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Full text of "General prospectus of the project to celebrate the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, which established lasting peace between America and Great Britain; as well as the plan to signalize in fitting manner, the peace which has existed between the United States, Great Britain and other nations"

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QENERAL Prospectus of the Project to Celebrate 
the Centenary of the Signing of the Treaty of 
Ghent, which established lasting peace between 
America and Great Britain ; as well as the plan to 
signalize, in fitting manner, the peace which has 
existed between the United States, Great Britain 
and other nations. 


Happy are the people that find wisdom and 
the nations that get understanding of one 
another ; for out of understanding comes 
friendship, and out of friendship comes peace. 


"2II)r nation tlmt lu^rjiPtli ita moutl) 
anb itfl longnr hprppttj its soul from 

"Kprjj tl^y tungur from roil ani> ttjg 
Upa from Bpraking guib. Spjjart from 
ml anil io goob; Hwk pparf anJi pur- 
sm it" 

The American Committee for the Cel- 
ebration of the One Hundredth 
Anniversary of Peace Among 
EngHsh Speaking Peoples 

Woodrow Wilson 
William Howard Taft Thomas R. Marshall 

William G. jNIcAdoo Lindley M. Garrison 

Josephus Daniels David F. Houston 

William C. Redfield William B. Wilson 

Honorary Chainiutii — Theodore Roosevelt 
Honorary J 'ice-Chairmen 
William Jennings Bryan Joseph H. Choate 
Alton B. Parker Elihu Root 

Adlai E. Stevenson Levi P. Morton 

Cliainnaii — Andrew Carnegie 
Adolphus Busch 
John D. Crimmins Edward F. Dunne 

Eugene N. Foss Edwin Ginn 

William Church Oshorn Thomas Nelson Page 
Daniel Smiley Oscar S. Straus 

Honorary Secretary — Harry P. Judson 
Secretary— Andrew B. Humphrey 

Executive Committee 

Honorary Chairman — Charles W. Fairbanks 
Honorary J 'ice-Chairmen 
Richard Bartholdt " Jacob H. Schiff 

Martin H. Glynn Theodore E. Burton 

Emmett O'Neal Herman Ridder 

Oswald West 

Honorary Secretary — J. Horace McFarland 

Chairman — John A. Stewart 


Josephus Daniels Theodore Marburg 

W. O. Hart 

5"t'(Tt'^flry— William H. Short 

Finance Committee 

Chairman — Cornelius Vanderbilt 
I'ice-Chairmau — William Curtis Demorest 

Honorary Treasurer — Lyman J. Gage 
Treasurer— James L. Wandling 

Auditing Committee 

Chairman — Robert C. Morris 
Depository — J. P. Morgan & Co. 

Headquarters : 50 Church Street, New York 


THE movement adequately and prop- 
perly to celebrate the one hundredth 
anniversary of the ratification ol 
the Ghent Treaty in 191 5, which began 
informally in 1906, assumed a public 
status on February 20th, 1910, through 
the organization of the American Com- 
mittee for the Celebration of the One 
Hundredth Anniversary of Peace Among 
English-Speaking Peoples. 

As was announced on the day the 
National Committee was organized, it i- 
the plan of the American Committee, in 
conformity with the formally-expressed 
sentiment of the International Confer- 
ence held in New York, May 5-10, 1913, 
also properly and adequately to celebrate 
the century of peace between America 
and France, Germany, Norway, Swe- 
den, Holland, and the other great na- 
tions of the world with which we have 
never engaged in war. 

The celebration movement derives its 
inspiration and impetus from the fact 
that, for one hundred years, all disputed 
questions between America and Great 
Britain, and, with two exceptions, be- 
tween America and the other nations of 
the world, have been settled one by one 
by means of diplomacy, or arbitration. 
This achievement is all the more striking 
when there is taken into consideration 
the unfortified frontier of 3,840 miles 
which separates the United States from 
its Northern neighbor and friend — 

It is natural, therefore, that there should 
spontaneously have grown up a desire 
in America and throughout the British 
Empire to celebrate this century of peace 
between two peoples who are kindred in 
language, law. and institutions. And it 
was but natural, too. that it should have 

mutually occurred to the celebration 
committees of America and the British 
Empire that there should be recognized 
in some signal and fitting way the peace 
which has existed as between the Re- 
public and the Empire, and Germany, 
France and other nations. 

It should be said once and for all in 
response to the misstatements which are 
being made with reference to the cele- 
bration, that the committees represent- 
ing the movement are engaged in no 
purpose other than that which appears 
in this pamphlet and other formal docu- 
ments, and that any other statement is 
an unqualified and malicious perversion 
of facts. Equally untrue is any assertion 
that the Committee represents any per- 
son or organization other than itself and 
its own members. 

The influence of the Conmiittee is 
being exerted towards securing the high- 
est artistic character possible for the 
monuments which will be erected com- 
memorating the anniversary. It is de- 
sired that all American memorials shall, 
in sentiment and purpose, be less a com- 
memoration of the past than covenants 
for the future of present amity and good- 
will to all mankind 

It has been said in very truth that — 

The celebration of this anniversary 
ofifers the best opportunity our age will 
see for the cultivation of world-wide 

The headquarters of the American 
Committee are at 50 Church Street, New 
York, where the work of the National 
Committee is being done through a sub- 
Executive Committee, John A. Stewart, 
Chairman. All matters concerning State 
and local celebrations are in the hands 
of State and Citv committees. 

THE American Committee appeals, 
fin the light of the unusually drastic 
provisions which have been made for 
safeguarding expenditures) for funds 
which are needed in the carrying out 


of the National aiiii International pro- 

Contributions may be sent to Mr. Cor- 
neliu.sVanderbilt, Chairman Finance Com- 
mittee, 30 I'ine Street, New York, or 
to the Treasurer. Mr. James L. Wand- 
ling, Treasurer of the New York Savings 
Bank, Eighth Avenue and 14th Street. 
New York, or in care of J. P. Morgan 
& Co., Depository, Xew-York. 

Plan and Purpose of 

Movement to Celebrate the One 

Hundredth Anniversary of 

Peace Among English 

Speaking Peoples 

1814-15— 1914-15 

(From Address of Mr. Andrew B. Humphrey) 
(Mohonk Conference, May, 191 1, Revised) 

IT is significant that the signing of the 
Treaty of Ghent on Christmas Eve. 
1 81 4, was not brought about by the 
Commissioners assigned to that duty, for 
after they had been in conference for 
nearly six months the two Nations them- 
selves, forced by a strong public senti- 
ment among the peoples of both coun- 
tries demanding peace, directed the 
Commissioners to conclude a peace pact 
regardless of the prior claims set forth 
by the Commissioners and their respect- 
ive governments. Thus the Ghent treaty 
was concluded without reference to the 
issues which brought on the war. The 
treaty was forced by public sentiment 
and is a monument to that greater force 
than war — irresistible public opinion. 

This same force of public opinion has 
maintained peace for a century regard- 
less of treaties and despite the failure of 
treaties, and has brought about the elim- 
ination of substantially all the serious 
causes of irritation between the two 

The idea of celebrating the century of 
peace seems to have occurred sponta- 
neously to many people, and without co- 
operation. It was first discussed during 
the administration of former President 
Roosevelt, and it is probably true that 
through President Roosevelt. Mr. Andrew 
Carnegie, former ^linister MacKenzie 
King, of Canada. Mr. John A. Stewart, 
of New York, and the support of the 
Lake Mohonk Peace Conference, the 
project of a celebration took organized 
and definite form. ^linister King in an 

address at the Harvard Commencement 
of 1909 and again at Lake Mohonk in 
1910, urged a celebration of the event. 

In February. 1910. Mr. Stewart called 
a meeting in New York City of repre- 
sentatives of various business, religious 
and professional organizations, at which 
a preliminary committee was organized. 
This committee in turn called a general 
meeting, which organized The National 
Committee for the Celebration of the One 
Hundredth Anniversary of Peace Among 
English-Speaking Peoples. 

The Committee chose former Pres- 
ident Roosevelt for the Honorary Chair- 
manship and Mr. Andrew Carnegie as 
Chairman. Their acceptances, as well as 
tho?e of former Vice-President Fair- 
banks for the position of Honorary 
Chairman of the Executive Committee, 
and of former Vice-Presidents Levi P. 
Morton and Adlai E. Stevenson, Senator 
Elihu Root. Mr. William Jennings Bryan, 
Mr. Alton B. Parker, and former Am- 
bassador Joseph H. Choate of positions 
as Honorary Vice-Chairmen, signalized 
the launching of the movement, and the 
perfecting of a permanent organization. 

The membership of the National Com- 
mittee is rapidly approaching ten thou- 

Since the essential work of organiza- 
tion was completed and a full corps of 
officers and committees was elected, the 
National Committee has been at work in 
the development of a definite program.* 

* In accord with the original plan an "In- 
ternational Conference" convened in New 
York Cit\' during the week of Maj^ 4th, 1913, 
and agreed upon a tentative program for 
the celebration of the Ghent Treaty. In this 
conference, delegates were present from Great 
Britain, Canada, Australia, Newfoundland and 
the United States. His Majesty, the King of 
England, gave direct sanction to the move- 
ment, and the President of the United States 
welcomed the delegates and approved the 
general plan of the celebration. The proceed- 
ings of this conference have been published 
by the Committee in a separate pamphlet, 
which may be had upon application to the 
Committee at 50 Church Street, New York. 

There is every promise and expecta- 
tion that all the leading nations of the 
world will, in some appropriate manner, 
and through their own initiative, take 
such action as will indicate their interest 
in, and approval of, the event. 

There are several reasons why the 
Committee was so thoroughly organized 
far in advance of the date of the celebra- 
tion. One was to effect a union of all 
the various movements which have been 
initiated to celebrate the Peace Cente- 
nary, and to create a body that could act 
in an advisory as well as in a supervisory 
capacity ; and in order to anticipate the 
legislative approval of states, where im- 
mediate action was necessary; and to 
provide a comprehensive program for 
1914-15, especially if completed memo- 
rials are to be dedicated. 


Suggestions have come from various 
parts of the English-speaking world — 

1. Since the Treaty of Ghent was 
signed on the evening of December 24, 
1814, it seems especially fitting that the 
formal and official announcement of a 
world-wide call to all the nations, to 
participate in the Century Peace Celebra- 
tion, should be made on Christmas Eve 
191 3. This would be an auspicious be- 
ginning of the official program for 1914. 

2. That the hundredth anniversary 
of the signing of the Treaty of Ghent 
(Dec. 24, 1814) be celebrated with suit- 
able ceremony in Ghent and also in the 
churches, schools, societies, organizations, 
clubs, legislative bodies and Parliaments 
throughout the English-speaking world. 

3. That a ceremonial banquet be 
given in Ghent on the evening of January 
8, 191 5, in replica of the banquet given 
by the municipality of Ghent to the Joint 
High Commission on January 8, 181 5, 
and that responses be made to the same 
toasts that were the subjects of the ad- 
dresses on that occasion. 

4; -tlial (the suggestion coming from 
Lnited States Senator Eliiui Root) the 
celebration formally begin on the iTth 
of February, 1915, the date of the ratih- 
cation of the Ghent Treaty, and in tliis 
solemn and impressive way : 

For a given five minutes on a fixed 
date and hour, so far as practicable, all 
the wheels of industry and social and 
busniess activity shall cease, throughout 
the English-speaking world. 

5- That American-English peace mon- 
uments be erected along the United 
States-Canadian boundarv line, and in 
the capitals of all the states in the Unite! 
States-; in Washington. D. C, and sucti 
other cities and countries as may be se- 
lected and approved by the peoples, cities 
and countries interested. 

6. That bronze tablets of various 
sizes, of uniform design and with identi- 
cal inscriptions, be recommended for 
public buildings and institutions, with the 
idea of perpetuating the object of the 
celebration through permanent memo- 
rials embodying the highest sentiments 
and the best art. 

7. That the dedication of these mon- 
uments be utilized for educational 
purposes, by memorial exercises in 
churches, schools, societies, fraternal or- 
ganizations, etc. 

8. That advantage be taken of the 
occasion to spread broadcast, through 
special publications, the inspiring lessons 
and benefits of a century of peace. 

9. That a memorial history be written 
under the joint authorship of a repre- 
sentative Englishman and a representa- 
tive American, with monographs bv ex- 
perts, on special phases of the subject. 
(The history is provided for.) 

10. That a new type of celebration 
be inaugurated in connection with the 
Panama Canal celebration at San Fran- 
cisco, in 1915, showing the progress of 
the arts of peace during the centurv. 

11. That there be a great merchant 
marine parade from Buflr'alo to Duluth 

and return, with celebrations in the 
border cities and towns. 

12. That there be formulated a plan 
of cooperation for international boule- 
vards, parks and parkways, at such focal 
points as the Niagara, Detroit, Sault Ste. 
]\Iarie, Washington and British Colum- 
bia frontiers, etc. 

13. That permanent monuments and 
memorials, such as water-gates, be erected 
on either side of the border line river 

14. That a tunnel be constructed from 
Windsor to Detroit by way of Belle 
Island park as the connecting link be- 
tween the Canadian and American Boule- 
vard systems. 

15. That the plan of Boulevard ex- 
tension now being constructed by the 
State of New York and the province 
of Ontario on the Niagara River frontier 
include the Islands in the river with 
provision for additional parks on the 
shore at selected points on each side of 
the river. 

16. That the entire American and 
Canadian frontier of 3,840 miles be 
marked at intervals with monuments of 
distinct and appropriate design and en- 
during qualitv. 

17. That 'a \\'orld Statue of Peace 
be erected in New York Harbor on a 
new artificial island southwest of Gov- 
ernor's Island, and facing the Statue of 
Liberty, so that both "Liberty and Fra- 
ternity" may welcome the nations and 
peoples "at the cross-roads" of the worLl's 
peaceful intercourse, and. that the twenty 
million school children in the United 
States be the builders of this mute but 
eloquent appeal of humanity to hu- 
manity ! 

18. That four massive "Pillars of 
Peace" be erected, two at opposite sides 
of each terminal of the Panama Canal, 
as a perpetual reminder that it should 
forever be a veritable "pathway of peace" 
for all the nations. 

10. That a museum of the industrial 
arts be erected in New York City, and 

dedicated to the uses of the people as 
a place of public meeting for the promo- 
tion of the peaceful arts and sciences 
and friendly international intercourse. 

20. That there be erected in Wash- 
ington, the capital of the United States, 
and in London, the capital of the British 
Empire, two monuments, identical in 
design and legend. 

21. That ettort be made to co-ordi- 
nate and correlate some of the highways 
now under construction in the United 
States and Canada and to cause the enact- 
ment by the Congress of the United 
States, the Parliament of the Dominion, 
and the legislatures of the States and 
Provinces, of laws which will permit a 
suitable and impressive titular designa- 
tion of such highway or highways, so 
that they may form international boule- 
vards connecting focal points in the 
United States with focal points in Cana- 
da ; as, for example, the boulevard now 
building by the State of New York be- 
tween New York City and the frontier 
at Moore's Junction, and by the Province 
of Quebec between Quebec, Montreal, 
Ottawa, Toronto and Windsor and the 
Canadian frontiers, 

22. That there be completed the nine- 
ty miles of boulevards now in course of 
construction on the shores of the Nia- 
gara River from lake to lake by the State 
of New York and the Province of On- 
tario, and that these boulevards be con- 
nected by appropriate memorial bridges 
between Buffalo and Fort Erie, between 
Niagara Falls, New York, and Niagara 
Falls, Canada, and between Youngstown, 
New York, and Niagara-on-the-Lake, 

23. That ample provision be made for 
future needs of international parks along 
the Canadian frontier in New England, 
as, for example, the establishment of a 
park in the Fort Alontgomery reserva- 
tion on Lake Champlain, at the Thousand 
Islands, Niagara Falls and the Niagara 
frontier, Detroit, Sault Ste. Marie, and 
Westward to Vancouver Island, 

24. That a comprehensive plan be 
prepared by an international and by local 
committees of engineers, architects, sculp- 
tors and landscape artists of renown, out- 
lining a definite scheme for the present 
and anticipating the future, as a begin- 
ning of an era of artistic development 
and embellishment of the Canadian 
frontier, and such other points as may 
consistently be associated with this cen- 
tennial project and which shall harmonize 
with the general plan to provide the foun- 
dation of centuries of artistic develop- 
ment as an expres ion of progressive civ- 

25. That the celebration conclude with 
International Congresses, opening in 
New York and ending at the Panama 
Exposition in San Francisco in 191 5, con- 
centrating the peace sentiment of the 
world upon the specific accomplishments 
desired through the Third Hague Peace 
Conference, which will probably be in 
session at that time, and with general 
reference to the peace, prosperity and 
welfare of the peoples of the world. 

26. That there be suitable pageantry 
celebrations in connection with the Inter- 
national and local celebrations. 

27. That there be a general day of 
thanksgiving in celebration at the cap- 
itals of all of the American states, and 
of the Provinces of Canada and other 
component parts of the nations of the 
British Empire. 

28. That a monument be erected on 
the battlefield of New Orleans, on the 
site of the house where General Pack- 
ingham died, in memory of the dead of 
the British and American armies, and 
dedicated to the hope and belief that it 
is erected on the site of the last battle 
between armies of English-speaking 

29. That there be issues of memorial 
postage, coinage and medals. 

30. That a memorial arch be built 
to span the international New York to 
Montreal Highway at the American- 
Canadian frontier, and a similar arch on 

the boundary line of the Los Angeles 
and \'ancoiiver boulevard. 

31. While the ofificial celebration of 
the Treaty of Ghent will close in 1915, 
it is highly important that the Rush- 
Bagot Treaty of 1817, should be com- 
memorated in some adequate manner. 
For this Treaty marked a mile-stone, in 
the pathway of peace, when, by its 
agreement, a border line of 3.840 miles 
between the United States and Cana^la, 
became an unfortified boundary merely 
for purposes of local government anl 

Finally, it should be kept in mind that, 
while war celebrations have been spec- 
tacular in history, this celebration will 
emi)hasize the victories of peace through 
the spiritual, intellectual, industrial, po- 
litical and economic triumphs of a marvel- 
ous century of development and progress 
towards international righteousness and 

Executive Committee 

(State Committees appointed by Governors, 
and from one to three members from each City 
Committee to be designated by the Chairmen 
are members ex officio of the Executive Com- 

Miss Jane Adams, Chicago, 111. 

Mrs. Fannie Fern Andrews, Boston, Mass. 

William S. Bennet, New York 

Mrs. Elmer E. Black, New York 

James A. Blanchard, New York 

Charles R. Borzilleri, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Alfred J. Bouhon, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George P. Brett, New York 

Elmer Burritt Bryan, Hamilton, N. Y. 

Harvey J. Burkhart, Batavia, N. Y. 

James S. Clarkson, Tarrjtown, N. Y. 

Alphonso T. Clearwater, Kingston, N. Y. 

William W. Cocks, Old Westbury, N. Y. 

William R. Corwine, New York 

Delmar D. Darrah, Blooniington, 111. 

Donald Dey, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Robert F. Downing, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Eben S. Draper, Boston, Mass. 

Samuel T. Dutton, New York 

C. Robert Edwards, Rome, N. Y. 

Robert Lee Ettenger, Washington, D. C. 

John Franklin Fort, Orange, N. J. 

Joseph N. Francolini, New York 

Daniel C. French, New York 

Frank L. Frugone, New York 

Lawrence L. Gillespie. New York 

J. N. Gillett, San Francisco, Cal. 

Robert P. Habgood, Bradford, Pa. 

Howard D. Hadley, Plattsburg, N. Y. 

John Havs Hammond, New Y'ork 

Daniel Harris, New York 

Charles N. Haskell, Guthrie, Okla. 

Hamilton Holt. New York 

Albert H. Howe, Reno, Nev. 

J. E. Ingraham, St. Augustine, Fla. 

Imre Josika-Herczeg, New York 

Rev. John H. Jowett, New York 

Frederick P. Keppel, New York 

John J. Kindred. Long Island City, N. Y. 

S. Adolphus Knopf, New York 

George W. Knox, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Mrs. J. Elliott Lamjstaff, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Martin W. Littleton, New York 

Rev. Frederick Lynch, New York 

Peter H. Mayo, Richmond, Va. 

Ormsby McHarg, New York 

Mrs. Donald McLean, New York 

Edwin D. Mead, Boston, Mass. 

H. Pereira Mcndcs, Xew York 
Cyrus Nortlirup, Minneapolis, JNlinn. 
Thomas M. Osborne, Auburn, N. Y. 
F. Cunliii'e Owen, New York 
Logan W. Page, Washington, D. C. 
Fenton M. Parke, Buffalo, X. Y. 
Aniasa J. Parker, Auburn, N. Y. 
Malcom R. Patterson, Memphis, Tcnn. 
Sherman Peer, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Gifford Pinchot, Washington, D. C. 
Peter A. Porter, Niagara Falls, X. Y. 
Thomas Proctor, Utica, N. Y. 
George H. Prouty, Newport, Vt. 
Sid B. Redding. Little Rock, Arkansas. 
James B. Reynolds, New York 
Douglas Robinson, New York 
Henry Wade Rogers, New Haven. Conn. 
Henry L. K. Shaw, Albany, N. Y. 
Reuben D. Silliman, New York- 
Burleigh L. Spalding, Bismarck, N. D. 
James Speyer, New York 
Charles H. Strong, New Y'ork 
James Talcott, New York 
John B. Coles Tappan, New York 
Charles F. Thwing, Cleveland, O. 
R. C. Tillinghast, New York 
Benjamin F. Trucblood, Washington, D. C. 
Charles R. Van Hisc, Madison, Wise. 
Robert C. Watchorn, Los Angeles, Cal. 
S. Harrison White. Denver, Col. 
George Whitelock, Baltimore, Md. 
Frank F. Williams, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Frank M. Williams, Goshen, N. Y. 

Sub-Executive Committee 

(Permanent working organization of the 
American Committee) 

Chairinan — John A. Stewart, New York 
Members ex officio 

Nicholas Murray Butler, New York 
Bennchan Cameron, Raleigh, N. C. 
Andrew Carnegie, New York 
John D. Crimmins, New York 
William Curtis Demorest, New York 
E. R. L. Gould, New York 
William B. Rowland, New York 
Andrew B. Humphrey, New York 
George F. Kunz, New York 
Robert C. Morris, New York 
Theodore Roosevelt, New York 
Albert Shaw, New York 
William H. Short, New York 
R. A. C. Smith. New York 
Cornelius Vanderbit, New York 
James L. Wandling, New York 

Honorary Members 

Charles Francis Adams, Boston, Mass. 

Elva B. Adams, Pueblo, Col. 

George Ainslie, Richmond, Va. 

Charles F. Amidon, Fargo, N. D. 

James B. Angell, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Bishop Henry L. Barkley, Portland, Ore. 

Richard Bartholdt, St. Louis, Mo. 

Henrv M. Beardsley. Kansas City, Mo. 

Alexander Graham Bell. Washington, D. C. 

Rudolph Blankenburg, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Henry W. Boutwell. Manchester, N. H. 

Rt. Rev. Francis K. Brooke. Oklahoma Citv, 

William Jennings Bryan, Washington, D. C. 
Theodore E. Burton. Cleveland, Ohio 
Julian S. Carr, Durham, N. C. 
George C. Chase, Lewiston, Me. 
Joseph H. Choate, New York 
William A. Clark. Butte, Mont. 
Josephus Daniels, Raleigh, N. C. 
Chauncey M. Depew. New York 
Admiral George Dewey. Washington, D. C. 
Jacob M. Dickinson. Nashville, Tenn. 
Frank S. Dietrich. Boise. Idaho 
William P. Dillingham. Montpelier. Vt. 
Edward F. Dunne, Springfield. 111. 
Charles W. Eliot. Cambridge. Mass. 
Charles W. Fairbanks. Indianapolis, Ind. 
William H. P. Faunce, Providence, R. I. 
Stuyvesant Fish. New York 
Tohn F. Fitzgerald, Boston, Mass. 
b. J. Fleming. Grafton, W. Va. 
Eugene N. Foss. Boston, Mass. 
Lyman J. Gage. Point Loma, Cal. 
Bishop Alexander C. Garrett, Dallas, Tex. 


James Cardinal Gibbons, Baltimore, Md. 

Edwin Ginn, Boston, Mass. 

George Gray, Wilmington, Del. 

William R. Hammond, Atlanta, Ga. 

W. O. Hart, New Orleans, La. 

Rabbi Samuel Hirshberg, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Richard J. Hopkins, Garden City, Kan. 

Josiah Howard, Emporium, Pa. 

Rt. Rev. John Ireland, St. Paul, Minn. 

William Sherman Jennings, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Falcon Joslin, Fairbanks, Alaska 

Harry P. Judson, Chicago, 111. 

James Kilbourne, Columbus, Ohio 

Henry King, St. Louis, Mo. 

Father James M. Kirwin, Galveston, Tex. 

Oscar Lapham, Providence, R. L 

Luke Lea, Nashville, Tenn. 

Isaac F. Mack, Sandusky, Ohio 

William Hodges Mann, Richmond, Va. 

Arthur Marble, Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Theodore Marburg, Baltimore, Md. 

Samuel Mather, Cleveland, Ohio 

William G. McAdoo, New York 

James B. McCreary, Richmond, Ky. 

J. Horace McFarland, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Most Rev. Sebastian G. Messmer, Milwau^cee, 

Nelson A. Miles, Washington, D. C. 
Samuel C. Mitchell, Columbia, S. C. 
J. P. Morgan. New York 
Levi P. Morton, New York 
Frank K. Mott. Oakland, Cal. 
Francis G. Newlands, Reno, Nev. 
William Cardinal O'Connell, Boston, Mass. 
Rt. Rev. Edward O'Dea. Seattle, Wash. 
Edward R. O'Malley, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Emmett O'Neal. Montgomery, Ala. 
William Church Osborn, New York 

Caroll S. Page, Hyde Park, Vt. 

Alton B. Parker, New York 

George W. Perkins, New York 

Joshua S. Raynolds, Albuquerque, N. M. 

George M. Reynolds, Chicago, 111. 

Herman Ridder. New York 

James W^hitcomb Riley, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Michael J. Riordan, Flagstaff, Ari^. 

Washington A. Roebling, Trenton. N. J. 

Elihu Root, New York 

U. M. Rose. Little Rock, Ark. 

Jacob H. Schiff. New York 

Charles Scott, Rosedale, Miss. 

Emil Seidel, Milwaukee. Wis. 

Reed Smoot, Salt Lake City. Utah 

Adlai E. Stevenson, Bloomington, 111. 

Rev. Anson Phelps Stokes. New Haven, Conn. 

Oscar S. Straus, New York 

Frank S. Streeter. Concord, N. H. 

George Sutherland, Salt Lake City, Utah 

William Howard Taft. New Haven, Conn. 

Henry R. Towne. New York 

George Turner, Spokane, Wash. 

Henry K. Warren, Yankton, S. D. 


Oswald West, Salem, Ore. 
Brand Whitlock, Toledo, Ohio 
James Wilson, Traer, Iowa 
Frank C. Zehrung, Lincoln, Neb. 

Appointive Members 
George Ade, Brook, Ind. 
William A. Aiken, Honolulu, U. S. A. 
Robert Bacon, Boston, Mass. 
Bernard N. Baker, Baltimore, Md. 
George William Burleigh, New York 
Adolphus Busch, St. Louis, Mo. 
William L. Carpenter, Detroit, Mich. 
T. M. Carrington, Richmond, Va. 
Winston Churchill, Windsor, Vt. 
Henry Clews, New York 
William V. Cox, Washington, D. C. 
Charles Stewart Davison, New York 
Charles M. Dow, Jamestown, N. Y. 
Henry Sturgis Drinker, South Bethlehem, Pa. 
George E. Dunham, Utica, N. Y. 
John H. Finley, Albany, N. Y. 
William D. Forbes, New York 
Henry Ford, Detroit, Mich. 
James B. Forgan, Chicago, 111. 
Austen G. Fox, New York 
Albert Eugene Gallatin, New York 
Leroy A. Goddard, Chicago, 111. 
Samuel Gompers, Washington, D. C. 
John Temple Graves, New York 
Rt. Rev. David H. Greer, New York 
Reuben B. Hale, San Francisco, Cal. 
Job E. Hedges, New York 

Bayard Henry, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charles D. Hilles, New York 

Edward M. House, Austin, Tex. 

Jacob Langeloth. New York 

Chester S. Lord, New York 

Marcus M. Marks, New York 

William F. McCombs, New York 

Delos McCurdy, New York 

Andrew J. IMontague, Richmond, Va. 

Henry C. Morris, Chicago, 111. 

Thomas Nelson Page, Washington, D. C. 

George Foster Peabody, New York 

Calvin W. Rice, New York 

William Salomon, New York 

James Brown Scott, Washington, D. C. 

Louis Livingston Seaman, New York 

Isaac N. Seligman, New York 

Daniel Smiley, Lake Mohonk. N. Y. 

Francis Lvnde Stetson, New York 

Melville E. Stone, New York 

Thomas W. Svmons, Washington, D. C. 

Robert M. Thompson, New York 

T. Kennard Thomson. New York 

Charlemagne Tower, Philadelphia, Pa. 

James L. Tryon, Boston, Mass. 

George E. Vincent, Minneapolis, Minn. 
A. C. Weiss, Duluth, Minn. 
Anslev Wilcox, Buffalo, N. Y. 
George T. Wilson, New York 


Special Committees 

TO expedite and facilitate the work 
of the National, Executive and 
Sub-Executive Committees, the 
Committees which follow have been or- 
ganized. Others will be created from 
time to time as need arises. 

Auditing Committee 

Chairman — Robert C. Morris 
Morse, Pcrley, C.P.A. 

Maritime Committee 

Chainiiaii — R. A. C. Smith 

Committee on International 
Conferences, etc. 

C//(/;'r;;;(7;/— Austen G. Fox 

Committee on Educational Exten- 
sion and Endowment 

Clminiiait — E. R. L. Gould 

Committee on Celebration in the 
City of New York 

ChairDiaii — George F. Kunz 

Bird, Harrison K. 
Boiilton, Alfred J. 
Martin, T. Commerford 
Rice, Calvin W. 

Committee to Arrange Final 

Program for Celebration at 

Panama-Pacific Exposition 

William Church Osborn 
Alton B. Parker 
Jacob H. Schiff 
Cornelius Vanderbilt 

Members Ex-Officio 

Chairman of Executive Committee 

Secretary of National Committee 


Finance Committee 

(In course of organization.) 

Chairman — Cornelius Vanderbjlt 
Vice-Chainnan — William Curtis Demorest 

Baker, Bernard N. 
Crimmins, John D. 
Davison, Cliarles Stewart 
Dow, Charles M. 
Forgan, James B. 
Langeloth, Jacob 
Morgan, J. Pierpont, 
Reeves, Francis B. 
Ridder, Herman 
Salomon, William 
Stetson, Francis Lvnde 

Committee on Law and Legislation 

Chainiiaii — Alton B. Parker 

Bachelder, Xahum J. 
Bartholdt, Richard 
Bennet, William S. 
Bryan, William Jennings 
Carpenter, William L. 
Clarkson, James S. 
Clearwater, A. T. 
Davison, Charles Stewart 
Emerson, Henry P. 
Frugone, Frank L. 
Gompers. Samuel 
Hatch, Edward W. 
Hedges. Job E. 
Henry, Bayard 
Howard, Josiah 
Ingraham, J. E. 
Kellogg, Frank B. 
Knox, George W. 
Alayo, Peter H. 
McClure, Samuel S. 
AIcHarg, Ormsby 
^Morris, Robert C. 
Ochs, Adolph S. 
Phelan, James D. 
Porter. Peter A. 
Straus, Oscar S. 
Streeter, Frank S. 
Strong. Charles H. 
Watrous, Richard W. 
Wilcox, Ansley 
Whitelock, George 

Committee on the Historical Re- 
view of the Century of Peace 

Chairman — Nicholas Murray Butler 

Supt. E. E. Bass, Greenville, Miss. 

State Supt. Francis G. Blair, Springfield, ill. 

Supt. Ben Blewett, St. Louis, Mo. 

Frank Chapin Bray, New York 

Supt. Stratton D. Brooks, Boston, Mass. 

Supt. C. E. Chadsey, Denver, Col. 

