK Ci.AUi.Ks llAiuiiT, B.L., M.L. 
'gS, /'(/)-'97. Lawyer. 

20b La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 
Fi.oxKNci; Maiiki.i.ic;ck, Pii.B., 
I'hM. '98. (Mrs. Will R. St. Clair.) 
Section Thirty, Minn. 
('.\RK1K .\i)Ki.Aii)iC Hakdy, B.S. Teach- 
er ill High Vpsilanti. Mich. ■ 
I'.Mll.Y Auc-.IISTINI- HaUI'KU, Pli.B. (. I\1 rs. 
William T. B. Williams.) 

llamijloii Instilnte, 1 lampion, Va. 
JKNN'IIC ^L^Y llAkVl'V, IS.l,. 

JIM N. Diilni.|iie Si., .\naniosa, Iowa. 

lo.NK II ^MH^N, IS, I.. Dcc.ilnr, Mich. 

l.iMji Ckx.M' IIavi:s, .\ I!, .Secr'y Y. 

.M. C. .\. St. Louis, .Mo. 

I'.AKl.l. kAV.MONl) lli;i)UlCK, A.B., A.M. 

Ilar\ar<li '(iS, Ph.D. (Gotiingcn) '01. 
I'lof. of Math., Univ. of Mo., ^ince 
190,5. Coluinhia, Mo. KiNi. Hk.misted, B.l. Teacher. 
i,^(S Putnam Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

TuK.Ni;u Pai;i. 1Iicki;y, A.B. Head of 
Dept. of History in Western State 
Normal School. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

MvTiiii.i.i- HiNi:, Ph.B. (Mrs. W. B. 
I'iie.) Broadway ^i iMid St., 

New York, N Y. 

i'.UWARl) MilUTON lIoi.I.ANU, A.B. 

JY) Seminole Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
'Mahcauktiia I'.i.isn: C.\tiierinic Horn, 
B.S. (Bio.), d. St. J.jseph's Retreat. 
De.irhorii, Mich., March 29, 1910. (44) 

*LuRi;TrA Amici.ia Hoyuks, .A.B,, d La- 
peer, Micli., July 6, 1906. (52) 
JIoBAur Bik.N-nY liovT, A.B., Lr,.B '98 

Trust Ollicer. Union Trust Bldg., 
,, , Detroit, Mich. 

Maki(i\ Cou.vici.i, Huntkk, B.l. 
UM/\i|i:Tn iKi.AND, Ph.B. (Mrs. Ira A. 

Beddow.) Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

*tOc.m:.Nr Jtwici.i., A.B., d. Detroit, Mich. 

Sept. iK, n^is. *(jj) 
I'DiTii Cu;micnci; Jomcs, B.L. (Mrs. 

Joseph M, Dietrich.) Racine, Wis 

Hii i:.N Xuv.iA^P. Kici.i.Kv, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

i-i-^d W. Green.) 

Ionia, Mich. 
Nki.i. KiCMiT, Ph.B. (Mrs. Elmer IL 

(^'losc.) 15 Bronson PI., Toledo, O 
Ei.i.i;.N Ann Kk.vnan, A.B., A.M. '97. 

Teacher in East Side High School. 

Denver, Colo. 
.\r.Ni:s .Monica Kicn.nv, B.L. Teacher 

111 High School. RLinistec, Mich. 

l.oiTii May KiMUALL, Ph.B. Teacher 

ui h..i-tein High School. 

Delioit, Mich. 

-\NMi. Knn'i,\M., B.L. (Mrs. 

Janu., I"., Kirtlaud.) Teacher in the 

l'liiiil)|jines, 1001-10. 

R. D. 3, Pinrkney, Mich. 
Jami:s 1{i,i.swokti[ Kiuti.and, B.L. 

Teacher in the Philippines, 1901-10. 

Farmer. R. D. .^ Pinckney, Mich. 
RKiNiKii.n Knautii, .\.B. 

*1'.\N.\V I'.l.lZAlllCTIl I.ANGDON, B.S. 

(Iho ), M.S. '97, il. .Ann Arbor, Oct. 
-'I. i>^'n. (,?.S) (See Faculties.); L.vKowi:, ,\ B, .\,M, ■.j.S, Supt. 

Hancock, Mich. r.vKui.u 1, u<i< m,,:,:, .\.B. 

.McGregor, Iowa. 

KiKKi-: LxTiiKoi', B 1,., l\ib'i)7. 

loo La Fayette Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Ci..\uK Jamics LkRoy, Ph.B. Lawyer. 
.SSi) Minnesota Ave., Portland, Ore. 

*Jami:s .Vi.i-RKn LkRoy, A.B., d. Fort 
Bayard, N. Mex., Feb. _'(), 1909. (??) 

Wii.i.iA.M Li:wis, B.S., M.S. '97. 
Teacher in High School, Rockford, 
111, iSoS-iooj; Head of Dept. of Hist. 
aijd Guics, Central High Scho.d, since 
!';<>--. Kansas City, Mo. 

Dai 1; I.ivj.m.svom;, .\.B., A..M. 'os. Teach- 
er ni High School. Boise, Idaho. EwiN.-. Luuisi-i.i., B.L., LL.B. 
'<)<) .Mich. Const. Goiuention 1907-uS. 
Lawyer. Dulutli. Minn. 

Wai.ti;u Gu.i. McCui.i.oUi-.ii, B L. Law- 
ver. Cuyahoga Bldg,, Cleveland, O. 

,.'P'" V .! 

r I < .1 

" w'i '■'"■'' .Xur-'^r 

f,l>) .0, 







b. W 


1 \'ii 


Wl 1.1,1 A! 

u 1 


/./ /■/;■/;, /AT /»/:/'. /A'7. 1//;' \ /■. 1 ,,> 

lAUiNi- Mc('.i<i:r,(jR, CiiAKi.dTTi; I'.i.izADiiTii Picki;tt, U.S. 

liani C. iMaiu-he=ter.j (I'-io..). (.Mib. Gilbert L. Davis.) 

Ave. IX-irciit, Mich. Ricigchiwn, Mont. 

; McKi-.N^iK, A. II. Ji:ssiic Culsiiukouch I'oktkk, 

I,au\u-. L'diiiniercial Nat'l Hk. RUIk., l'i<.l>ati- K.'nisUr ui Cilhoiiii Co. 

Chicago, 111. Marsliall, Mich. 

IlvKKii.iT l".i,\iKA MoKiNSTkv,, Ai.uK M.'.uui.; 1'uunu, I'h.H, 

rii.M. '.v. I'roi. of l.aliii, Lake Eric (Alfb. William Ciiarks.) 

Coll. i'aincsville, O. 13.S Harrison Ave., ]')ctroit, Mich. 

*I.()is AzuriAii McMahon, Pli.B., Ph.M. l.oms .\i.i!i;i<t Puatt, 15.1,., /Vxj-'q;. 

'07, d. Ami Arbor, Sejit. 3, i8(j8. (^8) .\il\ L-rlisiiig- Coiin.sclor. 

1"..MMA losi-nuNK MrM(ii(K\N, Ph.H. I'ord liUli;., Dclrujt, Mich. 

(Mis .\ikIic\v T. Murphy.) Jami;^ Hm.m.kv PuKNTibS, U.l. Life 

I'urt Huron, Mich. In.Miraiicc Kcnihvorlh, 111. 

CiiAKi.Fs Ai,iii:ur Mannmnc, 1M,. Jour- Katiiaki.m- 1u.izaiii;tii Pilncukon, Li.L. 

n.ilist. Sa-inaw. Mich. Tcaclur in Phila. Ili-h School lor 

.\(,\'i;s May Mason, Ph.U. Tcichcr in C.irls. C.crmantuvvii, Pa. 

Chica'40 lliuh School. Jcl-li'ii ]li:.Nkv Ouaki.ks, Ph.I!. Law- 

2J2 l.oomis St., Chicat4o, 111. 3cr. -Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wii.i.fAM Maukick Mkutz, Ph.B.LL.H. Aktk.mas Wilson Uig(;s, B.S. Princ. 

(Hclroit). Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. of Schools. l^iteros, Wash. 

Ckcikc.jkn Mogford, A.B. Peari. Lrnkstine Robinson, B.L. UMrs. 

Cardinal, Va. Nathaniel L. Garling.) Ithaca, N. Y. 

Ida Beli.E Mooke, A.B. Teacher in .\m.i:n Fn \.\ k Rock wki.i., B.S. Business. 

State Normal School. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Aberdeen, S. Dak. Ai.kk I'J.konork RoTiimann, Ph.B., 

Benjamin Lindi.ey Ml'kuay, B.S. .\ M. '01. Teacher in High School. 

(Chcin,), Ph.C. '<j\, B.S. ( Phar.) '97, Ana Arbor. 

A.i\L (■Columbia) '05. Chemist. Iuiin Hiram Rik-kman, B.S., LL.B. 

Raluv.iy, N. J. (Nat'l L"niv.) 'or. Examiner U. S. 

,\r\ii>ii-; NiAVTON, Ph.B. Patent Oflice. Washington, D. C. 

Maple Ivapids, Mich. Jm(ank Puatik:)* Sadler, A.B., LL.B. 

*CiiARLES CiiESTKRi-ii-i.i. NicoLA, B.S. '.)S. Judge of Municipal Court, 1906- 

(I'.io.), M.l). '97, was lost al sea, Feb. (JS. Lawyer. 

(i, 1911. (4-O Title and Trust lil<L'., Chicago, 111. 

Harry Davidson Nutt, A.B. Manu- George Howe Sr. Clair, B.S LI. B. 

laclurer. 520 East St., Flint, Mich. (Minnesota) '98. Diamond Drill Con- 

I.auretta May O'Meara, B.L. Teacher. tractor. New '^'ork Life Bldg., 

.|0.' Rock St., Marquette, Mich. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Almiiunk M. (Iksiiokn, Ph M, (.Mrs. Al- J. Sterling St. John, B.L., LL.B., '<>S. 

c\:nulrr T. Montgoinerv. ) Lauvir, j^S Hmadu. ly, 

Ionia, Mich. New York, N. Y. 

l"KiM:Kh'k Ai;tiiim< OsiiouN, Ph-H., Ph.D. Adah Sanders, B.S. (Cheni.") (Mrs. 

•07. Prof, ul Physics, Univ. of Wash., John \\\-.Um.) Yp.silanti, Mich. 

since K/)-'. Seattle, Wash. ILvrrv G vkr Scuock, A.B., LL.R, \)i). 

Nina Hf)W'AKTii Paddock, V>.L. Teach- Lawyer. South Bend, Ind. 

er in Philippines. Manila, P 1. James I1i;i;i!Ert Scott, .\.B. Sui)t. of 

IvMMA Grvce PalmerleE, Ph.H. Teach- School. 

er in High School. Noblesville. Ind. Wilsons Creek, 

C\KL Coi'ELAND Parsons, A li. SaKs 1'annv Mav Seaver, B.L. ('Mrs. Wil- 

Mner. 371 Broadway, liain H. Waierman.) WiUon, Kan. 

N'ew York, N. V. Ai.LL.N Josm.'A Sem.v, I'li.B., LI,.B. 

liLssiE CiLssi: 1'ei;k, PL Te.-icher. (Ohio Slate") '9.). L.iwNcr. 

U7 Penninnlon St., I'orl C.illius, Colo. .\ich..l;is I'.bl^,, Toledo, O. 

Mauv McCulauv I'LiLi;:., I'li.ll, (Mrs. Sarah h:iK \n..u Sn i:i:iia v, A. |!. Teach- 

Claylou A. Peters.) er. sio M.iin St., Niles, Mich. 

Pdlvteehnic Inst, Hi.M.kKn. N. Y. Cii.nkii, I'viKLir Skinniu, 1!.L., .^.M. 

Frank lliMiV Petrie, Al'. '.hS (See b';, cullies. ) 

.\bna, .Midi. W:,-biMfl..n I'niv., St. Lonis, M,.. 


.11 '. . ,< ' 

.11 '. ^ 1/ 'J-. 

7 / ■■ 


)vc: : .,: I ci -. ^bri ^ 

:>nc ■*■ Ml ; ■'. (; / .vTj Xotn 

iI\4-( :.,. I'l 

1 2<j 67V. / [)UA riiS. [ i8<yi-97. 

l.i-.wis CoNKAn SLi'iCriCK, Ph.D. Divis- I.ouis Cari,isi.U Walkur, B.S. Manu- 

iou ALXomitaiit, A. T. & S. F. Ky. facturer, Muskegon, Mich. 

Coast Lines. Winslow, Ariz. *Agnes Mary Warui-n, Ph. 11, d. Aim 

CiiiuTu.N Rui'i.KT Sti;au.\s, A.B., A.M. Arbur, Aug. 20, 1897. (30) 

(Turoiito) '97. CiiKisTJAN pREDiiiucif Wkisf.r, A.B. 

Bi-ssif BixoiiAM Stkvk.ns, A.B., .\.M. *Fua.\cis Hk.nkv Wkssicus, AB, m'gj- 

'97- (Mrs- I'.'lwin S. Bartk-tt.) '95, d. Cape Town, S. Africa, May 27, 

Ilitihland Park, Mich. J9&S. (35) 

AiiA Stkwaut, .\..1',. lk-a<l (jf l,atin Bessii- Mav ^VIJ^n■;llI•:Al), B.l,. (Mrs 

JJept. m Jligh Sch(.nl. Peuria, 111. Charles II. Buck.) Winona, Minn. 

I)i'\NK Ki-Ki) St(;akt, .\.li., Ph.D. 01. Llovd Ciiaiu.ks W un^ixs, A.B., 1.1, B. 

( See Facultie^. I Puncctcm, \. j. '.kS. l.auAcr. itxS I.aSailc St., 

-SrsAN l.AVi.NiA St.>.nii;, 1', L, .1. Den- Chicago, 111. 

vir. Colu,, N'ov. 4, i>S<;S. (3.5) Ji:ssic hj.o.N W'liiTsiT, B.S. Head of 

C.uvci: Di.i.Ai-iKi.i) Sruiunca.Ph.B. (Mrs. Depl of Cheni., DcW'iit t'liniun High 

K.uin.ild C. R. Came.) School. New York, N. Y. 

i.|; N. Cuyler Ave., Oak Park, 111. Roiirirr Hakvuy Wuittkn, B.U., Ph.D. 

Jv\ii:^ W Ki.i.i.NO.s Sturcis, A.B., A.M. (Cuhunbia) '98. Uihrarian-Statistician, 

07. I'h.D. '10. Prof, fif Latin, Univ. N. Y. Public Service Conuuission 1st 

..f Uklahunia. .\ornian, Okla. Disi.. 1.907—. 

Wji.i.iAM Wakkkn- Tavi.ou, B.S., M.D. 154 Nassau Si., New York, N. Y. 

I .\linni.-iita ) 'o<^. Physician and Sur- 1".\a .\\ii-:[.i.\ \Vii;k, .-\.B. 

,i;eou. Kalispell, .Moni. Carrington, N. Dak. 

HvKi.i.x,, /i,.NA 'rHo\n'S..N, HI,. Sc.-ry Wii.m. I1ami:i. PliB., Ph.M. 

.md 'I'rcas, .\in. Feed Co. 'u.S. I\.aclier in State .V.anial School. 

Lake Charles, La. Ilaltiuu-re, Md. 

Wii.i.iAM Harolu Tii(imi'.so.\,, K.\Tin:ui.\i: D. W'n.TbiK, Ph B Teacher 

LL.B. 95. White BIdg., Seattle, Wash. m Western High School 

Wai.ti:k Hanniiiau Tiioui', Ph.B. Man- {17';) Detroit, Mich. ■ 

ufacturer. Minneapolis, .Minn. 

L1//1K Tkiuui.cox, A.H. 

\'|)silanti, Mich. 

• .inKc.i; Tui'PUK, B.S. (Pick in\^,-'ij6, Romaxzo Cor.i'AX .Vi.ams, Ph.B., Ph.AL 

.M D. ( .\. W. I'nu-.) '.,... Ocidist. '98, Ph.D. (Chicago) '04. Prof, of Ed- 

Mt. Vcrnun, 111. ucaliun and Sociology, L'niv. of Ncv., 

.\i.o.N'zo lUr.rKT Tirri.K, .\ 1!., .\.M. 'oi, since kjoj. Reno Ncv 

LL.Ii. (( lino State) '03 Stale .r, I. i:\us liikTn.N' .\i.i.i;i(, Ph.B., Ph.D. 

100S-. Prof, of Lau-, Ohio State (Colnndiia) 01. (See Faculties.) 

l'niv. Columbus, (J. .\l.niii l.ictnrer. L. St. I.oni>, 111 

ki rii .M,M,Kin:Ai. Turin:. Ph 1!. Bavai;o Ib.vr Ami;s, .\.B., LL.B. (.X. 

.\'ilcs, Mich. ^■. Law School) '99. Lawyer. 

lloKvd Mill. \'.\\ Tiivi., I'li.i;, /I'oj- i,H'ai-k Row, New York, N. Y. 

\^,\. \\.\). (Deiroit I loin.) '03. I'aia- Maiiv Josiiimiink Am)i:i(S(in, B.L. 

lo,L;iie e'oiiipiler. 11 Freliiigliuysen .\ve., 

73 \V. Fort St., Detroit, Mich. H.Htle Creek, Mich. 

Ci. M'lii: Hai.stk.u) Van TvNK, A.B. 't>7 Ni-i.i.ii: Im.ouicnck .\.\i.fkso.v Ph B 

(;nni,-/.n< /»)!£•), Ph.D. (Univ. of Pa.) (Mrs. Lester W. Thomas ) 

'00. (See I'aculties.) .Ann Arbor. Taboe, ldab.>. 

Ja.\ii:s hai.M'. Vi.nck.nt, li.L. Civil I'.n- Sri;iMii:\ Cn.\i; Bmkuck, r,.S. (Chem.). 

giiieer. 2_'0 Broadway, New York. .M.ui.iner W'llink, .V. \. 

*Lii.i.iAN May Voi.i.and. li.L., d. .\nii ('.i,ok.;ia I'.\ku\.no B.vcon, US. (Ui(j.). 

.\rbor, .Aug. 27, 1900. (.io) Te.uher in Horace .\laini School. 

Hi:kiii:ut Siiuiu.NC. VookhkiCS, .\ B. (."ohimbia Univ., New York, N. Y. 

SalcHuau. 134 Barney St., I'liKui kick Ciiahi.ks Bai.i.aru, .\.B., 

Wilkes-Barrc, Pa. 1.1, I'. '<w. Lawyer. 

IIaoi.kv HokTon Wai.cii, A.B., LL.B. North Branch. Mich. 

'.;<.. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. Gkaci- I'UANAri-K Bammi:i., B L. Te.ich^ 

M'.MMA I'kanci;s Wai.o, i'h.B., d. ll,.v er in Central High School 

C-ih, MiJi., Jan. o. iN.,.,. 1-7) ' Detroit, Mich 


.// .,, ..: J.. 

H. 'I ..>!• <-. 

iS.,7.1 l.iriiK.lRY l>lil'.U<rMi:\'l\ 121 

Maktiia W'lini: P-ANCKi:!!, A.l!. Teach- Jti.iilT'on Ri:ti,i:r, B.S. (Rio.), 

tr. Jaiksi.n, .Midi. .M.S. '<j8, (.Mrs. John B. Johnston.) 

Kusii Ba.nks, 1!.I,., .M.l). oi Physician 715 Fulton St.. S. H., 

and Surgeon. Ccnlialia, W'asli. Minneapolis, Minn. 

I'.KinnA H.Miiv Haiu<i.i<. .\.H. (.Mrs Kiel ^Mav Mortun Buti.ku, B S., .1. Butte. 

I,. lU-ach.) .Mont. Jan. },. 1^)07. (37) 

\< k. ^, .\(H\valk, (). Oi(M\ iMTCii BuTi.MK, .X.B., .\.U. or, 
+ lii\ l.i;rH<\ I'.akhki!, A.B., (1. C.rand I'll h. '07. Head of I.atin Dcpt., Bel- 
Rapids, Mich, Nov 12, i<x>-'. (17) iiii'iit Cnll., since 1909. 
Makv 1!akT(.i,, .A.l!., .\.I5. (Rnckncll) ' Nashville, Tenn. 

Vt. A.M. (iV'/i/) '.j5, Ph.D. (Univ. of Fki-di-iuck Macnts But^ki., Pli.B. 

Pa.) -90. (Mrs. Lewis F.dwin Theiss.) Lawyer. Dctroil, Mich. 

Prof, of Creek aiul Latin, l^.ckford .'\i,bi:kt .\i.i-xis Camiuki.i.. .\.B. Grain 

C..11, ll-^ooi.jov Writer Merchanl Leilers l'..rd, Iiid. 

-'.io W. iiilh St., New V..rk. N. \. Ki.v Hisi,,,r C'\m.-|ii,o, .\,B., Ml). V;. 

tl'l.MKu Si:i(i:m, Hasm-TT, U.S. I'livale (See ha. nines.) 

Mlh .Mich. Inf. i,S.),S. Chemist. .\nii Arhcn'. 

10 S. N.iinial Si . Ypsilanti. Mici). L\ii<\ Ai ,.im'a Caijitntkh, .\.B. 

ijH.Mi liATi^. P, S. (liiM), ^L|). '00. _S^ Peck St., .MiiskcK.ui. Mich. 

Ocnlisl and Aurist. (lu'ltn, lUaii. Cii vki.KS !• ki.siu 1; Clifiiii, Pli.B. Real 

Fi.wiN Ji:n'iso.\ Bi-.MUNT, Ph.B. Man- Ivslate. .m,S 4t!i Ave.. I'ilisl.ui j-h. Pa. 

ufacinrer. Lansin^j, Mich. Hahky .Aktiuir Coi.K, B.L. linestinent 

Bovo 11i:nm(v Boue, A.B., A.B. (Peim) Securities. 1115 Magnolia Ave.. 

V/i. Ph.]). (Cornell) 'oo. Prof, of Los Anj-eles, Cal. 

Philosophy, Univ. of 111. Urhana, 111 (Uiudon Cook, B.S.. MIX 'w. 

IvAi.i-TA BoicK, Ph.B. (Mrs. Boone Phvsician. Fort \V„rt)i, Tex. 

Gross.) Lansing, Mich. P-mi. A. Cowcii.i.. 1! S (P.iu.). Iiivest- 

Maukick BnroRi) Bonta, B.S. (Bio.), meiits Chamh. of C'oni. Bldg., 

A.B. (Ky. Wcsl.) \)j^, MIX (Johns Porll.aud, Ore 

Hopkins) 04. Phvsician. Joiiv K(ii;i:i;T CuoisK, A B. Sales 

Rose Bldff,. Clevel.iiid, O. -Mugr. 1.S18 K. 45th St., 

Mabici. BoswoRTii, A.B. (,.Mrs. Galen Cleveland, (). 

G. Crozier.) Missionary. Kari. CU'sTavk I )AHl.sTRo^t, B.L. Siock- 

Tiira, '.\ssani, India. broker. ishpeining, Mich. 

RoiiKkT;r Bouri,ani),A.B.,M.D. llr.Nun.Tiv Marian- Dam.KV, Pii.B., 

•<).). (See Lacnllies.) Physician and Ph.B. ( .McKendree ) '.)S, M.S. (tbul.) 

Snrueon. Kockfonl, 111. \)U. Teacher in Waller IMkIi Sclionl. 

l-VA M.AV P.owKN, ILS. (Pio.L (Mrs. . 10S4 Leland Ave.. Chicago, 111. S. Wei,!..-) ].:ir,.-ii; LvNcii Dani-urth. Ph.B. (.Mrs. 

Us W. |lv| PI, L,,s .\ngeles. Cal. Janics R. .McXfee.-) 

Cm\i;m:s |)\Nin. IticvNOKu-i', B.L. C.en'l lOi .\iclier Ave., Ml. Verib.n, N. V. 

-\udit.T, I- ,\ X. W. Rv. lloK\(i: W\rki;n 1 ).\.ni-oi<i 11, H.L., 

Gleiicoe, 111. I.l.l'. loio. l.awver. nenver. C.ilo. 

I.'Him: M\ii|..s Bin:rn:sii\cii, Ph.];. Roihmjp Louis I)i;.\n. 1!.1.., I.L.H. (111. 

Teacher in IhMiie and D.iv ScIi.m.I. t'oll. ,.| L.iuI \)>). 

-■0| McMuk .\ve. |)el,,,il, M,eh. Kenlw I. l.a. 

Im\ Gi.i-i.o I'.Kic.cs, Phi! Swicri. llwMiN I>owo!:n, I'll I'.., LL.P. 

I'..aile Crc'ck, Mich. dlarv.ird) 'oj. I.awwr. 

I'l.wvRO T.ioMNs Bkow.n, Ph.B. Law- lndianapnli>, jnd. 

.v<r Wolcoit, N. \. An.m. Sii:u\Rr Di^sc^x, 1! I., 

Ja.\ii:s l.r.iii I'.ROUN', B.S. Princ. Nor- an. .Mar.|neiie, .Mich. 

nial Sch,M,|. KK.i- . Pn.vo, Utah. IIvnoi.o I1o.nti.:k I'.mm<..ns. .\.|;, LL.B. 

Svkv Sm-.nckr liknw.M:, Ph B. (Mrs. 'oo L.iwxer. I )eiioii, Mich. 

Shirle\ W. Sniilh.) '.NLMiN L.aisi; I'.xc.Ki.ii akm. P.l... (Mrs. 

Ann Arhor. lulin V.. L.antner,) d. Marqnellc, Alicli. 

MVRTI.K M\V llufNI.R, B.L. \,.v (. I.,*, I ( t') 

Wal.ash. Ind. .\ Ti.rtiv |-a k.nswortm, Ph H. 

R\v IlAinuiCK l',iiui(i:i.[.. 15.1,., M.l). Vm. (.Mrs. I Inward P. Treadway.l 

Physician. Cr, i.-hlun, .\Mj. .^jos Si, Kansas Cilv, Mo. 

J .'...1 . .^ « I :i y ' '.il 

, ii ; 1 . r 

'1 .-.;■..'; 

:. : Mi. 

fi.'.f If m I : I 

iff ,! ; ./'H.; nil 'JK/.'/^ I'l -...I 



CusTAVi: lli;kMAN 1"ki<k::ui, I'li.l!, I'ijj- 
Vj- 1^21 \V. 114th St., 

Ck-vc!aiid, O. 
OcKANA Fi:uKi:v, Ph.B. (Mrs. Clayton 
A. Spalding. ) 129 Taylm- Avl-., 

Detroit, Mich. 
*BicuTHA May Fish, Ph. [J., d. Thorn- 
ton, Mich., Uec. 30, 1899. (24) 
Dura Ci.i;mi;.ntink I''isiii:u, Ph.D. 

3804 8ih St., San Dic-o, Cal. 
E1.1.A May Fitch, Pli.B. i^Mrs. Truniaii 
S. James.) Minneapolis, Minn. 
Ja.mits Harmon Flinn, B.L., <?'92-'93, 
I.f..B. (Detroit) '(yj .Mannfacturer. 
Penohscut BlJij., Detroit, Mich. 
Fra.ncks F'ostkr, B.L. Teacher, 
ijj Charlotte Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Homer l\i;Di'ii;Ln Fostkk, Ph.B., M.S. 
'<;8. Wholesale Lumber. Oak Park, 111. 
Coi.MAN Dddlky Frank, Ph.B., A.M. 
'oj. Head uf Dept. of Rcjniance Lan.^g. 
in DeWitt Clnilnn lli^h School. (See 
Facidlics. I New York, N. Y. 
GiluRi-.i: lu(Ni:sT Fra/kk, A.B. Manu- 
facturer, iniiu, Mich. 
Edward Francis Gku, Ph.B. Teacher. 
1007 Merrick Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Faith Hoi.t Giluert, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Franklin C. Parker.) Ann Arhor. 
WlI.I.IAM Hknry Gi.kystkicn, A.B. 
Presl). Missionary. Peking, China. 
Frank Hamsiii'r, A.R. Priiic. Snuth 
Academy. St. Louis, Mo. 
L'nwiN Bri:t Hart, B.S. (Chem.). Prof. 
Agri. Chem , Uiii\-. of Wis., since 1906. 
Madison, Wis. 
Nei.i.:e Myra Hayes, B.S. (Bio.). 
Teacher in Central High School. 
124 Grand Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Duw-AS Ihiii.KN. 1!.!.. Icu-hcr in Phil- 
lips I'.n.^^k. Scl I. 

West l'hiladeli)hia, Pa. 

A.B., A.M. '98. Prof, of Greek, Par- 
son's Coll. since 1909. 

Fairfield, Iowa. 
James Heccie, B.S. (Chem.). Metal- 
lurgist to Garfield Smelting Co. 

Garfield. Utah. 
Annie Louise Hii.l, A.B., .^.M. 1898. 
(Mrs. Kdward D. Wisely.) 

Port Richmond, New York, N. Y. 
IsADORE Leon Hill, A.B., M.D. (De- 
troit) '99 Clinical Instructor, Cornell 
Univ. Med. Coll. Physician. 
616 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Ida Mahei, Hododon, Ph.B. (Mrs. John 
C. Nicholson.) Teacher in High 
School. l^yons, Kan. 

Jui.iA Mull ilouc.i;, Ph.i:. Teacher in 
High School. Kirk«(H.d, Mo. 

Fb.VA Marie Hoi.hrook, B.S. (Mrs. 
William G. David.on.) 

Medford, Ore. 

Burtoa Jamks Howard, B.S. Dept. of 

Agri. Washington, i) C. 

*Lkuniu.\s iluiiuARD, B.L., d. Central 

Labrador, Oct. 18, 1903. (31) 
CiiARi.Ks Parky.-* Hulce, A.B., A.B. 
(Hillsdale) '95- With Aetna Life Ins. 
Co. 3319 N. Capitol Ave., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Edwin Ha\nes Humi'Iikkv, B.L. 
DeWitt Clinton Huntuo.\, B.L., B.S. 
'98, )»'98-'o2, M.D. (Ru=h) '03. Phy- 
sician. Waterloo, Iowa. 
♦Harrison Clarke Jackson, B.L., d. 

Chicago, 111., July 22, 1899. (24) 
LA.MiiKRT Lincoln Jackson, A.B., AM. 
'99, Ph.D. (CoUimhia) 'ofj. Wiih D. 
Applet on & Co. 

3^ W. 3-' J St.. New York, N. Y. 
jGlukci: Darwin Jen.sings, B.S. 
(Bio.), .Ml). (N. W. Univ.) VJ- 1'"v. 
Oth 111. Ini. 1898. Physician. 

Covina, Cal. 
Grace Wheeler Jennings, .\.B. (Mrs. 
Herman A. Landon.) 

1107 E. 65th St, Chicago, 111. 
John Blaine Keating, B.S. (Chem), 
t-'95-'i>). Mining Ivugineer. 

672 Walsworth Ave., Oakland, Cal. 

Jessie Ki;ith, .'\.B. Teacher in High 

School. Seattle, Wash. 

Edna Baldwin Kenton, .-^.B. Aiuhor. 

Care of F. M. Holly, 

156 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 

.•\\NiE Dorcas Ki.mlin, A B. (Mrs. 

Cli.irK. K. Carpenter ) I'.lgin, 111. 

William ,\kciiie Kisiii'aiic.h, .'V.B. 


Vassar, Mich. 
Belle Krolik, Ph.B. (Mrs. David 
Schever.) 70 Kowena St., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Grace Lord Lamii, B.L., ML. '98. (Mrs. 
i'Vederick C. Borst.) 

Bo.x 5. Wilkinshiirg, Pa. 
Clarence Haskell Lander, B.S. 
(Bio), B.S. (Harvard) '02. Teacher 
8100 Linwood Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Max Barth Levitt, A.B. Miigr. Paci- 
fic Teachers' Agency. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
.\lva Ij)i:n Lyon, B L. .'X.nn Arbor. 
tTiiEoiiDRE Charier Lvstlr. Ph.B.. Ml). 
■<)■>. M.ijor and Surgeon in U. S. .\. 

War Dept, Washington, D. C. 

,i!f.iU ,1 

r,'J .^(: )' 

97. 1 UTliK.lRy DHl'AkTMllST, 


John Hancock McCi.Ki.lan, A.B., A.M. Makti.n Wh.i.iam Numbkks, Ph.B. 

'W, Pli.U. (Harvard) '06. Assist. Prof. Tc;iclier in High School. 

Phvbiulogy, Univ. of 111., 190S-IO. .Minneapolis, Minn. 

.S2iS JclTorbon Ave, Chicago, III. ^Ci.into.n Samuul Osbukx, .\V>., .-X.M. 

Joii.M BuowiiK McCui-i.KY, A.B., B.D. (Chicago) '01, d. New York City, 

(Princeton) '01. Presh. Minister. lunt 30, 1903. (36) 

(M-ir,lenvillc, X. V. Bi;i.i.i- I.uci.nda Otis, Ph.B. U'lr.^. 

P.DWAKU M. McElrov, lis. (Chem.), Clarence C. Miildleswart. ) 

B.S. (Midi. Agn ) 'ai 5-V «rd St.. Marietta. O. 

[(.*X\ Capitol .Xve., St., Paul, Minn. Makion Aui;1.ia Oris, .\.B. (.Mrs. Mel- 

K.\Tii; ELiZAiiiiTH McFauzi-an, Ph.B. vin P. Porter.) Buualo, N. Y. 

Teacher in High School. Ciiaki.i:s P.KAi.NtCRn PAnuoCK, B.S., 

Port Huron, Mich. l.L.B. '01. I.umher. Wichita, Kan. 

SrsA.N l.AfKA AIcKkk, -A B. (xMrs. Rob- Kona Paddock, B.S. Pho- 

eri W. Hyde.) Santa li.irl.ara, Cal. tcgrapher. Lincoln, Neb. 

An.\a TiioMr McI,,.\.B. (;Mrs. Mii.mN Ray pAu.\ir.i.i:i:. 15.I.. Supt. of 

W'ilnur S. Mi.-, ^i^nary. Scli,,..|,. Whutier, Cal. 

Ilalan^a, Kaniernn, W . Aliica. *.\l,K-i: Cahv PATrr.N, Plili, d. Dc 

MliKiii-KT Kuci.Kr, M\i;i.Air. .\.1;., i.l.i;. Kalb, HI., Sept. 11. 1004. (U) 

■.^1, .1. IVnneiie, Wis., .MaN 1.;, loiJ. 11\kkv (;u.iu:kt Paul,, Assist. 

1.1 1 ) Prof, ut luiglish, Univ. ol 111, since 

Wii.i.iAM MAKsifAi.i,, B.S., M.S. '9.S. luo.S. Crbana, 111. 

(See l-'acnlties.) I.aiayettc, Ind. I.nkz CiiiusTAiiui, PiiRRiN, A.B. (Mrs. 

Ai,i.F.N Birch Martin, B.S. Princ. of Willis 15. Day.) 

High Schf.ol. Saiila Maria. Cal. .|93 Tnniibull Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

EinvARD Hiram Storms Martin, Ph.B., ^Joiin H. Pktrik, B. L., d. VVilmetie, 

I,I,.B. (N. W. Univ.) '99. Lawyer. III., Jan. 23, I<W5. (34) 

Tacoma Bldg. Chicago, 111. Jui.ia Pike, Ph.B. (Mrs. Carl E. 

.'\noi.i'ii iRViNii Marx, .V.B., .A.M. Mapes.) ij Morris .Ave., 

fCincinnali) '00. Wholesale Jobber. C.rand, Mich. 

1 1-7 N. Euclid Ave., IvE.. Louis Ci.ark Plant, Ph.B., ^LS. (Chi- 

Piltsburgh, Pa. cago) '04. Prof, of Math., Univ. of 

IvAi.i'ii Clark ALvson, B.L. b'.xpress Mont., since u)o8. MisstPiila, Mont. 

.\geiit. lUlding, Mich. Klaas Pui'1-i:n, Ph.P.., B.D. (Princeton) 

Stanlkv AL Matthews, B.L., LL.B. '00. Cler.uMinan. Uarrisuii, S. Dak. 

'(/J. Law\er. Escaiiaba, Mich Dohothv 1!i:i.ii-; Poi-i'V, .\.l!. Teacher in 

Grace Grieve Mii.i.ard, Ph.B. Teach- High Scbnol. Cleiidale, Cal. 

er in Central High School. Wii.Uam Gilbert Povev, B.L., M.D. 

S32 2nd St., Detroit, Mich. '99. Phvsician and Surgeon. 

.\HMVM) Kriioi.i'ii Miller, B S. i )rhce Bldg, Detroit, Mich. 

(Cluin ). I'ruit Grower. Milton, Ore. May Price, Ph.B. 

-\oKMAN 1 MiLLEK, B.S. (Bio). Ear- Riverdale nii-Hudson, \ew York, N.Y. 

tiKT. ■ R..ckyford, Colo. Fi.dvo Hamilton Randall, B.S. 

n\'ii.LiNM Auc.iisT Mock, A.B., M.D. (Bio.), M.D. '9.;. Physician. 

'<^X. d. near Bakersliehl, Calif., May, Hay City, Mich. 

1910. (36) 0\i\..\\\>a SciiAiRER Rkimoi.d, A.B. Au- Hui.ERT MooNEY, B 1.. In- ihnr. l..,sieni Mngr. World Book Co. 

surance. Benton llarln.r, .Midi. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Ji'iiv I.unsE MouEv, I'liB. (Mrs. Mimkvx Belle Rmines, B.L. 

CliaiK- () SnleinuiMer, ) K-ii Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mub. 

.<.S|j Ciiailulte St, Kansas (.'ily, Mo. 1Ii.k:;i;ut Matteshn \<\^\\. l!l.., M.D. 

Ui-.MAMi.N I'akl Morse, B.L. Lnml/er- 'oi. Physician., Mich. 

man. .Alpena, Mich. Wili.ia.m Barrett Rich, Ph.B. Con- 

\'u ToK Aii'jioNso Geor(;e Murrell, tractor. 9^42 I'ro-pect .A\e., 

I'. I., LI. 1!. VA LL.M. '97. Lawyer. ' Chicago. III. 

Ill N' Dearborn St. Chicago. HI. Iuhn 1"i;i;iii kick Rieman', B.S. Supt. 

WiiiivM Wii.MoN Newc.mii, R.S. ■ ui Sd I> Hudson, Mich. 

(Hi...). M.D. 'oo. Ivni..iii<.K.gisi. Ciiaki.(;th: |i:annette KouEkts, Ph.H. 

;.S W, bl, \m- I hi,,. It, Midi. R 1) S, S.ailh Bend, In. I. 

■I , IMI II! 

L.R.inr.iriis. 1 1897. 

Ltu'isi- I.uNiriiRij LoviM-. ]-;i)iji;i(Ts, Ckcjkci; Kohkkt Swain, A.B. Priiic. of 

I'll. 11. I.Mrs. .Arthur f. kubcrls.) lli^ih Sdm,,!. l.ockp.'ri, 111. 

Calcsluirg, 111. Fkkijkkkk Swan, A. P.., A.M. 

Ktl.l'N ClIAl'IN RoLKKb, I'll. 11. '(iS, I'h.l). '0.5. Ivliti.r. 

327 I.yon St., Grand, Mich. PcHsdaiii, N. Y. 

CuuT RosK.N'ow, R.S. (Chem.). Supi. Rammi Com; Tvccakt, Ph.B., M.H. 

Suyar l''aclurv, iV-iural l'ro\ idciicia, (l,^>ui. Inst.) 'i)l. (.'oii.sulling Kugi- 

Patillas, P. k. Peoria, 111. lu-.-r. Wnrld lild-, 

LiuiN'o LvuNKi. Sciiurin;K, 15. S., j/jVji- ' .\\-w Wnk, N. Y. 

'c)6, M.l). (Jcltcrson) '<(S. Surg. V. S. \Vi;si,i,v |-.wi\.', Tavi.wk, U.S. (Hio.), 

P. 11. an.l .Mar. llosp. Sirviov. M.D ',^1. Phssi.iaii. .\tlanta, Ga. 

Port lluiun, .Midi. ]u, Hill TiN.NK-., All., .\ .\I. (Ucn- 

MiKicv Mavwmuu Sv;.\k:, U.S., M.D. y.-r ) >)<i. Tiaclur in lA'iu'ir lligh 

'ijd, .\l,|). Ui) '<;7, .I'll-'i-' ScIh-mI. ' I iiivci-.Mlv Park. Cclo. 

.S,U S. liurdick St., Kalama/.oo, Midi. Fjkma.n Tin. mi-Son, U.S. (GIk-iii.). 

Mi..\uv OkMAi, Skvkkanci:. .\.Li., A.M. Chemist Newark, Del. 

■.,.). I.ihrariau Univ. u\ Mu., sinee M \i;v .M \u I'AN Tud.mi-sun, B.I.., A.M. 

i<>"7- Goluiiihia, M>.. .,„, , ^1,-, |.;.,,-| lUnngh.") 

Joii.s Uawi.ins Siii;i;an, Ph.U., I.ljl. ' l';,nia.sus, Pa., 1). C.) '<xj. , ,, , , ^^, M,-,„,itA T.iMi-Ki ns, .\.15. (Mrs. 

, '>"i^'l'^'. N^l,'- 'wniard P. ParM.ns.) 

liKKTUA Maki,,.s' SiiKiiWoui., li.h. (., Grant St., Gohoes, .NJ. Y. 

(lliu.,). (,\lr->. GhaiKs l'. l.ahinaii.) l^J|,M^ |:i:.mi( Tkkm iii.K, ll.l,., d. IvHs- 

\'"'"''. '"■'• "worth Kan \i.v. Ji, u,"-^ (\'0 

JosKfii Sii.i., A.I',., M.l). V,. Phy.sKian. ],-,., inKli K .M\K 'i\^ii i uNKH, P. S., Ph.D. 

41 Warren .\ve. Iv, Detroit, Midi. VMm.idi) V) 

Katiiarvnk (iiui'i-'irii Si.i:m;.^u, .\.B., ., ' i,,,, 'rurkiw Pi 

A.M. -98. Lihraria.K ' (.naua 1 lern.^^1 liU,' S.'k., 

Port Huron, Mieh. 1 undon I'ligland 

Ann Arhor, July .9. .</>S.' (34) ' Vti ;, Sdiool' Ap'slr i Mfd, « V- o 

I.L.B. '99. Lawyer. Blooinshurg, Pa. ^'^''^ ^^^-^' -•^">" ^^^'iV^j^oHs I„d 

''Ji-.>siiv Hunti;r Smith, .'\ B., (Mrs. .. ,,',,vr.- \ It ' ^ta- 

WiUiam R. Bagiey,) d., Minn., ^'^}^l- '' ) ^;' ^ ,V;, ;,•'';,,:.,' ' ^ 

Dec. .0. t_908. (35) •--•'"• ^'""- "^ ^ '''''U"tn^. Mich. 

■00. (See Fac.dties.) Secretary of the Nil. in. M a,u, vui, r W AUTi-.Rb, B.L 

^nl^.■r^ilv. sinec. K^kH. Ann AiImt. (M'^ llernian 1,, Kroguiail.) __ 

]oi,s GiAii. SrAt'i.i.iNC, .\.P.., l'i,7-'<A 

l.hneiniug, Mi 

d J' 'u-liUni'ihian,";;: U M (uX Cn...,. 1,i:k Watscn, .Vll., I.L.B. 00. 

'ui, L.iuver. .Maje.-tie llhk.,\cr. , r .• r- 1 , 

Detroit Mich Grand Junctnm. Lolo. 

Cii.Nrox I'.Kii;..!^ Stiwxki \ u' .Medical *Sn:i.i.A \VKbTCOTT,.\.B., (Mrs. Charles 

Student ill "c'liiVauo I'liiv ' •-"■ Williamson,) d. Victor, Mont., 

Chicagc^ 111 ^^'I'l /"• ">'7. (33) 

Fka.nk Stivkus, B.L., LL.b! '9^. Sakv 1..)Uisi; Witi; Ki.kk, A.B. (Mrs. 

Lawyer, .\nn ArhoV. KosMith K. Keniian. 

.\ii.i:ia- Ih:NKv St,,m;.man, A.B., B.D. .^^ 'Vnu v\'f 

(AndoN.r) '00. Ciig. Clernynian. JKsmi; 1'.\Tti:ksoN W iiiTi:, iliB., A.M. 

St. Joseph, Mich. '01. ■I'eachcr. 

Maktiia Tiii;, B.L Teach- .S4'M Lexington Ave., Chicago, HI. 

er in High Scho.,1. Koi.a.m. Dark, A.B., LL.B. 

Ann Arhor, \n. Lawyer. 1.^2 Clark St., 

Li.snx ki-Ai, SuNi)KRi.ANi), A.B., A.M. Chicago, 111. 

'<iS. I.L.B. 'ot. (See Facidties.) 1m(axci> Sak mi Wii.cux, Phi!. (Mrs. 

Ann Arbor. John I! Keating.) Dakland, Cal. 

KuiiARD IIuss St:Tfiii;x, A.B., LL.B. Bknjamix Gkcrci: Wilkinson, A B., 

W. I.awver. Defiance, O. I'h.D. (Geo. Wash. I'niv.) '08. Prof. 

tV r.< 

IJ. ■. .:-J «i-..ify 


(V I'.f 

/,// l-.KAKV PI: 

lli.l. in WasI; 

J raiiiiiig Coll., J<jo|- 

(H). TaUouKi Park, D, C. 

Tiii i;i -A (;i:ktki:i)i.: Williamson, 1!.S., 

A Al. 'ol. I'lMclvr ill llaimali .\loi>- 

A,:a.l. Rci.lcrslouii, Md. 

JLAN WMsuN WiLM.N, l!.L,. Tuaclicr. 

J',] ilnrlluii A\c, DL-iroil, .Mich. 

Mal Woi.i/i, 1!.S., M.S. (Clu^-ai;o) 'o-|. 

Tra.hrr in Antral Nunnal Sdiuul, 

Ail. i'i.avant, MicJL 
l.iii.N Dnmu WoMiiACUKK, U.S.U'lum.). 
Wiih liii. lllinoi^, Su-.-l Co. 

Joliiit. 111. 

iMoKKjM..N- C.M.VLk \\\nn,Uil>, I'h.l;,, 

Mauufacuu-ri. CaillLmc M- 

jKiH.mMi ]••.)>. \\<n.ii,i:v. IM. i;n.nK>-. 

Salt l.aU CiU. I'lah 

Dx.Mi L ilriniVKi. \VKu;nr, I! I.. I'nnc. 

riili:K- Craniniar Scli....l. 


(),hko-,li, W i 



i.vKk, U.S. 'l\-acliLT 

igh Sd 


SaL;iiia\v, Mic 

< 1').]) 


Hi:.\Kv .\m.l.\. A.I!., A.M. \», 

I'h.l). 'o.V .\isisl. Pr.if. ui Latin, rni\- 

uf C'i-.i , binci.- l';i>6. Cincinnati. O, 

M\KV luK.XH Amid.jn, hi., l.ilnarian 

ui C...- Cnllcj^C. 

Cedar Kaphls, luua. 
Jil i.\ .M.iKKIlnUSl; AnCLLL, 11.1,. 'iV-acll- 
ir m Central llit>h Sclu«.|. 

I v W. Canllcld Ave, l)ctr<,it, Mich. 

Will i\M |;i:ni.,.\ .\i<nAf(.ii, A, I!., A..M. 

'lo, \,li. ( Sciu) \j(<. Supt. ui Schc.U. 

Ypsilaiiti, Mich. 

Tuiix- .\ii:i<, i;S, .\l.i).(I..iin. Ii.,i.kins) 

'(.J, \s,M,. NKnilHT knckcKllcr ln>l. 

.\\« \.ul.. N'. V. 
1"ui;i.i:kkk Ci,\kk .\vi:i<ii.i, I'h li , 
.\M. tColunilu..) 'u., 1.1.1',. (il'ul.) 
■ol. I.a\svcr. 

Spit/.cr l'.hlf4., T.,lc(h), (). 
I.e. IS LrHMtoN .\vi;uv, IM... .\.M. 'oj. 
Teacher. Onlari.i, Cil. 

^er. .So C.ri.wcil.l St., 

Detroit, Muh, 
Sr.^.Mn^ll liACKDS,, /■.>S-'.;.,. I.a« 
'riiiuiM.ui. l!ArMi:isTi:u. .\.l',.. .M 1). ( /, ) 
■(«! (See I'acnlties.l I'lu .•^ician, 

Clncaii.i, 111. 
XAn.Mi Amilkv 1!aili:v, .\.I'.. (Mis. 
DaM.l 1). Wnrcester.) 

I'luun \V..ik., .Mich. 
A.N.N- \ M\kV I'.XKI.K, HI., .M.l.. ■./). 
CNh>. Daniels.) leacher. 

,\rc...lia, t'al. 

i\ l.AVi.Ni V Haki.u, -\.H. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
..NA I.K.NnKi; Hali.aki>, A.H., A.M. 'oo. 
readier. .\im Arhur. 

Nuni.i.NL HMtv, I'h.H. (Mrs. William 
W. \\n,„l.l ^.;., \n\ .\ve., 

Detroit, Mich 

Jl'llliv h'.sTI'.l.Li: JiATClll-l.DLK, I'h.H. 
\kkii:t 1:i iZAi;|.riil!i:AKD,A.H. Teach- 
er in l■•.a^lerll I School. 

;<,; Jiul Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
i.i.iA.N- Manion Hiciix.M, A.H., i;;■<^S- 
'00. .l()o l.awn St., Iv Iv, 

I'ittslnii-vh, I'a. 
L.SL .\I\KTiiA Hlanciiaki.,.\.H. Toacli- 
c-r in Slate Normal Diiiv. since lcS<;.j. 
Normal, 111. 
.iiKur Huom:, .\.1;., A.H. (Hope) '97- 
h'.arhier. llollaml, Mich. 

. V llwiiii:, H.I.. Teacher m 111^11 
School _'o=, .\. Linn St., 

Hay City, Mich. 
Cl.vka Louisa Hotskokd, JLL. 

Plainwell, Mich. 
.\i.icK Mav Hoirri-i.L, I'h.H. 

I'orest Apis., Detroit, Mich. 
'.LUTurni-: Ai)i:i.r: Hov.nto.m, H.L. (.ATrs. 
I'raiici> W. .Naiiler.) 

North Yakima, Wash. 
!i:i<T loii.v 1!, 1!.L. LL.H. •'■«. 
l.auver. Security I'.hl- 

l.os Angeles, Cal. 
Slktiia Hkai.nkku, H,L. 

I'ortlaiui. Ore. 
■:sriii.K Hk vi.i.^, .\.l;. l.ihrarian of Nor- 
mal Scl I 

Kalania/00, Mich. 
.Atiu\ liNKi-.u Hkoumai.l, H.S. Teach- 
er. Cheyiiey, I'a. 
v'ATm:i(i.Ni; Hkuw.n, H.L. 

Hox S4, Uiiiii^y. Ill- 
fiiA.N I'.ia.iNK l!re-iiAN.\N, 1!.S. Teach- 
er in Slate Normal School. 

Cheney, Wash. 

h.i.iA I'jMTii llui.i.uCK, I'h.l!. Teacher. 

Tlie llotlinan, (^.raii.l Kapiils, Mich. 

'iiu;i.i;s William Hkukows, AH., 

\\\. ■()!. I'll D. '07. l'h\Mci--i ill r,M- 

rean of Sl.uulauls 

W.i,hinj;ton, D. C. 

■iiAKLLs Waui- HruTu.v, H.L. .\hstrac- 

lor. Detroii, Mich. 

lAUIilLT I'.hVVI.NA HfSll.NKl.L, H.L. 

(.Mrs. II. .\lout;4omerv Smith.) 


Stearns C^.A Cn.; Sni>t. Kv. & Teiui. 
K'v. Si'e.iriis, Kv. 

,M .■. /, ..Mi 

' '■■■ 1 i ■. ' 






Ai.L.w Camp 111; i.i„, J.lji. (I)c- 

iruit) \M. I.awviT. 

MulTat Hhli;-,, Diiruit, Mich. 
I'.ii^sAKU luAM'is Caki.v, A.B, S.T.U. 

(Aiiduvcr.) 'rcaL-lier. 

>.', C.M\nM\ P! , PcniKhkc-cpsi^', N. V 
Wii. 1.1AM Ransdm Cai<1'i:nti:u, PIi.B. 

Editorial Clerk, U. S. Ccoloyical Sur- 

vev. W'a.liiiiRton, 1). C. 

KiTTii- Anna Ci.arki;, Pli.ll (Mrs. 

Ilarviv N. Ptck.) P.itlK- L'rc. k. .\h\li 

CloK..i:'l'KA.\K Cl.liKKV, H.I.. 'I'caLlKT. 

Si.ukaiu-. Wash. 

BvKu.N 11i;.m;v C.xj.n, Pli U., I.I,.li. 'co. 

Pros. .Ally. Jaspi-r Co., \<y.y.)-\i. Law- 

vtT. loplin, Mo. 

*tAniui;i, .\i,ANS(iN Ckawimkd, Ph.B. 

I'rivalc ,11. St Midi Inf. i8.;S, A. Owus- 

so. Mich., Nov. 26, iqi/. (35) 

I'kANK ]",i.Mi-,it Cid'ASiCY, I'i.l,. Klcctri- 

cian. J I 10 I'.lsiiiorc St., 

i,..s AiiK'ck-s, Cal. 
i^.iu'.in- .S,,rnic,ATi: I)am.\)ktii, A.B. 

I'urcka, Cal. 

Ai.i.i-uTi's ])akni;i,i., Ph.l!. 'I'c-aclior in 

High School. Detroit, Mich. 

David I.akk Davoi.i., U.S. (Clicin.), 

Ph.C. '93. (See Faculties.) Chemist to 

Siignr Co. 

Guaiitanamo, Cnha. 
MsAi.i'ii Pknkdict Dkan, B.S., d. Den- 
ver, Colo., Jan. 20, KK15. (33) 
Mauv Hi.isi' Di-Vf.nv, B L. (Mrs. Hen- 
ry Pichardsiin. ) 

254^ Indiana Ave., Ciiicago, 111. 

J 11. TAN C.KOKCK Dickinson, Ph.B., 

l.I, H. U'niv. of Colo.) '99. Lawyer. 

Poster I'.ldg Denver, Colo. 

I.Mi.N Dii,TiKi,K, A.B, .\M, '01. (See 

[•acnhu-.l .\nn Arlh.r. 

I'Kii. I.Ksi.iiC DivixK, Bi... l.I.B. 

(Kenl) 01. I.awver. 

\M\ I'ranklin Blvd., Chicago, III. 

CnAi;i.i;s Jacou Dovki., Ph.B,, l.I.B. 

'01. Lawyer. Manistee, Mich. 

I'.l.lZAlU.Tll WKlibTKlt Laton, Ph.B. 

Teacher. 25 C.arfield Ave., 

W. Ro.xhury, Mass. 
KowAiO) luiwiN Enokks, B.S., Pii.D. 
(Johns Hopkins) 'a'). Assist. Pr.if. of 
/.(loloev, Piirdne Univ., since lOo*'. 

La Payette, hid. 
CiiMu.i:s Hhnky FaukI'I.i., Ph.B., loy 
\)\. .Mich. Legislature I9()7-ck); .Mayor 
..( Kalaina/cio i<;io -. Lawyer. 

KalanKuoo, Mich. 

1m;a.sck-, li.SMi-. Pi;.AiK I'h.H. Tcicher. 

lUlrn.i, Mom. 

kiiiixcA 1''.i.izaiii:tii I'lNCii, A.B. (Mrs. 
I'.lhcn S. I'.oughton.) 

N. Tonawanda, N. V. 
pMiiii: .\(..m;s 1'"i.intkk.mann, Ph.B. 
Tcichcr ni Cass High School. 

719 2d .\ve. Detroit, Mich. Ai.k.xandkr PoKsimi;, B.L. 
Bapiibt Missionary in Pliilippines. 

Ypsilanii, Mich. 

jAiuii Lincoln Pkhud, B.L. Merchant. 

\7 \\'o..dhridge St., W., Detroit, Mich. 

J-.u/A lu.i.iv.v J'van, A.J!. Teacher in 

High School. Port Huron, Mich. 

CllUISTl.SN I'KKDKItK-K (Vu'riS, \M. 

A.M. V). (See Faculties.) 

Princeton, N. J. 
Haukh.t Louise CiEORnK, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Charles J. Humphrey.) 

Ill Normal St., Ypsilanii, Mich. 
Jui.ia I',,mma Gi;tti:my, B.l,. Teacher in 

C,i<\cr: F'a.n'nv', Pli.B. (Mrs. 
I'anI A. Simonds.) 
|ojo Warwick Blvd., Kansas Citv, Mo. 

\i icK .Makv Cuamam.A.B. (.Mrs. Theo- 
.lore J; lle.mes.) Lake Linden, Mich. 

Ikssih Scdtv Cki'Gc;, B.L. Teadier in 
High School. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Alicustiis Eknicst C.ukntiikk, B.S. 
(Bio.),f'9S-'9<J. "i'98-'99- I'l'l^- (Johns 
Hopkins) 'os. Prof. Physiology, Univ. 
of .Nch. Lincoln, Neh. 

*Wai.ti:r David Hadzsits, A B., .\M. 
'()<), Ph.D. 'oj, d. Hartford, Coim., 
July -'<,, 1910. (35) 

Ci.AKi sci: RoiiKKT Hanks, A.B. Teach- 
er. Schoolcraft, Mich, 

Han.n\ Ha,\si;.\, A.B. iMr^. Orsim P. 
S.inlc ) Si .Aiithoiiv, lilaho. 

Cmm;ii:s I.i;RoV Haula.v, I'h.B. Ranch- 
in, m .Vil.miic, Iowa. I'.i.LHN lL\Ki.AN, A.B. (Mrs. 
Ali.crt II. Sloncman.) 

St. Joseph, Mich. 

Kaui. I'.DWiN Hakriman, A.B. 1910 
Uiuin I'l.i /Km). I'.ditor on the .slalY 
of l.udu-s' Home Journal. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Matiu.a Ac.nm;s 1 lAkui.xoro.s, A.B. 
readier in lli^;h Sdi..,,l. 

Dulnuiue, Lnva. 

liii.iA.v llMirwi.i.i. Hakius. A.B. 
^^■v. Ford lUdij., Deiruit, Mich. 

Willi S\l J'.\ i;i;i.TT ilART.MAN, B.S. 

(Chun 1 I'.imiiieer. Ldiel, 111. 

Mr-.Mi, .\lAi, lIviiivuNV, .\.B. 

173 llawlcN Si , r.iii^hainton, N. Y. 
lliNin TiM.M-s Hi MO, Ph.B, /'^SVv. 

l'.,u\er loan. I Rapids, Mich. 

C. , ..I J ■..'.'/ ' V.'..t 

Y ^. ,.< 'V ■ -•>' 

(.1 . ll ■! (l..fl-.,4 tj, ,iU(. 1 

'1 ' ,■ 

l.iri:i<Al<V DFJ'Aia MUST, 

IIakkv Hi:i.i-.\ian, A.i;., 1,1..L!. 'ou. Law- 
yer. F.jrd Blilg.. Detroit, Mich. 
Makv; ]1i:.\ui:kso.\, A.Li. 


(Mr.v Il.aiKT R. lu^tWt.) 

4U7 N. I'.liuv.uu.l Ave., Oak Park, III. 
*Gi;oK>.i; Dnvii. Ki:kr llKNUuy, 1!.S. 

( Hill. ), (J/ y3-'()4, il. I'Vcbiio, C:iL, Jan. 

17, :.)03. U'';) 
Wai.ti K lnvu;iiT Hi;iuuck, A.B., LI,.B. 

( '00. Lawyer. Oak Park, 111. 
il^^uv Wii.i.iAM llHss, B.S., M.S. '9<j. 

C'lu iiiibt wiih The Liherly Glass Co. 

Toledo, O.; ^[Av CuANsro.N IIkss, Ph 15. (.Mrs 

1m-., 1,1. II. Hess.) 

I'urlerville, CA. 
Wii.MXM 111 . .11 lii:ss, l!.:i. (Cheiii.), 

-M.S. ■.,.;. (. lieuiiM. iMiider^lj, Can. 
I'.v.x |.\.\:-; ilii.i,, .\A\. (.\h,. Ilerlnrt 

1'. i.ruis.) Ap.iriado 71 11 , 

Mexico Citv, Me.x. 

.Makv I/ita liiinM.i;, A.B. Art teacher. 

Elgin, III. 

J3oKsi;v Reno Hoppk, B.L., LL.B. '01. 

Lowinan BIdjf., vSealtle, Wash. 

Arthur Mii.i.ek lloviiv, B.L. Map 

Puhlisher. Knoxville, Iowa. 

lli:i.i..s Gu.\CE IJUNTKK, Ph. P.. (Mrs. 

John Schwadeiir.) Cass City, Mich. 
DicWrrr Ci.i.\tu,\ IIu.ntoo.v, B.S., B.L. 

'07, Ml), (iiiish) '03. Physician. 

Waterloo, Iowa. 
Fkit/ Cari.i;io\ Hyuk, B.S. (Bio.), 

^L1). eK.. I'hyMciail.^ 

Greenwieh, Conn. 
*P.\ui. Piuci.PS Ingham, A.B., d. Inter- 

nalioiial Falls, Minn., Sept. 10, 1905. 

]Ii;ii;n A^^l•:l,l.^ 1ki..\nii, PIi.B. Teacher 

in ilitih School. .\drian, Mich. 

ll.VKKll.T lunril lUNKlNSON, I'll.B. '<)<) 

unn/. pro tunc). (Mrs. William F. 

HsTKi.i.i: Lorraine Jonus, .\.B. Teach- 
er n\ k A. Waller High School. 

Chicago, 111. 

Hannah Kmii.y Kiaru, P,.L., ML. 'w 
( Mr.,. Tohias i'.i.pstein.) Cehn, 1'. I 

jCari. Skars Kknnkdy, P>.S. (Bio.), 
M.D. '00. Private .51st Mich inf., l.Sc;8. 
Stockman. l.Aaldc, Tex. 

CiiARi.oTTi: lu.izAinmi, B L. 

(Mrs. Charles S. Pierce.) 

Lansn.g. .Mich. 

.^NN lu.l/A Kl.MI.Al.l., Ph.U. 

40 Connecticut .\ve.. Detroit. Mich. 

l.ixis FowiN Ki.MMKi., Ph. 11 Chemist. 

.\lpe,;;,. .Mull 

Thai, |oii.-,>oN Knait. I'li.B. Supt. of 
Sch.oN Highland Park, Mich. 

Sru-vur iuiwiN Knai'I'HN, A.B. Law- 
yer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
-F\i.M\ FkANCi-s KNir.iiT, A.B., d. 
t-r.nid Rapids, Mich., -May 20, 1900. 
( -'5 ) 
Louis Krius, B.L., LL.B. '01. 

4544 Cdenway Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
1'r\ 11i:adv Lamij, B.S., in\\A '()<■). 
M.D. (Miami) '01, A.M. (Miami 
L'niv.) '05. Physician. 

2d Nat. Bk. Bldg., Cincinnati, (). 

STr:i'iii;N I1j;kiu.:rt Lancdon, A.B.,.A.M. 

•.X), H.I). (Union) 'oi, Ph.D. (Colnm- 

l.ia) "04, Hon. M.A. (Oxford Univ.) 

'in. Keader of Assyriology and Cuni- 

par Semitic Philol., Univ. of O.xford. 

Jesus Coll., Oxford, Fng. 

RtHii-RT VouNC L.\RNicu, Ph.B. M«r- 

cliaiii. Lansing, Mich. 

Jou.v li^DWARiJ Lawluss, B.L. Sales 

.Mngr. 420 Ashland Ave., 

St. Paul, Minn. 

l'',Rii; Maudi: I.avton, A.B. (Mrs. Dana 

L. Gates.) ]3ay City, Mich. 

Burton Fdwaui) Livingston, B.S. 

(Bio.), Ph.D. (Chicago) '02. Prof, of 

I'lant Plly.^iology, Joluis Hopkins 

Univ., since lyoij. Baltimore, Md. 

MAm:i. GERTRUuii Lodicr, B.S. (Mrs. 

Edmund W. McClare.) 

Hillsdale, Mich. 

tlli'NRV Ki.MH.M.i. Lout), A.B. Seaman, 

U. S. S. Wiscinile, i8(».S. Lumberman. 

Au Sable, Mich. 

George Bruckner Lowrie, B.S. (Bio.), 

M.D. (Detroit) '00. Plivsician. 

Washington Arcade, Detroit. Mich. 

Cahi. I'.Mii. .\lu.\i.VAV, I'h.B. Bank Casli- 

ier. Durand, Mich. 

Sus\NNi: Onins M.\caui.ev, Ph.B. 

(.Mrs. Homer J. Luther.) 

Medina, N. Y. 
Lewis Wii.scm McCanui.ess, .\.B., 
1,1. n. '01. I.awver. 

.Maniuelte Bldg , Chicago, HI. 
I'.MU.v Maiu:i. MoCune, A.B. (Mrs. 
Herbert J. Goulding.; ,\mi Arbor. 

1Ii:riiert McCutciiI'ON, B.L. .Account- 
ant and Teacher. 

340 Ferdinand Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Pearl McDonald, A.B., B.S. (Coluni- 

bi.i) 'i/). Critic Teacjicr in Stout In- 

stitule. Menomonie, Wi.-. 

.NJ(,UM\N Kin.-. McInnis, .A B., A.M. '</). 

.\d\eriismg With N. W. Aycr & Son. 

I'hiladelphia, Pa. 

.n;; : Mil" .T! 
,•■■• . I 1..; 'I 
U •! \ .:<}'■• :^ 

1 Irt > .> I. :,, 1 . ,1. 

. ^l•.. 1 JIM! 

li^i-Jifr?.'. J' !• 

•,y 'ivO 

-, ■•( ... 1 ■ ..i-n.;,!.; 

128 (.k'APU.niiS. [i8g8. 

Jr.ssii: Mai'ion M\ck, Pli H. (Mrs. Oiiv Ai'.kaiiam I.ixcoi.n Osgochj, A.H. Far- 

L'. Hardy.) CaiVni City, Coin. iikt. Pitlsficld, N. H. 

*l\oiji;i<T Pakkkk McMasTKu, Ph.H. <1. 1Ii:.nuv IIai.i, rARKic, B.L., M.S. 'oo. 

.Miniuaimlis, Miiui., .\|iril 0, i(jo^.(.'S) Kaniiin.t^. Genoa, III. 

Ki.izAiiinii Mac\i:ii., li.l.. u^i (mnu- John' 1'ai<ki:k, B.S., M.D. 'yy- 

fro tiiiir). (Mrs. Slu-nard.) I'ln si.i.ui. Cliarlcs Citv, Iowa. 

WmUAC Mich. Joii.N Mausuai.i. I'aukkr, B.!/, LL.B. 

lK\i,\r. .\\ Mm.Tiiv. .\\'k With FHnt 'do. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

\ ariiish Works I'Imt, Mich Srs\.\ huANCKS I'attkrson, A.B. (Mrs. 

lli:i.i:.s Makoiiaui.T, B.I,. Teacher in James T. Nol)lti) Jamestown, Miss. 

Wc-lern lliuh Schu,.l. Detroit, Mich. Mauc.akkt \'a.n .Mkss Piiia.i-s, BU. 

I'.s'iiirk lli:\viTT M\KMi, .\.il, \.r.. ( .Mrs. l.en.v lunes.) ]|,,n,,est..ii, 111. 

(,\lni,, I 'oi. iMr^ l.crnv \'. Cram.) I'mi. Mi..NM<oi-: I'll.Clll-u, B.S. (liio.), 

7M I.ihertv St, h'lint Mich A.M. (Coiuinhia) 'oo. Ml). (ib'uL) 'oo. 

C^.Kcu.-.i. Fir^xKi.i.N Mkao, I'ii.l;., LI..11. Surycon. 145 Gates Ave., 

(Detroit) '00. Lawyer. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

8o<) Belmont St., PortlamI, Ure. I'Louhnci- Hki.KN Pomickoy, B.L. (Mrs. 

Jamks Li;o\ai<i) Mici:, B.S. (Chem.). Irvmn T. Kaah.) Flint, Mich. 

Ranchman Newark, S. Dak. *(jKack Tkowukidck PoTTi;r, A.B., J. 

Fkanci;s llAkM.v Mi:i{KiLi., Ph.H. Denver, Colo., March 18, 1904. (26) 

Teacher in Western lli^;h vSchooI. fNAiilA.v S. PonKK, B S. Corp. .^ist 

r.ay Ciiv, Mich. Mich. Inf. i.S.^^. Pres. and Gcn'l Mngr. 

(av \i...Nvu Mii.i.i.R, A I!., I.I,.B o.). Mich. Portland Cement Co. 

Kepr. Mich. Lenislatnre. ico;, j(;Oi); 5") W- Main St., Jackson. Mich. 

Stale Senator, Kjii. Lawver Ji.Minii.Ni; Pi:i<i(\ Powia.i., Ph.B (.Mrs. 

Majestic Bldg., Di'tmit, Mich. Harry J. Ih.rnh.iL;^ n. ) 

ViNCKNT Ct'TJiiiKirr MooNi-v, B.I.., .\Ianineite, .Mich. 

I.LB. (Lake Forest) '<». Lawyer. Fi.ika Pkowi.i.kv. l"h.K.,.\.M. 'o.v Tcach- 

Ashlaiul Block, Chicago, III. er in lli.uh School. Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Mi.N'NiK Mav Moorf. Ph.B. (Mrs. Al- Mattiikw (Jui.m.a.n, Ph.B. 

fred V. Gray.) I'resh. .Missionarv. Tiioma.a Frnkst Rankin, A.B., AM. 

Xanking, China. 'o.=i- (See hacnlties.) Ann .Arlior. 

tW'ARUEN Pearl Morrii.i., PF'b. Pri- Ciiarlks Imsii R.mukon, B.L. Lumlicr- 

vate 3-'d Mich. InL iRi-S. M.D. (Johns "'^m f'"rt Huron, Mich. 

Hopkins) '08. Snpt. Svdenhani Hosp. K ATiii.;i<iNM-: Ri:i:i), Ph.B. Teacher of 

I'.altimore, Md. l' 111 Western IBkIi School. 

Earl Hiuoikrt Morris, Ph B , M.I). 7o.S .VSth St., \\'ashington, D. C. 

(Hiiiv. of Ciu.) o^. PliNsician. Chaui.ics J.\C(hi kici:, li.S. iChein.). 

Davlon, (X Siipi .\'orton Iron W ork.s. 

Om\i; Ki:nT Mvi;i;s, I'h li., PhM. \,.,. .\shland, Ky. 

I'rol. oi I'liKli-h. IniiMl.i Coll., -iiKc I'l'iiii l.urisi: K lei', .\ I;, i Mi >. I'.eorKO 

luo. ■ llm.lin^don, P.i. 1^ Su.iin 1 l.ockport. 111. 

.\i Ki. N \sii, I! L. Tc.ulur it Traill.Orc I'l ( m; 1: nc 1: LoRi.\r. Uk-iiari>>. Ph.B 

So Howard St, Delroii. .Mich. Tciclicr in Shoriridge High School. 

Raiiii i:i:i.i.s N'i-wton, B.S., '01. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Pres. Newton F.ngiiieeriiig Co .\'i:i.i.ii: I'Aiu.iNK Ricki-kt, B.L. Teach- 

.Milwankce. Wis. ^ r i" High School. FJgin, 111. 

Kdla Mai'd Kii.ks, T'h B. A.M. '01. Harrv Ciiarli-s Rohi.nson, .A.B. 

Teacher. .M.u sh.all, Minn. Pi:\i<i. Oshorni- koiii.ssoN, B.L. Gen'l 

Walton I'.dwakd .\'im<, .\.P, I'rnit Agent for G. C. Mcrriam Co. 

Grower. Dotliell. Wash I'lain City, O. 

ALi!r:RT Nc)ORi)i:wii;i(, B.S., M.D. 01. Cnu \ .Am.i.i.i: Rdinsox, B.S. Teacher in 

Physician. Hi.^h School. Ann .\rhor. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. .\ri.L:sTiN \\\.\Dvkk Rousslal', A.B.. 

SciiL'Vl.r.R Si-AC,\K Oi.i.s, Ph.B., /•(>S-'oo. 1\)<,\k,. Lawyer. 

Vice Pres. and Gen'l Mngr. I'.ullalo I'eoria, II!. 

Tasicah Co. BnlTah., .M. V. Rrssi.i.i. Sri 1;. '.is Kow i.a.n'o, B.S. 1 Bio ), 

Aiio:i(T Oscar Oi.son, B L. Law\er. .M.D '01 I'lnsici.m. 

u, Washingluii St., Chicago, 111. W..sliinglo,, .\rcadc, Detioit, Mich. 

i/ ..■■ , 

( ■1,.:-:, 

1' < :-i..a(>;:;) 

If. I r !'' ■»: ( '/ 

; ;/'[ 




Ci.\ur,.\'CK 1)a\a Rowi.i-y, rii.H. Bank- 
er. Si..iix I'alU, S. Dak. 
I1i:km\n RussKr.L, B.S., M.S. 'oo. Gas 

JuiLjinoer. (1,34 Avcrill A\e., 

Roclustor, N. Y. 
I,iu..^ND Howard S.miin, .'\.n.,],l,.B. '</). 

Lawyer. lintllc Crcdc, Midi. 

■\\'ii,i.iAM S.\Nr.i:k, I'li.H. Manufacturer. 

635 Liiici'ln Ave., Toledo, O. 

*r.r;RTRUDK Savaciv, A.B., (Mrs. Uniil 

II. Webster,) d. Saiilt Ste. Marie, 

Mich., Jan. 25, ioc6. (30) 
CilUlt^TAClvI. HoKTKNSi; Sawvi'.r, Pli.B 
Cadillac, Mich. 
TiiKuo.M Malcolm Sawykk,!'!! B.,LL.B. 

'01. lulitdr. I.udiiiGtdn, Mich. 

KuMCND Sciioi'Tzow, U.S., I'.S. CMich. 

-\!4ri. Coll.) V?. Snpt. (.1 S^hoxh. 

Al.ircrllus, Midi. 
I.nuis l),w SciM-o, I'.. I,., HS. K'uniell) 

US, I'IlD. (Cohnnl.ia) 'ot. l-.diior, In- 

iciMatc Ci'nmuTce Coninii-^sitiri. 

Washington, D. C. 
Rr.i.A Sllli-ck, A.B.. A.M. '05. (Mrs. 

James R. Pi.liock.) Ann Arhor. 

Id\ Kllkn Shaw, B.S. (Mrs. Charles 

A. Frederick.) I!r.i«lcy, Cai. 

I.TTciLK .\iiic.Aii SiiLLLKv, \.l!. (Mrs. 

Thuiiia- A HerkeMlc.) .Mei.a, .\rk, 

r,ii;\\Til l'>i;hi:i: Sim i;\\Moii, 11,1.. Hank 

C.islner. Ciand Haven, Mich. 

*C.l ni;,,|.: CliiiTIS Snii;Ts, I'll B., d. Chi- 

cc.'.., Ill, Nov. 2\. IQfXi. ( in) 

l"i .'itx Ann Skuci., I'll 1'. , .\.M. 'oj. 

..I S,-. .M.illu V, -. I'ar.'.de, 

Xoiili.mii.lon. I'.i.i' 

CiiARi.i:s SiM(j.NS. 1!.I,., I,l..n. '00. Stale 
Senator, 1903; Mich. Const. Con. uk);- 
(xS. Lawyer. Detroit, Mich. 

I'RAN'K Stanton Simons, .A.R., I.L.B. 
Vh.. l.auAer. I'ord BI.U;., 

DeinMl, Mich. 

AK.-nir.Mi, Wnii-rin; Sm m.i.i.v, AH. 
I'nr.c. .\i,n .\il,,,r lli-li Scli,-.,l. m,..<.- 
i-v .\nn Arhor. S.MiTii, I'h.i;. Treas. Owen Mo- 
tor Car Co. 1013 Woodward Ave., 

Detroit, Midi. 

Charles Sti:vkn's Smith, 1!.S. Osieo- 
pathist. ' Battle Creek, Mich. 

Jkannkttk Smith, B.I.. (Mrs. Warren 
W. Klnrcr.) .\nn Arbor. 

U'innu'rkd S.MITII, A.B. (Mrs. L<'-ter 
]•.. Maher.) 1S13 K. 66th St., 

Chicago. 111. 


Priv. 3^d Mich. Inf. i8.;cS. Insurance, 
Stocks cK: Bonds. 

i:-t Nat. Bk. Bldg , Chicago, 111. 

Di:rk Sti'.cinc.a, B.S. Supt. of Schools. 
Kllendale, N. Dak. 
Hi:ri;i:ri' I'liii.if Stellwagkn, B.S. 
Teacher 111 Yealnian llitdi Sdiool. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Sara Stlimia.v, Ph B. (Mrs. Charles W. 
llackelt.) lo.'iy Westchester St.. 

(.'levelaiul, O. 
KAiiL Kki:.\ki:ll STi;vi;NS,B.S.(Chcin.). 
[nslructor in Chein„ Carnegie Techni- 
cal Sdio.ils. Piitsburiih, Pa. 
Katiikixk MiTciiuLi. Sti;wart, Ph.H. 
Teacher in lli^;h .School. 

Calumet, Mich. 
Loi.isK BL'K.NKrT Stk-k.xkv, II L. Head 
of I'.n.jli.sli Depl., Veatmaii High 
Sdlo,,l. s-'.) N. Kev,^l..,d .\ve., 

^•L Louis, .Mo. 

(h:oi;(;i; CiiicKi-RtN*-. Sro.-.i:, B.L. 

W lio|,^;de .Merchant. 

j-'.;j 1;. Superior St., Duliuh, Minn. 

Oscut Strauss, Ph.B., LL.B. (Univ. of 

Lnva) '99. Lawyer. 

Dcs Moines, Iowa. 
Don Davii. Sturcis, B.L. Teadier. 

Yolo, Cal. 

.\\ni;i:w 1.i:sti:r Swi.-.ton, B.S., M.D. 

\,). PhwMcian. Ontonagon, Mich. 

L.ii.-; 1"ri iM kin: Thomas, B.L., /V)7-'c>S. 

Pi inc. W.idiinv.ton .Normal School. 

Detroit, Midi. 
|oM:ni M,,i;kis Thomas, I'h.B., A.M. 
'oi, Pb 1) '10. (See I'acullies.) 
e_3 1 |i!i \c.-. S \-.. 

.Minnr.ipolis, Minn. 
Lon.i: S TiinMiso.\, .\ I'.. 

78 LiMiii'slon Ave., Vo,,l;ers, N. Y. 

M\l)."bj/ .Molical ,MHMo'ii.u\-.' 

Suifu, China. 

Die llicTdi; TiiowiiRinci:, B.S., (,-'95- 
'ii(i. .'^-si^i. Prof, of Chemistry in 
l.eui. In.stiiiiie. Chicago, 111. 

•Mmui.v Waltlk Turm:i:, B.L. Bank 
Cashier. I^vons, Cido. 

.\'i-i.i.n; May Turxi-r, I'h.P.. (Mrs. 
Charles II. Mooney.) 

Beiuon llaibor, .Mich. 

Rnni-Ri- Bkai.wrd \'aii,i:. Ph.B. Lum- 
berman, bd t-eiitro, Cal. 

Cn.NDiT BuKwi-R Van, A.B., 

A.B. (Ky. Wesl.) '04, AM. (//'i'</.) '-A 

M.D..(J.dnis Hopkins) o.'. Physician. 

1 larrodsimrg, Ky. 

Law Ri: .Nci: lIoi'KMAN \A.\ di:n Bekg, 

('.rami Haven, Mich. 

Jacor Van dkn Bosch, A.B., 

.\.l'.. (Hope) '97. A.M. {ibid.) '00. 



Prof, ui Ijiglish in Calviu Cull., since 

I(/X3. Cjianil Rapids, Midi. 

AiniiuK HiiNRY Van Horni;, A.B. 

East Las Vegas, N. Mlx, 

John 1'"i(\nk Van Si.ootkn, A.B., A.B. 

(Hope) '.)7, A.M. {ibid.) '98. Life lu- 

siiraiK'L-. SLCvirity Bldg., 

I,os Angeles, Cal. 
AiiRAiiA.\t Van Zwai.u\vi:.\uuug, B.S., 

r-h.C. '&7. BS. (Phanii.) 'yS. Smelter 

Supt.. Frcsiiiilo, Zacatccas, Mux. 

Jami:s r,m;un' Van Z\vai.u\vi;ni;urg, 

l'..S., M.D. 'oS. (Sec I'aciillies,) 

Aim Arbor. 
Pau-i. \\"ahri;n VooKiiu-.s, B.l,., LI<.B. 

'uo. l.awver. Plyiuouth, Mich. 

tCiiARi.i-s "Curtis, A.B., M.D. 

'oj. Piiv. Mich. Inf. i8.>S. Physi- 
cian. I.cwistoii, Mont. 
Mattiiicw Toiin Wai.sii, A.B. Supt. of 

Schof^N S.init Stc Marie, Mich. 

MiNNU- H. \Vauti;r, A.B. (Mrs hM- 

ward v.. (iilbcM-t.), Mich. 

WiN.Nii: Cauoi.ini-, p..!,. 

Tc.-ichLr ill High Sch.M..!. 

M,„!is..n, Wis. 
Samliki. llii.i.s \V'akiuni;k, A. IS. Salcs- 

iiiaii, ^uth J. T. Wmg ^i Co. 

Dctiuit, Midi. 
JuiiN Ci.iNTO.N' Watson, Ph. 15., /'go-'oa 

Lawyer. Dciiiing, N. Mcx. 

Cii\i(i.i-s SiiKKMAN Wkavik, B.S. Asso. 

(■.ciri Secr'v. Y. ]\L C. A 
ijJ^ v^. Driiry Ave, Kansas City, Mo. 
Louisi-; Pauline Wkinmann, A.B, AM. 

'11. Teacher. .Ann .Arbor. 

Harrii-t Mav Wi:i.chi.i, B.L. (Mrs. 

William A. Evans.-) 
2o;o Woodward Ave, Ketroit, Mich. 
Fui:ui;rick Hknuv, Ph. P., A.M. 

•00. A--.1S1 Piof. .,1 l,..iin in Slalc 

Noiin.d SdHM.l. 'reMc Manic, Ind. 

Wii.MA-,! .M \. M,v WiiiiKRV, B.S, Law 

>er. 43 Cedar St., New York, N. Y. 
CiiAki,i:s C.kusvi;nor Wiiiti;, B.L. 

Banker. Joiicsville, Mich. 

Hl-uiu:rt William Wihttkn, A,B., 

A.M. '01. Prof, of Greek and Latin, 

Redbeld Cwll. Redlield, S. Dak. 

♦Month; Lyons Wilus. .\.11 , d. (M-eeley, 

Colo., Julv ly, i'A3- (.(o) 
Nina Alllnk Wilukk, -A B. (Mrs. 

James P. Bird.) .\nn Arbor. 

Hi.izadlth Lee Wilcox, .\.B. Teacher 

in ni^h School. Jackson, Mich. 

lu.i.A C.uoni-Now Wu.LCox, B.L., A.^L 

(RaddilTe) '(», Maiden, ^LlSS, 

lli^NKY Elmoke Wilkinson, IS.L., c'y.s- 

\jG. Mnlr. Dallas, Te.x. 

.\ri,o Kav WiLi.iA.MS, B,S,, ALD. '01. 
Piiysiciaii. Jackson, Mich. 

Ida JvniELWYN Wing, B.L. Teacher. 
1226 Alverado St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Bertha Helen Wise, B.L.,Ph.AL (Chi- 
cago) 'd<j. Bible Teacher. 

1029 Wesley Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Tiio.MAs Roi!i;rt Woodrow, A.B.LL.B. 
'00. Lawyer. Denver, C^olo. 

Arthur Roy WuEn, B.S. (Chem.), 
/;iV;S-'99. Agent Am. Smelting and 
Rcfming Cu. Taviche, Oaxaca. Mex. 

^lil.ANCHE 1\L\RTHA YoUNG, A.B., d. 

^Liniiiette, Midi., Oct. M. i<x)i. (26) 
.Mauv E.srELi.E You.\G, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Erancis It. DcGroat.) 

U)i9 E. 1st St., Duhitli, Minn. 



Ain.EY, A.B. 

Box 432, Lowell, Mich. 
]'"i,iiki:nci: Lavinia Audott, Ph.B. 
Teaclicr in Wenddl Phillips High 
SdiuL.l. Chicago, 111. 

Ci;rni;i.i;T Ci,.\i;i.i: .\, I'liB. With 
The .\lercba!;ts' l.uan eS: Trust Co,, 
CInc.iLM,. i,K) Linden St., 

Wii.netka, 111. 
CiUY Henry .Ai.uright, Ph.B., A.B. 
(Harvard) '00. Assist. Prof, of 
Alath., Colorado Coll., since 1909. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Mary Anderson, B L. Teacher in Cen- 
tral Hi,i:;h School. 

Sit E. Eon St., Detroit, Mich. 
luA.NK JoNEb .\Ki;, CKLE, B.L. Planter. 
Saiicli Spiritus, Cuba. 
Makclmiiuti' Uost; .Ascher, A.B. 

Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

Akihik I'KEDEUICK .\S1111ACKER. A.B. 

Di\iM..n Supt. I. C. Schools. 

I.aiuhelh Blk., Mnskegon, Mich. 

Eliza Jane Austin, A.B. (Mrs. Emil 
Ered Lange.) Box 134, Vienna, Va. 

IsADiu, Adelaide Bai.lou, Ph.B. Dep- 
uty ederk, U. S. Courts. 

Bay City, Mich. 

Ja.mi:s William Bannun, Ph.B. Manu- 
facturer. Purtsmonth, O. 

Anna Morrei.l Barnard, A.B., A.M. 
(Cohnnbia) '08. Prof, of Latin and 
Ger., Central State Normal School, 
since iS.)>). Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

1'kancis Li;on Bauer, IVS. Supt. City 
Sdiui>U. Henderson, Minn. 

Thomas Heath, Ph.B. With D. U. Ry. 
227 W. Willis Ave,, Detroit, .Mich. 

/. /■ , ! n/. ■•'A 

' .. . -.1 < ' I '.i. ><ai 


L I rilRA R y DBF A R T} If. .V T, 


Winifred Ekneetine Bkman, A.B., 

A.M. '01. (Mrs. Harrison S. Smalley.) 

Ann Arbor. 

ArtiiurIIaroi.I'BenEFiei,, B.S. (Bio.). 
Teacher in N. Central IUkIi School. 
Spokane, Wash. 

Piiii.ii' Ai.iii-RT Bennett, B.S. Supt. of 
Schools. Clare, Mich. 

John Chester Bills, Ph.B., l^L.B. '04. 
Lawyer. Union Depot, Detroit, Mich. 

RciswELL Fairciiii.d Bishop, Ph.B. Li- 
brarian House of Repr. 

Washington, D. C. 

Georce Neil Bl.\tt, Ph.B., LLB. '01. 
Lawyer. Joliet, III. 

Cou.\ Louise Bodwell, A.B. Teacher. 
Si:; TelTersun Ave, 

(^.raiul Kapids, Mich. 

Jennm: Pj()cni:r, 15. L. 

Ch.xui.Es John Borcii.krdt, B.L. Com- 
mercial Reporter. 

S.\o 2nd Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Josephine Bowen, A.B. Ranching. 

Joindanton, Tex. 

Mary Akvilla Brewek, Ph.B. Teacher. 
Pomeo, Mich. 

Earle Mason Buown, B.S. (Bio.), 
M.D. '01. Physician. C.ire of Navy 
Dept. Washington, D. C. 

Maisel Marv Brown, A.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam K. llartman.) Juliet, 111. 

*FiiANK Er.iiERT BiiVANT, B.L., A.M. 'or, 
Ph.D. (Harvard) '10, d. Lawrence, 
Kan., Oct. 20, 1010. (33) 

Bi;i(TiiA Crinnei.l Biiell. B.I,., A.M. 
(RadclilTe) '08. Teacher in State Nor- 
mal College. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Marv Louise Bunker, Ph.B. (Mrs. F. 
Ward Howlett.) Jackson, Mich. 

AiuE C.EirrKUDE Buklsal, B.L. (Mrs. 
Dii;mc I), .\rnold.) (^malia, Neb 

Sti-wmit Hi-nuv Burnham, B.S. A=- 
si-l. Stale Botanist of New York. 

R. R. 2, Hudson Falls, N. Y. 

Makv .\i',NKs Burton, Ph.B. 

27 Brainard St., Detroit, Mich. 

Amelia Louise Carev, .A.B. (Mrs. 
Oscar l^uncan.) \Vinslow, Ark. 

Marc.auet Sprac.ue Cauhart, Ph.I!., 
A.M. '01. Instructor in Llnglish, Univ. 
of Colo., since KloS. P.oidder, Colo 

Martin Henry Carmody, Ph.B., LL B. 
'01. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Luther Clarendon Cari'Entek, B.S. 
(Chem.). Sui)t. Gcrm.ui American Su- 
gar Co. liav Cilv, Mich. 

T\l\iiY Ruth P.uTTLi Caico.-;, 11.1,. (Mrs 
Lewis C. CarsoiL) 
.'17 llan.ock A\.-, W , Mriroit, Mi.h 

Grace Ciii.oe Cartwrigiit, B.S. 

(Mrs. Charles W. Townley.) 

362 Pine Grove Ave., Chicago, III. 
Edmund Claude Champion, B.S. 

tChenL), M.S. '00. Supt. Atlas Port- 

Lmd Cement Co. Hudson, N. Y. 

Lelia Mekrilla Guilds, B.S. Teacher 

in Girls' High School. 

4S8 Noslrand/ive., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Alphonso Morton Clover, B.S., Ph.D. 

'04. (See Faculties.) Detroit, Micii. 
*IlEi.EN Fra.nces Ci.ute, Pli.B.. (Mrs. 

John T. Dickerson,) d. Oak Park, 111., 

July II, i<)i I. (41) 
Bessie Cole, B.L. Teacher 

in High School. Jackson, Mich. 


b'lectric Rv. Construction and Oper- 
ation Ford Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Run: .Ann Connor, Ph.B, A.M. '02. 
Teacher in Slate Prep. School. 

Boulder, Colo. 
Charles Dean Cool, A.B., A.M. (Har- 
vard) '00, Ph.D. (Wisconsin) '09. In- 
structor, Univ. of Wis. Madison, Wis. 
Harold Ditniiar Coriiusier, B.S.,M.D. 
'99. Physician. 

Plainfield, N. J. 
Henry Hoiiart Corwin, Ph.B. Lum- 
ber Dealer. Jackson, Mich. 
George William Cottrell, B L.I.L.B. 
CDetroit) '01. Lawyer. 
702 West. Res. Bldg., Cleveland, O. 
Waiter Curtis, B.S. Farmer. 
R. R. I, Plymouth, Mich. 
Hiram Cuaples Daley, Ph.B. Supt. of 
Schools. Wyandotte, Mich. 
Howard Richard Daniels, Ph.B. Real 
Estate. Care of C. B. Towers Co. 

Miles City, Mont. 
I'.i.wiN Ai ruED Davis, A.B. 

-looo Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Levi Okviim: Davis. B L. Organ- 
i'er 7('.S S. Lime St., Lancaster, Pa. 
Charles 1'isiier Deldridge, B.L.,LL.B. 
'01. Lau\er. • Detroit, Mich. 

Lydia ivIaria Adams DeWitt, B.S. 
/('0=;-y(j, M.D. '98, (Mrs. Alton D. De- 
Wilt.) (Sre I'aculties.) 

SpraL'ne Iiistitme, Cliica^o, III. 

Alice Mm'i;i, Donnelly, .\ B, Te.ich- 

er. Ashland, Wis. 

Stephen Arnold Dociglass, B.S. 

Teacher in Soldan High School. 

554? \'on Wrsen .\\e., St. Louis, Mo. 

ID.\ Mai: DfPKEE, B.S. 

Orcb.ird Lake, Mich. 
loH.N ill .m;\ i:hi.i;us, A.B. Studiiu. 

Cedarvillv, .Mich. 

■■ i 


'. ; i .' '. t .,\, 'I '< ,. DIM -, „Ai,: ,vi^»,M 

'jj . ...'.■r"n ■. :.. -•■l.^■> vi j-a .(; 

Ml i.-;;;^! 

j/ YB.' i/. 

y .1 . ) ■ ; .1' 'It! >.'>,'^ ■' ,.:; lu/l;-' ,;: . 

.!l : , ' . ; vl lO' i|-..'/l .Jro-iijCi , ■ .1 ;v 

> ,-. ■) .: ' V .. /; , . • ■• ; . ' M'-w ,..1,. ; •>!? rtnt I.'. 

).. ' ' <i f.v / 

(I I 

•\ ■■■■:]:■. -in 




AfsKV .\fAU...\UI.T I'llKllOU.N-, Pll.B. 

(.Mrs. KulK-rt J. Wait.) 

74 South St., Xewburiih, N. Y. 
Gi:oi;r.E Uuw.\kus F.w, B.S. (L!io.), 
M.l). '01. Physician and Siti.i;cuM. 
Washington Arcadu, Dotiuit, Mich. 

^VlI.I.I.^M lslCII.\Kll Kll-I.IJiKiUSi:, 

Writer. 1502 ]•:. (.jrd I'l., Chicago, 111. 
Gi(.\C!C S.-Mt.MC l'i..\OG, A.B. (Mrs. 

James M. Uaihcs.) 

626 S. Thayer St, .Ann Arbor. 
Hiu.i-N D.Msv FouT.M.M., Ph.B. (Mrs. 

George J. Dreiske.) 
Wii.i.1-; .\i.\iN l''(<ii\v.\Kii, A.B. A.:coinu- 

ant. IhOO K. .^.^rd Si.. Chica-u, 111, 

EsTiCLLi: lli:i.i;.\ Pox, B.S. Teacher at 

Massona, Iowa. Hinsdale, ]11. 

J.\Mi;s Li:sLiiv FitiiNcir, A.B., A.M. '00. 

(See Faculties.) Ann Arbor. 

GtoKCf: W Asiii.v.vm.v Fiukky. F-' , 

A.M. 'II. Teacher in N. W Acad. 

l-.xan.t n, HI. 
M\i;i.i. C.\Kui.i.N|. G.\i 1:, i:.S. (.Mrs. .M- 

bcrt B. l.owrie.) 

00 Clainnonnt Ave. Detroit, Mich. 
I.ouisR Uosstici. Giifiis, B.L. Teacher 

in High School. I'lescntt, Ariz. 

PlKRiiicin- Cii.u<i.F,s GoKi:, B S., M.S. 

(Ohio State) '01. Chemist. 
P.urcaii of Clieni., \V'a^ilington, D. C. 
Wn.i.i.\.ii Jusr.rii GuTiiuii:, A.B. City 

Su|)t. of Schools. Orange City, Iowa. 
Lii.i.i.^N ICi.i.K.M Hadi.Uv. Ph.B. Teach- 
er u\ Jligh School. YunUers, N. Y. 
Fj.OKiiNCE Si.oci;.M H.\i,i,, .-\.B. Teacher. 

Care of Assist. Postmaster. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Iii.\ CuRibTiNi; H.MUiECK, Ph.B. Teach-' 

er in ]''.abtern Higli School. 

Detruit, Mi.h. 
Iv.iix W V iw llsuui:;. 15 S. Ciienii>t. 

.]'.; We.-t St., New York, N. ^■. 

\\ll,l.l\'l I'.I.NMIN ll.\KUIS.).N, Ph.B. 

Sccr'y Old. Hanker,' .\s.o. 

Knid, Okl. 
Etiz.AUEru Sur.uoo.v H.\wi.EV, A.B. 
(Mr.,. A. 1). Porter.) 

-Miles Citv, Mont. 
K.\Ti: Hi;.vi.Y, Ph.B., A.M. '07. Teacher. 
Fort Dod-c, low.i. Ann- Heath, Ph.B. (Mrs. Vladi- 
mir Tillemann.) 

41 mil St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
tHi:.NKV llEiTM.^.SN, Ph.B. Private jist 
.Mich. Inf. iA.jS. Box lOJ, 

Ponghkeepsie, N. Y. 
HaKUV PaTTKKSO.V llERI.MAN, Ph.B., 'oi. Lawyer. 

J,o S. .Main St, I.'-, .\ngelcs, Cal. 

Ai.ioK JuviTA HiCKEv, B I.. Priiie. of 

High School. Two Harbors, Aiinn. 

Flora Iu.sie Hill, B.L.,A.M. '05. Head 

of Dept. of Fngiish in Slate Normal 

School. Marquette, Alich. 

l'i;i<cv .\i.iii:kt Hi.MEb, B.l,., c' !■_/)-' 00. Kii- 

^;iiKer. W'aiiwaiosa, Wis. 

Fr.iK.MA HuiULS, Ph.B. (Mrs. Kdward 

T. Ta:.-;:.;arl.) ^ 

Portland, Ore. 
C!i.\KLES Benja.mix Hole, B.U. Bank- 
er. .1.5 Gedar St., New York, N. Y. 
I.i.o.naki) Cou.NSEi.i.oR ]luNi;.srv, A.B., 
M.I), 'o.'. Phy>ician. Washington, Pa. 
RuvAL Bar.miakv Hovev, B.S. Typo 
Founder. Winnetka, 111. 
WiNiiuri) Alice IIubhell.A.B. Teach- 
er in High School. Muskegon, Mich. 
Arthur Scott Huuso.v, A.B. Snpt. of 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 
Haurv Rogers Hurliut, A.B., l.P.B. 
(.V. W. Hniv.) '01. 

iM Nat. Bk. Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Arvul-u Mastick Hvbi:, .\ B., l.U.B. 
(Ui.iv. of Iowa) ii/K). Lawyer. 

Princeion, Mo. 
Caul Hi::.rv 1 iiersiioee, B.L. Instruc- 
tor in German, Har\ard L'niv., since 
11,0.^. Canihriilge, Mass. 

FuEi) Lewis Ingraham, B.L., LL.B. '<A 
Lawyer. Yuma, Ariz. 

Cecil McKi:e Jack, Ph.B., M.D. "02. 
Physician. Decatur, 111. 

May Selma Jaehnu,, B.L. Teacher in 
Calnmct High School. 

Lauriuin, Mich. 
BuKTo.N BuA.N'cii Johnson, A.B. As- 
sist. State Secr'y'V. M C. A. 

Lansing, .Midi. 
M-i;i:o J. IS, ,Ml JoH.N.-,u.N, U.S., d. I'lint, 

.Mich , Dec. 19 1007. (30) 
I'lKCV Wai.i. Ione-^, B L. Real h'.state. E. ()3th St, Chicago, 111. 
Di-METEU Kalinoie, B.S., M.U. '01. Phy- 
sician. Stillwater, Minn. 
.■\ He-nry Keith, B.L. Banker., Okl. 
KiUTH Ke.n'.n'Euy, J5.S. Teacher. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
CuARLEh Woi.coTT Kent, B.S., e'gs-'O^J- 
Teacher in Stale Normal School. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Helen Louise Kimlin, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
William M. C. Bryan.) 

4105 Dehnar Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 
I'.LSA King, B L. 
IloRACi; KircHi;i., B.L. Journalist. 

Coldwater, Mich. 

,1, i/! 

ii .1. ,1 ,; ./, ,.1.: •-!( i.' '.).«- , 

•' ' .■!IV».1t-l 
)i ,YU.- 

,/. -liL* 

..1:..,/, ,t,.si„4 1)11. K) . ' 
:• ?i!jt,,i .• ■ t:..i ].;j; ; ii. I '1 .a..'." ,K 

', '■' I-'.' . '■ .t-Ol >.!'.' • . • 


l.riliKAKV Dlil'.lR'tMliXr. 



1^\I■. JIauma.n- Kiti:i,i.;v, A, 11., A.M. 'oi. 

Siipi. oi, ;in.l l„iuN.-r. 

I.Oll^mullt, Colo. 
J.s.MKs L.\\vni..\cic Kociii:ir, B.i.. Lum- 

bo-. Di-c.iUir, Iiul. 

J".\.\.\(.r.i.i.M; I.a.m,, 1!.S. (Mr,. 

CI. arks A. IjikIIht^Ii.) 

U, K. 3, l.itUc Kails, Minn. 
J<,ii.\- Sti'xut l.ATiiKus, 15. 1,., /'y7-'<;.S. 

I'rof. ot l\i.Tidiiig and (Jraiury in State 

Nonual Coll. Vpsilaiiii, -Mich. 

Cii.MJLuiTi; MtNnr.i.i. LiiAvirr, Pli I!., 

.\ .\1. (Cuhnulia) 'cS. l'r.,f. of Euy,. 

l.ii in Wa-iibaiii Coll. mkcc i^)'j. 

i.n.Mwi, .\i.i..\ I.i:m.,.m, rii.i;. Ulr-v""ja- 
' Iv \\\;ucr.) I!..iwk-y, Cal. 

l-.i.i -.s.^K 1.i,n;>u.\, 11.1,. Teacher 
)eU..lL Scli,,Ml.s. l.enii.n, .Midi. 

llAKi l.irn.i:i-iKi.o. U.S. (Mrs. 
D.iniel I. J'.Kkr.) 

jjj, S. iJth St., Aiiu Arbur. 

livA May I.ockl:, A.B., M.U. 'co. I'hy- 

sicinii. Nasiuui, N. II. 

John I.oeffi.ek, B.r.. Princ. of Heard 

School. Detroit, Mich. 

IIr:-;KV II.MtkisoN I,ovr;i.i., 1!.S. Iiisnr- 

:axc. The Ro^kerv, Chicat^u. 111. 

Rav Jami:s MtCor.i., 15.1.., 11. D. (Obei- 

lini 'OS. Cul.;;. -Miai.ler. 

Des I'iaii'cs. III. 

I.I II \ K.\K i.ruuDCKKK McC.MTKK, B S. 
( .\lr=. IKiiiv 1). SciuKler.) 

Cnrv.illi-, Ore. 
lli-.Kiii.KT Jav McC!<i:auy, U.S. Tea< her 
in Manual Traiiiing lli-h School. 
ISS Garfield PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

jAMRrf 'GAI.I'.K.ilTlI •McMknKV, Ph.B., 
/■.>;-'oo. l.av.Acr. 

lVnob.s.-,.i llUkr, Del, oil, Mivh. 

W ii.i.UM l,^ M \N- .Mack, B.I.. Uuiubcr. 
Cr.iud JniKlioii, Colo. 

Nkui.ik McKay, Ph.B. Assist. Libra- 
rian, State Library. Laiisinjf, Mich. 

Arciihiai.i) Haroi.u McMillan, .A.B., 
I.D.B. 'oi. Lawyer. Bay City, Mich. 

AcNKS MacNauciiton, B.L. Teacher in 
llii;h School. Sauk Centre, Minn. 

Si:i;i:kx S^lvlslkk McVav, Ph r..,.V.M. 
'oi. A .M.- ( I'enn. C.ll.) \,, kancli- 

M.MM. NUA'cv, B.L. 
Jins .\hlrich .\ve., S, 

iMiiineaiH.lis, .Minn. 

*b'i-iii, Ci..\Ki: .Ma.m.n, 111... (.\lr>. Tlioiu- 

.is !•: PerUiiis,) d. l.-.l^.m, III, .M.irch 

1^1, loiJ. t.V') 

Andkl C,i;i.Kc.i-, Makion, .\ II. Lumber. 

I «i.S Siaie Si., IImi-c, M.ibo. 

Mary Kstlllic Marshall, Ph.B. 
417 S. Central Park Ave., Chicago, III. 

I. IDA Ciii:.\(j\vi:fii Marti.n, B.L. Teach- 
er in lli;.,h Schoul. Decatur, 111. 

Saml'i;i. ()T•i■.^L\R Mast, B.S., Ph.D. 
(Ilarvaril) '(»<.■. Prof, of Biology in 
Coiiclur Coll. Scientific Writer. 

. Baltimore, Md. 

Cii.\KLi.s W'lLi.iA.M ]\[icKi;.\s, B.L., A.M. 
'o.i. Sniu. .)! .\drian, Mich. 

'Ji-ssiiv CruRY Mic.iiiXL, B.L., d. Sier- 
ra .Madre, Cal, July 13, 1904. (26) 

Lkancls \Vjmi-ri;l> MillEK.A.B. (Mrs. 
Iknry W. Harvey.) 
,;o Lalhroj) .\ve„ Battle Creek, Mich. 
i\i.Li:\ 1'ri:di;rick Mii.lkk, B.S., 


\ M. \ I, Prof. ,,1 Ph>sics, Colo. 

Scbu^.l ,,i .Mm,-:, (;,,l.l,Mi, C,.>b-. 

.\i.i:i;i;T Tail, IK Mills, Ph.B, A.M. 

'08. Prof, of Hist, and Polit. Sci., 

JaiiKS .Millikeii Univ., since 11)03. 

Decatur, 111. 
Gi:iN'i:vii;vi: Ei.izAnLrii Mills, .\.B. 

(Mrs. Leslie J. Tavlor.) 

Tayl,.r^i!lc, III. 
ll,)\VARi) Danikl MiNCin.N-, B.S., A.M. 

•04, Ph.D. 'a,. Assi.t. Pr,.f. uf Phys- 

i,s, p., Chester I'niv., since lyoO. 

Kochesier, N. Y. 
Paul BkuAnr.Lv Mouuy, A.B., LL.B. 

'01. Lawyer. Delr,>it, Mich. 

I.Ai-kA M,;oRi-., .\.B. Si. Clair, Mich. 
CiiAKLis U' ii>.^ M,.Ri:v. A.B.. .'\.M. 

'00. Prtcciitor, Princeton Univ. since 

i<_;0('). Princeton, N. J. 

Cii.uu.Ms Cli-.mknvs Morris, Ph.B., 

A.M. (Harvard) '07. Assist. Prof, of 

Math., C)hio Slate I'niv. i()c«. 

C.>lunil)us, O. 
♦Paul An,. i. 111 MoSLs, Ph.B.. LL.B. 

(Ilarv.ird) 'o-', d. Chicago, 111., Feb. 

10, 1007. U'lj) 
tTiiu.MAS -Vlvin Nkal, B.S. (Bi,L), 

M.D. '01. Seaman U. S. S. Ihiriard. 

iS,>S. PhysiciaiL 

TJ2 Marstou Ct., Detroit. Mich. 
Ka.vnv Tiii:i<i:s\ Nichols, B.L. Care of 

lasnii K. Xichobs. Lansing, Mich. l.v.UAN NiLLS, Ph. 11. .Mami- 

factiirer. .\ii.,m,-sa, Iowa. 

MAUI...N J^iLiLi- NlMS, .\.l!. 

3j Jenei.son Ave, Oshkosh, Wis. 
John t'.L/.,i.s .\'o,)I;i)i;wilr. .V.ll. Clcrgy- 

m.ui Riverton, N. J. 

Mauv Ki iZNHLrii O'Connor, Ph.B. 

Lilcrarv iMitnr ,)f The Record I Icr- 

aid. Chicago, III. 

GlisiAVl/S .\lu.Ll'HUS Old INOLR, A.B, 

I.I, II. ',.-'. I.auvcr. r,,|.du, (J. 

^ , 'y> A t ;. 

,f (:.• .;; , M .'!( 




P.m;i. Ouvkr, B.S. (Bio), M.D. (Rush) 
'01. Phi'sician. 404 Asliland Blvd., 

Chicago, 111. 

Joe Carlos Osburn, Ph.D. Manufac- 
turer. OwDSso, Mich. 

R.-\i,i'ii Hugh Pacu, B.S..(Chcm.), c'gs- 

'96. With Pressed Concrete Steel Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Flora Estelle Parker, B.L. Teacher. 
504 Grand River Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

GroRCE I'rEderick Paul, A.B. Princ. 
Blaine Sihool. Pori.i, III. 

