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I. Geogeapht, Atlases, Maps .... 2749 — 81 

1. Ancient and Classical Geography (e.g. 500 to 

A.D. GOO) ..... 2749—51 

2. Medieval Geography (a.d. 600—1500) . . 2751—55 

3. Modern Geography (a.d. 1492—1850) . . 2755— SI 
II. History of Navigation a>jd Geoge.aphical Discoveet, 

LrvT:s of Seamen ajjd Travellees . . 2781 — 2819 

1. General History of Discovery, collective bio- 

graphies ..... 2781—89 

2. Pre-Columbian Discoveries of America . 2789 — 91 

3. Overland Discovery in Asia (Sec. XIII— XV) . 2791 

4. Atlantic and African Voyages (Sec. XIV— XV) 2791—93 

5. Discoveries in Atlantic and Indian Oceans (a.d. 

1492—1550) ..... 2793—2805 
Columbus . . . 2794—97 

Portuguese Discoveries . 2798 — 2805 

6. Spanish Discoveries between the Tropics (1512 

—1538) 2805—10 

Florida .... 2805—6 

New Spain, Yucatan . . 2806—8 

Peru, etc. . . . 2808—10 

7. Magellan's Voyage and its results . . 2810 — 12 

Phililjpines, China. Japan . 2811 — 12 

Australia .... 2812 

8. French Voyages to America and Australasia 

(1503—67) ..... 2813—14 

9. English Discoveries in America (1560—1630) . 2814—17 

10. Explorations of the Amazon Valley (Sec. XVII) 2817 

11. History of the Buccaneers and South Sea 

Voyages (1550—1720) .... 2817—18 

12. Modern Discoveries in the North . . 2818 — 19 

III. Naeeatives of Voyages and Teavels . . 2819 — 90 

1. Collections of Voyages, in chronological order of 

publication (1507—1877) . . . 2819—50 

2. Narratives of Voyagers, in chronological order 

of performance (1247—1870) . . . 2850—90 

IV. Spanish Aiieeica ..... 2891—2947 

1. General Works on the Spanish Indies . . 2891 — 96 

2. Mexico or New Spaui .... 2896—2930 

a. Aztec Painted Eecords . 2896—2902 
h. Works in European languages 2903—21 
c. Books printed in Mexico . 2921—30 

3. Central America .... 2930—32 



IV. Spanish America — continued — 

4. West Indian Islands 

5. Tierra Firme, Peru, Chile 

6. La Plata States 
V. Portuguese America : Brazil 

VI. Akglo-French America 

1. General Works . 

2. New England, Virginia, Eastern States 

3. New France, Canada and Louisiana, Hudson's 

Bay . . . . . 

4. California, Western and North-Western States 

5. Guiana and Trinidad .... 
VII. Books Specially Kelating to American Aborigines 

VIII. American Languages ..... 

1. General Works ..... 

2. Language of Labrador and Greenland . 

3. Language of Anglo-French America 

(Algonkin, Choctaw, Cree, Ochipwa, Hidatsa, 
Huron, Micmac, Mohawk, Mohican, Natic, 

4. AthajDascan and Western Languages 

(Apache, Californian, Chinook, D^ne) 

5. North Mexican Languages 

(Heve, Opata, Otomi, Teguima, Tarahumara, 

6. Nahuatl or Aztec .... 

7. Maya and Central American 

(Chiai^aneca, Huasteca, Maya, Quiche, 
Totonaca, Zapoteca) 

8. Carib, Galibi, Arawak .... 

9. Guarani, Tupi, Brazilian 

10. Peruvian : AjTuara, Moxa, Quichua 

11. Creole ...... 

IX. Bibliography of Voyages and Travels, and of 

American subjects ..... 

X. Supplement of Books omitted or recently acquired 
XI. Further Supplement .... 

XII. General Oriental History and Topography 

Buddhism ...... 

Mohammed ..... 

XIII. Western Asia ..... 

1. Turkey (and the frontier Lands), Asia Minor, 

Mesopotamia ..... 

2. Syria and Palestine .... 

3. Arabia ...... 

Egypt — see section Africa. 

XIV. Iran and Turan : Persia, the Caucasus, Armenia, 

Central Asia, Afghanistan 

Modern Baluchistan and Afghanistan included in 

Section XV. 

XV. India, including Ceylon, Burmese India, Nepal, 

■ and the modern history of Afghanistan ,and 

Baluchistan ..... 

Ceylon ...... 

Portuguese in India .... 

XVI. High, Middle, and North-East Asu: Thibet, 
Mongolia, Manchuria, Siberia 
XVII. Indo-China (Burma, Siam, Cochin China) Malacca 
AND the Straits .... 

XVIII. China and Cohea ..... 

XIX. Japan ...... 






















XX. Oceania and Australasia 

1. The Philippines and Formosa . 

2. Malayan Archipelago : Sumatra, Java, 

the Celebes, and New Guinea . 

3. Australia and Tasmania 

4. New Zealand 

5. Polynesia: Fiji, Sandwich Islands, 
Islands, etc. 

Africa .... 

1. Mauritania, Tunis, Tripoli 

2. Egypt _ . 

3. Abyssinia 

4. The Sahara and the great Sudan 

5. West Coast : Senegambia, Sierra 
Guinea ...... 

6. Central or Equatorial Africa, from Somali-land 
to the Congo Mouth, including the Nile Lakes 

7. Southern Africa, from Angola on the West and 
Mozambique on the East to the Cape of Good 
Hope ...... 

8. Madagascar ..... 
FxjBTHEK Supplement to Catalogues of Geography 
















I. General Oriental Philology . 

Catalogues of Oriental Collections . 
II. Ancient Sacred Languages 

I. Egyptian Hieroglyi:)hic and Coptic 
n. Languages of the Cuneiform Inscriptions 
Assyrian, Babylonian, Old Persian 3184 — 86 
Old Bactrian, Zend, Pahlawi . 3186—90 

III. Languages of the Bible 

1. General Semitic Philology . . 3190 

2. Hebrew, Samaritan, Chaldee, 

Kabbinic . . 3190—3207 

3. Phoenician, Punic, Moabitic 3207—8 

4. Syriac, Mendasan . . _ 3208—11 

5. Abyssinian : Ethiopic, Amharic 3211 — 14 
HI. Languages of Islam .... 

I. Arabic Literature 

Maltese ..... 
II. Persian Literature 
III. Turkish and Ottoman Literature 
IV. Minor Languages of Western and Iranic Asia 
I. Armenian .... 

II. Caucasian .... 

(Georgian, Ossetic, Circassian) 

III. Irani Border-tongues 

(Kurdish, Baluchi, Pushtu, Afghan) 

V. Indun Languages .... 

I. General Works .... 

II. Sanskrit ..... 

HI. Pali, Magadhi .... 

IV. Modern Pracrits .... 

Bengali. . . . 3372—73 

Gujarati . . . 3373 — 75 

Hindustani, Hindi, Urdu, Dakhni 3375—86 
Konkani . . . 3386 

Marathi . . . 3386—87 

Oriya, Udiya . . . 3387 

Panjabi .... 3388—89 



















pages. pages. 

V. Indian Languages — continued — 

IV. Modern Pracrits — continued — 


. 3389 


. 3390 

V. Non-Sanskritic Languages 


General Works . 

. 3391 


. 3391 


. 3391 




Koorg • 

. 3392 

Gond . 

. 3392 

Lepcha . 

. 3392 

Lushai . 

. 3393 


. 3393 


. 3393 

Sonthal . 

. 3394 

Tamil . 


Telugu . 

. 3397 

Tuda . 

. 3397 


. 3397 

VI. Languages of Eastern and Noetheki 

^ Asia . 


I. Indo-Chinese Languages 

. 3399—3402 

1. Comparative Philology 

". 3399 

2. Annamite, Cochin- Chinese 

. 3399 

3. Assamese . 

. 3400 . 

4. Burmese 



5. Cambojan, Khmer . 

. 3401 

6. Karen 

. 3401 

7. Siamese 

. 3401 

II. Turanian or Tartaric Language 

s (exclusive of 

Turki) . 

3402- 13 

1. Comparative Philology 

'. 3402 

2. Tibetan, Bodiya 


3. Manchu 

. 3404 

4. Mongolian . 

. 3405 

5. Japanese 


6. Corean, Luchuan . 

. 3413 

in. Chinese . . . . 


VII. Polynesian Languages 


1. General Works . 


2. Formosan 


3. Philippine 


4. Malagas! 


5. Malay . . . . 


6. Kawi, Old Javanese 


7. Modern Javanese 


8. Sunda . . . . 


9. Batta . . . . 


10. Australian 


11. Maori . . . . 


12. Aneiteum 


13. Fijian . . . . 


14. Tongan 


15. Samoan . . . . 


16. Tahitian 


17. Hawaian . . , 


VIII. African Languages . 


1. General Philology 


2. Berber . . . . 


3. Bishari . . . . 


4, Bunda . . . . 





VIII. African Languages — continued — 

5. Chinyanja ..... 3435 

6. Dualla . 


7. Efik 


8, Hausa 


9. Herero . 


10. Ibo 


11. Kafir, Zulu 


12. Kanuri . 


13. Kunama . 


13. Maqua . 


15. Mandingo 


16. Mende . 


17. Namaqua 


18. Nubian . 


19. Oji 


20. Sechuana 


21. Shambala 


22. Sherbro . 


23. Susu 


24. Swahili . 


25. Towarek . 


26. Tigre 


27. Wolof . 


28. Yoruba . 






in chronological arrangement. 

28041 D'AvEZAC, Coup d'ceil historique sur la projection des Cartes de 

Geographie, 8vo. sd. 5s 1863 

28042 ■ le meme 1863 ; Etudes de Geogi*apliie critique sur une 

partie de I'Afrique septent., Itineraires de Ebn-el-Djn, map, 

183G — 2 vols, in 1, hf. morocco, 18s 
28043 Klaproth, Js'otice d'une Mappemonde et d'une Cosmograpliie 

Chinoises, 'Syo. folding plate of a Chinese viap, sd. 10s 1833 

28044 Lettre a M. le Baron A. de Humboldt, sui^ I'invention de 

la Boussole, 8vo. plates, sd. 6s Paris, 1834 

28045 KcEPPEN (A. L.) World in the Middle Ages, an historical Geo- 

graphy, with accounts of the nations of Europe, Asia and 
Africa, from the fourth to the fifteenth century, folio, 6 coloured 
maps, hf. morocco, IQs New York, 1854 

Ancient and Classical Geography 

(B.C. 500 to A.D. 600). 

28046 PoMPONius Mela ; Julius Solinus ; Itinerarium Antonini Aug. ; 

Vibius Sequester; P. Victor de regionibus urbis Romse ; 
Dionysius Afer de Situ Orbis, Prisciano interprete, 12mo. old 
red morocco, with gilt tooled ornaments and gilt edges, from 
the Sunderland library, £5. 5s Venet. in cedibus Aldi, 1518 

On the title is the autograph of" Floriani docampo et Amicorum.' 

28047 Proclus de Sphsera ; Cleomedes de Mundo ; Arati Phcenomena ; 

Dionysii Afri Descriptio Orbis habitabilis, etc. ; omnia Gr. et 
lat. una cum J. Honteri Cosmographife Rudimentis, 12mo. 
24 woodcut maps, one having America on it, and '2 folding tables, 
vellum, clean copy, £1. 8» Basil. 1561 



28048 [Geographi Antiqui :] Dioxysii Alexandrini [Periegetis] et 

Pomp. Melae Situs Orbis descriptio ; ^thici Cosmographia ; 
C. J. Solini Polyliistor, gr. et lat. cum annotationibus variorum, 
4to. old calf, gilt edges, autograph of C. Spencer {Earl of 
Stinderland) on title, 30s Paris. H. Stephainis, 1577 

28049 GEOGRAPHIC VETERIS Scriptores GrKci Minores, cum 

interpretatione latina, dissertationibus, ac annotationibus (H. 
Dodwelli, J. Hudson et E. Wells). 4 vols. sm. 8vo. hf hd. £2. \0s 

Oxon. 1698-1712 

28050 the same, 4 vols. 8vo. fine copy, old Hue morocco, gilt 

edges, £7. 7s ' 1698-1712 

28051 the same, 4 vols, large paper, old calf, Oxon. 1698- 

1712 — DiONTsii Geographia, additione scil. Geographic 
Hodiernc grseco carmine pariter donatae (curante E. Wells), 
large paper, 16 maps (including America), old English red morocco 
extra, gt. ed. ih. 1704; together 5 vols. 8vo. £16. 16s 1698-1712 

28052 Geographi Gr^ci Minores, recognovit C. Mullerus, 2 vols. 

royal 8vo. Tvith roj. 8vo. Atlas of 2.'^ plates, 36s 

Paris, F. Bidot, 1855-61 
The atlas is sold separately for 10s. 

28053 B.C. 420 Herodotus. Rennell (J.) GeograpMcal System of 

Herodotus explained, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, cloth, 9s 1833 

28054 B.C. 400 Ctesias. Ctesi^ Reliquiae, ed. J. C. F. Baehr, 8vo. 

sd. 2s 6d Francof 1824 

28055 tte same, 1824 — Megasttenis Indica, fragmenta collegit 

E. A. Sch"wanbeck, Bonnce, 1846 ; — 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf. morocco, 
5s 1824-46 

28056 Ancient India, a translation of the abridgement of Ijis 

" Indika" by Photios, etc. by J. W. McCrindle, 8vo. cloth, hs 

Calcutta, 1882 

28057 B.C. 325 Nearchus. Vincent's (W.) Periplus of tbe Erythrean 

Sea, an Account of the Navigation of the Ancients, 2 vols. 
plates and maps, including Portrait of V. da Gama, 1800-5 — 
Voyage of Nearchus from the Indus to the Euphrates from the 
original journal preserved by Arrian, front, and maps, 1797 ; — 
3 vols. 4to. calf gilt, 20s 1800-1797 

28058 Periplus, etc. 2 vols. 4to. the port, has been coloured, 

calf gilt, 10s 1800-5 

28059 Voyage of Nearchus, 4to. front, and maps, calf, 7s 


28060 B.C. 300 Pytheas. Fuhr (M) de Pythea Massiliensi, 8vo. sd. 

7s 6d Barmstadii, 1835 

28061 Lelewel (J.) Pytheas de Marseille et la Geographic de son temps, 

8vo. maps, sd. 7s 6d Bruxelles, 1836 

28062 Ekdslob (G. M.) Thnle : die phonizische Handelswege nach dem 

Norden, soTrie die Reise dee Pytheas von Massilien, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 

Leiptig, 1855 


28063 Elton's Origins of English History, 8vo. 10 facsimiles of maps, 

cloth, 1882 

The Toyages of Pytheas of Massilia are largely treated in this important 

B.C. 280 Megasthenes — see ante Ctesias. 
28063*B.C. 80 Pseudo-Scymnus. Fragments des Poemes Geograpli- 
iques de Scjmnus de Ohio, et du faux Dicearque, arec 
des observations par Letronno, 8vo. hf. morocco, Is &d 1840 

28064 B.C. 50 Diodorus Siculus, Gr. et Lat. ex ed. Wesselingii, 2 vols. 

roj. folio, Large Payer, old russia gilt, £2. 2s Amst. 1746 

28065 A.D. 1 Strabo. STRABOXIS Geographia exVersione Gaarini 

Veronensis et Gregorii Tj-phernatis, folio, first edition with a 
DATE, very large copy, hut slightly stained and loormed, red 
morocco, gilt edges, by Derome, from the library of the Dae de 
Brancas, with his bookplate, froin the Syston Park library, £o. 5s 

Venetiis, Vindelinus de Spira, 1472 

28066 Geographlcorum lib. xvii . . . de Graeco 

sermone in Latinum . . . folio, in old smooth 
brown morocco gilt^ gilt edges^ with the Canevari 
medallion, impressed on the sides^ of Apollo in a 
golden chariot^ driving his horses over the green- 
and-gold waters that heat against a roch on which 
stands Pegasus ; red morocco case, £\00. Basilece, 1539 

28067 Geographie traduite en Fran^ais (par MM. de la Porte 

du Theil, Coray, et Letronne, avec des notes et une introduction 
par Gosselin), 5 vols. 4to. maps, bds. 32s Paris, 1805-19 

28067* the same, 5 vols. 4to. maps, hf. vellum neat, £2. 10s 

Paris, 1805-19 

28068 the same, 5 vols. 4to. maps, calf gilt, £2. 16s 

28069 A.D. 40 Pomponius Mela. Poiiponii Melle Cosmographi de 

situ orbis, sm. 4to. two small wormholes, calf neat, 21s 

Venetiis, Franciscus Renner de Hailhrun, 1478 

28069* the same, sm. 4to. large copy in old English red moj'onco 

extra, from the Syston Park library, 36s 1478 

Yenet. Batdolt, 1482 — see post in Medi3;val Geogeapht. 

28070 de Situ Orbis, cum notis criticis et exegeticis variorum, 

additis suis a Car. Henr. Tzschuckio, 7 vols. 8vo. Fine Paper, 
maroon extra, gilt edges, by Lev:is, £3. 16s Lipsice, 1807 

A.D. 120 Erythraean Periplus — see ante Nearchus. 

A.D. 150 Antoninus— see pos^ A.D. 393 Itineraria. 

28071 A.D. 150 Ptolemy. PTOLEM^E, GEOGRAPHIE: repro- 

duction photolithographiqiie du manuscrit grec de la Geographie, 
decouvert au mont Athos, folio, bds. an admirable facsimile of 
the text and the coloured maps, bds. £2. 10s Paris, 1867 

Facsimile of a M^. written abont the year laoo, and preserved in the 
Bionagterv at Mount A;ho«. 

188 • 


PiOLEMiEi Geographia — for other editions, see post in sections 0/ Mediaeval 
and Modern Geography. 

28072 AvEZAC (cV) Restitution de deux passages du texte grec de la 
Geographie, aux chap. 5 et (3, du 7e livre, 8vo. sd. 2s (1862) 

28073 Gamba (Bart.) Osservazioni su la edizione della Geografia di 
Tolomeo, fatta in Bologna, 1462, Svo. large paper, uncut, 20s 

Bassajio, 1796 

28074 RAIDELII (G. M.) Commentatio de Claudii Ptolemrei 
Geographia, sm. 4to. plates, hf. red morocco, gilt top, 18s 

Norimb. 1796 

28075 the same, sm. 4to. beautiful copy in crimson morocco 

extra, gilt edges, hy Petit, 36s 1737 

Literary History of Ptolemy, an account of existing MSS. of his 
Geography, and bibliography of the editions both Greek and Latin. 

28076 WmsOR (Justin) Bibliography of Ptolemy's Geography, roy. 
8vo. 4:2 pp. hf. calf neat, 20s Cambridge, Mass. 1884 

A.D. 200 Cleomedes— see No. 28047. 

A.D. 240 Solinus — see ante under Geographi Antiqui, 28048. 

for later editions — see post in section 0/ Modern Geography. 

28077 A.D. 300 Dionysius. Diontsius Periegetes, Greece et Latine, 

ex recens. G. Bernhardy, 2 parts in 1 vol. stout 8vo. bds. 5s 

Lips. 1828 
Forming Vol. I (all pub.) of the Geographi Graeci Minores, published by 
G. Bernhardy. 

28078 De Situ Orbis, latine, cum commentariis Eustathii, 

interprete A. Matthjeo, sm. 4to. limp velluvi, 20s Parisiis (1556) 

28079 A.D. 350 Ethicus. ^thici Istrici Cosmographiam, ab Hiero- 

nymo ex Gr^co in Latinum Breviarium redactam, primum ed. 
H. VVuttke, 8vo. map and facsimile, hf. calf, 7s 6d Lips. 1853 

28080 Ethicus et les ouvrages Cosmographiques intitules de ce nom ; 

memoire contenant la version latine abregee de S. Jerome, etc. 

par D'Avezac, 4to. sd. 15s Paris, 1852 

28081 the same, 4to. hf. green morocco, 18s 1852 

A.D. 390-400 Itineraria. Antonini Itinerarium — see ante 

No. 28046. 

28082 Pedtinger, Tabula Itineraria Militaris Romana antiqua Theodo- 
siana et Peutingeriana nuncupata, quam primus in Italia edidit 
J. D. Podocatharus Christianopulus, oblong folio, facsimiles of 
the map on 12 large folding sheets, no text, bds. 10s 

Msi in Piceno, 1809 

28083 Tabula Itineraria Peutingeriana, primum seri incisa et 

edita a F. C. de Scheyb, 1753, nova Conr. Mannerti introduc- 
tione instructa, folio, 12 maps, folded, margins slightly wormed, 
hf. calf, 21s Lips. 1824 

The original is preserved in the public library of Vienna and esteemed 
its greatest crnament. It is a wide map, about 24 feet long and 14 inches 
broad : the cities, rivers, etc., are pointed out by their names, and the roads 
find military routes are traced out by lines : it is supposed to have been made 
at Constantinople about A. P. .19.'^. 


28084 A.D. 400 Notitia. NOTITIA ntraque cum Orientis turn 
Occidentis ultra Arcadii Honoriique Cgesarum tempora, etc. 
FIRST EDITION, Small folio, mimerous woodcuts, coloured hy a 
contemporary artist, calf, £3. Basilice, Frohenius, 1552 

28085 ed. Bocking, cum indice, 2 vols. 8vo. woodcuts, hf. calf, 

20s Bonn, 1839-53 

A.D. 450 Vibius Sequester— see ante No. 28046. 

A.D. 485 Proclus— 566 No. 28047. 

28086 A.D. 500 Stephanus [Byzantius] de Urbibus, gr. et lat. ed. 

J. de Pinedo ; ace. Stephani Fragmentum Collationes J. Gro- 
novii. small folio, old calf, bs Amstel. 1678 

28087 A.D. 600 Ravenna Cosmographer. Kayexnatis Auonymi 

Cosmographia et Guidonis Geographica, ed. M. Pinder et G. 
Parthej, sm.. 8to. map, sd. 6s Berol. 1860 

28088 D'AvEZAC, Gi*ands et Petits Geographes Grecs et Latins, esquisse 

bibliographique, 8vo. sd. 'is Qd 1856 

28089 BoRT DE St. Yincext, Essais sur les Isles Portunees et I'antique 

Atlantide, 4to. maps and plates, bds. 7s 6d 1803 

28090 Bredow (G. G.) iiber einzelne Gegenstande der alten Gescbichte, 

Geographie und Chronologic, 8vo. 14 maps, hf. calf, 7s 6d 

' Altona, 1800 

28091 Brehmer (N. H.) Entdeckungen im Altertbum, 2 vols. 8vo. maps 

and plates, bds. 7s 6d Weimar, 1822 

28092 GossELiN (P. E. J.) Recherches sur la Geographie des Anciens, 

4 vols. 4to. maps, calf neat, 22s 1798-1818 

28093 Lelewel (J.) die Entdeckungen der Carthager und Griechen auf 

dem atlantischen Ocean, ubersetzt von Ritter, 8vo. 2 maps, sd. 
2s Berlin, 1831 

Mediaeval Geography (a.d. 700-1500). 

28094 DiCDiL. Recherches geographiques et critiques sur le livre de 

Mensura Orbis Terrce, compose en Irlande au commencement du 
IXme siecle, par Dicuil, suivies da texte restitue, par A. 
Letronne, 8vo. hf. morocco, 10s 1814 

28095 LELEWEL (J.) Geographic du Moyen Age, 4 vols, in 3, 8vo. 

10 facsimile maps, sd. lbs Bruxelles, 1852-7 

28096 the same, 4 vols, in 3, 8vo. 10 maps, in hf. green morocco, 

gilt tops, 20s 

28097 JOMARD, les Monuments de la Geographie : Recueil 

d'anciennes Cartes Europeennes et Orientales, accompagnees de 
Spheres teiTCstres et celestes, de Mappemondes et Tables Cosmo- 

graphiques, etc depuis les temps les plus recules jusqu'a 

I'epoque d'Ortelius et de Mercator, imperial folio, 50 immense 
maps, facsimiles of the same size as the origirials, several COLOURED, 
hf. red morocco, ivith 8vo. text, entitled " Introduction a V Atlas 
(1879)," sd. £15. Paris (1862) 

An invaluable series, better digested and less uncertain in its plan than 
the enoimous work of Santarem. 


28098 SANTAREM'S GRAND ATLAS : Atlas com- 
Cartes hydrographiques et historiques depuis le Vie 
jusqu'au XYIIe si^cle, pour la plupart in^dites, 
devant servir de preuves k I'Histoire de la Cosmo- 
graphie et de la Cartographie pendant le Moyen-age 
et h celle des progr^s de la Geographic, atlas folio, 
containijig the 78 maps which constitute a perfect set 
of SantareivJ s collection^ several upon double sheets^ 
and some coloured and illuminated^ with title and 
Index^ which have been additionally printed^ hf, red 
morocco^ uncut, £60. Paris^ 1842-53 

28099 another copy, containing ^^ maps^ some 

coloured and gilt, £^0. 1842-53 

List of missing maps in the second copy ; Mappemonde du 
Vllle siecle, Bibl. d'Alby ; Mappemondes et Systemes renfermes 
dans les MSS. de Paris et da la Haye de Floridus (Lambertus) ; 
Mappemonde dans tin MS. qui contient nn commentaire de 
I'Apocalypse ; Mappemonde de Marinus Sanuto du XlVe 
siecle ; Mappemonde dans le " Rudimentutn Nuvitiorum 
Mappemonde du Musee Borgia ; Mappemonde de la bibl. Medici 
2 of the 6 which form the Portnlan de Petrus Vesconte 
Carte Catalane de 1375 ; Globe de J. Schoener de 1520 
Mappemonde de Roselli. 

28100 a third copy, containing 63 maps, some coloured, £20. 

28101 a fourth copy, containing 57 maps, some coloured, £15. 


28101* Text to the above : Essai surl'histoire de la Cosmographie 

et de la Cartographie pendant le Moyen-Age, et sur les pro- 
gres de la Geographic apres les grandes Decouvertes da XVe 
Siecle, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. £2. 10s Paris, 1849-42 

The Atlas of Viscount Santarem is extraordinarily rare : few copies 
contain more than forty to sixty maps, in consequence of the desultory and 
unequal manner in which the plates were produced — nearly all separately and 
•with a varying number of impressions. 

28102 Santarem, Recherches sur la priorite de la de'couverte des pays 
situes sur la cote occidentale d'Afrique, au dela du cap Bojador, 
et sur les progres de la Science Geographique au XVe siecle, 
8vo. hf. hd. 10s 1842 

Inserted here out of its proper place, as having formed a sort of first 
tpxt to thp .A t IftS 

1000-1100 Beatus Map of the World, A.D. 1000-1100— 

contained in a MS. of Beati Commentarius in Apocalypsin, 
written in Spain, about 1150, — sold 

1280-90 Geography of the East — see Marco Polo post, in 
section of Narratives of Voyagers. 

• see also Borcharp, jiosf, in Narratives of Voyagers. 


28103 1300 Hereford Mappa Mundi. Bannister (S.) Description 

of the Map of the ancient World, preserved in the Cathedral 
Chui'ch of Hereford, 4to. facsimile of portion of map, sd. 3s 6d 

Hereford, 1849 

28104 Bevan (W. L.) and H. W. Phillott, Mediaeval Geography ; an 

essay in illustration of the Hereford Mappa Mundi, 8vo. 3 
photographic facsimiles, hf. bd. 10s 1873 

This celebrated Mappa Mundi was drawn bj Richard of Haldingham 
about A.D. 1300. 

28106 Terrarum Orbis Tabulam delineavit Ricardus de 

Haldingham, A. S. circa 1800 — facsimile of the ancient map 
preserved in Hereford Cathedral, 6 feet 10 inches by 6 feet 3 
inches, mounted on canvas with rollers Bruges, 1872 

28106 1325 Sanuto's Maps. GESTA Dei per Francos, sive Orien- 

talium Expeditionum et Regni Francorum Hierosolimitani 
Historia (per Bongarsium) — Marini Sanuti Liber Secretorum 
Fidelium Crucis de Terree Sanctge recuperatione, Terrse Sanctee 
historia et geographia, 1 vol.— together 2 vols, folio, fine paper, 
plan and plates, old calf, £3. 16s Eanovice, 1611 

The above comprise all the contemporary chronicles relative to the Crusades 
and the History of the Christian Empire of Jerusalem. 

The curious plans by Sanuto, which he presented to Pope John XXII and 
the Cardinals in 1324-25, after havin}; travelled through various countries, one 
of them being a Map of the then known world, in a circular form, with 
Jerusalem as its centre — give this work a pecular interest in relation to the 
history of early geography. 

1340-80 Geography of the East — see post Lddolphds arid 
Joannes de Hesb w section 0/ Narratives of Voyagers. 

28107 1380 Zeno Map of the Arctic and Western Seas. Autotype 

facsimile of the rare tnap which bears date 1.380, which was first 
printed in 1558, usually wanting in copies of the tvorJc with 
which it was issued " Viaggi in Persia," 10s 1658-1883' 
see post in section of Narratives of Voyagers. 

28108 NoRDENSKioLD (A. E.) Facsimiles de Trois Cartes precolombiennes- 

representant une partie de I'Amerique (Greenland), 8vo. sd.. 
7s 6d 188a 

The maps are : that of the Zeni, 1380 (1558) ; map of Claudius Clavus, 
1427, with facsimile of several leaves of MS. ; and a map of North Europe by 
Nic. Donis, taken from the Ptolemy of Uim, 1482. 

28109 NoRDENSKioLD, Facsimile de la Carte de Nic. Donis, 1482, 8vo. 

the third map of the preceding, 2s 6d 1883» 

1400 Atlantic Islands— see Bethencourt in section History 

of Discovery. 
1420 India — see Conti in section of Voyagers, ' 
1430-80 Africa and the Atlantic — see Major, Azurara, 

Behaim, w section History of Discovery, and Cadamosto in that 

of Voyagers. 

28110 1457 Fra Mauro. Fac-simile del Mappamondo di, dell' anno 

1457, illustrato da Teo. Fischer, roy. folio, title, and four sheets 
mounted on cardboard, in portfolio, 20s Venez. F Ongania, 1879 

28111 ZuRLA, il Mappamundo di Fra Mauro, Camoldolese, impl. 4to. 

engraved facsimile of a Globe of the middle of the \hth century, 
hf. Id. 15s Venez. 1806 

With an account of Early Italian Travels to the Far East and Africa. 


1470-80 Geography of the East — see Contarini, TucnfiR, 

BitASCHA, Breydenbach in section o/ Voyagers. 

28112 1478 Berlinghieri (Francesco) In questo volume si contengono 

SEPTE GiORNATE DELLA Geograpiiia di Francesco Berlingeri, large 
folio, 31 maps engraved on copper, very fine large copy, quite 
perfect, in red morocco super-extra, gilt edges, by Traiotz-Bauzon- 
net, £42. Firenze, Nicolo Todescho (circa 1478-80) 

28113 the same, large folio, wanting the map of Palestine, and 

the last leaf with the Register, hound in oaken boards, partly 
covered with hog skin, £12. 12s 

The maps aiFord curious indications, so far as they vary from the old 
Ptolemeean series, of the knowledge of Eastern geography possessed by 
Europeans in the fifteenth century. 

Francesco Berlinghieri, a Florentine, contrihuted greatly to the study of 
(jeo;;raphy by this popular work in Italian verse. It bears no date, but 
must have been published about the same time as the Roman Ptolemy of 1478, 
as the Duke of Urbino, to whom it is dedicated, died in 1482. Indeed it is 
more than probable that the work of Berlinghieri is entitled to claim prece- 
dence before the Ptolemy (as the first collection of Maps printed from copper- 
plates), since the two sets of engravings are very much alike, but the Roman 
book exhibits a very superior technical finish which evinces the improvement 
of a later hand. In some respects the Berlinghieri approximates nearer to 
geographical correctness. The added leaf of Register is mounted to the size 
of the book in the first of these two copies. 

28114 1478 Ptolemy. PTOLEM^I Cosmographia (Latine reddita, 

a Jacobo Angelo), folio, 27 large copperplate maps, a very good 
copy, velhim, £20. 

Impressum fuit Rome, arte ac impensis Petri de Turre, 1490 

28114* the same, folio, wanting 11 of the maps of Asia, hf. hd. 

some leaves mended, and- half last leaf wanting, £3. 10.s 1490 

The maps are from the identical plates used in the edition of 1478, — the 
first illustrated edition of Ptolemy's Geography, and also the first dated 
instance of maps engraved on copper. The work contains a double series of 
maps, firstly the reproduction of the old Greek ones which belong properly to 
the text, and next a set of modern maps which represent the geographical 
knowledge of the time, and which constitute the importance of the volume as 
the first dated General Atlas. 

28115 1482 Ptolemy. PTOLEM^^I Cosmogi-aphia Latine reddita 

(a Jacopo Angelo, curam Mapparum gerente Nicolao Donis 
Geniiauo), folio, the 32 large woodcut maps only, upon vellum, 
coloured, old red morocco extra, rich gold tooling, gilt edges, from 
the Beck ford library, £35. JJlmce, L. Holl, 1482 

The first of these maps is one of the World marked " Inscuiptum est per 
Joannem Schnitzer de Armszheim." At the top of the eighth map, winch 
represents North-West Europe, Ijreenland (Engronelant) is drawn as a large 
peninsula. This is the first map published on which Greenland is depicted. 

28116 Geographia Latine reddita (a Jacobo Angelo, curam 

Mapparum gerente Nicolao Donis Germano), large folio, 32 
large woodcut maps, some leaves stained, old calf, from the 
Sunderland library, £8. 8s Ulm, Johann Reger, 1486 

The maps are the same as those in the edition of 1482. 

28117 1482 Pomponii Mellae Cosmographi Geographia; Prisciani 
Interpretatio ex Dionysio de Orbis situ, sm. 4to. with a modified 
Ptolemcean ivoodcut world-mop, calf neat, rare, £4. 4s 

Venet. Ratdolt, 1482 


28118 1490 Portolano Editio Princeps. Questa e vna opera neces- 

saria a tutti li navigiiti clii vano in diuerse parte del mondo 
per la qual tutti se amaistrano a cognoscere starie fundi colfi 
vale porti corsi dacque e maree comiciando da la cita de 
cadex in spagna dretamente Una nel porto de la schiuse pas- 
sando p. i canali fra la ixola de ingelterra e la terra ferma 
scorendo le bache de fiadra fino a la ixola de irlanda, sm. 4to. 
FIRST EDITION, OF extre:^ie RARITY, fine copij, red morocco extra 
gilt edges, said to le by Roger Payne, from the Bechford library, 
£36. Venexia, 1490 
The authorship of this excessively rare volume is attributed to i-uigi 
Cadamosto. the great voyager and geographer who sailed to the Canaries 
and oth-^r Atlantic Islands and down the West Coast of Africa for the 
Infante of Portugal (Prince Henry the Navigator — see Mr. Major's valu- 
able work, a masterpiece of geographical history and criticism); and whose 
name is associated with that of Vespucci in the early editions of the 
Paesi novamente ritrovati. 
see Behaim m section History of Discovery. 

28119 1490-1500 Africa. Leonis (Joannis, Africani) de totius AfricES 

de:^criptione libb. ix. in Latinam linguam conversum Joan. 
Floriano interp. r2nio. vellum, £2. Antv. 1556 

On the reverse of tlie cover is pasted a curious early bookplate -'Wiguleus 
Hundt de Lavterpach Juris Co. M.D.LVI." 

28120 LEO, Geographical History of Africa, written in Arabicke and 

Italian by John Leo, a More, translated by John Pory, 4to. 
loith Map, old calf, £2. 16s 1600 

Although the Arabic original was written about the year 151.5 (translated 
by the author himself into Italian some ten years later) the information in 
this volume represents for the must part a somewhat earlier period. It gives 
us the historical geography of Africa as known to educated Granadan and 
Moorish Mohammedans about the year 1490. 

Modern Geography (1492-1876). 

1492-1507 Geography of America— see sections History 
Discovery, aitd Narratives of Voyagers. 

28121 1500-1592 Kcnstmakn, die Entdeckung Amerikas . . mit Atlas . . 

4to. text and folio Atlas of 13 raaj^s coloured in facsimile of original 

MSS. charts of the sixteenth century, £'6. 10s Munchen, 1859 

1503-1508 Geography of Asia — see Varthema, in section of 

1506 iiydrographie Portugaise, or Admiral's Map— see 

OTi next page under date 1513. 

28122 1506-7 Unknown printed Map of the New World. 

TKITEMII (loannis) Abbatis Spanhemensis, Epistolarum 
Familiarium libri duo ad diversos Germaniae Principes, 
Episcopos, ac eruditione praestantes viros, sm. 4to. hf. morocco, 
gilt top, £4. 4s Hagenoae, 1536 

The passage on p. 296 of this volume, which Mr. Harrisse quotes with 
unfortunate simplicity, is one that deserves consideration. The letter in 
which it occurs is dated 12 August. 1507 ; consequently, there existed at that 
date a printed map showing the discoveries of Vespucci in the New World, 
as far as 10 degrees south latitude. As it is quite certain that Ruysch's map 
was not printed till late in 1507 or the beginning of 1508, at Rome; as the 


S. Die map, although designed in 1507, was not finished till 1513; 
and as, moreover, neither of them corresponds to the mention of the 10 
degi'ees south latitude, we must conclude that a map at present unknown 
was printed before 1507, exhibiting the new discoveries in the west. 
1507 Cosmographise Introductio — see under Vespucci in section 

Narratives of Voyagers. 
28123 1508 PTOLEMyEI Geographia, latine reddita, correcta a 
Marco Beneventano et Joanne Costa, folio, the Maps only, 
that of Livonia wanting, water-stained, old calf, £15. 

Bumoi, Evangel. Tosinus, 1508 
The maps are the same as those in the edition of 1490, with seven new 
ones added. Among the additional ones is the celebrated map of Johan 
Euysch. entitled " Universalior Cogniti Orbis Tabula ex recentibus confecta 
observationibus." This is the first engraved map i>n which an v part of 
THE TKCE America was shown. Greenland (hereattached to the North-East 
of A.«ia) is in this map drawn for the first time separated from Europe. A little 
below Greenland there is a peninsula marked "Terra Nova," which repre- 
sents perhaps the results of Cabot's voyages. Below this appear Cuba (only 
half of which is drawn), Spagnola and the other islands. Beneath these again 
is drawn the nonh-east corner of South America, entitled "Terra sancte 
crucis sive Mundus novus." The present is the issue with the '-Plisacus 
Sinus " marked upon the east coast of Asia. 
28124 1511 CLAUDIl PTHOLEMAEI Alexandrini Liber Geo- 
grapliise cum tabulis et universal! figura et cum additions 
locorum quae a recentioribus reperta sunt, diligenti cura 
[Bernardi SrLVAKi Eboliensis] emendatus et impressus, roy. 
folio, title printed in red, 92 leaves, of which the last 30 contain 
28 large ivoodcut -maps, with the names printed in red and black 
upon them, hf. hd. £8. 8s Venetiis, J. P. de Leucho, 1511 

28125 the same, folio, clean copy, vellum, £10. 10s 

28126 the same, folio, fine copy, ruled, with initial letters 

painted, old calf, £12. 12s 

Rare. It is three years later than the Roman edition with Ruysch's 
map which contained the first published delineation of America (South 
America, Cuba and the islands). The map of the world, which is in the 
above volume, represents the New World in an extremely curious way. Brazil, 
a large tract, is called Terra Santse Crucis, and the cartographer evinces 
acquaintance with the results of Columbus' third voyage, and Vespucci's 
second and third voyages. The contmuiiy is broken by the margin in conse- 
quence of the peculiar plan of the map, so that Cuba and Hispaniola appear 
next above near their proper places ; and far beyond them, at the same deyree 
of latitude as Ireland, an unfinished shore bearing the words "Regalis 
Domus," indicates the northern continent, while Labrador (Terra Laboratorus) 
is represented as an island off the coast. This is the first graphic 
kecord of the discoveries (in 16U0) of Corte Real. Greenland 
(Engronelat) is drawn as a peninsula of north-west Europe. Coming nearer 
home, it is remarkable that in this book, Scotland is properly drawn for the 
first time as forming a northern extension of England. It is also remarkable 
for the manner in which the names are printed on the maps, this having been 
done by types after the woodcut had been worked off. This is the first instance 
in which such a method of operation was ever adopted. 
28127 1513 PTOLEMEI (Claudii) . . . Geographie opus nouissima 
traductione e Grecorum archetypis castigatis.sime pressum 
(edentibus Jacobo Eszler et Georgio Ubelin), large folio, 
stained, some leaves mended, otherwise a fair copy, 47 woodcut 
maps, hf. hd. hogshin, £25. Argentine, Joannes Schott, 1513 

The most remarkable of the early Ptolemies in its geographical importance. 
It contains two maps which were here j)rinted for the first time, and which 


may undoubtedly be held to represent the cartographical labours of Amerigo 
Vespucci. One of them is the Bydrographia (or " Hyiirographie Portugaise" 
as it is often called), which forms the first of the supplementary maps ; the 
other is ihe Tabula Terre nove, which is the second of that series, and which 
might be thought to contain the New-World portion of the Hydrographia 
engraved on a larger scale and more detailed, but it is really quite a different 
map. Only one map is alluded to in ihe address Ad Lectorein which precedes 
those supplementary maps, and it is said to have been presented to the editors 
more than six years earlier, by Rene Dnke of Lorraine, when they had 
commenced to work on the publication of Ptolemy. The histoiy of the 
edition is prnbaMy to be explained thus. On the publication of Vespucci's 
four voyages early in 1.505. a copy with the dedication altered so as to suit 
the recipient, was sent to King Rene, along with two manuscript maps prepared 
apparently by Vespucci's hand. He delivered the book and the maps to the 
St. Di4 College, and thev produced the Cosmographia of 1507 as a translaiion 
of the Italian text. The maps were reserved to be used for an edition of 
Ptolemy then projected, and the work of engraving was probably begun at 
once, but difficulties arose with regard to the text when they began to edit 
the Latin translation of Htolemy. Finding it necessary to collate it with a 
Greek text, Philesius was sent to Italy. Pico di Mirandola furnished him 
with a Greek MS. for the use of the editors, and sent a highly complimentary 
letter, which is printed at the beginning of the volume, bearing date 1508. 
The labour must have proved enormous and discouraged the editors, for they 
say in the Ad Lectorem that it had gone to sleep six years before in the rocks 
of the Vosges, and was now at last roused inio public ition in Strassburg. 
The words concerning the procurement and the authorship of the map are as 
follows : — " Charta aufem marina quam Hydrographiam vocant per Adniiralcm 
quondam serenissi. Portugalie regis Kerdinandi ceteros denique lustratores 
verissimis peragrationibus lustrata, ministerio Renati, diim vixit, nunc ])ie 
mortui, Ducis illustriss. Lotharingie liberalius prelographati )ni tradita est." 
The blunder either in the name of the king or that of the country has led to 
various interpretations, and the Admiral referred to is generally supposed to 
mean Columbus, but it is more probable that the phrase refers to Vesiaicci, 
wl.o, in 1504, was a sea-captain m the Portuguese service. It is a trifling 
matter, but one of some .'ignificance for the deterniinaiion of this disputed 
point, that in the delineation of Spain, there is no town or port marked except 

The first map or Hydrographia is a general view of the world from 
Cathay on tlie right hand to the New World on the left. The American 
portiim con^ists of the coa^t of South America from the Gulf of Venezuela 
to the port of Cananea (12 degrees North to 25 degrees South latitude — it is 
marked 15 N.L. to 35 S.L). with the islands of Cuba and S. Domingo. 
There are only a few inscriptions, seven in all ; and there is nothing further, 
except the outlines of a small portion of derached coast lying opposite 
Ireland, in the mid-sea, between 50 and 62 degrees N.L. This is evidently 
intended to represent the discoveries of Corte Real. — The second map is the 
Tabula Terre Nove above mentioned. It omits entirely the Corte-real coast 
which appears in the Hydrographia, but extends in S. America to the same 
degree of S.L. as that map. It is lull of names along the sea coast from 
Cabo del Mar Usiano on the north, to about 25 (marked 35) degrees of south 
latitude, where it ends with Rio Cananor (Cananea Bay), and seems to corre- 
spond exactly with the extent claimed by Vespucci as having been explored 
in his four voyages (including also an evidence that Cabral's discovery was 
included). There can be little doubt, notwithstanding the absence ot the 
peninsula of Yucatan (which proves that during the coasting voyaue described 
by Vespucci as his first, the usual hydrographic observations were frequently 
preteriiiiited) that we have in the northern portion a delineation of the Gulf 
of Mexico, the coast and point of FloriHa, and the coast of the Eastern United 
States as far as Cape Hatteras. As for the degrees of latitude they are of 
course monstrously exaggerated. The equator is placed about 5 degrees north 
of its true level both in America and in Africa ; and as the design extends 
northward, the error diminishes on the eastern side of the Atlantic bnt 
increases on the western. Cuba is placed 10 degrees north of it« true 


liititude, and the Cabo del Mar Usiano (Cape Hattex-as) is some 19 degrees 
above its proper place. 

This map— prepared for the engraver by Martinus Waldseemiiller (Hyla- 
comylusi — bears the inscription " Hue terra cum adiacentibus insnlis inventa 
est per Columbum .Jaiuiensem ex mandato Regis Castelle," which appeared 
here for the first time, and was frequently repeated on later maps. Not only 
may the Ptolemy of 1.513 be said to cfmtain the Editio Princeps of the 
Admiral's map, but it would even be correct to describe it as (excluding 
its I'eissue in Schott's second edition of 1.520) the only edition of that 
map, since all the later reproduction.s, except of course modern facsimiles, 
follow the Ptolemy of 1522. Humboldt has put forward an opinion that 
Waldseemiiller executed these maps, and also those which appeared in the 
Ptolemy of 1522 and 1525. A faithful comparison will preclude all supposi- 
tion that the same hand could have been employed in both ; for : Ithough the 
maps of 1522 and 1525, published by Laurentius Frisius, are ostensibly close 
reproductions of those of 1513, yet the difference between them is scientifi- 
cally and critically very great. It can at once be seen that the original maps 
are valuable and authentic documents, while the latter ones are careless and 
inexact imitations, not only without any attempt to improve upon the earlier 
labour, but even omitting some of the names because they were too numerous 
or not sufficiently clear ; blurring, rouu ling, and distorting the coast-outlines. 

On the fly-leaf is pasted an inscription in Latin (dated Sept. 1, 1540), to 
the effect that this book was given by John Faber, Bishop of Vienna, to the 
students of the College of St. Nicholas. 

28128 1513 Major (R. H.) On a Mappemonde by Leonardo da Vinci,' 

being tlie earliest map hitherto known containing the name of 
America, impl. 4to. facsimile of MS. Mappemonde, cloth, 15s 1865 

28129 1515 SCHCENER (Joannis) Luculentissima quseda terrae totius 

descriptio : cu multis vtilissimis Cosmographiae iniciis, tvith the 
rare slip of Errata, and the separate leaf tvhich contains a large 
woodcut of his terrestrial globe, small 4to. £25. Noriberg.. 1515 

The Luculentissima Descriptio is the second geographical work in which 
the name of America was used to designate the N'5w World. (The first was 
the Cosmographia, which see post in the section " Narratives of Voyagers " 

In some respects the early ideas of Schoner were superior to the later. 
In 1515 he held that "America sive Amerigen novus niundus" was the 
" quarta orbis pars" and an " insula niiriB magniiudinis." He goes on to say 
that " Parias insula " is not a portion of the preceding island, but a special 
great portion of the ^1e^y fourth part of the world. This implies the recognition 
of a new and distinct continent, which he rejects in the late Opusculum. We 
know that by Parias is not meant the gulf and coast of Paria, in South 
America, which Columbus visited in 1499, but the Lariab of Vespucci (mis- 
written or misprinted Pariasin the Cosniographioe Introductio oi 1507), which 
was probably in Guatemala ; and therefore, having regard to the article 
"Brasilife regio," a little further on, we may conclude that Schoner's idea was 
that of a new continent, consisting of three great islands, lying fx'om north- 
west to south-east, Lariab or Parias being the noribernmost, and correspond- 
ing to North America; America sive Amerigen lying in the middle and 
corresponding to Yucatan, Central America, Nicaragua; Brasilia lying 
south-east, and corresponding to South America. In his description of the 
minor islands of the New World, we find Spagnolla. Isabella, etc., and the 
Madeiras. He sums up his chapter by saying. Thus the world is known as 
being of four parts ; the first three parts are continents, that is, terra firma, 
and the fourth an iiland, since on every side it is observed to be surrounded by 
the sea. The word insula, an island, may be taken to mean insular in a 
general sense, but the statement that the insularity was proven, in conjunction 
with the assertion that " modica est distantia ah hac BrasiliaB regione ad 
Mallaquam ubi S. Thomas apostolus martyrio coronatus," is a singular 
circumstance in a book which preceded Magellan's voyage by some years. 


28130 1520 SOLIXUS. Joannis Camertis in C. Julii Solini UoXvuTwpa 

Enarrationes, Facsimile of Apianus' celebrated map (the earliest 
■issued in any printed book ivith the name of America inscribed) 
belonging to this edition, folio, 21 5 Viennie Austrice, 1520 

28131 1522 APIANI (Petri) De^laiatio: et Vsus Typi Cosmographici, 

sm. 4to. 8 leaves, with little tvoodcut Mappa Mundi on the title 
showing an island lying in the ocean east of Asia and marked 
with the letters am, red morocco, by Bedford, £21. 

[Lajidisutce] 1522 
The particular value of this tract lies in its excessive rarit}', and the 
fact that it contains the small map with the word " Am." two years before 
the first edition of the Cosmographicus Liber. There is also a section of 
the text with the heading " America '' following similar paragraphs headed 
" Europe," " Asia." " Aphrica," and one with the general heading "Mundi 
in quattuor pai-tes divisio." 

28132 Ptolemy. Map of America (Terra Nova) and the W. Indies, 

entitled Tabula Ter. Novcb, extracted from Ptolemy of 1522, on 
a folio sheet folded, -with letterpress on the back describing the 
discoveiy of America by Christopher Columbus, 36s 1522 

This map was also inserted in the Pompouius Mela of 1.522. It is a 
copy of the corresponding map in the 1513 Ptolemy, with a few added 
inscriptions, including the word America on the Southern continent, and 
the name Parias on the land which coasts the Gulf of Mexico. This 
peculiarity is significant as showing where the " Lariab " of Vespucci's first 
voyage was supposed to lie. See note to Schoner, No. 28129. 

28133 1523 Schoner (J.) Lettre a propos de son Globe, ecrite en 1523 

(en Latin), reimpression fidele, Svo. sd. Ss 6d St. Petersburg, 1872 
Only 40 copies reprinted by Vamhagen. 

28134 1524 APIANI (Petri) Cosmographicus Liber, sm. 4to. first 

EDITION, numerous ivoodcuts, maps, and Geometrical and Astro- 
nomical Diagrams, u'ith Volvelles and other movable pieces, 
staviped pigskin, £12. 

Excusmn Landshutce typis Jo. Weysseniurgers, 1524 

" Edition tres-rare. et la premiere qui ait paru de cet ouvrage.'' — 
Bnmet. Contains : Title ; Dedication, 1 leaf ; Index, 2 leaves ; Text, 104 
numbered pages; Appendix, 3 leaves. Harrisse gives the collation as: 
Title, 5 prel. 11. (which sometimes appear at the end of the book) and 104 
11. of text. 

Apianus was the designer of the map which appeared in the celebrated 
work of Gamers upon Solinus in 1520, and was consequently the first promoter 
of the name America in the long series of maps issued with geographical treatises. 
The Cosmographicus Liber has two small maps, on pages 2 and 63, bearing the 
delineation and title of America, and the fourth chapter of the second part is 
an article devoted entirely to America and Vespucci, ignoiiug the name of 
Columbus. In the seventeenth chapter, " America " is mentioned as an island 
along with Sicilv, Java, and Rhodes. 

28135 1525 CLAUDII PTOLEMAEI Geographicse Enarrationis 

libri octo Bilibaldo Pirckeymhero interprete, (ace.) annotationes 
J. de Regio Monte in errores commissos a Jacobo Angelo in 
translatione sua, folio, curious initials ivith borders, 50 large 
woodcut maps, original calf, slightly stained and wormed, £6. 10s 

Argentoragi (sic) J. Grieninger, 1525 

2813'j the same, folio, large copy in half calf , £9. 9s 1525 

The Bodleian Liliiary possesses only an imperfect copy of this edition, 
and there is none at all in the Grenville Library. l{:\\r\s%%(Bihl. Americana' 


had not seen one, describing it only from the catalogue of a private collec- 
tion. The maps are the same as those in the edition of 15:!2. The last 
sheet is the famous map s^i^ned by L. F. (Laurentius Frisius) dated 1.5'22, and 
entitled '' Orbis ttpus universalis," which bears the name *' America." 
This map is not a new one, but simply a reproduction of one in the Ptolemy 
of lol3, with the name America added. The discovery of Columbus is 
described on the sheet numbered 28, and the two inner pages of that sheet 
contain a Map of America, or rather of the Western Ocean and Terra Nova, 
with the Islands. Again, the last map but one. which represents Gronlandia 
et Russia, is really a map of the Eastern Hemisphere, but also contains por- 
tions of the American coasts. As the collation is always incorrectly given, 
an exact description is appended. Folios 1-82, numbered, including title ; 
annotations of Kegiomontanus, 14 leaves, unnumbered ; index Ptolemaei, 
34 leaves, unnumbered ; followed by the Maps. They consist of sheets 
numbered 1-26 ; general Piolem£ean map ; sheets 28-50 (with two Nos. 36 
by mistake for 35 and 36 ; 46 and 47 on one sheet ; and 50 unnumbered). 

28137 1529 Apianus. Cosmographicus liber, studiose correctus ac 

erroribus vindicatus per Gemmam Phrysium, sm. 4to. 
mappeynondes (including the two small maps hearing the name 
"America"), with movable diagrams, etc. as in the first edition, 
hf. bd. 305 Antuerpice, R. Bollaert, 1529 

In addition to the matter of the first edition, this edition has some 
further astronomical disquisitions by Gemma Frisius, and, at the end of the 
table of American islands, a description of Peru, which had been recently 
discovered by the Spaniards (the date being fixed as 1530). Moreover, the 
figure of the American continent, in the first of the two small maps, is 
altered and improved. 

28138 [Apiani] Cosmograpliiae Introductio . . . 12 mo. ivoodcuts, vellum, 

20s Ingolstadii, 1529 (-33 

28139 another edition, 12mo. ivoodcuts, bds. 5s Venet. 1537 

28140 another edition, 12mo. woodcuts, vellum, 5s ih. 1541 

A compendium of the Cosmographicus Liher, containing the name of 

America twice, and a short account of the New World, now discovered to 
be an island though the explorations of Vesputius " sagacis ingenii vir." 

28141 1530 PORTOLANO. Three large Manuscript Maps, 22 inches 

by 15, coloured and illuininated, momited on thick paper and 
folded in folio form, bds. £10. circa 1530 

This valuable MS. delineates Maritime Europe, with the seas, islands, and 
coasts, thus including the shores of Asia, and to as far south as Cape B'anco 
on the West African coast. It also exhibits the '' Ocean Occidental " with the 
Azores, the Madeiras, and the Canary Islands. The date of the MS. is fixed 
by the cross which appears on both the if- lands of Rhodes and Malta, by which 
it must be c< ncluded that the Knights had but lately removed to the latter 
island ; and by the cross also marked on the isle of Scio, which shows that its 
surrender by the Venetians to the Turks, in 1540, had not yet taken place. 
The double-headed eagle which surmounts the crown over the Spanish arms 
shows that Charles V. was still on the Imperial throne. Special prominence is 
given to the French royal escutcheon, and this with the one French inscription, 
''L'Ocean Occidental," makes it appear that the author was a subject of 
Francis I., although the written part of the maps is almost entirely Italian, 

28142 APIANI (Petri) Universalior cogniti Orbis Tabula, a large Map, 

21| inches by 15^, mounted on linen, unique, £40. 

(Ingolstadii) 1530 
This large chart was produced by Apianus at his private-press in 
Ingolstadt. It exhibits the peculiariiy of a heart-shaped map of the world 
before the appearance ot the well-known map of Oronce Fine, hitherto 
supposed to have been the first of the kind. The French caitographer, though 
only one year later than Apiani, was able to fill his map with a number of 



useful names from the reports of recent discoverr, but his theory of the 
identity between China and the lands lying north-west of Florida vitiated all 
his work ; while Apianns had evidently learned from Vespucci to abandon the 
old hallucinaticjn of Columbus. 

This lar^e and elaborate world-map was prepared by Apianus as an 
improvement on that which appeared in the Solinus of 1520. It is largely 
based on the discovery of Vespucci, and in the upper margin, there are two 
smaller world-maps exhibiting comparatively the extent of the globe according 
to the " t (bservatio Ptolem." and the " Observatio Vespu." In the large map 
itself, the coasts of Greenland coalesce with those of Labrador, and the Gulf of 
St. Lawrence is plainly indicated. South of the gulf, the northern limit ot the 
contmental shore reaches to about 38 degrees N.L. (marked 40), indicating 
the north-westwardly recession of the coast from the point of C. Hatteras 
towards Chesapeake Bay. The line of land is continued below along the 
shores of Carolina, Georgia, Florida, round Cape Sable, with the entire 
coast of the Mexican Gulf, Mexico, Yucatan, Homiuras, Central America, 
Venezuela, Guiana, Brazil, till it fades into an indistinct and unfinished 
outlme at about 45 dejirees S L. The island of Cuba is marked Isabella, while 
the land of Central America bears the name of " Terra de Cuba." From the 
Gulf of Maracaibo to that of Paria, the coast is marked with the words, " lUi 
8ut sub Carolo Rom. Jmperatore." From the mouth of the Amazon, that is 
from about 5 degrees S.L., the coast line proceeds southwardly with but 
nncertam resemblance to the reality. We find the words " Terra Nova " and 
''Hie reperiuntur P*ittaci rubri," and "Bri>ilici sive Paragalli," this last 
inscription appearing opposite tUe embouchure of a river which is plainly 
meant for Kio Janeiro, and falls into the ocean at 2.3 degrees S.L. At 30 
degrees S.L. the line is broken by a very broad strait, gulf, or river-month, 
which evidently represents the mouth of La Plata. Below it the omline runs 
a considerable distance further to the south, but without any distinctness, 
broken off aitosrether at 46 S.L. 
The map is rledica'ed to Leonardus ab Fck and bears his arms. 

28143 1533 SCHONERI ( loannis ) Carolostadii Opvscvlvm Geo- 

graphicrra ex diversorvm libris ac cartis . . . collectnm, small 
4to. woodcuts of globes, velhim, £7. lOs {Norih. 1533) 

An opuscule of no slight interest to the American collector. It is the 
first expression in print of an idea that has led to long and bitter contro- 
versy- nan^ely, that Vespucci himself bestowed the name of America upon 
the New World. Otherwise it is more curious than valuable, as for instance, 
when he discusses the idea of the revolution of the earth round the sun, and 
dismisses it as erroneous. His ideas concerning the New World had under- 
gone some change from the time when he wrote ihs Lucule-ntissima Descriptio. 
He describes the land found by Vespucci as the continent of Upper India, 
citing the voyage of Magellan as a proof ; and then proceeds to mention the 
Bachalaos, Florida, Mexico, Darien, Uraba, and Canibalia as portion of it. 
The islands of_ the Moluccas lay on the further side of it, the islands of 
Yucatan, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Cuba on the hither side ; while he chides 
Columbus and Vespucci for having considered the mainland they discovered 
to be an island. His last chapter is on Brasilia. The article is accompanied 
by two astronomical tracts of Schoner : Abrusahk Azarcheles Saphea 
recentiores doctrinse, a Schonero emendatae 1534; loannis de Monteregio 
Problemata Sapheup, cum praef. Schoneri, 1534; and a treatise "De situ 
ac moribus regnornm omnium." 

28144 1534 VADIANUS. Epitome trivm terr^ paetivm, Asi^, Africse, 

et _ Evropae, per loachimvm Yadianvm medicum, folio, first 
edition, with the large folding map (in which South America was 
for the first time draivn in its complete outline with approximate 
correctness), limp wrapper, £3. 3s Tiguri, Christ. Frosch. 1.334 

tte same, map, Tiguri, 1534— Postelli (Gul.) de Oibis 

Terree Concordia Jibri TV, sine nota ; 2 vols, in 1, gm. folio, old 
stamped pigskin, £5. 1634 



28145 VADIANI (loachimi) Epitome trivm Terrse partivm, 12mo. ivith 
the large folding map, fine copy in bds. rare, £3. 3s 

Tiguri, Chi-isfojyh. Fi-oschoner. 1534 
The above is the only copy of this octavo edition I have ever seen 
containing the map. 

28146 Epitome topograpWca totivs orbis, original calf, £2. 2s 

Antverpice, J. Grapheus, 1535 
This edition has no maps ; it omits the prefatory ejnstle to Bullinger, 
and adds at the end (after the chapter on the Isles of the Ocean which 
contains the reference to America) a treatise by Erasmus on the Peregri- 
nations of SS. Peter and Paul. It is bound up with two tracts by 
J. Cochleeus and one by Georgius Wicelius. 

28147 1535 PTOLEM^I (Claudii) Geogi-aphic^ Enarrationis libri octo, 

ex Pirckeymheri tralatione a Michaele Villanovano (Serveto) 

recogniti, folio, 50 very large woodcut maps, fine tall cojjy, bd. £5. 

Liigduni, Melchior et Gaspar Trecltsel, 1585 

28148 the same, folio, brown morocco extra, gilt edges, by Fetit, 

£8. 8s 1535 

Rare, all the coj)ies that could be obtained having been ordered to be 
burned by Calvin It is the most famous edition in the entire series of 
Pto emies, in consequtnce of the paragraph that caused the martyrdom of 
Servetus. This paragraph is alluded to by Ebert, Hrunet, Harrisse, and 
others, but all of them make the same mistake with regard to its position 
in the book. It appears on the map of Palestine in the second series, 
and the fault lay in accusing the " Biblici libri"' of " injuria aut jactantia 
pura ;" but, of course, Servetus was not the author of the passage, having 
merely repiinted it from the editions of 152^; and 1.52.'). Indeed the labours 
of Servetus were not very heavy ; he did but reprint those editions, with a 
few additions, a few omi-isions, and a total substitution of text only in the 
desciiptions of France, Spain, (iermany, and Italy. Here, Servetus expresses 
freely his (»wn opinions and prejudices, which differ extremely from those 
of his prededessor. With regard to Germany, he quotes " producit Hungaria 
boves, Bavaria sues, Franconia cepas rapas et glycerhisiam, Suevia mereirices, 
Boemia hereticos, Bavaria iterum fures, Helvetia carnifices bubsequas, 
Westialia fallaces, tota denique Germania ac totus septemirio gulones et 
potatores." To the identical account of Columbus which appeared in the 
editions of 1522 and 152.5, Servetus has appended a few remarkable words 
concerning the absurdity of putting the claims of Americus in precedence 
to those of the real discoverer. The maps are the same as those in the 
edition of 1525. 

28149 1536 Glareani (H.) de Geographia liber unus, ab ipso authore 

jam tertio recognitus, sm. 4to. diagrams, vellum, 7s 6d 

apud Frihnrgum Brisgoiae 1536 
Thirty-five numbered leaves, including title. See for reference to 
America the chapter, entitled "de regiouibus extra Ptolemaeum." 

28150 Glareani Geographia Liber unus ab ipso authore jam tertio 

recognitus, 12mo. title torn, diagrams, bds. 7s 6d Venetiis, 1538 

28151 1537 [SACROBOSCO (J. de)]Spheravolgarenovamente tradotta 

con molte notande additioni, sm. 4to. numerous tooodcuts, in- 
cluding tioo small globes with the delineation and name of America, 
hf. bd. £5. Venetia, Zanetti, 1537 

28152 1538 Solinus. Polyhistor, huic Pomponii Melae de Situ 

Orbis libros III. adjunximus, folio, old stamped pigskin, with 
clasps, £3. 5s Basil, 1538 

This edition is not in H:;rri8-e. There are several woodcuts and two 
nifips, ni one of whicli America is designated " Terra Incognita." 



28153 SOLINI Poljhistor, Rerum toto Orbe Meraorabilium Thesaurus 

locupletissimus, huic Pomponii Melae de Situ Orbis libros 
fcres adjunximus, with tooodcut inaps in the text, and 2 
separate, on one of which America (" Terra Incognita ") appears, 
Basil. 1543 — Gerbelii (Nic.) pro declaratione picturse suae sive 
descriptionis Graeciae Sopbiani, libri VII, ih. (1550) ; 2 vols, in 
1, sm. folio, calf, £4. 4s 1543-50 

An interesting- volume, as containing the autograph of the celebrated 
author of the Anatomy of Melancholy — " Rob. Burton ex sede (!ri. Oxon." — 
The maps of the Solinus belong properly to the period between the issue of 
the first Novus Orbis (1532) and the Miinster Ptolemy of 1540. 

28154 1540 POMPONII MELAE de orbis situ libri tres, accuratissime 

emendati, una cum commentariis Joachimi Vadiani, adjecta 
epistola Vadiani ad Rudolphum Agricolam scripta Anti- 
podius, etc.), folio, tvith the famous and rare heart-shaped 
World-map of Oronce Finee, exceedingly fine tall clean copy, 
red morocco super extra, gilt marbled edges, hy Petit, £8. 8s 

Parisiis, Jo. Poigny, 1540 

28155 PTOLEMAEI Geograpbia Universalis Vetus et Nova, complectens 

Ptolemaei enarrationis libros VIII (cum Appendice Seb. 
Munsteri), etc. sm. folio, 48 large woodcut maps, vellum, £5. 

Basil., Henricus Petrus, 1540 

The parent edition of a new series of Ptolemies. Miinster, the famous 
cosmographer, edited it, re-designing the maps, according to the lights of 
fresh discovery, and thenceforward each new edition has followed or improved 
upon his work. In the first Map — Typus Universalis — the continent of 
America is divided into three parts: Francisca (Canada); Terra Florida, 
with Temistitan (Mexico) which is broken off from Florida by the circimi- 
ference line of the circle, and consequently appears on the extreme right in 
the Asiatic half of the globe ; and America seu insula Brasilii {South 
America.) Maps 2-28 contain the series of Ptolemy's ancient maps, as 
designed by Miinster. Then follow the twenty maps of the modern world, 
of which the seventeenth contains the Novus Orbis, that is, North and South 
America, extending from Labrador to Tierra del Fuego. Naturally great 
portion of the outline is conjectural, and there are no details. 

The general representation of the New World is one of the earliest printfd 
maps in which the entire continent appears, with the western outlines of the 
Pacific coast of S. America in fairly accurate design. 

28156 PiOLEMiEi Geograpbia, maps, Basil. 1540 — SOLINI Polybistor, 

Rerum toto Orbe Memorabilium Thesaurus locupletissimus, 
huic Pomponii Melee de Situ Orbis libros tres adjunximus, maps, 
Basil. 1538 ; together 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, old calf, £10. 


The Solinus contains besides a small woodcut map of Italy in the text, 
two large maps, viz : Typus Greece; and another, representing Asia, with 
the North-East of Africa. In the top right-hand corner of this map is a 
small part of North America (" Terra Incognita ") separated from Asia 
by the Pacific. 

28157 1543 Diontsids Lybicus Poeta de situ babitabilis Orbis, a 

Simone Lemnio Poeta Laureate nuper Latinus factus, 12mo. 
calf, 28s 

Venetiis, per Bartholomeum cognomento Pnperatorem, 1543 
A scarce edition with a spherical map on title, having " America. " on it. 



28158 1544 Appian's smaller Map of the World (as distinguislied from 

liis larger maps of 1520 and 1530) — first pnhlished in 1544, and 
issued with all later editions of the Cosmo cjrapliia 1544 
see below under 1548 and 1584. 

28158*1545 MEDINA (Pietro da) l'arte del navegar, in la qnal si 
contengono le regole, decMarationi, secreti, & aiiisi, alia bona 
nauegation necessarii . . . tradotta de lingua Spagnola in volgar 
Italiano . . . [da Vicenzo Paletino da Corzula], sm. 4to. 
woodcuts and diagrams, and full-page map of the Neio World, 
fine copy in smooth olive morocco extra, gilt edges, £6. 6s 

Vinetia, Gioanhatt. Pedrezann, 1555 

The Spanish original having been printed in 1545, the map may be taken 
to represent the results of Spanish discovery in 1540, Pedro de Medina having 
been the otficial examiner of Pilots. It is interesting as showing the mouth of 
the Spirito Santo (the Mi^sissippi) and the lands aronnd the River and Gulf of 
St. Laurence. In the latter case Newfoundland has not yet become an island, 
the straits of Belle-isle being still unknown, and only a deep inlet divides it 
from Labrador. The River Saguenay is shown at its entry into the Sr. 
Laui'ence, which is a remarkable feature in so early a map. 

28159 1545 ATLAS, or PORTOLANO, of the whole 
world as known about the year 1545-48 (perhaps by 
BATTISTA AGNESE), sm. folio, Manuscript on 

Vellum, consistijig of 2^ leaves of Maps executed in 
colours, heightened loith gold, every page surrounded 
hy an arabesque harder in gold, red morocco extra, 
gilt edges, hy Petit, £50. (? Venice ahout 1550) 

This is a Hydrographic Atlas of the World, of extreme 
importance to American students, as it is perhaps the only set 
of maps (besides the celebrated Eibero MS. chart of 1527), 
showing, by what is absolute proof, that the explorations of 
Estevam Gomez are depicted from original designs. On the 
second last map we find two inscriptions which are decisive on 
the point. On one of the Mauritius islands there are the words 
" i. discubrio Esteua Comes," and on the American continent, 
in the region which afterwards became Pennsylvania, there is a 
similar record, " tera che discobrio Stevan Comes." (This 
second inscription is repeated in the same locality on the last 
map.) Now, there is very little known about Estevtin Gomes 
beyond the facts that he stai'ted with Magellan as pilot, joined 
the Spanish mutineers against his leader, and returned to Spain 
in the ship San Antonio which deserted the Victoria, just as it 
was about to enter the famous strait ; and that afterwards in 
1525 he was sent to explore the coasts north of Florida. In the 
two inscriptions above quoted, one referring to a place ofE the 
east of Africa, and the year 1505 or 1506, the other relating to 
the region of the United States and the year 1525 or 1526, we 
find the discoveries of Gomes recorded on a single map, which 
is pi'obably unique in this respect. We may therefore draw^ the 
safe conclusion that Gomes's own charts were in the hands of 


the chartographer. The date of the lattei''s work is evident 
from the nature of the maps ; Japan is still the old island of 
Marco Polo, Yucatan is still an island, and the -svestern coast 
line of South America is a blank from about the region of Lima 
to the vicinity of Magellan's Straits. We can have no doubt 
therefore that the Atlas was compiled about 1545, or between 
1545 and 1550. California is delineated as a peninsula with 
the " Mare Vermiglio " between it and the mainland. BotTi the 
American coasts are thickly studded with names, and the 
eastern outline of North America is given with tolei'able 
accuracy, all the way from Mexico to Labrador, marking the 
Rio del Spirito Santo (Mississippi) and the Gulf of St. Laurence 
(v. hich is without a name). "Terra di Bacalaos " is marked, 
not on Newfoundland, but on Labrador. One of the islands in 
that gulf is marked " I. de la Fortuna." The names on the 
coast between the point of Florida and " Tera de Bertoni " are 
" Aguarda ; Tera di Licenciados ; Aillon ; Bio di S. Zuan ; C. di 
S.Maria; vila di Christoval ; vila di S.Antoni; n. verde ; rio 
di hona mad^e ; S. Ziiane Batista ; Montanas ; C di mucesilas (?); 
tera che discohrio Stevan Comes ; C. diloverta (?)." 

Folio 1 : an Escutcheon, probably argent with bend gides in 
the midst of a mass of beautiful arabesque decoration in gold ; 
2, 3 : a celestial Globe with the Signs of the Zodiac and a set of 
tables ; 4 : a picture of the Signs of the Zodiac and the Elements ; 
5, 6 : map of the two Hemispheres, in distinct circles ■,7,8: map 
of the World on a plane projection ; 9, 10 : map of the World in 
five sections ; 11, 12 : map of Europe; 13. 14 : Western half of 
the ]\Iediterranean with the adjacent countries ; 15, 16 : Italy and 
the Mediterranean, with pictures of Venice and Genoa ; 17, 18 : 
Spain and the Coast of Barbary ; 19, 20: Eastern half of the 
Mediterranean, and the adjacent countries ; 21,22: the Blank 
Sea and the surrounding countries ; 23, 24 : Southern Africa 
and Southern Asia ; 25, 26 : Africa and South America ; 27, 
28 : New Spain, Central America, Tierra Firme, and tlie 
extreme south of South America. The plans of Venice and 
Genoa, which are both given in small pictures, surmounted by 
the flags of the two republics, in their places on the map of 
Italy, lead us to infer that a man connected with both cities was 
■ the chartographer. Agnese was such. 

28160 1546 VADIANI Epitome trivm terrae partivm . . . ab ipso 
avthore diligenter recognita & multis in locis aucta . . . acces- 
serunt & Tabulse regionum ac insularii omnium . . . 12mo. 13 
woodcut maps, twelve being double-page size, and one a single 
page, original fine copy on vellum, £2. 85 

Tiguri, apud FroscJi, 1543 

28160* another copy, 12mo. original liogsTcin, the date erased from 

the title-page, £2. 1548 

The first large map is a mappemonde rednced fnin the large map of 
1534. and signed " Tiguri HVE MDXLVI." It is heart-sh.ape and differs 
slightly from that by aiding the islands of Cuba and Hispaniola. and changing 

189 * 


the words " Terra de Cuba," which in the former appeared on the North 
American continental shore to " Parias." It also adds the islands of the 
Indian Ocean, including a large one which may represent " Java Major " or 
the rhilippines, and inserts another island south of Madagascar. 

28161 1547 PTOLEMEO. La Geografia. . . con alcuni comenti & 

aggiunte fatteui da Sabastiano mniistero Alamanno, con le 
tauole non solemente antiche & moderne . . ma altre nnoue 
aggiunteui di Meser lacopo Gastaldo . . ridotta in volgare 
Italiano da M. Pietro Andrea Mattiolo . . sm. 8vo. 60 engraved 
maps of double-f age-size, of tvhicJi seven relate to America, hf. hd. 
£5. Venetia, G. B. Pedrezano, 1548 ( — at end, 1547) 

The American majis in this edition have an original value ; having been 
constructed according to the latest results of exploration so far as Gastaldo 
was able to utilize them. Even his errors have significance, and deserve 
investigation. The map of South America is the first which contains anything 
like a correct drawing of the whole coast of that continent, and which gives 
the names of the cities of Cuzco and Quito, with the full length of the 
Amazon from its mouth to its sources south of Quito. It is true that the 
relative positions of the towns are incorrect, and that Quito and the Amazon 
sources lie one at 26 and the other at 35 degrees S. L., but the fact that they 
are included with many names of places that had not been given before, give 
this work a marked position in the Ptolemy series. 

28162 Gemma Phrysius de Principiis Astronomiae at Cosmographise : 

deque nsu Globi, de Orbis divisione, et insnlis, rebusque rniper 
inventis, etc. Paris. 1549 — Robertus, Episcopus Abrincatensis, 
Antidotum ad postulata de [interim:], Lugd. 1548 — Erasmi 
Roterdami (Des.) Apologia adversns articnlos aliquot per 
monachos quosdam in Hispaniis exhibitos, Basil. 1529 ; in 1 
vol. 12mo. velhim, 20s 1529-48 

28163 1548 APIANO, Libro delaCosMOGEAPHiA,augmentadopor Gemma 

Frisio, con otros libros del diclio Gemma, agora traduzidos en 
Romance Castellano, small 4to. folding map ivith the name 
America, and tvoodctits, and revolving diagrams, tall copy, hf. hd. 
£3. Enveres, 1548 

28164 the same, sm. 4to. green m,orocco, with the arms of 

J. Gomez de la Cortina on sides, £3. 10s 1548 

28165 APIANI Cosmographia, per Gemmam Frisium ancta et illustrata, 

4to. large mappemonde, with a couple of smaller maps, also com- 
prising America, numerous diagrams, loith movable pieces, fine 
copy in the original stamped hogshin, £6. 5s 

Parisiis, Vivant Gualtherot, 1551 

28166 Cosmographie de Pierre Appian, nouvellement traduicte 

en Francois par Gemma Frisius, de nouveau angmentee, sm. 4to. 
with the same ivoodcuts as in the Latin edition, vellum, £4. 4s 

ih. 1551 

28167 Cosmographia, per Gemmam Frisium aucta et illustrata, 

sm. 4to. same woodcuts, vellum, £2. 2s ih. 1553 

28168 1550 MUNSTERE (Sebast.) La Cosmographie Universelle, 
contenant la situation de toutes les parties du monde, avec leurs 
proprietez & appartenances, stout sm. folio, 14 woodcut maps, 
with many fine icoodcut vie^vs, figures, etc. old calf, £2. 10s 

Bale, Henry Pierre, 1552 
An imperfect copy, wanting pp. 153-160, 193-196, 691-698, 759-762, and 



1255-1258. The maps include one of the World, and one of North and South 

28169 MuNSTERi (Seb.) Cosmogi'aphise Universalis Lib. VI, sm. stout 

folio, 14 fine woodcut maps, views, initial letters, figures, etc. 
wants 1 leaf of Preface, and sigs. LL 2 and 3, in original oak 
hoards, covered tcith stamped pigshin, £2. 8s 

Basil., H. Petrus, 1554 
The last leaf but one contains a notice in Hebrew on Prester John. The 
woodcuts, for which Miinster's Cosmography is so much priced, are the same 
in the French and Latin editions above, as in the German edition of 1550, 
where they first appeared. On page 488 of the Latin edition, and 5-13 of the 
French. Gutenberg is declared to have invented printing at Mentz. 

28170 1552 MiZALDi (Ant.) de Mundi Splisera, seu Cosmograpliia, libii 

ires, 12mo. diagrams, hound, 7s Lutetice, 1552 

Thi-; poem is dedicated to the learned Lady Margaret of Valois, Duchess 
of Berr}', who afterwards married Emanuel Philibert of Savoy. She is not 
to be confounded with the other two Margarets of Valois, who were equally 
accomplished and are better known. 

28171 1554 Agnese (Battista) Fac-simile delle Carte Nautiche 

dell 'anno 1554, illustrate da T. Fischer, sm. oblong folio, 34 
photographic facsimiles, in a portfolio, 15s 

Venezia, F. Ongania, 1881 
L'originale si conserva nella R. Bibl. Marciana di Venezia. 

28172 1556 Thevet (A.) Cosmographie du Levant, 4to. elegant ivood- 

cuts, fine copy in old red morocco, gilt marhled edges, from the 
Hamilton Palace library, £5. 5s Lion, 1556 

28173 GIRAVA (Hieroximo) La Cosmographia y Geographia . . . 

En la qual se contiene la Descripcion de todo el mundo, j de sus 
partes, j particularmente de las yndias, y tieiTa nuena . . . sm. 
4to. folding map in facsimile, fine clean large copy in polished 
brown calf extra by Pratt (rare), £3. 10s 

Venetia, por lordan Zileti, 1570 

28174 the same, sm. 4to. ivith the original 'map, fine copy in 

vellum, £21. 1570 

The mappemonde of Caspar Vopelius is rarely found with this book, in 
which it was first published at Milan in 1556. The preliminary leaves were 
reprinted in 1570 at Venice ; otherwise there is no difference between the two 
editions. The map is similar in projection to that used by Vadianus, but 
there are differences in detail. It is not exactly as it was drawn by Vopelius ; 
at least, in a printed notice at ilie bottom of the map Girava states that he 
had used Vopelius's work as the basis of his own. 

28175 1561 Yarrerii (Gasp.) Commentarius de Ophyra Regione, 2 

parts in 1 vol. 8vo. calf, 36s ConimhriccB, Jo. Alvarus, 1561 

A very acutely reasoned dissertation to disprove the notion that Solomon's 

Ophir was in America, and to show that it was rather some part of India. 

Consequently Columbus and the American voyages are frequently referred to. 
The title of the second part is " Garsias Menesius Eborensis prsesnl, 

apud Xistu. iiii. Ponti. Max. hujuscemodi orationem habuit." 

28176 1584 ORTELII Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, opus nunc tertio 

recognitum et auctum — Parergon in quo veteris Geographise 
aliquot Tabulae — Nomenclator Ptolemaicus — in 1 vol. roy. folio, 
the frontispiece and one map, slightly defective, maps, and other 
engravings elegantly coloured by a contemporary hand, calf, £4. 

Antv. 1584 
This edition comprises 111 sheets of maps, being more than double the num- 


ber of t^oscin the first issue of the work in 1570, and twenty-three more than 
the number of the edition in 1580. The map of China is dated 1584, and the 
text on the back of it contains two Chinese words in the Chinese character; 
80 that this Atlas is really the first European book in which Chinese 
Chakacters APPEAREn, being one year earlier than the work on China pub- 
lished by Gonzalez de Mendoza, at Rome, in 1585, to which the priority has 
hitherto been attributed. In the text to the map of Valentia, there is a singular 
statement made, which is wholly altered in the later editions. It is ihis : " Ager 
hnjus urbis (Valentice) ubique a Mauris colitur . . . Avorumqne prosa- 
piam lingua Arabica et religione Mahumetana palam et vulgo profitentur in 
hunc usque diem ; conniventibus Rege et Inquisitione." This startling charge 
appears only in this edition, for in the later ones it is changed as follows : 
"Ager hujus urbis a genre e Mauris oriunda et paternum sive avitum sermonem 
ac fere vitte morem adhuc retinente colitur." 


Additamentum. Theatri Orbis Terrarum, roy. folio, 24 

maj^s, vellum, 20s Antv. 1584 

As the 1584 edition contained more maps than the previous editions, 
the additional maps were printed separately, for insertion in those editions, 
The Index of this volume only mentions twenty -three maps (Egypt occupying 
two), but the present copy contains one extra, viz. Valentia. 

28178 1584 APIANI et Gemmae Frisii Cosmographia, 4to. 7nap of the 

World, mimeroiis diagrams, tvith movable pieces, £2. 125 Ant. 1584 

28179 the same, 4to. calf, gilt edges, £2. 12s 1584 

28180 REISCH (F. G.) Margarita Philosopliica, ab Orontio Finseo 

locTij^letata, stout sm.. 4to. u-oodcuts, with Apian s map of the 
World, slightly defective, inserted, hf. hd. £5. 5s 

Basilece, Seb. Henricpetri, 1583 

28181 1587 Map op the World, dedicated to Richard Hakluyt by F. G. 

S., occapijing a small 4ito. leaf , facsimile, 10s 

(Paris, 1587) London, 1883 
The finest cartographical work produced before the large map done for 
Hakluyt in 1598. 

28182 1590 ACOSTA (loseph de) Historia Natvral y Moral de las 

Indus, en qvesetratan las cosas notables del cielo, y elementos, 
metales, plantas, y animales dellas : y los ritos, y ceremonias, 
leyes, y gouiemo, y gTierras de los Jndios, sm. 4to. First 
Edition ix Spanish, and also First Edition of the complete icorh, 
a very fine, large and perfect copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
by Bedford, £12. 12s Sevilla, Jnan de Leon, 1590 

The preceding edition in Latin consists only of two books : the work was 
increased to eight in the Spanish translation. 

Historia natural y moral de las Indias, en que se 

tratan las cosas notables delcielo, elementos, metales, plantas y 

animales deellas; y los ritos, ceremonias, leyes, gobiemo y guerras 

de los Indios, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. calf, 20s Madrid, 1792 

Naturall and Morall Historic of the East and West 



Indies, translated into English by E. G., sm. 4to. title mounted 
russia, gilt edges, £4. 1G04 

the same, sm. 4to. with the rare original leaf preceding 

title ivhich hears the signature A hut is othericise blank, very fine 
copy in morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £8. 1604 

1 Hiatoire Natvrelle et moralle des Indes, tant Orientalles 

qu' Occidentalles . . traduite en FrarK^-ois par Robert Rcgnault 



Cauxois, sm. 8vo. (12iiio.), fine copy in crvmson morocco extra^ 
gilt edges, hy Petit, £o Paris, Marc Orry, 1606 

Acosta composed part of his work in Peru, and the remainder on his 
return to Europe. He is one of the most valuable and interesting of the early 
Spanish wi'iters upon America. Edward Grimeston is said to be the translator. 

" Joseph DE Acosta, ne a Medina del Campo. vers I'an 1539, passa, 
apres avoir professe la theologie a Ocaua, en 1571 aux Indes Occident., et fut 
le second Pi-oviocial de I'ordre des Jesuites au Perou ou il sejourna pendant 
ITans. II mourut rectcur a Salamanque, le II fevrier, 1600. Sun ouvrage, 
estime a jaste titre. a ete re-imprime assez sourent et traduit dans presque 
t utes les l.ingues." — F, de Backer, I. 1. 
28187 1590 MYRITII Opusculum Geograpliicum rarum, totius ejus 
rtegotii rationem complectens, 2 parts in 1 vol. small folio, lai-ge 
portrait and arms of the author, maps, and several diagrams, with 
movable jjieces, vellum, 18s Ingoldst. W. Eder, 1590 

28188 idem, folio, large papek, 44 Manh leaves of old paper at 

the end, vellum, 30s 1590 

ThLS work is apparently unknown to most of the writers on American 
bibh'ography. The large folding map of the world contains a map of 
America, in which the extreme north-w est comer bears the words " India 
oiientalis." The author seems to have been one of the latest geographers 
who endeavoui'ed to reconcile the new discoveries with the original theories. 
There are some chapters specially devoted to a description of the New 
A\ orkl. The author was a ilaltese by birth, but resided at Katisbou as a 
c uinianiler of the order of St. John. A piece of verse at the end is 
addressed to him by Edmund Hollyng, m.d., an Englishman, in Ingolstadt. 
1592 Hood (Thomas) American Chart — see Kunstmann, and 
Dudley, Arcano del Mare. 
28189 1595 Magini (J. A.) Geographic; Universae Opus, in qua 
habeutur Ptolemsei Geographica Enarratio, commentariis illus- 
trata, et Tabulae, 2 vols, in 1, stout sm. 4to. three maps of the 
world, and 61 separate maps, old calf, lbs Colonice, 1597 

Of the entire number of maps, nearly 40 represent modern Geography. 
The various plates in Mhich the iNew World is represented, are drawn from 
the earlier labours of Mercator. 

28190 Geografia cioe descrittione universale delle terra, corretta 

da G. A. Magini, del Latino nell' Italiano tradotta da L. Cernoti, 
sm. folio, 64 maps by G. Porro, uncut, £3. 16s Padova, 1620-21 

28191 1597 WYTFLIET (Comelii) Descriptionis Ptolemaic^ Aug- 

mtntum sive OcciDENTis Xotitia, sm. folio, Editio Princeps, 
very fine impressions of the map of the World, and 18 maps of 
American Countries, each occupying two pages, vellum, £10. 

Lovanii, J. Bogardus, 1597 
First edition of the first special Atlas of the New World. The 
text is a compilement of all then existing information. Contents : Engraved 
title; Privilege, 1 leaf; Lectori, 1 leat (A); Text, pp. 1-104 (A:^-AA3j. 
At the bottom of the last page are eleven lines of Errata, which are corrected 
in the later edition of the same year. 

28192 Wttfliet, Descriptionis PtolemaicEe Augmentum, sm. folio, 19 

maps, that of the Woj-ld being in this copy different from that in 
the previous edition, lif. green morocco, gilt top, £8. ib. 1597 

Engraved title ; Dedication, 1 leaf; Lectori, 1 leaf; Epigram and 
Privilege, 1 leaf; Text, 191 pp. ; List of Plates, 1 page. 

28193 Descriptionis Ptolemaicee Augmentum, sm. folio, 19 maps, 

ruled, old morocco, gilt edges, £7. 10s Lovanii, Ger. Bivivs, 159S 

The collation is the same as that of the second of the above eduious of 
1697. The map of the World is the same as in the first edition. 


1594-97 Kendal (Abraham) Maps — see post 1646 Dudlet. 

28194 1598 Ptolemy. (La Geografia di C. Tolomeo, tradotto da G. 

Iluscelli, nuovamente amplificata da G. Rosaccio), sm. 4to. wants 
title, 42 maps, vellum, gilt edges, 32s 

Venetia, gli heredi di Melchior Sessa, 1598 
Contains : Espositioni has Title and 26 11. ; Tavola, 6 11. ; Text, 144 11. 

28195 EMERIC MOLLINEUX, Map of the World on the new plane 

projection, 25 inches in breadth hy 17| in height, printed by the 
Autotype Company upon y ell oiv-faced paper, £3. 10s (1598-1874) 
Of the twenty-five copies printed, only one remains for sale. 

Of the original Map I can only trace the existence of four copies, one 
of which is to be seen in the Grenville copy of Hakluyt, 3 vols. It is by far 
the finest Chartographical labour which appeared from the epoch of the 
discovery of America down to the time of D'Anville — that is for more than 
two hundred years. Hakluyt intended to insert this map (which must have 
been already undertaken by Mollineux) in the work published in 1589, but 
it was not of course ready, and some copies were sent out with a substituted 
engraving, which is called in the preface " one of the best generall mappes 
of the world." The latter map was simply a re-engraving from the latest 
mappemonde of Ortelius (1588); and identical with the one which was regu- 
larly published in the English edition of Linschoten's Travels; having 
therefore no original value or interest. 

The engraver of the great Map, or — as Hakluyt calls it — Terrestrial 
Globe, was "Mr. Emmeric Mollineux of Lambeth, a rare gentleman in his 
profession, heing therein for divers years greatly supported by the purse and 
liberality of the worshipful merchant, Mr. William Sanderson." Every 
geographical discovery down to the year 1598 appears recorded in his map, 
which, after ten years' labour, was perhaps not quite ready even for insertion 
in most of the copies of the 1598 edition. 

28196 1603 [JOHNSON (Robert)] Historicall Description of the most 

famous kingdomes and Commonweales in the Worlde, translated 
into English, with an Addition of the Relation of Saxony, 
Geneua, Hungary and Spaine, small 4to. title mended, brown 
morocco extra, £2. 2s ; or, fine copy in old hf. russia, £S. 3s 

John Jaggard, 1603 

28197 1605 Ptolem^i Geographise Libri VIII Grseco-Latini, Latine 

primum recogniti et emendati, cum tabulis geographicis ad 
mentem auctoris restitutis per Gerardum Mercatorem : jam 
vero ad Grseca et Latina exemplaria a Peti-o Montano recogniti, 
folio, 28 maps, coloured, small hole in title, fine clean copy, calf 
neat, £4, Amsterodami, J. Hondius, 1605 

The maps relate to the old World only. 

28198 1608 QUADI Fasciculus Geographicus complectens praecipua- 

i-um totius Orbis Regionum tabulas circiter centum, una cum 
earundem Enai^rationibus, sm. folio, 86 maps, tvith portraits in 
the margins, including one of Queen Elizabeth on that of Scotland, 
fine copy in brown morocco extra, gilt edges, rare, £3. 10s 

GiJln, 1008 

The map of the world contains only an inferior representation of the 

New World, but the special maps at the end, of North and South America, 

Mexico, etc. are very well drawn. The English discoveries in Virginia are 

already laid down in detail. 

28199 1612 MosEMANi (H. F.) Newe Summarische Welt Historia, unnd 

BcRclireiburig aller Keyserthnmb, Konigreiche, Fiirstenthumb, 
uiiiul Volcker heutiges Tages aufi" Erdon, 2 parts in 1, sm. 4to. 


slightly wormed, numerous tvoodcuts of costume, hf. red morocco, 
15.S Schmalkalden, W. Ketzeln, 1612 

Contains : Title ; 13 prel 11. including a spherical map of the World, on 
two leaves ; 406 pp.; new Title, " Das Ander Theil" (Von der Newen 
Welt) ; 78 pp., including title. 

28200 1616 JOHNSON (Robert) Relations of the most famous 

Kingdoms and Commonweales thorough, the worlde, enlaz'ged 
according to moderne Observation, sm. 4to. limp vellum, with the 
autograph of Tho. Carleton (about 1640) who has written MS. 
notes on many of the margins, £3. 10s John Jaggard, 1616 

There are very considerable alterations and additions in the 1616 edition; 
including an article of 14 pp. on America, which is not in the edition of 

28201 1618 BERTH (P.) Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarnm 

libri septem, oblong 8vo. containing over 200 fine engraved maps 
in the text, black morocco, gilt edges, with bookplate of Th. 
Becliioith, artist, £2. 16s Amsterodamd, Jud. Hondius, 1618 

28202 "WEST-nnnd OsT Indischer Lustgart : Erzehlung wann und von 

wenn die Newe Welterf unden worden, neben Beschreibung aller 
deren Landschafften, Inseln, Volcker, Thieren, etc. sm. 4to. 
vellum, rare, 18s Collen, 1618 

28203 PTOLEM^l Theatrum Geographi^e Yeteris: I, Geographia, 

Greece et Latine, ad codices Palatinos, opera Berth ; II, Itine- 
raria Antonini, Provincite Romange, Civitates Grallicge, Itinera- 
rium a Bnrdigala ad Hierosolymam ; Tabula Peutingeriana, 
cum notis Velseri ; Ortelii Tabulae aliquot — in 1 vol. large folio, 
original issue, engraved title, and 50 carefully engraved maps, 
calf £4. 4s Amst. Elzevir, 1618-19 

28204 West Indische Spieghel, waer inne men sien kan alia de 

Eylanden, Provintien, Lantschappen, Mexico, en Peru, 'tsampt 
de coursen, havenen, klippen, etc., als mede hoe die van de 
Spanien eerst geinvadeert syn, door Athanasium Inga, Peruaen, 
sm. 4to. engraved and printed titles, other engravings in the text, 
vellum, 20s Amst. J. en J. Pietersz Wachter, 1624 

A curious book composed under a pseudonym, and apparently very little 
known. The engravings are in the De Bry style, and very pretty. 

28205 1630 LAET (Joannes de) Beschrijvinghe van West-Indien, 

tweede Druck, verbetert, vermeerdert, met eenige nieuwe 
Caerten verciert, small folio, best and first complete edition, 
fine frontispiece and 14 large and beautifully engraved Maps of 
America, also some woodcuts of American Natural History, fine 
copy in old calf gilt, £5. Ley den, Eheviers, 1630 

28206 Novus Orbis seu Descriptionis Indise Occidentalis libri 

XVIII, small folio, 14 maps and tvoodcuts, as in the preceding 
edition, old calf gilt, £3. Ludg. Bat., apud Elzevirios, 1633 

28207 STAFFORDE (Rob.) Geographicall and Anthologicall Description 

of all the Empires and Kingdomes, both of Continent and Hands 
in this terrestriall Globe, sm. 4to. 20s Nich. Okes, 1634 

Chapter 9 is " de America, sive India Occidentali ;" chap. 10 " de 
America Insulis." 

28208 1635 Carpenter (Nathanael) Geographie delineated forth in 

two bookes, containing the spherical and topicall parts thereof, 


second edition corrected, 2 vols, in 1, small 4to. diagrams, hf. 
calf, 20s Oxford, 1635 

A very learned work, although fanciful and singular in some respects. 
The author was a Devonshire man, and towards the end of the volume intro- 
duces with eulogy the names of several West of Enfrland worthies, amongst 
whom William Browne of the Pastoralls receives especial praise. Carpenter 
does not spare his own rhyming throughout the book. He notices, on p. 276 
of Vol. 11., the variation brought about by climate in both animal and 
vegetable growth, instancing the ex[>erience of '■ uur Virginian colony." 

28209 MERCATOR'S Minor Atlas. Historia Mundi : or Mercator's 
Atlas, containing his Cosmograpliicall Description of the 
Fabricke and Figure of the W^orld, lately rectified by the 
studious industry of Judocus Hondy, Englished by W. S. 
[Wye Saltonstall], stout sm. folio, 181 viaps heautifully 
engraved, including those which relate to America and the West 
Indies M. Sparhe and S. Cartwright, 1635 

28210 the same, Second Issue, sm. folio, with the additional 

Map of New England, of lohich very few copies exist, old calf, 
£6. 105 1637 

This has the rare map of Virginia and New England, engraved by Ralph 
Hall in 1636, which is very seldom seen in the book. If the engraving could 
have been done in time, the sheet would have taken its place with the rest, 
impressed opposite the text to Virginia, and a rarity would have been lost 
to the American collector. However, the publishers filled up the blank with 
a duplicate of the New iSpain Map, this being mentioned in the Errata with a 
statement that a correct map of New England was then being prepared in 
America, which would be published on its arrival in England. A change of 
owners took place two years afterwards, and the frontispiece was re-engraved, 
having Sparke's name alone, with 'Second Edytion' added, and the date 
changed. In some of these copies the new Map was inserted. The stock 
thus treated was however very small, as the existence of this valuable piece of 
Map-making is not mentioned in any of the books of reference where one 
might expect to find it. 

28211 1638 ROBERTS (L.) Merchants Mappe of Commerce, wherein 

the Universal Manner of Trade is handled, the Standerd Coines 
observed, the real and imaginary Coines of Accounts and 
Exchanges expressed, the Commodities of all Countries declared, 
the Weights and Measures reduced to the Meridian of Com- 
merce of London, sm. folio, portrait by Glover, frontispiece, and 
finely engraved Map of the World, with maps of America, Europie, 
Asia, etc. on the text, good copy in the original calf, 365 1638 

28212 1639 DUDLEY (Sir Robert, Duke of Northumberland and 

Earl op Warwick) Arcano del Mare di Don Roberto Dudleo 
Duca di Nortumbria e Conte di Warvich, impressione seconda 
CORRETTA & ACCRESCIUTA secondo I'originale del medesimo Duca, 
che si conserva nella libreria del Convento di Firenze della Pace, 
2 vols, atlas folio, 291 maps, charts, volvelles, designs for ships 
and nautical instruments, etc. very fine copy in old russia extra, 
£25. Fiorenza, 1661 

Tlie Arcano comprises Portolani and Charts by English and other 
pilots, which were never published elsewhere ; and to American collectors it 
should ])rove of the highest interest. The maps which depict Virginia, New 
Netherlands, anil New England, are amongst tlic most important of these : 
they are fuller and upon a larger scale than, while at the same time they are 
totally dislinci from, those of Laet, Janssou, Mercator, Visscher, the lieschry- 



ving of 1651, Van Looii, tmd Douckers. It is very strange, upon this 
account, that the Arcano is omitted by Asher in his Bibliogra'phical Essay, 
and that the attention of so painstaking a student should not have been 
drawn to Dudley's work. The above second edition was prepared from the 
author's corrected copy of the ttrst (1646) ; and as he died in 1639, his maps 
of those parts of America must be considered to take precedence of all 
those mentioned by Asher, except the 1630 edition of Laet. In fact, it is 
uncertain whether they might not claim priority even over Laet ; for the 
enyraver Lncini mentions that he himself had been kept secluded in an 
obscure village of Tuscany for twelve years, working incessantly at the 
plates. Asher's Essay, so elaborate in its description of the various early 
maps and charts, their variations, and their mutual dependence or independence, 
becomes very defective through its omission of the Arcano. Again the large 
scale of the maps of California and Mew Albion, and the number of names 
which crowd the coast-line below and above Cape Mendocino, with the 
marginal observations upon the errors of latitude made by previous writers, 
show conclusively the scientific character and importance of Dudley's work. 
A similar remark will apply to the delineations of the newly-discovered lands 
of Australia, and the northern coasts of New Holland (which he mistakenly 
calls Mew Guinea, while leaving to that island its other name Papua). 

One of the i'ortolans is by Abraham Kendal, the master of Dudley's 
flag-ship, when the latter (just before Kaleigh made his similar attempt) fitted 
out an expedition in 1594-95 to explore the land of Eldorado ; during which 
he visited Trinidad and some other islands, Guyana, the issues of the Orinoco, 
etc. He took some useful notes, made lists of native words, thrashed some 
Spanish ships, and escaped some great dangers in this expedition, a daring 
one for a young man of 21 — but returned without booty. The numerous 
Vocabularies of savage languages which the Arcano contains are of consider- 
able interest. Abraham Kendal, whose name is unknown to the book-makers, 
died at Portobello, in Central America, in 1597, in Drake's service, leaving 
behind him the plans and papers of which Dudley made good use. 

28213 1642 MARIS CARNEIRO ( Antonio de ) Regimento de 

PiLOTOS e Roteiro das Navegacoens da India Oriental agora 
novamente emendado y acresentado c6 o roteiro da costa de 
Sofala ate Moba^a & com os Portos, & Barras do Cabo de 
Pinisterra ate o estreito de Gibaltar (sic) com suas derrotas, 
sondas, & demoiistra9oens, sm. 4to. fourth edition, 11 folding 
charts, a few leaves cropped, vellum, vert RARE,/rom the SundeV' 
la7id library, £5. Lisboa, Loren<;o de Anvers, 1642 

Collation : title, dedication, etc. 4 leaves. Arte de Navegar, 36 leaves (no 
regularity in pagination or signatures); Fartindo de Lisboa, etc. (^Roteiro da 
India), A-N in fours, and O two leaves, followed by eleven folding woodcut 
charts, and an accompanying folding leaf of text ; JRoteiro de Portugal pera o 
Brasil, etc. A-0 in eights, with an extra leaf for the last sheet. 

Salva, who never saw the above edition, says of the fifth, "libro mui raro, 
sobre todo con los once mapas, qui faltan a los pocos ejemplares conocidos." 
The present copy has these eleven charts. 

28214 1643 Morisoti (CI. Earth.) Orbis Maritimi, sive rerum in mari 

et littoribus gestarum generalis Historia, folio, vellum, £2. 

Divione, P. Falliot, 1643 
Engr. title; printed do. ; 11 prel. 11. ; text pp. 7:25 ; index 9 11. Maps 
and plates in the text. Pp. 578-612 are occupied with a description of 

Epistolarum Centuria Prima (et Secunda), 2 parts in 

1 vol. sm. 4to. calf, 10s JDivione, F. Chavance, 1656 


Epistle 64 of the second hundred is addressed to Joannes de Laet, and 
contains a long notice of Grotius' treatise " de Origine Gentium America- 
narum ;" and there are also references to America in Epistles 65, 72, 78, and 
81 of the second series. 


28216 1659 BLAEU. Atlas Major, sive Cosmographia Blaviana, qua 

Solum, Salum, Coelum, accuratissime describuntur, 11 vols, 
impl. folio, full of COLOURED rtiaps and views, in the original 
vellum gilt, gilt edges, £8. 10s Amst, 1662 

28217 Atlas Mayor, o Geographia Blaviana, 10 vols. impl. folio, 

text in Spanish, coloured maps and views, bds. £10. Amst. 1672 

This work contains the earliest extensive map of Scotland published. 
The maps of England are particularly interesting, being surrounded by the 
arms of the chief county families, properly blazoned. Copies of the Spanish 
edition are very rare, as the greater part of it was destroyed by fire in 1672. 

28218 1660 PORTULANUS. Maritime Charts of the East Indies 

from the Cape of Good Hope to Japan, with plans and views 
of the chief islands, 8vo. containing 49 folded maps and views, 
painted on vellum, and illuminated with gold, hound in parch- 
ment, from Dr. Bur7ielVs library, £16. About 1660 
An extremely valuable collection of Charts by a Dutch Hydrographer or 
Seaman, which must be important even at the present time. It comprises 
4 maps of islands, 2 of Cape of Good Hope, view of Table Bay, 11 maps of 
Arabia, Persian Gulf, etc., 8 of Siam, Tonkin, China, etc., 25 of Malacca and 
the islands of the Indian Ocean, with Formosa and Japan. 

28219 1661 VAN LOON. Klaer lichtende Noort Ster, ofte ZEE- 

ATLAS, waer inne vertoont werde de Gelegentheyht van alle 
de Zee-kusten des Aerdgebodens, royal folio, elegant coloured 
frontispiece and 45 double maps, all carefully coloured, etc. 
vellum, calf bach, £7. Amst. 1661 

A very valuable work, unmentioned by Asher in his excellent Biblio- 
graphy of the Atlases and Maps relating to the New Netherlands, although 
its North American charts are different from the Atlases and Charts examined 
by him. It is unquestionably the best Atlas representing the coasts of the 
now United States, published up to that time, and proves that the Brothers 
Van Loon were accurate and painstaking geographers. Some of the maps 
are of course reproductions from the great Atlases of Blaeu, Laet, and Jansson, 
and the name of the latter appears occasionally, but the differences which 
make the book important are to be found in the delineations of regions which 
were daily becoming better known, such as the European colonies in North 
America. This Atlas seems to be the original, or earliest existing form of 
a series of Dutch maps mentioned by Asher, to which belongs even the 
Chartbook of Pieter Goos. His statement that Goos's maps were different 
from and superior to all anterior works of the kind, sufiices to fix the value of 
the Atlas of Van Loon. 

28220 1663 LINSCHOOTEN (Jan Huygen van) Beschryvinge van 

verscheyde Landen, gelegen onder Africa en America .... 
Brasilien, Nova Francia, Florida, Cuba, Peru, etc. sm. 4to. 
tnap and ivoodcuts, sd. 10s 

Amsterdaiin, G. J. Saeghman, n. d. (1663) 

28221 1665-80 Theatrum praecipuarum totius Europse Urbium, large 

folio, fine frontispiece and 133 views and plans of Etiropean Cities, 
ivith Ooa and Batavia, giving their coats of arms, brilliant impres- 
sions before the numbers, fine copy in vellum, £6. &s 

Amst. F. de Wit, s. a. (circ. 1660-1681) 

28222 ASIE et AFRIQUE. A collection of over 200 valuable old 

Maps, most of them, engraved from various rare works, with a 
number of original Roteiro Maps painted on Vellum by 
Fortugucse Pilofs (Joao Teixeira Alberuas and Manoel Alvez 


Batalhos, about 1660-80) and some Original Maps of the Indian 

Ocean, etc. drawn by Boitout pilote Fran^ais, 1675 ; bound in 2 

great volumes, impl. folio, old calf, £45. About 1670-1740 

Some full maps of Cyprus are found in the Tolume relating to Asia. 

28223 Yries (Simon de) d'lJytgelesenste Wondereu, en by sonderste 

Seldsaemlieden eeniger Landen en Volckeren in America, Asia, 
en Africa, sm. 4to. curiotisrude engravings, uncut, 12.t Utrechf,lQ70 

28224 1680-1700 Moedex (R.) Geography Rectified; or a Description 

of the World, in all its countries, towns, etc. as also their com- 
modities, sm. 4to. above 60 curious Maps, 14 devoted to America 
and Neiv England, calf, 30s 1680 

28225 the same, third edition, enlarged, sm. 4to. 78 copper- 
plate maps engraved on the text, hf. bd. 20s 1693 

28226 Sanson (N.) I'Europe en plusieurs cartes, et en divers traittes de 

Geographic et d'Histoire, 11 maps, 1683; I'AsiE, 18 maps; 
I'Afrique, 18 maps; TAmerique, 15 mapjs ; in 1 vol. stout 
sm. 4to. vellum, 2>0s 1683 

28227 RINGROSE THE BUCCANEER. The South Sea Waggoner, 

showing the making and bearing of all the Coasts from 
California to the Streights of Le Maire, done from the Spanish 
Originall by Basil Ringrose, oblong small 4to. unpcblished 
Manuscript, containing 106 Draughts and Maps in coloured inls 
of the Bays, Gkilfs, Islands, Ports, Coasts, etc. in the South Sea, 
with their Latitudes, Productions, Physical Features, etc. old calf, 
£10. 10s {turitten between 1680-85) 

Basil Ringrose, the author of this valuable MS., was one of the 
Buccaneers, and joint author with Esquemeling of the History of their 
Exploits. He was also the companion of Captain Sharp, in his voyage for 
the discoveiy of a New Passage into the South Sea (1679-81), and the 
draughts in the above volume are partly the results of his personal observation. 

Tlie ingenious Kingrose was killed February, 1686, by the Spaniards 
whilst the Buccaneers, commanded by Captain Swan, were carelessly removing 
their booty from Santa Fecaque, a Spanish-American town on the Pacific 
Coast which they had taken. 

28228 Happelii groste Denkwiirdigkeiten der Welt oder so genannte 

Relationes Curiosfe, 5 vols, stout sm. 4to. with some hundreds of 

curious plates, hf. morocco, 25s Hamburg, 1683-91 

A very curious and entertaining set of books, containing a rich collection of 

information concerning all partsofthe world.illustrated with plates and portraits. 

28229 MALLET (A. M.) Description de TUnivers, contenant les dif- 

ferents Systemes du Monde, les Cartes generales et pavticulieres 
de la Geographic ancienne et moderne, les plans et les profils 
des principales Villes, avec les Portraits des Souverains, leurs 
Blasons, etc. 5 vols. sm. 4to. 674ifi7ie copperplate maps, plates of 
views, costume, etc. calf, from the Sunderland library, £5, 

Paris, 1683 

28230 Cluverii (Ph.) Introductio in Universam Geographiam, emendata 

et aucta studio J. Bunonis, sm. 4to. engraved title and numerous 
maps, calf, 7s 6d Amstel. 1683 

28231 Charts. A collection of 17 large coloured MS. Charts of ports on 

the coast of Mexico, Central America, New Granada, and Chili, 
drawn by M. C, a Spanish Pilot, with descriptions and directions 
in Spanish, folded and bound in 1 vol. folio, 7^/. bd. £5. {circa 1700) 


28232 SEIXAS Y LOVERA (Francisco) Descripcion Geographica, j 
Derrotero de la Region Austral Magallanica, sm. 4to. /7«e copy, 
vellum, rare, £3. 15s Madrid, 1690 

The author accompanied Ta vernier oti his Emhassy to the Mogul, and 
returned to Si)ain by w;iy of Ctdna, and the Straits of Magellan. He gives a 
good account of fonner writers and discoverers 

28233 Theatro naval hydrograpliico de los fluxos, y refluxos, y 

de las corrieutes de los mares, etc. sm. 4to. hound, £2. 10s 1688 
The American s.-ctioii has valuable information on the North latitudes. 

28234 BUCCANEERS' ATLAS, enh'tled the South Sea 
Waggoner. A description of the Sea Coasts in 
the South Sea of America, viz. from the Port of 
Acapulco to the Straights of Lemaire ; it being here 
following described at large in 130 particular 
Draughts showing all the Ports, Harbours, Anchor- 
ings, Islands, Soundings, Rocks and Daingers in the 
Distance aforesaid by Wm. Hack, roy. folio, the 
Original Drawings, charts and views coloured^ old 
red morocco^ gilt edges, loith letters S.8.G. {South Sea 
Company) in gold on front cover^ £72. aboict 1690 

This extremely valuable and important collection of coloured 
charts appears to have been purchased by Sir James Bateman, for 
the South Sea Company, from Wm. Hill, whose autograph letter 
dated 3rd Dec. 1711, respecting the work, is prefixed. In that 
letter the book is thus described : " There is a large laborious 
ornamentall guilt booke of mine with, a redd cover in your OflBce 
att Broadstreete, called the South Sea Waggoner, full of curious 
Mapps and Platts of ye South Seas, being ye long expei'ience of 
ye FAMOUS BucKANERE Capt. Barth. Sharpe and of an antient 
French Captain that hee tooke with his Booke, Mapps and 
Papers, who used those seas 70 yeares, being all in the said 
Booke composed and depicted by one Captain William Hack 
deceased, of whom I about 18 years ago purchased the said 
booke and paid him £70 for ye same &c." 

Captain Hack seems to have been outwitb Captain Sharpe; 
and interesting facts concerning the cruises of Sharpe and others 
are written here and there on the margins of the charts, by 
which the work known as the History of the Buccaneers may 
be valuably illustrated and supplemented. Hack published in 
1699 a collection of Voyages, which was incorporated in the 
later editions of the History of the Buccaneers, but the maps in 
the above volume were never published. 

28235 Gordon (Pat.) Geography anatomized, 12mo. 18 vtaps hy B. 

Morden, coloured, old blue morocco gilt, gilt edges, 20s 1693 

28236 PIMENTEL (Manoel) Arte de Navegar, e Roteyro das 

Viagens, e Costas maritimas de Guine, Angola, Brasil, Indias, e 
Ilhas Occidentaes, e Orientaes, sm. folio, ma^^s and charts, 
calf, £4. Lisbon, 1746 


28237 1704 Portolano or South Sea Atlas, folio, MS. Charts divided 

into 44 separate sections with text opposite to each, on 47 leaves 
of paper, forming altogether a continuous Portolano of the 
American coasts from Acapulco to Cape Horn on the western 
side, and from Cape Horn to the coast of Uruguay on the east 
side of South America, coloured; old calf, lettered " Coasts of 
South Sea," £5. ' 1704 

A carefully executed and valuable work, comprising all previously existing 
information and the results of the latest discoveries down lo 1701. It seems 
to be the map of some scientific Buccaneer's voyage, and was probably prepared 
for the information of the South Sea Company. The last map is a general 
one, being a reducti'in of the entire set of charts on a single sheet. 

28238 1713 LASOR a VAREA (Alph.) Universus Terrarum Orbis 

Scriptorum calamo delineatus, hoc est auctorum fere omnium, 
qui de Europge, Asite, Africse, et AMERiCiE Regnis, Populis, 
Civitatibus, etc. quovis tempore et qualibet lingua scripserunt, 
cum anno loco et forma Editionis eorum, uberrimus Elenchus, 
2 vols. sm. foho, numerous Vieivs, vellum, £2. 16.? Patavii, 1713 
This curious and useful book contains nearly 1000 copper-plate engravings 
of Towns, and woodcuts of Costumes after Titian and others. It is an 
historical, geographical, and antiquarian Cyclopaedia. Two indexes are prefixed, 
the first containing the names of between twelve and thirteen thousand writers, 
the second a table of matters. 

28239 1722-28 Labat (J. B.) Nouveau Voyage aux Isles de I'Amerique, 

contenant I'Histoire naturelle de ces pays, I'Origine, les Mceurs, 
etc. des Habitants anciens et modernes, etc. 6 vols. 12mo. maps, 
plans and plates, calf, 35s 1722 

28240 Singularites des isles de I'Amerique tires des Voyages 

du R. P. J. B. Labat, sm. 8vo. neatly written MS. with 35 heaii- 
tiful draioings in India ink, full-page-size, morocco, gilt edges, 30s 

Besanc^on, 1768 

28241 Nouvelle Relation de I'Afrique Occidentale, I'Histoii^e 

S^aturelie des differentes nations qui y sont repandues, leur 
religion, leurs mceurs, 5 vols. 12mo. maps and inany plates, calf, 
18.S Paris, 1728 

28242 1726 La Martini^be (B.) Grand Dictionnaire Geographique et 
critique, 9 vols, in 10, ioMo, frontispieces, old calf, £2. 

La Haye, 1726-39 
28343 1733 Popple's Map of the British Empire in America, with the 
adjacent Fi'ench and Spanish Settlements, roy. folio, 21 large 
m^aps, and views of Netv York, Quebec, Mexico, Niagara, etc. the 
maps coloured, hf. calf, 25s 1733 

" The above maps seem to have been laid down with great accuracy, and 
to show the position of the provinces more truly than any yet extant." 

28243*1736 Garcia (Joseph) Nuevo Regimen de la Navegacion, sm. 
4to. diagrams, old calf 20s Madrid, 1736 

The author was an Atlantic pilot, and quite competent to write a curious 
book on this subject. 

28244 DE L'ISLE (Guillaume) Atlas nouveau, contenant toutes les 
parties da monde, roy. folio, titles and 44 coloured maps, full- 
sheet-size. Butch calf gilt, £2. IGs Amstd. (1740) 


28245 1744-75 D'Anville, CEuvres GeograpLiques, 5 vols. 4to. maps, 

old French calf, 25s Paris, 1744-75 

28246 Analyse Geographique de I'ltalie, maps, 5s 1744 

28247 — ■ Egypte Anc'enne et Moderne, et description de la Mer 

Rouge, 4to. maps, calf, 10s 1766 

28248 Etats formes en Europe apres la chute de I'Empire 

rOccident, 5s 1771 

28249 Antiquite geographique de I'lnde, et de la haute Asie, 

map, 10s 1775 

28250 Traite des Mesures Itineraires anciennes et modernes, 

8vo. calf, 7s 6d 1769 

28251 the same, 1769; Memoire sur la Chine, 1776; Con- 
siderations sur I'etude de Geographie, 1777 — 3 vols, in 1, 8vo. 

unbound, 8s 6d 

28252 1775 Jefferts (Th.) West-India Atlas, impl. folio, 4<0fine large 

folding charts, hf. hd. 16s 1775 

28253 North- American Pilot for Newfoundland, Labradore, 

the Gulf and River St. Laurence, impl. folio, 22 large folding 
plates, containing numerous charts, plans, etc. hds. 21s 1777 

28254 A collection of 12 large folding charts of the coasts of 

Newfoundland, Labrador, etc. by Th. Jefferys and W. Faden, 
in atlas folio vol. hf. hd. 15s (1770-90) 

28255 1780 DES BARRES. The Atlantic Neptune, published for the 

use of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, by Joseph F. W. 
Des Barres, 2 vols, in 4, narrow atlas folio, containing 138 charts, 
plans, and coloured views, hf. hd. £12. 1780 

" The most splendid collection of charts, plans and views, ever published. 
It was executed at the expense of the British Government for the use of the 
British Navy, and no expense appears to have been spared in the execution, in 
order to render it a monument worthy of the nation." 

The work is divided as follows : Vol. I, Sea coast of Nova Scotia ; 
Vol. II, pt. 1, Charts of the coast and haibours in the gulf and river of 
St. Lawrence ; pt. 2, Charts of the c">ast and harbours of New England ; 
pt. 3, Charts of several harbours and divers parts of the coast of North 
America, from New York south-westwards to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Vol. I is, according to the list of contents, perfect : Vol. II. contains no 
list of contents, and so cannot be warranted complete. It has been compared, 
however, with another copy, to which we have had access, and contains seven 
maps more than that copy. The present copy also contains six more leaves 
than that described by 0. Rich (Bibl. Americana Nova, 1846, pp. 248-51), and 
is thus most probably perfect. 

28256 1799 Charts. An interesting collection of rare Spanish, French, 

and Danish charts of the West Indies, with Plans of the Ports 
of Carthagenar, Puerto, Barcelona, Vera Cruz, etc. and with 
charts of rocks and islands off Surinam, and views of the 
Fortifications of Puerto Rico, drawn in water-colours by C. 
Crole ; together 20 charts and drawings, in an impl. folio volume, 
hf.hd.£2.\0s 1799-1828 

28257 1806 Launay (Cordier de) Tableau de la Sibere, de la Chine, 

de la Zone moyenne d'Asie et du Nord de I'Amerique, 4to. hd. 
2s 6cZ Berlin, 1806 


ii8258 1816 Maps and Charts, 15 large miscellaneous, of Persia, 
India, Japan, Central Asia, etc. including 2 water-colour maps 
of Pondicherry and Busliire, a plan of Kars, and H. Berghaus 
and F. von Stiilpnagel's Chart of the World, in large folio 
portfolio, 7s 6d (181G-67) 

28259 1822 RITTER (Carl) die Erdkunde im Verlialtniss zur Natur 

und zur Geschiclite des Menschen, oder allgemeine, vergleich- 
ende Geographie, Vols. I-XIX, with 2 vols, of Index ; together 
21 vols, in 23, 8vo. 18 in uniform hf. morocco, the rest in hds. 
£10. Berlin, 1822-49 

All ever published of this celebrated work, except Vol. 20 (Asien). 
The Index is of Vols. 2-11, only, but no more was published. 

28260 1839 Darwin (Ch.) Researches into the Geology and Natural 

History of the various Countries visited by H.M.S. Beagle, 
1832-6, 8vo. maps, cloth, 10s 183y 

28261 1841 McCulloch (J. R.) Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and 

Historical, of the various Countries, Places, etc. in the World, 2 
vols. 8vo. 1020 awfZ 948 pj^. double cols, maps, hf. morocco, 12s 1841 

28262 1844 Mickleburgh (J.) Index to the Principal Places in the 

World (Modern), with reference to the maps of the Society for 
Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1844 

28263 1847 Areowsmith (John) London Atlas of Universal Geography, 

impl. folio, 67 large coloured maps, hf. russia, 28s 1847 

28264 1848 MADOZ (Pascual) Diccionario geografico - estadistico- 

historioo de Espafia y sus posesiones de Ultramar, 16 vols. 
4to. calf gilt, £3. 10s Madrid, 1848-1850 

28265 1848 Collina (Abondio) Considerazioni istoriche sopra I'origine 

della Bussola Nautica, risponsive alia dissertazione di G. G. 
Trombelli, small 4to. hf. Id. ^s Faenza, 1848 

He maintains that the Mariner's Compass was known to the ancient 
Greeks and Romans. 

28266 1850 Buzeta (M.) y P. Bravo, Diccionario geogi-afico, estadistico, 

historico de las Islas Filipinas, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. hf. hd. 10s 

Madrid, 1850 

28267 1852 Tehuantepec. Maps illustrating the Isthmus of Tehuan- 

tepec, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d New York, 1852 

Eight folding maps, being Surveys made by the Officials of the 
Tehuantepec Railroad Company of New Orleans. 

28268 1852 Johnston (A. K.) Dictionary of Geography, forming a 

complete General Gazetteer of the World, thick 8vo. hf. russia, 
7s 6d 1852 

28269 — the same, new edition thoroughly revised, stout roy. 

8vo. 1513 pp. douUe cols. (pub. £2. 2s), cloth, 12s 1877 

28270 1855 Sprdner (Karl von) Historisch - geographischer Hand- 

Atlas, 3 vols, in 1, oblong folio, zweite Anflage, 118 coloured 
historical maps, hf. calf, 36s Gotha, 1855 

Atlas Antiquus, 27 ma/ps ; Geschichte der Staaten Europa's, 73 maps ; 
Ausser-Europa, 18 maps, sold separately, 10s 
Petermann's Geographische Mittheilungen — see p. 105. 

28271 1861 -74 JOHNSTON (A. K.) Royal Atlas of Modern Geography, 

with Index to each map, large folio, 48 coloured double maps, 
hf. russia, gilt edges, 24s 1861 



28272 JOHNSTON (A. K.) Royal Atlas of Modern Geography, roy. folio, 
48 double maps, coloured, with sjjccial Index to each, hf. russia, 
gilt edges, 30s 1863 

28273 the same, folio, 46 coloured double maps, hf. green 

morocco, gilt edges, £6. 1877 

28274 1872 Dornseiffen (J.) Atlas van Nederland en zijne overzeesche 

Bezittingen (Dutch East-Indies, CiTi*a9oa, Surinam, Little 
Antilles), sm. folio, 30 coloured majps, cloth, 10s 

Amsterdam, 1872 

28275 1876 Coolet (W. D.) Physical Geography, or the Terraqueous 

Globe, and its Phenomena, 8vo. with 125 wood engravings, 
frontispiece, and 12 maps (sells 21s), cloth, 8s 6d 1876 

Arctic Geography: 

28276 Akctic Geography and Ethnology, Selection of Papers on, 
presented to the Artie Expedition of 1875, by the Roy. Geogr. 
Soc. 8vo. maps, cloth, 5s 1875 

28277 Description of the Coast, Tides, and Currents, in But- 
ton's Bay, and in the Welcome, being the N.W. Coast of 
Hudson's Bay, from Scrog's, Crow's, Napier's, and Smith's Jour- 
nals (1744) — Agreement for the Discovei-y of a N.W. Passage, 
1745 — Geographical Description of Tobago, majj, (1745) — 
Account of Corsica, and Memoirs of Baron de Neuhoif, styled 
Theodore I, map, 1739 — 1 vol. 8vo. calf, 24s 

28278 DoBBS (A.) Account of the Countries adjoining to Hudson's Bay 
in the N.W. part of America, intended to show the great pro- 
bability of a N.W. Passage, 4to. 7nap, sd. 24s 1744 

Containing the methods of Commerce, showing the benefits of settling 
Colonies, whereby the French will be deprived of their Traffick in Furs ; with 
Middleton's Journal, the discoveries in the Great Western Ocean, the Profits 
of the Hudson's Bay Company, Indian Vocabularies, etc. 

28279 Martin (R.M.) Hudson'sBay Territories and Vancouver's Island, 
with the rights, policy, etc. of the Hudson's Bay Corporation, 
8vo. map, cloth, 3s 6d 1849 

28280 LTmfeeville (Ed.) Present State of Hudson's Bay, 8vo. folding 
plate containi)ig specimens of Jive Indian languages, hf. calf, 24s 1790 

Pages 176-203 are "on the Indians, their customs, etc." 

28281 Zorcdraoers alte und neue Gronlandische Fischerei und Wall- 
fischfang, mit Beschreibung von Gronland, Island, Spitzbergen, 
Nova Zembla, Jan Mayen Eiland, der Strasse Davis, u.a. mit 
Nachricht von dem Bakkeljau- und Stockfischfangbei Terreneuf, 
llbersetzt (von Er. Reusch), sm. 4to. many maps and plates, calf, 
9s Leipzig, 1723 

Atlantic Islands : 

28282 BoiD. Description of the Azores (agriculture, zoology, trade, 
commerce, etc.), 8vo. map and vieivs, bds. 2s 6d 1834 

28283 GoDMAN, Natural History of the Azores, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1870 

28284 BARKER-WEBB (P.) et Sabin Berthelot, Histoire Naturelle 
des lies Canaries — Ichthyologie, par A. Valenciennes, 26 ^/aies ; 
ri'^thnographie et los Amuilcs de la Conqucte, portrait; la 
Geographic descriptive, la Stalistic(ue et la Geologic ; 3 a'oIp. 
imp]. 4to. hds. 36s Paris, 1839-42 


Atlantic Islands — continued. 

28286 BUCH, Physikalische Beschreibung der Canarisclien Inseln, 
hf. calf, 10s ; or, calf neat, 12s Berlin, 1825 

28287 Bullae (J. and H.) Winter in the Azores, and a Summer at the 
Baths of the Furnas, 2 vols. 8vo. cuts, cloth, 3s Qd 184-1 

28288 EspiNOSA (Alonso de) Del Origen y Milagros de N. Senora de 
Candelaria, que aparecio en Tenerife, con la descripcion de esta 
Isla (la gente y sus costumbres), 12mo. vellum, 25s 

Sevilla, 1594 





1. General History of Voyages and Discovery, 
collective biographical Works. 

28289 Barros Arana (D.) Compendio de Historia de America, 2 vols, in 

1, stout 8vo. 947 pp. hf. hd. 28s Santiago, 1865 

28290 [BOSCH (L. van den)] Leeven en Daden der doorluchtighste 

Zee-Helden en Ontdeckers van Landen, deser eeuwen, door 
V, D. B. 4to. frontispiece, fine portraits and folding plates, calf 
25s Amst., J. Claesz en J. Bouman, 1676 

28291 Leben und tapjBfere Thaten der aller-beriihmtesten See- 

Helden, etc. unserer Zeiten, iibersetzt von Matthia, mit Anhange 
durch Er. Francisci, sm. 4to. frontispiece, portraits and plates, 
vellum, 30s Niirnberg, 1681 

Containing the lives of Columbus, Vespucci, Magellan, etc. 

28292 [BROSSES (Le President de)] Histoire des Navigations aux 

Terres Australes, 2 vols. 4to. maps, £2. 16s Paris, 1756 

This work, although intended to illustrate specially the early discoveries 
in the Southern Hemisphere, also includes voyages to N. and S. America, and 
round the world. 

28293 Terra Australis Cognita, or Voyages to the Southern 

Hemisphere during the 16th-18th Centuries (by J. Callander), 
3 vols. 8vo. maps, calf, 36s Edinburgh, 1766-68 

28294 CALVO (Carlos) Coleccion Completa de los Tratados, otros actos 
diplomaticos de todas los estados de la America Latina, 
comprendidos entre el golfo de Mejico y el cabo de Hornos, 
desde 1493, complete in 2 series — Fii-st Series, 9 vols. 1862-6 ; 
Second Series, 4 vols. 1864-6 — together 13 vols. 8vo. hf. red 
morocco gilt, £12. Paris, 1862 

190 * 


28295 CAS AS (Bartolome de las) Coleccion de las Obras de, dada a luz 

por Juan Ant. Llorente, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait, calf, 12s 

Faris, 1822 
Although not written for the purpose of illustrating the subject to 
which this section belongs, the works of Las Casas are important for the 
history of Spanish conquest in America and the lives of the Conquistadores. 

28296 TRATADOS VARIOS, 9 pai-ts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. 

Original Editions in ffiot!)ic letter, Spanish morocco binding, 
£32. Sevilla, 1552 

Excessively rake. It is some years since a complete set of these 
treatises was last in my possession. 

I. Brevissima Relacion de la destruycion de las Indias, Sevilla, Seb. 
Trugillo, 1 552 ; at the end ; 2. Pedaqo de una carta y relacion que escrivio 
cierto hombre refiriendo las obras que hazia el capitan por la tierra que 
andava. 3. Entre los remedios que Bartolome de las Casas refirio para 
reformacion de las Indias, el octavo . . . donde se asignan veynte razones 
por las quales prueva no deverse dar los Indios a los Espaiioles en encomi- 
enda, Sevilla, J. Cromlerger, 1552. 4. Tratado sobre la materia de los 
Yndios que se han hecho esclavos, Sevilla, Seb. Trugillo, 1652. 5. Tratado 
comprobatorio del imperio que los Reyes de Castilla y Leon tienen sobre las 
Indias, Seb. Trugillo, 1553. 6. Treynta proposiciones muy juridicas en las 
quales se tocan muchas cosas pertenecientes al derecho sobre los infieles, Seb. 
Trugillo, 1552. 7. Disputa o controversia entre el Obispo Don Bartholome 
de las Casas y el doctor Gines de Sepulveda sobre las conquistas de las 
Indias, Sevilla, Seb. Trugillo, 1552. 8. Unos Avisos y reglas para los con- 
fesores, Sevilla, Seb. Trugillo, 1552. 9. Principia qusedam ex quibus 
procedendum est in disputatione ad manifestandam justiciam Yndorum, 
Hispali, Seb. Trugillo, s. a. 

28297 Casas (Earth, de las) Tratados varios ; 1 Brevissima Relacion, 

2 Peda^o, 3 Disputa, 5 Treynta Proposiciones, 6 Materia de los 
Yndios, last leaf wanting, 7 Entre los Remedios, 9 Tratado 
comprobatorio, portion of title torn away — together 7 parts in 5, 
sm. 4to. £10. 1552 

28298 Sold separately : 

1 Brevissima Relacion, imper/ecf, 20^ 1552 

3 Entre los Remedios, 20s 1552 
7 Disputa o Controversia, 30s 1552 

28299 Destruccion de las Indias o sea su conquista publicada 

en Sevilla 1552, ahoraloda a luz un ciudadano (F.M.F.), 16 nos. 
forming one vol. sm. 4to. sd. 25s Puehla, 1821 

This contains the Brevisima Relacion without the Pedazo, aud is very 

28300 Istoria o brevissima Relatione della Distruttione dell' 

Indie Occidental! in Italiano e Spagriuolo, trad, da Giacomo 
Castellani, 1643 — Conquista dell' Indie Occidentali Spag. et 
Ital. trad, per Ginammi, 1645 — II Supplice Schiavo Indiano, 
Spag. et Ital. per Ginammi, 1657 — 3 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. old gilt 
calf 36s Venetia, 1643-57 

Translations of the original pieces numbered above 1, 2, 4, 7. 

28301 il Supplice Schiavo Indiano, 1636 ; Liberta pretesa dal 

Bupplice Schiavo, 1640 ; Spagnuolo e Italiano per Ginammi, 

2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. vellum, 30s Venetia, 1636-40 

These pieces arc Nos, 7 and 3 of the original series. 