United States Commissioner Philander P. 

Claxton, Washington, D. C. 
State Supt. George B. Cook, 

Little Rock, Ark. 
Supt. Frank B. Cooper, Seattle, Wash. 
Supt. John Dietrich, Helena, Mont. 
Dr. William A. Dunning, New York 
Supt. Lawton B. Evans, Augusta, Ga. 
State Supt. E. T. Fairchild, Topeka, Kan. 
State Commissioner John H. Finley, 

Albany, N. Y. 
Supt. J. H. Francis, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Supt. E. U. Graflf, Omaha, Neb. 
Dr. James M. Green, Trenton, N. J. 
Supt. E. O. Holland, Louisville, Ky. 
Dr. D. B. Johnson, Rock Hill, S. C. 
Supt. C. M. Jordan, IMinneapolis, Minn. 
Dr. Hamilton Wright Mabie, New York 
State Supt. H. C. Morrison, Concord, N. H. 
Supt. T. A. Mott, Richmond, Ind. 
State Supt. Nathan C. Schaeffer, 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
State Supt. Payson Smith, Augusta, Me. 
Dean W. S. Sutton, Austin, Tex. 

Pacific Memorial Arch Committee 

OrtiVwaw— Samuel Hill, Portland, Ore. 

Vtce-CAaiffnan^Froiessor E. S. Meanv, 

Seattle, Wash. 

Clough, D. M., Everett, Wash. 
Donovan, J. J., Bellingham, Wash. 
Ellsperman, George A., Blaine, Wash. 
Lancaster, Samuel C, Seattle, Wash. 
Ronald, Judge J. T., Seattle, Wash. 
Thomson, R. H., Seattle, Wash. 

Committee on Memorials 

Chairman — Andrew B. Humphrey 

Schiff, Jacob H. 

Clark, William A. 

Stewart, John A., Ex-Officio 

Benton, Guy Potter 
Birge, George K. 
Bixby, George S. 
Bolton, Herbert E. 
Cameron, Bennehan 
Chase, George C. 
Churchill, Winston 
Coman, Edwin T. 
Dietrich, John 
Emerson, George D. 
Finley, John H. 
Forbes, William D. 
Hart. W. O. 
Northrop, Cyrus 
Noyes, La Verne W. 
Page, Logan Waller 
Phelan, James D. 
Porter, Alexander J. 
Warren, Charles B. 

Advisory Members 

Adams, Herbert 
Alexander, John W. 
Bartlett, Paul Wayland 
Bissell, George E. 
Blashfield, Edwin H. 
Borglum, Gutzon 
Brenner, Victor David 
Caparn, Harold A. 
Cook, Walter 
Elwell, Frank Edwin 
Griffin, Percy 
Lamb, Charles Rollinson 
MacNeil, Hermon A. 
Moore, Charles 
Ruckstuhl, Frederick W. 
Symons, Thomas W. 
Thomson, T. Kennard 
Williams, Frederick Ballard 

Committee on Publicity 

Chairxian — Albert Shaw- 
Ira E. Bennett 
James S. Clarkson 
Josephus Daniels 
Arthur W. Dunn 
William D. Forbes 
Frank L. Frugone 
John Temple Graves 
Howard D. Hadley 
Karl V. S. Rowland 
W. W. Jermane 
Charles K. Johansen 
Gus J. Karger 
James Keelej- 
Herman H. Kohlsaat 
Arthur B. Krock 
Thomas F. Logan 
Chester S. Lord 
Frederick Roj' ]\Iartin 
Samuel S. McClure 
George E. Miller 
Alexander P. Moore 
Frank A. ]\Iunsev 
William R. Nelson 
Frank B. Noves 
Adolph S. Ochs 
George W. Ochs 
J. C. O'Laughlin 
Thomas M. Osborne 
Frank Presbrey 
Charles W^ Price 
William C. Reick 
Herman R'dder 
George Shiplev 
Oswald F. Schuette 
William H. Short 
Delavan Smith 
William Wolff Smith 
Homer B. Sprague 
Antonio Stella 
L. William Thavis 
James M. Thompson 
John J. D. Trenor 
James L. Tryon 
Leroy T. Vernon 
Richard B. Watrous 
Henry Watterson 
A. C. Weiss 
Stephen S. Wise 

Committee on International Con- 
ference and Organization 

Chairman — William B. Howland 

John Hays Hammond 
Bernard N. Baker 
Elbert F. Baldwin 
John Barrett 
Mrs. Elmer E. Black- 
Charles J. Bonaparte 
S. Parkes Cadman 
Bennehan Cameron 
James S. Clarkson 
Henry Clews 
Charles Stewart Davison 
Charles M. Dow 
Samuel T. Dutton 
Edwin Ginn 
William S. Harvey 
Job E. Hedges 
Hamilton Holt 
Mrs. John Miller Horton 
Mrs. J. Elliott Langstaff 
Frederick Lynch 
Theodore Marburg 
Marcus M. Marks 
Peter H. Mayo 
Mrs. Donald I^IcLean 
Cyrus Northrop 
Edward R. O'Malley 
Fenton M. Parke 
Hug;h L. Scott 
Louis Livingston Seaman 
Oscar S. Straus 
Frank S. Streeter 
Thomas W. Symons 
T. Kennard Thomson 
B. H. Warner 

Note. — The first conference on the subject 
of international organization was held in 
London in the summer of 191 1, and was at- 
tended by Mr. John Hays Hammond, Ameri- 
can Ambassador to the Coronation of King 
George; Mr. William B. Howland. Chairman 
of the American Committee on International 
Conference; Mr. Bernard N. Baker, and Mr. 
Theodore Marburg of Baltimore; Dr. Louis 
Livingston Seaman, and Madame Langstafif 
and Madame Black. Mr. Howland returned 
to London later in the year and remained 
for some months in England devoting much 
of his time to conferences with relation to 
the international aspects of the movement. 


Committee Representing Evangel- 
ical Churches Under the Auspices 
of the Federal Council 

Chairman — H. K. Carroll, LL.D. 
Secretary — Frederick Lynch, D.D. 


Rev. Wiliam C. Bitting, D.D., St. Louis, Mo. 
Rev. J. Whitcomb Broughton, D.D., 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Pres. E. R. Bryan, LL.D., Hamilton, N. Y. 
Pres. W. H. P. Faunce, D.D., Providence, K. I. 
Rev. Samuel H. Greene, D.D., Washington, D. C. 
Hon. Charles E. Hughes, U. S. Supreme Ccnirt. 
. Washington, D. C. 
Pres. Harry P. Judson, LL.D., Chicago, Til. 
Rev. Albert G. Lawson, D.D., New York 


Hon. J. Taylor Ellyson, Richmond, Va. 
Rev. J. B. Gambrell, D.D., Dallas, Tex. 
Hon. Eugene Lovering, Baltimore, Md. 
Pres. E. Y. Mullins, D.D.. Louisville, Ky. 
Col. Fred. M. Paxon, Atlanta, Ga. 
Rev. R. H. Pitt, D.D., Richmond, Va. 
Rev. E. M. Poteat, D.D., Greenville, S. C. 
Hon. E. W. Stephens, Columbia, Mo. 


Rev. Rivington D. Lord, D.D., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Pres. J. W. Mauck, LL.D., Hillsdale, Mich. 

Rev. Edwin Shaw, Plainfield, N. J. 


Hon. Simeon E. Baldwin, New Haven, Conn. 
Samuel B. Capen, LL.D., Boston, Mass. 
Hon. W. Murray Crane, Dalton, Mass. 
Rev. H. C. Herring, D.D., New York 
Rev. Charles E. Jefferson, D.D., New York 
Rev. Frederick Lynch, D.D., New York 
Pres. William F. Slocum, Colorado Springs, Col. 

Pres. D. A. Long, D.D., Merom, Ind. 

Rev. Peter Ainslie, D.D., Baltimore, Md. 
J. H. Garrison, LL.D., St. Louis, Mo. 
Rev. J. H. Goldner, Cleveland, Ohio 
Rev. H. D. C. Machlachlan, Richmond, Va. 
Rev. Carey E. ]\Iorgan, Nashville, Tenn. 
Rev. Allen B. Philputt, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Rev. Russel F. Thrapp, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Rev. Earl Wilfley, Washington, D. C. 


Bishop Samuel P. Spreng, D.D., Naperville, Ind. 
Rev. Fred. W. Voegelein, Los Angeles, Cal. 


William C. Dennis, Washington, D. C. 
Addison W. Naylor, Berkeley, Cal. 
James Wood, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 


Prof. David Bauslin, D.D., Springfield. Ohi 
Rev. Ezra K. Bell, D.D.. Baltimore. Md. 
Rev. T. B. Remensnyder, D.D., New York 
Charles Unangst, New York 


Pres. John A. W. Haas, D.D., Allentown, Pa. 
Rev. John J. Heischman, D.D., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Charles A. Schieren, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Rev. C. Gausenwitz, D.D., Milwaukee, Wise. 
Rev. Francis Pieper, D.D., St. Louis, Mo. 
Rev. William Schoenfeldt, New York 

Rev. J. A. Morehead, D.D., Salem, Va. 

Prof. George H. Schodde, D.D., Columbus, O. 

Prof. F. Richter, D.D., Clinton, Iowa 

Rev. T. H. Dahl, D.D., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rev. W. H. Brooks, D.D., New York 
George W. Brown, St. Louis, Mo. 
H. K. Carroll, LL.D., New York 
Chancellor James R. Day, LL.D., 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Rev. George P. Eckman, D.D., New York 
E. R. Graham, Chicago, 111. 
Bishop J. W. Hamilton, Boston, Mass. 
Pres. A. W. Harris, LL.D., Evanston, 111. 
Bishop E. H. Hughes, San Francisco, Cal. 
Rev. Charles B. Mitchell, D.D., Chicago, 111. 
Rev. Ward Piatt, D.D., Philadelphia. Pa. 
Henry Wade Rogers, LL.D., New Haven, Conn. 
S. Earl Taylor, D.D., New York 
Rev. F. B. Upham, D.D., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Bishop Luther B. Wilson, New York 


Bishop W. A. Candler, Atlanta, Ga. 
Bishop E. R. Hcndrix, Kansas City, Mo. 
Chancellor J. H. Kirkland. Nashville, Tenn. 
Rev. J. W. Lee, D.D., St. Louis, Mo. 
John R. Pepper, Memphis, Tenn. 
Rev. F. J. Prettyman, D.D., 

Chaplain U. S. Senate 
Pres. H. N. Snyder, Spartansburg, S. C. 
Bishop R. G. Waterhouse, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Rev. W. J. Young, D.D., Richmond, Va. 


Rev. F. T. Benson, Crisfield, Md. 
Rev. F. T. Little, D.D., Baltimore, Md. 

Bishop Alexander Walters, New York 

Bishop M. W. Leibert, New York 


Rev. Arthur J. Brown, D.D., New York 
Rev. Walter Laidlaw, Ph.D., New York 
Rev. M. A. Mathews, D.D., Seattle, Wash. 
Rev. Samuel J. Niccolls, D.D., St. Louis, Mo. 
Rev. Wallace Radcliffe, D.D.. Washington, D. C. 
Rev. Charles L. Thompson, D.D., New York 


Rev. Russel Cecil, D.D., Richmond, Va. 
Rev. J. Horace Lacy, D.D., Winchester, Va. 




Rt. Rev. William Lawrence, D.D., Boston, Mass. 
Rev. Frank M. Crouch, D.D., New York 

Rev. David James Burrell, D.D., New York 


John W. Appel, Lancaster, Pa. 

Rev. James I. Good, D.D., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rev. George W. Richards, D.D., Lancaster, Pa. 

Bishop Robert L. Rudolph, New York 


Bishop G. M. Mathews, Chicago, 111. 

Pres. M. R. Drury, D.D., Philomath, Oregon 

Bishop U. F. Swengel, Harrisburg, Pa. 


Rev. W. E. McCulloch, D.D., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Rev. W. I. Wishart, D.D., Pittsburg. Pa. 


Committee on Cooperation of 
Patriotic Organizations 

Chairman — Bennehan Cameron. 

(The following societies and patriotic or- 
ganizations have consented to cooperate with 
the National Committee.) 


President-General — WiNSLOW Warren, A.B., 
L.L.B., President of Massachusetts State 
Society of the Cincinnati, 262 Washington 
Street, Boston, Mass. 

Vice-President-General — James Simons, L.L.B.. 
President of South Carolina State So- 
ciety of the Cincinnati. 

Secretary-General — Asa Bird Gardiner, L.L.D.. 
L.H.D., M.D., President Rhode Island 
State Society of the Cincinnati. 

Assistant Secretary-General — John Collins 
Daves, A.B., Vice-President North Caro- 
lina Society of the Cincinnati. 

Treasurer-General— Cn\m.v.s Isham, A.B., of 
the Connecticut State Society of the Cin- 

Chaplain-Generals— Rt. Rev. Joseph Blount 
Chesire, of North Carolina State Society 
of the Cincinnati ; 

Rt. Rev. White, of New Hampshire State 
Society of the Cincinnati. 

President New Hampshire State Society- 
William Davis Sawyer. 

President Connecticut State Society— Henry 
Larcom Abbott. 

President New York State Society — Talbot 

President New Jersey State Society— James 
W. S. Campbell. 

Vice-President Pennsylvania State Society- 
Harris E. Sproat. 

Vice-President Delaware State Society— Philip 
H. White. 

President Maryland State Society— Oswald 

President Virginia State Society — William 
Gordon McCabe. 

President North Carolina State Society— Wil- 
son Gray Lamb. 
President Georgia State Society— Walter G. 



General President — Edmund Wetmore, New 

General Vice-President — J. M. Montgomery, 

New York. 
Second General Vice-President — J. W. Weeks, 

General Secretary — Prof. William Libeev, 

N. J. 
General Treasurer — Richard M. Cadwala- 

DER, Pa. 
General Registrar — George E. Pomroy, Ohio. 
General Historian — Marshall D. Haywood, 

N. C. 


President-General— R. C. Banard Thurston, 

Vice-President-General— AuEDEE B. Cole, Mo. 

Vice-President-General— O. D. Baldwin, Cal. 

Vicc-President-General—UENRY V. A. Joslin, 
R. I. 

Vice-President-General — Newell B. Wood- 
worth, N. Y. 

Vice-President-General— EnwARV S. Crandon, 

Treasurer-General — John H. Burroughs^ N. Y. 

Registrar-General and Secretary-General — A. 
Howard Clark, Washington, D. C. 

Historian-General — David L. Pierson, N. J. 

Chaplain-General— Rev. T. Stone, III. 


President — Joseph H. Choate. 
Vice-Presidents — Admiral Lord Charles Ber- 

ESFORD, G.C.B., G.C.V.O.. 

F. Cuni.iffe Owen. 

George T. Wilson. 
Treasurer — William Curtis Demorest. 
Secretary — George W. Burleigh. 

President — Thomas L. Herndon. 


Governor-General — Thomas S. Hopkins. 

Commander— Asa Bird Gardiner. L.L.D.. 


Governor-General — Rowland Pell. 


National Commander— Geoj^ge Russell Downs. 


Governor-General — Rev. Charles Wads- 
worth, D.D. 

General Commander— Admiral George Dewey, 
U. S. N. 

National President— F. A. Pope. 

Commander-General — Richard Watnwright. 


President— General Charles L. Davis, U. S. 

President-General — John Cadwalader. 


President-General— Hen-ry H. Andrew. 

Commander-General— Charles F. Roe. 

President— Frederic B. Jennings. 

President— Very Rev. John P. Chadwick, 
D. D. 


President— Col. Andrew Cowan. 

Commander— Bennett H. Young. 

Presideni—WiLLJAu M. Polk, M. D. 

President— Colin H. Livingston, Washington, 

Women's Patriotic Societies 



President— Mrs. William R. Cox, Va. 

Vice-President — Mrs. Elihu Chauncey, N. Y. 

Vice-President— Mrs. Joseph Rucker Lamar 


Vice-President— Mrs. Francis W. Goddard, 

Secretary— Mrs. Charles R. Miller, Del. 
Treasurer— Mrs. A. J. Cassatt, Pa. 
President Kentucky Society— Mrs. S. B. Buck- 
ner, Ky. 

President North Carolina Society— Mrs. Annie 

E. Bailey, N. C. 
Pennsylvania Society— Mrs. I. M. Simonin, Pa. 


Founder— Mrs. Ellen Hardin Walworth, 

Glencarlyn, Va. 
Honorary Prcsident-Gencral—MRS. Daniel 

Manning, Albany, N. Y. 
Honorary President-General— Mrs. Charles 

Warren Fairbanks. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Honorary President-General — Mrs. John W. 

Foster, Washington, D. C. 
Honorary Vice-Presidcnt-General — Mrs. J. 

Morgan Smith, Birmingham, Ala. 
Honorary Vice-President-General — ]Mrs. Sarah 

T. Kinney, Hartford, Conn. 
Honorary Vice-President-General — Mrs. Au- 
gusta D. Geer, Washington, D. C. 


President-General — Mrs. William Cummings 

Story, N. Y. 
Vice-C/iairmafi— Mrs. E. C. Grkcjory, N. C. 
Vice-President-General — Mrs. Henry L. Mann 
Secretary-General — Mrs. William F. Dennis 
Treasurer-General — Mrs. Joseph E. Ransdell, 

Washington, D. C. 
Chaplain-General— Mrs. Mary S. Lockwood, 

Washington, D. C. 
Ex-President-Geiwral—MRs. Donald McLean, 

N. Y. 
Ex-President-General — Mrs. Matthew T. 

Scott, 111. 

Kentucky State Society— Mrs. Sallie L. Proctor. 
Louisiana State Society — Mrs. JohnDymond, Jr. 
New York State Society— Mrs. Frank McWat- 

ters, New York. 
Te.xas State Society— Mrs. L M. Putnam. 
Mrs. John H. Bankhcad, Jasper, Ala. 
Mrs. Charles B. Bryan, Memphis, Tenn. 
Mrs. Duncan U. Fletcher, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Mrs. Andrew K. Gault, Omaha, Neb. 
Airs. Charles E. Hughes, Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. Charles F. Johnson, Waterville, Me. 
Mrs. William Lindsay, Frankfort, Ky. 
Mrs. Horace H. Lurton, Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. George P. McLean, Simsbury, Conn. 
Mrs. Hoke Smith, Atlanta, Ga. 
Mrs. Claude A. Swanson, Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. Charles S. Thomas, Denver, Col. 
Mrs. William H. Thompson, Garden City, Kan. 
Mrs. John R. Thornton, Alexandria, Ala. 
Mrs. George F. Tuttle, Plattsburg, N. Y. 
Mrs. Willis Van Devanter, Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. John Sharp Williams. Washington, D. C. 


President— Miss Julia Alexander, N. C. 


Founder — Mrs. Farnsworth, Mich. 

Mrs. Calvin Perkins, Tenn. 
Mrs. Ben Story, La. 
Mrs. Lister Witherspoon, Ky. 
Miss Adelaide Mears, N. C. 
Mrs. N. Alton Buffington, Mass. 
Miss Mary Hilliard Hinston, N. C. 
Mrs. O. L. Alexander, Mass. 
Mrs. George A. Park, Ky. 
Mrs. Charles A. Miller, Ga. 
Mrs. William L. Barnes, Ga. 


Mrs. LiNSEY Patterson, X. C. 


President — Mrs. William Gerry Slade, N. Y. 
Recording Secretar\'—:SlRS. Charles Fisher 

King, Del. 
Corresponding Secretary — Mrs. Mathias 

Steelman, N. J. 
Mrs. John Hays Hammond, Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. Patterson Miller, N. C. 
Mrs. Edward Pennewill, Pa. 
Mrs. Sara Snowden Mitchell, Pa. 

President— Mus. Betty Washington Taylor, 

Secretary — Mrs. Mary Florence Taney, Ky. 


Chairman Executive Committee— lliss Mabel 
Boardman, Washington, D. C. 


Regent— Ihss Harriet C. Comegys, Pa. 

Recording Secretary — }^Irs. Henry W. Rog- 
ers, Md. 

Corresponding Secretary — My^s. John J. 
Pringle, S. C. 

Treasurer— AnrnvK L. Price, Washington, 
D. C. 

Advisory Committee— Mr. Lewis Cass Led- 
YARD, N. Y. 
Mr. George Gray 
Col. William Anderson. 


Enthusiastic Worker— Miss Jessie Woodrow 
Wilson, Washington, D. C. 


President— M-RS. Henry F. Dimock, N. Y. 

Vice-President — Mrs. Frank Northrop, N. Y. 


C/k;;r;Hfl;i— Miss Maude Wetmore, N. Y. 



President — Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker, 

Recording Secretary — AIes. Harry L. Keefe, 

Corresponding Secretary — Mrs. Eugene Reil- 

LY, N. C. 
Auditor— Mrs. C. H. McAIahon, Okla. 
First Vice-President — Mrs. L. L. Blanken- 

BURG, Pa. 
Second Vice-President — Mrs. Samuel B. 

SneatHj Ohio. 
Mrs. W. N. Hutt, N. C. 
Mrs. Mary J. Wood, N. H. 
Mrs. Barton Smith, Ga. 
Mrs. J. S. Jennings, Fla. 
Mrs. Eldridge Palmer, Ky. 


President-General — Mrs. Alexander B. White, 

Vice-President — Mrs. Frank G. Odenheimer, 

Recording Secretary — Mrs. Roy W. McKin- 

NEY, Ky. 
Corresponding Secretary — Mrs. Katie C. 


Treasurer — Mrs. C. B. Tate, Va. 
Historian— Miss Mildred Rutheford, Ga. 
President of N. C. Society — Mrs. Marshall 

Mrs. Thad W. Thrash, N. C. 
Mrs. Norman Randolph, Va. 
Miss Belle Kinney, Tenn. 
Mrs. Theodore Chestney, Ga. 
Mrs. Charles L. Pettigrew, Ga. 
Mrs. B. Spiller, La. 
Mrs. Lewis Wood, La. 
Miss Marv Curtis Lee, Va. 
Mrs. L. W. Sheib, New York 


President-General— Mrs. Clarence Blakely, 

N. Y. 
'Recording Secretary-General — Mrs. Herbert 

B. Henry, N. Y. 
Corresponding Secretary — Mrs. Fred M. Goss, 

'"reasurer-General— Mrs. Frank P. Whiting, 

N. Y. 
Registrar-General — Mrs. IMary A. Todd, Mass. 
Irs. E. E. Moffitt, Va. 
Irs. Annie R. Collins, N. C. 
liss Mary L. Hinton, N. C. 
Irs. William D. Hoover, Washington, D. C. 



National President— Miss Francis H. Fox, 

N. Y. 


Mrs. Hieant Matteosian, Va. 


Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. Frank D. Babcock, Morrisville, N. Y. 

Mrs. Mary C. Beach, Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. George S. Bixby, Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Mrs. Mary S. Broad, Morrisville, N. Y. 

Mrs. William Curtis Demorest, New York 

Mrs. Donald Dey, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Mrs. George E. Dunham, LTtica, N. Y. 

Mrs. Austen G. Fox, New York. 

Miss Grace Hedges, New York. 

Mrs. Wilbur M. Henderson, Morrisville, N. "^i 

Miss Kate Hodges, New York. 

Mrs. John Miller Horton, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mrs. Joseph E. King, Fort Edward, N. Y. 

Mrs. Alton B. Parker, Esopus, N. Y. 

Mrs. John M. Stahl, Chicago, 111. 

Miss Elizabeth Stewart, Morrisville, N. Y. 

Mrs. George F. Tuttle, Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Roll of Members 

Honorary Vice-Chairmen-at-Large 

Aldrich, Chester H., former Governor, 

Lincoln, Neb. 

Ammons, Elias M., Governor Denver, Col. 

Anderson, Larz, former American 

Ambassador to Japan Boston, Mass. 

Ansel, Martin R, former Governor, 

Columbia, S. C. 
Bachelder, Nahum J., former Governor, 

Concord, X. H. 
Bacon, Robert, former American 

Ambassador to France New York 

Baldwin, Simeon E., Governor, Hartford, Conn. 
Ballinger, Richard A., former Secretary of 

the Interior Seattle, Wash. 

Bass, Robert P., former Governor, 

Concord, N. H. 

Blease, Cole L., Governor Columbia, S. C. 

Bonaparte, Charles J., former Attorney- 
General Baltimore, ^Id. 

Boutell, Henry S., former American 

Minister to Switzerland Chicago, 111. 

Brady, James H.. former Governor, Boise, Idaho 

Brewer, Earl, Governor Jackson, Miss. 

Brown, Joseph M., former Governor, 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Brvan, Charles Page, former American 

Ambassador to Japan Elmhurst, 111. 

Bryan, William Jennings, Secretary of State, 

Washington, D. C. 
Burke, John, Treasurer of the United States, 

Washington, D. C. 
Burton, Theodore E., United States Senator, 

Cleveland, O. 

Byrne, Frank M., Governor Pierre, S. D. 

Carey, Joseph M., Governor. . .Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Carpenter, Fred. W., American Minister, 

Tangier, Morocco 
Carroll, Beryl F., former Governor, 

Des Moines, Iowa 
Carter, John R., former American Minister 

to Argentine Baltimore, Md. 

Choate, Joseph H New York 

Clark, Walter E.. Governor Juneau, Alaska 

Colquitt, Oscar B., Governor Austin, Tex. 

Colton, George R., Governor-General, 

San Juan. Porto Rico 

Cox, James M., Governor Columbus, O. 

Cruce, Lee, Governor Guthrie, Okla. 

Daniels, Josephus, Secretary of the Navy, 

Washington, D. C. 


Davidson, James O., former Governor 
Dawson, Thomas C, Ar^^'^^!^^^^' 

Day Wniiam R., Associate Justice of '''"'"" 

the Supreme Court Washington D C 

Deneen, Charles S., former GovernS 

Depew, Chauncey M ^.&Yirk 

Dewey, Admiral George. . . .Washington DC 
Dix, John A., former Governor, Thomson N Y 
Donaghey, George W., former Governor 

Douglas, William L., former Gove'rno?.'^' ^'■'^• 

Draper. Eben S., former Gov^eSo'r^^"' ^''^• 

Dunne, Edward R, Governor, ^°''°"' ^'"■ 

Eberhart. Adolph O., Governor, tt^pfSf'Min'n" 
^'"MiS"? F[^"-Sfo™e; AmerTcan ""• 
. C^'"'ster to Denmark... Washington D C 
Fairbanks Charles Warren, former 

Fairchild rhSll'^'ii^- • ^ Indianapolis, Ind. 

l^airchJld, Charles P., former Secretary of 

the freasurv ■\f^ xr ^ 

Ferris, Woodbridge N.'," Governor," "" ^°'^ 

Fielder, James F., Governor. . . ."^Sn nI' 

FetEer' n'^" "J- Governor. .MompdreV.Vt 
i^letcher, Henry P., American Minister, 

Forbes. W. Cameron, former Go^v'ernof°' ^^''' 
For. t"^ T7°^ Philippine Islands, Boston, Mass. 
Fort, John Frankim, former Governor, 

Foss, Eugene M., Governor bS' Mass- 
Foster, John W., former Secretary of slate 

Fox William C, former Am^rtcar£ist?r ^• 

Frea? te," Go;erno;:SiirH?wS 
Furmss, Henry W., American Ministe;, 

rn„ T T . ■P°''^ a" Prince, Haiti 

Gage Lyman J., former Secretary of the 

Garfield James R., former Secretary of 

the Interior Clevebnrl n 

Garrison. Lindley M., Secretary' of War ' 
r^, T A f Washington,' D. C 

Gary, James A., former Postmaster-General 

Gerard. Janres W., An,erican ArSSaiSdor', "'■ 

gife IT'' ^"'r' ^SlIL^rTul 

Gilchrist, Albert W., former Governor, 

Gillett, James N., former Gove™^"^''' ^''• 

Glasscock, William E., form'rG^o'ern'oJ,'' ""''■ 
ri T,r . Charleston, W. Va 

Glynn, Martm H., Governor. . .Albany, N. y! 


Goethals, Colonel George W Panama 

Goldsborougli, Phillips L., Governor, 

Annapolis, Md. 
Graves, Charles H., American Minister, 

Stockholm, Sweden 
Grevsted, Nicolay A., American Minister, 

Montevideo, Uruguay 
Griggs, John W., former Attorney-General. 

Paterson, N. J. 
Guild, Curtis, former American Ambassador 

to Russia Boston, Mass. 

Guthrie, George W., American Ambassador, 

Tokio, Japan 
Hadley, Herbert S., former Governor, 

Jefferson City. Mo. 

Haines, John M., Governor Boise, Idaho 

Haines, William T., Governor, Augusta, Maine 
Hall, Luther E., Governor. . .Baton Rouge, La. 

Hanna, L. B., Governor Bismarck, N. D. 

Harmon, Judson, former Governor, 

Columbus, O. 
Harrison, Francis Burton, Governor-General, 

Manila, P. L 
Haskell, Charles N., former Governor, 

Muskogee, Okla. 
Hawley, James H., former Governor, 

Boise. Idaho 
Hay, M. E., former Governor, Olympia, Wash. 
Hill, David J., former American Ambassador, 

. to Germany Rochester, N. Y. 

Hilles, Charles D., former Secretary to 

the President Xew York 

Hitt, R. S. Reynolds, American Minister, 

Guatemala, Guatemala 
Hodges, George H., Governor. . . .Topeka, Kan. 
Hooper, Ben W.. Governor .. .Nashville, Tenn. 
Houston, David P., Secretary of Agriculture, 

Washington, D. C. 
Hunt, George W. P., Governor. .Phoenix, Ariz. 
Ide, Henry Clay, former American ^Minister 

to Spain St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Jackson, John B.. American Minister, 

Bucharest, Roumania 
Johnson, Hiram W., Governor, 

Sacramento, Cal. 
Kerens, Richard C, former American Am- 
bassador to Austria-Hungary, St. Louis, Mo. 
King, Hamilton, .American Minister, 

Bangkok, Siam 
Kitchin. William W., former Governor. 

Roxboro. X. C. 
Knox. Philander C, former Secretary 

of State Pittsburg. Pa. 

Lane, Franklin K.. Secretary of the Interior, 

Washington, D. C. 
Leishman, John G. .'\.. former American 

Ambassador to Germany Pittsburg. Pa. 

Lister, Ernest. Governor Olympia, Wash. 

Lurton, Horace Harmon. Associate Justice 

of the Supreme Court. .Washington, D. C. 
MacVcagh, Franklin, former Secretary of 

the Treasury Chicago. 111. 

Mann, William Hodges, Governor, 

Richmond, Va. 

Major, Elliott W., Governor Jefferson, Mo. 

Marburg, Theodore, American Minister, 

Brussels, Belgium 
Marshall, Thomas R., Vice-President, 

Washington, D. C. 
McAdoo, William G., Secretary of the 

Treasury Washington, D. C. 

McCreary, James B., Governor, Frankfort, Ky. 
McCreery, Fenton R., former American 

Minister to Honduras Flint, Mich. 

McDonald, William C., Governor, 

Santa Fe, N. M. 
McGovern, Francis E,. Governor, Madison, Wis. 
McReynolds, James C. Attorney-General, 

Washington, D. C. 
Mead, John A., former Governor, 

Montpelier, Vt. 
Meyer, George Von Lengerke, former 

Secretary of the Navy. . .Hamilton, Mass. 
Miller, Charles R., Governor, Wilmington, Del, 
Mills, William J., former Governor, 

Santa Fe, N. M. 
Metcalf, Victor H., former Secretary of 

the Navy Oakland, Cal. 

Montague, Andrew J., former Governor, 

Richmond, Va. 
Morehead, John H.. Governor. . . .Lincoln, Neb. 
Morton, Levi P., former Vice-President, 

New York 
Moses, George H., former American 

Minister to Greece 

Nagel, Charles, former Secretary of Com- 
merce and Labor St. Louis, Mo. 

Newberry, Truman H., former Secretary 

of the Navy Detroit, Mich. 