GuxcE Darling Plelk, B.S., M.D. '07. 
I'Josician. no Mont.i.mie Si., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Harlow Stafford Person, Ph. B, A.M. 
'rw, Ph.D. '02. Director of Tuck 
School and Prof, of Commerce and 
Industry. Hanover. N. II. 

1''k.\\cis l,ir.LT.\N Petit, A.B. Teacher 
in (J.vfurd Coll. fur W'onun. 

Oxford, O. 

Nancy SiCvmour Piielis, A.B. Teacher. 
318 Viuewood A\e., Detroit, Mich. 

*Olive Blanche Phillii'S, B.L. (Mrs. 
Edwin H. Roberts,) d. Denver, Colo., 
Aug. 17, 190.3. (30) 

Frank Ht.\ Post, B.S. Chief Chemist 
lu Portland Cement Co. 

Coldwater, Mich. 

M.\kV I.VLE Reid, B.I.. (Mrs. Charles 
K. Seihert.) South Bend, Ind. 

Ki.Dol.MIE K.SNSOM Ri-n.LY, B.L. Pub- 
lisher. 319 S. Wabash .Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

Frederick Eugene Rtieinerank, BT, , 
I.L.B. '01. Spilzer Bld.g., Toledu, O 

N 1:1.1 IE Fuller Rice, A B. (Mr.s. [uhn 
I,. i;.HiM t^iand K.ipids, Mich. 

CiL\KLi:s .Arr.f.sTUb Ki i:.'.ii.m \n, .\,I!. 
lauNcr, I |i I'.ro.Mluav, 

New Y..rk, N. Y. 

*luvi\<-, Wasiiincton Kii:r,ELM.\N, BE., 
(I. Sucitherg, liavaria, July 10, 11^19. 

JosEMi WuK.uT RoiuNSON, A.B, Farm- 
ing. Holt, Mich. 


A.M. (Columbia) 'o|. Instructor in 

Botany in Vassar Coll. 

Potighkeep^ie, N. Y. 
Clu-eord Griffith Roe, B.E., I.I. B. 

'02. ';70f) Drexel .Ave., Chicai^n, 111 
George i'.owiN Rogers, B.S. (Chcm ). 

Siipt. of Schools. Athen.s, Pa. 

♦S.M>iE P. Ryan, A.B, d. Whilmore 

Lake, Mich., Aug. .m, 1000. (I'V) 
Hi;li;n May St. John, I'liH, .\,M. 'o.'. 
71.1 Iv I'l-iv .\x.' , .Ann .\ 

Harlev Hai.sted SeelEy, B.L. Man- 
ufacturer. .Ann Arbor. 
Louise Shepard, Ph.B. (Mrs. Harold 
D. Corbusier.) Plainfield, N. J. 
♦LuciLE Abigail Sill, A.B., perished 
in the Iro(|uois Theatre tire, Chicago. 
Dec. 30, 1903. (26) 
Martha Anne Sj.ater, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
James N. Pe;ircc.) 

Iowa City, Iowa. 
♦Evelyn M.^RY Smith, Ph.B. B.L. 
( llills.lale) '<j2, (Mr. Richard I). 
Clipiiinger,) d. Bclkfontaine, Ohio, 
Nov. (), i(/)4- (.34) 
Roy Burnett Smith, B.S. (Chcm.). 
M.S. (Colgate) '03. Asso. Prof, of 
Chcm. in Colgate Univ. 

Hamilton, N. Y. 
Ruth Louise Smith, B.S. 

3?4 High St., Marshall, Mich. 
Arthuu Dickey Stansell, B.L., LL.B. 
'02. I.auver. 

luiuity BIdg., Detroit. Mich. 

I'KsNcis MoKi,i:y Stead, A.B. Prcsb. 

Mis^iunary. Kermanshah, Persia. 

Wellington D'Forte Sterling, B.L. 

Supt. Schools. 

Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
WiLLAki) John Stone, B.S., M.D. '01. 
Physician. Colton Bldg., Toledo, O. 
Anna Zit.\ Sullivan, B.S. (Mrs. 
Thomas R. McHugh.) Rialto, Cal. 
Caul Sundstro.m, B.S. (Chem). Chem- 
ical Engineer will) Solvay Process Co. 
Detroit, .Mich. 
In\ Pamela Taylor, Ph.B. (Mrs. Her- 
bert C. C.oie.) Takoma Park, D. C. 
T\Mis Sti'aut Taylor, B.L., LL.B. 
^K,,ll~,,^> '07. I -la, Kan. 

Mvuim: IIam:s Tha\eu, .\.n. 
i(i(. I'ouniain St., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Nki SON Walter Thompson, B.S., M.D. 
(It) '01. Physician to State Ilusp. 

Middletown, N. Y. 
Nellie Tho.mson, B.L. Teacher. 

Santa Ana, Cal. 
T. Lltitia Thompson, Ph.B. (Mrs. Al- 
\in O. WriLdit.) 

46.S ^6^\\ St , Oakland, Cal. 
rDctroil^ -oV I.awver. 

.MoiTat Bidg, Detroit, Mich. 

'03, I'lil). 'o-^ (See Faculties) 

Ann Arbor. 
Carkii; I.. T(.wi.i(, li L. (Mr^. Wclling- 
tc.ii I. \\\ilu-rb(c ) 

I 10 llrWill St ,, N. Y. 


■/ ,i. ,.t..ff 

Ml- ■Ti/'T- 

.( ■. I, •[ 

i8<y>i9oo.] I.rriiK.lKY DHFARTMIiNT. 135 

Hp;nky Tui'I'ER, B.I.., LL.Ii. (III. Coll. Hincu-.uT ()ki.ani>o Wilcox, Ph.D. 

of Law), Liiwycr. With rnuknlial Ins. Co. 

(jiand Jmktiuii, Colo. Lansing, Mich. 

Ci..\RA TuKNKR, Ph.H. Kki.i.u;, I'li.H. (Mrs. Edward 

2-|8 Maple Si., Battle Creek, Mich. L. IkMulnck.) I'eoria, 111. 

LiLA TuuNUR, A.B., A.M. '00. Teacher Ltui:i,i:i:i'ja Williams, B.L. Teacher in 

in High vSchool. Battle Creek, Mich. Central Ili,^ll Scho,>l. 

La i^ji; Va.n' Huok, A.B., Ph.D. (Chi- (^rand Rapids, Mich. 

cago) '04. Asso. i'rol. of Classical *Ii)A May Wimi:r, B.L., d. Coldwater, 

Philology, Coluinliia Univ. Mich., June 8, iyoj». (34) 

New York, N. Y. Milton W. Wimlr, B.S. Bank Cashier. 

Edith Aucusta Van Klukck, Ph.B. Coldwater, Mich. 

l.ihrarian Oneen Anne High School. tAkTiiUR Uoulkt Wistrand, ]!.L. Pri- 

S.-atlle, Wash. valr 31st .Mich. Inf. uS^jS. Pli(.t(;graph- 

M\iii;i. Klihata Van Kli:i;k, A li. cr. Lander, Wyo. 

PiiiK-. ..f High School, Charloiie, kosrui: Mark Wuon, Sheep 

Mull , ic,i<i . .\nn Ail.or. I'.rccchr. Saline, Mich. 

I1|M:V \ \.\ Sl.nuTLN, A 1'. , .\.l;. ( lln|u-) M A K T I L\ I'. LI Z A II i:TII WvANT, PIlH. 

\,.M, .\.M. w7';,/.) 'oL Cii^lncr. Teacher in High School. 

ISancroic, LI. dm. Santa Ana, Cal. 

LiSLA Ai.icL Van Valkumiuuc, A.B. Gui;ta ISlllic Young, ( Mrs. Eran- 

(Mrx Albert U. Crittenden.) cis S. Law,) San Diego, Cal. 

10.51 I'orcst Ave., Ann Arbor. TiiLoiuhji; /hindkn, A.U., M.D. '01. 

*C.i:ktkudic ELizAniiTu Vauoun, A.B, 4 5' Nebraska Ave., Toledo, O. 

(Mrs. Charles T. Tryon,) d. at So- (229) 


nora, Mex., May 23, 11)05. (j8) 
Lkonard D'Oogk Vkruilr, .V.B, LL.B. 

'01. Lawver. Emma Catiii-riM' Acki^rmann, Ph.B 

Crand Rapids. Mich. Teacher. Lueki^ort, 111. 

Bi-UTUA lorn. Vi.seK.wr, .\.l!. Teacher h'usN'K;i-.NM; A.nurLws, B.S., A.M. 

in Lake \'icw High School, -.nue 100^. \/j. Teacher. 3^21 Labadie Ave., 

t^^l D.,ver St., Cliicag,^, 111. St. Louis, Mo. 

Wii.iLNM \nu>, iir, Ph.lL, ;/roo-'oi. tR.M.i'ii e:i.AKK Ai'Ti-D, B.S., M.D. '02. 

SalcMn.i),. j.i-'4 X. U'nd Sl, Hosp. Steward 35th Mich. Lif. i8gS. 

Philadelphi.i, Pa. Ph>sician and Surgeon. 

l-Ri;ui.i(iCK Rici; Waluron, Ph.B., . Grand Rapids, Mich. 

M.I). '01. Assistant in Surgery, Univ. Erank Staples Baciillulr, B.S., M.D. 

of MkIl, MHce lyoi. Physician. 'o5- As.sist. I'hysician, ICast. .Mich. 

Ann Arbor. Asjluni, since 1006. Pontiac, Mich.. 

May WAL^^.LLv, Pli.B.,A.M. '00. Teach- JosKini llKRsni-v Bair, Ph.B., A.M. '01, 

er in W. S. High Sch.inl. Ph.D. (Colunil.ia) '03. Prof, of Psy- 

Se.ililk, Waih. chology, Univ. of Colo., 1903-08. Min- 

Gku-k Hi.i.i 1: Ward, B.S. (Mrs. I'led ing. 4224 Chestnut St., 

11. 11. Callionn.') Clein.vjn Coll., S. C. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clvdi- 1k\i\ Wi-iibTiK Ph B LL.B. Iri'me Stodhaud Bakkr, A.B. (Mrs. 

■01. Lawyer. Lewis (uislafson) 

433 .\iajeslic BIdg., Detroit, Mich. 5^''^' Julian Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Bi;i;laii Stone Weeks, AM. (Mis. George I'.uwaud Baldwin, B.L. In- 

Ercd L. lieiuenway.) Decatur, Mich. vcstuient> K.niier Club, 

Hi.v.ii White, Ph.B., LL.B. 02. Sales- Seattle, Wash. 

man. 347 Madison Ave., Meta Alice B.vncroet, B.L. (.Mrs. Es- 

New York, N. Y. caville !■. I'atlers.m.) 

Jennie Makel, A.B. Marcellus, Mich. 

Teacher in Lake View High School. Cl.\ra Elizauetii Barclay, A.B. 

44S7 N. J'aulina St., Chicago, 111. 303 Eredonia .Ave., Peoria, III. 

Matthew Bem.e Whittlesey, Ph.B, L(hiisa I'.i.i/mieth Barker, A.B. Teach- 

/'oo 'iKi. l.l.B. (Detroit) '01. Lawyer er. Miiscaliue, loua. 

and .Mnlr. i(h, Ruweiia St., I'.DN \ lion: I'.xur, PliH, (Mrs. Gilbert 

DelP.H, Mich. W. I'eei.) Ypsilanti, Mich. 

■J ,:'A '';- ( .iM r';i 

I K..!' .Ua. ;' 


Jii'SON l!i;cKwiTii, irS., AM 
(C()liiniM,-i) 'aS. luslnictor in Biol<i...y 
m \' Coll. PouKlik-ecpsic, N. Y. 
ivi.Mi'K Bi;i;iii:, I' 

Arclic Club, Seattle, Wash. 

jL'i,i..\ IIknkiktta ]Ji;i:si:, B.vS. Tcac-her 

in Bay City I'a.sterii lli-h Sdio.ij. 

1323 wS. Jelfcrson Ave, Saginaw, A[icli. 

{jUACii; Gnu-KiTii Bi;i;i,i.;, Pli.B., A iM 

■01. 104 Taylor Ave, Del nut, Mich 

lIowi-i.T, I.i.icwicr.i.VN' BiM-.r.K, B.S Ml) 

'05. PlivMcirm. Oliice liKl-' 

Detroit, Mich. 

•■.|i'i,i\ Pki:t J;i:.\soN,Ph.i;, (Mrs ]<,,!,- 

.■rt I!. B. iMDoli-,) il. ClcvclaiKl, O., 

May :32, 1900. (40) 

Gi-niuMC Nki.S(j.\ BuNTi.Kv, B.L. Priiic 

nf Ili.h School. Cripple Cr.ek, Colo! 

Na.n'cv MAr,.\NA Bi;.ntm:v, A.B. (Mrs. 

Charles I,,.e,,. ) 

(M-.M,.I J„ncii,,n, Colo. 
lloWAKii BkukKv j'.isnoi', I'.S Re- 
search Chemist. Will, Ceneral CliMii- 
, i-'l t'^'. 1"-! I'Mk Pi, |;p,Mklvi., X.V 
Axvn- l;.,e::, Ph.Ii 

V) S. Cr.oul .\ve,, I. 
Wi.NiKKr:n ];,M-,r.i-, \ 
Teacher in ilioli Sch._ .. 

Oak Park, III 

(rrro TIkrman, B.S. Teachci 

ill Philippines, ujoi-o]. Assist Post- 

"i-i^lei-- Winona, Minn 

I'.LiZAiiKTrr Boui.soM, Ph.B. 

N.vTiiA.N Kavdkn- Bo\vi:.\, Ph.B. Kdiior 

130 Josephine y\vc., Detnn't, Mich 

\\ii.iu:k Paiujox Bowu.nt, B.S., MS 01 

(See Facuhies.) Ypsilanti, Mich. 

liAKui.i) AfAirn.N' Bow.MAN, B I, AM 

'ni, T.r.B. '(K). Ph.n CColnnihia) oV 

J.e.lurer in B ston Univ. School. 



An;.;e!es, Cal. 
A.M. '01. 






r. N. I. 


•iiv Wii.r.rsM 1!,, 



A.B,, A.M. 

(Ilarv.inl) 'o_>. 


. ( 



'i)|. (See l\icnh 

es. ) 




•N-NA I't.OISi; BlUSToi,, 




ni MeKinlcy Hit; 

1 Sc 

2.S !•:. Jackson 




is, Mo. 


<1';i)i;kicic Jdsr.i 




Draftsman. _'i6 


le t 



, Mich. 

i:i.i;na Ai.ovsia 


i: S 

( .Mis, 

I'Mnnnid C. Chan 


(1 Coiu-t St , 



N, V. 


icTOR ]''imi;sT Bi 



-. I 

.1,0 II 

11 St 

. W 




A B;;u(K, r-h.p, ( 


•I I) 


Icalv ) 
, Iowa. 

■■< Hoii-: l5uv.\.N" 

.V W. Martin.) 

..s Woo.lhMKl Ave., 

Havwaki) Bum.NGTON, Ph.B 
lu'r in llioh Sdiook 


,, , Conneaut, 0. 

h.i.i,i:N P,:i<i(Y BuuNiiA.\i, Ph.B. Teacher 
in Brvant High School, New York 
,/ "•^■- ,. ,,. . Astoria, N. Y. 

Vi;i;.x,,:j ]..,., Btisii, Ph.B. Salesman. 
IN-' .Maple St,, Battle Creek. Mich 

.Men,,minee, Mich. 

JM)W\I;D Li.\C,)),.v CA.M1-Ili:i.l., Ph B 

, Winona, Minn. 

Ii<\ Am:xandi;r Cami-bi;i.l, B.I... I.L.B. 

oj. J.awver. Merchants' li.xch., 
, ,. San I'rancisco, Cal. 

A,N.\,\ I'.MKi.i.vK C\ui'i:.sTi;i(, Pli.B. 
(Mrs I.eonaril 11 W.nlier.-) 

(■raiul Rapids, Mich. 

Mm:v I Knwr.i:im-,f: Carson, B.L (Mrs. 

,,IIn1ov.- S, Person.) Hanover, N. H. 

l.\ isH V W ak.m:k Casi:. B S., .V.M. 'oi. 

I lie Insnrance. 1,57 S. l.aSdle St., 

Chicago, 111. 
Mix.Mi; Lixii.iA Cassinv, B,S. Teacher. 
Salt l,;,k. City, Utah. 
Kosi; .Marv Lassidv, B.S. Teacher 

Salt Pake Cilv, Utah. 

L.DWARD Burns Caiii.kins, B.L. Secr'y 

of Mich. Steel Casting Co., .-ind others. 

159-S Jetterson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Vi.:k\ CiivMin-RiiN, Ph.B,, A.M. '01. 

(.Mrs. Chester T. Pane.) 

15'N -Maple .\ve., h'ort Wayne, Tnd. 
k.i'Mi M, Mm,, Cinma-. \ 1!. 

i^" X. M:u,„nl, S.,, M,.,,r... Mich. 
^^•^^'iS I.iC.kvm, C,,riui,, A,B, B.I). 
1 .\euion) '01 B.ipti.t ClergMnan. 

Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 

I'RwcKs iM.i/'Aiir.Tii Ci.ARKi:, B.L.,A.M. 

'o<). Teacher in Brooklyn Trainintr 

School Park PL, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

1m!.m;.sV (.', B S., M.D. and Surgcoi:, 

.SX.^S W, Superior St., Austin, 111. 
MoRSK Mdsi-s Coiii'.N-, B.S. Chemist. 

-',-7 Iv I-oresl .\ve,. |)eln)it, Mich. 
I'Rl/.i koic St,\.mms,i C()l.lii;i;,v, .\.I!. 
T.A.,s ,,f Tl,. \\u; Carl.oric Co. 

.-.S S f.n,al Si. Chicago 111. 

iM;vMor,< 1!,:m-,i (.'...xcn;, .\,B,, A.M. 

'lOv C.irp. ,V'd Midi. Inf, iS,,^S. Jour- 

nalrt /inimer Sir, jS. Berlin Cer 

■\l " I III I IA\ Cook, ,\ 1!. Ilc'nl of 

l-'lui I'M't.. Cat.iulM C..I1,. .\\wl.,„. 


.\' Y, 


•■ >;■ ;!■.■,• ■ 

]f: "! 

fi / .v. 

■■A ■:■. 

■u , ; 'T 

... -''M -- . 

I./;... I 

i.rii\k.\i<y iJi:r.iuTMi:.\'j' 


M.vkY I!i:\i_RicH Cnoi.i;v, Ph.D. (Mrs. 
rieorge W. Kin^. ) 
j^lS N. Dekiwaru St., 

liuli.inapolis, Imi. 
1"r\nk I,.\\vki:nck Cuoi'i;k, li.S., A.M. 
'o.|. Pli.l). (Johns lli.pkins) '07. In- 
structor in Physics, ShcHicld Scienti- 
I'lC School, .since 1907. 

New 1 bvcn, Conn. 
IjiwAun S.\ML'i;r, Cokwin, I'h.B., Ph.D. 
(Univ. of Pa.) '04. Preceptor in 
l^rincclon Univ. .since 1905. 

Princeton. N. J. 
Ci.Au.v .Xdki.i. CuKTiss, .\.l!. TcaclK-r. 

.Athens, Pa. 

ir.MaKV I.i\cm,.\ C'uKTis, Pli.P,., .A.M. 

■of, Ph.D. '10. PiuMri.i, nt 

Slan<hn-.N \V.i.hiu4inn, D. C. 

Wl.NMn<KO l-AMln:i 1,1. Dam.1.1., .\.H. 

A.M. 'oj. Tc.ich.r in lliuh Schud. 

St. J..hns, Mich. 
MukCAN I.i.ovi) Davii;s, li.I,., /'oo-'oj. 
L.iwver. Tsl Nat. Dk. PKIcr., 

Chicago, III. 
I.ucy CoRniiTT Davis, Ph.H. 

3,52 Townsend St., I.ansine, ^fich. 

Roiu-KT Pi;tur Dj-.Bruv.n, A.B., A.Pj. 

(.Hope) 'y8. Teacher in fli^h School. 

Golden, Colo. 

Mi.NN-A Uenton, B.S., A.M. 

'01. Instructor in Lewis Inst. 

Chicago, Ilk 
Ci-Nr:vii;\). I.rovARn Di:uiiv,BS. (.Mis. 
Thomas R. W'oodrow.) 

Denser, Culo. 

Maud Mary DkWiit, B.S. (Mrs. Ray- 

ni.'ud P.ark) Orouo, Maine. 

l-RA.NK Diiuii, Phi;, B.D. (Union) '04. 

Clerf-yinai, klast .Moriches, N. Y. 

l"i,oi;i:\ci: May I)ivi:i;, A li., /i'o)-'oi. 

(.Mrs. Ilarrv 1,. Inui.-,.) 

I.ansn1^^ Mich. 
IIakky Ci.irr(U<D Doani:, B.S. Teacher 
HI Central High School, since lyOJ. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
F.isiK Graci:, Ph.B. Teacher 
in High School. Lake Linden, Mich. 
Ci.ARA ]\. UuNN, A.B. Teacher in Chi- 
cago Normal Scliool. 

3 45 W. 67th St., Chicago, Ilk 
M.MiioN Ida, Ph.B. (Mrs. 
Warren li. Brown.) 

2.(7 llannon Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
'MiNNiK \'i;ronica Dwvkr, B.L., d. 

.Ann Arhor, Nov. 20, 1910. (33) 

I'uA.scis DwioiiT Kaman, B.L., /'o.S '<)<), 

'oo'oi. Lawyer. Dclrciit, Mich 

Ai.i.KN Jav Kaston, B.S I'riuc. nf 

High School. Port Huron, Midi. 

Ja.mks Ai.i.isu.s- Evans, B.S. Chemibt 

to Dairy and Food Div., Dept. of Ayri. 

of Pa. Erie, Pa. 

Bi:.\jAMiN Gi:nuci; I'wai.u, A.B, B.D. 

(New ton) '03, .\.M. (Harvard) '06. 

Clcrgs man. 

Poison, Mont. 
EoiTii Gi:ktrudk 1'ai.i;s, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Charles R. Gasloii.^ 

Richmond Hill, N. Y. 
MAUHr, Wii.soN Fu.Ki.NS, A.B. (Mrs. 

Clayton H. Hoffman.) Rapids, Mich. 
I^,AKl:l. Fwco, A.B. (Mrs. Francis M. St. Joseph, Mich. 

^A'lCToKiv M\i;>.AKi;r l^oiiiiv, Ph.B., 

.\M. '..•., d. Webster, Wa=luenaw Co., 

.Mich, July 12, ly.o. (^^) 
Wai.tkr Si:vmul-u FosTi.R, B.L., LL.B. 

'02. Pns. .Atly., 1907-11. 

Lansing, Mich. 
iNOi'.noRi". SoMiiA FrI'Di.l'nd, B.S. As- 
sist, in Law Library, and Clerk to 

.1/ii7u!;n)i l.aio Rciicu. Ann Arbor. 
E1..M1.K l.rsi.ii;, A.B. ^L•ln- 

ufacinrer. 20 W . Columbia St., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Lamni.v l'"Ri;ucirrF.L, B.L. 

(Mrs. Sherman E. Carlton.) 
3316 liroadview Rd., Cleveland, O. 
IIknry Mills Gulston, .A.B. Prof, of 

Latin and Greek, Butler Coll., 1910 — . 

3(15 liurgo^s Ave., Indianap<j|is, Ind. 

M.\i;c.ui:kim; (jiiisoN', B.L. Teacher of 

French. Care of Munroe & Cie., 

7 rue Scribe. Paris, France. 
Mary .Ai.ick Gouijari), P>.S. Instructor 

in Botany in State .Normal Coll., since 

u)oo. Yi)silau(i, Midi. 

Im.oka I.uki.t.a Gtji:sciu;i., B.S. (Mrs. 

jolm J. Brewer.) Romeo, Mich. 

l"ki:i>l'RICK RUSSICI.L GcjRTON, B.S., 

A.M. '01, Ph.D. (Berlin) '05. Assist, 
and Asso. Prof, of Physics in State 
Normal Coll , since looS- 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Pu 11.11' !■: MANUEL Grabkr, Ph.B. Teach- 
er in South High School, since Kyot). 
Cleveland, O. 
W'ai.ii.r Ghadi.k, B.L. Pres. Swedish 
Produce C-o. (.S7 W. Lake St., 

Chicago, Ilk 
BuRT<iN Orro Grkkninc, Ph.B. Supt. 
.)f Schools. Eveleth, Minn. 

M.\Rii-: Gri;ii)i:ri:k, B.L. Artist. 

.Arcn Sir. 10, Miinicii, Germany. 

MAkTu.v .N'atiim.ii- Gui:ini;r. Ph.B., 

.\..M 'oi. Te.icher in Webb City. Mo. 

Sparta, Mich 

,1} I'l 

, -:>■ ■..:■ I.|. ]) r.:!n|., ,J.,|'i ,|i.' 
11. , ). . l>i'»ii'.i!c, ,r.;.ii,'"i 111 I'-i'iny-'. 

. 1 U- .Mi 

' t I,' .11 



1 1900. 

I,i:o.\.\Ru Dixon Haicii, B.S., M.S. 'oj. 
Assist. Chemist, Mo. /Vi;ri. lixp. Sta- 
tion, siiu-c 1007. Culiiiul.ia, Mu. 

Hi.iiiCKT liuc.Au JIaiciit, B.I.. Aiivcrii:,- 
inK. (^.kiuoe, 111. 

Fj.okk.ncu Mooicks llAii., B.L. Teachc.- 
in South Central lliyh SlIiouI. 

Si-okani-, W'dih. 

Ji:xMi; KV.M.VN 1I.\sshit, ii.l,. 

NcKania'c, Mich. 

Ch.\ki.i;s 1"ki:i.i:kic I1ati:i.v, J!.S. Mci- 
diaut. TiillansLce, W. Vn. 

Cu.NSTA.N'S Al.K.MS llli.MlUjKG, Ph.B., 

A.M. '01, A.B. (.Aiigustana) '99. Tel- 

if;ra|)h Uiierator. Stroni.ilniig, Neb. 
Ada Gkace 1Ii;Mingwav, B.S. (Mis. 

-Mansun A. Stewart.) 

Yankton, S. Dak. 
Ai.T.^ Makv H1I.LIAUU, B.I.. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam 11. I'lhwonli.) K.llisxiUe, Mi.->s. 
•'l''ui;ui:i(ic W'li.i.i.sM Ihi.i.viiK, A.l!., il. 

(^.raml, Mith-, Oct. _■<;, l<,07. 

AuTiiuR losKi'ii lio.\Ki;, A.B, A.M. 'oj. 

Prof, of Math., Kairniuiml Coll., since 

1906. \\ iciiita, Kan. 

Li:.\iiKi. CiUY IIoLiiKOOK, I'li.H., A.M. 'os. 

Brof. of Phi sic, Park Cofl. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 

AuKAM Jamics Holland, A.B. P. E. 

Clergjiiian. Owosso, Mich. 

Walter ITkrdert Holsinger, -A.B. 

Lawyer. 925 Plymouth Bklff., 

Miinieajjolis, Minn. 
RoiiERT Milton Hoi'kiks, A.B. Natl 

I'.ihle School Supt., of Christian 

Church. loS Care-.v;., 

Cincinn.iii, U. 
ll>v Mxv llni'MiX, ]!.S. (Mi-v Bcnja- 

nnn \V \all.U.) Irr.nw 1, Muh 

Jriiri- r.uwr. ll,)RTo.N, riiB. (Mis. 

Joseph C. Ihui.Men.) 

The 1:1 Dorado, Detroit, Mich. 
H.\uKii:rr Hull, Ph.B. (.Mrs. Kmicne 

l,.iRowc.) Hancock, Mich. 

Charles DuBois Huukev, B.S. t:unti- 

neiilal Seer'y S. Am. V. M. C. A. 

Moreno .|S-', Buenos Ayres, 

Arneutina, S A. 
tCl.AKENCU Barzillai Huruev, B.L. 

Private 31st Mich. Inf. uS.j8. I'oslal 

Service. .'801 N. Capiloj St., 

Wa-hin^;ton, D. C. 
He.nry 1'rancis jACoiiS, I'li.J'.., 1,1.1;. 

■(>-'.>er. Battle Creek, Mich. 

IOweeI Pearl Jenney. H.L. (Mrs. Bv- 

ron 1'. Ott.) Salt Lake City, UtaJL 

Clyde Watkins I'.S., ^f.D. 'oj. 

PliNsician. l:..,einan. Moul 

Makian' Claua Kan'ouse, B.L. Teacher. 

71; Longfellow Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Walter JCdward Kai-i-, A.B. Farmer. 

Corfu, W'asii. 

Max ]■'.^L\.^•L■EL Kaueman, Ph.B. 

Louis Ward Keeleu, Ph.B., A.M. 'lo. 

Supi. ui Sclioi)ls. Michigan City, Lid. 

Mildred Ha.n.nah Keith, A.B., A.^L 

•01. (.Mr.-,. JuseiMi C.ill.) 

ClaMun, N. ALx. 

Katueki.xe Mak.;ari:t Kellas, Ph.B. 

Preceptress State School, since 

lyoi. i'otsdam, N. V. 

Gertkimje Blanche Kennedy, B.L. 

(.Ahb. Thomas S. lluutlev.) 

Elgin, BI. 
Edward Bassett KILLL^N, Ph.B. Princ. 
of High School. Medford, Ore. 

Zacuauiah KiNNE, A.B. Parmer. 

Three Oaks, Mich. 
UieiLMONT) Henry Kirti.and, .'^.B. igai 
(/(/;)((- pm tunc). A^\. (Chicago) '09. 
Head of |)er,l. of luiglish, State Nor- 
mal Coll. .\!l.auv, N. y. 
H.A l-.l.i/AKETir KlTTKEDCE,' Ph.B. 
(.Mrs. lienry .M. (klstoii.) 
.?()5 Burgess Ave., lndianai)o!is, Ind. 
Karoiine Ki.aecek, B.L. .\-Mst. Cata- 
loguer, Library of Congress. 

Washington, D. C. 
Ai.iiEnT Henry Knapp, B.S. -Mngr. 
Slock and Grain h'arm. 

i:sterha;'v, Sask., Can. 
Dmsy Alice Kikucl, B.L., B.S. (Co- 
lumbi.i) 'oS. Teacher of Domestic 
Sci, Slont hiM,, D;:)o--. 

.Mci.o.noiiie, Wis. 

Km;i. Vi<\\y. I'KLDERicK KuuTii, A.B. 

r.uvrr., Pa. 

llEM.S k. .1: I.ANC, B.I.., .\.^L 'oS. 

Teaclur 1,1 High School. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Myrtle I'.llen Lare, Ph.B. (Mrs. Wal- 
ter B. Scott.) Oak Grove, Mich. 


Farmer. K. U. 2, Ink^ter, Mich. 

Makc.aklt kACHEi. Lavlo.v, (Mrs. 

William (-,. Law.) Berlin, Gt-r. 

Koiii.KT Owen LeMaron, B.S., M.D. 

'()_'. PlivMcian. Poitsnioiilli, O. 

AuTiiiR Mayer Lindauer, B.S. Mnfrs.' 

.\gent. 1.) S. .Sih Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Mi\ Nat. lik. Bidg., St. Louis, l\o. 
Wii.i.iA.M Arnoid Ludwic, B S., AM. 
(x.. Te.ulur in .McKiidev High School. 
St Louis, Mo. 
Lli.u \kio.mca Liisuy, I'li B. Teach- 
er. .\nn .\.bor. 

, v^ i;T'a;( ^./,- 

/^lii i: /., :l'ji! .^ .1 i' w J 




CxKOLVN iJi.ouNT Lv.NU, A.B. (Mrs. Al- 
bert C. Phflps.) Jihaca, N. Y. 
*Ei.iAS Pakkic Lyons, A.B., d. Boston, 

.Mass., Jan. 3, 1903. (20; 
Mauv Evi:i.inic Lyuns, PhD. (Mrs. 
Charles C. Dil)ble.) 

359 Kenilwortli Ave., Toledo, O. 
IvosK Cook McCi.uukin, B.L. (Mrs. 
Richard A. Bcatty.) 

)3owling Green, O. 
Bkatty Zuntz McCui.i.ouGii, A.B. 
I'rcsb. Minister. Billings, Mont. 

Mi.N.vii; McCoKMiCK, B.S. 

C^wosso, Alieii. 
tI,i;sTi;R .V.NGUS McDiakiMiu, B.S. Priv. 
?Jiid Mich. Jni". i8vS. Teacher. 

Albion, .Midi. 
J(.iiv Si-.v.iMUK Mclu.i.ioovi, I'h.l!., 

.\.M. '01. 
iM.uKK.Ncr, Mar.-.akkt Mcllucii, Ph.B. 
Teacher ni limb School. 

Uniaha, Neb. 
Iviiii-UT Ciri'i,i;K McKiCunrAiN, I'h.B. 
\vi: -Ami Cold Storage. 

i_'6 Nebraska Ave., Toledo, O. 
Saka I.ouisu McKi-NziK, A.B. Teacher 
in Lake View High School. 

1.400 ^.iigusta St., Chicago, 111. 

ToiiN l'i<i:i)i-i<icK McLiCAN, B.L. Mngr. 

Bond Sales Dept., 11. W. Noble & Co. 

Penobscot Bldg,, Detroit, Mich. 

MAm:i, Macoukkn, B.L. (Mrs. Major 

M. Carl.uui.) Cornnna, I\Iich. 

'liio.MAS -Maui. AM) Makshai.i,, B.L., 

.\I.L.(Calilornia) '10. Te.icber in 111^11 

School. Alameda, Cal. 

CoKA Oi.ivi-.K Martin, B.L. 

Decatur, Bl. 
Maroakkt Dulia Mason, B.L. (Mrs. 
Clarence Wright Whitney.) 

J030 Haste Si., lierkeley, Cal. 
BuK-m Maviiuatakic, B.L. 
Ki.iSAUi;niA Mkvkui., Ph.B. Teacher m 
I'olyleclmic High Schoul. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Katiiakink Cook Mh.i.kk, B.L. (Mrs. 
William D. Shaw.) Pha-nix, Ariz. 

Ni:i,i.ii; Dustan Mincay, Ph.B. Teach- 
er. Tecumseh, Mich. 
IVLvMia. Ar.Nics MiTTS, Ph.B. (Mrs. Ld- 
wiii S. CiCtznian.) 

222 5tli Ave., N., Nasliville, Tenn. 

Lksluv Johnston Montoomkky, Ph.B. 

704 \V. 2nd St., l''aribanlt, Minn. 

Ci.aui'Nck Burton M(jukii.i,, B.L.,A.M. 

'03. (See Faculties.) Farmer. 

Brandon, Fla. 

l.uoii.i: Crank Morris, B.L. (Mrs. 1). 

Charles White.) lb.,,„.e Falls, N. V. 

Roc;i;r Syi.vestkr Morris, A.B., ^LD. 

'02. (See Faculties.) 

i.Sot) Locust St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Ei.oist; Morton, Ph.B. (Mrs. Thomas 

L. Thomson.) 

lorrington. Conn. 
Cakrip; Bliss Mowry, A.B. Teacher 

in High School. Seattle, Wash. 

Fva Lui.u Nu.ics, Ph.B. (Mrs. Harry 

E. Reed.) Bay City, Mich. 

Merrh.i, Josiumi Ober, B.L. U. S. Int. 

Rev. Ganger. Maiden, ^Ltss. 

Bkknaro JosF.i'ii 0'Ni:ii.L, B.S., ^LD. 

(Kubbj '08. Physician. 

San Diego, Cal. 
11i:\I!ii;tti: Pacei.sen, B.S. Teacher in 

lli.^li School. I'.lgin, Bl. 

Ji>.sii: Mauki, Pal.mkr, Ph.B. (.Mrs. 

Jame. Ricbard.on.) 

3|o,S lr^ing .\ve, S, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
M,\iii;i, I'.sTiiiut Pai.mer, B.L. (Mrs. 

Clarence \V. Noble.) 

304 Lake Front, Toronto, Ont. 
Cora JosiU'iiinu Parkhurst, A.B. 

(Mrs. Willis 11 Wilcox.) 

York Rd., Baltimore, Md. 
Linus Scott Parmi:i.i:i;, B.S. Teacher 

of Physics and Chem. in High School, 

since lyoi — . Fbnt, Mich. 

Cari, Homer Piu.ton, A.B., LL.B. '02. 

Lawyer. Ponliac, Mich. 

Wai.ti-r Scott Pi;ni-ii;i.d, A.B., /'oo-'oi. 

LL.B. (Geo. Wash. Hniv.) '03. Law- 
yer. Washington. D. C 
h'.i.i.i.N l.<.uisi: Pi 1:1., B.L., B.L. (Farl- 

haui) '.,1. TeaHier of (lerman in High 

School. Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Sadu; Auc.usta Pi.att, Ph.B. (Mrs. 

Burton (X Greening.) l'".veleth, Miiui. 


TeaclKr. Ashland, O. 

Wii.i.iAM PRAKKEN, Ph.B., A.B. (Hope) 
■<>S. Priuc. of High School. 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
John Harcourt Prentis, B.L., B.D. 
(Chicago) 'o\. Cong. Minister and 
Author. (/) liuld Block, 

Detroit, Mich. 
1k\in(; To.meinson Raar, A.B. Clergy- 
man. 710 lla/ St., Flint, Mich. 
Ray .\raii, B.S. Milling. 

I'mon C-ily, Mich. 
A1.0NZ0 IIerhkrt Rav.monu, .\.B. .\uto- 
\'au Nevs A\e. an.l Jacks<in St., 

San I'rancisco, Cal. 

Rkn.v lii)\vNi; Raymond, A.B. Teacher 

in Hi^li Schoul. Soatlle, Wash. 

?..l -w I, 

■I' ■"■■ • ».■-.'» l..l,lji .1 

! ;"' :>■■''■ >. : V. n-i/.J' itMji.n^l 
..■■■. '1 ,T.-( 


,at.i :..'. ■■'ic 



I.r.u \Vi;j,-.p, B.I,. Real K.^atc. J-:i,m..\ I',..imoi;i) B.vcii, A.B., A.M. 'oj. 

Wliilney Hid),'., i:)clroit, Midi. IVailai . Kalamazoo, Mich. 

M.AUi) Ai>(ji.i.ON.\ Wiii,i.M.\N, rii.H. J.\M- C'iK\ei: i;\ni.;.sii.\usi\,A.B Tcach- 

(Mis. l..ii-rain.- K. C. Thoriic.) cr. jiji I'aik Blvd., Long Bead., Cal. 

112 Ila/L-IttJii A\e., Toroiiio, Out. Gk.ncic Ji:.\;ttk B.\rti"i mk \B 

\Vi:i.C(..Mi: 1.. Wm.i.s, B S. Teadicr in Jolin .Mar..lKili' lli).h 

Ovaiulc, Muiit. hidu.ol, Chicago. 

='l'"r.oRiCNCK K.ATiiKKYN Wi'TMouE, A.B, 117 N. I'.aird Avenue, Austin, III. 

d. Chicago, 111., Aug. ly, 1910. (34) Anna .M.\y I,.\mu Bati;s, A.B. Teacher 

WiNKKKD Foster WiiixcoMii, .\.B. in IHkIi .School. Charl.)ite, Mich, 

funnialisi. S^ji; SM>jrgan St., Jui.i.x I'i.okicntv.nk 1! \'n:sKi' A b' 

Chicago, ill (.Mis. Joseph St. Arnn.,,,-.) 

l".riii;i. M \Y Williams, Pli.l!. Instrnc- i (ij S. K .'-"-t , 'rac.iii.i, Wash, 

tnr in h'rendi and L.aliii, I.os .Angeles Mi.wii: M.vrtka Bi:\i., .\..B. Teacher 

High School, Cal. 75,i -'d .\ve., Detroit, Mich! 

1S35 Fremont Ave., S. Pasadena, Cal. Jay MiKiir.i.i. Blck, .\.B. Teacher. 

I.Kvi I'mi.ii- Kay Willoi.oumy, A.B. Phillips, Wis. 

Clerk. Jelfcrsnnville, Ind. .\i:ii Cii m;lk-^ Bi.c.i.i:, .A.B. .Mnnufac- 

llxRUY Ji-.ROMi; WiN'STLN, BI,., TyS-'oo. Hirer. Sai.;iiia\v, Mich 

Sales-iMngr. and Tieas Standard Jdii.n' Mr.NUO Blruy, A.B., 

l^ectro-liiilities Co. A.M. 'oj Teacher. 

lluhlmrd Woc.d.s ill. 107 Flleiuvood Ave., Youngitown, O. 

AndrivW Hoi.LisTiiR WooD, Ph B.,LL B. iuiK.Niy.i-K Gkokci; Beurkt, .A.B U S. 

(Denver) '07, Lawyer. Annv Ollicer. Care of War Dent. 

Denver, Colo. Washington, D. C. 

Junius Boyd Wood, Phi'.. On 77/.' Mii.TdN' \'Ar.i:NTiNi: Bickll, .\.B. Pro- 

JJiiily Ncz.<s. Chicago, 111. duce Broker. .Mason City, Iowa. 

Bi-KTiiA May Woe)i)iN, B.S., (/'y.S-'97- Ji: \nni;tti-: Blanciiaro, .V B (Mrs 

(Mrs. Charles K. Cullcn.) iVederick J. 

^<)\i) Juniata St., St. Louis, M... 1J75 C„,odfellnw Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

JMNMH Woon^, .A.B. (.Mrs. LksT.v I'.dith'i'Kr, .\ B Ulis 

Thomas F. Rankin.) William Iv Wright.) Clashurn, B.C. 

Ann Arln.r. 11., rack S\mi:i:l Boctkll, .\.B. Mnfr. 

Knv CiuiKni WooowuKTii, B.I... LL.B. of Paiiu.. 10 12th St.. 

■oj. Insur.m.e. J04 li. 3.Slh St;, Detroit, Mich. 

Kansas City, Mo. Flokk.nci; Bowii.v, .\ P,. (.Mrs. Ralph 

iu.iZAnriTii WyliE, Ph.B. (Mrs. John R. Smith.) lour. I,ii. ton 'iVx 

F. Ferris.) Sa;;inaw, Mich. Maiiy.v Bowln, .A. I!. Teacher. 

Fi.iZABKTii VouNC, B.L. Teacher. ji.^ F.uest'Ave, W, Detroit, Mich 

527 Carlton Wav, Hollywood, Cal. 1!ia\ciii: Ciiristink 1!oylk AB MI) 

Laiavltvi: W.o.v.:, I'h B. J.-mnali^t. '0.5. (.Mrs. I'arle .NLison Brown.) 

t-'.^.O Dc>, Iowa. 10, , Slo.y I'ddg., I.os Angeles, CaL 

I.nnsi; iiuAYT.^N, Teacher in High 

1901 , Sdi.M.l. >i„ce 1905. Carthage, Mo. 

11.m;iu.i) Pki.:i.i, BRi:rn-Nii.\cii AB 

Mary Bru.i.iv Adams, A.B. .Ann ArlxT. .\,\l, '0,. i'i,.|). ',x). ( S^.L• I'acnlties )' 

.\nn .Aihor. 

lli'i.i'N JosKi'iiiNic Aii.\i;ii;li)T, .A.B. 

(Mrs. Philip J. Aaron.) Adklia Bricht .\ B (Mrs Fd- 

T067 F. Lynn St., Seattle, W;,sh. mun.l II. Dea.) Bemi.lji, Minn. 

Kakuim((, Akamatsu, A.l!.. I'h.D. 0.5, D,..v Owk.n P.rili.uart, A.B Princ of 

Willi MItMii X- Co. ||ij,h School. \'i>ali,i C A 

I.m;m:u .Ani)I".rso.\. .\ li. Teacl 

Kyushu, Jaii.m. Ou.wi- M.' 

dusky, O. 

m Central High Sdiool. Arthur Dl'tto.n BrouKi-|LI u AB 

Detroit, .Midi. M.amifaclurer Knit C..iods 

Hi.KRY IIi.RHRKT .Armstrono, A.B., (',30 Sdiaefer .Ave., Kansas City, Mo 

A M. '02, I'll. 1). '05. Instructor in L.-it- ]'k\nci:s I.)Si:imii.\k Brow.m ' .\ B 

ill ,ind C.reek, C)l)erlin CcjII. Te.idier in High School 

(>l"-rlin, O. 'I'ort iliir..n, Mich. 


/ I 

•) •.lih-.M ) rj (') l>li ,11 



jXti.i.ii; AuAMiiSA Ckuwn, A.B. In Dept. 
of Agri. Tlie Fcjrtner, 

Wnsliingloii, D. C. 
Austin 1'ri:d::uick Uuudick, A.B. 
M.D. 'oj. PliysiL-iaii and Surgeon. 

Licloit, Wis. 
Nkijji: .McDun-.m.i) ISukk. .\.B. i.Mrs. 
William W. Durham.) 

4613 Maldi,ii St., Chicago, 111. 

Wholesale J.imilK-r. Kansas City, Mo. 
Ror.i:i< CiivMi'i.i.N Burii'ia-ii-i.u, /V.B, 
1J..B. 'oj. Lawyer. 

Crand Rapids, AUlIi. 
L.wvKK.NCK M.xcNus BuTzi;i„ A.B. iMau- 
ufactiULT. 693 Broadway, 

New York, N. Y. 
Ev.^ Mavk Bvkuly, A.B., A.M. ( Co- 
lumliiaj 'u8. Tciclicr. 

.\iiamusa, Iowa. 
Wii.uiAM Cai.lan, A.B. Fertilizers. 

1st Nat. Bk. Bidg., Cincinnati, O. 
Hi'RUivKT John Cami'1!i;i,i., A.B. Law- 
yer, isl Nal'l Bk. Bids'., Chicago, 111. 
J.\Mi;s An'dkkw CA.\ii'iii;i.i., A.B., A.AL 
'0(3. Assist. Prof, of German, Univ. r.f 
Kan., since 1906. Lawrence, Is^an. 

Zii.niA Jane Cami-uici.i., A.B. (Mrs. 
Charles J. Boyer.) 

<>S7 Jolin R. St., Detroit, Mich. 
CmsiENT Loiisvrniv CiiANUi.Eit, A. 15. 
Editor. With Tlu- Lxamincr. 

Chicago, Bl. 
Jii.MA Cn A.SDi.f.k, .\.B. (.Mrs, Thomas 
Large. I llilNd.tle, Idaho. 

Anukew B. CnuisTKNso.N, A.B. 

Salt l,ake City, Utah. 
K\rnAuiNi: Mai((;aket OiiitisToi-iiEu, 
Al! r.aclur in lligii School. 

<)i I IjuerMin St., Saginaw, Mich. 

C.iinuiiin, M Av Cmni;, All. (Mr.. 

^'^.^d \ WiN.Mi.) Saginaw, Mich. 

(.'ii \Ki.i:^ i!i;i:i) (.'i.Mii:. 

(~.EKiiu m: l.M>iA Ci..\KK, .\.B. Teaclier. 

Howell, Mich. 

Sekeno Bukton Ceauk, A.B., Ph.D. 

(Harvard) '07. Instructor in Latin, 

Univ. of Cal. Berkeley, Cal. 

Ina \'an LiEW Ci.AwsoN, A.B. (Mrs. 

Charles IC. Clark.) Missionary. 

Sivas, Turkey in Asia. 

fE.vKE Amos Clemans, A.B. Priv. 31st 

Mich. Inf. 1898. Teacher in Stale 

Normal School. Oshkosh, Wis. 

EltNI'.ST Ai.VA CoDDlNCTON, A.B., l\)l- 

\y2, B.S. (Olivet) VS. Supt. of Publi- 
cations, Bureau of Agri. Manila, P. I. 
Walter FuANCisCoEi.Y, A.B., Ph.D. 
'OQ. (See Faculties.) Aim .\rbor. 

IIakuy Newto.n Cui.e, A.B., B.S. 
(.Chem.E.) 'o(j. (See Faculties.) 

.\nu Arbor. 
Leo.s' J.\coi) Coi.e, A.B., Ph.D. (Har- 
vard) '06. Instructor in Zoology, Yale 
Univ., lyo/'io; A=sist. Prof., Univ. of 
Wis., 1910—. 

Madison, Wis. 

-Amv i'i.(jKi;NCE Concur, A.B. P. O. 

Clerk. * Grand Rapids, Mich. 

JoSEi'it lli;.\kv Corns, iV.B.Teacher in 

VW'Sieru High School. DLiroii, .Mich. 

MARGARi:t Hei.e.n Cuusi.N, .A.B. (Mrs. 

Peter D. Robertson.) 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Haruv Ki;nt Crafts, A.B., l'oi-'o2, 
I.L.B. (N. W. Univ.) '03. Lawyer. 

Austin, 111. 
tIli:uiii:i;T LucENK Crawford, A.B. 
i>t Lieut. 49th Iowa Inf. i8i_;S-99. Luin- 
bennaii. Scotia, Cal. 

Micii.\i:i. Hugh, .'K.B. Bank- 
.er. Olin, Iowa. 

CiiAKi.i;s ICuwAKU CuEt.EN, A.B., A.M. 
'03, /'cN-'ii. Teae-her in High School. 
3';i9 Juniata St, St. Louis, Mo. 
Florence Mauelle Cumincs, A.B. 
(.Mrs. Charles L. Joncb.) 
i_>i Commoiiwealth Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Mauue l.ouETTA Daley, A.B. (Mrs. 

John C. Beswick.) Man. Arts Apts., 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

EiJW.\RD Evan Davies, A.B., /'96-'97. 

Law>er. 0140 Commercial Ave., 

Ciiicago, 111. 

Ci.ARA Marie Davis, A.B., M.D. '04. 

■ Phybician. Lansing, Mich. 

E.mersun Davis, A.B, Treas. Detroit Works. 

-'03 Wehl) Ave., Detioit, Mich. Gr\ce Dens.more, All. (Mrs. 
John F. Porter.) Cadillac, Mich. 

Lui.A J. Dickinson, A.B. Teacher in 
Higli School. Superior, Wis. 

Louis Kirke Douglass, A.B. Manufac- 
turer. 159 Lothrop Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Irene .Anna Dueey, A.B. Teacher. 

N. Univ. Ave., Ann Arbor. 
Helen Dunham, A.B. (Mrs. James W. 
Wilco.K.) Sta. A, R. 41, 

Bay City, .Mich. 
Charles I'.dwaui) Dvorak, A.B., I.L.B. 
'04. Lawyer. Molson, Wash. 

LiuA Belle I^akhart, A.B., A.M. (Co- 
lumbia) '06. Ph.D. {ibid.) '08. Teach- 
er in State Nornuil School. 

Providence, R. 1. 

1 901.] 



Mauy Nkwei,!. Katon, A.B. Teaclier. 
547 Cherry St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ai.i'iiA Cauounk ErjMANi), A.B. Teach- 
er ill Jiiijh SrlRK.l, K.ilispell, Aloiit., 
KX)7-ii, Ml Mu^catiiK'. loua, biiicc 


I'.MCKi.iiAun, A.R., /'yS-'99, 
'tXJr'oi. Phuiter. Ivigle Lake, Tex. 

John Phkli-s I^vriuiCTT, A.B. Assiit. 
Prof, of Math., State Normal Coll. 
lyof) — . Ypsilanti, Mich. 

WAi/n-ut Antho.ny,, 
LL.B. •o^. Merchant. Toledo, 0. 

CiiAULi'.s jKi'i'icusoN HwAi.u, A.B. Trav- 
elling Secr'y Y. M. C. A. 

M.-mevidco. UruLruay. 

Joiix l''ui'.iii;iucic 1"i;udi:i<si;n, A.B. Far- 
mer. Krcs., Tex. 

Ci.ARA Sui'iiu; Fi:icK, A.B. (Mrs. Ed- 
ward C. Ynnck.) Sandusky. O. 

Hi;itni;KT Louis Ferrand, A.B. Far- 
mer. Montague, Mich. 

Mary Goduricu Fiiitn, A.B. Writer. 
S. Wa.shington Sq., New Yorlc, N. Y. 

RoBMUT Biiiauu'c.iis Fii:i.iis, A.B., Ml) 
(Rush) '03. Physician. 

La Porto City, Inwa. 

ClIARI.OTTl-: AUCUSTA l'"i)Rl!i;s, A.B. 
(Mrs. iJaniel C. Schaltner.) 

Finiioria, Kan. 

iJouoTiiv Siiu.r.v I'Vnvi.i.R, A.B. 

1081 22d St., Des Moines, I.>wa. 

Lr.NA Mav Frost, A.B. (.Mrs. Xathau 
W. MacChesney.) 

4536 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 

AL\unR Ai.icK Gamon, A.B., B.S. 
(Wheaton) '95. (Mrs. William B. 
Collins.) Shehoygan, Wis. 

Li.ovu I'.nwAKu Gandv, A.B., LL.B. '03. 
Lawyer. -7 Sumner A\e., 

Spokane, Wash. 

♦Loi'is Mi:rwin\jn, A.B., PhD. 
'03, ^LD. '05, d. Calumet, Mich., Dec. 
13, i')05. (25) 

1\L\RY Morris GonrRKY, A.B. Teacher. 
Burns, Ore. 

]^i.:ui:i, Ravmcmd Nkii, CiOui.d, W>., 
A.M (C-dnmhia) '11. I'lof. uf lliv 
tniy, B.Ucs C.dlcK.e. 

Lcui^tMn, Me, 

Wu.i.iAM C.kavson, A.B. Lumber. 
4S |o McPlierson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Otto Hi;.vky Hans, A.B., LL.B. 'on. 
Puhlisher. Ann Arhur. 

]fAKuii-;T IIarkni;ss, A.B. (Mrs. Charles 
.\ Miner.) 1673 Park Rd., 

WashiuKtun, D. C. 

^L\l■l)l■•. Caroi.ini; Hstilvwav. .\.\\. 
Teacher. Illi--ri,ld, Mi,h. 

GKUTKinn; ][aux, A.B. (Mrs. Dan C. 

Lauriuni, Mich. 

Wu.i.iA.M Svi.vKSTKK IIazelton, A.B., 

B.S. '02. (See Faculties.) 

-SI.) ^hlill St., BulTalo, N. Y. 

Liwis HixkY IFkctor, A.B., M.D. '05. 

Physician. 700 Foreland St., N. S., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
]'i.oRi;.Nci: lli;oc.i;s, A.B. Assist. Path- 
ologist, U. S. Dept. of Agri. igoq— . 

WashingliMi, D. C. 

Wii.i.iA.M CiiKisTi:i. ]L;i.mi:rs, .A.B., 

LL.B. 03. Secr'y Tile Ikhncrs Mnfg. 

Ka k"\\ 

ly, Mo. 

Dili; A 


\ IS 



, A.B. 


i s. 


en .\vi 



, Minn. 



^ 11 









NCI.; Ill 

llniARD, .\.B., 

, LL.B. 









, Mich.. 

A urn 





H, A.B., 





. Atty 

. Ge 

n'l. of 


Ford I'.hkv, Detr .it, Mich. 
Cakv Li:Rov Iliu., A.B., M.S. (For.) 
\r-,. (See Faculties.) U. S. For. Ser 

North Fork, Cal. 
k'\TiiAui.M; CiKNEviKvi-: IIiNK, A.B. 
'leacher in Central High School. 
I.;S Ferry Ave., E., Detroit, Mich. 
1''an.mi: N'^ioi.kt IIoi.comih:. 
.•\i.ici: ^L\ul)I■ IIoLi.isTKR, A.B. (Mrs. 
Walter W. Marquardt.) Manila, P. L 
Jkssii; Margaret JIorton, A.B., )n'oi- 
'o.'. (Mrs. Karl K. Koessler.) 

Sbjo Madison .Ave., Chicago, III. 
Jan'Ktta ]\\ Howard, .\.B. "Teach- 
er at Slicalor, 111. 

L.uia, Mich. 
Ni.n'a ^^^Y IIowi.i-.TT, A.B. (Mrs. 
Charles B. 

•n Cedar St, New York, N. Y. 
MmiDi; IM.IZAUETII Hunso.N, A,B. 
'J'eacher in .McMillan High School. 

I II C.mlieM Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
C.wa.i.iM, .\i.m:kta llu.Mi'iiKr^- .\.B 

I I Slate St.. .\.lrian, .Mich. 

Irn' Bk.njamin Hunter, A.B., A.M. 

'02. Priiic. West. High School, since 

1003. Bay City, Midi. 

Frederick Eugene Hutchins, AD 

Advertising Mngr. J. li. Clow & Sons. 

SO 17 Keiiniore Ave, Chicago, 111. 

l^,v f.UM'. A B, l.'anner. 

7, .7 S (.Kmuo.hI Ave,, Spiingfiehl, 111. 

t|! ■<••:: f.i' 

144 (JRAUUATUS. [igoi. 

L'l.AUA OcTAViA, A.U., A.m. Fkancis Josiu'Ii McCue, A.B., M.D. '03. 

'U.S. At^iht. ill I' Pallmlogy, Iju- l^hyMciidi. Jhulsou, Mich. 

naiiui I'laiit liulustry. Hdwin .McGinms, A.B., M.U. (N. W. 

\Va.sliiiigluii, I). C. Univ.; '04, n Washington St., 

Ji;ssu; C.i.kiKiJi.i-; Ji^ nni.ngs, A.B., A.M. Chicago, 111. 

'UJ. Trachcr. Clialcaii, MuiU. nVAl.ThR I.KK McI.AUClII.AN, A.Ji., d. 

Mau.,aki;t JuNi-.s, (.Mrs. L'Mwin P. W'^as, N. Mcx., April 25, 1004 

Niitlinv,-.) .MuliiR', 111. (J.-,) 

iMaiiki, Au..;i;sTA Jov.A.i;. (Mr.s, (Jcui-g,: (',KAn: Kn-PATiu .McI.kan, A.B. (Mrs 

M. i.iviu.;slun.; .Midi. K'ny W . i;nus„.j S^^i^svalc, 

Fka.nk Ca.mkku.n Ki.NSKv, A.H., ut'oi- I'lll.^biir.-li Pa 

'OJ, A..M. anJ .M.l). (.v. W. Univ.) 'oj. \\'.\ua, |. MacXi:ai., .\.1;., Ph.D.' 'oi, 

I'liysinan. Al.l). 05. (Sec h-aculiics.j 

Grand Rapids, Mich. joili Si. X: Jnd A\c., Xcw York, N. V. 

Ai)i:i.K l.ouibK. Ki,i:iN, AM. (Colum- Ai.ui-: C.\uv, A.B. (Mrs. 

l)ia)'oJ. Trachcr in P.ast. High School. Cland. !■. Morris.) Havre, Mont. 

4(1 1 Ciianiplain St., Dciroit, Mich. Otto Ciiaui.ks MauckwaruT, A.B., 

Makc.ukmti- K.nowi.Tun, A.B. (Mrs. .\..M. 'oj. (Sec Faculties.) Ann Arbor. 

Joseph A. Bnr.-ley.) Ann Arh-r. F.^TiirK Pi:aui, Matciii:tt, A.B. Tcacli- 

Lm;s()n- JamI'S K()iii.i:k, A.B. Mngr. The cr. 381.S I'ro^pcct Ave, 

Rudgcrs \- i'.ohicr Co. Cleveland, O. 

Sraiilc, Wa^h. Jac.hi Scott, A.B., A.M. Wkhh l.Ai.i), .\.ll, /oi-'oj. and 1.1. I',. ( N'. \V. Univ.) 'ov 

l,.iuyci. Union l'rn.>t \'.U\y.., ^^■r. o^,; Dn^el Akv., Chica'.^o, 111. 

iMroit, Mich. nVAi.T.K ' RovAi, .Mmtiii.w.,/ .\.1(. 

A.N.Mi: Williams I.a.n.-.i.l.., A.B. rc.uhcr at Cuinaca, 1'. 1., d. Feb. 19. 

_'0J7 Geddcs .'\ve., .Ann .Arbor. k^oj. { _7 ) 

J(.)i.N I.AUSiCN, A. p.. Drnggist. C\ki, I'uancis Mkhmioi-, A.B. Travel- 

1311 S. Sawyer Ave., Ciiicago, 111 in^; S.desnian. Dnbuqne, luwa. 

.Mauio.n- .\c.m:s l.AUTox, ;\ B. ( Mr.s. i'.Mu.n, C\Tiir,iuNi; Mi;uTz, A.B. Teach- 

Thi.ina. J. Suani/ ) South Bend, In, I. cr in High School. Hock Island, 111. 

llAiiMox- 1.11: I.AuvLK, .\.ll., A.B ((Jli- An.\'a Wvkks Mii.i.1;R, A B. Teacher in 

vet) Vv In.lrucior in i'.nglish N. S. Central High ScIkjoI. 

lii.^h School. Denver, Colo. (irand Kapids, Mich. 

fCLVi.i: l.KAMTT, A.B., M.S. (For.) 04. Jr.ssn; I'kkdkuiuka Mili.ku, A.B. 

Priv. and Corp. 3.Sth .Mich. Inf. i8<j8- 165 I'ingree Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

<>;. Clnel l".ne,.ler ni the DoininiMU ScoTT .\Li;i;kT Mii.i.Kii, A.B. Dry 

G.M.ds. S0 5S lU/el Ave, 

St. l.onis, Mo. 
Damo Williams Mills, A.B. Lumber. 
18.S0 Carter Rd., Cleveland, O. 
William Comi:k Mrrcuia.i., A.B. Law- 
yer. Oklahoma City, Okl. 
Bauil\«a .Alk.xandrina MoRRisohf, .A.B. 
(Mrs. Artinir Finster.) Gay, Mich. 
Si:vMuiut Ti;.N.vY Morsi:, A.B., C.E. '78. 

surance. JI2-' Jst Nat. Bk. Bldg., Ann Arbor 

Chicago, 111. Frank Siiari- Morsman, A.B. With 

Makka Daisy I.onc.wi;ll, A B. (Mr.. Nebraska Telephone Co. 

Fdward L. Goodale.) Omaha, Neb. 

Kalaina/oo, Mich. fPniiir Wii I)i:r Motiii-rsili., A.B., 

M AKV l.o\vi;i.i., A.B., .\ M. '03. (.Mr. '03. Commissary Clerk, 3rd Div. 

George Rebec.) luigene, Ore. 1st .\riiiy Corps, uS(>S. Lawyer. 

I'RKiJi-Ric Low LowRiK, -A.B. Lumber. .\tty. GeiiTs Ollice, IX-nver, Colo. 

405 Forest Ave., W., Detroit, Mich. (^.l.skvikvi; Dui.ony O'Neii.i,, .A.B., 

Bi.ANCin: LtiKToN, .A.B. .\.M. 'op Stciiograplior 

I.1//1K May McCkackln, A.B. (Mrs. Macatawa Park, Mich. 

William T. Hewitt.) Alkk Mum:licy I'adddck, A.B. I.ibia- 

Jo<i Ib.lbrouk Ave, DelrMit, Mich. rian. Jamestown N Dal. 

Conscr\a|ii.ii C 

W 11.1.1 SM Jvcoii 


Ottawa, Out. 
I.L11MN.\, .\ B., .\.M. 

'0,-., 1.1. 1; 'op 
MiLr...N l.on. 1.1 

Bbk, 'Detroit, Mich. 
M.x.-.ST.LN, .\.B. Scci'y 

and Trr.a.. Baki 

4150 Wab 

.Arthur .\uoli'ii 

llg Cu. 

a.h ,\vc, Chicago, 111. 
l.oiU!, A.B. Lite In- 

-I. i V 

.■4 I: .' ■ <i II ,tV 

i-joi.j i.iriiRAKV Di;i'ARTMi:.\r 

M.\UY AiJi.L.MDi; Pakkuk, i\.Li. (Mrs. 

W'lI.I.lA.M \il> 

Horace M. Lcick.) ],ukewoud. 0. 

(Hope) 'cX) 

C.\ROi,\si\ EiiiiKK Patti-ncii,!., a 15. 

Coll., l<;o3-^ 

Ann Arh..r. 

Pi.cKi.xcr; i-.v 

A.N.Nu: Aiii.i-TTA Pi-AKCi;, A.B. (Mrs. J. 

er. tl7 Pai 

Scoli .Matthews.) 

(•Su; Drcxel Ave, Chica-o, 111. 

F.DWIN- ^^-tiVVl 

(^i.iviik Ui.M.RKij l'i.:Kki.v, M',', A.M. 

■o| l.auvcr 

\)|, l'..\.S, "(M. .\s.,i.-,i, .\ciiiarv, JVuii 

(oa.Kc.ix Ou 

Mutual l.ifc Ins. Co. 

in\n \>i,. (.\ 

I'lnLhlelpliia, I'a. 

-IJS C.l.uNtoi 

TkAXK I'KMiiCi^, A,l!. Tc.irliL-r in I'hil- 

Pi.i/AiiKrn C\ 

ipiiiMLs. Kicn ou. Sccr'> t'.iiarajity .\li- 

stracl i\'. llannlt'iii, Mont. 

Ci\ Mui.ri i: 

Svnii, M\rii.i).\ Pr,rii;i;, (Mr-. 

Tcuher in 

I'aric \V. Dew.) Ann Arl.ur. 

1 ii Del. 

-.\i)().N!ii;\M Ji usu.v Pkttis, .\.1'.., M 1). 

TliDM \s M \i; 

'o,\. <1. Ditruit, Mich., M.iy jS, moH. 

(Oliwl) 'iK 


nli^MMl^■r (,| 

Maim; I'nii.ii-.s, A.B. Tc.uhcr in lli^h 

Sellout. Cal. 

WiUT Iks S 

Ji'i.iA MAi;Ki!in:i<, A.M. 

P.awyer. M 

■o.', (Mrs. William S. Dnuil.) 

Ft. llancK-k, N. J. 

Mauc. \\<\:t Ac 

Joii.\ Lamond Pii;rci:, AH. Peal Ps- 

er in lli'^h ! 

late an.l Insurance. 

li.A Mak'iv; Si 

SoS Church St., Mint, Mich. 

lli^;ll Schoo 

Maky Pi. ant, .\.li. Ilca.l of luinli^li 

Oi'Tu S(u;c. Si 

Dept., Tiiiuu lli.eji Sch.u.l. 

■oj. l-lectric 

Or.ui^^e, Cil. 


Ia.m; X'lol.A Pot. LACK, Teacher. 

John W'li.i.iA 

joio Sherman .Ave., hNanstwu, 111. 

Ph 1) '03. ( 

I'.r.ATRKM, Po.Mi-.Kcv, A n. Tcicher. 

Kalama/.H., Mich. 

Cl.AKK WiM.l 

Makv Pi;ui:cca Powi:us. Teacher. 

of Sclb.oK. 


NCK, A.B., A.M. '03, A.B. 
J. Prof, of Matii, Calvin 
(irand Rapids, Mich. 
)iTii KiNc.i.i:, A.B. Teach- 
cific Ave, Hollywood, 

Pos Angeles, Cal. 

in;KD P:i'i.i:v, A.B., ]<1,.B. 

Lincoln. Nel). 


Irs. Charles llaird. ) 

ne lllv.l, Kansas City, Mo. 

oTTr.K K.O.A-, .\,U.' 

l..insinK, Mich. 
IfAir: S\I((;i;a.\t, A.B. 
Central High School. 
• luare .\\e., Detroit, .Mich. 
;iiN Sattikk, ah., B.S. 
.), .\.M. ((/'/,/.) 'o.?. Com- 
,f SchooP. 

Jackson, Mich, 
svcuv, All. PL.B. 'o;. 
;.jestic Bldg., 

Detroit, Mich. 
N'l'.s ScAi. I.O.N'. A.B.Teach- 
H-hool., Mich. 
iiAM.i.i:, Teacher in 
Adrian, Mich. 
nAiKi:i!, A.B., B S. (E.K.) 
d I'.n^ineer, 

)(1 Park, PidslnirKh, Pa. 
1 Sciuu.i,, A 1!., A.M. 'o-', 
(See Faculties.) 

.Aim Arl)r)r. 
Sllll'.MA.N, A.B. Su|it. 

Papcer, Mich. 

75 S. I'rospect .Ave., ' Gkni; vi i-.\f. Si.oa.n, .A.B. (Mrs. Sie^- 

Cnmd Rapids. Mich. fried Scheyer.) Oak Park, 111. 

Li.Nui.KY Pvr.i;. A.B., AM. '02. .Assist. l.Ksi.ii- C.ii-i-oiti) Smith, .\,B. 

Prof, of Physics, WasliiiifitoM Univ., Schoolcraft, Mich. 

i<;uS -. St. Poiiis, Mo. Jou.N 11i;xkv Snook, A.B.. B.I). (Un- 

.\.\NA Mai: (Juia.i.o. A.B. Teacher in ioiO 'op As.s.v A^eiit, Soc. for Pre- 

lli-h School. Calmnot. Mi.h. \ eiuiun of Cruelly to Children. 

Han-vau Di;i.i. RiCAi), A.B. (Mrs. IMson 10 Avery Terrace. Detroit. Mich. 

R. Sunderland.) .\iin Arbor. Mary Justin'a Si'OTTriWoon, A.B. (Mrs. 

Jamcs MoNKoi; Rkaso.nkr, .\.Ii.. l.P.B. Harry M. Robin.s.) MnskcKOn, Mich, 

'o;. Slate Re|)orter, since looy. PaVkkm-; Ward Simunc, .A.B.. /"Vj-'O?- 

l.ansiiiK'. Alich. Chemi-<t, S); Iv 65II1 St., 

CNRRir; Aoi.i.mih: Rkv.noi.ds, .\.ll. ChicaKo, 111. 

Teacher in Pake View lliRli School. Hkk.mvn C\Mnu;i,i, Stkvi'.ns, A.B.. 

iyJ4 Cuvler Ave., ChicaKO, 111. Ph D. (Cornell) '05. Assist. Prof. 

Ji-SSIK Maic Reynolds. Teacher in Psychology, I'niv. of Wash. 

High School. Seattle, Wash. 

r.raud Haven, Mich. Town I'.i.waru Stoi-iu-r, A.B., D.D.S. 

.\.\.\A I.ouisi- RiiuDMs.A.B. (Mrs. Rich- '00. Dentist. Pausing, Mich. 

ard (). Carney.) Hay Cily, Mich. Carroi.i, I.awrknck Storuy, A.B.. 

Howard Cami'uici.i. Riciiaruson, A.B., (h'oi-'oj. .M D. (Rush) 'o.V Physician. 

1,1 ,.B. '<H. Manufacturer. Alma, Mich. Whitehall, Wis. 

Ji-.ssr; Jay Ricks, A.B., 1,1. li. 'oj. Paw- C,u\ci; .\i.\i\, A B. (Mrs. Al- 


ist Nat. Bk. BIdt;, Chicago, III. l.ert 1. hVK ) C.aleshnrK-, III. 

•1 ..■..>!/ Vil/.l'l 

I ; 'IJ .■' ;i/.l.r.«; .» 
, ■ ■>■. .. i/. ..n-v/. 



]I(j\SAi<ii, A.I!., /'oi-'oj. Law- 
Mr. ri:iuu Trust Bid-, 

Detroit, Mid). 

M.\c.ii.\i,i:na Stuki-v, a. I!. Iii.slniclur 
ill IJirani Coll. Hiram, O. 

E[ Su.MisTKOM, A.B. 'JV:id[cr 
in WVslcni lli-li Scliuol. 

Detroit, Mii.-li. 

Wii.i.iAM ]\Iavn.\ko Swan. A.U, I.L.B. 
(l)ctroit) 'o\. Lawyer. 

Cnisic ruiutc, Mich. 

Edith K.m 1:1.1 ni; Swi.vton, A. I!. (Mrs. 
Harry A. Scliirrmaini.) 

IVirtsmniitii, O. 

Ai.iKKi) IIi.Nuv Swi'iiSo.v, A.B. Mill- 
ill-, li.ix 808, Lead, S. Dale. 

Hauky Hai;vi;v Tai.cott, A.B. Law- 
yer. Dcs riaiiies, 111. 

William Wilson Tai.cott, A.B. Ad- 
verlisiiiK'. 540 W. 63rd vSl., 

Cliica-r,, 111. 

^Kaiiiaui.m-: Tavi.ou, A.B,, d. luuia, 
Mich., March 20, K/vS. (57) 

Lesi.uc Jo:,li'1i ' Ti:i-rT, A.B., B.S. 
(Chciu.iv") '03. 

Edgar Cami'1u:ll Tuo.mi'Son, .^.B. 
Teacher in Central HIkIi School. 

^>a^i 3cl Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

John Imimhnu Tiio.mi'So.s', .\.B. Spcc- 
lali-t ill I'.xercisc. 311 Main St., 

Worcester, Mass. 

.\iiii. I-'mit.i.m: Tiil-ksto.s, A.B. (Mrs 
1. .M. I'.rLckeiiridue.) 

Clouctstcr City, X. J. 

Mai!Ki, Trask, A.B. (Mrs. Maynard B. 
Butler.) Pasadena. Cal. 

C.EoRCE Nklson Tremi'KR, A.B. Teach- 
er in Philipiiines, 1001-0.4; Princ. Ili:.4h 
Scluiol, College Hill. Cincinnati, 1005- 
10; Supervisor oi I'laclicc 'i'c.icliiiiL; 
in the Cla>sics, Cniv. .,l" ill , MyUMl , 

I'KMC. of ili-h School, 

Kenosha. Wi..,. 

KalI'II HoUsTO.N \'an ClUVH, A.B. Con- 
crete Construction. ICxeier, Cal. 

Ri.NA Raic Van Eosskn, A.B. Teacher 
in lli«h School. Rossville, III. 

William Hknkv Vki:niioi;u, A.B.M.D. 
'03. Physician. Grand Rapiils, Mich. 

Lillian Vinian Wai.i.aci:, A.B. 'I'each- 
er. 723 \V. iQth St., 

Oklahoma Cily, Okl. 

Ei.oisr. Waring, A.B. Teaching in Al- 
ma Coll, since i.)o6. Alma, Mich. 

Dwic.iiT I'.vKKLTT Watkins, \.V>., A.M. 
■08, /'o?-'o.|. I'rof. of Piihlic Speakinn 
ni Kilos Coll., l.^oS . i'..ileslmrK, 111. 

llKLiN Mauy Watti.i.s, AB Teacher. 
Trov, .Midi. 

Sviiii. Mw WiirEi.LR, A.B., Ph.D. '03. 
(Mrs. Charles I-.. Keelcr.) 

Xorlh Yakima, Wash. 
iK.NMt: BiiLit:\, A.B. 

Manistee, Mich. 

HaUKISON C.AVI.ORl) \VlI.LI\MS, .'\.B., 

lH•o2\^\. Lapeer, Mich. 

Wii 1 I AM KiKKWooo Williams, A.B., 
I.L.B. 0,1. Lawyer' 

ilnhl 151k., Detroit. Mich. 
Mai;i:l \\ii.lis(..\, a B. Teacher. 

Decalnr, Mich. 
Ci.\RA AfiLi)ni:n Willits, .A.B. 

113 N. Ciirlis Ave,, Alhanihra, Cal. 
11i:nu'V Winkman, A.B. Eiiniitiire. 

.|8 Mich. Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

Mabkl Cii'NURUM Wing, A.B. Teacher. 

141)2 California St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Maiiki. I.oi isl W(jod, A.B. Teacher in 

l;a-tern lliKh School. 

2Ss Warren Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Karl Hinma.n' You.nt,, .\.B., A.M. 
(li,ir\ard) '02, PhD. ( Huil.) '07. .Asso. 
I'rof. of Eni^lish, Lniv. of Wis., 
i.>io . MadiMMi, Wis. 

TllKonilL Joll.M Zl.MMLKMAX, .X.L., ,\.M. 
'oj. l-Mitor and Puhlisher. 

I N. Wahash Ave., Chicago, 111. 

ilAHoin I'AKL XooK, A.B. ^LllIufaclure^. 

(241 ) Xappanee, Ind. 

Hugh V. 





iiing and 

IR.VIM .\l 


:t Alliso' 

Dowafiiac, Mich. 
i;n, .\.B. Cheini- 
Belleville, Ont. 
.\ B. Teacher in 
Midi ScIl.oI, since looj. 

Hastings, Mich. 
1'ka.ncis Mii.lkr Bacon, A.B. , D.D.S. 
■9(1. (See Faciiliies.) Teaclicr. 

Norfolk, Va. 
Maky Ji;annktte Bain, AM. (Mrs. 
William H. Veenhoer) 

207 Lyon St., Grand K.ipiils, .Mich. 
Ella M.w Baldwin, .\ P., .\.M. '03. 

313 W. 7ih Si.. Elint. Midi. 
l"in:iM;io(K .X.mos Bai.i.wi.n, A.B., Sc.D. 
'04, M D. 'oS. (See Faculties.) Physi- 
cian. 2047 l.awion St., St. Louis, .Mo. 
(jKorge John Balzlr, .\.B., A.M. 
(Univ. of 111.) '00. Vice-Princ. West. 
Div. llijih School, ^rilwallkec, Wis. 
Bi-ssuv I.AiRA Barhi-.k, A.B. (Mrs. Hor- 
ace A. Hamilton.) Charlotte, Mich. 
Carkii: .\n.\a BAi;iii:R, .A.B 

Uiehland, Mich. 

■//)... J .■■■.v\ M.J. ,ar 
■I 1.',: ,'?in'. 

.1 )■/. .,» 1 V 

. . ! ■<!• ': A 

/ t'l.-.U 


lATliRAKY Dlil'ARTMliXr 


Jui.ius liAKMi Barton', A.B., M, For. 
(Yale) '05. Fui-c=t Seivice. 

S:nuipoim, Idaho. 

tEnSO.N SUNDI'RI.A.MU liASTl.M, .-X.Li., 

.M.S. (Cliicaj^o) 'oj, Ph.D. {ibid.) 'o.;, 
I'liv. .Mich. liil. jS'>S. Cicuk-gisi, 
II. S. (.a-.>Ioyical Siuvl> . 

Wasliiiigtoii, D. C. 

Eu.vMST SrTiii:i(i..\.N'u 1).\ti;s, .\.B., .\.M, 
'03, Ph.D. (Cohiiiilna,) 08. Prof, of 
Knylibh, Univ. of Ari/.., since i<)o8. 

Tucson, .\ri/. 

D.uiu ICi.ijAii BtAKDsi.Kv, .V.B., M.D. 
'04. Ph^'sician. Cedar Kapids, Iowa. 

Bic.vrRicic Ollik Biu.i'oku, A.U. (Mrs. 
Dean L. Raidv.) 

J.|3 Kenilwurtii Ave.,, Midi. 

Ton.N Ai.o.N/.o Bkn.nKTT, a 1!. Manulac- 
UULT. Jack.on, .Midi. 

KouKKi' i..'i;is BiCNSu.N, .\.B., A.M. '01, 
.M.D. (Kii.sli) '10. Baclerioloiiibt to 
Slate Board of Health. Tampa, Ida. 

CiiAui.i:^ LoKTON Bi'.sT, A.B., M.S. 
(Chicago) '03, M.D. (Rush) 'o.(. Phy- 
sician. Freeport, 111. 

RUTII El.I.EN Bl..\CKMA.\', .\.B. 

Rodielle, 111. 

F.WE BuD.Mi:i(, A.B (Mr>. Paul W. 
Voorlicis.) Plymouth, Mich. 

jKssiii Paktridciv Boswi-i.i., A.B. As- 
sist. I.ihrarian, Young- -Men's .Mercau- 

Cincinnaii, (J. 
\Yii.i,iAM l,i-si,iiv Bowi.KR, .-\.B. Inter- 
nal Revenue Inspector. Manila, P. I. 


Secr'y and Treas. Concrete Publishing 
Co. Detroit, Mich. 

Lucv M\ki-.aui-;t Brookshank, A.B, 
(Mrs. Herbert L. Ferrand.) 

M.iulamie, Mich. 
Amy I.oiMsv Bkoo.mi-:, A.B. Teacher in 
Central High School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
.\li.i;.n [Meason] BroO-Mhai.i,, A.B. 
Broker. 31 Nassau St., 

New York, N. Y. 

Etta Nevu.i.e Brow.n, A.B. Teacher in 

High Sdiool. Rockford, III. 

Eoui:sT Bi'i-'i-i-N Harknkss Bkow.v, 

A.B., M.S. '03. Forester. 

R. R. 3, Milan, Mich. 

HiCNRY jKFn-KsoN Brown, ,\.B, PuIi- 

lisher. Springneld, O. 

jKssiC \Vi-:iisri;R Coii Buown, A.B. F'ar- 

iner. Ir\ingtoii, .Ma. 

Thomas Ross Brown, A.B.,M.D.(Uiii\'. 

of Berlin) '07. Physician. 

Frankfort, hid. 

AiniiuR Graham Brownk, A.B. Assist. 
Mngr. Iron Works. Tacoma, Wash. 
Dora Gji,bi;rc Bucuiiai.tku, A.B. (Mrs. 
John 11. Ehrlich.) 

i.l.i I-:. Warren .V\e., Detroit, Mich. 
Mia Id.i/Aiuri-ii Buckingham, .A.B. 
Teacher. 305 Flicdiier BIdg., 

Portland, Ore. 

Tiio.MAS B1NC.11AM4 BuKLL, A.B., /'o3-'o-(. 

F.irnier and Banker. Union City, Mich. 

Gi-;okc,i-: G.\TiiwArn; Bur.ns, A.B., j/j'oj- 

'03, M.D. (Detroit) '04. Physician. 

Fremont, Midi. 
Piiii.u- 1-:vi;ki;tti-:, A.B.. A.M. 
'o<.i, t''.„S-'./;.(See Faculties.) 

I-'ort VVayne, Ind. 
Cii\Ki.i:s Si;.\i.\i;r Bush, A.B., A.M. '03. 
Clerk. i8j .M.iple Si., 

Battle Creek', Midi. 
Ei.iTH Maky Caukv, A.B. (Mrs. Wal- 
ler S. Rogers.) I.a (Grange, III. 
Ji;ssic Bkvant Cari-entck, A.B. Teach- 
er in Male High School. 

Louisville, Ky. 
('h\riks Howaru Carrick, A.B. Supt. 
"1 SdHH.I.s. Charlotte, iMich. 

Hi-:ki;i:i;t P()R-n-:u Carrow, \.\.\. Man- 
ufacturer. 1099 Brush St., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Kathi:ri.n-i; Fourkst Ciiai'.man, A.B. 
(Mrs. Harold W. Crowdl.) 

866 2nd Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Ci.ARA Auic.Aii, CiiAsi-:, A.B., A.M. '00. 

(Mrs. David B. Jones.) 

i/jo Orle.-ins Ave, Si<ni.\ City, Iowa. 

Adki.aiih; Chii.ds, A B 

(Mrs. Frederick T. Swan.) 

Potsdam, N. Y. 

Sara Giiktkudi; Cimiiii, A.B. Teacher 

in High Sduud. Jackson, Mich. 

Wii.iiAM Hi;\UY Harrison Ci.ayto.n, 

.V.l!., '04. Lawyer. 

-Mc.Mester, Okla. 
May Biu.i.k CouuRiiN, A.B. (Mrs. Har- 
rison B. Nohle.) Croukston, Minn. 
Carey Hi:ri;krt Conli-y, A.B. (See 
Faculties.) Ann Arbor. 

May Fran'cks Coni.on, A.B. Teacher in 
Union High School. 
133 Sheldon St., Grand Rapid.s, Mich. 
♦Vera Nancy Connor, A.B., d. lioul. 

der, Colo., Jan. 16, i.x)4. (24) 
WiEi.iAM Stanley Cook sun, A.B. Rub. 
ber Plainer. Waliiawa, (Jahu, H. I. 

Otis Mi.rriam Cope, .\.B., M.D. '04. 
(.See Faculties.) Ann Arbor. 

I'RANK Wii.i.iAM Coi'i.EY, A.B. Sales- 
man. (J17 llarribun St., City, Mo. 


.( .Uj, iM I- 

. ■ / . -. 1 ■u:i. 

i i- .. , "i 

i4« CRAHr.-VniS. [1902. 

].i/zik_May C(Uii:v, A.]:!, U.S. (Olivet) 1)\.N]i;i. Ikmn l.'.r.nrK, A.B. Clicmibr. 

''M- 'iVaclui-. jj., S. i-nh St., .Villi Arlxir. 

I.apcL-r, Micli j.,iix .\ij..xam,i:k Iu.mott, A.B., /oj- 

JuiiN I'KANCia Co'iTi-.R, A.L'.., r()7-'i)8, 'o,^. liankcr. Dcs iMoincs, Iowa 

■u-'-'oj, JJ..1!. (l)Lti-oit) '04. Uawyrr. Km., mi JIi.nkv I'j.swok-ni, A.B., AM. 

l'\)ril Hld.Lf., Detroit, Mirli. 'o). Travc-r.-^c City Midi 

(;n.^NV^,I.l■. Mai.cum Chx, A.B. Sales- ]^\rni Davii. Hnt.i.i;, AB, ^i 'd '00! 

man. .\S.V\ l.;il:e Ave., Cllieanu, 111. ]'liysici:ni. I'elo-key, Mich. 

John Hunt Ckosiiv, All, M.I). '01. I.i.ovn 1 Iccd I'.Kn-ssn:.-, A.I!., 1.1, B. '04. 

I'liVNieiaii. I'l. unwell, .Mull. Crn, ,k.,t.)ii, .Miii:i. 

l'iii;iii:i<uK Wii.i.iA.M (.'iiMMi.i;, A.I!., Makv ) \ nt Im;\vi n' A li '1\' icIm r 

'■VvS-'oi. Clieuiisl. ■ ' j.-annnp.iun.'Mieli. 

urn I'.. 7"il' St., Cleveland, O. CiMCns Ai.hax i'VA.vs, A.l'.., M.I;, 'o.]. 

\'.\)>i\ Jm.okknci': CuM.Mi.N'-,, .'\.B. (Mrs. Smi.'eon. 5i<; .Aster St,, 

James Leslie French.) Ann Arli'T. ' ' Milwaukee, Wis. 

+ N0NA iMi.iciA Dark, All , tl. .Milioid, Ti:ui:sa Im.izauktii Evans, .\.B. (Mrs. 

Mich. July 2.S, i<)ii. (.^J) lames K. kopcr.) 

GiMKCK (-.KKKN Damo.n, .\.B. Chemist. Mciioiiiinee, Mich. 

-'.^5 S. Vermont .Ave., GKirruunK Ci.aiui-: 1'\\i,k, .\.B. Princ. 

1,0s AiiLjeles, Cal. I'Vrf^iison School, Detroit, .Mich. 

I.oLusi': Mauii-: Davis, A, I!. Unwell .Mich 

■2\7 Downer I'k, Aurora, III. 1'i.oki noi: 1'ai.i.ass, A.B. 

Ji:an Dawson, A.B., A.^T. 'o.i IMi.D. '05. i;<) kansoni St.. Oaiul Kiipids Mich. 

Teacher in Normal vSchiM.I. hi; \.\cr.s I.m.:a.n'a I'akk, .\ 1!. (.Mrs. 

10610 Ivirle Ave., Clevelaml, O. I). mi, I }•'. /imiiieniian. ) \nn .\rhor 

♦RoDKRT BiikNS Dawson, .A.B, 1,1,1!. 1.ii.i.ia.\ .Mai; k'.NUTiii.Nc, .\ li. (.Mrs. 

KjO-l, /-'tio-'oi, (1. llaslin.i^s, Mich., .Ajiril I'Mwiii II. Wicks.) 

17, Kjoi). (jS) III lietlmne St., W., Detroit, Mich. 

C.r.N'KviiAi; Dix-KKK, All. (Mrs. I, an- Aiika.m HiiNkv Fi.i.kkk, A.B, LI<.B. '04. 

rence W. Smith.) Ionia, Mich. l.awver. Foster Bid-, Denver, Colo. 

.Ni:i.i,iic Maria.n Di;i,ai'orci:, .A.B. I..\ni;i.:TT \ May I''f.iu.uson, .A B. Teach- 

Milan, .Mich. .r in IliJi School. 

Mahy Dkn.nms, A. II. (Mrs. J. Traver-^e Citv, Mich. 

iM-aiik I'lilhiicr.) Vickshiirn, Mich. .M\uy I'.m.i'.n I'kkkis, A.U. (Mrs. Percy 

llKN'Ki Pii.uitK ui; Pont, A.B. Analyii- S. I'r>k ) .,0 Jeiier^o,, .\^c. 

cal Chemist. .i«j Phila.h-lphia Avr., ('.rami Rapids, Mich. 

Detroit, Mich. li)\ May hiNi.i;v, A B. (Mrs. Klmcr 

I'uiui V,K\\ Di-wi:y, A.B,, l.LB, ( De- Shmnar.) Inilay Citv, .Mich. 

iroit^ 'o^. l.awver. I'l oi'.i-yci: S\k\ I'lsm'.K, A.B., A.M. 

.Moii.u lildi' , Detroit, Mich. ( ( Hu 1 liiD .'o |. A.M. (Cohiinliia) 'rKi. 

Mm!,,m;it .\ui;\ D.un.., .\.l!. (Mr., Mrs. k'riiest S. Bates.) 'riics,.n. .\ri,/. 

loin, I', Wis,,,!,) W\i,Ti:i( TcuNiCK Fisiii.Mir.u, A.B., B.S. 

722 Sonth .\\e,, W'ilkiiishnr.^. P.e ( '(K>. (Sec F'acnlties) 

John .\i<n.)I.i) Doi;i,i,i:, A.B. Snpt. of 127,? Helen .Ave., Detn^t, Mich. 

Schools, since Kind. 1 longhton, Mich. Ci\u\ ('i:i(ri<riiK Imt/i' >. 1 kui;, .\ I'.. 

Hakky SiiUKTi.Kri.- Di'RANT, A.B. Saks- •IVaclar in Hiuh Scho(d. 

man. I 1 S .\dains St, Cliicaf.'o, 111. Ishpemin.i,', Mich. 

l.i'i-v li'ANNKTTi- Diiiu-i 1:, A. IS. Teacli- fUiciiAKi. l.,jois iM.VNN, .\.B. Corp, 3l^•t 

er in lliKh School. Dicatnr, HI. .Mich Inf. i.^mjN. Director of Boys' 

I.AUKA l.tK-ii.i; I'.AMKs, A.B,, A.M. Work, V. M, C, A. 

(Washington, St. I.onis) 'os. (Mrs,^as Citv, .Mo. 

Alfred D Kanimcrcr.') Wai.tik 1o.\, All. 

4ifrf)" W. Pine Blvd., St. I.ouis, Mo. (u Iv Canlield .\ve., Detroit, Mich. 

Orrin K'insi.i'.y Faui., A.B. Commission .Aiuu'STi; Piciiako 1''kank, .\.B. Grain 

Merchant. MS W. So. Water St, Itroker. Tel. Bld.ijr, Chica,i;o, III. 

Chicauo, 111. Hi-.RNici: l'Ri;ni;ui.'K, A B 

(j-.uTRi-Di- Ar..N'i.:s I'DWAKiis, A.B, (Mrs. <.7 v. I'uiii St,, Kansas Citv, Mo. MiKhell.) 4 VJ N Pake St., Cil An r.i •, Im ..m .n ( ', M inWA v, .\ P. Io>re- 

Anrora, 111. man. IVaver D.iin, Wis. 

.... . m1 ,ir.«;- I 


.1 ■: .1 

u •:i-v 

.) jji . , .) ( .■! !I(I ; J^ V.MJI 

. v. i il /> 55-. .■,- .li .; ■» '.t vu' M 
■ .'i • r),;i. ,■; ,,■ ■l\^ 

i</)2.| l.iri.UAKV DIU'ARTMl-.Sr, 


Ai.i.i;.\ \\ vNAN-i) (-ARDiiNKR.A.l;. Giapc- Jkssik Tusj-.riiiNi' IIi-LLtR, A.B. (Mrs. 

fruit Growtr., Walter J. Wliyte.) 

Isle of I'iiK'S. \V. I. Ivmiiirt-, C. Z., I'auama. 

ls\iii;i, Gkaci: Gav, AH. (Mrs. George W'h.i.iam Hknkv Hi.rr.\sti;in, AB 

K. Crycr.) ^Sjj In^raliaiii St., Milling'. An^.lcs, Cal. Chiilicothc, O. Lord Gki.ston, All., li.l). IAa Amki.ia Hillmax, (Mrs. 

rilartford) 'o^ Prcsh. Minister. JIarrv V. lohiisoii.) 

WillKT.spoon Jiidg., l'hila.lcl|,!iia, Pa. U2\ Trmiil.ull Aie., Detroit, Mich. 

.\r)i;i..\M)K (ucmiikkllm;,, .A.M. '05. I'.mma Nciu.i; IIoi.ukcxjk, .\ B (Mrs. 

'IVa.lier iji lliuli School. llnrolJ 11. Gl.ok.) 

AtiaiUic lli.nhlaiuls N. J. ,^17 S. ()Ii\c St., .UikcIos, Cal. 

IIaruv Gi:uui-r, A.r... /''<>S-'oo. Bank ln\ i.oi im; 1 Ioi.i.i:.v, .\.B. (.Mr-. Nor- 

Gashicr. Keeil Giiy, Mich. iiian K. .\iulcrsoi,.) 

S.\K\ii Ki.EANOR Gii!SO>j, .'\.]!. Writer. s\\o Ridueuood Ct., Chicago, 111. 

OIJ Siimiiiit St., llaKcrsiown, Md. Kickako l)i:.\.Nis Tkai.l Hoi.i.isfEU, 

NiVAliif.iA Giir.KRT, A B. iWr^. I'd- .\.l'.., A.M. '03. (See Faculties.) 

'.lAV k. t'h.q.niaii.) Ann Arbur. 

Gra\vfoid>\illc, hid. I'kank,ti:r IIoNi;i:i;r.i.i<, A.B., 

Ski.m\ Gii.UNV, .^.B. Teacher. .M.S. 'u?. 

ML.nn.c, Mich. Ciaka M'av IIosik, A.B. 

X'r.K.w I'.i.zADA G.i.ASCucK, .\.B. Teach- Wavnc, Mich. 

er in llii^h School. AUrv I'ua.nci-s IIoustox, .A.B. Teach- 

Covin.uton, Ind. er. .310 l'^Jre^t .Ave. W., 

Ci.ARKNCii Samuici, Gorsi.ini:, A.B., Dctruit, Midi. 

M.I). '01. Physician. Tiii:i;i;sa Im.i,i;i..nci; Hi'NrMi:i., A.B. 

P.attlc Creek, Mich. (.Mrs. AUicrt C. Wil-:un.) 

Gi.ADV.s M.\i!Y GuAiiANf, A.B. Teacher .\nn .Arbor, 

in I.^•ons 'Pp. I!it;h School. IfAkuiirrT .A|)i;i.l!' Hl'rki:v, .A.B. 

Riverside, 111. Teacher. ■J"ecuniseh, Mich. 

StaNI.KV kiCIIARD GRANT.IiR,.\ P.., )/i'02- Ro-XOK BURIIAXS lIUSTii.\, .A.B., LL.B. 

'o^ With M. C. R. R. 'o.(. Lawyer. Ann Arbor. 

SI Iliv;hland Ave, netroii, Mich. An.w K vtiiii-i m: Hi iciiinkkithkk, 

H'iiK<TiK lii(,i:M: Gi;ic,.,> .\,1',., d. Ph.e- A B. (Mrs. Uarcv \\'. DaMon. ) 

niK, .\ri'. June jr., i.xxy. 1 ^n ) Was' lile, Mich. 

OuHf, S'.Mri;i, Cmow-.k, A.i!., B,S. ^^AKV Im.hri.nci: J\coir,, .\,1',. (Mrs. 

(Mich. A,;ri.) '.M, MS. (Gliic,-,,) 'o, Arihnr Iv Jones, Jr.) 

Prof, of Cliem., Ottawa I'niv., since .-^.v't ISirch St., Denxer, Colo. 

1007- I'STKi.ii: CAifiii UMA JrsMiv, .\.B.iMr>. 

Gii.iua, Kan. l"r:od; R M.ais ) 

Aurnci; Ktnt ilA\cHi;ir, .\ B. Man- Grand Junction, Colo, 

ul.iciurer. B..; Rapid^ Mid.. I r 1.1 A V. Jon N s, ,.v, A B. ( Mrs. William 

Mauti.n Warm.k Ha.nson, .\ B,M.1). S. lla/ehM,,.) Inslruclor in Isargo 

(I'niv. of 111.) 'oS. P.nsincer. Cull. Far-o, .M. Dak. 

2117 N. Kcdzie Ave., Chicai;o. II!. Rov Howaud Joiin-sdn. A.B., M.D. '04. 

VvMss LoiJisK HARiiirf, .\ B. (Mrs. Surt;eon. Gibson. N'. Me.x. 

llarrv K. Crafts.) Tho.mas Hk.nrv Kr.ESiiAN, A.B. 

143 N. Park Ave, .\ustin, III. Bo.k 4.1, T.jpek.i, Kan. 

Caromnk Cami-i.i-i.i, IIakviv, A B. Dora Ionk Ki;i.i,r:i!, A.B., A.M. '03. 

Teaclur. SI Winder St., Teacher in 111^11 School., Mich. S.)nth Bend, Ind. 

Xr.NiA Bkatkki: IIaskins, .\ I'. 'I~each- Moimimi-k Baii.KV Ki:nni:i.v, A.B., 

er. Mnsherville. Mich. MS. 'o^ Investment Broker. 
loii.N- Fi(i:i)i-iu(K IIaussman, .A. P.. Pcria, HI. 
Jii.iA ni:.vrii, A B. (Mrs. ^•A^•^■^'l; S. Kurxgood, A.B. (Mrs. liar- 
Charles II. Brown.) ry O. Schloss.) 

230 Brooklyn .Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. S K. Lcxin-^ton St., Baltimore, Md. 

Kari, Ilr:i-NAX,'A.B., I.I.B. 'o | Lawyer. Dax Arnold Kii.i.ian, A.B. Fditor. 

Ford BIdr, Deiruit, .Mich. Allegan, Mich. 




Caul Otto Kloiciu-Kr, A.B. Tcachci- 
West High School. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
EzR.\ Cii.\kLi-.s Knai'p, A.B., B.D. (Chi- 
cago) '08. Sinula)' .Scliool I.ecturL-r. 
■Par.-,ua's lloU-l, Spolcanc, Wa.^li. 
Amy Lvdi.\ Krouk, A.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam Brown.) 120 Virginia Ave, 

iK'troit, Mich. 

1I.MM.\ Ki.i.K.N' I,.\u?oN, A.B. Teacher in 

High School. Sioux Kails, S. Uak. 

Nia.i-U; lXn:;A I...\Vigm;, A.B. Teacher 

ill Sou'.h High School. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lorisi: MiMii.i.rcR I.knii.\rt, A.B., AM. 
05. Teacher in High School. 

Tulare. Cal. J. l.r.NV, A.B., Ml). '06. Physi- 
cian. tI3 Washington .\rcade. 

Delroit, Mich. 
Ili;.NRV M.\RTiN I.iMUACH, .'\.B. Instruc- 
tor in Manual Traitniig in lligli 
School. 6j5 S. 8th Ave, 

Louisville, Ky. 
Bi;.\j.\Mi-v Ciii;sti:r Lodi;r, A.B., LL.B. 
( New York) '04. Lawyer. 

I Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. 
SiDN-KV Lyon, A.B., /'y8-'99, 'oi-'o3, J.D. 
(Chicago) '08. Lawyer. 

Ashland Block, Chicago, 111. 
l\ujTit Li;ci.\ Lvo.NS, A.B. Missionary 
ijf Am. Board. Pangkiachwang, 

Shantung, China. 
Nkm.if, ^LM!I^I. McCoK.MicK, A.B. 
Teacher in High Schcnl. 

Cadillac, Mich. 
Ros.\ McDouG.M.i,, A.B., Ph.B. (Hills- 
dale) '91J. Teacher. 
Si:?6 Pasadena Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Maiu:!. |-.sti;i.i,i.: MrC.usw, .\W. \.ll. 
tSainl .NI.Mv's C\,ll , Tex.) '00. (Mis. 
Willmr N luillcr.) 

.'ooj Sullivan Ave., St. I.cuiis, Mo. 
Carl llucu McLkan, A.B., LL.B. '10. 

Lansing, Mich. 

flvALi'ii Van Di'MAN Macoi-i'in, A.B., 

Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins) '08. Corp. 31st 

Mich. Inf. 1898. Associate in Classical 

Hist., Joiins Hopkins Univ. 

llalliniore, Md. 

Ellen Vif)LA Maiucr, A.B. Teacher in 

High School. Dcailwood, S. Dak. 

Frank Bi'rr Marsh, A.B., Ph.D. '06. 

(See Isicnlties.) Austin, Tex. 

LuciLK \'iR(;iNiA Matchi'TT, A.B. 

Greenville,- O. 

CiiARLKS Salmon M.vtthews, A.B., 

LL.B. '04. Lawyer. Pontiac, Mich. 

ILjwaud Matthews, A.B. 
Secr'y and Treas. Auto. Co. 

Jackson, Mich. 
GiUjROE WiCNDEi.r. Maxev, A.B., LL.B. 
(Univ. of I'a.) 'o<'). Lawyer. 

Lcpuhlican Bldg., Scranton, Pa. 
Frank Mayr, .\.B. Jeweller. 

South Bend, Ind. 
.'\u<;usTA Bari;ara Miuser, A.B. Teach- 
er in Weslern Uigh School. 

73 Smith Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
H.VKRV .Mii.T/ Mi-ss, A.B. Teacher. 

-)0_((j Perry St., Chicago, 111. 
CiARAiiLL MlLLl^L\N, j\.B. Teacher in 
West High School. 

70 .Melrose Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Owi-N JosiU'ii Mink, A.B., M.D. '0.4. 

Physician. Medical Corps U. S. Navy. 

Washinglon, D. C. 

jKssii: Ji;.\N Mitchell, A.B. 

Highland Park, La Fayette, Ind. 

C(JNRAD Henry Moehlman, .A.B., B.U. 

(Rochester) '05. Assist. Prof, of 

Circek, Rochester Tlieo. Sent., lyio — . 

Rn.-hcster, N. Y. 

I'oo \K McClElla.nd Moukk, A.B. 

Farmer. Wi^om, Mich. 

LiviA .Annette Muore, A.B. Teacher. 

.\iignsta, Mich. 

Grace F'oote Morehouse, A.B. (Mr.s. 

Thuruian S. Rogers.) Jackson, Mich. 

Lena Lee Morey, A.B. (Mrs. Charles 

M. Austin.) 6 Granger PI., 

P.utTalo, N. Y. 
Max IvMiL MuiCLLiCR, A.B., e'o2-'o^. Astoria, N. Y. 

J.\.\ii;s ]'i;i:di:kick Munson, A.B., M.D. 
'01. Pathologist tu Cohniv for Epiiep- 
;icv S'onyea, N. Y. 

I'owi.N' SiT.xci.R MuRuw, A.B., LL.B. 
'o.S. .Mu;:r. Sales Dc|)l., Coril.uid Car- 
nage Co., iiuee hakS. 

Cortland, N. Y. 
Marcxket Partiienia Murkell, .A.B., 
A.M. 'oy. (Mrs. llerron.) 

2208 Park .\ve., Cairo, III. 
Elmer A. Mvi:us, A.B., ^'yS-'oQ- Min- 
ing Faigiiieering. Chisholm, Minn. 
Thomas I'.mory Nevvcomi:k, A.B. As- 
sist. Cashier Fort Dearhorn Nat. Bank. 
Chicago, 111. 
Aaron G. Newell, A.B, Teacher. 

T,2^2 14th Ave, W., Seattle, Wash. 

Bessie Amalie North, A.B. Teaclier 

in High School. Lake Linden, Mich. 

tPALi'ii Clarke Nowlanh, A.B., />'<>7- 

•<«. 2d V. S. Vol. Cav. i8y8. Chief 

I'ngineer Ray Coiisol. Copper Co. 

Ray, .\rii. 

.\2>\: lu •(■.iL..oT 

.\, ,-, , '.lit. 


..-' !^ ,l.i 

lyo.'l UrnRARY DURARTMUXT, ■ J51 

liuwiN PkiMi-, Nutting, A.B. Priiic. of Rriis T. Sam-okd, A.B., e'(>7-'(j8. Supt. 

High School, iNIoliiic, 111., 1905—. "1 Braiuh of IJow Chemical Co. 

Howell, Midi. Mt. Pleasant, -.Mich. 

Bi-.uTiiA Mi.Ni Vf.rso.\ O'Buii-.N', A.B. DoR.vniv M.m; Sass, A.B. Teachei- in 

louriialist, Whh 1-icc Press. Lake iligli School. 

IKtrcit, Mich. .'i.5« Momoc St., Ciiicago, 111. 

]:ii;a.\ou Di.iMK, A. 11. Piin.ii" Louis Sciucnk, A.B., A.M. '04, 

Lvcciuu Clul., I2,S Piccadilly, J5.1). (Union) '07^ ProL of Bib. Lit., 

London, W'., England. Baker Lhiiv., 1908-10. Gradn.ate Stu- 

David Oi.son, A.B., M.S. (Wisconsin) dcni. Cambridge, .Mass. 

'10. Prof, of Geography, Slate Normal I'.dith I.uuisi: Si-iii:LM{.\i.\.\-, A'B. (Mrs. 

School. Stevens Point, Wis. Juhn II. I'anll.) 

Josi:i'iiiN'i-; Gkutrudi; Osuorxi-., ,\.B. Calumet, Mich. 

Jamks I'.dwaui) 0'SiJi.i.ivA.\, .\.B., l\u- (nMiKci: I'ontaini. Sch.miu, A.B. Sales 

•o.i LawNer. Mnur., 57 Bellevne PI., Chicago, 111. 

l".|ihral,i, Wa-di. Da.mki. Sciil'kt/, .\.B.," I.L.B. 

CiiiiisTciMiilK C.Ki.r.r. pNKXM.i., A.B., 'u|. l.a.vNer. Sonlh I'.end, Tiul. 

iM.l). \>i. I'hvsician. Jack.M.,n. Mich. kvTH (Vv.;i; ScuTT, A.B. (Mrs. Herbert 

lli,Cii M.:uTo.\ I'AKKiMt. A.i;. Te.ichci. A. D.mcer.) Dulnth, Minn. 

New k..chelle, N, Y. I.AUKA Kl.NNi; Sl-ICMiV, A.B. (Mrs. Sa- 

KoY Rdman/o PiXK, .\ U , A.1\L '04. bin G. Hooper.) Boyne City, Mich. 

(Sec Faculties.) Ki.isiiA Sii'ki; Skvi;nsma, A B., M.D. 

50<) N. Lal'ayellc St., Soiuli I'.end, Iiid. (Detroit) '10. Piiysician. 

I'l.oHKKCi; Pi:ti:ks, A.B. Teacher. Grand Ra|.ids, Mich. 

M.ircelhib, Mich. Makv Sti;w.u<t Si'v.muuk, .\.B, Teach- 

Benjami.m Rie-ic PuiCi.i'S, A.B. Hotel er in High Sch-ol. 

Mn-r. Greenville, Mich. 7iK> K. .iicl St., Flint, Mich. 

Jami;s Takt Pii.cni:i<, .\ 1'.., M.D. (Co- G);m Siii;u.\i.\.N', A.I;. Teacher in High 

hnnbia) '04. Phvhician School. I'.velelh, Minn. 

14s Gates Ave. ISruoklyn, N. Y. Pi Tii Mai;i:i. Si.n'ci.aik, .\.B. (Mrs. Ar- 

I'KA.Mc I'KASKk P.yni:i(, A.B, A.M. '03. ilnir C. iJuienbacb.) 

(See F.icnhiev) l.exm-t.ui, Kv. Benl.iu Harbor, Mich. 

I.fiM.i.A Ia.m: Ricai), A.B., A.^L 'oj, Cn nri.ks IIi;u^ciif.i. Sis\m, .\ 1!., A.M. 

