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Full text of "General register of the students and former students of the University of Texas, 1917;"

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FRED W. COOK, Chairman 

FRED W. COOK San Antonio 

M. FABER Tyler 

A. W. FLY, M. D Galveston 


WILL C. HOGG Houston 

S. J. JONES Salado 


G. S. McREYNOLDS, M. D Temple 


E. J. MATHEWS, Secretary, Austin 

Standing Committees 

AUDITING : McReynolds, Faber. 

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: Harrell, Littlefield, Fly. 


EXECUTIVE: Hogg, Sanger, Cook. 

FINANCE: Sanger, Littlefield, Jones. 

LAND: Littlefield, Sanger, Harrell. 

LEGISLATION: Harrell, Littlefield, Hogg, Cook. 

MEDICAL DEPARTMENT: Fly, Hogg, McReynolds. 


Unless otherwise specified the address is Austin. 
General Officers 

Acting President: WILLIAM JAMES BATTLE, PH. D. 

Dean of the Faculty: WILLIAM JAMES BATTLE, PH. D. 


Dean of Women: MRS. HELEN MARR KIRBY, M. A. 

Assistant Dean of Women: KATHERINE ELIZABETH WHITE. 




Secretary of the Faculties: JOHN AVERY LOMAX, M. A. 

College of Arts 


Assistant Dean: HANSON TUFTS PARLIN, PH. D. 


Graduate Department 


Department of Law 


Assistant Dean: CHARLES SHIRLEY POTTS, M. A., LL. B. 


Department of Engineering 


Department of Medicine 

Dean: WILLIAM SPENCER CARTER, M. D., Galveston. 
Provost: THOMAS HENRY NOLAN, Galveston. 

Department of Education 


Summer Schools 


Department of Extension 


Department of School Visitation 



The University of Texas is a state institution, ordained by the con- 
stitution, located by popular vote, endowed and maintained by legislative 

The idea of a university for Texas is as old as Texas. The Declaration 
of Texas Independence, March 2, 1836, has for one of the main counts 
in its indictment against the government of Mexico the following: "It 
has failed to establish any public system of education, although possessed 
of almost boundless resources (the public domain), and although it is 
an axiom in political science that, unless a people are educated and enlight- 
ened, it is idle to expect the continuance of civil liberty or the capacity 
of self-government." In accordance with the doctrine thus proclaimed, the 
first constitution of the republic declares it to be the duty of congress 
"to provide, as soon as circumstances will permit, * * * a general 
system of education." 

The University, as it happened, was the portion of the educational 
system first to receive the attention of the Congress of the Republic of 
Texas. On November 20, 1837, "Mr. Douglass introduced a bill to incor- 
porate the University of Texas." 

The first direct steps towards the founding of the University were 
taken by the congress of the republic in two acts passed during January, 
1839. One of these provided for the setting apart of land for a campus 
in the future city of Austin. The other appropriated fifty leagues of the 
vacant lands of the republic for the purpose of university education. 

The establishment of the University was provided for by an act of 
the Legislature, February 11, 1858. The preamble of this act reads as 
follows: "Whereas, from the earliest time, it has been the cherished design 
of the people of the republic and of the state of Texas that there shall 
be established within her limits an institution of learning for the instruc- 
tion of the youths of the land in the higher branches of learning and in 
the liberal arts and sciences, and to be so endowed, supported, and main- 
tained as to place within the reach of our people, whether rich or poor, 
the opportunity of conferring upon the sons of the state a thorough educa- 
tion, and as a means whereby the attachment of the young men of the 
state to the interests, the institutions, the rights of the state, and the 
liberties of the people might be encouraged and increased, and to this 
end liberal appropriations have been made; and whereas, the increase 
of population and wealth of the state, and the tendency of events, indicate 


the fitness of now putting the cherished design into effect; therefore," 
etc. This act made provision for the endowment of the University by 
adding to the fifty leagues granted in 1839 one hundred thousand dollars 
in United States bonds, and one section of land out of every ten reserved 
for the use of the state by the various acts of the legislature. 

Provision was also made for the organization of the University, but 
this was not carried out because of the Civil ^Yar and the unhappy era 
of Reconstruction. Indeed, under the exigencies of war, all but 57 cents 
of the cash endowment of the University had been turned into the general 
revenue account and appropriated to the necessities of the state. By 
direction of the constitution of 1866 the legislature refunded nearly half 
of the amount previously diverted, and the same constitution provided 
that "the legislature shall, at an early day, make such provision by law 
as will organize and put in operation the University." But the times 
were unpropitious, and the organization was still delayed. 

Provision for the organization and the maintenance of the University 
was again made in the constitution of 1876, as follows: "Sec. 10. The 
legislature shall, as soon as practicable, establish, organize, and provide 
for the maintenance, support, and direction of a university of the first 
class, to be located by a vote of the people of this state, and styled 
'The University of Texas,' for the promotion of literature, and the arts 
and sciences, including an agricultural and mechanical department." This 
constitution took away from the endowment the nearly three million 
acres of land which had been added to it by the act of 1858, and gave 
in lieu thereof one million acres further west. It made the Agricultural 
and Mechanical College of Texas, which had been established a short 
time before and located in Brazos county, a branch of the University 
"for instruction in agriculture, the mechanic arts, and the natural sciences 
connected therewith," and provided for the subsequent organization of 
"a college or branch university" for the instruction of the colored youths 
of the state. To the lands previously set apart and appropriated for the 
endowment, the legislature, in 1883, added one million acres. The Agri- 
cultural and Mechanical College has remained in fact a separate insti- 
tution and the "colored" branch has not yet been begun. 

The act of the legislature providing for the organization of the 
University was passed in 1881. It provided for the location of the insti- 
tution by popular vote, and for the appointment of a Board of Regents, 
to be entrusted with its organization and government. Among the provis- 
ions of the act affecting the policy of the University may be mentioned 
the limitation of the matriculation fee to thirty dollars, the admission 
of men and women on equal terms without charge for tuition, and the 
injunction that no religious qualification should be required for admission 
to any office or privilege connected with the University, that no sectarian 
instruction should be given therein, and that no money may be appropri- 
ated from the general revenue of the State for the construction of buildings. 



By popular election in September, 1881. the Main University was 
located at Austin, and the Medical Department at Galveston. Under 
authority of the regents the Academic and Law Departments were organ- 
ized, and on September 15, 1883, the University was formally opened 
in the present Main Building, then consisting of the west wing only. The 
exercises were, however, conducted in the temporary capital, since burned, 
until the first day of January, 1884. 

In 1894 the Department of Engineering was inaugurated, in 1898 
the Summer Schools, in 1906 the Department of Education, in 1909 the 
Department of Extension, in 1910 the Graduate Department. 

The Department of Medicine was opened with the School of Medicine 
in 1891, following the donation of the John Sealy Hospital to the state 
by the city of Galveston. The School of Pharmacy was added in 1893, 
the School of Nursing in 1897. 

The School of Mines at El Paso is under the charge of the President 
and Regents of the University but is not legally a part of the University. 

The following figures indicate briefly the growth of the University 
through the Session of 1915-16. 

Professors. Total 

Year. Registration & Instructors. Expenditures. 

Long Session. Summer. Long Session. 

1885-86 999 13 $63,822 

1895-96 730 35 128,625 

1905-06 1,547 444 73 254,358 

1915-16 2,729 1,265 176 759,023 

1883-16 36,259 8,866,962 

Of the total expenditures, $5,189,690 have been met from Legislative 
appropriations, two-thirds of the remainder from land leases and one- 
third from interest on bonds bought with the proceeds of the sale of the 
original land grant of 50 leagues (220.000 acres). 

The income from the leasing of the 2,000,000 acres of University 
lands to cattlemen has risen from nothing at all to $176,369 in 1915-16. 

Excluding donations, $226,694 has been expended for buildings at 
Galveston, $1,065,081 at Austin. 

The libraries, collections and the general and laboratory equipment 
have cost about $700,000. The total assets exclusive of the University 
lands are about $3,000,000. 

During 1883-88 the percentage of women was 22, during 1911-16 
it was 32. 

During the years 1883-1916, 5,119 degrees have been given, distributed 
as follows: Bachelor of Arts, 1,407; LL. B., 1,543; M. D., 645; Ph. G., 
307; M. A., 242; B. S., 242 (discontinued in 1908-09); B. Lit., 188 
(discontinued in 1906-07) ; C. E., 164; Certificate in Nursing, 139; E. E., 
123; LL.M., 39; M. S, 27; M. E., 17; Ph. D., 4; M. J., 1 ; B S. in Med., 
3; B. S. in C. E., 9; B. S. in E. E., 11; B. S. in Arch., 7. 


A. A. Athletic Association 

abd. abdominal 

Acad. Academy 

Acct. accountant 

act. acting 

adj. adjunct 

Adv. advertising 

Advoc. advocate 

agr. agriculture 

Am. American 

anat. anatomy 

Assemb. Assembly 

Assn. association 

assoc. associate, associated 

asst. assistant 

Astro. Astronomy 

athl. athletic 

attg. attending 

Aud. auditor 

Ave. Avenue 

bact. bacteriology, bacteriologist 

Bapt. Baptist 

Bd. Board 

Biol. biologist, biology 

Bldg. Building 

Bldr. builder 

Blvd. Boulevard 

bot. botany 

Br. Branch 

Bur. Bureau 

bus. business 

C. C. N. Y. College of the City of New York 

capt. captain 

cert. certificate 

Ch. Church 

chem. chemistry, chemical 

Chem. Chemist 

chrmn. chairman 

Clerg. clergyman 

climatol. climatological 

clin. clinic, clinical 

Co. County, Company 

Col. Colonel 

Coll., coll. college 

Coll. P. & S. College of Physicians and Surgeons 

Colleg., colleg. collegiate 

comm. committee 

commenc. commencement 

Commis. Commission 

commr. commissioner 

compar. comparative 

Conf. Confederate, Conference 

Cong. congregational, Congress 

const. constitution, constitutional 

constr. construction 

consult. consulting 

contr. contractor 

conv. convention 

Corp. corporation 

Corr. Correction 

corres. correspondent, corresponding 

couns. counsellor 

del. delegate 

dem. demonstrator 

dep. deputy 

dept. department 

dermatol. dermatology 

diag. diagnosis 

dir. director 

Disp. dispensary 

Dist. District 

div. division 

do. ditto 

Dom. Dominion 

ed. editor 

Educ. educator, education, educational 

electrol. electrology 

emerg. emergency 

empl. employed 

Engr. engineer, engineering 

Engl. English 

Epil. Epileptics 

evang. evangelist 

exam. examination, examining, examiner 

exec. executive 

fac. faculty 

Frat. Fraternity 

fresh. freshman 

genl. general 

Geol. geologist 

Gov. Governor 

Govt. Government 

g-ad. graduate, graduation 
ym. Gymnasium 
gyn. gynaecology, gynaecologist 
H. S. High School 
hist. historv, historical 
histol. histology 

Homeo. Homeopathy, Homeopathic 
hon. honorary 

hyg. hygiene, hygienic 

I. C. A. A. A. A. Inter-Collegiate Association of 

Amateur Athletics of America 
indep. independent 
Infmy. Infirmary 
Ins. Insurance 
insp. inspector 
inst. institute, institution 
instr. instructor, instruction 
intercoll. intercollege, intercollegiate 
interl. international 

Journ., journ. Tournalist, journal, journals 
Jud. Judicial 

Juris., juris. jurisprudence 
lab. laboratory 
lang. language 

laryngol. laryngology, laryngologist 
lect. lecturer 
Leeisl. Legislature 
Librn. librarian 
libry. library 
lieut. lieutenant 
lit. literature, literary 
Lye. Lyceum 

M. E. Methodist Episcopal 
maj. major 

mat. med. Materia Medica 
Math. Mathematics 
Mech. Eng. Mechanical engineer 
Med. Assn. Medical Association 
Med. Coll. Medical College 
mem. member 

Metall. Metallurgical, Metallurgist 
milit. military 
missny. missionary 
munic. municipal 
NGN Y. National Guard of the State of 

New York 
nat. natural 
Natl., natl. National 
neurol. neurology, neurologist 
No. Number 

obst. obstetrics, obstetrician, obstetrical 
ophthal. Ophthalmology, ophthalmologist 
Orph. Orphan, orphans 
orthop. orthopaedic 
otol. otological, otologist 
P. E. Protestant Episcopal 
P. S. public school 
parals. paralytics 

path. pathology, pathologist, pathological 
ped. pediatrics 

Pharm. pharmacist, pharmacy 
pharmacol. pharmacology 
phil., philos. philosophy, philosophical 
philol. Philology, philological 
Philomath. Philomathean Society 

Physiol. Physiology, Physiological 
Phys., phys. physician, physiology, 


polit. political 



Polycl. polvclinic 

pres. president 

Presb. Presbyterian 

pract. practice 

prin. principal 

prof. professor 

propr. proprietor 

prov. provost. 

Psychol. psychologist, Pshychological 

Pub. Public, publisher 

R. F. D. Rural Free Delivery 

R. R. railroad 

Ry. Railway 

rec. recorder 

reg. regular 

rep. representative 

Repub. Republican 

res. resident 

ret. retired 

Revol. Revolution 

Rey'y- Revolutionary 

Rhinol. Rhinologist, Rhinological 

salitt. salutatorian 

san. sanitary 

Sch. School 

sec. secretary 

sem. seminary 

soc. societv 

soph. sophomore 

spec. special 

sta. station 

Supt. Superintendent 

surg. surgeon, surgical 

surrog. surrogate 

surv. survey, surveyor 

Theol. Sem. Theological Seminary 

tech. technology, technical 

therap. therapeutics, therapeutist 

topogr. topographical 

treas. treasurer 

Univ. University 

vice-pres. vice-president 

valedict. valedictorian 

vet. veterinary 

vis. visiting 

Vols. Volunteers 

yr. year 

Zool. Zoology, Zoologist, Zoological 

The name of the institution by which it has been 
conferred follows the academic degree. The omis- 
sion of it indicates that the degree was given by the 
University of Texas. 

A star (*) after a name denotes that the in- 
dividual is deceased. 

When an address appears in parenthesis it 
denotes that it is the last known address. 

In the case of married women, former students. 

the name under which the student entered is 
given first, with the married name immediately 
following in parenthesis, the same rule applying to 
the General Index. In the Locality Index, the 
graduates are listed under their married names. 
For example: Class List insertion May Jane 
Smith (Mrs. John M. Jones); General Index 
insertion Smith, May Jane (Mrs. John M. Jones), 
a. 06. 



Jessie Andrews, 

B. Lit., 86; Ph. M., 06, Univ. of Chicago; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Instructor in German, Univ. 
of Texas; author of numerous verses and 
songs. University of Texas and 1104 Colorado 
St., Austin, Texas. 

1'enjamin P. Bailey, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Athenaeum Lit. Soc. ; In- 
surance; pres. Gibraltar Life Ins. Co., Hotel 
Gibraltar and Lamar Cotton Oil Cos.; sr. mem. 
firm Bailey & Collins of Paris and Dallas; 
mem. Masons; Elks; Gordon Country and 
Paris Golf Clubs. Gibraltar Bldg., Main and 
113 \V. Washington Sts., Paris, Texas. 

Sam Corley Ball, 

Xew Boston, Texas. 

Hattie Figuet Boak (Mrs. R. L. 

2400 Lampasas St., Austin, Texas. 

Clara Rizpah Bowers (Mrs. W. S. 

Mexia, Texas. 

Roberta Owen Brackenridge (Mrs. 

(Houston, Texas) 

I. D. Breedlove (Miss), 

(Abilene, Texas) 

Georgia Augusta Brown (Mrs. Ar- 
sene Paulin Pujo), 

Lake Charles, La. 

John H. Caldwell, 

LL. B., 91; Phi Delta Theta; Lawyer; mem. 
26th State Legisl. 430 Littlefield Bldg. and 
1 200 West Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Lobel A. Carlton, 

B. Lit., 87; Phi Delta Theta; Rusk; Lawyer; 
mem. Country, Thalian and Houston Clubs. 
903 Mason Bldg. and 1602 Main St., Houston, 

John R. Carpenter, 

Phi Delta Theta; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Druggist. 
219 E. 6th and 203 E. 2d Sts., Austin, Texas. 

Lilian Carrington, 

B. Lit., 87. 910 Lavaca St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Lee Cason, 

Farmer; sheriff and tax collector, Morris Co. 
Daingerfield, Texas. 

Lulu Willers Cater, 

( Austin. Texas) 

Charles James Chaison, 

Real Estate; pres. Jefferson Chaison Townsite 
Co, Texas Rice Land Co. 309 Gilbert Bldg. 
and 1012 Penn Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

i Annie Churchill, 

Missionary, M. E. Church, South Apartado, 
94, Dos de Mayo, 65, Matanzas, Cuba and 
Burnet, Texas. 

Atwell Johnston Clopton,* 

B. Lit., 88; Sigma Chi; Athenaeum Lit. Club; 
Tarantula; German Club; distinction, English, 
History; pres. and critic, Athenaeum; ed. in 
chief and bus. mgr., Univ. Texas Magazine; 
assoc. ed. The Norther; first string pitcher 
U. of T. baseball team; chrmn. German 
Club; Attorney at Law; law clerk and stenog- 
rapher, office atty. gen. of Texas; executive 
clerk governor's office and sec. Penitentiary 
Board; private sec Rep. Burleson and Sen. 
Culbertson; clerk in charge Judiciary Comm., 
U. S. Senate; atty. Dept. of Justice; mem. 
Capitol Yacht Club (Wash., D. 'C.). 

Eugenia Collett, 

1400 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Henry Connerly, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; clerk Court of Civil 
Appeals, Austin; postmaster; county supt. Pub- 
lic Instruction; county surveyor; city atty.; 
mem. Austin Country Club and Saengerrunde. 
State Capitol and 210 E. 24th St., Austin, 

Galen Crow, 

With Public Service Co. of Oklahoma; direc- 
tor General Purchasing Agent; mgr. Commer- 
cial Dept. of syndicate owning and operating 
electric light plants and ice factories in Okla- 
homa; pres. Federal Sign System, Electric of 
Oklahoma; statesman-at-large, Jovian Order; 
mem. B. P. O. Elks; Mystic Shrine; Guthrie 
Country Club. Guthrie, Okla. 

Lewis Meriwether Dabney, 

LL. B., 87; Phi Gamma Delta and Tarantula 
Club; Lawyer; mem. Dallas Country and 
Dallas Clubs. 1107 Praetorian Bldg. and 2817 
Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

May Belle Dever (Mrs. Johnston), 

(Georgetown, Texas) 

Livie E. Dill, 

no W. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Minnie G. Dill, 

B. A., 87; Teacher; mem. Pathfinders, no 
W. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Emma Dwyer (Mrs. F. Kiber), 

Angleton, Texas. 

Ira Eddleman, 

(Woodward, Okla.) 

Franz Fiset, 

LL. B., 86; Phi Delta Theta; Lawyer. 730 
Littlefield Bldg. and 209 W. 9th St.", Austin, 

Bernard Brice Getzendaner, 

760 Samuels Ave.. Fort Worth, Texas. 




Anne Page Goggin (Mrs. W. J. J. 

Mem. Colonial Dames, Daughters of the Am. 
Revolution and Daughters of the Confederacy. 
1504 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

James Mann Goggin, 

LL. B., 87; Kappa Alpha; Athenaeum Lit. 
Club; intermediate debater, 86; Lawyer; Co. 
Judge, Maverick Co., 90-96; mem. State Dem. 
Exec. Comm., 98-00; Dist. Judge, 41 Judicial 
Dist., 99-09; del. Natl. Dem. Conv., Kansas 
City, oo ; del. at large, Natl. Dem. Conv., St. 
Louis, 16; mem. Toltec Club. 720 Mills Bldg. 
and 1224 Magoffin Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Emma Grant (Mrs. Robert G. West), 

608 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

J. H. Herndon, 

B. Lit, 88; Phi Delta Theta; Athenaeum; 
pres. Athenaeum; champion of Tennis Club; 
mem. Chess Club and Baseball Team; Capi- 
talist, Real Estate, Loan and Insurance; ad- 
mitted to Bar, 93; mem. law firm of W. S. 
Herndon & Son; dir. and v.-pres. in several 
banks; vice-pres. Commerce Club; State Chem- 
ist of Texas, 90-91; wrote Geological Report 
of Smith Co.; dir. East Texas Fair; Exalted 
Ruler of Elks, no N. Bois d'Arc Ave. and 
503 S. Fannie Ave., Tyler, Texas. 

Walter Hickman Hill, 

(Manor, Texas) 

Jesse Hornsby, 

Hornsby Bend, Texas. 

Hicklin Prescott Hunnicutt, 

B. S., 88; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon; Civil Engineer; chief draughtsman Gen- 
eral Land Office of Texas for ten years; mem. 
Texas Acad. of Science and University Club. 
1 1 08 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Fannie Hutchins (Mrs. B. W. Ran- 

Austin, Texas. 

David Moore Killough, 

With Accounting Dept., Kirby Lumber Co. 
219 E. 1 8th St., Houston, Texas. 

Frank Lacy, 

(Nashville, Tenn.) 

Henry Harrison Lennox, 

Phi Delta Theta; Lawyer; Co. judge, Red 
River Co., 90-91; Masonic connections. Clarks- 
ville, Texas. 

Mary L. Litten (Mrs. Edwin 

709 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

Charles Kent McDonald, 

Student asst. in physics; Contractor and Civil 
Engineer; with U. S. Reclamation Service for 
6 yrs. R. 2. Box 130, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Robert McGregor, 

Pres. Ballinger Dry Goods Co.; mem. Knights 
of Pythias; W. O. W. ; Masonic connections. 
806 Hutchins Ave., Ballinger, Texas. 

George S. Mathews, 

Sheriff Travis Co.; 32d deg. Scottish Rite 
Mason; Shriner, Ben Hur Temple; mem. 
Elks; K. of P.; Odd Fellows. Court House 
and 407 W. nth St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert H. Matthews, 

Merchant. 1302 San Jacinto St., Austin, 

James H. Maxwell, 

Rusk Soc.; Druggist; mem. Masonic orders. 
908 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Jesse W. Maxwell, 

LL. B., 92; Kappa Sigma; Rusk; bus., mgr. 
Univ. Magazine; pres. law class, 91-92; At- 
torney; mem. Texas Legisl. ; mem. Univ. Club. 
711 Scarbrough Bldg. and 702 W. 2ist St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Milton Monroe, 

217 W. Elmira St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lewis Moore, 

Parthenian Soc.; Stock Raising and Farming, 
Spicewood. Burnet Co., Texas. 

Seth Mabry Morris, 

B. S., 88; M. D., with honors, 91; Coll. 
Phys. and Surgs (X. Y.); Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon; Alpha Mu Pi Omega; asst. to chair of 
chemistry (Austin), 87-88; Oculist and Aurist; 
prof, chem., med. dept., Univ. of Texas, 91- 
08; prof, ophthalmology since 09. 809 Am. 
Natl. Ins. Bldg. and 3121 Ave. O, Galveston, 

Eliza Nelia Nichols (Mrs. S. W. 

Cuero, Texas. 

Mary Fant Odonr, 

Teacher. 307 E. i2th St., Austin, Texas. 

F. O. Perry, 

Stockman. 78 Vick St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Constance Pessels, 

B. Lit., 86; M. A., 92; Ph. D., Johns Hop- 
kins; Phi Delta Theta; Athenaeum; Head of 
dept. of English, San Antonio High School. 
609 Matagorda St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Alice Lulu Phillips (Mrs. L. R. Wai- 

Austin, Texas. 

Frederick C. Proctor, 

Kappa Alpha; Tarantula; Athenaeum; General 
Counsel, Gulf Oil Co.; dir. Gulf Pipe Line 
and Gulf Refining Cos.; mem. Masons and 
Knights Templar; Houston, Neches, Houston 
Country, Dallas Country and Beaumont Coun- 
try Clubs. Gulf Bldg. and Rice Hotel. Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Fannie Travis Randolph, 

1503 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

W. M. Rason, 

Real Estate. Waelder, Texas. 

Frank H. Raymond, 

Charter mem. Texas Beta Chapter, Phi Delta; 
charter mem. Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Real Estate 
Agent. 104 W. 7th and 205 W. loth Sts., 
Austin, Texas. 

Samuel Clark Red, 

B. A., 85; M. D., 87 Jeff. Med. Coll.; pres. 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; Physician and Surgeon; dir. 
South Texas Commercial Bank; mem. Houston 
School Bd. ; former chief surg. H. E. and W. 
T. ; former pres. State Med. Assn.; mem. 
Thalian Club. 817 Caroline St., Houston, 




Joseph H. Reuss, 

M. D., 89 Columbia Univ.; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Physician and Surgeon; F. A. C. S.; chief 
surg. S. A. and A. P. Ry. Co.; former mem. 
State Bd. Med. Exams. ; mem. Am. Med. and 
Texas Med. Assns. Buchel Bldg. and 18 S. 
Line St., Cuero, Texas. 

Joe Shelby Riley, 

Special student in pure and applied math, 
and the sciences; Rusk Lit. Soc.; honors in 
math., sci., English, hist.; 5 yrs. attendance, 
including law; Physician; mem. Colonial Fami- 
lies and Optimistic Clubs; Scientific Research 
Soc. 1116 F St. N. W., and Alabama Aprs., 
cor nth and X Sts. N. \Y., Washington, 
D. C. 

Alice Rogers (Mrs. C. A. Stutz), 

Jefferson, Texas. 

John L. Rundell, 

Rural Letter Carrier; mem. civ. service exam, 
bd. ; pres. Rural Letter Carriers' Assn. of 
Texas; sec.-treas. Natl. Rural Carriers' Mutual 
Benefit Assn. 2305 Leon St., Austin, Texas. 

Granville Shaw Russell, 

Houston, Texas. 

May Scruggs (Mrs. A. A. Steele), 

Boarding House. N. Sherman St., Mexia, 

Emma Shapard (Mrs. N. A. Sted- 

Austin, Texas. 

Bernice Smith (Mrs. John J. Butts), 

Cisco, Texas. 

Robert Waverley Smith, 

B. A., 87; Phi Delta Theta; Athenaeum; 
Tarantula; editor University Magazine; pres. 
Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Banker; pres. First Xatl. 
Bank, Galveston; city atty. Galveston, 94-98; 
mem. Board of Regents, Univ. of Texas; 
chrmn. Galveston Deep Water Comm.; author 
"The Commission Form of Government of the 
Galveston Original Commission City Charter 
of 1901;" mem. N. Y. Yacht Club; The Bank- 
ers Club of Am. ; Aziola Club, Galveston. 
Cor. 22d and Strand Sts. and 822 Tremont 
St., Galveston, Texas. 

William Byrd Smith, 

Merchant. 205 E. 6th and 306 E. loth Sts., 
Austin, Texas. 

William Ellis Smith, 

Wholesale Grocer; mem. San Antonio Club; 
Travis Club. 201 Burleson St. and 217 Guil- 
beau St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lucy J. Smyth, 

1004 W. i -th St., Austin, Texas. 

Charlie B. Wade, 

Pres. First State Bank; cashier City Xatl. 
Bank, Temple, Texas; v-pres. First State Bank, 
Amity, Colo. First State Bank, Belton, Texas. 

Adine Waggener (Mrs. John C. 

88 1 De Graw Ave., Xewark, X. J. 

Alexander Stuart Walker, 

LL. B., 86; Kappa Alpha; Athenaeum Lit. 
and Tarantula Socs. ; Collector of Internal 
Revenue for State of Texas; Stockman and 
Farmer; atty. and judge, Travis Co.; mem. 
University and Rod and Gun Clubs. Federal 
Bldg, Austin, and Leander, Texas. 

Charles Clifford Walton, 

Cotton Factor and Farmer. 113 E. Collins 
St. and 1416 W. Fifth Ave., Corsicana, 

Tyler Curtis Williams, 

400 Baltimore Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

William H. Wilson, 

LL. B., 88; Academic, 2 yrs.; graduated out 
of Law Dept. sth yr. of Univ.; Kappa Alpha; 
Lawyer. Scanlan Bldg. and 3420 Travis St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Baldy San Alford; Mary Lily Alford; Frank 
Sexton Allen; Alice Graham Baker*; Mary Lily 
Baker; Mary Adelaide Barnes; Lizzie Ella Ben- 
nett*; George Smith Berry; William Montgom- 
ery Blanks;; John Erwin Bonner; David John 
Brady; Leon Bates Bramlette; Joseph Field 
Browning*; Rufus Burleson; George Xathaniel 
Burns; Marion King Buteman; Daniel Simpson 
Chessher*; Mary Delia Clark; Cora Cole; Lela 
Cole; James David Coop wood; Walter Bartholo- 
mew Corwin*, LL. B., 90; Jefferson Davis Cot- 
ton; Alma Blanche Crooker; Willis Joseph Daugh- 
erty; James Caldwell Dil worth; Alary Johanna 
Eberhardt; Charles Houston Ernest; Clarence 
Calhoun Fawcett, a. 86; Rufus Jesse Felder* ; 
Quitman Finley; Lucy Gray Forbes; Andrew Jo- 
seph Gibson, LL. B., 86; Harry Wilson Gilson, 
B. Lit., 88*; Lee Haygood Glasscock; Rowan Ad- 
kins Green; Clarence Turpin Gribble; Fred Hiram 
Hall; Everett Vernon Hamilton; Yates Hana- 
gan*; Percy Alexander Hawthorne*; Vol Henry; 
Jeff Hicks; Cleveland Horn; De Witt Hebe- 
sin Hotchkiss; Bessie Bell Hoxie; Amada Eupha 
Hume*; Edward Francis Jalonick; Alexander 
Lewis Kesseler*; Daniel Lockhart*; John Dil- 
lon Lockhart; Jack Cockran McDade; James Mc- 
Kellar: William Wallace McLennon; John Burder 
McVay; David W. Maddox; Marshall H. Mathews; 
Charles T. Matkin; Katie Moore; Mary C. 
Muthe; Mattie Xash; Emanuel Gensler Newman; 
Glasscock D. Patton; Lee Peeler*; Mary Ida 
1'eters; Oliver Hilliard Policy; George William 
I Ratliff; Mary Raymond: John Edward Roper; 
Evoy Saylor (Mrs. Ward); Mart Celia Sheehan; 
Emma Simpson; James Horace Simpson; Willie 
Simpson (Mrs. Tom E. Smith)*; Bessie Annie 
Smith*; Walter Graham Sneed*; William Rust 
Spalding; Claude Edward Stewart; Hunter Bell 
Stiles; Josephine Strong; Annie Sullivan; Hugh 
N. Swain; Arthur Porve Terrell*; Clarence 
Preston Thompson; John Monroe Tiebaut*; Dan- 
iel Edmund Wallis*; Charles Thomas Watkin; 
Rogers I. Whaley*; Henry Kirk White; Milton 
White,* LL. B., 88; James Boone Wilson. 


Theophilus Hunter Bonner, 

B. Lit., 99. Fairfield, Texas. 

Leontine R. Brunet (Mrs. S. M. 

612 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Terese Masterson Bryan (Mrs. Fred. 
S. Robbins), 

Certificate of Proficiency in English and Phil- 
osophy; mem. Colonial Dames of Am.; Mutual 
Improvement Club. Bay City, Texas. 

H. Roscoe Burt, 

Investment Banker; mem. Elks; Shriners; 
Southern Presb. 300% W. i2th St., Dallas, 




Frank Joseph Clement, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Clerk; State Comptroller Pub- 
lic Accounts; co. supt. public insts., Milan 
Co., 14 yrs. Care Comptroller, Capitol Station 
and 710 E. 20th St., Austin, Texas. 

Bessie Connerly (Mrs. J. W. Greer), 

Cert, of Letters; (Lone Star, now) Ashbel Lit. 
Soc. Beeville, Texas. 

Minnie Louise Gould (Mrs. N. B. 

Palestine, Texas. 

Edwin Rogers Huck, 

Lake Austin Navigation. Boat House, Austin 
Dam and 405 Bowie St., Austin, Texas. 

Isaac Jalonick, 

Kappa Sigma; Athenaeum; Fire Insurance; 
mem. Dallas and Dallas Country Clubs. High- 
land Park and 3817 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, 

Lucille Sheppard James, 

Roanoke, Ya. 

John Kloppenburg 

Agent, U. S. Departrr 

lime, Texas. 

tment of Agriculture. Sub- 

Albert D. Lipscomb, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Rusk Lit. Soc.; editor 
Univ. Magazine; Lawyer. Perlstein Bldg. and 
835 Pennsylvania Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Stonewall J. McMurry, 

Graham, Texas. 

Etta B. Means (Mrs. W. M. White), 

Pres. Mothers Club; mem. Woman's Lit. Club; 
Eastern Star; Ladies of the Maccabees. 
Mexia, Texas. 

John M. Melson, 

Chi Sigma; Lawyer and Banker; mem. legis' 
lature, 88-89; 9 1 ; county atty.; mem. Elks, 
Woodmen and Odd Fellows. Sulphur Springs, 

Gus Ney, 

1424 Snawmut Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

Jessie Erigone Patten, 

B. A., 88; M. A., 88. Mineola, Texas. 

Jeannie Pessels (Mrs. Isaac A. Gold- 

1225 Washington St., Waco, Texas. 

Gay Prendergast, 

Mexia, Texas. 

Stella H. Sisson, 

Diploma from Royal Conservatory of Music, 
Lepzig, Germany; won diamond medal as best 
pianist in post-graduating class Chicago Musical 
College, 88; Christian Science Practitioner. 
Sampson Bldg. and mo West Ave., Austin, 

Derie Smith (Mrs. D. H. Hart), 

2600 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Matthew Mann Smith, 

B. Sc., 88; M. A., 89; Kappa Sigma; pres. 
Athenaeum Literary Soc.; Intermediate de- 
bater, Athenaeum Soc.; Final Orator, Athen- 
aeum Soc.; Physician; Medical Director, The 
Modern Order o f Praetorians; President, Med- 
ical Section, National Fraternal Congress of 
America; Editor and Publisher of Texas Med' 
ical News; mem. Rotary, Dallas Automobile, 
Dallas Automobile Country and Physicians' 
Clubs; Dallas Advertising League; Dallas 
Fraternal League. 215 Southwestern Life 
Bldg. and 2814 Routh St., Dallas, Texas. 

David Wendell Spence,* 

B. S., 89; Dean of Engineers and Professor 
Civil Engr, Agricultural and Mechanical Coll. 

A. A. Steele, 

Mexia, Texas. 

Jeannette Bailey Stone (Mrs. Robert 
Autry Greer), 

B. Lit., 87. 1910 Calder Ave., Beaumont, 

Ella Storey, 

Mem. Oreodes. 4940 East Side Ave., Dallas, 

P. H. Swearingen, 

B. Lit., 87; Beta Theta Pi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
pres. of Rusk Lit. Soc.; editor in chief Univ. 
Magazine; Associate Justice Court of Civil Ap- 
peals, 4th Supreme Judicial Dist. ; mem. Travis 
and Country Clubs; Chamber of Commerce. 
Co. Court House and 529 E. Guenther St., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Lizzie Taylor (Mrs. John William 

Spec. Student Univ. of Wash., 13; mem. Lone 
Star Soc.. now Ashbel Lit. Soc.; pres. Mothers 
Club of Bickler Sch. (Austin, Texas); organ- 
izer and pres., Woman's Wilson and Marshall 
League; v.-pres., State of Wash., of the 
Woman's Natl. Dem. League of the U. S.; 
mem. Red Cross Soc.; Soc. for National De- 
fense; Seattle Woman's Club; Woman's Feder- 
ated Clubs of Wash. 1558 E. Garfield St., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Charles Vannoy Templeton, 

B. Lit., 87. Woonsocket, S. Dak. 

F. A. Thomson, 

Pres. Thomson Grocery Co.; Shriner; 32* 
Mason; Knights Templar. Ave. B and 4th St. 
and 218 N. Main St., Temple, Texas. 

Katie Pendleton Waggener (Mrs. A. 
S. Walker), 

Leander and Austin, Texas. 

Sally Lindsay Walker (Mrs. Julian 

Honors in English History and French. Kes- 
wick, Albemarle Co, Va. 

Susie P. Walker (Mrs. Calvin Sat- 

5322 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Pa. 

J. W. West, 

Waco, Texas. 

Joe Edgar Williams, 

Scorpions; Oil Mill and Gins and Merchant; 
pres., Hamilton School Bd., 25 yrs. ; mem. City 
Council, 10 yrs.; candidate for Cong, on Re- 
pub, ticket, 3 times; del. to Repub. Natl. Conv., 
4 times; mem. Ry. State Ex-Commrs., 20 
yrs. Hamilton, Texas. 




Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Katie Adams; Thomas Andrews,* LL. B., 87; 
Lucy B. Bassett*; George L. Bitzer; Alexander 
Easley Boyd; Sallie Bur ford; Samuel Thompson 
Camp; Carrie Carothers; W. K. Clement*; VV. B. 
Cobbs; A. R. Cocke; Willie F. Daniel; Isaac V. 
Davis, Jr.; Lulu B. Dealy; Tula Denny; John 
L. Dodge; Ona Lee DuBose; William Lee Eas- 
ley; Patrick Henry Fitzhugh; Eliza B. Frazer; 
Marcus Collier Cranberry,* LL. B., 89; Lily 
Hollingsworth; Ernest H. Jackson; Wm. T. 
Johns; Wm. T. C. Jones; L. M. Lane; Wm. Tay- 
lor Levy*; Chas. T. L9ving; Ruth McDowall; 
Unarton Bird McLaughlin; Bettie Peel*; Mollie 
C. Perkins; William Philips; Thos. Jefferson Ray; 
Clark W. Roe; William Young Schleicher,* 
LL. B., 93; G. Y. Shugart; Clay E. Smith; Lin- 
der Smith (Mrs. Frank M. Ball)*; Ella Steele; 
Marian Lyford Stiles; Fannie Taliaferro; Len 
Daniel Tobin*; William L. Turnage; Tommie 
Wooten; T. J. Wortham; J. Lee Zimpelman. 


Eleanor L. Anderson (Mrs. W. M. 

2814 Routh St., Dallas, Texas. 

Fanny M. Andrews, 

Merchant; sec. Austin Public Schools. 1140 
Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

Henry Austin, 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Bernard Burton Bates, 

Alderman at Childress 2 terms; mem. Bd. of 
Dir., Y. M. C. A., 9 yrs; treas. Y. M. C. A. 
2 yrs., at Childress; for 21 yrs. connected 
with lumber co., being State mgr. of their 25 
Texas yards for several yrs.; mem. B. P. O. 
Elks; Natl. Geographic Soc. P. O. Box 75 
and 119 S. Rosemont Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

George Henry Black, 

Mineola, Texas. 

Sallie Rice Bledsoe (Mrs. Walter 
Cooley Clark), 

Mem. Ashbel Lit. Soc. Box No. 6, R. F. D. 
No. i, Austin, Texas. 

Mary L. Boak (Mrs. M. B. Stiles), 

Austin, Texas. 

Isaac H. Bryant, 

Washington, D. C. 

Kittie Rose Carlisle, 

B. S., 15 Columbia Univ.; Teacher, Home 
Economics; author "Carlisle Primer." 512 E. 
Elmira St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Robert Upton Culberson, 

B. Lit., 88. Stewart Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

William Sims Duke, Jr., 

Waco, Texas. 

William R. Edrington, 

Farmers and Mechanics Natl. Bank, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Charles I. Evans, Jr., 

Beta Theta Pi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Official Short- 
hand Reporter, Criminal Dist. Ct. ; mem. I. O. 
O. F.; W. O. W. Criminal Courts Bldg. and 
5800 Hudson St., Dallas, Texas. 

Charles Frenkel, 

B. Lit., 89; LL. B., 91, Cornell Univ.; Phi 
Delta Theta; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; ed.-in-chief 
Univ. Magazine; academic orator commerce, 
89; Merchant. Care Ritchie & Connell, 289 
Sixth Ave. and 211 W. ia6th St., N. Y. C. 

Wallace Good, 

Pres. Range Cattle Commission Co. 461 Live 
Stock Exchange, Kansas City, Mo. 

Joshua Lucius Halbert, 

Kappa Sigma; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; inter- 
mediate debater for Athenaeum Lit. Soc., 89; 
Lawyer; mayor; mem. Corsicana Business 
League; Country Club. Hardy, Peck Bldg. 
and 1250 W. Third Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Robert McAlpine Hall, 

Sigma Chi; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; minister of 
the Gospel; pastor First Presby. Church. 1612 
Ave. H, Galveston, Texas. 

Robert Burns Halley, 

Huntsville, Texas. 

Sam W. Hart, 

Beta Theta Pi; Physician and Surgeon; local 
surg. I. & G. N. R. R.; dir Mineola State 
Bank; med exam. Amicable Life Ins. Co.; Pa- 
cific Mutual Life Ins. Co.; Great Southern 
Life Ins. Co.; formerly pres. Wood Co. Med. 
Assn. and Dist. Bd. Pharmaceutical Exams. ; 
stockholder in loan and bldg. assns. ; Masonic 
connections. Mineola, Texas. 

Benjamin F. Hines, 

M. D., 96, Univ. of Tenn.; Physician and Sur- 
geon; city health officer; mem. I. O. O. F.; 
Knights of Pythias. Van Alstyne, Texas. 

Louis Home, 

B. Lit., 89; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; class prophet 
(3), 88; second class honors; on programme, 
commence.; Farmer and Merchant; pres. school 
bd. ; v.-pres. Commercial Club. Main St., 
Blackwell, Texas. 

A. L. Jackson, 

(See /. 84.) 

Franklin Gooch Jones, 

B. A., Texas Christian Univ.; nearly two yrs. 
grad. work in T. C. U., Univ. of Texas, and 
Chicago Univ.; Teacher; sunt. of pub. schools, 
Nevada, Melissa and Allen; prof, ancient 
languages T. C. U. ; v.-pres. Hawthorne Coll.; 
pres. Jones Acad. ; pres. Midland Coll.; prin. 
McKinney H. S.; v-pres. State Teachers Assn. 
Pres. Midland Coll. Midland, Texas. 

Charles Kleber Lee, 

Phi Delta Theta; lawyer. 509 Wheat 
Bldg. and 1404 S. Adams St.. Fort Worth, 

James Bruce Lewright, 

B. A., 86; LL. B., 89; Phi Delta Theta; sen. 
class speaker, 86; 2d honors and speaker, 89; 
Lawyer; sch. trustee; mem. Travis Club. 436 
Moore Bldg. and in Arcadia Place, San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Douglass McCardell, 

M. D., 89, Tulane Univ.; Physician, Druggist 
and Banker; pres school bd.; pres County Med. 
Assn.: past master Masons; mem. W. O. W. ; 
M. W. A.; K. of H.; K. of L.; Eastern Star; 
Natl., State and County Med. Assns. Cold 
Spring, Texas. 

Alfred Clifton McDaniel, 

B. Sc., 1889; Beta Theta Pi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Surgeon ; mem. W. O. W. ; San Antonio Coun- 
try Club; Masonic connections. 307 Gibbs 
Bldg. and 117 Madison St., San Antonio, 




Samuel Barrie McLeary, 

Sigma Chi; Philomath.; Physician and Sur- 
geon. Weimar, Texas. 

W. A. Morrison, 

Lawyer. Cameron, Texas. 

John Otis Phillips, 

B. A., 97. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Seattle, 

Rosemary Poindexter (Mrs. Charles 
Thomas Pelham), 

214 El Paso Smelting Works. El Paso, 

William Stuart Red, 

A. B., 82 Austin Coll.; D. D., 07, do; Rusk 
Lit. Soc.; Clergyman; pastor First Presby. 
Church, Mexia, Texas; pastor, Navasota, 90- 
92; Chaplain A. and M. Coll. of Texas, 92- 
94; ed. Texas Presbyterian, 94-97; pastor, 
Hempstead, 97-10, and Mexia, 10-17. Mexia, 

Josiah L. Rogers, 

Blum, Hill Co., Texas. 

William Howell Smith, 

B. S., 96; Teacher. Seagoville, Texas. 

Lewis S. Sorley, 

Baton Rouge, La. 

George Stephen Stell, 

M. D., 89 Tulane Univ.; Athenaeum Soc.; 
Physician and Surgeon; county phys., Lamar 
Co., 3 terms; proprietor Stell's Infmy. and 
Nurses Training Sch., Paris, Texas, 02-09; 
mem. Lamar Co. Med., North Texas Med. 
and State Med. Socs.; Am. Med. Assn. 
Eagle Pharmacy, Elizabeth St., and 800 Levee 
St., Brownsville, Texas. 

William Lyford Stiles, 

Beta Theta Pi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Cert, of dis- 
tinguished proficiency in Spanish and others; 
Insurance; pres. Business Men's Club (now 
the Chamber of Commerce), 05, and dir. 12 
yrs.; mem. Science Soc. and Chamber of Com- 
merce. 108 Soledad St. and 101% Lewis St., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Flora Thomas, 

B. Lit., 97; v.-pres. Ashbel Lit. Soc., 97; 
v-pres. class; mem. Dallas City Mission. 
1000 S. Ewing Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Minnie Evelyn Wall, 

Latin Sch.; music courses, Chicago, Cincin- 
nati, and New York City; Voice Teacher; 
instructor in church choirs; mem. Music Club. 
Crockett, Texas. 

Asa Lee Williamson, 

Richland, N. M. 

W. G. Lee Woods, 

Public Accountant; ist v.-pres. of a natl. bank; 
treas. West Texas Conference, Methodist Ch.; 
on locating comm. Epworth-by-the-Sea at Cor- 
pus Christi. 108 Greenwood St. and 609 
Griner St., Del Rio, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Edward Bee; Jody Blackwell; Laura Hazy 
Bowers*; 1-annie Breeding; Frank Brown, Jr.; 
Oran George Bunsen; Mignonette Carrington 

(Mrs. James F. Pearce),* B. A., 89, M. A., 90; 
William S. Clark; William R. Cochran; William 
Cockrill; Charles W. Crum; Maymen F. Dicken- 
son; Earle Edmundson; Ilus Lucullus Elliott*; 
Marcus de la Fayette Herring, Jr.; Leonidas 
P. Hardeman; Sadie Holman; Albert B. Hous- 
ton; Bernherd Jacobs; Robert Rand Lockett,* 
LL. B., 89; R. Campbell Milliken; Jennie L. 
Mitchell; Harrison Askey Nixon*; Jesse W. Over- 
ton; Daisy Philips; John W. Rector; William 
Edgar Rogers; Lama Shaw: James Newton 
Smith,* B. Lit., 89, LL. B., 91; George W. Staf- 
ford; Wallace Trimble Stewart; James W. Van 
Meter; Fannie Wooten; James Cash Wootters, 
Jr.*; William H. Younger. 


James Andrew Beall, 

Washington, D. C. 

Ban S. Brown, 

B. A., 90; M. D., oo ; Beta Theta Pi; Rusk; 
second honor Academ. 90; demonstrator in 
physics, 90; Physician and Surgeon; demon- 
strator in biology, 96-97; matriculate for n 
sessions in acad. and med. depts. of Univ. of 
Texas; 7 mos. in Leipsic, Germany, 1894, 
Biology; teacher of science in Austin High 
School, 91-94; mem. Co. and State Med. Socs. 
Kerens, Texas. 

William Henry Brown, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Lawyer; city atty. and 
recorder of Ennis; mem. A. F. and A. M.; 
Knights of Pythias. Moore Bldg. and 307 N. 
McKinney St., Ennis, Texas. 

Belle Burford (Mrs. B. C. Odom), 

107 Kings Highway, Dallas, Texas. 

John Spencer Callicutt, 

Corsicana, Texas. 

Jasper Collins, 

B. A., 91; Sigma Nu; pres. Athenaeum Soc.; 
Centipeds; Real Estate and Investments; mem. 
Texas Legislature. 98-00; presidential elector, 
02. 1427 Busch Bldg. and 3810 Holland Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Albert Henry Culver, 

LL. B., go; Sigma Chi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; bus. 
mgr. I] nil'. Magazine; Lawyer; claim agent 
Southern Pacific Ry.; postmaster, Ennis; atty. 
for Texas Co. 1106 Texas Co. Bldg. and 1403 
California Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Levi Travers Dashiell, 

Spec, course Lit. Dept., 89; Beta Theta Pi; 
ed. University Magazine; pres. Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; final orator (Rusk), 89; Attorney-at- 
Law; co. atty. and co. judge, Leon Co.; dist. 
atty., I2th Jud. Dist.; mem. House of Repre- 
sentatives, 2?d, 24th. 25th Legisls. of Texas; 
speaker of H. of R., 2$th Legisl. ; Sec. of 
State Texas and chrmn. Texas State Tax 
Board. Centerville, Leon Co., Texas. 

Charles Harlan Davenport, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; C. C. Statistical Dept. 
I. and G. N. Ry. ; supt. pub. sch. of Palestine; 
mem. Royal Neighbors; Blue Lodge; W. O. 
W. Circle; Modern Woodmen; Shriner; Scot- 
tisch Rite; 32 Mason. Mason Bldg. and 2402 
Whitney St., Houston, Texas. 

Sanford Jones Dean, 

B. S., 90; Sigma Chi; Merchant; v.-pres. 

First Natl. Bank; mem. Ranger Lodge No. 

350, I. O. O. F. ; Ranger Lodge No. 738, 

A. F. and A. M. Ranger, Texas. 




Alfred Peyton Dohoney, 

LL. B., 89; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rusk Lit. 
Soc. ; grad. with distinction, 89; intermediate 
debate Rusk Lit. Soc., 89; Lawyer, now on 
Dist. Bench; dist. judge, 6ad Judicial Dist. ; 
mem. Masons; Elks; Gordon Country Club. 
Pine Bluff St., Paris, Texas. 

John Adolph Erhard, Sr., 

Temple, Texas. 

William Asley Evans, 

Beta Theta Pi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; ed. Texas 
Magazine; Editor; ed. Bonham News; mem. 
Masons; Woodmen; Maccabees. W. 4th St. 
and N. Main St., Bonham, Texas. 

Frances Boiling Goggin (Mrs. L. G. 

Magazine Contributor; v.-pres. Kentucky Div. 
U. D. C.; mem. D. A. R.; Daughters of the 
Confederacy. Washington, Ky. 

William Andrew Gordon,* 

B. S., 90; LL. B., 94; LL. M., 95; Athen- 
aeum Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; mem. exec, council 
Alumni Assn. for several terms; author of 
"Texas Corporation Manual;" mem. Woodmen 
of the World. 

Howard B. Cranberry, 

M. D., 93, Tulane Med. Coll.; Phi Kappa Nu; 
Physician and Surgeon; Local Surgeon, M. K. 
& T. Ry. ; mem. Am. Med. Assn. ; District 
and Travis Co. Med. Socs. 600 Congress Ave. 
and 912 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

William Lewis Hill, 

Sigma Xu; Lawyer; mem. 33d and 34th State 
Legislature; mem. Knights of Pythias. Hunts- 
ville, Texas. 

A. Judson James, 

B. S., 90; M. D., 99; asst. in chemistry, 88- 
90; Physician. 302 Moore-Burnett Bldg. and 
2102 Brazos St., Houston, Texas. 

William Carey James, 

B. A., 93, Richmond Coll.; Th. D., 05, So. 
Baptist Theol. Sem.; Beta Theta Pi; Pastor, 
Grove Ave. Baptist Church; author, "A His- 
tory of the Western Baptist Theological In- 
stitute, Covington, Ky." 2607 Grove Ave., 
Richmond, Va. 

Carrie Josey (Mrs. W. I. Hill), 

Sealy, Texas. 

Herbert L. Kokernot, 

Ranchman. 373 Gibbs Bldg., San Antonio, 

Howard Franklin Lewis, 

LL. B., 92; Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. Rusk (4); 
Attorney-at-Law; city atty., 02-06; county atty., 
r6-io; mem. Masons; Knights of Pythias 
People's Natl. Bank Bldg. and 1509 W. First 
St., Lampasas, Texas. 

James Lamar McBride, 

Kappa Sigma; Athenaeum; intermediate de- 
hater, class 88; sec. Tyler Commericial Club; 
mem. Commercial Club. Court House and 211 
S. Bway.. Tyler, Texas. 

William Henry McBride, 

Woodville, Texas. 

George Edgar McCelvey, 

B. Lit., 90; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; pres. Rusk Lit. Soc.; Farm Mortgage 
Loan Business; pres. McCelvey-Hartmann Dry 
Goods and McCelvey-Ely Cattle Cos.; v.-pres. 
McCelvey Loan and Investment Co.; dir. ist 
Natl. Bank. 307 Citv Natl. Bank Bldg., 618 
N. 9 th St., Temple, Texas. 

Clara Miller (Mrs. Joseph Shumate), 

5428 Vernon Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Robert Finney Miller, 

C. L., 88; B. Lit., 89; M. D., 93, Tulane 
Univ.; Oculist and Aurist; externe Charity 
Hosp., N. O., 92-93; house surgeon Houston 
Infirmary, 93-95; pres. N. Texas Med. Assn. 
03-04; treas. Texas. State Med. Assn., 98-06; 
chief oculist Frisco Ry System, St. Louis, 06- 
ii ; fellow Am. Med. Assn.; maj.-surg. N. G. 
T., 94-06; author of "Early Presbyterian ism in 
Texas as seen by the Rev. James Weston 
Miller, D. D."; "A Family of Millers and 
Stewarts"; mem. Missouri Soc. Sons of Am. 
Revolution; Missouri Soc. Colonial Wars; 
Texas Historical Soc. ; St. Louis Med. Soc. ; 
Texas State Med Assn. ; Commercial and 
Elks Clubs. M. and P. Bank Bldg. and 600 
iSi. Crockett St., Sherman, Texas. 

Eliza Mitchell (Mrs. Sumner B. Cal- 

Honors in Engl. and Physics; Nurse in Cen- 
tral Coll. ; past worthy matron, Eastern Star, 
Alamogordo, New Mexico. Central College, 
Conway, Ark. 

Jay Nathan Morrow, 

Quitman, Texas. 

James C. Nagle, 

P>. S. in C. E., 89; M. A., 92; B. Lit., 92; 
C. E., 92, Western U. of P. (now U. of 
Pgh.); M. C. E., 93, Cornell; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
pres. grad. acad. class, 89; Civil Engineer; 
chrman. State Bd. of Water Engineers; topog- 
rapher Texas Geol. Survey, 89-90; prof. Civil 
Engr., A. & M. Coll. of Tex., 90-13, and dean 
of eng., 11-13; chief eng. B. & B. Ry., 94; 
asst. chief eng. H. E. & W. T. Ry., 99; agent 
and expert in Irrigation Investigations, U. S. 
Dept. Agr., 00-03; improvement eng. Burle- 
son Improvement Dist. No. i, 08-10; con- 
sult. eng. various projects; author "Field 
Manual for Railroad Engineers"; various tech- 
nical papers; mem. Univ. Faculty Club; Am. 
Soc. Civil Engs. ; Soc. Prom. Engs, E. L; Fel- 
low A. A. A. S. ; Am. Road Builders' Assn. 
Capital Sta. and 1607 Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

David Andrew Xnnn, 

Crockett, Texas. 

David Ramsey Pendleton, 

Weatherford, Texas. 

Theresa Polk (Mrs. Henry Miller), 

406 S. isth St., Corsicana, Texas. 

Susan Mary Ragsdale (Mrs. A. Rag- 

Teacher, Metropolitan Business College (A. 
Ragland, Proprietor) ; mem. Mothers Club. 
Metropolitan Business College and 2617 Live 
Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Margaret Elizabeth Ramsey, 

Longview, Texas. 

Lee Riddle, 

904 Higgins Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Susan Mary Rutherford (Mrs. A. L. 

Paul Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

Eva Sadler (Mrs. Crockett), 

Hempstead, Texas. 




Mattie Simkins, 

Artist; mem. Natl. Assn. of Women Painters 
and Sculptors. Woodstock, N. Y. 

Roy Smith, 

Buyer. The Walter Tips Co. and 502 W. 
1 3th St. Austin, Texas. 

Clara Louise Swearingen (Mrs. Sid- 
ney Brooks), 

225 Crofton St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Helen Mattie Swearingen (Mrs. Al- 
exander MacFarland), 

Chatham, Ontario. 

Lulu Mattie Teagarden (Mrs. M. L. 

Canadian, Texas. 

Fannie E. Templeton (Mrs. William 
Whitson Reid), 

Wellington, Texas. 

James Cephas Thompson, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Planter; Medina Co. 
Atty, 6 yrs. ; justice of peace; city commr. ; 
bd. of trust; mem. W. O. W. Devine, Texas. 

Elizabeth Ross Waggener (Mrs. L. 
B. Fontaine), 

B. Lit, 90; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
first honor student in class of 90; mem. Shake- 
speare and Ladies Univ. Clubs. 2300 San An- 
tonio St., Austin, Texas. 

William Henry Wedemeyer, 

Temple, Texas. 

Walter L. White, 

Lawyer; justice of the peace, 01-05. 12-15 
Smith Bldg., uj% W. 6th St., Austin, 

Gertrude Whitis, 

B. Lit., 97- 210 W. 27th St., Austin, Texas. 

David Mills Wilson, 

Buda, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Douglass Matthew Bogle; Alexander Lee Bon- 
durant; Waters Bragg; Lulu Brooks; Lester Glad- 
stone Bugbee,* B. Lit., 92, M. A., 93; Green H. 
Coleman; Mollie Collat; Uriah Collins; Lizzie 
Cook; Omar William Cooper; John Ward Craw- 
ford; Emma Cole Davis; Fannie Burbank Den- 
ton; Clarence Calhoun Fawcett; Rhodes Fisher, 
Jr.; George Pierce Garrison*; Quesney Dibrell 
Gibbs; William Baty Gibson; Fritz Hadra; 
Willie Hail; Marx Edwin Harby; John Thornton 
Hart; Wlliam Henry Hershfield; James Alexan- 
der Johnson; John Kellum; Robert Wilmer 
Lowry; Virginia Lucy; William Harry Mclntyre; 
George Lee Marshall; Charles Fortson Maxwell,* 
B. S., 95; Clara Meller; Jessie Miller (Mrs. 
E. W. Frost),* B. Lit. 89; Peter Harrison Mil- 
ner; Robert Clayton Neal; Melvin J. Ooley*; 
Richard Henry Patrick; Attie Monroe Pearsall; 
John Henry Phillips; Rossa Polk (Mrs. Albert 
Henry Miller); Luther D. Porter; May Bell Ran- 
kin; Morgan Henry Rhoades*; Willie Weisiger 

Josephine Walton Taylor; Howard Douglass Ter- 
rell; William Jared Tidball; John Wm. Harrison 
\Vare; William Lynn White; John Hundley Wig- 
gins; Florence Worthy. 


Mary Lydia Boone (Mrs. A. M. 

Ashbel; certificate of distinguished proficiency. 
Uvalde, Texas. 

John W. Brady, 

LL. B., 91; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; 
County Atty. of Travis Co., Texas; Asst. 
Atty. General of Texas; mem. Town and 
Gown Club. Scarbrough Bldg. and 1601 
Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

Henry Walter Carver, 

Whitney, Texas. 

Edward Everett Cauthorne, 

B. S., 91. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

William Perry Cole, 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Spencer Allen Collom, 

Rusk; Physician and Surgeon. State Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 621 State St., Texarkana, 

Thomas James Crosby, 

Graduate in Theology, 95, Genl. Theol. Sem., 
N. Y. C.; Kappa Sigma; Clergyman; on staff 
Trinity Parish, N. Y. C. 29 Vesey St., 
New York, and 33 Hamilton Ave., New Brigh- 
ton, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Wilson Thompson Davidson, 

B. S., 91; M. D., 96; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
Major, Med. Corps, U. S. Army. Laredo, 

Sarah Rochester Day, 

1205 Hillside Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Scott Dilworth, 

Kappa Sigma; Jefferson Soc.; President, Dil- 
worth Bank; v.-p. Dixie Oil and Refining Co.; 
and Taylor Oil Gas Co.; alternate del. Natl. 
Democratic Conv., Denver, Col.; nominated 
for Legisl. (refused) ; mem. San Antonio 
Club. Gonzales, Texas. 

Eben Luther Dohoney, 

B. Lit., 91; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; Centipedes; pres. final ball, 91; winner 
of junior oratorical contest, 90; ed. in chief 
Texas Magazine, 90; Principal, High School, 
Paris, Texas. 153 Bonham St., Paris, Texas. 

John Isaac Enison, 

Colmesneil, Texas. 

Stanley Evans, 

Cotton Buyer; mem. Shreveport Golf and 
Country Club. 201 Milam St. and 1526 Cres- 
well St., Shreveport, La. 

Clovis Bracton Gay, 

Pickton, Texas. 

Frederic L. Goff, 

LL. B., 93; Lawyer; city atty. of La Grange, 
111.; mem. La Grange Country Club. 1721 
Harris Trust Bldg., Chicago, and 100 Maple 
Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Susan Buell Hale, 

Certificate of proficiency in French, 88; cer- 
tificate of distinguished prof, in French; 
Stenographer and Translator, Treasury Dept. ; 
mem. Natl. Soc. of Fine Arts; Alliance Fran- 
caise; Spanish Athenaeum; Cercle des Pre- 
cieuses Ridicules. Bureau of Internal Rev- 
enue and 1635 Irving St., Washington, D. C. 




Arthur Claude Hamilton, 

B. S., 92; LL. B., 94; Chi Phi; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; Acad. of Science; scholarship in chem. ; 
Lawyer; dist. atty., 49th Jud. Dist., Texas, 
10 yrs.; asst. U. S. Atty., Southern Dist. of 
Texas, 4 yrs.; v.-pres. and genl. counsel Texas 
Natl. Ry., 5 yrs.; genl. atty. for Texas Natl. 
Ry. of Mexico, 5 yrs.; local atty. I. & G. N. 
Ry. Co., 15 yrs., and Southwestern T. & T. 
Co., i yr. Laredo, Texas. 

William Thomas Henry, 

Phi Delta Theta; Lawyer. 813 Busch Bldg. 
and 4209 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Louise Holland 


80 1 Browder St., Dallas, Texas. 


Jas. Lynn Hunter, 

With Farmers Ginners Cotton Co.; mem. 
Elks; Austin Country Club. E. 6th and 908 
San Antonio Sts., Austin, Texas. 

Mattie Van Zandt Hutchins (Mrs. 

P. O. Box 499, New Orleans, La. 

A. L. Jackson, 

(See /. 84.) 

John Mortimer Johnson, 

Physician and Surgeon; mem. 28th Legisl. ; 
chrmn. Co. Dem. Exec. Comm. ; State Dem. 
Exec. Comm.; school trustee; sec. Giddings 
Business Club; mem. W. O. W. ; Masonic 
connections. Giddings, Texas. 

Henry Bankhead Jones, 

B. S., 91; C. E., 93; Beta Theta Pi; football, 
93; baseball, 87-88, and capt., 89-91; ist hon- 
ors in acad., 91; Ins. Commr., Amarillo; 
chief of F. D.; mem. Elks; Masons. 106 
W. 4th and 810 Tyler Sts., Amarillo, Texas. 

James Allen Jones, 

Tyler, Texas. 

Robert Taylor Jones, 

Pauls Valley, Texas. 

William Carroll Josey, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Robert Cornell Lacey, 

Raymond, Texas. 

Mam St.. 

Frank M. Lackey, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Merchant. 
Cuero, Texas. 

Joseph M. Lackey, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Physician and Sur- 
geon; local surg., G. H. and S. A. and S. A. 
and A. P. R. Rs. 22 E. Main St. and Gon- 
zales St., Cuero, Texas. 

Joe Lewis, 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Sam Bell Maxey Long, 

B. A., 91; Phi Delta Theta; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Lawyer. 14 Clarksville and 221 S. 22d Sts., 
Paris, Texas. 

Willis Edwards Lowry, 

222 Travis St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Thomas John Lyne, 

B. S., 91; Stockman. Beeville, Bee Co., 

Lady Ogden Lyons (Mrs. R. J. 

2204 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Benjamin Palmer, 

Sweetwater, Texas. 

Daniel Allen Penick, 

B. A., 91 ; M. A., 92; Ph. D., 98, Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.; Kappa Alpha; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Centipedes (soc. club) ; mem. baseball, track 
and tennis teams; second honor grad., 91; 
rep. grad. class, 92; lit. honors; Assoc. Prof, 
of Greek and Latin; v.-pres. class assn. of 
middle west and south; treas. Univ. Y. M. 

C. A.; elder, bible class teacher and choir 
dir. of Univ. P.-esby. Church; mem. Am. 
Philol. and Texas State Teachers Assns.; 
Philol. Assn. of Middle West and South 
(v.-pres. for Texas) ; Fortnightly and Univer- 
sity Clubs. Univ. of Texas and 2404 Uni- 
versity Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Middleton Lee Perry, 

Sigma Nu; Rusk Lit Soc.; Physician; supt. 
Kansas State Hosp. for Epileptics; author 
various pamphlets on med. subjects; mem. 
Labelle Co. Med. Soc.; Kansas State and 
Am. Med. Assns.; Rotary Club. State Hosp., 
Parsons, Kans. 

Hattie Posey (Mrs. Andrew Jackson 

Attendant, Sperry & Hutchinson Co. 214 E. 
6th St. and 502 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Samuel Sampson Posey, 

B. S. in Eng., 92; Inspecting Engr., Water 
& Light Dept., Austin; rebuilding Austin 
Dam; supt. construction and yards, Carnegie 
Steel Co.; constr. engr. Gary Works, Indiana 
Steel Co.; civ. engr. U. S. Steel Corp. City 
Hall and 1206 W. 9^ St., Austin, Texas. 

William Washington Prewitt, 

Roanoke, Texas. 

Joseph Courtenay Ralston, 

M. D., 96; Physician and Surgeon; mem. 
Masons, 32d deg. Scottish Rite; Elks. 806 
Am. Natl. Ins. Bldg. and 705, igth St., Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

John Henry Reagan, 

Physician and Surgeon; attended School of 
Chemistry, 90; local surg. Santa Fe Ry. Co. 
and Kirby Lumber Co.; assoc. med. dir. San 
Jacinto Life Ins. Co. 502% Pearl St. and 
1293 Broadway, Beaumont, Texas. 

William Richard Allen Rogers, 

Cotton Factor. 2128^/2 Strand St. and 903 
Tremont St., Galveston, Texas. 

Alice Ernestine Scoonover (Mrs. C. 
W. Gee), 

2704 Wesley St., Greenville, Texas. 

Ed Sewell, 

Attorney; spec. Dist Judge, Criminal Court; 
mem. Merchants '& Manufacturers' Club. 429 
Commonwealth Natl. Bank Bldg. and 1322 
N. Haskell Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Adella Shapard 

Waco, Texas. 

(Mrs. Frank M. 




David Edward Simmons, 

B. Lit., 91; LL. B., 92; Kappa Alpha; Law- 
yer; mem. 23d (93) and 24th (95) Texas 
Legisl.; asst. atty. general, 99-4- 622 First 
Natl. Bank Bldg. and 701 Holman Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

Edwin Waller, 

Barb; Merchant; mayor, postmaster, govt. 
clerk, and candidate for state comptroller in 
1910. San Marcos, Texas. 

Wellington Kendrick Williamson, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Cashier, Farmers & 
Merchants Natl. Bank; mem. Anglin St. M. 
E. Church. 935 N. Anglin St., Cleburne, 

James Madison Woodson, 

Kappa Alpha; Physician; v.-pres. Temple 

Trust; dir. City Natl. Bank; mem. Lake Polk 

Club. Cor. nth and Monroe Sts., Temple, 

Goodall Harrison Wooten, 

B. S., 91; M. A., 92; Kappa Sigma; 
Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; fellowship in physics 
and chem. ; class rep., 91; Physician and Sur- 
geon. 107-109 E. xoth St. and 700 W. igth 
St., Austin, Texas. 

John S. Wootters, 

M. D., 91, Tulane Univ. of La.; M. D., 92, 
Jefferson Med. Coll. (Phila.); Athenaeum Lit. 
Soc.; certificate of distinguished proficiency in 
Latin; Physician; local surg. I. & G. N. R. R. 
Co.; past master Lothrop Lodge No. 21 A. F. 
& A. M. ; mem. Houston Co. Med. Soc. and 
Commercial Club. Crockett, Texas. 

Edith Lillian Young (Mrs. Sherman 
M. Beaman), 

Saron, Trinity Co., Texas. 

James Young, 

LL. B., 91; Sigma Chi; class orator, 91; 
Lawyer; mem. U. S. Congress. 62d, 63d and 
64th sessions. The Portland, Washington, 
D. C., and Kaufman, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Joseph Leeper Abbott*; William Alexander 
Baker; Frank Mitchell Ball,* LL. B., 90; Chan- 
ning Birstol Barnes*; Elbert Clinton Branch, 
LL. B., 88; Robert Edgar Burroughs; William 
Robert Gate; Owen Norfolk Cocke*; Zona Martha 
Crawford; Jesse Franklin Davis; Mary De Ar- 
mond*; Paul Mortimer Beats; Harry Mayo Dun- 
lap; Lansing Burrows Fontaine*; John Sidney 
Freeman; Neil Munn Gay; Richard Alexander 
Graves; May Pearl Hardy; John Lana Henry, 
Jr.; Clemmie Holloway; William Mortimer 
Houghton; Charles Henry Hufford; Robert John 
Keith; Lulu Lang; Robert Edmund Lentz; Frank 
Martin McCarty; David Alexander McFall,* LL. 
B., 91; Mary Laura McLeary; Will E. Maney; 
Alma Miller; Mary Moore Morrison; Charles 
Joseph Ochse: Tedie Asbell Pannell; Lucy Les- 
ter Reese; Gilbert Andrew Searight, Jr.*; John 
Turner Smith,* B. S., 93; John Walker Stovall*; 
Allen Lewis Swearingen*; Jessie Ward; Law- 
rence Smith Williams,* B. S., 97, M. S., 97; 
Eugene Augustus Wilson. 


James Robinson Bailey, 

B. A., 91; Ph. D., 97, Munich, Germany; 
Kappa Sigma; Professor Organic Chem. Univ. 
of Texas; chrmn. organic section, Am. Chem. 
Soc.; contributor of articles on organic 
chem. to various chem. journals; mem. Am. 
Chemical Soc. Univ. Station, Austin, Texas. 

John M. Baker, 

Stockman. Stockdale, Texas. 

Nellie Octavia Baker (Mrs. William 
George Franklin), 

2620 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Richard Bell, 

B. Lit., 91. Oklahoma City, Okla, 

Harry Yandell Benedict, 

B. S. in C. E., 92; M. A., 93; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Centipede; first honor class, 92; fellow in 
pure math.; tutor in pure and applied math.; 
Teacher; Prof, of applied math.; Dean of the 
Coll. of Arts; mem. Univ. and Town and 
Gown Clubs; Am. Math. Soc. Univ. of Texas 
and 2525 Univ. Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Eugenia Hampton Bitting, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. 509 N. Travis St., Sherman, 

Victor Lee Brooks, 

LL. B., 92; Kappa Sigma; first honor man; 
Lawyer; instr. of law, University; city atty., 
Austin; dist. judge, 26th Jud. Dist. Austin 
Natl. Bank Bldg. and 406 W. 8th St., Austin, 

William Jackson Bryant, 

Sigma Nu; Lawyer, \\ortham, Texas. 

Murray L. Chapman, 

M. D., 98; mem. Exec. Comm. student council 
i yr. ; assoc. editor Univ. Magazine, i yr. ; 
Physician; co. health officer Bell Co.; city 
health officer, Temple, Texas; mem. Bell Co. 
Med. and State Med. Socs.; Masons. King's 
Daughters Hosp. and 113 West Ave. H., 
Temple, Texas. 

Carroll Smith Clark, 

Ph. G., 96; Druggist; mem. Hill City Lodge 
No. 456 A. F. and A. M. Confederate Home 
Hosp. and 312 E. 43d St., Austin, Texas. 

Walter J. Crawford, 

B. A., 94; LL. B., 97; Kappa Alpha; Athen- 
aeum Soc.; pres. Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; pres. 
Junior law class, 96; winner intermediate 
debate medal, 93; editor-in-chief Texas Univ. 
Magazine, 94; mgr. football team ist and 2d 
years cf its existence; Lawyer; ex-referee in 
bankruptcy; ex-member State Democratic Exec- 
utive Committee; mem. Bd. of Regents, State 
Normal Schools; dir. Gulf Natl. Bank; sec. 
and dir. Beaumont Enterprise; mem. Knights 
Templar"; Shrine; past exalted ruler Elks; 
past consul commander W. O. W. ; dir. Y. M. 

C. A.; Neches and Beaumont Country Clubs 
and Knights of Pythias. Gilbert Bldg. and 
1494 Bway, Beaumont, Texas. 

Thomas Moore Dees, 

Merchant and Ranchman. Midlothian, Texas. 

George Albert Endress, 

B. S., 93; Architect; res. architect Univ. of 
Texas; mem. University Faculty Club. 808 
Littlefield Bldg. and 711 W. 23d St., Austin, 

Almonte Byron Flanary, 

B. Lit., 92; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; Intermediate debater Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
final orator Rusk Lit. Soc., 92; pres. Rusk 
Lit. Soc. and junior class; Lawyer; co. atty., 
Parker Co.; asst. co. atty. Dallas Co.; fire 
commr., Dallas; master in chancery M., K. & 
T. Ry Co., in receivership; mem. Dallas 
Country Club. 302 Commonwealth Bldg. and 
3811 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, Texas. 




Pauline Fleishel (Mrs. M. Cooky), ' 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Stenographer. 504 N. Bois 
d' Arc Ave., Tyler, Texas. 

John Lee Gammon, 

B. Lit., 92; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Lawyer; 
Citizens Natl. Bank and 401 Main St., Waxa- 
hachie, Texas. 

Manuel Marius Garcia, 

B. A., 94; M. A., 98; Assistant Cashier 
Merchants State Bank & Trust Co.; lang. 
master, San Antonio Acad., 94-98, 02-04; super- 
visor, Spanish dept., San Antonio Public 
Schools, 04-12; Ranchman, 12-16. 1201 Lin- 
coln St. and 710 Market St., Laredo, Texas. 

William Drake Garlington, 

Sigma Nu; Merchandise Broker. 511 Sumpter 
Bldg. and 2701 Fairmount St., Dallas, Texas. 

Banton White Giles, 

Manor Road, Austin, Texas. 

Robert Campbell Goree, 

Knox City, Texas. 

Sue Hays Goree (Mrs. J. W. Thoma- 

Tennis. Huntsville, Texas. 

Mary Cranberry (Mrs. M. G. Ha- 

Treas. William B. Travis Chapter, Daughters 
Republic of Texas, and Woman's Missionary 
Soc. 824 Brazos St., Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Benton Greenwood, 

Lawyer; Ex-Regent Univ. of Texas; author of 
I. & G. N. Bill protecting claims of employees 
and supply men against receivership sales of 
insolvent railroads; leading counsel for Pales- 
tine in litigation over I. & G. N. general 
offices and shops; former pres. Palestine Ro- 
tary Club, i Ave. A and 424 Kolstad St., 
Palestine, Texas. 

W. A. Harper, 

M. D., 95 Univ. of The South; M. D., 96 
Med. Dept. Univ. of Nashville; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Kappa Sigma (Univ. of the South, Sewanee) ; 
Physician; mem. Univ. and Country Clubs. 
Scarbrough Bldg. and 310 W. i2th St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Whitfield Harral, 

M. 1)., 95 Columbia; Kappa Sigma; on 
tennis team; Medical Director Southwestern 
Life Insurance Co.; dir. Southwestern Life 
Ins. Co. ; chrmn. med. section Am. Life Con- 
vention; mem. Dallas Med. and Surg. Assn., 
North Texas Med. Assn., Texas State Med., 
Southern Med. and Am. Med. Assns., Dallas 
Co. Med. Soc.; Dallas, Idle Wild, Dallas 
Hunting and Fishing, Trinity Rod and Gun, 
and Dallas Golf and Country Clubs. South- 
western Life Bldg. and 3823 Lemmon Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Alma C. Harris, 

Mexia, Texas. 

Daniel Webster Hawkins, 

B. A.. Xatl. Normal Univ., (Lebanon, Ohio); 
Beta Theta Pi; Ranchman. Hereford, Texas. 

Robert Clinton Haydon, 

Retired; mem. W. O. W. Haydon Flat, Gol- 
iad, Texas. 

John Gregg Hill, 

Athenaeum; Real Estate and Loans. 510 
Scarbrough Bldg. and 708 W. i9th St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Maclovia Hill, 

B. A., 92; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Teacher of 
History, Austin High School; mem. Austin 
Shakespeare Club. Austin High School and 
2106 Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

James V. W. Holmes, 

Phi Delta Theta; President, First Natl. Bank; 
mem. Shriners; Elks. Sweetwater, Texas. 

Caradoe Owen James, 

Guymon, Okla. 

John Godwin Jones, 

303 W. 1 2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lulu Lane (Mrs. Jas. B. Maxwell), 

Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Jones Lee, 

Swearingen-McGraw Bldg., San Antonio, 

John Morris Loggins, 

Sigma Nu; Farmer and Real Estate; city 
treas. of Ennis, 95-06; Co. Clerk, Ellis Co., 
06-10; mem. Masons; W. O. W. ; Knights of 
Pythias; Maccabees. 510 N. Main and 905 
E. Knox Sts., Ennis, Texas. 

William N. Lowrance, 

B. S., 93. Presbyterian Church, Dardanelle, 

Daniel Evander McArthur, 

B. A., 14; Grad. student; asst. in Ancient 
Hist., 14-15, 15-16. University Sta. and Uni- 
versity Hall, Austin, Texas. 

Blanche McCain (Mrs. J. Rimassa), 

Mem. Parent-Teachers Assn.; N. D. C. 
Rockwall, Texas. 

John Samuel McCelvey, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; distinction in Greek 
(i), (2), (3) and Latin (2), (3); Surgeon; 
surg. K. D. Hosp; sec. State Board Med. 
Exams.; mem. Coll. of Surgeons; County 
District Med. Socs. ; State Med. and Am. 
Med. Assns. Temple, Texas. 

Alfred Clifton McDaniel, 

B. S., 89; Beta Theta Pi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Surgeon; mem. San Antonio Country Club; 
W. O. W.; Mason, York and Scottish Rites. 
307 Gtbbs Bldg. and 117 Madison St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Donald Neil McKenzie, 

? years at Mass. Institute of Technology; 
Architect; mem. Galveston Garten \ r erein; 
Texas State Assn. of Architects. 2107% and 
1726 Post Office St., Galveston, Texas. 

William M. Moore, 

Kappa Sigma (A. & M. Coll. of Texas) ; Pres- 
ident Agricultural and Mechanical College of 
Texas; Attorney-at-Law; Co. Judge; Farmer 
and Stockman; mem W. O. W.; Masonic con- 
nections. Benjamin, Texas. 

William Temple Nash, 

Sigma Chi; Banker; v.-pres. First Natl. Bank; 
pres. Kaufman Compress Co. Kaufman, 




Charles P. Neill, 

A. B., 91 summa cum laude, Georgetown Coll. 
(Wash., 1). C.); A. M., 93, Notre Dame 
Univ.; LL. D., 08, do.; Ph. D., 97, Johns 
Hopkins; Certificate of Proficiency in English; 
Phi Beta Kappa (Johns Hopkins) ; Manager, 
Bureau of Information, Southeastern Rys.; 
asst. rec. Anthracite Coal Strike Commis., 02; 
rec. of Arbitration Bd. (Birmingham, Ala.), 
03; U. S. commr. of labor, 05-13; mem. U. S. 
Immigration Commis., 07-10; Internatl. Inst. 
Statistics; Am. Polit. Science Assn.; Per- 
manent Internatl. Comm. on Social Ins.; exec. 
Comm. of Am. Assn. for Labor Legisl.; exec, 
bd. Boy Scouts of America; bd. dirs. Natl. 
Assn. Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis; 
bd. of trust. Natl. Child Labor Comm.; chrmn. 
special comm. on Labor Exchanges, U. S. 
Chamber of Commerce; pres. Am. Statistical 
Assn. 16; mem. Cosmos, Univ., Natl. Press 
and Wash. Economic Clubs. Woodward Bldg. 
and 3556 Macomb St., Wash., D. C. 

Edgar Sanford Phelps, 

LL. B., 95; Beta Theta Pi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Attorney-at-Law. 705 Union Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 2720 La Branch St,, Houston, Texas. 

John Burwell Pope, 

Land and Land Mortgages. 119 E. 6th and 
1806 Rio Grande Sts., Austin, Texas. 

Sidney Marks Posey, 

202 E. i7th St., Austin, Texas. 

William Henry Rhodes, 

School Superintendent. Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Frederick William Shelley, 

B. S., 92; LL. B., 99; LL. M., oo; Sigma 
Nu; Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. final ball, 92; 
Attorney-at-Law; co. trial dep. dist. atty. ; 
mem. Annandalc Golf and Sierra Madre Clubs. 
Hall of Records, Los Angeles and 485 Maylin 
St., Pasadena, Cal- 

Paul Smith, 

Strawn, Texas. 

William Jerome Swinford, 

Manager, Kiam's Store. Houston, Texas. 

Robert Andrew Thompson, 

B. S. in C. E., 92; M. A., 93; C. E., oo; 
Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; 
Member Engineering Board, Interstate Com- 
merce Commission, in charge of valuation of 
railroad and telegraph carriers, Pacific Dist.; 
instr. in civil engr., Univ. of Texas, 93-94 and 
97-98; chief engr. railrcad comm. of Texas, 
98-09; chief engr. Calif, railroad comm., 11-13; 
mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Engrs. ; Cosmos Club 
(Washington, D. C.); Engineers Club of San 
Francisco. 731 Wells Fargo Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, and 2925 Regent St., Berkeley, Cal. 

Nathan Kimball Tracy, 

Salesman, Texas Glass & Paint Co.; high 
priest, Burleson Chapter No. 21 R. A. M. ; 
generalissimo, San Antonio Commandery No. 
7, Knights Templar. 470 Main Ave. and 
709 E. Euclid Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lila Belle Waggener (Mrs. Joe F. 

Pres. Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Browning Circle. 606 
N. Travis St., Sherman, Texas. 

John Watson, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Univ. Dramatic Club; Centi- 
pedes; Nurseryman; pres. Am. Assn. of Nur- 
serymen, 16-17. 13 Grant St., Newark, N. Y. 

Katherine Elizabeth White, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Assistant Dean of Women, 
Univ. of Texas; mem. Texas Historical Assn.; 
Am. History, Community and Business and 
Professional Women's Clubs. d. April n, 

Frank E. Williams, 

Tennis 88-89; Laundry and Bottling Works; 
alderman of Tyler; mem. Tyler Commercial 
and Auto Clubs. 201-203 E. Elm and 507 
Vine Ave., Tyler, Texas. 

Robert Wimbish, 

Hon. in English and hist.; Lawyer; prosecuting 
atty., 07-12; mem. Sixth Okla. Legislature, 
Lower House, from Pontotoc Co.; mem. Ada 
Country and Commercial Clubs; A. F. and 

A. M.; K. of P.; W. O. W. 113% E. Main 
and 229 North Hope Sts., Ada, Okla. 

Joe Sil Wooten, 

B. S., 92; Kappa Sigma; Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; intermediate debater (Rusk); 
intermediate orator; class day orator; bus. 
mgr., editor-in-chief and assoc. editor of Univ. 
Magazine; Physician and Surgeon; surgeon M. 
K. T. R. R.; pres. Travis Co. Med. Soc.; pres. 
Austin Chapter Am. Red Cross; mem. Texas 
State Lunacy Board of Travis Co.; mem. Co. 
Club; Austin Natl. Rifle Club. 107-109 E. 
loth St. and 1800 Lavaca St., Austin, Texas. 

Fountain P. Works, 

Kappa Sigma; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; 
mem. of firm Crudgington and Works. Old 
P. O. Bldg. and 1910 Tyler St., Amarillo, 

Robert L. Ziller, 

Teacher of Science; past master Austin Lodge, 
No. 12 A. F. and A. M. 506 W. Mth St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

George William Allen*; Frank Beatty Bergen,* 
B. S., 93; John Travis Bryant; Wm. Ellis Car- 
ter; James Addison Cook; May Walton Davis; 
Ferguson Doak; Bird Eliza Dorset; Moore Carter 
Dorset; Juliet Ellis; Harvey Embree; Winston 
Spotsford Fontaine; Addie "May Giles*; Meade 
Goodloe; Horace Gunter; Mittie Hall; Hal Brown 
Hardeman; Lucretia Hawkins; Ethel Parsons 
Hayes; George Hudson; Lizzie Hunter*; Frank 
Lubbqck Johns; Albert Samuel Lain*; Lewis Abb 
Lamkin, Jr.; George Forest LeGrand*; James Ed- 
ward McClellan; Henry Clay McClenahan; Louis 
Tules Magnenat; William Lee Meek Morris; Chas. 
"Durant Oldridght*; Lillie Clyde Ragsdale; Eliza- 
beth Rumsey; Daniel Dare Scott; May Taylor 
Smith (Mrs. Cyrus Jackson)*; Albert Cuthbert 
Snead; Louis M. Weiss; William Wesley Works; 
Grace Lillian Worthy. 


William A. Anderson, 

Athenaeum; Lawyer. First Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 1800 N. Magdalen St., San Angelo, Texas. 

John Lafayette Barlow, 

R. F. D. Mail Carrier; formerly postmaster; 
Teacher. R. F. D. No. i, Era, Texas. 

David Noble Barry, 

Beta Theta Pi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Real Estate; 
mem. California and Los Angeles Country 
Clubs. 1125 Van Nuys BMg. and 115 Fre- 
mont Place, Los Angeles, Cal. 




Claude Morley Bartholomew, 

Austin Natl. Bank, Austin, Texas. 

Helen Beall (Mrs. David F. Hous- 

B. Lit., 92; Ashbel Soc. ; Phi Beta Kappa; 
mem. Chevy Chase, Washington and Congres- 
sional Clubs. 1717 P St. N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Harry Birk Beck, 

Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, 
Univ. of Texas; pres. Hyde Park Improve- 
ment Club. Unir. of Texas and 400 W. 38th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Joseph Washburne Bishop, 

Contractor; Masonic connections. 


Fairie Blanton (Mrs. James Kil- 

Southern Methodist Univ., Dallas, Texas. 

Ellen Boroughs (Mrs. William 

Ashbel Soc.; Centipede and Dodeka Clubs; 
ed. Gossip; Advertising Specialist; v.-pres. 
Austin Kwill Klub; Texas Woman's Press 
Assn. 211 E. 25th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lawrence Milton Brown, 

Denver, Colo. 

Thomas Patrick Buffington, 

Anderson, Texas. 

John Peters Casparis, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Stock Farmer; co. 
commr., school trustee and justice of the 
peace; mem. M. W. A.; Herald of Liberty. 
Vanderpool, Texas. 

John Benjamin Chambers, 

Real Estate and Loan Broker. 421 Schatzel 
St. and Shell Road, Corpus Christi, Texas. 

James Foster Clark, 

B. S., 92. P. O. Box 242, Austin, Texas. 

Richard Davis Coughanour, 

Fire Insurance; state agt. Commercial Union 
Assurance Co. of London and Palatine Ins. 
Co. of London. 510 Insurance Bldg. and 
2812 Fairmount St., Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Decherd, 

B. Lit., 92; M. A., 96; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc. (pres.); honors, 92; Instruc- 
tor in Pure Mathematics, University of Texas. 
Univ. of Texas and 2313 Nueces St., Austin, 

Annie Doom (Mrs. Pickrell), 

2300 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

M alone Duggan, 

M. D., 94; Physician and Surgeon; ex state 
quarantine officer; ex-pres. Bexar Co. Med., 
Dist. Med. and Texas Social Hygiene Socs. ; 
rst lieut. Med. Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. 
814 Gibbs Bldg. and 1105 W. French Place, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Emmett Ambrose Ellis, 

Paul Bldg., Hoston, Texas. 