Noel, Edmund F., former Governor, 

Lexington, Miss. 
Norris, Edwin L., former Governor, 

Helena, Mont. 
O'Brien, Thomas J., former Ambassador 

to Italy Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Oddie, Tasker L., Governor, Carson City, Nev. 
Odell, Benjamin B., Jr., former Governor, 

Newburg, N. Y. 
Oldham, William K., former Governor, 

Little Rock, Ark. 
O'Neal, Emmett. Governor. .Montgomery, Ala. 
Osborn, Chase S., former Governor, 

Lansing, Mich. 
Page, Thomas Nelson, American Ambas- 
sador Rome, Italy 

Page, Walter H., American Ambassador, 

London, England 
Parker, Alton B., former Chief Justice of 

Court of Appeals New York 

Patterson, Malcom R., former Governor, 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Pennewill, Simeon S., former Governor, 

Dover, Del. 


Plaisted, Frederick W., former Governor, 

Augusta, Me. 
Pothier, Aram J., Governor. .Providence, R. I. 
Prouty, George H., former Governor, 

Newport, Vt. 
Quinby, Henry B., former Governor, 

Concord, N. H. 
Ralston, Samuel M., Governor, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Redfield, William C., Secretary of Commerce, 

Washington, D. C. 
Reinsch, Paul S., American Ambassador, 

Pekin, China 
Robinson, Joe T., former Governor, 

Lonoke, Ark. 
Rockhill, William Woodville, former Am- 
bassador to Turkey Washington, D. C. 

Root, Elihu, United States Senator, New York 
Sanders, Jared Y., former Governor, 

Baton Rouge, La. 
Schurman, Jacob Gould, American Minister, 

Athens, Greece 
Shafroth, John F., former Governor, 

Denver, Col. 
Shaw, Leslie M., former Secretary of 

the Treasury Philadelphia, Pa. 

Slaton, John M., Governor Atlanta, Ga, 

Sloan, Richard E., former Governor, 

Phoenix, Ariz. 

Smith, Hoke, former Governor Atlanta, Ga. 

Spry, William, Governor. .Salt Lake City, Utah 
Stevenson, Adlai E., former Vice-President, 

Bloomington, III. 
Stewart, Samuel V., Governor. .Helena, Mont. 
Stimson, Henry L., former Secretary of 

War New York 

Stubbs, Walter R., former Governor, 

Topeka, Kan. 
Straus, Oscar S., former Secretary of 

Commerce and Labor New York 

Swenson, Laurits S., American Minister, 

Christiania, Norway 

Tener, John K., Governor Harrisburg, Pa. 

Tracy, Benjamin F., former Secretary of 

the Navy New York 

Trammell, Park, Governor ..Tallahassee, Fla. 
Tuttle, The Most Reverend Daniel Syl- 
vester, D.D St. Louis, Mo. 

Underwood, Oscar W Birmingham, Ala. 

Van Sant, S. R., former Governor, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Van Dyke, Henry, American Minister, 

The Hague. Netherlands 
Vessey, Robert S., former Governor, 

Pierre, S. D. 
Wanamaker, John, former Postmaster- 
General Philadelphia, Pa. 

Weeks, Frank B., former Governor, 

Hartford, Conn. 

West, Oswald, Governor Salem, Ore. 

White, Andrew D.. former American Am- 
bassador to Germany Ithaca, N. Y. 


White, Henry Washington, D. C. 

White, Horace, former Governor, 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Wickersham, George W., former Attorney- 
General New York 

Willson, Augustus E., former Governor, 

Louisville, Ky. 

Wilson, Henry Lane, former American 

Ambassador to Mexico. .Washington, D. C. 

Wilson, James, former Secretary of 

Agriculture Traer, Iowa 

Wilson, General James Grant New York 

Wilson, William B., Secretary of Labor, 

Washington, D. C. 

Wynne, Robert J., former Postmaster- 
General Washington, D, C. 

Associate Membership 

In intended compliment the American Com- 
mittee has invited a few members of com-' 
mittees of the British Empire to become Hon- 
orary Associate Members of the American 
organization. The invitation has also been ex- 
tended to the Ambassadors and INIinisters of 
foreign governments stationed in Washington 
as a courtesy in earnest of world-wide good- 
will. The names of those who have so far 
accepted this invitation : 

Sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice, G.C.V.O., 
K.C.M.G., The British Ambassador. 

Rt. Hon. James Bryce, O.M., former British 
Ambassador, London. 

Mr. J. J. Jusserand, The French Ambassador. 

His Excellency, The Right Honourable, The 
Count Albert Apponyi, M.P., Ex-Speaker 
of the House of the Parliament, Privy 
Councillor to His Majesty Francis Joseph I., 
Budapest, Austria-Hungary. 

Senor Don Gilberto Crespo y Martinez, former 
Mexican Ambassador. 

Mr. D. da Gama, The Brazilian Ambassador. 

Mr. H. H. Bryn, The Minister from Norway, 

Dr. Paul Ritter, The Minister from Switzer- 

Mr. J. Loudon, The Minister from the Nether- 

Senor Don Ignacio Calderon. The Minister 
from Bolivia. 

Senor Don Eduardo Suarez-Mujica, The Min- 
ister from Chili. 

Senor Don Joaquin Bernardo Calvo, The Min- 
ister from Costa Rica 

Mr. Solon Menos. The ^^linister from Haiti. 

Mr. Salvador Castrillo, Jr., The Minister from 

Senor Don P. Ezequiel Rojas. The Minister 
from Venezuela. 

j\Ir. L. L. Caftanzoglu, LL.D., former Charge 
d'Affaires of the Royal Greek Legation. 

Mirza Ali Kuli Khan, Charge d'Affaires of the 
Persian Legation. 


Great Britain 

The Right Honourable The Earl of Aberdeen, 

Viceroy of Ireland, K.T.. G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O. 

His Grace The Duke of Argyll, KG, K.T., 

G.C..M.G, G.C.V.O. 
The Right Honourable Arthur James Bal- 
four, M.P. 
Sir Thomas Barlow, Bart., K.C.V.O. 
Sir John Wolfe Wolfe-Barry, K.C.B. 
Sir William James Bell. 
Honourable Courtenay Walter Bennett. 
Admiral Lord Charles Beresford. 
The Right Honourable Earl Brassey, G.C.B. 
Mr. Harry E. Brittain. 
The Right Honourable Lord Burnham. 
The Right Honourable Thomas Burt, M.P. 
Mr. George Cadbury. 
Rev. Dr. John Clifford. 
Sir Henry John Stedman Cotton, K.C.S.L 
The Right Honourable Lord Courtney of Pen- 

The Right Honourable Lord Cowdray of Mid- 
Sir Frederic Hymen Cowen. 
Colonel Honourable C. Preston Crewe. 
The Right Honourable The Earl of Cromer, 

O.M., G.C.B., G.C.M.G. 
Sir Thomas Boor Crosby, ex-Lord Mayor of 

The Right Honourable Earl Curzon of Ked- 

leston, G.C.S.L, G.C.LE.^ 
The Right Honourable The Harl of Desart. 
The Right Honourable Lord Desborough. 
The Right Honourable Lord Deyonport. 
Mr. Robert Donald. 
The Right Honourable Sir Henry Mortimer 

Durand, G.C.M.G.. K.C.S.L, K.C.LE. 
The Right Honourable Lord Fisher, O.M., 

G.C.B.. G.C.V.O. 
Sir George Frampton, R.A. 
Surgeon-General Sir Benjamin Franklin. 
The Right Honourable Sir Edward Fry, G.C.B. , 

Mr. John Galsworthy. 
Sir Henry Rider Haggard. 
The Right Honourable The Earl of Halsbury, 

ex-Lord Chancellor. 
Air. Frederic Harrison. 
The Right Honourable Lord Lamington, 

G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E. 
Most Reverend Cosmo Gordon Lang, Arch- 
bishop of York. 
Sir Sidney Lee. 
Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton. 
The Right Honourable The Earl of Lonsdale. 
Colonel Sir Claude Maxwell Macdonald, K.C.B., 

G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O. 
The Right Honourable Sir William Mather. 
Mr. Felix Moscheles. 


The Honourable Thomas Mackenzie, High 

Commissioner for New Zealand. 
The Right Honourable Lord Mount-Stephen, 

The Right Honourable Sir Francis Mowatt, 

The Honourable Arthur M. Myers. 
The Right Honourable Lord Northcliffe. 
Mr. Robert P. Porter. 
The Right Honourable Lord Rayleigh, O.M., 

The Right Honourable Lord Reay, G.C.S.L, 

The Right Honourable Sir George Houstoun 

Reid, G.C.M.G., High Commissioner for 

Commonwealth of Australia. 
The Right Honourable The Earl Roberts, O.M., 

K.P., KG. 
The Right Honourable Lord Rothschild, 

The Right Honourable Sir Ernest Mason 

Satow, G.C.M.G. 
The Venerable William Macdonald Sinclair, 

The Right Honourable Sir Edgar Speyer. 
Professor Sir Joseph John Thomson, F.R.S. 
Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree. 
The Right Honourable Sir Charles Tupper, 

The Right Honourable Lord Weardale. 
The Right Honourable Lord Welby. 

(Members International Conference, 
New York, May, 1913) 

Mr. James Allen Baker, M.P. 

Mr. Arthur Shirley Benn, M.P. 

Mr. Moreton Frewen, M.P. 

Captain The Honourable Sir Arthur Lawley, 

The Right Honourable Sir Herbert Eustace 

Maxwell. P.C. L.L.D. 
The Honourable Charles Thomas Mills, M.P. 
Mr. H. S. Perris, M.A. 
The Honourable Neil Primrose, M.P. 
The Right Honourable The Earl Stanhope. 
Mr. Henry Vivian, M.P. 


The Right Honourable Robert Laird Borden, 
D.C.L., K.C., M.P., The Premier of Can- 

Professor Frank Dawson Adams, Ph.D., D.Sc, 
F.G.S.A., F.R.S. 

The Honourable Francis Alexander Anglin, 

Professor Alfred Baker, M.A., F.R.S. 

The Honourable N. A. Bclccurt, LL.D.. K.C. 

Mr. Robert Bell, LS.O., M.D., D.Sc, F.R.S. 


The Honourable Treffle Berthiaume. 

Mr. Charles James Stewart Bethune, B.A., 

M.A., D.C.L. 
Lieutenant-Colonel The Honourable Sir Fred- 
erick William Borden, K.C.M.G., P.C, 

B.A, M.D., M.P. 
Mr. George Morris Bosworth. 
The Honourable Sir Mackenzie Bowell, 

K.C.M.G., P.C. 
The Honourable Byron Moflfatt Britton, M.A., 

The Right Reverend Mgr. Paul Bruchesi, 

Archbishop of Montreal. 
The Reverend George Bryce, M.A., D.D., 

LL.D., F.R.S.C. 
Lieutenant-Colonel Jeffrey Hale Burland, 

B.A.Sc, F.C.S. 
Mr. Bliss Carman, B.A. 
Lieutenant-Colonel The Honourable Joseph P. 

B. Casgrain. 
The Honourable Walter Gibson Pringle Cas- 

sels, B.A., K.C. 
The Honourable Charles F. X. Alexander 

Chauveau, LL.D., K.C. 
The Honourable Philippe Auguste Choquette, 

LL.D., K.C. 
The Honourable Sir William Mortimer Clark, 

Kt., W.S., K.C, LL.D. 
Sir Edward Clouston, Bart. 
The Honourable James Craig, K.C. 
The Honourable Thomas Crawford. 
The Honourable Charles Wilson Cross, B.A., 

The Honourable Thomas Wilson Crothers, 

B.A., K.C, M.P. 
The Honourable Raoul Dandurand, P.C, 

LL.D., K.C. 
The Honourable Sir Louis Henry Davies, 

K.C. K.C.M.G. 
The Honourable Thomas Osborne Davis. 
The Honourable Leverett George DeVeber, 

The Honourable James Moffat Douglas. 
The Right Reverend Andrew Hunter Dunn, 

M.A., Lord Bishop of Quebec. 
The Honourable John Valentine Ellis. 
Professor Robert Alexander Falconer, B.A., 

M.A., B.D., D.Litt., D.D., LL.D. 
The Honourable William Stevens Fielding, 

D.C.L., LL.D.. P.C 
The Honourable Sydney Arthur Fisher, B.A., 

The Right Honourable Sir Charles Fitzpat- 

rick, B.A.. D.L., P.C, K.C.M.G. 
Sir Sandford Fleming. K.C.M.G., LL.D., 

Lieutenant-Colonel The Honourable Rodolphe 

Forget, M.P. 
The Honourable William James Gage. 
Colonel The Honourable John Morrison Gibson. 
The Reverend Charles William Gordon, LL.D., 



The Very Reverend Daniel Miner Gordon, 

M.A., B.D., D.D., LL.D. 
The Honourable Sir Lomer Gouin, B.C.L. 
Sir James Alexander Grant, M.D., K.C.M.G. 
The Honourable F. B. Gregory. 
Mr. Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, C.M.G.. M.D., 

M.R.C.S, L.R.C.P. 
James John Edmund Guerin, M.D. 
Mr. Hans Theodor Gussovv, F.R.M.S. 
The Most Reverend His Grace the Lord Arch- 
bishop and Metropolitan of Ottawa, 

Charles Hamilton, D.D., D.C.L. 
Colonel Samuel Hughes, M.P. 
The Honourable Sir Louis Amable Jette, K.C., 

K.C.M.G., LL.D. 
The Honourable William Lyon Mackenzie 

King, C.M.G., M.P.. lALA., Ph.D., LL.B., 

Rear-Admiral Charles Edmund Kingsmill. 
The Honourable Sir Alexander Lacoste, LL.D., 

D.C.L., K.C., P.C. 
Sir Frangois Xavier Langelier, Kt., B.C.L., 

The Honourable Rodolphe Lemieux, K.C., 

LL.D., F.R.S.C. 
The Honourable James Pitt Mabee, K.C. 
The Honourable Charles Daniel Macaulay. 
Brigadier-General Donald Alexander Alacdon- 

ald, LS.O., C.M.G. 
The Honourable William John Macdonald. 
Sir Donald Mann. 
The Honourable Charles Marcil. 
The Honourable James Drummond McGregor. 
The Honourable Sir William Ralph Meredith, 

LL.D., K.B. 
The Honourable Charles Murphy, P.C, M.P. 
The Honourable Simon Napoleon Parent, 

LL.D., D.C.L., K.C. 
The Honourable Louis Philippe Pelletier, B.A., 

LL.L., LL.D. 
Professor William Peterson, M.A., LL.D., 

Mr. Edward Ernest Prince. LL.D.. F.R.S.C. 
The Honourable William Renwick Riddell, 

B.A., B.Sc, LL.B., F.B.S. 
The Honourable Robert Rogers. 
The Honourable Alexander Cameron Ruther- 
ford, B.A., B.C.L., LL.D., M.L.A. 
Miss Margaret Marshall Saunders. 
The Honourable Clifton Sifton, B.A., P.C, 

His Excellencv Most Reverend Pellegrmo 

Francesco Stagni, O.S.M., D.D., Apostolic 

The Honourable Sir Melbourne McTaggart 

Tait, Kt.. D.C.L. 
The Honourable Adelard Turgeon, C.IVLG., 

CV.O., B.C.L. 
The Honourable Sir Robert Linton Weatherbe, 

The Honourable William T. White. 


(Members International Conference, 
New York, May, 1913) 

Sir Edmund Walker, C.V.O., L.L.D. 
Captain Charles Frederick Hamilton, M.A. 
Mr. Travers Lewis, K.C., D.C.L. 
Mr. Charles A. Magrath, M.P. 

Union of South Africa 

Mr. Howard Arnold 

Mr. A. W. Bayly 

Sir William H. Beaumont 

The Reverend Alfred Philipp Bender, M.A. 

The Honourable Sir William B. Berry 

Mr. W. D. Bond 

The Venerable Archdeacon Richard Brooke, 

The Honourable Sir E. John Buchanan 
Mr. J. M. Buckland 

The Honourable H. Burton, K.C., M.L.A. 
Colonel The Honourable J. Byron, C.M.G., 

The Honourable Marshall Campbell, J. P. 
Mr. John D. Cartwright, M.P.C. 
The Right Reverend Charles E. Cornish, The 

Lord Bishop of Grahamstown 
Mr. S. C. Cronwright-Schreiner. J. P. 
The Reverend G. W. Cross 
The Honourable Jacob de Villiers 
Mr. Patrick Duncan, M.L.A. 
Mr. J. Dowell Ellis 
Mr. H. E. S. Freemantle, M.L.A. 
Mr. H. M. Guest 

The Reverend William T. Hacker 
Mr. J. P. Hess 
Dr. John Hewat, M.L.A. 
Mr. William Hosken 
Mr. Ralph Ward Jackson 
Mr. J. W. Jageer, M.L.A. 
Mr. George Kent 

The Honourable Sir Percival Maitland Lau- 
rence, K.C.M.G. 
The Reverend Arthur J. Lennard 
The Right Reverend Hugh MacSherry 
The Honourable F. S. Malan, M.L.A. 
The Reverend John J. McClure, D.D. 
The Right Honourable John Xavier Merriam. 

P.C, M.L.A. 
His Honour Sir William Milton, K.C.M.G.. 

The Right Honourable F. R. Moor. K.C.ISLG., 

Mr. Thomas Muir, C.M.G., LL.D. 
The Reverend J. O. Nash 
Mr. Emile Nathan, M.L.A. 
Mr. Manfred Nathan. M.A., LL.D. 
Mr. C. E. Nelson 
Mr. A. Mackie Niven 
Captain B. Ernest A. O'Meara, D.S.O. 


Mr. Alfred Palmer 

Mr. Herbert B. Papenfus, K.C. 

The Reverend George Robson 

Mr. W. P. Schreiner, K.C, C.M.G. 

Mr. R. W. Schumacher 

The Venerable Archdeacon Seaton 

Sir Herbert Cecil Sloley, K.C.M.G. 

Sir Thomas Smartt, M.L.A. 

Mr. Advocate Stallard, K.C. 

The Right Reverend Wilmot L. Vyvyan, D.D., 

Bishop of Zululand 
Mr. D. M. White 
The Right Reverend J. W. Williams, The Lord 

Bishop of St. Johns 
The Venerable Archdeacon Wirgman, D.D., 


New Zealand 

Mr. R. A. Anderson 

The Honourable H. D. Bell, K.C. 

Mr. D. W. Duthie 

Mr. John Duthie 

Mr. George Elliot 

Mr. George Fenwick 

Sir John George Findlay. K.C, LL.D. 

Mr. Thomas Finlayson 

Mr. H. Horton 

Mr. J. H. Hosking, K.C. 

Mr. T. W. Leys 

The Honourable Charles M. Luke, M.L.C 

Mr. William Reece 

Mr. Arthur E. G. Rhodes 

Mr. J. N. Ritchie 

Mr. John Roberts, C.M.G. 

Mr. P. R. Sargood 

Mr. W. H. Triggs 

Mr. J. H. Upton 

Mr. J. E. Watson 

The Honourable Henry F. Wigram, M.L.C 


Sir Robert Bond 

Mr. J. A. Clift 

Mr. Harry J. Crowe 

Mr. William T. Ellis 

Mr. Martin W. Furlong, K.C. 

Mr. A. J. Harvey 

The Honourable John Harvey 

The Honourable Sir William H. Horwrood 

The Honourable George Knowling 

The Honourable Donald Morison 

The Right Honourable Sir Edward P. Morns 

Mr. Joseph Outerbridge 

Mr. M. Frank Summers 

Mr. William Warren 

The Honourable Robert Watson 

The Honourable Marmaduke G. Winter, M.L.C. 


The Honourable W. L. Baillieu 

The Right Honourable Sir Edmund Barton, 

P.C, K.C. 
The Honourable Sir Robert Wallace Best, 

K.C., M.G. 
His Grace The Most Reverend Henry Lowther 

Clarke, Archbishop of Melbourne 
The Honourable Alfred Deakin, M.H.R. 
The Reverend Alexander Robert Edgar 
Mr. George Fairbairn, M.H.R. 
The Right Honourable Andrew Fisher, M.H.R. 
The Reverend W. H. FItchett, D.D. 
The Reverend Alexander Gosman, D.D. 
Sir Samuel Griffith 

His Honour Judge Henry B. Higgins, K.C. 
The Honourable William H. Irvine, K.C, 

Admiral Sir George F. King-Hall 
Dr. William Maloney, M.H.R. 
The Honourable Samuel Mauger 
The Honourable J. S. T. McGowen 
The Honourable John Murray, M.L.A. 
The Right Honourable Sir George Houstoun: 

Reid, P.C., G.C.M.G., K.C. 
The Reverend Leyton Richards, M.A. 
Miss Rose Scott 
The Reverend Frederic C. Spurr 
Mr. Thomas W. Stanford 
The Reverend Charles Strong 
The Honourable Josiah Thomas 
The Honourable William A. Watt, M.L.A. 
Sir Henrv Wrixon 


Mr. C. V. Ingham 

Mr. I. Scott Pearman 

Mr. Allan F. Smith, I.S.O. 

Sir Thomas John Wadson 

The Honourable Musson Wainwright 

British West Indies 

The Most Reverend E. Nuttall, Archbishop of 

the West Indies 
Sir John Pringle, K.C.M.G., M.B. 


His Honour Emile Braun 

Mr. C. DeBru3'ne 

Mr. Alphonse Van Werveke 


Honorar) Members-at-L-.r^ e 

Abercrombie, John W Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Aiken, Wyatt Abbey ville, S. C. 

Ainey, William D. B oMontrose, Pa. 

Ainslie, George Richmond, Va. 

Akin, Theron Akin, X. Y. 

Allen, Alfred J Cincinnati, O. 

Ames, Butler Lowell, :\Iass. 

Anderson, Carl C Fostoria, Ohio 

Anderson, Sydney Lanesboro, jNIinn. 

Ansberry, Timothy T Defiance, Ohio 

Arnold, Henry J Denver, Col. 

Aswell, James B Natchitoches, La. 

Ayres, Steven B New York 

Baker, J. Thompson Wildwood, N. J. 

Baker, Newton D Cleveland. Ohio 

Bankhead, John H Jasper, Ala. 

Barchfeld, Andrew J Pittsburg, Pa. 

Barnhart, Henry A Rochester, Ind. 

Berger, Victor L Milwaukee, Wis. 

Blackmon, Fred L Anniston, Ala. 

Blankenburg, Rudolph Philadelphia. Pa. 

Blodgett, Frank D Oneonta, N. Y. 

Bowman, Charles C Pittston, Pa. 

Bradley, Thomas W Walden, N. Y. 

Brantley, William G Brunswick, Ga. 

Bremner. Robert G Passaic, X. J. 

Britten, Fred A Chicago, III. 

Broussard, Robert F New Iberia, La. 

Brown, Lathrop St. James, N. Y. 

Brown, Norris Kearney, Neb. 

Browne, Edward E Waupaca, Wis. 

Bryan James W Bremerton, Wash. 

Bulkley, Robert J Cleveland, Ohio 

Burnett John L Gadsden. Ala. 

Burnham, Henry E Manchester, N. II. 

Burns, Cornelius F Troy, N. Y. 

Butler, Thomas S West Chester, Pa. 

Calder, William M Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Campbell, Philip B Pittsburg, Kan. 

Gary, William J Milwaukee, Wis. 

Catron, Thomas B Santa Fe. N. M. 

Chamberlain, George E Portland. Ore. 

Chilton, William E Charleston, W. Va. 

Clapp, IMoses E St. Paul, I\Iinn. 

Clayton, Henry D Eufaula. Ala. 

Connolly, Maurice Dubuque, Iowa 

Coon-r, Hcnrv Allen Racine, Wis. 

Copl'w, Ira C Aurora, 111. 

Corwin, John B Newburgh, N. Y. 

Crapo. Thomas S Waynesburg, Pa. 

C'-a"non. Louis C Lapeer, Mich. 

Crnn'- William Murrav Dalton. Mass. 

Crisn Charles R \mericus. Ga. 

C-nmn. Edward H Memphis, Tenn. 

Crumpacker. Edgar D Valparaiso, Ind. 


Culberson, Charles A Dallas, Tex. 

CuUom, Shelbv M Springfield, 111. 

Cummins, Albert B Des Homes, Iowa 

Davidson, James H Oshkosh, Wis. 

Davis, John W Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Dilling, George W Seattle, Wash. 

Dixon, Joseph M Missoula, Mont. 

Doolittle, Dudley, Strong City, Kan. 

DriscoU, Michael E '. . . .Syracuse, N. Y. 

Dupre, H. Garland New Orleans, La. 

Dwight, John W Dryden, N. Y. 

Dyer, L. C St. Louis, Mo. 

Earnshaw, Manuel Manila, P. I. 

Edmonds, George W Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edwards Charles G Savannah, Ga. 

Estopinal, Albert Estopinal, La. 

Evans, Lynden Chicago, 111. 

Ferris, Scott Lawton, Okla. 

Fess, Simeon D Yellow Springs, Ohio 

Foley, Peter C Olean, N. \. 

Fitzgerald, John F Boston, Mass. 

Fletcher, Duncan U Jacksonville, Fla. 

Flood, Henrv D Appomattox, Va. 

Focht, Benjamin K Lewisburg, Pa. 

Fornes, Charles V New York 

F^ss, George Edmund Chicago, 111. 

Fowler, H. Robert Elizabethtown. 111. 

French, Burton L Moscow, Idaho 

Fuhrmann, Louis P Buflfalo, N. Y. 

Fuller, Charles E Belvidere, 111. 

Gamble, Robert J Yankton, S. D. 

Gillett. Frederick H Springfield, Mass. 

Goodwin, William S Warren, Ark. 

Gordon, William Cleveland, Ohio 

Gore, Thomas P Lawton, Okla. 

Gorman, George E Chicago, 111. 

Graham, George S Philadelphia, Pa. 

Greene, William S Fall River, Mass. 

Griest, William W Lancaster, Pa. 

Guernsev. Frank E Dover, Me. 

Handy, Sherman T....Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 

Hardwick, Thomas W Sandersville, Ga. 

Harrison, Carter H Chicago, II . 

Hayes Everis A San Jose, Cal. 

Head, William O Louisville, Ky. 

Heald, William H Wilmington, Del. 

Helgesen, Henrv T Milton, N. D. 

Henry, E. Stevens Rockville, Conn. 

Henry, Louis Fitz Bloommgton, 111. 

Henry, Robert L .Waco Tex. 

Heyburn, Weldon B Wallace, Idaho 

Higgins. Edwin W Norwich. Conn. 

Hinebaugh. William H Ottawa, 111. 

Hobson. Richmond Pearson. .Greensboro, -Ala. 

Howard, William Schlev Decatur. Ga. 

Howland, Paul Cleveland, Ohio 

Hulings, Willis J Oil City Pa. 

Humphrev. William E Seattle, Wash. 

Humphrevs. Benjamin G Greenville, Miss. 

Jackson, William P Salisbury, Md. 

Johnson, Albert Hoquiam, Wash. 

Johnson, Charles F WaterviUe, Me. 


Keating, Edward Pueblo, Col. 

Kent, William Kentfield, Cal. 

Kenj'on, William S Fort Dodge, Iowa 

Kiess, Edgar R Williamsport, Pa. 

Kindred, John J Long Island City, N. Y. 

Kinkaid, Moses P O'Neil, Neb. 

Knowland, Joseph R Alameda, Cal. 

Kopp, Arthur W Platteville, Wis. 

Kreider, Aaron S Annville, Pa. 

La Follette, Robert M Madison, Wis. 

Lenroot, Irvine L Superior, Wis. 

Levy, Jefferson M New York 

Lippitt, Henry F Providence, R. I. 

Littlepage, Adam B Charleston, W. Va. 

Littleton, Martin W New York 

Lloyd, James T Shelbyville, Mo. 

Lodge, Henry Cabot Nahant, Mass. 

Longworth, Nicholas Cincinnati, Ohio 

Madden, Martin B Chicago, 111. 

Martin, Eben W Deadwood, S. D. 

Martin, Lewis J Newton, N. J. 

McCall, Samuel W Winchester, Mass. 

McCumber, Porter J Wahpeton, N. D. 

McDermott, James T Chicago, 111. 

McKinley, William B Champaign, 111. 

McLean, George P Simsbury, Conn. 

Metz, Herman A New York 

Miller, Clarence B Duluth, Minn. 

Moore, J. Hampton Philadelphia, Pa. 

Morgan, Dick T Woodward, Okla. 

Moss, Hunter H., Jr Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Mott, Luther W Oswego, N. Y. 

Murray, William H Tishomingo, Okla. 

Myers, Henry L Hamilton, Mont. 

Needham, James Carson Modesto, Cal. 

Oglesby, Woodson R Mohegan Park, N. Y. 

Oliver, George T Pittsburg, Pa. 

Olmsted, Marlin E Harrisburg, Pa. 

Overman, Lee S Salisbury, N. C. 

Palmer, A. Mitchell Stroudsburg, Pa. 

Patten, Thomas G New York 

Penrose, Boies Philadelphia, Pa. 

Pepper, Irvine S Muscatine, Iowa 

Peters, Andrew J Boston, Mass. 

Pickett, Charles E Waterloo, Iowa 

Pittman, Key Tonopah, Nev. 

Piatt, Edmund Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Poinde.xter, Miles Spokane, Wash. 

Powers, Caleb Barbourville, Ky. 

Prince, W. I Duluth, Minn. 

Quezon, Manuel L Tayabas, P. I. 

Quin, Percy E McComb City, Miss. 

Ragsdale, J. W Florence, S. C. 

Rainey, Henry T Carrollton, 111. 

Raker. John E Alturas, Cal. 

Ransdcll, Joseph E Lake Providence, La. 

Reyburn, William Stuart Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rice, Frank J New Haven. Conn. 

Rice. Horace B Houston, Tex. 

Richardson, William Huntsville. Ala. 

Rogers, John Jacob Lowell, Mass. 

Rothermel, John H Reading, Pa. 


Russell, Joseph J Charleston, Mo. 

Sabath, Adolph J Chicago, 111. 

Saunders, Edward W Bleak Hill, Va. 

Seidel, Emil Milwaukee, Wis. 

Seldomridge, H. H Colorado Springs, Col. 

Sharp, William G Elyria, Ohio 

Sheppard, Morris Texarkana, Tex. 

Sherley, Swagar Louisville, Ky. 

Sherwood, Isaac R Toledo, Ohio 

Shreve, Milton W Erie, Pa. 

Simmons, James S Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Slayden, James L San Antonio, Tex. 

Slemp, C. Bascom Big Stone Gap, Va. 

Small, John H Washington, N. C. 

Smith, Addison T Twin Falls, Idaho 

Smith, Frank O Dunkirk, Md. 

Smith, George R Minneapolis, Minn. 

Smith, John M. C Charlotte, Mich. 

Smith, Samuel W Pontiac, Mich.- 

Smith, William Alden,. . .Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Steenerson, Halvor Crookston, Minn. 

Stephens, Dan V Fremont, Neb. 

Stephens, John H Vernon, Tex. 

Streeter, Frank S Concord, N. H. 

Sutherland, Howard Elkins, W. Va. 

Talcott, Charles A Utica, N. Y. 

Taylor, Benjamin I Port Chester, N. Y. 

Taylor, Edward T Glenwood Springs, Col. 

Ten Eyck, Peter G Albany, N. Y. 

Thomas, Charles S Denver, Col. 

Thompson. William H Garden City, Kan. 

Thomson, Charles M Chicago, 111. 

Thornton, John R Alexandria, La. 

Towner, Horace M Corning, Iowa 

Tuttle, William E., Jr Westfield, N. J. 

Walker, John R Valdosta, Ga. 

Webb, Edwin Y Shelby, N. C. 

Wedemever, William W Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Whitlock, Brand Toledo, Ohio 

Williams, John Sharp Yazoo, Miss. 

Williams, William E Pittsfield, III. 

Willis, Frank B...." Ada, Ohio 

Wilson, Emmett Pensacola, Fla. 

Woodruff, Roy O Bay City, Mich. 

Works, John D Los Angeles, Cal. 

Young, George M Valley City, N. D. 


Honorary Members 

(Appointed by Governors as State Com- 
mittees; number to be augmented with change 
of Gubernatorial Administration.) 

These Committees win represent National 
Committee in all State matters. 