28302 Casas (Barth. de las) Narratio Regionum Indicarumper Hispanos 
QUOSDAM DEVASTATARDM VERissiMA, sm. 4to. first impressions of 
the 17 fine engravings t^/ De Brt, old French red morocco, gilt 
edges, by Padeloiip, scarce, £10. 10s 

Francofurti, Th. de Bry, 8f Joan. Saur. 1598 

28203 alia editio, sm. 4to. second impressions of the engravings, 

hf. morocco, gilt top, £3. 10s 1614 

28304 Regiontira Indicarum per Hispanos olim devastatarum 

accuratissima descriptio, sm. 4to. ivith impressions of the same 
plates as in the 1598 edition, sd. 21s ; or, calf, 28s 

Heidelbergce, 1664 
This text is equivalent to a translation of Nos, 1 , 2, 3 of the original 

28305 den vermeerderden Spieghel der Spaensche tievannije 

geschict in Westindien, sm. 4to. 18 plates, sd. 30s 

Amsterdam, G. I. Saeghman, 1664 
To this Dutch translation of the Latin Narratio a life of Columbus is 
added. Of the 18 plates, sixteen are copies of the De Bry engravings in the 
1598 volume, and two which illustrate Columbus are additional. 

28306 MiROiR de la cruelle et horrible Tyrannie Espagnole 

perpetree au Pays Bas, par le Tyran Due de Albe, et aultres 
Comandeurs de par le Roy Philippe le deuxiesme. On a 
adjoinct la deuxiesme Partie de les Tyrannies commises aux 
Indes Occidentales par les Espagnols (par B. de las Casas), 
2 vols, in 1, small 4to. numerous engravings of massacres com- 
mitted by the Spaniards, in the old binding, £5. 

Amsterdam, I. F. Cloppenburg, 1620 
Brunet's collation is erroneous in giving 87 leaves as the contents of the 
first part, instead of 88 (the last two leaves being each numbered 87). The 
second part is Jacques de Migrode's translation of the Destruccion de las 
Indias, filled up with extracts from some others of the Tratados, and contains 
the same seventeen engravings as appeared in the Frankfort Narratio of 1598. 
The engravings in the first part are of European cruelties. 

28307 la Decouverte des Indes Occidentales, 12i:no. frontispiece, 

in the original bds. wholly uncut, 27s Paris, 1697 

This is apparently a milder and tamer re- writing of the " Tyrannies 
et Cruautez," with the complete Controversy with Sepulveda added at the 

28308 Cladera (Christ.) Investigaciones Historicas sobre los principales 

Descubrimientos de los Espafioles en el Mar Oceano en el siglo 
XV y principios del XVI, sm. 4to. portraits, and a facsimile of 
Behaim's " Bars Globi Terrestris " (1492), hf morocco, £2. 2s 

Madrid, 1794 

28309 Ens (Gaspar) Indise Occidentalis Historia ; in qua prima regionum 

istarum, detectio, situs, incolarum mores, aliaque eo pertinentia, 
breviter explicantur, 12mo. brown morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Hardy, £2. 2s Colonice, Qui. Lutzenkirchen, 1612 

28310 EsTANCELiN (L.) Recherches sur les Voyages et Decouvertes des 

Navigateurs Normands en Afrique, dans les Indes Orientales, 
et en Amerique, 8vo. sd. &s Paris, 1832 

28311 ■ the same, 1832 ; Etudes sur I'Etat actuel de la Marine 

et des Colonies Fran9aises, 1849 — together 2 vols. 8vo. greeyi 
morocco extra, gilt edges, 20s 


28312 GALVAO (Ant.) Tratado dos Descobrimentos antigos, e modernos, 
feitosateaerade 1550,sm.folio, oMcaZ/, rare,£2. 10s Lisboa, 1731 

28313 Discoveries of the World, written in the Portugall 

tongue by Antonie Galvano, corrected, and now published in 
English by R. Hakluyt, ilarft kttet, sm. 4to. wants sign. Oi, rare, 
£5. G. Bishop, 1601 

28314 GOMEZ SOLIS (Duarte) sobre los Comercios de las dos Yndias, 

small 4to. MS. title, the author's own copy, with his autograph 
additions for a new edition, £6. Lisboa, 1622 

A veiy rare book dedicated to Philip IV by a learned Portuguese whose 
work is little known, and never found in catalogues of Americana. 

28315 HELP'S Spanish Conquest in America, its relation to the History 

of Slavery and the Government of Colonies, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, 
with the aiithor's presentation inscription to Mr. Donne, £2. IGs 


28316 HERRERA (Antonio de) Historia General de los Hechos de lo3 

Castellanos en las Islas i Tierra firme del Mar Oceano, en 
Decadas — Descripcion de las Indias — together 9 parts in 4 vols, 
sm. folio, original edition, frontispieces with portraits, and 14 
maps, velhmi, £3. Madrid, 1601 

28317 the same, 9 parts in 4 vols. sm. folio, a fine copy, old calf 

gilt, £4. 1601 

28318 la misma Historia, 8 parts in 2 vols. sm. folio, engraved 

titles, ivants the Table to the first part, citron morocco extra, gilt 
marbled edges, by Boyet, with the arms of Count Hoym, in gold on 
sides, £31. 10s 1601 

From the Beckford Libraiy, where it fetched £42. 

28319 la misma Historia y Descripcion, publicadas con notas 

por Barcia, 4 vols. sm. folio, frontispieces and maps, very tall 
copy in vellum, £5. 1725-30 

This is the genuine best edition of the work, edited by the learned 
Baecia, which, although in preparation since 1725, did not appear till 1729. 
Another similar edition, in 4 vols, folio, with portraits, was brought out at 
Antwerp, in 1728, one year previously, in haste to forestall the work which 
Barcia had in hand, but of course it is an inferior production, disfigured 
■with faults, and omitting the fourteen maps which are unavoidably necessaiy 
for the understanding of the descripcion. It contains also so-called portraits 
of the Incas of Peru, which are merely copies of De Bry's fictitious engrav- 
ings, while Barcia's edition gives the genuine designs which Herrera himself 
had used after the native pictures. 

28320 Novus Orbis, metaphraste C. Barlaeo, accesserunt et 

aliorum Indise Occidentalis Descriptiones et Navigationis 
nuper89 Australis Jacobi Le Maire Historia, 17 maps, and several 
tvoodcuts in the text, vellum, £3. 3s Amst. Colin. 1622 

23321 the same, sm. folio, with a fine portrait of Le Maire, 

fine tall clean copy, in vellum covered with leather, from the 
Sunderland library, £6. 6s 1622 

It is erroneously stated in the " American Nuggets" that Barcia, in the 
preface to his edition of Herrera, repudiates the edition by Coljin as full of 
errors. The fact is, that Barcia makes nowhere any remark prejudicial to 
the above publication of 1622, which certainly contains a faithful translation 
of the descripcion of Herrera, and an equally faithful reproduction of the 
fourteen authentic maps. Barcia's remark had reference only to the Amsterdam 
edition of 1721. The volume is highly valuable as containing the first edition 
of the genuine Voyage of Le Maire (also issued in Latin and Dutch in the 


same year) as distinguished from that which had been, through the Dutch 
India Company's jealousy of Le Maii-e, published by Blaeu under the name 
of Cornelius Schouten, who had commanded one of Le Maire's vessels. It 
concludes with the Spanish and English voyages to Magellan's Straits and 
the descriptions of America given by Ordonez de Cevallos and Bertius. 

The portrait of Le Maire is not mentioned by Brunet, Graesse, Leclerc, 
or in the " Nuggets," and I find no record of any copy containing it. The 
last four pages of the first Part contain a Vocabulary of the language of 
the Solomon Isles. 

28323 Herrera. Histoire Generale des Voyages et Conquestes des 

Castillans, dans les Isles et Terre-fenne des Indes Orientales, 
traduite de I'Espagnol, par N. de la Coste, 3 vols. 4to. old calf, 
with the Arms of Leclerc de Lesseville, Gomte de Brioude, on 
sides, £3. 3s Paris, N. et J. de la Coste, 1660-71 

This translation includes only the first three decades. 

KuNSTMANN, die Entdeckung Americas — see ante p. 2755. 

28324 LOEW (Conrad) Meer oder Seehanen Buch, darinn verzeiclinet 

seind die Wnnderbare Gedenckwiirdige Reyse und Schiifalirten 
so . . inwendig den letst vergangnen hundert Jahren gethan, . . 
durch. welche Schiffarten ein Newe Welt gegen Nidergang, 
und grosse Konigreiclien . . gegen Auffgang . . gelegen, 
erf unden tind entdeckt seind, . . small folio, 3 folding maps, one 
of the Dutch discoveries near Nova Zemhla in 1595-96, the second 
a tvorld-map on a flat-plan, and the third a map of the Northern 
Woi-ld with the Arctic pole for centre, red morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£9. Colin, 1598 

28325 LOPEZ DE GOMARA (Francisco) Primera y 

segunda parte de la liistoria general de las Indias con 
todo el descubrimiento y cosas notables que ban 
acaecido dende que se ganaron asta el ano de 1551. 
Con la conquista de Mexico y de la nueva Espana, 
2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, Editio Princeps, with two 
full-page woodcut Maps, one of which contai7is 
America, large copy in old gilt tree-marhled calf with 
the hooh-plate " Soi de Francisco Carter,^' extremely 
RARE, £75. Caragoga, Agustin Millan, 1552-53 

28326 Historia General de las Indias, loith the Two 

Maps, Caragoca 1552-53 

CIECA DE LEON (Pedro de) Parte Primera de la 
chronica del Peru, que tracta la demarcacion de sus 
provincias : la descripcion dellas. Las fundaciones 
de las nuevas ciudades. Los ritos y costumbres c<. 
los indios. Y otras cosas estranas dignas de se^. 
sabidas, numerous woodcuts, Sevilla, Martin de 
Montesdoca, 1553 ; together 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, 
fne clean copies, old calf gilt, extremely rare, £110. 



It is a great histoi'ical work, indispensable to tlie student 
of Spanish affairs in America after the conquest, notwith- 
standing the charges made by Bernal Diaz against Gomara of 
occasional inaccuracy. The dedication to Charles V begins 
with these remarkable words : " The greatest event which has 
happened since the creation of the world (leaving aside the 
incarnation and death of Him who created it) is the discovery 
of the Indies." 

Gomara prefixes a curious address to intending translators, 
warning them to be accurate and to measure the full significance 
of the pregnant Spanish phrases, also to pay special attention to 
proper names. He further declares that he is writing the book 
in Latin, so that the translators may take no trouble in that 
language. His Latin version has never appeared. 

The two woodcut leaves preceding the text, containing 
maps, one of the western and the other op the eastern 
Hemisphere, seem to have survived only in these two 
COPIES, yet the book is imperfect without them ; and the author 
in his address "a los Impresores," by whom he meant future 
reprinters of his work, begged them to omit nothing which he 
had taken care to insert in this original edition, maiormente las 
tahlas de la tierra. It was this warning which induced Bellero 
in Antwerp to issue a small Traga dela Tierra with his edition of 
1554, but that is also a rare map now. The difference between 
Bellero's map and Gomara's proves that the Spanish Govern- 
ment had effectually suppressed the latter, and that the 
Antwerp publisher was obliged to have a new design prepared, 
which is in some respects decidedly inferior to the original in 
geographical accuracy. 

The Chronica del Peru {First Edition) of Cie^a de Leon is 
also extremely rare. During the last thirty years I have only 
met with one other copy, and that an imperfect one. The 
translator of this work for the Hakluyt Society says in his 
preface, that of this edition Lord Stewart de Rothsay's copy was 
the only one known to him. See also under Discovery of Peru 
28327 Lopez de Gomara. La segunda parte dela Historia general 
delas Indias, que contiene La conquista de Mexico, y dela nueua 
Espafia, stout 12mo. old calf, rare, £5. 

en Ambers por Martin Nucio, 1554 
It is very seldom that the two parts, which form the complete ■work, are 
found together. The second part is the rarer. 

2P328 Historia de las Conquistas de Hernan Cortes, traducida 

al Mexicano por Chimalpain, publicala con varias notas y 
adiciones Bustamante, 2 vols. 8vo. /;/. hd. 36s Mexico, 1826 

The statement on the title of "translated by Chimalpain" is merely 
parenthetical. Bustamante when he had in his hands the MS. from which he 
printed the book, supposed it to be an original work by Chimalpain, but 
afterwards discovered that this Mexican, who flourished at the beginning of 
tlie seventeenth century, had only based his history (in Mexican) on Gomara, 
whicii accounted for the resemblance between it and the transcript of the 
Spanish original which had fallen into Bustamante's hands. The editor's 
notes are, however, copious and valuable. 


28329 Lopez de Gomara. Conquista de Mexico, 2 vols. Bvo. hf. calf, 36s 

Mexico, 1870 

28330 The Pleasant Historie of the Conquest of the Weast 

India, now called new Spayne, atchieued by the worthy Prince 
Hernando Cortes, Marqnes of the valley of Huaxacac, most 
delectable to Reade : Translated out of the Spanishe tongue by 
T(homas) N(icholas), Anno. 1578. small 4to. fine copy in old 
calf, £12. ; or, tall copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, £20. 

Henry Bynneman (1578) 
The name of Lopez de Gomara is nowhere mentioned by the worthy 
Mr. Nicholas, whose own name is signed in full at the end of the Epistle 
Dedicatory. This first edition is very rare, most American collectors having 
to be satisfied with the second edition of 1596, which is the one described by 
Collier in his " Bibliographical Account." The latter writer en-s in stating that 
the two leaves containing the " Address to the Header '' and Stephen Gosson's 
verses were first added in the 1596 volume : they are here in the original 
edition. Collier is also mistaken in asserting that the " auncient gentleman" 
of the Epistle Dedicatory, with whom Nicholas had an interesting conversation, 
was identical with Agustin de Zarate, the historian of Peru. 

Histoire generalle des Indes occidentales & Terres 





neuues, qui iusques a present ont este descouvertes, traduite en 
franyois par M. Fumee, Sieur de Marly le Chastel, 12mo. half 
green morocco, 30s Paris, Sonnius, 1569 

Histoire generalle des Indes Occidentales, et Terres 

neuues, qui iusques a present ont este descouuertes, Augmentee 
en ceste cinquiesme edition de la description de la nouuelle 
Espagne, & de la grande ville de Mexique, traduite en Frangois 
par le S. de Genille Mart. Fumee, stout 12mo. fine copy in 
green morocco extra, gilt edges, £7. 7s ih. 1587 

Historia Generale delle Indie, tradotta nella Italiana da 

Cravaliz, 12m.o. fi/ne copy in vellum, 24s 

Venetia, per Fr. Lorenzini da Turino, 1560 
The second part of the collection ^' Historia delle nuove Indie Occidentali." 

Historia di Mexico, et qvando si discoperse la Nvova 



Hispagna, conqvistata per I'illvstriss. et ualoroso Piincipe Don 
Ferdinando Coi'tes Marchese del Valle . . . tradotta . . . per 
Avgvstino Cravaliz, sm. 4to. old calf, £20. 

Roma, Dorici, 1555 — at end, 1556 

First edition, vert rare. From the library of Sir Francis Drake, 

originally founded by the great sailor of that name. 

LAFITAU (J. F.) Histoire des Decouvertes et Conquestes des 

Portugais dans le Nouveau Monde, 2 vols. 4to. map and plates, 

old calf, not uniform, 30s Paris, 1733 

the same, 2 vols. 4to. map and plates, fine copy in old 

gilt calf, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £3. 10s 

Paris, 1733 

This is a general work on the history of Portuguese navigations in both hemispheres. 

28337 MAFFEII (Joannis Petri) Histoeiarum Indicarum libri xvi ; 

selectarum item ex India epistolarum eodem interprete libri iv ; 

ace. Ign. Loiolfe vita, folio, large paper, old crimson morocco, 

loith ornamental gilt borders, gilt and gauffred edges, from the 

Sunderland library, £6. Qs Florent. P. Juncta, 1588 

Copies on Large Paper are very raie, and give the book an aspect of 

dignity to suit its intrinsic importance. 


28338 Maffei, Histoire des Indes Orientales et Occidentales, traduite de 

Latin en Fran9ois par M. M. D. P. (Mich, de Pure), 4to. old 
calf, 32s Paris, 1665 

Major (R. H.)— see p. 2703. 

28339 MoRELLi, Dissertazione intorno ad alcuni Viaggiatori eruditi Vene- 

ziani poco noti, 4to. very feiv copies printed for presents only, 
hd, 3s 6d Venezia, 1803 

28340 the same, hound up with delle Guerre de' Veneziani, 

neir Asia, 1470-74, di Cippico, in 1 vol. 4to. hf. cf. 5s 


28341 MORFI ( Juan Agustin ) Dialogo enti-e un comerciante j un 

politico en que se establece : 1, Que el comercio de Espana a 
Filipinas debe ser directo ; 2, Que se debe de hacer por el Gave 
de Hoi'nos ; 3, T que se ha de hacer por companias ; 4, Planta 
de una Compania para el comercio de America, formada por 
Don Luis Cerdeno — in one volume folio, clearly written M8S. 
81 leaves, vellum ivrapper, £3. 3s 

The Planta is embodied as a fourth part in the work of Fray J. A. Morfi, 
who wrote this MS. about the year 1770. His views were wise and politic, 
but they came too late for Spain. 

28342 Murray (H.) Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in 

North America, including the shores of the Polar Sea, and the 
voyages in search of a North- West passage, 2 vols. 8vo. map, 
calf gilt, 20s 1829 

28343 Navarrete (M. F. de) Coleccion de Opdsculos de, la dan a luz E. y 
F. F. de Navarrete, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, £1. Madrid, 1848 

The first 291 pages of Vol. I contain "Biografias de Marineros y Dea- 

28344 OVIEDO Y VALDES (Gongalo Hernandez de) De la natural 

hysteria de las Indias, sm. folio, wanting title and leaves 8, 9 and 
16, vellum, from the Sunderland library, vert rare, £60. 

Toledo, 1526 

" Ce premier ouvrage du fecond ecrivain n'a rien de commun avec la 

Uistoria general y natural de las Indias de 1535 ; c'est un resume destin^ a 

donner au roi d'Espagne un apercu des choses du Nouveau-Monde, decrivant 

les rites, moeurs, coutumes et ceremonies des naturels." — Brunei, Suppl. 

28345 Historia general de las Indias (primera parte en diez y 

nueve libros, con un libro ultimo de la obra), Sevilla, J. Crom- 
lerger, 1535 — Siguese una carta missiva con que el cronista . . . 
embio este volumen — Libro XX de la segunda parte de la 
general historia de las Indias, esci'ipta por el Capitan Gon9alo 
Fernandez de Oviedo y Valdes, Valladolid, Francisco Fernandez 
de Cordova, 1557 — 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, woodcuts of escutcheons, 
etc. on titles, hourid in red morocco extra, gilt edges, l>y Bedford, 
£72. 1535-57 

Very rare first edition of all that was originally published (the edition 
printed by the Spanish Academy a few years ago being the only complete 
impression of Oviedo's work). The Carta missiva which occupies two leaves 
at the end of the first part, and was printed at the same time, bears the 
autograph signature of the author, in this form — " Kmo. & illmo. Senor las 
manos de V. S. Rma. besa Go. Fernandez de Oujedo." The twentieth book 
(which is the first of part II), published separately at Valladolid in 1557 mas 
not finished in consequence of the author's death. It is excessively rare. 


28346 OviEDO Y Valdes, Libro XX de la segunda parte de la general 
historia de las Indias, sm. folio, vellum, from the Sunderland 
library, £80. Valladolid, Francisco Fernandez de Cordova, 1557 

28347 Histoire natnrelle et generalle des Indes, Isles, et Terre 

Ferme de la grand Mer Oceane, traduicte de Castillan en 
Francois (par Jean Poleur), folio, limp vellum, UNCUT, hut some 
of the front margins stained and injured, £7. 

Paris, Michel de Vascosan, 1556 
The rarity of this volume is shown by its omission from the lists of 
Rich and Ternaux, especially the latter. Even among the Nuggets it does 
not appear, nor in any but one of the recent catalogues of Americana. The 
translator's name is absent from French literary history. His work comprises 
the first ten books of Oviedo's History, of which only twenty had as yet been 
published in the original Spanish. 

l'histoire de la terre nevte dv Peru — see post under 

1520 Discovery of Peru. 

28348 PIZARRO Y ORELLANA, Varones ilnstres del Nuevo Mundo, 

descubridores, conquistadores, y pacificadores del Imperio de 
las Indias occidentales, sm. folio, hd. £2. 5s 

Madrid, Diaz de la Carrera, 1639 

28349 Robertson (W.) History of America, 2 vols. 4to. first edition, 

m,aps and plates, fifie copy in old russia extra, 18s 1777 

28350 SAN ROMAN (Antonio) Historia general de la India Oriental, 

los Descubrimientos y Conquistas que ban becbo las armas de 
Portugal en el Brasil y en partes de Africa y Asia ; y de la 
Dilatacion del Santo Evangelip por aquellas grandes Provincias, 
desde sus principias hasta 1567, stout sm. folio,, hd. £4. 

Valladolid, 1603 

The author was a native of Valencia, and a priest of the order of St. 

" Get ouvrage est un des plus importants qui aient ete publics sur les 
conqnetes faitcs par les Portugais. II est rare d'en rencontrer un exemplaire 
complet." — Salva. 

28351 Scherer (J. B.) Recberebes Historiques et Geograpbiques sur le 

Nouveau-Monde, 8vo. map, hds. 10s; or, old calf gilt, 12s 1777 

28352 Septenville (Ed. de) Decouvertes et Conquetes du Portugal dans 

les deux Mondes, 12mo. sd. 2s 1863 

28353 ZuRCHER et Margolle, Histoire de la Navigation, sm. 8vo. sd. Is 6d 


2. Supposed Early Discoveries of America; 
Asiatic; Polynesian; Sec. Y (Chinese); 
Sec. X (Norse); Sec. XII (Welsh); 
and History of Arctic Naviga- 
tions in the X-XV Centuries. 

28354 Garcia (Gregorio) Origen de los Indies de el Nvevo Mvndo, e 

Indias Occidentales . . . 12mo. hf. hd. from the Ramirez lihrary, 
£4. Valencia, 1607 


28355 Garcia (Gregorio) Origen de los Indies, 12mo. very fine copy in 

red morocco extra, gilt edges, from the Court library, £6. %s 

Valencia, 1607 
Very kare. Although two copies are here described, no other has 
appeared in the public sales for the last twenty years, the reprint of 1729 
being apjiarently the only form of the work which was attainable by most of 
the collectors of Americana. Garcia's opinion, as opposed to the special 
theories of other writers, was that the American Indians drew their origin 
from various races of the old world, including Chinese and Tatars. But all 
his learning on this subject is of less value than the positive facts concerning 
the native tribes, which he drew partly from his own experiences in the New 
World, and partly from a MS. work by Juan de Vetanzos (one of the com- 
panions of I'izarro, and a man specially skilled in the native languages), which 
was in the possession of Garcia, and which has never been published. — The 
libro ultimo of Garcia's work contains the native Indian accounts of their 
origin, and is divided into sections which treat separately the various distinct 
tribes of Mexico and Peru. 

28356 Lang (J. D.) Origin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation ; 

demonstrating their ancient discovery and progressive settle- 
ment of America, sm. 8vo. hds. hs 1834 

28357 Leland (C. G.) Fusang, or the Discovery of America by Chinese 

Buddhist Priests of the fifth century, sm. 8vo. (pub. 7s Qd), 
cloth, hs 1875 

28358 ANTIQUITATES AMERICANJE,sive Scriptores Septentrionales 

Reram ante-Columbianarum, ed. Soc. Reg. Antiquar. Septentr. 
Island. Dan. et Latine, 4to. ivith preface hy Rafn, maps and 
plates, including facsi'tniles of old Norse MSS. £2. 16s Hafnice, 1837 

28359 TORF^I (Thormodi) Historia Vinlandire antiquse, seu partis 

AmericEe Septentrionalis ... ex antiqvitatibus Islandicis in 
lucem producta . . . sm. 8vo. hf. bd. £5. SavnicB, 1705 

28360 the same, sm. 8vo. fine and large copy in blue morocco 

extra, gilt edges, £8. 8s 1705 

28361 another copy, sm. 8vo. the title-page reprinted, otherwise 

identical ivith the preceding, fine copy in red morocco, silk linings, 
gilt edges, £7. 7s 1715 

The first printed authentic exposition of the history of the early Norse 
Settlements in America, and therefore a book of remarkable interest to the 
American collector. The Antiquitates Americance in which Rafn has since 
re-asserted and confirmed the statements of Torfseus, established the fact that 
Norsemen, about the end of the tenth century, discovered and for about three 
centuries colonized a portion of the New England States. The colony perished 
at length for want of unmigration, and the occurrences fell into oblivion ; for 
although they are referred to in the Chronicle of Adam of Bremen (1072), 
which was first published in 1579, neither the old Chronicler nor his sixteenth- 
century readers knew to what part of the world the events had reference. 

28362 T0RF.SI (Thormodi) Gronlandia antiqva, seu veteris Gronlandise 
descriptio . . . 12mo. 5 folding engraved maps, morocco extra, 
gilt edges, rare, £4. 4s Havnice, 1715 

This work is the source of everything in modem literature concerning the 
annals of Greenland during the Middle Ages, — thus involving, likewise, the 
history of Norse navigation and that of the Norse colonies in America. The 
first map was designed by Bishop Gudbrand Thorlakssen, in 1606, and shows 
Labrador; the second by Sigurd Stephansen, in 1570, exhibiting all the 
Norse-lands in America ; the third by Jonas Gudmund. about 1640, is 
similarly extensive ; the fourth is by Theodor Thorlakssen, in 1668; and the 
fifth is by Torfseus himself. 


28363 ANDERSON" (R. B.) America not discovered by Columbus ; an 
historical sketch, of the Discovery of America by the Norsemen 
in the 10th century, with a Bibliography of pre-Columbian 
discoveries, by P. B.Watson, sm. 8vo. cloth, 4s 'od Chicago, 1883 

28363*HERBERT (Th.) Description of Persia. Relation of some 
yeares Travells begun in 1626, folio, engravings, old calf, £3. 3s 

Near the end of this book we find the " account and proof " of Prince 
Madoc's Welsh discovery of Florida in 1170. 
see also Hakluyt's Voyages, post. 1589 

28364 Erizzo (F. M.) le Scoperte Artiche, stout 8vo. i^-p. xvi and 644, 

with four large maps in a separate impl. 8vo. case, 7s 6d 

Venezia, 1855 
The maps include facsimiles of Andrea Blanco's map of 1436, and of that 
of the Zeni dated 1380. 

28365 Gravter (Gabriel) Decouverte del'Amerique par les Normands au 

Xe siecle, sm. 4to. maps and plate of Inscriptions, sd. 17s 1874 

28366 Gronlands historiske Mindesmterker, udgivne af det Kongelige 

Nordiske Oldskrift-Selskab, 3 vols, in 4, stout 8vo. thick paper, 
maps and plates, hds. 24s Kjobenhavn, 1838-45 

28367 Westman (G. A.) Itinera priscorum Scandianorum in Amerieam, 

sm. 4to. sd. 16s Aboce, 1757 

3. Discovery in Asia (Sec. XIII-XY). 

Voyages to Cathay, by Del Plan Carpix, Borchard, Marco 

Polo, ]\Iandeyille, Zexo, Conti, Contarixi, and others 
see in section, Narratives of Voyagers. 

4. Atlantic and African Voyages in the Four- 
teenth and Fifteenth Century (1300-1490). 

Sec. XIV-XVI. Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands: 

28368 Avezac (M. d') Notice des Decouvertes faites au moyen-age dans 
rOcean Atlantique, anteriearement aux grands explorations 
portugaises du XVe siecle, 8vo. morocco gilt, leather joints, gilt 
edges, 20s 1845 

28369 the same, 1845 — Sur la premiere Expedition de 

Bethencourt aux Canaries, 1846— Sur la situation du Mouillage 
au sud du Cap de Bugeder, 1846 ; in 1 vol. 8vo. sd. 10s 1845-6 

28370 BETHENCOURT, Histoii-e de la premiere descouverte, et Con- 
queste des Canaries faite des I'an 1402, par Jean de BETHEN- 
COURT, Chambellan du Roy Charles VI, escrite par P. Bontier, 
et J. Le Verrier, mise en lumiere par Galion de Bethencourt, 
plus un Traicte de la Navigation et des Descouvertes modernes 


(par Bekgeron), sm. 8vo. first edition, with copperplate portrait 
by Moncornet, a feio ivormholes in the margins, old calf, £3. \Qs 

Paris, 1629-30 

28371 ■ ■ — the same, sm. 8vo. fine impression of the portrait, red 

m^orocco extra, silk linings and gilt edges, from the BecJcford library, 
£6. 15s 1629-30 

Bergeron's valuable treatise was the first scientific review of the history 
and results of geographical discovery. 

28372 the Canarian, or Book of the Conquest and Conversion 

of the Canarians in 1402, by Bethenconrt, composed by Bontier 
and Le Verrier, translated and edited by Major with notes and 
introduction, royal 8vo. large paper, portrait and 2 plates from 
the MS. hf. bd. Boxbiirghe, uncut, 25s 1872 

The French text is given under the English, printed from the original 
illuminated MS. of the 15th century, and preceded by an Introduction of 
55 pp. 

28373 [Abreu db Galineo (Juan de)] History of the Discovery and 

Conquest of the Canary Islands, translated from a Spanish MS. 
with the modern History of the Inhabitants, by Glas, 4to. map, 
uncut, 10s 1764 

The original work was written by the Spanish friar, whose name is given 
above, in the Isle of Palma, in 1632. It has never been printed. "Este 
fidedigno autor escribia aquellas memorias historicas que siempre citar^mos 
con aplauso." — Viera. 

28374 Azores. History of the Azores, demonstrating their importance 

to the British Empire, M^o. plates and maps, bds. 7s 6d 1813 

28375 the same, 4to. plates and maps, calf, 9s 1813 

28376 CORDEYRO (A.) Insulano de Terceyra. Historia Insulana das 

Ilhas a Portugal sugeytas no Oceano Occidental, sm. folio, fine 
copy, old calf, 32s Lisbon, 1717 

Lord Stuart de Rothesay's copy fetched, 1855, £3. 15s. 

28377 MoSQUBRA de Figueroa (Christoval) Comentario en breve com- 

pendio de Disciplina Militar, en que se escrive la Jornada de las 
ISLAS de los A<^ORES, sm. 4to. ^vithout the plate, bd. £2. 

Madrid, Luiz Sanches, 1596 
At the end is the Elogio del Marques de Santa Cruz, the leader of the 
Spanish expedition, with a separate title-page. This valuable work is not 
mentioned by Brunet, nor contained in the Grenville library. 

28378 NUNEZ DE LA PENA (J.) Conquista y Antiguedades de las 

Islas de la Gran Canaria, y su Descripcion, con muchas Adver- 
tencias de sus Privilegios, Conquistadores, Pobladores, y otras 
particularidades en la muy poderosa Isla de Thenerife, sm. 4to. 
bound, 25s Madrid, 1676 

An indispensable supplement to the History by Abreu, and the French 
account of Bethencourt. Viera says it is a " rico tesoro de noticias para la 
historia de Canarias," and describes it as " el libro en que [el autor] dejo 
asegurada su memoria." He also says, " The islands are indebted to the 
immense labours of Nunez de la Pefia for different notices which, but for him, 
would perhaps have been already forgotten." 

28379 VIERA y Clavijo (Joseph de) Noticias de la Historia General de 

las Islas de Canaria, el origen y costumbres de sus antiguos 
habitantes, etc. 4 vols. sm. 4to. map and portrait of Juan de 
Bethencourt, calf, not uniform, £2. Madrid, 1772-83 

28380 ■ the same, 4 vols. sm. 4to. vclluvi, £3. 1772-83 


28381 ViERA Y Clavijo, Noticias de Canaria, 4 vols. 4to. calf gilt, £3. I0.s 

" Ce livre est recommandable tant par son merite historique, que parce 
qu'il fut ecrit par un des hommes qui surent le mieux manier la langue 
castillane a la fin du siecle dernier. L'Histoire des Canaries fut imprimde, a 
un petit nombre d'exemplaires, tons destines a des presents ; ce qui explique 
la grande difficult^ a en rencontrer des exemplaires." — Salva. — But everything 
comes to London. 

1415-86 West African Exploration, to the discovery of the 
Cape of Good Hope : 

28382 MAJOR'S Prince Henry of Portugal snrnamed tlie Navigator: 
his Life and its Results, comprising the discovery, within one 
Century, of half the World, with new facts in the discoveiy of 
the Atlantic Islands, and the History and naming of America, by 
H. R. Major, Svo. portrait, maps, and plates, cloth, 18s 1868 

28383 second edition, sm. 8vo. portrait, maps, and plates (pub. 

15s), clotJi, 7s 6d 1877 

28384 Vida do Infante D. Henrique de Portugal, appelli- 

dado O Navegador, e sens resultados, vertida do Inglez por 
J. A. Ferreira Brandao, Qyo. portrait, woodcuts and maps, sd. 10s 

Lishoa, 1876 

28385 AZURARA (Gnomes Eanes d') Chronica dos feitos do Conde 
Dom Pedro de Meneses primro. Capitao que foi na cidade de 
Cepta, folio, neatly ivritten MS. on paper, bound in limp vellum, 
with the arms of a Portuguese noble on the sides, £6. 6s About 1620 
An important historical work by the royal chronicler of Joam I of Portu- 
gal. It was written in 1463, and records the conquest of Ceuta by the 
Portuguese in 1415 — the first step in that series of expeditions which led to 
the Voyage round the Cape and the discovery of America. The capture and 
annexation of Ceuta are events that belong to the biography of " Prince 
Henry the Navigator." The Chronicle was printed for the first time in 1792, 
by Correa da Serra. The present MS. was transcribed about 1620 from a 
copy made in 1470, in the house of the Archpriest of Lisbon, by Joam 
Gonzalez, scribe and hiscuit-Vaker. 

28386 Chronica do Descobrimento e Conquista de GUINE, 

escrita sob a direc9ao do Infante D. Henrique, com Introduc^ao e 
notas de Santarem, e com un Glossario, royal 4to. large paper, 
printed ivithin borders, illuminated Portrait in imitation of the MS. 
and 4 pp. of facsimiles, hf. morocco, gilt tops, 36s Pariz, 1841 
First edition. 
Very few copies were printed in the sumptuous Large Paper form. 

5. Voyages in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, 


1492 Martin Behaim : 

28387 Ghillany, Geschichte des Seefahrers Ritter Martin Behaut, nach 
den altesten vorhandenen Urkunden bearbeitet ; mit Humboldt's 
Abhandlung iiber die altesten Karten des Neuen Continents 
und den Namen Amerika, atlas 4to. portrait of Behaim, three 
large folding facsimiles of Behaiins and Schoner's globes, facsimiles 
also of the maps of De la Cosa and Ruysch, and plates of 
Regiomontamis^ Astrolahe, bds. 18s Niirnberg, 1853 

1492 is the date of Behaini's globe, and is used for placing him in this 
section rather than the preceding. He was oflT the coast of Guniea with the 
Portuguese in 14S4. 


1492-1516 Christopher Columbus : 

Letters of Columbus— see i)ost in Narratives of Voj'agers. 

28388 BuLLAS : Libro en que estan eopiladas algunas Bullas de nro muy 
Sancto Padre concedidas en fauor de la Juridicion real de sus 
Altezas y todos los Pragmaticas que estan feebas para la buena 
Governacion del Reyno, folio, gotljic letter, fine co^nj in Ihie 
morocco, excessively rare, see Harrisse's Supplemetit to his Bihlio- 
theca Americana, uiihwwn to Salva and Brunei, £15. 

(Alcald) s. I. 1503 

On folio cxix we find, in an ordinance of Ferdinand and Isabel, a long 
passage which begins: " Sepades que nos avemos mandado a don Cristoval Colon 
nro Almirante de las Yndias del mar oceano que buelva a la ysla E^pafiola 
y a las otias yslas y tierra firme," etc. It was the decree dated 1496, by 
which criminals under sentence were to be sent out to Hispaniola to work as 
labourers, in commutation of punishment. 

28389 STAMLER, Dyalogus Jobannis Stamler de diversarum Gencium 
Sectis et Mundi Religionibus, sm. folio, with woodcut title, 
impressed on hath sides, vellum, £12. 12s 

Auguste, E. Oglin et Jeo. Nadler, 1508 

On the reverse of the first leaf, in a letter to Jacobus Philomusus [Locher] 
dated 20 May, 1506, we find the words of which the following is a translation 
— "I make however no mention of the discovered islands, but you may 
examine the two little tracts (which I send you herewith) of Cristofer Colom, 
the discoverer of the same, and of Albericus Vespucius concerning the 
new discovered world (to both of whom our age is most largely indebted)." 
This means that the Epistola of Columbus (1493) and the Epistola of 
Vespucci (1503), accompanied Stamler's letter ; and its chief significance lies 
in the apparent assignment of equal eminence to the two Italians whose names 
are imperishably associated with the New World. 

28390 FULGOSI (Bapt.) deDictisfactisquememorabilibus (illisexceptis 
quse Max. Valerius edidit) collectanea, a Camillo Gilino latina 
facta, folio, Editio Princeps of one of the early hooJcs recording the 
Discovery of America, with the bookplate of Bilihaldus Pirchheimer, 
bds. £5. Mediolani, Jac. Ferrarius, 1509 

On thereverse of sig. llii. in lib. vii, the discovery by Christopher Columbus 
of a way to the Indies, shorter than any known before, is recorded (although 
with the mistake that the voyage had been accomplished in thirty-one days). 

Fulgosus states that this new way was much easier, shorter, and better 
than the long and dangerous voyage roimd the Cape and through the Indian 
Ocean, by which Vasco da Gama had sought the same regions. 

In spite of its errors, this constitutes an interesting and very early notice 
of the two most important voyages in the long annals of Geographical 

The Invention of Typography by " Contembergns Argentinensis " is also 
related, with an insinuation that the inventor had been directly inspired by 
God. By this wonderful art, he says that the great writers of ancient days 
may be said to have begun their existence in 1440. 

28391 ANGHIERA(PietroMartired'). P.MARTYRIS . . . Oceani 
DECAs, folio, Hispali, 1511 

First edition of the first decade. 

28392 De Orbe Nouo Decades, sm. iolio, very fine copy in red 

m,orocco super extra, gilt viarlled edges, by Lortic, £28. 

Gura et diligentia Antonii Nebrissenns fuerunt hce tresprotonotarii 


1492-1506 Columbus — continued. 

Petri martyris decades Imj^ressce in contuhernio Arnaldi Guillelmi 
in Illustri ofpido carpetance pmcice copluto quod uulym'iter 
dicitur Alcala jifectu est nonis Nouehris An. 1516 

First edition of the first three Decades. Contains : title and text, sixty- 
four leaves ; Vocahula Barbara, three leaves. The ti'eatise Legatio Bahilonica 
mentioned by Harrisse (Biblioth. vetustissima, no 88). is uot in this copy. 

28393 Anghiera. [Degas Quarta] de nvper sub D. Cai'olo repertis Insulis, 
simulq ; incolarum moribus, R. Petri Martyris, Enchiridion, 
sra. 4to. old binding, £7. 10s Basilece, 1521 

28391 the same, sm. 4to. red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bed- 
ford, £10. 1521 
This is not an extract as has been supposed, but is the entire fourth 
Decade, printed now for the first time, and containing the history of the New 
World from 1516 to 1520, in which the discovery and conquest of Mexico are 
recorded. Thus it falsifies the statement made in the heading of the fourth 
Decade (in the edition of 15.30, Ahala") " nunc primum Data et cxcusa," a 
phrase which signifies now first published and printed, not (as Eden rendered 
it) " now first set forth and examined." We must assume that it was jirinted 
without the knowledge and consent of Peter Martyr, — a conjecture 
strengthened by the fact that the text is addressed to the F<>pe, while the 
dedication (hy the printer) is made to Joannes CateujEus, the physician of' 
Margaret of Austria, and the title-page absurdly states that it was to tlie 
princess herself. 

28395 DE ORBO NOUO DECADES . . . sm. folio, some leaves dis- 
coloured, border of title slightly cut into, vellmn, from the Ramirez 
library, £62. Gomplvti, in cedihus Michaelis de Eguia, 1530 

Very rare. First complete edition of the eight Decades. 

28396 de rebus Oceanicis & Orbe Novo Decades (I-III)— 

De Insalis nuper inventis et de moribus incolarum — Leg-atio 
Babylonica (ad Soldanum JEgypti) — in 1 vol. sm. folio, sd. £3. 

Basilece, 1533 

28397 the same, Basil. 1533 — Anselmi Cantuarensis Arch. 

in omnes Pauli Apostoli epistolas enarrationes, industria ac 
labore D. Renati, nunc mendis abstersis, woodcut title, Coloniae, 
Jasp. Genuepaeus, 1545 ; in 1 vol. sm. folio, old stamped binding, 
£4. 4s 

28398 de Rebus Oceanicis et Novo Orbe decades tres ; item 

de Babylonica Legatione ; item de rebus ^thiopicis opuscula 
Damiani a Goes, stout sm. 8vo. hogshin, with clasps, 20s 

Cohnice, 1574 

28399 the Slime, fine copy in the original hogshin, bearing the 

date 1576 on the sides, 28s 1574 

28400 De Orbe Novo Petri Martyris Anglerii . . . Decades 

octo . . . utilissimis annotationibus illustratee, . . . labore & 
industria Richardi Haklvtti Oxoniensis Angli, sm. 8vo. Best 
Edition of the text, with the celebrated map of the World, executed 
and dedicated to Hakluyt by F. G., showing the latest English 
discoveries, and far superior to any map which had yet come into 
existence, vellum, fine copies, £20. Farisiis, 1587 

28401 the same, map in facsimile, old red morocco, Guzman 

arms on sides, £10. ib. 1587 

Rare when perfect. The map is a remarkable example of advance in 



1492-1506 Columbus — continued. 

cartography and geographical knowledge. It may be said to have formed 
an epoch in the history of that science. It is a pity that the name of " F. G." 
has not been recovered from the mystery of initials, as he was evidently a 
worthy antecessor of Arrowsmith and Petermann. Mr. Coote's assumption 
that he was identical with Trancisco Gualle, the Spanish navigator, is 

Decades of the newe worlde or west India, 1555 — see Eden. 

History of Trauaile in the "West and East Indies, 1577— see 

Eden, jpost, in section Collections of Voyages. 

28402 Anghiera, DeNouo Orbe, orthe Historic of the west Indies . . . 
comprised in eight Decades . . . whereof three, haue beene 
formerly translated into English, by R. J^den, whereunto the 
other fine, are newly added by the Industrie, and painefull 
Trauaile of M. Lok . . . sm. 4to. a wormhole in the margins, hf. 
bd. £7. 10s Thomas Adams, 1612 

28403 the same, sm. 4to. a fine copy in old russia, £12. 12s 1612 

28404 Opus Epistolarum, cui accesserunt Epistolae P. de 

Pulgar cum tractatu de Viris Castellse Illustribus, sm. folio, 
calf, rare, £3. 3s Amst. Elzevir, 1670 

28405 the same, large paper, folio, calf, £7. 7s ih. 1670 

The best edition. Not a single laege papeb copy is cited by Willems, 
Brunei, Leclerc, or other bibliographers. 

28406 MEXIA (Pedro) Historia imperial y Cesarea : en la qual en 
silma se contiene las vidas y hechos de todos los Cesares Empe- 
radores de Roma : desde Julio Cesar hasta el Empador Maxi- 
miliano, sm. folio, vellum,, £3. Sevilla, 1547 

Engraved title ; 5 prel. 11. ; text, fols. ccccxxiii. This is the second 
Spanish Edition. A short reference to America on verso of fol. ccccxiii. 

28407 COLOMBO (Fernando) Historic nelle quali s'ha particolare & 
vera relatione della vita & de fatti dell' Ammii-aglio D. Christo- 
foro Colombo suo padre . . . di lingua Spagnuola tradotte dal 
S. Alfonso Vlloa, 12mo. First Edition, vellum-, £4. Venet. 1571 

28407* altra edizione, 16mo. blue calf extra, 28s 1685 

The Spanish original is no longer in existence. This Italian version 
holds consequently a place of primary importance in the literature of American 
history, being the only source of information upon many points in the life of 

28408 CASTELLANOS (Juan de). Primera parte de las elegias 
DE Varones illvstres de Indias, sm. 4to. woodcut portrait, beau- 
tiful copy in blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit, £10. 

Madrid, Alonso Gomez, 1589 
Vert rare. It was republished in 1847 by Ribadeneyra, who then 
added the second and third parts, which had never before been printed. It is 
a versified history of the discovery of America and of the deeds of heroism 
performed by Spanish leaders during the sixty years that followed the event. 
The metrical form employed is that of Tasso's Gerusalemmc, but the spirit 
of poetry has token refuge elsewhere. Castellanos had been himself one of 
the conquistador es, and spent, as he says, the best part of his life in the New 
World. Conse<iuently his work, originally written in prose, but versified by 
himself during the ten years that preceded its [ublication, possesses historical 
value of no ordinary kind. 


1492-1506 Columbus — continued. 

28409 PHILOPONI (Honorii) Nova typis transacta Navigatio l^oVi 
Orbis P. Dn. Buelli in Americam dimissi per Papam Alesandrum 
VI, 1492, sm. folio, fiae engravings by Kilian, including fzoll- 
length portrait of Columbus, some leaves mended, old stamped calf, 
£3. lOs s. I. 1621 

An account of the voyage with Columbus of Buel the monk who was 
sent out to Christianize the New World. 

28410 MUNOZ, Historia del N'uevo Mundo, Tomo I (all published), 
4to. portrait of Columbus, and map, bound, 16s Madrid, 1798 

This volume only reaches to the year 1500, but the Prologo contains nn 
admirable critical review of the various writers on the subject. The Spanish 
Government prohibited the continuation of the work as being too enli>:htened 
and truthful. Bustamante, whose anti-Spanish prejudices and peculiarities 
are well known, acknowledges in Muiioz the most faithful, careful, and 
accurate historian of the New World. 

28411 Iturri (Ft.) Carta critica sobre la Historia de America de 
Munoz, 12mo. sd. 15s Madrid, 1798 

28412 Cancellieri (F.) Dissertazioni epistolari bibliog-rafiche sopra 
Cristoforo Colombo, e Giovanni Gersen di Cavaglia, autore del 
libro de Imitatione Cbristi, 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. 2 vignette 
portraits, sewed, 12s Soma, 1809 

28413 Vega (Manuel de la) Historia del descubrimiento de la America 
Septentrional por Cristobal Colon, dala a luz Bustamante, 8vo. 
?if. bd. 36s Mexico, 1826 

28414 CoDiCE DiPLOMATico Colombo-Americano, ossia Raccolta di 
Documenti originali e inediti, spettanti a Cristoforo Colombo 
alia scoperta ed al Governo dell' America (editoi-e G. B. Spor- 
tano), ^to. portrait, half moroccn, gilt top, £1. 10s Genova, 1833 

28415 Tavola (la) di Bronzo, il Pallio di Seta, ed il Codice Colombo- 
Americano, illustrati per Giu. Banchero, impl. 8vo. maps and 
facsimiles, green morocco, gilt edges, £2. 2s Genova, 1857 

28416 Bonne Foux (Baron de) Vie de Christopbe Colomb, 8vo. frontis- 
piece, sd. '6s 6d Paris, (? 1850) 

28417 GuANAHANi (La Verdadera) de Colon, roj. 8vo. map of the 
Bahamas, Is 6d Santiago, 1864 

The author shows that the island of Mayaguana or Mariguana was the 
first point in the New World touched by Columbus, and not Turcos, aa 
Navarette affirms, nor Watling I., as Mufioz, Peschel and Becher maintaia. 

28418 Goodrich (Aaron) History of the Chai-acter and Achievements 
of the so-called Christopher Columbus, 8vo. numerous xvoodcuts, 
cloth, 12s Nevj Yorl; 1874 

" Histories have hitherto been written solely to praise him [Columbus] ; 
the writer appears, therefore, as the self-constituted counsel for the opposite 
side." — iSee Preface. 

28419 Restos de Colon (Los) Informe sobre el supuesto hallazgo de 
los verdaderos restos de Colon en la Iglesia Catedral de Santo 
Domingo, 12m.o. plates, hf brown morocco gilt, 10s Madrid, 1879 

28420 Harrisse (Henry) Christophe Columb, son origine, sa vie, ses 
voyages, sa famille, ses descendants, 2 vols, large 8vo. plates, 
some coloured, £2. 18s I'aris, 1884-85 

28421 le meme, pap'er de ITollande, 2 vols. 8vo. £4. 1884-85 

191 ♦ 


1497 Cabot : English Voyages to North America : 

28422 CABOT (Jean et Sebastien), lem* Origine et lenrs Voyages, 
etude d'histoire critique suivie d'une Bibliographie et d'une 
Clironologie des Voyages au Nord-Ouest, 1497-1550, par Henry 
Harrisse, roy. 8vo. facsimile of the large map designed by Cabot 
and etigraved in 1544, of ivhich only one co^y is Icnoivn, sd. 20s 

Paris, 1882 

see also Hakluyt, Purchas, Ramusio, in section of Collections 

of Voyages. 

1497 Amerigo Vespucci : 

Discovery of the Mexican Gulf, Florida, and tlie South-east coast 

of the United States, 1497-98 
Discovert of North Brazil and Voyage along the coast of Tierra 

Firme, 1499-1500 
Discoveries on the East coast of Brazil, 1501-2 
Voyage to Bahia, etc. 1503-4 
see his Lettera delle Isole nuouamente trouate ;,'//. section of 

Narratives of Voyagers. 

28423 Amerigo Vespucci, son caractere, ses ecrits, sa Vie et ses Navi- 
gations, jDar Varnhagen, sm. folio, map and 2 facsimiles, Lima, 
1865 — Le Premier Voyage de Vespucci definitivement explique 
dans ses details, Vie7ine, 1869' — Nouvelles Recherches sur les 
derniers Voyages du Navigateur Florentin, et le reste des 
documents et eclaircissements sur lui, avec les textes (et una 
postface), map from the 1513 Ptolemy, and facsimile of Vespucci s 
writing, Vienne, 1870 — together 3 parts, the complete Series, 
bound in 1 vol, sm. folio, cloth, 16s 1865-69-70 

Also sold separately : Le Premier Voyage de Vespucci, Vienne, 

1869 — Nouvelles Recherches, Vienne, 1870 — as described above, 
ivith the maps necessary to complete the volume printed at Lima, 
1865, stitched, 5s Vienne, 1869-70 

• see also Paesi novamente ritrovati, 1507, in section of Collec- 
tions of Voyages. 

The discovery of Brazil (on the 27 June, 1499, before Pinzon and before 
Cabral) in Vespucci's second voyage, seems to receive some confirmation in 
the form of the sentence- in which King J^manuel (letter to the King of Castile 
in 1505) mentions the reputed discovery by Cabral of the land of Santa Cruz. 
■ — See quotation given below, No. 28430. 

1497-1550 Portuguese Discoveries beyond the Cape of Good 
Hope : 

28424 Colleccao de Monumentos Ineditos pai-a a Historia das CoN- 
QUISTAS dos PoRTUGUEZES em Africa, Asia, e America, publicados 
da Academia de Sciencias de Lisboa, sob a direcfao de R. J. 
de Lima Felner ; 1a Serie, Historia da Asia, 9 vols. 4to./owr 
vols. hf. bd. the rest sd. £8. 10s Lisboa, 1858-81 

Contents : 
Vols. I-iV. Lendas da India, per Caspar descobrimieuto da India ate o anno 

Correa, contendo as Accoens de 


-, , „ ... -, This is a work of an old PorLu;fuefee 

Vhsco da Gama, Albo-iuerque, Nuno chronicler, wriltt-n in 1560, and printed 
da Cunha, e outrus dcbdc o primcro i here lor the liuic. 


1497-1550 Portuguese Discoveries — contimiecl. 

Vol. V. SuBSiDios para la Historia da I Historia da India, publicada por 

India Ponugueza publicados por R. J. de Lima Felner, in 2 vols 1876 

R. J. de Lima Felner 1868 Vols. VII- IX. Documentos remetidos 

CuNTENTS : U Livro dos Pesos Medi- ^j^^ j^^^i^ ^^ li^.^.^^ j^^ Moncoes, .3 vols. 

das e Jloedas por Ant. Munes ; O iombo 1880 f81 ?"> 

do Estado da India por Simao Botelho ; The continuation after Vol. IX can also 

Lembran9as das cousas da India em 152o. ^^ supplied by me. 

Vol. VI. BocARRO (Ant.) Decada 13 da I 

28425 VASCO DA GAMA: Roteiro da Viagem que em descobri- 
mento da India fez Vasco da G^ma em 1497, 8vo. map, portrait 
and facsimile, Jif. morocco, uncut, 6s Porto, 1888 

28426 Calcoen ; a Dutch, narrative of the second voyage of 

Yasco da Gama to Calicut, printed at Antwerp circa 1504 {in 
facshnile), with introduction and translation by Berjeau, sm. 
4to. Ids. 7s 6d 1874 

28427 Second Voyage (le) de Vasco da Gama a Calicut, 

relation flaraande etc. avec traduction (fran9aise), 8vo. facsimile 
map, sd. 5s • Paris, 1881 

28428 ■ Vlamisches Tagebuch iiber Vasco da Gama's zweite 

Reise^ herausg. iibersetzt, etc. von Stier, 12mo. sd. Is 

Braunsch. 1880 

28429 Latino Coelho, Galleria de Varoes il lustres de 

Portugal : Vasco da Gama, 8vo. port. sd. 2s 6d Lisboa, 1882 

28430 EMANUEL, King of Portugal, Italian version of a Letter from, 
to Ferdinand, King of Castiile, written in 1505, giving an account 
of the Voyages^ etc. in the East-Indies, 1500-1505, reprinted 
from the copy of 1505, with notes by Dr. Bumell, roy. 8vo. 
cloth, £1. Is 1881 

Only twenty. five copies printed, not for sale. Of the original only three 
copies are in existence. 

The words in which the King notices the discovery of Brazil by Cabral 
seem to imply that, notwithstanding the use of the word " scoperseno," he 
knew that there had been an anterior discovery by another. The sentence 
may be translated thas — Navigating past Cape Verde they discovered a land 
newly come to the knowledge of this our Europe : to which land he applied the 
name oj Santa Cruz . . . others call it Tei-ra Xova or Alundo Novo. 

28431 Epistola potentissimi ac invictissimi Emanuelis regis 

Portugalie et Algarbiorum &c. de Victoriis habitis in India et 
Malacha ad S. Christo pati-em et dnm. nostrum Leonem X, 
MDXIII, smallest 4to. fotir leaves, red morocco, by Bedford, £5. 

s. n. (1513) 
From the type, this very rare and hitherto undescribed edition seems to 
have been issued from a Basel or Leipzig press — perhaps however from that of 
Augsburg. It ends on the eighteenth line of the fourth leaf, obverse. 

28432 Epistola . . . Emanuelis, etc. small 4to. another edition, 

ending on the seventeenth line of the fourth leaf, obverse, with 
these words " Bat' in TJrhe nra Vlyxbon. Octavo Id. Junias. 
Anno dni. M. D. xiii," the arms of the King on the title, sd. £4. 


28433 Abtrnck ains lateinischen Sandtbrieues an babstliche 

hciligkeit, von kiinigklichcr Wui-de zu ['orteyfiil, dis iai-s 


1497-1550 Portuguese Discoveries — continued. 

ausgangen, von d.eroberte stadt Malaclia, an deren Kiinigrei- 
chen unnd Herrscliaftn in India, anch gegen Aufgangk der 
Sunnen, sm. 4to. Arras of Portugal on title, red morocco, by 
Bedford, rare, £4. 10s Augspurg, Erhart Oeglin [151 3J 

28434 Emanuel. Ordinacoes da India do Rei D. Manoel; Informa^ao da 
Aurea Chersoneso por Manoel Godinho de Heredea, etc. 12mo. 
hf. hd. 2s Lisloa, 1807 

28435 ALBOQUERQUE. Commentarios de Afonso Dalboqnerque 
capitao geral & goiiernador da India, collegidos per sen filho 
Afonso Dalboquerque das proprias cartas que elle escreuia ao 

. Rey do Manuel . . . folio, first edition, ruled 
througliout with red ink, fine copy, bound in calf by an English 
binder, with gilt ornaments of Lyonese styles on the sides and on 
the back, gilt edges, £80. Lixboa, loam de Barreyra, 1557 

The binding was executed in London towards the end of the sixteenth 
centnry. Excessively rare — so rare indeed that there is no copy in the 
British Museum, and the Hakluyt Society editor of Alboquerque's com- 
mentaries was obliged to make his translation from the reprint of 1574 (in the 
Grenville library). The Royal Library at Dresden contains a copy of the first 
edition of 1557, and there was one in the bookseller Thorpe's possession about 
fifty years ago, which has now disappeared. No others seem to be known. 
The Salva library, like our great national collection, can only exhibit the 
1574 reprint — also a very scarce book, but of a totally different degree of 
rarity and intrinsic value. 

After having completed his well-known Navigations, Hakluyt turned to 
the Portuguese sources which he had not previously had access to, and printed 
in 1601 a translation from Galvao's Descobrimentos — an exceedingly rare 
book printed at Lisbon in 1563. From the age and origin of the binding of 
this volume, we may conjecture that it belonged to him. It is highly probable 
that when he obtained the original Galvao, he also procured the Alboquerque 
— a book which he had evidently known by report only, to judge from the 
manner in which, in his Navigations, he mentions the name of the great 
Portuguese captain. 

28436 Alboquerque. Commentarios do Grande Afonso Dalboquerque, 
Capitam Geral que foy das Indias Orientaes . . . Novamente 
emendados, etc. 4to. second edition, the last few leaves ivormed 
and a feio other leaves a little stained, old calf gilt, vert rare, 
£7. 10s Lisboa, 1574 

28437 Commentaries of the Great Afonso Dalboquerque, 

second Viceroy of India, from the Portuguese edition of 1574, 
•with notes and introduction by W. De Gray Birch, 4 vols. 8vo. 
comjDlete, portraits and maps, cloth, £2. 10s 

EaUuyt Soc. 1875-84 
Alvarez (Francisco) Account of the Embassy to Abyssinia, 
1520-27 — see in Narratives of Voyagers. 

28438 Castro (Joao de) Primeiro Roteiro da Costa da India desde Goa 
ate Dio, 1538-39, viagem do Vice-rei Garcia de Noronha, 
segundo MS. autographo, publicado por Kopke, text 1 vol. roy. 
8vo. u-ith portrait and facsimiles of the MS. and 4to. atlas of 
facsimiles of the charts and maps, hf. morocco, uncut — 2 vols. 
£2. 2s Porto, 1843 

28439 the Atlas only, bound in oblong form, hf. morocco, 20» 



1497-1550 Portuguese Discoveries— continued. 

28440 Castro ( Joao de) Roteiro de Lisboa a Goa, annotado por Joao de 
Andrade Corvo, 8vo. 15 facsimiles of Charts, sd. 5s Lisboa, 1882 

28441 Roteiro : Viagem que fizeram os Portuguezes no anno 

de 1541 de Goa atee Soez ; Itinerarium Mar-is Rnbri, etc. 8vo. 
map and portraits, hf. morocco, with royal folio atlas of 16 plans, 
hf. hd. 30s Paris, 1833 

28442 the same, without the Atlas, 8vo. hf. hd. 10s 1833 

28443 GOES (Damiani a) Opuscula ; Fides, Religio Moresque 
^thiopnm ; Epistolae aliquot Preciosi Joannis ; Deploratio 
Lappianae Gentis ; Lappise Descriptio ; Bellum Cambaicum ; 
De Rebus et Imperio Lusitanoruni ; etc. etc. in 1 vol. sm. 4to. 
fine copy in red morocco extra, by Kalthoeber, from the BecJcford 
library, Hamilton Palace, £5. 5s Lovanii, 1544 

28444 Chronica do serenissimo Senhor Rey Dom Emanuel 

[1469-1521], 4 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, vellum, from the Sunder- 
land library, £5. Lisbon, 1619 

28445 the same, sm. folio, the title and first leaf of text are 

reprinted, and the preliminary leaf is tvanting, several portraits 
and plates inserted, old calf, £2. lbs 1619 

28446 the same, first ten leaves in MS. last leaf imperfect, and 

leaf of table wanting, old citron morocco, arms of Lord Stuart de 
Rothsay in gold on sides, 10s 1619 

28447 Chronica de D. Manoel, folio, calf, 25s Lisboa, 1749 

The Chronicle of the celebrated Kin;^ Emanuel is of especial value for 
the History of the Portuguese discoveries in India and Africa. 

28448 Damiani a Goes, H. Pauli, etc. de Rebus Hispanicis, Lusitanicis, 
Aragonicis, Indicia et Aethiopicis, 12m.o. port7-ait, vellum, 21s 

Col. Agripp. 1602 

28449 BARROS (Joao de) Decadas da Asia. Decada Primeira da 
Asia, dos Feitos que os Portugueses fezerao no descobrimento 
& conquista dos mares e terras do Oriente, Lisboa, 1628 — 
Decada Segunda, two lines of text partly erased, Lisboa, 1628 — 
Terceira decada, original edition, vert rare, Lisboa, 1563 — 
Quarta Decada, 3 maps, original edition, very rare, Madrid, 
1615 ; — tegether 4 vols. sm. folio, old Portuguese black morocco, 
profusely gilt, £25. Lisboa e Madrid, 1653-1628 

28450 BARROS (Joao) e COUTO (Diogo do) Decadas da Asia, dos 
Feitos que os Portugueses fezerao no descobi'imento & con- 
quista dos mares & terras do Oriente, Decades I- IV 
(Barros) and IV-VIT (Couto), forming 8 vols, small folio, 3 
copper-plate maps, in Barros' fourth Decade, and woodcut portraits 
of Couto in Decs. V and VII, Spanish calf, very rare, £24. 

Lisboa e Madrid, 1628-15 ; 1602-16 

28451 ■ the same, Decadas I-IV (Barros) and IV- VII (Couto), 

forming 9 vols, small folio, maps and portraits, fine copiies 
uniform in vellum, from the Sunderland library, £42. 

1628-1615; 1602-1673 

Decades I-VIir, and small fragments of IX and X, are all that were 

ever printed in Portugal in folio size. To make up the continuation (Dec 


1497'='1550 Portuguese Discoveries — conthmed. 

IX-XIII) one must get the small octavo edition printed in 1778-88. In the 
preceding last two sets the first three volumes are of the second edition, but all 
the others are of the original issue. It is not known whether a title and pre- 
liminary leaves were ever printed for Vol. VI, or whether they perished in the 
fire which destroyed all but some seven or eight copies of that volume. The 
copies in these sets, as in all others, begin wiib the first leaf of text. 

28452 Barros, Decadas I-IV, 4 vols. 1628-15— Couto, DecadasIV-IX, 
in 3 vols. Lisboa, Domingo Gonsalves, 1736 — together 7 vols, 
sm. folio, Spanish calf gilt, £16. 1615-1730 

This edition of Couto is veiy rare. It cont;uns fragments of the Ninth 
Decade, which were never printed till 1736. 

28453 Barros t Couto, da Asia, novo edi9ao, con Indice geral, 24 vols. 
12mo. maps and portrait, sd. £4. Lisboa, 1778-88 

28454 the same, 24 vols. 12mo. hf. calf, £4. 10s 1778-88 

28455 the same, 24 vols. 12mo. calf, £5. 1778-88 

The best account of the Early Discoveries of the Portuguese in Asia. 
In this edition all that appeared of the original work has been reprinted, and 
the missing portions supplied from other sources. 

28456 Barros (Giovanni di) L'Asia, tradotta da A. Ulloa, 2 vols, in 1, 
thick sm. 4to. vellum, gilt edges, with arms in gold on sides and 
monogram on bach of J. A. TJiuanus, 36s Venet. 1562 

A translation of the first two decades, — no more was made. 

28457 LOPEZ DE CASTANHEDA (Fernao) Historia do Desco- 


in 3 vols. sm. folio, Bh. 6 icants 2 II. in sig. M, old calf gilt, 
bound for Lord Sunderland ivith his arms on the sides, £180. 

Coimbra, Joa. de Barreyra, 1552-61 

With Autograph of the Author, "Fernao Lopez de Castax- 
heda" at the end of the first and fifth books. 

The second, third, and eighth books are printed in Roman letter, the 
others in Gothic, and there are woodcuts in the second book. It is an event of 
extremely rare occurrence when the whole eight books of the original 
Castanheda are thus found together. Even odd volumes fetch long prices. 
Only one copy of the eight parts is described as having passed through the 
market — which belonged to Colbert, Fleurieu, and Heber, in succession, and 
that was deficient of several leaves in various parts. The present copy is 
perfect with the small exception of the two leaves specified above. 

28458 Historia do Descobrimento e Conquista da India 

pelos Portugueses, reimpressa por F. J. dos Santos Man^acos, 
part I, in 2 vols. 12mo. sd. 7s 6d Lisboa, 1797 

28459 Historia do Descobrimento e Conquista da India 

pelos Portugueses, 8 vols, in 4, sm. 4to. neatly bound, £3. 10s 

Lisboa, 1833 

28460 ■ Historia del descubrimiento y Conquista de la India 

por los Portuguezes, traduzida en Romance Castellano, 12mo. 
vellum, fine copy, £3. 16s Anveres, Martin Nucio, 1554 

28461 Le Premier Livre de I'Histoire de I'lnde, contenant 

comment I'lnde a este decouverte par le commandement du Roy 
Emmanuel . . . par Fernad Lopes de Castagneda, etc. 
traduit de Portugues en Francois par Nicolas de Grouchy, sm. 
4to. vellum, 'rare, from the Sunderland library, £4. 4s 

Paris, 1553 


1497-1550 Portugese Discoveries — continued. 

28462 Lopez de Castanheda. Historie of the Discouerie and 
of the East Indus . . . set forth in the Portingale language, 
by Hernan Lopes de Castaneda, translated into English by 
N[icholas] L[ichefield], sm. 4to. black letter, crimson morocco 
extra, gilt over marhled edges, £12. Lond. T. East, 1582 

A large and fine copy of this very scarce and valuable History. The 
dedication is to Sir Francis Drake. 

28463 Historia dell' Indie Orientali, scoperte e conquistate 

da' Portoghesi, dal Sig. Fernando Lopes di Castagneda, tradotta 
da Alf, Ulloa, 7 books in 2 vols, stout sm. 4to. vellum gilt, with 
Arms and Monogram in gold of I. A. Thuanus, £4. 4s 

Veiietia, 1577 

28464 OSORII (H.) de rebus Emmanuelis Regis Lusitanise gestis, 
libri XII, folio, first edition, calf, rare, £4. Olysip. 1571 

28465 History of the Portuguese during the reign of 

Emmanuel, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, hs 1752 

Consists chiefly of accounts of the Portuguese Embassies, Expeditions, and 
Discoveries in India and Africa under this reign. 

Maffei— see ante. No. 28337. 

28466 MARIZ (Pedro de) Dialogos de Varia historia, em que 
sumariamente se referem mnytas cousas antiguas de Hespanha 
6 todas as mais notavees que em Portugal acontecerao em suas 
gloriosas conquistas, antes et depois de ser levantado a dignidade 
real, sm. 4to. 19 portraits of the Kings of Portugal {title mounted), 
old calf , from the Sunderland library, £4. 4s 

Coimhra, 1598 — at end 1599 

28467 Dialogos de varia Historia, sm. 4to. j^ortraits of the 

Kings of Portugal, old red morocco, ornamented ivith old tooling, 
from the Bechford library, £5, 5s Coimbra, 1597 — at end 1699 
Both the above are copies of the second and best edition, which is 
considerably improved and enlarged. The work contains numerous references 
to the discoveries and conquests of the Portuguese in America. 

28468 Dialogos de varia Historia ; acrecentados por Ant. 

Craesbeeck, sm. 4to. 21 portraits, old stamped leather binding, 
£2. Lisboa, 1672 

28469 Memorias da Litteratura Portugueza, 8 vols. sm. 4to. original 
edition, hf. calf, 30s _ _ 1792-1814 

Numerous articles on Portuguese Bibliography, Antiquities, History, 
Literature, Laws, etc. including the Portuguese Discoveries in Ameuica, 
and the History of Navigation in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. 

San Roman — see ante, No. 28350. 

28470 ANDRADA (Francisco d') Cronica del Rey destes Reynos de 
Portugal Dom Joao III, first edition, 4 parts in 1 vol. thick 
4to. old calf, rare, £5. Lisboa, 1613 

28471 the same, 'without the preliminary leaves, thick 4to. 

vellum, £2. 10s 1613 

The history of Portugal during the reign of John IV (1521-57) principally 
concerns India, the power of the Portuguese in that country being then at its 


1497-1550 Portuguese Discoveries — continued. 

284^72 TELLEZ, Historia geral de Etiopia a alta, Coimbra, 1660— sea 
Jesuits, in section of Collections of Voyages. 

28473 Martinez de la Puente, Compendio de los Descubrimientos, 
Conquistas y Guerras de la India Oriental y sus Islas, iutro- 
duccion del comercio Portugues en las Malucas, descripcion de 
la India, de sus islas, de la costa de Africa, etc. sm. 4to. foxed, 
vellum, 15s Madrid, 1681 

A histoiy of Portuguese and Spanish discoveries in the East from the 
time of Vasco de Gama to that of Pliilip III. 

28474 FARIA Y SOUSA, Asia Portuguesa, 3 vols. sm. folio, numerous 
plates and woodcuts of towns, vieios, etc. original Spanish calf, 
£4. 10s Lisboa, 1666-75 

28475 the same, 3 vols. sm. folio, plates, hf. calf, £3. 10s 


28476 ■ the same, another edition, 3 vols. sm. folio, plates, 

old calf £2. 10s 1703-74-75 

28477 Asia Portuguesa, 3 vols, plates, 1674 — Africa Portu- 
guesa, 1681 — Imperio de la China, con Retrato de el Autor, 
2 vols, in 1, 1731-3 — together, 5 vols. sm. folio, a fine uniform 
set in old calf gilt, £5. Lisboa, 1674-1733 

It is ditiicult to unite these valuable and important works, more especially 
such fine copies as are in the above collection. 

28478 the Portugues Asia, or the History of the Discovery 

and Conquest of India by the Portugues .... translated into 
English by Captain John Stevens, 3 vols. 8vo. /;/. calf, rare, £5. 


28479 Instituto Vasco da Gama, 3 series or vols, in 1, thick 8vo. lif. bd. 
36s Nova Goa, 1872-74 

A monthly periodical of articles chiefly illustrative of the history of the 
Portuguese in India, and of the early explorers, Da Gama, Alboquerque, 
Nuno da Cunha, etc. Many of the articles are by J. H. da Cuuha Kivera, 
who, Mr. Burnell says, "was the greatest promoter of historical research that 
ever was at Goa." 

28480 Navert (Raoul de) les Voyages de Camoens, 12mo. sd. 2s 

Paris, 1880 
1500-50 Portuguese Discovery and Settlement of Brazil : 

Vaz de Caminha, Narrative of Cabral's discovery of Vera Cruz 
(Brazil) — see in Collections of Voyages, 1507; Paesi, 1558; 

see the preceding sub-heading Poi'tuguese Discoveries beyond 

the Cape, passim. 

28481 MAGALHAES de Gandavo (Pero de) Historia 
DA Prouincia Sacta Cruz, a que vulgarmete 
chamamos Brasil . . sm. 4to. erigraved title., vellum., 

from the Sunderland library., £100. 

Lisboa, Ant. Gonsalvez, 1576 

Original and exceedingly rare edition. Contains 48 

numb. 11. ; including engraved title. It has a copperplate 

engraving of a monster on reverse of leaf 32, and woodcut on 


1500-1550 Portuguese Discoveries — continued. 

reverse of leaf 40 ; lower margins of last three 11. mended. 
The prel. 11. have some " Tercetos " of Lns de Camoexs, which 
are not included in the poet's works published under his own 

The work of Magalhaes, which is the first history of the 
Portuguese discovery and settlements in Brazil, is so excessively 
rare that it is questionable whether three copies now exist. 
Forty years ago, two copies were known : that in the national 
library of Rio de Janeiro, and the one which had belonged to 
Ternaux. At present, it is said that the Rio copy has dis- 
appeared ; and. we do not know what has become of Ternaux's. 
There is no copy in Portugal, for when a new edition was 
printed at Lisbon in 1858, the impression was made from an 
old MS. copy of the printed book of 1576. 

The work is absolutely necessary to the American student 
as being the earliest printed account of the first fifty years of 
Portuguese rule in Brazil. The natural history and the customs 
of the Indians are treated in succession to the political narrative; 
so that this may be called, with regard to South America, a 
Portuguese counterpart of Oviedo's work on the Spanish Indies. 

28482 CoRDEiRO (L.) de la Part prise par les Portugais dans la 
Decouverte de I'Amerique, 8vo. sd. 2s Qd Lisbonne, 1876 

Lafitau — see ante, No. 28335. 
Maffeo — see ante, No. 28337. 
San Roman — see ante. No. 28350. 

6. Spanish Discoveries bet^ween the Missis- 
sippi and Lima (1512-45). 

1512-38 Discovery of Florida : 

Cabeza de Vaca — see in Narratives of Voyagers. 

28483 Smith (Buckingham) Colleccion de varies Documentos para la 
Historia de la Florida y tierras adyacentes, Tomo 1 (all pub.), 
roy. 4to. sd. 10s Madrid, 1857 

A collection of valuable early documents, never before published ; the 
first piece is the instruction relative to Alarcon's expedition to California in 
1541. Kew Mexico, Texas, and Canada, are the tierras adyacentes. 

28484 GARCILASSO DE LA VEGA. La Florida del Tnca; 
Historia del adelantado Hernando de Soto, y de otros heroicos 
cavalleros Espanoles e Indies, sm. 4to. original edition, old calf, 
from the Sunderland library, very rare, £12. 12s 

Lisboa, P. OraesheecJc, 1G05 

28485 HAKLVTT (Richard) Virginia richly valued, by the de- 
scription of the maine land of Florida, her next neighbour : Out 
of the foure yeeres continuall trauell and discouerie, for aboue 
one thousand miles East and West, of Don Ferdinando de Soto 
. . • Written by a Portugall gentleman of Eluas, emploied in 
all the action, and translated out of Portugese by Richard 


1512-1545 Spanish Discoveries — continued. 

Haklvtt, sm. 4to. crimson viorocco extra, gilt edges, hy Bedford, 
£48. 1609 

One of the rarest of Hakluyt's books. The Portuguese original, printed 
at Evora in 1557, is now so rare that there is certain knovvledge of only a 
single perfect copy. The author's name is not known, but it was perhaps 
Alvaro Fernandes, that being the last of the eight names of Elvas men who 
joined the expedition. If this notion be correct, he may have been the same 
person with Alvaro Fernandes, boatswain or lieutenant of the S. Joao galley 
that was Inst near Natal in 1552, nine years after the return of Soto's com- 
panions to Mexico. — Soto's expediiion started in 1538, furnished with as much 
information as had been obtainable from the manuscript llelacion brought by 
Cabeza de Vaca, one of the four survivors of the disastrous voyage of 
Pamphilo de Narvaez to Florida. 

28486 SOTO (Hemando de) Letter of, and Memoir of Hernando de 
Escalante Pontaneda, translated from tlie Spanish by Bucking- 
ham Smith, roy. 4to. majj of Florida, cloth, 8s Washington, 1864 
67 pp. including title. Only 100 copies privately printed for G. W. 
Riggs. The translation was made from original MSS. in the collection of 
Mr. James Lenox. 

28487 Narratives of the career of Hernando de Soto in the 

Conquest of Florida as told by a Knight of Elvas, and in 
a relation by Luys Hernandez de Biedma, Factor of the 
Expedition, translated by Buckingham Smith, roy. 8vo. portrait 
on India Paper, cloth, uncut, £2. 2s Neio York, 1866 

This work forms Vol. 5 of the Bradford Club Series. Only 125 copies 
were printed for the Club, of which this is No. 104, and a presentation copy 
from the translator to Don Jose F. Ramirez. 

28488 Adventures and Route during his march through 

Georgia, by C. C. Jones, 8vo. portrait, sd. 2s Savannah, 1880 

1517 Discovery of Yucatan : 

28489 COGOLLUDO (Fray Diego Lopez) Historia de Yucathan . . . 
sacala a luz el P. Fr. Francisco de Ayeta, predicador, excustodio 
del Nueuo Mexico, etc. sm. folio, engraved title, red morocco 
super extra, gilt marbled edges, hy Petit, £20. 

Madrid, Juan Garcia Infanzon, 1688 
Vert rare. Cogolludo died about sixty years before the impression of 
the work, and as he left it unfinished the Chronicle only comes down to the 
middle of the sixteenth century. 

28490 COGOLLUDO (Diego Lopez) los tres Siglos de la dominacion 
Espanola en Yucatan, 6 sea Historia de esta provincia desde la 
conquista hasta la independencia, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. hd. £5. 

Campeche, 1842, Merida, 1845 

Excessively rare ; " as nearly the whole edition was destroyed." The 

second volume continues the original work of Cogolludo down to 1650 ; and 

as the title shows it was the editor's intention to print in a third volume 

a further continuation to his own time, but this was never carried out. 

1518 Discovery of New Spain : 

28492 CORTES (Hernan) Cartas al Emperador Carlos V, 1870; 
Escritos Sueltos, 1871— together 2 vols. 8vo. hf. Id. £2. 10s 

Mexico, 1870-71 
Forming Vols. I and XII of the Bibl. Hist, de la Iberia. 

28493 Historia de Nueva-Espana, con documentos, y notas 

por Lorenzana, sm. folio, Second, Third, and Fourth Letters, 


1512-1545 Spanish Discoveries — continued. 

frontispiece, 2 7naps, 2 plates, and 31 facsimiles of Mexican 
Paintings, bowid, 28s Mexico, 1770 

The plates consist of a view of the temple of Mexico, etc. and 
engravings after a book of Hieroglyphic Paintings, " Cordillera de los 
Pueblos que pagaban tributo a Muctezuma." 

28494 CORTES (Hernan) Praeclara Ferdinadi. Cortesii de Noua maris 
Oceani Hyspania narratio . . . Carolo . . . Hyspaniaru &c Regi 
Anno Domini. M.D.XX. transmissa : In qua ContinenturPlnrima 
Circa Vrbes, Incolaru mores . . . Potissimuqiie de Celebri 
Ciuitate Temixtitan . . . per Doctore Petru saaorgnanu in 
latinii versa, sm. folio, large plan of Mexico, hf. red morocco, gilt 
edges, £10. JSforimbergce, Frid. Peypus, 1524 

The very rare translation of Cortes' second letter. Title, on verso of 
which is a large woodcut of arms ; .3 prel. 11. the last having a portrait of 
Clement VII on its verso ; xlix numb. 11. Then Peter Martyr's fourth decade, 
" De rebus et Insulis noviter repertis," xii numb. 11., with the very rare plan of 
Mexico in facsimile. 

28i95 von dem N"ewen Hispanien, so im Meer gegem 

iVidergang, zwo gantz lustige vnd fniclitreiclie Historien . . in 
Hochteutsche Sprach von Xysto Betuleio unil Andrea Diethero, 
2 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, fine copy in oak boards, rebacked, 
£3. 1 6s Angspiug, 1550 

These two parts contain a German translation of the second Letter of 
Cortes, and of the third letter preceded by Peter Martyr's fourth Decade. 
Eight chapters added at the end are the most valuable part of the book, and 
consist of a Relation of the affairs of Venezuela by a German, who had gone 
out in the expedition sent by Welser of Augsburg, dated at Caro in 
Venezuela, 1540. This is in six chapters ; the seventh and eighth are letters 
from Oviedo, the historian, dated San Domingo, 1.54.3, chiefly concerning 
Orellana's expedition up the river Maraiion, and the warlike Amazons who 
had opposed him. 

28496 Cortes, Eroberung von Mexico (Zweiter, Dritter, nnd Vierter 
Brief, mit Vorrede und Anhang), nebst Leben von J. J. Stapfer, 
2 vols, in 1, 12mo. half morocco, Qs Bern, 1793 

28497 Despatches written during the Conquest (of Mexico), 

translated from the Spanish (of Lorenzana's edition), with 
introduction and notes, by G. Folsom, 8vo. Second, Third, and 
Fourth Letters, hf. calf 10s New York, 1843 

28498 Correspondence de F. Cortes avec I'Empereur Charles- 
Quint, sur la Conquete du Mexique, traduite par M. de Flavigny, 
12mo. calf, 5s Paris, [1778] 

This is translated froui Lorenzana's collection of Cortes' Second, 
Third, and Fourth. letters. 

28499 DIAZ DEL CASTILLO (Bernal) Historia verdadera de la 
Conqvista de la I'^ueva Espaiia . . sacada a Ivz per el P. M. Fr. 
Alonso Renion, sm. ^o\io, printed title, velhim, £3. Madrid, 1632 

28500 Historia de la Conquista de la Nueva Espana, 4 vols. 

12mo. calf, 18s Madrid, 1795 

28501 Memoirs of the Discovery and Conquest of Mexico 

and New Spain, translated by J. I. Lockhart, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. 
calf gilt, 20s 1844 

28-302 RAMIREZ. Historia de la A'ida y hechos de Nuno de Guzman, 
por Jose F. Ramirez. 57 leaves. II. Xolas y esclarccimicntos 


1512-1545 Spanish Discoveries — continued. 

a la Historia de la Conqiiista de Mexico del Sr. "VV. H. Prescott, 
por Jose F. Ramirez. 71 leaves. III. Notas que no se publi- 
caron, por Jose F. Ramirez. 22 leaves, 3 parts in 1 vol. 
JRamirez's original MS., altogether 300 pp. of close writing, hf. 
Id. £3. 3s Sec. XIX 

The first two of the preceriing works have already been printed in Mexico, 
but the additional notes to Prescott's Mexico, which form the third portion of 
this volume, are no less important and valuable than those which were printed. 
They remained unpublished only because the editor feared that his subscribers 
would not pay for anything beyond the specified number of parts. 

The MS. is all in the handwriting of the late Sr. Ramirez, and it is a 
proof of the conscientiousness and laboriousness of its author, that there are 
but few lines which have not undergone repeated corrections. 

1524 Conquest of Peru : 

28503 [XERES (Francesco de)] Libro primo de la Conqnista del Peru 
& provincia del Cuzco de le Indie OccidentsiM,Vincgia, Stephana 
da Sabio, 1635 — Libro secondo delle Indie Occidentali, full- 
page icoodcut of an Indian hammock, Vinegia, 1534 — 2 vols, in 1, 
sm. 4to. a few leaves ivormed, old calf gilt, with the arms of the 
Archb. of Reims on the sides in gold, from the DraJce library, 
£21. 1534-35 

From the advertisement at the end of the secondo lihro (which is a 
translation of the Sumario of Oviedo) we learn that a map of the Indies which 
had belonged to Peter Martyr (and which was perhaps the same as he had 
caused to be engraved for the first edition of the Decades) had been drawn 
by Nuno Garcia de Toreno at Seville. From that map and from another, 
also drawn by a Seville pilot, the editor of the Lihro Secondo caused three new 
ones to be compiled and engraved (one general and two special), which were 
issued, or intended to be issued, with this Libro Secondo, but only one copy is 
known which contains them. 

28504 Libro primo de la Conqnista del Peru, sm. 4to. want- 
ing title and prelimifiary leaves (^together 11 II.), old blue morocco 
gilt, £2. 10s Stephana da Sabio, 1535 

Vert fare. Collation: Title, with large woodcut of imperial 
arms ; second leaf, containing a more ample title, with the translator's name 
and arms on the back, dedication, 2 leaves ; text, 58 leaves, bearing signature 
ct to / in eight, and g ten leaves. The statement clearly made on the second 
title concerning the translator and the original work disposes of the confusion 
of Bruuet with regard to the authorship, and of Harrisse on the subject of the 
translator, concerning whose birthplace he quotes hesitatingly the conflicting 
statements of Ternaux and Alcedo. It proves the book to be a version of 
the Spanish one printed at Seville by Perez (in 1534), and that the translator 
was a native of Tudela in Navarre. 

28505 CIEQA de LEON, parte primera de la Chronica del Peru, que 
tracta la demarcacion de sus provincias, la descripciones dellas, 
las fundaciones de las nuevas ciudades, los ritos y costumbres 
de los Indios, y otras cosas dignas de ser sabidas, folio 

Sevilla, 1553 
Original edition. — see ante No. 28326, for a copy bound up 
with the first edition of hoPEZ de Gomara. 

28506 parte primera de la Chronica del Peru que tracta la 

demarcacion de sus provincias .... ritos y costumbres 
de los Indios, etc. 12mo. ivith Bellero's map of the New World 
and other icoodcuts, bds. RARE, £9. Anvers, Juan Bellero, 1554 
" Livre rare et recherche." — Bnmet. 


1512-1545 Spanish Discoveries — continued. 

No other copy has yet been recorded as containing Bellero's rare map, 
although it is mentioned on the title. 

" The first part only was printed ; the second and third parts were seen 
in MS. at Madrid some time ago, but it is not known what became of 
them " — Rich. Kich afterwards obtained and disposed of the MS. of the 
third part, which has recently been printed at Madrid. The second part has 
not yet been found. 

28507 CiEgA di Lione, Prima Parte de la Cronica del grandissimo 
Regno del Peru, tradotta per Aug. de Cravaliz, I2mo. vellum, 
20s Boma, 1555 

28508 Seventeen Years' Travels througli the mighty King- 
dom of Peru, and the large provinces of Cartagena and Popayan 
in South America from Panama to the frontiers of Chile, now 
first translated from the Spanish (by Capt. John Stevens), small 
4to. map of Peru, folding plan of Cuzco, a7id other engravings, calf, 
gilt edgea, £2. 10s 176y 

28509 CARATE [Zarate] (Augustin de) Historia del Descubrimiento 
y Conqvista del Perv, con las cosas natvrales que seiialadamente 
alii se hallan, y los sucessos que ha avido, 12mo. Editio Prin- 
ceps, u-Qodcuts, a few slight xoormholes, calf, excessively rare, 
£y. Anvers, Martin Nncio, 1555 

Zarate, after having spent many years in Peru, returned to Spain, and 
in 1554 accompanied Philip to England. His book is dedicated to the King 
of England [PhUip]. 

'' Augustin de Zarate fat envoye au Perou en 1543, avec Blasco Nuiies 
Vela, en qualite de tresorier de la couronne. II joua un role assez important 
dans ies guerres civiles de ce pays, ou il resta plusieurs annees. Son ouvrajre 
qui n'a eie public en franyais qu'en abrege, merite cependant d'etre ^tudie 
avec soin." — Ternaux. 

" Zarate was a man of rank and education. His history, whether we 
attend to its matter or composition, is a book of considerable merit." — 

28510 ^ARATE (Augustin de) Historia del descvbrimiento y con- 
qvista de las provincias del Pei'u, y de los successos que en ella 
ha auido, desde que se conquisto, hasta que el Licenciado de la 
Gasca Obispo de Siguen^a boluio a estos rcynos : y de las cosas 
naturales, etc. sm. folio, a good copy, vellum, from the Bathurst 
librartj, £10. 10s Sevilla, Alonso Escriuano, 1577 

28511 the same, sm. io\io, fine cop)y (Colbert's) in veau fauve, 

by Boyer, £16. 16s 1577 

28512 The History of the Discovery and Conquest of the 

Province of Peru, translated out of the Spanish by T. Nicholas, 
smallest 4to. black letter, with tvoodcuts, luithotit the title, pre- 
liminary leaves (together 8 II.), and the four leaves of sig. V, 
£1. 8s London, 1581 

28513 GARCILASSO DE LA VEGA (El Ynca) Primera parte de 
los Comentarios Reales que tratan del Origen de los Yncas, de 
su Idolatria, Leyes, y Gouierno, etc. sm. folio, first edition, hf. 
vellum, 30s Lisboa, 1609 

28514 the same, sm. folio, a beautiful copy in old red morocco, 

with Peirescs monogram on sides, £2. 16s 1609 

28515 Historia del Peru, sm. folio, first kditiox, David 

GarricVs copy, with book-plate, vpllum, 20s Cordova, 1617 


1512-1545 Spanish Discoveries — continued. 

28516 GARCILASSO DE LA VEGA. Primera parte de los 
Comentarios Reales, title mounted — Historia del Peru ; 2 vols, 
sm. folio, FIRST EDITION, old olive morocco, from the Sunderland 
library, £8. 10*- 1609-17 

28517 Primera Parte de los Commentarios reales de el 

Origen de los Iiicas, su idolati-ia, leies, y govierno, vidas y 
conquistas, 1723— (Segunda Parte) Historia general del Peru, 
guerras entre Pizarros y Almagros, 1722 — La Florida del Inca, 
con Ensayo Chronologico para la historia general de la Florida, 
por Gabriel de Cardenas (Ant. Gonzales de Barcia), 2 vols. 1723 
— together 4 vols. sm. folio, vellum, £3. 10s Madrid, 1722-23 

28518 Historia general del Peru, 13 vols. 16mo. calf, los 

Madrid, 1800 

28519 ■ EoYAL Commentaries of Peru, wi-itten originally in 

Spanish by Garcilasso de la Vega, and rendered into English 
by Sir Paul Ryeaut, 2 parts in 1 vol. ioYio, numerous plates, calf, 
35s 1688 

28520 Histoire des Guei"res Civiles des Espagnols, dans les 

Indes, traduit par J. Baudouin, 4 parts in 2 vols, stout 12mo. 
engraved titles, 2 maps, and 2 p>lates, old calf gilt, 5s Amst. 1706 
LA Florida del Inca, original edition, 1605 — see No. 28484. 

28521 APOLLONII (Levini) de Peruvise, Regionis, inter Novi Orbis 
provincias celeberrimEe, iuventione : et rebus in eadem gestis, 
libri V, Belleros map of America, Antverpice, 1567 — Bullingeri 
(Henr.) ad septem Accusationis Capita, qute quidam in capita 
coacervant Ministrorum Tigurinte Ecclesise, Responsio, Tigicri 
Chr. Froschoverics, 1575 — Wolfii (Joa.) de Christiana Perseve- 
rantia Liber, ib. 1578 — 3 vols, in 1, stout 12mo. vellum, £3. 3s 

7. Magellan's Voyage and its Results 

1519 Discovery of the Straits of Magellan : 

28522 MAXIMILIANI TRANSYLUANI Csesaris a secretis Epistola, 
de admirabili & nouissima Hispanoru in Orientem nauigatione, 
qua uarise, & nulli prius access^ Regiones inuetse sunt, cum 
ipsis etia Moluccis insulis beatissimis . . sm. 4to. title within 
woodcut border, brown morocco extra, blind tooled, gilt edges, 
£16. 16s Bomce, in cedibus Minitii Calvi, 1524 mense Feb. 

The original publishei-'s second edition of the first published narrative con- 
cerning the first circumnavigation of the globe. Mr. Harrisse has erroneously 
given the first place to the Cologne reprint of Januar)' 1523(-24) and the second 
to Calvus' original edition of November, 152-3, taking the ambiguous date as his 
criterion. We learn from the printer's dedication on the Rome edition, that 
Maximilian (who wrote his narrative in Valladol;d on the 24th of October, 
1522, taking it down from Pigafetta's relation to the Emperor then holding 
bis court there) addressed and sent his letter to Mattha;iis Lang, Cardinal 
Archbishop of Salzburg (and also Bishop ol Cariagena), whom it reached in 
November, while the Cardinal was in Niirnherg attending the Reichstag, to 
which the Pope had sent, as his orator, Francesco Chericati, the Bishop of 
Abnizzo. The latter prelate having been the former protector of I'igafctia 
(whom he had taken with him to Spain in 1510) naturally took more interest 


1519 Discovert of the Straits of Magellax — contitmed. 

in the account of the voyage than did the Cardinal, and begged the latter for 
a copy, which he sent to Kome to Miuitius Calvus for publication. Calvus 
does not say when he received it, but we may presume that the busiiness of the 
Keichstag would occupy the attention of both the ecclesiastics for some time. 
It is certain that he did not print the Epistola till November, 1523, one year 
("abhinc annum ") after the Cardinal had handed the transcript to the Bishop, 
and he then had the license granted which threatened penalties against any one 
else who, uspiam gentium, should within ten years attempt to produce it. 
Notwithstanding this prohibition, the work proved so interesting that 
Hirzhorn reprinted it at Cologne in the following January, 1524, and Calvus 
brought out his above second edition in February of that year. Hirzhorn, or 
Cervicornus, dated his coloiihon with 1523, as was the more customary 
practice, the month being January, and the new year (1524) not supposed lo 
begin till March ; but few persons will believe that his edition preceded by 
ten months the quasi-official publication at Rome which was printed twice 
during three months. Maximilian married into the family of Christoval 
de Haro who had promoted Magellan's expedition. 

28523 PIGAPETTA (Antonio) prime Viaggio intorno al Globe 
Terracqueo, os.sia ragguaglio della navigazione fatta sulla 
sqaadra del Capit. Magaglianes, 1519-22 publ. per la prima 
volta da Carlo Amoretti, 4to. tnaps and plates, including 
coloured facsimiles from the MS. hf. hd. £2. Milano, 1800 

This relation was written either in Italian or in French, by Pigafetta, 
probably in the year 1525, from the notes which had alre;idy been utilized for 
producing the French compendium printed in 1525, and the Latin letter of 
Maximilian in 1523. 

28524 Magalhaes (Fernao de) Vida e Viagens de, por D. Bai-ros Arana, 
traducQao do Hespanhol de F, de Magalhaes Villas-Boas, 8vo. 
map, sd. 2s 6d Lisboa, 1881 

28525 Argensola (B. L. de) Conquista de las Islas Malucas, sm. folio, 
engraved title, SOs Madrid, 1609 

This important work for the history of Spanish and Portuguese 
exploration in the Indies includes some interesting details relative to the 
voyages of Drake and Magellan. 

1522 1600 Philippines, China, Japan: 

Discovery of Japan in 1542 — see post, N"o. 28597. 

see also Narratives of Voyagers: 1540 Pinto. 

China — see Narratives of Voyagers : Gonzalez de Mendoza. 

28626 ExTRACTO Historial del Expediente que pende en el Consejo 
Real de las Indias a instancia de la ciudad de IVIanila y demas de 
las Islas Philipinas, sobre la forma en que se ha de continuar 
el comercio de los Texidos de China en Nueva Espana, sm. folio, 
vellum, 32s Madrid, 1736 

28527 Juan Francisco de San- Antonio, Chronicas de la apostolica 
Provincia de S. Gregon'o en las Islas Philipinas, China, Japon, 
etc. 3 vols, sm ioMo, printed on silk paper, curious frontispiece 
to the third volume, limp vellun, £S. 8s 

Sampa.loc, extra muros de Manila, 1 738-44 
The third volume, Mission de la Japon, especially is of extreme rarity ; 
Very tew copies of the work have ever reached l^urope. 

The wnk pusso.-ses an Am? ican as well as an Asiatic interest, because 



1522-1600 Phillipinbs, China, Japan — contimied. 

of the constant shifting of the Missionaries from one to another seat of labour. 
The names of Mexico, Guatemala, Paraguay, etc. are thickly studded through 
its pages. 

28528 JUAN de la CONCEPCION, Historia General de Philipinas, 
conquistas de estos Espanoles Dominios, establecimientos, y pro- 
gresos, que comprehende los imperios, reinos j provincias, de 
Islas y Continentes con quienes ha havido communicacion j 
comercio, con noticias geograficas, de costumbres, de religiones, 
etc. 14 thick vols, smallest 4to. ivith 8 maps, in excellent preser- 
vation, vellum, £4. 10s Manila, 1788-92 

28529 MOZO (A.) Noticia historico-natural de laa missiones de S. 
Augustin en las Philipinas y en el Imperio de la China, de 
aquellas Naciones, de sus usos, supersticiones, modo de vivir, 
y medicinas, con otras noticias curiosas, sm. 4to. vellum, \Qs 

Madrid, 1763 

1530 7-1606 Australia: 

28530 Jave la Grande, Australia, discovered by Portuguese or French 
before 1540 — see Hakluyt Society, Early Voyage to Terra 
Australis ; and Major's Prince Henry. 

28531 HouTMAN (Comelis) Erste Schip-vaert gedaen van de 
Hollanders naer Oost-Indien, met vier Scheepen, onder't 
Beleydt van Cornelis Houtman, uyt Texel t'Zeyl gegaen, 
Anno 1596, small 4to. woodcuts and copperplates in the text, rare, 
28s Amsterdam, Saeghman [1660?] 

This Voyage was No. 4 of Saeghraan's first general collection printed in 

28532 GODINHO DE EREDIA (Manvel) Declaracam de Malaca, e 
India meridional, com o Cathay. Malacca, I'lnde Meridional et 
le Cathay, MS. original (Portugais) autographe de Godinho de 
Eredia appartenant a la bibliotheque royale de Bruxelles 
reproduit en facsimile et traduit par Leon Janssen, avec una 
preface de Ch. Ruelens, royal 4to. with facsimiles of the title, of 
the portraits, and of the inaps, which are designed in the original 
MS. sd. £b bs Bruxelles, 1882 

Only 30 copies printed for sale. The original is dated Goa, 1613, and is 
of very great value in connexion with the history of the discovery of Australia. 
It would appear that the Portuguese obtained knowledge of that continent in 
1 601 . about fifteen or sixteen years before the supposed discovery by the Dutch. 
Yet it is nearly certain that the French or the Portuguese were acquainted 
with the existence of Australia as far back as 1530. 

28533 Major (R. H.) Discovery of Australia by the Portuguese in 
1601, impl. 4to. cloth, 7s 6d 1861 

28534 Historia del Descubrimiento de las Regiones Australes, hecha 
por el General Pedro Fernandez de Quiros, publicada por D. 
Justo Zaragoza, 3 vols. 12mo. maps, 25s Madrid, 1878-82 


8. French Voyages to America and 
Australasia (1503-67). 

28535 EsTANCELiN, Recherclies sur les voyages des navigateurs 

Normands, 8vo. sd. 6s 1832 

28535*MARGRY (P.) les Navigations Fran^aises et la Revolution 
Maritime dn XlVe an XVIe siecle, d'apres le Documents 
inedit/S tires de France, d'Angleterre, d'Espagne et d'ltalie, 
sraAto. printed on thick paper, with 2 curioits plates, one with fac- 
simile of a sJcetch-design made hy Columbus, sd. IBs 1867 

28536 EgsEBii Cffisariesis Episcopi Chronico : quod Hieronjmus 

pi'esbyter . . Latinum facere curavit. . . Ad que & Prosper & 
Mattbaeus Palmerius & Matthias Palmerius coplura addidere, 
etc. sm. 4to. old calf gilt, from the Sunderland library, £2. 

Parisiis, H. Stephanus, 1518 
Continued to the year 1511. Under the year 1500 occurs a notice of 
Cadamosto's Voyage to India; and under 1509, a curious account of Feven 
Indians from the New World, who that year were brought to Rouen, 
describing their appearance, arms and manner of living. Under the year 
1457 is an account of the invention of printing in 1440 by John Gutenberg, at 

28537 SuLTE (Benj.) Histoire des Canadiens-Fran9ais, 1608-1880, 

Tomes V et VI, impl. 4to. 2>0 portraits, cloth, gilt edges, 18s 

Montreal, 1882 
Chap. I, D^couvertes et D^couvrenrs, 1500-1680; Chap. IV, Recense- 
ment de 1681 ; etc. 

28538 LESCARBOT (Marc) Histoire de la NOVVELLE FRANCE 

contenant les navigations, decouvertes, & habitations faites par 
les Francois es Indes Occidentales & Nouvelle France souz 
I'avoeu & authorite de noz Rois Tres-Chretiens, & les diverses 
fortunes d'iceux en I'execution de ces choses, depuis cent ans 
jusques a hui, with the three original folding maps, including the 
large " Figvre de la Terre Newe," all in fine condition — Les 
MvsEs DE LA NovvELLE FRANCE— 2 vols. in 1, sm. 870. First 
Edition of the two parts, fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt 
edges, £52. 10s 

Paris, Jean Milot [on the title to the Muses, Millofl, 1603 

" La premiere edition ... est fort rare, et on la recherche beaucoup 
en Amerique." — Brunei. 

" Premiere Edition fort rare, et tout aussi recherchee en Europe qu'en 
Amerique." — Deschamps. 

28539 Histoii'e de la Novvelle-France, troisiesme edition, 

three folding maps, the large one being in facsimile, six leaves of 
text supplied in MS. — LesMvses de la Nowelle France — 2 vols, 
in 1, sm. 8vo. large copy, in vellum, from the Hamilton library, 
£7. 10s Paris, Adrian Perier, 1618 

28540 [LESCARBOT (Marc)] Le Franc Gaulois avRoy. Svr le repos 
de la France, sm. 8vo. (I'imo.), 8 leaves, sd. £12. 12s Paris, 1 618 

An UNKNOWN and pbobablt unique tract, which is in the form of a 
letter addressed to Louis XIII, congratulating him on the death of Marechal 
d'Ancre, and praying him to use his power for the annexation of Newfound- 
Sagard — see post under History of Canada. 

192 * 


1504 Paulmier de Gonneyille — see Narratives of Voyagers. 

1529 Parmentier — see Ramusio in Collection of Voyages. 

1535 Cartier — see Narratives of Voyagers. 

154:2 Alfonce — see Narratives of Voyagers. 

1555 ViLLEGAGNON — see TiiEVET ill Narratives. 

1562-67 Voyages to Florida- see Basanier in Collection of 

French Inland Discoveries in New France in the 17th centuiy — 

see post under History of Canada. 

9. English Discoveries in America 

1565-68 Hawkins (Sir John) — see Haklutt m Collection of Voyages. 
1567-96 Drake's Voyages : 

28541 SIR FRANCIS DRAKE REVIVED: being a Summary and 
true Relation of foure severall Voyages made by the said Sir 
Francis Drake to the West Indies, viz. His dangerous adven- 
turing for Gold and Silver. His Encompassing the World. 
His Voyage made with Christopher Carleill, Martin Frobusher, 
Francis Knollis, and others . . . His last Voyage (in which he 
dyed) . . . with Sir John Hawkins, Sir Thomas Baskerfield, Sir 
Nicholas Clifford, with others — four parts in one volume, small 
4to. portrait mended, olive morocco extra, gilt edges, £12. \0s 

for Nicholas Bourne, 1652-3 
First collected edition. The Sunderland copy, inferior to this, fetched 
£18. 10s. 

28542 Sir Francis Drake revived : Calling vpon this Dull or 
Eflfeminate Age, to folowe his Noble Steps for Golde and Siluer. 
By this Memorable Relation, of the Rare Occurrances (neuer 
yet declared to the World) in a Third Voyage, made by him 
into the West-Indies, in the Yeares 72 & 73 .... by Philip 
Nichols, Preacher. Reviewed also by Sr. Francis Drake him- 
selfe befoi'e his death . . . set forth by Sr. Francis Drake, 
Baronet (his nephew), now lining, small 4to. original edition, 
portrait on title, cropped, and no leaf of errata, red morocco extra, 
gilt edges, £4. (NicJiolus Bourne, 1626) 

" Noble steps for gold and s'.lver,"' is a fine phrase for a clergyman to put 
forward as an incitement for Christian emulation. 

28543 Voyages into the West Indies, viz. His great 

Adventures for Gold and Silver ... a large Account of that 
Voyage wherein he Encompassed the World, etc. 12mo. old 
calf, '66s 1683 

28544 le Voyage de I'illustre Seigneur et Chevalier Francois 

Drach, Admiral d'AngleteiTe, a I'entour du monde. Augmentee 
de la seconde partie, sna. 8vo. with large folding engraved map, 
red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit, £8. 8s Paris, 1627 

The translator's, or perhaps merely editor's, name was F. de Louvcncourt, 
as we fiud it subscribed to the dedualiou to St. Simon Baron de Courtomer. 
He had n ceived the narraiive fn-m the Baron, one of whose tenants had been 
amongst Drake's crew in this voyage, and bis own hi.bour may not have been 
a translation, but merely an iniprovcnunt of t! e French sailor's text. The 
narrative is crrtaiuly not identical with the English '' World Encontpnssed," 

1567-96 Drake's Voyages — continued. 

although it goes over the same details, yet the navigatoi- is always styled 
nostre General, just as he is "our General" in the English account. This 
French Drake was first ])rinte'l in 1613 ; in 1627 it first appeared " augmented 
with the second part," this second part being an account of Asia and Eastern 
Europe, and in nowise connected with Drake. The Alap, however, is the 
most curious feature of the book, and is excessively rare. It was by 
a Dutchman, " Nich. Sj'pe," and exhibits Hova Albion, that is the coast of 
California and nearly all the interior of North America. 

28545 SAVILE (Hemy) A Libell of Spanish Lies: fovnd at tlie 
Sacke of Gales, discoursing tiie figlit of the West Indies, twixt 
the English Kauie being fonrteene Ships and Pinasses, and a 
fleete of twentie saile of the King of Spaine, and of the death 
of Sir Francis Drake. With an answere . . . written by Henrie 
Sanile . . . sm. 4to. woodcut of an English ship, one leaf in 
facsimile, red morocco, by Bedford, £20. lohn Windet, 1596 

An excessively rare tract ; of which only eight or perhaps nine copies 
appear to be extant, — some of them imperfect. 

28546 A Libell of Spanish Lies, with an answere briefely 

confuting the Spanish lies, by Henrie Sauile, and also an 
Approbation of this discourse by Sir Thomas Baskerville, sm. 
Alio, facsimile reprint hy J. P. Collier, sd. 7s 6d 1596 

28547 the same, sm. 4to. hf. morocco, \Qs 1596 

1567 Philips (Miles) — see in ISTarratives of Voyagers. 
1576-78 Frobisher's Voyages : 

28548 FoRBissERi (Martini) Historia Navigationis, 1577 ... in 
Septemtrionis & Occidentis tractum suscept^ ... ex gallico in 
latinum sermonem a Joh. Thoma Freigio translata, sm. 4to. 

frontispiece, hf. hd. 20s ; or in red morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 10s 

Haonburgi, 1675 

see Haklutt and Purchas in Collections of Voyages ; and 

also La Petrere, No. 28555. 
1580 Whitbourne (Richard) — see below 1605. 

1583 Gilbert (Sir Humphrey) — see Haklutt in Collections of 


1584 First Planting of Virginia — see Haklutt and De Brt in 

Collections of Voyages. 
1585-87 Davis (John) — see Haklutt in Collections of Voyages. 
1586 Candish or Cavendish (Thomas) — see in Collections of 

Voj-ages : 1643 Dutch. 

1593 Hawkins (Sir Richard) in the South Sea — see Narratives 

of Voyagers. 

1594 Dudley (Sir Robert) in Guiana— see in Geography : Arcano 

DEL Mare. 

1595 Raleigh (Sir Walter) : 

VoTAGE TO Guiana — see under Narratives of Voyagers. 

28549 Declaration of the Demeanor and Cariage of Sir Walter 
Raleigh, and of the true motiues which occasioned His Maiestie 
to Proceed in doing lustice upon him, as hath bene done, sm. 
4to. portrait inserted, head-lines cut into, hf. russia, 24s 1618 


1595 Raleigh (Sir Walter) — continued. 

28550 Drake (S. G.) Brief Memoir of Sir Walter Ralegh, sm. 4to, 
portrait, sd. 7s 6d Boston, 1862 

1602-5 Discovery of New England— see Rosier w sedion Anglo- 

1606 Second Settlement in Virginia — see Capt. John Smith 
in section Anglo-America. 

1605-1620 Exploration of Newfoundland : 
28651 WHITBOURNE (Richard) A Disco\Tse and Discovery of New- 
fovnd-land, with many^reasons to prooue how worthy and 
beneficiall a Plantation may there be made . . . sm. 4to. hf. 
russia, £6. 1622 

Dedicated to King James I, and pressing upon him the desirableness of 
making a settlement in Newfoundland. Lescarbot had urged Louis XIII to 
the same end four years previously, but in vain. Whitbourne was a Devon- 
shire man, and served against the Armada in 1588, in a ship of his own. He 
had already made a voyage to Newfoundland about 1580. He met Sir 
Humphrey Gilbert at St. John's a few years later, and frequently returned to 
the same shores afterwards. Pages 73 to the end consist of " A Loving 
Invitation to all his Majesty's subjects," and letters from some of the few 
planters already settled in the country. 
28552 VAUGHAN (Sir William) The Golden Fleece Diuided into 
three Parts, Vnder which are discouered the Errours of Religion, 
the Vices and Decayes of the Kingdome, and lastly the wayea 
to get wealth, and to restore Trading so much complayned of. 
Transported from Cambrioll Colchos, out of the Southermost 
Part of the Hand, commonly called the Newfoyndland, by 
Orpheus junior [Sir William Vaughan], sm. 4to. the rare map 
of Newfoundland by Capt. John Mason in admirable facsimile, 
four leaves tnended, calf extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s 

London, Francis Williams, 1626 

28553 another copy, sm. 4ito. facsimile map, m-orocco extra, gilt 

edges, by Pratt, £4. 4s 1626 

He planted Newfoundland with Welshmen, spent many years there, and 
endeavoured in this whimsical book to encourage fresh immigration. More 
than half the work is a fantastic discussion on manners and customs, in which 
a number of Shakespearean illustrations may be sought for. In the third book 
we find mention of many famous English navigators, with reasons for praising 
or blaming their proceedings. Sir Thomas Button is censured for his lack of 
knowledge how to prevent scurvy amongst his sailors. 

1606-30 Arctic Exploration : 

28554 Hudson (Henry) Historical Inquiry concerning, his friends, 
relatives and early life, his connection with the Muscovy 
Company and discovery of Delaware Bay, by J. M. Read, Svo. 
hf. green morocco, gilt tops, 12s Albany, 1826 

see in Collections of Voyages : Hakluyt Society, Purchas. 

James (Captain Thomas) — see in Narratives of Voyagers. 

28555 [LA PEYRERE (Isaac)] Relation dv Greenland, sm. Svo. 
(12mo.), map and folding plate, fine large copy in red morocco 
extra, gilt edges, £8. 10s Paris, 1647 

With the autograph of Guyon de Sardiere, and the mark of the La 
Valli^re library. 

The work includes an account of Forbisher's Greeolaud Voyage, and 


1577-1630 Arctic Exploration — continued. 

Munch's "Voyage through Davis' Straits. The map shows not only Green- 
land, but also the shores of Baffin's Bay and Hudson's Bay, with the islands 
and rivers of those regions. It is useful to compare with the English maps 
of the same period. Two parallel channels are carried right across Greenland 
towards its southern end, so that the lower portion looks like two islands of 
diminishing breadth. Torfaeus praises the accuracy of La Peyrere. " Gallus 
quidam anonymus." 

28556 ■ Bericht von Grohnland . . jetzo aber Deutsch 

gegaben . . von Henrich. Sivers, sm. 4to. map and two plates, 
fine copy in polished veaic fauve, gilt edges, 36s Hamburg, 1674 
The map and plate are exactly reproduced from La Peyrere, but the 
latter is divided into two separate leaves. 

10. Exploration in the Valley of the Amazon 

(Sec. XVII). 

AcUNA (Christ, de) — see in Narratives of Voyagers. 

28557 Pagan (le Comte de) Relation Historique et Geographique de 
la Grande Riviere des Amazones dans I'Amerique, 12mo. map, 
calf, with arms of C. G. Lamoignon de Malesherbes in gold on 
sides, scarce, from the BecJcford library, £3. 3s Paris, 1655 

28558 the same, 12mo. map, corner slightly defective, calf, 36s 


28559 Historical and Geographical Description of the Great 

Country and River of the Amazones in America, translated 
by W. Hamilton, 12mo. map, old calf, £2. 16s 1661 

28560 Rodriguez (Padre Manuel) El Maranon, y Amazonas. Historia 

de los descubrimientos, entradas, y reduccion de Naciones. 
Trabajos malogrados de algunos conquistadores, y dichosos de 
otros, assi temporales, como espirituales, en las dilatadas Mon- 
tanas y mayores rios de la America, sm. folio, vellum,, £5. 

Madrid, 1684 
False title; title ; 10 prel. 11. ; text pp. 444 ; then follows "Compendio 
Historial e Indice Chronologico Peruano, y del Xuevo RejTio de Granada" 
(ivftich Pinelo gives as a distinct work), 12 11. ; index, etc. 4 11. Nearly the 
whole of Father Acuna's " Descubrimiento del gran Rio de las Amazones " 
is reprinted in this work, see pp. 9o-149. Father Rodriguez was a Jesuit and 
Procurador General of the Indies at Madrid. 

11. History of the Buccaneers and South Sea 

Voyages (1550-1720). 

28561 Buccaneers. Burney (J.) History of the Buccaneers of America, 

roy. 4to. maps, bds. 30s 1816 

28562 EsQUEMELiNG and Ringrose, Bucaniers of America, or a true 

Account of the most remarkable Assaults upon the Coasts 
of the West-Ixdies, by the Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tortuga, 
with the Exploits of Sir Henry Morgan, and the Dangerous 
Voyage and bold attempts of Captain Sharp performed upon 


1550-1720 Buccaneers — continued. 

the Coasts of tlie South Sea, 4 parts making 2 vols, in 1, sm. 
4to. SECOND EDITION, with additional relations of Capt. Cooke 
and Capt. Sharpe, maps and plates, old calf, £7. 10s 1684-5 

This is chronologically the second edition, but it is really the first com- 
plete one. The book was issued again in 1695 without the least alteration, 
except in the title-page. 

28563 Buccaneers. James II's Proclamation for the more effectual 

reducing and suppressing of Pirates and Privateers in America, 
black Uttct, on two open sheets of paper or broadsides, rare and 
curious, 12s Whitehall, 20 January, 1687-8 

Buccaneers' Atlas — see Atlases. 

28564 Johnson (Ch.) General History of the Pyrates, from their first 

rise and Settlement in the Island of Providence, with the 
adventures of the two Female Pyrates, Mary Read and Anne 
Bonny, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. 1432 pp. double cols, calf gilt, £2. 16s 


28565 IIiSTOiRE de I'Expedition de trois Vaisseaux envoyes par la 

Compagnie des Indes Occidentales des Provinces-Unies aux 
Terres Australes en 1721, par M. de B***, 2 vols. 12mo. fine 
copy, in gilt tree-marbled calf, by Kalthoeber, £8. 8s La Haye, 1739 
African Company Tracts : a curious Collection of very rare early 
pieces : — 

28566 Answer of the Company of Royal Adventurers trading into 
Africa to the Petition of Sir P. Painter, concerning H. M. 
Plantations in America, 1667 — Wilkinson's Treatise on the 
Intrigues and Arbitrary Proceedings of the Guiney Company, 
also how prejudicial they are to the American Planters, 1690 — 
View of the State of the Trade to Africa, 1708 — Case of Royal 
African Company, with Supplement, 1730 — Observations on the 
Trade to Africa, 1748 — African Trade the Pillar and Support of 
the British Trade in America, 1745 — Importance of the African 
Company's Forts and Settlements, 2 maps, showing the lohole 
extent of the W. Coast, with the Trading Settlements, 1745 — 
Reasons for Settling the Trade to Africa, n. d. — the whole in 
1 vol. sm. 4to. hf calf, £2. 16s 1667-1748 

None of these tracts is mentioned by Watt in the Bibliotheca. The first 
relates to the short-lived Royal Adventurei's, the fore-runner of the African 
Company, and their squabbles with the American Planters in the early part 
of the reign of Charles II. 

28567 National and Private Advantages of the African Trade con- 
sidered, an enquiry how to support the Forts and Settlements of 
the Royal African Company, Map, 1746 — African Company's 
Case, with Supplement, 1730 — Importance of supporting the 
Royal African Company, map, 1745 — African Trade the Pillar 
and Support of the British Plantation Trade in America, 1745 
—in 1 vol. sm. 4to. calf 25s 1730-46 

12. Modern Discoveries in the North. 

28568 Cranz (D.) Historic von Gronland, enthaltend die Beschreibung 
des Landes und der Einwohner, etc. insbesondere die Geschichte 


der dortigen Missionen der Evangelischen Briider, 2 vols. 8vo. 
second edition, map and plates, calf, lOs Barhy, 1770 

28569 Cranz (D.) History of Greenland ; containing a Relation of the 
Mission of the IJnitas Fratram, 2 vols. 8vo. First English 
Edition, map and plates, calf, 7s 1767 

28570 the same, with continuation, containing the Mission to 

Labrador, 2 vols. 8vo. second English edition, map and plates, 
Id. 7s; or, calf gilt, 9s 1820 

Egede — see in section Narratives of Voyagers. 

28571 MuLLER (G. P.) Voyages et Decouvertes faites par les Russes le 

long des cotes de la Mer Glaciale et sur I'Ocean Oriental, tanfc 
vers le Japon que vers I'Amerique, on y a joint I'Histoire du 
fleuve Amur, ouvrages tradnits par C. G. F. Dumas, 2 vols, in 
1, 12mo. map, russia extra,, leather joints, gilt edges, from the 
Hamilton Palace library, £2. 10s Amst. 1766 

28572 CoxE (W.) Russian Discoveries between Asia and America, with 

the Conquest of Siberia, and history of Commerce between 
Russia and China, 4to. maps, calf, 16s 1780 

28573 CART WRIGHT (G.) Journal of Transactions and Events during 

a residence of nearly sixteen years on the Coast of Labrador, 
3 vols, royal 4iio. portrait and maps, calf, £2. 5s Newark, 1792 

28574 Hind (H. Y.) North- West Territory, Report on the Assiniboine 

and Saskatcliewan Exploring Expedition, impl. 4to. maps, large 
coloiired maps and geological plates, cloth, 12s Toronto, 1859 

28575 the same, in French, impl. 4to. maps, etc. cloth, 7s ih. 1859 

28576 — Explorations in the Interior of the Labrador Penin- 
sula, the country of the Montagnais and Nasquapee Indians, 
2 vols. 8vo. map and many coloured plates (pub. 22s), cloth, 18s 

see also section Narratives of Voyagers. 

1. Collections of Voyages in the chrono- 
logical order of their publication. 

1507 Yicenza, Fracanzano: 

FLORENTINO INTITULATO, sm. 4to. woodcut 
initials., the title printed in red on woodcut scrolls and 
globe, red morocco extra, gilt edges, hy Baumgarten, 
from the Bechford library, £320. 

Vicentia, cu la impensa de Mgro Henrico Vicentino : 
& diligente cura & industria de Zamaria suo fiol 

nel Mcccccvii (1507) 
First issue of the first edition, and excessively rare. 


1507 ViCENZA, Fracanzano — continued. 

This work was truly the first Collection of Voyages ever compiled. 
[The Portuguese book, dated 1502, and containing the 
travels of Marco Polo, Hieronymo di S. Stephano, and Nicolo 
Conti together, translated by Valentino Fernandez Aleman, is 
hardly entitled to such a distinction, and it certainly does not 
belong to the Italian abridgment of Peter Martyr's first Decade 
(Libretto de tutta la Navigation) printed at Venice in 1504, and 
here reprinted in the Paesi.] That it is absolutely of the first 
issue, appears from the number of chapters, and from the full 
colophon which ends with " Cum gratia & priuilegio p. ani. x. 
como nella sua Bolla appare : che p. soa del Dominio Veneto no 
ardisca iprimerlo." In some copies, this colophon ends with the 
word "priuilegio," from which we may conclude that they 
belong to a reissue made when the ten years' privilege was nearly 
run out (after the date of the Itinerarium Portugall. 1508). 
The compiler of the work was Fracanzio di Montalboddo or 
" Montalboddo Fracan " as it appears at the heading of 
the dedicatory epistle ; and the contents of the work are as 
follows : — 

Voyages of Cadamosto and Pedro de Cintra, in Portuguese 
service, 1454, 1463, their first publication (Capp. i-l). 

Vasco da Gama's Voyage round the Cape, 1497-1500, its 
first publication (li-lxii). 

Cabral's Voyage, 1500, first publication of the narrative 
concerning the discovery of Brazil (lxiii-lxxxiii). 

Abridgment of Peter Martyr's yet unpublished first Decade, 
containing voyages of Columbus, Alonso Nino, Pinzon, 1492- 
1500, already printed at Venice in 1504 (lxxxiv-CXIIi). 

Vespucci's Letter to Lorenzo di Pier Fr. de Medici, 
retranslated from the printed Latin of 1503 (cxiv-cxxiv). 

Letters of Venetian ambassadors and merchants, dated 
1501-1502, concerning the Portuguese voyages to India, and 
Corte Real's voyage to America — first publication (cxxv-cxxviii). 

Account of India, by loseph of Cranganor (the Indian 
Christian whom Cabral brought from India in 1501), given in 
1502, first publication (cxxix-cxLii). 

As will appear from the preceding detail, the chapters are 
l-CXLii in this first issue of the Paesi. In the second issue, which 
presents the truncated colophon referred to above, another chapter 
(cxLiii) was added giving a translation of King Manoel's letter 
to Pope Julius II concerning his conquest in India (Emanuelis 
Obedientia, etc. printed at Rome in 1505). — Mr. Harrisse says 
that the Cabral Voyage (capp. 63-83 above) was translated 
from King Emanuel's Letter to the King of Castile, printed in 
Italian at Rome and Milan in 1505 ; but this is simply a blunder. 
The American portion was printed for the first time in the Paesi, 
and was evidently derived from the Portuguese report sent home 
from Brazil by Cabral before he proceeded on his eastern course 
— the original report itself being entirely lost. 


1507 ViCENZA, Fracanzano — continued. 

IN India & inde in occidentem & demum ad 
AQUiLONEM, sm. folio, cicri'ous woodcut map on title- 
page^ with the two leaves of Index, which are usually 
wanting, fine copy Mediolani, 1508 

Excessively rare. The Beckford copy fetched £78. 

This work is a translation into Latin by Archangelus 
Madrignanus, a Cistercian monk, of the famous first edition 
( Vicenza, 1507) of the " Paesi novamente retrovati, et Novo 
Mondo da Alberico Yespntio Florentino intitulato," and ends like 
the first issue of its original with chap. 142. The value of the 
leaves of Index in the Itinerarium Portugallensium, and the 
necessity of possessing them, must be estimated from the fact 
that they give an analysis of the contents together with the 
names of the discoverers, while the text of the book runs on 
from chapter to chapter without distinction. 

The eighth and last preliminary leaf (not including the two 
leaves of Index) ends with a metrical eulogium upon Madrignano 
by Quintianus Stoa. These verses close with a semicolon at the 
bottom of the reverse page, so that many persons have been led to 
think there ought to be some further preliminary matter in 
continuation of the iambics. But the semicolon is simply 
intended for a mark of interrogation, set at the end of a question 
in which the verses are brought to a conclusion and a climax 

An credis ergo dignior mortalibus 

Sit qui labores superet et vivens deum ? 

Fernandez de Oviedo y Valdes (Gonqalo) Libro 


LANS, coat of arms on title Valladolid, 1557 

the above two volumes in one, folio, veau fauve, 

with arms and mo7iogram of J. A. Thuanus and Gas- 
parde de La Chastre, in gold on sides and hack, £48. 

Excessively rare. This twentieth book is all that was 
originally published of the second part of Oviedo, on account of 
the author's death. It was of especial interest as containing an 
account of the great voyage of Magellan, and of later expeditions 
to the Moluccas. 

There is a woodcut in Oviedo of a coin used in the Moluccas, 
bearing a Chinese inscription — which was the first appearance 
of that language in European works. 

28579 LE NOUUEAU MONDE et nauigations faictes 
p. Emeric de vespuce floretin, Des pays et isles 
nouiiellemet trouuez, auparauat a nous incongneuz 

1507 ViCENZA, Fraca.'SZA'SO— continued. 

. . . Translate de italien en Lague francoyse par 
Mathuein du redouer . . . sm. 4to. woodcut 
diagrams and initials, the title 'printed in red and 
black., and hearing the puhlisher's ivoodcut mark., fine 
copy in imssia extra, gilt edges, £100. 

Paris, Galliot Du Pre (1516) 
FIRST EDITION of the French translation of the Paesi. 
Brunet and Harrisse have invented a strange theory concerning 
the chronological succession of the editions. The facts are plain. 
This was the original edition, produced by the legitimate 
publisher, and bearing the privilege, dated 1516, -which gave 
him the monopoly. While his privilege ran, no printed edition 
could be issued with a date. Hence the others which exist, 
five or six in number, bear no honestly recorded year of impres- 
sion and have no privilege. Another significant token is the 
fact that in the chapters of Vespucci's third voyage, there are 
three diagrams of stars, bold woodcuts, in Galliot Dupre's 
edition, which were omitted through carelessness by the 
reprinters, notwithstanding the catchwords in the text. 

28580 Sensuyt le Nouueau mode & naiiigations : faictes 
p. Emeric de vespuce Florentin, Des pays & isles 
nouuellemet troniiez, aupauat a no' incogneuz . . . 
sm. 4to. title printed in red and hlach and hearing a 
woodcut, vellum, £63. 

On fol. iv : On les vent a paris en la rue neufue 
nostre dame a leinseigne de lescu de Prance. On 

title: xix (? 1519) 
First edition, according to Brunet and Harrisse. — This 
second edition has not the woodcut of stars as mentioned in 
the note to Galliot Dupre's edition. The conclusion it seems 
just to draw from a comparison of the undated editions is this, 
that at least four Paris publishers, Jean Trepperel, Philippe Le 
Noir, Denis Jeannot, Jacques Jannot, reprinted the book at a 
time when it was uncertain whether Dupre's privilege had 
expired, or when the latter was seeking to renew it; and that 
ihej omitted the dates intentionally, — unless, indeed, the Gothic 
figures XIX which appear in the title-page above were intended 
to stand as a date intangible by the law. Brunet, in all such 
cases, of which many are found between 1510 and 1530, held 
that the two Gothic numerals merely indicated the number of 
sheets in the book, but that theory is frequently at fault, while 
there is inherent probability in nearly every instance in which a 
chronological value is given them. 

CosMOGEAPHi^ Introductio — 566 pos/ ttrtier Narratives of Voyagers: 


1532 The Colines Recueil : 
28581 ExTEAiCT ov Recveil des Isles noiiuelleraet 
trouuees en la grand raer Oceane ou temps du roy 
Despaigne Fernad & Elizabeth sa femme . . . Item 
trois Narrations . . . sra. 4to. russia^ gilt edges, 
£80. Paris, Simon de Colines, 1532 

28582 the same, a wormliole in some of the 

margins, otherwise a fine copy in old blue morocco 
extra, hy Derome, from the Beckford library, £120 


This book, which, may be called the first French Collection 
of Voyages, has been very badly described by Mr. Harrisse. 
The anonymous editor dedicates the Extraict, which is a French 
abridgment of Peter Martyr's first three Decades made before 
the publication of the entire eight in 1530, to Charles, Due 
d' Angouleme. The Narrations are dedicated, not to Margaret of 
Austria, but to Margaret of France. The first is an abridg- 
ment of the fourth Decade printed at Basil in 1521. The 
second and third are draTi-n from the second and third Cortes 
letters, printed in Latin at Niirnberg in 1524. Consequently the 
" Extraict " must be held to take precedence of Grynseus, as the 
Novus Orbis did not begin to embody Cortes' letters till 1555. 
The compiler was probably one of the distinguished scholars 
who surrounded the two pi'omising children of Francis I, men- 
tioned as receiving the dedications. The Due d'Angouleme 
was then only ten years of age, the Princess Marguerite (after- 
wards Duchess de Berri, and wife of Emanuel Philibert of 
Savoy) only nine, but they were already regarded as future 
patrons of literatui-e, and their education was carefully 
cultivated. — This rare work fetched at the Beekford-Hamilton 
sale £126. 

1532-34 Franciscan Letters from Mexico: 

28583 Martin of Valencia, Juan de Zumarraga, Peter of Ghent. ' 
Chronica compendiosissiraa . . per . . Amandum Zierixeensera 
. . . adiectae svnt epistolae . . ex noua maris Oceani Hispania 
ad nos transmissEe . . 12mo. vellum, £7. 10s 

Antuerp. Simon Cocus, 1584 
At the end of this Clironicle we find the letters lelerred to on the title. 
The first and second are the two (written in Mexico in 1531, by Martin of 
Valencia and Bi>hop Zumarraga) which had been printed by order of the 
Franciscan Chapter at Toulouse in \5-V2. But a third is added which is of still 
more im^jortance to the American student, and which had not previously been 
printed, although wiitten earlier than the other two. It is the Latin version 
of an Epistola from Friar Peter de Gante himself, dated 2Ist June, 1529, and 
addressed generally to all the Franciscans in Flande s, but originally written 
in b^panish because, he says, he had quite forgotten his native tongue. He gives 
an interesting account, in six pages, of the Mt-xic.-in country and people, aiid 
describes biniseif as i^etrus de Mura (? Moere), born in the city of Yguen in 
the province of Budarda, who \uth two others had left Ghent in Apiil, 1522, 
Uh- .-pain, and eadjaricnig un ist May, 1523, reached Villenque (in America) 


on the 30th August, whence they made their way to the city of Mexico. 
From Mexico he went to Tezcuco, where he remained three years and a half 
(his fellows had accompanied Cortes elsewhere and were dead). Thence 
returning to Mexico, he was settled permanently, and was labouring as an 
instructor of youth. His method of dealing with fifty boys of special excel- 
lence shows him to have been a useful labourer. He asks that some one will 
translate his letter into Flemish, that it may be read to his parents, and begs 
that a Bible shall be sent him. Then he finishes with a sentence in Mexican — 
a remarkable specimen, as being the first appearance of an American language 
in print. 

1532 Grynseus : 

28584 NOVUS ORBIS Regionum ac Insularum Veteribus incognita- 
rum, nna cum tabula cosmographica, & aliquot aliis consimilis 
argumenti libellis, sm. folio, First Edition, with large Map of 
the World, in the original boards, covered with stamped leather, 
with clasps, £7. 10s Basil., Jo. Hervagius, 1532 

The map is entitled " Typus Cosmographicus Universalis ;" the word 
"Asia" printed in large capitals. South America is represented as an 
island separated by a narrow sfrait from Cuba ; of North America the only 
part shown is a small island called " Terra Cortesia." 

28585 Novus Orbis Regionum ac Insularum Veteribus incognitarum, 
sra. folio, with the first issue of the large woodcut Mappemonde of 
Oronce Fine {dated 1531), in the form of two sections of a human 
heart, vellum, £12. 

Parisiis, apud Galeotum a Prato — (at end) apud Antonium 
AugereUum, impensis Joannis Parui Sf Galeoti a Prato, 1532 

28586 the same, sm. folio, map, fine copy in old calf, £12. 12s 

Paris, apud Joannem Paruum, 1532 
The rarest edition of the famous " Novus Orbis," which goes under the 
name of Grynteus, although he merely wrote the preliminary dedication, the 
collection having been really made by Johann Huttich. The only difference 
between the two issues of Paris, 1532, lies in the title-pages. The map by 
Oronce Fin^, one of the most curious and ingenious productions of early 
cartography, is alone worth more than any copy of the other editions of 
Grynseus, and is usually wanting. 

28587 Novus Orbis, adjecta est huic postremae editioni Navigatio, 
etc. sm. folio, inap, vellum, £4. 4s Basil., J. Hervagius, 1537 

The map, entitled " Typus Cosmographicus Universalis," is the same as 
in the first edition (Basil. 1532), with the word "Asia" printed in the 
smaller type. 