PhD. "lo. l;l,. (Tabor) VS. Teacher. (Cornell) '-M. I'h.D (ihU.) '06. As- 

Shenaiuloah, Iowa. =ist. Pn.f. uf .M.atb , I i.iv. ..f lib, since 

RoiiKUT [UkIAII] Ul-JOUN RliDl'ATII, KKxj. Irban.i, III. 

A.B., i,t'oy'o4. M.n. (N. Y. Univ.) Fi.oka Si.avto.n-, .\ B (Mrs Lewis 

'OS. E.xporter of Pharmaceuticals. Reichle.) Mani.tiMue, .Mich. 

7S ClilT St., New York, N. Y. HiitiiHur Cai.dwki.i. S.mitii. .V.B. Wiih 

.\uuivK Pmti.ksun Ri:i:u. A.B, M D. 1'. B. NenhoiV Co. Detroit, Mich. 

■o.i l'b>.M,i,ii. S iM-anklin S.| , Ika Okvai. S.mitii, A.B. Ihisiness As- 

Rochesier, N Y. ^ to 'I'lu- Vouth's Coiitl^ 

Makv kici:, A.B. Teacher in Boston, Mass. 

Manual Training High ScIk.oI. Ktta Nuktiikv S.xi'i.i., .\.B. (Mrs. 

Denver, Colo. Uruce .\. .Middlenns-. ) Ihbbing, Minn. 

Hk.\i<v Jasi'Kr RiciiMONii, .V.B., A.M. Nkii. Worth knotom Snow, A B. Pres. 

'OS. Journalist, With J\-ln>it Nczvs. Detroit T\si>t Drill Co. 

Detroit, Mich. Detroii, Mich. 

CiARCNCi: BiNoiiAM RiiM.i:v, A.B., M D. .\i.iti;KT .Ai.k.xantjkr S.nowuii.v, A.B., 

OJ. PbyMcian and Surgcn. Ph.D. (Columbia) '08. Prcs. The Re- 

G.desburg, III. view Co., Publishers; and Secr'y of 

JKSsii; Louisi- RoK, A.B. State Coiinnission on Industrial Edu- 

sS Green St., Battle Creek, Mich. cation. Roselle Park. N. J. 

I.OU1SI-; .Marii: Rokscii, A.B. Gai, A.B. (Mrs. Hubert 

Auoustus I1i;,s'ry Roth, A.B., M D. '04. W. Carpenter.) Harvey, Chicago, 111. 

(See Faculties.) Physician and Sur- David Louis Stkrn, A.B. Tanner. 

geon. I'.rie, Pa. .v^^.io Michigan Ave, Chicago, HI. 

Ca.Mii. I. A Ti;ki;sa Rvan, .\ P.. Teacher, S^■ulI, Avi.sw oktii Sti; war r, .\.B. ( Mrs. 

I'.ast High School. Tuledo, (). Knbert C. Slerling.) Kello-g, Idaho. 

■ f , < .M 

. .,1. .-.Il .V,. .-..,::) ,.K 

/ cj y ., / / I /.I l'<i. 

, --v. ' -1.-..' . t .i,;- .o," 'I '•*! 

1 5 .. GRA D UA riSS. ( i yo.'. 

I.VMAN ]''.iH..M< Stohuakij, a Li. Studiiit Juii.v Wai.ti'.r Vauciian, A.B., M.D. 

of .-\griculliirc, Univ. u\ i^'al. 'o|. I'll) siciau. 

I'.LikL-lcy, Wa-hiiiKi^.H Arcade, IJcliuii, .Midi. 

Cauumc Lui-ii.i-: Stone, AH., A.Al. 05. Osw.m.d \Vu.i.i.\.m \'is^ciu;u, A.B., B.S. 

(Mis. iJcii.iaiiiin N. r.iauii.) kKI'..) 'u-I, A.]!, (llope) '01. Elect. 

llaivcs, Chicayo, 111. luigiiiucr and Salcsuiaii. 

Nina Stki;i;ter, A.B. 1 lou-lituii, Alich. .10 Clnircli St., New York, N. Y. 

l''i.ouK.NCK 1'",i.izai;i;tii Stkyici:u, A.ii. OaC.sii \\ ii.i.i.\.m \'oi:ijiscii, AM. Clieiu- 

llcad of Hist. Dcpt., Moiitclair Stale 1st. \:u-^ Ariiiil;4:e A\c., 

Normal School. Uiiper Moiitclair, N.J. Chicayo, 111. 

Ai.ici; Kkku Stukm, A.B. Teacher in h \iii 1.1.1: V.-nuiii- ks, A.]i , A.M. 

llc.ivcr C"-ll., i.,o-, -. Heaver, i'a. ov (Mi-, ticor^e 1,. (.Iriiucs. ) 

Ci.\ui;\ci: h:vH-.i:.\K Suti.ii--i-, A. 11. i.v, t^'h irdk-r Ave, Ddroit, Mich. 

Sicam Kiigiiiecr. Bi.l.i.A ] \.m-: Wai.kKK, A.B. Teaelier. 

iK<) Ma\biirv Ave., Dciroit, Mich. Aiialiciui, Cal. 

CoKA Taukr, A.B. i !\Irs. Charle:, Mavhi: l.(.i'is\ Watkkma.m, A.B. (Mrs. 

K. Kaiser.) 0.4deii, Utah. C•llarle^ 11. Colliu-..) 

Kaki.k TtRKY, A.B., A.M. Keiincuick, Wash. 

(Wisconsin) '04. I'h.D. (ibid.Yio. As- Harm: Wavnk Wi.iui, A.B. Lawyer. 

sist. Prof, of Physics, Univ. of Wis. 1 Madison Ave., New Yorlc, N. Y. 

.Madison, Wis l',.s'rus Klu.kku WiCDSiiui, .X.B. Supt. of 

Ci Aki.Nci; l'i;i:i) TiiOMi'Sux, A. P.. Sales Sehool.s, since Ujoj. Washiii(,'ton, III. 

A-eiu. l^oineo, Mich. i.i.i; Sa.muix Wklt, A.B. Whole- 

J'J.iTii I'.u.\A Tout, A.B. Teacher in sale Pa]. ^ r. ;o l'. I l.uicock Si., 

lli'^h School, sw 141I1 .\ve. |) Mich. 

Detroit, Mich Hakkv .\nr,u:>Ti:s \\'i:.vr...\, .\,1!., loo- 

IIUUCKKT Cakmi T.iukhr, A.B. Priuc. '01, STB. (Harvard) '1.5. Unilariaii 

Union Jditih School. Alini.ler, lloiihoii, .Me. 

Monroe, Wash. Kuirii .\m:i.iNK Win; i;i.i:r, A B. (M^.^. 

Bessie Kkrucca Tkowhridch, A.B. Francis A. Del, isle.) 

(i\Irs. Carl M. Marsion.) ii^2 California Ave.. Detroit, Mich. 

.1515 Couaye Grove Ave., Chicas^o, 111. Flora I.. Winxic, A.B. Princ. F.nglisli- 

Ci.AUDiv TiKjR.Nic Tuck, /\.B. Agency Classical Schocd. 

Mii.'T 1 ife Ins Co SOI Mat^nolia Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

uSi8 Talhot Ave,. Iiidiaiiaiiolis, Ind. Mii.o Arm.. rK.j.\>; Wmri:, A.B., I.L.B. 

Jamks Tik.m:r, A.B., TLB. '04. Law- '04. l.a\\\er. Fremont, Mich. 

ver. Union Trust Bldg., Jacchi ILavaru Mhrtcv Wii-ST, A.B. 

Detroit, Mich. Smi.l.u I'.dilor, .\\:c.i-Tiibiiiu\ 

Scott Tuunt.r, A.B., li.S. and IvM. Delroii, Mich. 

(Mich. CmII. of Mines) '04.; .\i u'l; I'm.i.v Wii.cox, ,\.B. Head of 

luiginor. MaiiiiiMih, Ca\. luiijh.di Dept., liiiena Visia Coll. 

Li:>i.iK L'l Kicii, A.B., 1.1, B. '04. Storm Lake, Iowa. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. Luulow Wu,i;y, A.B, LL.B. 

Ci,iFi-ouo Bri;wsti:u Uiton, A.B.,A.^L '04. Lawyer. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

(Cohimhia) '07. Assist. Prof. Math., Ruhkkt Dawson Williamson, A.B. 

Teachers' College, Columbia Univ. Agent D. Appleton & Co., Publishers. 

New York, N. Y. Granville, O. 

Stlart Wklls UtlI'Y, A.P>. Manufac- IIi:nrv Wvatt Willis, A.B. Lawyer. 

turer. 146 H. Forest Ave., Prudential 15klg., BulTalo, N. Y. 

Detroit, Midi. John .\rtiiur WT.ntlr, A.B., M.D. 

Edward Curtis Van Duzeu, A.B., ( lolm Hopkins) 'oo. Physician. 

LL.B. (Kent) '05. Lawyer. Dulnili, Minn. 

70 Dearborn St., CiiicaRO, 111. John Wai.ti;r Woodiiams, .'\.B. Mich. 

CiiAKi.KS Van Kkurln, A.B. Insurance .\geiit Houghton Mitllin Co., Publish- 

Ageiit. Lansing, Mich. ers. Lawton, Mich. 

Frank Van Vi.iut, A.B., A.M. '08. Bkrnicr Worth, A.B. (Mrs. Roland 

Teacher of Math, in P..!ytech. High B. Taber.) Benton Harbor, Mich. 

School. Fannii- Louisr Young, A.B. (Mrs. AI- 

j-'j W. I4lh Si, l.niig Beach, Cal. exander Lindsay) Honolulu, 11. I 

■d ! ... ..: r; , . .'A 

.1. M, 'I.'. ,|,-,.,, , 

;..,., ^7' , :.:! 1, 

■.1/ • i \:r:\ .'^V .I'/tnJ-H 

.1 )>.IA k. 

.*1|- V 

i./OJ-o.i]'.R-lRV Dl'.P.lRTMIiXr, ,53 

Katk P-i.ANciiO'or.NT,, A.l;. (i\Iis. Ken- Katiikkinj: Bugi.i:, A.B. Teaclicr in 

ry ,M. Kiinli.ill.) Ptnllaiul, Oiu. .Ml. Wriiou Seniiiiary. 

Marik Zimmkrman, A.B. Teacher. 1100 M St., Wasliington, D. C. 

Graduate SukIcmI, CliicaKO Univ. Bi.knmci: Bokt, A.B. Teacher. 

(277) Chicago, 111. IJ7 ]•:. Tabor vSl., Fort W'avn;-, Ind. Ja.mi-.s B(.\m;i<. A.B., .M D. '05. 

1903 l'hy.sicim and Surgcnn. 

May Davii^on Acnku', A.B., A.B. (Al- „, , , .^ ,-,,.„„,.. n ?n'"\'l'!'' ult\ 

1, ion) '00. Teacher. Che^aning, Mich. ^\ '"^'••^ LuM.MA>i Bu^n A.B. Hotel 

Mvrm li.iZA Au,.:.v, A.B. Teacher. ,. '">^"'^|^ .^ 

,, ,,, -,,• I J'.i.nisi: .S\\i;i,r Bradsii.wv, A.B. leacli- 

M^,•^..A Vakv .\u 'x! VB ' (Mr' -^ '" l'>^'' ^^''^'^l' H'^" ".'^^ 

lie. ward ]■:. Cuirni.) 

('■russe I'oint, D^, Midi. 
S\i;\ii .\i.MKi-: Ai.i.(n\'AV, .\.B. 
Mm,i;i. ANnK::v.>, .\,B. (Mr.v 

Cl.ireiu-c W. l;.-irlier.) I.inia. .Mich. 
U(.l;i:uT I' .\.\ni;i:us, .\.\\. V.S. 

a'.l'.) 'u^. Willi'l l;,.,ird ..I I'iic 

L'liderw.iUr-. ly-. William St.. 

York. N. V 

Menoiiiincc, Mich. 
I'NM-sr i"i;\NK Bkiocs, A.B., <;'oi-'02. 
•JclciiliM.ic r,i.=iii,'v 

Three O.iks, Mich. 

(."iisKi.i's ni:.\KV BknA.N-, A.B.,M.D. '05. 

l'hvMa:.n. l'ranl:lin, Pa. 

l'.i.i/\r,i 111 Sti;vki:r P.row.n. .A.B. (Mrs. 

I'vaiis ll,.lhrouk.) Ann .\rl.or. 

Ida I,o^■ol.A P.kowx, A.B. 'J'eacher. 

I,,\ Ar,,v.,," AvT.piic A U Tr'n'-lwr ^'^-^ ^- Weadock St., Saginaw, Mich. 

luA M..NM,.s ANUUtJS A.B. icadicr j,,^ ,„,^, j^i,,,^^,, BuuWN, A.B. (Mrs. 

.Mannal Iraunng Ihg Sc 00k ^ ^,,,^^i^,„^ ^ j^^ ^,i^,,_ 

].*M. . .\SCHA.M, A.l . . Jcr m I ^1. KalanKiM,... .Muh., Dec. J.^. una. (29) 

SJlnni. .\n,ll.|nr .1 e, N. Ale.X j^, ^^^.^,^^_^ |r,,„Nr,TON' Bitkin.-ham, A.B. 

NN'ai.iKk (', .\.B., jn'oi-o.;. 

,;4h Sc 

M.PJ. (N. W. Univ.) 'o--. Pathologist '^■'^"^' '" '"-" ^' y . .y, 

and Cheniisl. Sprin;. field, HI, '"'''• ^^ ''"' 

Sami'i:i. Baii, A.B., c'ov'o|. S;iii;. (^as 

Tn. !:■;■ C'llV, .\licll. 

'■Pniu.KTN 1am; Bui.i., ( M rv Tolni A. 
(-,arnlt,)'<l. I.os An';,'k-.„ Cak, Nov. 
:.■!, 1010. CvO 

Mi.i.i.v l)Ki-w Butts, A.l^- , AM. '04. 
IVaclur ,.f I.alin. K.inl.-.ikLe, HI. 

ll.\Kf)i,Tj Su'ii'T C.\Mi';n:i,i.. A. P.. Law- 
yer. Xapoleon, O. 

W'niiAM C.AKUi-.TSox C\i;ii.u;r, A.B,, 
M.n. '0 1. Physician. Marioi., Iowa. 

I.niA l\Ki; Caui.isi.k, A. P.. (Mrs. 

K\iiiAki':i; 1m,uui-t B\i,i,i;:,nM;, A.l!. 
I.Mr-. Tlu-..,l,;re Iv 1 lea\ enrich. ) 

P.nt llnrun, Mich. 

Ij.rni .\i UK Bai;.\aki., A.B. Teacher 

in High Schoe.k Maninelte, Mich. 

l.m:is .AuTnuii Barton, .A.B. Kuc.KNi- Bassktt, .A.B. Head 

of Dept. of French, Merccrbbnrg .Acad. 

Mercer-hnrL'- Pa < .eor-e 1,. I.onihard.) 

|.-,,,„' B^xTi-u A B ■ ^">^ '■'■""■i^ Ave., Crand Rapids, Mich. 

C'<ii;\ Bi\i;m^i)I' '\ 1! I'.nnii I'li kistk.m; Csuti-u, -A.B. (.Mrs. 

' K.' 1')',, ]'..ntiac, Mich. '■'■•"'t 1' Bra.l.-haw.) Pa. 

(Ikvci; M,\v Bi;i:iii:. .\.B. Teacher. l".ii:ii\ Wii.uur Casitu, .\.B., M.D. 

r.rand Rapids, Mich (Dciroii) 'i i, M. F'.. Clergyman. 

CnAKi..,TTi: An'xa Bi;i.e;i:u, A.B.' With 26 iicresfor.l Ave, Detroit, Mich. 

Tiincs-Nrii's. Ann Arh,.r. F:tiii:i. Wi';iriiKD Bkn' Ciiasi., A B. 

Wii.T.iAM .\nnin BknscuTKi;, A.B. Cny Teacher of Natural Science. 

Fdilor of (he Journal. i"i ' I.atayelle Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

7S2 2d .\ve., Detroit, Mich. Ar.iu.iN'i: Di:rkicic CiiuisroiMii:i;, A.B. 

liARi, FoKKST BiCNioN, A.B. Snpt. of CMrs. James R. Thc.inpM.n.) Iiitcr- 

Schcks. Ontonagon, Mich. national Y. M. C. A. 

C.r. .KOI V.N N Bii.iiv, A.R. (Mrs. James 128 F.. 28lh St., New \'ork, N. Y. 

P.. fnrran.) Blackwcll, Okla. Caroi.v.n MrlMKCii.w Ciiuiin, A.B. 

CiiM.'i.i.rYr, Si-.coK i;i.'^si.:i,i.,A.B. Teach- ( Ah's. FMward O. Snltoii 1 

u in I hull School, since lOOS. T.aci.ina, Wa-^h. 

Tilled,. O. I'.orni Irim: Ci.arki:, All. (Mrs. J..lin 

()w\l. 1;, v.NMlMl.. \.l'. (Ml^. lleiirv S. II, M..nP.;o,nerv.) 

Crav.) I.ev. i.-toii, Maho. ji>7 ll:i/lewood Ave., Delroit, Mich. 

154 GRADUATLIS. [1903. 


(1. Austin, ill., Sept. 3, 1904. (24J Civil and .Milling En.gineer. 

Eri.e Hi.swortii Ci.ippinger, A.B., <)t,}, 3oih Ave., .Seattle, Wash. 

A.M. '04. Assist. Prof, of English, Ross V. Dillev, i\.\i., e'oi-'02. Fruit 

Suuc Nunnal School. Ranch. Roswell, Idaho. 

Terra Haute, Ind. Ai,}ii:R'r Wii.i-ord Dorr, A.B., A.B. 

Mi.wNiE Pamki.ia C1.OUG11, A.B. Care of (IliiisdalL) '<;6. Teacher in High 

\V. C. Harris, 610 Wayne Co. Sav. Bk. Schm)!. Mt. Vernon, O. 

Bldg., Detroit, Mich. Roi;i:kt Wai.tkr Douglas, A.B. Grad. 

Harry Mason Comins, A.B. Snpt. uf Suulmt in l'\ire«iry, Univ. of Wash. 

Schools. Kipon, Wis. Seattle, Wash. 

TiiUKi.ow E.MMiCTT Coon, A.B., B.S. Estici.m; DoWKiNr,, A.B. instructor in 

{Mech.E.) '06. Sales Engineer. J'ligli-Ii, Slate NMrinal Coll. 

55 Leicester Ci., Detroit, Midi. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

COKNUIJA .A1.ICI; CofKI.ANl), A.B., A.M. .^NNA El.l ZAIiK.TII Drummunm), A.B. In- 

'ob. Teacher in Central High School. structor in English, Lewis Institute. 

Detroit, Mich. 1008 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 

(ii'iiRr.iA CnrsiiRouT.H Coi'i'OCK, \.V>. Franci's Ji:\vi:tt Dunhar, .'\.B. Assist. m High Sell,.. 4 I'eoriii, 111. in /o.^logy, Univ. of Mich., .since 1902. 

Ci \i;i;nci: Ci irfoun Coi;i., .\,B. Ti.ach- Ann Arhor. 

er. Ileiidersun, Ky. Fk\nk .\ai;un E.dson, A.B. Real Es- 

.\nj\\ I'li:!.! !■ CoKSO.M, :\.\'i. Teaclu r. tate. Deerwiiod, Minn. 

liinuiiighani, Midi. ] .luv !• i.\i 1; \ lu.T.ioiT, Teacher in 

x\ I'.vr.i.vN Cram;, AB. (Mrs. l'..,-,!, lli-h ScIim.,1., Mich. 

Moitnn Kline.) Kl;iii lu.iis, ,\ i!. (Mis. William E. 

IJ5 ]•.. Ounsliy Ave, Louisville, Ky. lla.tium I Kearsarge, Midi. 

Erkhi KICK Ci[ARi.i':s Crumi'acki;r,.\.B , 1,i;mi-i:i. \\ h.i.iam 1\\mui.i-:ni:r, AM., 

LL.B. '05. Lawyer. Haninioiul, Lid. PliC. 'oo, Ml). '06. Instructor in Path- 

Harrv Li'Wis CRUMfACKiUi, A.B., LL.L. i'log>-, Cornell Med. Schonl 

'Ot, Lawyer. Michigan City, Ind. -'.(o l'"t. \\'a^hinglon .Ave., 

OwK.Ni Li'CAs CRU.Me.uiKKR, .\.B., LL.B. New York, N. Y. 

'o^ Lawvtr. ValiKiraisu, Ind. Iihin Ai.i: .xa.vdkr Im'rguson, A.B., B.S. 

Hakrikt Cui.vEu, A.B. Business. ( CIkiuIv) '05, LL.B. (Nat. Univ.) 

27 Canal St., Grand kapid^ Mich. V.S, M P.L. (Geo. ) '09. Patent 

koiii-KT MvuoN CuTTi.NC, A.B., LL.B. l.assNir -'5 Broad St., 

(N. W. Univ.) 'orj. Aul.Miiobiles. Ne^e Vmk, N. Y. 

21;?^ Wabash Ave., Chicago, III. Wii.i.ivm Josr.Pii Eiiu.n, A.B. Journal- 

Hagoi'os tuRos Dagiiista.n, A.B. Prof. i=t. o^oj Greenuood Ave., 

of Education and Public Sp'-aking, Chicago, III. 

b'.llsworth Coll. L.'.va Ealls, U.wa. M\k II. !• 1 \ i.i:i.s 1 kin, A 1!., LL.B. '06. 

;ilrN:;v Tih.M \s DANia.u.ii, .V I! I'riv. I.:i\\s>r ! l.-iininoud Bids;,, 

;i.-l .\ li.i. i.^mS. C' l!u-- Detroit, Mich. 

iiu-v u; lliui^in., \\U\v.. \.\^~\ .Mmii:i, FooTi;, .A.B. Teacher in 

I.e. .\iu'ele-, Cal. Greenlield (Ind.) High School. 

Mar\ Iam: Danhu.i.s, .\.B. Teacher. Charlotte, Mich. 

(6 Sciibner St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Mark Im.oti-, .A.B. Newspaper Work. 

Darrki.i. Hai;.; Davis, A.B. Teacher. loj I lope Ave., Grand Papids, Mich. 

183 Ccinuiionwealth Ave., Cauhi.i.s'K 1'J)itii, .\.I5. Teach- 

Delroit, Midi. er in High School. 

Grant Train Davis, A.B, M.S. (Univ. joo !■:. Capitol Ave., Springl"ield, lil. 

of 111.) W Earmer. Clint. .11, Midi. Ja.m; k.o.wAv 1m.wi.i;r, A.H. Teacher. 

RoiuiRT HvMii.TON Dawson, A.B., LL.B. Walla Walla, Wash. 

(West Res.) 'o<;. Lawyer. Sahrv .\\.n 1'kai.ick, .A.B. 

Williainson Bldg., Clcvelaml, (). 719 W. Colfa.x Ave., South lien.l, Ind. 

I'.i.iTii Lc.iiH-: Df. Ldnc, A.B. Proof- Hakkv .\;rson I'Ranck, A.B. Teach- 

reader. j ^S-j Lorillard PI., er in IliKh School. Spriugiield, Mass. 

New Yurk, N. Y. Tiikoi.ori-; !■ i.rdinani) Im<i-i;.m \n, A.B. 

Makv lls.N.NAii Di.ui.v. .A.B. (Mrs. S\.leiii nf Grocery St. >rev 

Howard S. Reed.) Bl.uUsburg, A^i. 4^.0 liclmoiit Ave., Chicago, 111. 




*V'krxox Eurnham Ci.Evr.RDON, A.B., 

d. Austin, 111., Sept. 3, 1904. (24) 
Eri.e Hi.sworth Ci.ii'PtNCER, A.B., 

A.M. '04. Assist. Prof, of English, 

Suuo Normal School. 

Terre Haute, Iiul. 
Mi.N'ME P.\MEi,iA C1.0UG11, A.B. Care of 

\V. C. Harris, 610 Wayne Co. Sav. Bk. 

Eldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Harry Mason Comins, A.B, Supt. of 

Schools. Ripon, Wis. 

TiiuKi.uw E.MMETT Coon, A.B., B.S. 

(Mech.E.) '06. Sales Engineer. 

55 Leicester Ct., IJetroit, Mich. 
Cornelia Alice Copei.and, A.B., A.M. 

'06. Teaclier in Central High School. 

Detroit, JNlicli. 


Teaclier in High Scho,.l. Peoria, 111. 
Ci..\uENCE Ciin-oRD Coiu., A.B. Teach- 
er. llenJerson, Ky. 
.\nx\ Bi-i.n; Cokscjn, A.B. Tcachu-. 

Biruiingliani, Mich. I'VKi.VN Cram;, A.B. (Mrs. 
Mortun Kline.) 

1-5 E. Ormsl.y Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Frederick Crumpacker, .\.B , 

LL.B. '05. La\v)er. Hannuond, hid. 

Harrv Lewis Cru.mpacker, A.B., LL.l!. 

'05. Lawyer. Michigan City, hid. 

Owen Li'cas Cru.mpacker, A.B., LL.B, 

'05. Lawyer. Vali.araiso, hid. 

Hakuiet Culver, A.B. Business. 

27 Canal St., Grand Rapids, Mich, 
kop.ERT MvRnN Cuttino, A,B., LL.B. 
( N. \\'. L'niv.) '06. Automobiles. 

2oy-, Waliash Ave, Chicago, III. 
Hagopos Torus Uaciiistan, A.B. Prof, 
of Education ami PuMic Sp'-akin- 
l-.llsworlh Coll. lu'.\a Falls, lou,,, 

Hh Ni;v TiiMMv^ D,.\Ni-.,i;iii, ,V 1! I'riv. 
;i.-i ,\h,h h.i. iS.,S, CoHUML.Moi i;u.-- 
h:.-~. ^K llp-;i;ins BI.U;., 

■ 1..,^ .\nveKs, CI. 
Marn Ta.xk DANiiU.i.s, A.B. Teacher. 

(6 Sciil.ner St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Darrei.i. Hauc, Davis, A.B. Teacher. 
183 Comiiionweallh Ave,, 

Detroit, Mich. 

Grant Train Davis, A,B , MS. ( 

of 111.) 'oy. Farmer. Clinton, Mich, 

I\cii!i;rt 11\mii.ton Uawson, A.B.,LL.1>. 

(.West. Res.) 'ck;. Lawyer. 

Williamson Bldg., Cleveland, (). 
EiJiTii^E De Lonc, A.B. Pruoi- 
rL-adir, _'(«<) I.orillard PI., 

New York, N. V. 

Makv Hn.nwii Di.\nev. !\.V.. (Mrs. 

Howard S. Reed.) l!l..ckslHirg, Va. 

RoiiERT Gardiner Dillaway, A.B. 
Civil and Mining Engineer. 

933 30lh Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Ross V. Dillev, A.B., e'oi-'oz. Fruit 

Ranch. Roswell, Idaho. 


(Hillsdale) '<;6. Teacher in High 

SciiMol, Mt. Vernon, O. 

RoREKT Walter Douglas, A.B. Grad. 

Suidrnt in Forestry, Univ. of Wash. 

Seattle, Wash. 

EsTELi.K DoWKiNc., A.B. instructor in 

i'nglt-h. Slate Normal Coll. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Anna Iu.iz\I!ETIi Drummdnd, A.B. In- 
structor ill English, Lewis Institute. 
i<,)0« W. Monroe St., Chicago, III. 
Frances Ji:wett Dunhar, A.B. Assist, 
in /oology, Univ. of Mich., since 1902. 
Ann Arbor. 
Frank Aaron Edson, A.B. Real Es- 
tate, Deervvood, Minn. 
Lrcv l',i,\ ii;\ Ivllio'it, .A.B, Teacher in 
l',.i-,t. I ligh ScIk.oI, Detroit, Mich. 
Rum Ij.i M, ,\ 11. (Mrs. William F. 
IhutiuMi I Kearsarge, Mich. 
1.i:mci,i, \\ili,iam l-'AMULENiUi, .A.B., 
Ph.C, '00, :\I,D. '06. Instructor in Path- 
ologe, Cornell Med. School. 
_M0 I't. Washington .Ave,, 

New York, N. Y, 

John AlExandi-r I'e.rcuson, A.B., B.S. 

(Cheni.l'.) 'OS, I.LB. (Nat. Univ.) 

'cS, MP.L, (f'.eo, Wa>ii ) '09. Patent 

Law\er -'5 Broad St., 

New York, N, Y. 
Willi SM J(isi:pii 1''ii;ld, .A.B. Journal- 
ist. 050J Greenwood Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
MvK II. IMM.ELSIEIN, A B., LL.B. '06. 
j.awMC Hammond lildg,, 

Detroit, Mich. 
l.iNv Mmiei. Foote, A.B, Teaclier in 
Greeni'ield (hid.) High School. 

Charlotte, Mich. 
Mark Foote, A.B. Newspaper Work. 
103 Hope .Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Caroline I'.ditii I'oui.kk, A.B. Teach- 
er in High School. 

_■().) \\. Caiiitol Ave., Springfield, lil. 
]\\v Uio.:wAV 1''<iwi,i:k, A,1!, Teacher. 
Walla Walla, Wash. 
SAiiRA Ann I'RAi.iCK, A.B. 

/iQ W. Colfa.x Ave., South Bend, Ind. 
Harrv Alverson I'ranck, A.B. Teach- 
er in High School, Springfield, Mass. 
Theodore I'"erdinand I'kEE.msn, .A.B. 
Sybl>ni of C.KKeiy Ston -.. 

4(10 liclmont Ave., Chicago, III. 

i-i .'.■ ,'.'/ 




.M A.J'i 

1 ...MM 

1 1' 



LoujsK Frkncii, A.B., Ph.R. (Wooster) Max Roiikktson Hodcdon.A.B. Teach- 

'09. Teacher in Jligh School. ir in Military Aca<l . liit;hlaiul Park, 

Huron, S. DaW. 111. Rirnun^;hani, Mich. 

Hugo .\ijrah.\m Frdund, A.B., M.D. Emma Mahf.i. Holdrook, A B. Teacher 

'05 l'li)hician Washington .\rcailc, in Central Normal School. 

Detroit, Mich. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

Fk>.\'k Fkicij:-.kick Fkc)MYi:k, A.B. Care Maj<y Iuhth IIoi,mi;s, A.B. 

uf Frank Froinycr, Sr., Iludiou, Mich. 

Xcrth K.ast, Pa. Rai.imi IIahmon Hoi.mks, A.B. Trcas. 

Thomas Uruan Fui.i.i:r, A.B. Teacher. llyKJenic Food Co. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Oxford, Mich. Kdwauo Pottkr Hopkins, .\.B. State 

J(i(\ Cadot I'lJi.i.i.KTOM, A.B. Lawyer. Bank Ivsaniiner. Cliarlntie, Mich. 

Trov, O, Ai.Ki: Il•:^^•.Nl: Houi.i:, .\.B. (Mrs. 

Kathkri.nk RRKvrs Gkorck, A.B. (Mrs Chaik^ T. Siurgeon.) S. Schmidt.) Cdohe, Ariz. 

I,os .•XnRele.';, ♦I'Iaki.k Inck ksoi.i, Houston, A.B., d. 

Fri;di:ricka Botsi-ori3'i;, .^.B. Monrovia, Cal., Jan. 20, K)07- (26) 

.■\ssist. Reference Librarian, U. of M. Lillian Flisk HowAKn, A.B. Teacher 

Lihrary. .\nu .\rl)Oi-. iii Hi^li School. Chesaninp, Mich. 

F.ii'ii; (iOiii'RiCY, A.B. lustructur in AL\ky I'iillicr Howks, A.B. Teacher in 

Slate Normal School. Ponliac (HI.) High School. 

Duluth, Minn, R. R. i, Snencer. N. Y. 

Miriam Di'Dorau Goldman, A.B. Aihgail HuiiiiARn, A.B. (Mrs. Thomas 

Teacher in Central High School. Ji Coolcy.) 95 Watson St., 

84 Adelaide St , Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 

Francis Lli; Di:wi:y Ooouuicii, A.B. Foward ConFRiiY Hurkk, .\.B., M.D. 

Assist. Librarian, Univ. Library. 'o:;. Surg. U. S. :\. Care of Surg. 

Ann Arbor.'l., Washington, D. C. 

IJHRAiM Clorci: Gray, AB, J^LD. '03. Hli.en Marian Humi-, A.IL (Mrs. Ber- 

Phvbician. Ludington, Mich. tolet P. Roseiiherry. ) .Arcadia, Wis. 

Ci \ri;ncl Wilson Grkkm:, A.B., .\.M. Gkni;vii:vi- Lmus, A.B, .\M. '05. As- 

'dS. Prof, of Phvsics in Albion Coll., sist. State Chemist. 

Muce lo'M. ' Old Capitol, Si. Paul, Minn. 

.Mliion, Mich. AfMiici. Katiiryn InclLsii, -\ H. T.ach- 

Im.oukncl Wi-NT\voRTii C.RF.KNK, .\.V>. er. 8j North Ave., 

415 F. William St., .Xnn Arbor. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

CiiRisTiNi- Hi-nkiktta Haller, A.B. Aiiii-RT Jacodson, A.B. City Chemist. 

SIS S. 3lh .\ve , Ann Arbor. Seattle, Wash. 

Niiiii: M\v Hamilton, A l^., .•\.^L '04. Mark, A.B., .A.M. and ^LD. 

(.Mrs. C,l^|ler A. Ornbaun.) (N. W. Univ.) '06. Physician. 

(lor.ud St., Oakland, Cal. -(.' N. State St., Chicago, HI. 

\\i:iu MnciiLLi. Hamilton, A.B, M.D. Cuaklls Lh)Yd Justicl, .\ B., LL.B. 

(Uni\-. (if Pa.) '07. Pluhici.m. 'o.S- Lawyer. Marion, O. 

Bul",cr, Pa. Paula Kaiin, A.B. (.Mrs. David A. 

Clara Hl.n-riktti- Hassl, .\.B. Sci. As- Brown ) 2.)4 WoodwanI Ave, 

sist. Bureau of Plant Industry, U. S. Detroit, Mich. 

Dcpt. of Agri. Washington, 1). C. Katiilrini: May KiLi.ri:-., A.B. Teach- 

MiLPRKD Clara Hathaway, .\ 11. (Mrs. er in lli'-;h School. Dulnwiue, Iowa. 

Walter M. Peck.), Tex. Thomas Hill Kinoslky, A.B., LL.B. 

Fk.sncks Nkwton IIi;ath, .\.B Supt '05. Lawyer. C(jmmerce BIdg., 

Women's Club House. Portland, Ore. K.insas Citv, Mo. 

WiiLiAM D llF.NDKRsnN, A.B., A.M. Ruiiaui. Ray Kirk, .\ B . A.M. '04. 

■01. I'lil'. 'o<i- (See Faculties.) (Sec I";icuhies.) lihaea, N, V. 

Ann Arbor. Jamis Knss McAvLK Kikklr, A.B. 

Fanmk I'.Li/AiiLTii Hi-NION, A.B. llij.;li 'I'ravelling 

School Te.icher. .'j.i .Medbnry .\ve., Detroit, Mich. 

ICKX) Chico|)ee St., Pasadena, t.d Mm. ton Svlvkstkr Koiii.rrz, .\.B., /'03- 

Alukry I'rnlst Hl■liR^^Tl■l^•, AB. 'op Lauvir. ,182 Arcade. 

Hardware Mercli.u.t Cbillicotln-, ( ). ' ' (."leveland, O. 



• J 


' '• PQ' 

./,»>.■ A. 




•'' ^' 


1." J,. il 





Jxi'dii Svi.\ i;.sriCK Kun.v, A.B., /'oj-'uj. 
l.;u\v<.i-. Mutineers l!l(!^;., 

(.', O. 
Anna ^fAKC.ARi.r Kui;mi:u, A.B. Tcach- 
u- ill C::i^s Ilmh School. 

SU Ik-lcii Ave, Detroit, Mich.^i, Bovm:k I.AiKi), A.l!, A.M. 'o.i. 
Head of Dq.t. oi ISyclioloyv, Stale 
Normal Cll., m\cv \&)o. 

Vlibilauli, Mich. 
J^\l.lll CiiK^iKK L.wK, State Kcpr. 
Scott. l-(iicsiiiai! .*(; C.-., I'liliH-hers. 
;i.) N. Dchtwarc St., liuliaiuipoiis, Irnl. 
lJi:,\.\ L.x\vui;nci;, A.B. Teacher. 

ii(.oi I'.euiah Ave., Cievelaiul. O. 

JIi:r.i:N I.i.i;, .\.J1., M.n. 'o.s. Physician. 

140 N. ,3ril St., San Jose, Cal. 

CiiAKi i-.s .\i.i;KUT Li.ii.MAN, A.B. I'hysi- 

ci.iii. Newberry, Ta. 

Jri.ix Malih; LisKow, A.B. Teacher. 

1411 (".ratiot Ave., Sa'4iiiaw, Mich. 
nVii.i.iAM Ki,r^ii:i,i, I.i.ovi), A.B., I.LB. 
'os, (!. Catliii, 111., Sept. 8, lyoi. (jj) 
Mav I'.i.i/AiiKTU ].(j()Sic, A.l',. Teacher. 
.S--(i lil;.ck St., i'ilt:, I'a, 
'05. Pliybician. Worlhington, Mass. 
IhIi.v \'ikci.\ia Lyon, A.B. Teacher in 
lliKh Scho.,1. Ben Avon, I'a. 

Snirvi.i.K C'ui.i'A.x McAi.i'iNr:, A.B. 
fliief Clieiiiist JUlffalo Union Furnace 
To. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Duuc.i.AS Macuui-K, A.B., A.M. (Wis- 
consin) '07. Secr'y to Am. Minister to 
llon.hiras. Temiciualpa, lIoiKluras. 
Lti.v McdM'cuA.v, A.B. (Mrs. Adolplms 
M. Diulh'v.l S.vissvale, Pa. 

Ci.M.i; McCo-.i:, .\.H., B.U, (Chica^;o) 
■cm- Ali>:iM.r. irss \V. KMnl St., 

l1iica,.o, III. 
M m;,;\k. I \->Mi: McC.Ki:r..,i;v, .\ 1;, 
\..M ((.', lun.hi.O '.xj. 'i\-aclur in S.'l- 
dan lli..;h Schu,,!. 

708 Clara Ave, St. l.ouis, Mo. 

DoNAT.i) k..>s MacI.ntvki:. A.B., M.l). 

'05. (u.iim, Mich. 

Eaui, Jamis McI.Ai'(',iii.i.v, .\.B, Real 

Ksiate. .\m. P.aiik Bid-, 

Seattle, Wash. 

Makii; I.orisr; McI.kan', .\,B. New.- 

p.ipcr Reporter. l^leiulale, (). 

K\i:i.-..\ C^Mvi-. MacNauc.utun. A.V,. 

(Mrv Juhn P. Lncas.) Ontario, Cal. 

Maks Jnsr.MiiNi- McNku.MvY, A.B. In- 

suuctur in Ferris Inslilule, since uje/i. 

Big Rapids, Mich. 

Wm.ti.k Cakso.n McNkii., A.B., I.R.B. 

'oS. l.awver. Moffat Bid,;., 

lieiroit, .Mich. 

]'iii I. Maicuki.k, A.B., LL.B. 'oy. Law- 
\cr. .Mich. Trust Bid;;., 

C.r.ui.l Rainds, Mich. 
Ci:.Hu-.iA Man.mng, A.B. (Mrs. Nor- 
iiKui P. Beebe.) 

Niles, Mich. 
A.N.NA b;i.i^.\i;i-.rii Marsiiai.i., .A.B. 
Teacher in lli-h School. 

.Marshall, Mich. 
Bi;ktiii;.x\ Matiioa Mvksiiai.i,, A.B. 
Teacher. .Moreiici, Mich. 

Ki.AVKo koss Makshai.i,, .\.B , M.U. 
'o^. A --.i-t. ■:^wv,. II. S. P. II. eV- M. 11. 
Servi.e. Honolulu, 11. I. 

Caki, Mouvo.--! Makston, A.B. News- 
paper Work-. With Rccvid-llerahl. 
5415 Cottage (kove Ave., Chica.go, 111. 
GrCKTUL'ui- Bi;i.i.i-; MAUTNiiu, A.B. Set- 
lleii;ciit Worker. 1S8 Chrvslie St., 

.Wnv Ye.rk, N. Y. 

Ruvvi. f.oKiiN- Mi:i.i;:a,v, .\,l;. With Mt. 

.\(!a,ns Orchard Cu. Hu,um, W.ish. 

I'uANi; Jon;; .Mi:i.i.i:.\CA.\ie, .\ P.., A.M. 

'ex.. Pb.l). 00. tSee I'aeullie,. ) 

.\iin Arbor. 
Ci:i;rKL'i.i. .\c,.nt,s Mii.i.r.u, .\,B. tMr=. 
Beniatb P. Sherwoud.) 

C.rand Haven, :\lich. 
Paiii, ScoT-r Mii.i.i;k, A.B,, M.l). '0.5. 
Ph)sici,in and Surgciin. 

(;raiul kapiils, Mich. 
*LucY I'lvr-.i.v.N Mo.n'udv., A.B., d. South 

Haven, Mich., July J!, igo^. ^ -'O ) 
M.viu-.AKi !■ .Mo.\-ii,n.Mi,KV, .\ I!. Teacher 
.a, 111. 

C!ier..kee, lo\v;i. 
WiMii(i-o I.ii.riA.N- Mousi:, A.P.., xCoy 
•o|. 1 .Mr.. F.dvwir.l I ). Kinne.) 

Ann .\rbor. 
j\m: M.l i.i;Mi\cii, A.B. Proi". ol" Alod- 
>n, l.aP^n.lL•cs in Alma Cdl. 

Alma, Mich. 
l)i:kvv F. MiiNCKit, A.B. Hardware 
.Merchant. Charlotte, Mich. 

1Ii:i.i:n !• i.izAinrni Munckr, A.B., A.B. 
(Ilarlham) '01. (Mrs. Grant T. Dav- 
is) Clinton, Mich. 
AoNKs MukDocK, A.B. Teacher in High 
School. 104' J \\. I iih St., 

Portland. Ore. 
FA A Maicii; Mvi:i<>, A.B. ( Mr.s. Robert 
Fee Harrod.) 

ui S. -'Slh Av., Omaha, Neb. 
l.KNA FkNNn:s MvKus, .\.B. (Mrs. 
James W. R.mi.sdell.) 

140 ko.-,edale Cl., Detroit, Midi. 

SiDNicv Ci.i;vi;i,ANi> Nii,i;s, .A.R., oi'oi- 

'oj, M.l). (N. W. Univ.') '07- Pliysi- 

cian. Oak i'ark, 111. 

..x!' I. m 


1903] LirURARY DtlFARTM liXT . 157 

Aktiil-r Hui.mics XdKT.i.v, A.i;., .M.O. Ki.kaxor I^.nn, (Mrs. Heu- 

(//) 'i. J, /'(lS •.)<). -Mcdicil .\li-M..ii;ir\ ry 'l\ Danluinli.) 1 Imrin.', ]!l.l-., 

Ilaiin, K^rra. I...S Aiifirk-s, Cal. 

ClIAKI.KS llAKUV NOKTUN, A.ii., /OUUI. Juil.V l.'l,lll(.Ul. 1<>M:|..IMS, A.I!., A. 15. 

State Ayciit Oiiiii iJt Co., Piibli.-,liei=. ( IV-iiii) 'oo. TcaclnT in llifih School. 

i6(j Spruce St., Ainoia, jll. Whilticr, Cal. 

Juiaus JiiURV NumcR, A.15. Alaimfac- John ]m.i:i\iii;r koui.s'soN, A.I',-, M.D. 

Hirer. WhilL-hall, Alicli. (.\lliaii\) 'i)(). I'lu-ician. 

I.i.uM) 1, V.N.N OsiioRN, .\.i;., l.L.B. OS. '■ liomhav, iiuiia. 

Lawyer. 7J5 l!crkclcy .\ve., Juii.N' Kciu.NSoN, A.I!., LIU. 

.VolIiLrw.d.l, N.J. (Cohuul.i.i) 'lo. Lawyer. 

Rov Rri-i.i:(iuu\ic ()\ i:ri'\.-i;, A.L!.,L,L.IL Seattle Wash. 

05. ^L'nuIfaetllrer. ALtni^tee, Mich. MakKI, Iut.i-.via Koss, A.B. (Mrs. 

Ci.AUi.i: luwix I'Ai.MiU;, .\,Li. Assist. lluuli 1). .Merriiield.) 

Prof, of .M.itii., Armour Lisiiiuic, In.lianapolis, Ind. 

^i^cc ]./i.5. niica;40, 111. C.r.oR(;iv I'ktkks Rowki.i., A.U., LL.B. 

U.x'A L^!.^M,K, A.L. (Mrs. Ceor^c II. Jnhu Marshall) 'u.. I'lrc ami Cas- 

l.M.cll.) I!i- kapul-. Mich. iiallv lii-in;n:ce, I h.iislo,,, Tcv. 

JlAKkiir l.oi'isi; i'lA-KiiA.M, A.lJ. Pai- ICi.i/Ann 11 Mmkkison R(.\m.ani), 

nier. k. k. ,i, lla^!ill.^s, Mich, ( .Mr>.- Cl.ireucc I!. Morrill.) 

Oi.ivi; May 1'i;i'I-):r, (Mis. LcRoy llrandon, Fla. 

B. Dickie.) k. k. 2, Milford, Mich. Aiiuii; K. l^)vs, A.B. Teacher iii High 

Ll'is Mauixo Pi-ui:>', A II., A.M. '04. School. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

(Jovt. Service. Havana, Cuh.a. 1''ki:i) McKi:my ]\UUY, A.B., M.D. 'Ov 

ZoRA I\L\CK Pi-RKUV, A.B. (Mrs. Frank Physician ami SurKcoii. 

E. Kllsworth.) .\lina, Mich. ' Union Citv, Ind. 

Idv Pu-rci:, A.B. (Mrs. Ross T. San- J.\mks 11i:i;i:i;rt K'i;ssi:i.i„ A.B. Books, 

ford.) Ml. Pleasant. Mich. Slalioiurv, and Prinliim. 

W.u.tki; Boia.iiTox i'lfkix, .\.l!., B.D. ' Indiana, Pa. 

(llanfurdj 'o|. Teaiher. lunv.MU) ilii.nRKTU RvdI'H, A.B., A.M. 

Hover, N. J. 'oi. A.SM,. J'r,,f, Hist, and Pol. hxon., 

Jwir^ .\u.-iix Pool. 1:, A.B. Parmer. Mich. .\un. Coll. H. Lair.inK, Mich. 

X'.iii Biireii, (). Ln.i.i\N ki.Ai. S-\iiixi;, A.B. Instructor 

Hi.ri.N Pw.i, A.B. (Ml. Waller H. m I'.n.^lish, Norm.d Piiiv. 

Suele. ) iiJi Chcbiniit .\\e.. Normal, 111. 

Wilmctle, ]11. Martha SxRr.r.xr, A.B. Teacher in Hast 

Fi.oui:xci- l!i;i!i.Aii Sciiuvi.KR Pratt, lliL;h School. Toledo, (). 

A.B. (Mr. Charles W. Nichols.) lii.sii: Lduisi; Sawykr, A.B, Teacher in 

LansinK, Mich. Jliu:li School. /CKj Western Ave., 

Hakiukt Pi:ari. Potxa.m, A.B., ]!.S. loliet, 111. 

( Ml.i.Mi) 'oo. Christian Science Prac- Sammi. Srn ai:ii:i!, A.B., Ml). ( /i ) '04. 

mra,. r. Pl.vsici.ui and Snrneoii. 

vM S W.oreii A\e., Saginaw, Mich. Winona, Minn. 

H\KKis k.M.^Tox', A.B., B.S. Riiiii;x Sri:i'iii;.N- Schmidt, A. B., LL.B. 

Udiem.i:.) o.\. Construction Engi- 'o5- Lawyer. 505 (J. T. Johnson Bld^., 

iieer. 147 Milk St., Bo-ton, Mas.-,. Los An.neles. Cal. 

HowAun Si'RAGUiv Ri;i:iJ, A.B., Ph.D. Anx.v .\mi:i.ia Scurvvmr, A.B. Re- 

( Missouri) '07. Prof, of Mycolo,^v search Suideiit. .\nn Arbor. 

and Bacteriology. Va. Polytech. Insi., [,(.uisi; Scuwi-iTZK r, A.B. High School 

since lyovS. Black.luu- Va. 'J'eacher. jooi Scril.iur St., 

Jamks Ross Ri:i:u, A.B., M.D. '05. Ocu- Grand, Mich. 

list, 4()1 E. Coles St., I'asadena, Cal. Roy Wood Smi.i.ars, A.B., Ph.D. '09. 

Joii.x BvRox ki;i:D, A.B., A'tW-'oi, f'oi- (See l''Liciiliies.) .\ini Arbor. 

■oj. (.•hemiM, in Bureau of Chcni. HuiiKRT Cni'sTiiR Suarc, A B. IL-rli- 

Wa.sliiiigton, D. C. cnlinre. Saticoy, Cal. 

GraciC Adiu.inu Teach- Rui i.^ Clark Suki.i.eniiarcku, A.B., 

er S7i(i M:ulison Ave,, Chicago. 111. .\.M. 07. \l'.. l Willenherg) '06. In- 

Ema.nuki, I'.R.Ni-ST Ri.uiiAcii, .\.B. Miii.i.u in I'hNMo. IJiiiv. of Minn., 

Flvria, (J. 1011 . ■ .Minne.n.olis, .Minn. 

15S CRADUATllS. [1 90 J. 

Vera Gi;ktiuide Skiles, A.B. Teacher rEAKi. Elanchf. Taylor, A.B. (^frs. 

in Ferry Hall. Lake Forest, 111. }Icreforcl (i. Fitch.) 

Natiianiki, Hr.i.MAKKR Si.AYMAKER, 2400 N. .Aiulerson St., Tacoma, Wasli. 

.^.B. Master of French and German Grace McDonald Tho.mi'son, A.B. 

in Hill School. Poltstown, Pa. (Mrs. luluard A. Thompson.) 

F.STiiER Anna S.mitii, A.B. I kad Cat- i_'05 Lafajette St., Denver, Colo, 

alogiier in Univ. IJbrar)- Ann Arbor. John ]\avmond Thrasher, A.B., »«'o3- 

Grace Smith, A.B. Teacher in West. 'o^, M.D. (Indiana) '05. Physician. 

Ili^li School. 43,; Cani|.hell Ave., * Indianapolis, Ind. 

Detroit, l\Iich. Fj.i-anok W' Towar, A.B. 

Laure.mce WoRTiiiNCTON Smitii, A.B., (Mrs. Kuljcrt J. McColluin.) 

/'o3-'04. Lawyer. Ionia, Mich. 26 Pitcher St., Delruit, Mich. 

Stei'iien IIerhert SMiTir, A.B., M.D. Kathauini, Mary Towek, .\ H. (Mrs. 

'05. Phy.Mcian. 609 l-lxchanue Bldv(., Harry C). Barnes.) 

Los Angeles, Cal. Lansing, Mich. 

Charles 1'"kederici-: Smuktuwaite, M\k(.i'i:rite Grii-eith Tyler, A.B., 

A.B. Mining. Plurni.K, Ariz. ALS. (Chicago) '10. Teacher in High 

Grace Anna SniTseleu, A.B. (Mrs. School. Henderson, Ky. 

I'Vank I. Harding.) Zaiua Im.vira Udell, A B., A.M. '04. 

2s8i Berkshire Rd., Cleveland, O. Social Worker. IS5 K. .r|ih St., 

Al7a Stauukt, A.B. (Mrs. Charles L. " New York, N. Y. 

Chaniliers.) no VV. Canneld Ave., MrsMi; X.vONfi \'ail, A.B. (Mrs. Ar- 

Dctroit, Mich. tluir K. Bennett,) d. Bahrein, Arabia, 

P.vuL ]'"ri;derick Steki-.tI'E, A. 15. Dry 21, nyxj. (2s) 

Goods. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ci'akici: Lowry Van 1'.ma.\, .\ B. Tcach- 

Mary Elizabeth Stellwac.en, A.B. er in High School. BellinKhani, Wash. 

Wayne, Mich. Fdith CiiARi.oTrE Van Si.vke, A.B. 

Don Search Stevens, A.B. Instructor (Mrs. Carl Weeks.) 

in Economics, Mich. Agri. Coll. Des Mrii.:es, Iowa. 

E. Lansing, Mich. Ray Van Winkie, A.B. Manufacturer. 

Manson .'Xlexandeu Stewart, A.B., Hartford City, Ind. 

A.M. '04, Ph.D. 'oS. Prof, of Latin in Herbert Hunter Vaughan, A.B., 

Yankton Coll. Yankton, S. Dak. Ph.D. (Harvard) '06. (See Faculties.) 

Ji:ssii; Louise Stronc, .^.B. (Mrs. Ilan'>ver, N. R 

Charles B. Morden.) Bad Axe. Mich. Jessie Millicent Vivian-, A.B. (Mrs. 

Bertha Sabin Stuart, A.B., M.D. '08. D. ^^'arren \\'ebsier.) 

Director of Barbour Gymnasium, Bc.auniont, Tex'. 

1007-00; Director of Gymnasium, Univ. Jusiiii \'i;rxoi; \'()Uhi:i>, .\.B. Princ. 

of (^re. Kiigene, Ore. of lli^;li Mnce u,<*i 

D.iNAi.i) Cm\e Stuart, A.B., A.M. 'o(. Winona, Minn. 

Ph.D. (Columbia) '10. Instructor in 1'rank .Ni.ii^o.v Waite, .V.B. Librarian. 

Mod. Languages Univ. N. Y. Public I.ilirary, New York, N.Y. 

Priuceinn, N. J. May I'Rances Walsh, A.B. Teacher in 

Helen .^\ll:I.rA Sui.ii\a\, .A.B. (Mrs. High School, since j<K)6. Ann Arbor. 

James (V Ann Arbor. Carlton Wood Wasiiiiurn, A.B., I.L.B. 

Marcari;t Mary Sullivan, .'\.B. Teach- "'os. .\(lvertising Mngr. 

er. 3_'o Hamilton Ave., 22028 A<lams St., Chicago, 111. 

Detroit, Mi. Il Harry Booth AVashhur.s-, .\ B., I.L.B. 

I'l.ORENCE SuNHERLANi), A.B. Teacher 'ot. Lawyer. HuHvwochI. 

in Bryant High School. ' ' Los An^eics, Cal. 

so Mnrningside Ave., New York, N.Y. Acnes I'.rmixa Wells, .\.B. Ilca<l f.f 

C\ROLiN\ AucusTE Sure, A.B. Teacher Dept. of Math, in Ceulr.d High 

in High School, Sch.iol. Dulnlh, Minn. 

I'.scanaba, Mich. Cuka b'.o.x'A Wells, A.B. (Mrs. George 

Carrie Louise Taylor, A.B. (Mrs. C 'Jli..i|„) 

Sereno P.. Clark.) 

I'.erkele)-, Cal. 
Hetty Mary Taylor, AH. (Mrs. Oli- 
ver ('..IcmaiD W'av.imsa, .Manitoba. 

Mnrris Mi 


v A LI 

cE Whitney, .\ li. Prof. 


St., St; 

lie .Normal Scbuol. 

, *;• 


'I f] 

.,,•! . M l-r.;: l-v.M, ..', .«;l.'; /I,/. « .1 tM^ Ti z 

A. M A I / ,:yin') , m • Z' , < ,*v ' .;i' 

.■i ■ It ; -! ,-!„ , \,V->.'. ' :-:.\ v:.''> .i,!'! Mil . 

' ; i,, ' •,/•>•/ . ' x i-i.i'') . ■>■':' '-' / 

./ -y'..' , ;i ■ . /■/ ;i/' •, .'• , .''- I ! \ i{. ) .'.7 n. 

,<i ■( .;. ,rii viwi I , .^.'M.-.,' .'I '.^ 'I i' ' :.,.■! 

, '• . v(.,.i " .1 .'i .■.:■ " ,:< ir:>, .li^-,>>3':.:a'l .V)!'\ 

;l ;; ' ! . . .'v.' > iii'l '.' 1 .•tri, ) .<I>OOC* 

liis'-; ,.' . . ■ •:; 1 ■.,,..:...• '■' "' '■'■ •' .' I - !■:, : '■■:</.■■- : ■'■'. YH/iM 

fl.A ,i.M iV r,-. ■,-.,■. u. . ■ '-'.■// 

( .-^!:',/ \ ') ■ '. -I :. /■ ,.;.v/ vr-^ !■ <,,f:iP, Vina 

.; • -i ..' ■■ 'I ^>_i.,i .;'-.:,'l fr 

; ... 1 ,1 ■ 1 . ., ! ! i ■•. iiAC/rir: !T! I -AZHl/. .'.(-VIAV 

. ■ . '' ■ • .■■■■■' (I ,,. .';■,■. . r: . ... ■■,' 

'- .''. 



^:<^ 1,'. 


(,< i( ,. 


•,«M-' ■ 

, /'i 


1 ■!•,•, -uM 

/• , - ■ ■ 

:' ■•/ :-. :■ . 

'„M ;,, 


I.rniRARY DliPAKTMliSr. 


liosE I\Iav WiiiTNF.v, A.B. Iliyh School 
Tcacla-r. 70 Clierrv St., 

liattle Creek, Mich. 
John Wai.tur Wiutson', A.B. Mer- 
chant. Odell, 111. 
AubTi-S' l'.l.(.,l.\ ^VlLIa:K, A.B. Teaciier. 
Emporia, Kaiv. 


'05, Ph.D. aiarvard) 'o<;. (vSee Facul- 
ties.) Aim Arbor. 
Thomas Victor Williams, A.B., LL.B. 
'07. Dean of Law Dept., Central Univ. 
Danville, K>. 
JoH.\ Cartkr \Villl\mson, A.B. Miigr. 
Washburn Crosby Co. 

Benton Harbor, Mich.; Wilson, A.B. Tcadier in 
Cenir.-il lli-li School. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Mary MARr.ARL'r Wood, A B. (Mrs. 
Andrew M. I'urresier.) 

Margaret\illc, N. Y. 
MiijjRKD L.wTo.M Woodruff, A.B. 
Bretion Il.'dl, 86th & Broadway, 

New York, N. Y. 

Frkh l.KROY Woods, A.B. , p'gj-'gg, e'oi- 

'04. Supt. Jula Portl.uul Cement Co. 

lola, Kan. 


Ky. Cunstructiuii. 

Sardinia, N. Y. 
Orriia H vfi.v.v Wordi-n, A.B. Teach- 
er in Cennal Normal School. 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 
Wn.LiAM Il.,vr WoRHKLL, A.B., B.D. 
(Hartford) '06, Ph.D. (Strassburg) 
'o.S I. See I'acullics.) 

Han lord, C!oniL 
WiLLL^M k.,iiiNS Wright, AM., A.M. 
'o( Supl. of Schools, since ii)o.|. 

Uenion ] larbor, Mich. 

K\l;l. WlLMl.LMI /.IMMLKSe'lllKD, A.B., 

M.S. Vm. <See Facuhies.) Willi Gen- 
era! .M..i> 1 Co. Detroit, Mich. 
(-'.Si ) 


GKuTRrDF Mauy Ai.\.ms, .\.B. (Mrs. 

Albert H. .Miller.) Gladstone, Mich. 
Fakl \'an .\ldriuc.i;, A.B. Inspector 

Universal Portland Cement Co. 

Frick Bldg, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
liSTiiF.R I'; Alduidcf, .\.B. 

Teacher. B.:ll.,,t, N. V. 

FsTiii-.R Hm;rii:t .'\i.i:xanui:k, .V.B , 

.\.B. (Hastings) 'o.^ (.Mrs James H. 

Ynung.; juo F. KXiih St.. 

Cleveland, O. 

Matii.d.v Floda Amuerson, A.B. 
Teacher. 1102 Howard St., 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Pe.\rl Kathkryn Archer, A.B. (Mrs. 
Frederick 1). Kershner.) 

Milligan College, Tenii. 

Edith Iiu-.nic Ati-:in, A.B. Teacher in 

Normal Univ. Normal, 111. 

Louis Bk.nnett Austi.v, A.B., Ph.B. 

(Hillsdale) '97, A.^L (ibid.) '00. 

Willoughby, O. Avery, A.B. (Mrs. Joseiih 
E. Torreiice.) uSS Merrick y\ve., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Cornelius K. Baarman, A.B., A.M. 

'a), A.B. (Hope) '03. Teacher in High 

Scl-.ool. Grand Forks, N. Dak. 

Fr\nc May Bailly, A.B. (.Mrs. Dugald 

Stcuari ) Florence, Ari.^ 

LtAMLE B.Mi.KV, .A.B. (..Mrs. Seyniuur 

B. Coii-er.; 

Zimmerstrasse 28, ]?erlin, Ger, 

Lena A.meli.^ Barukr, A.B., B.S. 

(.Adrian) 'ij8. Teacher in Christian 

College. Columbia, iMo. 

Fi.oRKNCE Berenice Barnes, A.B., 

.\.M. '07. tMrs. Julin F. Shepard.) 

.\nn .Arbor. 
.Ai.iii.RT, .A.B., B.D. (Drew) 
'07, A.M. (N. Y. Univ.) 'oS. Clergy- 
man. Oroville, Wash. 
Aii;i;uT Ckum Baxter, .A.B., M.D. '07. 
I'Insician and Surgeon. 

Springfield, 111. 
iioiiERT Hause Beach, A.B., .Ml). \/,. 
PhyMci.ui and Snr^eon. 

Dickinson, N. Dak. 
GEOR..E Wilson Beaule, .\.B. 

in^o Cass Ave, Detroit. Mich. 
.\noie M.vria Beokwitii, .\.u. Sci. .\b- 
sisi., Dept. of Agri. 

Washington, D. C. 
Nellie Irene Beeme, A.B.. A.M. '10. 
Teacher in High Sch.iol. 

Petoskey, Mich. 
Glenn C. Beechler, -\.B., LL.B. '06. 
Lawyer. N. Y. Block, 

Seattle, Wash. 
Frederick Beekel. A.B., M.D. o'., 
/I'oo-'oj. Physician. 

IJS2 Adilibon Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Grace Mitchell Bell, A.B. Teacher 

in High School. Battle Creek, Mich. 

.Veil Isanc Bi.ntley, .\ B., M.D. (/i)'oo. 

Physician. Stevens Bldg,, 

Detroit, Mich. 

Minnie F.tiiel Pkvpt liERUY. A.B., 

M.I). '07. (-Mrs. I'arl J. Wiggers.) 

Cornell .Med. Coll., New York, N. Y. 

.1. ■ /,' ■ ;;• . ' 

1 nlol uiii^. 40* 

•I ,1 A ...J.J i( V '. / .t/;! /-..yiHO 

1! U,,.).I'V/ 

nj' 1 .1 ' ■fii- K 

/' .)•,! M 

,1 ../ hi- 

,r„j (,h'.ii)i,'.n i:S. [ujn.\. 

Ckaciv J)au(.i>.t, L'.iiSKM,,, A.M. AR.\r.i:i. \^■|I.^n^• Ci.akk, A.H. Teacher 

'10. Ji;,37 Moni-oc St., Cliic;iMO, 111. in Win IViin ili.uli School, I'hila. 

[DiViKl liKTIiUNi; ))ui-|-|i:i.l) J'.i.AiN, l.cnapo, Pa. 

A.]!., f,l,.l'., '06. l.awvcr. V.. Mi i,i;r i,-; (.'i.auk, A.l;. Real I'.statc. 

1105 ]■:. IclTcr.sim Ave, Dclroit, Mich. \--,,\ l.aSallc St., Chicago, llh 

UiciiAUU .Xktiiuk lioi.T, .\,i;., M.I), 'U.. Ci.xi'iu 1: \V()I(Tiiim;ton Ci.akk, A.H. 

I'hvsician. Imperial Coll, Mumc Teacher. CVdar y^apiJs, Iowa. 

I'ekinr, China. Maktii \ i."ANi'ii:i,n Ci.AUK, AH. (Mrs. 

Svi.vKSTKu Sinclair liuLu.iiKu, .'\.l'.. kohc:i I!. I lowill) Ann Arbor. 

i(,io (iimic pr.i luiir). Auditor .-laa llrcii WMKACii'dAKKi:, A.V,., /'o4-'o3., wiih llaL-rr-Yawter Co. Mnclianl. ('..kKvaier, .Vlich. 

350 iWoadwav, .\'c-w York, N. V. AiniiiK Kkooks Ci.wvson, .\.\). Pliys- 

IsAi!i-i. i.duisi; r,i;Ai)i,i:\, :\.\\. iolo-i^i in llureaii of I'laiit Industry, 

Si. .Maries, Idaho. V. S. A'^ii. Ocpt. \V'asliiiiv;ton, D. ,C. 

CiiAui.i;s Oui.«^ BuiGcs, A.H., LI..B. 'oO. ]1kri:i;k. IAkkktt C<ji;, A.i:., M.U. 'oo. 

Hardware Merchant. Red Oak, Iowa, I'Insician and Siu-eoii. 

I'l.iZA liuoo.MiiAi.i,, All. l.ibraiian. Seattle, Wash. 

-'0C9 Military St., Port Huron, .Mich. l.iu- Co.\i:v, A.U, Teacher, 

.■\i,.MA Bkuw.n', Teacher. MSO High St., Denver, Colo. 

?oo Vine St., Mar.-,hlield, Wis. J>.ii>; I .r.i.N.Ma) CoNcr.u, A P. , A.M. '05, 

P.KRTKAM ISovi) P,i((>w.\', A. p.. Hanker. I'h.l >. ( Wihconsiii) '07. Prof, of Ili,s- 

.Musko-ee, Okki. lore, Knox Coll. (^alcsluirg, 111. 

C.KAci: I'Nos pRou'N, A,i;, (.Mi-^. 1'. Pa- Wii.KoRi) Cook, A, 11, M.S. 

Une K.iMUoud ) 'o:. i Sre I'aculties. ) Ann Arbor. 

o| Willi. inut.n St., PoclicMer, N. V. J'mmv I'aimi Cmorkk, .\.I!. Kiiidergar- 

M.MIIll, Dr.l.lA P.U.AVV, .\ p.. Tr.lclUT. tcii Tr.ichci. ^.1 ILi/clu I Ave, 

.Mt Wrnoii, III. Detroit, Mich. 

MA-rnic Maudi; Hu.uv.n, A.H, (.Mr., I.kiou (-,i'ii.i,ot Cuoei-it, A,H,, A,M. 'lo. 

Neil S. Townsend.) Teacher in Cass High School. 

ISO California Ave,, Detroit, Mich. _sii C.raliot Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Maudk Tnokusom, Brow.n-, A.B. (.Mrs, 1'I.ori..--ci; ^P^uv Cotton-, A.H, 

William i;. Pleltner.) Holland, Mich. 

,.'_>_'.S Belkiire Ave,. Denver, Colo. Mary 1;i;i,i.i; Cox, All,, .\,M. '07. 

|\Mi:s Bri'Ci;, A,ll , 1.1,1;, (liar- Tvaclur of History in llii^di Sdiool. 

vanh '07, Private Si. i\iar\, since i.'^'.oi, 1 lmiiiii,.;toii, Ind. 

10 St. Steiiheii St , Kosl'on, Mass. Ci M>|- I'ilman: Ckmo, .\ K,. I'h.D. 

John K. Hui'mm, A.H., A.M. '06. (See (Con. ID 'oS. liisirndor in Malh,, 

P;.culties,) Ann Arh..r. C..nKll Cniv,, since 1007, 

I'.tu-.KM-. Twi.oR Bru.n'son. A. P.., M.D. Iih.ic.i, N. V. 

'06, I'hv-ician, t^,;ni;.:es, Mich. \\iiii\m Du■KI.^■^..^■ Cr\mi:k, .\ B. 

|..M.en Im kinck Boim., A, I!, Luinlur. T,,,.li.r..| l;i..!...jv in h'uiis iii,-,iilute, 

r-ii Walnut Si , K.ii<-a> Ciiv, Mo. .MiiceDoi. " P.i'.; K'a|. his, .Mich. 

M\Kv l!i i;i;. .\.l;. Social Wi.ik. Hn.M' lloMV c:roarkin, ah. (Mrs. 

W,.itlr.nel..ii, ( ). IMv-.ird II. Croaikin.1 

1m!|-|) Bi'UT.iM, .\ H. Al.-ira.t..r. (MO i-'ih Si. -Nnii Arbor. 

II. line P.l.-. Pdd..;., Detroit, Mich. I.i;, ..xoi; 1; (,-rowi,t,i, A.B, I.Mrs. C.ilbert 

P.MiMi SrAKK Hiiri,i,it. A.B. Assist. y . I'.n peiiler. ) Iron iM..inil.iin, Mich. 

Prof, BusiiK-s AdimnisiiMii .11, Uiiiv. (.'i.Kou^ Dor.itiiv CrMMr:c.s, A.B. 

of Wi ,. Madis.Mi, Wis. (Mix l.onis .N. IM.lli 

I.AVii.i.A HiiACoCK Camimii;i,i., a B. csio MaKiioli.-i .\\e,, Chicago. HI. 

Teacher in High School. .\/u:a, Cal. I,kii.\ Bi.anciik Ciirrii;, .\.P. (Mrs. 

An.N'A Crosky Cawi.KY, A.B. C,e..rt;e M. Tilden.) 

Morenci. Mich. W\aiidoile, Mich. 

I.i-ROY Win, lAM CniiDS, A.B., M.D. ■(.(.. C,i:oi;,.r. Hkkio.rt Curtis, A.B.. A.B. 

Siirr>..ii. Atlanta, C.a. (.Mhn.i,) '.,0. Piinc, of High School. 

Marv CiiKisTi.M-. CiiRisToiMiKR, A B. Tr.iverse City, Mich. 

Te;icli.r. Pueblo, Colo. AcM's bj.KANoR C 1 )i:nsmori:, A.B. 

.\ II, Insurance. (.Mr-. Ivlward C, Creeiie,) 


,\\e., Chicago, 111. Ponliac, Mich 

i ivl :,,rT'H 

(I , , f A ,'.-,-|:l., ■■ -l.l ■V, Y .>i;) I 

'00.1. ) 


loA Ai.MiKAi.i, DiBP.i.i-.A.ll (Mrs. Job 
E. Tanis.) S:if,'iiKuv. Micl 

Ruth M.\y, A.V,. (Mrs. Cvril 1 Miss' 


C.UACi: Mauv 1-"oi<stkr, A.R. (Mrs. Ar- 
thur K. Ilanchctf.) Big Rapids, Mich. 


jiiary. of Schools! St. Louis, Mich. 

Adana, Turkey-in-.Asia. Snuii^r l-'oucn, A.B. Accoimiaiit, witli 

^„„„„ lA An "Morgan & Wrisht. Detroit, Mich. 

\ntonia l.dnsK P'lti-ic.MAN, .-\ B. (Mrs. 

C. [a- R..y Oiljins.) Byroi), N Y. 

I{ari. 1 1 \zi;i, I'"k()Tiiin(;uam, .^.B., 

M.S. (For.) '06, iii'oo-'oi. I'. S. For- 

C.EKTRunE Dillon, A.B 
•fiaclur in Central Ili^li School. 

.H- Cadillac Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
\\'i:sLi:v lli'Gii DuBois, .\.li. Traffic 
.MnKr 1021 lOlii .\ve., 

Spnk.uic, Wash. 

MiNKfi-, A.B. Teacher in 

liiuh Schiiol. Minneapolis, MiniL 

C[Ai<A Bklik I'JUN.-j, A 1? , AM. '10. 

\^-ist. in khcloric. 

Aim Arbor. 


(IVinceton) 'oS Cbcniist Cnrninj^ 
Glass Works. Corning, N. Y. 

Crack Louisi-: St. John F.aton, A.B. 
Teacher. 307 N. Grove .'\ve., 

Oak Park. 111. 

CiiARLKs Wallis F.dmunds, A.B., M.D. 
'oL (Sec Faculties. ■) .Ann .Arbur. 

Mi:kkuk Iuavakos, A.1!.,I,I„B. 
07. I.awser 

I'.'iuitable Bldv;., Denver, Colo. 

SxuAii Fi.iZAiiKTii I'.mvAin.s, .\.B.(Mrs. 
Howard P. Castle.) Barrington, 111. 

AiMCAii. Mai.ll Fly, A.B. (Mrs. Fred- 
nick II. Wo.alward.) 

iMlcbbur-, Mass. 

Bi wcHL Faklh I'.NVAKV, A B. Director 
i>f Physical Training, State Normal 
School. Manhattan, Kan. 

CiiARLi'S 1'"ay Urwin, .^.B. Druggist 

,d Cnd 

Harbor Spiint;s, Mich, 
s r.KWiN, A.B. Treas. 
b'.ruin \' Co. SO Dearborn St., 

Chicago. 111. 

William \mirk\\- Fkrcuson, A.B. 

Princ. of liigh School. Reno, Nev. 

Sldona Ij-xoi;a b" lsk niu-ck, .\.B.,A.M. 

(Minnesota) W. (Mrs. I.evert A. 

Nelson.) Powell, \V\o. 

Ill LI', l.i.iiisi- b'lN.NLv, ,\ 1; (Mr.s. 

bn.l S l.euis ) Teacher lu Kenwood 

h-lilnle. 1^.7 (LiKrnwabl Xxe.. 

Cliic.igo, 111. 
kom;Ri Uoi.AM, ^•L^STl u. A H. Sten- 
orr;,|,li. r Cilv Mall, Sl l.onis Mo. 

Ih\ M\Kii: l''is(iii;i(, .\ II iMiiiiiiiK. 

Shrn.iiido.di. Iowa 

h NXM- Dl^ Mi.lM.M iMSn. K, \.l',, I'll. I'.. 

(Mel'anw) 'oo. ( .\h> William II. 

llr.l'MS ) ShllniLL Colo, 

. Washington, D. C. 
Fm.m.v Fli.i-.n' Fuiiuman, A.B. Teacher 
in Morg.m Park High School. 

_']U Isabella St., Chicago, 111. 
Wii.iiri; .Nkwtox I', A 1!. Teach- 
er in VeainLin High School. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
DuKA iNLZ Cagk, A.B. 

Cassopolis, Mich. 
BiANciiK Gardner, A.B. (Mrs. Burton 
S. Wellman.) 

12- Shaw Ave.. Dayton, O. 
Cmarlotti: Ci-iikicn, A.B., B.S. (Phar.) 
'04. .\nn .Xrbor. 

I.i.ovi) .Ai.iiN'zn C.ii'EoKD, A.B. Lumber 
,iiid Coal. 150 Woodland Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Fmma M\y CoonRicii, .\.B. Librarian. 
i2n.S Oakland Ave, .\nn Arbor. 
Marion Coss, A.B. (Mrs. Louis W. 
Chapiile. ) Billings, Mont. 

Jan'LT (Vmiinmtii CoLniE, A.B. Teach- 
er in lli:.^li School. Iroinvood, Mich. 
MvRiLN- 1 1 i:ui'.r.kT (.;Kay, .\.B. Lawyer. 
Muncie, Ind. 
Faul Rnllii Lamont C.uko.c, .A.B.'er Xal'l Cathedral School 
lor liovs Washington, D. C. 

Ji:.\nm;tti- May GkidlEy, A.B. (Mrs. 
Fletcher W. Long.) 

I7i() Buchanan St., Ricbiu.nid, Va. 
Olive May Cwy.nne, A.B. (Mrs. Ar- 
llmr P. Wbiltemore.) 

llougblon, Mich. 

Ksv.Ndi; l',i>>Nc'.A B. Drug- 

gi-l. .M.iiu-liesler, Mich. 

I'lokL.vo: losKi'iii.Nii; 11\.;ll, A.B. 

(.Mrs. .\K vauder C.. Ruthveii.) 

\iiii Arbor. 
Ml N.N IK On MX Hall, A B., A.M. 'aS. 
I'i.kIui in lli-li Sell, ol 

.\n,,co,,d.L Mont. 

l',KNl^T Mm r..s IIm.lioav. .A.U,, I.L.B. 

'(Ki. .\-.o, i.iir in I'nblic Speaking, 

Ciiie. oi III, Miiee i.;o7. Crbana, 111. 

hMI-, l-lnM, llMIU.W, A.B., AM. 

\. V 

■\ r <\ Mi--! 

.1 I ^./i . .. l: 

/. I 'li. 

i : r' , 

lA /! VM.I .-..(III 

•.■n . .v.. 

'i "I 

..,.:!li .'/ .-..h . .(>■>' ('i ,'\ 


Ch'.inr.ti i;^\ 


Sarah Sackr Hardv, A.B. Teacher in 
Toledo (O.) lliKh School. 

13.53 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor. 
CiiAKLKS Ij'uoy Hari'ham, A.B. (See 
Faculties.) Business l{eononiist. 

79 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 
Harrikt L'ici.AiR Harrington, A.B. 
(Mrs. Hdwar.l \V. Maynard.) 

1 loughton, Mich. 
Hni.i'N .^mai.ia Hathawav, A.B. Sten- 
ographer. Hancock, .Mich. 
Wlt.l-KHD HUNRV Hauc.iikv, A.B., A.M. 
(Detroit) '06, M.D. (Detroit) 'o(j. 
Physician. Battle Creek, Mich. 
Jui.iA Anna Haynks, A.B. Teacher in 
State Normal School. 

Hyannis, Mass. 
Ni;i.i.iE Fi:uN Havnks, A.B. Missionary 
Teacher. 2420 Canal St., 

Xew Orleans, I. a 
I.u.iA.v Matilda Hhaustcx, .\.B (Mrs. 
.\rlhnr K. Alther.) 
4100 Sheridan Ave , S.. 

MiiMieapolis, Minn, 
Mkr\ I'.Li^AimTii Hi-i.nUN, A.B. (.Mrs 
Clyde F. Karshner.l 

Big Rapids, Mich. 
Wii.i.iAM HiiNRY HiincKS, A.B. Minis- 
ter. Sterling, Colo. 
Gkutuuue Mauv Heery, A.B. (Mrs. 
Jeremiah T. Mnrphy.) 

71 S 45lh St., .Milwaukee, Wis. 
JoriN Hici.K.MAN, A.B., PhC. '03, B.S. 
(Pilar.] '03. I'.ditor, with Parke, Dav- 
is, & Co. Detroit, Mich. 
CiiARi.Ks Ai^MKR;i,L, A.B., /'04- 
'05. Lawyer. I'mt Dodge, Iowa. 
M.vRV Bartron HkndI'RSo.n'. .A.B. 
(Mrs. William D. Il.-ndersoii, ) 

.\nn Ailior. 
l.olisK [■.\sni..:i.l.,C llKN\K..riX, A.B. 
(Mrs. Koheit I. (jnail.) 

I.udinglon, Mich. 
fiRUK Ai.i.KNA Hii.i.s, .\ H, Teacher in 
Tp. High Sciiool. 

DeKalb, 111. 

H 1; R .\1 A N \' lOHANN HlI.MICR, .A.B, 

Ei.i/Mir.TirAi.icK HiNciiKv, A.B. (Mrs. 

John 1'. ) Samlusky, () 
Flora Anms Hodc.K, .\ I! Teacher. 

Coniuaut. C) 
MxRv Cooi.Kv HoRT-.N, A.B. Civil 

Service. 101 N. Carolina .Ave.. 

Washington, I) C. 
llAKVKv Howaru, A.B,, M.D. 

(Univ. of I'a ) '(vS i'lof. Ihiiv. Med, 

School, llonglok, Canton, China. 


Ilirii ScIhm,! re.., hei Sanduskv, I), 

Wai.tlr Frki) Hunt, A.B,, A.M. '05. 
(See Faculties.) ■ Ann Arbor. 

Ruth Ac,ni;s Hvuk, A.B. (Mrs. Ralph 
W. McMullen.) Mt. Auburn, 

Cincinnati, O. 
Caroi.ini; LouisK Jhnks, A.B. Teacher 
in High School. 

Douglas, Ariz. 

1.1:1; k.AAL JkAjnkv, A.B., B.S. (C,E.) 

•00. Snpt. Am, Tel, \- Tel. Co's Plant. 

IS Dev St., .\'ew York, .\. V. 

Rai.111 hjnvARi) IKNNKY, A.B., I.L.B. 

•m. I.auyer. Failing Bldg., 

Portland, Ore. 
*1,aura Beatrice Joni:s, A.B., d. Ma- 
rine Citv, .Mich,, April 22, nx36. (23) 
Sara t~.RACK Junks, A.B. Head of Eng- 
lish Dept., State .N'ormal School. 

Platteville, Wis. 
Graci; Kaisicr, A.B. 

toil i2th .Ave., Moline, III. 
Wii.iii;i.-\iina Kaiser, A.B. (Mrs. 
Co.ige N. Chapman.) 
Sprini;luook Ranch, Springdalc, Mont. 
Sarah I.okh.i.a K'a.nousE, A.B. Teach- 
er. Byron, Mich. 
INki.son -Austin Kei.i.occ, A.B. Priv. 
.32nd Mich. Inf. i8y8. Mngr. of Ath- 
letics, State Univ. of Iowa. 

Iowa City, Iowa. 
Edith Wilmer Kinnan, A.B., A.M. '08 
Princ. Normal 'I'raining School. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

Mariorie K-,nnan', .\,B., A.M. '08. 

Princ. Training School for Teachers. 

Muskegon, Mich. 

Ai.iK.s. Marshall Kline, A.B., A.M. 

'05, I'll n, '07. Prof, of History, Univ. 

(H' r.icillc, since Kjoo, S:in Jose, Cal. 

Don 111 Witt Knaim', A.B„ M,D, \h<. 

rbxMci.m Flint, .Mich. 

MsTTiiiw KoLiic, A.B., M.D, '07. (See 

lAunlties,) Ann Arbor. 

Lewis I'I.i.en, A.B. (Mrs. 

Thoni.i. II. Keeshan) 

Topeka. Kan. 

James J.-seimi Kkouser, A,B, Editor. 

Big Rapids, Mich. 

L.iiiiM' l.A.Mii, ,\ I! Ch.Trlotte, -Mich, 

.Xi'STix I.Lovo Latueus. A.B,, LL.B. 

•00. l.auver, .Mu.unh Bldg. 

Duhith, iMuHi. 
F.onn \LicE Lewis, A.B, 

Harlan, Iowa, 

JosEiMi .Marvin- Lewis, A,B„ .\ M. 

(Harvard) \)(<. in Central 

lli-h School. Toledo, 

Maheli.E Li.-.NLVN, A.B. Teacher. 

(O h'asl Ave, S,, 11. Mile Creek, Mull 

■^9 A 

'.I.-. 1. 

It.; li) 
■ u ■' :. .,11 

.( I - .VI' ;■ 

(. '.'i .81 . ■.■i 

<::l.,: I , ■.mI,> ,l.;il, 



kA^• Dli.ikv I.nui:, A I!. Clerk V'. S. 

Court c.l Ciistums Api.tals. 

2J7 Maple Ave.. Takoma Park, 1). C. 
Ai.iiF.KT KuwAHD Ia'cius, A.B., I.L.B. 

( N. W Univ.) '06. Lawyer. 

-MarqiKttc Uld.!,'., Chicago, III. 
llKunKKT (".\i.i:n I.iJi.i., A.B. .-Xsso. 

Pro), of Udiicalion, I'niv. of Wash., 

KXxS-n. Seattle, Wash. 

J.\Mi;S i)UNC.\N KnAI'I' I.Y.MAN, A.B., 

B.S. iC.V..) '06. Ci\il I'lif^ineer. 

Mt VL-nion, O. 

A.N(.i:..A luA ^fAAS, AJ3. 

<)f<0 Uriisli St.. Detroit, Midi. 
Ill i:an<)I< Crack Mabi.kv, A.B. Teach- 
er ill Uiijh Sciiool. MiLskegon, Mich. 
S\u\n Dk.vkk McAl.VAV, .\.P,. (Mr:,. 
Dai.Kl J. C.illum. . 

I'olsuM, Mont. 
Ci-.kM.i) McC(-Y, A.B. I.iini!)er. 

50 Caiiii)au St., Grand Rapids, Miuli. 
RdUKkicK Duncan MacDonalu, A.B. 
Tiinher. Chronicle Bldg., 

Houston, Tex. 
Katk Wn.t.ARD McGraw, A.B. Teacher 
in Annie Wright Seminary. 

Tat-oma, Wash 
l-KM.Ki .McMillan, A.B, M.D. '06. 
I'luMcian and Snrueon. 

Indian River, Mich. 

C.r.oH.K Akiiuk Maicoi m A 1;. PL I! 

'of>. .\s-i<!. Aitv. ek-n'l. I'lnlippine I — 

l.ind.. ' -Manila, P. I. 

lliuM\N William Makcii, A.B., A.M. 

o; AsM-I. I'l.if. of .Matli.. I'niv. ..f 

W - Madison, Wis. 

Sri;rin.N Coukinc. iNP\sON, A.B., j/i'oi- 

o.v Ml) (Rush") '05. Physician. 

Menominee, Mich. 

C\TIL\KI.Ni; r.i.LK.N ^P^x\\ KI.L, .A B. 

I'r,.l, ,.| lli.t. and Dean of Wouini, 

\onli. Si. lie N,.rnial Seho.d, sinee 

i.HM, .Maniuetle, Mich. 

PuM C,l;^^ .Mi.i-Ks, .\ B. M.inufaelurer. 

Muneie, In.l 

I'.MMv Mil IN, .\.l!. Teaeher in llii;h 

School. M.dme. III. 

Mark Xi-.\l Mennim., .\ H. Milling. 

".o Wiiiilirop S: . T,,ledo. O 
I' l.Kk./v MiciiALi, A.B. Res. Nat- 
nrali-t, .Mamie P.i... Station. 

Pa Jolla. Cal. 

I. i:\vis ScfU'iLLii MiNKu, .A.B. Mngr. 

W. G. Block Co. Davenport. Iowa. 

William Dxniki. Moulvhtv, .'\.B.,A.M. 

OV Ph I) 'O.J. (See I'.u-.lllics.) 

.\iin Arhor. 
i;oi:i;i(T PoKTKk MoKSMxN. A.B Bank- 
ill^' JJ\ N. .U'd Ave. Onudia, Xeh. 





\\'AiiD Dams Morton, A B. Chemist, 
with Si'hay Process Co. 

Detroit, Mich. Minriiv, .\.B. Supt. of 
dr-. Hurley, Wis. 


. Burnett C. Booth.) 

Bo.v. ,51s, .Morenci, Ariz. 
K May Xilus A.B. (Mrs. William 
WiPon.) jio Baldwin Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Zavda Ruth Nor, .A.B. (Mrs. Lemuel 

L. Tuley.) 40y P. 8th St., Alton, 111. 

Roscoi: CiLMti.F.s Olmstf;u, A.B., M.D. 

'06. Ph>sician. Pasadena, Cal. 

Gkrtkl-i.k Psthkk Pal.mkk, \3. (Mrs. 

Lriiest Cleverdon. ) 

5S,:;; Suiierior Si., Chicago, 111. 
I.Eii.ii G. P\i..\iFk, .\.B , t''o4-'o5. 

Cliclsea. Mich. 

lu)w.u(i) Pdstkk Pakkfr, -A.B., /'o4-'o6. 

Newspaper Mngr. Pomona, Cal. 

.Ali'.krt H. Parks, A.B., .A.M. and M.D. 

(N. W. Univ.) '06. Physician. 

Minneapolis. Minn. 

Maui.l l-.iuTH H01..MLS Pakm,ns, A.B., 

A.M. •(K). ■ Medfonl, Ore. 

Frank Clkvelanu Pennell, .A..B.,M.D. 

06. Physician. Seattle, Wash. 

Willi. \M Jonathan Pennock, .A.B., 

APD. (Bellevue) 'c/\ Physician. 

JaniCbtown, N. Y. 
Ro/.iLi.\ Am I.I.I A Petlks, A.B. Life In- 
surance. 4J1 .M:,r^hall A\e.. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
IcHiN HiM'.Nun PiiTis, A.B., M.D. '06. 
Chief .\SMM. ill Sur.iicry. 

S14 U. Univ. Ave., Ann .'\rbor. 
Anna Tu.izaefth Pinnkv, A.B. 

,^.17 W. J.Kd St , Krie, Pa. 
]^Ki:sTtiN P.. PuiMii, .A.B. Rancher. 

South Pasaden.i, Cal. 
(■.fm;\ iL\ 1; Williams I'dkmout, .A.B. 
'IVacher in High Schoi>l. 

Holland, Mich. 

Ha/kl Glacl Putnam, A.B. Teacher 

in llii^h Schoul. Rovkford, 111. 

Sonus l-toM TTA Ri-.Fi.-R, .\.P.. Teacher. 

J 117 (deliwood Ave, Toledo, 111. 

IvriiEL J(<si:i"iiiNi: Rue, .\.B. Te.ichcr. 
07 Si. .lames PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
William Brownei.l Rolfkson, A.B. 
Mamifactnrer an.l Piilili>lier. 

.\lpena, .Mich. 
TlI()M\> r.louKWAY RouLRis., A.B. Ah- 

Kansas City, Mo 

*N'iiU\l\N .Mil Did'. M ROHERTSON, A.B., 
d. Ogden. Plah, Se|.t. 22. I<y0(.. (.p) 

,1/ M ,r. 

I UU'l 

.■J :>! .1/ .;i 

r- . /. n ) ; 

r/1 ; 1/ .,,.. 


♦RouERT M11.1.AR RouiNbON, A.B.,///'o4- 
'05, <1. Uciivur, Cull)., Dec. 31, 1907. 
Ci,.\UA l^oK, A.B. 4J4 N. Adams St., 

Ypsilanii, Mich. 
Ji:ssiK KsTELi.ii Roou, A.B. (Mrs. John 
n. Ruflin.) Phoeiii.x, Ariz. 

Mabkl Makia Rood, A.B. Teacher. 

Bn.ct.jii, N. Y. 
Gertrude Louise Roim:k, A.B. Teach- 
er. 408 Hubbard Ave., 

Detroit, Midi. 
Bertha Rosentiiai,, A.B. Teacher. 

17 Monroe Ave., Muskegon, Mich. 
Maurice Edgar RosE-nwasser, A.B., 

I^Iargerv Scheee Rosing, A.B. Teach- 
er in Central High Schcjol. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

James Kmmet liussELL, A.B., ^'oo-'oj. 

Mining Engineer. Deadwood, S. Dak 

Hm;()I,i. W.m.tEk Rvi.ANi), A.B. Wliule- 

sale I'liriiiUire. 

^526 Drake Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Ci.AiRE Mauei, Sanueks, A.B. 

107 Boston Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 
A.MY Eleanor Savage, (Mrs. Ed- 
gar N. Durfee.) " .\nn Arlxir. 
Eay Catharine Schneider, A.B. 
Teacher in High School. 

217 Rockingham St., Toledo, O. 
Walter I'jjwaud Schkdeder, A.B., 

LL.B. '00. 
Howard Lesher Schug, A.B., A.M. '06. 
Howard Jacks(jn Seymour, A.B., 
LL.B. rt). Slocks and Bonds. 

1210 Broad St., Victoria, B. C. 
Wii.ERED BvRON Shaw, A.B. Gen'l 
Secr'x- .Muinni .Asscj. 

Ann .Xrbor. 
.\; SiiEuw.xM., A.B. 

N'Ns.a, Ore. 
M \iu.i: (liNKMKvic Siiii.Kv, .in. (Mis. 
I!, K,.Mn,.n.l llouMer.) 

i.ii Iv 07ih Si., iNew York, N. Y. 
Thomas .\i.ean, A.B., LL.B. '06. 
Lawyer. 2J01 Ashland .'Vve., 

IndianapoJis, Ind. 

lu.iSAUETH Ethei. Sinclair, .A.B, .A.M. 

'o.S, I'h.D. '11. (Mrs. Clement .M. II. ,1,1- 

crman.l I',,,! Ilnimi, ,\li,li. 

Charles Aliiert Sink, .\.B. Secr'v o.- Mn.sic, smce ukM- 

Ann .\ibor. 
I'.VA l.iNoRE Smith, A.B. (.Mr.,. 
.\. Wilsnn.) ijo Hague Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
I'I(.\NK kcMI'.UT Sl'KNCKK. A.B., M.I). 




ELL.^ Jane Simek, A.B. (Mrs. John 
A. 101 Arden Park, 

Detroit, Mich. 

Saka liiLi.E SruKi:, .\.B. (Mr^. (ieorge 

IX TnniMm) Bay City, Mich. 

Claude M.kukice Staetoru, A.B., ^LD. 

(Detroit) 'o(), A.M. (Detroit) '07. 

I'hysiciaii. 589 Chene St., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Clara I'Ialma Stanton, A.B. Music. 

iWest Henrietta, N. Y. 
Hi:li;.n .McClure Stevens, .A.B. (Mrs. 
Waller R. Ruequil/.) 
.\ib S. C.itherine .\ve., 

La Grange, III. 
Mary Christina Stewart, A.B. (Mrs. 
Harold Hooker.) 

ij_'.S Ennina .Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
LoTTA Lane Stiles, A.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam II. Lange.) Oklahoma City, Okl. 
Eranc Si'ONE, A.B. 

Graiul Rapids, Mich. 

Willis Gordon Stoner, A.B., LL.B. 

'06. (See Faculties.) Ann Arbor. 

Hi'Nuii'Tr.v GiiiiiON Stratton, A.B., 

A.M. (L'niv. of I'a.) '06. (Mrs. Wil- 

li.nn .\ Jaijuelte.) Swarlliniure, I'a. 

.Arthur Eloyd Strome, A.B., .A.M. 'lx^ 

Teacher. 6o(j S. Thayer St., 

Aim Arbor. 
Ralph Howard Struiu.e, .A.B. Teach- 
er in Jvislcrn High School. 

1017 Sheridan Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Myra Chase Sturgis, .A.B. Teacher. 

Sturgis, Mich. 
tEvEKEiT Maulin SweelEY, A.B. Priv. 
52nd Iowa Inf. i8(>S. Lawyer. 

Twin Falls, Idaho. 
Geori.i: PiiiLo Sweet, A.B. I^umber- 
man. ,!_>.( E. Fulton St., 

Grand Rapids, .Mich. 
I'ARi 1: RiKu SwiiT, A.B., M.D. 'a^ 
1!.S. (OInet) \j7. Physician. 

Comstock, Mich. 
iDAVH) William Tiiom\s, A.B., LL.B. 
(Louisiana) 'oq. Priv. nth Pa. Pro- 
vis. Guards, i8<)8. Lawyer. 

Baton Rouge, La. 

Sa.miii;i. Emory Tho.mason, ,A.B. I,aw- 

yer. 10151 Seelev .\\e., Chicago, 111. 

i'.i.i/. Mii.rii l.ocKwooi. TnoMi'soN, A.B. 

Giadu.ile Sliidv Aim .\rl.or. 

llAUKii:r Wati:kiii:i<v Tuomso.n, .\.li. 

Salt BioLer. .||0 lliil,l,,ird Axe., 

Detroit, Mich. 

IloMLK ,<MiTii Toms, A.B. Merchant. 

Oroville, Cal. 

k'uEDKKUK J,, UN SllEUMAN Too/E, A.B, 

Siipt (.1 Sclin,,lv Orenuii Cil\, Oie. 



Ni.i.soN I-.i.hKiDCK Toioi.iv, A.B. Re- 
search, with Hood Rnhher 

I'.ast W aUriowii, M.iss. 
Luui.r.A Tow^'Il;v, A.B., A.M. '08 hi- 
stnicti.r in luiKlish, Col!e.i;e fur Wo- 
men, since 1908. Cleveland, O. 
Ora Tr.wis, A.B., A.M. '05. Teacher 
in Hif.;h School. Pontiac, Mich. 
EsTiiKK Moss Tkicudi.kv, A.B. {Mrs. 
Frank L. Johnson.) 

Beimawr Flat, Newark, O. 
BKssm Ai.F.\RETr.\ TKni.i.()i'E, A.B. 
(Mrs. .Axcel E. Anderson.) 

Butte, Mont. 
Ar,iii;i<T I,^:1^)Y Turner, A.B. F.diica- 
lional Director Y. M. C. A. 

WiiniinKton, Del. .\i).ams TuTTi.ic, A.B. (Mrs. 
Samuel Riitenhouse.) Olivet, Mich 
CicokCE Uini.EiN, A.B. Brewer. 

-\M C.alcna St, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Louisa .\mi:i.ia Van Dyke.A.B. Teach- 
er. 65 J S. New Jersey St., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Nia.i.iE I.ouisE Van Voi.Ki-Nnuuc, A.B. 

Iniitatixe Interpreter of Modern Plays 

4621 Lake Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Marti.n' D'Oogi; Verdier, A.B. Coal. 

19.3 Ransom St., Grand Rapid.s, Mich. 

Charles Bruce Viriiert, A.B. (See 

Faculties.) .Ann Arbor. 

Zaidee Beiie Vosi'ER, A.B. 

Ionia. Mich. 

Bess Mav Vkooman, A.B., A.M. 'o> 

(Mr.s. I'rank J. Shcehau. ) Oary. Ind. 

Fi.siE Mae Wagner, A.B. Teacher in 

High School. Marshall, Mich. 

Guy Leslie Wait, A.B., A.M. '05 

Teacher. Lewistown, Mont. 

Dell Warner Ward. A.B., M.I). '06. 

I'iiysiciau and Surgeon. 

Oelwein, Iowa. 
I.UKA Ai.LENA Wauner, A.B. (Mrs. 
Clarence W. Avery.) 

471 Uurlbut Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

tORiE I'.LMER Wasson, A.B. Corp 4th 

111. Inf. 1808. Chemist Knick>.rl..cker 

Port. Cement Co. Hudson, .N. V. 

John Kdwaku Watkin, A.B. Banking 

St. John's, Mich. 

John Wkioht Watlinc, A.B. Bonds. 

Union Trust BIdg., Detroit, Mich. 

Georc.e Nathaniel Watson, A.H., 

Ph.C. '08, R.S. (Phar.) '08. Assist. 

Prof. Phar., Lhiiv. of Kan., since 1909 

Lawrence, Kan. 

John Vinci;nt Weadock. A.B., /'o4-'o5. 

Lawyer. .Sai-inaw, Mich. 

M.-iNH.(i.Mi;i(v Weiistlr, A.B., /'o4-'o5. 
Ju.I-e of Prohate, since Dec, i(/)4. 

Ionia. Mich. 

Inis Haruiet Weed, A.B., A.M. (Co- 
lunihia) '11. Teacher and Writer. 
54 Livingston St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Walter Samuel Weeks, A.B. Instruc- 
tor in ilistory, Belmont School. 

Belmont, CaL 

Fave Tukne Wiiif.MAN, A.B. (Mrs. Har- 
rie W. Ma-llering.) Mason, Mich. 

Mauv Ross, A.B. Teacher in 
^ State Normal School. DeKalh, 111. 

Geoucia Grieeith Whit.mcjre, A.B. 
OLs. Harry 11. liarilett.) 

South Bend, Ind. 

Georciana Wu-.cins, A.B. (Mrs. Loren 
M. Post.) Butte, Mont. 

Veun.v Eugenia Williams, A.B. (Mrs. 
Harry J. Compton.) 

144 O.'cford .Ave., Dayton, O. 

Gertrude FIthel Wilson, A.B. Teach- 
er in High School. Bekling, Mich. 

GwENLLiAN Gwladvs Wilson, A B. 
(Mrs. Carl L. Fichtel.) 

Calumet, Mich. 

Emily Pouter Wolcott, A.B. Teacher 
of English, Richmond Hijl High 
School. New York, N. Y. 

WiLLiA.M Henry Woodley, .A.B Supt 
of Schools. Haskell, Tex. 

Heruert Hollingsworth Woodrow, 
A.B., e'oo-'oi, Ph.D. (Columbia) '09. 
Instructor in Psychology, Univ. of 
Mi'ui. Minneapolis, Minn. 

James Anderson Work, .A.B., M.D. 
'06. Physician. Elkhart, lud. 

Harry Ralrii Wormlev, A.B., M.D. 
(Rush) 'o<i. Phvsician. Lee, III. 

RosARELLE Veda Wykoef, .A.B. Teach- 
er in High School. Alpena, Mich. 

Grace Yerkes, -A.B. (Mrs. 
Ross B. Dusenbury.) 

Ji.S Wreford Ave, Detroit, Mich. 


Caroline Faruand Bacon .AnBOT,.A,B. 
(Mrs. Royal A. Abbot.) 

1412 Sterling PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Ethel Alice Adams, A.B. (Mrs. Har- 
ry G, Crosby.) 720 K. 471I1 St., 

Seattle, Wash. 
TiiADDEus lIovT Ames, A.B., M.D. '07. 
Physician ijo F. I.ovell St., 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Charles Sumner .Anukus, A.B., I.L.B. 

'06. Lawyer. Springlield, III. 

'C' "■\i,y.:.\>i 

>l .;! .- ,/ :. ■-'■■■vl .<:, i«i .-T ;.^..s..../ 

r/ / A .. , '■ ••'; AJic 

i66 hRADU 

ll.\i((ji.i) lluN'ji-K Akmstuong, A.B. Law- 
yer. Foril ]\\t\g., Detroit, Mich. 
I II.\i(«Y K(iY Atkinson, A.B. Princ. of 
High School. Battle Creek, Mich. 
SiriNi-v M.vioK Aui:i<. A.B. 
I Bi..'^NCiiu Avi;i<v, A.B. Teacher in High 
School. Poiitiac, Mich. 
I Ei.MA Raii.i-v, A.B. (Mrs. Neal N. 
] Wood.) Ann Arbor. 
Mou!;i,i, Bn.MNARii Baki;k, A.B. Teach- 
er. Sai,'inaw, VV. S., Mich. 
James Stanley Bai.ev, .\.B. Editorial 
Work. Hlmhurst, 111. 
Ji;ssiE EwiNT. Bane, A.B. (Mrs. Ber- 
tram S. Stephenson.) 

Einhur.-,t Inn, Se wick ley, Pa. 
Nina Ooudon Bannisti-;k, .\.B. 

so HaKuie St, Detroit, Mich. 
AN'u.i.AHD Titus Bariiour, A.B,, A.M. 
I 'iiS, I.l.B. 'uS. Rluxks Scholar at ()x- 

lord, F,ii^;land. Vpsilanti, Mich. 

I GEoi^r.).; Wii.i.iAM Baknu.m, A.B., A.M. 

: 'o(j, B.l). (McCorniick) 'lo. i'resb. 

I Minister. 

lU.tlinean,.\ Dak. 
*Rali'1( W'ai.uo Bayi.Ey, A.B,, d. Ton- 

ica, III., Ang. 3i, I9«^. (30) 
I.iiciLE "Bi-.i.i., A.B. (Mrs. Robert E. 
i MahalTay.") Taconia, Wtrsh. 

I Beman, A.B„ B,S, (E.E.) '08. 

I'jigineer. 195.J E. iioth St., 

Cleveland, O. 

CoNSTANrE Bement, A.B. Assist, in 

Mich. State Library. Lansing, Mich. 

MiNEKVA Benjamin, A.B. (Mrs. Ben M. 

I'ergnson.) 1040 Beanliien St., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Otto Carter Berrv, A.B., B.S. (Mech. 

E.) 'wi. Instructor in Descri[)t. Geoui., 

Lniv. ni Wis. Madison, Wis. 

7i:i.i.\ Slater BissiCi.i., A.B. Writer. 

i<).17 Monroe St., Chicago, III. 

Martha T.\rsnEY, A.B. Teacher 

in lligli School. Cahnnet, Mich. 

Zina I,Eu;n Bi.iss, A.B., B.S. (Kan. 

.\gri. Coll.) '00. Nurseryman. 

Katv, Tex. 
Leic.u Charles Blou.meiei.u, A.B. 
Secr'v Lewis Sprinu .NnIc Co. 

lacks. in, Mich. 
C.EORiiE Samuej, Bond, A.B., M.D. '08, 
F..S. (Ivirlhani) 'o.v I'hysician. 

1(2 N. loih St., R'ichniond, Ind. 

()s\\.\Ln I'KlEIiEKlCII BoUCKE, A.B., 

\ M '1.0 hi.MnuTiir in I list, and 
ULH, Sl;ite C>i|leKe, Pa. 

r.i;ssu; k'.MiLV A.B. (Mrs. Lo- 
rui II. JMnes.) (K17 Iv 61I1 St., 

Duhith, Minn. 

Mary I^kii-iix B.,yle, A B. (Mrs. Ed- 
uard W, hehling. I 

Maple Kapius. Mich. 
Lawrence Palmer Briccs, .\.B., .A.!\L 
Chicago) '08. 

Berkeley, Cal. 

Cornelius James Brosnan, A.B. Supt. 

of Schools. Mt. Carroll, PI. 

LoRETTA AcATiii^ Brown, -\.B, A.M. 

'07. Teacher in iMayhiiry Sclmul. 

417 Toledu Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Julia Makicv Bkcjw.neli, A.B. (Mrs. 
Waller den Bleyker) 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Ida Marie Brownrigc, .A.B. Teacher 

in High School. Manistee, Mich. 

NL\uv C.ERTRiiuE Buck, A.B. Teacher 

m lli,t;h School. Hillsdale, Mich. 

Mildred Lea)i Bucks, .\.B. (Mrs. 

Diinmitt C. Hutchins.) 

Rogers Park, Chicago, III. 

Georc.i: Sa.mui;l 1'urcess, A.B. Law 

Student. Brighton, Mich. 

Anna M.\my BurkiieisEk, .\.B., A.M. 

'11. Teacher. IS Congres. Si., 

Vpsilanti, Mich. 
William Henry Burmeister, A.B., 
M.D. '07. Physician. 

Great Falls, Mont. 
Florence Iudna Burton, A.B. (Mrs. 
Augustus 11. H. Roth.) 

264 W. loth St., Erie, Pa. 
ELiZAnETii Marc.aret Bush, A.B., 
A.M. 'rtj. Teacher in High School, .\!- 
Iiambra, Cal., K/Xi-ii. 
Hotel Bretton Hall, New York, N. Y. 
Charles;r Campuell, A.B. Fur- 
niture. ,^9 Lake Ave., 

('.rand Rapids, Mich. 
.XuriiiuALi. I'lnvARi) Carey, .\ B.,LL.B. 
•07. Ford Bldg., 

Detroit, Mich. 
I'T.OKA I'AV Cark, .A.B. Librarian. 

Mankato, Minn. 

If.i.i.A ^TAKY Carson, A.B. Teacher in 

High School. Lincoln, Neb. 

Katharine Blytue Carter, .\.B.(Mrs. 

\\alier C. McNeal.) 

7S \\'atsoii St., Detroit, Mich. 
IsAKEi.i.v .\LE.\ANi.KA Cass, A.B. Teach- 
er 111 lligli School. Pasadena. Cal. 
.\nii;\iL Bdotiii: Chandler, .A.B. 
Te.uher. Owosso, Mich. 
1\AN' I'.IH.AR ClIAI'MAK, .A.B., LL.B. 'oj. 
I..iw\er. (i(ij Townscnd .A\e., 

Detroit, Mich. 
l.iH i: B. CiiAsE. A B. (".rade Critir. 
Ceiilr.d Normal ScIi.m.I 

.Ml. Pleasant, Mich. 

1 J. <.■ 
.1-; / 


f(l ■>. 'J. 




Archihald Lamont Ciilisu, A.B. Man- 
iifacUircr. Ashtabula, O. 

Eaiu.i- Hart Ci. \i'i-, A.B. U. S. Foro=t 

Albuquerque, K. Me.x. 

Gi;oKC.iA Ci.AKK, A.B. Teaeher in High 

School. Finaiay, O. 

Hkruurt Watson Ci.auk, A.B., A.M. 

'06, /'o7-'a?. Lawyer. 

K. Las, N. Mex. 
Lilian Evangelikij Clkvuland, A.B. 
Minister and Teacher. 

1364 E. s6ih St., Chicago, 111. 
♦WiLf.iA.M Clark Cociiranp;, A.B., 
LL.B. 07, d. Benton Harbor, Mich., 
.\u£: 2I-, loio. (29) 
Mu.i.uui) luKNiv Collins, .\.B. Teach- 
er ill lli.uh School. 