{Members Ex-Officio Executive Committee) 


Edmonds, Rev. Henry M., Birmingham 
Evans, Dr. W. E., Birmingham 
Screws, William Wallace, Montgomery 
Stevens, Thomas M., Mobile 
Walker, Judge Richard W., Huntsville 


Distin, William L., Juneau 
Joslin, Falcon, Fairbanks 
Lyons, Thomas R., Juneau 
Murane, Cornelius D., Nome 
Ostrander, John Y., Cordova 


Herring, William, Tucson 
Kent, Edward, Phoenix 
Riordan, Michael J., Flagstaff 
Scarlett, Rev. William F. 
Wells, Edwin W., Prescott 


Andrews, P. R., Helena 
Oglesby, Ira D., Fort Smith 
Rose, Judge U. M., Little Rock 
Simms, John, Texarkana 
Tomlinson, Frank, Pine Bluff 


President — Wardner Williams, Denver 
Secretary — F. W. Sanborn, Denver 
Treasurer — E. A. Peters, Denver 

Adams, Alva B., Pueblo 
Amnions, Hon. Elias M., Denver 
Anderson, Armour C, Denver 
Anderson. George G., Denver 
Arnold, Hon. Henry J., Denver 
Baker. Dr. James F., Boulder 
Bannister, L. Ward, Denver 
Buchtcl, Rev. H. A.. Denver 
Bucklin. James, Grand Junction 
Campion, John F.. Denver 
Covle, Rev. Robert F., Denver 
Cuthbert, L. M., Denver 

Deland, Thorndike, Denver 

Friedman, Rev. William S., Denver 

Hart, Dean H. Martyn, Denver 

Hendrie, F. B. 

Houghton, Rev. John H., Denver 

King, Judge Alfred R., Delta 

Morey, Chester S., Denver 

O'Ryan, Rev. William, Denver 

Owen, James, Denver 

Perkins, Hon. J. M., Denver 

Phipps, Law^rence C, Denver 

Sanborn, F. W., Denver 

Shafroth, Hon. John F., Denver 

Slocum, Dr. William F., Colorado Springs 

Smiley, Dr. William H., Denver 

Storrs, Col. O. S., Denver 

Thatcher, Joseph A., Denver 

Thomas, Hon. Charles S., Denver 

Vaille, F. O., Denver 

Van Kleek, Henry 

White, Judge S. Harrison, Denver 

Yetter, Edward J., Denver 


Adler, Max, New Haven 

Call, Arthur D., Hartford 

Curtis, George M., Meriden 

Kimball, Arthur R., Waterbury 

Luther Dr. Flavel S.. Hartford 

Pinney, Edwin C, Stafford 

Rogers, Dean Henry Wade, New Haven 

Shanklin, Dr. William A., Middletown 


Conrad, Henry C, Georgetown 
Gray, George, Wilmington 
Harter, Dr. George A., Newark 
Marshall, Dr. George W., Milford 
Marvel, Josiah, Wilmington 


Harris, Hunt. Key West 

Jennings, William Sherman, Jacksonville 

Myers, Fred T., Tallahassee 

Reilly, Frank, Pensacola 

Savarese, John, Tampa 


Hammond, Judge William R., Atlanta 
Lamdin, William W., Waycross 
McCord, Henry Y., Atlanta 
Mcintosh, Henry M., Albany 
McKinney, Robert L., Macon 

Ailshie, Judge James F., Boise 
Barker, George R., Sandpoint 
Dietrich, Judge Frank S., Boise 
Hyde, W. A., Pocatello 
McCutcheon, Mrs. Otto E., Idaho Falls 


Addams, Miss Jane, Chicago 
Forgan, James B., Chicago 
Judson, Dr. Harry P., Chicago 
Keeley, James, Chicago 
Reynolds, George M., Chicago 


Ade, George, Brook 

Fairbanks, Charles Warren, Indianapoli 

Gray, Finley H., Connersville 

Kern, John W., Indianapolis 

Riley, James Whitcomb, Indianapolis 


Berryhill, Mrs. James G., Des Moines 
Cole, Cyrenus, Cedar Rapids 
Perkins, George B., Sioux City 
Tinley, Emmet, Council Bluffs 
Waite, J. L., Burlington 


Gray, John, Kirwin 
Hopkins, Richard J., Garden City 
Marble. George, Ft. Scott 
Nicholson, John C, Newton 
Sticher, Henry C, Osage City 


Buckner, Simon Bolivar,_ Mumfordville 
Cowan, Andrew, Louisville 
Fairleigh, David W., Louisville 
McCreary, James B., Frankfort 
Shelby, John T., Lexington 


Barret. Thomas C, Shreveport 
Farrnbacher, Solon, Baton Rouge 
Hart, William O., New Orleans 
Moss, Paul O., Lake Charles 
Polk, William, Alexandria 


Boothby, Mrs. Frederic E., Portland 
Chase Dr. George C, Lewiston 
Grossman, George L., Saco 
Roberts, Dr. Arthur J., Waterville 
Walz. Prof. William E.. Orono 


Baker, Bernard N., Baltimore 
Marburg, Theodore, Baltimore 
Randall, Blanchard. Baltimore 
Remsen, Dr. Ira, Baltimore 
Shipley, George, Baltimore 



Capen, Samuel B., Boston 
Ginn, Edwin, Boston 
Martin, George H., Lynn 
Paine, Robert Treat, Boston 
Walker, Joseph, Brookline 


Angell, James B., Ann Arbor 
Moore, Joseph B., Lansing 
Palmer, Thomas W., Detroit 
Schrembs, Rev. Joseph, Grand Rapids 
Townsend, Charles E., Jackson 


Grant, Gen. Louis A., Minneapolis 
Ireland, Rt. Rev. John, St. Paul 
Kingsbury, David L., St. Paul 
Northrop, Cyrus, Minneapolis 
Tawney, James A., Winona 


Bratton, Rt. Rev. Theodore D., Jackson 
Cooper, Dr. Inman Williams, Brookhaven 
Griffith, Benjamin Whitefield, Vicksburg 
Niles, Henry C, Kosciusko 
Scott, Charles, Rosedale 


Bartholdt, Richard, St. Louis 
Beardsley, Henry M., Kansas City 
Green, Dr. John P., Liberty 
Hill, Dr. A. Ross, Columbia 
King, Capt. Henry, St. Louis 


Alexander, Thomas. Forsyth 
Clark, William A., Butte 
Dow^ning, William G., Great Falls 
Johnson, Alexander C, Helena 
Myers, Henry L., Hamilton 


Harmon, Harvey H., Lincoln 
Roach, Isaac F., Lincoln 
Sawyer, Andrew J., Lincoln 
Shipperd, Theodore M., Lincoln 
Weatherly, Arthur L., Lincoln 


Adams, Jewett W.. Carson City 
Colcord, Roswell K., Carson City 
Dickerson, Denver S., Carson City 
Newlands, Francis G., Reno 
Ni.xon, George S., Reno 


Xezv Hampshire 

Annett, Albert, East Jaffrey 
Boutwell, Henry W., Manchester 
Fellows, James G., Suncook 
Foss, A. Melvin, Dover 
Merrow, Lyford A., Ossipee 

N'eiu Jersey 

Avis, John Boyd, Woodbury 
Fowler, Charles N., Elizabeth 
Lewis, Vivian M., Paterson 
Record, George L., Jersey City 
Roebling, Washington A., Trenton 

N'ew Mexico 

DeBremond, Charles, Roswell 
Larrazola, Octaviano A., Las Vegas 
Murray, William D., Silver City 
Raynolds, Joshua S., Albuquerque 
Springer, Frank, Las Vegas 

Nezv York 

Carnegie, Andrew, New York 
Clune, Rev. Michael, Syracuse 
Fish, Stuj'vesant, New York 
Low, Seth, New York 
Munsev, Frank A., New York 
Nelson, Rt. Rev. Richard H., Albany 
Osborn, William Church, New York 
Peabody, George Foster, Lake George 
Pruyn, Robert C, Albany 
Sidwav, Frank S., Buffalo 

Xortli Carolina 

Bellamy, John D., Wilmington _ 
Cameron, Col. Bennehan, Raleigh 
Carr, Gen. Julian S., Durham 
Hale, Edward J., Fayetteville 
Moore, Walter E., Webster 

XorfJi Dakota 

Amidon, Charles F.. Fargo 
Harris, Rev. Charles W., Bismarck 
Kelly, Col. Joseph X., Devil's Lake 
Makee. Col. William H., Kenmare 
Packard, Frank, Vallev Citv 


Forakcr Joseph B., Cincinnati 
Holden. Liberty E., Cleveland 
KilI)ourne, James, Columbus 
Massie, D. M,. Chillicothe 
Nichols, Hugh L., Batavia 

Bradford, George H., Guthrie 
Brooke, Rt. Rev. Francis K., Oklahoma City 
Brown, Tom, Claremore 
Hayes, Sam., Oklahoma City 
Maershaert, Rt. Rev. Theophile, Oklahoma City 


Barkley, Bishop Henrv L., Portland 

Cauthorn, Alfred W., 'Portland 

Dart, James, St. Helens 

Shippee, Prof. Lester B., Forest Grove - 

Waters, Father John F. A., Astoria 


Bok, Edward, Philadelphia 

Drinker, Dr. Henry Sturgis, South Bethlehem 

Gregg, Gen. David I\IcI\Iurtrie, Reading 

Henry, Bayard, Philadelphia 

Howard, Josiah, Emporium 

Tower, Charlemagne, Philadelphia 

Rhode Island 

Faunce, Dr. William H. P., Providence 
Hazard, Rowland, Peacedale 
Lapham, Oscar, Providence 
Matteson, Charles, Providence 
Utter, George H., Westerly 

South Carolina 

Dargan, John J., Stateburg 
Lodge, Dr. Lee Davis, Gaffney 
Mitchell, Dr. Samuel C, Columbia 
Moffat, Dr. James S., Due West 
Snyder, Dr. H. N., Spartanburg 

South Dakota 

French, Dr. Calvin H., Huron 
Gault, Dr. Franklin B., Vermilion 
Kerfoot, Dr. Samuel F., Mitchell 
Slagle, Dr. Robert L., Brookings 
Warren, Dr. Henry K., Yankton 


Austin, Richard W., Knoxville 
Garret, Finis J., Dresden 
Lea, Luke, Nashville 
Sells, Sam. R., Johnson City 
Shields, John K., Nashville 
Tavlor, Robert L., Nashville 

Dibrell, Joseph B., Austin 

Garrett, Bishop Alexander C, Dallas 

Kirbv, John H., Houston 

Kirw'in, Father James M., Galveston 

Sanger, Alexander, Dallas 



Freund, Rabbi Charles J., Salt Lake City 
Richards, Mrs. Emily S., Salt Lake City 
Sjodahl, John M., Salt Lake City 
Smoot, Reed, Provo 
Sutherland, George, Salt Lake City 


Benton, Dr. G. Potter, Burlington 
Dillingham, William P., Montpelier 
Page, Caroll S., Hyde Park 
Plumley, Frank, Northfield 
Spooner, Dr. Charles H., Northfield 
Thomas, Dr. John M., Middlebury 


(Appointed by Governor Mann as special 
committee for purposes of the Celebration, and 
in particular connection with the National Con- 
ference in Richmond, Dec. 3-4, IQIS-) 

Ackiss, A. J., Virginia Beach 

Adamson, A. L., Richmond 

Ambler, C. H., Ashland 

Alderman, Dr. Edwin Anderson, Charlottesville 

Anderson, William A., Lexington 

Ayres, Rufus, Big Stone Gap 

Barnes, Manly H., New Kent 

Boykin, H. M., Richmond 

Brame, S. R., Floyd 

Brent, S. G., Alexandria 

Brockett, A. D., Alexandria 

Buchanan, Judge John A., Richmond 

Burch, T. R., Martinsville 

Byrd, R. E., Richmond 

Campbell, Preston, Abingdon 

Campbell, Robert S., Palmyra 

Cardwell, Judge Richard H., Richmond 

Carlin, Hon. Charles C, Alexandria 

Carrington, T. M., Richmond 

Caskie, George E., Lynchburg 

Caton, J. R., /Mexandria 

Chisholm, J. A., Charlottesville 

Cogbill, P. v., Chesterfield 

Coiien, Samuel, Richmond 

Copeland, W. S., Newport News 

Dabney, Richard Heath, Charlottesville 

Dabney, W. T., Richmond 

Doherty, James B., Richmond 

Dooley, James H.. Richmond 

Duke, R. T. W.. Charlottesville 

Dunlop, R. A., Richmond 

Echols, Edward, Staunton 

Eckenrode. H. J., Richmond 

Eggleston, Hon. J. D., Jr., Blacksburg 

Ellerson, H. W., Richmond 

Ellyson, Hon. J. Taylor, Richmond 

Ferguson, S. L., Appomattox 

Finch, Pleasant, Rock Castle 

Flood, Hon. H. D., Appomattox 


Forward, Alexander, Harrisonburg 

Freeman, Douglas S., Richmond 

Funsten, Herbert O., Richmond 

Gilliam, Robert, Petersburg 

Glass, Hon. Carter, Lynchburg 

Goolrick, Charles O'Conor, Fredericksburg 

Gordon, Armistead, Staunton 

Harrison, Beverley R., Amherst 

Harrison, Judge George M., Richmond 

Hay, Hon. James, Madison 

Hill, William M., Richmond 

Holland, Hon. E. E., Suffolk 

Holloway, Joseph W., Isle of Wight 

Houston, Harry R., Hampton 

Irvine, R. Tate, Big Stone Gap 

James, B. O., Richmond 

James, Hon. Rorer A., Danville 

Jarman, Dr. J. L., Farmville 

Johnston, Dr. George Ben, Richmond 

Jones, H. S., Richmond 

Jones, Hon. William A., Warsaw 

Keith, Judge James, Richmond 

Kent, C. W., Charlottesville 

Lewis, James M., jMillcrs Tavern 

Lion, Thomas H., Manasas 

Marcuse, Milton, Richmond 

Martin, Hon. Thomas S., Charlottesville 

Massie, Eugene C, Richmond 

McConnell, F. P., South Richmond 

McConnell, Dr. J. P., East Radford 

Mcllwainc, H. L., Richmond 

McRae, Paul, McRaes 

Montague, Hon. Andrew J., Richmond 

Montague, E. E., Hampton 

Morris, L. Z., Richmond 

Mundy, George P., Washington 

Nichol, Gen. E. W., Lexington 

Nicol, C. E., Alexandria 

Old, W. W., Jr., Norfolk 

Ould, Eugene, Evington 

Owen, Ben. P., Jr., Richmond 

Page, Dr. J. M., Charlottesville 

Patton, James D., Richmond 

Reed, W. T., Richmond 

Rives, Timothy, Petersburg R. F. D. No. i 

Sands, Oliver J., Richmond 

Saunders, Hon. E. W., Rocky Mount 

Saunders, John R., Saluda 

Scherer, L. L., Richmond 

Scott, Fred W., Richmond 

Slemp, Hon. C. Bascom, Big Stone Gap 

Smith, H. M., Jr., Richmond 

Smith, Col. Thomas, Warrenton 

Spencer, R. L., Williamsburg 

Stevens, George W., Richmond 

Stratton, F. G., Petersburg 

Stuart, Hon. Henry C, Russell 

Stubbs, James N., Woods Cross Roads 

Swanson, Hon. Claude A., Chatham 

Taylor, Warren P., Richmond 

Tyler, Hal., East Radford 

Tyler, Lyon G., Williamsburg 


Tyler, S. Heth, Norfolk 

Walker, Hon. C. Harding, Heathsville 

Watkins, Asa D., Farmville 

Watson, Hon. Walter A., Jennings Ordinary 

Wellford, Armstead N., Warsaw 

West, Jesse F., Waverly 

West, Thomas S., Bellevue 

White, William H., Richmond 

Whittle, Judge Stafford G., Richmond 

Williams, Martin, Pearisburg 

Williams, John W., Richmond 

Wilmer, A. P., Richmond 

Wilson, R. T., Richmond 

Wortham, Coleman, Richmond 


Cowles, William H., Spokane 
Mathews, Rev. M. A., Seattle 
O'Dea, Rt. Rev. Bishop Edward, Seattle 
Perkins, S. A., Tacoma 
Turner, George, Spokane 

West Virginia 

Baker, Edward S., Bramwell 
Fleming, O. Jay, Grafton 
Gallaher, DeWitt C., Charleston 
Jackson, A. Clarence, Sistersville 
Sperry, Melvin, Clarksburg 


Colman, Lucius C, La Crosse 
Edwards, Rev. Frederick. Milwaukee 
Hirshberg, Rabbi Samuel, Milwaukee 
Messmer, Most Rev. Sebastian G., Milwaukee 
Updyke, Rev. Eugene G., Madison 


Brooks, Bryant B., Casper 
Kendrick, John, Sheridan 
Marble, Arthur, Cheyenne 
Osborne, John, Rawlins 
Patten, Mrs. H. B., Cheyenne 



Abbott, Lawrence F New York 

Abbott, Dr. Lyman New York 

Acker, Charles Ernest Ossining, N. Y. 

Adams, Arthur L San Francisco, Cal. 

Adams, Charles Francis Boston, Mass. 

Adams, Edward L., American Consul, 

Dublin, Ireland 

Adams, Elbridge L New York 

Adams, Judge Elmer B St. Louis, Mo. 

Adams, Herbert New York 

Adams, Samuel Hopkins Auburn, N. Y. 

Adamson, Robert New York 

Additon, Mrs. Lucia F Lents, Ore. 

Adler, Dr. Felix New York 

Agar, John G New York 

Ager, Waldemar Eau Claire, Wis. 

Aiken, Rev. William A Honolulu, Hawaii 

Aked, Rev. Charles F San Francisco, Cal. 

Alden, Henry Mills New York 

Alderman, Dr. Edwin Anderson, 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Aldrich, Orlando W Columbus, O. 

Aldridge, George W Rochester, N. Y. 

Alexander, John W New York 

Alexander, Magnus West Lynn, Mass. 

Aley, Dr. Robert Judson Orono, Me. 

Allen, Charles H New York 

Allen, Charles S Lincoln, Neb. 

Allen, Rev. Eugene Burlington, la. 

Allen, James Lane New York 

Almy, Francis Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ambrose, Harry T New York 

Ames, Charles W St. Paul, Minn. 

Ames, Louis Annin New York 

Anderson, Abraham A New York 

Anderson, Rt. Rev. Charles P Chicago, 111. 

Anderson, George E., American 

Consul-General Hongkong, China 

Anderson, Rasmus B Madison, Wis. 

Andrews, Col. Alexander B Raleigh, N. C. 

Andrews, Col. Avery D Philadelphia, Pa. 

Andrews, Justice Charles Syracuse, N. Y. 

Andrews, Mrs. Fannie Fern Boston, Mass. 

Andrews, Frank M New York 

Appleton, General Francis Henry, Boston, Mas. 

Armbrecht, William H Mobile, Ala. 

Arnold, Bion J Chicago, 111. 

Aspegren, John New York 

Atherton, Gertrude San Francisco, Cal. 

Avery, Mrs. A. B Shreveport, La. 

Avery, Dr. Samuel Lincoln, Neb. 

Bache. Jules S New York 

Bacheller, Irving. .Nehasane Post Office, N. Y. 

Bailie, Mrs. W. A Shreveport, La. 

Baker, Alfred L Chicago, 111. 


Baker, Bernard N Baltimore, Md. 

Baker, Charles Whiting New York 

Baker, Ray Stannard Xew York 

Baker, Dr. S. C Sumter, S. C. 

Baldwin, Elbert F Xew York 

Baldwin, Joseph R Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ball, Fred S Montgomery, Ala. 

Ballou, W. S Providence, R. I. 

Barber, Ohio C Akron, O. 

Barlow, William F East Boston, Mass. 

Barnard, Edward Emerson, William's Bay, Wis. 

Barnes, James Xew York 

Barr, Mrs. Amelia E., 

Cornwall-on-Hudson, X'. Y. 

Barrett, John Washington, D. C. 

Barstow, George E Barstow, Tex. 

Bartlett, Paul Wayland Washington, D. C. 

Barton, George DeForest Xew York 

Bass, E. E Greenville, Miss. 

Battelle, J. G Columbus, O. 

Batten, Rev. L. W New York 

Baylies, Edmund L New York 

Beach, Mrs. Mary C Washington, D. C. 

Beacham, Edwin B New York 

Beals, Rev. Charles E Chicago, 111. 

Beck, James M New York 

Bell, Dr. Alexander Graham, Washington, D.C. 

Bellinger, Rev." W. W .New York 

Benedict, General James S., American 

Consul St. John's, Newfoundland 

Benjamin, Marcus New York 

Bennet, William S Xew York 

Bennett, Ira E Washington, D. C. 

Berwick, Edward Pacific Grove, Cal. 

Bestor, Arthur Eugene Chautauqua, N. Y. 

Beveridge, Albert J Indianapolis, Ind. 

Beyer, Dr. H. G Washington, D. C. 

Birge, George K Bufifalo, N. Y. 

Bispham, David Xew York 

Bissell, George Edwin Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Bissell, Herbert P Buffalo, N. Y. 

Black, Mrs. Elmer E New York 

Black, Rev. Hugh Xew York 

Blair, Francis G Springfield, III. 

Blanchard, Justice James A Xew York 

Blashfield, Edwin H Xew York 

Blewett, Ben St. Louis, Mo. 

Bloom, J. George Mill Creek, Okla. 

Bloomingdale, Emanuel Watson Xew York 

Boardman, Mabel Washington, D. C. 

Bolton, Charles Knowles Boston, Mass. 

Bolton, Herbert E Berkeley, Cal. 

Bond, Henry Brattleboro, Vt. 

Booth, Commander Ballington Xew York 

Borglum, Gutzon New York 

Borie, Adolph E High Bridge, X. J. 

Borzilleri, Dr. Charles R Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bothne, Gisle Minneapolis. Mmn. 

Boulton, Alfred J Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bowcn, Herbert W Woodstock, Conn. 

Bowers, L. M Binghamton, N. Y. 

Bowie, Sidney J Birmingham, Ala. 


Bowron, Mrs. Henry L New York 

Boynton, Rev. Charles H Englewood, N. J. 

Boynton, Rev. Nehemiah Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brady, Rev. Cyrus Townsend, 

Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

Brainard, Frank New York 

Brainard, Ira H New York 

Braman, Chester A New York 

Brandeis, Louis D Boston, Mass. 

Bra}% Frank Chapin New York 

Bray, John P., American Consul-General, 

Sydney, Australia 

Brenner, Victor David New York 

Brett, George P New York 

Bridgman, Herbert Lawrence. .Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brigham, William E Washington, D. C. 

Bright, Frederick I St. Paul, Minn. 

Brittin, Abraham New Orleans, La. 

Broad, John H Morrisville, N. Y. 

Brommer, Frederick New York 

Brookings, Robert S St. Louis, Mo. 

Brooks, Stratton D Boston, Mass. 

Brown, Justice Edward Osgood. . .Chicago, 111. 

Brown, Dr. Elmer Ellsworth New York 

Brown, Frank L Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Brown, Dr. George .Atlanta, Ga. 

Brown, Gerald R New York 

Brown, Harry L St. Augustine, Fla. 

Brugler, Rev. Charles B...Port Chester, N. Y. 

Bryan, Dr. Elmer Burritt Hamilton, N. Y. 

Bryan, 'M. T Nashville, Tenn. 

Bryant, Henry G Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brydges, Rev. Ralph L New York 

Buchtel, Dr. Henry A Denver, Col. 

Buck, Benjamin F" New York 

Buckhout, "Edward W New York 

Buek, Mrs. Florence E Birmingham, Ala. 

Bunn, Charles W St. Paul, Minn. 

Burbank, Luther Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Burch, Rt. Rev. Charles S., 

Riverdale-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Burch, Robert L Nashville, Tenn. 

Burden, James A Troy, N. Y. 

Burke, John P Los Angeles, Cal. 

Burke, Thomas Seattle, Wash. 

Burkhart, Dr. Harvey J Batavia, N. Y. 

Burleigh, George W New York 

Burnham, George, Jr Philadelphia, Pa. 

Burr, George Lincoln Ithaca, N. Y. 

Burr, William Hubert New York 

Burrell, Rev. David J New York 

Burroughs, John Roxburv, N. Y. 

Burt, Bishop William Buffalo, N. Y. 

Burton, Dr. Marion LeRoy, Northampton, Mass. 

Busch, .A.dolphus St. Louis, Mo. 

Bush, B. F St. Louis, Mo. 

Bush-Brown, Henry K Washington. D. C. 

Butler, Dr. Nicholas Murray New York 

Butler, William Allen New Y'ork 

Butterworth, George F New York 

Byington, Homer M., American Consul, 

Bristol, England 


Cable, George W Northampton, ]\Iass. 

Cadman, Rev. S. Parkes Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cadwallader, T. Augustus. ... Philadelphia, Pa. 

Call, Arthur D Washington, D. C. 

Callaway, Justice Llewellyn L., 

Virginia City, Mont. 

Cannon, Henry W New York 

Cannon, James G New York 

Cantwell, Edward J Washington, D. C. 

Caparn, Harold A New York 

Cardozo, Benjamin N New York 

Carnegie, Andrew New York 

Carpenter, William L Detroit, Mich. 

Carrington, T. M Richmond, Va. 

Carroll, Rev. H. K Plainfield, N. J. 

Carson, Rev. J. F Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Carstensen, Rev. G. A Riverdale, N. Y. 

Gary, Eugene Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Case, George B New York 

Cauldwell, Frederic W., American Consul, 

Tapachula, Mexico 

Cecil, Rev. Russell Richmond, Va. 

Chadsey, C. E Denver, Col. 

Chalmers, Rev. James V New York 

Chamberlin, George E., American Consul, 

Cork, Ireland 

Chapin, Roy D Detroit, Mich. 

Chapman, Frank M New York 

Chase, Benjamin F., American Consul, 

Leeds, England 

Chase, Harvey S Boston, Mass. 

Chase, William M New York 

Chenoweth, Mrs. Catherine R New York 

Chilton, Robert S., Jr., American Consul, 

Toronto, Canada 

Church, Col. William C New York 

Church, William L Boston, Mass. 

Churchill, Winston Windsor, Vt. 

Clark, Rear-Admiral Charles E., 

Washington, D. C. 

Clark, Rev. Francis E Boston, Mass. 

Clark, Kenneth St. Paul, }*Iinn. 

Clark, Paul F Lincoln. Neb. 

Clark, Thomas E Brooklvn, N. Y. 

Clarke, James R Elmira, N. Y. 

Clarke, John H Cleveland, O. 

Clarkson, General James S. .Tarrytown, N. Y. 

Claxton, Philander P Washington, D. C. 

Clearwater, Justice Alphonso T., Kingston. N.Y. 

Clendenin, Rev. F. M West Chester, N. Y. 

Clews, Henry New York 

Cocks, William W Old Westbury, N. Y. 

Coffin, Charles A New York 

Coman, Edwin T Spokane, Wash. 

Comstock, Theodore Bryant. .Los Angeles, Cal. 

Conant, Harry A., American Consul, 

Windsor, Canada 

Conner, Jacob E., American Consul-General, 

St. Petersburg, Russia 

Connor, Mrs. Marie I Baltimore, Md. 

Cook, George B Little Rock, Ark. 

Cook, Walter New York 

Cooke, Robert Greer New York 

Cooper, Frank B Seattle, Wash. 

Cooper, Lawrence Huntsville, Ala. 

Coppins, George T Boston, Mass. 

Corwine, William R New York 

Couden, Rev. Henry Noble. .Washington, D. C. 

Coudert, Frederic R New York 

Cowperthwait, J. Howard New York 

Cox, William V Washington, D. C 

Crandall, Rev. Lathan A. . .Minneapolis, Minn. 

Crane, Justice Frederick E Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cravath, Paul D New York 

Crimmins. John D New York 

Crocker, Rev. W. T New York 

Cruickshank, Dwight Phelps. .Ottawa, Canada 
Cummins, Rev. Alexander G., 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Cunningham, Edwin S., American Consul- 

General Singapore, Straits Settlements 

Cunningham, J. L Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Cutler, Harry Providence, R. I. 

Cutting, R. Fulton New York 

Damrosch, Frank New York 

Damrosch, Walter New York 

Darlington, Rt. Rev. James Henry, 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Darrah, Delmar D Bloomington, 111. 

Darrell, Edward F New York 

Davenport, William B Brooklyn, N. Y 

Davies, Rt. Rev. Thomas F. .Springfield, Mass. 

Davis, Dr. Nathan Smith Chicago, 111. 

Davis, Justice Vernon M New York 

Davison, Charles Stewart New York 

Dav, Arthur New York 

Dav, William A New York 

Deedmeyer, Frank, American Consul, 

Leghorn, Italy 

DeLeon, Edwin W New York 

Delevan, Dr. David B New York 

Demorest, William Curtis New York 

Denby, Charles, American Consul-General, 

Vienna, Austria 

Denegre, Walter D Manchester, Mass. 

Denlinger, Rev. Henry K New York 

Dennev, George H University, Ala. 

Dennis, Samuel S Newark, N. J. 

Dennis, William C Washington, D. C. 

Dennison, E. Haldeman, American Consul, 

Dundee, Scotland 

Dewev, Melvil Lake Placid Club, N. Y. 

Dexter, Edwin N Morrisville, N. Y. 

Dev, Donald Syracuse, N. Y. 

Dietrich, John Helena, Mont. 

Dingley. Frank L Lewiston, Me. 

Dodge, Cleveland H New York 

Dodge, General Grenville M., Council Bluflfs. la. 

Dodge, Robert G Boston, Mass. 

D'Oench, Albert F New York 

Dohme, Alfred R. L Baltimore, Md. 

Donnelly, T. M Jersey City, N. J. 

Douglas. James H Chicago, 111. 

Douglass, Rev. T. O Grinnell, Iowa 


Dow, Charles M Jamestown, N. Y. 

Dow, William H Portland, Me. 

Downing, Robert F Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Dreher, Julius D., American Consul, 

Port Antonio, Jamaica 

Dudley, Helena S Waltham, Mass. 

Duell, Charles H New York 

Dunham, George E Utica, N. Y. 

Dunn, Arthur W Washington, D. C. 

Duras, Victor H New York 

Dutton, Samuel T New York 

Dwight, Edmund New York 

Dyer, Francis John Washington, D. C. 

Earle, John Walter New York 

Eaton, Edward D Beloit, Wise. 

Eaton, Frederick Heber New York 

Eaton, Marquis Chicago, 111. 

Edge, Walter I Atlantic City, N. J. 

Edison, Thomas A Orange, N. J. 

Edmonds, Franklin Spencer. .Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edsall, Rt. Rev. Samuel Cook, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edwards, C. Robert Rome, N. Y. 

Edwards, William H New York 

Ehlers, Edward M. L New York 

Eliot, Dr. Charles W Cambridge, Mass. 

Elliott, Samuel New York 

Ellsworth. William W New York 

Ellyson, J. Taylor Richmond, Va. 

Elting, Howard Chicago, 111. 

Elwell, Frank Edwin Weehawken, N. J. 

Ely, Robert Erskine New York 

Elv, William Caryl Buffalo, N. Y. 

Emerson, George D Buffalo, N. Y. 

Emerson, Henry P Buffalo, N. Y. 

English, H. D. W Pittsburg, Pa. 

English, William E Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ericsson. Rev. J. M Yonkers, N. Y. 

Essary, J. Fred" Washington, D. C. 

Ettenger. Robert Lee Washington, D. C. 

Evans, David G New York 

Evans, Lawton B Augusta, Ga. 

Ewart, Richard H New York 

Fabbri. Ernesto G New York 

Fairchild, E. T Topeka, Kan. 

Farley, Philip H Boston, Mass. 

Farnsworth, Colonel Frederick E...New York 

Fawcctt, Lewis L Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Felton, Samuel M Chicago, 111. 

Fenton, Rev. Thomas Albert.. . Syracuse, N. Y. 

Fessenden, Mrs. James D Paris, France 

Fielding, Major-General Edward. .Chicago, 111. 

Finch, Edward N New York 

Finlcv, Dr. John H New York 

Finley, W. W Washington, D. C. 

Fisher, Edmund D New York 

Fisher, E. E St. Paul, Minn. 

Fisher, Irving New Haven, Conn. 

Fisher! Leon O New York 

Fitzgerald, Thomas D Albany, N. Y. 

FitzHugh, Carter H Lake Forest, 111. 

Flagg, Charles F Portland, Me. 


Flagg, Ernest New York 

Fleming, Mrs. F"rancis E Augusta, Ga. 