Joe F. Etter, 

B. Lit., 93; Phi Delta Theta; Rusk; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Centipedes; Y. M. C. A.; class pres., 
93; pres. Y. M. C. A., 93; asst. fellow in 
Latin, 91-92; fellow in Latin, 92-93; Mer- 
chant; v.-pres. Hanluricke Etter Co., 311-321 
E. Houston St. and 606 N. Travis St., Sher- 
man, Texas. 

John Mclver Furman, 

Beta Theta Pi; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Physi- 
cian and Surgeon; mem. Glen Garden Country 
Club. 301-303 Ft. Worth Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 1823 Hamphill St., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Maud Omega Gerald (Mrs. Charles 
A. Richardson), 

Beaumont, Texas. 

Thomas Carey Geron, 

Paris, Texas. 

Blossom Greenwood (Mrs. Joseph 

1800 Lavaca St., Austin, Texas. 

Fitzhugh Francisco Hill, 

Aubrey, Texas. 

William Shields Holman, 

LL. B., 93: Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Attorney 
at Law; capt. Troop H, ist Texas Volunteer 
Cavalry, Spanish- American War; co. judge, 
Matagorda Co. Bay City, Texas. 

Jacob George Hornberger, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gen. Agent for Texas, 
Fire Insurance Companies; mem. Travis and 
San Antonio Clubs. W. Commerce St., Duer- 
ler Bldg., and 610 W. Craig Place, San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Thomas Aubrey Hunter, 

Austin, Texas. 

Sue Jones (Mrs. R. S. Dilworth), 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Lucy Kirby (Mrs. Austin M. Hill), 

Pres. Needle Lover's Club; mem. Eastern Star. 
Kountze, Texas. 

Arthur E. Knolle, 

Merchant. Alamo Ave. and Baylor St. and 
Clinton and Pecan Sts., Brenham, Texas. 

Carrie Knox (Mrs. S. E. Chandler), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. Women's and The 
Mothers' Clubs. 315 W. Yoakum St., Kings- 
ville, Texas. 

Lewis Bonner Lindsay, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; baseball; U. S. Census 
Supervisor; mem. K. of C. P. O. Box 436, 
Gainesville, Texas. 

Albert Carr McAfee, 

Madisonville, Texas. 

Champe Carter McCulloch, Jr., 

A. B., 85 Baylor Univ.; M. D., 91 Uniy. of 
Va.; M. D., 92 Columbia Unir., A. M., 04 
do.; Kappa Sigma (Univ., Va.); Librarian, 
Surg. General's Library, Washington, D. C. ; 
Lieut. Col. U. S. Army; former prof, of 
military medicine, Army Medical Sch., Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; mem. Army and Navy Club 
(N. Y. C. and Washington), (formerly) Union 
League Club (San Francisco, Cal.). Army 
Med. Museum, 7th and B Sts. S. W. and 1831 
Lament St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 




Herbert Dallam Martin, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Broker. 409 Scanlan 
Bldg. and 102 Hathaway, Avon dale, Houston, 

Daniel Harvie Matthews, 

Agriculturist and Ginner. R. F. D. No. I, 
Chappell Hill, Texas. 

James Browning Matthews, 

LL. B., 96; Agriculturist. Chappell Hill, 

Henry August Mugge, 

Real Estate and Life Insurance; mayor; mem. 
K. of P.; I. O. O. F.; Commercial Club. 
210 Prairie Ave., Cuero, Texas. 

Sterling N. Myer, 

LL. B., 95; Kappa Sigma; Athenaeum; Law- 
yer; mem. Houston and Houston Country 
Clubs. Houston Land & Trust Bldg., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

M. Nagle, 

B. Lit., 92; Lawyer; co. atty., Brazos Co., 
00-06; dist. judge, El Paso Co., 13, resigned 
Oct. i, 14. State Natl. Bank Bldg. and 1409 
Arizona St., El Paso, Texas. 

Jacob Lorenz Neu, 

B. A., 09; Germania; Teacher; pres. Blinn 
Memorial College. 1004 High St., Brenham, 

Oswald S. Parker, 

Sigma Nu; Lawyer; general atty. Houston Oil 
Co. Scanlan Bldg. and 1918 Smith St., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Deacon O. Patton, 

Merchant. 115 W. 6th St. and 2110 Oldham 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Henry Truman Phelps, 

Gunter Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

Milton Brockett Porter, 

B. S., 92; Ph. D., 97, Harvard; Chi Phi; 
Sigma Xi; Prof, of Pure Mathematics, Univ. 
Texas; mem. Univ. Club; Am. Mathematical 
Soc.; Am. Mathematical Assn. 109 E. i8th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Stella Blanche Posey (Mrs. S. B.' 

1415 Lavaca St., Austin, Texas. 

George Perry Rains, 

B. A., 93; M. D., 96; Phi Delta Theta; 
Physician. 203% and 520 N. Washington St., 
Marshall, Texas. 

Beverly Allen Read, 

Beta Theta Pi; Major, U. S. Army; Lawyer; 
clerk Judiciary Comm. U. S. House Reps. 520! 
and 53d Congresses; army officer last 18 yrs. ; 
mem. Army and Navy Club of Manila and 
Wash., D. C. War Dept., Wash., D. C. 

Walter Reiffert, 

Banker; pres. Runge Town Co., Nordham 
To\\n Co., and Whitsett Town Co.; v.-pres. 
Cuero Cotton Oil Co., Guadalupe Valley Cot- 
ton Mills, and Cuero Packing Co.; mem. K. of 
P.; Mohak; Cuero Commercial Club. H. 
Runge & Co., Main St. and North Line Ave., 
Cuero, Texas. 

Maggie Roy all (Mrs. Fish), 

Palestine, Texas. 

Nathaniel Rutherford, Jr., 

736 Bryson Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

James Larkin Selman, 

Sigma Chi; Chief Accountant, New York Coal 
Co. and Bisso Towboat Co. 804 Common St. 
and 6047 Coliseum St., New Orleans, La. 

John Thomas Selman, 

Sigma Chi; Real Estate. 415 S. Haskell Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

H. E. Short, 

LL. B., 93; Chi Phi; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
pres. and intermediate debater Athenaeum Lit. 
Soc.; Lawyer; atty. city of Seguin; co. atty. 
Guadalupe Co. ; mem. Business Men's Club. 
Guaranty Loan & Trust Co. Bldg. and Milam 
St., Seguin, Texas. 

E. Dick Slaughter, 

B. Lit., 95; Sigma Chi; mgr. football; pres. 
final ball; President Western Exploiting Co.; 
v.-pres. C. C. Slaughter Cattle Co.; Slaughter 
Land & Cattle Co. 24 Broad St. and 108 E. 
8 2 d St., New York, N. Y. 

James Allen Sloan, 

Stock Farmer. R. F. D. No. 2, San Saba, 

Branch Smith, 

B. S., 94; LL. B., 97; Sigma Chi; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; Cashier. Refugio, Texas. 

Roxalee Smith (Mrs. Frank An- 

910 Bell Ave., Houston, Texas. 

S. P. Smith, 

Tyne, La. 

Thomas Fleming Smyth, 

Amicable Bldg., Waco, Texas. 

W. O. Stephens, 

B. Lit., 93; LL. B., 95; Chi Phi; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; ed. Magazine and Annual; mgr. foot- 
ball team; Minister; mem. Elks; I. O, O. F.; 
Knights of Pythias. 430 Hodges St., Lake 
Charles, La. 

Belle Stone (Mrs. David W. Barry), 

B. Lit., 93; Phi Beta Kappa; pres. Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; mem. Ebell and Friday Morning 
Clubs. 115 Fremont Place, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Thomas H. Stone, 

LL. B., 96; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Athenaeum 
Soc.; Lawyer; city atty., 02-06; mem. Hous- 
ton, Thalian, Elks and Country Clubs; Hous- 
ton Turn Verein. 507-508 First Natl. Bank 
Bldg. and 807 Pierce Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Daniel Hudson Stribling, 

Round Mountain, Texas. 

John Rich Stubblefield, 

LL. B., 94; Lawyer; ex co. atty. and ex co. 
judge, Eastland Co. Eastland, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Lee Taff (Mrs. G. V. 

A. B., 89, Univ. of Ark.; worthy matron and 
other offices, Eastern Star; presiding officer, 
Women of Woodcraft Circle; mem. Corvallis 
Woman's and College Folk Clubs. 308 N. 
7th St., Corvallis, Oregon. 

Alice Tips (Mrs. J. H. Raymond), 

Austin, Texas. 




Julia E. Vance, 

Ashbel; Supt. Money Order and Postal Sav- 
ings. Post Office and 1802 San Gabriel St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Francis Horace \Yelch, 

B. A., 93; LL. B., 97 Harvard; Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon; Rusk Lit. Soc. ; class orator; 3d 
honors tied; ed. Univ. Magazine and Cactus; 
President, First National Bank. Main St. 
and 604 N. Main St., Taylor, Texas. 

Libbie White, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. 2500 Whitis Ave., Austin, 

George Whitener, 

468 N. 1 9th St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Robert Lee Wilson, 

B. S., 94; M. A., 95; M. D., 98; Athenaeum; 
Cosmos and Students Council; ed. in chief 
and mgr. University Medical; on resident staff 
St. Mary's Infirmary; Surgeon, U. S. Public 
Health Service; med. officer in charge U. S. 
Marine Hospital, Cairo, 111., 08-11; U. S. 

8uarantine Station, Charleston, S. C., 11-14; 
. S. Quarantine Station, Galveston, Texas, 
15 to present date; lecturer on sanitary sci- 
ence and tropical medicine, S. C. State Med- 
ical College, 11-14: mem. Rotary Club. U. S. 
Quarantine Station, Galveston, Texas. 

E. Young (Mrs. Frank Mace), 

Lampasas, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Clarence Aden*; George William Allen*; Rich- 
ard Henry Bivins; Joseph Morgan Blanks; Sarah 
Evelyn Boone; Lula May Bower , George William 
Breedlove; Raymond Harold Buck; Frank Walker 
Bur ford; Thomas Hood Chancy; Robert Clark, 
Jr.*; Edwin L. Cole; Charles Malloy Cort; Alonzo 
Leonidas Curtis; Anna Price Ellis; John Roder- 
ick Fallenstein; James Battle Farrington; Maggie 
Gilmer*; Bernard Bertrand Hart; Hermann Jul- 
ius Huppertz; Minnie Tones; Aldridge Battelle 
Kidd; Grace Knight; Frank Magown LaRue*; 
Richard Unett Lee*; John Long; Jane Margaret 
Mary Magnenat; William Joseph Kemble Man- 
ning; S. M. Martin; Rufus Arndle Mathis*; Ella 
Matthews; John Douglas Mitchell; Thomas Wal- 
ton Moore; John Stephen Nichols, LL. B., 93; 
William Dixon Norwood*; Elise Peeler (Mrs. 
Charles H. Fischer); \Villiam Vernon Pickett*; 
Joseph Breckenridge Ramsey; Surrey Walter 
Randle; Charles Haskins Reagan; Ella Roeber; 
Asa Holt Rogers; Marguerite Eva Ross; Susie 
Sansom (Mrs. R. R. Campbell); Annie C. Smith; 
Hugh MsLaurin Smith; James William Smith; 
Amos Dempsey Sparkman; Emanuel Oscar 
Stuckey; Florence Elizabeth Weller. 


Guy Lynn Andrews, 

McAlester, Okla. 

John Lester Bellah, 

Saint Jo, Texas. 

Fannie Blanford (Mrs. H. M. Little), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. 1000 West Ave., Austin, 

Mamie Blanford 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. 

(Mrs. Benj. F. 

1 212 West Ave., Austin, 

Louise Brunet, 

B. L., 95; M. A., 96; English Teacher, San 
Antonio High School. 842 Estes Ave., San 
Antonio and 612 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

J. Ollie Caldwell, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Planter. 611 W. isth 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Nannie Christian (Mrs. Simmons), 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Jackson Alexander Coggin, 

Real Estate. Angelus Hotel, El 

Paso, Texas. 

Thula Cole (Mrs. T. A. Altman), 

B. Lit., 95; mem. Y. W. C. A.; Southern 
Woman's College Club. 1506 Hurley Ave.. 
Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Thomas Edward Connell, 

B. Lit., 95. Belton, Texas. 

Leonard Eugene Dickson, 

B. S., 93; M. A., 94; Ph. D., 96, Univ. of 
Chicago; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Psi; Pro- 
fessor of Mathematics, Univ. of Chicago; pres. 
Am. Mathematical Soc., 17-19; editor Tran- 
sactions of the Am. Math. Soc., 10-17; au- 
thor "Linear Groups"; "Algebraic Equations"; 
"Madison Colloquium Lectures"; "Linear 
Algebras"; "Invariants"; "Theory of Equa- 
tions"; "Finite Groups"; "History of the 
Theory of Numbers"; mem. Am. Acad. of 
Arts and Sciences; Natl. Acad. of Sciences. 
5535 University Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Belinda Doppelmayer (Mrs. J. E. 

B. Lit., 94. 2509 \\ichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Florence S. Doppelmayer (Mrs. 
Henry J. Cohn), 

1625 Peabody Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Samuel Whittington Dunnam, 

Phi Delta Theta; Bottler and Wholesale Con- 
fectioner; mem. Commercial Club; Knights 
of Pythias; U. C. T. T. P. A. 1005 Leopard 
St. and 1015 Chamberlain St., Corpus Christi, 

Harry Galbraith, 

Phi Delta Theta; Newspaper Publisher; 
chrman. city commis. N. Adelaide and N. 
Rockwall Sts., Terrell, Texas. 

Tom L. Greer, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Man- 



ager, Land Dept. 401 Pine St., Sandpoint, 

Anne Eliza Hamilton (Mrs.), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; dir. Protestant Orphans' 
Home. 1215 McCullough Ave., San Antonio, 

William Bellhaven Hamilton, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; capt. baseball team; 
organizer ist football team, 91; Vice Presi- 
dent, Commercial State Bank; sec. and treas. 
Artesian Belt R. R. Co.; sec. Travis Club; 
mem. Travis Club. 203 E. Houston St. and 
136 E. Craig Place, San Antonio, Texas. 

George Whitfield Hamlett, Jr., 

B. A., 94; Phi Delta Theta; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Retired; dir. First Natl. Bank; sec. and dir. 
Bynum Warehouse Co. Bynum, Hill Co., 




James Whitfield Hamlett, 

B. A., 96; Masonic Club; Landscape Archi- 
tect. Ridge Top Annex, R. 2, Box 124, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Jessie Hemphill (Mrs. L. G. Gates), 

B. A., 94. 1510 Fifth Ave., Laurel, Miss. 

Leonidas Edwin Hill, 

Denver, Colo. 

Nina Hill, 

B. Lit., 94; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Head of Eng- 
lish Dept. Austin High School; mem. Shake- 
speare Club. Austin High School and 2106 
Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

Stella Holland (Mrs. Vannoy), 

Tehuacana, Texas. 

John Campbell Hubbard, 

Sigma Nu; Lumber Dealer. Weimar, Texas. 

Samuel Gordon Hutton, 

Temple, Texas. 

Eva Irvine (Mrs. A. W. Sillure), 

Georgetown, Texas. 

William Alonzo James, 

B. S., 94; M. A., 95; Rusk Lit. Soc. (pres.) ; 
fellow in physics, 94-95; asst. ed. U. of T. 
Magazine; Principal, Ball High School; mem. 
County Board of Education; Cosmos Club. 
2116 Ave. H and 2327 Ave. M, Galveston, 

Rudolph Kleberg, Jr., 

B. A., 94; M. A., 95; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Cos- 
mos Club; Phi Beta Kappa; sec. class 94; 
Lawyer; co. judge DeWitt Co.; city atty., 
Yorktown and Cuero; mem. Elks; Odd Fel- 
lows; K. of P. Cuero, Texas. 

J. Allen Kyle, 

Special one year course; Physician and Surg- 
eon; vis. surg. St. Joseph's infmy. ; State surg. 
T. P. A.; dir. Houston Natl. Exch. Bank; 
exam, for numerous insurance Cos. ; pres. 
Harris Co. Med. Soc., alumni Columbia Univ., 
St. Vincent's Hosp. and Texas A. & M.; mem. 
State, Southern and South Texas Med. Socs. ; 
Symphony Orchestra Assn.; Turn Verein, 
Thalian, Harris Co. A. & M.. Houston Coun- 
try, Galveston Country and Z. Z. Clubs. 
402 Carter Bldg. and 2002 Crawford St., 
Houston, Texas. 

John Newton Lyle, 

Kappa Sigma; Druggist. W. B. Morrison 
Drug Co. and 423 Austin St., Waco, Texas. 

Anna Caroline McDaniel (Mrs. 

B. Lit., 96; M. A., 96. 115 Seneca St., Seat- 
tle, Wash. 

Geneva McDaniel, 

1538 Ash St., Georgetown, Texas. 

Minnie Elizabeth McLaughlin (Airs. 
M. B. Porter), 

Austin, Texas. 

John Madison Morgan, Jr., 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Co. Judge of Knox Co. 
Benjamin, Texas. 

Katie Lucile Morris (Mrs. Robert 

Griffin, Ga. 

James Arnold Muckleroy, 

Epsilon Chi; Hardware Merchant; mem. 
Elks, in Moore and 804 W. Washington 
Aves., Terrell, Texas. 

Grace Murray (Mrs. Charles Steph- 

B. Lit., 94; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; ex-student cata- 
loguer, Univ. of Texas; pres. City Federation 
of Women's Clubs; mem. University Ladies, 
Pathfinders, Business and Professional Wom- 
en's Clubs; Texas Women's Press Assn. 
Room 153 University and 401 E. 24th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

George Bush Norris, 

M. D., 01, Barnes Med. Coll.; Athenaeum; 
Physician; pres. First Natl. Bank; local surg. 
M. K. and T. R. R. and G. C. and S. F. 
R. R. ; mem. K. of P.; Masons. Celeste, 

Mamie Ellen North (Mrs. A. J. 

Canton, Ohio. 

Richard W. Nowlin, 

Ranchman. Center Point, Texas. 

Bevie Lucassia Old (Mrs. William 

Artesia, N. M. 

Frances Eggleston Ottley (Mrs. L. N. 

Austin, Texas. 

Natalie Paschal (Mrs. C. E. Hamp- 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. R. F. D. No. 2, Box 247, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Mattie Irene Patrick (Mrs. Leonidas 
Edwin Hill), 

1412 York St., Denver, Colo. 

James Edwin Pearce, 

B. Lit., 94; M. A., 95; Beta Theta Pi; Phi 
Betta Kappa; student asst. and tutor in hist.; 
fellow in hist., 92-93; Principal, City High 
School; adj. prof., sociology, Univ. of Texas, 
14-15; contributor to sociological and edu- 
cational journals; mem. Town and Gown; 
Scholia and University Clubs; Am. Assn. for 
Advancement of Science;; Am. Authors Assn. 
City High School and 2607 University Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

Sherman Goodwin Peticolas, 

Transferred to Cornell Univ. ; doctor of astrol- 
ogy, 10, V. A. S. U. S. A.; Consulting Elec- 
trical and Mechanical Engineer; ten years 
mgr. Branch Office Omaha Westinghouse Elec- 
tric and Mfg. Co.; grand master Nebraska 
Jurisdiction; Ancient and Mystical Order 
Rosae Crucis; degree "Ancient" Rosae Crucis; 
mem. American Institute of Electr. Engrs. 
732 Brandeis Theatre Bldg. and 5002 Dodge 
St., Omaha, Neb. 

George W. Pierce, 

B. Sc., 93; M. A. 94; A. M., 99, Harvard; 
Ph. D., oo, do; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ath- 
enaeum, 2d honor at commencement; Asst. 
Prof, of Physics and Dir. of Cruft High 
Tension Electrical Laboratory at Harvard 
Univ.; mem. Harvard Club at Boston. Cruft 
Laboratory, Harvard Univ. and 7 Berkeley 
Place, Cambridge, Mass. 




Minnie McLaughlin Porter, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; mem. Womens Equal Fran- 
chise; Y. \V. C. A. 800 San Antonio St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Tames Bouldin Rector, 

LL. B., 95; LL. M., 01 ; Sigma Chi; Attorney- 
at-Law; U. S. Commr.; City Atty. of Austin; 
mem. Country Club, Elks, Town and Gown. 
708-9 Scarbrough Bldg., and 420 W. 32d St. 
(Aldridge Place), Austin, Texas. 

William W. Rice, 

Prescott, Ark. 

William Henry Richardson, Jr., 

Sigma Chi; first football team 92; Merchant; 
dist. gov. Rotary Club, Dist. No. 12; pres. 
Austin Rotary Club. 416 Congress Ave. and 
702 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Alice Virginia Robbins, 

B. Lit., 94; Ph. M., 06, Univ. of Chicago; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W .C. A.; pres. Ashbel 
and Y. VV. C. A.; $25 prize for best poem 
in Magazine, 92-93; asst. ed. of Magazine; 
Department Head, Mankato State Normal. 
Mankato State Normal and 507 S. 2d St., 
Mankato, Minn. 

Homer Howard Rutherford, 

26201/2 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Henry Stephen Smith, 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Dan Sonnentheil, 

Athenaeum; Baseball; Real Estate; mem. 
Lakewood Country Club. 1521 Commerce St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Arthur Alvord Stiles, 

Beta Theta Pi; State Reclamation Engineer. 
Capitol Bldg. and 600 W. 8th St., Austin, 

Ada Stone (Mrs. H. Y. Benedict), 

B. Lit., 93; Phi Beta Kappa; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc. ; Shakespeare and Discussion and Uni- 
versity Ladies Clubs. 2525 University Ave., 
Austin. Texas. 

Robert Thomas, 

B. S., 94. Box 137, Tampico, Mexico. 

George M. Thurmond, 

Lawyer. Del Rio, Texas. 

Rupert Van Wagner, Jr. 

Mangum, Okla. 

Lulu B. Ward (Mrs.), 

Marlin, Texas. 

Sallie West (Mrs. T. C. Brannan), 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Lulu Barnes; James Barton Blair; Carrie Idella 
Bragg; Katherine Wingfield Brown*; John Trip- 
lett Buckland; John Andrew Burke*; Minnie Jo- 
anna Colby; Vernon Doak*; Olley Steel Early; 
James Pinkney Hail; Jessie Hemphill; Susie 
Hutchins; Lillie Maude Jordan; Leroy Le Grand.* 
B. Lit., 95, M. A., 98; Ethel Lewis; Thomas S. 
Lewis; Jodie E. Moore (Mrs. J. D. Whiting)*; 

Charles Fergus Neil*; John Archer Read; Eugenia 
Sterrett; Charles Lucius Stowe, Jr.; Virginia 
Thomas (Mrs. Swearingen); Theo. H. Thompson; 
"itzhugh Thornton,* B. Lit., 97, LL. B., 97; 
jeorge Vincent Walls; Barney Abe Wilson; Wm. 


A. Wimbush. 


Jesse Andrews, 

B. Lit., 95; LL. B., 96; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 
Athenaeum (final orator, 94); Lawyer; mem. 
of partnership Baker, Botts, Parker & Gar- 
wood; mem. Houston, Thalian and Country 
Clubs. Commercial Bank Bldg. and 232 Haw- 
thorne Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Ida May Archer (Mrs. F. S. Henry), 

Kenosha, Wis. 

John B. Ashe, 

Bank Clerk; co. auditor Harris Co., 05-13. 
First Natl. Bank, Main and Franklin Sts., and 
1918 McKinney Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Julia Baker, 

2618 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Rolla Joseph Baldwin, 

B. S., 93; M. D., 98 Univ. of Pa.; Kappa 
Sigma; Physician. Grass Valley, Ore. 

Robert Henderson Beckham, 

Sabinal, Texas. 

Lula M. Bewley, 

Asst. to Dean of Women; Univ. Ladies and 
Matinee Music Clubs. University of Texas and 
702 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Annie Webb Blanton, 

B. Lit., 99; Associate Professor of English; 
author school textbooks; mem. Eastern Star; 
Daughters of the Confederacy; Daughters of 
the Texas Revolution; ex-pres. Woman's 
Shakespeare Club of Denton. 144 W. Mul- 
berry St., Denton, Texas. 

Edward Augustus Blount, Jr., 

Wilson Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

Florence Ralston Brooke, 

B. A., 06; hon. mem. Pierian Soc.; Teacher 
in English Dept., Austin High School. 603 
W. 28th St., Austin, Texas. 

Grace Harrison Brooks (Mrs. V. L. 

B. Lit., 95; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. Austin 
Shakespeare Club. 406 W. 8th St., Austin, 

Robert Clifton Brooks, 

B. S., oo ; General Superintendent, Dallas 
Electric Light & Power Co. ; mem. Dallas, 
Rotary and Dallas Country Clubs. 1504 Com- 
merce St. and 4712 Gaston Ave., Dallas, 

Joseph Alleine Brown, 

With Austin Evening News, 93; with treas. 
office Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway 
(Dallas), 96; stenographer, freight traffic dept., 
97; with genl. freight office (Palestine), until 
03; commercial agt., International and Great 
Northern Railway (Dallas), 03-07; chief clerk, 
traffic dept., Gulf Coast Lines (Beaumont), 
07-10; asst. genl. freight agt., Trinity and 
Brazos Valley R. R., 10-12; General Freight 
Agent, Gulf Coast Lines, since 12; mem. Hous- 
ton, Lumberman's and Houston Traffic Clubs; 
Houston Turn Verein. Union Sta. and 2004 
Crocker St., Houston, Texas. 




Donald Cameron, 

B. A., 95; M. A., 96; A. M., oo, Harvard 
Univ.; Ph. D., 02, do.; pres. class (4), 95; 
track; Professor of Latin, Boston Univ.; mem. 
Am. Philological Assn. Boston Univ., Boston, 
and 1 6 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Robert Lee Caruthers, 

B. Lit., 95; LL. B., 97; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Lawyer; city atty.; asst. atty. Grayson Co.; 
mem. W. O. W. 113 S. Travis St. and 302 
S. Walnut St., Sherman, Texas. 

Pearl Cashell (Mrs. J. A. Jackson), 

Mem. bd. State Institution for the Training 
of Juveniles, 07-11; author "The Legend of 
the Poinsetta"; "Texas Governors' Wives"; 
mem. Pathfinders Fed. Club; Texas Woman's 
Press and Natl. Editorial Assns. 510 W. 23d 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Edith Lanier Clark, 

B. Lit., 99; M. A., 02; Instructor in English, 
North Texas State Normal; mem. Colonial 
Dames of America; Daughters of the Am. 
Revolution. 49 Normal Ave., Denton, Texas. 

Simeon English Clark, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; one of intermediate debaters; 
co. supt. of Red River Co.; mem. Woodmen; 
Masons; Maccabees. Clarksville, Texas. 

Leffler R. Corbitt, 

Note Teller, Austin Natl. Bank; pres. Texas 
Women Bankers' Assn. and Business and Pro- 
fessional Woman's Club. 507 Congress Ave. 
and 500 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Daisy Crawford (Mrs. B. H. Car- 

B. Lit., 95. Venice, Italy. 

Jordena Davis (Mrs. S. Duncan), 

Ashbel Lit. and Pierian Lit. Socs; distinctions 
in English and pedagogy; public school teacher 
for 12 yrs. ; mem. Stamford and Parent Teach- 
ers' Clubs. 719 N. College Place, Stamford, 

James Robert Dougherty, 

Beta Theta Pi; Lawyer; mem. Knights of 
Columbus: Elks; Beeville, Thalian and San 
Antonio Clubs. Beeville, Texas. 

Blanche Duck (Mrs. F. C. Kingsley), 

Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Gertrude Dunn (Mrs. Tom 

Alpine, Texas. 

Charles Emmett Durham, 

B. Lit., 95; M. D., 99; Rusk Lit. Soc.; sec. of 
class, 99; Physician; city phys., 09-11; pres. 
Hamilton Co. Med. Soc., 15; local surgeon M. 
K. and T. R. R.; y.-pres. First Guaranty State 
Bank (Walnut Springs) and First State Bank 
(Singleville). Hico, Texas. 

Amos Downing Ellis, 

B. Lit., 96; rep. Rusk Lit. Soc. in inter- 
mediate debate, 95; County Superintendent of 
Public Instruction, Nolan Co. ; supt. Elgin, 
Sweetwater and Big Springs City Schools; 
mem. State Summer Normal Bd. of Exams. 
Sweetwater, Texas. 

John Stanley Ford, 

B. A., 94; M. A., 95; Chi Phi; Abstracter; 
mem. Brownsville Country Club; Elks. Mer- 
chants' Natl. Bank and 422 St. Charles St., 
Brownsville, Texas. 

| Marcellus Elliot Foster, 

Kappa Sigma; Newspaper Publisher; mem. 
Houston, Thalian, University, Elks and Hous- 
ton Country Clubs. Chronicle Bldg. and 2915 
Main St., Houston, Texas. 

Edward Binkley Fritz, 

2921 Lipscomb St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Willie Gaston Goodman, 

Tyler, Texas. 

Nellie McAlpin Hall, 

B. Lit., 95; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Deaconess Univ. Presbyterian Church; ist 
pres. Y. W. C. A., 93-95; teacher Austin 
schools, 95-02; cataloguer Univ. Library, 02- 
10 ; Christian worker in mountains of N. C., 
10-14. 800 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

James Pleasant Hamer, 

LL. B., 95. Crystal Springs, Miss. 

Walter George Harkey, 

B. A., 95; Lawyer. 425-26-27 Southern Trust 
Bldg. and 212 Arch St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Ada Ross Harlan (Mrs. C. M. Bar- 

Austin, Texas. 

Fred Harrington, 

Athenaeum; honors in Engish; Farmer. 
Piano, Texas. 

Lizzie Leigh Harris, 

Mexia, Texas. 

Grace Sinclair Harrison (Mrs. V. L. 

B. Lit., 95; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. Austin 
Shakespeare Club. 406 W. 8th St., Austin, 

James McGaughey Henshaw, 

Mile walk and quarter mile bicycle race, Univ. 
of Texas ist field day; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Cornforth Grain Co. 402-404 S. 3d 
and 1400 Austin Sts., Waco, Texas. 

Bismark Hester, 

Farmer; telegraph operator. Lexington, 

Delia Hill (Mrs. Massie Beavens), 

Houston Heights, Texas. 

Helen Hornsby, 

B. Lit., 95; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher of German, South- 
west Texas State Normal School; teacher, 
Austin High School. 306 Vista St., San Mar- 
cos, Texas. 

Mary Josephine Houston, 

Teacher; mem. Eastern Star; John B. Winn 
Mothers' Club. John B. Winn School and 
2508 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Josephine Gaines Johnson, 

Manor Road, Austin, Texas. 

John Wilson Joynes, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Cotton Merchant. 
Cameron, Texas. 

Jerome Peyton Kearby, 

Beta Theta Pi; Lawyer; mem. K. of P.; 
W. O. W. ; Masonic connections. 3-4 Masonic 
Temple and W. 7th St. and Neely Ave., 
Comanche, Texas. 




Ora Andrew Kennedy (Mrs. Hugh 

Mexia, Texas. 

Bessie Varden Kopperl (Mrs. Walter 

Austin, Texas. 

Albert Lefevre, 

B. A., 94. Univ. of Va., Charlottsville, Va. 

Lydia Littman, 

B. Fed.; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Assistant Secre- 
tary, Texas Bankers' Assn. 508 First State 
Bank Bldg. and 1912 St. Louis St., Dallas, 

B. F. Louis, 

B. Lit., 95; Beta Theta Pi; Athenaeum; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Lawyer. 806-807 Union Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 2016 Travis St., Houston, 

Marguerite T. Love (Mrs. Charles B. 

Austin, Texas. 

Annie McKay (Mrs. Milton Brown), 

Denver, Colo. 

Elbert James Manry, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Junior Law Organiza- 
tion; Land and Law; Co. Judge, Polk Co., 
94-98; Special Dist. Judge, gth Jud. Dist., 
several times past 10 yrs. ; Masonic connec- 
tions. Livingston, Texas. 

Ruth Mays, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Student. 
9th St., Dallas, Texas. 

427 E. 

Carrie D. Meriwether (Mrs. William 
de Normandie Hart), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. 2000 East Ave., Austin, 

Haydie Mills (Mrs. F. A. Batsell), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; mem. Browning Lit. Soc. 
1033 S. Crockett St., Sherman, Texas. 

John Adair Monroe, 

B. S., 98; Athenaeum; mem. Athletic Assn.; 
Banker; asst. cashier First Xatl. Bank; Mason; 
K. T.; Shriner; K. of P. First Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 83 S. 25th St., Paris, Texas. 

Lucile Moore (Mrs. Brady), 

Mem. "Forty-two" and Choral Clubs. 510 
N. Main St., Temple, Texas. 

Walter Homer Moses, 

M. D., 97; Physician; on res. staff John 
Sealy Hosp., 98; co. health officer, Burleson 
Co.; local surgeon V. G. C. & St. R. R.; 
city health officer. Georgetown, Texas. 

Artas B. Numbers, 

705 W. 24th St., Austin, Texas. 

Emily L. Numbers, 

Primary Specialist in Pease School. 705 W. 
24th St., Austin, Texas. 

Eugene Oliver, 

B. S., 97; Teacher. Batson, Texas. 

Irene Machin Palm (Mrs. Sidney 
Morey) , 

War Department, Washington, D. C. 

John C. Palm, 

B. S., 96; LL. B., 98; Chi Phi; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; ed. in chief The Ranger; Chief Clerk, 
Tax and Right of Way Dept., F. W. & D. C. 
and T. & B. V. Rys.; chief clerk, U. S. In- 
ternal Revenue, Austin, 98; town clerk, Steam- 
boat Springs, Colo., 01-02; mem. Elks Club. 
Cor. 5th and Throckmorton and 615 Lamar 
Sts., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Robert Ira Parks, 

Dublin, Texas. 

Emil C. Petersilgs, 

2177 E. 82d St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Charlotte Peterson (Mrs. J. F. 

Bloomington, Texas. 

Abel Brown Pierce, 

President Blessing State_ Bank; Stockman 

\ 98-02 ; 

and Farmer; paymaster U. S. Navy, 98-02; 
mem. University Club (Houston). Bl 


Mary Gray Pillow (Mrs. Fred Pet- 

Austin, Texas. 

Walter Crawford Pool, 

Keller Road, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Sophy Alexander Preston (Mrs. W. 
C. Skinner), 

Galveston, Texas. 

Neel Pyle (Mrs. Kendall Cailaway), 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Andrew Paul Raggio, 

B. A., 96; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Phi Kappa 
Phi; class poet; Educator; prof, and head 
dept. of Spanish and Italian, Univ. of Me.; 
pres. Bangor Group of the Fed. of French 
Alliances in U. S. and Canada; chrmn. Univ. 
Comm. of the Orono Equal Suffrage League; 
mem. Advisory Council of the Simplified Spell- 
ing Bd. ; mem. Assn. Phonetique Interna- 
tionale; Modern Language Assn. of America; 
Am. Dialect Soc.; New England Modern Lan- 
guage Assn.; Arts Club. Orono, Maine. 

Laura Reese, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher, 
Gonzales City Schools; mem. Woman's Lit- 
erary Club; U. D. C. ; Order of Eastern Star. 
Gonzales, Texas. 

Margaret Theresa Reilly, 

Austin, Texas. 

Augusta Rucker, 

B. A., 96; M. A., oo; Physician. 150 E. 35th 
St., New York City. 

Lizzie Finch Rutherford, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Teacher, State School for 
the Blind. 2102 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Eugene Paul Schoch, 

C. E., 94; M. A., 96; Ph. D., 02, Chicago 
Univ. ; Sigma Xi; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Nu; 
"best debater," Athenaeum Lit. Soc., 93; as- 
sociate editor Journal of Physical Chemistry 
(Cornell); Prof. of Physical Chemistry; 
chrmn. School of Chemistry; head Div. of 
Chemistry, Bureau of Economics, Geology and 
Technology; mem. Am. Chemical and Am. 
Electro Chemical Socs. School of Chemistry, 
Univ. of Texas, and 2212 Nueces St., Austin, 




Marcus Schwartz, 

B. Lit., 95; Athenaeum; Lawyer; mem. I. O. 
O. F. Hallettsville, Texas. 

Ovie Searcy (Mrs. G. J. Heflin), 

Corsicana, Texas. 

Robert S. Shapard, 

LL. B., 96; Lawyer; Assistant General Attor- 
ney Texas & Pacific Ry. Co. 308 Linz Bldg. 
and 5010 Reiger Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Louise Chilton Shelley, 

Red Cross Nurse (Italy). 

Morris Sheppard, 

B. A., 95 ; LL. B., 97; LL. M., 98, Yale; 
Kappa Alpha; Rusk Lit. Soc.; distinction in 
hist, and Latin; U. S. Senator from Texas; 
sovereign banker or natl. treas. W. O. W. 
Texarkana, Texas and Washington, D. C. 

S. Toledo Sherry, 

Inspector, Government Indian Service. Win- 
nebago, Neb. 

Marshall Lee Simmons, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. Rusk Lit. Soc. one term; 
ed. in chief Texan; Farmer; sheriff Grayson 
Co.; mem. I. O. O. F.; W. O. W. Sherman, 

Wade Morris Smith, Jr., 

South Austin, Texas. 

Herbert S. Springall, 

B. A., 98; B. D., 01, Union Theol. Sem.; 
Kappa Sigma; Clergyman. 607 N. McKinney 
St., Ennis, Texas. 

Laura Steele, 

Principal of School No. 22; mem. Equal 
Franchise Soc. ; Woman's and Mothers' and 
Teachers' Clubs; Red Cross; Y. W. C. A. 
Colquitt and Meridian Aves. and 1236 W. 
French Place, San Antonio, Texas. 

Margaret A. Stiles, 

Real Estate and Insurance; mem. Business 
and Professional Woman's Clubs. 911 Little- 
field Bldg. and 2501 University Ave., Austin, 

Thomas E. Swann, 

President of Swann Furniture Co.; pres. 
Swann Furniture Co. of Tyler, Austin, Cor- 
sicana, Cleburne, Marshall and Palestine; dii. 
Guarantee State Bank; pres. East Texan Fair; 
v.-pres. Young Men's Business Club; mem. 
Elks. 312 N. Broadway and 608 S. Broadway, 
Tyler, Texas. 

Vida Switzer (Mrs. Richardson), 

Oklahoma City. Okla. 

Samuel Clinton Tabb, 

Traveling Salesman. 1013 S. 5th St., Waco, 

Mary Ashton Taylor, 

Taylor, Texas. 

Mabel Teagarden (Mrs. Lassiter), 

Tyler, Texas. 

Sidney Hess Tillman, 

B. Lit., 95; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Insurance; mem. 
Columbian Club and Temple Literary Soc. 
311 Juanita Bldg. and 3101 Colonial Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

John William Tobin, 

LL. B., 97; Sigma Chi; mgr. and capt. base- 
ball team; capt. Univ. boat team (ist 4-oared 
team); Broker; asst. city atty. of Austin, 
Texas, 98-99; mem. St. Nicholas Club, New 
York City. 115 Broadway and 490 Riverside 
Drive, New York City. 

Ernest Wildbahn Townes,* 

B. A., 98; LL. B., oo; Beta Theta Pi; Rusk 
Lit. Soc.; Edward Thompson Co. prize for 
thesis in law; Attorney; mem. Houston Club; 
Alumni Law Assn. 

Hugh Vance Tull, 

B. A., 95; Farmer. Plainview, Texas. 

Fanny Van Zandt, 

B. S., 94; Phi Beta Kappa; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
ist in class. 658 Henderson St., Ft. Worth, 

Dennis Robert Walsh, 

Kappa Sigma; Architect; mem. Am. Inst. of 
Architects. 408 Littlefield Bldg., Bee Cave 
Road and P. O. Box 555, Austin, Texas. 

Sallie Mills Ward (Mrs. John King 

Cert., 95, spec, teachers' course; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; formerly pres. Woman's Club; Homer 
Club; Benavides Chapter, United Daughters 
of Confederacy. 404 W. French Place, San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Maggie Watters (Mrs. J. D. Gold- 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. 404 Featherston St., Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

Edward Lee Wedemeyer, 

B. Sc., 94; M. D., 97; Physician. 


Matilda Le Grand Weeden (Mrs. E. 
C. Barker), 

Mem. Daughters of the Confederacy; Daugh- 
ters of the American Revolution; Daughters 
of the War of 1812; Woman Suffrage Assn.; 
University Ladies Club. 2220 San Gabriel 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Samuel McLeary Weller, 

Editor, New York Review. 121 W. 39th St., 
N. Y. C. 

Charles Raymond Wiess, 

Northern Sales Manager, Kirby-Bonner Lum- 
ber Co., Houston; mem. Union League, Mid- 
lothian Country and Hinsdale Clubs. 80 E. 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago and 54 N. Lincoln St., 
Hinsdale, 111. 

Mason Williams, 

Kappa Alpha; Rusk Lit. Soc.; final orator, 
Rusk Lit. Soc., 93; Lawyer; mem. San An- 
tonio Country and Travis Clubs. Gibbs Bldg. 
and Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas. 

Richard Moore Wynne, 

Nemo, Texas. 

Frank Young, 

Hogg Debating Club; Superintendent of 
Schools, Fannin Co.; teacher hist, and Eng- 
lish, Pilot Pt. High Sch.; supt. Windom Pub- 
lic Sch.; mem. Hogg Debating Club. Bonham, 




Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Electa Wright Barnes*; Ada Lee Beall; George 
Eli Butler*; J. L. Buzbee; C. M. Daniel; Marie 
Louise Daniel (Mrs, P. M. Payne); Deva 
Davis; Tranguito Del Valle; Alexander Herman 
Ellingson; Ulysses Sumner Ellingson,* C. E., 95, 
M. S., 96; Barnett Ellis; Ellen Maud Ellis; Les- 
sie Etheridge; John Edward Farrington; Alice 
Mary Frizell; Jessie Blood Gillette; James Jo- 
seph Cribble*; Bertha Hernstadt; John Francis 
Hervey; Robert Lee Hovis;' Sammie Irvine; Cas- 

Er William Letzerich; Miss Jimmie McDaniel; 
itie McLean; Robert Denson McNeal; John 
William Merchant; Mary D. Milling; Robert Wil- 
liams Nunn; Margaret Ottley; Jessie Pritchett; 
Harry Cato Reavis; Giles Carroll Rector; Hor- 
ton Granville Reeves*; Summerville Burke 
Rogers; Sidney Rosenbaum; Landon Franklin 
Smith; Mary Leonora Smith; Brice Stephenson; 
Charles Stephenson*; Harry Fanthorp Stone ; 
Charles Lewis Tarver; Mathew Alonzia Toole; 
Margaret A. Truelove; John Van Wagner; 
Charles Thomas Yeiser,* B. A., 95- 


James Howard Ardrey, 

Phi Delta Theta; Vice-Pres. Natl. Bank of 
Commerce, New York City. 31 Nassau St. 
and 830 Park Ave., N. Y. C. 

Lulu M. Bailey, 

B. S., 99; M. S., 01 ; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Instructor in Physics, Univ. 
of Texas. Main Bldg., Univ. of Texas and 
307 W. i sth St., Austin, Texas. 

Zoe Lenore Baldwin (Mrs. W. J. 

B Lit., 98; M. A., oo ; Chart, mem. Y. W. 

C. A.; mem. W. C. T. U.; Colo. City Civic 
League. 202 Gypsum St., Colo. Spnngs, 
Colo. ' 

Emma Moore Barrett (Mrs.), 

Demonstrator, Dept. of Agriculture. Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Bessie Beall (Mrs. Walter Boyden), 

89 Lothrop St., Beverly, Mass. 

Harry Fitzelon Blailock, 

B. S., 96; M. D., oo; Alpha Mu Pi Omega; 
track, 96; football, 95; class pres., oo; Phy- 
sician; city phys. ; local surg. for G. C. and 
S. F6 and Cotton Belt Rys.; pres. Alumni 
Assn., Med. Dept., 00-01; mem. Royal Arch 
Masons. McGregor, Texas. 

Maude Elaine (Mrs. James W. Har- 

B. Lit., 96: Ashbel Lit. Soc. 6218 Washing- 
ton Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Bunyan Luther Bond, 

B. A., 93; Kappa Sigma; Cotton Oil Milling; 
pres. Royston Bank. Royston, Ga. 

Louis Thomas Botto, 

San Antonio, Texas. 


seph Alleine Brown, 

General Freight Agent, Gulf Coast Lines; 
commercial agt. I. and G. N. Ry. at Dallas, 
03-07; chief clerk, traffic dept., Gulf Coast 

Lines, 07-10; asst. gen. freight agt., T. and 
B. V. R. R., 10-12; mem. Houston, Lum- 
bermans and Houston Traffic Clubs; Houston 
Turn Verein. Union Station and 2004 
Crocker St., Houston, Texas. 

Joseph Alexander Card, 

Mission, Texas. 

John Franklin Carl, 

B. Lit., 96; Barb warrior; Lawyer; district 
atty; judge Court Civil Appeals, 4th Supreme 
Judicial Dist. of Texas; mem. Automobile 
and Bain Lake Shooting Clubs. 521 Bedell 
Bldg. and 1031 W. Magnolia Ave., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Mary Carlisle, 

Teacher. 1902 San Antonio St., Austin, 

Fred Mueller Carrington, 

Marquez, Texas. 

Thomas Beeman Clark, 

B. S., 06; Secretary to Sen. Morris Shep- 
pard. Washington, D. C. and Texarkana, 

Hallie Garnett Collard (Mrs. W. F. 

A. B., Baylor Univ.; Y. W. C. A.; mem. of 
Cactus staff and class poet; prize for writing 
sonnet in English class 92; contributor to 
political and religious press; mem. Ladies 
Aid; Daughters of the Confederacy; Daugh- 
ters of the Republic. 109 Nutbush St., 
Tyler, Texas. 

William Earl Connor, 

Eastland, Texas. 

Addie Cotton (Mrs. W. B. Munson), 

Angleton, Texas. 

Charles A. Cox, 

Asst. Cashier, Lott State Bank; formerly 
sch. supt., Falls Co.; mem. W. O. W. Lott, 

Ernest David Criddle, 

B. Lit., 96; Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; intermediate debater; final orator Rusk 
Lit. Soc., 96; Head of Dept. of History, North 
Texas State Normal College; mem. K. of P., 
I. O. O. F. 44 Normal Ave., Denton, Texas. 

Mary Dawson, 

Austin, Texas. 

Henry Benjamin Decherd, 

B. Lit., 96; M. A., 97; M. D., oo; 
Phi Chi; apptd fellow in chemistry; Physi- 
cian and Surgeon (eye, ear, nose and throat); 
mem. Auto Country, Elks and Auto Clubs; 
A. F. and A. M. 701 Wilson Bldg., 3708 
Rawlins St., Dallas, Texas. 

Walter Crokett Dibreell, 

C. E., oo ; Lighthouse Inspector, i6th District, 
Alaska, 12 to date; aid and asst., U. S. Coast 
and Geodetic Survey, oo-n. Ketchikan, 

Robert Lee Dinwiddie, 

Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., N. Y.; Phi 
Alpha Sigma; Physician and Surgeon; asst. 
surg. U. S. P. M. H. Service, 03; sec-treas., 
West Texas Med. Assn., 99; city bact., 06-08; 
capt. and asst. surg., T. N. G., 06; local surg., 
I. & G. N. R. R., 14-16; mem. Bexar Co. 
Med. and Am. Med. Assns. 315 Frost 
Bldg. and 820 E. Euclid Ave., San Antonio, 





Franz Joseph Dohmen, 

B. Lit., 98; Ph. D., 05, Greifswald; Chi 
Phi; Glee and Cosmos Clubs; Private Tutor; 
hon. instr. in math. Univ. of Texas, 05-07; 
instr. in math. Harvard, 10-14; mem. 
Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigung; Am. 
Assn. for Advancement of Science. 21 
Walker St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Noah Fields Drake, 

Professor of Geology and Mining, Univ. of 
Arkansas; author, "Chinese Coal Fields;" 
"Earthquakes in China." 513 Highland Ave., 
Fayetteville, Ark. 

Edith D'Spain (Mrs. E. F. Gran- 

900 Park St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Sadie Dyke (Mrs. Stanley Peeler), 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Annie M. Forsgard, 

B. Lit., 96; Ashbel Soc.; pres. Ashbel Soc.; 
Asst. Lady Principal; mem. exec. comm. Waco 
Univ. of Texas Alumni Assn.; Current 
Events. Waco High School and 919 Colum- 
bus St., Waco, Texas. 

Edward B. Fritz, 

Principal of First Ward School. First Ward 
School and 2921 Lipscomb St., Ft. Worth, 

David Strather Furman, 

B. A., 96; Beta Theta Pi; "T" man, 93-96; 
Manager, Am. Book Co.; mem. Elks; K. of 
P.; Masonic connections. Am. Book Co., 311 
S. Preston St. and Y. M. C. A., Dallas, 

Fannie Lea Gayle (Mrs. A. R. Mc- 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Regent Elizabeth Steele 
Chapter, D. A. R.; treas. Eleanor Brecken- 
ridge Club; corres. sec., Stonewall Jackson 
Chapter, U. D. C.; chrman. Public Health, 
4th Dist. Edna, Texas. 

Jorday Newson Goodwin, 

Kilgore, Texas. 

Curtis Hancock, 

LL. B., 97; mem. Rusk Literary Soc.; on 
football team 92 and 93; int. debater, Rusk; 
assoc. ed. of Magazine; Lawyer; city atty. 
Oak Cliff; asst. co. atty. of Dallas Co. ; mem. 
of 28th and 29th Legislatures; pres. Irving 
(Texas) Bd. of Trade; mem. I. O. O. F.; 
W. O. W.; Knights of Pythias; Dallas Auto 
Club. 513 Slaughter Bldg., Dallas and Irv- 
ing, Texas. 

Lanu R. Harris, 

B. Lit., 97. 1704 Congress Ave., Austin, 

Robert Henry Harrison, 

M. D., 98; Sigma Nu; v.-pres. senior class, 
98; Physician; local surgeon Southern Paci- 
fic Ry.; 32 Mason; Shriner; mem. K. T. ; 
Eastern Star. Alleyton, Colorado Co., Texas. 

Henry Louis Hilgartner, 

B. S., 96; M. D., 89 Univ. of Maryland; 
Physician; Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Special- 
ist; mem. Am. Med. and Southern Med. 
Assns.; Travis Co. Med. Soc.; Assn. S. W. 
Railway Surgeons. 316 Scarbrough Bldg. and 
1402 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Florence Hill (Mrs. R. H. Eanes), 

Teacher. Taylor Public School. 1529 Bosque 
Blvd., Waco, Texas. 

F. Charles Hume, Jr., 

B. Lit., 9.6; LL. B., 99 Columbia Univ.; 
Sigma Chi; Lawyer; state senator; fellow 
Royal Soc. of Arts. London; mem. Am. 
Bar Assn.; International Law Soc.; Natl. 
Economic League. 418 First National Bank 
Bldg. and 415 Gray Ave., Houston, Texas. 

James Edwin Hurt, 

Banker and Stock Raiser. Ovalo, Texas. 

Rufus Jones Hutchins, 

With Dayton Manufacturing Co.; inventor, 
"Ohio M" and "Hutchins No. 6" Instanta- 

neous Water Heaters, 
and Briar Cliff (Shilo 

3d St. and Sears Ave. 
h Springs), Dayton, 

Leonard Brodnax Isaacs, 

B. Lit., 96; LL. B., 98; Kappa Alpha; Law- 
yer; mem. Royal Arcanum; A. F. and A. M. 
413% Main and 1209 S. Jennings Sts., Ft. 
Worth, Texas. 

J. W. Jones, 

P. O. Box 391, Atoka, Okla. 

Martha E. Kelley, 

2210 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Louis Knox, 

B. A., oo ; M. S., 08, Univ. of Chicago; 
Professor of Chemistry at the Citadel ; prof . 
chem. Daniel Baker Coll., 04-07; chem. Texas 
Portland Cement Co., 00-02; fellow in chem. 
Univ. of Chicago, 07-08; contributor to Am- 
erican Chemical Journal. The Citadel, 
Charleston, S. C. 

Alice May field Lane, 

Mem. Pierian Club. 2505 Maple Ave., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

Winnie Ledbetter (Mrs. John W. 

215 W. 6th St., Roswell, N. M. 

M. W. Lovell, 

Cotton Buyer; mayor of Hillsboro, 1913-15; 
mem. B. P. O. E. 300 Craig St., Hillsboro, 

Walter Flavius McCaleb, 

B. Lit., 96; M. A., 97. Bur. Municipal Re- 
search, New York, N. Y. 

James Wooten McClendon, 

B. Lit., 95 ; LL. B., 97; Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Attorney; Scottish 
Rite; 32 Mason; K. C. C. H.; mem. Rod 
and Gun, Austin and Austin Country Clubs. 
Littlefield Bldg. and 1606 Pearl St., Austin, 

Andrew Cyrus McLaughlin, 

B. S., 96. 776 Bush Bldg., San Francisco, 

Clara Manning, 

Fort Worth, Texas. 

Patty Mays, 

Austin, Texas. 

George W. Mendell. Jr. 

(See /. 91.) 




Andrew Moses, 

Grad. U. S. Milit. Acad., 97; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Major, General Staff Corps, U. S. Army; 
prof, of milit. sci. and tactics and command- 
ant of cadets, Agr. and Mech. College of 
Texas, 07-11; contributor to various service 
magazines; mem. Army and Navy Club. 
Army War Coll. and Toronto Apts., 2002 P 
St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Henry Oscar Campbell Neville, 

C. E., 97. Ocean Beach, Cuba. 

Fritz Reichmann, 

C. E., 96; M. S., 96; Ph. D., 01 ; Phi Gamma 
Delta; Engineering; N. Y. State Supt. of 
Weights and Measures, 06-13. Broome and 
Lafayette Sts. and 717 W. i77th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

W. B. Russ, 

M. D., 98 Univ. of Penn.; Delta Upsilon 
(U. of Penn.); Physician; pres. Texas State 
Med. Assn.; chrmn. Section on Hospitals Am. 
Med. Assn. ; division surgeon M. K. and T. 
Ry. Co.; former Pres. S. A. Board of 
Health; mem. San Antonio Country, Travis 
and Rotary Clubs; Bexar Co. Med. Soc. 
Hicks Bldg. and 1516 Main St., San Antonio, 

Billie W. Simmons, 

Post Master. Mexia, Texas. 

Mary Louise Sloss, 

206 E. i2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Martha Maud Smith, 

B. Lit., 96; M. A., 01 ; Cataloguer in Library, 
Univ. of Texas. Univ. of Texas Library 
and 21 10 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Noyes Darling Smith, 

C. E., 96; Secretary, Lone Star Ice Co.; 
mem. York and Scottish Rites (32); Knights 
Templar; Ben Hur Temple; Mystic Shrine; 
Austin Rotary Club. 207 Colorado and 1006 
E. 9th Sts., Austin, Texas. 

John Spence, 

C. E., 97. 79 East Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Joseph A. Taff, 

B. S., 94; Geologist, Southern Pacific Co.; 
Asst. geological survey of Ark., 88 and Texas 
89-94; geologist, U. S. Geological Survey, 
94-09; geologist Southern Pacific Co. since 09; 
mem. Geological Soc. of Wash.; Geological 
Soc. of Am.; Am. Assn. for Advance- 
ment of Science; Natl. Geographic Soc.; 
Engrs. Club of San Francisco. 781 Flood 
Bldg., San Francisco and 628 Cowper St., 
Palo Alto, Cal. 

Thomas Bailey Walker, 

Oil Refiner and Manufacturer. 4th and 
Guadalupe and 301 E. 9th Sts., Austin, Texas. 

Anna Gertrude Wallace (Mrs. W. P. 
Connelly) , 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Teacher in Pub. Schools. 
McGregor, Texas. 

Therese L. Weichsel (Mrs. Emil C. 

2206 E. 8ad St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Joseph J. White, 

Football; Civil Engineer; city engr. 208 N. 
Broadway and 310 W. Houston St., Tyler, 

Glennie Wilson (Mrs. W. T. Corby), 

B. Lit., 96; certs, of distinction in math., 
French, English and educ. ; Ashbel Lit. Soc. 
(pres.); Principal, Calvert High School; pres. 
Shakespeare Club; mem. Shakespeare Club. 
Calvert, Texas. 

James Edgar Wilson, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Physician. 302 Wilson 
Bldg. and 3530 Gillespie Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

William Chilton Abercrombie; Edna Barlow; 
Mattie Arena Behrns; Preston Long Bethea; Sam 
Buchanan; Geraldine Grace Byrne*; Maude Boyd 
Castello; James Montgomery Crank; Christopher 
Dart, Jr. ; Tom Debenport; Alvine Laurencia 
Dohmen*; Lulu Doughty*; Stephen Arnold Doug- 
las; Ellis Duncan; Frank Seymour Ellsworth; 
Herman August Franke; Everett James Gid- 
dings; Stephen Stafford Gregory,* C. E., 95, 
M. S,. 96; Walter Gresham, Jr.,* LL. B., 97; 
Richard Coke Harris,* B. A., 97, LL. B., oo; 
Atkinson Harrison Horn; Knox Jones; James 
Keeble; Lorine Lane; John Dancy Ledbetter 
(Mrs.)*; Leila McCaleb; Mary Louise McHenry; 
Walker Alsey Miller; John Orr, Jr.*; James 
Adolphus Pankey*; Daniel Clayton Peacock; 
Georgia E. Pyle; Arthur Kyle Stone*; Daisy- 
Warren; Cornelia Irene Whitten; Walter Living- 
ston Willie; Wm. Edward Wilmerding; Clarence 
Prentice Winstead. 


Solomon Farley Acree, 

B. S., 96; M. S., 97; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma 
Xi; "U" in football, 96; i of 10 honor men 
in grades, 06 ; Prof, of Chemistry of Forest 
Products, College of Forestry, Syracuse Uni' 
versity; chief of Section of Derived Prod- 
ucts, Forest Products Laboratory and prof, 
and chrmn. dept. of chemistry of forest prod- 
ucts, Univ. of Wis., 14-17; acting assoc. 
yrof. of chemistry, Univ. of Utah, 01-04; 
ohnston Scholar, 04-05; assoc. and assoc. 
prof. Johns Hopkins, 05-14; fellow Chemical 
Soc. of London; mem. University and Cosmos 
(Wash.) Clubs. College of Forestry, Syra- 
cuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Ella Laetatia Bachman (Mrs. C. E. 

B. A., oo; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; class poet (03), 
ed. Magazine, 96; v.-pres. Austin Alumni 
Club, 99-00, and B. W. M. W. San Marcos 
Bapt. Assn.; mem. Y. W. A.; W. M. U. 
Lockhart, Texas. 

Norma Mabel Baldwin (Mrs. Charles 
D. Kinney), 

Austin, Texas. 

Edward Lee Batts, 

M. D., 97; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Mu Pi 
Omega; pres. class; ed. University Medical; 
Physician and Surgeon. 105% S. Chadbourne 
St. and 701 W. Highland Blvd., San Angelo, 

Beauvais Fox Baugh (B. B. Fox), 

With N. Y. Sun. Care of The Sun, New 
York, N. Y. 

Eula Jeannette Beatty (Mrs. Wyche 

El Paso, Texas. 




Madison Hawthorne Benson, 

B. A., 96; LL. B., 01 ; Sigma Chi; Edward 
Thompson Law Prize; quiz master, Law Dept.; 
Automobile Dealer; mem. Rotary Club. 115 
E. sth St. and 207 Park Lane (Fairview 
Park), Austin, Texas. 

William Clement Bosley, 

M. D., Tulane Univ.: Sigma Nu; Physician. 
206 Moore Barnett Bldg. and 1811 Louisiana 
St., Houston, Texas. 

William Trobaugh Boyd, 

B. A., 98; Rusk Lit. Soc.; asst. ed. University 
Texas Literary Magazine and Cactus; Ac- 
countant, in Main St. and 306 Dennis 
St., Houston, Texas. 

Agnes Elizabeth Brady (Mrs. F. B. 

B. Lit., 98; certificate of letters, 97. 1033, 
7th St., Douglas, Ariz. 

W. Sherwood Bramlett, 

Phi Delta Theta; organizer ist fresh, and 
varsity football teams, Univ. of Texas; Law- 
yer; solicitor The Southwestern Telegraph & 
Telephone Co.; mem. Dallas, Elks and Lake- 
wood Clubs. 620 Commonwealth Bank Bldg. 
and 4005 Bryan St., Dallas, Texas. 

Marcellus Hampton Brasher, 

B. A., Texas Christian Univ.; sec. Univ. Y. 
M. C. A., Superintendent, Big Springs City 
Schools; principal and supt. Texas Schools 
for Blind, Austin, 10 yrs. ; supt. Roswell (N. 
M.) City Schools, 6 yrs.; mem. Odd Fellows; 
W. O. W.; Praetorian. Big Spring, Texas. 

Edgar Dodd Brown, 

Cashier, First State Bank, and Proprietor 
General Merchandise Store. Clint, Texas. 

Bertrand Isidore Cahn, 

Upsilon Alpha; Rusk Lit. Soc.; West Texas 
Club; Glee Club; football; Lawyer and Notary 
Public; dir. on bds. of Touro Infirmary, Y. 
M. H. A.; Jewish Widows' and Orphans' 
Home, Young Men's Gym. and Bayou Row- 
ing Clubs; mem. gen. exec. comm. Inde- 
pendent Order B'nai B'rith; local comm. Anti 
Defamation League; Octavia St. Parking 
Comm. ; mem. University, Shakespeare, Colo- 
nial, Young Men's Gym., Southern Yacht, 
Bayou Rowing, The Rod and Gun, and City 
Park Golf Clubs; Y. M. H. A.; Beaver's 
Dam No. 43. 318 Hibernit Bank Bldg. and 
2100 Octavia St., New Orleans, La. 

Charles Pope Caldwell, 

LL. B., 98; Athenaeum; Lawyer. 42 Broad- 
way, New York City, and 56 Ibia St. Forest 
Hills, L. I.. N. Y. 

Delia Childress (Mrs. J. M. Thom- 

Dallas, Texas. 

William H. Clift, 

A. B., elsewhere; Manufacturer. 216 G Ave., 
Lawton, Okla. 

George Wesley Coleman, 

B. Lit., 97; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Banker and 
Lawyer; pres. State Bank & Trust Co.; pres. 
Texas Title & Loan Co.; ist pres. Chamber 
of Commerce; mem. K. of P. and W. O. W. 
Waxahachie, Texas. 

Stella Adene Couch (Mrs. Oscar Cal- 

B. Lit., 05; mem. College Womans, Congres- 
sional and Seymour Clubs (Wash., D. C.); 
Comanche Study Club; Andrew Carothers 
Chapter, D. A. R. (Austin). 203 E. Capitol 
St., Wash., D. C., and Comanche, Texas. 

Fannie E. Crockett, 

Teacher. 1908 University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Eva Dickson, 

Berkeley, Cal. 

Milly Gray Dumble (Mrs. S. A. 

557 W. i2 4 th St., New York, N. Y. 

Harriette Evans (Mrs. Philip Glutton 

B. S., 97; Lit. Soc. 517 Belleview Ave., La 
Junta, Colo. 

Samuel Thompson Foster, Jr., 

Laredo, Texas. 

Carl Frank Gibson, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; County Judge, Cherokee Co.; 
co. atty. 4 yrs.; co. judge 6 yrs.; pres. school 
bd. several yrs; Royal Arch Mason; mem. 
K. of P.; W. O. W. Rusk, Texas. 

Mary Ellen Griffith, 

Teacher. 118 W. Washington Ave., Kirk- 
wood, Mo. 

Emer Mildred Grigsby (Mrs. R. P. 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Helianthus Tennis Club; 
sec. Ashbel Lit Soc. 807 D St. N. W., Ard- 
more, Okla. 

John G. Guenther, 

M. D., 97; interne St. Mary's Hosp., Calves- 
ton; Physician and Surgeon; head of Guen- 
ther Hosp; mem. W. O. W.; O. D. H. S.; 
H. P. V. Moulton, Texas. 

Leona Lota Harris, 

B. Lit., 97. 1704 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Eula Louise Hill (Mrs. C. F. Elkins), 

B. Lit., 98; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; pres. Ashbel 
Lit. Soc., 96-97; mem. Magazine Club. Has- 
kell, Texas. 

Will C. Hogg, 

LL. B., 97; Kappa Alpha; Vice-Pres.-Treas. 
Fidelity Trust Co.; Regent of Univ. of Texas; 
trustee Soc. Promotion of Training for Public 
Service; mem. Houston Country, Houston, 
Thalian, and Lambs (N. Y.) Clubs. 1403 
Carter Bldg. and No. 2 Oxford Apartments, 
Houston, Texas. 

Yancey Wendell Holmes, 

B. Lit.. 98; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; mem. 
W. O. W. Stephens Bldg., Plainview, Texas. 

Arny Houston (Mrs. W. O. Hender- 

Fresh, organization, 03; Teacher; mem. Order 
of Eastern Star; Civic League of Whitney; 
Texas Federation of Women's Clubs. Whit- 
ney, Texas. 




Henry George Howard, 

B. A., 97; M. A., 98; B. D., 04, Princeton 
Theological Sem.; fellowship in Greek, 97-99; 
fellowship in Hebrew, 05-06, Princeton Theol. 
Sem.; foreign missionary. Kodoli, Kohlapur, 

Oscar L. Kidd, 

Beta Theta Pi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Attorney at 
Law. Cameron, Texas. 

Harry Knox, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Wholesale Merchant; pres. 
Knox-Johnson Co., alderman and mayor pro 
tern; mem. Elks; Masons. Santa Fe Right 
of Way and Fagg St. and 1911 Coggin Ave., 
Brownwood, Texas. 

Mary Leona Knox (Mrs. William 
Newton Hustead), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; formerly art teacher. 310 
S. 29th St. and P. O. Box 505, Temple, Texas. 

Roberta Frances Lavender, 

B. Lit., 96; M. A., 02; Sidney Lanier Lit. 
Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa (hon.); Instructor in 
Latin; first states chrmn. Y. W. C. A.; au- 
thor "Latin Prose Compositions," parts I and 
III. 2107 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

William G. Lempert, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Order Clerk; cashier Murphy, 
Walker Co., Marfa, 17 yrs. ; Masonic connec- 
tions. 504 San Francisco St. and 902 E. 
Wyoming St., El Paso, Texas. 

Thomas Harwood Lewis, 

B. Lit., oo; LL. B., 01; Chi Phi; Athenaeum 
Lit. Soc.; track team; Lawyer; supt Gonzales 
Public Schools; supt. Matagorda Co.; W. M., 
Bay City Lodge, A. F. and A. M., 
No. 865; pres. Bay City Library Assn; v.-pres. 
First State Bank; mem. A. F. and A. M.; 
W. O. W. Bay City, Texas. 

Theodore A. Low, 

Banker. Brenham, Texas. 

Edward C. McCullough, 

Waco, Texas. 

Francis Pincham Marshall, 

LL. B., 05; Rusk Lit. and Sidney Lanier Lit. 
Socs. ; pres. sen. law class; v.-pres. Rusk 
Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; formerly co. judge; Ma- 
sonic high priest; mem. Masons; Comet Club. 
Nacogdoches, Texas. 

John Frost Maverick, 

Sigma Nu; football team, 96 (fullback); P. 
O. Clerk; asst. supt. mails; mem. Bd. Civil 
Service Examiners; Masonic connections. 
Post Office Bldg. and 2024 Ave. O^, Galves- 
ton, Texas. 

Jacob Eugene Michaelson, 

B. Lit., 97. Lawton, Okla. 

Roy Middlebrook (Mrs. Coffin), 

Columbus, Texas. 

Agnes Estelle Montelin (Mrs. J. H. 

B. A., 97. 2209 La Branch St., Houston, 

Arthur Moore, 

Kappa Sigma; Merchant. 1810 and 1806 La- 
vaca St., Austin, Texas. 

James Morrison, 

Maysfield, Texas. 

Edna Earle Nail (Mrs. Lamar 

800 E. Caldwell St., Bryan, Texas. 

Clara Helen Blanche Neville (Mrs. 

B. Lit., 97; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; pres. Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; asst. ed. Magazine; Teacher; prin. 
Oak Island School; mem. Y. W. C. A. Route 
B, Box 253, San Antonio, Texas. 

James William Nixon, 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Horace Nutt, 

LL. B., 10 ; Delta Chi; Lawyer; city atty.; 
mem. Elks; Masons. 209 Kemp and Kell 
Bldg. and 1108 Lamar Ave., Wichita Falls, 

Benjamin Grady O'Neal, 

LL. B., 06; John C. Towns Law Soc.; Law- 
yer. 206 Kemp and Kell Bldg. and 2008, nth 
St., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Robert E. Pace, 

Railway Mail Clerk; mm. Railway Mail 
Clerks' Assn. 9 S. loth St., Temple, Texas. 

George Judson Pancoast, 

Sigma Nu; with Frost Natl. Bank. 216 W. 
Mistletoe Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

W. S. Parker, 

B. S., 97; Physician. Calvert, Texas. 

Emma Reuel Patrick (Mrs. R. S. 

B. Lit., 97. Deadwood, S. Dak. 

John Kirkpatrick Prather, 

B. S., 97; A. M., 05, Columbia; Merchant. 
216 Mills St. and 407 River St., El Paso, 

Annie Reese, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; Y. W. C. A. ; Editorial Staff, 
Gonzales Inquirer; mem. Woman's Literary 
Club; Eastern Star; U. D. C. Gonzales, 

Carlton Cosmo Rice, 

B. A., 97; M. A., 99; A. M., oo Harvard 
Univ.; Ph. D., 02, do.; Chi Phi; ed. Cactus 
97; tutor in Latin, Univ. of Texas, 97-99; 

Erof. of Romance Languages; translator in 
ibrary of Congress; asst. prof, of Romance 
Languages, Univ. of Oregon, 02-03; Stanford 
Univ., 03-05; Univ. of Iowa, 07-09; associate 
prof, of Romance Languages, Univ. of Idaho, 
09-11; mem. (British) Simplified Spelling 
Soc. and Y. M. C. A. Library of Congress 
and 307, 7th St. N. E., Washington, D. C. 

William Stewart Richardson, 

B. Lit., 97. Corpus Christi, Texas. 

John C. Robertson, 

LL. B., 94; Rusk Lit Soc.; Phi Delta Theta; 
Lawyer; mem. Dallas Country Club. Trust 
Bldg. and 4915 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

John C. Romberg, 

LL. B., 04; John C. Townes Law Soc.; Law- 
yer; mem. K. of P.; W. O. W. Gonzales, 

Eugene Coke Routh, 

B. A., 97; Rusk Lit. Soc.; ed. Baptist Stand- 
ard; pres. Y. M. C. A., 94-95; mem. State 
Historical Assn. 711 Slaughter Bldg. and 302 
N. Winnetka St., Dallas, Texas. 




Lawrence Harry Schweer, 

B. Lit., 98; Beta Theta Pi; pres. Beta Theta 
Pi; baseball, football and tennis; Cashier 
First National Bank; mem. exec. comm. Cham- 
ber of Commerce; Elks; Den ton Golf Club. 
First Natl. Bank and 74 W. Oak St., Denton, 

Louis Granville Sims, 

Ginner. 816 S. sth St., Temple, Texas. 

Drew Kennard Smith, 

Banker and Ranchman. Ft. Sumner, N. Mex. 

William Roy Smith, 

B. A., 97; M. A., 98; Ph. D., 03 Columbia 
Univ.; Phi Beta Kappa; Professor of History, 
Bryn Mawr Coll.; mem. Am. Historical Assn. 
Bryn Mawr Coll. and Low Bldg., Bryn Mawr, 

Nettie Bissell Swancoat (Mrs. Lloyd 
Coleman Young), 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Daisy Swearingen (Mrs. S. A. Mc- 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; State chairman of Rural 
Child Welfare; Good Roads Comm.; Texas 
Congress of Mothers; pres. Grand Prairie 
Parent- Teachers Assn.; mem. Grand Prairie 
Parent-Teachers Assn., Grand Prairie Suffrage 
Club and Dallas Suffrage Club; Dallas Coun- 
cil of Mothers. Dalworth Park, Texas. 

Prudence Barnett Taylor (Mrs. S. E. 

Austin, Texas. 

William Hardeman Thompson, 

San Marcos, Texas. 

Leonard More Tobin, 

490 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. 

Birto T. Van Zandt, 

M. D., 99; Sigma Nu; pres. class 97; Prac- 
tice of Medicine, limited to X-Ray Diagnosis. 
325 Kress Bldg. and 2711 Chenevert St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Maude Wallace (Mrs. Maude W. 

Mem. D. R. T.; Suffrage Club. 600 W. i7th 
St, Austin, Texas. 

Gustave A. Wedemeyer, 

B. A., 96; pres. Students Council, 94-95; 
ed. in chief med. dept. of Cactus, 95; highest 
general average prize, med. dept., class 99; 
Surgeon; city health officer, Taylor, Texas, 
11-13. 700% Main St. and 515 Howard St., 
Taylor, Texas. 

Frank Thomas West, 

B. A., 97; M. A., po ; LL. B., 02; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; pres. Rusk Lit. Soc.; assoc. ed. Texan; 
ed. in chief Texan, 00-01, and Cactus, 02; 
Lawyer; mem. W. O. W.; Odd Fellows. 708 
Amicable Bldg. and 1224 N. 24th St., Waco, 

Charles Kavanaugh Wilbanks, 

B. S., 97; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Traffic Manager, 
M. H. Wolfe and Co. 410 Southern Pacific 
Bldg. and 429 Omar Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Thell C. Williams, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Merchant. 113 E. 
Erwin St. and 114 Selman Ave., Tyler, Texas. 

Horace Withers, Jr., 

San Marcos, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Emma Bartell; Rufus McKay Campbell; Will- 
iam Melton Ocke*; William Hines Colbert; Arm- 
istead Daniel Coleman*; Nina Cummings*; Jessie 
Fisher (Mrs. Moses); Mark N. French; John 
Caldwell Hill*; Raymond Hill, LL. B., 99*; Velma 
Hill; Ida Latham Hollingsworth; John Richard 
Johnson; William Richard Lyon; Ray McLane; 
Bernard Mackenson,* B. S., 95; Rosine Maillot 
(Mrs. J. R. Bailey)*; Bessie Bright Maney (Mrs. 
Saunders) ; Milton Sanders Monroe; Daniel 
George Murphy*; John Norris, Jr.; Charles Fish- 
back Norton,* B. S., 96, M. D., 99; Roy Cleve- 
land Oakes; Albert Franklin Parks; Hugh Clinton 
Pettigrew; Bessie Rembert; Samuel Percy Shel- 
ton; Hardy Roy Stiles,* B. S., 98; Mary Maud 
Stowe; Lila Swearingen (Mrs. E. C. Gaines)*; 
Edna Wallace,* B. Lit., 97; Mercer Morgan West. 


Musette Percy Adams, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Stenographer. 
First Natl. Bank Bldg. and W. Hopkins St., 
San Marcos, Texas. 

Osceola Archer, 

Central Trust Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

Edwin A. Atlee Jr., 

Attorney; city atty. Laredo, Texas. 

Frank Lee Berry, 

Chi Phi; Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer; 
Lumber; mem. Houston Country and Lum- 
bermen's Clubs. 723, First Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 3002 Austin St., Houston, Texas. 

Alice Almeda Blackburn (Mrs. J. B. 

B. Lit., 99. 2303 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

William Paul Brady, 

LL. B., 06; Sigma Nu Phi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
mem. Athl. and student councils; Attorney; 
dist. atty., 70th judl. dist.; sch. supt. Travis 
Co. 313 First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 2609 
Grant Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Clay Stone Briggs, 

LL. B., 99 Yale; Chi Phi; District Judge, 
xoth judicial dis.; mem. Elks. Court House 
and 1421 Ave. E, Galveston, Texas. 

Mabel Brooks, 

B. Lit, 98. 1800 Congress Ave., Austin, 

Benjamin Mickle Brown, 

Oak Park, 111. 

Henry Seymour Brown, 

B. A., 97; grad. Princeton Theol. Sem., oo; 
ed.-in-chief Cactus; speaker at commenc.; 
Presbyterian Clergyman; pastor First Presby. 
Ch. of Lakeview (Chicago), 12; East Cleve- 
land (Ohio), 06-12 and East Aurora (N. Y.), 
03-06; mem. City Club. Bway and Addison 
St. and 4232 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Ernest L. Bruce, 

B. C. E., 94 A. and M. Coll. of Texas; Phi 
Delta Theta; Athenaeum: pres. Class (i), (2); 
class historian Cactus, (i), (2); Attorney-at- 
Law; mem. 33d and 34th Legisls.; co. atty. 
Orange Co., 08-12; mem. Elks; I. O. O. F. ; 
Encampment; W. O. W.; Royal Arch Mason. 
Bancroft Bldg., 80 1 Orange Ave., Orange, 




Daisy Anne Bryan (Mrs. T. H. 

B. Lit., 98. Bay City, Texas. 

Cora M. Campbell, 

School Teacher. 121 W. nth St., Houston, 

Katherine Rachel Campbell, 

121 W. nth Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Louonie Campbell (Mrs. Richard C. 

200 W. Brooklyn Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Maude Campbell, 

Austin, Texas. 

Lilia Mary Casis, 

B. Lit., 95; M. A., 96; Phi Beta Kappa; class 
prophet; Professor of Romance Languages, 
University of Texas. University Sta. and 309 
E. nth St., Austin, Texas. 

Margaret Eulalie Cobb, 

B. A., 98; Farming. Anthony, New Mexico. 

Sam Bronson Cooper Jr., 

Athenaeum Soc. ; Lawyer; private, sec. to 
Hon. David B. Culberson, 97-00; private sec. 
to Hon. S. B. Cooper; mem. Congress 00-06; 
supervisor of census 2d Cong. Dist, 10; rep. 
from i3th Dist., 33d Legislature, referee in 
bankruptcy, Beaumont Div., Eastern Dist. of 
Texas; mem. B. P. O. E. No. 311; Eagles; 
Neches and Beaumont Country Clubs; State 
Bar Assn. Temperance Bldg. and 1096 Cal- 
der Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Robert Winfield Cousins 

Gary, Ind. 

Mary Davis (Mrs. T. W. Matlock), 

B. S., 98; M. D., 01 ; Y. W. C. A. Frost, 

Perle Davis, 

Buyer; mem. Professional and Business Wom- 
en's Club. 500 Congress Ave. and 405 E. 
;th St., Austin, Texas. 

Nannie Elizabeth Dawson, 

Teacher. San Antonio, Texas. 

William Thomson Decherd, 

B. Lit., 98; "T" 97, 98 and 99; Chief Clerk 
American Surety Co. Littlefield Bldg. and 
3404 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

William Robert Denton, 

Football, 95-96; Real Estate and Banking; 
v-pres. First State Bank of West; v-pres. 
West Water Power and Light Co. West, Mc- 
Lennan Co., Texas. 

1 2th St., Austin, Texas. 

John C. Doyle, 

Teacher. 818 W. 

Oscar Gustav Eckhardt, 

Druggist. In care Griffith Drug Co. and 
1909 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

W. C. Edwards, 

Baseball, 95; Editor Record-Chronicle; mem. 


ball, 95; Edito 
; L O. O. F. 

)lks; I. O. O. F. and Denton Golf Club.' 
7 W. Hickory St. and 149 W. Oak St., 
'enton, Texas. 

Bertha Eifler, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. Texas School 
for the Deaf and 3910 Ave. F, Austin, Texas. 

Olinthus Ellis, Jr., 

Sigma Chi; pres. freshman class, first year 
organized; rep. in 98 Athenaeum Lit. Soc., 
which successfully met Rusk in annual de- 
bate on Hawaiian Annexation question; Law- 
yer; formerly active in county, state and 
national politics and frequently called upon 
to address Chautauqua and fraternal gather- 
ings. 2d floor Storey-Mason Bldg., Lockhart, 

Alma Evans (Mrs. W. P. McLean, 

1512, 8th Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

George Dudley Fairbanks, 

M. D., 99; Alpha Mu Pi Omega; Physician 
and Surgeon; A. A. Surg.; U. S. Pub. Health 
Service; mem. Cameron Co. Med. and Texas 
State Med. Socs. U. S. Quarantine Office 
and 208 Levee St., Brownsville, Texas. 

Edith Fly (Mrs. W. J. Hildebrand), 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Belmont Graham (Mrs. B. B. King), 

Douglas, Ariz. 

Etta Irene Griffith (Mrs. Stephen S. 
S anger), 

B. A., 97; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Teacher in Belton High School, 99-00; in 
El Paso, 01. Yukon, Okla. 

Vera Harris, 

B. A., 98. 1704 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Malcolm Conn Henry, 

Farmer and Stock Raiser. R. F. D. i, Deni- 
son, Texas. 

Charles Herndon, 

Phi Delta Theta; Real Estate. 106 W. I2th 
St. and 3744 The Paseo, Kansas City, Mo. 

Annie Campbell Hill, 

B. Lit., oo; Supervisor of Loans, U. of T. 
Library; mem. Univ. Camera, Univ. Library 
and Faculty Women's Clubs. U. of T. Li- 
brary Bldg. and 2104 Nueces St., Austin, 

Emmet Ivey Hill, 

Athenaeum Soc.; Lawyer and Editor, county 
atty. of Nolan Co.; county atty., Bell Co., 
04-08. Sweetwater and Roscoe, Texas. 

Bruns P. Holland, 

Physician and Surgeon; mem. Masonic Or- 
ders. 301% Pearl St. and 1073 North Park 
St., Beaumont, Texas. 

William M. Holland, 

LL. B., 98 Columbian Univ.; Lawyer; mem. 
firm Holland & Bartlett; judge County Court 
of Dallas County 2 terms (voluntarily re- 
tired); mayor of Dallas 2 terms, 11-15 (vol- 
untarily retired); 32 Mason; past master 
Dallas Lodge No. 760 A. F. & A. M. Sump- 
ter Bldg. and 607 No. Harwood St., Dallas, 

Samuel Henry Home, 

B. A., 07; A. M., 16 Univ. of Kansas: Dean 
and Professor of Education and Psychology, 
Phillips Univ. East Enid and 120 N. 22d St., 
Enid, Okla. 




Mary Lee Horton (Mrs. F. Sidon 

B. Lit., 99; M. A., 02; mem. Daughters of 
the Confederacy; Daughters of 1812; Daugh- 
ters of the Am. Revolution. 4600 Caswell 
Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Charles Fleetwood House, 

M. D., 01 Tulane Univ.; Physician; co. 
supt. of health; mem. Okla. State Med. Soc.; 
Am. Med. Assn. Hastings, Okla. 

Florence May Hufford (Mrs. J. W. 

Mem. Fulmore School Mothers' Club. Ever- 
green Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Lenoir Hunt, 

830 Chronicle Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

Zou Long Hunt (Mrs.), 

307 W. 2ist St., Austin, Texas. 

Ida Jarvis (Mrs. Stuart B. Smith), 

mem. Woman's Reading Club. 1792 Broad- 
way, Beaumont, Texas. 

Annie May Jary, 

Teacher. 1316 Wyoming St., San Antonio, 

William Franklin Keith, 

Pi Kappa Alpha (Washington and Lee); 
Merchant. Crockett and Pearl Sts. and 2008 
McFaddin Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Mary Key (Mrs. Thomas P. Whitis), 

Y. W. C. A.; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Tennis Assn.; 
pres. Y. W. C. A. and Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
champion in tennis, singles; mem. Literary 
Club; Civic League; Library Assn.; Natl. 
League for Women's Service. 715 W. loth 
St., Plain view, Texas. 

Edward Robert Kleberg, 

B. Lit., 99; LL. B., oo; Sigma Chi; Lawyer. 
First State Bank Bldg. and 407 Carauchua 
St., Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Arthur Lefevre, 

C. E., 95; Chi ! 

Texas Company; mem. Faculty, Univ of 
Texas 94-99; supt. Pub. Instructon of Texas, 
01-05; regent College of Industrial Arts, 06- 
12. 411 The Texas Company Bldg. and 3206 
La Branch St., Houston, Texas. 

Florence P. Lewis, 

B. A., 97; M. A., 98; A. M., 13, Radcliff 
Coll.; Ph. D., 13, Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
European Fellowship, Bryn Mawr Coll., 99- 
oo ; fellowship of Baltimore Assn. for the 
Promotion of the Univ. training of Women, 
07-08; Associate Professor of Mathematics. 
Goucher Coll. and 2435 N. Charles St., Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Henry LaFayette Lewis, 

LL. B., 99; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Edwin Thomp- 
son Co. prize for best grad. thesis; Attorney- 
at-Law; city atty. of Navasota; chrmn. Dem. 
Exec. Comm. Grimes Co. twelve years; Cong. 
Jud. and Senatorial chrmn.; mayor of Nava- 
sota; mem. Sam Houston Normal Club. 
Navasota, Texas. 

Nina G. Links (Mrs. Geo. Rober- 

704 W. 1 3th St., Austin, Texas. 

Jessie May Lyons, 

B. A., 95. 701 E. Rio Grande St., El Paso, 

C. E., 95; Chi Phi (Univ. Va.); with the 


George C. McClendon, 

723 Littlefield Bldg., Austin, Texas. 

Minnie Malcolm, 

Gainesville, Texas. 

Dove Maltsberger (Mrs. G. E. War- 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

B. F. Marable, 

B. Lit., 01 ; Hardware; sec. of School Board; 
mem. Masons. Clarksville, Texas. 

John William Matlock, 

B. S., 98; M. D., 01; Physician; mem. 
I. O. O. F.; K. of P.; A. F. and A. M. 
Frost, Texas. 

Mordecai B. Meyer, 

Merchant; 32 Mason. 1208 Main and 3702 
Spence Sts., Dallas, Texas. 

William Preston Midkiff, 

LL. B., 98; Beta Theta Pi; intermediate de- 
bater, Athenaeum, 95, and final orator, 96, 
Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; mem. ot firm 
Rainbolt and Midkiff. Gonzales, Texas. 

William T. Miller, 

LL. B., 99; Chi Phi; Lawyer. Gonzales, 

Henry Iven Moore, 

Baseball; football; track; Interested in Rail- 
roads, Mines and Oil; v.-p. Salt Lake & Utah 
R. R.; pres. Inter-Mountain Development Co.; 
managing dir. Nevada Copper Belt R. R. ; 
mem. Commercial and Bonneville Clubs. 
Electric Railway Bldg. and 873 E. 4th St., 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Richard Morgan, 

B. A., 03; Athenaeum, pres. senior class; 
v.-pres. Y. M. C. A.; v.-pres. Oratorical Assn.; 
Press Club; director Co-op.; Class Eleven; 
Rector Trinity Episcopal Church; mem. K. T. ; 
j2 Scottish Rite Mason. 305 W. 7th St., 
iham, Texas. 


William Bell Munson, 

Nurseryman; formerly pres. State Horticul- 
tural Soc.; pres. State Nurserymen's Assn.; 
v.-pres for Texas, Am. Assn. of Nurserymen; 
capt. Denison Rifles, Texas Vol. Guard, 97-98; 
Past Exalted Ruler Denison Lodge B. P. 
O. E. ; author of various articles on horti- 
cultural topics in horticultural journals; mem. 
Elks, Denison Lodge No. 238; W. O. W. 
Munson Nurseries, 1607 So. Mirick Ave. and 
Vinita Home, 526 W. Hanna St., Denison, 

Frank Gilmer Nicholson, 

Chi Phi; Asst. to Pres. C. and E. I. R. R.; 
111. Athletic Club; Calumet Country Club. 
332 South Michigan Ave., 308 W. 66th St., 
Chicago, 111. 

Brigman C. Odom, 

Teacher. 824 Wilson Bldg. and 107 Kings 
Highway, Dallas, Texas. 