.^S.u ^[o^roe St., Chicago, 111. 
Wii.KiE Nf.lson Collins, A.B. Instruc- 
tor in English, Univ. of ['a., 1906-11. 
.Mpeua, Mich. 
Louis Herbert Conger, A.B. Secr'y 
Coniniercial Club. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Arthur Oliver Cook, .A.B. Newspa- 
per Work. SaKiuau", Mich. 
Jessie Kos.vmonii Cook, .\.1!. (Mis. L.i 
Verii Rogers.) 

r.alcsburg, Mich. 
Euiiii Bi.i-ii: 0«ii'i;i<. .\.H 

(keat E.-ills. Mont. 

LoriA lv\\i.nE Coi'i.i:-!'. A.l'., Teacher. 

Oklalu.iua Cuy, Okla. 

M AKV Ei.i/AUETii Cromwell, A.B. 

Tiacher ill High School. 

iSi^ nth St., N. W., 

Wasbiugton, D. C. 
Nellie Stewart Cronkhite, A.B. 
Teacher. JOo.) Sanla Monica Blvd., 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

M.\E l..\\iNiA CuvDEu.MA.N. \.V>. Teacli- 

er. .S70 jiid .\ve., Detroit, Mich. 

Lii.iiw Coll. Ci .M.Mi.vo-., .\,H. (Mrs. 

Ibomas !•■ Ford.) 20-'i C St., 

South I', Cal 
Mav.nie Rose Curtis, A.B, .\.M. '08. 
Assist, in Experiment Sta. 

Orono, Me. 

James Arthur Cutler, A.B., LL.R. '07. 

Banker. Nora Siiriugs, Jowa. 

Harry Hector Dale, A.B., LL.B. '07. 

Lawyer. Ciilbertson, Mont. 

Lily Dau:, A.B. (Mrs. I. W. Collinson.) 

Culberlsoii, Mont. 

Mary Adelaide Dan.m, .\ B. (Mrs. Le- 

Roy E. Davidson.) .\ngola, N. V. 

Charlotte U\v. Dave.siokt, A.B. 

Teacher. i.iJO S. Helena Si., 

Si--kJue, Wash. 

\'er\on Cvkl.nius Da\id, A.B., M D. 
(Rush) '07. Physician. 

815 Beldcn Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Stei'HEn .\li;ion Day, .\.B. Lawyer. 
^i3^) The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 
M.vRjoRiE Waru Dearino, A.B. Teach- 
er in High School. 

4 Victor, Colo. 

Gr(jvek Ci.i:\i;lanu I3EbRE,-A.B. Chem- 
ist. -Michigan City, Ind. 
JoH.v AukAM De Hoi.i.A.NuEk, A.B, Cier- 
gvinaii. I'riiic. .Xniiullc luslilute. 

.\iinville, Ky. 

l'.\LL F.iiw.\i<u, .V.B. Chemist. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Ai.TM.v D. DeWitt, A.B. Supt. of 

Schools. Oxiurd, Mich. 

I'.MUAX HouTo.N DoDus, A.B, .A.M. '07, 

1.1. B. '07. Lawyer. Spokane, Wash. 

Frank Lanodon Uoty, A.B., LL.B. '07. 

Lawyer. Poiiliac, Mich. 

Acnes Louise Eaton, .A.B. (Mrs. 

Frank .\ Chapman.) McFarland. Cal. 

I.i'ciKS Walter IClder, .A.B., A.M. '09. 

rn.l. oi I'uglish in Belhaiiy Coll. 

Lindshorg, Kail. 
Maky Francics Farnsworth, -A.B. 
Teacher in West. High School. 

5.S .Medbnry Ave, Detroit, Mich. 

RiKiu.v I'a.mei.a Farduharson, .A B., 

.Ml) (A) '07. (Mrs. William M. dc 

Blcix) ?-■-' Jd Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Maume Elliott Ferguson, A.B. High 

School Teacher. White Pigeon, Mich. 

Mary Fides Flanaoan, A.B. (Mrs. 

Henry A. Newkirk.) 

Iron Mountain, Mich. 
Charlotte Starkweather Fowler, 
A.B. uS,S Lawrence St., 

New Haven, Conn. 

Etheluert Hazelton Fowler, A.B., 

LL.B. '10. Lawyer. 

811 Union Trust Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

CousiE Fox, A.B. Rockford, 111. 

George Arthur Fox, A.B., LL.B. (N. 

W. Univ.) '07. Lawyer. 

Sycamore, III. 
.\uGisTA I.inette Frangk,'A.B. 

L'lovis, Cal. 
(ji.ivi-u Gi;cik.;k I'rkdkkkk, A.B. Su- 
per\isor of Grauimar Grades. 

V) I'renlis Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Floue.n-ce June Freeman, A.B. Teach- 
er in High School. Fort Dodge, Iowa. 
Ethel Marii: I'rench, A.B. (Mrs. 
Charles L. I!euiu-tt.) 

C.obleviUe, Mich. 
Ai.ici; Marie 1'rost, .\,B Teacher. 

Hellingbam, Wa^li. 

I •■. 'Q •;!, \- \\\\X 

nM riv 'JJ iHiiv.MV ,:;!/, > . .' t. n ri') . ■riow- 


/■.!■-' " 



>.',/. /J'' 

!i ..J r.., 

,.M..; 1 

.v. '; /• . • .;:tn , .: .. ;1 , /All .: i 

Ml r.-.'l 

7 /• >' 

.1 . (/■;>/ 

iOii' r/. /.iiJf.r' -10'. m' 1,:. i 

/ , '1 A :.i; 'j':-> :i-.',''i df./A! 




Cii-.ORc.E ^'^c\v^^.\^• Fuller, A.B., A.M. 
(.I^arviird ) 'u(>. 713 Church St., 

Ann Arbor. 
Kaymonh Ciiaulks Fulmer, A.B. Ag- 
riculturist. East Akron, O. 
John Arthur Gamon, A.B. Salowork, 
witli Jones & Laughlin Stee! Co , Chi- 
cago. Glen HUyn, 111. 
Harry Eben Gardner, A.B. Teacher 
in lli.uli Sch(M,l. Lansing, Mich. 
l.ii.v Ci-ciLE Gau.ntlett, A.B. (Mrs. 
i.crov N. Kihiian.) 

'50 Greeniield St., BulT.ilo, N. Y. 
Lnuisi- liMiLY CiEORiu:, A.B. Te. idler 
in New Trier High School. 

Kenihvorth, 111. 
Ikkne Wentwortm (in.iiERT, A.B. 
(Mrs. I.ouis G. Watkins.) 

Howell, Mich. 


'07. I.awser. Houseman Bld^''., 

Grand Kapids, Mich. 
Claka Ai.LLE G(Hii-Ex, A.B.. A.M. '07 

2HCJI Olive St., St. Joseph, Mo. 
Bkktha Marion, A.B. 
Teacher in High School. 

Calumet, Mich. 
Nina Roccena Ggodxow, A.B. (Mrs. 
William T. Belcher.) 

181 E. 27th St., Portland, Ore. 
WiLLiAM RuFus Goodrich, A.B., A.M. 
'o('). Princ. of High School. 

Owosso, Mich. 
AnicAii. Mae Gue, A.B. (Mrs. Don F. 
Stewart.) 1214 Woodland Ave., 

Cleveland, O 

Ciii-inRi) T.ouis Guest, A.B. Teacher. 

01 Hague .-Xve., Detroit, Mich 

Ci.AHi: McCai.l (^tiNiiuv, AH., L1,.B. 

■07. L.iwver. Flint. Mich. 

LiDA llAMoun, A.B. Princ. Classical 

School. 501 Magnoli.i .-\\e., 

Tampa, Fla. 
I'kank Hacer, A.B., A.M. 
(Ohi(. Slate) 'oR. Prof, of Ancient 
l.angg., Highland l'ni\'. 

Highland, Kan. 

William Rai.i h Hall, A.B., B.D. 

(Hartford) '08. Assist. Supt. Young 

People's Work, Presb. Church, U. S. 

A. Witherspoon Bldg.. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

RoiiiN I.Y.NN Hamilton, A.B. Teacher 

in lliuh School. Rockford, III. 

Ftu-.E.NE Teel, A.B., I.L.B. 

"07. Lawyer. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Hakuv Em.mons HAM.\(o.\n,A.B. Teach- 
er in High SchoL.l. Kalam,i700, Mich. 

Edna Wallace Hare, A.B. (Mrs. 

Jesse B. Bain.) Kennedy, N. Y. 

Ethel Euneita Hare, A.B. (Mrs. 

James D. K. Lyman.) Mt. Vernon, O. 

Katharine Lucretia Harrow, A.B. 

403 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Violet Dosia Haut. A.B, (Mrs. Clare 
J. Hall.) 84 S. Prospect St., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Pauline Jewett Hayes, .\.B, Teacher 
in lliuli School. Kenosha, Wis. 

Jessie Mae Helsell, A.B. (Mrs. Rob- 
ert H Ad.uns.) Oldeholt, Iowa. 
John Imiwin Hi:nes, .\.B , e'oo-'oi. 

Menominee, Mich. 
Anna Henuv, .\ B. Teacher ..f Math, in 
Bo wen High Sclund. 

7352 Coles Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Fredi:rika Lena HinE, A.B. Teacher. 
Bay City, Mich. 
Bi;ssn: Mvkvi.e Hitchincs, .A.B. Princ. 
of llix;h School. Wyandotte, Mich. 

*tCLi:.\iENT Milton Holdekman, A.B., 
LL.B. '06, Scrgt. 157th Ind. Inf. i8y8. 
d. Asheville, N. C, May S. 1911. (34) 
Jessie Tone Holmes, A.B. (Mrs. Rich- 
ard D. T. HoUister.) .Ann .Arbor. 
James .Avery Hopwood, .A.B. Play- 
wright. 130 -W. 44th St., 

New York, N. Y. 
Alexis Charles Houghton, .A.B. As- 
sist, in General Cliem., 1904-05. Chem- 
ist, with Solvay Process Co. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
XiNA M\UD HousER, A.B., A.M. '06. 
(Mrs Worth J. Sniiih.) 

46 Keid St., Eli/abeih, X. J. 
.An.m; Ei.iz.MiETH Huhek, -A.B. .Actress. 
406 Field -Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
.Akthiu Tho.mas Hucg, A.B. Adver- 
tising. Highland Park, Mich. 
Helen' Vie Hui.ett, A.B. (Mrs. Clin- 
ton M. Searl.) Portsmouth. 0. 
Lawrence Cameron Hull, .A.B., t'05- 
'07. ]'. C.L. (O.xford Univ.) '09. Law- 
yer. 2t Broad St., New York, N. Y. 
EsTELi.E Louise Hu.n-t, .A.B. 

Houghton, Mich. 
Harolo Oi ney Hunt, A B. With Min- 
neapolis Trust Co. 

Minneapilis, Minn. 
Inez .\uklia Hunt, A.B. Teacher. 

Myrtle Creek, Ore. 
Eunu SciiuTTE Hi;rst, .A B. Teacher 
in Ferry Hall, KX^-li. 

Lake F..resi, 111. 
Maui.e Ai.Ei.E IsHi KwooD, A.B. Teach- 
er. 1207 E. 22,1 A\e., Denver. Colo. 

:../ 3. Jr- 4 '. , -O,, 

,. . : /V .51 . 

ij 'I .il -K'. ,U' 

'II ,f'';' r.i .; -1 
;m/ ^' ' •.•.•,•1 W.I 


f 'iM; 

i-'.l .V>" 


-1 il.f 

/' (1-. I 1.-..7TI.' 

O ,„n;i.%jO 

. :/li ,, M' ' S,; 

!:■;.;.: \ V. (..;Oln..Ul 

lo- ; .,i,..\- ,:,kiO'^'[ 

M.' .:'.vr,WM/ 

/./ lliR.lUY DUl'ARTMnNT 

169' \alorius James, A.B., A.B. 
(Marietta) 'or, A.M. {ibid.) '08. Head 
ui Dept. of Hist., in High School. 

Wichita, Kan. 
Ir.\ WAiTi; Jaynb, A.B. Lawyer. 

Breitinoicr Bltli?., Detroit, Mich. 
AuGirsTUb Martyn Johnson, A.B. Jour- 
nalist. 117 N. State St., Ann Arbor. 
(jUV McKkvitt Johnson, A.B., M.D. 
(X. W. Univ.) '08. Physician. 

Traverse City, Mich. 

lIi.i.K.N 1.i:nur Johnson, A.B. Teacher 

HI llacklcv Manual Trainint,' School. 

MiibkcKon, Mich. 

l.EN.v May Johnson, A.H. Teacher in 

High School. Champaign, 111. 

Mary Marilla Johnson, A.B. (Mrs. 

Tulm C. String.) 

Red lands, Cal. 
Akiiiii! Juii-v Jones, A.i;., M.D. '07- 
Fhvsician. 22<y.j Gratiot Ave., 

De-truii, Mich. IIamm.v Jones, A.H. Hardware 
Merchant. Duluih, Minn. 

Ho.MER Walker Josselyn, A.B., A.M. 
'10. Assist. Prof, of Education, Univ. 
01 Kan. Lawrence, Kan. 

fCLYbu Fenwortii Karshner, A.B., 
M.D. '08. Priv. 34th Mich. Inf. iSq8. 
Physician. Big Rapids, Mich. 

Nellie Mae Kelloc.g, A.B. (Mrs. 
Louis J. Van Schaick.) Care of Adjt. 
Cjcn'l, Wasiiington, D. C. 

Joseph Hudert Kempsver, A.B. Chem- 
ist. 6525 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111 
J\AYMOND Russell Kenduick, A.B., 
LL.B. '07. Lawyer. Saginaw, Mich. 
KnwiN Ja.mes Kenny, A.B., LL.B. '06. 
Lawyer. Duhith, Minn. 

JosEi'ii ^"ui;.\T. Kerr, A.B. Director of 
ISov.V Work, V. M. C. .\. 

Pasadena, Cal. 
l^.^s lluwi \xi. RiusroN, A.B. Chicago 
Hoard ..1 Trade. .\ii 7tli .Ave., 

La Grange, 111. 
llarrv G. Houghton.) Tiffin, O. 

JosE King, A.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
liam H. Burnieister.) 

Great Falls, Merit. 
\\\.\ M\v Ki.NNEY, A.B. Teacher. 

3-'8 .\very Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
F!lmeu Lei: Klise, A.B. Lumber. 

Sturgeon Bay, Mich. 
Clara H. Kramer, A.B. 
Henri Clvi^e Krenerick, A.B. Teach- 
er in N. Div. High School. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 


d. Monrovia, Cal., June 21, 1909. (26) 
Clarence Willia.m Lawk, A.B., I'g^- 
'00, c'o2-\>\. Arondo Mine, 

Searles, Cal. 
Marion Fi.eanor Leei'Er, A.B., M.D. 
'07. Physician to Vassar Coll. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

John Fletcher Lewis, A.B., LL.B. '11. 

Lawyer. lioge Pildg., Seattle, Wash. 

Jennie Marian * Liemich-Coy, A B. 

Teacher in High Scl:ool. 

Jackson, Mich. 

Geor.-.e Allan I.i.sdsav, A.B., A.M. 

'oS. In:,!ructiir in Pliysics, Washington 

Univ., since 1907. i 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Unaueli.e Locke, A.B. 

2904 Grd. Blvd., !•:., Detroit, Mich. 1 

Carlos Pointon Long, A.B., A.M. '06. i 

Chief Chemist to GIoIjc Suap Co. 

St. I'.ernard, O. 

Clyde Elton Love, A.B., A.M. '08, 

<?'oi-'o.v (See Faculties.) Ann Arbor. 

Marguerite Dudley Mauley, A.B. 

Teacher. 212 W. Wesley St., 

Jackson, Mich. 

Gertrude Nell McClelland, A.B. 

Teacher. Portland, Mich. 

Ethel Pierce McCcmbs, A.B. Teacher 

in West. High School. Bay City, Mich. 

Nelson Ferris Macduff, A.B. U. S. 

Forest Service. Albany, Ore. 

George Hudson McLellan, A.B.,M.D. 

'07. Surg. U. S. A. 

Care of .\djt. Gen'l., Washington, DC. 

William Duncan McNally, A.B. 

Chemist, in lleal-tli Dept. 

City Hall, Chicago, III. 
Geokgena Amy McSwej;ney, A.B. (Mrs. 
Charles S. Cole.) 

503 Market St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Bertha 1;vei.yn Mai.onk, .A B B S 
(Mich. Agri ) '00 Teacher 

Draper, S. Dak. 

[Minnie! Maud Manley, A.B. Princ. 

of High School. Downers' Grove, III. 

Ira Ai.iii;RTus Makdle, A.B., M.D. '07. 

Physician and Surgeon. 

liuttermit, Wis. 
Mark Maksiiall. A.B., M.D. '08, B S. 
(Harlhain) '02. (See Faculties.) 

Ann Arbor. 
William J. Marshall, A.B., M.D. '09. 
Physician and Surgeon. 

Poison, Mont. 
EDiTH Hazicl Martin, A B. Teacher 
of Laiin and Math. 

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

/ ^ 'c tA 

,/ 'I . .A':. 



Ju.i.A Ax.NKTTA .Matiii;ws, A.B. Gtn'l. 
Sccr'v. Asso. Charities. 

City ]lall, lM:l.]i^on, Wis. 
1>i:kiiia Piiii.omi:nk Mi;uKm, A.B. 
(Mrs. Chailcs B. Nash.) 

iMt. Lebanon, Pa. 

CuAUi.ES jAcuii MiciiKi.K.T, AAl., LL.B. 

'07. Lawyer. Portland, Ore. 

Makgarut May Mii.iia.nk, .V.B. (Mrs. 

Walter B. Pillsbiuy. ) 

Ann Arbor. 
A\.\A'iii.\K Mii.i.i:u, A.B. Teach- 
er. Naperville, 111. 
J'.i.NoKs Bki.i.K, A.B. Teacher. 
_'ii,i W. \\-riii)ii -Ave., Los .Aiiselos, Cal. 
]-"i;.\Ni.iS Ka.nkin Miui.KU, A.B. Bank 
Ca>hier Jordan Valley, Ore. 
Sju.\i:~. Ko.MiiViN Mii.i.iiK, .\.B. Lawyer. 
4(u KlTersoii Ave., Detroit, -Mich. 
|i;an Mii.i.i.,a,\, Alt. l.anriuni, Mich.' 
\'VN l.M.n MiNoK, A.B. I'cacher of 
I'leiich ,,ii<l ( in .Male lliuh 
.Scho,,l. jjj iM-anck Ave., 

l...lIi^\ille, Kv. 
.\i.i!i;Kr lluuK MoNTcoMi.Kv,, 
M.I). (Rush) '07. I'hysician. 

(j_'(>5 ]:".vanston .\ve., Chicago, 111. 
Mabi;l Modui:, .V.B. Teacher. 

K. R. 1, C.reenlield, Mich. 
]\Lmiel Julia Mooruu.vd, .'\.B. 

Moorheadville, Pa. 
OKirrii: Mfi.iENiiACii, All (Mrs. Carl 
I'rctoriiis. ) Sod W. Clark St., 

Chicai-o, 111. 
Bi.ANcuK \l\.o\-v. Mviu'S, A.B. 

Muir, Mich. 

Adkiaa.v -Xagki.voort, .'\.B. Fruit 

Grower. Ea^le Rock, Va. 

Oi-oRci; Fai,i,i;v Ninuj;, A.B., S.T.B. 

(Garrett") '07. Aslronoinical Research. 

SS Providence St., Providence, R. 1. 

Giv Wii.i.iAM -XoKTox, A. I! On Tlu- 

llcnilJ. l.os .\ni;cles, Cal. 

Haukii-t Ti-rhsa O'Di-a, .A.B. Teacher 

in I-iast. High School. 

.\o(< Helen Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Maui. ON l''.i,i,s\vi)i(Tii Oi.skn, A.B.,A.M. 
'o<., PhD. W Prof, of hjKli^h and 
Rhetoric. Washi.iKlon ^•orei^ll Mis- 
sion v^eniinarv. ■r:d, Park. 

WasliiiifUun, D. C. 
Gu\ri-; OsiioKNi:, .\.]\. T. aclur. 

(^.raflun, N. D;ik. 
hKKi.rnu- Bui-Ai.iNG O.\roiiv, A.P,., 
B.D. (McCorniickl 'uS. Teacher and 
Presb. .Minister. 

JO N. Ashland Blvd., Chicago, III. 

Ci.AUA Li.izAinrni P \oi \sri;ciii;u, A.B. 

Teacher.. 19 S. Ke.-l.el Si, D.i;. ton, O. 

IsAiii:i. lIi-.i.K.N Parnai.1., .\.B. (Mrs. 
Howell L. Begle.) 

104 Taylor .'\ve., Detroit, Mich. 

Carl F.ltokkk Parry, A.B., A.M. '07, 

Ph.D. 09. (See Faculties.) Ann .\rbor. 

Walti-u SiKi'HKNStiN Parsons, A.B. 

Teller, Cleveland Trnst Co. 

Cleveland, O. 
MvKru; Licaii Pi-urigo, .\.B. (Mrs. 
John S. F0.X.4 

1154 !•;. 56ih St, Chicago, 111. 
I'.iJiTu Ki.i.i:n Pi;Tri:i:, .A.B. Teacher 
in l{ast. High School. 

cXj Harper Ave, Detroit, Mich. 
Cora Fuiz.v Plttv, A, B. Teacher. 

Lincoln, 111. 

»Frank Jay Piullii's, A.B., M.S. (For.) 

'rti, B.S. (Mich. Agri.) '03, d. Lincoln, 

Neb., I'eb. 13, lyii. (3)) 

Jksmi: 1';mi:rvi:tta Piiii.i.n's, .A.B. (Mrs. 

J.-iniis I'. Bonninin. ) 

,f7-' Parker Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

iloWAiii) H.U(Vi:v Pii:rci:, A.B. Ticket 

.\yeiit. I'.i. Rv. Co. I'ort Wavne, Ind 

I.UCIA WV.NUKII. PlKKCF, .\ B, ^ .Mrs. 

I'lne^t 'i\ Manninn.) 

5107 Llnderwood .\ve., Omaha, Neb. 

AxiCL Wii.i.iA.M PiKRSijN, .\.B. Science 

Teacher, Marquetie High School. 

Mar(|uette, Mich. 
Susan Blrtiia Pottick, .\.B. 

Peabody, Kan. 
Katuariniv I.mogk.n'K Prksto.n, A.B. 
Teacher. La Porte, Ind. 

Louis Q()ARi.i:s, A.B. Lawyer, 

6-'(; Stowell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis, 
Ruii\' CoRDKi.iA Ramsdell, -A.B. Teach- 
er in High School. Twin Falls, Idaho. 
Ktiii:i. Maky Rkaii, A.B. (Mrs. Charles 
Iv Snio\er. ) iihi Rose .A\e.. 

.\kroii, O. 
John .Ai.ui-rt RkuI'IELu, .\.B. Teacher 
in High School. Houston, Te.x. 

-Anna" Ri:ding, .A.B. Teacher. 
Hnbbcll, -Mich. 
I'jii'Di'RiC CiiARii'S ki'.xvLJi), .A B. Trav- 
elling Salesman. 

•_'7I McClellan Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Wai.Twn Kaktiiai.o Ki.xroKo, A.B.. 

.Ml) '..s l'|,\Mci.m \i:,ikiMi, .Mich. 

Saii.ii I'M.Mi-i^ Kiei, .\.li, (Mrs. J. -ha 

W. W;.tling.) L'nion Tru>t llldg., 

Detroit, Mich. 
CiiARi.r.s I"ui:i>i:ric Curtis Riley, A.B, (Doaiie) '01 Prof, of Biology, 
Stai> ,\'orinal Siho(il, since ]t;07. 

Mankato, Minn. 

L.iK.N'i SiAM.i;v nvRM-r KiTciiii-, A.B. 

l.auver, \'alley City, N, Dak, 

1 ■;i.-i.-) 



-^ .i:'.' 

u.. ..J(y ..... 



1. ■ ■( io/.ti-V ,i- 

■■'-.>>i ' 




JIij.\ii:r 1'!i sfKK RoHBi.vs, A.B., A.M. '06. 
Univ. I'\'llou- in Latin. Ann ArlK.r. 

SaMUKI. IIKNKY ivOIlERTi, A.B., hi..\i. 

'07. LawvLT. 1322 Stock Exch., 
Chicago, 111. 
Cl.\ka litiZAiJETii RoBiNso.v, A.B. (Mrs. 
Don Dickinson Williams.) 
183 Coninionwealtii Ave., 

Detroit, Midi. 
La \'i;un Rogh.ks, A.B., ^LD. '07, /I'oi- 
'oj. PliNsioian and Surgeon. 

dalesburg, Mich. 

Edward Addiso:^ Rood, A.B. Buyer. 

402 Funntain St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

OUSTANE W'll. 1,1AM RoSl-NIU'KO, A.B., 

/■oS-'o(.. L.-iwyer. 

3.S5 Arcaile, CIevel;uuI, (). 

D(,iii.iin;A KoLSi-, A.B. (Mrs. (Jrrin K. 

I'larl.) Oak Park, 111. 

IIaki.w V.m.v Kowk, A.H. Merchant. 

];a.l A.Ke, Midi. 

Lua.nk L.Mi'RY RoYCii, A.B. Cashier 

Superior Mnfg. Co. Ann Arl)or. 

WiNii'uiiD IsAiiELLE RuDOE, A.B. (Mrs. 

Robert 11. Sturtridge.) 

Crosswell, Mich. 
Fan.nv Belle Rule, A.B. (Mrs. Ar- 
thur 1". Schulz.) 
.Siu Humboldt Ave, Detroit, Mich. 
Sui'iiiE Rood St. Ci.aih, A.B. Teacher 
in lli^h School. 

20 iJih Ave, !•:., Duluih, Mimi. 

WiLVHED Nai-oleon St. Peteu, .\.B. 

Instruciur in Physics and Math, in 

I'erris Inst. Big Rapids, Mich. 

Etta Loi ise Salliotte, .X.B. 

I'.TTA l£vn.\ N ScuEuTz, A.B. (Mrs. ilar- 

rv N. Calduell.) 810 W . 20ih St., 

Oklahoma, Okla. 
♦I'.itNST SoiMiTZ. A.B., d. Detroit, Mich., 

.\oV. ... 1..^.. (.-.0 

l-MM V Sin moi k .\.li. 

Indian Akciu-v, Sh.iunee, ()kl,i. 
El.Ml.K SllSSAiU. SlIA.NK, A.B., LL.B. 

'07. Lawyer. Grant's Pass, Ore. 


(.Mrs. Charles L. Willard.) 
C.ire 01 .\djt. Gen'l,, Wa.shington, D.C. 
(ii:nAMn.^E ]-;uNicE SiiEEiiAN, A.B. 
leadur 112 Harper Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Thomas Harry Slusser, A.B., LL.B. 
•07. Lawvcr. 1st Nat. Bk. BIdg., 

Chicago, 111. 
KsTiiAKiNE Ei.iz.\iii:Tn Smali,i:y, .\.B. 
(Mr.v Fr.dcrick l-arl Clark.) 

Li)gan Utah. 

Charles Stowei.i. Smith. .A.B. U. S. 

J'orest Service. San I'raiuisco, Cal. 

Edna Smith, A.B. Teacher in West. 
High School, since 1905. 

j,i,^ Campbell Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

Gertrude Ciialfant Smith, A.B. (Mrs. 

George W. Umphrey.) Univ. of Cin. 

Cincinnati, O. 

John Ci.ake.nce Smuh. .\.H,, .\1.D. ih) 

Jackson, Mich. 

^L\RioN Smith, A.B. Bank Clerk. 

Aurora, III. 

Makv L(H'ise Smith, A.B., A.M. '10. 

Prof of L.Ttin in State Normal School. 

Spearlish, S. Dak. 

RoiJKKT C. Smith, A.B. Supt. of 
School- Monroe, Mich. 

Aii.NEri I.UA.N.VA Snovi;r, A.B. Libra- 
rian. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Ri/ia-.KT L.Aiu.E Snvdik. .\.I1. Instruc- 
tor ill I'hjsics in Case School. 

Cleveland, O. 

Hugo Sunnensciiein, A.B., LL.B. '07. 
LaN\yer. 30 N. LaSalle St., 

Chicago, in. 

Thomas Marshall Spaui.ding, A.B. 
Grad. LI. S. Military Acad., 1905. ist 
l.ietit. Coa-t Art. Corps, U. S. A. 
Care of .\djt. (k-n'l, Washington, D.C. 

Charles He.nky Simukat, .\.B,, M.D. 
'07. Physidan. Valley Falls, N. Y. 

Elizaueth Jane Staeeokd, .\.B. (^lrs. 
Edward F. Parker.) Pomona, Cal. Sta.niieky, A.B. (Mrs. John M. 
Boswell.) Walnut Hills. 

Cincinnati, O. 

Elvira I,(ivisa Stauk, A. 15. (Mrs. Per- 
cy L. Pierce.) Two Harbors, Minn. 

Hi:le.n Fay Stark, A.B. Teacher in 
Detroit. 503 Monroe St., Ann .Arbor. 

Isoiii:i, Ji:ansetti; Stellwagen, A.B. 
(Mrs. James A. Hurst.) 

Wyanilotte, Mich. 

Gkok.i: Hi:nuv Steves, A.B., A.M. 
(Clark) '08, Ph.D. {ibid.) '10. Teach- 
er. Ousted, Mich. 

Mauelle M. Stewart, A.B. (Mrs. 
Thomas B. Budl.j 

Union City, Mich. 

Nannhtte ^L\RIE Stewart, .A.B. (Mrs. 
Carl Iv Mensing.) 
S Gleiiwood Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y. 

^^\I.I.oKv Napoleon Stick.sey, A.B. 
U. S. Forest Service. 

Missoula. Mont. 

.Adelini; .Aiuhe Stine, A.B. Teacher. 
225 CoUingwood .Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

llAKoi.n .\i'i.t;sTi:s St(X-klv. A.B., EM. 
(Colmnbi.i) 'ti8. Miiimg I'.ugiueer at 
/ Mex. ll.incock, Mich. 

U J., ■/.■O. .// 01' 

1 I .: MilO,'f.|(. 

■h ^ I 

-; lavf -. .r .' 



K.M.iu Siiii;n:i., W'lu.lcs.ilo Dry 
<;.(H,ds. u, l.anK-a Si., I'., 

iHlroii, Mich. 
Jlr.KiiKKT SiuNi:, A I!, liisinictcr 
li. Fruuli in X. \V. I'liiv. 

l'>.;ui>Uin, 111. 
Ikving KiMHKRuv Sk.m:, .\.L;. With 
fiuplcx I'rinliiiL; Prubs Co. 

15aUk- Creek, Mich. 
J(lll^ Sfoou Stqvi:r, A.R , I.I,.B. (Mar- 
tjiielte) '07. I.awver. 

\-Vells DM;?., Milwaukee. Wis. 

Fkki. Cii.\ui.i.s Stuai.v, A.H., LL.B. 'od. 

Lawyer. Cokllield, Nev. 

Hii.i)i:i'..\ui) SruK.Mi'i'iCR, .\.H. Teacher 

in East High School. 

<,07 Woodville St., Toledo, O. 
Mviu;.\kr.T I.i.uyd T.sti.ock, :\.\\. 

.\im Arl.or. 
Hm.k Ti:nn.\.nt, A.B. Farmer. 

S-this, Mich. 
Ki.MK koMv TiioM.\s.M.\, A.i',. (Mrs. 
Inhn A. Kippel.) 

WiKnelte. 111. 
Hi-.i.KN KuTii TiioMi'So.v, .\.B. (Mrs. 
O.-wald W. Vis,scluT.) 

<)04 0;^dcn Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Gr.^ck .'\i;i;usTA Todd, A.B. Teacher 
in Iliuh School. 

liellcvue, Mich. 
Ei.s.\ Fluk.v TRnsciiici.i.iiu, A.B. (Mrs. 
Selh II. Flv.) 

(.2 Richards .Ave. Di.ver. N. J. 
At r..\.ANi)i:K I.i.n.s- Tkout, A B., B. 
Cheni. I'.. '10. Salesman. 

Lexington, O. 
]<ni-\ Ll'l•;I.l..^, A B. 

0711 I'errv .\\e Chicago, 111. 
.\i ici \ wvVK \i:i.i.i', .\.15. Teacher in 
C.oi.l Kap.db Central lliuh School. 

CrandviUe, Mich. 

DnNMb I)i:\ti;k Si.yku, A.B., 

Fh.l). '07. Physiological Chemist, 

Rockefeller Inst. New York, N. Y. 

Lll"l-Y Ji:.\NNETrK VliK.NIiOUR, .^B. 
(.Mrs. Henry Upholt.) 

181^ S. Na-h St., Saginaw, Mich. 

K.\'ni.\N TuoM.xs Vii-.i-R, A.n. CMiar- 

cnal. 41) King .\ve., Detroit, Mich. 

(M.'.A Hmvi; vo.n Zi;i.r.i:N, .\.l!., /^'oi-'oj, 

\ M I Culunihi.i') '1 1. 

Marquette, Mich. 

Fjsik K>u-ni:sTi:K \V.\»i:, A.B. (Mr.. 

.Mark 11. Gregg.') .Mliamhra, Cal. 

Tlll'ODOKK F.liWAKU Wai.M'R, A B. 

Science Teacher. 

-'=;o Merrick .Ave. D.iroit, Mich. 

|-.M,I 1 M l.:r Wll.i: Wm Ol.cN, .A.B 

Ccd.ocdre, Cole. 

loA Makc.akit Wai.-/, A.B., A.M. '06. 
(.Mr^. ILurv li. Washhnrn.) 
1.1s C.anul.l I'l.,, 

Los .A.ngeles, Cal. 
A.NM..N- llAkVKv Wasuuurn, A.B., A.B. 
(BniKr) V>S. Snpt. cf Schools. 

Mar>hall. Mich. 
Ai.A I.i.cisu Wkckki., A.B., .\.M. (Chi- 
cago) '(uS. llioh School Teacher. 

^oj N. (irove Ave .* Chicago, 111. 

I'j.NA M. \Vi:t BOi'K.v, A.B,. M.D. (Gin. '07. Phvsician. 

818 Security Bldg., L^s .^n-eles, Cal. 

F.uwAUu lluWL.^NU Wei.u, A.B., M.D. 

07. /I'oi-'oj. Phvbician. R.Kkford, 111. 

Sarah Hi.anch Wksiox, A.B. (Mrs. 

Guy v.. Bushnell.) Weldona, Colo. 

Ci,\i;.\ iliii.i:N Wn'.oiNS, -A.B. Teacher 

ui llml! ScluK.l. llut;e. Mont. 

Lois \\ii.^..n. Teacher in Fligh 

Sell....]. o_'.( S. Weadock Ave., 

.Sauinau'. Midi. 
MM;n..N- lu.izuiirni \\n<os, .V.B.i.Mrs. 
1). OnincN- Gral.ill.) ille, Wis. 
Sa.mui.i. Pi;i:uv, .\.B. 

Grand Canyon', .\ru. 
Wai.i.aci: KiKTi.AND Wonui:rs, .\.B,, 
B.S. (Mich. Agri.) '02. 

6.S0 .(th Ave., Detruit, Mich 
F'rank luMi:it Wood, .A.B. Prof, of 
Bi.d.iyy, 111. Wesl. I'niv. 

Blooniington, 111. 

Ui:x SiT.Nii li KiNosHiiuu Wood. .A.B., 

)/i"ov'oC', -M.D. (JelVerson) 07. Phvsi- 

cian an.l Surgcn. W.iro, Tex. 

Bi-R-iii\ C.\i;v Woni.iiAM-, .\.B. (.Mrs. 

Chark.-, W. I'llis.) 

I'aton Rapids .Mich. 

Ili-Nin Wo M-., A 1!., l.L.B 00. Lawver. 

I 10 liroadway. New York, N.' Y. 

OscAK 1Ii:i;man _Wijusti:r, A.B., M.S. 

'06. Clieniical ICngineer. 

With Lever Bros., Toronto, Ont. 

MABj.r: Alien Yakici.uv, A.B. Musician. 

II2J W. 6th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 


fnslriictor in German, We-t. Stale 
Normal Schoul. Kalamu/.M). Mich. 



lliMi 1'ii/i:k .\i.i.i;n-. A.B. FMitor. 

Taoma. Wash. 
M\i:i:i. I'.Mii.v .\iii-N, A.B. Teacher. 

SK Claucv St., Gr.nul Rapids, Mich. 
FsKi.i.Ni; l.oi'isi: Anoi-kson. A.B. In- 
Mru.lor in .M.1II1, Cchcnlia C..11 

.Mu.,.li.-..d, .Minn. 

■I /, ,,7/ 

i i\ ■■I •-.' : X' '.' \-rt ,vi ■i.\> <>,Ki 
i.r.'A -> iMiu. 1 ••:>.:[ .o .il.f!'i 

-..: ..iZ :l"'< '. !t:f^ 

■1 " ,:.i!^:/jru;W 

.^1 -- M'l.l.,' W ... 

i.irt-.k.ikv niWAKTMiisr 


Xi:i..-c.N l<i:i;i) .\ni)i:i;s(in', A.U., LLB. Mkkii: I [ai;risci.m BuADisii, A.B (Mrs 

■(.K I.MuycT. N. Y. Block, (.laruuu W . Chrisioplier.) 

Scaitlc Wash. l.aiiiini;, Mich. 

Wiii.iAM ISi.i.KN ANsroMii, A. 15, (I. I'.i-.-.KMA Mami: Okav, A.H. (.\lrs. Wil- 

Ivu-oii, Midi., Dec. 7.;. (23) liani 1'. iVrsons.) 

l-.i-in; J\.Ni-: .\u\isTito.\c, A.B. (.Mrs. J05 !■:. jjd St.. New York, N Y. 

!l;irry M. Francis.) Uwka l!kA\.MA.x, .\.li. i.\Ir.. Ralph O. 

Iloud River, Ore. (;....,liiii.. ) .^kA (iak-iia Si., 

I'.i.iAxuu .\u.Msnt(iX(-,, A.B. (Mrs. Er- Mihsaukee, Wis 

iiist M. Ilalli.lav ) I'rhaiia, 111. Mmiki. SATri:i.i,i:i: I'.k^.c.s, A B (Mrs. 

llowAKi, Cum, 1:1,1. .\i(\isTi((;xc, A.B. llanil.l .\1. Ilerr..ii.; I.,iiisiii- Mich. 

(.a^hier Nat'l Water Co. Bi-|ii.\n 1''.\a;-;.;i-i.i .\K IIkkwiam, A.l!. 

Waukesha, Wis. (Mr.,. Stephen W. lJoi>.) 

lv(.i;i,KT l'K\Nels .\TKl^^, .\.l!. With l.a Salic, N. Y. 

I'l Steel Cm. lJkr.T,\ M\.\.\-iNC, lii;ir.iiAM, A B. Teach- 

(,'.., lii. \.il'! I'.!. i;!.l'^ . (.'liica.-o, 111. er ,i A \ e . 

l.uKi.s ll\n\i.v r..\ii.i;v, .\.ll. (.'heiui.-t- C.r.iiul Rapiils, Mich. 

lUireaii Ml C', W,i-hiiml»n, I ). C. \,ut\\\ Wvaax BuoAiMiin dc.i;, A.B. 

Aj.ick M\kv liAKiiK, .\.B. (.\lis. Ncl- Teacher in McMillan High School. 

sun K. .MaechiiT. ) Alhaii) , Ore. 305 Merrick Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Bi;ktiia Ja.vk Bai.uwin, .A.B. Teacher Anna BitooMiiALt., .A.B. (Mrs. Herman 

at StatTord, Kan. Oxford, Mich. I.. Stevens 1 

Gi'ORr.iC Ai.iiiiUT Bau.n'I-.s, A.B. IJditor Port Huron, Mich. 

and Postmaster. Bellevne. Midi. Wii.i.iam Bi;njamin P.itVANr, A.B.M.l.). 

Oki.ANDO Mack Bakni-s, A.B, I.l. B. aS. I'hysician. Dayton, O. 

(Harvard) '10. I.awvcr. I'liAXK Pkyton Buck, A.B. Snpt of 

.-^o Broad St., New "^'ork. N. Y. SehooN. St. Jol.n^, Mich. 

l.i.NDSAY Wii.soN Baskktt, A.B., M.D. (li i;\n .\i.i.i:n, .\.B , m'.D. '08. 

W. Phvsician. St. Peter, Miuu. fackson, Mi.h. 

1:/i;a r,Ati.\iAN.v, A B., A. 15. ((k-rman .\i.i.i;.v, Birsii, A B., M.D. '09. 

Wallace; 'oi. .Mi>siui,ar>., I'lnsician. -(h Slicknev .\ve , 

Serena. Chile. Toledo, O. 

Ja.mi< II mai;v ISxMKK, .\ 11., a'li '12. Cv Im;i imkick P.usii, .\,B, I.1..B. '&). 

I.awienee, Mich. 1 :.\\>ei \iii I'.k l;l.i ' 

M\i!i;i.i.i; Mauiij Bi'NNUTf, A.B., D.D.S. 1.«.~ \n-<.les, (."al. 

o,^. (Mrs. Edward F. Younger.) IIowakd J Brsii, .\ B , M D. (Detroit) 

u>M F. 7oih St., Cleveland, O. 'cS. Pliv^ician. 

I.fCY Cak.mi.m: BiMi.ii', A.B. Teacher Armada, Mich, 

at Marshall, 111. K. R. o, Ann Arbor. Jsa\c 1. \\m;i:nci-: Butti-ki-ii-ud \ B 

C.i.v.N'x I'AK.vswoirni Bi.ANCii\i;n, A.B. l.l.j!. 'o.S f.awver. 

\ee..iiiiiai:l US Wi,„!.r Si, ' Grand Rapids. Mich. 

I'eir.Mt, Mich. Ilir.ii Sk.m- Caikins, .\ B.. i^'oo-oj. 

SiMKuN Jami:s Boi.k, .\.1!. Teadicr. .Minisi,r at West F.orne. Onl. 

ChamiKiimi, Bl. R. R. I, Allegan, Midi. 

P-ru.Nici: I.oiMSK I'.o.Mi, .\ B. (Mrs. .\\\ie Hi.stpr Ca.mi'hkt.i , ,\ B (Mrs 

Harvey P. Farnham.) Charle- 1;. Tiehout ) .Mi W-rnon O 

1.^6 N. Willow Ave, Chica-o, 111. MvuTi.i- Pkaki.k Camiui.i..., \.B. (.Mrs' 

MvKTi.ic C.KACK Bond, y\.B. .Assist, in Benjamin B. Gould.) 

-Math, Potsdam State Normal Seliool. sotj.-a Minerva .Ave., St. t ouis Mo 

ir-uS-io. Rimxville Coll., .M m.'C.,\i;i;t C m;i:v, .\ 15 ' (\|,s. Robert 

Kn.ivville, Tenn 

jf.iiv NoHTiiKiTf Booth, A.B., A B. KirkKiiui. W^^sh 

(Alma) 'oj. In,irncioi in lli>tore, Cii i:sti;k Sin kman Cai;.nm:v, A.B. Tcach- 

Raenie Coll. R.icine, Wis. i-r. K";ilama:'.)0. Mich. 

I. II. I. IAN P.own:, ,\.i; Teacher in lli.Ldi .\I.\i(v Ft i/.A!;r.Tii CAwr.nrv, .\ B So- 

School. Cdeiulale, O. ci.d Worker. Sleighlon I'arm. 

I.rwKr.Nn: Rw Bovkk, All. A.M. 'oS. Darling, Pa. 

\>-ist. l'l,>Mcisi, lliuiaii .1 St.ind.ard- l.i.oN I.i-iii; Cam. miss, A. P.. Teacher 

W„-l.i„iion, 1.. C. NVvada, Iowa. 

174 CRADUATliS. [igoi. 

Sarah Vuouheis, A.B., Pli.B. -M. E\i;ki;tt Dick, A.B. Geu'l Sales 

(111. Wcsl.) '96, A.M. (Columbia) 'oj. Mngr. lor Buss .Madiinc Works. 

Teuclier. 50.^ W. 121st St., Grand Rapids, .Midi. 

New York, N. Y. Wii.i.Aku Woodward Dicki-k, .\.B., 

Frank J. Ci.akk, A.B., e'02-'oi. Willi ;;i'o|-'o:;, iM.D. (Rush) '08. Physician. 

Cadillac Motor Car Co. ,i_>7 N- Central .\\e., Chicago, 111. 

Detroit, Mich. Mi;i;t\ Cai;v D.^.n.mam., A.B. Teacher 

Aiiuv Wilms Coiiii, A.B. in Berry Scho..l. 

^7CX) Bartnier Ave., St. I.onis. M(j. * Detroit. Midi. 

jAtJu AiiiGAu. CuciiNA-XK, .\ B. Teadier Tuo.mas Jiii-i'KKbo.N Do\vni;n, A.B. Real 

at Boise, Idaho. r.-,late. Pueblo, Colo. 

.'638 W'oodley PL, WailnnRton, D. C. R<m<i:rt Mmtuiso.v Drvsdai.i;, .\.B., 

Ai.iiinrr Rammi Coi.crovk, A.B. Law- I.l. B. (Detroit) 'aS. Lawyer. 

yer. Silver City, N. I^le.x;. .MolTat Bid;;., De'troit, Midi. 

Ward Eul;i-ni; Cui.i.i.ns, A.B , M.D. '08. Ciiari.i;s Bagi.hy Duciiakmic, .\.B. 

Physician. .Mnir. of Stuves. Midi. Stove Co., 

Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 

NiCLLit; Grant Cokgdo.n, .\.B. Teacher. Hi;i.i;.Nf I\L\rc.ari:t Dudi.uv, A.B., .V.M. 

Stalford, Kan. '07. Teacher. 2417 Ashland Ave., 

Hdna Jui.iKiTU Co.NviCRSi:, A.B. Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, (). 

iiSi Williams Ave., Portland, Ore. Fki-.d Svi.vKSTKU Du.nham, A.B., A.M. 

Hki.KN Jui.iA CoNvi-RSi:, A, 15. Teadier '07. Te.idier in Lincoln High School. 

in High School. oiiS Talbot .\ve, Clevel.m.l, (). 

Sault Sic. Marie, Mich. M.\kv .\,,.\j:;^ Di'.mham. A I!. Te.idier. 

GkaciC Bkkrs CooiKK, .\.B. Teacher in .\LirshlieM, Wis. 

High School. 1.401 portage St., Malm.i: M.\iii;i., .\.li. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. uio W. 9th St., ICrie, Pa. 

Harry EvERARd Coucm.iN, A. 13. Coal Fayi:ttic Diiri.ix, A. IV, c'o_'-'o.?. 

Dealer Spokane, Wash. Salesman, uitli Erie Furge Co. 

Mark Wi-ntwortu Cqwi:i,i., A.B. .Ac- Erie, Pa. 

coiintant. 321 Crescent .Ave., Oscar Am-kkd EuKRuacii, A.B., ^'02- 

Peoria, III. '05. Scientific Apparatus, .Ann Arbor. 

Rkbkcca Loi'isi: Crityi;.m..i:.m, A B. Ja.mus I'.Muir.iT I', A.B., .\.M. 

Teadier. 318 Cooper St., '10. Piirc of High School. 

Camden, N. J. Jack.on, .Mich. 

Ji:.N.\Y E.vci.isii Crozikr, A.B, M.D. Mauv Somiia Fuwauus, .\,B. 

'04. Mis.ionarv to India. Adrian, Mich. 

JOS N. St. Ivnii;i. S-:.iw V.un. .\M. N. Y. 

Grand R.ipids, Midi. Lmin I'.m.i.n I-!;tzi:r. .\.B., /■tKj-'o7,l.L.i;. 

.\Kriii'i; llcuMAN' Ci'Ti.r.ii, .\,B. Com- (CoUmibi.D 'uS. I.awver. 

luisMoi, I'.usnie^.-, 2J llariiM.ii St. l^t .Xal'l. Bk. Bidg , Deiivr, Colo. 

x\'eu York. N. Y. l.iii.iAN I.uiiisi- Frost, .A.B. Tt.icher. 

Mavmi: Gi-KiKUiu; Ci;ti,i;r, A.B. uMrs. Sofj Cass Ave., Bav City, Mich. 

.Ardiibald F. Brown.) Ehwaud I' Gam.up, A.B. Princ. 

N'ora Springs, Iowa. of High School. Adrian, Mich. 

Li-.Rov ICaki. Davidson, A.B. Law Stu- Truman Hkksciiki. Cass, .\.B. Iiuiir- 

deiit. Angola, N. Y. ar.ce. 3727 Ciiiverr,iiy Ave., 

F.iiiTii Davis, .A.B. Indianapolis, hid. 

John R. Davis, A.B. i<;o<> {nunc pi.) Cii \kij;s t'..\TCiii 1 1.. .\ B. On The Joiti- 

linic), M.D. 'cx). Physician. luil. N'ew York, N. Y. 

Mexico City, Mex. Jamks Bovd Gk.muk ki.i.n'c, .A.B. Siipt. 

Bkssik Ei.iZAHKTH Day. A B (.Mrs. of Schools. Milan, Mich. 

George M. Read.) LiJTiii-R Orrkn, A.B. Chemist, 

312 John K St., Detroit, .Midi. Flint. Midi. 

Clvdi; Li'Onari) Di:w, A.B., /'01-02, Bi.sjamin' Bi;m{ Goim.d, A B. Teadur 

Editor, Little Rock, .\rk. in Central High School. St Louis, Mo. 

Susan Maiii:i. DiACK, .\ I! (Mrs Thur Hakkv Skmms Guvdi.k, Alt, Ml), 

low l'. Coon.) SS Leicester Ct.,'oS. Physician. 

D.lroil, Midi, l.K) State Si ,, Ill, 

iU! ' Mi 1. /•)' .1:97/ 1*0 

.. ■. .1- .:ii(u.i 


iwo.] l.rniRAKV D 


I'llANlKV \l<rili:K (.KAVIS, Ali. Clltlll- 


1-,1-an.l AssavtT. u Ivli.un liM;^., 

Dulutli, .Mum. 


Jlii.ur.i.AKiii. Marv C.kaw.v, .a li. 

Ml. rUasant, Mich. 


I'A.x.w M.NV Ckki-.x-, A.U. lAa.licr. 

Alluuii, Mich. 

li.wKK.N.i: .\i,ui: (-.KKK.V, A. 15. (Mr-s. 

I' A 

I'lui.i A. l.a.Jd.) ISalavia, N. Y. 

l,MKi:.\A ViviA.\ (;ki:i;ni;, A. 15. Teacher. 


.\M) 31(1 .\vc., Dcli-oil, Mich, 

J\\iu.\kim: .\I vki.aM'.t ('.Kiiiriii, 


Athlon, 111. 

i.v 1.1 M 11 \ ll.,nv.MAN, A.H. Teaclicr. 
Peru, liui. 
A\ k\> li()(,\ i.K, A.B. Salesman. 

Diiiiith, Minn. 
■,m;s II,,i;m.n-,, A.H. (Mis. William 

.)Ji Spaiiilu St., .Madison, Wis. 
IV M M< lioi-KiNii, A. IS. Teacher. 

S<i 1!iii.;l!^ Ct., Ciraii.l, Mich. 
AKKV C.Ain-iKi.n* HouciiiTON, A.B., 
A..\l. 'iK). (See Kaculties.) Tifliii, ( ). 
;r,i:.\K IIiik.n'ahi), A.B. 
Mininu l^ll.^ineer. (haiul Rapids, Mich. 
N'xiuw CrsNA ('.KiMi-.s, A.B., A.M. J<nrii Waito.m IIowk, .\.B. (Mrs. Ai- 
(Wiso.nsin) V>j. rrnf. (if Malli , i"iedI.,S W.».(l.) 

llL)i,'i'Vii".\ii(.nsrA ll\i-M(., .\ li.' Mis Wn.iiii ^ll^A Hovm';!'!!, \.V,. Teacher 

vK.iiarv. Iiaclier. hAva llaktaim, in lli:di Schodl, Islipeiiiiin;, Mich. 

Sc.uil, K(n-e,(. M\v 'Ji,\kv IIudso.v, .\,B. i,.Mrs. Clav- 

l.eis Mak(;\,;i:t II Mi.KMaCK, All I -M i -^ hm M. Spencer.) Kreesoil, Mich. 

.\n-.tice h'. I '.asl ) IIakoi.i. Ai.(.\/,u Hi'Mi:, A.B.,);i'o(.)-'o7, 

_M3 W. (Sih Si, I'.iie, I'a. Ml). (Detr.^il) 'a>. Physician. 

Kov Wii.i.iA.M l].sMii,T(..N', .\.B., B.D. Qwosso, Mich. 

( \nhnrn) 'lo. Fresh. .\linist(.r. IIauuv Chkistianau Hu.nt, A.B. Steel 

i8i.| VVahuit St., llarrishuiK, Pa. Inspector. Mnnhall, Pa. 

llAKOi.D Wmiii) Hani.on, A.B., I,I,.B. Mi.m;uva Ac.nks I lirToiii.\s>iN, A.B., 

'(kS. Lawjer. Kord Bldg, A I! (Rockfi.rd) 'o). Teacher. 

Detroit. .Mich. (."apron. 111. 

I. r:.\A Bkucktta Hanskn, A.B. Teacher. '("ihi.mas 1 1 r iciii.nsom, A.B„ /'o6-'o7. 

Pndinnton, Mich. I.nnilier, lloiiniam. Wash. 

I'.STiiKR Harmon, A.B. Teacher, .\i.(,n/(. Ki.i: Imus, A.B. D.iiryman. 

The llaitcrsly, Toledo, (). ^;ale^LnrJ,^ Mich. 

Sti-:i'Iii:.n' C'.).\(,i.-k IIatiiawav, A.)!. KivcsiK l\ci, A.B,, /'o'.-'o; 

Pk.I). Minisler. Kohe, Japan. 

Marsh, dl, Mich, Gi:oU(.i; l,i ik.v jackmo;, All., A.M. 

.\Iakv .\Moi(Kr-n; llAWi.Kv, A.B. Teach- ( Cohunhi.i i '07, PhD. (i7./,/.) 'o<>. 

er. Bradentown, I'la. (See P.icnliics. ) .\nii .Arhor. 

l.o.N Wr;sT I1ayni;s, A.B., M.D. '08. Wii.i.ia.m, A P.. T( acher in High 

Physician. 512 Washington Arcade, School. Piieiilo, Colu. 

Detroit, Mich. Nannmic Jknkin, A.B. 

I'KANK ]'i;iT( iiMtii,A.ll.,I.I,.B. 30.1 Hudson Ave, Delroil, Mich. 

•oS. l.:iwyer. UiuLe Bldg., MvkoN Diu.os h-uoMK, .\.B. Supt. of 

Seattle, Wash. Scho.ds ' hAart, Mich. 

li^Hi: K lliKM\.N, .\.B. Teacher in Ki.i.a May |, A.B. 

lliuli Sch.L.l, Sauinaw, Mich. Ridgeway Mich 

P.\ri. Ji.i..M)N llKwiTT, A P.,, 1.1..B. aS. I'.vui. \'an Jiur.NT Jo.m:s, .\.b', A.m! 

'■^i^vver. Lyons, (.'oh.. ', kS (See l-acnlties. ) (Irad. Student, 

CiiAKi.Hh h'.ouAUO ilii.i., A.I!., ,\.M. 07. Dniv. el Pa. Ann .\rlu,r 

Instrnctor in Stale Korinal School, S.vMir.i. Tii,ii| JdUUA.N, A.B. Mer- 

^iiicc IU07. I'.niporia, Kan. chant. Cjl.l.i, Ul.dio. 

Ai.MA Mav l'.i.iZAiM:rii Hixki.i;, A.B. Kmma Rosi.tta KASsr.u\i\i \B 

Stndenl. loii N' TrosKa \ St.. 

Philadelphia. Pa. s,.,,,!,, Wash 

lD/1,1. M,M<v lloxc. .\.lt, Tc.uhcr, I'-RANcis BiMi,,!' Ki;i:,Ni;^, Ml, 1.1. p, 

I'Mii.i, .\li.h '(.S. I..,,^v.■r. 101 .Mclu.iv Si 

\VlM.iAM (1m. 1; l|(i\(,, .\,ll. 1.1.1! '(,S Pr,.Mdciice, R. I, 

Pawner Indian. ip.. hs. Ind Wii.i.ia.m IIi.khkut Ki;\ie|-| 1; a'I! (Jn 

M '.KV (liMci; lloL.Mi'-. \ 11. SlalV (d- l' I'lcdiict l.ah. 

Keiilon, (). .\l.idis..n. Wis. 

. = .-;./ iM,:!-.) 1 '. ,;; 

I ■ ■>.,, I ' .t.'-ow.ij-. , . I 


Josi I'll Stanm;y Kknt 
(l)tlroil) 'ikS. Lawyer. 

Klaunitli Falls, Ore. 
Virgil Morrison Kime, A.B. (See 
Faculties.) Actuary Am. Cent. l,ife 
Ins. Co. liuliaiiapolis, Ind. 

William Giffoud Kirdy, A.B. Teach- 
er in Soldan High School. 

St. Ivouis, Mo. 

Law Student. 1025 Lincoln Ave., 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

IrI;n1; 1\Lm{GAK1CT1IU Kl,i:iNSTUCK, .\.\i. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Katiierini; Louise Klingel, A.B. 
Teacher of German. 

South Bend, Ind. 
Ei.siE Laura Knapp, A.B. Teaclier in 
High School. Ida, Mich. 

Edward Campbell Krauss, A.B. Re- 
porter. N. Y. Press Club, 

New York, N. Y. 
Julian Henry Krolik, A.B. VVhole- 
sale Dry Goods. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Julius I-'kank KiemmEl, A.B., ALS. 
(For.) '08. U. S. Forest Service. 

Portland, Ore. 

Carl Christopher Kusteuer, A.B. 

Mngr. Automobile Dept., Keeler Brass 

Co. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

May a. LaFever, A.B. (Mrs. Frederic 

E. Sherrilf.) 8; Orchard Ave., 

Battle Creek. Mich. 

Jessie Gould Laing, A.B. (Mrs. David 

11. Sil.hclt.) Manila, F. 1. 

RoBi'.RT McNiciL Lane, A.B. Merchant, 

with R. II. Lane & Co. Toledo, O. 

Edward Henry Lauer, .V.B., A.M. 'oy. 

Instructor in German, State Univ. of 

low.i. Iowa Cil\', Iowa. 

N'lUA Lay. A.B. (Mrs. Arno 1^ Sciior- 

L-r.) .i.)s W. i-Mth St., 

New York, N. Y. 
Harley Kenneth Legg, A.B. Lawyer. 
80 Witherill St., Detroit, Mich. 
Katherine Vienna Lewis, A.B. Teach- 
er. Helena, Mont. 
Blanche Lignian, -A.B. Newspa[)er 
Work. 60 East Ave., 

liattle Creek, Mich. 

Gi'iiiiAKD Joseph Long, A.B., >;i'c)6-'o8. 

U.r>. (Rush) 'OQ. Supt. Miner Co. 

Board of Health, 1911—. Physician 

and Surgeon. 

Canov.L S. Dak. 
I It VI N Westuafer Long.. A.B., LL.B. 
'08, Lawyer. 1 lammond Bldg., 

Detroit, Mich. 

CRADUATi:S. [i()o6. 

\.B., LL.B. M.MiY t'.K.vcE Lung, A.B., m'c)2-'^)^. 
(Mrs. .\iulrew B. llitclkoc 


Knoxville,' Pa. 
Roy Kenneth McAlpine, A.B. 

(See Faculties) Ann .Arbor. 

John Harvey McCandluss, A.B. As- 
sist. Secr'y Y. M. C. A. 

Paterson, N. J. 
Peter F. McCormick, A.B. Supt. uf 
Schools. Paw Paw, Mich. 

FoRU Heumert MicGuEGuR, A.B. In- 
structor in Pol. Sci., L;niv. of Wis. 

Madison, Wis. 
Elsm; McLai.n, .\.B. (Mrs. Leo .\. Har- 
ris.) 5100 Maple St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Belle Maclean, A.B. (Mrs. Albert 
Henry Willson.) 761 Superior St., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ethel Jane Maclean, A.B. (Mrs. 
George Gardner.) 

3800 E. 2nd St., Wichita, Kan. 
JosEi'ii Glen WOOD MgMacken, A.B. 
Teacher in S. Central High School. 

Spokane, Wash. 
IsAHEi.LA MacRae, A.B. 

I.anriiim, .Mich. 

Hkct<;u Tkipi- Mauisun, A.B., A.M. 

(Coknnliia) 'oy. Salesman. 

487 VV. 135th St., New York, N. Y. 

George Gordon Malcolm, A.B. Supt. 

of Schools. 

Norway, Mich. 
Jessie Ellen Mann, A.B. Teacher in 
High School. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Lawrence Marquis De Lafayeite 
Marshall, A.B. Teacher in High 
School. Bay City, Mich. 

Eugi:ni': Perry Martin, .A.B. Salesman. 
1B9 Walnut St., lUue Island, 111. 
Persis Lydia Martin, A.B. (Mrs. Karl 
G. Scliairer.j Clint, Te.x. 

I'ranklin Blish Mead, .\.B. Fellow of 
.\ct. Soc. of .\ui. .\cliiary and Secre- 
tary of the Lincoln Nai'l. Life Ins 
Co. F'ort Wayne, Ind 

Charles William Miller, A.B., M.D. 
'08. Physician. 801 ist St., 

Peoria, 111. 

Louis Charles Miller, A.B. Chemist. 

I07,V) Superior .Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Clara Louise Mofeett, .A.B, (Mrs. 

John K. Bruinm.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Dennis L. M(R)ke, A.B. Pittsford, Mich. 

Fred CharlI'S Morgan, A.B., B.S. 

( Mech ]•".) 07. Supt. Puritan Brick 

Co. Haniden, O. 

l'.\NNiE Leone Morris. A.B. Teaclier. 

45 (".rove St., (H-aiul kai)ids, Mich. 


.lAii'I. »•', re./. iip-"iV' £.jv...n^ 

M ;;>:.« I 

.t'. i:', ■■'' .;. Av/'i 

iH ?'./tj':^ 

., ■ .. r.;., i-.H 


/./ TliKARY Dni'ARTMnMr. 


Kv.\;(,i:i.iNi: Mary MouKibSivY, A.B. 

TL-achci- in Plynioutli (lud.) Uigli 
School. 4(aS S. Ionia St., 

Gr.-uul Rapids, Mich. 


LL.B. '08. Lawyer. 

Gary, Ind 

AsiiLUv W.M.KKK Mousi:, A.B., M.D. 

'08. riiysician. Butte, Mont. 

Maky 1'.i.c.i;m.\ MoRsr:, A.B. Teacher. 

Flint, Mich. 

^VlI.I.IAM .Ai.uiNM". MijRSK, A.B. Princ. 

West. Iliuh School, since 1903. 

Detroit, Mich. 
:MAiiEi. MouNisii-R, A.B, A.M. (Co- 
lunihia) '10. Teacher. 

15S W. Solh St., New Yorl<, N. Y. 
Annih M(.kt<i:.i Mui.iu-K(.n, A.B. l,i- 
1,1:01.11., i;; I'uhtic, Io.k',. 

Cleveland, O. 

jANii; llii.i, Musi:, A.B. (Mrs. John W. 

Bradshaw.) Ann Arhor. 

JiiiiN CiisTAvi'; \'i:umakki;r, A.B. 

Teacher in I'olytcch. I'rep. School. 

99 Livingston St., Brookhn, N. Y. 

Anna Bi;i.u Nkwton, A.B., B.L. (Ohio 

\Ve?l.) \)2, AM. (ibid.) '07. Lisiruc- 

tor in I'.nglish, State Normal School. 

I'.niporia, Kan. 

ILvKoi.u .\ih;i.I!iU(T Noiu,i;, A.B., B.S. 

(Mar. \l) '(xS. Civil Engineer. 

iS.'j McCorniick Bldg., Chicago, HI. 

NoNNA Ai.MUA NoRKis, A.B. Tcachcr 

in lli'.^h School. 

Vancouver, Wash. 
Lrcv Sai.(,mi. Norton, A.B. Teacher 
in State Normal Schoisl. 

Bellinghain, Wash. 

F.Mii.Y Mvr.RS OuiiRtiN, A.B., M.D. '09. 

Pathologist III Pbvchopaihic Lnbora- 

lorv Ann Arl.oi. 

A.NNi: Lokm.m; UiivKK, A I!. 

.Mlc^an, Mich. 
■'.Xi.t-UKi. Joii.v, A.B,. LL.B, 
i(X)t>, d. Rome, (Jhio, Oct. u, lyoj. 
Louisic Oktii, A.B. Teacher. 

217 21st St., Detroit, Mich, 
.\RriiuR Hi:nuy Ortmkvkr, A.B. Bus- 
iness. I Spencer PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
GuACi; Amanda Osisorni;, .A.B. Teach- 
er in High School. 

Monrovia, C.d. 
MouLUV J'.kNiisr OsuoRNiC, A.B. Snpt. 
of Schools, since 1908. 

Hastings. Mich. 
Wii,i,iAM .'Xi.T.irM' On-o, A.B. Teacher 
ni I'.. Div. High School, since KX*^). 

.Milwaukee, Wis. 

Uoiu:rt Washington Goi.dsuorough 
OuKN, .\.l!,. A,M, "07, M.D. '08. Asso. 
Director Clinical Lab. 

,?,! Iv High St., Detroit, Mich. 
1£arl.i; Mii,an Parki.r, A.B. Prof, of 
Latin, North. State Normal School. 

Marquette, Mich. 

Franklin Crdcktr Parks, A.B. Clerk. 

7.]o_'isi St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

.Maui. I'nkk, A.l!. Private Secr'v in 

New York. ^\Ia])le Rapids, Mich. 

H.iiiA Li;\ii Patk, .\.B., d. Denver, 

Colo,, March 27, igaj. (30) 
Cari. JosHi'ii Patkr, .X.B. Chemist. 

li.irtwell, O. 
Ci.viu- S. PAxroN, .\.B. 

Marshall, Mich. 
DoKMiiiiN kirrii Pavni;, A.B. 

31 Mihwmk.e Ave., Iv, Detroit, Mich. 
K,\rii i:i;i\i, 1'i:,\ri,ita Pi:niii;rthy, A,B. 
iMr~, .\ 11. hew C, Merrvman,) 

.\larinette, Wis. 
.Mmuon I'l.i/.MiETu I'KUKiNs. .A.B. Dis- 
trict Secr'y for .Asso. Charities. 

Bostun, Mass. 
A IRK llKuiiK Pi;rry, .A.B. (Mrs. Harry 
S, Cradle,) too State St., 

Chicago, III. 
Rai.imi UicvNc.i.ns Pinckarfj, A.B.,M D. 
■o.). Phvsician, 

F.lleiishnrg, Wash. 
ELtz,\ui;Tu NdUMAN Prai.1,, .A,B. 

810 Holland .\ve., Saginaw, Mich. 
(Miss) SitiRi.KY Priddis, A.B. Teacher 
of Fnglisli in High School. 

26 Federal St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Alice Nkli ih ni;iCK, .\,B. (.Mrs. Gur- 

don M. lUitler.) Golden, Colo. 

Ja.mks Atiihl Rawlins, -A.B. Lawyer. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

I'l.oRiCNCi-: Gi:ne\ii:vk Reamer, A.B. 

(Mrs. Allen M. Kline.) 

^7 Schiele Ave., San Jose, Cal. 
J.\NE Sa.vHf Rkei), A.B. Kindergartner. 
83.S Blair .\ve., Avoiidale, 

Cincinnati, O. 
Daisy Cora Reeves, A.B. 

816 Wolfram St., Chicago, 111. 
^L\]lEL May Reid, A.B. Teacher. 

817 L'raser St., 15ay City, Mich. 
Anna Hviclyn Remer, A.B. 

.420 N. Bond St., Saginaw, Mich. 
May Ai.iuK Renwuk, A.B. (Mrs. Wil- 
li.un R. Rciiwick.) 

Harbor Springs, Midli. 

Zennia Jeanne Keynuers, A.B. (Mrs. 

iM-ank (.'. I'jnerson.) Basin, Wy.). 

A1.1C1'. ICliz-muctii Reynick, A.B. (Mrs. 

Fred C. Morgan.) Hanuleii, (). 

,.l.. VM/ 1.' 

rj I.'. 

1- \ .i T 



HiiiCNK KiCH, A.D. (Mrs. O. R. lial- 
lingby.) Caliiniet, Mich. 

l.NKz Mili.issA Ri.x, A.B. Teacher. 

Oscoda, Mich. 

Susan GK.\cf. RusiwNSTiia,, A.B. Trained 
Nurse. Froepurt, 111. 

Georck Bvkon Roni, .^.B., M.D. '09. 
(See Faculties.) Ann Arbor. 

H(<mi:k S.\.Miii;i. Sackktt, A.B. U. S. 
Kurest Service. Fisher Bldg., 

Chicago, 111 

John Tuo.mas Sampi.ic, A.B., M.D. '08, 
i''oj-'r)(. Meiiical Assistant, Johns 
Hcilikins llosp. Baltimore, Md. 

Ci;e-ii.i-; Scii-iiiA SciiiRMi'K, A.B. 

.AkTuiJK FitANCis Sciiui.TZ, A.B., I'li.B. 
(Albion) '(;4. Siipt. of Schools. 

Howell, Mich. 

Ai.ici; IhfooKs Scott, A.B. (Mrs. Ed- 
win 1'.. Fllis.) 1015 vS. 28th St., 

Birniinghani, Ala. 

^T.\lll.l. kuiiKUTS Si-:cou, A.B. Teacher 
in lliv;h School. 

Arlington, N. J. 

John Ciiaki.ton Shaw, A.B. With Se- 
curity Trust Co. Detroit, Mich 

HkNKST Mcl'iii;«su.N, A.B., B.S. 
(Mech. K.) '08. (Sec Faculties.) 

Toronto, Out. 

Adici.ini; M. Smith, A.B. 

CtF.MKNT HyivR Smoot, A.B. Gas En- 
gineer. Beaumont, Cal. 

F'kiUjiciuck Ciiaki.f.s, .'\.P.. 

Penobscot Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Roy livi-Riri'T Si'i:NCliK, A.B. Teacher 
in I'earsoi'.s Academy. 

Walla Walla, Wash. 

C.i:oi<r,r: SfKACUi', .^.B. Agri- 
culturist. Ipswich, M.iss. 

C\ Mi\ 1k.;i IS Stai.kkk, \,B. Te.ieliei 
HI llirh S. Im..1. .Mavsulle, Kv. 

ip;i,s\ (;\i;n\i:K SVNNi i:v, \ I! , d. .Anil 
.\iliui, M;m I 1, iMio. ( !i ) 

I'MIIV Si \IMl( SiAkk, .\ 1! , M.D. '08. 
rii\sician. Adrian, Mich. 

IIauky Ci.ii'i'eTKi) Sti:vi;nson, A.B. 
Production Engineer. 

Traders lilc. Bldg., Toronto, Out. 

Ci.irFoun Ai.i)r.uT Stkwakt, A.B. Man- 
ufacturing. Adri.m, Mich. 

Maky Sti-wart, A.B., I.U.B. (Stetson) 
'oH. Lawyer. Del, and. Fia 

l.oius Stickni;\, A P.^i. 
Sales Mngr., Banr Co. T,.led.i. ( ). 

liM.ii.T WiM.isrn.w STiirKiMJiiH;,:, \\>, , 
\ M. '00. Teacher in lli-h School 

JlKYA.N Sr( 

.\ I! 

Ivoi.T.AM) .Arthur Stri:tcu, A.B., ^'02- 

'03. U. S. Forest Service. 

Paramie, Wyo. 
Iri-ni: Ww Stmnoicr, A.B. (Mrs. John 

II. Jhnit ) Ohio State Univ., 

Colnmbus, O. 
Maky Ci..\KiC Sui.i.i\'an, A.B. Teacher 

in High School. Butte, Mont. 

Tracy Ot.i.i-ton Swketi.and, A.B. 

Supi. of Scho(,ls' Wayne, Mich. 

J'.Tiiia. Tavi.ok, A.B. Negaunee, Mich. 
PIi;i.i:.\ JsALJiii.i.i; Taylor, A.B. (Mrs. 

P.lis^ W. P.illings.) Missionary. 

Pyeng Vang, Korea. 
W.\i;i) P.M'i.v Tayi.ok, A.B. Hardware 

and P"\irnitnre. 1327 Pine Grove Ave., 

Port Pluron, Mich. 

Carrii; Haktku Ti;mi'i,kto.v, A.B., 

A.M. 07. Teacher in High School. 

Huntington, Ind. 
AuDUS Ci.AiK TnoMi'so.N, A.B., M.D. 

'09. Physician. Fr.inklin, Pa. 

J'.iJiTii M\KiAN TiioMi'S(jN, .\.l!. (Mrs. 

Arthur A.^e ) 

no N. P.ark Ave, .\nslin. Chicago, 111. 


Mngr. JI.Mne Telephone Co. 

Snnlh P.end, Ind. 
I.ii.i.A I.oiiisi-: TiiURUKK, A.B. (Mrs. 

Pouis F. Best.) LaCrosse, Wis. 

Marcauft Graci;, A B. 

Student. .Ann Arhiir. 

Oscar Stuart Trumulf:, A.B., A.M. 

'(X). Teacher in High School. 

Jackson, Mich. 

'oS. Lawyer. (irand Rapids, Mich. 
CathKum; Van Goijikn. .\.li. Teacher 

in HiLdi School. Lansing, Mich. 

M\ii>a: Cxuomm: \'\n WixKir, .\.n. 

Tcclir, ill lllLjh ScihU.l. Mums, 111. 

Lki ia \'oi 1 \No, .\.l;. (Mrs. ilany C. 
Sievenson.) 123 Wootllawn Ave., 

Toronto, Ont. 

Mariiv A'ui.mari, A.B. (Mrs. Paul R. 

Iluuh.s.) Hood River, Ore. 

Rc.HKKT Mii.i.iKAN' Wadswortii, A.B. 

.Assist, Sei r'v Chanilier of Connnerce. 

Clevel.aud. O. 

Ai.AM Ar.i;:.s\Ni.i.:R, A,B. In- 

Cnli,' ' ' '"' -Aliianv', N. V. 

KATin;Ki.\'r Im;ook\ Waiters, A B, In- 
Mrnclor in l.atni, I'.radlev Polyic-ch, 
Lrl 'Peoria, 111, 

Ci m:>. \o, 11: \\'mso.n, A.B. Te.acher 
in llljli ScIhm.I. .Muskeuon, Mich. 

\x- \ l,..m; \\'\c,.ii,, (.Mr-. Wal- 
ler I'. \l..rnM„i,( |'..^,i FalN, Idaho, 

, !ir*vlr,..|{ 

"r^u\ '; . - 

I'P- ,'I !.-1IJMr 
, T .; i n'l 111 '. 

I. . i,'' V.r3 .M 5IV! !:<0. 

I . ■■ ' .Vl.. . V ' 



Mauv McCai.i, WiciR, A.B. Teacher. 

Laurium, Mich. 
LkRov Wr.i.LSTFAD, A.B, M.D. 'oS, 
A.B. (Dhiu Wcsl.) '02. Physician. 

Wren, O. 
Hazui. Haui'Kk WuiTAKKK, A.B. Teach- 
er in Uiyh SchooL 

Fort Wayne, hul. 
CiiARLivS Ekna WuiYi;, A.B. Supt. of 
Scliools. Monroe, Mich. 

ALicii Elizabktk WiirrjioKic, A.B. 
(Mrs. Cecil Edgar Vance.) 
iiiirt E. 42nd St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Ckcii. J-Ii;v\vaku Wii.i.i.\ms, A.B., .\.M. 
'10. (See [•'acuhies.) Ann Arbor. 

Eki:i)i;i(ic Wilson W'ii.i.akd, A.B. lui- 
Kineering Chemist, with U'cstern Elec- 
tric Co. Hawthorne, 111. 
Maiui- Ai.ici; Wi.NSuK, A.B. Teaciier 
in lligii ScIk.oI. Kal.nna/oo, .Micii. 
Joii.s- !■;. Wi.NTKR, A.B., A.M. '10, A.B. 
(Hope) '02. Supt. of Schools. 

Cass City, Mich. 
Mosi:s E. Woi.F, A.B. Merchant. 

Union City, Ind. 
Anna Et.iz.\bt;Tii Wukkman, A.B. 
Teacher in Central High School. 

(u-and Rapids, Mich. 

An'n.v \\ ri;sTi:i<, A.B. Teacher in High 

Sciiool. iJowagiac, Mich. 

Hii.CAku BiCKNKUt You.NG, A.B. Treas. 

James B. Day X: Co. 

20 E. Illinois St., Chicago, 111. 

Anna Ami:i.ia Zaun, A.B. (Mrs. Flo- 

rian J. Muehlig. ) Ann Arbor. 

Kaui., A.B., I'oy'o^. Jeweller 

and Optician. Portsmouth, O. 




S lln^VA 

Ul) .\ONK\ 

,v, A B., A.M. 06, 


1). 'lo 

Assist, u 

X hue 

rnal Medi- 


\nn Arbor. 


Dot a 1.1 

.i:.N, .\.B. 


ler in High 




liton, Wy.). 


>• lu.lZAI 

lii-rni .\nij 

ii;ksun, A.B. 

Si.lney, 0. 


n Mi.Ki 

;Kv .Andi-; 


A.B. Actu- 


■ Floridu 

I Life Ins 

. Co. 

jnville. Ela. 




, A.B. 

, LI,.B. '06. 


i\ \er. 


reat 1 

■alls, Mom. 


--K Al<N( 

.1.1), .\ B. 


ler in Hii4h 




1. Clemens, Mich. 



:T .\vi:uv, 


Teacher in 

West High 



ev eland, (). 


: BrKi.i: 

•rri: Bmn, 


••■'o.? -05., N. V. 

h'i.RRi:sT R.w Baki;r, A.B. Instructor 
m Matli., Oberlin Coll. Oberlin, O. 

Katk 1ni:z Baki;k, A.B. (Mrs. William 
H. Kniglit.j Adrian, Mich. 

Howi.A.Nu Ba.n'crokt, A.B. Mining Ge- 
ologist. U. S. Gcol. Survey. 

Washington, D. C. 

EiJN'A Ja.m; IjA-VDi'igLD, A.B. Librarian 
of Public Lil)rary. Portland, Mich. 

Francis Ray, A.B. Life Insur- 
ance. H..ilistcr Bklg., Lansing, Mich. 

A.MO.S Lm:wi:i.i.yn, A.B,, 
.M IJ. '.>,. 

1'"ri:i)i:kkk Bi:i.[,ingi:r, A.B. Teacher. 
Malta, Mont. 

AuiiM K l'.M.M.)Ns B.:i.i.ts, A.B., M.S. 
'10. Prof, oi Physics, Univ. of Wyo., 
■>iiue I'K'.S Laramie, Wyo. 

Haisv L:i.i.i-n BknOi.ii-i., A.B. (Mrs. 
Lee II. .It Cone.) Ann Arbor. 

Wai.tri-u Bi'NSON, A.B. Science Teach- 
er in 1 ligli School. 

Battle Creek. Mich. 

Hhnry Wood Berc.i:r, A.B., e\)^j-'oo. 
Supt. J. S Finch & Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

HoRACK Wi:iK Bi;sT, A.B. Princ. of 
High School, Vermilion, S. Dak. 

tJ..iiN Wisi.KV Bisiioi', A.B. Piiv. 3i5t 
Midi. In;. 1S9S. Real Estate. 

iSoi 3rd Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Glv Pali. Bi.iss, A.B. Business. 

Harlowton, Mont. 

Bkrtha B1...UNT, A.B. Teacher. 

Wang Lang, Bangkok, Siain. 

Ethui. M.\v IU.u.m, -A.B. Sieiiographer. 
2(.,S High St., W., Detroit, Mich. 

Hklkn Maugarkt Boc.ardus, .\.B. 
Bu>iiK-ss .Mngr. and Secr'y for Barn- 
ard Sch...>l f..r (.iris. New York, N. Y. 

V.\.\ .\i.ui: liociii. .\.B. Ann Arbor. 

1'rank B.MIR, .\.B. Consular Service 
V. S. .\. Berlin, Ger. 

.Amy l)i;iiMUNt; Boruwi-:i,i„ -\.B. l*rinc. 
of High School. Phoenix, .\riz. 

lu.iz.viiivnt MacDowei.l Bowik, A.B. 
Science Teacher in High School of 
Commerce. Cleveland, U. 

N 1:1. 1. 11-: GuACic Bow.MAN, .\.B. Teaciier 
in High Sch.H.I. Hastings, .Mich. 

Francis D..n\i.I) Bovi:r, A.B. .Mer- 
chant. Bra. 1 ford. Pa. 

Bkunicic Mar.;arct Braui-oru, A.B, 
A.M. (Univ. of 111.) '&>. Teaciier. 

.Malc.lm. Mich. 

Gi.i:n.n i)\\F.)Ki. Braulky, A.B. Teach- 
ing ami Writing. Newton. Kan. 

Ci:.ii,iA .MvKiAN Bri:nnan, A.B. Teacii- 
er in Nnnnal Sch.)ol, No. 2. 

Saiiiiag.i lie Chil.', S. .\. 

q< : -J (/><■'. \l I 


, :,: , I.I /. 

•; ).i.wni./. I 

/ \.i.iM v.« \:/ 



Gk.rcic HuMKRr BrisToi., A.B. Saks- Aktiujr Ciiakues Cole, A B \M '08 

'"•"'• ,, . ^, ,„. ,„ j:ii.I^. (l^niv. of Pa.) 'n.' kc.careh 

_100 Liiion bt., LhicaKO, III. I'llluw in Hist, l^niv. at Pa 

Glenn B. Brittox, A.B,, M.S. '08. A.B. Plii! ulelphia Pi 

(.Miami) 'cX;. With .Maj(.r Oil Cu. Vila l.ucn.r. Collins A B AM 

■J'"!^-^'". U. (Univ. „f III.) '10. Assist, in Eng-' 

Kicn.\RU August W ilhkl.m Bkoiccker, h^h, Univ. ol 111. Champaign 111 

A.B. Pnnc. of High School. i.i'o.N (.'i.i.n-yox Comh.\ckku A.B. MD 

C'.i:.n;lvii:\ic Pi-:.\ul Buiavn, A.B. (Mr 
Charles A. Bruiklcy.) Spokane, W 

„ , . , . A.B., M.D. 

iJos Palos, Cal. ',j,j. I'hy.Mcian Osceola, Wis. 

' ' ' ■' ' C(joi'i:r, A.B.J.L.B. 


M \n(a;i-'tT.\ Ciij;i;si;M.\N Brown, A.B. Diiprvc, S Dak 

(Mrs. MdwartI M. Benson.) L.i:.\a Marion Copley, .\ B (Mrs 

Norwich, Conn. Mar\iu J. Schaherg ) 

May Brow.v, A.B. (Mrs. Ross H. Kids- Kalamazoo. Mich. 

ion.) 411 7th Ave., La Grani;e, 111. Marie Corwvell, .^.B., A.M. 

Hakulu Norton Buckley, A.B. Sales- '10. 'i\.iclier at 1 laneock, Micl'i. 

man. 2.\b Micliigan Ave., ',{„„ Arbor. 

; Chicago, 111. J-Lov M.\k\su\ (.'oKTKir.iiT,A.B. Teach- 

MxKHiA Xaxcy liuLL, A.B. Teacher. cr. i-'2.) \'..llaml St., Ann Arbor 

I I 117 \V. State St., K.-ckford, 111. Bi:ssiE M^ke.m.a Courtru.iit AB 

l-AN.Mi. Grose Butler, A.B. Teacher. Slcn..LT;iplhr. 

Hancock, Mich. 11,4 Thnrnan St., Portlan.l. Ore. 

ARCiiui.M.D Drake Butteiu-ield, A.B, Olivi: ^^l:l,vl^■A Crani)all,.\.B. Teacii- 

I B.S. (.Mcch. E.) '09. er in High School. Norway, J^iich. 

, Grand Rapids, Mich. Katherine Cuibus, A.B. Teacher. 

I Annabel Carey, A.B. (Mrs. Joseph G. S Lincoln St., Oil City. Pa. 

Kenan.) 332 E. 6otli St., Alice Louise Currie, A.B. High 

Chicago, 111. School Teacher. 328 Garland Ave 

KoUEUT John Carney, A.B. (See Fac- . Detroit, Mich, 

nlties.) Ann Aiboi. Charles Piikils Ci;sium; .\ B ' ()n 

I'.ARL Bowers Carter, A.B., LL.B. '09. Staff uf Culli.-i's ll't-t-kly 

Lawyer, \\-w V.,rk, X. V. 

Upper Sandusky. O. John I amis I ).\\ n,ii , .\ L Lawyer. 

Gail Luke Carver, A.B, A.M. 08. Prof, 3.1 Mdnme St,, (',rand Ua|)ids, Mich. 

of Biidugy, Mercer Uiiiv,, since 1908, lujiiiiv l.i:wis l).',w, .\,r,. Teacher iii 

ALicon, Ga, l'.:,si 111^1, Srb.M,]. ,\linni ,ir-li- Minn 

r.,>su: Mm^sii Cass, a, is, Teaclur. 1 ' w 1 1. I'.m kt rr I >auk \ii, .\ It Teacher 

j.i.'.l I'.HNLton St., N,, Seaiile, Wa^li, in IIil'I, .sJmol, GharUsCiiv, Iowa, 

I'Aiu, \\'iLii\,M Castle, .\.1!., A,M. '10. Lr,, H,\i;\i:v Harrow, A.B, li E E '10 

(See 1-acnlties.) I'.i,, .mincer. Willi Amer. Tel. and Tel. 

Ann Arlu.r. Go. i^ Hev St., New York, N. Y. 

Ci ARE LiRov Christie, A.B., LL.B. 'wj. Huwaru Dier Davis, A.B. Bank Clerk. 

I.aw3er. Hammond Bldg., i(jo7 Vernon .\ve.. Toledo, O. 

Detroit, Mich. John William Da Bruyn, A.B., .\M. 

Kali'ii Edwin Church, A.B., /'o7-'o8, ix;. Social Worker 

LL.B. and A.M. (N. W. Univ.) 'oy. 84 Worcester St,, Boston, ALiss 

Lawyer. Commercial Nat. Bk. Bldg.. Gi:orc,e Bio.n Denton, A.B, A.M. 'ocj. 

Clii. agu, 111. ln~lrnclor in I'n.uli^b. .\'. \V. Univ. 

koiii'RT Henry Clancy, A. I;., /oo'oi, blv.anstun. 111. 

■o7-'o,'^. Private Secr'y. \\iiii\M Wr.i.i s Di:nton,' A.J5., A.M. 

5(. Kercheval Ave.,, Mich. (I'ni^. of 111.) 'o<i. .Assist. i„ M;,ih., 

I\uiTH Jennie Ci.awson, A.B. (.Mrs Univ. of 111.. Ch.imii.iign 111 

James S. Clark.) 1m.oui:.\ce A.nna Dis, A.P,. 

North Bennington, Vt. 1 ^jf, 3ind Ave., S.. Seattle, Wash 

1>aac Merton C.jciiran, .A.B,, AM. Un_ii\ui> in: /.vrvw, .\.\', , PhD 'oj 

'(M, Instructor in I'.nrlish and I'nblic A,l!, (Hope) o,,, ,\,,M, (iLid.) \y,'.', N, W. lU.i:. A^sl I, p,,,i, , f |;.,|ai,v. MiMi, Agii, 

lAanl.-n, 111, C.ll. b„, 1 ,nii., .Mirh. 

■1 :. Z ( .Ii-iw/' 


I.I I'l'.KAKY VliPAKl'Mlixr 

I. Si 

Jami-s ~Rorii:i;r Dickson, A.B., M.S. 
(For.) '08, 1!.S..\. (Toronto) '06. For- 
ester. Daiipliiii, Maniloba. 
Jl'U.v CATiii-.kixi: DifiKiiori', A.H. (Mrs. 
Tol.ias J. C. niekliolT.) .\iin .\rl)or. 
S.xMinu. KiCiUi Dir.HTON, A.D., 
( Vale-) '11. Lawyer. .Monticellu, 111 
Fi<.\Nii:s S.\K.\ DoiisoN, A. I!. 

312 N. Avon St., Rocldord, 111. 

Fi.ovn Caki.ton DockiCkay, A.B., A.M. 

'00. In.slrnctor in Psychology, Univ. 

of Kan. Lawrence, Kan. 

Makt, \ki:t iMiRNcii Drkssi'U, A. 15. 

jiHi \V,.,Kllan(l Ave., Detroit, Mieh. 
KvTM\i;iNi.: IsAmli.i.K Dkisl-oi,i„ A 1!. 
( .Mrs, (. h.uks S. I'Vrrin,) 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

Tai;!, Smith Duiiuau, A.B., LL.H. 'oq. 

l.awver. Seattle, Wash. 

VVi:si.i;v Jamics Duiu-.kon, A B., S.T.B. 

(Boston) 'n. Minister. 

226 S. 4tli St., Saginaw, Mich. 
Hki.icna I.ois Dusciiak, A.B. Teacher 
in High School. 25 College St, 

Jinhalo, N. Y. 
Enrrii Aniu.Ainn Sv. Joii.n Latun, A.B. 
I'rinc. of High School. 

Bad .\.xe, Mich. 
Li-ii.A Ruth I':dcau, A.B. Teacher in 
C-n^ina (Call 1 lii;h Schuul 

Biighlon, Mich. 
MvuTi.i: iM.H-.K.N- I'j.i.un-, A B. (Mrs. 
Harry C. Thnriian.) 

Ann Arbor. 

Wau'i'h E.m1'RY, A.B., A.M. 

(Detroit) 'og, LL.B. (Oregon) '10. 

l.awver. R. R. 2, I'ontiac, Mich. 

Fui'i. 1,1. IMS I'HicKsuN, A.B. Orgaui>t. 

.||S \V. iJ|lh St., New ^'ork, N. V. 

Fnanci:s ^L\Kv F.sciikniuiuc, A.B. 

(Mr.s. I.ionr! II. Dnschak.) 

4 W. 5th St., Corning, N. Y. 

l.vAvis 1Ii,m;v Fki:, A.B. Teacher in 

IliL'h Schu.T Kverett, Wash. 

Ci-ouc.i: I'.i.Mr.u 1'11)I.i:k, A.l'.. I. aw Stn- 

ilcut. -i.u Iv -t'Jlli St., Chicago, 111. 

I'Kiii Ki'KTi.ANi) iM.r.AGi.K, A.B. Dean. 

Cniv. of Porto Rico. Rio Piedras, PR. 

ILiUTI-NSIv Fl.KXNKE, .^.B., A.M. '10. 

.VewsiKiper Work. 9.|S S. 2nd Ave., 

Louisville, Ky. 

Si'sw .\mi'.i;h-a iM.DkiK, /\.B. C^nnnier- T, .iclur. Si. lohn.s, Mich. 

C,i:..KC.K llKMtv Fox,, M.D. W 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 

117 Oak St., Binghaii.t,.n, N. Y. 

.^l. liner Piiii.ii' FRAi-wr.i.r, \.B., c'o.| 

0'.. ,\-iM Snpl. KImi k'ninacr C,. 

CI.aJ.ii..!, U 

Wai.tkr Edward Frazi;i;, A.B. State 

Bible Schocl l-.vangeh.t. 

616 Kellar Bldg., Louisville, Ky. 
EinvARi) Bi.AKi;si.F.i'; Fre.vcii, A.B. 

With S. F. Bowser & Co. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
DuuoTuv Mix.N'iK Foi;rsti'.\'au, A.B., 

-VAL '10. Teacher in High School, 

since 1907. Saginaw, Mici). 

ji-w .Makv l-'iii.iiK, A.i; (.Mr,. Lewis 

C. kiethniillcr ) | ,ck^,,n, .Mich. 

I'sso.N- Mch.Avi:i.i. C.Ai.i:, .\.B., A.M. 
'o.S. Dcpiiiv II. S. C(i)iMd (ieid. 

ShaiiglKii, China. 
lL:i.i;.N' Bi.KMCi:, A. P.. 

Manistee, Mich.. 
'"Pi.KASANT Mav Gi:iki;.s', A.B., d. Char- 
levoix, Mich., March 7, loog. (22) 
Irma Makv Oi.eason, .\.B. (Mrs. Ir- 
ving J. Dodge.) 

Matherton, Mich. 
Jacoi! Christian Gi.kystken, A.B, 
LL.I'.. (luwa.) '09. Lawyer. 

Cle EUnn, Wash. 
LtJCv Lv.N'x Gooui.ANnKR, A.B. Teach- 
er. .S07 N oil, St., Lafayeiie, Ind. 
CkokcI'; lunvAUD (jOodykar, A.B. 
Hardware Hastings, Mich. 

Wii.r.iA.M Crozikk Goi;i.D, A.B. Prof. 
uf Phvs. Sci. and Geol., State Nor- 
mal School. MayviUc, N. Dak. 
CixiL ^L^UY Gi:aci:, A.B. Teacher. 

Marshall, Mich. 
Ottii.Ii; Ku.Nir.iiNDi: Grai.kk, AM., 
.'X.M. 'aS. Instructiir in French and 
German, Juniata Coll, since k/jS. 

lluntiiigilon. Pa. 
Nili.i.ii; ^L\Y Gray, A.B. Teacher. 

Briinlcy, Midi. 
John Edson Gri:en, .\.B. 

02 .M.iple .'\ve., Daiibury, Conn. 

J'-THiu, Groat, A.B. (.Mrs. Kenneth I. 

^ Sawyer.) Meriominee, Mich. 

GnAci; Luiii.i: GuiM), A.B. (Mrs. Per- 

cival .\. Pahn.T.) ^ 1125 Ihern St., 

San l-'rancisco, Cal. 
Maimm-; Till. 1, MA Hac.i.i:, A.B. Teacher. 
1 1 10 Oakland .Ave., Ann .Arbor. 
.\i.iu:itT J. Hai.i., A.B. Suiit. and Met- 
allurgist. -,..7 Cununonwc.akh .\ve., 
Detroit, Mich. Ham,, AH. (Mrs. fobn W. 
I'.rll) Manila, P. L 

i^isi; Ki:Nr H\i.i,, A.B. Teacher in La 
I'av.tte lli-h SclhM.I. 

BulTalo, N. Y. 
h'hWM;o Oia 11,1,1; Ham, A B.,B,1). (Uii- 

■d (iuiM 

.A ,,a ' , <u- u:\ »'. :■ 'n 


Cm Ain.Ks Kai.i'ii IIannan, A.B., ^'oj-'o^. 
Cashier City Nat. Hank, 

Council Bluffs, Iowa. 
TrjssiR M.M- Hark, A.B. (Mis. RdK-rt 
C. Smiih.) 

DiiranJ, .Micli. 
Bkssii. WiNr.c.AU Hauui.xctd.n-, A.H. 
Teacher. 50.S S. Slate .St., 

Koit Wayne, Ind. 
UMiss) S. 1m;anc Harris, A.M. Teach- 
er. Willianibloii, iMich. 
Rirni Ki.LKN Hakkis.jn, A.B., .\.M. 
(Wyoniini,') '10. (Mrs. Parish S. 
Liuejoy.) Medicine Bow, 

Laramie, Wyo. 
CARr, I'l.ovi) Hautma.'>j, y\.B., M.U. 
(Rush) 'o.). Physician. Waiiseon, O. 
'Atju;\n (jEOUiwj Hakvi;v, .\.B. Bar- 
rister. Vancoiuer, 1>. i.1. 
Wir.i.iA.M Hkn'uy Hatiiaw.w, .\ B. 
TeacJKr in Central llinh Schuol. 

(^.raiid Rapids, Mich. 

Va\ l.K.M.Ki; Hathidk.s', .\.B. Teacher. 

l.iviiit.;ston, Mont. 

E-niUf, Maiu;aui:t IIi;atii, .\.U. Cue ui 

Homer 1,. Heath. .\nn .\rhor. 

lIoMiiK I.i'.si.iiC H):atii, /\.B. Secr'y and 

.Miifir. (if The Michigan Union. 

Ann Arbor. 

Wii.i.iA.M Buouc.irrT Hicnuy, A.B.,LL.B. 

'08. Lawyer. Bay City, Mich. 

Tavi.ok Nuuson Hi;ns(in, A.B., A.B. 

Hazi;i, (■iisTiNK Hir.i., A.B. (Mrs. Or- 
iiK.nd \i Hunt.) i.Sj Seward Ave., 

Detroit, Mich, 
l-.v.v l,(ifisi; Hii.i.s, A.B. County Nor- 
mal Clitic. 

Mancelona, Mich. 

\i.ui:i;t lu'ci.m 1 li .nsh xi.ic, .\.B., M.D. 

t/i) \>o. Physician. Bay <:\\\, Mich. 

R(.iu:uT 1 :1.1.1s Hitch, .\.B, LP.B. »> 

Bawver. sii l''ent(in Bldg., 

Portland, Ore. 
Cl.ARKNCi: I.UKOV Hoi,.Mi:s, .\.B. 

Mitchell, S. Dak. 
JIowAkD Samuel Hoi.mks, A.B. Bank- 
er. Chelsea, Mich. 
l.i.oYu Clinton Holsinoick, A.B., A.M. 
(N. \V. Univ.) 'lo. Teacher. 

Hatlield House. Kvanston, Bl. 

I'j.izAiiirru Lano.ston Holton, A.B. 

Teacher in Shortridj^e High Scliool. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

MvRLK Hopkins, A.B. (Mrs. Donald 

M. (le Pont.) 

iioj Willard St , Ann .Xrhor. 
Biai.K .Mix lU.KMiii., A.B. 

iM.. Savings As.M)., K.uisas Citv, Mu. 

■ViES. li()07. 

Roy Ranuall Howard, A.B., B.S. 

(Oregon Agri. Coll.) '02. Journalist. 

Portland, Ore. 

LoY KuoKNic HoYT, A.B., M.D. (Phila. 

II aim.) '09. Physician. 

Chillicothe, O. 

Oi.oA IvUDOLPHiA Huulstick, A.B. 

Teacher. Michigan City, Ind. 

AuELAiDi; HiiNfi'R, A.B. Teacher in 

Swissvale High Scliool. 

31 Maple Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
KuiKiciii Imuda, A.B. Journalist. 

Honolulu, H. I. 
.■\rn()i.|) l.KON jAcoiiv, A.iL, I\1.D. '10. 
Assist. Surg. U. S. Navy. 

Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 
I,ioNi:i, l.iKOY Janus, A.B. Technical 
Assist., I!. S. Korest Service. 

Harrison, Ark. 
Myua Jaoukt, A.B., M.K. Mis- 
sionary. Peking, China. 
.\i,i'iii;ns I'Ki.cii Jknninc.s, A.B., m'07- 
■(xS, .M.D. (Harvard) '10. Physician. 
1.(7 leflerscn .\ve., Detroit, Mich. 
Makv l.oiiisi- ji.NsLN, A.B. Head of 
lang. Dept., .State Normal School. 

Bellinghain, Wash. 
EvKKKi) Vivian Joli.ifi-i:, A.B. With 
The Markhain Air RiRe Co. 

Plymouth, Mich. 
Isi.A Hi:i.i:n Joni;s, A.B. (Mrs. Leon 
W. Hall.) 1.^6 Pleasant St., 

(irand Rapids, Mich. .\nt()ini;ttk Judd, .-VB. (Mrs. 

Davi<l B. Eppstcin.) Toledo, O. 

Ei.izAiiKTii Cathicrine Kayi;, A.B. 

Prine, n[ Hi'^h School. 

St. Clair, Mich. 

Wii.i.ixM Ki.i.Ni; Kki.skv. .\,B lournal- 

isi, jj.ij .\.-, .\\e., ToUdu. (). Ianodn Kinc, A.B., A.M. 'oS, 

PhD. (L'niv. of Pa.) '11. Instructor 

ill Pol. Sci., Univ. of Pa., i<;ii— . 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Gearry Lloyu Kni(;iit, A.B, LL.B. 
(Indiana) '09. Cen'l Mde. and Bank- 
ing. Zanesville, Ind. 
LiTAs Pi.TKou KvKiAkii.i;.-^, A.B, ScD. 
'(Kj, A.B (An.ilolia) 'oj. Chemist. 
C.iNc Han, Proiissa, Asia .Minor. 
luiwiN Di: I'OREsr Lacy, .\.B. Actuary 
Dak. Mul. Life Ins. Co. 

Watertown, S. Dak. 
Fi:uN Liicii.K I.ancmadk, A.B. (Mrs. 
Allen W . Langmade.) Teacher. 

Delavan, N. Y. 
tiKRTRUDE lui-.NE Lawi.or, .\ IJ. Teach- 
er m lolirt Tp. liiL^h School. 

Joliet, LI. 

',1 .<.-: " o 

, .,.'(' -I. ,)^.\- 

1) ,., i , .(.. 1 


i.rn-.u.iuv Di.i'.iK'iMi.x r 


]v<.m;HT Buwr Li;irri-, A.B., T3.S. (Mech. 
I"..) 'og. DrnuKlithniaii for Canadian 
llridgc Co. 6.|i Cass Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Fuj.DF.iacK [.i;ic.irroN, A.H, M.l). u). 

riivsinan. Walton, N. Y. 

K.;sr., C,i;.Nii.N>. l.i:i..\Ni), .\.H., M.l). 'oy. 

riivMcian and Surgcn. 

Ha.-,t LL-roy, Mich. 


Teacher. 217 Boyce St., Urbana, O. 

Lulu A(;atha Ln:si;Mi;i(, A.B. (Mrs. 

l\ilwin E. White.) Islipeininy, Mich. 

CiAUK.NCi: Joiix l.ic.MAN, A.B. New.s- 

paper Reporter. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Dusv lu.iTiiA LoNvo, A.B. (Mrs. John 

W. llarsha.) 644 llnnibuhlt Ave.. 

Dei.oir, Mich. 
M.\KTi.\ Lowknukkg, A.]?. 

22-'y Park Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
JuiWARD BuuNUS Lucius, A.B., l.L.B. 
CN. W. Univ.) 'II. Lawyer. 

7136 Princeton Ave., Chicago, 111. 
F.DiTii CoRiiiN Lutes, A.B. Ann Arbor. 
Florence Ruth Lyon, A.B. Teacher 
in High School. 

Cahnuet, Mich. 
Louis Charles McClure. A.B. Real 
I'lstate, Loans, and Insurance. 

Oklahoma ^-ity, Okla. 
Stella May McCracken, .A.B. Teacher 
in Brockton High Schoul. 

2,7 Waldo St., Montello, Mass. 
Ai.iiERTA McDonnell, .A.B. Teacher 
uf English in High School. 

Tacoma, Wa.h. 

Mav X'eli.e McKinney, A.B. Teacher. 

519 Beach St., I'lint, Mich. 

Violet McLaren, A.B. (Mrs. 

Howard I-. WiiluN.) 

Kecd Cilv, Mich. 
NniiMi McNiiLL, A.B., B.1..S.' (Univ. 
of 111.) \^, l.ibrariaiL 

Lead City, S. Dak. 
WiiLlAM McPilERSON, A.B. Merchant. 
Ho'.vell, Mich. 
Cii \ni.i:s J. Macahitv, A.B. Lawyer. 
v^Ati. Mac.nls, A.B. 

3016 Fairfield Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
Anna Gemcvieve Maiionev, .\.B. 
Teacher in Detroit Public Schools. 

Decatur, Mich. 
BiKDiE ^Lmok, A.B. Teacher. 

Walnut, 111. 

M.m;v K.vii: .Maico.mson, a.!!. Teacher. 

.173 Trunibull Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

.\lri; Diisiii.Eii Maloni", :\.I5., A.M. 

W. Teacher in Brvn Mawr Sclu...]. 

B;tltin,, Md 

r.iKL r,Ai;ijELD Martin, A.B., A.M. 
'o<S 'J'eacber of Grannnar, State Nor- 
mal School. Moorhead, MiiuL 
Cl\i;.\ Louise IVLsktiny, .\.B. Teach- 
ing at Ionia. .Mich. Clinton, .Mich. 
*lli:i.EN Doi'i-.LAS Mi:a», A.B., d. Esca- 

iiaba, Mich., July 20, i(X)8. (22) 
Joii.s- Collier Meciie.m, .\.B., LL.B. 
(Harvard) '10. Lawyer. 

5714 Woodlawif Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Fred .Autiiur Mellencami', .A.B. Supi. 

of Schools. L'An:,e, -Mich. 

Viola Maide Merwj.n'. A B. Teacher 

in High School. Dowagiac, Mich. 

Kt tiii:kioki. Buaulev .Miller, .A.B. 

Belleville, Mich. 

Bku.mce Pearl Mitchell, A.B. (.Mrs. 

Francis B. Kceney.) 

loi Medway St., Providence, R. I. 
1{akl Charles Moody, .\.B., LL.B. 'oy. 
Banker and Lawyer. 

Nora Springs, Iowa. 
Carl Radclikfe Mooke, A.B. Lum- 
berman. Bandon, Ore. 
Pi.iNN Frederick Morse, .A.B., A.M. 
'10, M 1). 'o-j. (See Faculties.) Physi- 
cian. Detroit, Mich. 
Rena Howell Mosher, .A.B. (Mrs. 
Donald D. Van Slyke.) 

Rockefeller lust., .\ew York. N. Y. 
Ke.ndall Kiui)i:u ?sIUftSiCY, .\.B. Ar- 
chitect. Elyria, O. 
Edwin Lowe Neville, A.B. Ameri- 
can Service Seoul, Korea. 
Josephine .Aha Nevi.ns, .A.B. (Mrs, 
George I. Keal.) 

265 J.Iedbnry .Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
E\A Grace Newell, A.B. Teacher. 

Granite Falls, Wash. 
Bkktua I.oDisi: Newton, A.B. Teacher. 
I'Vankfort, Ind. 
.Maiu-.l Ai ice Nichols, A.B. (Mrs. Ar- 
thur F. I.vbolt.) 

114 Winihrop -\ve., Kansas City, Mo. 
Winifred Nichols, .A.B. (Mrs. Allison 
L. McCain.) Bowman, N. Dak. 

I.oirisE MvRA Ni.xoN, -A.B. 

Veedersburg, Ind. 


Ph B. ("Adrian) '03. Science Teacher. 
Itrunswick, Ga. 
Daisv OiiMA North, A.B. Teacher. 

Lake Linden, Mich. 
James Eakl Oole, A.B, LL.B. 'o;. Law- 
yer. Johnstown, Pa. 
Daisy Cakohne Olney, AIL Teacher 
in High Srlio.,1. Port Huron. Mich. 
SiELi.A (iriiiiix Oi.soN. .A.l!. Teacher. 
I.auriuni, .Mich. 

t.,1 / 

I.: w-,.:7/ 

" , ,-ul u. ...o.:vT 



.\iiiuE Makian O'Nkii.i., A.B. 

K. I). J, Pasadena, Cal. 
Susii; C'.i;oK(.i.\K\ Pai.mkk, (.Mrs. 
Alviii ]{. Hvaus. ) 

Pullman, Wash. 

J'kank Ja.mi;.-^ Parker, A.B. Stenog- 

rapiicr. O17 W. 3rd St., Dayton, (). 

I.ouiA Arch Pasciiki:, A.B. Teacher in 

High School. Jackson, Mich. 

Klokknce Amaru. 1. 15 Puck, A.B. 

Teacher. so6 N. Lafayette St., 

Soiitli Bend, Ind. 
Ci.Ai;i-,.\'ci- .\\Ti:i.i, Pknma.v, A.B., M.D, 
(Rii.^lii 'lu. I'hv.-iciau. 