Fleming, Rufus, American Consul, 

Edinburgh, Scotland 

Fletcher, Austin B New York 

Fling, Fred Morrow Lincoln, Neb. 

Flint, Dr. Austin New York 

Flint, Charles R New York 

Flom, George T Urbana, 111. 

Forbes, William D New London, Conn. 

Ford, Arthur Y Louisville, Ky. 

Forgan, James B Chicago, 111. 

Forrest, Nathan Bedford Memphis, Tenn. 

Forster. Rudolph Washino;[on, D. C. 

Fosdick, Frederick Fitchburg, Mass. 

Foster, A. W San Francisco, Cal. 

Foster, Ben New York 

Foster, John G., American Consul-General, 

Ottawa, Canada 

Foulke, William Dudley Richmond, Ind. 

Fox, Austen G New York 

Francis, J. H Los Angeles, Cal. 

Francolini, Joseph N New York 

Franklin, N. E Deadwood, S. D. 

Franks, Robert A Hoboken, N. J. 

Freeman, Rev. James E Minneapolis, Minn. 

Freifeld, Judge George Brooklyn, N. Y. 

French, Daniel Chester New York 

Frissell, Algernon S New York 

Frugone, Frank L New York 

Gaige, Crosby New York 

Gallatin, Albert Eugene New York 

Gannon, John J New Orleans, La. 

Gardner, Frank S New York 

Garfield, Dr. Harry A Williamstown, Mass. 

Gates, Rev. Frederick T New York 

Gates, Rev. Milo Hudson New York 

Gay, Edward Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Geer, Walter New York 

Gerstell, A. F Easton, Pa. 

Gibson, Charles Albany, N. Y. 

Gibson, Charles Dana New York 

Gilbert. Rev. Charles K New York 

Gillespie. Lawrence L New York 

Gilman, General John E Boston, Mass. 

Gihnan, Theodore New York 

Gladden, Rev. Washington Columbus, O. 

Cleaves, Captain Albert Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Glover, Charles C Washington, D. C. 

Goddard, Leroy A Chicago, 111. 

Gompers, Samuel Washington, D. C. 

Goodrich, Rear-Admiral Caspar F., 

Pomfret, Conn. 
Gorgas, Colonel William C. ...Ancon, Panama 

Gould, Edwin New York 

Gould, Dr. Elgin R. L New York 

Graff, E. U Omaha, Neb. 

Graham, James G New York 

Grant, Rev. Percy Stickney New York 

Graves. John Temple New York 

Green, J. M _. Trenton, N. J. 

Greene, General Francis Vinton. .Buffalo, N. Y. 


Greene, W. Maxwell, American Consul, 

Hamilton, Bermuda 

Greer, Rt. Rev. David H New York 

Gregory, Henry E New York 

Griffin, Percy New York 

Griffiths, John L., American Consul-General, 

London, England 

Griggs, George B Houston, Tex. 

Grinnell, George B New York 

Gross, Robert J Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Grosvenor, The Very Rev. William M., 

New York 

Guenther, Richard Oshkosh, Wis. 

Guernsey, R. S New York 

Gunn, James N New York 

Gunsaulus, Edwin N., American Consul, 

Johannesburg, South Africa 

Guthrie, George W Pittsburg, Pa. 

Habgood, Robert P Bradford, Pa. 

Hackett, Frank Warren Washington, D. C. 

Hadley, Howard D Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Hale, Edward Everett, Jr. . .Schenectady, N. Y. 

Hale, Reuben B San Francisco, Cal. 

Hall, Edward Hagaman New York 

Hall, Richard C Chicago, 111. 

Halstead, Albert, American Consul, 

Birmingham, England 

Hamill, Ernest A Chicago, 111. 

Hamm, Walter C, American Consul, 

Newcastle-on-Tyne, England 

Hammond, John Hays Gloucester, Mass. 

Hammond, Mrs. John Hays. .Gloucester, Mass. 

Hanson, George M Calais, Me. 

Hapgood, Norman New York 

Harding, W. P. G Birmingham, Ala. 

Harris, Dr. Abram W Chicago, 111. 

Harris, Daniel New York 

Harrison, General George P Opelika, Ala. 

narrower. Rev. Pascal New York 

Hart, Albert Bushnell Cambridge, Mass. 

Hart, Merwin K Utica, N. Y. 

Harvey, Colonel George New York 

Harvey, Horace J., American Consul, 

Fort Erie, Canada 

Harvey, William S New York 

Haskell, William E Washington, D. C. 

Hastings, Thomas New York 

Hatch, Edward W New York 

Hatch, Mrs. Henry R Cleveland, O. 

Hathaway, Charles New York 

Hawes, C. W Rock Island, 111. 

Hay, Louis C New York 

Haves. Stanley Wolcott Richmond, Tnd. 

Hedges, Job E New York 

Hempstead, Fay Little Rock, Ark. 

Henry, Bavard Philadelphia, Pa. 

Henrv, Philip W New York 

Herrick, Dr. Clinton B Troy, N. Y. 

Hexamer, Dr. C. I Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hibbcn, Dr. John Grier Princeton, N. J. 

Higinbotham. Harlow N Chicago, III. 

Hill, Fred M New York 


Hill, George \l Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Hillis, Rev. Newell Dwight Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hillquit, Morris New York 

Hodges, Colonel Alfred. New York 

Holcombe, John M Hartford, Conn. 

Holland, E. O Louisville, Ky. 

Holmes, Dr. Alexander M. . .Morrisville, N. Y. 

Holt, Hamilton ^ . . New York 

Hooper, Franklin W Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hoover, Herbert C New York 

Hopkins, George B New York 

Hornblower, William B New York 

Horton, Chris East Liverpool, O. 

Horton, Mrs. John Miller Buffalo, N. Y. 

Hough, Emerson Chicago, 111. 

Hough, Judge Warwick St. Louis, Mo. 

House, Colonel Edward M New York 

Howard, George Elliott Lincoln, Neb. 

Howe, Albert H Reno, Nev. 

Howe, Major Church Auburn, Neb. 

Howe, Frederic C New York 

Howland, Harold J New York 

Howland, Henrv R Buffalo, N. Y. 

Howland, Karl V. S New York 

Howland, William B New York 

Hoyt, Frank C New York 

Huckel, Rev. Oliver Baltimore, Md. 

Hughes, Bishop Edwin H..San Francisco, Cal. 

Hull, William I Swarthmore, Pa. 

Hulse, The Venerable H. R Suffern, N. Y. 

Humphrey, Andrew B New York 

Hundlev, Oscar R Birmingham, Ala. 

Hunt, Charles W New York 

Hunt, Harry E Detroit, Mich. 

Huntington, Webster P Cleveland, O. 

Huntlev. C. S New York 

Hurd, Richard M New York 

Hutchinson, A. M Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Hutchinson. Charles L Chicago, 111. 

Hyde, Charles Cheney Chicago, 111. 

Ide, Rev. Herbert Chandler. .Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Inglis, James Detroit, Mich. 

Ingraham, J. E St. Augustine, Fla. 

Ingram, Augustus E., American Consul, 

Bradford, England 

Irwin, John V New York 

Iselin, C. Oliver New York 

James, Francis B Cincinnati, O. 

Jameson. Edwin C New York 

Jarvis, Samuel M New York 

Jefferson, Rev. Charles E New York 

Jenks, Jeremiah W New York 

Jennings, Frederic Beach New York 

Jermane. W. W Washington, D. C. 

Jewell, John F., American Consul, 

Vladivostock, Russia 

Johannsen, S. M Put-in-Bay, O. 

Johansen, Charles K New York 

Johnson, D. B Rock Hill, S. C. 

Johnson, George K Philadelphia. Pa. 

Johnson, H. Albert, American Consul, 

Ghent, Belgium 


Johnson, Willis Fletcher, New Providence, R. I. 

Jones, Breckinridge St. Louis, Mo. 

Jones, T. C Pittsburg, Pa. 

Jordan, C. M Minneapolis, Minn. 

Jordan, Dr. David Starr, 

Stanford University, Cal. 

Josika-Herczeg, Imre New York 

Jowett, Rev. John H New York 

Kahn, Otto H New York 

Karger, Gus J Washington, D. C. 

Katz, Jacob New York 

Keene, Foxhall P New York 

Kehl, John E., American Consul, 

Saloniki, Turkey 

Kelley, William V Chicago, 111. 

Kellogg, Frank B St. Paul, Minn. 

Kellogg, Frederick S Jersey City, N. J. 

Kennedy, James New York 

Keppel, Frederick P New York 

King, David Bennett New York 

King, General Horatio C Brooklyn, N. Y. 

King, Willard V New York 

Kingsford, Thomas P Oswego, N. Y. 

Kingsley, William M New York 

Kirby, John, Jr Dayton, O. 

Kirkegaard, Ivar Racine, Wis. 

Kirkland, Dr. James H Nashville, Tenn. 

Knapp, Charles Welbourne St. Louis, Mo. 

Knapp, Joseph P New York 

Knopf, Dr. S. Adolphus New York 

Knox, George W Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Knox, Seymour H Buffalo, N. Y. 

Koenig, Samuel S New York 

Kohlsaat, Herman H Chicago, 111. 

Konti, Isidore Ne^y York 

Krehbiel, Edward B.. Stanford University, Cal. 

Kremer, William N New York 

Krock, Arthur B Washington, D. C. 

Kuhne, Percival New York 

Kuhns, Maurice S Chicago, 111. 

Kunz, George F New York 

Lafrentz, Ferdinand W New York 

LaGarde, Colonel Louis A. .Washington, D. C. 
Laing, James Oliver, American Consul, 

Malta, Maltese Islands 

Lamb, Charles Rollinson New York 

Lament, Thomas W New York 

Langdon, Andrew Buffalo, N. Y. 

Lange, O ve New York 

Langeloth. Jacob New York 

Lanestaff, Mrs. J. Elliott Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Larkin, John D Buffalo, N. Y. 

Larmon, Charles W Denver, Col. 

Lathrop, William L New Hope, Pa. 

Lawrence, Frank R New York 

Lawrence, William W New York 

Leete, Bishop Frederick D Atlanta. Ga. 

Leipzigcr. Henry M New York 

Lew. Jefferson M New York 

Lewis, Vivian M Paterson, N. J. 

Libby, Charles F Portland, Me. 

Lindsay, Samuel McCune New York 


Little, John Mason Boston, Mass. 

Little, Luther B New York 

Littlefield, Nathan W Providence, R. L 

Locke, W. L Lincohi, Neb. 

Loeb, William, Jr New York 

Logan, Thomas F Washington, D. C. 

Loomis, Francis B Washington, D. C. 

Lord, Chester S Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Loree, Leonor F New York 

Lorentzen, Carl New York 

Low, A. Maurice Washington, D. C. 

Lowell, Dr. A. Lawrence Cambridge, Mass. 

Lydig, Philip M New York 

Lynch, Rev. Frederick New York 

Lyon, Carrie H Pittsburg, Pa. 

Mabie, Dr. Hamilton Wright New York 

MacArthur, Rev. Robert Stuart New York 

MacCracken, Dr. Henry Mitchell. . .New York 

MacDonald, George New York 

Mace, Harry W Philadelphia, Pa. 

Macfarland, Rev. Charles S New York 

MacNeil, Hermon A College Point, N.J. 

Magee, Charles L Washington, D. C. 

Manning, Rev. William T New York 

Marble, William A New York 

Marburg, Theodore Baltimore, Md. 

Markham, Charles H Chicago, 111. 

Markham, Edwin. . .West New Brighton, N. Y. 

Marks, Marcus M New York 

Marling. Alfred E New York 

Marsh, Edward C New York 

Martin, Chester W., American Consul, 

Bridgeton, Barbados, British West Indies 

Martin, Frederick Roy Providence, R. I. 

Martin, T. Commerford New York 

Mason, Frank H., American Consul-General, 

Paris, France 

Mason, Dr. John J New York 

Mason, William E Chicago, 111. 

Masters, Eugene St. Augustine, Fla. 

Mathews, Dr. Shailer Chicago, 111. 

Matthews, Rev. Mark A Seattle, Wash. 

Matthews. Thomas A New York 

Maxim, Hudson Landing, N. J. 

Maxwell, Dr. William H Flushing, N. Y. 

Mayo, Peter H Richmond, Va. 

McAneny, George New York 

McBee, Silas New York 

McCarroll, William .New York 

McCarter, Thomas N Newark, N. J. 

McClellan, George B New York 

McClure, Samuel S New York 

McCombs. William F New York 

McConnell, Rev. Samuel D Easton, Md. 

McConnico, Andrew J., American Consul, 

St. Johns, Canada 

McCormick, Alexander A Chicago, 111. 

McCullagh, John New York 

McCurdv, Delos New York 

McDonald, Dr. Ellice New York 

McDowell, Bishop William F Chicago, 111. 

McFaden, Rev. F. T Richmond, Va. 


McFarland, J. Horace Harrisburg, Pa. 

McGee, W. J Washington, D. C. 

McGowan, Dr. John Patrick New York 

McGregor, Duncan Madison, Wise. 

McHarg, Ormsby New York 

McKenna, Thomas P New York 

McKim, Alexander Rice New York 

McLean, Donald New York 

McLean, Mrs. Donald New York 

McLean, John Emery New York 

McMillin, Emerson New York 

McPherson, Alexander Detroit, Mich. 

McWatters, Mrs. Frank New York 

Meachem, Thomas W Syracuse, N. Y. 

Mead, Edwin D Boston, Mass. 

Mead, William Rutherford New York 

Melish, William B Cincinnati, O. 

Mendes, Dr. H. Pereira New York 

Merriam, Charles E Chicago, 111. 

Merrill, Edwin G New York 

Merritt, Douglas Rhinebeck, N. Y. 

Messenger, Hiram J Hartford, Conn. 

Meyers, J. Edward Minneapolis, Minn. 

Michener, Harry G Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mickle, General William E..New Orleans, La. 

Milburn, John G New York 

Miles, H. E Racine, Wis. 

Miles, General Nelson A. . .Washington, D. C. 

Miller, Dr. Charles Henry Queens, N. Y. 

Miller, Frank A Riverside, Cal. 

Miller, George E Washington, D. C. 

Miller, Dr. George N New York 

Miller, Gerrit Smith Peterboro, N. Y. 

Miller, J. E Lincoln, Neb. 

Miller, Robert A Portland, Ore. 

Milliken, Carl E Island Falls, Me. 

Mills, A. L Portland, Ore. 

Mitchell, John J Chicago, 111. 

Mitchell, Dr. Silas Weir Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mix, Melville W Mishawaka, Ind. 

Mockridge, Rev. John New York 

Moore, Alexander P Pittsburg, Pa. 

Moore, Charles Detroit, Mich. 

Moore, Edward B Washington, D. C. 

Moore, John Bassett Washington, D. C. 

Moorhead, Maxwell K., American Consul, 

Ragoon, India 

Moreland, Rt. Rev. W. H Sacramento, Cal. 

Morgan, Daniel N Bridgeport, Conn. 

Morgan, Rollin M New York 

Morgan, William Fellowes New York 

Morris, Rev. E. C Helena, Ark. 

Morris, Henry C Chicago, 111. 

Morris, Robert C New York 

Morrison, George Austin, Jr New York 

Morrison, H. C Concord, N. H. 

Morse, Perlev New York 

Moskowitz, Henry New York 

Mott, T. A Richmond, Ind. 

Mott'et, Rev. Henry New York 

Munn, Dr. John P New York 


Munsterberg, Professor Hugo, 

Cambridge, Mass. 

Murphy, Starr J New York 

Murray, Rt. Rev. John G Bahimore, Md. 

Murray, Logan C Louisville, Ky. 

Murtha, Thomas F New York 

Muschenheim, William C New York 

Myers, Sigo Savannah, Ga. 

Nelson, Rt. Rev. C. Kinloch Atlanta, Ga. 

Nelson, Rev. George F New York 

Nelson, Col. William R Kansas City, Mo. 

Nettleton, Walter Stockbridge, Mass. 

Nevin, A. Parker New York 

Nichols, George L New York 

Nissen, Ludwig New York 

Noble, Dr. Eugene A Carlisle, Pa. 

Nollen, Dr. John S Lake Forest, 111. 

North, S. N. D. Washington, D. C. 

Nottingham, William Syracuse, N. Y. 

Noyes, Frank B Washington, D. C. 

Noyes, LaVerne W Chicago, 111. 

Nye, George F Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Nye, Ray Fremont, Neb. 

Ochs, Adolph S New York 

Ochs, George W Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ochtman, Leonard Cos Cob, Conn. 

O'Donovan, William Rudolf New York 

Ogden, Rollo New York 

O'Laughlin, J. C Washington, D. C. 

Olcott, Dudley Albany, N. Y. 

O'Leary, Denis Long Island City, N. Y. 

Olin, Stephen H New York 

Olmsted, Rt. Rev. Charles Tyler. . .Utica, N. Y. 

Olmsted, John Charles Brookline, Mass. 

O'Malley, Edward R Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ordway, Samuel H New York 

Osborn, Henry Fairfield New York 

Osborn, William Church New York 

Osborne, Louis A Scranton, Pa. 

Osborne, Thomas M Auburn, N. Y. 

Ostrup, John C New York 

Outerbridge, Eugene H New York 

Owen, F. Cunliffe New York 

Page, Lewis F Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Page, Logan W Washington, D. C. 

Page, Thomas Nelson Washington, D. C. 

Paine, Nathaniel Worcester, Mass. 

Palmer, Walter L Albany, N. Y. 

Parke, Fenton M Buffalo, N. Y. 

Parker, Amasa J Auburn, N. Y. 

Parkhurst, Rev. Charles H New York 

Parks, Rev. Leighton New York 

Partington, F. E Forest Glen, Md. 

Partridge, Rt. Rev. Sidney C. .Kansas City, Mo. 

Patchen, Robert H Ottawa, Canada 

Patton, Major Charles H New York 

Peary, Rear-Admiral Robert E., 

Washington, D. C. 

Peaslee, Edward Henry New York 

Peer, Sherman Ithaca, N. Y. 

Pelton, Rev. Dewitt Lincoln New York 

Pendleton, Ellen F Wellesley, Mass. 


Penfield, Frederic C New York 

Perkins, Frank E New York 

Perley, Frank E White Plains, N. Y, 

Perry, Chanes B,, American Consul, Tuni!, Italy 

Perry, Chesley R Chicago, 111. 

Perry, Rt. Rev. James DeWolf, Jr., 

Providence, R. L 

Peters, Rev. John P New York 

Peters, Rev. Madison C Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Peters, William R New York 

Phelan, James D San Francisco, Cal. 

Phelps, John J Hackensack, N. J. 

Phillips, H. C Mohonk Lake, N. Y. 

Phillips, William Boston, Mass. 

Pierce, Rev. Ulysses G. B. . .Washington, D. C. 

Pihlblad, Dr. Ernst F Lindsborg, Kan. 

Pinchbeck, J. Arthur New York 

Pinchot, Gifford Washington, D. C. 

Piatt, Edmund P Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Plimpton, George A New York 

Porter, General Horace New York 

Porter, Peter A Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Post, George B New York 

Pott, The Venerable William H., 

White Plains, N. Y. 

Potter, Frederic New York 

Potter, Julian, American Consul, Rouen, France 

Potter, William P Philadelphia, Pa. 

Powderly, Terrance V Washington, D. C. 

Pratt, Dallas B New York 

Pratt, Joseph Hyde Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Presbrey, Frank New York 

Price, Charles W New York 

Price, Milo B Owatonna, Minn. 

Prickitt, William A., American Consul, 

Auckland, New Zealand 

Pritchett, Dr. Henry S New York 

Proctor, A. Phimister New York 

Proctor, Thomas Utica, N. Y. 

Fugsley, Cornelius A Peekskill, N. Y. 

Putnam, George Haven New York 

Quinby, Henry C New York 

Rabbino, Bernhard New York 

Ragsdale, James W., American Consul General, 
Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Randall, Blanchard Baltimore, Md. 

Raven, A. A New York 

Ravn, Chr., Consul-General of Norway, 

New York 

Read, Harmon P Albany, N. Y. 

Redding, Sid B Little Rock, Ark. 

Reed, Daniel A Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Reese, Rt. Rev. Frederick F Savannah, Ga. 

Reeves, Francis B Philadelphia, Pa. 

Reick, William C New York 

Reid, Rev. Gilbert Shanghai, China 

Reiland, Rev. Karl New York 

Reinhart, William H Sandusky, O. 

Remington, Harvey F Rochester, N. Y. 

Remsen, Dr. Ira Baltimore, Md. 

Reque, Dr. P. A Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Reynolds, James B New York 


Rhees, Dr. Rush Rochester, N. Y. 

Rhinelander, Philip New York 

Rhinelander, T. J. Oakley New York 

Rice, Calvin, W New York 

Richards, W. W Ticonderoga, N. Y. 

Richardson, Frank W Auburn, N. Y. 

Ridder, Herman New York 

Ridgway, Erman J New York 

Riggs, Mrs. George C New York 

Rns, Jacob A Richmond Hill, N. Y 

Rindlaut, M. P Plattville, Wise. 

Ristad, Rev. D. G Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Roberts, George E Washington, D. C. 

Roberts, Rev. William Henry, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Robinson, Charles L New York 

Robinson, Douglas New York 

Robinson, Edward New York 

Roden, Ernest K Scranton, Pa. 

Rodgers, James Linn, American Consul- 

General Havana, Cuba 

Rogers, John S New York 

Rogers, Walter Alexander Chicago, 111. 

Rogers, Rev. W. C Annandale, N. Y. 

Rollins, James W Boston, Mass. 

Roome, William J New York 

Roosevelt, Franklin D New York 

Roosevelt, Theodore New York 

Root, Charles T New York 

Rosenwald, Julius Chicago, 111. 

Rosewater, Victor '.Omaha, Neb. 

Roth, Frederick G. R Englewood, N. J. 

Rouse, Frederick T Omaha, Neb. 

Rowe, Basil W New York 

Rowe, Dr. L. S Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ruckstuhl, Frederick W New York 

Ruppert, Jacob, Jr New York 

Russell, Charles Howland New York 

Russell, Lindsay New York 

Ryder, Frederick M.. American Consul, 

Rimouski, Quebec, Canada 

Sackett, Henry Woodward New York 

Sanborn, Charles P Newport, R. I. 

Sanger, Colonel William Gary, 

Sangerfield, N. Y. 

Sague, John K Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Salomon, William New York 

Sammons, Thomas, American Consul-General, 
Yokohama, Japan 

Sard, Grange Albany, N. Y. 

Sartz, R. N. S Washington, D. C. 

Saxe, John Godfrey New York 

Scarborough, Rt. Rev. John Trenton, N. J. 

Schaeffer, Nathan C Harrisburg, Pa. 

Schelling, Felix Emanuel Philadelphia, Pa. 

Schermerhorn, F. Augustus New \ ork 

Scherzer, Albert H Chicago, 111. 

Schifif, Jacob H New York 

Schiff, Mortimer L New York 

Schmidlapp, J. G Cincinnati, O. 

Schneider. R. B Fremont, Neb. 

Schwab, Gustav, Jr New York 

Schuette, Oswald F Washington, D. C. 


Schurman, Dr. Jacob Gould Ithaca, N. Y. 

Schurz, Carl L New York 

Scott, Dr. Austin New Brunswick, N. J. 

Scott, Colonel Hugh L Washington, D. C. 

Scott, James Brown Washington, D. C. 

Scott, Walter New York 

Scovil, E. Medley New York 

Scudder, Rev. Henry Townsend, 

Northport, N. Y. 

Seaman, Dr. Louis Livingston New York 

Sears, Joseph H New York 

See, Alonzo B New York 

Sefton, Edwin New York 

Selby, George D Portsmouth, O. 

Seligman, Isaac N New York 

Seton, Ernest Thompson Cos Cob, Conn. 

Sexton, Lawrence E New York 

Seyfert, Augustus G Lancaster, Pa. 

Shahan, Mgr. Thomas J Washington, D. C. 

Shaw, Dr. Albert New York 

Shaw, Dr. Henry L. K Albany, N. Y. 

Shaw, General W. T Fort Worth, Tex. 

Sheldon, Dr. Charles S._. Madison, Wise. 

Shepard, James M., American Consul, 

Hamilton, Canada 
Shepard, Bishop William O. .Kansas City, Kan. 

Sherrill, Charles H New York 

Shipley, George Baltimore, Md. 

Shipman, Rev. Herbert New York 

Shippen, Joseph Seattle, Wash. 

Shonts, Theodore P New York 

Short, William H New York 

Short, Rev. Wallace M Sioux City, Iowa 

Shumaker, Frederick W New York 

Silliman, Reuben D New York 

Simmons, Maurice New York 

Simpson, David F Minneapolis, :\Iinn. 

Simard, George A ]\IontreaI, Canada 

Slater, Fred C, American Consul, 

Sarnia, Canada 

Slatterv, Rev. Charles Lewis New York 

Sleicher, John A New York 

Smilev, Daniel Lake Mohonk, N. Y. 

Smith, C. A Oakland, Cal. 

Smith, Delevan Indianapolis, Ind. 

Smith, Gregory L Mobile, Ala. 

Smith, Payson Augusta Me. 

Smith, Robert A. C New York 

Smith, Mrs. Tunstall Baltimore, Md. 

Smith, Dr. William H New York 

Smith, William Wolff Washington. D. C. 

Snow Dr. William Benham New York 

Somerville, Robert N Rosedale, Miss. 

Sothern, Edward H New York 

Sothern, Mrs. Edward H New York 

Spalding, Burleigh F Bismarck, N D. 

Spever, James VV '^^"^ .. 

Sprague, Homer B Newton. Mass. 

Staff, Fred Grand Rapids. Mich. 

Standish, Miles ^ • -^^.T xt°v 

Stapf, John A.. Sr Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Starace, Achille New York 


Stella, Dr. Antonio New York 

Stelzle, Dr. Charles New York 

Stern, Louis New York 

Stetson, Francis Lynde New York 

Stevens, W. Tyrie New York 

Stewart, James B New York 

Stewart, John A New York 

Stewart, Mary Missoula, Mont. 

Stewart, Nathaniel B., American Consul, 

Durban, South Africa 

Stewart, Sidney V Corry, Pa. 

Stewart, William Rhinelander New York 

Stilger, Anthony E New York 

Stillman, Dr. William Olin Albany, N. Y. 

Stires, Rev. Ernest M New York 

Stokes, Surgeon-General Charles P., 

Washington, D. C. 

Stone, Melville E New York 

Stone, Warren S Cleveland, O. 

Strauss, Nathan New York 

Strong, Charles H New York 

Strong, Rev. George Alexander New York 

Strong, Rev. Josiah New York 

Stryker, Dr. M. Woolsey Clinton, N. Y. 

Stuart, Henry C New York 

Stuart, Mrs. Ruth McEnery New York 

Sulzberger, Cyrus L New York 

Sutton, Dr. W. S Austin, Tex. 

Swain, Dr. Joseph Swarthmore, Pa. 

Sykes, General E. T Columbus, Miss. 

Symons, Colonel Thomas W., 

Washington, D. C. 

Talbot, A. R Lincoln, Neb. 

Talcott, James New York 

Tappan, John B. Coles New York 

Tarbell, Ida M New York 

Taylor, Charles L Pittsburg, Pa. 

Taylor, Francis R Philadelphia, Pa. 

Tavlor, Graham Chicago. III. 

Taylor, Hubert G Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Tavlor, Dr. James ]\I Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Taylor, Willard U New York 

Tenney, Charles H New York 

Terrill, Stephen Ishpeming, Mich. 

Thackara, Alexander M., American Consul- 

General Berlin, Germany 

Thatcher, Joseph Addison Denver, Col. 

Thavis, L. William Washington, D. C. 

Thirkield. Bishop Wilbur P.. New Orleans, La. 

Thomas, John Lloyd New York 

Thomas, Dr. M. Carey Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Thomas, Ralph W Hamilton, N Y. 

Thompson, James M New Orleans, La. 

Thompson, Colonel Robert M New York 

Thomson, T. Kennard New York 

Thwing, Dr. Charles F Cleveland, O. 

Tilden, Edward Chicago, 111. 

Tillinghast, Ray C New York 

Tod, Robert E New York 

Tod, William Stewart New York 

Todd, Mackenzie R Frankfort, Ky. 


Torney, Surgeon-General George H., 

Washington, D. C. 

Towne, Henry R New York 

Townsend, Rev. S. DeLancey New York 

Trembath, William J Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Trenor, John J. D New York 

Trimble, Commander Harvey M., Princeton, 111. 

Trix, John Detroit, Mich. 

Trueblood, Benjamin F Boston, Mass. 

Tryon, James L Boston, Mass. 

Tucker, William A New York 

Turnblad, Swan T Minneapolis, Minn. 

Turner, Charles M New York 

Turner, C. Y New York 

Tuttle, Ezra B Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Tuttle, Mrs. George F Plattsbure, N. Y. 

Twitchell, Seldon Philadephia, Pa. 

Untermyer, Samuel New York 

Utley, Henry Munson Detroit, Mich. 

Vail, Theodore N Boston, Mass. 

Van Alen, James J New York 

Vanderbilt, Cornelius New York 

Vanderlip, Frank A New York 

Van de Water, Rev. George R New York 

Van Dyke, Dr. Henry Princeton, N. J. 

Van Hee, Julius A., American Vice-Consul, 

Ghent, Belgium 

Van Hise, Dr. Charles R Madison, Wis. 

Van Kleeck, Rev. Frederick B., 

White Plains, N. Y. 

Van Sant, Howard D., American Consul, 

Dunfermline, Scotland 

Van Sinderen, Howard New York 

Van Zandt, General K. M. . . .Fort Worth, Tex. 

Vernon, Leroy T Washmgton, D. C. 

Vibbert, Rev. William H New York 

Vincent, Dr. George E Minneapolis, Mmn. 

Wade, Festus J St. Louis, Mo 

Wadhams, Darius T Oswego, N. Y. 

Wadsworth, Eliot Boston, Mass. 

Wagner, General Louis Philadelphia, Pa. 

Waite, Judge Edward F Minneapolis, Minn. 

Wakefield, Ernest A., American Consul, 

Port Elizabeth, South Africa 

Walcott, Charles D Washington, D. C. 

Wald, Lillian D New York 

Walker, Henry Oliver Lakewood, N.J. 

Walker Rt Rev. William David, Buffalo, A. i. 

Wallace, John F New \ ork 

Wallin, A. R Kenilworth, N. J. 

Walsh. Dr. James J ■ ■ • • Ne^v York 

Walsh, Julius S St. Louis, Mo. 

Wandling. James L New \ ork 

Ward, Dr. George Morgan Aurora, N. Y. 

Warfield. Dr. Ethelbert D Easton Pa. 

Warner. B. H Washington. D. C. 

Warren, William J Detroit, Mich. 

Warren, General Winslow Boston, Mass. 

Washington, Horace Lee, American Consul, 

Liverpool, England 

Wason, Leonard C • . -Boston Mass. 

Watchorn, Robert Los Angeles, Cal. 


Watrous, Richard B Washington, D, C. 

Watterson, Colonel Henry Louisville, Ky. 

Weiss, A. C Duluth, Minn. 

Welamb, Victor N New York 

Welborn, J. F Denver, Col. 

Welch, John Collins New York 

Werner, Justice William E Rochester, N. Y. 

Whalen, John New York 

Wheeler, Justice Charles B Buffalo, N. Y. 

Wheeler, Edward J New York 

Wheeler, Everett P New York 

White, Mrs. Alexander B Paris, Tenn. 

White, General E. V Norfolk, Va. 

White, Mrs. Horace Syracuse, N. Y. 

White, John Williams Cambridge, Mass. 

Whitehead, Rt. Rev. Cortlandt. .Pittsburg, Pa. 

Whitehead, John M Janesville, Wis. 

Whitelock, George Baltimore, Md. 

Whiting, Charles H Paris, France 

Wilber, David F., American Consul-General, 

Vancouver, Canada 

Wilbur, Alonzo Hamilton, N. Y. 

Wilcox, Ansley Buffalo, N. Y. 

Wiley, Dr. Harvey W New York 

Wiley, Louis New York 

Wilkie, John L New York 

Wilkinson, Mrs. J. D Shreveport, La. 

Willcox, William R New York 

Williams, Clark New York 

Williams, Rt. Rev. Charles D... Detroit, Mich. 

Williams, Frank F Buffalo, N. Y. 

Williams, Frank M Goshen, N. Y. 