Susanna Clayton Ott, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Principal, 
Reference Dept., Los Angeles Pub. Library; 
contributor to current periodicals and author 
of plays, "The Nativity," "In the Begin- 
ning," "The Coming of Love," and "Los 
Pastores." Los Angeles Public Library, Los 
Angeles and 326 E. Cypress St., Tropico. 




Howard Parker, 

LL. B., 89; Kappa Alpha; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
ed. -in-chief Magazine; pres. Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
State Reporter of Okla.; only reporter the 
Appellate Courts have had since establishment 
of office in 1008; ed. of "Decisions of 
Supreme and Criminal (Appeals) Courts." 
State Capitol and 615 N. Phillips St., Okla. 
City, Okla. 

Richard Denny Parker, 

C. E., 98; Kappa Sigma; Engineering Assn. 
U. of T.; Civil Engineer, Railroad Commis- 
sion of Texas; assoc. mem. Am. Soc. of Civil 
Engineers; mem. Elks. State Capitol and 
2402 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Dovie Patterson (Mrs. Walter Thom- 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; past grand 
matron, Order of Eastern Star of the State 
of Arizona. No. 2 Alta Vista, Temby Ave., 
Bisbee, Arizona. 

Mary Patterson (Mrs. Will Hunter), 

mem. D. A. R 219 Koenigheim St., San 
Angelo, Texas. 

Sylvester Hamilton Pickens, 

Salesman; mem. K. of P. J. W. Rogers 
Furniture Co. and 3526 Sherman St., Paris, 

George Pearce Pipkin; 

M. D., 98; Physician. Lancaster, Texas. 

Maude Lanier Platt (Mrs. T. O. Mur- 

McKinney, Texas. 

William Dixon Potter, 

Beta Theta Pi; Attorney-at-Law; mem. Elks. 
15% W. Main and 302 F Sts. S. W., Ard- 
more, Okla. 

Otto Praeger, 

Barbarian; Journalism; 2d Asst. P. M. G.; 
mem. National Press Club and National Geo- 
graphic Soc. Post Office Dept. and 1482 
Monroe St. N. W., Wash., D. C. 

Cheba Margaret Preston, 

Teacher. Baker School and 1003 Alvarado 
Terrace, Walla Walla, Wash. 

Winfred Price (Mrs. Hume), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. Colonial Dames." 
2610 Guadalupe Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Eddie Quails, 

B. A., 15; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher; mem. 
U. D. C. Gonzales High School, Gonzales, 

George Edward Ramsey, 

Hotel Keeper and Farmer. Mort Hotel, Lo- 
cust St. and 700 Lamar St., Sweetwater, 

Kate Randle (Mrs. Thomas W. Men- 

215 E. Laurel St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Pansy Rembert (Mrs. R. S. Baker), 

Dallas, Texas. 

H. Albert Shaw, 

Christoval, Tom Green Co., Texas. 

Florence C. Smith (Mrs. C. K. Bell), 

2532, sth Ave., Ft. Worth Texas. 

Robert Roy Smith, 

Austin, Texas. 

Walter Armstrong Stevens, 

Dallas, Texas. 

Francis Elmo Stiles, 

Cotton Merchant. Thorndale, Texas. 

Charlotte M. O. Stoddard, 

Teacher; mem. San Antonio Scientific Soc. 
Main Ave. High Sch. and 1236 W. French 
Place, San Antonio, Texas. 

Ben Brandon Stone, 

Baseball; Lawyer; county attorney and county 
judge of Runnels Co., Tex.; director of Citi- 
zens Natl. and First Natl. Banks of Ballinger, 
Runnels Co.; mem. River Crest Country and 
Fort Worth Clubs; B. P. O. E.; K. of P.; 
W. O. W.; Praetorians. 612 Fort Worth 
National Bank Bldg. and 1616 So. Adams 
St.. Fort Worth, Texas. 

Scott Talley (Mrs. J. C. Mitchell), 

Temple, Texas. 

Jules Henri Tallichet, 

LL. B., oo; LL. M., 01; Academic, 98; Law- 
yer; one of the General Attorneys of The 
Sunset-Central Lines; mem. Thalian Club, 
Houston. Commercial Bank Bldg. and 3220 
Fannin St., Houston, Texas. 

Pauline Trueblood, 

Teacher; mem. Pathfinders Club; K. and R. 
Legion. 2623 University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Augustus Whatley, Jr., 

B. A., 98. Rusk, Texas. 

Caroline Williams (Mrs. A. B. Car- 

1274 W. i osth St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Alva Windsor, 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Charles H. Wingrove, 

Chi Phi; Merchandise Broker; mem. Cham- 
ber of Commerce; Elks; Glen Garden Coun- 
try and Rotary Clubs. Moore Bldg. and 1207 
7th Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Edwin Hopson Yeiser, 

LL. B., 99; LL. M., 01 ; Attorney-at-Law. 
816 Littlefield Bldg. and 2115 Tom Green, 
Austin, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Mamie Allen; Riley Andrew Baker*, B. S., 98; 
James Ennis Bankhead; Minnie Eula Bassett; 
Jennie Bedell; Mayme Blanchard; Willie Taylor 
Blanton; Mary Lyons Brackenridge ; Birdsall 
Parmenes Briscoe; George Walter Brown; Emmet 
Leander Buchanan*; Jean Carpenter; Lee Royer 
Collard*; Mary Belle Cundeff; Vive De Lesdenier; 
Maud Denson; Mclntyre Early*; Ethel Bright 
Ford; Frank Ford Friend; Thomas Hugh Gilbert; 
Lee Waldo Green; James Trenton Hill; Arthur 
Patch Homer; Charlton Yellowby Jones*; Maude 
Jones*; Lena D. Kelly; Nellie Lamon; George 
Chase Lewis; Chas. Love; Anthony A. McDonnell: 
Marjorie Maltby; John Harris Masterson*, LL. B., 
98; Edward Taylor Moore, Jr.,* B. A., 98; M. A., 
06; LL. B., 02; Lucie Eugenia Ralston; Edna 
Miller Rembert; Winifred Sansom; Louis Ray- 
mond Scott; Joseph Clyde Straus; James Roy 
Swann; Thomas Alfred Swann; Wesley D. Thomp- 
son; William Forest Tudor*; St. John Williams; 
Gabriel Jordon Winter*; Victoria Louise Wood; 
Bryant Woods; Josephine Wren*; Anson Blake 





Fred Acree, 

Land Loan Agent; pres. school board; mayor 
of Moody; dir. First Natl. Bank of Moody; 
mem. Elks. Moody, Texas. 

Rivers O. Allen, 

B. S., 89, N. N. U.; B. A., 91, do.; Teacher; 
principal Allen Academy. Bryan, Texas. 

Herbert Downs Ardrey, 

B. Lit., 99; LL. B., 01 ; Sigma Chi; Athe- 
naeum Lit. Soc.; "T" baseball; "T" football; 
track; Banker, v.-pres. and real estate offi- 
cer, Dallas Trust & Savings Bank; v-pres. 
U. S. Bond & Mtge. Co.; v.-pres. Dallas Title 
& Guaranty Co.; mem. Dallas, Dallas Automo- 
bile, Dallas Country, and Lakewood Country 
Clubs, noi Main St. and 4931 Gaston Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Florence Alberta Askew (Mrs. J. W. 

Austin, Texas. 

William Percy Baker, 

M. D., 99. Walker Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Eugene Campbell Barker, 

B. A., 99; M. A., oo ; Ph. D., 08, Univ. of 
Pa.; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Beta Kappa; Pro- 
fessor of American History; managing ed. 
Southwestern Historical Quarterly; ed . bd. 
Mississippi Valley Historical Review; mem. 
council Am. Historical Assn., 14-16; mem. 
University, Town and Gown, and Fortnightly 
Clubs. 2220 San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas. 

Khleber Heberden Beall, 

B. S., 99; M. S.,. 99; Beta Theta Pi; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Physician; mem. Fort Worth and 
River Crest Clubs; Chamber of Commerce; 

A. F. & A. M. Fort Worth Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 1600 Sunset Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Cordelia Cora Bostick (Mrs. A. E. 

4212 Caroline St., Houston, Texas. 

Alex Camp, 

B. Lit., 01 ; LL. B., 01; Sigma Chi; Theta 
Nu Epsilon; Lawyer. 814 Commonwealth 
Bldg. and 1902 Bennett Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

James R. Caperton, 

Cotton Merchant. 404 Congress Ave., Austin, 

Don Alonzo Chamberlin, Jr., 

San Angelo, Texas. 

William Everhard Clark, 

LL. B., 03. Washington, D. C. 

Mary Enid Coleman (Mrs. Enid Cole- 
man Thomas), 

Mem. D. A. R. Colorado, Texas. 

D. R. Couch, 

B. A., 98; Rusk Lit. Soc.; class rep., 98; 
pres. Rusk Lit. Soc., 97; Banker, Stockman, 
Farmer; pres. First Natl. Bank, Aspermont, 
Texas; pres. Peacock Bank, Peacock, Texas; 
v.-pres. Texas Bank & Trust Co., Sweetwater, 
Texas; Masonic connections; mem. Knights of 
Pythias; W. O. W. Aspermont, Texas. 

Daisy Crawford (Mrs. B. Harvey 
Carroll, Jr.}, 

B. Lit., 95; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; class pres., 94; 
pres. Ashbel Lit. Soc., 94; class "Giftman," 
95. American Consulate, Venice, Italy. 

Norman Robert Crozier, 

B. A., 99; Phi Delta Theta; Principal, Main 
High School, Dallas. 2218 Bryan St. and 
3722 Holland Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Gertrude Daniel (Mrs. Maurice C. 
Corn well), 

100% E. i sth St., Austin, Texas. 

William A. Davis Jr., 

Austin, Texas. 

Lilla Johnson Donnan (Mrs. Herbert 
Hall Shapard), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 1102 Lavaca St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

John W. Embree, 

M. D., 99, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.; Physi- 
cian; phys. Belton Male Acad.; asst. phys. 
Postgrad. Hosp., N. Y., 99; mem. Welfare 
Bd., City of Dallas; Am. Med. Assn.; Texas 
State Med. and Dallas Co. Med. Socs.; Ma- 
sonic connections. 310 Wilson Bldg. and 3233 
Lemmon Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Nelle Fleishel, 

mem. Shakespeare Club. 504 N. Bois D'Arc 
Ave., Tyler, Texas. 

Thomas Clayborne Frost, 

Sigma Nu; President Frost Natl. Bank; mem. 
Country Club. 603 W. Ashby PI., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

John B. Gay, 

Teacher; principal State School for the Blind. 
1515 East Ave., Austin, Texas. 

George Paul Geissler, 

B. A., 99; M. A., oo ; Naturitatszeugniss, Kgl. 
Gymnasium, Leipzig, Germany, 90; clerk, War 
Dept., Surg. Genl's Office; teacher, Philippines, 
Civil Service, 01-02; clerk, Custom House, 
Manila, 03-04; interpreter and translator, 
Court of Land Registration, Manila, 04-09. 
7th St. cor. B St S. W., and mi, nth St., 
Wash., D. C. 

Libbie Lee George, 

Ennis, Texas. 

Campbell B. Giles, 

LL. B., 03; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; pres. fresh- 
man class; Lawyer; mem. Austin Country 
Club and Elks. 707 Littlefield Bldg. and 4100 


Ave. G, Hyde Park, Austin, Texas. 

A. H. Goldstein, 

B. S., 99; LL. B., 01 ; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Attor- 
ney at Law. 404-5-6 First Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 1415 Hawthorne Place, El Paso, Texas. 

Rebecca Goldstein, 

B. Lit., 01 ; Teacher. High School, El Paso, 
and 1415 Hawthorne PL, El Paso, Texas. 

Mabel Gooch (Mrs. S. E. Reed), 

Teacher. 210 Reagan St., Palestine, Texas. 

Frederic William Gray, 

Stock Farming. Smithville, Texas. 

Nora Gray (Mrs. Charles McDuffie 

Casilla Correo 1657,. Buenos Ayres, S. A. 

Frank C. Gregg, 

M. D., oo ; Beta Theta Pi; interneship John 
Sealey Hosp.; Physician and Surgeon. Manor, 




Pearle Embree Hall (Mrs. Bush Wof- 

Pi Beta Phi. Italy, Texas. 

Maggie Halsted (Mrs. George B. 

Greely, Colo. 

Otis Kenner Hamblen, 

LL. B., 01; Lawyer; mem. ist dist. legal 
exam. bd. ; trust., public library; mem. Tha- 
lian and Houston Country Clubs. 410 Scan- 
Ian Bldg. and 1320 Austin St., Houston, 

Sallie Harral (Mrs. Arthur P. Dug- 


ittlefield, Texas. 

James Hill Hart, 

B. Lit., 99; LL. B., 01 ; Kappa Sigma; ed.-in- 
chief Cactus, 99; ed.-in-chief and bus. mgr. 
Calendar, oo; capt. football team, 99; foot- 
ball "T," 97-98-99-00; Lawyer; mem. Univer- 
sity and Austin Country Clubs. Austin Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 2712 Rio Grande St., Austin, 

Mary Heard (Mrs. A. Caswell Ellis), 

B. A., 09; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
author "The Beautification of Home Grounds"; 
"The Improvement of School Grounds"; "The 
Planning of Simple Homes"; mem. Shake- 
speare and Discussion Clubs; Suffrage Assn. 
2629 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Harvey McLeary Hutchinson, 

Santo Domingo Convent Bldg., Stop 4 Puerta 
de Tierra, San Juan, Porto Rico. 

Julius Lilien Jacobs, 

B. S., 99; C. E., 04, Cornell; Sigma Xi; Rusk 
Lit. Soc.; Southern mgr. fames Stewart & 
Co., Inc.; pres. United Jewish Charities; 
mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engineers; Cornell 
Soc. of Civil Engineers (N. Y. City); Travis 
(San Antonio), Houston and Concordia 
Clubs. 214 First Natl. Bank Bldg., Houston, 

AVa Lee Johnson (Mrs. J. H. Bright), 

Port Arthur, Texas. 

Louis H. Kirk, 

B. S., oo ; M. D., 03; first honors class, 03; 
Physician and Surgeon; first asst. supt. State 
Lunatic Asylum, 04-06; city phys. Austin, 10; 
lect. on physiol. and anat., Seton Infmy., 
Nurses Training School; Mason, York and 
Scottish Rites; Shriner. 900 Congress Ave. 
and 2511 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Gertrude Alexander Knight (Mrs. 
Henry Veden), 

B. A., 99. Andrews, Texas. 

John Matthias Kuehne, 

B. S., 99; M. A., 01 ; Ph. D., 10, Univ. of 
Chicago; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi (Chi- 
cago); Adjunct Professor in Physics, Univ. 
of Texas; mem. University and Science Clubs; 
Austin Saengerrunde. University Station and 
716 W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Wayne Kesley Lasater, 

Pauls Valley, Okla. 

CKfford Le Tellier, 

1024 Austin Ave., Waco, Texas. 

John Avery Lomax, 

B. A., 97; M. A., 06; A. M., 07 Harvard; 
Phi Delta Theta; ed. University of Texas 
Magazine; sec. of the Faculties, Univ. of 
Texas; assoc. prof, of English, A. & M. Coll. 
of Texas; sec. Ex-Students Assn., Univ. of 
Texas; managing ed. Alcalde; mem. Univer- 
sity Club. University of Texas and 910 W. 
26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Lowry, 

Austin, Texas. 

Virgil Henry McCraney, 

Planter. Alligator, Miss. 

Bates Holland McFarland, 

B. Lit., 99; LL. B., 01 ; Phi Delta Theta; 
ed. in chief Cactus, oo; Lawyer. Bank of 
Commerce Bldg. and 5700 Clemens Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Marshall M. McMahon, 

B. Lit., 01 ; capt. football, 01; capt. track; 
rep. Univ. in Southern Oratorical Meet, 99; 
Lawyer. Bonham, Texas. 

William Emmett McMahon, 

B. A., 99. Bonham, Texas. 

Bessie Maddox (Mrs. C. P. Ruffner), 

1401 Brooklyn Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

William Henry Matthews, 

B. Lit., 01 ; Phi Kappa Psi; Presbyterian 
Minister. Huntsville, Texas. 

Robert E. May, 

B. A., 96; baseball; Cashier for Finance 
Commr. of Prison System of Texas. Hunts- 
ville, Texas. 

Laurania Miller, 

B. A., 98; Latin Teacher. 373 Austin St, 
Beaumont, Texas. 

G. Will Morgan, 

Planter. Riverby (R. F. D. Monkstown), 
Fannin Co., Texas. 

Vernie Rosborough Morris, 

B. A., 98. Temple, Texas. 

Annie Venable Nelson (Mrs. Leslie 

4608 Columbia St., Dallas, Texas. 

Elizabeth Jane Norman (Mrs.), 

Austin, Texas. 

Herman Nussbaum, 

Cotton Buyer and Exporter. Cotton Exchange 
Bldg. and Galvez Hotel, Galveston, Texas. 

Ormerod H. Palm, 

B. S., oo ; Chi Phi; capt. baseball, 99-00; 
Merchant; v.-pres. Scarbrough & Hicks Co. 
(Rockdale); mem. University Club. 3014 
Copper St., El Paso, Texas. 

Samuel McCulloch Parks, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Stock Farmer. Motor 
Route A, Box 24, Brownwood, Texas. 

Eula Lee Payton, 

B. Lit., 90. R. F. D. No. 4, Box 65, Austin, 




Thomas Josiah Pinson, 

Farmer; asst. cashier and bookkeeper City 
Natl. Bank and cashier Farmers Natl. Bank. 
Forney, Texas. 

John Rush Powell, 

A. B., 97, Yale; A. M. f 99, do.; Principal, 
Soldau High School. 918 Union Ave. and 
5467 Maple Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Mary L. Prather (Mrs. William Ed- 
ward Darden), 

Pres. Ashbel Lit. Soc.; pres. Young Ladies' 
Glee Club; pres. Y. W. C. A. 1024 Austin 
Ave., Waco, Texas. 

Henry Presley Reynolds, 

B. S., 02; Principal of High School; mem. 
Masons; A. F. & A. M.; R. A. M.; K. of P.; 
W. O. W.; Los Angeles Chautauqua Assn.; 
Pomona Chamber of Commerce. Pearl and 
Gibbs (High School) and Washington and San 
Bernardino Sts., Pomona, Cal. 

George Aldredge Robertson, 

LL. B., oo; LL. M., 01; Sigma Xi; Theta 
Nu Epsilon; asst. mgr. football team, 97-99. 
mgr., oo; Lawyer; mem. Dallas, Dallas Coun- 
try and Lakewood Country Clubs. Trust 
Bldg. and 5410 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Ancil Henry Ross, 

Attended Bryant and Stratton Bus. Coll., St. 
Louis, Mo.; Merchant; past high priest Melita 
Commandery No. 30; mem. A. F. & A. M.; 
R. A. M.; Hella Temple, Dallas. Cor. Main 
and Commerce Sts. and 911 S. Lindsay St., 
Gainesville, Texas. 

F. Edna Rowe, 

B. A., 98; M. A., oo ; Ashbel Lit Soc.; 
Teacher of English. Main High School and 
4921 Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Alonzo N. Sandusky, 

Retail Merchant. Rio Vista, Texas. 

Felix Ezell Smith, 

B. S., 09; M. S., oo ; student asst., genl. 
biol. ; fellow in bot. ; Superintendent San An- 
gelo Public Schools; Masonic connections. 
San Angelo, Texas. 

Royall G. Smith, 

LL. B., 01; Attorney at Law. Colorado, 

Susan Hancock Stalnaker, 

1905 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Andrew Jackson Stephens, 

Waelder, Texas. 

Clara Sterzing (Mrs. C. O. Smith), 

Austin, Texas. 

Smith Lavender Stovall, 

Associate mem. Am. Inst. Electrical Engineers; 
Chief Engineer, Crocker-Huffman Land & 
Water Co., Merced, Cal.; first asst. Trans- 
former Engineering Dept. of Genl. Electric 
Co., 03-06; chief engineer Mt. Whitney Power 
Co., Visalia, Cal., 08-12. Crocker-Huffman 
Land & Water Co., Merced, Cal., and 528, 
22d St., Merced, Cal. 

J. D. Stroud, 

R. F. D. No. 2,.Cleburne, Texas. 

John William Tottenham, Jr., 

M. D., oo Tulane; Physician and Surgeon; 
city health officer. School 307, Brenham, 

Frances Pendleton Waggener (Mrs. 
Augustus Joseph Boyden), 

B. S., oo. 2 Ridgeway, Winchester, 


William Sylvester Walsh, 

Manufacturer. 404 W. 4th St. and 600 Con- 
gress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Ernest William Winkler, 

B. Lit., 99; A. M., oo; attended Summer 
term 02 Univ. of Wis.; Phi Beta Kappa; fel- 
low in History, 99-00; Reference Librarian and 
Curator of Texas Books, Univ. of Texas Li- 
brary; teacher history, Blinn Memorial Coll., 
00-03; archivist Texas State Library, 03-06; 
state librarian, 06-07; chief clerk Dept. of 
Agr., Texas, 07-09; state librarian and ex- 
officio sec. library and hist. comm. since 09; 
mem. Texas Library Assn. (pres. 11-12); 
Southern Educ. Assn. (pres. Liby. Dept. 12); 
elected fellow Texas State Hist. Assn., 04; 
assoc. ed. Southwestern Historical Quarterly, 
10; wrote (brochures) "The Cherokee Indians 
in Texas," 03; "The Seat of Government of 
Texas," 06; ed. "Secret Journals of the Sen- 
ate" (Republic of Texas, 1836-1845), n; 
"Journal of the Secession Convention of 
Texas" (1861), 12; author of many historical 
articles, reports, etc. 1907 Guadalupe St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Isabella Byrd Winston, 

Asheville, N. C. 

Richard Walter Wortham, 

LL. B., 09; Beta Theta Pi; capt. football 
team, 99; Lawyer. 14 Clarksville St. and 414 
Clarksville St., Paris, Texas. 

Frederick Argyle Wynne, 

B. Lit., 95; Stock Farming; formerly cashier 
for Wells Fargo Co. Paris, Texas. Dalhart, 

John Russell Young, 

Drug Business. Cameron, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

James Franklin Ainsworth,* B. A., 02; Rich- 
mond Mclnnis Alsworth; Kathryne Myrle Ar- 
nold; Walter Herbert Bainbridge*; William Ed- 
win Baker; Ottilie Caspari; John Smith Denton; 
Effie Fowler; Ella Gehren*; Albert Eugene Hill; 
Anna Louise Jaggar; Susan Gabrilla Johnson; 
Robert Lee Jordon; Bertha Le Void; Belle Mc- 
Pherson; Lowry Anna McKinney; Florence Marie 
Magnenat,* B. Lit., 98, M. A., 99; Valerie Mag- 
nenat; Herbert Marable; Mary Moore; John Otis 
Phillips; Mamie Craik Pierson; Brownie I. Pon- 
ton*; Walter Thorp Rabb; Fedora Dorothea 
Rhine*; Eerdie May Sanders; Minnis Sitman; 
Mary Theresa Spann; Eska Spencer; G. T. 
Thomas; Hattie Elizabeth Thweatt,* B. Lit., oo; 
Paul Henry Traylor*; Kate Zenobia Williams; 
Henry Alexander Wise, Jr. 


Eunice Aden, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Woman's 
Athletic Assn.; Student Council; Director of 
Physical Training for Women. Univ. Sta. 
and 2107 San Antonio St, Austin, Texas. 

Adolphus Andrews, 

Sigma Chi; Lieuteannt Commander U. S. 
Navy; mem. Army and Navy Club, (Wash- 
ington, D. C.); The Racquet Club, (Phila., 
Pa.); New York Yacht Club. U. S. S. Okla- 
homa and care Postmaster, N. Y. C. 





Frank Burnett Barry, 

B. A., 02; Sigma Nu; with Allyn and Bacon. 
92 S. 25th St., Paris, Texas. 

Mary Elsie Beakley (Mrs. Charles S. 

B. A., ii. Mar fa, Texas. 

John Barry Benefield, 

604 W. i 4 6th St., N. Y. C. 

Thomas Gathright Binkley, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; Lawyer; 
mem. Elks; W. O. W. ; Texas Bar Assn. 
Graham, Young Co., Texas. 

Elizabeth Gertrude Bitting (Mrs. R. 

A. Chadwick), 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Ellen Ada Blackburn, 

Teacher. 405 E. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Lou Willie Blailock (Mrs. J. S. Ab- 

Waco, Texas. 

Harry Bloombargh, 

M. D., 02 Rush Med. Coll.; Baseball; made 
"T" and Monogram team undefeated 99; 
Catcher on Varsity baseball team 2 years; 
left academic to go to medical dept., then fin- 
ished at Rush Med. Coll.; News Editor, Inter- 
national News Service; mem. Southern Club. 
310 Hearst Bldg and 210 E. 5 7th St., Chicago, 

Mamie Scogin Booth (Mrs. L. H. 

Denton, Texas. 

Henry Lee Borden, 

B. Lit., oo ; M. A., 03; LL. B., 03; Beta 
Theta Pi; Mexican Investments. 316 Union 
Natl. Bank Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

Isabella Helena Brackenridge (Mrs. 
O. E. Roberts), 

Taylor, Texas. 

Percy Travis Brigham, 

Banker. Blanco, Texas. 

Clarence I. Browne, 

Photographer; private research work in pyh- 
sics; mem. The Lions; St. Louis Acad. of 
Science; Photographer's Assn. of Am. and 
Photographer's Assn. of Texas. 1218 Elm St. 
and 5200 Columbia Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Alfred Marion Brownfield, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Stock Raising. Brownfield, 

O. A. W. Bruestedt, 

Ph. G., 99. Seguin, Texas. 

Lucile Douglas Byers (Mrs. Charles 
T. Granger), 

Austin, Texas. 

Robert James Calder, 

Galveston, Texas. 

Samuel H. Carter, 

Kappa Alpha; Chief Clerk State Treasury 
Dept. State Treasury, Capitol and 506 W. 
1 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Jesse Lee Cass, 

M. D., 01 Atlanta Coll. of Phys. and Sur- 
geons. Mount Sylvan, Texas. 

Elizabeth Bitting Chadwick, 

mem. Woman's and Colorado Springs Musi- 
cal Clubs; Daughters of American Revolu- 
tion. 1105 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, 

Louise Chilton (Mrs. Austin Y. 

1701 McGregor Ave., Houston, Texas. 

John M. Cobb, 

Sigma Nu; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; in 
practice since 97. 207 Prince Theatre Bldg. 
and 1406 Anita Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Christopher Columbus Cole, 

B. A., oo ; Phi Delta Theta; football, 96 and 
99; Merchant. Cole Bldg. and 721 S. Main 
St., Tulsa, Okla. 

James Ernest Coleman, 

Banker; cashier State Bank & Trust Co.; 
mem. B. P. O. E.; K. of P.; W. O. W. 
Waxahachie, Texas. 

Robert Julian Coleman, 

Banker; active v.-pres., State Bank & Trust 
Co.; sec.-treas., Texas Title & Loan Co.; 
mem. B. P. O. E.; K. of P.; W O. W. Wax- 
ahachie, Texas. 

Charles M. Colville, 

Phi Delta Theta; Printer and Publisher; mem. 
firm J. M. Colville & Son. 911 Commerce 
St. and 1517 No. Peak Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Lucie Copes (Mrs. R. J. Hammond), 

702 W. 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

Julia Stone Cousins, 

304 W. 1 9th St, Austin, Texas. 

William Lyne Crawford 

Crawford Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

John Daniel Dahlich, 

Merchant; mgr. of C. A. Dahlich. 1406 
Lavaca St. and 204 W. isth St., Austin, 

Lamar Davis, 

Kappa Alpha; Real Estate and Cattle; mem. 
Toltec and Country Clubs. 106 Texas and 
80 1 Olive Sts., El Paso, Texas. 

Jerry Debenport, 

Pittsburgh, Texas. 

Franklin Hill Dever, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; with Inter- 
state Forwarding Co.; Knights Templar; 
Scottish Rite Mason, 32. 3200 Main St. and 
1804 W. loth St., Dallas, Texas. 

Fanny L. Eddins (Mrs. Seb. F. Cald- 

Mt. Pleasant, Texas. 

Boiling Eldridge, Jr., 

Clerk. Main St., Brenham, Texas. 

Joseph Porter Fenet, 

Beta Theta Pi; Traveling Salesman, Sim- 
mons Hardware Co. 1715 Pocahontas St., 
Dallas, Texas. 




William Nathaniel Friend, 

Mgr. baseball team, 99; Traveling Salesman. 
Elden Mfg. Co. i3th and Lucas Sts. and 
6037 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Robert E. Goree, 

Union Nad. Bank Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

Effie Graves, 

B. Lit., 96; Teacher. Austin High School 
and 1411 W. sth St., Austin, Texas. 

David Edward Grove, Jr. 

B. A., oo; pres. sen. class, po; honorable 
mention; Organist Scottish Rite Cathedral; 
organist and choirmaster, St. Matthew's 
Cathedral; head master boys dept., Morgan 
School. 1409 Corsicana St., Dallas, Texas, 

William L. Hedrick, 

Wheelock, Texas. 

Imogen Hicks (Mrs. O. A. Palm), 

Austin, Texas. 

Benjamin Felix Hill, 

B. S., 96; M. S., 97. Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Edna M. Holmes (Mrs. K. A. Jones), 

Teacher High School, 4 yrs. Yorktown, Texas. 

Ernest Emmanuel Howard, 

B. S., oo ; C. E., oo ; Tau Beta Pi; Consult- 
ing Engineer; instr. in engr. Univ. of Texas, 
00-01 ; engr. lect. Univs. Kansas. Nebr., and 
Wash.; author "6th St. Viaduct 5 '; "i2th St. 
Trafficway"; "Documents Governing Bridge 
Construction" and numerous articles in tech. 
press; mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers; 
Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers; Kansas 
City Engineers Club; Mazames, University 
(Portland and Kansas City) and Comedy 
Clubs. 1012 Baltimore Ave. and Rockhill 
Manor, Kansas City, Mo. 

Robert W. Howell, 

Sigma Chi; Cashier, First Natl. Bank of 
Bryan; mem. Elks Club. 100 Main St. and 
cor. Houston and Lam Ave., Bryant, Texas. 

Alice Philena Felicia Hubbard, 

B. Sc., oo ; M. A., 02; Sidney Lanier Lit 
Soc.; fellow in Romance Languages Bryn 
Mawr Coll., 14-15; scholar and fellow by 
courtesy, 15-16; teacher in El Paso High 
School 98-99; fellow in Spanish, 99-02; tutor 
in Spanish, 02-08; instr. in Spanish, 08-15. 
Cedar Crest, Belton, Texas. 

Edith Renner Hull, 

B. S., 08 Univ. of Chicago. 1121 E. 6ist 
St., Chicago, 111. 

Elfrieda Bertha Jessen, 

Teacher, Austin Public Schools. Bickler 
School and 1302 Sabine St., Austin, Texas. 

Benjamin Kent Johnson, 

U. S. Navy, Wash., D. C. 

William Walter Johnson, 

LL. B., 01 ; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; 
Royal Arch Mason; mem. B. P. O. E. 710 
Busch Bldg. and 5206 Reiger Ave., Dallas 

Andrew James Kaulbach, 

B. A., oo ; Kappa Sigma; v.-pres. senior class 
co; Lumber Manufacturer; general sales mgr., 
Nona Mills Co., Ltd., Beaumont; mem. Ma- 
sons; Knights of Pythias; Woodmen of the 
World. 330 Bowie-Gilbert Bldg. and 2210 
North St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Gertrude Kaulbach (Mrs. C. J. Kirk), 

42 Rossonian Apts., Houston, Texas. 

Maury Kemp, 

Chi Phi; Attorney-at-Law; mem. Toltec and 
El Paso Country Clubs. State Natl. Bank 
Bldg. and 2727 W. Copper St., El Paso, Texas. 

Margaret Estill Kenney (Mrs. 

B. A., 08; Tutor in Spanish, Univ. of Texas. 
507 W. 35th St. and Univ. of Texas, Austin, 

George S. King, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; left half football; 
Attorney-at-Law; county atty. 4 yrs, Nacog- 
doches Co.; mem. Odd Fellows; W. O. W. 
707 Kress Bldg. and 1118 California Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

Alice Kirkpatrick (Mrs. Charles 

B. S., oo; Teacher of math, and science, 
McKinney High School, 00-10; mem. D. A. R.; 
Daughters of the Confederacy. Sanger, 

William James Lawther, 

Sigma Chi; Grain Merchant; mem. Chamber 
of Commerce ; Merchants Assn. ; Rotary Club. 
2543 Elm St. and 4823 Gaston Ave., Dallas, 

James Pendleton Lokey, 

Genesee, La. 

Stanley T. Lowry, 

Sigma Chi; Physician; mem. San Antonio 
Country Club; Bexar Co. Medical Soc. Hicks 
Bldg. and 337 Argyle Ave., San Antonio, 

Jesse Francis McClendon, 

B. S., 03; M. S., 04; Ph. D., 06 U. of Pa.; 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Asst. Professor of Phy- 
siology, Univ. of Minn.; mem. Am. Physiol. 
Soc.; Am. Soc. Biol. Chemists; Marine Biol. 
Assn.; Minn. Path. Soc. Medical Coll., U. 
of Minn, and 715 University Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Isaac Lee Massey, 

B. A., oo ; M. A., 02. Bigfoot, Texas. 

Lewis Maverick, 

LL. B., oo ; Lawyer. 237 Howard St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Walter Embree Monteith, 

LL. B., 01 ; Kappa Alpha; football team; 
Lawyer. 1309 Carter Bldg. and 508 W. Ala- 
bama Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Sadie Moore (Mrs. R. McDonald), 

2411 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Toombs Neill, 

LL. B., 01 ; pres. law, class 01; Lawyer; 
mem. San Antonio Club. 826 Federal Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Charles Philip Norby, 

B. S., 99; M. S., oo. 3133 Wentworth Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Emily Oliver (Mrs. Frank B. Ed- 

Washington, D. C. 




Thomas Jefferson Palm, 

C. E., 03; Goo Roo; student council, 02-03; 
student asst in engr. dept, 01-03; Civil Engin- 
eer; asst. and res. engr. on road; corp. engr. 
U. S. war dept; Masonic connections. 1410 
Amicable Bldg. and 808 W. isth St., Waco, 

Otto Louis Pietzner, 

LL. B., oo; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; 
Musician's club; Turn Herein; Masonic con- 
nections. 303 Prince Theatre Bldg. and 1219 
Crawford St., Houston. Texas. 

Josiah Fowler Pinson, 

B. S., oo ; "T" baseball, 97-98, oo; Assistant 
Engineer; mem. Soc. of Civil Engrs.; Am. 
Wood Preservers Assn.; Am. R. R. Bridge and 
Building Assn.; Seattle Engrs. Club; Munici- 
pal League. 621 White Building and 6537 
1 7th Ave. N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Thomas Josiah Pinson, 

Farmer; asst. cashier and bookkeeper City 
Natl. Bank; cashier Farmers' Natl. Bank, 
Forney, Texas. 

Evelyn Douglas Potts (Mrs. Harris 

218 E. Craig Place, San Antonio. Texas. 

Oscar Lee Reaves, 

Mt Vernon, Texas. 

Willie Rector (Mrs. Jasper Wool- 

1402 Arizona St., El Paso, Texas. 

Charles Elmer Rowe, 

B. S., in C. E., Univ. of Colorado; E. M., 
Colorado Sch. of Mines; Chi Phi; artist in 
chief, "The Coloradoan," Vol. i.; Associate 
Professor of Drawing; mem. Austin Country 
Club. Univ of Texas and 1711 Rio Grande 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Charles A. Schreiner, 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Walter R. Schreiner, 

Mt. Home, Texas. 

Philip James Shaver, 

M. D., 04; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Mu 
Pi Omega (Med.); Physician; state quarantine 
officer; mem. Am. Med. Assn.; State and 
County Med. Socs. ; Masonic connections. 
Box 147 San Marcos, Texas. 

Walter Clifton Sheppard, 

LL. B., 02; Ph. B., 98, Grayson Coll.; Kappa 
--ipha; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Univ. Band: Univ. 
Glee Club; mgr. Univ. Band; poet of junior 
Law Class, or; Attorney-at-Law; asst. corpor- 
ation counsel of the City of New York; special 
counsel of the City of New York, 10-11; 
mem. executive committee New York Southern 
Soc., 3 yrs; pres. of New York Alumni Chap- 
ter of Kappa Alpha; New York Southern Soc.; 
mem. National Dem.. Jamaica Country and 
New York Univ. of Texas Clubs; New York 
Alumni Chapter Kappa Alpha. Municipal 
Bldg., Court House Plaza, L. I. City, and 64 
Elmhurst Ave., Elmhurst, Borough of 
Queens, New York, N. Y. 

Maud Margaret Shipe (Mrs. A. W. 
Bird well), 

B. Lit., oo; M. A., 01; Sidney Lanier Soc.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; fellow in history and edu- 
cation, 00-01; tutor in education, 01-03; assoc. 
prof, of education, S. W. T. Normal School, 
03-15. San Marcos, Texas. 

Uriah Myer Simon, 

LL. B., 03, Univ. of Denver; Phi Delta Phi; 
Lawyer; mem. W. O. W.; K. of P.; I. O. 
B. B. 403-6 Wheat Bldg and 404 Henderson 
St., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Alexander Hamilton Stephen, 

Ennis, Texas. 

Anne Alamita Storey, 

Austin, Texas. 

Oscar Adolphus Stubbs, 

Rusk Lit. Soc. ; Salesman ; supt. Johnson City 
and Fredericksburg Schools; mayor Crystal 
City; county judge Zavalla Co. 106 W. 7th 
St. and 1 1 06 West Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Isabel Marie Tallichet (Mrs. Bufo-l 

2031 St. Charles St., New Orleans, La. 

James Monroe Taylor, 

B. S., oo ; LL. B., 02; Phi Gamma Delta; mgr. 
football, 01; capt. baseball, op; pres. A. A., 
00-01; mgr. University Magazine, 00-01; base- 
ball, 97, 99, oo; mem. athletic council, 99, oo, 
01; pres. academic class, oo; pres. Athenaeum, 
99; Lawyer; co. atty. Burnet Co., 02-08; co. 
atty. Nueces Co., 12-16; mem. Elks Club, 
Corpus Christi; Moose; W. O. W. Gugenheim 
& Cohn Bldg. and 1209 Bay View, Corpus 
Christi, Texas. 

William B. Thomas, 

Cashier, First Natl. Bank; Masonic connec- 
tions. Rogers, Texas. 

Florinda Thornton, 

Shafter, Texas. 

Margaret Emily Tobin (Mrs. Edward 

Livingston Hunt), 

Mem. Women's City Club. 

N. Y. C. 

41 E. 63d St., 

Eugene Tracy, 

Clerk. 202 E. Houston and 424 Devine St., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Fred Horatio Turner, 

B. S., oo ; Special Agent, Union Central Life 
Ins. Co. 1413-16 Busch Bldg. and 2606 Fair- 
mount Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

James Upshur Vincent, 

Houston Post, Houston, Texas. 

Joseph Carroll Vinson, 

Auditor, Interstate Commerce Commission; 
auditor Sonora Ry. and Randolph Lines, Tuc- 
son, Arizona; auditor of Miscellaneous Ac- 
counts, Southern Pacific Co. (San Francisco); 
mem. Union League Club. Room 705 Wells 
Fargo Bldg., San Francisco. Cal. 

Stephen Jackson Ward, 

Kappa Sigma; Capitalist; mayor; sec. bd. of 
trusts. Rosebud. Rosebud, Texas. 

Anne Elizabeth Weeden, (Mrs. Jo- 
seph C. Hutcheson, Jr.), 

B. Lit., 01. 912 Truxillo Ave., Houston, 

Roger C. Wells, 

B. A., 01 Harvard; Ph. D., 04; Phi Delta 
Theta; Physical Chemist, U. S. Geological 
Survey; mem. Cosmos Club; Am. Chem. Soc. 
U. S. Geological Survey and Hammond 
Court, Washington, D. C. 




Eugene Wilder, 

Merkel, Texas. 

Maimie Harris Wilson (Mrs. Joe E. 

Austin, Texas. 

George Edward Woodward, 

Beta Theta Pi; President, Western Lumber 
Co. 616 W. i8th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Evelyn Bell Wright, 

B. A., 04; M. A., 07; Y. W. C. A. sec.; 
fellowship in Greek and Latin, 05-07; Phi 
Beta Kappa. 404 W. nth St., Austin, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Mandanna Gutherie Bachman (Mrs. Stanley 
Ford)*; Eloe Monroe Baggett; Robbie Bedell; 
Pleoria Cameron*; Wm. Pleasant Campbell; Chas. 
Walters Cannon; W. E. Coleman; Smith S. Cren- 
shaw; Eli Clarence Cummings; Etah Dailey; Bryan 
Daugherty; Fred Linden Deen*; Samuel Calvin 
Dobbins*, C. E., oo; E. Unorna Dodge; Daniel 
DuPre; Horace E. Ford*; Hosea Garrett*; Sherley 
R. Green*; Carlisle P. Halter; Sallie Hollar; 
.Mamie Jackson (Mrs. Stokes); Isidore Raymond 
Jacobs; Louise Zimpleman Jones (Mrs. A. Brown); 
Robert Arnette Jones*; Frank Lane; Sue Lane; 
Theodosia Alston Lane*; Okey Letcher*; Kate 
Ewing McHenry; Addie Missouri Madden; Mary 
Eleanor Matthews; Henry Andrew O'Neal; Mrs. 
Roberta Brackenridge Peeler; Mary Asenath 
Poole; Francis Bell Porter; Albert Alexander 
Roeber; Franklin Edwards Smith*; Mary Asenath 
Storts (Mrs. W. P. Wallace)*; Roy Stowe; 
Cecile Ann Walker; Phil Fenner Walker; Robert 
Oscar Watkins*; Hattie Whitten (Mrs. W. D. 
Swann)*; Sallie Rochester Willeford; Stella May 
Wilson; Lucia Wootters. 


William Henry Adamson, 

B. A., 01 ; Phi Delta Kappa; Rusk Lit. Soc. ; 
Univ. of Texas Oratorical Assn. ; Teacher, 
Austin H. S. ; supt. schools, Liberty, Devine 
and Del Rio; prin. Marshall High School. 
Austin H. S. and 2007 Wichita St., Austin, 

Eva Allen (Mrs. W. E. Walls), 

B. Lit., 01. 4803 Charles Ave., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Walter Scott Amsler, 

B. A., pi: Sigma Chi; class pres., 01; base- 
ball, 01; Merchant; mem. City Council, 08- 
12; mem. Sch. Bd., 12-16; prin. McGregor 
H. S., 01-02; mem. Masonic Fraternity; Hoo 
Hoo. McGregor, Texas. 

Nellie Archer (Mrs. Harry Jerome 

618 Prairie Ave., Kenosha, Wis. 

Jamie Durst Armstrong (Mrs. John 
R. Bennett), 

B. S., oi ; Pi Beta Phi. 409 W. Dewey Place, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Josephine Armstrong (Mrs. Andrew 

1640 State St., New Orleans, La. 

Thomas Jefferson Armstrong, 

B. S., 04; Y. M. C. A.; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
U. S. Government clerk (since 06); Masonic 
connections; mem. I. O. O. F. Dept. of 
Labor, Wash., D. C., and Barcroft, Va. 

William Ramsey Baggett, 

Breeder of Cattle and Sheep. Ozona, Texas. 

Ethel Baker (Mrs. Raymond B. 

B. S., 02. 10 Kenmore St., Boston, Mass. 

Finis Howard Barlow, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Banker; mem. Elks; 
K. of P. Nos. i and 621 N. Main St., Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

Waddey Wingfield Battle, 

B. S., 98: Phi Delta Theta; Principal, Lam- 
pasas High Schools; mem. I. O. O. F. Lam- 
pasas, Texas. 

Holland E. Bell, 

B. A., oi ; M. A., 07; LL. B., 07; Delta Chi; 
final orator and pres. Athenaeum; pres. Ora- 
torical Assn.; mgr. Co-op., 2 yrs. ; law libra- 
rian, i yr.; Lawyer; city atty., Gatesville, 
2 yrs.; co. atty., 4 yrs. and co. judge, Coryell 
Co.; mem. Knights of Pythias; Masons. 
Gatesville, Texas. 

Thomas Gathright Binkley, 

Graham, Texas. 

Elbert Blair, 

Southwestern Freight Agent, Chicago & Alton 
R. R. Co. 852 Wilson Bldg. and Southland 
Hotel, Dallas, Texas. 

Helen Gertrude Brady (Mrs. D. F. 

809 Montana St, El Paso, Texas. 

Harry Brown, 

M. E., oo, Univ. of Ark.; M. E., 02, Cornell 
Univ.; Kappa Alpha; New England Manager, 
Power Specialty Co.; mem. Engineers' Club. 
50 Congress St., Boston, and Beacon St., 
Brookline, Mass. 

Nellie Lea Brown, 

B. Lit., oi ; M. A., 06; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher. 202 E. i4th St., Austin, Texas. 

Oscar Callaway, 

LL. B., oo ; Athenaeum Club; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
football, 98-99; financial mgr. Cactus; Law- 
yer and Congressman; co. atty., Comanche 
Co. House of Representatives, Washington, 
D. C., and Comanche, Texas. 

Charles N. Campbell, 

C. E., 02; Phi Gamma Delta; Office Engineer, 
Sunset-Central Line. 916 Southern Pacific 
Bldg. and 1915 Webster Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Wallace Carnahan, Jr., 

B. A., oi ; Chi Phi; Al 

thenaeum; pres. perma- 
nent organization class (4); Wholesale Wood- 
en ware and Paper; v.-pres. Allensworth-Carna- 
han Co.; mem. Elks; Country Club; Chamber 
of Commerce. 117 West Side Military Plaza 
and 306 Army Boulevard, San Antonio, 

Wheeler G. Carpenter, 

B. S., 98; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Postmaster; in- 
terested in Kerrville Mercantile Co.; city 
treas.; pres. Business Mens Club; mem. W. 
O. W. Kerrville, Texas. 




Frederick William Cater, 

C. E., 02; B. E., 02. Burley, Idaho. 

Thomas Ross Chapman, 

Baseball; football; P. O. Clerk. 4534 Terrace 
St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Jessica M. Clark (Mrs. Bronson), 

Ozark, Mo. 

William Woodward Clement, 

B. A., 04; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Athenaeum; Superintendent Schools. Temple, 

R. E. Clements, 

Druggist; mem. A. F. and A. M. Gold- 
thwaite, Texas. 

Albert A. Cother, 

B. A., 02; C. E., 03; Associate Professor of 
Civil Engineering; assoc. mem. Am. Soc. 
Civil Engineers. 302 Eng. Bldg., Univ. of 
Texas, and 2307 Red River St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Erin Crane, 

B. Lit., 01 ; Ashbel Lit. Soc. 4005 Gaston 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Carter T. Dalton, 

B. A., 01 ; LL. B., 03; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Athenaeum; mgr. baseball, 03; Lawyer; mem. 
San Angelo and San Angelo Golf Clubs. 101 
Western Natl. Bank Bldg. and 203 W. 
Beauregard Ave., San Angelo, Texas. 

Edmund Anderson Decherd, Jr., 

B. A., 99. Franklin, Texas. 

George Michael Decherd, 

B. A., 01; M. D., 05; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; assoc. ed. Univer- 
sity Magazine; ed. in chief University Medi- 
cal, 04-05; do. Cactus; Physician; capt. in 
Med. Corps, Texas Natl. Guard; sch. trustee; 
pure food director, 10-12. 418 Scarbrough 
Bldg. and 505 W. 35th St., Austin, Texas. 

Joseph Burton Dibrell, Jr., 

B. A., 01 ; LL. B., 03; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Rusk Lit. and Athenaeum Lit. Socs. ; cham- 
pion gymnast, 01; class crator, 01; Ross-Rotan 
and Trezevant-Cochran Ins., 03 Prizes; south- 
ern oratorical rep. at Columbia, S. C., 99; 
Texas-Tulane debate, oo and 01; asst. gym. 
dir., 01-02; fellow in oratory, 02-03; Lawyer; 
mem. Knights of Pythias; Odd Fellows; Ma- 
sons. General Delivery, Coleman, Texas. 

Leonard Marshall Dumas, 

Manager, Interstate Brokerage Co. Dallas, 

John Ewing Edens, 

Stockman; mem. B. P. O. E. P. O. Box 47 
and 626 S. i sth St., Corsicana, Texas. 

Harry Rising Enlow, 

M. D., Univ. of Chicago; mem. Soc. of Med. 
Research of Chicago; Physician and Surgeon; 
mem. Southern Club of Chicago. 36 W. Ran- 
dolph St. and 9763 Beverly Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Oliver Perry Easterwood, 

B. S., 03. Clayton, N. M. 

Julian Clarence Feild, 

B. S., 02, Cumberland Univ. (Lebanon, 
Tenn.); Beta Theta Pi; Consulting Engineer, 
firm Julian C. Field and Co.; co. engr., 
Gray son Co.; consult, engr., Southern Surety 
Co., Lion Bonding and Surety Co. and Road 

Dist. No. i, Hunt Co. ; vestryman, St. Luke's 
Episcopal Church ; mem. K. T. ; Mystic 
Shrine; B. P. O. E.; Country Club. 105-6- 
7-8 Feild Bldg. and 1123 W. Gandy St., Deni- 
son, Texas. 

Thomas Fletcher, 

B. Lit., 01 ; M. A., 15; Sigma Nu; Visitor 
of Schools, Univ. of Texas. Austin, Texas. 

Nellie Y. Fort (Mrs. A. L. Day), 

B. L., 01 ; Y. W. C. A.; Sidney Lanier Lit 
Soc.; Glee Club; Whitis basketball team; mem. 
Ladies' Culture Club. Commerce, Texas. 

Edna Foster (Mrs. W. S. Faires), 

Denison, Texas. 

Nannie Strother Furman (Mrs. James 
H. Hart), 

Austin, Texas. 

William Dougherty Garnett, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Lawyer; pres. Cham- 
ber of Commerce; ex-pres. Court Reporters 
Assn. of Texas; mem. B. P. O. Elks. 103 
N. Dixon St. and 403 S. Lindsay St., Gaines- 
ville, Texas. 

George H. Gilbert, 

M. D., 03; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Mu Pi 
Omega; Physician and Surgeon; Roentgenol- 
ogist; mem. Elks. 320 Scarbrough Bldg. and 
Windsor and Enfield Road, Austin, Texas. 

Rose Adam Gould (Mrs. Richard 

2509 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Adolf Groos, 

Chi Phi; Banking. 143 W. Commerce St. 
and 335 King William St., San Antonio, 

Carl F. Groos, 

Chi Phi; fullback, football team, 97-98; Land 
Colonization; pres. Za valla Co. Bank, Crystal 
City, Texas; mem. Casino Assn; Order of 
Herman Sons. 624 Brady Bldg. and 335 King 
William St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Ora Hamilton, 

Austin, Texas. 

Sam Buford Hand, 

Frost, Texas. 

Edward Ward Harris, 

Asst. Cashier, Dublin Natl. Bank. Dublin, 

Mary Frances Harwood (Mrs. W. H. 

2000 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Lena Lenora Haskell (Mrs. William 

B. S., 01 ; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Girls' Glee Club; 
Y. W. C. A.; mem. Standard Club; Women 
Students' Bible Club; Parents and Teachers 
Club; W. C. T. U. 1812 Walnut St., Green- 
ville, Texas. 

H. Lake Haynes, 

Traveling Freight Agent, Rock Island Ry.; 
Teller and Bookkeeper, Farmers' Bank, Roff, 
Okla.; mem. Elks; K. of P. 209 Mills Bldg. 
and 315 Wyoming St., El Paso, Texas. 




Robert W. Haynie, 

B. A., 01 ; M. A., 01; LL. B., 07; Phi Gamma 
Delta; Delta Chi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Arrow 
Head Club; ed. in chief Cactus; interstate de- 
bating, 06-07; Lawyer; mem. Elks; Masons; 
Shriner. 2100 Clinton Ave., Abilene, Texas. 

Mary Heard (Mrs. A. Caswell Ellis), 

B. A., 99; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
student asst. in English, 98-99; tutor in Eng- 
lish, 99-01; mem. Shakespeare and Discussion 
Clubs. 2629 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Joseph A. Hill, 

B. A., 02; A. M., 15 Univ. of Cal.; Athenae- 
um; Y. M. C. A.; Teaching History, West 
Texas State Normal College; prin. Jefferson 
Acad., Moody, 02-06; supt, public schools, 
Richmond, 06-07; asst. cashier Farmers' State 
Bank, Moody, 07-08; supt. Roscoe Public 
School, 08-10; prof, of history West Texas 
State Normal Coll., 10-16; lecturer on inter- 
national relations for the Am. Assn. for In- 
ternational Conciliation. Received A. M. de- 
gree while servig as Fellow in Dept. of Hist., 
Univ. of Cal., 15-16; joint author Cousins and 
Hills "American History," adopted in Texas 
and Georgia; mem. Masons; K. of P.; W. O. 
W.; Maccabees. Canyon, Texas. 

Artist. 1802% Elm St and 400 W. Jefferson 

Robert Jerome Hill, Jr., 

Artist. 1802" *" " 
Ave., Dallas, 

William O. Huggins, 

Lawyer; mem. Houston and Houston Press 
Clubs. Chronicle Bldg. and 2102 San Jacinto 
St., Houston, Texas. 

Ernest Frederick Huppertz, 

Stenographer; mem. Saengerrunde. 016 Lit- 


tlefield Bldg. and 1506 San Jacinto 
tin, Texas. 


Mary Frances Huppertz, 

Principal, Eleanor Brackenridge School. 
Eleanor Brackenridge School, Brooklyn Ave., 
and 305 W. Cypress St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Margaret Ideson (Mrs. Henry Ladd), 

B. A., 01. Hase, Texas. 

James Finis Johnson, 

B. S., 04; Delta Tau Delta; fellow Dept. of 
Educ., 04-06; Superintendent, Edna Public 
Schools; spent 07 in City of Mexico in employ 
of Dr. Bolton of Univ. of Texas. Dept. of 
Hist; mem. Commercial Club. Edna, Texas. 

Walter Frederic Kelly, 

M. D., 06, Ind. Med. Coll.; Physician. 5503 
E. Washington St. and 239 S. Audubon Road, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Scott Walker Key, 

LL. B., 12; Alpha Tau Omega; tennis cham- 
pionship; Lawyer; v.-pres. State Forestry 
Assn.; Mason. Haskell. Texas. 

Frank W. Kibbe, 

Lawyer; city atty., 03-08; mem. Elks; A. F. 
& A M.; Knights Templar; Mystic Shrine; 
W. O. W.; Country Club. 1014% Elizabeth 
St. and 907 Levee St., Brownsville, Texas. 

Wythe Leigh Kinsolving, 

M. A., 02, Univ. of Va.; B. S., 06, Theol. 
Sem. of Va.; orator's medal, Univ. of Va., 
02; second speaker's prize, Theol. Sem. of 
Va., 05; Clergyman, Episcopal Church; for- 
merly rector Epiphany (Richmond, Va.), St. 

George's (Harford Co., Md.), Mt. Calvary 
(St. Louis, Mo.), Trinity (Winchester, 
Tenn.); asst. rector Church of the Holy 
Communion (N. Y. C.); author "The River 
of Thought"; "So I Send You"; "The Vir- 
ginia Waltz, verse and music. 718 Lamb 
Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Sara Kirkpatrick, 

Graduated 05 from Coll. of Indust. Arts 
(Denton); student asst. in Fine and Indus- 
trial Arts, C. I. A., 05-06 Denton, Texas. 600 
S. Parker St., McKinney, Texas. 

A. Bledsoe Lacy, 

B. A., 01 ; LL. B., 04. Havana, Cuba. 

John Le Gory, 

Special student; Beta Theta Pi; sec. and 
treas. Houston Co. Coal & Mfg. Co.; rep. 
24th dist. (Houston Co.) in 34th Legislature. 
Crockett. Texas. 

Alfred Dromgoole Lennox, 

Clarksville, Texas. 

John Gibson Logue, 

LL. B., 04; Delta Tau Delta; Attorney at 
Law; mem. firm Andrews, Streetman, Burns 
& Logue; mem. Thalian, Houston, Houston 
Country, Lumbermen's, and Press Clubs. 
121 1 Union Natl. Bank Bldg. and 219 Hath- 
away Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Ernest Earl Lomax, 

Meridian, Texas. 

James Maxwell Loving, 

B. S., oo; M. D., 03; Alpha Mu Pi Omega 
(Med.); ed. University Medical, 03; Physician 
and Surgeon; ex-city health officer, Austin; 
co. health officer, Travis Co.; ex -acting asst. 
surg. P. H. & M. H. Service. 622 Congress 
Ave. and 1411 W. 9th St, Austin, Texas. 

Fannie Ludlow (Mrs. Dave Gully), 

Brownwood, Texas. 

Herbert M. McCelvey, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Real Estate; Vice- 
President and Treasurer, McCelvey Loan & 
Investment Co.; v.-pres. McCelvey-Hartman 
Dry Goods Co.; mem. Elks. 309 City Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 604 W. French St., Temple, 

Carrie Lee McDonald (Mrs. W. H. 

B. S., 98. 179 Twelfth St., Oakland, Cal. 

Ada McGowan (Mrs. George C. 

704 Dallas Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Marshall Morgan McMahon, 

B. Lit., oo. Bonham, Texas. 

H. P. Mabry, 

Mansfield, Texas. 

Victor Eugene Martin, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; assoc. ed. The Magazine; 
Newspaper Reporter. E. 7th and Brazos 
Sts. and 2310 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

William Carl Matthews, 

Agricultural Chemist; propr. Matthews Indus- 
trial Laboratories. P. O. Box 1657 and Ash 
Lane, Dallas, Texas. 




Janie Alice Maxwell (Mrs. Milton 

Certificate; primary teacher for 9 yrs. in Aus- 
tin public schools; past-pres. Children of the 
Am. Rev.; mem. bd. dirs. Y. W. C. A.; bd. 
regents Conf. Museum; past state pres. N. S. 
U. S. Daughters 1812; state regr. Texas div. 
Daughters of the Confederacy; mem. D. A. 
R.; U. S. Daughters of 1812; Daughter of 
the Confederacy; Y. W. C. A.; Mothers' 
Club; Natl. Story Tellers' League. 605 W. 
1 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

William Edward Menn, 

Yorktown, Texas. 

Sue Milam, 

Teacher. 3402 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, 

Anita McClendon Miller (Mrs. Clar- 
ence H. Miller), 

B. A., ii ; Alpha Delta Pi; Univ. Art Club; 
contributor to Garden Magazine; mem. Aus- 
tin Country Club; Texas Fine Arts Assn. 3200 
Guadalupe St., Austin, Texts. 

Edmund Thornton Miller, 

B. A., oo; M. A., 01; A. M., 03 Harvard; 
Ph. D., 09, do.; Phi Delta Theta; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; Educator; adjunct 
prof, economics; fellow Texas State Hist 
Assn.; mem. Am. Economic and Natl. Tax 
Assns.; Univ. and Scholia Clubs. University 
Station, Austin, Texas. 

Richard Gardner Miller, 

Kappa Sigma; Banker. Falfurrias, Texas. 

William Ewing Moore, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Asst. Cashier, City 
National Bank; mem. B. P. O. E. Temple, 

Elizabeth M. Morey, 

B. A., oo ; Ashbel; Head of History Dept., 
San Antonio High School. High School, 
Main Ave., and R. F. D. No. 7, San Antonio, 

James Powell Murray, 

B. S., 03; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Civil Engineer, 
State Reclamation Dept. ; transitman, Bur. of 
Port Works, Philippine Service, 05-07; and 
T. S. E. Ry., April to Nov., 07; civil eng., 
Houston Co. Coal and Mfg Co., Nov., 07, 
Feb., 08; asst. city eng. Austin, 09-13. State 
Reclamation Dept., Capitol Sta., and 405 E. 
22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Harry Washington Oatman, 

B. S., oi ; Farmer. R. No. i, Del Valle, 

William Orr, 

Beta Theta Pi; Wholesale Grocer. Llano, 

Method Pazdral, 

Grad. Glen Rose Collegiate Inst.; Lawyer; 
asst. co. atty., Fayette Co., 4 yrs.; city atty., 
West, Texas, 10 yrs.; candidate for Congress- 
man at Large, 12. West, Texas. 

Ross Townsend Philips, 

LL. B., oo ; Alpha Tau Omega; final ball 
pres., oi ; Local Manager, Mayfield Co.; mem. 
Elks. W. Tyler St. and S. Prairieville, 
Athens, Texas. 

Hugh Edmondson Prather, 

Sigma Chi; Real Estate. 809 Busch Bldg. 
and 4001 Beverly Drive, Dallas, Texas. 

John Claiborne Puett, 

B. S., oi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; capt. track 
team; delegate to S. A. E., Nashville, May, 
98; subst. on first football team; Merchant; 
mem. Knights of Pythias; Maccabees. 12 S. 
ist St. and 209 S. ist St., Temple, Texas. 

Thomas Monroe Pulliam, 

San Angelo, Texas. 

Lu Emma Raymond, 

B. Lit., oi ; Teacher in Texas School for the 
Deaf. Texas School for the Deaf and 214 W. 
27th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lucy Westmore Read, 

Librarian and Office Assistant, Junior High 
School. 711 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Warren Townsend Robertson, 

LL. B., 06; Sigma Nu. 1500 W. 6th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Jefferson Rogers, 

Rate Clerk. 3622 Chestnut St., New Orleans, 
La., and Poolville, Texas. 

Loula Rose (Mrs. F. W. Kibbe), 

B. Lit., oi ; Pi Beta Phi. 907 Levee St., 
Brownsville, Texas. 

Thomas Adrian Rose, 

B. Lit., oo ; Asst. Manager, Ford Motor Co. 
Cor. Williams and Henry Sts. and 3912 Hall 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Pauline Rushing (Mrs. A. J. Olson), 

B. S., Texas Female Seminary; mem. Indus- 
trial Art Club. Cisco, Texas. 

Fanny Roberta Rutherford, 

Austin, Texas. 

George Benton Savage, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; v.-pres. Oratorical 
Assn.; Insurance; mem. Elks; Praetorians; 
I. O. O. F. Brownwood Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 1509 Harrell Ave., Brownwood, Texas. 

Robert Russell Savage, 

LL. B., 02; Lawyer; mem. Legislature, 07; 
co. atty., 12; city atty., 13. 517 Waco St., 
Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Daniel M. Scott, 

Purchasing Agent, Trinity Co. Lumber Co.; 
chrmn. of bd. Employees' Med. Assn. Grove- 
ton, Texas. 

Lillie Terrell Shaver, 

B. A., 13; A. B., 04 Trinity Univ.; A. M., 
94, do.; Teacher; dean of women in South- 
west Texas Normal School; author short 
poems and magazine articles, original re- 
search work in Indian lore; mem. Sorosis 
(San Marcos); Daughters of Republic; Am. 
History and Folk Lore Socs. 209 W. Hop- 
kins St., San Marcos, Texas. 

Robert Melvin Shaver, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Observer, U. S. 
Weather Bureau; mem. B. P. O. Elks. Fed- 
eral Bldg. and 353 N. 2d Ave. Phoenix, 

Edna M. Slaughter, 

Teacher. 1207 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Franklin Hans Smith, 

B. A., oo ; M. A., oi. 201 W. 94th St., 
N. Y. C. 




Louise Marie Spaeth, 

B. A., 08. University Sta., Austin, Texas. 

Annie W. Spence (Mrs. Will Moore), 

Silver City, N. M. 

Paul Randolph Stalnaker, 

M. D., 04; Post Grad. Naval Med. School, 
05; Phi Chi; Jolly Bone Jugglers; Athenaeum 
Lit. Soc.; interneship asst., Texas State 
health officer, 04; entered Med. Corps., U. S. 
Navy, 05; baseball; Med. Corps, U. S. Navy; 
commissioned officer; med. officer, U. S. ship 
Columbia. - Bureau Medicine and Surgery, 
Navy Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Thomas W. Stoneroad, Jr., 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; pitcher, baseball; Active Vice- 
President, City National Bank; asst. cashier, 
Colorado Natl. Bank; mem. A. F. & A. M.; 
Blue Lodge and Chapter, R. A. M.; Knights 
Templar; Shriners; Chamber of Commerce. 
Colorado, Texas. 

Robert Guenther Striegler, 

B. S., oo. Loans and Abstracts. Fredericks- 
burg, Texas. 

Frederick L. Swann, 

Tyler, Texas. 

Edith Adelaide Swindell, 

Teacher. 309 Pacific Ave., Terrell, Texas. 

George Holland Terrell, 

Beta Theta Pi; Mortgage Loans and Bonds; 
mem. Seattle Athletic and Seattle Golf Clubs. 
Hodge Bldg. and 836, 37th Ave., Seattle, 

George H. Terriberry, 

Kappa Alpha; Lawyer; v.-pres. La. Bar Assn.; 
sec. and mem. La. Supreme Court Comm. on 
exam, of applicants for admission to practice; 
mem. La. Legislature, 04-08; mem. Port In- 
vestigating Commission, 07-08; mem. Boston, 
Round Table, Country, University, Church, 
and Choctaw Clubs. 521 Whitney-Central 
Bldg. and 1537 Polymnia St., New Orleans, 

William Edgar Thomason, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Attorney; Nacogdoches Co. 
treas., 06-10; Dem. Co. chrmn., 12-15; mem. 
Knights Templar; Masons. Nacogdoches, 

John Adams Thompson, 

Farmer. R. F. D. No. i, Wheelock, Texas. 

Mary Towell (Mrs. H. W. Carotlv- 

B. Lit., 01 ; Ashbel Lit. Soc. 209 Gray Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

Edgar Eggleston Townes, 

B. Lit., oo ; LL. B., 02; Beta Theta Pi; 
Athenaeum; Lawyer, of firm Townes, Foster 
and Hardwicke; ex-pres. Jefferson Co. Bar 
Assn.; chrmn. Beaumont Citizens' League; 
deacon First Baptist Church; mem. Beau- 
mont Country Club. sth Floor V. Wiess 
Bldg. and 275, 7th St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Mabel Barbara Trilling, 

B. S., 12, Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ.; 
Asst. Professor, University of Minnesota; 
mem. Teachers College Alumni; Chicago 
Alumni. University of Minnesota, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Nancy Dodge Turner (Mrs. Frank 

B. Lit., 01 ; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher, 
Granger High School; mem. Lovers of Good 
Literature Club. Granger, Texas. 

May True Walker (Mrs. Will Tod- 

Austin, Texas. 

Bessie Walsh (Mrs. John W. Vaugh- 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Seaborn Harris Watson, 

M. D., 04, Tulane Univ.; Kappa Sigma; 
Alpha Mu; Pi Omega; Physician. Skinner 
Bldg. and 408 Ferris Ave., Waxahachie, 

Lillie P. Webb (Mrs. W. G. Love), 

Houston, Texas. 

Moses Henry Wheat, 

B. S., 98; M. D., 02; Physician and Surgeon. 
Fry Bldg. and 1008 E. Burleson St., Marshall, 

Clara Helen Whiteman (Mrs. James 
E. Terrell), 

Teacher of Music; chairman Music Commit- 
tee of sth Dist., Okla. State Fed. of Womens 
Clubs; organizer of MacDowell Music Club; 
chrmn. exec, and program comm., 3 yrs. ; 
mem. Literary (Sorosis) and MacDowell Mu- 
sic Clubs; Okla. State Federation of Womens 
Clubs. 628 S. 1 4th St., Chickasha, Okla. 

Thomas P. Whitis, 

(See e. 95.) 

Edmund Wild, 

B. S., 03; M. S., ^03; Instructor in German, 
University of Michigan. 532 Walnut St., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

Annie Elizabeth Wilkinson, 

Austin, Texas. 

Laura Williamson (Mrs. W. L. Bar- 

B. A., 02; Sidney Lanier Lit Soc. 2920 Jack- 
son St., Houston, Texas. 

Robert A. Wiseman, 

B. A., 01 ; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Phi Phi Phi; 
won mile race in track meet, 99; Banker; 
cashier of City Natl. Bank; mem. Masons; 
W. O. W.; M. W. A. Floresville, Texas. 

Isaiah Geoffrey Wirtz, 

Chief Engineer and Valuation Engineer, Su- 
gar Land Ry. Sugar Land, Texas. 

Charles Eugene Witt, 

B. A., 03; LL. B., 03. Waco, Texas. 

Edgar E. Witt, 

B. A., oo ; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Phi Delta 
Theta; Y. M. C. A.; Theta Nu Epsilon; bus. 
mgr. University Magazine and Calendar; 
Lawyer; mem. 34th State Legislature; pres. 
Waco Alumni Assn.; mem. Y. M. C. A.; 
Huaco and Rotary Clubs; Waco Univ. Alumni 
Assn. 4510-12 Amicable Bldg. and 317 N. 
:2th St., Waco, Texas. 




Dudley K. Woodward, Jr., 

B. S., 01 ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ed. in chief 
Cactus, 01 ; Lawyer; Referee in Bankruptcy; 
mem. Austin Country and Rotary Clubs; Ma- 
sonic connections. Austin Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 900 W. i ;th St., Austin, Texas. 

Louise Wortham, 

2008 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Gertrude Christine Young, 

Private Secretary to President of Southland 
Life Ins. Co. 700 Trust Bldg. and 1201 N. 
Peak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Theodore Leslie Ziller, 

Real Estate; mem. of firm Pressler & Ziller. 
819 Congress Ave. and 502 Fannin St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Ebb Anderson; Fannie Ella Archer*; Eli Bright 
Baggett, Jr.; Elmo Perry Bass; John Erwin Bold- 
rick; Jay Weldon Brooks; Arthur Lee Bur- 
ford,* LL. B., 99; James A. Carruth; Fannie 
Bell Christie*; Jefferson Brin Crow; Robert Isaac 
Davis; George Herman Deaton; Ola May Dow- 
ell*; William Oscar Dutton; Hobart Yale Evans; 
Clyde Stafford Faulkner*; Belle Francis; William 
Price Freeman; Robert Daniel Fry; Mattie Eliza- 
beth Graham (Mrs. Zack Below); John Hancock; 
Gaston Hartsfield; Eltie Evelyn Haskell (Mrs. 
E. J. Gates)*; Roy Howe; Walter Humphries*; 
John Frank Tones; Allena Josephine Kelly; Clif- 
ton Comly Kinney; Birdie Landman; Laura Mil- 
litt Lane*; V. A. Lane; Bessie Cooper Lee; 
Robert Alvin Lovelace; Milford McBurnett*; 
Homer Stone McCrummen; Maud Zoe McDonald; 
Ada McGowen (Mrs. George Gaines) ; Peter Hugh 
Mclnnis; Marie McLagan; Lola McSween; Fred 
Magnenat; William E. Mason; Francis Albert 
Meacham; Charles Michael,* B. S., 04; Garland 
Burleigh Miller, Jr.; Knut Birger Nordeman; 
James Oliver Owen; Wendla Palm; George An- 
tonio Pazdral; William Lambdin Prather, Jr.,* 
B. Lit., 01, LL. B., 03, M. A., 03; John Arthur 
Reynolds; Walter Maddux Ross; David Baxter 
Ryan; Emerson Monroe Scarbrough, Jr.*; Harry 
Peyton Steger,* B. A., 02, M. A., .04; Wildy 
Alphonse Stein; Bess Stephens; Olga Sarah Sul- 
non; Grace Helen Taylor (Mrs. James William 
Caller); Randolph Saxon Terry*; Raymond Tobin; 
John Claiborne Treadwell; John Hanks Under- 
wood; Tom M. Westbrook; Luther Ryall White; 
Clara Whitten; Patrick Henry Winston. 


Wilbur Price Allen, 

B. Lit., 99; LL. B., 02; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Wooldridge prize in declamation; twice 
Southern Intercollegiate orator; ed.-in-chief, 
Ranger and University Monthly; ed. Cactus; 
baseball, 4 yrs. ; Lawyer, Banker and Cattle- 
man; grand consul Sigma Chi; dir. Am. Natl. 
Bank of Austin; atty. in several state receiver- 
ships; orator at the State Bankers Assn.; 
alumni orator (Southwestern Univ) ; orator, 
Independence Day, Univ. of Texas; mem. 
Elks; chancellor commander of the K. of P.; 
Country, Press and Travis Clubs. 604-10 Lit- 
tlefield Bldg. and 307 W. i2th St., Austin, 

Eva Hope Anderson (Mrs. E. B. 

Austin, Texas. 

Leslie Carl Audrain, 

B. S., 02. Blanco, Colo. 

Mattie Alice Austin (Mrs. Maurice 
S. Hatcher), 

B. Lit., 02; M. A., 03; Archivist, University 
of Texas. University of Texas and 2002 
Neches St., Austin, Texas. 

Charles Carr Bankhead, 

Kappa Alpha; Officer, U. S. Army; capt., 32d 
infantry; mem. Service Club. Schofield Bar- 
racks, Honolulu, T. H. 

Maude Galen Barton (Mrs. Felix E. 

809 Koberlin St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Frank Cooke Beall, 

B. A., 02; M. D., 06 Johns Hopkins; Beta 
Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa (Johns Hopkins); 
Surgeon; surg., Johnson-Beall Hosp.; mem. 
Ft. Worth and Rivercrest Country Clubs, 
703 Lamar and 1420 N. Ballinger Sts., Ft. 
Worth, Texas. 

John Richard Beasley, 

B. S., 02; LL. B., 04; Chi Phi; John C. 
Townes Law Soc.; baseball, 03-04; Lawyer; 
mayor of Beeville, 06-09; chrmn. Dem. ex. 
comm. Beeville Co., 16; mem. W. O. W.; 
Beeville and Beeville Commercial Clubs. 
Beeville, Texas. 

Roy Bedichek, 

B. S., 03 j Phi Delta Theta; track; ed.-in- 
chief Cactus; city ed. The San Antonio Ex- 
press; pres. Texas Single Tax League; mem. 
Press Club. Crockett and Navarro Sts. and 
1129 W. Agarita St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Spurgeon Bell, 

B. S., 02; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Professor 
of Business Administration; sec. of Chicago 
Commission on City Expenditures, 09; asst. 
ed. of the Economist 06-09; mem. Bd. of 
Economists for Revising Census Schedules, 09. 
Univ. of Texas and 2616 Salado St., Austin, 

Edwin Elmore Bewley, 

B. Lit., 02; M. A., 03; Beta Theta Pi; Athen- 
aeum Lit. Soc.; football team 01-02; ed. Univ. 
of Texas Magazine and Cactus; Manager Flour 
Mill; pres. Bewley Mills; pres. Texas Natl. 
Mutual Fire Ins. Co.; treas. Miller's Mutual 
Fire Ins. Co.; pres. Anderson Roller Mills 
Co of Cleburne; director Farmers' and Me- 
chanics' Natl. Bank, Fort Worth; Fort W9rth 
Life Ins. Co.; mem. K. T.; Mystic Shrine; 
Elks; Fort Worth and River Crest Country 
Clubs. 1000 E. 9th St. and 1305 Summit Ave., 
Ft. Worth, Texas. 

William Decatur Blackburn, 

Farmer. Ashwood, Matagorda Co., Texas. 

Willie Alberta Blackburn (Mrs. J. P. 

405 E. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

John Daniel Boone, 

Polytechnic, Texas. 

John West Bradfield, 

B. S., 99; M. D., 03; Kappa Alpha; Phi 
Alpha Sigma; Physician; first asst. S. L. A.; 
interne John Sealy Hosp., 03. State Lunatic 
Asylum, Austin Texas. 

H. W. Brouse (Mrs.), 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Ham & Kendall Real Estate 
Co. Belmont Place, Dallas, Texas. 




Leon Dancy Brown, 

LL. B., 04; Alpha Tau Omega; Lawyer. La 
e, Te 

Grange, Texas. 

Timothy Alvin Brown, 

Principal, Pease Sch.; Mem. K. P. 1106 
Rio Grande St. and 803 W. 23d St., Austin, 

Lee Ro Buchanan, 

B. Lit., 02; National Bank Examiner. P. O. 
Box 1271, Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Robert Shelton Bywaters, 

Merchant; v.-pres. and dir. First Natl. Bank 
of Roxton, and Roxton Cotton Oil Co.; dir. 
First Natl. Bank of Paris (Texas); mem. 
Gordon Country Club (Paris, Texas). Roxton, 

John Richard Cabaniss, 

Orchestra Leader; chief clerk T. & B. V. Ry. 
League, Texas; cashier, Thos. Goggan & Bro. 
Music Co. 102 E. 2d St., Austin, Texas. 

J. Forrest Caldwell, 

Pres. fresh, class, 97-98; Farmer; pres. bd. 
of trade and Natl. Farm Loan Assn.; mem. 
Lodge No. 183, Savannah, Ga. ; Elks; Moroc- 
co Temple, Jacksonville, Fla., A. A. O. N. 
M. S. 64 Carpenter St., Barton, Fla. 

N. C. H. Calvert, 

Division Passenger Agent, Texas Traction and 
Southern Traction Co.; mem. Denison Rotary 
Club; Elks. 128 W. Main St. and 515 Wood- 
ard St., Denison, Texas. 

Coral Clark, 

B. S., 04; Teacher. Abilene and Georgetown, 

Kate Cocke (Mrs. Roy C. Archer), 

B. A., 08. R. F. D. No. 6, Box 86, Austin, 

Frances Alberta Cooper, 

B. A., 10 ; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher. Oak 
Cliff High School and 707 N. Jefferson Ave., 
Dallas and Comanchie, Texas. 

George Terrell Cope, 

LL. B., 05; Salesman. 1116 Busch Bldg., 
Dallas and 1714 Burford St., Fort Worth, 

Olatia Crane, 

B. Lit, 02; M. A., 03; Kappa Kappa Gamma; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Teacher. 4005 Gaston Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Essie Lee Crenshaw (Mrs. J. M. 

Tennis; basketball; mem. Sherman Shakespeare 
Club. 1219 E. Lamar St., Sherman, Texas. 

Leroy Taylor Cunningham, 

Austin, Texas. 

Ola Cunningham, 

Teacher of English; tchr. Comanche Pub. 
Sch. for 17 yrs; mem. Study Club. Comanche, 

Ella Peyton Dancy (Mrs. Joseph Bur- 
ton Dibrell), 

Graduate of C. L. S. C. Chautauqua Circle, 
N. Y., 08; organizer and first pres. Shake- 
speare Clubs of Austin and Seguin and His- 
tory Club of San Antonio; founder Texas 
Fine Arts Assn. and Elizabeth Nae Museum, 

ii ; State pres. Daughters of The Confeder- 
acy, 05-07, and Texas Fed. of Womens 
Clubs; chrmn. Civic Comm. of Gen. Fed of 
Womens Clubs, 07-08; charter mem. and 
chrmn. of State Comm., W. B. Travis Chap- 
ter, Daughters of The Republic of Texas; 
Texas rep. first Pan-American Round Table 
formed in the U. S., organized at San An- 
tonio; pres. Texas Fine Arts Assn. Seguin, 

George Byron Davis, 

Teacher; prin. Los Angeles Heights School. 
Mcllvaine Road, San Antonio, Texas. 

Elma S. Dill, 

Boarding House; mem. Pathfinders, no Vf. 
1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

George Shelton Dowell, 

Attended Law School, 00-01 and 04-05; Kappa 
Sigma; pres. class, 99; mem. freshman base- 
ball team, 98; Lawyer; mem. City School 
Board. 107 E. 6th and 504 E. 2d Sts., Austin, 

Henry Clay Dunbar, 

Tax Collector, Henderson Co. Athens. Texas. 

Amos Kendall Eckles, 

Beta Theta Pi; Superintendent, Boliver 
County Agricultural High School. Box 258, 
College Heights, Cleveland, Miss. 

Mabel M. Falvey, 

B. S., oi ; Phi Beta Kappa, Teacher, ma 
Los Angeles St., El Paso, Texas. 

Tom Field, 

Calvert, Texas. 

Stanley Phister Finch, 

B. A. 02; C. E., 05; M. S., 09, Mass. Inst. 
of Tech.; Sigma Chi' Adjunct Professor of 
Civil Engineering, Univ. of Texas; mem. Uni- 
versity Club. Engineering Bldg. and 3300 
Duval St., Austin, Texas. 

Erminia Thompson Folsom, 

B. S., 07. 20 1 o University Ave., Austin, 

Albion Monroe Frazier, 

B. S., 03; LL. B., 04; Rusk; Kappa Sigma; 
Goo Roos; Attorney-at-Law; county atty., Hill 
Co. Colonial Trust Bldg. and 204 Corsicana 
St., Hillsboro, Texas. 

Sterling Robertson Fulmore, 

B. A., 02; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Athenaeum; 
German Club; pres. class, Electoral Coll.; 
mgr. and pitcher champion class baseball team, 
99; Municipal Bonds, Realty and Insurance; 
charter clerk, Sec. of State's Office, 03; spl. 
dep. clerk, Supreme Court, 04; priv. sec. to 
Supt., Honolulu Iron Works, Honolulu, T. H.; 
Bd. Phvs. Dir. Y. M. C. A., Honolulu, T. H.; 
Chief Clerk Atty. Genl's. Dept., 12; ist prize 
drawings Texas State Fair, Dallas, p8; ist 
prize, drawings Arkansas Interstate Fair, Pine 
Bluff, 99; journalist and publisher in Austral- 
asia, 06-09; sec. Bd. of Deacons, ist S. 
Presb. Ch. and sec.-treas. ist S. Presb. Sun- 
day School; mem. Natl. Geographic Soc., Texas 
Hist, and Univ. of Texas Alumni Assn. (en- 
dowment member). 901 Littlefield Bldg. and 
310 W. 1 3th St., Austin, Texas. 

John Francis Gibson, 

B. S., 02; M. D., 06; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 
Alpha Mu Pi Omega; pres. sr. class; Phy- 
sician, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat; mem. 
Elks; Rotary Club; Masonic connections. 502- 
3-4 First Natl. Bank Bldg., Paris, Texas. 




Henry L. Goerner, 

Rusk Lit. Soc. ; Teacher of Mathematics, 
Oak Cliff High School. 213 South Ewing 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Lucian Livingston Goss, 

Bookkeeper; county and dist. clerk, Dallam 
Co. Dalhart, Texas. 

Susannah Griffith (Mrs. C. W. Rams- 

B. Lit., 04; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. 215 
Archway, Austin, Texas. 

Emma Gutzeit, 

B. Lit., 01 ; Supervisor of German in pub- 
lic schools. Main High School and 105 E. 
Mistletoe Ave, San Antonio, Texas. 

Bruno Moltke Haberer, 

C. E., 03. Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Lionel Colton Hardie, 

Y. M. C. A., Galveston, Texas. 

W. V. Hardie, 

Traffic Manager, Traffic Assn. and Chamber 
of Commerce, Oklahoma City. 1207 Colcord 
Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Oscar Dean Hargis, 

B. A., 02; mem. Phi Gamma Delta; Manager 
Mexican Crude Rubber Co. Rawong, Fed- 
erated Malay States, Asia. 

R. W. Hawkins, Jr., 

Stockman and Farmer. Center Point, Texas. 

Mamie Heflybower, 

B. S., 02; V. W. C. A.; Teacher, Deaf & 
Blind, Texas School for Deaf; head of blind- 
deaf dept. do.; mem. Business and Profes- 
sional Woman's Club. South Congress Ave., 
704 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Elizabeth Helm (Mrs. Thomas L. 

B. S., 02; Dental Assistant. Clifton, Texas. 

Martha Gilbert Helm (Mrs. D. W. 

Madill, Okla. 

Willie Helm, 

B. Lit, 02. Clifton, Texas. 

Mary Olympia Higgins (Mary Mid- 

Teacher. Smithville, Texas. 

Frances Hogan, 

B. Lit., 03; v.-pres. senior class; Teacher, 
Houston Pub. School. 1016 Wood St., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Margaret Roberta Holliday, 

B. S., 01 ; M. S., 02; M. D., 06; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc. (pres.); Y. W. C. A.; Womans Council; 
Physician; Univ. phys. for women. 520 Scar- 
brough Bldg. and 1801 West Ave., Austin, 

Era Delle Hoover, 

Teacher. 702 Western Ave., Lampasas, Texas. 

Mary E. Johnson, 

Teacher; prin., Wooldridge School. 24th St. 
and Manor Rd., Austin, Texas. 

Anna Hergesheimer Jones, 

Ph. B., 10 Univ. of Chicago; Head of Dept. 
of Math., San Antonio High School. 303 
Howard St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Hester Joynes (Mrs. Huling Miller 

Charter mem. Sigma Sigma Sigma; mixed 
doubles in tennis tournament, 02. R. F. D., 
Van Horn, Culberson Co., Texas. 

Laura Elizabeth Judge (Mrs. F. G. 

B. S., 04. Temple, Ariz. 

Mary Lawrence Kauffman, 

Insurance; mem. Tennis Club. 109*6 Pine, 
and N. 2d St. and Morgan St., Abilene, Texas. 

Georgia W. Kendall (Mrs. A. R. 

Valentine Club, care of Hann & Kendall, 
Dallas, Texas. 

Grace Ketchum (Mrs. Clyde Mayne), 

Teacher. Fulmore School and 1305 Newning 

Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Howard William Key, 

B. Lit., 02. General Electric Co., Atlanta, 

Charles Hulin Kimbrough, 

A. B., 03, Cumberland Univ.; A. M., 08 do; 
Ph. D., ii do; Pi Kappa Alpha (Cumberland); 
bus. mgr. and ed. Cumberland Weekly; bus. 
mgr. The Phoenix; Superintendent, Tennes- 
see Masonic Widows and Orphans Home; 
teacher of English, Cumberland Univ.; teacher 
Castle Heights Sch.; sec. Lebanon Bus. Men's 
Assn.; Master Mason; R. A. M.; K. T.; K. 
of P.; W. O. W. Masonic Home, Gallatin 
Road, Nashville, Tenn. 

Thomas S. Knox, 

Spur, Texas. 

Arthur L. Kramer, 

LL. B., 02; President A. Harris and Co., Inc. 
Busch Bldg. and 3303 Colonial Ave., Dallas, 

Laura Kritser (Mrs. S. Moylan 

315 W. Alamo Ave., Brenham, Texas. 

Eddie Malone Lackey, 

Gin Manager and Farmer; mem. W. O. W. 
R. F. D. No. 5, Ladonia, Texas. 

Caroline Q. La Grone, 

Waskoma, Texas. 

William Gilbert Langley, 

M. D. V. ; Owner Franklin Motor Car Co. 
1601 S. Ervay St. and Park Hotel, Dallas, 

Fritz Garland Lanham, 

B. A., oo; Kappa Alpha; commenc. orator, 
oo; ed.-in-chief The Texan; Lawyer; ed.-in- 
chief The Alcade; 13-16; Masonic connections. 
S. W. corner Square and 604 S. Alamo St., 
Weatherford, Texas. 

Bennie Mary Lee (Mrs. S. A. Finn), 

Teacher. Bastrop, Texas. 




Henrietta Leisewitz, 

Assistant Manager of Grace Hall. 2611 Whitis 
Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Theodore Lewis, 

Supt. of Public Instruction, Pittsburg Co. 
Court House and 60 1 E. Seminole St., Me- 
Alester, Okla. 

Gertrude Katharina Lippelt, 

B. S., 03; A. M., 13, Univ. of Chicago; 
Teacher. Longview, Texas. 

Alice Lomax (Mrs. Eugene Pedigo), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; sec. and treas., Glee Club. 
1908 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Isaac McFadden, 

Phi Delta Theta; Merchant. 1546 W. 4th 
Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Lela March (Mrs. Robert T. Neill), 

826 Federal Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Jennie Martin (Mrs. Charles E. 

Tilden, Texas. 