Cuuk Co. Jlosp., Chicago, 111. 
l,i:i.;u H., A.B., Ph.D. 'oy. 
-Xssibt. Prof, of Botany, Syracuse 
Univ. Syracuse, N. Y. 

(luA.NT liusTO.N Pkticrs, A.B. Whole- 
sale Slati'-'Uery. 

Monticello, 111. 
.\i)i)iso.N l.UKOV PuiLLU'S, A.B. In- 
structor in I'.iiglish, Univ. of Mo. 

Columbia, Mo. 
M\TTiii:\v Guiswoi.i) Piuuci;, A.B. 
Journalist. I 56 W. .yth St., 

New York, N. Y. 
Maucaret Fkanci;s I'i.nnicy, .A.B. 
Teaciiing. 337 W. 23rd St., 

Erie, Pa. 
i'',Ai<i, SiKvr.NS PoRTi'U, A.B., M.D. 
(Kush) 'uy. Physician. 

Moore, Mont. 

Harrv Oral Potti:r, .A.B. Essential 

Oils. Charlotte, Mich. 

.\rtiiur CiiAiu.i;s Pound, A.B. Pres 

Arrow Press. Flint, Mich. 

M.\Ri<jiN Lfjuise PowuRS, A.B. Teacher 

in High School. 

J05 S. I.afayetle St., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
J.M.i. lh:.M<v Piu:sc.)tT, .\.l!., l.I. li. 'o.;. 
l.auver. Union Trust lUdg., 

Detroit, Mich. 
John Fki;di;uick Pukston, A.B. Forest 
Supervisor, U. S. Forest Service. 

Washington, D. C. 

Carkik .\mki.ia Proctor, A.B. Critic 

Teacher in Central Slate Normal 

School, since 1907. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

ItDi'ni Bki.i.ic PuRDiK, A.B. Teaclier in 

High School, Detroit. 

83 Cedar St., Wyandotte, Midi. 
(iiiOKCE Eluswokth Rauurn,.A.B. Teach- 
er of Physics in State Agri. Coll. 

Manhattan, Kan. 

Edna Grace Rauch, .\.B. Teacher in 

Oak Park (III.) High School, 1907-11. 

2.Sj8 E. Olh St , Kansas City, .Mo. 

Reed, A.B. (Mrs. 


Fred S. Dunham.) 

as 18 Talbot Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Louise Minnie, A.B. Teach- 
ing. 20J Cleveland Ave., 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Fi.oREiNci- Marie Rennie, A.B. Teach- 
er in High School. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 
Walter Delmer Riggs, A.B. Supt. of 
Schouls. Mason, Mich. 

.\Rciii;R Frederjc Ritchie, A.B., LL.H. 
'oy. Lawyer. F'ord BKlg., 

Detr(jit, Mich. 
Ruth Ki/i:i<, A.B. Social Worker. 

2508 Univ. PI., Washington, D. C. Adolph RoiuurrsoN, A.B., 

^ ^'04-05. Real Estate. La Grange, 111. 

CiiAki.i'.s Summers Rouinson, A.B, 

M.S. '09. Research Chemist, Agr. E.x- 

per. Sta. East Lansing, Mich. 

Harrv H ungate Roihnson, A.B., M.D. 

(Johns Hopkins) '10. 

Walla Walla, Wash. 
Chaki.ks Merwyn Rodi, A.B., B.E.E. 
'10 With Edison Illuminating Co. 

.|Jo Cass Ave., Detroit, Alich. 
Warren Lincoln Rogers, A.B., B.D. 
(Union) 'ii. P. E. Clergyman. 

.S21 W. Grd Blvd., Detroit. Mich. 
Eileen Root, A.B. 

530 W. Ransom St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

GoLDiE Rosen, A.B. Teacher in High 

School. Negaimee, Mich. 

Emma Runu. A.B. Instructor in Slate 

Normal School. 

DeKalb, 111. 
Margaret Magdalin Rui'I'E, A.B. 
Teacher in High School. 

Hancock, Mich. 
1''ranci:s ICuNA Russell, .A.B. Instruc- 
tor in I'nglish, North. State Normal 
School. Maripietle, Mich. 

Homer Stuart Savres, .\.B. Teacher. 
103 W. Willis Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
F'reih;rick Martin SchaEderlE, A.B. 
Public Accountant. 
215 W. 23rd St., New York, N. Y. 
WiLHELM Emil Richard Schott- 
staeut, .\.B., M.D. 'oy. PhysiciaiL 

Toledo,' O. 


(N. Y. I'niv.) '10. Instructor in Ger- 
man. University Heights, 

New York, N. Y. 
Henrv Frank George Schulte, A.B. 
Director of Athletics. 

Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
REurn.N ScHUTZ, A.B. Wh.>lesale Tail- 
oring. 167 Adams St, Chicago, III. 

c^ ■/.' 1/ I' .'■iittll 

'i / ./ M v. .J AUU' 

r ;! ' I ■' > , ) . >. A /.ft,,! 




Erma May Scott, A.B. Teacher in 
High .Scliool. Greencastle. Ind. 


A.H. The Lindens, M;inistee, Mich. 
l.u.Miu Skvkra, a. 11, PhC. (Phihi. 
Coll.) '10. Pharmacist. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Nora Ri-uecca Skvison, A.B. Teacher. 
Constantine, Mich. 
Ni:i.i.iE Elizabeth Siiavek, A.B. Sci- 
ence Teacher. Muscatine, Iowa. 
Edith Wiiit.nky Shaw, A.H. Teaciier 
in liigli School. .Ann .^^l)()r. 
(ii-OKCK Handy Siiui.ton, A.B. Actor. 
1273 Topeka Ave., Topeka, Kan. 

|-^STi:i.I,A ViOI.A I.ENORI-; SnERRII.T,,.'\.B. 
(U'u'l. Srn-\. \-. W. C. .\., Cornell 
L'niv. Ithaca. N. Y. 

RmiEUT Wii.i.iAM Sinclair, .\.h. Met- 
allurgist Mich. Motor Casting Co. 

Flint, Mich. 
James Hubert Skiles, A.B., M.D. 
■ (Rush) '10. Physician. 

2.340 W. Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 
Sadie AIary Smart, A.B. Teacher. 

321 Water St., Hancock, Mich. 

Em'TiiE Viola Smeetii, .-\.B., A.M. '09. 

Teacher. Akron, O. 

Bertram Gakner Smith, A.B. Instmc- 

tiir in Zoiilogy, Univ. of Wis., i<)0'> 

■11 ; in Mioiiij-an State N'urnial Coll., 

1012-. Vpsilanti. Mich. 

EuNA Bianca Smith, A.B. .'Xsso. Prof. 

I'f, State Normal School. 

Indiana, Pa. 
Harold Craig Smith, A.B., e'o3-'o4. 
Dept. Mngr. Automohile Plant. 

<M Chandler .\ve., Detroit, Mich. 
Nkii.ii; Cuvier Si'i:akman, 
A 1;. uMrs Warren 1,. Rogers ) 

.^-•1 W. C.rd. lUvd.. Detroit, Mich. 
(;i;kTKlM)i: lu.LI-N Sl'ENCER, A.B., A.M. 

'o<). Teaciier in High School. 

Pontiac, Mich. 

Clark Dwight Simvey, A.B., M.D. 'oc;. 

Physician. Anselmo, Neh. 

Otis Oliver STANcnnEi.i., A.B. Secr'y 

V. M. C. A. Hillsdale, Mich. 

\'ii;i,iNL\ StI'AUNS, A.B. Teacher. 

<>),? S. (.Ill St., Terre Haute, Ind. 
S. Sii.Ni:v Stein, A.B., /'o3-'o(, ij, B. 
( Harvard) '10. Lawyer. 

.1027 Lake Ave, Chicago, III. 
\\'ll.l.lAM C.EoRGE Steini'R, a B. News- 
paper \\riter. 153 Warren .Ave., Iv, 

Detroit, Mich. 

John Wallace Stephen, A.B., M.S. 

(iMir, ) \>i. Slate iM.resler of New 

S'..iK. S;il.mi,,ne.i, H. V. 

Phebk Mildred Stiles, A.B. 
310 Madison Ave., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Anna Muriel Streibert, A.B., B.D. 
(Union) '10. Instructor in Biblical 
History, Wellesley Coll. 

Wellesley, Mass. 

Ethel Katherine Streibert, A.B., 
B.S. (Colninliia) '00. Teacher in Un- 
meslic Sci., Tech. High School. 

Cleveland, O. 

Maud Hascali. Stuart, A.B. (Mrs. 
Raymond G. St. John.) 
2.S59 Woodland Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

CiiKwiKi: Sutherland, AH. (NIrs. Ar- 
thur J. Jones.) 

2305 Gratiot -Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Mabi:l Hall Tai.cott, A.B. Teaching. 
Elnuvood, Conn. 

Frank Gehow Tompkins, .\.B., A.M. 
'11. (See Faculties.) Ann Arhor. 

Mahel Tuomey, A.B. Teacher in Mc- 
Millan High School. Detroit, Mich. 

Richard Hayman Tremi-er, A.B. II- 
lustratr.r. S50 W. I53r<l St., 

New York, N. Y. 

Charles Alexander Vali.ance, A.B., 
M.S. '08. Teacher in Manual Train- 
ing High School. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Delia Van KlEEck, A.B. Teaciier in 
High School. Bremerloii, Wash. 

Ai.iii'UT I'jiWAUD Van Landegend, 
A.B., A.B. (Hope) '03. Teacher in 
High School. Mitchell, S. Dak. 

Charles F.mmitt Varieu, A.B., M.D. 
'og. Physician. South Bend, Iiul. 

Nina Fr\nc Varson, A.B. Teacher in 

. High School, Calumet, Mich. 

Ravmunii \issciiek, A.B, J.D. '10, A.B. 
(llopel 'o(). Lawyer. Holland, Mich. 

Beutha Belle Vondkacuk, A.B. (Mrs. 
Frank J. Phillips.) 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Edith May Wadiiams, A.B. (Mrs. Kim- 
hall FKlcher.) 
421 Park \'iew Ave., 

Los AngeKs, Cal. 

Walter Hiuam Wadi eigh, A. I!. Prof, 
of Phvsus in Park Cll 

I'.irkvill.', Mo. 

Nr.wToN Macy Wage.nek, A.H, Mngr, 
Blue Taxical. Co, K,insas City, Mo, 

Isabel Wait, A.H. (Mrs. Hugh Allen.) 
Tacoma, Wash. 

Warren Leslie Wallace, A.B, Teach- 
er. 611 .Maple St., Spokane, Wash. 

Lttiiek Imski: Warri:n, A.B., M.D. '09. 
(See h'acnllies.) Physician. 

Aim Arhor. 

'^.vAlVvi\e.\L;«\ i\\ -tVMWX 

-;... a -iiio A 

;<J s;-i;,,..i 

./ ■.•,•»■ ,:,;.U 

' i' i«.' 

. , ; i') ■>■ I I.' 

isr. GRADUATliS. [ujoy-di. 

lloWAKi) I'uwiN VVasiiduun'. A.B., LL.B. I'Ka.n-k Ckah-mih. Avki-s. A. 11, ].D. 'lo. 

'o<> Lawyer. Shelby, Mont. 500 In.i Trust LJhl;;- , liuliaiiap.jlij, hid. 

Matii,jja Agnks VVatkins, A.B. Piiiic. Lois Ualii, A.C. 

High School. Sturgis, Mich. Howell, Mich. 

Li-0 Carl Wiiii.ER, A.B. Law Student. Mav Louisi; Bakkk, A.B., A.M. '10. 

710 Wall St., Jopliii, Mo. 513 N. Lincoln Ave., Bay City, Mich. 

Lillian WLniNtv, A.B. (Mrs. Minnii; Jvnnx Baldwin, A.B. (Mrs. 

Ralph R. Tinkham.) iMarshall M. Frishic.) 

50 Hague Ave., Detroit, Mich. ' l-'liut, Mich. 
; Mary Estulle Wihtnly, A.B. (Mrs. Chaulls Ohio Ball, .\.B. Bank Cash- 
Irving L. Gill.) ier. Colnnia, Mich. 
Grand Rapids, MicJL Moi.i.iL LouisL ISangs, A B. Teacher in 
Louise Wicks, A.B. Allegan, Mich. Lake Linden (.iMich.) High Sclio(;l. 
Oscar Wisner Williams. A.B. Clerk. Lansing, Mich. 
! Pullman Co. 420 Home Ave., Rouert A. Bannen, A.B. Teacher. 

Oak Park. 111. Big Rapids, Mich. 

Agnes Wilson, A.B. Teacher in New- Rudoli'h .Aktilles Baktiioi.d.mew, .\.B., 

I ark, N. J. Groveland, N. Y. )n'd&^'i2. Valparaiso, Ind. 

I Jane Bovd Wilson, A.B. Teacher in Kwjkence Anna Beauii:, .\.B. 

! Grand Forks, N. Dak. Ann Arbor. 

i Groveland N. Y Leona AL\kv BelsEk, .\.B. Teacher iu 

i Lena Wii,s..n, A.B. (Mrs. Albert J. Hii^'li School. Chelsea, Mich. 

I • Hall ) 307 Coninioiiwcaltli .\vc.. Aliu:ut Sidney Beniiam, A.B., p'o^-'os. 

I Detroit, Mich. Teacher in High School. Ann Arbor.. 

WiNNiEHEu Anna Wilson, A.B. Teach- Makv Lovisa Benneti-, A.B. ( Mrs. John 

I er in Hig'h School. Big Rapids, Mich. A. McCarty.) Kingsley, Mich. 

Charles Edward Winstead, A.B., Milukeu Le.noke Betieys, .\ B (Mrs. 

LL.B. 'o. Lawyer. Boise. Idaiio. R'ulip h'- Dennis.) 

Bessie Flizai.eth Wood, A.B. (Mrs. lon Woodward Ave.. Delroit. Mich. 

Horace A. Parker.) Malta, Moni. Bessie Fihelia Biuwell, A.B. 

Mauel Clair Woodward, A.B. Teach- Lapeer, Mich, 

er in Farrand School. Marion Ai.mika Bills, A.B. Teacher. 

505 Campbell Ave.. Detroit, Mich. Allegan, Mich. 

Philip Adoli-h Zang, A.B., e'o3-'o6. Rollin Otis Bisuee, A.B., J.D. '10. 

Bank Clerk. 709 Clarkson St.. Banker. East Jordan, Mich. 

(319) Denver, Colo. Russell Spencer Bisiioi-. .\.B. 

Fhnt, Mich. 
1908 WriisTiK FiiwiN Bi.i.^s, .\.B., .\.M. 'aj. 
Head ..f iMi.^ Depl., Ferns lii>ti- 
El.MlUt ClIA ELAND Al).\.MS, A B, .\ = s't HHe Big U.ipids, Micli. 
Editor Votilh's Saml'li. Fueleurk Block, A.B., J.D. '10. 
S-l Worcesier Si., Bcsiun, Mass. Boise, Idaho. 
WiNHKEi) Adams, (Mrs. Paul S. Mow- WiLLoiuuiiiv DuuEi, BouointiN, A.B. 
rer.) 10 Blvd. de Capiuiues. Musician. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Paris, France. William T. Bovie, A.B., A.M. (Mis- 
Vera Ada.mson, .\.B. .\kron, O. souri) '10. .\ugusta, Mich. 
Maude .\lene .Ai.lln, A.B. Teacher. Wauu Si'mon Bowman, .X.B., LL.B. 'a>. 
I'oiUi.ic, Mich. Keal I'.sl.ite. I'.verelt, Wash. 
CiiAKi.oTiE Smitii, .\.I!. Beknaki) Bkaskami', A.B , A.m. (Prince- 
Teacher in Eastern High School, tiiii)-'ii. .\ltoii, Iowa. 
Detroit, Mich. l.oinsic Bkidgman, .\.B., M.D. '10. 
Phillu' McCutcheon Ah.mstkoni;, .\.B. Physician at Stale School fur Girls. 
Sec'y. Armstrong Tanning Co, Geneva, III. 
Detroit, Mich. Jessie Florence P.kinkm\n. .\.B. Priiic. 
Leila Betsy Arnold, A.B. (Mrs. Archi- of High School. kMineo, Mich, 
bald U. Campbell.) Lli.U I'ttv Brock, A l!., 

12S W. Bancroft St., Toledo, O. I'.irral. Chili , Mex. 

I'Lsii; ELi.swoKrii Atkins, A.B. TeacOi- Alonzo lii.\i.Ni; Bkowlk, AM. M.D. '10. 

er. Escaiiaba, Mich. Pliysiuau. Da.Mon, (). 

) I. ,M.1 . / :■•■"■ ' ■'>'"■ 

n ;. 1 in Ml 

■ , .1 .■■•: ,;h.. 




]"k.\ncks Jimiwx, A IS, ij/'oi-'o.). (iMrs. MAun I'M ma Con'KLIN, A. R. Teacher. 

John R. Davi^.) C:\\k- Flora 8,, Pa. 

iMixico City, ]\lcx. 'J'n(iM.\s Cun.nkkv, A.Ij. Supt, of 

llAiuii.ii Sn.i.r.K ]?i<ow.N, A. IS. Advcrlis- School.-,. .Mourhcad, luwa. 

iiig. <M(> Park PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. Oi;v Conki;v, A.B., A.M. 'oy In SoiU 

Makv I'KA.scKS J5i(uWN, A.B. Tcaclier. Uep't., Univ. of Wis. Madison, \Vis. 

Glovcrsvilie, N.Y. Jacou S. Cook, A.B. Teacher. 

Ci.AKA Rosa BcCKNKi.r., A. I!.. A.B. {A\- Doua^i.ic, Mich, 

bion) '04. Teacher in lligh School. Rov Wu.i.iam Cowdl.n, A.B.,A,M. (liar- 

Holland, Mich. vard) '00. (See l<^acnltiev) 

Oi.ivK lUx'KS, A.B. Teacher. .\nn Arlior. 

. 378 S. 4lh Sr , .Anrora, III. St\ni.i:v Cotriix Cox, A.B., .M.I'. '10. 

AiiiiKTA iKi-NK BruMKisTKK, A.B. Mer- lloUuk,, .Ma,.',. 

chant. Oiuk.inia, Mich. Ci.wton Anciiii: Cuanuai.i., 'J\-ach- 

AiiHA.M Davio Buru, A.B., M.D. '10. er in High School. J';.scanaha, Mich. 

560 Michigan St., BulValo, N. V. Ro.\\ii. Ckank, A.B. Instruc- 

RusSEM, Ojkkmn Bukto.v. :\.J;., c'ot-'oo. i(.r in N. \V. Univ. Evanston, 111. 

.\ctiiarv. State Dep't. of InMuaiice and Pi.irvn Wii i.iam Ckawi-okd, A.B., LL.B. 

Banking. .Xn-tni, Tcn. 'o<). Teacher. Cohnnhia. liul. 

Gkokci; I'jiMST BiiTTimiri.n, .\.B. Princ. May Ekk.n'a CrkEch, A.B. Teacher. 

Riegel School. Vp.-,ilanli, Mich.. 

I'.av City, Mich. [oii.\ Thkai.Iv Ci<i:ii'.ino\, .\.i;., J.D. '10. 

Ann'a BilAiMONT But/, A.H. Teacher. " Si)ringl"ield, III.. 

Jonesville, Midi. Anm; Siian.mix Ci<i:vi't.i,\c., .X.B. 

CathIiKINE Byrne, A.H. Teacher in Bloonishury, N. J. 

High School. Bes.senier, Mich. Geokck V. Ckino, A.B., B.S. (l-'arlham)- 

Henry Munkoe CAMi-iiEr.r., A.B., LI,.B. 'o(), M.D. (Harvard) 'jo 

(Harvard) '11. Lawyer. Portland, Ind. 

913 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. Hai.i'u I'ImEk^on Dani-outu, .\ B. Con- 

l''i(.i<ENCE Amelia Cakev, A.B. J lead of gregalioiial Minister. JalTrey, N. H. 

Violin I'ep't., Christian College, Frank Howakd Davis, A.B Actuarv 

Cohnnhia, Mo. Anier. Nat. Ins. Co. Galvciton, Tex. 

AiiEi.iKK Beueah Carter, .\.B., i>hysical Ruth Dawson, A B. Teacher. 

Director for Women. State Manual Honolnlu, 11. I. 

Training School. Piltshnrg, Kan. .Maui, Dxwso.n, .\.B. Teacli, r 

l.tcii.K Henrietta Carter, A.B. Teach- Honolnlu, II. 1. 

er in honwood (Mich.) High School. Nkva Rl th Deardokee, .\.1V PhD, 

Deciiitur, 111. (I'niv. of Pa.) '11. With Plnladel|,hia 

Ci ara Lovina Case, A.B. Osteopath. Bureau of Municipal Research. 

Care of Mark C Case, Omaha, Neb. Rral h'.Niaie Trust Pddg.. 

M\K,.\M.T Gi;vv Cawi.ev, A.U. (Mrs. Phil.iddphia, Pa. 

l'inoi\ (.' Rel.nian.) Trumau, Minn. Saumi Si tto.n De1'"orE>t. AH. Teach- 

.M\KV Oiivi; Gil VMM n< .\,1!. u in Iln^h Scho„l, Slubo>g,,M. Wi.v 

R. D, J, MI>h.Lu:ika. Ind. I'-.-^Ki. W.\i;uen DeI.axo, ,\.1!., j,I). 'lo. 

IIENRV W'Aun CiiiMJi'ii, A, I!, A.M. 'o:i. Banker. .Mkg.m, Mich. 

Teacher in Aslieville School I'j.KANoK Demmi^n, A.B. Ann Arbor. 

Asheville, N. C. \\\:ni<\ W.m.stune G. he Nancueue, A.B. 

Thomas Ci.ancEv, A.B., II). '10. I.;i\v- S04 S. State St., .Ann Arbor. 

\er. hlipeniing, Mich. Piiiiii' la.w Mm De.nnis, A.B. Travel- 

Roiai.T Wa'imix (."i.vkk. A I: (See h'ac- ling for D M. I'\rr^- t.'o 

nlties.) Ann Arl.or. Delrou-, Mich. 

lliuAM Sedc.wr'k Couy, Private Sarah Buyan Derthick. .\I;, (Mrs. 

Secietarv (kK) Secnriiy lildg., Melviii J. Rowe) A-\|nni. 

l.os .\ngcles, Cal. Mich. 

IsAsc Sii-i'iiEx CoE, A.B., ).D. '11. Law- '•Irirs \ 1 )Ks\'oi.,m:>. \ l!.,d. (.'a>s- 

\er. Cenlralia, III. opoli,. Mich., M.ircli Jo, 1011, ( -!.S ) 

I'M/Auiuii .Mai: C-oir, .\,1'. (.Mr. C.ul II \ki;v .Xim-m- Diir/, .\ V. 

K. Ilarnion.) 1O70 1'". Koih Si.. llvKioiiii, .Ma', Diii.v. A, 11. .\,M. '09. 

Ghveland, (I. Waterloo, |,ul. 



11 IKtl (0/ 

1 ■.(■•. .' 



Lkland D.\i,ii DoKiNEV, A.B. (See I'ac- 
iiltiesj Fiiullay, U. 

liAUPH ^V■l^STCu•n' iJoTv, A, 13., r.l->. '10. 

yj4 Spitzor Bklg., Toledo, O. 
Catukkinp; l.uuisi;,, Teach- 

Saginaw, Micli. 

ClIAUNCl.V ill-.Kl;l;l<T UoW.MA.H, A. 15. 

I'rinc. of lliyh Seliool. 

Islipemina, Midi. 
Maktha Duwnkv, A.B. Gen. Sec. V. W. 
C. A., W'iiiHirop College, 

Ruck Hill, S. C. 


\er. Suiitli Bciid, liul. 

Ai,i.i:n Avi:kv Dliulkv, i\.B. Instructor 
)u School of Music. 

.\nu Arbor. 
Gayi.e Ai.ui.KT iJiii.i,, A.B. Railway 
Agent, Bell Telephone Co. 

416 7th Ave., i'ittsljLirgh, I'a. 
Bessii; Huna Dunhhv, A.B. Teacher. 

Trenton, Mich. 
George Augo Dutuii;, A.B, M.S. (Tor.) 


Dep't. of Forestry, Wabhington, D. C 
CtiFTON C.I.EN Uyek, A.B. Teacher at 
Sauit Ste. Marie, Mich. Byron, Mich. 
MiNA Akiieudeen Itci;ucsTON,A.B. Teach- 
er. 3S Waverly Ave., Detroit, Mich, 
Geokcie Hthkewvnne Teach- 
er. Newport, Wash. 
Lewis Alden Estes, A.B., B.C.E. 'lo. In 
care of Trussed Concrete Steel Co., 

Detroit, Mich. 
CiiARi,ES Akthuk Evekest, A.B. Princ. 
of High School. Frankfort. Mich. 

George Eves, A.B., /'lo-'u. 

Millville, Pa. 
Josephine Dickeksox Feakok, A.B. 
Teacher. Methodist Conipoiuul, 

Peking, China. 
Bl.ANClli: l)i:\.N' I'ENTON, :\M. Tcadier. 
I>;.canal.a, Midi. 
Makjokii: Fenion, A.B. (.Mrs. John S. 
P. Tatiock.) Ann Arbor. 

Ar.EKEU l.YNN Feuguson, A.B., A.M., '09, 
n'o9-'i2. Teaching Assist., Gen. Cheni. 
Ann Arbor. 
Fkank Aliixandek Feik'.uson, A.B. Pro- 
fessor of Physics in 0.shko&li State 
Normal. Osiikosh, Wis. 

CoNsvANci; Fncu, A.B. Teacher. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
F'ekn Inez FLi-MiNG, A.B. Teaciier. 

2o_> Marslon Ct., Detroit, Mich. 
lilMANUEr. George Frank, A.B. M.inu- 
facturer. 26 Brainard St., 

Detroit, Midi. 


(Chic.igo) '10. (X)4ij Ellis .\ve., 

Chicago, 111. 
Da\'ii) Friu.w, A.B. (See Faculties.) 

Ann Arbor. 
DoKOTiiv llENRiErr.\ Fkost, A.B. 

Bay City, Midi. 
\\.\M, C-.\i;i-ii;i.i) I'ui.i.Eu, A.B., A.M. 'o<). 

i<a\enna, Mich. 

Ann.v I'Ul.i.EKToN, A.B. Te. idler in Vxw- 

trai High Seh.ft;!. Detroit, .Mieh. 

MaiiEI. Ceaim-; Gamikaith, .VB. (Mrs. 

I.lovd C. While.) 

US Washington St., 

Grand K.iinds, Mich. 
I'isTiiER NixoN George, A.B. Milliner. 

Cassopolis, Mich. 
Katueuixe GiiisoN, A.B. 0j 16th St., 
Detroit, Mich. 
Walter .A.B. Merchant. 
270J Cieinview Ave., E. W. Hills, 

Cincinii.iti, Ohio. 
Peksis M.\roai(ET GoEscHEi., .\.B. Teach- 
er. Saginaw, Mich. 
Eiiirii Cornelia Goouricu, A.B. (Mrs. 
Howard I' Blood.) Kalaiiia/'oo, Mich. M.srv CloL'i.i), A.B. Te.idier in 
High School, Alma, Mich. 
HekuEkt t^RAEE, A. B. Care Forestry De- 
partment, Washininnn, D. C. 
Henri I.hcian Grat-ix»n, A.B., M.D. 
(Detroit) '10, 182 Chene St., 

Detroit. Mich. 
James Boone Gray, .'\.B. Wicli Buckeye 
Churn Co., Sidney, Ohio 

Velma Im.orence Gray, .\.]}. 
tiARRiET Clare Grieiin, A.B. (Mrs. Ot- 
to W. llaisley.) Siiiton, Te.x. 
Artiil'r Thomas Grossman, A.B., /'03- 
'04, 811 \V. Liberty St., 

.\iin Arbor. 
Martha Gi kd, .V.B. 
(.'arc of .\ni. Ivxpress Co., 

Paris, France. 
Wjlliam Worth Hale, A.B., M.D., '04. 
2Stli and E St., Washington, D. C. 
Artiu'r Brown Hai.l, A.B. With John- 
son Educattir Food Co., 

218 Treniont St., Boston, Mass. 
Oeta M. Hai.e, a B. Social Worker. 
Southern Industrial Institute, 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Elsa Linda HallEr,, A.B. Teacher in 

l\astern High School, Detroit. Midi. 

TvAN Freuerkk Harlow, A.B. Care of 

Dow Cheinic.d Co., Midland, Midi. 

I.EN.v iMacue il.\R.\ioN, .A.B. Teacher in 

Troy (N. Y.) High School, 

Siiidairville. N. Y. 


< ' / ... -. 

'■• M . ' •. ■■ ... ; '• .;; .00" 

• ■!/ ... .,.,,..,.:■: r • " - ' ., v .i^ , - m..- ,..;» ,,.,• .. '. .^. rnjQ 

:;.,,.; ■■,; ,1,. ■ .',' -i ■ .1 «! -' ,:>vfr 'j.iO vionuD 

■i:^< : .... .^ >' .' ":,.' . ..!■,, .Mi .1 • ■■! .c./..- 

. .. ,.u./ ,A:"v. \/ .'., ' . v',--'(' 11- ■•-■; • .. .i 

.re- „-.,l.^ ■.,., .., . .; ;;. ■■> . ,n. .7 '. ....,,.1 ;, 

ibl- '(.-. : i! .... lj--~ ?.A .^Hif:; '^j. .A i:v/: J 

■'■'':■ ■) ^ U.J .. ■!• ■. 

Ai • . . > ./II-. :•/. ■ . '. . : ; . ... J .,,. .1 ■ i!,;-i ''.. 

-. ,. -.' • . ■. . '. ^:I - .• \ ■],. ;1, -H : :;l.,i;.t 

.■ ■ ■ / < ' ;i'U' . < < : ., .l..1ii, -1 , ;, /';ii/. 

. -; :■■ ■ ■ .,., . . ■:, . ,. ;' viii. -.'C 

;. .- I ;■'..: It '■. i 

.■.•:.-i ;.. ■ I.,;. ' .'.' ,i; r ..■■" 11 -'•. , a a -1 ' ' V i' , t.iiM/.lJf 

•■? -l ,.-'.. :^ 1 .,..■• I 

J .1.: - ■'■ ; ;.<.V/' , - i ; .'.; - " i .• ' ' ' ;'•..,';. ■ ' ' ' 


I.I 'n-.u.ikv DurAU'iMiisr, 


I.IX WlM.i.AR IIAKKIX.VION, A 11. ',- 

iT Hi Jligli .Solio,;l, l-rahkloit, Ind, 
Ur.N Hakkis, A.B. Maimfaciurcr. 

112 ArliiigtMii Si., Wwark, .\'. J. 
jAMi-i I'.i.Mi.K IIakki-^. A.I!, M.S. 'Oljl, 

Ph.D. 'll (Sec 1 .a'ultKxi 

fKini .\r:inr. 
EuwAiJi) William Hi:.\i)STr,.s'. A.Li., M.S. 
(For., \v,. Care I'orcst Service, 

Reiuil)lic, Wash. 
Z./KAii^A I.osM-j.L llKMiKuso.v, .\.i;. Teacli- 
er. Kalaiua/Mo, Midi. 

Ouv IJiAlkk Ili:.M(v. .\.l! , l,'ui. 

.MlK-na, Mieh. 
Ill r.KN B. lIiCKS, A H. (Mrs. KdwanI N. 
Siini-ipii ) 'I'he .Alexandra, 

I'liiladelphia, I'a. 
Gkack l'L(>ia:xci: Hjipki.. 

CjEoiu.e 11i:.\kv IIohnkt, All. Cue Jam- 
es liayile Co., C.raiul Kapuls. Mieh. 
John Tanni;i< Hoi.mks, A. Li., Ml). 'lo. 
Hudson, Mich. 
M.\RV Horn, A.B. Teacher in Coalinsa 
(Cal.) High vSchooL 
SaS C.arland Ave., I<os Angeles, Cal. 
Edith Grace Huchitt, A.B. (Mrs. John 
I.. Loeil.) 23« i.^lh .St., E., 

Salt l.ak-e City, Utah. 
EucRi-nA Pamklia Huntlk, A.B. Teach- . 

er in Iliyh School. Boyiie City, Mich. 

I.OKA Dei.l IIUTCIIINS, A.B. Teacher, 

Hopkins, Mich. 

Harrv Wayne IsExuruo, J.D., 'lo. 

2U1I Scottwood Ave, Toledo, O. 

Glenn- Watson Jackson, A.B., J.D. 'lo. 

Gladst'jiie, Mich. 

Hi:li:.v Louise Jacoui, A. II Teacher. 

Mr. Clemens, Mach. 
Ai.MEiJA May Janney, A.B. Teacher in 
State Normal. Mankato. Minn. 

XviiiA Ki'ssii.i.A loNi-s. A 11. Teacher. 

V^ilcaii, Mich. 
Ei;nst \'iltoi< Jottlk. A.B., M S. l For ) 
■(X). Care U. S. For. Ser., 

Washiiif^ton, I). C. 

Max Kah.v, A B, IJ.i;. 'lo. I'ord Bldj,'., 

Detroit, Mid). 

Francis C.eoroe K,\ne, .\ U l'.dit(/rial 

Writer I'nr The Driraii .V.'.-o.v. 

D. Iroit. Mich. 
I'KANLi s Cluikihe Ki:m<.nes ,.\.1! Teach- 
er. S8.) Trnml.nll A\e. Deli,, it, .Mich. 
Hakky Lokknzo A.B Wi:li Midi. 
State Telephone Co. 

(kand Rapid,, Midi. 
Jlihi Bkittain Keli.v, A.B. Asst. Chem- 
ist. Slate Exp. Station, 

College Station, Tex. 

Sl'.uioKii I'.wd, Ki;i.>EV, .\.B. Studenr. 
McCormick TheoloKical Seminary. 

Ciiicago, 111. 
.A.N.Mi; M.\i<c..\ui:t Kenaoa, AH. 

,?i8 W'rij^hlwood Ave., Kankakee, 111. 

1"k1-1ii:i:U'.\ DcjRofUV KlJ.NGMAN'N, A B. 

L'rivate Secretary, 

.Ann .Arijor. 
Martin \Vr:sTON Kramer, A.B., i;'o2-'o^. 
Chief Chemist, IH. Cent. R. R. 

OHj Iv 901J1 St., Chicago, 111. 
I.Eo Crane KroEL, A.B., c'oj-'oi. Keiail 
Dry Goo.!.-,. Saiidusk\-, (JIu... 

IUkuv Pete I.aih., A.B. F:.rmer. 

Keuanee, 111. 

(".EORC.K MlCHIE l.ANINO, .A.B., M.D. '10. 

J7 Kawagiichi Cho, Osaka, Japan. I.Ei.NoNEN, A.B. Teacher at .Al- 

tamont, 111. Calumet, Mich. 

Sterling .\nukus Leonaru, .\.B., .A.M. 

\>j. Teacher in State Normal School, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Carl Liesenuahl, A.B. Lawyer. 

901, 10 S. LaSalle St., Ciiicago, 111. 

Eleanor Adele I.oelanu, .\..B. (Mrs. 

James G. Van Horn.) Shelby, O. 

Clara Woodman I.onc, .A.B. Teacher at 

Iron Mountain, Midi 

Mt. Morris, Mich. Hli/a Lonc, A.l;. Teacher. 

Deari)orn, Mich. 
*\ViLi.iAM Carson Long, .A.B., d. North 

Vakima, Wash., March 5, iyi2. (25) 
Lulu Iu.ta I.r«i.Mis, A.B. .Asst. in Phys- 
ical Trainini.,', Mich. State Normal. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
*Marv Lowe. A P> , .1. Vickerv- 

viUe, Midi., April .1 1012. (.it.) 
Doris Colhorn Lutes, .A.B. Teadiin;.; in 
High Scho,.l. 

Owosso, Mich. 
AluErt I'.nuv Lyon, A B. (See ['acui- 
ties. .\nn -Arbor. 

Welcome Hall Settlement, 

Buffalo, N.Y. 

Aii.isoN BoicK McCain, AB. Teacher in 

High Sch,,ol. Ann Arbor. 

James Wii.iuk McCani.less, \.li. ICduc. 

Seer'y. V. M. C. A. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
.Vrtihk l.oris McC.\i<ty, .A.B. .\sst. 
Prof, of .Math., State Nor. Sdiool. 

Cipe Girardeau, Mo. 
Carl C. McCi.eelanu, A.B., M.D. '10. 
402 Wa-,luni;ton .\rcade, 

Detroit, Mich. 

F.Eiii: t-.ii.i 11 s .\l \CLH)N Ml), .\.B. Teacher. 

Hubbell, Mich. 

/ ,.!,! 

a... ■u^^ u„ r.j'.j. ..- I'M, 


V ..,1.;.:,,.' O. i;,» , ■. /. //..■-.|v/.|. ,...W-rr'V VWHt; 

lyo GRADfATES. [1908. 

llAHMK.r MAur.AiucT.MAcKt.N/n:, AH. In- 'Bi.axcuk Dow.iiiv .Mijnva.v AR d 

^n-iKU.r i;i St;itc Xunnal Schuul Hay City. Mich.. Oct. .?, j.jaj. u6)' 

\l)silanti, :\Iicli. Acnes Ai.ovse Wuki-hy AH (Mrs 

K.-i:ii<T ',ui<D„.N- MacKk.nzie. A.R., .MD. Frank C. Patterson ) 

07. As.i. i.ibur^cry. Ai,„ ._\rl,or. 5,5 H. 6j,u1 St., Chicago, 111. 

Jussi,: Jo.v.:s McN'Ai.i.. AH. Kachcr m \\n.,,..M MLKiiiv, A.H. Druggist. bchool. 1 a.ungs, M,cl,. li,ttle Crcck. Mich. 

busiE U. Mahek. A.H. I'nvau- >ccrL- Oka Wimi-keu Mukrav, A.H. Teacher at 

l;.ry. 654_' l.r.vm.^tcu .\vc., Craiit^ Pass, Ore-gun. 

'-'''"■'■'.^"' "I- ^M-aiul Haven Midi 

^'I.uiJibE Anma Ma.\n, AH., (1. at Ann Ali.ekt N \r.i,i:o.\ Xaium- \\\ \\ b' 

Arbur, Aug. 29, igii. ( j8 ) (H;.r\anl) 'ii. ' 

•EkSio.N Lei.\.nd Mak.shai.i.. .\ H,., / io-'ij. Hiute ^^(lnt 

(_'^3l;;r«l, Mieii. U.I.IA Stalv Xi;,N, .\.H. Teaclier in 

]liaEX M.^KV Maktin AH. 1 eacher m IHgh School. Saginau-, Micli. 

High School. Battle Creek, Mich. FKEbEKiCK Waud Ninde, A H </i'aS-'i2 

]).,.NAi.D Ma.xweu, MAnui.vvs. A.B.,M.S. 015 F.. Huron St., Ann Arbor! 

ll<or.) u). Secy. ScIhm.I uf 1-orestry, Rriioi.iMi Fit.vNcis XyMan, AH., I,L B 

ti.iv. 01 PinlipiMiK-. (Chatianooga) '08. Supervising Prin- 

Maiiila, P. I. cipal. 2 Phoenix \ve 

Fn.NA JoMU'Ui.NE Mavwoum, .\.H. Teacn- "^cbenecl-uiv \' \ 

er in Cciiir.d lliuli W'l M-iM.,, Rav Ounni:. .\ 11 " 

/^I'^l' ., Man.lleM. Oh 

FiuTH \Kn.A .Mr.Ai.s. .\.H. T> , 

AH., J. 1 

Crystal I'all^, Mich. C.hnnet, Mich. ■,„. ' t^K n'n'.ia "W'-'ish 

HiME.. l.EONOKv Mmin. .\ I;. Teachei in .\xn,: (.,so. A H Te.K, ,t liu - 

High School, Taxloiville, 111. IniglM,,, J,,ua. " 
Wame Wii.i.iAKi) Meuhitt, A.H., /'o8-'o.;. l.-^it Dodge Ii 
■'"-'■-• "^'7 K. 3r(l St., .Geokce Ai;(,r.-Ti s Om.okn, A.H., H.'s & 
Dulutli. Minn. KM. ( Mich. Coll. of Mines; '10. 
Hekma Louise Meyer, A.H.. A.M. aj. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich 
1 eacher in High School. Ai.dekt D. Peakce, A.H., I.L.H. '09. Pub- 
YpsilaiMi, .Mich. lisher. 5^36 Lexington Ave. 
Hattie Lindsay Middauoh, A.H.. A.M. Chicago 111 
'oy, A.H. (Miss.-uri Wcsl.) '00, Teach- Max Mi.nck Pi;et, .\.\].. .\.M. 'ja.''M.U.' 
tr. Hunner's Ferry, Idaho. '10. RIkmIc rsLiml Hospital, 
Thomas Lekoy Mu.uukx. A.H. Real F^- Providence R I 
tate. 30^,-7 \V. Madihon St., Aiikeh L.mi;uv Pekki.-.-s, .\ H. ' K M ' 
Ciiicai.:.., HI. (Cilc. Sdi, i.f .Mine- ) "lo 
?>l M-.,Aur.r RwKGEKr, MiM.ih, A H. (.Mr= n Wall Si., Xcu- y,,rk N Y 
CKiuciit 1-A.i Sni.u,! ) 1.01 A P., 111. Piiiii->. .\.H. Tuicher of 
Hraniih.nt. Cal. i-jigli.ji. K.alka.,ka, Mich. 
Ui 111 l.-iiM:: Mu.i.iK. .\.H. Xiir=e. .\i..;inA Juua.nna Pieti.k^, AH. Teach- 
Fast Salamanca. X. ^^ er in Slate X.jrinal School, 
Fi.i.A Heanche Mii.r.s, A.H. Matron at Oshko^^li, Wis. 
X. V. Ciiy Juvenile As)lnin. Fiuvaku .Mh.ton Peu.nkeiT, .\.H. J.D. 
Chaiuicey, N. Y. '"o. 10.S S. La Salle St., 
RoiiEUt F.MME-lT Mo.S'KoE, .\.H. Tcacher. Cliicai;o, III 
Lexington, Kv. M m-v l.o. ise. P,,, , i.s,,|..k. \.l;, Ti-aclur 
Rl'TH MooKi:, A.H. Teacher. in lii;..;li Seliuul. Yp^ilaiili. Mich. 

Troy, Ohi... Cauku: L.-iim: Pkav, .AH. Teacher. 

NViEUEKT Wli.LAKi) MuKUiS, .\.H Teacher -';«-.'7 .MapleUKod .\ve , Tiiled>,i, i). 

in High School. Hay Cite, .Mi.h. S.\haii M \y Pi t.\ a.m .\ li , H 1 ill'illi- 

\\'n.LiAM West Mouuis, AH., M.S. 'o-a il.ih) \.i. Tc.uher 

Care U. S. Forest Service. Sa^;ni:i\v, W. S . Mich. 
W^ashington. D. C. HEur 1-jam.\ (ji u k, .\.P,. Cradnate Slu- 
CiEORGE Randoeph Mukkiso.v. A.H., M.S. Jeiit. .\ini .AiU.r. 
(For.) '11, f'o.v'os. Care I'. S. Forest FriiEr. \iia.i.M\ Run \ H (Mr-; liar- 
Service, Wag,,n Wh.el Gap, Colo. ry McXud i Raveii^u ...;.l, I.a. 

•I , ■!:.,-,,' 

■I. ^ 4 

IMO.^ I L.nnUAKY DlU'AiaMV.Sr. h^I 

Jav TiituuoKL ki;i;U, A. I], M.S. 'cxj.Asbt. A\ku.\ I'KA.SKi.iN- Siiui.t., A.B., Ph.D. 

Gen. ..Mgr., Frederick .Suanii i\; Co. 1 Cohiiuhia j 'ii. ( See Faculties.) 

IJetTMit. Mich. Ann Arbor. 

Fkihua Rose RKv.Noi.ui. .\.l!. TcaclKT. llAuuiEi .Makv S.NfAi,u:v. A.B. Teaclier 

0.59 Shepard Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. in Western Ihgh Scli...,i. 

Ai.UA.N- i.i\'i.\i;sro.\' Rich akhso.n,, Detroit, Mich. 

.M.JJ. 'lo. Triuiouniain, Mich. Iii:.\j.\.Mi.\ Fk.x.n-ki.i.v Sm D ii, A B., A..M. 

Oxui.N IIayks Ricii.VKUso.v, Siiiil. 'c*). Teacher. -)0u Irvin;; St., 

ul ScIkhjIs. I'kie.lalf, .\ri/. * Toledo, Oliio. 

Tkma Rui.i, A.B. A..\l. 'lo. Teacher, iJAviu UriCAU Smith, A.B., M.I), 'lo 

Calumet, Mich. Bismarck, N. Dak. 

Ew-.uTiiA RuKi.oFS, A B. Teacher. Vvmmm Nicholas Smith. A.B., M.D. 'lo. 

Grand R.ipids, Mich. .\sbt. in Otolaryngology. Ann Arbor. 

C.vMH.iK l<ou.\i!i;cK, .A.B. (Mrs. Geome In\i.\c, Joskimi Smith, A.B. ii)0() (nunc 

W. Gilkey.) IMainwell, Mich. pro lunc)^ Raiichinaii R. D. i, , 
11i;.m<ii;tt.\ lu.iz MiHTii koM.\iii-\i, .\ I'. , LSrightoii, Colo. 
A.M. o). Teacher. .Sj; .\rch Si , h'.u; a.nor Smoot, A.B. (Mrs. Sauuiel S. 
.\iiu .Xrh.T. lluhiie> ) lliuhlanil I'.irk, HI. 
Rai.1-11 W. Kowi;. .\.l!. ILink Ca.hur. .Min.mi; SsL'Kb;, A.B. Teaching at De- 
Cainden, .Mich. catiir, III. Kdwardsbiirg, Mich. 
Cakv .\ Rowi. v.M), .\.l',. Journalist. Vi-:knon Snvduk, A.B. School 
(jaleshiirg, Mich. I'riiicipal. Cf)operst(3wn. Pa. 
Bi;i<.NUAiaiT Palissv Rui:ii;nik, A.B.c'io Lena Sokg, A.B. 
-'ij. 3^04 Scranton Rd , ^S'o N. Lincoln St., Chicago, 111. 
Cleveland, O. Hknhiktt.\ STAAi.i-CKtK, A.B. Teacher. 
MAim: .-\.NToiNi;nt;, .\.B. ^ I3tli St., Toledo, Ohio. 
Teacher. 13^7 \'inewood Ave., Hi.iza Pack Stark, A.B. Teaclier at 1 lib- 
Detroit, Mich. biiig, xMinn. Ann Arbor. 
Cii.Mii.Es HiCKi".v Rl TTi.K, .\ B., J.D. 'lo. RuTH Ei.iz Aiii-TH Stkclich, .\.B. Teach- 

L'nioii Trust Building, Detroit. Mich. er in Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Hki.i-.n- Ca-iiii:kini; Ryan, .\.B. (.Xfrs. Grand Rapids. Mich. 

Walter S. Ouinlan.) Donaiu li'STi'S Sti:ui,inc. .^ B. On Edi- 

147s E ii4ih PL, Cleveland, O. lurial Staff Orci^on JoiiinuL 

Mak\ Ma..ii\i.i,ni.; Sai.^tuom, .\.B. Portland, Ore. 

_ II.U ,}rd Ave., Rocktoi-d, 111. Fki:i) Guav Suvl:.^■^o.^, .X.B. Teacher .U 

Zacii \Ki \it CiiANUUK Sanui-kson', .A.B. Youiigstown, O. Mu>kegoii, .Mich. 

.\s.t. to Mgr., Century Publishing Co. Sakah .\c.^;l-.^ Sth.KS, .\ P.. 

Chicago. 111. 310 Maihson Ave., 

-Xational Military Home, Lid. Gran.l Rapids, Mich. 

B1.SS11: Sa.xto.n, .A.B., -\.NL 'cK). Teacher. Makcski-t SrocKUKincE, -A.B. Teacher in 

Lamhertville, Mich. High School. Muskegon. NLch. 

Olio Ih'co Ai.oi.pii ScHi-N-K, .\.B., M.S. Makion Loiisk Sroi.DAui). A.P, Teacher 

'U.J. Teacher. .Mt. Clemens, Mich. in 11 igli School. .Mt. Clemens, Mich. 

SuEi.DY Bui:\vi:k Sciii-ktz. A.B., LL.B. Joiix Stokks. .\ B, ;/ro8-'i->. 

'10. Lawyer. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor. 

Wii.i.AKi. Baknh.vkt Sco-,T, A.B. Travell- Ekkkis Dickikman Sionk. A.B., LL.B. 

ilig Salesman. V». Penob.-<cot Building, 

(o.uul K.,pid>, .Muh. Detroit. Mich. 

MouioN Ci.Ai-i) Sl■:l•:l,^, -\ I! , I.D. ( ehi 'I' Wi;.Nni.:i,i, Sionku, A.B. Prin- 

cago) '10. Spitzer Building, ToL-d.., () cipal ..t" Hi.gli School. Leadville, Colo. 

Cassh-s Siii.iiKN. .\.B. .\iiio- Bkssii- Vivian Stkkatok. .A.B. (Mrs. 

mobile Salesman. Vassar, Mich Clinton M. Walter.) 2-'<) 14II1 St., 

Ai.i!i:kt Woi.rK SiiEKM \.N-. .\.B. With So BulTalo, N. Y. 

California b'.dison (.d Gi.mivs 1'",miiv Snniin i-r, -X.B. Social 

J4.? S. Olive St, l.os .\ngeles, Cal. \\'orker. o-'i .Madison Ave,, 

Lkvi STi:i'iir..\ Snivi:i.v. .\.B Tcacbcr. .\'ew York, M. V. 

.M;. .Morris. 111. Oi ivi: .\[av Si tin. hi am.. A.B. A.M. '0.9. 

llKKiiiv l.o\r..N-i\ Sll^l•.^ \ P., (.Mrs. Te'ichcr in l•,l^t,•rn High School. 

■ Ja, D Sidei rr ) Snmner, Wa-h Detroit, Mich. 

iV' III !■ / 

'!■. \(. ;sf 

( I'. M 

1..; '! )\ / . 


Mark Joseimi S\vi:anv, A.B., 
(Har\artl) '09. 'reaciicr, 

Colorail) Siirings, Cold. 

Hkm-n F.i.izMiinu vSwiNKiN, A.B, Tcacli- 

cr in lli^h School. .Saf^iiKuv, JVIk-Ii. 

(1i:nkv Ciii>ti;i< Tafi-, A.M., 1,1„U. 'lo. 

4.51 'riionipsoii St., Ann Arlnjr. 

KosE Mak,,i'|..i<iti;, A.B. ln=.iruL- 

tor ni r.ot:inv, Mich. Ayri. Coll. 

I'.ast,-,inK, Mali. 

1.1.0 Tiio.MAs, A.l!. Fluri.t and KursiT\- 

man. Ticv. (), 

}vn,\ May Tiiuui.ow. A.M. Traclur m 

lliKh School. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Wii.i.i NM h'.vKUKrr Tui-ini.coCK, A.B.,. A.M. 

'(«). Teacher in llif-h School. 

Neganiiee, Mich, 
MvKA Bia.i.i: Tkum. A.B Teacher in 
High Sch,,ol, C.rand Kapicls, Mich. 
Gi-oKcr; Dk.xikk 'J'i'nison, A.B. 

l;av Ciiv, Mich. 
.Maiii.o.n Cii.vKi.A.Nu '1\ .M>o.N', A.l!., ,-'oy 
'(K'l. Baptibt Clerg\nian. 

WorcestiT, Mass. 
Makcakkt Tuknku, A.B.^ Teacher. 

Escanaha, Miclh. 
Htiikl Makion Tvkrki.1., A.B. 

Lake Geneva, Wis. 


'I'cacher in High School. 

Vincennes, Ind. 

-Xi.iiEkTA Bkatrici. Uui:n, A.B. Teacher. 

Lake Linden, Mich. 

CakI, Loi'lS VANDK.MANf, A.B., (?'oo-'oi, 

'o2-'o.4. 8}03 Liiiwooil Ave., 

Cleveland, ( ). 

riiii.ii' DoNAi.i) Van Zii.i:. .\ l!., ,• 'oi-'o<) 

i-lS I.\,rest Ave. \V , Deiiuit, Mich 

Stanm.kv I'.vans Vkknoh, .\ I! hNiurt 

Speciali.vt. ^(0|o W. Blvd.. 

Dellnit, Mich. 

llow.Mii. CiiiKGK Wai.kkh,. .\.B. Chem- 
ist with Western I'.lectric Co. 

New York. N. Y. 
MvKTi.iC Vi:kj:i.n Walki;u, A.B. Teacher 
lienloii Harhor, Mich. 
Zi'i.LA LoiiisK Wai.ti.h. .\.B. Trine. ..f 
High School. C.i.enlaiid, Mich. 

Cf.i.NTON Makk Wai.tiih, .A.B. Salesman 
2jg i^th St., Buffalo, N. v. 
HlUAM loiiN Wa.mdoi.i. .\ B. 
Roi.; DuKi; Watson, A.B., J.I;. '10. Law- 
yer. .\h,,n. 111. 
]s^^^l.l,^ Kightmvki; Watt, A.B. Teach- 
er m Central 1 MmIi School. 

Detroii, Mich. 
I'l.vsj^Ks S. Wkakv. A,r. , LI..B, \,,, 
l.awver, .\'. V.,- Hid,,'. 

K.H,-„,S Cilv, Mm. 

A.iM. Wii.i.i' 



H.MiKY O^CAl. 

(Rn-h.) '11. 


V \\'kntwortii, A.B. 
ntral Higli School. 

Detroit, Mich. 
1533 Congress St., 

Chicago, Bl. 
Wiirri;, A.B. 
* Lapeer, Mich. 

M Anv Leona WiiiTK, .A.B. (Mrs. George 
H. Brown.) 254 Mathihla St., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Katiii:i;i.m; Josephine Wiemer. A.B. 

Teacher in Negaunee (Mic)i.) High 

School. Houghton, Micli 

Mauu Wii.i.iAMS, A.B. Te.iclier in High 

School. Marshall, Mich. 

Samuit, Kavmonu WiEEiA.Ms, A.B., J.l). 

'10. Kord BIdg., Detroit, Mich. 

]>.Maui.e WiESON, A.B. Teacher. 

.Ann ArlK>r. 
Maiux Wood, A.B. Teacher in High- 
more (S. Dak.) High ScJKMd. 

Saline, Mich, 

Ki,EA WiNii.RKu W.KiiiMAN, .\.B. Teacher 

in High Sciiool, Charlotte, Mich. 

James I-'kederick Woouruee, A.B , / '03- 

'04. Advertising. JOO E. Grand Blvd., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Ann Arbor. 

Frank Ernest Work, A.B.. Supt. of 

Schools. huliana. Pa. 

Earl N. Worth, A.B. Prmc. of High 

School. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Artiiuk J'lEMiNC Hues Wriciit, A.B., 

J.l). '10 Uni.m Buildnig, 

San Du-go, Cal. 
I'.M/MnTu n..Ronn Wi-i.vr, A. 11., .\.M. 
•|"), \ 1; (.Mai.Mille Coll,^ 'o,;. .\.M. 
(/7'((/.) '1 1. .Assist, in Bot.uiv. 

.\nn Arbor. 

John X'lcTou, A.B. Care U. S. 

Forest Service. Washingioii, D. C. 

IvniNA Gerhardina Wvchoei,, A.B. 

Teacihcr. Tiie Alhambru, 

i.^J.n ClevelaiKl, (.). 



I u J 


ES .\lil;oTT, 


, J.D. 'n 


W J 


man Bldg. 

js Ai 

geles. Cal 


xci; . 


ES .\C,X1,W 


LL.B. '11 



Valley, ]ll 


,1. h. 





roll, .N. V 


'1 OKIl 


l.EKso^. A,B, ^ 

,,re West 


1 )ry 


oiN Cm 

,Si ;i 

lie. Wash 


: .\i;l 


', \ 1: K 


.00, Mich 

, ., .- 'u 'r Vl 

/I 'i r v,i:,. ■ '', 

.»i;.i/. k>»;i' (. .■ f^Jf' 

1 ■-. .11 t /. ■• 11' 
•A '. Mi.'f ,.-3 

ipofj.] LiriiKARY Di;i'AkrMli,\'J' 


Mi:m<v Irwin Aumstkoxi,, A. I!. I.;iw Makion Li;R(,v 1',, A.B., A.M. '10. 

Stiukiit at Harvard Univ. Teacher in Central State Normal 

307 Jolm R. St, Delroit, Mich. Mt. Pleaaant, Mich. 

H.\KKv LuKKN -\k.V( i.ii, M.I), 'it. K.\Tni;i<iNK riin.Ni;v, A.B. (Mr^. De.xter 

()wo.^^n, Mieh. P.. Keynnl(l.s.) Julin Day, Ore. 

Hdwi.'^ J)UKi)i;rrK H.vckcs, A. It. Tiieo. I)(ji<utiii;.\ Bisiiui-, A.B. Teacher in EI- 

Student at Meadville, Pa. leiisbiirg (.Wash.) High Scliool. 

803 iMary PI., Miniieapuli.s, Minn. R. i). q, Ann Arlxjr, Midi. 

TixiN MiuuJKN Haii.icv, A. 11. }.D. '11. N.s.ncv C.i-uTiu'Dfi 13i..\KK, A.U. (Mrs 

Xat'l. Bk. of Cum. Bld^., Clark W. Thumas.)* 

Tacoma, Wash. 145 Palmer Ave., K., Detroit, Mich. 

Edwin' I,.\i'i<k.nci; B.skkk, A.B., J.I"). '11. KiTTti-; I,^■^■.^■ B!..\ki:nkv, -A B. 

Adrian, Midi. C.ran.l Haven, Mich. 

Fi.oKi:.NCK Ei.iz-m:i:tii Bnkkk, A.B., A.M. Bi;ktii.\ Air.iyr\ Hi..\Kcii m<ii, A.B. 

'11. 513 N. Lincoln Ave., Teacher in High School. 

Bav Ch\y, Mich. Saginaw, Mich, 

Ckaci: Amanuv B.Msi-H, A.B. (Mrs. Lois Boci.K. .\.B. Teacher. 

Clark E. llighee.) 41 Cliiit.;n St., .\nn Arhor, Mich. 

Grand Ka|.id>, Mich. Cii ai:.nci:v SNMfia. Boichkr. A B.,A.M. 

Ei.oia:.NCK CATm;i;i.\i: B \i.i.. .\ B., AM. '10. (See Eacnltics.) Marion, Ind. 

'10. Teacher. Carnegie, Pa, Jobi-fii Nicholas Bdukc, B.S. Chemist 

Im.ouknci-; Ai.ici; Bannistiiu, A.B. and Metallurgist. lyS Blackstone Ave., 

206 Central Ave., Highland Park, III. Detroit, Mich. 

HowAKu L. Barkluix, A.B., J.D. 'u. Hi-:i,i:n Cakoi.yn Bradi.kv, A.B. Teach- 

1320 Citizens BItlg., Cleveland, O. er. East Berlin, Conn. 

Ruth Helen BAkTi.icrr, A.B. Teacher at ^Vll.l.IAM Nath.vnji-f, Bkaih.kv, .\.B., 

Whitney Point, N. V. Potsdam, N. Y. M.D. '10. Ann Arhor. 

C0UA1.VN Ei.i;anok Bass, A.B. Li;.va Brauv, A.B. Teacher. 

Benton llaihor, Mich. Union City, Ind. 

I.KoKA RAVi; Baum, A.B. Teacher at On- Joii.v Ki:nmcott Bri-nto.v, A.B. With 

toiiagon, Mich. United Charities. 165, Jackson Blvd., 

l', Mich. Chicago, III. 

Poss Ili:iiiii:i(r Baimi'.nk, .\.B.. / 'lo-'u. (^.iorcia.n.v [.aikim: Bi<oAiJwt;i.r., A.B. 

Saline City, Iiul. Teacher in High .Sclio-l 

Hakoi.i. Ai.i:.xam,i:k IIaxtkr, B.S. .Mel- V'alKv Chv. N. Dak. 

allnrgist with Midvale wStecI Co. Blucic Joii.s Bkomiv. .\ II, I I) 'ii. 

PhiladelpOiia, Pa. 2<m D.uion .\vi,, St. I'.iul. .Minn. 

IlKXKicKA likv.'.NT Bi:\cii, A.B. Teacher 1)okotiii:a l<.M:eniNi- Bk.ithikio.n', .\.B. 

in High School. (.Mr.. S, Arlhnr llu-toii.) 

I.awi.iice, .Mich. 141 Iv Warren Ave,, Detroit, Mich. 

Una Kaviiii, hi: \.. 111,11;. A.l! IIi:m<t^ ]-.\u\. Hkowx, A B,, A.M. '10. 

Cll.\l;ll^ C. liicuii;, \.li„ JD. '11, Teacher. Ivast Lansing, Mich. 

I'.r.M.kvilie, (). 1.11,1 IAN Mav Brown, A,B. Teacher in 

John Mokt.,o.mi.i<v Bicufoki,, A.H., M.S. K'alaiiia/00. Midi. Ionia, Mich. 

(Lor.) '10. Care V. S. E(, Service, Hi:nrv Am'honm; Bl^nhscuu. A.B., }.D. 

Washington, D. C. 'n. Independence, Mo. 

Mai!i,i, Ei.izAiuiTii Bi.i.i., A.B. (.Mrs. .Minnie .ANToiNi:rrK BfUGovNi:, A.B., 

Francis G. Kane.) ,-i,.\ I'"(jrest Ajits,, -A M. 'cxj. Teacher. Bridgeport, Mich. 

Detroit, .Mich. I'Ri:i.i;i(icK H.\rrison lUisnv. .\ P.. 

J. LouisK i^.i-iNNinr, .\.P.. Teacher. *l.i>i,ii-: lu<Ni;sT BL'rn;Ri-n:Mi .A.B, d. 

88 Marengo Ave., Pasadena, Cal. .\i,ii Arl.or, May I, I<>IJ. (.7) 

EV.\ EU.A BlH.'R.MAN.V, A B. County i^nAI, Sl'.MNK.R lUjzzi-.i.i., B.S.. .M.S. '10, 

School Commissioner. c 'os-'o!). Chemist and ILicieriohigist 

Ncul.crry, Midi. C. R. I. .-v P. R. R, 4J_(? C.ilumet Ave., 

BisHi; loiA.Miii; PicKi.ou-. .\,B. (Mi->. Chicago, 111. 

James A. Moore.) .VNeryAve,. Fiorknci: .\1\u,,m<ki C v.m n.Ki.i., A.M. 

Dclr.nt. .Mich. Teacher Pav City, Mich. 

John Davih Bu.ckrs. .\.B Secr'v To- I|,,u\ki, IIiv.h Cami'Im.ii. A,H„ I.L.B. 

ledo C(Hiiiiui-ce Cliih. Tolrdo, (). 'ii. .\lpeiia. Mich. 

\r. ■ <: . <■ 

.1- :-'l. 

"J 4 



Ti-:K(;MI-; C'AliKV, A,]!. IfARia 

Ivisihikc, .Mich. 'lo-' 

Aoxi:s Gi 

OKGIA Caui'ENTki;, a. Ik Teacher Bi.anc 

in lligl 

I School. Mar^hliehl, Ore. in t 


\ C/.uK, A.. 15. Te.uher at Mauri 


ale, Midi. 


Woi.vEN Ckani;, A.B, A.M. '10, u 

_'. Asst. in Sociology. Ann Aibor. 

Bi..vNcui; Vkness Cko^uy, A.B. TcaclKT 

in High School. Marion, Ind. 


Valpara.iso, Ind. 

.'-l-i W. Alexandiine Ave.. W iKt lunVAUD Dakuovv, A.B., B.lvE. '11. 

Detroit, Mich. 35 N. Maple St., K. Orange, N. J. 

Henry Roiixkkt Cahstkns, A.B., M.D. Cmnton lliu;ui:s Davis, A.B. Teacher 

(IJetroil) 'n. Studying' in Berlin. in lliiih School* Sioux City, Iowa. 

6jo Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. Winu-kku 1".i.(.i;n Davis, A.B. (Mrs. Cal- 

BiiKTiiA F.STiiKK Ca.,^iijv, .A.B. reacher. vin O. Davis.) Ann y\rbor. 

South Bend, Ind. Cai;i, MoSKU Dkaki.n'. A.B. Sale>nian. 

Veva Beatuici; CAsrEi.i., .\ I! Lima, O. 

Aug.. la, lud. .Mai.o-i,.\i 1m<ancis Demse, A.B Mngr. 

KuMU.\-u Bn-Ei.ow Chaeiek, .\.B. Abst. lietail Store. +t2 i'niliam St., 

Pastor, JelTerson Ave. Presbyterian Atlanta, Ga. 

Church. Detroit, Mich, I.uuwio I'uank I)i;i;ius, A.B., M.D. 'li. 

Nkii, ']'ii(;.mi'S0N Cii A .\i iiEKM V, .\,l!, St. iUizabeth's Hospital, Dayton, O. 

PhC. '00, B.S. (Phar.) '07. Ti aclier in SenekEki.m Manim.k l)i:k-l I acoi-ian', 

llivh School. A.B., Ph.C. '07, B.S, (Phar.) '07, A.B. 

Kalaiuai-o 1, Mich. ( .\n:i!(,lia) 'o\. Analvtical Chemist. 

IIkxkv I-kancis Chankv .\ li. l.Miiilier- 7028 Oumi)y -\ve., Cleveland, O. 

man. v-. IMnumd I'l , Dwioii, Midi. Ai,n<i:n l.n:iu:i<T Di-.vo:,, A.B., J.D. 'i I. 

IliKAM lloiiAUT L'uAi-.M w .\.B. Teach- .|.Si i;ih St., .Mdwaukee, Wis. 

er ill Central High Sdm,,!. Bt:.N j a.mi .\' IIakki^o.v Deu'Ev, A.B., J.D. 

Ddroit, Midi. '11. Clyde, O. 

Ai.TA Blanche Chase, .\.I!. Teacher in A.\i.he\v lACKhoN' Dic.inoN. .\.B. l'~arm- 

lligh School. Saginaw, Midi. er. Monlicdlo, 111. 

IlEKMAN .'\l.liKlCH ClaUK, .\.15., .\.M. 'lo. I'lliMUNli AuillUK DlTlMAN, .\.B. Min- 

Teadher in High Sdioi.l, • ing. f,<)5 liurtou Ave., Avundale, 

Crystal Falls, Midi. ' " Cincinnati, O. 

ICu.N'A .AiucAU. Ci.AwsoN, .'\.B. Priuc. of ..\iniiiiK l",.Mi.nsoN Dixon, A.B. .Aiitomo- 

lliL;h Sch.H.l. Trenton, Mich. bile Advertising. Newark Apts., 

.\i.KE MakiE Coats, A.B. Teacher in Detroit, Mich. 

Central High School. Detroit, Mich. Ida Joanna r)'Oo(;i:, A.B. Teacher in 

Caki, Je.nness Coe, A,B., A.M. 'ii. (See High School. BcibC, Idaho. 

Faculties.) .\nii Arbor. SxEi'iiE.x .Mavnaki. Dimi.EV, .V.B. Teacii- 

NiNA Cuciii.AN, A.B. Te.icher in West- er. i'oiitiac, Mich. 

em lliidi Sch.H.l. Detroit, iMicb. Wn.i,n.\i | vcuu D.i'n.ur. A. I;, M.S. 

WiMlAM losii'U Coi.c.A.v, .\ r,, l.,iw Stii tb'or. I 'lo Care U. S. l'ore-.l Service, 

(lent. ' I'iUsi.Mii, .\. )', W'ahhinglon, D. C. 

1.11 \ M\i: Coi.wEi.i., .\.n Te, idler in Fi..>\ Am.vnds h'.nEuiiAcii, A.B. (Mrs. 

High Sdiool. Sturgis, .Mich. Samuel P. Weaver.) Sprague, Wash. 

IiiA Gkace C(;.MSTocK, .\.B. (.Mrs. .Add- Benjamin Kimoi.iMi Egoeman, A.B., 

bert P. Mills.) Ithaca, N. Y. DI..B. 'il. K. D. I, Mu.^l<cgon. Mich. 

Maiii.i, l.oiusE CoxAT, Hakeev Beaine EiKENitEKKV, A.B. Mer- 

7S1 Campbell Ave, Detroit, .Mich. chant. C.reen\ille, O. 

Helen Fulton Coueev, .\.B. Teacher in Ceakiince ICknest I'.i.duihoe, A.B., J.D. 

High School. Big Rapids, Mich. 'it. Marquette lildg., Chicago, 111. 

Ki,i/:Aijt"nt JEANNETTE CoiwNEi.L, .V.B. Hauky Dei .m m< 1', A.B. Teacher at 

Sebewa, Mich. Watseka, ill. Diuulee, N. Y. 

Geokce Henky Covekuale, .\.B. Supt. of Feed Cuestku lili.MEK, A.B Teacher. 

Schools at F.vanston, Wjo. ■ (.01.3 y\ve., Cleveland, O. 

Mayville, Mich. I.alka I'.meuy, A.B. Teadier. 

♦Jessie Scott Cowing, .Xll, d. Six.kaiie, |-7 G-nrnd Ave. S., Lansing, Midi. 

Wash., Sept. 17, lyii. (j?) John FKICKSo^^, .A.B. f'oj-'o.^. 

Toiiv Ai.EXA.NUEK Ckak., A B., .\.U. '10. Priric. of High School. 

Teachu-. .\lii kegou, Midi. 1 loughtoii, Mich. 

.KK ;(•'•■ 1 

.ant I, 





IvLTiiKK Paul Ettinckk, A.B. Supt. of Rltii Ciktis CjRF.atiiouse, A.B., .\.^^. 

Schools. S;ir:inac, Alicli, 

Mauv Runnels Fayham, A.B. Nur^e. 

Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Dora Cukistian Feauon, A.B. Teacher 

in Hig'h School. Hartford Cit}', hid. 

112S Rockton Ave., Rockford, 111. 
Solomon Fishisaini;, A.B. Teacher. 

372 W. Hancock Ave., Detroit, Mich 
Raymond Lawton Fii/iGek.vlu, A.B. 

Honexiye Falls, N. Y. 
Hakvev Milton Fooelsongek, A.B. Far- 
mer and Writer. New Paris, Ind. 
JosEi'ii Samuel Fulz, AM. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 
M.'iKGARET FosTEK, A.B. Teacher at Bea- 
con, Mich. Ashl.uul, Ky. 
Hakkv CLA^■lo-\ Fkackk, A.B., I.I..B. '11. 
Crystal Falls, Mich. 
Aktju'k losri-it Fkeesk, A.B. Acconnt- 
ant. ' Gallon, O. 
Makcus I.Eoimji.d FkEUI), A.B. Lawyer. 

MolTat Bkl},'., Detroit, Mich. 
H£LE>J C. GAliI.E, A.B. 

(lerniantowiL O. 

Nina ^L^Y Gace, A.B. Teacher in State 

Normal School. Bruckport, N. Y. 

(3eokce W'u.ekeii G.nnno.v, .\.B., M.D. '10. 

Cay. I:,d. 

Lillian G.\tlin, A.B. Tiacher. 

2_'.S N. Genc.-ce St. \\:uike;jan, 111. 
GuACE GiurioN, A.B. 

■■.Hr^ l6th St.,, .Mich. 

M\i<A Gi:.\EviEVE GiusoN, .\.B. Teacher. 

BJlevue. Mich. 

Allan Mowry Giddings, .\-B., M.D. '10. 

Au,L,'usta, INIich. 

QuiNTER Olen GiliU'RT, .A.B., A.M. '10, 

iji'io'ii. loj iJth St., Ann ArlKir. 

Akchik RuiiAi-ii Gn IM.S-. A.l!.,.\ M.U'hi- 

cauo) '10. Grad. student, fiiiv. of 

Chica^^o. Cinc.imi, 111. 


'11. 53 \V. Main St., Chillicothe, O. 

BL.^NCllE .Alice Goounow, A.B. (Mrs. 
August Schmitt.) Howell. Mich. 

lu.siE M\ui> Jii.iiEiiT Gooijsoi.E, A.B. (Mrs. 
William 11. Dodge.) Hancock, Mich. 

Jean Hunter Goudie. .A.B. IVaclur in 
lliyh School. Iroi.wood. Mich. 

Frances Si'EEu Graii.xm, .A.B. Teacher 
at Pontiac, Mich. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 

Raymond Gunnc.Er, A.B. Cement Chem- 
ist, luigle Ford, Te.x. 

Caul Blackwuoii Guawn, .\.B , J.l) '11. 
Ford Buildin-. Detroit, Mich. 

10 I2th St., N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
IbiDOR GklL-SWAli), A.B., Ph.D. (Colum- 
bia) 'II. 4-1 6 !•:. s8ih St, 

New York, N.Y. 
I.uciLE Force Gregory, A.B. (Mrs. Mur- 
ray H. Gilcrest.) Care Portland Ce- 
ment Co., Dcs Moin«s, Iowa. 
Harlow Djodat GiiOSE, A.B. Teacher in 
High School. Marquette, Mich. 
PiiiLii' Sheridan Gutches, .A.B. 
Ai/EL-Miu: GuTciiEss, A.B. (Mrs. Stephen 
D. Gntchess.) Princ. Guichess Busi- 
ness College. Bridgeport, Conn. 
Wili.lnm Fk'emerick Haas, A.B., LL.B. 
'u. Dundee-, Mich. 
George I.yhia Hager, A.B. (Mrs. Farlc 
G. Killeen.) Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
DoNAL H.VMii.TON H.MNES, .A.B. Maga- 
zine Writer. Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Helena Louise Haix, .A.B. Teacher in 
Battle Creek, (Mich.) High School. 

B.Uevue, Mich. 

Ruth Louise IIaller, A.B, (Mrs. Fhner 

J. Ottaway.) St. Clair, Mich. 

Stuart McCunr Hamilton, A.B. (See 

Faculties ) -Ann .Arbor. 

Don \ili;Ette Harcrave, A.B. Teacher 

at Newberry, Mich. Palo, Mich. 

Jesse Funest II.srkness, .A.B. 

Zanesville, O. 
TiiER.,N Ai.MN Harmon, .\.B. 

Yankton, S. Dak. 
GoRii(,N Leslie IIarkiso.n-, .\,1'.. .Manu- 
facturer. Sh.lby, Mich. 
H'ciA C.m;olin-i; H-\i(rison, .A.B. Critic 
Teacher in Western State Normal. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

HowARLi Charles Hawkins, A.B. Priuc. 

of Hiuh School. Petoskey, Mich. 

Ai.inuTA \\\iuo Hawi.ev, .\.B. Teacher. 

Gatuii, C /., Panama. 

Ira Mmvu.v, A.B. Teacher in 

Bradley Iii..titnte. Peoria, 111. 

Rali'H IIknest HawlEV, A.B. Teacher. 

5 Otis PI., Boston, Mass. 

CoRi;ELi.\ May Hayes. .A.B. Teacher. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Alt A Wii.MiN Havwaku, .\ B. Te.icher 
in lliuh Schoul. 

P.. It Huron, .Mich. 

Ranso.m H \2i;i.ton, .A.B. Sui)t. of 

Schwols. Marine City, Mich. 

Roscoe I.arlom LIeaton, A.B. Sales 

.Maiiagu 15.' N Jackson St., 

.\tlan1a, Ga. 

Gkvce lli.iiMH, A B. Princ. of High 

School. .Mason, Mich. 

/\iN WiVJ. 

I icj6'liS. [kjoj. 

■ Nina Ai.ici; 1 Ikni.i.kmjx, A 1!, Runim Ohay Johnston', A.Ii., MI), 'ii. 

176 Jus, C:iuiiKiii Ave, luu-uit, Midi. IJoll.u- \ii\y, Mich. 

I'liiw.Mii) l.ivKNS llK.Ni.Kici. A.II l).-kOTiiKv loNKs, A.!'.., /\.M. '10. (Mrs. 

JV-(.ii:., 111. W'iu-rai J. VinKMi.) OS \V, Willis Ave, 

I'k.vnk llr..\ui;v, A.I!. Simh, ol SchouU. Detn-it. Mich. 

C'luUL-a, Alicii. Fi.uvij ll.Nhiii.N.; Jo\i;s. A.15., M.D. '11.;i,.v Hk.nzi:, A.n. l\;iclaT in Central IUIUvul- llusp., Xcw York, N'. V. 

; llish School. Detroit, Mich. IIawkv Mouton- Ki;ai., A. P.. Teacher in 

l.uTTA ,|!j:umci; lloiiAin', .\ I!. Teacher in liiKh School. HurhMKton, Jowa. 

Spciiccriiort, iN'. V.) IliKhSeliool. Amy I'.i.iz.MiKTii Kkmnk, A. li Teacher. 

h"riciul.,hiii, K. V. 1.5-7 I'aik Ave, IiuHanapolis, Iiid. 

Iji.i.iAN May IhiiHu:, A.i;. Komkkta Jani: Kkhoi:, A.I!. Teacher in 

l^M lin^leuood Ave., Detroit, Mich. Ili;4h School. Traverse Cily, Micli. 

Jou.N Thomson 1Ioi,c.i:n, A.ii., .\r I) '10. Si'i nckk I)i.\ Kkii.kv, Trine, of 

llAUKH.V h'.l.l/.Alinii lloii-MAN, .\.li. Jli^^ll Scho.,1. riulle, iMolll. 

Te.icher in, (().) li.j^li School. John Tirr.s Ki:nny,, l.L.H. '11. 

ruislord, Mich. i«i.S iv 4lh St., Dnlnlli, Miiiii. 

Udhh M.vY liui.iiKooK. .\.ll. Te.iciiinK' in I.n.i.ian Kkhn. A.B. Teacher in 

.\lolia\Nl: (.v. V.) lliL;li Scliool, Hay City (Mich.) 11 i^h Scliool. 

; Si. I.ilins, Mich. I.aulou, Mich. 

: l.ii.i.iAN May I1oli'.k(;ok. .\ I!. Teacher in Ci.ah.v .\ Kii:i-, AH. Teacher in Re- 

I kiclniiun.l, (.Mich.) lli^^li Scliool. imlilic (Wa^h.) lli^h Scliool. 

I llinlll- I'-iileNanl, Murd'ock, Mmn. 

t'hica^M IKiuhL,, 111. Kathmuni-: I'il^.Cl:-iT^ King, A. IS,, A.M; 

Akiiii K SiiKinsoou lloeKix-^, H.'S. Care '10. Cen, Sec Tniv, Y. W . C A. 

of Nor. I'ac. Ry., Land I lep't. Aim .Xrlu.r. 

Helena, Mont. RK.xroiM. KiNc, A,l!, Care of L', S, l"or- 

Bi:ktha Jani;, .\ I!, e,-t Service, San, Cal. 

I.apeer, Mich. ^[l■;l.lNllA Kinyon, .\ I!. Sec, Keiler.ilcd 

i CvY Watson Hol-m:,, / 'io-'i2. Cliaritie.x Ann Arbor. 

I Anil Arhur. Fkii:iia k'i.i;iNsTL'KCK, AH., 1,I,.H. '11. 

Do.VAi.u CHi:siKi< IloYT, AH. Student at (Mrs. Carl C. HIankenbnrK'.) 

, Cohinihia L'niv. Chillicoilie, (). Kalamazoo. Mich. 

NrnTii- 1u.izaiii:tii llinnii^, .\. 11. Teach- Douothkv Kn]-;i;i.ani., AM. Tiacher. 

' er. Care U. S. I.c^alion, .\nii Arhor. 

Peking, China. [kan liounKN .\ H. Teacher. 

Ma.\ Hi, A.B. Lawyer. " 55, l-'oresl Ave W., Detroit, .Mich. 

.((, IhiKue Ave,, Detroit. .Mich.,m Im'Kiimck Koch, AH, .\,M. 

Li;uoY Wktmoui; Hi;i.i., .\ H,, M D, 11, 'i.i, ( See I'acnliie^ ) .\nn .\rbor. 

Cal. iK: HeoLi llospiial, *Jr \\ Nil ri' l"i 1/ mutii Koi vis \ P, d 

C.Annu-t. Mull. |.,„,, i|,,,,,„ Mi,|,^ i.-j,. ,,, ,'„,,, ,\^) 

lU/ri. l.ouiTiv llrNTi;u, .\ H I,,„ms Cii;.Mi:.Nr Ki(\i.r, .\.H. M.mnfac- 

^■1^ W. II, monk ,\ve, Dell. Ml, ,\licli ,„,,.,■. Wheeliiib', W. Va. 

Chi,>ti.k k'nniKick liiKMv. .\ H, Whole- Cii\ui,i;s likooKS Ki<i>s, .\.li., />'o2-'oj. 

^alc Luinher, tir.iiid R.iincL, Mich, Teacher in High School, 

Otio Ri i,Mioii. iHUNC. AM. Mannfac- ^ Stockton, Cal. 

tnrer Kal.uiia/00, Mich. Maiu;ai<i;t Rosf., A.U. Teacher in 

MuKiKi. X'li.v HasHkoi'Ck J\mi:s, A.U., Hifrh School. St. IgMace, Midi. 

A.^^. (Leiaiul Sl.mford) '10. Ai.mfkt C.imkci; Kvsk.i.ka, .\.H. liisnr- 

.Mile-, City, Moni. ;uic,'. Traverse City, .Mich. 

Khancics Ai.kxis Jakvis. .\.I! Hukukttic Lacky, AH,, LL,H, '11. 

Med ford. Ore. Ford Hldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Gk.vci: Iiii-NK Ji:i-ruH:s, A.H. (Mrs. Clav- Jamks C.kaham L.\ki;, A.H. Teacher in 

ton C. Henjamiii.) Navarre, Mich. Cass High School. Detroit, Mich. 

C.K.RAtAN Ll-VANT JKNNFU, .\.H. Supt. of lIoUACK H AK^toN I.A.M UK KTON, B.S. PritlC. 

Seiiools. Pontiac, Mich. of Hi.gli School. Chateuugay, N. Y. 

Jay Howahi) Johnson, .\.H , /> 'oj-'o?. Jami:s U'li.i.iANf L\Mi'.M\>r. .A.H., c'05- 

Priiie. ..f High Scli.)ol. ■ '(y-,. Sludent .it L'niv. of III, 

Porihuui, Mich. Hastings, Mich. 

i; I' ;, >■/ lut. 

iyo>] DEPARTMLiST. 197 

1,()UJS Tiiix.uouE Law.skx, A.U., .M.S. Vidl.v M.Mdi: iM.\KSu.\r.i., A.B. Teacher 

(.For.) '10. Care U. S. ForLht Scrsice. in High Schoul. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

\Va,--hiiigtoii, 1). C. \Vu,M.\ Makx, (Mrs. Aubrey H. 

Gemrudk Fi.uiT I..\\v, -A.B. (Mrs. J'.ni- Straus.) jjii llaiiuver .Ave., 

est F. Wak-.j Sanclpuiut, klalio. Richiiwnd, Va. 

Ann.\ ISiii. I.i-i', A. 15. C.cii. Sec'v. \'. W. Lk.mi Scorr M.\son, A.B. (Mrs Allan 

C. A., Ore. Agri. Coll. M. Ciddinys.) Augusta, Mich. 

Corvallii, Ore. M\m, Wji.i.cox M.vson, A.J5.(Mrs. Carl 

GuuKCU }l.\MMUNl» LlUl, .A.B. Ihewer.) ^ Iruiiwojd, Mich. 

67 Ferry Ave. F., Detroit, IVIich. Uoin: MKKbi:i<it.\u, A.B. Teacher of .\rt 

Paui, Ali.E.m Liuuv, A.B., A.M. '11, c'os- in Ilii^h School. 

'06, /'ii-'i2. 327 lolh St., Toledo, O. 3X30 Shenandoah Ave,, Si. l.^uis, Mo. 

Furru Bi.axch Ldinakd, .\.B. Sa.ulki. Fu'.i.n' Miri'i.iN, A.B. insurance, 

850 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. 

Picui;v Ai,i,i:i;t, A.B. I'rinc. oi High Doxai.u CK\-\iio>f Mim.kk, A.B. Banking. 

School. Norway, Micli. m \V, Monroe St., Chicayo, 111. 

Ei.sin Sakah I.inton", All. Hakrv CrK.xi.K.NXo.N Mii.i.KK. A.B., J.D. 

SlI S. Terier>on Ave., Sa-inaw. Mich. '11. I.odi, O. 

CiiKsri-K Miiii:k I.oo.mis, A.B, A..M. 'lo. l,i:o.\ WH.i.ia.m Mii.i.i-k, A.B., I,[..B. 'ir. 

Methodist Clergyman. Clayton. Alich. Petoskey, Alich. 

F-KKui^Kic Muuuis Loo.Mis, A.B., (/I'lo-'u. BvKON Fi.i)ki:i) Mills, B.S., t;'o4-'o7. Ar- 

Grand Rapids, Mich. c'hitectural Dratlsnian. 

Ali!i:ut JusLi'ii Luiiui;, A.B., A.A[. 'lo. 510 Wash. Arcade, Detroit, Mich. 

Quincy, Jil. I,i:o.\ Flovu;k, A.B., JD. '11. 

I.ouisi; Carey McConnkl, A.B. Gov't. Ou.isso, Alich. 

Teaclur of Sanitation and Hygiene. Lolisi-: Miske, A.B. Teacher in 

Juneau, Alaska. Hi^h School. (Jntonanon, Mich. 

KiiwAKu Blake M.\cDonali., A.B. Theo. Fka.ncls Timh<.\to.n' MnciuLL, A.B. 

Stiulent. l.M Virginia .\ve.. Teacher. Manisti.iue, Mich. 

Detroit, Mich. Vi:k.nok Mii.d Mook:;, A.B., M.D. '11. 

MicuAia, Bui:.\-.NAx AK: IIl<-.ii. .\,1'.., Freeport, Alich. 

1.1.11. 'u. iSji) GeiicMO .\vi.. SroiinsKi, Stl\i:.vs Mohe, .\.B. Teaching 

S...L:ii,au. Mi>h. ni College. Geneva, N. Y. 

A.NN s 1ui/.m:itii Al\cK \v, .\.il. h'.VA I'aiimn M.ikKis, .\.ll. Travelling 

_'8^ lloMen .\ve., Dclroit, .Mich. SecrelaiN ^^ W. C. -\ 

Fkkiilkick llAMiwLLL McKav, .\.B. .\ss't. i<;8S W' .\ve, Detroit, .Mich. 

Prof, of Reading and Oratory, Mich- Auc.iistj.m: kuiii;i<r Alor .msieu, .\.B., 

igan Slate Normal College. A..M. (Colunihia) '10 On Tlw liven- 

VpMlaiUi, Mich. /)o,' Sun. New York, N. Y. 

Maucakit Nui.s.i.N' Mcl.AicuLXN', .\.B. IlAi^Kirr AIakv Mi'dce, -A.B. Teacher in 

Teaclur ni High School High School. Flint, Mich. 

Ilonghlon, Mich. Ci.iMo.N Jo.^■|•;^ Nelsox, A.B. LI..B. '11. 

I.VLE Dm; Mc.Mu.lan-, .\.B., M.S. 'ii. Alma, Mich. 

Teacher ill High Scho..l. Wencel .\lexa.niilk Nei;man.n, A.B. 

Hancock, Mich. Sales Agent. .Marlelle, Mich. 

J(jii.v .Xhrncu McNeil, A.B. Teaclur in I.ydia Belle Nokkis, A.U. (Mrs. I'lnd- 

lligh School. Calumet, Mich. lav N. l,<u-ee.) 15oise, Idah.,. 

JlAUKV HUANI, MiC.EKlMCU MalLJA.X,.\ B. J.iUN W. Ol.Tllol'sE, A B.., A.M. '10. 

Ass't. in Hacteriolog)-. .\im .\rl»ir. Teacliing a! Woodier Lliiiv 

Ravmoni. F.AKL Manchestek A.B, .\.M. \Vo,)ster, O. 

'u. Teacher in Slate Normal. Hakky Fva.n.. I'AiiaCK. .\.B , Ml). 'o-L 

Odiko-,h, Wis. Youngslown, O. 

Hekmixe AIann-, A.B. Teacher. Hakoli. .\/ko I'ArrEi-so.x .\.B., c'o(>'07. 

lleleii.i, .\rk. Interior Decorator. 

llAiuKV McK.Mc.irr Ma.nss, A. 11, Ad- (q,? Gioveland Park, Chicago, III. 

verli>iiig, 1st Natl. Bk. llldg,, Hekueici' iu c.E.xE 1';, .\,B. 

Cincinnati, ( ). Beac.n. Mich. 

Cake Iucem: MAuor'Ainu-. .\ 11 Teacher I'i-.n k Paillm: Pelt, A,B. (Mrs. Carl A. 

in Pa. Stale Coll. Sl.Ue College, Pa. Wolfr.iin.; Grace, Idaho 

<l ' : q\ 

.,.,.j.',/.i/ /.'. i 

/ ... I ./'•.< I,' .-.I: ii:rM>'.i) 

.;1V .. ■ ,„,.M ,;..«/; 

,„ -.. I-,,- r 

I .1 ;!J- 

.1 / !■ '. 11', 1 sf ..1 / /v:/. 

, .■•/! .a./ ,/ w 

., K :i/....'i-t ...I/O 




lii.i.K.v Bkktha Pi;ksu.v, A.B. Stcnog- 
rapljer. Ami Arbor. 

May Maddi;N PF.Kbo.v, A.B. Teacher. 

Lansiiij,'. Mich. 
jAMiis Wfbiser Pktei;. A.D, Lawyer. 

536 Millard St., Saginaw, Mich. 
Sara Jane Piim.i's, A.B. Ami Arbor. 
Lesi.ii-; Auunctdn Piiii.i.ii's, A.B. With 
E. E. Bruce, Wholesale Drugs. 

San Diego, Cal. 
Sak.mi Jani; Pli-ucku, A.B. 

SiK-ncerpOTt, N. Y. 
llrcH Roiii;rt Pokti:k, AH., I.E.B. 'ii. 

Calvin, N. Dak. 

KAiiituiNi-; Ci;cii.iA Post, A.B., A.M. '10. 

Teacher in Houghton (Mich.) High 

School. llolland, Mich. 

Cii.xKi.o'nu loNi; Povnok, A.B. 

V)0<j Swiss Ave., Dallas, Tex. 
I Davui WicuT PRAI.I.. A.B,, A.M. '10. lu- 

: structor in Cornell Univ., 

I llhaea, N. Y, 

Wai.tkh .Mjjcui;m, Pk .tt, A.B, B.S. 
(.Arch. I'',. ) '(X). Draflsnian. 

<.K)[ Wilson BIdg., Detroit, Mich. 
EuwAKu Pktkr Phi;i:, A.B., /'o5-'oO. 

3J1 4th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John IIosiu Prick, A.B., 1J,.B. 'ir. 

17^7 Was'hingtoii Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
Daniix Edcak, v\,B., M.l^. '11. 

ICIniira, N. Y. 
Augustus Gi.ovicr Purvis, .A.B., M.D. '11. 

AliF.LK kAliliNOVlTZ, A.B. 

56 W. r27th St , New York. N. Y. 
Ri-ni'CCA 15ro\v.\ino Rankin, A.B. As- 
sistant in Pibr.-iry. Ann Arbor. 
Wfmstku Hamilton- Ransom, A.B., M.S. 
(Eur.) '10. Care L'. S. I'ure^t Service 
Wa-shiugt,,,,, 1), C. 
CuM(\n Um'S, .\,11 Siir'i. .if Scli,...U. 

Ir,.i, I!, It, Wi^. 
b: 1 11 1:1. Si ^^^ K\wso.\, A B. TiaJiing 
in lliili S.hcM.l. .\kr(.n, (.). 

y\i.iuKT 1! AK.,i:A\r, Ki:nnoi.iis. A.B. Earin- 
er. Stirling, N. J. 

Ek.\nci:s Mav Richakds. A.B. Teacher 
in High School. Kaysville, Utah. 

AuMiN RicKi:i„ A.B. Sec'y. H. W. Rick- 
el & Co. OS Adelaide St., 

Detroit, Mich. 
KatuakinI'; May Ridkr, A.B. (.Mrs. Ho- 
mer P. Heath.) Ann Arbor. 
Sti-lla Makii-; Rinskv, A.l^ (Mrs. \'ic- 
tor B. Fit/patrick.) Wh.fling, W. Va. 
Alice Ciiasi; Roiunson, .A.B. Teacher 
in High School. Hancock, Mich. 
McKi;i.: Roiuson, A.B.. T I). '11. Care 
Wilkinson. Post iK; () 

Moflat l!ldg, Detroit, Mich. 

Elizai!i:t]i Rogers, A.B. (Mrs. Irving D. 
Scott.) Ann Arbor. 

CiiARiiis Root, A.B. Suo't. 
of Schools. Bismarck, N. Dak. 

Mary Evei,vn Root, A.B. 

Coldwater, Mich. 

May Davis Root, A.B. (Mrs. C<liarles 
C. Root.) Bismarck, N. Dak. 

Florence Ruiiy, A.Jl. 'I'eacher. 

1204 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

J^UTH Rush, A.B. I'rinc of High 
School. Treirton, L). 

Walter White Russell, .\ 1!. Real Es- 
tate. Mt. Ple.isant, Mich. 

Agnes Ei.izAiiETii Ryan, .\.B. 'i'eacher 
of Eng. in Traverse City (Mich.) 
High School. .Ann Arbor. 

Nellie Myrtle Santee, A.B. Teacher 
in High School. 

Med ford. Ore. 

James Blaine Sa.kton, A.B, M.S. (For. ) 

'10, .'os-'u'). Care If. S. b'orest Service. 

Wa.shington, D. C. 

Haluv C. SciiLATTilK, B.S- I. "ement Chem- 
ist. Ciielsea, Mich. 

GEUTRini: b'l.ORV SCHV.LI.MOKlll, A.B. 

Teaclur in Stanton (Mich.) Hig-h 
School. Marion, O. 

M.\RGAKET Ei.izAiiETn ScoTT, -A.B. Teach- 
er. 8-' Davenport St., Detroit, Mich. 
Amy Gwendolen Scutt, A.B. Teacher 
in High School. Traverse Citv, Midi. 
Ward E. SeELEY, A. 11., .M.D. '1 1. 'interne, 
Univ. Hosp. .\nii Arbor. 

Roi' I.^^l.\N Sessions, .\.B. Care of b'.lectrolytic Co. 

Ni;i-ar,i I'alls, N. Y. 
Rliiollu \'oc.i;l SiiMsLs, A.B., LE.B. '11. 
I'lvi.h.uth, Ind. 
M m:i:l I'l.Min Nci: Shlllm;. A B. 'i'each- 
er. .\.i.-,arcth, Mich. 
Dei.os Aiitu\M Shiner, A.B., J.D, '11. 

Breckenridge, Mich. 

Zer.v Simon, B.S., c'os-'o;. Care J. J. 

Ryerson & Son. Chicago, 111. 

Olive Vid.v Sinclair, .\.B. Princ. of 

High School. Pent water, Mich. 

Rachel F.ui'hemia Since ur, .A.B. 

lielleville, Mich. 
Maurice Singer, A.B., l.EB. (West. 
Res.) '11. I,aw>er. 

fxns Cedar .\ve., Cleveland, O. 
J.niN .Mevlr Sl\(,ii, .\.1!., .\ M., '10. 
Te;id,.r iu lli-h Sclni.-l. 

.Manistee. Mich. 
Willi \M \\ \m^\\< SlEatmk, A.B., A.M. 
'11. ( See I'acnilies. ) .\im Arbor. 

Jean Paul Si.ush:i<, A.l!., .\.M. '11. 

8) Worcester St., I'-nston, Mass. 


• ' ' •'1'., ..;.^ i' 

1 1 'or !v--. 

■ . i- 



1 . 

1 i!'>'~ 



< 11 Li •'•: 

'. '; 


•,l . 'I ... ,.l 

.<i ?.■;' • - u-i N 

,1.;^. .1 'I 

■. .-.' M v.. m;A 

.,;':./ ;.■ .,,') •>. 

Kjog.J l.iri-.k.lKV DLWARTMllNT 


JlriXN Makio.n' Smart, A Pv OkwIit Tat;.uck-, A.B. Teacher in Ccn- 

45(>S Skill St., 1,0s Aii-clcs, Cal. tral IIikIi School. Detroit, Mich. 

C:,vi)i; Maksh Smith, A.!!. 'rLaclur. Rait'h Hviujn Tkxtok, U.S. Chemist. 

.\iin Arbor. 72i<j Carnei;ic Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

DEiNNJS Yi.N'CK.N'T Smith, .\.li., in\Y)-'i2. Ci;vstai. Tho.mi'son, U.S., A..M. '10. 

Peto.skey, Alicli. Asbt. in Univ. Mnienni. 

Fi.oKKNCi; I'.ijiTH Smith, .\.\\. TeacHier in Ann Arbor, 

lli'^h Schoul, Oowagiac, Mich. IIi;i.i:n 11i;i'i..mi Thompson, A.U., A.M. 

IlAKKY Buchanan Smith, A. 11 Whole- '10. Asbt. m Uni*. Museum. 

sale Crocer. SprinKliehl, 111. Ann Arbor. 

lIiKAM kicHAKD Smith, A.U., J.D. 'n. Pau;, II.skoi.u Touu, With A. M. 

Howell, .Mich. Todd Co. Kalama/.o,., Mich. 

I.ii.i.iAN Bi.vxciii; Smith, Teacher Wh.mkh 1'AKkictt Toni:v, A 1!,, M.D. '11. 

in lliyh School. Niles, (). Care Nurlhern I'ac. Benelicial Assn. 

RiCHAin. A. Smith, A. P., A.M. 'lo. C,.-.~\. Misscnila, Mon. 

ORist. I.anhin;;. Mich. Makti.n' P. Tkavis, .A. P., \M. '10. Su|jt. 

EuiTH Makc,\kct Snit.i., A.P,. Tearhcr of Niles, Mich. 

in High School. Hancock, .Midi. Aicnin; 1'Kaxk Tui;vi:k, A.P. Cost Ac- 

GuACU SoiJi-.N^-dX, .\.P. Tounlali^t. coniilaiil. .Antigo, Wis. 

Tii^'A Harney St., Omaha, Neb. Ci.aka l.ouisi-: TkuKui.ooi). .A.P. 

*Cr.AKrNci-: Pi:iii-i,i, Stai,i;v, .\.P., d. Ann Arbor. 

Grand Island, N. Y., Jnne 7, 1910. (24) Chaui.i:s Hari, Turner, A.B. 

CAuouNfi M.vriLDA STANCHi-im.i), .\.B. Frank Dickinson Ukh;, A.B. Astrono- 

(Mrs. Harry L,. BrightHian.) nur. I'.lgin Observatory, Kigin, 111. 

Ann .\rbnr, Mauu 1ni;/. VanAi(S1)ai,e, A.B. Teacher. 

RiioPA M.MUAN St.\ui(, A.P. Siijit r,l Pontiac, Mich. 

SchouP. Jiirmiiigham, .Mich. John Van H mtsma. A. P., c 'o5-'oO. 

Anna Puirzi- Sti-:i:i.i-, .\.P., A.M. '10. Teacher at Calvin College. 

Teacher in High Scla.ol. Craiid Kapid.s, Mich. 

.Ml, Pleasant, Mich. I.oi.'isK Van Vookhis, .\.P., A..M. '10. 

M.M.'inKii; Pi;i;,K,x SriiJi:, -\.P Te,-i. h, r (Mrs. Harrv W. .Armstnmg.) 

in High School. P.iv Cue, .Mali. S.y I.akeside I'l., Chicago, 111. 

.Ma!..,i; .\nmi; Stiavakt. .\.li. Pivkki.v Pi.aiu Vi-uiji:k, A. P., / 'io-'i2. 

Ceiitieville, .Mich. . Rn.,livillc, III. 

.\i,i:i:kt Ci.vni-; Stmt, A.P. Teacher. Ci.vue I-.miksox V■Ma■:l.,^Nl), B.S., M.D. 

■ Pass Chrislian, Miss. ^Un^ll)'ll. Pcoi.le's Pldg., 

ViKA ro.\ SriTzr.L, A.B. (Mrs. Delbert Chicago, 111, 

C. Lean.) Wooster, O. Mautha I.ocia \Vacm:i(, .\A\. Teacher 

FuiKKNCE l.ucH.i.; Stockuv, .\.B. Teacher in Hi^h Scluml, M>,nr..e, Mich. 

in High Schoul. Hancock, .Mich. llENiar.TrA !•> \.\s Wai ki.k, .\.P. 

Ui,i,\ l.oni;i.rr.\ Stott, .\.P. -^-'oo h'.. lelterson .Ave, Detroit, Mich. 

MS Coimiionwealth Ave.,;i:nci-: L'KNHbT W'a Ml-I.Ku, A. P., f.D. 

Detroif, .Mich, '11. \V'ebb City, Mo. 

Hi:iu-R Gh.i.l;mti: Stout, A.P.,M.S.(l'or.) Jamks Kkik Watkins, A.B. Probation 

'10. Care U.S. Forest Service. ( Jflieer. I 17 Park St , 1 Utroit, Mich. 

.M,mil,i, P. 1. Mai;v Amai.ia \Vi;m;i;, A.P. Teaclur in 

Cn^NiAiKVi; Sonvi;, A.P. Teaelur m High School. -S.iginau-, Mich. 

High School. I'.scaiiaba, .Mich. I'.mma Po,-,i: Wkitz, A.B. 

Svi.visTiu Wii.i.iAM SiKuTUMAx, ,\.l!., io.H)5 Lake Ave., Cleveland, O. 

M.S. (hor.) '10. Care U. S. Forestry JosEi'ii .A.masa Wki.Ton, B.S., e 'o5-'o7. 

Ser\ice, Willows, Cal. Chemist. jo.S Parclav St., 

I'VA GwEMH.i.Ex Stimi'I', .\.B. (Mrs. (uand Rapids, Mich. 

Henry Georg.) H. .3iS .^oth .\ve., Ci,aio;nci; J. Wi:sT, P.S. As,-,t. in Cheni-, W.ish. islrv. .Ann Arbor. 

Gah. Swht, A.P. Teacher Kov Dickixsox W', A.B. Student in 

m High SHiool. Battle Creek. Mich. Perliii. Care .Mbert I.ockwood. 

RiiKi. Ja.mes 'J'ANOtjAiiY, A P. , Ml) '11, Ann .Arbor. 

.New York City llosp., (ioin.ox Fay \Vh i.i- y,, Ml). '11. 

Plackwell's, X. \'. .\im .\rbor. 

1 ■■iir.-.J 

• ^' .r •(: - 



If .'.. 

' i / iirwi 


, ""■ '■' f 

!' !l /. ■: ";,> :i.|.'f J (■■in. /. 
/! / X'..'. re. it' z-j-i /ii.i / 

>f ''i ,«. i ■; r;i|,.,ur.V' 

ri '/ill 

200 GRADUATES. [i9a>-io. 

Okhin BdW.MAN VViNTUK, A,B. Olicniist. HuwAHL) Uahtzlkk Heut/, B.S. Teacher. 

Hast L.:insing, Mich. West Lafayc'tte, Ind. 

\Vii..MKK IIakvi-v Wood, AH. Law Siu- Julikn 1"..\iii. Bknjamin, B.S. Medical 

dent. MariiJii Center, Pa. Student. .S19 Oak St., 

I,i;viNA S. \VcK)ii\V(iurH, A.B. Neighbor- Cincinnati, Oliio. 

liuuii liuuse, 470 N St. S. W'., W'lLLiA.M Ai).\M Bektsch, .\.B., / 'I0-'I2. 

Washington, 1). C. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Paul Bakthoi.omi-.w Wouk, A.B., Ml). Fannie BKK.Nict; Biccs, A. IS. Asst. in 

'II. Klkhart, Ind. Rlietoric. .\na Arbor. 

WiNTHKiif RoiiiNS Wuu'.iir, .\.B. Snpt. Josi;i4i (ii:oi<gk Bi.ack, .\,B , / 'io-')_'. 

of Schools. Bemtoii Harbor, Mich. .\nn Arl^jr. 

Wii.LiAM I'-KEDi-RiCK WuNSeii, A.B., 1.1,. Jl'dsu.s Wkr.iit Black. mcj.s', A.B. Teach- 

B. '06. Clergyman. Bath, Me. er in High School. KeesevUle, X. V. 

John Fhancis Wi'kz, .A.B. Newspaper Akhiik William L!oh.nsack, A.B. 

Work. St. Joseph, .Mich. 2033 Grace St., Chicago, HI. 

Li'iGii Jakvis Younc,^ .'\ B., M.S. (For.) Couxi;lh;s Fkkdi-kick Bolt, .\.B. Teacli- 

'11. (See Faculties ) .Ann Arbor. er in High School, llougiiton, Mich. 

I'nwAUi. ZrcKLKMAMiLL, B.S. Chemist. FkancKs Mauci;li-\ Boik.ns, A.B. Teach- 

S-'i S. -jth Ave., Saginaw, Mich. er. I.eonidas, Mich. 

(^74) ]{i.c.AK WooiiuiKV BowL.N, A.B. Care D. 

.\1 Ferrv & Co. Detroit, .Mich. 

1910 Julian I'lkkv Bowlk, .\.B. Care of I). 
.M. J'Vrrv c^' Co., Detroit, Mich. 
\iiLiL BowLu, .\il. Teacher in 

Caul Hl.nhv Oscak .\n\.M. .\ 

1724 Orange St., Indianapolis, Ind. '(,|,..,,, /v' v- > i|i„|, ,,,„„„ 

] Jo Rkki. Ai.m.N, A.B. Adxertising Mana- ^"""' *-^- ^^ "scmtsville \ Y 

I ager John Alden Co. Bkn Bikciiai.l Bovkto.n' A.B., /"'■;o-'i2; 

1 „, , '■''TfcTr'^' Plea.sant Plains, 111. 

Whiting Ai.iikn, A.B., M.S. (I'or.) '11. ,;• ||,,m,v Hkmiv \ 1! Te.olur in 

., *-» , ■ . \. , A .-1 ^ l-,Ullli IIJl..\l<'i liKAllij ,\.l>. 1 L.lL'llCr 111 

(bee baciiltics.) Aim Aibor. ,,■ , ^,.\,,,.a (\)I(UvLt.'r Mich 

lu.NA MiTCHLi.L Allin AJ5. leacK-r lu ^^^^,,, p„„,,,,_ vB. Teacher. 
Cheboygan (Mich.), School.^^^^^ I'.nxkport, N. Y. 

Lillian .\i.ici: Bi«ick, .\.B. Statistician. 
■^Q Morningside .Ave., .\ew \'(jrk, N.Y. 
i.MA Bi.ANClll; BuiiCK, .\.V>. Teacher in 
High Columbia, Mo. 

BKKTI..X ACNLS .\MM.o;, AM^^ Teacher M^mingside Ave.. New York, N.Y 

m Pubhc Schools, 875 ,U.^K,rt St.,^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ,,^,^, .,, ,.^^^^„^, ., 

FuANK Si:\us .Andi.kson, A.B. j , ,, s i> . 

Luckport K V I.^-^'-^-^ l.Lovi.^l'.uvsuN-, A.B. Jmin 

Ki-iii McCiiki:>o.n,\\.I!' Tea 
cr. Waiis.m. W 

Kln.nlhi .Vi.rwM.KK .Vkhu 1; A 

(. Wcb.tcr Si, Omaha, N'eb. 
M Mn h \\.MTri-; 1!HK. A 1! Teacher m 
IjlihLjh.mi ( Kan.) High School. 

I'Vt-it'e" 'iw Bi'iMoii P.'lld' '' " " *''*' ^'"■■'■i''^'" -^^■^■•' Hclroit, Mich. 