Williams, Frederick Ballard New York 

Williams, Leonidas C New York 

Williams, Mornay New York 

Williams, Roger Butler Ithaca, N. Y. 

Williams, Samuel New York 

Willrich, Gebhard, American Consul, 

Quebec, Canada 

Wilson, Mrs. Augusta J New York 

Wilson, George T New York 

Wilson, Bishop Luther B New York 

Wilson, Samuel M Lexington, Kv. 

Wing, Asa S Philadelphia, Pa. 

Winkler, Eli Cincinnati, O. 

Wise, Dr. Stephen S New York 

Wister, Owen Philadelphia, Pa. 

Witherbee, Frank S New York 

Witherbee, Walter C Port Henry, N. Y. 

Wolf, Julius H. G San Francisco, Cal. 

Wood, Arthur King Brooklvn, N. Y. 

Wood, Mrs. Joseph S Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Wood, William M Boston, Mass. 

Woodbury, Theodore C New York 

Woodruff, Clinton Rogers Philadelphia, Pa. 

Woodward, Robert S Washington, D. C. 

Woolworth, Frank W New York 

Worthington, George H Cleveland, O, 

Yarnall, Stanley R Philadelphia, Pa. 

Yerby, William J., American Consul, 

Sierra Leone, West Africa 
Yeska, Joseph New York 


City Committees 

(Committees appointed by Mayors as 

members National Committee ; to serve for 

purposes of local celebration and in all 
matters afifecting Cities.) 


James B. McEwan 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Arnold, Benjamin W. 

Burke, Rt. Rev. Thomas M. A. 

Chalmers, Robert M. 

Chester, Alden 

Cogswell, Ledyard 

Corning, Parker 

Finegan, Thomas E. 

Gibson, Charles 

Goldenson, Rabbi Samuel H. 

Graves, Frank B. 

Hascy, Oscar L. 

Herrick, D-Cady 

Herzog, Jacob H. 

Hun, Marcus T. 

Huyck, Edmund N. 

Jones, C. Edward 

Kiernan, Peter D. 

Kittell, Rev. James S. 

Lansing, J. Townsend 

Leonard, Edgar C. 

MacFarlane, Dr. Andrew 

Manning, James H. 

Mayer, William T. 

McCredie, James 

]\IcDonald, William 

]\IcElrov, James F. 

Milne, William J. 

Nelson, Rt. Rev. Richard H. 

Norton, John T. 

Olcott, Dudley 

Parker, Amasa J. 

Patterson, Brie-. Gen. John H. 

Perkins, James H. 

Pruyn, Robert C. 

Read, Harmon Pumpelly 

Roscndale, Simon W. 

Rudd, William P. 

Sage, Henry M. 

Sard, Grange 

Shaw, Dr. Henry L. K. 

Stillman, Dr. William O. 

Sims, Clifford S. 

Smith, A. Page 

Stevens, Joseph W. 
Thacher, George H. 
Tracey, James F. 
Van Antwerp, Thomas I. 
Van Benthuysen, Frank 
Vander Veer, Dr. Albert 
Ward, Dr. Samuel B. 
Warren, Henry P. 
Wheeler, Seth 


D. K. B. Sellers 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Burkhart, Summers 
Field, Neill B. 
Kaseman, George 
Koch, I. B. 
Macpherson, D. A. 
Marron, O. N. 
McGaffey, A. B. 
McMillen, A. B. 
Raynolds, Joshua S. 
Rosenwald, David 


James H. Preston 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Armistead, George 
Bibbins, Arthur B. 
Jackson, E. E. 
Lee, Robert E. 
Preston, Alexander 
Riggs, Clinton L. 
Warfield, Edwin 


Louis Wiard 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Bradley, C. C. 
Brittain, Rev. Alfred 
Clarkson, Rev. Samuel J. 
Kennedy, John 
MacQueen, Rev. Donald B. 
McWain, A. J. 
Mock, Rev. Stanlev U. 
North, Stafford E. 
Parker, LeRoy 
Scatcherd, R. C. 
Tarbox, H. F. 
Tomlinson, D. W. 
Washburn, Edward A. 
Washburn, J. J. 
Wood, Frank S. 
Wilber, Rev. W. T. 



Arthur Hodges 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Funsten, Bishop J. B. 
Hawley, James H. 
Morrison, John T. 


John F. Fitzgerald 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Alexander, Rev. James 

Andrews, Mrs. Fannie Fern I 

Bloomfield, Meyer 

Bottomley, Dr. John T. 

Brigham, William D. i 

Capen, Samuel B. i 

Cardinal O'Connell 

Chandler, Edward H. 

Christian, Dr. Andrew F. 

Cole, Rev. William I. 

Conrad, Rev. A. Z. 

Dole, Rev. Charles F. 

Dyer, Dr. F. B. 

Eichler, Rabbi M. M. 

Fitzpatrick, Thomas B. 

Fleischer, Rev. Charles 

Frothingham, Rev. Paul Revere 

Oilman, John E. 

Gordon, Rev. George A. 

Hamilton, Rev. F. W. 

Hemenway, Mrs. Augustus 

Horgan, Dr. John A. 

Johnson, Rev. Herbert 

King, Rev. George W. 

Lawrence, Rt. Rev. William 

Lefavour, Dr. Henry 

Lowell, Dr. A. Lawrence 

Maclaurin, Dr. Richard C. 

Mann, Rev. Alexander 

McSweeney, Edward F. 

Mead, Edwin D. 

Mead, Mrs. Lucia Ames 

Munroe, James P. 

Murlin, Dr. Lemuel H. 

O'Connell, Cardinal 

Roblin, Rev. S. H. 

Shuman, Abraham 

Storey, Moorfield 

Tilley, David F. 

Warren, Winslow 

Winship, Addison L. 

Woods, Robert A. 



Ex- Officio 

Mayor of Buffalo 

President of Chamber of Commerce 

President Common Council 

President Board of Councilmen 

President Board of Aldermen 

President Board of Supervisors 

Chairman — Fenton M. Parke 
1st Vice-Chairman — Joseph R. Baldwin 
2nd Vice-Chairman — George K. Birge 

Honorary Vice-Chairmen 

George D. Emerson 
Joseph E. Gavin 
George Urban, Jr. 
Salomon Ginsburg 
Anthony J. Schreiber 
Joseph G. Bellanca 

Albright, John J. 
Alexander, De Alva S. 
Almy, Francis 
Anderson, Henry G. 
Archbald, Joseph A. 
Armstrong, Charles N. 
Arnold, George J. 
Arthur, Frank J. 
Auhl, Dr. Charles H. W. 
Avery, Truman G. 
Babcock. Louis L. 
Baird, Frank B. 
Baker, John H. 
Baldwin, Joseph R. 
Balliett, Carl J. 
Balliett, Harold J. 
Barber, Cj^rus L. 
Barcalo, Edward J. 
Bare, Francis S. 
Barclay, William H. 
Bardwell, Ernest G. 
Barker. Albert 
Barr, William Henry 
Bartlett, Dr. G. Hunter 
Bauman. Gustave C. 
Beck, Dr. William F. 
Becker, Fred A. 
Becker, Jacob G. 
Becker, Walter W. 
Bellanca, Joseph G. 
Bernhard, Philip 
Berrick, Alfred A. 
Bettcher, Charles F. 
Beyer, Frank A. 
Bippert, Fred 
Birge, George K. 
Bissell, Arthur D. 


Bissell, Herbert P. 
Blair, Odell R. 
Block, Joseph 
Bloschan, John 
Boiler, Henry E. 
Borzilleri, Dr. Charles R. 
Braun, John A. 
Brett, C. Edward 
Brower, Seth L. 
Brown, Walter L. 
Buck, George S. 
Burd, George B. 
Butler, Edward H., Jr. 
Gary, Dr. Charles 
Casazza, Joseph J. 
Clarke, Charles M. 
Clinton, George 
Clinton, Spencer 
Codd, Robert M. 
Coleman, John 
Collucci, R. 
Conners, William J. 
Cook, Dr. Joseph T. 
Cooke, Thomas F. 
Cooke, Walter P. 
Grafts, John W. 
Crangle, Roland 
Crosby, William H. 
Curtiss, Harlow C. 
Curtiss, Walter L. 
Daniels, William H. 
Dann, Jesse C. 
Danner, Philip H. 
Davis, George A. 
Day, Robert W. 
Deining, Charles G. 
Diehl, George C. 
Dold, Jacob C. 
Donaldson, Robert S. 
Douglas, William A. 
Downes, Frederick O. 
Driscoll, Daniel A. 
Dudley, Wesley C. 
Durand, Edward T. 
Ehrmann, Henry J. 
Eichel, Robert 
Elmore, Richard F. 
Emerson, George D. 
Emerson, Henry P. 
Enos, Laurens 
Erb, Jacob H. 
Ernst, Henry 
Everson, AH)ert 
Farrar, Joseph 
Farrell, David B. 
Ferkel, Philip J. 
Finsterbach, Fred 
Fitzpatrick, William H. 
Fleischmann, Simon 
Forman, Howard A. 
Foster, James F. 
Foster, Orrin E. 

Fryer, Robert L. 
Gerrans, H. Montgomery 
Gibbs, John W. 
Ginsburg, Solomon 
Gleber, George H. 
Glenny, William H. 
Godbalcl, William H. 
Goode, Richard W. 
Goodspeed, William P. 
Goodyear, A. Conger 
Gratwick, William H. 
Green, Edward B. 
Greene, Francis V. 
Greiner, Fred 
Griggs, George B. 
Gulp, Robert C. 
Gurney, Charles L. 
Haas, Frank J. 
Haight, Albert 
Hamlin, Chauncey J. 
Hammond, Clark H. 
Hanley, Dr. Lawrence T. 
Haubert, Charles H. 
Hayd, Dr. Herman 
Hayes, Edmund 
Heald, Charles M. 
Hearn, Richard F. 
Hedstrom, Arthur E. 
Hefford, R.obert R. 
Heiss, Christian 
Held, Frank C. B. 
Hellriegel, Fred C. 
Henry, John 
Hickman, Arthur W. 
Hill, Henry W. 
Hinson, Charles W. 
Hobbie, Dr. George S. 
Hofeller, Edward G. 
Hollister, Evan 
Holmwood, Frank S. 
Horton, Clinton T. 
Hotchkiss, William Henry 
Howard, Frederick 
Howland, Henry R. 
Hubbell, Clifford 
Huebner, Joseph C. 
Humphrey, Richard 
Humphrey, William 
Hutchinson, Edward Howard 
Hynes, John J. 
Irwin, Dudley M. 
Jackson, Edward D. 
Jentoft. Henry W. 
Jerge, Henry F. 
Joergenson, James P. 
Jones, Bert L. 
Jones, Dr. C. Sumner 
Joslyn, John R. 
Joyce, Charles F. 
Justice, William G. 
Kellogg, Ralph H. 
Kennedy, Hugh 


King, William A. 
King, William F. 
Kingsley, Spencer S. 
Kirkover, Harry D. 
Kloepfer, John 
Koons, Edward L. 
Kreiger, William 
Kreinheder, Arthur W. 
Landsittle, Edward L. 
Langdon, Andrew 
Lansill, William 
LaReau, Oliver G. 
Larkin, John D. 
Earned, Josephus N. 
Lascelles, John H. 
Laub, Albert F. 
Laughlin, Joseph J. 
Lautz, Carl A. 
Eautz, Otto J. 
Eeininger, Philip 
Lemmer, John 
Lewis, Dr. F. Park 
Lewis, George A. 
Lewis, Loran L. 
Eittell, Hardin H. 
Loomis, Frank M, 
Lormor, Earl E. 
Liitz, George F. 
MacGregor, Clarence 
Mack, Norman E. 
Mann, Elbert B. 
Mann, Dr. Matthew D. 
Martin, Darwin D. 
Marvin, John G. H. 
Mathews, George B. 
Mazuca, Pascal V. 
McCall, Henrv C. 
McDougal, Elliott C. 
McGraw, Frank S. 
McNair, Eben. O. 
Mehl, Dr. William M. 
Meldrum. Herbert A. 
Meyer, August F. 
Mejrer, Dr. Edward J. 
Miller, Edwin G. S. 
Mixer, Knowlton 
Montgomery, Edwin W. 
Moot, Adelbert 
Moseley, Dr. George T. 
Murphy, John A. 
Murray, William Sr. 
Murray, Michael J. 
Neal, Edgar C. 
Northrup, William P. 
Norton, Charles P. 
Nowicki, Stanislaus S. 
Nye, Olin T. 
O'Rrian, John Lord 
O'Connor, James K. 
O'Keefe, Richard C. 
Olmsted, John B. 
Olszanowski, Frank A. 

Onetto, E. E. 
Osborn, Alexander F. 
Otto, William E. 
Page, Charles G. 
Paget, William 
Park, Dr. Roswell 
Parke, Fenton M. 
Paton, Andrew S. 
Penney, Thomas 
Peterson, Fred J. 
Pfanner, J. P. 
Pomeroy, Robert W. 
Powell, James M. 
Prentice, Frank N. 
Price, John H. 
Rahl, Henry 
Ramsdell, William M. 
Ramsperger, Samuel J. 
Rand, George F. 
Reinecke, Ottomar 
Rich, G. Barrett, Sr. 
Richter, Dr. Julius 
Richter, Dr. Al. Allen 
Robertson, William E. 
Robinson, John W. 
Rogers, James T. 
Rogers, William A. 
Rohlfs, Charles 
Rohr, Mathias 
Root, Robert K. 
Rozan, James M. 
Ruckh, Lester V. 
Rumsey, Bronson C. 
Ruskievicz, Frank 
Russell, Dr. Nelson G. 
Ryan, William H. 
Saperston, Willard W. 
Sawyer, George P. 
Scatcherd, John N. 
Schaefer, Dr. George W. 
Schelling, Robert F. 
Schmidt, Frank J. 
Schmidt, Hans 
Schoellkopf, Walter H. 
Schoenhut, Charles 
Schreiber, Anthony 
Schueler, Charles 
Schwob, Frank 
Sears. Charles B. 
Seereiter, Frank J. 
Seilheimer, Henry 
Severance, Frank H. 
Sidway, Frank S. 
Simon, William 
Smith, Arthur 
Smith, Charles B. 
Smith. Preston R. 
Smithe, Charles A. 
Smokowski, Peter B. 
Sowers, David W. 
Spencer, Seth S.. Jr. 
Sprague, Carlton 

Sprague, Henry W. 
Spratt, Maurice C. 
Staniland, William G. 
Statler, Ellsworth M. 
Stauch, Jacob A. 
Steelier, Robert C. 
Steele, Frank B. 
Stewart, Isaac N. 
Stockton, Dr. Charles G. 
Stringer, George A. 
Sullivan, John P. 
Sumner, G. Arthur 
Sumner, Wilder E. 
Sweeney, J. S. 
Taber, M. Emmett 
Tanke, Eugene 
Tanke, Theodore C. 
Taylor, Horace F. 
Tennant, Willis H. 
Terhaar, John 
Thomas, Edwin R. 
Thorn, Frank Bret 
Toughey, Thomas F. 
Tovey, Alfred E. 
Treptau, Frank M. 
Troup, George 

Truitt, Colonel Charles M. 

Urban, George, Jr. 

Van Allen, John W. 

Valanti, Dr. Frank A. 

Vars, Harry T. 

Viele, Sheldon T. 

Wagoner, Charles H. 

Walker, John K. 

Wall, Maurice M. 

Ward, Francis G. 

Ward, Hamilton 

Warner, Charles F. 

Warren, Edward S. 

Warren, William C. 

Warren, William Y. 

Watson, Arnold B. 

Webster, W. E. 

Wedekindt, Henry W. 

Welch, Brigadier-General Samuel M. 

Wende, Gottfried H. 

Weppner, Edward A. 

W'estbrook, Lloyd L. 

Wheeler, Albert J. 

Wheeler, Charles B. 

White, Ford 

Whitford, Alfred H. 

Wickwire, Theodore H., Jr. 

Wilcox, Ansley 

Wile, Herman 

Wilkie, Lafayette 

Wilkes, Albert A. 

Willert, August L. 

Williams, Frank F. 
Wilson, Charles R. 
Wilson, W. ]Morse 
Wittlingor, Rev. Oscar E. 


Wright, Albert B. 
Wright, Thomas 
Yeager, Orson E. 
Zawadzski, Wladyslaw H. 
Zeller, Henry C. 
Zenger, Joseph 
Zimmermann, George M. 


Frank C. Norton 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Baldwin, W. W. 
Blake, W. E. 
Boesch, George C. 
Clark, C. C. 
Copeland, W. W. 
Fleming, J. J. 
Frantz, Dr. Charles P. 
McKitterick, Dr. N. 
Moir, Alex. 
Osborn, Rev. Naboth 


James E. Burke 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Benton, Gray Potter 
Cassidy, Rev. William H. 
Corley, Edward B. 
Miles, James E. 
Powell, Max L. 
Wilson, Rev. Charles C. 


Eliot, Charles W. 
Hart, Albert Bushnell 
Lowell, A. Lawrence 
Munsterberg, Hugo 
White, John Williams 


Honorary Chairman — Hon. Carter H. Harri- 
son, Mayor 
C/!on-H;a«— Cyrus H. McCormick 
Vice-Chairman — President Abram W. Harris 
Sccretarv — Henry C. Morris 
Trcasiirer— Charles L. Hutchinson 
Chairman of Executive Committee — Leroy A. 


Addams, Jane 

Anderson, Bishop Charles P. 

Arnold, Bion J. 

Bailey, Edward P. 

Baker, Alfred L. 

Barnes, Clififord W. 


Beals, Charles E. 
Bowen, Mrs. Joseph T. 
Brown, Justice Edward O. 
Buffington, E. J. 
Butler, Edward B, 
Crane, Charles R. 
Davis, Dr. Nathan Smith 
Deneen, Hon. Charles S. 
Douglas, James H. 
Eastman, John C. 
Eaton, Marquis 
Evans, Lynden 
Felton, Samuel M. 
Fisher, Hon. Walter L. 
Fitz Hugh, Carter H. 
Forgan, David R. 
Forgan, James B. 
Foss, Hon. George E. 
Glogauer, Fritz 
Hall, Richard C. 
Hamill, Ernest A. 
Henrotin, Mrs. Ellen M. 
Higinbotham, H. N. 
Hinman, George W. 
Hirsch, Rev. Emil G. 
Hough, Emerson 
Hyde, Charles Cheney 
Jones, Rev. Jenkin Lloyd 
Judson, Pres. Harry Pratt 
Keeley, James 
Kelley, William V. 
Kennedy, John C. 
Kohlsaat, H. H. 
Kuhns, Maurice S. 
Lamson, S. W. 
Lawrence, A. M. 
Lawson, Victor F. 
MacVeagh, Hon. Franklin 
Madden, Hon. Martin B. 
Mason, Hon. William E. 
McCormick, Alexander A. 
McCormick, Medill 
McDowell, Bishop William F. 
Merriam, Charles E. 
Methven. Benjamin F. 
Nollen, John S. 
Noyes, LaVerne 
Orde, M. B. 
Patten, James A. 
Quigley, Archbishop James E. 
Reynolds, George M. 
Rogers, Walter Alexander 
Rosenwald, Julius 
Rossbach, Fred L. 
Scherzer. Albert H. 
Shaffer, John C. 
Skinner, Edward M. 
Sheldon, George W. 
Taylor, Graham 
Tolman, Edgar B. 
Wheeler, Harry A. 
Young, Mrs. Ella Flagg 


Henry T. Hunt 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Chairman— George A. Armstrong, Jr. 
Ault, L. A. 
Breed, Austin A. 
Creutz, Otto 
Edwards, E. W. 
Egan, Thomas P. 
Hinsch, Charles A. 
Hutton, W. E. 
Julian, W. A. 
Omwake, John 
Proctor, William Cooper 
Strietmann, A. P. 
Yeiser, H. C. 


C/za/r;;;an— Samuel Mather 

Honorary Vice-Chairman— Newton D. Baker 

(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Vice-Chairman—DR. Charles F. Thwing 
Vice Chairman— Rev. Thomas S. McWilliams 
Vice-Chairman— Rev. Gilbert Jennings 
Vice-Chairman— James R. Garfield 
Secretary— Dean C. Mathews 
Treasurer — M. A. Marks 

Adams, Charles E. 
Brett, W. H. 
Bulkley, R. J. 
Burton, Theodore E. 
Cooley, Rev. Harris R. 
Cowles, J. G. W. 
DuMoulin, Very Rev. Frank 
Farrelly, Rt. Rev. John P. 
Garfield, James R. 
Goff, F. H. 
Gries, Rabbi Moses J. 
Havens, Munson A. 
Herrick, Myron T., 

Ambassador to France 
Houck, Rev. M'g'r G. F. 
Houser. Rev. A. Frank 
Howre, President Charles S. 
Hov^rland, Paul 
Jennings, Rev. Gilbert P. 
Keeler, Miss Harriet L. 
Leonard. Rt. Rev. William A. 
Lewis, R. E. 
Marks, M. A. 
Mathews. D. C. 
Mather, Samuel 
McWilliams, Rev. Thomas S. 
Meldrum. Rev. A. B. 
Moran, Rev. Francis T 
Perkins, Miss Emma M. 
Simons, Rev. M. O. 
Stone, Warren S. 


Sutphen, Rev. Paul 
Thwing, Dr. Charles F. 
Tippy, Rev. Worth M. 
Wolsey, Rabbi Louis 


Thomas Maloney 

(Honorary ]\Iember National Committee) 

.Binder, H. W. 
Dodge, Grenville M. 
Melhop, John 
Merriam, E. H. 
Orchard, William R. 
Price, C. E. 
Quinn, H. A. 
Saunders, C. G. 
Smith. Walter I. 
Spindler, John 
Wheeler, O. D. 
Wickham, E. A. 


Harry Wooding 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Boatwright, W. P. 
Carrington, A. B. 
Hodnett, W. P. 
Tames, R. A. 
bverby, D. A. 

(See Colorado State Committee) 


James R. Hanna 

(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Chairman— ^&v. Finis Idleman 

Berryhill, Mrs. James G. 
Carroll, B. F. 
NoUen, Henry 
Witmer, W. L. 


Oscar B. Marx 

(Honorary Member National Committee) 

C/7rt!>;«a»— Charles B. Warren 

.•\lger, Russell A. 
Bagley, John N. 
Barbour, George H. 
Barbour, William T. 
Bielman, Charles F. 
Booth, George G. 
Booth, Ralph H. 

Bowen, Lem W. 
Boyer, Joseph 
Breitmeyer, Philip 
Buhl, Willis E. 
Burton, C. M. 
Burton, Charles W. 
Butzel, H. M. 
Carpenter, William L. 
Chadsey, Charles E. 
Chalmers, Hugh 
Chapin, R. D. 
Clark, Emory W. 
Clippert, George 
Codd, George P. 
Copley, A. Ward 
Couzens, James 
Denby, Edwin 
Dickinson, Don. M. 
Dodge, John F. 
Donaldson, John M. 
Doremus, Frank E. 
Dow, Alexander 
Doyle, E. H. 
Dust, William T. 
Dwyer. Jeremiah 
Ferry, Dexter M., Jr. 
Ford, Henry 
Ford, John B. 
Freer, Charles L. 
George, Edwin S. 
Gillespie, John 
Goebel, Aueust, Jr. 
Grant, C. B. 
Gray, David 
Green. Andrew H. 
Groesbeck, Alexander 
Guenther, Fred 
Haass, Ernest W. 
Haass, Julius 
Hecker, Frank J. 
Heineman, David E. 
Hendrie, Strathearn 
Hetherington, H. P. 
Holt, Frederick H. 
Hosmer, George S. 
Hunt, Harry E. 
Hutchins, Jere C. 
Inglis, James 
Jenks, C. C. 
Toy, Henry B; 
joy, Richard P. 
Kahn, Albert 
Kirchner, Otto 
Kotcher, Charles W. 
Earned, A. E. 
Ledyard, Henry B. 
Leete, T. T. 
Leland, Henry M. 
Livingstone, William 
Lodge, John C. 
Lucking, Alfred 
Martindale, Fred C. 

Marxhausen, August 
McMillan, Philip H. 
McRae, Milton A. 
Meredith, Howard 
Moody, George T. 
Moore, Charles 
Murphy, Alfred J. 
Murphy, William H. 
Nagel, William J. 
Newberry, Truman H. 
Nimmo, H. M. 
Orr, W. B. 
Pipp, E. G. 
Postal, Fred 
Reed, Philip 
Russell, George H. 
Ryan, Frank G. 
Schermerhorn, James 
Schmidt, Carl E. 
Scripps, William E. 
Simons, Charles C. 
Stair, E. D. 
Stroh, Julius 
Thompson, William B. 
Tuttle, Arthur J. 
Vernor, James 
Walker, F. H. 
Warren, Homer 
Webster, Clyde I. 
Whelan, John B. 
Whitney, David C. 


W. I. Prince 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Barnum, George 
Bailey, W. D. 
Bingham, Stillman H. 
Bohannan, E. W. 
Bunnell, Mrs. Milie 
Burriss, Mrs. W. H. 
Comstock, A. H. 
Congdon, C. A. 
Cotton, J. B. 
Crosby, George H. 
Crosby, W. G. 
Dancer, H. A. 
Denfield, R. E. 
Duncan, C. A. 
Floyd, Rev. Hugh A. 
Gebauer, Rev. George 
Greene, Henry F. 
Halden, Odin 
Harris, L. C. 
Hartley. G. G. 
Hart, W. N. 
Hearding, John H. 
Holden. S. R. 
Horr, R. A. 
Hovis, Rev. W. F. 


Jones, S. H. 
Larson, O. J. 
Lee, E. H. 
Lefkovitz, Rabbi M. 
Magie, Dr. W. H. 
Matter, E. W. 
Mendenhall, Luther 
Millen, John 
Mitchell, C. S. 
Morris, Page 
McComb, Dr. C. F. 
Nelson, Andrew 
Olcott, W. J. 
Ordean, A. L. 
Patrick, F. A. 
Ryan, Rev. A. W. 
Silloway, Rev. George 
Taylor, Henry 
Thorp, Rev. Charles N. 
Tuohy, Dr. E. L. 
Wade, B. C. 
Warner, A. L. 
Washburn, Mrs. J. L. 
Weiss, Mrs. A. C. 
Yost, Rev. Robt. 


H. F. Em^-y 
{Honorary Member iNational Committee) 

Chairman — C. A. Pollock 

Amidon, C. F. 
Beard, R. A. 
Myrvold, T. 
Watson, J. S. 


R. F. Milam 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Armstrong, George W. 
August, A. 
Baily, W. J. 
Baldridge, E. E. 
Boyd, F. D. 
Bryce, William 
Buchannan, J. B. 
Burnett, S. B. 
Burton, W. G. 
Clifford, George H. 
Crittenden, F. F. 
Duringer, W. A. 
Edrington, H. C. 
Farmer, E. D. 
Finney, H. E. 
Fitzgerald, Hugh 
Gillispie, O. W. 
Goodrich, C. F. 
Googins, J. B. 


Gross, Leon 
Harrold, C. G. 
Keeler, D. B. 
King, John P. 
Lary, S. D. 
Lenglet, Oscar 
McCormick, R. O. 
McKinley, Ray 
Meacham, H. C. 
Monnig, William 
Montague, A. W. 
Aloreland, Q. T. 
Nolan, Father Robert M. 
Ousley, Clarence 
Paddock, B. B. 
Rammage, R. B. 
Reynolds, W. D. 
Rice, John A. 
Samuels, Sidney L. 
Sansoni, Marion 
Saunders, Bacon 
Sikes, J. B. 
Smith, Ben. O. 
Stonestreet, W. C. 
Stripling, W. C. 
Turner, W. G. 
Vance, Roy 
Van Zandt, K. M. 
Wardlaw, V. S. 
Woodman, C. W. 
Wortham, Louis J. 
Yarbrough, T. B. 


John K. Royal 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Affleck, John A. 
Bacon, Arthur D. 
Bailey, Arthur H. 
Bailey, Edward 
Blough, B. F. 
Bowman, John K. 
Boyd, John Y. 
Copelin, O. M. 
Demming, Henry C. 
Disbrow. Charles A. 
Gilbert, Spencer C. 
Gorgas, William L. 
Gross, Edward Z. 
Hildrup, William T. 
McCaleb, William B. 
McCormick, Vance C. 
Meyers, B. F. 
Musser, Frank B. 
Reilv, George W. 
Rudy, C. Day 
Stamm, A. Carson 
Tracy, David E. 
Wallower, E. Z. 
Wireman, Thomas T. 



Louis R. Cheney 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Brainard, Morgan B. 
Burr, Willie O. 
Clark, Charles H. 
Cook, Asa S. 
Dennis, J. Elmer 
Dennis, John E. 
Dower, John L. 
Dwight, Henry C. 
Ford, George R. 
Fox, Moses 
Gale, Philip B. 
Goodman, Richard J. 
Gross, Charles Welles 
Hanson, B. M. W. 
Hart, Gerald, W. 
Harvey, Foster E. 
Hatch, Edward B. 
Jacobs, Arthur I. 
Lake, Everett J. 
Luther, Flavel S. 
Macomber. Frank G. 
Manning, Edward J. 
Pope, George 
Rice, Charles D. 
Robinson, C. L. F. 
Skinner, William C. 
Smith, H. K. 
Taylor, Charles L. 
Whitnev, Clarence E. 
William's, G. C. F. 
Wright, Daniel M. 


Richard R. Purcell 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Barbour, Dr. George H. 
Bullard, Massena 
Lindsay, Frank S. P. 
McNamee, Rev. James F. 
Palmer, Harry B. 


Samuel L. Shank 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Fairbanks, Charles W. 
Allison, W. D. 
Atkins, Henry C. 
Averill, Charles E. 
Ayres, Frederick M. 
Babcock, L. K. 
Boyd, Bert A. 
Bross, Ernst 
Brown, Dr. B. A. 
Claypool, J. H. 
Clippinger, Rev. E. W. 
Collins, James A. 


Donna, Miss Laura 
Dougherty, Hugh 
Easterdy, R. Stanhope 
Emmerson, Dr. Charles P. 
Gavisk, Rev. Francis 
Hench, Miss Elizabeth 
Hewes, Theodore 
Kenne, Dr. T. Victor 
Larke, G. H. 
Lieber, Richard 
Lilly, James W. 
Nicholson, Meredith 
Odell, Rev. Owen Davies 
Smith, Richard 
Stewart, W. K. 
Wicks, Rev. Frank S. C. 
Willis, Dr. E. A. 


John Reamer 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 
T. Frederick Crane 
Rothschold, Daniel 
Stewart, Edwin C. 
Treman, Robert H. 
Williams, Emmons L. 


S. G. Heiskell 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Chairman — John B. Brownlow 
Atkin, C. B. 
Denny, George W. 
Epps, William M. 
Frantz, John H. 
Gaut, Joseph P. 
Harvey, C. H. 
Johnston, H. M. 
Maynard, James, Jr. 
Merriweather, David 
Smithson, Noble 
Turner, W. R. 
Underwood, H. L. 
White, Dr. W. H. L. 
White, W. T. 


J. Gottlieb Reutter 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Dodge, Frank L. 
Holmes, Clarence E. 
Holmes, Mrs. Clarence E. 
Hooker, Mrs. Florence D. 
Earned, H. H. 

Moores, J. Henry , 

Moores, Mrs. J. Henry , 

Olds, Ransom E. 
Olds, Mrs. Ransom E. 
Prudden, W. K. 


Chairman — R. E. Emblidge 
Secretary — James Tattersall 

Bowen, E. P. 
Brooks, Fred 
Greenwood, Charles H. 
Gumbert, William 
Sneath, William H. 
Tompkins, Henry S. 
Williams, John W. 


Frank C. Zehrung 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Allen, C. S. 
Avery, Samuel 
Fling, F. M. 
Friend, Morris 
Harmon, Rev. H. H. 
Hinman, Mrs. E. L. 
Howard, George E. 
Miller, J. E. 
Philbrick, Dr. Inez C. 
Reese, M. B. 
Sawyer, A. J. 

Weatherly, Rev. Arthur L. 
Wharton, Rev. Fletcher 
Wilson, Mrs. H. H. 