Ida M. Meade (Mrs. T. L. Sher- 

B. Lit., 01. Fort McKinley, P. I. 

Kenneth Chester Miller, 

B. S., 06; LL, B., 07. Marfa, Texas. 

Mary G. Miller (Mrs. Edward C. 

Valentine Club. Falfurrias, Texas. 

Robert Lee Moore, 

B. S., 01 ; M. A., do; Ph. D., o? Univ. of 
Chicago; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 
Univ. of Pa.; assoc. ed., Transactions of the 
Am. Math. Soc.; mem. of the Council of the 
Am. Math. Soc. Univ. of Pa., Phila., Pa. 

Albert Morris, 

District Fiscal Agent, Forest Service, Dept 
of Agriculture, sth St. and Central St. and 
205 N. Hill St., Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Ollie Mason Morris, 

Duncan, Okla. 

Ella May Mosse (Mrs. Samuel Gard- 

B. S., 02; Teacher in Honey Grove Public 
School, 02-07; mem. Y. W. C. A. Pecan St., 
Honey Grove, Texas. 

Hadley Eugene Nash, 

Merchant; ores. Nash and Westbrook Co.; 
treas. Mart Lumber Co.; Masonic connections. 
Mart, Texas. 

Samuel Neathery, 

B. Lit, 03; LL.B., 04; Phi Kappa Psi; 
Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Oratorical Assn.; sen. 
ed. Texan, 03; assoc. ed. Univ. of Texas Mag- 
azine; v.-pres. Athenaeum Lit. Soc. ; v.-pres. 
Oratorical Assn.; asst. business mgr. Cactus- 
Attorney-at-Law; co. atty., Collin Co., serving 
ist term, no opposition for 2d term; private 
sec. to Congressman C. B. Randell 06 and 
08; asst. co. atty. of Collin Co., 13-14; mem. 
Masons; Elks; Woodmen and McKinney 
Chamber of Commerce. County Court House 
and Cor. Hunt & Waddill Sts., McKinney, 

James H. Orr, 

Merchant; pres. school board and Commercial 
Club; mem. Masons; Knights of Pythias. Fer- 
ris, Texas. 

Willard Elizabeth Park, 

1848 Monroe St., Chicago. 111. 

Olga Pool (Mrs. Van Connor Wil- 

1819 Montana St., El Paso, Texas. 

Mary Josephine Popplewell, 

B. A., 02; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; captain 
basketball team 01-02; Teacher, Dallas High 
School; mem. Southern Assn. of College 
Women. 2218 Bryan and 405 Alcalde Sts., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Lillie Posey, 

B. S., 02; Teacher. 412 W. I7th St., Austin, 

Charles Shirley Potts, 

B. A., 02; M. A., 02; LL. B., oq; Delta Chi; 
Delta Sigma Rho; Athenaeum Literary Soc.; 
intersociety debater; intercollegiate debater; 
pres. Southern Oratorical Assn. ; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Teacher in Law School; assistant dean, 
Law School; Professor in School of Govern- 
ment 09; Professor Economics and History, 
M. and A. College of Texas, 02-05; sec. Univ. 
of Texas Law Assn. ; mem. Unix. Faculty 
Club; Town and Gown Club. Univ. Sta. and 
2525 Univ. Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Benjamin Harrison Powell, 

B. Lit., 03; LL. B., 03; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; ed.-in-chief, Texan; 
bus. mgr. and assoc. ed., Cactus; class key 
orator; inter-soc. debate, 01 and 03; pres. 
junior class, Athenaeum Lit. Soc. and Ora- 
torical Assn.; mem. debating council; Attor- 
ney-at-Law; mem. bd. of Sch. trustees. 
Huntsville, Texas. 

Annie Holmes Pritchett (Mrs. C. M. 

B. S., 03; M. S., 04; Y. W. C. A.; sec. senior 
class; fellow Zoology; mem. Sherman Civic 
League, Browning Circle; Wednesday Morn- 
ing Choral Club; Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta 
Kappa. 1229 S. Crockett St., Sherman, Texas. 

Andrew Lawrence Randell, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
Attorney-at-Law. N. E. cor. Square and 1001 
S. Crockett St., Sherman, Texas. 

Robert Jerry Randolph, 

LL.B., 01 ; Sigma Nu; quiz master, Law 
Dept., 01-02^ manager baseball team, 02; Law- 
yer; mem. Lower House, 28th Legislature. 
Madisonville, Texas. 

Ethel Zivley Rather (Mrs. Ernest Jo- 
seph Villavaso), 

B. A., 02; M. A., 03; Ph. D., 08 Yale Univ.; 
Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Beta Kappa; Daugh- 
ters of the Republic Gold Medal; fellow in 
history, Univ. of Texas, 02-05 and Cornell 
Univ., 05-06; Buckley Fellow in Am. Hist., 
Yale Univ., 06-07; dir. Women's Religious 
Work, Columbia Univ., 11-12; Author of 
"Dewitt's Colony" in The Quarterly of the 
Texas State Hist. Assn., Vol. VIII., No. 2; 
Recognition of the Republic of Texas by the 
United States, do, Vol. XIII, No. 3; mem. 
American History Club; Texas State Historical 
and American Historical Assns. 3105 Duval 
St., Austin, Texas. 



- 57 

Marion Leigh Rather (Mrs. Ben H. 

B. S., 02; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit 
Soc.; Calendar, 99-00; Univ. of Texas Maga- 
zine 99-00 and 01-02; Cactus 99-00; sec. and 
pres. Ashbel Lit. Soc.; v.-pres class 02; "T," 
teacher Huntsville High School in hist, and 
math., 07-09; teacher Sam Houston Normal 
Institute in math.; 09-13. 1228 Cedar St., 
Huntsville, Texas. 

Arthur Jay Rector, 

314 Dwight Bldg., Ka 

nsas City, Mo. 

Julian Andrew Richardson, 

LL. B., 02; Sigma Chi; Lawyer. 329 Little- 
field Bldg. and 1222 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Hermine Richter (Mrs. Henry Whar- 

B. A., 01. 323 Goliad St., San Antonio, 

Louzelle Rose (Mrs. R. L. Barclay), 

Temple, Texas. 

Angus T. Russell, 

LL. B., 03; Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. Rusk Lit 
Soc., one term; rep. jun. law class at first 
Students Council; Lawyer; atty., Nacogdoches 
Co., 06-10; rep. Nacogdoches Co. 33d and 
34th legisls. ; formerly mem. Capitol Club. 
Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Eva M. Russell (Mrs. James H. An- 

A. B., 01 Univ. of Chicago. 216 McKinley 
Ave., Kewanee, 111. 

James Cicero Shaw, 

M. E., 04 Cornell; Turbine Engineer; mem. 
A. S. M. E. ; assoc. mem. Am. Soc. Naval 
Engineers. The Cramp & Sons Ship & Eng. 
Bldg. Co. and 6600 N. i3th St., Phila., Pa. 

Joseph Duty Shaw, 

A. and M. 'College, College Station, Texas, 

Felician J. Slataper, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. class one year; Super- 
visor Hygiene Houston Public Schools; city 
pathologist; interne, Episcopal Hosp., Phila., 
Pa.; 32 Mason; mem. Mystic Shrine. Hous- 
ton High School Bldg. and 1908 Baldwin St., 
Houston, Texas. 

William Hiram Slay, 

LL. B., 02; one of organizers, Capital Board- 
ing Club; debating contest between U. of 

Texas and U. of Colo., 02; Lawyer; mem. 
K. of P.; Elks; W. O. W. 404 Wheat Bldg. 
and 2212, Sixth Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Mary Katherine Small (Mrs. Frank 
T. West), 

B. Lit, 02. 1228 N. 24th St., Waco, Texas. 

Oxsheer Meek Smith, 

B. A., 02; Sigma Nu; President, Citizen's 
Natl. Bank. Cameron, Texas. 

William Blake Smith, 

Secretary, Colonial Investment Co.; city 
commr (12-13); mem. Maccabees; W. O. W. 
Mexia, Texas. 

Joseph Elliott Stroop, 

Ph. G., 01; Farmer; mem. Masons, Knights 
of Pythias, no Henderson St., and 206 
Forrest Ave., Cleburne, Texas. 

Charles C. Taylor, 

Merchant. Burleson, Texas. 

John Pinckney Tharp, 

Farmer. Turner sville, Coryell Co., Texas. 

Robert Edward Thomas, 

B. A., 13. Marlin, Texas. 

Henry Bowers Thomson, 

B. S., 02; B. S., 06 Iowa Inst. of Technology; 
Kappa Sigma; Architect; mem. Am. Inst. of 
Architects. 1203 S. W. Life Bldg. and 3629 
Stratford Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Georgia Underwood, 

Teacher. Brackenridge High School and 2223 
No. Flores St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Annie L. Van Arsdale, 

Certificate of Proficiency in Nursing, 07. 
3015 Routh Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Alice Vickery (Mrs. H. W. Brouse), 

Rusk Lit. Soc. Hann and Kendall Real Es- 
tate Co., Belmont Place, Dallas, Texas. 

Theo Vredenburgh (Mrs. L. B. 

2105 Nueces St, Austin, Texas. 

James P. Waggener, 

C. E., 09; Phi Delta Theta; U. S. Income 
Tax Inspector. 2300 San Antonio St, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Ben Walker, 

Manager, of Walker Transfer. 505 San Ja- 
cinto St., Austin, Texas. 

Felton Henderson Walker (Mrs. A. 
L. Burford), 

B. A., 02; capt. basketball team, 01. 723 
Pine St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Hallie Devalance Walker, 

B. A., 10 ; M. A., 14; Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney 
Lanier Lit. Soc. ; Instructor in English ; 
Univ. of Texas. 2623 University Ave., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

John Edward Watkins, 

B. S., 05. Buda, Texas. 

Marvin Curtis Welborn 

C. E., 03; City Engineer; asst. eng. in charge 
construction several lines for Southern Pacific 
R. R. system, 05-08; mem. Austin Rotary 
Club; assoc. mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engineers. 
City Hall and 303 E. i8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Sol. West, Jr. 

Chi Phi; Stockman and Farmer; Vestryman; 
treas. St. Philip's Church, Uvalde, Texas; 
mem. San Antonio Club, San Antonio, Texas. 
Uvalde, Texas. 

Horace Morland Whaling, Jr., 

B. A., 03; Clergyman and Professor of 
Church History; Southern Methodist Missions 
Soc. Univ. Dallas, Texas. 

Mary K. Whitis, 

Director in Library and Civic League; mem. 
Mystic Club. Plainview, Texas. 

Nina Willoughby (Mrs. W. N. 

Mem. Brady Tuesday Club, Federated. Brady, 




F. C. Witherspoon, 

Beta Theta Pi; "T." in baseball, oo; Cotton 
Dealer and Exporter. 104 S. 3d St. and 1202 
Chickasha Ave., Chickasha, Okla. 

William H. Woods 

Purcell, Okla. 

Roscoe Read Wortham, 

Chiropractor; Chapman Bldg. 502 Creek St., 
Holdenville, Okla. 

Juliette Wright, 

Teacher of History, Blind Institute. Blind 
Institute and 3910 Ave C., Hyde Park, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

John Lester Wroe, 

Beta Theta Pi; rep. law class, (3); orator, 
annual law banquet; Secretary to Governor; 
mem. State Democratic Comm. 15 Capitol, 
and 305 W. nth St., Austin, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Robert Burton Adams; Lucile Allen; Lucy Wil- 
son Barry; William Berger,* B. L., 01, M. A., 
04; William Blume; James Edward Byers; W. E. 
Collard; Mattie Lou Denson; Nona De Vor (Mrs. 
W. W. Bray); John E. Dunaway; Chester 
Aurelius Easley; Ivan B. Erwin; Thomas Law- 
rence Fuller; Mattie Maud Glenn; James N. 
Goidbeck*; Bertie Beatrice Goodman (Mrs. M. 
L. Collat); Ida Haggerty (Mrs. E. E. Snell); 
Amy Hesta Harlow,* B. S., 03; Eda Eliza Au- 
gusta Harrison; Robert Henry Hays,* LL. B., 02; 
Albert Hill; Samuel Thomas Howard, Jr.; John 
Levi Howell, Jr.; Isabelle Johnson (Mrs. Lester 
E. Smith); Samuel Kahn; Emil W._Koch*; Lucius 
L. Lamar,* M. D., 03; Robert F. Lamberton; 
Minnie Lee Lane; Pearl Lane; Minta Lanius; 
Walter Lee; L. D. Lewis; Jack C. Me Call; 
Florence C. McFarland (Mrs. F. C. Crawford); 
Bessie McGary; Joseph Kenneth McKenzie; Ed- 
ward McLagan; Fred McLaughlin; Tom MacRae; 
Daisy Marable; Benjamin Franklin Mogford*; 
William Haven Moore*; Winifred Morriss; Ar- 
thur Henry Whiteley Norton; Fred Oppenheimer; 
Emma Lille Otto; Lee Phillips,* B. S., 01; 
William Hiram Platt; Mec Elizabeth Potts; James 
Crayton Price; Pet Rutherford*; Will B. Sar- 
gent: Lemuel Evart Shelby: Marion Chester 
Smith; Benjamin O. Sprague; Frank Leo Steussy; 
Preston Clay Thurmond; Mary Wright Treadwell; 
Alice Vickery; Leal A. Wasson*; Harry N. Wat- 
elsKy; Martha Watkins; Susie Welborn; Lois Alice 
Wettermark; Florence Edith Weymouth (Mrs. 
Hunter Lewis), B. A., 02; Henry Elmore Wilkin- 
son; Mabel Hotchkiss Willinberg; Thomas Craw- 
ford Witten; Carrie Ella Wright. 


F. R. Allison 

Attorney; mem. University Club. Two Re- 
publics Bldg. and 1908 E. Nevada St., El Paso, 

Robert Andrews 

U. S. Navy, Washington, D. C. 

Sallie G. Armstrong, 

Roswell, N. M. 

Stanley Royal Ashby, 

B. A., 04; A. B., 07 Oxford Univ.; first 
Rhodes Scholarship from Texas, 04; Phi 
Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; ed. Univer- 
sity of Texas Literary Magazine; prize essay; 
Instructor in English, University of Texas. 
University Station and 215 E. 26th St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Joseph James Averitte, 

B. S., 03; LL. B., 07; on staff Cactus; Law- 
yer. Commercial Bank Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

William Russell Baker, 

Midway, N. M. 

Beirne Barrett (Mrs. C. T. Brues), 

Formerly teacher in State Sch. for Deaf, 02- 
04. 43 Hampstead Road (Forest Hills), Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Anna B. Batts, 

1014, iQth St., Galveston, Texas. 

Frank Bennett, 

Sterling City, Texas. 

Katharine Stuart Benson, 

Teacher. Uvalde, Texas. 

Maud Bigham (Mrs. Maud Jones), 

Teacher. S. uth St., Gatesville, Texas. 

Albert S. Blankenship, 

B. S., 04; Athenaeum; pres. sen. class; Ab- 
stracter; co. supt., Coryell Co.; prin. Gates- 
ville High School; lect. extension dept., Univ. 
of Texas. Gatesville, Texas. 

Cramer C. Bock, 

Perrin, Texas. 

Shearon Bonner, 

B. A., 03; LL. B., Cumberland Univ., Leba- 
non, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; class poet, 
grad. year (Cumberland Univ.); Lawyer; 
mem. Bd. Education; v.-pres. Lawyers' Club; 
mem. Chamber of Commerce; Manufacturers 
Assn.; Lakewood Country and Dallas Auto- 
mobile Clubs. 706 Commonwealth Bldg. and 
4724 St. John's Drive, Dallas, Texas. 

Clay Brite, 

B. Lit., 04; Grocer and Cotton Factor; school 
dir. Oklaunion, Texas. 

Henri Louie Bromberg, 

B. A., 02; LL. B., 04; Attorney at Law, of 
firm Etheridge, McCormick & Bromberg; mem. 
Lakewood Country and Columbian Clubs; 
Am. Bar and Texas Bar Assns. 1210 Com- 
monwealth Bldg. and 1404 Hughes Circle, 
Dallas, Texas. 

Charles Thomas Brues, 

B. S., 01; M. S., 02; scholarship, 00-02; 
fellowship, Columbia Univ., 02-03; Assistant 
Professor of Economic Entomology, Harvard 
Univ.; mem. A. A. A. S.; Associate Economic 
Entomologists and Cambridge Entomological 
Socs.; Entomological Soc. of Am. Bussey 
Institution, Forest Hills, and 43 Hampstead 
Road, Forest Hills, Boston, Mass. 

Joseph Edgar Bullock, 

B. S., 01 ; Farmer and Ranchman; sec. and 

treas. Three Saints Community Ditch Co. ; dir. 

Elephant Butte Water Users' Assn. Berino, 
New Mexico. 

Strother Pledger Burke, 

Alpha Tau Omega; baseball team, 01; with 
St. L. S. W. Ry.; exalted ruler, B. P. O. E.; 
mem. B. P. O. E. Tyler, Texas. 

Percy Clitus Burney 

B. S., 03. Alpine, Texas. 




Ella Butler, 

B A.. 02; M. A., 06; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher; mem. Southern Assn. of College 
Women. 215 Garden St., San Antonio, 

Abram Ruddell Byrd, Jr., 

B. S., 03. 120 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Joseph Hunter Byrd, 

120 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Jesse Flora Cady (Mrs. C. T. 

2335 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 

Alice Vivian Carman, 

B. S., 03; M. S., 04; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher; mem. Parent-Teachers Assn. Austin 
High School and 1900 Whitis Ave., Austin, 

Thomas H. Cheatham, 

M. D., 03, Univ. of Tenn. ; Physician; Mason. 
Curtin's Pharmacy Bldg. and 817 W. Marvin 
Ave., Waxahachie, Texas. 

E. F. Clanton, 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

J. W. Claywell, 

B. A., 03; mgr. De Luxe Pharmacy; formerly 
mgr. Boswell & Noyes Prescription Dept. 502 
Title Guaranty Bldg., Los Angeles, and 1732 

C. Garfield Place, Hollywood, Los Angeles, 

William Lawrence Cook, 

B. A., 05; LL. B., 08; University Faculty 
Club; Rusk Lit. Soc. (sec.); asst. registrar 
Univ.; sec., pres. and Bd. of Regents; Law- 
yer; dist. atty., B. S. L. and W. Ry. Co. and 
St. L. B. and M. Ry. Co.; mem Lumbermens 
Club 1 2th Floor, Union Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 1220 Jackson Blvd., Houston, Texas. 

Edmond C. Couch, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. freshman class, oo; 
Banker; cashier First Natl. Bank, Knox City; 
pres. First State Bank, O'Brien (Texas) ; Ma- 
sonic connections; mem. W. O. W. ; Odd Fel- 
lows; Knights of Pythias; pres. Commercial 
Club. Knox City, Texas. 

Alvah Brooker Court, 

M. S., 10, Mass. Inst. of Tech.; grad. U. S. 
Naval Acad., 05; Sigma Chi; Naval Con- 
structor, U. S. Navy, with rank of Lieut. 
Commander; mem. Army and Navy (Washing- 
ton, D. C.) and Markhkam (Phila.) Clubs. 
Care Navy Dept., Wash., D. C., and 2530 S. 
Lambert St., Phila., Pa. 

Athal L. Cox (Mrs. Claude Kearby), 

Handley, Texas. 

James Franklin Cox, 

B. S., 04; M. A., ii ; Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; track; Teacher; pres. John 
Tarleton Coll. John Tarleton College, Ste- 
phenville, Texas. 

Clara Olivia Dancy (Mrs. Walter 

Seguin, Texas. 

Nellie Dancy, 

B. S., 03; Teacher Mathematics, Waco High 
School. 1009 Columbia St., Waco, Texas. 

C. Davis (Mrs. A. R. Mace), 

Lampasas, Texas. 

Rose Evelyn Davis, 

B. A., 14; Teacher instructor Physics, Cald- 
well High School. General Delivery, Austin, 

W. Davis (Mrs.), 

Childress, Texas. 

Addison Perry Day, 

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. 

Helen Olive Devine, 

B. Lit., 03; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbcl 
Lit. Soc.; Tri-Sigma; Yatsumana Lit. Club; 
Phi Beta Kappa (hon.); sec. (00-02) and 
v.-pres. (02-03) class; asst. ed. Magazine (oo- 
01), Texan bd. (01-02), Cactus bd. (00-01 and 
02-03); class prophet (03); mem. San Antonio 
Pan-Hellenic Assn. ; San Antonio Red Cross 
Circle; Woman's League for Natl. Service. 
128 Howard St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Harris Bowie Duncan, 

Phi Delta Theta; Ranchman. Burnet, Texas. 

Edmund P. R. Duval, 

B. S., 01 ; M. A., 02; A. M., 04 Harvard; 
Phi Delta Theta; Phi Beta Kappa; Associate 
Professor of Mathematics, Univ. of Okla.; 
mem. Am. Math. Soc.; Math. Assn. of Am.; 
Am. Assn. for Advance of Science. 427 W. 
Boyd St., Norman, Okla. 

James Thomas Elliott, Jr., 

Sigma Chi; Wholesale Lumber; mem. Masons. 
614 Southwestern Life Bldg. and 517 N. Has- 
kell Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Amanda J. Estill, 

B. S., 04; M. S., 05; Kappa Alpha Theta; 
Teacher; prin. Fredericksburg High School; 
mem. Ladies' Auxiliary and Reading Clubs. 
Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Lucy Ella Fay, 

M. A., 01 ; A. B., 95 Newcomb Coll., Tulane 
Univ.; B. L. S., 08, N. Y. State Library 
School; Phi Beta Kappa; Librarian, Univ. of 
Tenn.; .pres. Tenn. Chapter Phi Kappa Phi, 
16-17; chrmn., 17, Library Dept., Conference 
for Education in the South; pres. Tenn. Li- 
brary Assn, 15; mem. Colonial Dames.; D. 

A. R.; Southern Assn. of Coll. Women; Am. 
Library Assn. University of Tenn. Library, 
Knoxville, Tenn. 

Bess Ferguson, 

Tri-Sigma; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Blue Bonnet 
Club; v.-pres. freshman class, 99-00; School 
Teacher; mem. Qui Vives. 206 Royall St., 
Palestine, Texas. 

C. W. Feuge, 

Huntsville, Texas. 

Mary F. Fiegel, 

B. A., 03; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. 201 W. 

loth St., Austin, Texas. 

Samuel William Fisher, 

817 Scarbrough Bldg., Austin, Texas. 

Carleton Gage, 

Investments. 420 E. Jefferson Ave., Dallas, 

Lyda German, 

B. S., 95, Grayson Coll. Locust St., White- 
wright, Texas. 




Soc. ; Lawyer; city 

Richard Bliss Gillette, Jr., 

C. E., 03; Civil Engineer. U. S. Engineer's 
Office and 3303 San Jacinto St., Dallas, Texas. 

Birdie Goldstein (Mrs. Henry Mich- 

Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Andrew Gose, 

Proprietor of Laundry. San Saba, Texas. 

Robert Sledge Griggs, 

LL. B., 02; Rusk Lit. 

atty., Ballinger, 4 mos.; co. atty., 04-08, and 
co. judge, 08-12, Runnels Co.; rep. nith dist., 
1 2- 1 6. 407, 6th St., Ballinger, Texas. 

Margaret E>. Guthrie, 

Assistant Librarian. 634 W. 6th Ave., Cor- 
sicana, Texas. 

Dexter Hamilton, 

LL. B., 04; pres. class (2); law class (3); 
v.-pres. Rusk Lit. Soc; bus. mgr. Cactus (3); 
ed. staff Cactus and Magazine (2); Attorney; 
atty., Navarro Co., 10-14; mem. Odd Fellows; 
Elks; Knights of Pythias. Pace Bldg. and 
638 W. 6th St., Corsicana, Texas. 

John Bascom Hamilton, 

B. A., 02; A. M., 04 Univ. of Chicago; Pro- 
fess9r of Mathematics, Univ. of Tenn. Uni- 
versity of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Carl Gottfried Hartman, 

B. A., 02; M. A., 04; Ph. D., 15; Sigma Xi; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Adjunct 
Professor of Zoology; asst. in zool., 02-03; 
tutor, 03-04; co. supt. pub. instruction, Travis 
Co., 04-09; prof, biol., Sam Houston State 
Normal; mem. University and Scholia Clubs. 
University Station and 1908 University Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

Sam Hatfield, 

Traveling Salesman. Jackson Bldg., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

Robert Alexander Hefner, 

LL. B., 02; Rusk Lit. Soc.; charter mem. 
Capital Boarding Club and Oratorical Assn.; 
rep. sen. law dept. in Students' Assn. pres. 
Rusk Lit. Soc. and Oratorical Assn. quiz 
master in law dept., 02-03; Lawyer; pres. bd. 
of educ.; former city atty; mem. Elks Ard- 
more Country Club; Knights Templar; 32 
Mason; Shriner. Ardmore Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 821 B St. N. W., Ardmore, Okla. 

Mont Frederick Highley, 

B. Lit., oo ; LL. B., oo; LL. M., 01; Sigma 
Chi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; mgr. 
baseball, 01; Lawyer; ist asst atty. genl 
under Statehood, 08. 803-804 State Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 1417 W. 38th St., Oklahoma 
City, Okla. 

Nina Hill, 

B. Lit., 94; Phi Beta Kappa; mem. Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; Head, English Dept., Austin High 
School; Austin Club; Shakespeare Club. Aus- 
tin High School, loth and Brazos Sts., and 
2106 Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

Mattie Hines (Mrs. Mattie Hines 

B. A., 02; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; sec. Ashbel Lit. 
Soc., 02; Texan, 01; v.-pres. class, 01. d. Oct. 
24, 1916, Austin, Texas. 


Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. College 
Women's and Girls' Musical Clubs; Houston 
Symphony Orchestra Assn. Oxford Apt. No. 
2, Houston, Texas. 

Irene Claire Horton (Mrs. Noyes D. 

Austin, Texas. 

John Paul Howser, 

B. S., 04; M. D., 13; Capitol Club; college 
gymnast, 02; Assistant Physician, State Epi- 
leptic Colony; asst. dir., 03-05, and dir., 
05-09, men's gym.; interne, John Sealy Hosp., 
13-14 (Galveston); mem. Taylor Co. Med. 
and Texas State Med. Assns. State Epileptic 
Colony, Abilene, Texas. 

J. R. Hubbard, 

Belton, Texas. 

Louis Herman Hubbard, 

B. S., 03; Athenaeum; football team, 02; 
Superintendent of Schools; ex-sec, and ex- 
pres. State English Teachers' Assn. ; Mason ; 
mem. W. O. W.; Elks; M. W. A. Belton, 

William Lycurgus Hughes, 

Superintendent Brady Public Schools. Brady, 

Gavine Drummond Hunt, 

B. A., 03; LL. B., 05; Phi Delta Theta; 
Arrowhead; mgr. football team; Attorney-at- 
Law; mem. Dallas, Idlewood, and Dallas Lawn 
Tennis Clubs. 717 Commonwealth Bank Bldg. 
and 3921 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Wille Hutcheson (Mrs.), 

Journalist and Teacher of Modern Languages 
and Hist9ry; dean, Girls' Musical Club; 
Ladies' Violin Choir; pres. Women's Choral 
Club; mem. Equal Suffrage League. Hutche- 
son & Hutcheson, First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 
40, The Rossonian, Houston, Texas. 

Julia B. Ideson, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Li- 
brarian, Public Library; librarian, Lyceum 
Library; pres. Texas Library Assn, n; mem. 
College Women's Club. 2419 Travis St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Peyton Irving, Jr., 

B. A., oo; Principal, Crockett School. 909 
Woodlawn Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Miranda S. Jagoe (Mrs. C. A. Pres- 

B. S., 03; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc. 610 W. 6th St., Bonham, Texas. 

Hartford Jenkins 

Bastrop, Texas. 

Augusta Johnson, 

Austin, Texas. 

Dan Wilson Johnson, 

Principal Reagan School. Reagan School and 
10 1 2 Sunset Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Alma Keturah Jones, 

B. Lit., 03; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 1301 Mon- 
tana St., El Paso. Texas. 

George M. Jones, 

Post Office Clerk; mem. A. F. & A. M.; 
M. W. A. 701 N. Elm St., Weatherford, 




Nathan Banks Judd, 

B. Lit., 03; LL. B., 04, do.; Lawyer. 408- 
409 Stewart Bldg. and 5003 San Jacinto St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Walter Kelton, 

M. D., 05, Univ. of Pa.; Surgeon; v.-pres. 
King Co. Med. Soc.; pres. Surgical Anatomy 
Soc.; author of numerous articles in surgical 
journals; mem. University, Seattle Athletic, 
and Seattle Tennis Clubs. Leary Bldg. and 
626, 1 3th Ave. N., Seattle, Wash. 

Marquis Earl Kennard, 

Alpha Tau Omega; football; Merchant; mem. 
Presbyterian Church. 709 N. Main St., Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

Belle King (Mrs. J. F. Combs), 

Music Teacher; mem. Woman's Literary Club. 
Gonzales, Texas. 

E. King (Mrs. Robert Harris), 

Fentress, Texas. 

Marcellus Kleberg, 

B. Lit., 03; LL. B., 04; Sigma Chi Fraternity; 
Athenaeum; Lawyer; co. judge; ex-recorder, 
Galveston; collector K. of P.; mem. K. of P.; 
Sons of Herman; Ballinger Club. 201, loth 
St., Ballinger, Texas. 

Archibald Alexander Knox, 

Railroad Service. Calaveras, Texas. 

Robert Knox, 

B. A., 03; A. M., 05 Princeton; Alpha Tau 
Omega; Foreign Missionary to Korea; pres. 
Y. M. C. A. Kwangju, Korea, Asia, and 
Giddings, Texas. 

Henry Fuerchtegott Kuehne, 

R. F. D. No. 6, Austin, Texas. 

Leonora Lacy (Mrs. H. E. Faubion), 

Past matron, O. E. S. ; sec. Burnet and Llano 
Auxiliary Assns. Marble Falls, Texas. 

Kate Land, 

Beaumont, Texas. 

Malcolm Henry Landers, 

LL. B., 06; Loans and Real Estate; v.-pres. 
First Natl Bank. Mineola, Texas. 

James Talbot La Prelle, 

330 Army Blvd., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lewis L. Lauve, 

A. B., 01, Georgetown Univ.; Sigma Nu; 
valedictorian; with Armour & Co. 120 Broad- 
way, N. Y. C. 

Matthew Clay Lindsey, 

Stockman; ist co. judge, Dawson Co.; mem. 
Lamesa Commercial. Lamesa, Texas. 

Mayme Edna Littmann (Mrs. Harry 

Jersey City, N. J. 

Katherine Mary Lockhart (Mrs. D. 
W. Sweeney), 

B. S., 03; Y. W. C. A.; Sidney Lanier Lit. 
Soc. 315 W. 4th St., Bonham, Texas. 

Jere Boren Loftin, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Farmer and Stockman; 
mem. Elks. R. F. D., Menard, Texas. 

William Henry Long, 

M. A., oo; Ph. D., 16; Phi Kappa Phi; For- 
est Pathologist, Bureau of Plant Industry, 
Dept. of Agriculture; author of various mono- 
graphs and bulletins on botanical subjects; 
mem. Texas Acad. of Science; Botanical and 
Washington Phytopathol. Spcs.; America Tor- 
rey Botanical Club; National Geographical 
Soc. of America; The Ecological Soc. of 
America; Am. Assn. for the Advancement of 
Science; New Mexico Scientific Assn. 202 
Korber Bldg. and 620 W. Copper Ave., Albu- 
querque, New Mexico. 

James William Lowber, 

A. B., 71, Butler; A. M., 74, do.; Ph. D., 80, 
Syracuse; Sc. D., 97, Univ. of Wooster; LL. D., 
87, S. Kentucky Coll.; Lit. D., 97, National 
Univ.; Phi Delta Theta; Author, Lecturer, Edu- 
cator and Minister; ordained Disciples of Christ 
ministry, 68; pastor Pittsburgh, 72-73; Scran- 
ton, Pa., 74-77; prin. Quaker St. Lit. Inst., N. 
Y., 77-80; pres. Columbia Coll., Ky., 80-81; 
pastor Lancaster, Ky., 82-84; Louisville, 84-86; 
Paducah, Ky., 86-88; Fort Worth, Texas, 88- 
93; Galveston, Texas, 93-97; Austin, since 97; 
ed. Apostolic Church 83-87; chancellor Texas 
Christian Univ., 92-97; fellow Am. Assn. for 
Advance of Science, Royal Geograph. Soc.; 
Royal Astron. Soc.; N. British Acad. (Coun- 
cillor) Royal Scottish Geograph. Soc.; Royal 
Soc. Antiquaries, Scotland; Educational Inst. 
of Scotland; author "Struggles and Triumph 
of the Truth"; "Devil in Modern So- 
ciety"; "Culture, the Relation of Culture to 
Christianity"; "Macrocosmus or Hints Toward 
the Greatest Problems"; "The Bible Doctrine 
of the Future"; "Thought and Religion"; 
contributions to philosophical magazines; mem. 
Am. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science; Am. 
Anthrop. Assn.; Royal Soc. Arts, London; 
Belgium Astron. Soc., Brussels; Royal Asiatic 
Soc. ; French Astron. Soc. ; Royal Societies 
and Authors Clubs, London; Am. Hist. Assn.; 
Am. Sociol. Soc.; Am. Econ. Assn.; Am. 
Math. Soc.; Italian Math. Soc.; Am. Polit. 
Science Assn.; ex-prelate Knights Templar; 
past chief patriarch Odd Fellows; past chan- 
cellor K. of P.; life. mem. Elks; noble of 
Mystic Shrine; 32 Scottish Rite Mason. 1706 
Brazos St., Austin, Texas. 

Atlantis O. McClendon (Mrs. John 
Carter Marshall), 

Pi Beta Phi. 4168 Clarendon Ave., Chicago, 

Robert St. Clair McCracken, 

Ph. G., 03; pres. of class.; Druggist. Marfa, 

David Jackson McWilliams, 

Teacher; supt. 9f schools; mem. K. of P.; 
Masonic connections. Lott, Texas. 

F. P. Marshall (Mrs.), 

Teacher. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Margaret Elizabeth Marshall (Mrs. J. 
W. Dees), 

B. S., 03; M. A., 05. Garden City, Texas. 

Thalia Marshall (Mrs. Guy Camp- 

B. S., 05; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; mem. 
W. C. T. U. Gonzales, Texas. 

Jordan A. Massie, 

Athenaeum Soc.; mgr. Burton Supply Co.; 
all degrees York Rite Masonry; 32 Scottish 
Rite Mason; mem. Temple Club, in E. loth 
St. and 1316 Hurley Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Howell Taylor Matthews, 

Teacher. 608 S. Beckley Ave., Dallas, Texas. 




William A. Matthews, 

Railway Agent; mem. A. F. & A. M.; W. O. 
W.; M. W. A.; O. R. T. Manchaca, Texas. 

Axel Leonard Melander, 

B. S., 01 ; M. S., 02; lab. asst. in biology, 
01 ; fellow in zoology, 02; Professor of Ento- 
mology and Head of Dept. of Zoology, Wash. 
State Coll.; entomologist, Wash. State Experi- 
ment Station; v.-pres. Pacific Section, Assn. 
of Economic Entomologists; v.-pres and fel- 
low, Entomological Soc. of America; fellow, 
Am. Assn. for the Advancement of Science; 
assoc. ed. Psyche and Better Fruit. State 
College and 702 Campus Ave., Pullman, Wash. 

Bessie Mendell (Mrs. W. A. Lay- 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. Y. W. C. A. 2109 
Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Frank Glover Moffett, 

B. S., 03; LL. B., 04; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Law- 
yer; co. atty., Jackson Co., 2 terms; mem. 
Dem. State Exec. Comm., 06-08. Edna, Texas. 

Clarence Moore, 

B. S., 03. St. Jo, Texas. 

William James Murray, 

Asst. Postmaster, Coleman Co.; mem. K. of 
P. Coleman, Texas. 

Mary Nunn, 

Teacher. De Zavala School and 309 N. Ole- 
ander St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Mary Eskridge Oatman, 

B. S., 04. 1319 S. Congress Ave., Austin, 

Ethel Oliphint (Mrs. S. G. Porter), 

B. A., 04. 1919 5% St. W., Calgary, Alberta, 

Charles Sanders Oliver, 

LL. B., 04; Beta Theta Pi; Lawyer. 418 
First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 1118 San Jacinto 
St, Houston, Texas. 

Tilman Bacon Parks, 

Sigma Chi; Lawyer; mem. Legisl., 01, 03, 09; 
Democratic pres. elector-at-large, 04; chrmn. 
Democratic state conv., 10; mem. bd. chari- 
ties and corrections, 17; prosecuting atty., 8th 
jud. circuit, since 14; mem. K. of P.; W. 
O. W.; Masons. Natl. Bank Bldg. and 820 
W. Ave. B, Hope, Hempstead Co., Ark. 

Ray Elizabeth Perrenot, 

B. A., 13; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Scrib- 
blers; Phi Beta Kappa; asst. in French, 12-13; 
Secretary to the Dean 9f the Faculty, Univ. 
of Texas; on bd. Magazine 2 yrs. ; sec. Scrib- 
blers, 2 yrs.; sec.-treas. Phi Beta Kappa. Uni- 
versity of Texas and 715 W. 22% St., Austin, 

Roy Murray Perrenot, 

State School for the Blind, Austin, Texas. 

P. B. Peterson, 

Hondo, Texas. 

Macum Phelan, 

Minister, Methodist Church; author "A Hand- 
book of All Denominations." Vernon, Texas. 

Mattie C. Pistole (Mrs. Louis L. 

131 N. Oakes St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Randon Porter, 

B. S., 03; Beta Theta Pi; capt. baseball team, 
03; Insurance, of firm Williams & Porter; 
mem. Houston Country Club. Beatty Bldg. 
and 902 Holman Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Fanny K. Prather (Mrs. J. L. Davis), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. 1461 Washington St., Waco, 

Gertrude Pauline Puhl, 

Palestine, Texas. 

Sydney L. Ramsey, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Editor; mem. State Legisl. 
from Shelby Co., 2 terms; ed. and pub. Hen- 
derson Times; mem. Commercial Club. Hen- 
derson, Texas. 

John Edwin Rhea, 

McKinney, Texas. 

Lawrence Joseph Rhea, 

B. S., 01 ; M. D., 06, Johns Hopkins Medical 
School; Kappa Sigma; Physician; asst. pathol- 
ogist Boston Citv Hosp. ; instr. in pathology 
Harvard Medical Sch. ; pathologist to Peter 
'Brent Brigham Hosp., Boston, Mass.; pa- 
thologist to Montreal (Canada) General Hosp.; 
prof, of pathology McGill Univ. (Montreal); 
capt. Army Med. Corps, Canadian Expedition- 
ary Force. Montreal General Hospital, Mon- 
treal, Canada. 

Robert Augustus Richey, 

B. S., 04; Phi Gamma Delta; Real Estate 
Broker. 419 Navarro St. and 112 W. Agarita 
Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

. B. Robertson, 

LL. B., 06; Sigma Nu; Arrowhead; Lawyer; 
mem. 35th Legisl.; mem. Austin Country Club. 
Littlefield Bldg. and 106 W. 33d St., Austin, 


Gretchen Rochs (Mrs. Herman Gold- 

B. A., 03; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; ist pres. of Southern College Club; 
ores. Ladies' Auxiliary, 15-16; pres. Ladies' 
Reading Club, 15-17. Fredericksburg, Texas. 

William Reed Rogers, 

Real Estate and Loans. Cameron, Texas. 

Minniee Rose (Mrs. Arthur Rose), 

314 Dwight Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Beulah Rowe (Mrs. Fritz G. Lan- 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tri Sigma. Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Hugh Bennett Ruckman, 

Helena, Texas. 

J. L. Russell, 

Teacher. 1807 Garret Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Fred F. Sampson, 

B. Lit., 03; Sigma Nu; Manager, Exide Bat- 
tery Depots, Inc.; mem. Motor Truck and 
Texas Clubs; Electric Vehicle Section of Natl. 
Elec. Light Assn. 101 W. End Ave. and 
Axton Court, 622 W. i4ist St., N. Y. C. 




Jefferson Davis Sandefer, 

Ph. B., 07, Univ. of Chicago; President of 
Simmons College; lect. on polit. and educ. 
subjects; pres. Strawn (Texas) Coll., 94-00; 
supt. pub. schs. Granbury; prof. Latin and 
Hist., John Tarleton Coll., Stephenville; supt. 
pub. schs. Stephenville, 07-08; pres. John 
Tarleton Coll., 08-09; trustee Southwestern 
Bapt. Theol. Sem., Fort Worth; v.-pres. and 
mem. exec. comm. Texas Bapt. Genl. Conv. ; 
mem. governing bd. Conf. for Educ.; Anti- 
Saloon League; author of many articles on 
educ., prohibition and civil subjects; mem. 
N. E. A.; Southern Sociological Cong.; Ma- 
son. Abilene, Texas. 

Seth S. Searcy, 

LL. B., 04; Chi Phi; Attorney at Law; mem. 
Travis, San Antonio, San Antonio. Country, 
and San Antonio Auto Clubs. 618 Frost 
Bldg. and 221 W. Agarita Ave., San Antonio, 

Asbury Croom Sewell, 

S. W. Tel. and Tel. Co., Dallas, Texas. 

William Francis Shaw, 

B. S., 02; M. E., 04, Cornell; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Xi (Cornell); General Man- 
ager, Rio Grande Land & Irrigation Co.; 
mem. Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engrs. ; Am. 
Assn. for the Advancement of Science. Mer- 
cedes, Texas. 

Conrad Louis Benoni Shuddemagen, 

B. S., 02; M. S., 04; Ph. D., 08, Harvard; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Engineers' Club; winner 
$100 regents' entrance exam, prize, 99; Evans 
fellowship in physics, 02-04; track (mile run), 
01-04; Secretary, Karma and Reincarnation 
Legion; Whitting fellowship in physics (Har- 
vard), 05-08; instr. in physics, Univ. of 
Texas, 08- n mem. Am. Physical and Theo- 
sophical Socs. 8243 Coles Ave. and 7232 S. 
Shore Drive, Chicago, 111. 

Elizabeth Ware Simkins, 

Austin, Texas. 

O. L. Sims, 

C. E., 05; Barbarians; Hickey Club; on staff 
Texan and Cactus; Student Council; Rancher; 
co. commr. ; councillor Texas Good Roads 
Assn.; mem. San Angelo and Ballinger Clubs; 
Elks No. 998. Paint Rock, Texas. 

John Lang Sinclair, 

B. Lit., 04. San Antonio, Texas. 

Astynix Douglass Smith, 

B. Ped., oo ; M. Ped., 02; Teacher and Cattle 
Dealer. La Lande, New Mexico. 

Cecil H. Smith, 

B. S., 03; B. D., Austin Theol. Sem.; Phi 
Gamma Delta; Missionary in Presbyterian 
Church. Yencheng Ku, China. 

Myrtle Bryan Smith (Mrs. Fred W. 
Householder) , 

Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Eva Miriam Sodekson (Mrs. C. S. 

B. A., 03; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma. 5823 Winthrop Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Raymond Mills Spivy, 

Humobldt Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Benjamin Oxward Sprague, 

Adeline, La. 

Dolly Mary Stone, 

401 E. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Douglas West Summerfield, 

B. A., 03; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Soliciting 
Freight Agent, St. Louis Southwestern Ry. 
Cor. Commerce and Lamar Sts. and 115 N. 
Clinton Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Marvin E. Tadlock, 

Physician ad Surgeon; interne St. Joseph In- 
firmary, 05-08; demonstrator of anatomy, T. 

C. U. Med. Dept., do., 06-08; demonstrator 
physiology, 08-09; lect. on embryology, 09-10; 
Masonic connections. 404 Burk-Burnett Bldg. 
and 1535 N. Main St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Emma Azella Talbot (Mrs. J. C. Mar- 

President, Wesley Bible Class; mem. Mission 
Soc. Methodist Ch.; Parent Teachers' Assn. 
(1904 Club). 310 S. Cain St., Quanah, Texas. 

Alexander Gates Thomas, 

B. Lit., oo; Alpha Tau Omega; class baseball; 
Glee Club; Ranger staff; contributor to Maga- 
zine and Cactus; Educator; teacher of Eng- 
lish, Victoria High School, 00-05; Houston 
High School, 05-06; Ball (Galveston) High 
School, 06-07; English instr. Agr. and Mech. 
Coll., 07-09; head of dept. of English, S. W. 
Texas State Normal School, since 09; sec.- 
treas. State Assn. of Teachers of English 
since 14; contributor to various periodicals. 
San Marcos, Texas. 

William Henry Thomas, 

B. Lit., 02; Alpha Tau Omega; Associate 
Professor of English, Texas Agr. and Mech. 
Coll. College Station, Texas. 

Winifred Thomas, 

B. S., 04. Bryan, Texas. 

Algernon Stephen Thweatt, 

Bankers International Life Insurance Co. 
and 308 W. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert E. Underwood, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; mem. Cactus staff; pres. 
freshman class; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; co. 
atty., Jack Co., 04-06; Potter Co., 08-12; mem. 
Elks; K. of P.; Masons. First Natl. Bank 
Bldg. and 1309 Van Buren St., Amarillo, 

Lizzie Lewis Vaughan (Mrs. N. W. 

B. A., 92, Mt. Lebanon Coll.; mem. and one 
of the organizers Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher and Principal, Jonesville School, 10 
yrs.; Mt. Lebanon Coll. (La.), i term; 
Cameron, i term, and rural school in Harri- 
son Co., i term. Box 8, Waskom, Texas. 

Eula Von Rosenberg (Mrs. Oscar D. 

Mexican Crude Rubber Co, Rawong, Federated 
Malay States, Asia. 

Anne Elizabeth Weeden (Mrs. Joseph 

C. Hutcheson, Jr.), 

B. Lit., 01. 

912 Truxillo Ave., Houston, 

Moise Weil 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 




Susie D. Weld (Mrs. W. J. Hewett), 

B. Lit., 02; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Ashbel ed. of Calendar; mem. D. A. R.; 
W. C. T. U. Box 153, McCaulley, Texas. 

Miley B. Wesson, 

B. S., 02; M. D., 10, Johns Hopkins; asst. 
in chem., 01-02; Physician and Surgeon; house 
officer Hudson Street Hosp., N. Y. C, 10-12; 
dir. El Paso Pasteur Inst.; U. S. Pension 
Exam. Surg.; v.-pres. El Paso Co. Med. Soc.; 
exam, for life ins. cos.; mem. Am. Med. and 
Texas State Med. Assns. 212 Robert Bonner 
Bldg. and 3727 McKinley Ave., El Paso, 

Elizabeth Howard West, 

B. A., 01 ; M. A., ox; Phi Beta Kappa; Sid- 
ney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; charter 
mem. and sec. Sidney Lanier Lit Soc., 00-01; 
mem. comm. to draft constitution for Students' 
Assn., 01; Librarian; teacher of hist, and 
Latin, Bryan High Sch., 01-03; teacher hist, 
and German, VVhitis Sch., Austin, 03-06; asst. 
Library of Congress (Wash., D. C.), 06-11; 
archivist, Texas State Library, Austin, 11-15; 
librarian, Carnegie Library, San Antonio, since 
15; mem. Ex-Students' Assn., Univ. of Texas; 
Texas State Hist. Assn.; Scientific Soc. of San 
Antonio; Am. Historical Assn.; Southern So- 
ciological Congress. Carnegie Library and 
1616 Garden St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Edmund Valentine White, 

Teacher; asst. state supt.; Head Dir. of Pub. 
Sch. Improvement, Dept. of Extension, Univ. 
of Texas; dean of faculty, Coll. of Indust. 
Arts; mem. W. O. W.; Knights of Pythias; 
I. O. O. F. Denton, Texas. 

Katharine Wilson (Mrs. Faller), 

Teacher. Tohn B. Winn School, iQth St 
and East Ave. and 311 E. 24th St., Austin, 

Guy Ferguson Witt, 

B. S., 04; M. D., n ; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha 
Mu Pi Omega; fellowship in Sch. of Zoology, 
10-11; Clinical Director of Psychiatry, South- 
western Insane Asylum. Lock Box 1147 and 
Southwestern Insane Asylum, San Antonio, 

Pickens Woodson, 

Army Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Arthur Ross Wooldridge, 

Toronto, Canada. 

Steven Howard Worrell, 

B. S., 01 ; Kappa Alpha; student asst. in 
chem.; Dean, School of Mines; author of 
numerous scientific papers; mem. Rotary, Uni- 
versity, and El Paso Country Clubs; Am. Inst. 
of Mining Engrs.; Southwestern Engr. Assn. 
State School of Mines and Dyer St. and 
Mountain Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

George S. Wright, 

LL. B., 04; Chi Phi; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
Weimer Ross and Ratan Oratorical contest, 
02-03; Junior Academic Key Orator, 02; win- 
ner Doubles Tennis Championship with W. 
Scott Key; part owner and mgr. of Texan 
01-04; Lawyer. Commonwealth Bldg. and 
Fairfield and Potomac Sts., Dallas, Texas. 

Eva S. Young (Mrs. W. F. Mace), 

Chrmn. Club Extension of Federated Clubs, 
Sixth Dist. ; pres. Library Assn. of Lampa- 
sas; mem. Pierian and Home and School 
Clubs. 1208 Walnut St., Lampasas, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Oran Robert Akers*; Miss A. Aldredge; Miss 
E. Allen; Miss L. Allen; Mrs. C. M. Bainbridge- 
Gussie Bannowsky; Miss C. Bartholomew; Miss 
L Barton; Miss G. E. Betts; J. N. Bigbee; Miss 
) A> " d ? el li Mlss M - Bishop; Clara Blailock 
(Mrs. Frank Connolly); Abbie Bland; Eugene 
Wesley Burch; Rubie Elmira Campbell; Ora Mar- 
garet Carpenter; Mollie Morgan Carson; Moses 
Swindell Cavett; La Verta Chamberling; Annie 
Chandler; Miss B.' Cloyd; A. M. Coats; J. E 
Cook; John Edward Cornwell; John F. Crawford; 
Mrs. Lalla Maude Crum; Lelia B. Dainwood (Mrs. 
T. D. Henderson); Carmie Dassel; Miss C. Davis; 
Reese Bain Davis; Arthur Lee Day; J. H. Day; 
Miss P. C. Deering; Frank M. Douglas*; F. Hurl- 
but Evans; Edward Holt Eves; Bessie Vivian 
Flanagan*; Samuel Park Floore; David Asberry 
Ford; Sallie Essie Forrester; Miss W. Foster; 
Miss I. Fuller; William Covington Gathings; Miss 
A. W. Graham; Ollie Graham*; Wm. H. Graham; 
J. A. H. Cranberry; Lorraine Green; Frank Gil- 
son Gwynne; James Elliot Hackett, B. S., 03*; 
Miss M. L. Hall; Miss L. M. Harlan; Pleasant 
Arthur Harris; Will Fay Harris; Elizabeth Jo- 
hanna Hartmann; Miss K. Haynes; Haysie Belle 
Heflybower, B. S., 02*; Leora Eloise Henry; 
Miss M. Higgason; Ethel M. Hillard; George Cary 
Hollis; Miss C. R. Holt; Nannie Pauline Howell; 
J. R. Hubbard; Glover Galloway Johnson; N. M. 
Johnson; John Elmo Killian; Frank B. Knight, 
Jr.; Leroy Kuser; James Sylvester Lamar; Thomas 
Jefferson Larkin; Louis Leroy Lauve; Miss M. 
Leddy; Frank Z. Lee; Sarah Alice Lee; W. R. 
Leonard*; James W. Lester; Miss L. Lockard; 

LH. Lomax; Robert Paine Lomax; Miss A. M. 
ng; James Patrick Luby; May L. McCall (Mrs. 
John Speed); James T. McConnell; Tohn R. 
McKellar; Blanche McKie; Miss H. McMillon; 
Clarence McRee; Miss K. Matthews; C. Mebus; 
J. H. Merritt; Miss M. G. Milam; W. P. Miller; 
C. M. Moore; Miss Malcolm Moore; Mrs. Kate 
L. Nelson; John Marvin Newsom*; B. Norrell; 
A. Oliver; Steve A. Pace*; Jessie Parker (Mrs. 
Richardson); Mrs. I. C. Patterson; Annie Pear- 
sail; Bertha Hortense Plemons (Mrs. Charles L. 
Cole); N. Price; Wright Price; Elizabeth J. 
Reed; Miss A. V. Rodgers; Miss K. Roe; Wilfred 
E. Selby; Alice L. Shelton; J. W. Smith; Lottie 
Smith (Mrs. Henry Eagle); Rufus Hooper Smith; 
E. M. Spain; Henry Austin Stanley; Clara Louise 
Stockwell; George Parker Stoker; Georgia Stubbs 
(Mrs. Gillespie); J. H. Swann; Charles Andrew 


Thompson; Horace Alex Thomson, Jr.; W. T. 
Thorne; Bacon Saunders Trice; Ira Edwin Wag- 
ner; J. Walker; Agnes Hamilton Walton (Mrs. H. 

T. Cochran)*; Miss J. Warren; Mrs. Mattie 
Oliver Webb; Mrs. F. M. Weller; Albert Sidney 
Wester; L. Wester; S. G. Whitaker; W. E. 
Whiteside; Marie Wild; Aaron Lott Wilkerson; 
Cincinnati Willis,* B. Lit., 02, M. A., 02; H. R. 
Wofford; William Elledge Wood. 


Albertine Aldrich (Mrs. Albert von 

B. A., 03. 1186 Madison Ave., N. Y. C. 

Laura L. Allison, 

Teacher, Public School. John B. Winn 
School and 1807 E Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Edna Juanita Anderson, 

B. A., 04; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher, 
Head of Latin Dept, North Side Junior High 
School; sec. Coll. Women's Club; mem. Y. W. 

C. A.; College Women's Club. North Side 
Junior High Sc* 

Houston, Texas. 

Junior High School and 1505 Austin St., 

Hulon N. Anderson, 

Lit. Soc.; Superintendent of Schools; mem. 
State Bd. of Examiners, 06 and 14. Conroe, 




M. Virginia Archer (Mrs. C. C. Hen- 

B. S., 04; Chi Omega. 32 Young Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

Benjamin Palmer Atkinson, 

Farming; mem. Masons; W. O. W. R. F. D. 
No. 2, Cameron, Texas. 

William Eddins Bay, 

Crockett, Texas. 

Robert Jones Beasley, 

B. S., 15; Chi Phi; baseball, 03-05; hand 
ball, 03; Farmer and Ranchman; mem. Bee- 
ville Club. Beeville, Texas. 

Minnie Beatty (Mrs. Thomas L. 

205 Marshall St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Una Bedichek, 

B. S., 04; Principal of High School. 408 
Pine St., Deming, Texas. 

Alton William Birdwell, 

San Marcos, Texas. 

Joel R. Bond, 

Lawyer; mayor; mem. Elks; I. O. O. F.; 

Knights of Pythias. 200% E. Moore Ave. 

and 405 Johnson St., Terrell, Kaufman Co., 

Walter Lea Boothe, 

Phi Kappa Psi; athletic honors; Ranchman. 
Sweetwater, Texas. 

Jeanne Borroum (Mrs. Shaver), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Kappa Alpha Theta; mem. 
Brackenridge Club. 209 W. Hopkins St., 
San Marcos, Texas. 

George Waverley Briggs, 

mgr., track, 92; Editor, The Galveston News; 
v-p. Natl. Rivers and Harbors Cong.; mem. 
Advisory Bd., Natl. Munic. League; pres., 
Galveston Playground Assn.; chrmn., Gal- 
veston Red Cross; mem. State Indeterminate 
Sentence Commis. (13); chrmn. Galveston 
Cotton Carnival and Exposition, 3 yrs.; au- 
thor, "The Texas Penitentiary System"; "The 
Housing Problem in Texas. The Galveston 
News, Galveston, Texas. 

Louie Nathaniel Bromberg, 

B. A., 04; M. A., 05; Phi Beta Kappa; fel- 
low in Latin and Greek; Merchant, of firm 
I. G. Bromberg & Co. Mineola, Texas. 

Clinton Giddings Brown, 

B. A., 06; LL. B., 06; Kappa Alpha; Goo 
Roos; ed.-in-chief Texan; football; Lawyer; 
mayor of San Antonio; dist. atty., Bexar 
Co., 13; mem. San Antonio Country Club. 
City Hall and 208 E. Park Ave., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Eva Brown, 

Austin, Texas. 

Joseph Shotwell Brown, 

B. S., 02; M. A., 05; B. S., 82 Valparaiso, 
Ind.; Teacher. 822 Belvin St., San Marcos, 

William Frank Buckley, 

B. S., 04; LL. B., 05; Delta Tau Delta; 
Lawyer, retired. Avenida San Francisco, No. 
10, Mexico City, and Apartado 219, Tampico, 


Hoyte Hicks Burchard, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Banker; v.-pres. and cashier; 
v.-pres. Harlingen School Bd. ; mem. Harlin- 
gen Chamber of Commerce; Masons; Knights 
Templar. Harlingen, Texas. 

Joseph Milton Burford, 

B. S., 04; LL. B., 06; Lawyer. Mt. Pleasant, 

Thomas J. Caldwell, 

:B. S., 05; LL. B., 09; Beta Theta Pi; Phi 
Delta Phi; Arrowhead; Athenaeum; John C. 
Townes Law Soc.; pres. senior class; Attor- 
ney-at-Law; mem. Country, Rotary and Uni- 
versity Clubs. 811 Scarbrough Bldg. and 1009 
W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Walter Douglass Caldwell, 

Beta Theta Pi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Arrow- 
head Club; Lawyer; mem. House of Represen- 
tatives, 34th Legisl.; Texas State Senate 35th 
and 36th Legislatures; mem. Austin Country 
and Elks Clubs; Shriner. 706 W. 2ist St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Duncan Campbell, 

B. A., 04; LL. B., 06; Rusk Lit. Soc.; At- 
torney-at-Law; Masonic connections. Smith 
Bldg. and 510 S. High St., Longview, Texas. 

Trabue Carswell, 

B. A., 05; LL. B., 06; Lawyer; mem. Cres- 

hl. Club. 85 
Clark St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

cent Athl. Club. 85 Clinton St. and 97 

William Thomas Caswell, 

C. E., 99 Vanderbilt Univ.; Chi Phi; base- 
ball team; basketball, football and baseball 
(Vanderbilt) ; Cotton Exporter, sth and Chi- 
con Sts. and 1502 West Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Belle Gray Chapman (Mrs. Marcus 
Bainbridge Buford), 

Richmond, Va. 

Robert Carlton Clark, 

B. A., 01 ; M. A., 01; Ph. D., o$, Univ. Wis- 
consin; Teacher; professor of hist., Univ. of 
Oregon. Univ. of Oregon and 885, igth Ave. 
E. Eugene, Oregon. 

Arthur Cobb, 

Cameron, Texas. 

Frances Lucretia Cobb (Mrs. H. D. 

Grandview, Texas. 

Jonnie Minturn Colbert, 

710 W. 22d St., Austin, and Anson, Texas. 

F. H. Coleman, 

Insurance; mem. Elks. Vickery St., Waxa- 
hachie, Texas. 

Henry H. Connor, 

Cotton Business; mem. Pierce Lodge, No. 1441 
A. F. & A. M.; Sterling Chapter No. 50, 
R. A. M.; Castle Hall 273, Knights of 
Pythias. Calvert, Texas. 

Roscoe Cook, 

Sergt.-at-arms, freshman class; Farming and 
Stock raising; pres. Trinity Valley Oil & 
Gas Co.; Shiloh Oil & Gas Co.; mem. State 
Democratic Exec. Comm.; mem. Travis Lodge 
No. 20, Knights of Pythias; B. P. O. E., 
No 172. Mexia, Texas. 




Russell Dix Coulter, 

Kappa Alpha; mgr. Specification De-pt, Pack- 
ard Motor Co. of Chicago. 2357 Michi- 
gan Ave. and 649 E. soth PL, Chicago, 111. 

Alonzo Bettis Cox, 

B. A., ii ; M.' A., 13; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Rus- 
ticusses student asst., economics; Teacher; 
Dean, Cleburne Coll. Cleburne, Texas. 

Edward Crane, 

B. Lit., 06; LL. B. f 06; Sigma Chi; pres. 
Student's Assn., 04-05, 05-06; football team, 
03, 05; Lawyer; mem. Lakewood Country 
Club and Texas Bar Assn. 1102-1105 Secur- 
ity Natl. Bank Bldg. and 4005 Gaston Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Ima Shelton Culley, 

B. Lit, 04; Teacher. State Hotel, Corpus 
Christi, and 2507 Lafayette Ave., Austin, 

Ivan J. Curtsinger, 

B. Lit, 04; Sigma Nu Phi; Rusk Lit Soc.; 
inter-soc. debate, 04; pres. Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Lawyer; co. atty.; mem. Elks. Conerly Bldg., 
San Angelo, Texas. 

Frank Nott Dan forth, 

M. D., 05; Beta Phi Pi; Phi Alpha Sigma; 
Interneship in John Sealy Hosp. ; Physician; 
chief surgeon Texas City Hosp. Assn.; A. A. 
S., U. S. P. H. S.; pres. Guaranty State 
Bank; mem. A. F. and A. M.; Knights of 
Pythias; Oleander Country Club. Rooms 18- 
19 General Office Bldg. and 332 N. jth Ave., 
Texas City, Texas. 

Ida de Bardeleben, 

Mem. Wednesday Matinee Musical Club. 
Ward St., Marlin, Texas. 

Alexander Deussen, 

B. S., 03; M. S., 04; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Sigma Xi; Athenaeum Lit Soc.; ed. Texan 
and Cactus; Hancock fellowship in pplit sci., 
02-03; Consulting Geologist; instr. in geol., 
Univ. of Texas; asst. geol. U. S. Geological 
Survey 07-15; chief geol. Gulf Production 
Co., 15-16; author "Geology and Underground 
waters of the southeast parts of the Texas 
Coastal Plain"; "Ground water in La Salle 
and McMullen Cos., Texas"; fellow Geo- 
logical Soc. of America; mem. Inst. of Min- 
ing Engineers. 504 Stewart Bldg. and 301 
Hathaway Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Tura Whitney Dial, 

Teacher. Cedar Lawn School and 1213 S. 
Ervay St., Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Annella Douglas (Mrs. E. S. 

B. A., 02; Ashbel Lit Soc.; Teacher (re- 
tired); pres. 2oth Century Club; mem. Shake- 
speare and 2oth Century Clubs; Library Assn. 
502 S. Ragsdale St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Maurice Hood Dowell, 

Luling, Texas. 

I. Vance Duncan, 

Phi Delta Theta; capt. football team, 02; 
Cattleman and Farmer. Eagle Lake, Texas. 

George C. Embry, 

B. Lit, 03; Phi Gamma Delta; student asst 
in English, 02-03; Lawyer; instr. in Eng- 
lish, A. and M. Coll.. 03-07 and 09-10, and 
Univ. of Texas, 07-08. Trinity, Texas. 

Myrtle Etheridge (Mrs. A. J. Clop- 

B. A., 04; teacher of English and Latin in 
Patton Seminary, 04-05 and Texas Baptist 
Univ. 05-06; chrmn., program comm., Emer- 
son Study Club, 15-17; mem. Emerson Study 
Club. 421 N. Ewing Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

George Fant, 

Baseball; Assistant Cashier; ist Natl. Bank; 
mem. Elks; Knights of Pythias; Shriners. 
ist Natl. Bank and 316 Church PL, Weather- 
ford, Texas. 

Kate Helen Felt (Mrs. John R. Eid- 

Treas. St. Marys Guild. Hamilton, Texas. 

Edward C. Ferguson, 

Ph. M. 05, and M. D., 10, Northwestern 
Univ. ; Physician and Surgeon ; ex-pres. Jef- 
ferson Co. Med. Soc., 15-16; prof, anatomy 
Hotel Dieu Training Sch. for Nurses; local 
surg. Frisco; med. exam. San Jacinto Life 
Ins. Co., Union Central Life Ins. Co., United 
States Annuity Ins. Co.; mem. Elks; W. O. 
W. ; Maccabees. 502% Pearl and 2050 North 
St., Beaumont, Texas. 

William Eugene Fiegel, 

Architect 114 Lavaca and 2100 E. ipth Sts., 
Austin, Texas. 

Bernardine Field, 

Calvert, Texas. 

Use Sophia Frishmeyer (Mrs. C. E. 

B. Lit, 03; M. A., 08. Little Rock, Ark. 

Jesse Franklin Gamble, 

First Natl. Bank Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

Wirt Robert Garland, 

Class team baseball 00-01, 3d baseman varsity, 
01; Farmer. Annona, Texas. 

Lovic Pierce Garrett, 

Oil Operator, Geologist and in charge of 
Lease and Land Dept, Gulf Production Co.; 
asst. geologist, Rio Bravo Oil Co., 03-7. Gulf 
Production Co., Houston, Texas. 

Ada Hardeman Garrison (Mrs. C. S. 

B. A., 05; Pi Beta Phi. 2608 Rio Grande 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Ben Leon Glascock, 

B. S., 04; M. S., 07; Ph. D., oo Univ. of 
Pa.; Capitol Club; mem. Y. M. C. A. board 
and chrmn. of comms. : sec. and treas. Stud- 
ents Assn., 2 yrs; student asst. in chemistry, 
02-04; tutor, 04-07; football, 02-04; earned 
"T" 03-04; Superintendent Aluminum Co. of 
America, Maryville, Tenn., Works; mem. Am. 
Chemical Soc.; author "Metallic Strontium." 
Maryville, Tenn. 

John Roscoe Golden, 

B. A., 04; LL. B., 10 ; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Athenaeum; pres. sen. class 04; Lawyer. 611 
Linz Bldg. and 2809 McKinney Ave., Dallas, 



Frances Adele Gray, 

Cherokee, Texas. 

William H. Grimm, 

With Lyceum Dept., Natl. Alliance; co. clerk, 
Texas Co. Guymon, Okla. 

Susie G. Hammond (Mrs. Percy T. 

Calvert, Texas. 

Robert Ellison Harding, 

Beta Theta Pi; Banking; v.-pres. Ft Worth 
Natl. Bank; mem. River Crest Country, Ft. 
Worth and Rotary Clubs; Masons; Elks. 5th 
& Main Sts. and 1605 Sunset Ave., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

George William Hare, 

Swearingen, Texas. 

Hugh Maxey Hargrove, 

Phi Delta Theta; pres. freshman class; pres. 
Univ. Glee Club; Life Insurance, Active 
V.-Pres. San Tacinto Life Ins. Co. of Beau- 
mont; mem. Beaumont, Rotary and Country 
Clubs; Chamber of Commerce. Perlstein 
Bldg. and 1475 Broadway, Beaumont, Texas. 

Alice S. Harrison, 

B. Lit., 04; Librarian, Austin High School. 
406 W. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Nora Hefley, 

Entered Univ. with scholarship from Cam- 
eron Public School; Teacher; tchr. in Globe, 
Arizona, 5 yrs. Cameron, Texas. 

Harry Hertzberg, 

Prudential Life Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

Grace Hill (Mrs. Lynn Boyd Milam), 

Pi Beta Phi. 4931 Junius St., Dallas, Texas. 

Giles Dougherty Houston, 

Insurance. 573 S. Denton St., Gainesville, 

Mamie Viola Howard (Mrs. S. A. 

B. O., 04 Southwestern Univ.; Sigma Sigma 
Sigma; Y. W. C. A.; basketball; tennis; 
Athl. Assn.; mem. Am. Literature; Lydia 
and Pierian Clubs. 161 W. Sherman St., 
Paris, Texas. 

James Beck Hubbard, 

Lawyer, Tyler, Hubbard and Tyler; mem. 
Elks; Masons. 712 N. Penelope St., Belton, 

Duwain Elisha Hughes, 

Mertzon, Texas. 

Verne Hull, 

Hamblen, Texas. 

Katharine Jarrell, 

Teacher, High School. 201 Richmond Ave., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Kate Jenkins (Mrs. W. T. Decherd), 

B. A., 04; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A.; Girls Glee Club; sec. class (i); treas. 
(4); treas. Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; mem. 
Matinee Musical and Amateur Musical Clubs. 
3404 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 


Harry Potter Jirou, 

Accountant. Beaumont Motor Car Co. and 
2365 McFaddin Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Mrs. Willo May Johnson (now Mrs. 
T. B. Kelley), 

Cole Tire Mfg Co. St. Louis, Mo. 

Mary Peck Jones (Mrs. Walter B. 

B. A., 04. Calzada de la Teja No. 150, 
Mexico City, Mexico. 

Adelia Kesselus, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher, Elgin Public School; 
supt. Junior Epworth League (Elgin and Bas- 
trop). Bastrop, Texas. 

Richard Huntington Kimball, 

B. A., 03; attended U. S. Milit. Acad (West 
Point, N. Y.), 07; Officer, U. S. Army; mem. 
Army and Navy Club. War Dept., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

William John Knox, 

1 1 22 W. French PL, San Antonio, Texas. 

Anna C. Koch, 

Sidney Lanier Lit Soc.; Teacher of German; 
mem. Century Club. Shiner, Texas. 

Johanne Taber Kuehne (Mrs. E. W. 

Austin, Texas. 

Marie Kuehne (Mr. J. M. Kuehne), 

Austin, Texas. 

Emma Lake, 

B. A., 13; Kappa Alpha Theta; mem. Sesame 
and Monday Music Clubs; Daughters 01 Am. 
Revolution. 401 E. Austin St., Marshall 

Edna Steele Leavell (Mrs. Alex. M. 
F. Mood), 

B. A., 04; M. A., 05; Phi Beta Kappa; mem. 
Panhandle University Club. 1801 Monroe St., 
Amarillo, Texas. 

G. L. Lewis, 

M. D., 06; Physician; Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat. 205% S. Chadbourne St. and 202 E. 
Harris Ave., San Angelo, Texas. 

Forrest Edward Lumpkin, 

B. S., 04; Kappa Alpha; Farmer. 205 N. 
Ann St., Terrell, Texas. 

Frances May McAdams, 

B. S., 08; M. D., 13; also attended Huntsville 
High School; Pathologist. Bryan Hosp., 
Bryan, Texas. 

Mora Cordelia McCombs (Mrs. B. P. 

B. Lit., 03; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Advis- 
ory Bd. of Woman's Club; sec. Sidney Lan- 
ier Lit. Soc., i yr., pres. i yr. ; social ed. 
Magazine; tchr. Dallas High School; mem. 
History Club; Ladies Aid Soc. R. F. D. No. 
2, Cameron, Texas. 

Jeannette Adelaide McDuffie, 

Teacher of Drawing. Dallas Public Schools^ 
4809 San Jacinto St. and 4626 Live Oak St., 
Dallas, Texas. 




William Valentine McFaddin, 

With Magnolia Petroleum Co. 862 Pennsyl- 
vania Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Ike Barton McFarland, 

Phi Delta Theta; Retail Lumber; Manager 
Texas Lumber Co. 2600 Texas Ave. and 707 
Holman Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Edward Duncan McKellar, 

B. S., 05; B. S., 06 Princeton; Sigma Nu; 
Landlord. 1811 N. Western Ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Walter Carleton McLendon, 

Cashier, Freeport National Bank. Freeport, 

Daniel Buckley Maclnerney, 

Rusk Lit. and Debating Soc.; Lawyer; rep. 
State Legislature; clerk, Crim. Dist. Ct.; 
asst. co. atty. ; judge, corporation ct. 22 
Mechanic St. and 3307 Ave. R., Galveston, 

William Lorenzo Maedgen, 

Banking. Troy, Texas. 

Frank Mann, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Asst. Postmaster; mem. Ver- 
non Lodge, No. 655, A. F. and A. M. ; Ver- 
non Chapter No. 192 R. A. M. ; Vernon 
Commandery No. 33 K. T. ; E. T. Murchison 
Chapter No. 424 O. E. S.; Hella Temple A. 
A. O. N. M. S. 320 S. Mesquite St., Vernon, 

William Newton Markham, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Bookkeeper; mem. 

A. F. and A. M. 221 N. Beaton St. and 
1220 W. Callin St., Corsicana, Texas. 

John Peter Marrs, 

Wichita Falls, Texas. 

William Franklin Martin, 

B. S., 03; C. E., 04; Sigma Xi; Asst. Pro- 
fessor of Engineering Mechanics, Univ. of 
Cal.; asst. engr. and engr. in U. S. Geologi- 
cal Survey 06-12; mem. Am. Soc. of Civil 
Engrs. Univ. of Cal. and 1054 Mariposa 
Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Annie Mathews (Mrs. Elmer H. 

B. S., 02; Y. W. C. A.; basketball. Maiden, 

Richard W. Mayfield, 

Lawyer. Giddings, Texas. 

Amos Alexander Meador, 

Box 68, Winnipeg, Canada. 

Harry M. Morey, 

A. B., 04 Lafayette Coll.; Delta Upsilon 
(Lafayette); Lawyer; tchr., West Texas Milit. 
Acad., 04-06. Realty Bldg. and 1106 W. 
23d Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Gladys Eleanor Morgan, 

B. A., 04; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher, 
San Antonio H. S. ; mem. Our Reading Club; 
San Antonio Branch So. Assn. of Coll. Wom- 
en; Y. W. C. A. San Antonio H. S. and 217 
Lexington Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lavinia Namendorf, 

Teacher. 1508 Kane St., Houston, Texas. 

Octavia Nichols (Mrs. George Clifton 

B. A., 03; Ashbel Lit. Soc. 2603 Shelby St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Charlie M. Noble (Miss), 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher, Ft. Worth 
High School; mem. Southern Assn. of Col- 
lege Women. 1511 Cooper St., Ft. Worth, 

James Sidney O'Keefe, 

LL. B., 06; Sigma Nu Phi; Athenaeum; 
mem. Student Council; pres. Oratorical Assn., 
Athenaeum and Law Class (4); asst. business 
mgr. Cactus; Lawyer; atty. Carso Co., 06-08; 
judge Carson Co. 08-10; mem. B. P. O. E.; I. 
O. O. F.; M. W. A.; R N. A. Panhandle 
Bank Bldg. and 4th and Flora Sts., Panhandle, 

Cowel N. Olsen, 

District Manager Praetorians; mem. Supreme 
Senate Praetorians; mem. Elks; I. O. O. F. 
and Business League. Corsicana Natl. Bank 
Bldg. and 611 W. loth Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Samuel Berry Orton, 

B. A., 08; Merchant. West End Grocery, 
Canyon, Texas. 

Richard C. Pantermuehl, 

B. S., 03; M. S., 04; Teacher. Main High 
School and 200 W. Brooklyn Ave., Dallas, 

Stuart Tinsley Penick, 

Topographer, U. S. Geol. Survey, in charge 
field parties during field season. U. S. Geol. 
Survey, Washington, D. C. 

Percy V. Pennybacker (Mrs.), 

Publicist, Speaker and Writer; pres. Texas 
Fed. of Women's Clubs; pres. Genl. Fed. 
Women's Club; pres. Chautauqua (N. Y.) 
Women's Club; trust. Chautauqua (N. Y.) 
Inst.; trust. Leslie Ed. Foundation for Suf- 
frage; author of articles on Texas History 
in various periodicals; mem. Am. Hist. Club. 
2600 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Virginia F. Perkins, 

Registered Nurse; active nurse; natl. dele- 
gate to Red Cross Assn. (1916); State Treas., 
Nurses Assn., 13; Red Cross nurse; mem. 
State Nurses and Houston Grad. Nurses Assn. 
No. 8 Oxford Aprs, Houston, Texas. 

Charles Thaddeus Pettit, 

Real Estate. 204 Juanita Bldg. and 4525 High- 
land Drive, Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Katharine Petty (Mrs. T. C. 

B. A., 04; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel. 
604 Elm St., Orange, Texas. 

Everett De Fau Phillips, 

B. A., 06; E. E., 06. Fort Worth, Texas. 

Grace Prather, 

B. Lit., 05; Phi Beta Chi; mem. Ladies Lit. 
Club; Waco Y. M. C. A. 1024 Austin St., 
Waco, Texas. 

Alma Proctor (Mrs. J. B. Hatchiff), 

Lockhart, Texas. 




Charles William Ramsdell, 

B. A., 03; M. A., 04; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
pres. fresh, class 01; mem. committee which 
drafted first Constitution of Univ. of Texas 
Students Assn., 02; mem. Students Council 02- 
3; pres Students Assn. 04; fellow in History 
Univ. of Texas 03-04; Univ. fellow in Am. 
Hist., Columbia Univ. 04-05; Adjunct Prof, 
of American History Univ. of Texas; fellow 
of Texas State Hist. Assn.; sec. and treas. 
Texas State Hist. Assn. since 07; associate ed. 
Southwestern Historical Quarterly since 1910; 
mem. University Club. 215 E. 26th St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Joseph Hall Ranson, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Lawyer. 712 Scanlan Bldg. 
and 2419 Travis St., Houston, Texas. 

Emily Atherley Rawlings, 

B. A., 03; class sec. jr. yr. ; asst. class his- 
torian sen. yr. ; mem. Glee Club; Teacher. 
724 Highland Ave., Houston, Texas. 

James Lee Robinson, 

B. A., 04; M. D., 08; Johns Hopkins Med. 
Sch.; Grad. of Med. Sch., Wash., D. C, n; 
Captain, Medical Corps, U. S. Army. The 
Letterman General Hosp, The Presidio, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Addie May Roy, 

B. Lit., 04; Teacher; head of History Dept., 
Longview High School; mem. Y. W. C. A. 
High School and 2006 Oldham St., Austin, 

Jessie Roy, 

P>. L., 04; Teacher; mem. Rebecca, Praetorian, 
Mothers Club. 2006 Oldham St., Austin, 

Julia Runge, 

Austin, Texas. 

Emil Sauer, 

B. Lit., 03. American Consul. Goteborg, 

W. M. Schultz, 

M. D., 06 Louisville Med. Coll.; Phi Chi; 
Physician; health officer, Georgetown, 08-12; 
mem. B. P. O. E. Georgetown, Texas. 

M. A. Shropshire, 

516 E. Elmira St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Mary Helen Simkins (Mrs. Law- 

Dallas, Texas. 

George Edward Simpson, 

Chief Clerk to General Manager of Houston 
Oil Co. of Texas. 909 Scanlan Bldg. and 

1523 Nebraska Ave., Houston, Texas. 

James Albert Simpson, 

B. S., 04; E. E. 05; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Rusty 
Cusses; collector and treas., Rusk Lit. Soc., 
02-03; Wire Chief, Chicago Telephone Co. 
212 W. Washington St. and 5553 Maryland 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Claude Octavius Smith, 

Mem. Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; 
Rusty Cusses; student asst. in Sch. of Botany, 
06-07; Surety Bonds and Insurance. 821 
Scarbrough Bldg. and 1009 W. I2th St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

John Marvin Smith, 

University Band; Superintendent, City Schs.; 
prin. Rogers High Sch. (Rogers) and 
Kerens High School (Kerens); instr. in hist, 
summer sens. Caldwell, Texas. 

Giddings Stone, 

Zeta Psi; Manager, Estate of Heber Stone; 
mem. Thalian Club (Houston); Mexico City 
and American Clubs (Mexico). Brenham, 

Frank B. Thomas, 

Bryan, Texas. 

Helen Wooten Thornton (Mrs. 
Thomas E. Thornton), 

B. S., 05. 2315 Adams St., San Diego, Cal. 

Lucie Brockman Thornton, 

1907 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

William Martin Thornton, 

Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Staff Cor- 
respondent Galveston-Dallas News; mem. Bd. 
Trustees, Blind Inst.; ist pres. Austin Press 
Club; mem. Austin Country and Rotary Clubs; 
Knights of Columbus. 102 W. 6th and 1501 
Colorado Sts., Austin, Texas. 

Richard Swearingen Tobin, 

490 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. 

Anna Cousins Townes (Mrs. H. H. 

B. Lit., 05. Austin, Texas. 

Annie Laurie Trippet (Mrs. Sam 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. D. A. R. South Lamar, 
Weatherford, Texas. 

Frank Turner, 

Banker; asst. cashier; mem. Capital Boarding 
Club. Bridgeport, Texas. 

Alfred Pierce Ward, 

Phi Delta Theta; all round championship, 
track 04; half back, football team oo; Land, 
Cattle and City Real Estate Owner; junior 
partner and mgr. L. Ward and Son; v.-pres. 
First State Bank, Francitas, Texas; mem. 
Travis and San Antonio Country Clubs. 715 
State Natl. Bank Bldg. and 117 E. French 
PL, San Antonio, Texas. 

Walter Owen Washington, 

240 Moore Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

Joel Franklin Watson, 

B. A., 07; LL. B., 07; Kappa Alpha; Arrow- 
head; assoc. ed. and ed. -in-chief of Magazine 
and Texan; former ed.-in-chief of Cactus; 
baseball team 06; tennis doubles champion 2 
yrs. ; tutor in history; Attorney-at-Law; states 
atty. and master in chancery, Jefferson Co.; 
city atty. of Mt. Vernon; mem. Elks; K. 
of P.; Moose. Co. Court House and 424 
N. loth St., Mt Vernon, 111. 

Daisy Belle Weed, 

400 Fannin St., Austin, Texas. 

Alexander Francis Weisberg, 

B. S., 04; student, asst. in economics; mgr. 
football team; ed.-in-chief Texan; editorial bd. 
Cactus; Lawyer, of firm Thompson, Knight, 
Baker & Harris: mem. Columbian and Lake- 
wood Country Clubs. Commonwealth Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 1610 Pa. Ave., Dallas, Texas. 




Lloyd William Welker, 

B. Lit., 04; Christian Science Practitioner. 
60 1 Symes Bldg. and Hotel Metropole, Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Carl T. Widen, 

B. A., 02; Assistant Cashier, Am. Natl. Bank; 
mem. Univ. Club. 60 1 Congress Ave. and 
1608 Brazos St., Austin, Texas. 

Oswin William Willcox, 

B. S., 01 ; Ph. D., 04 Univ. of Chicago; 
Chemist and Chemical Engineer; author of 
various papers in technical journals; mem. 
Chemists Club of N. Y. Aetna Explosives 
Co., Newton Hamilton, _Pa. 

Edward Barton Williams, 

Newman Club; Cashier, Frank G. Jester and 
Co. i oo i Southwestern Life Ins. Bldg. and 
629 N. Madison Ave., Dallas,, Texas. 

John Wesley Williamson, 

B. A., 04. Richland, N. Mex. 

Charles Herman Winkler, 

B. S., 04; M. A., 14; Ph. D., 16 Univ. of 
Mo.; Phi Delta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Sigma 
Kappa Zeta; asst. in botany, 01-02; fellow in 
botany 02-03, 03-04; Professor of Agricultural 
Education, West Va. Univ.; research fellow 
Univ. of Mo., 15-16; author "The Botany of 
Texas"; "Nature Study and Agriculture for 
the Rural Schools of Texas"; "Guide to 
Mushroom Culture"; "Investigation of the 
Relation Between Vegetative and Reproduc- 
tive Activity in Plants"; mem. Natl. Geo- 
graphic and W. Va. Scientific Socs.; Natl. 
Soc. for the Promotion of Industrial Educa- 
tion. West Virginia Univ. and 88 Kingwood 
St., Morgantown, W. Va. 

John Lewis Worley, 

B. A., 04; M.A., 05; Phi Beta Kappa; Assoc. 
Editor Dallas Times Herald; mem. Dallas 
Club. 1305 Elm St. and 3600 Gillespie Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Bula Wright (Mrs. C. R. Burrow), 

Exempt in German, Hist, and Math.; pres. 
City Federation of Clubs; pres. Woman's 
Book Club; Worthy Matron, Eastern Star; 
pres. Woman's Missionary Soc.; mem. East- 
ern Star; Woman's Book Club. Canyon, 

Johnie Elizabeth Wright, 

Alpha Delta Pi (Southwestern Univ.). Com- 
mercial Hotel, Georgetown, Texas. 

Katherine Electa Wright, 

404 W. list St., Austin, Texas. 

Frederick Roderick Wulff, 

Chi Phi; Real Estate; mem; A. F. and A. M.; 
B. P. O. E. Brady, Texas. 

Bess Katherine Yeates (Mrs. Albert 
S. Leach), 

School Teacher, 01-05. P O. Box 222 and 
1125 Mistletoe Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Margaret Glenn Young [Ruling] 
(Mrs. J. E. Quaid) 

Mem. Woman's Club of El Paso. 2525 Mon- 
tana St., El Paso, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Alexander H. Abercrombie; Paul Thomas Alex- 
ander; Pearl Alexander; Thomas E. Alexander; 
Bertram Clayton Anderson; Benjamin Palmer At- 
kinson; Lucile Atkinson; Cora Audrain; Hen- 
rietta Backus; Alva Benjamin Barker; Julia 
Amelia Beazley; Kate T. Bird; Claude Boles; 
Elbert Vernie Boynton; Temple Brigham; Kate 
Bringhurst; Joseph S. Brown; J. C. Burdett; Roy 
B. Burnett*; Bessie Callaway; Alfred Tounes Car- 
leton; Susie Clark; Zemaila Clark; Richard Norris 
Cooper; Andrew Bennett Cox,* B. S., 05; Meyer 
Cox; Floy Criswell; Craig Cunningham; John 
William Curd*; Lulu Dalton; Florence Devine*; 
Frances Anna Dickson; Tallyrand Wilson Dunn; 
Charles B. Emanuel; Andrew Jackson Evans; 
Tullins Leonora Evans; Charles R. Fields; Marie 
Lavine Fitzpatrick (Mrs. L. D. Shaw) ; Myra 
Foster (Mrs. Kennedy Rogers); Cora Lee Fuller; 
Clyde Barbee Garrett; Esther G.bson; Stella 
Elizabeth Gillespie; Arthur Elmer Griggs; W. H. 
Grimm; Chas. Edmund Haberer; Artie Cordelia 
Hamer; Thomas Marion Hamilton; Aline Harris; 
Albert G. Harrison; Claude Clarence Hatchett; 
Frank Hawkins; Miss Keziah Heflin (Mrs. J. V. 
Fleming), B. S., 04; Edward Lyon Hubbard*; 
Katherine Hudson; James A. Humphries; Mrs. 
Nelson Hunsdon; Carry Purnell Huppertz; Har- 
riett Ethel Jacobs; Dallas Thomas Johnston; Ed- 
ward Appleton Keyes; Mrs. V. O. King; Ida V. 
Lancaster; Thos. Shirley Lawrence; Marshall 
Brewton Lenoi*; Anna Ludlow; Arthur McCoy; 
Isabella McCulloch; Miss Willy McCulloch; Wil- 
liam Valentine McFaddin; Mae McLaurin; Wal- 
ter Leander Me Williams; Alice Novella Magee, 
B. Lit., 04; Newton J. Marshall,* B. A., 04; 
Ivanhoe Martin; Annie Valrie Mathews; M. G. 
Miller; Franklin Benjamin Moore; Joseph Ben- 
jamin Moore; Cecile Morris (Mrs. L. H. Baskin); 
Lela Moss; Lillian Moss; Oscar Andrew Nelson*; 
Louis Nester Norwood; Estes Paine, M. D., 06; 
Ellie Parks*; Chas. William Peacock*; Ethel 
Gertrude Pearce; Joe Win. Poindexter*; Ray 
Poole; Roswell J. Powell*; Wade Hampton 
Powell*; Lulu Addie Raines; A very L. Rector*; 
James Monroe Risinger; Mabel Clair Rowe; T. W. 
Russell*; Joel J. Samuel*; Josie Clark Shaw; 
Annie Shepard; Tasper Henry Shepard; William 
Henry Sigmon; Delia E. Simpson; Doc Smith; 
Tack Morgan Smith; Johnnie Lela Smith; Louis 
Brady Smith; Mrs. George McLean Spears; Al- 
fred Howard Spohn; Jefferson Davis Starr*; 
Maud Annie Stuart; Nellie Chesworth Summer- 
field (Mrs. John C. Mitchell), B. Lit, 04; George 
O'Neill Sweeney*; Louise Augusta Thomas; 
Kyrie Thrasher*; Mrs. Corinne Barrett Tolman*; 
Ellen Wooldridge Waggener (Mrs. E. L. Lan- 
caster)*; Cora Waldo; Hannah Bowes Walker; 
Bertha Wallace*; Josephine Lucille Wathen; 
Oscar James Watson; Lloyd William Welker, B. 
Lit., 04; Timmie White (Mrs. B. F. Crews); 
Robert Adams White*; Carrie Wood; John S. 
Wyrick; E. R. Young. 