'l)^,(i!,„j j-\||^.|| I'.nw AKij Tavlok Bullock, .YB., L' 'os-'o6. 

vini \\'iMi\MS \vi- \B Siiesmm Wiiolc^ale Millinery. 

■ i!^-,,vcr b'all, I'll .5S Great Jones St., New York, N. Y. 

I! MM A B 1; S F '11 Roin.uT Nathan Ikiinox, .\.B. Patent 

i^..,l ji'i'j,' ■ '■ ■■ ■ Solicitor, Maniuette Building, 

■ ■• ,\„„ ,^,.|,,,r. , , Chw:^iiO 111. 

AiMv .\ B Merchant. C a mi'Iii:li , .\.B. Law Student. 

Sioilx' I'alls S I'ak! '>'.} Jelferson .\ve., Detroit, Mich. 

i;i<, A.B. Manufaclur- ^-ka^'K l^'"^'ni~ Cami>iilli., .\.B.(Mrs. Ilar- 

cr. .Mlegan .Mich old A. Wilkins. ) 527 L. 451I1 St., N., 

Houacl; Bukkington Baklk, B,S. .\sst. Portland, Ore. 

in Zoology .\im .\rbor Ni'i.i.u:, .A.B, Teacher in High 

Fi.ovu Austin Bakhlk. A.B. Teacher in Sclmol, P.iinodale. Mich. 

High School, Saiilt Str .Marie, Mich. C.fuaki. T.imlkins Canton. .\.B, Fire In- 

Alici: Loi'isK Bahnis. \.1!, (Mrs Alh- siir.uu,-, 2(17 Sith St , l!rM,,klyu, N. Y. 

son B, McCain.) .\im .\.li.,r. l.i'ni.v .Mmi. Cm< .\,li. (Mrs. 

C.KoVLK Cli;v).|.ani. \'.\k:u.,, \,i!. I'linc. I .ab.ui .\. Watkiii-, ) 7820 Mmg.m St., 

of High School, .\!.,iMl,.,ll, Mich. Chicago, 111. 






,\ L' 1' 











r:\\\. Ml 

a./ ,.>,.,}-[ 

I ,:m ..i// 

.t; /.■■iwij 

^M |..:0,1 

>.■,) ) 

■ -,/ m' 


r ? ^ 

M, ;■ ... I. 

.1 / 

leio.] l.niili.lKY UUl'AKTMIiNr. 20I 

.\i.ile Olivia Caium-ntik, AH. Cdkvdon' J'athin Ckoxk, li.S., e '0.0-07. 

1i1);k;i, Mich. Asst. in Forestry. .\nu .Arhor. 

Howard \\',i.Tsr: Caki'i:mi:k. .\.1V. e '05- MAimr, [.(jiisi; Ckoss, .\.li Tciiclicr. 

'06. Salesman, Wliite Aiitoinohile Co. Clraiid Rajiids, Midi. 

240 Miclii-;aii .Ave, CliicaKo. 111. I'i:i<cv \'i:ki: C'i<(j\vi:i.i., li.S. Clay Hurii- 

liKUKN Wiii.AUu Cakkicti', ah. Ti-aclicr iiiR. Taylor Wash 

in Anine \Vri«ht Scnnn,-ny. Kaii'II II. Cn.rKV, .\ H. Lauder.' 

Tac-.M.ia, \\'a-,h. Rcchester, K. V. 

.\mv Caukih.i,, .\.li. WcUcslcv, Ma.s. (Ji-ouci.; .Mokkis Ci'ktis,, .\ M '10 u 

Mauki, Cakkoi.l, .a. p.. vStiidont. 'lo-'ij. .Xs^i. in ili^tul.lg^. 

Wclksley, .Mass. ' Ann Arbor 

S.MHK lu.izAiu.Tii Cakson, A.H. Tcailu'r liA>^i;i. r.rri.i; |)aho.\, .\.Ii. 

of hjifilish. Ontonagon, .Mich. 16.57 lirnsh St., Detroit, Midi 

Xi-i.i.iK Mav CA-rroN, .A.H. Teaclicr in I'i:.\i<t. \Vji..\i a 1) w rv ,\ 1! TLacher 

Sault Stc. Marie (.Mich.) High School |..,ke f.inden, Mich. 

llenxonia, Mich. Sic.mi.m, David .\ 1! , / 'lo-'i ' 

.\i.ia;i<T\ I'-.M.'Ani-Tii Chasi;. \.1'.. I'rinc. j^^o}, S. I'.liis Ave., Chicago, III. 

ol High School. .Marion, .Mich. Ka Tiiiiin .xi; I m;/. Davis, A. I!. Teacher 

I.KW AiiK.N- Cuvsi:. .\W. A.M. '11. Dunl.M-k, N. V. 

Teacher in lli:Ji Scl I Joiix WAriKu l)i.;.vi>o.v, .\.H, co5-'aO, 

ll.nicock, Mich. ■O7--0.S. 

Aha Hki.ii- Ci akk, .\.li. Teacher. j.ji I. von St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Hloi.inington, 111. Kva I'.Mia.iA DiiV^oui;, Teacher at 

]':.\iMA Euwn Clarke, A.B. Hudson, Midi. 

i-'07 7ih Ave., Spokane, \\d.^\\. 22.^3 Cdeiiwnod Ave, Toledo, O. 

Cordon .McCall Ciauk, H.S. I.ulK>ratory Joii.v J.\.mls Dkvos. A.H., / 'io-'i2. 

Asst. at Sanitarimii. 4X3 ,57111 St., MilwaukcL-, Wi.sconsin. 

liattle Creek, Mich. .MATrn; Dkwkv, A.B. Teacher 

A\'iLLis Hknkv Clalk, ah. Teadicr in ;it Howard City, Mich. 

Hi-h School. Manistee, Mich. AinLur Ro.mi'lus Dillly, A.H., / •io-'i2. 

I'lakl FnLiH'< Ci.i:.\ii), .\ 1! Teacher. Council C.rine, Kan 

.M.inisiiqne, .Mich. Im<anci:s Zlll Do.sovan, .\.H. Princ of 

hjXRi: Ir.sNNLiTi: Cilmixml A I!. llinh Sdiool. I'aw Paw, Midi. 

Tcaclier m Cir.cinnal:. N.i|.Icn, X. V. Makv Ai:.;fSTA Drri', .\ li. Teacher at 

IUkoid llx/iiTi.Ni: Cluioki., AH. Law- Wansan, Wis. Oak llarb,;r, O. 

\cr Haker City, Ore. Klnnetii Wiht.nls- Dtncs.v \ P, 

RiTH I'.M.MA CociiKAN, .\.H. Teacher Ji'ssii- Roukktso.n 1v\^^o\ \'ij 

ill Hi-h School. Manistee, Mich. to,?s lolh Ave., Si-okaiie, Wash. 

William Ovis CociiKANr. A.H. Willi Hui.ii H. I'i.xsTiii.K.N', .\ H.. / 'io-'i2. 

Prang lulncalional Co. 11.? Ihiiv. I'l., ' l)oyleston Pa 

New York. N. Y. Sisik .M \v I'llltt, .\.li. Princ. Coiintv 

Cai;los Ci.MMi.NC.s Coll. AH. Teadier. X, Allegan, Mich'. 

Haltle Creek, Mich. Wiliuk Dj:a.v Ivi.liott. A.H. Piihl. De- 

llon: C.KL.uoii, Co.NKiiN, .\ H. Te.iclur iiarinieiii. .\.C. McClurg & Co., Chi- 

in Hi.yh School. .\ni. Ail^r. cago. I'ark Ri.lge, 111. 

.\ Con.m:ll, .\ H. V.vmuv. Sahndlks Eli.isox, .\.H. Te.ich- 

.Maniiuite, Midi. er. _v) |_> Montgall Ave,. 

Mu.LKLi. M\i;i|.; Co.N.M-i.v, .\.H. Teacher Kansas Cily, Mo. 

Ill High School. Tecninseh, Mich. Fkances Cok.v lu.i.s, A.H. Steiiogra|>lier 

Kkank |:i.mli< Connok, .\.H. l.ittle Kock, Ark. 

Owobso, Mich. I'.Mii.v Mmli.i.nk liLV, .\.H 

HklKn HoLKi.N's Cook, ah. Teacher in Rniherford, N. J. 

Fltgh School. Diirand, Mich. Ci akknci-; PIn/l.nuoth. B.S., c- 

Ro.MKo TiiA.NE CotJK, A.H. Snpt. of 'i/i-'oX. 715 Oakvvood Blvd., 

Schools. Pratt, Kan. Chicago, 111. 

John Josi:ni Cohcoka.v, AH., / 'lo-'u. Caki, Ussluv. A.B. /'lo-'ij. 

Crystal Kalis, Mich. Ann Arbor. 

F.lli;n Crawiokii, AH. Dean of Women, C.sklisi.i: .Xlhlkt I', AH. / 'io-'i2. 

Coe Collet^e. Cedar, low.i. (oS llarclay HIk., Denver, Colo. 

I -I Hi? Il^ !<■ 

•I .;.■ '5i 

.:|| It 

■202 GRADUATLIS. [,yio. 

Mauv Ajiki.i.i-; i'lsii, A.Ii. TcaclKr. Caki.iox Wi>i.i.:v Cii(i:i:.\, A \'>. TcacluT 

nracUorcl, N. V. in Ili^h SJiud. Auln.n., N. Y. 

KiMii.Mj. I'l.KTciij-K, A.I',. l,.-iu\cr. il"\v\Ki. Ai.HKd Ch<i;i:N, M.S., M.S. (For ) 

.'Ji i'ark View St., 'ii. Orchard Lake, Mich. 

l,o.s Ai.tici^-., Cal. M.M(V Ckii-.nacki.:, A. 15. TL-acliiiig at 

]\Iui(i<is Jacdu I<i.i;.\.Ni;ii, A.J5. ISurlui.^, III. i\c,\ \V. lo^rJ St 

l.oiiisvilk', Ky. ■ Chica^.i, 111. 

CiiAui.Ks FiiANKi.iN, A. 15., A.M. W ati;ki,oii Cki-iink. .\.15., ;/i'io-'i2. 

'ii. \2\\ lluiuhnli.ii Ave, kichinoml Mich 

Dcinci-, l,'olu. Makjohh: e'AKKii; (*,i;i:im:, .\.I!. Teacher! 

Mauion Xia.i.liv i'K(i:.i', A.r. Teach, 1. , (Jxlord Mich 

(Waiid R.cpul.-,, Mich. PAt,!. Gi.okci: CwxM. A.n. (jii Slalf of 

R.WMu.Mi IluuuT l'"KVia:KC.i;u, A. 15., / 'lo- Kansas Lily Slar. Cily, JMo. 

'I-'. Nohlcsville, fiid. Nemik a. Gko-.g, A.B. Durand, Mich. 

\\ ii.i.iA.M P.oki.ANii I'lM.i.iano.Nf, A.15. Far- Fi.uTii Fi.uukxck (jiui-riN, A.B 1911 

nur. .(iS \V, Anunur lUvd., [uuiu- No tunc). Teacher in High 

Kaii-as City, Mo, Scluu.1. Battle Creek, Mich. 

CiiAKi.iis L)uui,i:v t^\ia.i;. .\,i;. I'.aiikcr. Akuux OtTo C.twVV, A.B. Teacher. 

1581 I'. 8;,lh St., Cleveland, Ohio. Kiiigli.sher,. Ukla. 

Cii.\ui.i:s Ixwis (1a\uv, 15. S, »rio-'i_'. W'jKT Clakknci: Ghuum BS, in 'lo-'u 
Ann Arhor. .Vuhurn, i\. Y. 

I'Aui. l.i:o.vAi;i. r.AKii.Ma;, A.r.., d'lo'ij. John Gui,\Tiii:u, B.S. Chemi..:. 

Harbor SiirniK.., Mich. Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

I1ai;kv I'.iM vi;i.t (5\ia>i.iT, .\.l!. Teacher \jKc.u. Bkav GuniKu:, A.B. Journalist. 

Ill High School, ji.,1 i:. .S.u-d St., Clexeland, Ohio. 

Hurley, Wis. l.'j.sA llii.i,,\ llAAbS, A.B. 

Thomas .-Vmhrose Gavnok, A B. With j|o Iv Warrcii Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Seattle Hardware Co. Seattle, Wash. Fi.-Mi.k W.vsui.Nr/roN llAC.M.Mrit, B S., e 

Wji.liam Aktiiuk Gi;ki<, A.B. 'o:,-'oy. Chemist. Firth-Sterling Steel 

C)i)4 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Midi. Co. Deiinnler Pa. 

TiitiSMU.i^A Gi-.uKC, A.B, A.M. '11. Ci.auj.nci; I'' 11ai,i„ BS. Cellulose 

Teacher in High Sch.nd. Pio.luets. Keiiilwortil. N. J. 

Norway, Mich. Anthony A.ndkkw Aua.m Ham.mi-r- 

Wii.i.iAM MncHia.i, (.5i.asc.o\v. A.B. I'ar- smith, A.B. Insurance. Massillon, O. 

uur. Jouesville, Mich. M.\1(ci,i.[,a Haxki.v, .\.B. Teaclier 

I'".KNi:sT lur.icNK Go]ii.t<i/;y, // 'o4-'o5, .A.B. in lli^h School 

-\ccounlant. 100 Mornii.gside Ave. W., 

N'ew York, N.Y. 

Mi.N'.N-m GouHiruc, A.B.tMrs. JacI, llai- 

lis.) ,Soi Irvinu .\\e, N , 

.MiniuaiMJis .Main. 
M \iii;i, I'l.i.Nw C„.ii.iiiu mm:, .\ It 

llulilMid^lon, Mich. 

Ch.\ui.i:s 1m, I. is Gooi,, .\l\. I.iiniherman. 

N'ahiua, Midi. 

Ai,iii.:kt Oscau GooiiM,i:, A.B. Teacher in 

lliyh School. Salt lake City, Utali. 

Raii'H IIi.vsuam; Go., ham, A B. Teacher, 

I'lueka, 111. 

1mu;i) I'.DWiN Goouim;, A.II, New,-,|Ki|u r 

Iveporter. Lima, O, 

John Ai.kxandkk Gouoon, A,B,, / 'io-'i2. 

Battle Creek, Mich, 

Hakoi.d Pf,cic GotH,iJ, A.T5 Puhlibher, 

6 Madison S(,, Chicago, 111, 
l\oui;uT GiiANVHj.i;, A.B, Teacher in 
High ScluKil. Allegan, Mich. 

Mri(H;i. Ji:,MKiNr,s Gkav, \ B 

,ir') Brunswick ,A\e, Toronto, Out. 


, Wis. 


i\ti; 1 1 \K 

NU.V, ,\. 


Tea,:!ur in 



High Sell 



, \\i.. 


.N,N\ Ma' 

1 )ciroii. 

> llAl<H,l 

.\ 1:, I'cac 

lur 111 


1 1 ,\.\^ii; 


















■.ui;i;t Mc 



UI.S. .\.B, 




lid ,\.e, 




1«,.S- 11 A^ 


.\ 1;. Pr. 


uf Politic 

:al and S 


al Science 

HI Hi- 

ram ColK 



am, (J. 


, I ^.\ lit: I'll 

lKi:xE H 

'lvm:u, .\ B, ' 


er in Puh 

lie Sch.H, 


i<;7 Baker 



Moi: Fim: 

su:s Hi:' 

lI It 

, A 15, Teac 

her in 

High Sc 





,I,1'H1,X J, 

01 X Hill 


n, .\,i;. T 

cache r 

in High Sdu.ol. 





High Schoo 


IIiUTscii, Piiiic. ot 
E;i=t Jorchiii, Mich. 
liGCiNb, A.n. Tciuhtr. 

Wayne, .Mich. 
Lkv.\nt Mauiuci; lIi.MUi.Kix, A. I!. Mer- 
chant. Findlcy Lake, N. Y. 
Llna Pakkiiuust Hinu.m.'i.v, A.B. 

yy Clinton St., Grand Rapids, Midi. 
Pni:K lI()t;k^TKA, AH., AM. 'ii. 

Mi. Man. I I'ark, X. J. 
\Vai<i;i;.n Samui.i,^, .\.n,ll. .\rdi. 

Al.KU.NT ilul.T, A.H 'JV-achcr ill llij^li 
School. Battle Crcelc, Mich. 

GiCNi;vir.\i; ]]i:i.i.F. Hui'ki.n.-,, A.U. 

iioj Willard Si., Ann Arbor. 
KA^.^U).^•I, luiwi.N 11oi-.m,x, A.U. 

iJulL^cvilic, X, Y. 
Mkiu.i; MAiii.i.A lh;i si;i.. \.li. 

Snnlli Center, Kan. 
I'.MMA Jam; 1Iow.\ktii, .\.l'. Critic 

Teacher. Cape C^irardeau, Mo. 

Wai.tuk AbAiii:!, llovr, U.S., in 'io-'i2. 

Ypsilar.ti, Mich. 
Neva Manley Hun'ceki-ouu, A.B. (Mrs. 
Arthur H. Cutler.) 

Mr. Vernon, X. Y. 

IfAKUY C.lU3Krn' Hll.NTl.NCToN', A.B , Hl'lO- 

'ij. llouell, Mich. 

HuiTii BiM.K IIui<i.i;y, A.H. Teacher ni 

lliuh School. (Jw.-sso, Mich. 

Kav l\i:i:.-,i.AK iMMr.i., A.B. Professor ui 

tJrator.c, .Mnikingnni Ci llet;e. 

Xew Concord. I). 
]iKN'UIi;-lT.'L JOSlil'lIINK J.NOl.lS, .\.B. 

Teacher in High School. 

Greenland, Mich. 
Adelaide Victokia Inman, A.B. Teach- 
er in Petersburg (N. Dak.) High 
School. Highland Park, III. 

John MAN<rii:i.i), A.B. I'ire In- 
surance. Twlcdu, (). 
John- KnwM<i. jAa.MV, .\ B. 

13 i X. Duke St., Yurk. Pa. 
Bi;:.s Hazelton J.ackso.n', A.B. (Mrs. 
C.ei/rge 1,. Jackson.) Ann .Xrhor. 

Helen Jauuette, A.B. Teacher in High 
Sclujol. Woodstcwn, N. J. 

William Sanhokn Jenks, A.B. We^t. 
Agent Pt. Huron and Diil.rth Steam- 
ship Cn. 713 Metropolr.-in Bldj,'., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
JliLi.A Kay Jiiu.NSoN, A.B. ."eaoher in 
High ScliMul. 

Hast St. ixuii.s. 111. 

Laurence Ckane Johnso.n-. B.S Assist. 

in General Cliemistr)'. .\nn .Xrhor. 

James Seorr Jounstu.v, .\.B , A.M. '11. 

Cahlnrnia, I'cnn. 




: L.\LKA Jones, A.B. Teacher. 

Madrid, X. Y. 

Daxa liivWiN JoNE^, .\ B (Jn Staff of 

Tilt- Disfatch. lirie. Pa. 

riAkuv Blkm;i.l Jones. A.B. Student 01 

Law, Univ. of Wash. Seattle, Wash. 

Helen Kekpka Jones, A.B. (.Mrs Lloyd 

G. Jones.) Dele van, N. Y. 

I.LoviJ C.iMLY Jones, A.B., / ■oj-"04. Man- 

nlaclnrcr. Delevan, N. Y. 

Wi.NME .Mae JoNe^ A p.. Teaclier. 

River Rouge, Mich. 
VicioK Kui.oi.i'H Josi:, .\.B, / 'lo-'ij. 

i.Sjo Urani^e St., Indi.inapolis, Ind. 

REiNiK.i.i, jiLiis Jo>eniians, A.B. 

Teaclier. Jackson, Mich. 

I'K.VNK .\i.iu:kt Kaim', A.B. Merchant. 

-'-■76 Lawrence Ave, Toledo, O. 

Piiiiii' Makshall Keen, A.B Supt. of 

Schools. St. Clair, Mich. 

CiiAKiEs Glen Kelley, A.B. Graduate 

Student. Ann Arlior. 

Hahuy Conner Kelly, B S., c'o5-'o7. 

With I'rie Chemical Works. 

Erie, Pa. 
Harulii .\iCLisius KE.--LER, A.B. 
Student. Hillsdale, Mich. 

Agnes Clay, Alt. 

j«r X. Jackson St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Prances Aiji'laiiu; Kinlsi.ey, A.B. 
Teacher. Flint, Mich. 

Malkice Kuel, A.B. Adverliiing. 

Dover, X. II. 
Marcaket Janes, A.B. Teach- 
er in Iligii School. 

\\'.i>nie, Mich. 
KuwiN Wii.LiA.M KnoNiiAiii, 1! S. Chem- 
ist. 3511 Hancock Ave., 

L'leveland. Ohio. 
SoNIA I.AiM-iiE, A.B. Teacher. 

l8f)5 I'".. 81 St St., Cleveland, Ohio. 
WiNTHRoi' Daviu Kane, A.B. On Stalf 
of Survey, Xew York City. 

217 L. .35th St., Xew York, X. Y. 
Rosalia Annis Lee, A.B. Teacher in 
Sheridan (W'yo.) High Sciiool. 

J^oy Greenwood St., Puehlo, Col. 
Leta I.eicm, A.B., A.M. '11. 

407 Park Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
I'l.ORENCE Rose I.emheck, A.B. 

S-'o F.. Jefferson St., .\nii .Arbor. 
F.LiZAi;i;rii P)UEnneman Leonard, .\.B. 

l.eonanl PI , LJnionlowii, Pa. 
Florence Iuevnou 1,e\ali.EY, A.B.fMrs. 
Theodore W. Wideinnann.) 

Ann Arbor. 
l-.VA Javne Lewis, i\.\\. Preceptress at 
Samuel lluslon College. 

Austin, Tc.\. 

, .1.1/. 


I .. , fji r.K 

.■. . .■ ' ■■ '.^;i!i 
II ,1. >./.;? • "ii 



;l\ (. 


il al 

GRADU.rn-.S. [igio. 

.ox I.iciiTMK., Slu- JIaukv SiKk.N Manx, A l! Mucaiitile 
inl. lot I'.rskiiK- St., I'.um'iuss. jo.iW l.akr St ,, Midi. C.-u.t.,:,, (). 

l.M.i.iK, Al; . ;/i'i()'ij. A.NXV i.iM im; Mvnxim, A I; 

(wand llavni, Mk-Ii. Sault Stc. Mari^', .\licli. 

Anna I{uc.i:xiA l,iMini;iiC,, A.i!. TcaclicT. IIakui.ji Kimkk Mant/ \ 1! I odi Q 
(Iraiul, Midi. Mantox Muxkoi; Makhi.i:, .\.I!.' Music 
IlAzi't, loNi; I.ivi.N'csTux', Tcathcr. StiuKiu. i jj N. C\iiiial .\vc 

Ml. I'lra.saut, Midi. ' . Cliicagi., ]11. 

Ai.vix Jiisi;i'ji l.uKii, .\,l!. Inn-nu- at ('.i; \ci: I!i;\m.x .M.M<iui;ia i; \|; Suikt- 
L'niv. Il...spita!. \is(,r .a" |-.ii^li,li. 

Ann .\rl„.,-, .Mich.,„i^;-, Mid). 

Akthuk lli;Kia:HT 1,„i-cks, .\,H. Inur- Hahuv 1:,,vm Maris, AH, .\1 S (For) 

nalist. ('.raiid K.apuls, MkIi. 'ii. Care IJ. S. Forc-t Scrvici'. 

Makc.i KKirr: Luck,, TcaduM- lu Washiiigtuii, 1). C. 

Wausaukce, (Wis.) High Schu.,1. iMai.c..i..m Yi-amax Maksuai.i, c- 'ou-'ov 

1775 Ogdcii St., Denver, Culo. ;;; 'lo'ij. 1 lciiilcr^,)n, Kv' 

Di:an I,oi;i:iv Lucking, ,/ 'lo-'iJ. Nita Hi .\tkui: Maktix, .\.1; 

3J Rovvonii St., Ddrdit, Midi. R. D. j, Kvcrsoii, Wash. 

Mahiax May LuiuncTun, Teacher. Cii.\.mi'I.i.v Mwnvku \ \'> 

2\2 W. I'orcsl Ave., D.', ^Hch. W. l{rHI,^re Street k.,ad 

.Umi.x Davih l.vxcii, .\.l! Crand R.ipids, 'Mich. 

X. Detruit. Midi. .Xi.nirr l':n\\.\i;i. Mii.ii; \ |; /'lo-'i' 
Mm;v h:i.i.i:x Lynch, .\.I1. 1;,m Ciiv, Mich. 

R. I). \x (,',raiid Raiiids, Mich. Rk 11 \i;i. S m irii Mi m, ,. \'|; I uiidK-r- 
TllVKZA McCl.LiKK, Teacher. inan C'liehin 14,111 Midi 

Minneapcdis, Minn. Caui, 1. i:\vis Mi;vi:i(, .\.l!. 
Wii.i.iA.M Nki.son McCoy, li.S., c 'o\-'oi\. Jui ii's lii:i<iir,uT Moi-i iii< \ I! \ M 'n 

Manufacturer. RoseviUe, O. Priiic. of }Iigli Schoo'l 

GiKuujK IvKA McCi<acki:n, A Ii. Teacher. 
I'.ly, Xev. 
M.\K(',ui-i<rn: 11i:!,i:na McC.ivxiiv, .\.l!. 
Teacher St. .Nlary's Colh-e. 

M,.nroe, Mich. 
Al.oNZO Ti.Molitv McKkax, .\.ii. Law- 
yer. _, Tex. 
!■ I oui:.\ci-; h.i.i/.MiF.Tii M.ncKi:x/.ii;, -\.1'.. 
Teacher in Plihlic Sch.iols. 

^J Noble St., Detroit, Midi. 

M\KV MckixNi:v, .\.1i. Teacher at llnd- 

son, Mull r.av Cilv, .Midi. 

CoKXIl i\ JlK.Mr^^Ti-.Ai. MckNh.iiv, .\ Ii. 

Teacher in Dnraiul. (.Mich.) Iliuh 

Sdloul Dulnique. I.nv.l. 

IJAKOI.I, OKI.AXno Mcl.Aix. .\ Ii., / 'lO-'ll. 

4Sn I'.llis .\ve. Chicago, Illinois. 

Ci.Ai'i.ix .\IcMaiiax, a Ii 

Moreni-i, Ariz. 
Ji:\N KiiiMl. .Mcl'iiii:, .\ I! Teadier at 
Mid!.ind, Mich. I'linl. Midi. 

John Himi; McLi.i;i;, A Ii. Teaciier 

Mint, -Midi. 
llrcK lini:wsTi:i< McVicki;k,, cb!i- 
'(>;, /'lo-'ii. Hi-'-' X. Michigan St., 

South Hcn.K Ind. 
iM.oKi-xci; Jkxnu; MAia:u, A.H. Teacher Teadu r in Craiid Rapids. 

in Hiyh School. Ripley, N. Y. (ireeiiville, Mich 

Mii.iJKKii MAKCii-Kin: .M \uini:v, A.H. Ada Doi^oniv dm kk, Teacher. 
Teacher. Halile Creek, Midi. Painesdale, Mich 

-Monroe, Mich. 


Ross MoKKisox, .\.li. Teacher. 

Hancock, .Mich. 

(^Kokoi; h 

'i.oKiAx MrKiH.ic, li.S. ,1/1 'to-'i_'. 

Ann .\rl)or. 


Hfatkick Mixx, .\.H (.Mrs. 


s 11. Redewill.) 

I'luuTix, .\ri/. 

Ckvir .\i 

nr.i.Mi.i; Xki.suX, .\.1!. With As- 


d (.'harilie^. \llaiila, (".a. 


• Axx Xri.Miv, .\\\ 

.Mt. I'lea.ant, .Mich. 


IsAiioin.; Xovonc. .\.B. Teacher 

ill I'hll 

ippiiies. 440 ,5rd Ave., 

Detroit, .Mich. 

Ci:oj<oi: 1. 

,oi;is .N'i:riioi T, .\W. Merchant. 


^(. .Maple \ve,. St. Louis, Mo. 


Ilrxuv Xkuimt. ah. Min- 

111.4 Re 

■porter. Mipcnnii- Midi 


r.KoMirs Xi:wM \x, .\.li., Ii. 


Iv '1 1. liiMrnclor iii Cheiiiis- 

try, 1'; 

1. State College. 

State Colleue. Pa. 

Gkokc:; 1 

•kkiu-kick Xoino.m. .\.Ii, /, '10- 


Snuth Hend, Ind. 

Maky 1 

ii.viKici: ()'Cm.i,v,,ii\x, .\.H. 

,1/ •.....,. .1 u. 

Kjio] LITERAKY VHl'AKTM liST . 205 

Claik Oi.m:v, A.r.. TcMchci". liK.s isi: Kuakk, A.B Teacher 

Mciulon, Midi. Beloit, Wis. 

jESMi; M.SKCIA (Ktuam.Ku, A.ll. leaclKT. Cl.AUi;.Nn: WlU.IA.M Koiu.iii,-, AB IJ, R 

JsMlaina/.o.i, Miai. 'ii. CassuLma, N. V. 

e iiAKi.Ks lli,Kiii-.i<r On;,, A I!, (.".laduaie KdM-Mir.KC, A,!'.. 

i^l^Hlenl. Aim Aiiiur. IIi:i,|.;m Koiu:uta Ross, A.H. Teaclitr in 

I'KANK JosKi'ii Oi-iKNh, U.S. With Corn High Schuol. tintonagon, Mich 

Products i>:ehiiiii^ Cn. Ar-o, 111. J I akcm.i. l.iAiu.Ni: Rot/i'i. AH C.raduate 

Ol.ivr, E. Ol'TWATKk, A.M. TeacluT at Sliideiit. 1 Imu-oyc I'alls \ \ 

River Rouge, Mich. R. 1). 7, Makv .\.,m.s Ki'I'Im: A. I'." 

■^"" Arhur. ■ ll,,,K-ock-, Mich. 

l.i.K.N-.N- I'.K.Misr P,M,.Mt;i(, Iiihlriict...r Rimi Ri ,si:i.i, .\. H. (M,--, c'liarK-s W. ' 

in Rheldric, L'liiv. of K.iii. Siiiiiv^n.) Salt l,.ikeC'iiy, I'tah.' 

J-iwreiicc, Kan. {o;oKCi: Sta.m.kv R i ill 1 Ki oki., U.S. l^rad- 

MoKA Makii; Rakkinsox, .A. 11. uatc Stiulciil. .Madrid N Y 

cAiiiraha, 111. 11i:.n tkici; .Mmiion RrTiivi:.v A I! Teach- 

.EiiXA DiUiokAu PAiikv, .\.li. Teacher 111 it i,, Mio], ScIdoI llarl.iii J.-wa 

High School. Poriiiac, .Mull. M akv M ak iokm: Sa.mso.n- A P. ' 

llKi.i;.N Jam: I'AKKV, .\.P.. Ann Arl.or. iu>>\ oili Ave., S|)ok,oie, Wa^li. 

Fi.onKNci; F.i.i/Amrni P.\ToN, A.H. Teach- Makv Mai<i,ai<i;t Sam-oud, AH. Sister 

er ill High School. Mary Jerome, St. Mary's College. 

RaK-e I.iiuleii, Mich. Monroe, Mich. 

I'.VA RosAMoNM) Pattison, A H. Teacher. Cou\i;i.iis Imisha Sawvi-k, .\ 15 Priiic 

Silver Creek, N. Y. ,,f C.)lore<l High Schnoi, 

Fki:iiknick M. P.\ui i„ .'\.li., <• 'o;) '07. .M idison Ind 

Salesman. Assuciatio.i HIdg., Him.i.i; 1.|< v.xcks Seiii'i.M \\ ' 11 S. 

Deiroit, Mull. _._.( R.)ehling St., HruukUn, N. Y. 

I.Ko.N'A S. Paxton, .\.H. Teacher. K.vKi, McCokmick Seen r, H.S., 'i.i •i(>'i2. 

Hinningliam, Mich. Cniinell-,ville, Pa. 

I'l-i-ii- Mn.i.uKi) Pkni-u i.ii, All Hknkv C. Si:i,i.MA.\ In. AH Actiiarv 

John PiiKi.AN, A.H. Acting Head Rural Ho.k s'i, St. l.ouis, Mo. 

School Uept,, W'cslcni State .\orni:d. C.kaci: .M.Mn SiAVKi.i., \\\. Teacher. 

Kal.inia/00, Mich. 222 Slanle\ .\ve.. Detroit, .Mich. 

Ai.iCK PiKKCi:, A.H. Teacher in Hiuh Hi;i.i;n Pik.m.x Siiaiii;, .\ 11. 

School. Kalani.uoo, Mich. Claka Hr.i.ii. SiiAnru. .\ II, 

jKSSii; I'oIvTKk, A.H. \ll,i,,n, Mich. 

Muskegon, Midi. MoKKISo.x SlIAlKoni, All. Lawyer. 

Maktiia HooTii PouTKK, .A.H. Teacher in i.S.i7 "^'''rk St., i)eii\er, Colo. 

Corvalli> (M..nt.) High Schof.l Otis Cyw Sii an si ii.T. .AH. Teacher. 

I.ihcrtv, N. A'. .Si.S i\. -'.|th St., Lincoln, Xeh. 

IV.KoniKx Lkm.!,, A.H. Lkkov .\inii nu Siiiimv, A.H. Student at 

Sa.L;in.i\e, Mich. Leip/ig, C.erniany. 

Ci..\ii<i: CoKiNNK Phvci:, .A.H. Teacher at H:ittle Oround. Ind. 

Monroe, .Mich. Milton Uinction, Wis. Makcakkt Ri;ni:ccA Siii:i.i.v, AH, Teaeh- 

Hi;uNici: VVimiki:i. Randam., A.H. er. llavward. Wis. 

O.xford, Mich. Ki.i.iCN DiiKoiii-, Siiin.z, AH. Teacher in 

JosriMUNi; I'.U'iN Rankin, A.H. Hi'-di ScIk,.,!. .Monroe, Mich. 

Anil .\rl,or, Mich. Iim Siti.ku, A, 11. Teacher, Indu.tria! In- 

HowAHii Ravmonu Rauic, A.L!., ;;j 'jo-'il. slitnle .nid C.dl. Cohmihus, Miss. 

Catawissa, Pa. Johan.mis SivickK, A.V, , m lo 'ij 

Makik Inuahki.i.i.; Rasi;v, .\ H. Teacher .?-m Winlhrop St., Tuledo. C). 

in High Scli<.<,l. Ai.ur; MAiuiarA<, .\,ll. (Mrs, 

Lanark. III. Ralpli II. J'ardee.; Poniiac. Mich. 

Hi;n[a.mi.n JIakkv Ri;ck, .A.P>., / 'io-'i_'. Hoi.i.nnd Hkow.nuack Siiisskk, B.S., e 

Mendota. HI. 'o6-'o7. Clieinist With Diamond Rul)- 

BoNMi; Oi.A Ri:ii., AH. Teacher. her O, .\kroii () 

.\un .\rhor. Mich. HiKiuKT WiiM.x Smith, A H .Merchan- 

lliiMoeii Ri.m; A.H. A'st ii, Physinl- diseHr..k,r. .loolrsingSt, 

oes. .\nn .\rh..r. T,,l,.,ln () 

h,--yT .11./. . 

■ ■■,1! ;4 

i ;i 

A 'r .•//;.! 

. ', ,1 M ' t/lU'-i 

M.'J V. ,' 

1 1;.' 

■ t u 


1 /; 

, ,|i ,; 


! ■! 



i ;i^.' .• • 


i /'/ 


' .'J 

;.,....,. I .^-7 

M ' ,^.;r.( u 

2o6 GRADUATliS. [1910. 

Si:\vAiiiJ Dwicirr wSmitii, A.B., M.S. Kditii .An.m; Tavi.ok, .\.B. Asst. in 

(For.) '10. Care U. S. Forest Scrvici', Rhetoric. Ann ^Vrbor. 

VVashing'ton, D. C. Goudon Fuwin T.wi.ok, A.)}. Mamifac- Bi-Ni'ON- Snivkuv, A.B. .Shoe Mcr- turcr. 2703 Park Ave, 

chant. IvOnj,' Beach, Cal. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Ci,.\K.\ Loiisic Snow, A.B. Teacher. Fi.mhk Thi:oiioki- Thii:ni;s, A.B. Thco. 

Union City, Midi. Stiulenr. Hartford, Conn. 

Hakoi.d Dalic Soutkk, A.B., / 'lo-'u. Biiuni.v I'i.Moi.KNi- Thomi'Son-, A.B. In- 

S'helljy, Mich. Mrncior at Mich. .X^ri. Coll, 

Imocknk Buutt Si'AUi.DiN'O, A.B. Teacli- luist, Midi, 

er in Kaniehanieha Sdiool for C.irls. Fva l'"i.oi;i;.\cK Tiii;i<tki.i, .A.B Teacher 

lionoUilu, i(. I. in lliuley (Wis.) lli^li School. 

Oi.K.N'K-s 1.1:1; -\.B. Adjunci. Traverse City, Midi. 

I'rof. of Forestry and Bntany. Lo.\'a C.\tiii:i(INk Ti.s'kham.A.B. Tcach- 

f.incoln. Neb. er in lli;^h School. 

MvKTA Ltii.r SrArioin., A.B. (Mrs. Ceo. Mt. I'lea.ant, Midi. 

B. Harris.) 3« l-'Salle Gardens Ct., Akon Todd, .V. B. With A. M. 

I)etn,it, Mich. Todd Co: Kalanra/00, .Midi. 

AIaudk F'lMMA Staiokk, A.B. (.Mrs. l{d- Jamks Tomi.inson, A.B. Teacher ni 

gar Sleiner.) II IJ Union Tru.t Bld^., High School. I'uddo. Colo. 

DeUuit. Midi. \Vai.ti;k Ki;i.i.ocg TowtRS, .A.B., / 'io-'i2. 

Fvia.i.NA AlA.NL'1,1. S'lAUK, .\.l!. Paw Paw, Mich. 

.\nu .\rljor. CvKis ,\i,tuHi)'c, Tui:mi'1Ci<, .A.B. 

May K.\Tiit.KiM- SrAiMaa;!;. .\.B. Tenciier in J'ast Technical Hi^Ii 

15 13 -'Sth St., N. W., School. L'KAdand, '( ). 

Washington, D. C. Eurrii MiLUKiai Knioiits TitK.Mn:!;, .A.B. 

Elizamtii Bi:al StEI-hi:, .A.B. (Mrs. Cyrus A. B. Treniper.) 

U. n. ('), Ann Arbor, Mich. 1315 F.. mih St., Cleveland, O. 

EsTHKR Makcukuiti; Snci.icii, .\.B. Jon.v Aktiiuk TuuK, B.S., h 'io-'i2. 

Teacher in Hi.i^h School Ann Arbor. 

Benton Harbor, Mich. 1'rances Cli,vei.anu Tubus, .A.B. Teacli- 

Irvinc. lM<i:ir.i:i< Stkin, B S, Student at er in Hii;!! School. C'hesaniiig, Midi. 

Rush Medical College. Louisic Tuu.muv, A.B. Teacher. 

.|(^-7 Lake .\ve, I'hicago, lii. St. Joseph, Mo. 

Hakrison- .Xi.ukRT Stkvens, A.B. Instruc- Ar.KXA.xniCK I,ouui.\ Ti-r-NKr, 15. S., ih '10- 

tor in Sdiool of Music ',_.. Ravenna. O. 

Whilninre Lake, Mich. ixkn Va.\uii( \Vi;Rr. A.l'>.. I.I.B. '11. 

.AuGUSTrs Bi'RNS StkwmjT. .A.B., >n '10- Fremont, Mich. 

'i-'. Cliesaiun.^', Micli. AioKiiA t)i;i.i:\.\', \\\. Tcdi- 

(.'i.vRA A.M. 1,1: STiii:s, .\ 1!. ,r in High School. 

llibbiui.t. Minn. I/.Xnse, Mich. 

Ci.M)i: So N- Srt.w. .\.B. Witli Hibbard, Irvi.n Va.nTassi:i.i., A.B. Physical In- 

Spciicei, i:.irtKtl .S: Co. structor. Short Hills, N. J. 

Ciiicago, HI. SiCKit) Anna von Zei.i,i;n, A.B.,Ph.C '01 

Anna lu isi; Sir.\tio.n, .\.B. Teacher. Ciieiniht and Druggist. 

Ralston, Wash. .Mar.|iiette, .Mich. 

Marion Havton Stri:iiii:rt, .A.B. Teach- Helen Louise Vokce, A.B. (Mrs. Wil- 

er ill Higli School. liani R. Johnston.) i-'i.j Penn Ave., 

Nilcs, Midi. Wilkinsbnrgh, Pa. 

Mary Genevieve Sui.i.ivan, A.B. Teach- Joseph Benjamin Wahi,, B.S. Chemist 

er in Detroit. Lapeer, Mich. with Detroit Sulpliitc Pulp and Paper 

Walter Fredericic Sunderman, A.B. Co. Detroit. Mich. 

Landscape Gardener with O. C. Si- Vera May Wait, A.B. Teadier in High 

nionds not lUiena .Ave., School. Iron River, Mich. 

Chicago, 111. Henry Levy Ward, A.B,, B.Chem.E. '11. 

Michael James Sweeney, .A.B. Willi Western I^lectric Co. 

Rexville, N. V. \3) S. Ashland Blvd., Chicago, BI. 

Cora Bi;i.i.e Swiet, A.B Heruert George Warni;, .A.B. Supt. of 

.|,So3 Lake .\v,, Cliic.ig,,, 111. Sdiools. Gaylord, Mich. 

.,<; ; ,. - ' :--a 

.^J !,^i/.M 

, . / .-vA 

ujio-ii.] Liri-.KARY DLiPARrMIiAT. 207 

l.tONAKi) W'atkhman, B.S., III 'lo-'iJ. Fi.uKiA'cr. S aki-.v \ W'kicht, A.B. Teath- 

R. U 2, Gr;ind Rapids, Mich. cr m JliKh Scliooi. St. T.ouis, -Mich. 

LuttLA EnvvMiE Way, A.B. HuiiHin' Aktiu k Wjuciit, A.H. Tlieo. 

I>;api<l Cit3', Alich. Student. Newton Ccnlri.-. Mass. 

OscAK Wi:iu;i:i<, A.I!. With The J. I,. I.ok.v Mi;i issa Wkiciit, A. 11 

Hudson Co. Detroit, Mich. (;+i<j I'.enelit St., Los Angeles, i."ai. 

Ai.DKUT I.oKE.s- \\'i;i;ks, .\.B. Iveporter on Paui.ini- W'i'ksikk, A.B, M.S. '11. In- 

Frcc Prcs^. IJetroit, Mich. structor in I [uubehold Sei.-iiee, Uni\-. 

IIakkv Cliii(jku .\Vi:ikick, B.S., ^• '05-'07. of Illinois. * L'rhana, 111. 

Clumieal I'.ngiiiecr. Aiici; Mai: Ya1'].i;, A.B. Cradiiatc Stu- 

Council BlulTs, loua. dent. Mend.-n, Mich. 

Ki.i-i<ii;uA Wi-nz, A.B. Xikcai. Ca.mi; Zi:m:u, .\.I1., .' 'uj-'o.?. 

10405 Lake Ave., Cleveland, O. Clerg-)nian. Somerset. Pa. 

Gnaci; Ki.i.swoKTit Wixis, A.B. Minmi; Ik.m v Zii;> u:k, A B. Teacher. 

Univ. Ilosp., Ann Arbor. ^^^^^') S.iyniaw, Mich. 
Mauv I.ouisi; WiX'ros. A.B. Teacher 

in lliL'li School. Crvslal Falls Mich. ,„,, 

Au;.\i: \Vi:br, A.B. ' Sar.lis, Miss. 1911 

Hl.ICAKOuPAi;l.lNKWHi;i;LKK.Ai; Teach- ^\.^^,,,„ ^i^^,. _,^ ^,j ; .,,..,, 

er 111 Fciiton (Mich.) High School. ,^1^,^ Arbor 

1319 Broadway. Indianapolis Ind ^ Dunmkc Auams, .\.B.' Teacher at 

Pau. A.,m;i<T WiiUEi.ocK.A.B. Sec. Yacht jiigtiniber, Mont. 

and iMigine Co.. West beatt e. p^^^^^^^^ ^^-^ 

e™ c.,.....s w„t4r|ji. ]^- ^^^x^, ---' ^LI^^rISi^ S 

■L^n-wtti. ^.b..^t;. '- •• M^Se-t^s;-^'MicJ--- ■''^- 

774 Slyburn Ave., Detroit, Mich. = > , , 

Dean J'., dodwiii.) i ^ ;. ;ii t' . 

... , , M , l.oniSMlle, Ky. 

1 allle.^d:de, .Mich. (•,■,,,(,,.. ,\,,.riT \MiFrsoV A I', 

NouA lu.oisi' \\'iUTw.\.N, .A.B.d^Irs. I'ern Oiiincv III 

K.xrmiKi.Ni; 1 Ii:i.i;.m-, .Anukuso.v, .A.B. 

I.. Shanuui,.) Laniin-, Micl 

IIoKACi: Zi-.fiiANiAU W'li.iaa;. A.B.. A.M 

■■■,""" \' !:>"":" ■Nr'-'r"'c.' '.'''nt V Teacher in Hi.i^h Sdiwol. 

II. Assoc. Prof. Mich. .State Normal. ^ , ■,, 1. ., rti^u 

Yps. :mti, _ Mich. Cakkii; Biai, Anhki'S, A B. Teaching 

H.M<ou, W.u.iAMs W11..V, B.S. m'K.;!^: ^^;r\[i,Sall (mIcIk) 1 

South Haven, Mich ' 

CiKMr.NTi.M: Tiii:i;n.sA A.l 

llaslin;;5, Mi 
Ci.AKimi. .Akmiiack, .\ B. 

Te.ichcr tuMiid Rapids'Mich. ■ -• ,. . I p . ,,. , 

Timvi \s l"\i-i W'riMVM-, K '^ Clwiiusr liatUe (.. I ei. k, .Allell. 

Iml B i'icri..l .■'!>( iK'i.ibt j^j.|.|^ ^, Bakui;, A.B. Graduate student. 

''"'"'' 1, ,- ,> , 1, (jreenwood, N. Y. 

B.ix 61, D.iNton, Pa. ,,,, , „ r-, i), ,- ^ d 

Cax.:i.i.K MAKin WiLSox! A.B: Teach- ^' ^ ^^ '--- ^-^j^^^.^^^ ^.^^.^ ^^.^,^_ 

er ill Iligli ^Uionl ji^^. ii(j|,j^^. ]>.„.,j^vix, A B. Ikaduaie 

Iron MountamMich. Siudnn. Ann Arbor. 

Howard Flectwoou A.B^ Dry y Louaint Banm...-.k..», A.B. Teach- 

Goods. Buflalo, N. Y. .,. ,,, ,-,,., ,m;.i, 1 w 101 1 

Anna Wohssner, A.B. Teacher '' '" '"""'"'' ^ ''' {w f I M'''; ' 

ni Higlj School. J^^r^^i) ^li'--.'!- Akthur Gekai.u Baknaki,, A l/ ' ' '"' 

Au.i.:n- Tm<.-i. Wood. .A.B. 1 eacher m .SQS 171b St.. Deircit Mich 

State Normal School K.M'hi.kk.m Makci kkiti: Bi: m.,,^,..- - ' 

T ;., Mmn. Teacher in Hidi .School. •■•''■ 

Caki.kto.v Ika Wood, A.B, m .0- 12. Be-,enur, Mich 

Amherst, O. Tiii;; ilMHTr Biaksf AB 

A^UNii; I'-.MMA WooinvAUi., A.B. ' l.^ Gr.nge 111 

Men,hn Conn. Fua.nk E., A.B. Student in 

A\iii.iAM ^.■^K^ \\'(m«STi:i<, A.B. Sargent Sch,.,.l of AclinR, New A'ork 

5722 Rodman St., Pliilad. Iphia, Pa. City. Battle Creek MKh 

.1' -.l 

I. -^ ,:iUr7' rr-< ■ ■> Tr-;i:iv:i 

■ I'v ' I/,.' I.I ti7/ 

2o8 GRADUATUS. [1.911. 

Ilunu'irr Kuwin ni:i r„ A.IV Fkanci-s May iUiTTKunr.i.i), A.B. 

Vuunx City, Midi. Owosso. Mich. 

Rosa Hici.l, A.B. u_'| lia.liiiKS St., Gkaci; Camkho.n', A.B. Teacher in Wm 

Detroit. Midi. Woods College. Fultun, Mo. 

Oi.ivK Bi;n-]ihook, .A.B. Teaciier in lli.uh lu'CK.M-; Ca.m i'iiku., A.B., I'li- 

School. Cioswcll, .Midi 'u. Plymouth, Mich. 

Ei.izaiii;tii C.\tiii:kim; IIk.nja.mi.v, .\ li, Autiiuk Ia.mks Camimikm,, B.S., Midi. (11 \V. C.urhaiii St., Ma.hsoii, Wis. 

Max Bii.N.Mnx A.I!. 17^7 D Ave., Stk.n Ivak Caki.soj,', .\ 11. 

Cedar kapi,!,, Iowa. Crystal Falls, Mich. 

Ai.iiKKT Kav r.K.xu.v, .\.l'. 1Ia/i:(. !':>ii.;i i.i-: C.vktkk. A I'.. Teacher 

Salem, Iml. in lir>,iii ( ( ). ) llioli School. 

Dion- Scorr Bikniiv, .\.B., /'ii-'i_'. mki Was'liniHtoii St., Toledo, O. 

1510 -'_'nd St, Washington, I). C. K.mkina Makv Caihuikv, A.B. Teach- 

Ekma AicusTA Bisiioiv A.l?. Teacher. er. Brighton, Mich. 

Cadillac, Midi. Ki:i;u Ciia.mui;rs, B.S. Cassopolis, Mich. 

Thomas I-Iaui. IIowauh 1!i.\ck, .\,B, Maujokm: Ciia.\kv, AM. 

I'\i-'i2. .\nn Arbor. iji High St.. Detroit, Mich. 

n \K0ii)l'.i MK. B.S. Mt. Clemens, Midi. \.m<\ .\i.i;i.i \ Cuai-in', AH. 

Bi;.Nj.^Mi.\ Fk\.\K Bi.ANCiiAku, .\.B. Laiiigshurg, Midi. 

Shdhyville, Ind. Mkki.v.n .\i(MS Chaiti:!., A.B. liislitule 

Ralph Jnsi;i'ii Bi..jck, A.B. News Re- Inglis. Santiago, Chile, S. A. 

purler, Cilv, Mo. Gi.Ain s Jl'anita Chai'I'IU.i,, A.B. Grad- 

Pearl St., Siou.x City, Iowa. iiate Student. ->7 Charlotte St., 

Solomon- Bllmmo-l.v, A B. Mich. 

Sault Sie. Marie. Midi. Lai;ra Ksthkk Chkistl.nsk.v, .\.B. 

Jl'AN' -Anto.nio Bo.mi.i.x, A.B., in'ii-'u. Cassopolis, iMich. 

Cali, Columhia, S. A. Catiilki.m; Fhanci;3 Cl.vkk. A.B. 

Augusta Mi'kk.w lio.)K.Mvi:K, .\.15. Clin-on, Mich. 

Teacher. W.o John R St.. Fay (^.ooi.cui.t. Clakk, A.B. 

Detroit, .Midi San l'>eriiardino, Cal. 

Alulkt StiU'hlns Bokc.msn, .\.I5. Cokwin Stan'ton Clakm:, B.S., M.D. 

I'as.uleiia .\pts.. Detroit, Mich. (,'0 'cx). Physician. 

Chaklks .Am.en, .\ B. I'airhury, Neb. 

2700 N. ()th St., Kansas City, Kan. Rali'h MLuLDrni Cociiu.x.v. .\.Ij. 

Ci..vuoi-; Bi(i:ciiNii<, A B. Teacher in Atlantic, Iiul. 

Tcdmical High Sc-liool Co.nmim.o Ji:ssi:lli:n Coil, A.B. Teach- 

Clevdand, (). er in High School, Charlotte, Midi. 

Alma Amllk, A.I!, (^.r.iduaie Stii- Pm:/ Im.mkx Coi.i:. .\.1!. Teadu-r in 

dent. Port Hope, .Midi, Houdl uMidi ) High S.liool, 

Hlkman PkosowSKA. A.I!. h'owlerville. Mich. 

i-'O Purdino St., Detroit. Midi. Okouc.i: Co.mhs, A.B. Sup't. of Schools. 

AxDKKw HiuAM Brow.n. A. 11. Tlieo Nort'li Adams. Mich. 

Student. 2I.I nth St., .M. F, Chaki,otte Conev, A.B. Teacher in 

Washington, 1). C High School. South Haven, Mich. 

Clh'i'orii V.snck Bkown-, .\.B. Sup't. of VicroR Turn.ic, .\.B. 

Schools. Hartford. Midi. 

Big Timher, Mont.. Citaklics Junius Conovi-k, B.S. In U. S. 

Dorothy Brow.v, .\.B. Teacher Forest Service. Coldwater, Mich. 

in Portland (Micii.) High School. Gkoroi- Bradioku Coki.i;ss, A.B. Ass't in 

Fast Lansing, Midi. Mineralogy. .Ann Arbor. 

V.u.v.Nv. Mak Browne, A B. Amaryllis Marii: Cotky. A.B. Head of 

Sault Ste. Marie, Midi. Couiilv Xormal Mancelona, Mich. 

James Dennis Buruy, A.B. Chemist. lu.w.Mui Hutchison Coilson, B.S. 

(us Aih Ave., Astoria, 1,. I. City, N. Y. .Mliambra, Cal. 

AuELE BuRNHAM, A.B. Ann Arbor. Lyman Ckau., ,\ 1! 

Mildred Mary Burns, .\.1?. Teacher in W)4 Cass .Ave.. Detroit, Mich. 

St. Charles (Mich.) High Sdiool, Rali'II Cook Ckaic, A II. 

Monroe, Midi. 136 Charlotte Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

•(-.•I. 1 
.rl ;!■■ >• 

... u:\ 

11 !.iT- -O'-tliJ' 

n, •' <,' .'i . -I I ' i.-i,:- . ti 



t',i.(ji((,i; Akmmkom; Cka.m,, William L'Ai.invj.i.L I)t dckd.v, A.lj. 

Punticu-, Mich. jjo S. -(til Ave, Sagiiiau-, Mich. 

Vli<.m;u \\'i.\>lu\v Ckani:, AM. (jeougi; Motli;v Dui-l', A. 15. 

Tccumscli, Mich. Oak Harbor, Mich. 

Uu-NE W'r.^LKv Ci;a.\ksii.\w. HS, )//'ii- AlilK CiiKikLui-; Duncax, A.B. 

'I-'- Mayviilc, Mich. Tiliumpsonvillc, Mich. 

Irkm: l't:.\Ki, Ck.wvluku, .\ i;. 'JVachcr David CuKisTiii Duncan A.B Ass't in 

at IruiuvcHiil, Midi, Pliysic= at I'lirdiic Univ. 

Mt. Clemens. Mich. Lafayette, In.l. 

AnTiUK l-.rcK.NE Cl'ktis, A. 15. Teacher Ki mv itn.MisTKK US (Mr, 

in lliiih Sclu.ol. Escaiiaha, Mich. JIarry R. I'erkin..) 

Wii.LLv.M C.iiMS Crsii.M.v:,', .\.]\. kjij J5,j X. lytli St., i{ast Orange, N. J. 

iintiic pio liiiu }. J'l. Covington, X. 'i'. Co.vsiw.Nci; Okaci- hjuicii. .\.li. Teacli- 

Vl-ka Cakioitv Da.n-ikl, .\.I1. er in l.apeer (.Mich.) lii^li ScIdoI. 

Dearl.orn. Mich. \\in Wert. O. 

Lrwis Kum;m' DA.Mti.s, li.S. Oradnate ]'.i<.\i:;,t 1'.i,'-,.\kt, I'..S. I'ontiac, Mich 

Student. .\ini Arhor. Akciiu; .\i:i;]i: l•.^l.^\\ol<•rll. .\,li. 

FLoiac.vcL .XuA Davis, .\.1!. Teacher ni Vpsilanti, Mich. 

Florence (W'is.j Ui.^h Sch.jol. Ci.-\i<a II-\i;i<iso.\ Stka.vmiax lu v A I! 

.\ln-k-egun, AFich 230 Mcadouhro.,k Ud., 

Jl'Lia Ai;ki:lia Davis, Teacher 111 Rutherford, X. J. 

Slate Xurinal. IMiiiond, Okla. Aktiilk CoTTikiu ICkickso.nt AH 

I,i:iTA Maucakita Davis, Teacher Whitehall. Mich. 

in Jligh School. IndependeiKe, Kan CiX'ir, Rov.m, F.vans, I5.S. l-rnit Crower. 

Ll-CV Davis, A.B. Graduate Stndent. R. D. i, MiiskeKon. Mich. 

Clii^ Mich. DlI'okl^t William Evans, C:are 

jKANET'ii: C.K.xci: DiCAX, A 1!. 0. l\. J'Aan,-, Lumber Co. 

Kai.niiazoo, Mich, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Walti;k Ikvin Dkh i;.\iiArc.ii, .\.li Davih Ai.i.a.m I.\vlki:tt, .\ i: 

Teacher i,; Manistee (.Mich,) Digh Malone, N. V 

School. .\dnaii, M,,, Milliso.n Ct:Ti,i:K J'akk, A,)!, Teacher in 

Caki. liLMAMi.v DKl'oKL.vr, .\,l', , „i'ii- High ScIh.oI. (-,rand Haven, Mich. 

■iJ. .\nn Arbi.r. Makv Ti-kL-.A I'AKklll, .\.li. Teacher in 

CiiAKL,nii;Tiii:issDi:.NLLLn, .\,l;. Teach- Detroit, Miltord, Mich, 

er in High School. Uki\h J. FiKi'. Teaching at Dak- 

Saginaw, Mic'h. ville, \'a. Waterloo, Iowa. 

Makv liiiiTH Di:w, A.B. Hanover, Mich. Lai'ka Makv !■ inkhlinkk, .\.B. Tcadi- 

Fkanci-s Fkux DicKii;, Teacher in er in High School. Caledonia, Mich. 

High School. J.awton, Midi. ]',u\vakij Ruuolimi Imnkkn^takdv, A.B. 

IF\uuii:r Caki.i:tun Dickinson, A. I! Wi 5th Ave., liay City, Mich. 

Teacher in Corimna (Mich.) High Jii-iKrn; Ii;i..\i; Finn, A.B. 

Sch.Hd Jacks,. n, Mich M> Bethuin; Ave. W., Detroit, Mich. 

Ada Katiili.ln Dii-tz, Blktiia I.olisk Fischi;r, A.B. Teacher 

(^..Sl Champlain St., Detroit, .Mich. in Bes.eiiur (Mich) High School,; I'iUN/i-ss Dii.i.A, .\,B, Teach- .\nn ArUir. 

er. Waterloo, Ind. Rkimki) Fi,an .mgan, A.B. I'or)- 

Ci.AiK William Ditchv, A.B. '10. Norway, Mich. 

i-'40 K. cjoth St., Clevelaiui, O. Ci.avion Fokci:, A.B. 

Jav K,\ki. Ditcmv. AB. Instructor in 70 Terrace Ave., C.raiid Ra|)ids, Mich 

R.uuance Languages in Univ. of 111. Howaku Stowkli. l'o\. Tlieo. Stn- 

Urbaiia, ill. dent. Cambridge. Mass. 

Plrcv Jamls Donovan, A.B. h'o.x, .\.B. Teacher in High School. 

114 Alexandrine Ave,, Detroit, Mich Milford. Mich, 

Ciii-sTiK ,\rtiilr Dotv, Ii,S, Vkra IvLAiNi.; Imlx ,\,li. 'I'eadier 

Lac.ita, Mich. joj Wreford .\ve , Detroit, Mich. 

l.vLi.VN NL\RY Douoiii-RLV, A.B. Teach- Josl Sh.lnuo Garcia \ B 

er in High Sdiool. Manistee, Mich. 'jileii, Peru, S. A. 

RuiiiiRT EnwAKu Driscoi.i, .\,li. t;.\i.\K Marcl-s Gass, Sup't of 

Lead, S. Dak. ScIi,m,K. Leon Lnva, 

..■''- ^ 1.1... „; .)/. 

I.' ; .„■(.•; ;i ,,ii 

. ..(i ^ 

.•.•r'>t: ,! I. If'. H -IV.:!*.. ' 

:.., h^ ,!:„ 

2IO GKAUUATHS. [lyii. 

Gladys J'.i.i/.aiiltii C.ii.i.mi:, rrlnc. J<i;iu:ila Mai.v IIannum, A.Ii. Teacher 

nf lliyli Scliuol. West l;iancll, Midi. in Snuail Sclir...|. Tuledu, O. 

l.Ai KA l.i.u.NA, All. 'IVaclui- i;via,N J;i;iaiv, Dayloii, (). 

Ill ChcLsca (Mid..) lli^li School. 1Ii:/ikimi IIakit.k, 'IV-adi- 

Aiiii Arhor. cr in (lill.crl Academy. Baldwin, I.a. 

Avi;kv Jacoh Ginsuukg, Sludeiit at IIi'Li-.n J\o\\.\n llAuruK, 

Harvard Univ. Detroit, Mich. Kurt Wayne, Ind. 

Ruuoui'it William Glaslk, Hli^ahltu IIlj.iin Hahkis, A.B. Teadier 

2135 Bolton St., Balinnore, Aid. in Jli.^hland ParJ; (.Midi.) High 

IIl'KHKKT AlKil.Lli (ad.'ix, Sclio..]. OK) Tinnihiill .\ve., 

175 Midiigan Ase.,^ut, Mich. 

C.raiid Kapids, Mich. I'aui.i.m: i I aki;iv, A. li. 1, .ad,, r 11. liigh 

WiiNSi.uw i.AMoNT Goocu, All. School. I'oiiiiac, Alicli. 

Wakdiehi, Alaas. Cvmlulll 1I.\kvi;v, Ali. 

CiiAuNcLv J.i.ovD GooiiKiLii, A.B,, c\n- 51 Winder St., Detroit, Mich. 

'u_>. County School Conlnlib.^iolK■r. John II.skold Hav, B,S,, m'i\-'\2. 

Allegan, Midi. Erie, Pa. 

AuTllbU MiLLI-K G0K.MAN', A.B. Gl<U-|-|TII ll.WLS, Al! Girdevillc, O. 

St. Cloud, Minn. Uov Samoiu. IUah, B,S. I'niic. of 

Clark Webstlk Gol:lu, A.B. Care of iliyh School. 

U. S. Forest Service. Bi- Rapnls, .Mich. 

Fisher Bldg., Chicago, Jll. Joii.w, A.B. Graduate Stu- 

I .MAKC,.\ia.T h'.Li/Aia.Tii t^oriu .\ B. deni. DeKalh Junction, N. Y. 

Teacher at Cathay, N. \)aU. ' J.vck .Mokton JIkxi.kick, A.B., / 'n-'i2. 

Shell. !ni, .\'. \'. Trinidad, Colo. 

Kathaui.n'i: Fkici; (^kaua.m \.B. Te..di- W'altik Ij.mimi IIi:.m^. .\ 11 

er in Men. .n)ii;ee( .Mich, ) High Sch..ol. .Meiionnnee, .Mich. 

.\euiown, I'a. -Maktua Ullli; llr.T/Li., .\.ll 

I,ucii;.v Hi:lm Gkl.vthou^i:, .Ali. .Avoca, Iowa. 

R. D: ^, lio.K II, Washington, \). C. Flokiinci. Jakl Hill, Teacher ' 

GiloKCK Ri;.\ (jUKEn, A.B. Ohio Agr. F^.- '" Hillsdale (Midi.) High School. 

I ijcriment Sta. Woostcr, C). <xi Baker St., Detroit, Mich. 

' ViKGiL David Gkelk, B.S. Xokman 1' Hill, .\,H 

.Ml Wrnon, 111. Hailevhury, Out., Can. 

Bt.'KToN Glou.;i; Gki.m, .\.B. iSee'l'.ic- 1 )L\\ Lv .\s \ 1 Ii.nckllv. .\,li. 

ulties.) .\iiii ArlM,r. •'^.i 1 ^^- Fark St, , .Midi. 

Fena Maiul GidswoLh, A.B Teadur in Donai.h .Makio.v Hoii.xmi. .\ li. 

High Sdio.,1. Northvilie, .Midi. l)\id, Midi. 

HLU.MAN Jim.s''Aiu;csTGKos.sMANN. 1! S. I'.nwi.v .\i..,\/o !h,i,ii-.iiK. I', S c\*^•(^. 

Graduate SuuKnl. s.'iS .\vc', T.a.her 1,1 lli...di Sdi,.,.| 

Chi. .I.'.., Ill, .Midi. 

Joii.N t;, iL.M.iii-, .\ II, / 'u '1 ■. I.oi im: .M.-ms lhii.L„.\. .\ II. Teadier in 

jX.i^, W.iireii .\ve., LTi.-.ig,., 111. Fakel.imleu (Mich.) 1 ligh Se^lool. 

Flln-okl .Mi.vluva Haoue, .\,I!. Marshall, .Midi. 

i4i(j Morse .Ave., Chicago, 111. Fmuy .Aii\ms Holt, .A.B. 

I CiiAULES HuiiiiAKi) Hai.i,, a B -'85 N. Prospect St. 

j 7700 Union .Ave., Chicago, HI. Grand Rapid.-, Mich. 

LoRA WiLUELMiNE Hai.l, .A.B. Tcaclier. JosKi'ii Hoknlk. .A.B. 

I Owosso, Midi. iSi Ransom Sr, Grand Raiiids, Mich. 

Frid.\ Irm.\ Hallek, A.B, .Ann .Arhor. Many I Iokku.a.v, .A B. Graduate 

Fouis Patteuson, .A.B. Sludenl. Vpiiluui, Mich. 

2812 Poppleton Ave.. Oni.iha. Neh. Hlle.n' I.L'cilk Hov, A 11 

Fkancis Gaklieli) Hamiuu.n', A.B. Cassoi^dis, Mich. 

.\iiii .Arhor. Glutiu'di; X.\sii Hunawill, -AB. 

Sll Uktiia Hamii.-io.\, a B, (.Mrs. I'.d- Ann .\rhor. 

will 1.. li.iker.) Adrian, Mich. He.n'kv Mii.Tux Hum.Lkim akk, A.B. 

Haukv \Vll.lIA^f Ha.mmonh, A.B. Bank- Geneva, O. 

ing. 1st Nat. Bank Bldg., Wilma Hi'ko, A.B 

Chicago. Ul. JMg.rtoii, Wis. 

•, 'ill o: • ».• .M,' 

i .\:'. 1.7/ (i,j„'j>' 

■II /, '.yj .' !, ',' 

■ ( 

ii'. .■ 


1 ■!.•■• 

.". ■!{/■ , 

!•.•;;■ I. 


■■■/. ,:i 

1 ,C , iv / 

.u ■ 

. .:.otJlM 



Makion KuzAiitTii, -V.IJ. 

J51 llciuliic Ave, Dciruit, .Mich. 
RussiiLi, Ci.AuuuJs ilubiiiv, A. I]. Grad- 
uate StiulL'iit. MliuKju, (J. 
Soi'iiii; I'j.i/.AUKTii lIu'iiCKi., A.B. rcLich- 
cr in \\'i.;urii Slalc Normal. 

Kalamazoo, Midi. 
Mamie Cakiui; Hydi;, A.L>. Teacher in 
lilisslield uMidi.J liiyli School. 

Grand Rapids, .Mich. 
Eu.A .May J1v.\ia.\s, A.U. .\sst. in Univ. 
Library. -Vnn Arhur. 

IJKbbu: Inci:, .\.I! 

.1017 I.aUc Ave., Cliicayo, J II. 


.Ml. l■U■a^allt, .Micli. 
.\Iakv r.i.N.NCiiAun jKiil.ui..^ .\-i;. Teach- 
er in lll^h School. 

lollia, .Mleh, 
Cu.NkAU Mo.Ni.M'.L'i: Jt.N.N'l.N'o, li.S. 

638 Orchard St., Milwaukee, \Vi.s. 

John ilt.sKV JuNbi'.N, .\.li. Graduate 

Student. liuitalu, N. Y. 

KouKKT Lui: JiCKLiNG, US. Graduate 

Student. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

CuAi<i.i:ii Sti:\v.\ut Jou.\so.\, B.S. 

Wyandotte, Mich. 
Alt.\ Ei.izAiii-.Tii JoH.N^Tox, .\..B.. Teach- 
er in .Nhu^hall (Mich.) Uish School. 
Landing, .Mich. 
GuAci; Ivu-.i.KA Jo.\i;s, .\.li. 

150 Ferry .Ave., W ., Detroii, Mich. 
.McCi.ia.i.AN Giuijv Jo.M.-,, A. 15. I'rinc. ot 
tlie Jligh School, Uvso:!,o, .Mich. 

GtuKOi; KAWKiCNCii Kkk.van, li.S. Grad- 
uate Student. 

Port Huron, Mich. 
Chauus SruAKT KiiN'NEDv, 1;.S./h'ii-'i_'. 
8i I'almer Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Catui:i<ini: 1),)i;is Kim., .\M. 

Maniiielte, Midi. 
Goui.o.N- KiNi-.SbLiKV, .\.iJ. Adver- 
lising wall Regal Motor Car Co., 

Detroit, .Mich. 

.\CK.\11AM .Xl.UKKT Ki.El.V, H.S. 

40O Reiiwick Ave, .Syracuse, N. V. 
Jri.iA lsAui:i, Knati', .'\.li. Teacher in 
Hig Rapids (Micli.j Hmh School. 

Howell, .Mich. 

MVRON Do.NAI.U KnaI'1', .\.H 

lirislol. Ind. 
Mauti.n luiwiiV Knoi.1., U.S., ;/i'o7-'o<). 
Teacher in High School 

Cl.el.oygan, Micli. 

I'.KWIN I'lKIHNANl) KlKII, .\ 11. 

Fort Wayne, Ind. 
.Arthur Kountjcu, H.S. Michicot, Wis. 
Grack Hlizaui-tii Koons, .\.U. 

1528 Uoswell St, Topeka, Kaii. 

bi'K.N'ci;R Gazi.av Kuh.\, .\..U. 
(>)5 Kno.K .\vc., .\voiidale, 

Cincinnati, O. 
WlLl.lAM JhiKKY Kuiiii, 

Chinook, Moil. 

luJlitkT FuWAkD KUSTIIRICR, .A. 11. 

T,27 Fountain St., Grand Raiuils, Mich. 
I'kancki.n' .\'i;ki)Iia.m I.acky, 

* Uskaloosa, Iowa. 
FwAuT Rkuci:, A.B., / 'ii-'ij. 

IJoyne Cily, Mich. 

Joii.N- Wii.MA.M I.AM.i,o,s. Teacher. 

Saginaw, .Mich. 

GroKci; SiAKK I.asukk, .\.15. .\sst. Slate 

Sui.t. Ml SchouN. 

I.aii.^int^, Mich. 
.Makv 1':i..miki-; La VicNt:, Teacher 
in lliv,ii .S>hool. 

Saginaw, W. S., Mich. 
Fra.ncis J.v.\ii:3 Lau'rincu, 

Cheboygan, Mich. 
Harrikt Lawrunce, A.U. 

1S22 E. 82nd St., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Mmu.i, Carrii; Lawrknci:, Teadier 
in Cass City (..Midi.) High School. 

Stockbridge, Midi. 
Ja.mi:^ Fkiiuukick Lawto.v. 

W>y Trunibull -Ave., Detroit, Mie'h. 

GtoROi; MicuAKi, 1.1:11 MAN, .\.B., LL.B. 

'11. 5J .McGraw lildg., Detroit, .Midi. 

Gi.Auvs Sakah l.Kwis, .\.B. (.Mrs. Beii- 

janiu. R. J':ggen,an.) 

-Muskegon, Mich. 
llKK-HKR-i' Fri;iii:kick I.i.N'ii.sAV, li.S. Grad- 
uate Student. .\msterdaui, .\. V. 
CliAI(l.oTr.\ ili:i,fN LlNliSTKo.M, .\.ll. 
IjS Stratford .Ave,, 

Pittsburgh, E. E,, Pa. 
Flora ]-;,\i,hioN Linx, -A,li, 

514 Cass Ave,, Detroit, Mich. 
Li-:o Fki:ui:kic, 

Tekonsha, Mich. 

Arthur Luchtman, A.B. 

Teacher inAlnia (Mich.) High School. 

Uiica, Mich. 

MvjtoN Roiii-RT Lucibiiii., A.B. 

_'.vj Lawn .Ave., BlulTton, O. 
NoKMAN Lini:kk, .\,li, Supt. of Schools. 
I'lainwell, Mich. 
EinvARii F. .McCarthy, B.S. Care Dis- 
trict Forester. (Xgden, Utah. 
Lui.u Fr.'inck McCrukkv, .AB. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
Am;i.Aii.i: McDo.N'Ai.i,, .\,li. 

Xegaunee, MicHi. 

Cl.AY 1'i1RIST01'I1I:K M ACDO.V AI.l), .A.B. 

-lij Martin PI,, Detroit, Mich. 
Walter Bvkon .McDoucam., A.B. Grad- 
uate Siiideiit. .\nn .ArlKjf. 

1 ;0<i.l . i'vO'l y >*!• 

• / f- . - ■ 

■, ! <. 
. r.r. \, 
■A ••:/■ 

.» iV/ 

I.,.. i ,. .;. . /.I HJIIJ' V/ -!; 



Jami;s .McElkkk, A.i:., A. IS. C.v\ Li:k<.v M(,uiiV, A.B. Teach. 

1, V. 

( W cslniinsicr) <X5 

New Wilm 
John- JlovvANi, .MciCwAX, liS , m 'ii-'u 
liav C-ily, -MkIi 
Haui.kv Jav Mc'Mackkx. 

TiLiUMii, Mah 
Mai; M, .McNamakv, 

St. lunaa-, Mich 
Ai.suN Jim Manhy, ]i.S. TL-achL-r ii 
I'ralt I Kan.) lli^;h Schud 

R. 1). 10, liaitlc Ci-L'ck, Mich 
]{i,i/.Ma.Tii l'"ui:i)i-:iiii^A I\1ai;i ,\Tr, 
Teacher in lli^h Sehuul. 

lii- Kapi.lN, Mich 
CnAui.i:s Wii.iii'iu Mahsu. .\.ll. 
W'jlh .\nier. I'Aine-.s Co 
OOii I'lhs Ave., 

Clnca-o, 111 

run. I.KWis M\K.sil, C.raihiate Slu 

dent. lackM.n, Mich 

MaUII, I'.. M\KSH.\I.I., Mich 
Bi.ANeiu: Ui.izAiiKiii M 
Teaclur in llii^h Sch.,.,] 

.Mhiun, Micl 

ROSI-: I'NAXCl-ri XdKKl.S Makti.v, A.B. 

178 Henry St., D.lroit, MicI 
]'i.ui;i.;.sei; Maux, .\.li. (Mr.>. i.eui 

Harnett.) The Hill ll..n-,e, 

I'ortland, Ui\ 

iM.KIUIbT 1)AV MA•1•|1K^UN, ,\.li. 

h;ikh<ji-n, \Vi- 
Al.i:\INA MkiKK, Teacher i 
Jiunt^iuon (Mich.) iliK'h Schoul. 

Ann .Xrlun 

D.INAI.l, j-KN.NKI.lN Mi;i,llnK.\. AH. 

^n Mi:r,... \.l!. T. 
Mi.h.) Ili...;h Sell..,, 


Ml llarhor. M 
A II. Slinknl 


liSe I'ouit ha 
l^ Mn.i.KK. .\.li. 

.\lonn.l Mi>s. 

•;i.l, M..KI.1.A.NU. .\.li 

.\,, Midi. 
CiiKisTiAN ri,iaseiii;i( Mmkki^, .\.I!., / 

KuiiMKT Ti 

Ilij4-h Schodl. Saginaw, W. S., Micii. 
Makv Oct.wia Mii.hkuon, A.B. Teacher 

in Ilij^h Scliuol. Three Rivers, Mich. 
Kj.uki..nci: lii.K.MAKuiNi: Mrueiiv, 

Teacher ni High School 

Marshall, Mich. 

1! \ZI.1, .\.\.\A MUKI'IIV, \.\\ 

S-M l.-^hfiiuton St., Toledo, (). 
Mavkici-: Ci.akk MvrK,. .Mi. / 'u-'i... 
.\nn Arbor. 
1'i:ti;k hMi:. Mvii;., .\.li 

Iron Kiver, Mich. 
ll.\Ki;v Ci.l'.NN Mvm:i<, .\.1!. Canton, ( ). 
Im.oka J.oiH.i.; Naim-al-, Teacher in 
llovne Cilv (Mich.) lli.^h School. 

Xadeaii, Midi. 
C.KoKC.i: luviNc, Navi.ok, B.S., h 'll-'lJ. 

Chili Siaiioii. .\, V. 
Caki, liAK.NKV Ni;ni,.. li S, 

JOJ Van U\ke St, Detroit, Mich. 
Ci.AKK.vei; .\i<Tiifi<, .\.l!. 

I,! 17 C.f.ind -\ve., Chicago, Til. 
\.B. .Iism: Ch NKi.i:.-, Xi i.iis, li.S. Care V. S. 
I'orest Service. 

Wa=hini;ton, D. C. 
JoilN I'KKWITT Nn.So.N. .\.l!. 

Muskouee, (Jkla. 

Ll=m; MAuir: Nkwukv, A.B. 

Lansing, Mich. 
Pi;i<i<Y l''i<i;iii;i<ici^ Xiciioi.s, A. 15. 

(,'orning, X. V. 
Cl.AKA I.llXl.A Xissi.v, .\ li. 

Sahnc. .Mich. 
Joiix Xoia.i:, li.S 

.'_M TrcnioiU St.. Cedar h'.dls. Iowa. 
V.uw Mm^i 1: O'liKii N. \ I! Snpt. of 
School. D^.ua^iac. Mich. 

Konru' X vmi \W . I 'ii-'ij 

De.iduood, S. M.ik. 
Miivix \ i.K.M- (),.,. 11, .\.i; 

Holland, Mich. 

IlKNKV OiriCMtl^lMl^K, 

.n.S Rockdale Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
l-.nrni (.'iiakitv Owv.s. .\.1!. 

(.)rion, Mich. 
liii.t.A lii.i.t.i; ().\i!V. .\ n Te.icher in 
lialtle Creek (Mich.) High School. 

K.iiHd Ciiv, Mich. 

Lima, (). M.\Kio.v 1 

SAMria, Hi:nuy .Moinds, A.H., I 'ii-'u. Mak' 
rrescolt, Ariz. A N .x 
Fi<ii:i)A AuAi.iNi; Mousi:, Teacher m 

High Sclio(,l. Portland, Mich. Hani 

Mil, I. A 1'i:miii;uton Mukton', A.B. 

.337 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, Cal. Bi.lm. 
]\Lm; Lucy Mosiiick. Teacher in 

Mason (Mich.) High School. 

Battle Creek, Micl 

M. l'ln=hing, Midi. 
I'AKUia*, Tra\erbe Citv, Mich. 

Soll.TS I'AliK.S. .\.li. 

Birniinghani, Mich, 
I. Wk.vii.aki; 1'ai<m,.ss, .\\\. 
110 S. l.e.uitt St, Chicago, 111. 

11 l.Al KIl.TTA l'\~vor, .\.li. 

Repiihlic, .Midi. 


. .\ li, Out. 

1 ' ; -n •. 

■M^'.r ■.It!' ...ij 





\VKMii:i,i, I 
ill Ihi^h 

J r 1.1 A AlAK 

KwA-Mt Am 
ITowAkij C, 

1''k\.\kij.n : 


Koy H. PuxEi<iiAi!Ci 

High Schuol. I'lklK 

I.ri-A Anna Rains. A, IS. Tm. 
Stui-gis (Midi.) llit,'li Sl-1i..u1. 
Nina Lviua Ka\s.,.m, A. II 


lvnii:i. Anna Rki^m:. Ali. I' 

Iniiav City, Mich, 
■KNC.ii.i., A. II, Kt-al 
i.aii.^in- Midi, 
Ni:, U.S. 

X'lclor, X, V. 

■M, A.r.., / 'n-'ij, 

Jad<.M,ii, Midi, 

It, Midi 

I, Midi. 

II, .Midi 

1;, .Midi. 

1, Midi. 

1, Midi. 


wii, O. 

, Mich. 
;lKr in 
•t, (ml. 



iiic iii 


UK lAiKTKK, .\ r., 


OWN I'OWI'IK;. .\,1!,, / 

■i;i.i, Pki-ston, A. 15. 
A. 15. 



Ih.i, k 



lj;i; \' 

]'ots(l,nii, N. V. 
15. Teacher in lliKJi 
Bay City, Mich, 
l^ulclitfc College, 

Cainhri.li4C, Mass. 
i.Mn.M. \,I5. 




; 1'ixi:nk Savi;ks, 1! S /// 

\.\ Wlll.lA.M SCIIKUKU, 15 S. 

"'ucsi Service. 

er, J 11. 

lu ir. 

,■ .\l.(>\>ll'S SCIII.INK, 1: S.. 

, .Uu. 

■.11 ScilOKIlNC. .\.l!. I'e.n 
■iriil-e lli^;h Sdu.ol. 

Jjiui.v Wn,i.i\.\i SciiuriuKu .\ 15 

,VH. .V. I'orter St., Saginaw, .Mich. 
J. i:\vis Wii.i.i.s.M Sliii<()i;iji;i<, .\.1; / 'n- 
„,'■-■ , , LHiincy, 111. 

Wll.MAM IliA Si:Akl,i:s, A. 15., ;y, 'll-'jj 

Canan<la,(iu.., X. V. 
Wii.i.iA.M CoxK.SL. SKii-r, A.i;. 

kS|7 Dcarhurn Ave, Chicago, 111, 

Haki.kv I.i.Kuv Sin^i;.man.v,A.15. tcadi- 

^■'•- Kast St. I.oiiis, 111. 

JilKKl: W(H,hS SiiAiciri., .\,]!., / ',I-',2. 
Okl:,l„„i,,i Chy, (Jid. 

w I'iidier Si'. Detiaui,' Mich! 

J.JIIX TliliKuN SlIOKT, .\ I!,. /,/'lI-',_.. 

.\ It. /'ii 
.\iiii .\i 

Kam'H Wai.iu, Si.Mi'Sd.v, .\,i: 

.\iuk-r=on ami Hrjii .\laur Sis., 

Pitt.ihiirgili, Pa. 

K-Mouv Wai.tkk Sink, A. 15. Ana .Arbor. 

K1..SIK M.w SiSMAN, A. 15. Teacher in 
High School. Coldwaur, .Mich. 

Makv Katiii.i:i;n Sr.i: \tok, .\.i5 'l\,idier 
at l!a.ttle Creek, Mich. .\iui \rhor 

AKTiiru Ij:ox S.Mrni, .\.15. 

Dea.lwoo,!, S. Dak. 

lloWAkI, Kl-A S.MITll, A.I!. 

Xewcastie, Ind. 
LiiiA Mm: S.mith, .\.15. Teacher at Mt. 
I', fi.ih Wdlsvi-lle. O. 

Makcakkt 1.n,,i,i^ SMiiii, .\.l!. Teacher 
in High Sdinol. .Mason, .Mich. 

liAKi.AKA Snik'i:. A.I!. TeacluT ill Cole- 
man (.Midi.) High School 

I'Mwanlslnirg, .Mich. 

Ikknk S.nviii;i(, A 15. (Mrs. Alt>c(l C. 

liaine.) Lancaster, N. Y. 

Sii;fiii;N Doi (.1 \s Si-akks, A. 15., dnj-\o. 

Steveiisville, Va. 

-Maiui, SunoN Si'KNCtK. .\.15. Teacher 

in Jack.M.ii (.Mich.) High School. 

Beliling, .Mich. 
Maki.w Ni.TTii: SiKNCKK, A.H. 

.V-' ^Ih St, (5raiul Rapids, Mich. 
l.i:ox Sn:i.\i:i.u>., .\.li. .ji Watson St 

Del I oil, .Mich. 

(Miss) I.i:,) Sn i-iii:ns. .\ 1!. Tcadier 

in High School. \Villiamst.;ii, .Mich. 

-Vi.KK ViKCiNiA .\.H. Teacher 

in Ihirlev (Wis.) HIkIi School. 

Xcuannce, Mich. 
M NMii: Sum .N>, .\ 1!. 1 in, l.-o,est Ct , 

.\nn .\rh..r. 

\'ioii;r Mami; Sii;vi;ns. ,vSs i.|ih Ave. 

Detroit, .Mich. 

Ann .\rh,,r. 

■ 1 ■<".•.) .:. / '■■■1 '» i/.\ A^'iAfW. 

2 14 GRADUATES. [igil, 

Kknkst SiiKWAi.T, A.K. Tcacliiiig ;it 1'ki:u Hi kkiiakt Wauk, A.U. C.r.uJiuite 

Kl. W.MiK', Iiul. I'liiici'toii, Jml. vSlnck'iil. Ann Arbor 

IlAiiui.u I'Kiapi.uick Stock, A.B. J'Aki, Manton Wakkiiki u, AT. 

llillbdak-, Ali.h. Toiuahauk, Wis. 

CoKA LouiSK S'i'owtAUD, A. 15. Tcaclicr in Fkanci:s Svi.via WAi.iiKiuc.t;, A. 15. 

Saline fMicli.) lliu'li School. 70,5 W. Main St., Kalania/oo, Midi. 

U)4 llakcr St., Detroit, Muli. Cukaijj M. Walkick, A.U. 

HoitXENSii Stouu.\ui), A.Li. Nanipa, Idaho. 83.S Windsor Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Gladys Makix Sthi;i,ikci:u, A. 11. Gi;ouct: Wai.i.aci;, ^ 330 Warren St., 

7\ I'rcniis Ave., Detroit, IMieli. T(dedo, O. 

John Coknkuus Sii,i.iv\;>, A. 15. Elwaku JoM.;ni Wai.mi, School 

715 S. Inuia Ave, I' iIi^Lin.^^ Minn. 

Grand Rapids, Midi. Aiii;ri;i.Kr Mi:Kui-.r \Vai.s\\ui;i n, 

JiCiVNiK May Slkua.m, A.l!. Treinont, Mioli. 

Aulnirn, N. Y. IIakky I.kVehnjv Waud, 

Gkack. lsAi;i;i.i,A SuTur.Ki.ANij, Harvard, Mich, 

Tc-ichir. 5X7 Caniphdl Ave., Maui. lvnii;i, Watson, 

Detroit, Mich. Tiirec Oak.s. Mich. 

Sakah iliir Si.'Tiii:ui.A\i., .\.li. Joii.\ roiiKu Wi:i;.vn:K, Ali. 

l.aii,-in-, Mich. .i/is Karnani St., Omaha, Neb. 

Wji.i.iAM Di.vioH T.MJ.MAN, Fkank .\iA.usT W lie'-N i;i<, \>,::^. 

():,ccola, Iowa. 3 1 jo College .Ave., lierkelcy, Cal. 

VrsiA i.i;i!,i: Tayic.k, .\ li. Teacher 111 V\v\. tii'miAKnT, U.S., m '11- 

rK-.-ei.icr (.Mich.) Ihi-h School. 'ij. Spokane, Wash. 

lack,<on, .Mich. vST.\.\iii:n, McNkii.i, Wm.i..-;,, / '11- 

Wai.ti-r .McC'ukauy Tayi.ok, li.S. in'w- 'u. Ilieu^ter, I). 

'i-t Ovid, Mich. Ill .\i;v l.Ki: Wi:.N.M;u-,, /// 'ii-'i.'. 

GKicnu;!)!; Tiininga, Teacher in Tilliii, (). 

High School. .Viheii.s, Mich. I'.uwAKi) CiikiiTopiU'K Wknti;, A.J5. 

IIi:ns...m Hom- Thomas, li.S. Teacher WestKale, Iowa, 

in Lewis Instilute. Hakoi.u Ak.nomi VVi;NTWoicni, .\.\\. 

Cliicago, 111. .|jy N. Jack.son St., liay City, Mich. 

Bi-NjAMiN Fkankmv IIahhiso.n Thok- Rtrru Vkk Whi;i;i,ock, .A.B, Teacher at 

WAUii. A.n, r'ii-'i2. Sonth Bend, Ind. Flint, Mich. Goodrich, Midi. . 

LUKOY Tii.kston, B.S. Wai.ti-k Giikoui.d Wiiiri'i.ic, .A B. 

ji3-> Cherokee I'arkway, 47 16 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, III. 

Louisville, Ky. Okn'h.i.i; h'i;.\i:sT Wiini:, .\.15. 

GiiAcr; h'.iiw Touiu:v, Teacher in liuyne Cilv, Mich, 

lli.iih SclK.ol. Idissheld, Mich. Bki-imi Gkwi; .\.li. Te.icher 

(nciKC.r l.iwis, .\.l! in llieli Sdi.ud. C.i^.-, Ciiv, .Mich. 

S-,i iSih Si, Des MuiiHs, Iowa. Joii\n.m.; Viinun's Wu'.CKus, .\.li. 

CvKi,.!-, I.ri. Tkvvi:kso, .\,li. Siipl. oi Schools. I'hive Uivers, Mich. 

Lima, I'ein, S .\. Hauoiii I'UWAKn Wiu.iams, A.B. Teach- 

KoY jA.Mi.b Tur.iiii.coCK, li.S. er in lligli School. Toledo, O. 

Ishpcming, Mich. Ki'iTiii Louisi; Williams, .A.B. Teacher 

Maky .\lick Ulkicu, .\ H. Teacher in at Beaumont, Te.^. Williamston, Mich. 

High School. Ann Arlior. Gkktta Uosi: Wilnlu, .\.B. Teacher in 

Alicic Lo.MiiAui) Vail, L'Aiiie (Mich.) High School. 

K. D. (J, La I'orle, Ind. I'oiuiac, MidL 

GlIOKGi; C. \'a.\- DUKLN, I'K.V.NK .NOKMAN, liS, in 'll-'lJ. 

ll.dlaiid, Mich. .\im Arbor. 

WfLLiAM AlL.\ani)i:i( Van WiNKLi:, li S. Lou Wilson, .\. li. I'rinc. of 

Teacher in Case Schoul of Applied HIkIi Mi, Hand, .Mich. 

Science. Cleveland, ( ). A.sMi: l'i;\i<i. Wi.ndsok. .\.li. 

Wakkln Jay Vinton, A.B. In.n River, Mich. 

(.8 Willis Ave.. Detroit, Mich. Roy Wilkin Withkow, li S. 

Ethll Voi.lani), A.B. Teacher in Boyiie On.irga, 111. 

Cilv (Mich.) High .Sclio,,l. NoKMAN .Mc-Gauvly Wittlt, On 

Grand U.ipids, .Mich. Slalf of S\slc,n. Chicago, III. 

I., I .,■/, 

:l u./i .1 

.t. A .- ' 

/. 7/ 

1S59-73] i.lTURAUY DEPARTMliMT, 215 

CiiAid.Es CuKibTiAN W'l 11 iiDEi T, A.B. Makii; li^sii: W'oob, A.B. (Mrs Robert 

Akron, O. W. Cl;irk.) Ann Arbor. 

P\uiiNK Af.-.vv WrrrwKK \B IIi:ni<y Guy VVoounvakd, A.U. With 

'i7.)j W. I'crt St', i)ciroit, Alicli. I'l'iHp C:.rcy I'o. Ilarlwcll O 

Makian I-.nrni Worsixi-u, (Mi 

Ai.iLi; Makian, A.l! Tc;iclur. 
, , ,r ^ ■ , JJicaliir, 111. 

John \ . Ouinlaiij _ IIkctok Sri;wAi<T You.n.;, A.H., / 'u-'ia. 

^'■I'^rtci, Wis. \h,uon, O. 

Al.Ul-KT JuSi:i'H WollI.GKMLTH, A.B. S.XML'IX Al.l'Hi;US ZODlv, .^.B. 

Stiickiun, O. AO\) ]\llcvillc. Pa. 


ux j:.\.iMj.\',iri()X. 

1859 1865 

*jA.Mi;s CuAiG W.vrso.v, .\.M , '57. Mii.Ks IIaukison Caki.von, .M.S., U.S. 

*l)iA'i.i.S(iN Wool., .M.S., C !•:. (Ki'Miis. '(ij Ivricson, Neb. 

1\>I. liiit.) '57, A.M. (Hamilton) '59. (i) 

(See Faculties.) 

(.) 1867 

iQfti *.\.Mos I".,Mi;i<soN I)oi,i'.i:.M<, A.M., M.E. 

'f.7, A.B. (Ohio We^l.) '6''-, A.M. 

*Al.lUK Jflu;.MlAH ClUTIi. .'\.M., .■\ B. tiliid.) 'i y. 

(Kalaiiia/ou) '60. (See K.iLultics.) (i) 

SlI.AS WkICIIT Dl'.N.NlKG, .\ .M . .\.l;. '(.(). 

UM N\w, N. Y. 1869 

IQfiO WiM.lAM J( ii.N- Enclish, .\M , AW. '67. 

(I) C!:i>:a,^o, 111. 

:^ KK.MiAi.t., A.M., A.B. 


Wni.iAM Souu-, M.S., B.S. '61 ^ [Frank] .Austin Scott, A.M., A B. 

Alliance, O 
JoSi:i'H WW'MS Wnou, M.S., B.S. '61 
(.0 Suiiuur, Wa^b 


*Ainiu-K Bkou.v, A.m., I.I. B 1)4. A.B. 
(.Antioi-h) '62, d. \\abhiiiL;l>.ii, D. C, 
Dee. i.i. i.xK). (6?) 


I.Kwis STKnii:^ Fi-K 1'm..iii:k, .\.}.\.. 'OJ. Brooklyn. N. Y *Joii.n' Fo^xtu HASTwoon, A.M., A.B 

CYalc) 'do, Ph.D. (Leipzig) '72. (See 
b'aculties.) New Brunswick, N. L 



►Fhan.13 WAvr.ANL. Jo.NES, AM.. A.B. 

' U) 


■>.) '71. Pb.n. 'i<7. 



Gj:oui.i-: Bi:.mamin Mkkuimvn, AM.. 

.\.li. (Ohio Wcsl.) '6?, AM. (ibid.) tWii.i.iAM Ih-.s'KY S.MiTii. A.M., PhD. 

"Nj. (See Faculties.) '7(1, Ml). '7-). A B. (Ka!ania/oo) '71. 

The Ko.bainbeaii, WasliliiKton, D. C. I'livsieian. St. Clair, Midi. 

( I ) II) 

>•> ,.-;,•. nil.! 
."/ 'it Y.' ■ ''. A ■■■ 

1/ HI iiA-:ii\\Ai\'/ n-iAnoir^., 

(f ; / :• Jj AM ni]',; ri.i« Ti'IJ T 



2i6 AUrANCl'.D VnCRI'.nS ox liX.lMl.VATIOX. [1874-81. 

1874^o.n- J llu.i.r.v, A.M., 'jti, 

llraiul View, Iowa. 
tW'ii.i.iA.M I'K.WKi.i.N' Mu.iiUKN, *Ai(Tiii;k CnMnts OvuN, A.M., A.H. '75- 
A .\1.. (li. 'l\nn. \Vc.-,l. U,uv.) '71. K„i:i.;K-r Tkiim-, Pli.D. V/) (,/unc- /r,. 
1st ScTKt. .-uhI l.iL-ut. iJlli Tcnn. /„,„■), '61. I..,nK li.'Mch, Cal. 

Cav. lW)l-O.S. Lawyer. C'apt. and g..M. (-) 

Moniitaiii Jiraiicli Nat'l. lK)me. 

Nati.Mial .Sul.lier'.s, Tenn. 1879 

Inkz Bi,.\nciii- Si.ocu.m, A.M., 
(Hiram) '71. (Mn. lilies lihak.) 


tM.\i<ci:Li,rs Wausur, A.M., (Albion) '70, A.M. {ibid.) '73. 
Priv. and Ser^t. 154th N. Y. Int. 186-'- 
'6s. Cii.^r. .Minister. Cliaplaiu Nal'I 
Soldier^ Hume, sime njio, 

.Milwaukee, W.-,. 
I'MM.v M.\i<i.^ llAi.i., A.M., '74. 

Rome. Italy. 
Sakmi Dix llA.Mi.i.v, A..\l., '74. 

San iM-ancisco, Cal. 
t\'n.'iiiK Ci..\uKNCi; V.\ih;h.\n, M.S., Pli. 
IX '70. .M.l). '78, 1,1.1). i<x)0, li.S. 
(Mt. I'leabaivt Coll.. Mo.) '72. (See 
Facultie-v) Dean of llic Department 
of -Med. and Surg. Maj. and Surg. 
U. S. Vols., i8.>S. Ann Arbur. 

( () 


C.\i<oiiNi; IkkxK IkiiMAKii, M.S., li.S 

'75. Kalamazoo, Mich. -,j 

Wii.i.rAM iJiiNkv Smith, Ph.D., A.M. *j„,s,;,.ii Uimiiv liATKs, Pli,.M., A.B.(To- 

■7.? (pust-Krad.). St. Clair, Midi. ,.,,„[„, ■-,, ,| \V,io(i,lnek, Unt., Aug. 


N CiiAi'.NiA.\ liuur, .'\..M., A.R 

'7S, I'l 

.1) '^M Chicago, 111 


IJK.NKV lli:ns, A.M., '78. 

.\im Arbor. 

.\.Ns,,N- 1 

i-ti;k DicWoi.r, A .\l., A.H. '70. 

Crescent City, Fla. 


Tavi.ok J.vckson, Ph.D., 


rn Coll.") 'O4, li.D. (Yale) '75. 

P Iv L 


Mt. Pleasant, la. 


Wiiicni; Jl■;NK^, A,M., A.H. 


Ithaca, N. Y. 


V Wtl.l.IVM Nkiioi,s, P'h,M., 

I'll li. 

(Hillsdale) '78. Supt. ut 

."^chi 11)1 

, Hist 76, .since 1891. 

I'vaii.tun, III. 


'ri:.\.Nv>.oN 'ri<i'i{iii.iHiii. M.s, 

I'll D. 

80, H.S. (Whiitirr Cull.) '71, 


Iowa) '85. (See Faculties.) 


•in and Surgeon. 

Marion Hldy., Seattle, Wash. 




Ai,iu;i(T liAK.Niis, Ph.M, Ph.R. 

VuToi; Cr.Akii.Nci: Vam,iian, Ph.l) 

( |S) 

.M.S. -75 U"»l-Krad.). .Mm .\rbor. Chaui.i> 1 Iuwaki, C,ui: muuusi;, A.M. 
('> .\,li. -J.j. 


Wa.liington, D. C. 
HVKVI.AV TKN.NVSn.N Tnii lll.OOH, Ph.D., 

^l.ii».vu I'.Mis, .\.M, Ph.D. '88, A.H. .M.S. '70 ( po>i-grad.) Seattle. W; 

I I law ri.. 1.1) 'oo. (See Faculties.) ' -D 


Ai;l<\M Svi.KR llAI.l., Ph.M., Ph.D. '78. 
Ph.H., '70. Chesterton, Md. 

■►AusAi.oM WiNi-iF.r.i) JoNKs, A.M., Ml). p,^,,,^,.,.. i.-,.xnkiin Khns^ton \M 
•7H, .-Vli. (OtlerlKin ) '72 .\ M. (U>nl.) \ ,; ■ , , ,,,t„H,uth) '78.' ' Clergyman. ' 

--- ." WesterviHe, ()., Sept. 21. U)n. Craw fordsv .lie, Ind. 

Lot'isA Makia Ri>;d, M.S , li.S. '76. 

(4) l.owell, .\Ia,ss 


► i" 

Mvin I'. .MM A 

I'AKUA.Mi. Ph.M., Ph.H. 



Kiu.xviVlo, Tcnn. 


1 , 

.Am; AM Sa.,i;i< 

Hah., PhD, Ph.H. '7O. 

Ph 1) 


Ph.M. '77. 

Clie.-,ierton, Md. 


Jaiu-z Mo.NTi.oMiCKV, Ph.D., H.S. '67. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
.\N.MK Smimu I'i;ck, A.M., AH '78 

Providence, k. 1. 
NllAI.I. I'KKKINl';, A.M., .\.H. 

.■oi.N Van Si.ykk, AM.. 
.\.H. '70 (V-iieva, N. Y. 

Mi ,-, : Hi.,- 

/ ,^ . • 





ti.MiKii-i, AkSKdTT jAcuiis, M;S., U.S. 
( Ridgcvillc Cull.) '80. FariiKT. 

K. D , Sodus, N. V. 
*CnAui.i:s H.MMET I,u\vi<i;v, A.M., Ph.D. 

•S.|, A.B. •77. 
Wii.i.iAM John McMurtky, A.M , A.B. 
(Olivet) '«i.DcNiii and Prof, of Greek 
;md I'InlMMnvhv, Vanktc.u Coll. 

Yankton, S. Dak. 

C.uiMimii L.wvso.v Si'i;xci-:i<. M.S., U.S. 

and .\ C (Purdue) '79, Scl). ( i7)a/ ) 

'()!. Cliiff Clu'inist, Cidian .\ni. Snyar 

Co. iJ(j I'rost St., 

Xcw York, X. Y. 

C. Ml.\ l''..SMM-\.N S\V.M;T1I1iI'T, A.M., 

A IS. ( '81. Di^t, Dcimty M. 
W. A. 

Norfolk, Va. 
-D.wm Houston T.wi.on, Ph IJ., A.B. 

(), A.M. 

Ji:.\N AucusTu 

(I i\\ \\i 

•\KI, Will 

H<\ A(;nK' 
1. 1,1!. '.Si) 



,1 IkMk 

- !■■ 

; Coi.i 


AlKl), .\,.M,, .\ B. .S2. 

,M-;ii, A..M., A.ii. 'cSj. 
SON, A.M., A.B. •7H. 
Camiiriduc Mass. 
.M.S., B.S. '>Sj. 

I'.is.^.iic, K, J. 

;Tis. \.M , \.l!. '.^J. 

WaNlnu.-.tuu, DC, 



Nso,\, I'li.M , Ph.B '81. 

Italtlr Cruk. Micli. 

('.i,oi;c,i; Wr.ii.s K.MCiir, A.M., Ph.D. '^4, 

-\.\',. '7S C(», O. 

V\i M \ M.sNSiii:iii .\.M., .\ B. '81, M.\v.\'.\uii S.M.MON, A.M . A.B '7(1. 

Pounilkcrpsie, N'.V. 

*.\\\a:< Scukwim. M.I„, I!.S, 
(Kiio.N) ■,^), M.S. (■/^/</.) '8(, (Mi>. 
Willi, ,111 K. Sawyers,) <1. I'ort Worili, 
■\\s. \|,nl jx i,S.,.i (31) 
l':n(,.\i< llti.N-TKK Si-orr. .MS, 1! S. (Coi- 
lall Coll ) '81. Lawyer. 

Om.dia, \M,. 

L~i:\NCis I.oiMiwKK YouK, \M., A.l'. ■8.... 

1 I n D.iioii. .Mhh. 

*A).iii;uT Xr.i.soN 

]m(\.\k Vi.nci:nt 

(Pnrdne) '8^ 

Van Si.vki:, Ph.D., W 

(u-neva, N. Y 
Wktmoki:, ^LS., B.S 
'81. New Y'ork. N. Y 

Cii-ORniK ZuNO Whitni'V, A.j\L, LLB 
'80, A.B. (Oherlin) '7.^, .1 San Ber- 
nardiiH,, t~al., April -(), |S,X<,, ( vM 


Bi.iss, A..NL, A.B. '77- 

BKUAiim-NT, NLS., B.S. 

^8 Grove St., 

New York, N. Y. 

Hdwin Ni;\\ ton liROWN, A.M., A.B. '83. 

Iloliand, Mkli. 

■^AiousTA Jam; Oiiai>in, .\.M., A.M. 

(Lomhard) '(x), D.D. (ibid.) '93. d. 

New York City, June 30, 190=;. (68) 

Bi:ma.mi.\ Li:onaku D'Ooci;, .\.M., A.B. 

\Si. Yp.ilanti, Mich. 

Gi-.oKc.i-: Wkii.s, I'liD., A.B. '78. 

Colnnihus, O. 

Wiii.iA.M .\i,m:i<T Locv, ^LS.. B.S. '81. 

I'AansIon, 111. 
••'CllAu•l.l■;^ I':.mmi-:t Lowkv, Ph.D., A.B. 

SA.MLin. Wiii;ri< NouToN, A.^L, Ph.D. 
'(;.', A B. (Hillsdale) '&2. Lawyer. 

A^hlaiul Blk., Chicago, IH. 
Jami;s Oi.cott, NLS., Ph.B. '83. 
Duluth, Minn. 
CnAiu.KS Smith Powim.i., A.M., A.B. 
(Vanderhilt) '83, LLB. ( Cohimhian) 
'85. I.awNer. RicliiiKJiid. Ky. 

*.\t.\i; John 'I'hompso.v, A.M. 
A li. (Bntler) '8.', d. .Morri^own, ()., 
Dec. 17, i8<)o. 
IIKIKN- SOI'IIKONIA Wvi.i.ib. .\.M.. A.B. 
( Hillsdale) '7s, A.^L (ihld.) '77-(Mrs. 
Rohert 11. Snell.), Kan. 

i; l!u<.si:s 
Rom; Coi, 
in; -Xi.i.i 

AM., .\. 

Ilouell. .Mich. 

AM., Ph.D. '86, A.B. 
Xonnal, 111. 
Ckoziiik, .M.S., B.S. 
Hi. .\Kr. Coll ) '79, d. Ann ATbor. 
.'.). i8<)(). (43) 

I- Sn Nci:k FiSKK, .\.M., A.B.(Bel- 
'8j, A.m. (ibid.) "8=;. Lecturer 
•■.iiy Lit., Univ. of Ciiicagu (Ux- 
nn Division) since 1804. Kdilor 
rrisilv Rrcord, sine.- i,:>03; of 
■. ,'/ L'liUii(/o Maija^iiic .<iiice H>xS. 
Chicago, 111. 
,1(1. Aiioi.riirs R..M:Mii\i,. A.M., 

.\.B •; 



01; .\> 

;i. liuo^ 

<sOM, I'h.D.. 

Leiit>, Ore. 

S-, .\ M., A B. 

UcMlle, N. J. 

11/ .ifOifw 

-V l''l .1.1/ V 1 

>". J, .(/■ ,,..<i rr 

1 .l Iv.r.i, i!-.i.<; .1-,, ,,;,! 

/• t( 

i .•.•,i-. .Mjll lil-.- 

.IN ;i: . i< vt V v.: ./,< 1 uf.wj 

lii' .?/: h r,r .a. A 

'•.J.I . i/' ! ■,^-M<-:' 

M 1 •/l" T' I.V.I. >■ 

2i8 Al)l'.\SCl:U DHGKliHS OX l-.XAMI NATIUS'. 

Douci.AS Hour.HTON Cami'bei.i., Pli.D., SusAX R.\cni:i. llAkiusoK, A.M., A.B. 

Ph.AI. '82. Stanford Unive^^ity, Cal. (Harlliaiii) '&i. (Mrs. Allen C. John- 

Ju.m: Kose C01.11Y, Ph.D, A.l!. '7^, A.M. son.) Whilticr, Cal. 

'82. Normal, 111. *MAin' H01.MKS, I'li.D., A.M. 

*\Vkksvkr Cckjk, A.m., i'h.D. '87, A.B. '86 (post-grad.). 

'78. CiKNTKiun: lli;i.tN Mason, Ph.M., Ph. P.. 

*Mauy I'.mii.iE f!oi,Mi;s, A.M., Ph.D. '88, '76. Hcrkcley, Cal. 