The editions of 1532 comprise the following contents : — 

Munsteri (Seb.) Typi cosmographici declaratio 

Cadamusti, Petri, Vasci de Ghima, Aliares [Cabral] Navigationea, 

capp. i-Lxxxiii 
Columbi, Alfonsi Nigri, Pinzoni Navigationes, capp. lxiiiv-cxiii 
Vesputii [tertia] Navigatio, Litera) cuinsdam Cretici aliornmque, 


.Tosephus Indus, cxxix-cxm 
Vesputii Quatuor Navigationes 
Emanuelis Epistolse ad Leonem X, 1513 
Vartomanni (Lud.) Navigatio 
Broccardi Terrae Sanctae Descriptio 
Marcus Paulus de regionibus Orientalibns 
Haithon de Tartar is 
Michov de Sarmatia 
Paulus Jovias de Legatione Moschovitarum 


1532 Grtnj:us — continued. 

Peter Martyr de Insulis nnper repertis [decas quarta] 
Stella de Borassi£e antiquitatibas 
In the edition of 1537, one more piece is added : Maximilian's Letter 
describing the Voyage of Magellan. 

28588 Novus Oebis, sm. folio, with the same large map as in the edition of 
1537, fine copy in old calf gilt, gilt edges, £6. 5s Basil. 155 

This edition contains some supplementary pieces, including the second 
and third letters of Cortes, and the Franciscan letters from Mexico. 

" On en (de cette collection') recherche les SKemplaires, et surtout ceux de 
r^dition de 1555 qni est la plus complete." — Brunei. 

28589 Die New Welt der Landschaften unnd Insulen, so bis hieher 
alien Altweltbeschrybern unbekant (Uebersetzung des Micbael 
Herr), folio, ^ine copy in stamped pigskin, tvith the large map as 
in the Basil edition, £2. 10s Strassburg, 1534 

28590 Novis Orbis . . . quibus adjunximns Varrerii discursum super 
Ophyra, 12mo. vellum, 20s Roterod. 1616 

A reprint of so much of the Novus Orbis of 1555 as had reference to 

1533-67 Franck and Feyerabend: 

28591 WELTBUCH. Erst Theil dieses Weltbucbs von Newen 
erfundnen LandtscbafFten : WarbaflFtige Bescbreibunge aller 
Tbeil der Welt, durch Sebastian Franck zum ersten an tag 
geben — Ander Theil dieses Weltbuchs : Warbafftige Bescbrei- 
bunge aller . . . Schiffarten, auch viler unbekanten erfundnen 
ijandtscbafften, etc. durch Ulrich Schmidt von Straubingen, 
und andern mehr, 2 parts — together 8 vols, in 1, sm. folio, 
original pigskin binding, £3. Franckfurt, 1567 

The first volume, which was Franck's work, is a general Geography. 
The second volume is a collection of Voyages made by Feyerabend, and 
contains : 1. Vasco da Gama's Expedition to India; 2. Cabral's first Voyage ; 
3. Joam de Nova ; 4. Cabral's second Voyage, history of Alboquerque, etc. ; 
5. Expedition of Soarez de Meneses ; Ulrich Schmidt or Schmidel's Voyage 
to South America ; Hans Stade's Voyages and Captivity in Brazil. 

1543 Manucci collection : 

28592 ViAGGi fatti da Vinetia, alia Tana, in Persia, in India, et in 
Constantinopoli, e della ultima Impresa contra Portoghesi, 
12mo. vellum. 36s Vinegia, Aldus, 1545 

With the bookplate " Ex libris Amadei Svajer." 

" Recueil peu commnn ; il contient deux ouvrages de Josaphat Barbaro, 
un d'Ambrogio Contarini, deux d'Aluigi et deux sans nom d'auteur." — Brunei. 

1550-56 Ramusio : 

28593 NAVIGATIONI et VIAGGI raccolti da Gio. Battista Ramusio, 
3 vols. sm. folio, xvith engravings on wood, and looodcut maps, 
including Canada and other parts of America, Spanish calf, 
£3. 10s Venezia, Giunti, 1563-74-56 

28594 the same, 3 vols. sm. folio, calf gilt, gilt edges, by 

Clarke, £4. 10s ' 1613-1583-1606 

28505 the same, bound in 4 vols, folio, vjith the piece " Viaggio 

di Cesare de' Frederici " (II. 386-430 of the edition of 1606) 


1550-56 Ramcsio — continued. 

inserted in Vol. Ill, calf gilt, ivith autograph of T. Oale, £6. 10s 


Graessc quotes as the best editions of this most important collection : 
Vol. I 1563 and 15G?, Vol. II 1583, and Vol. Ill 1565 (with the piece Viaggio 
di Cesare de' Fred.erici inserted from the 1606 edition). 

Vol. I. Between the editions of 1563 and 1613 there is no difference, 
except in the title, and the arrangement of the first thn-e preliminary leaves. 
In the edition of 1613 (and 1606), however, there are three copperplate maps, 
which are not in any other edition. 

Vol. II. The edition of 1574 is the best of the incomplete editions f 1559, 
1564 and 1574). The edition of 1583 contains the piece Navigatione di 
Sehaat. Cahot (11. 212-19), and 90 11. at the end of the volume, in addition to 
what had already appeared in 1574. 

Vol. III. The 1606 edition contains the piece Viaggio di Cesare de' 
Frederici (II. 386-430) which is not in that of 1565, though it is generally 
inserted there. Between the editions of 1566 and 1565 there is no difference, 
except in the title. 

28596 Navigationi et Viaggio di Giovan Leone e le Navigazioni di Alvise 
da Ca Da Mosto, di Pictro di Cintra . , . e di Vasco di Garna, 
impl. 8vo. portrait, lif. hd. Qs Venezia, 1887 
First volume (all published) of a new and improved edition of Ramusio. 

1552-1726 Jesuit Missionaries' Relations : 

28597 AVISI PARTICOLARI delle Indie di Portugallo riceuuti in 
questi doi anni del. 1551 . & 1552 . . 2 vols, in 1, 317 pp. with 
second title " Copia de alcvne Littere," which forms p. 278 

Moma, Dorico, 1552 

Contents : Two Letters of Mastro Caspar from Ormuz, dated 1549 

and 1651 ; Seven Letters from Bsazil, from Kobrega and others, dated 

1549-51 ; Nine Letters from India, by Manuel di Morales, Padre Enrique, 

Bait. Nugnez, etc. dated 1548-51 ; Five Letters from Congo, dated 1548, etc. ; 

Three short Letters from India, 1550-51 ; Copia de alcune Littere del Padre 

Maestro FRacEsco Xaxjier . . del Iapon, consisting of a long letter of 

Francis Xavier dated Cangoxima [Zajrosima] \ 549, and two short Letters on 

Xavier and his missions; preceded by a brief account of the newly discovered 

Terra del Giapan. 

NOVI AVISI di piv lochi de I'India et massime de Brasil 

riceuuti quest' anno del. M.D.LIII. Eoma, Antonio Blado, 1553 

Contents : Two Letters from India, of Nic. Lanciloto and Eredia (Ant.), 

1551-52 ; Eleven Letters from and on Brazil, of Nobrega, Franc. Perez, 

Vincenzo Rodriguez, Tomato de Sousa, Leonardo Nunnez, Pietro Chorea, 

Massimiano, Diego Jacobo, 1551-52 ; Francesco Xavier to Ignatius 

Loyola, on Japan, Cochin, 29 Jan. 1552. 

Nvovi Avisi delle Indie di Portugallo riceuuti questo Anno del 

1553 . . con vna discrittione delli costumi de i Giaponesi 

Roma, Dorico [1558J 

Contents : Two Letters from India, of Bald. Gagoand Padre Gasparo, 

1653 ; Francesco Xavier to all the Society in Europe, on Giai'ON, a long 

letter dated Cochin, 29 Jan, 1552, different from the short letter sent on the 

same day to Loyola. 


LiBRO VLTIMO DE LE Indie OCCIDENTALE intitulato Noua Castiglia : 
& del conquista del Peru & prouintia del Cusco conquistata noua- 
mete dal valoroso cauagliero Fracesco Pizarro. . . Boma, 1585 

in 1 vol. 12nio. vellum, from the Sioiderland library, £60. 

The fjettors of Francis Xavier comprised in the preceding Jesuit Keportw 


1552-1726 Jesuit Missionaries' Relations — continued. 

are the first printed European accounts of Japan, which had been discovered 
by the Portuguese in 1542. The two letters dated Cochin, January, 1552, 
which he despatched on his return from Japan, one to Loyola, the other to 
the whole body of the order, were not comprised in the collection compiled by 
Emanuel Acosta (Hist, rerum a Soc. Jesu gestarum ; access, de Japonicis 
rebus Epistolarum libri iiii) and printed in 1571. 

28598 ALVAREZ. Historia de las Cosas de Ethiopia, en la qual se 
cuenta muy copiosamente el estado y potecia del emperador della 
con otras infinitas particularidades, assi dela x^eligion de aquella 
gete, como de sus cerimonias, segun que de todo elle fue testigo 
de vista Fracisco Alvarez. — Copia de diversas cartas de algunos 
padres y hermanos de la compania de Jesus, recebidas el ano de 
mil y quinientos cinquenta y cinco, de las grandes maravillas, q 
que dios nuestro senor obra en augmeto de la santa fe catolica en 
las Indias del Rey de Portugal, y en el reyno de Japon, y en la 
tierra de Brasil ; . . . . leyes y costumiDres de la gente del 
gran Reyno de la China y otras tierras nuevamente descubiertas, 
sm. folio, @0itl)ic letter, fine ivoodcut title- containing the Arms 
of D. Artal de Alagon, Conde de Sastago, to tvliom the ivork is 
dedicated, fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hardy 
Mennil, excessively rare, £36. Caragoga, Agostin Millan, 1661 

A fine volume, remarkable in many respects. It is the First collective 
Edition of the Cartas from the Jesuit Fatliers relating to the East, which 
begin with the Letter of Melchior Nuiiez addressed to Loyola relating the 
death of St. Francis Xavier. The last two Cartas are from Jesuit missionaries 
in Brazil. 

28599 Avisi (Diversi) particolari dall' Indie di Portogallo, ricevuti 
1551-1558 dalli Reverendi padri della compagnia di Giesu, 
16mo. old calf, 10s Venetia, 1565 

28600 EPISTOL^ INDICT de stupendis et prjeclaris Rebus, quas 
divina bonitas in India, et variis Insulis per Societatem 
nominis Jesu, operari dignata est, in tarn copiosa Gentium ad 
fidem Conversione — De Societatis Jesu origine libellus autliore 
D. Jacobo Payua Lusitano ;— iu 1 vol. l8mo. old calf, 35s 

Lovanii, K. Velpius, 1566 

28601 E PISTOL j; Indicse, etc. Secunda editio auctior (cum Indice), 
12mo. a little loormed, hut large copy in old stamped calf, 24.S 

Lovanii, B. Velpius, 1566 

28602 Efistol^ Indict et Japanicae de multai*um gentium ad Christi 
fidem per Soc. Jesu conversione ; item de Tartarorum potentia, 
moribus, et totius pene Asiee religione ; tertia editio cum indice 
castigatior et auctior, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 8vo. vellum, from the 
Sunderland library, £3. 10s Lov. Butgerus Velpius, 1570 

28603 Avisi (Nuovi) delle Indie di Portugallo, quinta parte, 18mo. calf 
extra, gilt edges, 12s Brescia, 1579 

28604 GUERREIRO (Fernam) Rela^am annal das cousas que fezeram 
OS Padres da Comp. de Jesus nas partes da India Oriental & 
no Brasil, Angola, Cabo Verde, Guine, nos annos de 602 & 603, 
t% do processo da conuersam, & christandade daquellas partes, 



1552-1726 Jespit Missionaries' Relations — continued. 

tirada das cartas dos mesmos padres que de la vieram, sm. 4to. 
vellum, from the Sunderland library, £l2. 12s Lisboa, 1605 

A verj' rare edition of Guerreiro's Relations of 1602-3. Brunet did not 
know it, and though Antonio and I^inelo have mentioned an editi'm of thia 
date, Salva regarded its existence as doubtful. Contains: 4 preliminary 
leaves ; Japan, 54 numbcied 11.; China, India, Brazil, etc. 142 numb. 11. 

2^605 Guerrero (F.) Relacion de las cosas que han liecho los Padres de 
la Compaiiia de Jesus en la India Oriental y Japon, (1)600- 
(1)601, trad, en Castellan por A. Cola90, sm. 8vo. stained but 
sound copy, vellum,, £3. 10s 1604 

28606 DU JARRIC (P. Pierre) Histoire des choses plus memorable3 
advenues tant ez Indes Orientales, que autres pais de la 
descouverte des Portugais, en I'establissement et progrez de la 
foy chrestienne et catholique, et principalement de ce que les 
Religieux de la Compagnie de Jesus j ont faict et endure 
depuis qu'ils j sont entrez jusques a I'an 1610, 3 vols. sm. 4to. 
old calf, with the Arms of Leclerc de Lessevillb, Comte de 
Brioude, on sides, from the Sunderland library, £30. 

Bordeaux, par S. Millanges, 1608-14 
A rare work, the 3 vols, of which are not often found together. 

28607 Thesaurus Rerum Indicarum, in quo Chi-istianee ac 

Catholicse Religionis tarn in India Orientali qnam aliis 
Regionibus Lusitanorum opera nuper detectis, Ortus, Progressus, 
Incrementa, etc. recesetur . . . opus nunc primum a M. Mattbia 
Martinez e gallico in latinum sermonem translatum, 3 vols, 
stout 12nio. vellum, £5. 10s 

Colonice Agrippivce, sumptibus Petri Henningii, 1615 

28608 the same, 3 vols, stout 12mo. red ■)norocco extra, gilt 

edges, by J. Mackenzie, £6. 10s 1615 

The first of the two copies above contains engraved titles to Vols. 1 and 2. 
but Vol. 3 has merely a printed half-title, ^^ Petri larrici Soc. lesu Indicarum 
Rerum Tomus Tertius.'^ The second copy has engraved titles to all three 
vols., but no half-title to Vol. 3 ; Vol. 2, however, contains in addition a half- 
title "Nova Eistnria Indica." Pages 296-419 of Vol. 2, and 622-53 of Vol. 3, 
are devoted to Brazil. 

28609 Drey newe Relationes : Erste, auss Japon was sicb darinn in 
1606 zugetragen ; Andere, von Missionibus so etlicbe Priester 
der Soc. Jesu in 1607 in das Konigreicb Mexico angestelt ; Dritte, 
von ableilien dess macbtigen Konigs Mogor ; auss under- 
schidlicben der Soc. Jesu Scbreiben verteutscht, sm. 4to. hf. red 
viorocro, ailt tops, 30s Augspurg, Chr. Babertzhofer, 1611 

28610 PIMENTO (N.) Nova Relatio de Rebus in India Orientali a 
Patribus Societatis Jesu Anno 1598 et 99 gestis, Moguntice, 1601 
— (Longobardi) Recentissima de Regno Chinre, item de Statu 
Rei Ghristianoe apud magnum regem Mogor, et de Morte 
Taicosamse Japoniorum Monarchae, ib. 1601 — Orani (P. J.) 
Japonica, Sinensia, Mogorana, hoc est de Rebus apud eas Gentes 
a Patribus Societatis Jesu Ann. 1598 et 99 gestis, Beodii, 1601 ; 
wormhole, in 1 vol. 12 mo. calf, loith arms and monogram of 
Thuanus and Marie BarbanQon in gold on sides and back, £3. 10* 



1552-1728 Jesuit Missionaries' Relations — continued. 

28611 SuAEEZ DE FiGUEROA (C.) Historia y anal Relacion de las Cosas 
que hizieron los Padres de la Compaiiia de Jesiis por las Partes 
de Oriente y otras, sm. 4to. veau fauve, loltli arms and monogram 
of Thiianus and Gasparde de La Chastre in gold on sides, rare, 
£3. 3s Madrid, 1614 

28612 BORRI (C.) Relation de la Mission des Peres de la Compagnie 
de Jesus au Royaume de la Cocliincliine, traduite par A. de La 
Croix, sm. 8vo. fine coi?y in old gilt tree-marhled calf, by 
Kalthoeher, 24s Be7mes,' 16S\ 

28613 — Cocliin- China : containing many admirable Rarities 

and Singularities of that Countrey, extracted out of an Italian 
Relation ... by Christopher Borri . . . And published by 
Robert Ashley, smallest 4to. riissia extra, rare, from the 
Bechford lihrarij, Hamilton Palace, £3. 3s London, 1633 

28614 BoURGES ( Jac. de) Relation du Voyage de Monseigneur I'Eveque 
de Beryte, Vicaire Apostolique du Royaume de la Cochinchine, 
par la Turquie, la Perse, les Indes, etc. jusqu'au Royaume de 
Siam, et autres lieux, 12mo. calf, from, the Sunderland library, 
30s Paris, 1668 

Including chapters on the manners, customs and religion of the Siamese. 

28615 SOUSA (Francisco) Oriente conquistado a Jesu Christo pelos 
Padres da Companhia de Jesus, 2 vols. sm. folio, old cnlf, £2. 10s 

Lisboa, 1710 

28616 LETTRES EDIFI ANTES et Curieuses ecrites des Missions 
Etrangeres, 26 vols. 12mo. besl edition, majJs, good copy in calf, 
£3. Paris, 1780-83 

28617 the same, 26 vols. 12mo. fine copy in old L^-ench calf 

extra, gilt edges, £4. 4s 1780-83 

28618 another copy, 26 vols. 1780-83 — PJxtrait des nouvelles 

des Missions des Indes Orientales, 1784, 1787-88, 2 vols. 1785- 
89 ;— together 28 vols. 12mo. calf £2. 10s 1780-89 

28619 another edition, 14 vols. 8vo. maps and j)lates, calf, 

contents lettered, £4. Lyon, 1819 

These vols, comprise the Rel.itions of the various Missionaries in the 
Levant, America, the Indies, and China. 

28620 STOCKLEIN, Brief- Schrif ten und Reis- Beschreibungen 
welche von denen Missionariis aus beyden Indien und andren 
liber Meer gelegenen Liindern seit 1642 bis 1757, angelangt 
seynd, 36 parts in 6 vols, folio, many maps and curious plates, 
fine copy in pigskin, £9. Augspurg, 1726 — Wien, 1756 

The above series of Missionary Reports relates to America, China, India, 
Africa, and many little known islands, etc. Sprengel, in his History of 
Geographical Discovery, mentions Stocklein's work most honourably. 

It is often stated to be a translation of the Lettres Edifiantes, but this is 
only true to a certain extent. A large and important portion of the collec- 
tion was entirely new, taken from unpublished MSS. Its value to the student 
of American History and Geography cannot be over-estimated. As the 
merest specimen, a map in Vol. I may be adduced, which gives a complete 
and correct delineation of California and Mexico, from actual survey made 
in the year 1702 by the Jesuit Kuhn (called Kmo) and his assistants. 

193 * 


1552-1726 Jesuit Missionaries' Relations — continued. 

28^21 Xaterii (S. Francisci) Epistolarum libb. iv ab H. Tursellino 
in Latiniim conversi ; Liber v Epistolarum a P. Possino Latini- 
tate donatarum ; — in 1 vol. 18mo. calf, 2s 6(1 Lugduni, 1682 

28622 Apotre des Indes et du Japon, Lettres, traduites par 

Leon Pages, accompagnees de notes, de la vie dn saint, etc. 
2 vols. 8vo. maps, no portrait, hf. bd. 7s 6d Paris, 1855 

28623 Xavier (Felippe Neri) Resumo historico de la maravillosa 
Vida de S. Francisco Xavier, square 12mo. woodcuts, hf. bd. 
7s 6d Nova Goa, 1861 

1555 Eden : 

28624 THE DECADES of the newe worlde or west India, conteynyng 
the naiiigations and conqnestes of the Spanyardes . . . wrytten 
in the Latine tounge by Peter Martyr of Angleria, and translated 
into Englysshe by Rycharde Eden [with other works], sm. 4to. 
four leaves in the preface to the reader loanting, folios 49 and 350 
slightly defective, the margins of a few leaves at end, cut off, old 
calf, £10. Londini, in cedihus Guilhehni Powell, 1555 

The first English Collection of Voyages. The contents ai'e as follows : — 
Peter Martyr's Decades, 1-3; [Decade 4] of the Islands; Alexander VI's 
Bull of partition ; an abridgment of Oviedo's Indies ; Magellan's Voyage of 
Circumnavigation, from Maximilian and Pigafetta; Prices of precious stones, 
etc. ; Debate and struggle between Spaniards and Portyngales ; Americo 
Vespucci's Letter to Medici ; Extracts from Cor.-ali and Cadamosto ; Voyages 
to the north and north-east, Muscovy, and Cathay, and Edward VI's Letter 
to northern potentates; Notable things extracted from Gomara; Birin- 
guccio's Book of Metals ; First and Second English Voyages to Guinea ; 
and some minor extracts. 

1577 Eden and Willes : 

28625 THE HISTORY OF TRAUAYLE in the West and East Indies, 
and other conntreys lying eyther way, towardes the fruitf till and 
ryche Moluccaes . . gathered in parte, and done into Englyshe 
by Richard Eden. Newly set in order, augmented, and finished 
by Richarde Willes, sm. 4to. old calf, £20. Bichard lugge, 1577 

28626 the same, sm. 4to. russia gilt, from JJttersons library, 

£24. 1577 

28627 another copy, ivanting the prelimiiiary leaves but 

having the text perfect, £5. 1577 

28628 another copy, sm. 4to. five of the preliminary leaves 

wanting and the sixth defective, cloth, £8. 10s 1577 

The editor omitted some few pieces that were in the 1555 original, 
namely, some of the " Notable Thinges," the Vespucci letter, the Corsali and 
Cadamosto extracts, and the Book of Metals. He also changed the order of 
most of the contents, and added for the first time the following : — 

Willes' Instructions for the guidance of Erobisher who was then about 
to start on his voyage for the discovery of the North- West Passage ; Reports 
of China and Japan ; Jenkinsou's and other Voyages to Persia ; Vai-thema's 
Travels, translated by Eden ; and an abridgment by himself of Peter 
Martyr's Decades 5-8. 

1556 Temporal : 

28629 Description de l'Afrique, titrce partic du Monde, ecritc de 
notro temps par Jean Leon, African, prcmiorement en langue 


1556 Temporal — continued. 

Arabesque, puis en Toscane, et a present mise en Franfois (par 
J. Temporal et autres), 2 vols. sm. folio, woodcut maps and 
plates, Vol. II ivants 2 leaves, old calf , fine copy, 30s 

Lyon, Jean Temporal, 1556 
This maybe looked upon as a translation of the first volume of Kamusio. 
It was intended probably to make additions, and to form a French collection 
of Voyages. 

1582 Hakluyt's small collection : 

Divers Voyages touching the discovery of America — see Haklujt 
Societj, No. 28,096. 

1585 Reineccius : 

28630 Hatthoxi Armenii Historia Orientalis ; et huic subjectum Marci 
Pauli Veneti Itinerarium ; item fragmentum e Speculo Historiali 
Vincent. Belvacensis eiusdem argumenti, sm. Ito. old stamped 
pigskin binding with clasps, having the portrait, name and Arms 
of Liidwig Herzog von Wirtumherg und Tech, stamped on sides, 
from the Sunderland library, 30* Helmaestadii, 1585 

28631 1586 Basanier-Hakluyt : L'histoire notable de la Floride 
sitvee es Indes Occidentales, contenant les trois voyages faits en 
icelle par certains Capitaines & Pilotes Fran9ois, descrits par le 
Capitaine Laudoxxiere, qui y a commande I'espace d'vn an trois 
moys : a laquelle a este adiouste vn quatriesme voyage fait par 
le Capitaine Gourgues. Mise en lumiere par M. Basanier, sm. 
8vo. fine copy in p^crple morocco extra, gilt edges, by Lortic, from, 
the Court library, £63. Paris, 1586 

Excessively bake. I cannot trace half-a-dozen copies. The contents 
of this volume are chiefly known through De Bry {Grands Voyages, part 2), 
a modern reprint produced at Paris, and a translation in French's Historical 
Collections of Louisiana. It was Kichard Hakluyt who furnished the MS. 
from which Basanier published the narrative, and the book is dedicated by the 
editor to Sir Walter Kaleigh, to whom also are addressed the preliminary 
pieces of verse, one of them by Hakluyt himself. The rarity of the book 
and the reason why it had not sooner been printed, are to be accounted for 
by the fact that all the persons connected with the transactions recorded in it, 
were Huguenots. The four parts of which the volume consists are — Ribaut's 
Voyage, 1562; Laudonniere'sin 1564; Ribaut's in 1565 ; and that of Goitrgues 
in 1567. The account here given of the Indian tribes of Florida is very 
extensive, and was almost the first upon the subject, having only been preceded 
by the notices contained in the Naufragit)s of Cabeza de Vaca. The word 
Florida, it must be remembered, had a more extensive signification formerly 
than at present, being applied to the whole continent lying between JSew Spain 
and Canada. 

see also De Bry, Grands Voyages, Part 2. 

1589, 1598 Hakluyt's great collection : 

28632 THE PRINCIPALL NAVIGATIONS, Voiages and Disco- 
teries of the English Nation, made by Sea or ouer land . . . 
•whereunto is added the last most renowmed English Nauigation 
round about the whole Globe of the earth. By Richard Hak- 
Luyi . . . sm. folio, First Edition, ivith the autotype facsimile of 


1589, 1599 B.AKLVYT— continued. 

the Map of the World hy Emeric MolUneux, mounted on linen, 
inserted, red morocco extra, gilt edges, hy Bedford, £18. 18s 

George Bishop and Ralph Neivherie, 1589 
This copy has the six leaves of Drake's Voyage round the World, which 
were suppressed, and contains the second issue of Sir Jerome Bowes' Embassy 
to Russia. 

28G33 The principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiqnes, and Disco- 
veries of the English Nation, made by sea or overland, to 
the remote and farthest distant quarters of the earth, at any 
time within the compasse of these 1600 yeres, by Richard 
Hakluyt, Preacher, 3 vols. sm. folio, with the original sup- 
pressed Cadiz Voyage, and autotype facsimile of Mollinetcx^s 
Map of the World, russia, gilt edges, £24. 1599-1600 

28634- another copy, 3 vols, in 2, sm. folio, with original 

SUPPRESSED Cadiz Voyage, with the facsimile of MolUneux' s Map 
OF THE World, old calf £25. 1598-1600 

28635 the same, 3 vols. sm. folio, including the genuine 

Expedition to Cadiz by Lord Essex, with the autotype facsimile 
of the Map of the World hy Enteric MolUneux, red morocco extra, 
gilt edges, £42. 1598-1600 

With two rare plates of the period inserted : Admiral Howard's Attack 
on the Spanish Armada off the coast of England ; and Lord Essex's attack 
on Cadiz. 

1590 De Bry: 

Indiam Occidentalem et in Indiani Orientalem, 
XXV partibus comprehensae, a Theodoro, Joan.- 
Theodoro de Bry, et a Math. Merian publicatae, a 
complete set of the First Edition of the Grands 
et Petit s Voyages in Latin (with the exception 
of the text to Part V, in addition some Parts of the 
Second and Third Editions), together 33 parts in 11 
vols, folio and sm. folio,^?ze impressions of the numerous 
maps and plates^ many being in duplicate^ very fine 
copy in blue morocco extra., gilt edges., by Derome, 
from the Hamilton Palace library., £670. 

Francofurti et Oppenlieimii.^ De Bry et Merian^ 

Contents : 

Grands Voyages in Latin, the complete set of 13 Parts, mostly in 

two states, with the Elenchus : — 

Elenchus. Historia America sive Novi Orbis, continens in XIII 

distinctis Partibus . . . descriptionera . . . Indiae Occidentalis, 

etc. 1634 

Original edition of the Elenchus. 


1590 De Bry — continued. 

Part L Hariot (T.) de commodis et incolarum ritibus Virginiae, 
1 rtiap and 28 plates 1590 

The second issue of the First Edition. Pages 29-30 of the text are the 
same as in the first issue. The plaie of Adam and Eve is signed Theodore do 
Bry je. The head-lines to the plates are printed in the smaller type, but the 
text below them is sometimes as in the first issue, and sometimes as in the 

Part 2. Le Motne de Morgues, narratio eorum qu^ in Florida 

Americse provlncia Gallis acciderunt, first edition, map and 

42 plates 1591 

An account of the unfortunate expeditious of the French Huguenots 

into Florida under II. de Laudonniere, J. de Ribaud, et D. de Gourgues. 

There is no leaf with colophon to the plates. 

Part 3. Stadb (Jolianiiis) provincise Brasilise historia, addita est 
narratio profectionis J. Lerii, inap and 45 plates prhUed m the 
text 1592-1630 

Two editions : genuine first edition, 1592, with the plate of the seven- 
escutcheons before the blanks at the sides had been filled in with figures of 
the virtues : and third edition, 1630. 

At the end are two letters of N. Barre on the expedition of the Chevalier 
da Villegagnon. 

Part 4. Benzoni (H.) Historia de reperta primum occidentali India 
a CHristoplioro Columbo, map and 24 plates 1594 

Two issues : genuine first edition, with the exception of the first title, 
which is of the second issue : and the second issue. 

Part 5. secunda sectio Historic, map and 22 plates 1595 

Two copies of the second edition. In the first copy the page of Preface 
with the portrait of Columbus is in duplicate, being of the first and second 
editions. In the second copy the plates are of the first edition. 

Part 6. Historiae, sectio tertia, genuine first edition, map, 

plan and I'S plates 1596 

Part 7. ( ScHMiDEL ) descriptio praecipuarum quarundam Indiae 
regionum, ab IJ. Fabro 1599-1625 

First and Second Editions. 

Part 8. [Raleigh] Descriptio Itineram Francisci Draken, Tliomaa 
Candiscb, Gualtberi Kalegli, map and 18 plates 1599-1625 

The celebrated account of Guiana by Ealeigh is the first piece in the 

First Edition, 1.599, with two' small maps not always found. Second 
Edition, Zemp/er, 1625, with the rare plate of Adam and Eve on page 58, 
marked " Jo. Theodore de Bry fe." 

This copy contains pages 129-160, which according to most bibliographers 

belongs to part IX. 

Part 9. AcosTA (J. de) de Novi Orbis natura, Relatio navigationis 

Sebalti de Weert ; Additamentdm, h. e. descriptio Navigationis 

QTiam Olivier a Noort confecit, 39 plates, and 2 copies of themap 


Sebalt de Weert's voyage to Magellan's Straits appears here in print for 
the first time. 

Two editions : the first, 1602, the three parts complete, including 
Additamentmn ; — the second edition, Historia: Antii'todum pars nona, Merian, 
1633, with pages 129-160 at the end. 


1590 De Brt — continued. 

Part 10. Americi Vesputii duae Navigationes, narratio de modemo 
provincise VirginiEe statu auth. R. Hamor, descriptio Novee 
ABgliae a Capitaneo Johanne Schmidt, i/iop and 12 plates 

Oppenheimii, 1619 

Part 11. ScHOUTEN (G.) Iter, Appendix seu Navigatio^G. a Spilbergen, 

3 maps and 29 p>lafes Oppenh. 1619 

The map of the l^hilippines, Borneo and Java, which is in Part X, 

is not in this copy. 

Part 12. Herrera (A. de ) descriptio Indise occidentalis quibus 

cohaBrent Paralipomena Americae, 15 maps, ivith plates printed 

in the text Franco/. 1624 

Part 13. Descriptio Novae Anglias, Virginiae, Brasiliae, etc. 9 maps, 

with plates printed in the text Franco/. Merian, 1634 

The text of this part, of considerable intrinsic value, is divided into 

thirteen sections, containing accounts of New England, Virginia, the Summer 

Islands, Brazil, Guiana (by R. Harcourt), Australasia (by Quiros), the taking 

of San Salvador (by J. G. Aldenbourg), Cibola, or New Granada, New 

Mexico, the Voyage of Jacques L'Hermite (by A. Decker), Cinaloa, the 

Travels of F. de Ulloa on the coasts of N. America, Mexico, the expeditions of 

the Dutch under Admiral Lonck on the coasts of Brazil, etc. 

The last four parts were only published once, and printed in much 
smaller number than the others. They are very rarely found, and are 
valuable acquisitions. 

Petlts Voyages in Latin, the complete set of 12 Parts, First 

Editions : — 

Part 1. PiGAFETTA, Regnum Congo, olim ex Edwardi Lopez lingua 
excerptnm (et Appendix : Navigationes V. Samuelis Brunonis), 
with Appendix, 2 mops on 3 leaves, and 14 plates, with plates in 
text also 1598-1624 

Two editions : the first (1598), with the Appendix, and a duplicate set of 
plates ; and the second, 1624. 
Part 2. LiNTSCOTANi Navigatio in Orientem, 4 maps, and 38 plates 

First and Second Editions. The plates to the First are in duplicate. In 
one of these sets the plates on the leaves marked viii and xi are transposed, 
the texts being in their proper places. 

" La traduction latine de la Relation de Linschot, inser^e dans ce volame, 
est d' A. Lonicerus. Ce n'est pas la meme que celle imprim^e a La Haye en 
1599."— Brunet. 

Part 3. secunda pars Navigationum, Navigatio Hollandorum 

in Insulas orientales, tres navigationes Hollandorum in Insulas 

orientales, tres navigationes Hollandorum in modo dictam 

Indiam (auct. G. de Veer), 5 maps, and b8 plates 1601 

First Edition, with the plates in duplicate. The map of Nova Zembla is 

engraved on the back of plate 58, after which occurs a map. " Delineatio 

cartoe trium navigationum per Batai^os ad Septentrionalem plagam." 

Part 4. (LiNSCOTANi) pars, qua varii generis animalia describuntur — 

Hollandorum in Indiam orientalem navigatio anno 1598 suscepta, 

21 plates 1601 

Part 5. Descriptio navigationis illius quam Hollandi cum octonis 

navibus in terras orientales susceperunt anno 1598, 20 plates 

With a duplicate set of plates. 


1590 De Bry — continued. 

Part 6. Descriptio anriferi regni Guineae ad Africam pertinentis, 
quod alias littus Mina vocatur, 26 plates 1604 

Plate II is marked iii, and has the text belonging to pi. iii, -whilst pi. m 
has the text of ii. 

Part 7. Navigationes duee, prima a G. Spilbergio 1601 in Indiam 

orientalem suscepta, altera a G. Balby 1579 ex Alepo ad regnum 

Pegu usque continuata, 22 plates 1606 

With the Swichard coat of arms on leaf of dedication. The plates are in 


In one of the sets pis. 20 and 21 had been transposed ; the right plates, 
however, have been pasted over them. 

Part 8. Navigationes quinque a J. Neccio, J. H. de Bree, C. Nicolai, 
C. de Vena, et sub S. de Hagen in Indiam orientalem susceptae, 
18 2^lates 1607 

With the plates in duplicate. 

Part 9. Nayigatio ab Hollandis et Selandis in Indiam Orientalem sub 

imperio P. G. VerhufEi peracta, Supplementum h.e. continuatio 

Itineris, 2 maps and 17 plates 1612 

First Edition of the expeditions of the Dutch into the Indies under 

Verhouven (see Camus). 

Part 10. [Hudson (H.)] Descriptio novi ad aquilonem transitus, 
supra terras americanas in Cliinam atque Japonem ducturi, itera 
discursus super detecta nuper quinta orbis parte a P. F. de 
QuiR, addita descriptione regionum Siberise, First Edition, 
^ maps and ^ plates 1613 

With a duplicate set of plates. 

Part 11. Americi Vesputii duse navigationes ann. 1501, Angli 
cujusdam (Robert Coverte) relatio, qui in extremam Indiae 
orientalis oram Cambajam vectus, multa observavit, Descriptio 
SpitzbergEe, addita simul relatione injuriajium quas ann. 1613 
alii piscatores al5%&.nglis perpessi sunt, 10 plates 

Oppenhemii, 1610 

Part 12. HistoriaRum Orientalis Indiee Tomus XII, in tres Libros 
sive Tractatus distributus, 2 maps, with plates in the text 

Franco/., Wilh. Fizzer, 1628 
Only one edition was issued of Parts 1-9, 11 and 12 of the Petits 

The above set is one of tbe most complete ever offered for 
sale. The 25 parts are almost perfect, and of many there are 
two editions. In only three points is this collection at all 
defective : 1, the leaf with the colophon to the plates of Part 2 
(Grands Voyages) is wanting ; 2, the map of the Philippines is 
only in Part 10 (Graftds Voyages), it should also appear in 
Part 11 ; 3, the map of Nova Zembla in Part 3 (Petits 
Voyages) should be on a separate leaf, but is here engraved on 
the back of pi. 58. 
1590 De Bry: 

Indiam Occidentalem et in Indiam Orientalem a 
Theodore et Joan.-Theodoro de Bry, et a Math. 


1590 De Brt — continued. 

Merian publicatce, Pa7'ts I-X of Grands Voyages, 
a7id Parts I-XI of Petits Voyages, all First 
Editions^ except Part III of the former., together 
21 parts, in 7 vols, folio and sm. folio, 6 vols, in 
vellum^ and 1 in hoards., the Marquis of Hastings' 
copy, £100. 1590-1619 

Grands Voyages. 

Part 1 (1590) Second issue of the First Edition. The Title 
is of the second edition ; the plate of Adam and Eve is signed 
Theodore de Bry fe ; the headlines of the plates are printed in 
smaller type, but the text below them is sometimes as in the 
first issue, and sometimes as in the second. 

Part 2 (1591) First Edition, with the Historia Luctiwsce Expe- 
ditionis, 4 leaves, belonging to the second edition, inserted. 

Part 3 (1605) Second edition, with the recto of the second leaf 
after the title, which usually contains the plate of seven shields 
and six Virtues, here blank. 

Part 4 (1594) Second issue of the first edition. 

Part 5 (1595) First Edition; the two frontispeces are of the 
second edition. 

Part 6 (1596) First Edition. 

Part 7 (1599) First Edition. 

Part 8 (1599) First Edition. 

Part 9 (1602) First Edition. 

Part 10 (1619) Without the map of the Philippines. 

Petits Voyages. 

Part 1 (1598) First Edition. 

Part 2 (1599) First Edition. The four maps are placed at the 

end of Part III. 
Part 3 (1601) First Edition. With the map Delineatio cartes 

trium navigationum per Batavos ad Septentrionalem plagam. 

The back of Plate 58 nearly always contains a map of Nova 

Zembla, in this copy it is blank. 
Part 4 (1601). 
Parts (1601). 
Part 6 (1604) Plate II is numbered III. 

Part 7 (1606) With the Swichard coat of arms on leaf of Dedi- 

Part 8 (1607). 

Part 9 (1612) The two maps, which are the same as those in 
Part III, are not in this copy. 

Part 10 (1613) First Edition. 

Part 11 (1610) Only 7 of the 10 plates. Plate 7 is here that of 
the Indian widow jumping into the fire, in which her dead 
husband is being burnt. 


1590 De Bry: 

28638 COLLECTIOXES PER E GRIN" ATIOXmi in Indiam Occi- 
dentalem et in Indiam Orientalem a Theodore et Joan. -Theo- 
dore de Bry, et a Math. Merian publicatge, Farts I- IX of the 
Grands Voyages, and Parts I-X of the Petits Voyages, all 
First Editions, together 19 parts, in 4 vols, folio and sm. folio, 
vellum, £76. 1590-1613 

Grands Voyages. 

Part 1 (1590) Second issue of the First Edition, with the Title of the second 

edition. In all respects the same as the previous copy. 
Part 2 (1591) First Edition. 
Part 3 (1592) Second issue of the First Edition. 
Part 4 (159-4) Second issue of the First Edition. 

Part 5 (1595) First Edition ; the two frontispieces are of the second edition. 
Part 6 (1596) First Edition. 
Part 7 (1599) First Edition. 
Part 8 (1599) First Edition. 
Part 9 (1602) First Edition. 

Petits Voyages. 

Part 1 (1598) Fii-st Edition. 
Part 2 (1599) First Edition. 
Part 3 (1601) First Edition. With the plate Delineatio cartce trium naviga- 

Part 4 (1601). 

Part 5 (1601) Without the two preliminary leaves. 
Part 6 (1604). 
Part 7 (1606) Plate II is marked III, and has the text belonging to pi. Ill, 

whilst pi. Ill has the text of 11. 
Parts (1607). 
Part 9 (1612) The two maps, which are the same as those in Part III, are not 

in this copy. ^^ 

Part 10 (1613) First Emtion, wanting pp. 3-6. 

28639 another set, consisting of Grands Voyages, 

in Latin, 13 parts, almost all first or second issues of 
the first eclitio7is^ some feio fjlates missing ; and of the 
Petits Voyages, Parts 1-9 ; together 22 parts in 
5 vols, folio, old calf from the Osterley Park library, 
£200. 1590-1634 

28640 GOTTFRIEDT (J. L.) Historia Antipodum, oder Newe Welt, 
nnd Americanische Historien, in ein richtige Ordnnng gebracht, 
iolio, frontispiece, plates of the Spanish Treasure- Fleet, of Olinda, 
and maps of the American coyitinent, and northern Brazil, ivith 
numerous engravings in the text, vellum, £4. 

FranTcfurt, Merian, 1613 

" Abrege des doaze premieres parties du texte allemand des Grands 
Voyages publies par les De Bry." — Brumt. 


1596 Linschoten : 

28641 ZIGLER, America, das ist Erfindung der Newen Welt, dero- 
selbigen Volcker Gestalt, Sitten, etc. in dreyssig SchiiSfahrten 
kiirtzlich gefasset mit Register, mit vielen newen Landtaffeln 
gezieret von J. T. de Bry, folio, 4 maps, vellum, £5. 

Franchfurt, 1617 
Ziegler's Compendium is often imperfect in wanting the four maps. 
Between pages 333 and 337 is an engraved title with a slip " Notwendiger 
Discurss Ameriese " pasted in the middle over the Latin title to part IV. 

286il*STADE ( Johannis ) Provinciae Brasiliae Historiae, addita est 
narratio profectionis J. Lerii, folio, map, and plates in the text, 
£3. 10s 1592 

Part 3 of the Grands Voyages, the second issue of the First Edition. 

28642 LINSCHOTEN (Jan Huyghen van). Itinerarium, ofte Schip- 
vaert naer Oost ofte Portugaels Indien — Reys-Gheschrift vande 
Navigatien der Portugaloysers in Orientem — Beschrijvinge 
vande gantsche Custe van Guinea, enz., en tegenover de Cabo 
de S. Augnstijnin Brasilien . . . nocli volgt de beschrijvinge 
van West-Indien ; 3 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, complete, con- 
taining the 6 maps and 36 plates, ivith engraved titles, and 
portrait, velhim, £4. Amstel., Everh. Gloppenhurch, 1644 

At page 135 of the second part is Extract ende Sommier van alle de 
Renten, Domeynen, Tollen, enz., des Konighs van Spaengien. 

28643 Histoire de la Navigation aux Indes Orientales, avec 

annotations de B. Paludanus — Le Grand Rentier de Mer — 
Description de I'Amerique et des parties d'icelle ; 13 parts in 
1 vol. sm. folio, COMPLETE, containing the same 6 maps and 
36 plates as in the Dutch edition, with engraved titles, and 
portrait, hd. £5. Amstel., Gloppenhurch, 1638 

28644 the same, 3 vols, in 1, sm. folio, wanting only the Map of 

the World, vellum, £3. 10s 1638 

28645 Navigatio ac Itinerarium in Orientalem sive Lnsitan- 

orum Indiam — Descriptio totius Guineas ti-actus, Congi, Angolas, 
etc., accedit noviter Historia Navigationum (sir) Batavorum in 
Septentrionales oras, Polique Arctic! tractus, cum Freti Vaygats 
detectione summa fide relata ; 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, 
COMPLETE, with the same maps {except that of South America, 
which does not belong to this edition), with the addition of Barentz's 
very rare map of the Polar Regions, and 36 plates, xoith engraved 
titles, portrait, and a plate of Arms, vellum, the Earl of Sunder- 
land's copy, £6. 10s 

Hagce-Comitis, Alb. Henrici, inifensis authoris et 
Corn. Nicolai {G. Glaez), 1599 
In a collation of this edition, I find, included in the list of maps, that of 
S. America. The Latin translation, however, omits that part in the Dutch 
and French editions describing America, so the map, though perhaps included 
in some copies, cannot really belong to it. The map of the Polar Kegions is 
not mentioned elsewhere as belonging to this edition, though it clear!}' does 
80 ; it is entitled " Delineatio cartie trium navigationum per Batavos, ad 
Septentrionalem plagam . . . auttore Wilh. Bernardo (Bai-eutz), Com. 
Nicolai excudebat, 1598." 

The maps and plates of all the Dutch, French, and Latin editions are 
the same. 


1596 LiNSCHOTEX — continued. 
28646 LINSCHOTEN, his Discours of Voyages into ye Easte & West 
Indies. Deuided into foure Bookes, 4 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, 
gOtflic letter, engraved titles, 8 viaps, and 4 plates of views, that of 
Ascenscion Is. in tivo states (with and vjithout the numbers 174 
and 175), old calf. Sir Kenelm Digby's copy, £16. 16s 

London, John Wolfe (1598) 

28647 the same, sm. folio, without the view of the Island of 

St. Helena, with the words " Insula D. Helence sacra cceli 
dementia, etc." inscribed, old calf, £12. (1598) 

The inscriptions on the maps and plates, which in the Dutch, French and 
Latin editions are iu Latin and Dutch, in the English are in Latin and 

This work takes its place among " Collections," because to the narratives 
of his own Voyages, Linschoten annexed the Reysgeschrift or Routier 
compiled from the accounts of Portuguese and Spanish navigators, and his 
translation of Acosta's work on America. 

1598 Hulsius : 

28648 SCHIFFAHRTEX in verschieden fremde Lander, durch 

Leyincm Hulsium : 

Zehende Schiffart, oder Re^se in Ost Indien, nnter Corn. 
Matelief, 1605-8, 2 maps and 3 plates, 1 map defective 

Franckfurt a. M. 1613 

Dreyzehende SchifPahrt : ein Bericht von dem itzigren Zustaudt 
der LandtschafFt Virginien, sampt einer Relation wie 
Pocahuntas Christlichen getaufft und mit einem Englischen 
verheurahtet worden, durch Raphe Hamor, in Teutsch 
uhersetzt, 4! plates Hanaiv,16\7 

Achtzehender Theil der K'ewen Welt : Entdecknng aller der 
West Indianischen Landschafften, Insuln und Konigreichen, 
alles von newem beschrieben durch Ant. de Herrera. J 4 maps 

Franckfurt, 1623 

Die Ein und zwantzigste Schifffahrt, oder Beschreibung der 
Landtschaift Brasilien, Americae, und deroselten Innwohner 
und Sitten, etc. portrait and ^plates, icants map ib. 1629 

Die XXVI Schiff-Fahrt : Beschreiburg einer Reyse durch 
Johann Miincken, 1619-20, nach dem Frets Hudsons, umb 
eine Durchfahrtnach Ost-Indien zu fiuden, sampt Erliiuterung 
des alten und newen Groenlands, 9 plates, map and pinto 
wanting Franckfurt, Christ. Le Blon, 1650 

together 5 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. rare, bds. £20. 1613-50 

In the same volu're is : " West-Indianische Reisze und Beschreibung der 

Beliig- und Eroberung der Statt S. Salvador, inn Brasilia, durch J<>h. G. 

Aldenburgk {Cohurgk, Frid. Gruner, 1627 >, of which the last leaf of Index is 


1598 Claesen : 

28649 [Houtmann, Van Nec, et Warwic] Premier (et second) livre de 
I'Histoire de la Navigation aux Indes Orientales,par les Hollaudois 
[avec Appendice, Vocabulaire des Mots Javans et Malays], par 
G. M. A. W. L. 2 parts, plates of medals, etc. 1609 — Vi;k 
(Girard le) Vraye Description de trois Voyages de mer, faits en 
trois ans . . par les navire-s d'Hollande et Zelandc au Norcl, 
First French Edition, 1600 — Nora- (Olivier du) Description 


1598 Claesen — continued. 

du penible Voyage fait entour de I'univers du globe, translatee 
du Flamand, 1598-161)1, 1610 — Description et Recit historial 
du riche Royaume d'Or de Gunea, par P. de Marees, 1605 ; in 
1 vol. sru. folio, numerous fine maps and plates, hd. £6. 6s 

Amsf., Corn. Nicolas {on, Glaessen), 1600-10 
Claesen's Complete French Collection. It is seldom that all these pieces 
are found together. 

28650 Histoire de la Navigation, 2 pai'ts, 1609 — Yer, Trois 

Voyages, 1604 — Nort, Penible Voyage, 1610 ; in 1 vol. sm. 
folio, maps and plates, old calf gilt, £5. 5s ib. 1604-10 

28651 Prima pars Descriptionis Itineris navalis in Indiam 

Orientalera, plates of medals, etc. First Latin Edition, 1598 — 
Vera (Ger. de) Diarium Nanticnm, sen vera Descriptio trium 
Navigationura, First Latin Edition, 1598 ; in 1 vol. sm. folio, 
maps and plates, vellum, £4. ih. 1598 

1599 Bruneau : 

28652 Histoire veritable de certains Voiages perillevx & bazardeux 
sur la mer, ausquels reluit la justice de Dieu sur les uns & la 
misericorde sur les autres [per le Capitaine Bruneau, Sieur de 
Rivedouxj, 12mo. very large copy, with rough leaves, hut 
signature A iv slightly damaged, blue morocco, silk linings, gilt 
edges, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £10. 10s 

Niort, 1599 
First and excessively rare edition, unknown to the bibliographers. In 
fact, the work itself was only known through its second edition ( — see below), 
which is described carefully both by Brunet and by Ternatix, but naturally 
without any indication of the real authorship. In the first edition, there is a 
dedication to Philippe de Mornay, signed by the Huguenot Minister, Louis de 
le Blachiere, in "which he reveals the author's name as above, stating that 
Bruneau had been Sergeant-major under Mornay's command at l^anmur. We 
know from his own text of the second " Voyage fait au Perou " in this 
volume, that he had commanded a company of foreign foot inside Rochelle 
during the siejre in 1572. In the second edition the dedication is suppressed, 
and a false authorship suggested by initials on the title. 

28653 Histoire veritable deplvsievrs voyages Aduentdredx, 

& perilleux, faits sur la mer, en diuerses contrees . . . par 
I. P. T. Capitaine de Mer, 16mo. i7i the original limp vellum, 
RARE, £5. Roven, 1600 

Of the shipwrecks and disasters recounted in this little volume (1.'556- 
1589), all derived orally from survivors, one occurred on the coast of Brazil, 
another in the West Indies, a third in the Bermudas. They contain many 
particulars concerning the Indians of the New World. 

1625 Purchas: 

28653*PURCHAS, his PILGRIMES, containing Voyages and Peregri- 
nations, tborow the remoter parts of the knowne world, enquiring 
also of Languages and Religions ; description of the Circum- 
Navigations of the Globe ; Navigations and Voyages of English- 
men, etc. 4 vols. 1625 — Pdrchas, his Pilgrimage, or Relations 
of the World and the Religions observed in all ages and places, 
fourth edition enlarged, 1626 — together 5 vols, folio, replica of 
the engraved frontispiece, numeroiis pilates and maps by EUtrake, 
and tcoodcuts, fine tall copy in old calf, £65. 1625-6 


1625 Pdrchas — continued. 

28654 PURCHAS, HIS PILGRIMES, 5 vols, folio, xoith all the maps, 
and a fine impression of the original frontispiece, old calf, £75. 


28655 the same, 5 vols, folio, ivith the excessively rare 

ORIGIXAL FRONTISPIECE, ivhich Contains a small Map of the 
World and numerous portraits, fine tall copy, red morocco extra, 
by Clarke and Bedford, from Lord Gosford's library, £96. 1625-6 

28656 • the same, 5 vols, folio, with the original frontispiece, 

moimted, old calf, £80. 1625-6 

OxLT TWO COPIES (Mr. Grenyille's and the present) are known which 
contain the right map of the world (Hotnlius' Map of the World) on page 65 in 
the first paginary series of Vol. I, all the other copies exhibiting instead a 
duplicate of the inferior world-map (Map of the Christiaii World') on page 
115 of the same volume. 

1634 Bergeron : 

28657 Bergeron (Pierre) Relation des Voyages en Tartarie de Fr. 
Guill. de Rubruquis, Fr. J. du Plan Carpin, Fr. Ascelin et 
Autres Religieux ; plus un traicte des Tartares ; avec nn abrege 
de I'Histoire des Sarasins et Mahometans, 3 vols, in 1, 12mo. 
old calf, fine copy, from the Sunderland library, £4. 

Paris, chez M. Soly, 1634 
This original edition of Bergeron's collection has become scarce. 

1643 Wachter : 

28658 CAXDISH, DRAKE, and L'Heremite. Iournalen van drie 
Votagien, te vreten : 1, Van Mr. Thomas Candish met drie 
Schepen rondom de Werelt, 1586-88 ; 2, van Heer Fransoys 
Draeck ende Heer Jan Haukeins naer West Indian, 1593; 
3, Nassausche Vloot, Voyagie onder Admirael Jaques 
L'Heremite, 1623-26, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4:to. fine copy, ivith all the 
maps and plates complete, vellum, 24s 

lacob Pietersz Wachter, Amsterdam, 1643 

1644 Commelin : 

28659 BEGi:^ ENDE VOORTGAXG vande Veereenigde Neerder- 
landtsche Geoctroyeerde Oost Indische Compagnie (Origine et 
progres de la Compagnie Neerlandaise privilegiee des Indes 
Orientales), 2 vols, oblong 4to. with 220 maps and plates finely 
engraved in the style of De Bry, fine copy in old calf gilt, £5. 

' {Amst) 1646 

28660 the same, 2 vols, oblong 4to. icithout plate 6 of 

Spilbergen's Voyage, old calf gilt, £4. 1646 

1647-77 Factitious Collections: 

28660* VoTAGES OF THE Ddtch (various). Pelsert (F.) Voyagie van 
't schip Batavia nae de Oost-Indien, 16bS-4b, plates, 1647 — 
Claesz (C.) Journal ofte een Oost-Indische-Reys-beschrijvinghe, 
plates, 1651 — Bontekoe (W. Y.) Journael ofte Gedenckvraerdige 
Beschryvinge van de Oost-Indische Reyse, engravings, a little 
cropped, Utrecht (1653) — Barthema (L. de) Zee-en Landt Reyse 
in de Morgenlanden, etc. plates, slightly stained, Utrecht, 1654 — 


1647-77 Factitious Ct^iiLECTiONS — continued. 

Leven der Turcken, Moscoviters en Chinesen, engravings, 
'« Gravenhage, 1663 — Beaulieu (A. van) Scheepvaart der 
Franschen naar Oost-Indien, plates, Amst. 1669 — Beschryving 
der Reizen van G. Andi'iesz deur Oostindien, etc. 1644-50, 
•plates, Amst. 1670 — Glazemaker (J. H.) Van de lefte Oorlog in't 
Koninkrijk Kandia, Amst. 1671 — Heiden (F. J. van der) 
Vervarelyke Scliip-Breuk, van 't Oost-Indfsche Jacht Schelling, 
plates, Amst. 1675 — Vermeulen (G.) Voyagie naar Oost-Indien 
1668-74, engravings, Amst. 1677 — together 11 vols. Jif. veJhmi, 
scarce, from Mr. BurnelVs library, £5. 5s 1647-77 

28661 LE BLANC (Vine.) de vermaarde Reizen in Europa, Asia, 
Afrika, en Amerika, door J. H. Glazemaker vertaalt, 2 parts, 
engraved title, and plates, Amst. 1654 — Derde voornaemste Zee- 
getogt na de Oost-Indien : gedaan met de Achinsche en 
Moluksche Vloten, onder de Ammiralen Jacob Heemskerk, en 
Wolf. Harmansz, 1601-3, getrocken van W. van West-Zanen, en 
H. Soete-Boom, plates, Wormerveer, 1648 — Persiaensche Reyse, 
uyt Holsteyn, in Persien, door Ph. Crusius, en 0. Brughman, 
beschreven door Adam Olearius, 2 parts, engraved title, and 
plates in text, Amst., J. Hartgers, 1651 — Reizen van Fern. M. 
Pinto in Europa, Asia en Afrika, door J. H. Glazemaker 
vertaalt, engraved title and plates, Amst. 1653 — Zee-en-Landt- 
Reyse van Lud. di Bartbema, vertaelt door Hier. Megiserum, 
3 parts, engraved title and plates, Utrecht, 1654 — in 1 vol. stout 
sm. 4to. vellum, £10. 10s 

1648 Hartgers : 

28661*OosT Indiscbe [etc.] Votagien, First Issue, 12 parts, with the 
" Inleydinge," second issue, added, sm. 4to. hf. vellum., £25. 

Amst.^ Joost Hartgerts, 1648 
Contents : — Oost-Indische Voyagien door dien Begin en Voorstgangh 
van de Vereenighde Nederlandtsche Oost-Indische Compagnie (_General Title, 
with Introduction, Index, etc.), w^^'w'Wt engraved title. Voyages: (1) [De 
Veer (Gerrit)] Schip^Vaert door't Way-gat, na Cathay ende China, in 1594, 
jilate; (2) Houtman (Corn.) Schip-Vaert naer Oost-Indien, in 1595, plate; 

(3) Van Neck (Jacob) en W. Tan Warwijck, Schip-vaert op Oost-Indien in 
1598, met de Voyagie van P. de Weert, naer de Strate Magalanea, plate ; 

(4) Van Noort (01.) Voyagie door de Strate Magalanes, in 1598, met de 
tweede Voyagie van J. van Neck, naer Oost-Indien, plate ; (6) Spilbergen 
(J. van) Voyage naer d' Oost-Indien, in 1601-4, als meede Voyagie na d' ( )ost- 
Indien onder St. vander Hagen, plate ; (6) Broecke (P. vanden) Reysen soo 
van Cabo Verde, Angola, Gunea, Oost-Indien, etc. plate; (7) Spilbergen 
(Joris) Voyagie door de Strate Magallanes, naer de Moluques, als mede de 
Reyse ghedaen door W. C. Schouteu, en J. le Maire, in 1615-7, plate; 
(8) L'Heremite (Jaqnes) en Gheen H. Schapenbam, Journael vande 
Nassausche Vlnot, 1623-6, met Beschrijvinge van Peru, door Pedro de 
Madriga, plate; (9) Bontekoe (W. T.) Oost-Indische Reyse, 1618-25, met 
Journael van I). A. Raven (van de Reyse na Spitsberghen, 1639), jilate ; 
(10) I'elsaert (Fr.) Voyagie nee Oost-Indien, ^^late; (11) Twist (Job. van) 
Beschrijvinge van Iiidicn ; (12) Caron (Fr.) Beschrijvinghe van Japan, 
Anist. 1652. 

'I'he al)ovc form the First Volume of Hartgers' Collection, the second 
volnmc was never published. The second issue contain>i tiie same Voyages, 
and in addition a thirtcenlh (Voyagie van Cora. Matclief). 


1663 Saeghman: 

28662 Verschetde Votagien (Divers Voyages), Parts 1, 3-13 and 
15-18 of Vol. I, and Parts 1-8 of Vol. II, together 24 parts, 
sm. 4to. nuineroiis engravmgs in text, 10 parts sd., the rest in. 
hf. red morocco gilt, gilt edges, £25. 

Amst., Gillis Joosten Saeghman (1668-70) 
The complete collection should consist of 28 parts. Parts 4-16 of Vol. I, 
and Parts 1 and 5 of Vol. II, are reprints from Hartgers' collection. 
Contents : — Vol. I. (I) Linschoten (J. H. van) Reyse na Oost-Indien ; 
(3) Linschoten, Twee Voyajien na Vay-Gats, 1594-.5 ; (4) Houtman ; (5 
and 6) Neck (Jac. van); (7) Noort (01. van); (8) Weert (Sebald de) ; (9 
and 10) Spilbergen ; (11) Schouten (W. Corn.) ; (12) L'Heremite (Jacques) ; 
(13) Broeck (V. van den) ; (15) Bontekoe ; (16) Pelsaert ; (17) Kejse van't 
Jacht de Sperwer (door Reynier Egbertsz) ; (18) Benzonius (Jerom.) 
Beschryvinglie van West-Indien. 

Vol. II, (l)De Veer (Gerrit), JLwsi. 1663; (2) Drie Voyagien gedaen 
na Groenlandt, door Joan Monnick, Marten Forbisser, ende Gotske Lindenau ; 
(3) Segersz (Jacob) Journael by Seven Matroosen op Spitsbergen in Maurits- 
Bay, 1633-4 ; (4) Twee Journalen, het eerste by de Seven Matroosen op het 
Eylandt Mauritius in Groenlandt, 1633-4, en het tweede by de Seven 
Matroosen op Spitsbergen, 1634; (5) Raven (D. A.) Voyagie naer Groen- 
landt, 1639; (6) Beschryvinghe van Moscovien ofte Ruslandt; (7) Beschi-y- 
vinghe van de Noordtsche Landen, di gelegen zijn onder den Koudea 
Noordt-Pool ; (8) Beschryvinghe van Turckyen, en het ellendigh Leven der 

1663 Thevenot's Great Collection : 

point este publiees, ou qui ont este traduites d'Hackluyt, de 
Ptirchas, et d'autres voyageurs Anglois, Hollandois, Portugais, 
Allemands, Espagnols, et de quelques Persans, Arabes et autres, 
auteurs Orientaux, par M, THEVENOT, 4 parts in 2 vols. roy. 
folio, numerous maps and plates^ large paper, fine copy in calf 
gilt, gilt edges, £60. 1696-64 

Contents :— Part I. Title of pts. 1 and 2 {Th. Moette, 1606) ; Epistrc, 
2 11. ; Avis, 3 11.; Pyramides d'Egypte, 25 pp., with 2 plates of mummies, 
and plate of Pyramids ; Relation des Cosaques, etc. 30 pp. ; Rel. de la 
Mengrellie, pp. 31-52, with map of Colchis ; Delia Valle, 26 pp. including 
portrait; Jenkinson, etc. 17-40; Relation du Mogol, 12 pp. with map of N. 
India; Th. Rhoe, 80 pp.; Terri, 30 pp. ; Cosmas Ind., etc. pp. 1-9 ; Plantes 
des Indes, pp. 10 and 19-24; Abulfeda, pp. 17-24; Plan of Bassora ; and 
plate of writing, on 2 11. ; Golconda, Floris, etc. 36 pp. ; Bontekoe, la Terre- 
Australe, etc, 56 pp. with map of Australia. 

Part II. Title (J. Langlois, 1664) ; Avis, 1 1. ; Privilege, 1 1. ; Relation 
des Indes, etc. 3 11. ; Remonstrance de Pel^art, 20 pp. ; map of Arabia and 
E. Africa ; Routier, 60 pp. ; Beaulieu, 128 pp, ; 4 outline views of coasts • 
plate of " Coste de Serlione, etc.;'' Les Isles Philippines, 40 pp. with map ; 
Les Isles Philipines (another), 16 pp.; Rel, de Japon, 48 pp. including a 
plate, with a map of Pegu and Japan ; Eso, 4 pp. ; Rel. de la Chine, 30 pp. 
with 6 plates. 

Part III. Title to pts. 3 and 4 {Th. Moette, 1696) ; Avis, 4 11. ; Voyage 
des Ambassadeurs, pp. 31-68, with title (S. M. Cramoisy, 1666 i, and 12 
plates ; Route a Pekin, 28 pp. with map of the route ; Description de la 
Chine, 216 pp. with map ; Rapport, 12 pp. 

Part IV. Title {A. Cramoisy, 1672) ; Avis, 1 1. ; LTndien, 14 pp. ; 
V. de la Plate, 24 pp. ; Viaggio di Grueber, 24 pp. ; Voyage de Grueber, 
23 pp. ; Sinarum Scientia, 24 pp. including title ; la Haute Ethiopie, 16 pp. ; 
Remarques sur TEthitpie, 4 pp. ; Rel. de Ix)bo, 16 pp. with map of Ethiopia, 



1663 Thevenot's Great Colleci'io-s —continued. 

and plate " Entree de ports, etc. ;" Decouverte de quelques pays, 8 pp. ; 
Sayd, 4 pp. ; Hist, du Mexique, title and 58 pp. ; Gages, 40 pp. 

Additional Pieces. Tasman, 4 pp. ; Instruction des Vents, 12 pp. ; 
Ambassade de S'chahrok, etc. 16 pp. ; I'Asie de Barros, 16 pp. ; Relation des 
Sahaites, 2 11. ; Synopsis Chronologia, 20 pp. (p. 20 blank) ; Historic Sinic£e 
Decas iSecunda, pp. 21-76; V. de la Tercere, 18 pp.; Elementa Linguse 
Tartaricas, 34 pp.; Islas de Salomon, pp. 5-8 and 13-16; De Atabekiis, 
Ismaelis, etc. pp. 49-64 ; de Familia Albarum Ovium, pp. 77-80. 

28664 THEVENOT, Voyages, 2 vols. roy. folio, large paper, fine 
copy in calf, from the Beckford library, £55. 1696 

The same as the above except that instead of the Epistre ( 2 11.) of Part I 
it contains the A ertissement (1 1.), and Catalogue (1 1.) — it has no separate 
Title to Part II, nor to the Amhassade a Pekin in Part III, and no Privilege 
to Part II, and wants the 2 maps of Ethiopia and Pegu. 

286G5 Voyages, 2 vols, folio, calf, £25. 1696 

Containing all on the list above except : the separate titles to parts 2 
and 4, and to the Amhassade a Pekin (in part 3) ; the two maps of Ethiopia 
and Pegu ; and the additional pieces de Atabekiis, etc. (pp. 49-64), an<l de 
Familia Alha'i-um Ovi^im (pp. 77-80). It contains, however, in addition to 
those pieces mentioned on the list : the Title to Voyage de Sr. Acarette d 
Buenos Ayres sur la riviere de la Plate, et Vlndien (^Paris, Andrd Cramoisy, 
1672); and the additional piece of which the head-line is " Asg.\nii 
Sassonii " (pp. 17-48). The present copy has, in addition to the Epistre 
(2 11. j of Fart I, the Avertissement (I 1.) and Catalogite (I 1.) 

28666 Voyages, 2 vols, folio, calf, £20. 1696 

Containing all on the list except : the sejiarate titles to parts 2 and 4, 

and to the Ambassade a Pekin (in part 3) ; the Privilege (I 1.) to part 2 ; 

the two maps of Ethiopia and Pegu ; the additional pieces, Isfis de Salomon, 

and De Atabekiis (pp. 49-64), and De Familia Albarum Ovium, (pp. 77-80) ; 

and pages 21-24 of the additional piece, HisforicB Sinicw Decas Secunda. 

The 12 plates of Voyage des Ambassadetirs (in part 3) are printed on 4 sheets. 

This copy has the Avertissement (1 1.) and Catalogue O 1.), in Part I, as 

■well as the Epistre (2 11.). 
28667 Voyages, 2 vols, folio, old calf, from the Sunderland 

library, £16. 1683 

The titles to all four parts are in this copy dated Paris, Andre Pralard, 

1683. Contains all on the list except: the Title to Amhassade a Pekin {m 

part 3) ; the two maps of Ethiopia and Pegu ; and all the additional pitces. 

1681 Thevenot's small collection : 

28668 THEVENOT. Recueil de Voj^ages de Mr. Thevenot, sm. 8vo. 
maps and plates, beautiful copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt 
edges, by Lortic, £15. 15s Paris, 1681 

28669 the same, sm. 8vo. the date altered to 1682, but other- 
wise identical with the preceding article, the map>s and plates in 
fine and perfect condition, but wanting three leaves of text, besides 
the Cabinet de Swammerdam 16 pp. old calf , from the Sunderland 
library, £5. 5s ' 1682 

First edition of the first Voyage (from ihe North) down the Missis- 
sipjii (by Pere Marquette and Louis Julliet in 1673), with a map of the great 
river and its tributaries. The "Mesipi" had been hiard of but not seen 
(except of course at its issues in the Gulf of Mexico) by Europeans until this 
expedition. The two Frenchmen started from Lake Michigan, and reached 
the Mis>issippi near the mouth of the Wisconsin. Thence they sailed as far 
as Arkansas, proving that the great unknown river ran south, not west, and 
that it was identical with the Rio del Pispiritn J^nnto of (Jaray and the Rio 


Grande of Hernando de Soto. Here also was published, for the first time in 
its integrity, Abel Tasman's map of his discoveries in Australasia (New 
Zealand, Van Dienien's Land, etc.), the text of his voyage having: been 
printed as one of the very rare additional pieces in Thevenot's large collection 
of Voyages, to which this small " Recueil " forms a necessary supplement, 

1674 Brahe : 

28670 Matson Kioeping (Nils.) Beskriffning uppa trenne Reesor och 
Peregrinationer, sampt Konungarijket JAPAN, sm. 4to. hf. 
morocco, top edge gilt, £4. 4s Wijsindzborg, 1674 

This is a collection of four works, the first of which contains the Travels 
through Asia and Africa of the Swedish ship-captain Nils Matson Kioping, in 
1647-57 ; the second. Captain Erichsson Willman's Voyage to East India and 
Japan in 1644-54 ; the third, Capt. OlofF Willman's Description of Japan ; 
the fourth, an account of Northern Asia and the countries between Russia 
and China. It was printed at the private press of Count Peer or Peter Brahe, 
a worthy member of a distinguished family. 

1674 Justel : 

28671 Recueil de divers Voyages faits en Afrique et en TAmerique, 
qui n'ont point este encore publiez [redige par H. J. (Henri 
Justel)], 4to. maps and. plates, I8s Paris, 1674 

Contents : Hist, des Barbades, par Ligon ; Relation des Caraibes par de 
Laborde ; Descript. de I'empire de Pre tre- Jean ; etc. 

28672 Recueil de divers Voyages, 4to. maps and plates, old calf, 28s 

Paris, 1684 
Contains Relation du voyage fait sur les costes d' Afrique, 1670-1 (23 pp.), 
in addition to what had already appeared in the first edition. 

1678 Zurich Travellers : 

28673 ViKR LOBLICHER Statt Zurich verbiirgerter Reisz-beschreibungen 
geschelien in 1. das Gelobte Land, 2. die Insul Jamaica, 3. die 
Caribes Inslen und Neuw Engel Land in America, 4. die 
Landtscliafi't Fetii in Africa, 12mo. engraved title and plate, fine 
copy in English veau fauve extra, £2. Ziirich, 1678 

Felix Christian Spori, the author of the American travels in this volume, 
went out in 1660, as surgeon in a Dutch ship, under an English captain ; and 
again in 1662. He gives some curious particulars, as, for instance, that the 
new sugar-spirit (Rum) was called Killdi/vel, 

1684 Sharp : 

28674 Voyages and Adventures of Capt. Earth. Sharp in the South 
Sea : also Capt. Van Horn with his Buccanieres surprizing of la 
Vera Cruz ; Sir Henry Morgan his Expedition against the 
Spaniards in the West-Indies, etc. 12nio. title slightly defective, 
hf calf, 12s 1684 

' Edited by P. A. in the interests of the Buccaneers. See a7ite No. 28562. 

1694 Nar borough : 

28675 Account of several late Voyages and Discoveries to the South 
and North, by Sir J. Narborough, Capt. Jasmen Tasman, Capt. 
J. Wood, and Fred. Marten, 8vo. 7nap)s and plates, plate s wanting, 
calf, 24s 1694 

The Sunderland copy fetched £5. 

28676 Account of several late Voyages and Discoveries : Narbrough's 
Voyage to the South Sea ; Tasman's Discoveries on the coast 
of Terra Incognita ; Wood's Attempt to discover a N.E. Passage ; 
Marten's Observations on Greenland, in 1 vol. 8vo. maps and 
plates, calf, 30s 1711 

101 * 


1703 Dampier : 

28677 DAMPIER'S (W.) Collection of Voyages, 3 vols. 8vo. maps 
and plates, calf, £3. 15s 1703-5-9 

28678 Collection of Yotages, 4 vols. 8vo. maps and plates, 

BEST edition, Containing Supplements not included in the earlier 
issues, calf, £5. 1729 

28679 the same, 4 vols. 8vo. m,aps and plates, fine copy in 

r^issia extra, gilt edges, leather joints, from the Samilton Palace 
librarij, £6. 6s 1729 

1705 Harris: 

28680 Collection of Voyages and Travels, in Asia, Africa, America, 
Europe, oi' the Islands thereof, by John Harris, 2 vols, large 
iolio, frontispiece, mays, plates, and portraits, calf, 20s 1705 

1738 Bellegarde: 

28681 HiSTOiRE universelle cles Voyages, faits par Mer et par Terre, dans 
I'Ancien et dans le Nouveau Monde, par I'Abbe de Bellegarde, 
12nio. engraved title, m,ap, and 5 plates, calf, 10s Avist. 1708 

Devoted entirely to the early Spanish voyages to America. 

1715 Bernard: 

28682 Kecueil de Voiages au Nord, par J. F. Bernard, Vols. I- VIII, 

12mo. engraved titles, inaps and plates, old calf gilt, from, the 
Hamilton Palace, £2. Amst., Bernard, 1715-27 

Contains accounts of voyages to California, Virginia, the Mississippi, and 
to Central Asia, China, and Japan, as well as of those to Greenland, Iceland, 

1735 Gomes de Brito : 

28683 HiSTORiA, em que se escrevem os Naufragios, que tiverao as 
Naos de Portugal, depois que se poz em exercicio a Navegacao 
da India, 2 vols. sm. 4to. fine copy in cf. 36s lAsbon, 1735-6 

A curious compilation of original narrations of early Portuguese 
Voyages to and from America and India, 1552-1601, containing descriptions 
of the journeys of the shipwrecked sailors on the E. Coast of Africa, Sumatra, 
etc. 'I'he rirst piece is the account of the disaster wliich befell Captain Sousa 
Sepulveda, ihrown on the coast of .Natal in 1552, where he perished with his 
wife Leanor de Sa, "whose misfortunes are as touching as those ol Ignez de 

1746 Prevost: 

28684 HisTOiRE G:^nerale des Voyages, ou nouvelle collection de 
totites les Belations de Voyages qui out ete publiees jusqu'a 
present, par I'Abbe Ant. F. Prevost, Vols. I-XIX, 4to. portraits, 
maps, and numerous plates, French calf gilt, mar-bled edges, 36s 

Paris, Didot, 1746-70 
The complete work is in twenty volumes. 
'' Le 20e volume, qui manque souvent, se trouve difficilement." — Brunei. 

1749 Barcia : 

2b685 HISTORIADORES Primitivos de las Indias Occidentales, 
que junto, traduxo en parte, y saco a luz, ilustrados con eruditas 
Notas, y copiosos Indices, D. Andreas Gonzalez de Barcia, 
3 vols. sm. folio, old calf, £12. 10s Madrid, 1749 

This valuable collection is very rare, because of the accidental destruction 
by fire of a great number of copies. Moreover, very few copies have the 
entire sixteen parts that were pul)li^hed. The present one has all. Amongst 
the rarest of them are those containing the Cartas of Cortes and the 
rxnmrn of the Narration of Cabkza bk Baca, in the first volume. 


1789 Richardson : 

28686 Collection (General) of Voyages and Discoveries, made by the 
Portuguese and the Spaniards during the 15th and 16th cen- 
turies, 4to. iriaps and plates, calf, 10s W. Richardson, 1789 

1812 Lisbon Academy : 

28687 CoLLBCCao de Noticias para a Historia e Geografia das 
N'AgOES ULTRAMARINAS, que vivem nos dominios Por- 
tuguezes ou Ihes sao visinhas, publicada pela Academia Real 
das Sciencias, 7 vols. sm. 4to. sd. £3. 10s Lishoa, 1812-41 

28688 the same, 7 vols, in 4, sm. 4to. half morocco, £4 


1824 Societe de Geographic : 

28689 RECUEIL de Voyages et de Memoires, publie par la Societe 
de Geographie, 6 vols, in 5, 4to. w.aps and plates, hf. calf neat, 
£5. Paris, 1824-40 

Vols. V and VI consist of the " Geograpliie d'Edeisi, traduite par 
P. Amedee Jaubert." The other vols, contain the voyages of Marco Polo 
and others, with valuable articles on the Ethnology, Languages, etc, of the 
various countries visited in America, Asia, and Africa. 

Contents : I. Voyages de Marco Polo — II. Ruines de Palenque, 
Recherches sur Tancienne po|)uIation de I'Amerique, Memoire sur la Perse, 
etc— III. Orographic de I'Europe, etc. — IV. Jourdain Cataiani, Andia y 
Varela, Gul. de Rubruk, Du Plan de Carpin, Bernard le Sage, Seewulf — 
V, VI. Geographie d'Edrisi. 

28691 Relation des Voyages de Guil. de Rubruk, Bernard le Sage et 
Sfewulf, publics en entier (avec des notes) par Fr. Michel et 
Th. Wright, 4to. sd. 5s Paris, 1838 

Rubruk went to Tartary, Bernardus Sapiens to Egypt and Palestine, 
S^wulf to Palestine. 

1825 Navarrete: 

28692 CoLECCiON de los Viages y Descubrimientos que hicieron 
por mar los Espaiioles desde fines del siglo xv con varios 
Documentos Ineditos concernientes a la Historia de la Marina 
Castellana, y de los Establecimientos Espafioles en Indias, 
co-ordinada e ilustradapor Don Martin Fernandez de Navarrete, 
4to. £3. 3s Madrid, en la Imprenta Beal, 1825-37 

1840 Ternaux : 

28693 Ternaux-Compans (H.) Archives des Voyages, ou Collection 
d'anciennes Relations de lettres et autres documents relatifs a 
la Geographie et aux Voyages, 4 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. half 
morocco gilt, £2. 2s Paris (1840) 

28694 Ternaux-Compans, Bibliotheque Asiatique et Africaine; cata- 
logue des ouvrages sur I'Asie et I'Afrique qui ont paru jusqu'en 
1700, 8vo. sd. 5s 1841 

1844 Lisbon Academy : 

28695 CoLLEcgAO de Opuscules reirapressos relatives a historia das 
navega^oes dos Portuguezes, publ. pela Acad, das Sciencias, 
Tomo I, 3 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. hf. morocco, 12s Lishoa, 1844-58 

1. Rela9anQ dos trabalhos de Fernando de Souto no descobrimento da 
Frolida ; 2. Cousas que Chr. da Garaa fez nos reynos do Preste Joao ; 3. 
Mnghalhaes de Gandavo, Historia do Brasil. 


1. Hatvkins (Sir Richd.) Observations 

on his Voiage into the South Sea in 
1593, 1622; edited by Capt. C R. 
Bethune, 7s 6d 1847 

2. Columbus, Select Letters, with other 
original documents relating to his Four 
Voyages, translated, and edited by 
R. H. Major, 10s 1847 

3. Raleigh's Discovery of Guiana in 

1595; 1596; edited by Sir R. M. 
Schomburgk, wiap, 20s 1848 

4. Sir FKANCisDRAKE,his Voyage, 1595, 
bv Thos. Maynarde, edited from the 
original MSS. by W. D Cooley, 12s 


5. RuNDALL(Thos.) Narrative of Voyages 

towards the North-West in search of a 
Passage to Cathay and India, 1496 to 
1631, 3 ma^js, 12s 1849 

6. Stkachey (Wm.) Historie of Travaile 
into Virginia Britannia, edited from 
the MS. by R. H. Major, map, fac- 
similes, and -fine plates, 15s 1849 

7. Hakluyt (Ed.) Divers Voyages touch- 

ing the discovery of America and the 
Ishinds adjacent, 1582 ; edited by J. 
Winter Jones, facsionile and 2 maps, 
20s 1853 

8. Rundall's Collection of early Docu- 

ments on Japan, 12s 1850 

9. Coats' Geography of Hudson's Bay, 
edited by Jno. Barrow, 7s 6d 1851 

10. Hakluyt (Rd.) Discovery and Con- 
quest of Terra Florida by Don Fer- 
dinando de Soto, 1611 ; edited by 
W. B. Rye, map, 20s 1851 

11-12. Hekberstein, Rerum Moscovita- 
rum Commentarii : Notes upon Russia, 
translated and edited by R. H. Major, 
2 vols. 2 facsimile maps and 4 plates, 
15s 1851-52 

13. De Veer (Gerrit) Three Voyages by 
the North-East to China, 1524-6, edited 
by C. Beke, 36s 1852 

14-15. Mendoza (Juan Gonzalez de) 
Historie of China, trans, by Parke, 
1588; edited by R. G. Staunton, 2 
vols. 30s 

D'ORLfcANS (Pierre Joseph) History of 
the Tartar Conquerors of China, Paris, 
1 688 ; translated and edited by the 
Earl of ElleLniere, 12.'; 1854 

1847 Hakluyt Society : 

28696 Publications of the Hakluyt Society, from the commencement 

in 1847 to 1877, 56 vols. 8vo. many maps and plates, new in cloth, 

printed for suhscribers only, £32. 1847-77 

The following is a list of the works hitherto printed, with the prices at which they 

are sold separately. 

17. Fletcher (Francis) The World en- 
compassed by Sir Francis Drake ; 
edited by W. S. W. Vaux, map, 30s 


18. White (Adam) Collection of eai-ly 
Documents on Spitzbergen and Green- 
land, 36s 1855 

19. MiDDLETON (Sir Hen.) Voyage to 
Bantam and the Maluco Islands, 1606; 
edited by B. Comey, viap and 5 plates, 
£2. 1855 

20. Bond (Edwd. A.) Russia at the close 
of the 16th Century 36s 1856 

21. Benzoni (Girolamo) History of the 
New World ; Travels, 1541-56, Venice, 
1572, translated and edited by Adml. 
W. H. Smyth, /acstmiZes of old ivood- 
cuts, 15s 1857 

22. Major (R. H.) India in the 15th 
Century, £2. 1857 

23. Champlain, Voyage to the West 
Indies, 1599-1602; trans, by A. 
Wilmere, edited by N. Shaw, 4 
coloured and 4 plain facsimiles, 30s 


24. Expeditions into the Valley of the 
Amazons, 1539, 1540, 1639 ; trans, 
and ed. by C. R. Markham, 20s 1859 

25. Gonsalez de Clavijo, Embassy to the 
Court of Timour at Samarcand, 1403-6, 
by R. Markham, map, £2. 10s 1859 

26. Hudson (Hen. the Navigator) by G. M. 
Asher, 2 maps, £2. 1859 

27. Early Voyages to Terra Australis, 
now called Australia, ed. by R. H. 
Major, maps, 2.5s 1859 

28. Expedition of Ursua and Aguirre, 
in search of El Dorado, translated by 
Bollaert, £2. 1862 

29. Life of Don Alonso Enriquez de 
Guzman, trans, by Markham, 20s 1862 

30. Discoveries of the World, by Gal- 
VANo, edited by Adml. Bethune, £2. 


31. Marvels described by Friar Jor- 
DANUS, transl. and edited by Yule, £2. 


32. Travels of Ludovico di Varthema, 
transl. by Winter Jones, 2.5s 1864 

33. Cieza de Leon (Pedro de) Travels, 
A.D. 1532-50, contained in the first 
part of bis Chronicle of Peru ; trans- 
lated and edited by Markham, 8vo. 
viap, cloth, 15s 1864 




1847 Haklutt Society — continued. 



34. NARRATivEof Pasccal de Akdagota, 

containing the earliest notice of Peru, 
transl. by Markliam, 15s 1865 

35. Barbosa, Coasts of East Africa and 

Malabar, ti'ansl. by Stanley, 30s 1865 

36-37. Cathay and the Way thither, transl. 
by Yule. 2 vols. £5. 1866 

Frobishkr's Three Voyages, edited by 
Admiral Colinson, 15s 1867 

Mokga's (Ant. del Philip|)ine Islands, 
^Moluccas, Siam, Cambodia, Japan, and 
China at the close of the {6th century; 
translated from the Spanish by the 
Hon. Henry Stanley, 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s 

nie original edition: " Sucescs de las Islas 

Philippinas " was printed at Mexico in 1609, and 

is extremely i-are. 

40. Gatangos f Don P. de) The Fifth Letter 
of Cortes to the Emperor Charles V,l Os 

41 and 45. Royal Comrrentaries of the 
Yncas, by the Ynca G. de la Vega, 
transl, by Markham, 2 vols. 25s 1869 

42. Vasco de Gama's Three Voyages and 

Viceroyalty translated from the Lendas 
da India of Gaspar Correa, by the Hon. 
H. (now Lord) Stanley (of Ald«rley), 
port, map, and facsimiles, 540 pp. 
£2. 16s 1869 

This forms only portion of the original Portu- 
guese Lendas da India. 

43. Columbus' Select Letters, edited by 
Major, second edition, revised and im- 
improved, facsimile, lis 1870 

44. History of the Imams and Seyyids of 
'Oman, by Salil-ibxRazik, transl. 
from the Arabic by Badger, map, 36s 


■45. See 41. 

46. Bethencourt, the Canariau, or Con- 
guest and Conversion of the Canaries, 
1402, by Jean de Bethencourt, com- 
posed by P. Bontier and J. Le Verrier, 
translated and edited by R. H. Major, 
8vo. map, etc. 25s 1S72 

portrait, inap, and2plates, hj. morocco, 
uncut, 253 1872 

The original French text is given at the foot of 
the English version, and the editor has added a 
long- introduction and index. The plates are fac- 
similes of iMiniatures fiom the MS. 

47. Repokts on the Discovery of Peru, 

translated by Markham, 10s 1872 

48. Narrative of the Rites and Laws of 

the Yncas, translated from the Spanish 
M.->S. by Markham, 30s 1873 

49. Barbaro and Contarini, Travels to 

Tana and Persia, with introduction 
by Lord Stanley of Alderley, 25s 1873 

50. VoYAGi-s of the Zeni to the Northern 

Seas, ed. and transl. by Major, 25s 


51. Stade (Hans, of Hesse) Captivity, in 

A.D. 1547-55, among the wild tribes of 
Eastern Brazil, translated by Tootal, 
and annotated by (Captain) R. F. 
Burton, 10s 1874 

52. Magellan's First Voyage round the 

World, from Pigafetta and others, by 
Lord Stanley of Alderley, £2. 1874 

53 and 55. Alboquerqoe. Commentaries 

of the Great Alfonso Dalboquerque, 
second Viceroy of India, from the 
Portuguese edition of 1774, with notes 
and introduction by W^. de Gray Birch, 
Vols. I and II, portrait, and maps of 
Arahij and Ormuz. facsimiled from the 
Stowe MS. cloth, 30s 1875 77 

54 The Three Voyages of WiLLi.tM 

Barents to the Arctic Regions 
(1594-6). by Gerritt de Veer, 
second edition, with an Introduction 
by Lieut. Koolemans Beynen, map 
and many large woodcuts, and also the 
subsequently issued map, £2. 1876 

55 See 53. 

56. Voyages of Sir James Lancaster, 
Kt. to the Indies, and the Voyage 
of Captain John Knight (1606) to 
seek the North-W^est Passage, by C. R. 
Markham 1877 

the same, roy. 8vo. large paper, 

"The Hakluyt Society never has sold nor ever intends to sell its productions. 
Members alone can obtain them. When such ceases to be the case, the Hakluyt Society 
will cease to exist." — R. H. Major, Eon. Sec. to the Hakluyt Society, pro tern, 

1858 Monumentos Ineditos Portuguezes — see No. 28424. 
1864 Documentos Ineditos Espaiioles : 

28697 CoLECCiON de Documentos Ineditos relatives al Descubrimiento 
Conquista y Colonizacion de las posesiones Espaiioles en Ame- 
rica J Occeania, sacados, en su mayor parte, del real ArcliiTo de 
Indias, bajo la direccion de J. F. Paclieco y Fr. de Cardenas, j 
Luis Torres de Mendoza, 15 vols. sm. 4to. Spanish calf, £7. 7s 

Madrid, 1864-71 
A most valuable collection of important unpublished docaments illustra- 
tive of the discovery, conquest, and colonization of the Western Hemisphere. 


1877 Cartas: 

28698 CARTAS DE INDIAS,pnbHcalasporpriineraTez el Ministerio 
de Fomento, stout folio, nearly 1100 pp. with facsimile plates 
and maps, etc. bds. £12. Madrid, 1877 

Including valuable letters hitherto unpublished, now printed from the 
archives, of Columbus, Vespucci, Las Casas, Bernal Diaz, and others. One of 
the most important publications of our time. 

2. Narratives of Voyagers and Travellers in 
chronological order of performance. 


28699 [GIOVANNI DEL PLAN CARPIN] Opera dilettevole 
da intendere, nella qual si contieae doi Itinerarij in Tartaria, per 
alcimi Frati . . . non piu uulgarizata, 12mo. xooodcut of a 
Mongolian tvarrior on the title-page, boards, £8. 8s 

Vinegia, Gionan' Antonio de Nicolini da Sahio, 1537 

28700 the same, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, from the 

Beckford library, £18. I85 1537 

Vert rare. First Edition of the account of Giovanni del Plan 
Carpin concerning his embassy from the Pope to the successor of Chingiz 
Khan (a.d. 1246-47) ; full of curious and authentic information about the 
Mongolian Empire in its full extent, and the subjugated or tributary nations. 
Of the Chinese he says that " better artificers could not be found in the world, 
in whatever labour their skill be exercised. Their land is most rich in corn, 
wine, gold, silk, and other things." The work had already been extracted in 
the Speculum of Vincent de Beauvais, but this rare little volume (afterwards 
reprinted by Ramusio) was virtually the first complete publication of the 
narrative, and the best until the Sodeie de Geographie printed the original 
Latin text in 1839. 

In the series of mediasval historical travels fi'om Europe into and through 
Asia, in which Marco Polo and Mandeville are included, the expedition of 
Giovanni del Plan Carpin takes the first place. 

28701 Du Plan de Carpin, Relation des Mongols ou Tartares, premiere 
edition complete, precedee d'une notice sur les anciens Voyages 
en Tartaric par D'Avezac, 4to. map, sd. 20s Paris, 1838 

28702 the same, 4to. green morocco extra, gilt edges, 30s 1838 


RuBRUQUis (Guillanme de) Travels in the East — see Soci^T^ de 
Geographie, No. 28689. 
1260-95 : 

28703 MARCO POLO, Voyages de, publics (d'apres un MS. inedit 
du texte fran^ais original, par Roux), 4to. — see Societe de 
Geographie, No. 28G89. Paris, Societe de Geographie, 1824 

Admittedly the original form of the text, as taken down in French by 
Kusticien de I'ise from Marco Polo's word of mouth in 1298. 

28704 Le litre de Marco Polo, redige en fran^ais sous sa dictee en 
1298 par Rusticien de Pise, public d'apres trois Manuscrits 
inedits, avec des Commentaires tires des ecrivains orientaux, 
par Pauthier, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. ma]), sd. 18s Paris, 1865 

The text, as it was better Gallicised from Kusticien's original, between 
1298 and 1307, and exhibiting several variations, — being a note of presentation, 
dated 1307, from Marco Polo himself to Thibault de Cepoy. 
28706 the same, 2 vols, in 1, imp. 8vo. hf. bd. 20s 1865 


1260-95 Maeco Polo — corJinued. 

28706 Le Livre de Marco Polo, facsimile d'un MS. du XlVe 
Siecle conserve a la Bibliotheque Royale de Stockholm [avec 
preface par A. E. Nordenskiold], small 4to. 8 prelimmary pp. 
and 200 ptp. of photo-lithographic facsimile, £3. 'Ss Stochholm ,18S2 

Only 198 copies printed. The original MS. formed part of the library of 
Charles V of France, and was written in the first half of the fourteenth 
century. The text belongs to the same class as the Cepoy-Pauthier recension, 
but has many variants, and requires to be collated by Colonel Yule. 

28707 Viaggi, tradotti per la prima volta dall' originale 

Francese di Rusticiano di Pisa et corredati di documenti da V. 
Lazari pubblicati da L. Pasini, 8vo. large paper, map, gilt 
vellum, 25s Venezia, 1847 

" Rare, privately printed, and only a few copies issued." 

28708 il Milione (Viaggi nelV Asia, ecc) Teste di Lingua del 

Sec. 13, era per la prima volta pnbblicato per Baldelli Boni, con 
la vita di Marco Polo, 2 vols. — Baldelli Boxi, Storia delle 
Relazioni vicendevoli dell' Europa e dell' Asia dalla decadenza 
di Roma fino alia distruzione del Califfato, 2 vols, forming the 
introduction to Marco Polo ; — together 4 vols. 4to. sd. 21« 

Firenze, 1827 
The Crnscan and Ramusian texts are both given, and for the first time in 
their perfect form, representing the earliest Italian text of the traveller's 
narrative, — which is now known to be posterior to the old French text. 

28708*ZuRLA (P.) di Marco Polo e degli altri Viaggiatori Veneziani 
pill illustri Dissertazioni con appendice sopra le antiche Mappe 
lavorate in Venezia, 2 vols. 4to. maps, calf extra, by G. Lewis, 
28s Venezia, 1818 

28709 Travels in the Xlllth Century, being a description 

by that early Traveller of remarkable places and things in the 
Eastern parts of the World, translated from Italian, with notes 
by Wm. Marsden, 4to. pp. Ixxx and 781, map, hds. 18s 1818 

28709* another copy, 4to. russia extra, 24s 1818 

28710 The Book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian, concerning 

the Kingdoms and Marvels of the East ; a new English version, 
illustrated by the light of Oriental writers and modern travels, 
by Col. Henry Yule, 2 vols, 8vo. maps and illustrations, cloth, 
36s 1871 

28711 second edition, revised and enlarged, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 

£2. 8s , 1875 

The translation was made from the text which was published by the 
Societe de GcDgraphie, with some additions from that of the Cepoy text. 

28712 Historia de las grandezas y cosas maravillosas de las 

Provincias Orientales, sacada de Marco Paulo Veneto, j 
traducida de Latin en Romance por Bolba t Castro, 12mo. 
calf neat, 14s Zaragoza, 1601 


28713 BORCHARDI Descriptio Terrse Sanctee et Regionum finiti- 


marum ; item Itinei'arium Hierosolymitanum Barth. de 

Saligniaco, sm. 4to. vellum, 18s Magdehurgi, 1587 
Barthelemi de Salignac's pilgriniage took place in 1522. Borchard tbe 
monk was in the Holy Land in 1283. 
see also Gxynseus, No. 28584. 


28? 14) HAYTON. Hystore merueilleuse plaisante et recreatiue 
DU Grad Empereuk de Tartarie, seigneur des Tartres noma 
le Grad Can, sm. folio, woodcuts, coloured hy a contemporary 
hand, fine copy in old citron morocco, gilt marhled edges, with the 
La Vieuville arms in gold on sides, hy Boyer, £70. 

Paris, J. Saiiict Denys, 1529 
This naiTative was omitted in its proper place on p. 2753, and has there- 
fore been inserted here. 

see also Grynaeus, No. 28584. 

1327-60 : 
28715 MANDEVILLE (Sir John) (On p. 1:) portrait, 
surmounted hy the name Johannes de Montevilla. 
(On p. 2 :) Ce liure est appelle mandeuille et fust fait 
& compose par messiere Jehan de mandeuille cheualier 
natif dao;leterre de la \i\le de sainct Alein . . . 
( At end : ) Cy finist ce tres plaisant liure nomme 
Mandeuille parlant moult autentiquemet du pays & 
terre doultre mer & du sainct voiage de iherusale, 
sm. folio, 1^0 coloured woodcuts (including full-length 
portrait), maroon morocco extra, leather joints, gilt 
edges, with the crests and devices of the Hamilton and 
Beckford families at the angles on the sides, unique, 
£125. ■ s. I & d. {circa 1485) 

An excessively rare edition, unknown to Brunet, consisting 
of 71 leaves, with signatures a to 1, having 37 lines to a full 
page. A, b, have 8 leaves each, c — k, 6 leaves each, and 
1, 7 leaves. 

This extremely precious volume seems to have been printed 
at Lyons about 1485, by N. Philippi and M. Reinhart, who had 
already (a year or two previously) produced a similar edition, 
consisting of 88 leaves with 33 and 34 lines per page, and also 
in signatures a-l. 

Whoever was the real author of this curious book of travels, 
the original text was undoubtedly in French. 

28716 The Voyages & Travels of Sir John Mandeville, 

Knight, wherein is set down the way to the Holy Land, and to 
Hierusalem ; as also to the lands of the Great Caan, and of 
Prester John; to Inde and divers other countries ; together with 
many and strange marvels therein, sm. 4to. bladk Utter, numerous 
curious and rude ivoodctits, hf. bd. RARE, £4. 1684 

28716* Travels and Voyages . . . containing an exact 


1327-60 Mandeville — continued. 

description of the way to Hierusalem, Great Caan, India, the 
country of Prester-John . . . 12mo. rude woodcuts, calf, 10s 

Southwark and London Bridge [cir. 1700] 

28717 Teactato de le piu maeauegliose cose e piu 

notabile che si trouino i le parte del nionde redncte e colte 
sotto breuita in lo psente compedio dal strenuissimo cavalier a 
speron doro lohane de Mandauilla anglico nato nela cita de sc'to 
Albano, sm. 4to. brown morocco extra, gilt edges, hy Mackenzie, 
£16. Inif'ssuz hoii. (BoxONii) p. Ugoue Bugerin, 1488 

Fine copy of a very rare edition. It consists of 82 leaves in signatures 
from a to fe (fe comprising ten leaves, the others in eights). 

28718 Liber pns cui' anctor fert' iohanes de madeuille ; at 

end : Explicit itinerarius a terra anglie i ptes ierosolimitanas, 
sm. 4to. sd. with Sixteenth Century inscriptions of ownership, hy 
John Burrett and John Skelhorne, £10. (s. I. et a. circ. 1490) 

28719 another copy, sm. 4to. red morocco extra, gilt edges, 

£9. 9s 

Collation : Table, 3 leaves, the first title above given appearing on the 
reverse of the third leaf; and 58 leaves of text. The signatures are a to h in 
eights, except a which has seven leaves and g which has six. 

'Jhe subscription shows clearly this ediiion was printed at Venice, not at 
Alost (as some bibliographers have suggested). It declares "... opus . . . 
ubi completum sit ipsa elementa seu . . . caracteres litterarum . . . Venetica 

28720 qual tracta de le piu maravegliose cose, 12mo. title 

icitMn woodcut border ; 7 leaves of Tables ; and folios 1-120, 
maroon morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £7. 7s 

Venetia, Marchio Sessa e Pietro de Bavani, 1521 

28721 qual tratta de le piu maravegliose cose e piu notabile 

che se trouino, e come presentialmente ha cercato tutte le parte 
habitabile del mondo, et ha notato alcune degne cose che ha 
vedute in esse parte, sq. 12mo. ivith the device of a Peacock on the 
title, vellum, 36s Venetia, 1553 

This edition is not mentioned by Brunei, nor is it in the Grenville library. 

1330 : 

JoEDANUS (Friar) Travels of the East — see Hakluyt Society. 

1336-41 : 

28722 LUDOLPHUS DE SUCHEN, de TeiTa Sancta et Itinere 
Iherosolimitano et de Statu ejus et aliis mirabilibus que in mari 
conspiciuntur videlicet Mediterraneo, sm. folio, Editio Princeps, 
fine large copy in boards, veet eaee, £21. 

(typis H. Eggesteyn), s. a. {circ. 1470) 

28723 — ; the same, sm. folio, old red morocco, from Croft's and 

Beckford's libraries, £15. 15s {about 1470) 

There is no date, place, or printer's name to the above rare volume, 
but the types are those of Eggesteyn, who printed two editions almost at the 
same time, each on thirty-four leaves, but the fii'st as above in long lines, and 
the second in double columns. 

Ludolf, Rector or Vicar of Suchen, sometimes called Petrus de Suchen, 
wrote in 1350 this account of his Oriental travels during five years, 1336-41; 
saving that, as many others who had made one short pilgrimage found plenty 


to write about, so he with his long experience of Eastern residence might 
relate a little. It is a narrative of considerable interest, as the reverend 
author seems to have been a very observant traveller. 


28724 ZENO. Dei commentarii del Yiaggio in Persia di M. Caterino 
Zeno il K . . . et dello Scopriinento dell' Isole Frislanda, Esland, 
Engrouelanda, Estotilanda, & Icaria, fatto sotto il Polo Artico, 
da due fratelli zeni, M. Nicolo il K. e M. Antonio . . . 12mo. 
toith facsimile of the large folding map, vellum, £2. 10s 

Venetia, 1558 

28725 the same, 12mo. with the original map, fine copy in 

French red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hardy, £25. 1558 

The Beckford copy fetched £.50 ; the Duke of Hamilton's, £38. _ The 
chief value of this little volume lies in its map, which professedly originates 
with the record of the voyage of the brothers Zeno in 1380-90. The con tro- 
ver sy which has long raged with regard to the genuineness of the map (in 
which Greenland is better designed than in any map printed before 1558) is still 
unended, and Baron Nordenskjold has added his celebrated name to the 
number of the disputants. Mr. Major has pretty nearly settled the matter 
of the text, and assigned their proper local relation to the chief circumstances 
of tlie narrative, but the history of the enigmatical map has still to be 
traced. The Zeno who gave it to the world in 1558 states that he produced 
it from the old MS. chart left by his ancestor, and it is evident from the 
configuration of Greenland that he possessed better sources of knowledge 
than any of his contemporaries. The lands which appear on the left margin 
of the map (broken by the border of the engraving), lie south-west of Green- 
land, and are marked Estotiland (Labrador) and Drogeo (which is either the 
south-east corner of Labrador, or else Newfoundland). 

see also Haklutt Society. 


28726 JOANNES DE HBSE. Itinerarius joannis De hese presbyteri 
a Hierusalem describens dispositiones ten^arnra insularum 
motium et aquarum . . . Johannis presbyteri . . . Epistola 
ad Emaniielem . . . de ritu et moribus indoru . . . Tractatns 
pulcberrimus de situ et dispositione regionum et insularum 
totius indie, etc. very sm. 4to. 20 leaves, on the reverse of the 
last is the woodcut device of the printer, representing two men 
shooting with crossbows at a bird in a tree, corner of last leaf 
mended in tnargiji, morocco extra, £6. 6s Parisius (sic) per 

Eobertu gourmont pro Oliuerio senant (s. d. cir. 1505) 

28727 the same, sm. 4to. fine copy in old calf, Sunderland 

arms on sides, £S. 8s (1506) 

1403 : 

28728 GONZALEZ DE CLAVIJO (Ruy) Historia del Gran 
Tamorlan, e Itinerario y enarracion del viage, y relacion de la 
Embaxada que Ruy Goncalez de Clavijo le hizo per mandado 
del Rey Henrique III de Castilla, y un breve discurso por Argote 
de Molina, sm. folio, vellum, from the Sunderland library, £b. 5s 

Seviila, 1582 

Vert rare, and highly important as an historical document. The 

absence and embassy of Gonyalez de Clavijo extended over nearly three years, 

from Mav, 1403, to March, 1406. The narrative is from his own pen. The 

Beckford" copy fetched £29. 10s in 1882. 

— — for translation, see Hakluyt Society. 



28729 [CONTI] India Recognita [IS"icolaiis Venetus dictavit, Poggius 
scripsit], sm. 4to. 14 leaves, fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt 
edges, by Bedford, £36. »S. n. [Thaurini, 1492] 

PR' (BABLY UNIQUE, no other copy being known. This important 
account of India in the earlier part of the fifteenth century was taken down 
by Pour^io troin the verbal relation of Niccolo Conti, about ad. 1440, when 
the latter visited Rome to obtain abs dution from Euj^enius IV for having 
lived in the east as a Mahommedan daring twenty-five vears. — The narrative 
■was known to Dom Manuel of Portugal, who, in 1500, had ii translated into 
Portuguese along with the earlier work of Marco Polo, and the later short 
statement of Plieronymo de S. Stefano — the subject having acquired a 
powerful interest for the Portuguese crown since the achievement of Vasco da 
Gania's voyage. But Ramusio Fought for it in vair), and was i>bliged to give it 
in his Viaggi in the form of an Italian translation from the Poriuguese. (Jnly 
in the la>t century, in 1723, was the Latin text published (from a MS.), for 
the first time, as it was supposed, and as it has been since considered till now. 
In "India in the fifteenth century" (HaTcluyt Society) the translation is made 
from the edition of 1723, alleged, in Mr. Major's preface, to be the first and 
only one. 

see Hakluyt Society : Voyages to India. 


Barbaro (Joseph) Voyage in Persia — see Alcline collection, No. 28502, 
and Ramusio. 
1454 : 

CADAMOSTO'S Voyages— see Nos. 28577 and 28584, 

28730 Viaggi e Scoperte Africane, dissertazione di Zurla, 

8vo. boards, 2s 6d ; or, bound, 3s Qd Venezia, 1815 


Pedro de Sintra's African Voyage — see 'No. 28577 and 28584. 


28731 CONTARINI. Itinerario del Magnifico e Clarissimo Ambrosio 
Contarini . . . nel anno 1472 ad Usancassan Re di Persia, 
chiamado modernamente Sophi, nel qual brevemente se contien 
tutte le citta, castelli, ville et lochi posti nelle infrascripte 
puintie, et mari : Alemagna, Pollonia, Lituania, Armenia, 
Persia, etc. sm. 4to. olive morocco super extra, covered xoith 
Grolier gold tooling, tooled leather joints, gilt edges, by J. Mac- 
kenzie, with crest of P. A. Hanrott on sides, excessively rare, 
from the Hamilton Palace library, £12. 

Vineggia, F. Bindoni 8f M. Pasini, 1524 

see also Hakluyt Society ; and Manucci Collection, No. 28592. 


28732 TUCHER (Hans) Reysz [gen Jherusalem zu dem heyligen 
Grab, etc.], sm. 4to. calf neat, £8. Nuremberg, 1483 

1 his pilgrim is indispensable, says Tobler, in his list of authorities on 
the Holy Land. His companions were Otto Spiegel and Siebald Ritter of 
ICiimberg. — On leaf fiii in the blank space left for a capital Z, an early 
possessor painted the capital in blue, with his name Hans Feuer Monac' in 
white upon it. There is also inserted at the beginning an early engraving of 
the Crucifixion. 

1480 : 

28733 BRASCHA (Santo) Itinerario al S. Citta de Jerusalem nell' 


Anno 1480, sm. 4to. fine copy in russia extra, gilt edges, from the 
Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, very bare, £21. 

(Milano) Leonardus Pachel et Zfldericus Sinczenceller, 1481 


28734 BREYDENBACH (Bernard! de) Sanctarum Peregrinationum 
IN MoNTEM Syon ad venerandum Christi Sepulchrum in Jeru- 
salem atque in Montem Synai ad divam virginem et martirem 
Katherinam opusculum, sm. folio, with icoodcuts including large 
folding views (^several feet in length), fine copy in green tnorocco, 
gilt edges, £12. Spiroe, Petr. Drach, 1502 

see also p. 1692. 

1487 : 


seconde partie est traicte des Croisees, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, 
woodcuts, autograph of Philippes Desportes, veau marhre, ivithout 
the 2 maps inentioned by Brunei, from the Bechford library, 
Hamilton Palace, very scarce, £15. Paris, F. Begnault, 1522 

The text is substantially a translation or adaptation of that of Breyden- 
bach, used by Pkere Nicole Le Huen to illustrate his own pilgrimage in 
1487. At the end of the Pilgrimage we find printed a translation of Pasqua- 
liquo's account of the first Corte Real voyage to Newfoundland. 

see also p. 1693. 


28736 COLUMBUS. Primera Epistola del Almieante Don Cris- 
tobal Colon, dando cuenta de su gran descubrimiento a 
D. Gabriel Sanchez, Tesorero de Aragoii ; acompaiia al texto 
original castellano el de la traduccion latina de Leandro de 
Cosco, segun la primera edicion de 1492, j precede la noticia de 
una nueva copia del original MS., y de las antiguas ediciones en 
Latin por G. H. de Volafan (i.e. Varnhagen), sm. 4to. 12s 

Valencia, 1858 

28737 Carta . . enviada de Lisboa a Barcelona en Marzo 

de 1493, nueva edicion critica conteniendo las variantes . . por 
el seudonomo de Valencia [Varnbagen], 12mo. hds. 24s 

Paris, 1870 
Reprint in Gothic letter of the unique Spanish original now in the 
Ambrosian library. Only 60 copies published; 120 being all that were 

28738 Epistola Cristoferi colom (cui etas nostra | multu 

debet : de Insulis in mari Indico nup. | inuetis . . . sm. 4to. 
tvoodcnts, hf. hd. 25s [1493 — facsimile, Paris, 1858] 

Only eight leaves, the facsimile having been taken from an imperfect 
copy before the discovery of the only perfect copy extant, which is now in 
the Lenox library. This is the edition held to be the first by Mr. Lenox and 
Brunet, the second by Harrisse, the fourth by Major. 

28739 Eyn schon hubsch lesen von etlicben inszlen die do 

in kurtzen zyten f anden synd durcli de kunig von hispania. vnd 
sagt v6 groszen wunderlichen dingen die in de selbe inszlen 
synd, sm. 4to, woodcuts, vellum, uncut, 36s 

Straszburg, 1497 [facsimile reprint, about 1860] 
see also Nos. 28391 and following. 



28740 [COLUMBUS, Second Voyage.] Syllacius (Nicolaus) da 
Insulis Meridiani atque Indici Maris nuper inventis, with a 
translation into English by the Rev. John Mulligan (with 
Introduction and bibliographical Notice of the early accounts 
of Columbus' Voyages, by James Lenox), imp. 4to. portrait of 
Mr. Lenox, and facsimiles of woodcuts and of portions of the text 
from some of the editions described, hf. bd. presentation copy 

New York 1859 
Privately printed : only 100 copies produced. The greater part of the 
volume consists of the notices written by Mr. Lenox, which are of very 
different calibre from the translation, being marked by scientific accuracy 
and a wide range of bibliographical and historical knowledge. As the founder 
of a magnificent library, and as a patron of literature, his name is well known 
and held in reverence : his attainments as a scholar and bibhographer were 
familiar only to a chosen few. 

Only two copies of the original work of Syllacias (or Scillace) have 
survived. It was printed in 1491-95, and had been written down directly 
from communications furnished by an Italian resident in Spain concerning 
Columbus' second voyage. It was consequently the first book upon the 

see also pp. 2796-97. 

Letters of Columbus, etc. —see Hakluyt Society, p. 2848. 


28741 VESPUCCI (Amerigo) Lettera delle Isole nuouamente 
trouate in quattro suoi Viaggi, sm. 4to. woodaots, sold 

S. n. \Firenze, 1505] 
Bought at the sale of the late Dr. Court's library in Paris. Only four 
other copies are known. 

28742 Lettera delle Isole . . . sm. 4to. Facsimile Repro- 
duction, hf. Roxburghe, zmcut, £5. 5s 

Quaritch's Reprints of rare books, I \_Firenze, 1505], 

London, 1885 

28743 the First Four Voyages . . translated from the rare 

original edition {Florence, 1505-6), with some preliminary 
notices, sm. 4to. hf. Roxburghe, uncut, £2. 12s 6d 

Bernard Qaaritch, 1885 
The first translation in any modem language of the extraordinarily rare 
and highly important work of Vespucci, in which he described his first four 
voyages (1^97-98, 1-199-1500, 1501-2, 1503-4). The substance of the narrative 
has only hitherto been known through the medium of the Latin paraphrase 
annexed to W aid seem tiller's Cosmographia in 1507, and the numerous reprints 
an# abridgments of that work ; and as they were disfigured by a great number 
of errors which have tended to discredit the Florentine navigator, it has been 
considered necessary and useful to reproduce the Italian original in a perfect 
facsimile and to bring out a literal version in English. The publisher's 
intention has been to facilitate the study of the work by American students, 
who are naturally extremely interested in the history of Vespucci's voyages — 
especially the first (1497 98), in which it is almost certain that he saw and 
landed on portions of the now United States at a date earlier than any othir 
European voyager since the reputed Norse discovery The claim of anteriority 
made on behalf of the Cabots is not considered valid, the expedition from 
Bristol in 1497 being now proved to have been confined to the coast of 


1497 Vespucci — c(nitinu'?cl. 

qvibvsdam | geometriae | ac | astrono | niiae 
principiis | ad earn rem necessariis j Iiisuper quatiior 
Americi Ye- | spucii nauigationes . . . sm. 4to. 
diagrams^ mclading the folding leaf with the large 
Glohe^ red morocco, hy Bedford, £150. 

[St. JJie] Vrbs Deodate tuo clarescens nomiiie . . . 

pj'essit . . . Finitu viz. kl. Maij Anno supra 

sesquimrllesinium. vij [25 April^ 1507] 

FIRST EDITION of the work by Martin Walzemiiller or 
Waldseemiiller (calling timself Hjlaromylus), in -which the name 
of America was suggested as the one by which the New World 
should in future be known. This is on folio a5, and consists of the 
following statement: " alia quarta pars \_inundQ per Americum 
Vesputium (ut in sequentibus audietur) inventa est quam non 
video cur quis jure vetet ab Americo inventore sagacis ingenii 
viro Amerigen quasi Americi terrain sive Americam dicendam." 
The world has adopted the suggestion of Waldseemiiller, although 
many consider that the fame of Columbus was injured by the 
appellation, and nothing can now avail to change it. This has also 
been supposed to contain the first publication of the account of 
Vespucci's Four Voyages, but it is now certain that the Italian 
text (so rare that only five copies have survived) was printed in 
1505 or 1506. 

quibusdam Geometrie ac Astronomic principiis ad 

. eam rem necessariis. Insuper quattuor Americi 
Vespucii navigationes. Universalis Cosmographie 
descriptio . . . sm. 4to. diagrams, including the folding 
woodcut of a globe^ calf f^om the Sunderland library, 
£50. Joannes Griim'ger, apiid Argentoracos, 1509 

With verses addressed to the Emperor by " Philesius 
Vogesigena," on the back of the title, and the substitution in 
the dedication of the name of " Martinus Ilacomilus " for that 
of " Gymnasium Vosagense," as it appeared in the first edition. 
Humboldt hastily misread a statement inserted by Hylacomylus 
in the Margarita Philosophica of 1513, and drew fi"om it an 
absurd conclusion which Mr. Harrisse bas followed liberally. 
In April, 1607, Hylacomylus published his work under the 
name of the Gymnasium Vosagense, that is the Academy of four 
or five scholars in which he took a leading place ; and in the 
dedication to Maximilian he naturally used that name in the 
heading, and the words nos and nubis in the text, as in the 
following reference to his labours: "nobis (qui librariara 
officinam apud Lotharingie Vosagum in oppido cui vocabulu est 



1497 Vespucci — continued. 

Sancto Deodato, nuper ereximus) Ptholomei libros . . . recognos- 
cetibus . . ." Thus his Cosmographia "was anonymous, and in 
the passage quoted by Humboldt (written some years later in 
in another book, and mentioning his autumn excursion from. 
Lorraine into Germany) he refers parenthetically to the fact 
that other persons passim had taken the credit of the authorship. 
This was of course not in any way an allusion to any member or 
members of the Gymnasium of St. Die, but to persons elsewhere 
in the learned world ; and such was the reason which induced 
Waltzemiiller to make the small changes above noted, in his 
third and fourth issues of the Cosmographia. The first issue 
was that of April (Kal, Maii), 1507 ; the second, August (Kal. 
Sept.), 1507 ; the third and fourth were produced between 1507 
and 1509, by reprinting, at one and the same time probably, 
and mutatis mutandis, two leaves to be substituted in the unsold 
copies of the former two editions, 

28746 MUNDUS NOUUS. [On p. 2:] Albericus vespucius 
Ladrentio Petri de medicis salutem plurimam digit, sm. 4to. 
4 leaves, got^ic letter, with 3 diagrams, red morocco extra, gitl 
edges, hy Bedford, from the Court collection, £48. 

Vindelice Aziguste, Johdnes Otmar, 1504 

28747 the same, sm. 4to. a very large and fine copy in red 

morocco extra, with borders of gold and gilt edges, by Mackenzie, 
from the Buke of Hamilton^ s library, £55. 1504 

The first dated edition of the first published narrative of Vespucci. It 
relates to his third expedition, in which Bahia was discovered, and the greater 
part of the shores of Brazil coasted in a southerly voyage. The diagrams 
refer to constellations of the southern hemisphere, which were figured for the 
first time by VespuccL 

28748 Amerigo Vespucci, son caractere, ses ecrits, sa Vie et 

ses Navigations, par Varnhagen, sm. folio, map and 2 facsimiles, 
Lima, 1865 — Le Premier Voyage de Vespucci definitivement 
explique dans ses details, Vienne, 1869 — Nouvelles Recherches 
sur les derniers Voyage du Navigateur Florentin, et le reste des 
documents et eclaircissements sur lui, avec les textes (et una 
postface), m.ap from the 1513 Ptolemy, and facsimile of Vespucci s 
letter, Vienne, 1870 — together 3 parts, the complete Series, in 
1 vol. sm. folio, cloth, 16s 1865-69-70 

28749 also sold separately : Le Premier Voyage de Vespucci, 

Vienne, 1869 — Nouvelles Recherches, Vienne, 1870 — as described 
above, with the m,aps necessary to complete the volume printed at 
Lima, 1865, stitched, 5s Vienne, 1869-70 

28750 Viaggi, con la vita, I'elogio e la dissertazione 

giustificativa di questo navigatore del P. St. Canovai, 8vo. front. 
hf bd. 10s Firenze, 1817 

28761 Vita e Lettere, raccolte e illustrate da A. M. Bandini, 

sm. 4:to. plate, hf. bd. 20s Firenze, 1745 

28752 Santarem, Recherches sur Americ Vespuce et ses Voyages, 8vo. 
sd. 7s 6d; or, half calf , 9s 1842 

An ardent defence of the rights of Columbus, and e severe attack upon 
Vespucci, which may be read along with Varnhagen's books. 




1497-1520 : 

Portuguese Voyages, Accounts of — see ante, p. 2798. 

28753 ViAGGio da Yenetia al santo Sepulcro & al monte Sinai 
. . . con additione di geti & animali che si trovano da Venetia 
sino al santo Sepulcliro, & per tutta la Soria, sm. 8vo. (12mo.), 
mivierous woodcuts by Z. A. old calf, from the Sunderland library, 
£6. Venetia, -per Nic. di Aristotele detto Zoppino, 1533 

The artist was probably the well-known Gioan Andrea Valvassore. The 
date of pilgrimage is not indicated, the book being written for the most part 
in the form of a Guide-book. It is only towards the end that the author 
adopts the historical form and says " We went onward," etc. 


San Stefano (Hieronymo di) Journey to India — see Ramusio. 

Vaz de Caminha, Account of Cabral's Voyage — see Ramusio. 
1500-02 : 

CoRTE Real (the Brothers) Voyage to North America — see Paesi, 
No. 28577, and Bretdenbach, No. 28735. 

Joseph of Crangranor, Indian Voyage — see Paesi ; Grynseus : Ramusio. 
1503 : 

28753*GoNNEViLLB (Capt. de) Relation du Voyage es nouvelles 
Torres des Indes (1503-6), publiee pour la premiere fois par 
d'Avezac, 8vo. sd. 9s 1869 

see also Margry, No. 28535*. 


28754 VARTEMA. LUDOVICI Patritii Romani Novum Itinerarium 
Aethiopiae : Aegipti : utriusque Arabiae : Persidis : Siriae : ac 
Indiae : intra et extra Gangem, folio, First Latin Edition, fine 
copy %n vellum, gilt edges, £25. Mediolani, 1511 

28755 Itinerario de Ludovico de Verthema Bolognese ne lo 

Egypto, ne la Suria, ne la Arabia Deserta & Felice, ne la Persia, 
ne la India : & ne la Ethiopia, sm. 4to. ivoodcut title-page, bds. 
VERT BARE, £14. 15s Milano, J. A. Scinzenzeler, 1523 

28756 Itinerario del venerable varon micer Luis patricio 

Romano, en el qual cueta mucha parte de la Ethiopia Egipto : 
y entrabas Arabias : Siria y la India. Buelto de Latin en 
Romance por Christoval de Arcos Clerigo. Nunca hasta aqui 
impresso en lengua Castellana, sm. folio, ptl)tc letter, a leaf or 
two very slightly imperfect and mended, dark green morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Leighton, £42. Sevilla, J. Crbberger, 1520 
First and very rare Edition of this translation. The work in 
Italian was originally published at Rome in 1510, and the Latin version at 
Milan in 1511. It is from the Latin that the above translation has been made. 
This copy cost Dr. Burnell £48. 

see also Eden and Wills, p. 2830; Ramusio, p. 2825 ; and 

Hakluyt Society, p. 2848. 
1507: ^^ 

28767 BAUM GARTEN (Martini a) Peregrinatio in ^gyptum, 

Arabiam, Palsestinam et Syriam, studio et opera Ch. Donaveri, 

small 4to. velhim, £2. Ss Noribergce, 1594 

Bound up with a volume "Memoriae Christiani Saxoniffi ducis et 


Johannis Casimiri com. pal at. Rheni sacrum." consisting of a number of 
elegies and other pieces in Latin verse. The vellum wrapper was portion of 
a Latin classic transcribed in Italy about 1440, and has an illuminated 


28758 Peregrixatioxes totius terre sancte . . . Indulgentie concesse 
. . . Venetiis {cir. 1520) — ArEEA Historia de Vita et Miraculis 
Domini nostri Jesu Christi, woodcut title and initial letters, 
printed in large Missal type, extremely rare, Venetiis per 
Joannem Antonium et Fratres de Sabio, s. a. — 2 vols, in 1, 12ino. 
calf extra, gilt edges, by C. Lewis, from the Beckford library, 
£12. 12s (cir. 1510-20) 


28759 BE:N^Z0N'I (Girolamo) La Historia del Mondo Nuovo, laqual 
tratta dell' Isole, & Mari miovamente ritrovati, & delle nuove 
Citta da lui proprio vedute, per acqua & per terra in quattordeci 
anni, 12mo. First Edition, niiraerous curious ivoodcuts, which ivere 
afterwards copied by Be Bry, calf, from the Hamilton Palace 
library, £3. 3s Venetia, 1565 

28760 the same, 12mo. ^ne clean copy in green morocco extra, 

gilt edges, £4. 4s 1565 

28761 nuovamente ristampata . . . con la giunta d'alcune 

cose notabile dell' Isole di Canaria, 12mo. with the same woodcuts 
as in the first edition, veau fauve, gilt edges, £3. Venetia, 1572 
A work of great intrinsic value, as being the fruit of fourteen years' 
wanderings in tbe New World, and as containing illustrations of the life of 
the natives, engraved from the author's own drawings. The first edition is 
dedicated to Pope Pius IV, the second to tbe Senator Scipione Simoneta. 
The additional matter iu the latter is a Breve Discorso on the Canary Islands, 
of eight pages. 

28762 Bexzoxis (Hier.) I^ovse Novi Orbis Historiee ; res ab Hispanis 
in India Occidentali gestae, Latine opera Calvetonis, 12mo. old 
calf, 20s (Genevce), Vignon, 1586 

To Benzoni's work the translator (Urbin Chauveton) added at the end 
an account of tbe disastrous French expedition to Florida. 

The first edition of this translation appeared in 1578 ; the second in 1581. 
The present is one of those copies of the second edition, which were issued in 
1586, with a new title, on which a translation of the Voyage du Bresil of Jean 
de Lery was announced. This copy, however, contains only Benzoui's work. 

English translation — see Hakluyt Society. 

1515-22 : 

28763 GERALDINI AMERINI (Alexandri) Itinerarirm ad regiones 
svb seqvinoctiali plaga constitvtas . . . nunc primo edidit 
Onvphrius Geraldinus de Catenacciis, auctoris abnepos, 12mo. 
vellum, £4. 4s liomoe, 1631 

28764 another copy, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bozerian, 

£5. 5s 1631 

28765 the same, 12mo. thick paper, fine copy in vellum gilt, 

gilt edges, ivith Cardinal Gessi's arms in gold on sides, very scarce ; 

from the Beckford library, £10. 10s 1631 

The existence of Thick Paper copies has not hitherto been recorded. 

They were perhaps only struck off for some of the Cardinals, friends of Cardinal 

Barberini, to whom the book is dedicated. 

Amerini, who was friendly to Columbus and aided in the realization of 

195 * 


his plans, became the first Bishop in the New World. His Itinerary, or 
diary, was finished at S.Domingo in 1522, where he died three years later. 
His account of the great Genoese navigator, and of the people of the West 
Indies, renders this work indispensable in an American historical library. 

Amongst the preliminary pieces of verse in various languages, there is one 
in English by John Walker, who records the fact that Amerinus had been the 
tutor of four Queens, one of them being Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's 


Magellan's Voyage — see Pigafetta'a Narrative, No. 28522. 
see Hakluyt Society, No. 

1519 : 

CORTES (Fernan) Reports sent from Mexico— see Nos. 28492, etc. 
see also Ramusio and De Bry. 

1520 : 

28766 ALVAREZ (Francisco) Ho Preste Joam das Indias. Verdadera 
Informa^am das terras do Preste Joam, segundo vio y escreveo ho 
Padre Francisco Alvarez, First Edition, sm. folio, lit. gotfj. large 
woodcut, partly coloured, on title, and the rare separate leaf at end, 
with printer's device, margin mended, old calf gilt, £52. 

Agora novamente impressa (Lisboa) em casa de Imis 
Rodriguez (Al fin) Acahouse no ano mil y quinhentos y 

quarenta anos (1540) 

28767 the same, sm. folio, with the printer s device, a large 

and remarJcahly clean copy, in vellum, from the Sunderland library, 
£63. 1540 

First Edition, though the words agora novamente impresso might seem 
to imply an earlier. Alvarez went with a Portuguese embassy to Prester John 
in 1520-27. 

The value of this very rare volume has at least trebled during the course 
of the last few years. 

see also under Jesuit Collections, No. 

28768 Historia de las Cosas de Etiopia, en la qval se cventa 

muy copiosamente, el estado y potencia del Emperador della 
(que es el que mnchos an pensado ser el Preste Ivan) con otras 
infinitas particnlaridades, etc. 12mo. very fine copy, vellum, scarce, 
£3. 10s Anvers, luan Steelsio, 1557 

English translation — see No. 

1521 : 

28769 Newe Zeitung von dem Lande das die Sponier funden haben 
ym 1521 jare, genant Jucatan, sm. 4to. 8 pp. with woodcuts, 
hf. bd. 10s sine nota (circa 1522) [Berlin, 1873] 

The unique original reproduced in facsimile. 


28770 SALIGNAC. Itinerarii Terre sancte : inibiq. sacromm locoru : 
ac renim clarissima descriptio . . . per Bartholomeu a Saligniaco, 
etc. 12mo. old French red morocco extra, gilt edges, rare, £5. 5s 

Lugduni, Gilbertics de Villiers, 1525 

28771 the same, 12mo. large copy, but damaged very slightly 

at folios Y and Ixvi, olive morocco extra, by Mackenzie, £3. 16s 1525 

'see also 'No. 28713. 

Verrazang (Giovanni da) Voyage to North America — see Ramusio. 


1527 and 1541 : 

2S77-1 NU:f?EZ CABEQA DE VACA. La relacion j comentarios del 
gouernador Aluar nunez cabe9a de vaca, de lo acaescido en las 
dos jornadas que hizo a las Indias, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. 
neatly bound, ^4:2. VaUadolid, Franc. Fernandez de Cordoua, 1555 

28773 the same, sm. 4ito.fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt 

edges, £50. 1555 

A doubly remarkable volume, each of its parts taking a primary rank in 
the annals of the Xew World, The Relacion (now printed for the second 
time, but of the first edition of which in 1542 only one copy is now extant) 
describes the wanderings of Cabe^a de Vaca with the luckless survivors of the 
expedition that had set out in 1527 for the conquest of Florida (by which 
was meant all the region afterwards known as Florida and Louisiana). It is 
the record of the first journey made by Europeans through the United States. 
Cabeza de Vaca and a few others who survived the shipwreck of the expedition, 
were seized by the Indians on the Mississippi coast and held in slavery for four 
years, but escaped and made their way inland across Texas to Sonora, or near 
to the inmost shore of the Gulf of California. Thence he and his three 
companions traversed the country southwards, and succeeded in reaching 
Mexico once more. On his return to Spain in 1537, having failed to get the 
governorship of Florida, which had been given to Soto, he obtained that of the 
River Plate in 1540. He arrived in Uruguay in 1541, and proceeded to 
Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, where Spanish authority was now seated, 
the site of Buenos Ajres having been abandoned. His work thenceforward 
was the exploration of the regions around the Paraguay and Parana, the 
conciliation of the Indian tribes, and the discovery of the route towards Peru. 
He was however made prisoner by mutineers, and sent back to Spain in 1545. 
His secretary Pedro Hernandez wrote this narrative (which is the first printed 
account of the Plata region), to which is appended a Relacion made in 1545 
by Hernando de Ribera, whom Cabeza de Vaca had sent on a journey of 
exploration northwards up the River Paraguay. 

see also Ram.usio. 

Parmextiee (Jean) Voyage in the Indian Ocean — see Ramusio, 
No. 28593. 

see also Estancelin, No. 28535. 

Peter of Ghent, Relation sent from Mexico — see Franciscan 
Letters, No, 285S3 ; and Grynseus, No. 28584. 
1530 : 

NuNO DE Guzman — see Ramusio. 
Martin of Valencia, Relation from Mexico, see Nos. 28583 and 

Relations of Peru — see Oviedo and Xerez ante^ No. 28503. 
1535 : 

28774 CARTIER (Jacques) Bref Recit et succinate narration de la 
Navigation faite en 1535 et 1536 par le Capitaine Jacques 
Cartier aux lies de Canada, Hochelaga, Saguenay et autres ; 
reimpression figuree de I'edition originale de 1545, avec les 
variantes des MSS. de la Bib. Imp., avec une introduction par 
D'Avezac, 8vo. hf. morocco, 28s Paris, 1863 

see also Ramusio. 

Schmidt or Schmidel (Ulrich) — see Franck's Weltbuch, No, 28591 ; 
De Bry, No. 28636. 



28775 MENDEZ PINTO (Fernao) Peregrina9ain em que da conta de 
muytas e miayto estranhas cousas que vio & ouuio no reyno de 
China, no da Tartaria, no do Sornau, que vnlgarmente se chama 
Siao, no do Calaminhan, no de Pegu, etc. small folio. First 
Edition, vellum, rare, £6. Lisboa, 1614 

28776 Peregrina^ao . . . novamente correcta, sm. folio, 

calf, 32s Lisboa, 1762 

28777 Voyages and Adventures during his travels in 

Ethiopia, China, Tartaria, Cauchinchina, Calaminham, Siam, 
Pegu, Japan and a great part of the East Indies (etc.), done into 
English by H. C (ogan), sm. iolio, fine copy, calf, 30s 1663 

28778 Voyages advantureux traduicts par Bernard Figuier, 

thick sm. 4to. old gilt binding, rare, 15s Paris, 1628 

28779 Historia Oriental de las Perbgrinaciones en los 

Reynos de la China, Tartaria, Sornao (Siam), Peguu, Martavan, 
y otros, traduzida en Gastellano por Herrera Maldonado, sm. 
folio, bound, 20s Valencia, 1645 

28780 the same, small folio, in old calf gilt, 25s 1645 

1539-40 : 

Vasqdez (Francesco) and Fernando Alarcon — see Ramusio. 


28781 BELON (P.) Observations de plusieurs Singularitez et Choses 
memorables trouvees en Grece, Asie, Judee, Egypte, Arabic et 
autres Pays estranges, sm. 4to. 7iumerous elegant woodcuts of 
Costume and Natural History, and woodcut portrait, with the 
separate woodcut of the Isle of Leninos, Mount Athos, etc., with 
the autograph of " Du Bouchet, 1632," on title, fine copy in vea.u 
fauve, extra gilt, from the Hamilton Palace library, £4. 4s 1588 

The Beckford copy fetched £5. 5s. 


28782 ALFONCE. Les Voyages auantureux dv Capitaine Ian 
Alfonce, Sainctongeois, sm. 4to. fiyie copy in olive morocco extra, 
gilt edges, with the arms of the Prince d'Essling on sides, £42. 