Fletcher Absalom Adair, 

Fire Insurance. 105 W. McHarg St. and 802 
E. Oliver St., Stamford, Texas. 

Motozo Akazawa, 

B. S., 05. Sakai, Osaka, Japan. 

Charles Ivan Alexander, 

B. S., 02; Professor of Mathematics. Texas 
Christian Univ., Fort Worth, Texas. 

David T. Alley, 

Engineer. Stockdale, Texas. 

C. H. C. Amerman, 

B. S., 04; LL. B., 05; Lawyer; mem. B. P. 
O. E.; W. O. W.; I. O. R. M. Box 57, Texas 
Bldg., and 3108 Crawford St., Houston, Texas 




Ora Lee Angle, 

Stenographer, Purchasing Dept., G. C. & S. 
F. Ry. F. and M. Bank Bldg. and 407 Col- 
lege St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Albert Ross Arledge, 

Pasadena, Cal. 

William Odus Bailey, 

Decatur, Texas. 

Jesse S. Bardin, 

M. D., 07, Fort Worth Sch. of Med.; Phi 
Chi; Physician and Surgeon; prof. Pediatrics, 
T. C. U.; mem. K. of P.; W. O. W.; M. W. 
A.; Circle; Royal Neighbors. 104% Main St. 
and 2323 Lee Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Charra Eloise Barlow, 

Dir. of Young People's Work, First Baptist 
Church. 606 N. Ervay St. and 1714 Bennett 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Flora Bartholomew (Mrs. R. H. Mc- 

B. A., 04; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; Cactus bd., 92-03; -pres. 
Acorn Club; mem. Acorn Club; Civic League. 
804 Magnolia St., Palestine, Texas. 

Laura Lorraine Batson, 

B. A., 04. Longview, Texas. 

Eugene Turner Beck (Miss), 

B. A., ii. Caldwell, Texas. 

Edward Roy Benson, 

City Engineer. Uvalde, Texas. 

Lewis Bradley Bibb, 

B. A., 05; M. D., 08; Alpha Mu Pi Omega; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Physician and Surgeon; 
mem. University Club. 437 W. S9th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Robert Palmer Blanding, 

Beta Theta Pi; Auto Agent, Insurance (Life), 
Real Estate; mem. Masons; Elks. 9 Rookery 
Bldg. and 628 W. 3d Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Annie Augusta Bonner (Mrs. James 
P. Marley), 

Douglas, Ariz. 

Thomas Davenport Bonner, 

Sigma Nu; Glee Club; Orchestra; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; German Club; baseball team; Commer- 
cial Adjuster; mem. A. F. & A. M.; Mystic 
Shrine; B. P. O. E.; Y. M. B. C.; Golf Club. 
Wiley Bldg. and 407 S. Broadway, Tyler, 

Waites Terry Bowdon, 

Lufkin, Texas. 

James Lafayette Brecheen, 

Superintendent, Public Schools. Blossom, 

Ernest Win f red Breihan, 

B. S., 05; M. S., 07; M. D., 14; Phi Chi; 
student, fellow and tutor asst. in physics; 
asst. in bacteriology; Physician. 208 McClur- 
kan Bldg., Denton, Texas. 

Vivian Brenizer (Mrs. W. .T Cas- 

Phi Beta Phi. 1502 West Ave., Austin, 

Barney Brooks, 

B. S., 05; M. D., n, Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
Capitol Club; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Surgeon; instr. in surgery, Washington Univ., 
12; res. house officer, Johns Hopkins Hosp., 
11-12; mem. Pithotomy (Baltimore) and Uni- 
versity Clubs; Alpha Omega Alpha Soc. 
Washington Univ. Med. School and 5637 Ber- 
lin Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

James Earl Broussard, 

Chi Phi; Merchant and Farmer; County 
Commr. Anahuac, Texas. 

Elizabeth Denison Brown (Mrs. Bar- 
ton George Lane), 

B. Lit., 05; M. A., 09; Chi Omega; Sidney 
Lanier Lit. Soc. 107 W. Carolina St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Flora Maud Brown, 

B. A., 05; attended Univ. of 111. Library Sch., 
12-13; Librarian; ist asst., Walker Branch 
Library of Minneapolis Pub. Library. 29th 
St. and Hennepin Ave. and 3447 Lyndale 
Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Morton Brown, 

Mgr. Cactus. 2208 Guadalupe St. and 202 E. 
1 4th St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Garland Brown, Jr., 

Longview, Texas. 

Qaude Herbert Buckley, 

Tampico, Mexico. 

Richard Coke Burleson, 

Graduate U. S. Military Acad., West Point; 
Captain Third Light Artillery, U. S. Army; 
served in cavalry, infantry, coast artillery, 
light artillery. San Saba, Texas. 

Arthur Parsons Burns, 

Sigma Nu; Hardware. 103 E. Paul Ave. and 
607 N. Pine St., Paul's Valley, Okla. 

John \Villiam Calhoun, 

B. A., 05; A. M., 08, Harvard Univ.; Capitol 
Club; Phi Beta Kappa; Asst. Professor of 
Pure Mathematics, Univ. of Texas; pres. 
Univ. Co-operative Soc.; mem. University 
Club. 2805 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Lily B. Campbell, 

B. Lit., 05; M. A., 06; Kappa Alpha Theta; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; pres. Woman's Council, 04- 
06; pres. Ashbel Lit. Soc.; v.-pres. Y. W. C. 
A.; mem. bd. Magazine; Instructor in Eng- 
lish, Univ. of Wisconsin. University of Wis- 
consin and 419 Sterling PI., Madison, Wis. 

Wallace Russell Campbell, 

Phi Gamma Delta: Railroad Clerk, Texas & 
New Orleans R. R. Houston & Texas Cen- 
tral Depot and 3202 Louisiana St., Houston, 

James Reece Cannon, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club; baseball; Sales 
Manager; mem. U. C. T. Box 200, Amarillo, 

Edith Jane Clagett (Mrs. J. Wain- 
wright Evans), 

B. Lit., 04; Pi Beta Phi. 1702 Massachusetts 
St., Lawrence, Kan. 

Erwin J. Clark, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Judge 74th Dist. Court. 
Court House and 900 N. i6th St., Waco, 




Thomas Clive Cole, 

Kappa Sigma; Land and Loan Agent. Roger 
and Dunn Sts., Waxahachie, Texas. 

Robert E. Cowart, Jr., 

Lawyer. 801 Wilson Bldg. 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Idg. and 171 Corsicana 

Naiaid Cresap (Mrs. Scott Key), 

Mem. Magazine Club; Symphony Club. Has- 
kell, Texas. 

John Criddle, 

Abstractor; dep. county clerk, Ellis Co., 02-06. 
504 Brown St., Waxahachie, and no: Main 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Henry Lamar Crosby, 

B. A., 01 ; M. A., 02; A. M., 03, Harvard 
Univ.; Ph. D., 05, do.; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Asst. Pro- 
fessor of Greek, Univ. of Pa.; mem. Am. 
Philological Assn.; Archaeological Inst. of 
America; Classical Assn. of the Atlantic 
States. University of Pa. and 4328 Sansom 
St., Phila., Pa. 

J. Emmet Davern, 

Vice-President The Russell Brown Co. 1214 
Carter Bldg. and Y. M. C. A., Houston, Texas. 

Robert Louis Dewees, 

Teacher; prin. Ward School; mem. W. O. W.; 
Masons. i4th and N. Main Sts. and 2319 
Columbus Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

John Benjamin Dodson, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Stock Farmer; mem. Dairy- 
men's Assn. of San Patricio Co. Sinton, 

Carr Thomas Dowell, 

B. S., 02; Instructor in Chemistry, Tulane 
University. New Orleans, La. 

Maurice H. Dowell, 

U. S. Mail Service; corres. for newspapers. 
Luling, Texas. 

Mary Katherine Downie, 

Teacher. 906 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Victor Caesar Eckhardt, 

Sigma Chi; Ranchman and Planter; Masonic 
connections. Yorktown, Texas. 

Josephine Eikel, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Stenographer and Music 
Teacher. 817 Austin Ave., Waco, Texas. 

Mrs. Anna Lowrie Ellis, 

Teacher. R. F. D. No. 6, Box 139, Gonzales 
Road, San Antonio, Texas. 

Janie Berryman Ellis (Mrs. R. O. 

Honolulu, T. H. 

Leigh Ellis, 

Phi Delta Theta; Cotton Merchant; mem. 
Elks; Country Club. Littlefield Bldg. and 
411 W. 13th St., Austin, Texas. 

Wilson McFarland Ellison, 

Civil Service Employee and Farmer. Duson, 

Clara Tillye Elzner (Mrs. Thomas P. 

Pres. Ladies' Reading Circle and Music Club. 
Bastrop, Texas. 

Judith Elsie English (Mrs. C. H. 

3108 Bliss St., El Paso, Texas. 

Tom Farr, 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Hanno Faust, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Asst. Cashier, First Natl. 
Bank. 431 Castel St., New Braunfels, Texas. 

Anson Travis Feagin, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Lawyer; mayor. Living- 
ston, Texas. 

A. M. Ferguson, 

B. S., 94, Agr. and Mech. Coll. of Texas; 
M. S., 96 do.; instr. in botany, Univ. of 
Texas, 01-06; Seedsman and Text Book Pub- 
lisher; pres. of Ferguson Seed Farms; propr. 
Ferguson Pub. Co. 529 E. Tones St. and 602 
N. Grand Ave., Sherman, Texas. 

Henry Turney Fletcher, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Hickey Club; Manager of 02 
Cattle Ranch; co. commr., Brewster Co. 
Alpine, Texas. 

William Peyton Florence, 

Sam Houston Lit. Soc.; Farmer. Slaton, 

Guy Wallace Ford, 

Cashier, First Natl. Bank; mem. City Council, 
4 yrs. ; mem. A. F. & A M. ; R A. M. Sayre, 

Henry Harrison Ford, 

Kappa Alpha; Merchant; mem. Houston, 
Houston Country, and Thalian (Houston) 
Clubs. P. O. Box 526, Alvin, Texas. 

Rupert Winthrop Fowler, 

B. A., 08; Teacher. 2304 San Antonio St., 
Austin, Texas. 

James S. French, 

Athenaeum Lit Soc.; assoc. ed. University of 
Texas Literary Magazine, Cactus and Texan; 
Bookseller and Stationer; city ed. Galveston 
News 07-08; ed. Galveston Semi-Weekly 
News. San Marcos, Texas. 

Annie Joe Gardner (Mrs. I. V. Dun- 

B. A., 05; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel 
Literary Soc. ; mem. Stitch and Chatter Club. 
Eagle Lake, Texas. 

M. Elsie Garrett (Mrs. E. E. 

Phi Beta Phi. 275 W. 7th St., Beaumont, 

Harry W. Gaston, 

Newspaper man. (Wichita, Texas.) 

William Robert Gillette, 

Marionville, Mo. 

Grace Gould (Mrs. Webb Wright), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 425 Kolstad St., Pales- 
tine, Texas. 

George Lester Gray, 

M. D., 07 Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch. ; 
Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Chi; Physician. Brady, 




Emma Autry Greer (Mrs. Henry Lee 

B. A., 05; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; University Magazine bd.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; teacher in Miss Austin's 
Private School, Beaumont, 05-06; mem. Wom- 
an's Reading Club. 68 1 Oakland St., Beau- 
mont, Texas. 

William Wallace Griffing, 

Farmer; supt. schools at Abbott, Riesel, Cov- 
ington, Scranton and Moody. Irene, Texas. 

James Marion Sims Hadra, 

Shreveport, La. 

Arthur Halsted, 

Greeley, Colo. 

Lee M. Hammond, 

Prin. Sam Houston School. 1415 S. Jennings 
Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Fanny West Harris (Mrs. Alexander 

B. S., 05; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; v.-pres. class, 02; assoc. ed. Cactus 04- 
05; mem. Matheon Club. 3435 Cedar Springs 
Road, Dallas, Texas. 

Louise Harris (Mrs. William J. 

B. A., 06. Port Arthur, Texas. 

Ethel Hibbs (Mrs. Chauncey Sey- 
mour Shaw), 

B. Lit., 05; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. 114 
Township Line, Jenkintown, Pa., and Man- 
chester Center, Vt. 

Clyde Walton Hill, 

B. A., 06; LL. B., 13; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Lawyer. 1511 Praetorian Bldg. and 307 W. 
loth St., Dallas, Texas. 

Milton Gardner Hodnette, 

General Manager, Colo., Wyo., Idaho, Mont, 
and Utah Dept., The Union Central Life Ins. 
Co.; mem. Denver Athletic Club; formerly 
mem. University Club (Austin, Texas) and 
Missouri Athletic Club (St. Louis, Mo). 323 
Century Bldg. and 1991 Forest St., Denver, 

Mary Horton Hopkins (Mrs. James 
Lawson Goggans), 

1819 Bennett Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

May Agness Hopkins, 

B. S., 06; M. D., u; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sidney 
Lanier Lit. Soc.; zoology scholarship, 05-06; 
pres. Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc., 05-06; pres. 
Women's Athletic Assn., 05-06; capt. basket- 
ball team, 04-05; v.-pres. freshman, sophomore 
and senior classes, 01-06; Y. W. C. A. 
Cabinet; instr. med. dept., 06-10; grand- 
ores. Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity; Practicing 
Physician; physician to Virginia K. John 
Home and Sears Roebuck & Co.; on staff City 
Hosp.; mem. State Med. Assn.: fellow Am. 
Med. Assn; mem. Dallas Co. Med. Soc.; Dallas 
Pen Women, and Dallas Federated Women's 
Clubs. 611 Southwestern Life Bldg. and 4621 
Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Gertrude Nell Houlahan, 

B. A., 05; Teacher, Ball High School. 1711, 
25th St., Galveston, Texas. 

Charles West Howard, 

Banking; pres. Natl. Bank of Commerce 
(Frederick), Farmers State Bank (Tipton), 
Bank of Elmer (Elmer) and Citizens Bank 
(Headrick); pres. Chamber of Commerce 
(Frederick) ; mem. exec. comm. Okla. 
Bankers Assn.; chrmn. exec, comm., Bankers 
Assn. of ist dist., Okla., and Military Relief 
Comm. of Red Cross of Tillman Co. Grand 
and Main Sts. and 101 S. i3th St., Frederick, 

David Samuel Hughston, 

Teacher; supt. Tulia Pub. Schs., 09-12; A very 
Pub. Sch., 13-14; Blossom Pub. Sch., 14-16; 
prin. David Hirsch Sch., Corpus Christi; mem. 

A. F. & A. M.; Woodmen of the World; Yeo- 
men; Maccabees; Eastern Star. 3001 N. 
Water St., Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Ralph H. Hugo, 

Investments; mem. Elks; Travis and San An- 
tonio Clubs. Gunter Bldg. and 301 E. Park 
Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Bertha Leah Jackson, 

B. A., 07; Teacher. 508 Fredonia St., Long- 
view, Texas, and Mt. Pleasant, Texas. 

Louise L. Jary (Mrs. A. B. Warren), 

Mem. Theosophical Soc., New Thought Alli- 
ance; Prison League; 6217 Kimbark Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

John W. Jennett, 

Grad. William Jewell Coll.; Zeta Phi; Teacher, 
retired. 2013 Wesley St., Greenville, Texas. 

Alice Adele Johnson (Mrs. Louis Wil- 

B. S., 06. Sutton Manor, New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Charles Bedford Johnson, 

B. A., 03; Sigma Chi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; In- 
surance; cashier Herring Natl. Bank (Ver- 
non), 09-13; Amarillo Natl. Life Ins. Co., 
13-16; state mgr. California State Life Ins. 
Co. of Sacramento, Cal. ; mem. Masons; 
Shriners; K. of P.; W. O. W.; Elks. Cali- 
fornia State Life Bldg. and 1602 Washington 
St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Lewis Johnson, 

LL. B., 04; B. A., 05; Kappa Alpha; Goo 
Roo; fellow in School of Hist., 01-02, 02-03; 
dir. Univ. Music Organizations, 03-04; pres. 
Students' Assn, 04; assoc. ed. Texan, 03-04; 
Real Estate, Land Loans and Live Stock; sec. 
Board of Trade; Republican elector-at- large, 
12; mem. W. O. W.; Elks. Jacksboro, Texas. 

Marshall M. Johnston, 

Assistant Principal, High School; conductor 
of Summer Normal, San Antonio, 10 yrs. ; 
ores. Teachers' Pension Assn.; 14 Mason. 
Main Ave. High School and 218 Dunning 
Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Rudolph John Jung, 

B. A., 15. 604 Ba 


yland Ave., Houston, 

W. Davis Justice, 

County Attorney, Henderson Co.; mem. 
Knights of Pythias. Athens, Texas. 

Frank Kadanka, 

Caldwell, Texas. 

Frank J. Kallus, 

Attorn ey-at- Law; clerk of dist. court; treas. 
B. R. Cath. Union of Texas. Court House 
and Franklin St., La Grange, Texas. 

Thomas A. Keith, 

B. S., 07; Y. M. C. A.; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher. Box 105, Wellington, Texas. 




Victor Keller, 

Kappa Alpha; football; Lawyer; pres. Y. M. 
C. A. of San Antonio; pres. San Antonio 
Automobile, Country and Kennel Clubs, 
mem Travis, San Antonio Automobile, Coun- 
try and Kennel Clubs.. Suite 404 Gunter Bldg. 
and No. 32, Toltec Apts., San Antonio, Texas. 

Isabel Kelly (Mrs. F. G. Finean), 

B. A., 05; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher 
of Spanish. Dallas High School and 1521 
Sugar St., Dallas, Texas. 

Louis Wiltz Kemp, 

Chi Phi; Manager Paving Division, The Texas 
Co.; mem. Arabia Temple, Shrine; Y. M. 

C. A. The Texas Co., Houston, Texas. 

Carl R. Kincaid, 

Tulsa, Okla. 

George Cyrus Kindley, 

B. S., 05; M. D., ii ; Alpha Mu Pi Omega; 
football "T," 05; Physician; instr. in pathol- 
ogy, med. dept., Univ. of Texas, 11-14; mem. 
Scottish Rite Consistory and El Mina Temple, 
Mystic Shrine (Galveston). 704 Wilson Bldg. 
and 4720 Worth St., Dallas, Texas. 

H. W. Kuempel, 

Merchant. Pflugerville, Texas. 

Lois Cema Lake (Mrs. R. S. Shep- 

5010 Reiger Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Edgar H. Lancaster, 

B. S., 05; M. D., 09; Alpha Mu Pi Omega; 
pres. jun. class, 04, acad. dept. and sen. 
class, 09 med. dept; awarded "T" for cham- 
pionship in gymnastics, 03; Physician and Sur- 
geon; house surg. Norsworthy Hosp. (Hous- 
ton); mem. Harris Co. Med., South Texas 
Dist. Med., Texas State Med. and Am. Med. 
Assns.; Houston Country Club. 711 Kress 
Medical Bldg. and 1417 Holman Ave., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Lee Walter Lastor, 

Farmer; prin. Brandon Pub. Sch., 03-04; prin. 
4th Ward Sch., Corsicana; clerk in charge 
R. R. Mail Service, Waco, Texas, 06-12. 
R. F. D. No. i, Calvert, Texas. 

Emil Alexander Lichtenstein, 

Lieutenant U. S. Navy. Bureau of Naviga- 
tion, Navy Dept., Washington, D. C., and 
1210 Chaparral St., Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Pattie Lockwood (Mrs. Harry Inger- 

Plaza Mayor, Apartado No. 335, San Luis 
Potosi, Mexico, and 618 Camden St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

William Longino, 

B. A., 03; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; student asst. 
Latin and Greek, 02-03; Teacher of Latin, 
Sam Houston Normal Inst. Huntsville, Texas. 

Robert Emmett Lynch, 

Clerk. Gulf Commissary Co., Port Arthur, 

Hugh Orlando McCain, 

Teacher, Department of Mathematics, Gaines- 
ville, Texas. 900 S. Lindsay St., Gainesville, 

Maud McCain (Mrs. L. E. Strat- 

2602 Euclid Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Claire McClure (Mrs. O. S. Hodges), 

Beaumont, Texas. 

Jodie McClure, 

Teacher; mem. Story Teller's League. 208 
E. Methvin St., Longview, Texas. 

Robert Earl McCormick, 

B. A., 04; A. M., 10, Harvard; Glee and 
Mandolin Clubs; alumni scholarship $100 on 
entrance exam.; Teacher. Kern County High 
School and Junior Coll. and 1804 Orange St., 
Bakersfield, Cal. 

Cecile McCrummen, 

B. A., 04. Farmersville, Texas. 

Lilla Graham Mclnnis (Mrs. W. P. 

3516, 29th St., Bryan, Texas. 

Mary Fowler Maas, 

B. A., 05. Galveston, Texas. 

Robert Lincoln Marquis, 

B. S., 02; A. B., 01, Texas Christian Univ.; 
M. S., 03, Univ. of Chicago; Professor of 
Biology, West Texas State Normal Coll. 
Canyon, Texas. 

Arthur Mathis, 

B. S., 06; Phi Delta Theta; President, First 
Natl. Bank. Rockport, Texas. 

Harvey Burleson Matthews, 

B. S., 05; M. D., 09, Columbia Univ., N. Y.; 
Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Alpha Sigma; student 
asst. in Zoology; dem. histology, Med. Dept., 
Univ. of Texas, 05-06; baseball; track; Sur- 
geon ; asst. obst. M. E. Hosp. ; instr. in obst. 
and gyn. at Long Island Coll. Hosp., Brook- 
lyn; author of monographs on Pregnancy and 
Tuberculosis, Obstetrical Anaesthesia; mem. 
Brooklyn Tennis Club; Y. M. C. A., Central 
Branch. 638 St. Mark's Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Jonnie Mildred Megee, 

B. S., 05; M. A., 15; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Teacher of History. Austin High School and 
100 E. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Lena Megee (Mrs. L. V. Stock- 

B. S., 05; Assistant, Univ. of Texas Library; 
sec. Faculty Women's Club; mem. Univ. of 
Texas Library, University Camera, and Fac- 
ulty Women's Clubs. University Library and 
100 E. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Vada Elizabeth Meyer (Mrs. C. O. 

Housekeeper. 411 N. Texas Bldg. and 204 
E. 9th St., Dallas. Texas. 

Samuel Irving Miller, 

Clothing Manufacturer; mem. B. P. O. E. 
2307 Strand and 2602 Ave O, Galveston, 

Samuel Ferrell Moffett, 

D. D. S., 05, Univ. of Md.; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Dentist. Cotulla, Texas. 

Adrian Moore, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Real Estate and Fire 
Insurance; mem. Country and Oak Lake Clubs; 
Praetorians. 115 S. 4th St. and 1824 Frank- 
lin St., Waco, Texas. 




William Joy Moyes, 

B. A., 05; Rusticusses; Phi Beta Kappa; capt. 
track team (2); assoc. ed. Texan; pres. sen. 
class; varsity track team, 02; Head of Eng- 
lish Dept., South End junior High School; 
instr. in Latin, Allen Acad., 05-09; instr. 
Marshall Training Sch., 09-12; prin., do., 12; 
mem. University Club. South End High 
School and 1112 McKinney Ave., Houston, 

Neva Munson, 

Teacher, Public School. 515 W. Woodward 
St., Denison, Texas. 

George Stribling Newell, 

B. S., 05; Asistant Superintendent American 
Smelting & Refining Co. Apto., 101, Mon- 
terey, N. L., Mexico, and 742 E. Pennsylvania 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Marie Emilie Paggi, 

Professor of French; mem. Soc. of French 
Professors in the U. S. (N. Y. C). 1402 
Lavaca St., Austin, Texas. 

Liston Paine, 

M. D., 10, Univ. of Pa.; Kappa Sigma; Phi 
Alpha Sigma; Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Public 
Health Service; mem. Phila. Psychiatric Soc.; 
Alumni Soc. of Pa. Univ. (D. C.); Am. Med. 
Assn. Hygienic Laboratory, U. S. Public 
Health Service, Washington, D. C. 

James Ross Parrish, 

Civil Engineer, G. C. & S. F. Ry.; ex-resident 
and locating engr., Natl. Rys. of Mexico. 
Engineering Dept. , G. C. & S. F. Ry. and 
624 Ave. F, Galveston, Texas. 

Samuel William Parsons, 

Commercial Adjuster. 116 W. Josephine St., 
Weatherford, Texas. 

Edwin G. Paschal, 

Kappa Alpha; Real Estate. 303 Hicks Bldg. 
and 350 L. Laurel St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Charles T. Paul, 

Delta Tau Delta (cbarter member) ; pres. 
Sophomore class; pres. Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
Abstract Rental and Real Estate; co. judge; 
r--avor of San Angelo, 09-11; dir. San Angelo 
Bank & Trust Co.; mem. Elks Club; 32 
Mason. San Angelo, Texas. 

Roy Murray Perrenot, 

Teacher of Music in Texas School for the 
Blind; chrmn. exec. comm. of Alumni Assn.; 

Ssec. Alumni Assn.; mem. Collins Music Club; 
Austin Assn. of Workers for the Blind. Texas 
School for the Blind, 715 W. 22% St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Minnie Avelyn Petty (Mrs. Herbert 
D. Ardrey), 

B. S., 02; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 4931 Gaston 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Jacob Maurice Philippowski, 

Phoenix, Ariz. 

Adrian Pool, 

B. S., 06; LL. B., 07; County Judge; judge 
of corp. of City of El Paso and El Paso Co.; 
mem. Elks. Court House and 606 Stewart 
St., El Paso, Texas. 

Alexander Pope, 

B. A., 07; LL. B., 07; Phi Delta Theta; 
Theta Nu Epsilon; Delta Chi; Goo Roo; 
Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; ed. in chief Texan, 03; 

assoc. ed. Cactus, 05; winner intercoll. debate, 
05-06; Attorney-at-Law; treas. of genl. council, 
Phi Delta Theta; mem'. Dallas, Dallas Coun- 
try, University, and Lawn Tennis Clubs. 
1 20 1 Commonwealth Bank Bldg. and 3435 
Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, Texas. 

Walter Scott Pope, 

B. S., 05; LL.B., 07; Delta Tau Delta (charter 
member); Rusk Lit. Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; pres. 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; treas. and pres., 06-07, Y. M. 

C. A.; ed. Y. M. C. A. Handbook; chrmn. 
Y. M. C. A. building campaign comm.; Law- 
yer; presidential elector, i6th Cong. Dist., 12; 
chrmn. Dem. exec. comm. Jones Co., 10-12; 
chrmn. Dem. Party for 39th Jud. Dist., 12-16; 
mem. A. F. & A. M.; R. A. M.; W. O. W.; 
M. W. O. W.; General Welfare Comm. Ex- 
Students Assn., Univ. of Texas, 28th Sena- 
torial Dist. Sanger Bldg., Anson, Texas. 

Harriet Lane Powell (Mrs. W. J.), 

4033 Cole Ave.,' Dallas, Texas. 

Myra Anna Prater, 

Principal Beall School; mem. Daughters of 
Confed.; Humane Soc. 507 W. Missouri St., 
El Paso, Texas. 

George Foster Price, 

Phi Delta Theta; Salesman. 3704 Main St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Sadie Puckett, 

B. S., 05; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; teacher of 
geography; asst. in mathematics, Southwestern 
Normal School. Weatherford, Okla., and 1312 
W. i sth St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Robert M. Rainey, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Lambda Chapt. Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon, Cumberland Univ.; mem. Supreme 
Court, State of Oklahoma; mem. First Okla- 
homa Legist., 07-08; dist. judge, 09-15. State 
Capitol, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Helen Raley, 

P.. Lit., 05; Ashbel Soc.; Yatsumana; asst. 
ed., ed. in chief University of Texas Maga- 
zine; Teacher in St. Andrew's School; dir. 
All Saints' Hosp. 328 Adams St., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Leon E. Rasberry, 

LL. B., 04; Lawyer; co. atty.; mem. Elks. 
Brenham, Texas. 

Thompson Morris Rector, 

B. S., 05; LL. B., 07; M. L., 08, Yale; Capi- 
tol Club; Athenaeum; pres. sophomore class; 
pres. Oratorical Assn.; key orator, 05; Law- 
yer; co. chrmn. of Dem. Party, Tarrant Co., 
Texas, 12; supreme counselor, United Benevo- 
lent Assn.; mem. A. F. & A. M.; K. of P. 
709 Fort Worth Natl. Bank Bldg. and 5% 
Interurban St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Nathaniel Edward Reeid, 

B. A., 06; special, 09, Harvard; diploma, 10, 
Emerson Coll. of Oratory; Capitol Club; jun- 
ior key orator; debating; pres. Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher of Expression; lyceum lect., 10-11; 
head of speaking dept., Valparaiso Univ., 12- 
14 and Creighton Univ., 14-15; pres. Omaha 
Conservatory, 15-16; Ziegfeld Motion Pictures, 
17-18. Lambs Club, N. Y. C. 

Herbert Udo Rhodius, 

Phi Gamma Delta; P. E. C.; Press Club; 
Sec. -Genl. Mgr.; mem. San Antonio Club; 
Casino Assn. 4x7 Navarro St. and 124 De- 
vine St., San Antonio, Texas. 




Mary Virginia Rice (Mrs. Keith Mor- 
ton Read), 

B. A., 05; A. M., 06 Columbia Univ.; Kappa 
Kappa Lambda; Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; mem. Hunt- 
ingdon Club. 721 E. 45th St., Savannah, Ga. 

Leonard Frank Rigby, 

B. A., 03; Oil Gauger. Saratoga, Texas. 

Robert Ring, 

Kappa Alpha; Lawyer. 314 Chronicle Bldg. 
and Eastwood PL, Houston, Texas. 

Albert Duke Robertson, 

LL. B., 06; B. Lit, 07; baseball teams, 02- 
06; capt., 05; Insurance Adjuster. Weiss 
Bldg. and 988 Liberty Ave., Claremont Apts., 
Beaumont, Texas. 

John H. Rose, 

B. A., 06; General Agent, Reliance Life Ins. 
Co.; head dept. of history, Central High Sch. 
(Houston) ; mem. University Club. 325 Com- 
mercial Natl. Bank Bldg. and 530 Harvard St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Bella C. Rosenfield (Mrs. Marx 

B. Lit., 05. Oklahoma City, Okla. 

George Ross, 

LL. B., 04; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; city atty. 
Paducah, Texas. 

Frederick Deming Russell, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club; class pres (3); 
Draftsman, Engineering Dept., Producers Oil 
Co. 620 Texas Co. Bldg. and 3306 Fannin 
St., Houston, Texas. 

Edwin Davis Sanders, 

B. S., 05; E. E., 06; Bookkeeper. Mineola, 

Sadie Scarborough, 

Primary Teacher; primary teacher various 
summer normals, East Texas; primary super- 
visor. Jasper, Texas. 

Katherine Searcy, 

B. Lit., 06; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Reference 
Librarian, University of Texas; mem. Library 
Board and Brenham Fortnightly Club. 412 
N. Market St., Brenham, Texas. 

Lellius Darden Shaw, 

Cashier, First State Bank of Port Lavaca. 
Port Lavaca, Texas. 

Olivia Emmawillis Shaw (Mrs. 
George Carter), 

Marlin, Texas. 

Thad Shaw, 

B. A., 05; M. D., 10; Phi Chi; post-grad, 
work, N. V., lo-n, and Vienna, 13; Physician 
and Surgeon; instr. in med. Univ. of Texas, 
11-14. 541 Moore Bldg. and Menger Hotel, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Mollie Shropshire, 

516 E. Elmira St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Albert O. Singleton, 

B. S., 05; M. D., 10; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha 
Sigma (Medical); baseball team; pres. final 
ball, 04; first honor grad. Med. School; Physi- 
cian and Surgeon; asst. in surgery; lect. on 
genito-urinary and skin diseases, med. dept.; 
32 Mason; Scottish Rite. City Natl. Bank 
Bldg. and 1919 Ave. L, Galveston, Texas. 

Benjamin Franklin Sisk, 

B. S., 05; mem. Acad. of Science; Teacher; 
supt. Public Schools; two yrs. instr. in Eng- 
lish in Univ. of Texas; instr. in Baylor Univ., 
two summers. High School Bldg. and Fagg 
Hotel, Childress, Texas. 

Annie Smith (Mrs. John L. Booty), 

Formerly dir. of Stoddard Hall, Coll. of In- 
dustrial Arts (Denton); mem. First Liter- 
ary Club of Tyler; Literary Club (Denton). 
432 E. Front St., Tyler, Texas. 

Mattie Mae Smith (Mrs. Frank 

B. A., 06; taught school in public schools of 
Texas for 6 yrs. Del Valle, Travis Co., 

Tim Allan Smith, 

Sigma Nu; Adjuster. 801-805 Arnold St. and 
1403 Seegar St., Dallas, Texas. 

Harriet Smither, 

B. S., 05; Phi Beta Kappa. 

Louis Casper Sonnentheil, 


Real Estate; sec. Trinity Mortgage & Invest- 
ment, Imperial Land, Lakewood Heights, and 

Magnolia Investment Cos.; mem. Columbia 
id Lakewood Country Clubs. 1521 Com- 
merce St. and 3201 Colonial Ave., Dallas, 


Weed Arthur Stockwell, 

Oil Operator; Masonic connections. Alvin, 

John Edward Stullken, 

B. A., n ; Chemist, Bureau of Economic 
Geology and Technology, Univ. of Texas. 403 
W. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Anna Adelia Swindall, 

Teacher. Crystal City and 309 Pacific Ave., 
Terrell, Texas. 

Crystal Talley, 

Farmer. Kerens, Texas. 

Louise Teagarden (Mrs. J. Gregg 

Austin, Texas. 

Rufo Evans Thompson, 

Insurance Agent; mem. Knights of Pythias. 
Pope Bldg. and 2200 Longfellow St., Austin, 

Fred Morton Thomson, 

B. A., 05; C. E., 08; Kwehee; Asst. Super- 
intendent, G. H. & S. A. Ry. Co. Main and 
Kansas Sts. and 414 N. Campbell St., El Paso, 

Alexander Pickens Trotter, 

Teacher. Langsdale, Miss. 

Buena Vista Vaughan, 

211 E. Franklin St., Hillsboro, Texas. 

William Crook Vernon, 

B. S., 05; M. S., 13, Univ. of Chicago; Rusk 
Lit. Soc.; Capitol Club; track; Teacher, State 
Normal School. San Marcos, Texas. 




N. C. Walker, 

LL. B., 08; Athenaeum Soc.; middle and 
heavy weight wrestler, 05; baseball, 06-08; 
Lawyer; mem. San Saba Club. San Saba, 

Cornelia Susie Ward, 

Crescent O Ranch, Palacios, Texas. 

Albert Benjamin Warren, 

6217 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

William Henry Warren, 

Pres. of Student Council, 10-11; Physician. 
Center, Texas. 

Clarence Weller, 

B. A., 05; M. D., 13; Phi Delta Theta; Phi 
Alpha Sigma; capt. baseball, 03-05; Physician 
and Surgeon; competitive internship, bt. 
Louis City Hosp. 619 Littlefield Bldg. and 
403 W. 25th St., Austin, Texas. 

Peter Boyd Wells, 

Austin National Bank, Austin, Texas. 

Pearl West, 

B. A., 10; Y. W. C. A.; Pierian Soc.; Teacher, 
San Antonio High School; mem. Shakespeare 
Club; San Antonio Branch, Southern Assn. 
of Coll. Women. 413 Warren St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Ruby Walton West, 

B. A., ii ; Teacher. San Antonio High School 
and 413 Warren St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Mary L. White, 

Bookkeeper; taught school at El Paso and 
Huntsville High Schools. Huntsville, Texas. 

Byrd M. Williams, 

B. A., 06; Asst. City Engineer. City Hall 
and 3305 Huaco St., El Paso, Texas. 

Hugh Kelley Williams, 

B. S., 05. Hallettsville, Texas. 

Daisy Dell Womack, 

B. Lit., 05. San Antonio, Texas. 

Daniel Henry Womack, 

Edinburg, Texas. 

James Nathan Wooten, 

B. A., 02; Minister; pastor, First Christian 
Church; mem. K. of P.; W. O. W. 184 S. 
30th St., Paris, Texas. 

William Odie Wright, 

B. S., 04; mem. Students' Council; Univ. 
Hall Comm.; author Y. M. C. A. Handbook, 
03; Banker and Merchant; pres. First State 
Bank, Megargel; dir. Wichita Southern Life 
Ins. Co. Megargel, Texas. 

Mae Samuella Wynne (Mrs. I. B. 

Pi Beta Phi. 707 Holman Ave., Houston, 

Frederick Alexander York, 

Moore, Okla. 

Minnie Lee York (Mrs. Moore Lan- 

First grade certificate, 06; mem. Bishop His- 
tory Cli ' 

lub. Bishop, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Ella Justine Ahrenbeck; John Barclay Arm- 
strong, Jr.*; Margaret Armstrong (Mrs. J. B. 
Nance); Andrew Barton; Felix Bernard Bram- 
lette*; John Dial Bridges; Mrs. Lucy Lee Bur- 
leson; Ira Cain; Edmund Tolbert Caldwell; Rob- 
ert Lee Campbell; Walter Raney Carrington; Ad- 
dison Clark, Jr.*; Bessie Ruth Clark; Rebecca 
Jennie Cloud; Mabel Elsie Cooley*; Harry Moore 
Crighton; J. Craig Cunningham; Elmer Wade 
Curling; Josiah M. Daniel; Hugh Henry David- 
son; J. Bonaparte Davis; Robert Carl Dickerson; 
Willie H. Downs; Mary Driver (Mrs. Hale); Edna 
Leona Dunlap (Mrs. K. G. Stroud) ; Helen John 
Edwards; Norma Ellis; William Henry Firebaugh; 
Lee William Forsgard; Anna Lee Fuston: Allene 
Gano; Margaret Mary Giesen; Elizabeth H. Gill; 
Andrew Jackson Goode; James Marcus Gordon; 
Clara Leana Graves; George Lester Gray; Edmund 
Burke Griffin,* B. A., 06, LL. B., 06; Sallie E, 
Hackett; Walter S. Hale; William Norman Hall; 
Joseph D. Harling; Temple Harris, B. A., 06; 
Frank Harrison; Allen George Heard, M. D., 
06; Emma Howard Hearne; Lem P. Henslee^ 
Lawrence Hill; Sarah Adalee Hill; Colon Hole- 
man; William S. Horton; G. D. Hougston; Calvin 
Scott Howard*; David Stewart H. Howard; Hugh 
Jackson Hudson; Wilmoth Hudson; Alice Hum- 
phries (Mrs. W. S. McCall); Walter W. Hyde,- 
Adelaide E. Keller; Margaret Key; James Rich- 
ard Kidwell; Andrew Thomas Kilcrease; Jack 
Kirkpatrick; Preston Lane; Leta Lawrence (Mrs, 
Briggs) ; Maud McCain; Molly McCain; Henrv 
Andrew McKay; T. T. McKnight; Julius Mc- 
Laurin; Osco McQuatters; Mabel Maney; Clarence 
Walton Manford; James Preston Mar ley; James 
William Messick; Julia Ann Miller; Margaret 
Miller; Martin Horace Milliken; Olita Munson 
(Mrs. N. C. H. Calvert); John S. Myrick; Helen 
Augustine Nagle*; John Hery Newsom; Clara 
Ella Newton; Coke Odom; Cora Amelia Page 
(Mrs. W. B. Irons); Homer Harlow Parks*; 
William Allen Perry; Eugene Watson Potter; 
Davis McGee Prendergast*; Addie Bell Put- 
man (Mrs. Benning) ; Vesta Lee Putman (Mrs. 
W. R. Vivrett); John Frederick Roeck; Charles 
Gonzales Samaniego; trank Watkins Samp- 
son; Mary Shaw; William Gill Shaw*; Susie 
Andrews Shepard; Mattie Shropshire; Andrew 
Raymond Smith*; Carl Gibson Smith; George 
Martin Smith; Stella Smith; Emma Elsie Snow; 
Maude Stanley; Arthur David Steger; Ada Steph- 
ens (Mrs. Will Lewis); Allen Pinckney Stramler, 
B. S., 04; Frank A. Strong; Thaddeus William 
Thomson; William H. Trainum; Ethel Worthen 
Trawick (Mrs. Curtis O. Fears); Warner George 
Watkins; Sidney Johnson Wilson; Marie Louise 
Woulfe; Robert James Wright. 


Roger Abernathy, 

McKinney, Texas. 

Jesse L. Adams, 

Draftsman, T. & P. Ry.; Mason. Val. Dept., 
T. & P. Ry., and 705 W. izth St., Dallas, 

James T. Adkisson, 

Stock Farming and Banking; mem. Jewett 
Lodge No. 427, A. F. & A. M.; W. 0. W. 
Jewett. Texas. 

Claude Wallace Allison, 

Mechanics-American Natl. Bank, St. Louis, 

Ernest Anderson, 

B. S., 03; M. S., 04. Conn. Agricultural 
Coll., Watertown, Conn. 




Palmer M. Archer, 

B. A., 06; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Epsilon; 
Physician and Surgeon. 701-703 Kress Bldg. 
and 3008 Caroline St., Houston, Texas. 

James Edward Armstrong, 

Physician. Bairdstown, Texas. 

Beulah Baker, 

B. A., 12; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher, 
High School. 1234 N. 2d St., Abilene, Texas. 

Onie Barbee (Mrs. J. A. Smilie), 

Segitin, Texas. 

Rebecca Barnes (Mrs. S. E. John- 

Johnson City, Texas. 

Leonora Barrett, 

Teacher of Latin, Anson High School; mem. 
Woman's Club of Anson. Woman's Bldg., 
Anson, Texas. 

Kate Barthold (Mrs. Frank Eaton), 

Pi Beta Phi. 403 Waco St., Weatherford, 

George Terrell Baskett, 

B. A., 04. State Hospital, St. Peter, Minn. 

Rosalie Battle (Mrs. Walter Van der 

Pi Beta Phi. Llano, Texas. 

Margaret May Beadle (Mrs. Stephen 
F. Brinkley), 

B. A., 06. Soo Chow, China. 

Edward S. Blackburn, 

Director Manuel Training. Austin High Sch. 
and 2303 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Myra Blair, 

1301 Cottage St., Brown wood, Texas. 

Ernest O. Boaz, 

Clerk; sec. and treas. Ratliff Pure Food 
Products Co. 114 Boaz St. and 350 Missouri 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

William F. Bonner, 

M. D., 10 Univ. of Pa.; Alpha Kappa Kappa; 
Physician and Surgeon; mem. San Antonio 
Country Club; Masons. 514 Gibbs Bldg. and 
120 W. Summit Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Guy Borden, 

B. A., 07; Phi Gamma Delta; Civil Engineer; 
engr. in charge of the constr. of ore-load- 
ing dock for Bethlehem Steel Co. in Chile; 
assoc. mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers; 
American Club of Chile (Santiago); Masonic 
connections. Cruz Grande, Coguimbo, Chile, 
and 117 Jackson St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Margaret Graham Boroughs, 

Pi Beta Phi; Cactus Bd.; Art Club; Brush and 
Pencil; Head Occupational Instructor, Neuro- 
logical Hosp. ; pres. Austin Art Leasrue, n- 
15; illustrator of "The Stars and Their 
Stories"; mem. Three Arts Club; Austin Art 
League. Neurological Hosp., Blackwells Is- 
land and 201 W. 8sth St., New York, N. Y. 

Eleanor Brackenridge (Mrs. John La 

B. A., 06; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc. 611 W. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Claudia Cecilia Brahm, 

B. A., 06; M. A., 07; Alpha Delta Pi; Sid- 
ney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher, El Paso High 
School. 914 N. Stanton St., El Paso, Texas. 

Minnie Williams Bramlette, 

B. A., 06; Kappa Alpha Theta; Assistant in 
Mathematics, Greenville High School. 2214 
Park Ave., Greenville, Texas. 

Ellen Bright (Mrs.), 

Austin, Texas. 

Mamie A. Brightwell, 

Assistant Latin Teacher. Central High School 
and 605 W. sth St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Enoch Gilbert Callaway, 

B. A., 06; LL. B., 07; Delta Chi; Athenaeum 
Lit.. Soc.; pres. sen. class, 06 and Oratorical 
Assn., 06-07; Lawyer; dist. atty., 52d jud. dist. 
of Texas, 14-18; mem. W. O. W.; Odd Fel- 
lows; Knights of Pythias; Masonic connec- 
tions. Comanche, Texas. 

Mary Carlisle (Mrs. Cravens), 

Formerly jprin. Whitesboro High School; 
instr. in English, Carlisle Military Acad.; 
mem. Shakespeare Club; Civic League. E. 
Main St., Arlington, Texas. 

Anna Lavert Chamberlain, 

B. S., 08. Cameron, Texas. 

Ruth Raymond Cloud (Mrs. Gerard 

Wharton, Texas. 

George Obadiah Clough, 

B. A., 08; 3d place prize, oratorical contest; 
Principal, High School. 1581 Fourth Ave., 
Corsicana, Texas. 

George Michael Cox, 

B. A., 06; Alpha Tau Omega; Real Estate; 
mem. Masons. Hico, Texas. 

Edna Crouch (Mrs. Alex. May, Jr.), 

Chi Omega; mem. Yoakum Lit. Club. 603 
Gonzales, Yoakum, Texas. 

Opie Davis Dalby, 

Student. 2108 Guadalupe St., Austin and 
Dalby Springs, Texas. 

Willie Davis (Mrs. William Henry 

Kappa Alpha Theta. College Sta., Texas. 

F. L. S. Dibrell, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Clerk. Capitol Station and 
1402 Lavaca St., Austin, Texas. 

William B. Duncan, 

A. B., 90, Grayson Coll.; Curator, Chemistry, 
Univ. of Texas; supt. Van Alstyne Public 
Schools, 85-00; hon. mem. Chemistry Club. 
"K" Hall, Chemistry Bldg., U. of Tex. and 
710 W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Mildred Wynne Durst (Mrs. Jas. A. 

Pi Beta Phi. 3516 Garrott St., Houston, 

Rose Mary Edmond, 

Pi Beta Phi; Teacher Waco Public Schools; 
mem. Pi Phi alumnae (ores.); Palette and 
Brush Club; Art League; Suffrage Study Club. 
Sanger Ave. and 1401 Morrow St., Waco, 




Robert Roy Elliott, 

With Kelley and Pollard, El Paso, Texas. 

Mary Emma English, 

4103 Worth St., Dallas, Texas. 

Arthur Clinton Ferguson, 

B. A., 07; M. A., 08; Superintendent, City 
Schools. Marlin, Texas. 

George O. Ferguson, 

B. A., 09; attended grad. course Univ. of 
Chicago; declamation team 02-03; Teacher; 
head of hist, and econ. depts. of High School, 
Hastings,, Nebr., 10-12, San Bernardino, Cal., 
12-13 and John Tarleton Coll., 13-16; dean of 
John Tarleton Coll. John Tarleton Coll., Ste- 
phenville, Texas. 

Conrad William Feuge, 

B. S., Fenton Normal; Teacher; head of 
German dept., Sam Houston Normal Inst. 
Huntsville, Texas. 

Luella Fonda, 

B. A., 06; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; $50 Hermann- 
soehne scholarship, 06; Teacher of German, 
Austin High School. 1202 San Antonio St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Pearl B. Gans, 

B. A., 07; Reagan Lit Soc.; Girls Choral 
Club; Longview Music Club. 102 College 
St., Longview, Texas. 

Carrie Gardner (Mrs. Ray C. Sewell), 

Winner of Univ. of Texas scholarship; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma. 415 Naches St., Palestine, 

Fred Gibbons, 

Special Agent, Insurance Co. 613 Sumpter 
Bldg. and 3505 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

William Basil Gibson, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Capitol Club; Athen- 
aeum Lit. Soc.; Economics and Political Sci- 
ence Assn.; Principal, High Sch. ; mem. Com- 
mercial Social Club. Sherman, Texas. 

Edgar Lorrington Gilcreest, 

B. A., 06; M. D., 10 Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
Beta Theta Pi; Arrowhead; track, 04-06; 
holder of state record for % mile, 05; student 
asst. in zoology, 06; Surgeon. Wilson Bldg., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Henry Wiley Gilmer, 

B. Lit., 05. Dallas, Texas. 

Lucy Coleman Goodwin, 

B. A., 06; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A. Hutto, Texas. 

Samuel Davis Grant, 

Glee Club; Farmer and Stock Raiser. Frank- 
lin, Texas. 

George William Gray, 

27 W. 44th St., New York, N. Y. 

Lillian Lee Greer (Mrs. Roy Bedi- 

B. A., 03; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Kappa Alpha; 
basket-ball; class poet. Box 381 and 1129 
W. Agarita Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

William Lockin Griffith 

B. A., oo Baylor Univ.; B. A., 01 A. & M. 
Coll.; Kappa Sigma; Philomath.; baseball, 
football, track team (Baylor Univ. and A. & 

M. Coll.); with R. G. Dun & Co.; mem. 
Elks. Washington Hotel, Galveston, and 
5407 Alton PL, Dallas, Texas. 

Agnes Hatchett (Mrs. A. C. Wyley), 

Teacher (retired). Alvin, Texas. 

Louise Coleman Hazen, 

A. B., 98 Smith Coll.; Teacher. Morris High 
School, 1 66th St. and Boston Road, and 68 

Washington Sq., New York, N. Y. 

Elizabeth Justine Hebgen, 

Mem. San Antonio Branch of Southern Assn. 
of Coll. Women. R. R. 7, Box 202, San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Augusta L. Heuerman (Mrs. R. J. 
von Roeder), 

Worthy Matron, Order Eastern Star; sec. and 
treas. Ladies Aid Soc.; pres. Literary Club. 
Yorktown, Texas. 

Hattie Ellen Hewett, 

Teacher. 612 Magnolia St., Palestine, Texas. 

William Brooks Hicks, 

B. A., 06; M. A., 08; Ph. D., ii Univ. of 
Pa.; Capitol Club; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Y. 
M. C. A.; pres. jun. class; fellowship in Univ. 
of Texas, 06-07; tutor in Univ. of Texas, 
07-08; Harrison fellow in chem., Univ. Pa., 
09-11; asst. chem. U. S. Geological Survey; 
mem. University and Home Clubs (Wash., 
D. C.), and Sons of Confederate Veterans. 
U. S. Geological Survey and 1322 Vermont 
Ave., Wash., D. C. 

E. G. Hill, 

Athenaeum; Undertaker; prop. E. G. Hill 
Undertaker; chrmn. of City Park Commis.; 
mem. Masons; Elks; Modern Woodmen; Wood- 
men of the W r orld. 900 Scott St., Wichita 
Falls, Texas. 

Celeste Holt (Mrs. B. B. McCutch- 

Limpia, Texas. 

James Edwin Horn, 

Class honors; Railway Postal Clerk. 1029 
Wyoming St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Fred Walter Householder, 

B. A., 06; LL. B., 09; M. A., 09; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; football 04-05; Edward Thompson prize 
for law Thesis, 09; Farmer; master Chepachet 
Grange; city atty. Wichita Falls, Tex., 11-12; 
Chepachet, R. I. 

Fay Taylor Hudgins (Mrs. F. J. 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Anne Eugenia Hughes (Mrs. Anna 
H. Kean), 

P.. A.. 10; M. L., 12 Univ. of Col.; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher; head 
hist, dept., Port Arthur H. S. ; mem. Am. 
Hist. Assn.; Texas Hist. Assn. Port Arthur 
H. S. and Dormitory P. A. B. C., Port 
Arthur, Texas. 

Leonore Hummel (Mrs. A. L. Chil- 

B. S., 06; Pi Beta Phi; Advertiser and Writer. 
1124 Busch Bldg. and 4837 Crutcher St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

J. A. Jackson, Jr., 

510 W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 




May Jarvis (Mrs. G. S. Newell), 

B. A., 06; M. A., 08; Kappa Kappa Gamma; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; ed. Magazine. 742 E. 
Pennsylvania Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Pearl Johnson (Mrs. Harvey Monroe 

School Teacher in Central Texas, 7 yrs.; 
mem. Womens Club; Eastern Star. Robstown, 

Gwynne Johnston (Mrs. E. E. Witt), 

Waco, Texas. 

Ella T. Jones, 

Teacher. 15 N. Magdalen St., San Angelo, 
and 511 W. 39th St., Austin, Texas. 

Ginevra A. Jones, 

Teacher; mem. Parent-Teacher's Assn. Fer- 
ris, Texas. 

Kittle Pearl Jones (Mrs. J. L. Val- 

Teaching. Lampasas, Texas. 

John Hindman Keen, 

B. A., 06; M. A., 07; LL. B., 08; Delta Sigma 
Phi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; tennis doubles champion, 
09; Philanderer; Philosopher de Veritate; 
mem. Rotary and Univ. Clubs. Southern 
Methodist Univ. and 2013 Commerce St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Joe C. Kerbey, 

Beta Theta Pi; football mgr.; Investment 
Banker; mem. Austin Country and Travis 
(San Antonio) Clubs; Elks. Scarbrough Bldg. 
and 2610 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Jerome B. Kerby, 

Real Estate and Insurance; mem. Press Club. 
Springtown, Texas. 

Erna Pauline Kesselus (Mrs. R. B. 

A. B., Univ. of Nashville; attended L. I. 
Peabody Coll. for Teachers; tchr. Dallas Pub. 
Schs., 6 yrs. Idlewild, Apt. '13, McLean St., 
Memphis, Tennessee. 

Alwyn Perm King, 

Sigma Chi; Arrow Head and German Clubs; 
pres. Arrow Head; chrmn. finance comm., 
final ball, 07; Pres. King Motor Co., Special 
Ford Agents; mem. Idlewild, Dallas Automo- 
bile, and Lakewood Country Clubs. 2007 S. 
Ervay St. and 5018 Reiger Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

T. C. King (Mrs.), 

B. S., 09; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher 
of Hist, in High Sch.; mem. Eastern Star; 
Saturday Lit. and University Clubs. Sweet- 
water, Texas. 

Grover Cleveland Klein, 

B. S., 06 Austin Coll.; M. D., 12 Univ. of 
Chicago; Sigma Chi; Physician and Surgeon. 
Main St., Kincaid, 111. 

Henry W. Kuempel, 

Hardware and Lumber Dealer. 

William Wilson Lackey, 

Midland, Texas. 


Mary Lambdin, 

B. A., 06; Y. W. C. A.; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
jun. class sec.; mem. advisory bd., women's 
council; pres. and treas., Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Instructor in History. 1114 Austin Ave., 
Waco, Texas. 

Frank Valentine Lanham, 

4504 Abbott Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Frank Byrd Lary, 

Real Estate and Loans; mem. River Crest 
Country Club. 1207% Main St., and Arling- 
ton Heights, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Etta Lasker, 

Volunteer Social Worker; mem. of Comm. 
of United Charities; Board of Directors of 
Lasker Home for Homeless Children; mem. 
Galveston Equal Suffrage Assn., Council of 
Jewish Women; Alumni Assn. N. Y. Sch. of 
Philanthropy. 1726 Broadway, Galveston, 

Fiorina Lasker, 

Social Worker. Director United Charities of 
Galveston; mem. Galveston Equal Suffrage 
Assn.; Council of Jewish Women; Diploma 
from N. Y. School of Philanthropy, Class 15. 
1726 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

Alice Lockett (Mrs. R. M. Penick), 

Alpha Delta Pi; mem. Alpha Delta Pi Alum- 
nae Club. 21 1 1 Tom Green St., Austin, 

Henry Perl McGrady, 

Ph. B., 02, Grayson Coll.; Farming and 
Stock Raising. Telephone, Texas. 

Edwin Irwin McKellar, 

Austin, Texas. 

Mattie B. McLeod, 

Head of Department of Latin. South End 
High School and 2909 Faunin St., Houston, 

Leila McMurray (Mrs. Harold Cas- 
sius Parmelee), 

816 Oakland Place, Ft Smith, Ark. 

Henrietta Louise Malloy (Mrs. Joel 
F. Watson), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; sec. soph, class; teacher 
in Palestine, Texas, schools 04-07; chrmn. 
Lit. and Art Dept., 12-14; pres. 14-16 and 
mem. exec, bd., 16-17; Mt. Vernon Woman's 
Club; pres. Assoc. Charities 14-17; organizer 
local Anti-Tuberculosis League; sec.-treas. 
Community Nurse Comm., 16-17; mem. Public 
Health, Pure Food, Social and Industrial Con- 
ditions Committees; co. chrmn. 111. Fed. of 
Woman's Clubs; mem. I. F. W. C.: 2$d dist. 
I. F. W. C.; General Federation of Woman's 
Clubs; Anti-Tuberculosis League; Music Study 
Club; Mt. Vernon Woman's Club; St. Louis 
Alumnae Assn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Amer- 
ican Red Cross Assn. 424 N. xoth St., Mount 
Vernon, 111. 

Emily Maverick (Mrs. Edmund 
Thornton Miller), 

B. A., 07; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; v.-pres. Epsilon Province 
of Pi Beta Phi, 12-15; pres. Zeta Province of 
Pi Beta Phi 15-17; mem. Univ. Ladies Club; 
Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club of Austin; Y. W. 

C. A.; Austin Suffrage Assn.; Congressional 
Union. 2108 San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas. 




Herbert Yandell May, 

B. A., 01, Grayson Coll.; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
track and gym; Principal, Webster School. 
Webster School and 1632, 7th St., Port 
Arthur, Texas. 

Weldon T. Mayne, 

Wholesale Grocer. Box 1136 and 205 Park 
Lane, Austin, Texas. 

Benjamin S. Meyer, 

Merchant; mem. Masons. Tyler, Texas. 

Dudley Miller, 

Alpha Mu Pi Omega; handball championship 
05; Merchant. 1700 S. Congress Ave. and 
1701 Brackenridge St. (So. Austin). Austin, 

Stella Miller (Mrs. Frank Merriman 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. North Ave., Gon- 
zales, Texas. 

Rufus Arthur Mills, 

B. A., 14; Applied Economics Club; Teacher. 
403 Rogers St., Waxahachie, Texas. 

D. E. Monroe, 

B. A., 06; Physician; city health officer. 
Cameron, Texas. 

Ethel Morey (Mrs. Seth Searcy), 

B. A., 06; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 221 W. 
Agarita Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Viola Morris (Mrs. Billy Sneed, Jr.), 

Fairfield, Texas. 

Morris M. Mothner, 

227 Perlstein Bldg. and 1063 Calder Ave., 
Beaumont, Texas. 

Richard David Mugg, 

Stock Farmer; mem. House, 27th Legisl. 
Seymour, Texas. 

Mattie S. Murray (Mrs. J. L. 

Mem. Daughters of the Confederacy; Eastern 
Star; Woman's Lit. Club. Floresville, Texas. 

Joseph Edward Nelson, 

B. A., 07; Principal, High Sch. Box 233, 
Midland, Texas. 

Lewis W. Newton, 

B. A., 04; M. A., 07; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
fellow in English, 07; Superintendent, Poly- 
technic Pub. Sch. 2617 May St., Fort Worth, 

P. I. Nixon, 

B. A., 05; M. D., 09 Johns Hopkins; Alpha 
Tau Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; varsity baseball, 
04-05; Physician and Surgeon; mem. Bexar 
Co. Med. Soc.; State Med. Assn. of Texas; 
Am. Med. Assn. 205 Hicks Bldg. and 202 E. 
Courtland PL, San Antonio, Texas. 

Maud Noyes (Mrs. Fernando Mil- 

Lampasas, Texas. 

Jane Elizabeth Oliphant (Mrs. W. P. 

B. A., 07; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher. San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Clara M. Parker, 

B. A., 13; Phi Beta Kappa; Reagan Lit. 
Soc.; Scribblers; pres. Reagan Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher of English, North Texas State Nor- 
mal Coll. North Texas State Normal Coll. 
and Welch and Mulberry Sts., Denton, Texas. 

Lucian Walton Parrish, 

B. A., 06; M. A., 09; LL. B., 09; Capitol 
Club; pres. Students Assn., 07; football 02- 
06, capt., 06; track, 02-06, capt., 04; winner 
of $50 prize as best individual debater, 09; 
Attorney-at-Law; firm of Wantland & Parrish; 
pres. Bd. of Commerce; mem. K. of P. Hen- 
rietta, Texas. 

Lina Perlitz, 

B. A., 06; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Head of Department of Languages; 
Dean of Womens College of Industrial Arts 
(Denton). R. D. No. 10, Box i, San Antonio, 
and 134 Oakland Ave., Denton, Texas. 

Ollie Peterson (Mrs. O. P. School- 

B. A., 06; Teacher, Douglas-Schuler School, 
Waco, 06-07; Texas Sch. for the Deaf 07-16. 
Stony, Texas. 

Carrie PfeifTer (Mrs. A. A. Brown), 

B. A., 06: Ashbel Lit. Soc.; v.-pres. Wom- 
an's Council 05-06; treas. class 04-05 and of 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; dir. Council of Jewish Wom- 
en and of San Antonio Br. So. Assn. of 
Coll. Women; mem. Council of Jewish Wom- 
en; Southern Assn. of College Women; 
Kindergarten Assn.; Symphony Orchestra 
Soc. 220 W. Park Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

L. R. Pietzsch, 

B. A., 07; E. E., 07; Supt. South Park Pub. 
Sch.; mem. I. O. O. F. no Latonia St., Beau- 
mont, Texas. 

William Albert Pile, 

B. A., 09; Teacher; Principal San Angelo 
High Sch. High School and 3 34 W. Concho 
Ave., San Angelo, Texas. 

Lily Pearl Ponder (Mrs. W. C. 

Stephenville, Texas. 

Clarence Milton Porter, 

Temple, Texas. 

William Meachum Powell, 

B. A., 06; Phi Gamma Delta; student asst. in 
French, 06; Chief Claim Clerk, Houston Belt 
and Terminal Ry Co. Cor. Prairie Ave. and 
Crawford St. and 511 Omar Ave., Houston, 

Cora Quaid (Mrs. John E. Watts), 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher; pres. 
Shakespeare Club; mem. History and Shake- 
speare Clubs; City Federation. 416, i3th St., 
Cameron, Texas. 

John Erskell Quaid, 

B. A., 09; LL.B., 09; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Rusty 
Cusses; Lawyer; mem. El Maida Shrine. 
401 Two Republics Bldg. and 2525 Montana 
St., El Paso, Texas. 

George D. Ramsey, 

Branch Manager, Union School Furnishing 
Co. 910 Wood St. and 1006 Dallas St., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

V. K. Randle, 

Deputy Tax Assessor. Gonzales, Texas. 





Vella V. Raney (Mrs. M. M. Walker), 

Mem. Delphian Soc.; Standard Club. 1502 
Bluff St., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Roy Lamar Rather, 

B. A., 07; LL. B., 09; mgr. Glee Club 05; 
football team, 07; and Varsity Circus 09; 
Real Estate, Insurance and Loans; mem. Ro- 
tary Club; 32 Mason. 605 Scarbrough Bldg. 
and 307 W. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Joseph Matthews Reynolds, 

Chi Phi; Cattleman; mem. River Crest Coun- 
try and Ft. Worth Clubs; Mason. 1001% 
Main St. and Arlington Heights, Fort Worth, 

Leilet Elizabeth Richter, 

B. A., 07. San /vntonio, Texas. 

Rosalia Riedel (Mrs. George R. 

B. A., 10; Hermannsoehne Scholarship; mem. 
Suffrage and Hermann Socs. 2400 Sabine St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Mary Louise Rogers, 

B. A., 06; M. A., 09; Reagan Lit. Soc.: 
Instructor; mem. Y. W. C. A. Austin High 
School and 901 E. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

H. Rose, 

B. A., 06; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Gen. Agt., 
Reliance Life Ins Co. ; former head Dept. 
Hist., Houston High Sch.; mem. Univ. Club. 
325 Commercial Natl. Bank and 530 Harvard 
St., Houston, Texas. 

Elsie Mary Rutledge (Mrs. D. W. 

B. A,. 06. 2225 Alston Ave., Fort Worth, 

Francis Marion Ryburn, 

B. A., 07; LL. B., 08; Phi Beta Kappa; Capi- 
tol Club; Athena-rum Lit. Soc.; Evans prize 
in oratory 07; Koss-Rotan prize in oratory 05; 
championship, class football team, 03; student 
asst. and fellow in hist., 06-08; jun. key ora- 
tor 06; student orator at inauguration of pres. 
Houston, 06; historian freshman class, 03; 
Attorney, firm of Madden, Trulove, Ryburn 
and Pipkin; pres. Students Assn., 06; Athe- 
naeum 04; Oratorical Assn., 05 and soph, class 
04; hist. sen. law class, 08' dir. co-6p., 07. 320 
Polk St. and 1410 Madison St., Amarillo, 

Thomas Hall Shelby, 

B. A., 07; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; treas. 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; v.-pres. Y. M. C. A.; del. 
Students Volunteer Convention at Nashville 
06; student asst. in educ., 06-07; Superintend- 
ent of Schools; supt. of Hubbard Schs., 07-10; 
chief elk. State Dept. Education, 10-13; prof, 
cduc. and psychology, Sam Houston Normal 
Inst., 13-16; rep. 3d cong. dist. on exec, 
comm., Texas State Tchrs. Assn.; mem. Tyler 
Club; Masons. Supts. Office High School and 
i oo i S. Mary St., Tyler, Texas. 

Anne Enola Shepperd, 

B. A., 12; Tennis Assn.; Teacher of Latin; 
head Latin Dept. Sweetwater High School, 
12-13, and Smithville School, 8-n, 13-16. 
High School Bldg. and 1610 Sixth St., Box 
192, Port Arthur, Texas. 

Lily Clara Shuddemagen (Mrs. J. 
Gordon Bryson), 

B. A., 06; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; v-p. (3) 
class; tennis champion, 06; mem. Woman's 
Missionary Soc. Bastrop, Texas. 

Anna Wood Simonds, 

B. A., 07; Kappa Alpha Theta; Reagan Lit 
Soc. 2504 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Loru Hamah Smith, 

B. A., 12; M. A., 13. Canyon, Texas. 

Oran M. Smith, 

Lumber Merchant; Federal Gin Reporter for 
Erath Co., 13-16; ex-postmaster Plateau, N. 
Mexico. Seymour, Texas. 

William Dee Smith, 

B. A., 08; LL. B., 10; Delta Chi; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; Glee Club; ed. Cactus 08; pres. Y. M. 

C. A. and sen. class; winner prize, Daugh- 
ters of 1812 History Essay; Lawyer; chrmn. 
Tarrant County Democratic Executive Comm.; 
W. O. W.; Ben Hur; Masons. 511 Wheat 
Bldg. and 1124 Lilac St., Forth Worth, Texas. 

Mary Willis Stedman (Mrs. Ireland 

B. Lit., 05; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; Cactus bd., 03-04, 04-05, 05-06; 
Magazine bd., 03-04; mem. Am. History Club. 
910 W. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Carrie Stephenson (Mrs. W. T. Cald- 

R. F. D. No. 3, Austin, Texas. 

Roy M. Stocking, 

Clarendon, Texas. 

Hugh Lamar Stone, 

B. A., 9-?; LL. B., 08. Legal Dept. Gulf 
Refining Co., Houston, Texas. 

Willie G. Storey, 

Austin, Texas. 

J. R. Swenson, 

M. A., 04; A. B., 96 Univ. of Denver; Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon; Professor of Education, North 
Texas State Normal College. 50 N. Normal 
Ave., Denton, Texas. 

Edith Crawford Symington, 

B. A., 06; M. A., 10; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc., 
Head Department of Latin and Acting Head 
Department of Spanish, San Antonio High 
Sch. ; tutor in Latin and Greek, Univ. of 
Texas, 08-09 and summers of 07 and 09; 
contributor to magazines and newspapers. 
Main Ave. High School and 112 E. Elmira 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Leroy Jackson Tanker sley, Jr., 

Railroad Agent. Samfordyce, Texas. 

Gladys Elizabeth Tingle (Mrs. A. L. 

B. A., 05; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Clerk in Bureau of the Census, Dept. 
of Commerce. 200 A St. S. E., Wash., D. C., 
and 28 Everett St., Manchester, N. H. 

Aime Baxter Titus, 

Phi Delta Theta; Artist; v.-pres. Art Students 
League of N. Y. ; art commr. Panama-Cal. 
Kxposition; sec. Cal. Art Club; mem. Uni- 
versity Club (San Diego); San Diego Rowing 
Club; Los Angeles Athletic Club. 616 Broad- 
way Central Bldg. and Los Angeles Athletic 
Club, Los Angeles, Cal. 




Joseph C. Tucker, 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Zuma Lee Tucker (Mrs. Clarence L. 

Teachers Cert.; Y. W. C. A.; mem. Literary 
Gleaners'; Women's Christian Temperance 
Union. 166 Taylor St., Atlanta and 4626 
Ave. C, Austin, Texas. 

Adolphus L. Uhr, 

Teacher; mem. Teachers Club. 940 Burnett 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lillian Jessie Walker (Mrs. Francis 
Marion Bristow), 

Southland Ins. Co., Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Ward (Mrs. W. G. Spivey),. 

Public School Teacher, 8 yrs. Zulu, Hans- 
ford Co., Texas. 

Senter Lee Ware, 

B. A., 06; Merchant. Bonham and 201 Fed- 
eral Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

Charles Weyerman, 

Teacher. Texas School for the Deaf and 205 
E. Milton St., Austin, Texas. 

Lang Wharton, 

Phi Delta Theta; Banker; asst. cashier City 
Natl. Bank; mem. Dallas Country Club. City 
Natl. Bank and 3600 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas. 

Robert O. Whiteaker, 

Capt. fresh, baseball, 03; pres. fresh., C. E., 
04; Civil Engineer, of firm Whiteaker & 
Washington; dir. Bexar Co. Highway League; 
capt. cavalry, Texas Natl. Guard; consult, 
engr. Border Natl. Highway Assn.; mem. 
Chamber of Commerce; Rotary, and Travis 
Clubs; Science Soc.; Texas Good Roads Assn.; 
Am. Soc. C. E.; 32 Scottish Rite Mason; 

A. A. O. N. M. S.; K. of P.; W. O. W. 207- 
240 Moore Bldg. and 108 Fair Play Ave., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Effie Eudora Whitehand, 

B. A., 09. 1305 Guadalupe St., Austin, 

Emmett Lee Wilkerson, 

LL. B., 07; Kappa Alpha; Rusk Lit. and 
Robert S. Gould Law Socs.; exec. comm. 
Students Council, 05-06; pres. soph, class, 04; 
class football team, 02-03; championship foot- 
ball team, 04; gym. team, 02-07; winner Cur- 
tiss cup, 04; quarterback varsity team, 05; 
asst. gym. dir., 05-07; Cactus rep., sen. law 
class, 07; Lawyer; asst. co. atty., 10-14. ip 
Pace Bldg. and 402 West First Ave., Corsi- 
cana, Texas. 

Minnie Lee Williams (Mrs. Bram- 

B. A., 06; Kappa Alpha Theta; Assistant in 
Mathematics, Greenville High School. 2214 
Park Ave., Greenville, Texas. 

Samuel Calhoun Wilson, 

Huntsville, Texas. 

Chic Yeidel (Mrs. L. H. Kassel), 

B. A., 06; mem. Southern Assn. of Coll. 
Women; Sorosis Club. 2524 Fifth Ave., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Agatha Adams; Robert E. L. Adams; Lee Gaines 
Armstrong; Willie Sue Armstrong; William Baek- 
strom; Lindsay W. Baskett; Wilma Beckwith; 
Edwinna Bolton; Samuel Hampson Boren; James 
Milton Boring; Antonia Braun (Mrs. S. R. 
Vann*); Carrie Brown (Mrs. W. A. McCurdy) ; 

Fannie Brown; William Massey Carnes; May 
Aloysius Carroll; Alexander Berry Childs; ^ F. 

bus Garrett; Daisy Murtle Gilliam; May Greer; 
Alexander Calvit Groce; Karl Halm; Grant Tay- 
lor Ham*; Archie Thomas Hampton; Henry 
Camp Harris; Marie Haven (Mrs. E. E. Fergu- 
son); Linda Hill; John Lincoln Hinchliffe; 
Florence Holliclay; Robert Hollingsworth; Mattie 
Marian Ivey; Kathryn A. Johnson*; Louis Percy 
Johnson; Lucy Alice Johnson; Robert Douglas 
Johnson; Marvin Hindman Keen; George Wm. 
Kent; Carrie Addie Kimbrough; Miss Winifred 
Kingsley; Gaylord Kline; Georgia Knight; Beat- 
rice Regina Koontz (Mrs. Robert Hasbrook) ; 
Mayde Leachinan; Clara C. Lincoln; Marion 
McDonald; Addie McFarland; Maud McKenzie; 
Fletcher E. Maxwell; Joseph E. May; Benjamin 
W. Miller; Florence Murdoch; Erma Newsome*; 
Adelaide Nolan; Edward A. Palmer*; Charles 
Justin Parker; Tom Gray Patterson; Wm. Terry 
Pollard; Nora Lee Radican; Robert Reynolds; 
Florence Rhine; Nellie May Sanders; Minnie 
Schultz (Mrs. Aber) ; R. H. Scobey; Mabel Ida 
Smith; Morgan Standlee; Anita Stolling; Robbie 
Taylor; J. C. Thomas; Patrick Henry Thomas; 
Hallie S. Todd; Florence Trilling; Ernest Worth 
Vaughn; Miss Brice Vinson; Epsie Walden; 
Maxey Hill Wall; H. C. Wallace; Nellie M. War- 
ren; Emily \Vhite; Percy Sims White*; Elizabeth 
Grigsby Wiley; Bushrow W. Wofford, Jr.; Joseph 
Powell Wood. 


Myrtle Pansy Alexander (Mrs. Hen- 
ry Kuehne), 

R. F. D. No. 6, Austin, Texas. 

Mary E. Allert, 

620 Indianola Ave., Cuero, Texas. 

Burtie Jane Atwell, 

B. A., 09; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A.; Teacher of English, North Texas State 
Normal College; mem. Daughters of the Am. 
Revolution; Southern Assn. of College Wom- 
en, Fort Worth Branch. 144 W. Mulberry 
St., Denton, Texas. 

Rachel Baer, 

B. A., 07; Teacher, Pub. Sch. 127 W. Ever- 
green St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Frank Alfred Bailey, 

Kappa Sigma; Manager and Owner, Paris 
Fuel Co.; mem. Elks. 177 Clarksville St., 
Paris, Texas. 

Virdian Alice Barham, 

B. A., 08; Chi Omega; Teacher of History, 
Nacogdoches High Sch. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Max Herman Bickler, 

Sigma Chi; Globrasker Press Club; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; alumni mem. Athletic Council; Stenog- 
rapher and Law Clerk, Supreme Court. Su- 
preme Court and 901 W. i6th St., Austin, 

William B. Bizzell, 

College Station, Texas. 




William Clarke Blalock, 

B. A., 09; LL. B., 10 ; Lawyer; mem. Temple 

Club; mem. R. A. M. 612 Fort Worth Natl. 

Bank Bldg. and 1310 College Ave., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Maie Borden (Mrs. Robert Knox), 

B. A., 07; Kappa Kappa Gamma; tennis 
champion (singles), 04-05; Missionary to 
Korea. Kwangju, Korea. 

Thomas Benjamin Botts, Jr., 

LL. B., 07: Chi Phi; Attorney-at-Law; mem. 
Brenham Gun and Rod Club. 104 N. Market 
St., Brenham, Texas. 

J. L. Brecheen, 

Blossom, Texas. 

Robert Lee Brewer, 

B. A., ii Southwestern Univ.; Manager, Mood 
Hall, Southwestern Univ.; sec. student Y. M. 

C. A., Okla. A. & M. Coll., 11-13. George- 
town, Texas. 

Bessie Bauman Brown (Mrs. John A. 

ed. Cactus. 910 W. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lois Broyles, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Qui Vivia; Acorn Club; 
Civic League. 1104 Sycamore St., Palestine, 

Ada Brueggerhoff (Mrs.), 

Christian Science Practitioner; mem. Order 
of Eastern Star. 824 Leary Bldg. and 5225 
1 9 th Ave. N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Allan Henry Bryant, 

Metallurgical Engineer, Experimental Dept., 
Chino Copper Co. Hurley, New Mexico. 

William Cullen Bryant, 

B. A., 07; Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. Y. M. C. A., 
05-06; Director, Bryant School; pres. Fort 
Worth Univ. of Texas Ex-Students Assn.; 

mem. Rotary Club. 1329 and 1325 Seventh 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Mabel Buchanan, 

214 E. Main St., Whitesboro, Texas. 

Sudie Buck, 

A. M., 13 Univ. of Chicago; Teacher. 302 N. 
9th St., Temple and Stephenville, Texas. 

Ballard Young Burgher, 

B. A., 07; Phi Delta Theta; Real Estate; mem. 
Dallas Country Club. 109 Field St. and 3015 
Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

George Charles Butte, 

(See /. 02.) 

Nannie Lea Caldwell (Mrs. Ben Leon 
Glasscock) , 

B. A., 08; Zeta Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; 
Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; student asst. Botany; 
v.-pres. class (3); Women's Council; Y. W. 

C. A. Cabinet; pres. Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. 
Maryville, Tennessee. 

Eunice Gertrude Carman, 

B. A., 07; Teacher. 1900 Whitis Ave., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Alma Carpenter (Mrs. H. N. Key), 

Lampasas, Texas. 

Mary Carroll, 

Teacher. 910 S. Carancahua St., Corpus 
Christi, Texas. 

Robert Carswell, 

B. A., 08. 426 S. Willomet Ave., Dallas, 

Wiley Gulick Clarkson, 

Attended Armour Institute of Chicago and 
Art Institute of Chicago; Beta Theta Pi; all 
outdoor sports; Architect; mem. Elks; Masons. 
606-07 First Natl. Bank Bldg., 2127 Sixth 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Jay G. Clift, 

LL. B., 08, Univ. of Mo.; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Phi Delta Phi (Univ. of Mo.); Wortham Prize 
04; Lawyer; co. atty, Jefferson Co., 11-15. 
Dawson Bldg. and 200 E. C St., Waurika, 

Ellouise Cockrell (Mrs. J. M. Steven- 

B. A., 07. Sweetwater, Texas. 

Joseph David Cohn, 

B. A., 08; M. D., ii, Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
Delta Sigma Phi; student asst. in zoology, 06- 
07; treas. sen. class; Physician and Surgeon; 
visiting surg., Spohn Sanitarium, in charge 
of genito-unnary clinic, Charity Disp. ; mem. 
Ingleside Beach Club; author scientific articles 
to various med. journals. 201 City Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 826 Furman Ave., Corpus 
Christi, Texas. 

Alma R. Cole (Mrs. Arthur Moore), 

B. A., 10 ; Pierian Lit. Soc. 1806 Lavaca St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Charles B. Cole, 

XHubbard, Texas.) 

Ellen Cooke, 

Austin, Texas. 

Annie Lee Cosby, 

Instructor in Physical Training. 500 W. 3ist 
St., Austin, Texas. 

L. G. Covey, 

County Superintendent, Public Instruction;, 
mem. K. of P. Court House, Cuero, Texas. 

Annie Marie Crawford (Mrs. P. Per- 

Roswell, New Mexico. 

Roy Hassell Crockett, 

B. A., 10; M. D., 14; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Y. M. 

C. A.; student asst. zoology, 08-10 and histol.,. 
10-14; Physician; mem. Milam Co. Med. Soc. 
Thorndale, Texas. 

Imon Everett Crow, 

Dairyman. Floresville, Texas. 

Alice V. Davis (Mrs. Lee Orndorff),. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Di- 
rector of D. A. R. ; mem. Woman's Club. 911 
Kern PI., El Paso, Texas. 

Charles Samuel Davis, 

B. A., 08; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Rusty Cusses; Y. 
M. C. A.; class track; pres. Rusk. Lit, Soc.;: 
v.-pres., Oratorical Assn.; class and acad. dept. 
ores. sec. Y. M. C. A.; Teacher; mem. 
Young Men's Business League. 715 N. nth-. 
St., Waco, Texas. 

Ashley Newton Denton, 

Kappa Sigma; Lawyer; asst. U. S. atty.;. 
mem. Thalian and Press Clubs; Turn Verem. 
Stewart Bldg. and 911 Austin St., Houston,, 




Bessie Lee Dreier (Mrs. Kerr), 

Pi Beta Phi. Palo Pinto, Texas. 

Arthur W. Eckman, 

LL. B., 10 Univ. of Southern Cal.; Phi Delta 
Phi; Univ. of S. Cal.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 
Attorney-at-Law; asst. trust officer, Title Guar- 
antee and Trust Co.; mem. University Club; 
Mason 32; Shriner. 605 Cal. Bldg. and 1710 
W. 6th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Robert John Edwards, 

Beta Theta Pi.; Arrow Head; baseball; Farm 
Loans; mem. Glen Garden Country Club. 602 
Burt Burnett Bldg. and 1805 Sixth Ave., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

S. I. Edwards, 

Am. Athl. Council, 06; Curtis loving cup, 06; 
pres. jr. class. 06; Wholesale Grain Dealer; 
mem. Elks; W. O. W.; Masons. Sweetwater, 
' Texas. 

Julia M. Estill (Mrs. Earle Corn- 

Phi Beta Phi. 809 Rio Grande St., Austin, 

Nellie Ferguson, 

B. A., 07; Teacher of Mathematics, Houston 
High School. 1 2th and Yale Sts., Houston 
Hts. and 408 Woodland Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Fred Kenner Fisher, 

Austin, Texas. 

David Antonio Frank, 

(See /. oo.) 

Kate Fullenwider, 

Graduate State Normal, attended Univ. of 
Chicago; Teacher of English in High School; 
mem. Acorn Club; Civic League. 508 South 
Sycamore St., Palestine, Texas. 

O. A. Gardner, 

Haynes; "T" in football; Merchant. Uvalde, 

Walter Lowrey Garnett, 

B. A., 07; M. D., 13; Physician. Tampico, 

Myrtle Garrett (Mrs. F. B. Kiley), 

Kappa Alpha Theta; winner of doubles in 
tennis tournament, 05; soc. ed. Statesman 
(Austin, Texas); mem. Y. W. C. A.; Newman 
Club. Seventh and Brazor Sts., and 2507 
Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Helen Pierce Garrison (Mrs. Arthur 
L. Harris), 

B. A., 08; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc. 
Monte Cristi, Dominican Repub., West Indies. 

Ludwig Reinhold Geissler, 

B. Lit., 05; Ph. D., 09 Cornell; Sigma Xi 
(Cornell); Phi Beta Kappa; scholarship, Her- 
manns-Sohne in German, 04-5; Professor of 
Psychology and Education, Clark University; 
fellow, Am. Assn. for Advancement of Science; 
sec. and treas. Southern Soc. for Philosophy 
and Psychology; prof, of psychology and 
educ. Univ. of Ga. until Sept., 16. Clark 
University, Worcester, Mass. 

Annie Barnhart Giles, 

Assistant Teacher, Berry's Creek, Williamson 
Co., 06; Teacher Sprinkle School, 06-07. 

W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 


Edna B. Glass (Mrs. Chad A. Mor- 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. 722 Edgar St., Yoak- 
um, Texas. 

Edwin Gulledge Grafton, 

B. A., 08; Sec. Board of Examiners. State 
Dept. Education and in W. ipth St., Austin, 

Bess Greer Hackett, 

B. A., 09. Chilton, Texas. 

Hans J. Haff, 

Middletown, Conn. 

James Donald Hall, 

Phi Delta Theta; Assistant Superintendent of 
Construction; mem. Idlewild Club. 1517 
Jackson and 1408% Corsicana Sts., Dallas, 

Cora Hancock, 

Teacher. 407 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lottie Harris, 

1704 Congress St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary E. Hart (Mrs. James M. Lov- 

B. A., 06. 1411 W. 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

Maude L. Hart (Mrs. H. C. Geddie), 

B. A., 08; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; prin. of school, 
Llano; mem. Southern Assn. College Women; 
Kerrville Mothers Club. Kerrville, Texas. 

Aquila C. Heath, 

Lawyer; mem. W. O. W.; Natl. Bar Assn.; 
Pratorian Lodge, K. of P. 411 Wheat Bldg., 
Fort Worth, and Arlington, Texas. 

Alcan Hirsch, 

B. A., 07; Ch. E., 08 Univ. of Wis.; A. M., 
09 do; Ph. D., ii do.; Consulting Chemical 
Engineer; consult, chem. engr., Japan Dye- 
stuff and Am. Chem. Cos.; author of numer- 
ous papers on tech. subjects: mem. Chemists 
and Civic Clubs. 50 E. 4ist St. and 360 River- 
side Drive, N. Y. C. 

Fred Honea, 

Flour Milling. Dublin, Texas. 

Helen Gault Hood (Mrs. Murray 

Austin, Texas. 

Nelle Hunt (Mrs. Henry M. Hefley), 

Mem. D. A. R. ; Shakespeare and Priscilla 
Clubs; Civic League. Cameron, Texas. 

Minnie Irving, 

B. A., 07. Center Point, Texas. 

James Ripley Jacobs, 

B. A., 08. Fort Crockett, Texas. 

Louis Jacoby, 

B. A., 07; B. S. in E. E., 09 Mass. Inst of 
Technology; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Gamma 
Delta; Arrowhead; Theta Nu Epsilon; Goo 
Roo; German Club; Varsity Band; varsity 
baseball, 04, 05, 06; cant. 07; asst. in gym., 
04, 05, 06; Manager New Orleans office of 
Westinghouse Electric and Mfg. Co.; charge 
of Houston, Texas sub. office, 11-13 and New 
Orleans Branch office, 15, to date; mem. 
Dallas Country, Dallas Lawn Tennis, Audu- 
bon Golf and Young Men's Gymnastic Clubs. 
835 Maison Blanch Bldg. and 472 Walnut 
St., New Orleans, La. 




Annie James, 

B. A., 07; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Teacher 
of History in Belton High School. Penelope 
St., Belton, Texas. 

Marjorie Mason Jarvis, 

B. A., 13; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Athletic Assn.; Student. 742 Penn Ave., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Grover Houghton Jones, 

M. E., 08 Cornell Univ.; Phi Delta Theta; 
football, 03-05; track, 03; Efficiency Inves- 
tigator, Efficiency Dept., Los Angeles City 
Govt. Efficiency Dept., City Hall and 5255 
Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

James B. Jones, 

Principal of High School. nth and Broad 
Sts., and 1112 Taylor St., Wichita Falls, 

Murray Brashear Jones, 

B. A., 07; LL. B., 10; B. Lit. 08 Princeton; 
Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi (Law); Arrow- 
head; P. E. C.; Goo Roo; football, 08-09; 
baseball, 09-10; pres. final ball 10; Lawyer; 
judpe County Court at Law No. 2, appointed 
by Gov., 15; asst. dist. atty. 12-14; mem. 
Houston Country and Thalian Clubs; Turn 
Verein; W. O. W.; Knights Templar; 32 
Scottish Rite Mason; Shriner. 403 Union 
Natl. Bank Bldg. and 22 Courtlandt PL, 
Houston, Texas. 