A.B. (Rockford Scm.) '82, d. Rock- Mvua | lu.rz Mnvrii] Poi.i.M(u, A.M., A.B. 

ford, 111., Feb. n, 1906. (55) '84. 4 Chicago, 111. 

*I.E\vis Abi.isoN Rhdades, A.INI., A.B. I'kkh Xkutox Scott, A.M., Ph.D. 'So, 

'8.|. .X B 'S-|. -\nn Arbor. 

(7) Plan MxNviu.E Taviou, Pii.D., A B. 

(N. W. Univ.) '76, A.M. (ibid.) '7S. 

1887 (Slc Pacnliies'.) .Ann Arbor. 

SiiiGr.iiinK -Xkakawa, M.S., IJ,.B.(Cuin- ' " ' 

berkijul Univ.) '88, i'li.D. {ibid) '98. Iggg 
Azalm, Tokyo, Japan. 

*WEii>Tr.k CnuK, Ph.D.. A.B. '78, A.M. Ek.nm:st Ar.^^■so.^• Dai.cii, A.M , A.B. 

■8',. (Kalania/(io) '.S8. Pli.D. (Chicago) 

I.AijKA J)u\NA.N-, A.M., A.B. '71; '.)8. Headmaster Neb. Milit. Acad. 

Indianapolis, Iml. IJncoln, Neb. 

-John luvrn< J'.asi w...,., Ph.D., A.l!. M Iexuv I'.i:xvi;k, M.S., B.S. (West Ches- 

•71, AM. '7^. i.r \' Sdiool) '8=^, M.S. {ibid.) 

I'.STEME Lois CkiiTV, .\.M , A.B. (Pa- 'S7, PhD. ( llrlaniH-n) '07, Prof, uf 

ciUc) ^So. Paciiic Grove, Cal. .\l:..lli., \II,i..n Co!!., 18.^7-1901, (L Lake 

GeokcE PuANCis Ja.mes, A.m., A.B. '8u. Ori.n, MkIi. Am;, u. i<)oi. (.38) 

Minneapolis, Minn. Cii \i:n-, Wi-iciiT Donca-. M.S., B.S. 

Oeokce Cui.lev .\L\ni.y, A.M., LL.B. '87. ( Bio i 'i^,. Roche.- ter, N. Y. 

A B. (D.nver) '85. Prof, of Law, I'.i.isiiA Monuok IIahtman, M.L., B.L. 

Univ. of IXiivtr, since i8i)j, and Dean '86. South Beml, Ind. 

uf ihe Law Dcpartinciu since 1910. M[\i<v| I.oi'isE Jones, A.M.,. \.M. (Mich. 

Denver, Colo. l'\inalc Coll.) 'to. of Kn.sjlish 

FuKbtuiCK Ceokck Now. M S., Sc D. '90, Dcpt. k'an. State .W.rmal School, 1890- 

B.S. (Chun ) ';(., M I). \j\. loll. MM Pii-.^ree Ave., 

Ann Arbor. Detroit, Mich. 

Hannah Sewai.i., A.M.. A.B. Yn 1 ik.H )no, Ph.D., Ph.B. (Oberlin) '87. 

(Mmr.c-uia) '84, Ph.D. {ibid.) 'gg. Snpl. .a" Agencies. Bank of Japan. 

Forest Glen, Md. 7 Bi-hop-ate. London. I'.. C. Fnpr. 

Mai<c\i;it Stkuaut,' A.M., .\.l!. '77. 1'ki 1. .Xruio.v Soon. I'h D., .\.B. '8|. 

1,'ineliiii.cli, ( ). .\nn Arl.or. 

I'lviN Sw,\uiiiori'. I'li.M . i,l,.B. '87. l-.KwiN I". Smith. Sc.D, B.S. (Bio.) '86. 

I'll 11 ( \!bi,,u) '.^s. I.auver. Wa.-hington. D. C. 

HI) Grand R.i|)id., Mich. Inv .Mawia Stkect, A.M., A.B. (Vas-sar) 

■So 1\;iclKr. Mt.i^cow. Idaho. 

1888 \VlMI\M Ml.HAEI, ZlIMMKO AM.. A.B. 

Ih-v.orr. \s,r I'vvo,. „r I>h M PI, H ( W^-t'Vn Cll.) '8.8. B.D. (Yale) 'o^ 

11ENUII-.11\ .AslI I.ANCUOII, ill.AI., 1 ll.lV Mi.<,,,n-ON' Midiiri <outli In. Ill 

(Cornell Coll.) '80. Gen. Snpt. of ■M-Mon,o>, Al .ulnr.i, . outli 1 n.lia. 

Deaconess Woik of M. F. Church. ' "" 

4_S Cas-, .\ve., Detroit, Midi. ISqn 
*l'Kin Conu:kse Ci.akk, A.M., A.B. '.S7, 

Ph D. 'oi. Hac.op IlAKi.TUNE AciKuiAN, Ph.D., A.B. 

Cvuios l',i\oiiAM CocUKAN, A.M., A B. (Bates) '71. Travelling Salesman. 

'77 Sc D (/i.oi) '07 North Anson, Me. 

\Vest Chester, Pa. F.iiiK mm Doiuw.ass Ai-ams. PJi.D.. A.B. 

+ 1.1 iKAU- l-.Mi:s, Ph.D., A..M. '77 (P^^t- 'i^7- Stanford University, Cal. 

gradj. Bentvmin Pausons Bouueanii. AM., 

.MvKoN OiCAK Graves, A .M , A.B. '86. A 15. '80. Cleveland, O. 

Wliittier, Cal. *N.stimn Davis Cokhin, M.S., B.S. '.%. 


i.3 !.-..< V.V 

t.i/ i/i* 

,; M,j '. ...1 ■)r^. v 


1. .p 

'.M. ■ : <U ■/. liilK 


i< DicOiU. A.M., A.D 


E1.SIE llADi.i-.v, M.S.. 15. S. (EarllianO 

'?,6. (.\lr>. Fran': White) 

\AWy Citv, X. Dak. 
F)!i-:ni:nici-: CnAiu.r.s Hicks, Ph.D., A.B. 

'.%. e'inciniKiti, O. 

Maky LouibA lli.NSi.Au;, A.M., A.B. 

(.Xdclhcrl) VSs. Writer. 

Ann Arbor. 
Et.i.A Adei.aidic Knai'1'. A.M., Ph.D. '99, 

.All. (Kalamazoo) '88. Prof, of Fng. 

Lit., Mt. Holyoke Coll., 1890-97; in 

the Pennsylvania Coll. for Women, 

ii)oo-HA)4; Asso. Prof. Rhct., Gouchcr 

Coll., since 1904. 

ll.iliiniore. M.l. 
WwuAM Ci AKi-.NCi: .McCuj.i.ui.cii, A.M., 

AV,. (lUitlerj '88. Snpl. of Sdio(/s, 

l8w'j-l90). I'armrr ami Stockman.\vell, Ind. 
I.icv Castina !\IcGki-, Ph.M., U.S. (Io- 
wa We>l.) '80. Minister. 

46 Mount fort St., Boston, Mass. Mii.Ks, A.M., Ph.D. '9.', A.B, 

(Earlhani) '87. (Mrs. William Hill.) 

Bloomingtiale, Ind. 

Frkdf.kiciv Gr.ORr.K Xovv, Sc.D., B.S. 

(Chcm.) '8() .\nn Arbor. 

William Fka.ncis P.m.mkk, .A.M., A.B. 

(Baldwin) '87. Ph.D. (Uke Forest) 

'9?. Teaelur in We.-t l!i-li School, 

Cleveland, ()., since i8rX). 

.yiH Sih.kane Ave, S. W., 

I ieveland, (J. 
*lli:.\KY Alvin- Pakki-r, PhM., Pii.B. 

(Hillsdnle) '87, d. New York Citv, 

May 30, ios)4. (4_>) 
I'Louv W \y.n. I'.iTiii;. .\ M , A.B. '88. 

(.Mrs. SJhv A. .M,.ran,) Ann Arbor, 
W Ml iv.M I Inn 1.1. Sni:i;.'i:K, .M.S, B.S. 

'.S.,, PhD. V.i. 

VpMl.UI'i, .Mich. 

Aini<i.:ii Scott Wakthi.v, A.M., M.D. '01, 
Ph.D. 'o,?. A.H. (Indiana) '88. ( See 
F'aculties. ) .Ann Arbor. 

Aur.iSLK M \KC,.\i<KT A'oi;\r,. A.M., .A.B. 
'8m I'.oston, Mass. 

f I.J) 


Tami:s A.nolll, A.M., .A.B. 'go. 

Chicago, 111. 

■•l-.i.i V. llouisoN Cai;.nall. I'h.M , A B. 

(Ark. InduM. Univ.), d. I'ort Snnth, 

Ark.. March 30. 1804. 
■*l'i(j;i- Co.wLKSi-; Ci.AUK, Ph.D., A.M. '88, 

.\.B '8- 

Sa.muw, Mldary Dick, Ph.D., A.B. 

(Ohio W'tsl.) '^7, A..\I. ithtd.) '90. 

M. ]•".. Clergyman. 

2,02 Oak Cro\-e St, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Fi/GAK Mn.LAKu DuccHTv, .\M., A.B. 

'00. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Wii LiA.M Amasa Grace, A.M., A.B. '88, 

l.l.B. '\p. Kansas City, Mo. 

I'Yi.iii.iucic Ai'C.usns He.n'ky, .A.M., LI.. 

B. '91. A.B. (Hiram) '88. Pr..f, of 

Law ill West Kcs. Ciiiv., i^M-\fj. Cir- 
cuit Judge, I90vi_'. l.awjer. 

1817 v.. 63rd St., Cleveland, O. 
*Rlth i:-ti:lla lloH'iN. A.M., B.L. 

lOljerhu) 's6, A..M. {ibiii.) '78. d. 

'n.r.e Rivera, Mid,, April I, 1903. 

I (-9:' 
F\yi:ttk lluKi,, Ph.D., .A.B, '50, A,M. 

'()2. Springlield, Mo. 

Gi.Y LiNioi.N KiEiER, .\.M., A.B. '87, 

M.D. '01. Detroit, Mich. 

♦Makiktta Ku.s, Ph.M., Ph.D. '91, d. 

Pneblo, Colo., Julv 20, 189.). (45) 
Daviii Makti.m Licuty, .M.S., B.S. 

.; West Chester Normal) 'iij, Ph.D. 

Heidelberg) '06. (See Faculties.) 

.\nn .Vrbor. 

Fnwi.v LiMiE MiLLLK, A.M.. A.B. '90. 

Detro r, Mich. 

He.nuy Closk Montcomeky, A..M., A.B. 

(Hanover) '80, A.M. (ibid) '8^). 

Princ. .Academy of Hanover Coll. 

19 <;— . Hannver, Ind. 

Ha,(vt.y Nkwvon- Ott, PIl.M., Ph.B, ( Al- 

l.i..ii) '80, (kn, .Mn-r. Si-eiicir Lens 

Cm., 5_. Orion PI., BnJalo, N. Y. 

jA.Ml.-, koon Roi.LKT.O.N. .\.M., A.B. 

(Beloit) '80, I'ii.D. (California) '08. 
Prof, of Hi-torv and I'olitical Science, 
lurca ColKj^e. ■ Berea, Kv. 

I'MU M-l, \-A.N DvKi- R()in.\M>N, A.M'.. 
-\.ll. '00. .Minneapujis, Alinn. 

Juii.N Ai.A.M.s SuEi.ToN', M.S., B.S. (Io- 
wa .\gi. Coll.) '■?*). Lawyer. 

Bnite, Mont. 

CiiAKLEs Okki.v, M.S., B.S. 
'8S. Garden City, Kan. 

Fm-.Au Ji;i;,i.ME TowN'SL.N-n, Ph.M., Ph.B. 
(.Albi(jii) '(XI, Ph.D. (Ciotliiigen) loco. 
.\ssoc. Prof, of Malh., Univ. ..f Hi.. 
i8j^-i<»5; Prof, of .M.Uh. and Dean 
of College of Science, uyr-,-^. 

(jo) Champaign, 111. 


-Xki.iita Mama Aitnorr, .\.M., A.!',. 
l\'avs.,ri '81. Prof, of German in 
Ol.erlin Coll. Oberlin, O. 

"' ,"i/V 

220 .iiJi'.ixciiu i)i\(:i<i-.i:s ox nx.iMix.iriux. |i«9-'i>-i. 

Makv Ci.akk Ba.n-cker, I'h.M, Pli.B. '91. in Girls' High School, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

•Xeu- York-, N'. Y. iS>):--H)of). R. D. 2, L.iddoiiia, Mo. 

I.i;Mri:i, Chukchii.l, M.S, M.D. 'pj, B S. lli;iu:i< Di.rsr Cvkus, A.M., A B. \j2. 

(Mich. At;ri.) 'Sy. .\lt. Hnniilton, C.ii. 

W'ciscr, Idaho. *Joiix I'AnKKSu.v Davis, A.M., A.B. 'S5, 

Wni..\Ki. KiMi.Ai.i. Ci.i;.mi:n-t, i'h.D. A.B. Ph D. 'y^. 

(Colbv) '.S4, A.M. (ibid.) XS. CSl'c 1-.i,i.i:.n i'.i.i/.\ni;TH Gaki<u-,ui-s, A.M., A.B. 

Fiu-nltK-s. ) l-:van^loii. 111. 'Sy. New York, N. Y. 

Ja.mes -Mo.vii.i.i: CoLK.MA.N', A.M., A B. Aigista I.i:i- Gimn.NCs, Ph.M., B.L. 

'.}i. Mercer, i'a. ( W i-cuiLMii ) Vj, M.L. (ibid.) '93. 

MosKS GoMiiiiuc, M.S., B.S. (Cliem.) \,o, C.\h>. Charles Iv Giddiiigs.; 

Sc.D., 1S04. .\uii Arbor. .Madisu,,, Wis. 

CuAKi.Kb lliM., MS, B.S. (.Bio) 'yi. lli;i.i;.N- I.oiim; IIarii, M.I.., B.I.. '91. 

Ciiicago, 111. iJetroit, ,\lich. 

I,v.M.\.\ I'KKi.i.KicK Ki:ki.i:k, M.S., B.S. Gk.okci; Oswin, .M.S., B.S. 

'yi, Ph.C. '<K). W'ashiiigion, D. C. (Olieiii.) '91, I'h.lJ. 05. Delaware, O. 


A.M. '8-. Berkeley, Cal. A.M., A.B. '90. Ann Arbor. 

CiiAiiLi-s Tim.M AS Me C1.1. STOCK, Ph.D., lai.i;.\ Claki.nua IIiN-savi.i:. AM., A.B 

MD. 04. A 1'., (Kn. We-sO '>^i. AM. (Adelbcrt; '85, Ph.D. (Gottingen) '97. 

(;/n'./.I 'Si. l'li).MCiaii. Prof, of Ck-niiau in Mt. llolyoke 

P (). I'.o.x -1., Va. Cull. South lludley, Mass. 

Toii.v, .\kCKM;v, .\M , A.B. Ajikaiia.m I.i.Neoi.N K.\isi;i.v, .M.S., B.S. 

(Triiiitv, X. C.) '91. l.auNer. I Cllem. ) '<,[. Portland, Ore. 

[.e.v:ing-ton, .V. C. Tn',,n.iiM, K.oi,, v.vA, Pli.M. 

Cakoum- .Mii.i-s, I'll.!)., A..M. 'oo, \\'. .Mal-nna^., Clr.. 

(I'arlhanu 'S7. IJloonnn-dale. hid. {-..kN,., Japan. 

Sa.miii. Wii.r.KK Xuin-us'. Pii.D., A.M. foii.s ()ki;.n ki:i-.i,, Ph .M , I'h.B., '.S5. 

'«4, .\ 1'. (Hillsdale) '8j. _ ■ .\nn .Arbor. 

Chicag(j, ill. liL'Gi;.\i: IIihiiiikt Koukktson, Ph.M., 

Ai.ici; .\Iav Sciioir, Ph.M., B.I.. (Cin- Ph.B. yi, M.I). \r-,. Buulder, Clo. 

cnmati) '91. (.Mr.. ILiny A. MiUis ) Giioia,!-; l-Ki:hKi<ieK Rlsh, A .M., A.B. '89. 

Slanl'or<l I'niversity, Cal. Chicago, 111. 

*1'.1.1/A kl-M) Sf-M.i:i<l,A.M., I'll. I)., Ph.B. '^TliO.MA- CllAI.KllV SlA i,i< A .Net:, A.M., 

'So. A I!, '.s.,. 

Pai;i. I1i:.m<v k, .M.S., B.S. 

(Cluin.) 'oj. L:rbana, O. 

.\i.Mi.T l•,n^.^T„.^• SrwKM>, .\ M., A.B. '84. 

Indianapolis, liui. 

.\ini.Kn Seuri- WMmui.v, Ph.D., A.M. 

■yo, .M.I). 01. Ann Arbor. 

.Mauim.v Cakoi.i.nk \\oosti;k, Ph.M., B.S. 

(IhilMlale) '7^, .M.S. (ibid.) '7.S. In 

.V.sylnni. Kalania/.oo, Mich. 


*\VikT .McGni;ooi< .\i ^Ti.v, PhM., Ph.B. 

\VAKi<r.\- Duir.iiT ]iAKi:K, .\.M., A.B. 'y.V 
Prescott, .\ri/.. 
Imouv Gaii; BMt.Nts, I'h.M,, Ph.B. (Al- 
lien) '.Ki. ( .Mrs. }nhn C. Mnnger.) 

Pasadena, Cal. 

'y.'. OKinpia, WaJi. i':i..Mi;K l' Bakti.icit. -M.S., B.S. 

lux May Ci.KNDKNMN. MS, B.S. (Mis- Howa Coll.) 'S;. Waierloo. Iowa. 

>nuri) 'SO. M.S. (ibid.) 'S.J. (.Mrs. Ivl- Vii<r.i.\i\ P.kai^ciia.mi', .\.M.. A.B. 'S<j. 

g-ar Alchi,on.) Tea.;!;.!- of Biology S\ racuse, N. Y. 

E>\ 11 



\'A.N Di:.M 

v.\, A..\l 

, A.B. 




D. C. 

Cii \i 


V .\l 

\.s.\ W 1111 1 

i;i<, A.M 

. A.B. 



te, ill. 


W 1 

Nkl 1 

IC. Ph I)., .\ 

1; (11.1 



i;< 1 

unhu-.-,. 1 





W I\ 

.\rc.iu, .\ N 

, .\.B. 



• ) 


Teacher i 

I Lake 


\i' i| 


0. 111. 












W n.i. 


W A 


V. A.M 

A B. 




, DC. 




lo.v Boin 

1\\ ICK, 

AM , 



)ak Pa 

k. 111. 

Cll M. 


.\ .\i 

;kosi; Bow 1; 

N, A.M. 


/ // i/ 


•J ■■ . t 

iS9t-95 1 IJTI'.RARY DEPARTMliST . 221 

Kk.nnki.v JlKooKs, I'li.l)., A.i:. (\Vo(.=- Jami;s Ai.i.icn' Smitji, I'li.D., A.B. (Mis- 
ter ) 'jS, A.M. {ibnl.) '81. .Mining. soiiri) '«(), IJ..B. (ibid.) '87. Prof, of 
\i. 1). 2, Juplin, .\Io. Hccjiioniics anil Socii)lo;ry, AlarietOa 
lli-Nj.\MiN Cii.\p.M.\N lluKT, I'li.U., .A.M. Coll. i.Sgc;-07; of Political and Social 

'79, -A.i;. '73. Chicago, 111. Science, Dniv. of Wash., since 1897. 

l!r\j.\.Mi.\ Ci.uPi-, M.S., B.S. '90. Dean ul Graduate School, 1909—. 

Provo Cily, Utah. Seattk-, WasHi. 

I'.nwi.N- K.w.Muxn Coi.i;, M.S., H.S. 'gj. Ci,.m<.\ J'K.\Nn;s vStevi;ns, Ph.M. (Mt. 

Watrousvillc, Mich. llolyokcj '81. Prof, of Juiglisih, Mt. 

CiiAiiii;s Hiikki.n' Co()I,i.;y, Ph.lJ., Ildvokc Coll., sinfe iSi^. 

'^7. .Vim Arbor. Sonth 1 ladlcy, M.iss. 

]Maiu:i. Cr.M'.ih;, .M.I,., B.I,. '<)5- l.ouis .\. Stk.miss, J'Il.M , B.I.. '93, 

St. Lonis, Mo. I'h.l). Kiod .\nn Arhor. 

*JuiiN P.mii:k;-u.n' n.uis, I'h.U., A..M. ]m\ Dii.m'v Tkwis, I'hM.. PhD. '97, 

'(M, A.I!. '.^S, />'0-'ou. I'h.i;. (.XllHon) 'Sg. Teacher 

W.M.n:i< Di:.\NiM,.N-, A..M., A.B. '95, Ph.D. m Ih-h ScIum.], 

'(jN Swartlnn.ue, Pa. Salt Lake Citv, Utah. 

I''.v .Mii.i leixT Dui'i', .M.I.., B.l,. '93. Ji;ssii.; l.onsi; V.\h \'i.ikt, A.M., .\.B. 

St, Cluud, .Minn. ( \\'eIU-,lev ) '83. 

(^i-.\Hvij.\i; K.vriiAKi.NF, Dui-rv, A..M., S4 -Morninj^bide Drive, 

A.B. Vjv Ann Arbor. .\rw Vurk, N. Y. 

Jiiii.v K..i;iKi i:rii.\ci:i(, Pb..M., I'h.B. '91, I.oL'is (Ika.nt Whitkukai., A.M., A.B. 

I'bD •^^^. Ann Arbur. \)\. Dnlnth, Minn. 

li)v BiKruv I'AL-i.iNA l'i.ia^,ciii;i<, Ph.M., Paltink bj iSAi;i;rii WiKS, I'h.M., Ph.B. 

rh.i;. 'oj. V|)silanti, .Mich. 'oj. .Milwaukee, Wis. 

.Mom:s (•....Miii-UG, Sc.D., MS, '<>_', B S. II akkv Dam; Wuicut, A..M., A.B. 'ov 

(Clieni.) 'iw. Ann ArlH.r. ( -yS ) l.iiile C'urrenl, Out. 
Jami:, C C.kvms. .\I,S., I! S, (.Mhion) 

\kV Ali^ur, Sa^niaw Clu ni W k.s, 1895 
Sa.^ni.uv. Mich. 

W .\i.Ti,i; |(iii\ il,\M,Mii.i„ ,\l,l. , 111,, '.)(, .\i;riiii-: I'.i.Msr IUkti.ktt. .\..\I., .\.B. 

Cimncd Blnli's, luwa. \i\ Detroit, Mich. 

Ci:vi,o,N- SxMiri. Ki.Nv.sTo.N, .\,.M., A.B. l.v .m a .v Ja.m i;s Bki.;c,s. MS, I'.S. ( .Mich. 

(St. Lawrence) '.)J. In.trnclor and V.i^ri, )'(, i. I'hD. ( Johns Hopkins ) '01. 

\'iccM'rnu , Slate .\ School, I 'b\ >ici-l I ' S. Dcpl ,,1 .\L;ricnltnre. 

I. ,01 Chcnrv, \Va>b. \\'a-hini;l.Mi, DC. 

.\iAMo.N Di.N.Mso.N Mi.;i(i:.m:ss, A..M., I'.ilinia la-: Lick, M.S. B.S. 'o|. Bb.D. 

\.\\ \>2. New York, N. Y. '9S. Louudikeepsie, .\'.Y. 

WiiiiAM IIi:m<v .Mi-knek, A.m., A.B. Fhaniv IIaic.h Di.xo.s-, I'h D , Ph.B. '.)_>. 

'oJ, I.L.B. 01. Cedar I'alls, Iowa. Hanover, .M. 11. 

joii.N Niu.ivn. .MiNSoN, .\.M,, All. iCii \km> I' I'mkkkk, Ph.M., 

(Cuilial liiiv.. Iowa) '.ji. J'h.D. .\,B ( W itleuberK ) 'S.j, M.S. (Mich. 

(Cl.irkl'(«, \.>i^t I'rol. of INychol. V.^n. ) 'oi. I'liD. (.Cr.hnnbia) 'g7. 

an. I bMnciiioP, (uinnell Coll. 1910-. Prof, of I'cononiics ami Sociolo}j;y, 

C.rinnell, Iowa. Smith Coll., .since l<x>.b 

Mkiain I'AKK \\>uiVM, .\..\l, A.B. \n X'orlhanipton, ^L^ss. 

Bnltalo, N. V. Rn.oi.eii b'in-i.i:i(icK Pi.ixtkkm an, A.:\I., 

llAKkiMi.N- Mc \i,i.i{Mi;u,, I'b.M.. .\,B, 'oi. Detroit, Mich. 

I'h 11, \)X PhD. 'oj .\nn Arbor. Wiiiaki. Ci.vkk (U.kk, I'h.M., I'li.B. 'o|. 

\M,, .\ H ■.,!.' Mani^ii,|ne, Mich.' Wimmk ( )i in I Ikhkick, .M.S , I'l'r'i ),' 'o.;! 

b.iAM.N Caki Koi.nnKK, .\ .M , .\.B. \)^. B,S, (.Mich. A^ri ) '(;i, .\s^i^t. I'rof. 

I'hl). oS .Madison, Wiv of lll-lorv and b'.coiioinics in Midi. 

llK.NKi .Xkhuk Sanukks, .\.\{, A.B. A-r, C,dl.,i.So.M<)o4 ; I'rof. .since U)Ol|. 

'00 .'Vim .\rb(n-. b' l^l Laiisiiiir, Midi. 

Jons lliM,> SciiAir.NKK, A..M., A.B. ]',i,i,i:N Ci. m< \ IIockkoo.m. .M S., B.S. "77. 

( llakei ) \>\, .MS. (ibid.) V). .\ssoc. .\mi Arbor. 

I'rof. of I'.otany, Ohio Slate Univ., n-uA.NK Tiiommi.n Mi;ukv, M.L., B.L. 

190.'—. CoUnnbu.s, (). 'oc;. 


[i 805-97- 

^.^fKl<sl)N RoMF.o MiixrK. M.S., Pliar.M. 
'93, B S. (Chem.;) '94, Pl'C. '92. 

.\uburn, Ala. 

•*Ci .NKKN'CK Mortimer MLii.nor.i..\Nn, 

Ph.?*!., Ph.R. fAIbion) '04, d. Port 

[Iiiron, Midi., Aui?. 7, 1898. 

Cviuis B. Newcomhr, A.m., A.B. (Car- 

tl.agc) '89. Real Hstate aiul Insurance 

Carthage, 111. 

Sar.\ C.enj:\ii;vi- O'Buh-.n-, M.I,., B.I,. '94. 

Ann Arhor. 

\Viii.i\M \Vai.ti:i< P.vkkki;, M.S., B.S. 

(Midi. A.qri.) '9.i Priiic. Kdisun ITit;h 

School. Tacoina, Wa^yli. 


A.B. '8fj. Woodstock, 111. 

'".\nn.\u May Soui.k, M.I,., B.I.. 'y.t- 
Cakoi.INI'; Tavi.ok Stkw .\ut, A.M., A.B. 

(Kansas) '92, Ph.l).. (Berlin) '01. 

.\sst. Prof, of (".ernianics, l^niv. of 

Mis.'ouri Colunihia, Mo. 

Raymonm) F.i.>f()iKP: VanSvcki.i:, M.S., 

B.S. '91, LI, B. •()?,. Detroit, Mich. 
Diuos Im<ank[in- \Viicnx. A.M.. All. 

'iH I'llndiiir^t. N. ^'. 

Nkii. Hookkr Willi \ms. M.S.. B.S. 

KF.. E.1 '9,^ (S.c l-.u-ultle.-,.) 

(21) Ann Arbor. 


I.AWKi-N'ct: Thomas Com:. A.M., A.B. '9-'. 

N'cw York, N. Y. 

Wiu.iAM Ei.i Davis, MS, B.S. (Midi. 

A^ri.) .'89. Tiadur, I.akcvicw ' lli'^li 

'^cUnA, Chicago. 

Huhbai-.l Woods. 111. 
Prn-K Wiii.iAM UvKi-MN, MI., B.I,. 
'9s. \\u- York, N. V. 

CiivKiKs liiN-iiV (h;AV. M 1.. HI., 'ov 

.\M.. A 

i' Harbor, Midi. 

C.KOKCi; niiM',: llAuysris. A.M.. PhD. 

'02, A.B '.,5. Pbiladdpbia. Pa. 

Wm.tik Mo.vkoi", A.M., A.B. 

■'i.t WasbiiiKton. D. C. 

Ci.kmma Bki.i.e Hayks, A.M., A.B. '9^ 

A.sheville, N. C. 

\'ioi.F.T DiJ.iu.E Jayni:, A.M., A.B. '87. 

Urbaiia, III. 

Jonx Ki.\vAi;n Lautni-u. M.I,., B.I.. '95. 

Maninctte, Midi. 

1m;\xk .\iimson' Man. NY, A.M., A.B. '9V 

BaltuiK.rc, Md. 

Davio PoiriiK Mayiikw, Ph.M., Ph.l'.. 

•9^, M.n. '96. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

I'.k.NST llriNRicii Menseu. PhD., A.B. 
(Cartilage) '87, A.M. (ibid.) '90. (See 
F.iciiliies.) Nortiinmiiton, Mass. 

Ai.iREi. Berthier, M.S , M.D. '94, 
B S. (Bio.) '95. Oaterham, England. 

Walter Thomson Pierce, A.M., A.B. 
(Ohio W^esl.) '94, Ph.D. (Johns Hop- 
kins^ '06. .Assist. Prof. Romance Lan- 
guages, Ohio State Univ., since 1906. 
I Columbus. O. 

Cari.Tw.n' Ravmon'd Rose, Pli.M., Ph B. 
'94- Pueblo, Colo. 

Fax.n'ie F.llis Saiii.x, A.M. Ph B. '9:;. 

Oak Park, 111. 

F.sTiiLK I. AKIN Saniiokn, .AM., .A.B. '95. 
Hampton I'alls, N. H. 

Kath.\kine Ki.iza Sumner, Ph.M.,Ph.B. 
'91. Grass Lake, Mich. 

OiditN Fdv.abi, TriEANV. A.M., A.B. '9;, 
Ph.D. 'ov We-tiiiinster, Md. 

Many I':sthi:r TuuEiiLoon. Pii.M., Ph.B. 
(Farlham) '93. (Mrs. U.^bert Paine.) 
•5_'4 Mountain Road, 

West llnboken, N. J. 

R(-VM Wav, Ph.M., Ph.B. 
( Albii.ii) '94. Pli.D. (Wi^connn) 'oCk 
I'rof. Polit. Sci. and .\in, Hi-t., Bel- 
oit CoU., Wis. 

*ilo\v.>Rn White^. M.S.. BS (S.vanh- 
morc) 'o.i, C.E. (ibid.) '00, d. Laiis- 
downe. Pa., April 21, 1903. (27) 

Ei'CEN-E Cyrus'rr, M.S., B.S. 
'94. Ph.D. 'co. Decatur, 111. 

(24) ■ . 


CnxLirs Wallaci; Ai.ams. A.M , A.B. 
\,|. i i. It ''fS' I'ort Huron, Mich. 

Mm;v bM.-i; .\i.vM<. I'li.M . 11'. -B. './> 

Chie.i.^o. 11!. 

)i NNir Ci 11: AM.iKr...x. I'll M.. Ph.r.. 

(Obeilin) 'oi T>.iel,u in lligll 

School. Santa Cruz, Cal. 

Louis Bixemann. M.S., B.S. '89. 

Cellar Falls, Iowa. 

Georgian \ Ci.eis Blunt, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

'96. Scheiuctadv, N. Y. 

Ella Bourne, PIlM., Ph.B. (Dc Pauw) 

'93. 'l\adier in High School. 

Fvansvilie, Tnd. 
Alice Brown, A.M., A B. './i 

Culumbus. O. 

Emma Iane Chesney. A.M.. A.B. (Kal- 

am:u..o) 'oj. Teacher in High School. 

Phniouth. Ind. 

Chm-ies IIe.nuv Cole, A.M.. A.B. '82. 

Saginau-. Mic-h. 

Chariis Hall Cook, A.M. A.B. '74. 

Denver, Colo. 

tl f"" 'J 


.•II.-. 1/ i.'-'.-i-r ! , 

;/ ' >'\ .;:S; 1 

■^.;m ,.... i.{ 

0.. '.\f 

iS..j7^'8.] I.rniRARY DnPARTMIiNT, 223 

SAMuri. RicHAMj CdOK, ^r.S, U.S. Vs. Sinxi-v ni:.\N Towm.i-y, Sc.D., B.S. 

San Jose, Cal. (\Vis.-,,nsin) 'go, M.S. [ibid.) '92. 

€ari, llKiuiKuT Cooi'KK, A.M.. I'h.l). '01, (Sec F.inillirs.) 

A. 13. (Uiipcr L'wa) '9;. Insurance an J Stanford University, Cal, 

Loans. Mn k.v^ci', Okla. *\.\:k\ W m.t.acic Tozkk. T'IlM., Ph.R. '85. 

Edna Daisy Day, M.S., 1! S. '96. Iua Dt'ni.r.Y Tuavis. PhD., Pli.M, '94 

I.awrLMU-c, Kan. Salt Lake Cilv, Utah. 

CiiAra.Ks F.i.wAiiD F,vr;in.rr, ^LS., H L. M \ry Ch.mori; Williams, Pli.D., A.B. 

'S). Lansing', Mich. 'os. ponth ira.llev, Mass. 

€iiAi! Ai.ia-KT Farnam, A.M., A.B.;:n' Wood, A.M., A. P.. (Olivet) '88. 

'f)6. t'.rand Rapids, Mich. Teacher. Si. Funis, .Mich 

Sa.muix Jr.iTKiis. A.1\L. Ph.D. (^8) 

'00, A.B. (Ctntral Wesl.) 'O-'. Prof, of 

Greek and Latin, Central Coll., I9ii>-. 1898 
Favette, Mo. 

Ki.i,i:.\ An.n- Kl.nxax, A.m., A.B. '96. Lvi-z Loi:i<i; Auboyt, A.^L, A.B. '95. _ • 

Denver, Colo. Saniokar, Bul^Jaria. 

Fkaxic PAiii;NGii.i. Kxowi.TON, A.]\L, Romanzo Coikax Auams, Ph.M., Ph.B. 

A.B. (jla.nihon) '■/., M.D. (Syra- '',7. Reno, Nev. 

CUM-) \<). l'r.;f. PliVbioloyy, Syracuse M,\rv \i<msti(ONT., A.M., A.B. 

Univ., K/.S-. ' CJlivet) '94. Teacher of Latin. 

Syracuse, N. Y. Evansville, Ind. 

*Faxxy Flizai'.i-th La'xouox, M S., Anxii- Lorisi; Bacokx. ^LL.. B.L. '06. 

B.S. '96. Meadou-hrook, Pa. 

*r,F.oKCK KiNC Lawton, A.m., A.B. 'os. Cum^M Ukxuy Bkicc.s, ^LS . B.S. 

Wiii.iA.M Ai.AMS Licwis, M.S., R.S. '<)6. Olioli. X^ri.) '•/r Chemist, with 

Kansas City, Mo. Parle. Da- is &• Co. Detroit. Mich. 

AxxA. Win Ma. I.ockk, A.M., M D. '07. Wiinx.M Mok,;vx Casi; Bryax. M.S., 

.\ IV (\Velk-!cv) '(,_>. (Mr-. Hiram P. .Ml. { Wa-liiruton Univ.l '97. M.D. 

ILnrv.) ( J.'Iins i kins) 'o:. Phvician. 

Xa-lni.a, X. II. iiT,, Dehnar Bled., Si, t.onis. Mo. 

Vianur. Jam: 1'.\ki:i< McKki:, .\1.I,., l!.l.. nii.nkii.i: I'.rci:. Ph.D., M.S '■;> B.S. 

'ov (Set Wrdic L I'.aker, 111,, ■n^.) '<)-! P.-nehkeepsie, N. Y. 

Ml., t). Ti-niT Moi.Tox r,rTi.ia(. M.S., l'..S.(Bio.') 

lIsuiiiiTT Imaii;a .\lcKiX:-rKV, Pli..\I., ■ \,7 Minneapolis, Minn. 

I'h 1;. '00. PainesviUe, ( ), AkcuinMi. Cam na.i.i., Pli.M., Pli.lL \A 

*I.oi:. .XxL'i.Aii Mc^LMlox, Ph..M., Cincinnati, O. 

\iiy Ai.i.F.x LvsAxniiK Coi.tox, A.M., A.B. 

An<\ ^L^^ I. Mii.i.i:i<. AM.. B.L. '90. '■X), Ph B. '8.) Washington, D.C. 

I'hl). 'o.'. .\nn .\rl.or. Wmti;i; Di.\-isox, Ph.D.. A.M. 'o', 

I'.uvMis Dkvmk. Pm.mii!, A.m., AH. \.l!. 'oi Swart'hmore. Pa. 

(Hillsdale) 'So. A.M. (ihut.) '94. FM- loiix Roia:i;T F.rnxcKu. Ph.D., Ph.^^. 

iior and l'>her. Clare, Mich. ' '0 (. Ph.B. 'or. Ann Arbor. 

C1.AVI..X Amos IViTus, M.S.. B.S. (Bio.) ITomm- Ri-;nriEi.i. FosTi-r., M.S., Ph.B. '97. 

'OS P.rookivn, N. Y. Oak Park, Til. 

J\Mi:> I'.AuKiiv Pui.i.ocK-, Sc D., B.S. Oiin-K DiTwiiru Fkkiii-kick, ^LS., B.S. 

(Wiscon-mi '9.?, .M.S. (/;'/(/.) '96. ( West Chester Normal) 'o.S. Teacher. 

(See I'aciiliies.) .\nn .\rbor. 2-16 Potomac Ave, (jhicago, III. 

Gi-.uKt,t: Rkiu.c, Ph.D., Ph.B. '91. F'in-nimcK Samuki. OnonRicii. A.^L. 

ICngeiie, Ore. A.B (Wesleynn) '00. D.D. (Defiance) 

Bkssiu Binciiam Sti;vi:xs, .\.M., .\ B. 'iki. Prof, of Greek, .Mhinn Coll., Mnce 

'96. HiK-hland Park, Mich. 1802 \ll.i.;iT, Mich. 

Jamks Wkliinos Stl-iu,:,, A.M., .\ P.. Wmti.h Ciiaiiis Haicht, ^LL., B.L. 

'06, Ph.D. '10 •</, Chicago. III. 

Norman, Okla. Fi.oKKxcr MAiaci.i.K Hai.mtk, PhAF, 

*Louisi: l',KAni-oi;D Swu-T, A.^r., A-.U. ni.B., '</,. Section Thirty, Minn. 

(Wellcslev) '(>o, (Mrs. Walter Rob- Sopinr Ciiantai, Uakt, AM.. A.B. 

bins.) '1. St. Louis, Mo, Dec. i, vjod. (Radclifte) 'oj. Prof of Fn^'lish in 

(.38) Welleslex Coll Welle. lee, Mass. 

■ ,.i ■■!! c:^,n 


Gkorce Frui/f.kick Ili:ri-i:i.iio\vKi(, A.M., Ann'.\ M.vkv H.\kek, M.L., IM.. '98. 

A.H. '97. Fairfield, Iowa. Arcadia, Cal. 

An.nmu Louise Mill. A.M., A.B. '97- I-twis L' C.xkson, A.M., .\.H. V- 

Port Ricliinond, N.Y. Uc-lruit, Midi. 

RioT.Mio Kou.^.M.A, Ph.D. Edwin Duii.xkK, Ph.D., Ph.B. '92. 

.1 Nakanocho, Azabu, lapan. Norman, Okla. 

r.K\ce I.oKD L.\Mn, M.I.., B.L. '<J7. Cii]<isTi.\.\' Fki:i)i;uick ().\uss, A.M., A.B. 

Wilkinsburg, Pa. '<j8. Princeton, N. J. 

Kuci-.NE I,.\Ro\vE, A.M , '06. *\Vai.thk D.wii) |i.\iizsns, A.M., A.B. 

Hancock, Mich. 9S. 

\\'ii,i.i.\.\i M.\i<sn.\i.i., M.S , B S. '97. P.\KKKK Skdcwick H.M.i.bXK. A.M., A.B. 

I.aFavcttc, Ind CCuIorado Cull.) 'Sj, Sak'Miian. 

1;i;i:t Wiiiiam Pi:i:r, M.S., B.S. (Mich. Ann Arbor. 

Agri.) \a. Assoc. Prof., Clicni., Stat^- Hi-.nkv Wh.i.i.xm llf.s, M.S., B.S. \^. 

Normal Coll. Vpsilanti, Mich Toledo, O. 

Ji;.Mi; Piii:ii's M.S., B.S. '(;4. \Vii.i.i.\m lUcii, M.S., B.S. '9«. 

Viisilar.'ti, .Mich. .^ly, Can. 

iu.wiN C.xKi, Roi;nni:R, Ph.D., A.M. '94, Frances IIi.vki.ey, M.S., B.S. '90. 

A.B. '9?. .Madison, Wis. licnion llarb..r, Mich. 

K.vniAKY.N-E Grii-i-ith Si.eneau, A.M., Alice Sarah IIism.v, A.M., A.B. 

A.B. 'i)7. Port Huron, .Mich (V'assar) ■9-1- (Mrs. eiiri.-,tian K Read Sun'DEki.and, .\.M., A.B. t^.ans.. ) Prniccton N . 

M7, LI.I'.. '01. .\nn Arbor. l.AMiuRr l.i.scoi.N Jack.o.n, A..M., A.B. 

Uriiv Wi.NiiRii, SiiMMUii.v \M \\\ ''>7 Ncw\ork, N. \. 

(■.Mrs. ArUu.rS.'riaK- J""-^ ''"•^^'^ JoiinsTox. 1'1i.I>.. IJliH. 

( Olivet) 

gett.) 45-19 i.^tli Ave., N. K., 

Frederick Tyn'dai.e Swan, .\.M., .-V.B 
.1). 'o.^. P()tsdani, N. Y 

.MnincapoHs, .Minn. 
Se:UrlJ,"\Va^i. ll^^^;Ml l^^"i.v Kehii, M I. , B.1._ V«. 

bn, P. I. 

I'J.EA Knai'1', PhD, .\,M. '90, 

MlAMH.TON GrEENW.X.M TlMimREAKE, '^•'^- ' l^-'l^"";'^"" > '\,.^^^ ,,, 

^rS., A.B. (Lake Forest) '97. (See ^ ,, , , Baltniio e, M . 

Faciltie.,) d. Madison, Wis, J ii; ,y, ^'^^^^ ' "^'<>"^^^ ^'"'"'"^Kf ;r f Eng 

I'AV (.31 > 

Cii\Ri.Es I'.iiwiN Van ( )k>YR v.vd, .M.S 
B.S. (Civ) (I'niv. of 111.) \A B.S 

Cee-me.nv l.E-Mu.v. A.M., A.B. 
(huh. ma I '94. Sn]it. 01 Schools. 

ummit, Mi?s. 

((/'((/.) '9;. L'. S. Ge.d. Survey. . IKv,-,,,-, Mi-Cifii^n \ m' * A B 

Washington, D. C. J",'!" H-^-^^"^'^ \h,c' 'o I 

lit..., E..MER Ward, M S B.S. (Mich. ^„^V,,, K,x. McIxms. .\.M.. :VB. 'os! .Mic 

'hil...lcli,hia, P. 

IKc. j^, i.,,>j. ( (o) j.^,.| |x,.,„.D .Mrudi.i.. Ph.D., M. 

AuiiiiA I.ioma \\Aino;N, I'hD, Pli 
I W.M.sur) '>S./ Tc.-icli.r, Stanley Hall. 

tSi.tlc Coll. of Kv.) i>(). Lhemist. 

W. mil St, Wihiiiiiirlon, Del. 

^^. M"n,eap,J,., Mmn. ^,^^.^,^ ,,,.,,, ^,^,,,,^ p,, ^, _ j,,,, j, ^,f< IJANUE Wiunx. Ph..\l., Ph B. lluntiiiMdon, Pa. 

Itiinore, Md. 

Mav Vvxu. Uvan. A.m., .\ 1'. 

JiKiMiAii Simeon Yoi-.nv,, .\..M., A I!. ' ' Toledo O 

(Kan. C(j11.) '<>o, .V.M. iilnd.) '04, |l|.xuv ()k\i\i Siaekwci \M. \ B 
Ph.D. (Chicago) 'oJ. Prof, of p,,liu- ^ ' Colnnil.ia, Mo. 

cal Science, Univ. <,f Mum. I In.M.x Sheidon .\.M , .\ 11 '.^i. 

( V I .Minneapoli.^, .Minn. lM-,inc, Cal. 

l.orK\ li.wM- Wooi.i;ri-|. A.M,, \.l!. '0;, 
Ph I), 'oo. Dak P.irk, 111. 


C.EoRoE Henkv Ai.EE.N, A.M., .\.B. VA (-''> 

Ph.D. 'o.v Cincinnati, O. 1900 

Lewis (Oi.ivijr .Atherton. M.S., B.S. 

(Albion) '9v Head of Dep't of Biol- Beniamin Franki.i.n Baiiev, A..M., B S. 

(■Ky in Seh(».l. (I'.l-..) 9^, Ph.D. '07- (See Faculties.) 

La Crosse, Wis. .\nn .'\rbor. 

:or-i- o'<.i 

v^.•.'\\', ■■.\\ 

■■■A''' <■' f ■ 

,V',A ,.--\ HTV/ !. ^vl' 

^/mH ,i a. i^j; 

■t.i'^ ' -..-'.,1, 

«.'. , r J-J , .: / , -1 • 1 I 1 111/.'' T' iM 

i9fx>-oi.l UriiRARY DBPARTMHNT. 225 

I'.DXA Li;.\(inK r.M.r MM.. AM., AH. \)f^. Ckokce Fi.kichi-r Rh-iimom., M.S., B.S. 

\in) Arhor. (Midi. Agr. ) '()8. Techiii^-al Manager 

Ki;M).\r,i. I'Ar.i-: Hud.iKS, .\..M., A.i: T..iikiii Pulp aiul Paper Co. 

(Alma) '.;;. Ikad .if I )ept. ci I'ln.s. ]laipli<.:ig. Ir.J.j-China. 

and Cluni-. 1910--, 11i:km.\\ Kism:i.i., M.S., B.S. 'q8. 

Mt. I', Midi. K.K-hcter, N. Y. 

I'liMLXii Ci,.\L-iiK fH.\.Mi'i(i.\, M.S., 15. S. lli.i.KX Pi;.NXL|.> S.\.,|.;, .\.M., Jll,. (Cin- 

'(;<). lol.-i, Kan. i.-inii;iti 1 'i>.j. Tc-ichcr. 

Ai.iKMi P.\R, K n\vi,.Ni'oKT, A.M., li.S. -Mu M.-L'.niiiH-k 1*J.. 

( Pcini.iiia Cdll, ) \)j. Real I'.staic and Ml. Auhuni, Cincinnati, O. 

I'ruil C.niwint^. .M.M(Ti.\ Simt^un, .\,M., TLS. (Olivet) 

-MtK) I.eoti Ave., I.... Anj^cles, Cal. '.).). AUrdiant., Midi. 

Kvciiii, I'M \ h\\\s<i.\. A .M., I'h.P.. 'S,S. SiiiKi.Kv W Mi-i;i.r.i( Smith. \M„ H.l,. 

i'Mnii.u-, .Midi. ■.),- .\nn Arbor. 

|..-,i:i'ii llwKV.-i; Dk.Mvi;. Phi). A. II, '.S^. C.\i<i;ii; .\l,\v Sn.KUv. .\.\1., \.l',. '(j.V 

\nn Arl.ur. .\nn Arhor. 

\\Mi.\ci. Sn:n.M.NK I'j.nK.v. I'll, I)., All. i> A. Snc\i>s, PhD., I'li.M. \^, 

(lHnv<hnii) 'S.), A..M. ((/■/,/) '(;_'. (Sec K.I.. 'tM \iin Arlior. 

haenhu- ) P.m. I'll W K.M.Ki.l, T.wn.i;. \.\\., A. 15. 

Culiuulm.-,, U. ( Alhirni) './i. Teaelier. 

CiiAuiix I'.nMt.M. JMi.Ki.N^. A.M., 15 1.. liiireau <.l Kducalion, Manila, P. I. 

•()i. S.iii P.ernardiiu), Cal. M.\i<v M.sei.K.XN Tiiom i'^dn. A.M., H.L. 

|.\Mi:s l.i;si.ii: I'kknch, A.M., .\.]5. 'ycj. \,y. Parnassus, I'a. 

Aim Arbor. Irsuo ToKr,N.\r,.v (llauiaoka) Ph.D. 

Maiih: l'.Tin:i, Pi'i.i.i;i<, AM, A.H., '.)^. Vie.-ManaKer, Na^ova i5rai eb, P.ank 

Cahniier, .Midi. of Jajian .Vano^a City, Ja|)an. 

Ann.v HoKhUKM, C,i:i,sTo.N. \.M., Pb.H. I.ii.a Tik.mic. A.M., \\\ \yi 

'Si. l!l,H,niiii^ton, Jnd. HattK- Creek, Alieh. 

SAMri-i, Ain.N |i.-iri.i;s, I'h I)., A.M. \)7. M.w W.m .m m.i;v, \.M., I'h.i5. '>/j. 

h.i\>Ue, Mo. Seattle, Wash. 

.Xiicr: Ci.MdssA |ov, .\,M . I'll. 15. (AP )'io:ni.KicK IIk.nkv Wkxo. .\..M., Ph.B. 

1.1011) -ov (M,-.. |U.„rv 1. Piiinev.) 's-S, Terre Haute, Iiul. 

1010 V. ,\l,Ur St. SeaiiU', Wadi. Ivita Khoi.v W imuk. A.M., B.S. '9.S. 

I'loKKNii: Hi.NoiiAM KiN.Ni-. \.M, AH. L.-inMn- Midi. 

'S;-, .\cw Haven, Conn. I'lCH.vr CAkis WdonMir. Pb.l)., M.S. 

AiiOMi;\.M JinsoN I.Auu, A.M., A. 15. '04, './j, 15. S \t\. 1 )cc.itur. 111. 

Ph.D. oj. Grand Forks. N. Dak. (.|0) 

ki Til .AiiiiuTA l.i'iii.ow, .\.M., AH, loni 

(-Xlbion) 'o,S. (Mrs. .Vrtbur D. Han^- '^"* 

.\li.ion, Mieh. JoMTH Ki.i.i:i' ,\ntuv.m, .\ M.. A.H. (Mt. 

a. Ci \KK Makmi, A.m., a, 15. 


1 '07 

. Teadui- ill lll^b Sdiool. 

iiat \r> Piibli-lur. 

.\kron, t). 

o| ;ih \v. . .\\-u W.As. \ V 



m:v Haik, .\.M.. Ph.B. '00. 

Ml l.iN-n.N .\li;vh).i(, Ph D . \.\\. 

Pbiladdi.bia, Pa. 

\.Ni Nrln.r. 

Ci;\ei: t; 

il;l 1 1 1 

1 II 15i:(,ii;, A.M., Ph 15, 'w. 

i.rN b'loi.nooK Mm, IT;. A M . i; S. 

Daiuille, Kv. 

(5ohlrn Colo. 

Wi.Mi i<r 

II 1- 

:KM-.riNK HiMXX. .\,>i., 

,i:s KiKos .\loio;v, .\M , .\.l', \n 

,\,i; ' 

, ,, . 

,\i;n .\rbor. 

Prnio Ion. .\'. 1. 

Win- II HI. 

1, 1;,, 

..M. .\ .\1., .\ H. •.«! 

.IS Josrrii XiAMii.i.. .\..M., \,il. 

O.d. I'ark, 111. 

hiiiia/oo) '(/), A.H, ((,'lin,T};o) •<)<,. 



lox I',oui:n, .MS . 15. S. '00. 

lui- 111 llu' lA.-m.^lon lliLdi School, 

V|. Miami, .Midi, 

007 Cr.iiii St.. hAan-.toii, 111. 

1 1 \Nol II 

M M. 

:riN l',o\\M\.N, .\..M., 15,1., 

II \!.l. PXKKK. -MS . H 1, 'oS 

•00. 1,1 

. I'. ■ 

00. Ppper .Moiiid.air, X, J, 

CcllO.l, 111, 



1.-1 lii.A NVT, A,M.. H.L, ■<>,. 

w Si- Ml. Pru'Mi.N. \ M , Ph,l!. 

(. ' 1 1 \ K 1 IS 


iMM HiiiKov.s, A,M„ A,H. 

I'hD oj ll.uiovo-, .\ 11. 

'o^. PI 

h H 

Wa.-hiiiKtoii, 0, C. 

i(\ I'.M.M \ I'oiT. A M . Ph. 15. '()v 

Okmn 1 

•in II 

Hi-Tiru-, A M., .\.B. '07. 

CK\dan<l, ("). 


.V.isl.ville, Tuin. 



U. .,('. 1 1 

; /.I 

Ti '( ) ' 



ADl'ASCliD DHGRl-.nS OX liXAMl X'ATIOX. [i.^ji-o.'. 

Maucaret Si'kague Cakhart, A.M., 

Ph.B. 'f)9. Boulder, Colo. 

Ei.rsHA Warner Case, A.M., B.S. 'oo. 

Olikago, 111. 

Clarence Lutheu Catiu-kma.n, A.M., 

Ph.B. (Hill'sciale) '97, Ph.M. {ibid) 

'01. Coiniiicrcial Travi-ller. 

Elkliart, lad. 
Veka CiiA.MUERi.iN, AM., Pli.B. '00. 

Fort Wayne. Ind. 
Caul IIekbErt Cooper, Ph.D., A.M. (post- 
grad.) '97. Muskogee, Okla. 
Minna Caroline Denton, A.M., B.S. 

'00. Chicago, 111. 

John DieteklE, A.M., A.B. '98. 

Anil Arbor. 
Uken Samuel Flanecan, A.M., A.B. 

(Kalainai:oo) 'yj. Supt. of Schools. 

Mi.ldkvillc, Mich. 

♦Victoria Makcaket Fohev, A.M., 

Pli.B. '00. 
Clarence James Fokeman, A.M., B.S. 

^Mich. Agr.) '94, M.S. (ibid.) \jb. 

Pli.D. (Wisconsin) '10. Prof, of Eco- 
nomics, Indiana Univ. 

Blooniington, Ind. 
Frederick Russell Gorton, A.M., B.S. 

'00. Ypsdlanti, Mich. 

Frances Kathkrine Ck)ULD, A.M., B.L. 

'92. Goshen, Ind. 

Martha Nathalie Crkineh, .\.M., 

Ph.B. '00. Sparta, Micli. 

CoNSTANS .^I.EX1S Hkmiuiko, a.m., .^.B. 

'00. Spokane, Wash. 

MiLUKEii Hannah Keith, A..\I., A.B. 

'00. Clayton, K. Mex. 

Rak KiTELEv, .V.M , A.B. 'c/j. 

I.oiiguiont, Colo. 

Elan A («)Di.ari. Knott, A.M., A.B. 

(Cincinnati) '00. (Mr^. Sand lord 1',. 

Taslor.) Ore. 

Ottu I'.iiwaui. l.KssiNC. Ph I), .\.li. 'os. 

Urhaiia, 111. 

*\Vn.LY I.EiiNARTz, A.M., B.S. (Mecli. 

E.) '00. 
John Seymolik McI', .\.M., 

Ph.B. '00. 
SeiiEkn Svlvestek McV.w, A.M., Ph.B. 

'99. Chico, Cal. 

Kkistine Mann, A.M., AH. (Smith-) 

'95. Medical Stndeni, Cornell Univ. 

251 W. looth St., New York, N. Y. 

John Jay Makshall. A.M., Ph.B. 

(Albion) '93. Supt. of Schools at 

Romeo, Mich., 1901-11. Teacher in 
High School. 

l.incNjln, Neb. 
I.i-TTEE Jeannette PoE, A.M., B.L. '00. 

Teacher. .\shlar.d, O. 

(jh.uekt Jeremiah Roueuts, A.M., A.B. 
(Penn) '9.', A.M. (ibid) '99. Supt. of 
Schools. Modesto, Cal. 

Jessie M.\y RohEktson, A.M., Ph.B. 'cxj. 
Whittier, Cal. 

Alice Im.konore Rothmann, A.M., 
Ph.D. '9O. Ann Arbor. 

Daniel Cornelius Schaeener, A.M., 
A.B. (Emporia) '98. Teaolier and 
Fanner. * F^niporia, Kan. Hall Shastiu, A.M., A.B. 
(liarvar<l; \j^, MD. (Vermont) 'S«, 
IJ..1!. 'oj. " Marion, 111. 

WiLi.iA.M IlirrELL Sherzer, Ph.D., B.S. 
'89, -M.S. '90. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

John Willis Sl-\ugiiter, Ph.D., A.B. 
(Lombard) '98, B.D. (ibid.) '98. Lec- 
turer, Univ. of London. 
4 llareourt Bldgs., Temple, 

London, E. C, Eng. 

DuANE Reeu Stuart, Ph.D., A.B. '96. 

Princeton, N. J. 

LaMonte T.\YLOk, A.M., A.B. (Kansas) 
\», Teacher. 

i-'-'O baichd Ave., Kans;is City, Mo. 

Saka Whei'ON, A.M., A.M. '89. 

Ann Arbor. 

Jennie Patterson White, A.M., Ph.B. 
'97. C^iicago, 111. 

Herbert William Whitten, A.M., A.B. 
'()8. Redheld, S. Dak. 

Ernest Paul, A.M., A.B. (In- 
diana) '<>S. Princ. of High School. 

l'"vansville, Ind. 

Theresa Cektruue Wii.i iamsijn, .■\.M., 
B.S. V)7 keisterstown, Md. 


Pai'l C(u..h A,\v. .\ M., B.L. {ilills- 
d.ile) '01. Physicist. Bureau of Stand- 
■M\\i. Washington, D. C. 

RolURT lv\Ri.E .\nthony, .\.M., .\.B. 

(S. W. Baptist Univ.) 'or. Merchant. 

liloiuUsville, .'\la. 

Henrv Hi;riieut .Armstrong, .*\ M., .V.B. 
'01, Ph.D. 'OS. Oberlin, O. 

Lois l.Lli.uioN Avery, .\.M., B L. '98- 

Ontario. Cal. 

S.vMiiL B.MM.VN, .\\\., B.L. (<k'rin. 
Wall.iee Coll.) '(/j. Teacher in High 
Schoul. Long Beach, Cal. 

Mary Iula Benneit, A.^L, Ph.B. 95. 

.\iwi .Arbor. 

John- Kmciit Munro Hekry, .A.M., .A.B. 
'01. Youngstown, O. 

Kl.VMN \EU10N I'.ROWN, Ph.D., A.B. 'S.L 

AM. ■8), LL.n, 'S;. Ib.ll.ind, Mich. 

li K fi' -jyt: 

,.-H A ....I... 

M) ■' . '/ 

.^ j: O 

.-' /. ,.- 'V- Ki>--K,:i 

;i/ .. ..:» Y 

'0 ,u !iJoa 'A^iUi^.irl 


' ,;i,. ' ■■■J .-.,. ... J 

= ..■ ; v.. ^ll•rJC.' tif 

■i. t :■ :: .■'ill ■\\ 



N M,A 


1 K A 

MI, HiD. 


of Mit- 

siii : 

uul C 









i,i.Ki(, Ph. 

1). H.L. '90, 








cli. !•■ 


: ) 




, I'.lv '04 



, B.S. 

N. Y. 









lllOUtll ) 'l 


(See Facirli 



0. Me. 



\\- St 



. Pkkso.n-. 


, Ph.B. 


A M. 




N. H. 






, A.M, 

., .A..B. 

1902,1 LITERARV DlWAIiTMEXT. ■ 227 

Kknyon I.kkch Birn:Ri-ii-;i.ii, A.M., B.S. 

(Mich. A^'ri.) 'qi, LI..1). (Aiivlurst) 

'10. (See I'-aentties.) Amherst, .Mass. 
AiAiN Nkison Cuiiv, A.m., B.S. (Alb- 
ion) -01. Supt. of Sdu.ols. 

Flint, Mich. 
Riii: \NN CoNNoH. A.M , Ph.B. 'tjg. 

liouKlcr, Colo. 
A(,|)i:kt RoiiiNso.N- Ci<iTii;.NnEN, A.M., 

A.B. 'qa, Ph.D. 'aS. Ann Arbor. 

D.\viii D. Cuu.i-H, A.M., Ph.B. (De- 

Painv) \/\ Phi). (D.nver) '04. 

Teacher of Kn^l. and Philos., Mount 

Morris Coll, 

Mount Morris, 111 '01. Ft, Han^-ock, N. T. 

Wi.MiKiii Ca.mi'iu-.i.i. Dahoi.i., A.M., A.I'.. *Raymom) Hainks Pond, Ph.D. '02, B.S. 

(K. Si lohivs, .Mich. (Kan. A^ri.) \>8, MS. {ibid.) '99, d. 

.|(isi:ni \\iiii\M Tki.i. Di-vki., Sc.D., College Station, Te.x., July 26, 1911, 

r. S. ((Huo Slate) '07. In Bureau of (36") 

Plant ln<Uislry, Dept. of Agri.'I.ikv Pvi.i-;, A.M., A.B. '01. 

Wasliington, D. C. St. Louis, Mo. 

Vici'OK Emmanuel FuANgois A.M., Hakkiso.n Mc.\li.ester Randai.i,, Ph.D., 

Ph.D. (N. Y. Univ.) '06. (See Facul- Ph.B. 'o.^, Ph.M. '94. Ann Arbor. 

ties.) New York, N. Y. Hkm.-n- May iSt John, AM.. Ph.B. '9.)- 

CoLMAN DuDi.KY Frank, A.M., Ph.TS. .\iiii .Arbor. 

\)7. New York, N. Y. Iohn Wiiiiam Sciioi.i., A.M., A.B. '01, 

1m(i:i, {•iii,ii:i(ToN, A.M, B.S. (Alma) PhD. 'os. Ann Arbor. 

•(/.. -M.S. {ibid) \)7. Jii=nraiice. .Makvin Mvnam Siii-rrick, A.M., A.B. 

.\nn .Vrbor. (Coe Coll.) '()G. Teacher of German 

li.\ \rc.rsTA Grken, A.M., Ph.B. (Ober- and Fdncalion, Mt. .Morris Coll., 

linl '(>('. Cull. Sec'y .\ssoci,ited Char- kk/)-- . Mount :\Iorris. 111. 

Hies Salem, Mass. Imora Ann Si..i;i., A M , PliB. 'c>S. 

C.roi;,.|.: Dkiti- IIahzsits, Ph.D., A.B. 'o^, l)en\er, Colo. 

\ .\1 './). Phikidelphia, Pa. Maiii'i. Ai.ick Stkwarm. A.M., A.B. 

►W \i.Ti:ii Daviu Haiizsits, Ph.D., A.B. ( Bates) 'os. Teaclier. 

VS, .\ .VI. '00 7,< Slimson PI, Detroit, Mich. 

X'icTOR Dran Hawkins, .\.M., B.S. Mary Courti.and VanderbEEk, A.M., 

(Olivet V). Head of Science Dept, A.B. (Smith) 'ov (Mrs. 1. F.<Iwar(l 

Te,-linic,Tl lli^li School, l()u> -. C.ilcs.) 

Cleveland, O. i^. -.til Ave, New York, N. Y. 

\ktiuk losi;rn IIoaio:, A.M., A.B 'wi. hji/xr.rni .May VickKus, A.M., A.B. 

Klk Rapids, Mich. (Kans ) V><) (M,s. Charles .\. Bel- 

Ikmnt, r.i:NjAMiN HuNTiiK, A..M., A.B. Cher.) ManiNtee, Mich. 

•01. Bav City, Mich. La wuknck Koot WAt.nnnN, A.M., B.S. 
Marv Oi.ivi: HrNTiNC, AM., A.B. (Al- ( N. Dak Aj-ri. Coll.) V;. Supt. Agri- 
ma) \tx Professor of Latin, Sim|)son cultural b^Npcriment Station. 

College, 1004—. Indianol.i, Iowa. Dickinson, N. Dak. 

Ti>sii: C.KRTuiMii. jKNNiNC.s. A.M., A.B. Ac.m ^ Wi.c.r.MK, A.M., A.B. (N. \V. 

•01 Chateau, Mon. Univ ) '01. (Mrs. hV.reyt G. Mour- 

llsKKY Fdwi.v Kinc, A.M., B.L. 'c;i, head.) lUaver, Pa. 

I'h.l). 'to Peking, China. Lewis 1I\kt Wi.i.ii, A.M, A.B. (Ro- 

Otio (.'ii \Rirs M.\i<(KWAi(i.T, A.M., A.B elu-t.r) 'iki. Instructor in Bio1(vgv. 

'01. Ann Arbor. b'.v.nistoii Ac.ideiiu I'.vanston, IJI. 

I'li.ieiTAs \\\uv:vK. AM, 1; I.. (Mm- .M xin l!i>si,: W,, ,v, A.M., A.B. (Anai- 

m-,,!.-, ) ■(«,, 'l\.aclur. och ) 07. R. D. I-', Dayton, O. 

.,_'o Kid^euood Ave.. \'i.:i<.v...s- Ii vriN Wu.i.icv, A.M , M.D. '09, 

.MiniK-.ipobs, Minn. I'..S. (Mich. Agri.) 'ov (Sec I'acnl- I'.i/WAKi. Marmimi., PhD, lies.) Kalama/oo, Mich. 

Ph.B. '05. I'.ast i.aii-ing, Mich. * h si: l'. Work. A.M, B I. 'ov 

,1-1 n.tA .ft-, .C 

".,1 >.•:.. >^ 

.,•„■-'■ ' •; (T r,;,.-,f.t,|;.. /,' 

A : i/.r ,:;01l-'; I/-' " ;■ ..I / V :'» V sr,y. 

!■ ,•(,!:.'! v' .) .J I ,.,.:)/• .,„■' 

,!,(,.- .. < :'-N.i I ../ 'I 

V.H.. ,1 M, 

1;: / 

; 1' ■■...■ .1 
.; / ' lit'/ 

1.^ i ! /; J;* /■ 

,(/./■ , ■' •..// ,1 :. ■• -1 ' ■( 

228 AUl'AXCl'.D Dl'AiKlll'.S OX liX AM I XATIOX. [iiXJJ-04- 

TiiKoriiii, John Zim mi km s.\, A.M., I'.i, s.scin: l,.;i isk, .\.M., A.15. (Oli- 
A.l!. oi. Cliicago, 111. N.l) V) 

C^) ^uS Vineuo.ul Avt.-., IX-troit, Midi. 

Caki. l''Kr.iii:KicK Aijcusti s I,.\ni-.i-, 

1903 I'li.l)., 'm. A.M. (Harvard) ■.>j. 

(iK.iKGlC Ih^NKY Al.l.KX, I'll,])," A.H. '()S! 

.\,.\l. '.)<;. CiiiL-iiiiKiti, <) 

J'.I.I.K.V i'.uTSluKI. liALlI, .\ M . .\,li, '01 

lval.n„,i/(M), Mich 

l-.M.A .May liAi.uwi.N, AM . .\.H. oJ. 

I'imt, Mich 

J'.K.Ni:s-i ?i-iin;Ki.ANi, liATi:s, A.M., A.H 

■ruc>on, Ariz 

llAi;ui.n I'ki;i.i. Hki:iii;.\imcii, AM., .\ H 

OI, I'h. \). 'o.j. 

.Xiiii Arbor 
J'oKUsr Hriri;.N II \i<k.\i>.-; 15i<nwN, M.S. 
A.H. n.'. 

R. 1),, Milan, .Midi 
CiiAKii:s SiMNKK HiJbii, .\.M., A.H. 'oj 

I'dkyo, Japan. ' , ri,,.,,, J '' , " " ' (Kford 6 
' '^- ■^■'^- "^' I.i.cim; Al.KM.iK l.K.viiAKT, ,\.M., .\.H. 
■uj Tnlaro, Cal. 

Makv (,..ui:i.i., .\..\I., a i!..;oi. 

Ivigcnc, Ore. 

ClIAUI.KS Wll.l.lA.M .MlCKKNr,. A.M., H.I.. 

'<)!) .V.irian, .Midi.<i;nci; Hi kiun .Muuku.i.. A.M., HI.. 

'i». Brandon, Fla. 

Jusi;i'ii K'Ai.uicu .\i:i.>o.v, A..\l., .\.H. '94. 

.\nii .\rliijr. 

1'kaxk Fuaskk P(itti:i<, .\ M., AH. 'uj. 

Lexington, Ky. 
Fi.oKA I'Kuwiii.uv, A.M., I'h.H. VS. 

Turtle Creek. Pa. 
I.i Ki.i.A J A.NK RiiAii, A.M., \.n. '02, Ph.D. 

I.uriA ];i.i/Am:TH Ci \i;k, AM.. A 1! 

Hatllc Creek. Mich. "i,;^;-' Shenandoair Iowa 

\V;i.i.i\.M Ui.NCK, .\M , .\ H. 'oi, 

(Ripon) '01. Teacher in High School. ,ii,,|„., 'o.'i ' Criild' Ru)id= ' Mi 

'l"lv'n ^'^:^- ASM. i.Au.m H00M.V, .^.M. 'o,: hi.b: 

SiiVMoiiK Hkach Conckk, .\.M., A.H. '00. 

CUAK..KS EnwAKH CuLUX, 'Sl'aTI ^'•7^A.'"\^!r^V^' '^-^^ '''■'■ ''"'--''''' 

94. Hay City, .Mi 

■o /'on -n ■ of Meiji Sngar C 

• :,nO Juniata St., St. Louis, Mo. ,,__ ,^ ■J±!-'':?!!':^T' l^^""^ 

■ou. Pli.I). '10. Wa.shington. D. C 
jiAN- l)AA>o.\, A..\l., A. P.. 'oj, Ph.D. '05 
Cleveland, (), 
C\i;oi,iNi; h'.i.i/Aiunii ni.i'.KiiKNK, .\..M., 
I'll H ( I'arlhani) 'g^,. Ilea.l of Mod- 
ern l.aiigu,i..;e Dept., I'lieiuK Select 

Ci..m.s, A.M., Ph.H. ^^T^\'Z ^P?n''" ^''^''f' T' k" ' 
w- 1 ; , t ^ , i~i r -^f- W, Ph.D. oy. .'\nn Arbor. 

'" ' Waukkn II Mii.i:v S.MTH. .\..M., Ph. P.. 'Sij 

Ann .\rbur. 

1m<kiii;i:ku Tv.Nii.M.i. Sw.v.v. Ph. I), .\,l'.. 

■ij;. \ -M. 'oS, Pi.tMlani. .\. V. 

Ili.MTII MuKKlr, T^u.M^^, .\.\\, Ph.H. 

'oS. Ph. 11. 'lu Miniie.ipoli-. .Minn. 

Hak'UV Cu-.umi Tin ism-. .\ .M. o?. 

AH, v.). I'll. I) \)). .\nn .\rhur. 

Xi.oNv.i lliiKKT TiTii.i:, AM., A.H. './). 

Cidtiinhus, (). 

.\iiA .\l M 111: VicKUKS, A.M., AH. '1x3. 

Traverse Citv, .Mich. 

Svi.viA SvNiii:us Vinmo. A.M., Ph.H. 

•10 X.nihanipton. Ma.-,v 

t'.roKci; W .i..Ni:i<, \.\l , I'h.C. '.n, .\ IJ. 

t Kaii.,1^1 \n- .Madi.un. W 1-. 

Smiii. .\! \v Wiiiixi-K. I'll I). AW. 'or. 

.X'.iith Vakiina. Wash. 

Ri.iiKuT 1>\M- WiiiTi-. A .\L. .\.H. (AM.- 

iMii > 'o.' Supt. of Schools. i(X37— . 

(47 1 Elgin, III. 


,.. .\ 


St , Pliii.idelpl 

1.1. P.i. 

' 1 


Ml KM 

< C.KI 

-lo.s. I'll I),. \.H, 'oi. 




|i |)|.\1 

,.s- II 

Ml. 11, .M.S., H 

S. \*>. 
a, Mo. 


II 101 

1. l.r.K. 


Ki:, \,M.. .\I.S 





) ''}- P^ofe^ 

v.r of 



1 Ch 

■in , \l.i, Pol 

11, .\la. 


Cil \1< 

1. \)v. 


Tl, Ml. Ilol 



A v. 












■; W 11 

.IS J. 

II.N.MIX, Ph 1). 

Ph C, 

■•Xi, 1 

S. ( P 


■iHi, Seattle, 



.|:a I 


1.1. i:k 

A.M.. AV,. '0 
Si. mil Hen 


d, Ind. 



IK Ha 

1.1: V 

<i:n.m,i.v, .M.S 


. AH. 
la, III. 


Se 1), A.l 
I.onis NL 

M "1 •'.>li«Mt ' 

i.j .1 / > ■ - - / ,, 

(! ,iM ,'.■;,...,•.,( 

i'KJ4-<i5 ] LirURARY DEPARTMnNT. 229 

ki.i;i:i;T bais BtxbON, .\.^r., A.l!. 'uj. Ci.vmc l.i:\\rix M.S. (F.-r.) A. 15. '01, 

Tampa, Ma, Ottawa, Out. 

ll.M;Kii-,r Wii.ui.NMs, I'li.lJ., A.B. I'ka.n'k .\1vi;i;s'ki-k, A.M., A. 15. 

(Siiulh) 'ii5- Prof. Asiroii., Sniilli (Uiraiin ''■i^j. StaU- l)c|iarlmc-iU ot 

e\.li. Noi-tliaiiiptou, Mas.^. ScliooU. Charkslon, W Va 

llKiK.N l.iiriM: \\\<,nw. .\.M,, ( \^as- W.\ki. J. Mc.\'i:.\i., I'li.l)., A.B. '01, M.D. 

^ar) v". Teacher 111 Central lliyli uS. i/-' I'n-spict Park, W., 

Sch.H,!. ^ Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Detroit, Mich. Bi;-\Ti;i.\ K.sri: A..\I , .\.B. (Oli- 

tl''i<.\.NK AkTliUK ISoll.v, Ph.l)., Ph.B. vet) 'oY Te.icher S. Dak St.itr Xor- 

(Ohio State) W A.M. dbid) 'ui. iiial, i.>o8~-. Sprni-iiehl, S. D.ik.|). mh Ohio Inf. i8<>S. Lecturer llo\v.\i(i> D.v.viKf. .Mi\riii.v. .\.M., B.S. 

aiul Writer ^W, Ph.D. 'o(.. 

-|(» I'earl St., New Y.,rk, N. V. K.iehe.ter, \. V. 

Aloi.i.ii; Dki;\v lU>Tis, A.M.. A.B. 05 Ia.m.w h'ooTi.; .M(.i;i:iioi m:, A.M., B.S. 

Kankakee, Jll. ( ) '07. Xew York, N. Y. 

I'.Ki.i; 1•■,I^\^..HT1I Ci.nTi.\..i:K, .\.M., A.B, .\ktio.s Dio Xyk, A.M., A.B. (Baldwin) 

'o.V Terre Haute, \m\. '.);. I'arnu-r, North Riclf-cviUe, O. 

Aii'iio.\-o MoRr(,.v Ci.oM.k, Ph.D., B.S. r.K.M:vii;\H Di;i.o.\y O'XiCii.i., A.M., A.B. 

iw. Detroit, Mich. '01 Macataua Park, Mich. 

Ik.wk L\\\ki..\ci- Cuoi'tK, A.M., B.S. 'uo, Uov Ro.m.\nzu Pixk, A.M , A.B. '02. 

New Haven, Conn. South Bend, Ind. 

Calvin Oi.i.v Uavjs, A.M., A.B. '^5. I.uis Makino Pi'kez, A.M., A.B. 'o,^ 

Ann Arbor. ll;i\ana, Cuba. 

Caw. Conrad Eckhakut, A.M., Ph. H Oi.i\i:k \\ i.\ii uiiD Pi:i<Ht-\', A.M , A.B. '01. 

(Ohio State') 'oj, Ph.D. (Cornell) 'oS. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Te.iclur at Bouhler, Colo. Ca.mi.ack Wii.olx Ktv.voi.D:,, A.M., Ph.B. 

Da>t<)n, O. (Olivet) '(j-. Teacher in Central High 

Raii'II Hinkv I'.cswoKTii, .\M., .\.\\. School. t^rand Rapids, Mich. 

'o-' Traver>e City, .Mich Juiuaiu) 11u,,iu Rvim-k, A.M., A.B. 'oj. 

iKA.Nci.s Wii.i.iA.Ms I'.Ni;i.isii, A.M., A.B. l.'.ast Unbinjr, Mich. 

(C.reenMlle)'oi, A.M.(i7;i"J.)'o2. (Mrs. Pmi.n. l.oi i> ScniXK \M AB 'o > 

J.uui-, M. Rol)b.) F.verett, Wash. Canihn.JKo ' Mass 

.lb::,Mt: (.■of)]^ liNoi.isii, A.M., A.B. lM<i.|ii.kiek W 11 1 1 \m ^ciimr \ .\'[ ' B s' 

iC.reenville) '01 AM. {ibid.) '02. ( Wi.scoi.Mn ) '01. Merchant. 

(.Mv,> Alfred C. MiUican.) S: Joseph Mo 

-,0 W. laruria St Se.iiile, Wash. m.,nso.v Ai.i;xam,i:k Sti-wakv, 'a.\[.', 

*ll.uuiv l)Av UvKKKTV, y\.b (hor) A.B. ,vii. 'o,, im,.D, \>S Yankton. S. Dak. 

e ornelll n.v.) o,, ua, k, led by na- C.nK Sn.AKT, A.M.. A.U. 'oj. 

nve^.n^nu. l.leo. Xe,ros. 1.1., May. n! J. 

Amam.a Iam;, M.S., Ph.15. 
(Albion) 03. Teacher. 

I'liCAit Xi.;i.M).N- TKA.N.^K.a', Ph.D., A.B. 
(Franklin an.l Mar^haM Coll.) '97. 
Professor of Botany, State Normal 

Xnnr M^v ([vv,,iT,;-' \ Vr'^v'u 'n^ •^^"'"'"'' "^°7-. Charleston, I 

\Vn, ,AM_ D. H,;Nt,EK>oN, A.M.,''vB. •oi. , , ,,„,,,.„„ ,,,, Jri^^^'^Z 

D. V*). Aim Arbor 

Fai'kn Fmma HoiiMAN, AM,, .\.B, 
(Hiram) ul, (Mrs. Vernon StantTer.) 
.\ngola. hui 

Joii.v O.MvKiri Wi.Nri.u. A..M., PhD, '00, 
\ B ( 01, ( See l''acultics. ) 

Ann Arbor, 
Wll.UAM RoM.NS Wmoiit. A.M., A.B. 

I.KNMS Rai.ih JoNKS. Ph.D.,' Ph.B. V ■ ,."•'• ,,, Harbor, M 

di.,on, W 

Kaui. WiiiiriMj ZiM.Mi;i(--ciiii:n, M.S. 

Rich ^ki. R w Kiuk, A.M., .\ B. \)i. ^ '■ "^ Detroit, Mid 

Itbaca, .\. Y. **--^' 

Al.oNlKA.M Ji USON 1,A1J1), Ph,D., A. 15 

A.M. 'oo. Grand Forks, N. Dak. 


Samm:!. Bovvfu Laiuu, a.m., A.B. '03 lli;\uv Hikiuut Akmmko.nn,, PhD. 
N'p^ilMiii, Mich, .\.|i, ',,1, A .\1. •„.. Oberlin, O, 



'.I .'/ 

r.-.'.' "■^■^ 

V ... •• r.n'l 

;. ill . ■' I/. , .0.. Ill// II 1, ;. 


C.f^t» 1 


ADr.'ixci:n dv.criii-.s o\' hx.imix.itjow. 

I i')oS- 

Carrie Augusta Barden, A.M., BS. 

(Upper Iowa) '95. Teacher, S^talc 

Normal Scliuul. St. Cloud, Minn. 

Wksley BuAi.iiKu.. M.S. (For.), A. 15. 

(Alma) '02. Merchant. 

Santa Fe, N. Mex. 
George W. Leon Brail, A.M., A.B. (.Vl- 
bion) '02. Teaclier. 

Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Acnes Kwing Bkown, A.M., B.S. 

(South Dakota) '00. Director of State 

Normal School. Santiago, Chili. 

Charles Rouekt Couu, A.M., A.B. 

(Greenville) 'oj. Supt. of Schools. 

Bessemer, Mich. 

I.FE Holt Cone, Ph.D., B.S. (Pomona) 

'01. (See Facnkic~s.) Ann .^rbor. 

John I.ionakd Conger, A.M., A.B. '04. 

Caleslmrg, 111. 

CiiAULES Aliikkt Davis, Ph.D., A.B. 

(I'.uwil.iin Coll.) 'cS6, A.M. iibid) 'H";. 

WashinKtun, 1). C. 

Jean D.vwson, I^h.D., A.B. 'oj, A.M. 

'o.V Cleveland, O. 

M.\RY Helen Dueey, A.M., Ph.B. '94. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Charles Henry Estkich, A.M., A.B. 
(Ohio Wc&l) '00. Eden, O. 

Adelaide (jE.muerling, A.M., A.B. '02. 

.Atlantic Highlands, N. J. 
Maudelle Margaret Cermonde, A.M., 
B.L. (Ohio Wesl.) 'yg. (Mrs. George 
E. Walk.) Capiz, P. I. 

Mary Caroline Gilpin, A.M., A.B. (Al- 
bion) '04. Teacher. Stanton, Mich. 
CiARENCE Wilson Greene, A.M., A.B. 
'o.^, Albion, Mich. 

James Fioyd H.vli.iday, A.M., A.B. '04. 
Binghampton, N. Y. 
George (Jswin Higley, Ph.D., 15. S. 
Chem.) '91, M.S. '(jV Delaware. O. 
Cary LeKoy Hill, M.S. (F'or.) A.B. 
'01. North Fork, Cal. 

Flok.v Fisie lliLt., A.M.. B.L. '99. 

.\larc|Hetto, Mich. 
Lemuel Guy Holukook, .\.M., Ph.B. '00. 
Des .Moinis, Iowa. 
W.MTEK FuED Hunt, A.M., A.B. '04. 

Ann Arbor. 
Genevieve Imus, A.M., .\.B. 'o.v 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Clara Octavia Jamieson, A.M., .•\.B. 

'01. Washington, D. C. 

\lm-n MxKMiALi. Kline, AM, A.B. '04, 

I'll D 07 San Jose. Cal. 

W u riAM I \eoii Lehman, A.M., .\.B. '01, 

LI. H 'o|. Detroit. Mich. 

Dale Livingston, AM., A.B. '96. 

Boise. Idaho. 

Herman William March, A.M., A.B, 
'04. Ocluyadan, Iowa. 

Veknon Gkiieith .Mays, A.M., Ph.B. 
(Albion) '94. Princ. of High School. 
Lincoln, Neh. 
John Edward Mealley, A.M., B.S. (Al- 
bion) '94. M. v.. Clerg>inan at Di-x- 
boro. R. D 8, Aun .\rbor, Mich. 

William Daniel ^lol<lARTY, AM., A.B. 
'04, Ph.D. 'cx). .Vim .\rbor. 

Frances F'.lisaiieth Nichols, A.M., 
A.B. (.Mi<Ullebury) '00. Prof, of Eng. 
Lit., Ujiper Iowa Univ. 

I'ayi-''te, Iowa. 
George Wilcox Peavy, M.S. (For.), B.L. 
'95, Corvallis, Ore. 

Thomas Ernest Rankin, .\.M., .•\..B. 
'98. .\nn .Arbor. 

■^.Xrthuu McBride Ransom, .\.^L, B.S. 
(Ala. Poly. Inst.) "98, M.S. Ubid.) '99. 
d. Atlanta, Ga., July 2_', 190.). (.^5) 
llENKV (asi'Er Kuhmond. A.M., A.B. 
'oj. ■ Detr^ut, Mich. 

James Marion Roiui, .\.M , .\.B. 
(Greenville) '99. Teacher of .Mathe- 
matics in High School. 

Everett, WasJi. 
Hideo Sakuma. A.M., Ph.D. '07. 
22 .Acyama Minami-Cho, 

Tokyo, Japan. 
John William Scholl, PhD, ."A.B. '01, 
A.M. 'oj. .\nn .Arbor. 

Roda Selleck, A.m., A.B, '.>S. 

.Ann .Arbor. 
Fj.isabeth F"thel Sinclair, .A.M., .A.B. 
'o.t, Ph.D. '11. 

Port Huron. Mich. 
Caknie I.ucjle Stone, A .\L, A.B. 'oj. 

Chicago, 111. 
KiciiARD Rvan Thompson, .\..M., \.B. 
(S. W. Bap. Univ.) '<)<> Pres. Cres- 
leent CoM. for Woiuen. 

luneka Springs, Ark. 
Okrin Edward Tueany, Ph.D., .A.B. '95, 
.A.M. 'i,j6. Westmiii'Ster, Md. 

Harry Norton Toukey, .\.M., in'oi-'os, 
B.S. (Knox) '00, .ML). (Johns Hop- 
kins) 'u6. Ph)-sician. 
11.30 \\'oodw,ird .Ave , Detroit, Mich. 
Oka Trams, A.M., A B. '04. 

Pontiac, Mich. 

Perry Fox Trowhridge, .A.M., Ph.B. '92. 

Columbia, Mo. 

Lucia Isadeli.e V.m)khees. A.M., .A.B. 

'oj Detroit, Mich. 

BEbS May X'rooman, A M , A 15. '04. 

Gary, tnd. 
r,u\ Leslie Wait, A.M , A B. '04. 

Lewistuun, Mon. 

'n.y.i'^h v:;!^.rA A.f.h.- 

..,v! ..,-.'.) 

il t^ 

2.11 -7 O*' 

1 ,1)-. -i"' , 

,,^ ., . t.- ^ ..•.!<.,.' . ■ ' '. _.... ..■AKII.'J.l M 

1905-06. J 



JosKi'H Uf.Witt War.nek, M.S. (For.), 
A B. (Cornell) '03. Forester. 

Helena, Moii. 

Hou.AkT Ik-KU \Vii.L.\RD, A.M., A.B. 'oj. 

Ami Arbor. .M) juuN Z.wnz, M.S. (For.), 

.\.H. (McMastcr) '03. Professor of 

l'"orcstr\ in Ontario Agri. Coll. 

(;uclt)li. Oat. 
( 53 > 


CH.\KLorrE Zui.iM.\ Ai.uKicH, A.M., 
Ph.B. (Albion) '96. (Mrs. Oren D. 
EUctt.) Marshalltown, Iowa. 


A.M., .A.B. (Augustaiia) '05. Instruc- 
tor in Ijirman and Swedish, Univ. of 
Xebr., IQIO — . Lincoln, Neb. 

Fk.xnk Anukews, A.M., B.S. 
'oo. St. Louis, Mo. 

Geukge \Vu.m.\M BARNu.\t, A.M., A.B. 
'05. Bottineau, N. Dak. 

Wu.r.i.AM EuwARD BuHN, Ph.D., A.^L 

((3hio State) '00. (See Faculties.) 

.\\-u- York, N Y. 

Oswald Fkederic Bouckr, A.M., A.B. 
'05. State College, Pa. 

Joii.NT R. Bklmm, A.NL, .\.H. '04. 

Ann Arbor. 

Warren Da\id Brush. A.M., B.S. 
(Baldwin Univ.) '05. Botanist, U. S. 
Fcirest Service. 

Wai^hington, D. C. 

ELiZAiiiTH Margaret Bush, A.^I., .\.B. 
'05. New York, N. Y. 

JamVs Anlkew CAMi>uEt.r., A.M., A.B. 
'01. Lawrence, Kan. 

J amis Ai.ikn Caniiy, A.M., A.B. ( Betli- 
anv) 'i/i. .Minister. 

Tra\erse Ciiy, Midi. 

1Ii:ki;i;kt Waiso.n Ci.akk. A.M., A.B. '05. 
ICast Las Vegas, N. Mex. 

F"i<.\.\i-i;s Elizabeth Clarke, .\.M., B.L. 
'00. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

.\L\iiiL Rehekah Collins, A.M., Pb.B. 
(.\lbion) '97. 

Charles W'ileord Cixjk, XLS., A.B. '04. 
\im Arbor. 

Cornelia .\ CorEr.ANu, .A.NL, A.B. 
'03. Detroit, Mich. 

AiKREu Paul Dachnowski, PJi.D., A.M. 
(Taylor) '00. Asst. Prolc:,sor of Bot- 
any, Ohio State Univ. 

Colunvbus, O. 

WiLLARD Mklvin Drake, XLS. (For.), 
A.B. (Bales) '02. Forester. 

I'lagbtafr, Ari/.. 

KoiiEur BvKNS E.scLisH, Ph.D., .A.B. 
Rocliester) '96, A.M. {tbiJ.) '98. Prof 
of Latin, Wash, and Jeif. Coll. 

Washington, Pa. 
John Shaki'i.ess Fox, Ph.D., A.B. 
(Ilaverford) '02. Li->tructi)r in Uiuv. 
High School. 

1154 E. .s6th St., Chicago, HI. 

JVVRL llAZEr/riNE *i''ROTHl.\GllAM, M.S. 

(For.), A.B. '04. Washington, D. C. 
Evelyn (LxmnNiR, .\..NL, A.B. 

(Vas.-,ar) 04. Sec'y of Children's Bnr- 

574 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Frances Swect Ghison, A.M., A.B. (Af- 

liion) 'oJ. (Mrs. Robert J. Carney.) 

Ann -Arbor. 

WiLLiA.M Rui Ub Goodrich, A.XL, A.B. 

OS. Owosso, Mich. 

MiNME Almira Graham, A.M., A.B. 

(Mount Jlolyoke) '00. 

3-^ Park Place, Lockport, N. Y. 

Edna Grant, AM., A.B. (Oberlin) '04. 

Teaelier in Elyria (O.) High School 

9735 Woodward Ct., Cleveland, O. 

\\m I). Henderson, Pli.D., A.B. '03, 

.A.M. '04. Ann .Arbor. 

Rui-us Percival Hiuhard, Ph.D., A.B. 

( Williams) '99. I'ixperiment Station, 

Agricultural Coll., Miss. 

Nina XL\ude Hoi'ser, A. XL, A.B. '05. 

Elizabeth, N. J. 
Anna Josei'H. .\.XL '06, .\.B. (Kansas) 
'05. (Xlrs. George E. Wilkinson.) 

Alton, III. 
Carlos Pointo.s Long, A. XL, A.B. '05. 

Cincinna*i, O. 
Wn.LiAM .Arnold Luuwio, .A. XL, B.S. 
'00. St. Louis, Xlo. 

Frank J^ikr .Maksh, Ph.D., A.B. '02. 

.Austin, Tex. 

Frank John XIellEnca.mi-, A. XL, A.B. 

'03, I'll IX '09. .Ann Arbor. 

Howard Daniel XIinchin, Ph.D., B.S. 

'99, .\.XL '04. Rochester, N. Y. 

Frank Benja.min XIoody, XLS. (For.), 

.A.B. (Bates) '02. .Ass't State Forester. 

Rhinelander. Wis. 

Edi.a XIaud NilEs, A.m., Ph B. '98. 

Xlar^hall, Minn. 

XLvhi.on Iu.lswortk Oi.sen, A XL, A.B. 

'05, Ph.D. '09. Takoma Park, D. C. 

♦Frank Jay Phillu's, XLS. (For.), 

A.B. 'OS 
Alexandek Gkant Ruthven, Ph.D., 
B.S. (XLirniiiK:>ide) '02. (See Facul- 
ties.) .\nn Arbor. 
lIoMEK Elmi:i< KouiuNS, A. XL, A.B. 'os. 
Ann Arbor. 

i •>)■ 


'/.".ll »!• 

• T''- 


'[ 'J ■ ■ 

1. uii 


.../.i.U .r;,-,A\)-'l 

•( .1^ A .c '-I « J .1' >.ii:i 

•.'-■ .'LA ,.^,).' v-.-> a. J-. 
icd '• 111 7 

.^ "jli-VvCl'l 

23_- .inr.ixci-n Diuiiams o\ i'.x.imix.itiox. fio<V)-o7. Makius K.AKi.MAii, A.M , A.H. _Makv liKuiiMcr: ('. \i,i.i;i>. A.M. A.R. 

(St. Ol.if) 'or I'rc.f. <.f l.atiii, l.uth. r ( \\\■lK■.^lc•y ) 'os. M.irshall, Midi. 

t\ilU'f.;c. Div.inih, luwa. Mauui; (lii.ciinisr. A.M. IVS ( li.wa 

lIuwAki) 1.i:siii:k i^<.tuh:. A.M., A.H. 'o|. State Normal) '80. Doan ol ll.nne 

John lM(i:ni-i;iCK SiiKf vui., I'll. I)., U.S. Rcononiicb, Midi. Ajiii. Col!, 1001--. 

(St. Lawinuc) 01. (Scr l-acn1tifs.) l':ast Lan=iii^\ Mich. 

Ann Arbor. Ci.aka Ani-.i.i.t; OoiirKN, A.M., A.R. '05. 

Oi.K ToNNi.NG. A.M., A.B. (I.utlRTj '0.1. ^ St. Toseph, Mo. 

Prof, in Cu.Kor.lia Coll, T.ArKr.xcK IIai,i.i:v. \.M , P.,S. (F.arl- 

Mcnrduad, ^Imii. Iiaiii) 'oj. Prof, of .M.iili , Karlham 

Ida M\KC.AkET W'ai.z, A.M.. A, P. '05 Coll,, i<,oo-. kidiinoii>l, Ind. 

[.OS Angx'K'S, Cal. EnwiN- Am.kiav (Invi.i;\. PhD.. H.S. 

(iKoKt.i- UiTis WiiMKir.K, A.M., A. P. (Wibo.n-in) '04 I'rof. of Psvchol. 

(All.i.jii) OS. Tc.iclR'r ill High Sdiool. ami PMiu-aiioii, Slat.- X..riH,il Coll. 

Muskegon, Midi. Cape Cirardeau, Mo. 

Wu.i-iu-i. \VAri,.\ci. WiuTK, M.S. (For.), K.\ti; lir,\i.i;v, A.M., Ph. P. '</) 

R S.(Haverford)'oo, B.S. (Penii) '99, I'ori Dod^e, Town. 

M.S. (ibiil.) '00. Ill U. S. I'orest Ser- Ciiai;i.i> l-.uw akd llii.i.. A.M. A.B. '06. 

^ice. MisMHila, Mi,u. l-iiM-ona. Kan. 

Toii.v (Iakkktt Wi.N-Ti-K, I'll 1)., .\.M. '04- Hr.sKV lln/iNr.A. Phi). .\.P. (Ilope) 

Ann Arhor. 'o^ \.M. (ihhi.) 'o(l Mi^>ionarv. 

I.oi-KA Pavm; Wooi.Kiii'. I'll 1).. A. IS. I'.apatla, India. 

'OS. A.M. '00. Oak Park, IM. Cm.vix IIi.m;v Kaiumax, PhD. .X.R. 

OscAU lli:i<.MA.N' \ViM<STi:u. .M.S.. A.R. 'os. (ll.irvard) '(/.. < S, l".Knln\ , ) 

(si") Cineiniiati, C). Ann ,\ihor, 
Fi.oNA Mi.MNi.A KrMi'F. .\ M , ,\,lt (Al- 

1907 1"""^ '"'■ ''^'••''■''-- '" 'l;;;';^,^;;'":^!;,,, 

Rkmamin- Franki.i.s- Raii.i-.y. PhD, Ar.LriN Makshaii, I'll d'., A.R. 

li.S. (IvF.) 'oS, .\.M. '00. '04, A.M. 'OS. San Jose, Cal. 

Ann Arhor. 1,i-nork I.yi.ia I.ATzr.R. M.S.. A.R. 

Fioid-xcr Pi-io-.Nici- Rakm-.s. A.M., A.R. (Univ. of III.') 'or,. A-.s't in Rarteri- 

'01 .\nii Arhor. ,dn..^v. Univ of 111 Champaii;.!. 111. 

F.M.MA .\.M\.Nn\ P.swKV, A.M. .\.R. (Al- MAiiv'l.oiisv I.r.iTi:u, A ,\l . .\ P., ( Rnt- 

hioii ) 'o.|. Teacher. I'ontage, Wis. hr) 'oS. Te.-icher. 

Chaui.ks Wii.i.iAM RuuKows, Ph.D., A.R. H6u F. Main St.. Portl.oid, Ore. 

•(K^, A.M. 'or. WasIiiiiRton, D. C. IIai;oii, Patkm \.v MrK\ir. \.M . A.R. 

(liJMA Fitch Rutlku. PhD.. A.R, '07. (AlhionVo]. Tcaclu r 

\,M, '01, X'.ishvilh. 'I\nii. ,r, S Walnut St, l.ansini:, Mich. 

F.KMx I'liiii. CooiTK. A.M. .\,1!, (Al- To-i-niiM- Ci.MKK .Miioinn \,M. \ P. 

hioni '00 'I'culur. M:n(|uelle, Mich. (Anonstana) 'o^., T-'aclur in Daveii- 

^^^KV Jam- Couin,rT. ,\,.M , \ P. ( 1 lills- port (Iowa) High School. 

dale) 'oj. Student Secretary V. W. C. R,>ck Maud, 111. 

\. iiS !■:. j8ili St., Xew V..rk, iV. Y. Jacoi! Moviiu, A.M., A.R. ( (o-eenville) 

Maom: l'n.11.1: CoMiiaT, A.M., A.R. " 'or. Prof, of Science, Creenville C<dl., 

( Hillsdale) 'o.^ Secretary of Y. W^ C. since ic^o;- Creruville. 111. 

A. Rk. of Coiumeree Bldg., Fkki.iku-i; Vktiiik Oshouv, Pli I),. Ph.R. 

.Minneapolis, Minn. '06. S.attle. Wash. 

Mai;v Ri'i.i.i; Cox, .\.M,. .\.l'., 'o.(. Koiu-in' Wasiiincton- Ooi Dsnor.oticH 

Ihmtni-ton, lud. Owf.n', A.M., A R. '06, M,D '08. 

F.tta Maiux Ckii.i.v, A.m., R S. (Den- Mich. 

i-(Ui) ■(.-'. Teacher at Lansing. Midi. C u;i. Frc.r.M: Parky, ,\..M. .\ P.. 'os, 

Newark, O. Ph D 'oo. \nn .Xrhor. 

1'm;in\ P.orro.N Doni.s. A..M., A. 11, 'os. S\i,i mv, PhD, \M 'os. 

I.1..R. 'o-, Spok.iiie. T..kvo. lapan. 

llri.K.N- MAi;e.vHi;T Dl■lal■^. A.M.. A, P.. liuix., Day Scott. AM.. \ 1; lOlnr- 

'oCi. W.alnut I lills. Cincinnati, ( ). liiD '00, ( Se,- T'acullies ) \iin .\rhor. 

Fio-n Syi.\i;stit; Dr.Miwi. .\M,, A,R. Krirs Ci\i;k Simi i ixh vucik AM 

'o(>. Cleveland, ( ). \ P 'o e Nanl,!..,,, S, Dak 

,■;,,. ki A, 

/. .:'.-\Y.A ■\ 


Cakkii; 11a«ti;k Temi'i.ictox, A.M., A.B. Orni.iK (]i(aui-:k, A.M., A B. 

'v(). Huntington, Ind. '07. Huntingdon, Pa. 

l)().\-\i,i> DixTiiK Van- Si.vku, Ph.D., A,B. Ai.kxa.xuku Ciiaku-s Gkav, A.M., A.B. 

OS New York, N. V. (T(;ri>ntu) \jt,, A.M. (fjirani) '97. 

i'uKi.KKKK Wii.i.i.s.M WiVK, .\^\.. A.ii. A.i Pre-, luni-ka C.ll, i(><„M..; Prof. 

(Iiuhaii.i) ■(.> (Sec I'acullic-b. ) I'l" Social Sciences in I'aireiiu Coll., 

Ann Aii.or. since I'eb. iyij. luircka. 111. 

Nki.i.ii; 1,i,ii.a Woui'MAx, A..M., A.B. Ah.\.\iiv Oi.uia Uai.i,, A.M., A.B. '04. 

(Olivet) '01. Teacher. Anaconda, Momt. 

1107 S. Sth St., Tacoma, Wash. thvAci: A.n\.i:i.inic MIakringto.v, A.M., 

(3'j) A.I!. (Oheriinj 'y8. Teacher. 

_'y VVavcrly Pi., Orange, N. J. 

1908 JliLDCAKi) Jic.Mj, A.M., 1; L. (German 

Wallace) '07. Prol. .Mud. I.angg, 

Ja.mus I1.i\\.u<ii .Vc.Ntw, A.M., A.B. '07, Simpson Coll. Indiaiiola, Iowa. 

M.D. '10, Ann Arhor. Paul \'.\.\ BiuiNT Jo.nes, A.M., A.B. 

iMUiii 1'".m:\.\ .\'iki.N5, A.m., .\.B. \jo. '0(1. Ann Arhor. 

Ann Arbor. fi'icTtu KiU'LiNGiai, M.S. (For.), Pli B 

Wu.iAKi. TiTLs Baniuhik, A..\1., A.B. (Colorado Coil.) 04. Priv -nd Kan 

OS, l.[ 'uS. V|)silaiUi, Mich. Inf. i8<),S. Assi-,!. I'n,f l'\)restry 

IviT.v Mai; Bakkuui.u, A..M., B.I<. (Ohio \Vashingt..)n State Coll. 

Wesl.) '9-'. Teaciier. Pullman, Wash. 

414 Machcii St., Toledo, O. CtYi^i; I,. King, A.M., A.B. '07. 

Piovi) 1{aki. Bartixi., A.m., A.B. (Al- Philadelphia, Pa. 

ibion) '05, Pli.D. '10. (See Facuhies.) i'uiTJi \\ii.iii;k iviNNA.s-, .A.M., .\.li. '04. 

Ann Arbor. Saginaw, Mich. 

John Skhknus Bokunek, Pii.D., A.B. M.\i<|oi;ii; Ki.nnan, A.M., A.B. '04 

(Indiana) '04. Parmer. liristol, Ind. .Muskegon, .Midi. 

Lawkenck R.\y BoviCK, A.M., A.B. '06. Aurm'u Cn.\ni.i;s K loc k .-, 1 f .m ' A M 

Washington, U. C. A.B. ((^,eriiiaii Wallace) '98, AM.' 

('.i.K.\N B, BuriTo.v, .M.S., .\ B. '07. (ibid.) '99. Prol. (k-nii., Hillsdale 

Toledo, O. Coll., lyii— . Hillsdale, .Mich. 

A.SA l.i;i: I'.nowF.K, M.S. (I'or), B.S. Jui.iiis Pua.nk Ku.m.mki., M.S. (For) 

(.MorningMde) >.. L'. S. I'o.cster. A.B. \X',. Portland, Ore. 

Ogdeii, Utah ilHi.i:N Kosic I.ano, A.M., B.L. '00. 

(^Aii. I.TKi. Cai<\i;u, A.m., A.B. '07. ^ Indianapolis, ind. 

Macon, Ga. Ghokgi; .\i.i.i;,\ Pindsay, .A.M., .\.B. '05. -Mehtun Cochran, .A.M., .A.B. '07. ;5t i.ouis, .Mo 

Fvanston, 111. Cevue Hi.ton Love, A.M., '05 

.\KTm 1; CiiAui.Es Coi.i;, A..M., A.B. '07. Ann Arhor. 

.\iin Arhor. .Ai.icE, A.M., A B. '07 

lialtimore, Md. 

A B 'cm. A.M. 'o->. .Ann .Arbor. livM, Gaki n:i,n Martin A M A B '07 

-Mav.mi; k,,-i; Clutis, A.M., A.B. '05. Moorhead, Minn! 

Orono, .Me. Ai,iii:i(T Tavi.ur .Muj.s, .\..M., Ph B 'f« 

jA.MKs RoyiKT UicKSo.N, M.S^ (For.), iJecatur, III; 

A.b. 07. Uauphm, Man., Can. Roy (jIii.huu Ph:kce MS (F'or ) AB 

Fua.m; W11.MA.M DouGiAs, A.M., A.B (Nebraska) '07, B.S. (For),' (ibid.) 

(.\lhion) 05. Assist. Prof. Chem., A'l- '07. i'ore^ter. Majestic BKh^ 

bioii Coll , 1905—. Albion, Mich. ' " i),.„ver Colo 

AiAix i'l i-.AZAu Evans, Ph.D., A.B. (Cot- I-'.lioe.vic 1'oktik Am' A b' 

iier) '.)(). A.Ai. (Nebraska) '98. I'rof. (Harvard) '04. Teaching Fellow Har- 

T.alin, Washing-ton State Coll., I9cx>-. vMr.l Umv. Cr.nbrKlge Mass 

Pullman, Wash. I'Istiikk lu.iz ahktii iii\.\\\ \ m' AB 

l-.ssoN .McDowEi.i. Gai.e, A.m., A.B. '07. (.Mt. Il,,h,,ke) 'o; liisirnctor in Fne- 

Shanghai, China. Ii.^h, A-.i>,;u Coll., i.,oS - 

May<EATii, .\.M , A.B.(Wel- Poughkeepsie \ V 

.■sley) '00. liislr. in Rhet., Un 

V.M. '08, 

Kan. I.:.urence, Kan. B.l,. >,. St. Pouis', Mo, 

•/ «T<' I.i,W/ 

\f! ,>(, , .), 




Akthi'k W'ii.i.iam STAr.KKii, A.M., A.B. 
'84. Ann Arbor. 

M.\.\soN AmxANUHK Sticwakt, A.M. '04, 
A.B. '03, I'll. IV '08. Yankton, S. \). 

John Huwaku 'r.-iNis, M.S., A.B. (Kal- 
amazoo) '04 Teaulicr in High Scliool. 
Sayinaw, .Mich. 

I^UKi.LA Tow .v LEV, A.M., A.B. '04. 

Cleveland, O. .'Xu'Xanhuk Vai.uanci;, M.S., 
-•\.15. '07. Indianapolis, Ind. 

I'KANK VAN Vl.lEi, A.M., A.B. 'O.'. 

Lony Beach, Cal. 

DWIGJIT I'.MiKKTX W'atki.ns, .-V.M., A.B 

'01. Galcsburi,', 111. 

John Zedi.kk, A..M., A.B. (Albion; '03. 

Asboc. Prof, of .Mod. I.angg., Al'bion 

■Coll. Albion, Mich 



llt.HiiKKT Fkancis Auj-:n, I'hl)., .A.B. 
(Soulh Dakota) '05, .\..\1. (ibid.) '06. 
I'ruf. Kiiglibh, i'niv. of I'acillc, 1909—. 
San Jose, Cal. 
liLiZAiiETii Mei.mna .\.nuke\vs, .A.m., 
.\.B. (Kelaiul Stanford) '08. Teacher 
in High School. Corona, Cal. 

Bkssie Annis, A.m., A.B. (Washing- 
ton.) '05. (.Mrs. Ira N. Gates.) 

Cristobal, C. Z., Panama. 

CoKNEr.iUb K., A.M., .^..B. '04. 

Grand Forki, N. Dak. 

Grack Mauel Bacon, A.M., .\.B. Mt. 

Ilolyokej '01, Ph.D. '10. instructor in 

(German, .Mt. Holyoke Coll., 1906—. 

South lladley, Mass. 

Wehstkk I'.iiwiN Bi.iss, .\.M., .A.B. 'oS. 

Big Rapid,., Mick 

IUkoi.i, Pki.:ii, Bi<i;in:M.\ru, PhD., .\,B 

•01, .\ .M, '<M, .\nn Arbor. 