Poictiers, Ian de Marnef, 1559 
Vkrt rare first edition of a work which is doubly interesiing as 
an early work of i-ailing directions for all parts of the world, and in particular 
for the coasts of North America, as well as by reason of its importance in the 
Bibliotheca Canadensis. It is No. 2 of Harrisse's list, Alfonce having been 
associated with Koberval in the expedition to New France in 1542, in which 
the latter was to have been accompanied by Cartier. No copy of this edition 
has turned up for sale in the English market tor the last fifty years, and 
apparently only three (including this) in France. The descriptions of the 
coasts of Labrador, Newfoumlhuul, and the Gulf of St. Laurence, offer a 
curious conjunction of the knowledge personally acquired, and the information 
derived on one hand from Cartier, on the other from Portuguese and Spanish 
sources. The Appendix at the end, " Les Tables de la Declinaison que fait 
le ^oleil de la ligne Equinoctiale," by Olivier Bisselin, has a separate series 
of signatures and pages. 

Orellana's Amazon-Voyage, by Oviedo — see Ramusio. 
see also Hakluyt Society, p. 2848, Nos. 24 and 28. 


1547-52 : ' 

Stade's (Hans) Narrative of his captivity — see Franck, No. 28591 ; 
Bry, No. 28636 ; Hulsius, No. 28648 ; a^id Hakluyt Society, 
p. 2848. 
1548-9 : 

28783 REGNAULT (Antlioine) Discours du Voyage d'Outre Mer au 
sainct Sepulcre de lerusalera et autres lieux de la Terra 
Saincte, 4to. mimerous woodcuts {by Jea7i Moni), and two woodcut 
maps {out of four), last leaf of table at end missing, hf. bd. £5. 

Lyon, aux despens de rautheur, 1573 
This copy has the 26 rare leaves of Oedonnances des princes qui ont 
este souverains du sainct Sepulchre, which were neither in the Didot nor the 
Beckford copy (which fetched £12. 5s). 


28784 NICOLAI Navigationi et Viaggi nella Turchia, sm. 4to. 60 
fine woodcuts of Costume, after Danet, calf, 24s Anversa, 1576 

28785 tlie same, sm. 4to. fine paper, vellum, 30s 1576 

28786 the same, sm, 4to, fine paper, veati, fauve, gilt edges, 

35s 1576 

28787 The Navigations, peregrinations and voyages made 

into Turkie by Nicholas Nicholay . . . Translated out of the 
French by T. Washington the younger, sm. 4to. 60 woodcuts, 
morocco extra, gilt edges, very rare, £12. 12s 

London, Thomas Dawson, 1585 

1555 : 

28788 THEVET (Andre) les Singvlaritez de la France Antarctiqve, 

avtrement nommee Amerique : & de plusieurs Terres & Isles 

decouuertes de nostre temps, sm. 4to. woodcuts, large copy in the 

original calf, rare, the Sii^nderland copy, £50. Paris, 1558 

28789 the same, sm. 4to. beautifully bound in crimson morocco 

extra, gilt edges, by Hardy, £52. 10s 1558 

Thevet went out with Villegagnon in 1555, when the latter attempted to 
establish a French colony near the mouth of the Rio Janeiro, and returned 
apparently the year following with Bois-le-Comte, the nephew of the former 
leader. The French designs were in a few years' time completely frustrated, 
but they lasted long enough to produce a considerable number of expeditions, 
and a belief that France would justify the title conferred on the settlement by 
Thevet. His account of the natives, their country, and their language, is 
very ample, and the woodcuts which illustrate the volume are of remarkable 
merit. They furnished De Bry with some of his most striking pictures. — In 
the return voyage, Bois-le-Comte seems to have sailed northwards, and Thevet 
speaks of Canada and Newfoundland as if he had been there himself. He 
mentions Cartier as having told hita some facts concerning his two voyages. 
It is strange tliat Harrisse did not include Thevet in his Notes pour servir 
a Vhistoire de la Nouvelle France. There are 32 pages given to Canada, with 
some woodcuts, and this alone ought to give a Thevet's Singularitez the very 
second place in that bibliography. The publication preceded by one year the 
Alfonce which is Harrisse's No. 2. — Seep. 2864. 

28790 les Singvlaritez de la France Antarctiqve, 12mo. 

woodcuts, in the original calf binding, Ballesden's copy, with his 
autograph, rare, £18. Anvers, Christ. Plantin, 1558 

28791 LERII (loannis) Historia navigationis in Brasiliam quae et 
America dicitur, 12mo. several engravings, without the folding 
plate, original calf, 20s (Genevce) E. Vignon, 1594 


1559 — continued. 

28792 LERY (Jean de) Histoire d'un Voyage fait en la terra du Bresil, 
autrement dite Amerique, contenant la navigation et clioses 
remarquables, veues sur mer par I'aucteur . . . les moeurs des 
Sanvages, etc. 12nio. original edition, woodcuts, fine copy, ruled, 
veau fauve, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, very rare, 
£10. iOs ^ La Rochelle, 1578 

" Edition tr^s-rare de cette interessante relation." — Brunei. 

Lerv went out in 1557 to Brazil, under Villegagnon, with the Huguenot 
expedition organized by Coligny. He corrects what he calls the falsehoods 
and errors of Thevet. 


2S793 FEDRICI (Cesare di) Viaggio nell' India Orientale et oltra 
I'India, ecc. 12mo. first edition, vellum, £6. 6s Venetia, 1587 
With the book plates of Sir James Stewart Denholm, Baronet, of 
Coltness, Westshiel (motto, Juvant aspera prohum'), and of Dr. Burnell. 

28794 the same, 12nio. morocco, gilt edges, from the Bechford 

library, Hamilton Palace, £S. 8s 1587 

Rake, and of high intrinsic value. Cesare dei Federici, or as he is 
called in the old English translation, Caesar Frederick, spent eighteen years 
in the east, the greater part of the time in India and Burmah, and accom- 
modated himself so well to the habits of the various nations he met with that 
he attained to a knowledge of their condition, customs and languages, which 
few travellers have ever equalled. He left Venice in 15B3 and returned in 1581 . 
28796 DAVEIRO (Pantaliam) Itinerario da Terra Sancta, small 4to. 
FIRST EDITION, ^we copy in tree-marbled calf extra, by Kalthoeber, 
from the Beclcford library, Samilton Palace, £8. 8* Lisboa, 1593 

28795*Philips (Miles) the Voyages and Adventures of Miles Philips, 
a West-country Sailor, containing a relation of his various 
Fortune both by sea and land ; the inhuman usage he met with 
from the Spaniards at Mexico, and the Salvage Indians of 
Canada and other barbarous nations . . . 12rao. old calf, 32s 1724 
This is an abridged and re-written text, omitting all the names that 
would identify the source whence it was taken. Philips sailed in the expedi- 
tion to the West Indies in 1567, in which Drake and Hawkins met with 

for the original text, see Hakluyt's Voyages, No. 28632. 

1567-95 : 

Drake (Sir Francis) Voyages — see ante No. 28541. 

see also Hakluyt Society. 

1573-76 : 

28796 RAUWOLF (L.) Beschreibung der Rais inn die Morgenlander 
fiirnemlich Syriam, Judgeam, Arabiam, Mesopotamiam, Baby- 
loniam, Assyriam, Armeniam, etc. 4 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. 42 
woodcuts of exotic plants, hf. bd. rare, £2. IO5 Laugivgen, 1583 

28797 the same, 4 parts in 1 vol. fijie copy in russia, gilt 

edges, by Lewis, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, 
£5. 5s ' 1582-83 


Frobisher (Sir Martin) Voyages — see Hakl ay t's Collection of Voyages. 

see also Hakluyt Society. 

1575-78-81 : 

26798 Gon(;alez de Mendoqa (Joan) Historia de lasCosas mas notables, 
Rites y Costumbres, del gran Reyno de la China. Con un 


1575-81 — continued. 

Itinerario del NoEVO Mundo (por Martin Ignacio), 12ino. first 
EDITION, fine copy in brown morocco extra, gilt marbled edges, by 
Petit, £o. Borne, 1585 

28799 GoNgALEZ de Mendoqa, Historia . . . de la China, 12mo. vellum, 
£2. 10s Anvers, 1596 

28799* Historia del gran Regno della China, 12mo. red 

morocco, from the Bechford library, 36s Vinegia, 1587 

see also Hakluyt Society. 

This was the product of three missions. The notes of Martin de Rada, 
or de Herrada, in the first expedition (along with Ptdro de Sarmiento) in 1575, 
and those of Gonzalez de Mendoza on his mission of 1578, enabled the latter to 
write the Historia. A third journey in 1581, by Martin Ygnacio de Loyola, 
furnished the Itinerario. 


28800 Schweigger (Salom.) Reyssbeschreibung anss Teutschland nach 
Constantinopel und Jerusalem, darinnen die gelegenheit 
derselben Laender, Staedte, der Voelcker Art, Sitten, Gebreuch, 
Trachten, Religion, etc. sm. 4to. portrait, large folding plates 
representing processions, numerous plates of costumes and vieivs, 
1613 — Wild (J.) Reysbeschreibung eines gefangenen Christen 
(1604-11) darinnen zu finden die Statt (Jerusalem, Damascus, 
Constantinopel, Mecha, etc.) Lander, sampt deroselben Volcker, 
Sitten und Gebrauch, so vil er in werender Reys gesehen, por- 
trait, map, 1613 — in one vol. sm. 4to. the original stamped hog- 
shin binding, 28s Niirjiberg, 1613 

Schweigger, a Protestant divine, was chaplain to T. von Zinzendorf 
during his embassy to Marad III (1576-81). The description of his travel 
and of his residence at Constantinople contains interesting particulars relating 
to the Turkish Government. 


28801 PIGAEETTA (F.) Relatione del Reame di Congo et delle cir- 
convicine contrade, tratta dalli scritti e ragionamenti di Odoardo 
Lopez Portoghese, con dissegni vari di geographia di piante, 
d'habiti, d'animali ed altro, sm. 4to. 2 large folding maps, 
engraved title, and 8 elegant plates, fine copy in old calf , from the 
Sunderland library, £7. 10s Roma, B. Grassi, 1591 

38802 another copy, sm. 4to. icith the 8 plates, without the 

map of Congo and the western part of the general map, vellum, 
£2. 10s 1591 

28803 Report of the Kingdome of Congo, a Region of 

Africa, and of the Countries that border rounde about the 
same, drawen out of the writinges and discourses of Odoardo 
Lopez, a Portingall, translated by Abraham Hartwell, small 
4to. eight large woodcuts, page size, complete except the maps, 

hf. bd. VERT RARE, £5. 1597 

The 1 1 umber of copies which contain the maps is extremely limited. It 
is surprising to notice how much these delineations are in agreement with 
the supposed new discoveries of the latest investigators. The secrets of the 
Nile, the Congo, and the inland lakes were revealed to Pigafetta by Lopez 
neary three hundred years ago ; and we should therefore look to Speke, 
Livingstone, Cameron, and Stanley, not for news concerning totally 
unexplored and unknown regions, but for confirmation and correctinn of 
already existing knowledge. Lopez started from the mouth of the Tagus 
in 1578, and, after some years spent in Africa, returned to Europe charged 


with a mission from the King of Coiijjo to the Spanish monarch. Philip wa8 
then engai;ed in ti ring nut the Armada, and Lopi'z Hiiding himself dis- 
appointed went to Rome and was reeeived by the Pope. He dictated his narrative 
to Pigafetta, who wrote it in Italian and printed it at Koine in 1591. 


28804 SARMIENTO DE GAMBOA (Capt. Pedro) Viage al Estrecho 
de Magallanes, 1579-80, j Boticia de la Expedicion que despnes 
hizo para poblarle, sm. 4to. 'i folding plates, calf, 30s Madrid, 1 768 

28804* the same, sm. ^to. fine clean copy in vellum, 365 1768 

28805 the same, large paper, hf. bd. uncut, £2. 1768 

The Journal of the Voyage ot Sarmiento was printed from the original 

MS. in the Royal Library at Madrid, and edited by Don Bernardo Yriarte, 
1582 : Hariot's Narrative of Virginia — see De Brj's Voyages. 
1585-1659 : 

28806 Le Blanc (V.) The World Surveyed: or the Voyages and 
Travailes of Le Blanc to the East and West Indies, Persia, 
Pegu, and thi'ough all Africa, etc., rendered into English by 
Fr. Bi'ooke, sm. iolio, portrait, calf, £1, 8s 1660 


28807 Ferrer Maldonado (Lorenzo) Viaggio dal Mare Atlantico al 
Pacifico per la via del Nord-Ouest, 1588, tradotto da un MS. 
Spagnuolo inedito da Amoretti, 4to. maps, hds. 21s Milano, 1811 


28808 HAWKINS. The Observations of Sir Richard Hawkins 
KNIGHT, in his Voyage into the South Sea, Anno Domini 1593, 
small folio, title mended, fine copy in calf extra, gilt edges, by 
Pratt, £4. 4s London, printed by I. D for lohn laggard, 1622 

28809 the sttme, fine copy in calf, £5. 1622 

Rare. It has been reprinted by the Hakluyt Society. 


28810 VEER (Gerrit de) Diarium Nauticum, sen vera Descriptio 
trium Navigationum, auctore Gerardo de Vera, sm. folio, First 
Latin Edition, jj^a^e.«, sd. £3. 3s Amst. 1598 

28811 Vraye Description de trois Voyages de mer, sm. folio, 

plates, sd. £2. 16s ib. 1604 

28812 la meme description, sm. folio, jsZa/es, sd. 35s ib. 1609 

28813 Tre Navigation! nella Norvegia, Moscovia a Tartai'ia 

verso il Catai, e Regno de' Sini da scopersero la Nuova Zembla 
et la Groenlandia, tradotte da Giov. Giunio, sq. 8vo. 31 maps 
and engravings, a fine clean copy in vellum, 30s Venetia, 1599 
The versions published by De Bry and Hulsius are not faithful repre- 
sentations of the text, which is only accurately given in the original 
Amsterdam editions. The entrravings in those collections are also much 
varied and reduced from the original designs ; and even in the Italian version 
by Giunio, there are departures from accuracy in this respect, two of the 
engravings being duplicates. 
translation — see Hakluyt Society. 

Dudley (Robert) Voyage to the West Indies— see Arcano del Mare, 
No. 28212. 

28814 RALEGH (Sir W.) the Discoverie of the large, rich and 
bew^tiful Empire of Guiana, with a relation of the Great and 
Golden Citie of Manoa (which the Spaniards call El Dorado) 
And the provinces of Emeria, AiTomaia, Ampaia, and other 


Countries, with tbeir rivers, adjoyning. Performed in the yeare 
1595, sm. 4to. red morocco extra, by Bedford, vert rare, £40. 

Robert Robinson, 1596 
28115 RALEGH (Sir W.) the same, a different issue, last leaf mended, 
I5i^ 6 — KE YMIS (Laurence) Relation of the second Voyage to 
Guiana, 1596, Thomas Dawson, 1596 — Harcourt (Robert) Re- 
lation of a Voyage to Guiana (1608), John Beale, 1613 — 3 voh. 
in 1, sm. 4to. hf. bd. £55. 1596-1613 

It is to be feared that the central object of Ealeigh's picture, although 
generally believed in by the navigators ofall countries in the sixteenth century, 
■was embellished with consciously imaginative touches by the author, and that 
he knew better than most others how utterly untrue was the story of The 
Gilded King (El Dorado) and his magnificent Golden City (Manoa). But his 
accounts ot what he actually saw have a high geographical interest, and 
Schomburgk has proved that his descriptions of Indian tribes are accurate ; 
■while his own tragical and romantic history, combined with the fact that he 
■was the founder of England's colonial empire, and the first figure in the 
Annals of the United States, gives to his Guiana a commercial value and 
importance beyond its mere literary rank. 

Harcourt's Relation is a rare book, but Keymis' is of the highest degree 
of rarity, not more than three or four copies having occtured in the market 
during the last seventy years. 


28816 SHERLEY (Sir Antony) Relation of his Travels into Persia, 
sm. 4to. toith the rare portrait by Sadeler, calf extra, gilt edges, by 
Kalthoeber, from the BecJcford library, £10. lOs 1613 

28816* the same, sm. 4to. without the portrait, green viorocco 

extra, g. e. by Zoehnsdorf, side notes of a few leaves slightly cut 
■ into, £4. 4s J 613 

1599-1631 : 

CHAMPLAIX (Samuel de) Voyage to the West Indies, 1599- 
16u2, translated from the original MS. — see Hakluyt Society. 

28817 Les Voyages de Sievi' de Champlain Xaintongeois 

divisez en devx livres, ou, lovrnal tres-fidele des 

observations faites es descouuertures de la ISTouuelle France . . . 
small 4to. 8 separate maps, and 2 plates, with some others which 
are printed on the text, bds. £25. Paris, 1613 

This is the second printed volume of Champlain's Voyages, and narrates 
the experiences of his second voyage to Canada (1604-8), his third (1608-9), 
and his fourth (1610-11), his fifth (1611), and his sixth (1613). These last 
four voyages are treated as independent of the precedmg two expeditions, and 
are called I-IV. The large map appears to be a facsimile, judging from the 
paper on which it is impressed, but it looks very like an original, and seems to 
have been produced from a metal plate. 

28818 les Voyages de la Nouvelle France Occidentale, dicte 

Canada, faits par le Sr. de Champlain Xainctongeois. . . . 
& toutes les Descouuertes qu' il a faites en ce pais depuis I'an 
1603 iusques en I'an 1629, 2 parts in 1 vol. small 4to. 
engravings in the text, fine fresh and perfect copy of the large 
folding map ; bound by Bedford, red morocco extra, gilt edges, £65. 

Paris, Claude Collet, 1632 

28819 the same, sm. 4to. with a new title-page, but in other 

respects identical tvith the issue of 1632, with the original large 

map, fine copy in old French veau fauve extra, £55. 1640 

Vkky rare. Complete with the scarce piece of 20 pp. contaning th« 


1599-1631 — continued. 

Doctrine Chrestienne, Oraison Doininicale, etc. en langage Canadois et 
Francois. This is perhaps the most important of the old editions as it 
contains a collective nan-ative embodying a review of all preceding French 
expeditions to the New World, followed by and interwoven with Champlain's 
own Voyages to Canada; a short account of the First (1603) which had been 
published in 1604 ; an abridgment of the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, 
Sixth (1608-13), as they had been published in the volume dated 1613. This 
matter ends on p. 210. Pp. 239-308 contain the Seventh Voyage (1615-16). 
The Eighth Voyage (1617) is only mentioned between pp. 211 and 214 as 
nnimportant. Seconde Partie : Ninth Voyage and History of Canada 
(1620-31), pp. 1-310); Traite de la Navigation, pp. 1-54; Doctrine 
Chrestienne, Canadois et Francois, pp. 1-20. 

28820 Champlain (Sieur de) Voyages, ou Journal es Decouvertes de la 
Nouvelle France, 2 vols. 8vo, lif. Id. 20s Paris, 1830 

Reprinted from the rare volume of 1632. 


28821 Mantegazza (S.) Relatione tripartita del Yiaggio di Gierusa- 
lemme, sm. 4to. bds. £2. Milano, 1616 

An interesting volume full of curiously minute information. The author 
started on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, from Milan, in 1600. 

28822 LAVENDER (Theophilus) Travels of foure English Men and 
a Preacher into Africa, Asia, Troy, Bythinia, and to the Blacke 
Sea, and into Syria, Cicilia, etc. sm. 4to. tlarfe Icltrr, fine 
copy in calf extra, gilt edges, hy Bedford^ scarce, £8. 15s 1612 

The five travellers were William Biddulph (the preacher) and Jeffrey 
Kirby, Edward Abbot, John Elkin, and Jasper Tyon. Lavender compiled the 
book from the letters sent home by Biddulph, and his brother Peter. 


28823 MOCQUET (Jean) Voyages en Afrique, Asie, Indes Orien- 
tales et Occidentales, 12mo. 9 plates, calf, 36s Bouen, 1665 

The second book contains the " Voyages aux Indes Occidentales, en la 
riviere des Amazones, pays desCaripous et Caribes, etc." The plates all show 
the costume and appearance of the different nations visited by Mocquet. 

28824 Mocquet, Travels and Voyages, translated by Nath. Pnllen, 
12mo. 8 woodcuts, old calf, 36s 1696 

28825 Spilbergen. Historical Journael van tghene ghepasseert is van 
weghen drie Schepen ghevaren nyt Zeelandt vander Stadt 
Camp-Vere naer d'Ost-Indien, oder t'beleyt van loris van 
Spielberghen, anno 1601, den 5. Mey, tot in t' Eylant Celon, etc. 
oblong 8vo. 2 maps, one a little defective, and 10 curious engrav- 
ings, bds. 21s Amsterdam, 1617 

Brereton's Voyage to North Virginia — see Purchas' Pilgrims. 

28826 Pyrard de Laval (Francois) Voyage anx Indes Orientales, 
Maldives, Moluques et au Bresil, etc. nouvelle edition, 
augmentee de divers traitez et relations curieuses par Du Val, 
4to. map, old calf, £2. Paris, L. Billaine, 1679 

1605 : 

28827 SAO BERNARDINO (Gaspar de) Itinerario da India por 
terra ate este reino de Portugal, com a Descripcam de Hieru- 
salem, sm. 4to. large copy, a little stained, last leaf slightly 
imperfect and mended, vellum, very rare, £2. 8s Lishua, 1611 

28828 the same, sm. 4to. sound perfect copy in red mororco 

extra, £4. 4j 1611 


28829 SAO BERNARDINO (Gaspar de) Itinerario da India, etc. 
2da edi^ao, 8vo. sd. bs Lisboa, 1842 

28830 CARTWRIGHT (J.) The Preachers Ti-avel to the confines 
of the East Indies, through the great conntrejes of Syria, 
Mesopotamia, Armenia, Media, Hircania, and Parthia, with the 
author's returne bj the way of Persia, Susiana, Assiria, Chaldaea, 
and Arabia, sm. 4to. tvith some MS. matter at end in a contem- 
porary hand, and a MS. list of contents in the same hand, olive 
morocco extra, gilt edges, £o. 6s 1611 

One of the most interesting and valuable accounts of old English travels 
in the East which we possess. The occasional Christian comments on Moham- 
medan darkness are not accompanied by any prejudices in the narrative, which 
is especially circumstantial concerning the Persian empire, then very powerful. 
It is not clear why the title bears " the Preacher's Travels," as Cartwright who 
went to Ispahan, and his companion John Mildenab, who travelled on to 
Lahore, seem to have been merchants. 
Roster's account of Waymoath's Voyage for the discovery of 
Virginia [New England] — see post in section, History of 
English America. 

MIDDLETON'S (Sir Henry) Voyage to Bantam — see Haklnyt 
Lancaster (Sir James) and Captain Knight's North-West Voyage 
— see Hakluyt Society. 
? 1606-12: 

28333 Ordonez de Zevallos (Pedro) Historia y Viage del Mundo, a 

las cinco partes de la Europa, Africa, Asia, Amei-ica, y Magala- 

nica, con el Itinerario de todo el, sm. 4to. a preliminary leaf 

slightly defective, vellum, 30s Madrid, 1691 

1607-10 : 

Hudson (Henry) Voyages — see Purchas' Pilgrims. 

see also, post, 1631 Foxe (Luke). 


28831 MONFART (Henry de) an exact and curious Survey of all 
the East Indies, even to Canton, all duly performed by land, 
the like whereof was never hitherto brought to an end, Wherein 
also are described the huge Dominions of the great Mogor, to 
whom that honorable knight, Sir Thomas Roe, was lately sent 
ambassador, smallest 4to. 40 pp. a little cropped and stained, hf. 
calf, rare, Mr. BurnelVs copy, with a MS. note on fly-leaf respecting 
the author, £2. 2s. London, Thomas Dawson, 1615 

28832 the same, sm. 4to. hf hd. £3. 3s 1615 

28833 the same, 4to. fine copy in calf extra, gilt edges, by 

Kalthoeber, from the Bechford library, Ham,ilton Palace, £4. 4s 


28834 CORY AT' S (T.) Crudities, hastily gobbled up in five Moneths' 
Travels in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia, Germany, and the 
Netherlands, etc. reprinted from the edition of 1611, 3 vols. 8vo. 
engraved frontispiece containing portrait, plates, fine large cojyy, 
calf gilt, £4. 4s 1776 

To this excellent edition arc added his Letters from India, Oration, 
Character, Death, an account of his travels in different parts of the globe, etc. 



28835 LITHGOW (W.) a most delectable and true Discourse of an 
admired and painefuU Peregrination from Scotland to the most 
famous Kingdomes in Europe, Asia, and Affrica, sm. 4to. fine 
copy, calf, £6. 6s N. Okes, 1623 

A Scotchman, native of Lanark, who acquired celebrity from walking 
twenty-six thousand miles in different parts of the world. His book is 
considered very entertaining and contains lung descriptions of Iialy, 
Constantinople, Cyprus, the Levant, Palestine, Egypt, Greece, the Lake of 
Sodome and Goniorha, and also the Rivers Nile and Euphrates, etc. 

28836 LiTHGOUWS (Willem) 19. Jaarige Lant-Eeyse naer de vermaerde 
Koninckrijcken Europa, Asia ende Africa . . . nyt 't Engels 
overgeset, sm. 4:to. front, and curious plates, vellum, 32s 1652 


28837 Sandys, Relation of a Journey begun 1610, containing a 
description of the Turkish Empire, Egypt, the Holy Land, etc. 
sm. folio, plates, calf, 9s 1621 

28838 the same, third edition, sm. folio, maps and many 

plates, calf, 15s 1632 

28839 the same, sixth edition, sm. folio, map and plates, calf, 

10s 1670 

1611: ^ 

28840 CLAUDE D'ABBEUILLE, Histoire de la Mission des Peres 
Capvcins en I'lsle de Maragnan et terres circonuoisines ov est 
traicte des singularitez admirables & des Meurs merueilleuses 
des Indiens . . . sm. 8vo. engraved title, and seven other full-page 
engravings, including six portraits of Indians, old calf, £12. 

Paris, 1614 

Vert rare. The French settlement in the island of Maraiion was not 

held for very long, and soon fell into the hands of the Portuguese. The 

French called it la France Equinoctiale, a name which was afterwards 

transferred to their colony in Guiana. 


28841 Spilbbegen (G. a) Speculum Orientalis Occidentalisqiie Indi» 
Navigationum, quarum nna G. a Spilbergen, altera Jac le Maire 
auspiciis directa, annis 1614-1618, oblong 4to. engraved title and 
25 curious plates and maps, vellwm, £2. 10s 

Lugd. Bat., N. a GeelJcerchen, 1619 

28842 the same, oblong 4to. olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by 

Leighton, £3. 3s 1619 


28843 SCHOUTEN (Willem Cornelissen) and Jacques LE MAIRE. 
Novi Freti, a parte meridionali Freti Magellanici, in Magnum 
Mare Australe Detectio ; facta laboriosissimo & periculosissimo 
itinere a Guilielmo Cornelii Schoutenio Hornano, Annis 1615, 
1616 & 1617, totum Orbem terrarum circumnavigante, sm. 4to. 
engraving on title and 9 separate maps and plates, vellum, £6. 

Amsterdami, Gull. lanson. 1619 

First Latin edition of a work which had been published for the first time 

in Dutch, the year before. — This was one of the most remarkable voyages 

ever undertaken, and contributed largely to the science of cartography, by the 

number of new discoveiics which marked the course of Le Maire and 


Schouten in their circumnavigation of the globe. Magellan in the Victoria, 
Drake in the Pelican, and Schouten in the Endracht form three of the most 
striking figures in geographical history. The portraits of six circumnavigators 
are engraved in the borders of the map of the world : Magellan, Schouten, 
Drake, Cavendish, Van Nort, and Spilbergen. 

Le Maiee's Narrative of the same Voyage — see No. 28320. 

1615-27 : 

28844 DELLA VALLE, Viaggi divisi in tre parti; la Turcliia, la 
Persia, e I'ladia, 3 parts in 4 vols, small 4:to. fine copy in vellum, 
36s Roma, 1650-63 

28845 seconda impressione, con la vita dell' autore, 4 vols. 

sm. 4to. jport. vellum, 10s Roma, 1662-68 


28846 NODAL (Bartolome Garcia y GoNgALo) Relacion del.Viaje 
qve hizieron al descubrimiento del Estrecho nuebo de S. Vicente 
y reconosimjo. del de Magallanes, small 4to. with the rare map, 
fine cojnj in calf extra, gilt edges, £18. Madrid, 1621 

Vert rare. — Twelve prel. leaves (engraved title with Portraits of the 
two brothers Nodal, the reverse blank ; 'Fee de aprouacion,' 3 pp. ; ' Suma 
del priuilegio,' 1 p. ;' Tassa,' 1 p. ; ' Erratas,' 1 p. ; ' a Don Fernando Carillo,' 
3 pp. ; ' Al Lector,' 5 pp. ; ' Advertencias,' 3 pp. ; ' Variacion de la aguja,' 
3 pp. ; 'Eeglas,' 2 pp.) ; Text, 65 numbered leaves ; Tabla para saber las 
Horas,' etc. 1 leaf ; ' Relacion sumaria de los Servicios de los Capitanes 
Bartolome Garcia de Nodal, y Gonqalo de Nodal, hermanos,' leaves numbered 
2-15. At the beginning of the text there is the very rare copper-plate Map 
entitled ' Reconociniiento de los Estrechos de Magellanes,' etc. I. de Courbes 
sculpsit. 13^ by 15j inches. 

An inferior copy fetched £16. 10s at the Drake Sale, Sotheby's, 1883. 
"More than one copy has been sold for 30 guineas." — Rich. The map is 
almost always wanting, and from the well-known jealousy, or policy rather, of 
the Spanish Government, was probably inserted in very few copies. Crofts 
believed his own copy to be the only perfect one in England — that in the 
British Museum being deficient of the chart. 

28847 Nodal, Relacion del Viage al descubrimiento del Estrecbo rnievo 
de S. Vincente, etc. con las Derrotas de la America Occidental 
por Man. de Echavelar, 2 vols, in 1, sq. 8vo. with a small Map 
datedl769, vellum, 30s Cadiz (1769) 

The strait of San Vincente had been traversed by Le Mnire shortly before 
the brothers Nodal, and his name has remained to designate it. But the 
Spanish map has a special value, and is more detailed than Le Maire's. 


28848 JOB SON (Richard) The Golden Trade : a discovery of the 
River Gambra, and the Golden Trade of the -Ethiopians ; also 
the commerce with a great Blacke Merchant called Buckor 
Sano, and his Report of the houses covered with Gold, sm. 4to. 
fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, Rare, from the Beclcford 

library, Hamilton Palace, £12. 1623 

Jobson sailed up the River Gambia with an expedition in the year 1620. 
His narrative is full of the most interesting details, and seemed so geographi- 
cally valuable to Purchas that its publication in the fullest form was desired 
by him. 

VOTAGB OF THE PiLGRiM FATHERS — see post tinder History of EngUsh 



28850 L'HEREMITE (laques) lovrnael vande Nassausche Vloot, Ofte 
Beschryvingh vande Voyagie om den gantschen Aard-kloot, 
ghedaen met elf Schepen : Onder't beleyd van den Admirael 
laques I'Heremite, ende Vice-Admirael Geen Huygen 
Schapenham: 1623, 1624, 1625, en 1626, sm. 4to. First 
Edition, 8 separate plates and maps, fine copy in red morocco 
extra, gilt edges, £10. 10s Amstelredani, 1626 

In this circumnavigation, as well as in that of Le Mail e, many geographical 
facts were ascertained, and some geographical names given, for the first time. 
Johannes van Walbeeck, the mathematicus of the fleet, is supposed to have 
been the author. 

28851 Journael vande Nassausche Vloot, onder Jaquea 

I'Heremite, en Gheen H. Schapenham, 1623-6 ; gevoegt een 
Beschrijvinge van Peru, door Pedro de Madriga, sm. 4to. plate, 
sd. 16s Amst., J. Hartgertsz, 1648 

28851* Waerachtig Verhael van het succes van de Vlote 

onder den Admiral Jaques L'Hermite, in de Zuyt-Zee, op de 
Custen van Peru, en de Stadt Lima in Indien, sm. 4to. engraving 
of the totvn of Callao on title, sd., rare, 16s Amst. 1625 

Ternaux mentions the English translation of this piece, but not the rare 
Dutch original. 


28852 GAGE'S (Thomas) New Survey of the West India's : or, the 
English American his Travail by Sea and Land, with a Poconchi, 
or Pocoman Grammar, second edition, sm. folio, 4 riiaps, bound, 
£2. 2s 1655 

Gage, as a Dominican friar, went out with a party of Spanish missionaries 
in 1625. He was thus enabled to compile a book which is remarkable as the 
first and only extensive work by an English author upon the Spanish Indies 
as seen from within. It is very entertaining and instructive, notwithstanding 
the singularly superstitious tales that it narrates. After twenty-four years, 
absence from England, Gage returned home in 1639, and a year later joined 
the English Church. It is curious that we find in this volume the word 
" party " used in its modern slang sense of " individual." 

28853 T A VERNIER, Six Voyages en Turquie, en Perse, et aux 
Indes, avec le Recueil du plusieurs relations et traitez singuliers 
et curieux, 3 vols. 4to. port, maps and plates, calf, £S. 3s 

Paris, 1676 

28853* Six Voyages, avec le Recueil de plusieurs relations, 

et avec la relation de I'lnterieur du Serrail, 3 vols, 12mo. ports, 
maps and plates, calf, £2. Paris, 1679 

28854 Six Voyages through Turkey and Persia to the 

Indies, published (translated) by E. Everard, 2 parts, a title 
and 2 plates wanting, leaf of preface mended; Relation of the 
Seraglio ; Relations and Treatises not among the first six 
voyages, map and plates ; — etc. in 1 vol. folio, calf, £2. 1680-84 
The Six Voyages form the first volume of a " Collection of Voyages . . . 
of Tavemier, Bernier, and others," but the general title is wanting ; the rest 
with some other matter forms the second volume, and this is bound irregularly. 

1626 : 

28855 Herbert (Thos.) A Relation of some yeares Travaile begun 
1626, into Africa and the greater Asia; and some parts of the 
Oriental! Indies, etc. sm. folio, front, by Wm. Marshall, maps 
and plates engraved on the text, old calf, from the (Sunderland 


1 626 — continued. 

Ubrary, £3. 8s 1634 

28856 the same, sm. folio, old calf neat, formerly Bindlexjs 

copy, noiv from the Beckford lihrary. Palace^ £3. \0s 163^! 


28857 RICHSZHOFPERS (Ambrosii) Braszilianlsch- und West 
Indianisclie Reisze Beschreibung, 12mo. portrait of the author, 
engraved title, 2 maps and 2 plates^ fine copy in green morocco 
extra, gilt edges, £5. Straszburg, 1677 

A spirit ot adventure 1-d this young Strassburger to go from home at 
seventeen years of age (in 1629) and to take service with the Dutch. He was 
immediately sent to America, and helped to tight the Portuguese and 
Spaniards in Brazil and the West Indians. After more than three years' 
experience of warfare, he returned and got married. In his old age he 
published his narrative for the first time. 

28858 Philippe (Fere) Voyage d'Orient ou il a descrit plusieurs regions 
d'Orient, leurs habitans, etc. sm. 8vo. calf, 20s Lyon, 1669 

1630 : 

28859 Stochove, Voyage es annees 1630-33, small 4to. engraved 
frontispiece containing 17 views amongst ivhich two depict Fama- 
gosta and Nicosia in Cyprus, green vellum, 16.9 Bruxelles, 1643 

This rare work is a description of Turkey, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt. 


28860 FOXE (Luke) North-West Fox, or Fox from the North-west 
passage . . . with briefe Abstracts of the Voyages of Cabot, 
Frobisher, Davis, Waymonth, Knight, Hudson, Button, Gibbons, 
Bylot, Baffin, Hawkridge . . . Mr. lames Hall's three 
Voyages to Groynland . . . with the Author his owne 
Voyage, small 4to. woodcuts, and a large folding engraved map of 
the Arctic regions, a little wormed in the irmer margins, old calf, 
£30. • 1635 

28861 the same, sm.4to. red morocco, by Bedford, £36. 1635 

Like Hud.-on, Battin, Davis, Franklin, the north-country sailor who wrote 
this curious book, has left unimperishable traces on the map of his boldness 
and skill in exploring the Arctic regions. He failed to discover the North- 
west passage, but the names he gave to many of the places he discovered have 
reinaint-d as witnesses of his labours. Ilis map was a valuable contributiou of 
Iresh information to the cartographer, and is still one of the more important 
documents in the history of Geography and of Arctic exploration. 


28862 PELLHAM (Edward) Gods Power and Providence : shewed, 
in the miracvlous Preservation and Deliverance of eight 
Englishmen; left by mischance in Green-land Anno 1630, nine 
moneths and twelve dayes . . . sm. 4to. title mended, and 
having the words of imprint supplied in facsimile, fine impression 
of the large engraved map of Greejiland, the processes of whale- 
fishing illustrated in ten minor designs on the inargins, £6. 1631 
Very kare ; the book itself is of very infrequent occurrence, and the 
map is wanting in most copies. Pelham, in the preface, compares his own 
case with that of Barentz in the Dutch voyage of 1596. He and seven 
companions went on shore to kill venison, lost their way, and missed their 
ship, so that they were cast away on the shores of Greenland from August, 
IG30 till the London whale- fleet returned to Greenland, at the end of May, 16.31. 
The map is the same as apjtears in the third volume of Purchas. 




28862*Olearius (A.) Voyages tres curieux en Moscovie, Tartarie et 
Perse, traduits par Wicqnefort, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, maps, 
Views of Toivns and Costume, etc. some leaves foxed, old calf gilt, 
7s 6d Leide, 1719 


28863 Caron. Reclite Besclirjvinge van liet maclitigli Koninghrijck 
van Jappan . . . des Regiering, Coopliandel, maniere van 
Leven, strenge Justitie, etc. sm. 4to. map of Japan and plates at 
pp. 36 and 48, ayid one on the title repeated at p. 32, hf. russia, 
gilt edges, £3. 10s 

In's Gravenhage, lohannes Tongerloo, s. a. (? 1660) 
Including "Beschryvinge van Siam," door J. Schouten, 16 pages. 

1637-39 : 

28864 Jannequin (C.) Voyage de Lybie an Royaume de Senega le 
long du Niger, description des habitants qui sont le Ion de ce 
fleuve, leurs coutumes, etc. fine copy in r^lssra, gilt edges, by 
C. Lewis, from the Beckford library, 36s Paris, 1643 


28865 ACUNA (el Padre Chrstoval de) Nvevo Descvbrimiento del 
gran Rio de las Amazonas . . al qval fve, y se liizo por orden 
de sn Magestad, el auo de 1639, por la provincia de Qvito en los 
Reynos del Peru, sm. 4to. fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt 
edges, by Bedford, £25. * Madrid, 1641 

28866 the same, sm. 4to. ruled throughout with red ink, a 

very fine and very large copy in old red morocco extra, broad 
borders of gold on the sides, gilt edges, by Padeloup, from the 
library of Girardot de Prefond, with both the lengthwise and the 
oval-labels which he %sed at different periods, £42. 1641 

28867 another copy, sm. 4to. six leaves (folios 2, 3, 37-40), 

supplied in facsimile, hf. bd. £7. 10s 1641 

Althongh here are three copies of the one book, it is nevertheless so rare 
that there are probably not more than a dozen in existence. It was 
formerly supposed that only four copies had survived to our time. The explora- 
tion of the whole course of the Amazon, and the discovery that it was 
navigable all the way from Quito to the Atlantic, were farts of such 
importance, that although the King ordered the account to be printed, it was 
afterwards thought advisable to suppress and destroy it, in order that the 
Portuguese, who between 1639 and 1641 had regained their independence of 
Spain, should not have the benefit of Spanish enterprise. 


28868 Hemmersam, West-Indianische Reiss-beschreibnng, 1639-45, 
nach St. Jorius de Mina, ein Castel in Africa, 12mo. plates, 
vellum, 18s Nilmberg, 1663 

Some copies have the word " Guineische " before '' West-Indianische " on 
the title. 

28869 Hemmersam, West-Indianisk Reese-Be'skrifning, 1639-45 till 
St. Joris de Mina, itt Castell i Africa, sm. 4to. a very rare 
specimen of printing, sd. 16s Wijsingborg, 1674 

One of the rare productions of the insular press founded and supported 
for a short time by Count Peter Brahe. in North Sweden. 



28870 BROUWER (Hendrick) Journael ende Historis verhael van de 
Reyse gedaen by Oosten de Straet le Maire, naer de Custen. van 
Chili, 1643 ; vervatende der Chilesen manieren, handel ende 
ghewoonten, als mede een beschryvinghe van het Eylandt Eso, 
etc. sm. 4to. first editiox, 2 maps and plate, hf. vellum, 
£3. 10s Amst., Broer Jansz, 1646 

28871 the same, sm. 4to. maps and plaJe, veau fauve, gilt 

edges, from the Hamilton Palace library, £4. 4s 1646 


28872 PACIFIQVE DE PROVINS, Brieve Relation dv Voyage des 
Isles de l'Ameriqve, sm. 8vo. fine copy, calf extra, gilt edges, 
from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace. £5. Paris, 1646 

ExTKEMELY RARE ; Unknown to the bibliographers and writers on 
America. This Capuchin friar was sent out as the head of a mission to the 
French West Indies, and wrote the Brieve Relation in the island of Guade- 
loupe in 1645, dedicating it to the Comte de Brioii " Viceroy de I'Amerique." 
He describes the root Palates as the wanna of the poor. 

28873 BOOTHBY (R.) Breife Discovery or Description of the most 
famous Island of Madagascar or St. Laurence in Asia neare 
nnto East India, sm. 4to. sd. vert rare, £3. 10s 1646 

The heading of Chap. XV, on p. 62, commences with " the valour of the 
English nation against the Salvages in Virginia and New England," 


28873*Struys, Voyages en Moscovie, en Tartarie, en Perse, aux Indes, 

etc. avec deux lettres des malheurs d'AsTRACAN, et la Relation 

d'nn Naufrage, 4to. map and many curious Views and plates, 

vellum or calf, 25s Amst. 1681 


28874 BOYER (Paul) Veritable Relation de tovt ce qvi s'est fait et 
passe au voyage que Monsieur de Bretigny fit a I'Amerique 
Occidentale. Auec une Description des Moeurs, & des Pro- 
ninces de tous les Sauuages de cette grande partie du Cap de 
N"ord ; un Dictionnaire de la Langue . . . Le tout fait sur 
les lieux . . sm. 8vo. olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit, 
£14. 14s Paris, 1654 

There are 14 preliminary leaves, the first being the title and the fourteenth 

28875 tlie same, sm. 8vo. morocco extra, gilt edges, fine copy, 

£12. 12s 1654 

Fetched £14. 14s at the Beckford sale. 

This has a variation in the preliminary leaves, which are 15 including 
the title, and all printed on. The dedicatory letter to Colbert in the former 
copy is in small type and occupies four leaves. In the latter it is in larj^er 
type, occupying five leaves, and is followed by a sixth, " Au Lecteur," which 
is not the former. The Carib or Galibi Dictionary which follows the account 
of Bretigny's expedition occupies pp. 393-43.3, and is succeeded on pp. 434-463 
by a " Brieve Relation de tout ce qui se passa au voyage que Monsieur le 
Baron de Dormelles fit faire a I'Amerique (1648)."' Bretigny started in 1643 
with commisson as Governor-general of Cap Nord, that is, of French Guiana, 
and was massacred by the natives in 1645, with a great number of the French 
colonists in Cavenne. 

196 * 


? 1650-89 : 

28879 Reining (J. E.) Zeer Aanmerkelijke Rejsen, meeste in de 
West-Indien en ook in veel andere deelen des Werelds, etc. 
samengesteld door D. vander Stei're, sm. 4to. engraved title and 
6 plates, half velhim, 16s Amst., Jan ten Hoorn, 1691 


28880 BIET (Antoine) Voyage de la France Equinoxiale en lisle de 
Cayenne entrepris par les Francois, 1652, 4to. old calf, with the 
hook-flate of the Duchess de Berry, £3. Paris, 1664 

28881 the same, 4to. tall copy with the arms of Le Fevre de 

Caumartin Saint-Ange in gold on sides, calf, £4. 4s 1664 

This scarce volume contains a " Petit Dictionnaire de la I.angue des 
Sauvages Galibis," or the Caribi Language. 
1653 : 

28882 La MARTiNit;EE (le Sienr de) Voyage des Pais Septentrionaux, 
dans lequel se void les moeurs, maniere de vivre, & superstitions 
des Norweguiens, Lappons, Kiloppes, Borandiens, Syberiens, 
Samojedes, Zembliens, & Islandois, 12mo. First Edition, 
engraved title, and numerous curious engravings in the text, calf, 
25s Paris, 1671 

1652-77 : 

28883 THEVENOT (Jean de) Relation d'un Voyage fait au Levant, 
1665 — Suite du Voyage de Levant, 1674 — Voyages contenant 
la Relation de I'lndostan, 1684 ; — in 2 vols. 4to. old calf, from the 
Sunderland library, £2. Paris, 1665-84 

28884 Travels into the Levant, Turkey, Persia, the East- 
Indies, sm. folio, tvith the scarce portrait, plates, calf, 18s 1687 

28885 BARATTI (Giacorao) The late Travels of S. Giacomo 
Barratti, an Italian Gentleman, into the remote Countries of the 
Abissins, or of Ethiopia interior . . . Translated by G. D. 
18mo. morocco stoper extra, gilt edges, hy Petit, £2. 10s 

London, Benj. Billingsley, 1670 
1663 : 

28886 GoDiNHO (Manuel) Rela^ao do novo Caminho que fez por terra 
e mar vindo da India, 1663, 8vo. hf. bd. 4s 6d Lisboa, 1842 

1664-77 : 

28887 C HARDIN (Jean) Voyages en Perse, et autres lieux de 
rOrient, 3 vols. 4to. maps and plates, panelled calf gilt, from 
the Sunderland library, 14s Amsterdam, 1701 

28888 Voyages en Perse et autres lieux del'Orient, nouvelle 

edition augmentee avec des notes par L. Langles, 10 vols. 8vo. 

and imperial iolio Atlas, containing portrait, m,ap and 81 plates on 

62 leaves, cloth, £5. Paris, 1811 

28889 the same, 10 vols. 8vo. and impl. folio Atlas, hf red. 

morocco neat, gilt tops, from the Beckford library, £7. 10s 1811 
28890 CHARDIN (Jean) Voyages en Perse, Atlas, impl. folio, ma^ aw^Z 

81 plates on 62 leaves, fine plates of costume, sctdpture, views, etc. 

hf. bd. no text, 30s Paris, 1811 

" Among the many travellers v/ho have thrown light on the Persian 

empire, Chardin has always been considered as the one to whom Etlrope is 


most indebted. He devoted his lite, as it were, to a knowledge of Persia. He 
made long and repeated visits thither ; he traversed it in length and breadth, 
from the Caspian to the ocean." — Murray's Asia. 

28891 Travels into Persia and ye East Indies, folio, portrait 

hy Loggan, map and plates, calf, 20s 1686 

1666 : Warren's Sorinam — see post under South America. 

28892 Martens (F.) Spitzbergische oder Groenlandische Reise- 
Beschreibung, 1671, sm. 4to. 16 plates of Animals, etc. hd. 
£2. 10s Hamburg, 1675 

28893 the same, sm. 4to. flates, fine clean copy in green 

morocco extra, gilt edges, from the Hamilton Palace library, 
£10. 105 1675 

Like Gerrit Veer, ^lartens seems to misuse the name of Greenland. 
1672 : 

28891! Fryer (J.) New Account of East India and Persia, being nine 
years Travels, 1672-81, with Observation on the Government, 
Customs, Trades, Religion, Coins, etc. of those countries, sm. 
folio, portrait, m,aps, and plates, old calf, 16s- 1698 

1673-81 : 
Narratives of ^Marquette, Allouez, La Salle, Hennepin, of explora- 
tion in the Mississippi Valley — see p)ost under English and 
French America : French, Tonti, Joutel ; and ante Thevbnot, 
No. 28668. 

28895 CUBERO SEBASTIAN (Pedro) Peregrinacion del Mundo, 
sm. 4to. engraved a^ul printed titles, and frontispiece loith portrait, 
fine copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit, £6. 10s 

Naples, 1682 
Rare first editiox. Salva possessed only a later edition, printed at 
Madrid, but in a note he mentions the existence of this, and also of a previous 
edition of Madrid, 1680. He was, however, mistaken. Cubero was in Naples 
in 1682, and his dedication bears that date and place, and the privileges and 
approbations are all of that year. In or about 1676 he started eastwards, 
proceeding by land till he reached India ; thence sailing to the Moluccas, and 
afterwards across the Pacific Ocean to Acapulco and to Mexico. He reached 
Spain again in 1680. He was a diligent observer, and had plenty of good 
sense and shrewdness. 

1679 : 

28896 Wafer (L.) Nienwe Reystogt en Beschryving van de Land-engte 
van Amerika, midsgaders de Indiaansche Inwoonders, sm. 4to. 
map and h fine plates, sd. Qs Gravenhage, 1700 

1682 : 

28897 Le Maire (Le Sieur) Voyages aux lies Canaries, Cap-Verd, 
Senegal et Gamble sous M. Dancourt, 18mo. map and plate, 
calf, lis Suivant la Copie ci Paris, 1695 

28898 the same, 18mo. fine copy in calf gilt, 18s 1695 

1683 : 

28899 Lahontan (Baron de) Voyages dans I'Amerique Septentriouale 
[d la fin : Conversations de Tanteur avec Adario sauvage 
distingue et Dictionnaire de la langue des Sauvages], seconde 
edition augmentee, 2 vols. 12mo. maps and plates, calf, 20s 

La Haye {et Amsterdam), 1705 


1683 — continued. 

28900 Lahontan (Baron de) Voyage dans rAmerique, 2 vols. 12mo. 
maps and plates, calf, 15s 1706-5 

28901 seconde edition, 2 vols. 12mo. 32 maps and plates, old 

calf gilt, 20s Amst. 1728 

A reprint of the edition of 1706, differing slightly in arrangement, and 
with a fevp additions. 


28902 [Choist (Abbe de)] Jouraal du Voyage de Siam fait en 1685-6 
par M. L. D. C. 4to. calf, 7s 6d Paris, 1687 

28902* the same, 4to. fine large copy, calf, 10s 1687 

1686 : 

28903 Gabt, Relation de la Nigritie, avec la decouverte de la riviere 
du Senega, 12mo. calf, 10s Paris, 1689 


28904 OVINGTON'S Voyage to Suratt, 1689, account of the City 
and English Factory, St. Helena, Johanna, Bombay, Muscatt, 
etc. History of the revolution in Golconda, description of 
Ari-acan and Pegu, the Coins, Silkwonns, etc. small 8vo. view 
of Bombay (mended), calf gilt, Dr. BurnelVs copy, with MS. note 
on fly-leaf, 20s ' 1696 

28905 the same, sm. 8vo. fine copy in calf extra, from the 

Peckford library, Hamilton Palace, 30s 1696 


28906 IDES. Relation du Voyage de Evert Isbrand (Ides) a I'Empe- 
reur de la Chine en 1692-94, par le Sieur Adam Brand, 12mo. 
frontispiece and map, old calf, Svnderland copy, 15s Amst. 1699 

28907 IDES (Ysbrantes) Three Years' Travels from Moscow over- 
land to Pekin, thro' Great Ustiga, Siriana, Permia, Sibiria, 
Daour, Great Tartary, etc. with the customs, religion, govern- 
ment, marriages, etc. of the inhabitants, with Kao's description 
of China, and Commentary, 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. frontispiece, 
map and 20 2)lates of Costtime, Views, etc. calf, 10s 1 706 

28908 Beekel (A. van) Amerikaansche Voyagien, behelzende een 
Reis na Rio de Berbice, gelegen op het vaste land van Guiana, 
aande wildekast van America, mitsgaders een andere na de 
Colonic van Suriname, sm. 4to. engraved title and 2 'plates, half 
fauve, vellum, rare, 18s Amst., Johan van Hoorn, 1695 


28909 FROGER, Relation d'un Voyage, fait en 1695-7, aux Cotes 
d'Afrique, Detroit de Magellan, Brezil, Cayenne & Isles Antilles, 
par M. de Gennes, 12mo. original edition, large paper, engraved 
title, and 29 maps and plates, the Soubise copy, in old gilt veau 
rare, £4. 4s Paris, 1698 

28910 FROGER, Relation du Voyage de Mr. de Gennes, 12mo. engraved 
title, maps and plates, calf, 7s 6d Amst. 1699 

1696 : 

28911 LA MOTRAYE (Aubry de) Travels through Europe, Asia, 
and part of Africa, 2 vols, folio, large paper, maps and fine 


proof plates by W. Hogarth, fine old English red morocco, with 

rich gilt tooling, fixe copy, £3. 3s 1723 

'• Veracity and exactness, particularly so far as regards the copying of 

Inscriptions, characterize these travels. They are also valuable for information 

respecting the mines of the north of Europe.'' — Lowndes. 


28912 ALLISON (Tho.) Account of a Voyage from Arcliarigel in 
Russia, 1697, of the Ship and Company wintering near the 
North Cape, Observations of the Country and Inhabitants, 
12mo. 2 charts, calf extra, gilt edges, hy Kalthoeber, £3. 3s 1699 


28913 Tourxefoet's Voyage into the Levant (Turkey, Coasts of the 
Black Sea, Georgia, Armenia, Persia, etc.), 2 vols. 4to. best 
edition, map and plates, old calf, 6s ' 1718 

1701 : 

28914 Drury (Rob.) Adventures during fifteen years' captivity on the 
Island of Madagascar, containing the nature of the People, 
Customs, etc, with Vocabulary, 8vo. map and plates, tall copy in 
calf, 30.>- 1743 


28915 FUNNELL (W.) Voyage round the World, containing an 
account of Captain Dampier's Expedition into the South Seas, 
1 703-4, with the Author's Voyage from Amapalla on the West- 
Coast of Mexico to East-India, 8vo. maps and charts, gilt calf, 
by Kalthoeber, from the Hamilton Palace library, £4. 4s 1707 


28916 Jovix, Observaciones en forma de Suplica al Rey de Espaiia 
sobre la necesidad de poblar el Estrecho de Magallan, con la 
relacion de algunas expediciones hechas por el escritor accom- 
panando a los Franceses, sm. 4to. MS- 29 pages, 16s ? 1715 

This MS. contains some curious information which has never seen the 
light of publication. It contains the history of the French designs upon 
Magallanica, the views of other nations, the character of the Indiaas, etc. 
Jovin appears to have been a spiteful and disappointed man. 

28917 [FoiGNY (G. de)] Avantures de Jacques Sadeur dans la Decou- 
verte et le Voiage de la Terre Australe, 12mo. calf gilt, £4. 45 

Paris, 1705 
An entirely fictitious but extremely curious narrative. 
1707 : 

28918 D(urret), Voyage de Marseille a Lima, et dans les autres lieux 
des Indes Occidentales, 12mo. plates, calf extra, gilt edges, by 
C. Lewis, 36s 1720 


28919 Frezier, Relation du Voyage de la Mer du Sud aux Cotes du 
Cliili, du Perou et du Bresil, 1712-14, 2 vols 12mo. maps and 
plates, old calf, 10s Amst. 1717 


28920 Beekman (D.) Voyage to and from Borneo, with description of 
the Cape of Good Hope, the Hottentots, etc. sm. 8vo. miaps and 
plates, calf, gilt edges, by G. Hering, 35s 1718 

28921 the same, sm. 8vo. calf 30s 1718 



28922 Bell (J.) Travels from St. Petersburg to diverse parts of Asia, 
(Ispahan, Pekin, Siberia, Derbent, etc.), 2 vols. 4to. map, calf, 
9s Glasgoiv, B Sf A. Fmdis, 1763 


28923 EGEDE (Hans) Relation angaaende den Gronlandske Missions 
Begyndelse og Fortsoettelse, samt bvad ellers mere der ved 
Landets Recognoscering, dets Beskaffenhed, og Indbyggernes 
Voesen . . . er befunden, sm. 4to. hf. calf, rare, £8. Kioheii. 1738 

28924 Nacbricht vom Anfange und Fortgange der Gron- 

LANDISCHEN Mission, sm. 4to. sd. 32s Hamhurg, 1740 

28925 Det gamle Gronlands nye Perlustration, eller Natnrel- 

Historie, og Beskrivelse over det Situation, og Beskaffenhed, 
de gamle Norske Coloniers Begyndelse og Undergang, de itzige 
Indbyggernes Oprindelse, Voesen, etc. sm. 4to. original edition, 
map of Gronlandia Antiqua, with 11 curious plates of Natural 
History, Weapons, Games, etc. hf. calf, £3. 3s Kjobenhavn, 1741 

28926 Description of Greenland, its Natural History, Rise 

of the old Norwegian Colonies, Inhabitants, etc. translated from 
the Danish, sm. 8vo. with the viap and plates, hf. hd. 12s 1745 

28927 Description of Greenland, with Life, 8vo. map and 

woodcuts, hf. calf, 16s 1818 

28928 Description et Histoire naturelle du Greenland, sm. 

8vo. with the map and plates, calf 30s Copenhague, 1763 

Translated by Des Roches de Parthenay. 
1727 : 

28929 Gravier (Gabr.) Relation du Voyage des Dames Religieuses 
Ursulines de Rouen a la Nouvelle-Orleans avec une introduction 
et des notes par Gravier, sm. 4to. sd. 15s Paris, 1872 

Only 100 copies printed, of which only 50 came into the market. An 
intei-esting set of letters fx-om Louisiana by a young nun, Marguerite Hachard, 
■who went out to America in 1727. The first edition, of which only three 
copies are known, was printed at Kouen in 1728. 


28930 CocKBDRN (J.) Journey over Land from the Gulf of Honduras 
to the Great South- Sea, with the Travells of Nic. Withington, 
a Factor in the East-Indiase, 8vo. map, calf, 12s 1735 


28931 RoBSON (Jos.) Account of six years' residence in Hudson's Bay, 
1733-6 and 1744-7, with a history of its discovery, and of the 
proceedings of the English there, 8vo. maps, calf, 30s 1752 

1735 : 

28932 JUAN t ULLOA, Relacion Historica del Viage a la America 
Meridional, hecho pai'a medir algunos grades de Meridiano 
Terrestre, y venir en conocimiento de la verdadera figura y 
magnitud de la Tierra, con el Oiigen de los Incas, 5 parts, or 
4 vols. 4to. maps and plates — Observaciones Astronomicas y 
Physicas en los Reynos del Peru ; together 5 vols, in 3, royal 
4to. LARGE PAPER, many maps and plates, fine copy in old calf 
gilt, £3. Madrid, 1748-73 



28933 "Wager (H.M.S.) Narrative of the Unfortunate Voyage and 
Catastrophe of his Majesty's ship Wager, one of Commodore 
Anson's Squadron, 8vo. calf, 10s 1751 

28934 ANSON'S Voyage round the World, 1740-44, by R. Walter, 
4to. 412 plates and maps, a fine copy, russia, 10s 1767 

28935 Voyage Round the World, 1740-44, by Walter, 8vo. 

maps, calf, 45 1780 


28936 La Condamine, Relation d'un Voyage dans I'lnterieur de 
I'Amerique Meridional, en descendant la riviere des Amazones, 
1743-44, map, 1745 — Lettre a Madame * * * sur I'Emeute 
populaire excitee en la ville de Cuenca, le 29 d'Aout, 1739, 
plate, 1746 — 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. beautiful copy in old French olive 
morocco extra, gilt edges, with the arms of Louis Phelipeaux, 
quartering Be Mailly, on the sides, £b. hs Paris, 1745-46 


28937 Account of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North- West 
Passage, 1746-7, in the California, Capt. Fr. Smith, 2 vols. 8vo. 
maps, calf, 12s 1748-9 

Contauiing information on the Indians of Hudson's Bay, and Straits. 

28938 ELLIS (H.) Voyage to Hudson's-Bay, 1746-7, for discovering 
a North- West Passage, 8vo. map and plates of birds, weapons, 
etc. calf gilt, the Bedford copy, £3. 16s 1748 


28939 Kalm (P.) Travels into N. America, containing its Natural 
History, etc. translated by J. R. Forster, 2 vols. 8vo. map, 
plates of animals, calf, 10s 1772 


28940 OsBECK (P.) Voyage to China and the East Indies ; from the 
German by J. R. Forster, with a Faundla and Flora Sinensis, 

2 vols. 8vo. plates of plants, calf, 7s 6d 1771 

1767-68 : 

28941 Kergu^len Tremarec, Relation d'un Voyage dans la mer du 
Nord, 4to. maps and plates, red morocco extra, gilt edges, £5. 

Paris, 1771 


28941*COOK'S (Capt.) Three Voyages, the complete set, as follows : 
Hawkesworth's Collection of Voyages in the Southern Hemi- 
sphere, 3 vols. — Second Voyage to the S. Pole and Round the 
World in 1772-75, 2 vols.— Third Voyage to the Pacific, 1776-80, 

3 vols. — together 8 vols. 4to. in old red m^orocco gilt, gilt edges, 
with maps and plates in 3 vols, folio (the maps and charts of 
Vol. I in duplicate), hf. red morocco, fine copy, £16. 16s 1773-85 

28942 COOK'S (Capt.) Third Voyage to the Pacific, 1776-80, 3 vols. 
4to. calf, with roy. folio Atlas of maps and plates, hf. calf, 
£2. 10s 1784 



28643 Hearne (S.) Journey from Prince of Wale's Fort in Hudson's 
Bay to the Northern Ocean, for the discovery of a North- West 
Passage, etc. 1769-72, impl. 4to. large paper, map and plates, 
calf, 'Ms 1795 

Hi arne was a bold explorer : he was the first who reached the great 
Arctic Ocean by American travel. The success was accomplished by follow- 
ing the course of the Coppermine River which he discovered in 1771. 


28944 Kerguelen (M. de) Relation de deux Voyages dans les Mers 
Australes et des Indes, map, calf, from the Beckford library, 
Hamilton Palace, rare, £2. Paris, 1782 

1773-99 : 

28944*Phipp's (C. J.) Voyage towards the North Pole, 1773, 4to. maps 
and plates, calf, 10s 1774 

28945 Forrest (Capt. Th.) Voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccas, 
from Balambangan, 1774-6, with Vocabulary of the Magindano 
Tongue, 4:to. portrait, maps and plates, half calf , 12s 1780 

28946 Prenties (S. W.) Narrative of a Shipwreck on the Island of 
Cape Breton, in a voyage from Quebec, 1780, 12mo. tree- 
marhled calf gilt, gilt edges, by Kalthoeber, 35s 1783 

28947 Wilson's (H.) Account of the Pelew Islands, in the W. Pacific, 
by Keate, roy. 4to. with small Vocabulary, map and many plates, 
calf, 7sM 1789 

28948 the same, with Supplement by J. P. Hockin, royal 

4to. Vocabxdary, map and plates, calf, 10s 1803 

28949 PORTLOCK (Nath.) Voyage round the World; but more 
particularly to the N.W. coast of America, 1785-8, 4to. map and 
plates, those of Birds coloured, bd. 14s ; or, russia gilt, gilt edges, 
by Bering, 2()s ^ 1789 

28950 Dixon (G.) Voyage round the World, but more particularly to 
the N.W. coast of America, 1785-8, by Capts. Portlock and 
Dixon, 4to. maps, views, plates of birds, etc. hf. calf, 10s 1789 

28951 • the same, 4to. calf, 12s 1789 

28952 La P:^rouse, Voyage, redige par M. de Lesseps, 8vo. portrait 
and map, sd. 2s &d 1831 

28953 Mackenzie (R.) Voyages from Montreal on the River St. 
Lawrence through North Amei-ica to the Frozen and Pacific 
Oceans, 1789-93, 4to. portrait and maps, hf. russia, 20s 1801 

28954 VANCOUVER'S Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific 
Ocean and round the World, in which the Coast of North West 
America has been accurately sui"veyed, principally with a view 
to ascertaining the existence of a North- West Passage, 1790-95, 
3 vols, royal 4to. plates, with roy, folio Atlas of Maps, bds. 
£2. 10s 1798 

28965 Wilson (Capt. J.) Missionary Voyage to the South Pacific Ocean, 
in the ship " Duff," 1796-8, 4to. maps and plates, bound, 10s 




1773-99 — continued. 

28956 Wilson (Capt. J.) Missionary Voyage to the South Pacific 
Ocean, in the ship " Duff," 1796-8, 4to. wJwle calf gilt, 12s 1799 

" Captain Wilson gives the most minute account we have of Otaheite ; he 
also visited the Friendly and Sandwich Isles, Marquesas, etc." — Pinkerton. 


28957 HUMBOLDT (Baron A. von) et Aime BONPLAND, Voyages 
Aux Regions Equinoxiales du NOVEAU CONTINENT, fait 
dans les annees 1799 a 1804 : 

Premiere Partie : Iere Section : 

Relation Historiqce, Vols. I to III, 
Vol. Ill wants title, which is supplied by 
that of Vol. I altered (Vol. IV never 
published), 3 vols, atlas 4to. Paris, 1814-19 

2de Section ; 

mens des Peuples Indigenes de I'Ame- 
rique, impl. folio, 69 large plates of 
Mexican Picure-writings, Hieroglyphics, 
Bas-reliefs, Costumes, Views, etc. many 
of them finely coloored ib. 1810 

The greater part of the copies now in 
the market want from page 272 to page 
350, and plates 50-69. " Humboldt traces 
with the hand of a master the outline of 
a picture, future travellers can only 
assist in filling up.'" — Ward's Mexico. 

In this work, the Picture-writing of 
the Mexicans first received the attention 
and the ample treatment which are due 
to a literature as strange and important 
in the records of the New World, as that 
of Egypt in the Old. 

3me et 4me Sections : 

ExAMEN Critique de l'Histoire de la 
Geographie de NOUVEAU CONTI- 
MENT et des Progres de I'Astronomie 
Nautique aux XVe at XVIe Siecles, 
562 pp. 

Atlas Geographie et Phistque du 
Continent, frontispiece, 37 maps and 
geological sections, the facsimiles of early 
Portulani coloured and gilt — together two 
vols, complete, colombier folio 

ib. 1814-19-34 

Troisieme Partie : 

essai politique sur le rotaume de 
atlas 4to. — Atlas physique et geo- 
GRAPHiQUE, 20 large maps, altas folio 
—together 3 vols. ib. 1811 

At a great public meeting, held June 
21, 1824, it was declared by the exe- 
cutive of the Mexican Govern- 
ment, that " Mr. Humboldt's Politic6,l 
Essays on New Spain contained the most 
complete and most accurate picture of 
the natural riches of the country, and 
that the reading of this great work has 
not a little contributed to reanimate the 
active industry of the nation, and to 
inspire it with confidence in its own 

QuATRiEME Partie : 

Recueil d'Observations Astrono- 

MiQUES, Operations Trigonometriques, 
etc. redigees par Oitmanns, 2 vols, atlas 
4to. ib. 1808-10 

CiNQuiEME Partie : 
EssAi suR LA Geographie des Plantes, 
accompagne d'un Tableau Physique des 
Regions Equinoxiales, atlas 4to. with 
the large map " Tableau Physique des 

SixiEME Partie, Botanique : pre- 
miere section : 

Plantes Equinoxiales recueillies an 
Mexique, dans I'lle de Cuba, etc. 
ouvrage redige par A. Bonpland, 2 vols, 
colombier folio, 144 plates 1808-9 

— the set as described above, together 8 vols, atlas 4to. 
and 6 vols, colombier folio (pub. 2190 francs), uniform in half 
green morocco, uncut, £30. Paris, 1805-34 

"No name stands higher than that of Humboldt among the lovers of 
geographical and physical science. Zealous, active, vigorous ; imbued with 
liberal knowledge, skilful in general physics, and particularly attached to 
chemistry and its kindred branches, possessing ample means of indulging his 
taste, he has directed his inquiries into every department of nature and society. 
The mass of curious information which he has procured in those distant 
travels, and the superb collection which he was enabled to make relative to 
different objects of science, far exceed an^ thing that has heretofore been 
achieved by the exertions of an individual." — Edinburgh Review, Vol. 16. 


1 799- 1 878— contimied. 

28958 Humboldt, Vues des CORDILLERES, et Monumens des Peuples 
Indigenes de I'Amerique, impl. folio, 69 large plates of Mexican, 
Peruvian, and other Picture-writing , Hiei'oglyphics, Bas-reliefs, 
Costumes, Views, etc. many of them finely coloured (pub. 567 fr.), 
hf. hd. uncut, £6. 10s Paris, 1810 

28959 Histoire de la Geograpliie du Nouveau Continent, et 

progres de I'Astronomie Nautiqne aux XVe et XVIe siecles, 
5 vols. 8vo. facsimiles of Juan de la Cosa's map, hf. cf. 25s 1836-9 

28960 Researches, concerning the Institutions and Monu- 
ments of the Ancient Inhabitants of America, with Scenes in 
the Cordilleras, translated by H. M. Williams, 2 vols. 8vo. 
plates, hf. calf, 10s 1814 

28961 Broughton (W. R.) Yoyage of Discovery to the North Pacific 
Ocean, in which the Coast of Asia, Island of Insu, Japan, 
Lieuchieux, and adjacent isles, and Corea have been examined, 
4to. large maps and plates, calf extra, 30s 1804 

28962 FLINDERS (M.) Voyage to Terra Australia prosecuted 1801-3, 
in the Investigator, the Porpoise, and the Cumberland, 2 vols, 
roy. 4to. with the Atlas of 18 maps, charts, etc. with 10 botanical 
plates, atlas folio, £10. 1814 

The Atlas is very rare, and the maps are of extreme importance, as they 
give the first really accurate surveys of Australia. 

28963 Patterson ( Samuel ) Narrative of the Adventures and 
Sufferings of S. Patterson, experienced in the Pacific Ocean, 
and many other parts of the World, with an account of the 
Feegee, and Sandwich Islands, 12mo. boards, scarce, £1. 12s 

Palmer [Rhode Island], 1817 

A Yankee sailor's autobiography. Chapters x, xii, and xiii are 
accounts of three successive voyages in 1802 and later, to the North- West 
Coast of America, California, Vancouver, and what is now British Columbia. 
Other chapters contain accounts of the Sandwich Islands, Feegee, etc. An 
interesting and scarce book. 

28964 Dawtdow. Reise der Flott-Officiere Chwostow und Dawidow 
von St. Petersburg durch Sibirien nach Amerika, faus dem 
Russischen iibersetzt von C. J. Schultz, 12mo. russia, 7s 1816 

28965 W ATE ETON (C.) Wanderings in South America and Noi-th- 
West of the United States, and the Antilles, 1812-24, 4to. 
frontispiece, uncut, 12s 1825 

28966 the same, 4to. calf, 15s 1825 

28967 FRETCTNBT (L. de) Atlas du Voyage de De'couvertes aux 
terres Australes, impl. folio, 32 maps of Australia, New Zealand, 
Van Diemen's Land, etc. calf, 30s Paris, 1812 

28968 Voyage autoue du Monde, sur les Corvettes I'Uranie 

et la Physicienne, complete, 8 vols. impl. 4to. and 4 impl. folio. 

Figure du Globe et Observations da 
Pendule, avec Magnetisrae Terrestre, 
2 vols, in 1 1826-42 

Met^orologie 1844 

Navigation et Hjdrographie, with Atlas of 
22 charts 1826 


1799-1878 — continued. 

atlases of plates, those of Natural History coloured, Jmlf calf 
gilt, uncut, £25. Paris, 1825-42 

Contents : 

Histoire du Voyage, redigee par M. de 

Freycinet, 2 vols, in 3, with Atlas of 

l^-l' plates 1825-39 

Zoologie par Quoy et Gaimard, with Atlas 

of 96 plates, 80 of which are coloured 

Botanique par Gauchicaud, with Atlas of 

120 plates 1826 

28969 M'Leod (John) Voyage of the Alceste along Corea to Lewchew, 
8vo. portrait, coloured plates and a Leivchewan Vocabulary, hds. 
7s 6d 1817 

28970 KOTZEBUE (O. von) Entdeckungs-Reise in die Siid-See und 
nach der Barings- Strasze zur Erforschung einer nordostlichen 
Durchfahrt, 1815-18, 3 vols, in 1, 4to. maps and coloured plates, 
principally of Lepidoptera, half red morocco, tmcut, top edge gilt, 
from the Beckford library, £3. 15s Weimar, 1821 

28971 Voyage of Discovery into the South Sea and 

Beering's Straits, for the purpose of exploring a N.E. Passage, 
1815-18, 3 vols. 8vo. maps and coloured plates, hds. 10s 1821 

Pp. 411-33 of Vol. H contain a Vocabulary of the Chamori, Eap, Ulea 
and Radack Languages. 

28972 Chappell (E.) Voyage to Hudson's Bay in H.M.S. Rosamond 
(with a Vocabulary of the Cree Language), 8vo. maps and plates, 
hds. 5s 1817 

28973 O'Reilly (B.) Greenland, the adjacent seas, and the N.W. 
Passage, illustrated in a voyage to Davis's Sti'ait, 1817, 4to. 
majjs and plates, hds. 7s 6d 1818 

28974 Ross (J.) Voyage of Discovery to explore Baffin's Bay, ^\-ith 
Appendixes, 4to. map and numerous plates, hds. 12s 1819 

28975 Voyage to Baffin's Bay, second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 

map, hds. 3s 6d 1819 

28976 PARRY'S First, Second and Third Voyages to discover a 
IS'ortli-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, with 
Appendices, 3 vols, in 5, numerous maps and plates, 1821-26 
— North Georgia Gazette, 1821 ; together 6 vols. 4to. hds. 36s 

28977 Parry's Voyages. North Georgia Gazette and Winter Chro- 
nicle, 21 Nos. in 1 vol. 4to. hds. 5s 1821 

A weekly newspaper established by Parry's crew in 1819-20, " to enliven 
the tedious and inactive months of winter " in the Arctic region. 

28978 Fisher (A.) Journal of Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic 
Regions, in the Hecla and Griper, 1819-20, 8vo. bds. 7s 6d 1821 

28979 FRANKLIN ([Sir] John) Narrative of a Journey to the Shores 
of the Polar Seas, 1819-22, Lond. 1823 — Narrative of a 
Second Expedition, 1825-7, ih. 1828 ; together 2 vols. 4to. 
plates (some coloured) and maps, russia, 36s 182.3-28 

28980 ■ second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, hds. bs 1824 


1799-1 878 —continued. 

28981 Lton (G. F.) Narrative of an -unsuccessfiil attempt to reach 
Eepulse Bay, tlirougli Sir Th. Rowe's " Welcome " in H.M.S. 
Griper, 1824, 8vo. map and plates of Eskimos, etc. bds. 2s 1825 

28982 Astrolabe (L') Voyage de Decouvertes de, 1826-29, sous le 
commandement de J. Dumont-D'Urville ; Zoologie par Quoy 
et Gaimard, text, 4 vols. 8vo. and Atlas, 2 vols, in 1, rov. folio, 
£8. 1830-34 

28983 BoiSDUVAL, FaTine Entomologique de I'Ocean 

Pacifique (Lepidopteres et Coleopteres), 2 vols. roy. 8vo. no 
atlas, bds. 10s 1832-35 

28984 Adventure and Beagle : KING, Fitzrot and Darwin, 
Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of the Adventure and 
Beagle, 1826-3(3, Examination of the Southern Shores of South 
America, 3 vols. 8vo. maps and jylates, cloth, £3. I65 1839 

28985 the same, with Appendix, 4 vols. 8vo. maps mounted 

on linen, hf. calf, £5. 6s 1839 

28986 Webster (W. JS. B.) Narrative of a Voyage to the Southern 
Atlantic Ocean, 1828-30, in H.M.S. Chanticleer, Capt. H. 
Foster, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, hf. calf, 6s 6d 1834 

28987 McCormick's (R.) Voyages of Discovery in the Arctic and 
Antartic Seas, and round the World, with expedition in search 
of Sir John Franklin, in the " Forlorn Hope," and an 
Autobiography, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. (pub. £2. 12^ 6d), portraits, 
m.aps, and numerous illustrations, cloth, 36s 1884 

28988 Graah's (W. A.) Expedition to the East Coast of Greenland, 
in search of the lost Colonies (1828-30), timnslated from the 
Danish by G. G. Macdougall, 8vo. map, cloth, 5s 1837 

28989 Meten (F. J. F.) Reise um die Erde, ausgefiihrt auf dem Schitie 
Prinzess Louise, 1830-32, 2 vols. 4to. map, bds. 10s 1834-5 

28990 STOKES (J. L.) Discoveries explored during the voyage of 
H.]\r.S. Beagle in 1837-43, in Australia, and Narrative of 
Stanley's Visit to the Arafura Sea, 2 vols. 8yo. 07iaps and plates, 
cloth, £2. 5s 1846 

With Zoological Appendix by Richardson, Gray, and others. 

28991 MAXIMILIAN, Prince of Wied, Travels in the Interior of 
North America, translated by H. E. Lloyd, roy. 4to. map, with 
impl. folio Atlas of 81 highly coloured plates, finished like 
draxoings, hf. green morocco extra, £8. 15s 1843-44 

28992 Fly. Surveying Voyage of H.M.S. Fly, in Torres Strait, New 
Guinea, and other islands of the Eastern Archipelago, 1842-6, 
by J. Beete Jukes, 2 vols. 8vo. map and mijyierous p)l(^tes, cloth, 
36s 1847 

28993 Walpole (Hon. F.) Four Years in the Pacific, in H.M.S. 
Collingwood, 1844-8, 2 vols. 8vo. illustrations, cloth, 9s 1849 

28994 Hue, Souvenirs d'un voyage dans la Tartarie, le Thibet et la 
Chine, 1844-46, 2 vols. 8vo. map, hf. calf hs 1850 

28995 Richardson (Sir J.) Arctic Searching Expedition : Journal of 
a boat-voyage through Rupert's Land and the Aictic Sea, in 


1799-1878— conH7iued. 

search of Sir J. Franklin, 2 vols. 8vo. coloured plates of fossils, 
Indians, etc. hds. 15s 1851 

Full of interesting details of the life of the Indian tribes of N. America. 
Pages 363-402 of Vol. II contain Vocabularies of their languages. 

28996 Hooper (W. H.) Ten Months among the Tents of the Tuski, 
■with incidents of an Arctic boat expedition in search of Sir J. 
Franklin, 8vo. inap and illustrations, cloth, 5s 1853 

28997 Berxdon (W. L.) Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon, 
8vo. large map and 16 plates, cloth, 7s 6d Washington, 1854 

28998 McCormick's Expedition np the Wellington Channel, 1852, in 
the Forlorn Hope, in search of Sir J. Franklin, sm. folio, map 
and cuts, sd. 5s 1854 

28999 Scoresbt's Voyage to Australia and round the world, &vo. raap 
and portrait, cloth, 7s 1859 

29000 DuFFERiN (Lord) Letters from High Latitudes; being some 
account of a Voyage in the "Foam" to Iceland, Jan Mayen, and 
Spitzbergen, in 1856, 8vo. maps and cuts, hf. calf, 7s 6d 1857 

29001 Novara, Voyage of the, round the World : Reise der Oester- 
reichischen Fregatte "Novara" um die Erde in den Jahren 
1857-59, unter das Befehlen des Commodore B. von Wiillerstorf- 
Urbair; Beschreibexder Theil, von Scherzer, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. 

AnthropologischerTheil, Cranien, Ethnographic und Kdrpermes- 
sungen, von Scherzer Miiller und Weisbach, 3 vols, map and 43 
plates and photographs 

Anthropologischer Lixguistischer Theil von Fr. Miiller, 1 vol. 
This section sold separately, 4 vols. £2. 

BoTAxiscHER Theil, Ophioglosseen und Equistaceex von Milde, 
Flechtex von Krempelhuber, Pilze, Leber und Laubmoose von 
Reichardt, Algen von Grunow, 4 parts, plates 

Geologischer Theil, von Hochstetter, Homes und von Hauer, 
Band I. Abth. I. Geologie von Neu Seeland, 11 plates — 
Abth. 2, Palaeontologie von Neu Seelaxd, 27 plates — Band II. 
Abth. 1, 2, Geologische Beobachtungex und Palaeontologischb 
MiTTHEiLUNGEX, maps and 7 plates, two vols. hf. bd. and one sd. 

Medicixischer Theil, von Schwarz, 2 plates 

Nautisch-phtsikalischer Theil, heraus. von der hydrographischen 
Anstalt der k. k. Marine, 7 majJs 

Statistisch-Commercieller Theil von Scherzer, 2 vols. 

Zoologischer Theil. Band I. Saugethiere, von Zelebor, 3 
plates — -VoGEL, von Pelzeln, 6 plates — Amphibiex und Reptilien, 
von Steindachner, 8 plates — Fische von Kner, 3 pts. 16 plates 
Band II. 

Neuropteren, von Brauer, 2 plates — Hemipterex, von Mayr, 5 
plates — DiPTERA, von Schiner, 4 pZrtfes— Coleopterex, von 
Redtenbacher, 5 plates — Htmenoptera von Saussure, 4i plates — 
FoRMiciD^ von Mayr, 4 plates 

Hymenopteea and Formicid^j;, with Gerstaecker, Hymenopteia der 
Mozambique, 8 coloured plates, hound in one vol. half calf , 35s 


1857 NovARA Voyage — continued. 

Band II. Abth. 2. 
Lepidoptera und Rhopalocera, von C. tiiid R. Felder, with 74 
'magnificent coloured plates (bound in 2 vols, in morocco), sold 
separately, hound in 4 vols. hf. russla, £10. 
Heterocera, 2 parts, ivith plates 75-140, coloured 

Band II. Abth. 3. 
MoLLUSKEN von Frauenfeld, 2 plates — Crustaceen, von Heller, 25 
plates — Anneliden von Grube, 4< plates 

— a complete set as desci'ibed above, 3 vols, royal 8vo. and 18 
vols, royal 4to. about 150 plates, the greater part of ivhich are 
coloured zvith the greatest care, two vols, broivn morocco, two vols, 
hf. hound, and the rest volumes seived (pub. £37. 12s), £30. 

Vienna, Imperial Printing Office, 1861-70 
A magnificent work, and one of hij^h scientific value ; produced by the 
Austrian Government, at a cost of upwards of twelve thousand pounds. 

29002 NOVARA. Reise der Oesterreicbischen Fregatte Novara um 
die Erde, 1857-9, unter den Befehlen des Commodore B. von 
Wiillerstorf-Urbair, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. numerous maps and 
illustrations, cloth, 35s Wien, 1861-2 

29003 NORDENSKIOLD'S (A. E.) Arctic Voyages, 1858-79 (by 
Alex. Leslie), 8vo. (pub. 16s),7?^aps and cuts, cloth, 12s 6d 1879 

29004 Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, with a 

historical review of previous Journeys along the N. coast of the 
Old "World, translated by Alex. Leslie, 2 vols, portraits and 
illustrations, loith Atlas of 8 maps; together 3 vols. 8vo. (pub. 
£2. 5*), neatly hf. hd. 18s _ 1881 

The Atlas includes facsimiles of maps of 15th and 16th centuries. 

29005 Milton (Viscount) and W. B. Cheadle, North- West Passage by 
Land ; Narrative of an expedition from the Atlantic to the 
Pacific, 8vo. maps and plates, hf. calf, 12s 6d (1865) 

29006 Capellini (C. G.) Ricordi di un Viaggio scientifico nelF 
America Septentrionale, nel 1863, 8vo. map arid woodcuts, sd. 
3s &d Bologna, 1867 

29007 Hall (Capt. C. F.) Narrative of the North Polar Expedition in 
U.S.S. Polaris, edited by C. H. Davis, stout roy. 8vo. portrait, 
maps and plates, cloth, £2. 2s Washington, 1876 

29008 Payer (Jul) New Lands within the Arctic Circle: Narrative 
of the discoveries of the Austrian Ship " Tegethoff," 1872-4, 
2 vols. 8vo. (pub. 32s), maps and illustrations, cloth, 10s 1876 

29009 Challenger (The) Log-Letters from, by Lord G. Campbell, 
8vo. map, cloth, 4s 1877 

29010 Kennedy, To the Arctic Regions and back in Six Weeks ; a 
summer tour to Lapland and Norway, 8vo. (pub. 15s}, map and 
cuts, cloth, 7s 1878 

29011 Alert (The) Cruise of, Four Years in Patagonian, Polynesian, 
and Mascarene waters, 1878-82, by R. W. Coppinger, 8vo (pub. 
21s), ivooJcuis, cloth, 10s 1S83 


1. General Works. 

29012 AMPZING (Samvel) West-Indische Trivmph Basvyne ... van 

wegen de veroveringe der Spaensche Silver-vlote van Nova 
Hispania, inde Baij van Matanca, door de Schepen , . onder het 
beleyd van . . Pieter Pieterszen Heyn, Generael, ende Heynrick 
Corneliszen Lonk, Admirael . . 1628, Dutch poems, with music, 
title-page hearing an engraving with jjortraits, Haerlem, 1629 — 
Zevecotius, Ter eeren van de noyt gelioorde Victorie, a folded 
broadside poem, Harderwycli, 1629— LoF-DiCHT over de lieerlijcke 
Victorie . . an anonymous poem, Midde.lhurgh, 1629 — in 1 vol. 
sm. 4to. /;/. red morocco, gilt top, £6. 6s 1629 

The first and third pieces are Kos. 116 and 118 of Asher's List (Books 
relating to New Netherland, etc.) ; the broadside is not mentioned by him. 

29013 Catalogo de colecciones historicas, sm. 4to. neatly written MS. 579 

leaves, hf. calf, £10. Mexico circ. 1860 

CoN'i ENTS : — I, Catalogo de los MSS. que recogio J. B. Munoz. II, Apuntes 

sacados de los Catalogos de la Biblioteca de la Real Academia de la Historia. 

III, Indice de la Seccion de Historia del Archivo general de Mexico. 

IV, Archivo reservado: Inveiitario de los papeles que contiene, y que no 
aparecen asentados en el inventario formado por los Seilores Valasquez de 

■ Leony Uribc en 28 de Abril de 1801. V, Plan Division y Frospecto general 
de las Meniorias de Kueva Espaiia que han de servir a la Historia Universal 
de la Septentrional America. VI, Catalogo de los Documentos que se 
encuentran en los 42 Volumes del Diario de Mexico escrito por Don Carlos 
Maria Bustamante. 

This valuable Index of the sources of American history was compiled by 
or for the celebrated Mexican scholar Ramirez. 

COLUMBUS — see post under West Indian Islands. 

29014 DIEZ DE LA CALLE (luan) Memoi-ial y Noticias sacras y reales 

del Imperio de las Indias Occidentales, sm. 4to. green morocco 
extra, gilt edges, hy Petit, £12. 10s Madrid, 1646 

Very rare ; having only been privately printed for the use of the 
Council of the Indies, but not published. It is the best statistical account that 
exists concerning the Spanish Empire in New Spain, California, and Central 
America, embracing also short historical summaries, and was considered by 
the King and Council to be a document of singular value for their own 
information. It is to be presumed that only so many copies were printed as 
were needed for ofiScial reference. Diez de la Calle, who was Assistant- 
Secretary of the Council, had already in 1645 prepared and printed an abstract 
of the same particulars which were here given in their full and enlarged form. 
The preface mentions that he was preparing a similar document with regard to 
Pei'u, which was given to the press in 1654, and issued to the Council along 
with a re-impression of the above Memorial. 

29015 [FERNANDEZ DE ENCISO (Martin)] Suma de 


& trata largamete del arte del marear : juntamete con 
la espera en romace : con el regimieto del sol & del 



norte : nueuamente liecha, sni. folio, first edition, 
OF EXTREME BARiTY,Jine copy^ 271 vcllum^ £100. 

Sevilla, por Jacoho Croherger^ 1519 

The first book printed in Spain and in Spanish relating 
TO America. The author describes himself as " Alguazil mayor 
de la Tierra firme de las Indias Occidentales," and gives in the 
first place a summary of general Geography, followed by a 
closely detailed account of the West Indies, the mainland of 
South America, and of the northern coast to Labrador as far as 
then known. His own experience during twenty years enabled 
him to satisfy the curiosity of the young King Charles I of Spain, 
soon afterwards Charles V of the Empire, completely so far as 
regarded the Islands and the coasts of the southern mainland. 
He mentions in his dedication a map of the world that he had 
constructed to accompany the text and elucidate it for the king. 
This valuable document was never published, but it perhaps 
exists still in the archives of Spain. The first hint which the 
invaders seem to have had of the civilization existing in Mexico 
and Peru is to be found on the second-last page where Enciso 
states : " Tambien ay tierra a donde los indios dizen que ay 
gente que tienen libros y que escriven y leen como nosotros." 
Enciso is stated in the Bibl. Amer. Vetust. to have gone out 
with Bastidas (who left Spain in 1501), but the authority quoted 
is Herrera, Dec. I, lib. 7, which is not correct. Herrera at that 
place refers only toEnciso as assisting in Ojeda's expedition to the 
mainland in 1509. He commences to speak of him thus, and it 
is the first mention of his name in the Decades : " Hallabase 
entonces en Santo Domingo un letrado llamado Martin Fernan- 
dez de Enciso que havia ganado a abogar dos mil castellanos 
que eran mas en aquel tiempo que aora diezmil." The profitable 
nature of a lawyer's business amongst the early invaders may 
from this be readily imagined. It is not improbable that Enciso 
may have been the only one of them who really deserved the 
name of letrado. He took the command of the forces on Ojeda's 
death in 1510, and founded the town of Darien, but soon came 
to loggerheads with Vasco Nunez de Valboa who had surrepti- 
tiously joined the expedition and speedily obtained the ascend- 
ancy due to his genius. Roughly treated by Nuiiez, he returned 
to Spain in 1512 to seek for redress, which was granted him in 
a royal decree against his enemy, who was then engaged in his 
great expedition of traversing the Isthmus. Enciso went out 
again in 1514 as Alguazil Mayor with Pedrarias Davila the 
Governor of Darien. He was again in Spain in 1529, as we find 
that he had Pizai*ro arrested in Seville in that year for debt. 
(Herrera, dec. IV, p. 104.) 

When sent by Davila on an expedition to the mouth of the 
river Zenu, about half-way between Cartagena and the Gulf of 
Darien, in the year 1515, the Bachiller Enciso had a very curious 
conversation with two of the Indian chiefs whom he required to 
make submission to the Spanish King, and he records it with 



such remarkable faithfulness and literal ity, in spite of the 
scandal and the Inquisition, that it must be supposed he was 
struck by the good sense and forcible character of the observa- 
tions he heard. The remark about the Pope is omitted by 
Herrera, who perhaps was prudent in doing so. 

En lo que dezia que no 
avia sine un Dios qae este 
governava el cielo y la tierra y 
que era seiior de todo que les 
parecia bien y que assi devia 
ser; pero que en lo que dezia 
que el Papa era senor de todo 
el universo, en lugar de Dios, y 
que el avia fecho mei-ced de 
aquella tierra al rey de Castilla, 
dixeron que el Papa deviera 
estar borracho quando lo hizo 
pues dava lo que no era suyo, y 
que el rey que pedia y tomava 
tal merced devia ser algun loco 
pues pedia lo que era de otros 
y que fuesse alia a tomarla. 

In what I said that there 
was only one God, that he 
governed heaven and earth, and 
that he was Lord of all, it 
appeared well to them and that 
it ought to be so ; but as to my 
statement that the Pope was 
lord of all the universe in lieu 
of God, and that he had con- 
ferred that land upon the King 
of Castillo, they said that the 
Pope must have been drunk 
when he did so, for he gave 
what was not his own, and that 
the king who asked for and 
accepted such a gift must be 
some idiot, since he asked fox" 
the property of others and came 
there to take it. 

2901C FERNANDEZ (Fr. Alonso) Historia Ecclesiastica de nuestros 
Tiempos, que es compendio de los excelentes frutos que en ellos 
el Estado Eclesiastico y Sagradas Religiones han hecho y hazen 
en la conversion de idolatras y reducion de hereges, etc. sm. 
folio, Spanisli calf, £4. 4s Toledo, 161 i 

Collation : Title and three other preliminary leaves, followed by text, 
pp. 1-496. The principal part of this work relates to the manners and con- 
version of the Indians and the progress of religion in America. It contains 
also valuable biographical sketches of the friars who studied the native 
languages, and accounts of the works they composed in this branch .of 
philology On p. 1 22 it is stated that the Escala of San Juan Climaco was 
the first book printed in Mexico, in 1534. The date is 1532 according to 
Gonzalez Davila. 

29017 Feasso (Petrus) De Regio Patronatu ac aliis nonnullis regaliis 

Regibus Catholicis in Indiarum Occidentalium Imperio pertinen- 
tibus, sm. folio, engraved title, calf, 36s Matriti, 1677 

29018 GARCIA (Gregorio) Origen de los Indies de el Nuevo Mundo 

e Indias Occidentales, averiguado con disourso de opiniones, 
segunda impresion anadida, sm. folio, hd. 30s Madrid, 1729 

primera edicion, 1607 — see ante No. 28354. 

The first edition was published in 1607 — the second, edited by Barcia, 
contains numerous additions. The fifth book contains the various native 
accounts of the origin of the Indians. 

29019 GONZALEZ DAVILA (Gil) Teatro Eclesiastico de la 

Peimitiva Iglesia de las Indias Occidentales, Vidas de sus 
Arzobispos y cosas memorables de sus Sedes, 2 vols, folio, 
woodcuts of Arms, ivith the Map of Mechoacan, fine copy, limp 
vellum, £6. 10s Madrid, 1649-55 

197 * 


29020 GONZALEZ DAVILA (Gil) Obispado de Meeliouacan, the scarce 

map reproduced in perfect facsimile, one leaf, 20s 1649 (1878) 

Extremely rare. It is a very curious work, containing an account 
of the first Church Establishments in Spanish America, and other important 
matters relating to its early history, as the introduction of arts and letters, 
printing, etc. The accounts of the various races of Indians, their creeds and 
manners, etc., are also highly valuable. At p. 23 of the first volume, Davila 
notices the introduction of printing into Mexico in 1532, mentions the first 
printer, Juan Pablos, and states that the first book printed in the New World 
was the well-known Scala Paradisi of Joannes Climacus. 

29021 LOPEZ DE GOMARA (Francisco) Historia general de las Indias 

. . . con la Conquista de Mexico y de la Naeva Espana, 2 vols, 
in 1, sm. folio, with the rare tvoodcut map of the icorld ; one 
leaf {sign, cii) in facsimile, red morocco extra, by Bedford, £48. 

Caragoga, 1552-53 
. see ante No. 28325. 

29022 MONARDES (Nicoloso de) Dos Libros, el vno qve trata de todas 

las cosas que traen de nnestras Indias Occidentales, que siruen 
al vso de la Medicina, y el otro que trata de la Piedra Bezaar, 
y de la Yerua Escuer^onera, 12mo. %voodciit p)ortTait, fine copy in 
russia, gilt edges, by C. Lewis, from the Beck ford library, 
Hamilton Palace, £9. Sevilla, 1569 

Very rare. The first edition was presumably printed in 1565, but 
there is apparently no copy citable by the bibliographers. This second edition 
is also of remarkably infrequent occurrence. It is found in few American 

29023 MoNARDES, Primera y segvnda y tercera partes de la Historia 

Medicinal de las cosas que se traen de nuestras Indias 
Occidentales . . . Tratado de la Piedra Bezaar, y de la yerua 
Escuer^onera . . . grandezas del Hierro . . . de la Nieve y del 
beuer frio, sm. 4to. woodcuts, a few leaves stained at beginning 
and end, original binding {rebached), with the arms of Pope 
Gregory XIII {about 1575), £5. Sevilla, 1574 

The segunda parte and the treatises on Iron and Snow were added in 
this edition. 

29024 Joyfull Newes of the newfound world, wherein are 

declared the rare and singular vertues of divei-s Herbs, Trees, 
Oyles, Plants and Stones, with their applications [by Doctor 
Monardus], Englished by J. Frampton, whereunto are added 
three other bookes treating of the Bezaar stone, the herbe 
Escuer9onera, etc. sm. 4to. black letter, woodcuts, calf extra, gilt 
edges, by J. Wright, £3. 16s W. Norton, 1580 

" Of the Tabaco, and of his great vertues," occupies 12 11. with a woodcut 
of the plant. A MS. note says, " Monardes must have been one of the earliest 
writers on Tobacco." It is a scarce and curious book ; leaf 177 is supplied 
from an edition of a few years later. 

29025 Joyful- Newes out of the New-found World, Englished 

by John Feampton, Merchant, 1596— Lupton (Thomas) A 
Thousand Notable Things of sundrie sorts, whei'eof Some are 
wonderful, some strange, some pleasant, divers necessary, a 
great sort profitable and many verie precious (1595) — Vicary's 
(Thomas) English Man's Treasure, with the True anatomic of 
Man's Bodic ; also the rare Treasure of the English Bathes, by 
W. Turner, 1596 — Treasure of Hidden Secrets, commonlie 


called the Good Huswives Closet, 1596 — Paracelsus, A Hundred 
and Fourteen Experiments, translated, also certaine secrets of 
Isacke Hollandus, etc. collected by John Hester, 1596 — A 
Treatise wherein is declared the sufficiencie of English Medicines 
for cure of all Diseases, 1580 — in 1 vol. thick sm. 4to. a very 
C2ir{oi(s and rare collection in ivhole russia binding, £10. \0s 


29026 Ordrnanzas del Consejo Real de las Indias, nuevamente recopi- 

ladas, 1637, sm. folio", /;/. hd. 6s Madrid, 1647 

29027 PAPELES INEDITOS (coleccion de) tocantes al gobierno, y a la 

expulsion de los Pp. Jesuitas, de Buenos Aires, Paraguai, Lima, 
Chile, etc. 43 vali4able original documents, chiefly MSS. in a folio 
parcel, £6. 10s " ' 1746-68 

Original signed Relaciones, most of them private and official, which reveal 
a vast number of details absolutely necessary to supplement and correct the 
existing histories of the period. Amongst the signatures will be found some 
of the most distinguished notabilities of Spain and the Indies. 

29028 PAPELES VARIOS que tocan al Libre Comercio. An extra- 

ordinary collection of Documents, containing the royal orders, 
and the representations in Cortes and in Council, for and against 
Seville and Cadiz, in connection with trading privileges between 
those cities and the American dependencies: Louisiana, Florida, 
Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Peru, Chile, and La 
Plata, in all 25 jjoper.?, printed and manuscript, with signatures, 
in 1 vol. very stout sm. folio, limp vellum, from, the library of 
■ Lord Orford, £5. Sec. XVIl'l 

The MS. portion includes a copy of the prohibition against the intro- 
duction of Robertson's " America " into the Spanish dominions, followed by a 
translation of his preface. 

29029 RECOPILACION DE LEYES de los Reynos de las Indias 

mandadas imprimir, y publicar por el Rey D. Carlos II, 4 vols. 

sm. folio, vellum, rare, £2. 10s Madrid, 1681 

29030 otra edicion, 4 vols. sm. folio, calf, £2. Madrid, 1841 

29031 SoLORZANO Pereira (D. Juan de) Politica Indiana sacada en 

Lengua Castellana de los dos tomos del derecho, i govierno 
municipal de las Indias Occidentales, dividida en seis libros, 
en los quales se trata todo lo tocante al Descubrimiento, 
Descripcion, Adquisicion i Retencion de las mesraas Indias, 
stout sm. folio, vellum, £2. Madrid, 1648 

This is the first Spanish translation of the " Disquisitiones de Indiarum 
Jure," published in Madrid, 1629-.39. 

29032 Solorzano y Pereyra (Don Juan de) Politica Indiana, dividida en 

seis libros, cori'egida por Fr. Ramirode Valenzuela, 2 vols, folio, 
vellum, fine clean copy, 36s Madrid, en la Imprenta Real, 1776 

29033 ToRRENTE (Mar.) Historia de la Revolucion Hispano- Americana, 

3 vols. sm. 4to. map and plans, hf. bd. 28s Madrid, 1829-30 

A history of all the Spanish- American States from 1809-29. 

29034 VEITIA LINAGE (J. de) Norte de la Contratacion de las Indias 

Occidentales (en la qual se trata de la Creacion y origen de la 
Real Audiencia, de los Tribunales del Consulado, de la plata, y 
oro, y de los assientos, de los licencias de commerciar en las 


Indias, de las Armadas y Flotas, los Pilotos, y un Epitome de 
los Puertos de las Indias, etc.), sm. folio, engraved frontisjpiece,hd. 
£2. 5s Sevilla, 1672 

29035 Veitia Linage, Norte de Contratacion, sm. folio, fine copy in old 

calf, with MarJhoroiigh Arms on sides, £3. 1672 

29036 ^ Sparish Rule of Trade to the West Indies, made 

English by Capt. John Stevens, 8vo. calf, rare, \2s 1702 

29037 Yeitia Linage (J. F.) Declamacion Oratoria, y alegato juridico 

al Rey en su Consejo de Indias, en defensa de las injurias 
inferidas por Pedro Domingo de Contreras, folio, limp vellum, 
18s 1729 

An embezzlement from the royal treasure had taken place between 
Acapulco and Vera Cruz, in the year 1709, in its transmission homewards 
from the Philippine Islands through those towns Accusation was made 
against Vcytia, the author of the Norte de la Coniratacwn, and the above 
orator, his nephew and heir, who, twenty years later, makes a defence which 
is a curious compound of pedantry and passionate fervour. 

29038 Walton (W.) Present State of the Spanish Colonies, including 

a particular report of Hispanola, with a general survey of the 
settlements in South America, 2 vols. 8vo. map ayid 2 plates, hf. 
calf, 28s l_8iO 

29039 Zappullo (Mich.) Historic di Gerusalemme, Roma, Napoli, e 

Venetia, aggiuntovi un compendio dell' Istorie dell' Indie 
(America), sm. 4to. vellum, 20s Vicenza, 1603 

Mexico, or New Spain. 

2im AztGC PsintGci R.GCor(is. 

29040 MEXICAN CHEONICLES. Pictorial Record of the 
History of the province of Zempuhalan (Cemboallan), 
portion of the Tezcuco Monarchy of Acolhuacan, sm. 
foHo, native Manuscript painted on 1^ leaves of 
maguey paper^ a coarse cloth-like fabric appai'ently 
made from fibres of the American aloe, £500. 

fTezciico, about 1530 

According to the oi'der in which the leaves are numbered 
by a comparatively modern hand, they run as follows : 

Folio 1 (pp. 1-2) On the obverse, a picture of Ixtlilxochitl I, 
King of Tezcuco (sec. xiv). Above his head are two mountain- 
peaks with an inscription which appears to read Tzinguliocan- 
tepetl, which may mean Mountains of Culhoacan, and beneath 
the hills the words Ne nemi coaxochtli meaning the Boundary- 
line. These inscriptions are in a large gothic letter of schoolboy 
style, and indicate a Mexican or Tezcucan hand soon after the 
conquest. The reverse of the first leaf is blank. 

2 (pp. 3-4) On the obverse, a large seated figure of 
Tenancacaltzin (who was either the Usurper of Tenoyacan, about 
A.D. 1290, or the brother of the above mentioned Ixtlilxochitl), 
with his emblem at foot, which is formed by a group of eight 
amputated heads of princes. On the reverse are the figures of 
Tecpanacacaltzin-Topiltzin, King of the Toltecs in the twelfth 



Aztec Painted Records — continued. 

century, and his son Xilotzin. This leaf is intended to exhibit 
the ancestry of IxtlilxochitL 

3 (pp. 5-6) On the obverse, two figures which seem to be 
intended for the father and mother of the last Ixtlilsochitl 
(Prince of Tezcuco, who allied himself to Cortes, became 
Christian, and was King of Tezcuco under Spanish supremacy). 
On the reverse is a picture of the Temple or Church of 

4 (pp. 7-8) On the obverse are 12 houses, on the reverse 
more houses and the royal residence. 

5 (pp. 9-10) Obverse : two figures of a man and woman 
seated, with a ti^e or plant below. Reverse : King Ixtlilxochitl 
and his bride. 

6 (pp. 11-12) Obverse : Maxtla, King r f Acaputzalco, and 
his palaces. Reverse : towns and trees, with names. 

7 (pp. 13-14) Obverse: towns and trees with names. Reverse: 
'^ Totlacata," a cacique and a town with houses. 

8 (pp. 15-16) Obverse : Mountain- villages of Tepotzotlan, 
houses and trees. Reverse : trees, a house, and the figure of a 
cacique " ye Tzontlimecatl o o o o." 

9 (pp. 17-18) two figures, with houses below, 
showing Ixtlilxochitl's conquest of Coatitlan, and his captives. 
Reverse. . . . 

10 (pp. 19-20) Obverse: King Tlaltecatzin (grandfather of 
Ixtlilxochitl 1) and his wife (?) and some towns. Reverse: 
Ixtlilxchitl and another personage. 

11 (pp. 21-22) Obverse: Tepaneca towns; a figure and 
other towns on the reverse. 

12 (pp. 23-24) Obvei-se : a seated figure and a town, with 
the inscription boundary route ; on the reverse, two seated 
figures and another to^^^l. 

13 (25-26) Obverse : Town of Coaxicaltepec, with trees, and 
a seated figure ; other towns on reverse. 

14-16 (pp. 27-32) Six pages of figures of men and women, 
towns and trees, with inscriptions. 

This historical record was probably prepared for and used 
by the last Ixtlilxochitl, whose aid was so important to Cortes, 
and who was afterwards recognized as King of Tezcuco under 
Spanish rule. If so, it must have been one of the plnturas 
to which that prince's descendant Don Fernando de Alva 
Ixtlilxochitl refers in his Belaciones, as being in his possession 
some seventy years later than the Conquest. 

29041 MEXICAN CALENDAR, a coloured drawing in 
circular form on a single leaf of agave-paper, con- 
taining the symbols of the months (the year was 
divided into eighteen months of twenty days each) 
in the outer ring of the circle, and several figures 
within the ring, including pictures of 


Aztec Painted Records — covtinued. 

Netzcualcoyotl, the great monarch ot Aculhuacan, 
who restored the cliief seat of the empire 
from Mexico to Tezcuco about 1430 ; and 

Ytzcohuatl his ally, the contemporary King of 
Mexico, each enthroned with his symbol in 
front of him, and a temple or royal residence 
depicted behind him. And of 

Hernando decor (? Cortes), seated, with a black 
Spanish hat on his head ; and a round 
figure painted blue beneath his throne, 
which probably is intended to represent the 
Lake of Mexico ; and 

Don Antonio Pimentel (son of Ixtlilxochitl, the 
ally of Cortes, and last native King of 
Tezcuco) seated, with a blue-painted figure 
of a mountain (the Sierras of Acolhuacan) 
beneath his throne. Behind them, the royal 
residences are depicted. 

The leaf is partly in rotten condition, so that the 
head of Ixtlilxochitl, and some of the symbols of the 
months, are lost. However, enough remains to stamp 
this with extraordinary value, enhanced further by 
the fact that the various figured symbols of deities' 
heads, birds, etc. by which the months are distin- 
guished, are different from those which appear in the 
published Mexican Calendars. The names of the 
months are given in Castilian characters, but in the 
Nahuatl tongue, and there is a Nahuatl inscription 
under the two great sovereigns Netzcualcoyotl and 
Itzcohuatl, £40. Tezcuco^ about 1530 

This leaf, like the historical pictures of Cemboalla or Zen- 
puhalan, must have been part of the Ixtlilxochitl inheritance, 
and have belonged to the Don Fernando de Alva of that name 
whose Relaciones were printed by Lord Kingsborough. 

20042 Conquest of Cuetlaxtlan by Montezuma the 
First, in 1457, Mexican painting on leather, 

30 inches by 11, containing four large figures^ the con- 
queror in his full panoply striding in front, followed 



Aztec Painted Records — continued. 

hi) a file of three captices tied together .^ the fa'st of them 
aprinee and the third a looman.^ £15. Sec. XV 

The chronological symbol in the upper right-hand corner 
consists of a house and the sign of the numeral 4, -which 
correspond to the year of Christ 1457. The painting is perhaps 
nearly contemporary with the event. 

29043 Scenes of Mexican History, Mexican painting 
on leather, 31 inches hy 27, hearing the marhs of 
three epochs equivalent to a.d. 1445, 1456, 1458, loith 
a group of figures to each : the first heing apparently 
the union of a King and Queen and the hirth of a 
child; the second the Surrender of Atonaltzin, the 
tyrant of Coaixtlahuacan, to Montezuma I (1456) ; 
the conquest of the Chalcas by him (in 1458) ; with 
a large central emhlem lohich represents a man lying 
doicn in a boat in the middle of the sea., loohing like a 
picture of the Deluge., £15. Sec. XVI 

29044 Theogonic or Genealogical Tree, representing 
apparently the succession or relationship of the deities 
of Mexican JM^^tholog}^, including nine human or 
anthropoid fijures., and seven symholical ones., attached 
to the hranches of a tree; drawn on soft leather., 24 
inches hy 15, £10. Sec. XVII 

29045 History of the Conquest of Mexico by the 

Spaniards, represented in contemporary native paint- 
ings: copies made in the seventeenth century from the 
originals lohich existed in the ancient convent of San 
Francisco in Mexico., and which have heen destroyed 
long ago; on two long rolled sheets (size 11 ft. 10 in. 
by 2 ft. lOin. ; and 11 ft. 8 in. by 23 in.), containing 
a double row of groups and figures, loith explana- 
tions in the Mexican language., £70. (1550-1660) 

There are many hundreds of figures in this pictorial record, 
which is divided into about forty separate pictures of episodes 
of Mexican history immediately before, during, and immediately 
after the conquest of Cortes. 

29046 KINGSBOKOUGH'S (Lord) Antiquities of 
Mexico; comprising facsimiles of Ancient Mexican 
Paintings and Hieroglyphics, preserved in the Royal 
Libraries of Paris, Berlin, and Dresden ; in the 
Imperial Li l)rary of Vienna; in the Vatican Librarj^; 


Aztec Painted 'R.ecords —continued. 

in tlie Borgian Museum at Rome ; in the Library of 
the Institute of Bologna ; and in the Bodleian 
Library at Oxford ; together with the Monuments of 
New Spain, by M. Dupaix ; illustrated by many 
valuable inedited MSS. 9 vols. impl. folio, containmg 
upwards of 1000 large plates emhracing the remains of 
Mexican Ardiitecture^ Art^ Belhjion, etc. coloured 
(pub. £175.), If. morocco, gilt tops, £60. 1830-48 

Most of the copies of tbis magiiificent work are bow 
disposed of, and safely placed away in libraries, from which 
they are not likely to emerge again in any quantity. As a 
necessary consequence, there will be a considerable augmentation 
in the value of such odd copies as may occasionally come 
forward, when collections of books are thrown into the auction 

" Get ouvrage de la plus grande magnificence, a ete execute 
aux frais de Lord Kingsborough, qui en a fait homage a plusieurs 
bibliotheques publiques du continent, particulierement a la 
Bibliotheque royale a Paris, et a celle de I'lnstitut de France. 
Le prix de chaque exemplaire etait de 175 livres (2000 fr. 
Klaproth). Les quatre premiers volumes renferment les planches 
lithographiees, au nombre de plus de 1000 ; les trois autres 
contiennent I'explicntion des planches et plusieurs memoires 
inedits, ecrits en diiferentes langues, ainsi que des appendices 
en anglais. Le septieme volume est entierement rempli par un 
ouvrage important quia poiir titre : — Hist, de las cosas de Nueva 
Uspana, por el M. L. R. P. Fr. Bernardino de Sahagun." — 

After an interval of seventeen j-ears two more volumes of 
this extraordinary work were published, in every respect uniform 
with the preceding, consisting : 1. of Supplementary Notes in 
English and Spanish ; 2. of extracts from the works of Toi'que- 
mada, Acosta, and Garcia, illustrating the last portions of the 
Mexican paintings, contained in the collection of Mendoza, and 
showing the correspondence which exists between many of the 
Mexican and Hebrew laws ; 3. Adair's History of the North 
Amei-ican Indians, their customs and descent from the Jews ; 
4. Cartas ineditas de Hernando Cortez ; 5. Cronica Mexicana de 
Tezozomoc ; 6. Historia Chichimeca y Relaciones per Fernando 
de Alva Ixtlilxochitl. 

'* When, some four centuries ago, the enterprise of Spanish 
navigators opened the vast continent of America to the admira- 
tion of Euro))e, the civilization of the New World was found to 
be concentrated in two spots, and two only, of that enoi-mous 
territory. One of these favoured regions was Peru ; the other 
was Mexico. It was in Mexico especially that art, politics 




Aztec Painted Records — continued, 

the. rest of North. America, from the shores of Hudson's Bay 
to the mouths of the Mississippi, was desolate and barbarous, 
diversified only by swamp, forest, or prairie, and populated by 
savages without knowledge or laws. Mexico alone redeemed 
the character of the new continent, and presented to the eyes of 
the invader a spectacle so marvellous as to satisfy even the 
expectations which the great discovery had raised. There the 
Spaniards found an organized State, an ancient polity, an 
opulent capital, an exalted dynasty, a formidable priesthood, 
and a people well skilled in mechanical and decorative arts. So 
great, in fact, was the proficiency of the Mexican workmen, so 
elaborate the system of government, and so impressive the whole 
evidence of wealth and grandeur, that for some time the 
civilization of Mexico was regarded as superior to that of 
Eui'ope. Although indeed the researches of modern inquirers 
have enabled us to supply some corrective to these ideas, it is 
really probable that in certain respects the Spaniards found 
Mexico more advanced than Spain, and we have been recently 
assured on the authority of a comprehensive history that this 
civilization was the necessary incident of geographical and 
natural advantages. Such was the situation and configuration 
of Mexico that it could hardly fail to make progress, and all 
that was discovered there in the shape of national wealth or 
political order represented extraordinary opportunities which 
nature had provided." — Times, Dec. 8, 1S58. 

29050 Ramirez MSS. Coleccion db geroglificos Mexicanos, 4 vols. 

sm. folio, 07ie of them oblong, containing altogether 12-i leaves of 
transcripts of Mexican symbols and picture-writing, made from 
various original designs existing in Mexico and elsewhei*e, by 
Jose Ferxando Ramirez of Durango, formerly head of the 
National Museum of Mexico, afterwards one of the ministers 
of the Emperor Maximilian, and finally i-esident at Bonn till 
his death in 1871 ; neatly hf. Id. not iiniform, £27. 

This collection of facsimiles of Mexican hieroglyphics and picture 
writings is exceedingly interesting. Some of the copies relate to times 
anterior to the conquest, while others relate the facts of the conquest, and of 
the times immediately following. 

29051 HiSTORiA DE Mexico. An oblong 4to. Album, hf. Id. so lettered, 

containing 21 leaves of an Historical Picture-Manuscript, 
reproduced in facsimile, in vivid colouring, besides different 
photograqyhic views of the ruins of Yucatan (37 in number), and 
several others uncoloured, from the Ramirez library, £S. 10s 

circ. 1860 

29052 Mexican Antiquities. Lithographic Facsimile of a continuous 

set of Mexican Hieroglyphics, illustrating the history of the 
Empire, 20 leaves folded, into oblong sm. 4:to. shape, 20s About 1830 
Apparently executed in England. 

29053 OSUNA CODEX. Pintura del Gobernador, Alcaldes, y Regi- 

dores de Mexico. Cddice en geroglificos Mexicanos y en lengua 


Aztec Painted Records — continaed. 

castellana y azteca existente en la Biblioteca del Duque de 
Osuna, folio, hf. morocco, £5. 5s M. G. Hernandez, 1878 

Only 100 copies printed. There are ten preliminary psiges, ami thirty- 
nine leaves of facsimile, coloured like the original, which was executed in 

29054 HISTORY OF MEXICO. Nican yc uiliuhtic .... Facsimile 

in Colours of an Ancient Mexican MS. relating the history of 
the country from the early Toltcc times down to the end of the 
first half century of the Spanish rule, 8vo. lithographic and 
coloured facsimile of the original, 158 pjJ. partli/ consisting of 
pict2ires, partly of Nahuatl text in Spanish letters, £8. lO.s 

Written in Mexico 1576, lithographed at Paris by J. Desporfes 

29055 ANALES del Museo Nacional de Mexico, Vol. I in 7 parts, and 

Vol. II parts 1-6, impl. 4to. tvith fine plates of objects of Ancient 
Art, Scul'ptures, Idols, and Picture-Writing {these coloured), sd. 
£3. 10s Mexico, 1877-82 

Extract from the Contents : Un Idolo Azteca de tipo chino y de tipo 
japones — Estudio comparativo entre el Sanscrito y el Naguatl — PaloBontologia 
Mexicana — Aves de Mexico — Codice Mendozino ; descifracion geroglitica — 
Piramides de Teotihuacan— Cosmogonia Azteca — Simboli)S Cronograficos 
de los Mexicanos — Dos antiguos monumentos de arquitectura mexicana — 
Historia de los IMexicanos por sus Pinturas, etc. etc. 

29056 BOTURINI BENADUCI (Lorenzo) Idea de una nueva Historia 

General de la America Septentrional, fundada sobre Figuras, 
Symbolos, Geroglificos y Manuscritos de Autores Indies, ulti- 
manente descubiertos — Catalogo del Museo historico Indiano 
de Benaduci — 2 parts in 1, sm. 4!io. frontispiece, portrait, vellum, 
rare, £2. 10s _ Madrid, 174^^ 

the same, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. fine copy in green morocco 

extra, gilt edges, £3. 3s 1746 


Written during an eight years' residence in Mexico, and as the result of 
a considerable acquaintance with the manners and customs of the Indians ; 
ancient manuscripts and pictures preserved in the Monasteries, etc. It contains 
much important information not before published. There has been no worthier 
workman in the field of Mexican Antiquities than IJoturini : even Lord 
Kingsborough's name can scarcely be placed so high. Without the indefatigable 
and wisely-directed researches of the Hispano-Italian, a great portion of the 
native contributions to Mexican history would certainly have perished. 

29058 LEON t GAMA (A. de) Descripcion historica y cronologica de 

las dos Piedras que se hallaron en la Plaza principal de Mexico, 
1790, sm. 4to. 3 large plates, a valuable treatise on old Mexican, 
Mythology, Astronomy, and Chronology, bd. 32s Mexico, 1792 

29059 ■ la misma descripcion, dala a luz con notas, biogratia de 

su autor, y aumentada con la segunda parte que estaba 
inedita, Don C. M. de Bustamente, sm. 4to. Opiates, Spanish calf, 
£2. 8s Mexico, 1832 

29060 RAMIREZ (Don Jose F.) Descripcion de algunos objetos del 

Museo Nacional de Antiguedades de Mexico, large folio, con- 
taining 1 plate of anticpcities, with four leaves of description (includ- 
ing title), and in addition ^photographs, and 24 original drawings 
of antiquities, with 3 plans of Mexico (2 in MS.), hf. morocco, 
£2. 16s Mexico, 1867 


b. Works in European Languages, 

29061 Album Pintoresco de la Republica Mexicana, ioUo, ib plates of 

coshime {coloured), vitu-s, architecture, etc. folded, cloth, 16s 

Mexico, s.a. (? 1848) 

29062 ALEGRE (el P. Francisco Javier) Historia de la Compania de 

JesTis en Nneva-Espana^ publicala Bustamante, 3 vols. 8vo. ///. 
hd. £5. Mexico, 1841-2 

L'histoire presente est un des meilleurs ouvrages qui nous soient restes 
surcette matiere, ecrits par les jesiuites mexicains." — Brasseur de Bourbourg. 

Alcgre lived from 17:i9 to 1788. 

29063 Alvarado. Procesos de Resideneia contra Pedro de Alvarado y 

Kuiio de Guzman con notas por J. F. Ramirez, publica Ign, 
L. Rayon, 8vo. jjortrait and 3 coloured facsimiles, hf. calf, 20s 

Mexico, 1847 

29064 ALVAREZ (J. D.) Libro de la Yida del Proximo Evangelico, el 

Vener. Padre Bernardino Alvarez, Patriarcba y Fundador de la 
Sagi-ada Religion de la Cbaridad, y S. Hypolito Mai-tyr en esta 
Nneva-Espaiia, por Juan Dias de Arce, sm. 4to. frontispiece, 
portrait, and plate, vellum, 28s Mexico, 17 &i 

Bern. Alvarez, born at SSeville, in 1514, joined the army in Mexico at 
twenty years of age, but was soon banished to the Philippines. He escaped 
thence to Peru, entered the Church, and died in 1584. 

29065 Archiyo Mexicano, Documentos para la Historia de Mexico, 

2 vols. 8vo. hf. hd. 35s Mexico, 1853 

The second title, which is really descriptive of the contents of these 2 vols., 

■ is, " Sumario de la Resideneia tomada a D, Fernando Cortes, Gobernador y 

Capitan-General de la N.E., y a otios gobernadores y officiales de la misma, 

paleografiado del Original por Ign. L. Rayon." 

29066 ARLEGUI (Jos.) Chronica de la Provincia de S. Francisco 

DE Zacatecas, sm. 4to. /;/. Id. £6. 10s 

Mexico, J. B. de Hogal, 1737 

A valuable work, the great rarity of which is sufficiently demonstrated 
by its absence from the lists of Rich, Brunet, Salva, and the author of the 

iSabin, in his Dictionary of works relating to America, quotes this as a 
doubtful title from a London Catalogue. 

29067 ARRONIZ (Joaquin) Ensayo de una Historia de Orizaba, 8vo. 

plate of arms, geological map, and 4 plates of Antiquities, hf. hd. 
£3. 16s (Orizaha) 1867 

29068 AYUNTAMIENTO de MEXICO. Libros de las 

Actas del Cabildo de Mexico, 6 vols, folio, neat 
modern traiiscripts with a printed title to the first 
volume in which the work is intitled '^ Copia Paleo- 
grafica de los antiguos Libros de Cabildo . . dispuesta 
. . por Ygnacio L. Rayon," three volumes hf. blue and 
three in hf. red morocco^ £180. Mexico^ about 1850-60 
Vol. I. Acts of the Municipality of the city of Mexico 
from March, 1524, to June, 1529, copied hj Don J. F. 
Iiamirez^ pp. 64.4. Eamirez has addsd 169 notes to 


this volume illustrating some historical poinds, and 
has made an ample Index in his own handwriting in 
two leaves. 

Vol. II. Copied under the care of the Lie. Don Manuel 
OROZCO Y BERRA, containing the Acts from June, 
1529, to September 1532, in 649 pp., and two leaves 
of Index by Ramirez. 

YoL III. Copy also made by Orozco, containing the 
Acts from January, 1533, to December, 1535, and 
extracts for the years 1536-1543, in 637 pp., and two 
leaves for the Index by Ramirez. 

Vol. IV. Containing the Acts from Dec. 1550, to June, 
1559, in 489 unnumbered leaves. 

Vol. V. Containing the Acts from June, 1559, to Dec. 
1561, in 431 unnumbered leaves. 

Vol. VI. Containing the Acts from Jan. 1562 to April, 
1564, in 317 unnumbered leaves. 

This was one of the most important articles of the Ramirez 
collection, and ought to be secured by a Public Library in 

At the end of the first volume we learn that in the original 
books exists a note in the handwriting of the eminent scholar 
Dn. Carlos Siguenza y Gongora, in which he states that during 
the tumult which took place in Mexico on the 8th of June, 1692, 
when the mob burnt both the national and the municipal palace, 
he saved the original Actas. 

The value of these six volumes as historical documents 
cannot be exaggerated, and any one who has dedicated himself 
to the study of the years immediately following the conquest, and 
who knows the important pai-t which the Municipal Councils of 
those times took in all public aifairs of consequence, will at once 
recognize their utility, because they form, not only the founda- 
tion of Colonial history, but to a certain extent the foundation 
also of the history of a society and a civilization that were dis- 

These volumes contain also copies of a great number of 
" Cedulas Reales," letters from important personages, such as 
Cortes, Alvarado, and others. 

A small part of these Acts have been printed in the Boletin 
Municipal de Mexico, but they consist merely of extracts, and 
have been edited in such a careless manner, and issued in such 
a small number of copies, that these volumes lose in consequence 
nothing either in value or importance. 

The printed title which was used for the first and second 
volumes must have been taken from an edition in facsimile of 



part of the text prepared by Ygnacio Rayon. On that of 
Vol. II, Ramirez altered in writing the name of Rayon to that of 
Orozco ; he did not make a similar change on the title of Vol. I, 
although that volume is, without doubt, entirely in his own 

29069 Barcexa (J. ]\I. R.) Ensayo de una Historia Anecdotica de Mexico, 

en los tiempos anteriores a la conquista EspaSola ; Catecismo ele- 
mental de la Historia de Mexico — 2 vols. 12mo. bd. os AIexico,1862, 

29070 Bullock (W.), Six Months' Residence and Travels in Mexico, 

8vo. map and plates, hds. 10s 1824 

29071 BUSTAMAXTE'S WORKS. Coleccion de Obras escritas y 

publicadas por Don Carlos Maria de Bustamante, 47 vols, in 38, 
8vo. hf. bd. £45. Mexico, 1812-50 


I-II. Lopez de Gomara, Historia de | 
las Conquistas de Heruaudo Cortes, con 
notas y adiciones 1826 j 

III. Vega (Manual de la) Historia del | 
Descubriniiento de la America Septentrional i 
J or Colon 1826 I 

IV. BoxrEiNi, y VETTiA,Tezcocoen los I 
ullimos tiempos desus aiitiguos K.eyes 1826 ' 

V. EusTAJiANTE, Canipanas del Gl. F. 
M. Callfja 1828 

V 1- V II. Mananas de la Alameda, 

para t'acilitar el estudio de la historia de su 
pais, 2 vols. 1835-36 

VIII, IX, X, XI. Cavo, los tres biglos 
de Mexico durante el gobierno Esjianol, 
4 vols. 1836-38 

XII, XIII, XIV. Alkgre, Hi-storia de 
la Conipania de Jesus en Kueva Espana, 
3 vols. 1842 

XV-XX. Cuadro Historico de la Eevo- 
lucion de la America Mexicana comenzada 
en 1810, edicion original, 6 vols, {the sixth 
volume was tu^'pressed and never rej rinted) 


XXI-XXV. Cuadro historico, segunda 
C'licion augnientada, 5 vols. 1843-46 

XXVI. Continuacion del Cuaiiro : 
Historia de Iturbide, bound at the end of 
Vol. V of the Cuadro 1846 

!mpi'LE.'me>to al Cuadro Historico de la 
segunda epoca, a seived coyy, added, 
not included in the numeration oj the 


XXVII. BcsTAMANTE, el Gabiuetc 
Mexicano, durante la segunda adniinis- 
tracion de Bustamante, hasta la entrega 
del mando a banta-Anna, y continuacion 
del Cuadro de la Kevolucion, 2 vols, in 1 


XXVIII. Abispa de Chilpan- 

XXIX. BcsTAMANTE, apuutcs para la 
historia del gobierno de Santa Anna, 
1841-44 1845 

XXX-XXX. Sahagux, Historia general 
de las cosas de la Xueva Espana, 3 vols. 
1829-30 ; Historia de la Conquista de 
Mexico, publicada por sejiarado de sus 
demas obras, 1829 ; Ixtlilxuchitl, 
Horribles Crueldades de los Con- 
quistadores de Mexico, 1829 ; ISahagdn, 
la Aparicion de N. Sefiora de Gua- 
dalupe o sea Historia general que altera 
la publicada en 1829, con nota sobre la 
Conquista de Mexico, 1840; together 6 
vols, in 2 1829-4U 

XXXVI-XXXIX. Voz de la Patria 
(con el Supplemento del cnarto tomo 
intitulado Mexico por dentro y fuera), 
Vols. II-IV, in 3 vols, (a first volume was 
a[<jjarently never published, at le<^st not 
under the same title) 1830-31 

XL, XLI. El iNtEVo Beenal Diaz, 
o sea Historia de la invasion de los Anglo- 
Americanos en Mexico, 2 vols, in 1 1847 

XLII. La ilARiMBA, a political pe- 
riodical, all published 1832 

XLUI. lievoltillo de Papas, sombra de 
Moctheuzoma, Efemerides 1832-35 

XLIV. Leox t Gajia, Descripcion de 
las dos Piedras halladas en la Plaza de 
Mexico, 1790, tegunda edicion aumentada 
por Bustamante 1832 

XLV. Juguetillos, 1-12 Qthe eleventh 
and tu-elfth in MS.), 1812-21; Centzontli, 
1-7. 1822 ; Contestaciones a los Juguetillos 
la Ittdactura, etc. in 1 vol. 1612-22 

XLVI. Treiuta Escrilos varios del autor, 
in 1 vol. 1820-41 

XLVIL Noticias biograficas de Busta- 
mante, 1849, Historia de Morelos, y otros 
opusculos de Bnstamante, in 1 vol. 


cingo (a periodical on Mexican subjects), 
2 vols, {only 88 j>p. of Vol. II wtre prirded) 

1813-26 ' 
A fcingularly complete collection of the scatiered pieces of this voluminous 


writer. Many of them are excessively rare, as, in consequence of the dis- 
turbed state of the political atmosphere in which he lived, they were found 
obnoxious to many successive holders of power. Bustamante was the son of a 
Spaniard, but, more Mexican than the Mexicans themselves, he talked of 
" our three hundred years' captivity and sufferings," cursing the nation from 
which he derived his blood and the language that he used with such fiery 

29072 BUSTAMANTE, Obras : anotlier set, consisting of the volumes 
above numbered I-XVII, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII (a few 

numbers wanting in this volume), XXIX-XXXIX (including 
the Mexico poi' dentro y fuera separately), and XLIV ; together 
32 vols. 8vo. of tvhich 20 vols, are hound in 19, /;/. morocco, 
uniform ; and 12 are in various states, £20. Mexico, 1821-45 

29073 Mananas de la Alameda de Mexico, para facilitar el 

estudio de la historia de su pais, 2 vols. Bvo. sd. 12s; or, hf. red 
morocco, 15s Mexico, 1835-6 

29074 Historia del Emperador D. Augustin de Iturbide, 8vo. 

hf. red morocco, 4s 1846 

29075 [Calderon de la Baeca (Madame)] Life in Mexico, during a 

residence of two years in that country, by Madame C. de la B., 
with preface by W. H. Prescott, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1843 

29076 CALLE JA (el General) Ynforme general de la Colonia del Nuevo 

Santander y Nuevo Reyno de Leon, small folio, valuable 
unpublished MS. 74 leaves, vellum, £4. 4s Mexico, 1795 

A report on the outlying possessions of Northern Mexico, the Indian 
fi-ontier, the hostility and character of the Comanches, the geography of 
Texas, etc., intended only for communication to the Spanish Government. 

29077 CAVO (Andres) los Tres Siglos de Mexico durante el gobierno 

Espaiiol, publicala Bustamente, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. hd. £2. 16s 

Mexico, 1836 

29078 CEPEDA, CARRILLO, Y SERRANO. Relacion Universal, 

legitima y verdadera del sitio en que esta fundada la muy noble, 
insigne, y muy leal ciudad de Mexico, cabe9a de las Provincias 
de toda la Nueva Espana .... forma con que se a auctuado 
desde el aiio de 155:-5 hasta el presente de 1637, dispuesta y 
ordenada por el Licenciado Don Fern, de Cepeda, y D. F. Alf. 
Cariillo, corregida, ajustada, y concertada con el Lie. D. Juan 
de Albares Serrano, sm. folio, vellum, £10. 

Mexico, Fr. Salbago, 1637 
There are two sorts of copies of this rare book, one unfinished and the 
other complete. This is a copy of the incompleted edition, and bears the note 
at the end of the volume signed by de Cepeda, Cakrillo and Alvarez 
Serrano. It contains 2 prel. 11. ; numb. 11. 31, 42 (39 omitted), and 28 (17 
and 18 repeated). The completed copies have 11. 29-41 in the 3rd numeration, 
and another numeration of 12 11. 