Richard Foster Jones, 

B. A., 07; Western Reserve University, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Mary Kaczer (Mrs. Benjamin H. 

B. A., 07; Reagan Lit. _Soc.; Teacher of 
German , Te: 
09; Tyler H 
Wash., D. C. 

German, Texas Woman's College, Bryan, 08- 
>; Tyler H. S., 09-10. 1820 K St. N. W., 

Mary Alice Kelleher (Mrs. W. H. 

B. A., 07; Girls Choral Club. 1008 Prospect 
Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Eloise Jane Kennard (Mrs. James 
Hayes Quarles), 

504 N. 2oth St., Waco, Texas. 

Samuel Newton Key, 

M. D., 10 ; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Sigma; 
"T" man; champion all round gymnast, 02- 
03; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist; 
oculist and aurist for Texas Inst. for the 
Deaf; mem. Austin Country Club. 417 Scar- 
brough Bldg. and 2607 Salado St., Austin, 

Fay Kincaid (Mrs. John R. White), 

B. A., 07. Mara, B. C. 

Helen Knox, 

B. A., 08; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Athl. Assn.; Women's Council; pres. 
Ashbel Lit. Soc., Athl. Assn. and Y. W. 

C. A. ; on exec. bd. of Woman's Council, 
Cactus Bd. ; leader junior prom.; v.-pres. 
class (4); winner of "T"; author "Mrs. Percy 
V. Pennybacker"; mem. Southwest Field 
Comm. of the Y. W. C. A.; Daughters of 
the Am. Revolution; Colonial Dames; Natl. 
Geographic Soc.; Twentieth Century and 
Music Clubs; Y. W. C. A. Evergreen Lodge, 
Giddings, Texas. 

Leona Knox, 

Student; class honor roll, 17; Teacher of 
English, High School. 705 W. 22% St., Aus- 
tin and R. F. D., No. 4, Whitney, Texas. 

John La Prelle, Jr., 

B. A., O7- Kappa Sigma; Arrow Head; base- 
ball, 07; Land Agent. 611 W. I7th St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Edna Lewis, 

Mem. Self Culture Club, Bellville, Texas. 

Stella Lewis (Mrs. J. Ira Kerche- 

B. A., 07; Chi Omega; mem. Southern Assn. 
of Coll. Women; Y. W. C. A.; Mothers 
Council; Suffrage League. 1025 W. Wood- 
lawn Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Martha Carey Lockett, 

University Sta., Austin, Texas. 

Hal H. Logan, 

Phi Delta Theta; Tau Beta Pi; pres. Engin- 
eers; Mgr. Logan Shoe Co. 121 W. Main 
St. and 300 N. 6th St., Hannibal, Mo. 

George K. Lomax, 

City Collector; mem. Knights of Pythias. 
City Hall and 1910, sth Ave., Port Arthur, 

Hugh Lothrop, 

B. A., 08. Texarkana, Texas. 

Hoke Smith McAshan, 

B. A., ii. 1607 Main St., Houston, Texas. 

John C. McDonald, 

Bookkeeper, City Natl. Bank; mem. Masons; 
Elks; Knights of Pythias. Cor. Connally St. 
and Public Square and VanSickle St., Sul- 
phur Springs, Texas. 

Webster McEvoy, 

Phi Delta Theta; Arrowhead; Furniture 
Dealer. 126 and 913 E. Franklin St., Hills- 
boro, Texas. 

Lena McKee, 

B. A., 10 ; Teacher, Head of Biology Dept. 
High School, 1512 Tenth St. and 2010 Uni- 
versity Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Pauline Maetze, 

Teacher. 408 Peck Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

W. N. Masters, 

B. S., National Normal Univ.; A. B., do; 
Professor of Chemistry; prof, of chem., N. 
Texas State Normal Sch.; mem. Masons. 205 
W. Oak St., Denton, Texas. 

Sarah Ellen Matthews, 

Teacher. 305 E. Evergreen St., San Antonio, 

Martha Leonora Meachum (Mrs. 
Edward J. Palm), 

712 W. 1 4th St., Austin, Texas. 

Sidney H. Miles, 

Cashier, F. L. Shaw Co. 1515 Commerce St., 
3812 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Fannie Montgomery (Mrs. Charles 

Chi Omega. 625 W. Boulevard, El Paso, 




Paul Vaughan Montgomery, 

B. A., 07; F. A. I. A., 13; Kappa Sigma; 
mgr. track team, 07; Glee Club; Cactus bd. 
06; Actuary Ft. Worth Life Insurance Co.; 
mem. Natl. Geographic Soc. 4th and Main 
Sts. and 2248, 6th Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

A. D. Morgan, 

Clerk; asst. sec. and local auditor Gulf Refin- 
ing Co.; asst. sec. Gulf Commissary Co.; mem. 
Gulf Club; M. W. A.; W. O. W. Gulf Re- 
fining Co. and 405 Lake Shore St., Port Ar- 
thur, Texas. 

Ida Mae Murray, 

B. A., 07. Floresville, Texas. 

Grace Nash (Mrs. S. C. Runnels), 

B. A., 12; Kappa Alpha Theta; asst. to Dean 
of Women, 08-09; two fellowships in Dept. 
of Education, 10-11. 900 Scott St., Little 
Rock, Ark. 

Charles Louis Ternay Neu, 

B. A., 08; M. A., 09; Germania; Political Sci- 
ence and Sutton Clubs; fellow in history, 09; 
Instructor in German, Dallas High School; 
fellow Texas Historical Assn.; Masonic con- 
nections. Main High School and 3914 Live 
Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Frank Hawley Newton, 

B. A., 07; M. D., 14; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi 

Alpha Sigma; Physician; mem. University 

Club, Dallas. 506 Wilson Bldg., Dallas, 

Martin Luther Nickels, 

B. A., 06; LL. B., 07; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
Lawyer; mem. House of Reps. 3ist and 320! 
Legisls. ; asst. atty. gen. 13-16. Capitol and 
3206 West Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Will E. Orgain, 

B. A., 06; LL. B., 06; Attorn ey-at-Law. Gil- 
bert Bldg. and 195, 7th St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Nora Frances Orr (Mrs. George C. 

Trinity, Texas. 

Jesse Lewis Page 

Superintendent Mingus High School; mem. 
Co. Bd. Exams. Mingus, Palo Pinto Co., 

Linda Abernathy Paine (Mrs. Mor- 

fan Price), 
A., 09. Montgomery, Texas. 

William Ansel Palmer, 

Lawyer; Mayor of Canadian; sec. and pro- 
motor of D. C. D. Highway. Canadian, Texas. 

Perle Potter Penfield, 

B. S., 05; M. D., 15; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A. ; \v omen's Athletic Assn. ; pres. Wom- 
en's Athletic Assn.; student asst. botany; house 
physician, N. Y. Infirmary for Women and 
Children; Organizer Natl. Amer. Woman's 
Suffrage Assn.; field sec. Texas Woman's 
Suffrage Assn. 321 E. isth St, N. Y. C, 
and Austin, Texas. 

Mary Louise Penick (Mrs. C. Fred 

Missionary in Southern Presb. Church, U. S.; 
Tsang Lao Soc. Bright Moon St., Yencheng, 

Floy De Vore Perfect (Mrs. Edgar 
Clarke Soule), 

B. A., 07; Phi Beta Kappa; pres. Ashbel; ed, 
Magazine, 07; mem. D. A. R. Powell School 
and Binkley and Key Sts., Dallas, Texas. 

Drury McNeill Phillips, 

B. S., 08 Univ. of North Carolina; Con- 
struction Engineer; mem. American Inst. of 
Mining Engrs., The Texas Co., and Lake 
Shore Apts. Port Arthur, Texas. 

D. J. Pillow, 

Teacher. 408 Tuam Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Bertha Pool, 

Teacher. 1106 E. Boulevard, El Paso, Texas, 

Ollie Prewitt (Mrs. Lowry W. An- 

B. A., 07; mem. Merry Wives (Pecos) Club. 
Pecos, Texas. 

H. L. Pritchett, 

B. A., n; M. A., 15; Kappa Kappa; Phi 
Delta Kappa; asst. in administrative educ., 10- 
1 1 ; Secretary to Comm. on Teachers, Univ. 
of Texas; Professor of Educ., Polyclin. Coll. 
(Fort Worth), 12-14. Univ. of Texas and 
709% W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Ida M. Pritchett, 

San Marcos, Texas. 

Florence Rabe (Mrs. Ramer), 

B. A., 06; Lawyer; mem. Equal Franchise 
and Scientific Socs. ; Southern Assn. of Col- 
lege Women. 603 Gibbs Bldg. and 219 W. 
Evergreen St., San Antonio, Texas. 

R. L. Ramsdell, 

C. E., 08; M. D., 13; left tackle football, 05* 
06-07; Physician and Surgeon; mem. Texas 
State Med'. and Am. Med. Assns.; Hale Co. 
Med. Soc. Plainview, Texas. 

John Henry Reedy, 

A. B., 09 Southwestern Univ.; M. A., oo, do; 
M. S., 14, Chicago; Ph. D., 15, Yale; Kappa 
Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Xi; Profes- 
sor of Chemistry, Southern Methodist Univ.; 
mem. Am. Chem. Soc., So. Meth. Univ. and 
302 Haynie Ave. Dallas, Texas. 

Anna Dickson Roe (Mrs. Charles 
Alexander Keith), 

B. A., 10; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Press Club; 
Athl. Assn.; Y. W. C. A.; Cactus bd., 08-10; 
organizer and pres. of the Pierian Lit. Soc. ; 
v.-p. Womans Athl. bd., 09-10; regent D. A. 
R. Chapter; one of founders of Nat!. Histori- 
cal Soc.; pres. Womans Club; mem. D. A. R.; 
Natl. Hist. Soc.; Univ. of Texas Alumni Assn.; 
Womans Club. 441 Oak St., Richmond, Ky. 

Jonas A. Rosenfield, 

William Stewart Simkins Debating Soc.; Ath- 
enaeum; Lawyer; mem. Dallas Zionist Soc.; 
Harvard Club; Automobile Club. 817 Busch 
Bldg., and 3709 Colonial Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Nora Rouse (Mrs. L. S. Noble), 

B. Lit., 04. 705 N. Penn. Ave., Mangum, 

Rebecca Royall, 

Librarian; mem. Methodist Church. 201 
and 301 N. Caddo St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Annie Boswell Rumpel (Mrs. J. O. 

B. A., 07. Milano, Texas. 




Leon Fair Russ, 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Lucy May Sappington (Mrs. W: M. 

B. Lit., 04. 716 Travis St., Houston, Texas. 

Laura M. Saul (Mrs. Porter M. Tra- 

B. A., 06. Sherman, Texas. 

Ben Frank Saye, 

Delta Chi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Co. Attorney; Co. 
Judge i term. Waurika, Jefferson Co., Okla. 

Buelah E. Schield, 

207 E. Washington Place, San Antonio, 

Alfred Maley Scott, 

McKinney, Texas. 

Susie Shelton (Mrs. R. J. McMillan), 

B. A., 08; Pi Beta Phi. 219 W. Dewey PI., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Henry Edward Shuddemagen, 

Track A. T. A.; Civil Engineer, U. S. Engr. 
Dept., River and Harbor Work and Forti- 
fications; 32 Scottish Rite Mason. U. S. 
Engr. Dept., 408 Trust Bldg. and 1002 Ave. 
G, Galveston, Texas. 

Douglas Alan Skinner, 

B. A. f 07; Manager Style Department of 
The Roberts Johnson and Rand Branch of The 
International Shoe Co., St. Louis, Mo. isth 
and Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo., and 
P. O. Box 422, Brenham, Texas. 

Bird Ethel Smith, 

B. A., 10. Victoria, Texas. 

Frances Smith (Mrs. O. E. Carter), 

B. A., 09; Y. W. C. A. N. sth St., Box 586, 
Henryetta, Okla. 

G. C. Smith, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Real Estate. 200 Texas 
and 216 St. Rio Grande Sts., El Paso, Texas. 

Mabel Inez Smith, 

B. A., 07; Sidney Lanier Lit Soc.; mem. 
Waxahachie, Shakespeare and Music Clubs. 
204 Vickery St., Waxahachie, Texas. 

Robert Augustus Smith, 

B. A., 05; M. A., 09; Dean of Stanford Col- 
lege. Abilene, Texas. 

Ruby lone Smith (Mrs. P. E. John- 

B. A., 07; Y. W. C. A. 3201 Aurora St., El 
Paso, Texas. 

Mary Calmes Smither (Mrs. E. L. 

783 E. Drive (W. P.), Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ethel Stanley, 

Y. W. C. A. Cedar St., Clarksville, Texas. 

Elizabeth Stevens, 

Teacher of History. Clarendon, Texas. 

Nancy Lee Swann, 

B. A., 06; Missionary in China under South- 
ern Baptist Convention, Kaifeng, Honan, 

Norman B. Taylor, 

B. A.. 07; Phi Delta Theta; pres. class (4) 
07; Automobile Salesman; trustee of San 
Angelo Ind. School Dist.; ores. S. A. Fair 
Assn.; mem. Elks. 12 E. Concho Ave. and 
70 E. Sth St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Emma Marion Thompson, 

Art Teacher. Bowie, Texas. 

Thomas W. Thompson, 

B. A., 08; LL.B., 09; Lawyer. Giddings, 

Charlotte L. Thurmond, 

B. A., 08 Vassar; Kappa Kappa Gamma; 
mem. Women's University (N. i. C.) and 
Current Literature Clubs; Charities and Day 
Nursery Assns. 715 W. 5th St., Bonham, 

Thomas Henry Ward, 

Lawyer; clerk of Frio Co., 4 yrs; mem. 
I. O. O. F.; A. F. and A, M. Pearsall, 

Elizabeth Waterston, 

Austin, Texas. 

Nellie Hunter Webb (Mrs. Charles 
U. Conneelee), 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Benjamin Wilson West, 

Automobile Salesman; mem. K. of P. Gates- 
ville Drug Co., Gatesville, Texas. 

Iris West, 

B. A., 15; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher of Spanish, 
Beaumont High School; mem. Y. W. C. A.; 
D. R. T.; Spanish Club of Beaumont High 
School. High Scohol, Beaumont, and 126 S. 
Clinton St., Dallas, Texas. 

C. A. Wheeler, 

Attorney-at-Law; atty. T. & P. Ry. Co. and St. 
L. and Str. Ry. Co. 117% State St.; and 1621 
State Line, Texarkana, Texas. 

Myron Lawson Williams, 

B. A., 08; A. M., 12 Columbia (Teachers 
Coll.); Head of Dept. of Education and Phil- 
osophy; Master Mason; Knights Templar. 
ColL of Industrial Arts and 122 Oakland 
Ave., Denton, Texas. 

Louise H. Wright, 

Instructor in Women's Gym. Woman's Bldg., 
Austin, Texas. 

Angus G. Wynne, 

Phi Kappa Psi; mgr. baseball team, 07; 
Lawyer. Kaufman, Texas. 

Lloyd Garrison Zinnecker, 

B. A., 12; LL. B., 13; Deputy Collector, 
Internal Revenue, 6th Div., 3d Dist, Texas. 
305 Federal Bldg. and 903 Caroline St., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Charmian Adams; Gladys Alexander (Mrs. 
Walter Gregg); Jodie Allen; Nannie Adelia 
Beadle; George Carol Berryman; Marian Blanch- 
ard; Ara Blardone*; Sessions Bonner*; Loretto 
Agnes Brick; Annie Rob Brown (Mrs. J. R. 
Rainey); W. R. Brown, B. A., 07; Mary F. 




Burrier (Mrs. E. Davis) ; Minnie Laura Cade 
(Mrs. P. C. Rowland); Mary Bell Campbell; 
George Frank Carmen; Sadie Chandler; flattie 
Chenault; Mrs. Lena T. Collins; James Weaver 
Conley; James Ury Cranford; Annie Lee Craw- 
ford*; Mabel Cummings; Ella M. Davis; Bella 
Downs (Mrs. Victor Wyatt) ; Cora H. Ellis; 
Walter Leo Eyres, E. E., 10; Marion E. Fair- 
bank; Anna Schafer Fisher; Leslie Clinton 
Fowler; W. C. French; William Omar Frost; 
Joseph L. Garrett; Leonard Gill; William Del- 
miah Glover; Elmer Goodnight; Maude Griffith; 
Lizzie Gullett (Mrs. Luther Tallent) ; Albert Cul- 
berson Hale; J. W. Hamilton; Mrs. J. W. Ham- 
ilton; Joseph Pink Harris; Lillie Harris; Frank 
Hicks; Benjamin Franklin Hodges; Edna Hof- 
stetter*, B. A., 08; Julius Holm; Oscar W. Hoop- 
er; Edison Hawkins Hooser; Bertha A. Horton; 
E. B. A. Horton; Anne Dee Howard; Beulah E. 
Hunt; Carl Isherwood; Carrie Keller; James 
Judson Kilpatrick; Leslie H. Lacy; Elmer L. Lin- 
coln; Kate B. Lockwell; Frank S. McKay; Mary 

worth); Cecilia Mathews; Janice Mercer; Effie 
Middleton; Thomas Archer Miller; Wm. Tolbert 
Noblitt; Mary Ellen O'Keefe; Edwin Carlin 
O'Neal; Sarah A. Owen; E. A. Pace*; Bessie D. 
Pendleton (Mrs. Wm. L. Maedgen) ; Wallace 
E. Petty; Benjamin F. Phelps; Ella May Pounds; 
John Alvin Ramsey; James McKnight Rector, 
Jr.; Clyde V. Reed; Lulu Rich; Orra Root*; A. H. 
Russell; Daisy Sandige; Herbert Schroeter; Otto 

E. Schultz: Ellie F. Shelton; Ethel C. bmith; 
Lilla Mae Smith; Kate B. Sockwell; LeRoy Rich- 
ardson Street; Shelby Glass Taylor; W. C. Tay- 
lor; Herbert M. Walden; Kathleen Wallace; Lul- 
lie Jane Wallace*; James Robertson West,* B. 
A., 05; Mary Louise Wheeler (Mrs. J. Edgar 
Meyer); Lucy S. Whitney; Mattie Wiley; Ben 

F. Williams; W. L. M. Williams; Bessie Lee 
Williamson (Mrs. Gus Moore); D. E. William- 
son; Velma Willingham; Lillian Word; Whitney 
Crow Wright; Minnie E. Yearwood; Henry Dale 
Young; Julius C. Zimmerman.* 


Marie Giels Adoue (Mrs. Henry B. 

B. A., 08. Wilson Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

Lena Mae Amsler, 

B. A., 08; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Omega Epsilon 
Sigma; Teacher Public School. McGregor, 

Leah Bell Andrews, 

B. A., 09; Reagan Lit. Soc.; pres. Women's 
Council; Teacher. 400 W. i;th St., Austin. 

Marcus Llewellyn Arnold, 

B. A., 06; Teacher; teacher of hist., State 
Normal School. 716 Mitchell St., San Marcos, 

Frances Arozena, 

Teacher. 321 Preusser St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Jefferson Davis Atwood, 

B. Lit., 05; LL. B., 06; Sigma Nu Phi; Law- 
yer; capt. in New Mexican Natl. Guard, Com- 
manding Co. C, ist New Mexican Infantry, 
in Federal service at Columbus, New Mexico. 
Artesia, New Mex. 

Alma Austin, 

B. A., 10 ; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Woman's Coun- 
cil; Y. W. C. A. 1909 Sabine St., Austin, 

Larry Pierce Bailey, 

B. S., 05; B. A., 01, Texas Christian Univ.; 
Glee Club: Principal 9th Dist. Sch., Waco; 
mem. co. bd. of exam.; trustee and steward, 
Herring Ave. Methodist Church. 2oth and 
Alexander Sts. and 1800 Alexander St., Waco, 

Burke Baker, 

B. A., 09; Phi Delta Theta; Athenaeum; 
Econ. and Polit. Sci. Soc.; doubles champ. 
Univ. of Texas Tennis and Intercoll. ; class 
football; President Am. Briquet Co. (Phila., 
Pa.); pres. Y. M. C. A.; v.-pres. Houston 
Y. M. C. A.; mem. state exec. comm. Y. M. 

C. A.; mem. International Comm. Y. M. C. 
A.; dir. Bankers Trust Co.; mem. University 
Club of Houston; Houston Country Club. 
Union Natl. Bank Bldg. and 420 Westmore- 
land Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Land rum Baker, 

Draftsman. 1521 Commerce St. and 313 Lake 
Cliff Drive, Dallas, Texas. 

Katherine Claire Ball, 

B. A., op; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Teacher. 
824 N. Marsalis Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Thomas Joseph Ball, 

B. A., 08; LL. B., 09; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Rusti- 
cusses; mem. Students' Council; Lawyer; asst. 
atty. Ellis Co., 11-15; mem. Masons; Knights 
of Pythias; Woodmen of the World; Colum- 
bian Woodmen. 400 Kaufman St., Waxa- 
hachie, Texas. 

Willie David Barbee (Mrs. W. L. 

B. A., 08. Austin, Texas. 

Robert Dulaney Barclay, 

B. A., 07; Phi Gamma Delta; Banker; v.-pres. 
Natl. Bank of Commerce; mem. San Antonio 
Country and Travis Clubs; Scientific Soc. of 
San Antonio; Casino. Commerce and Soledad 
Sts. and 409 Augusta St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Charles Albert Barnes, 

Delta Tau Delta; Insurance Agent. 704 
Chestnut St. and 5627 Chamberlain Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Willard Moses Barnes, 

B. A., 08; Delta Sigma Phi; Farming and 
Stock Raising. Venus, Texas. 

Minnie Lee Barrett, 

B. A., 15; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; mem. basketball, 05; Teacher 
of Latin, Coll. of Industrial Arts; supt. of 
schools at Luling, Texas; teacher Bonham 
High School; student, asst. in Latin, Univ. of 
Texas. 109 Frame St., Den ton, Texas. 

Sam Houston Bell, Jr., 

Chi Phi; County Commissioner; mem. Elks; 
Country Club. 600 Levee St., Brownsville, 

Willie Isabella Birge, 

B. A., 09; M. A., 10 ; attended summer sch. 
Columbia Univ., 15; Director of Dept. of 
Biology, College of Industrial Arts (Denton, 
Texas); head of dept. of biol., Fort Worth 
High Sch., 13-14; head of biol. and geol., 
Texas Christian Univ. (Fort Worth), 11-13. 
2408 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Marion Louise Bliem, 

B. A., 09; Chi Omega; Pierian; Glee Club; 
Y. W. C. A.; on staff Magazine, 08-09; Cac- 
tus, 08-09; sec. Pierian Lit. Soc.; pres. Chi 
Omega; genl. sec. Y. W. C. A. 2d and Alder 
Sts. and 426 S. Palouse St., Walla Walla, 




Herbert Spencer Bonham, 

B. A., ii ; Lawyer. Beeville. Texas. 

Louella Boulding, 

2404 Forrest Ave., Dalla 

s, Texas. 

Christine Bowen, 

Cashier. Navasota, Texas. 

Dixie Boyd, 

Banker; asst. cashier. Lewisville, Texas. 

Bennie Brown (Mrs. Burke Baker), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; bas- 
ketball, 04-05; mem. Y. W. C. A.; Houston 
Art League; Kappa Kappa Gamma Assn.; Uni- 
versity Women's Club. 420 Westmoreland 
Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Claire Alleine Brown (Mrs. E. W. 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Kelly Brown, 

Lawyer; chrmn. Carter Co. Election Bd., 12- 
14; mem. Legisl. of Oklahoma, 14-16. 905-906 
Barnes Bldg. and 2906 Oklahoma Ave., Mus- 
kogee, Okla. 

Mary Brown, 

Teacher. Beeville, Texas. 

Pearle Bruner, 

Teacher (retired). 1112 S. 8th St., Temple, 

Lewis Lyles Bryan 

State Natl. Bank Bldg., El Paso, Texas. 

Eleanor Claire Buckley, 

B. A., 08; M. A., 09. Phila., Pa. 

Emmie Lee Burleson (Mrs. Leroy W. 

Librarian, S. W. T. S. 609 W. Hopkins St., 
San Marcos, Texas. 

Jean Douglas Campbell, 

2208 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Isabel Campbell, 

Jackson, Tenn. 

Blanche Carleton, 

Austin, Texas. 

Lillian May Carleton, 

B. A., 09. Austin, Texas. 

Franklin Carr (Mrs. Sam C. Polk), 

Houston High School, Houston, Texas. 

Corinne Cartledge (Mrs. Robert A. 

B. A., 08; mem. Reagan Lit. Soc.; Violin 
Club.; Y. W. C. A.; Phi Beta Kappa; mem. 
Woman's Club of San Antonio. 112 W. Aga- 
rita Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Maude E. Cartledge, 

B. A., 12; Teacher, Texas School for the 
Blind. Texas School for the Blind and 405 
W. 2ist St., Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Terrell Christian, 

Student; asst. in Zoology; Veterinarian; treas., 
v.-pres and pres. of Texas Veterinarian Assn.; 
Deputy State Vet. Inspector; Food and Dairy 
Inspector of Texarkana, Texas, and Ark.; 
Tuberculosis Inspector of Dairy Cattle of El 
Paso. 1256 Marr St., El Paso, Texas. 

Irene Clarkson (Mrs. A. D. Ellis), 

Mem. Shakespeare Club. 1331 N. 3d St., Abi- 
lene, Texas. 

Bessie Cochran (Mrs. Edgar G. Gam- 

B. A., 09; M. A., 10; Pi Beta Phi; pres. Ash- 
bel Lit. Soc. ; student asst. and fellow in 
English; Magazine bd.; Phi Beta Kappa; In- 
structor in English, University of Texas. Har- 
lingen, Texas. 

Lelia Rebekah Coffin, 

Sidney Lanier Soc.; capt. basketball team, 
05-06; Teacher. Hondale, New Mex. 

Charles Green Cofield, 

Moore, Montana. 

Harry Cohen, 

B. A., 08; Manufactruer of Clothing Special- 
ties. 56 Bleecker St., N. Y. C. 

Grover Cleveland Cole, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Rusk Lit. Soc.; finalist in 
declamation and oratorical contest; Brick 
Manufacturer; pres., genl. mgr. and dir. Lone 
Star Press Brick Co. ; v.-pres. Commercial 
Club; mem. Knights of Pythias; W. O. W.; 
Masonic connections. Ferris, Texas. 

Hallie Sloane Couch (Mrs. Gib Calla- 

Comanche, Texas. 

Florence Sarah Cowan (Mrs. J. W. 

Pi Beta Phi; mem. Episcopal Church. 1708 
Summit Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Jack M. Cowden, 

Midland, Texas. 

Abbie Crane, 

149 State St., Dallas, Texas. 

Annie Marie Crawford (Mrs. P. 

Roswell, N. Mex. 

Mattie Ruth Cross, 

B. A., n. Longview, Texas. 

Joseph Burrough Crow, 

District Judge of the 4th Jud. Dist. of La.; 
supt. Tenaha High School, Tenaha, Texas, 
2 yrs. Farmerville, La. 

Lucy Jane Dabney, 

B. A., 09; Instructor in Spanish, Sam H9us- 
ton Normal Inst. Mitchell House, Huntsville, 

Kemp Strother Dargan, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rusk Lit. Soc.; de- 
bating; Insurance; mem. University and 
Country Clubs. 712 Main St. and 3812 Day 
St., Houston, Texas. 

Mabel David, 

Teacher. 2820 Crawford St., Houston, Texas. 




Elizabeth Pauline Davis, 

Kappa Alpha Phi; Sidney Lanier Soc.; taught 
as sub. in high school. Taylor, Texas. 

Grace Dellmare (Mrs. Paul S. 

B. A., 09. 1500 E. ist St., Austin, Texas. 

Kitty Devine, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Asst. Librarian, Car- 
negie Library. Carnegie Library and 326 E. 
Dewey PI., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lula Pearl Dilworth (Mrs. L. D. Tis- 

B. A., 08; Teacher. Eddy, Texas. 

Harry Dudley (Miss), 

Teacher, Central Grammar School; del. to 
Federated Women's Clubs; mem. Sesame Club. 
320 E. JLlm St., Hillsboro, exas. 

Charles Raymond Edwards, 

B. A., 10 ; LL. B., n; Sigma Chi; Students' 
Council, (2), (3), (4); Attorney-at-Law; mgr. 
Stewart Title Guaranty Co.; mem. Country 
Club. 514 Brady Bldg. and 316, 6th St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Norma Lucile Egg, 

B. A., 13; Y. W. C. A.; ed. in chief Univer- 
sity Magazine; pres. Sidney Lanier; Texan 
staff; junior rep. Woman's Council; corres. 
sec. Eleanor Breckenridge Lit. Club. Edna, 

Eugene Ellis, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Allie C. Estill, 

Kappa Sigma; Telephone Operator, Associated 
Press; mem. Masons; Austin Press Club; Elks. 
Austin Statesman and 809 Rio Grande St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Robert Eugene Eubank, 

Omega Alpha Kappa Club; Delta Sigma Rho; 
Athenaeum; pres. Law Class and Athenaeum; 
mem. Univ. Debating Team, u; Lawyer; 
asst. co. atty. Lamar Co.; mem. Masons; W. 
O. W.; I. O. O. F.; Rebekahs. Court House 
and 224 E. Washington St., Paris, Texas. 

Cecil Eugene Evans, 

M. A., 06; B. A., 88, Oxford (Ala.) Coll.; 
President, Southwest Texas State Normal 
School. San Marcos. Texas. 

Elizabeth Payton Evans, 

Muskogee, Okla. 

Louise Nevitt Fant (Mrs. James Mc- 

B. A., 08; Alpha Delta Pi. Weatherford, 

Elon Forrest Ferguson, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
treas. and pres. freshman class; track and 
gymnasium teams; Attorney-at-Law; city 
atty., city clerk, asst. city sec., Beaumont, 
Tex., 08-13; mem. Elks; Moose; Eagles; K. 
of P. (P. C); I. O. O. F.; Neches and 
Beaumont Country Clubs and Chamber of 
Commerce. City Hall and 2050 North St., 
Beaumont, Texas. 

Frank Feuille, Jr., 

B. A., 08; LL. B., 12; Delta Tau Delta; 
Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; ed. University Maga- 
zine; Lawyer; asst. co. atty.; mem. Y. M. C. 
A.; University Club. 514 First ,Natl. Bank 
Bldg. and 3800 Nations St., El Paso, Texas. 

Jacqueline Nadine Flanagan (Mrs. 
Walter Philips), 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Harmon Lonzo Fowler, 

Mack Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Meyer Friedman, 

Insurance. 322 E. Laurel St., San Antonio, 

Zella Gaither, 

Teacher. 900 Gandey St., Denison, Texas. 

Flossie Gardner (Mrs. John M. Car- 

B. A., 09; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 2100 W. 
Collin St., Corsicana, Texas. 

Mortimer Stanfield Gardner, 

B. A., 08. Hubbard City, Texas. 

Enos Godfrey Gary, 

B. A., 07; Farmer. Edna, Texas. 

Allie George, 

B. S., 15, Coll. of Industrial Arts; Director, 
Domestic Science Dept., Denison High School. 
Denison High School, Denison and Denton, 

Chauncey Joseph Glover, Jr., 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Bus. Mgr. Waco Times- 
Herald; mem. Country Club; Huaco Club. 
426 Franklin St. and 1219 Washington St., 
Waco, Texas. 

Roy A. Goldstein, 

B. S., 09, Columbia; mem. firm Cohen, Gold- 
stein & Co. 56 Bleecker St. and 150 W. 95th 
St., N. Y. C. 

Serena Gould (Mrs. W. W. Early), 

B. A., 08; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
mem. Waco Art League; Y. W. C. A.; Lit- 
erary, Card, and Country Clubs. 1919 Clay 
St., Waco, Texas. 

Marie Alberta Graham (Mrs. Carl A. 

B. A., 09; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Choral Club. 
Cuero, Texas. 

Clifton Welch Gray, 

B. A., 06; Kappa Sigma; Lawyer. 819 Boyle 
Bldg. and 1612 W. roth St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Katherine Clingman Gray, 

B. A., 13. Forrest Ave. High Schol, Dallas, 

Lena Wood Greer (Mrs. Van R. Cur- 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A. 1025 Kenwood Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Lewis Porter Grinnan, 

Kappa Sigma; Cotton Exporter; mem. Elks. 
310 College St., Terrell, Texas. 

Annie Christina Gydeson (Mrs. E. 
W. Gammell), 

1608 Tuam Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Claude Vaden Hall, 

Matador, Texas. 




William Brodie Hamilton, 

Granite, Okla. 

Charles Frederick Hancock, 

B. A., 05; A. B., or, Arkansas Coll.; B. D., 
05, Austin Theol. Sem.; B. D., 06, Princeton 
Theol. Sem. Bright Moon St., Yencheng, 

Alice M. Harrell, 

Teacher. 1300 Coggin Ave., Brownwood, 

Leon Abraham Harris, 

Dry Goods Merchant. Main and Akard Sts. 
and 3303 Colonial Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Nellie Armistead Harris (Mrs. A. J. 

Pi Beta Phi; del. Student Volunteer Conv., 
Nashville, 06; Principal, South Marshall Sch.; 
mem. Woman's Club. 102 W. Border St., 
Marshall, Texas. 

Pritchett Ellis Harrison, 

B. A., 06; B. S., 16 Columbia Univ.; Teacher 
of Home Economics. Womans Coll. of Ala., 
Montgomery, Ala., and 908 Belvin St., San 
Marcos, Texas. 

Yancey Davis Harrison, 

Tyler, Texas. 

Katherine Bradford Henderson, 

B. A., 08; School Teacher at Uvalde, Texas. 
Cameron, Texas. 

Mary Eva Hewlett (Mrs. James G. A. 

B. A., 08; Phi Beta Kappa; fellow in N. Y. 
Univ. Sch. of Pedagogy, 08-09; mem. Wom- 
an's and Mothers' Clubs. 616 Pelican Ave., 
New Orleans, La. 

Addie P. Hill (Mrs. R. L. Rams- 

Plainview, Texas. 

Mary Walker Hilliard (Mrs. Mary H. 

Pi Beta Phi; mem. Austin Alumnae Club of 
Pi Beta Phi. 901 W. i6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Catherine Hinde, 

B. A., 09; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Teaching, High 
Sch. English, Hillsboro, 10-15, and Kingsville, 
1 6. King School and 124 Harris Ave., San 
Angelo, Texas. 

Thomas Steele Holden, 

B. A., 07; M. A., ii. Mass. Inst. of Technol- 
ogy, Boston, Mass. 

Adele Horton, 

B. A., 08; Sidney Lanier Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
student asst. in Latin; Teacher; teacher of 
Latin, Center High School. Center High 
School and Shebeyville St., Center and Grand 
Prairie, Texas. 

Coral Horton (Mrs. John L. Tullis), 

Coburg, Ore. 

Goldie Printis Horton, 

B. A., 08; A. M., 10, Smith Coll.; Sigma Xi; 
Tutor, Mathematics, Univ. of Texas; fellow 
in math., Smith Coll., 09-10; Bryn Mawr 
Coll., 12-13. 2218 Rio Grande St., Austin, 

Una Howe, 

B. A., 08; M. D., 12. Atlanta, Texas. 

Dorothy Howell (Mrs. William 

B. A., 08; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Cactus 
board. 6100 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Florence Hubert, 

Minerva, Texas. 

Elizabeth Cossins Hutchings, 

Chi Omega; on bd. Texan, 06; Teacher of 
Music. Allan High School and 1913 Nueces 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Katherine Keeler Johnson (Mrs. F. 
G. Huntress), 

San Antonio Exp., San Antonio, Texas. 

Edward Hallaran Jones, 

937 Spruce St., Phila., Pa. 

Sadie Kell (Mrs. Orville C. Bulling- 

Kappa Alpha Theta; mem. Y. W. C. A.: West- 
minster Guild. 706 Fillmore St., Wichita 
Falls, Texas. 

Beatrice Killingsworth (Mrs. Robert 
M. Love), 

Teacher in Austin Schools, 05-11. Le Noir 
Apts. No. 4, 1104 Bagby St., Houston, Texas. 

Mary Kimball, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. 1000 N. 
iSth St., Waco. Texas. 

Walter Ovid Kinsolving, 

B. A., 08; M. A., 09; B. D., 13 Genl. Theol. 
Sem.; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; on 
Cactus bd. 2 yrs. ; student asst. in English, 
07-08; fellow in English, 08:09; Priest of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church; curate of the 
Chapel of Intercession, Trinity Parish (N. Y. 
City), 13-15; dean of St. Paul's Cathedral 
(Oklahoma City), 15-16; rector of Calvary 
Church (Summit, N. J.), 16. 39 Woodland 
Ave., Summit, N. J. 

August George Koenig, 

B. A., 09; Professor of Chemistry; mem. 
W. O. W. Denton, Texas. 

Louis Adolph Koenig, 

B. A., 17; Hermann Sons Scholarship, n; 
Teacher; prin. Bastrop High Sch. Bastrop, 

Edmund Pendleton Lipscomb, 

B. A., 09; LL. B., 12 Harvard Univ.; Kappa 
Sigma, Athenaeum Lit. Soc. and Rusty Cusses 
at B Hall; on football squad, making T. F. B., 
but not a "T"; Attorney at Law; mem. Ger- 
man, San Jacinto Cotillion, Casino and Travis 
Clubs; Christmas Cotillion; San Antonio Rifle 
Assn., and all local Masonic bodies. 215 W. 
Commerce St. and 123 E. Craig PL, San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Harry L. Locker, 

Ph. G., Fort Worth Sch. of Med.; M. D., 13, 
do.; Physician and Surgeon. Winchell, Texas. 

Amy Myrtilla Longcope (Mrs. Edwin 

Tampico, Mexico. 




Edgar W. Loomis, 

Pi Kappa Alpha; Physician; asst. H. O. Dal- 
las, 12-14; acting health officer, City of Dallas, 
15; mem. Odd Fellows and Press Club of 
Dallas. Municipal Bldg. and 236 Page Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Reynold Errol Luhn, Jr., 

Accountant; storekeeper and accountant State 
Tuberculosis Sanatorium; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
State Tuberculosis, Carlsbad, Tom Green Co., 

Aimer McDuffie McAfee, 

B. A., 08; Ph. D., ii Columbia; Delta Sigma 
Phi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Sigma Xi; fellow 
and tutor in chem.; Research Chemist, Gulf 
Refining Co.; author "The Improvement of 
High Boiling Oils and the Manufacture of 
Gasolene Therefrom by the Action of Alumi- 
num Chloria"; mem. Chemists Club (N. Y. 
C.); Am. Chem. Soc.; Soc. of Chem. In- 
dustry; Am. Inst. of Chem. Engrs. 2821 
Proctor St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Ernest Eugene McAnelly, 

Architect and Engineer; supervising archt., 
Taft Corporation, i yr. 1407 Southwestern 
Life Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

Marie Felicity McDonnell, 

Teacher of History in High School. 
Royall St., Palestine, Texas. 


Dorothy McGuire 

San Antonio, Texas. 

(Mrs. Alf 

Howard Welton McKean, 

Grad. Eastman's Coll., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
07; v.-pres. fresh. class; fresh. base- 
ball team; Wholesale Dry Goods and Notions; 
sec. McKean, Eilers Co.; mem. German, Ro- 
tary, and County Clubs; 32 Scottish Rite 
Mason; K. of P.; Shriner. 321 Congress 
Ave. and 1003 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Rena McLaughlin (Mrs. W. A. Dar- 

i ioo Blanco St., Austin, Texas. 

Harvey Gregory McLean, 

B. A., 08; Beta Theta Pi; pres. class, 08; 
Representative, Alexander Hamilton Inst., 13 
Astor PI., N. Y. City; mem. Beta Theta Pi 
(N. Y. City) Club. 352 Dickinson Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Edgar Ogletree McNew, 

Superintendent City Schools; Odd Fellow; 
W. O. W. 809 S. Pecan St., Mineral Wells, 

Hallette McPhail (Mrs. George Mc- 

Kappa Alpha Theta. W. 7th St., Bonham, 

Sydney Marks, 

Rusk Debating Soc.; Merchant; Exalted Ruler, 
Corsicana Lodge Elks, No. 172; trustee Retail 
Merchants' Assn.; 32 Mason and Shriner. 
Care Marks Bros, and 630 W. Fourth Ave., 
Corsicana, Texas. 

Kate Townes Martin (Mrs. James A. 

San Saba, Texas. 

Hattie Aubrey Mathee, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Public School Teacher; mem. 
Woman's Choral Club. Fannin School and 
3712 Bagby St., Houston, Texas. 

George Shrader Mathers, 

B. S., ii, Univ. of Chicago; M. D., 13, Rush 
Med. Coll.; Delta Tau Delta; Physician; in- 
terne Cook Co. Hosp., Chicago; research mem. 
The Memorial Inst. of Infectious Diseases, 
Chicago; author of various papers on med. 
subjects. 122 S. Michigan Ave. and 5125 
Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Hermione E. Mays (Mrs. Henry 

B. A., 09; Reagan Lit. Soc.; on staff Maga- 
zine i yr.; Teacher. 315 W. Beauregard Ave., 
San Angelo, Texas. 

Mabel Mendenhall (Mrs. Sullivan), 

1098 Delaware Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Adiline B. Mitchell, 

Pi Beta Phi. 4015 Junius St., Dallas, Texas. 

J. Viola Mizell (Mrs. J. P. Kimmel), 

B. A., 06. Belleville, Ontario. 

Herbert B. Montgomery, 

Teacher; prin. John C. French Sch.; mem. 
K. of P. 202 Broadway, Cuero, Texas. 

Charles Ulysses Moore, 

B. A., 06; M. D., 10, Univ. of Minn.; M. S., 
15. do; Omega Upsilon Phi; Physician; Spe- 
cialist, Diseases of Children. Millard Hall, 
Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn., and 
814 Corbett Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Lockey C. Murray (Mrs. Janes), 

Abernathy, Texas. 

William H. Nelle, 

Assistant Warrant Clerk in Comptroller's 
Dept. 90 Comptroller's Dept. and 513 E. 39th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Florence Elizabeth Newsome, 

Llano, Texas. 

J. H. Arthur Niebuhr, 

B. A., 08; Teacher. Brenham, Texas. 

Augusta Nielson, 

B. A., 16; Student; Teacher. 2403 Rio 
Grande St., Austin, and Main High School, 
Dallas, Texas. 

Charles Cleve Parker, 

Fulton, Ky. 

T. W. Parker, 

San Angelo, Texas. 

Eli Parkhill, 

Asst. Cashier, Home Natl. Bank. Llano, 

Virginia May Perrin (Mrs. Jones), 

B. A., 08; A. B., 02 Grayson Coll.; Y. W. 

C. A.; Choral Club; Stockholder in the First 
Natl. Bank. Celeste, Texas. 

Martha Petersen, 

B. Lit., 05. Brackettville, Texas. 




William A. Philpott, Jr., 

Delta Sigma Phi; "T" in gymnastics, 07; 
athletic dir. in gym., 08-09; ed. Texan, 08-09; 
founder Coyote, 08; founder Curtain Club, 
08; dir. German Club and final ball, 08-09; 
ores, junior class, 07; ed. Texas Bankers' 
Record. 508 First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 5634 
Richard St., Dallas, Texas. 

Lucius Junius Polk, Jr., 

Sigma Chi; Attorney-at-Law. Pharr, Texas. 

Essie D. Porter, 

Teacher; teacher of hist. Kaufman High Sch.; 
of English, Texarkana High Sch.; supt. at 
De Kalb, Texas. Kaufman, Texas. 

Fred Lee Ramsdell, 

Aldon, Pa. 

J. Murray Ramsey, 

Sigma Chi; Rusk Lit. Soc.; John C. Townes; 
Students' Council, 04-05 and 07-08; treas. Y. 
M. C. A.; Nurseryman; pres. Texas Horticul- 
tural Soc.; dir. Austin Chamber of Com- 
merce; mem. Rotary, Sterrett Gun and Rod 
Clubs. 4501 Ave. B and 4312 Speedway, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Olive G. Read (Mrs. Pat Ireland 

Charter mem. of Reagan Lit. Soc.; scholar- 
ship from Mineola High Sch. 202 E. Court- 
land PL, San Antonio, Texas. 

James Robert Record, 

Kappa Sigma; Newspaperman; mem. Glen 

Garden Country Club; Elks No. 134. Office 

The Star-Telegram and Texas St. and Summit 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Valerie Tunstall Reeves, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Music Supervisor; 
Chaminade and Bonham Clubs. 905 N. Main 
St., Bonham, Texas. 

Isabel Roe Reynolds (Mrs. W. F. 

B. A., 06. Morrisville, Pa. 

Bessie A. Rice, 

Primary Teacher, Waco High Schools. 1803 
Franklin St., Waco, Texas. 

Octavia F. Rogan, 

B. A., 08; Asst. Librarian and Cataloguer, 
State Library. Texas Library and Hist. Com- 
mission, State Library, and 812 W. 22% St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Moselle Sallee, 

Millinery. 1209 Lincoln St. and 1120 Guada- 
lupe St., Laredo, Texas. 

Minnie Sanborn (Mrs. Oscar H. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 3414 Dartmouth, High- 
land Park, Dallas, Texas. 

Adline Sanders, 

Chi Omega; Teacher of History. Bryan Bap- 
tist Academy, cor. 26th and Pletzer AYC., 
Bryan, Texas. 

Otto A. Schmidt, 

Proof Reader; mem. Knights of Columbus 
811 Congress Ave. and 1604 E. nth St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Herbert B. Seay, 

B. A., 09; LL. B., ii ; Lawyer. Trust Bldg. 
and 4906 Crutcher St., Dallas, Texas. 

Helen Adele Seeligman, 

B. A., 08; Asst. Sec. School Art League of 
N. Y. ; asst. to ed. American Art Annual. 
320 W. 83d St., N. Y. C. 

Silas McDenny Sewell, 

B. A., 05; M. A., 06; Registrar, Instructor 
in Mathematics in Southwest Texas State Nor- 
mal Sch. 125 Pickard St., San Marcos, Texas. 

Margaret B. Shurtleff (Mrs. Richard 
H. Ames), 

R. F. D. No. i, Houston, Texas. 

Jessie Silveus (Mrs.), 

805 W. Magnolia Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

E. Dell Simms (Mrs. C. R. Isaacs), 

Rockdale, Texas. 

Lottie Simms (Mrs. R. C. Wallis), 

Rockdale, Texas. 

H. L. B. Skinner, 

A. B., 12, Baylor Univ.; Suerintendent of 
Schools. Palacios, Texas. 

Jessie Richard Smith, 

County Judge, Stephen Co., Texas. Brecken- 
ridge, Texas. 

Robert Guy Smith, 

B. A., 08; LL. B., 13; Delta Sigma Phi; 
Athenaeum; Lawyer; principal Caldwell High 
Sch., 10-11; English Dept., do., 09-11; asst. 
cashier Cumby State Bank, 08-09; natl. v.-pres. 
Delta Sigma Phi, 4 yrs. 708 Busch Bldg. and 
3612 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Roscoe Conklin Smith, 

Teller, Farmers' & Mechanics' Natl. Bank; 
mem. Methodist Church. Farmers' & Mechan- 
ics' Natl. Bank and 1953 Lipscomb St., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Henry Chambers Somerville, 

B. A., 08; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Political Sci- 
ence Club; Superintendent of Schools. An- 
nona, Texas. 

Annie Nora Sowell (Mrs. Howard 

B. A., 08. Toronto, Canada. 

Margaret Spence (Mrs. Richard Har- 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.. in East Harris St., 
San Angelo, Texas. 

Robert W. Stayton, 

B. A., 07; Phi Delta Theta; Lawyer; with 
Kleberg, Stayton & Picton; mem. B. P. O. E. 
First State Bank Bldg. and 718 Furman Ave., 
Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Henry Wesley Stilwell, 

B. A., 09; Phi Beta Kappa; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Principal Tyler High Sch.; teacher Univ. of 
Texas and Waxahachie High Sch.; prin. Ama- 
rillo High Sch. 804 S. College St., Tyler, 

Jefferson Davis Stinson, 

B. A., 10; LL. B., n; Delta Sigma Rho; 
Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; pres. Economic and Po- 
litical Assn., 10-11; Texas-La. Debate, 10; 
asst. mgr. Texan, 09; Lawyer. 402 Western 
Indemnity Bldg. and 2909 Gould St., Dallas, 




Willett Stockard, 

Magazine Writer. Santa Anna, Texas. 

Anne Gannett Stratton (Mrs. Robert 
Gardner Miller), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; Rab- 
bit's Foot Club; mem. Magazine staff. 701 
Central Natl. Bank Bldg., St. Louis, Mo., 
and Falfurrias, Texas. 

Shirliereed Streeter (Mrs. Edgar 

B. A., 08; Kappa Alpha Theta; student asst. 
"Pennsylvania," N. sth St., Waco, Texas. 

Nellie Brent Sydnor (Mrs. G. W. 

1923 Octavia St., New Orleans, La. 

Louise L. Temple, 

B. A., 08; A. M., 12, Radcliffe Coll.; Educa- 
tional Assn.; Girls' Athletic Assn.; Tennis 
Assn.; Choral Club; Cactus bd., 05-06; sec. 
class (3), 07; v.-pres. class (4) ; v.-pres. Edu- 
cational Assn., 07-08; sec. Girls' Athletic 
Assn.; 07-08; sec.-treas. class (4); ed.-in-chief, 
Magazine, 06-07; ed. Texan, 07-08; English 
Teacher, Los Angeles High Sch. System; 
mem. Y. W. C. A.; Coll. Woman's and Sierra 
Clubs; L. A. English Teachers' Assn.; Cal. 
High Sch. Teachers Assn. Rex Arms Apts., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Ralph B. Timmons, 

Abstracter; mayor, 16-19; co. supt. schools, 
Fisher Co., 08-12. Roby, Texas. 

Elmira Tinnin (Mrs. William Law- 
rence Ilfrey), 

B. A., 10; B. of Educ., 10; formerly teacher 
Galveston Public Schools (11-12). 3824 Ave. 
P, Galveston, Texas. 

Helen Mary Tinnin, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. R. F. D. No. 7, 
Austin, Texas. 

Albert W. Townsend, Jr., 

Kaippa Sigma; baseball, 05; Traveling Sales- 
man for B. W. Randolph. Fourth and Colo- 
rado Sts. and 1500 Congress Ave., Austin, 

Charles C. Truitt, 

B. A., 08; LL. B., 10; Rusti Cusses; "T" foot- 
ball, 08-09; Insurance; sec. and auditor Bank- 
ers' International Life Ins. Co. of Austin; 32 
Mason; W. O. W. La Prelle PI. and 2615 
Salado St., Austin, Texas. 

Eula Vickrey (Mrs. G. W. Smith), 

120 Castillo Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Georgiana Washington Walker, 

Austin, Texas. 

Jennie Knox Walker (Mrs. B. F. Har- 

B. A., 08. 809 Main St., Houston, Texas. 

Clemmie Haden Waller, 

Hubbard Tuesday and Auction Clubs. Hub- 
bard, Texas. 

Guy La Flore Webb, 

Lawyer. 429 N. sth St., Muskogee, Okla. 

H. H. Weinert, 

B. A., 08; LL. B., 09; Delta Sigma Phi; 
football; Banker; Attorney. Seguin, Texas. 

Nina Lee Weisinger, 

B. A., 09; Phi Beta Kappa; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Girls' Athletic Assn.; Choral Club; Instructor 
in Spanish. University Station and 707 W. 
22% St., Austin. Texas. 

Mamie Welhausen (Mrs. Francis G. 

Mem. Baylor Round Table; Ladies' Lit. Club. 
1401 S. 7th St., Waco, Texas. 

Sallie Belle Weller (Mrs. Eugene B. 

B. A., 09; M. A., 17, Columbia Univ.; Pi 
Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc. Westhampton St., 
Richmond, Va. 

Hilda C. Widen, 

Voice Teacher, Texas Sch. for the Blind; 
mem. Matinee and Collins Music Clubs. 1608 
Brazos St., Austin, Texas. 

Hulda Wild (Mrs. J. M. Marshall), 

B. A., 09; ist prize, Sons of Herman exam., 
07; Teacher of Science and German. Nacog- 
doches, Texas. 

Edna W r illiams, 

Teacher. mo Presseur St., San Angelo, 

Linna Williams (Mrs. H. F. Clark), 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 2217 E. Oneal St., 
Greenville, Texas. 

Thomas Jay Williams, 

B. A., 08; M. A., 15, Univ. of Cal.; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Rector of St. 
Paul's Church; mem. Dioecsan Bd. of Mis- 
sions, Ore.; asst. gov. Junior Order of Moose; 
author of "The Bread of Life: A Manual of 
Eucharistic Devotion"; mem. Confraternity of 
the Blessed Sacrament; Guild of All Souls; 
Priest Associate of the Soc. of St. John the 
Evangelist; Loyal Order of Moose. St. 
Paul's Church, 9th St. near Main and 104, 
9th St., Oregon City, Ore. 

Charlie Woodruff Wilson (Miss), 

B. A., 08; M. A., 13; Ph. D., 15, Univ. of 
Cal.; Beta Kappa Alpha, Univ. of Cal.; 
Pierian Lit. Soc.; Asst. Professor of Biology, 
Mills Coll.; student asst. in zopl., Univ. of 
Texas, 08; teacher of biol., Austin High Sch., 
08-11; fellow in zool., Univ. of Cal., 13-14; 
contributor to Univ. of Texas and Univ. of 
Cal. publications; mem. Assn. of Collegiate 
Alumnae; Am. Assn. for the Advancement of 
Science. Mills College, Oakland, and 1527 
Sonoma Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Cora Edith Windus, 

Associated Press Correspondent; pub. sch. 
teacher, El Paso Public Schools; author of 
"Propinquity and Cupid, Matchmakers." Brac- 
kettville and Presidio, Texas. 

T. Vard. Woodruff, 

Chi Phi; Lawyer; mem. B. P. O. Elks; 
Knights of Pythias. Aycock Bldg., Sweet- 
water, Texas. 

Beatrice R. Woolsey, 

B. A., 09. Coronal Institute, San Marcos, 




Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Thomas J. Adams; George W. Austin; L. Lor 
raine Barton; Mary Isabel Bibb; Warren D'or 
Bloys; Mary Anita Bonner; Jaynie Boyle; Eu 
gene Leslie Braun; Mary Harriet Breeden; J. S 
Bullington; Willard Moses Games; Stephen N, 
Chennault; James Perry Ghiles; John Lewis 
Clark; Irene Alice Clarkson (Mrs. A. D. Ellis); 
William James Clay; Clarence Henry Collier; 
Walter Melton Conley; Kate Connerly (Mrs. 
J. D. Creath); Sara E. Conrad (Mrs.); Mary F. 
Cooper; Mrs. C. Crawford; Joe Alvin Crawford; 
S. J. Creswell; Edwin W. Davis; Mary Jennie 
Davis; Lucian Parana Paris; Benjamin Smith 
Farnsworth*; Jenness Frieze (Mrs. James P. 
Gough); G. A .Gamble; L. P. Gamble; Beulah 
Gaston (Mrs. Eugene Sander); Mrs. Huldah B. 
Goodwin (Mrs. Philip Davenport); George May- 
nard Griffith; Howard Garrison Griffith; Mrs. 
Ida V. Hale; Joe Wiley Hale; Attie Lucile Hill; 
Ellen Orine Hilsman (Mrs. William C. Sco- 
ville), B. A., 09 ; Leila Hirshfield; Julius Fred- 
erick William Hoak; Emilie Holzapfel; Lillian 
Pearl Horton; Florence Hubert; Eva B. Huma- 
son; Mary Louise Johnson; John Elbridge Jones; 
Ann Belle Kerr (Mrs. A. M. Woolsey) ; Robert 
Foster Kirkpatrick; Louis Herman Klopf; Delia F. 
Kolb; Annie Lucille Lane; Kathryn Laney; 
Mary Essie Leathers; M. C. Le Grand; John 
Selwyn Lineberger; Louise Loper (Mrs. Fred 
Graves); Mary McCormick; Thomas Earl Mc- 
Cullough; Marion Jackson McDonald; Anna M. 
McKnight (Mrs. Williams); Ernest McPhail; 
Lindley Cletus McReynolds*; Mrs. A. R. Mid- 
dleton; Sadie Millspaugh (Mrs. L. T. Boulware); 
Annie R. Moss; Robert D. Mullins; William Au- 
brey Nelson; Wanda Isabella Orynski; John 
Ernest Parks; Lola Perry*; Otis David Phillips; 
William Albert Philpott; Joseph Gregory Pinson; 
Francis Marion Pope; David Knox Porter; James 
Rhea Preston; Pearl Rainwater; Hazel Clyde 
Ransom; Ernest Rudolph Romberg; Annie Deane 
Ruby; Mrs. Emily Givens Sammons; Adline 
Sanders; A. J. Sewell, Jr.; John V. Singleton; 
Bettie Parkes Smith; Leffel Burnice Stark; Ed- 
ward A. Starr; Charles William Stevenson, B. 
A., 08; M. D., 12; Sim Lee Waits*; Mary Ellen 
Watts; Druscilla Maria Way*; Hattie Hirsch 
Weil; George W. West; Lucy Water White; 
Lillian Whitehand; Edith Veronica Widen; Gus- 
sie Williams; Sidney Rowan Wilson; Trudie de 
Luselme Wilson; Mary Ellen Wolcott (Mrs.). 


Joseph Carroll Allison, 

Teacher; supt. Breckenridge Public School. 
Breckenridge, Texas. 

Austin F. Anderson, 

Delta Tau Delta; Arrowhead and Glee Clubs; 
Lawyer; Masons 18 and B. P. O. E.. 27 
First Natl. Bank and 815 El Paso St., Plain- 
view, Texas. 

Barzallai C. Anderson, 

Chi Phi; pres. class 09; athletic council 10; 
mgr. of track team u; Head Master Peacock 
Military College; mem. Tennis Club; Pea- 
cock Military College. San Antonio, Texas. 

Rosa T. Arozena, 

Teacher. 321 Preusser St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Roger Q. Astin, 

Kappa Sigma; Planter and Capitalist; dir. 
City Natl. Bank; mem. Elks, Masons, Knights 
Templar and Knights of Pythias. Bryan, 

Carrie Ethyle Bagby, 

Houston, Texas. 

Cullen Bailey, 

B. A., 09; attended Harvard Law School, 2 
yrs.; Beale Law Club (Harvard); Theta Nu 
Epsilon do; Kappa Sigma; Rusti Cuss; 7 Clan; 
Glee Club; capt. gym. team, 08; track team, 
10 ; football team, 08-09; pres. jun. law class, 
09; champion wrestler, Harvard, 12; Chief 
of Police; asst. co. atty., 14-15; v.-pres. 
Greenwood Cemetery Assn.; mem. Elks; W. 
O. W.; Modern W. O. W.; Southern Social 
and Texas Clubs. City Hall and 1019 W. 
Terrell St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Florence Lela Baldwin (Mrs. T. U. 

Mem. Magazine Club. Haskell, Texas. 

Chellie Barr (Mrs. Frank A. Jami- 

Sprinkle, Texas. 

Jane F. Baskin, 

724 Baltimore Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

John Renshaw Beall, 

B. A., 10; M. D., 14; Interne Hudson St. 
Hosp. 67 Hudson St., N. Y. C. 

Beulah Beaver, 

B. A., 09; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Music Teacher. 
1700 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Deborah Beckett, 

1904 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Florence M. Bell, 

Sec. of Brownsville Alumni and Ex-Student's 
Assn.; mem. Learners Club; City Federation. 
600 Levee St., Brownsville, Texas. 

Minnie Cousins Bibb, 

Teacher. 1515 West Ave., Waco, Texas. 

Anna Irene Blomquist (Mrs. A. O. 

B. A., 08; M. A., 13; LL. M., 16; Lawyer. 
1 06 W. 3oth St., Austin, Texas. 

Daniel C. Blumberg, 

Lumber Merchant. 1102 Austin St. and 808 
Comp St., Seguin, Texas. 

William Boaz, 

Beta Theta Pi; Structural Engineer; engr. in 
charge Krajewski-Pesant Corp., Havana and 
N. Y. C. ; mem. Kappa Gamma Chi (Har- 
vard); Soc. of Harvard Engrs.; Engrs. De- 
fense League of New York. 1615 Hurley 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Helen Miller Bolton (Mrs.), 

Teacher. Wolvin High School. Texas City 
and 310 E. Academy St., Brenham, Texas. 

Winifred Bosche (Mrs. Earl Hender- 
son Brown), 

B. A., 10 ; Phi Beta Kappa; Y. W. C. A.; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Rabbits Foot Club; pres. 
Y. W. C. A., 10 and sec. xx. S. Union St, 
Concord, N. C. 

Merrie Tully Bostick, 

Teacher; mem. D. A. R. ; Southern Assoc. of 
Coll. Women. Fort Worth High School and 
1224 Sixth Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Clarence L. Boyer, 

Glee Club; Y. M. C. A.; Teacher and Farm- 
er; Scout Mstr. Boy Scouts, Vice Chancellor 
K. of P.; sec. and treas. Federal Farm Loan 
Assn.; supt. Atlanta High School. 166 Tay- 
lor St., Atlanta, Texas. 




Olive Branch ( Mrs. Thomas F. 

4918 Travis St., Houston, Texas. 

William Samuel Brandenberger, 

B. A., u; M. A., 12; Germania; Capital Club; 
Scholarship Sons of Herman; State Bd. of 
Examiners, State Capitol and 4108 Ave. G, 
Austin, Texas. 

George Murphy Brandon, 

B. A., 08; Kappa Sigma; Gent's Furnisher. 
Bryan, Texas. 

Paul Hamilton Breeden, 

Delta Tau Delta at Univ. of South; Merchant; 
Mgr. Buyer; mem. W. O. W.; K. of P. 119 
Terrell St. and Broadway and Esplanada St., 
Cuero, Texas. 

Lillie C. Bringhurst, 

Sidney Lanier and Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; 
treas. Texas Christian Endeavor Union; mem. 
Y. W. C. A.; Coll. Woman's Club and Chris- 
tian Endeavor Soc. 301 Hathaway Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

Alfred Lionel Bromberg, 

B A., 09; Assistant Manager, Sonneborn Bros. 
Laws and Brown Sts., and 2617 S. Boulevard, 
Dallas, Texas. 

Mina Bromberg, 

2617 S. Blvd., Dallas, Texas. 

A. I. Brooks, 

Graduate, North Texas State Normal Sch.; 
Abstracter of Land Titles; dist. clerk, Van 
Zandt Co., 4 yrs. Canton, Texas. 

James Robert Brooks, 

Teacher; Postmaster; co. clerk; supt. Ry. 
Postal clerk; instructor. Pilot Point, Texas. 

Annie Bob Brown (Mrs. J. R. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ravenna, Texas. 

Harry Henderson Brown, Jr. 

B. A., 10. Yoakum, Texas. 

Oscar Foster Brown, 

New Smyrna, Fla. 

Willette Brown, 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot and Standard 
Clubs. 403 W. Common St., Tyler, Texas. 

Mary Webster Browning (Mrs. T. S. 
Clopton) , 

Mem. Y. W. C. A. 1610 Jackson St., Ama- 
rillo, Texas. * 

Morris Browning, 

P. E. C.; Mandolin Club; Sales Manager, 
Phelps Dodge Mer. Co.; travelled through 
Mexico, being captured by Pancho Villa in 
Dec., 15. Departamento Mercantil and Hotel 
de Nacozari, Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico. 

Robert Spalding Buddy, 

B. A., 09; Phi Delta Theta; Fire Insurance, 
Special Agent; Masonic connections. 430 Wil- 
son Bldg. and 2713 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas. 


iy Angie Butler, 

B. A., 09. Stockdale, 


Andrew W. Cain, 

B. A., oo Univ. of Georgia; L. I., oo do.; M. 

A., 13 Univ. of the Philippines; Superintend- 
ent of Schools. Pangasinan Province, Philip- 
pine Islands; formerly supt., Philippine Nor- 
mal Sch., Manila; author "Methods for 
Young Teachers"; "History of the Spanish 
Normal School"; "Philippine Government." 
Government Building and Provincial Plaza, 
Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippine Islands. 

Howell Caldwell, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Y. M. C. A.; Merchant. 
222 N. Chaparral St. and 1309 S. 2d St., 
Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Bennie Campbell, 

Teacher. 202 Romana St., San Antonio, 

Mary Agnes Campbell, 

B. A., 12; Chi Omega; Sidney Lanier Lit. 
Soc.; soph, basketball team; Teacher of 
Mathematics in Beaumont High School; mem. 
Y. W. C. A. Beaumont High School and 
390 Emile St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Roy Forsythe Campbell, 

Lawyer; mem. Masons, Scottish Rite. 1104 
Union National Bank Bldg. and 1003% Con- 
gress Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Will H. Campbell, 

B. A., u ; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Athenaeum Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; basketball 
team 09; mgr. 10; pres. Academic dent. 10- 
ii ; Court Reporter 6oth Dist. Court. County 
Court House and 309 Emile St., Beaumont, 

Margaret W. Carlson (Mrs. H. M. 

B. A., 09; mem. Matheon Club; Southwestern 
Field Comm., Y. W. C. A.; Local Y. W. 

C. A. 5405 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Alva May Carruth (Mrs. A. S. Blank- 

Mem. Morris Federation. Gatesville, Texas. 

Josephine Caruthers (Mrs. T. L. 

Weatherford, Texas. 

Listen A. Casey, 

Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Mortgage Loans 
on Real Estate; mem. Casino, Country and 
Travis Clubs; Shriner; 32 Mason; Knights 
Templar; Elks. 417 Navarro St. and 637 
West Russell PI., San Antonio, Texas. 

Katie Cocke (Mrs. Roy C. Archer), 

B. A., 08. R. F. D. No. 6, Box 86, Austin, 

Ellis Payne Collins, 

B. A., 08; M. A., n; LL. B., 12; Delta Chi; 
Band; Orchestra; Glee Club; Lawyer. 812 
Scanlan Bldg. and 811 Lamar Ave., Houston, 

Rosina Guest Collins (Mrs. George 
H. West), 

B. A., 10; Chi Omega; Sidney Lanier Lit. 
Soc. 212 S. ist St., Globe, Arizona. 

Rawlins Murrell Colquitt, 

B. S., 09; Kappa Sigma; Rattlers; Insurance; 
Supt.. of Agencies, Guarantee Life Ins. Co.; 
mem. Travis (San Antonio), Thalian and 
Houston Country Clubs; Elks: Houston Turn 
Verein; Lumbermen's Club. 1005 Mason 
Bldg. and 3 McVea Apartments, Houston, 




Milda Connolly, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Sidney Lanier Lit Soc.; 
Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. 645 Upson Ave., 
El Paso, Texas. 

Arthur J. Cook, 

Merchant. Care of Thomas A. Cook Co., 
Belton, Texas. 

Henry Herbert Cook, 

Aloka, Okla. 

James Pleasant Cook, 

B. A., OQ; Harrison Fellow in Latin, Univ. 
of Pa., 16-17; tutor in Latin and Greek, Univ. 
of Texas, .13-16; teacher Latin and German, 
Hillsboro High Scohol, 09-11; Temple High 
School, 12-13. 3226 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. 

Annie Cooper (Mrs. Samuel Hodges), 

Mem. Monday Bridge Club; San Angelo Golf 
Club. 73 E. 8th St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Kathleen Laws Corley (Mrs. E. L. 

B. A., ii ; Sidney Lanier Lit Soc.; Phi Beta 
Kappa. 1616 Austin Ave., Brownwood, 

William Edward Cox, 

B. A., 99; M. A., 10. Box 1271, Leland 
Stanford University, Cal. 

Morton Hay wood Crockett, 

Coleman, Texas. 

Ethel Cruse (Mrs. Jackson Charles 

B. S., 08 Judson Coll.. Marion, Alabama; 
Zeta fau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Choral Club; 
mem. D. A. R.; United Daughters of the 
Confederacy; Woman's Reading Club: Y. W. 

C. A. 2094 Calder Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

James Thomas Davis, 

Navasota, Texas. 

L. Jewell Davis (Mrs. Dallas Scar- 

B. A., 07; A. B., 04 magna cum laude, Wes- 
leyan Coll.; Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Tennis Club; v.- 
pres. sen. class, 07; pres., v.-pres., sec. and 
treas., Alpha Delta Pi; pres. Delta Chapter 
of Alpha Delta Pi; pres. City Federation; 
regent John Davis Chapter, D. A. R.; sec. 
and treas. Texas ex-students Assn.; mem. 
Aloha Lit. Club; Eastern Star; Ex-^ard of 
Abilene Red Cross; chairman of Civilian Re- 
lief of Red Cross; critic of Sidney Lanier 
and v.-pres. of Sidney Lanier. Amarillo St., 
Abilene, Texas. 

William Owen Davis, Jr., 

Beta Theta Pi; Attorney; County Attorney, 
Coke Co.; mem. B. P. O. E. Court House 
and 405 S. Denton St., Gainesville, Texas. 

Jessie Taylor Dean (Mrs. Frank W. 

Teacher. 3501 Burlington Ave., Houston, 

Mary Edson De Vol (Mrs. Perry John 
Carter) , 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit Soc.; stud, 
asst. in English; mem. Thursday Study; Pier- 
ian (Amarillo. Texas) ; Hawthorne (Cuero, 
Texas); Fortnightly (New Albany, Ind.) and 
Tri Kappa Clubs. 318 W. i4th St., Topeka, 

Brice Lynn Dillingham, Jr., 

Athenaeum Lit Soc.: Shoe Merchant; mem. 
Rotary Club; Chamber of Commerce. 610 
Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Bertha L. Doering, 

B. A., 09; Pierian Lit Soc.; Teacher. S9uth 
End junior High School and 2904 Milam 
St., Houston, Texas. 

Elizabeth Virginia Doggett (Mrs. 
Wilmer Threadgill), 

B. A., 10; Reagan Lit. Soc.; tennis, "T"; 
mem. Tuesday Music and Literary Club. Lar- 
edo, Texas. 

Lida Dougherty, 

San Patricio, Texas. 

Ettie May Doughty (Mrs.), 

First honor graduate, Terrell High School, 
94; pres. sth Dist Congress of Mothers; pres. 
Parent-Teachers Assn. of Texas, 16-18; author 
of numerous articles on child- welfare; mem. 
University Ladies Club. 300 E. I2th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Univ. of 

Chicago ; pres. 

Walter Francis Dou 

B. A., 06; M. A., ii LUIT. w* v 
Southern Club (Univ. of Chicago), n; Pro- 
fessor Southwest Texas State Normal; sum- 
mer normal instr. and lect ; tchr. at 17 and 
earned money to pay expenses through college; 
prin. schools, Brandon, 98-03; supt. schools, 
McGregor, 03-05; supt. Marlin schools, 07-13; 
leader in campaigns for new school laws lead- 
ing to reorganization of rural schools and ap- 
propriation of one million dollars for weaker 
country schools and enactment of compulsory 
school attendance law; treas., 08-12, and 
ores., 12-13, Texas State Teachers' Assn.; 
State Text Book Bd.; Falls Co. Bd. of Educ.; 
mem. Scholia and Press Clubs. Capitol and 
300 E. 1 2th St, Austin, Texas. 

Alice Elizabeth Douglas. 

B. A., ii ; Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Lit 
Soc.; Teacher of Latin, Tyler High School. 
310 S. Beckham St., Tyler, Texas. 

James Tickell Downs, Jr., 

B. A., 10; M. D., 12 Univ. of Penna. ; Sigma 
Chi; Phi Alpha Sigma; Physician and Surg- 
eon; asst. house surg., New York Lying-in 
Hosp., 12; resident phys. and surg., German 
Hosp., Phila, 13-15; -pathologist to St. Paul 
Sanitarium, Dallas, 15-16; mem. Dallas County 
Medical Soc.; Southern Medical Soc. 510 
Southwestern Life Bldg. and 3603 Ross Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Charles Finnic Drury, 

Merchant. 400 Main St. Calvert, Texas. 

Bernice Carleen Dudley, 

B. A., 14. Midland, Texas. 

Francis Bowie Duncan, 

Phi Delta Theta; Theta Nu Epsilon; Arrow 
Head; capt, football 07; Planter and Stock- 
man. Egypt, Texas. 

Sallie Duncan, 

B. A.. 16; Teacher of English. Corpus Christi 
and Gonzales, Texas. 

William Edward Dunn, 

B. A., 09; M. A., Leland Stanford; Ph. D., 
Columbia; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Glee Club; 
Athanaeum Lit Soc.; Teacher. 2006 Whitis 
Ave., Austin, Texas. 




Benjamin Hadley Dyer, 

B. A., 10; Kappa Alpha (Southern); Phi 
Delta Phi; on football team, 06-07-08 and 
capt., 09; pres. Curtain Club, 09-10; repr. of 
law dept. to athletic council, 08-09, 09-10; 
on the Texan staff 08-09, 09-10; Assistant 
Circulation Manager; mem. University Club 
of Dallas. Care of A. H. Belo & Co., Com- 
merce St. and 1601% Pocahontas St, Dallas, 

Orpha Lenora Elkins (Mrs. W. T. 

Mem. Yoakum Literary Club; Order of East- 
ern Star. 202 Coke St., Yoakum, Texas. 

Amanda Ellingson (Mrs. Drue Bald- 
win Williamson), 

Y. W. C. A.; taught several years in city 
schools of Austin, Texas. Mendoza (Lock- 
hart R No. 3) Texas. 

Amasa Donaldson Ellis, 

B. A., 08; Theta Delta Chi (Lambda Charge, 
Bost. Univ.); Clergyman; rector Episcopal 
Church. 1331 N. Third St., Abilene, Texas. 

Lee Monroe Ellison, 

B. A., ii ; M. A., 12. 6046 Woodlawn Ave., 
Jackson Park Sta., Chicago, 111. 

Chris Emmett, 

Passed Bar Exam.; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Rusti- 
cusses; Claim Agent Southern Pacific System 
and S. P. R. R. Co.; mem. Elks; Knights of 
Pythias. Jacksonville, Texas. 

Clarence S. T. Folsom, 

(See e. 03.) 

Emmie Fountain (Mrs. R. P. Mar- 

B. A., 07; Kappa Aipft 
Soc. College Sta., Te: 

Elizabeth Fromme (Mrs. Charles W. 
Gardner) , 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Y. W. C. A.; mem. Am. Hist. Club; Austin 
Art League. 605 W. 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

James Arbry Fulks, 

County School Superintendent, Lamar Co., 

Algha Theta; Sidney Lanier 

supt., 'Deport Schools, 3 yrs.; East Paris In- 
dep. Schools, 3 yrs. and Reno Schools 9 yrs. 
County Court House and 45 E. College St., 

Cornelia Jewell Fulton, 

Alpha Delta Pi. 219 Archway, Austin, Texas. 

Elinor Fulton (Mrs. F. W. Jaeggli), 

Alpha Delta Phi. 207 W. Prairie St., Cuero, 

Mortimer Stanfield Gardner, 

B. A., 08; M. Ph., Univ. of Chicago; School 
Teacher. High School, Beaumont, Texas. 

Elizabeth Barham Garrison (Mrs. 
Ben T. Wilson), 

Phi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A. 
cabinet, 08-09; German play, 10; pres. Ash- 
bel Soc., 09; treas. and mem. exec, bd., Nacog- 
doches Pub. Library. 511 Mound St., Nacog- 
doches, Texas. 

Louise Gayle, 

B. A., 09; Alpha Delta Pi; Teaching. Waco 
High School and 515 N. i2th St., Waco, 

Lucy P. Gibbs (Mrs. Carl R. Black- 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 1340 N. Wahsatch Ave., 
Colorado Springs, Col. 

Julia Gillespie (Mrs. S. A. Jones), 

B. A., 10 ; Teacher of Spanish and English, 
Thorp Spring Christian Coll. Thorp Spring, 

Dora Merton Givens (Mrs. U. S. 

B. A., 09. Fort Stockton, Texas. 

Maude B. Glass, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Math. Teacher, 
Brunner High School (Houston). 1806 Main 
St. and 722 Edgar St., Yoakum, Texas. 

Eugenia Greenwood (Mrs. Fennil 

Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Wiltshire Griffith, 

Ph. G-, 08 Univ. of N. C.; Phi Kappa Psi; 
German Club; Pharmacist; mem. bd. commrs., 
City of Henderson ville; mem. Community 
Club. Fourth Ave. and Main St. and 210 
Fifth Ave., W. Hendersonville, N. C. 

Charles Wilson Hackett, 

B. A., 09. Univ. of California, Berkeley, 

J. Barham Hamlett, 

Glee Club; Merchant; Royal Arch Mason. 
Irene, Texas. 

Maude Hancock (Mrs. George W. 
Baines, Jr.), 

Mem. Alpine Club. Alpine, Brewster Co., 

Gertrude A. Hannon (Mrs. Eugene 
L. Keltz), 

Mem. Home Science Club; Parent-Teachers* 
Assn.; O. E. S. South Stephens St., Vernon, 

Cecil T. Hardeman, 

Wheat, Hay and Grain; sec-treas. Hardeman- 
King Co. 302 N. Western Ave. and 2224 W. 
1 6th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Marshall Mortimer Hargett, 

Farmer. R. F. D. 4, Moody, Texas. 

Eva Harold (Mrs. Du Jay), 

Y. W. C. A.; basketball team. 1748 Liberty 
Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Annie Kate Harris, 

B. A., ii. Palacios, Texas. 

Viva Viola Haskell (Mrs. V. V. 

Stenographer, Gulf Coast Lines. Union Sta. 
and 2002 Chenevert St., Houston, Texas. 

Bess Heflin, 

B. A., 13; Student Assistant; Sec. Domestic 
Economy Dept; Supervisor D. S. Junior High 
School; mem. Y. W. C. A. 2003 Wichita 
St., Austin, Texas. 




Edmund Heinsohn, 

B. A., ii ; LL. B., 12; Capitol; pres. class 
(law 3) 08-09; pres., Y. M. C. A., 10-11; 
class orator (acaa. 4) u; Lawyer; assist, co. 
atty., Bell Co., 13-14; mem. K. of P. Far- 
mers State Bank Bldg. and 4 E. Barton Ave., 
Temple, Texas. 

Mary Katherine Henry, 

Teacher. 508 Cliff St., El Paso, Texas. 

Rena Hewett, 

Teacher. 612 Magnolia St., Palestine, Texas. 

Frances Lorine Higginbotham, 

B. A., ii ; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher 
of History, Waco Public School. 1304 N. 
1 5th St., Waco, Texas. 

Anne Boxley Hill, 

Teacher. Ball High School and 2014 Ave. 
M., Galveston, Texas. 

Herman Hirsch, 

Teacher. 628 Colquitt Ave., San Antonio, 

Edwin Frederick Hohlt, 

Merchant. 12 E. Main St., Brenham, Texas. 

Edgar Alfred Holland, 

Sigma Nu Phi; Jeweler. 212, sth St. and 
803, 6th St., Orange, Texas. 

Florence Horner, 

Uvalde, Texas. 

Mary J. Householder (Mrs. M. Gar- 
ence Tucker), 

R. F. D. No. 3, Box 146, Fayetteville, Ark. 

Lee Knox Hughey, 

Sigma I\u; football; Real Estate Mortgages. 
American State Bank Bldg. and 516 N. loth 
St., Durant, Okla. 

Una Taylor Hunter, 

Teacher of English; mem. Christian Church. 
606 South St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Willie Ora Hunter (Mrs. H. B. Arm- 

Delvalle, Texas. 

W. C. Hurst, 

Attorney; co. supt. of schools; co. dem. 
chrmn. 208 First NatL Bank Bldg. and 406 
S. Fredonia St., Longview, Texas. 

James M. Jackson, 

Florist; mem. K. of P. Dublin, Texas. 

Jesse Gee Jenkins, 

M. D., 14 Vanderbilt Med. Coll.; Chi Zeta 
Chi (Vanderbilt); Surgeon; house surg. 
Temple Sanitarium; mem. Texas State Med. 
Assn.; Masonic connections. Temple Sani- 
tarium, Temple, Texas. 

William Oliver Jenkins, 

Sealy, Texas. 

Chilton Jennings, 

B. S., 10, Univ. of Chicago; Beta Theta Pi; 
Goo Roo; Real Estate; mem. A. F. and A. M.; 
B. P. O. E.; Glen Garden Country and Fort 
Worth Clubs. 603^ Main St. and 1430 Penn- 
sylvania Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Glover S. Johns, 

Kappa Alpha; Rattler Club; mem. firm Glover 
Johns Auto Co.; dir. Rotary and Commercial 
Clubs; Vice Chancellor; Miramar No. 135; 
mem. Knights of Pythias; Corpus Christi 
Country Club. 200-2 Mesquite, 911 Bayview 
Ave., Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Jack Johnson (Mrs.), 

Student. 2319 Necher St., Austin and Palmer, 

Ruby Viola Jordan, 

Teacher; Alta Vista School. Montana St., El 
Paso, Texas. 

Thomas Ezelle Karnes, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Stenographer; mem. Elks No. 

St. 1 608- 10 Main St. and 1808 W. xoth St.. 
alias, Texas. 

Thomas Edwin Keahey, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Varsity Band; Real 
Estate and Farm Loans; dir. Guaranty State 
Bank; mem. A. F. and A. M.; W. O. W. 
Rockwall, Texas. 

Willie May Kell, 

B. A., 12; Kappa Alpha Theta; mgr. Tennis 
Uhle " 

pres. Athletic Assn.; winner of "T 
in tennis. 900 Bluff St., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Beulah C. Kendall, 

B. A., 12; Teacher. 1605 Colorado St, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Samuel Kennedy, 

Grapeland, Texas. 

Mary Louise Ketcham (Mrs. Frank- 
lin M. Armstrong), 

Mem. Sesame Club; Rainey Civic and Mar- 
shall Civic Leagues; Federated Parent-Teach- 
ers. 107 Rainey St., Marshall, Texas. 

William Brockman King, Jr., 

Beta Theta Pi; mem. of firm and mgr., Turner 
and Dingee; Bd. of Supervisors, Levy Dist. 
No. i, Tarrant Co.; mem. Elks, Ft. Worth 
and Glen Garden Country Clubs. 502 Hous- 
ton and 107 Pearl Sts., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Agnes Kirkland (Mrs. Robert Green 

B. A., 08; Zeta Tau Alpha; Rabbit Foot and 
Political Economy Clubs; Sidney Lanier Lit. 
Soc.; fellowship in educ., 08-09. 816 E. Lane 
St., Roseburg, Ore. 

Gurdon Foster Kirkpatrick, 

B. A., 08; jun. class v.-pres., 07; Preacher. 
Sylvester, Ga. 

Lila Eileen Knox (Mrs. P. E. Nich- 

B. A., 09; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta 
Kappa, 09; Teacher of English, Ball High 
School, Galveston; Sec. Galveston Choral 
Club. Ball High School and 2127 Avenue M, 
Galveston, Texas. 

Selma Auguste Elizabeth Kuehne 
(Mrs. Otto-Frentrup), 

Y. W. C. A.; Farming. R. F. D. No. 4, 
Box 17, Austin Texas. 

Cora Belle Land (Mrs. H. G. Rob- 


428 Preusser St., San Angelo, 

John W. Lane, 

Delta Tau Delta; Merchant. Manor, Texas. 




Louise M. Lawrence, 

B. A., 10 ; Theta Tau Alpha; Sidney Lanier 
Soc.; Teacher (Douglas, Arizona). 406 W. 
xoth St., Austin, Texas. 

Thomas G. Leachman, 

Phi Delta Theta; Sec. and Mgr. Leachman 
Laundry. 2009 Hickory St. and 3725 Strat- 
ford Ave., Highland Park, Dallas, Texas. 

Gilbert Cecil Lechenger, 

M. D., 12, Columbia Univ.; Physician; sec. 
and treas. Harris County Med. Soc.; Scottish 
Rite Mason. 323 Kress Bldg. and 1803 Me- 
Gowen Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Rafael Bill Lechenger, 

Jeweler; mem. Chamber of Commerce, Lions 
Club (dir.) and once Censor of Ad Club. 415 
Main St. and 224 Emerson Ave., Houston, 

Margaret Levy (Mrs. Frank Feuille, 

B. A., 09; M. A., 12; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sidney 
Lanier Lit. Soc.; lit. ed. Cactus: mem. 
Womans Club. 3800 Nations Ave., El Paso, 

Christina Littlefield (Mrs. R. A. Bu- 

B. A., 06; Kappa Kappa Gamma; m,em. 
Kappa Alumnae Assn.; Am. Hist. Club. 409 
W. 1 3th St., Austin, Texas. 

Jeannette Littman, 

B. A., 13; Menorah Soc.; Teacher of Mathe- 
matics. John T. Allan High School and 500 
Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Lloyd P. Lochridge, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Athenaeum Soc.; class 
pres. ; assoc. ed. Cactus and Texan; College 
yell leader; Director Co-op.; Editor, Austin 
Statesman; mem. and sec. State Dem. Exec. 
Committee; mem. Austin County, Rotary and 
various press clubs. 7th and Brazos Sts. and 
2410 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Hugh B. Lofland, 

B. A., 12; Capitol Club; Principal, Cisco High 
School. Cisco, Texas. 

Eugene Ray Logan, 

Pharmacist. Megargel, Texas. 

Kathleen Lomax (Mrs. D. C. Bland), 

B. A., 10; Chi Omega; Pierian Lit Soc.; 
Y. W. C. A.; Woman's Council; mem. Wom- 
an's Lit. Soc. 509 Pine St., Orange, Texas. 

James W. Lowber (Mrs.), 

A. M., Texas Christian Univ.; mem. Path- 
finders Club. 1706 Brazos St., Sutin, Texas. 

K. McBrayer, 

Commissioner of Water Works and Sanita- 
tion since 14; also interested in Grocery busi- 
ness since 06; teacher Ellis Co. Public 
Schools, 95-06. City Hall and 502 S. Parker 
St., Mineral Wells, Texas. 

Charles Tilford McCormick, 

B. A., 09; Phi Delta Theta; Athenaeum; Law- 
yer. 1 2 10 Commonwealth Bldg. and 4219 
Junius St., Dallas, Texas. 

Julia McDaniel (Mrs. R. C. Ro- 

B. A.. 09; mem. Woman's Forum; Art Assn. 
418 W. 7th St., Dallas, Texas. 

Bess Mclntosh (Mrs. John T. Tip- 

Chi Omega. 2912 Forest Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Robert Howard McMeans, 

B. A., 12; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Sigma; 
Theta Nu Epsilon; Student. 1312 Ave. I, Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

Edgar McMullen, 

B. 4.-> 1 5- Florence, Texas. 

Fanny Nelson Maddox (Mrs. Lewis 

1201 W. 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

Frankie Martin (Mrs. John D. Roe), 

Indianola, Miss. 

Franklin Lafayette Masterson, 

Beaumont, Texas. 

George M. Mayer, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Lawyer; mem. Casino Assn. 
State Bank and Trust and 101 King William 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Livingston M. Mays, 

Student (Academic) 1905-8; Law 10-11; Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon, Hildebrand Law Soc., Y. M. 

C. A.; Attorn ey-at- Law, firm Lawther, Pope 
and Mays; mem. Dallas Lawyers and Texas 
State Bar Assns. 1201-5 Commonwealth Bldg. 
and 811 Haines Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Esther L. Melasky, 

403 E. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Allen H. Menefee, 

B. A., ii ; also attended Dept. of Law; sec. 
and critic Rusk Soc.; sec. Senate; Tarlton 
Law; County Attorney; Supt. Floresville Pub. 
School, 07-08; mem. Press Club. Madison- 
ville, Texas. 

Minnie Lane Monkhouse (Mrs. W. T. 

Mem. Y. W. C. A. Burkburnett, Texas. 

Carrie Lou Moore, 

B. A., 09; Teacher. 2716 Live Oak St., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

Myrtle Aileen Moore, 

Stenographer and Bookkeeper. Portales, 
New Mexico. 