JAMIS 1i;M.N i'.i;K-Ki:K, M,S,, .\,i;. (Ihll.-.- 

dale) '04, .\,M. (,/./,/.) '97, Priiie. Ar- 

linir Hill llit;h School. 

Saginaw, Mich. 

UlKirn-A .XCATllA P.KOWN, .\..M., .\.\<,. 

'05. IXtroit, Mich. 

Minnie -ANToiNinTK Bukcovne, .\.M., 
All 'o-j. Bridgepori, Mich. 

Phii.iI' I'Al-MiETTE BUKSI.KV, .\..M., A,B, 
'o-'. Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Wii.i.iAM Dean Chadvvick, A.M. '09, 
.^.B. (Marietta) '05. Director of Ath- 
letics and I'hvsical Training, Miss 
Agri. Coll. Agricultural CoMegc, Miss. 

(.'^.^^<^ \m..An. Cii vsi;. A .M., A.B. 'oj. 
Smu.x City, Juwa. 

IIi;m<v \\M<h CiUK.ii, AM., \M. 'uS. 
.■\-.|i.ville, .N. C, 

John I,e\vis Conns, M.S. (For.), \.B. 

(Univ. of the South) '07. F'orester. 

i-'4 .Mobile St., Montgomery, .Ma. 

Wai.teu F'jiANCis Coi.uv, Ph.D., .A.B. '01. 

.Ann .-\rbor. 

Guv Co.NHEv, .A.M., .A.B. 'oS. 

.Madison, Wis. 

John Wii.i.ia.m DeBkuvn, .\.M., .A.B. 

'07- , Boston, Mass. 

Ge(jki;e Hio.n De.nto.v, A.M., A.B. '07. 

Evanston, 111. 

Ram'h Di:vuii:s, .M.S., B.S. (K.Ii) '07., D. C. 

KiCHAKij ni; Zei;u\v, PhD,, .\ B '07, .A B 

A. 15. (Hope; 'of). 

Fast Lansing, Midi. 

IlAKKiKTiE Mav D11.IA, A..M , A.B. 'o«. 

Wate.Huo, Ind. 

Fi.ovii Caketon DockEkav, .\.M., .A.B. 

'07. Lawrence, Kan. 

Geokce -Akgo DuTiui:, M.S,( F^or,;, A.B 

'o^. Washington, D.C. 

l.Lcuis Wai.tek Fj.uek, .A..\I.. A.B. '03. 

Lindsborg, Kan. 

Al.lKlli I.VN.V I'EIU-.USON, .\ .M , A B. '08 
.Ann .Arbor. 
Charles .\'ey Imlso.v, A.M., A.B. (Beth- 
any) oS. ^Minister. WeMsville, N. V. 
Eakl Gakeield Fl'ller, .A.M. '09, .A.B. 

'08. Ravenna, .Mich. 

SoiOMON Francis Gingerich, Ph.D., 

A.B. (Indiana) '05, A.M. (ibid.) '07. 

(See Faculties.) .Ann .Arbor. 

Charles Fdward Gkieiin, M.S., .A.B. 

(Denver) 'oj. Head of Science Dept 

m High School. San Bernardino, Cal. 
Gi:oh(;e -Anpkew (Dutches, ALS.(For ). 

B.S. (llobart) '(.6. District Forester. 

V. S. Indian Service. D.iiver, Colo 
Ja.mi:-, bj.MiK ll\i;i;is, .M.S, A.B. '08, 

I'll. I' 'n. Ann Arbor. 

WiiMEK H.\kkis, A.m., Ph.B. 

(Chicago) '04. Fellow in History, 

I'niv of Chicago. 

63J F'orest Ave., .Ann .Arbor. 
Fi.wAKK W1U.IA.M Heausten, M S 

(For.), A.B. '08. I^epublic, Wash. 

WlLIU'R Ol.l.V llEl.RICK, PhD, BS 

(.\licb. Agri) '01, M.S. '93 

I'a^t Lansing, .Mich. 

AiiA Mav Hlkr, A.M., A.B. (Southwest- 
ern) '07, Te.icher. Wellington, Kan. 

Marv Taviok II ill, A.m., a B. (West- 
ern) 'fi,^ .Madison, Ind. 

JlALkv Gm<mi;in H.ii'GiiTo.v, AM,, A,B 
'c*' TilVni, (). 

Hmjkv IIm.l llourrr, ,\ M,, Ph B. (An- 
liocli) '04 I'rinc of Monroe (Mich.) 
lligi: Scho,.). i.KKMi. (Jsborn, U. 

)' 1 / 

rn.'i it I 




CiiUTUL'DE Makie Johnston', A.M., Pli.B. 

(Vcrnioiil) '06. Teacher in High 

Schpol. Tucson, Ariz. 

F.KNST Victor Jottek, M.S. (For.), A.B. 

■o«. Wasiiiiiuton, 1). C. 

\ih\..\ Louisu King, A..M., A.U. (Olivet) 

'05. Teacher 111 High Schooh 

Saginaw, \V. S., Mich. 
Luc.\s PErwou KvKiAKiuKs, Sc.D., \.\i. 

'07, \.V.. (.\natolia CoU.) '02. 

Geive Han, Proussa, Asia Minor. 
Jicssu; Cocswei.r, Laiku, AM., A 15. 

(Mount Holyoke) '06. 

Vpsilanti, Midi. 
Kr.MKK S. Lake, A.M., A.B. (Univ. of 

ill.) '07. Athens, 111. 

ItuwAUD He.nkv Lauek, .\.M. 'oy, A.B. 

'06. Iowa City, Iowa. 

S'l-KKl.lNC .Nm.kus LKO.NAIU), .\.M., .\.B. 

•08. .Milwaukee, Wis. 

Maky Delia Lewis. A.M., .\.B,(Sniith) 

'94, Instructor in Hngli=h, Smith Coll., 

i(jo6 i(X)ii, 1 909 — . 

Northampton, Mass. 
Donald P. Mc.'Klpine, A.M., A.B, (Lom- 
bard ) '01. Supt. of Schools. 

Tecumseh, Mich. 
Carkoi.i. Bkow.v Mai.onk. .\.!\L, A.B. 

(West. Res.) 'a^. Teacher in Ching 

Una C.ill, 1911—. Peking, China. .Maihtn, A..\1., .\.li. 'o-; (Uli- 

vetj O). ( .Mrs. Alhert R. ImihI.) 

Jackson, Mich. 
DoNAi.i) MaxwEEi. M.\ttiie\vs, M.S. 

(i-or.), .A.B. '08. Manila. P. I. 

l''((ANK John Meelencami', I'li.D., A.B. 

'oj, A.M. '05, .\iin Arbor. 

Hekma Louise Meyer, A.M., A.B. '08. 

Ypsilanti, Mich. 
H.xrriE LiNMSAY Miuuauch, A.M., A.B. 

'08. Bonner's l'\rry, Idalio. 

N' .\.MAM,.\ MONIY.O.MEUV, A.M., 

.\.B. (Ilills.lale) 07. Princ. of High 

Sdiool. MarshficUl, Ore. 

Wii.EiAM 1)anieeMori.\kty, Ph.D., A.B. 

'04, .\.M. 'o^. .\nn .\rbor. 

Wiii.iAM \\i:sT .MoKRis, -M.S., A.B. '08. 

Washington, D. C. 

CUESTKK BiKNEY MousE, M.S. (For.), 

.\.l! (Ripon) '05. In II. S. Forest. 

Service. St. .Antliony, Idaho. 

Marcahict Parthenia Murrei.e, A.M., 

A.B. '02. Cairo, III. 

John Nelson Norwooh, .\.M., Ph.B. 

(Alfred) '06. Assoc. Prof. History 

and Polit. Science, Alfred Univ. 

1910— . .Alfred, N. Y. 

Maiii.on F.i.i.swortii, Ph.D., A.B. 

•05, A.M. '06. Takoma Park, D. C. 

Wai.uo Disraeli Parker, A.M., A.B. 

(Clark) '05. With Critchley Machine 

Screw Co., Worcester, Mass. 

Cake Eugene Pahry, Ph.D., .A.B. '05, 

A.M. '07. Ann Arbor. 

Mahli.; luiiTii H01..MES Parsons, .A.M., 

A.B. '04. Medford, Ore. 

Leigh H. Pennington, Ph.D., A.B. '07. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Jay TiiEoboRR Reei*, M.S., A.B. '08. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Daniel Leslie Rich, AM., A.B. (Way- 
iK^hiuy) '02. (See Faculties.) 

.Ann Arbor. 

An. ME Lucy Rjcharuson, .V M., B.L. 

(Mt. Holyoke) "97, A.B. {ibid.) '98. 

i'receptress, Troy Conference Acad., 

P.iultney, Vt. 


'07. ^ I'.a.t Lansing, Mich. 

IIenkictt.\ Klizauetii Rosenthal, .A.M., 
A.B. '08. Ann Arbor. 

Bessie Sa.xton, A.M., .A.B. '08. 

Lamlx-rtville, Midi. 
Otto Hugo Ahoh'h Sciienk. M.S., .A.B. 
'08. Mt. Clemens. Mich. 

Rov Wood Seli.ars, PhD, A.B. '03. 

.Ann .Arbor. 

FuvTiiE Vioi.A S.MEETii, .A.M., A.B. '07. 

.Akron, O. 

Alida S.MiTii. .A..\l , .A.B. (Simpson) 

'07. Teacher in Business High School. 

Washington, D. C. 

Benjamin Franklin Smith, .A.M., A.B. 

'08. Toledo, O. 

Lisle D. Smith, A.M., A.B. (.Albion) 

'05. Teacher. 3o8_- W. Pico St., 

Los .Angeles, Cal. 

Thomas Claude Spauluino, M.S. (For.), 

B.S. (Montana) '06. Supervisor in U. 

S Forest Service. .Missoula, Mont. 


'07. Pontiac, Mich. 

Adaline Fugenia Stanley, .A.M., B.S. 

(Lebanon) '02, A.K.iibid.) '06. Teadi- 

er at Latonia, Ky. Stanlto ville, O. 

John Wallace Stephen, M.S. (For.), 

A.B. '07. Salamanca, N. Y. 

Sidney Smith Stewart. M.S. (For.). 

.A.B (Wabash) '06. U. S. Forester. 

O^den, Utah. 

Juliet Wii.liston Stockukidge, A.M., 

A.B. 'o() Akron, O. 

.Arthur Floyd Stkome, .A.M., .A.B. '04. 

.Ann .Arbor. 

Olive -May Sutherland, .A.M., A.B. '08. 

Detroit, Mich, 

ll.AKUV CoNHAD TllURNM', Ph.D., AB, 

>;, A.M. '0,5. .\iHi .Arbor. 

iT ■ , I.' 

0, ' ..M.'l 
1 ,.0 

dl \ 


Wu.i.iA.M \iwMr:n Ti<i;i;ii.a>L'K, A.M., Ciii;n>, Wii Chkx, Ph.D., (IV- 

A.i; 'oS. .\\i;.-iunee, .Mich. kin;..;) 'iXi, A.M. (ibid.) '07. 

()<c\i; Sii AKT Thlmiili;, A.M., A. P.. '06. M. ]£. Mission, Peking, China. 

Jackson, .Mich. Jf.xKoi.n Cii \ia.Ks Ci..m<k, .M.S. (For.), 

Jllii'S Fk.\nki.i.v VoKNiKJi.T, .-\.M., A P.. P.,S. i I ).irtuiMnrli j 'uS. Forest Service. 

((Jhio State) 'c;S. Clcri;ynian. F'ort Collins, Colo. 

H'av Citv. .Mich. lh;u.M\.s .Xi.iiK'cit Ci.akk, A.M., A.R. 

J.^.Mi-s Ekvi.\ Whv.sxt, A.m., a. p. (A1- '."j. Crystal Falls. Mich. 

hion) '01. Teacher in Shnrtridgc High iuwi.v W vcMi iK Cook. .M,S.( F.,r. ), H.S. 

School. Indianapolis, liul. (\\'ashliurn)'o7. ' Assist. Prof, of For- 

Ch.\ki.ks Munky \Vo«i.iii;i(T, A.M.. A. P.. e>trv, I'mv. of Idaho. 

(X. W. Univ.) '00. Pn.l. F.ngliNh and Moicow, Idaho. 

(irarurv, Alhion Coll. Pi:ion ( ■.iii.ioi Cuoij.k, AM.. \.B '04. 

Albion, .Mich. lJeir,.,t, Mich. 

C-i-NTKint WimnrN-, .\..M., A. P. (.Hills- Jkknk; Coknu 1:1,1,, A..M , .\.P. '07. 

dale) 'oS. Instructor ni l'".nglish. O-x- Ann .\rl)or. 

lord Coll O.xford. O. Joii.N .\M;.\.\xiii:K AM., A. P. 'og. 

Pj.iZAMTii DoKoTiiv Wrisr, A.M.. A li. .\ln-kegon, .Mie^^. 

■o,V .Ann Arl.or. Roi:i.i;T Ckaig, .M.S. (For.), P.S. ( Al- 

^(ji) ma) 'l^'^. I'ures'lcr, i-|(i D.iwson St.. 

Sanh Ste. Mane, .Mich. 

1910 ]l..\KKv W'oi.vuN Ckaxk, A.^r., A B. '09. 

Wn.usM I;kxton AK,:Ar„i,. A.m.. A.H. ^;,^,.^^,^^ ^,„,,,, ,.. kkv. .^m'. ' nl: 

oS, Vl.,ilanti. Mich. 

(We.oMer^ \n. Tuulier ni llii-h 

M\Kv CuAi:i..,TTt: AxT. A.M.. A.B. (Co- ^^.,._^^,, ^,.,.^,,_ ,, 

luniliiaj 'oS. Port Richmond, N. Y. i •i".,m,"," \i. „..■,-; I'l,,-,.- \ \i \ i''''to' 

c.KAc: ma„0. pmx.n, Ph.D., A.M. '00. '" "^'•'- "' "'^'^ '■"^' •' 'v,,,; ';^|,;,';- 

„ , ,, ^\'"I'' '''"p'T'o-^*'""- Hai;v.:v Lincoln Cukti>. PhD., Ph.15. 

May Lonsi: Pak.:i<, A..M A... 08 .^„_ .^ y\ •„,. WashniKton, 1). C. 

Hay City, iMicli. Komkut Ja.mks Doi.m.n. A.M., A.H. (Al- 

l-i,oKt;Nci: kATiiatixK Pali., A.M., A. P. |,;,,„ , >„- i.r,,f Zoology in Peking 

'^'*>- Carne,4ie, Pa. (i„iv I'ekiug China 

CroKci; I.ATTA Pauki's, .M.S (For.), PS. ILwuky A.>1 , A B. 

(Rochester) -oO State I'oi.-sler. (Ih'dsdale) 'oj T.achvr at Stafi'ord, 

AIImu), .\'. V. K;,,,. II dl-. laic. Mich. 

Fiovi. I'.AKi P.\i<Ti:i,i., PhD , A.M. uS, \\n.ii\M J \coii Diii'Iki. ^[Sll•o^.), 

.\nn Arhor. .\,\\_ •,„,. W'a^hiim:. .n. D. C. 

ToHx MoXTCoMKKY Bi-nroKii, M.S (For.") Cim;\ r.uu Drx.v, \ M.. \ I', 04 

\ P •(«) W.ishiu.uton, D. C. \nn \rl,or 

\iM n: Ik 

■M-: Pi:i;ni:. \ .M . \ i:. \m 

.hMi:> r.A,.: 

r.TT ln..MON>o\, \,.\1., .\,P. 

I'elosk.v. Mich. 

Jack,o„, .Mich. 

.\Kiiir,< l' 

M^lo^^ 1:1:1,, IV M.S. .\.P 07. 

l|nim,.S.-.l, l' 

.K.\xi:i(, A..M,, A P, '07., W\o. 

l.oin->ille. Kv.,- I 

1: Uov lln,i,i-,.s, .\.M., .-Vll. 

DoKoriiv .\ 

ixNii; J'i,:uMi:x,M . A.M., 

-Ml. Pleasant, Mich. 

A P,, '07. 

S.i,i.;ii:aw. Mich. 

C.u vCK Da 

j,iNC, Pl^^^:I.I„ A.M., A.B. '04. 

(Ji;ixTt:i< (.)i 

x (.'.ii.i:i:uT, .\..M.. .\ P. '09. 

Chicago. 111. 

I,:,'j, .Mich. 

Cli MXCI'.I 

SAMrt:i, i;tnciii:i<, A.M.. A P. 

knii Ci in 

s i'',Ni:\nuii>i:, .\M , \.U. 


M.irion, Iiiil. 


W.i^liii:-!..!;, D, C, 

IlKliUNT 1 

,1 lUi\ci:. A..M , .\.P. (.\li.l- 

.\ in 1)1 K ID. 

MM lo.N, A \l . .\ H ( llar- 

dlel,ur\ ) 


v.ird) 07. 

Sliid.ul ,,1 lolii:., Hopkins 

1 liulson, Mass. 


I'l, W.iMie. Ir.d. 

1Ii:akty \-. 

Mil, liKOWX,- .\,M,, .\.R. 'ex.). 

.■\ X X A ']' 1; \ 1 1 

11 sKinxc, .\,M , \\] A Wcl- 

I'.a^I I.ansl.ig, Mich. 

K.!.> ) '07 

|0(iS Penii Si . Inankford. 

RoVAl, Si- 

im:k Paz/i:i,i,. MS., US. 'w. 

Plid.>del).Iii.i, Pa, 

Cluca;.io, 111, 

l".NM:-r Ci,' 

UK 11 \,. \,M, .\.B. 

I'.AKI. Wll. 

lAM CA,-Ti,r, \ M , .\ 1;. '07 

(.Mhioin ■ 

IS Supl. ot!., 

l-nneuoii, N, J. 

Pel..-kc\, Mich. 

I - ■\.l. 


./ ( ,-( .0 . ir.t.' 


V liT Ji- 

: ? 



ll. M" 



1 i'V.r 


, -\ 





fiO. ( 



1910.J ■ i.rriik'.iRV i>i;i'.ikTMi:xr. 237 

iv II.'.sKixs, A.M., Li, I.. '92. \\i:i:.-ti;k 1I.\.mii,t<in R,\nsom, M.S. 

TuK.lo, (I'ui.). .\.l!. 'cxj. Washington, D.C. 

■.i.iia.i..s- ll.\:,ii.M,s, M.S. 1,L 1:1,1. \ J,\m: Ri;,\i., PIlL)., A.B.'o2, A.M. 

(Clark) 't)S. U. S rurc-^t 'o.i Slunaiuloali, Iowa. 

Ro;Lbur^, Ore. Ik.M.x Rom, .\,.M., A,l!. '08. 

, .\.M,, A. 11. (\\ub.tL-ni) CaluiiK-t, Midi. 

,laiMl C. .Mlui.) J.x.Mi-- lii.MNi: Sa.xion, M.S. (For.). 

l.aiiMnjr, .Mich. .\.li. 'ini. \Va=liingtoii, D. C. 

l-'w.v.scub 1'o\m;i.i, lluu'i;:;, A.M., Pli.l!. MAia.i, IIiui.m.nn Schi;i.l, A.M., A.B. 

(MissisMppi) 'Sv Pica'. BioKigy, ln>l. iCmcii.naU) 'uj. Teacher. 

Inst, and Coll. Ci.liinil)U>, Mi^b. lialclc Creek, Midi. 

\\'ii.M.\.M J.xMKs lliK.viK, A.M., A.B. .\.Mo.N .\ii,L>Tus SciuicHTi-:, M.S., B.S. 

(Ail)ion) 'aS. Teaching;. ( Chcin !■: ) V^i. Chicago, 111., X. Dak. Joii.x .Mi;vi:k Si..\gii, .\ .M., .\.B. 'oy, 

DoKuTiif.A h..Ni:s, .\..\l., .\,B. u). .\ r. (IJMiK) 07. .\lani,toe, Mich. 

Deirou, .Mich. \\m<\ l.orisi; Smith. A.M., A.B. '05. 

lloMiK Wm.kki; |.,>m;, .\..M., A.T.. SpcarU.h, S. Dak. 

•o;. i.,u\rcncc, Kan. Kicii \i;ii .N . S m mi . .\..M., A.B. 'aj. 

].or'i> W.M.I. KiKii.K. .\.\l.. A.B. u.. Lansing, Mich. 

.Michman Cu\, liul. Si;\v.m<ii Duu.iit S.mitu, M.S. (For.), 

II.MiKv y.u'.Ms Ki.v.., Phi)., B.[,. 91, .\.B. '10, Wa-shingion. U. C. 

.\..M. 'o.'. Peking, China. A.v.n.x Stkki 1:, A.M., A.B. '09. 

K.\Tii.M<iNi; 1'uiui;tta KinG, A.M., A.B. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

'09. Ann .\rbor. Nukm.v.m H.amii.kin Stkwakt, M.S., A.B. 

Wji.liam Fredrick Koch, A.M., A.B. (l^lcllester) '08. In-triictor in Bnck- 

'09. Ann Arhor. lull Univ. l.euisburg. Pa. 

Cakkif. Kki;u.. A.M., A.B. (.Mi^'li- S. N. 1 lr.iu;K (^.ii.i.i:swi; Stuur, M.S. (For.), 

Coll.) 'o<j. Teacher. -\.B '(k>. Bureau of Forestry, 

Battle Creek, Mich. Manila, P. 1. 

I..U IS TnKoiu/Ki-, I.AKSi-.v, M.S. (For,), Wu.i.iam Srnoi'H.MAN, .M.S. 

A.B., 'o.; Washington, 1). C. . F,,i ), \ 1!, uj, Milwankee, Wis. 

Ciumi:k Mini;:; I.oo.Mis, A..\l., A,B. '09. 1\.mi,.^ W 1.1,1, i.\..s Sii km^., Ph.D., A,B. 

Clayton, Mich. './,. A.M. ■.;;. 

Ai.iain- I.via.i:, A,M , A. P.. '00. Xornian, Okla. 

(Jiiincy, 111. N(.:;i.\i; lli:i.i;.\\ Sri.n\-\.\ \M, I'liB. 

Mmuia Br..NM.:.stiTA I.urz, A.M., A.B. (Allrcl) o,. Te.icher. 

(Alliioni '04 Teacher in Township R..chr-ur, .Mmn 

lligli Scliuol, I'.vanston, 111., 1911— . JosKi'ii I.iuiik\, .\.M., A B. 

Albicm, Mich. (Olvio \Vo.-,l, ) 00. Teacher 111 High 

S\i:s:i l)ui.N\ MacKav, M.S., A.B. Schu-.l ();,k Park, 111. 

(I'niv. ol 111) '07. Mf. Carroll, 111. Iosi;iii Mouii^ Tiio.mas, Ph.D., Ph.B. 

Pi i.NX I'uiM KKi; MousK, A.M., A.B. '07, 'wS, A M, oi, .Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ml), '(o Detniit. Mich. CkVsT\i. Th(imi'>o.v, .\.M., B S. '09 

Cll^Rl,l^ \\ai,ti:k ()m:i:. M.S.. Ph.B. Ann Arbor. 

(\.lriaiii '0(1. A.M. iilml.) '08 In- lli-i.t.v Bi;i;i,.\u Tiiomi'm.n, .\.M., A.B. 

-uiKlwr ill Biol.iLiV. Adri.m C.>ll. 'w). .\nn Arbor. 

.V.Irian, Mich. Paii. Tho.mi'su.s'k AJ.M.. A.B. 

luH.v \V. Oi.ruorsi:. .\.M., .\,B. 'og, (Wbra-ka) wj 1 io Iv iVarl Ave. 

W..o-,tcr, O. Cal' 

Ma.\ MixuK i'lr.T, A.M., A.i;. '08, M,D. 1,\mi:i:ki' Tii..u]'. MS,. PS 

•10. Providence, R. 1. chuselts lust. Tech) '.K,, u'lo-'l.'. 

KMiii;KiM; CiAiiiA i', ,\,.M., A P., 'o.j. .\nn .\ib>.r. 

11. .11. 111. I, .Mich. Maiti.s I!. Tkams, A..M., .\.l;, \>j. 

I) win \\i.,iir I'KMi.. .\,.M, All. '00. Xde..;, .Midi., X. V. l,oLi:=i; \'ax \'ckiiuiis, .\,.\I. \.B. 'o.;. 

tFnA.xK Pniaii Qi'iu.iN-, Ph.D., AM. Chic. ,^o, "ill. 

(Obi.. W.>1.) 'ov A.M. illarv.ird) .\..m:s C m;k VAtA.iiA.v, .\,M„ A,B. 

o^. I'm. l^t Ohio Jiif. I.X.A Prine.of (,C„d1..u av i '07. so8 Iv .\nn St., Scboul, Ypil.ahti, .Mich. ' ' Ann Arbor. 

M. .vl - . !• 

1/ /, , 

i!./. ,.-' 1 ■' .if.'inr^''. V"« ■ ■ 'H v.. ■> 
, ( ■illlJ IV, ... ' ll 

y.'i/. .ky.i.H. .,'•■' !(/ii!i/ ((...I. 


-■.■■■■.; r-:nr\, 
i.O' .1/../ 

1/ .yv; ) ■•III.; I ' '"' 
.■11 ?.]/! -X-. .■ M: 

. .> .1.,..;.;..;/ 

! .i...t! -: :!ai 




Soi'HiA VooKiiUUs, A.:\I., A.B. (W'cllcs- 
lev) '95. Teacher in Richiiioiid Hill 
a,. 1.) High School. 

Baldwinsville, N. Y. 

Alice Wxn-us, A.M., A.U. 

(Smith) '09. Pultneyville, N. Y. 

■ William Euwaku W'iclls, A.M., Ph.B. 

(Iowa Coll.) '93, M.S. (Denisoii) '97. 

Teacher. Kedlands, Cal. 

Cecil IIkywakd Williams, A.M., A.B. 

'()(). .\iin .■Xrbor. 

John K. VVintlk, A.M., A.B. 'oO. 

(95) Ca.. City, Mich, 


Whiting Alden, M.S. (For.), A.B. '10. 
Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Il.\zEL Edith Alvvaud, A.M., A.B. (Oli- 
vet) '10. Clare, Mich 
; Gkacu Wiluek Bailev, A.M., Ph.B. 
I (Hillsdale) '00. Hillsdale, Mich. 
! Fi.oi(E.\'CE Elizadeth Bakeu, A.m., A.B. 
' 'a;. Bay City, Mich. 
Richard Hans Douai Boekkek, M.S. 
(For.), A.B. (Dartmouth) 'aj. 

143 Eimvood St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Harvey Clayton Briu,, Ph. D.,A.B. (Mi- 
ami) 'oS. Camden, O. 
Anna Maky Bukkheiskk, A.M., A.B. 
'05. Ypsilaiiti, Mich. 
Lew" Allen Chase, A.M., .\.B. '10. 

Cakl Jenness Coe, A.m., .\.B. 'aj. 

.Villi .Vrbor. 
Gr.\ce Almeua Chooks, A.m., B.E. (Al- 
bion) '00. Cliarlotte, Mich. 
Maky Julia Wall Dillingham, A.M., 
A.B. (Indiana) '07. Teacher in High 
ticliool. Santa Maria, Cal. 
Chakles Scorr Duneokd, A.M., A.B. 
(Ohio Wes'l.) '10. AmaiKla, O. 
Ruth Allen Fuielh. AM., A.B. (Vas- 
sar) '10. J.iiie^ville, Wi.s. 
Ida May Fuksvthe, A..M., B.S. (Mns- 
Uinguni) '00. Kini'b(.)l'ton, O. 
Charles Smalley F'osteh, A.M., A.B. 
(Antioch) 'os, A.M. (ibid.) '06. 
41-'U Baltimore Ave., 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Howard Vanton Foulk, .\.M., A.B. 

(Kansas) '10. Wichita, Kan. 

Charles Beman F'ranklin, A.M., A.B. 

'10. 1244 Humboldt Ave, 

Denver, Colo. 
CiEOKOE Washington Fi kkev, A.M., 
Ph.B. \f). ICvau.ton, 111 

Thusnei.d.\ (iEoKC, .\..M., .\ II. '10 

.\iin Arbor. 

Eli,^a l.iiciNUA GiLiMN, A.M., A.B. (Al- 
bion) '04. Teacher at Joliet, 111. 

Stanton, Mich. 

Henky Newell Goddard, Ph.D., Ph.B. 

'93- Suijerior, Wi = . 

RjciiAKii iJEiNuv GounE, M.S. (For.), 

A.l!. ( Dartnionih) '07. 

Somer\'iMe, Mass. 
How.'iKiJ .\liiko Green, M.S.(l''or.), B.S. 
'10. Orchard I.ake, Mich. 

1,VM.\N CuKTis Gi.isE, .\..\1., A.B.(Kan- 
ia^J '10. Oneida, Kan. 

lujiTii II.Mii.i.v, .\ M , .Vli. (Olivet) '07. 
Feiiton, Mich. 
NcAN IIa.n, M.S. (For.), A.B. (Cornell; 
'o<;. Nanking, China. 

Wii.LLS [•:. Hanson, A.M., Ph.B. (Al- 
bion) 97. Lumber. 

Seattle, Wash. 

James J'j.mek H.xkuis, Ph.D, A.B. 'oH. 

M.S. '(f). Ann Arbor. 

JosEi'H K.MsroN Havden, .X.M., B.S. 

(Kiio.K) '10, Asbt. m History. 

Ann Arbor. 

I'KTEK lloEK^Tl^\, A..M., A.15. 'lO. 

Midl.iiid Park, N. J. 

Elizadetu Sinclair Holdekman, Ph.D. 

A.B. '04, .\.M. '05. (See Elizabeth E. 

Sinclair, a'04.) Port Huron, Mich. Roy Holsincek, A.M., A.B 

(Mourn Morris) '10. 

Mount Morris, 111. 

Eva Ellen Huieman, A.M., A.B. (Univ. 

of 111.) '08. Charleston, 111. 

James Scott Johnston, A.M., A.B. '10. 

California, Pa. 

Edwaud Isa.xc KoTok, M.S. (F'or.), B.S. 

(Coll. of City of N. Y.) '09. 

1006 .Vmsterdam Ave., 

.Vew York, N. Y. 

llEuiuCKT l)Avin L.MMiE, A.M., B.S.(Wis- 

consiii) '03. Broadhead, Wis. 

Paul Alien Leihv, A.M., A.B. 'aj, e'05- 

'06, /'ii-'i2. 2-7 i6th St., Toledo, O. 

Leta Leigh, A.M., A.B. '10. 

407 Park Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lucille Rodney Lindsay, .\.M., A.B. 

(St. Mary's Coll, Notre Dame, Ind.) 

'01. Charleston, Mo. 

M.xkion W.\i.ti:k Longman, A.M., A.B. 

(Albion) '10. Climax, Mich. 

Geokge W.ssiiiNGroN Lyons, M.'S. 

(For.), B.S. (California) '07. Forest 

Ass't., l\M.iia<lo National Forest. 

Placerville, Cal. 
John (^.r.mton McH'.avkan, A.M., AB 
(IteMiany) 91. Bilaspur, C.P., India. 
Lvi.E Dee McMillkn, M.S., A.B. 'aj. 

Hancock, Midi. 

■ ... 'J 

.-J ..;h'H. 


r<..'^.-ii >, 

' .1.11 .', '■: \:. ,y, ;i,.'i J, ,. -I -■-!. '1 QH 

, 1 ,' .t.". ,. .: , ■■1,1.. ..i;i , !,-. tiiiov.. 

,<■■. ., .'■; !■-■ ^io' ii.v 

<7..A , . i ' /, .■-. ,:'^a'; 

'.si .'>f.6'J fUolA lloO ?•■ U .i.^) 

:: ■■ .■^./.u.iY.>.' •■•-.■,'/ '/■.'... r.lf. ■■!; -tjr'; .•...:.. . 

,r/ ... ' . ....■ I -< •(•■At ''.A !'.,/•. U"0 1 ' :»" 

/ ..-' ; -.' . , • ,>>/, ir-M-,',* r>i .-,! 'fit'- 

„l..::i:i ,^-2 

I.rriiRAU V Dlil'ARTMf.Xr 


K.w.MciNu J'.AKi, .MANCiii:bii:n. A.M., A.H. 

'cj. (Jslikos'h, Wi.s. 

Il.\ukv Ituvu M.Miis, M.S. (For.), A.H. 

'lo. WasiliiiiK'toii, D. C. 

W ii.i.i.AM Okvii.i.k Mi:.mdi:nii.m.i., Ph.D., 

A. P.. (Pciiri) 'oo, A.M. (ibid.) 'oi, 

A I!. Ulavcrlord) 'oi. 

Richmiond, Iiid. 

Jli.ics IIkkiikut MoKi.i.EK, .V.M., A.B. 'lo. 

Monroe, Midi. 

(".i-oRCE R.\NDOi.i'H MoRKisoN, MS. (For.). 

A.H. 'aS. Wagon WIkoI Cap, Colo. 
l-.AKi. William Osgkwuy, M.S., B.Clicni. 

E. 'lo. Vassar, Mich. 

Chakles Milton Pi-:RRy, Ph.D., A.B. 

(Alhiun) 'oo. (See Faculties.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Makk F.ifso.v PuTNA.M, M.S., A.B. (Al- 
bion) 'lO, (I'lI-'lJ. 

Ovid, Mich. 

OriNCY Rani)i.i;s, M.S. (For.), B.S. 

(Wooster) '08. U. S. Forest Service. 

I'hij^'staff, Ariz. 

Burgess Shank, A.M., B.S. (Cornell) 

'W. Ann Arbor. 

FiiwiN Clytus SiiEPAhD, MS (For), 

B.S. (Colsatc) '09. 

■Watertown, N. Y. 
\\'iLi,iAM Warner Sleator, A.M., .^..B 
'oQ Ann Arbor. 

.liiNN' Paul Si.usstK, A.M., A.B. '00. 

Boston, Mass. 

FvA I'l.oRLNCE SfAiiL, A.M., Ph.B. 
(SimiKson) '01. Mount Ayr, la. 


A.B. (Indiana) '05. Batesville, hid. 
Katharine Taylor, A.M., A.B. (Vas- 
siT) '10. 95S Grand Ave., 

Clucago, III. 
Grace .-\gnes Thomas, .A.M., A.B. 
(Western Maryland) '04. Teacher, 
Mt. Clenuns (Mich.) High School. 

Frtderick, Md. 

I'UA.NK (u:i;OW TOMI'KINS, A.M., A.B. 

'07- Ann Arbor. 

Louise^ Pauline Weinmann, A.M., 

A. P.. 'yS Ann Arbor. 

Kthelyn Gi-KTKuiiE White, A.M., AB 

(Bates) 'o.}. Mayville, Mich. 

I.EE A White, A.M., A.B. '10. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Horace Zei'Haniah Wh.iiek, A.M., A.B. 

'•o. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

James Snowden Wokrall, A.M., B.S. 

(Ohio Wesl.) '07. l>elawaTe, O. 

Akciije iIareield Worthing, Ph.D., A.B 

(Wisconsin) '04. Oakfield, Wis. 

John Henry Wright, M.S., INi.C. '10, 

B.S (Phar.) '10. Bisinark, N. Dak. 
Pauline Wurster, MS., A.B. '10 

Urbana, 111. 
I.eigh Jarms Young, M.S. (For.), A.B. 

'cf) Ann Arbor, 


'' , . 1/i , ,.' ..■••.((■•.•a;.'. 

,/ . J. fA vj,i...o/l .■ ;- 

:7v .>«/ 

.i" 'I 

:jl>v < . ^ n 

/•. .H.fA'.lf 



Frank Kkause, C.E. Retiretl. 

Nortli Olmsted, O. 
W'ji.i.iAM MiNTO, C.E. Retired. 

.'020 Blake St., Berkeley, Cal. 


Pr-fi-K Silas Giuson, C E. B.S. '6i. 

WiUowdale, Out. 

Gkcikck lIii.L Skv.moiii!, C.E., B.S. '6o. 

Flint, Mich. 

JobKFH W'.vRHEN Wood, C.E., B.S. '6r, 

-M.S. '62. Sumner, Wash. 



*tEi.MOHi; HoKTox Wklls, C.E., B.S. '62 


fluA Smith Dun.mxg, C.H. 

.\iirora. III. 
■^Geokge .\nso.n' Mark, C.E., B.S. '62 

M.S. •(>?. 
*Wii.i.iAM Meni>i:nhau.. C.E., B.S. '6,?. 
♦Wii.i.iA.M IUti.kk MoRf.AN, C.E., A.B. 

(Ilaverfnrd) '5,?, A.M. (ibid.) '57, J- 

Lowell. Kan., Eel.. 24, Kxq. (73) (See 

Eacultie.< ■) 
*Stiu..\ian Wii.i.ia.\is Robinson, C.E., 

Sc.Et. (Ohio State) 'y6, d. Columbus, 

O., Oct. 31, 1910.(72) (See Faculties.) 

■ (.S) 


*CiiARi.i:s FrrzRoY Hi;i.i,ows, C.E., A.M. 
'(X), <1. Ypsilanti, Mich., .\pril 16, 1907. 




fWiii.i.v.M Bolton, C.E., A.B. (Hillsdale) 
'01. 2yotj Park Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Wii.r.iAM Donovan, C.E. Deputy Bank 
Cumm'r. Lansing, Mich. 

*Aktiilr Hill, C.E.. /'65-'66, Regent of 
University, 1901-09, d. Saginaw, Mich., 
Dee. 6, Kxxj. (62) 

*Davju .McKenzie, CE., B.S. ( Roches- 
ler) '(kj, i|. Evausville, Ind , June 17, 
kSm7. IS/) 

*.\ciniM..-, Wji.liam L!.\tiia.\k, C.E., d. 
l.oi .\nj;ele3, Cal., May 23, IQOQ- (70 

♦C.KOKCK ^'oLNi; WiSNER, C.E., d. De- 
troit. .Mich,, Jul) 3, 1()CX). (()5) 


♦.Aiux Robinson Flint, C.E., d. Detroit 

Mich., May 31, 188.4. (44) 
Lewis Foote, C E. Retired. 

Wellsville, Kan. 
*.\rchiiialu Johnson, C.E., ^LS. '72, d. 

St. Raul, .Minn.. Oct. 3. 1899- (sB) 
11. .RACK Wii,s(jN Lewis, C.E., B.S. '66. 

Davenport, Iowa. 

Jou.v W'kslkv Remimcton, C.E. Retireil. 

Sand Point, Idaho. 

*Ca>mi s Makcllm s Ci.av Snovek, C.E., 

.1. Detroit, Midi., Feb. i.S, i88(j. (41) 

.\rthir p. W(«)i., C.l':. Omaha, Neb. 



C.EoRCE IIenkv Benzenbekc, C.E., ScD. 

( \\'i-o>n^in) '11. 

Wells HIdg., .Milwaukee, Wis. 
*.\mos IvMKRSON Doi.iiEAK, M.lvand A.M., 

Ph.D. (hoii) 'Si. A.B (Ohio Wesl.) 

'()(., .\M.iiOiJ.)'io. >1. Medford, Mass., 

Feb. 23, 1910. (72) 

)cpartniciit of 

InWineer.Mg was orKan.zcJ ai a separate l)eparlment 

of the L'niver 

I'rior to that 

.lale the courses leading lu the various decrees u. 

l-nsineeriuK w 

he IJcpartnicij 

t of Literature. Science, and the .^rl-.. 

,uf: with ].S8.- 

the .lej-ree ot Ijigi.a-er has been ^'ivei. only as an a. 

vanced degree 

laies of other institutions who have taken advance 

1 device, in 

It uf the liii 

ci^ily are niclnded in a special li-t of yra.luaie .Mud 

•nls following 


i«<.7 711 

niir. iKTMP.MT ()!■ /;.v(,7.vy;/;7v7.v(; 


].uwEi.i. Ai.o.N'zo Goodman, C.E. Horli- 
iiiluiralibl. 40(K) Warwick Blvd., 

Kansas City, Mo. 

♦l.oL'is I'liii. \.niii:k Iuuson, C.R., il. 
Council lUnflV. Iowa. Oec. IJ, IQ07. 

=*'Wii.i..NKii 11kaiili:v Risi.vo, M.E., "i'6s- 
66, A.B. (llaniiUon) '0_i, A.M. (ibid.) 
'6=^, Ph.D. (Ilcidcli)crti) ■71. d. Berke- 
ley, Cal., Feb. y, 1910. (70) 

*J.\Mi:s Sn:i:i„ C.H., .\.B. '07, d. at sea 
An-. 10, iS(K). (jj) 

AM:x\NmK TuiiMSDN, 

Lake Cliarles. La. 

J'liiK.siVKi; Smith Wui;ia,i:i<, C.K., ALS. 
ilu'ii) \)y. Chief ICn.^incer Nicaragua 
C:in;i! C innni^sio^, l8y7-iA). 

(8) Detroit, .Mich. 


*1m<\.nus Mmuon B.m.n, C.H., d. Ann 
.\rlior, Mich., March i, 1904. (.60) 

I'JIWAKII C(jok 15ukns, C.H. 

Janitstown, N. Y. 

*Bvko.\- R. Ch.m-i-kk, ^LIl., d. MarcelUis, 
N. v.. May 7, 1X70. (2.S) 

BiuTcs Jl'.s'ius Ci..\v, C.IC. Minister to 
Switzerland, i<k>t-10- Richmond, Ky. 

Josi-PH Bakkk Davis. C.i:. (See l"acnl- 
tics.) Dexter, Mich. 

lli;\i<v \iucrM> Di-i(Ki;i:. M K. Pit,' iron 
an<l coal, 

X. Y. Lite ill.l- , Chicago, Bl. 

^ToiJiaur l'"..\Ti<|-KiN-, M.h:, d. Indepen- 
dence, Mo., Oct. 7, 1.S77. (.1-2) 

niii.o Ki.NNHv Haven.s, C.E., d. St. 
I.onis, Mo., 18.S5. (40) 

Imuvaki) Sri'Nci.R Jenison, CE. and ALE., 
MS '7-' i^etired. 

4,(=;o i'.lli-, .\ve., Chicago, ill. 

hjK-.sK S. JoiiN>ToN. CM'., M.I) '70 Phy- 

Cihsonlinrg, O. 
*VVii.i.iAM Stokks MacHaug, M.E., d. 
Chicagc;, 111., May 6, lyio. (62) 

=*tPHILF.Tl'S HakVI;v PlIlLliklCK, C.E., 

B.S. '68, d. Medforil, Ore., Oct. 10, 
190-'. (63) 
CuAUi.Ks PooRK. C.E. Mining. 

S13 W. 16th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Roi.i.i.v Josi;i-n, C.E. U. S. 

Wilbur, Wash. 
Fii.i.Moiu: MoHKv Smith, M.E. 

SI J Talhnan St., Svracuse, N. Y. 

M111..K1. XuKMAV Wi-i.i.s. C.E. Resident 

I'.ngineer .\. T. Ct S. E. Ry. Co. 

( 16) Chamite, Kan. 


lluc.u BvuoN- Ai.i:.xaniii;k, C.I':, and M.E. 

Geneva, Bl. 

Wll.l.lAM lli;.NKV BOARDMAN, C.E., A.B. 

'(kS. New York, N. Y. 

CiiMu.i:s EioNcis Bia'bu, M.E., M.S. 
(ho,n '<»■ Ph.D. "(West Res.) '80, 
LL.D. (ibid.^ '00, LL.D. (Kenyoii)'o3. 
(Cross of the* Legion of Honor by 
l''rencli C-overnment, 1S.S1.) Inventor 
ol ihe Brush l{lectric Light. Retired. 
Cleveland, O. 

Oksox Oscau 1'*().\. C.Iv Real Estate. 
Pleasant Prairie, Wis. 

Cii vi;i i;s I1aiji.i;v Hamilton, M.E. Law- 
>er. Wells Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

*|\Mis C wiiiiKi.i, Hoi.uiD.w, M.E. d. 

I'.iiri.iio, X. v., Oct. I, i,s.>s. (52) 

^(.loia.i IUkt Lakk, C.E., d. Topeka, 

Kan.. .\pnl 27. \^i (39) 
tl)A.\ii.;i. Hakkkk Ruoim;s, C.Iv 

Joplin, Mo. 

Ai.m-KT .\i.oNzo Robinson, C.E., B.S.^'69 

Topeka, Kan. 

*Tiio.MAs Ii;\.ninc.s Skkly, C.E.andM.E. 

d. Kansas, Oct. 2, US83. (35) 
I.ici v\ SwiiT. M.E. Retired. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
*l'j,ijAn Tkk.miwei.i., CK., d. Saginaw, 

Mich, Jan. 5, 1912. (6s) 
*JoHX WiiiTiNO, C.E. d. St. Clair, Mich., 

Aug. 2, 1S70. (21) 
Bi:.Ni:/.::iTi; Wii C.E. and M.E.. 

SI W. U,,nd..iph St., Chicago, III. 


*Jiiuso.N- Si.ATioKi) BiKii, C.E., d. Wash- 
ingloii Co., Kail., March 19, iSSl;. 

Ci.ANK.NCK MoKTON Boss, M.E. Mining 

Lafayette Flats, Dnluth, Minn. 

*Joll.N' I.OVKL.VNl) CUM.KV, C.E,, Civil 

and Landscape Engineer, d. Cleveland, 
O., Feb. .\, 1902. (54) 
*1Iaki.ow Palmer Davock, C.E., B.S. 

LiTiiLu l''.i.i.iorr Fekouson, C.E. 

Farmer. White Pigec^n, Mich. 

tCiiM<i.i;s PiiKi.i'S GiLW-.uT, C.E. and 

M.I'. Retired. I.os Galos, Cal. 

*Jami:s .\i.iki:ii Has ward, CE., was 

drowned near the Te.xas coast, Aug. 

12, iS,So, (31) 
Ciisuiis jscoM KiNTNi.K, C.E. Patent 

'2.) Broadway. New York, N. Y. 


. I.J; i - !'V „'V\ ....,,.;, 




=*.MicHAEi, Alexander Adolph Meyen- 
iiOKiK, C.K., d. Porthmd, Ore., Feb. 7, 

iyo8. 158) 


'71. Hrokcr. 823 Touroiiiee Ave., 

Kansas City, Kan. 
Alfkeu Nou£,e, C.E., LL.D. '95, LL.D. 
(Wisconsin) '04. Member of U. S. 
Isthmian Canal Co^lnlis^^ion. 

501 W. 1201I1 St., New York, N. Y. 

Ifl-.NKV Cl.AY Rll-LKY, C.K. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, S. A. 
William James Waters, M.E. 

*WarKEN ChaEIEE WiLLlTS, C.E., d. 
Denver, Colo., Oct. 30, 1901. (54) 


Ai,iii;kt I'.nkkton Baldwin, C.H. 

Newton, Kan. 
Ali.i:n Philip Boyer, C.K. Manufac- 
turer, {.oshen, Ind. 
*jAMns Dewey Burr. C.E., d. Topeka, 

Kan., May 4, 1886. {.44) 
John Eislnmann, C.E. Architect. 

Cleveland, O. 
John Audison I'-ulton, C.E. 

1014 Douglas St., I.os Angeles, Cal. 


Lumberman. Farwell, Mich. 

'Lyman Mason, C.E.. B.S.(.Mich. Agri. 

Coll.) '69, RLS. (ibid.) '71, d. Gay- 
lord, Mich., July 16, 1881. (34) 
Adria.v Jeiierson Parshall, C.E. State 

Engineer. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

-'Baron Hi'muoldt Pennington, C.E., d. 

Macon, Mich., Feb. 17, i&X'). (49) 
Elliott Davis Perky, C.E. Pratt, C.E., A.M. (Madison 

Univ.) 'ro, M.D. (JenVrson) "Si. 

lU.nicultm-alist. Fall Brook, Cal. 

tllE.NUv C.osi.ia-: Pkoht. C.E, '79 (nunc 

pro tn,i.) LL.D. '11. A.M. (Yale)'02. 

Nutlcy, N. J. 

Ai.E.x.vNUEK Bunker Raymond, CE. Ac- 

countai'.t. People's State Bank, 

Detroit, Mich. 
*Cl'rtis Culross Smith. C.E. and ALE., 

d. Ponieroy, O., Sept. 15, 1872. (23) 
*S\MUEL WoLcoTT Walker, C.E., d. 

Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 20, 1907. (58) 
'John Burkitt Webh. C.F.., d. Mont- 

clair. N. J., I'\b. 17, 1912. (70) 


lldK.ME C.REEi.EV Bi.KT, Cy. '00. (nunc 
pill linic). President Lniuii Pacific 
U \< (\i . iK.,8.|.»u ( Mk l':,rk, 111. 

Cornelius Donovan, C.E. U. S. Assist. 
Engineer. New Orleans, La. 

John Henry Flacg, C.E., M.D. '74. 

The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 
*Ji>bnuA I.ATHKop Gillespie, C.E., Ph.B. 

Ono Jui.u s Ki^Tz, C.E., LL.D. (To- 
rcmtu) '04. Astronomer for the De- 
partment of I'luu Interior, Canada. 

Ottawa, Ont. 
•^JoH.N .\K.isTts Mitchell, C. E., d. 

I.U(lin;.Muii, Mich.. Oct. 7, 191 1. (64) 
Tiio.MAs Perry, C.E. and M.E., 
A.B. -60. Oak Park, 111. 

EiiMiNi) iNL\RTELLE Spalding, C.E. 

820 Racine St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Marvin Fox Temple, C.E. 
Matthew Tschikci, C.E. 

Dubuque, Iowa. 
Rohekt Simpson Woodward, C.Iv, Ph.D. 
(lion.) '92, LL.D. (Wisconsin) '04, 
Sc.D. (Columbia) '05, Sc.D. (Univ. of 
Pa.) '05. Pres. Carnegie Institution 
<-'f \\'.(sliinj.iiiin, Hjos — . 

(Ill ' W.ishington, D. C. 


Frank Eugene Bliss, C.E., LL.B. '79. 

Lawyer. Cleveland, O. 

John Henry Darling, C.E. U. S. Assist. 

Engineer. Dululh, Minn. 

Thomas Emery, C.E., Builder. 

Saginaw, Mich. 
♦Edwin Jacou Ferdon, C.E.. l'7S-'7o, d. 

Detruit, Mich., Nov. 10, 1881. (30) 
F~R\NK Ward C.uernsEy, C.E. Banker. 

Davton, Wash. 
Will MM lou.v Head, C.E. MaLter. 

WeMeii; I'liion Bdg., Chicago, Ilk 
'JosErii Wii.iiAM Perkins, C.E., d. 
Mexico City, Mex., Feb. 27, 1905. (53) 
Ci. \ki:Nei; MiH>itE Stephens, C.E. 

Mt. Clemens, Mich. 
William Voigt, C.E., Roofing Contrac- 
tor. (>()i St. Aubin Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
tlosiAH W'vATT Willis, C.E School 
2<i-i Le.vington Ave., BuiLtIo, N. Y. 
+tCHAULES McAllister Winchell, C.E., 
(I. Washington, Iml., May 8, i<x)4. (58) 




■,AKN M.'ll, C E 



1 Arbor 



Orki.s Bean 



^>: .T 

I.og.m .\ve.. 


n Di 

■go, Cal 

.. .1 

'> X.rA\ 

■I J -"1.1 1 
-i ■ 


Di'j'.iKrMiiXT OP li.waixiiiiKixa. 


Charles Leander Dooliiii.e, C.E., Sc.D. 

(hon) '97. Prof, of Astroiioiny in the 

Uniy. of Pa. since 1895. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
James Maucus UvERErr, C.H., M.D. 

(Rnsh) '77. Physician. De Kalbj^ 111. 
*iloKACE lloi.MES,, d. Sterling, Kan., 

Dec. 4, 1902. (52) 
*Jui,iAN SwiTZEu IIli.l, C.H., d. Chicago, 

111., Dec. 9, 1905. (53) 
*ilENKY Bean Jackson, C.E., d. Joliet, 

111., May 6, lyo^. (53) 
VicToK IlLT.o Lane, C.E., LL.B. '78. 

Judge cjf the First Michigan Circuit 

Jan. i88.S-(.)ct i8<;7. (See Faculties.) 

.\nn -Vrbur. 
CiiAui.r.b Maksii.m.i, Luncuen, C.E. 

Bayonnc, N. J. 
Jami.^ l.i.i;\vi:i.i,vN Ki-.msev, C.E. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Levi I.ockwikjd W'jieeeeu, C.E. 

Sterling, 111. 
*RonEKT EnwARD Wiei.iams, CE-, A.B. 

(Yale) 'jr, d. Hartford, Conn., 1887. 
*Okrin Smith Wieson, C.E., d. Buffalo, 

N. Y., Jan. 21, 1&J9. (47) 
Levi Douglas \\'ines, C.E. Teacher in 

the Ann .Xrhor High School since 

1879. .\nn .'\rbor. 



Aeuekv Llewellyn .\kev, C.E. Head 
Teacher in Pliysical Science, Girls' 
High School. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lucius Bakek, C. E. Horticulturist. 

I'Vesno, Cal. 

*Chakles Cutler Baldwin, C. E., d. 
Leadville. Colo, Nov. 7, 18S6 .(32) 

♦Hknkv D\mi> B.ues. C.E., d. Weiser, 
hlaho, iKv. J>). i8.>.>. (.|8) 

♦Ben \\u<u>Mi.. C.l'.„ d. Montreal, P. Q., 
Oct. 22, iK<>5. (jo) 


LL.B. (Columbian Univ.) '80, d. New 
York City, May 31, 19OCL (5O) 
*Freuekick Gkoenuvcke Bulkley, C.E. 
'00 (iiiaic fro tunc), d. Redond-j 
Beach, Cal„ Dec. 28, 190S. (54) 

♦C'llAULES -XlEXANDEK CakNI'I'I.X, (.'.E., d. 

Rock City, 111., June (,, i88.j. (jj) 
RoLLA Clinton Caiu'Entek, C.E., B.S. 
(Mich Agri. Coll.) '73, yi.S.iibid.y-jG. 
M.M.E. (Cornell Univ.) '88. ProL of 
Experimental Engineering in Cornell 
Univ. since i8ixJ. 

hh.uM, N. V. 
Leman Lee Dukinson. C Iv I'ruit Grow- 
er K. 1). 4, Grand K.ipids, Mich. 

*J. Cle.mext liATON, C.E., d. Tecuuiseh, 
Mich., Feb. 1, 1881. (27) 

E.MEKsoN Wakuen Grant, C.E. With A. 
T. .1' S. F. Ry. R. D. 2, Topeka, Kan. . 

JosEi'U \V.\KREN Hoover, C.E. Retired. 
1816 I.inwooil Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

*JoiiN IIenky Morrison, C.E., d. Col- 
umbus, O., Jan. 7, 1897. (m) 

*iMaktin Luther Newton, C.E., d. Wat- 
erloo, Iowa, Jan. ^4, igii. (59) 

HkoRC.E 1\vert Panti.inu, C.E, LL.B. 
'78, d. Chicago, 111., March 23, 1896. 

*F.u\\ARn Ika Parsons, C.E., d. Patton, 
Cal., .March 16, kxxl (58) 

Wu.Li.vM lioii.vRT Potter, C.E. Retired. 
1878 7ih Ave., New York, N. Y. 

ICnCAK 1)i:an Root, C.E., Contract Agent, 
N. Y. Cent. Lines. 

La Salle St. Sta., Chicago, 111. 

W'.M.'iEu ScuiT RussEL, C.E-, M.Eng. '10. 
Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 

Marcus Jonathan Wells, C.E. F'anner 
(21) Woodstun, Kan. 


DeWitt Clinton Allen, C.E. Insurance 
and Farming Cattaraugus, N.Y. 

Ja.mes Os.\k Caluwell, C.E. 

Cedaredge, Colo. 

*I'rank Paul Davis, C.E., B.S. (Mich 

.\gr. Coll.) '68, M.S. {ibid.) '72, d.Po- 

•joya, Ecuador, May 3, 1900. (55) 

*Li:wis Cass Donaldson, C.E., d. Macon, 

111., April I, 1877. (36) 
♦Charles .Xlekeo Marshaix, C.E., was 
drowned at Johnstown, Pa., May 31, 
i88<). 134) 
JosEfii kiiM.EV. C.E., M Eng. '11. Cons. 
Eng., State Canals. Albany, N. Y. 

John Dana SanuivRS, C.E. Assist. Mngr. 
Sulvay Process Co. 

107 Boston Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 
John Martin Sciiaei:ER[.e, C.E., M.S. 
(hun.)\)},. I.L.D. (Univ. of Cal.) '98. 
(See Faculties.) Astronomer. 

-Ann .'\rbor. 
Jonathan C. Shei'ARD, Civ 

1IJ7 W, |jnd St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
1.i;sti:r IIi.i(hi;kt Strawn, Lawyer. 
Ottawa, 111. 
♦.\lonzo J. TuLiJscK, C.Iv, il. Leaven- 
worth, KaiL, July 10, i(>J4. (50) 


AiKiNE, C.E. 






llni,i.ANi, Williams Hakek, C.H. U. S. 

Assist. I'jigiiieer, 1878-^)0, 1905 — . With 

DulmqiK- iioat & Boiler Wks. 

Diibiuiue, Iowa. 
♦William Bukton, C.K., A.B. (Iowa 

Coll.) '75, AM. (ibid.) '78, d. Crete, 

Xtl.., March 26, T912. (68) 


Building Stone. Round Rock. Tex. 

Ui)\\.\kii Johnson Snovi;u, C.K. Treas., 

Uwen & Co. Detroit, Mich. 

Jami-s Hdc.vk Ti-KTLE, C.E. U. S. Assist 

Engineer. Warrington, Fla. 



*\Valtki< Scott Ahell, M.E., d. San 

I', Cal., May 2.3, 1887. (29) 
(it:oi<(',i; I'KANKLiN .\LL.\ii;.\ui.\c.Ek, C.E. 

Aim Arbor. 

*Ci.AKi:Nei: Oliver Aui:v, C.E., M.D. 

(Linn, of Pa.) '04, ^l- Cleveland, (X, 

.-\ug. II, i&Xj. (.39) 

James Dick DuShanm; C.E. U. S. Assist. 


St. Paul, Minn. 
William Van Grove, C.E., )»'74-'75, l^- 
D.S. (Ohio) '8r. Dentist. 

GIG EUicott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y. 
John l-j.Li:kv Hanson, C.E. Farmer. 

Concord, Neb. 
♦John BiTLER Johnson, C.E., d. Fcnii- 

ville, Mich., June 23, 1902. (52) 
Ti.MoTiiv JosENiiANs, C.E, Ardiitect. 

Ilinkley Blk., Seattle, Wash. 
Ih-NRV WiiK Junn, M.E. Broker. 

SJ05 luiclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

l".ii(.EM-; ('.i.oRi'.E Mann, Druggist. 

.\nn Aibur. 

Sl■^ Moik 'I'i:n.nv .Mwrm:, Civ. .\.B. '<ii. 

.\nn ArlH.r. 

Willi \M \i i.ihiLS Oil^. C.E. o,; {iudic 

/'/-(; IIIIU-). .Arehiteet. 

105 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
CiiARLi s 1'"ernani)0 CJwln, C.E. 

iMJ Louis Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
♦|\\us Sa.m.Erson C.I'., d. liav Ciiv, 
'Midi., Seiit. 18, 1885. (31) 
0>MAN CoLi; Si.MONlis, C.E. I,and>cai)e 

nor Bnena Ave., Chicago, 111. 


jSi Addi-on Ave, Palo Alt.,, Cal. 
ihuNM lALur.TT Tlrrv, C E Citv luigi- 
ue.r Elint, Mich. 

lAiur \'.\N I'KLT, 
Am.klu Jackm,.n WiN.i.i 1. C,i:. 

10- W. Ilancnck .\',e. Detroit, Mich. 


Purchasing Agent, N. Y. C. & H. R. R 

380 Riverside i:»rive, New York, N. Y. 



c 11 


i:s Si'KNCEk Beadle, C.E Land 
C. P. Ry. 
900 Cass A\v., Detroit, Mich. 
Charles Carroll* Brown, C.E. Consnlt- 
ing J'jigineer and Editor of Municipal 
I'.Hiiinccriini Maiiacine. 
28 S. Meridian St., Jndian.-qK.lis, Ind. 
Is\ac Channing C.011-, i<>35 (nunc 
fro tunc). Cleveland, O. 

Charles Si'.mner IIl-vninc, C.E. 

El Paso, Tex. 
*l;KAvn.x Daniel King, C.E., d. Mor- 
gan i'ark, III., April 2, i.S.)^. (iS) 
iloRATio Thrciol Ml, KIEV, M.E. Lumber- 
man. Miirle)', La. 
Ikvi.M, Kane PoNii. C.l". , .\.M, (/ion.) 
'11. Architect. 

17 E. Van Biiren St., Chicago, 111. 
John Charles Qi.isrv>. M.E. Priii. 
Assi.t. V. S. Engineer. BiilTak), N. Y. 
]•:. Eri-i. Woui,, me. 1st Vice-Pres. Int- 
ernational Nickle Co. 

.13 I'xchange PI., New York, N.Y. 




, ^LE. Pres. 

Ketchuni Iron 



t Smith, Ark. 


■II All 

EN r.LM .M.iN- 

r, C.I'.., d. Ar- 


ird lie 

Kan, March 

10, i88v (26) 


Kl Liu 

vn Ih-Ai MOM 

■. .M.E.'j5ridge 

l.i;i: Fisher. CM. Architect. 

Paxton Bldg., Omaha. Neb. 
De.merit Hill, C.E. Chief Engin- 
n Piureau of Sewers. 

Chicago, 111. 

Peck Sa'iterlee, M.E., M.D. 

I l''rancisc.. Coll. of P. and S. ) 

Mining Fngiiuer. Shasta, Cal. 


, C.E. Publisher. 
Blooiiiington. 111. 
iWN, CE I'rnit 
. Dade C. , IHa. 
r, CI'".. Rubber 


York, N. Y 

V S , . ./ ■ ' V.J. ..„ ....r'-l 

^ ij ..ti ! ■ MAAth .-I.-. 
.,.'.7/ -Sl^/l > 



i)!-.r.iirrMi-:.\r oi- lixciMHiKixc 


WiMJAM W. I'oi.i.i/iT, C.V.. U. S. Cun- 
Milliiiy Jui^'iintr, liitcnuit. liouiulary 
Coiiuiiissiuii. ]:i Paso, 'J'cx. 

John F.\AM.i;i,rs Hathaway, C.H. Coii- 
tiactur, Aliluaiikec, W'is. 

David Ivmkuv ilciovKK, Kciika, N. Y. 

*C.i;()i<Gt; Amiionv I.uukui.h, C.E., d. New 
(,)rleuns. La., March 27, 1905. (47) Washinctox Lu.i.v, C.E., A.H. 
(Ohio W'csl.) '70. 

.Marquain Bldg., Porthind, Ore. 

\\ ii.i.iA.M Ci.AMON Mii.i.KK, C.E. Mining. 
(,y) Spokane, \Vasli. 


*I'.j;kiamik 1)<^H,I,A^, li.S.(C.K.) '04 

{niDic f'lo liiiii). d. ]5razil. S. A,, Nuv. 

i.i. ujii. r.i ) 

.Malcolm Wimhiwokth 1\])Gah, 15. S. 

(C.E.). Manufacturer. IJetroit, Mich. 

William IIuntkk McUwan, B.S. (C.E.) 

I.uniherman. Seattle, Wash. 

Sa.mukl C. Weiskopf, B.S. (C.E.). 

f)8 WiHiams St., New York, N. Y. 


William Hlnhv 1'.i,i;.ntun, B.S. (CM). 
Real J'.slatc. K. D. ,1, luim-ne, Ore. 

l.n.lMIS I'AT.i.N CllALl.N-, B,S. (C.E.). 

Canton, O. 

C.loKr.i; HauLAN Cllll-MAN, B.S. (C.E.). 

Childress, Tex. 

h"K\NK Mlkkili,', B.S. (Mech. 

1"..). Mech.E. '85. Eruit Grower. 

R. D. ^. Grand Junction, Colo. 

John William Faynk, B.S. (C.E.). City 

En^;ineer. Akron, O. 

Joi. TiTiuLL. B.S, (C.E.). Care Kan. 

Citv '\\r. K\. Co. Kansas City, Mo. 

I>VNC Omioknl- WaluLk, B.S. (C.l'..). 

With X. C. \ Si. I.ouis Rv. 

(7) IJU S. 0th Si., I'aducah, Kv. 


H i:\nv \)^ 

V.vuKETt, B.S. (C.E.). 

Supl. ..I liu.iudesccnt Lamp Works. 

IVterborough, Ont. 

Jamls I.isio.Mia; Cai.i.akii, B S. (C ID, 

I'h.H. (Hillsdale) '.So, Ph.M. Uhid.) 

■,^V U. S. .\ss"t. Eng'r. 

Morgauiown, W. ^^•L 
WiiLMM Gi.oiu-.K Clauk, B.S. (C.E.). 

Spitzer B.ld'.;., T..Kd<i, (). 

Rol.ILT Ca.mlUKIL Gl-.MMKLL. US (C.E-), 

C.\'.. -OS. .Mining haigiiu-er. 

Salt Lake Ciiv, L'l.di. 

Joii.v CiiKi.iixN- Sthlnc, B.S. (C.E.). 
(5) McKay Bldg., Portland, Ore. 


Emu. Bailk, B.S. (C.E.j. Real Estate. 

Sagin;iw, Mich. 

Edwahu Dlxus Ci.aky, B.S. (C.E.) 

.Manager Gas Co. 4 Burlington, Iowa. 

.\LL.\_\.\iir.K J'.Dw.NKi. Kasil, B.S. (C.E.), 

*.M".. 'oi. l>i\ision l{ngineer, Barge 

Canal ( hTk.. Albany, N. Y. 

Chakll-- llNUMo.s-, B.S. (C.E.), 

I.L.B. { .Xali.ui.d Univ.) '.SS. Principal 

Ev.nunuL ill llie I'alent (Jfdce. 

Washington, D. C. 

iM.uLLi TiiKoiMmi; L,;i;llli:i<, B.S. (C.E.). 

H.D.S. 'W, j;ro.5-'05. (See Faculties.) 

.•\nn Arbor. 

Gi;oi;,,i; Eklukkick Samuel, B.S. (C.E.). 

Acting Ciiy Eng., Chicago, igio. 

llvde Park Hotel, Chicago, lU. 
Fka.xk Casi-.\k Wacn-lr, B.S. (Mech. 
E.), A.M. '84. Terre Haute, Ind. 



Ravmomi W.vltek 1'.l.\ch, B.S. (C.E.). 'S.;. Lawyer. 

.\sblan<l Jilock, Chicago, HI. 
William Wai.i.acic Campulll, B.S. 
(C. !■:.), M.S. (hoii.) '90, Sc.D. '05, 
Sc.iJ. (Wl-i. L'niv of Pa.) i<>oo. (See 
I'aculties. ) .Mi. Hamilton, Cal. 

I'.inv.vKii Lkmlk Dok.v, B.S. (C.E.) 1910 
(itiiii.- pici lunc). Insurance. 

O.iklaud, Cal. 
Lewis V./ma Dunham, B.S. (M.E.). 
Wilh M. A. and Co. 

Cleveland. O. 
l'ioi> C.ooi.Licii Ekink, B.S.(C.E.), M.S. 
(L'bicaKo) 'o;,. (See I'aculties.) 

Juigene, Ore. 
Llslik Wakkln' GonuAUi., B.S. (C.E.). 
Assist. I'. S. i-.nginecr. 

(kand Rapids, Mich. 

llowxKii GioRi.i: HfizLKK, B.S. (C.E.). 

Pre-. C. \- W. L R. R. and the Belt. St. Sta., (."liicago, ill. 

I.oiis CiAKLNn: Hill, B.S. (C.E.), B.S. 

( i: I'', j '00, .M.l'jig. 'II. .Assist. Chief 

I'll- , V. S. Reel. Ser., i.x>4-- 

i'hoenix, Ariz. 

William Ci.\ll.soi-;, B.S. (C.E.)., 

>y> ^..^cl.lline .\\e.. Detroit, Mich. 

P.iKi .McDuXMi.. U.S. ( Builder 

.md CMiiir.i.lnr, I'lueiiix, Ariz. 

I'klii .Moiolv. I;.S. (C.E.), C.E. '<X). 

(See 1-aciillie^.l f.aiieer, Mich. 

•8f; I 



r.KoKt.K RosKN Simpson, B.S. (C.E.), 
LI..B. (Xalional Univ.) '88. E.xaininer 
in tlK- Patent Office. Lawyer. 

Wasiiington, U. C. 

Clifford CHEbTER Smith, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). Assist. Cons. Supt., Cuyahoga 

County Court House. Cleveland, O. 

Ernest Stengi-r, B.S. (^C.E.). Gen. Mgr. 

St. J. & G. T. Ky. St. Joseph, Mo. 



1"k.\ncis JoiEPii B.\Ki:k, B.S. (Mech.E.), 
LL.B. (N. \V. Univ.) 97. Vice-Pres. 
North Shore Elec, Co. 

Chicago, III. 
*Beniami,v Butu;r Bowen, B.S. CC.E.), 

(J. Clevehuul, 0„ April 22, 1900. (36) 

*Skw.\ki. Ck.xmkk, B.S. (.C.E.), LL B. 

■91, d. Tampa, Fla., Nov. 23, 1911.(46) 

Cii.\Ri,E3 Young Dixon, B.S. (C.E.). U. 

S. Engineer. Jones Bldg., 

Detroit, Mich. 
JohEi'ii H.^LSTEU, B.S. (Mech.E.). Man- 
ufaclnrer. 4752 Beacon St., 

Chicago, III. 
*\VIU,I.^M Rov H.\nu, B.S. (C.E.), d. 

Denver, Colo., Oct. 17, iSqS- (36) 
Kenu.m, \Vooi)w.\i(d Hess, B.S. (Mech. 
1''.). Manufacturer. 

1220 Short St., New Orleans, La. 
John Uemson Hiub.\rd, B.S. (Mech. 
E.). President of the John Davis 
Company (Steam Engineering). 

226 La Salle St., Chicago, III. 

Ceouge B. HoiKiE, B.S. (C.E.). Secr'y 

of Educational Department, Y.M.C.A. 

\2.\ E. 28th St., New York, N Y. 

John McIntyre J.^ycox, B.S. (M.E.). 

Harrison Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Giom.i: l.oiGiiN.wK, B.S. (Civ). Div. 
luK., C. .K: N. W. Uy. 

Escanaha, Mich. 
John Ck.xnch Moses, B.S. (C.E.), B.S. 
(Urbana Univ.) '85. With Boston 
Bridge Works. 

Cand)ri(lge, Mass. 
♦Fred Bi..\ckuurn Pei.iiam, B.S. (C.E), 

d. Detroit, Mich., Eel). 2, i8<)S. (20) 
George Ernest Roehm, B.S. (C.E.). 

301 25;th St., Detroit, Mich. 

*Benno Ernest Roiinert, B.S. (C.E.), 

d. North Bay, Ont., Sept. i, IQ06. (40) 

J.AMES Alfred Sinclair. B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Gen. Mgr. Mctairie Cypress C(x 

Metairic Ridge, New Orleans, La. 
Earl Porter Wi:tmore, B.S. (Mech E.). 
Manufacturer. Sta. C, Toledo, O. 


♦Albert Burnstine, B.S. (C.E.), Grad. 

U. S. Naval Acad. 1885, d. New York 

City, Jan. 16, 1911. (46) 
Frederick Calvin Davis, B.S. (C.E.), 

B.S. t.Mich. Agr. Coll.) '89. Clay Pro- 
ducts. 515 Buena Vista Ave., 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Edwin Hakt Eh<<man, B.S. (Mech.E.). 


Oak Park, 111. 
John Eugene Hodge, B.S. (C.E.). 

Securitv Bk. Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
♦James Ai.len Lewis, B.S. (C.E.), C.E. 

'93, M.S. (Kan. Agr. Coll.) '88, d. 

Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1907. (45) 
James MacNauchton, B.S. (C.E.) '07 

{nunc tro tunc). Gen. Mngr. Cal. & 

Hecla .Mining Co. Calumet, Mich. 

Ross I.E Hunte Mahon, BS. (Mech. 

E.), Ph.B. '86. Port Huron, Mich. 

William Howie Muir, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Manufacturer. Detroit, Mich. 

tWAi.iEk RoiiKRT Parker, B.S. (Mech. 

E.), /(iXS-'Sq, M.D. (Univ. of Pa.) '91. 

Ensign L'. S. S. Yoscmitc, 1S98. (See 

Faculiies. ) Ann Arbor. 

Wu.iixM Hknrv Pease, B.S. (C.E.). 

ICngineer Detroit Plant of Amer. 

Bridge Co. Detroit, Mich. 

Wii.LARD Pope, B.S. (C.E.). Vice-Pres. 

Canadian Bridge Co. 

Walkerville, Ont. 
Percy Hi-.nt Richakdsun, B.S. (C.E.) 

C.F., '<;i. Portland, Me. ICdward Roehl, B.S. (Mech. 

IC). h'.lect. Engineer. 

8s Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Josi;mi RusciiE, B.S. (C.E.). 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
H' RvAN, B.S. (C.E.), d. Grand 

Island, Neb., June 5, 1892. (29) 
Ralph Martin Siianki.and, B.S. (Mech. 

E.). The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

John Ward Shotwell, B.S. (C.E.). 
Ernest Marshall Spr.u;ue, R.S.(C.E.). 

With .\ni. Bridge Co. of N. Y. 

Rockefeller Bldg., Cleveland, O. 
Hfrmkwt Josi-i'H Stuil, B.S. (M.E.). 

Lawyer. Rochester, N. Y. 

Ei)Ekfzi:r Franklin Wai.hridge. B.S. 

(CE.L U. S. .^gt. for Foreign Mnfrs. 

2013 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, O. 

Henry ICdwakd WiiitakEr, B.S. (C.E.). 

146 W. Hanc.Jck Ave., Detroit, MJcIl 

Harry John Williams, B.S. (Mech.£). 

Mgr. .\sljcstcjs and Asbcstic Co., Ltd. 
(.._.) .\shestos, I' Q, Can. 


,y ) r H 

1 (o() o<K?r 
.1,1 ,(■'•: 

■ -.1 .oJ ,,>-./>Ma 
■'/ ■'5.]', : ,■) r.i/.Tjr. I n..e'-,"'! VIM..'. 


• if .;; ;; 


DliP.IRTMr.NT 01' H.\'C!XI-:i:k!.\a. 



Flwius Mokse Crocker, B.S. (.C.H.). 

Norwood, Cincinnati, O. 

liUKiiiKT Samuel Crocker, B.S. (C.E.). 

pS Tranuwiy lildg., IXnver, Colo. 

k 1.1LS W'Eibii.Nca llKCELER, B.S. (C.E.). 

Danville, HI. 


(Sec Faculties.) Ann Arbor. 

IviciL-vRu Khuen, B.S. (C.H.). With 
Anier. Bridge Co. Krick BIdg., 

Fittshiirgh, Pa. 

\\ll.lI.\M Al.l..\N LlVlN(;STO.ME, B.S. 

( .Mecli.H.). Manufacturer. 

40 l{liot St., Detroit, Mich. 


(Mech.H.). With Western ]{lectric 

Co. Chicago, 111. 

Eugene Lokinc. McAli.aster, B.S. 

(Mech.E.). Naval Architect. 
5CK) Belmont .\ve., N., Seattle, Wash. 
*WiLLiAM Vaiichan Moses, B.S.(Mech. 

H.), d. Swampscott, Mass., April 14, 

1908. (39) 
Ernest Blackman Perry, B.S. (Mech. 

1;.), Mcch.E. '96. Bay City, Mich. 

*\\'ii.i.iA.\i Philander Rounds, B.S. 

(C.E.), d. Austin, 111., Nov. 12, 1897. 

Ilu.MER Mason Sackett, B.S. (M.E.). 
Stockman. Rosehurg, Ore. 

1,01 IS IIenrv Shoemaker, B.S. (C.E.), 
C IC. '97. 1422 Frick Bldg., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Frank Clemes Smith. B.S. (M.E.). 
M K. '90. (See Faculties.) 

Chase City, Va. 
(i(ii;iJoN I'.uwARu Stannard, B.S. (Mech. 

Otho Sibley Stull, B.S. (M.E.), >i'8>g- 
'<)0. Manul'.-Kturer. 

Longmeadow, Mass. 
Mi.m:k Colk Taet, B S. (C.E.), A.B. 
(Kalania/ou) '85, A.M. (ibid.) '80. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

PiiM.ii' Koiii'.ur ^V^n■^fAN, B.S. (M.F,.). 

1st Nal'l. Bk., l.os Angeles, Cal. 

Cakdner Stewart Wh.i.mms, B.S. 

tC.E.), C.E. •m- (See Facidlies.) 

( 10) Ann .ArlKir. 


J'f<ANK Anderson, B.S. (C.E). Mining 
I'.nginciT. M.-ickintosh Blk . 

Salt Lake filv. Utah. 

I'RANK Sevmoi'r, I'.S CCE). 
Mining. Snniplcr, Drt 

Walter John B.\i.dwin, B.S. (M.E.), 
M.E. 'm. Teacher in Manual Train- 
ing JJigh School. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
WiLiiAM De.sruorn Ball, B.S. (E.E.), 

E.l-:. '95- 
Andrew Renick Benson, B.S. (C.E.). 
I'rinc. Exaniinur in Patent Oflice. 

Washington, D. C. 
Ernest Ben Conrad, B S. (Mcch.E.). 

Bavonne, N. J. 
Henry Woolsev Douglas, B.S. (Mech. 
i'..). Ann Arbor. 

Charles .Ada.m Fisher, B.S. (C.E.). 

Pontiac, Mich. 
JosEi'H Kendall Freit.\(j, B.S. (C.E.), 
C.E. •94- Norfolk Downs, 

Quincy, Mass. 

*WiNTHRoi' I\Nocn C.astman, B.S. 

(E.E.), d. Pueblo, Colo., July 24, 1893. 


Willis BovD Hayes, B.S. (C.E.). Sup- 
ervising .Architect's OfTice, Treasury 
Dept. Washington, D. C. 

John Reuhen Kempf, B.S. (Mecli.E.). 
Manufacturer. 24 Ferry Ave., W., 
Detroit, Mich. 


C.E. '04. With .American Bridge Co. 

Ambridge, Pa. 

P'dmund Schuvleu Colfax May, B.S. 

(C.E.). With Amer. Tel. & Tel. Co. 

15 Dey St., New York. N. Y. 

El MER Hartson Neie, B.S. (Mech.E.), 

Mech.E. '01. yoo 20 Vesey St., 

New York, N. Y. 

♦James Burton Nelson, B.S. (C.E.), d. 

Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 16, 1908. (43) 

Louis Carlton Sabin, B.S. (C.E.), C.E. 

'94. U. S. Engineer's OfTice. 

Sault Ste. Marie. Mich. 
George Bowditch Springer, B.S. (C.E.). 
With Couinionwealth Edison Co. 

Chicago, 111. 

Irving Mason Woi.verton, B.S. (C.E.). 

(ly) Mt. Vernon, O. 


George Russel Brandon, B.S. (Mech. 
F. ). Vicc-Pres. and Gen. Eng'r., Whit- 
ing IMry. E(|uipnient Co. 

Harvey. III. 
Aleked Stone Calkins, B.S (C.E.). 

Joliet, 111. 
DwD.iiT ]\i<>iu. CiiEEVER, B.S. (Mech. 
1" ), I.l.l; ''/>. Patent Lawyer. 

113.^ Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

JvMEs Mo-iiEv Crosby, B.S. (E.E.). Grand Rapids, Mich. 

I ..,1' 

W) ? '1 ,.r:4>,: 

'^) .'-v 

.« I .f^ .i('j-j ;.•'.) .?,.fi ,011. 

.0 » ,.).■/,' 

'iHW ,V/.« ...'.MJJll 

J ,..., .'/ l: 

,7/ r,iAv/..;> 
1 ..^) k/ j:j 





(.iMfKNCi: I'.i.iiKicr iJtPuv, B.S. (.Mech. 
Iv). J'iMl. of .Machine Construction 
ill l.cuis Institute. Cliicauo, 111. 

IJi i;.N-\i<i) l.i.\cu:.N t',uui;.v, li.S. (.C.IC.;. 

Nice ^^^.^. of Usiioru HnginecrinK Co. 

Cleveland, O. 

tllM<i;v Jamks Hatch, B.S. (.CU.). 

l.ieut. of Art., U. S. A. i8y8. 

Care of War Dept., Washington, D.C. 
*Wll.l.lAM Ja.MMS lIl.NKSUN, B.S.(C.E.), 

i;S. (Mull. .\v,r. Coll.) '88, d. Detroit, 
.Mich, Oct. JO. 1801. (-'5) 
Joii.N- T. XovK llovT, B.S. (C.E.), a''^- 
\)u. 58 Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 


(C.E.), A.B. tSt. Ignatius, Ohi.) '&?■ 

_'4 S. Park Ave., Austin, Chicago, 111. 

RouEKT Pattkkson Lamont, B.S. (,C.E.). 

Fir<t \'ice-Pres. Anier. Steel Foun- 

; dries. Cuni'l. Natl. Bk. Bld^f., 

I Chicago, 111, 

j- l-.hWAKi, J,.>Hn£ Muia-iiv, B.S. (C.i:.), 

i .\,li. 1 St. It-'iiatius, Chi.). 

5J Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

pKHlKkll- SlEl-HKX RlClIMO.NU, B.S. 

(K.K ). -Ml/ Fi.sher lUdg., 
1 Chicago, 111. 

Ci-oKCi: HtKi.KKT KowK, B.S.d'.E.). (See 
Faculties,') 115 Clinton St., 

Chicago, III. 
RoiiKKT LEMi-'Kr, Sackett, B.S. (C.E.), 
C.F'. '96. Prof, of Engineering at Pur- 
due Univ., KJ07— . Lafayette, Ind. 
C.\iu<ii-L C.K.i.Kv TiiTuiLi., B.S. (C.E.). 

?01J )■■.. C.rand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

C,i:oi(c.E MouToN Walkek, B.S. (C.E.). 

^^15 WindM.r Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Tiui'.MAs l.ri: Wilkinson, B.S. ( Mech, 

F ) Bo-ton;., Denver. Colo. 


John Koin.NS Ai.i.K.v. B.S. (Mech.E.), 
Mech.i:. '(X'l. (See Faculties.) 

Ann Arbor. 
Ei.MER Loiis Ali-or, B.S. (C.E.), LL.B. 
'95. (See Faculties.) Lawyer. 

Union Trust Bldg., Detroit. Mich. 
Thomas Euson Barnu.m, B.S. (E.E.). 

•5^02 Cedar St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Wir.i.iA>rBASSi-.rr, B.S. (Mech.E). 

Bay City, Mich. 
Ikvi.m, Dai I as Cakh-nte.k, B.S. (C.E.), 
D.D.S. '01. Dentist. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Edwin Henrv Cheney, B.S. (E.E.). 

204 Dearborn Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
I'.i.E.AZAR Darkow, B.S. (F.E.). Nat'l. Bk. BM^ , Cincinnati, O. 

Aktuuu F'kantzen, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
I'.lectrical contractor. 

510 Fisher Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Ja.mes Noiu.ic Hatch, B.S. (C.E.), 
Mech.i'.. 'o.^. Ry. Exch. Bldg., 

Chicago. 111. 

tCuAuiKs Aktuur Howell, B.S.(M.E.), 
LI..1'.. 'iJ^, LL.B. (Detroit) '93. Sea- 
man L'. S. S. Vosciiiite, 1898. Lawyer. 
* Detroit, Mich. 

*\\'\m .MiMii Johnstone, B.S. 
l.Mech.lvj, d. Ilanulton, 111., Sept. J, 
i8<>8. (jg) 

John Pease Keyes, B.S. (Mech.E.), 
Ph.B. 'yi. Powell River, B. C. 


(E.E.), d. Denver, Colo., Dec. 22, 1908. 
( .59) 
*Alekei) Courtney Lewekenz, B.S. 

(C.E.), A.B. '91. 
AkTuru DocGt^ss Mott, B.S. (C.E.). 

Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

AnNAH Cluton Newell, B.S. (E.E.). 

Director of Manual Training, 111. State 

Xornial Univ., 1910 — . Normal. III. 

WvLVKii Wei.ster Sev.mour, B.S. (.C.E.). 

Chief Fiig'r., Kenwood Bridge Co. 

7i2() luiclid Ave.. Chicago, 111. 
Aluekt Henry Smith, B.S. (C.E.). 

ijaj Utah St., Toledo, O. 
Edwin Merrill Smith, B S. (C.E.). 

Trussed Concrete Bldg., De<troit, Mich. 
Huc.H Fi.ournoy Van Deventer, B.S. 
iM.F.). A.B. (Harvard) '9J. 

Kno.xvillc, Tenn. 

(iEoRi.E Monroe Wisner, B.S. (C.E.). 

Chief'r. Chicago Drainage Canal. 

Anier. Trust Bldg., Chicago, III. 

( -M » 


CUAKI.KS C.lLl.MAN Atkins, B.S. (E.E.). 

j?7 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Haiilev Baldwin, B.S. (C.E.). Supt. 

C. C C. & St. L. Ry. Mattoon, III. 

John Yerkes Blackwood, B.S. (Mech. 

\i). 141 1 .Addison Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Will Hazen Boughton, B.S. (C.E.), 

C.E. '98. Prof, of Civil Engineering, 

Univ. of W. Va., 1903-11. Treas. and 

Cons. iMig., Vassar Coll., 1911— . 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Harry Oliver Channon, B.S. (E.E.). 

Quincy, HI. 
\iHERV I.oKiNG Clark, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
Witli Anur. Book Co. 

Des Moines, Iowa. 

William Juiin Curkkr, IVS. (C.E.). 

Care liishop & Co., Los Angeles, Cal. 

'). ;- ff 

) i:h' 

,1 . „vi.'M ,,.rrr .--•:. 

1 , i. , ; •,.,.:.'/ V... .,, ,^o.. I 
(Hi 1 


-/ ri:,,;: ., H-j 

:7T.::.J.. .r r ;.■ f M/.U.uV/ 

lU-J-.lK'l'MliST 01' liXClXlilih'IXa 


l-VMiK Cvm; Dwis, IS.S. (C.K.) With Joskpii Jknuv Morsman, B.S. (C.E.). 

I) cS, .M. kv. Detroit, Mich. \'ici.- frcs. Carter Wliitc Lead Co. 

Wii.i.iA.M IIi;m<v DduuANci:, 1!.S. (Much. Chicago, III. 

1"..J. 140 .Ml. \ enmn A\c.. l.i I:^vl:^.l.^■.^■ Siii'.i<kii.l Po.mkkov, B.S. 

Dclrint, Mich. (CI"..). Eng'r. Minn. R. R. & 

*J(iii.v 1)j:.\is(i.s' l'.\.\Kis Dlnc.xx, B.S. Wariliou-c Coiiiniission. 

(EM), M.M.K. (Cornell) '94, d. Ann State House, St. Paul, Miiui. 

Arbor, Julv n, lyio. (38) Mi.nctt Eick.s-E I'outku, B.S. fCIi.), 

Gr^nv IJK.NUY Dlx.niko, B.S. (C.H.). C E. 'o-S, M.I'.I,. (Ceo. Wash. Univ.) 

Teacher. Howell, Mich. 'a>. Assist. Exam., U. S. Pat. Office. 

llK-MiV Gkokgi: Eulu, B.S. (E.E.). Washington, U. C. 

Sihlev, Mich. Ihiw.Mui Monroe R.^Y^[0.\■D, B.S. (E.E.). 

\\)i.i. JoH.v EisiiHR, B.S. (E.E.). Uean <.f Armour Institute. 

PoiUiac, Mich. Chicago, 111. 

Piiiin- Sn.MbON G.\KniNi:K, B.S. (Mech. Sno\£k Reii>, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

\'..). l.nmbernian. Eaurel, Miss. .Manufacturer. 70 Pingree Ave., 
Gi.ciia.F. Ikving G.wriT, B.S.(C.E.). Prof. Detmit, Mich. 
n\ Mathematics in Univ. of Wash. lii(,n U(ii..m\n, B.S. (E.E.). Care Rod- 
Seattle, Wash. man Chem. Co.. E. I'ittslnirgh, Pa. 
l'k\.\K RrsT Gilchrist, B.S. (C.E.). Edwin- John Rosenxu.v.ns, B.S. (C.E.). 
I.umljcr. Eaurel, Miss. CM. h)oo. Editor Tlie Anierican Ar- 
Hrui;i:Kr J.^Y Goct.Di.NG. B.S. (Mech.E.). chilcct. 239 W. 39th St., 

(See Faculties.) New York, N. Y. 

Ann Arbor. Wii,i.i.\m \\'ii.i..\ui) T.^ylor, B.S.(M.E.). 

I.Ko.N MiRuocK Groesbeck, B.S. (M.E.). Clifton Forge, Va. 

J15 S. Market St, Chicago, III. ( )rro I.oris Er.r.AR WeiiKr, B.S. (Mech. 

I.i;o.\AKii FhkdEuick Wii.i.iAM Hii.n.M-R, ]•:.). Mgr. Michigan Sulphite Fibre 

lis. (MechE.). ^9S9 Grenet St., Co. Port Huron, Mich. 

I'ilisbiugh, N. S, Pa. I'liwAKu Dana \ViCki:s, B.S. (E.E.K 

'rniDiiiiKE llENRV I liNciiMA.'^, B.S. IS70 l'r><len Rd , Columbus, O. 

( .Mech E), A.B. \n. Detroit, Mich. Nun, Honi;i:K Wiixiams, B S. (E.E.), 

]u-\yn Smiim- Hi'RiiEKT lliiiMi-s, B.S. .MS 'o^. (See Faculties.) Ann Arlwr. 

(Meeh.h: ). Asvlum. Fk\.\k Akmk Wini-es, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Kalanii/oo, Mich. Wmnetka, III. 

.■\i.rKi:i, Wii.iiAM lIoi.KWAV, B.S. (F:.E.). Ciaui Nei: Gronci: WKEMMoifi:. B.S. 

Re.d I'.slate. Pasadena, Cal. (C.E.), M.S. '08, C.I".. 'o->. ( See Facul- 

*Hn<AM H0WI.EN, B.S. (Mech.E.), d. ties.) ' Manila, P. I. 

Silver Springs, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1894. ( _i 3 ) 


Ai:i<AnAM Koii.s' .\m.Eis B.S. (Mech.E.). 

With rin->ed Concrete Steel Co. 

iSjj McCrnuck Bldg., Chicago, III. 
Rwi;ii<r \x\ur, A.MES. BS. (Mech.E.). 

I.I..B. (Cuhnnbian Univ.) 97, LI..M. 

( Univ.) '98. Patent Lawyer. 

iot W, M..nrue St.. Chicago, III. 

Akciiilaiii l.Nciii.AN Bicker, B.S. 

( l'. ) C,en. Snpt. Craig Ship- 

liniliHne C. I.-ng I'.each. Cal. 

John L'ii\1(I.i;s Bird, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

I'.atlle Creek, Mich. 
Jami:s Bi.AiR, I!.S. (.Mech.E.), ./■87-'8o. 

MiniuK hjigimer. St. Benedict, Pa. 


( .\Uc!i 1: ) With iMirbanks, Morse & 

C... \n Church St., New York, N. Y. 

ll\Ki(V Waiter Ci.ark, B S. (Mech.E.). 

Willi r,..pK's Ice (Vi. |) Mich. 

Cl. \l; 

1 Nci; 


II 1,^,, 

,1 llima;i.i. 

, B S. 

( C' 


inr r 

*.' Iv 

lur c 

if Pul 

. Wk 

1 Eng'i 

:. I'hil- 
a, P. I. 





II I'M. 

. U.S. 






., Colo. 



A M .\ N 


;, B.S. 



■. Un 





:. Mich. 



Dl N 

11 AM 


s, B S. 



'• '97 

. (Se 

e Eae 


..) (.10) 



KWtH.D Kl 







■ Supt 

. of 

Public ] 



.Mt. Pleasant 

, Mich. 


( I" 

!•: ). 



M A N 

h I'.a^ 


1. .Mi 

.liSlI \l.l. 
cli. I'.di 

, BS. 

, Mich. 


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i Ml 

1 1 IR 

1! S. 

(I". Iv). 


th S 



ucl; ': 

md Co, 

.g(.. 111. 

( :> ■ • .1. M 

i' ./ -..Mi// 

H' - 'I 

. At 

,1 ..'1 ian,.);> 

a./ ^' ■l.,t. : ' 

.' ' . . <::■■■ I I , ■'•) 




Wir.UAM Coi<e CoNANT, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
53 Main St., San Francisco, Cal. 


Teacher in the Cass High School. 

Detroit, Mich. 

*Ai,MON Henry Demrick, B.S. (.E.E.), 

d. Roosevelt, Ariz., May 2, 1909. (40) 

Herman Henry Eymer, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

40-' Owen St., Saginaw, Mich. 

Herbert French, B.S. (C.E.). 

Baraboo, Wis. 

Oscar Greulich, B.S. (C.E.). 

176 S. Bay St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
John Churchiu, Hammond, B.S. 
(Mech.E.), M.S. (Chicago) '97. Asst. 
Astronomer in Naval OI«ervatory. 

Washington, D. C. 
Hakrie D. Hami'Er, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

Aurora, 111. 
Charles Jacouson Harmon, B.S.(E.E.). 
Asst. Comptroller, Sanitary District. 

01 E. Cedar St., Chicago, 111. 

IGeorge Hayeek, B.S. (Mech.E.). Supt. 

Eiec. Co. Joplin, Mo. 

Harry Rueus King, B.S. (E.E ) '06 

(nunc pro tunc). With West. Elec. Co. 

Stirling, N. J. 

Max LiCHTENSTEiN, B.S. (C.E.). 

294 E. 38th St., Chicago. 111. 

Daniel Benjamin Euten, R.S. (C.E.). 

(See Faculties.) Indianapolis, Ind. 

Rali'h Winthrop Newton, B.S. (C.E.). 

509 Rosedale St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Frederick Nodle, B.S. (C.E.), 

C.E. '04. 23 Flatbush Ave., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Robert Kendrick Palmer, B.S. (C.E.). 
With Hamilton Bridge Works. 

Hamilton, Ont. 

tWiLi.iAM Pool Parker. U.S. ( 

Sergl. 1st H. S. Vol. I'liginciTs, i8<)S. 

Midhmd Hidg., Kansas City, Mo. 

RlOHARl> Ql-INN, B.S. (C.E). U. S. 

.'\ssist. ICnginccr. 

Honolulu, H. I. 
0SC.\R RODERTS, B.S. (C.E.). 

Johannesburg, South Africa. 
Fred Rogers, B.S. (E.E.). Prof, of Phys- 
ics and Elec. Engineering, Lewis In- 
stitute. Chicago, III. 
William Henry Rosencrans, B.S. 
(C.E.) 1910 (nunc pro tunc). With 
The Arnold Co. 30 N. LaSalle St., 

Chicago, III. 
Fred Anson Sacer, B.S. (E.E.). With 
The Arnold Co. 

105 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 

William Stewart Smith, B.S. (Mech. 

F,.). 2222 S. Ilalsted St., Chicago, 111. 

tloLDWiN St.\rrett, B.S. (Mech.E.). Ar- 
chitect. Everett Bldg., 

New York, N. Y. 
George Cauot Weare, B.S. (Mech.E.). 
Sales Agt. Spokane, Wash. 

JusEi'H Weare, B.S. (C.E.). 

I'.ox 2067, Calgary, Alta., Can. 
( 3.? ) 


Louis W.u<ner Anderson, B.S. (C.E.), 
B.S. (Ailjion) '92. Contractor. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Walter Mekville Austin, B.S. (E.E.). 
434 Ella St, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
William C.r.xy Billings, B.S. (E.E.), 
ii'SiS-'So. Bank cashier. Davison, Mich. 
August Blaess, B.S. (C.E.). Assist. En- 
gineer I. C. R. R. Chicago, III. 
-AiiHAHAM Lincoln Burgan, B.S.(E.E.). 
M.S. '96. Supt. of Stamp Mill. 

Hubbell, Mich. 
*Pl.\tt Richard Bush, B.S. (C.E.), d. 

Detroit, Mich., Oct. 4, 1898. (25) 
WiiLiAM Kich.xruCai.uwei.l, B.S. (C.E. ). 
Contractor. Traverse City, Mich. 

Wallace Wiley Chickering, B.S. 
(Mech.E.). Piano Manufacturer. 

Winnetka, 111. 
HowARu Maixom Cox, B.S. (Mech.E.), 
LL.B. (John Marshall) '05. Patent 
Lawyer. Monadnock Bldg., 

Chicago, III. 
George Alered Damon, B.S. (E.E.). 

San Fernando Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 
James Henry Dickson, B.S. (E.E.), 
A.B. 01. Tiilipallie. JaiTa, Ceylon. 

Jame= Horace Duniiar, B.S. (C.E.). 

l.akewood, O. 
*J()nN llENuv DvE, B.S. ( d. Oak- 
land. Cal., .Aitril 29, 1903. (31) 
Harvey Gould Gilkerson, B.S. (C.E.). 
Newiiouse Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah. 
R. Prosper Gustin, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

60 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
Alexander Michael Haubrich, B.S. 
(E.E). 708-10 W. Jackson Blvd., 

Chicago, 111. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson Hayes, B.S. 
(Mei-ii I'..) 1910 (nunc pro tunc). 

Galva, III. 
tBRYso.v Dexter Hokton, B.S. (E.E.). 
Gunner's Mate, U. S. S. Yosemitc, 
i8.j8. Pres. Det. Fuse and Mfg. Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
John Hilst, B.S. (Mech.E.). With Car- 
negie Steel Co. Youngstowii, O. 
Milton Hvron Huntoon. B.S. (E.E.). 
117 Haigh .•\ve., Detroit, Mich. 

56 ; 


a t , • '• ' 

->! u.<-''l 




d.-^Ri-NCE Thomas Johnston, B.S. 
(Cli.), C.E. '99. (See Faculties.) 

Ann Arbor. 
JToKACE Williams King, B.S. (C.E.). 
Irrigation Hng'r. 

105 S l,aSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Hakrv Vai.enxinic Knight, B.S. (E.E.). 
I'rinc. of the High School. 

Alpena, Mich. 
*Daviu LeFavouk, B.S. (C.E.), d. De- 
troit, Mich., Aug. 26, 1910. (35) 
Heman Bukr Le;onakd, B.S. (E.E.). As- 
sist. Prof, of Math, in Univ. of Ore. 
Eugene, Ore. 
XiciiAiu) Kos\vELL Lyman, B.S. (C.E.). 
Prof, of Civil Itngineering in Univ. of 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Thomas Knight Mathewson, B.S. 
(C.K.). Paiiindiciiaro, Dist. de Puru- 
andiro, Michoacan, Mexico. 

^\'ll,I.IAM Julius Melchers, B.S.(E.E.). 
Alma, Mich. 
*tCHARi,Es Augustine Miner, B.S. 
(C.E.), ist Lieut. U. S. Vol. Engi- 
neers, 1898, d. Washington, D. C, 
March 22, 1912. (44) 
Charles Hosmer Morse, B.S. (Mech. 
E.\ Mech.E. '97- 

000 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, III. 

Joii.s' FRANCIS Nichols. B.S.(Mcch.E.). 

K. D. Hampton, Va. 

]u.uKKT Nicholson, B.S. (Mech.E.) '09 

{nunc (Til tunc). Manufacturer. 

Sturgis, Mich. 
*Mahian Sara Parker, B.S. (C.E.). 
(Mrs. Albert E. Madgwick,) d. Ore- 
gon City, Ore., Jan. 16, loofj. (38) 
AiiiEuT Ani.uew Passoi.t, IIS. (EE). 
Newman, Ga. 
H"l\i;f.\ci; IIekmeky Wkhv, B.S. (C.E.), 

il. Chicago, 111., March 11. 18.X'). (26) 
Setu I'.iiAsnis RoiiKKTs, B.S. (C.E.). 
With Dt'troit Bridge and Steel Works. 
Ivivcr Rouge, Mich. 
l'".D\\ARi) Marsh St. John, B.S. (C.E.). 
1301 Thorndale Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Wii.uuR C.EORGE Salter, BS. (Mech.E.). 
6^S7 Perry Ave , Chicago, 111. 
William Schaake. B.S. (Mech.E). 

5164 W(H,dworth St, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
)-mmi:t Scorr, B.S. (Mech.E.). 

La Porte. Ind. 

Fkliiikick C.aiumneu Skinner, B.S. (C. 

Iv). Cheyenne, Wyo. 

l.i:sTER .AiiiidiT Stanley, B S. (FMv), 

LL.B. (National) '07, LL M. (C.vo. 

Wash.) -oX. Patent Lawyer. 

Wasl.inglon, I). C. 

Isaac Farhek Stern, B.S. (C.E.). 

5326 Michigan Ave., Chicago, III. 
KoiiERT Cl-^rk Stevens, B.S. (Mech.E.), 
.■\.B '94. l£rie, Pa. 

Welu.ncton Clute Tate, B.S. (E.E.). 
Merchant. Munising, Mich. 

Nelson John Tubus, B.S. (C.E.). Far- 
mer 0S105 Napa St., Spokane, Wash. 
Frank Foster V a 1^ Tuyl, B.S. (E.E.). 
Union Trust Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
\''ance Patterson Wilkins, B.S.(C.E.). 
La Porte, Ind. 
Ceorce Bingham Wjli.cox, B.S. (Mech. 
E.), Mech.E. '01. Saginaw, Mich. 
*II().mi:r Wilson Wyckoi-e, B.S. (E.E.), 
(i. Indianapolis, Ind., July 28, 1907. (.36) 


James Bairu, B.S. (C.E.) '11 (»ii<)ic pro 

tunc). -Munsey Bldg., 

Washington, D.C. 
Mortimer Grant Barnes, B.S. (C.E.), 

C.E. '01. Albany, N. Y. 

William Chalmers Borst, B.S.(E.E.). 

Teacher in Manual Training High 

School. Denver, Colo. 

IIarkv Copley Bueix, B.S. (IvIech.E.). 
Spokane, Wash. 
Walter John Cahiul, B.S. (C.E.). 

Monroe Bldg., Chicago, III. 
William ANULRboN Caluwell, B.S.(E. 

F.). Architect. Kirkwood P. O.. Mo. 
♦Philip Russell Co.\ts, B.S. (E.E.), d. 

Saginaw, Mich., July 21, 1902. (28) Standish Coleurn, B.S. (C. 

I'..). Vice-Pres. Peoples State Bank. 

Detroit, Mich. 

John Chasseu, Condon, B.S. (E.E.). 

Hank Clerk. Hancock, Mich. 

Jkssi; 1. CuNKi.iN, B.S. (C.Iv.). 

Miami, Fla. 
Mekri-it Scot Conner, B.S. (E.E.). 

Manufacturer. Hale, Cheshire, Eng. 
William Cl.svtoN Coryell, B.S. (Mech. 

E). Youngstown, O. 

FRKh Ru-HARn M. CuTCHEON, B.S.(E.E.). 

C.<:n. Mngr. Cmis. Gas and Fllec. Co. 
Long Branch, N. J. 


1'..). Su|)l. of Shoi>s i.>{ N'orlhern 

I'.ngiiKiring Works. Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Morton Isudv, B.S (Mech.E.). 

losi l.inciiln St.. I^'s Angeles, Gal. 

Jay I). lu.MoMis, B.S. (Mech E.). Sales 

ljif.;iiui I 1 u'() Iv 47th Si., Chicago, III. 

Cmskh- WlllI^M lu.Lis, B.S. (E.E.). 

.M-r. Ci.iKieic .\ppli.'iiires Co.. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 




]<KIIAKD Dr.MINO EwiNt,, 15. S. (C.E.). 

W iili AiiRT. Bouk Co., 

Culumbui, O. 
Thumas HenivV Fkrcuson, B.S. (C.E.), 

Pli.B. '95, LL.B. (Uutroil) '97, M.P.L. 

(.Culunil)i;iii Univ.) '9<j. Chicat^o, 111. 
John Watson FitzGkkai.u, B.S. (Much. 

K.), B.S. (E.E.) (Ma-,s. Inst. Tech.) 

'07. Prcs. Igiiuion Surter Co. 

2bb Jefferson .Ave, IJetroit, Mich. 
BuHT Lewis Fostku, B S. (Mech.E.). 

Willi J. G. Brill & Co., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Skkcius Paul Gkaci-, B.S. (E.E.), E.E. 

'o^. Supt. of Plant, Bell Telephone 

C... Telephone Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Ai.iiEifr Emerson GkI'.ene, B.S. (C.E), 

Ph.B. '9s. .Ann .\rl>or. 

DwiciiT May Ouii.umE, B.S.CMech E.). 

Boslon, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
I'Ati. 1Ia.mii.ton, B.S, (C.E.). 

Springfield, O. 
Geokgk llEKiii:i<T Hakuincvon, B.S.(C.E.) 

Supt. Oil Company. Kt. Worth, Tc.x. 
John Sei.den IIoauuev, 15 S. (C.E.). 

Van Wert, O. 
EinvAKi) Bishop 1K)usk, ^ B.S. (E.E.). 

Prof, of Irrigation Engineering in 

Colorado Agri. Coll. Ft. Collins, Colo. 
I'jiwiN Dews Hoyt, B.S. (Mcchlv). 

Prin. of ist \Vard Manual Training 

School. Allegheny, Pa. 

John Wh.i.iam Tuwin, B.S.(C.E.). City 

Engineer. Mt. Cleniens, Mich. 

Hucii Jackson, B.S. (C.E.). 

225 W. I09lh St., New York, N. Y. 
Juuus Kahn, B.S. (C.E), C.E. '99. 

Pres. Trussed Concrete Steel Co. 

Detroit, Mich. 
Ai.:;iKi- llr.xiAMi.N' K\i,, B.S. 

(.Mech V. y Bellevue, Pa. 

]h-..ii r.uMi.v Kki.i.y, B.S. (Civ) 

Chicago, 111. 
C.v\ Tii.i.MisoN La.mont, B.S. (Mech. 

!■:.) Lumber. Bay City, Mich. 

♦Thomas Bassnett Lee, B.S. rC.E.), d. 

Ann .Arbor, Aug. S, 1003. (30) 
Thomas Diikani) AJcCoi.t,. B.S. (E.E.), 

H S (Mccli.E ). City Hall, Toledo, O. 
(o:oKC,E Thomas McGice, B.S. (C.E.). 

Helena, Mont. 
Gi-oucE Kakk McMiai.EN, B.S. (Elv). 

Pres. McMnllcn Machinery Co., 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
CAUf, RicHAKi) Makouakut, R.S. (Mech. 

E). With Ilefferman Engine and Dry 

Dock Co. Seattle, Wash. SiiEi.TON Mason. B.S. ( Mech.E.). 

Brisliane Bldu , iUillalo, N. Y. 

llKuiu:i<T Woui.Hui-E MERKH.r., B.S. (Mech. 
E). Saginaw, Mich. 

llARkv l)l.^■oE .Mu.i.:,, B.S.CC.E.). Lum- 
ber Butte f'alls, Ore. 
Guv DouiCK Newuo.n, B.S. (Mech.Iv). 
With Carnegie Steel Co. 

;io Kelly Ave.. Wilkiiisburg, Pa. 
Li:e I.UKK Xicw'WN, B.S. (CE.). 

1 iJ ( La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Artiu K Patrick O'Brien, B.S. (C.E.). 

^7 W. 34lh St., New York, N. Y. 

Walter Howaku O'ISrien. B.S. (E.E.). 

Ill 5th .Ave., New York, N. Y. 

IlENRV Baiiev Oris, B.S. (E.E.). 

Evanston, 111. 

Charles Giuhert Pai.meh, B.S. (E.E.). 

i.?S.So iCuclid .\ve,, Cleveland, O. 

Lewis .Merton Pakkott, B.S. (E.E.). 

Teacher in McKinley High School, 

St. Louis, Mo