29079 CISNEROS (Diego) Sitio, Naturaleza y Propriedades, dela 

Ciudad de Mexico. Aguas y Vientos a que esta suleta; 
y Tiempos del Afio. Necessidad de su conocimieto para el 
exercicio do la Medicina su Inccrtidumbre y difficultad 
siu el de la Astrologia assi para la curaciou como para los 


prognosticos, sm. 4to. engraved title, portrait, wants map, vellum, 
from the Sunderla^id library, £3. IO5 

Mexico, en casa del Bacliiller Joan Blanco de Alcaqar, 1G18 
Exceedingly rare : not in Salva, Leclerc, or Brunet (mentioned, 
however, in the Supplement), neither was there a copy in the Fischer and 
Ramirez libraries. This curious work is the production of a physician, with 
astrological tendencies. The engraved title bears the signature " Hamuel 
Estradan, Anuerpiensis Sculp. Moxici."' 

29080 Clavigero, History of Mexico, translated by C. Cnllen, 2 vols, in 

1, stout 4to. map, plan and pilates, lif. tnorocco, 10s 1787 

29081 CORTES (Heman) Proceso de Residencia de Hernan Cortes, 

2 vols, folio, plainly written MS. of about 1230 pp. hf. bd. £3. 10s 

Mexico, about 1840 

These two volumes have been printed in the " Archive Mexico, 
Tipografia de Vicente Garcia Torres, Mexico, 1852 and 1853. This copy 
was evidently made before there was any probability of its being published. 

However, it contains an unpublished " Descripcion de Colima" of 
15.32 in nine leaves, and a copy of the " Nomina Alfabetica de los capitanes, 
soldados y otras personas notables que vinieron a la Conquista de Mexico," 
which has been incorporated in the Diccionario de Historia y Geografia, 
published in Mexico between the years 1853-1857. 

■ Cartas — see ante pp. 2806-7. 

29082 DAVILA PADILLA (Fr. Augustin) Historia de la Fundacion y 

Discurso de la Provincia de Santiago de Mexico, por las vidas 
de sus varones insignes y casos notables de Nueva-Espana, 
folio, ORIGINAL EDITION, _/iiie clean copy, but ivanting the title, vellum, 
EXCESSIVELY RARE, £6. lOs Madrid, P. Madrigal, 1596 

29083 Historia de la fundacion y discurso de la provincia de 

Santiago de Mexico, folio, calf, £4. 15s Brusselas, 1625 

All editions of this important work are of extreme rarity. It contains 
some of the most valuable materials in existence for the history of the 
Spanish Omquest and settlements in America; as well as of the manners, 
language, and religions of the aborigines. Davila Padilla was born in Mexico 
in 1662, and had the fullest opportunities of obtaining authentic information. 
He is the earliest writer who mentions the establishment of Printing in the 
IS'ew World, and the fact that the Scala Cceli of St. Joaunes Climacus 
translated by his namesake Juan de Estrada from the Latin version, was 
entiiled to the distinction of being the first book printed in America 
(about 1535-6). 

29084 DiARiO de los Debates,) tercer Congresso constitucional de la 

Union, Sesiones de 1862 y 1863, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, hf. morocco, 
5s Mexico, 1873 

29085 Edwards (Milne) Rechercbes Zoologiques, 3nie partie. Etudes sur 

les Reptiles et les Batraciens par A. Dumeril et Bocourt, 
atlas 4to. '^'6 plates, many coloured, cloth, 36s 1870-5 

Forming part of the Mission ticientifique au Mexique et dans VAmerique 
Cent rale. 

29086 Elhutar (Fausto de) Indagaciones sobre la Amonedacion en 

Nueva Espaiia, presentadas en 10 de Agosto 1814 al Real 
Tribunal General de Mineria de Mejico, sm. 4to. red roan, 12s 

Madrid, 1818 



29087 FABIAN Y FUERO. Coleccion de Providencias Diocesanas del 

Obispado de la Puebla de los Angeles, ordenadas por D. Fran- 
CISCO Fabian j Fuero, Obispo de dicha Ciudad, etc. 2 vols, in 1, 
sm. folio, hf. bound, £3. 

(Ptiehla) Imprenta del Eeal Seminario Palafoxiano, 1770 

A rare and important compilation of rules and orders for the conduct of 
civil and religious life, based upon the third provincial Council of Mexico, 
1585. It possesses consequently much interest in the discussion of questions 
conceiTiing the treatment of the Indians, the use of their language, etc. 

29088 FIGUEROA (Francisco Antonio de la Rosa) Bezerro general, 

menologico y chronologico de todos los Religiosos que . . . 
ha avido en esta Sta. Provincia del Sto. Evangelio desde su 
f nndacion basta el preste. ailo de 1 764 y de todos los Prelados 
assi iiros. M. Rdos. PP. Comissars. como Rdos. PP. Provinciales 
que la ban governado (prim era parte), folio, MS. of about 400 
pp. calf, £25. Mexico, 1755-64 

A list of all the members of the Franciscan order in any way connected 
with New Spain, from the conquest to the end of the seventeenth century ; the 
second part brings the work down to 1764, and a note of that date appears 
at the beginning of this volume, in which the author refers to his labours on 
the second part. He may have completed it, but it was probably never 
transcribed for use like this one. 

The date of the entrance of each member with the year of his demise 
is added, and all the more distinguished members have a short biography 

29089 FONSECA (F. de) y Urrutia (C. de) Historia General de Real 

Hacienda, escrita por orden del Virey Conde de Revillagigedo, 
6 vols. 8vo. tables, hf. bd. £5. Mexico, 1845-53 

An important Collection of Documents relating to Mexican Finance 
from the Conquest to the end of the 18th Century ; very rare in England. 

29090 FRUTOS. Peregrinaciones viages y varias aventuras, pasadas, 

padecidas y aguantadas por el bermano Phelipe Frntos, de la 
Compania de Jesus, small 4to. MS. pp. ^12, with three prel. leaves 
and other three for Ivdex; in a small but very clear handwriting, 
limp vellmn wrapper, £18. 10s Madrid, 1711 — Mexico, 1720 

The author was born in Cantaleja, near Segovia, in 1674 ; when 
seventeen years of age he entered the Spanish army as a soldier, went to 
Argel, and after his return made the campaign against the French in 
Cataluna from 1693 to 1700, in whic'i he was gradually promoted to the 
post of lieutenant and adjutant. In 1701 he entered the order of Jesuits, and 
in 1706 was sent by his Superior to Mexico, where he remained during four 
years, and then returned to Europe. Having concluded his business in Rome 
he returned to Madrid, with the intention of sailing for the Philippines by way 
of Mexico. Here, at Madrid, the original work ends with December, 1711. 
1 he continuous narrative breaks off, and we hear no more of his voyages. 
But there is annexed, a " Relacion sucinta de las propriedades de los Indies 
Mexicanos, que en el discurso de catorze afios, a observado en ellos el Ho, 
Phelipe Frutos." This was written in or after the year 1720, which makes it 
probhtile that he reached Mexico in 1712, and went no farther. 

29091 Galvan Rivera (M.) Supplemento a la Historia Universal por el C. 
de Segnr, Tomo I (Historia dc ^Mexico), 8vo. numerous portraits, 
tie. Ids. £2. 4s Me.vico, 1852 


29092 GALVEZ (Jose de) INFORME GENERAL que de real orden 

instruyd y entrego Don Jose de Galvez, siendo Visitador general 
de este Reyno, al Yirrey D. Antonio Bucarely y Ursua, 31 
Deciembre de 1771, sm. 4to. dearly loritten MS., a transcript 
from the original secret document, vellum, £4. 4* 

Mexico, ahout 1780 

29093 the same, sm. folio, MS. an official copy made in 1783 

from the original in the Archives, with the official stamp) on every 
l^af, hf. hd. £10. 10*^ Mexico, 1783 

This valuable State paper was prepared for the secret instruction of the 
Viceroy and his successors in the due administration of the Government, to 
enable them to secure just imposition of taxes, the verification of revenue 
receipts, and to control the entire financial system of the Mexican dominion. 
The Marquis de Sonjra. better known as Don Jose de Galvez, is said by 
Aleman to have created the " Board of Trade " Ministry in Mi-xico, and the 
historian goes even so far as to attribute all the material and commercial 
prosperity of the country to tliut statesoran. The Emperor Maximilian cau.-^ed 
twenty copies of this Informe to be printed in 1866. 

In the folio copy of 1783, the following additional documents follow the 
Informe General: — Ynforme y plan de Yntendencias que conviene establecer 
en las provincias de este reyno de Nneva Espana. Addressed hy tlie Marques 
de Croix to Bon Jose de Galvez, and dated 1768, — Oecreto 16 Enero, 1768 — 
Oficio del Virrey a los Prelados, I 768— Dictamen del Obispo de Puebla— ( )ficio 
del Obi<po de Puebla. 1768— Oficio del Arzobispo de Mexico, 1768— Copia 
de la Yntendencia de Buenos Avres, addre.ssed by Jose de Galvez to Migiiel de 
San Martin Caeto, Secretary for Peruvian Affairs, and dated 29 March, 1778. 

29094 Gazetas de Mexico, Compendio de Noticias de Nneva Espaiia, por 

M. A. Valdes, 1784 y 1785, Nos. 1-53, with the 15 Supple- 
mentary Nos., Index, etc. in 1 vol. sm. 4to. plates, hf. hd. lbs 


29095 GRANADOS Y GALVEZ (Joseph Joaqnin) Tardes Ameri- 

CANAS : Gobierno Gentil y Catolico : breve y particular Noticia 
de toda la Historia Indiana, sucesos, cases notables, y cosas 
ignoradas, desde la entrada de la gran nacion Tulteca a esta 
tierra de Anahuac, hasta los presentes tiempos, sm. 4to. 3 plates, 
hf. hd. £3. Mexico, 1778 

29096 the same, sm. 4to. /?ie copy in vellum, £4. 1778 

" A scarce and curious work relating to the early history of the Mexicans, 
unknown to Clavigero, and not mentioned by Meusel." — Pdch. 

It contains also much information regarding the Mytholo<jy and Language 
of thenatives. It is styled by Salva, " Ouvrage aus^i rare qu"iaiportaut pour 
connaitre a fond I'histoire primitive de la Nouvelle Espague." 

29097 GRIJALVA, Cronica De La Orden De N. P. S. Augustin en las 

prouincias de la nueua espaila. En quatro edades desde el afio 
de. 1533 hasta el de. 1592, por el P. M. F. loan de Grijalua, 
prior del conuento de N. P. S. Augustin de Mexico, sm. folio, 
woodcut title as usual cut doivn, folio 31 defective, and folios 119 
and 120 supplied in MS., clean copy in vellum, £10. 

Mexico, en el conuento de S. Augustin, y imprenta de 

Juan Buyz, U'24 

Original edition of this exceedingly rare Mexican chronicle, which 

f'inelo calls, "Historia bien cscrita, i que no sale de lo que el 'J'iiulo promite." 

VJH * 


29098 GUADALUPE (Andres de) Historia de la Santa Provincia de 

los Angeles, de la regular observancia y orden de nuestro serafico 
Padre San Francisco, folio, ^v^th the frontispiece, fine copy in limp 
vellum, RARE, £3. 16s Madrid, Mateo Fernandez, 1662 

The author was Commissary General of the Indies, but his book contains 
little about America, although the Franciscan order which he celebrates 
laboured extensively in that field. The first notice of the New World is 
contained in his account of the letter of Martin de Valencia from Yucatan in 

29099 GUERRA (Jose) Dr. de la Universidad de Mexico. Historia de la 

Revolucion de Nueva Espafia, antiguamente Anahuac, 2 vols. 
8vo. hf. calf, £4. Lond. 1813 

This work was privately printed in London, and was intended to be 
circulated in Mexico, but the vessel in which nearly the whole of the impression 
was sent out, was never heard of afterwards, for which reason the work is 
extremely scarce. The author, whose full name was Jos6 Servando Santo 
Teresa Mier Noriega y Guerra, was several times imprisoned by the Inqui- 

29100 Heredia y Sarmiento, Resumen de las Naciones que poblaron el 

Pais de Anahuac, sm. 4to. map. and cu7-ious plates of Mexican 
Antiquities, If. bd. 15s Mexico, 1830 

This scarce treatise is at the end of the author's Sermon on the Guada- 
lupe Virgin. 

29101 [HERNANDEZ (Francisco) Quatro libros de la Naturaleza, 

virtndes de las plantas y los animales que estan recebidos en el 
Tiso de la medecina en la Nueva Espana, con lo que el Doctor 
Hernandez escrivio traducido, aumentados por Francisco 
XiMENEz], sm. 4to. wanting preliminary leaves and last leaf of 
table, but the text perfect, vellum, £4. (Mexico, 1615) 

The additions make this a better work than the original work of 
Hernandez ; and the Mexican names appear in it in a more correct form. 

Rerum Medicarum NovjE Hispanij: Thesaurus, seu 




Plantarum, Aniraalium, Mineralium Mexicanorum Historia, 
ex Hernandez relationibus a N. A. Recclio collecta: a J. T. Lynceo 
notis illustra (cum Indice, etHistoriae AnimaliumetMineraliura 
libro), sm. folio, engraved title dated 1648, and several hundred 
woodcuts of American Plants, Quadrupeds, Birds, etc. ivithout the 
printed title, vellum,, £3. 16s (Romce, 1651) 

The engraved title bears the date 1649, while the preface is dated 1650. 
This issue contains two engraved plates (at pp. 212 and 301) not in the later 

the same, sm. folio, engraved and printed titles, both dated 

1651, looodcuts, old darlc red morocco, gilt edges, £4. 4s 1651 

Historia de la Revolucion de Mexico, contra la Dictadura del 
General Santa-Anna, 1853-55, sm. 4to. portraits, maps, etc. hf. 
bd. 21s Mexico, 1856 

29105 HUBHUETLATOLLI ; traducido por Fr. Andres de Olmos, y 
otros tratados, sm. 4to. neatly written MS. transcribed for Don J. 
F. Ramirez, hf. bd. £6. (is 

The contents of this volume are : — 

I. HuEiiuKTLATOLLi, translated by Father Olmos, a transcript oj the 
unique copy of the printed edition. 

II. Kdiz de Alakcon (Hernando) Tratado de las supersticiones de los 


naturales de esta Nueva Espana, transcript of a unique MS. written in 1629, 
76 leaves. 

III. Portion of Sahagun's History. 

A very interesting and valuable collection, especially the second treatise 
which is unpublished. 

29106 Ibar (F.) Muerte Politica de la Republica Mexicana, o cuadro de 

los sucesos politicos desde el 4 Dec. 1828, hasta el 25 Agosto 
1829, sm. 4to. 34 numbers, with supplements, all published, calf 
gilt, hs Mexico, 1829 

29107 IC AZBALCETA (J. G.) Coleccion de Documentos para la Historia 

de Mexico, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. hound in calf, and half calf, £2. 10s 

Mexico, 1858-66 

29108 the same, 2 vols, large and fine paper, only 12 copies 

printed 1858-66 

Historia Eclesiastica Indiana, obra escrita a fines del Siglo 

XVI por G. de Mendieta, 2 vols, large and fine paper, only 26 

copies p rinted 1870 

together 4 vols, royal 4to. /;/. bd. morocco, £15. 

Mexico, 1858-70 
One of the most valuable modern publications on the Discovery and 
Colonisation of America, and the condition of the Indian peoples at the time 
of the Conquest of Mexico. The documents here set forth were inedited, and 
the first two volumes have nearly all been printed by the personal labour of the 
Editor. Only a very small number of copies were issued on Large Paper of 
these handsome books, and they are extremely rare. 

29109 INQUISITION of MEXICO. MSS. from 1571 to 1802, folio, 
. hf bd. £90. 

Some parts of this volume are in MS. ; others are printed. The contents 
are : — 

1. MS. dated Mexico, Nov. 3 de 1571. Edicto general del Dr. Pedro 

Moya de Contreras. Original, 2 leaves. This is the first docu- 
ment issued on the establishment of the Holy Office in New Spain. 
It condemns all the followers of the " lei muerta de Moisen de 
los ludios ... la malvada de Mahoma ... la seta de Martin 
Lutero," and prepared the New World for the glorious celebration 
of the first Auto which took place in 1574, with twenty-one 
Lutheran heretics for the performers. This is the original 
counterpart of the Edict deposited in the archives, and is signed 
by Pedro de los Rios, secretary of the Archbishop Pedro Moya de 

2. Edicto general de los Inquisidores de Mexico, 25 de Sept. 1745, 6 leaves. 

3. Edicto general, 14 de Enero, 1698. 

4. Edicto general, 4 de Mayo, 1802. 

The three preceding documents are all signed by the Inquisitora 
and sealed with the great seal. 

5. Edict of the Inquisidor Genl. Francisco Perez, Enero 31 de 1747, 

4 printed leaves. 

6. Six different orders, 6 separate leaves, manuscripts, with seals. 

7. Another Edict of the Inquisidor-General, Dr. Francisco Prado, Junio 

27, de 1747, 4 printed leaves. 

8. Ten original orders of the Inquisition, manuscripts, signed and 

sealed, 16401780. 

9. Seven copies of the Compendio de las Indulgencias concedidas a los 

Ministros de la Inquisicion, each consisting of 4 printed leaves, and 
all of different dates and editions. 
10. Instrucciones del Santo Oficio, 12 leaves; MS., a document of which 
a copy had to he given every year to the officials of the Holy Office. 

About 1680 


11. Reglas y Constituciones de los Inquisidores, the title and two leaves 
of woodcuts, from the edition of Mexico, 1559, followed hy two 
other printed leaves which hear the autograph signatures of the 
Inquisitors of 1745, and this written date; the text of the 
Reglas written as a copy from the old printed hook, with the 
intentional omission of Cap. VIII, ivith official certificate, dated 
1787, of Fr. Manuel de Lejarza the "Notario Revisor y Expur- 
gador " of the Holy Office. 
This, from its peculiar composition, is a very curious document. 

1'2. Two copies of a printed "Instruccion que han de fiuardar los 
Comissarios del Santa Ohc'io, printed in Mexico, 8 11. {About 1670) 

13. Rkglas t Constitdciones que han de guardar los Sefiores Inquisi- 

dores . . del Santo Officio de la Inquisicion de esta ciudad de 
Mexico, four preliminary leaves includi7ig the two large coloured 
^ooodcuts, and 16 numbered leaves of text, very rare 

Mexico, en la imprenta del Secreto del Santo Officio por la 
inuda de Bernardo Calderon, 1659 

14. Instruciones del Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion sumariamente, 

antiguas y nuevas, puestas por abecedario por Gasj)ar Isidro de 
Arguello Oficial del Consejo, 2 vols, in 1, 18 unnumbered and 
38 numbered leaves, rare Madrid. 1630 

15. A general Edict of the Inquisition of Mexico, July 17, 1801, signed 

and sealed, 2 printed copies, pp. 28. 

29110 Peocesso t Causa Ceiminal, y Segunda Caussa de Ysabel de 

MONTOIA, mnlata d castiza (llaruada la Centella) natural de esta 
ciudad, residente en lade Guajocingo . . . 2 vols, iolio, MSS. with 
official signatures, these being the original documents pj-epared in 
the Inquisition of Mexico in the processes against Isabel de Montoya 
for Witchcraft, altogether 700 pages, hf. calf, £25. 

Pvehla, 1652-63 
This unhappy woman was twice proceeded against by the Inquisition of 
Mexico, once in 1652 and the second time in 1663, and suffered both times the 
Benience imposed upon her, after having undergone severe torments. 

29111 [IXTLILXOCHITL] Sumaria Relacion de todas las cosas que an 

sucedido en la Nueva Espana y de muclias cosas que los Tultecas 
alcangaron y supieron dende la creacion del niundo hasta su 
destruction y benida de los terceros pobladores Chichimecas 
hasta la benida de los Espanoles, sacada de la original istoria 
desta Nueva Espaiia, sni. folio, clearly ivritten MS. hf. bd. from 
the library of Don J. F. Ramirez, £20. Mexico, about 1680 

Then follows an " Informacion," made by order of the King of Spain, 
respecting the conduct of Nuvio de Guzman, in 1532, in burning and plunder- 
ing the King of Mechuacan, leaves 1-5. 

Then follows a copy of a " Cedula Real," of Philip II, granting certain 
privileges to Da. Isabel Moctezuma, leaves 6-16. 

riiially — Relacion de Don Francisco de Sandoval Acazteli Cacique y 
Senor de Tlamaualco, de la Guerra contra los Chichimecas (1541) en la cual 
acompano al Visorey Antonio de Mendoza, traducida del Mexicano por Pedro 
Bazquez en 1641. This is a document of considerable historical importance. 

29112 Sumaria Relacion . . sm. folio, ivell ivritten MS. consist- 
ing of the same work of Ixtlilxochitl as is contained in the preceding 
article, vellum, £5. 15s Mexico, aboui 1769-70 

The Relations of Don Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl — lineal descendant 
(grandnepliew) of the last King of Tezcuco, and a man who had very little 
Spanish feeling in his composition — were written at the beginning of the 
i^fM-nteeulh century, and derived entirely from native sources and the inter- 


pretation furnished by the oldest notabilities of the country of the existing 

picture-records. They are by far the most important contribution to Mexican 

history before the Conquest. 

The work is divided into the following sections: — 

I. Sumaria Eelacion ... in five chapters or Relaciones. 

ir. Ystoria de los Chichimecos, down to the time of NetzahualcoyotI, in 

ten Relaciones. 

III. Account of the Mexicans from the death of Chimalpopoca ; Ordeu 
an9as de NetzahualcoyotI, etc. 

IV. Venida de los Espanoles ; Entrada a Tezcuco. 

Followed by the subscription " Es toda esta historia de puilo de Don 
Fernando de Alba Ixtlilxuchitl . ." 

V. [Relacion de los Toltecas, etc.] beginning with the words " Los 
Toltecas fueron segundos pobladores." 12 Relaciones, ending with (13th) 
Origen de los Xuchimilcas. 

Followed by a Suplicacion to the Viceroy for intercession with the King, 
signed by the author. 

VI. Sumaria Relacion de la Historia general desta Nueva Espaiia. 
In the eighteenth century copy the order of V and VI is reversed. 
see ante, original Mexican MSS. which belonged to the 

Ixtlilxochitl family, Nos. 29040-45. 

29113 JESUITAS DE LA NUEVA ESPANA, Documentos varios his- 

toricos y estadisticos, sobre los tvabajos de la Compailia en esta 
provincia, 7 vols. sm. 4to. official MSS. vellum, £20. 

Mexico, Sec. xvii-xviil 

I. Libro en que se escrivieron los primeros Religiosos venidos de Europa 
(y los que se reciben), desde 1572 (hasta lSu5) About 1606 

II. A similar compilation, extending as far as 1643 About 1644 

III. Gastos. Libro de la Caxa de la casa profesa de Mexico, 1592-1604, in 
the handwriting of Francisco Baez 1592-1604 

IV. Libro de los que se reciven para religiosos . . 1644-1663 1663 

V. Ordenes de mayor momentos y perpetuos, . . Visitas desta casa pro- 
fessa, . . Respuestas de N. P. Gl. 1662 

VI. Libro sexto. Nombres de los que hazen los votos, etc. 1644-1705 


VII. Ordenaciones de Nros. Pes. Generales, 1699-1766 1700-1766 

29114 LEJARZA, Analisis Estadistico de la provincia de Michuacan en 

1832, sm. 4to. folding tables, hf. bd. 24s Mexico, 1824 

29115 Lopez (Greg.) La Vida, qne hizo el siervo de Dios Gregorio Lopez 

en algunos lugares de esta nueva Espana, por Franc. Lossa, 
12mo. calf, 30s Mexico, 1613 

Brunet, in mentioning an edition of Seville, 1618, says: — "Antonio, 
qui qualitie ce petit ouvrage d'aureus libellus, n'a pas connu celte edition 
de ltil8, dont un bel exemplaire en mar. a ete vendu £2. 12s, Heber. mais 
il cite une de Mexico, 1613, qui doit etre encore plus rare que celle de 
Martinez (Henrico) Reportorio de los Tiempos, 1606 — see post in 
section of Books printed in Mexico. 

29116 MAYER (B.) Mexico, Aztec, Spanish and Republican : with a 

view of the ancient Aztec Empire and Civilization ; a sketch of 
the late War ; and notices of New Mexico and California, 2 vols. 
portraits and mcneroics illustrations, cloth, 36s 1853 

29117 MEDINA (Balthassar de) Chronica de la S. Provincia de S. 

Diego de Mexico de Religiosos Descal^os de N. S. P. S. Fran- 
cisco en la Nueva- Esjtaiia, sra. folio, frontispiece and map, 
vellum, very rark, ^'S. bs Mexico, 1682 


29118 MPiMORIAL de los Hijos de Conquistadores de esta Nueva 

Espana j ciudad de Mexico, que vibian el ano de ir)90 en el 
primero gobierno de el Exmo. Senor Don Luis de Velasco, 
Marques de Salinas, Virrej de esta Nueva Espaiia fecho para 
Luis de Tobar Godinez, secretario de la gobernacion, en el ano 
de 1622, sm. folio, 7 leaves, fairly written MS. £6. 6s 

Mexico, Sec. xvii 

29119 MENDIETA (Geronimo de) Historia Eclesiastica Indiana, obra 

del Siglo XVI, la publica por pidmera vez Icazbalceta, imp. 8vo. 
sd. 30s Mexico, 1870 

Only a limited number of copies printed. 

29119* Historia Eclesiastica Indiana, obra escrita a fines del 

siglo XVI, la jDublica por primera vez Joaquin Garcia Icaz- 
balceta, 2 vols. imp. 4to. large and fine paper, calf, tmcut, £10. 

Mexico, 1870 
Only 26 Large Paper copies were printed, this being No. 3. This work 
forms the promised third vol. of Seiior Icazbalceta's " Documentos para la 
Historia de Mexico." In his interesting Notice of the Author, Sr. Icazlial- 
ceta shows that Torqnemada has copied whole pages of Mendieta's Histoiy 
into his " Monarquia Indiana." 
see ante No. 29107. 

29120 MOTA PADILLA (Don Mathias de la) Conquista de el Reyno 

de la nueva Galicia en la America Septentrional, fundacion de 
su capital ciudad de Goadalaxara, sus progresos militares y poli- 
ticos, y breve descripcion de los Reynos de la Nueva Vizcaya, 
Nueva Toledo o Nayarit. . . Sonora y Sinaloa, con noticias de 
la Ysla de la California, sm. folio, plainly written MS. some 
leaves water-stained, ahout 750 pp. hf. bd. from the Ramirez 
library, £10. (Mexico) 1742 (? 1750) 

The oldest and best MS. of the work now existing, apparently almost 
contemporary with the author's MS. The text has been printed more than 
once since the 6rst edition in 18.55, but it still requires to be critically edited, 
according to the admission of Ycazbalceta, who published an edition, in 1870, 
for the Geographical Society of Mexico. 

29121 Conquista del Reino de la Nueva Galicia ... 2 vols. 

folio, well ivriiten MS. with ornamental title-pages, calf, £7. 

This is the text from which the edition of 1870 was printed by Ycaz- 
balceta, and is marked in red ink, between the lines, with the variant readings 
of his codex. 

29122 Conquista de la Nueva Galicia . . . folio, beautifully 

written MS. calf, £5. Mexico, about 1850 

This volume contains an illuminated copy of the coats of arms of the 
cities of Guadalaxara and Durango, and those of two of the conquerors of 
that province, Francisco de Mosta and Cristoval Romero. 

29123 Historia de la Conquista de la Provincia de la Nneva- 

Galicia escrita en 1742, publicada por la Sociedad Mexicana de 
Geogralia, y Estadistica, 4to. 4 plates of arms, and facsimile of 
autograph, hf. mor. gilt, 36s Mexico, 1870 

29124 NUEVA- VISCAYA. Documentos para la Hi.storia Ecclesiastica 

y Civil de la Nueva Viscaya, 3 vols, folio, clearly ivritfen MS. 
calf, from the Ramirez collection, £12. Sec. xix 

Vol. 1,396 11. ; Vol. II, 275 and 219 11. ; Vol. Ill, 115 11. 



An interesting c illection of copies of documents relutinoj to the history of 
Niieva Visca^va, some of which have been published in the " Documetitos 
para la Historia do Mexico." 

The " Padre colector " says at the beginning that " a thousand things of 
importance will be found in these volumes on New Biscay [i.e. Durango, etc.]. 
They are composed of pieces gathered from theoriginalmannscriptsof the Jesuit 
Fathers, and those of the Observant Fathers of this province." The records 
begin with tlie sixteenth century, and the work proper ends with the year 1787. 
There is added, however, the official " Estadistica de la Municipalidad de 
Durango" prepared in 1846. 

29125 Oaxaca : Memoria del Ejecutivo de Oasaca del periodo de la 

Administracion publica de 1868-1869, sm. folio, containiy^g 
numerous statistics, lif. mor. 7s Oaxaca, 1869 

29126 OPUSCULOS VARIOS. MS. in folio, 305 leaves, containing a 

collection of miscellaneous documents, some originals and some 
transcripts (a few printed), ranging over different epochs, but 
relating mostly to tlie last and present century, Jif. calf, from the 
Ramirez library, £21. Sec. XVTII-Xix 

The high official positions which the late Don J. F. Ramirez occupied at 
different times, as a member of the several Cabinets and also of the Supreme 
Court of Mexico, afforded him ample means of obtaining the documents 
which form this interesting collection, in which an imiuense amount of 
historical and statistical information is contained. It includes thirty 
interesting autoirrajih letters from political personages and diplomatic 
agents in Europe — such as Pascasio, Echeverria, Arraxgoiz, Valdi- 
viESO, OsEGUERRA, JosE Makia Luis Mora, Zavala. Comoxfort, and 
others — which are interesting for the modern history of ^lexico. It also 
comprises a MS. copy of Tapia Zentenos " Noticia de la lengua 
HuASTECA " on 41 leaves. 

29127 Oedexanza (Real) para el establecimiento e instruccion de 

Intendentes de exercito y provincia en el reino de la Nueva- 
Espana, 4to. frontispiece with Arms, calf, 21s 

Be Orden de su Magestad, Madrid, 1786 
Title ; index pp. i — Ix ; text pp. 410, on last leaf signature of "Sonora ; " 
Leyes de la Recopilacion de Indias, Cedulas Reales, Ordenanzas, etc. 101 
unnumbered leaves. 

29128 Ordenanzas (Reales) para la direccion del cuerpo de la Mineria 

de Nueva-Espana, 4to. Ids. 7s Madrid, 1783 

Title ; index 11. 1, xlvi ; text, pp. 214. 

29129 OROZCO t Berra (M.) iNToticia bistorica de la Conjuracion del 

Marques del Valle, 1565-68, 8vo. hf. hd. 30s Mexico, 1853 

29130 OviEDO (J. A. de) Vida Exemplar, por F. X. Lazcano, sm. 4to. 

portrait, vellum, 24s Mexico, 1760 

One of the most copious and important ecclesiastical biographies of 
Mexico. The Padre was a native of Santa Fe de Bogota, and his ti"avels 
into Spain and Italy on bu.iiness connected with his order are contained in the 

29131 Palafox Y Mendoza (Juande) Obisjjode la Picebla,Yida,j Yirtudes 

de, por A. Gonzalez de Resende, sm. folio, the corners of a few 
leaves wanting, stained, vellum, 7s Madrid, 1666 

29132 Estatutos y Constituciones bechas con comission 

particular de su Magestad, para ello ; por D. Juan de Palafox, 
y Mendoza. Intimadas en claustro pleno por el Doctor D. 


Andres Sanchez de Ocampo, Oydor de la Real Audencia de 
Mexico. . . . Siendo Rector Fr. Marcellino de Solis y 
Haro, Prior que ha sido del Convento de Mexico, sra. folio, 
vellum, £3. 16s Mexico, p or la Viuda de B. Calderon, 16G8 

29133 PALAPOX Y MENDOZA (Juan) Vida interior, copiada tielmente 
por la que el mismo escrivio con titulo de Confessiones y Confu- 
siones, que original se conserva oy en el Archivo del Convento 
de S. Hermenegildo de Madrid, sacala a luz Miguel de Vergara, 
sm. 4to. printed within borders, portrait, vellum, rare, 30s 

Sevilla, 1691 
With this work is given a sm. 4to. volume, " Juan de la Anunciacion, la 
Inocencia Vindicada, respuesta a un papel contra el libro de la vida de D. 
Juan de Palafox, Sevilla (1695.)." 

29134 Historia Real Sagrada, Luz de Principes y Subditos, 

sm. folio, vellum, 20s Pioehla de las Angeles, 1643 

One of the rarest works of this celehrated prelate (and probably the first 
printed for him at Puebla), whose life and labours form so important an 
epoch in the history of Mexico. 

Puntos que el Seiior Obispo de la Puebla dexa encargados 






a las almas de su cargo, al tiempo de partirse destas provincias, 
a los Eeynos de Espana, Puebla, 1649 — Echagaray (Martin de) 
Declaracion del Quadrante de las Cathedrales de las Indias, con 
una Nueva Regla para facilitar sus quentas, y otras, Mexico, 
1682—2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. ///. bd. 30s 1649-82 

Al Rey Neustro Seiior. Satisfacion al Memorial de los 

Religiosos de la Compaiiia del nombre de Jesus de la Nueva- 
Espaiia, sm. folio, a Utile wormed , calf, £3. \_Mexico'] ana de 1652 

Constituciones para la Contaduria de la Iglesia Cathedral 

de la Puebla, sm. 4to. hf. mor. 20s 

{^Mexico'] Ortega y Bomlld, 1713 

Manual de los Santos Sacramentos, sm. 4to. woodcut 

frontispiece, and title in red and black, velluin, £3. Madrid, 1758 
Pages 25-28 contain the office of the Sacrament of Baptism administered 
to the Indians in the Mexican Language. 

Carta al Pontiiice Inocencio X, traducida del Latin al 

Castellano, por S. Gonzalez, sm. 4<to. portrait, hf. morocco, 12s 

Madrid, 1768 
This is the famous letter against the Jesuits which aroused their bitter 
attacks against the good Bishop's character. 

Peregrinacion de Philotea al Santo Templo, y Monte de 

la Cruz, sm. 4to. calf, 5s Madrid, 1773 
A curious collection of documents, some in MS. and 

some in print, relating to his life and the question of his 
canonisation, in a folio volume, vellum binding, £2. 

Mexico etc. 1690-99 
29142 PAPELES VARIOS, 6 documents in 1 vol. folio, £36. 

Sec. xvi-xvii 
Contents : I. Memorial de los Indios de Tlascala al Virrey. 

.'' Puebla, about 1580 
A contemporary copy of a petition which the Indians presented to the 
Viceroy, setting forth in the most touching language the manner in which 
they had aided Ilernan Cortes in the conquest, the non-fulfilnient of the 
promises which they had received, the consequent miseries of their lot and the 
heavy contributions under which they were groaning, etc., and begging relief 


from their burden. The date is marked by a passage referring to the epidemic 
of '• los alios pasados de 76 y 77," and the fact that the Tlascalau population 
had been reduced by that plague from over 200,000 persons to 24,000. 


zcMA, 1590, three leaves, sec. xvii — III. Infokme del Lie. Bernabe Iluiz 
Venegas acerca del desague de Hcehuetoca. Original MS. 4 leaves, 
1654. — IV. Los OFFICIOS de Alcaldias mayokes y corkegimientos que 
proveen los Seiiores Virreyes, 2 pieces, occupying 3 leaves, of which one is a 
seventeenth ct-ntury writing, the other is in the hand of Siguexza — V. Tkas- 


Mexico, Junio 1 de 162.3. Authorized copy of the 17th century. Fourteen 
leaves in folio — VI. Obras pcblicas que se hau hecho en tiempo del 


A very valuable collection of most important documents. 

29143 Papeles varios. Historical Manuscripts on Mexico from after 

the Conquest to the XVIIth Century, in Spanish : a collection 
of Official Papers relative to the Administration and Resources 
of the Provinces of New Spain, including Reports of Delegates 
to the Viceroys, Statements concei-ning the condition of the 
Natives, etc. sm. folio parcel, 2ISS. all bearing signatures of dis- 
tinguished persons, 25s 1573-1800 

29144 Parra (Joseph Gomez de la) Augelopolitano, Fundacion, y Primero 

Siglo del muy Religioso Convento de S. Joseph de Religiosas 
Carmelitas Descalzas de la Ciudad de la Puebla de los Angeles, 
en la Nueva Espaiia, el primero que se fundo en la America 
Septemtrional, en 27 de Diziembre de 1604, sm. io\io, fine clean 
copy in vellum, £8. 10s Puehla de los Angeles, 1732 

Very rare: not mentioned by Bmnet, Graesse, Leclerc, Salva, Stevens 
(Nuggets), or in the Catalogue of 5lr. Huth's Library. 

29145 PAULI III de baptizandis incolis Occidentalis et Meridionalis 

Indiee, etc. Bulla, a roy. folio broadside printed on paper, with the 
seal and signature of Bonifacius de Angelis, see. Carie causar. 
Camer. Aplice. not., £10. Bonne, 1537 

Original impression, produced by order of Petrus Paulus, the Protho- 
notary Apostolic, for transmission to America. This Bull was issued as a 
favorable reply to the letter from Juliano Garces, first Bishop of Tlascala. in 
which he sought the Pope's protection for the newly converted natives against 
the brutality and cruelty of most of the Spaniards, lay and clerical. It is 
surprising that any copy has survived. 

29146 Payno (M.) Mexico y sus Cuestiones financieras con la Inglaterra, 

la Espaua y la Francia, con Apendice de Leyes, Tratados y 
Documentos justificativos, relativos a la deuda contraida en 
Londi-es, high Ito. hf. morocco, 7s Mexico, 1862 

29147 Memoria sobre el Maguey Mexicano y sus diversos 

productos, 4to. front, hf. nior. 7s 6d Mexico, 1864 

Perez de Ribas — see Ribas. 

29148 PONCE (Fray Aloriso). Relacion de algunas cosas que sucedieron 
al Padre Fray Alonso Ponce, en las provincias de la Nueva 
Espana, siendo Comisario General de aquellas partes, escrita por 
dos Religiosos, sus companeros, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. green niorocco 
neat, uncut, £3. 5s Madrid, 1873 

Printed for the first time from the original MS. Ponce was appointed 
•• Comisario General " of the Order of S. Francis in Me.xico, in 1584. His two 
companions, the authors of this work, were probably Alonso de San Juan and 
Ant, de Cibdad-Real. 


29149 PuEXTE (Pedro de la) Reflexiones sobre el Bando de 25 de Junio 

ultimo, contraidas a lo que dispone para con los Eclesiasticos 
rebeldes, 4to. caJf, hs Mexico, 1812 

PcGA, Cedulas, 1563 — see under Books printed in Mexico. 

29150 RiBADEXEYRA (A. J. de) Manual Compendio de el Regio Patronato 

Indiano, para su mas facil uso en las materias conducentes a la 
practica, 4to. portrait, vellum, 10s Madrid, 1755 

29151 RIBAS (P. Andres Perez de). Historia de los Triumpbos de 

Nuestra Santa Fee entre Gentes las mas barbaras y fieras del 
Nuevo Orbe : conseguidos por los soldados de la milicia de la 
Compania de Jesus en las Missiones de la Provincia de Nueva 
Espaiia, sm. folio, green viorocco, £10. 10s ; or, fine clean copy in 
vellum, £12. Madrid, por A. de Paredes, 1645 

Contains 20 prel. leaves (including ihe title) and 764 pages. Ribas was 
bom in Cordova, in Andalucia, in 1.57(3. Becoming a member of the Society 
of Jesus, he went in 1604 to Mexico, and spent sixteen years in untiring 
exertion for the conversion of the Indians. This rare work contains many 
particulars relating to the Indian tribes of Cinaloa, in North Mexico, not 
to be found elsewhere. 

29152 RiVEKA (Man.) Historia antigua y modema de Jalapa y de las 

revolnciones del estado de Veracruz, 5 vols, stout 8vo. portraits, 
plans and plates, hf. green morocco gilt, £7. 7s Mexico, 1869-71 

29153 Ruiz de Leon (F.) Hernandia, poema lieroyco, Conqnista de 

Mexico, Cabeza del Imperio Septentrional de la Nueva-Espana, 
proezas de Hernan Cortes, Grandezas del Nuevo Mundo, sm. 
4to. vellum, 12s Madrid, 1755 

29154 SAHAGUN (Bern, de) Historia General de las cosas de Nueva 

Espaiia, dala a luz Bnstamante, 3 vols. 1829-30 ; Aparicion de 
Ntra. Seiiora de Guadalupe (Conqnista de Mexico), publ. Busta- 
mante, 1840—4 vols. 8vo. hf. hd. £4. Mexico, 1829-40 

Salazar v Olarte — see SoLis. 

29155 Sardo (Joaquin) Relacion de la portentosa Imagen de N. S. 

Jesucristo crucificado aparecida en una de las cuevas de 
S. Miguel de Chalma, sm. 4to. calf, 20s Mexico, 1810 

This curious work includes the biographies of Bartolome de Jesus 
Maria and Juan de San Josef. 

29156 SiGUENZA T GoNGORA, Glorias de Queretaro, que aliora escribe 

de nuevo J. M. Zelaa e Hidalgo, sm. 4to. 2 plans, hd. 25s 

Mexico, 1803 
Siji^uenza was one of the greatest of all Spanish-American scholars, and 
collected one of the most important Museums of Mexican antiquities ever 
brought together. He was born in Mexico city in 1645. 


Instituto Nacional (desde el tercero tomo, nombrado Sociedad 
Mexicana) de Geogi-jf ia j Estadistica de la Republica Mexicana, 
ejemplar completo desde el principio hasta 1873 : (Prima 
Epoca), 12 vols, in 10, royal 8vo. hf. morocco, uncut, 1850-66 — 
Segdnda Epoca, 4 vols. impl. 8vo. /;/. calf, 1869-72 — Tercera 
Epoca, Vol. I, in 12 parts, 8vo. 1873— together 15 vols, maps 
and pilates, some colotired, very rare, /?-o?h the library of Bon 
Jose Ramirez, £21. Mexico, 1850 (1861) -73 



Vols. I- VII, VIII, all except numbers 5 and 8 ; IX, numbers 
1, 2, a7id 4 ; X, mimher 1 ; XI, numbers 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 ; XII, 
numbers 1 and 2 (12 numbers form a volume) — the first 2 vols. 
in 8vo. the rest royal 8vo. 7 vols. hf. calf, the rest in numbers, 
£10. * 1850-65 

This periodical is full of the most valuable informatii)n, and is much more 
extensive in its scope than the mere title would seem to show. Its articles treat 
on the Ethnography, Natural Productions, Languages, History. Archteology, 
and Geography of the IMexican states, thus rendering it by far the most 
important of the periodical publications of the republic. 

29159 SOLIS (Antonio) Conquista de Mexico, 2 vols. 4to. 2 maps, 

portraits of the Author and of Hernan Cortes after Titian, and a 
number of plates engraved by Moreno Tejada, best edition, calf, 
18s Madrid, A. de Sancha, 1783-4 

29160 Salazar y Olarte (Ignacio) Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, 
Poblacion j Progresos de la America Septentrional conocida 
por elnombre de Nueva Espaiia, Segunda Parte [in continua- 
tion of Solis], sm. folio, ^irs^ Edition, neatly bound, 25s 

Gordoba (1743) 

29161 the same, segunda edicion, sm. folio, vellum, 20.s 

Madrid, 1786 

29162 SOLIS, History of the Conquest of Mexico, done into English by 

Th. Townsend, folio, portrait, maps and plates, old calf , bs 1724 

29163 History of the Conquest of Mexico, translated by 

Th. Townsend, revised by Nat. Hooke, 2 vols. 8vo. fortrait, 
maps and plates, calf, 7s 6d 1753 

29164 Tornel y Mendevil (General J. M.) Resena de los Acontecimientos 

de la Nacion Mexicana desde 1821, royal 8vo. portrait, Spanish 
nnorocco, gilt edges, 7s 6d Mexico, 1852 

29165 TORQUEMADA (Juan de) Los Veynte y Un libros Rituales y 

Monarchia Yndiana Con el Oi'igen y guerras de los Yndios 
Occidentales, De sus Pobla^iones Descubrimiento Conquista 
Conuersion y Otras Cosas Marauillosas de la Mesma tierra, 
3 vols, stout sm. folio, engraved titles, vellum, £3. 15s 

Sevilla, Matth. Claviso, 1615 

29166 ToRQUEMADA, los veinte i un Libros Rituales i Monarchia Indiana, 

3 vols, stout sm. folio, best edition, map), engraved titles, vellum, 
£5. Madrid, 1723 

Clavigero and others have pointed out the defects and errors of this work, 
which nevertheless remains one of the most important collections of materials 
for the philosophical history of the New World. The loss of Torquemada 
would leave a gap which r^p writer could till up. 

29167 Tylor (E. B.) Anahuac : or, Mexico and the Mexicans, ancient 

and modern, 8vo. (pub. 12s), map, plates and woodcuts of Anti- 
quities, cloth, 7s 1861 
29167*VETANCURT (Augustin de) Teatro Mexicano, Descripcion 
Breve de los Svccessos Exemplares, Historicos, Politicos, 
Militares, y Religiosos del Nuevo Mundo Occidental de las 
Indias, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, a few leaves stained, hf. morocco, 
£5. Mexico, Doiia Maria de Benaoides, Vinda de luan de Ribera, 



201(58 VETANCURT (Augustin dk) — Teatro Mexicano, 2 vols. sm. 
folio, Jine copy in vellum, £6. 10s 

These copies are quite complete, having the fourth, fifth, and sixth parts, 
entitled, '"Chronica de la Provincia del Santo Evangelio de Mexico," "Meno- 
loyia Franciscana," and " Tratado de la Ciudad de Mejico." A copy sold 
in" 1861 produced £13. Vetancurt, Vetancur, or Betancurt, according to 
Brasseur de Bourbourg, was descended from Jean de Bethencourt, the Con- 
queror and Governor of the Canaries. He was born in Mexico about 1620, 
and died in 1700. In earl)' life he joined the Order of St. Francis. His 
profound knowledge of the Mexican tongue enabled him to make good use, 
in the composition of his Chronicle, of the valuable documents existing in that 

29169 YEYTIA (D. Mariano) Historia Antigua de Mejico, la publica 

con varias notas y un apendice el C. F. Ortega, 3 vols. 8vo. 
portraits and plates of Mexican cycles, hcl. not uniform, 30s; or, 
calf, £2. 4s Mejico, 1836 

A valuable history from the earliest records, continued by an appendix to 
the Spanish Conquest. It gives an account of the Institutions of the ancient 
Mexicans, their chronolo^iy, laws, and government. 

29170 ViUAL (P. Joseph) su Vida admirable, por J. A. de Oviedo, sm. 

4to. vellum, £2. Mexico, 1759 

The second book details the travels of the Padre in various Mexican 
Provinces, and is of value for the geographical information. 

29171 VILLAGRA (Gaspar). Historia de la Nueva Mexico, del Capitan 

Gaspar de Villagra, sm. 8vo. ivoodcxtt poHrait, old calf, from the 
Sunderland library, £10. Alcala, Luys Martinez Grande, 1610 
A veiy rare poem on the Conquest of New Mexico by Oiiate and 
Zaldivar ; Villagra took part in the expedition, hence his work has consider- 
able hi.-torical interest 

29172 VILLA-SENOR t SANCHEZ. Theatro Americano, descrijicion 

general de los Reynos y provincias de la Nueva Espaiia, y sus 
Jurisdicciones, 2 vols. sm. io\\o, fine copy, with the plate, bd. 
£3. 10s Mexico, 1746-48 

Rare. Priced, 1825, moi'occo extra, £8. 18s 6d ; 1830, Payne and Foss, 
£7. 7s ; Lord Stuart de Rothesay's copy fetched, 1855, £6. 10s. 

"As Villa-Seiior was Accountant-general in New Spain, and by that 
means had access to proper information, his testimony with respect to the 
royal revenue merits great credit. He is the only author who has given its 
population, and although imperfect, having given only five of the nine dioceses, 
very useful, having published them from the reports of the magistrates in the 
several districts, and from his own observations and long acquaintance with 
most of the provinces." — Robertson. 

29173 VINING (Edward P.) An inglorious Columbus, or evidence that 

Hwui Shan and a party of Buddhist monks from Afghanistan 
discovered America in the fifth centuiy a.d. 8vo. map of the 
route, and woodcuts, cloth, 21s Neiv Yorlc, 1885 

An admirable work, which will probably lead most people to take it as 
proven that the Aztec civilization is of Chinese origin, and that Mexico was 
really the Fusang of the Buddhist pilgrim. The author's careful examination 
of the antiquities and history of the Mexican empire will always entitle his 
book to a place on the shelves near Torquernada, Herrera, and Prescott. 

29174 WARD (H. G.; Mexico in 1827, 2 vols. 8vo. map and plates, hf. 

hd. £2. 16s 1828 

29175 Zaragoza (D. Ju.sto) Noticias Historicas de la Nueva Espafia, 4to. 

sd. 10s Madrid, 1878 

29176 Zkrecero (Anast.) Mcmorias para lu Historia de las Revoluciones 

en Mexico, 8vo. half morocco, 18< Mexico, 1869 


c. Books printed in Mexico ; and works by Mexican 
authors, including Spanish MSS. written in Mexico. 

{The books on language appear in a subsequent section.) 

29177 ADAME ET ARRIAGA (Josepho) Imperialis Mexicana Uni- 

VERSITAS ILLUSTRATA ipsius per Constitutionum scholia, aca- 
demico general! comraentario, smallest stout folio, bound, £4. 
Hispali, ex typographia hcerediim Thomce Lopez de Haro, 1698 
Vert eake, unmentioned by Brunei, Rich, Stevens (" Nuggets "),Salva, 
Temaux and other bibliographers ; but alluded to by Eguiara in his article on 
the Mexican Academy as an important work. {Bibl. Mex. p. 3.) See post 

29178 Agueda. Vida de Maria Anna Agueda de S. Ignacio 

[1695-1756], primera Priora del Convento de Dominicas Reco- 
letas de S. Rosa de la Puebla de los Angeles, por el P. Joseph 
Bellido (con sus Obras), 3 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. portrait, 
vellum, 7s Mexico, 1758 

29179 ALZATE RAMIREZ (J. A.) Gacetas de Literatura de Mexico, 

4 vols. sm. 4to. portrait and curious pilates, Spanish calf, neatly 
boimd, £3. Puebla [^Mexicnl, 1831 

The author was a native of Ozumba, near the city of Mexico. The 
present article is a reprint of the original work, which appeai'ed in periodical 
parts towards the end of the last century {i.e., from 1788), and is highly 
esteemed for the learned and curious scientific and critical disquisitions which 
it contains. 

29180 Alzate y Ramirez. Diario literario de Mexico, Nos. 1-8, in 1 vol. 

sm. 4to. bds. 12s _ 1768 

The earliest work of this celebrated savant, and of excessive rarity. It 
is unmentioned by the bibliographers, and probably no more was published 
than these eight numbers. 

29181 Betancur. Regla y Constituciones de la Sagrada Religion Beth- 

lemitica, fundada en las Indias Occidentales por Pedro de 
S. Joseph Betancur, sm. 4to. vellum, Qs Mexico, 1751 

29182 CABRERA y Quintero (D. Cayetano de) Escudo de Armas 

de Mexico : Celestial Proteccion de esta nobilissima Ciudad, de 
la Nueva Espana, y de casi todo el Nuevo Mundo, Maria Santis- 
sima, en su portentosa Imagen del Mexicano Guadalupe, 
milagrosamente apparecida en 1531, y jurada su principal 
Patrona, 1737, iolio, frontispiece, limp vellum, £4. Mexico, 1746 
Not even the monstrous legend which forms the groundwork of this book 
could shut out many valuable historical facts, which are woven into the 
narration. The volume really contains much information not elsewhere to 
be found, relative to the conversion and education of the various tribes of 
Indians, History, Politics, Religion, Law, Medicine, etc. 

29183 Calendarios Mexicanos. Nuevo Calendario Manual de Ign. 

Cumplido, 1836-63— Calendario de J. M. Lara, 1839-1849— 
Calendario de Galvan, 1831-1856, and 1867-1876— in 10 vols. 
12mo. uniformly hf. bd. 36s Mexico, 1836-76 

An exceedingly curious and rare collection of the poi-ular illustrated 
Almanacs of Mexico. 


29184 Calendarto Manual de Galvan, 1831-56, 1867-76— Nuevo Calen- 

dario de J. M. Lara, 1839-49 — in 10 vols. 12mo. plates, uniformly 
hf. hd. purple morocco, 2.5.s" Mexico, 1831-76 

An exceeclingly curious and scarce collection of the popular illustrated 
Almanacs of Mexico. 

29185 Calvillo (J. B.) Sermon en el aniversario de N. S. de los 

Remedios — Noticias para la Historia de N. S. de los Remedios 
— in 1 vol. sm. 4to, hf. morocco, 15.s Mexico, 1811-12 

Pious rejoicings over the failures of the iiisurgent troops. 

29186 Campos y Martinez, El Iris, Diadema Immortal : descripcion de 

los festivos aplausos con que celebro la elevacion al Trono de 
Fernando VI, in prose and verse, with curious plates of EjinLEMS 
hij a Mexican Artist — Elizalde, Corona sin Termino, Oracion 
Panegyrica sobre la Coronacion de Fernando VI — 2 vols, in 1, 
sm. ^io. fine copies, hf. morocco, 20s Mexico, 1748 

29187 • Amorosa Contienda de Francia, Italia, y Espana sobre el 

Sefior Don Carlos III, certamen poetico, metrica Palestra, 
ingenioso combate, sm. 4to. vellum, 24a' Mexico, 1761 

29188 Carrillo t Perez (Ign.) Lo Maximo en lo Minimo, la portentosa 

Imagen de N. S. de los Remedios, 8vo. plates, hd. 6s 

Mexico, 1808 


segundo, 1555 y 1565 ; Concilium Mesicanum tertium, 1585, 
cum Statutis, cura et expensis F. A. a Lorenzana, Arcliiprse- 
sulis ; 3 vols, in 2, sm. folio, vellum, £2. Mexico, 1769-1770 

Priced, 1822, Thorpe, £6. 6s; 1846, Stewart, £5. 5s; Salva priced. a 
copy £.3. 3s, and remarked, '• these two parts are seldom found together." 

Aj;uirre, in his collection of Spanish Councils, only gives the third of the 
above from the text of the edition mentioned below. 

29190 CONCILIUM PROVINCIALE MEXICI celebratum anno 1585, 

prsesidente Petro Moya Contreras, cum Statutis, 2 parts in 1, 
folio, corners of a few pages mended, otherivise good copy in 
vellmn, scarce, £2. 10s Mexici, 1622 

The engraver of the title-page was Samuel Stradanus from Antwerp. 

29191 CONSTITDCIONES de la Universidad de Mexico, segunda edicion (con 

Suplemento de 1839), 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, calf, 12s 

Mexico, 1775-1839 

With the following note on the title-page to the word Constituciones : 
" Fueron extendidas por D. Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, Obispo de la Puebla 
delos Angeles." 

29192 Coronas y Paredes (Agustin de) Representacion hecha al Rey 

sobre la Moneda de madera que circula la Nueva Epaiia, sm. 
folio, printed, but illustrated by the author on the last page, with 
painted drawings of 31 various small coins in use in Mexico, sd. 5s 


Added in the : Ynforme de Bon Josef de Armona sohre reduction de la 
Moneda Macoquiria, MS. dated 1770. 

29193 Cuevas Davalos (Alonzo) Obispo de Nicaragua, Arzohispo de 

Mexico, etc. Vida y Virtudes, por A. de Robles, sm. 4to. portrait, 
vellum, 10s Mexico, 1757 

At the end is " Sermon a las IMemorias de Cuevas Davalos, primero 
Prelado de la Nneion que ocnpo su silla.') 


29194 DiscuRSOS critico-liistoricos sobrb el Origen de la Poblacion 

Americana, sm. 4to. original Spanish Manuscript neatly written 
on 129 II. {wants end), cloth, 24s Mexico, ahoxit 1760 

A most interesting r.nd valuable MS. containing, among other things, an 
explanation of the names of the Mexican Idols. 

29195 EzEQUiEL, Obispo de Ayacucho, Carta Pastoral, 8vo. 145 pp. sd. 6s 

Ayacucho, 1869 

29196 Fabry (J. A.) Demostracion de los Adelantamientos que pudiera 

lograr la Real Hacienda mediante la rebaja en el precio del 
Azogue ; con una impugnacion de Jos. de Villa-Senor ; aiiadese 
un Modo de reducir el Oro y Plata, etc. sm. 4to. vellum, 20s 

Mexico, 1743 

29197 FLORENCIA (Franc, de) Origen de los dos celebres Santuarios 

de la Nueva Galicia, Obispado de Guadalaxara en la America 
Septentrional, sm. 4to. plate of the Milagrosa Imagen de Na. Sa. 
de Tzapopan, title in red and black, rare, vellum, 30s 

Mexico, 1757 

29198 la Milagrosa Invencion de un thesoro escondido en un 

campo : (Historia) de la admirable imagen de N. s. DE LOS Re- 
MBDios DE Mexico, woodcut frontispiece, sm. 4to. vellum, 16s 

Sevilla, 1745 

29199 tlie same, 1745 — Carrillo t Perez (Ign.) lo Maximo 

en lo Minimo, la Imagen de N. S. de los Remedies, plate, 1808 
— 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. hf. calf, £2. Sevilla, 1745 

29200 Narracion de la Aparicion que hizo el Archangel San 

Miguel a un Indio (en Tzopiloatl) ; Fundacion del Santuario, 
San Miguel del Milagro, sm. 4to. vellum, 4s Sevilla [1692] 

29201 La Estrella de el Norte de Mexico .... en la historia 

de la Milagrosa Imagen de Maria Sanctissima de Guadalupe, 

sm. 4to. original edition, used copy, vellum, 10s ; or, fine copy in 
hf. morocco, 20s Mexico, 1741 

This edition is dedicated to the Empress of Angels and Men. 

29202 la misma obra, sm. 4to. Z plates, vellum, 10s Madrid, 1785 

This Madrid reprint is a finer book than the Mexican original. The 
Empress is dropped, and the dedication made to the Archbishop of Mexico. 

29203 Zodiaco Mariano [Historia de las Imagenes de la Virgen 

Maria, que se veneran en esta America Septentrional y Reynos 
de la Nueva Espafia], anadida por J. A. de Oviedo, sm. 4to. calf, 
20s Mexico, 1755 

The Jesuit Florencia was a native of Florida, and perhaps his own name 
as well as that of his native country formed the chief reason for his persistent 
and often recorded worship of the "florida imagen." Yet his works contain 
historical matter notwithstanding their loathsome idolatry. 

29204 GILBERTI (Maturini) Grammatica [^Latino], trac- 
tatvs omnivm fere que Grammatices studiosis tradi 
solet a fratre Maturino Gilberto minorita ex doc- 
tissimis collecta autoribus, 12mo. hf. hd. £40. 

Mexici.^ Antonius Espinosa, 1559 

29205 the same, three leaves in facsimile^ 1559 — 



Ejusdera Grammatica ad usum tyronum, some leaves 
deficient, unique {about 1560) — in 1 vol. 12mo. 
vellum, £20. Mexici, 1559(-60) 

Tlie simplified grammar, which in the second preceding 
article follows the more ample grammar of 1559, is a totally 
different work from the latter, and apparently quite unknown to 
bibliographers. Its date is assumed from the use in the preface 
of the word " nuper," in reference to the 1559 book. 

Gilbert's Latin Grammar was the first book printed in the 
Roman character at Mexico. 

29206 Gonzalez de Eslava, Coloquios Espirituales y Sacramentales y 

Poesias Sagradas, 2da edicion, conforme a la Ira, hecha en 
Mexico en 1610, con una introduccion por J. G. Icazbalceta, sm. 
4to. hf. 'morocco neat, uncut, 32s Mexico, 1877 

Only 200 copies printed, 

29207 Guanajuato. Rasgo breve de la Grandeza Guanajuatena : dedica- 

cion del Templo de la compania de Jesus a la Sra. de Guana- 
juato, sm. 4to. compositions in prose and verse, hound, 7s 6d 

Im/prenta del Colegio de S. Ignacio de la Puehla, 1767 

29208 GuRiDi (Jose M.) Apologia de la Aparicion de Nuestra Senora de 

Guadalupe de Mejico, sm. 4to. calf, 3s &d Mejico, 1820 

29209 INSTITUTA ORDINIS BEATI FRANCISCI, 8vo. lit. ptfj. hf. 

morocco, the Ramirez copy, £50. 

Acabase la copilacion de la regla y testameto, del bien- 
aueturado sunt Frdcisco, y declaraciones appostolicas de 
essa mesma regla. Y assi mesmo los estatutos generales, y el 
ordinario del officio divino, y manera de dar el habiio, y la 
proffession a los novicios. Nuevamente coregido y impresso en 
la ivsigne y gran cnidad de Mexico en casa de Antonio de 
SpiliOSA., frontero del monasterio de sant Augustin. Ano, de 
mill y quvnientos y sesenta y siete Anos (1667) 
Apparently Unique. Folios Ixix, including title, on the recto of which 

is the euihlem of the Order, and on verso a woodcut of the Virgin and Child. 

The volume includes a spirited full-page woodcut of the Crucifixion and a 

figure of S. Francis on folios 14 and 38, with numerous woodcut initials. The 

lop margins of some leaves are wormed. 

A ver}' early specimen of Mexican typography: included in the list of books 

printed in Mexico, known to Senor Icazhalceta and Mr. Harrisse (Bibl, 

Americ, p. 374, Vol. I), but apparently unknown to other bibliographers. 

29210 JuANA Ines de la Ceuz, Poemas de la unica Poetisa Americana, 

Musa dezima, en varios metros, idiomas y estilos, segunda 
edicion, sm. 4to. vellum, 24s Madrid, 1690 

Poemas — Segundo tomo de las Obras de Juana Ines de 


la Ci-uz — together 2 vols. sm. 4to. vellum, 30s 

Barcelona, 1691-9.3 
Poemas, Valencia, 1709, Madrid, 1715 ; {con el tercei-o 

tomo que contiene) Fama y Obras posthumas del Fenix de 
Mexico, dezimsi TavLsa,, Madrid, 1725 ; together 3 vols. sm. 4to. 
hf. hd. title of third vol. mounted and two ro/s, wormed, £2. 



2'.t213 JuANA IxES DE LA Cruz, Poemas, 2 vols. Madrid, 1725 — Fama, 
etc. 1725 — together 3 vols. sm. 4to. vellum, 30s Madrid, 1725 
The first volume above, dated Madrid, 1725, is considerably augmented 
beyond any preceding edition. It includes compositions in Mexican, in 
Negro-Spanish, in Ba-que, and in Latin, mixed up with the bpanish poems. 
The third vol. contains pieces by Spanish-American writers in her praise. 
The works of this accomplished laiy are so generally unknown, that they are 
no mentioned in Rich, Teroaux, Brunei, or the Nuggets. 

29214 LASO DE LA VEGA (Josef Maria) Indice expurgatorio desde el 

ano de 1 748, para el mas pronto y expedito reconocimiento de los 
libros que entran ysalen en esta ciudad de la Xueva Vera Cruz, 
folio, the author's MS. 310 pp. xcith fine pen and inJc emheUish- 
ments and initial letters ; silk binding, £7. 10s Vera Cruz, 1779 
This work is not included in Beristain's list of the author's writings. It 
looks as if it had been prepared for impression, 

29215 Lezamis (Joseph de) Vida del Apostol Santiago el Mayor . . . 

unico y singular Patron de Espana con algunas antiguedades, y 
excelencias de Espafia, especialraente de Viscaya, sm. 4to vellum, 
£7. Mexico, Bona Maria de Benavides, 1(599 

Very rare. The only other copy I have seen fetched i:12. 5s at 
Putticks in 1869. The most valuable part of the work is the Treatise on the 
Antiquities of Spain, in which there are eight pages of prose and verse in the 
Basque language. 

29216 LoREXZANA (F. A., Arzohispo de Mexico) Cartas Pastorales, y 

Edictos, 4to. hf. bd. 5s Mexico, 1770 

2921 7 Aranzel para todos los curas de este Arzobispado, fuera 

de la Ciudad, ivith his Autograph, 1767 — Public viceregal and 

archiepiscopal manifestoes, a most curious collection, folded in 

1 vol. sm. folio, in fine condition, vellum, £2. Mexico, 1767-75 

see ante Relaciones de Cortes, p. 2806, and Concilios, p. 2922 

29218 Luis de Leon (Frai), Ensayo historico por A. Arango y Escandon, 

4to. LARGE PAPER, India proof portrait, presentation copy, hf. 
morocco, 14s Mexico, 1866 

29219 LuMBiER (P. Raymundo) Noticia de las 65 Proposiciones con- 

denadas por P. Inocencio XI, anadidas las 45 Proposiciones de 
P. Alexandro VII, small 4to. vellum, 12s Mexico, 1684 

A very curious compilation by an official of the Inquisition. Some of 
the offences set down in this book are such as should not be mentioned to 
" ears polite." 

29220 MANUALE secundum usum alm« Ecclesise Mexicanae, sm. 4to. 

hf. red morocco, the Ramirez copy, £25. 

Jniprmssum in prceclara urbe Mexicana, in edibus Johannis 
Bauli (Juan Pablos) impressoris, A.B. 1560 
Extremely rare ; imperfect ; commencing on b 1 (fol. 9), and conse- 
quently wanting the first 8 fols. (which include title) ; the last two leaves are 
slightly defective. Printed in red and bl."ick Gothic letter, with woodcuts 
and musical notes. The pagination is irregular, but the copy is quite com- 
plete from fols. 9-173, on verso of the latter of which begins the " Tabula," 
3 pp. (not numb.); then on the opposite page the Colophon, 1 p., followed 
by Licenses, etc, 7 pp., which apparently finish the work. 

Not mentioned by I.ecleic, Graesse, or Brunet, though the continuator of 
the latter mentions the copy from the Maximilian collection, which wanted 
the first 17 leaves, and is the only one, besides the present, of which I 
find any record (the copy mentioned in the Bihl. Americ. as known to 
Icazbalceta and Mr. Harrisse be ingmost probably one of these two). A very 
early specimen from the press of Mexico's prototvpographer. 

199 * 


29221 MANUALE secundum usum Almaa Ecclesias Mexicanae, 8vo. 

slightly wormed, title and two following leaves defective, hf. red 
morocco, from the Bamirez collection, £-i2. 

Explicit Manuale, secundu usum Almae Ecclesiae Mexicanae, 
summa diligentia novissime recognitum, ^ in suis locis 
adaptatis sanctionibtis Sacri Tridentini Concilii locupletatum, 
Im-prcessum, in praeclara urbe Mexicana, in officina Petri 
OcHARTE ImprcBssoris, Expensis Didaci de Sansores, typis 

excusum. Anno Dili, 1568 

Apparently unique ; title; 3 prel. 11.; Calendar 8 11. text 183 folioed 
11.; Index 5 II., on the last of which is the above imprint. This is a reimpres- 
sion with variations of the edition printed by Juan Pablos in 15G0. It was 
made by order of the Second Mexican Council, and adapted to the decrees of 
the Council of Trent. It is printed in large red and black Gothic letters, 
with musical notes and woodcut initials. 

Not mentioned by Brunet (though his continnator mentions the first 
edition), Graesse, Leclerc, nor in the Maximilian collection, which contains a 
copy of the first edition. 

It is included in the list of books printed in Mexico, known to Seiior 
Icazbalceta and Mr. Harrisse, but apparently not mentioned by any other 
bibliographer. An early specimen of Mexican typography. 

29222 MARTINEZ (Henrico) Reportorio de los Tiempos, j Historia 

Natural desta Nueva Espaiia, dirigida a Don Juan de Mendo^a 
J Luna, Virrey, etc. del Nueva Espana, sm. 4to. modern morocco 
gilt, £32. 

En Mexico en la Emprenta del mesmo alitor aho de 1606 

29223 another copy, sm. 4to. title mended., and the last three 

leaves supplied by five leaves of MS. vellum, £4. 1606 

The excessive rarity of this book is apparent from the fact that only five 
copies have come into the market during the last fifty years, two of them 
imperfect ; and that, beyond those five, it is at present uncertain that there exists 
any other. The author held the important post of Cosmographer to the King, 
and his work contains important observations on the Astronomical System 
of the Ancient Mexicans and on the Geography and Natural History of the 
country ; treatises on the early history of the Aztecs and their settlement in 
Mexico, with a list of their kings before the Spanish conquest ; accounts 
of Columbus and Cortes, and annals of the New World down to 1606. In 
these copies the title and some leaves are mended ; a few are wormed, and the 
plate of the Dial apparently wants the pointer. A second part was promised, 
but never appeared. 

29224 Morales (J. B.) el Gallo Pitagorico, Bvo. a series of curious and 

amusing Caricatores of Mexican Society, hf. bd. uyicut, 10s 

Mexico, 1845 

29225 MUNGUIA (C. de Jesus, Arzobispo de Michoacan) Obras : Obras 

diversas, 5 vols, including del Pensamiento y su Enunciacion 

and Estudios sobre el Hombre Morelia y Mexico, 1852 

Cartas Pastorales, 1 vol. 1855 

Exposicion de la Doctriua Catolica, 2 vols. 1856 

Sermones y Escritos sueltos, 1864 — Manifesto a la Nacion 

Mejicana, Morelia, 1851 — in 1 vol. 1851-64 

together 9 vols. sm. folio, calf, £2. 1851-64 

29225* [Nebrija (Antonio de)] Advertencias y Preceptos para la Classe 
de Menores (wants end), 1721 ; Explicaciox del Genero de los 


Nombres, etc. 1722 ; Explicacion del libro Quarto conforrae al 
Arte de Antonio de Nebrija ; con un Snpplemento, 1717 ; 
4 parts in 1, 12mo. vellum, 30s Mexico, 1717-22 

29227 OPUSCULOS VARIOS. MS. collection of various Treatises of 

the 17tli and 18th Centuries, on literary and historical subjects ; 
amongst which is a gi^ammatical treatise on the Mexican 
language, and an extremely curious narrative of supernatural 
visions by some Indian woman, written in large sprawling 
characters, and in badly-spelt, incoherent Spanish ; in 1 vol. 
sm. 4to. MSS. in various hands, altogether abo2it 700 pp., hf. calf, 
£18. 18s. 

Amongst the pieces are the following : — 

Eelacion qne el Cardenal Arzobispo de Burfros Don Juan (sic for 
Francisco) de Mendoza y Bobadilla, dio al Key Felipe II, en la sazon de 
haberle negado 8.M. dos Havitos para sns sobrinos hijos del Marques de 
Caflete, a curious treatise on the biir-sinister element in the history of the 
Spanish Nobility, written about the year 1550, 25 pp. a neat manuscript 

About 1 740 

Loa satirica en una comedia en la festividad del Corpus hecha en Ilayacapa, 
1682, partly in Mexican, MS- 

Arte Mexicano, beginning voz actira, tiempo presente, MS. 26 pp. 

About 1700 

Aguirre (Antonio de) Immortal Fama. Mnerte de el sin segundo D, 
Fernando de Valenzuela, 1672, MS. 

Catalogo de muchas personas de ambos sexos que nacieron en la America 
y murieron con opinion de virtuosas y exemplares, .38 pp. MS. 

29228 Opusculos varios. A MS. collection of various Treatises, chiefly 

of the 18th century, containing many historical and biographical 
notices ; among which is a copy of Boturini's Catalogue of his 
Museum, all in 1 vol. sm. 4to. hf. calf, £3. 3s 

Mexico, Sec. xviii-xix 

29229 PiMENTEL, la Economia Politica aplicadaala Propiedad Territorial 

en Mexico, 8vo. /;/. morocco, 7s Mexico, 1866 

29230 PUGA (Vasco de). Provisi5es cedulas Instru- 
ciONES DE su Magestad : Ordenaqas, d' difutos y 
audiecia, p'a la buena expedicio de los negocios, 
y administracio d justicia : y gouernacio d'sta nueua 
Espana : y p'a el bue tratamieto & cseruacio d'los 
yndios, dende el ano 1525. hasta este presente de. 63. 
sm. folio, GOTHIC letter, tuifh woodcut capitals, 

excessively rare if not unique with TITLE, calf, 

£63. Mexico, Pedro Ocliarte, 1563 

29231 the same, sm. folio, title supplied in pen-and- 
ink facsimile, with an " Inclice Cronologico " in MS. 
added.^ hf. red morocco.^ £30. ih. 1563 

This is the extremely rare Body of Laws relating to the 
Indies, known as Puga's Cedulario (being collected by Vasco 
de Puga, Oydor of the Royal Audience of the Indies), and is 
the first attempt at a " Recopilacion " or Collection. Father 
Fischer's copy, which was wormed and wanted the title, sold in 


1869 for £23. All the copies hitherto known have the same 
defect, even that in the British Museum. 

29232 Ramires del Castillo (Pedro) Letras felizmente laureadas, que 

con ocasion de la jura de nuestro Rey Luis Fernando I, brdto, 
a influxos, no a golpes de Minerva, Feciididad Mexicana, en el 
celeste suelo de su Real Pontificia Academia, Athenas de las 
Indias Septentrionales, sm. 4to. vellum, 10s Mexico, 1724- 

29233 RO JO (Lie.) Historia natural de Mexico, 7 vols. sm. 4to.,one in folio, 

and three Appendices sm. 4to. original autograph MS. prepared 
for jpublication, unbound, £16. Mexico, about 1750 

An unpublished MS. containing; an interesting account of the animals, 
plants, an<) minerals of New Spain. The author, whose name in fact appears 
nowhere in the MS. itself, but only on the paper-wrappers in the handwriting 
of the late Don J. F. Ramirez, is not mentioned by Beristain, nt)twithstanding 
the fact that a work of so much importance could not have been produced 
except by a person of some standing in Mexican literary circles. The Abbe 
Fischer, who prepared the Ramirez catalogue, read the name as " Luis Rojo." 
I read it " Lic^enciado') Hojo." If this be right, he may have been Andres 
Rojo y Calderon who published a work of totally different character in Mexico 
in 1765. 

29234 Sermones Varios de diversos Authores, 13 in 1 vol. thick sm. 4to. 

ivith a MS. list of Contents, vellum, a cur^o^ls collection, 15s 

Mexico, 1701-14 

29235 Sermones. A vol. containing ten Spanish sermons preached 

between 1689 and 1736 in Mexico and La Puebla, and one in 
Valladolid, 1666 ; — in 1 vol. sm. 4to. vellum, 20s 

The following are the preachers' names : Fr. Joseph Xardon, Juan 
Domingo de Leoz, Benito Crespo, Fernando Alonso Gonzales, Francisco 
Abreu, Juan de Alvarado, Juan de Avila, Juan Bautista Sicardo, Joseph 

29236 Sanchez de Tagle (F. M.) Obras Poeticas, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait, 

If. calf neat, 10s Mexico, 1852 

29237 VERACRUCE (Alphonsi a) Additiones Constitutionum Nova 

impressionis, 8vo. Boman letter, hf. morocco, from the Ramirez 
library, £25. {Mexico, 1559) 

Probably Unique. A very early specimen of Mexican topography. 
Fourteen numbered leaves commencing on folio 1 with " Krater Alphonsus 
a Veracruce .... Magister sacrae paginas provintialis huius novoe Hispante 
.... venerabilibus prioribus localibus eiusdem provintiae . . . Salutera," 
which epistle occupies 2 pp. and is dated, " Mexici Kalendis Novembris Anno 
1559." Fol. 2 begins with " Haec sunt quie addita, vel iramutata sunt in 
novis constitutionibus Romae editis ad illas, quje in hac nova Hispania 
tradditffi sunt priBlo." 

In the Epistle Vera Cruce begins, " cum his diebus venirent ad manus 
Constitutiones Nova3 Romte edit.T," and goes on to say that he has compared 
them with " Constitutiones NostruB ab hinc quatuor annis in Nova Hispania 
inripressiB [in 1556, by Juan Pablos]," and that the present volume contains 
his corrections, additions, etc. of the latter. 

This little tract is included in a list of the books, printed in Mexico from 
1540 to 1600, known to Icazbalccta and Mr. Harrisse (Bibl. Anier. p. 374, 
Vol. 1). The copy seen by Icazbalccta was most probably the present. 
Other bibliographers mention it solely on the authority of Mr. Harrisse. 

29238 Vera Crcjce (lllefonsi a) Speculum Conjugiorum, nunc auctum, 

Complufi, 1572 ; Appendix, nunc primo in lucem prodiens, 


Mantuoe Carpent. {Madrid), 1571 ; 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. vellum, 
25s 1571-72 

Alfonso Gutierrez, who styled himself a Vera Cruce. was one of the most 
distinguished of the missionaries, and remarkable for his perfect knowledge 
of the Nahuatl and Tarasca languages. 

29239 Vernal r>E Salvatierra (Andres) el Camino Verdadero, coloquio 

entre Jesus y la Alma, repartido en tres jornadas (obra en 
versos), 12mo. vellum, SOs Mexico, 1718 

A very curious production by an unknown Mexican poet. The subject 
and the author's intentions were good, but the grotesqueness and the profanity 
of the book are, in many instances, strangely remarkable. 

29240 ZUMARRAGrA. Doctrina Cristiana: mas cierta y vdadera pa 

gete sin erudicio y letras : en q se cotiene el catecismo o infor- 
macio pa indios co todo lo principal y necessario q el xpiano 
dene saber y obrar, 8vo. the Title and last leaf in facsimile, hf. 
morocco, £40. 

A Gloria de Jesu Ghristo y desu hendita inadre : a que se 
acaba lo aiiedido al cathecizm,o par doctrina mas facil para los 
indios menos entendidos y mas rudos y necjros. El qual fue 
impresso en la muy leal y gran ciudad de Mexico por m^andado 
d'l reuerendissimo seiior do fray Juan Qumarraga : primer 
Obispo d^ Mexico. . . . Acabose d' iynprvmir e fin d'l aiio d' mil 
y quinietos y quarenta y seys ailos (1546) 
Very rare : one of the earliest specimens of Mexican typography. 
Title contains a woodcut of a bishop preaching, over the text, and surrounded 
by a border. The signatures are a=i in eights, including title, and fe which has 
only 4 11. (making 76 11.). The " Doctrina" finishes on verso of It 4, on the lower 
portion of which we have the following colophon : Lav^ Deo. A Gloria y 
alahaqa de dios nro seiior y de su mendita madre fue impressa esta doctrina 
catholica en mexico por mndado del reiieredissimo seiior don fray Jud Cumar- 
raga : priniero ohispo de la misma ciudad : pa utilidad comun. Especial 
delos indios : porque por ella sean cathetizados los q se ouiere de baptizar : y 
ensenados los haptizados. Then follows I, which commences as follows : — 
" Prologo Proemio alos amados hermanos lectores xpianos enel suplemeto o 
adiciones del catliecismo que quiere dezir enseiiamiento del christiano." The 
signatures of the " Prologo " run from I to n in eights, thus forming 24 11. ; 
n 8 is occupied with the colophon to the whole book which we reprint above. 
This edition is evidently the one (with the "Prologo'' and final colophon 
wanting) described by Harrisse in his Additions to the Bib. Vet. Amer. pp. 
131-2, from the copy in the BiMioteca Provincial of Toledo, which he 
places under the year 1.540. As will be seen, on comparing his description 
with the present, the first colophon on verso of fe 4 agrees word for word 
with that given by him ; the number of leaves is the same, and so also is the 
number of chapters into which the work is divided, but the title is totally 
different. There can be no doubt that the title in the present copy is the 
right one, as the text commences on its verso, the last word being divided 
and continued correctly on the next page. It seems therefore to follow that 
if Harrisse has copied the title of the copy in the Provincial Library of 
Toledo correctly, either that two different titles were issued with the same 
book, or that an earlier edition without the " Prologo " and second colophon 
was issued with title as given by him. The title and second colophon of the 
present edition are correctly given by Harrisse, Bib. Amer. Vetust. p. 419, 
though his collation (60 unnumbered leaves) is incorrect, but it is evident that 
the copy he there describes had not the " Prologo." I sold the Ramirez copy 
in 1880 for £65 ; the Maximilian (Fischer) copy fetched £41 ; the Andrade 
copy 485 thai. 

" Volume infiniment precieux, et Tun des plus anciens produits authen- 
tiques des presses mexicaines." — Brunei, Sxippl. 


29241 Varias Cueiosidades, sm. 4to, plainly xvritten MS. about 330 p-p. ; 
vellum wrapper, £5. 5s Mexico, Sec. xviii 

The contents are as follows : — 

I. Carta del Arzobispo de Santiago de Galicia Dn. Fray Anto. Monroy, 
hijo de Mexico . . . al Marques de la Mejorada, .... en respuesta de los 
manifiestos publicados contra el Papa en nombre de S. M. 1709, 63 pp. 

II. Noticia del proyecto que en 24 de Sepbre. de 1747 se reniitio a 
Madrid, sobre el servicio personal etc. por Dn. Melchor Macanaz. 

(Of interest to American history. 38 pp.) 

III. Manifiesto y cotejo que tuvo S. Magd. Phelipe V, contra el Rey 
Britanico . . . Por Dn. Melchor de Macanaz, Secretario de Estado . . . 1747. 
78 pp. 

IV. Versos en la Missa nueva del Br. Don Manuel Marcos de Ibarra. 

V. Thebaida Indiana . . . su fundacion, origen y observancia ... en 
las montaiias de Santa Fe de la Nueva Espaiia. Descripcion metrica . . . de 
Dn. Francisco Ruiz de Leon, hijo de la Nueva Espana. 74 pp. An un- 
published work by the author of the Hernandia. 

VI. Cedula real a los Padres Arzobispos de las Indias e Islas Philipinaa, 
1769. 7 11. 

VII. El Norte del Nuevo Adan. 8 leaves of verses. 1760. 

VIII. Parejas Soiaadas. 30 pp. 1765. 

3. Central America. 

29242 AYETA (Francisco, Custodio de la Provincia del Santo Evangelio 

de Mexico) Ultimo Recurso de da Provincia de San Joseph de 
Yucatan : destierro de Tinieblas, en que ha estado sepultada 
su Inocencia, y confundidos sus Meritos, sm. folio, half calf, 
rare, £7. 7s 

{^^lexicol no Printer^ s name, date, or place (cir. 1690) 
This author's works are extremely rake, as in consequence of the 
bitter feelings excited in the breasts of the Archbishop Palafox and the 
Viceroy, because of what the former terms their falsehoods and scandal, they 
were destroyed by the authorities. The book contains a vast amount of 
information respecting the early Missions in America in general, and amongst 
the Indians in Spanish America in particular. 

29243 Bastian (A.) Steinsculpturen aus Guatemala, sm. folio, 3 plates, 

sd. 5s 1882 

29244 Cabrera (P. F.) Description of an ancient city, discovered near 

Palenque, in Guatemala, translated from the report of Ant. del 
Rio ; followed by a History of the Americans, 4to. plates, hf. 
calf, OS 1822 

29245 CATHERWOOD, Views of Ancient Monuments, Central America, 

Chiapas and Yucatan, impl. folio, 25 large lithographs, hf. bd. 
Tnorocco, scarce, £6. 6s 1844 

This splendid work, depicting the stupendous Monuments of Archi- 
tecture left by an unknown race in (Central America, is an indispensable 
companion to Stephens' works on the same subject ; Stephens and 
Catherwood having travelled in company. 

29246 CH ARNAY, Cites et Ruines Americaines, Mitla, Palenque, Izamal, 

Chichen-Itza, Uxmal, recueillies et photo^raphiees par Desire 
Chai'nay, avec un texte par Viollet-le-Duc, suivi du Voyage 
et des Documents de I'Auteur, Svo. vol. of text in hf. morocco, 
and Atlas of 49 plates in atlas folio, portfolio, rare, £14. 10s 



Darien Scots' Colony : 

29247 Darien Papers : being a selection of original letters and 
documents relating to the establishment of a Colony at Darien 
by the Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies, 
1695-1700, 4:to. pla7i and facsimile, cloth, £3. 12s 

Edinburgh, 1849 

29248 The Defence of the Scots Settlement at Darien answered, 
paragraph by paragraph, by Philo-Britan., London, 1609 — A 
Defence of the Scots abdicating Darien ; including an Answer 
to the Defence of the Scots Settlement there, authore Britanno 
sed Dunensi, the dedication signed Phil. Scot, pruited in the year 
1700 — A Short Vindication of Phil. Scot's Defence of the 
Scots abdicating Darien, London, 1700 — An Enquiry into the 
causes of the Miscarriage of the Scots Colony at Darien, or an 
answer to a libeU entituled a Defence of the Scots abdicating 
Darien, Glasgow, 1700 — 4 vols in 1, sm. 8vo. calf, £9. 9s 


29249 A Defence of the Scots abdicating Darien . . . sm. 8vo. title 
mended, calf extra, S6s 1700 

29250 Collection (a full and exact) of all the considerable Addresses, 
Memorials . . . and other publick papers, relating to the Company 
of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies . . . 1695-1700, sm. 
8vo. w the original red morocco, gilt edges, £4. 

Printed in the year 1700 

29251 Darien (Isthmus of) Ship Canal ; with a history of the Scotch 
Colony, by E. Cullen, 8vo. cloth, 10s 1853 

At the end are two tracts : Prospectus of the Atlantic and Pacific 
Junction Company, 1853 ; Darien !Ship Navigation, Engineer's Keport, 3 
maps, 1852 ; with a survey of the proposed Canal by the Lake of Nicaragua 
and R. San Juan (5 pp. in MS.). 

29252 Fancourt (C. St. J.) History of Yucatan, to the close of the 17th 

century, 8vo. map, cloth, 18s 1854 

29253 Carat (Jose de) Reconocimiento del Istmo de Tehuantepec, 

1842-3, con el objeto de una comunicacion oceanica, 8vo. with 
maps in separate Svo. case, 10s Londres, 1844 

29254 Margil, El Peregrino Septentrional Atlante : delineado en la 

Vida del P. F. Antonio Margil, escribela Is. F. de Espinosa, 
sm. 4!to. portrait, vellum, 30s Mexico, 1737 

Of considerable Central American interest. Padre Margil's travels and 
piety, both of which are depicted in this volume, obtained for him the name 
of nuevo Apostol de Guatemala. He was founder of the Colleges of S.S. Cruz 
de Queretaro, Guatemala and Zacatecas. 

29255 Norman (B. M.) Rambles in Yucatan ; including a visit to the 

remarkable Ruins of Chi-Chen, Kabah, Zayi, and Uxmal, 8vo. 
map, and mimerous curious plates, antiquities, etc. cloth, 12s 

New York, 1843 
Including a Vocabulary of the Maya tongue, with a sketch of the 
Grammar. This work will serve as a companion or complementary volume 
to those of Stephens. 

29266 Peralta (Manuel M. de) El Rio de San Juan de Nicaragua, 
derechos de sus riberenos las Republicas de Costa-Rica y 
Nicaragua, 8vo. sd. 2s Madrid, 1882 


29268 Peralta (Manuel M. de) Costa-Rica, Nicaragua y Panama en el 

sio-lo XVI (1552-1610)) su historia y sus limites, stout 8vo. 

0)1 ap, sd. £2. Madrid, 1883 

29250 REGISTRO YUCATECO, Periodico Literario, redactado per una 

Sociedad de Amigos, 4 vols. 8vo. portraits, views and plates of 

Architecture, hf. bd. £12. Merida de Yucatan, 18-45-46 

These four vols, comprise all that was published of this periodical. This 

is a presentation copy to Don Jose F. Ramirez from Sr. Justo Sierra, one of 

the principal contributors. 

The periodical consists of articles on the history of the country, its 

monuments and traditions, biographies of the bishops and celebrated men, etc. 

29260 Squier (E.G.) Nicaragua: its people, scenery, monuments, and 

the proposed Interoceanic Canal, 2 vols. 8vo. maps and illustra- 
tions of Indian Architecture, Idols, etc. cloth, 36s 1852 
Pages 305-62 of Vol. II are on the Aborigines, including a chapter on 
their languaj^es. 

29261 STEPHENS (J. L.) Incidents of Travel in Central America, 

Cliiapas, and Yucatan, 2 vols. 8vo. map arid many plates of Indian 
Architecture, Idols, carving, etc. half calf , 20s 1842 

29262 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 24s 1842 

29263 the same, revised by F. Catherwood, 8vo. map and plates, 

cloth, Us 1854 

29264 Incidents of Travels in Yucatan, 2 vols. 8vo. map and 

plates of Indian architecture and remains, hf. calf, 24s 1843 

29265 VILLAGUTIERRE SOTO-MAYOR (Juan de) Historia de la 

Conquista de la Provincia de el Itza, reduccion, y progressos de 
la de el Lacandon, y otras naciones de Indios Barbaros, de la 
mediacion de el Reyno de Guatimala, a las Provincias de 
Yucatan, en la America Septentrional, Primera Parte, stout 
sm. folio, with the rare engraved fro7itispiece by M. Orozco, hf. bd. 
from the library of M. Brasseur de Bourbourg, £5. Madrid, 1701 
Of rare occurrence: no more than this volume was printed. Fischer's copy, 
in 1869, sold for £6. 10s. 
Wafer (Lionel) New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of 
America, 1699 — see post under Aborigines. 

29266 WALDECK (Fred, de) Voyage Pittoresqde et Archeologique 

dans la province d' Yucatan (Amerique Centrale), 1834-36, 
map and 21 lithographs of costume, architecture, etc. coloured, 
impl. folio, green morocco extra, leather joiiits, with broad gilt 
inside and outside borders, the Gosford arms on sides, gilt edges, 
by Clarke and Bedford, £7. 7s Paris, 1838 

4. West-Indian Islands, 

including those of all Jurisdictions. 
[Trinidad — see post under Guiana.] 
29267 COLUMBUS. In laudem Serenissimi Ferdinand! 
Hispaniar. regis, Bethicae & regni Granatae, obsidio 


COLOM, small 4to. woodcuts^ very fine copy in red 
morocco extra^ gilt edges^ £150. 

Basilece^ J. Bergman de Olpe, 1494 

Very rare, especially "when in such fine condition as the 
present copy. 

This book having been accidentally omitted in its proper 
place on p. 2856, is inserted here by virtue of its character as 
the first work on the West Indian Islands. 

29268 Archer (J. H. Lawrence-) Monumental Inscriptions of the 

British West- Indies, from the earliest date, with genealogical 
and Listorical annotations, 4to. numerous ivoodcut coats-of-arvis, 
with useful MS. notes by Mr. Hartley, cloth, 15s 1875 

29269 DU TERTRE, Histoire Generale des Antilles habitees par les 

Francois, 4 vols. 4to. maps, plates and views, old calf, from the 
Sunderland library, £2. I6s Paris, 1667-71 

Rare. This work, treating of an interesting portion of the history of 
the P^nglish and French in America, is in considerable request. 

29270 DAVIES (John, of Kidwelly) History of the Caribby Islands, with 

a Caribbian Vocabulary, sm. folio, plates, calf, 32s 1666 

Published in the " year of the Great Fire ; therefore this is a rare 
work." — AUibone. 

29271 GOSSE (Philip Henry) Illustrations of the Birds of Jamaica, imp. 

8vo. 52 beautifully coloured plates, hf. calf neat, gilt top, scarce, 
£8. 8s * 1849 

29272 Jamaica. The Laws of Jamaica, passed by the Assemby, and con- 

firmed by his Majesty in Council, to which is added, the State 
of Jamaica under Sir Thomas Lynch, sm. folio, large folding 
map, old calf, £2. 16s 1684 

29272* Jamaica, Revised Statutes, as to Crimes and Misdemeanors, down 
to 1843, 8vo. hf. calf, 3s U 1844 

29273 LONG (Edward) History of Jamaica, or general Survey of the 

ancient and modern state of that Island, 3 vols. 4to. maps and 
plates, calf, or old russia neat, £2. 10s 1774 

" A work of sterling merit." — Stevenson. Priced, 1836, J. Bohn, 
£A. 10s ; 1837 and 1840, Payne and Foss, £6. 6s. Sold at Dr. Heath's sale 
for £14. 15s ; the Fonthill, £11. 

29274 Knowles (Ch.) Accountof the Sessions of Assembly, for the Island 

of Jamaica, 1755, containing a Vindication of Gov. Knowles 
against several groundless Accusations, 8vo. sd. 5s 1757 

29275 [Leslie (C)] Account of Jamaica, with a particular account of 

the SacriBces, Libations, etc. at this day in use among the 
Negroes, 12mo. large paper, calf, 25s Bdin. 1739 

The Author's name appears at the end of the dedication. 

29276 Leeward Islands. Acts of Assembly passed in the Charibbee 

Leewards Is., 1690-1730, sm. folio, calf, 10s 1734 

29277 LIGON (Rich.) History of the Island of Barbadoes, sm. folio, 

map, 3 flans, and five botanical plates, with an extra leaf con- 
taining an Index to one of the plans, old calf, 25s 1673 

29278 the same, sm. folio, panelled calf extra, gilt edges, by 

Bedford, £4. 4.s 1673 


29279 LuFFMAX (J.) Account of the Island of Antigua, with the customs 

of its Inhabitants, as well white as black, sm. 8vo. map, sd. 
7s 6d 1789 

29280 Monte y Tejada (A. del) Historia de Santo Domingo, desde 

su descubrimiento hastanuestros dias, portraits, maps, and plates, 
sm. 4to. calf, 2ls Eahana, 1853 

29281 PoYER (J.) History of Barbados, 1605-1801, 4to. hd. 7s 1808 

29282 POYNTZ (John) Present Prospect of the famous andfertile Island 

of Tobago, sm. 4to. brown morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit, 
£2. 16s 1695 

29283 [ROCHEFORT] Histoire naturelle et morale des Iles Antilles 

de I'Amerique, avec un Vocabulaire Caraibe, small 4:to. frontis- 
piece and numerous engravings, with the rare portrait of, and 
dedication to Ambroux, fne copy in vellum, 24s Roterdam, 1658 

29284 the same, second edition, sm. 4to. frontispiece and plates, 

old calf, 28s ib. 1665 

29285 RocHEFORT (M. de) Tableau de I'lsle de Tabago, ou de la Nou- 
velle Oiialchre, 12mo. vellum, 24s Leyde, 1665 

29286 the same, 12mo. ^jwe copy in red morocco gilt, gilt edges, 

30s 1665 

29287 S. (J.) Brief and Perfect Journal of the late Proceedings and 
Successe of the English Army in the West-Indies, by an eye- 
witnesse, sm. 4to. uncut, fine copy, 32s 1655 

Persons who imagine that during the Commonwealth English arms were 
everywhere triumphant, may learn the contrary from this rare tract. An 
important naval and military expedition was fitted out against the Spaniards 
in the West Indies, and met with nothing but disaster, between Nov. 1654 and 
August, 1655. An English army of 10,000 men was landed in St. Domingo, 
badly defeated by an interior force of Spaniards, and retreated with the loss of 
1 700 men and seven regimental flags. 

29287*SAGRA (Ramon de la) Historia Economico-Politica y Estadistica 
de la Isla de Cuba, o sea de su poblacion, agricultura, comercio, 
etc. sm. 4to. sd. 10s Habana, 1831 

29288 the same, sm. 4to. calf, 18s 1831 

29289 Histoire physique, politique et naturelle de I'lLE de 

CUBA, 11 vols, royal 8vo.Text and 9 Atlases, folio, containing 
274; plates, 'inostly coloured (pub. £32.), sewed, £18. Paris, 1843-57 

29290 the same, bound in 9 vols, large 8vo. and 2 folio 

Atlases, hf. bd. morocco, gilt tops, uncut, £25. 1843-57 

Complete sets are now scarce. 

This fine work is divided as follows : 

29291 I. Histoire Physique et Politique (Geographie, Climat, Agri- 
culture, Commerce, etc.) de I'lle de Cuba, Text, 2 vols. 8vo. 
and Atlas of 11 maps (pub. at 30 fr.), 10s 1842 

This Work contains additions by Berthelot on the Historical Geography 
of the island, and will be eagerly read by all who are interested in the 
discoveries of Columbus. It contains the following maps : — 

Cuba, after the original map by Juan de la Cosa, Pilot to Columbus in 

Fragment from the Manuscript Atlas of Guill. Ic Testu, 1555. 

Early Spanish Maps. 


Map of Cuba and surrounding Countries, showing the divisions of the 
Aborit;ines, and the Routes of Columbus. 

Map of Cuba in 18-11, and Plan of the City of Havana. 

II. Zoologie : 

29292 Mammiferes et Oiseaox, par Sagra et A. d'Orbigny, Text, 1 vol. 

8vo. Atlas of 41 coloured plates, 28 of them Birds ('puh. at 150 fr.), 
£1. 8s 1840 

29293 Reptiles par Cocteau et Bibron, Text, 1 vol. 8vo. Atlas of 31 

plates, plain, £2. ; coloured, rare, £3. 1840 

29294 Mollusques, par A. d'Orbigny. Text, 2 vols. 8vo. and Atlas of 

29 coloured'plates (pub. at 130 fr.), 18s 1853 

29295 Foraminiferes, par A. d'Orbigny. Text, 1 vol. 8vo. Atlas of 

12 coloured plates ( pub. at 65 fr.), 20s 1839 

29296 PoissoNS, par Guicbenot. Text, 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. Atlas of 

5 coloured plates is out of print 1837 

29297 Insectes, par Guerin Meneville. Text, 1 vol. Svo. 10s. The 

Atlas of 20 coloured plates is out of print 1844 

III. Botanique : 

29298 Plantes vasculaires (Pbanerogamia), par Richard, 10s. Text, 

8vo. The Atlas of 102 plates is out of print 1849 

29299 Plantes cellulaires (Cryptogamia), par Montague. Text, 1 vol. 

Svo. and Atlas of 20 coloured plates, £1. 16s 1838-42 

The divisions to which prices are affixed may be had separately ; owners 

of imperfect sets should apply at once, as several parts are nearly out of print. 

29300 St. Vincent (Island of) Authentic Papers relative to the expedition 

against the Charibbs, and the sale of lands in St. Vincent, 4to. 
sd. hs 1773 

29301 ScHOMBURGK (Sir R . H.) History of Barbados, comprising a 

geographical and statistical description, Tvith its Geology and 
Natural Productions, roy. 8vo. plates, cloth, 20s 1848 

29302 SIGUENZA Y GONGORA (D. Carlos) Trofeo de la Justicia 

Espafiola en el castigo de la alevosia Francesa que al abrigo de 
la Armada de Barlovento executaron los Lanzeros de la Isla de 
Santo Domingo, en los que de aquella nacion ocupan sus costas, 
sm. 4to. vellum, £10. 10s Mexico, 1691 

This is one of the rarest of the works of Siguenza, and contains an extract 
and graphic account of the struggles of the Spaniards of S. Domingo against 
the attempts of the French to obtain possession of that Island. On the title is 
the Autograph of Dk. Eguiara. 

29303 ToMAS DE Cordoba (P.) Memoria sobre la administracion de 

Puerto-Rico, sm. 4to. calf neat, 9s Madrid, 1838 

29304 Young (Sir W.) West India Common-place Book, showing the 

interest of Great Britain in its sugar colonies, 4to. hf. calf, 7s 


5. Tierra-firme, Peru, Chile, 

29305 ALCEDO Y HERRERA (D. de) Aviso Historico, Politico, 

Geographico, con las Noticias del Peru, Tierra-Firme, Chile y 
Nuevo Reyno de Granada en la Relacion de los Sucessos, de 
205 aiios, por la Chronologia de los Adelantados, Presidentes, 


Governadores j Virreyes, 1535-1740, y Razon de todo lo obrado 
por los Ingleses, 1567-1739 — small 4to. the Dedication copy to 
the King with the Author's autograph signature, green velvet, gilt 
edges, with clasps, from the Beckford library, £6. Madrid, 1740 

29306 Alsedo y Herrera ( Compendio liistorico de la Provincia, 

Partidos, Ciudades, Astilleros, Rios, y Puerto de Goayaqdil en 
las Costas de la Mer del Sur, sm. 4to. calf, 24s Madrid, 1741 

Written by the father of Alcedo, the author of Diccionario de las 
Indias Occidentales, etc. 

29307 Bolivian Republic : Mensajes del Presidente de Bolivia a las 

Camaras Constitucionales 2^(''^'<^ ^^5 ailos 1832-1838 (no 1836) — 
Memoria sobre el Estado de la Hacienda de la Republica Boli- 
viana en 1833, por Doctor Jose de Lara— El Iris de la Paz 
(periodico) 5 numeros, Agosto y Setiembre, 1838 — in all 12 
pieces, a 4to. parcel, 9s Paz de Ayaciicho, 1832-8 

29308 Bollaert (W) Antiquarian, Ethnological and other Researches in 

New Granada, Equador, Peru and Chile, 8vo. plates, cloth, 
7s 6d 1860 

29309 CALANCHA (Antonia de la) Chronica moralizada del Orden de 

S. AuGUSTiN EN EL Peru, con sucesos exemplares vistos en esta 
monarchia, folio, engraved frontispiece, vellum, rare, £6. 

Barcelona, 1639 
A second volume was printed at Lima fifteen years later, hut is almost 
introuvable. The above copy of the first vol. has only twelve out of the 
fourteen leaves of the Tabla. As this however is entirely concerned with the 
portions-ef the Sacred Scripture quoted in the text, its absence is not perhaps 
to be regretted. 

29310 Caracas, Real Compania Guipuzcoana de, noticias historiales de 

esta Corapaiiia, 1728-64, sm. 4to. hf. calf, 7s6d Madrid, 1765 

29311 Carthagena. Constitucion del Estado de Cartagena de Indias, 

12mo. hf. hd. 15s Cartagena, 1812 

Very rare. Prefaced by the official declaration of the President, 
Manuel Rodriguez Torices. dated 14 June. 1812, in the second year of the 
independence. This republic did not deserve to last long, since it forbade the 
use of any other religion tban the Roman Catholic. The mother of th<ise 
ungi-ateful South American colonies could do no worse. 

29312 CAULIN {Fr. Antonio) Historia Coro-graphica, Natural y Evan- 

gelica de la Nueva Andalucia, provincias de Cumana, Guayana 
y Vertientes del Rio Orinoco, folio, onap and plates, hd. £2. 8s 

Madrid (1779) 

29313 the same, large paper, folio, map and plates, red 

morooco extra, royal Spanish arms on sides, from the Beckford 

library, £6. 6s 1779 

The map is a very fine one, on a large scale, and was executed by Louis 
Surville under the order of Don Josef de Gaivez, a noted name in Spanish 
American history. Caulin spent many years as a missionary in the northern 
regions of South America. 

29314 CODAZZI, Geografia de Venezuela, 8vo. calf neat, 6s Paris, 1841 
29315 Atlas fisico y politico de la Republica de Venezuela, 

dedicado al Congreso de 1830, royal folio, 19 large coloured 
maps, on whole sheets, hds. £3. Caracas, 1840 

A very fine piece of work, the best of its kind up lo the present time. 
It is curious to notii the little strips of territory marked " que se considers 
usurpmlo" by the Knglish or the lirazilians. 


29316 CODIGO Civil Santa-Cruz del Estado Sud-Peruano, sm. 4to. sd. 7s 

Cuzco, 1837 
The address of Andres Santa-Cruz, el Pacificador del Peru, begins the 

29317 CouRTE DE LA Blanchardi^ire (I'Abbe) Nouveau Voyage an Perou, 

auquel on a joint une Description des anciennes Mines d'Espagne 
traduite de I'Espagnol d'A. Carillo-Lazo, 12mo. plate of Birds, 
fine copy in red moroc-o, leather joints, gilt edges, hy Kalthoeber, 
£3. lUs ' Paris, 1751 

29318 Depons (F.) Yoyage a la Partie Orientale de la Terre-Ferme dans 

TAmerique Meridionale, 1801-4, 3 vols. 8vo. maps and plans, 
calf neat, 16s Paris, 1806 

29319 the same, 3 vols. 8vo. half red morocco, gilt edges, 20s 


29320 Ddende del Cuzco, 18 nos. in 1 vol. sm. 4to. (all published), hf. 

morocco, uncut, rare, £2. Cuzco, 1830-31 

A politico-satirical periodical in which the events of the day are reviewed 
and erticized by an invisible being — the Duende — sometimes in articles, 
sometimes dramatic sketches, etc. The government is not spared by the 
unknown writer : hence the rarity of the book. 

29321 EcHAVE Y Assu (Francisco de), Corregidor de Lima. La Estrella 

de Lima convertida en Sol sobre sus tres Coronas, el B. Toribio 
Alfonso Mogrobexo, su segundo Arzobispo : Descripcion sacra- 
politica de las Grandezas de la Ciudad de Lima, y compendio 
Historico Ecclesiastico de su Iglesia, sm. folio, lirnp vellum, £2. 

Amberes, 16 S8 

29322 Eder (Fran. Xav.) Descriptio Provincias Moxitarum in Regno 

Peruano, illustr. Mako, 8vo. coloured map and 7 large plates, calf, 
15s Budoi, 1791 

The illustrations depict the Moxas, their costume and weapons, a canoe, 
and a native conjuror. 

29323 Empson (Ch.) Narratives of South America, illustrating manners, 

cnstoms, and scenery, 8vo. cloth, 2s &d 1836 

29324 EscALONA Aguero (Gaspar de), Argentina Peruano, Gazophilatium 

Regium Perubicum, in quo omnes materiae spectantes ad adminis- 
trationem, calculationem, et conservationem, jurium regaliura 
discutiuntur, sm. folio. First Edition, hf. bd. 22s Matriti, 1675 

29325 another edition, sm. folio, with Index, neatly bound, 12s 


This work, which is written partly in Latin and partly in Spanish, is 
a Compendium of what was necessary to be known by the Officers of the 
Crown, on going to South America. 

29326 False (C. T.) Vases Antiques du Perou, 8vo. 2 plates, bds. 2s Qd 

Copenhague, 1843 

29327 FERNANDEZ (Diego) Primera y Segunda Parte 

DE LA HiSTORiA DEL Peru ; cotiene la primera, lo 
succedido en la Nueva Espana y en el Peru, sobre Li 
execucion de las nuevas leyes, y el allanamiento y 
castigo, que hizo el Presidente Gasca, de Gouqalo 
Piqarro y sns sequaces ; la segnnda, contiene la 


tyrannia y alqamiento de los Contreras, etc. ; both 
parts in 1 vol. folio, icith the Autogeaph of the 
Author on tJie last leaf of part 2, a few leaves a little 
stained^ from the Sunderland library^ vellum^ very 
RARE, £32. 10s en Sevilla, H. Diaz^ 1571 

29328 FERNANDEZ (Diego) Historia del Peru, 2 vols, in 

1, sm. folio, fine copy^ maroon morocco super extra^ 
gilt edges^ by Gruel^ £35. 1571 

Original and only Edition of this rare work, which was 
prohibited by the Royal Council of the Indies at the time of 
publication ; the order was revoked in 1729, but was again issued 
in 1731. 

The author was one of the followers of the great Hurtado 
de Mendoza, and was an actor in, as well as an eye-witness of, 
many of the events recorded in his work. 

29329 GczMAN (J. J.) el Chileno instruido en la historia topografica, 

civil y politica de su pais, 2 vols. Q2.7 pp. plan, calf, 20s 

Santiago, 1834-6 

29330 Head (F. B.) Rough notes taken during some rapid Journeys 

across the Pampas and among the Andes, sm. 8vo. calf, 7s 1826 

29331 Juan (Jorge) y Ulloa (Antonio de) Noticias secretas de America. 

. . presentadas en informe secreto a Fernando VI. sacadas a luz 
por Don David Barry, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, portrait, lif. vellum, 
uncut, £2. 16s 1826 

A most interesting repoit ou the behaviour of the Spanish officials and 
priests in Peru, with details frequently of an extraordinary nature. Hence 
the secret character of the work, which never achieved publication till after 
the severance from Spain. 

29332 Jdlian (A.) la Perla de la America, Provincia de Santa Marta 

(Nuevo Reyno de Granada) reconocida, observada y expuesta en 
discursos historicos, Bvo. calf, 9s Madrid, 1787 

29333 JuRAS Reales (Baron de) Entretenimientos de un Prisionero en las 

Provincias del Rio de la Plata (con Apendice), 2 vols. 8vo. 
Thick Paper, calf, 32s Barcelona, 1828 

A valuable set of dissertations upon the natives and history of the New 
"World, written by Don Benito Maria de Moxo, Archbishop of Charcas, 
whose papers fell into the hands of his nephew, and were printed by the 
latter under his own name without sufficient acknowledgment. Juras Reales 
was a Spanish official who fell into the hands of the Patriots, and underwent 
six years' imprisonment in S. America after the Revolution. 

29334 LEMOS. Descripcion de la Prouincia de los Quixos, con prologo 

(dirigido al Duque de Lerma) y diccionario de los vocables 
particulares de las Indias y poco familiares en Espaiia, por 
(Francisco de Castro) el conde de Lemos t de Andrada, sm. 
4to. 16 leaves of text and folding engraved map, in the original 
limp yelhi77i, £20. (.^ Iladrid) 1608 

PlxcKssiVELT HARE, if not unique. Temaux had the only other copy 
which is known, but it wanted the map which is contained in the present copy. 
No title-page was ever printed for this Report, which begins directlv with the 


prefatory address to the Diique de Lerma, the author's father-in law (UDt 
father, as Ternaux supposed, from the words " Padre y 8enor mio.") The 
Count ot Lemos was President of the Council of the Indies, and ihis treati>e 
seems to be the only one of a series of projected monographs on the various 
less-krioAU governments in America. The Indians called Quixos formed a 
separately administered department of the Audiencia of Quito, in the present 
republic of Ecuador, about 250 miles south of Quito. 

29335 LIMA. Maxifiesto y Esclamacion que haze le Universidad de 

Cargadores del Comercio de Espana, que reside en esta (Capital) 
Ciudad de Lima, en su nombre, y del Consulado de Cadiz, en 
punto del litigio de Jurisdiccion seguido por el Consulado del 
Peru, contra la diclia Universidad (por Don Alonso Rubio de 
Ribas), (1736) — Verdad aclarada y deftnsa politica con que 
la parte del Tribunal del Consulado de Lima desvanece las 
imposturas de un papel impresso con el titulo de Manifiesto 
y Exclamacion, 1737 — 2 parts in 1, sm. folio, red morocco, gilt 
edges, by Bedford, excessively rare, £16. Lima, 1736-37 

The squabble between the Spanish "West India Directors (if I may so 
name them) and the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce, although not of very 
wide interest, nevertheless involves the history ot the foundation and adminis- 
tration of the Board of Trade for the Indies, and the bases of the fiscal settle- 
ment of the new territories. It also foreshadows the c<illi>ion which led to the 
separation of the two countries. 

29336 Lima. Constituciones y Ordenanzas antiguas y anadidas y 

modemas de la Real Universidad y Estudio General de San 
Marcos de la Ciudad de Los Reyes del Peru, sm. folio, fine copy 
in vellum, 20s Los Eeyes, 1735 

Added is " Alegato que en la oposicion a la Catedra de prima de Lej'es 
de la Universidad de Lima, dixo Baquijano y Carillo, 1788." 

29337 Lima. True and particular Relation of tlie Earthquake at Lima 

aud Callao, 1746, with a description of the Kingdom of Peru in 
general, with its Inhabitants, 8vo. maps and plates, calf, 18s 

" The account of the earthquake is translated from Carta del P. P. 
Lozano, de la Provivcia del Paraguay, 1747 : the remainder of the work is a 
compilation from various authors. The translator's name was Henry John- 

29338 LoBO Guerrero, Constituciones Synodales del Ar9obispado de los 

Reyes (Lima) en el Peru, folio limp vellum, 32s 

Lima, J. Morel, 1574 
Some pages are in the Quichua language. 

29339 MELENDEZ, Tesoros Verdaderos de las Yndias en la Historia 

dela Gran Provincia de San Juan Bavtista del Peru, 3 vols. sm. 
folio, with portrait, view and plan, a few leaves wurmed, velhun, 
rare, £9. 9s Roma, 1681-82 

The first volume is important for the general history of Peru in the 
sixteenth century ; the third contains many valuable particulars concerning 
tlie Indian tribes and their customs. The second volume is full of saints and 

29340 MEMORIAS DE LOS VIREYES que han gobernado el PERU, 

durante el tiempo del Colouiaje Espanol, 6 vols, large 4to. map 

and plates, cloth, £4. Lima, 1869 

Very few copies ol this great national work have reached Europe. It is 

a collection of the Uelaiiuus made by the Viceroys (in obedience to a wise 



mandate of the crown) in which each outgoing: governor informed his successor 
of the nature and duties of his post, of the distribution of offices and presi- 
dencies, of the privileges of the natives, their hereditary customs and character 
— in short, statistics of everything that could be needed. The work forms a 
glorious monument of statesmanship ; and it may be conjectured that if the 
Spaniards had always formed their conduct according to these Memorias, they 
would never have lost their colonies in the New World. The Memorias extend 
from 1614 to 1796. 

29341 MERCURIC PERUANO de Historia, Literattira, y Noticias 

publicas que da a luz la Sociedad Academica de A mantes de 
Lima, A perfect set, 12 vols, small 4to. Lima, 1791-5 

29342 another copy, without the greater part of Vol. V, 11 

vols. sm. 4to. vellutn, £7. \0s 1791-5 

29343 the same, Vols. II, VII, VIII, X, XI, XII, also parts of 

II, III, IV, and VI, 6 vols, small 4to. vellum, and some parts, as 
described, £2. 1791-5 

The above interesting collection of Periodical Writings is of the greatest 
rarity. Thorpe, in one of his Catiilogues, states that a gentleman had assured 
him he could meet with but one copy in his travels through Spain, for which 
he was asked upwai'ds of £30. 

It is generally found defective, and copies yary to a considerable degree. 
The second copy described above is no exception to this rule ; it wants, besides 
Vol. V, Nos. 33.3,4, in Vol. IX, which are frequently absent. Some Nos. 
have been omitted, while the pagination remains correct : and sometimes there 
are two with the same No., although the text runs on correctly. The last 
pjirt of Vol. XI is number 382, yet the first of Vol. XII receives the number 
573, from which the numeration proceeds to the end (No. 611), although 
nothing is deficient. The periodical seems to have been produced under great 
difficulties and discouragements ; it was suppressed by the Spanish govern- 
ment, as the enlightened opinions which the French Revolution had first set 
afloat were winning popularity amongst the educated youths of Spanish Peru. 
There is a sort of indignant bitterness in the title of the last volume, which is 
stated to be " dado a luz por uno de los individuos de la Sociedad." 

29344 MICHELENA t ROJAS (F.) Exploracion oficial por la primera 
vez desde el norte de la America del Sur, siempre por rios, 
entrando por las bocas del Orinoco, de los valles de este mismo y 
del Meta, Casiquiare, Rio Negro d Guaynia, y Amazonas, hasta 
Nauta en el alto Maranon 6 Amazonas, arriba de las bocas del 
Ucayali ; Bajada del Amazonas hasta el Atlantico ; Viaje a Rio 
de Janeiro desde Belen en el Gran Para ; en los afios de 1855-59, 
large 8vo. 9 maps, sd. 3s 6d; or, hf. morocco, hs Bruselas, 1867 

29345 the same, Fine Paper, royal 8vo. sd. 7s 6d 1867 

Stated on the title-page to be "pul)licada bajo los auspicios del Gobieruo 
de los Estados Unidos de Venezuela," but the work seems to be almost utterly 
unknown. The entire stock has lain perdxi, since the book was printed, and 
from whatever cause (probably the fault of the Venezuelan Government), no 
copies appear to have gcme into circulation. The author presented a copy to 
the English Geographica.1 Society in 1867, and Dr. Petermann was at the same 
time made aware of its existence, but no notice was taken of the book either 
in the Reviews or Yearly Addresses. Consequently it may be said to be now 
for the first time actually published. 

This " Exploracion Oficial " is a work of original and valuable research, 
adding largely to our knowledge of the vast regions which lie about the 
Equator in South America. The author was sent out by his Government to 
discover the resources and capabilities of those largely watered but little 
known countries, and to trace the means of utilizing for commerce the network 
of rivers which no cartographer had laid down with exactitude. He triumphed 


over obstacles of every kind, and has succeeded not only in correcting aud 
angmenting to a very high degree the description previously given by 
Buniboldt and others, but in proving that (in spite of its situation) the climate 
is temperate and the rich soil fit for cultivation, while the river-system aifords 
unexampled facilities for the promotion of commercial enterprise. The 
Orinoco and the Amazon will yet play a great part in the development of 
population and wealth in the lands that lie between and about them, and every 
addition to our statistical and geographical knowledge of those rivers, their 
affluents, and their borders, is of importance. 


1. Mapa para ilustrar los Viajes de Sir Walter Ralegh, per Schomburgk. 

2. Parte del curso del Orinoco, de Ids rios que le entran, las aguas que da el, 

al de les Amazonas, por Don Jose Solano, 1 763. 

3. Mapa de una parte del alto Orinoco, por Diaz de la Fuente, 1760. 

4. Viaje de Sancliez. 

6. Mapa anonimo, formado despues de 1802, desde el rio Araurai haste el Rio 
Bran CO. 

6. Haut Rio Branco, reduction pnr Lapie des relevements de Pontes. 

7. Piano antiguo del sitio de la Angostura. 

8. Ciudad Bolivar fundada con el nombre de Angostura. 

9. Mapa general de todos los estados de la America del Sur, a large folding 

coloured Map. 

29346 MoGROVEJO (D. Toribio Alf.) ArcoMspo de la Ciudad de los Beyes 

Lima (Cabeza de las Provincias del Pira), Vida del ilnstr. i 
reverend. Don Tor. Alf. Mogrovejo, por Ant. de Leon Pinelo, 
sm. 4to. portrait, old calf rebacJced, ivith Royal arms on sides, 30s 

{Madrid) 1G53 

29347 MOLLIEN (G.) Travels in the Republic of Columbia, 1822-3, from 

the French, 8vo. map and plate, bds. 5s 1824 

29348 MuLHALL (M. G.) Between the Amazon and Andes, ten years of a 

lady's travels, 8vo. maps and plates (pub. 12s 6d), doth, 5s 1881 

29349 MosEO Erudito, o los Tiempos y las Costumbres, periodico, Marzo 

15 — Setiembre 1, 1837, parts 1 and 3 to 12, 11 numbers, folio, sd. 
12s Cuzco, Santa Cruz, 1837 

An antiquarian, scientific, and literary periodical, of which some of the 
articles have a wide interest. 

Contents: — Idea jeneral de los Monumentos del antiguo Peru — Diserta- 
cion sobre el aspecto, cultivo y virtudes de la Planta de Peru nombrada Coca 
— De las influencias del clima en el hombre — Tradicion de la rebelion de 
Ollantay y acto heroico de iidelidad de Rumiuahui, Jeneral del tiempo de los 
Incas, etc. etc. 

29350 Ordenanzas del Peru, dirigidas al Rey por Melchor de Navarra, 

Virrey de estos Reynos, recogidas por Ballesteros; y nueva- 
mente anididas las Ordenanzas, que ha dispuesto J. A. Manso 
de Velasco, Conde de Super-Uncla, Virrey, Tomo Primero {all 
published), sm. folio, vellum, £4. Lima, 1752 

Collation : 23 preliminaiy leaves, and folios 339 ; followed by Indies, 
23 leaves. This very rare book is not mentioned either by Brunet or Salva. 

29351 Ordenes,Ynfor]V[es, Instrucciones, etc. : a Collection of Documents 

printed and Manuscript, relating to the Intendencias of Peru in 
the last century, in 1 vol. folio, vellum, £3. Liina, 1783-84 

Most ot these documents are pajiers prepared for the information of Don 
Jos6 de Galvez, who went to Peru as the royal Visitador in 1783, in the same 
way as ho had gone to Mexico a dozen years or so before. 

200 * 


29352 OVALLE (Alonso de) Historica Relacion del Reyno de CHILE, 

small folio, tvitli large folding Map, 14 plates, another series of 
21 plates contairiing Portraits ; and 18 woodcuts, fine copy in the 
original vellum wrapper, £16. Boma, 1646 

29353 tlie same, sm. folio, wanting the plate of the Crucifixion- 
tree, vellum, £12. 1646 

29354 the same, sm. iolio, perfect, containing in addition a copper- 
plate title "Invicti Duces . . ." prefixed to the series of 25 portraits 
{on 9 leaves), and another ^^ Guhernatores Perillustres . . ." to the 
remaining series of 12 portraits, olive morocco, gilt edges, hij 
Zaehnsdorf, £18. 1046 

29355 the same, sm. folio, similar to the preceding, old red 

morocco, gilt edges, with the Arms of Cosmo III, Grand JDuke of 
Tuscany, in gold on sides, ;£22. lOs 1646 

29356 the same, sm. folio, containing, besides everything that 

appears in the preceding, also a rare printed additional first title 
" Varias y curiosas Noticias del Reino de Chile . . . . " red. 
morocco extra, by Bedfori', £24. 1640 

The plates are curiou'*. One at p. 58 represents a miraculous tree like 
the Saviour crucified, growing in the Valley of Lim.iche, in Chili ; another 
the sudden appearance of the Virgin, at a battle between the natives and tlie 
Spaniards ; others, the various games, costumes, etc. of the Indians. 

The portraits were only issued in the Spanish edition. 

29357 OvAGLiE, Historica Relatione del Regno di CILE, sm. folio, folding 

map, with [4; plates and 18 woodcuts, bds. £5. Roma, 1040 

The diiference between the two e iitions consists in the omission of the 
portraits from the Italian one. 

29358 OVIEDO Y BAi^OS (Joseph de). Historia de la Conquista y 

Poblacion de la provineia de Venezuela, primera parte, sm. folio, 

fine clean copy, olive morocco super extra, gilt edges, by Petit, 

£8. 8s Madrid, Gregorio Hermosilla, 1723 

The first part only was published. 

29359 Palma (R.) Peru: Tradiciones, 8vo. sd. 7s 6d Lima, 1878 

29360 PAPELES VARIOS. A curious collection of pieces relating to 

Chile, Peru, and Tierra Firme, 1600-1680, in 1 vol. sm. folin, 
vellum, £3. 10s Lima, etc. 1013-83 

Independently of the historic value of these Documents, they conttiin 
early specimens ot Printing in S. America. 

Contents : — En favor de los Espanoles que nacen en las Indias, para 
que sean preferidos en todas las Provisiones Eclesiastic»s y Seculares ; Reso- 
luciones de el Papa en los Negocios de Cardenas, Obispo de Paraguay, 1660 ; 
Por parte del Dean de La Plata, Prov. de los Charcas en Piru ; Poi' Zam- 
brana, Oydor de Las Charcas, 1621 ; Sobre el tratamiento de los Oj'dons 
do Panama, 1613; Tassa y Ordenanzas piira Chile, Lima. 1620; Division 
de los Obispados de Guamanga y Arequipa separados del del Cuzco, y del 
Obispado de Truxillo separado del Arzob. de Los Keyes, y del Ob. de Quito ; 
Juris AUegatio pro Episcopo del Cuzco super solutione decimarum ; Memo- 
rial sobre quitar las Doctiiuis y Curatos que administran Frayles en Piru ; 
Quadragiiita et octo Conclnvionum Manus in Peruvini liegni CoUegio, Lima, 
161.3; Oonsulta sobre la Fuga de veinte Soldados, 1683; Propusiciones que 
haze el Senorio de Viacaxa a los, t'aviilleros X'izcaynus en las Indias, Valla- 
doUd (1620) ; etc. 


29361 Paz Soldan (Mateo) Geographia del Peru, Tomo I (all 
pxiblislied), stout 4to. 128 and 748 pp. cloth, 5s 1862 

29362 A.tlas geografico del Peru, irupl. folio, 72 large fine maps 

and views, bds. £S. 10s Paris, 1865 

This volume — the best of its kind — is a triumph of typography and 
artistic work, an ample testimony to the scientific attainments of its author, 
and a noble monument of the literature of Peru. 

29363 Peruvian Historical Documents, Newspapers, Mani- 

festoes, Proclamations, etc. published at Callao, Lima, etc. 
during the struggle for Independence, and the first years of the 
Republic, raost rare and curious Papers 

CoNCiLiADOR (el), 1831 complete, 1832 Jan. to July, 58 nos. 
(without No. 26), Sept. 1833-Dec. 1833, 32 nos.— together 216 
numbers, sm. folio, clean copies in a vellum case 1831-33 

Mercuric Peruano (el) from Jan. 1832 to Sept. 1833, 503 nos. a 
fine consecutive Set, together with 53 nos. of the same paper, 
from May, 1829 to July, 1830, sm. folio, all clean and uncut 

Peruano (el), Periodico destinado a registrar todos los decretos, 
ordenes, y comunicacioues oficiales del Gobierno, October 1839 
to April '40, Sept. '40— Dec. '40, June 1841 (4 nos.)— together 
85 consecutive nos. royal folio, uncut 1839-41 

Redactor fel), 1834 to 1836, 161 numbers, mostly consecutive, 
six injured by a nail, otherioise good copies, clean and uncut, in a 
vellum wrapper Callao y Lima, 1834-6 

Registro Oficial de la Republica Peruana, from commencement in 
June '26 to January 1827, sm. 4to. hf. calf 

Telegrafo (el) de Lima, Jan. 1829 — August 1829, 187 consecutive 
nos. June 1832 to June 1833, 304 consecutive nos. and 14 nos. 
of 1836 — together 505 numbers, sm. folio, all clean and uncut, iii 
three vellum wrappers 1829-36 

Avisos, Proyectos, Proclamas y otros Documentos de la Indepen- 
dencia Peruana, 244 pieces, sm. folio, including Supplements to 
the above Papers, both rare and importayit, and in very fine con- 
dition, clean and uncut, in a vellum wrapper, 1818-33 — Various 
scarce Tracts and Papers, sm. 4to. 1790-1840 

— The whole unique in point of contents and condition, having 
been brought together at the time of publication, and arranged 
by some far-seeing collector, as described. A collection of the 
greatest rarity, £ 1 2. _ 1790-1841 

The Pajiers are of great historical importance. They include all the 
Records and Documents of the Rebellion against Spain and the establishment 
of an Inriependent Republic ; besides a number of manifestoes printed by 
the revolutionary leaders at out of the way places, with imprints which must 
be of the highest degree of rarity. 

29364 PIEDRAHITA, Historia general de las Conquistas del Nuevo 

Reyno de Granada, folio, 2 engraved titles, with vignettes of 
Caciques, Spanish chiefs, and pictures of battles, and printed title, 
a fine copy in vellum, £3. 10s Amberes (1688) 

29365 the same, folio, fine copy in calf gilt, £4. 10s (1688) 

Only the Parte Primera was e^er published of this important work, the 
gtandard history of the eaily Limes of New Granada. It brings the narrative 


down to 1562, and begins with an account of the natives and their customs, 
laws, and kingdoms for many years previous to the conquest. 

" L'auteur de cet ouvrage, natif de la Nouvelle-Grenade, etait un homme 
parfaitement verse dans I'histoire de son pays." — Brasseur de Bourbourg. 

29366 PiZARRO y Orellana (F.) Discurso de la obligacion que sumagestad 

tiene cumplii' la inerced que la Magestad Imperial liizo a Fran- 
cisco Pizarro del Titulo de Marques, como a Descubridor, Con- 
quistador, J Pacificador de los Reynos del Peru, sm. folio, half 
hound, 12s {Madrid, 1630) 
A memorial te Philip IV on the services of the Pizarros, and the 
remuneration to be accorded to their descendants. It appears at the end of 
the toliowidg work. 
see Varones Ilustres, No. 28348. 

29367 RiVERO y Ustariz (M. E. de) Coleccion de Memorias Cientificas, 

Agricolas e Industriales, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, plates of Views, 
Natives, Antiquities, etc. hf. calf, 30s Bruselas, 1857 

One of the most learned and valuable books ever produced by a South 
American wiiter. 

29368 Rosa (Nicolas de la) Floresta de la Santa Inglesia, Cathedral de 

la Ciudad de Santa Martha, sm. iolio, fine copy in vellum, £2. 

Sevilla, 1756 
A rare work, not mentioned by Brunet, Rich, or in the Nuggets. It 
contains valuable matter on the Natural Productions of New Granada, and 
the various tribes of Native Indians. 

29369 Raimonm (Ant.) El Peru, Vols. I and II, 4to. maps, sd. 36s 

Lima, 1874-6 
Vol. I, Parte preliminar ; Vol. II, Hist, de la Geografia del Peru, libro I 

29370 Ruiz (H.) Memorias : sobre la Planta llamada en el Peru, Bejuco 

de la Estrella ; sobre la legitima Calaguala y otras dos raices de 
la America ; y sobre la Raiz de Purhampuy o China Peruana, 
3 vols. 8vo. 2 plates, calf, 20s 1805-21 

Three valuable tracts by a well-known South American Botanist. 

29371 SIMON (P. Fray Pedro) Primera Parte de las Noticias histo- 

riales de las Conquistas de Tierra Firme, en las Indias Occiden- 
tales, sm. folio, /7«.e eji^ravecZ title, vellum, tall clean copy, from 
the Sunderland library, £15. Cuenca, Domingo de la Yglesia, 1627 

29372 ■ the same, sm. folio, engraved title, brown morocco super 

extra, gilt marbled edges, by Petit, £12. 1627 

An important -work, containing the history of the Provinces of Cumana 
and Venezuela. Part I is all that was published ; contains 8 prel. 11. (besides 
title); pp. 671 ; tables of matters and words, 20 11. 

29373 Skinner (J.) Present State of Fern, 4ito. coloured plates of costicme, 

etc. calf, 7s 6d ' 1805 

29374 Squier (E. G.) Peru ; Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the 

land of the Incas, stout 8vo. (pub. 21s), illustrated, cloth, 12s 6d 


29375 Observations on the Geography and Archaeology of Peru, 

8vo. sd. 2s 1870 

29376 Stevenson (W. B.) Narrative of twenty years' Residence in S. 
America, containing travels in A.rauco, Chile, Peru, and Colum- 
bia, with an account of the Revolution, 3 vols. 8vo. plates, cloth, 
12s 1829 

Including notices of the Indians. 


Torres Rubio — see post tmder Aborigines : Torres Rubio ; and 
under Languages : Quichua. 

29377 TSCHUDI (J. J. von) Untersuehungen iiber die Fauna Peruana, 

atlas 4to. 72 coloured plates, hf. red morocco, gilt top, £3. 10s 

St. Gallen, 1844-46 
Plates : Mammalia, 18; Birds, 36 ; Reptiles, 12 ; Fishes, 6 (plain). 

29378 Venezuela and Colombia, Recollections of a service of three years 

during tbe War-of-Extermination in, 2 vols. 8vo. l>ds. 3s Qd 


29379 Vicuna Mackenna (B.) El Ostracismo del Jeneral D. Bern. 

O'Higgins, roy. 8vo. sd. 16s Valparaiso, 1860 

29380 El Ostracismo de los Carreras, los Jenerales J. Miguel 

i J. Jose, i el Coronel L. Carrera, 8vo. lif. calf, 12s 

Santiago, 1857 

29381 La Edad del Oro en Chile, roy. 8vo. sd. 5s 

Santiago, 1881 

29382 Views. A Collection of 27 Water Colour Drawings of Views at 

Callao, San Lorenzo Point, Battery of Santa Rosa, Island of 
San Gallan, Coquimbo, Wreck of Countess of Winton Barque, 
Valparaiso (including Bombardment), Curamilla Point, H.M.S. 
Leander passing Icebergs, etc. oblong folio, neatly motmted, 
morocco, gilt edges, with clasp, £6. 