W. O. Head 
(Honorary ]\Iember National Committee) 

Ballard, Charles 
Barr, John, Jr. 
Bayley, J. W. E. 
Besten, Henry 
Brennan, Harry 
Brown, Davis 
Brown, James B. 
Buschemeyer, Henry, Jr. 
Caperton, John 
Ellerkamp, Gustave A. 
Fairleigh, David 
Fehr, Frank 
Frihse, Charles 
Fritschner, George 
Gilbert, Richard B. 
Grainger, Charles F. 
Haldeman, Bruce 
Haldeman, William B. 
Herrmann, Joseph 
Heuser, J. Henry 
Humphrey, Edward P. 
Humphrey, Louis 
Jones, Sanders 
Levi, Abe C. 
Malone, J. P. 
Marvin, J. B. 
McDonald, Donald 

Mehl, Rev. William 
Miles, Lee 
Miller, Shachekford 
Minary, T. J. 
Mueller, Otto E. 
Murray, Logan C. 
O'Brien, Edward J. 
O'Doherty, Matt. 
O'Neal, Merrit 
Raffo, Rev. C. P. 
Rice, A. S. 
Schuhman, Leo 
Smith. Milton H. 
Taylor, Charles F. 
Thieman, Henry 
Waltz, Rev. S. S. 
Weissinger, Harry 
Wellendorf, Carl 
Whallen, James P. 
Whathen, William H. 
Young, Bennett, H. 


Daniel J. Donovan 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Pallett, J. H. 
Schmelzer, E. E. 
Squire, W. H. 
Warnock, T. H. 
Whitney, E. B. 


Button, Charles L 
McGregor, David 
Stewart, John W. 
Thomas, Dr. John M. 
Weeks, John E. 


Emil Seidel 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Beck, Matthias A. 
Beflfel, Dr. John M. 
Bender, Walter 
Bilker, Jacob L. 
Bishop, Walter P. 
Boorse, Dr. Lorenzo 
Boyd, Mrs. Francis 
Brandecker, Frank 
Bruce, William George 
Conte, Arminio 
Currie, James 
Deutsch, Herman 
Edwards, Rev. Fred 
Gaylord, Winfield R. 
Gillan, Silas Y. 
Greenman. Rev. Walter 
Hill, Henry 
Hipke, Dr. Gustave H. 

Jacobs, Rev. Herbert H. 
Melms, Edmund T. 
Perry, Rev. Enoch 
Pereless, Nathan, Jr. 
Philipp, Emanuel L. 
Quin, Jeremiah 
Schuchard, William H. 
Spence, Mrs. Thomas 
Stone, Nat. 
Stone, Ray L. 
Tegtmeyer, Archie 
Thompson, Carl D. 
Thorndike, Dr. William 
Wagner, Herman A. 
Weber, Frank 
Williams, Miss Katharine R. 


Wallace G. Nye 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Chairman — Levi Longfellow 
Vice-Chairnian — B. F. Nelson 
Secretary — E. J. Westlake 
Bothe, Gisle 
Bushnell, Dr. John E. 
Collins, Louis L. 
Cullen, Rev. Thomas E. 
Deinard, Rabbi S. 
DeLaittre, Karl 
Demeules, A. H. 
Edgar, William C. 
Elwell, George H. 
Fiske, Douglas A. 
Frisbie, William A. 
Jones, H. V. 
Jordan, Dr. C. M. 
Leicht, Emil 
Mareck, Titus 
McCollum, Dr. C. A. 
Murphy, W. J. 
Nelson, Christian 
Nelson, Frank 
Riheldaffer, J. H. 
Salisbury, F. R. 
Simpson, David F. 
Thompson, Charles T. 
Torrance, Ell 
Towler, Silas H. 
Turnblad, Swan J. 
Van Sant, S. R. 
Yerxa, H. R. 


James B. Estee 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Blanchard, George L. 
Callahan, Timothv E. 
Crockett, Walter" H. 
Estee, Mrs. James B. 
Farnham, Mrs. H. M. 



Hilary E. Howse 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Chairman — Jacob M. Dickinson 

Akers, Albert W. 

Baskette, Gideon H. 

Burch, Robert L. 

Dibbrell, Frank 

Fall, Joseph Horton 

Foster, Austin P. 

Frank, Joseph 

Gleason, Rev. Patrick J. 

Gowan, George A. 

Guthrie, Frank C. 

Hill, Albert E. 

Hutchinson, Colonel Thomas S. 

Lellyett, John T. 

Love, Hamilton 

Lewinthall, Rabbi Isadore 

Lewis, Eugene C. 

Rice, deLong 

Thruston, Gates P., Jr. 

Timothy, Oliver J. 

Vance, Dr. James L 

Vertrees, John J. 

Weber, Henri C. 

Wills, Major Andrew W. 

Wrenne, Thomas W. 


Frank J. Rice 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Chairman — Minotte E. Chatfield 

Adler, Max 

Baldwin, Governor Simeon E. 

Brown, Rev. Charles R. 

Coyle, Rev. Father John D. 

Dent, Rev. E. A. 

Farnam, Professor Henry W. 

Farnam, William W. 

Farnsworth, Frederick F. 

Hadley, Dr. Arthur T. 

Holcomb, George F. 

Lincoln, Allan B. 

Maurer, Rev. Oscar A. 

Osborn, Colonel Norris G. 

Palmer, Rev. Charles Ray 

Piggott, James P. 

Rogers, Professor Henry Wade 

Sargent, Henry B. 

Scoville, Rev. Charles O. 

Stoddard, Major Louis E. 

Stokes, Rev. Anson Phelps 

Tilson, John Q. 

Troup, Philip 

Tweedy, Rev. H. H. 

Ullman, Colonel L'^aac M. 

Welch, Louis S. 

Woodruff. Rollin S. 



Martin Behrman 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Amer, Alfred S. 
Armstrong, Johnston 
Ballard, Marshall 
Barkley, W. J. 
Baumgarden, N. E. 
Blenk, Rt. Rev. James H. 
Bloomfield, William B. 
Booth, A. B. 
Brittin, Abraham 
Butler, Pierce 
Butterworth, Dr. W. W. 
Christy, E. A. 
Coleman, John P. 
Cornelson, Rev. George H., Jr. 
Costley, Martin L. 
Craighead, E. B. 
Davey, John C- 
Denechaud, Charles I. 
Denechaud, Justin F. 
Dillard, James H. 
Dupre, H. Garland 
Dymond, John Jr. 
Elder, Henry C. 
Eustis, Clifford M. 
Fellman, Leon 
Ferguson, E. S. 
Fortier, Prof. A. 
Godchaux, Charles 
Green, Ralston F. 
Gregory, W. B. 
Grunewald, W. N. 
Habans, P. B. 
Hailey, Homer C. 
Hardie. William T. 
Hart, W. O. 
Heller, Rev. Max 
Hester, Henry G. 
Huhner, Dr. George 
Janvier, George 
Kaiser, Herbert W. 
Kent, George 
Koppel, George 
Lagarde, L. D. 
Lambert, Richard 
Lawton. Peter S. 
Lazarus. Eldon S. 
Leche, E. T. 
Le Jeune, M. Clav 
Leucht, Rev. L L. 
Marinoni, U., Jr. 
Matthews, George B. 
Maxwell, Georee H. 
McClellan, Alden 
McCloskey, Bernard 
McCloskey, Joseph 
McCloskey, William Hugh 
Monroe, J. Blanc 
Moore, D. D. 


Moore, I. D. 
Mortimer, Paul E. 
Murphy, John H. 
Parsons, Edward A. 
Pizzatti, Capt. S. 
Porch, James W. 
Prowell, J. J. 
Quintero, J. Marshall 
Richardson, H. D. 
Ringer, Robert 
Rosenberg, David 
Saal, Irving R. 
Saunders, E. D. 
Schnabel, E. C. 
Simon, Leon C. 
Slack, Rev. W. S. 
Spearing, J. Zach. 
Steeg, A. 
Stern, Maurice 
Stifft, Peter 
Sullivan, B. P. 
Summey, Rev. George 
Terry, A. T. 

Thirfield, Bishop Wilbur P. 
Tichenor, Dr. G. H. 
Trufant, S. A. 
Untereiner, George J. 
Waldo, J. F. C. 
Walshe, George C. 
Werlein, Philip 


Honorary Chairman — J. Pierpont Morgan 

Honorary Vice-Chairman — Vincent Astor 

Chairman — John D. Crimmins 

Appleton, R. Ross 
Barber, William A. 
Beard, Daniel C. 
Becker, C. Adelbert 
Belasco, David 
Belmont, August 
Bensel, John A. 
Boody, David A. 
Boross, Eugen 
Cadwalader, John L. 
Carnegie, Andrew 
Claflin, John 
Crimmins, John D. 
Cortelyou, George B. 
Cromwell, George 
Cutting, R. Fulton 
DeForest, Robert W. 
Dickhaut, Rev. Benjamin E. 
Donnelly, Rev. Eugene J. 
Earl, Edward 
Farley. Cardinal 
Frew, Walter E. 
Gannon, Frank S. 
Gould, George J. 
Greenhut, Benedict J. 
Hard, George M. 


Hemphill, Alexander J. 
James, Thomas L. 
Johnson, Alfred J. 
Keep, Charles H. 
Lanier, Charles 
Lyman, Frank 
Marston, Edwin S. 
McDonnell, Rt. Rev. Bishop 
McWilliams, Daniel W. 
Mulry, Thomas M. 
Parsons, William Bowne 
Perkins, George W. 
Post, James H. 
Ryan, Thomas F. 
Schaefer, Edward C. 
Schenck, Henry A. 
Schwab, Charles M. 
Sheldon, Edward W. 
Smith, Samuel R. 
Stern, Leopold 
Stillman, James A. 
Straus, Nathan 
Taft, Henry W. 
Vanderlip, Frank A. 
Waller, Rev. H. D. 
Warnock, William A. 
Watson, Archibald R. 
Williams, William H. 
Wilson, George T. 
Winter, Edwin W. 
Zucca, Antonio 


William Laughlin 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Chairman — Peter A. Porter 

Amberg, Max 
Bacon, Rev. Albert S. 
Barrows, Rev. William 
Barton, P. P. 
Bliss. William L. 
Brezing. Rev. Herman 
Butler, M. B. 
Brennan, Thomas M. 
Canavan, Cornelius T. 
Carveth, Hector R. 
Chormann, Frederick 
Clancy, E. E. 
Clancy, Philip 
Cohn, Morris, Jr. 
Constantine, Henry A. 
Courter. George H. 
Crick, Richard 
Cromley. Charles E. 
Cudaback, Asher T. 
Dennison, B. B. 
Douglass, Anthony C. 
Duell, A. C. 
Dumville, Harry C. 
Dunlap, Orrin E. 


Francis, Henry A. 
Gaskill, Charles B. 
Gaskin, Thomas 
Gittins, Robert H. 
Greig, Walter 
Greenwood, Samuel 
Hardwicke, Alan H. G. 
Harries, William E. 
Haskell, Frank W. 
Hooker, Albert H. 
Howard, Henry G. 
Hunter, Joseph 
Isaacs, David 
Jameson, William A. 
Jenny, John C. 
Johnson, Frank E. 
Keller, Philip J. 
Knox, George W. 
Level, John C. 
Lovelace, Frederick L. 
Lovell, Thomas Bailey 
Maddever, Noah F. 
Maloney, Michael P. 
Mason, Fred 
McDonald, J. F. 
McSweeney, Joseph 
Meldrum, William R. 
Mitchell, B. J. 
Montague, Joseph E. 
Mosher, Rev. Philip W. 
Murphy, James F. 
Nassoiy, Eugene 
Nicklis, Eldred E. 

Nye, George F. 

Oatman, A. A. 

Ochs, Henry G. 

Ohrt, Charles J. 

Pettebone, Lauren W. 

Pfetsch. INIichael 

Pfohl, Peter P. 

Piper, Charles H. 

Porter, Alexander J. 

Rankine, deLancey 

Russell, Edward E. 

Roche, Rev. James J. 

Russ, Charles 

Sackett, OrviUe R. 

Salt, Francis H. 

Schoellkopf, Arthur 

Schumacher. John 

Schwartz, Daniel W. 

Shepard, George G. 

Silberberg, Louis S. 

Simmons, James S. 

Smith, C. B. 

Swan, Gayton H. 

Traverse, James 

Vandenburg, B. F. 

Whitehead, George W. 

Whitney, E. B. 

Williams, Edward T. 

Wright, George E. 

1 08 


Frank K. Mott 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Brown, Everett J. 

Clark, W. C. 

Dempsey, Rev. Father Edward P. 

Dennison, A. A. 

Friedlander, Rabbi M. 

Goodspeed, Rev. Frank L. 

McSweeney, Rev. Father Thomas 

Moore, Miss Ethel 

Palmer, Rev. A. W. 

Simonds, Rev. W. D. 

Turner, Mrs. F. C. 

Walker, Wilbur 

White, Rev. George W. 

Wood, Miss Bessie 


Peter C. Foley 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Abrams, W. M., Jr. 
Bard, Carl 
Bartlett, Frank L. 
Conkling, R. A. 
Dorsey, Edward 
Eaton, A. T. 
Feder, George 
Fitzgerald, M. S. 
Fitzpatrick, M. G. 
Franchot, N. V. V. 
Frey, Charles 
Keener, Charles A. 
Larkin, John M. 
Loughlin, Dr. J. J. 
Luther, (Charles P. 
Marcus, H. W. 
Maroney, John A. 
Murphy, Walter 
Olds, F. C. 
Page, W. R. 
Quirin, W. C. A. 
Ray, Daniel P. 
Sibley, H. D. 
Taylor, B. U. 
Wright, E. H. 


Chairman— Otto Pfaff 
Secretary — Daniel Keating 

Beall, Joseph 

Robyn, Joseph 

Sheehan. Rev. William F. 


Frank D. Blodgett 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Beams, Charles J. 
Bresee, Frank H. 
Brown, Walter L. 
Bugbee, Dr. Percy I. 
Butts, Laverne P. 
Dann, George J. 
Dickinson, Rev. George C. 
Elmore, Edwin W. 
Epps, Orlo 
Fairchild, George W. 
Gibbs, George L. 
Kellogg, Abraham L. 
Lee, Harry W. 
McCaffrey, Rev. Charles 
McCrum, O. Clark 
Miller, Chester A. 
Morris, Albert 
Murdock, Ralph W. 
Parish, Edward J. 
Ronan, ^lichael G. 
Russell, Dr. James O. 
Scott, Walter 
Shelland, Charles F. 
Smith, Charles 
Wilber, George I. 


D. B. Long 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Alexander John B. 
Ames, Alfred H. 
Ball, Torrey A. 
Bates, Norman L. 
Belisle, Victor 
Boessing, Henry 
Bond, Charles H. 
Bulger, Charles N. 
Burden, Thomas 
Burns, William 
Burr, William V. 
Chauvin, Rev. W. J. 
Clark, Frederick O. 
Clark, James T. 
Conde, Frederick 
Cooper, Harry J. 
Culkin, Francis D. 
Cullinan. P. W. 
Daily, M. J. 
Danio, Joseph E. 
Downey, R. Arthur 
Doyle, James P. 
Dwyer, T. J. 
Farrell. George E. 
Glcason, Thomas F. 
Higgins, John D. 
Hiibert, Peter 

Judson, William Pierson 
Kettle, Rev. William F. 
King, Thomas H. , 
Kingsford, Thomas P. 
Lyon, Gard T. 
McCarthy, A. F. 
McGough, Thomas F. 
Mizen, Edwin J. 
Morrison, Clark, Sr. 
Mott, Elliot B. 
O'Keefe, Thomas E. 
Parsons, John S. 
Pulver, Walter 
Raby, Peter 
Richards, Charles W. 
Riggs, James G. 
Robinson, Wardwell G. 
Sayer, Frank E. 
Schilling, Frank 
Shephard, Frederick B. 
Spencer, W. W. 
Tanner, Charles A. 
Wilcox, Herbert 


Rudolph Blankenburg 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Acker, Finley 
Austin, Richard L. 
Bailey, Joshua L. 
Beeber, Dimner 
Brumbaugh, Dr. Martin G. 
Bullitt, William C. 
Burnham, George, Jr. 
Burpee, W. Atlee 
Clark, E. Walter 
Clark, Herbert L. 
Clothier, Isaac H. 
Curtis, Cyrus H. K. 
Cuyler, T. DeWitt 
Dechert, Henry T. 
DePrefontaine, Albert M. 
Dickson, Samuel 
Dodge, James Mapes 
Edmonds, Franklin S. 
Edmunds, Henry R. 
Ely, Theodore N. 
Evans, Powell 
Garman, Ira D. 
Glasgow, William A., Jr. 
Guenther, Emil 
Hardart, Frank 
Harper, Clarence L. 
Harrison, Dr. Charles C. 
Harrity, William F. 
Henry, Bayard 
Hollar, William H. 
Hope, James F. 
Hull, William I. 
Jenks, John Story 

Keen, Dr. W. W. 

Krauskopf, Rabbi Joseph 

Lea, Arthur H. 

Levy, Max 

Longstreth, William M. 

Maloney, Martin 

Mcllvain, J. Gibson 

Mitchell, Dr. Weir 

Moon, Reuben O. 

Morris, John T. 

Musser, Dr. John H. 

Penrose, Senator Boies 

Potter, William 

Potter, William P. 

Price, Eli Kirk 

Reeves, Francis B. 

Rhinelander, Rt. Rev. Philip M. 

Richardson, Charles 

Ross, David H. 

Rowe, Leo R. 

Sharpless, Isaac 

Simmington, James 

Smith, Edward B. 

Smith, Edgar Fahs 

Smith, Walter George 

Strawbridge, Frederic H. 

Wagner, General Louis 

White, Thomas Raeburn 

Williams, Dr. Talcott 

Wilson, Rev. Bishop Luther B. 

Wing, Asa S. 


William A. Magee 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Beal. J. H. 

Buhl. Henry. Jr. 

Canevin, Rt. Rev. J. Regis 

Childers, E. C. C. 

Cohen, Josiah 

Dalzell. William S. 

Donnell, James J. 

Fagan, Charles A. 

Frazer, R. S. 

Hamerschlag, Dr. A. S. 

Hay. Southard 

Hershman, O. S. 

Howard. Rev. G. B. 

Levy. Rabbi J. Leonard 

]McConwav, William 

McCormick, Dr. S. B. 

Miller. J. J. 

Moore, J. H. 

Patterson, Charles F. 

Peacock, Alexander R. 

Rook, C. A. 

Smith, Lee S. 

Taylor. Charles L. 

Thaw. Benjamin 

Whitehead, Rt. Rev. Cortland 


William H. Frank 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Chairman — John K. Sague 

Albro, W. C. 
Bracq, J. C. 
Case, Rev. C. P. 

Daly, Rev. Patrick 
Dudley, Guilford 
Gildersleeve, E. D. 
Guernsey, R. G. 
Gurney, H. R. 
Mills, H. E. 
Perkins, E. E. 
Piatt, Edmund P. 
Shear, R. S. 
Smith, Rev. R. S. 
Wilbur, Daniel W. 


Ballou, W. S. 

Cutler, Harrv 

Faunce, Wilfiam H. P. 

Lapham, Oscar 

Lippitt, Henry F. 

Littlefield, Nathan W. 

Martin, Frederick Roy 

Matteson, Charles 

Perry, Rt. Rev. James DeWolf, Jr. 


Ira W. Stratton 
(Honorary ^lember National Committee) 

Baer, George F. 
Davis, Walter S. 
Hackenberg, Rev. J. H. 
High, Harry S. 
Jones, George M. 
Knerr, Edward H. 
Luden. William H. 
MacMillen. Rev. F. A. 
Miller, Henry F. 
Mould, Jonathan A. 
Nolan. James 
Pomeroy. George S. 
Wagner, George W. 
Whitner, C. K. 
Willson, Charles G. 


Adams. Elmer B. 
Bartholdt, Richard 
Blewett, Ben. 
Brookings, Robert S. 
Busch, Adolphus 
Bush, B. F. 
Dyer, L. C. 


Hough, Warwick 

Jones, Breckinridge 

King, Henry 

Knapp, Ciiarles Welbourne 

Wade, Festus J. 

Walsh, Julius S. 


Samuel C. Park 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Anderson, J. Fred 

Gorham, Mrs. A. J. 

Miller, Glen 

Richards, .Mrs. F. S. 

Spalding, Rt. Rev. Franklin S. 

Sutherland, George 

Talmage, Dr. James E. 


Adams, Arthur L. 
Aked, Rev. Charles F. 
Atherton, Gertrude 
Foster, A. W. 
Hale, Reuben B. 
Hughes, Bishop Edwin H. 
Phelan, James D. 
Wolf, Julius H. G. 


Sherman T. Hand}- 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Adams, R. N. 
Ainsworth, C. E. 
Bernier, S. F. 
Cady, George A. 
Chandler, William 
Chapman, C H. 
Chipley, C. E. 
Coe, E. S. 
Cohvell, John A. 
Conway, V. R. 
Davidson, W. E. 
Demar, Edward 
Doves, L. H. 
Easterday, T. R. 
Eaton, A. J. 
Ennis, Dr. C. T. 
Ferguson, R. G. 
Field, Charles 
Fowle, Otto 
Hudson, R. P. 
Hunt, M. N. 
Kemp, George 
Lapish, Fred 
Lipsett, J. L. 
Mackie, Thomas 
Magee, M. J. 
McCallum, George P. 
McDonald, F. T. 


McEvoy, P. 
Mclllhargie, C. H. 
]\IcKenzie, Donald 
Morris, B. 'M. 
Murdock, W. L. 
Old, John P. 
Osborn, Chase S. 
Osborn, George A. 
Perr}^ Frank 
Ragan, W. H. 
Reinhart, R. R. 
Ripley, Charles 
Runnells, H. W. 
Sabin, L. C. 
Scales, Joseph 
Scott, C. H. 
Snell, W. M. 
Shine, John W. 
Steere, Joseph H. 
Stradley, John G. 
Sullivan, Frank P. 


George W. Dilling 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Cliairuiaii — Judge Thomas Burke 

Allen Arn 

Bogardus, IVIrs. Charles E. 
Bone, Scott C. 
Cooper, Frank B. 
Frater, Archibald W. 
Gay, Wilson R. 
Gowen, Dr. Herbert H. 
Griffiths, Austin E. 
Guion, Frank M. 
Hadlev, Hiram E. 
Hill, Mrs. Homer M. 
Jennings, ]Mrs. Isaac H. 
Kane, Dr. Thomas F. 
Koch. Rabbi Samuel 
Larson, Rev. Martin L. 
Leonard, Dr. Adna W. 
Matthews, Dr. Mark A. 
McNamara, George T. 
Mohr, Paul K. 
O'Brien, Father Tames 
O'Dea, Bishop E. J. 
Raser, Mrs. Harry A. 
Schaefer, Jacob 
Shaler, Rev. Earnest V. 
Shippen, Joseph 
Simmons, Miss Rose 
Sisson, Dr. Edward O. 
Smith, Everett 
Strong, Dr. Sydney 
Thomson, Reginald H. 
Wardall, Max 
Winsor, Richard 
Wood, William D. 
Van Horn, Dr. Francis J. 



O. L. Johnson 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Evans, Frank 
Law, John A. 
Snyder, Dr. H. N. 
Tillinghast, J. A. 
Wallace, Dr. D. D. 


Andrews, Charles 
Clune, Rev. Michael 
Dey, Donald 
Driscoll, Michael E. 
Fenton, Rev. Thomas Albert 
Meachem, Thomas W. 
Nottingham, William 
White, Mrs. Horace 


Brand Whitlock 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Alexander, Rabbi David 
Ashley, Henry W. 
Brough, Bernard F. 
Brown, Albertus 
Brown, Clarence 
Brown, Walter F. 
Chittenden, Charles E. 
Cochran, Negley D. 
O'Donnell, O'Brien 
Doyle, John H. 
Egan, James P. 
Gunckel, John E. 
Gunnell, Rev. George E. 
Hillenkamp, Frank 
Howard, H. J. 
Johnson, Curtis 
Kinkade, Reynolds R. 
Killits, John M. 
Kinsey, Colonel Isaac 
Kline, Mrs. William 
Law, Dr. Mary E. 
Libbey, Edward Drummond 
Locke, Robinson 
Manton, John P. 
O'Brien, Rev. Patrick 
Pilliod. James E. 
Pyle, Dr. John S. 
Schmettau, Charles A. 
Schrcmbs, Rt. Rev. Joseph 
Shepard, Howard J. 
Sheppey, Marshall 
Sherwood, Isaac R. 
Steinem, Mrs. Pauline 
Vollmayer, Dr. H. R. 
Wright, Nat. C. 



Frank J. Baker 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 
Applegate, Rev. Octavius 
Bigelow, Rev. Dana W. 
Cross, Theodore L. 
DeForest, George 
Bering, Sylvester 
Devereux, Nicholas E. 
Doolittle, William S. 
Giblin, Frank T. 
Kernan, John D. 
Millspaugh, Edward J. 
Proctor, Thomas R. 
Roberts, Walter F. 
Rogers, Charles B. 
Symonds, Charles S. 
Talcott, Charles A. 
Town, John J. 


Chairman — James Brown Scott 

Vice-Chairman — Henry B. F. Macfarland 

Secretary — George B. Davis 

Treasurer — Charles J. Bell 

Anderson, Thomas H. 
Baird, George W. 
Barnard, Job 
Barrett, John 
Bartlett, Paul Wayland 
Beach, Mrs. Mary C. 
Becker, George F. 
Bell, Alexander Graham 
Benjamin, Marcus 
Bennett, Ira E. 
Berliner, Emile 
Beyer, H. G. 
Black, John C. 
Blair, Gist 

Boardman, Miss Mabel 
Boardman, W. J. 
Bowerman, George F. 
Brigham, William E. 
Brown, Glenn 
Browne, Aldis B. 
Bush-Brown, Henry K. 
Butler, Charles Henry 
Call, Arthur D. 
Chandler William E. 
Chester, Colby M. 
Clark, Charles E. 
Claxton, Philander P. 
Clayton, W. McK. 
Clephane. Walter C. 
Couden, Rev. Henry Noble 
Cox, William V. 
Darlington, J. J. 


Dennis, William C. 
Donlon, Rev. Alphonsus J. 
Dunn, Arthur W. 
Dyer, Francis John 
Edson, John Joy 
Essary, J. Fred 
Ettenger, Robert Lee 
Eustis, William Corcoran 
Finley, W. W. 
Foster, Charles E. 
Foster, John W. 
Gannett, Henry 
Gillespie, George L. 
Glover, Charles C. 
Gompers, Samuel 
Goodloe, Green C. 
Gould, Ashley M. 
Greely, A..W. 
Green, Bernard R. 
Hackett, Frank Warren 
Hagner, A. B. 
Hague, Arnold 
Hall, Percival 
Hamilton. Rev. Franklin 
Hamilton, George E. 
Harding, Rt. Rev. Alfred 
Haskell, William E. 
Hays, Willet ^I. 
Hoover, William D. 
Hopkins, Archibald 
Howard, L. O. 
Hunt, Gaillard 
Hyde, Thomas 
Jameson. J. Franklin 
Jenkins, Ralph 
Jennings, Hennen 
Jermane, W. W. 
Johnson, H. L. E. 
Johnston, John A. 
Judson, William V. 
Karger, Gus. J. 
Krock, Arthur B. 
LaGarde, Louis A. 
Earner, John B. 
Leiter, Joseph 
Leupp, Francis E. 
Lisner, A. 
Logan, Thomas F. 
Loomis, Francis B. 
Low, A. Maurice 
]\IacFarland. Horace G. 
^Ligee. Charles L. 
Magruder, C. C, Jr. 
]\Iaguire, Frederick B. 
^larshall, J. Rush 
McGee, W. J. 

McKim, Rev. Randolph H. 
McLean, John R. 
:Miles. General Nelson A. 
Miller, George E. 
Moore, Edward B. 
Morgan, James D. 

Xorth, S. N. D. 

XoA-es, Frank B. 

Xoyes, Theodore W. 

O'Laughlin, J. C. 

Oyster, James F. 

Page, Logan W. 

Page, Thomas Nelson 

Parker, Myron AI. 

Peary, Robert E. 

Perry, R. Ross 

Pierce, Rev. Ulysses G. B 

Pinchot, Gifford 

Powderly, Terrance V. 

Prescott, Samuel J. 

Putnam, Herbert 

Radcliffe, Rev. Wallace 

Roberts, George E. 

Rudolph, Cuno H. 

Russell, Rev. Father William T 

Sartz. R. N. S. 

Schuette, Oswald F. 

Schulteis, Albert 

Scott, Hugh L. 

Shahan, Very Rev. Thomas J. 

Shiras, George, 3rd 

Simon, Rabbi Abram 

Smith, William Wolff 

Snow, Alpheus H. 

Stafford, Wendell P. 

Stelhvagen, Edward J. 

Sternberg, George M. 

Stockton. Charles H. 

Stokes, Charles F. 

Synions, Thomas W. 

Thavis, L. William 

Thirkfield. Rev. Wilbur P. 

Thom, Corcoran 

Torney, George H. 

Truesdell, George 

Van Orsdel, Josiah A. 

Van Schaick, Rev. John J. 

Van Wickle, William P. 

Vaughan. George T. 

Vernon, Lerov T. 

Walcott, Charles D. 

Wales, Edward H. 

Waller, William 

Warner, Brainard H. 

\\*atrous. Richard B. 

Weller. Michael I. 

West, Henry L. 

White, George W. 

White, Henry 

Wilev, Harvey W. 

Wilnier, W. Holland 

Wilson. John M. 

Wolf, Simon 

Woodhull, Afaxwell V. Z. 

\\'oodward, Robert S. 

Woodward, S. Walter 

Wotherspoon, William D. 

Wynne, Robert J. 




Honorary Chairman — Thomas A. Fisher 
Chairman — John M. Johnson 

Barrett, R. S. 
Birrell, J. Fred 
Daingerfield, E. L. 
Field, H. K. 
Fisher, S. P. 
Herbert, Arthur, Jr. 
Machen, Lewis H. 
Moore, S. B. 
Morton, Rev. W. J. 
Norton, J. K. M. 
Smith, T. C. 
Snowden, Edgar 
Warfield, George E. 
Zimmerman, J. R. 


Edwin T. White 
(Honorary Member National Committee) 

Chairman— F. V. Stevens 
Secretary — W. L. Schuppert 

Danforth, J. A. 
Gurney, D. B. 
Stockwell, W. S. 
Warren, H. H. 
Warren, H. K. 