Eloise Munson, 

B. A., 09; Alpha Delta Pi. 1007 Morton St., 
Denison, Texas. 

Dan R. Murchison, 

B. A., 07; Sigma Nu; Banking; V.-Pres. 
First Natl. Bank, Athens, Texas. 

Joseph Russell Muse, 

Canton, Mo. 

Leda Maud Nash (Mrs. Samuel Al- 
fred Williams), 

B. A., 09; Kappa Alpha Theta; on Cactus 
Bd. Womans Council and Y. W. C. A.; mem. 
Y. W. C. A. 1532 Irving Place, Shreveport, 

James Mortimer North, Jr., 

Phi Kappa Psi; Managing Editor Fort Worth 
Star Telegram; mem. Elks; Masons and 
Knights of Pythias. Eighth & Throckmorton 
Sts., and Apt. T. Buckingham, Summit Ave. 
and Texas St., Fort Worth, Texas. 




Edmund Lee Nunnally, 

B. A., ii ; Professor of Latin. 237 N. Mag- 
dalen St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Cecil O'Banion (Mrs. Frank Shelton) 

El Paso, Texas. 

W. S. Ownsby, 

B. A., 09; Capitol Club; pres. class (4); 
student asst and fellow in physics (3. 4); 
Teacher asst. prin. and head of sci., Cleburne 
High School; mem. W. O. W. and K. of P. 
High School and 407 Prairie Ave., Cleburne, 

Hattie Parks (Mrs. Albert Stone), 

Brenham, Texas. 

F. L. Paschal, 

B. A., 09; Kappa Alpha; Physician and Surg- 
eon; M. D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 13; surgical 
interne, 13-15, and asst. orthop. surg., N. Y. 
Post Grad. Hosp. and Med. School, 15-16; 
med. relief work in Germany. 16. Hicks Bldg. 
and 321 Cypress St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Jesse McCay Patton, 

Glee Club; Phi Gamma Delta; Rusk; sec. 
treas. Students Assn.; v.-pres. Soph. Class; 
pres. Glee Club, 06-07; student dir. Glee Club, 
07-08; Stockman; mem. Y. M. C. A. Uvalde, 

John William Payne, 

Portland Cement Co., San Antonio, Texas. 

Wilhelmina Pegram, 

B. A., 10; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher; mem. Dallas Woman's Pan Hellenic; 
Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club of Dallas. Dal- 
las High School, 2218 Bryan St. and 4119 
Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Lucille Pendleton (Mrs. H. T. Ken- 

Pi Beta Phi. 606. Harold St., Houston, Texas. 

Cora Pearl Penn, 

B. A., 07. 1615 Congress Ave., Austin, 

Clifton Sanford Perkins, 

B. A., 10; LL. B., u; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 

Rusty Cusses; Lawyer; atty. Snyder Natl. 

Bank; mem. Round-Up Club. Snyder Natl. 
Bank Bldg., Snyder, Texas. 

Paul Waples Platter, 

Waples-Platter Co., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Carl L. Pool, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Glee Club; Y. M. C. A.; 
pres. class 07; Manufacturing Engineer, sec. 
treas., and manager Sherman Overall Mfg. 
Co.; mem. Masons, Knights Templar. 509 S. 
Travis and 1323 S. Crockett Sts., Sherman, 

Gaston Arthur Porter, 

B. A., ii ; Phi Delta Kappa; Botags; Head of 
Science Dept., High School; head of biol. 
dept., Austin High School, 11-16. El Paso 
High School and 1519 N. Florence St., El 
Paso and San Marcos, Texas. 

Lillian Estelle Porter (Mrs. C. S. 

B. A., 09; Zeta Tau Alpha. P. O. Box 158, 
Tulsa, Okla. 

Leona Posey, 

B. A., Teacher. 412 W. I7th St., Austin, 

Julia Elizabeth Pritchett, 

B. A., ii ; Chi Omega; Teacher, High School. 
Temple and 908 Belvin St, San Marcos, 

Hal Henslee Puckett, 

Physician. Celeste, Hunt Co., Texas. 

Florence Adeline Randolph (Mrs. 
Roy L. Rather), 

B. A., 09; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel. 307 W. 8th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Irene Raney, 

Teacher, Austin School. 1310 Broad St., 
Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Fannie Elizabeth Ratchford, 

Teaching; teacher of hist., San Saba High 
School. Paint Rock, Texas. 

William David Reynolds, 

1600 Summit St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Jennie C. Ritchie, 

English Teacher, West Texas State Normal 
College; mem. Natl. Council of Teachers of 
English. Canyon, Texas. 

Huling P. Robertson, Jr., 

B. A., 09 ; LL. B., n Yale Univ., LL. M., 
ii do; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Mando- 
lin and Arrow Head Clubs; dir. German Club, 
07; capt. baseball, 09; tennis champion in 
singles, 06-7-8-9; tennis champion in doubles, 
06-7-8; State Inter-Colleg. tennis champion in 
singles, 09; mgr. Tennis Assn., 07-8; Attor- 
ney-at-Law. Wilson Bldg. and 404 N. gth St., 
Temple, Texas. 

Anne Elizabeth Rogers, 

B. A., 09; Reagan; Teacher. 901 E. 8th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Lucile Rogers, 

Pilot Point, Texas. 

Annie Romberg, 

B. A., 15; Germania Lit. Soc.; Sons of Her- 
mann Scholarship; Teacher. Holland, Texas. 

Clara Rowe, 

B. A., 09; Teacher. Oak Cliff High School 
and 4921 Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Anne Ruggles (Mrs. Harry Roberts 

B. A., 10; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Angler Soc. 
3729 Stratford Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Margaret D. Runge (Mrs. Thomas 

A. Rose), 

B. A., 09; Kappa Kappa Gamma; sec. Ash- 
bel Lit. Soc., 09. 3912 Hall St., Dallas, Texas. 

Dolly Bell Rutherford (Mrs. Hobart 

B. A., 08; Rabbit Foot Club; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Girls Choral Club, Y. W. C. A.; pres. Ashbel 
Lit. Soc., 08; Coyote Bd.; Cactus Bd., 08; 
sec. class, 06-07; assoc. ed. Texan, 06-07; 
Cactus rep., 06-07; Secretary, Trinity Guild; 
mem. Marshall Bridge Club. 402 W. Burle- 
son St., Marshall, Texas. 

Joachim Friedrich Saegert, 

B. A., 08; M. A., 14; pres. Germania; Coun- 
ty School Superintendent Guadalupe Co.; prin- 
cipal Seguin High Sch. Seguin, Texas. 




Emory Marvin Saffold, 

B. A., ii, East Texas Normal Coll.; Teacher. 
Childress High School and Box 591, Childress, 

Benonie E. Satterfield, 

B. A., 08; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Real Estate; Supt. 
of Schools at Seymour, 08-09; supt. at Crock- 
ett 09-11; act. gen. agt. Conference for Educa- 
tion 13-14; Masonic connections. Franklin, 

Maggie M. Saunders, 

Stenographer, Gulf Pipe Line Co. Main and 
Rush Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Elfrieda C. Schaefer, 

Ph. G., OQ ; B. A., 10; student. 701 N. Pine 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Charles F. Schmidt, 

Teaching. 1006 W. 4th St., Brenham, Texas. 

Dora Schnell (Mrs. W. A. Dupree), 

Student asst. in Botany, 05-06; Breckenridge 
fellowship in path, 07-09. Route 3 Santa 
Anna, Coleman Co., Texas. 

Reinhardt Schuhmann, 

B. A., 10; Capitol Club; fellowship in physics, 
09-10; Head of Science Dept., Corpus Christi 
High School; mem. Corpus Christi Science 
Club. 1 1 08 Coleman Ave., Corpus Christi, 

Mamie Etta Searcy (Mrs. Richard M. 

Kingsville, Texas. 

George Du Bose Sears, 

Law Student 10; Kappa Alpha (Southern); 
baseball 06-07-08; tennis championship 
(doubles) 08; Lawyer; mem. Thalian, Houston 
Country Club and Light Guard. 609 Stewart 
Bldg. and 1803 Walker Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Annie Shayn, 

B. Lit., 09. 1830 Park Row, Dallas, Texas. 

William Carroll Shults, 

B. A., 09; LL. B., n ; Lawyer; Wise Co., 
atty., 12-14; mem. M. W. A. Decatur, Texas. 

Jeanette Simpson (Mrs. Frank C. 

620 Euclid St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Margaret Ruth Slauter (Mrs. B. G. 

Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
mem. Fort Worth branch of Southern Assn. 
of College Women; Fort Worth City Pan- 
Hellenic Assn.; Univ. of Texas Alumnae 
Assn. 1901 Fainnount Ave., Fort Worth, 

Eula Lee Smith, 

Sterlington, La. 

Senada Smith, 

Teacher High School, English, Belleville High 
School; mem. Self Culture Club and Camp 
Fire Girls, Belleville. 1002 Buck St., Cald- 
well, Texas. 

lone Petty Spears, 

B. A., 09; Librarian Univ. Law Bldg.; Teacher 
of History, High School; mem. Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc.; junior helping hand; Guardian 
Camp Fire Girls. Law Bldg., Univ. of Texas 
and 2409 University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Jefferson Rea Spell, 

B. A., 13; Teacher; mem. Masonic connec- 
tions; San Antonio Lodge No. 1079. Route 

A. Box 120, San Antonio, Texas. 

Linda Spence (Mrs. E. P. Brown), 

B. A., 09; Kappa Alpha Theta; Girls Choral 
Club (sec.); pres. Woman's Council; Y. W. 

C. A. Cabinet; mem. Dallas Shakespeare Club. 
San Angelo, Texas. 

Mollie Elizabeth Spooner (Mrs. C. 
W. Mason), 

B. A., 09; Y. W. C. A.; Pierian Lit. Soc.; 
mem. Ladies' Aid and Missionary Soc.; Civic 
and Thursday Clubs. College Street, Gonza- 
les, Texas. 

Robert E. Spruce, 

Dairyman and Farmer. Floresville, Texas. 

Henry J. Lutcher Stark, 

B. A., 10 ; Phi Gamma Delta; football mgr., 
10; Lumber Mfg., Banking and Farming; 
32 Mason. Tenth and Pine Streets, Orange, 

Carrie Belle Sterrett, 

B. A., 08; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher of 
English, Palestine High School; mem. Acorn 
Club. 20 Link St., Palestine, Texas. 

Elma Alvin Stevens, 

R. F. D. No. i, Westover, Texas. 

Donald McBride Street, 

Bonanza, Zac., Mexico. 

Marguerite Wagner Stuart, 

B. A., 09; graduate Natl. Training Sch., Y. W. 

C. A., 14; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Field 
Student Sec., Y. W. C. A. (Tex., New Mex. 
and Okla.). 811 Sumpter Bldg. and 1925 
Cedar Springs St., Dallas, Texas. 

Joseph C. Sumner, Jr., 

Kappa Sigma; Manager of Estate; mem. Elks. 
Vernon, Texas. 

Bess Swann (Mrs. Harold Marsh), 

Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. 
504 S. Mary St., Tyler, Texas. 

Ethel Mary Sykes (Mrs. Claude 

B. A., 09; Kappa Alpha Theta; editor Mago 
sine 08-09; Asst. Teacher of Science, Ball 
High School. Ball High School and 2904 
Ave. K, Galveston, Texas. 

Robert Crawford Symington, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; chief deputy office 
co. clerk, Bexar Co., 27 years; author of 
numerous contributions to the press. 112 E. 
Elmira St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Genevieve C. Tarlton (Mrs. J. R. 

Beeville, Texas. 

Nellie Roberta Taylor (Mrs.), 

400 W. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Volney Wright Taylor, 

LL. B., ii ; Sigma Nu; baseball, 09-10; mem. 
Athl. council, 10; chrmn. Reception comtn. of 
Final Ball, n; Dist. Judge; Dist. Judge 79th 
Jud. Dist.; Ex. Co. Judge, Jim Wells Co.; 
mem. Masons; K. of P.; W. O. W.; Elks; 
Eastern Star. Courthouse, Alice, Texas. 




Luther Elmore Tennison, 

Asst. Manager and Head Bookkeeper; Com- 
mitteeman Scenic Highway; sec. Y. M. B. L.; 
mem. Clifton Volunteer Firemen; Merchants 
Assn.; Bosque Co. Good Roads Club; Merid- 
ian Road Assn.; Scenic Highway Assn. Clif- 
ton, Texas. 

Ruby Rochelle Terrill, 

B. A., 08: Phi Beta Kappa; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc. ; Fellow in Latin 14-15; Univ. Violin 
Club; Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 
07-08. Main High School and 3915 Worth 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Bessie Thatcher, 

B. A., 09; Chi Omega; "T" in basketball; 
Teacher of History. Beaumont High School, 
2235 Calder Ave., Beaumont and 403 E. i8th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Willie C. Thatcher, 

B. A., 09; Chi Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; 
"T" in basketball; Teacher, Paris High 
School. 403 E. 1 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Will C. Thompson, 

B. A., 09; LL. B., ii ; Sigma Nu; Lawyer. 
718 Western Indemnity Bldg. and 3611 Har- 
vard St., Dallas, Texas. 

Lillian E. Thorne, 

Physical Culture; Teacher. 160 W. Hickory 
St., Denton, Texas. 

Dora Rogers Thornton (Mrs. John 
Stewart Boswell), 

B. A., 13; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; 
Ashbel Scribblers; v.-pres. Woman's Council 
Phi Beta Kappa; pres. Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. 
D. A. R.; Southern Assn., College Women. 
1627 Fifth Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Imogene Thrasher (Mrs. Guy F. Mc- 

B. A., 09; teachers cert.; "T," basketball; 
cert, in swimming; Teacher, State School for 
the Blind. Blind Inst., Austin, Texas. 

Wilmer Andrew Threadgill, 

Laredo, Texas. 

Ethel Timmins, 

Milliner. West Beauregard and West Two- 
hig Aves., San Angelo, Texas. 

Laura J. Topham, 

Palama Settlement, Honolulu, H. T. 

J. W. Trevette, Jr., 

Genl. Del. Gotebo, Okla. 

Felix Jones Turner, 

Tax Collector, Falls Co. Courthouse and 223 
Williams St., Marlin, Texas. 

Gustav Frederick Urbantke, 

Superintendent, Texas School for the Deaf; 
mem. Text Book Bd. Commrs., 13. Texas 
School for the Deaf, Austin, Texas. 

James Taylor Usry, 

B. S., George Peabody Coll. for Teachers; 
Teacher of Civics and Econ., Forest Ave. 
High School. 4842 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Morgan Fisher Vining, 

B. A., oo ; LL. B., 13; Delta Chi; Sigma 
Upsilon; Chancellors; Athenaeum; "T" Assn.; 
football; basketball; track (letterman) : Dep- 
uty Clerk. Supreme Court and 500 W. I4th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

W. C. Wahlers, 

B. A., 1 1 ; Teacher and with insurance co. 
305 Union Natl. Bank Bldg. and 326 Allston, 
Houston, Texas. 

William P. Walker, 

B. A., 09; full back football team 08; half 
back 09; Lawyer; asst. co. atty., Tarrant Co., 
Texas; mem. Knights of Pythias and United 
Benevolent Assn. 214% Main Street, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Georgia D. Waller, 

B. A., 10; Teacher; Tuesday Club. Hubbard, 

Joseph Edmund Wallis, 

Sigma Chi; Sec. Yorba Oil Co.; sec. Los 
Alamos Petroleum and Palmer Annex Oil 
Cos.; asst. sec. Security Oil Co.; mem. Los 
Angeles Athl. Club. 1004 Title Ins. Bldg. 
and 602 S. Harvard Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Edith Veronisa Weeden (Mrs. B. F. 

Greenville, Texas. 

Quincy Ewing Werlein, 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Joseph Andrew West, 

B. A., 10; LL. B., 10; Rusk Lit. Soc.; and 
Polit. and Economics Club; Lawyer; atty., 
Grand Saline Salt Co.; mem. Hilla Temple, 
F. and A. M. Main St., Grand Saline, Texas. 

Richard Simeon West, 

Ben Wheeler, Texas. 

Heiskell Bryan Whaling, 

(See e 04) 

Calvin A. Whatley, 

Teacher; Prin. Bowie School, Dallas. 7th cor. 
Lancaster St. and 816 N. Harwood St., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

William Lee Willis, 

Superintendent of Schools. Honey Grove, 

Georgia O. Wilson (Mrs. Wm. G. 

B. A., 10 ; Reagan; Comanche High School 
Scholarship; treas. Woman's Council, Y. W. 

C. A.; Teacher of Latin and German in Honey 
Grove High School and Cameron High School; 
mem. Comanche Study Club. North Main St., 
Comanche, Texas. 

Robert Lewis Wirtz, 

Manager Univ. Co-operative Soc.; clerk in 
co-operative soc., 06-09; m j? r> 9- University 
Co-operative Soc., 2210 Guadalupe St. and 
2826 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Clifford Witherspoon, 

Beta Theta Pi; Cotton Dealer; mem. Elks. 
33 E. Hickory St. and 21 E. Oak St., Denton, 

Pearl Wooten, 

Teacher; English teacher, Carthage High 
School. Carthage, Texas. 

Nell Wortham, 

2008 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Frankie Wren, 

702 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

Walter Penn Yarbrough, 

Renner, Texas. 




Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

George Leonard Adams; Charles Alexander; 
Samuel Craig Alexander; Bernice Isabelle Allen; 
L. G. Allen; Fred M. Altgelt; Thomas Wooten 
Bailey; Clinton Lesley Baker; Julia Marie 
Barnes; Jeanette A. Barton; Mary Bolinger; Lois 
A. Bourke; Byrd Bowman (Mrs. Wm. R. Davis); 
Paul Clifford Boyd; Charles W. Briles; Mrs. C. 
W. Briles; J. W. Brooks (Mrs.); R. Lee Brown; 
Clara S. Buckingham; Murphy Buse; Virgil Eva- 
deau Buse; Frances E. Buster*, d. July 18, 1913; 
Mazie Lee Buttrill; James J. Callaway; Willie 
Esther Callaway; Eva H. Carruthers; Ella Hazel 
Clark; Willie Veleda Clements; Bertha G. Cook; 
Lois Cook; Louie Davis; William Davis; Wm. 
Elburn Dickey; Donna Dudley (Mrs. Willis); 
Clyde Duncan; Sheldon Irwin Edgell; Sara 
Wooster Eno; Edna E. Farrar; Clyde Faught; 
LaFayette Camp Felder; Kate Hendricks Flack 
(Mrs. Will Ellis)*; Mildred A. Frank; Alfred 
Freshney*, B. S., 03; James Eonloe Gatlin; Cecil 
Mae Gerst; Noah Francis Good; C. G. Green; 
Arthur McKenzie Guthrie; Pearle Embree Hall; 
Palmer Talmaye Haynes; Dovie Ellena Herring; 
Buck Hampton Hill; Attie May Holliday (Mrs. 
Will Hanover; Willie Laura Houston; Jess V. 
Howell; Mabel Norris Hull; Alice Humphrey; An- 
nabel Irion; Richard Rudoph Jackstone; M. B. 
Johnson; Daniel C. Kennedy; Alfred L. Kleberg; 
Mary Kuehne; Emma M. Ladd; Kate S. Landers; 
Ingeborg Leffland; Ruby Leverett; Homer Bailey 
Livingston; Bess Mclntosh (Mrs. John Tipton); 
Alexander Rutheyan Macdonald; "johnne Stella 
Marshall; Jean Lindsay Mateer; Minnie Mildred 
Mayes; M. I. Miles*; Lizzie Ellis Miller; Norma 
Montgomery; Daniel Drury Morse; Alexander 
der Moseley: Jonah A. Mosenfield; Daniel Royal 
Murchison, B. A., 07; Anna Newsome*; George 
Washington Norrell, Jr.;* Helen Oldham; Irene 
Henry Pettway; Samuel Nolan Pincham; Lil- 
lian Estelle Porter; Thomas H. Postell; Arthur 
Chester Prescott; W. L. Price; Fenimore Puck- 
ett; Hal Henslee Puckett; Martin Quaid*; Laura 
Duval Randolph; Caroline Morelle Reaves, B. A., 
07; Minnie Rieder; Henry Cawood Rimmer; 
William Davis Royston; Carrie Uleth Sander- 
son; Willie May Sanderson; Rosanna Small; 
Bettie Smith (Mrs. Clifford Kennedy); Helen 
R. Smith; Henry Nealon Smith, Jr.; Owen Pattie 
Smith; Ruth Helen Smith; Daisy Stephens (Mrs. 
W. D. Reynolds); Mary Stephens; Johnnie 
Stewart; Connie Littlefield Tarlton; E. G. Thay- 
er; Clyde Thomas; A. B. Thompson; Mrs. B. P. 
Trotter; E. V. Truly (Mrs. Carl Dunn) ; Winnie 
Ella Vickrey, B. A. 09; Heber Taber Wadley; 
Arthur Emanuel Wald; John James Walling; 
Mary Woods Webber; Mrs. Sallie E. H. Wed- 
more; Margaret Ethel West; Alexander Wheless; 
Franklin Ewing Whisenant; Walter Francis Wil- 
hite; Hillary Wingo Williams*; Mary Rebecca 
Williams; Ada Belle Williford; J. T. Winkler; 
Robert Louie Winters; Ralph Wofford; Ellen W. 
Wooldridge; Arthur Mitchell Woolsey; Jesse Lee 
Worsham; Josie E. Wynne. 


Laura Lee Abadie (Mrs. F. F. Mul- 

Teacher domestic science, Austin High Sch., 
3 yrs. 407 E. Boulevard, El Paso, Texas. 

Janie Robinson Abernathy (Mrs. 
John Warden), 

B. A., 08. McKinney, Texas. 

George Ernest Adams, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; Teacher. Cen- 
ter, Texas. 

Mabel Addington (Mrs. S. F. Les- 

Bonham, Texas. 

Otto R. Armstrong, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 13; Phi Kappa Upsilon; 
Lawyer. Box 694 and 1909 Happer St. 
(Richmond Terrace), El Paso, Texas. 

George Newton Atkinson, 

Teacher; High Sch. prin., Burnet, Santa Anna 
and Lubbock, Texas; mem. K. of P.; I. O. 
O. F. Lubbock, Texas. 

Paul Baker, 

Grad. North Texas State Normal; ed. Albany 
News; pres. Y. M. Booster Club; mem. K. 
of P. Albany, Texas. 

Robert Bruce Banks, 

Attorney-at-Law; Y. M. C. A.; Y. M. C. A. 

Forum 102 E Crockett St. and 2424 Buena 
Vista St., San Antonio, Texas. 

James Kyle Barnes, 

B. A., 10; football (09); mem. Athletic Coun- 
cil; Teacher; supt. of schools. Thornton, 

Thomas Mebane Barnhill, 

Textile Chemistry; asst. cashier First Natl. 
State Bank, 5% yrs.; mem. Travis Club; Elks. 
Uvalde, Texas. 

W. Ethel Barren, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Scribblers and Brush and Pencil Clubs; Reg- 
istrar, correspondence div., Univ. of Texas; 
sec. soph, class. Dept. of Extension, Univ. 
of Texas, Austin, Texas. 

Minnie Fontaine Barrow (Mrs. Mills 
Prentice Walker), 

Mem. Women's Council; Ladies' Choral Club. 
3016 Bryan Ave., Bryan, Texas. 

Mary Elsie Beakley (Mrs. Charles S. 

B. A., ii. Mar fa, Texas. 

Elmer Emory Bedell, 

Swan, Texas. 

Virginia Calvert Bedford, 

B. A., ii ; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher. Thornton, 

Jennie Evelyn Bell, 

Student. 2518 Guadalupe St., Austin, and 
G. C. Route, Big Spring, Texas. 

Mamie Birge, 

B. A., ii ; M. A., n; Teacher. 115 W. 88th 
St., N. Y. C. 

Allene Blacker (Mrs. E. E. Cadwal- 

B. A., 10 ; Teachers' permanent certificate, 10; 
Reagan Lit. Soc.; Tennis Assn.; Y. W. C. A.; 
awarded "T," 10; v.-pres. Tennis Assn., 08- 
10; Y. W. C. A. bd. Mountain Park, New 

Irene Teresa Bogard, 

B. A., ii ; Reagan Lit. Soc. and Y. W. C. A.; 
Teacher of English, Port Arthur High Sch.; 
sec.-treas. Texas Ex-Students' Assn.; mem. 
Port Arthur Reading Club. High School, 
Port Arthur, and Timpson, Texas. 

Harry Robert Bogusch, 

Lieut. U. S. Navy; commanding U. S. S. 
H- 3 . Navy Dept., Wash., D. C. 




Rommie R. Boyd, 

Present Day Club; sec. Present Day Club; 
Teacher of High School English; mem. Twen- 
tieth Century Club. 804 Center Ave., Brown- 
wood, Texas. 

James Young Bradfield, 

Sigma Nu; Rattler Club; Banker. Dainger- 
field, Texas. 

Oran R. Brame, 

B. A., 10; LL. B., 12; Lawyer. 121% S. 
Travis St., Sherman, Texas. 

James De Witt Bramlette, 

Superintendent of Public Schools, Teague, 
Texas. Teague, Texas. 

Felix Moss Bransford, 

B. A., 09; LL. B., 09; Delta Chi; Lawyer; 

asst. co. atty., Tarrant Co., 09-11; city atty., 
Polytechnic, Texas, 11-16; mem. Meth. Epis. 
Ch. South; Masonic connections. 903 Am. 
Natl. Bank Bldg. and 3300 H Ave., Poly- 
technic Heights, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Miles John Breuer, 

B. A., ii ; M. A., ii ; M. D., 15, Rush; 
Cechie; Phi Beta Kappa; Physician; sec. 
Lincoln Acad. of Med. Science; instr in 
Bacteriology, do.; author of several medical 
articles in med. journals. 216 Security Mu- 
tual Bldg. and 1713 S. i6th St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Everett H. Bridge, 

'Baseball; Cashier. Seadrift, Texas. 

Nettie Houston Bringhurst, 

403 Cleveland Court, San Antonio, Texas. 

Marvin Orestes Britt, 

Superintendent Public Schools. Nixon, Texas. 

Bernard Brown, 

B. A., 03, Univ. of Nashville; M. S., 14, 
Univ. of Chicago; Teacher in Physics, Univ. 
of Arkansas. 27 Lin dell Ave., Fayetteville, 

Denton Jacobs Brown, 

B. A., 10 ; M. A., 12; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Sigma 
Xi; Acacia; Chemist; asst. prof, organic 
chem., Texas A. & M. Coll.; instr. analytical 
chem., Univ. of Texas, 10-14; asst. in phys. 
chem., Univ. of Chicago, 14-15. College Sta- 
tion, Texas. 

Lorena Earl Brown (Mrs. J. B. 

Zeta Tau Alpha; mem. Baptist Church. 604 
Prairie Ave., Cleburne, Texas. 

Mills Brown, 

Real Estate and Insurance. La Grange, 

Leontine Adele Burt, 

610 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Grace Byrne (Mrs. W. W. Reynolds), 

B. A., ii ; Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot Club; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Texan bd. and Magazine 
bd. 1532 Jarvis St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Marguerite A. Calfee (Mrs. A. M. 

B. A., ii ; M. A., 12; Kappa Alpha Theta; 
Reagan Lit. Soc.; Student, asst. in Philos- 
ophy; scholarship in Psychology to Bryn 
Mawr Coll.; ores. Woman's Council; Pan- 
Hellenic; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; mem. Ladies 

Club of Univ. of Texas; Port Arthur Read- 
ing Club. 2821 Proctor St., Port Arthur, 

Fannie B. Campbell, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 611 Sycamore St., 
Palestine, Texas. 

Lillian Katherine Capron, 

Teacher. Texas School for the Deaf and 
602 Harthan St., Austin, Texas. 

Lillian Earl Carrington, 

Brenham, Texas. 

Champe G. Carter, 

B. A., n; LL. B., 13; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer. Alamo Bank Bldg. 
and 119 Taylor St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Edward Stanford Carter, 

B. A., ix ; Y. M. C. A.; Student asst Insti- 
tutional Hist., io-ii; Teacher-Prin. Dallas 
Ave. Sch. 1625, sth St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Lee Gammage Carter, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Varsity Club; pres. Fresh. 
06-07; ed. in chief Freshman Edition 

j - . 

of Texas; reg. staff of Texan, Texan Re- 
porter; Rusk Lit Soc.; Lawyer; city atty. of 
Jacksonville, Texas. Bolton Bldg. and E. 
Larisso St., Jacksonville, Texas. 

Columbus Jerome Cartwright, 

B. A., 10 ; Phi Delta Theta; Agriculture; 
Masonic connections. 1922 N. 6th St., Waco, 

Holman Cartwright, 

Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Arrowhead; 
Ranchman and Planter; mem. San Antonio 
Country Club. 225 Lexington Ave., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Reagan Cartwright, 

Kappa Alpha; Farmer; mem. Arrow Head. 
Phoenix, Arizona. 

Maples Freeman Cate, 

Terrell, Texas. 

Martin R. Chadick, 

Teacher in Indian service. Sacaton, Ariz. 

Sam H. Champie, 

Preacher, Church of Christ Eden, Texas. 

Albert Edwin Chandler, 

B. A., 07; Teacher in Simmons Coll., Dept 
of Math. Simmons College, Abilene, Texas. 

Fillmore Hax Chapman, 

Kansas City, Mo. 

James Chester Cochran, 

County Supt. of Schools; supt. of Rayville 
Sch. (Rayville, Ind.), 4 yrs.; mem. Masonic 
Blue Lodge, chapter and commandery; 
Shriner; Ben Hur Temple (Austin). Gon- 
zales, Texas. 

Lucile Coffman, 

B. A., 10; Zeta Tau Alpha; champion tennis 
ladies' single, 08-10; Instructor St. Andrew's 
Sch. for Girls. 329 S. Adams St. and 1507 
Cooper St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Ruth Coleman, 

Rincon, New Mex. 




Edna G. Collins, 

Chi Omega; mem. Austin Art League. 1608 
Red River St., Austin, Texas. 

Ethel Cook (Mrs. Volney Wright 

B. A., ii ; mem. Cactus bd., n; parliamenta- 
rian, Parent Teachers' Assn.; corres. sec. 
Booklovers' Club; chrmn. Public Library 
Comm.; worthy matron, Eastern Star. Alice, 

Henry M. Cook, 

Merchant; genl. mgr. Thomas A. Cook Co.; 
inem. Knights of Pythias. Southeast cor. 
Square and Penelope St., Belton, Texas. 

Rosa Cook, 

B. A., 10. Sayers, Texas. 

Willard Richardson Cooke, 

B. A., 10; M. D., 12; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha 
Sigma; Physician and Surgeon; instr. in gyne- 
cology, Univ. of Texas; asst. Gyn., John 
Sealy Hosp., Gyn., St. Mary's Infirmary; 
Fellow Am. Med. Assn.; mem. Galveston Co., 
Texas State and Southern Med. Assns. 820-4 
Am. Natl. Ins. Bldg. and 805 Tremont St., 
Galveston, Texas. 

Covert B. Cooper, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Physician. Grandview, 

I. A. Coston, 

Rusk Lit. Soc. ; Teaching; supt. of schools; 
mem. Commercial Club. Gilmer, Texas. 

Logan Bedford Cox, 

Bookkeeper. Ferris, Texas. 

Minnie Bradford Cunningham, 

A. B., Trinity Univ. (Waxahachie) ; Teacher, 
History Department, Comanche High School, 
Comanche, Texas. 

Bertha Dalton, 

Teacher. Uvalde, Texas. 

Fannie H. Daniel, 

B. A., 14; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Athletic Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa. Teaching. 
Tulia, Texas. 

Homer C. Daniel, 

County Sch. Supt. 1147 Ave. B, Beaumont, 

Hortense A. De Chaumes, 

Teacher in South End Jr. High Sch. 
San Jacinto St., Houston, Texas. 


Bettie Delfraisse (Mrs.), 

Principal, Fulmore School; mem. Fulmore 
School Mothers Club. Fulmore School and 
2005 Sabine St., Austin, Texas. 

Benjamin F. Dent, 

Crockett, Texas. 

Davis De Treville, 

Kappa Alpha; Lieutenant U. S. Navy; mem. 
Army and Navy Club (Washington, D. C., 
and New York City). Care Navy Dept., 
Wash., D. C. 

James Ina Dibrell (Miss), 

Coleman, Texas. 

William Dietel, 

B. A., 09; M. A., 14; Teacher's Life Certifi- 
cate, 14; Phi Delta Kappa; Germania; Univ. 
Orchestra; winner Hermanns Son's scholar- 
ship, twice; Teacher; dir. "Liedertaf el" ; supt. 
Comfort Public Sch.; author "Causes and 
Results of Uneven Distribution According to 
Sex of Teachers and Pupils in Our Schools." 
Comfort, Texas. 

Mamie Doak (Mrs.), 

Teacher of English, Taylor High Sch.; assoc. 
prin.; mem. Sesame Club; State Teachers' 
Assn.; 903 W. 7th St., Taylor, Texas. 

Arthur Clemens Dye, 

Contractor. Castell, Texas. 

David Franklin Eaton, 

Comanche, Texas. 

Robert Lee Eaves, 

LL. B., 10 ; B. A., 13. Grapeland, Texas. 

Bessie Hazel Eilers (Mrs. A. F. Bev- 

2005 Sabine St., Austin, Texas. 

William N. Ellis, 

San Saba, Texas. 

Harriet Louise Evans, 

B. A., 08; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.: 
treas. Woman's Council; mem. Texan Board 
Graduates; fellow in Latin, 08-09; Teacher 
High Sch.; mem. Dallas Woman's Pan Hel- 
lenic; St. Mary's College Alumnae Club; Pi 
Beta Phi Alumnae Club. 218 Bryant St. and 
809 N. Harwood St., Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Ezell (Mrs. T. B. Greenwood), 

Palestine, Texas. 

Thomas Ewing Ferguson, 

B. A., 12; M. A., 15, Harvard; Athenaeum; 
Y. M. C. A.; Wilmot prize in Declamation; 
Teacher of English, Southwest Texas State 
Normal (San Marcos); prin. High Sch., Sul- 
phur Springs, Texas; mem. Capitol Club. 
Box 412 P. O. and 415 N. Austin St., San 
Marcos, Texas. 

Albert Fertsch, 

Hallettsville, Texas. 

Lingardt Fertsch, 

Hallettsville, Texas. 

Victorine Field (Mrs. E. W. Armen- 

B. A., ii ; Reagan Lit. Soc. 3914 Bowser 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Miriam Finks, 

B. A., 10. Marlin, Texas. 

Arnold Benjamin Fischer, 

Merchant. Fischer Store, Texas. 

Irma Flanagan, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Univ. Choral Club; 
teacher. Henderson, Texas. 

Marguerite E. Floyd (Mrs. Gould 

Chi Omega; mem. Y. W. C. A. 1407 Wood 
St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Ethel Mary Fonda, 

B. A., 10; Phi Beta Kappa; Physical Director 
and Extension Secretary, Y. W. C. A.; mem. 
D. A. R. 607 Brazos St. and 1202 San An- 
tonio St., Austin, Texas. 




Nell Elizabeth Frazier, 

Hillsboro, Texas. 

Otto Gerhardt Frels, 

Cashier First State Bank. Welcome, Texas. 

George Pendleton Gadberry, 

B. A., ii ; Superintendent of Schools; con- 
ductor of Collin Co., Summer Normal School, 
03-05. 1005 W. i2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Nellie Theodore Gammel (Mrs. Fred 
William Kingdon), 

Y. W. C. A. 616 Highland Ave, Austin, 

Katie Louise Gannaway, 

B. A., 10; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher of Eng- 
lish, John T. Allan High School; head of 
dept. of English. 711 Ruiz St., Austin, Texas. 

Mattie-Cad Gardner, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; asst. to father, Judge 
'B. H. Gardner, and sec. of Palestine Real 
Estate and Investment Assn.; teacher in Pal- 
estine Public Schools, 2 yrs. ; mem. Kappa 
Kappa Gamma Alumni Club; Three Arts and 
Jui Vivi Clubs. 208 Oak St. and 242 Royal 
St., Palestine, Texas. 

Willie Pearl Gardner (Mrs. Walter 

A. Dealey), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. Soc.: Rab- 
bit Foot Club. 3524 Dickinson Ave., Dallas, 

William Garland, 

Teacher Science, Greenville High Sch. 3309 
S. Johnson St., Greenville, Texas. 

Emily Geen (Mrs. Arthur Whyte), 

5610 Hudson St., Dallas, Texas. 

Margaret Verna Glover, 

Ph. G., 15; Pharmacist, State Lunatic Asylum. 
Austin, Texas. 

Anita Laura Goeth (Mrs. Niles Gra- 

Austin, Texas. 

Caroline Athalie Goeth, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Settlement Club Work. 307 
W. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Minnie Elfrieda Goldbeck (Mrs. Er- 
nest P. Fisher), 

B. A., 10; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A.; Violin Club; Orchestra. 115 E. Marion 
St., Waxahachie, Texas. 

Agnes Elsie Graham, 

Missionary; prin. Mary Helm Sch. Longdo, 
Korea, Asia. 

Edna Graham, 

B. S., 1 6 Univ. of Chicago; Correspondent 
Scholarship, 13; Teacher of Mathematics. 
Cleburne High School and 418 N. Main St., 
Cleburne, Texas. 

Charles Gaston Green, 

Teacher; supt. Rockdale Schools. Rockdale, 

Emily C. Grothaus, 

201 Callahan Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Emil Nils Gustafson, 

Civil Engineer; county surveyor, Matagorda 
Co.; highway engr. road dist. No. 2; drainage 
engr. dr. dist. No. 3, 5 & 6; mem. A. F. & 

A. M. No. 865. Bay City, Texas. 

Ophelia Halden, 

B. A., 10. 410 E. 1 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Lucy Hamilton, 

B. A., ii ; Teacher; mem. Eastern Star; Royal 
Neighbor; Good Samaritan. Dublin, Texas. 

Walton Hale Hamilton, 

B. A., 07; Ph. D., 13, Univ. of Michigan; 
Professor of Economics in Amherst Coll. ; 
author "Current Economic Problems"; "Ex- 
ercises in Current Economics"; articles in 
reviews upon econ. and sociology. Amherst 
College and 4 Orchard St., Amherst, Mass. 

John Hall Hardie, 

Head of Commercial Dept., Ball High Sch. 
3412 Ave. S, Galveston, Texas. 

Eula Ezelle Harper, 

B. A., 10 ; Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. 3501 
Bisbee St., El Paso, Texas. 

Lota May Harrigan (Mrs. J. R. 

B. A., 14; Director of Music, Mulholland 
School; pres. Jun. Symphony Soc.; mem. 
Southern Assn. of Coll. Women; Musical 
Club; Music Teachers and Symphony Assns. 
210 Augusta St. and Box 120, San Antonio, 

Genoa Harrington (Mrs. A. D. Brink- 

Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. 1313 S. 8th 
St., Waco. Texas. 

Emma Joe Harris (Mrs. Howard 

Seguin, Texas. 

Eugene A. Harris, 

B. A., 10; Phi Beta Kappa; P. E. C., Athe- 
naeum; ed. Cactus, 09-10; asst. ed. Cactus 
08-09; assqc. ed. Magazine, 08-09; Sunday ed. 
and editorial writer San Antonio Light. San 
Antonio Light and 134 Groveland PL, San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Julianette Harris, 

Teacher of English. San Marcos High School 
and 401 N. Comanche St., San Marcos, Texas. 

Helen Holmes Harrison (Mrs. B. B. 

B. A., 10. 1609 Milam St., Houston, Texas. 

Frank Hartgraves, 

Lawyer; co. atty. Menard Co. Menard, 

Bernice Beth Haskell (Mrs. W. O. 
Washington ) , 

122 Glen wood Court, San Antonio, Texas. 

Seth Hastings, 

Kappa Alpha; Bank Teller. Care Merchants' 
& Planters' Bank and 902 E. nth St., Tex- 
arkana, Ark. 

Fred Carlisle Hayner, 

Bookkeeper. Kaufman, Texas. 




Ben W. Hearne, 

Phi Delta Theta; 2d team football; barred 
from ist team on account of attending South- 
western Univ. before going to Texas; tennis 
champion doubles (Southwestern); capt., 08 
(Southwestern); baseball and track teams, 08; 
Hardware Merchant; mem. Rotary, Y. M. 
B. L., Am. Legion (National) Automobile 
Clubs; Crystal Lake Fishing Club and Base- 
ball Assn. Oak St. and Hodges and Mallard 
Sts., Palestine, Texas. 

Thomas Stalworth Henderson, Jr., 

B. A., ii j LL. B., 14; Sigma Delta Chi; 
Sigma Upsilon; Chancellors; Globraskers; ed. 
Cactus 13; ed. Coyote, 09-10; Texan bd., 08- 
09; Varsity Circus Comm., 11-13; German 
Club dir.; pres. Fresh. Class, 06; permanent 
pres. class, 1 1 ; Attorney-at-Law. Cameron, 

Herbert Bailey Henkel, 

M. D., ii Northwestern Univ.; Delta Tau 
Delta; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Physician and 
Surgeon; mem. Sangammon Co. Med. and 
111. State Med. Socs.; Am. Med. Assn 227% 
S. sth St. and 107 E. Allen St., Springfield, 111. 

Harry Pearsall Hill, 

(See e. 04.) 

Edna Ellen Hinde, 

B. A., ii ; Teacher. 124 Harris Ave., San 
Angelo, Texas. 

Millie Hofstetter, 

Primary Teacher, Bellville; mem. Self Culture 
Club; Camp Fire Girls. 305 E. 9th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Florence Elizabeth Holladay, 

B. A., 07; M. A., 14; Teacher of History. 
Oak Cliff High School and 316 E. 9th St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Bertie E. Home (Mrs. Arthur B. 

Formerly teacher of mathematics in high 
schools. Canyon, Texas. 

Horace Ben Houston, 

B. A., 10 ; LL. B., 12; Kappa Sigma; Phi 
Delta Phi; Claim Attorney, Mass. Bonding & 
Ins. Co. 1 02 Baston Bldg. and 431 E. loth 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Alleine Howren (Mrs. R. R. Nunn), 

B. A., 12; Author "Handbook of Essentials 
of Written English," "Decree of 1830" (in 
Southwestern Quarterly, April, 13); mem. 
Tyrone Civic League. Tyrone, N. M. 

Martha Wellborn Hudson (Mrs.), 

608 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

S. E. Hudson (Mrs.), 

608 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Ovid Buren Hundley, 

B. A., 10. Moody, Texas. 

Eula Maude Isaacks, 

Teacher, El Paso High Sch. El Paso High 
School and 3014 Bliss St., El Paso, Texas. 

George Desha Johnson, 

Beaumont, Texas. 

Mabel Johnson, 

B. A., 10; Teacher; mem. Southern Assn. 
College Women (Fort Worth Branch). Cen- 
tral High School, Fort Worth, and 1505 W. 
Gandy St., Denison, Texas. 

Nathaniel Thomas Johnson, 

Cashier First National Bank. Santo, Texas. 

Harold Oakland Jones, 

B. A., 07; Kappa Sigma; Medical Student, 
Rush Med. Coll. 321 Main St. and 704 Hull 
St., Denison, Texas. 

Virgie Chelsey Jones, 

Farming. Box 242, Celeste, Texas. 

Drusilla Kent, 

Teacher of Home Economics. Texas Presby- 
terian College, Milford, and 2310 Calder Ave., 
Beaumont, Texas. 

McFall Kerbey, 

(See e. 03.) 

Minnie Ruth Kerr, 

1311 S. Crockett St., Sherman, Texas. 

J. F. Ketchey, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Cement Contractor; 
mem. Praetorians. 903 Germania St., Dallas, 

Lena Rivers Kidd (Mrs. Albert E. 

Sidney Lanier Soc. Simmons College, Abi- 
lene, Texas. 

Leslie Elmo King, 

B. A., 10 ; Capitol Club; Teacher of Mathe- 
matics and Registrar, Sam Houston Normal 
Inst 1532 Ave. O, Huntsville, Texas. 

William Joseph Kirk, 

La Grange, Texas. 

George W. Kopp, 

Teacher. Brenham, Texas. 

Kenneth Krahl, 

B. A., 10 ; LL. B., 12; Delta Chi; mgr. foot- 
ball team, 09; Lawyer; pres. Building & Loan 
Assn. League of Texas; mem. Texas Bar 
Assn.; Harris Co. Bar Assn. 501 Kress Bldg. 
and 2403 Bagby St., Houston, Texas. 

Urla Land (Mrs. Joseph C. Clem- 

1 01 6 Ave. C, Beaumont, Texas. 

Lucille Law (Mrs. Richard T. Jones), 

Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Harry Leonard, 

East Coast Oil Co., Tampico, Mex. 

Herman Leverence, 

E. E., 12. Denver, Colo. 

Maude Voncile Liddell, 

B. A., 10; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Teacher of Ger- 
man in Gainesville High Sch.; mem. XLI 
Club. Gainesville High School and 417 N. 
Commerce St., Gainesville, Texas. 

Edna Littlefield (Mrs. Ross Malone), 

2503 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Ora Livingston, 

B. A., 12; Teacher. 116 N. Oakes St., San 
Angelo and Runge, Texas. 

Jewell Lockhead, 

Gilmer, Texas. 




R. C. Love, 

B. A., oo ; Real Estate. First State Bank 
Bldg. and 1557 W. Third Ave., Corsicana, 

Chester S. Lyday, 

Kappa Sigma; "T" in track; Vice-President 
and Treasurer, Natl. Engraving Co.; dir. Los 
Angeles Packing Co.; mem. University Club. 

312-316 W. Pico St. and 952 Third Ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Velma McAfee (Mrs. Ray Ely), 

Y. W. C. A. Canyon, Texas. 

Harriet Anna McCrillis, 

3104 Guadalupe St, Austin, Texas. 

Fannie May McLeod (Mrs. Charles 
C. Gunn), 

B. A., 12; mem. Y. W. C. A. and Anglers 
Clubs. R. F. D., No. 9, Box No. 229, West 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Herbert Lee McNeill, 

B. A., 06, Southwestern; M. D., n Johns 
Hopkins; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Sigma; 
Tau Nu Epsilon; Physician; instr. in medi- 
cine. Medical College, Galveston, Texas. 

Hazel Amanda McNulty (Mrs. H. 
W. Fisher), 

3619 Rawlins St., Dallas, Texas. 

John Lowndes McReynolds, 

Principal, Sherman School; conductor Hous- 
ton Summer Normals; instr. Sam Houston 
Normal Inst.; mem. bd. exam. Sherman 
School and 2901 Morrison Ave., Houston, 

Julia Mangum, 

Permanent certificate, 14. Uvalde, Texas. 

William Reynolds Marrs, 

B. A., 14: Principal, Ward School; dir. Waco 
Welfare League; supt. Italy public schools, 
09-11, and Ferris public schools, 11-12. 817 
N. i sth St., Waco, Texas. 

William Edward Masterson, 
B. A 



Harvard Univ.; author "Junior Speaker"; 

mem. Univ. Club (Univ. of Texas); Phi 

Kappa Psi Club (Harvard). 19 Craigie St., 

Cambridge, Mass. 

Irma Dorothy Mathee, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Public School Teacher; 
mem. Woman's Choral Club. Taylor School 
and 2712 Bagby St., Houston, Texas. 

Edward Jackson Mathews, 

B. A., 10; winner Bryan Prize; Registrar, 
Asst. Dean. Coll. of Arts: sec. Bd. of Re- 
gents; pres. Am. Assn of Collegiate Regis- 
trars, ii-i2. Library Bldg. and 1801 Lavaca 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Ethel Matthews (Mrs. L. A. Casey), 

Pi Beta Phi; mem. Southern Coll. Women's 
Assn.; Pan Hellenic Assn. 637 W. Russell 
PL, San Antonio, Texas. 

James Robert Maxfield, 

Waco, Texas. 

Hope Mayfield (Mrs. Lander), 

Lubbock, Texas. 

Sarah Meriwether, 

B. A., 10 ; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Teacher 
History. Dallas High School and 3625 Lem- 
mon Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Lorena Middlebrook (Mrs. E. C. 
Farmer) , 

Chi Omega; Rabbit's Foot Club. Richmond, 
Fort Bend Co., Texas. 

Edwin Albert Moers, 

B. A., 12; Teacher, mem. A. F. and A. M. 
Bryan, Texas. 

Lucy Moore, 

2205 Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

Norman Hall Moore, 

B. A., 10; M. A., 16; Rusk Lit. Soc.: O. A. 
K. Club; Chemist; tutor in Chem., Univ. of 
Texas; grad. student; mem. Graduate Club. 
University Station, B Hall, Austin, Texas. 

Ferryman Samuel Moore, 

Sigma Nu; President, Clem Oil Co.; mem. 
University Club. 1215 Carter Bldg. and La- 
vielle Apts., Houston, Texas. 

Cora Lucille Morley, 

B. A., ii. 510 Crockett St., Austin, Texas. 

Maude Morrall (Mrs. L. H. Blender- 

1409 E. ist St, Austin, Texas. 

Harold Cecil Morris, 

i oi Madison St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Marguerite Morris, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 912 S. Sycamore St., 
Palestine, Texas. 

Norman P. Morrow, 

B. A., ii ; Athenaeum; Texan bd., 07-08, 09- 
10; Officer, U. S. Army (Field Artillery); 
supervisor of census, Tenth Cong. Dist. of 
Texas, i3th Decennial U. S. Census, 10; 4th 
F. A., U. S. Punitive Expedition. Care Adj.- 
Gen. U. S. Army, Washington, D. C., and 
Columbus, New Mex. 

Roland August Muenster, 

Asst City Civil Engineer. City Hall and 1211 
Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Karl Friedrich Miinzinger, 

B. A., 08; pres. Germania Lit Soc.; Her- 
manssohne Prize; Adj. Professor of German, 
Univ. of Texas; mem. University Club. 714 
W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Margaret Wyche Murff, 

Alpha Delta Pi. 1737 Irving PL, Shreve- 
port, La. 

Jessie Wood Nance (Mrs.), 

B. A., 10; Teacher. 305 Royall St, Pales- 
tine, Texas. 

Margaret Nance (Mrs. J. W. Good- 

B. A., oo ; M. A, 14; Teacher's Diploma, 13; 
Girls' Choral Club, Basketball and Tennis 
Clubs; treas. Girls' Choral Club, 06-08; Wom- 
an's Council, 13-14; Teacher of Algebra and 
History, Ball High School; mem. W. C M. B. 
and O. E. P. Ball High School, 22d and H 
Sts. and 1811, 23d St., Galveston, Texas. 

Samuel Ernest Neilson, 

Duncan, Okla. 




Bentley Nelson, 

Kappa Alpha; Lawyer; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
708 Scanlan Bldg. and 215 Stratford Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

I. I. Nelson, 

B. A., 10 ; Phi Beta Kappa; doubles in hand- 
ball, 10 ; Teacher. Austin High School and 
1 08 E. 1 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Edward Nelson, 

Grad. Eastman's Bus. Coll., Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y.; Delta Sigma Phi; German Club; 
Farmer, Merchant and Banker; supt. folding 
room, House of Reps., Washington, D. C., 
i yr.; mem. Elks; Master Mason; Knights 
Templar; Shriner; 32 Mason. Round Rock, 

John William O'Banion, 

Supt. public schools, Quanah, 8 yrs.; active 
mem. Natl. Educ. Assn.; Master and Chapter 
Mason; Knights of Pythias; W. O. W. 
Quanah, Texas. 

Edgar Hill O'Connor, 

Salesman. Elgin, Texas. 

Harriet Elizabeth Oliphint, 

B. A., 10. Huntsville, Texas. 

Fred Nash Oliver, 

Chief Deputy Sheriff; formerly supt. Brad- 
street Co. (Galveston, Texas) ; deputy co. 
clerk of Waco; mem. Odd Fellows; Wood- 
men; Masonic connections. Court House, 
1921 Lyle Ave., Waco, Texas. 

H. G. Oliver, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Oratorical Assn.; John C. 
Townes; pres. class (4), 10; pres. Oratorical 
Assn., 09; Atorney-at-Law; Sec. of State of 
Okla., 14; co. registrar, 16; mem. Elks: Coun- 
try Club. 232 Am. Natl. Bank Bldg. and 
420 W. Park St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Jessie B. Owsley (Mrs. William H. 

Monroe St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Louise Owsley, 

Teacher, Fort Worth Public Schools; mem. 
First Christian Church. Box 308, Denton, 

Redmond Lamar Patterson, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Commerce Counsel; au- 
thor "Regulation of Interstate Commerce"; 
mem. B. P. O. E.; Masons; Knights Templar. 
1130 E. 62d St., Chicago, 111. 

Rezin Rollins Pattison, 

Stockman and Farmer. Pattison, Texas. 

Myra Peacock, 

Pi Beta Phi; Field Secretary, Texas Christian 
Univ. 408 Broadway, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Naomi Peacock (Mrs. Rodman S. 

Pi Beta Phi; mem. Pi Beta Phi Alumni Club; 
Woman's Club. 510 Hathaway Ave., Houston, 

Cora Pearl Penn, 

B. A., 07; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher of 
Latin. Austin High School and 1615 Con- 
gress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Read Penn, 

B. A., 10; Phi Delta Theta; Athenaeum Lit. 
Soc.; pres. junior class; v.-pres. Academic 

Dept., 08-09; mem. Texan staff; asst. ed. in 
chief Cactus 10; city ed. The Dallas News; 
mem. Dallas Tennis Club. The Dallas News 
and 1 01 8 S. Harwood St., Dallas, Texas. 

Del Sullivan Perkins, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 14; Friars, Chancellors, 
Athenaeum and Hogg Debating Socs. ; Order 
of "T"; pres. Senior Law Class; mem. Soc. 
Debating Team; Tennis Team, 10-13; mgr. 
Tennis Assn., 09-10; pres. Tennis Assn., n- 
12; Lawyer; mem. firm Kibbie & Perkins; 
mem. W. O. W.; B. P. O. E. 1014 Elizabeth 
St., Comb Bldg., and Miller Hotel, cor. i3th 
and Elizabeth Sts., Brownsville, Texas. 

Louise Kemper Perkins, 

S. S., Univ. of Cal.; Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. 
A.; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Teacher. North St., 
Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Lula Pearl Perkins, 

8 Oxford Apts., Houston, Texas. 

Tillman Porcher Perkins, 

Phi Chi; Collecting Agency; mem. K. of P. 
Carthage, Texas. 

Amos Peters, 

B. A., 10; LL. B., 12; Athenaeum; Lawyer; 
asst. atty. Williamson Co. Taylor, Texas. 

Alfred P. C. Petsch, 

Students' Council; Lawyer. Fredericksburg, 

Charles Petsch, 

Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Fleecie Ogarita Philips, 

Y. W. C. A.; author of several short stories; 
teacher in Austin schools, 2 yrs.; mem. Y. W. 

C. A. 711 W. 1 4th St., Austin, Texas. 

Marie Emma Phillips, 

;B. A., 16; Cap and Gown; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. Quanah and 
Corsicana, Texas. 

Foster Vance Phipps, 

B. A., oo ; LL. B., 09; Rusk Lit. and C. H. 
Miller Law Socs.; assoc. ed. The Texan; 
Asst. U. S. Attorney for the Eastern Dist 
of Oklahoma, in charge of the criminal div.; 
co. atty. of fiaskell Co., 13-14; appointed asst. 
U. S. atty. at Muskogee, Okla., 14-17. 206 
Federal Bldg. and 2916 W. Broadway St., 
Muskogee, Okla. 

Annie Lou Powell, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Teacher, Dallas Public Sch. 
3706 Travis Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Jessie Lee Pritchett (Mrs. J. E. Par- 

Bart Soc. Huntsville, Texas. 

Marshall A. Ramsdell, 

M. D., 16; Phi Chi; football team, 07-09-10, 
capt., ii ; interne John Sealy Hos<p. 816 Ave. 
B, Galveston, Texas. 

Jessie Ramsey (Mrs. R. V. Murray), 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; mem. Hyde Park 
Reading Club. 4412 Ave. B, Austin, Texas. 

Charles Philip Randolph, 

(See e. 04.) 

Alma Rather (Mrs. Frederic Dun- 

Zeta Tau Alpha. 3105 Duval St., Austin, 




Lelia B. Ray (Mrs. William Jasper 

407 Ave. C, San Antonio, Texas. 

Adele Raysor (Mrs. Wignall), 

Mem. Port Arthur Reading Club. 610 Stil- 
well Blvd., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Lucy Elizabeth Rector, 

Teacher. San Saba, Texas. 

Cornelia Quarles Rice (Mrs. Will 

Kappa Kappa Gamma: Rabbit Foot Club. 404 
W. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Glenn Cecil Richard, 

Alpine, Texas. 

Catherine Margaret Richards, 

B. A., 10 ; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher 
of Latin and German. West End Junior High 
School and 401 Brunner Ave., Houston, 

Marie Riddle, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher. East Waco School 
and 1524 N. 6th St., Waco, Texas. 

Ora Bell Riggs, 

B. A., 10. Runge, Texas. 

Robert E. Rodgers, 

Lawyer; Justice of Peace; mem. A. F. & 

A. M.; I. O. O. F.; K. of P. Alvarado, 

Nita Rogers (Mrs. L. L. Knight), 

1421, sth St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Stella Ross,* 

Teacher in Public School. 

La Lee Rugeley (Mrs. W. B. Ammer- 

Chi Omega. 3604 Travis St., Fort Worth, 

Lucile Russell, 

San Saba, Texas. 

Charlotte Ryan, 

B. A., 10; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta 
Kappa; School Teacher; mem. Southern Assn. 
of College Women. San Antonio High School 
and 305 Goliad St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Paul Thomas Sanderson, 

Kappa Alpha; General Mgr. of Saw Mill. 
Zwolle, La. 

Watt L. Saunders, 

B. A., 10; LL. B., u; Omega Alpha Kappa; 
sec. Students' Assn.; -pres. Oratorical Assn.; 
bus. mgr. University Magazine; Lawyer; city 
atty. of Gatesville; mem. I. O. O. F.; Masons; 
W. O. W. Gatesville. Texas. 

H. J. Schmidt, 

Sigma Nu; Broker; mem. B. P. O. E., No. 
1017. Mayer & Schmidt Bldg. and Hospital 
St., Nacogdoches, Texas. 

William Louis Schorlemer, 

Farmer and Stockman. Meyersville, DeWitt 
Co., Texas. 

Hallette Searcy (Mrs. George Smyth 

Pi Beta Phi; Lit. Soc.; mem. Music Study 
Club; Standard Club; Lambda Tau; Nu Zeta. 
3700 Miramar St., Dallas, Texas. 

J. S. Shaw, 

General Agent, Southwestern Life Ins. Co.; 
pres. Central Texas Assn.; prin. scho.. Tem- 
ple; mem. Knights of Pythias. 403 Amicable 
Bldg. and 1909 Alexander St., Waco, Texas. 

Stella Hope Shurtleff, 

B. A., 15; Poets and Univ. Art Clubs; pres. 
Univ. Art, 11-12, and Poets Club, 14-15; asst. 
ed. Magazine, 14-15; Interior Designing and 
Lectures on the Principles of Art; on bd. of 
dirs. of Houston Art League; mem. Houston 
Art League. 1109 Scanlan Bldg. and 2218 
Louisiana St., Houston, Texas. 

Archie William Smith, 

Teacher; prin. East Ward Kingsville; mem. 

A. F. & A. M. Jefferson. Texas. 

Maryatt Smith, 

Teacher of Latin and German. Ballinger 
High School and 116 N. 6th St., Ballinger, 

Virgie Belle Smith (Mrs. James Mar- 
cus Wood), 

527 N. Magnolia St., Palestine, Texas. 

Eleanor Ocey Sneed (Mrs. M. W. 
Carroll, Jr.), 

2823 Washington St., Waco, Texas. 

Lois McLean Spears, 

B. A., 15; Zeta Tau Alpha; Reagan Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher of English, San Benito High Sch. 
San Benito, Texas. 

Minnie V. Sprott, 

Teacher. High School, Cleburne, Texas. 

Emily Spruce, 

V.-pres. class, 06; School Teacher; mem. Y. 
W. C. A. Sanger Ave. School and 901 N. 
1 7th St, Waco, Texas. 

Drew Staggs, 

B. A., ii ; Pi Beta Phi; Rabbits Foot; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc. Hotel Casca Ricardo, Kingsville, 

Lucy Stephens, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 800 Eighth Ave., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

May Anna Sterley (Mrs. Sydney 

Lingayen, P. I. 

Lillian Lee Stover (Mrs. L. L. Ort), 

Berrien Springs, Mich. 

Robert Louis Sweeney, 

B. A., 10 ; Delta Tau Delta; Athenaeum Lit. 
Soc.; Rusticusses; Press Club; pres. junior 
class; pres. Alumni, 10; v.-pres. Students' 
Council; Y. M. C. A.; Principal of Co. High 
School in Va.; mem. Masons. Emporia, Va. 

Itasca Blount Sweet (Mrs. Guy L. 

B. A., 09; M. A., 13. 4210 Rawlins St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Rebecca Switzer, 

B. A., 12; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher, Oak 
Cliff High Sch. loth and Patton Sts. and 
427 E. gth St., Dallas, Texas. 




Mrs. Volney Wright Taylor (Ethel 

B. A., ii ; mem. Cactus bd., n; Parliamen- 
tarian for the Parent Teachers' Assn.; corres. 
sec. Booklovers' Club; Northern Matron, East- 
ern Star. Alice, Texas. 

Joseph Allan Tennant, 

B. A., 10 ; B. S. in E. E. Mass. Inst of 
Technology; Theta Xi; Newman Club; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Consulting Engineer; dir., sec. 
and treas. Tennant-Lonegrove Co., Consulting 
and Constructing Engineers; mem. K. of C.; 
Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs.; Jovian League Tech- 
nology Club of South. 1017 Union Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 405 Hadley Ave., Houston, 

Lamar Thaxton, 

B. A., 12; Stock Raiser. Mason, Texas. 

Lennius M. Thomas (Mrs. D. L. Duf- 

New Boston, Texas. 

Maud Eugenia Thomas, 

B. A., 10; Phi Beta " 
Gonzales St., Yoakum 

B. A., 10; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher. 407 E. 
, Texas. 

Anne Mary Thornton (Mrs. James 
Philip Nash), 

i oo i Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

Sophia Tips (Mrs. William T. Con- 

Runge, Texas. 

Walter Tips, 

Manager of G. Tips Store, General Merchan- 
dise; C. C. of K. of P.; treas. of Local Fire- 
man. Runge, Texas. 

C. W. Trueheart, 

B. A., 10; LL. B., u; Alpha Tau Omega; 

Curtain Club; Attorney-at-Law. Kaufman 

Bldg. and San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, 

Theodore Boyce Tucker, 

B. A., 10; M. A., n. Katy, Texas. 

Richard Joshua Turrentine, 

B. A., 08; M. A., 09; Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. 
Political Science Assn.; Supt. City Schools; 
co. supt. instr. in Missouri State Normal; 
instr. in Coll.; tutor in Political Science, 
Univ. of Texas; mem. Odd Fellows; Knights 
Templars; Shriner. Haskell, Texas. 

Herma Agnes Ujffy, 

B. A., 10 ; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher 
English and History. Ball High School and 
1026 Ave. I, Galveston, Texas. 

Charles H. Veale, 

Delta Tau Delta; Atorney-at-Law; with Huds- 
peth & Dale. Commercial Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 3516 Clifton St., El Paso, Texas. 

Oswald Edward Wagenschein, 

3615 Griffith Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hallie Ada Webster (Mrs. George M. 

:B. A., 10. 725 Slaughter Bldg. and 121 S. 
Seevers Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Harry Curtis Weeks, 

Beta Theta Pi; Lawyer. 513 First Natl. Bank 
Bldg. and 1106 Austin St., Wichita Falls, 

Marion Eleanor Weeks, 

B. A., ii. 1817 F St., Washington, D. C. 

Williams Frederick Weeks, 

LL. B., 09, Yale; Alpha Sigma Phi; Lawyer; 
mem. Elks. 513 First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 
1418, loth St., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Sylvan Marx Weil, 

Merchant; mem. Commercial Club; T. P. A.; 
Masonic connections. 501 Chapparal St. and 
60 1 S. Broadway, Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Samuel Love West, 

B. A., ii ; Lawyer. Edgewood, Texas. 

Bertha Marion White (Mrs. Daniel E. 

Gatesville, Texas. 

Modena Frances Whitehead, 

Teacher in Public Schools. Brownwood, 

G. E. Wiechmann, 

Farming, Stockraising and Ginning. Fischer 
Store, Comal Co., Texas. 

James Claude Wilkerson, 

B. A., 12. Newark, Texas. 

Thomas A. Willard, 

B. A., 10; M. A., 12; Teacher. Aberdeen, 

Margaret Stuart Williams, 

B. A., 12; B. L. S., 1 6 Univ. of 111.; Kappa 
Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A.; Reference Librarian, University of 
Illinois Library. University of Illinois Library 
and 1 1 06 California St., Urbana, 111. 

Janie Wilson, 

Chi Omega; Assistant Postmaster. Sugar 
Land, Texas. 

Clifford Witherspoon, 

Beta Theta Pi; Cotton, Domestic and Export 
Shipment; mem. Elks. 33 E. Hickory St. and 
21 E. Oak St., Denton, Texas. 

Ethel Wood (Mrs. Ney Roberdeau), 

Stenographer, State Capitol; mem. Choral 
Club. 210 E. 3d St., Austin, Texas. 

Joseph Glenn Wood, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Supt. Texarkana Water Corp.; 
mem. Texarkana Lodge No, 341 F. & A. M. 
and Texarkana Country Club. 404 State Line 
Ave. and 607 Pecan St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Helen Converse Woodbridge, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher. 703 N. 
Broadway, Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Jane Woodruff (Mrs. S. L. Hoyt), 

SB. A., 10 ; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Anglers' Club. 
416 Eighth Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Etta Lee Woolsey, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Missionary to Africa. 
Wembo-Niama, Congo Beige, Africa, and Bay 
City, Texas. 




James Herbert Wooten, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Planter and Stock- 
raiser; -prin. Columbus High Sch., 11-12; supt 
city schools (Flatonia), 12-15. Columbus, 

Elizabeth Gooch Wright, 

B. A., 10. 636 Patterson Ave., Alamo 
Heights, San Antonio, Texas. 

Jeffie Davis Young, 

Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 16-17; Teacher; Stu- 
dent; mem. Present Day Club: Pierian Lit. 
Soc.; Y. W. C. A. 321 Kentucky Ave., Man- 
gum, Okla. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Claude Milton Alexander; Bealah Lavenia All- 
red; Elise Penick Amis; Ruth Louise Andrews 
(Mrs. Lewis A. Hill), B. A., 07; Jacob Bald- 
win, Jr.; Mrs. May Ballinger; Hosie Frank Bal- 
yeat; Margaret Lee Bankhead; May Louise Bar- 
clay; Olive Barnett; Alice Bartlette; Lutie Bar- 
ton; Willie Wilson Batcheler, Jr.; Tom Stone 
Blewett; William Wesley Blewett; Herbert Frank- 
lin Blount; Frances Estelle Bragg; Burlie M. 
Brown; Ocie Tilman Bryant; Edmund Langford 
Buckley; Julia Ellen Busby; Carlisle Oliver Byrd; 
Rose Lillian Cargil*; Eugene Lee Carpenter; 
Florence Shelley Chilton (Mrs. Ben Jordan) ; W. 
J. Christian; Cora Lillian Coleman; Corinne Nich- 
ols Cooper; A. B. Cortes; William Webster Cro- 
mer; Helen Curtis*; Marie Rodgers Daley; Anna 
Thomas Davis; Blanche Avenell Davis; Lillian 
:Wathen Davis (Mrs. William Rowland); Fannie 
Dealey; Jesse Calhoun Dial; Fred Dickerson; 
Walter Carroll Dillard; George Alfonse Doll; 
Miriam White Dozier; Bertha L. Duff; Louise 
Ellen Ellis; Nannie Leland Ellis; Reuben Hubert 
Ellis; Elizabeth Eppler; Mary Cecile Evans; 
Harold Wilson Fisher; Bessie Floyd; Clair Hil- 
dreth Gannon; Gladys Gillespie; Mary Brooks 
Gooch (Mrs. C. L. Hufsmith); Benjamin F. Greg- 
ory; Luther Griffin; Thomas Anderson Gullet; 
Herman Ernest Haenel; G. H. Hagan; Emil 
Randolph Hamlett, B. A., u; Augustus Storey 
Harris; Charlotte Harris: George Gano Harris; 
Hinton Walter Haynes; Fanny C. Hegel; Lizzie 
Marie Hegel; Jeffie Adcock Hibbetts; C. S. High- 
smith; Mrs. C. S. Highsmith: Mrs. Bennie Chil- 
dress Hines; Sarah May Hirsch (Mrs. Gilbert 
L. Sechenger), B. A., 10; Clifford Curtis Hoard*; 
Leslie Selman Hobbs*; Henrietta Holman (Mrs. 
Edwin Walters); James Leonidas Honnold; Chris- 
tine Horn; Mamie Hughey; Edwin Sealey Hull; 
Agnes Humphry (Mrs. David Ehrhardt); Mary 
Adelaide Hynes; Bessie Caldwell Jacobs; Fanny 
A. Johnson; William Kadley Johnson; Kenneth 
Anderson Jones; William Edwin Keating; Hettie 
Kendrick; Mary Tweet Kimbrough; Willie Flor- 
ence Kimbrough; Virgil Wooten King; John Wes- 
ley Kinsey; Lloyd Addison Kiplinger; William 
Albert Lake; John Asbury Lambdin; Ruth La 
Rue (Mrs. Albert Kibbey), B. A., n; Celeta 
Elizabeth Lewis; Harry Tyler Lewis; Jewell Lock- 
head; Nathan Arios Lublin; Julia Eugene Luker; 
Inez Jessamine McCampbell; Blanche McComb; 
Inez Jessamine McCrary; Pollie R. McDougle; 
Kate Mclinnis (Mrs. Casbeer) ; Marvin Paul Mc- 
Kee*; Fannie May McLeod (Mrs. Charles C. 
Gunn), B. A., 12; Albert Eugene Mahon; Thomas 
Porter Mallard; Don Martin; William Luky Mar- 
tin; Nonie Valmon Mason; Maud Anna Mathias; 
Aubrey Lester Mayes; E. A. Menefee; Clarence 
Alonzo Middleton; Emma Minton; Louis Moffett 
(Mrs. E. A. Benbow); William R. Muir; Lindley 
Harrison Nix; Jerry Lee Oliver; Grover Cleveland 
Pair; Joe E. Perkins; Amos Peters; James Ingram 
Peters; Letitia Lee Petrie; Nelwyn Petty; Mary 
Horton Pool; Albert Eugene Porter; Clara Emma 
Powell; Frank Jones Powell*; Nellie Prescott; 
Mabel Quay; Walter Sullivan Ragsdale; Mattie 
Lynn Raysor; D. Evans Ren fro; Littleton Votaw 
Richardson; Walter Herman Richter*; Bertie 
Vedah Riggs; Thomas A. Rigney; John Joseph 

Rogers; Hal Rowntree; Musidore Rowntree (Mrs. 
Lawrence Montgomery; Ada W. Sandifer; Mar- 
tha Washington Saunders; Frank Schoppe; Annie 
Maude Sewell; May S. Shelmire; William Mar- 
tian Sherrell; John William Shillingburg; Co- 
lumbus Annie Shipe^ Ph. G., 07; Henry Sib- 
berns; Edna Moore Slator; Annie Marcia Smith; 
Elbert Sydney Smith, LL. B., n; Marcus Dixon 
Smith; James W. Stanley; Francis Steiner*; 
Emil Rosevelt Stieler*, B. A., 09, M. A., 10; 
James Stiff; Margaret Elizabeth Stiles; Fred 
Loveland Stocks; Jessie Irene Stone; Marie 
Streeter; Minnie Lee Strickland*; Ivy Lee 
Strong; Willella Viola Stump; Harburd Tarp- 
ley; Edith Timmins; Frederick M. Trotter; Jo- 
seph Cornelius Tucker; Hubert McCune Waldrip; 
Frank Hicks Walke; Lilian Obera Walker; James 
Edison White; Nell Sue Whitman (Mrs. Davis 
Gurley); Paschal Klough Williams; Vara Leta 
Williamson; Mazie Minnie Way Winlack; Hay- 
wood Lewis Winter; Horace Traube Witherspoon; 
oseph Monroe Witten; Mrs. Laura Slavens Wood, 
B. A., ii ; Helen Converse Woodbridge; Carrie 
Wren (Mrs. B. K. Goree) ; Alice Manson Young; 
Leona Myrtis Young; John Baron Zimmerman. 


Joseph B. Adams, 

(See e. 06.) 

Lep Sheridan Adams, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Asst. Secretary Great South- 
ern Life Ins. Co., Houston, Texas. Great 
Southern Life Ins. Co. and 1409 Webster Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

W. F. Adams, 

Cotton Classer; Real Estate. 811 Alamo and 
310 Adams Sts., San Antonio, Texas. 

Nellie Ann Alsup, 

Teacher. 1908 University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

James Crawford Anderson, 

Plainview, Texas. 

P. J. Anthony, 

Delta Tau Delta; Patent Clerk, State Land 
Office. General Land Office and 407 W. 27th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Nannie D. Applewhite, 

Teacher. 307 Reservoir Ave., 


San Antonio, 

Bess Louise Avriett (Mrs. Will 

Teacher, Cameron Public School, 09-15. Cam- 
eron, Texas. 

Halley L. Bailey, 

Mem. Thirteen Club. 317 N. gth St., Temple, 

Sarah Baker (Mrs. James F. John- 
son \ 

B. A., ii. Edna, Texas. 

Camilla Black Ball, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Supervisor of Music 
and Art; mem. Wednesday Music Club of 
Nawata, Okla. 78, 7th St., San Angelo, 

Frank Eugene Barnes, 

Merchant. Morris City, 111. 

Joseph R. Barton, 

B. A., Vanderbilt Univ.; Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon (Vanderbilt); Insurance. 704 Amicable 
Bldg. and 522 N. i2th St., Waco, Texas. 




Joseph Rusty Baton, 

704 Amicable Bldg., Waco, Texas. 

Robert Edward Lee Batts, 

Kappa Alpha; Univ. Rifle Club; Univ. Rifle 
Team; Lawyer. 239 Austin Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 2400 Lampasas St., Austin, Texas. 

Marguerite Bedell, 

B. A., ii ; Pierian Lit. Soc.; "T" in basket- 
ball; pres. Woman's Athletic Assn. and of 
Pierian Lit. Soc.; Teacher of English; sen. 
teacher of English. High School and 124 
Orleans St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Wylie W. Bennett, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Lumber, Hardware and 
Coal Business; sec. and mgr. Herring, Ben- 
nett Lumber Co.; mem. Masons; R. A. M.; 
K. T.; Young Men's Business League; K. of 
P.; W. O. W. Vernon, Texas. 

C W. Benson, Jr., 

Wholesale Produce, Southern F. and P. Co.; 
mem. Alvin Club. Alvin, Texas. 

Curran L. Benton, 

Bank Teller; mem. Commercial and Rifle 
Clubs. First State Bank and 923 Staples St., 
Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Rudolph Leopold Biesele, 

B. A., 09; M. A., 10 ; Germania; Teacher of 
German.Waco High School and 2021 Par- 
ratt Ave., Waco, Texas. 

Jessie M. Blain (Mrs. Thomas A. 

P. O. Box 105, Wellington, Texas. 

J. H. Blanton, 

Teacher, county supt. of Karnes Co., 07-12; 
prin. ward school. King Court and Clinton 
Ave., and 1115 W. Summit Ave., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Ramona Bookwalter (Mrs. H. C. Cur- 

B. A., 1 1 ; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; mem. 
Woman's Club; Jane Jefferson Democratic 
Club of Colorado. Ninth and Broadway, 
Littleton, Colorado. 

John Stewart Bos well, 

Capitol Club; cabinet, Y. M. C. A., 3 yrs.; 
Chemist and Factory Manager, Jersey Creme 
Co.; dir., Jersey Creme Co.; sec. and treas., 
Univ. of Texas Alumnae Assn.; Masonic 
connections. 900 E. Railroad and 1919, 8th 
Aves., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Luther Jasper Bower, 

Stephenville, Texas. 

Anne Lucy Bowman, 

B. A., 13. 716 W. 22% St., Austin, Texas. 

Reel A. Bovd, 

2311 Caroline St., Houston, Texas. 

Tillie Bradfield, 

B. A., 14; Y. W. C. A.; basketball; Teacher; 
head of Latin and German depts. High School, 
Newsome, Texas. 

Elva Corinne Brewington (Mrs. R. B. 

Teacher, 2 yrs. Aguilar, Colorado. 

James Robert Bright, 

Athenaeum; McLaurin; track team 09; Law- 
yer; Masonic connections; mem. K. of P.; 
W. O. W. 713 Littlefield Bldg. and 3200 
East Avenue, Austin, Texas. 

L. S. Brindley, 

With Mortgage Co.; mem. Masons. 1103 Main 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Joseph Scott Brown, 

B. A., 09. San Benito, Texas. 

Mary Susannah Brown, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Graduated from Scarritt Bible and Training 
School in Kansas City., Mo., 15; Missionary 
under Woman's Missionary Council of the 
M. E. Church, South; supervisor of girls dor- 
mitories, Collegio Piracico Cono. Collegio 
Piracicobono, Rua da Boa Norte 15, Pira- 
cicaba, Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil, S. A. 

Will L. Brown, 

B. A., u; M. D., 16 Rusk Med. College; 
Alpha Kappa Kappa; Sigma Xi; Alpha Omega 
Alpha; Physician; house phys. Presby. Hosp. 
1753 Congress St., Chicago, 111. 

Ina Caddell (Mrs. S. M. N. Marrs), 

Pres. Second Dist. Texas Congress of 
Mothers and Parent-Teachers Assn. 401 
Johnson St., Terrell, Texas. 

Rufus Cage, Jr., 

(See e, 06 J 

Emma Lee Caldwell (Mrs. Jay 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; mem. Andrew Car- 
ruthers Chapter. D. A. R. 261 Grand St., 
Newburgh, N. Y. 

Russell Callan, 

Delta Sigma Phi; "T" in track; Raising Live 
Stock. Callan, Menard Co., Texas. 

John La Fayette Camp, Jr., 

Chi Phi; Lawyer. 709 Brady Bldg. and 406 
W. Cincinnati Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Robbie Clarke Carman, 

B. A., 12. 1900 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Lee Gammage Carter, 

Jacksonville, Texas. 

Maples Freeman Cate, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Attorney-at-Law; city 
atty.. 4 yrs.; city recorder, i yr.; mem. B. P. 
O. E.; A. F. and A. M.; K. of P. City Hall 
and 502 Lawrence Ave., Terrell, Texas. 

John Hendrick Caufield, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Reporter. Galveston 
Daily News and 901 Seawall Bldg., Galveston, 

Lulu Chambers (Mrs. W. G. Gillis), 

Cameron History, Shakespeare and M. W. & 
M. Clubs; Cameron Civic Improvement 
League. Cameron, Texas. 

Ivy Cheatham, 

Literary Soc.; Teacher; mem. University, 
Bay View Lit. and Music Clubs. 412 Col- 
lege St., Waxahachie, Texas. 

Tyra Ozro Cheatham, 

B. A., ii ; Delta Sigma Phi; track. 4" Col- 
lege St., Waxahachie, Texas. 




Asa Kyrus Christian, 

B. A.. 12; Teaching; supt. schools, Bartlett; 
dept. history, South West Texas Normal Sch. 
San Marcos, Texas. 

John Jarrett Clark, 

Stephenville, Texas. 

Henry Lawrence Cobb, 

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. i, Falls 
Co., Texas; mem. Marlin Commercial Club; 
Knights of Pythias. Court House and 669 
Chambers St., Marlin, Texas. 

Edwin Leroy Cocke, 

R. F. D. No. 2, Austin, Texas. 

Betty Cooper, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Accompanist; Organist First 
Baptist Church; v-pres. Womans Club: exec. 
bd. State fed. Music Clubs; mem. Womans, 
Choral, Golf and Monday Bridge Clubs. 78 
E. 7th St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Harriet Cooper, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 1714 Sixth Ave, Mo- 
line, 111. 

Thomas Morris Coupland, 

Salesman; consul commander of Interde- 
pendence Camp No. 352, W. O. W. Troup, 

Ruby Irene Cox, 

Ferris, Texas. 

William Andrew Cox, 

Ferris, Texas. 

William Clarence Crane, 

Cashier; supt. Franklin pub. sch. for 6 yrs. 
prior to entering bank. First State Bank, 
Franklin, Texas. 

Merlin Cross Crawford, 

B. A., 12; E. E., 13; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 
Construction Superintendent. W. E. Callahan 
Const. Co., Omaha, Nebr. and Ennis, Texas. 

Cecil Leslie Crockett, 

Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club; Grower and Ship- 
per. First & Colorado St. and Travis Heights, 
Austin, Texas. 

Elizabeth Paden Cross (Mrs. L. H. 

Former Teacher in Cameron High School; 
mem. History, Bridge, Priscilla and B. A. R. 
Clubs. Cameron, Texas. 

Rena Y. Crossman, 

1612 Forest Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Lucille Kenneth Crouch, 

Chi Omega; Teacher in Grammar School. 
202 Hubbard St., Yoakum, Texas. 

Vernon Cunningham, 

2728 Cumberland St., El Paso, Texas. 

Marie Rodgers Daley, 

Chi Omega; Teacher; mem. Dallas Alumnae 
of Chi Omega; Women's Panhellenic Assn. 
Stephen F. Austin School, Dallas and 505 
Pine St., Texarkana, Texas. 

F.E.Daniel (Mrs.), 

Editing and publishing Texas Medical Journal. 
204 E. icth St., Austin, Texas. 

Jerome Walter Daniel, 

(See /. 06.) 

Hugh Jefferson Davis, 

General Hospital, Phila., Pa. 

Ida Davis (Mrs.), 

Teacher in primary, Taylor High School; 
mem. Mothers Club. Taylor, Texas. 

Robert Hanks Davis, 

Manager, Ice Plant; mem. Stonewall Lodge 
No. 13, K. of P.; A. F. & A. M. No. 80. S. 
Rogers St., Waxahachie, Texas. 

Jacob Watt Dees, 

Garden City, Texas. 

John P. Dewald, 

Lawyer. Killeen, Texas. 

Samuel Kendrick Dodson, , 

Russellville, Arkansas. 

Sarah Clara Dodson, 

Mathews School and 2103 Oldham St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Thomas Carroll Dowell, 

Clerk; County Tax Collectors Office. 404 
Parker St., McKinney, Texas. 

Prince Orrin Dowlen, 

Clerk, The First National Bank of Beaumont, 
Texas; mem. Y. M. C. A. Care of The First 
National Bank and 926 College St., Beaumont,. 

Beverley Stubblefield Dudley, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 13. Helena, Mont. 

Elizabeth Dulin, 

Coalinga, Cal. 

Donald Duncan, 

B. A., n; Phi Delta Theta; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Goo Roo; Friars; Arrowhead; scrub football 
team, 07-08; Ranchman. Egypt, Texas. 

Arthur Clemens Dye, 

Contractor. Castell, Llano Co., Texas. 

Virginia Mary Early, 

B. A., 15; Teacher of Latin and English; 

S-in. Giddings High School. P. O. Box 109,. 
iddings and P. O. Box 424, Cooper, Texas. 

Leila Eason, 

A. B., 10 Texas Presby. College; Teacher,. 
Palestine Public School; teacher, Palestine 
High and Ward Schools. 705 Magnolia St., 
Palestine, Texas. 

Abner William Eddins, 

City School Superintendent; mem. A. F. 
and A. M.; K. of P.; W. O. W. Athens,, 

J. Corry Ellington, 

B. S., 1 6; Theta Xi; with Engineering Depart- 
ment, Santa Fe Railway Co. Care Chief Eng., 
Santa Fe Ry., Galveston, Texas. 

Louise Ellen Ellis, 

Zeta Tau Alpha. 411 W. Beauregard Ave.,. 
San Angelo, Texas. 

Adele Epperson, 

B. A., ii ; Pi Beta Phi; Teacher. 3929. 
Rawlins St., Dallas, Texas. 

Samuel Stratton Essary, 

Teacher, U. S. Indian Service. Komatke^ 




Hugh M. Evans, 

Beta Theta Pi; Soldier, Recruiting Service. 
Co. E, 2d Texas Infantry, 1304 San An- 
tonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Gertrude L. Faber, 

B. A., u. Tyler, Texas. 

(Mary) Cosette Faust, 

M. A., 12; A. B., ii Polytechnic Coll.; 
B. S., do; Ph. D., 16 Radcliffe Coll.; Kappa 
Alpha Theta; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Writer; 
teacher Southern Methodist Univ. 17. 3443 
Cornell PI. (Clifton), Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Jean Figh, 

B. A., 13; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Rabbit Foot Club; Teacher of Hist 
Gainesville High School. 5105 Live Oak St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

M. M. Figh (Mrs.), 

5105 Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Daniel H. Fischer, 

Teacher. 908 S. Jackson St., Brenham, 

Raymond Frank Flick, 

Sigma Chi; Glee Club; Orchestra; Automobile 
Dealer; mem. Mohawk Club; K. of P. Cuero, 

Marion Randolph Franklin, 

Bookkeeper. First Natl. Bank and 207 Div- 
ision St., Lake Charles, La. 

Virginia Welch Gano (Mrs. William 
P. Coyle), 

Chi Omega; mem. Ladies Reading Club. 510 
Pine St., Orange, Texas. 

Carl Asbury Gardner, 

B. A., ii : M. A., 15; Teacher; dean of 
Thorp Spring Christian Coll.; mem. Texas 
Applied Economics Club. Thorp Spring, 

Herbert S. Garrett, 

Lawyer; 3d v.-pres. and genl. atty. K. C., M. 
& O. Ry. Co. of Texas. Trust Bldg. and 331 
W. Harris Are., San Angelo, Texas. 

Mary Gibbs, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Rabbits Foot; Y. W. 

C. A. Navasota, Texas. 

Mary Guinn Gillespie, 

Fort Worth, Texas. 

Edwin Frank Gillett, 

Discount Teller, First National Bank. 3*7 
Lawton Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Anita Laura Goeth (Mrs. R. Niles 

Zeta Tau Alpha; P. O. Box 672. Austin, 

Cora Alice Goodwin, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 14; Phi Beta Kappa; Y. W. 

C. A.; Athletic Assn.; Profesor of Education, 
Howard Payne College; mem. Twentieth Cen- 
tury and Brownwood Music Clubs. Howard 
Payne College and Howard Payne Hall, 
Brownwood, Texas. 

Anne Leta Gough, 

B. A., 10. McKinney, Texas. 

Lula Cass Gough, 

Sherman, Texas. 

Fritz William Graff, 

B. A., 11; Capitol Club; Germania; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Levi Scholarship, 08-11; ores. 
Germania, n, and sen. class Coll. of Arts, 
ii ; presiding officer, class day commenc., n; 
Secretary to the President, Univ. of Texas; 
mem. University Club. Univ. of Texas and 
706 W. 35th St., Austin, Texas. 

Anne Graves (Mrs. John L. Pillow), 

Baton Rouge, La. 

Harriet Laura Greer, 

B. A., 13; Teacher, Sam Houston Normal 
Institute (Huntsville). Huntsville and Cam- 
eron, Texas. 

Hilton R. Greer, 

Special Ex-Student; Editorial Writer, Even- 
ing Journal, News Bldg. andl 821 No. Madi- 
son Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

V. L. Griffin, 

Teacher; Supt. City Schools. 501 Melwood 
E. Chandler, Brownwood, Texas. 