29383 VIGIL (F. de P. G.) Defensa de la Autoridad de los Gobiernos 

y de los Obispos contra las pretensiones de la Curia Romana, 
10 vols. 8vo. cloth, rare, £4. Lima, 1849-56 


see post under Anglo-French America. 

6. La Plata States and Patagonia. 

29384 ANGELIS. Coleccion de Obras y Documentos relativos a la 

Historia antigua y moderna de las Provincias del Rio de la 
Plata, ilustrados con notas y disertaciones por Pedro de Angelis, 
6 vols, folio, morocco, rare, £10. 10s Buenos Aires, 1836-7 

This valuable collection embodies all the Early Travels and Discoveries 
in Buenos Ayres, Patagonia, and other parts of South America, and a number 
of heretofore unprinted works, all brought together and classified by a careful 
editor. It is the most valuable and important collection of documents that 
has yet appeared relative to South America. They wei-e printed at the expense 
of the Argentine Kepublic and not for sale. 

29385 Rrunel (A.) Observations faites dans le Rio de la Plata, pendant 

le blocus de Buenos Ayres, 1841, 8vo. hf. Id. 3s Qd 1842 


29386 Anales del Museo Publico de Buenos Aires para dar a conocer 
los objetos de Historia natural nuevos 6 poco conocidos conser- 
vados en este establecimiento, por German Burmeister, 12 parts, 
forming 2 vols. impl. 4to. plates, 1 vol. in Ids. and 1 in pts. 
£3. 10s Bjienos Aires, 1860-74 

29387 the same, parts VII-XII, forming Vol. II, 6 parts 


impl. 4to. containing a Monograph of the Glyptodontes, 42 plates, 
sd. 25s 1870-74 

An important series of paheontological papers, illustrated by repre- 
f^entations of fossil bone-remains, and written or edi;ed by a savant of Kuroptan 

29388 BuLKELEY and Cummins, Voyage to the South Seas, 1740-41, 8vo. 

calf, 1 6s 1743 

A narrative by two of the seamen, as opposed to the captain, of the loss 
of the " Wager " in Anson's expedition, and of the return voya).fe in a long- 
beat thronyh Magellan's Straits and up the t-ast coas-t of S. Amerii'a. 

29389 Chaklevoix ( Pierre Francois Xavier ) Histoire du Paraguay, 

3 vols. 4to. maps, calf gilt, ^Os Paris, 1756 

Contains many original Spanit-h Documents, with a French translation. 

29390 History of Paraguay, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 9s Dublin, 1769 

29391 CoLECCiON General de Documentos (Tomos primero y segundo), 
tocantes a la Persecucion, que los Regulares de la Compania 
suscitaron, 1644-60, contra B. de Cardenas, Obispo del Paka- 
GDAY, por evitar que este Prelado entrase ni visitase sus 
Missiones del Parana, Uruguay e Itati, 2 vols. sm. 4to. vellum, 
Zhs Madrid, 1768 

29392 (ToMO Tercero) que contiene los sucesos tocantes a la 

segunda epoca de las conmociones de los Eegulares seiialada- 
mente la Persecucion a J. de Antequera y Castro, con (sus 
Cartas y) el Informe del General M. Angles y Gortari, sm. 4to. 
calf 24s ih. 1769 

29393 CoLECCiON General de Documentos (tocantes a la primera, segunda 

y tercera epoca de las conmociones de los Regulares de la 
Compaiiia en el PARAGUAY), 4 vols. 4to. the complete set, 
uniform in vellum, £5. Madrid., 1768-70 

A valuable and curious series of Papers. It includes, besides the 
Documents relating to the persecution of Cardenas, and those relating to 
Antequera, a fourth volume containing a work by Ibanez de Echavarri, el 
Reyno Jesuitico del Paraguay, por siglo y medio negado y acuUo, hoy 
demnstrado y descubierto, and el Diario de la Guerra de los Guaranies, by el 
P. T. Henis. 

29394 FUNES (Greg.) Ensayo de la Historia civil del Paraguay, 

Buenos-Ayres y Tucuman, 3 vols. sm. 4to. portrait, green 
morocco, gilt edges, £2. 12s Buenos-Ayres, 1816-17 

This celebrated and rare work includes a history of the Eevolution of 
Peru in 1780, under Jose Gabriel Tupac-Amaru, a descendant of the Incas. 

29395 Haigh (S.) Sketches of Buenos Ayres and Chile, 8vo. map, hds. 

bs 1829 

29396 Histoire de la Persecution par les Jesuites de Dom Cardenas 

Eveqtie de Paraguay, et de Dom Pardo Archeveque de VEglise 
de Manile, des Isles Philippines, 12mo. vellum; rare, 36s 

(? Amsterdam), 1691 

29397 King (J. A.) Twenty-four Years in the Argentine Republic ; 

embracing the author's personal adventures, with the civil and 
military history of the country, 8vo. ///. calf, 6s 1846 

29398 Lagomaggiore (F.) America Literaria: producciones selectas en 

prosa y verso, impl. 8vo. sd. 10s Buenos Aires, 1883 

£9;>r 9 Montevideo, Piano de la Ciudad de, large plan, measuring 39 in. 

I'j 27 in. mounted on caxvay, and folded in stu. 4:^0. case, bs 1867 


29i00 Nachrichten (Neue) von den Missionen der Jesuiten in Paraguay 

(Uruguay, etc.), aus dem Spanischen, 12mo. Map of the central 

portion of S. America, hf. bd. 20s Hamburg, 17(58 

A curious and rare Tolume. The last piece is the Criminal Process 

wider die Jesuiten. 

29401 Paraguato Independiente, 71 .consecutive numbers, sm. folio, 

uncut, 36s Asuncion, 1845-6 

Very rare. In consequence of the isolation of the republic, its few 
periodicals are the scarcest of American Newspapers. This one is parti- 
cularly valuable. It gives a history of the revolution and the dictatorship of 

29402 QuESADA (V. B.) Vireinato del Rio de la Plata, 1776-1810 

apuntamientos para servir en la cuestion de limites entre la 
Republica Argentina y Chile, roy. 8vo. sd. 7s 6d 

Bue7ios Aires, 1881 

29403 Re LAC ION de los Viages de la Fragata Argentina contra los 

Espanoles en la India y otros puntos (por V. A. de Echevarria), 
Buenos Ayres, Imprenta de la Independencia, 1819 — Buenos 
Ayres Reconquistada, poema por J. B. de Portegueda, quien lo 
dedica a los valientes defensores del Rio de la Plata, Mexico, 
18G8 — 2 tracts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. hf. mor. uncut, 14s 1808-19 

Two extremely rare and curious pieces. 

29404 Relation of Mr. R. M.'s Voyage to Buenos-Ayres, and from 

thence by land to Potosi, dedicated to the . . . Dii'ectors of 
the South Sea Company, 16mo. folding map by Herman Moll, 
calf exti-a, gilt edges, 24s 1716 

29405 Revista de Buenos Aires, Historia Americana, Literatura y 

Derecho, periodico destinado a la Republica Argentina, la 
Oriental del Uruguay y la del Paraguay, publicado bajo la 
direccion de M. NavaiTO Viola y Vic. G. Quesada, 6 vols. 8vo. 
hf. morocco, £'S. Biienos Aires, 1863-5 

Many curious and important MSS. from the time of the Conquest up to 
and including the modern period are here printed for the first time. 

29406 Techo (P. Nic. del) Historia Provincise Paraquarias Societatis 

Jesu, sm. folio, calf, 24s Leod. 1673 

A valuable account made use of by Churchill and Charlevoix. 


29407 Agassiz, Journey in Brazil, 8vo. plates, cloth, Qs Boston, 1868 

29408 Archivos do Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro, Vols. I-V, impl. 

4to. plates, sd. £2. 10s Bio de Janeiro, 1876-81 

Papers on Zoology, Botany, Geology and Ethnology. The fifth vol. 
consists entirely of one work " Flora Fluminensis " {i.e. of Rio de Janeiro) sea 
descriptionum plantarum prsefectura Fluminensi sponte nascentium lib. I, 
pp. 467. 

29409 BARL-^I (C.) Rerum per octenninm in Brasilia et alibi gestarum 

sub preefectura J. Mauritii Nassaviae, etc. Comitis, Historia, 

folio, with Vocabulary of the Ghilene Language, fine portrait by 

Matham, maps and plates, fine copy, bd. £2. Amst. Blaeu, 1647 

29410 Rerum per octennium in Brasilia et alibi gestarum 


narratio, thick X^vao. frontispiece, portrait, map, and plates, with 
Vocahulary, bd. 18s Clivis, 1660 

It is almost the only, and is the best, authority upon the events of the 
period it comprises. 

29411 Bdrmeister (Herm.) Landscliaftliclie Bilder Brasiliens und 

Portraits einiger Urvolker ; als Atlas zu seiner Reise durch. Rio 
de Janeiro und Minas Geraes, oblong royal folio, 11 plates, hd. 
7s 6d 1853 

29412 CoRREio Braziliense oti Armazera Literario, Nos. 1-151, forming 

25 vols. 8vo. half calf , very rare, £6. 10s Londres, 1808-20 

Containing many important official documents relative to the aifairs of 
Brazil and Portugal. 

29413 Gama (B. J. da) sobre a Capitania do Maranhao, see Varnhagen 

29414 Gio. Gioseppe di S. Teresa, Istoria delle Guerre del Brasile tra 

Portogallo ed Olanda, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, engraved title, 
2 portraits and 23 large folding mai^s, calf, 20s Soma, 1698 

A well-written book, by an author thoroughly acquainted with the 

29415 INSTITUTO HISTORICO, Geographico e Ethnographico do 

Brazil : Revista de Historia e Geographia, ou Jornal do Institute 
fundado no Riode Janeiro debaixo da immediato protec^ao de 
S. M. I. o Senhor D. Pedro II, complete from the beginning 
in 1839 down to 1873, inclusive, 36 vols. 8vo. twenty-seven in 
half calf 7ieat, and nine in parts, A fine set, very rare, £32. 

Mia de Janeiro, 1839-73 

29416 another set, down to and including Vol. XXXIII, 1870 

(without Vols. XII, XIII, and XXXI), 30 vols. 8vo. in half 
volumes, and parts uncut, £16. Rio de Janeiro, 1839-70 

Comprises numerous valuable and previously unpublished documents on 
the explorations and conquests in S. America, also on the Ethnology and 

29417 Kidder (D. P.) Sketches of Residence and Travels in Brazil, 

with historical notices of the Empire, 2 vols. 8vo. illustrations, 
cloth, 7s 6d 1845 

29418 Mawe (J.) Travels in the Interior of Brazil, with a particular 

account of the Gold and Diamond disti'icts, 8vo. viap and 
coloured plates, hds. 6s 1823 

29419 Mello (A. d'A.) A Liberdade no Brasil, seu nascimento, vida, 

morte e sepultura, 8vo. hf. bd. 3s 6d Recife, 1864 

29420 Mello Moraes, Coi-ographia historica, chronographica, Genea- 

logica e Politica do Imperio do Brasil, escripta com documentos 
ineditos, 5 vols. 8vo. portrait, hf. bd. 36s Rio de Jan. 1858-63 
A valuable encyclopajdia of information on the social and commercial 
history of Brazil, its mines, and the develupment and extent of its resources 
and their first discovery. The rise of the most important towns .and the chief 
families and the Political History of the country from the Conquest down- 
wards is also copiously treated. 

29421 Mello Moraes (J. A. de) Brasil Historico, 2 vols. sm. folio, 

woodcut portraits of celebrated men, vieivs, etc. If. red morocco, 
10s Rio de Janeiro, 1866-7 

Original documents, and much information on the discovery and settle- 
ment of Brasil arc contained in the work. 


29422 MoNiz Barretto, Classicos e Romanticos, exercicios poeticos, 

2 vols. 8vo. sd. Qs Bahia, 1855 

29423 MOREAU (Pierre) Bescliryving van de Beroerten der Portu- 

GUEZEN in Brasil, met zijn Reisbeschrijving, door Glazemaker 
vertaalt, sm. 4to. plan on title, and some very fine engravings in 
the text, fine copy, hf. vellum, £2. Amst. 1652 

Collation : Title with plan of Mauritsstadt and Eecife, the reverse 
blank ; Voorreeden, 4 pp. ; Beschrijving van t' Recif, 2 pp. ; Waarachtig 
Verhael, pp. 1-94, being signature % to ^ in fours: the last leaf being 
blank. At pages 31, 42, 65 and 75 there are spirited engravings, evidently 
of the earliest impression, representing scenes of massacre, torture, etc. 

This work is one of importance for the history of the Dutch in Brazil, 
and yet it seems to be unknown to the most enterprising and intelligent of 
the Low Country booksellers, and also to Netscher the historian. 

29424 Manifesto do procedimento do Brasil, a respeito das Provincias 

Unidas do Rio da Prata ; e dos motivos a declarar a gnerra, 
Bvo. calf, arms on sides, 12s Rio dejan. 1825 

29425 Paes de Andrada, Flores Singelas, 8vo. Portuguese Poetry, sd. 4s 

Pernamhuco, 1861 

29426 Saint-Hilaire (A. de) Voyage dans les Provinces de Rio de 

Janeiro et de Minas Geraes — Voyage dans le district des 
Diamans et sur le littoral du Bresil, 4 vols. 8vo. plate, hf. 
morocco, 16s 1830-3 

29427 SOUTHEY'S (Robt.) History of Brazil, 3 vols. 4to. (pub. at 

£7. 15s), hds. £2. 16s ; or, calf neat, £3. 1810-17-19 

29428 the same, 3 vols. 4to. calf gilt, by Clarice and Bedford, 

a fine copy, £4. _ ' _ 1819-22 

"An admirable work, full of information nowhere else to be obtained." 

29429 SouzA e Oliveiea, Bosquejo historico e docnmentado das opera^oes 

militares na provincia do Rio Grande do Sul, durante sua 
presidencia, 8vo. sd. 4s Bio de Janeiro, 1841 

29430 SwAiNSON (William) Selection of the Birds of Brazil and Mexico, 

8vo. 78 beautifully coloured plates, hf. green morocco, gilt edges, 
£7. 7s 1841 

29431 Spix and Martius, Travels in Brazil, 1817-20, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, 

calf gilt, Qs 1824 

Contains " minute and accurate descriptions of the Indians." 

29432 Tamaio de Vargas (Thomas) Restauracion de la ciudad del 

Salvador y Baia de Todos-Sanctos en la Provincia del Brazil 
por las armas de Don Philippe IV, Rei de las Espanas, sm. 4to. 
vellum, scarce, from the Sunderland library, £1. 10s 

Madrid, viuda de Alonso Martin, 1628 

29433 VARN'HAGEISr (F. A. de) Vespuce et son premier Voyage, 

1497-8, avec le texte de trois Notes importantes de la main de 

Colomb, 8vo. sd. 2s U 1858 

Amerigo Vespucci, 1856-70 —see ^. 2859. 

29434 ExAMEN de quelques points de I'Histoire geographique 

du Bresil, 8vo. sd. 5s 1858 

29435 iNDicAgAO de alguns MSS. importantes, respectivos ao 

Brazil e a Portugal, 8vo. sd. 2s Habana, 1863 

29436 Tabaco (o) da Bahia, de que modo se ha de melhorar, 

assim o cultivo da planta, 8vo. sd. 2s Caracas, 1863 


29437 VARNHAGEN (F. A. de) Indios Bravos (os), 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 

Lima, 1867 

A necessary appendix to the author's History of Brazil. It is a reply to 

certain criticisms upon his narrative concerning the relations between the 

colonists and the tribes of untamed Indians, and upon his suggestions of 

internal policy with regard to those tribes. 

29438 Historia da Guerra do Brasil contra Urnguay e 

Paraguay, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. £1. 45 Bio de Janeiro, 1870 

29439 Informa9ao sobre a Capitania do Maranhao, dada en 

1813, por B. J. da Gama, 8vo. sd. 7s 6d Vienna, 1872 

29440 Historia das Lutas com os Hollandezes no Brazil, 

1624-51, 8vo. sd. 10s ; or, hf. bd. 12s Lisboa, 1874 

A work of great value and importance for the history of the Portuguese 
in America. 

1. General Works. 

29441 AUDUBON (J. J.) BIRDS of AMERICA, the genuine 

original edition, 4 vols, double elephant folio, 435 superbly 
coloured plates, the Birds the full size of life, half bd. morocco, 
early subscribers' copy, remarkably fine, clean and large, 
£270. 1827-38 

The above is a copy of the first issue, which may be distinguished from 
the second by the numbering of the plates of the Ji/rst volume being in Arabic 
numerals. Many of the large plates having become worn, the coppers 
engraved by Lizars were retouched by Havell for a second issue ; the work of 
the latter being inferior to that of the former engraver. 

Collation : Titles to each volume, 4 leaves ; Plates 1 to 435. Plate 
254 is erroneously numbered 256, and plate 260 is numbered 240, nos. 256 and 
240 being thus repeated. With the exception of plates I-X and XV, all the 
plates in the first volume are numbered in Arabic numerals ; the numbering 
of the plates in the other three volumes is in Koman numerals. 

29442 AUDUBON'S BIRDS of AMERICA, 7 vols. impl. octavo, 500 

COLOURED plates, with Text, half calf, rare, £40. 

Neio York, J. J. Audubon, 1840-44 
Original edition, with first impressions of the plates, which are coloured 
in a style superior to that of the later issues. 

29443 AUDUBON'S BIRDS of AMERICA, re-issued by J. W. 

Audubon, 7 vols. impl. 8vo. 500 coloured plates, half morocco, 
£35. New Yorh, 1861 

The plates in this issue are printed with a tinted background. 

In these seven volumes are contained faithful reductions of all the plates 
of the larger edition, each plate being bound in juxtaposition to its explanatory 
letterpress, thus rendering the labours of this eminent ornithologist easily 
accessible to students. 

Andnbon was the son of a Frenchman, but was by birth an American. 
His indefatigable pursuit of knowledge, bis enthusiastic devotion to the science 
of ornithology, his keenness of insight, have rendered his name for ever famous 
as that of one of the greatest naturalists the world has seen. With 
Bnffon, Cuvier, and Owen, he occupies a front rank from which no later 
investigator can dethrone him ; and at the same time he holds a position of no 
<^mall importance as one of the literary celebrities of the New World. 


29444 BiNNET (W. G.) Bland (T.) and Try on (G. W.) Land and Fresh 

Water Shells of North America, 4 parts or vols. 8vo. numerous 
woodcuts, the first vol. Inf. id., the rest sd. 24s 

Washington, 1865-73 

29445 Blome (R.) Description of the Island of Jamaica ; with the other 

Isles and Territories in America, to which the English are 
related, taken from the Notes of Sr. Th. Linch, Governonr of 
Jamaica ; and other Experienced Persons, 12mo. origixal 
EDITION, 2 maps {of Carolina and, Virgiiua), those of Jamaica and 
Barbados ivanting, calf, rare, £'S. 3s 1672 

29446 The Present State of His ^lajesties Isles and Territories 

in America, viz. Jamaica. Barbados, . . . New Jersey, 
Pensilvania . . . Carolina, Virginia, New England . 
New York, sraall Bvo. fine portrait of James II engraved hy Van 
Hove, seven maps by Morden, and a plate of Dials, fine copy in 
old calf £2. 10s ' 1687 

The earlier editions do not contain all the Maps, notably that of New 
England, in which the positions and names of many towns will be found 
registered which might vainly be sought for in anterior publications. 

29447 [BURKE (Edmund)] Account of the European Settlements in 

America : a short history of the discovery, manners and customs 
of the original inhabitants, the Spanish settlements, the 
Portuguese, the French, Dutch and Danish, the English, 6 parts 
in 2 vols. Bvo. maps, old calf gilt, 25s 1770 

29448 CASTELL (William) A Short Discoverie of the Coasts and 

Continent of America, from the Equinoctiall Northward, and 
of the adjacent Isles, . . . whereunto is prefixed the Author's 
Petition to this present Parliament for the propagation of the 
Gospell in America . . . and a late Ordinance for . . the better 
government of the English Plantations there, sm. 4to. fine copy 
in blue morocco extra, gilt edges, the autograph of Daines 
Barrington on the flyleaf, £30. 1644 

The Sunderland copyfetchfd £46. One of the rarer books which are 
indispensable, although seldom met with, in every good American library. 
The author was Parson of Courtenhall in Northampton, but a Parliament- 
man, and the preliminary pages to his work contain allusions to the Royal 
party which must have had an effect upon the fortunes of copies twent}' years 

29449 DOUGLASS (W.) Summary of the first Planting .... and 

present State of the British Settlements in North America, 
2 vols. 8vo. large maps, calf, 30s London, 1755 

29450 Duncan (J. M.) Travels through part of the United States and 

Canada, 1818-9, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 24s Glasgow, 1823 

29451 Fashionable Tour (The): A Guide to Travellers visiting the 

Middle and Northern States, and the Provinces of Canada, 
12mo. views, hf. bd. bs Saratoga Springs, 1830 

29452 KIalm (Peter) Travels into North America, translated by 

J. R. Forster, 2 vols. Bvo. plates, calf, 10s 1772 

29453 Ker (John) of Kersland. Memoirs and Secret Negotiations 


(in America, etc.), 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. loith fine clean impression 
of the map of Louisiana in pt. 2, calf, 20s Land. 1726 

From the crest on the back, this copy seems to have belonged to the 
unfortunate Loi'd Balmerino, who was executed in 1746 for having joined the 

29454 Knox's (Capt. John) Historical Jonrnal of the Campaigns in 

Nortli-Amei'ica, 1757-60, 2 vols. 4to. portraits and map, calf, 
25s 1769 

29455 Memoirs of the Principal Transactions of the last War between 

the English and P^'rench in N. America, from 1744 to the Treaty 
at Aix la Chapelle, 8vo. sd. 5s 1757 

29466 NoTMAN (W.) Portraits of British Americans, with biographical 
sketches, by F. Taylor, Vols. I and II, 12 parts, without pt. 10, 
8vo. numerous photographs, sd. I2s Montreal, 1865 

29457 Present State of N. America, pt. I, 4to. 88 pp. sd. 8s 6d 1755 

On the disputes between the English and French in N. America. 

29458 RoLPH (Th.) Brief Account, together with Observations, made 

during a visit in the West Indies and United States, with an 
account of Upper Canada, 8vo. bds. 20s Dundas, U. C. 1836 

29459 Review of the Military Operations in North- America, 1758-6, in 

a letter to a nobleman [Lord Temple], 4to. sd. £2. 1757 

29460 WILSON (A.) American Ornithology, with a sketch of the 

author's life, by G. Ord, 3 vols. 4to. and folio atlas of 76 coloured 
plates, half red morocco, £6. 10s New York, 1828-9 

The plates are impressions from the original coppers, which have since 
been lost*. 

2. New England, Pennsylvania, Virginia, 
comprising all the North American States 
(except Canada) under English rule in 1770, 

including also loorks of all descriptions hy North American 


29461 Adams (John) and Thomas Jefferson, Selection of Eulogies pro- 

nounced in the several States in honor of, 8vo. hds. lOs 

Hartford, Conn. 1826 

29162 Address of the People of Great Britain to the Inhabitants of 

America, 8vo. sd. 8s &d 1775 

Shewing that " ihe projects of your Congress for war or suspension of 

trade would recoil on yourselves, and that all the subjects of diiference 

between you and us are easily reconcileable." 

29463 Allen (Ira) Natural and Political History of the State of Vermont, 

8vo. hf. calf, 5s 1798 

29464 Allen (W.) American Biographical and Historical Dictionary, 

stout 8vo. cloth, lOs Boston, 1882 

29465 (ALMON'S) REMEMBRANCER, or Impartial Repository of 

Public Events, Vols. 1-XV, 8vo. hf. calf, very scarce, £16. 16s 

London, J. Almon, 1775-83 
"The late interesting advices from America suggested the utility of a 
Periodical Collection of ilie best accounts of every important public transac- 
tion .... the plan of this Work is, to select from all the Public Prints the 
best account of every material public event." — Extract from Advertisement. 


29466 AJVIERICAN ACADEMY. Memoirs of the American Academy of 
Arts and Sciences, First Series, Vol. I and part 1 of Vol. IV 
(series completed in 4 vols.), Boston, 1785 — New Series, Vols. I 
to III, IV parts 1 and 2 (of 3), V, and VI parts I and 2, Cam- 
hridge, 1833-59 — roy. 4to. many plates of Natural History, tliree 
vols, cloth, one in calf, the rest setved, £7. 

Boston and Cambridge, U.S. 1785-1859 
Sold separately : 

New Series, Vol. II: Pickering on the lan- 
guage and inhabitants of Lord North'.s 
Island, Indian Archipelago, ivith a 
Vocabulary, pp. 43 ; Masury's Voca- 

bulary of the Soahili language, in 
Africa ; Storer's Fishes of North 
America, pp. 198; etc cloth, 15s 1846 
Vol. Ill: Gray's North American Plants, 
10 plates, pp. 56; Sullivant's Bryology 
and Hepaticology of North America, 
5 plates ; Hitchcock on the Animals 
that made the Fossil Foot-marks of 
the U.b. 24: 'plates, pp. 127 ; Le Conte 

on a Fossil Pachyderm ; and articles 
on Astronomy; sewed, 20« 1848 

Vol. V : Storer's Fishes of Massachu- 
setts, 8 plates, pp. 47 ; Burnett on 
Spermatic particles in vertebrated ani- 
mals, pp. 20 ; Harbour of Boston ; 
Ancient Fortifications at Marietta, 
(Jhi^); Atomic weights; Storer's Fishes, 
continued, ipp. 43,7 plates; Plants novae 
ThurberianiB ; Gra)''s genus Vavaa 
and Rhytidandra; Zinc and Antimony; 
Hall and Meek's Fossils of Nebraska, 
8 plates ; etc. seived, 35s 1855 

29467 American Association for the Advancement of Science. Proceed- 

ings of the 2nd Meeting, held at Cambridge, 1849 ; 13th, 
Springfield, Mass. 1859 ; 25th, Bufi"alo, 1876 ; 26th, Nashville, 
1877 ; — 4 vols, large 8vo. papers by the chief American naturalists, 
seived, 25s Boston and. Cambridge, 1850-77 


L. GiLDERSLEEVE, Vols. I-V part 2, Svo. four volumes hf. calf, 
and two parts, £3. 15s Baltimore, 1880-84 

29469 American Journal of Mathematics, edited by J. J. Sylvester, 

Vol. V parts 3 and 4, roy. 4to. sd. hs Baltimore, 1883 

29470 AMERICAN Journal of Science and Arts, conducted by Pro- 

fessor Benjamin Silliman, afterwards by Asa Gray, Louis 
Agassiz, and others, from the commencement in 1818 to April, 
1878 : First Series, 100 numbers, forming 49 vols. 1818-45 — 
Second Series, 150 numbers, forming 50 vols. 1846-70 — Third 
Series, numbers 1-88 or Vols. I-XVpart 4, 1870-78;— 112 vols. 
and 4 parts, 8vo. plates and ivoodcuts, £90. 

Neiv York and New Haven, 1818-78 

29471 another set. First Series, number 49 to 100 (without 

number 54) — Second Series, numbers 1, 3 to 21, 27, 31, 55, 57 
to 60, 67 to 228, and 133 to 145 ; — 8vo. chiefly in parts, £10 


29472 Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, complete 
from the commencement in 1768 to 1856, being First Series, 
6 vols. — Second Series, Vols. I — X; — together 16 vols, large 
4to. many fine plates of Mathematic» and Natural History, maps, 
etc. bds. uncut, very rare, £15. Philadelphia, 1771 (1789)-1853 
The American I'hilosopiiical Society was the first Learned Institution of 
America. The early vols, contain original contributions from Franklin, 
Priestly, etc. In the later vols, will be found Lea's celebrated works on 
Conchology, the }!lates to which are most exquisitely coloured. 


29473 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. III. ; 
V, numbers 47 to 49 ; VI, numbers 51, 52, 59, 60 ; VII, numbers 
61, 63, 64 ; VIII, IX, numbers 67 to 70 ; X, numbers 73, 74, 
77, 78, 80 ; XI-XXI ; — 8vo. plates, sd. sold separately 

Philadelphia, 1843-84 

2?474 American Phrenological Journal and Miscellany, Vol. I in 12 

nos. and Vol. II nos. 1-4, 16 nos. 8vo. sd. bs 1838-40 

29475 Answer to the Declaration of the American Congress, 8vo. sd. 5s 

Dividing the Declaration of Independence into 27 articles, and answering 
each severally. 

29476 Andre (Major John) Authentic Narrative of the causes which led 

to the death of Major Andre, Adjutant- General of the British 
Army in America, by J. H. Smith, 8vo. portrait and map, hf. 
Id. 2s 6d 1808 

29477 SARGENT (W.) Life and Career of Major J.Andre, 8vo. calf 
extra, gilt top, by Pratt, £4. Privately printed, Boston, 1861 

The impression was limited to 75 copies. 

29478 Apthorp (East) Considerations on the institution and conduct of 

the Society for the propagation of the Gospel, 1763 — Mayhew 
(Jonathan) Observations on the charter and conduct of the 
Society, 1763 — Candid Examination of Dr. Mayhew's Observa- 
tions, 1763 — Answer to Dr. Mayhew's Observations, 1764 — 
Mayhew's Remarks on an anonymous tract entitled An Answer, 
1 764— together 5 pieces in 1 vol. 8vo. calf, 25s Boston, 1763-64 

29479 Arnold (Samuel Greene) History of the State of Rhode Island and 

Providence Plantations, 1636-1790, 2 vols. 8vo. map and. plate, 
hf. calf neat, Mr. Buckle's copy, 21s New YorJc, 1859-60 

29480 ASH (Simeon) and Rathband (William) A Letter of many 

ministers in old England, requesting the judgment of their 
reverend Brethren in New England concerning nine positions, 
■written a.d. 1637 . . . 1643 — Brief Narrative of some Church 
courses ... by W. R(athband), defective, 1644 — 2 pieces, sm. 
4to. £4. 4s 1643-44 

29481 Ashley (John) Memoirs and Considerations concerning the trade 

and revenues of the British Colonies in America, 2 vols. 8vo. 
calf 25s 1740-43 

29482 Autograph Letters of Great Americans. 

Letters of John Quincy Adams, Thomas B. 
Adams, Rufus King, General C. C. Pinckney, W. V. 
Murray, and others — all addressed to Joseph Pit- 
cairn the U.S. Consul at Hamburg, and dated from 
1796 to 1821 — a collection of extreme interest and 
irrfportance^ hound in a thick 4to volume, hf. riissia, 
£100. 1796-1821 

ConBdental letters, chiefly on the interests of America at 
home and abroad, the wars of the French Republic and of 
Napoleon, the diplomatic and military stiniggles of that eventful 
time. They are all of the highest interest ; not flimsy and ill- 


written notes such as constitute epistolary correspondence in our 
day, but well-written and copious communications, marked by 
all the qualities of literary style, and treating on matters of 
great consequence and importance. 

The Letters in this collection may be recapitulated thus : — 

Adams (John Quincy) American Minister at various Courts 
of Europe, and afterivards President, 57 Letters, written from the 
Hague, Berlin, Toplitz, St. Petersburg, Ghent, ranging from 
August, 1796 to November, 1814. 

Adams (Thomas B.) brother of John Quincy, 25 Letters — the 
first nine being from the Hague or Berlin, 1796-1798, the rest 
from Quincy or Philadelphia, 1729-1801. 

King (Rufus) American Minister in London, 52 Letters, 
admirably expressive of the character of a man of the highest 
order, ranging from October, 1796 to April, 1803. 

Murray (William Vans) American Minister at the Hague, 
16 Letters, from December, 1799 to August, 1801. 

PiNCENET (General Charles C.) Minister to France, 4 Let- 
ters ; March to July, 1797. 

Bourne (Sylvanus) 7 Letters from Amsterdam, 1814. 

Welsh (Thomas) 12 Letters from Berlin, 1799. 

Pickering (Timothy) a Letter, and a signed circular ; 
Madison (James) a signature ; Letters of R. R. Livingston, 
J. L. Cathcart, Henry M. Rutledge, John Russell, B. Dandridge, 
Amos Wray, William Porter, jr. ; besides 7 letters of the Com- 
mandant Bresson, and 2 of Alex. Lameth, in French. 

The calm philosophical observations of the two Adamses, 
concerning home and foreign politics, the sedate elegance of 
their language ; the vigorous and incisive style of Rufus King, 
well suited to the boldness and sagacity of his intellect ; the 
business-like lucidity and straightforwardness of Murray's 
letters ; combined with the nature of the subjects on which they 
treat and the mighty changes which were revolutionizing the 
face of the world in their time, promise a banquet of the 
finest intellectual enjoyment to any one who shall study the 
correspondence which Mr. Pitcairn so carefully preserved. 

29483 Bartlett (J. R.) Dictionary of Americanisms ; a Glossary of 
Words and Phrases usually regarded as peculiar to the United 
States, stout 8vo. 46 and QVS pp. cloth, 18s Boston, 1877 

29484 Memoirs of Rhode Island Officei's engaged in the service 

of their country during the great Rebellion of the South, 4to. 
35 portraits and plate, hds. 20s Providence, 1867 

29485 BELKNAP (Jer.) History of New-Hampshire, 3 vols. 8vo. hf 
calf, £2. 16s Boston, Mass. 1791-2 

29486 the same, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, £3. 16s 1791-2 

29487 [BEVERLEY (R.)] History of Virginia, in Four Parts: History 
of Virginia to 1706 ; the Natural Productions, etc. ; the Native 
Indians, their Religions, Laws and Customs ; the Present State 



of the Country; in 1 vol. sm. 4to. 15 plates including frontispiece, 
calf, £2. 16s 1722 

" Robert Beverley, d. 1716, a native of Virginia, was clerk of the Council 
about 1697, when Andros was governor." — Allihone. 

"A work of considerable merit, particularly ^ relative to the numerous 
Indian tribes." — Pinkerton. 

29488 Bible Society (American) Jubilee Memorial, being a review of its 

first fifty years' work, by I. Ferris, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d 

New York, 1867 

29489 BLAKE (William) America : a Prophecy, folio, text and ilhistra- 

tions entirely engraved by Blake's oivn hand, and printed in a 
bluish tint, original impression, hf. morocco, gilt edges, very rare, 
£42. 1793 

This sti'ange and sorcerous poem reads like the recollections of a night- 
mare in which the poet gazed through a stormy atmosphere upon the struggles 
of Great Britain and her colonies, and the establishment of the American 

29490 Boston. Index of tbe Catalogue of Books of the Public Library 

of the City of Boston, stout roy. 8vo. 902 pp. cloth, 5s 

Boston, 1861 

29491 Boston Broadside Ballads. An Exhortation to Young and 

Old , . . wherein is recommended to serious Consideration the 
melancholy case of William Welch, alias Kelly, Executed on 
Boston Neck, April 11th, 1754, for the murder of Darby O'Brian, 
woodcut representing the execution, and 20 verses, a broadside 
folded in Svo. shape, £1. Is Boston (U.S.), 1754 

29492 BOYLE (Capt. R.) Voyages and Adventures, with the Voyage of 

R. Castelman, with description of Philadelphia and Pennsyl- 
vania, 8vo. frontispiece, calf, £3. 3s 1726 

29493 the same, 8yo. frontispiece, calf, £3. 10s 1728 

"A fictitious narrative, written by W. R. Chetwood." 

29494 BozMAN (J. L.) History of Maryland during the first three years 

after its settlement, 8vo. original edition, portrait of Geo. Calvert, 
first Earl of Baltimore, calf, 25s Baltimore, 1811 

29495 Brackenridge (H. M.) Histoiy of the late War between the 

United States and Great Britain, sm. 8vo. curious woodcuts, hds. 
10s Baltimore, 1817 

29496 BRADFORD (William) History of Plymouth Plantation, edited 

with notes by Charles Deane, 8yo. facsimile, cloth, £2. 16s 

Boston, privately printed, 1856 
Only fifty copies thus produced for private circulation. 

29497 [BRECK (Edward] A Declaration of the Sad and Great Perse- 

cution and Martyrdom of the People of God, called Quakers, in 
New England for the Worshipping of God . . . also some con- 
siderations, presented to the King which is in answer to a 
petition and address, which was presented unto him by the 
General Court at Boston, subscribed by J. Endicot the chief 
persecutor there ; thinking thereby to cover themselves from the 
blood of the innocent, sm. 4to. title in red and black (16 II.), red 
morocco, by Bedford, £18. 18s Lond.for K. Wilsoji, 1660 

ExctssiVELY RARE. This rccord of gentle suffering forms a better 
testimony to the Christian piety of the Puritan rulers of New-England than 
has been furnished even by the Mathers and their followers. 


29498 BRIGHT S (The) of Suffolk, England ; represented in America by 

the descendants of Henry Bright, jun., by J. B. Bright, 8vo. por- 
traits, plates, with the aiithor's autographletter, hf. morocco, £3. 3s 

Boston Mass., 'privately printed, 1858 

29499 Beisted (J.) Resources of the United States, a view of the agricul- 

tural, commercial, financial, etc. capacity and character of the 
American people, 8vo. hds. 7s 6d New Yorh, 1818 

29500 BULLOCK (William) Virginia, impartially examined, and left 

to public view, to be considered by all ludicious and honest 
men. Under which Title, is comprehended the Degrees from 34 
to 39, wherein lyes the rich and healthfull Countries of Roanock, 
the new Plantations of Virginia and Mary-land . . . sm. 4to. red 
morocco, hy Bedford, £14. 1649 

29501 BcTRNABT (Andrew) Travels through the Middle Settlements in 

North America, 1759-60, third edition enlarged, 4to. map and 
plates, hf. Id. 15s 1798 

29502 Byron (Lord) Correspondence with a friend, including his letters 

to his mother, 1809-11 [edited by R. C. Dallas], 12mo. hds. 7s 

Philadelphia, 1825 

29503 Callender (J.) Historical Discourse on the Civil and Religious 

Affairs of Rhode Island (1638-1738), with memoir and annota- 
tions by R. Elton, 8vo. facsimile, cloth, 7s 6d Boston, Mass. 1843 

29504 Carlier (A.) Histoire du Peuple Americain, Etats-Unis, et de ses 

rapports avec les Indiens, depuis la fondation des Colonies 
Anglaises jusqu' a la Revolution de 1776, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. 
viorocco, 5s Paris, 1864 

29505 Carolina. A Brief Description of the Province of Carolina 

on the coasts of Floreda, and more perticularly of a New- 
Plantation begun by the English at Cape-Feare, on that River 
now by them called Charles- River, the 29th of May, 1664 . . 
sm. 4to. map, old calf, £12. 12s 1666 

The first printed work relating to Carolina, and now very rare. The 
map is also the fir.->t printed map of that province. For a MS. map, which 
was designed a few years earlier, see in this alphabet, Comberford (Nicholas). 

Bound up with other tracts, nearly contemporaneous, including " liilling 
no Murder," and the " Secret Histoiy of the Calves' Head Club." 

29506 Carroll (B. R.) Historical Collections of South Carolina, 
embracing many rare Pamphlets and Documents relating to the 
history of that State, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, cloth, 21s N. Y. 1836 

29507 [Wilson (Samuel)] Account of the Province of Carolina in 
America, together with an abstract of the Patent, sm. 4to. 
%oanting title and next leaf, 15s 1682 

see also post Comberford, Ramsay, Williams. 

29508 CASSIN (John) Mammalogy and Ornithology of the United 

States Exploring Expedition, 1838-42, under the comraand of 
Charles Wilkes, roy. 4to. text, cloth, with roy. 4to. Atlas consist- 
ing of h^ finely coloured plates, hf. hd. £9. Philadelphia, 1858 

29509 CATESBY'S (Mark) Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and 

the Bahama Islands, 2 vols. impl. folio, original edition, 200 
finely coloured plates of Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Reptiles, and 
Plants, toith English and French descriptive text, old calf, £8. 

201 * 


29510 GATE SET (Mark) Hortus Europse Americanus : or, a Collection 

of 85 curious Trees and Shrubs of N. America, adapted to the 
climates of Europe, atlas 4to. 63 coloured plates on\7 leaves, hf. 
hd. 2os 1767 

29511 CHARTERS of the following Provinces of North America: 

Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, 
Massachusetts Bay, and Georgia, with a narrative of the pro- 
ceedings in consequence of the Stamp Act, 4to. map dated 1763, 
hf. hd. 24s 1766 

29512 Child (Major John) New England's Jonas cast up at London, 

1647, with Introduction and notes by W. T. R. Marvin, sm. 4to. 
sd. 170 copies printed, 10s Boston, 1869 

29513 Christian History, containing accounts of the revival and propa- 

gation of Religion in Great Britain and America for the Year 
1743 [and 1744], 2 vols. 8vo. calf, rare, 32s 

Boston {N. E.), Kneeland and Green, 1744-1745 

These two important historical volumes appeared weekly in 104 numbers, 

under the editorship of the Rev. Thomas Prince, the annalist of New 

England. Complete sets, in good order like the present copy, are uncommon. 

Church's Indian Wars — see post ujider Aborigines. 

29514 CoBBETT (W.) A Tear's Residence in the United States of Ame- 

rica, 8vo. map, hf. calf, 5s 1819 

29515 Collections of the New York Historical Society, Vols. I-III, 8vo. 

half calf neat, 25s New Tori; 1811-21 

29515* the same, 3 vols, binding hroTcen, 20s 1811-21 

At the end of the second volume are 139 pp. consisting of a catalogue of 
the Society's library — an interesting collection relating to America. 

29516 COMBERFORD (Nicholas) Manuscript Map of the South Part 

OF Virginia, now the North Part op Carolina, the original 
coloured drawing (18| inches hy 14), ivith artist's signature, 
"Nicholas Comberford, Fecit Anno 1657," mounted on oak 
hoards hinged^ to close as a folio booh, £25. 1657 

The first special map of North Carolina, the separation of which was 
looked upon with great disfavour by the planters of " Ould Virginia." The 
coast- line extends from Cape Henry to Cape Fear, and the interior is delineated 
to as far as from about Murfreesboro in the north to about Elizabeth Town in 
the South. — This is an article which ought to be secured by a public library. It 
is remarkable that it was prepared in 1657, six years before the patent was 
given to Lord Clarendon and others for the establishment of a colony. 

29517 Connecticut forty years since, Sketch of, 12mo. bds. 7s 6d 

Eartford, 1824 

29518 Constitutions des treize Etat-Unis, avec la declaration de I'lnde- 

pendence, les articles de confederation, et les traites, 8vo. thick 
PAPER, hf. hd. 15s Philadelphia, 1783 

29518*C0NSTiTUTi0NS of the United States, according to the latest amend- 
ments, with the Declaration of Independence and the Federal 
Constitution, 8vo. hd. 3s 6d Philadelphia, ] 806 

29519 Cooper (Thomas) Some Information respecting America, 8vo. 

hds. 6s 1794 

29520 COTTON (J.) The Way of the Churches of Christ in New-Eng- 

land . . measured and examined by the golden reed of the 
Sanctuary, sm. 4to. sciced, £2. 10s 1645 


29521 ViNDiCLE Clavium . . . being some animadversions npon a ti^ct 
of Mr. I. C[otton] called The Kejes of the Kingdom of Heaven ; 
as als upon another tract of his called The Way of the Churches 
OF New Englaxd . . sm. 4to. unlound, £\. 15s 1645 

29522 Norton (John) Abel being dead yet speaketh ; or the Life & 
Death of that deservedly famous man of God, Mr. John Cotton, 
sm. 4to. sd. RARE, £4. 1658 

29523 CoxE (Tench) View of the United States of America, 1787-94, 

8vo. First Edition, bd. 7s Fhiladel;pliia, 1794 

29523* the same, 8vo. calf, 8s 1795 

29524 COPLAND (Patrick) Virginia's God be thanked, or a sermon of 

thanksgiving for the happie snccesse of the affayres in Virginia 
this last yeare, preached . . . the 18 of Aprill, 1622 . . . smallest 
4to. calf, vert rare, £7. 7s 

I. D. for William Sheffard and lohn Bellamie, 1622 
A most business-like preacher, whose pious discourse is richly studded 
with items of useful information concerning the products of Virginia and the 
condition of the colony, and its relations with the Indians. Copland had been 
there with Sir Thomas Gates, and refers to many interesting incidents, 
including his shipwreck with Sir George Summers on the *' supposed enchanted 
islands," and the marriage of John Eolfe to Pocahontas. 

29525 Darby (W.) Tour from New York to Detroit, 1818, 8vo. maps, 

uncut, 10s N. Y. 1819 

29526 Debates, Resolutions, and other proceedings of the Convention 

of Massachusetts, convened at Boston, 1788, for the purpose of 
ratifying the Constitution recommended by the Grand Federal 
Convention, to which the Federal Constitution is prefixed, sm. 
8vo. RARE, 20s Boston, 1788 

29526*Debates in the Senate of the United States on the Judiciary, 8vo. 
hds. 5s Philadelphia, 1802 

29527 De Witt Clinton, Memoir of, with Appendix of Documents 

illustrative of the principal Events of his Life, by D. Hosack, 
4to. Portrait and Map of the New York Canals, hf calf, 24s 

New Yorlc, privately printed, 1829 

29528 Dow (Lorenzo) The Chain of Lorenzo . . sm. 4to. sd. 25s 

Augusta (Georgia) [1803] 
The place of impression, and the references to the man's wanderings in 
America, constitute the sole value of this sanctimonious biographical tract. 

29529 DUDLEY'S Arcano del Mare, folio, the text only of the first 

edition, loith several folding maps and plates, including one which 
gives a detailed representation of Neio England, Virginia, New 
France, and Nova Scotia, and another which shoios the coast of 
California from Mexico to Cape Mendocino; old red morocco, 
£3. 10s Firenze, 1846 

The text contains the details of fourteen Portolani or sea-routes, including 
the author's own voyage in 1594 to Guiana, with Kendal's account of it, two 
voyages to or from California by the author, and another. One of the Portolani 
is that of John Davis to India in 1601 (killed 1602) whom Dudley describes 
as being, along with Abraham Kendal, the best and most expert mariners 
that England ever had. 

Being too lately acquired for appearance in its proper place, the volume 
is inserted here. 


29530 DU SUMITIERE, Portraits of the Generals, Ministers, Magis- 

strates, Members of Congress, and others, who have rendered 
themselves illustrious in the Revolution of the United States of 
"^ORTE. A'M'E'RlCA, 4to. 26 plates, half onorocco, £16. 1783 

This copy consists of two distinct sets of portraits of the same indiriduals, 
the American Artist, Du Sumitiere, having- brought duplicates of his drawings, 
and sold them to two rival publishers, Richardson and Wilkinson. See long 
note by Mr. Drummond in the volume. 

After the portraits is a very rare and interesting series of early American 
paper money, including two notes printed by B, Franklin and D. Hall, 
1756-7; the next Pensylvania, 1757, with others of the States of Maryland, 
1774, Philadelphia, 1776, and ending with notes of the Federal and Confede- 
rate States in 1863-64. Also a reprint in facsimile of the Declaration of 
American Independence. 

29531 DwiGHT (Tim.) Travels in New-England and New-York, 4 vols. 

8vo. portrait and maps, hf. calf, 36s 1823 

" This work is the most important of his writings, and will derive addi- 
tional interest from time." — Quart. Rev. 

E. (W.) — see Nbw England's Present Sufferings. 

29532 Edwards (Jonathan) Some Thoughts concerning the present 

Revival of Religion in New England, 12mo. cf. 32s 

Boston (Netv England), 1742 
Rare. Rich's catalogue contained only the Edinburgh reprint of 1744. 

29533 ELIOT. Genealogical Account of a few of the families of the 

Early Settlers in Eliot (a township in Maine), and of a branch 
of the Moody family, 1638-1850, sm. 8vo. sd. 12s Saco, 1851 
Dr. P'ogg is the author of this pamphlet of 22 pp. which is probably veiy 
rare. The families are three : the Foggs, the Hills, and the Moodies. The 
work begins thus : " The name of Fogg appears to be of great antiquity in 
England and Wales." 
Eliot's Indian Tracts — see post under Aborigines. 

29534 Fearon (H. B.) Sketches of America ; a Narrative of a journey 

through the Eastern and Western States of America, 8vo. bds. 
12s 1818 

29535 Feltman (Lieut. W.) Journal, 1781-2, including the March into 

Virginia and the Siege of Yorktown, 8vo. bds. Qs Phil. 1853 

29536 [FRANKLIN (Benjamin)] Historical View of the Constitution and 

Government of Pennsylvania, so far as regards the points of 
controversy which have from time to time arisen between the 
Governors and the Assemblies, 8vo. calf, 14s 1759 

29537 Letters from his family and friends, 4to. large paper, 

portraits, calf extra, gilt edges, £2. 16s New York, 1859 

Only ten copies printed. 

29538 Life and Writings : a Biographical Essay on the 

Stevens' collection of Books and MSS. relating to Dr. Franklin, 
by H. Stevens, impl. 8to. 5 portraits, and facsimile, cloth, 12s 

29539 CICERO'S Cato Major, or his Discourse of Old Age, with 
explanatory Notes (translated by Mr. Logan of Philadelphia), 
Svo. Franklin's original edition, hf. hd. £5. 

Philadelphia, pri7ited and sold by B. Franklin, 1744 
In the Printer's Address to the Reader, Benjamin Franklin expresses s 
hope that this translation might be " a happy omen that Philadelphia shall 
Income the seat of the American Muses." 


He always took pride iu this volume, and looked upon it as the finest 
production of his press. 

29540 [French (B. F.)] Biographica Americana; Lives of the most 

distinguished persons of North America, 8vo. hds. 7s Qd 

New Yorh, 1825 

29541 FRENEAU (Philip) Poems written between the years 1768 and 

1794, new edition, with many pieces never before published, 
Svo. calf, £2. 10s Monmouth (New Jersey), 1795 

There is some humour and vigour in the verses of this patriotic rhymer ; 
but he is no Tyrtseus. He may however be called the first poet of the new 

29542 G. (F.) Nomenclatura Brevis Anglo-Latino (sic) in usum 

Scholarum, together with examples of the Five Declensions, etc. 
18mo. kf. morocco, rare, £3. Boston, in New England, 1735 

Contains iv (including title) and 88 pp. This little school-book (perhaps by 
Francis Gouldman or Francis Gregory who wrote school-books in England in the 
second half of the seventeenth century) is extremely rare, perhaps unique, as I 
find it nowhere recorded ; although I have met with the title of au English 
reprint, some thirty years later. 

29543 Gallatin (Albert) Sketch of the Finances of the United States, 

Svo. calf, 12s New YorJc, 1796 

An interesting volume, which is not mentioned by Allibone. 

29544 Georgia. Account of the Designs of the Trustees for establishing 

the Colony of Georgia in America, original prospectus, ivith map, 
2 leaves folio, n. d. — Reasons for establishing the Colony of 
Georgia, frontispiece and map, 4to. sd. £1. Is 1733 

29545 A Report of the Attorney- General [Charles Lee] to 

Congress ; containing a Collection of Charters, Treaties, and 
other Documents, relative to the title to the land situate in the 
South-Western parts of the United States, Svo. sd. 18s 

Philadelphia, 1796 
Important for the history of Georgia and South Carolina. 

29546 Georgia Historical Society, Collections of the, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 

32s Savannah, 1840-2 

Contents : Fr. Moore's Voyage to Georgia in 1735 ; Reasons for Estab- 
lishing the Colony, 1733; Fat. Tailfer's Narrative of Georgia; etc. 

29547 Good Humour, or a Way with the Colonies, 12mo. sd. 30s 1766 

A fiery attack upon the colonies and their defenders. The so-called 

Liberty preached by such scoundrels as " Mr. P " (Lord Chatham), with 

•whom are associated Wilkes and Churchill, is real Slavery ! The colonists 
are worse than thieves, to resist the Stamp- Act, or any taxes imposed by their 
gracious monarch. 

29548 Gordon (T. F.) History of New Jersey (with Gazetteer), 2 vols. 

in 1, Svo. cloth, 12s Trenton, 1834 

29549 Green (A.) Discourses, delivered in the College of New Jersey, 

chiefly to Candidates for the 1st Degree in the Arts, including a 
historical sketch of the College, 8vo. bds. 7s 6d 

Trenton, N. J. 1822 

29550 Harper (R. G.) Observations on the dispute between the U.S. and 

France, Svo. sd. Ss ed Fhil. 1798 


Harvard College Museum: 

Memoirs or Illustrated Catalogue of, royal 4to. 

29552 AGASSIZ (Alex.) Revision of the ECHINI, pp. 762, 93 jjZa^es (0/ 
94) and Qd woodcuts (pub. complete £8. 10s), in parts, £5. 1872-74 

29553 North American Acalephae, 234 pp. 360 ivoodcuts (pub. 

20s), IO5 1865 

29554 _ North American Starfishes, 136 pp. 20 plates and 20 

vjoodcuts (pub. 25s), 12s Gd 1877 

29555 Hagen (H. A.) On Insect Deforan'ties, 1 plate, 2s 1876 

29556 Ltman (Th.) Ophiuridse and Astrophytidae (Hassler Expedition), 
5 plates, 5s 1874 

29557 Harvard Memorial Biographies, 2 vols. 8vo. 477 and 512 pp. cloth, 

10s Cambridge, 1866 

Memoirs of those members of Harvard College who fell in battle during 
the American Civil War, with a collection of private letters of importance 
for the History of the War. 

29558 HELLIER. The vain prodigal life, and tragical penitent death 

of Thomas Hellier, born at Whitchurch, near Lyme in Dorset- 
shire ; who for murdering his Master, Mistress and a Maid was 
executed according to Law at Westover, in Charles City in the 
Country of Virginia, neer the plantation called Hard Labour, 
where he perpetrated the said murders. He suffred on Mon- 
day the 5th of August, 1678, and was after hanged up in chains 
at Windmill-point, on James River, sm. 4to. tinboimd, very rare 
AND CURIOUS, from the Sunderland library, £5. 15s 1680 

29559 Henry (Patrick) Sketches of the Life and Chai'acter of, by W. 

Wirt, 8vo. portrait, bds. 7s 6d Phil. 1817 

29560 Hough (F. B.) History of Lewis County, in the State of New 

York, 8vo. numerous portraits, the Emperor Napoleon' s copy, bd. 
7s 6d Albany, 1860 

29561 HowisoN (R. R.) History of Virginia, from its discovery to the 

present time, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 20s Phil. 1846 

Hubbard — see post binder Aborigines. 

29562 HUTCHINSON (Thomas) History of the Colony (and Province) 

of Massachusets-Bay from 1628 to 1750, 2 vols. 8vo. bd. rare, 
30s London and Boston, Neiv England, 1760-67 

The second volume bears the author's autograph inscriptions. It is bound 
up with " a short view of the history of the colony, 1769," an anonymous tract 
fi'om the English point of view. 

29563 Jay (John) Life, with selections from his Correspondence, by 

W. Jay, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait, cloth, 10s Ne^o York, 1833 

29564 JEFFERSON (Thomas) Notes on the State of Virginia, 8vo. 

large folding map and tables, bds. 16s; calf, 18s 1787 

29565 Notes on the State of Virginia, with the Appendixes, 

complete, 8vo. boards, scarce, 10s Baltimore, 1800 

29566 Jones (Col. C. C.) General Sherman's March from Atlanta to the 

coast (through Georgia), 8vo. sd. Is Qd Augusta, 1884 

29567 JOSSELYN (John) An Account of two Voyages to New England 

... 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. fine copy in calf extra, gilt edges, £9. 

ailes Widdoios, 1674 

Collation : Leaf of printer's mark and imprimatur ; title, 1 leaf ; To 

the Reader, and Errata, 1 leaf ; text, first voyage, pp. 1-32 ; second voyage, 

pp. .33-215 ; title : Chronological Observations of America, 1 leaf ; preface 

and text, pp. 223-279 ; Catalogue of books printed for Giles Widdows, 3 pp. 


29568 Journal of the Cincinnati Society of Natural History, Vol. I nos. 

1, 2 and 4, 8vo. plates, sd. 7s 6d 1879 

29569 Journals of the Congresses held at Philadelphia, May 10, and 

Sept. 5, 1774, with, the Petition to the King, 2 vols. 8vo. on 
vol. ivitlioid title, sd. 5s 1775 

29570 Lechfoed (T.) Plain Dealing or Newes from New-England, a short 

view of New-England's present Government, both Ecclesiasticall 
and Civil, sm. 4to. a blank leaf inserted in place of F4, hf. viorocco, 
36s 1642 

29570*Lewis (A.) History of Lynn (Mass.) including Nahant, Svo. 2 plates, 
cloth, hs Boston, 1844 

29571 THE LONDON GAZETTE, from the beginning in November 

1665 [the first txventy-tliree numbers bore the title of Oxford 
Gazette] to June 26, 1699, Nos. 1-3509, hound in 19 vols, folio, 
old calf, from the Bramston library, excessively rare, £150. 

Oxford, 1665 — London, 1699 

An invaluable collection of records, forming what may be called the 

official history of England and her Colonies during the reigns of Charles II, 

James II, and William and Mary. Such a set of the early volumes, from the 

beginning of the publication, is extraordinarily rare. 

29672 LouBAT (J. F.) Medallic History of the United States of 
America, 1776-1876, 2 vols, atlas 4to. large paper, 170 etchings 
by J. Jacqicemart, cloth, gilt top, uncut, £o. Neio York, 1878 

29573 M. S. TO A. S. with a Plea for Libertie of Conscience in a Church 

way . . with some modest and innocent touches on the Letter 
fi'om Zealand, and Mr. Parker's from New-England, sm. 4to. sd. 
rare, £3. 1644 

29574 Magazine of American History, with Notes and Queries, edited 

by J. A. Stevens, for January, 1878, 4to. sd. 35 6d 1878 

Contents : Fall of Alamo, by R. M. Potter ; Portraiture of Washington, 
by I. J. Greenwood ; the Waltons of New York, by J. A. Stevens, ivith 
j;ortrait; etc. 

29575 Magazine of American History, with notes and queries, the 

nos. for March to July, September, October, and November, 
1883 ; — 8 nos. 4to. portraits and cuts, sd. 10s Neto York, 1883 

29576 Mandrillon (Jh.) Spectateur Americain, ou Remarques sur 

I'Amerique Septentrionale et les Etats-Unis, suivi de recherches 
sur la decouverte du Nouveau-Monde, 8vo. thick paper, bds. 
unciit, 16s Amst. 1784 

Only the thick paper issue, made for private distribution, contains the 
author's name on the title, this being simply indicated by an initial in the 
published copies. 

29577 Map of the Frontiers of Canada and the United States, to illus- 

trate the operations of the British and American Armies, foldivg 
map of 21 in. by 31 in., in 8fO. case, 2s Qd 1813 

29578 Marsh (G. P.) Goths in New-England, 8vo. 5s Middleburg, 1843 

29579 MARSH (O. Ch.) Odontomithes : a Monograph on the Extinct 

Toothed Birds of North America, atlas 4to. 40 cuts and 34 
plates of skeletons and bones, cloth, gilt top, £2. 8s Washing. 1880 

29580 MASSACHUSETS. The General Laws and Liberties of the 

Massachusets Colony in New-England, sm. folio, panelled calf 

extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £7. 10s Cambr., N.E. 1675 

Title ; Text, 170 pp. ; Table, 14 11. ; Several Laws and Orders, 6 pp. 


29581 MASSACHUSETS. Acts and Laws passed by the great and general 
Court of Assembly, of the province of tbe Massachusetts -Bay in 
New England, 1692-1719, with the Charter granted by William 
and Mary, 1691, folio, first edition, large paper, original calf, 
rare, £4. London (1721-)1724 

29582 the same, American Edition, 2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, 

£2. l&s Boston, N.E. 1726 

29583 another copy, with continuation of the Acts and Laws 

up to 1732, in 1 vol. sm. folio, fine paper, a presentatioJi copy 
to " Sir Philip York, from G. BelcJier, Boston, 1732," old calf, 
rare, £4. 10s Boston, 1726-32 

The Index to the Laws, in the original edition, is replaced by an alpha- 
betical Table, and an explanatory Charter on one leaf, dated the 12th year of 
George I (1726), added to the Boston edition. 

29584 Massachusetts Bat. Acts and Laws, with continuation up to 
1768, stout sm. folio, old calf, £15. Bosto7i, 1759 (-68) 

29585 Act for forming and regulating the Militia within the 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts : and for repealing all the 
Laws heretofore made for that purpose, 8vo. sd. 9s Boston, 1781 

29586 Address of the Convention, for framing a new Con- 
stitution of Government for the State of Massachusetts-Bay, to 
their Constituents, 8vo. sd. 7s 6d Boston, 1780 

29587 National Arithmetick, or. Observations on the Finances 

of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts : with some hints 
respecting financiering and future Taxation in this State. By a 
late Member of the General Court [Bated fro'in Dorchester, 2nd 
Oct. 1786], 8vo. sd. 20s Boston [1786] 

29588 Reports of the Commissioners on the Zoological Survey 

of the State, 8vo. sd. hs Boston, 1838 


First Series, 10 vols. 1792-1809 — Second Series, 10 vols. 
1814-23— Third Series, 10 vols. 1825-49— Fourth Series, 7 vols. 
1852-65 — together, 37 vols. roy. 8vo. facsimiles of autographs 
and seals, calf extra, yellow edges, by Bedford, a very fine and 
large set, rare, £36. Boston, U.S. 1806-65 

An extremely valuable and scarce set of books, in splendid condition. 

Massachusetts Zoological and Botanical Survey : 

29590 Reports of the Commissioners on the Zoological and Botanical 
Survey of the State of Massachusetts, 1838 — Reports on the 
Fishes and Reptiles by Dr. D. H. Storer, and Birds by W. B. O. 
Peabody, 4 plates, 1839 — Reports on the Herbaceous Plants by 
the Rev. Chester Dewey, and on the Quadrupeds by Eben. 
Emmons, 1840 — Report on the Invertebrate Animals, Mollusca, 
Crustacea, Annelida, and Radiata, by Aug. A. Gould, 15 plates, 
1841 — Report on the Insects injurious to vegetation, by T. W. 
Harris, 1841 — Report on the Trees and Shrubs growing natu- 
rally in the forests of Mass., by G. B. Emerson, 17 plates, 1846 ; 
—6 vols. 8vo. sd. £2. 10s Boston and Camb. 1838-46 

29591 Storer and Peabodt's Reports on the Fishes, Reptiles and 
Birds of Massachusetts, 8vo. sd. or hf. bd. 6s Boston, 1839 


!Massachusktts Zoological and Botanical Survey — continued. 

29595 Godld (Aug. A.) Report on the Inyertebrata of Massachcsetts, 
comprising' the Mollusca, Crustacea, Annelida and Radiata — 
Harris (T. W.) Report on the Insects of Massachusetts ; — 
2 vols, in 1, thick 8vo. plates, calf, 24s Cambridge (Mass.) 1841 


discussed, iu an answer of the Elders of the severall Churches 
in New-England to . . Questions sent ... by divers Ministers 
in England, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. bds. £2. 10s 1643 

An Epistle by H. Peter (probably Hngh Peters) follows the above title, 
and precedes a second one, " Apologia of the Churches in New England for 
Church Covenant . . sent in 1639." 

29597 !Mather (Richard) A Reply to Mr. Rutherfurd, or a defence of the 

answer to Rev. Mr. Herles Book against the Independency 
of Churches, 1647 — A Modest and Brotherly answer to Mr. 
Charles Herle his book ... by Richard Mather, and Will. 
Tompson, Pastor of the Church at Braintree in New England, 
1644 — 2 vols. 4to. sd. from the Sunderland library, £4. 1644-47 

29598 MATHER (Increase) The Mystery of Israel's Salvation explained 

and applved, 12mo. quite perfect, ivith both titles, and all the 
preliviinary leaves, title slightly mended, otherwise a good sound 
copy, half morocco, £5. 1669 

Vert rare. It is the 6rst book published by Increase Mather, and is 
wanting in most American libraries. Its great importance appears from the 
fact that the future salvation of the twelve tribes is demonstrated. The 
Epistle to the Reader, signed by John Davenport, New Haven, 1667, dwells 
on the delightfulncss of Christian life, when (as in New England) all the 
Christians love one another. The Quakers and the poor old women called 
witches had ample experience of this brotherly love from the Mathers and 
their tribe. 

29599 An Essay for Recording of Illustrious Providences, 

an account of many remarkable and very memorable events 
which have happened, especially in New England, 12mo. title 
and a few leaves mended, green morocco extra, gilt edges, and 
broad dentelle gold borders on the sides, very rare, £12. 

Printed at Boston in New England, 1684 
Full of the most extraordinary and entertaining stories, and highly 
interesting to American collectors, notwithstanding the loathsome credulity and 
fanaticism which mark all the works of the Mathers. 

29600 De Successu Evangelii apud Indos Occidentales in 

Nova-Anglia, \2nio. sd. 12s Londini, 1688 

29601 A Further Account of the Tryals of the New-England 

Witches. With the observations of a person who was upon the 
place ... to which is added, Cases of Conscience, sm.4to. good 
copy in hf. russia, £7. J. Bunton, 1693 

At the end there is a catalogue of John Dunton's publications, occupying 
4 pp. Of the text, the first 9 pp. are '• passages . . collected by Deodat 
Lawson." At the bottom of p. 9 and on p. 10 there is a " Further Account," 
printed in small type aud anonymous, but written by some rational man. 
There follows, with new title and pagination, the " Cases of Conscience 
concerning Evil Spirits personating men . . by Increase Mather." 

29602 Dissertation concerning the future Conversion of the 

Jewish Nation, sm. 4to. hf. cf. 80s 1709 

A history of Gog and Magog in the future tense. 


29603 Mather (Increase) The Order of the Gospel professed and practised 

by the Churches of Christ in New England, sm. 8vo. (some 
headlines cut into), calf, 36s Boston, N.E. reprinted Lond. 1700 

29604 MATHER (Cotton) Life and Death of the Renowned Mr. John 

Eliot, who was the first Preacher of the Gospel to the Indians 
in America. With an account of the . . many strange Customes 
of the Pagan Indians in New England, ]2mo. without last leaf, 
Id. 15s 1691 

29605 The Wonders of the Invisible World : being an account 

of the Tryals of several Witches lately executed in New-Eng- 
land, sm. 4to. headlines of a few leaves slightly cut into, hds. 
RARE, £4. 10s John Dunton, 1693 

This rare book is Cotton Mather's perennial monument, one that befits 
his character and his memory. 

29606 Pietas in Patriam : the Life of His Excellency Sir 

William Phips, Governor of Massachusets-Bay, New England, 
written by one intimately acquainted with him (with preface 
by Nathanael Mather), 12mo. cf. 36s 1697 

29607 Magnalia Christi Americana : orthe Ecclesiastical History 

of New-England, 1620-98, sm. folio 1702 

29608 the same, folio, large paper, fine clean copy, four leaves 

and the map supplied from a small paper copy, with the rare 
MAP, old calf £10. 1702 

Contents : I. Antiquities ; II. The Lives of the Governors of Nevr 
England; III. The Lives of 60 Divines of New England ; IV. An Account 
of the University of Cambridge, New England ; V. Acts and Monuments of 
the Church of New England ; VII. Wonderful Providences on divers persons 
in New England ; VII. The Wars of the Lord, or disturbances of the 
Churches in New England. 


Psalms in a Translation exactly conformed unto the Original ; 
but all in. Blank Vei'se, Fitted unto the Tunes commonly used 
in our Churches [by Dr. Cotton Mather], 12mo. old calf, rare, 
£10. Boston, in N'.E. 1718 

29610 the same, 12mo. old calf, with an inscription dated Boston, 

1720, recording the presentation of the book from Cotton Mather 
to G. Gale, £12. 1718 

The Introduction, which is one of Cotton Mather's best pieces of English 
composition, contains a fine theory of the use of blank verse ; but the trans- 
lation is a mean and poor one, — something like Tate and Brady without 
rhymes. Tiie text is printed as prose, but the metrical pauses are marked 
by upright lines, thus — 

O what the blessings of the man || who is not walking in || the counsel of 
the men that are || set for impiety |1. 

The translator took great pride in this bald and graceless perversion of the 
Hebrew text. 

29611 India Christiana, a Discourse delivered unto the 

Commissioners for the Propagation of the Gospel among the 
American Indians, 12mo. green mor. extra, gilt edges, by Pratt, 
£5. Boston, in Neiv England, 1721 

In the body of the book there are eight pages containing the Sum of 
Christianity in Natic and English ; and the first Appendix is an account by 
Experience Mayhew of the Indians in Martha's Vineyard. 


29612 LIather (Cotton) Parentator. Memoirs of remarkables in the 
Life and Death of the ever-memorable Dr. Increase Mather 
. . . 12mo. calf, lettered " Tracts," £3. 16s Boston, 1724 

Bound up with Sermons by Gilbert Tenuent, three parts, Boston, 1743-42 

29613 Various Works : Thoughts for the day of Rain . . . 

Boston, N.E. 1712 — Adversus Libertinos . . . Boston, 1713 — 
The Saviour -with his Rainbow . . London, 1714 — Concio ad 
Populum . . . Boston, 1719 — The Minister . . . Boston, 1722 — 
The Nightingale. An Essay on Songs among Thorns . . . 
Boston, 1724 — together 6 vols. sm. 8vo. and 12mo. beautifully 
bound in polished calf extra, gilt tops, by Bedford, £12. 12s 


29614 Mather (Samuel) Life of the very Reverend and learned Cotton 

Mather, sm, 8vo. in the original binding, £2. 15s 

Boston, N.E. 1729 

29615 the same, large paper, 8vo. the first leaf or tivo a little 

stained, in the original calf, £4. 10s 1729 

The copy I have called " Large Paper" is about half an inch taller than 
the other, and is printed on paper somewhat thicker. 

29616 Goddard, the Mathers weighed in the balances and found not 
wanting, 16mo. cloth, Qs Boston, 1870 

29617 Mauduit (Isr.) View of the History of the New England Colonies, 

with respect to their Charters and Constitution, sm. 8vo. sd. 
7s 6d 1776 

At the end with a separate pagination is Massachusetts Colony Charter 
(31 pp.). 

29618 Mein (John) State of the Importation from Great Britain into 

the Port of Boston from Jan. to August, 1769, sm. 4to. lower 
part of title torn aioay, uncut, excessively scarce and very 
important, £2. 16s Boston, 1769 

" This fearless exposing of the non-importation agreement and schemes 
of certain 'Well disposed' Merchants of Boston is now valuable for many 
more points than when published in 1769. John Mein, an enterprising 
Scotchman, who had established a good miscellaneous business in Boston as 
printer, stationer, and bookseller, declined to sign the non-importation 
agreement, and was consequently ' posted ' by name in the Papers by the 
' Well Disposed.' To show the trickery of the well-disposed merchants, 
Mein printed here the names of the ' Well Disposed,' with the full manifests 
of many ships arriving. These lists give the names of the hypocritiLal 
consignees, and are now valuable sources of information as to the state of 
the Colony and its trade and traders." 

29619 Memorandums respecting the unprecedented treatment which the 

Array have met with respecting Plunder taken after a siege, 
and of which plunder the Navy serving with the Army divided 
their more than ample share, now fourteen years since, 8vo. sd. 
3s 6fZ 1794 

29620 Mills (Robert) Statistics of South Carolina, including the 

Natural, Civil, and Military History, 8vo. map, Ids. 7s 

Charleston, 1826 

29621 Moore (G. H.) Notes on the History of Slavery in Massachu- 

setts, 8vo. cluth, 6s N.Y. 1866 


26922 MORTON (Nathaniel) New-Englands Memoriall: oi-, A brief 

Relation of the most Memorable and Remarkable Passages of 
the Providence of God, manifested to the Planters of New- 
England in America ; with special Reference to the first Colony 
thereof, called New-Plimouth . . . sm. 4to. fine copy in red 
morocco, hy Bedford, £45. Camhridge \_New England] 1669 

Very rare. The author says that the greater part of his material 
consisted ot the manuscript journals of his uncle, Mr. William Bradford 
(the second Governor of the Colony), written between 1620 and 1646. He 
had also had the use of Edward Winslow's papers. It is this which gives 
its chief value to the work, which remains a store-house of important facts, 
and of minute details, in the history of New England. 

26923 MORTON (Thomas) New English Canaan, or New Canaan, con- 

taining an abstract of New England . . . the originall of the 
Natives, their manners and customs . . . sm. 4to. title mended, hut 
altogether a very fine and unusually large copy, red morocco, by 
Bedford, VERT rare, £32. Amsterdam, 1637 

26924 another copy, sm. 4to. icanting signature h, eight leaves, 

Id. £4. 1637 

Thomas Morton had already spent nine years in New England, and 
gives an interesting account, not the less valuable that he had no love for, 
and was hated by, the gloomy bigots of the colony. The first two parts 
of the volume are all about the country, its productions, an.! the natives. 
The third part relates his squabbles with the Puritans of New Plymouth, 
who accused him of all sorts of profanity and vice, and sent him back a 
prisoner to Old England. Little notice was taken of the matter at home, and 
he returned again, after the date of this book, " several times," as N^al says, 
" and at last ended his miserable life at Pascatauqua." In the account of 
these transactions, Morton speaks of himself as " Mine Host of Ma-re-mount." 
Ben Jonson wrote a satirical poem upon his adversaries, which is printed 
here on pp. 146-149. The power of his enemies was no doubt sufficient to 
account for the printing of the book at Amsterdam, and its singular rarity. 

26925 Neal (D.) History of New England, with an Appendix containing 
their present Charter, Municipal Laws, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. map, 
calf, £1. 8s 1720 

29626 New England Company : H. W. Busk's Sketch of the origin 

and recent history of the New England Company, Svo. 92 pp. 

Privately printed, 1884 

The New England Company for promoting Christianity amongst the 
American Indians was first established by the Long Parliament in 1649. 

The first pilgrim fathers led the way to America in the " Mayflower," 
in 1620. The celebrated John Eliot followed in 1631. Through the works 
of Eliot, and the publication of his Eleven tracts (here fully described), the 
wants of the North American Indians became known in England. The 
activity of the N. E. C. still continues, although since 1778 traasferred from 
the New England States to the Canadian Union. 
Eliot's Indian Tracts — see post under Aborigines. 

29627 NEW ENGLAND Historical and GENEALOGICAL Register, 

complete, from its commencement in Jan. 1847 to the end of 
1873, being nos. 1-108, or Vols. I-XXVII, 8vo. with above 130 
fine portraits of the first settleis, tvith facsimile signatures and 
numerous pedigrees Boston, 1847-73 

29628 ■ the same, Vols. I-XI, 11 vols. 8vo. with about 60 por- 

traits, cloth gilt, £5. 1847-57 


29629 New England's Minor Writers : — 

Considerations on the establishment of a 
second College in Connecticut 

Eartford, 1824 

Haven (S. F.) Historical Address before 
the Citizens of Dedham, 1836 

Dedham, 1837 

Morgan (Joseph) Nature and Original of 
Sin hew London. 1727 

Morse (Jed.) Sermon . . exhibiting proofs 
of the existence of French intrigue in 
the U.S. Bostnv, 1799 

Packard (Hezekiah) Plea of Patriotism 

Boston, 1795 

Parker (Nathan) Discourse on the death of 
Joseph Buckminster Portsmouth, 1812 

Perry (Joseph) Election Sermon 

Hartford, 1775 

Kobbins (Xath.) Sermon at Wadsworth's 
ordination Boston, 1773 

Rowland (David S.) Catholicism or Chris- 
tian Charity Providence, 1772 

Smith (W.) Sermon on the present situation 
of American aSairsPhiladelphia, 1775 
Trumbull (Benj.) Election Sermon 

Hartford, 1801 

Mischiefs of Legislative Caucuses 

ib. 1819 
Sermon on the day of Thanks- 

giving on account of the Peace 

Neiv Haven, 1784 

Ware (Henry) Sermon before Gov. Brooks 

Boston, 1821 

Washburn (Em.) Address on the town of 

Leicester in the Revolution Boston, 1 849 
Wheelwright (W.) Isthmusof Panama 1844 
Whitney (Peter) Transgression of a Land 

punished Boston, 1774 

Withington (L.) Election Sermon ib. 1831 
Wolcott (Oliver) Address to the People of 

the U.S. Boston, 1802 

Woart (J.) Discourse before the Artillery 

Company Boston, 1860 

Twenty pamphlets, roy. 8vo. and 12mo. all very rare, £3. 6s 



neighbouring Indians, represented in two Letters, lately written 
from Boston to London, sm. 4to. £7. 10s 1675 

These two letters, which are signed with the initials " W. E.," were 
written by a Quaker in Boston to his friends at home, to let them know that 
the Puritan tyrants were receiving at the hands of the Indians God's 
retribution for their cruelty towards the " Friends."— Several other scarce 
tracts relating to the same sect are bound op with the preceding ; — including 
" The New and strange Imprisonment of the people called Quakers in the city of 
Bristol, 1682," and " Whitehead (G.) the Real Quaker a real Protestant 1679." 

29631 Newspapers. A collection of 15 old papers, twelve of which are 

American, in a4-to. jmrcel, £2. 10s 1745-87 

The names and dates will sufficiently explain the interest and value of 
these journals. They are as follows : — 

Boston (N.E.) Gazette, Dec. 31, 1745; 11 Jan. 1762; Feb. 25, 1771 ; 
24 June, 1771. Boston (N.E.) Evening Post, 26 Jan. and 2 Feb. 1761. 
Massachusetts Gazette, 23 Feb. 1764 ; 23 Dec. 1771 ; 17 Aug. 1775 ; 15 May, 
1787, Connecticut Gazette, 1 Aug. 1761. Connecticut Courant, 7 Sept. 1767, 
New York Gazette, 4 Oct. 1777. The London Chronicle, 30 Oct. 1759, 
Gazette, 27 Oct. 1772. Gazette Extraordinary, 19 Dec. 1778, The three 
London papers were added to the rest because of their connexion with 
American interests. 

New York : 

29632 BEEEDEN-EAEDT aende Vereeniclide Neder- 
landsche Provintien. Gelreland, Holland, Zeeland, 
Wtreclit, Vriesland, Over-Yssel, Groeningen. Ge- 
maeckt ende gestelt uyt diverse ware en waerachtige 
memorien Door l.A.G.W.C. small 4to. fne large 
copy,, splendidly hound in gros grained red morocco^ 
excessively scarce^ £28. Anhceipen, 1649 

One of the rnrest volumes connected with the old provinfe 
of New Netherland, as the State of New York was called while 


Nkw York — continued. 

the Dutch held it. To a New York collector, the Breedenraet, 
the Beschryvinge of 1651, and the two editions of Vander 
Donck, are indispensable : they must form the primary elements 
of any library which pretends to illustrate the history of the 

" This excessively rare pamphlet is, no doubt, the most 
important document existing on New Netherland. ... It was 
entirely translated by Mr. H. C. Murphy, and printed at the 
expense of Mr. J. Lenox, but not put into commerce." — Fred. 


Eylanden Bermudes, Berbados, en S. ChristofFel 
. . . sm. 4to. folding engraved map of the territories 
described in the title., and jive other engravings in the 
text., including a View of New Amsterdam (which 
is the first existing picture of the City of New 
York in its infancy), blue morocco^ by Bedford, 
£35. Amsterdam., Joost Hartgers., 1651 

29634 another copy, sm. 4to. without the map., and 

icithoid the last six leaves lohich refer to the Bermudas^ 
hut having the View of New Yorh., sd. £7. 1651 

Excessively rare, when pei-fect, the map having only been 
added in some copies after the publication of the book. It is a 
work of the highest interest to the citizens of New York, as it 
contains the first issue of the first engraving in which the infant 
city of New Amsterdam appeared in a pictorial representation. 
■ — The map is copied in its outlines from Laet's Novus Orbus, but 
contains the addition of several new names of places in New 
England and the State of New York. 

29G35 DONCK (ADRIEN VANDER) Beschryvinge van Nieuw- 
NEDERLANT (ghclijck het tegenwoordigh in Staet is) . . . de 
maniere en onghemeyne eygenschappen vande Wilden . . . 
sm. 4to. FIRST EDITION, ivith the engraved view of " i' Fort 
nieuw Amsterdam op de Manhatens" on p. 9, not in the second 
edition the next year, fine large clean and perfect copy, vellum, 
£18. Amtseldam, 1655 

" What the first folio is to an English Collector, a Vander Donck is to the 
American. When a New York Collector has once sci'ewed hLS courage to 
the price of a good Vander Donck. the first edition with the View or the 2nd 
edition with the Map, he seldom flinches at the price of any other rare Book 
on America that may turn up. Copies for the last 40 years have usually sold 
from £12 to £21." 

29636 Beschryvinge van Nieuw-Nederlant ( gelijck heb 

tegenwoordigh in Staet is) . . . en hier achter by gevoeght het 
voordeeligh Reglement vande Ed. Hoog. Achtbare Heeren de 
Heeren Burgermeesteren deser Stade . . . den tweeden Druck 
. . . sra. 4fo. mop of New Nederland with a view of New 


New York — continued. 

Amsterdam engraved at the bottom, vellum, fine large clean copy, 
£12. Amsteldam, 1656 

This second edition has the map and the conditien not in the first 
edition. For the engraved view of the Fort and river of New Amsterdam, 
which appeared in the text of the first edition, a folding map of Nieuw 
Nederlandt was substituted in this edition, bearing a view of the town. At the 
end of this edition, with a separate title-page, there is added an opuscule 
containing the Conditien offered by the Corporation of Amsterdam in 
Holland to all who would go out as colonists to New Netherland. This 
portion of the volume Is very rare, and consists apparently in some copies 
of 15 pp. Hei'B there are only 8 unnumbei'ed pp., biat the matter appears to 
end correctly. In Mr. Huth's copy, the work ends with the Beschryving 
(100 pp. and 2 leaves of register), and has no portion of the Conditien. 

29637 Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History of New York, 
complete from the beginning in September, 1823, to Feb. 1862, 
being Vols. I- VII, 8vo. nitmerous fine plates, those of Birds and 
Shells exquisitely coloured, four vols. hf. calf, not uniform, the rest 
in parts, £5. New YorJc, 1824-62 

29638 DE KAY (J. E.) Birds of New York, stout 4to. 141 heautiful 
plates, containing 308 figures, coloured by hand, calf extra, gilt 
edges, £5. Albany, 1844 

Part 2 of the Zoology of New York, or New York Fauna. 

29639 Homes (H. A.) Correct Arms of the State of New York, as 
established 1778, 8vo. plate, 49 pp. sd. 2s 6d Albany, 1880 

29640 Report of the Commissioners on the correct Arms of 

N. Y., 8vo. 4 jyla^es, 31 pp. sd. Is 6d ib. 1881 

29641 JoGDES (Isaac) Novum Belgium, Description de Nieuw Nether- 
land, et Notice sur Rene Goupil, roy. 8vo. map after Laet, cloth, 
only 100 copies printed, 30s 

New York, dans VAncien New Netherland, 1862 
Edited for the first time from the Jesuit's MS. narrative dated 1646. 

29642 Miller (Rev. J.) Description of the Province and City of New 
York ; with plans of the city and several forts as they existed in 
1695 ; now first printed, 8vo. plans, bds. 7s 6d 1843 

29643 Minutes of a Conspiracy against the Liberties of America 
(1776), reprinted, with Introduction, and Appendix of Documents, 
from the rare original of London, 1786, 4to. large paper, hf. 
morocco, 12s Philadelphia, 1865 

29643*NATURAL HISTORY of NEW YORK, published by the 

authority of the State of New York, 21 vols, royal 4to. over 

700 PLATES, of luhich about 640 are beautifully coloured after 

nature (pub. at £43.), cloth, £30. Albany and New York, 1842-61 

Contents ; — The works priced are sold separately : 

29647 MoLLUSCA and Crustacea, by the 
same, 1 vol. 53 colowed plates, 
28s 1843 

29644 Mammalia, by James E. DeKay, 
35 plates, 25s 1842 

29645 Reptiles and Fishes, by the same, 
2 vols. 96 lAates, £5. 1842 

20646 Birds, by the same, 141 coloured 
plates, £6. 6s 

29648 Botany, by John Torrey, 2 vols. 

161 plates, coloured 1843 

29649 Mineralogy, by L. C. Beck, 8 

plates, 12s 1842 



New York — continued. 

29652 Agriculture, by E. Emmons, 
5 vols. 193 lolates (of which 

Fruits, 9 1 plates, and Lepidoptera, 
43, with others, are coloured) — 
Vols. I, III and V, for £4. 4s 


29650 Geology, by W. Mather, E. Em- 
mons. L.Vanuxem, and J. Hall, 
4 Tols. 81 plates, chiefl^y coloured 

—Vols. II, III, and IV, sold for 
£2. 1842-43 

29651 Paleontology, by J.Hall, 4 vols. 

plates 1849-52 

29653 O'Callaghan (E. B.) History of New Netherland, or New York 
under the Dutch, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait and maps, including a 
facsimile of the famous one discovered by Mr. Brodhead, which 
contains the earliest existing representation of New Netherland, 
cloth, 15.9 New York, 1855 

29654 Smith (W.) History of the Province of New-York, from its 
first discovery to 1732, 2nd edition, 8vo. calf, £2. 10s Phil. 1792 

29655 History of the late Province of New York, till 1762, 

third edition, 2 vols. 8vo. hds. 32s New York, 1829 

The first complete edition of a highly esteemed and standard work. 

Smith abandoned his old patrimony in New England to settle in Canada, 

after a residence in the mother country, on the secession of the United States . 

29656 Spafford (H. G.) Gazetteer of the State of New York, 8vo. 
map and plates calf, 3.? Albany, 18l3 

29657 Norton (John) Teacher at the Church at Ipsivich in Neio England. 

The Orthodox Evangelist, sm. 4to. old calf, 12s 1657 

With a preface by John Cotton. 

29658 Ndttall Ornithological Club : Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornitho- 

logists' Club, edited by J. A. Allen, S. F. Baird, and Elliott 
Coues, Vols. I-VIII, roy. 8vo. coloured plates, cloth, uncut, 
£2. 16s Cambridge (Mass.), 1876-83 

29659 Palfrey (J. G.) History of New England during the Stuart 

Dynasty, 3 vols. 8vo. maps, some in facsimile, and woodcuts, cloth, 
35s Boston, 1858-64 

Pages 19 to 50 of Vol. I are on the Aboriginal Inhabitants. 

29660 Paper-Money (American). Unique Collec- 
tion of 124 different kinds of American Paper-Money, 
issued by A^arious Colonies and States immediately 
before and during the War of Independence, includ- 
ing 4 bills printed by Benj. Franklin in 1756 and 
1764; in 12mo. bundle, exceedingly rare and 
CURIOUS, £100. ( 1 746-1786) 

Contents : 

(1746) 126- {New Jersey) ; — 20s 
{Delaware) . 

(1755) £3. (New York) [sold sepa- 
rately for 20s] ; — £3., 15s, and 
12s (New Jersey, Woodbridge, J, 

(1756) £5. (New York) ;— £3., 15.s 

[separately for 20s] and 12s [for 
20s] (New Jersey, Parker) ; — 10s. 
and 20s [/or £5.] (Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, B. Franklin ajid 
D. Hall). 
(1757) £6. [for 20s], £3. [for 15s], 
30s [for i5s], 15s [/or '20s], iis 
and Is 6d {Neto Jersey, Parker). 



(1758) £10. (New YorJc) [ for 20s]; 
—£3.[for20s], SOs[for lOs], and 
6s [for 20s] (Neiv Jersey, ParJcer}. 

(1759) £6. [ for 20s], £3., 30s [for 
20s], and 15s [for 20s] (New 
Jersey, ParJcer) ; — £5., and £2. 
[/or 20s] (New York). 

(1760) £2. (New York) [for 20s] ; 
— £6. [for 20s], £3. [for 20s], 
30s [for 20s], 15s [for 20s], 12s 
[for 78], 6s [for 20s] (New Jer- 
sey, Parker). 

(1761) £6., £3., 30s, and 12s [for 
10s] (iVez^ Jersey, Parker). 

(1762) £3. [ /'or 15s] , 30s [ for 10s] , 
15s [for 20s], 12s [for 20s'] (New 
Jersey, Parker). 

(1763) £3. [for 15s], 30s, 15s, 12s 
[fur 10s], 6s [/or 20s], Is 6d 
[ for 20s] (Netv Jersey, Parker). 

(1764) £6., £3., 30s [for 20s], 15s 
[for 20s], 12s [/or 20s] (New 
Jersey, Parker) ; — 20s [for £5.], 
10s [/or £5.] (Pennsylvania, B. 
Fraxklin aM(Z D. Hall) ; — 5s 

(1770) 4 dollai-s, and i dollar 
(Maryland, Annapolis, A. G. and 
W. Green). 

(1771) £10. [for 15s], £5. [/"or 
12s], £3. [for 20s], £2. [for 7s], 
£1. [/or 15s], 10s [for lUs], and 
5s (New York). 

(1772) Is 6d (Pennsylvania, D. 
Hall and W. Sellers). 

(1773) 5s [for 20s], and 40s (Con- 
necticut, New London, Timothy 
Green) ;— 50s [for 15s], 20s [for 
20s], 10s [for 20s], 15s, 5s, and 

Is 6d (Pennsylvania, Hall and 

(1774) 8s [for 20s] (New York, H. 
Gaine) . 

(177 b) 40s, 2s 6d (Jan. 2), 2s 6d 
(June 1), and 2s (Connecticut, T. 
Green) ;— 4s (H. Gaine), 8s (H. 
Gaine), £2., 20s (April 20), 20s 
(Jtine 22) [for 20s], and 10s 
[for 20s] (A"e?<; York) ; — ^0 
dollars, 8 dollars, 4 dollars, 2 
dollars, and 1 dollar (Pldladel- 
phia, Hall and Sellers). 

(1776) £1., 2s, and Is 3tZ (Connecti- 
cut, T. Green); — 4s New York, 
H. Gaine) ; — 10 dollars, 1 dollar, 
i dollar [for 20s], and ^ dollar 
[for 20s] (New York, Sam, Lou- 
don) ;—6s [for 20s], 3s, and Is 6d 
[for 20s] (New Jersey, Burling- 
ton, Isaac Collins) ; — \ dollar, 
1 dollar [for 20s], 2 dollars [for 
20s], 3 dollars [ for 15s], 4 dollars 
[for 15s], 5 dollars [for 20s], 

6 dollars [for 15s], 7 dollars [for 
10s], 8 dollars [for 20s], and 
30 dollars [for 20s] (Philadel- 
phia, Hall and Sellers). 

(1778) 60 dollars [for 3s], 40 
dollars [for 20s], 30 dollars [for 
20s], 20 dollars [for 20s], and 

7 dollars (Philadelphia, Hall and 

(1780) 5 dollars, of the United 
States (Hall and Sellers). 

(1786) 6s [for 5s], 3s [for 10s], 
and Is (Neiv Jersey, Trenton, Is. 

The collection also inclndes : a bill of 6s printed at Wood- 
bridge, New Jersey, by J. Parker, apparently in 1759, though 
the date cannot be given with certainty as it is almost erased ; 
and a bill of 3s, also printed by Parker, with the date defaced ; 
and a half of a bill of one dollar, printed in Maryland, date 

N.B. — The brackets ( ) contain the name of the State by 
which the bill was issued, with the place of printing, and the 
printer's name. Those numbei-s followed immediatel}" by the 
brackets [ ] are sold separately at the price included within 
those brackets. A few bills are slightly defective, but most are 
in good condition. 

202 * 


Pennsylvania, New Sweden : 

29661 ACRELIUS (Israel) Beskrifning om de Swenska rorsamlingars 
foma och narwarande Tilstand, nti det sa kallade Nya Swerige, 
sedan Nja Nederland, men nu for tiden Pennsylvanien, etc. 
sm. 4to. large copy in hf. calf, rare, £5. 55 Stockholm, 1759 

This book is not only \ery rare, but is also very little known to 
American collectors, though it is really one of the important items in a good 
library of tlie works that relate to the United States. To the historical 
student, Acrelius is indispensable, much of the matter contained in this 
volume being nowhere else found. 
Campanius (Joannes) — see post in section of Languages, under 

29662 CAMPANH Holm. (Thoma;) Kort Beskrifning om Provincien 
Nya Swerige uti America, som uu fortjden af tlie Engelske 
kallas Pensjlvania . . . sm. 4to. complete, with 7 separate 
copper plates, and several ivoodcut maps in the text, red morocco 
extra, gilt edges, hy Bedford, £16. Stockholm, 1702 

29663 another copy, sm. 4to. 5 copper plates (the View of 

Niagara, and theplate of William Penn and the Indians, wanting), 
old calf neat, very rare, £6. 1702 

This excessively rare •work is of the highest interest to American 
collectors. It begins with a general description of America, and in the 
account of Virginia divides it into three regions: New Sweden, New England, 
and New Netherland. One plate depicts the Falls of Niagara. The work 
includes 32 pp. of Vocabularies. Campanius does not omit to mention the 
old Norse discovery of America. He was grandson of John Campanius, who 
translated Luther's Catechism into Virginian. 

The separate plates consist of three pictures : 1 , View of Niagara ; 2, 
Meeting of Penn and the Indians ; 3, group of three savages, designed hy P. 
Lindstrom, 1655; and of four maps : 1, a general map of America ; 2, one of 
Nova Suecia, after Nic. Visscher ; 3, one of English America ; and 4, one of 
Nova Suecia designed in 16.54-55 by Lindstrom. All the plates were engraved 
by C-ampanius in 1702, at Stockholm. 

29664 SWEDBERG (Biskop Jesper) America lUnminata, sm. 8vo. 
red morocco, hy Bedford, very rare, £10. Skara, 1732 

A curious book, by the father of the celebrated Emanuel Swedenborg, 
on Pennsylvania, and the Swedes in America. It contains many interesting 
notes on the labours of the Swedish pastors and their connection and co-ope- 
ration with English fellow-workers, the struggles of the colony and the 
Indians. The book is mentioned by Rich, but otherwise seems to be almost 
unknown, and is very scarce. 

29665 PENN'S (William) Last Farewel to England: an Epistle 
containing a salutation to all faithful Friends, etc. 1682 — New- 
England's Present Sufferings under their cruel neighbouring 
Indians, represented in two letters (from W. E. of Boston), 
1675 — with others, principally hy, or relating to the Quakers, 
in 1 vol. sm. 4to. old calf, £7. 10s 

In the same volume are : Tryon (Th.) Treatise of cleanness in meats and 
drinks, and the benefits of clean sweet beds, also of the generation of bugs, 
etc. 1682 — Tryon, Health's Grand Preservative, or the Women's beet Doctor, 
1682 — Samble (R.) Testimony to the plainness and simplicity of the truth as 
it is in Jesus, 1679 — Cry of Oppression in Nottinghamshire, Sutfcrings of 
the Quakers, 1G76 — Imprisonment of the Qnnkers in Bristol, by nailing them 
upin their Meeting-House, 1682— Wollrich {il ) Epistle to all Friends, 1674 — 
Lindley (B.) Shiboleth of Priesthood, 1078-Crisp (St.) Plain Path-Way 
opened to the Simple-IIearted for the answering all Doubts, etc. s. a.— Bancks 
(J.) Exhortation to Friends, 16S7 — A Few Words to all such (whether 
Papists or Protestants) as observe Dayes contrary to Christ and his Apostles, 
also the Quaker's Challenge to the Papists, by G. F., 1669— Whitehead (G.) 


Pennsylvania, New Sweden — continued. 

The Real Quaker a Real Protestant, in answer to " the Papist's Younger 
Brother," by Misoplanes and Philalethes, 1679 — Devouring Informers of 
Bristol, Proceedings against Dissenting-Protestants, 1682. 
see also New England's Sufferings. 

29666 ACTS of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of 
Pennsylvania, and an Appendix of the Laws passed between 
the 30th September, 1775, and the Revolution, sm. folio, Thick 
Paper, xvith the autograph of WilUa'm Franklin, the 'portrait of 
Benjamin Franldin inserted, calf, 30s Philadelphia, 1782 

29667 Debates of the Convention of Pennsylvania, on the Constitution, 
Vol. I, 8vo. hf. calf, 7s 6d Phil. 1788 

29668 Journal of the First Session of the Ninth House of Represen- 
tatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1798, sm. folio, 
calf, 20s Philadelphia, 1799 

29669 Proceedings relative to calling the Conventions of 1776 and 
1790 ; Minutes of the Convention that formed, the Constitution ; 
with the Charter to William Penn; etc. 8vo. bds. 25s 

Harrishurg, 1825 

29670 Mease (J.) Picture of Philadelphia, 12mo. 376 pp. and View of 
the City, calf, 6s Philadelphia, 1811 

29671 PROUD (R.) History of Pennsylvania, from the original 
settlement in 1681 till after 1742, with an Introduction, 
respecting the Life of William Penn, and the Quakers, 2 vols. 
8vo. portrait and map, calf, £3. 10s Philadelphia, 1797-8 


29672 Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Phila- 
delphia, complete set, from the beginning in 1842 to 1876: 
First Series, 8 vols. 1842-57— Second Series, 1857 to 1870, 14 
vols.— Third Series, 1871 to 1876, 6 vols.— together 28 vols. 
8vo. numerous plates of Natural History, the Birds and Insects 
coloured, twelve vols. hf. calf, uncut, the rest in parts, £20. 

Philadelphia, 1842-76 

29673 another set, as far as 1873 (wanting 1857 pts. 1-4 and 

1869), nineteen vols. hf. calf neat, the rest in parts, £12. 1842-73 

29674 Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 
Second Series, Vols. I and II, atlas 4to. 77 fine plates, some of 
them coloured, hf. calf, £6. 15&- 1847-54 

29675 the same, Vol. I, and Vol. II parts 1-3,-7 parts, 

impl. 4to. 67 fine pilates, including 17 heautifully COLOURED, of 
Birds, illustrating the articles hy Gassin, and 4, also coloured, of 
Shells, sd. very rare, £4. Philadelphia, 1847-53 

29676 ■ the same, Vol. I, parts 1 and 2, impl. 4to. 21 pilates, 

including 3 coloured plates of Birds, sd. 20s 1847-8 

Contents of parts 1 and 2 : — Cassin (John) Description of a new 
rapacious bird, of a new Buceros, and of three new species of the genus Icterus 
— Haldeman (S. S.) On North American Coleoptcra— Leidy (Joseph) History 
and Anatomy of the Hemipterous genus Belostama, etc. in all 13 memoirs. 
29677 [Smith (Rev. William)] Etat present de la Pensilvanie, oii Ton 
trouve le detail de ce qui s' y est passe depuis la defaite du. 
General Braddock jusqu' a la prise d' Oswego . . 12mo. folding 
map, morocco, £2. 10s 1756 

There was no map in the English original, which had been printed 
anonymously in 1755. 


Pennsylvania, New Sweden — continued. 

2i)678 THOMAS (Gabriel) Historical and Geographical Account of 
tlie Pro^-ince and Country of Pensilvania and of West-New- 
Jersey in America, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 8vo. viap, cloth, \0s 

London, 1698 [Neiv York, 1848) 
A facsimile reprint in lithograph of a very rare original, dedicated to 
William Penn. Pages 2-14 of the second part are on the Indians of New 
Jersev. including a short Vocabular}'. 

29679 [PETEIRS (S. A.)] General History of Conuecticxxt, with an 

Appendix on the Rebellion in America, 8vo. calf, £5. 1781 

The author says that " treachery is the staple commodity of the four 
New England Provinces." The work contains a wonderful account of the 
Falls of Upper Cohos, " where water is consolidated without frost by pressure, 
by swiftness, between the pinching, sturdy rocks, to such a degree of 
induration, that no iron crow can be forced into it." 

29680 Peterson (E.)Historyof Rhode Island, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d N.Y. 1853 
29G81 Peyton (J. L.) History of Augusta County, Virginia, 8vo. cloth, 

5s Staunton, Virg. 1882 

29682 First Relation of the Pilgrim Fathers 
(1620-21) : ]\IOURT (G.) [GEOKGE MORTON; 
A Relation, or Journall of the beginning anc 
proceedings of the English Plantatian settled at 
Plimoth in New England, sm. 4to. sliglitly cropped^ 
calf extra, gilt edges, very eare, £48. 

J. Bellamie, 1622 

The excessive i-arity and intinnsic value of this account of 
the Pilgrim Fathers are well known, and the narrative of 
" theu* difficult passage [in ' The Mayflower '], their safe arivall, 
their joyful building of, and comfortable planting themselves in 
the now well defended Towne of New Plimouth " is the first 
record of the history of New England. There was no copy in 
- the magnificent library of Mr. Brinley, nor has the book 
appeared in any of the sales for a great number of years. The 
book is indeed so rare that the reprint made for the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society was done from the transcript of a 
transcript, not quite perfect ; although it was completed in a 
later volume on the discovery of the only one known to be 
existent in America. Mourt's Relation ought to be the 
foundation or key-stone of every Boston library. 

The name of Mourt (or Morton, as has been suggested) is 
simply that of an editor. The Relation " writ by the severall 
actors themselves, after their plain and rude manner," is in seven 
separate narratives, only the last two of which are signed, one 
by E. W., the other by R. C. (Winslow and Cushman). They 
are preceded by " Certaine useful Advertisements " sent to the 
pilgrims at their setting out, signed by 1. R. ; and the two 
preliminary leaves which follow the title are " To his much 
respected Friend Mr. I. P." signed by R. G., and " To the 
Reader," signed by G. Mourt — the only place where this name 
apjiears. The doughty deeds of Captain Miles Standish were 
fiist made known bv fliis Relation. 


29682*MouRT (G.) [George Morton] Journal of the Pilgrims at 
Plymouth, in New England, in 1620 ; reprinted with historical 
illustrations by G. B. Cheever, 8vo. cloth gilt, 5s; or, hf. vellum 
gilt, 6.S New York, 1848 

29683 PooRE (Alf.) Memoir and Genealogy of John Poore, ten Genera- 

tions, 1615-1880, including the posterity of numerous daughters, 
4to. portrait, cloth, 20s Salem, Mass. 1881 

29684 PoussiN (G. T.) The United States: its Power and Progress, 

translated by E. L. Du Barry, 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d 1851 

29685 PRICE (R.) on the Nature of Civil Liberty, the Principles of 

Government, and the Justice and Policy of the War with 
America, with Appendix on National Debt, 8vo. uncut, 20s 

■London printed, 1776; Boston reprinted 

29686 the same, 7th edition, 1776; Additional Observations on 

Civil Liberty and the War, 1777 ; Appeal to the Public, on the 
subject of the National Debt, 1772 — 3 vols, in 1, 8vo. old red 
morocco gilt, T. Hollis' copy, with stamp on sides, £2. 12s 'od 

29687 PuRRT (Jean P.) of Neufchdtel, Stvitzerland. Memorial upon the 

present condition of Carolina, and the means of its ameliora- 
tion, 8vo. sd. 2s Augusta, Georgia, privately printed, 1880 
Translated by Ch. C. Jones, from the exceedingly rare French tract, 
printed in London, 1724. 

29688 Rae (W. F.) Columbia and Canada : Notes on the Great Re- 

public and the New Dominion, 8vo. (pub. 14s), cloth, 7$ 1877 

29689 RAMSAY (D.) History of South Carolina, from the first Settle- 

ment to 1808, 2 vols. 8vo. map, hds. uncut, 25s Charleston, 1809 

29690 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. map, old calf, 18s 1809 

29691 History of the Revolution of S. Carolina, from a British 

Province to an independent State, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. hd. 25s 

Trenton, 1785 
29692 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. calf neat, 30s 1785 

29693 [RATHBAND(W.)]Briefe Narration of some Church Courses held 

in Opinion and Practise in the Churches lately erected in New 
England ... by W. R. sm. 4to. red morocco extra, gilt edges, hy 
F. Bedford, rare, £5. 1644 

29694 Rawson Family (The). A Memoir of Edward Rawson, Secretary 

of Massachusetts Bay, 1650-86 ; with Genealogical Notices of 
his Descendants, including nine generations, by E. B. Crane, 
8vo. portraits, cloth, 28s Worcester, privately printed, 1875 

29695 RHODE ISLAND. Collections of the Historical Society of 

Rhode Island, Vols. II and IV, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12s 

Providence, R. I., 1835-38 

29696 Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence 

Plantation, 1636-1792, edited by J. R. Bartlett, 13 vols. 8vo. 
cloth, £2. 12s Qd Providence, B. I., 1856-65 

The earlier records have special interest. They include the treaties and 
communications with the Indians, and contain facsimiles of their signatures. 
29697 RICH (R.) News from Vieginia (1610), a Tract in verse, by 
R. Rich, soldier, 4to. hf. hd. 10s 

1610 — Privately re-printed, 1874 

Only twenty-five copies printed, all numbered. Of the original tract hut 

one copy is known. It contains some interesting scraps of information 


concerning the young English colony in Virginia, from which the author had 
just then returned, and a description of the " still vext Bermoothes," which 
may be interesting to the Shakespeare-allusionists. 
29G98 RiKDESEL. Ausziige aus den Briefen und Papieren des Generals 
Freyherren von Riedesel und seiner Gemalinn, ihre Reise nach 
America betreffend, Svo. calf, 36s Privately printed, s. n. 

Baron von Riedesel was commander of the Brunswick contingent in the 
British Army during the War of Independence. 

29699 Rights of Great Britain asserted against the Claims of America ; 

being an answer to the Declaration of the General Congress (by 
Sir John Dalrymple), Svo. sd. 6s 177Q 

29700 ROSIER (lames) A Trve Relation of the most 

prosperous voyage made this present yeere 1 605, by 
Captaine George Waymouth, in the Discouery of 
the land of Virginia: where hediscouered 60 miles vp 
a most excellent Riuer ; together with a most fertile 
land, sm. 4to. red morocco, hy Bedford^ £325. 

Londini, Geor. Bishop, 1605 

Excessively rare. The oldest book in this catalogue, and, 
with the exception of Gosnold's Voyage (1602), the earliest 
voyage by Englishmen to the lands of New England. Conse- 
quently it is a work that deserves venei-ation in the two or three 
American libraries in which it is found, and one that must 
arouse envy in all the others. The discovery of the eastern 
shores of New England by Gosnold and Waymouth ( — for the 
exploration of Cabot was of uncertain character and had no 
result — ) like the earlier discovery on the western shore of 
New Albion (Upper California) by Sir Francis Drake, was a 
momentous event in the history of the United States. After 
those pioneers. Captain John Smith followed, then came the 
Pilgrim fathers, and finally arose the great Republic which has 
realized the magnificent idea that prompted the two names of 
New Albion and New England, and has united the eastern and 
western territories in one magnificent whole. 

The Massachusetts Historical Society printed Rosier's 
Relation in 1843, but only from a transcript procured in 
England, no copy being then known to exist in America. 

29701 Sanford (E.) History of the United States before the Revolution, 

with some Account of the Aborigines, Svo. hd. hs Qd ; or, uncut, 
7s ed ^ Philad. 1819 

" A very excellent resume of what is known of the aborigines of America, 
occupies the first two hundred pages." — Field. 

29702 Semmes (Admiral Raphael) Memoirs of Service Afloat, during the 

War between the States, royal Svo. portraits and tinted plates, 
cloth, 9s Baltimore, 1S69 

29703 SERMONS by New England Divines : 

Barnes (David) Thoughts on the love of Life . . . 

Boston, 1796 
Bell (Benj.) Character of a virtuous Woman . . . 

Windsor, N.U. 1794 


Chaunct (Chas.) Discourse on the Good News . . . — Discourse 
on the death of Jonathan May hew — 2 vols, in 1 

Boston, 1766 
Davies (Samuel) Religion and Public Spirit . . . Boston, 1761 
FoEBES (Eli) God the strength and salvation of his People 

Boston, 1761 
Gee (Joshua) Sermon after the death of Cotton Mather 

Boston, 1728 
Haven (Samuel) Sermon on the knowledge of Christ 

Boston, 1768 
Hobby (Wm.) Sermon at the ordination of Daniel Emerson 

Boston, 1743 
Mayhew (Jonathan) The Snare broken . . . occasioned by the 
repeal of the Stamp- Act Boston, 1766 

Phillips (Samuel) The Sin of Suicide contrary to Nature . . . 

Bosfo7i, 1767 

Witherspoon (John) The Dominion of Providence ... on the 

general Fast appointed by Congress Glasgow, 1777 

— together 12 vols, in 11, 8vo. and sm. 8vo. polished calf extra, 

gilt tops, uncut, by Bedford, £20. 1728-95 

29704 [Sheffield (John, Lord)] Observations on the Commerce of the 

American States with Europe and the West Indies, 8vo. sd. 
3s 6d 1783 

29705 Observations on the Commerce of the American States, 

sixth edition, with tables and appendix, 1700-83, 8vo. uncut, 
lOs 1784 

29706 Shepard (Thomas) late Pastor at Cambridge in New England. 

Parable of the Ten Virgins opened and applied, being the 
substance of divers Sermons, now published from the authour's 
own notes, at the desires of many, for the common benefit of 
the Lord's People, sm. folio, calf neat, 30s 1660 

Collation : Title and 3 prel. leaves, pp. 1-240, 1-203, Table, 5 pp. 

29707 Shepard. Autobiography of Th. Shepard, the celebrated Minister 

of Cambridge, N.B. [born 1605, died 1649] (edited from the 
original MS.) by N. Adams, 12mo. cloth, 5s Boston, 1832 

29708 [Shipley (Jonathan)] Rise, Progress, and Present State of the 

Dispute between the People of America, and the Administration, 
by the Bishop of [St. Asaph], sm. 8vo. sd. 28s London (1777) 
By the author of " A Speech on the Bill for altering the Charters of the 
Massachusetts Colony (1774)." Highly favourable to the Americans. 

29709 SIMMS (W. G.) War Poetry of the South, 12mo. cloth, Qs 

N.Y. 1867 

" A Book for every Southern home." "Every home in the South, every 
affection, feeling, and sympathy, here finds record in melodious verse." 

29710 SIMCOE, Journal of the Operations of the Queen's Rangers, 

from the end of 1777, to the conclusion of the American War, 
4to. original edition, 10 plans, hf. calf, very rare, £10. 

Exeter, printed for the author (1783) 

List of Plans : Affair at Quintin's Bridge ; Surjorizeat Hancock's House ; 

Ambuscade at Kingsbridge ; March of Rangers ; Oyster Bay ; Skirmish at 

Richmond ; Landing at Burrell's ; Skirmish at Petersburg ; Action at Osburns ; 

Action at Spencer's Ordinary. 


29711 SiMCOE, Journal of the operations of the Queen's Rangers, from 

the end of 1777, to the conclusion of the American War, 4to. 
WITH THE ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, With MS. iiotes in margins, by Gen. 
Clinton, hds. uncut, £55. (1783) 

Containing: the original drawings of the following, in addition to those of 
the plates which appear ahove : Skjrmish at Croswick's ; Ketreat from Gens. 
Clinton and Morgan ; Plan of Post at Great Bridge ; Position of Rangers at 
Korth Castle ; Point of Fork ; Plan of R. Delaware below Philadelphia. 
The drawings are by Lt. G. Spencer, or copies by him of sketches by Lt.-Col. 
Simcoe, and Lts. Allans and J. Stratton. The Queen's Rangers was a 
partisan corps composed almost entirely of American Loyalists, and was 
continually in action during the years 1777-83. 

29712 Slave Songs of the United States, 8vo. doth, 10s New York, 1867 

Containing 136 Songs with the music, with an introduction on the dialect 
cf the slaves. 

29713 SMITH (Capt. J.) True Relation of Virginia, with an 
introduction and notes by Charles Deane, sm. 4to. 
facsimile map from the 1608 edition^ cloth^ 32s 

Boston^ 1866 

29714 A Map of Virginia. With a description of 

the Countre}^ the Commodities, People, Government 
and Religion. Written by Captaine Smith, some- 
times Governour of the Countrey . . . Oxford., 
1612 ; Symonds (William) The Proceedings of the 
English Colonie in Vii'ginia since their first begin- 
ning from England in the yeare of our Lord 1606 
till this present 1612 . . . by W\ S. Oxford, 1612 
— 2 vols. sm. 4to. fine impression of the genuine 

folding map, red morocco, hy Bedford, £130. 1612 

With Smith's True Relation of 1608, and these two works 
(which were printed together, as the title of the " Map " 
indicates), the real history of the English colonies in America 
may be said to begin, as the settlements made between 1584 
and 1607 had proved abortive. The Rev. Wilham Symonds 
edited Smith's " Map," and added the second part by combining 
the manuscript relations of Dr. Russell, Thomas Studley, 
Anas Todkill, Jeffra Abbot, Richard Wiefin, Will Prettiplace, 
I^athaniel Powell, Richard Pots, and others of the colonists. 
It is a circumstance of extraordinary rarity to find the 
genuine map in this book. It is the original impression of 
the same plate that was afterwards used for Smith's General 
History of Virginia and Purchas' Pilgrims, but in the former 
instance, the reference " Smith, 41 " was added in the right- 
hand bottom corner, and in the latter, the reference " 1690 " 
super-added in the upper left-hand corner. 

29715 Smith's Map of Virginia, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 

4to. pp. 35-39 of the first part missing, the map in 
facsimile, calf £30. 1612 



29716 SMITH (J.) Gexerall Histokie of Virginia, New 
England, and the Summer Isles, with the names of 
the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from their 
first beginning Ano. 1584 to this present 1624, sm. 
folio, engraved title with portraits of Queen Elizabeth^ 
James I and Prince Charles^ 'portrait of Duchess of 
Biclimond hy Delaram^ and 4 maps, hut without 
portrait of Alatoaha ; James Fs copy loith his Arms in 
gold on the sides, very fine large copy in old calf gilt, 
from the Hamilton Palace library, £75. 1624 

the same, sm. folio, frontispiece and 4 maps, 






icith the portrait of the Duchess of Richmond in fac- 
simile, old calf, £,2b. 1624 

The map of " Oald Virginia " being defective, a facsimile 
has been added. The map of New England bears the 
alteration " Prince Charles now King." A copy of the True 
Travells, wanting the title and the plate, is added at the 

Generall Historic of Virginia, sm. folio, 

frontispiece and 4 maps, 3 of the maps and the 
portrait of the Duchess of Richmond being in facsimile, 
hf. bd. £12. 1627 

the same, sm. folio, frontispiece, loith the 

4 maps and the portrait of the Duchess of Richmond 
in facsimile, old calf , £10. 1627 

General History of Vu-ginia. Facsimiles 

of the 4 maps and the portrait of the Duchess of 
Richmond, each £1. 15 (1624) 

It is very seldom that a copy of Smith's Virginia contains 
all the maps and portraits. 

The two portraits indeed are so rare that bibliographers 
disagree whether they were issued with the book, or not. 
The compiler of the catalogue of the Hath Libraiy says of 
his copy, that " it certainly never possessed the portraits of 
the Duchess of Richmond and Matoaka, which are inserted 
in some copies, but were not originally issued with the book." 

True Travels, Adventures and Observations 

of Captaine John Smith, in Europe, Asia, AfFrica, and 
America, 1593-1629, together with a continuation of 
his generall History of Virginia, Summer-lies, New 
England, 1624-29, etc. sm. folio, loants plate, £5. 



29722 SMITH (Capt. J.) True Travels, sm. folio, with the 
PLATE in 9 compartments^ slightly damaged and 
mounted^ corner of a leaf mended, half morocco, very 
RARE, £8. 8s ^ _ 1630 

29723 tlie same, ijerfect, with the title and plate in 

fine condition, old calf, from the Osterley Park library^ 
£30. 1630 

BoTiBd up with, a copy of the History of Virginia, dated 
1632, wliicli has only two out of the four maps, namely Virginia 
{as marked for Purchas) and New England (an original 
impression, before the ivorcls " Prince Charles Prince of Great 
Britain " were altered, and before the large coat of arms was 
added. The two missing maps are inserted in facsimile. 

29723* True Travels, Adventures, and Observations . . 1593- 

1629, and Generall Historic of Virginia . . fi-om the London 
edition of 1629, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait, map, and plates in nine 
compartments, hcls. uncut, £2. 10s Richmond, 1819 

29724 SMITH (Captaine lohn) Advertisements for the 
Unexperienced Planters of New England, or any 
where. Or, The Pathway to experience to erect a 
Plantation. With the yearely proceedings of this 
Country in Fishing and Planting, since the yeare 
1614, to the yeare 1630 . . . with a brilliant 
IMPRESSION of the rare map having the portrait of 
Smith in the corner, hy Simon Pass 

lohn Haviland 1631 

HIGGESON (Mr.) New-Englands Plantation. 
Or, a short and trve description of the commodities 
and discommodities of that Countrey . . Whereunto 
is added a letter, sent by Mr. Graues an Enginere, 
out of New-England. The second Edition enlarged, 
14 leaves, very rare T. and R. Cotes ^ 1630 

ALEXANDER (Sr. Wm.) The Mapp and De- 
scription OF New-England; Together with a Dis- 
course of Plantation, and Collonies, also a Relation of 
the Nature of the Climate and how it agrees with our 
owne country England, etc. title cropped^ ivith a fine 
and perfect copy of the excessively rare map, 
comprising Neio England, Neio Scotland, New Found 
Land, and New France N. Butler^ 1630 

ENGLAND, as they are now established, 10 leaves 



including title^ uncut, very rare 

F. Coules and W. Ley, 1641 

Smith's map of New England is identical with its original 
issue in 161G, except that the woi-ds " now King" appear on it 
aftei- the name of Prince Charles. — Alexander's Map is of the 
original impression as produced in 1624, before it was modified 
for Purchas' Pilgrims in 1625. 

the 4 works in 1 vol. sm. 4to. old calf^ hound 

aboutlQSO, from the Simderlandh'hrar/j; £150 1630-41 

29725 Smith (W. R.) History of Wisconsin, Vols. I and III, 8vo. doth, 

20s Madison, 1854 

Containing the Histoi-ical and Documentary portions. Vol. II, which is 

not here, contains the Descriptive part. 

Smithsonian Institution : 

complete set to 1873, Vols. I-XVIII, royal 4to. containing a large 
number of plates ami woodcuts (published at about £35.), cloth, 
£20. Washington, 1848-73 

The following vols, can he supplied sepa/>-ately at the prices affixed. 

of the Nervous System of Rana 
Pipiens, by J. Wtman, 2 plates ; 
Nereis Boreali-Americana, Marine 
Algffi of N. America, by W. H. 
Harvey, with 24 plates; Plantffi 
by As.i Gr.^y, part II, 4 plates, 20s 

Vol. I. 

29727 Sqdier (E. G.) and E. H, Davis, 

Ancient Monuments of the Missis- 
sippi Valley, 48 fine plates and over 
200 ivoodcuts, rare, £i. 4s 1848 

Vol. II. 

29728 Squier's Aboriginal Monuments of 
the State of New York, 18 engraved 
plans and vieivs, besides ivoodcuts — 
Contril)utions to the Physical Geo- 
graphy of the United States, part I, 
by Charles Ellet, ivith a plate — 
Researches relative to the Planet 
Neptune, by Sears C. Walker, 
and other articles, rare, £3. 10s 1851 

Vol. III. 

29729 Fresh-water Fishes of North 
America : Cottoids, by Charles 
Girard, plates — Nereis Boreali- 
Americana, by W. H. Harvey, pt. I, 
with coloured plates — Planta; 
Wrightianse Texano Neo-Mexicanse, 
by Asa Gray, part I, plates; etc. 10s 


Vol. IV. 

29730 RiGGS (S. R.) Grammar and Dic- 
tionary of the Dakota Language, 
64 arid 838 p^P- '2os 1852 

Vol. V. 

29731 Flora and Fauna (A) within 
Living Animals, by J. Leiuy, with 
10 plates; On the J--xtinct Fossil 
Ox, by the same, 5 plates ; Anatomy 

Vol. IX. 

29732 Relative Intensity of the Heat 
and Light of the Sun upon different 
latitudes, by L. W. Meech, 6 plates; 
Illustrations of Surface Geology, by 
Edward Hitchcock, 12 plates; 
Researches on the Ammonia Cobalt 
Bases, by W. Gibbs and F. A. 
Genth, 30s 1857 

Vol. XL 

29733 North American Oology, by 
Brewer, pt. I, Raptores and Fissi- 
rostres, pp. 140 and 5 plates; 
Eclipse of the Sun near Olmos, 
Peru, by Gilliss, 1858, 1 plate; 
Coleoptera of Kansas and Eastern 
New Mexico, by Kast, 3 plates ; 
and three other papers, sd. 10s 1860 

Vol. XIL 

29734 Venom of tlie Rattlesnake, by Mit- 
chell, pp. 156 and 12 ciits ; Astro- 
nomical Observations in the Arctic 
Seas, by Kane ; Fluctuation of 
levels in the N. A. Lakes, by Whit- 
tlesey, 2 plates, and two other 
papers by N. D. Smith and Caswell 
on Meteorology ; sd. 20s 1860 


Vol. XIV. Vol. XVII. 
29735 Paleontology of the .Upper 29736 Morgan (Lewis) Systems of Con- 
Missouri, part I, by Meek and sariguinity aud Affinity of the 
Hayden ; Cretaceous K('])tiles of the Human Family, genealogical tahlea 
United States, by Leidy ; Bache's and diagrams, rare, £2. 
Magnetic and Meteorological Obser- Washington, 1871 
vations, 12s 1865 

29737 STEVENS (Henry) the Revolution in New England in the time 

of Governor Andross, 1688-1690 ; a collection of important 
historical Manviscripts collected and transcribed with a view of 
compiling and printing a documentary History of that revolu- 
tion, comprising all the papers that could be found relating to 
the subject in the Public Record Office, Bodleian Library, 
British Museum, etc. folio, neatly written MS. copies of original 
documents, cloth, £7. 10s 1688—? 1870 

29738 Stiles (Ezra) President of Yale College, etc. Life, by Ab. Holmes, 

Q^o. portrait, calf, 10s Boston, 1798 

29739 STITH (W.) Hisbory of the First Discovery and Settlement of 

Virginia (with Appendix of Charters, etc.), 8vo. original edi- 
tion, old calf, very rare, £6. Williamsburg, 1747 
" Stiih's accurate and faithful histoiy of Virginia " — a well-known and 
rare book. "'Ihe documents from which the work was compiled were 
recently destroyed by fire." Included in Field's Indian Bibliography. 

29740 Stuart (M. C.) The Pilgrim Fathers' first meeting for public 

worship in N. America, 8vo. sd. Is 6d Utrecht, 18G0 

29741 Swan (James) a Dissuasion to Great-Britain and the Colonies 

from the Slave Trade to Africa, 12mo. sd. 10s 

Boston, N.E. s. d (cir. 1770) 

29742 Tatham (W.) Agriculture and Commerce of (Spanish) America, 

and of the United States, 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. hd. 4s 1800 

29743 Testimony (The) of the Pastors of the Churches in Massachusetts 

Bay, against sevex-al Errors in Doctrine, and Disorders in 
Practice, 8vo. sd. 10s Boston, 1743 

29744 Thompson (D. P.) History of the Town of Montpelier (Vermont), 

1781 to 1860, with Biographical Sketches of its Citizens, 8vo. 
portrait of Judge Prentiss, cloth, %s Montpelier, 1860 

29745 Thompson (Zadock) History of Vermont, Natural, Civil and 

Statistical, with Appendix, 4 vols, in 1, thick 8vo. map and 200 
ivoodcuts, calf, 7s 6d Burlington (Vermo7it), 1842-53 

29746 Thornton (W.) Elements of Written Language, and mode of 

teaching the Deaf and Dumb, 8vo. sd. 7s Gd Phil. 1796 

A curious phonetic treatise which was intended to serve as the starting- 
point of the new American Language. 

29747 TiLTON V. Beecher, Action for Crim. Con. tried in the city court 

of Brooklyn, Verbatim Report of the Official Stenographer, 

3 vols. 8vo. numerous portraits, calf, £3. 16s New York, 1875 

22748 TocQUEViLLE (A. de) Democracy in America, translated by 

H. Reeve, 2 vols. 8vo. map. Ids. 10s 1836 

29749 Tracts on Trade, Manufactures, Finance, etc. of New England, 



36 pieces in 2 vols, large 8vo. /;/. morocco, lettered ^^ Melanges," 
18s 1831-44 

Contents: Colman's Address at the Cattle Show, 1839 — State of Trade, 
1840 — The Cotton Maiiulacture, 1841 — Vindication of Lowell Mills, 1841 — 
Commercial Reciprofity, 1844 — The Anti-Tariff Convention, 1831 — Relations 
with France, 1836 — Maryland Mining Coy. 1836 ; etc. 

29749*Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, between His Britannic 
Majesty and the United States, Nov. 19, 1/94, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 


29750 TRUMBULL (Dr. Benj.) History of Connecticut, Civil and 
Ecclesiastical, from the Emigration of its first Planters fi'om 
England in 1630 to 1713, 8vo. all that was published of this 
edition, hf. bd. I8s Hartford, 1797 

Original edition of " one of the best works of the kind published in this 
country." — North Amer. Review. 

29751 History of Connecticut . . . from 1630 to the year 1764 

and the close of the Indian Wars, 2 vols. Svo. portrait, calf, 
scarce, £2. 10s New Haven, 1818 

29752 Trumbull (Henry) History of the Discovery of America : of the 
landing of our forefathers at Plymouth, and of their engage- 
ments with the Indians in New England, 1620-79, with the 
defeat of Braddock, Hammer, and St. Clair, the Creeke and 
Seminole War, etc. Svo. 3 very curious engravings, bds. 12s 

Boston, 1832 

29753 the same 8vo. without the engravings, bds. 4s 'od ib. 1830 

ritories, the volumes as detailed below, sold separately, royal 
4to. sd. and cloth Washington, 1873-79 

Vol. I. Vol. IX. 

29754 Leidt (Joseph) Extinct Vertebrate 
Fauna of the Western Territories, 358 
j)p. 37 filates, 36s 1873 

Vol. II. 

29755 Cope (E. D.) Vertebrata of the 
Cretaceous Formations of the West, 
302 xip- 57 r>laies, 20s 1875 

Vol. V. 

29756 Thomas (Cyrus) Synopsis of the 
AcrididjE of North America, 6s 1 873 

'• Acrididse is the name of a family of 
Insects belonging to the order Orthoptera." 

Vol. VI. 

29757 Lesquereux (Leo) Fossil Flora of 
the Western Territories, part I, 1 36 jpf. 
2>Q 'plates, 20s 1874 

29758 Meer (F. B.) Invertebrate, Creta- 
ceous and Tertiary Fossils of the 
Upper Missouri Country, 629 pp. 45 
plates, 20s 1876 

Vol. X. 

29759 Packard (A. S.) Monograph of the 
Geometrid Moths or Phalanidaa of 
the U. S., Vi plates, 24s 1876 

Vol. XI. 

29760 CouES (E.) and J. A. Allen, Mono- 
graphs of the N. American Rodentia, 
1091 pp. and 6 plates, cloth, 20s 1877 

Contents : — Muridae ; Leporidae; Hys- 
tricidge; I^agomyidce ; Castoroididse ; Cas- 
toridce, Zapodidse ; Saccomyidse ; Haplo- 
dontidae ; Geomyidaj ; Sciurida ; Biblio- 
graphy of North Amer. Mammals; Index 
to the whole. 

29761 Virginia. A TRVE DECLARATION of the 
futation of such scandalous reports as have tended to 
tlie disgrace of so worthy an enterprise: Published 


by aduise and direction of the Councell of Virginia, 
sm. 4to. red morocco, hy Bedford^ £120. 

William Barret^ 1610 

Excessively rare. Tin's narrative v^as issued at a time 
when the fortunes of the little colony seemed to be sinking just 
as Raleigh's fii'st settlement had done. It gives us the first 
account of the disastrous expedition of Sir George Summers, 
Sir Thomas Gates and Captain Nev^^port in 1609, and their nar- 
row escape by falling in with the Bermudas or Summer Islands. 
"These islands of the Bermudas have ever been accounted as an 
inchaunted pile of rocks, and a desert inhabitation for Divels." , 

29762 Virginia. THE NEW LIFE OF VIRGINEA: 

declaring the former svccesse and present estate of 
that plantation, being the second part of Noua 
Britannia. Published by the authoritie of his Maies- 
ties Counsell of Virginea, sm. 4to. rec? morocco^ hy 
Bedford, rare, £31. IO5 1612 

The " Epistle Dedicatorie " to Sir Thomas Smith is signed 
by R. I. 

29763 Virginia. (A Declaration of the State of the Colony and Affairs 

in Virginia), sm. 4to. /;/. hcl. £4. 1620 

There are five parts in the one volume, and two sets of signatures, the 
first of which ends with r4. This copy is not perfect : it begins with page 3 
of the text, which is the first signature A4, and ends with the second 
signature, E3. The order of pages is as follows : 3-12, 1-8, 1-30, 1-4, 1-38, 
so that the book contains 90 pp., which are all consecutive and perfect so far 
as they go. Thus, the title and one leaf are deficient at the beginning, and 
page 39 at the end. 

29764 Virginia. An Exact Abridgement of the Public Acts of 

Assembly of Virginia, in force and use, together with sundry 
Precedents and Tables, by J. Mercer, 8vo. ca If, 36s 

WilUamshtirg, W. Paries, 1737 

War of Independence : 

29765 Address of the People of Great Britain to the Inhabitants of 
America, 1775 — Appeal to the Justice and Interests of Great 
Britain in the Present Disputes, 1775 — Massachusetensis ; 
Letters on the foundation of the Present Troubles in 
Massachusetts Bay, 1776 — Obedience the best Charter, 1776 — 
Observations on Dr. Price's Principles of Civil Liberty, and 
Letter on the pretensions of the American Colonies, 1776 — 
Price's Notions of Civil Liberty contradictory to Reason and 
Scripture, 1777 — Stevenson's (J.) Letters in answer to Dr. 
Price's pamphets, 1778 — in one vol. 8vo. lettered "Pamphlets," 
collected by John Arden, jun., and all relating to the Declara- 
tion of American Independence, 20s 1775-78 

29766 Army Lists : Lists of the General and Field-Officers as they 
rank in the Army, of the Officers of the Hoi'se, Dragoons and 
Foot, on the British and Irish establishments ; Governors, etc. 


War of Independence — continued. 

of Garrisons at home and. abroad (1761), 1775 and 1778; — 
3 vols. 8vo. calf, 20.9 1761-78 

The volume for 1775 has valuable MS. additions. The above three 
volumes refer to important years in American History. 

29767 A BRIEF Review of the Rise and ProgTsss, Services and 
Sufferings of New England, especially the province of Massachu- 
set's-Bay, 1774 — Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of 
the American Congress held at Philadelphia, 1774 — Summary 
View of the Rights of British America [by B. Franklin], 1774 
— Letters from a Farmer in Pensylvania, 1774 — Smith (W.) 
Sermon on American Affairs, 1775 — Zubly (J. J.) Sermon on 
American Affairs, 1775 — in 1 vol. 8vo. Ids. 16s 1775-74 

29768 Burke (Edmund) Speech on American Taxation (1774), 1775 ; 
Speech on a plan for the better security of the Independence of 
Parliament, 1780 ; Letter to J. Farr and J. Harris, Sheriffs of 
Bristol, on the Affairs of America, 1777 ; Thoughts on the Letter 
to the Sheriffs of Bristol, by the Earl of Abingdon, Oxford, s. a. — 
Tucker (Jos.) Four Letters on important National Subjects, to 
the Earl of Shelbume, Glocester, 1783— Select Letters on the 
Trade and Government of America, by Gov Bernard, at Boston 
(1763-8), 1774 — Letter to the Earl of Chatham, on the Quebec 
Bill, 1774 — Taxation no Tyranny (by Dr. Johnson), 1775 — in 
1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf, £2. 1775-83 

29769 CLINTON (Sir Henry). Copy of a Letter from John Robinson, 
late Secretary to the Treasury, to Sir H. Clinton, late Commander 
in Chief of H.M's Ai-my in North America, 8vo. 4 fp. Is 6tZ 


On the appointment by Sir H. Clinton of Commissaries of Captures, 

during the expedition to South Carolina, for the purpose of preserving the 

property of the loyal subjects, and of converting to the use of the army 

everything captured from the enemy. 