Northern New York Committee 

Chairman — Howard D. Hadley, 
Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

Abbott, Hugh, Gouverneur 

Allen, Seth S., Plattsburgh 

Anderson, Miss Flora, Plattsburgh 

Arnold, E. S., Plattsburgh 

Arthur, Dr. C. W., Plattsburgh 

Averill, James, Jr., Champlain 

Bachand, Rev. J. A., Plattsburgh 

Ball, G. W., Massena 

Barber, G. Edward, Plattsburgh 

Barber, Herbert, Plattsburgh 

Barber, Miss Ruth, Plattsburgh 

Barber, Silas D., Plattsburgh 

Barnes, Dr. E. A., Plattsburgh 

Barry, D. P., Redford 

Bigelow, W. Lansing, Plattsburgh 

Bixby, George S., Plattsburgh 

Bixby, Mrs. George S., Plattsburgh 

Boire, Hon. Victor P., Plattsburgh 

Bombard, T. E., Ausable Forks 

Boomhower, A. D., Plattsburgh 

Booth, Hon. John H., Plattsburgh 

Booth, Mrs. John H., Plattsburgh 

Borst, Hon. Henry V., Amsterdam 

Bort, Bruce C., Watertown 

Boshart, Hon. C. Fred, Lowville 

Botsford, A. K., Saranac Lake 

Botsford, Elmer F., Plattsburgh 

Botsford, Mrs. Elmer F., Plattsburgh 

Breed, C. W., Malone 

Breed, Mrs. C. W., Malone 

Brereton, Hon. H. E. H., Hill View, Warren 

Brown, Hon. Elon R., Watertown 
Brown, Geo. L., Elizabethtown 
Brown, J. L., Chazy 
Bryant, Fred H., Malone 
Bull, H. J., Saranac 
Burdett, Wm. E., Glens Falls 
Burdick, Leslie W., Gouverneur 
Burnham, Hon. John B., Willsboro 
Burroughs, Jas. De F., Champlain 
Butler, George A., Plattsburgh 
Cady, H. W., Plattsburgh 
Callanan, Michael J., Keeseville 
Cantwell, Francis B., Saranac Lake 
Carlisle, Floyd L., Watertown 
Carlisle, Hon. John N.. Watertown 
Carr, Frank L., Cadyville 
Carroll, Walter, Plattsburgh 
Carter, Mrs. John L., Plattsburgh 
*Cartwright, John H., Lyon Mountain 

Casey, Thomas P., Altona 

Cavanagh, George E., Plattsburgh 

Cavanagh, Mrs. James, Plattsburgh 

Cavanagh, Wm., Plattsburgh 

Chase, Giles S., Massena 

Clark, Datus, Peru 

Clark, J. L., Peru 

Cleveland, Stephen R., Watertown 

Clough, Frank H., Rouses Point 

Clough, Jesse I., Plattsburgh 

Coats, Hon. Herbert P., Saranac Lake 

Cobb, Hon. George H., Watertown 

Cole, George M., Plattsburgh 

Collins, John K., Plattsburgh 

Conners, Andrew R., Plattsburgh 

Conway, Hon. Thomas F., Plattsburgh 

Cook, Herbert E., Canton 

Cooke, Harry M., Plattsburgh 

Cotter, Thomas B., Plattsburgh 

Crook, John H., Champlain 

Crooks, Eugene C, Carthage 

Cross, William E., Plattsburgh 

Cummings, Dr. W. A. E., Ticonderoga 

Cunningham, John J., Jr., Plattsburgh 

Daniels, I\Iajor Wm. H., Ogdensburgh 

Darrow, George F., Ogdensburgh 

Davis, Mark J., Plattsburgh 

DeGroat, Nelson I., Keeseville 

Delaney, James L., Plattsburgh 

DeLano, Roy, Rouses Point 

Dewey, Hon. Melvil, Lake Placid Club, Lake 

Driscoll, Rev. J. H., Plattsburgh 
Dunphy, Mrs. Mary M., Plattsburgh 
Dwyer, Thomas F., Malone 
Emerson, Hon. James A., Warrensburgh 
Fairbank, Dr. A. W., Chazy 
Fay, Ernest A.. Potsdam 
Feinberg, Benj. F., Plattsburgh 
Ferrel, Frank W., Chateaugay 
Finn, Frank L., Plattsburgh 
Finney, W. W., Peru ' 
Fitzpatrick, George L., Plattsburgh 
Flanagan, John A., Malone 
Frank, Julius, Ogdensburgh 
Freeman, Jay A., Plattsburgh 
Gilbert, George W., Ellenburgh Center 
Goff, John B., Tupper Lake 
Goff, Wm. H., Plattsburgh 
Goldthwaite, Kenneth W., Saranac Lake 
Good, Joseph H., Morrisonville 
Gordon, Wm. H., Ellenburgh Center 
Grabau, Rev. H. P. LeF., Plattsburgh 
Grabau, Mrs. H. P. LeF., Plattsburgh 
Grant, R. P., Clayton 
Graves, Frank H., Plattsburgh 
Griswold, L H., Plattsburgh 
Guibord. John W., Plattsburgh 
Guibord, Robert E., Plattsburgh 
Gunnison, Dr. Almon, Canton 
ILickett, Dr. Jas. M., Champlain 
Hackett, Mrs. J. M.. Champlain 

Harkness, J. Warren, Harkness 
Harper, George W., Keeseville 
Haughran, Jolin, Plattsburgh 
Hawkins, Dr. George K., Plattsburgh 
Hawkins, Mrs. George K., Plattsburgh 
Hawley, Hon. Harry H., Malone 
Healey, Elmer W., Plattsburgh 
Healey, Hon. Robert E., Plattsburgh 
Healey, Mrs. Robert E., Plattsburgh 
Healey, Samuel D., Lyon Mountain 
Hewitt, Hon. Nathan T., Keeseville 
Hogue, Hon. Arthur S., Plattsburgh 
Holcombe, Jesse W. H., Rouses Point 
Holden, B. E., Peru . 
Holland, E. D., Malone 
Holland, James P., Plattsburgh 
Holland, Rev. T. P.. Tupper Lake 
Howell, Wm. H., Plattsburgh 
Howell, Mrs. Wm. H. Plattsburgh 
Hugo, Hon. Francis M., Watertown 
Humphre3% Geo. B., IMalone 
Ingram, Harry I\L, Potsdam 
Irving, Andrew, Ogdensburgh 
Jaques, W. B., Plattsburgh 
Johnson, C. S., Plattsburgh 
Jones, John G., Carthage 
Ivelley, John, Alalone 
Kelly, Rev. John Bailey, Plattsburgh 
Kempner, Louis, Plattsburgh 
Kempner, Mrs. Louis, Plattsburgh 
Kilburn, Hon. F. D., Malone 
Kilburn, Mrs. Fred D., Malone 
Kirk, F. Roy, Malone 
Knapp, Hon. H. Wallace, Mooers 
Knapp, Mrs. H. Wallace, Mooers 
Lafountaine, Louis C, Champlain 
LaMarche, Dennis, Plattsburgh 
Lamon, Francis H., Watertown 
Langey, Frank, Lyon Mountain 
Lansing, Mrs. Hannah P., Plattsburgh 
Larkin, O. T., Plattsburgh 
LaVoice, Frank H., Plattsburgh 
Leonard, M. A., Malone 
Leonard, Wm. C., Saranac Lake 
Levy, Wm. M., Plattsburgh 
Levy, j\Irs. Wm. AI., Plattsburgh 
Lobdell, Frank P., Plattsburgh 
Lobdell, Mrs. Frank P., Plattsburgh 
Lombardoni, L., Plattsburgh 
Lubin, Rev. Jacob, Plattsburgh 
MacDonald, Hon. Alex., St. Regis Falls 
Machold, Hon. H. Edmund, Ellisburg 
Macintosh, Rev. John A., Ithaca 
MaciMartin. Wm. A., Plattsburgh 
Maher, V. E., IMalone 
]\Iannix, ]\Irs. Thomas F., Plattsburgh 
INLirkstone, A. M.. Plattsburgh 
IMarshall, Albert H., Plattsburgh 
Marshall. Mrs. Albert H., Plattsburgh 
IMason, R. L. P., Plattsburgh 
IMcCafifrey, Hon. Wm. J., Plattsburgh 
McCaflfrey, Mrs. Wm. J., Plattsburgh 


Ale Clary, Arthur E., Malone 
McClary, Martin E., Malone 
McClary, Mrs. Martin E., Malone 
McCullough, Thomas E., Chazy 
McDowell, R. J., Mooers 
McGaulley, John H., Pittsburgh 
McKee, Robert P., Ausable Forks 
McKinstry, W. D., Watertown 
McQuillan, Arthur, Plattsburgh 
Mead, Rev. J. E., Plattsburgh 
Mead, Mrs. J. E., Plattsburgh 
Mendelsohn, Julius, Plattsburgh 
Merkel, David, Plattsburgh 
Merkel, Isaac, Plattsburgh 
Merritt, Gen. Edwin A., Potsdam 
Merritt, Hon. Edwin A., Jr., Potsdam 
Miller, Louis, Plattsburgh 
Miller, Marcus, Plattsburgh 
Moffitt, Hon. John H., Plattsburgh 
Moffitt, Mrs. John H., Plattsburgh 
Mooers, Hon. Wm. B., Plattsburgh 
Mooers, Mrs. Wm. B., Plattsburgh 
Moore, Edwin G., Plattsburgh 
Moore, Mrs. Edwin G., Plattsburgh 
Moore, Frank L., Watertown 
Moore, Wm. H., Watertown 
Murtagh, Miss Kathryn, Plattsburgh 
Myers, George H., Plattsburgh 
Myers, John P., Plattsburgh 
Myers, John R., Rouses Point 
Newell, Hon. Edgar A., Ogdensburgh 
Newell, Mrs. Edgar A., Ogdensburgh 
North, Dr. C. H., Dannemora 
North, Mrs. C. H., Dannemora 
O'Brien, Miss Alice L., Plattsburgh 
O'Brien, Hon. John F.. West Chazy 
O'Bryan, M. J., Plattsburgh 
Ochsner, Jacob, Plattsburgh 
O'Donahue, Miss Katherine, Plattsburgh 
Oliver, C. H., Plattsburgh 
Ostrander, Hon. Wm. S.. SchuylerviUe 
Owen, Hon. Henry E., Port Henry 
Paddock, Hon. Frederick G., Malone 
Pardy, L. R., Plattsburgh 
Parkhurst, W. E., Plattsburgh 
Parshall, Fred C, Plattsburgh 
Parshall, Mrs. Fred C, Plattsburgh 
Parsons, Fred A., Saranac 
Payette, Joseph, Plattsburgh 
Phillips, O. B., Lowville 
Pierce, Chaplain F. H., Plattsburgh 
Pierce, Wallace E., Plattsburgh 
Pierce, Mrs. Wallace E., Plattsburgh 
Pike, Wm. C, Plattsburgh 
Porter, Nelson W., Malone 
Prescott, Charles H,. Keeseville 
Proctor, A. H., Malone 
Ransom, Dr. J. B., Dannemora 
Ransom, Mrs. J. B., Dannemora 
Ransom, Matt. C, Malone 
Ransom, Mrs. Matt. C, Malone 
Redfield, Charles M., Malone 

Reynolds. Albert E.. Glens Falls 
Reynolds, Mrs. Albert E., Glens Falls 
Richardson. Harold J.. Lowville 
Riley, Fred J., Plattsburgh 
Riley, Mrs. Fred J., Plattsburgh 
Rilev, Hon. John B., Plattsburgh 
Riley, Mrs. John B., Plattsburgh 
Rogers, James, Ausable Forks 
Romeyn, E. K., Keeseville 
Ross, John, Plattsburgh 
Ross, L. P., Plattsburgh 
Savage, Rev. Geo. J., Lake Placid 
Scheier, Henry, Plattsburgh 
Scheier, Mrs. Henry, Plattsburgh 
Schermerhorn, W. W., Keeseville 
Scribner, H. L., Plattsburgh 
Seaker, Hon. Frank L., Gouverneur 
Seaver, Herbert H., ]\Ialone 
Seymour, Eli Z., Plattsburgh 
Sharron, Hon. Albert, Plattsburgh 
Sharron, ]^Irs. Albert, Plattsburgh 
Shedden, J. Shepard, Plattsburgh 
Shedden, ]\Irs. L. L., Plattsburgh 
Sherman, :\Iiss Alice E., Plattsburgh 
Signor, Ralph L.. Plattsburgh 
Sirois, Rev. J. A., Plattsburgh 
Sisson, Rufus L., Potsdam 
Smith, Edward X., Watertown 
Smith, Floyd L., Plattsburgh 
Smith, George H.. Ausable Forks 
Smith, George W., Keeseville 
Smith, John A.. Xorth Lawrence 
Smith, Martin A., Plattsburgh 
Smith, Mrs. M. A., Plattsburgh 
Smith, Rev. :iIilford H., Saranac Lake 
Spencer, Henry Y., Malone 
Spratt, Hon. Thomas, Ogdensburgh 
Stackpole, Geo. A., Plattsburgh 
Stevens, Hon. Geo. A., Lake Placid 
Stevens, Hon. Halbert D., Malone 
Studholme, J. ^L, Plattsburgh 
Tait, George, Glens Falls 
Taylor, ]\Iiss Elizabeth, Plattsburgh 
Theft, W. E., Ticonderoga 
Thomas, H. .-i., Plattsburgh 
Thomas, Mrs. H. A., Plattsburgh 
Thompson, Dr. Jas. M., Potsdam 
Thompson, Rev. T. G., Plattsburgh 
Tillson, C. B., Plattsburgh 
Trombley, Herbert X., Rouses Point 
Trombley, O. L., Plattsburgh 
Turner, Miss Marion, Plattsburgh 
Turner, M. V. B., Plattsburgh 
Tuttle. George F., Plattsburgh 
Tuttle, ]\Irs. George F., Plattsburgh 
VanKennan. Hon. Geo. E.. Ogdensburgh 
Vert. Hon. Charles J., Plattsburgh 
Vert, Mrs. Charles J., Plattsburgh 
Walker, Wm. P., Plattsburgh 
Warren, Albert M., Plattsburgh 
Warren, Mrs. Albert M., Plattsburgh 
Watson, Prof. Frank K., Plattsburgh 

Weaver, Hon. Wm. R., Peru 
Weed, Hon. Smith M., Plattsburgh 
Weir, Oscar B., Plattsburgh 
Werner, Edward, Plattsburgh 
Wever, Hon. John M., Plattsburgh 
White, W. S., Cadyville 
Wilcox, Watson B., Plattsburgh 
Wood, H. A., Plattsburgh 
Wood, Rev. Roy D., Plattsburgh 
Wright, Joseph F., Malone 


British Committee for Celebrating 

the One Hundredth Anniversary 

of Peace Among English 

Speaking Peoples 

(189-190 Central Buildings, Westminster, 

President — The Rt. Hon. The Earl Grey, 

Deputy President — The Earl of Plymouth. 
Chairman Executive Cojiniiittee — Lord Shaw of 

Secretary — H. S. Perris, M.A. 
Honorary Treasurers — Lord Revelstoke and 

Lord Rothschild. 
Chairman Committee on Memorials — The Earl 

OF Plymouth. 
Chairman Finance Committee — Lord Cowdray. 
Chairman Dominions and Overseas Com- 
mittee — Mr. Harry E. Brittain. 
Chairman Publicity Committee — Mr. Sydney 

Honorary Solicitors — Messrs. Coward & Hawk- 

sley. Sons & Chance. 
Honorary Auditors — Messrs. Deloitte, Plen- 

der, Griffiths & Co. 
Bankers — The Bank of England. 


Rt. Hon. Bonar Law 

Sir Oliver Lodge 

Mr. Ramsay MacDonald, M.P., (Chairman of 

Labour Party) 
The Bishop of Hereford 

Professor Dowden (Trinity College, Dublin) 
Sir Henry E. Roscoe 
Lord Rayleigh 
The Lord Mayor of Bristol 
Rev. Dr. Wells, Moderator of the United Free 

Church of Scotland 
Rev. J. Estlin Carpenter (Unitarian) 
The Bishop of Birmingham 
Rt. Hon. R. McKenna, Secretary of State for 

Home Dept. 
Rev. Pearson McAdam Muir, Moderator of 

the Church of Scotland 
Rt. Hon. Sydney Buxton, President of the 

Board of Trade 
Rt. Hon. J. Pease, President of the Board of 

Sir G. H. Hoolden 

Master of Elibank, Chief Government Whip 
Lord Mount Stephen 
Sir W. B. Richmond 
Sir Philip Magnus, M.P. 


Marquess of Lincolnshire 

Sir G. O. Trevelyan 

President of the Baptist Union of Gt. Britain 

and Ireland 
Rt. Hon. L. Harcourt, Secretary of State for 

the Colonies '' 

Archbishop of Westminster 
Dean of Durham 
Rev. J. Clifford, D.D. 
Sir Edward Fry 
Earl of Cromer 
Rt. Hon. T. McKinnon Wood, Secretary for 

President of the Wesleyan Conference 
Sir E. Ray Lankester 
Rt. Hon. W. Runciman, President of the Board 

of Agriculture 
Lord Tennyson 
Bishop of Lincoln 
Rev. Stopford Brooke 
Sir W. R. Anson 
Sir James D. Linton, President of the Royal 

Institute of Painters in Water Colours. 
Sir Aston Webb, R.A. 

Sir A. Geikie, President of the Royal Society 
Lord Rosebery 

The Chairman, The Stock Exchange 
Lord Reay 
Sir Xorman Lockyer 
Sir Thomas Barlow 
Viscount Midleton 
Earl Curzon of Kedleston 
Walter Crane 

Sir Edward Elgar. OM. Mus. Doc. 
Principal Reichel, Vice-Chancellor of the Uni- 

versitv of Wales 
C. E. Hobhouse, Chancellor of the Duchy 
Lord Mayor of Bradford 
Lord Mayor of Birmingham 
Sir Frank Lascellcs 
The Bishop of Winchester 
Mr. Gerard X. Ford 

Executiv^e Committee 

Chalnnan — Lord Shaw, of Dunfermline 

The Hon. Xeil Primrose, M.P. 

Captain The Hon. Arthur C. ^Murray, ALP. 

Mr. W. G. C. Gladstone, M.P. 

Mr E. Crawshav-Williams. M.P. 

Mr. J. L. Baird. M.P. 

Sir Clement Hill, K.C.M.G., M.P. 

Sir Gilbert Parker, M.P. 

The Earl of Ronaldshay, M.P. 

Lord Abinger 

Mr. J. Allen Baker, M.P. 

Lord Balfour of Burleigh 

Mr. A. Shirley Benn, M.P. 

Mr. A. A. Booth ( Chairman. Cunard Lme) 

Mr. Harry E. Brittain 

Mr. Svdnev Brooks 


I^Ir. H. W. Carr-Gomm, M.F. 

Sir William J. Collins (Vice-Chancellor, Lon- 
don University) 

Mr. Robert Donald 

Lord Dunmore 

Mr. Gordon Harvey, M.P. (Chairman National 
Peace Council) 

Mr. Walter Hazell (Chairman Peace Societv) 

Sir Charles S. Henry, Bt.. ^LP. 

Rev. Silvester Home, ^LP. 

Lord Howick 

Lord Kinnaird 

Captain The Hon. Sir Arthur Lawley 

Mr. Arthur Lee, ^LP. 

The Bishop of London 

Mr. Ramsav Macdonald, I\LP. 

Sir Philip .Magnus, ALP. 

Lord Marchamley 

Sir William Mather 

Mr. Almeric Paget, ALP. 

Sir George Riddell 

Mr. Arnold Rowntree, ALP. 

Sir Douglas Straight 

Sir T. Vezey Strong 

Sir George Wyatt Truscott, Bt. 

Lord Weardale 

Colonel Robert Williams, ALP. 

Dean of Worcester 

Among the members of the British Com- 
mittee are : 

W. A. Appleton, Secretary General Fed- 
eration of Trade L^nions 

Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour 

Lord Charles Beresford 

Bishop of London 

Rt. Hon. Lord Brassey 

Harry E. Brittain, founder Pilgrim So- 

Archbishop of Canterbury 

Rt. Hon. Austin Chamberlain 

Sir John Cockburn 

Robert Donald, Editor Daily Chronicle 

Sir A. Conan Doyle 

Rt. Hon. Lewis Harcourt, ALP. 

Anthony Hope Hawkins 

Lord Aiayor of Dublin 

Lord Mayor of London 

Dr. Henry A. Aleyers, Principal London 

Lord Northcliffe 

Sir Arthur Pinero 

Earl Roberts 

Hon. Lyon L. de Rothschild 

Sir Ernest Shackleton 

Sir Richard Solomon, High Commis- 
sioner for Lfnion of South Africa 

Lord Tennyson, First Governor of Ars 
tralian Commonwealth 

Rt. Hon. T. AIcKinnon Wood, Secretary 
for Scotland 

Israel Zangwill 


Canadian Peace Centenary 

(Headquarters — Hope Chambers, Ottawa) 

President— Sir EdmundWalker, C. V.O., D.C.L., 

LL.D., F.R.S.C, F.G.S. 
Honorary Secretary — C. F. Hamilton, M.A. 
Organizing Secretary— E. H. Scammell, F.C.I.S. 

Executive Committee 

The President. 

The Hon. George H. Perley, M.P. 

The Hon. Sir William Mulock, K.C.M.G,, 

The Hon. Justice Brodeur, LL.D. 
The Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King, C.M.G., 

M.A., Ph.D. 
The Hon. Sir Alexandre Lacoste, D.C.L. 
The Hon. S. Barker, M.P. 
The Hon. Senator Dandurand, K.C., LL.D. 
Sir Joseph Pope, K.C.M.G., C.V.O. 
Travers Lewis, Esq., M.A., K.C., D.C.L. 
Lieut. Col. H. C. Lowther, C.M.G., M.V.O.. 

D.S.O., Military Secretary to H. R. H. The 

Governor General The Duke of Connaught. 
George Burn, Esq. 
J. C. Walsh, Esq. 
Charles A. Magrath, Esq. 
Elias Rogers, Esq. 
The Honorary Secretary 

General Committee in Part 

Mr. Justice F. A. Anglin, Ottawa 

Ven. Archdeacon W. J. Armitage, Ph.D., 

Hon. Chief Justice F. E. Barker, M.A., D.C.L., 

St. John, N. B. 
Most Rev. L. N. Begin, D.D., Archbishop of 

Hon. F. L. Beique, K.C., LL.D., Montreal 
Hon. N. A. Belcourt, K.C., LL.D, Ottawa 
His Honour G. W. Brown, Lieutenant-Gov- 
ernor of Saskatchewan, Regina 
Gerald H. Brown, Esq., Ottawa 
Rev. George Bryce, M.A., D.D., LL.D., F.R.S.C, 

Mr. Justice J. D. Cameron, Winnipeg 
Rev. Robert Campbell, M.A., D.D., Montreal 
W. Wilfred Campbell. Esq., LL.D., F.R.S.C. 


T. Chase Casgrain, Esq., K.C., LL.D., Montreal 

Sir Edward Clouston, Bart., Montreal 

Hon. T. W. Crothers, K.C., M.P., Minister of 

Labour, Ottawa 
Lieut.-Col. E. Cruikshank. D.O.C., Calgary 
Rev. George B. Cutten, M.A., Ph.D., D.D.. 
President of Acadia University, Wolfville 
Rev. Canon Gaspard Dauth, D.D., Laval Uni- 
versity, Montreal 
Hon. Chief Justice Davidson, D.C.L., Montreal 
Hon. Sir Louis H. Davies, K.C.M.G., Ottawa 
William Dennis, Esq., Halifax 
Hon. C. J. Doherty, K.C., D.C.L., Minister of 

Justice, Montreal 
John R. Dougall, Esq., M.A., Montreal 
A. G. Doughtv. Esq., C.M.G., M.A.. D.C.L.. 

F.R.S.C, Ottawa 
Hon. J. M. Douglas, Tantallon, Sask. 
W. J. Douglas, Esq., Toronto 
Hon. Mr. Justice Arthur Drysdale, Halifax 
Rev. S. W. Dyde, M.A., D.Sc, LL.D., Principal 
of the Presbyterian Theological College, 
Rev. C. S. Ebey, D.D., Toronto 
J. S. Ewart, Esq., K.C., LL.D., Ottawa 
Rev. R. A. Falconer, C.M.G., D.Litt., D.D., 
President of Toronto University, Toronto 
Rt. Rev. J. C. Farthing, M.A., D.D., D.C.L., 

Bishop of Montreal 
Hon. W. S. Fielding, D.C.L., LL.D., Ottawa 
Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Fitzpatrick, P.O., G.C.IMG., 

K.C., LL.D., Ottawa 
Sir Sanford Fleming, K.C.M.G., C.E., LL.D.. 

F.R.S.C, Ottawa 
Hon. J. J. Foy, K.C, LL.D., Attorney General 

of Ontario, Toronto 
W. M. German, Esq., K.C, M.P., Welland 
Abbe A. H. Gosselin, LL.D., St. Charles de 

Hon. Sir Lomer Gouin, LL.D., Prime Minister 

of Quebec, Quebec 
Most Rev. Charles Hamilton, M.A., D.D.. 

D.C.L., Archbishop of Ottawa 
Hon. Chief Justice Horace Harvey, Edmonton 
Hon. Robert Jaffray, Toronto 
Sir Louis Jette, K.CM.G., LL.D., D.C.L., 

A. P. Knight, Esq., ]\LA., M.D., Queen's Uni- 

versit}^, Kingston 
Hon. David Laird, Ottawa 
His Honour, Sir Frangois Langelier, K.C. 
LL.D., D.CL., Lieutenant-Governor of 
Quebec, Quebec 
Rt. Rev. Paul LaRocque, D.D., D.C.L., Bishop 

of Sherbrooke 
Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, P.C. G.C.M.G., 

M.P., LL.D., D.C.L., Litt. D., Ottawa 
Hon. Rodolphe Lemieux, M.P., K.C, F.R.S.C, 

Hon. H. J. Macdonald, K.C, Winnipeg 
J. A. ]\Iacdonald. Esq., LL.D., Toronto 


A. S. Mackenzie, Esq., Ph.D., F.R.S.C, Pres- 
ident of Dalhousie University, Halifax 

W. Molson Macpherson, Esq., Montreal 

Hon. Chief Justice T. G. Mathers, Winnipeg 

Most Rev. S. P. Matheson, D.D., D.C.L., Arch- 
bishop of Rupertsland, Winnipeg 

Hon. J. A. Mathieson, K.C., Prime Minister of 
Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown 

Rt. Rev. O. E. Mathieu, M.A., D.D., Ph.D., 
LL.D., Bishop of Regina 

Hon. Sir Richard McBride, K.C.AI.G., K.G . 
Prime Minister of British Columbia, Vic- 

J. W. McKee, Esq., Sherbrooke 

Most Rev. Xeil AlcXeil, D.D., Archbishop of 
Vancouver, Vancouver 

H. V. Meredith, Esq., Montreal 

Mr. Justice R. M. Meredith, Toronto 

Hon. Chief Justice Sir W. R. Meredith, K.C., 
LL.D., Toronto 

J. McDonald Mowat, Esq., Vancouver 

Chief Justice The Hon. Sir William Mulock, 
K.C.M.G., K.C., LL.D.. Toronto 

E. W. Nesbitt, Esq., M.P., Woodstock 

Sir Edmund Osier, M.P., Toronto 

Major A. B. Perry, C.M.G., Commissioner 
R.N.W.M.P., Regina 

William Peterson, Esq.. C.M.G.. M.A., LL.D.. 
Principal of McGill Universitv, iNIontreal 

Rt. Rev. W. C. Pinkham, D.D., D.C.L., Bishop 
of Calgary 

Sir Joseph Pope, K.C.M.G.. C.V.O., Ottawa 

Mr. Justice W. R. Riddell, K.C., D.Litt., To- 

J. W. Robertson, Esq., C.M.G., LL.D., Ottawa 

Sir John Beverley Robinson, Bart., Xew York 

His Honour Benjamin Rogers, Lieutenant- 
Governor of Prince Edward Island. Char- 

Mr. Justice Benjamin Russell, K.C., D.C.L.. 

Hon. Sir R. W. Scott. K.C., LL.D.. Ottawa 

Sir Thomas Shaughnessy. K.C.V.O., D.C.L.. 

Hon. Clifford Sifton, K.C., Ottawa 

Hon. A. L. Sifton, M.A., K.C., LL.D., Prime 
Minister of Alberta, Edmonton 

Ale-x. Smith, Esq., Ottawa 

Mr. Justice R. F. Sutherland. K.C., Toronto 

Hon. Chief Justice Sir Melbourne Tait, D.C.L.. 

Hon. L. A. Taschereau, M.P.P., LL.D.. Min- 
ister of Public Works and Labour, Quebec 

J. Mathias Tellicr. Esq.. K.C., M.P.P.. LL.D.. 

Hon. Jules Tessier, K.C., Ottawa 

Lieut.-Col. A. T. Thompson. Ottawa 

Rt. Rev. George Thorneloe. M.A., D.D.. D.C.L . 
Bishop nf .\lgoma, Sault Ste. Marie 

Rev. It. M. Torv. M.A., D.Sc, LL.D., F.R.S.C, 
President of the University of Alberta 


Hon. Chief Justice Sir Charles C. J. Town- 

shend, K.C., D.C.L., Halifax 
Hon. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, K,C.?\I.G., 

K.C., Vancouver 
Hon. Adelard Turgeon, C.M.G.. C.V.O., M.L.C , 

K.C., Litt.D., Quebec 
Sir William C. Van Home, K.C.M.G.. Montreal 
Hon. W. T. White, "Sl.F., Alinister of Finance, 

Rt. Rev. C. L. Worrell, M.A., D.C.L., D.D., 

Bishop of Nova Scotia, Halifax 


In Memoriam 

John Jacob Astor, 

Inventor, Author, Capitalist 

Isador Straus, 

Merchant, Philanthropist 

Francis D. Millet, 

Soldier, War Correspondent, 
Journalist, Author, Artist 

Honorary Associate Members 

William T. Stead, London, 

Publisher, Pacifist, Writer 

Charles M. Hays, Canada, 

President Grand Trunk Railway 

These members of our National 
Committee, with sixteen hundred and 
thirty-five men and women, lost their 
lives on Monday, April 15th, 1912, 
when the steamship "Titanic" collided 
with an iceberg and sank to the bot- 
tom of the North Atlantic. 

Let him that would find the ep- 
itaph of these men who thus lost 
their lives, read it in the women and 
children who survived and for whom 
they sacrificed themselves like brave, 
God-fearing and honorable men. 


Members Deceased 

Bingham, Henry H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Boas, Emil L., New York 
Briggs, Frank O., Trenton, N. J. 
Carlyle, John B., Wake Forest, N. C. 
Ceballos, J. M., New York 
Coman, Henry B., Oneida, N. Y. 
Connell, Richard E., 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Crothers, Austin L., Annapolis, Md. 
Doane, Rt. Rev. William C, 

Albany, N. Y. 
Draper, Andrew S., Albany, N. Y. 
Egan, Mark J., Clifton, Ariz. 
Foster, David J., Burlington, Vt. 
Gaynor, William J., New York 
Grant, General Frederick Dent, 

New York 
Gulick, Ernestus, New York 
Hudson, J. L., Detroit, Mich. 
King, Dr, Joseph E., 

Fort Edward, N. Y. 
Mack, General Isaac F., Sandusky, O. 
Ogden, Robert C., New York 
Pearce, G. Wilfred, New York 
Reid, Whitelaw, New York 
Rogers, William E., New York 
Schwab, Gustav H., New York 
Scott, Frank H., New York 
Smiley, Albert K., Lake Mohonk, N.Y. 
Speed, James B., Louisville, Ky. 
Taylor, Robert L., Nashville, Tenn. 
Thruston, General Gates P., 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Woodford, General Stewart L., 

New York 
Woodruff, Timothy L., Brooklyn, N.Y. 



British Committee for Celebrating One 

Hundredth Anniversary of Peace .... 127 

Canadian Peace Centenary Association.. 130 

City Committees ^^ 

Committees, Special : 

Arrangements Final Program at 

Panama-Pacitic Exposition 18 

Auditing '^ 

Celebration in City of New York iS 

Cooperation of Patriotic Organizations. 28 

Educational Extension and Endowment 18 

Evangelical Churches -4 

Executive '3 

Finance '9 

Historical Review of the Century of 

Peace -° 

International Conferences, etc iS 

International Organization 23 

Law and Legislation 19 



Memorials -' 

Northern New York 121 

Publicity -- 

Sub-Executive '5 

Women's Patriotic Societies 3» 

Members Deceased '35 

Foreword ^ 

Officers J 

Plan and Purpose of Movement 5 

Roster : 

Honorary Associate Membership 42 

Honorary Members-at-Large 5° 

Honorary Members Representing States 54 

Honorary Vice-Chairmen-at- Large 36 




" Thoa shalt love thy neighbor 
as thyself.*' 

^*A brother offended is harder to 
be won than a strong city; and 
their contentions arc like the bars 
of a castle.** 

"Sllfp rljfipf tnnstB of war Ui-Jiag arr 
tnault. rantptttfttuaufi trpatmrnt huh man- 
nrr0, arrugant ani praotnrial aBarrtinn 
nf Bupmnritg an tlju? ;iart of tl|p ppnplp of 
ant nation tomarbH tl^ast of anotljrr. . . . 
Whitn (tnblfr opinion t|aa riarn to aurt; 
lltiQhjt all oupr thft ntcrliJ, tljat lljr proplra 
of f nrrg ronntrji trrat tljr ptaplm of f nrrg 
otl)er ronntrg uiitlj tljf Ijnman hininraa ll|at 
binba l|omp rommnnttira togptljfr, yon will 
stt an pnb of war— anb not nntil tljirn." 

— Utiilri* S'tntPB ^ntntor Slilju Soot. 

"Devise not evil against thy 

"Therefore all things whatso- 
ever ye would that men should do 
to yoo, do ye even so to them." 

''• 89 w