29770 Clinton (Sir H.) Letter to the Commissioners of Public 
Accounts, relative to some observations which may be judged to 
imply censure on the late Commanders in Chief of the Army in 
N. America, 8vo. sd. hs 1784 

29771 Collection of Pamphlets on the events immediately preceding 
the War of Independence, in 4 vols. 8vo. collected by Mr. W. 
Brummell, hf. calf, £5. 1765-9 

Contents : Dummer (Jer.) Defence of the New-England Charters 
(1765) ; Considerations on the propriety of imposing Taxes in the Colonies 
(by Mr. Dulaney, of Maryland), 1766 ; Late Regulations respecting the 
Colonies of America considered (by Mr. Dickinson, of Philadelphia), 1766 ; 
Authentic account of the proceedings of the Congress at New- York, 1765, on 
the Stamp Act, 1767 ; The late occurrences in North America, and policy of 
Great Britain considered, 1766 ; Account of a late conference on the occur- 
rences in America (by Joshua Steele), 1766 ; Examination of Dr. Franklin, 
relative to the Stamp Act (1766), 1767 ; True Sentiments of America, letters 
from Massachusetts (by Th. Hollis), 1768 ; Letters from a Farmer in Penn- 
sylvania, (by Mr. Dickinson), 1768 ; Application of some general political 
Kules to the present state of Great-Britain, Ireland and America, 1766 ; 
Justice and Necessity of Taxing the American Colonies demonstrated, 
1766 ; Short History of the conduct of the present Ministry, with regard to 
the Stamp Act, 1766 ; Conduct of the late Administration examined, relative 



War of Ikdependexce — continued. 

to the Stamp Act (by Mr. Grenville), 1767 ; Two Protests against the Bill 
to repeal the Stamp Act, Paris, 1766 ; Controversy between Great Britain and 
her Colonies reviewed (by Wm. Knox), 1769. 
29772 Collection of Pamphlets relating to the circumstances which 
led to the War of Independence, in 1 vol. 8vo. collected by Mr. 
W. Brummell, calf, £2. \Qs 1760-6 

CoNTKNTS : Interests of Great Britain considered, with regard to her 
Colonies (by Ben]'. Franklin). 1760; Objections to the Taxation of our 

American Colonies briefly considered (by Mr. J s), \1&^ ; Considerations 

on behalf of the Colonists (by F. A.), 1765 ; Grievances of the American 
Colonists candidly examined, 1766; Considerations on the American Stamp 
Act, 1766 ; True Interest of Great Britain, with respect to her American 
Colonies, 1766; Necessity of repealing the American Stamp Act, 1766; The 
late occurrences in North America, and policy of Great Britain considered, 
1766 ; Strictures on the late occurrences in North America, 1766 ; Examina- 
tion of the Rights of the Colonies, upon principles of Law, 1766 ; Reflexions 
on Representation in Pai'liament, admitting the Americans to a share in the 
Legislature, 1766; Two Protests against the Bill to repeal the American 
Stamp Act, Paris, 1766. 

20773 Galloway (Joseph) Plain Truth : A Letter to the Author of 
Dispassionate Thoughts on the American War, in which the 
necessity of carrying on that war is clearly demonstrated, 1780 
— Letters to a Nobleman on the Conduct of the War in the 
Middle Colonies, vicq^, 1780 — Reply to the Observations of Sir 
William Howe on " Letters to a Nobleman," 1780 — Historical 
Reflections on the Rise and Progress of the American Rebel- 
lion, 1780 — Paine (Thomas) Letter to Abbe Raynal on the 
Aflfairs of North America, 1782— in 1 vol. 8vo. 14s 1780-82 

Mr. Galloway, an American, who deserted from the national side to that 
of the British, was the anonymous author of these rare tracts, wliich advocate 
a rigorous continuance of the war and a relentless destruction of the rebels. 

29774 [Galloway (Jos.)] Reply to the Observations of Sir W. Howe, 
on "Letters to a Nobleman," 8vo. xvitlwut title, scl. 2s 6d (1780) 

29775 Macadlay (Catharine) Address to the People of P]ngland, Scot- 
land, and Ireland, on the present important crisis of affairs, 
1775 — Wesley (John) Calm Address to our American Colonies, 
Dublin, 1775 — Short Address to the Government, etc., and the 
Colonists in America on the present state of affairs, 1775 — • 
Letter to Lord Camden, on the Bill for restraining the trade 
and fishery of the four Provinces of New England, 1775 — 
Letter from an Officer retii-ed to his son in Parliament (against 
the Americans), 1776 — Letter to the Noblemen, Gentlemen, etc. 
who have addressed His Majesty on the American Rebellion, 
1776 — Strictures upon the Declaration of the Congress at Phila- 
delphia, 1776— Common Sense: Addressed to the Inhabitants 
of America (by Thomas Paine), London, 1776— Answer to the 
Declaration of the American Congress, 1776— Rights of Great 
Britain asserted against the claims of America (by Sir J. 
Dalrymple), 1776 — Anticipation : containing the substance of 
H.M.'s Speech to both H— s of P— 1— t (by Rich. Tickell), 
1778 — Plain Truth: addressed to the inhabitants of America, 
containing remarks on " Common Sense," by Candidns, London, 
1776 ; in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf, rare, £3. IH.-? 1775-8 


War of Independence — contimied. 

29776 Opposition Mornings: with Betty's Remarks, 8vo. sd. rare, 
'6s 6d 1779 

Interesting to Americans. A Tory pamphlet, written under the 
pseodonym of " Elizabeth O'Neill," but unknown to Eich. 

29777 [Ponce (N.)] Recueil cVEstampes representant les differents 
evenements de la guerre qui a procure I'lndependance aux 
Etats unis de rAiuerique, 4to. 16 beautiful plates, old French 
calf, £4. " Paris, Ponce (1785-90) 

29778 View of the evidence relative to the conduct of the War under 
the Howes and Burgoyne, as given before a Committee of the 
House of Commons, 8vo. bds. 4s 1779 

29779 Wesley (John) Constitutional Answer to Mr. J. Wesley's Calm 
Address to the American Colonies, 1775 — Letter to Mr. J. 
Wesley, occasioned by his Calm Address, by Caleb Evans 
(Americanus), 1775 — Principles of a Real Whig (by Moles- 
worth), 1775 — Shipley (Bishop) Sermon preached before the 
Soc. for Prop, of Gospel (1773), 1774 — in 1 vol. 12mo. hf.calf, 
7s 6d 

29780 Second Answer to (" the Calm Address" of) Mr. J. Wesley, 
being a supplement to the letter of Americanus, by W. D., sm. 
8vo. sd. 2s lod 1775 

29781 [WARD] The Simple Cobbler of Aggavvam in America, willing 

to help 'mend his Native Country, lamentably tattered, both in 
the upper Leather and sole, by Theodore de la Guard, sm. 4to. 
vellum, £4. London, for S. Bow tell, 1647 

Very rare : a copy fetched £11, in 1843. The Kev. Nathaniel Ward, 
who publislied this rare and curious work, under the assuaieiJ name of Theodore 
de la Gu;trd. was one of the gentle Puritan souls. On the last leaf he cries 
out, "'Cursed be he that maketh not his sword starke drunk with Irish 
blood . . . and let him be accursed that curseth not them bitterly ! ' 

29782 [Ward] The Simple Cobbler (edited by D. Pulsifer), sm. 4to. 

sd. 'Is 6d 1647 (Boston, 1843) 

29783 WASHINGTON'S (George) Life, to which are added, his Diaries 

and Speeches ; and various miscellaneous papers relating to his 
habits and opinions, by Jared Sparks, 2 vols. 8vo. portraits, hf. 
calf, 10s 1839 

29784 GuizoT, Vie, Correspondance et Ecrits de Washington, 6 vols. 
8vo. calf gilt, with roy. A^to. Atlas of 22 portraits, maps, etc. 
including a facsimile of the Declaration of Independance, in hf. 
calf gilt, Hbs _ 1840 

29785 Hitchcock (Enos) Discourse on the Dignity of the Human 
Character, illustrated in the Life of General Washington, in com- 
memoration of his death, 8vo. hf. morocco, 10s Providence, 1800 

29786 Wharton (Rev. C. H.) Poetical Epistle to Washington, from the 
original MS. belonging to D. Pulsifer, with Appendix, sm. 8vo. 
sd. 2s 6d Boston, 1881 

29787 WELD (Thomas) A short Story of the Rise, Reign, and Ruin of 
the Antinomians, Familists and Libertines, that infected the 
Churches of New-England . . . sm. 4to. the margins slightly 
cut into, crimson morocco, gilt edges, £6. 'os R. Smith, 1644 

A very rare and curious volume. The sweetness of Christian love is 
mani'cbt in the sentences in which Mr. Weld gloats over Anne llutcliiuson's 

203 * 


bauishment from Boston, and the massacre of herself and her family by the 
Indians. He considered that the Almighty had himself interposed to bring this 
pmiishment on her, for the gratification of the Saints of Boston. 

29788 Welsteed (W.) Sermon preached in the audience of Spencer 

Phips, Lieut.-Gov. and Commander in Chief, the Council, 
and House of Representatives of Massachusetts-Bay, on the 
anniversary for the Election of the Council, sm. 4to. sd. 21s 

Boston, 1751 

29789 WHITAKER (Alexander) Good Newes from 
Virginia. Sent to the Covnsell and Company of 
Virginia resident in England . . . wherein also is 
a narration of the present State of that Countrey 
and our Colonies there. Perused and published by 
direction from that Counsell. And a Preface pre- 
fixed touching some matters touching that Plantation, 
sm. 4to. red morocco, hy Bedford, £105. 1612 

Excessively kare. Whitaker went to Virginia in 1611, 
and became preacher to the colony at Henrico, so called after 
Prince Henry, eldest son of James I. It was Whitaker who had 
the honour of celebrating the first legal union between England 
and America, by solemnizing the marriage of the famous 
Princess Pocahontas with John Rolfe. — The preface is an 
Epistle dedicatorie to Lord Ure, signed by W. Crashaw (the 
father of the poet) ; but the tract itself is dedicated by Whitaker 
to Sir Thomas Smith. 

29790 White (Father Andrew) Narrative of a Voyage to Maryland, an 

Account of the Colony of Lord Baron of Baltimore, extracts 
from Letters of Missionaries, 1635-77, edited by E. A. Dalrymple 
(in Latin and English), 8vo. sd. 18s Baltimore, 1874 

29791 White (Wm.) Memoirs of the Protestant Episcopal Church in 

the United States of America, 8vo. uncut, 7s 6d 

Philadelphia, 1820 

29792 Whitmore (W. H.) Register of Families settled at the Town of 

Medford, Mass., Svo. portraits, vietvs and facsimiles of signatures, 
hf morocco, Lord Farnham's copij, 16s 

Privately printed, Boston, 1 855 

29793 Genealogical and Historical Tracts : Memoranda relating 

to the Lane, Reyner, and Whipple Families, Yorkshire and 
Massachusetts, Boston, 1857 — The Cavalier Dismounted : Oi'igin 
of the Founders of the thii'teen Colonies, Salem, 1854 — Notes 
concerning Peter Pelham, Cambridge, 1867 — Genealogy of the 
Usher Family of New-England, Boston, 1869 — Essay on the 
names of Towns in Massachusetts settled before 1775, Boston, 
1873—5 8vo. pieces, sd. 1857-73 

29794 Handbook of Ameincan Genealogy, being a Catalogue 

of Family Histories and Publications containing genealogical 


information, chronologically arranged, sm. 4to. lif. calf, uncut, 
£2. Allamj, 1862 

Genealogy in the United States has become a regular Science, thanks to 
the honest and painstaking labours of Mr. Drake, Mr. Whitmore, and others. 
But not very long ago it was to be classed among the Fine Arts. 

29795 WILLARD (Samuel) The Truly Blessed Man ; or the way to be 

happy here and for ever . . . 12mo. hlue morocco extra, gilt edges, 
£3. Boston, N.E. 1700 

29796 Compleat Body of Divinity, folio, fine copy in green 

morocco extra, edges gilt and goffered, £10. \Qs Boston, 1726 

Rare. The first folio volume printed in New England. An 
interesting list of subscribers will be found at the beginning of the book, 
as well as a notice of the author's life and character. 

29797 WILLIAMS (Edward) [and JOHN FARRER] 

Virgo Triumphans: or Virginia Richly and 
Truly Valued; more especially the South part 
thereof: viz. the fertile Carolana, and no lesse excel- 
lent Isle of RoANOAK, of Latitude from 31 to 37 
Degr. relating the meanes of raising infinite profits 
to the Adventurers and Planters, sm. 4to. green 
morocco exti^a^ gilt edges ^ £25. 

TJiomas Harper^ for John Stephenson^ 1650 
Collation: Title, 1 leaf; "To the Supreme Authoi-ity of 
this Nation," 8 pp.; "To the Conservers and Enlargers of the 
liberty of the Nation," 2 pp.; "To the Reader," 2 pp. ; text, 
pp. 1-47 ; Table and Supplement, 4 leaves unnumbered. — There 
is inserted at the beginning a copy, in Williams' own hand- 
writing, of an autograph letter privately sent by him to the 
Lord President of the Council. 

29798 the same, sm. 4to. earliest issue icith only the 

Title and " To the Reader " as 'preliminary leaves ; 
Farrer s own copy of the first edition^ filled with his 
MS. notes on the margins, and containing his drawing 
of a map dated 1650, to show the accessibility of 
California hy inland-route, sd. £28. 1650 

Williams was the author of the book ; but Mr. John Farrer, 
to whom he alludes in the preface, supplied all the material. 
N"o map was issued with this first edition, nor yet with the second, 
hut Farrer s MS. design was engraved with slight alterations in 
1651, for issue with the third edition in that year. The distor- 
tion of geographical truth in the map, taken in connection with 
the MS. notes (in which the writer complains bitterly that 
Williams had omitted a good deal of the original matter, so as 
to serve the interests of the new Carolanians rather than those 
of the old Virginians), shows that one powerful idea in Mr. 
Farrer's mind was to unite New Albion (California) with Vir- 
ginia. In fact, he says that a small expedition would be able to 


mai'ch in eight, ten, or fourteen days from the Virginian settle- 
monts to New Albion, by which he meant the New Albion (Upper 
California) of Sir Francis Drake (1578) on the Pacific coast. 
The MS. notes and the printed text itself prove that something 
had been heard of the great Mississippi river, which it was 
supjjosed fell into the South Sea. 

29799 WILLIAMS (Edward) [and JOHN FARREE] 
Virginia, more especially the South part thereof, 
richly and truly valued : viz. The fertile Caro- 
lana . . . second edition, with addition of the 
discovery of Silkworms, with their benefit, and 
implanting of mulberry-trees; also the dressing 
of Vines, for the rich trade of making Wines in 
Virginia, sm. 4:to. folding map of Virginia (1651), 
which also exhibits a rude delineation of New Albion 
and the North-west shore of Amei'ica^ red mo7'occo, by 
Bedford, £.U. 1650-51 

Farrer's complaint that Williams had omitted many things 
about the culture of silkworms and vines in Virginia had 
evidently reached the latter, and caused the addition of the 
second part. The map was probably published by Farrer 
himself for insertion in the third edition (1651). 

Collation : Title, 1 leaf ; To the supreme authority of this 
nation, 8 pp. ; To the . . . Planters in Virginia, 1 leaf ; text, 
pp. 1-47 ; table and supplement, 4 leaves ; blank leaf ; title of 
second part, and " To all the Virginia merchants," together 
3 leaves ; text, 78 pp. 

29800 [WILLIAMS (Roger)] The Blovdt Tenent of Persecution, for 
Cause of Conscience, discussed, in a Conference between Truth 
and Peace. Who in all tender Affection, present to the High 
Court of Parliament (as the Result of their Discourse) these 
(amongst other Passages) of highest consideration, sm. 4to. 
comer of title defective, otherwise a very good copy, old calf, £15. 

Printed in the year 1644 
Extremely rare first edition. The second edition was also printed 
in lfi44 M'ith the errata corrected, which are noted on the last page here. 
( )nly twelve copies altogether (taking those two editions as one) are now 
known to be in existence. — It seems a dishonour to this good man and noble 
apostle of tolerance to rank his work in the same classification with those of 
the Mathers, the Cottons, the Lawsons, the Welds, and other narrow-minded 
and hyp(jcritical " Saints." — Bound up with tracts by Edward Bagshaw, and 
others, including some printed at Oxford, and several rare Kon-Conformist 
pieces, ranging from 1659 to 1682. 

20801 WINTHROP (John) A Journal of the Transactions and Occur- 
rences in the settlement of Massachusetts and the other New- 
England Colonies, from the year 1630 to 1644 .... now first 
published from a correct copy of the original Manuscript [by 
1\»iih^Yehsier'], Hartford [Gounccticid], 1790— WOOD (Vfilliam) 


New-England's Prospect .... the third edition, Boston, New- 
England, 1764—2 vols, in 1, 8vo. calf, £3. \0s 1764-90 
Both the works contained in this volume are now very rare. 

29802 Wisconsin. Report and Collections of the State Historical Society 

of Wisconsin for 1873 to 1876 inclu. forming Vol. VII, 8vo. 
plates, doth, 10s Madison {Wis.), 1876 

Including : Pre-historic Wisconsin, by J. D. Butler, 4 plates — Memoir of 
Charles de Langlade, by J. Tasse — Early Western Days, by ,J. T. Kingston, 
58 pp. — Pioneer Life in Wisconsin by H. Merrell, and biographical notices of 
distinguished settlers, etc. 

29803 Wisconsin Academy. Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy 

of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, 1873-6, Vols. II and III, 8vo. 
sd. 7s 6d Madison, 1874-6 

Including papers on the Geology and Fisheries of Wisconsin. 

29804 WISE (John) Vindication of the government of New England 

Churches ; the Churches Quarrel Espoused ; PlatfoiTa of Church 
Discipline agreed upon in the Synod of Cambridge, N.E. ; Con- 
fession of Faith of the Churches assembled at Boston, N.E. 
1680 ; 4 vols, in 1, 12mo. List of Subscribers at the end, calf, 30s 

Boston, Neio England, 1772 

29805 WOOD (William) New England's Prospect. A 

true, lively, and experimentall description of that 
part of America, commonly called New England; 
discovering the state of that countrie, both as it 
stands to our new-come English Planters; and to the 
old Native Inhabitants ... sm. 4to. folding woodcut 
map of " The South part of New England, as it is 
planted this yeare, 1(334," excellent copy in purple 
morocco, gilt edges, £40. 

Tho. Cotes, for loJin Bellamie, 1634 
This first edition is very rare, only the present copy and 
one other having apparently come into the English market during 
the last thirty years. Even Mr. Brinley had none, although 
there were two copies of the second edition (1635) in his collec- 
tion. — This work is particularly interesting for its map— to 
which, by reason of its correctness and fullness of detail, no 
previous map is in any way comparable ;— and for its short Dic- 
tionary or " Nomenclator," occupying five pages at the end, 
which takes precedence of all the linguistic labours of Eliot, 
Roger Williams, and others. 

29806 WOOD (William) New England's Prospect . . . sm. 

4to. folding woodcut map, crimson morocco extra, gilt 
edges, hy Bedford, £20. 1639 

Third edition ; exactly corresponding to the first edition of 
1634, except that it is reprinted in a lesser number of pages, and 
that the year 1634 is altered to 1639 on the map. 


3. New France, the Mississippi States, and 
old Louisiana. 

(Including the Hudson's Bay regions, Canada, Nova 
Scotia, Newfoundland.) 

29807 [BOUCHER (Pierre)] Histoire Veritable et Natvrelle des moevrs 

et prodvctions dv Pays de la Noyvelle France, vulgairement 
dite le Canada, 12mo. (12 ^reZ. II. and pp. 168), calf, £16. 16s 

Paris, F. Lambert, 1664 

Excessively rare: a copy is priced 500fr. in a recent French catalogue. 
The dedication to Colbert is dated from the " Ville des Trois Rivieres," 
where the author was governor for the King of France. He was one of the 
oldest inhabitants of New France, and must have gone out with Champlain 
very early in the century. No one has given a fuller and more exact 
description, from actual life, of the manners and customs of various tribes of 
Red Indians. But the work is so rare that even Mr. Field, in his special 
bibliography, does not mention it. 

Boucher makes the following interesting statement concerning the 
colonists of New England. " The Knglish, our neighbours, expended at the 
beginning a heavy outlay on their settlements : tlaey threw into them a 
considerable number of immigrants, and at present we may reckon that they 
have fifty thousand men who carry arms : it is a marvel to behold their 
territories now : everything may be found there which can be had in Europe, 
and cheaper by half. They build a quantity of ships of all sorts ; they make 
good use of the iron mines ; they have handsome towns, with postal and 
transport services between them ; gentlemen's carriages as in France : those 
who speculated originally now find their profits coming in. That country is 
no way different from ours ; what has been done there may be done here 

29808 Brackenridge (H. M.) Views of Louisiana, together with a 

Journal of a Voyage up the Missouri, 1811, 8vo. ///. calf, 12s 

Pittsburgh, 1814 
A work of interest, including many important details concerning the 
various nations and languages around the Mississippi. 

29809 Bradbury (John) Travels in the interior of America, 1809-11, 

8vo. hf. calf, 10s 1817 

29810 Brougham's (Lord) Speech, Feb, 2nd, 1838, on the Maltreatment 

of the N. American Colonies, ^to. presentation copy, sd. 5s 1838 
Only 20 copies printed. 

29811 Canada, Government Map of, from Red River to the Gulf of St. 

Lawrence, compiled by Th. Devine, measuring 66 ins. by 30 ins., 
mounted on canvas, 2 copies in folio portfolio, hf. moi'occo, 10s 


29812 Canadian Journal (The), a Repertory of Industry, Science and 

Art, edited by H. Youle Hind, 1852-3 to 1854-5, 3 vols, in 2, 
4to. maps and illustrations, calf, 28s Toronto, 1853-55 

29813 CHARLEVOIX, Histoire et Description generale de la Nouvelle- 

France, et Journal d'un Voyage dans I'Amerique Septen- 
trionale, 3 vols. 4to. maps, plates, and vignettes, calf, £2. 10s 

Paris, 1744 

29814 History of New France, translated by J. G. Shea, Vols. 

I and II, impl. 8vo. i)ia2^s and Portraitis, cloth, 20s 

New York, 1866 


29815 Chicago Academy of Sciences, Bulletin, nos. 1 to 4, 8vo. sd. 5.s 

Chicago, 1883-84 

29816 Chisholm (Stewart) Statement of Facts regarding the Trial by 

Court Martial of, on two charges preferred by Major C C. 
Coffin and Lieut. -Col. Loring, 8vo. sd. bs 1834 

29817 Considerations (Some) on the Consequences of the French 

settling Colonies on the Mississippi, with respect to the Trade 
and Safety of the English Plantations, 8vo. map, calf extra, by 
HoUoway, £2. 2s 1720 

29818 CoRNUTi (Jac.) Canadensivm Plantardm, aliarumque nondum 

editarum Historia, 4to. with many plates of Canadian trees and 
plants, beautifully engraved, fine large copy in polished calf extra, 
hy Pratt, £2. 16s Parisiis, Simon Le Moyne, 1635 

29819 Cramer (Charles) Etwas iiber die Natur Wunder in Nord 

America, 2 thin vols. 8vo. map and 8 plates of natural Grottos, 
Tunnels, Waterfalls, Sources of Rivers, etc. sd. rare, 16s 

St. Petersburgh, 1837-40 
The work also contains short accounts of similar objects in South 
America. The first part is the proof copy, with the author's corrections. 

29820 CRESPEL (Em.) Voyages dans le Canada, et son Naufrage en 

revenant en France, 12mo. marbled calf extra, gilt edges, £4. 4s 

Francfort sur le Meyn, 1752 

29821 Voyage au Nouveau-Monde, et Histoire interessante du 

Naufrage, avec des Notes, 12mo. tree-marbled calf gilt, gilt 
edges, by Kalthoeber, £4. Amst. Vlhl 

29822 CREUXII Historise Canadensis, seu Novse-Francise libri X, ad 

annum usque Christi 1656, 4to. large map and 13 plates, 
including the large folding plate, fine large copy in tree-marbled 
calf extra, by Kalthoeber, very rare, from the Beckford library, 
£25. Paris, 1664 

29823 the same, 4to. map and plates, red morocco, the sides and 

back covered with fieurs-de-lis, with the arms of Louis XIV in 
gold on sides, gilt edges, £22, 1664 

29824 DiEREViLLE. Relation du Voyage du Port Royal de I'Acadie ou 

de la Nouvelle France, dans laquelle on voit . . . les manieres 
des differentes Nations Sauvages, leurs Superstitions, etc. par 
Mr. Diere'ville, 12m.o. frontispiece, calf neat, 18s Amst. 1710 

29825 French (B. F.) Historical Collections of Louisiana, embracing 

transactions of rare Documents relating to that State, with 
historical and biographical Notes and Introductions, parts 2, 3, 
4, 5 (from the discovery to 1776), 4 vols. 8vo. maps, portrait, 
and facsimiles of Autographs, cloth, £2. 10s New York, 1850-58 
Rare : only one hundred copies were printed. The volume which appears 
to be No. 4 in the above set, has no special title so to indicate it, although it 
is lettered and bound like the rest as they were issued. It contains the 
following pieces : — Discovery and Explorations of the Missi.ssippi Valley ; 
with the Original Narratives of Marquette, Allouez, Membre, Hennepin and 
Anastase Douay, edited by J. Gilmary Shea, with letter, and facsimile of the 
newly discovered Map of Marquette. 

29826 Flint (Tim.) Recollections of the last Ten Years, passed in 

occasional residences and journeyings in the Valley of the 
Mississippi, 8vo. bds. 18s Boston, 1826 


29827 Gatarre (C.) History of Louisiana (under French and Spanish 

Domination), 3 vols, thick 8vo. cloth, 14s Neiv York, 1854 

29828 Geological Survey of Illinois, A. H. "Worthen, Director, 8 vols. 

thick impl. 8vo. 51 plates and nmnerous ivoodcuts, doth, £2. 16s 

Springfield and Chicago, 1866-68 

Vol. I, Geology, Assistants J. ]). Whitney, Leo Lesquereux, ami Henry 
Engelmann— Vol. II, Paleontology, Descriptions of Vertebrates by J. S. 
Newberry and A. H. Worthen ; of Invertebrates by F. B. Meek and A. H. 
Worthen ; of Plants by Leo Lesquereux— Vol. Ill, Geology and PalaBontology 
by Worthen, Engelmann, Meek, etc. 

A valuable work, showing the vast mineral resources of the State of 
Illinois ; the jjlates are executed in lithosrraphy with gi-eat care and accuracy 
by the Western Engraving Company of Chicago. 

29829 Geological Survey of Ohio, Report, Part II, Palaeontology, Vol. I, 

thick roy. 8vo. 48 plates, cloth, 15s Columbus, 1873 

29830 Hall (Francis) Travels in Canada, and the United States, 1816-7, 

8vo, map, bds. 5s 1818 

29831 HENNEPIN, Nouvelle Decouverte d'un tres grand Pays situe 

dans I'Amerique, entre le Nouveau Mexique, et la Mer Glaciale, 
IGmo. engraved frontispiece, 1 of the 2 large maps, and 2 plates, 
old calf gilt, from the Hamilton Palace library, £4. 4s 

Amst. 1697 

29832 Voyage ou Nouvelle Decouverte d'un tres-grand Pays, 

dans I'Anaerique, avec un Voyage qui contient une Relation 
exacte des Caraibes, faite par le Sieur De la Borde, stout l2mo. 
frontispiece, 2 maps, and 6 plates, without the last few leaves of 
Table, tree-marbled calf gilt, by Baumgarten, 36s Amst. 1704 

29833 Nouveau Voyage d'un Pais plus grand que I'Europe, 

12mo. map and 4 plates, calf extra, from the Hamilton Palace 
library, £4. 4s Utrecht, 1698 

The JVouuelle Decouverte contains Hennepin's Travels and his Exploration 
of the Course of the Mississippi ; the Nouveau Voyage, which is a continuation 
of the former, is his account of La Salle's unfortunate Journey, and a 
description in extenso of the customs, manners, character, and superstitions of 
the Red Men. Hennepin was persecuted, and has been severely criticized, 
chiefly on account of his opposition to the Jesuits, and because he counselled 
William III (in whose dominions he had sought for the freedom and safety 
which he could not find in France) to send out missionaries to the New 
World. His enemies considered such advice from a monk as heretical and 
detestable ; while we are led by it to admire Hennepin, who had no bigoted 
horror for other sects than his own. 

29834 A New Discovery of a vast country in America, 

extending above four thousand miles between New France and 
New Mexico . . . the manners, customs, and languages of the 
several native Indians . . with a Continuation giving an account 
of the attempts of the Sieur de la Salle . . to which is added. 
Several New Discoveries . . 2 vols, in 1, sm. 8vo. maps and 
plates, calf, £3. 16s 1698 

The text of Heimepin's two works is followed by a translation of the 
narratives of Joliet and Marquette (from Thevenot's small collection). 

29835 Nieuwe Ontdekkingc van een groot Land gelegen in 

America tusschen Nieuw Mexico en de Ys-Zee, benevens een 


Aanhangsel, belielzende een Reize door de Spaansche West- 
Indien, door L. de C. sm. 4to. 8 maps and 3 plates, hf. hd. 9s 

Amst. 1702 

This is a translation of the Kouvelle Decouverte of Hennepin, and has the 

two maps and two plates which are found in the original ; hut also contains 

an Appendix of Capiue's Voyage through the Spanish West Indies, and an 

account of the French expedition to Cartagena. 

29836 HoOTON (C.) St. Louis' Isle, or Texiana; with observations made 

in the U.S. and Canada, 8vo. -portrait and plates, cloth, 5s 1847 

29837 Hudson's Bay Company, Report from the Select Committee on 

the, with the proceedings of the Committee, sm. folio, maps, 

sd. 5s 1857 

Laiiontan, Voyages dans I'Amerique Septentrionale — see p. 2879. 

29838 LA SALLE (Cavalier de). Tonti (Chevalier) Account of Monsieur 

de la Salle's last Expedition and discoveries in North America 
. . . made English from the Paris original, sm. 8vo. calf, 36s 

Followed hy the Adveniures of Mont-^ban, a French buccaneer, 1695. — 
Tonti gives a descri{)tion of his voyage with Cavelier down the Mississippi, and 
the discovery of the river-mouth in 1681. 

29839 JOUTEL, Journal Historique du dernier Voyage que feu M. de 

LA Sale fit dans le Golfe de Mexique, pour trouver d'em- 
bouchure & le cours de la Riviere de Missicipi, nomraee a 
present la Riviere de Saint Louis, qui traverse la Louisiane . . . 
redige & mis en ordre par Monsieur de Michel, sm. 8vo. ( 12mo.) 
with the large folding map, fine copy in tree-marbled calf extra, 
from the Bedford library, £6. 6s Par-is, 1713 

The map which is usually wanting was designed by Joutel for this work. 
He had accompanied Cavelier de la Salle in his last voyage, 1684-87 (to 
discover by sea the Mississippi mouth to which he had previously descended 
by river-passage in his journey of 1681), and made his way by land, after the 
assassination of his chief, to Canada. The map was the first publication of 
the fruits of Cavelier's last two voyages, and also the first fairly correct 
representation of the course of the Mississippi as far as the sea. 

29840 Joutel, Journal of the last Voyage perform'd by Monsr. de la 

Sale . . . translated from the edition just publish'd at Paris, 
sm. 8vo. large folding map copied from the French one, calf, 'RXB.'e, 
£5. 1714 

29841 Latour (Major) Historical Memoir of the War in W. Florida and 

Louisiana, 1814-15, translated by H. P. Nugent, with an Atlas 
of 8 maps and plans of the Seat of War, 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 24s 

Fhil. 1816 

29842 Margry (P.) Decouvertes et etablissements des Fran^ais dans 

rOuest et dans le Sud de I'Amerique septentrionale (1614- 
1698), 3 vols. 8yo. portrait and maps, sd. £2. Paris, 1879 

29843 the same, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. papier de Hollande, £3. 10s 


Tome I. — Voyages des Frangais sur les grands lacs. Decouverte de 
rohio et du Missii-'sippi (1614-1684). 

Tome II. — Lettres de Cavelier de la Salle et correspondance relative a 
ses enterprises (1678-1685). 

Tome III. — Kecherches des Bonches du Mississipi et Voyage de I'abbe 
Jean Cavelier a travers le Continent, depuis les cotes du Texas jusqu'a 


29844 MiCHAUX (F. A.) Travels to the West of the Alleghany Mts., in 

Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessea, 1802, 8vo. calf, 9s 1805 

29845 MISSISSIPPI EXPEDITION: Reports of Explorations and 

Surveys to ascertain the Route for the Railroad from the 
Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, made in 1853-54, 
12 vols, in 13 {tlie last volume being in two), thick 4to. onaps 
and about a thousand plates, some COLOURED, illustrating the 
Botany, Geology, Ornithology, Ichthyology, Costume and 
implements of the natives, etc. of the countries surveyed, hf. calf, 
M. Washington, 1855-60 

Contents : — Ethnography, 10 plates ; Philology, containing Vocabu- 
laries of North American Languages ; Botany, plates ; Geology, many 
plates, some coloured ; Birds, finely coloured plates of the different species ; 
Fish, plates ; Reptiles, plates ; Mammalia, plates ; and a large number of 
coloured views. 

This fine work reflects the highest credit on the United States Govern- 
ment. The latter volumes are scarce in Europe. 

29846 MoxoN (Joseph) Brief Discourse of a Passage by the North-Pole 

to Japan, China, etc. sm. 4to. map of the North-east passage, 
russia, £4. 4s 1674 

The excuse for inserting this article here is the appearance in the map of 
Nova Francia, Terra Nova, and Nova Anglia, along with Greenland and the 
Arctic Kegions. 

29847 New Brunswick, Atkinson's (W. C.) Account of, 12mo. map 

and cuts, bd. 3s 6d Edinb. 1844 

29848 Newfoundland. Hatton (J.) and Rev. M. Harvey, Newfound- 

land, the oldest British Colony, its history, its present condition, 
and its prospects in the future, 8vo. (pub. 18s), numerous illus- 
trations, cloth, 12s 1883 
see also Whitbourne, and Vaughan, p. 2816. 

29849 New Orleans. Actes du Conseil Legislatif du Territoire 

d'Orleans, 1804 et 1805, 12ra. fine copy in pigshin, tmcut, gilt 
edges, very rare, 36s 

d la Nouvelle-Orleans de VImprimerie du Moniteur, 

chez J. B. L. S. Fontaine, 1805 

An early specimen of printing at New Orleans. The Duke of Sussex's 

copv, with his autograph " Augustus Frederick." " This book found by me in 

the house of Mr. Bienvenu, on the left bank of the Mississippi, 9 miles from 

New Orleans, the 5th day of January, 1815." 

Nova Scotia : 

29850 Conduct of the French, -with regard to Nova Scotia ; from its 
first settlement to the present time, 8vo. boards, 7s 6d 1754 

29850*ExTRACT from the Votes of the House of Assembly of Nova- 
Scotia, containing an address to the king, 8vo. hf. calf, U7icut, 
10s Boston, 1775 

29851 Memoires des Commissaires du Roi et de ceux de sa Majeste 
Britannique sur les possessions et les droits respectifs des deux 
couronnes en Amerique, Vols. I-III, 4to. map, old French calf 
gilt, 12s Paris, 1755 

The map represents Nova Scotia and the neighbouring States as far 
southwards as Virginia. It is an interesting collection, the English docu- 
ments, with translations, being given as well as the French ones, and the 
reports and commentaries. There is a continual examination and discussion 
of early maps and geographers, and of books of travels in North America. 


Nova Scotia — continued. 

29852 Memorials of the English and French Commissaries concerning 
the Limits of Nova Scotia and St. Lucia, 2 vols. 4to. large map 
of Nova Scotia, calf, 7s London, 1755 

The London edition of the above (Memoires des Commissaires). 

29853 MooRSoN (W.) Letters from Nova Scotia, sm. 8vo. maps and 
plates, cloth, 3s 6d 1830 

29854 Nova Scotian Institute : Proceedings and Transactions of the 
Nova Scotian Institute of Natural Science, Vols. I pt. 4, II pt. 3, 
III comp>lete, IV pt. 4, V pts. 1 and 2 ; — 9 parts 8vo. plates, bds. 
£2. 16s Halifax, 1865-80 

29855 Present State of Nova Scotia, with a brief Account of Canada, 
8vo. large folding map, calf gilt, 5s Edinburgh, 1787 

29856 ROYAL LETTERS, Charters, and Tracts relating to the Colo- 
nization of New Scotland and the Institution of the Order of 
Knights Baronets of Nova Scotia, 1621-38, ^to. portrait of Sir 
W. Alexander, and facsimiles of Maps and an autograph letter, 
cloth, £4. 10s Bannatyne Club, Edinhurgh, 1867 

Privately printed and rare, only the small number required for the 
members of the (]lub being issued. The enrious maps reproduced were issued 
in 1620 and 1624 respectively. 

29857 [ALEXANDER (William)] The Earl of Stirling's Register 
of Royal Letters relative to the affairs of Scotland and Nova 
Scotia, from 1615 to 1635, 2 vols. 4to. printed for the first time 
from the archives of the hingdom, ivith an introduction on the 
history of the subject and the life of William Alexander, Earl of 
Stirling, cloth, £5. 5s Privately printed, Edinhurgh, 1885 

Limited to 150 copies, all for private circulation. 
see ante No. 29724. 

29858 Haliburton [Sam Slick] Historical and Statistical Account of 
Nova-Scotia, 2 vols. 8vo. maps and views, hf calf neat, 20s 

Halifax, N.S. 1829 
This was Sam Slick's first published work. 

29859 PALLISER (Capt. J.) Journals, Reports, etc. relative to the 

Exploration of British North America, 1857-60, presented to 
both Houses of Parliament, sm. folio, coloured mapis and geolo- 
gical charts, bd. £2. 2s 1863 

29860 Pittman (P.) Present state of the European Settlements on the 

Mississippi, 4to. m,aps and plans, calf, 24s 1770 

Quebec : 

29861 Justice and Policy of the late Act of Parliament for the Govern- 
ment of Quebec, 8vo. sd. 5s 1774 

29862 Observations on a pamphlet entitled " State of the present form 
of Government of Quebec," 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 1790 

29863 Observations by the Judges of the Common Pleas at Quebec, on 
the Investigation held into the past administration of Justice, 
etc. 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 1790 

29864 Ordinances made for the Pro\'ince of Quebec, by the Governor 
and Council of the said Province, since the Establishment of 
the Civil Government, iii French and English, sm. folio, old calf, 
scarce, 36s Quebec, 1767 


Quebec — continued. 

29865 State of the present form of Government of Quebec, with 
Appendix on the past administi'ation, 1789 — Petition from the 
British Inhabitants of Quebeck to the Commons House (1783), 
1784 — Questions, sur lesquelles on souhaite de s^avoir les 
reponses de M. Adhemar et de M. de Lisle, et d'auti'es habitants 
de Quebec, 1784— Expediency of admitting Representatives 
from the American Colonies into the House of Commons, 1770 
— View of the English Constitution, by De Montesquieu, 1781 ; 
in 1 vol. 8vo. calf, 20s 

29866 Quebec Literakt and Historical Society, Transactions of; 
1824-29, being Vol. I, 8vo. numerous large plates of Natural 
Mistory, Ms. rare, 12s Quebec, 1829 

Papers on Geology, Conchology, Botany, etc. of Canada. One of the 
plates con.sists of diagrams representing the position and number of the Solar 
Spots ■which were observed from Cape Diamond, in 1816, 17, and 18, by Mr. 
Relations des Jesuites — see post, under "Works concerning 

29867 Sandham (A.) Coins, Tokens and Medals of the Dominion of 

Canada, 8vo. IbO facsimiles of Coins, etc. cloth, 20s Montreal, 1869 

29868 Smith (W. H.) Canadian Gazetteer, 8vo. map and view, cl. 6s 

Toronto, 1846 

4. Western States: California, North West, 
Rocky Mountain Region. 

BANCROFT— see post under Books on the Aborigines. 

29869 Bartlett (J. R.) Explorations and Incidents in Texas, New 

Mexico, California, Sonora, and Chihuahta, 2 vols. 8vo. plates 
and cuts, cloth, 36s Neio York, 1854 

29870 Bell (W. A.) New Tracks in North America : a Journal of travel 

and adventure whilst engaged in the survey for a Southern 
railroad to the Pacific, 1867-8, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. 30s), map and 
illustrations, cloth, 10s 1869 

29871 the same, stout 8vo. (pub. 18s), m.ap and illustrations, 

cloth, 12s _ _ 1870 

29872 Chappe d'Auteroche, Voyage en Californie pour I'Observation du 

Passage de Venus, le 3 Juin, 1769, redige par De Cassini fils, 
4-io. plan of Mexico, and plates, 10s 1772 

29873 [GORDON (Guillermo) Historia de las Misiones 
Jesuitas en la California baja desde su estableci- 
miento hasta 1737], sm. 4to. about 360 pp. original 
MS. account or diary .^ begun at La Paz in 1734 and 
ended at Santiago in 1737, 5J. £70. California., 1737 

This is the original autograph diary kept by William 
Gordon, one of the Jesuit Missionaries employed in the conver- 
sion of the Indians. Although his name does not appear 


anywhere, and there is a leaf wanting at each end of the book, 
we know from comparing the text with certain statements 
of Clavigero that the writer was the Hispano- Scottish Jesuit 
William Gordon. The diary serves admirably as a continuation 
of Venegas, whose account of the Mission at La Paz breaks off 
with the retreat of Gordon, after the mai'tyrdom of Tamaral 
and Carranco. The work is divided into 32-i paragraphs, of 
which the first two and part of the third are wanting. The 
author gives at the beginning an outline of the establishment 
of the first Missions in Lower California in 16'J7, a description 
of the several nations which inhabited the Peninsula, with a 
sketch of their habits, customs, and religion. The author does 
not tell us what year he came to California, but in 1734 we find 
him already charged with the Misiones de Nuestra Senora 
del Pilar. 

The stirring events between 1734 and 1737 are described 
with a singleness of purpose and a simplicity of manner beyond 
all description, reminding the reader of Defoe's magical nar- 

The character of the Indians, the privations of the Mis- 
sionaries, the hardships of their daily life, their conflicts with 
the civil and military authorities, are all brought before the 
reader in the most vivid and at the same time most unpreten- 
tious manner. 

The volume is certainly a very charming one, and not only 
merits publication, but even an English translation would 
probably be popular in California. 

29874 Greenhow (R.) Memoir on the N.W. coast of North America and 
the adjacent territories, 8vo. majy, cloth, 7s 6d N.Y. 1840 

29875 History of Oregon and California, and the other terri- 
tories on the N.W. coast of North America, second edition 
enlarged, stout 8vo. map, sd. 18s Boston, 1845 

29876 Hamilton (J. P.) Travels through the Interior Provinces of 

Columbia, 2 vols. 8vo. onap and plates, cloth, 7s 6d 1827 

29877 Hatden (F. V.) Tenth (and Eleventh) Annual Report of the 

U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of Colorado and parts 
of adjacent territories (with Idaho and Wyoming), 1876-7, 
2 vols, stout 8vo. many maps, geological plates, etc. cloth, 20.s 

Wash. 1878-9 

29878 KINO (Eusebio) Documentos importantes para la Historia de 

Sonora, folio, MS. of the 18th century ; 646 2^2^- plainly written, 
vellum, from the Eamirez collection, £10. 1690 

Contents. I. Viages a la nacion Pima en Califninia en 1694 por los 
P. P. Jesuitas Kino y Ivappus, 163 leaves. II. Fiagmento historito del Nayarit, 
Tarahumara, Pimeria e Indies Seris, por uu IlL-ligioso de San Francisco, 1791, 
19 leaves. III. Notices de Sonora. 

The first and third of these have been printed in the third and fourth 
Series of the " Documentos para la historia de Mexico." A very vai.uabi.e 
COLLECTION, which ought to be acquired by some Californian library. 
Lettres Edifiantes — see ante No. 28619. 


29879 MEARES (J.) Voyages in 1788-89 from China to the North- 

West Coast of America, with observations on the probable 
existence of a North-West Passage, 4to. portrait, maps of the 
Californian coast, and plates, old calf, 16s 1790 

29880 the same, roy. 4to. fine large copy in russia neat, gilt 

edges, 20s 1790 

29881 MEMORIALES anuales sobre las nuebas Misiones y Conquista de 

las Californias, de los anos 1700, 1702, 1704, 1705, 1708-10, 1712, 
1714-18, 1720, 1722-24, folio, stamped official MSS. 128 pp. in 
1 vol. vellum, £15. Mexico, 1700-24 

Accounts of the missions in California by Juan de Ugarte, Alejandro 
Ron ano, Juan Mai'ia de Salvatierra, Joseph de Echeverria, Jaime Bravo, and 
others. These are official copies made at the time the originals were entered 
in the archives of Mexico, and are of considerable importance for the early 
history of California. 
Milton and Cheadle — see ante No. 29005. 

29882 MISIONES Y VIAGES [una coleccion de docu- 
mentos historicos originales sobre la California, 
Sonora, Nuevo Mejico y Tejas, e Yucatan] 3ISS. of 
the 17 th and IStk centuries^ mostly originals and 
some of them autographs^ bound uniformly in 3 vols, 
folio, half calf , from the Ramirez collection^ £170. 

Sec. xvii-xviii 

This splendid and all important collection relating to the 
principal missions from New Spain was formed by the late 
Don J. F. Ramirez at the cost of much labour and money and 
contains all he was able to gather on this subject during forty 
years. It contains over 300 pp. relating to California, about as 
many on the subject of Sonora, and nearly 1000 on New Mexico 
and Texas. The contents will speak for themselves. 

Vol. I: 1. Diario autografo del Padre Morfi a las Misiores 
de Texas y Nuevo Mexico en 1777, 290 leaves {fublislied in the 
3rd series of the " Document os para la historia de Mexico") — 
2. Noticias sobre el Parral, in the handwriting of Father Morfi — 
8. Informe del Padre Morfi sobre el viage de los P. P. 
Dominguez y Escalante a California, 7 leaves. 

Vol. II : 1. Relacion del P. Garces de su Mision a Sonora, 
1762, 7 leaves (copy) — 2. Varias Cartas del Pe. Garces sobre lo 
mismo, 5 leaves — 3. Diario de la Ruta y Operaciones que el 
Capitan Juan Ba. de Ansia practico en solicitud de abrir 
communicacion desde Sonora hasta la California, Sept. 17 de 
1774, 25 leaves — 4. Carta del Pe. Velez sobre el camino del 
Nuevo Mexico a Monterey, 2 leaves — 5. Informe del mismo 
sobre las Misiones al Padre Morfi, 7 leaves (ptcblished in " los 
Documentos " ) — 6. Diario del mismo, 35 leaves — 7. Carta y 
Memorial al Rey de Espaiia sobre las Misiones ; Chihuahua, 
Oct. 2G de 1777 por Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco, 5 leaves — 
8. Diario de Jose Anto. de Vildosola del Nuevo Mexico a Sonora, 
1780, 17 leaves — 9. Relacion del Padre Zarate Salmeron de 
todas las cosns que en el Nuevo Mexico se ban visto 1538-162(5, 


130 leaves {puhlished in " los Docuvie^itos " ) — 10. Relacion del 
Pe. Zarate Niel, 2 leaves (published in the same work). 

Vol. Ill : 1. Relacion de las dos entradas para la conversion 
de los Gentiles Ytzaex y Cebacliesj de Yucatan, 1696, 66 leaves 
— 2. Expedicion a California en 1769, 19 leaves — 3. Diario 
historico de los viajes de mar y tierra hechos al Norte de la 
California de orden del Exmo. Sr. Marques de Croix, j per 
direccion de D. Joseph de Galvez, executados por la tropa de 
Don Caspar de Portola, y los paquebots S. Carlos y S. Antonio 
[escrito por Miguel de Costanso], printed in Mexico, 1770, 
pp. 56 and 3 unnumbered leaves — 4. Costanso, sobre las nuevas 
Misiones de Monterey en California, 4 leaves — 5. Noticias de la 
expedition Militar a Sonora y Sinaloa, ^jmifecZ in Mexico, 1771, 
12 pp. fol. — 6. Misiones de Sonora, 1772, 9 11. — 7. Informe del 
Padre Pinella sobre las Misiones del Norte, 3 leaves — 8. Carta 
del Pe. Escalante sobre las Misiones de Sonora, 1775, 5 11. — • 
9. Informe del Fr. Belena sobre Sonora y Cinaloa y los tributos 
que se pagan, 21 leaves — 10. Noticias sobre las Misiones de 
California, 1771, 2 leaves — 11. Informe sobre Sonora y sus 
Misiones, 78 11. — 12 Licencias del Virey al Jesuita Goebler para 
que vuelva a Europa, 2 leaves. 

Costanso's account of the S. Carlos and S. Antonio 
expedition along the coasts of Northern California is excessively 
rare. Junipero Serra was with the expedition. This printed 
piece and the annexed MS. sobre las nuevas Misiones, form the 
first account of the Spanish settlements in Upper California. 
MoTA Padilla, Nueva Galicia — see tmder Mexico. 

29883 MuKPHY (J. M.) Rambles in North- Western America, from the 

Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, 8vo. (pub. I6.9), map, 
cloth, 7s 6d 1879 

folio, manuscript consisting of over 2000 pp. of 
historical matter relating chiefly to Upper or New 
California, vellum.^ from the Ramirez collection.^ £84. 

Mexico, about 1780-85 

A most important body of MSS. Documents, which ought 
to be secured by an American library. This transcript, or rather 
these transcripts, of the original writings, were made by and 
for the historian Manuel de la Vega for incorporation in the 
archives of the Franciscan convent of ^Mexico. The first and 
the fourth parts only appear to have been printed (in 1857) in 
the Documentos historicos Mejicanos, but not the remainder ; and 
these volumes may be looked upon as holding the rank of 
original codices of great importance to the Californian student. 

Contents : Palou (Francisco) Noticias de la California, an 
account of the establishment of missions by Junipero Serra at 
Monterey and Santiago, and the voyages of the missionaries 
between 1767 and 1774 ; Nuevas Providencias del Virrey ; 
Palou, Diario de la Expedicion de Crespi y Pages, del Puerto de 



San Francisco, 1772 ; Crespi, Diario de la primera expedicion 
de tierra al descnbi'imiento del pnerto de San Diego de Junipero 
Serra, etc. 1779 (see p. 1769) ; Correspondencia de Serra, Mora, 
J otros sobre las misiones, 1774 ; Expedicion de Bodega y 
Quadra hasta el grado 58 ; Viage por tierra al pnerto de S. 
Francisco, 1775 ; Ansd, Registro del puerto de S. Francisco ; and 
other pieces concerning San Francisco down to 1783; with 
which Vol. II ends. Vol. Ill : Establecimiento j Progresos de 
las Misiones de la antigua California ; Memorias para la historia 
natural de la California, 1790 ; Diaz de la Vega, Memorias 
piadosas de la nacion Yndiana, 1782. 

29885 [ORTEGA (Padre Jose)] Apostolicos Afanes de la Compaiiia de 

Jesus escritos por un padre de la misma sagrada religion de su 
provincia de Mexico, sm. 4to. fine copy in vellum, £10. 10s 

Barcelona, 1754 
Excessively rake, and of considerable importance to the Californians. 
Some passages on p. 220 make it appear that the writer was identical with 
the Jesuit Jose Ortcjja who published a Cora Dictionary at Mexico in 1732 ; 
but the prologue shows that he incorporated in a continuous narrative the 
reports of others besides himself. He laboured for thirty years in Lower 
California, and in the regions between the Colorado and the Gila rivers ; and 
on page 242 we learn that he had the use of the MS. papers of Eusebio Kino, 
in which '' estan coordenados sus viajes, empressas, y dcscubrimieutos." The 
account which he gives of Kino's life and labours contains references to 
monumental remains of earlier inhabitants in those regions ; and is the chief 
source of biographical information concerning that distinguished geographer. 
It comprises about 100 pages, and forms one of the three libros into which the 
book is divided. The author enlarges upon purely historical events and 
anthropological facts to a greater degree than most theological writers. 

29886 PALOU (Francisco) Relacion historica de la Vida y apostolicas 

tareas del Padre Fray Junipero Serra, y de las Misiones que 
fundd en la California Septentrional, y nuevos establecimientos 
de Monterey, sm. 4to. no map or poi'trait, vellum., £2. 10s 

Mexico, F. de Zunifja, 1787 

29887 the same, sm. 4to. complete with tlierare map of California 

and portrait, hound, £6. 10s 1787 

This is not merely a religious biography, but a most interesting account of 
the Travels of this zealous Missionary and his companions in Mexico and 

Serra was born in the Isle of Mallorca, in 1713. After visiting Mexico 
he went to California in 1771 and founded several Missions there, dying in 
1784. Palou succeeded Serra in the Presidency of the Californian Missions. 

29888 Jesuits in New Spain, California, the Philippines, and 
the Atlantic Islands. A collection of about 50 unpublished 
MS. and printed documents of considerable historical import- 
ance containing detailed narratives of the risings amongst the 
Indians, promoted by the Jesuits, and the terrible reprisals 
inflicted by the Spaniards, and including accounts of settle- 
ments in California and discoveries on the North West Coast 
of America, in a folio parcel, £9. Mexico, etc. 1750-75 

Amongst the papers of Californian interest are the following — all but one 
in MS. : Relacion del Dcscubrimiento del pais de Quivira, written in 17G9 by 
Bernardo Yriarte (the editor of Saimicntn's Voyage), to correct and supple- 
ment the work of Burriel and Veni gas : a letter from the Marcjucs de Croix 


in 1769, enclosing one received from California; R'-lacion emhiada de 
California, 1770; Noticias de la Expedicion de 1769, printed in 1770 ; Two 
Accounts by Don Mathias de Arm -na, of his Expedition in California, dated 
Perez de Ribas, Triumphos de la Fee — see under Books on fhe 

29889 Pixart's (Alphonse L.) Voyage a la Cote Nord-Ouest de 

I'Amerique, 1870-72, Vol. I, partie 1 (HistoireNaturelle), impl. 
4to. 5 plates, chiefly of Fossil Remains (pub. 8 francs), scl. 5s 

Pans 1875 

29890 Stansburt (H.) Expedition to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake 

of Utah : '^vith an authentic account of the Mormon Settle- 
ment, and a reconnaissance of a new route through the Rocky 
Mountains, 8vo. numerous plates of Views, Natural History, etc. 
with 2 large maps in a case, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12s Philad. 1852 
Include' i in Field's Indian Bibliography. 
Stockletn — see ante No. 28(320. 

29891 UGARTE. Vida y virtudes de Juande Ugarte, missionero de las 

Islas Californias, y uno de s^^s primeros Conquistadores, escrita 
por Juan Joseph de Villavicencio, sra. 4to. vellum, £4. 

Mexico, 1752 
Vert rare. Juan de Ugarte was a Jesuit missionary, who resiiled ia 
California from 1700 to 1730, and obtained the reputation of an apostle, or 
" the Father of the Indians." One of his great labours was the exploration of 
the Gulf of California to its northernmost extremity, in which beseems to have 
entered the Colorado, and sailed for some distacce up its waters. 

29892 VENEGAS (Miguel) Noticia de la California, y de su Conquista, 

sacada de la Historia manuscrita formada en Mexico, ailo de 
1739, 3 vols. sm. 4to. maps, £3. 10s Madrid, 1757 

The first map is one of California only ; but as that name was utcd in a 
more limited sense than at present, the second map, which is general, supplies 
the deticiencies. This second map is a very curious one, showing the entire 
Pacific shores of Asia and America, with records of the latest explorations by 
the Spaniards, Russians, and English, especially on the upper Californiaa 
shores, and Columbia. 

The work compiled in 1739, by the Jesuit Venegas, -was after hi- death 
recast, completed, augmented, and corrected by Marcos Antonio Burriel. The 
name of the latter does not appear in the book. 

29893 Venegas (Mich.) Natural and Civil History of California: con- 

taining an accurate description of that country, the Customs of 
the Inhabitants, etc. translated from the Spanish, 2 vols. 8vo. 
map and plates, hf. calf, £2. os 17-59 

" The work of Father Venegas is undoubtedly the most faithful narration 
we possess regarding the original condition of the Indians of any part of N. 
America." — Field. 

5. Guiana and Trinidad. 

29894 Archer's Monumental Inscriptions — see ante, tinder West Indian 


29895 BENOIT (P. J.) Voyage a Surinam, description des Possessions 

Neerlandaises dans la Guyane, roy. folio, 100 lithoyraphic views, 
etc. half morocco gilt, gilt edges, £4. BmxeUes, 1839 

204 * 


29897 Fermin (P.) Description de Surinam, avec les moeurs et les usages 

des Habitants Naturels du Pais, etc. 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. map and 
plates, fine copy in gilt tree-marbled calf, by Baumgarten, the 
Bechford copy, 28s Amst. 1769 

29898 Joseph (E. L.) History of Trinidad, 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt 

edges, by Petit, rare, £2. 2s Trinidad, H. J. Mills (1838) 

29899 McCallum (P. F.) Travels in Trinidad, 1803, 8vo. map, red 

morocco stiper extra, gilt edges, by Petit, rare, 30s 

Liverpool, 1805 

29900 [McCallum] Political Account of the Island of Trinidad, from its 

conquest by Sir R. Abercrombie, 1797, 8vo. red morocco super 
extra, gilt edges, by Petit, rare, 32s 1807 

29901 McCallum, Trial of Thomas Picton, Governor of Trinidad (for 

torturing Louisa Calderon), 1806, 8vo. curious frontispiece, red 
onorocco super extra, gilt edges, by Petit, rare, 28s (1806) 

McCallum (P. F.)— see also Picton (Th.). 

29902 MERIAN (M. S.) Dissertation sur la Generation et les Transfor- 

mations des Insectes de Surinam, impl. folio, frontispiece and 
72 finely coloured plates, with French and Latin text, old red 
morocco gilt, gilt edges, £2. 5s Haye, 1726 

On the fly-leaf is written "Bought at Dr. Askew's Sale, April, 177.5, 
£21. Is 6d." 
29902*PiCTON (Th.) Letters of Decius, in answer to the criticism upon 
the Political Account of Trinidad ; and upon the defence of 
the crimes of Gov. Picton in the Anti-Jacobin Review, 8vo. sd. 
3s 6d 1808 

29903 ScHOMBURGK, Description of British Guiana, Geographical and 

Statistical, 8vo. map, cloth, 3s 6d 1840 

29904 STEDMAN (Capt. J. G.) Narrative of a five years' Expedition 

against the revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, 1772-77, 
elucidating the history of that country, etc. 2 vols. 4to. map 
and 80 fine plates, by Bartolozzi and others, including numerous 
illustrations of Natural History, bds. 15s ; calf, 20s 1796 

29905 WARREN (George) An Impartial Description of Surinam, upon 

the Continent of Guiana, in America, with a History of several 
strange Beasts, Birds, Fishes . . . and Customs ... of that Colony, 
sm. 4:to. fine copy, olive morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit, £2. 10s 


An interesting little treatise which is perhaps the earliest news from the 
English colony in Guiana. It had been preceded only by the accounts of 
navigators : Raleigh, Keymis, Harcourt. Warren was a shrewd observer of 
nature, and possessed two fine English qualities : a dislike of negro-slavery, 
and a fondness for young Indian women. 

29906 [PHILIP (John Baptista)] Address to Earl Bathurst, Secretary 

of State for the Colonies, relative to the Claims which the 
Coloured Population of Trinidad have to the same civil and 
political privileges with their White Fellow-Subjects, by a free 
Mulatto of the Island, Svo. blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Petit, £2. 1824 

i^tthe end: "Oration pronounced on the 29th of June, 1829, after the 
funeral dirge of Doctor John Baptista Philip." 




the Illustrations of the Handiwork in Stone, Bone and Clay, 
of the Native Races of the Northern Atlantic Seaboard of 
America, roy. 8vo. about 400 pp. and 400 illustrations, cloth, 15* 


29908 Accounts of two attempts towards the Civilization of some Indian 

Nations, 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. 50 and 43 pp. sd. 7s 6d 

London reprint, 1806 

29909 the same, 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. 48 and 47 pp. hf. calf, 

lOs 1806 

Accouuts of two meetings of Friends, of Pennsylvania and Baltimore. 

29910 ADAIR'S History of the American Indians, particularly those 

nations adjoining to the Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Carolina, 
and Virginia, 4to. map, pencil notes, bds. £2. 10s 1775 

29911 the same, 4to. map, hd. £2. 1775 

29912 American ETHNOLOGICAL Society's Transactions, Vols. I 

and II, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, plates and, woodcuts, uncut, 30* 

New York, 1845-8 
Contents : Notes on the semi-civilized Nations of Mexico and Yucatan, 
their Languages, History, Calendars, etc. by Gallatin — Troost on Ancient 
Kemains in Tennessee — Schoolcraft on the Grave Creek Mound in W. Vir- 
ginia — Hale's Indians of N.W. America, with Vocabularies (over 300 pp.) — 
Squier's Aboriginal Monuments of the Mississippi Valley — Rafn, Ancient 
Geography of the Arctic Regions — Dwight's Sketch of the Polynesian lan- 
guage, and of the Mpongwes and their language, etc. 

29913 Archjiologia Americana : Transactions and Collections of the 

American Antiquarian Society, Vols. I-IV, large 8vo. maps, 
plates and cuts, bds. £3. 10s 

Worcester and Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1820-57 

29914 the same. Vols. I and II, calf, S2s 1820-36 

Illustrative of the aboriginal Religions, Antiquities, Ethnology, and 
Languages, with Vocabularies. 

29915 Assall (F. W.) Nachrichten liber die friiheren Einwohner von 

Nordamerika und ihre Denkmaler, sm. 8vo. text, and oblong 
folio atlas of 10 plates, hf. morocco, 28* Heidelb. 1827 

29916 Bacqueville de la Potherie (Mr. de) Histoire de I'Amerique 

Septentrionale, 4 vols. 12mo. frontispiece, maps and plates, tree- 
marbled calf gilt, by Kalthoeber, 30s 1722 

The pagination ot Vol. I runs from page 10 to 1 5, but nothing is wanting. 

" A History of the Indian nations of Canada, being entirely devoted to 
that subject and the relations of the French with the natives. Much of his 
work is written from his own observation, and the remainder seems to have 
been derived from authentic sources." — Field. 


29917 BANCROFT (H. H.) Native Races of the Pacific States of North 

Anierica, 5 vols. (pub. £6. 5s), stout 8vo. numerous tnaps and 
woodcuts of Antiquities, cloth, £b. 1875-6 

Contents: Vol. 1, Wild Tribes; Vol. 2, Civilized Nations; Vol. 3, 
Afvtlis and Lan<runge8 ; Vol. 4, Antiquities ; Vol. 5, PriiiiitiTe History. 
With a copious Index of 16-.? pages, double columns. 

29918 Bartram and Stork. Description of East Florida (by Stork), 

with a Journal kept by John Bartram, botanist for the Floridas, 
upon a journey from St. Augustine up the River of St. John's, 
4to. y maps, hf. hd. lbs 1769 

29919 Bartram (W.) Travels through Carolina, Georgia, Florida, the 

Cherokee, Creek and Chactaw Countries, with observations on 
the Indians, 8vo. plates, hf. calf 15s ; or, calf, 18s 1792 

29920 BEATTY (C.) Journal of a two months' Tour, with a view 

of promoting Religion among the frontier inhabitants of 
Pennsylvania, and of introducing Christianity among the 
Indians to the Westward of the Alegh-geny Mts. sm. 4to. calf 
gilt, from the Becliford library, £3. 3s 1768 

29921 Bradford (A. W.) American Antiquities and Researches into the 

Origin and History of the Red Race, 8vo. calf, 12s Neiv York, 1843 

29922 Brainerd (D.) Abridgement of Mr. David Brainerd's Journal 

among the Indians (of New-Jersey and Pensylvania), by P. 
Doddridge, 12mo. calf, gilt edges, rare, £2. 2s 1748 

£'9923 Extract of the Life of the late Rev. Mr. David Brainerd, 

Missionary to the Indians, by John Wesley (from the edition by 
Jonathan Edwards), 12mo. bd. 7s 6d Bristol, 1768 

29924 Brett (W. H.) Legends and Myths of the aboriginal Indians of 

British Guiana, 8vo. (pub. 12s 6d), woodcuts, cloth, 7s (1880) 

29925 Brinton (D. G.) American Hero-Myths, a study in the Native 

Religions of the Western Continent, 8vo. cloth, Ss Phil. 1882 

29926 Buchanan (J.) Sketches of the History, Manners, and Customs of 

the N. American Indians, 8vo. hf. calf, 6s 1824 

29927 Californian Indians — see ante in section California, passi'm. 
Carlier — see ante No. 29604. 

29928 CARVER (J.) Travels through the Interior Parts of North 

America, 1766-8, 8vo. maps and plates, uncut, £2. ; or, hf. calf, 

30s 1778 

29929 the same, 8vo. tree-marbled calf extra, by Montagu, from 

the Becliford library, £2. 10s 1778 

29930 the same, second edition, 8vo. maps and plates, hf. calf, 

3C.S 1779 

Pages 420-40 contain a Vocabulary of the Chipeway Language. 

29931 Catlin (G.) 0-Kee-Pa ; a Religious Ceremony ; and other Customs 

of the Mandans, roy. 8vo. 13 coloured illustrations, with 10 
additional plates inserted, cloth, 32s 1867 

29932 • Illustrations of the Manners, Customs, and Condition 

OF THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS, written during eight 
Years of Travel and Adventure among the Wildest and most 
Remarkable Tribes now existing, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. containing 
360 Engravings frora the Author s original Paintings, beautifully 
printed in colours (sells £3. 3s), cloth extra, £2. 2s 1876 


29933 CHURCH [(Thomas)] Entertaining Passages relating 
to Philip's War which began in the Month of June, 
1675, as also of Expeditions more lately made against 
the Common Enemy, and Indian Rebels, in the 
Eastern Parts of New-England : with some Account 
of the Divine Providence towards Benj. Church, 
Esqr. ; by T. C. sm. 4to. excellent copy in red morocco 
extra, gilt edges f)y Bedford, £50. 

Boston^ B.Green, 1716 
Excessively rare. Mr. Brinley had a bad, half-bound, 
copy, " the best that he could obtain in forty years' trying," 
and it fetched 150 dollars at his sale. The present is a large 
and good copy, in Bedford's finest binding, and is probably the 
only copy that can come into the market for the next forty years. 
It is a work of the most exceptional rarity, as well as a work of 
singular intrinsic interest. 

29934 Golden (Cadwallader) History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, 

which are dependent on the Province of New York, and the 
Barrier between the English and French in that part of the 
world, stout 8vo. wa_p, calj\ £2. 1747 

29935 Denis (Ferd.) Une Fete Bresilienne celebree a Rouen en 1550, 

suivie d'an fragment du XVIe siecle roulant sur la Theogonie 
des anciens peuples dn Bresil, et des Poesies en langue Tupique 
de Christovam Valente, 8vo. reprint of a rare Pageant, with wood- 
cut, hf. calf, 7s 6d 1850 

29936 DOBRIZHOFFER (Martin) Historia de Abiponibus equestri 

bellicosaque Paraquariae natione, locupletata copiosis barbar- 
arum gentium, urbium, fluminum, ferarum, amphibiorura, insec- 
torum, serpentium pr^cipuorum, piscium, avium, arborum, 
plantarum, aliarumque eiusdem provinci^ proprietatum, obser- 
vationibus, 3 vols. 8vo. maps and plates, sd. 22s; or, hf. calf, 25s 

Viennce, 1784 

29937 the same, 3 vols. 8vo. French calf gilt, gilt edges, from 

the BecTcford library, £2. 8s 1784 

" The original Latin edition is rare in England." — Rich. 

Chapters 16 and 17 of Book II (pp. 161-201) contain remarks on the 
language of the Abipones. 

" There is no other work which contains so full, so faithful, and so lively 
an account of the IS. American tribes." 

29938 Doddridge (Rev. Jos.) Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars, 

of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania, 1763-83, 
together with a view of the state of society and manners of the 
first settlers of the Western Country, 12mo. calf, 20s 

Wells burgh, Va. 1824 

29939 DOMENECH, Manuscrit Pictographique Americain precede 

d'une Notice sur I'ldeographie des Peaux-Rouges, 8vo. 119 pp. 
of Text, and 228 lithographed pages, hf. cf. £2. ; or hf. morocco, 
£2. 10.? ' ' Paris, 1860 


29940 DOMENECH, Manuscrit Pictograpliique, avec le Supplement, la 

Verite sur le livre des Sauvages ; in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. morocco, gilt 
tops, £3. 10s I860 

This pretended American MS. is in reality a child's copy-book, full of 
rnde drawings by a dirty-minded (Jermau school-boy, which having fallen into 
the hands of a missionary in the wilds of America, and by him been presented 
to the Marquis de Paulmy, was taken by the worthy Abb^ to be a genuine Indian 
pictographic MS. Its German origin is established by the fact, that on page 
64 the word " wurst," on 185 "Johann," and 119 " Konig." are plainly 
written. In consequence of the discovery of its real character the book has 
been withdrawn from circulation. 

Bound in at the end of the volume is J. Petzholdt's Buch der Wilden, 
Dresden, 1861, in German and French. 

29941 Drake (S. G.) Biography and History of tlie Indians of North 

America, from its first discovery to the present time, with an 
account of their antiquities, manners, and customs, religion and 
laws, eleventh edition, Bvo. portrait of the famous Frincess 
Pocahontas, and numerous engravings, cloth, 7s 6d Boston, 1837 

29942 EiCHTHAL (Gust, d') Etudes sur les Origines Bouddhiques de la 

Civilisation Americaine, partie 1, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 1865 

Eliot Tracts on the Indians, 11 parts: 

29943 (No. 1) New England's First Fruits ; in respect, first of the 
conversion of some, conviction of divers, preparation of sundry 
of the Indians. 2. Of the progress of Learning, in the Colledge 
at Cambridge in Massacusetts Bay . . . sm. 4to. polished calf 
extra, gilt edges, £8. B. 0. and G. B.for Henry Overton, 1643 

29944 (No. 2) The Day-breaking, if not the Sun-Rising of the Gospell 
with the Indians in New-England, sm. 4to. red morocco, gilt 
edges, £8. Bich. Cotes, for Fulk Clift07i, 1647 

29945 (No. 3) The Clear Sun-shine of the Gospel breaking forth upon 
the Indians in New-England • . . by Mr. Thomas Shepard . . 
sm. 4to. hf. hd. good copy, £5. B. Cotes for John Bellamy, 1648 

29946 (No 5) The Light appearing more and more towards the 
perfect Day. Or, a farther Discovery of the present state of the 
Indians in New-England . . . published by Henrt Whitfeld 
. . . sm. 4to. calf extra, gilt edges, slightly cropped, £8. 

T. B. Sf F. M. for John Bartlet, 1651 
29947 the same, sm. 4to. a fine copy, red morocco, £12. 1661 

29948 (No. 6) Strength out of Weaknesse; or, a glorious Manifestation 
of the further Progresse of the Gospel among the Indians in 
New-England . . sm. 4to. red morocco, gilt edges, £6. 6s 

M. Simmons, 1652 

This is an undescribed edition, consisting of 12 unnumbered and 34 

numbered pages. It differs from the recorded three editions in the number 

of its pages, but seems to belong to a second issue, and may therefore have 

immediately preceded or immediately followed the so-called second edition. 

29949 (No. 6) Strength out of Weakness. Or, a glorious Manifesta- 
tion . . . sm. 4to. good copy, sewed, £6. 1652 

29950 the same, title mended, calf extra, gilt edges, hy Bedford, 

£4. 1652 

Third edition ; with 16 unnunil)crcd and 40 numbered pages. 


Eliot Tracts on the Indians — continued. 

29951 (No. 7) Tears of Repentance ; or, a further Narrative of the 
Progress of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England . . . 
related by Mr. Eliot and Mr. Mayhew . . sm. 4to. red morocco, 
£9. Peter Cole, 1653 

With dedication to Cromwell by William Steele, president of the Corpora- 
tion for propagating the Gospel among the Indians ; and with prefaces signed 
by John Eliot, Thomas Mayhew, and Richard Mather. 

29952 (No. 8) A Late and further Manifestation of the Progress 
of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England . . . related 
by Mr. John Eliot, sm. 4to. cropped, sd. £10. M. S. 1655 

This is one of the rarest volumes of the Eliot series. 

29953 SARIN'S Reprints of Rare Tracts on the American Indians, 

viz. : Byfield's Account of the late Revolution in New England, 
1689— Whitfield's Farther Discovery of the Present State of 
the Indians of New England, 1661 — New England's First 
Fruits, 1643 — Further Queries upon the Present State of New 
English Affairs, 1689-90 — Day-Breaking, if not the Sun-Rising 
of the Gospel among the Indians of New England, 1648 — 
Clear Sunshine of the Gospel on the Indians of New England, 
1648; together 6 pieces, royal 4to. large paper, only 200 copies 
of each printed, royal 4to. 30s New York, 1865 

29954 EVANS (L.) Analysis of a General Map of the Middle British 

Colonies in America ; and of the Country of the Confederate 
Indians, 4to. large onap, nd, £4. 4s Philadelphia, 1765 

29955 FERNANDEZ (J. P.) Relacion Historial de las Missiones 

DB LOS Indios, que llaman Chiquitos, que estan a cargo de los 
Padres de la Compania de Jesus de la Provincia del Paraguay, 
sm. 4to. bd. '60s Madrid, 1726 

Field — see post under Bibliography. 

29956 EoRBES (David) on the Ayraara Indians of Bolivia and Peru, 

8vo. with Vocabulary {pp- 95-105), plates, sd. 3s 6d 1870 

29957 Poster (J. W.) Pre-historic Races of the United States of 

America, 8vo. woodcuts, cloth, 14s Chicago, 1873 

Gordon (William) — see in section of California. 
Guatemala Monuments — see ante under Central America. 

29958 GUMILLA, Historia natural, civil y geogi^afica de las Naciones en 

las Riveras del ORINOCO, 2 vols. sm. 4to. best edition, 
portrait, map, 6 plates of Antiquities, bd. 18s Barcelona, 1 791 

29959 another copy, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to. portrait, map and 

plates, Spanish calf gilt, 25s 1791 

29960 the same, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. large paper, hf. calf neat, 

30s 1791 

Gumilla lived from 1690 to about 1758; thirty years of his life were 
spent among the tribes of the Orinoco. 

" Son ouvrage manque peut-ctre de critique ; mais il n'en est pas moins 
precieux pour la multitude de renseignements qu'il reiiferme." — Brassewr de 

29961 Hartt (C. F.) Amazonian Myths, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d 

Bio de Janeiro, 1875 


29962 Hatden (E\ V.) on the Ethnography and Philology of the Indian 

Tribes of the Missouri Valley, impl. 4to. viap and plates, sd. 20s 

Philadelphia, Amer. Philos. Soc. 1862 

With Vocabularies of the Blackfoot, Shyenne, Arapaho, Pawnee, Dakota, 
and other Indian Languages. 

29963 Heckewelder (Jean) Histoire, Moeurs et Coutumes des Nations 

Indiennes qui habitaient autrefois la Pensylvanie et les etats 
voisins, traduit de 1' Anglais par le Chevalier Du Ponceau, 8vo. 
half calf, 20s Paris, 1822 

29964 HoENii (Geo.) de Originibus Americanis libri IV, 12mo. calf, 

10s 6d HagcB Gomitis, 1652 

29965 HUBBARD (W.) A Narrative of the Troubles with 

the Indians in New- England, from the first planting 
thereof in the year 1607, to this present year 1677. 
But chiefly of the late Troubles in the two last years, 
1675 and 1676. To which is added a Discourse about 
the Warre with the Pequods in the year 1637 . . . 


old calf^ from the Osterley Park library, £70. 

Boston^ John Foster, 1677 
Excessively rare : The chief test of the original map, as 
distinguished from the London reproduction, is that the range 
of " White Hills" is properly so named on it, while in the latter 
it was misinscribed " Wine Hills." — In the present instance, we 
have the book entirely in its original condition and binding, 
with Hubbard's sermon intituled " The Happiness of a People 
in the Wisdome of their Rulers . . . Boston, John Foster, 1676 " 
bound-in at the end. 

29966 HUBBARD _(W.) The Present State of New- 

England. Being a Narrative of the Troubles with 
the Indians in New-England, from the first planting 
thereof in the year 1607 to this present year 1677 : 
But chiefly of the late Troubles in the two last years 
1675, and 1676. To which is added a Discourse 
about the War with the Pequods in the year 
1637 . . . sm. 4to. no map, fine copy in old calf^ £15. 

Thomas Parhhurst, 1677 

29967 the same, sm. 4to. wanting leaf of license and 

all the second Narrative^ no map, the paper discoloured, 
6f/. £3. 10s 1677 

Very rare : The condition of No. 29966, in its original 
binding, and the fact that it formed part of the Sunderland 
library from perhaps the very year of its appearance, go far to 
lead to the inference that no map was published witli the London 



book originally. — The work was printed in Boston after March 
29, 1677, on which date the license was given ; and there is no 
reason to suppose that the impression could not have been com- 
pleted in six weeks' time, say by the 10th of May. The voyage 
from New England to Old England was not quite so lengthy in 
time as people have supposed ; it seldom occupied more than a 
month ; and thus the English reprinter had ample time to get 
Sir Roger Lestrange's license on June 27. But the map was a 
different matter ; it is not likely to have been issued with any of 
the earlier copies of the Boston edition, and the English repro- 
duction of it would similarly have been prepared for only the 
later copies of the London edition. 

29968 HUNTER (J. D.) Captivity among the Indians of N. America, 
from childhood to the age of nineteen, with anecdotes of their 
manners and customs, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1823 

29969 the same, third edition, 8vo. portrait, hf. calf, 12s 1824 

29970 Imlat (G.) Description of the Western Territory of N. America, 
with a statement of the various tribes of Indians, and a delinea- 
tion of the laws and government of Kentucky, I2mo. calf, 12s 

Dublin, 1793 

29971 Topographical Description of the Western Territory of 

N. America, stout 8vo. maps, calf, 10s 1797 

29972 Keating (W. H.) Narrative of an Expedition to the source of St. 

Peter's River, Lake Winnepeek, etc., 1823, under S. H. Long, 
2 vols. 8vo. maps and plates, bds. 15s 1825 

29973 Kidder (F.) The Abenaki Indians ; their treaties of 1713 and 

1717, and a Vocabulary, 8vo. sd. 5s. Portland, 1859 

29974 LAFITAU (le Pere) de la Gompagnie de Jesus, Mceurs des Sauvages 

Ameriquains, comparees aux Mceurs des premiers temps, 2 vols. 
4to. many curious plates, illustrating the Eeligion and Customs of 
the Indians, calf, 36s Paris, 1724 

" L'autenr donne des details tres-^tendus et tres-exacts sur les coutumes, 
les moeurs, la religion des sauvages de rAmerique, et notamnieut de ceux du 
Canada. II avait ete a ineme de bien connaitre ces peuples, ayant longtemps 
vecu chez les Iroquois " — Biog. Univers. 

" On y trouve un grand detail de moeurs. . . . Aussi n'avions nous 
rien de si exact sur ce sujet." — Charlevoim. 

29975 LAWSON (John) A New Voyage to Carolina ; containing the 

exact Description and Natural History of that Country . . . 
and a Journal of a thousand miles, travel'd thro' several Nations 
of Indians, giving a particular account of their customs, 
manners, etc. [with Vocabulary], sm. 4to. map and plate of 
animals, title in exact facsimile, very fine clean copy, panelled calf 
extra, gilt edges, £5. 1709 

Veut eare. First Edition of the first History of Carolina, witL a mass 
of details concerning the Indians which can be found nowhere else. The 
author was the government surveyor, and as such had extraordinary facilities 
for gaining information. He was afterwards murdered by the Tuscarora 

29976 LosKiEL (G. H.) Geschichte der Mission der evangelischen Briider 

unter den Indianern in Nord-Amekika, sm. 8vo. hf. morocco, 
uncut, I6s Barby, 1789 


29977 LOZANO (Pedro) Descripcion Chorographica del terreno, rios, 

arboles, y animales de las dilatadissimas Provincias del gran 
Chaco, Gualamba : j de los ritos, y costumbres de las naciones 
barbaras, que le habitan, sm. 4to. lai-ge map, the last two leaves 
of the Index defective, calf neat, rare, £2. 16s Cordoba, 1733 

Copies with the map are of great rarity. " Curieux et tres-recherche." — Brunei. 

29978 McCoy (Isaac) History of Baptist Indian Missions : embracing 

remarks on the former and present condition of the aboriginal 
Tribes, 8vo. cloth, 9s Washington, 1840 

29979 Macdonald (D. G. F.) British Columbia and Vancouver's Island, 

with an account of the native Indians, stout 8vo. map, cloth, 7s 


29980 McCULLOn, Researches Philosophical and Antiquarian, con- 

cerning the Aboriginal History of America, 8vo. map and cuts, 
hf. morocco gilt, £2. Baltimore, 1829 

Rake. Considered by Prescott and other writers to be the best work in 
the language on the sources and material of the aboriginal history of the New 
World. Chapter II is on the American Language. 

29981 M'KENNY and HALL'S History of the Indian Tribes of 

North America, with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes 
of the Principal Chiefs, 3 vols. roy. folio, with 120 large and 
beautifully coloured portraits of the Chiefs of the Aboriginal 
Tribes, from paintings in the Indian Gallery at Washington, map, 
and plates of autographs (pub. at £36.), hf. bd. an original 
COPY, £18. Philadelphia, 1838-44 

29982 the same, 3 vols. roy. folio, 120 fine coloured plates, map, 

and autographs, hf. bd. olive tnorocco extra, gilt edges, £16. 

Philadelphia and London, n. d. (1838-44) 
The gradual extinction of the Indians in America will give to this book 
an increasing value as an important work of Ethnology. 

29982*I*Iartius (K. F. P.) das Naturell, die Krankheiten, das Arztthum 
und die Heilmittel der Urbewohner Brasiliens, 12mo. cloth, 2s &d 

Miinchen, n. d. 

29983 MATHER (Increase) Brief History of the War with the Indians 

in New England, from June 24, 1675 (when the first English- 
man was murdered by the Indians), to Aug. 12, 1676, when 
Philip, alias Metacomet, the principal author and beginner of 
the war, was slain, sm. 4to. red morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Bedford, very rare, £20. London, 1676 

29984 MICMACS. An Account of the Customs and Manners of the 

Micmakis and Maricheets Savage Nations now dependent on 
the Government of Cape Breton. From an original French 
manuscript letter never published, written by a French Abbot 
who resided many years, in quality of missionary, amongst them, 
to which are annexed several Pieces relative to the Savages, to 
Nova Scotia and to North America in general, 8vo. fine copy 
in tree-marbled calf extra, by Kalthoeber, from the Bechford 
library, Hamilton Palace, £4. 4s 1758 

29985 Miller (J.) Life among the Modocs : Unwritten History, 8vo. 

hf. bd. 7s 1873 


29986 Miscellaneous Travels. Williams (J.) Enquiry into the 

tradition, concerning tlie Discovery of America by Madog ab 
Owen Gwynedd, about 1170, 2 parts, 1791-2 — Manasseh ben 
Israel, Accounts of the Ten Tribes of Israel being in America, 
■with observations by Rob. Ingram, Colchester, 1792 — Beattt 
(Ch.) Journal of a two months' Tour in Pennsylvania, with 
remarks on the Language and Customs of the Indians, 1768 — 
Return of the whole number of persons within the United 
States, 1793 — Stearns' (Dr. Samuel) Tour from London to 
Paris, portrait, 1790; with several others, in 4 vols. 8vo. hf. 
russia,from the Hamilton Palace lihrarj/, £o. 

The remaining pieces are : Lnnardi (V.) First Aerial Voyage in 
England, plates, 1780 — Carter (G.) Narrative of the Loss of the Grosvenor,, on the coast of OdSraria., plates. 1791 — Hamilton (W.) Letters 
concerning the Coast of Antrim, map, 1786 — Rennell (Major J.) Marches of 
the British Armies in the Peninsula of India, majp and plans, 1792 — 
Marrative of Transactions in Bengal, translated from the Persian by F. 
Gladwin. Calcutta, 1788 — Relation of the Nile. etc. (by Father Jeronymo, 
and tran.slated by Sir P. Wvche), 1791 — Radcliffe (W.) Natural History of 
East Tartary. 1789— Smith "(J.) Travels in Palestine, 1792— Rooke (H.) 
Travels to the Coast of Arabia Felix, and thence by the Red Sea and Egypt, 
to Europe, 1784. 

29987 Morgan (L. H.) League of Ho-de-no-sau-nee, or Iroquois, 8vo 

map giving the Indian tiames, folding sheet of comparative 
Vocabularies, plates of Costume, iceapons, etc. cloth, 12s 

Eochester, 1851 

The first of the two Appendices is explanatory of the Indian names on 
the map, the second gives the conjugation of a Verb in the Seneca dialect. 

"It is evident on examination, tliat this is the work of a writer more 
than ordinarily fitted for the task. In early youth Mr. Morgan was fo 
familiarly a>sociated with the Senecas, that he was adopted as a member of the 
tribe." — Field. 

29988 MtJLLER (J. G.) Geschichte der Amerikanischen TJrreligionen, 

8vo. bds. 7s 6d Basel, 1855 

29989 NuTTALL (T.) Travels into the Arkansa Territory, 1819, with 

observations on the manners of the Aborigines, 8vo. 7nap and 
plates, calf neat, 10s Philadelphia, 1821 

" The author was so capable, by his long scientific culture, of affording 
the most valuable contributions to ethnology and philology," etc. — Field. 

29990 Oceola Nikkanochee, Prince of Econchatti, a young Seminole 

Indian. Early Days and Remembrances, with a History of 
his Nation, and his Uncle, Oceola, 8vo. plates, cloth, 7s 6d 1841 

29991 Orbigxy (Ale. d') I'Homme Americain (del'Amerique Meridionale), 

considere sous ses rapports physiologiques et moraux, 2 vols. 
8vo. no Atlas, sd. 15s 1839 

29992 P(auw), Recherches philosophiques sur les Americains, avec une 

Dissertation par Don Pernetty, 3 vols. 12mo. calf, with the 
hoolplate of Lord Lisle, 7s 6d Berlin, 1770 

29993 PEREZ DE'RIBAS (Andres) Historia de los Triumphos de 

nuestra Santa Fee entre gentes las|mas barbaras del NuEVO Orbk ; 
Costumbres, Ritos, y Supersticiones de estas gentes, etc. sm. 
folio, /)/. calf, RARE, £10. Madrid, 1645 

The chief interest of the volume lies in its accounts of the Indian tribes 
of California, New Mexico, and Florida. 




" Son ovrage est un des plus im])ortauts que nous a^ons pour Thistoire 
eocl^sias-tique et civile de l;i Nouvelle-Espaiiue et surtoiit pour la province de 
Cinaloa, sur Inquelle il u'existe que des documents insnffisants." 

Collation : Title, and Dedication, 4 leaves ; Approbations and 
Protesta, 4 leaves ; Frologo and Carta, 4 leaves ; Tabla, Licencia, and 
Errata, 8 leaves ; pp. 1-756 ; Indice, pp. 757-64. This copy theiefore contains 
20 prelinunary leaves, while that in the American Nuggets had but 16 ; 
and has an Index of 4 leaves at the end, which were not in that copy. 

29994 PERAMAS (Jos. Em.) de Vita et Moribiis Sex Sacerdotum 
Paraguay cor urn, Faventice, 1791; de Vita et Moribus tredecim 
Virorum Paraguajcorum, plan, corners of two leaves defective, ib. 
1793 — 2 vols. 8vo. Ids. rare, £5. 

Containing much important information on the Indians of Paraguay, 
Bolivia, and Brazil. Pap,es 1-162 of the second work contains a treatise '• da 
Administratione Guaranica comparata ad llempuhlicam Platonis." At the 
end of the same volume is a leaf containing a Census of the Chiquita 
Indian Villages, in 1766. The nineteen lives are mostly those of the 
Jesuits of Paraguay. 

This copy was formerly in the possession of Martin Dobritzhoffer, the 
author of " Hii-toria de Abiponibus." 

Perrin Du Lac, Voyage dans les Deux Louisianes, et chez les 
Nations Sauvages du Missouri, par les Etats-Unis, rOhio, et les 
Provinces qui le bordent, 1801-3, 8yo. 7naps, half red morocco, 
gilt edges, from the Beckford library, 28s Paris, 18U5 

PiDGEON (William) Traditions of De-coo-dah, and Antiquarian 
Researches concerning the remains of the Mound-Builders ; 
Traditions of the Elk nation, and evidences of an ancient 
population more numerous than the present aborigines, 8vo. 70 
engravings, cloth gilt, 14s Neiv York, 1853 

29997 Pike (Z. M.) Exploratory Travels through the Western Terri- 

tories of North America, 1805-7, 4to. 2 inaps, bds. 15s 1811 

Comprising Voyages to the source of the Mississippi, and through 
Louisiana and New Spain. 

29998 PlOMiNGO. The Savage, by Piomingo, a headsman and warrior 

of the Muscogulgee nation, 12mo. bds. 6s Fhiladelj)hia, 1810 
There is a little informal ion on Indian subjects, but the work is a series 
of gossippy essays by aPhiladelphian Englishman. 

29999 The Present State of New England with respect to the Indian 

War ; A continuation of the State of New-England, being a 
farther account of the Indian Warr, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. calf, 5s 

London, 1675 {Boston,' m^2>) 

30000 PiNART (Alphonse) la Caverne d'Aknanh, ile d'Ounga (Archipel 

Shumagin, Alaska), impl. 4to. (pub. 30 iv.),ivitli 7 coloured plates^ 
representing funeral masks and various implements discovered in 
a sepulchral cave, sd. 16s Paris, 187 

30001 Rafinesque (C. S.) The American Nations ; or. Outlines of 

their general history, ancient and modern, Vol. I, sm. 8vo. hf, 
bd. 6s Phil. 1836 

Chapter vii (pp. 215-.59) is on the Ilaytian or Taino Language, including 
a Grumn;ar and coiii[)arHtive Vocabularies. 

30002 REISS (W.) and STUBEL (A.) Peruvian Antiquities; the 

Necropolis of Ancon in PERU. A series of illustrations of 
the civilization and industry of the Empire of the Incas, being 
the result of excavations made on the spot, imperial folio, 


Parts I-XIII, each containing 10 beautiful chromolithographs with 
descriptive text; i7i portfolios, £19. 10s Lond. 1881 

This splendid worlt gives the first accurate account of one of the large 
Peruvian burial-grounds. 

The illustrations of the Necropolis of Ancon are reproduced in chromos 
directly from the Water-colour drawings taken from the Origiuals which are 
at present in the possession of the Ethnographic department of the Royal 
Museum at Berlin The whole work consists of about 100 chroraolitho- 
grafihic plates, each of them accompanied by explanatory notes and followed 
by a descriptive text. 
30003 Reiss (A.) mid N. Stubel, Peruvian Antiquities: the Necropolis 
of Ancon in Peru, parti, roy. folio, 10 coloured plates of r)iummies, 
p)ottery, etc. (pub. 30s), in portfolio, 10s 1881 

Relations de la Nouvelle France : 

30004 RELATIONS des JESUITES, contenant ce qui s'est passe 
de plus remarquable dans las Missions des Peres de la Compagnie 
de Jesus dans la Nouvelle France, 1611-72, ouvrage publie 
sous les auspices du Gouvernment Canadien, 3 vols, stout royal 
Svo. containing the Journals and letters of the Missionaries in 
Canada dioring a most interesting period, hf. calf, £5. 

Quebec, 1858 
Nothing can be more valuable as a record of the manners and customs 
of the North American Indians, than the detailed and exact information 
contained iti the collected narratives of men like the Jesuits, admittedly 
earnest, learned and intelligent, full of practical wisdom, and possessing 
opportunities and talents which no single traveller could ever combine. 

30005 VIMONT (Barthelemy) Relation de ce qvi s'est passe en la 
Novvelle France en I'annee M.DC.XL., 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. Svo. 
(12rao.), calf extra, gilt edges, by Lewis, from the Beclcford 
library, £15. Paris, Sebastian Gramoisy, 1641 

Notwithstanding the year mentioned on the title, the running head-line 
of both parts is " de I'annee 1639 iusques en 1640." The first part contains 
four preliminary leaves including title, and pp. 1-197 ; the second part 
consists of pp. 1-196, preceded by a half-title, "Relation de ce qui s'est passe 
dans le pays des Hurons pays de la Nouvelle France." 

30006 RELATION de ce qui s'est passe de plus remarquable aux 
missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la NOUVELLE 
FRANCE es annees 1661 & 1662, enuoyee au R. P. Andre 
Castillon, Provincial de la province de France, small 8vo. (12mo.), 
fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Chambolle-Duru, 
£8. 10s Paris, Gramoisy, 1668 

Very kare. The prefatory epistle is dated Kebec, 18 Septembre, 1662, 
and signed by Hierosme Lalemant. This Relation is one of the rarest 
and at the same time most interesiing accounts furnished by the Jesuits 
concerning the manners of the Red Men of North America. After describing 
an expedition for scalps, the writer makes a satirical reflexion (which has in 
our days become a hackneyed text of philosophizers), in the words — " ces 
pauvres barbares, aussi glorieux dans la victoire de quatre hommes que les 
grands Princes dans la mort de dix mille." 

30007 [ST. VALLIER] Relation des Missions de la Nouvelle France, 
par M. I'EvSque de Quebec, sm. 8vo. fine large copy in polished 
calf extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £8. 8s Paris, 1688 

This was the first of a three years' (1685-87) peregrination through the 
territories of Canada, undertaken for the purpose of investigating the condition 
of the diocese and the colony. It contains a great number of facts concerning 
the Red-Indian tribes. 


30008 Retue orient ale et AMERICAINE, ptiblle par Leon de 

Rosny, Vols. I-IX and X pts. 1-3, 8vo. plates and facsimiles, 
cloth and sd. £3. Paris, 1859-65 

Vols. VI and VIII each want 2 parts. Vols. I -IV have no titles. 

30009 RIYERO (M. E. de) y J. D. de Tschudi, Antigiiedades Pernanas, 

4to. text, with ohlong impl. folio atlas of 58 plates of mummies, 
pottery, etc. some coloured (pub. £7. 10s), hds. £3. 10s 

Viena, 1851 

30010 RowLANDSON (Mary). A true History of the Captivity and 

Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, a Minister's Wife in 
New-England, wherein is set forth, the Cruel and Inhumane 
Usage she underwent amongst the Heathens, for eleven weeks 
time, sm. 4to. hf. red morocco, frotn the Hamilton Palace library, 
£3. 1 6s Printed first in New England, reptrinted at London, 1682 

The present copy, as usual, wants the Sermon by Mr. Jos. Rowlandson 
(pp. 37-46). 

" The relation of the manners and peculiarities of the Indians of New 
England, in 167-5, by one so observant and scrupulous in her statements, has 
more than ordinary interest and value." — Field. 

Ruiz de Alarcon — see Huehuetlatolli, ante, p. 2910. 

30011 RUIZ DE MONTOYA fel Padre Ant.) Conquista espiritual hecha 

por los religiosos de la Compaiiia de Jesus, en las Provincias del 
Paraguay, Parana, Uruguay, y Tape, 8vo. old calf, £5. 

Madrid, 1639 
Very rare : the Maxitnilian collection did not include any copy. A 
history of the Jesuits of Paraguay, and the surrounding countries, containing 
much valuable information on the Indians, their Religious Rites, etc. * 

30012 SAGAED (Gabriel) le grand Voyage dv pays des 

HuRONS . . . auec un Dictionntire de la Langue 
huronne, sm. 8vo. engraved and printed titles^ fine 
copy in crimson morocco extra^ gilt edges, £36. 

Paris, 1632 

Vert rare ; besides being one of the most important 
works ever written on the history and customs of the Red Skins 
of North America. 

30013 HiSTOiRE DV Canada et Voyages qveles Freres 

Mineurs Recollects y ont faicts pour la conuersion 
des Infidelles . . . par le F. Gabriel Sagard, 
Theodat . . . stout small 8vo. red morocco extra., 
hy Clarke and Bedford., £63. 

Paris, chez Claude Sonnius, 1636 

Of the excessive rarity of this book, an idea may be formed 
from the fact that the late Mr. Edwin Tross sought many 
years for a copy before he could succeed, so as to add a reprint 
of the Histoire to his reprint of the Voyage. In the preface he 
states that "on a offert, durant des annees, 1200 fr. d'un 
exemplaire de I'Histoire, sans pouvoir s'en procurer un seul." 
This statement has reference to twenty years ago, and as 


valuable old books have since then increased remarkably in price 
as well as in rarity, the cost of this copy is relatively low. 

Only two copies are known, besides this, containing the 
four pages at the end, which give the native words and the 
music of a Huron song and a Souriquois hymn. 

30014 SAGARD, Histoire du Canada et Voyages que les Freres mineurs 

Recollects y ont faicts (oil est araplement traicte des choses 
principales arrivees dans le pays depuis 1615 jvsqu'a la prise 
qui en a este faicte par les Anglois), avec un Dictionnaire de 
la langue Huronne, nouvelle edition, avec une notice sur Sagard, 
par H. E. Chevalier, 4 vols. 8vo. Gh-and Papier de Hollande, 
hf. green morocco, gilt tops, tmcut, £4. 1865 

30015 SCHOOLCRAFT ( H. R. ) Travels in the Central Portions 

of the Mississippi Valley, with observations on its Abori- 
ginal Population, etc. 8vo. plates and map, bd. 25s 

Neto York, 1825 

Pages .337 to 459 contain an account of the signing of the treaty with the 

Ottawas, Pottawatomies and Chippewas. Chap. 18 Ls full of Anecdotes 

illustrative of Indian character. Chap. 19 contains an analysis of the several 

Indian languages, a vocabulary, and songs, with translations. 

30016 Narrative of an Expedition through the Upper Missis- 
sippi to Itasca Lake, the actual source of this river, 1832, 8vo. 
maps, cloth, 25s Neio York, 1834 

Full of details of Indian life and character. Pages 169-210 contain an 
analysis and vocabulary of the Chippewa language. 

30017 Historical and Statistical Information, respecting the 

History, Condition and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the 
United States, 6 vols. roy. 4to. numerous plates, many in colours, 
cloth, uncut, £10. 10s Philadelphia, 1851-57 

Including Indian Vocabularies, Grammatical Analyses, legends, biogra- 
phies, etc. 

" Contains a vast mass of really valuable material. It has indeed 
performed a very important service for Indian history, in collecting and 
preserving an immense amount of historic data." — Field. 

30018 • Scenes and Adventures in the Semi- Alpine Region of 

the Ozark Mts. of Missouri and Arkansas, 8vo. 3 plates, cloth, 5s 

Philad. 1853 

30019 Smith (W.) Discourse concerning the Conversion of the Heathen 

Americans, sra. 8vo. sd. 10s Phil. 1760 

30019* Smith (E. R.) the Araucanians : or Notes of a Tour among the 

Indian tribes of S. Chili, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d 1855 

30020 SQDIER (E. G.) and DAVIS (E. H.) Ancient Monuments of the 

Mississippi Valley, royal 4to. 48 fine plates and upwards of 
200 v:oodcuts, cloth, rare, £4. 4s New York, 1848 

30021 [THOMSON (Charles)] Enquiry into the causes of the alienation 

of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians from the British 
interest . . . together with the remarkable Journal of Christian 
Frederic Post . . . written in Pensylvania, 8vo. map, cover 
torn off 1759 

hound up with the Treaty of Philadelphia, 1742, described 

helow, in one volume, calf, £5. 



30022 THOROWGOOD (Tho.) Jews in America, or Probabilities, that 
those Indians are Judaical, made more probable by some 
Additionals to the former Conjectures. An Accurate Discourse 
is premised of Mr, John Elliot, sm. 4to. wants 2 leaves of 
Dedication, margins cropped, vellum, rare, £4. 1660 

30023 the ssbine, perfect, red morocco, hy Bedford, £10. 1660 

Written in answer to llamon Lestrange's attack on his first work, " Jews 
in America, or Probabilities that the Americans are of that race." 

30024 TiMBEKLAKE ( H. ) Memoirs of Lieut. H. Timberlake (who 

accompanied the Three Cherokee Indians to England in 1762), 
containing whatever he observed during his Travels to and from 
that Nation, wherein the Country and Inhabitants are described, 
8vo. map and plate, tree-marbled calf extra, hy C. Kalthoeber, from 
the Bedford library, Hamilton Palace, £3. 10s 1765 

30025 [TORRES RUBIO (Diego de)] Brevis Relatio Historica rerum 

in Provincia Peruana apud Indos a PP. Soc. Jesu gestarum per 
Jacobum Torrensem : accessere annuse literae rerum ab iisdem 
gestarum in insulis Philippinis ; primum Romae Italico idiomate 
excusa, 12mo. dark hroivn morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit, 
£2. I2s Moguntice, typis Balthasari Lippij, 1604 

30026 Transactions ( Some ) between the Indians and Friends of 

Pennsylvania, 1791-2, 8vo. hf. red morocco, 10s 1792 

Bound up with an Account of a meeting of Friends of Pennsylvania, 
New-Jersey, etc. for the Civilization of the Natives, 1795 (1806). 

30027 Traits of the Aborigines of America, a Poem, 8vo. bds. 7s 6d 

Cam., Mass. 1822 

30028 TREATY held with the Indians of the Six Nations at Philadelphia, 

in July, 1742, to which is prefix'd an account of the first 
Confederacy of the Six Nations, their present tributaries, 
dependents, and allies, 8vo. very rare 

[PJiiladelpMa, 1743] London (? 1744) 

bound up with Charles Thomson's Enquiry, 1759, described 

above, in one volume, calf, £5. 

30029 TREATY (A) held at the Town of Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, 

by the Honourable the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province, 
and the . . . Commissioners for the Provinces of Virginia and 
Maryland, with the Indians of the Six Nations, in June, 1744, 
sm. folio, title in beautiful facsimile, fine uncut copy, half bound, 
extremely rare, £6. 10s 

Philadelphia, printed and sold by B. Franhlin, 1744 
Not only of intrinsic historical importance, but also highly interesting 
as a production of Benjamin Franklin's press, wholly American in its 

30030 Treaty between the United States and the Choctaw and Chickasaw 

Indians, 1855, 4to. in the native language with English transla- 
tion, sd. 7s 1856 

30031 Vail (A.) Notice sur les Indiens de I'Amerique du Nord, 8vo. map 

and 4 coloured portraits, sd. 6s 1840 

30032 VA LADES (D.) Rhetorica Christiana, quae quidem ex Tndorum 

maxima deprompta sunt historiis, sm. 4to. 26 curioiis plates of 


Mexican Sacrifices, etc. including a phrenological head with folding 
table, vellum, £2. 10s Perusice, 1579 

" Valades fut I'un des premiers religieux qui visiterent I'Amerique. II 
donne des renseignements precieux sur la maniere employee pour catechiser 
les Indiens." " La Ehetorica Christiana est un ouvrage fort bien ecrit et 
rempli de notions interessantes sur les Indigenes dn Mexique. Les pages 
qu'il (Valades) consacre a I'examen de leurs arts et sciences, ce qu'il dit 
de la variete de leur systeme graphique, prouve qu'il les connaissait et qu'il 
avait su les apprecier." — Brasseur de Bouriourg. 

30033 Varnhagex, os Indies Bravos — see in alphabet of Portuguese 


30034 Wafer (Lionel) New Voyage and description of the Istlimus of 

America, giving an account of the . . . Indian Inhabitants, 
their . . . manners, . . . customs, . . . language, etc. sm. 8vo. 3 
large plates, no map, calf, 10s 1699 

30035 Yarrow (H. C.) Study of Mortuary Customs among the North 

American Indians, 4to. sd. 6s Washington, Smiths. Inst. 1880 

1. General Works. 

30035*Brinton (Daniel G.) the Philosophic Grammar of American Lan- 
guages, as set forth by William von Humboldt, with translation 
of an unpublished memoir by him on the American verb, 8vo. 
bds. 25s Privately printed, Philadelp)hia, 1885 

With two other tracts by the same accomplished author : " Americun 
Languages and how we should study them"; and "the Taensa Grammar 
and Dictionary" (of Haumonte) proved to be a deception. 

30036 Buschmann (J. C. E.) der Athapaskische Sprachstamm, 4to. bds. 

7s 6d Berlin, 1856 

30037 ■ Spuren der Aztekischen Speache im nordlichen 

Mexico und hoheren Amerikanischen Norden ; zugleich eine 
Musterung der Yolker und Sprachen des nordlichen Mexico's 
und der Westseite Nordamerika's von Guadalaxara an bis zura 
Eismeer, stout 4to. sd. £2. 1859 

The most valuable and comprehensive work that has yet been published 
upon the Ethnology and Philology of California, New ^lexico, Texas, and 
Korth-\Yest America generally. It is a thoroughly scientific book, the 
linguistic importance of which will be chiefly considered in the regions of 
New California. 

30038 Das Apache als eine Athapaskische Sprache erwiesen ; 

die Verwandtschaf ts-Verhaltnisse der Athapaskischen Sprachen ; 
Systematische Worttafel des Athapaskischen Sprachstamms — 
together 3 parts, 4to. bds. 10s 1860-63 

30039 HERVAS (L.) Catalogo delle lingue conosciute, Origine degl' 

Idiomi, Ai'itmetica delle Nazioni, 3 vols. sm. 4to. half morocco, 
24s Cesena, 1784-5 

30040 Icazbalceta (Joaquin Garcia) Apuntes para un catalogo de Escri- 

tores en lenguas indigenas de America, 12mo. hf. morocco, 
£2. 12s 6d Mexico, 1866 

Only sixty copies were printed of this valuable contribution to the 
bibliography of American linguistics. The errors of preceding works make it 

205 * 


30041 Kkusensteen (A. J. v.) Worter-Saiamlungen aus den Sprachen 

einiger Volker des Oestlichen Asiens und der Nordwest-Kiiste 
von America (Ainos, Tscliuktschen, Koljusclien und Kinai), 4to. 
68 p^. sd. bs St. Petersb. 1813 

30042 Lord's Prater (The) in 59 Indian Dialects of Mexico, on 52 

printed leaves, with 7 additional 11. in MS. with a short Intro- 
duction in Spanish on the Othonai Language, folio, £3. 3^ n. d. 

30043 Pickering (J.) on a Uniform Orthography for the Indian Lan- 

guages of N. America, 4to. sd. 10s Cambridge, 1820 

30044 Powell (J. W.) Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages, 

with words and phrases to be collected, 4to. charts, cloth, 10s 

Washington, Smiths. Inst. 1880 

30045 Pimentel (Franc.) Cuadro descriptivo y comparativo de las Len- 

guas Indigenas de Mexico, 2da edicion, Tomo III, 8vo. uncut, 
12s Mexico, 1875 

On the Mixe, Zoque, Matlatzinca or Pirinda, Maya, Quiche, Huastec, 
Othmi, Apache, and othei* Mexican languages. 

2. Language of Labrador and Greenland. 

30046 Bible. Gospels of SS. Matthew, Mark, and Luke, in Eskimo, by 

the Missionaries of the Unitas Fratrum, 8vo. calf, 3s 6d 

London, 1813 

30047 Testamentetak (New Testament, in Eslcimo), 12mo. 

bound, bs 1840 

30048 Egede (Paul) Dictionarium Gronlandico-Danico-Latinum, 12mo. 

with Danish and Latin Indexes, bds. lbs Hafn. 17 bO 

30049 EsKiMAUx and English (and English-Eskimaux) Vocabulary, 

oblong 12mo. 16 and 160 pages, cloth, 3s 6d 1850 

30050 FABRICIUS (0th.) Gronlandsk Grammatica, 12mo. half red 

morocco, 25s Kjobenh. 1791 

30051 Gronlandsk Grammatica, andet oplag, 12mo. hf. calf, 12s ; 

or, calf neat, 14s 1801 

30052 Gronlandske Ordbog, forbedret og foroget, thick 12mo. 

800 pjp. with Banish index, hf. bd. 20s Kjobenh. 1804 

30053 Kleinschmidt (S.) Grammatik der gronlandischen Sprache, 8vo. 

sd. bs Berlin, 1851 

30054 the same, 8vo. hf. calf, uncut, 6s 1851 

30055 Kragh (Peter) Okallontit, Sabbatinne akkudleesiksset, Evange- 

liumit suku'iautejt okiokun attuffigeksset (Sermons, in Eskimo), 
12mo. calf, bs Kjoben. 1833 

30056 New Testament, in Eskimo, by Fabricius and Wolf, sm. 8vo. calf, 

7s 6d Kj'ubenhavnime, 1827 

30057 Proverbs of Solomon and Books of the minor Prophets, in 

Eskimo, by N. G. Wolf and Kragh, 12mo. calf 2s 1828 


30058 Rink (H.) Eskimoiske Eventyr og Sagn, med Supplement, over- 
satte, 2 parts in 1 vol. royal 8vo. portrait of Eskimos, and plates, 
hf. hd. 20s Kjohen. 1866-71 

30059 Vocabulaire Fran9ais-Esquimaux, Dialecte des Tchiglit 

des bouches du Mackenzie et de I'Anderson, 4to. (pub. 50 fr.), 
sd. 32s 1876 

The last two works are Vols. 2 and 3 of the Bibliotheque de lirguistique 
d 'ethnographic americane, publiee par Alph. L. Pinart. 

3. Languages of Anglo-French America. 

30060 Du Ponceau, Memoire sur le Systerae Grammatical des Langues 
de quelques Nations Indiennes de I'Ameriqae du Nord, 8vo. 
pp. xvi and 464, sd. 5s ; or, hds. Qs Paris, 1838 

30061 the same, royal 8vo. large paper, sd. 9s 1838 

30062 Etudes Philologiques sur quelques Langues Sauvages de I'Ame- 

rique, par N. 0., ancien missionaire, 8vo. sd. 9s Montreal, 1866 

30063 Hubbard (L. L.) Some Indian Place-Names in N. Maine, with 

explanations and a cross-index, 8vo. map, sd. 5s Boston, 1884 
Part of the Appendix to " Woods and Lakes of Maine," by the same 

30064 TRUMBULL (J. Hammond) Origin and Early Progress of Indian 

Missions in New England, with a List of Books in the Indian 
language printed at Cambridge and Boston, 1653-1721 ; royal 
8vo. uncut, 30s Privatehj printed, Worcester, Mass. 1874 

The first bibliography of its kind, and for that reason comparatively 
imperfect ; but nevertheless one of high value, far surpassing in extent and 
correctness the entire aggregate of similar notices that might be gathered 
from all previous printed sources of information. The author is probably 
the only person in the world who knows the language concerning which he 

Algonkin : 

30065 Catechismo dei Missionari Cattolici in lingua Algonchina, 
pubbl. per E. Teza, 8vo. sd. 9s Pisa, 1872 

With Latin and French translation, and Vocabulary. 

30066 Trumbull (J. H.) Notes on Forty Algonkin Versions of the 
Lord's Prayer, 8vo. sd. 7s 6d Hartford, 1873 

Choctaw : 

30067 Chahta Holisso (Choctaw Spelling-Book), third edition, sm. 
8vo. woodcuts, bds. 18s Boston, 1835 

30068 New Testament, in Choctaw, 12mo. bound, 5s New York, 1858 

Cree, Ochipwa, Chippeway: 

30069 BARAGA (Rev. F.) Grammar of the Otchipwe Language, the 
language spoken by the Chippewa Indians, which is also spoken 
by the Algonquin, Otawa and Potawatami Indians, 576 pp. 
Detroit, 1850; Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language (Otchipwe- 
English and English-Otchipwe), 662 pp. double cols. Cincinnati, 
1853—2 vols, stout 12mo. cloth, £6. 10s 1850-53 

The best works on the Otchipwe language. Very rare, since they were 
privately printed, and distributed only among the missionaries. 


Cree, Ochipwa, Chippeway — contimted. 

30070 Bible, in the Cree language and special Cree characters, 8vo. 
morocco, gilt edges, 20s 1861 

30071 Common Prayer, in Cree of Rupert's Land, 12mo. bd. 2s ]855 

30072 HoRDEN (J.) Grammar of the Cree language, 12mo. sd. 5s 1881 

30073 Howse's Grammar of the Cree language, and Analysis of the 
Chippeway dialect, 8vo. portrait, cloth, 5s 1844 

30073* the same, 8vo. cloth 1865 

30074 KiBKBT (Rev. W. W.) Manual of Devotion and Instruction for 
the Slave Indians of McKenzie River, in Cree, 12mo. bds. 2s 

(c. 1860) 

30075 St. Johk, Gospel of, in Cree of Rupert's Land, 12mo. calf, 2s 


30076 Part of the Discipline of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 
Canada, translated (into Chippewa) by Peter Jones, 12mo. bds. 
5s Toronto, 1835 

30077 Sketch of a Grammar, Vocabulary and Phrase book, Chipwaw 
and English, 4to. original MS. 75 pp. bds. 18s About 1780 

Hidatsa : 

30078 Matthews (W.) Gi-ammar and Dictionary of the Language of 
the Hidatsa (Minnetarces, Grosventres of the Missouri), large 
8vo. sd. 12s N.Y. 1873 

No. 1 of Part II of Shea's Libr. of Linguistics. 

30079 Ethnography and Philology (Grammar and Diet.) of 

the Hidatsa Indians, 8vo. cloth, 15s Wash. 1877 

Huron : 

30080 Sagard (G.) Dictionnaire de la langue Huronne, 8vo. beautifully 
printed iji facsimile of the original, bds. 15s 

Paris, 1632 (Arras, 1865) 

Micmac : 

30081 Vetromil (Eugene) Account of the Micmac Indians, 4to. 16 
closely written pages of MS. compiled for the use of an American 
missionary psd. 21s 1862 

An extremely curious treatise, giving tlie origin and meaning of a great 
number of Indian names, and thereby illustrating the history and anthropology 
of Nova Scotia. Vetromil had been for many years a missionary. 

Mohawk : 

Church Catechism, Family Prayers, and several chapters of the 
Old and New-Testament, translated into the Mahaque Indian 
Language, by Lawrence Claesse, Interpreter to William 
Andrews .... Ne Orhoengene neoni Yogaraskhagh Yonder- 
eanayendaghkwa . . sm. 4to. titles mended and a few tvords 
restored in facsimile, crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, 
£48. New York, William Bradford, 1715 

Excessively rare. There was no copy in the Brinley collection, 
notwithstanding its special richness in books of this kind. As a rare work of 
American interest, and as a liturgical curiosity, this volume is one which 
must awaken considerable interest. 


Mohawk — continued. 

30083 Brutas (Jas.) Radical Words of the Mohawk Language, with 
their Derivatives (explained in French), roy. 8vo. 123 pp. sd. 
18s ; or, hf. morocco, 20s New York, 1862 

No. X of Shea's Libr. of Linguistics. Bruyas was a Jesuit Missionary, 
who went to Canada in 1666, and was Superior of Missions in Canada from 
1893 to 1700. 

30084 LITTHBRI Catechismns ofwersatt pa American- Virginiske 
Spraket [cum. Vocabulario Barbaro Virgineorum] , 12ino. map 
of Nova Suecia (Pennsylvania), fine copy, calf, with the cijp>her 
of Charles XI of Sweden on sides, rare, £8. 8s Stockholm, 1696 

Translated between 1642 and 1649 by John Campanius, whose grandson 
Thomas, the author of the accomit of Nova Suecia, has put his name to the 
bottom of the Map. 

30085 Saint John, Gospel, in Mohawk [by John Norton], 12nio. calf, 
3s U (1804) 

Mohican : 

30086 Eliot (John) the Indian Primer . . . 1669, to which is prefixed 
the Indian Covenanting Confession, reprinted from the originals 
in the library of the University of Edinburgh, by John Small, 
12mo. cloth, 6s Edinhurgh, 1880 

Natik or Massachusi : 

Eliot's Bible and Testament — see ante p. 1606. 

30087 MATHER (Cotton) Kekuttoohkaonk papaume Kuhquttum- 
MOONK ... A Discourse concerning the Institution and obser- 
vation of the Lord's-Day. Delivered in a Lecture, at Boston, 
4 d. I m. 1703, the English text and the Indian version by 
Experience Mayhew, printed on collateral pages, fine copy, witJi 
uncut leaves, in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, 
£50. Boston, B. Green, 1707 

Excessively rare : there was no copy in the magnificent Brinley 
collection. There are two titles, the Natik on the left, the English on the 
right ; or the reverse of the latter the first page of the Indian translation is 
printed, facsd by the first page of the English. These are paged 1,1, and the 
two texts proceed then side by side, 2, 2, 3, 3, and so on till they finish on 
pages 36, 36. Four pages succeed, containing the first 28 verses of John in 
Indian and English. 

Quiripi : 

30088 Pierson_ (Rev. j^braham) Some Helps for the Indians: a 
Catechism in the language of the Quiripi Indians of New 
Haven Colony, reprinted from the original edition, Cambridge, 
1658, with an introduction, by J. H. Trumbull, 8vo. sd. £2. 2s 

Hartford, 1873 

Of the original edition only two copies are known. One of these is in 
the library of Mr. James Lenox, of New York ; the other is in the British 
Museum. Only 100 copies of this reprint were printed. 


4. Athapaskan and Western Languages. 

Apache : 

30090 GARCIA (P. Fr. Bartholome) Manual para administrar los Santos 
Sacramentos de Penitencia, Eucharistia, Extrema-Uncion, y 
Matrimonio : Dar Gracias despues de Comulgar, y Ayudar a 
Bien Morir A los Indios de las Naciones : Pajalates, Orejones, 
Pacaos, Pacoas Tilijayas, Alasapas, Pausanes y otras muchas 
diferentes, que se hallan en las Missiones del Rio de San 
Antonio, y Rio Grande, pertenecientes a el Colegio de la 
Santissima Cruz de la Ciudad de Queretaro, como son : Los 
Pacuaches, Mescales, Pampopas, Tacames, Chayopines, Vena- 
dos, Pamaques, y toda la Juventud de Pihuiques, Borrados, 
Sanipaos, y Manos de Perro, sm. 4to. vellum, the Ramirez copy, 
£8. 8s {Mexico) en la Imprenta de los Herederos de 

Bona Maria de Rivera, 1760 

ExTKEMELT RARE. Not known to Brunet, Salva, or Brasseur de Bour- 

bonrg, nor is the author mentioned by Beristain, and there was no copy in the 

Andrade collection. Leclerc in his Bibl. Amer. believed that M. Maison- 

neuve's copy — priced 600 frs. — was the only one in Europe. 

Collation : Title ; 7 prel. 11. ; and 88 pp. (a corner of a leaf slightly 
defective). The author was a missionaiy among the Apache Indians of the 
Rio Grande del Norte. The book is printed in double columns, on the one 
side the Spanish version, and on the other the Apache. 

see Buschmann, ante No. 30036. 

Calif ornian : 

30091 SiTjAR (el P. Fr. B.) Vocabulario de la lengua de los naturales 
de la Mision de San Antonio, Alta California, roy. 8vo. 23 and 
53 p^. hf. morocco, 18s N.Y. 1861 

No. VII of Shea's Library of Linguistics. 

30092 Arroyo de la Cuesta (el P. Felipe) Extracto de la Grammatica 
Mutsun, o de la lengua de los naturales de la Mision de San 
Juan Bautista, roy. 8vo. 48 pp. hf. morocco, 16s N. Y. 1861 

No. IV of Shea's Library of Linguistics. 

30093 Vocabulary or Phrase Book of the Mutsun Language of 

Alta California, Mutsun- Sjmnish, rov.8YO. 96 pp. hf. morocco, 16s 

N.Y. 1862 
No. VII of Shea's Library. 

Chinook, Oregon : 

30094 GiBBS (G.) Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, or Trade Language 
of Oregon, roy. 8vo. 14< and 4^4! pp. sd. 6s Washington, 1863 

30095 the same, roy. 8vo. hf. red morocco, 8s 6d N.Y. 1863 

No. XII of Shea's Libr. of Amer. Linguistics. A Chinook-English and 

English-Chinook Vocabulary. 

Dene : 

30096 PETITOT (R. P. E.) Dictionnaire de la Langue D^n^-Dindj^ 
dialectes montagnais ou chippewayan, peaux de lievres et 
loucheux. Avec une grammaire et des tableaux synoptiques des 
conjugaisons, impl. 4to. (pub. 125 fr.), 450 pp. sd. £3. 10s 1876 



5. North Mexican Languages. 

S0097 Oeacion Dominical en las lenguas Caliita, Teguima, Opata, y 
Mazahna, sm. 4to. MS. of 7 leaves, £2. 2s Atlacomidco, 1857 

Including an interesting letter of the Curate of Atlacomulco on the 
Mazahua language. 

The Cahita and Opata are languages of Northern Mexico, the Teguima 
being a dialect of the latter ; the Mazahua is a dialect of the Otomi language 
of Central Mexico. 

Heve : 

30098 Grammatical Sketch of the Heve Langnage, translated from an 
unpublished Spanish MS. by Buckingham Smith, roy. 8vo. hf. 
red morocco, 12s N. Y. 1861 

No. Ill of Shea's Libr. of Linguistics, The Heve language was spoken 
principally in the province of Sonora. 

Opata, or Teguima : 

30099 Aguirre (Manuel) Doctrina Christiana, y Platicas Doctrinales, 
traducidas en Lengua Opata, sm. 4to. vellum, £12. Mexico, 1765 

Exceedingly rare. The Opata dialect is spoken in Sonora, Mexico. 
No copy is mentioned by Brunei, Brasseur de Bourbourg, Graesse, Leclerc, 
A'^ater, or Salva. The Maximilian copy fetched £6. 10s, in 1869. Collation : 
Title and 2 prel. 11. ; 162 pp. ; Index (1 leaf.) 

30100 LOMBARDO (el Padre Natal) Arte de la Lengua Teguima 
vulgarmente llamada Opata, 8vo. wants last leaf of Index, fine 
clean copy, vellum, £45. Mexico, Miguel de Bibera, 1702 

Excessively rare. Title ; 7 prel. 11. ; text, with index (251 numbered 
11.). The author was an Italian Jesuit and Missionary in the province of 
Sonora lin which state the dialect is spoken) for twenty -six years. His work 
is not mentioned by Brunet, Graesse, Brasseur de Bourbourg, Salva, Leclerc, 
or Vater, and there was no copy of it in the Fischer, Maximilian, or Andrade 
collection. In fact, I do not find any mention of it by any bibliographer, 
except Beristain de Souza, and the compiler of the Ramirez catalogue. 

30101 LOMBARDO (Natal) Arte de la lengua Teguima, llamada vul- 
garmente Opata, sm. 4to. Autograph MS. neatly written, 
£10. 10s About 1690 

The value of this MS. may be estimated from the fact that perhaps no 
more than two copies are known to be at present extant of the edition which 
was printed in 1702. It is the only Opata Grammar. 

Otomi : 

30102 CARCERES (Fray Pedro de) Artezilla de la lengua Otomi 
cogida de las migajas de los padres benemeritos della, y del 
comadillo ofrecido por el menor de los menores . . . Recopilada 
pol el pe. F. Po. de Carceres, g. de queretaro, sm. 4to. 114 j)p. 
MS. in Gothic handwriting of the latter part of the 16th century, 
beautifully executed, and imitating the printed Gothic letters so 
well that, at first sight, it might rather be taken for a printed 
booh than for a MS. sd. £15. .'' Queretaro, about 1580 

This is undoubtedly a volume of considerable interest and importance. 
The author was unknown to Beristain and other special bibliographers, and his 
name is not recorded by Siguenza and Boturini. Yet he must have been a scholar 
of high mark, when we consider that this is the first Grammar ever composed 
of the difficult Otomi language, in spite of which fact it is an elaborate and 
extensive treatise. Pedro de Carceres or Caceres may perhaps be sought for in 
some history of the Franciscan missions ; he describes his work very modestly 
as compiled from the scraps of the v.rll-deserving Fathers and his own mite. 


Otomi — continued. 

30103 ExAMEN critico de la Gramatica Otomi de Neve y Molina ; 
Discurso critico de la Doctrina Otomi, sm. 4to. original MS. 
14:0 pp. scl. £6. 10s Mexico, about 1770 

Both works by a single anonymous writer, who tells us, however, that 
he is a native of Otomi, who by forty years of continental study had made 
himself a perfect master of this, the most difficult of all American languages. 

The first of the two treatises is one of the bitterest and severest critiques 
that have ever been written, and exposes the weakness and defectiveness of 
Neve's Grammar. Both the treatises contain not only valuable information on 
the language of the inhabitants of the Mexican Valley before the immigration 
of the Toltecs and the rise of the Mexicans — still largely in use among the 
natives— but also interesting historical notices. 

30104 GAONA (Juan) I. Coloquios de la paz j tranqnilidad Christiana. 
Interlocutores : Un religioso y un colegial [traduzidos en lengua 
Othomi] — [Doctrina Christiana y Catechismo en lengua Othomi] 
— 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. finely written MS. 458 p>P- ^^^ ^^*^ original 
stamped binding, £21. Vera Cruz, about 1600 

Both these works are in the Othomi language, written about the end of 
the sixteenth century, in a small, clear, and beautiful handwriting, with titles 
and initials in red. The first work is translated from Gaona's NahuatI text 
printed at Mexico in 1582 ; the second is anonymous, but may be a translation 
from some well-known work. The value and interest of this little volume, 
from a linguistic point of view, are very great. 

30105 GUADALUPE RAMIREZ, Breve Compendio de todo lo que 
debe saber el Christiano . . . dispuesto en lengua Othomi (y 
Castellana), sm. 4to. printed ivith characters invented for the 
language, fine copy in vellum, £3. Mexico, 1785 

30106 the same, sm. 4to. with the very rare broadsheet 

^^ Epitome de lo qtie debe saber," hf. calf, £4. 1785 

Title and Preface, 3 leaves ; Censure, I leaf ; Approbations and can- 
celled Errata, 4 leaves ; New Errata, 1 leaf ; pp. 1-80. The first 17 pages 
are in explanation of the letters, etc. 

The Epitome of this Compendio, printed on a broadsheet for school 
use, is sometimes found folded at the end of the volume, but does not belong 
to it. 

30107 Naxera (Em.) de Lingua Othomitorum Dissertatio, 4to. sd. 16s 

Philad. 1835 

30108 Disertacion sobre la Lengua Othomi, traducida al 

Castellano, Mexico, 1845 — Guadalupe Ramirez, Compendio de 
todo lo que debe saber el Christiano, en lengua Othomi, title 
sttpplied in MS., wanting pp. 3-6 and 0-18, mounted (1785) — 
2 vols, in 1, sm. folio, hf. bd. £2. 2s 1785-1845 

30109 NEVE Y MOLINA (Luis de) Reglas de Orthographia, Dic- 
cionario, y Arte del Idioma Othomi, 12mo. fine copy, ivith the 
excessively rare frontispiece and engraved leaf of errata, vellum, 
£3. Mexico, 1767 

This volume is very rare and much sought for, as Neve is the best of all 
writers upon Otomi Grammar. He was the first to establish a proper system 
of characters, which has been since retained. 

30110 Neve, Reglas, Diccionario y Arte del Idioma Othomi, 16mo. 
cloth, 9s _ 1863 

30111 Yepes (J. L.) Catechismo y Declaracion de la Doctrina Cris- 
tiana en Lengua Otomi, con un Vocabulario, sm. 4to. bd. 30s 

Megico, 1826 


Otomi — continued. 

30112 VOCABULARIO OTOMI, folio, MS. over 700 pp. containing a 
copious Spanish- Otomi Dictionary, hf. hd. lettered " Vocabulario 
Mazaliua," £16. 

Pimentel, who examined this MS., declared that the language was 
Matzahua (there being no specification in the book itself of the speech it refers 
to), and the book was accordingly so lettered. Bat the Mexican scholar 
Icazbalceta inclined to the belief that it is Otomi, and a comparison of the 
text of the Lord's Prayer, which is given by Bancroft in both those tongues, 
makes it almost indisputable that the vocabulary here is Otomi, not JIazahua. 
Its interest and value are in any case yery great. The state and condition of 
the MS. leave nothing to desire. We have been unable to discoTer anything 
respecting the author, 

Tarahumara : 

30113 TELLECHEA (el P. Fr. Miguel) Compendio Gramatical para 
la Inteligencia del Idioma Taralnimaro ; Oraciones, Doctrina 
Christiana, Platicas, etc. sm. 4:to. portrait, calf, £2. 10s Mexico, 1826 

Collation : Title, portrait and prel. 11. (together 7 11. and 1 blank) ; 
162 pp. ; Index (6 pp.) ; Errata (2 11.) ; " Al concluir " (1 1.), The Tara- 
humara dialect is spoken in Chihuahua, Mexico. 

Tarasca : 

30114 Najera, Gramatica del Tarasco, copiada del autografo, por A. 
F. Villa, sm. 8vo. sd. 21s Morelia, 18/0 

The Tarasca dialect wad spoken in Michoacan and Queretaro. 

30115 [GILBERTI (Matnrino) Arte de la lengua de Mechuacan], 
VZmo. iva7iting the first 8 leaves {including the Title), 14 leaves and 
the last part of the Index, hf. red morocco, the Bamirez copy, 

EXCEEDINGLY RAKE, £7. lOs (Mexico) 1558 

Colophon : A Honra y Gloria De nuestro Senor lesu Christo, y de su 
hendita madre : a qui se acaha el arte enla lengua Castellana, y enla lengua. 
de Mechuacan : Jischa por el muy. B. padre Fray Matv/rino Gylberti dela orde 
del Seraphico padre sant Fracisco : con la qual se podran aprouechar della todos 
los que pretendieren aprender la lengua de Mechuacan : y tamhien podra seniir 
para los Indios de Mechuacan para aprender la lengua Castellana, acabo se 
de imprimir a ocho de Octuhre de 1558. Aiios. 

Exceedingly rare. Not known to Bmnet, Graesse, Brasseur de 
Bourbourg, Beristain de Souza, Salva or Andrade. It is very doubtful 
whether a perfect copy of this work exists. The only other copy of which 
I can find any record is the Maximilian (Fischer) copy, which was also 
imperfect (wanting the Title and last leaves) and was sold with all faults. 

Collation : The present copy contains sigs. b (sig. a wanting) to y, in 
eights (of y this copy has only the first three leaves). The pagination is 
irregular, and many of the leaves are unnumbered. This copy has sig. x (i) 
in duplicate. The missing fourteen leaves are folios 34, 39, 52, 53, 74, 79, 
101, 115, 119. 120, 148. 167, 168, and 172. 

30116 GILBERTI (Fray Maturino) Dialogo de Doctrina 
Christiana, en la Lengua d'Mechuaca. Hecho y 
copilado de muclios libros de sana doctrina. . . . 
Trata delo que ha de saber, creer, hazer, dessear, y 
aborrecer, el Christiano. Va preguntando el discipulo 
al Maestro, sm. folio, lit* 50tf)» wormed, hf. morocco^ 
from the Bamirez library., £105. 

Mexico^ Juan Pahlos., 1559 

Excessively rare. Folios ccxcv (including title, which 

^'=; within a woodcut border) irregularly numbered ; then begins 


Tarasca — continued. 

" De la Vida d'l bueno S. Eustachio," folios i-xxv. There was 
no copy in the Maximilian (Fischer), Brassenr de Bourbourg, 
or Andrade Libraries. So far as we know, no other copy of 
this valuable work has appeared for sale in England. 

30117 SERRA (P. Fr. Angel) Manual de Administrar los Santos 
Sacramentos a los Espaiioles, y Naturales de esta Provincia de 
los GloriososApostoles S. Pedro, y S. Pablo de Michuacan, con- 
forme a la reforma de Paulo V. y Urbano VIII, sm. 4to. vellum, 
fine copy, from the Ramirez library, £10. 10s 

Mexico, se reimprimio por su original impresso el ano de 

1697, este presente de 1731 
Vert rare : not known to Brunet, Graesse, Leclerc, Salva, or Vater, 
nor was there any copy in the Andrade Collection. Title ; 5 prel. 11. ; text, 
138 numb. 11. (there are no nos. 135 and 136, but it is doubtful whether 
they were printed) ; table, 4 11. A fine clean copy of this rare Manual, 
which is written in Latin, Castilian, and Tarasca. The original edition 
was printed in Mexico by Eibera in 1697 under the title of " Manual 
Trilingue, Latino, Castellano y Tarasca," etc. 

30118 BOCABULARIO BREBE y manual de la lengua de Michoacan, 
sm. 4to. plainly written MS. about 140 pp. ; containing a 
Dictionary Spanish-Tarasca, red morocco, £15. (Mechoacan) 1647 

6. Nahuatl, or Aztec language of Mexico. 

30119 Aldama y Guevara, Arte de la Lengua Mexicana, 12va.o. fi7ie copy 

in vellum, £5. Imprenta de la Bibliotheca Mexicana, 1754 

Contains 82 unnumbered leaves, including the title. 

30120 ARENAS (Pedro de) Vocabulario de las Lenguas Castellana y 

Mexicana, 12mo. vellum, 30s Mexico, Fr. de Rivera Galderon, 1728 
Some copies of this edition have no date. Contains : title, 6 prel. 11. and 1 40 pp. 
30121 Vocabulario, 16mo. vellum, 20s Puebla, 1793 

30122 BuscHMANN (Hon.) iiber die aztekischen Ortsnamen erste 

Abhandl. 4to. 206 p^. sd. 7s (1853) 

30123 CAMINO DEL CIELO, en Mexicano, sm. 4to. clearly written MS. 

bd. £18. Mexico, circ. 1670 

" Although this MS. has the title of ' Camino del Cielo,' after a most 
diligent comparison with the printed book of Father Leon which has that title, 
we have been unable to discover any relation between the one and the other. 
The contents of this volume can easily be recognized and may be divided into 
two parts. 
I. An extensive Confessario occupies the first part, consisting of thirty 
leaves, including six blank leaves. 
IL A collection of iSermons and religious instructions on different subjects, 
occupying one hundred and ninety leaves, of which sixteen are blank 
On one of the blank leaves we read 'al Pe. Oracio Carochi,' which seems 
to intimate that the MS. belonged to him. 

The greater portion of it is written in an almost microscopic hand- 
writing, although very clear and legible." 

30124 Chimalpopocatl. Apuntes para una Gramatica Mexicana 6 

Nahuatl, por el Lie. Faustino Chimalpopoca Galicia, sm. 4to. 
AUTOGRAPH MS. 38 leaves, in a very clear handwriting, sd. £1. 5s 

Mexico, 1852 
The author, a descendant of one of the ancient lords of Mexico, was an 
excellent scholar in all matters relating to Mexican history and languages. 


30124!*Galicia (F. Cliimalpopocatl) Silabario de Idioma Mexicano, 12mo. 

with MS. additions by Icazbalceta, sd. 3s Mexico, 1849 

30125 CARRANZA (Joseph de) Arte donde se contienen todos aquellos 

rudimentos y principios preceptivos que conducen a la lengua 
Mexicana, sm. 4to. MS. in a neat handwriting, vellum, £3. 16s 

? Queretaro, ahout 1790 

30126 CAROCHI, Compendio del Arte de lengua Mexicana, dispuesto 

por el P. Ign. de Paredes, sm. 4to. with frontispiece, hf. morocco, 
£2. 10s Mexico, 1759 

Collation : Frontispiece, Title, preliminaries, and Index, 13 leayes ; 
text, pp. 1-202. 

30127 Catecismo Breve, con el Acto de Contricion y el Credo, Mexicano 

y Espanol, por el R. P. Bart. Castano, 2 leaves, folio, bds. 10s 

(Mexico) Calle del Espiritu Santo, 1817 

30128 Catecismo en Idioma Mixteco (de los dialectos Bajo y Montanez), 2 

parts — Manual en Lengua Mixteca de ambos dialectos Bajo y 
Montaiiez ; 3 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. sd. £2. 16s Puebla, 1837 

30129 CORTES Y ZEDENO (Geronymo Thomas de Aquino) Arte, 

Vocabulario, y Confessionario, en el idioma Mexicano, sm. 4to. 
the third prelimiyiary leaf wanting, £3. 10s 

Puebla de los Angeles, 1765 
Very Rare. Not mentioned by Brunet, Graesse, Leclerc, Salva, 
Brasseur de Bourbourg, or Vater, nor was there a copy in the Andrade 
Library. The Maximilian copy sold for £7. 

30130 ExPOSiciON del pequeno Catecismo, impreso en el Idioma Mexicano, 

para la mejor instruccion de los Indios, Mexicano y Espanol, 
12mo. bound, 10s Puebla, 1819 

30131 [GAONA (Juan)] Coloquios de la Paz y tranquilidad Christiana 

(en lengua mexicana, interlocutores un religioso y nn colegial) 
12mo. plain MS. with a rude drawing of St. Francis on title, 266 
.. pp. velvet, 36s 

■ , At the end : Yninamatlomix, Itla pan ytech colloquios ini 
pani xi huisl y huani pani metztl I de nobienbre Ailos B. 

1683 Nehuatl Lorenqo 

A copy made by an Indian, Lorengo J. . . . , at Tlacoba (Tacuba) in 

1683, from the excessively rare original printed by Ugarte at Mexico in 1582. 

30132 JOAN BAPTISTA (Fray) Advertencias para los Confessores de 

los Naturales, primera (y segunda) parte, 2 vols, in 1, stout 
12mo. limp vellum, £9. Mexico, 1600(-1601) 

Excessively rare in this perfect condition. 

Contents : 18 prel. 11. (including Title and Errata, together 3 11.) ; 11. 
1-112 ; Tabla, 56 unnumbered 11. ; blank leaf and Title to part 2 (2 11.) ; 
11. 113-443 ; Index, 104 numbered 11. 

30133 Advertencias, primera parte, 12mo. ivanting 4 prel. II., 

and 10 leaves of the Table, hf. bd. £2. 10s 1600 

The title of the " Segunda Parte," is substituted for the genuine 

" Primera." 
30134 Advertencias, 12mo. ending with leaf 63 of the first 

part, vellum, 20s 1600 

30135 Confessionario en lengua Mexicana y Castellana;, con 

muchas aduertencias muy necessarias para los Confessores, r2nio. 


wanting the last leaf of sign. A of the prelim, leaves, but otherwise 
perfect, in vellum ivrapper, £12. 

(Mexico), E)i Sanctiago Tlatilulco, per Melchior Ocharte, 1599 
ExTKEMELY RARE. CollatioTi : 16 prcl. leaves, including Title (one 1. 
wanting) ; 112 nnnibered leaves ; Errata, 2 II. The heading of the Errata 
is printed in italics. The Ramirez copy contained in addition another list of 
Errata, with the lieading printed in Roman letters, but it is doubtful whether 
both lists belong to this edition. Juan Baptista, or Bautista, was a native 
Mexican. He became a Franciscan of the province of Santo Evangelio de 
Mejico. He taught philosophy and theology, and had for his pupil F. Torque- 
mada, the author of " Monarquia Indiana." He was esteemed the most 
learned of his time in the Mexican language, which he spoke and wrote with 
purity and elegance. 

30137 LEON (Martin de) Sermonario del tieropo de todo el auo dupli- 

cado, en Mexicano, sm. 4to. a little wormed, and tvanting the title, 
hf. Id. RARE, £12. 10s Mexico, 1610 

30138 LEON (Martin de) [el Camino del Cielo, libro que contiene un 

Catliecismo, Oraciones, el Simbolo, el Calendario Mexicano, dos 
Confessionarios, etc. b en Nahuatl, b en Mexicano y Castellano'], 
sni. 4to. wormed, wanting title and a couple of preliminary leaves, 
and the last leaf defective, vellum, £4. {Mexico, 1611) 

30139 LoRRA Baquio (Francisco de) Manual Mexicano de la Adminis- 

tracion de los Sacramentos, conforme al Manual Toledano, 12mo. 
wants title and last leaf after p. 104, first 3 leaves of dedication 
damaged, 30^ Mexico, 1634 

30140 Lucas (S.) Evangelio de, del Latin al Mexicano, 6 mejor Nahuatl, 

12mo. calf, 21s Londres, 1833 

30141 Manuscritos en Mexicano. A volume in fol. containing fourteen 

original pieces in MS. and three printed ones ; the MSS. 
occupying two hundred and six leaves, hf. bd. £28. 1580-1847 

An INTERESTING and valuable collection chiefly of official papers in 
cases of legal process, etc., but including also a .Miracle Play on the subject 
of Abraham, in Mexican and Spanish. It compi-ises further the two following 
printed documents which we have not seen mentioned by any bibliographer. 

The first is — Mota. Alabado en Mexicano, que contiene los principales 
Mistcrios de nuestra Santa Fe, compuesto por el Br. Dn. Jose de la Mota, 
Cura . . . de Tepecoacuilco . . . reimpresso en Mexico jpor Zuniga, 
1809. 2 leaves in 8vo. 

The other is a Proclamation in Mexican and Spanish, signed F. S. 
Tepca, dated Toluca, S: pt. 25, 1847, in which he calls upon the Indians to 
rise against the North-American invader : a single sheet broadside. 

30142 MANUSCRIT dit MEXICAIN, No. 2 de la Bibl. Imp., photo- 

graphie (sans reduction) par ordre de S. E. M. Duruy, large 
folio, 22 photographs, half morocco, £14. 

Paris, Commission Scientifique de Mexique, 1864 

30143 Maximo Paquil ... A Religious Tract by an anonymous author, 

sm. 4to. Manuscript in Mexican, the text surrounded with Curious 
Painted Borders, evidently the work of a native Mexican, 
19 leaves, £16. 16s 

30144 Mendoza (Eufemio) Apuntes para iin Catalogo razonado de las 

palabras Mexicanas introducidas al Castellano, sm. folio, 86 pages, 
sd. 7s Mexico, 1872 



30145 MIJANGOS (Juan de) Espejo Divino en lengua Mexicana, en 
que pueden verse los padres, y tomar doeumento para acerta a 
doctrinar bien a sus hijos, y aficionallos a las virtudes, sm. 4to. 
with the 2 leaves of Index, red morocco, by Bedford, £16. \6s 

Mexico, Bavalos, 1607 

80146 -■ — the same, sm. 4to. ivithout the 'preliviinary leaves, and 2 

leaves of Index, vellum, the Ramirez copy, £5. 1607 

Very rare. The Fischer copy is apparently the only other copy — and 
that a bad one, wanting the two leaves of Index — which has hitherto turned up 
in the London market. None of the bibliographers has mentioned the book, 
except Brunet's continuator,and he, having only seen the Fischer copy, omits to 
mention the two last leaves of Index, which must be extraordinarily rare. 

Collation: 8 prel. 11., including title ; 562 numbered pp.; leaf with 
imprint ; 2 11. of Index. 

Primera parte del Sermonario Dominical y Sanctoral, en 




lengua Mexicana, sm. 4to. vellum, vert kare, £14. Mexico, 1624 

the same, sm. 4to. wanting one preliminary leaf, and page 

211-14, £5. 1624 

Collation : Title ; 8 prel. II. ; text pp. 564 ; Tabla 37 11. " Phrases 
y modos de hablar elegantes y metaphoricos de los Indios Mexicanos, "14 pp. ; 
Errata, 3 pp. 

MOLINA (Alonso de) Arte de la lengua Mexicana y Castellana, 
2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. First Edition, perfect, fine large copy, 
red morocco extra, by Bedford, £52, 10s Mexico, 1571 

the same, both parts, 12mo. title, folio 5 of part I, and 

folio 28 and 35 of part II, and small portions of leaves made up in 
facsimile, green morocco f£2fy. 1571 

Excessively rare, perfect or imperfect. The value of this book as a 
monument of philology is universally recognized ; its interest as the first 
printed Grammar of the Aztec tongue may also be pointed ont. I have 
recently sold a copy, with the title in facsimile, for £40. 

Arte de la lengna Mexicana y Castellana, 1571 — Tapia 



Zenteno, Noticia de la lengua Huasteca, 1761 — 2 vols, in 1, 
sm. 4to. Br. BurnelVs MS. transcript of the rare originals, hf. 
morocco gilt, £2. 16s 1859, etc. 

Dr. Burnell also began to transcribe the Gram. Yucateca of J. Euz, but 
did not proceed far. 

Aqui comienfa vn vocabulario e\ la lengua Castellana 

T Mexicana . . sm. 4to. First Edition, — thirteen leaves in fac- 
simile (ff. 1-8, 245, 257-260), red morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Bedford, £50. Mexico, Bid Bablos, 1555 

the same, sm. 4to. six leaves in facsimile (ff. 146, 147, 


197-200), title mended and the loiver portion supplied in fac- 
simile ; a few leaves shorter than the rest; altogether an exceed- 
ingly large and -fine copy, in calf gilt, from the Bamirez library, 
£80. ' 1555 

No perfect copy known ; in fact, the book is of such extraordinaiy rarity, 
that only some five copies altogether are believed to be extant ; and so little 
was known about the existence of the volume, that even the last edition of 
Brunet records it only under the false name of Olmos. 

Vocabulario en Lengua Castellana y Mexicana (y 

Vocabulario en Lengua Mexicana y Castellana), both parts in 
1 vol. sm. folio, a little stained, hf. bd. £25. 

Mexico, en Casa de Antonio de Spinosa, 1571 


30155 MOLINA (Alonso de) Vocabulario, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, 

riissia extra, leather joints, gilt edges, hy G. Lewis, Hehers copij, 
£30. 1571 

Cost Heber £31. 10s in 1832. 

30156 — the same, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, very fine dean 

large copy, ahnr)st uncut, vellum, the Ramirez copy, £42. 1571 
Uiiqiies-tionably the best copy that hiis occurred for sale in England. At 

the end are four leaves of MS. in a modern hand, entitled " Nombres Mexi- 

canos recogidos y agregados al Diccionario de Molina por Fausto, 

Chimalpopoca Galicia." 

" Cette seconde Edition, fort angmentee, a passe longtemps pour le premier 

livre imprime en Amerique ; c'est entore un ouvrage tres-precieux etdegrande 

valeur ; et c'est aujourd'hui le seul livre a I'aide duquel on puisse etudier avec 

fruit la langue nahuatl ou mexicaine." — Brunei, Suppl. 

An ordinary copy, which had cost Lord Kingsborough £52. 10s, was 

priced by Thorpe in 1832, £28; another priced by Stargardt, in Berlin, 1858, 

loOThalers; fetched in 1816, at Puttick's, £16 ; Mr. Heber paid £31. 10s 

for a copy in the original parchment cover. 

30157 Doctrina Christiana, en Lengna Mexicana muy neces- 

saria: en la qual se contienen todos los principales mysterios de 
nuestra Sancta Fee catholica, 8vo. first edition, perfect, 
numerous woodcuts, hf. red morocco, the Eamirez copy, £60. 

Mexico, Pedro Ocharte, 1578 
Excessively rare : the only other copy known to me is the Fischer 

copy, which although wanting the title and several leaves, produced the sum 

of £23. 

Collation : 91 numbered leaves (including Title), and 4 leaves of Table. 

A few inner margins are wormed, but the text is uninjured. 

30158 Olmos (And. de) Grammaire de la langue Nahnatl ou Mexicaine, 

composee, en 1547, et publiee avec notes, etc. par R. Simeon, 
roy. 8vo. sd. 12s 1875 

30169 PAREDES (Padre Ignacio de) Catecismo Mexicano, que contiene 
toda la Doctrina Christiana : dispusolo primeramente en Castel- 
lano el P. G. de Ripalda, \2xxi.o. portrait, wormed, calf, 30s 

Mexico, 1758 

30160 the same, 12mo. portrait, Id. £2. 2s 1768 

30161 Doctrina breve sacada del Catecismo de Paredes, en 

Mexicano, 12mo. a fragment of 7 leaves, 5s (? 1760) 

30162 Promptuario Manual Mexicano . . . utilissimo a los 

Parrochos para la enseSanza . . . y a los que aprenden la lengua 
para la expedicion, small 4to. fine copy in limp vellum., rare, £9. 

Mexico, 1759 
In Mexican, with Spanish and Latin passages intercalated throughout 
for the purpose of explaining the more difficult phrases, 

30163 PEREZ (Manuel) Arte de el Idioma Mexicano, sm. 4to. sd. or 

bd. £4. Mexico, Fr. de Bibera Galderon, 1713 

30164 Farol Indiano, y Guia de Curas de Indies, con 

todos los casos morales que suceden entre Indios, amoldados a 
los costumbres de los Naturales, sm. 4to. velhtm, £3. 

Mexico, 1713 
Parts of this rare work are in Mexican and Spanish. A copy fetched 
in 1809, at Puttick's, £8. .O.s. 



30165 PEREZ (Fr. Manuel) Farol Indiano, j Guia de Curas. Arte de el 

Idioma Mexicano por el P. M. Perez ; in 1 vol. sm. 4to. vellum, 
£7. 7s Mexico, Fr. de Hihera Calderon, 1713 

Both these works are very rare : together they produced over £10. 10s 
in the Fischer sale. There are sereral autograph signatures of " Buenaven- 
tura Jose de Cuellar " througliout the volume. 

30166 Cathecismo Romaxo, traducido en Castellano y Mexi- 
cano, sm. 4to. some leaves wormed, vellum, £5. Mexico, 1723 

30167 tlie same, sm. 4to. vellum, £9. 1723 

Vert kabe. At the Abb6 Fischer's sale in 1869 a copy fetched 
£15. 10s. 

30168 SAHAGUN (Bernardino de) Sermones in Mexicano, 
folio, neatly tcritten Original Manuscript on paper 
made hy the Indians from the Agave, such as they 
used before the discovery of their country hy the 
Spaniards^ 95 leaves, hd. from the Ramirez collection, 
in red morocco case, £300. Mexico, 1540 

On the first page it has the following title in the hand- 
Tvriting of Father Sahagun, the lower half of which is 
wanting : — 

Siguense unos sermones de dominicas y de sanctos en 
lengua Mexicana : no traduzidos de sermonario alguno sine 
compuestos nuevamente a la medida de la capacidad de los 
Indios : breves en materia y en lenguage congruo venusto y 
llano facil de entender para todos los que le oyeren altos y baxos 
prineipales y macegolas, hombres y mugeres. Compusieronse el 
ano de 1540 ; anse comenzado a corregir y anadir este ano de 
1563, en este mes de Julio infra octava Visitationis. El autor , 
los somete a la correccion de la madre sancta Yglesia romana 
con todas las otras obras que en esta lengua Mexicana a 
compuesto. fray bnardio. de Sahagun. Some leaves are 
wanting at the beginning, and there are two loose leaves. 
Then comes the following note in the handwriting of Father 
Sahagun : — Siguense unos sermones breves en la lengua 
Mexicana, el autor de ellos los somete a la correccion de la 
madre sancta Yglesia, c5 todas las demas obras suyas, son para 
todo el ano de dominicas y Sanctos ; no estan coi'regidos : fray 
bnardio. Sahagun. 

On folio 88, the dominical sermons conclude with another 
note in Mexican in Father Sahagun's handwriting, and signed 
by him ; then follows a blank leaf, and on the following com- 
mences a " Sanctoral" on six leaves, the end wanting. The 
differences in the writing between the body of the book and the 
corrections made in 1563, are easily explained by the 23 years' 
interval. When he wrote the work first he was only about 45 
years of age ; he was not far from seventy when he began to 
make his additions and corrections. This MS. is undoubtedly 
one of the most curious and interesting volumes in the Mexican 
language ever offered for sale. In his know ledge of the Aztec 
language and literature, Sahagun has prolably never had an 



equal. The historical work which he wrote concerning the 
Mexican empire, and which has been published by Bustamante, 
brought down upon him the abuse of his fellows, both lay and 
clerical, for aiding, as they said, to perpetuate the idolatry of 
the nation. 

30169 SAHAGUN. Exercicios quotidianos en lengua 
Mexicana, sm. 4to. MS. plainly written^ 86 pp. sd. 
£18. Mexico^ 1574 — transcribed Sec. XVII 

The MS. begins thus : — " Comienza un exercicio en lengua 
Mexicana, sacado del sancto Evangelic y distribuido por todos 
los dias de la semana contiene meditaciones devotas muy prove- 
chosas para cualquier xpiano que se quiere llegar a Dios." 
At the end, there is the inscription : " Este exercicio halle entre 
los yndios, no se quien le hizo ni quien se le dio tenia muchas 
faltas e incongruidades mas con verdad se puede dezir que se 
hizo de nuevo que no que se emendo. Este afio de 1674, fray 
Bernardino de Sahagun." 

The MS. is in perfect preservation, and the handwriting is 
clear and legible — in fact, too boldly written to be the autograph 
of Sahagun. This is probably identical with the single MS. of 
the work which is mentioned by Beristain as being in his time 
in the College of St. Gregory at Mexico, and which he seems 
to have considered the original, just as Ramirez believed this 
to be. 

30170 SAHAGUN. Nican vnpeoa ynnemachtiliztlatolli 
. . . Oquichuih fray Bernardo de Sahagum, 2 parts 
in 1 vol. folio, Original MS. 27 II. wanting end ; 
•probably one leaf only .^ as the author speaks of twenty- 
six additimis, and the MS. breaks off treating on the 
2Ath, calf £30. Mexico, 15 79 

On the verso of the 16th leaf is the signature of Father 

On the verso of the 31st leaf the original treatise concludes, 
and on the following commences the twenty-six additions on 
thirteen leaves. On the verso of the title-page to the additions 
is a " Prologo " in Spanish, from which it appears that Father 
Sahagun made the last corrections and additions to this work 
in 1579. 

30171 (? SAHAGUN) Dictionarium ex Hisniensi in Lati- 
num sermonem, interprete Aello Antonio Neprissensi 
[additis interpretationibus Mexicanis], sm. 4to. manu- 
script of 155 leaves, in a very small but clear hand- 
writing of the X^th century in double columns, the 
Mexican part being ivritten in red ink; Spanish 
morocco, £50. ^Mexico, about 1590 

This is supposed to be either the original or at least a copy 


of the Vocabulary composed by Father Sahagun, whicli 18 
desci'ibed by Beristain as " Diccionario trilingue latino, espaiiol, 
y megicano." 

30172 Sandoval (R.) Arte de lalengua Mexicana, 12mo. vellum, 5* 

Mexico, 1810 

30173 (Tapia Zenteno) Arte novissima de la lengua Mexicana, sm. 4to. 

no title, vellum, rare, 18s (Mexico, 1753) 

30174 VAZQUEZ GASTELU (Ant.) Arte de lengua Mexicana, com- 

puesto por el Bachiller Don Antonio Vazquez Gastelu, el Rey 
de Figueroa (con Confessionario y Catbecismo en Mexicano y 
Espanol), sm. 4to. vellum, the Ramirez copy, £12. 12s 

Puehla de las Angeles Diego Fern, de Leon, 1689 

First edition. Exceedingly bare, undescribed by bibliographers. 
The only other copy of which I can find any record is the Andrada copy, 
which was imperfect. 

Collation : 6 prel. leaves (including title) ; and 42 numbered leaves. 

30175 Arte de Lengua Mexicana, corregido segun su original 

por Olmedo y Torre (con Confessionario y Cathecismo), sm, 4to, 
£3, Puehla, 1726 

Collation: 2 prel. leaves (including title); and 54 leaves. The author 
has a strange addition to his name, " el Key de Figueroa," the origin of which 
deserves investigatiou. 

30176 Velasquez de Cardenas, Breve Practica, y Regimen del Con- 

fessionario de Indios, en Mexicano y Castellano, 12mo. vellum, 
10s Mexico, 1761 

30177 VETANCURT (Augustin) Arte de Lengua Mexicana, sm. 4to, 

corners of a few leaves torn off, vellum, £4. Mexico, 1673 

30178 tbe same, sm. 4iio. fine copy in vellum, £10. 1673 

Vert rare. The book ends with the fourth leaf of signature N ; and 

is followed by " Instruccion breve para administrar los Santos Sacramentos, 
en Mexicano y Castellano," on eight leaves, marked with signatures O, P, 

7. Maya, South Mexican, and Central 
American Languages, 

Chiapaneca : 

30179 Pinart, Bibliotbeque de Linguistique et d'Ethnograpbie Ame- 
ricaines, Vol. I ; Albornoz, Arte de la lengua Cbiapaneca 
(escrito en Espanol en el siglo XVII) ; Barrientos, Doctrina 
Cbristiana en lengua Chiapaneca (escrita en 1690), 4to. 
(pub, 15 fr.), sd. 12s Paris, 1875 

30180 TAPIA ZENTENO (Carlos de) Noticia de la Lengua 
Huasteca, con Catecbismo, y Doctrina Cbristiana, y copioso 
Diccionario, sm. 4to. velhim, fine clean copy, £4. Mexico, 1767 

30181 Paradigma Apologetico . , . Noticia de la Huasteca. 

. . . Descripcion de su pais y demostracion evidente de la vanidad 
de el borror que se le tiene, sm. 4to. clean MS. 16 preliminary 
leaves of description, followed by the Grammar which consists of 
145 pp. hf. Id. £7. 15s Mexico, aboiit 1746 

The Huasteca or Cuexteca language belongs to the Maya class, and is 
spoken in Tamaulipas and Vera Cruz. 

The above preliminaiy discourse and geographical description were 


HuASTECA — continued. 

omitted when the book was printed in 1767, to avoid, as the author said, an 
unnecessary expansion of the volume. 

30182 CoNVERSACiON en Lingua Hnasteca, sm. 4to. MS. 56 x>p. of 
phrases and colloquial sentences, in Spanish and Huasteca, with a 
modern transcript of the same on 43 leaves, £7. 7s About 1730 

UxPrBLisHED. There is no little available information concerning the 
Huastcc language that a contribution of this kind is valuable. 

Maya : 

30183 [Beltran, Arte del Idioma Maya, y semilexicon Yucateco], 
sni. 4to. without preliminary leaves, pages 1-16, and about 12 
leaves at end, sd. 30s (Mejico, 1746) 

30184 BoLLAERT (W.) on the Maya Hieroglyphic Alphabet of Yucatan, 
8vo. ivith numerous MS. corrections by the author, sd. 2s 6d 


30185 Ruz (el P. Fr. J.) Gramatica Yucateca, 12mo. sd. 16s 

Merida, 1844 

Poconchi : 

See Gage's Travels, ante, No. 28862. 

Quiche : 

30186 Brasseur de Bocrbourg, Grammaire de la langue Quiches 
Espagnole-franpaise mise en parallele avec ses deux dialectes, 
arec un Vocabulaire, Essai sur la Poesie, etc. avant la Conquete, 
et le Rabinal-Achi, drame indigene, Quiche-Frangais, avec sa 
mtisique originale, royal 8vo. 15s Paris, 1862 

30187 POPOL VUH: le Livre Sacre et les Mythes de 1' Antiquity 
Americaine, avec les livres heroiques et historiques des Quiches, 
Quiche et Frangais, par Brasseur de Bourbourg, 8vo. maps and 

plate, sd. 30s Paris, 1861 

This work, composed soon after the Spanish CJonqnest, by a native 

Prince, contains all the old mythology and sacred lore of the Guatemalan 

and Mexican people. 

The strange cosmogony and theogony of the Central American races 

will always excite interest and speculation. The Abbe treats curiously upou 

the origin and affinities of those peoples in a learned introduction. 

30188 Sermones t platicas en lengua Qaiche, r2mo. original MS. in 
Gothic letters, on stout parchment, 88 leaves not quite perfect, in 
a limp vellum wrapper, £15. Guatemala, about 1590 

Probably the work of Francisco Ximenez, or of Damian Delgado. There 
is very little material accessible for philological study on the subject of the 
Quiche language, yet its importance as the tongue of the civilized architectural 
people of Central America is very great. The Maya and Quiche languages 
are the oldest dialects of an important linguistic family unconnected with the 
Mexican Nahuatl. 

Totonaca : 

30189 ZA:MBRAN0 BONILLA (Jos.) Arte de Lengua Totonaca, 
Conforme a el Arte de Antonio Nebrija, lleva anadido Una 
Doctrina de la Lengua de Navlingo, con algunas vozes de la 


ToTONACA — continued. 

LengTia de aquella Sierra, j de esta de aca, su author Franc. 
Dominguez, sm. 4to. vellum, £15. 

En la Puebla en la Imprenta de la Yiuda de 
Miguel de Ortega, 1752 
Extremely rare. Title; 21 prel. 11.; text pp. 134; inilex, 3 11; 
"Distintos" pp. 79; " Indice de los Distintos " 3 pp. The Totoxaca 
Dialect was spoken in the Northern parts of the Provinces of Puebla, and 
in part of the Province of Vera Cruz. The Maximilian copy, wanting title 
and four other leaves, sold for £5. 10s in 1869 ; the Andrade copy in the 
same year fetched 51 thalers. 

Zapoteca : 

30190 Arte Zaapoteco, Confessonario (sic) Administracion de los 
Santos Sacramentos, y otras Curiosidades, que en el se 
contienen ; perteneciente al mui R. P. Juan Francisco Torralva ; 
sacado de su original en esta Caveza de Ocotlan aiio 1800, sm. 
4to. MS. onpai^er, 296 pp. hf. calf, £10. Ocotlan, 1800 

Anonymous MS. thus divided: — Grammar, pp. 1-96; Numbers and other 
words, 97-120 ; Administration of the Sacraments, 120-132; Confessionario, 
132-170; Conversational phrases in the dialect " delValle," 1 70-198; Vocabulary 
and verbs, 199-292; Confessionario in the dialect of Santa Maria Petapa, 

There is no indication of the name of the author, nor of the time in which 
it was written ; although from the fact that he sometimes refers to Aguero, 
its date must be posterior to 1666. 

30191 BucABULARio de la lengua Castellena (sic) j Zapoteca Nexitza, 
Se acabo a 16 de nobienbre 1696, sm. 4to. clearly written MS. 
96 pp. vellum ivrapper, £7 . 10s 1696 

Rather than a vocabulary it is a collection of conversational expressions 
and phrases. On the back of the title we find the words " Manual de la 
lengua Castellana y Zapoteca. Reboltizo de lengua Zapoteca i Castellana de 
Juo. Martin Seiior de Latopan." Juan Martin may therefore be the author's 

8. Caraib, Carib, Galibi. 

30192 BRETON (Raymond) Petit Catechisme ou Sommaire des trois 
premieres parties de la Doctrine Chrestienne, traduit du 
Francois, en la langue des Caraibes Insulaires, par le R. P. 
Raymond Breton, 12mo. calf neat, rare, 86s 

Auxerre, Grilles Bouqiiet, 1664 
BiET, Petit Dictionnaire — see No. 28880. 
Dayies (John) Caribbian Vocabulary — see No. 29270. 
RocHEFORT, Yocabulaire — see No. 29283. 

Arowak : 

30193 Matthew and John, in Arau-ak, 12mo. calf, 7s 6d 1850 

9. Guarani, Tupi. 

30195 RUIZ (el P. Antonio). Arte y Bocabulario de la lengua Guarani, 
corapuesto por el Padre Antonio Ruiz, 1640 — Tesoro de la 
lengua Guarani, compuesto por el Padre Antonio Ruiz (1639) — 


2 vols, stout sm. 4to. vellum and Spanish calf, exceedingly rare, 
£35_ Madrid, Juan Sanchez, 1639-40 

Collation. Arte y Bocabulario : Title ; 5 prel. leaves ; Arte, pp. 1-100; 
Vocabulario, pp. 101-376 and 1-234. Tesoro : Title (defective in this copy) ; 
7 prel. leaves ; 407 leaves (the last 9 wanting to this copy), in which the 
numbering skips from 271 to 278, 

The first part contains a Grammar and a Spanish-Guarani Dictionary, 
the second a Guarani-Spanish Dictionary ; though the titles differ, the two 
volumes are respectively the first and second parts of the same work. Both 
parts are exceedingly rare, but more especially the first. The second 
part alone fetched £8 at Sotheby's in 1862, and again in 1864, £11. I can 
only find one other instance of the first part occurring for sale, when a copy 
was priced by a Paris bookseller, in 1867, 240 fr. 

30196 Cavalcaxti (A.) The Brazilian Language and its Agglutination, 

8vo. cloth, 10s Bio Janeiro, 1883 

30197 DiccioNARio PoRTUGUEZ E Brasiliano, sm. 4to. 4 and 79 pp. hf. 

hd. 16s Lisboa, 1795 

A useful dictionary of the Brazilian language, — a language which is 
praised as being " melodious, elegant, and copious." 

30198 [FIGUEIRA (Luis)] Arte da Grammatica da Lingua Brasilica, 

12mo. no title, old calf, rare, £3. 10s (Lisboa, 1687) 

30199 Arte da Grammatica da Lingua do Brasil, sm. 4to. 103 

pp. hf. bd. 16s Lisboa, 1795 

30199*Platzmann (J.) Grammatik der Brasilianisclien Sprache, mit 
Zugrundelegung des Anchieta, 8vo. green morocco gilt, gilt edges, 
witli the Imperial arms on side, 15s Leipzig, 1874 

30200 VOCABOLARIO na Lingua Brasilica (Portuguez-Brasiliano), 

sm. 4to. original MS. 368 pp. clearly written in double columns, 
old calf gilt, from, the Sunderland library, £10. 10s 1621-22-13 

An important tjnpdblishbd manuscript Dictionary. 

The last few leaves which contain lists of the names of parts of the body, 
etc., in Brazilian-Portuguese, and is dated 1613, were written by " Padre Pero 
de Castilho da Companhia de lesu," who was probably also the author of he 
large Vocabolario. 

10. Peruvian. 


30201 BERTONIO (el P. Ludovico) Vocabulario dela 
Lengua Aymara, 2 parts in 1 vol. stout 8vo. clean 
copy, £60. 

Inipresso enla casa de la Compama de lesus de 

lull Pueblo enla Promncia de Chucuito^ 

For Francisco del Canto. 1612 

Exceedingly rare, and of the greatest importance for the 

study of the Peruvian dialects. The author was a missionary 

in Peru for 44 years. A Spanish- Aymara and Aymara- Spanish 

Dictionary. Priced lately by a Paris bookseller, 2000 frs. 

Collation : 14 prel. leaves (including title) ; 474 pages ; 
and 399 pages. 
Moxa : 

30202 MARBAN (el P. Pedro) Arte de la lengua Moxa, con su 
Vocabulario, y Cathecismo, stout 12mo. vellum, £5. 

(Lima) En la Lnprenta Real de Joseph de Contreras (1701) 
Collation . 8 prel. leayes (including title) ; Arte, 1-117 pp. ; Vocabulario 


MoxA — continued. 

(both alphabets) 118-664 pp. ; Cathecismo, pp. 1-142 ; Algunas Advertencias, 
11 unnumbered leaves ; Declaracion, pp. 163-202 ; and Indice, 1 leaf. 

The language of the nation of the proFince of "lo3 Moxos," in Bolivia, 
South America. It is related to the Maipure. 

30203 Lucas (San) Evangelio de, en Ayraara j Espanol, traducido por 
Pazos-Kanki, y San Miguel, 12mo. bd. bs Loiidres, 1829 

Quichua : 

30204 Ellis (R.) Pernria Scjthica : the Quicliua Language of Peru, 
its derivation from. Central Asia -with the American languages 
in general, and -with the Turanian and Iberian languages of the 
Old World, etc. 8vo. cloth, 6s 1875 

30205 HOLGUIN (el P. Diego Goufalez) Yocabulario de la lengna 
general de todo el Peru llamada lengua Qquichua, o del 
Inca, wanting 12 leaves, Impresso enia Ciudad de los Eeyes, 
por Franc, del Canto, 1608 — Grammatica j Arte nueva dela 
lengua general de todo el Peru, llamada lengua Qquichua, o 
lengua del Inca, compuesta por el Padre Diego Gon9alez 
Holguin, u-anting 6 leaves, ih. 1607 — in 1 vol. stout sm. 4to. 
hf. bd. £25. 1607-8 

Exceedingly rare. The Vocabulario contains both Quichua-Spanish 
and Spanish-Quichua alphabets. These two •works together were recently 
priced by a Paris bookseller 2000 frs. 

Collation. Vocabulario : 4 prel. leaves (including title) ; 375 pp. (pp. 
17-35 wanting to this copy); 332 pp. (pp. 45-48 and 5 7-60 wantinjj) ; and 
Sumario, 2 leaves. Grammatica: 4 prel. leaves (including title;; 143 leaves 
01. 29, 36, 109, 110, 115 and 116 wanting) ; and Table, 1 leaf. 

30206 HOLGUIN, Gramatica y Arte nueva de la lengua general de todo 
el Peru, llamada lengua Qquichua o lengua del Inca, nueva 
edicion revista y corregida, 8vo. sd. £2. {Lima) 1842 

30207 Nodal (J. F.) Elementos de Grammatica Quichua, 8vo. over 460 
pp. bds. 21s Ctizco (c. 1875) 

30208 Ollanta, an ancient Inca drama, QuicJiua-English, by C. R. 
Markham, sm. 8vo. cloth, 4s Qd 1871 

30209 SERMONES de la Caridad y Limosna, Quichua y Espanol, 
sm. 4to. pp. 317-515, luith Manuscript corrections by Joseph 
AcosTA, original limp vellum, £8. IO5 Lima, 1585 

This is the press-copy of an excessively rare work. 

30210 [TORRES RUBIO] Grammatica y Vocabolario en la lengua 
general del Peru, llamada Quichua, y en la lengua Espanola, el 
mas copioso y elegante que hasta agora se ha impresso, 12mo. 
Original Edition, wanting 5 leaves, cut down, calf, £20. 

Sevilla, Clemente Hidalgo, 1603 
Collation: Title (mended); 3 prel. leaves (1st missing;; Arte, 40 
numbered leaves (comer of 1st torn off) ; Vocabolario, sigs. Aa-Ll, in eights, 
except LI, which is in fours ; Segunda parte del Vocabulario, sigs A-M in 
eights, except M which is in fours. The missing leaves are, the first prel. 
leaf, and sigs. Dd3, Dd6, L7 and M3. The Vocabulary contains both 
Quichua-Spanish and Spanish-Quichua alphabets. 

Exceedingly rare ; not known to Brunet or his continuator. 
Antonio and De Backer quote the edition of Rome, printed in the same year, 
bat make no mention of this of Seville. Graesse thought that the 1619 


QuiCHUA — continued. 

edition was the first. Lndewig seems to he the only bibliographer to whom 
this edition was really known ; the few others who mention it, doing so merely 
on his authority, and with evident doubt of its existence. 

I can find no record of the sale of any other copy of this exceedingly rare 
work, than the present. 

30211 TORRES RUBIO, Arte, y Vocabulario de la lengua Qaicliua 
general de los Indies de el Peru ; afiadio el P. Juan de 
Figueredo : ahora nuevamente con-egido j aumentado en 
muchos vocables y varias notas, etc. 12mo. calf extra, gilt edges, 
by Pratt, rare, £9. Lima, 1 754 

The most complete edition. 

11. Creole. 

30212 CoLLECgio de Vocabulos e Prases usados na provincia de S. Pedro 

do Rio Grande do Snl no Brazil, sm. 4to. 32 pp. in Creole- 
Vorttigiiese, sd. hs Londres, 1856 

30213 Thomas (J. J.) Theory and Practice of Creole Grammar, 8ro. 

hf. calf, 18s Fort-of-Spain, 1869 

The first scientific work on the Negro-French patois of Trinidad. 


30214 Apponti (F. H.) The Libraries of California ; containing descrip- 

tions of the principal private and public Libraries, 8vo. hf. 
mo7Vcco, gilt tops, 12s San Francisco, 1878 

30215 AsHER (A.) Bibliographical Essay on the Collection of Voyages 

and Travels, edited and published by Levinus Hulsius and hia 
successors at Nuremberg and Francfort, 1598-1660, sm. 4to. hds. 
6s 18;:i9 

30216 Barros Arana (Diego) Notas para una Bibliografia de obras 

anonimas i seudonimas sobre la America, 4to. sd. 2bs 

Santiago de Chile, 1882 

30217 BERISTAIN DE SOUZA (Jose Mariano) Biblioteca Hispano- 

Americana Septentrional, 6 catalogo y noticia de los Literates 
que d nacidos 6 educados, 6 fiorecientes en la America Septen- 
trional Espaiiola, han dado a luz algun escrito 6 lo han 
dexado preparado para la prensa, 3 vols. sm. folio, mmierous 
highly important MS. notes, tvith 14 portraits inserted, hf. bd. 
from the library of Brasseur de Bourbourg, £75. Mexico, 1816-21 

Excessively rare. It contains a biography of nearly 4000 writers, 
■with a bibliography of the works of each. Part of the second and third 
volumes are edited by Rafael Enriquez Trespalacios Beristain, a relative of 
the author, who died before the work was finished. 

" Le catalogue des ouvrages de Beristain est fort nombreux. II passa 
toujours pour uii ami des lettres, mats d'un servilisme extravagant, line 
note manuscrite a son article, dans Texemplaire de ma collection, dit de lui 
ces mots : Beristain fuS el homhre was servil que fario madre ! Lastima que 
frtera mi paisano ! L'auleur de cettc note, Juan Evangelista Guadalajara, 
ainsi qu'il se fait connaitre dans cetexempl aire qui lui appartint avant moi, en 
a Kurchart^e les marges, aussi bien que les jiages blanches, en tele oL en queue 



des trois volumes, d'un grand nombre d'annotations, de rectifications et 
d'articles supplementaires qui seraient des plus utiles pour une seconde edition 
du Beristain. Ces annotations, faites par un homme parfaitement au couraut 
des hommes et des choses de son pays, en font un exemplaii-e non seulement 
precieux, mais unique. II s'y trouve en outre quatorze portraits graves ou 
lithographies tires de differentes publications." — Brasseur de Bov/rhourg. 

30218 BiBLiOTHECA AMERICANA, a chronological Catalogue of the most 

curious books, pamphlets, papers, etc. upon America, from the 
earliest period, in print and MS. 4to. bds. 15s 1789 

This work, although a mean performance by the side of Bishop Kennett's, 
must be found on theshelves of bibliography in any good American library. 

30219 Brasseur de Bourbourg, Bibliotheque Mexico- Guatemalienne, 

precedee d'un coup d'oeil sur les Etudes Americaines, roy. 
8vo. sd. 7s 6d 1871 

30220 CAMUS, Memoire sur les Grands et Petits Voyages (de De Brt) 

et les Voyages de Thevenot, 4to. calf, 12s Paris, 1802 

An admirable bibliography of the collection of De Bry and Thevenot, 
containing a great variety of curious information upon the progress of 
geographical discovery in the sixteenth century, and upon the books and 
editions which record it. 

30221 Clarke (Robert) Bibliotheca Americana: catalogue of a valuable 

collection of books, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d. Cincinnati, 1883 

30222 EGUIARAtEguren (J. J. de) Bibliotheca Mexicana, sive Erudi- 

torum Histoi'ia Virorum, qui in America Boreali nati, vel alibi 
geniti, in ipsam Domicilio aut Studiis asciti, quavis lingua 
scripto aliquid tradiderunt, Tomus I, exhibens litteras A, B, C 
(all pub.), sm. folio, slightly ioormed,velhcm, rare, £10. 

Mexici, 17>''5 
30223 the same, sm. folio, Spanish calf, £12. 10s 1755 

30224 Field (T. W.) Essay towards an Indian Bibliography, being 

a Catalogue of Books relating to the History, Antiquities, 
Languages, Customs, Religion, Wars, Literature, and Origin of 
the American Indians, in the library of Thomas W. Field, with 
Bibliographical and Historical Notes, 8vo. pp. iv and 430, cloth, 
uncut, out of 'print, 30s Neio YorJc, 1873 

This bibliographical handbook, embracing a collection of about 1800 
works, may be considered the chief, if not the only one of its kind. The 
author's notes are judicious and valuable, and have an interest beyond even 
the actual subject of the Essay. Collectors of Americana of every kind will 
derive pleasure and profit from a labour that evinces a wide range of study 
and experience. The frequent inaccuracies that appear in the transcription 
of titles in foreign languages may be merely typographical. 

30225 HARRISSE (H.) Bibliotheca Americana vetustissima, or 

Description of Works relating to America, published between 
1492 and 1551, impl. 8vo. £3. 10s New Yorlc, 1866 

30226 ADDITIONS to the Bibliotheca Americana vetustissima 

(1492-1551), royal 8vo. a magnifice^itly printed volume, ivoodcuts 
and facsimile, sewed, £2. Paris, 1872 

It is easy to find errors in this elaborate work, but it still remains an 
indispensable book of reference. The arrangement is chronological, but an 
alphabetical index is added. " Le supplement donne la description de prdg 
de 260 ouvrages ay ant rapport a I'Amerique et qui avaient echappes aux 
recherches des bibliographes speciaux. C'est un des plus beaux livres publics 
de nos jours." 



30227 Harkisse (H.) Notes pour servir a I'Histoire, a la Bibliograpliie 
et a la Cai'tographie de la Nouvelle France et des pays adjacents 
(Io4o-ir00), 8vo. papier verge, sewed, 8s Paris, 1872 

SQOOQ the same, lai'ge 8vo. grand papier yelin, sewed, 12* Qd 

La meilleure BibliograpMe canadienne qui ait et^ imprimee. Les notes 
historiques contiennent des pieces inedites et une serie de documents sur les 
premiers colonisateurs de ce pays. 

Amongst tlie inedited documents are a series upon Francois de la Roque, 
Sieur de Roberval. 

30229 les Cabot ; etude d'histoire, suivie d'uue Bibliograpliie, 

roy. 8vo. sd. 20s Paris, 1882 

30230 LECLERC (Cli.) Bibliotheca Americana : Histoire, Geographie, 

Voyages, Arcbeologie, et Linguistique des deux Ameriques et 
des lies Philippines, Grand Papier, impl. 8vo. sd. 12s 

Paris, 1878 
A very extensive catalogue, edited ■with admirable skill and knowledge. 
There are 2638 articles topographically classified, with an alphabetical Index. 
The titles and collations are given with perfect bibliographical accuracy, and 
the notes appended contain useful information, although there is an occasional 
lapsus here and there. 

30231 LEON PINELO (Antonio de) Epitome de la Bibliotheca Oriental 

y Occidental, nautica y geografica . . en que se contienen los 
Escritores de las Indias . . [aumentada y publicada por Barcia], 
3 vols, folio, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, vellum, £10. Madrid, 1737-38 

30232 Murphy (Hon. H. C.) Catalogue o£ Library; consisting almost 

wholly of Americana, large 8vo. 434 j/jj. sd. 2s 6d N. Y. 1884 

30233 O'CALLAGHAN (E. B.) List of Editions of the Holy Scriptures 

and parts thereof, printed in America previous to 18G0, 4to. 
ivith Index, 54 and 415 j^P- hf- t^'t'Orocco, gilt top, £2. I65 

Albany, 1861 

30234 Platzmann's Yerzeichniss einer Auswahl amerikanischer Gram- 

matiken, Worterbiicher, etc. 8vo. sd. 6s Leipzig, 1878 

30235 RICH (0.) Bibliotheca Americana Nova: Catalogue of Books in 

various languages relating to America, printed since the year 
1700 (to 1844), with Supplement, 3 vols. in2, 8vo. calf gilt, rare, 
£7. 10s 1835-(41)-46 

30236 San Filippo (P. A. di) Bibliogi-afia dei Viaggiatori Italiani, roy. 

8vo. 22 and 145 pp. sd. *!s ^d Eoma, 1874 

30237 TIELE, Memoire bibliographiquesur les Journaux des Navigateurs 

Neerlandais reimprimes dans les collections de De Bry et de 
Hulsius, et da 17e Siecle, et sur les anciennes editions Hollan- 
daises des Journaux de Navigateurs Etrangers, 8vo. facsimile, 
hf. morocco, 20s Amsterdam, 1867 

30238 Trubner's (Nic.) Bibliographical Guide to American Literature; 

a Classed List of Books published in U.S.A. (1817-57), 8vo. hf. 
bd. 10s 1859 

30239 Vicuna Mackenna (B.) Bibliografia Americana : Estudios i 

Catalogo completo i razonado dc la Biblioteca Americana de 
Greg. Beeche, stout 8vo. portrait, 802 2>P- V- ^^^ morocco, gilt 
tops, 10s Valparaiso, 1879 




of Books omitted in their places or recently 


30240 [JOHXSOX (Edward)] A History of New-Exgland, from the 

Englisli planting in the yeere 1628 untill the yeei'e 1652, de- 
claring the form of their government . . their Wars with the 
Indians, their troubles with the Gortonists and other Heretiques 
. . . small 4to. old calf, White Kennetf s copy, ivifh his autograph, 
£25. 1654 

Very rare. The author's plain prose is interspersed here and there 
■with eulogies in verse upon the greater and minor lights of the New England 
Church. This work, also known from its head-line title as Wonder-working 
Providence of !?iox's Saviour, is anonymous, but the preface is signed 
T. H., which might stand as the initials of Thomas Horiker. The American 
authorities are, however, agreed that it was written by Edward Johnson. It 
has sometimes passed under the name of Gorges, from the fact that it was 
embodied four years later in " American painted to the Life . . by Ferdinando 

30241 CHROXICOX XUREMBERGEXSE, anctore Hartmanno 

Schedel cum Supplemento " De Sarmatia," royal folio, first 
EDITION, 2 world-maps and about 2000 spirited looodcuts, by 
Michel Wolgemnth, Master of Albert Durer, and by Wilhelm 
Fleydenwiirf, bds. £14. 10s Nurembergce, A. Koberger, 1493 

Editio Princeps. The book has a kind of claim to be reckoned amongst 
Americana, namely because it records a discovery of certain savages which 
has been taken to indicate some transatlantic exploit of Martin Behaim. 

It is a volume of extraordinary interest, embellished with upwards nf 
2250 woodcut engravings of the principal events, characters, and cities, 
described in the work, executed in a spirited style by the ingenious artists 
Michael Wolgemuth and "William PleydenwurfF, as the last colophon in the 
work informs us. This Colophon is given at length in the Bibliotheca 
Spenceriana, where will be found the fullest and liveliest description of the 
volume, with faint facsimiles of a few of the Cuts. A colophon denotes Hart- 
mann Schedel as the author or editor. The present copies are perfect with 
the unnumbered leaves which ai"e frequently wanting. 

One of tlie most striking pictures in the volume is on folio 264 (Latin 
edition), a grotesque Dance of Death, containing five very large figures. 

30242 VYATERTOX (Charles) Wanderings in South America, the north 

west of the United States, and the Antilles, 1812-24, Aito. frontis- 
piece, hf. calf, 12s 1825 

30243 HERIOT (George) Travels through the Canadas . . with an 

account of the productions, commerce, and inhabitants of those 
provinces, and a comparative view of the manners and customs 
of several of the Indian nations of Xorth and South America, 
stout and numerous pretty plates, hf. bd. £2. 16s 1807 

30244 Parry's (W. E.) Journal of a Voyage for the discovery of a Xortli- 

west Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, 1819-20, in 
H.M.S. Hecla and Griper, rov. 4to. maps and plates, bds. 10s 



30245 ORTELII (AbraLami) Theatedm Oebis Terarrum ; Parergon 

. . . ; Nomenclator, 3 parts in 1 vol. roy. folio, 168 sheets of 
coloured maps, title, portrait and coat of arms beautifully coloured 
and illuminated, vellum gilt, £7. Antverpice, 1609 

30246 MERCATORIS CGerardi) Atlas, sive Cosmographies Meditationes, 

roy. folio, an immense number of coloured maps, vellum gilt, £4. 

Amsterodami, H. Hondius, 1623 

30247 HARRIS SE, Bibliotheca Americana vetustissima, and Additions, 

2 vols. imp. 8vo. sd. £4. Mew York, 1866— Paris, 1872 

30248 Trubner's American and Oriental Literary Record, a monthly 

register of the most important works published in America, 
India, China, and the British Colonies, etc. 12 vols, and vols. 
I-IV of New Series, together 16 vols. (194 nos.) in 5, roy. 8vo. 
cloth, rare, £4. 1865-83 

30249 JAMES (Thomas) Strange and Dangerous Voy- 
age in his intended Discovery of the NORTHWEST 
PASSAGE into the South Sea, sra. 4to. original 
EDITION, tvifh the excessively rare map^ containing in 
the corner the genuine portrait of Captain James, 

fine copy^ red morocco extra^ gilt edges^ hy Mackenzie^ 
£35. 1633 

This book is in any state a rare one, but when with the 
map it is a desideratum rarely acquirable by the American 
collector. James was sent by the King to explore the North- 
west Passage, and underwent excessive hardship and difficulties 
in that attempt during the years 1631-32. He fell in with Fox 
(author of the " North "West Fox ") during his voyage. 

Most copies of the map have the portrait of Captain 
James in facsimile. In the above it is the genuine original. 
Critics frequently censure the gallant explorer for the littleness 
of geographical information contained in his book, but the map 
is assuredly free from any such blame-worthiness, for it contains 
a singularly correct delineation of the high latitudes in which 
Hudson, BaiBn, James, and Fox pursued their search for the 
Noi'th West passage. 

30250 THOMAS (Isaiah) History of Printing in America, 

with a biography of Printers, and an account of 
Newspapers, to which is prefixed a concise view of 
the discovery and progress of the art in other parts 
of tlie world, 2 vols. 8vo. plates^ bds. uncut, £6. Qs 

Worcester (Massachusetts) 1810 


30251 AUDUBON (John James) Birds of America, 4 vols, 
double elephant folio, 435 (of which 13 in two states) 
superbly coloured plates of Birds {natural size), very 
large copy, the plates of the wild Turkey being un- 
injured^ hf. russia, in a mahogany cabinet, covered in 
damash, and forming an elegant ottoman,£350. 1827-49 

The plates of this grand copy were specially selected by 
the artist kimself for his father, who was the intimate friend 
of Audubon. Plates XI I, XXIII, CVII, CX, CXXXV, 
CCCLXXXVIII, and CCCXCVIII are in two states, each 
plate containing in the second state one figure more than in the 
first. Plate VI is misnumbered XI, and CCLIV misnumbered 
CCLVI. The plates are numbered in Roman figures, except 
Nos. II and 96, and arranged in scientific, not numerical, order. 

30252 Allixgham (William) Account of the nature and use of Maps, 

Catalogue of Factories in the East and West Indies, 12mo. 
folding plate, calf, 10s 1703 

30253 CLUVERII (Ph.) Introductionis in Universam Geographiam libri 

VI. Accessit P. Bertii Breviarium Orbis Terrarum, 12mo. 
engraved title and maps (including America), fine copy in red 
morocco, gilt edges, by Roger Payne, £6. Amst. Elzevir, 1672 

30254 COTTOX (John) Singing of Psalmes a Gospel-ordinance . . . sm. 

4to. polislied calf neat, uncut, £5. 5.s 1647 

A rare treatise by the man whose name stands next to Eliot as the chief 
evangelist of New England. 

30255 ELLIS (Henry) Voyage to Hudson's Bay, 1746-47, 8vo. map and 

plates, calf extra, 2os 1748 

30256 Froger (T.) Relation of a Voyage, 1695-97 . . . Streights of 

Magellan, Brasil . . . under the command of M. de Gennes, sm. 
8vo. maps and plates, calf extra, 12s 1698 

30257 Grace (Henry) History of his life and sufferings . . . during 

several years' captivity among the Savages in North America . . . 
an account of the several customs and manners of the different 
nations of Indians, 8vo. cloth, 20s Beading, 1764 

30258 Hacke (W.) Collection of original Voyages, Cowley's, Sharp's, 

Wood's, and Roberts's, sm. 8vo. maps, calf, 6s 1699 

30259 HAXSOX (Elizabeth) God's mercy surmounting man's cruelty 

exemplified in the captivity and redemption of Elizabeth Hanson 
. . . who was taken captive with her childi'en and maid-servant 
by the Indians in Xew England in 1724, 12mo. clotii, £3. 10s 

Philadelphia, James Ghattin, 1754 
Bound np with " An Essay on Conduct, recommended to the people 
called Quakers, a poem by J. F., Philadelphia, James Chattin, 1754," etc. 

30260 HERRERA, General History of the vast continent and islands of 

America, translated into English by Capt. John Stevens, 6 vols, 
sm. 8vo. map)s and plates, calf extra, £,&. 6s 172.'3-26 



30261 LAWS. An Abstract of the Lawes of New England, as tiiey 

are now established, small 4tu. a cropped copij, £10. 1641 

Vekt kare, aud no less curious, as displaying in candid nakedness the 
ideas of law and justice -which were held by the Puritans of New England. 
The Dracones of that blest land included filial disobedience among capital 
ci-imcs, and punished an ill-tempered child with death. 

30262 LAWS. The general Laws and Liberties of fhe Massachusetts 

Colony in New England, revised and reprinted by order of the 
General Court holden at Boston, May 15, 1672, sm. folio, ,/?«e 
copy in calf extra, by Bedford, very rare, £15. Cambridge, 1675 
30203 LE BEAU (Sieur C.) Avantures, ou Voyage curieux et nouveau 
parmi les Sauvages de rAmerique Septentrionale, dans lequel 
on trouvera une description du Canada, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. map 
and plates, bormd, £1. 15s Amst. 1738 

Evidently the result of large personal experience amongst the Indians. 

30264 PSALMS, Hymns acd Spiritual Songs of the Old and New- 

Testament, faithfully translated into English, meeter, for the 
use, edification, and comfort of the Saints in publick and 
private, especially in New-England, 12mo. with 7 pages of 
Music, and several interesting MS. notes, by Mr. Gardyne, etc., in 
the original binding, VERT rare, £7. 7s Boston, 1730 

This is the twenty-third edition of the famous Bay Psalmbook. 

30265 PSALMS, Hymns, Confession of Faith, etc. etc. translated from 

the Dutch for the Use of the Reformed Protestant Dutch 
Church of New Tork, sm. 8vo. wilh Musical Notes, old gilt 
crimson morocco, xvith the name of Ann Bogart on side, £6. 10s 

Neio Yorl, 1767 
Vert rake. The Bogarts were a distinguished New York family. 

80266 [SMITH (William)] Historical Account of the Expedition against 
the Ohio Indians, 1764, under the command of Henry Bouquet, 
Colonel . . including bis transactions with the Indians . . and 
battle of Bushy-Run, 4to. map, plan, and plates after Benjamin 
West, London, 1766 — boimd up with a large number of interesting 
pamphlets and opuscules, including early editions of xcorhs by 
Gray, Goldsmith, and others, in 10 vols. 4to. calf, lettered Miscel- 
lanies, £8. 8s About 1720-70 

30267 STEPHENS (John L.) Incidents of Travel in Central America, 

Chiapas, and Yucatan, 2 vols. 1841 — Stephens, Incidents of 
Travel in Yucatan, 1843 — together 4 vols. 8vo. map and mimerous 
p>lates, a fine tmifonn set in calf extra, £4. 4s 1841-43 

30267* Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and 

Yucatan, revised by Fred. Catherwood, 8vo. map and plates, 
calf extra, \7s %d 1854 

30268 Williamson (Peter) Frencb and Indian Cruelty exemplified in the 

life . . of Peter Williamson, who was carried off from Aberdeen 
in his infancy and sold as a slave in Pensylvania . . his captivity 
among the Indians . . 12mo. calf, 32s Edinburgh, 1762 

30269 POPPLE'S Map of the British Empire in America, with the 

adjacent French and Spanish Settlements, roy. folio, 21 large 
maps, and views of New York, Qtiebec, Mexico, Niagara, etc. the 
maps coloured, old English red morocco gilt, £3. 16s 1733 





30270 Abulgasi-Bataduk-Chan, Histoire Genealogique des Tatars, tra- 

duite du Tartare, 12ino. onaps, calf, 'Ss 6d Leyde, 1726 

30271 tlie same, made English, -with, an account of the present 

state of Northern Asia, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, calf, 10s 1729-30 

30272 AcosT^ (E.) Historia B.erum a Societate Jesuin Oriente gestarum, 

de Japonicis Rebus Epistolas, 12mo. vellum, 30s Paris, 1572 

30273 Alkibla ; disquisition on Worshipping towards the East, 8vo. bd. 

10s 1740 

30274 ACADEMIE DES INSCRIPTIONS. Histoiue et M^moires de 

l'Institut Royal de France, Classe d'Histoire et de Litterature 
Ancienne, Academie des Ixscriptioxs et Belles-Lettres, 22 
vols, in 21, 4to. numerous plates, half calf, £10. 

Paris, 1815-75 
Vols. XI and XXII being General Indexes are bound together. 

30274* ARTUS (Gotardi) Historia Indiae Orientalis, juxta seriem topo- 
graphicam regnorum per Africas Asieeque littora ad extremes 
laponios deducta, 12mo. hf. calf, 7s 6d Colonice, 1608 


30275 ASIATIC RESEARCHES, or Transactions of the Society 
institated in Bengal for inquiring into the History, Antiquities, 
Arts, Sciences and Literature of Asia, from the beginning in 
1784 to 1839 (after which the work teas continued in 8vo. under 
the title of Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal), 20 vols, and 
Index, 4to. and royal 4to. numerous plates, thirteen vols. hds. and 
sd. the rest hound, not uniform, £25. 

Calcutta and Serampore, 1788-1839 
All the volumes are of the original edition printed in India. Complete 
sets of this issue have become very scarce. The present set is in good condi- 
tion, except that two or three vols, are a little wonned, and cut down. It 
would be difficult, almost impossible, to find a copy of this periodical in sound 
condition throughout. 

30276 Asiatic Researches, 20 vols, and Index, Vol. V imperfect, and 
without the first 50 pp. of Vol. XVII, a few other volumes not 
heing in good condition, not uniform, a bargain, £10. \0s 

Calcutta and Serampore, 1788-1839 

30277 another set, 20 vols, and Index, the -first five vols, being 

of the London reprint, eighteen vols, uniformly half-bound, the 
last tico not uniform, the Index-vol. stained, £12. 1788-1839 



Asiatic Society of Bengal — continued. 

30278 Asiatic Researches, another set, 20 vols, and Index, seven of 
the volumes heing of the London reprint, half calf gilt, the binding 
of the last eight volumes diferent from that of the rest, £15. 


30279 tlie same, the 8vo. reprint, 12 vols, engravings, calf, 

2hs _ 1801-i8 

30280 the same, 12 vols. 8vo. russia gilt, the last vol. not 

uniform, 20s 1801-18 

'1 hia is a verbatim reprint of tlie original edition in quarto, and only 
twelve vols, of it appeared. The completion, Vols. 13 to 20, in quarto, can be 

The following list of volumes of the first edition sold 
separately, with the prices affixed, will give an idea of varied 
and important essays contained in the series : — 

30281 VoL I, 466_?;.j9. 24 plates, 36s _ 1788 

Orthography of Asiatic Words in Roman Letters, by Sir W. Jones ; 
Sculptures and Ruins at Mavalipuram ; the Gods of Greece, Italy and India, 
by Sir W. Jones ; Description of a Cave near Gya ; Translation of a Sanscrit 
Inscription at Booddha-Gaya ; the Seeks and their College ; on the Been, a 
Hindoo musical instrument ; on Distilling as practised by the natives at 
Chatra in Kamgur ; the Gold of Sumatra ; the Literature of the Hindoos ; on 
the City of I'agara ; the City of Gwender and the Source of the Nile, by Sir 
W. Jones ; Trial by Ordeal among the Hindoos ; etc. 

30282 Vol. II, 503 pp. 11 plates, 36s 1790 

On the Arabs, Tartars, Persians, Chinese and Afghans, on the Island of 
Hinzuan, on the Chronology of the Hindoos, and on the Indian Game of Chess, 
by Sir VV. Jones ; Description of Asam, by Mohammed Cazim ; Hindu 
Astronomical Computations, by S. Davies ; the Indian Zodiack, by Sir W. 
Jones ; Account of Nepal by Father Giuseppe ; Translation of a Maga 
Inscription ; Inscriptions from the Vindhya Mountains ; on the Book of 
Chinese Odes ; Description of Carnicobar, by G. Hamilton ; etc. 

30283 Vol. Ill, 496pp. ^plates, 20s _ 1709 

On the Borderers, Mountaineers and Islanders of Asia, and on the Origin 
and Families of Nations, by the President ; the Inhabitants of the Garrow 
Hills ; Musical Modes of the Himlus ; the Battle of Paniput ; the Mystical 
Poetry of the East ; ihe Indian Cycle of Sixty Years ; the Lunar year of the 
Hindus ; on Egypt and the Nile fi-om the ancient books of the Hindus ; etc. 

30284 Vol. IV, UOpp>. \4 plates, 3Gs 1795 

On Asiatic History, and the Philosophy of the Asiatics, by Sir W. Jones ; 
the Camphor, Coral, and Copper of Sumatra ; the Inhabitants of the Rajama 
hall Hills ; the Islands Nancowry, and Comarty ; Hindu Astronomy; the 
Duties of a Hindu Widow, by H. Colebrooke; Hindu Language and l^iterature 
among the Malays, by Wm. Marsden ; on Semiramis, the origin of Mecca, 
etc. ; the Andaman and Barren Islands by (Colebrooke ; etc. 

30285 Vol. VI, 604 pp. 15 plates, 36s 1799 

On Poison of Serpents ; Inhabitants of Poggy or Nassau Islands ; 
Journey from Agra to Oujein ; Petroleum Wells ; Religion and Literature of 
the Burmas, by F. Buchanan ; Antiquities of Ceylon ; Mount Caucasus 
Antiquities of the Surya Siddhanta ; etc. 

30286 Vol. VII, 522 pp. 18 plates, 36s 1801 

On the Courses of the Ganges through Bengal, Ceylon, and the Doctrines 
of Bhooddha ; the Sanscrit and Pracrit Languages, by Colebrooke ; Inscrip- 
tions at Dehlee, Religious Ceremonies of the Hindus, Tenets of Muhammadan 
sects, all by Colebrooke ; Religion and Manners of the People of Ceylon ; 
Account of the Bazeegurs, called the Nuts, Burmha Game of Chess ; etc. 


Asiatic Society of Bengal — continued. 

30287 Vol. VIII, 519 pp. 13 plates and tables, 36s 1805 

Origin of the Hindu Religion ; Extracts from the Tehzeebul Mantik, 
Arabic and English, by Balfour ; Hindu Systems of Astronomy, by J. Bentley ; 
on the Sacred Isles in the West ; on the Vedas, by Colebrooke ; etc. 

30288 Vol. XII, 576 pp. map and 5 plates, Z6s 1816 

On the Malayu Nation, by T. Raffles ; Early History of Algebra, by 
Strachey ; Funeral Ceremonies of a Burman Priest, by Carey 5 Hindu 
notions of the precession of the Equinoxes, by Sir W. Jones ; Translation of 
a Sanskrit Inscription ; Journey to Lake Mansarovara in Little Tibet, by W. 
Moorcroft ; Statistics of Burdwan, by Bayley ; etc. 

30289 Vol. XIII, 495 pp. map and 12 plates, 36s 1820 

Hindu Religion in the Island of Bali, by J. Crawford ; the Murderers 
called Phansigars ; on Badheks and T'hegs ; Survey of Kemaon ; Ruins of 
Prambanan in Java, by Crawford. 

30290 Vol. XV, 663 _pp. and 17 plates, 36.s 1825 

On the Hindu History of Cashmir, by H. H. Wilson ; Account of 
Bhutan; Account of Cuttack, by A. Stirling; on the Building Stones and 
Mosaic of Akberabad or Agra ; Sanscrit Inscriptions by Capt. E. Fell ; 
Ancient Hindu Remains in Chattisgher, with translations by Wilson, etc. 

30291 Vol. XVI, 502 pp. 5 j^lates, good copy, sd. uncut, 7s 6d 1828 

Religious Sects of the Hindus, by H. H. Wilson ; Statistical Sketch of 
Kamaon ; the Khyen Tribe, by Lieut. Trant ; Translation of an Inscription 
on the Great Bell of Rangoon, by G. H. Hough ; Sanscrit Inscriptions at Abu, 
by H. H. Wilson ; Geography and Population of Asam ; Sketcli of Aracan ; 
on the Zehr Mohereh, or Snake-Stone ; on Coal and Lignite in the Himal.aya, 
by Lieut. Cautley ; on the Languages, Literature and Religion of the Bhauddas 
of Nepal and Bhot,by B. H. Hodgson ; etc. 

30292 JOURNAL of the Asiatic Society of BENGAL .... 
quite complete from the beginning in 1832 to the end of 1877, 
being Vols. I-XLVI, 8vo. with a large number of plates, in, 
boards arid parts, uncut, £72. Calcutta, 1832-77 

Down to 1864 inclusive, the "Proceedings" were issued with the 
"Journal." From 1865 they were issued separately. The above set 
includes the " Proceedings," 1865 to 1877 (1875 wanting August). 

30293 the same, complete, 1832 to 1877, or Vols. I-XLVI, 

thirty-eight vols, in forty-two in hf. calf, the rest in numbers, £60. 


With the " Proceedings," 1865 to 1877 (six nos. missing). 

30294 — the same, complete, 1832 to 1874, Vols. I-XLIII, 

thirty-four vols, neatly and uniformly If. bd. calf, cloth sides, the 
rest chiefly in parts, imcut, £50. 1832-74 

With the " Proceedings," 1865, July to Dec. 1866, 1867 to 1872, seven 
vols, bound, and six numbers. 

30295 the same, 1832 to 1872, Vols. I-XLI, hf. bd. in green 

calf neat, cloth sides, the last vol. in parts, £40. 1832-72 

With the "Proceedings," 1865 to 1870, in three volumes. 

30296 complete to 1871, Vols. I-XL, eight vols. hf. bd. the 

rest in cloth and parts, chiefly uncut, £36. 1832-71 

30297 the same, 1832 to 1871 ; 40 vols, (two nos. wanting), 

the first twenty-five vols, arid the Index-vol. uniformly half bound 
in calf, the rest in parts, £30. 1832-71 

The two missing numbers are 1867, part II, number 2 ; 1868, part I, 
number 3. 

With the "Proceedings," 1865 to April, 1871 (some numbers missing). 


Asiatic Society of Bengal — continued. 

30298 Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1832 to 1870, 
inclusive, being Vols. I-XXXIX, tliirty vols, bound in forty- 
seven hf. green calf neat, the rest hd. not uniform and in parts, 
£25. 1832-71 

Wants 1866, part II, number 4 ; 1867, part I, number 4, part II, numbers 
2 and 4 ; 1868, part I, numbers 3 and 4. 

30299 the same, 1832 to 1859, 1861-66, 1868-70;— 36 vols. 

the first fourteen vols, in twenty-two, uniformly hf. hd. calf gilt, 
two vols, bound not ^miform, the rest m parts, from the library 
of Sir H. M. Elliott, £20. 1882-70 

Wants 1862, parts 1, 2 and 4 ; 1863, part 1 ; 1866, part I, number 1, 
part 11, number 4 ; 1868, part I. 

Here are for sale eight sets of the " Bengal Journal," which is now 
intro^ivahle in India ; they are offered at very moderate prices. 

N.B. — Imperfect sets completed ; odd parts sold separately. 

The Bengal Journal was published in the following order : — Series I, 
1832 to Dec. 1838, 84 Nos. ; Series II, Jan. 1839 to Dec. 1846, 89 Nos. or 
Nos. 85 to 173, Old Series ; Series III (publishing at the present time), 
1847 to — , in which the old numeration stopped short at No. 297, being the 
end of Vol. 33, 1864. In 1865 the Society commenced to issue the Journal 
in two divisions : I, Histoiy, Literature, etc.; II, Physical Science ; and in this 
order it has continued to be published. Vol. XXV contains a General Index 
to the preceding. In 1865 the Proceedings commenced to be published 
separately, a number every month. 

30300 Gleanings in Science (edited by James Prinsep), 36 nos. 

complete, forming 3 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, £3. 10s Calc. 1829-31 

30301 tbe same, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. russia, uncut, £4. 1829-31 

30302 the same, 3 vols. 8vo. the second vol. without title 

and Index and in bad condition, hf. calf, £2. 10s 1829-31 

The forerunner of the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 

30303 Prinsep (James) Useful Tables, 3 parts complete, 8vo. not 
uniform, 10s Calc. 1833-46 

Containing tables of Indian Coins, with plates, Weights and Measures, 
Chronological and Genealogical tables, and the Generic Characters of Rox- 
burghe's Flora Indica. 

30304 Ceylon Branch. Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the 
Asiatic Society, from the beginning in 1845 to 1866, nos. 1-12 
(without number 4), in 3 vols. 8vo. plates, hf. calf neat, very 
scarce, £2. 10s Colombo, 1845-66 

30305 the same, numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8,— in 3 vols. 

cloth and sd. 25s 1845-55 

Collation : No. 1, 1845-46 (reprinted 1859) ; No. 2, May '46— Feb, '47 ; 
3, May '47 — April '48 (4, June '48 — Aug. '49) ; 5, June '49 — Aug. '50. The 
pagination of each of these five parts is independent of the others. Number 
6 is called Vol. II part 1, 1853 ; 7, Vol. II, No. 2, 1853 ; 8, Vol. II, No. 3, 
1855 ; 9, 1856-58, No. 1 ; 10, 1856-58, No. 2 ; 11, 1858-59, dated 1860 ; 12, 
1865-66. Nothing seems to have been issued during 1861-64. 

30306 Straits Branch. Journal of the Straits Branch of Royal 
Asiatic Society, numbers 5, 6, 7 and 9, 8vo. maps, sd. 12s 

Singapore, 1880-82 
ASIATIC SOCIETY op Great Britain: 

30307 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and 
Ireland, complete set from the beginning in 1834 to 1883, 35 


vols. 8vo. plates, thirty vols, in whole calf, the rest as issued, 

£16. 10s 1834-83 

(FiKST Series) 20 vols, (of Vols. XI and XIV only the first part waa 

published) 1834-63— New Series, Vols. I-XV, 1864-83. 

30308 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and 

Ireland, First Series, 20 vols. 8vo. twelve vols. hf. calf, the rest 

in parts, £9. 9s 1834-63 

30309 the same, New Series, Vols. I-XIV, Svo. eight vols, in 

hf. calf gilt, the rest in parts, £7. 10s 1864-82 

30310 AVRIL (Ph.) Voyage en divers Etats d'Europe et d'Asie, pour 
decouvrir un nouveau Chemin a la Chine, 12ino. plates, calf gilt, 
frovi the Beclcforcl library, Hamilton Palace, 21s 1693 

The author travelled through Armenia, Tartary, China, Russia, Moldavia, etc. 

30311 Voyage en divers Etats, etc. 1693 — Meyerberg (A. 

Baron de) Voyage en Moscovie, Leide, 1688 ; — in 1 vol. 12mo. 
vellum, 12s 1688-93 

80312 Bayer (T. S.) de Horis Sinicis, Historia Regni Grsecorum Bac- 
triani, Doctrina Temporum Indica, 1 vol. 4to. plates, old calf, 
6s Petropoli, 1735 

30313 BEALE (Th. Wm.) Oriental Biographical Dictionary, edited for 

the Asiatic Society of Bengal by H. G. Keene, 4to. hds. 30s 

Calcutta, 1881 

30314 Bell's (J.) Travels from St. Petersburg to diverse parts of Asia, 

2 vols. 4to. map. Id. 9s Glasgow, 1763 

30315 BlOT, Astronomic Indienne et Chinoise, Svo. sd. 4s 1862 

30316 Black (Charles Ingham) the Proselytes of Ishmael ; a survey of 

the Turanian Tribes in their western migrations, 8vo. cloth, 
2s 6d 1880 

30317 BOMBAY GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY. Transactions of the 

in 1836 to 1871, Vols. I-XVIII and XIX parts 1 and 2 {without 
Vol. XI) and with General Index to the first seventeen 
volumes, Svo. numerous plates and maps, some coloured, the Index 
hound, the rest uncut, £15. Bombay, etc. 1836-71 

Added to the set is the Catalogue of the Library of the Society, compiled 
by D. J. Kennelly, 1862. 

30318 Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society, Vols. 
I-XIV (toithottt Vol. XI) and Vol. XVIII, 14 vols. Svo. sd. and 
in parts, %mcut, £6. 10s 1836-68 

30319 another set, Vols. I to X, XIII and XVIII, Svo. one 

vol. hf. bound, the rest in bds. and sd. uncut, £4. 1836-68 

The proper titles and lists of contents to the first eight volumes were 
issued altogether after the publication of the eighth volume. The last of the 
three sets above described has only the temporary titles, etc. of these volumes. 

A scarce and valuable periodical, including much historical and ethno- 
logical matter, Vocabularies and grammatical sketches of several languages 
and dialects, etc. A complete set has not been in the market for many years. 

30320 Bombay Quarterly Review, 7 vols, complete, Svo. maps, hf. calf 

gilt, 36s 1855-58 

30321 Brandes, Abhandlungen zur Geschichte des Orients im Alterthura, 

Svo. sd. 2s 6d Balle, 1874 


Buddhism : 

30322 Arnold (E.) tlie Light of Asia, being the Life and Teaching of 
Gautama, founder of Buddhism (a poem), 12mo. velhtm, 2s 6d 


30323 Beale (Samuel) the Buddhist Tripitaka as it is known in China 
and Japan ; a catalogue and compendious report, sm. folio, sd. 
7s 6d 1876 

30324 BiGANDET (P.) Life or Legend of Gaudama, the Budha of the 
Burmese, with notices on the Phongies, Svo. half calf, bs 

Rangoon, 1858 

30325 Bdrnotjf (E.) Introduction a I'histoire du Buddhisme Indien, 
Tome premier {all published), large 4to. sd. 36s ; hf. morocco, £2. 

Paris, 1844 
30326 deuxieme edition, roy. 8yo. sd. 18s Paris, 1876 

30327 HARDY (R. Spence) Eastern Monachism : an account of the 
origin, laws, discipline, sacred writings, rites, etc. etc. of the 
order of Mendicants founded by Gotama Budha, compiled from 
Singalese MSS. 8vo. cloth, 9s 1860 

30328 Legends and Theories of the Buddhists, sm. 8vo. 

cloth, 2s 6d 1866 

30329 Hodgson (B. H.) Illustrations of the Literature and Religion of 
the Buddhists, 8vo. plates of alphabets, cloth, 7s 

Serampore, 1841 

30330 LiLLiE (Arthur) the Popular Life of Buddha, sm. 8vo. wood- 
cuts, cloth, 4s 1883 

30331 Obey (J. B. F.) du Nirvana Indien, ou de I'affi-anchissement de 
I'ame selon les Brahmanes et les Bouddhistes, Amiens, 1856 — 
Du Nirvana Bouddhique, Paris, 1863; — in 1 vol. 8vo. half calf , 5s 

30332 Oldenberg (Dr. H.) Buddha : his life, his doctrine, his order, 
translated by Hoey, 8vo. (published at 18s), cloth, 9s 1882 

30333 OzERAT, Recherches sur Buddou, 8vo. sd. 2s Paris, 1817 

30334 Phillips (R.) Story of Gautama Buddha and his Creed, an epic, 
sm. 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d 1871 

30335 RiTTER (C.) die Stupa's (Topes) oder die architectonischen 
Denkmale der Indo-Baktrischen Koenigsstrasse und die Colosse 
von Bamiyan, map and plates, 1838 — Einleitung zur vergleichen- 
den Geographic, etc. 1852 — in 1 vol. 8vo. half calf, 6s 

Berlin, 1838-52 

30336 Saint-Hilaire (J. B.) Le Bouddha et sa Religion, 12mo. hf. calf, 
5s 1866 

30337 ScHiEFNER (A.) Mahakatjajana und Konig Tshanda-Pradjota ; 
ein Cyklus Buddhistischer Erzahlungen, folio, sd. 2s 6d 

St. Petersb. 1875 

30338 SCHLAGINTWEIT (E.) Buddhism in Tibet illusti-ated by 
literary documents and objects of religious worship, with an 
account of the Buddhist systems preceding in India, roy. 8vo. 
without the Atlas, cloth, lbs 1863 

" Ce travail consiste en deux parties distinctes : I'une est un expose du 
dogme et de I'histoire du Bouddisme, d'apres les travaux rtkents ; I'autre est 
un tableau du Bouddhisme vivant, tel que M. Robert Schlaginiweit, un des 


Buddhism — continued. 

freres de I'auteur, I'a trouve au Tibet. Nous y trouvons bien des details 
curieux et nouveaux sur le culte, les monasteres, les representations des dieux, 
les ceremonies, les superstitions, etc." — Mohl, Rapp. Ann. du Journ. Asiat. 

30339 ScH(EBEL, le Bonddha et le Bouddliisme, 8vo. sd. Ss 6d 

Paris, 1857 

30340 Senaet, E.ssai sur la Legende de Buddha, son caractere et ses 
origines, 8vo. sd. 10s Paris, 1875 

30841 Shaman Catechism— t?i. Neumann's Translations from the 
Chinese and Armenian, 8vo. sd. 10s 1831 

for other works on Buddhism, see ante, p. 1816-1819, a^id 

also under tlie sections of Languages, post : Chinese, Japanese, 
Sanscrit, Pali, Singalese, Burmese, Tibetan. 
BURCKHARDT'S (J. L.) Travels in the East, 4to. :— 

30342 Travels in Nubia, portrait and maps, Ids. 15s 1819 

30343 Travels in Stria and the Holy Land, portrait, maps, and 
plates, bds. 30s 1822 

30344 Travels in ARABIA, comprehending an account of those terri- 
tories in the Hedjaz, which the Mohammedans regaxxl as sacred, 
maps and 'plates, £3. 3s 1829 

30345 Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabts, collected during his 
travels in the East, map, bds. £2. 10s 1830 

30346 ARABIC PROVERBS, or the Manners and Customs of the 
modern Egyptians, illustrated from the proverbial sayings 
current at Cairo, translated and explained, bds. £2. 10s 1830 

" Few travellers have dorte more for geography than this author : anti- 
quities, manners, customs, etc. wore examined and investigated by him with a 
success which could only have been insured by such zeal, perseverance, and 
judgment, as he evidently possessed." — Stevenson. 

30347 Carre (Leon) I'Ancien Orient, etudes sur I'Egypte, la Chine, 

rinde, la Perse, la Chaldee, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 6s 6d Paris, 1875 
Vol. Ill, Palestine, and Vol. IV, Appendice, have been published. 

30348 Catalogue of the Oriental Coins in the British Museum, Vols. 

I-VIII, 8vo. plates, cloth 1875-83 

Sold separately : Vol. IV, 12s ; Vol. V, 9s ; Vol. VI, 15s; Vol. VII, 
9s ; Vol. VIII, 20s. The first three volumes are out of print. 

30348*Chahan de Cirbeid (J. M.) Armenien, et E. Martin, Recherches 
curieuses sur I'Histoire ancienne de V A&ie, frontispiece, gilt bind- 
ing, from the Bedford Library, 21s Paris, 1806 

30349 CENTENO (Amaro) Historia de Cosas del Oriente ; descripcion 

de Assia, historia de los Tartaros, de Egipto y de Hierusalem, 
2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. stained, limp velhcm, 20s 

Cordova, Diego Galvan, 1595 

30349*- the same, sm. 4to. good copy in old calf, 36s 1595 

This work is divided into two parts, the first of which contains a transla- 
tion of the Oriental chronicle of Hayton the Armenian, and the second is a 
history of the Crusades. Hayton's history never appeared in any other 
Spanish form. It is a valuable record of the MongoUan dynasty established 
by Chingiz Khan. 

30350 CoNGRES DES Oriextalistes. Compte Rendu de la lere session, 

Paris, 1873, 3 vols. — Transactions of the 2nd session, London, 
1874— Atti del IV Congresso, ecc. Firenze, 1878, 2 vols. — 


together 6 vols. 8vo. plates of Inscriptions, Coins, and objects of 
Ai-t and Antiquity, cloth and sd. £2. 16s 1874-81 

30351 Defense des nouveaux Chrestiens et des Missionnaires de la Chine, 

du Japon et des Indes, 12ibo. calf, 7s 6d Paris, 1687 

30352 DE GUIGNES, Histoire Generale des Huns, des Turcs, des 

Mogols, et des autres Tartares Occidentaux, 4 vols, in 5, 4to. 
hf calf, £2. Paris, 1756-58 

This grand work is of so extensive a scope that it not only includes the 
histories mentioned on the title, but also those of China, the Mamelukes of 
Egypt, the Frank Kings of Palestine, the Persians, etc. 

30353 Senkowski, Supplement a I'Histoire des Huns, etc. (de De 
Guignes) contenant I'histoire de la domination des Uzbeks dans 
la Grande Bukharie jusqu'a 1709, et continuation de I'histoire 
de Kharezm, 4to. ids. very rare, £2. 10s . St. Petersh. 1824 

30354 another copy, 1824 — Schmidt (I.J.) die YolksstJimme 

der Mongolen, ib. 1834 — Schott (W.) Aelteste Nachrichten von 
Mongolen und Tartaren, Berlin, 1846 — Die letzten Jahre der 
Mongolen-herrschaf t in China, von demselben, 1850 ; — in 1 vol. 
4to. hf calf, £2. 10s 

30355 Delattre, le Peuple et I'Empiredes Medes jusqu'a la fin du regne 

de Cyaxare, 4to. sd. 2s 6d Bruxelles, 1883 

30356 D'HERBELOT, Bibliotheque Orientale [avec les corrections et 

additions de Schultens (et Reiske), continuee par Visdelou et 

Galand], 4 vols. 4to. best edition, portrait, slightly wormed, hf. 

hd. £2. 1777(-82) 

30357 the same, 4 vols. 4to. calf neat, £3. 16s 1777 (-82) 

30358 the same, large paper, 4 vols. roy. 4to. calf neat, £6. 10s 


The best edition of this valuable encyclopaedia. The work includes 

Oriental Biography, Bibliography, History, Arts and Sciences, Religion, etc. 

30359 Bibliotheque Orientale, par Visdelou et Galand, avec les 

ADDITIONS de Schultens, folio (being the Largest Paper issue, 
with borders, of Vol. IV of the whole work, printed for posses- 
sors of the original folio D'Herbelot), portrait, hf. bd. rare, 25s 

La Haye, 1779-82 
The additions made by Schultens and Reiske in 1782, which occupy 
about 60 pp. at the end of the fourth volume of the 4to. edition, were never 
printed except for the editions of the Hague. 

30360 D'OHSSON (C.) Histoire des Mongols depuis Tchinguiz-Khan, 

jusqu'a Tamerlan, 4 vols. 8vo. map, sd. 30s La Haye, 1834 

30361 DOROW, die Indische Mythologie erlautert durch drei Origiual- 

Gemahlde aus Indien ; die Assyrische Keilschrift erlautert 
durch zwei Japis Cylinder aus Nineveh, etc. in 1 vol. 4to. many 
plates, cloth, 3s 6d Wiesbaden, 1820-21 

30362 Du Bec (J., Abbot of Mortimer), Historie of the Great Emperour 

Tamerlan . . . drawen fi-om the auncient Monuments of the 
Arabians, translated out of French by H. M., smallest 4to. /;/. 
calf 18s W. Ponsonby, 1597 
see post TiMUR. 

30363 DuNCKER (Max) Geschichte des Altcrthums, 2 vols, thick 8vo. hf. 

calf, 12s Leipzig, 1867-74 

I, die .SIgypter — die Semiten — die Griindung der Assyrischen Macht und 
die Syrischen Staaten und Stiidte— II, Geschichte der Arier. 


30364 Dureau-de-la-Mallb, Geographie Physique de la Mer Noire, de 

rinterieur de TAMque et de la Mediterranee, 8vo. maps, calf 
gilt, 7s 6d Paris, 1807 

30365 Feaehn (0. M.) de Origine Vocabuli Russici " Dengi ;" de 

Chasaris, ex script. Arabicis ; Drei Miinzen der Wolga-Bul- 
gharen, plate ; iiber die Mongol. Stadt Ukek, im Sxiden von 
Saratow ; etc. — 6 pieces in 1 vol. 4to. cloth, 9s 1815-35 

30366 Indications bibliographiques relatives a la litterature 

hist.-geographique des Arabes, des Persans, et des Turcs, 
destinees a nos employes en Asie, in Russian and French, St. 
Petershourg, 1845 — Miscellen aus dem Gebiete der Oriental- 
iscben Literatur, ib. 1840 — Abbandlungen die Mnhammedan- 
ische Niiraismatik betreffend, Leipzig, 1844, etc. — in 1 vol. 8vo. 
hf. hd. 7s 6d 

30367 Genghiz Khan. Histoire de Gentcbiscan et de toute la Dinastie 

des Mongous, par le R. P. Gaubil, 4to. old calf, 6s Paris, 1739 

30368 Erdmann (Franz von) Temndscbin der Unerscbiitterlicbe, nebst 

einer geographisch-ethnograpbischen Einleitung, 8vo. hf. cf. 5s 

Leipzig, 1862 
see post Petis de la Croix. 

30369 GouvoFF (P. de) de la Civilisation des Tatars-Nogais dans le midi 

de la Russie Europeenne, 8vo. hf. hd. 5s Xarkof, 1816 

30370 GuMPACH, die Zeitrecbnung der Babylonier und Assyrer, 8vo. hds. 

Is 6d Heidelberg, 1852 

30371 Abriss der Babylonisch-Assyriscben Gescbicbte, 8vo. 

hds. 2s Mannheim, 1854 

30372 Hagemeister, les Ressonrces territoriales et commerciales de I'Asie 

Occidentale, les babitans, leur industrie, etc. 8vo. bd. rare, 10s 

St. Peters. 1839 

30373 Hammer (J. de) Histoire de I'Ordre des Assassins, traduite et 

augmentee par Hellert et De la Nourrais, 8vo. hds. 5s 1833 

30374 sur les Origines Russes ; extraits des MSS. Orientaux, 

4to. sd. 5s St. Petersb. 1827 

30374* Gescbicbte der goldenen Horde in Kiptscbak, das ist : 

der Mongolen in Rnssland, tbick 8vo. hf. bd. 7s 6d Pesth, 1840 

30375 HERODOTUS, History of, a new version by George Rawlinson, 

assisted by Sir Henry Rawlinson and Sir Gardner Wilkinson, 
4 vols. 8vo. mups and woodcuts, cloth, £2. 1862 

30376 Housman (C.) A Writing or Declaration from the Law Book to 

obliterate tbe Solar System, 8vo. numerous plates, some coloured, 
of Bible subjects, Images, Gods, etc., and of the Solar System, red 
morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 16s 1821 

Only 25 copies printed. The work is an attack on tbe Copemican and 
Newtonian system. 

30377 HUMBOLDT (A. de) Asie Centrale ; recbercbes snr les Cbaines 

de Montagnes et la Climatologie comparee, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. 
neat, £2. 2s Paris, 1843 

30378 Humboldt (W. von) Verscbiedenbeit des menscblicben Spracb- 

baues, %o.pp. 511, sd. 10s Berlin, 1836 


30^79 HYDE (T.) Syntagma Dissertationum et Opuscula inedita, cum 
Appendice de Lingua Sinensi, aliisque Linguis Orientalibus, 
etc. ed. Sharpe, 2 vols. 4to. portrait and 22 plates of Oriental 
Alphabets, calf, 25s Oxo7i. 1767 

Contents : Sharpe de "Vita Scriptisque T. Hyde ; Tabulas Long, ac Lat. 
Stellarum fixarum ex obs. U. Beighi ; M. Tizini TabuliB Declinationum 
et rectarum Ascensionum ; A. Peritsol. Itinei-a Mundi, heb. et lat.; A. 
Bobovius de Turcarum Liturgia, Peregrin atione Meccana, Circumcisione, etc.; 
Shahiludium ; Historia Nerdiludii ; De Mensuris et Ponderibus Sinensium ; 
Sharpe de Sinarum et Tatarorum Linguis, etc., etc. 

30379* de Ludis Orientalibus, 3 vols, in 1, 12mo. plates, calf, 

OcMeys copy ivith his autograph, 12s Oxon. 1694 

30380 INDIAN ANTIQUARY (The) a Journal of Oriental Research 

in Archaeology, History, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, 
Religion and Folklore, etc. edited by J. Burgess, complete from 
the beginning in January 1872 to December, 1883, 151 numbers 
forming 12 vols. 4to. plates and woodcuts, very scarce, 

Bombay, 1872-83 

30381 ■ another set, from the beginning in January 1872 to 

April 1876, being numbers 1-53, or Vol. I-IV and the first four 
numbers of Vol. V, 4to. withmany plates and woodcuts, four vols, 
hf. calf, and four parts, £10. Bombay, 1872-76 

30382 the same, numbers 1-39 or Vol. I-III and the first two 

numbers of Vol. IV, the first vol. hf. bd. the rest in parts, £7. 

-^ 1872-75 

30383 Irby and Mangles, Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Syria, and Asia- 

Minor, 8vo. map and plates, hf. calf, 12s 1823 

30383*Jervis (T. B.) Primitive universal Standard of Weights and 

Measures, 8vo. bds. 3s Qd Gale. 1835 

30384 JONES (Sir William) Works, with Life by Lord Teignmouth, 

13 vols. 8vo. portrait, calf gilt, £2. 2s 1809 

30385 Memoirs of the Life, Writings and Correspondence of 

Sir W. Jones, by Lord Teignmouth, 4to. portrait, russia gilt, 
binding broken, 7s 6d 1804 

30386 JoSENHANS, Atlas der evangelischen Missions- Gesellschaft in Basel 

nach den Angaben der Missionare, oblong folio, 11 coloured maps 
of parts of India, China, Africa, etc. bds. 5s Basel, 1859 

30387 JOURNAL ASIATIQUE, ou Recueil de Memoires relatifs a 

I'Histoire, a la Philosophic, aux Langues, et a la Litterature des 
Peuples Orientaux, A complete set from the beginning in 1822 
to September, 1882 — 120 vols, and 2 parts, 8vo. numerous plates, 
one hundred and six volumes uniformly half bound, the rest in 
parts, £36. 1822-82 

Contents : 
Premiere Skrie, 11 vol. 1822-27— Secondb Serie, 16 vol. 1828-35 — 
TROisifeME Serie, 14 vol. 1836-42— QuatriiSimb Serie, 20 vol. 1843-52— 
CiNQUiEME Serie, 20 vol. 1853-62— Sixi^me Serie, 20 vol. 1863-72 — 
SEPTifeME Serie, Vol. I-XIX and XX parts 1 and 2, 1873-82. 

30388 complete to March 1882 inclusive, 119 vols, and 3 parts, 

8vo. forty-six in hf. calf, the rest partly botcnd and partly in mim,- 
bers, £24. 1822-82 


30389 JOURNAL (the) of EASTERN ASIA, edited by James Collins, 

Vol. T, No. 1, 8vo. 120 pp. with pliotocjrapTdc front, representing 
Heads of the Orang-TJtan race of Johore, sd. 25 Qd 

Singapore, Juh/, 1875 

A valuable adjunct to all Oriental Periodicals and Transactions. 

Contents : — Museums, their commercial and scientitic uses, by J. 
Collins — A Visit to Perak, by W. Knaggs — Carnivorous Plants, by Dr. 
Hooker — A Mission to Burmah, translated by Lieut. Jones — Magnetic Dip in 
Eastern Asia, by Vice- Admiral Shad well— Ethnological Excursion in Johore, 
by Dr. Maclay (see frontispiece} — Brachycephality amongst f'apuans, by the 
same — Abdullah's Voyage to Klantan, trans, by the Rev. B. P. Keasberry — 
Reviews, Notes, etc. 

30390 K^MPFERi(E.)AmoenitatesExoticae Politico-Physico-Medicse, thick 

4:to.flne folding views, plates of plants, etc. good binding, 5s 

LemgovicB, 1712 

30391 Kheriedine (General) Reformes necessaires anx Etats Musulmans, 

trad, de I'Arabe, 8vo. sd. Is ; or, hf. morocco, 2s 6d 1868 

30392 KLAPROTH (J.) Tableaux Historiques de I'Asie, depuis la 

monarchie de Cyi'us jusqu'a nos jours, avec des recherches his- 
toriques et ethnographiques, 4to. with folio atlas of 27 large 
colotired historical maps and plates, 2 vols. hf. calf, not uniform, 
25s Paris, 1826 

30393 the same, 2 vols, uniform in hf. morocco gilt, uncut, 27s 

30394 the folio Atlas separately, hf. morocco, 20s 1826 

30395 • Memoires relatifs a I'Asie ; recherches historiques, geo- 

gi'aphiques et philologiques, 3 vols. 8vo. maps and plates, hf. 
calf, 15s Paris, 1826-28 

30396 ■ Memoires relatifs a I'Asie, 3 vols. — Magasin Asiatique 

revue geographique et historique de I'Asie, 2 vols. — 5 vols, in 4, 
8vo. maps and plates, hf. calf, rare, 24s Paris, 1825-i^8 

30397 Kruger, Geschichte der Assyrier und Iranier vom 13ten, bis zum 

5ten. Jahrh. vor Christus, 8vo. plates, bds. 5s Franlfiort, 1856 

30398 Le Brun (C.) Voyages par Moscovie en Perse et aux Indes Orien- 

tales, 2 vols, folio, containing nearhj 300 fine plates of Views, 
Antiguities, and Costumes, russia, £2. 10s Amst. 1718 

30399 Lenormant (Fr.) les Premieres Civilisations, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 8s Qd 

Paris, 1874 
I. Archeologie prehistorique, Egypte ; II. Chaldee et Assyria, Phenicie. 

30400 LuALDi, I'lndia Oiientale soggettata al Vangelo, sm. 4to. stained, 

vellum, 20s Roma, 1653 

Describes the missionary travels of St. Francis Xavier. 

30401 Lucas (Paul) Voyage dans la Turquie, I'Asie, Sourie, Palestine, 

Haute et Basse Egypte, etc. 3 vols. 12mo. maps and plates, calf, 
from the Beclcford library, 30s Potten, 1719 

30401* another edition, 2 vols. 12rao. map) and plates, old calf 

gilt, 10s Amst. 1720 

30402 Maffei (G. P.) Istorie delle Indie Orientali tradotte di Latino 

in Lingua Toscana da F. Scrdonati, stout 8vo. old calf gilt, 10s 

Fiorenza, F. Giunti, 1589 


30403 MADRAS JOURNAL of Literature and Science, edited by J. 
C. Morris, Robert Cole and C. P. Bi'own, a complete set fi-om 
the beginning in 1833 to 1866, being the first two series and 
Third Series, nos. 1 and 2 ;— 23 vols, and 2 parts, 8vo. ivith 
numerous plates of Natural History, Hindoo Mythology, A7itiqu{' 
ties, and Geograjjliy, some coloured, twenty-two vols, bound in, 
eighteen, hf. russia and hf. calf, one in cloth, £15. 

Madras, 1833-66 

30401 another set complete, /o^rfeeji vols, boiind in seven hf. 

calf gilt, PNCUT, one vol. in hds. the rest in parts, £25. 1833-66 
Collation : First Series, numbers 1-39, 1832-50 — New Series, numbers 
1-12 (or Original Series, numbers 40-51), 1856-61 — Third Series, numbers 
1 and 2 (the last) 1864-66. Nothing appeared between 1850 and 1856, and 
between 1861 and 1864. 

30405 Madras Journal, nos. 1-51 or Vols. I-XXIII, loanting no. 46, 

thirteen vols, hound in eight, not all uniform, the rest in parts, 
£14. 1833-61 

30406 — — the same, Vols. LXXIII, tvithout nos. 6, 30, 31 aiid 46; 

— afeiv nos. bound in one vol. the rest in parts, £12. 1833-61 

A very rare and important periodical. The articles on Mythology, Anti- 
quities, Ethnology and Natural History are written by the most distinguished 

30407 Maesden (Wm.) Numismata Orientalia illustrata ; the Plates of 

the Oriental Coins of his collection, 4to. 57 plates issued without 
teo-t, cloth, 25s 1869 

30408 Maspero (G.) Geschichte der Morgenlandischen Volker iibersetzt 

von R. Pietschmann, 8vo. map, sd. 8s Leipzig, 1877 

Mohammed, Mohammedanism : 

30409 BoDLAiNViLLiERS. Vie de Mahomed, avec des reflexions sur la 
Religion Mahometane, et les Coutumes des Musulmans, 12mo. 
vellum, 2s 6d Amst. 1731 

30410 Garcin dk Tassy, Exposition de la foi musulmane, Pend-Nameh, 
le Borda, en Frangais, 8vo. bds. 2s 1822 

30411 Geiger (Ab.) Was hat Mohammed aus dem Judenthume 
aufgenommen,J?o?i?i, 1833— GEROCK,Darstellnng der Christologie 
des Koran, Hamh. 1829 ; — in 1 vol. 8vo. hf. bd. 2s Qd 

30412 Imberdis, Mahomet et I'lslam, roy. 8vo. sd. 2s Qd 

Fhilippeville, 1867 

30413 Keehl, das Leben des Muhammed, Vol. I, 12mo. sd. 2s 6d 

Leipzig, 1884 

30414 Mills (Charles) History of Muhammedanism, 8vo. bds. 2s 


30415 MuiR (Sir Wm.) Mahomet and Islam, sketch of his life from 
original sources, and outline of his religion, sm. 8vo. map and 
cuts, cloth, 3s 6(i 1883 

30416 Pitts (Joseph) Account of the Religion and Manners of the 
Mohammetans, description of Medina, Algier, Alexandria ; 
account of the author's being taken captive, etc. 8vo. calf, 5s 

Exon, 1704 

30417 Qanoon-e-Islam, or the customs of the Moosulmans of India, 
by Jaffur-Shurreef, translated by G. A. Herklots, 8vo. curious 
plates, hf. calf neat, 20s 1832 


Mohammed, Mohammedanism — continued. 

30418 Rabadax (Mahomet) Mahometism fnlly explained, ^vritten in 
Spanish and Ai-abic in 1603, translated from the MS. by Morafan, 
2 vols. 8vo. calf, \2s 1723 

30419 Rousseau, Meraoire sur les trois pins fameuses Sectes da 
MusTilmanisme, les Wahabis, les Nosaires et les Ismaelis, 8vo. 
hf. Id. 2s 6d 1818 

30420 Sprenger (A.) das Leben und die Lehre des Mohammed nach 
bisher grosstentheils nubenutzten Quellen, 3 vols, in 6, 8vo. sd. 
15s ; or, Jif. calf, 20s Berlin, 1861-65 

30421 the Life of Mohammed, from original sources, 8vo. 

210 _pp. sd. 7s ed Allahabad, 1851 

^'o more Tvas ever printed in English than these 210 pp. which leave the 
Prophet at Medina in a.d. 622. But what there is, is carefully and critically 
derivedfrom the best sources; and the first book (74 pp.) is devoted to a prelimi- 
nary study of the subject, which exhibits Dr. Sprenger's learning at its best. 
There is so much difference between Muir and Sprenger that no reader of the 
former can dispense with the latter. Only 100 copies were printed. 

30422 "Wallich, Religio Turcica, Mahometis Yita, etc. sm. 4to. frontis- 
jnece and plates of Mohammedan Ceremonies, the text in German, 
vellum, 7s Stad. Suec. 1659 

see also passim, under Arabic; and Haiyat ul Kuloob tinder 


30423 MoxcoNTS (M. de) Voyages (d'Egypte, de Syrie, de Constantinople, 

et de divers pays de I'Europe), 5 vols, in 7, 12mo. many plates, 
fine copy in old gilt tree-marbled calf extra, by Baumgarten, a 
pretty copy, from the Bechford library, Hamilton Palace, £2. 10s 

Paris, 1695 
The last vol. contains the author's " Poesies, Lettres, Secrets et Eeceptes." 

30424 Mouat (F. J.) Rough Notes of a Trip to Reunion, the Mauritius 

and Ceylon, roy. 8vo. illustrations, cloth, 3s Qd Calc. 1852 

30425 Nesselmanx, die Orientalischen Miinzen in Konigsberg, 8vo. sd. 2s 

Leipzig, 1858 

30426 NI:vE (F.) Eloge de Ballanche, 1850— L'Antiquite Chretien ne en 

Orient, 1852 — Hymnes Funebres de I'Eglise Armenienne, 1855 
— Calidasa, ou la poesie sanscrite, 1864 — Les Peuples de I'Orient 
avant la civilisation grecque, 1868 ; and other pieces, in 1 vol. 
8vo. half morocco, 15s 

30427 NiEBUHR (Marcus) Geschichte Assur's und Babel's seit Phul, 8vo. 

map, cloth, 7s 6d Berlin, 1857 

NUMISMATA ORIENTALIA (the International), impl. 4io. sd. 

30428 Coinage of Lydia and Persia, by B. V. Head, 3 plates, 7s 1877 

30429 Ancient Coins and Measures of Ceylon, by T. W, Rhys Davids, 
1 plate, 10s 1877 

30430 Coins of the Jews, by F. W. Madden, pp. xii and 330, plate of 
alphabets and 279 icoodcuts (published at £2.), 20s 1881 

30431 Coins of Arakan, of Pegu, and of Burma, by Lieut.-Gen. Sir 
A. P. Phayre, 5 plates, 8s 6d 1882 


30432 Numismatic Chroxicle, 6 parts, 8vo. plates, sd. 10s 1843-57 

Inclnrling : Ancient Coinage of Kashmir, by Lt. A. Cunningham ; 
Oriental Legends on certain Arsacidan and Partho-Persian Coins, by 
E. Thomas ; Gold Coins of Syracuse, by G. Sparkes ; Parthian Coins, by 
W. H. Scott ; Byzantine Coins, by G. Finlay ; Regal Coins of Mesopotamia, 
by W. H. Scott ; Catalogue of Bactrian Coins, by E. Thomas, etc. 

30433 Ockley's History of the Saracens, third edition, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 

7s 6d Cambridge, 1767 

30434 [OusELEY (Sir William)] Oriental Collections : essays, disserta- 

tions and translations illustrating the History, Antiquities, 
Arts, Sciences and Literature of Asia, 3 vols. 4to. plates of 
Ivscri-ptions^ Antiquities, Natural History, etc. two in calf, one 
hf. hd. 21s 1797-1800 

30435 the same. Vols. I and IT, 4to. calf, 15s 1797-98 

Including contributions by Sir W. Ouseley, Lt.-Gen. Vallancey, 

Jonathan Scott, etc. 

30436 Patell (Cowasjee Sorabjee) Chronology; corresponding dates of 

the different Eras used by Christians, Jews, Greeks, Hindus, 
Mohamedans, Parsees, Chinese, Japanese, etc. roy. 4to. cloth, 
stained, V2s 1866 

30437 Pastoret, Zoroastre, Confucius et Mahomet compares, 8vo. calf, 

2s Qd Paris, 1788 

30438 Patterson (J. L.) Tour in Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Greece, 

8vo. plates, cloth, 2s Qd 1852 

30439 Persia and Afghanistan ; Narrative of the events relating to the 

Correspondence on Persia and Afghanistan, 8vo. hds. 2s 1839 

30440 Petis de La Croix (M.) Histoire du Grand Genghizcan, premier 

Empereur des Anciens Mogols et Tartares, 12mo. map, presen- 
tation copy to the Marquis de Torcy, tvith Author's autograph 
inscription, calf extra, gilt edges, 15s Par-is, 1710 

30441 History of Genghizcan the Great, translated, 8vo. hf. 

hd. hs Calc. 1819 

30442 Phoenicians. MOVERS (C. J.) das phonizische Alterthum: 
Politische Geschichte und Staatsverfassung, Geschichte der 
Colonien ; Handel und Schiff-fahrt ; 3 vols. 8vo. sd. £3. 5s 

Berlin, 1849-56 
The second volume is out of print. 

30443 Barges (Abbe J. J. L.) Recherches Archeologiques sur les 
Colonies Pheniciennes etablies sur le littoral de la Celtoligurie, 
8vo. woodcuts, sd. 3s Qd Paris, 1878 

30444 Pietraszewski (I.) Numi Mohammedani, fasc. I ; Numi Mamlu- 

korum Dynastise, etc. 4to. 15 plates, containing figures of nearly 
250 coins, sd. 12s Berol. 1843 

30445 Plaisted (B.) Journal from Calcutta, by sea, to Busscrah : from 

thence across the Great Desart to Aleppo, etc. 12mo. calf, 3s 6tZ 


30446 POCOCKE (R.) Description of the East and some other Countries 

(Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Cyprus and Candia), 
3 vols, in 2, folio, 179 plates, inclndivg maps, one volume tvormed, 
calf neat, 20s 1743-45 



30447 POCOCKE (R.) Description of the East and some other Countries, 

3 vols, in 2, folio, \7 9 plates, frontispiece, calf gilt, 28s 1743-4.5 
" The high value of Pococke's Travels, with respect to Antiquities and 
Science, is universally acknowledged. Pococke was probably equal to any 
Oriental scholar whom Europe has hitherto produced." 

30448 Poole's (S. L.) Catalogue of the Collection of Oriental Coins 

belonging to Col. Guthrie ; Coins of the Amawi Khalifehs, 8vo. 

b plates, representing nearly 50 Coins, seiced, 2s 

Privately printed, Hertford, 1874 

30449 the same, large paper, sm. 4to. clotlt, hs 1874 

30450 Price (Major David) Principal Events of Mahornmedan History 

to the accession of the Emperor Akbar, 3 vols, in 4to. large 

coloured map, cloth, 20s 1821 

30451 the same, 4 vols. ivitliotU the map, a piece cut from each 

title to destroy a stamp), hf. rvssia, 12s 1821 

30452 Prokesch-Osten, Monnaies de Rois Parthes, 4to. engravings of 59 

Coins, sd. 5s Paris, 1874-75 

30453 Rampoldi (G. B.) Annali Musulmani, 12 vols. 8vo. with Index, hf. 

calf gilt, 20s Milajio, 1822-3 

30454 Rapports sur les progres des lettres etc. en France, progres de3 

etudes relatives a I'Egypte et a I'Orient, roy. 8vo. sd. 2s 6d ; 
hf. calf, 3s 6d Paris, 1867 

30455 Reinaud, Monumens Arabes, Persans, et Turcs, du Cabinet de 

M. le Due de Blacas ; consideres d'apres leurs rapports avec lea 
croyances, les mceurs, et I'histoire des nations musulmanes, 
2 vols. 8vo. j^lates, cloth, 12s 1828 

30456 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. red morocco, 15s 1828 

30457 ■ Relation des Voyages faits par les Arabes et les Persans 

— see under Arabic. 

30458 [Renaudot (E.)] Anciennes Relations des Indes et de la Chine de 

deux voyageurs Mahometans, qui y allerent dans le IXe Siecle, 

traduites d'Arabe avec des remarques, 8vo. autograph notes of 

M. Langles, russia neat, 20s Paris, 1718 

A translation of a fragment of Mas'udi's Moruj uz Zahab. 

30459 Rexnell (J.) Geographical System of Herodotus examined and. 

explained by comparison TV'ith other ancient authors and with 
modern geography, 4to. port, and 11 maps, russia extra, gilt 
edges, 20s 1800 

30460 Roth (E ) Geschichte un.serer abendlandischen Philosophic : die 

^gyptische und die Zoroastrische Glaubenslehre, Geschichte 
der Griechischen Philosophic, die altesten lonischen Denker 
und Pythagoras, 2 stout vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, 12s 1858 

30461 SACRED BOOKS OF THE EAST, translated by various 

Oriental Scholars, and edited by F. Max Miillei% Vols. I-XIX, 
XXI and XXIII (all pub., sell £12. 10s), 21 vols. 8vo. cloth, 
£9. Oxford, 1879-80 

Contents : — 

Vol. I. The Upanishads, by Max Miiller, 

part 1, 7s 6cZ 
Vol. II. Sacred Laws of the Arya?, by G. 

Biihler, part 1, Apastambaand Gautama, 

Vol. III. Sacred Books of China, by J. 
Legge, part 1, with XVI, 15s 

Vol. IV. Zend-Avesta, by J. Darmestetter, 
part I 



Vol. V. Pahlavi Texts, by E. W. West, 

part 1, The Biindahis, Bahman Yast, 

and Shavast La-Shayast 
Vol. VI. tlie QurWn, by E. H. Palmer, 

part 1, chapters 1-16 
Vol. VII. Institutes of Vishnn, by J. 

Jollv, 7s 6d 
Vol. VIII, Bhagavadgita, with the San- 

atsugatiya, and Anugita, by K. T. 

Vol. IX. The Qur'an, part 2, chaps. 17-114 
Vol. X. TheDhammapada, byMax Mijller; 

and the Sutta-Nipata, by V. Fausboll, 

7s 6d 
Vol. XI. Buddhist Suttas, by T. W. Rhys 


Vol. XII. The Satapatha- Brahmana, by J. 

Eggeling, pt. 1, Books 1 and 2, 8s 6d 
Vol. XIII. Vinaya Texts, by Rhys Davids 

and H. Oldenberg, pt. 1, Patimokkha 

and Mahavagga, 1-4, 7s 6ct 
Vol. XIV. Sacred Laws of the Aryas, pt. 2 
Vol. XV. The Upanishads, pt. 2 
Vol. XVI. Sacred Books of China, pt. 2, 

with III, 15s 
Vol. XVII. Vinava Texts, pt. 2 
Vol. XVIII. Pahlavi Texts, pt. 2 
Vol. XIX. The Fo-Sho-hing-tsan-king, 

Life of Buddha, by S. Beal 
Vol. XXI. The Saddharma-Pundarika, or 

Lotus of True Law, by H. Kern 
Vol. XXIII. Zend-Avesta, pt. 2 

Each volume is published at 10s 6d or 12s 6cJ. Those with prices 
affixed are sold sejiarately. 

30462 Saint Martin (M. J.) Epoque de la mort d'Alexandre, et la 

Chronologie des Ptolemees, 1820 — L'Histoire et la Geographie 
fie la Mesene et de la Characene, 1838 — Histoire d'ArmeDie par 
le Patriarclie Jean VI traduite en Fran^ais, 1841 — Fragments 
d'une histoire des Arsacides, 2 vols. 1850 ; — together 5 vols. 
8vo. hf. calf, uniform, £2. Paris, 1820-50 

30463 Saint-Martin (Viv. de) Memoire sur la Carte de I'Asie centrale, 

etc. construite d'apres les relations chinoises pour les Voyages 
de Hiouen-Tlisang, 8vo. map, sd. 6s 6d Paris, 1858 

30464 ScOTTO ( Benedetto ) Globe Maritime avec la cognoissance et 

pratique des longitudes proposee en une navigation qui est de 
passer par la Mer Septentrionale, de I'Occident a I'Orient, et 
aller au Jappon, Chine, etc. folio, 4 large woodcut maps, and 
11 plates of Instruments, Fortifications, etc. vellum, £6. 10^ 

Paris, 1622 
A very rare work on the North-East Passage, which takes its place here 
by reason of the delineation, in one of the maps, of all the north of Asia, 
from Nova Zemlya to Behring's Straits. 

30465 Sedillot (L. A.) and Chasles, Tracts by, 7 pieces in 1 vol. 4to. 

hf. calf, 7s 6d 

Contents : Notice de plusienrs Opuscules Mathematiques Arabes, 1837; 
sur les Systemes Geographiques des Grecs et Arabes, 1842 ; Histoire de 
I'Algebre par Chasles, 1841 ; etc. 

30466 Sketches of Oriental People and their Costumes, 36 plates loosely 

inserted between blank leaves in a 4to. vol. Ids. 32s 

Calcutta; circa 1840-50 
In the vol. are also some wrappers with the title " Rough Sketches of 
Oriental Heads," in which apparently the above were issued. The plates, 
however, are not merely of heads, but, in many cases, of the whole figure. 

30467 Thonissen (J. J.) Histoire du Droit Criminel des peuples anciens 

(Inde Brahmanique, Egypte, Judee), 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 15s 1869 

30468 TiMUR. Sainctton, Histoire du grand Tamerlan, tiree d'un 

excellent MS. 12m.o,fine copy in vellum, 25s 

Leyde, Ahr. Wolfgang [Elzevir'] 1678 

■ see ante DuBEC, p. 3056. 

304:68* History of Timur-Bec, Emperor of the Moguls and 

Tartars, being an historical journal of his conquests in Asia 


and Europe, written in Persian by Cherefeddin Ali . . . 
rendered into Englisli, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, calf, 7s 6d 1723 

On the reverse of the title of each volume is passed the bookplate of 
" Sir John Anstruther of that ilk Baronet." 

30469 TwESTEN, die religiosen, politisclien nnd socialen Ideen der 

asiatischen Culturvolker nnd der Aegypter, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 5s 

Berlin, 1872 

30470 Vaillant, Arsacidarum et Achsemenidarum Imperium, 2 vols. 

in 1, 8vo. engravings of Parthian, Bithynian, and other Coins, 
calf 7s 6d Paris, 1728 

30471 Vadx (W. S. W.) Coins struck by the Atabeks o£ Irak, 4to. 

7 plates of coins, cloth, 5s (1850) 

30472 VIAGGI fatti da Venetia alia Tana, in Persia [da Josapbati 

Barbaro], ad Ussuncassan Re di Persia (da Ambrogio Con- 
tareno), in India [Viaggio di Colocut da Aluigi di Giovanni] 
^ et in Constantinopoli [Cose de Turchi], (et Viaggio di Ales- 

sandria nelle Indie), Vinegia, Aide, 1545 —Fontana (J.) della 
Guerra di Rhodi, Vinegia, 1545 — in 1 vol. sm. 8vo. purple 
morocco, gilt edges, the Syston Parh copy, £4. 4s 
Mr. Beckford's copy of the Viaggi sold for £.5. 5s. 

30473 Voyages dans les Indes Orientales par les Missionaires Danois, 

3 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf. calf, 7s 6d Lausanne, 1772 

30474 WATREMAN (William). The Fardlb of facions, conteining 

the aunciente maners, customes and Lawes of the peoples 
enhabiting the two partes of the earth, called Aifrike and 
Asie, 12mo. ilacfe IzittX, title mounted, and the margins of a few of 
the preliminary leaves neatly mended, hut on the tchole a fine copy; 
from the libraries of the Duke of Roxhurghe, Marquis of Blandford, 
Mr. G. Watson Taylor, Mr. Heier a')id Dr. Burnell, calf gilt, the 
Poxburghe Arms stamped in gold on the sides, scarce, £3. 3s 

London, Jhon Kingsfone and Henry Sutton, 1555 
The same copy fetched £4. 4s at the Roxburghe sale, and £4. 17s at the 
"White Knights'. The author's name appears at the end of the dedication, 
William Watreman. 

30475 Weil, Geschichte der islamitischen Volker von Mohammed bis 

Sultan Selim, 8vo. hf. calf neat, 6s Stuttgart, 1866 

30476 Zeitschrtft fiir die Kunde des Morgenlandes, von H. Ewald, 

Kosegarten, Lassen, Neumann, etc. 7 vols. 8vo. complete, hf. 
calf, £2. 10s Gottingen and Bonn, 1837-50 

This is the fore-runner of the " Zeitschrif t der Deutschen Morgenlandischen 

30477 Zeitscheift der Deutschen Morgenlaendischen Gesellchaft, com- 

plete from the beginning in 1847 to 1882, being Vols. I-XXXVI 
— Register zu Band I-XXX, 3 parts — 8vo. maps and plates, 
ttventy-nine vols, neivly hf. bound in calf neat, the rest in parts, 
£15. Leipzig, 1847-82 

304,78 another set. Vols. I-XXXV and XXXVI pts. 1 and 2, 

with Indexes ; — thirty-two vols, in hf. calf neat, the rest in parts, 
£12. 1847-82 

209 * 


30479 Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, Vols. 
I-XXXV, with Index I-XXX, thirty -three vols, in hf. morocco, 
cloth sides, very neat, three in parts, £10. 1847-81 

30480 another set, Vols. I-XXV, with Index I-X, thirty vols. 

hf. calf, the rest in parts, £9. 1847-81 

30481 Abhandldngen fiir die Kunde des Morgenlandes herausg. von 
der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, 6 vols. 8vo. half 
morocco, £5. Leipzig, 1859-78 

Containing articles by Martin Haug, A. Weber, A. d'Abbadie, \\. 
Brockhaus, A. Sprenger, A. F. Stenzler, etc. 

30482 Tracts ; 1 vol. 4to. hf. calf 15s 

Annales Islamismi sive tabulae synchronistico-chronologicas Chalifarum et 
Regum orientis et occidentis, ex codd. arabicis vertit Janus I^assen Rasmussen, 
Bav. 1825 — Middeldorpf de Institutis Litei'ariis in Hispania qujE Arabes 
auctores habuerunt, Oott. 1811 — Wuestenfeld, Vergleichuugs-Tabellen der 
Muhammedanischen und Cliristlicben Zeitreclinung, Lei'p. 1854 — Rommel 
Abulfed* Arabiii! descriptio comment, illust. Gott. n. d. — Unsere Kenntnisa 
der Arabischen Philosophic, von H. Ritter, Qott. 1844 ; etc. 

30483 Tracts, 17, 4to. and 8vo. Is 6cl 

Antiquities of the Kalukas of Parner, Saiagamner, etc. by W. F. 
Sinclair, Bombay, 1877 — The Danish Protestant Mission, Tranquebar, by the 
Rev. C. E. Kennet, Madras, 1875 — Guide Plan of Simla and Jutog, Calc. 1875 
— Statistics of Randa, by M. P. Edgeworth— Lt.-Col. Pelly on the Tribes 
around the shores of the Persian Gulf, Calc. 1874 — Rajendralala Mitra on 
the Pala and the Sena Rajas of Bengal — E, Thomas on the Identity of 
Xandrames and Krananda ; etc. 


1. Turkey (and the frontier lands) ; Asia 
Minor, Mesopotamia. 

30484 AiNSWORTH ( W. F.) Travels and Researches in Asia Minor, Meso- 

potamia, Chaldea and Armenia, 2 vols, post 8vo. woodcuts, cloth, 
hs 1842 

30485 Allom (Th.) Constantinople and the scenery of the Seven 

Churches of Asia Minor illustrated, with description of plates 
by Rob. Walsh, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. 95 plates, and 2 maps, hf. calf, 
10s n. d. {circa 1840) 

30486 (Antoine) Essai sur le Commerce et la Navigation de la Mer- 

Noire, 8vo. map, hf. Id. 2s 6d Paris, 1805 

30487 Aristarchi Bey, Legislation Ottomane, publiee par Demetrius 

Nicolaides, Vols. I and II, 8vo. sd. 7s Gd Constantinople, 1873 
I, Droit Prive ; Droit civil commun ; II, Di'oit Public interieur ; (III, 
Droit Administratif ; IV, Droit International). 

30488 Baudier (M.) Histoire Geueraledu Serrail et de la Cour du Grand 

Seigneur, Empereur des Turcs — Histoire de la Cour du Roi de 
la Chine — 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. MS. Notes by Mr. Bedford on fly- 
leaf, russia extra, gilt edges, from the Bedford library, Hamilton 
Falace, £2. IGs B,ouen, D.MC.xxxvm (1638) 


30489 Barker (W. B.) Lares and Penates ; or Cilicia and its governors, 

with description of some Household Gods of the ancient Cili- 
cians, edited, by W. F. Ainsworth, 8vo. map and woodcuts, cloth, 
2s 6d 1853 

30490 Beauplan, Description d'Ukranie depuis les confins de la Mos- 

covie jusques aux limites de la Ti-ansylvanie, sq. 8vo. woodcuts, 
ca^f, 24s Boicen, 1660 

30491 BiANCONi, Ethnographic de la Turquie d'Europe : Races Musul- 

manes et Raias des Balkans, 8vo. large coloured map, sd. 2s 

Paris, 1877 

30492 BOTTA'S NINEVEH: Monument de Ninive d^couvert ex 


folio, with nearly 400 magnificent plates of Architecture, Sculpture, 
and Inscriptions (pub. at £110.), hf. hd. green morocco extra, 
gilt edges, £25. Paris, 1849-50 

This magnificent work was published by order of the French Government, 
^ and under the direction of a Committee of the Institute. 

"To Botta is due the honour of having found the first Assyrian 
Monument, "^Laycwd. 

30493 BouE, la Turquie d'Europe, sa geographic, geologic, histoire 

naturelle, statistique, moeurs, archeologie, etc. 4 vols. 8vo. the 
map in facsimile, sd. scarce, £4. 1840 

30494 Beiefe Accompt of Turks late Expedition against the Kingdome 

of Hungary, Transylvania, etc. with a narrative of the Siege of 
Newhausel (with continuation), 8vo. sd. 7s 6d 166S 

30495 BUSBEQDII (A. Gislenii) Opera, 24mo. engraved title, fine copij in red 

morocco, gilt edges, hy Roger Payne, £2. 10s 

Lugd. Bat. Elzevir, 1633 
" Premiere edition collective des lettres et opuscules du celebre diplomate 
et voyageur Bousbecques." — Willems. 

30496 CAMBINE (Andrewe) Two very notable Commentaries, the one 

of the originall of the Turcks and Empire of the house of Otto- 
manno . . . and thother of the Warres of the Turcke against 
George Scanderberg . . . translated by John Shute, small 4to. 
ilack ktter, calf, 36s B. Hall, 1662 

30497 Cervarius (Ludov.) de Turcarum Origine, moribus, et rebua 

gestis, sm. 4to. vellum, from the Smiderland library, 20s 

Florent. 1590 

30498 Chassepol (Sieur de) Histoire des Grands Vizirs Mahomet 

Coprogli Pacha, etAchmetCoprogli Pacha, avec les plus secrettes 
intrigues du Serrail, 12mo. plan of the Battle of Cotzchim, tree- 
marbled calf extra, gilt edges, by G. Kalthoeber, 12s Paris, 1676 

30499 CHESNEY (Lieut.-Col.) Survey of the Rivers Eiiphrates and 

Tigris, 1835-37, with geographical and historical notices, 2 vols. 
plates and woodcuts — Atlas of 13 maps and charts, 1 vol. — i vols, 
royal 4to. cloth, £3. 10s 1850 

30499 Creasy (E. S.) History of the Ottoman Turks, from the beginning 
of their empire, to the present time, chiefly founded on Von 
Hammer, 2 vols. 8vo. map and plate, cloth, 2Us 1854-56 

30600 the same, 2 vole, in 1, 8vo. cloth, 14s 1868 


30501 Danubian Principalities, tlie frontier lands of the Christian and 

the Turk, 2 vols. 8vo. viap, doth, 5s 1854 

30502 D'Anville, rEuphrate et le Tigre, wap, 1769 — Analyse de la 

Carte intitulee les Cotes de la Grace et I'Archipel, 1757 — in 
1 vol. 4to. calf, 7s 6d Paris, 1757-69 

30503 DiLUCiDATiON of the late Commotions of Turkey, account of the 

deposing of Mahomet and of the advancing of Soliman to the 
throne of Constantinople, Svo. B8 pp. sd. 10s 1689 

30504 D'OHSSON (Mouradja) Tableau general de l'Empire Othoman, 

divise en deux parties, dont I'uue comprend la Legislation 
Mahometane ; I'autre I'Histoire de cet Empire, 3 vols. roy. folio, 
over 200 fine plates by Hilaire, Cochin, Moreau, etc. £8. 1787-1820 
This magnificent work comprises the Code Politique, the Code Mili- 
TAiRE, the Code Civil, the Code Jddiciaire, and the Code Penal. 
Indispeiisable to Jurists. 

30505 Du Loir (Sieur) Voyages du Levant, avec la relation du Siege de 

Baby lone fait en 1639 par Sultan Mourat, sm. 4to. calf, 15s 

Paris, 1654 

30506 Eichhoff (F. G.) Etudes sur Ninive et Persepolis, roy. Svo. hf calf, 

4s 6d ^ Lyon, 1852 

30507 Eneholm, Villes au dela du Balkan, occupees par les troupes 

russes en 1829, 8vo. map, hf. Id. 3s M St. Petersh. 1830 

30508 Eton's (W.) Turkish Empire, its Government, Finances, History, 

Manners, etc. 8vo. calf, 7s 6d 1798 

30509 FELLOWS (Ch.) Journal written during an Excursion in Asia 

Minor, roy. Svo. majJ and plates, cloth, 10s ; or, calf 12s 1839 

30510 • Account of Discoveries in Lycia, being a Journal kept 

during a second excursion in Asia Minor, roy. Svo. maps and 
plates, cloth, 20s 1841 

30611 Fergdsson (James) Palaces of Nineveh and Persepolis restored ; 
an essay on ancient Assyrian and Persian Architecture, Svo. 
plates, plans and looodctds, cloth, &s 1851 

30512 FossATi (Gaspard) Aya Sofia, Constantinople : as recently restored 

by order of H.M. the Sultan Abdul Medjid ; from drawings by 
Fossati, lithographed by L. Haghe, title and 25 fine views, 
coloured and mounted like drawings, with descriptive text, spotted, 
impl. folio, in portfolio, hf. morocco, £4. 1852 

30513 Fraser's Travels in Koordistan, Mesopotamia, etc. with Sketches 

of the Koordish and Arab Tribes, 2 vols. Svo. frontispieces, hf. 
calf, 10s ^ 1840 

30514 GuiLLERAGDES (Comte de) et Girardin, Ambassades aupres du 

Grand Seigneur, Ambassades a Constantinople, ISmo. calf extra, 
gilt edges, by G.Lewis, from the Beckford library, £1. WsQd 

Paris, 1687 

30515 HAMMER (J. de) Histoire de l'Empire Ottoman, depuis son 

origine jusqu'a nos jours, traduite par J. J. Hellert, 18 vols. 8vo. 
and folio Atlas of mapis and plans, sd. £2. 2s Paris, 18-^5-43 

30516 the same, IS vols. Svo. with folio Atlas, ///. French 

morocoo, £3. 16s 1835-43 

'llie t>tandard History of the Ottoman Empire from its foundation in 
1300 to 1830. 


30517 HiSTOiRE de Soliman III, 12mo. old calf, 2s Qd Paris, 1688 

30518 JouviN, le Voyageur d'Europe, ou est le Voj^age de Turquie, la 

Terra Sainte, et Egypte, 18mo. calf, 5s Paris, 1686 

30519 Knolles' Generall Historie of the Turkes from tlie firsfce beginning 

of that nation to the rising of the Othoman familie with a new 
continuation unto the yeare 1638, folio, portraits of the Sultans, 
hf cf 7s 6d 1638 

30520 the same, with Continuation to 1699, by Sir P. Rycaut, 

3 vols, folio, numerous portraits, calf, 30s 1687-1700 

30521 KoHNE (Dr. B. v.) zur Geschichte und Archaologie von Cher- 

ronesos in Taurien, 8vo. 9 p)lO'tes, chiefly of Coins, sd. 6s 6d 

St. Petersb. 1848 

30522 LABORDE (L. de) et LINANT, Voyage de I'Arabie Petree, 

impl. folio, numerous maps, woodcuts aiid 69 large engravings, 
half green morocco, £2. 10s Paris, 1880 

A very handsome book of picturesque views, full of fine plates, printed 
on India Paper, depicting Monuments and Antiquities, ToinOs, Fortresses, 
Temples, and other Architectural Kemains, containing also portraits of 
Natives, Plans, Maps, and Woodcuts. In 1855, Berry's copy fetched £12. 5s. 

" More light has been thrown by the publication of this work on the 
Holy Writ than any other for a number of years." 

30523 Laborde, Journey through Arabia Petrsea to Mount Sinai, 8vo. 

map, plates and woodcuts, cloth, 2s 1836 

30524 Lamartine (A. de) Histoire de la Turquie, 8 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, 

16s 1855 

30525 LAYARD (A. H.) the Monuments of Nineveh, from