Alfred R. Grosse, 

Lumberman. Bartlett, Texas. 

Ollie E. Hagler, 

Farmer. Joshua, Texas. 

Harry Wilson Hamilton, 

M. A., 09; A. B., 04 Wash, and Lee Univ.; 
B. D., 09 Presb. Theol. Sem.; Franklin Soc.; 
Scholarship for $300 (Wash, and Lee Univ.); 
class valedict. (Presb. Theol. Sem.); Clergy- 
man. Cotulla, Texas. 

Emil Hamlett, 

B. A., ii. Italy, Texas. 

Edgar P. Haney, 

Editor; pres. and genl. mgr. Searchlight Pub. 
Co.; pub. Wichita Morning Tribune, and 
Wichita Searchlight (weekly); chrmn., Comm. 
of Educ., House of Reps., Austin. 706, 7th 
and 104 Bluff Sts., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Eugenia Mabel Hare, 

B. A., 12; M. A., 16; Y. W. C. A.; Choral 
Club; Phi Beta Kappa; Professor of Romance 
Languages. Texas Woman's College, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Corinne Harrell, 

Teacher. Marietta, Texas. 

Edith Harris (Mrs. Elmore Schultz), 

B. A., ii ; M. A., 15; Alpha Delta Pi; Sid- 
ney .Lanier Lit. Soc. 148 Beekman Road, 
Summit, N. J. 

Mabel Winnie Harrison, 

B. A., ii. Raymondville, Texas. 

Richard Clarence Harrison, 

B. A., 12; M. A., 17; Phi Beta Kappa; fel- 
low in English, 13; pres. Sutton Club, 12; Phi 
Delta Kappa; Instructor in English, South- 
west Texas State Normal; author "Master's 
Thesis The Nature Poetry of Madison Cawe- 
in." 824 Guadalupe St., San Marcos, Texas. 

Grover Hartt, 

Teacher; supt., Timpson City Schools. Timp- 
son, Texas. 




Lillian F. Heierman, 

Attended Western Reserve Univ. i yr.; mem. 
of firm F. Heierman and Brother; mem. Busi- 
ness and Professional Women's Clubs. 117-123 
E. sth St., and 205 E. isth St, Austin, Texas. 

Eleanor Henderson (Mrs. Peter Boyd 

B. A., 12; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; 
Woman's Council; Univ. Chapter, D. A. R. 
2109 Tom Green St., Austin, Texas. 

Winifred Withers Henderson, 

B. A., 12; Delta Delta Delta; Andrew Car- 
ruthers Chapter, D. A. R. Cameron, Texas. 

James Franklin Hendricks, 

B. A., u; M. E., 15 Cornell Univ.; Theta 
Xi; Mechanical Engineer, Texas Power and 
Light Co. Route No. i, Box uF, Dallas, 

George Garrison Herren, 

A. B., Southwestern Univ; Phi Delta Theta; 
Supt. Schools. Kerens, Texas. 

George Alfred Hill, Jr., 

Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Curtain Club; 
ed.-in-chief Texan, io-ii: Lawyer; mem. Thai- 
ian Club. 713 Scanlan Bldg. and 2114 Milam 
St., Houston, Texas. 

Grover B. Hill, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Live Stock Broker. 114 E. 
3d St and San Jancinto Heights, Amarillo, 

Luther Sidney Hoffman, 

B. A., 12; LL. B., 13; Delta Tau Delta; 
Delta Sigma Rho; Arrowhead Soc.; Friar; 
Chancellors; pres. Students Assn., fresh, class, 
soph, class and Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; student 
mem. Athl. Council; Lawyer; attorney for 
city of Denton; mem. B. P. O. E.; Knights 
of Pythias; W. O. W. Denton, Texas. 

Nellie Wylie Holden (Mrs.), 

Secretary Austin United Charities Assn. ; 
mem. Univ. Ladies Club; Austin Woman'a 
Suffrage Assn. City Hall and 32d St., Al- 
dridge PI., Austin, Texas. 

Beulah Elizabeth Holland (Mrs. Er- 
nest Kingswell Smith), 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot Club. 502 W. 
Stayton Ave., Victoria, Texas. 

Elizabeth Hudson (Mrs. Robert R. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 5407 Bryan St., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

Donald Ingram, 

B. A., u. Port Dover, Ontario, Canada 

Earl Calvin Johnson, 

Printer; House Manager, Princess Theatre; 
city electrician of Memphis, Texas; sec. Pan- 
handle Vol. Firemen's Assn. Seventh and 
Main Sts. and Eighth and Cleveland Sts., 
Memphis, Texas. 

Joyce Louise Johnson, 

B. A., ii ; Kappa Alpha Omega; Y. W. C. A. 
501 N. Guadalupe St., San Marcos, Texas. 

Medicus Barney Johnson, 

Sweet water, Texas. 

Edward Homer Jones, 

(See /. oo.) 

Jonnie Jones (Miss), 

B. A., 12; Pierian; v.-pres. sen. class: sec. 
Pierian Lit. Soc.; treas. Y. W. C. A.: Choral 
Club; Teacher of English, Alexander Col- 
tegiate Institute; mem. Shakespeare Club. 
Jacksonville, Texas. 

Marguerite Lillie Jones, 

B. A., 12. 340 W. 8sth St., N. Y. C. 

Minnie Pearl Jones (Mrs. James P. 

122 State House, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Edgar Edmunds Joseph, 

Sigma Chi; Stock Raiser; cashier, First State 
Bank and Trust Co. (Cuero) ; mem. Mohawk 
Club (Cuero). Guaranty State Bank and 
102 E. Mistletoe Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

William Walter Joyce, 

Lohn, Texas. 

Margaret Elizabeth Julian, 

In Convent at Gainsville. 2317 Thomas Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Stella Kennedy, 

Y. W. C. A. 413 E. Fourth St., Bonham, 

Harry Verner Kiley, 

Kappa Sigma; Rattlers Club; Superintendent 
of Mills, Attoyas River Lumber Co.; sec-treas. 
Craven and Kiley Lumber Co. of Dallas; 
ores. bd. trusts, Mayotown Schools; mem. 
B. P. O. E. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Roy De L. Killough, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 13; Rusk Lit. Soc.; mem. 
Students Council, 11-12, 12-13; Attorney-at- 
Law; Mason 18; mem. W. O. W. Franklin, 

Julia Kimball, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 1000 N. i$th St., 
Waco, Texas. 

Lena Clara Koch, 

Student. Woman's Bldg., University Sta., 
Austin, Texas. 

Anita Kranzthor, 

Eagle Pass, Texas. 

La Trelle L. Kreisle (Mrs. A. M. 

Mem. Choral Club. 901 Vance St., Taylor, 

Lillian Krohn, 

Teacher; tchr. in Bickler School, Austin; 
Rusk School, Houston, Texas. 403 W. i$th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Stanislaus A. T. Kulawik, 

Attorney; co. atty. Knox Co., 10-12. Mun- 
day, Texas. 

Clay Wilborn Kuykendall, 

Ranchman and Merchant. San Saba, Texas. 

Harry W. Lackland, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Banker; mem. Univer- 
sity Club (El Paso, Texas) ; Lordsbury State 
Bank. Lordsbury, N. Mex. 

George Rufus Lacy, 

104 Kenmont Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 




Henry Hoxie Ladd, 

Hasse, Texas. 

Joe Lake, Jr., 

Kappa Kappa; Civil Engineer. 401 E. Aus- 
tin St., Marshall, Texas. 

Alice Lane (Mrs. P. J. Anthony), 

B. A., 12; Reagan Lit. Soc. 407 W. 27tb 
St., Austin, Texas. 

John Albert Lantz, 

(See /. 06.) 

Harold Adair Leaverton, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; prin. South Ward 
School; chrmn. co. sch. trustees; mem. Co. 
Democratic Exec. Comm. Midland, Texas. 

Hamilton Ivy Lee, 

B. A., ii ; Phi Gamma Delta; General Agt., 
Union Central Life Ins. Co. 1414 Busch 
Bldg. and 2906 Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Kade Bryan Legett, 

Abilene, Texas. 

Laura Cecile Lehman (Mrs. Nathan 
Banks Judd), 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A.: mem. Houston College Women's Club. 
5003 San Jacinto St., Houston, Texas. 

Herbert William Franz Leonards, 

B. A., 10; LL. B., n. Karnes City, Texas. 

Clair Leverton (Mrs. Miller Har- 

Kappa Alpha Theta. Sinton, Texas. 

Marion Joseph Levy, 

B. A., ii ; LL.B., 14; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Friar; Chancellor; Curtain, 
Press and German Clubs; ed.-in-chief Texan, 
11-12; Cactus and Coyote staffs; fellow in 
medieval history 10-11, asst., 11-14; Attorney; 
asst. county atty; Mason; Shriner; mem. I. O. 
B. B. Court House and 2001 Ave. L, Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

Cora Lee Lewis (Mrs. W. S. Clark), 

Worth St., Dallas, Texas. 

Wooten Dudley Lightfoot, 

B. A., ii ; B. S. in Med. 14; M. D., 15; Phi 
Chi; Univ. Masonic Club (Galveston); title 
of "College Gymnast", 1 1 ; and wearer of 
"T"; pres. class, 15; Physician; 3d asst. phys. 
State Lunatic Asylum; Shriner; mem. Am. 
Med. Assn. State Lunatic Asylum, Austin, 

Nina Lee Lindsay (Mrs. Clay Fowl- 

Llano, Texas. 

Harvey Leeman Livingston, 

Attorney-at-Law; genl. claim adjuster Am. 
Natl. Ins. Co. of Galveston; past patron 
Eastern Star, Brownwood Chapter; 32 Scot- 
tish Rite Mason; mem. Mystic Shrine; R. A. 
M.; Eastern Star. 1101 American Natl. Ins. 
Co. Bldg. and 1528 Market St., Galveston, 

William Thomas Lofland, 

Superintendent of Schools. 627 E. Elm St., 
Hillsboro, Texas. 

Grace Long (Mrs. Malcolm S. Ross), 

B. A., n; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A.; Choral; Athletic Assn.; mem. D. A. R.; 
Southern Assn. of College Women. 1312 Col- 
lege Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Ellsworth Lowry, 

B. A., 09. Martinsville, 111. 

Nina T. Lucas (Mrs. T. R. Cole), 

B. A., ii ; Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Women's Council; pres. Las Amigas Study 
Club; chrmn. in charge of Public Library; 
mem. Aokiya Civic Club. Roff, Okla. 

Lydia Ludwig (Mrs. Seifert), 

610 W. i7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lenna Deen McCandless (Mrs. Wise 

Reagan Lit. Soc. 1615 Walnut St, Green- 
ville, Texas. 

Clay McClellan, 

Chi Phi; Lawyer. Gatesville, Texas. 

Dudley Foster McCollum, 

B. A y 12; M. A., 14; Phi Delta Kappa; 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; Students Council and Assemb.; 
pres. educ. dept. ; superintendent, Llano 
Schools, 3 yrs.; Masonic connections. Llano, 

Edna Haynes McCormick, 

B. A., 09; attended grad. course Univ. of 
Chicago; Teacher, Denton High School. Care 
of Denton Hijgh School and 122 Highland 
St., Denton, Texas. 

Charles Lee McDonald, 

Ph. B., 06 Polytechnic; A. M., Southwest- 
ern Univ.: Teacher and Preacher; Pres. 
Cherokee Jr. Coll. Cherokee, Texas. 

John B. McEntire, 

Lawyer. Gorman, Texas. 

John Allen McFarland, 

B. A., n; Delta Tau Delta; Friar; Stock- 
man. Ladonia, Texas. 

William Mark McGee, 

B. A., 09; LL. B., 12; Kappa Sigma; Phi 
Delta Phi; P. E. C. Globraskers Press Club; 
ed. Texan; mem. Magazine bd. ; pres. sen. 
class, 12; Attorney; county atty. Brown Co., 
12-14; mem. Elks; Masons; Knights Templar; 
Knights of Pythias. Citizens Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and Southern Hotel, Brownwood, Texas. 

Henry Thomas McGown, 

Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Glee Club 
Quartette; Lawyer; mem. Glen Garden Coun- 
try Club. 802 Burk Burnett Bldg. and 1417 
Seventh Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Rufus Manley McGuffey, 

Druggist; Masonic connections. Hubbard, 

Frances Stocks McLarty (Mrs. D. D. 

Mem. 2oth Century Club; Eastern Star. 
Jewett, Texas. 

Taylor McReynolds, 

Manager of Cooledge Light & Power Co. 
Cooledge, Texas. 




Irene Katharyn Maddox, 

912 E. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Josephine Maguire, 

301 E. First St., Austin, Texas. 

Frances Markwood, 

Dublin, Texas. 

Allie D. Martin (Mrs. J. H. Wisely), 

Beeville, Texas. 

Jerry Walker Martin, 

B. A., 16; Superintendent of Schools at Sils- 
bee. Silsbee, Texas. 

Lora E. Martin, 

Teacher. 502 W. i4th St., Austin, Texas. 

Wallace Marsh Martin, 

B. A., 12. St. Louis, Mo. 

Charcillo Mason, 

Teacher. Crockett School, San Antonio and 
2412 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Jennie Matthews (Mrs. Clarence Cov- 

Austin, Texas. 

Susette Matthews (Mrs. A. P. 

Pi Beta Phi. 607 N. Pine St, Pauls Valley, 
Okla. I 

Georgia Maverick .(Mrs. Eugene Al- 
den Harris), 

B. A., 12; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Anglers; University Art Club; Y. W. C. A. 
134 Groveland St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Anna Belle May, 

B. A., 12; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Record Clerk. Registrar's Office, University 
of Texas; tchr. Latin and English, Seguin 
High School, 4 yrs. Library Bldg., Univer- 
sity of Texas, Austin and R i, Box 60, Tol- 
bert, Texas. 

Mabel Meyer (Mrs. Ben H. Johnson), 

Alpha Delta Pi. "Twin Oaks/' Jefferson, 

Minnie Viola Middlebrook, 

B. A., ii ; Teachers Diploma, n; mgr. bas- 
ketball team 09-10; "T" 09; tchr of history, 
Post High School, 11-13, and Cameron High 
School, 13-15. Bay City, Texas. 

Mabel Mihills (Mrs. J. H. Alsobrook, 

Perian Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; mem. Historical 
Lit. Soc.; tchr. in Houston Public School. 
210 Drew Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Jessie Miller, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Teacher. Howe, Texas. 

Louis Lionel Miller, 

Glee Club 07-08; asst. in physics 14-16; 
Student. 2906 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Tabitha Ophelia Milner, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Florist; guardian, Histen- 
eaux Camp Fire; mem. Henderson Woman's 
Club. Highland Park, Henderson, Texas. 

Lloyd Edward Mitchell, 

Manager Ben Arnold Mercantile Co.; mem. 
Elks. Ben Arnold, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Mobley, 

B. A., 12. Cleburne, Texas. 

Helen Elizabeth Monteith, 

A. B., Baylor Coll.; Phi Beta Phi. 518 
Waco St., Belton, Texas. 

Sadie Montgomery, 

Teacher. Lang St. and Carpenter Ave., De- 
catur, Texas. 

Thomas Sears Montgomery, 

B. A., ii ; Capitol Club; track 08; rep. student 
council from grad. dept.; Head of English 
Dept., Waco High School; Masonic connec- 
tions. Waco High School and 2118 Parrott 
St., Waco, Texas. 

Edwin Victor Moore, 

B. A., 09; LL. B., 10; A. B., 07 Austin Coll.; 
Clerk, Bureau of Census, Dept. of Commerce; 
for over three years engaged in compiling 
vital statistics. Dept. of Commerce and 928 
1 4th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Herbert Moore, 

LL. B., 13; Delta Sigma Phi; Lawyer. 204 
First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 811 Lamar Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

Jessie Moreland (Mrs. Cox), 

Capitol Sta. and 1509 Congress Ave., Austin, 

Francis Marion Morris, 

Principal of School, Mercury. 1206 Irma St, 
Brownwood, Texas. 

Inez Moss, 

Llano, Texas. 

William Bryce Moss, 

Llano, Texas. 

Edna Clair Mosse, 

City School Teacher. 1131 Walker St., Deni- 
son, Texas. 

Fanny Ewell Mullen, 

Y. W. C. A.; fin. com. Y. W. C. A., 07-08; 
Primary Teacher; exec. com. Rio Grande 
Chapter, Red Cross; mem. Learners Club; 
Parent Teacher's Assn.; City Federation; Rio 
Grande Chapter, American Red Cross; Univ. 
Club; Treble Clef Club. 908 Ninth St., 
Brownsville, Texas. 

Dora Brock Neill (Mrs. Dora Neill 

B. A., 17; M. A., 17; mem. Pi Beta Phi; 
Scribblers; assoc. ed. Coyote. San Antonio, 

Ralph Rowen Nelson, 

B. A., ii ; Phi Beta Kappa; student asst. in 
physics 10-11; Actuary of Western Union 
Life Ins. Co.; mem. Spokane Amateur Athl. 
Club. 1023 Riverside Ave. and 1206 South 
Stevens St., Spokane, Wash. 

Maude Norment, 

Bastrop, Texas. 

Julia Mary Nott (Mrs. George 

B. A., 13. Douglass, Ariz. 




Duke Oatman, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Canner and Shipper; 
Corpus Christi Fish and Packing Co.; 

k.. P. 



and A. M. Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Kathleen O'Connor (Mrs. Albert H. 

B. A., 08; Chi Omega; Sidney Lanier Lit. 
Soc. ; mem. Daughters of Isabella. 2230 
Magnolia Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Hazel Ogle (Mrs. C. L. Ward), 

Reagen, Texas. 

Lelia Patrick (Mrs. C. R. Russell), 

2002 California St., Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Paulsen, 

Teacher. Port Lavaca, Texas. 

Ada D. Pearce, 

B. A., 16; Present Day Club; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc.; Student. Abilene, Texas. 

Paul Bonner Pennybacker, 

2606 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Mercy Briggs Perkins (Mrs. John 
Murray Ramsey), 

B. A., 08; A. B., 07, Texas Christian Univ.; 
Y. W. C. A.; Girls' Orchestra; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc.; pres. Hyde Park Reading Club; 
mem. Parent and Teacher's Assn. (Baker 
Schools) and Hyde Park Reading Club. 43" 
Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Helen Phipps, 

M. A., 13; Instructor in Romance Languages, 
Univ. of Okla. ; author, "Piginas Sudameri- 
canas.". Univ. of Okla. and Alpha Chi 
Omega House, Norman, Okla. 

Pella Clay Phipps, 

B. A., 08. 1300 San Jacinto Ave., Austin, 

Herbert Lingo Platter, 

B. A., ii ; Alpha Tau Omega; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Rattler and Curtain Clubs; Friar 
Soc; mgr. baseball team, n; Wholesale 
Grocer; asst. sales mgr. Care of Waples 
Platter Gro. Co., and 1030 W. Sears St., 
Denison, Texas. 

Franklin Embry Poindexter, 

Student. 1903 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Vera Pool, 

Teacher. 1106 E. Boulevard, El Paso, Texas. 

Hugh Porter, 

B. A., 15; Sigma Upsilon; La Tertulia; asst. 
in physics and pure math.; Principal of Train- 
ing School. Sam Houston Normal Institute 
and 1611 Ave. J, Huntsville, Texas. 

Tazewell Patton Priddie, Jr., 

Banking; cashier of Country Bank; mem. K. 

of P.; Masonic connections. Sixth and 

Franklin Sts. and 822 N. isth St., Waco, 

Charles Alexander Puckett, 

B. A., ii ; A. M., 16 Harvard; Teacher, 
High School. High School and jfeia N. 
iSth St., Waco, Texas. 

Desdemona Ragsdale (Mrs. Ernest 

B. A., 12; mem. Woman's Dept.; Bridge 
and Childress Study Clubs. Childress, Texas. 

Laura Nichols Ragsdale (Mrs.), 

B. A., 13; Teacher. 1112 Columbus St., 
Waco, Texas. 

Alice E. Ramsdell (Mrs. R. L. Adam- 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; "T" in basketball; capt. 
and mgr., women's basketball team. 1810 
Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kansas. 

Louis Herbert Rather, 

B. A., 17; Delta Tau Delta; Students Council, 
08-09; reporter, 09 and asst. ed.-in-chief, 
Texan 10; Principal Bonham High School; 
mem. Modern Woodmen of Am. 122 W. sth 
St., Bonham, Texas. 

Mabel Reeves (Mrs. C. G. Green- 

1709 Rowley St., Dallas, Texas. 

John B. Rhea, 

B. A., ii ; LL. B., 14; Rusk Lit. and Hilde- 
brand Law Socs.; Lawyer; Co. atty. of Knox 
Co., since 14. Benjamin, Texas. 

Ben H. Rice, Jr., 

LL. B., 13; B. A., 14; LL. M., 14; Phi 
Gamma Delta; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Gofer Law 
Soc.; Lawyer; asst. co. atty., Falls Co. Mar- 
lin, Texas. 

Mary Cleo Rice (Mrs. A. P. Brqgan), 

Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Lit. and 
Ownooch Socs.; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 2510 
Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Hattie E. Roberg, 

B. A., ii ; Teacher. Ball High School and 
3416 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

Mary Esther Robinson (Mrs. Claude 
E. Hill), 

B. A., ii ; mem. Reagan Lit. Soc. 1904 
Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

Ruth Robinson (Mrs. Charles Raw- 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Reed Music Club 
(vice-pres.); basketball (2); Student. 108 S. 
Sycamore St., Palestine, Texas. 

Jeannette E. Roe (Mrs. Thomas 
White Currie), 

Charter member Pierian Lit. Soc.; pres. 
Y. W. C. A., 09-10; mem. University Ladies 
Club. 2621 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Eli T. Rqsborough, 

Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Physician. 
Washington and Austin Sts. and 107 Ad- 
kins St., Marshall, Texas. 

Curtice Rosser, 

B. A., ii ; Alpha Gamma Omega; Phi Delta 
Phi; Friars; Rattler; Curtain Club; pres. 
German and Curtain Clubs; Texan and Coy- 
ote bds.; Student. S. W. Life Bldg. and 
4002 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Nellie May Rucker (Mrs. A. D. 

Belton, Texas. 




William Brush Ruggles, 

Phi Kappa Psi; honor editor Magazine, 10; 
assoc. and athl. ed. Cactus 09-10; Coy- 
ote staff 08-10; Sporting Editor. Houston 
Post and 201 Hawthorne St., Houston, Texas. 

Oscar James Rushing, 

B. A., 12; Rusk. Lit. Soc.; mem. of Student 
and Athl. Councils; Teacher; supt of Center 
High School; conductor of Summer Normal, 
Nacogdoches 16; Masonic connections. Cen- 
ter, Texas. 

Charles Herman Rutledge, 

Teacher, Dallas High School. Main High 
School, 2203 N. Carroll St., Dallas, Texas. 

Bonnie Saunders (Mrs. Joe Wunsch), 

Choral Club. 100 N. 20th St., Paris, Texas. 

Pauline Schostag (Mrs. A. R. Ladd), 

B. A., 12. Driscoll, Texas. 

Ewald W. Schuhmann, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 15; fellowship in physics; 
Assistant Professor of Physics, Okla. Agric. 
and Mech. College. 224 Duncan St., Still- 
water, Okla. 

Thomas M. Scott, 

Delta Sigma Phi: Salesman; Masonic con- 
nections. 301 S. Bridge St., Victoria, Texas. 

Edward Wynn Scale, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Teacher. San Diego, Texas. 

Verna Sellers, 

A. B., 96 Brenau Coll.; Teacher of Eng- 
lish; mem. Y. W. C. A. Stephen ville, Texas. 

J. Garland Shelton, 

Jeweler. 20 N. 28th and N. Bennett Sts., 
Paris, Texas. 

Emma Lea Sicker (Mrs. William N. 

no W. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

R. H. Simmons, 

Clerk. Center Point, Texas. 

Edith Simpson (Mrs. C. K. Rogers), 

Teacher, Texarkana, (Ark.) Public Sch.; 
mem. Music Study Club. S. Brushy St., 
Georgetown, Texas. 

Cortez Slaughter, 

Kappa Sigma; Manager, Independent Cotton 
Oil Mill. 910 Ave. A, Lawton, Okla. 

Lomis Slaughter, 

Kappa Sigma; with Nelson Davis & Son. 1901 
David St., Austin, Texas. 

Arlene Small (Mrs. R. L. Sullivan), 

Mem. Y. W. C. A. Waxahachie, Texas. 

Alfred Smith, Jr., 

Phi Deta Theta; Theta Nu Epsilon; Arrow- 
head; Merchant; mem. Press Club. 608 Con- 
gress Ave. and 912 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Arthur A. Smith, 

Physician. Munday, Texas. 

Dewitt Talmage Smith, 

Superintendent of Verden School. Box 104, 
Verden, Okla. 

Louise Estelle Smith, 

B. A., 12; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Teacher of 
English; mem. Rosetta Lit. Club. Box 133, 
Beeville and 809 W. Lynn St., Austin, Texas. 

Louis E. Spencer, 

Track team, special gym team; Manager, Tran- 
sit Dept., City Natl. Bank; mgr. Dallas Clear- 
ing House Assn. City Natl. Bank and 119 
W. Page Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Thomas Harwood Stacy, 

B. A., n ; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; 
Friar and Arrow Head Clubs; Athl. Council; 
rep. from academic dept. ; baseball 07-11; 
capt. n ; Student; with Belgian Relief Com- 
mission 14-16; rep. in charge of Am. Relief 
work at Luxembourg, 15. Scarbrough Bldg. 
and 2000 Nueces St, Austin, Texas. 

Leslie Cleo Stallings, 

Forney, Texas. 

Theodore Donald Stallings, 

Delta Sigma Phi; mem. Dallas Country Club. 
Genl. Del., Bowie, Texas. 

Eugene Steiner, 

607 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Ella Jane Stephens (Mrs. L. C. Alex- 

B. A., 12; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 2217 
Washington St., Waco, Texas. 

O'Brien Stevens, 

Delta Chi; prize freshman declamation, 08; 
Lawyer; asst. city atty. of Houston. Preston 
Ave. and Caroline St. and 2419 Travis St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Leroy V. Stockard, 

B. A., ii ; pres. sen. class mid term; Assist- 
ant State Superintendent of Public Instruc- 
tion; mem. Masons; Scholia Club. State Dept 
Education^ Capital St. and 206 E. isth St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Anne Stokes (Mrs. George Davis), 

1703 W. 5th St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Fannie Garland Stone, 

921 Main Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Ollie Stratton, 

B. A., ii ; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
English Teacher, San Antonio High School, 
ion S. Presa St., San Antonio, Texas. 

John Robert Teague, 

Bookkeeper. 3902 Gastc 

3902 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Thomas Louis Latane Temple, Jr., 

Kappa Alpha; football; President Texas Lum- 
ber Co.; mem. Houston, Thalian, Lumber- 
men's and Country Clubs. 403 Kress Bldg. 
and 309 Stratford Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Mary Barsha Thaxton, 

302 E. 1 2th St., Austin, Texas. 

John W. Thomas, 

Secretary, Chamber of Commerce; mem. Elks; 
32 Mason. 824-826 Ohio Ave. and 807, i3th 
St., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Ethelynde Mary Thompson (Mrs. 
E. M. Rosenquest), 

1 3th St. and Orange St., Abilene, Texas. 




Lena May Thompson, 

Teacher. 5411 Miller Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Paula Thompson, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Student; mem. Andrew 
Carothers Chapter, D. A. R. 902 W. 22d 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Walker Thomson, 

B. A., ii ; Pierian Lit. Soc. Olinos Ranch, 
Eagle Pass, Texas. 

Eugene Harold Threadgill, 

Real Estate Broker; financial sec. K. of C.; 
financial comm. of Miami Bldg. and Loan 
Assn. 225 Townley Bldg. and Banyan Place, 
Miami, Florida. 

Mattie Elizabeth Tisdale, 

B. A., 10 ; Teacher, High School. Austin, 

Stella Tompkins (Mrs. Philip 

B. A., 12. Lee Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Bess Townsend, 

Y. W. C. A. Llano, Texas. 

Lila Lee Traylor, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. 430 N. Pearl 
St., Belton, Texas. 

William Trenckmann, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 13; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Ap- 
plied Economics Club; Germania; pres. Ger- 
mania, 12; v.-pres. Rusk Lit. Soc., 12; Deputy 
Clerk, County Court, Travis Co., Texas. 
Court House and 2301 Sabine St., Austin,Texas. 

Ethel Tucker (Mrs. A. K. Chris- 

B. A., 12. Austin, Texas. 

Margaret Eva Von Homeyer, 

B. A., 14; Permanent Cert.; Teacher of 
Spanish and German. Junior High School 
and 608 Highland Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Linda Washington, 

B. A., 15; Present Day Club; Athl. Assn.; 
Teacher; chrmn. social service comm.; Y. W. 

C. A., 15; mem. Y. W. C. A.; Mothers Club 
(Kingsville) ; Eastern Star; D. A. R. 603 
W. i pth St., Austin, Texas. 

Mabel Watson, 

B. A., ii ; Chi Omega; Teaching. Minden, 

Valrie Weisman (Mrs. Joseph 

307 S. Washington Ave., Marshall, Texas. 

Florence West (Mrs. Paul Stal- 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 306 F St. N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

Gay White (Mrs. W. C. Winkler), 

Norborne, Mo. 

Newton Leland White, 

Sigma Nu; baseball 2d team; Clerk; mem. 
B. P. O. E. No. 703. Lee and St. John Sts., 
and 1709 Wesley St, Greenville. Texas. 

Ola May Whitehouse (Mrs. J. F. 

B. A., 12; "T"; Phi Beta Kappa; mem. Col- 
lege Club. 3204 Ellis Ave., R. 6, Fort Worth, 

Sallie A. Whitehouse, 

B. A., 13; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
T. Assn.; pres. Womans Athl. Assn. (12-13); 
Teacher of Mathematics, Port Arthur High 
School. High School, Port Arthur, Texas. 

Samuel Henry Whitley, 

Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Delta Kappa; Assistant 
State Superintendent Public Instruction. Care 
State Dept. of Education, and 60 1 W. igth 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Nell Sue Whitman (Mrs. Davis Rob- 
ert Gurley), 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. 2119 Morrow St., Waco, 

May Lee Whitsitt, 

B. A., 12; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; 
Teacher of Science, High School; mem. 
South en Assn. of College Women; Literary 
and Social Service Clubs; City Pan-Hel- 
lenic. 1829 Hurley Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

R. A. Wilkins, 

School Principal. Polytechnic, Texas. 

Camille Williams (Mrs. Burt), 

B. A., ii ; Pi Beta Phi; Reagan Lit. Soc. 
Gatesville, Texas. 

Sallie Mae Williamson (Mrs. Page 

B. A., n; Ward St., Marlin, Texas. 

Frank Williford, Jr., 

Chi Phi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Lawyer; asst. 
criminal dist. atty. Co. Court House and 
2618 La Branch St., Houston, Texas. 

Elizabeth Wilmot (Mrs. Sully Bay- 
ard Roberdeau), 

Pi Beta Phi. 307 W. 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

Estelle Hunt Wilson, 

B. A., 14; treas. Woman's Council R. F. D. 
No. 4, McKinney, Texas. 

Novel Wilson (Mrs. Glen Williams), 

Lockhart, Texas. 

Alpha Windsor (Mrs. John S. 

404 N. Cedar St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Elizabeth Hartmann Winn (Mrs.), 

B. A., 13; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher. 1908 
University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Jet Corine Winters, 

B. A., ii ; B. S., 15 Columbia Univ.; Alpha 
Delta Pi; Teacher; mem. Maccabees. 1210 
Sixth Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Ernest Julius Wolff, 

Giddings, Texas. 

Shirley Wolz, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier Lit Soc. 
201 Crocket St., Marshall, Texas. 

James Williams Woods, 

Delta Tau Delta; Farmer and Stock Raiser. 
Ladonia, Texas. 

Willie Woolford (Miss), 

B. A., 12; Asst. Instructor in History and 
Latin; mem. Y. W. C. A.; Ball High School 
Alumni Assn. Ball High School and 2620 
Ave. O, Galveston, Texas. 



[1907 08 

Juanita P. Yarbrough (Mrs. E. A. 
Carter, Jr.), 

Phi Chi Psi; Y. W. C. A.; mem. Aransas 

and Ingleside Beach (Aransas Pass) Clubs. 

Stonewall St. and 2615 So. Wesley, Green- 
ville, Texas. 

Josephine Yarrington (Mrs. D. P. 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Anglers. 1811 Congress 
Ave., Austin, and 320 W. Gandy St., Deni- 
son, Texas. 

A. Douglas Yates, 

Kappa Psi; Chi Phi: Physician; mem. Cle- 
burne Country Club; W. O. W. 101 E. Hen- 
derson St. and 418 N. Main St., Cleburne, 

Lois C. Yeates, 

Teacher Fort Worth Public Schools; mem. 
Southern Assn. of College Women and First 
Presbyterian Church. 1125 Mistletoe Ave. 
and Box 222, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Lovedy India Adams; Elwood Nathaniel All- 
bright; Sara Allen; Hugh Grady Arnold; Janet 
Barnes; Lucy Baldwin; Anna McPhaul Banks*; 
Kirk Bentley Barb; Charles Wesley Barrier, Jr.; 
Mary Carter Bartlett; Annie Lucille Batte; Bessie 
Nelson Beach; Cora Beaty; Harry Beck; H. F. 
Beckworth; Anna Bell; William Henry Bennett; 
Neal Benson; Pearl Betts (Mrs. W. E. Garrison); 
Jennie Marie Bickler; Esther Bingham Bishop; 
Tom B. Blackstone; John Madison Booth; Carl 
Brady; H. P. Bragg; Bessie Brown (Mrs. John 
Owen); Jessie Beatrice Bryant; Alfred Jackson 
Bunts; Howard Burge; Carroll Scott Carter; 
Walter Henry Carver; Albert Nicholas Cham- 
pion; Florence S. Chilton (Mrs. Ben Jordon) ; 
Fannie Clack; Lillie Coleman*; Erne Collier; 
Myrtl Ericson Compton; Walton Hubbard Cone*; 
Ida May Cooley; Susie Corenbleth; Henry Oscar 
Dabney; Chester Morrison Dellinger; William 
Webb Devine; Margaret Blake Dibrell (Mrs. 
Charles Pitts); Mary S. Dibrell; William War- 
ren Dibrell; Lucy Farriett Dougherty; Aaron P. 
Drucker; Harold Charles Dunn; Newton Bine 
Edrington; Clara Ellington; Goodwyn Campbell 
Elliott; Annie Powell Ellis (Mrs. Westbrook) ; 
Mary Leliar Eubank; Lillian Fant (Mrs. K. P. 
Smith); Rose Gertrude Farrel; Silas T. Fergu- 
son; Ruth Paralee Flack; H. La Clede Forrester; 
Hettie Fowler; Tom Harten Fowler; Patty Hearne 
Freeman*; Jennie A. Garner; Stella Anne Garner; 
Arthur W. Gilliland; Lillie Girvin; Benjamin 
Hicks Glenn; Francis Langston Goree; Vallie 
Howze Gould; Joe Hannah Gray; Sarah Sam 
Gray; Baxter Dixon Dodderidge Green, B. A., 13; 
Lucius Gilbert, Gresham; Speed Clinton Guyer; 
John Werton Hampton*, B. A., 10; Ruby Alice 
Harkrider; Clara May Harper; Bessie Elaine Har- 
ris; Martin A. Hart; 'John Howard Head; Franklin 
Smith Henderson; Raymond Edison Hendricks; 
Mertie Helen Higgins; James Leonard High- 
shaw; Ida Hill; Mabel Hillyer (Mrs. C. C. 
Stokes); Margaret Emma Hinds; J. M. Hodges; 
William Van Meter Howerton; Bessie Hyck; 
William Wooten Jackson*; Rachel Jarrett; John 
Bill Jenkins; Charles Clifford Jones; Robert Hal- 
ley Jones*, B. A., n; Albert Henry Jungerman; 
Bascom Kavanaugh*; Anthony Drew Kennard; 
John Robert King; Margaret Harrietta King 
(Mrs. Romberg); Florence Annie Knight; Ethel 
Knowles; Pierce Larkin; Belton Latimer; Dora 
Lewis (Mrs. J. D. Hughes V Mabel Lockett (Mrs. 
Geo. Minter) ; Lawrence Fender Looney; Harold 
H. Lovett; Norman Wilkins Luke; Warren Ray 
Mcv^ullough; Robert Andrew McCurdy Hervey 
Alonzo McDonald; Wilna Russell McKee; Angus 
Arthur McNeill; Eulah Mahaffey (Mrs. H. W. 
Kennedy); Eunice Mahaffey; Sister M. Marcel- 
lus; Marie Markham (Mrs. Walter Patton) ; 
Thomas Powderly Martin; Clare Mathews; Hallie 

Mathews; Anna Lpughridge Maxwell; Alban Rut- 
ledge May; Jessie Irene Meri wether; Milton 
Michael; Annie Middleton; John Owsley Miller; 
Thomas Irvin Minter; Charles Franklin Mitchell; 
Minnie L. Moffett; Robert H. Moodie; Martin L. 
Moody*; Charles M. Morton*; Marvin Mullican; 
Miss Avis Nance; Amelia P. Nelson; A. J. Olson; 
Marion Cooper Outlaw; Michael Gordon Owen; 
John Drennan Oxsheer; James Ira Paisley; Wm. 
Edward Patty; Matt Payne; Emma B. Perry*; 
Maude Harlan Pitchford; Mae Belle Posey; Webb 
L. Price; Jessie Walker Pryor; Clara Matilda 
Pulleam; Samuel Wylie Reeves; Mallie Rice; 
Mae Richardson; Eugene Malone Richmond; Ros- 
well Wesley Rogers; Adam Rosson; Enriqueta 
Salazar*; Lovedy Annie Sanders; Minnie Sanders; 
Robert Paul Sansom; Grover Cleveland Shelton*; 
Alonzo Franklin Shepherd; Ben Short; Julia Biy- 
en Simpson; Sister M. Englebert; Mrs. Bettie 
Lowrie Smith; Karon Maude Smith; Leota Smith; 
Ruby Cumby Smith; Virginia Smith; Caribel 
Spruce; Mary Streetman; Mamye Tisdale; George 
Albert Tumlin; Lottie Brill Vickes; Hannah 
Houston 'Von Eman; John Hiram Wagle; Frances 
Pendleton Walker*; Eula Ware; Lula William 
Watson; Howard Walling Wells; Aldine Kieffer 
Whitten*; Lorena Caledonia Wilkinson; Guy Nor- 
wood Williams; John Benton Wuuams*; Virginia 
Williams; William Oliver Willingham; Eloise 
Elenor Witte; John Boon Zimmerman. 


Willie Adickes (Mrs. John Bush 

Alpha Delta Pi. Anderson, Texas. 

Hally Aldrich, 

Chi Omega; Teacher. Crockett, Texas. 

John Talmage Alexander, 

Supt. of Schools; mem. W. O. W. Elgin, 

Ena Alida Allen, 

2107 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Nannie Elizabeth Allen (Mrs. Don 

Waco, Texas. 

Zinn Tallie Alsup, 

Troy, Texas. 

Johnson R. Anderson, 

B. A., 13; Nu Sigma Nu; Student medicine. 
Killeen, Texas. 

Waverly Fletcher Anderson, 

Stephenvile, Texas. 

Salome Anthony, 

Teacher. 1112 E. ist St., Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Reeves Armstrong, 

Lit. B., 13, Princeton; LL. B., 16, Harvard 
Law Sch.; Beta Theta Pi; Lawyer; Justice of 
the Peace. Care Andrews, Streetman, Burns 
& Logue, Union Natl. Bank Bldg., Houston, 
and Armstrong, Texas. 

Zelotes Starr Armstrong, 

B. A., 13; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Theta; 
Sigma Delta Chi; Friar; Masonic Club; Speak- 
ers Club; Press Club; capt. gym. team, 10-11; 
pres. soph, class, 09-10; editor elect Cactus, 
11-12; but out of school on account of mis- 
fortune to eyes; on Cactus staff 3 times; 
Magazine twice; Editor and Owner Garland 
News; was 13 mos. asst. cashier of a bank; 
pres. Commercial Club of 225 members; mem. 
of School Board; Deacon; mem. Masons; 
Praetorians; Modern Woodmen; was one of 
exec, comtn. of five in Bach. frat. fight of 12- 
13, and genl. chrmn. of Frat. caucuses in 13 
political campaign; was genl. chrmn. of comm. 
to receive and entertain High School Stud- 
ents, 13. Garland, Dallas Co., Texas. 




Lesley Atchley, 

Glee Club; gym.; class (i) rep.; on staff of 
Texan; Court Reporter; sec. and treas. Texas 
Shorthand Reporters' Assn.; mgr. Atchley and 
Atchley Court Reporters. 912 Southwestern 
Life Bldg. and 316 E. 7th St., Dallas, Texas. 

Anne Aynesworth, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 1 6; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Scribbler; Visor Club; Ath- 
letic Assn.; pres Y. W. C. A., 14-15; pres. 
Woman Students' Assn., 12-13; Capitol Club 
Prize for short story; Magazine bd. ; Cactus 
bd.; tutorship in English; Teacher; chaperon- 
ing Chi Omega; bus. mgr. Woman's Bldg., 
summer 16; mem. University Ladies' Club. 
University Station and 402 W. 24th St., Aus- 
tin, and Kyle, Texas. 

Harry C. Baker, 

B. A., 12; Teacher; prin. Victoria High Sch.; 
teacher of Spanish, summer term 16, South- 
west Texas Normal, San Marcos. Victoria, 

Maidel Baker, 

B. A., 12; Kappa Alpha Theta; Senior Soc.; 
mem. College Women's Club. 2607 Chartres 
St., Houston, Texas. 

Mamie Julia Baker (Mrs. George 
Walker Murray), 

Austin, Texas. 

Nell Baker, 

B. A., 15; Teacher of History, Clarendon 
High Sch. Clarendon, Texas. 

Gabriella Baldwin (Mrs. John R. 

B. A., 13; Teacher of English and German 
in Llano High Sch. (Llano, Texas), 13-14; 
teacher of English in High Sch. of Honey 
Grove, Texas, 14-16. 501 W. i2ist St., 
N. Y. C. 

Jennie Walker Banks (Mrs. Lewis 
Thomas Tarver), 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot; mem. "13 Club." 
508 N. 1 9th St., Temple, Texas. 

Ingeborg Barber (Mrs.), 

Gonzalez, Texas. 

Robert Young Barber, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Clergyman; mem. Social 
Service Commission; Bd. of Religious Educ. 
of Diocese of W. Texas. 626 Nolan St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

S. A. Barclay, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Theta Nu Epsilon; Rat- 
tlers; Asst. Cashier, Natl. Bank of Commerce; 
mem. Country Club and Casino. Natl. Bank 
of Commerce and 309 W. Mistletoe Ave., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Earle Kibbe Barden, 

Teacher; prin. of sch.; pres. Southeast Texas 
Teachers' Assn., 15-16; mem. Woodmen of 
the World; Knights of Pythias. 1203 Cypress 
St., Orange, Texas. 

Henry Bascomb Barnhart, 

Sigma Nu; Univ. German Club; Lawyer; 
asst. city atty., City of Austin; asst. co. atty., 
Travis Co.; mem. Austin Country, Press, 
Moose, and Elks Clubs; Travis Club of San 
Antonio; Knights Templar; 32 Mason; Shriner. 
Masonic Temple and 200 E. 25th St., Austin, 

Vida Barrett, 

V.-pres. class (i); Teacher of History, Anson 
High Sch. Anson, Texas. 

Edgar William Bartholomae, 

B. A., ii ; Principal, Port Arthur High Sch. 
High School and 602 Stilwell Blvd., Port 
Arthur, Texas. 

Maggie Emma Bartholomae (Mrs.), 

602 Stilwell Blvd., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Marguerite Basnett (Mrs. L. W. Er- 

1214 Circle Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

William Zole Bates, 

Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Mary Ella Batts (Mrs. S. R. Al- 

B. A., 13; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Rabbits Foot; Violin and Visor Clubs; 
class offices; student and alumnae ed. Alcalde; 
mem. Matheon Club. Linz Bldg. and 3824 
Gillon Ave., Highland Park, Dallas, Texas. 

Edleen B 

B. A., 13; Univ. Mus. Club; Visor; Y. W. 

C. A.; Cabinet; mem. Austin Mus. Assn.; 
Junior Helping Hand; Austin Alumni Assn. 
1906 Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

Lovedy Armstrong Bever (Mrs. P. 
H. Thomas), 

Cause, Texas. 

Mary Ella Billingslea, 

Teacher of Latin, Richmond High Sch. Rich- 
mond and Elgin, Texas. 

Esther Bishop (Mrs. Clifford T. Har- 

Chi Omega. 3119 Auten Ave., Pleasant 
Ridge. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Franklyn Ware Blocker (Mrs. L. P. 

2410 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Wilhelmine Boes, 

Mem. Newman Club. 2303 Speedway, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Louise Bonner (Mrs. Neal Johnson), 

Corsicana, Texas. 

John Booth, 

Manager, Savings Dept., Central State Bank. 
1515 Main St. and 417 S. Clinton St., Dallas, 

Loretta Borden (Mrs. Paul McDer- 

Dallas, Texas. 

Lucile Borden (Mrs. J. A. Tennant), 

; B. A., 13; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman 
Club; v.-pres. fresh, class. 405 Hadley Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

J. Foster Boren, 

Diploma, 07, N. Texas State Normal Coll.; 
Reagan Lit. Soc.; Supt. of Baird Schools; 
prin. Henderson High Sch., 07-00; supt. Over- 
ton Scb., 09-10; prm. Baird Sen., 10-14, and 
supt., 14-18. Baird, Texas. 




Mamie Fields Bowers (Mrs. H. C. 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 1503 Taylor St., Ama- 
rillo, Texas. 

Paul Miller Bramlette, 

: Phi Kappa Psi; Bookkeeper, Citizens' Natl. 
Bank; mem. B. P. O. Elks. Citizens' Natl. 
'Bank and 420 Methvin St., Longview, Texas. 

Henry Edward Brenecke, 

A. B., Southwestern Univ.; Kappa Sigma; 
Teacher; supt. public schools; mem. Knights 
of Pythias. Anderson, Texas. 

Libbie A. Breuler, 

B. A., 12; Ashbel Lit. and Cechie Lit. Socs.; 
Brush and Pencil; Phi Beta Kappa; on staff 
Cactus and Magazine, 11-12; Principal, Texas 
City High Sch.; asst. in dept. of Slavonic 
languages, Neb. Univ., 15-16; mem. Eastern 
Star. Texas City and 1112 S. nth St., Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

Leonard Harold Bridges, 

Publisher. Luling, Texas. 

Josephine Broadbent, 

B. A., 12; Delta Delta Delta; Stock Farmer. 
Nettaville, La Salle Co., Texas. 

Essie Bromberg, 

B. A., 13. 2617 S. Boulevard, Dallas, Texas. 

Samuel Lafayette Brown, 

Seadrift, Texas. 

William Kilgore Brown, 

B. A., 15, Univ. of Mich.; Athenaeum Lit. 
Soc.; class pres., n; Instructor of History, 
N. Fort Worth High Sch.; mem. Elks; Knights 
of Pythias; Royal Arch Mason. 902 Taylor 
St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Florence Lloyd Brownlee (Mrs. Wal- 
ter Benson), 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 1610 Congress Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

Adele Laure Brunet, 

612 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Edward M. F. Burg, 

226 S. Monumental St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Laura Burleson (Mrs. Richard V. W. 

B. A., ii ; Pi Beta Phi. 505 W. Dewey PL, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Ernest Harmon Bursey, 

B. A., 12; M. D., 14; Physician; city health 
officer; mem. W. O. W. No. 467; M. W. of 

A. No. 12146. Kuteman Bldg. and 816 S. 
Lamar St., Weatherford, Texas. 

Walter Humphreys Butler, 

B. A., 17; M. A., 17; Square and Compass; 
La Tertulia; Reed Musical Club; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; 
grad. student in Univ. of Texas; M. A. 
thesis "The County Institute"; extensive trav- 
eler; Superintendent Bay City Public Schools; 
Natl. Councilman, Phi Delta Kappa and Boy 
Scouts of America, 16-17; mem. of Students' 
Council of Univ. of Texas, 15-16; mem. of 
Students' Assembly of Univ. of Texas, 16-17; 
Peabody Scholarship, 15-17; boys' work dir. 
of Univ. Y. M. C. A., 14-16; Scout Master 
No. 1000, 10-17; supt, of boys' work, Texas 
State Ep worth League, 12-14; 32 Mason; R. 

A. M.; mem. Graduate Club; Texas State Bd. 
of Examiners; Texas State Teachers' Assn.; 
Knights of Pythias; Loyal American; Mod- 
ern Order of Praetorians. Bay City, Texas. 

Bessie Buttery, 

Teacher. West Ave. Grammar School, isth 
St, and 1607 West Ave., Waco, Texas. 

Jefferson Grady Callaway, 

LL. B., 14, Georgetown Univ.; mem. Students' 
Council from Junior Law Class, 12-13; Law- 

Fsr. 1 01 Main St. and 2820 Travis Ave., 
ort Worth, Texas. 

Marcus Julian Callaway, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 14; Hogg Soc.; Rusty 
Cusses; mgr. B. Hall, 13-14; mem. Assembly, 
12-13; Lawyer. Comanche, Texas. 

Jennie Camp, 

B. A., 14; Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A.; 
Girls' Athletic Assn. Garland, Texas. 

Annie F. Campbell, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Teacher. 2208 San 
Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Richard C. Campbell, 

A. B., 04 Polytechnic Coll.; A. B., 17 S. M. 
Univ.; Supervisor of Schools; supervisor and 
have served upon co. and state Boards *of Ex- 
aminers and in seven summer normal schls. 
Supt. of Schools, Pittsburg, Texas. 

Robert F. Campbell, 

Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Arrowhead: 
Lawyer. 1207 Union Natl. Bank Bldg. and 
1404 Main St., Houston, Texas. 

Sammie Belle Campbell (Mrs. C. V. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 612 Sycamore St., 
Palestine, Texas. 

Tom K. Caraway, 

Sigma Chi; Traveling Shoe Salesman. Box 
1235 and 3915 Holland Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Eubanks Carsner, 

B. A., 12; Sigma Xi; Rusticusses; Plant Pa- 
thologist; asst. in Plant Path., Univ. of Wis., 
14; asst. Plant Path., Va. Truck Exp. Sta., 
15; Heinz fellow in Plant Path., Univ. of 
Wis., 15-16. Plant Pathology Dept., Univ. of 
Wis., Madison, Wis. 

Carl Estes Carter, 

Holliday, Texas. 

Dorothy Janet Carter, 

Teacher. Abilene, Texas. 

Randolph L. Carter, 

!B. A., 12; LL. B., 14; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer. 128 W. Commerce 
St and 119 Taylor St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Annie Elizabeth Clark, 

B. A., 12. Honey Grove, Texas. 

Charles H. Clark, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 15; asst. in inst. hist., 12- 
16; Student. Office "J" Hall, Room 7, Aus- 
tin, and Abilene, Texas. 

Elizabeth Clark (Mrs. E. C. Mc- 

Richardson, Texas. 

Lillian F. Clarke, 

Teacher. 1108 E. 2d St., Austin, Texas. 




Berta Cobb, 

406 W. Second Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Bruce Benson Cobb, 

B. A., 10; Rusticusses; Supt. of City Schools; 
mem. Rotary Club. 1902 Amicable Bldg. and 
1004 N. isth St., Waco, Texas. 

Frankie Cochran, 

B. A., 13; Pi Beta Phi; mem. Y. W. C. A.; 
Music Club. 2310 San Gabriel St., Austin, 

Edith Olive Coe, 

Pierian Lit. Soc. and Y. W. C. A.; Book- 
keeper. 509-511 and 1429 Proctor St., Port 
Arthur, Texas. 

Charles Julius Collier, 

Public School Principal; mem. A. F. & A. M. ; 
B. P. O. E. 60 1 W. Burleson St. and P. O. 
Box 96, Marshall, Texas. 

Sue M. Combs (Mrs. R. U. Blasing- 

First honor graduate Kerrville High Sch. 
P. O. Box 356, Auburn, Ala. 

Walter Edgar Condit, 

Chief Draftsman, Hydraulic Pressed Steel Co. 
5162 E. 6ist St. and 1297 W. i04th St., Cleve- 


William Alfred Cook, 

Attorney. Groveton, Texas. 

Mary Julia Cooper, 

B. A., 12; Visor; Ashbel; English Teacher, 
High Sch. 922 N. Broadway, Corpus Christi, 

Dan P. Craddock, 

Track, 10; winner mile race, class track meet, 
10 ; awarded 2d "T," pace setter and winner of 
2d place, 6-mile cross country, Feb. 9, 1910; 
Paying and Receiving Teller. First Natl. 
Bank of Crockett, Crockett, Texas. 

Emma A. Craddock, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. Crockettj Texas. 

Norah Crane, 

4005 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Moxie Albert Crans, 

McKinney, Texas. 

James Bryant Culwell, 

Y. M. C. A.; championship 1910 novice 
doubles, tennis; Preacher, M. E. Church. 
South. Sulphur Spring, Texas. 

Henry Van Meter Cunningham, 

Phi Delta Theta; Khui Khee; track team (i), 
08-09; P r es. Soph. Engrs., 10-11; champion, 
baseball team (3), 11-12; Civil Engineer, with 
U. S. Reclamation Service, Rio Grande, New 
Mex., Texas Project; mem. F. & A. M.. 
Ysleta, Texas. 

Nathalie Miriam Dalkowitz, 

Secretary Information Bureau, S. A. Chapter, 
Am. Red Cross; mem. San Antonio Branch, 
Southern Assn. of College Women; Council 
of Jewish Women. Gunter Hotel and 619 
San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Ella Davenport, 

Pearsall, Texas. 

Jonathan Howard Davidson, 

Teacher. Tyler, Texas. 

Malinda Katherine Davis, 

Atoka, Okla. 

Theodore P. Davis, 

B. A., 13, Yale; Wholesale Grocer; mem. 
firm of Nelson Davis & Son; sec.-treas. Yale 
Scholarship Fund; mem. Yale Texas Assn. 
Exec. Committee; Country, Press, and Yale 
Clubs. 107 W. 4th St. and 400 W. loth St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Walter Allen Dealey, 

B. A., 12; Phi Delta Theta; Friar Sr. Soc.; 
mgr. baseball, 12; Asst. to Genl. Mgr., A. H. 
Belo Co.; mem. University and Dallas Rotary 
Clubs; Dallas Advertising League; Masonic 
connections. Commerce, Louise and Austin 
Sts. and 3524 Dickason Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Leroy Gilbert Denman, Jr., 

IB. A., ii ; LL. B., 14; Sigma Xi; Phi Delta 
Phi; Rattler and Chancellor Socs.; Lawyer. 
215 Commerce St. and 109 W. French PL, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Le Noir Dimmitt, 

B. A., ii. 808 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Cora V. Dodd, 

Teacher. Rosalie, Texas. 

Jeffie Hillery Dufner, 

D. D. S., 17, Northwestern Univ.; Trowell 
Club (Northwestern Univ.); Y. M. C. A.; 
pres. Southern Club (Northwestern Univ.); 
Dentist; chrmn. 9th Repub. Cong. Dist. of 
Texas. 31 W. Lake St. and 838 Rush St., 
Chicago, 111., and Hallettsville, Texas. 

Julia Duncan, 

Grad. School of Oratory, Northwestern Univ. 
of Chicago; Omega Upsilon; Teacher in Gym- 
nastics and Expression, Bonham High Sch. 
500 W. sth St., Bonham, Texas. 

Florence Durrett, 

Belton, Texas. 

lino Lucile Edgar (Mrs. C. B. Wel- 

Austin, Texas. 

Otis D. Ehlers, 

Chickasha, Okla. 

Anita O. Evans (Mrs. John Wharton 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 615 Fillmore St., To- 
peka, Kans. 

John Stephen Paris, 

Teacher. 107 E. Akard St., Weatherford, 

Sallie Bowen Field (Mrs. R. A. 

Chi Omega. 615 N. Clinton Ave., Dallas, 

Albert Bluford Fincher, 

Principal, North Side High Sch. 2905 Travis 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Richard Tudor Fleming, 

B. A., 12; LL. B., 15; Delta Chi; Sigma 
Delta Chi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Sigma Upsilon; 
Friar; Chancellors; Arrowhead; Press Club; 
Applied Economics Club; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 




track team, 09-11; Globrasker; ed. in chief 
Cactus, 12-, pres. senior class, 12; Cactus bd., 
11-15; Coyote staff, 12-14; Texan staff, 10-14; 
advisory bd. Daily Texan, 14-15; student ed. 
Alcalde, 14-15; Circus Comm., n, 13, 15; At- 
torney-at-Law; asst. sec. Faculty, Univ. of 
Texas, 14-15. 907 Scanlan Bldg. and 308 Y. 
M. C. A., Houston, Texas. 

William J. Flesher, 

(See /. 07.) 

Frederick Lebaron Flynn, 

(B. A., u; ed. staff Texan, 09-10; Principal 
High Sch; special agent Bureau of the Census, 
10; Masonic connections. Mission, Texas. 

Jesse Green Foster, 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

William Henry Fowler, 

B. A., 12; C. E., 16, Univ. of Wisconsin; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Gamma Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; 
Delta Upsilon and Dixie Club, Wisconsin 
Univ.; Levi Scholarship, 12; student asst. 
physics dept., 11-12; tutor math, dept., 13-14; 
scholarship hydraulic engineering, 14-16; re- 
search asst. Wis. Dept. of Hydraulics, 14-16; 
Civil Engineer; author "Investigation of the 
Flow of Water Over Some Types of Sub- 
merged Weirs and Dams." Dravo Contract- 
ing Co., Diamond Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa., 
and 308 Porter Ave., Warren, Ohio. 

Rachel Ida Frank, 

Jacksonville, Texas. 

Imogene Fulmore (Mrs. Grady Har- 

Austin, Texas. 

George P. Gadberry (Mrs.), 

1 005 W. 1 2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Ernest D. Gatlin, 

B. A., 15; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Hogg De- 
bating Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student. Del 
Rio, Texas. 

Natalie Gerland, 

Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Frances Gillespie (Mrs. Arthur La- 
nier McKnight), 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. 
3601 Montana St., El Paso, Texas. 

Joseph Graves Glass, 

514 W. 32d St., Austin, Texas. 

May Hay wood Glover (Mrs. W. A. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 1219 Washington St., 
Waco, Texas. 

Mattie G. Gooch (Mrs. Herbert E. 

B. A., 12; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc. 109 Magnolia St., Palestine, Texas. 

Grover Cleveland Good, 

B. A., 13; High School Principal. Piano, 

Joseph Johnson Good, 

Dallas, Texas. 

Claude Lester Goodall, 

Physician. Valley Mills, Texas. 

James Howard Goodman, 

"T" in football and track; Attorney-at-Law; 
Masonic connections. 203 E. 25th St., Austin, 

Edwin Sue Goree, 

Extension Librarian; asst. librarian, 08-16; 
mem. Business and Professional Women's 
Clubs; D. A. R.; Y. W. C. A.; University 
Ladies' Club; Library Club. Room 8 "I" Hall, 
University of Texas, and 1914 David St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Helen Buchman Grant (Mrs. Raleigh 

Dallas, Texas. 

Dora Graves (Mrs. Claude H. Buck- 

Tampico, Mexico. 

Evie Virginia Gray (Mrs. L. T. 

Y. W. C. A.; Philathea; Sunday School Class; 
Teacher. Chireno, Texas. 

Ernest Sygmond Greene, 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Jones Greene Griffith, 

A. B., u, Columbia Univ.; Delta Tau Delta; 
Clothing Manufacturer. Mayfield, Ky. 

Lena Ethalyn Griffith (Mrs. J. H. 

Eight years teacher in Texas public schools. 
Rock Springs, Texas. 

Sarah Graham Grigsby, 

Teacher in Tyler Public Schools. 201 W. 
Bow St., Tyler, Texas. 

Lil Harper, 

Delta Delta Delta; Teacher of History, Mexia 
High Sch.; History Teacher in Friday After- 
noon Club; mem. Friday Afternoon Club. 
Mexia, Texas. 

Ernest D. Harris, 

Salesman. 513 W. 39th St., Hyde Park, 
Austin, Texas. 

Loulein Harris, 

Alpha Delta Pi. San Marcos, Texas. 

Thomas Moore Hays, 

402 W. 1 6th St., Waco, Texas. 

Tennie Clara Hefley (Mrs. Paul Led- 

Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. 

Ruth Henley, 

Marshall, Texas. 

Benjamin Oscar Herring, 

Midlothian, Texas. 

Frank Hicks, 

iChi Phi; Broker; mem. S. A. Country Club. 
Hicks Bldg. and 807 Main Ave., San Antonio, 

Olive Bennett Hightower (Mrs. H. L. 

B. Skinner), 

Palacios, Texas. 




Milton Fly Hill, 

B. A., 12; Minister, M. E. Church, South. 
Edinburg, Texas. 

Nita Hill (Mrs. Lutcher Stark), 

Phi Beta Phi. loth and Pine Sts., Orange, 

Ola Hillyer, 

Austin, Texas. 

Mencie Olin Hinds, 

Teacher. Bullard, Texas. 

Elizabeth Hines (Mrs. J. C. Gaither), 

Mem. Aloha and XXI Clubs. 1724 N. 2d St., 
Abilene, Texas. 

Frank L. Hodges, 

Farmer; prin. Hearne Sch., 7 yrs. Lott, 

Aubrey Lucile Hogue, 

Pierian Lit Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; basketball. 
149 Bonham St., Paris, Texas. 

Thomas Leighton Hoover,* 

B. A., 10; LL. B., 13. d. Nov. 16, 1914, 
Wichita, Kans. 

Alma Ethel Houston, 

Austin, Texas. 

Jeanie Xette Hunter (Mrs. Charles 
W. Hackett), 

Univ. of California, Berkeley, Cal. 

Walter Samuel Hunter, 

B. A., 10 ; Ph. D., 12, Univ. of Chicago; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; asst. in philoso- 
phy, 09-10; Professor of Psychology, Univ. 
of Kansas; assoc. ed. Journal Animal Be- 
havior; Psychological Bulletin; author of nu- 
merous papers on theoretical, experimental and 
animal psychol.; mem. Am. Psychological 
Assn. University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kans. 

Stella Ethel James (Mrs. J. Foster 

Diploma from N. Texas Normal Coll., 07; 
Current Literature and Glee Clubs (Normal); 
teacher at Baird, Big Springs and Overton, 
Texas, 07-10; mem. Wednesday, 1917 Book, 
and Baird's Federated Clubs. Baird, Texas. 

Agnes Johnson (Mrs. W. M. Har- 

Hugo, Okla. 

Margaret Garwood Pfeuffer Johnson, 

933 Eighth Ave., Alta, W. Calgary, Canada. 

Lennis William Jones, 

Banker; y.-pres. First Natl. Bank; dir. Rule 
.Cotton Oil Co. and Swift Gin Co. Rule, 

Margaret Belle Jones, 

Teacher. Bastrop, Texas. 

Era R. Keeling (Mrs. W. M. Kirby), 

Pi Beta Phi. Springfield, S. Dak. 

Ruby Keith, 

Ladonia, Texas. 

Hallie Kinsey (Mrs. Boyd), 

Fort Worth, Texas. 

Emilie Kleberg (Mrs. Harry Canby 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; treas. Galveston Choral 
Club; treas. Sidney Sherman Chapter Daugh- 
ters of Republic of Texas; mem. Ladies' Hos- 
pital Aid Soc.; Social Dept. Y. W. C. A. 
1025 Ave H, Galveston, Texas. 

Florence Klein, 

El Paso, Texas. 

Mattie Estelle Klett (Mrs. Frederick 
C. Morse), 

Chi Omega; bd. dir. Y. W. C. A.; Art Club. 
700 Highland Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Armstrong Knight, 

B. A., 12; LL. B., 15, Harvard; Beta Theta 
Pi and Phi Beta Kappa; Friars; Rattlers; 
Lawver. 718 Commonwealth Bldg. and 2804 
Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Helen Beatrice Kuehne, 

B. A., 15; sec. Germania Club, 13-14; pres. 
Choral Club, 13-14; holder Herman's Sons 
scholarship; Graduate Student. 1907 Guada- 
lupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Herman Rudolph Kuehne, 

B. A., 17; Y. M. C. A.; Athenaeum and Ger- 
mania Lit. Socs.; asst. teacher German, 12-14; 
in German Play, 09-12; mem. Glee Club, 08- 
10 ; Student. 1907 Guadalupe St., Austin, 

William Emil Kuehne, 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Camilla Weir Labatt (Mrs. K. H. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 1600 Sunset Ave., 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Pearl Lacy, 

Millersville, Texas. 

Helen Lake (Mrs. B. F. Clutter), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; v.-pres. Freshman Class. 
1125 Cotton Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Agnes Louise Lambie, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 15; Pierian Lit Soc.; 
Y. W. C. A. 97 Red River St., Austin, Texas. 

Harry Preston Lawther, 

B. A., 12; A. M., 13 Harvard; Ph. D., 16, 
do; Capitol Club; track; student asst. in 
physics; Research Assistant. 1817 Hickory 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Ross Lawther, 

B. A., 12; "T" on track team, 10, n, 12; Re- 
porter, The Dallas Evening Journal. The 
Dallas Evening Journal and 1817 Hickory St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

M. Wynne Lay, 

B. A., 12; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; University 
Orchestra; Cactus staff, n; High School Eng- 
lish Teacher. 1510, loth St., Wichita Falls, 
and Richmond, Texas. 

Byrd Lee, 

Austin, Texas. 

Mary Octavia Lee, 

803 W. 22% St., Austin, Texas. 




Arthur Lefevre, Jr., 

B. A., 13; Chi Phi; Advertising Rep., The 
Texas Co. 821 Texas Company Bldg. and 
3402 Travis St., Houston, Texas. 

Elizabeth Leftwich (Mrs. R. E. 
Brooks, Jr.), 

B. A., 13. Houston, Texas. 

Clara Freeborn Leigh (Mrs. A. C. 

B. A., 13. Center Point, Texas. 

Mark Lemmon, 

B. A., 12 ; B. S., 1 6, Mass. Inst. of Tech.; 
Sigma Chi; Friars; Rattlers; German Club; 
student asst. in Geology, 10-11, Texas Acad. 

of Science; baseball (i), (4); Architect; 
lology and University (Boston, 
Mass.) Clubs. Care Warren & Wetmore, 16 

mera. Technology and 

E. 47th St., and Technology Club, 17 Gra- 
mercy Park, N. Y. C. 

Olivia Drury Le Sueur, 

Teacher; mem. Andrew Carothers Chapter, 
D. A. R. 2002 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Richard Max Levy, 

Grad. U. S. M. A., 16; Phi Kappa Psi; ist 
Lieutenant, Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army. 
Care Adjutant-General, U. S. Army, Wash- 
ington, D. C., and Fort Bade, Fla. 

Irma Gwendolyn Lieb, 

B. A., 12. Cuero, Texas. 

Linder Wiley Link, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Flour Milling. 338 Phelps 
Ave. and 605 Dollison St., Springfield, Mo. 

Elfleda Littlejohn, 

Supervisor of Music, Galveston Public Schools; 
dir. Galveston Choral Club. 1911 Sealy Ave., 
Galveston, Texas. 

Frank A. Lockhart, 

Banker; mem. Am. Inst. of Banking. State 
Natl. Bank and 716 Henderson St., Austin, 

Claire Lucas (Mrs. Holman Cart- 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbits Foot Club. 225 Lex- 
ington Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

George Albert Lumlin, 

in E. Belknap St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Henry Myron Lyday, 

B. A., 13; Farmer. Bowie, Ariz. 

Lawrence Edward McCarty, 

Teacher. 3621 McDonald Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Joseph Earle McComb, 

B. A., 13; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Capitol Club; 
Rusty Cusses; instr. gymnastics last 3 yrs. ; 
Teacher. P. O. Box 336 and 3525 W. Lee 

Anna Bates McCormick (Mrs. J. C. 
Muse, Jr.), 

B. A., 09; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Rabbits Foot. 105-106 Gaston Bldg. and 
Fairfield Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

James Butler McGee, 

Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

William Vernon Mclntyre, 

Phi Delta Theta; pres, freshman class; class 
football team; second varsity baseball team; 
Banker and Stockman; 32 Mason; Shriner. 
Marathon, Texas. 

Lockerbie Forbes McKay, 

Teacher. High School and 703 N. 3d St, 
Temple, Texas. 

Nora McKinley, 

Teacher. 701 N. Dixon St., Gainesville, 

Louie Mae McSpadden (Mrs. Kee- 

Abilene, Texas. 

Helen Burton Markle (Mrs. John C. 
Townes, Jr.), 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot Soc.; Y. W. C. A. 
4010 Connor St., Houston, Texas. 

Clara Marshall (Mrs. Eugene B. 

1415, 23d St., Galveston, Texas. 

Lillian Lee Martin (Mrs. Joseph E. 

B. A., 10. Box 233, Midland, Texas. 

May F. Martin, 

State Permanent Primary Certificate; Substi- 
tute Clerk, Austin Post Office; teacher in 
Victoria public schools, 15 yrs. 1802 San 
Gabriel St., Austin, Texas. 

John Riley Masterson, 

Sinton, Texas. 

Lucile Matthews, 

Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. Rabbits 
Foot. Lamb's Head Ranch, Albany, Texas. 

Mabel Maud (Mrs. Chester G. Has- 

2307 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Roland H. Mays, 

Rusty Cusses; Merchant; mem. K. of P. 
Kerens, Texas. 

Anna Jessie Megee (Mrs. George H. 

B. A., 12; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Woman's Council; Choral Club; basketball; 
treas., 10-11; pres., 11-12, Pierian Lit. Soc.; 
v.-pres. Education Dept.; sec. -treas., senior 
class; sec. Missionary Soc.; sec. Ladies' Aid; 
pres. Wednesday Bridge Club; sec. Home Eco- 
nomics Club; mem. Home Economics, Wednes- 
day Bridge, and As You Like It Clubs; Pres- 
byterian Missionary Soc.; Ladies' Aid Soc. 
600 W. nth St., Plainview, Texas. 

Harris Armstrong Melasky, 

B. A., 12; LL. B., 14; Chancellor Club; Glo- 
brasker; Order of the "T"; track, 10-14; 
Lawyer; mem. Elks; A. A. O. N. M. S.; 32 
Mason. First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 203 E. 
6th St., Taylor, Texas. 

Oscar J. Merrell, 

'B. A., ii ; M. A., 15; Phi Delta Kappa; 
Teacher; prin. coml. dept. Austin High Sch. ; 
mem. Sutton Club. 400 E. 9th St. and 2207 
Speedway, Austin, Texas. 




Mildred Mihills, 

B. A., 09; M. A., 15; B. L., 05, Baylor Coll.; 
post grad. in expression, 06; student Vassar, 
06-07; student Chautauqua Sch. of Expression 
(N. Y.), 07; charter mem. and critic Pierian 
Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; The Volunteer Band; 
awarded Helen Day Gould Scholarship in 
N. Y. Univ. and Skinner Scholarship in Ex- 
pression; winner Hall Fund and Worker's 
medals; class poet (Baylor Coll.); pres. His- 
torical Lit. Soc. ; Associate Professor of Eng- 
lish East Texas State Normal, Commerce; 
teacher of English and physical culture, Baylor 
Coll., 07-08; teacher in English, Houston 
Heights High Sch., 09-13; tutor in French, 
TJniv. of Texas, 13-14; asst. in English, 14- 
15; teacher of English, Hillsboro High Sch., 
15-17; local sec. Pierian Students' Loan Fund 
(Belton); chrmn. prog. Diamond Jubilee of 
Baylor Coll., 20; teacher of Philathea classes; 
Y. W. A.; appointed del. to the Internatl. Ed. 
Conf., Bussels, 10; v.-pres. City, B. Y. P. U.; 
Houston, 10; mem Student Volunteer; Sesame 
Lit. Club (Hillsboro); Federation of Clubs; 
T. S. T. A.; D. A. R.; National Art and 
Historical Lit. Soc.; Univ. Ladies' Club; Y. 
W. C. A.; Christian Alumni and Alumnae 
Assns. ; Philalethean Soc; Red Cross Assn. 
2818 Austin St., Houston, Texas. 

Jesse Gustavus Miller, 

B. A., 13; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Sutton Club; 
Students' Council; on Staff Texan; fellow in 
hist.; Teacher; head dept. of hist.; ed. 
"Series of Historical Maps ; mem. University 
Club. North Side Junior High School and 
1909 Edward St., Houston, Texas. 

Clyde H. Millikin, 

B. A., 12; LL. B., 14; Lawyer. 308 Wheat 
Bldg. and 209 Adams St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Edgar Charles de Agnes Montel, 

Attorney. Hondo, Texas. 

Mollie Montgomery, 

Teacher. 426 May St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Annie Bess Moore, 

Zeta Tau Alpha. 217 E. Elmira St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

William Manning Morgan, 

B. A., 12; Phi Gamma Delta; Theta Nu Epsi- 
lon; Globraskers; "T" 2d in football, n; mgr. 
and ed. The Coyqte ; Texan staff; The Maga- 
zine staff; Merchandise Broker and Manufac- 
turers' Agent; mem. of firm Koehler-Morgan 
Brokerage Co.; sec. Galveston Univ. of Texas 
Ex-Students' Assn. ; mem. Galveston Rotary 
Club and Garten Verein. 2109% Mechanic St. 
and 414, Qth St., Galveston, Texas. 

Marguerite Morris, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 
Palestine, Texas. 

912 S. Sycamore St., 

Ella Morrow Moseley, 

Fort Worth, Texas. 

Leroy William Moses, 

Pres. Texas Menorah Soc., 15-16; Local Man- 
er, Phonograph Shop, Inc.; dir. Internatl. 
rude Oil Storage Co., Sapulpa; mem. B. P. 


O. E. ; Shawnee Country Club. 122 E. Main 
St. and 230 N. Market St., Shawnee, Okla. 

Wilbur Blake Moss, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Cotillion Club; General 
Manager, Eastern Washington Agency of Natl. 
Life Ins. Co.; mem. University, Commercial, 
and Spokane Ad. Clubs; Natl. Life Under- 
write^ Assn. 315 Lindelle Bldg. and 82303 
Manito Blvd., Spokane, Wash. 

Hue Lemmah Murphy, 

Valedictorian, Holland High Sch.; pres. Ger- 
man Club and Historical Soc.; pres. Protag- 
onist Soc. (Baylor Coll.); Editor of Holland 
Progress- teacher Holland, Hamlin and San 
Angelo Schools; mem. Woman's Study Club; 
B. Y. P. U.; Y. W. C. A. Holland, Texas. 

Carter Nance, 

Engineer; computer; Valuation Dept., G. C. 
& S. F. Ry. Co. Galveston, Texas. 

Louella Newton, 

Creedmoor, Texas. 

James Charles Nichols, 

Carrollton, Texas. 

Mary Blanche Nolan, 

257 Fourth Ave., N. Y. C. 

Dorothy Story Nye, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Organist and Teacher 
of Spanish. 166 W. 2d St., Chillicothe, Ohio. 

Hugh Marion O'Brien, 

1504 East Ave., Austin, Texas. 

George Allan Odam, 

B. A., 09; A. M., 13, Columbia Univ. Box 
96, Huntsville, Texas. 

Herbert Savage Ogden, 

A. B., 12, Harvard; Sigma Chi; Rattler; Law- 
yer; mem. Harvard, Lawyers, and New York 
Young Republican Clubs. 120 Breadway and 
80 Washington Sq., N. Y. C. 

Augustine Gerald O'Neill, 

Kappa Sigma; Fire Insurance; special agt. 
Aetna Ins. Co. ; mem. Oklahoma Boat, Lake- 
side Country, Joi De Vice, and Insurance 
Men's Clubs; Order of the Blue Goose. 60 1 
Am. Natl. Bank Bldg. and 1136 W. 33d St., 
Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Roy Earl Patterson, 

B. A., 14; Teacher and Farmer. Stony, Texas. 

William Arthur Payne, 

Waxahachie, Texas. 

T. B. Paysinger (Mrs.), 

2607 Salado St., Austin, Texas. 

Lee Roy Pearson, 

B. A., 10; LL. B., 12. Plainview, Texas. 

Caroline Peyton, 

Teacher. 102 Anders St., Marlin, Texas. 

Lucile Virginia Phelps^ 

1204 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Edwin T. Phillips, 

Class of 12; Delta Tau Delta; scrub football 
team, 09; Lawyer. 802 Burk Buntett Bldg. 
and 1433 Cooper St., Fort Wortk, Texas. 

Lena Lou 

Kaufman, Texas. 

Pauline A. Pinckney, 

Univ. Art Club; Domestic Art Teacher; mem. 
Y. W. C. A. 28 E. Harris St., San Angelo, 

Scott Anthony Powell, 

Chemist. 225-9 S. 5th St. and 524 N. 5th 
St., Waco, Texas. 

Phillips (Mrs. Fred 




Archie Pratt, 

B. A., 12; Teaching; mem. College Woman's 
Club; dir. French Club; Teacher French and 
Spanish in High Sch. El Paso High School, 
El Paso, Texas. 

William Evans Pritchett, 

(See e. 03.) 

Bland Proctor, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Ibis Club; Attorney-at-Law. 
415-416 Welder Bldg. and 507 N. Glass St., 
Victoria, Texas. 

L. Crittenden Pullen (Mrs. J. C. 

B. A., 13; Teacher in High Sch. 705 W. 23d 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Ruth Randle (Mrs. Joseph H. 

B. A., 12; Zeta Tau Alpha; Anglers. Sweet- 
water, Texas. 

Walter Cleveland Ratliff, 

Insurance, Abstracts and Farm Loans; deacon, 
church clerk and sec. bd. of deacons; Masonic 
connections. Ratliff Bldg., Cooper, Texas. 

Thomas William Ray, 

Waller, Texas. 

Marguerite Juanita Rector (Mrs. 
Shelton Adrian), 

Austin, Texas. 

Solon I. Reinhardt, 

B. A., 12; LL. B., 14; Athenaeum; pres. 
class, 12; Quizmaster, 14. Taylor, Texas. 

Bertha Renken, 

'B. A., 15; Phi Beta Kappa; Sons of Her- 
mann Scholarship first prize, Class A, 12; 
Student 2312 Sabine St, Austin, Texas. 

Pauline Jane Rex, 

B. A., 13. 433 Crockett St., San Antonio, 

Sadie Claire Richmond, 

B. A., ii; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Woman's Coun- 
cil; Y. W. C. A.; v.-pres. Pierian Lit Soc., 
08-09; pres. Woman's Council, 10-11; Teacher 
of English in High Sch.; mem. Woman's 
Reading Club. Beaumont High School and 
800 Calder Ave., Beaumont, and Ennis, Texas. 

Kathryn K. Robbins (Mrs.), 

Teacher: English worker in grammar sch. 
dept. Cameron, Texas. 

Hattie E. Roberg, 

B. A., ii ; Teacher. Ball High School and 
3416 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

Georgia Clement Robinson, 

B. A., 12; Reagan Lit Soc.; Cabinet Y. W. 

C. A., 11-12; pres. Woman's Council, 11-12; 
sec. and v.-pres. Reagan Lit Soc.; r.-pres. 
class (2), 10; on staff, Magazine; Teacher; 
mem. Southern Assn. of College Women. 214 
Carston St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lena S. Rogan, 

B. A., 12; Alpha Delta Pi; Reagan Lit. Soc.; 
Y. W. C. A., Professor of History T. W. C.; 
mem. Southern Coll. Women's Assn.; Fort 
Worth Pan-Hellenic. T. W. C., Fort Worth, 

William Shelby Rogers, 

Interstate Com. Comm., Kansas City, Mo. 

Anna Ruth Ruby, 

Mem. Rabbit Foot; Teacher. 36 E. Scott St., 
Gainesville, Texas. 

Elizabeth Runkle, 

Teacher. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Leon Fair Russ, 

B. A., 09; Kappa Alpha; Geologist, Cia Mexi- 
cana de Petroleo "El Aguila, S. A., since 
1912; mem. Am. Inst. Mining Engrs. Apar- 
tado 150, Tampico, Mexico, and 323 Poplar 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Clara May Russell (Mrs. R. W. Ham- 

Comanche, Texas. 

Rebecca Pearl Russell, 

1515 Rutland St., Houston, Texas. 

Robert Lewis Rutan, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; basketball, 09; Abstracter; 
mem. Port Arthur Country Club; Ex-Students' 
Assn. of Port Arthur. 422 Austin Ave. and 
2411, 6th St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Raymond Harris Rutledge, 

B. A., 09; Teacher. Paris, Texas. 

Mary Belle Sanford, 

Mem. Authors' League of America (New 
York, N. Y.) and Council Bluffs Woman's 
Club. 820 Sixth Ave., Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Erna V. Schlemmer (Mrs. Glover 
Steiner Johns), 

Pi Beta Phi. Bay view St. and Hancock Ave., 
Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Emil Ludwig Schostag, 

Teacher. 1930 San Antonio St., Austin, 

R. A. Schostag, 

B. A., ii ; Lawyer. 204% Esplanade St., 
Room 5, Cuero, Texas. 

Christine Schott, 

B. A., 12; Kappa Alpha Theta; Lanier Lit 
Soc.; Visor Sr. Soc.; athletic bd.; pres. Lanier 
Lit. Soc.; Cactus and Magazine bd. ; Head of 
English Dept; mem. Woman's Club of San 
Angelo. San Angelo High School and Breez- 
land, San Angelo, Texas. 

Whitfield Scott Schreiner, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Rattlers; Merchant; sec.- 
treas. of Charles Schreiner Co.; mem. Masons; 
Casino Club of San Antonio. Kerrville, 

Nannie Scale, 

Kountze, Texas. 

Florence Redden Sears, 

Music Teacher. 209 W. 29th St., Austin, 

James Leslie Shelton, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Lawyer. 113% S. 4th 
St. and 312 W. nth St., Waco, Texas. 

Olive E. Sherrard, 

Phar. Chem., 12; degree, 16, Ky. Univ.; Drug- 
gist; treas. Junior State Pharm. Assn. Kan.; 
mem. S. L. (a local social club). 38o9_ E. 
67th St. and 67th and Raytown Swope Park 
Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 




Ida May Shipman (Mrs. Bernard 
Moore Temple), 

Principal, Davy Crockett Sch. 39th St. and 
Ave. Q and 2703 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

Mary Louise Shipman (Mrs. G. B. 
Foscue, Jr.), 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; 
Violin Club; Orchestra; Y. W. C. A. 606 W. 
Knox St., Ennis, Texas. 

Biddie Smith, 

Teaching; mem. Eastern Star. Killeen, Texas. 

Floyd Smith, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 16; Acacia (Univ. of Chi- 
cago); Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Theta Pi; 
Phoenix; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Alpha Tau; 
Sigma Upsilon; La Tertulia; German Club; 
Civics League; Texas Folk Lore Soc.; mem. 
Y. M. C. A.; editor Benavente's "La Mal- 
querida"; Student and Ranchman. Austin 
and Lohn, Texas. 

George Elmer Smith, 

Comanche, Texas. 

Hiram Clinton Smith, 

Lindale, Texas. 

Maggie Ruhamah Smith, 

Garner, Texas. 

Mattie Smith, 

Teacher of Mathematics and Physics; prin. 
of Killeen High Sch. Killeen, Texas. ' 

Vivian Smith (Mrs. Vernon Mcln- 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rabbit Foot. Mara- 
thon, Texas. 

Joe G. Smyth, Jr., 

Delta Sigma Phi; Salesman; mem. Y. M. 

C. A.; German Club. Uvalde, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Speer, 

B. A., ii ; B. L., 08, North Texas College; 
Kappa Alpha Theta; sec.-treas. Junior loth 
Spring Term; advisory bd. Woman's Council, 
10; sec. exec. bd. of the Woman's Athletic 
Assn., 09-10; Professor of History and Eco- 
nomics. 121 1 S. Crockett St., Sherman, Texas. 

C. Horace Spence, 

B. A., 08, Austin Coll.; Minister, Presbyterian 
Ch. Lancaster, Texas. 

Nathan Alexander Stedman, Jr., 

B. A., 12; Phi Delta Theta; Rattlers; Friars; 
Theta Nu Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Student. 
604 Littlefield Bldg. and 810 W. I7th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Otto Steffens, 

Clerk, Southwest General Elec. Co.. N. Mar- 
ket, n. w. cor. Ross Ave., and 5014 Reiger 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Grover C. Sterzing, 

Barton Springs Road, Austin, Texas. 

Marguerite Stevens (Mrs. Walter P. 

Alpha Delta Pi. 3809 Broadway, San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Hattie Leascher Stinson, 

Teacher. Conroe and Dobbin, Texas. 

Beulah Straus, 

Teacher; mem. Eastern Star; Woodman Cir- 
cle. 3111 Wheeler Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Work A. Streeter, 

Waco, Texas. 

Paul Henry Streit, 

925 Ave. B, Galveston, Texas. 

Archie Arthur Strother, 

San Benito, Texas. 

Henry Williams Strother, Jr., 

(See /. 04.) 

Richard Arthur Studhalter, 

B. A., 12. Bozeman, Mont. 

Nettie Boswell Sullivan (Mrs. H. L. 

2406 Monterey St., San Antonio, Texas. 

William Edward Sullivan, 

Roscoe, Texas. 

James Bland Taliaferro, 

Teacher of English. Blind Inst., Box 16, 
Austin, Texas. 

Mary E. Taliaferro (Mrs. Philip 

Taught in Pease Sch., Austin, Texas; jnem. 

7th and Vance Sts., Taylor, Texas. 

Shakespeare and Wednesday Music Clubs. 

Eugene Osborne Tanner, 

B. A., 12; M. A., 13; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
Friars; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher of Latin 
and Math, in Temple High Sch.; pres. Y. M. 

C. A., 11-13. Downs Ave. and ist St. and 
N. ist St., Temple, Texas. 

Ethel Taylor (Mrs. C. T. Wharton), 

B. A., 13; Sidney Lanier; Missionary; mem. 
Woman's Club. Luebo, Congo Beige, Africa. 

Henry Terrell, Jr., 

Phi Kappa Psi; Arrowhead; ist Lieut., U. S. 
Army. 406 State Bank & Trust Bldg., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Robert W. B. Terrell, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Attorney: Torvis Club; 
Casino Club. Alamo Natl. Bank Bldg., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Annie Maude Thomas, 

iB. A., 13; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A.; "T" Assn.; La Tertulia; winner "T" 
in tennis; v.-pres. Tennis Assn., 12-13; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Assistant in Library; fellow in 
Greek, 13-14; .v.-pres. Graduate Dept., 13-14; 
mem. University Camera, Faculty Women's, 
and University of Texas Library Clubs. Uni- 
versity of Texas Library and 2109 San Gabriel 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Emilie J. Thomas, 

B. A., 12; Teacher. 400 E. 17th St., Austin, 

Louis Keesee Thomson, 

Wholesale Grocer; Masonic connections; K. 
of P. Cor. 4 th St. and Ave. B and 219 N. 
4th St., Temple, Texas. 

Paul Meachum Thorp, 

Chatfield, Texas. 




James Arthur Tibbets, 

Teacher; supt. of school. Tarrant. Tarrant 
Co., Texas. 

Charles R. Tips, 

B. A., 12; Phi Gamma Delta; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
winner Morris Sheppard Prize for best after- 
dinner speech, and William Jennings Bryan 
Prize for best essay on good government; pres. 
class (3) and final ball, 12; student asst. in 
government; Banking, Farming and Real Es- 
tate; pres. Live Oak Co. State Bank; v.-pres. 
First Natl. Bank of Seguin; pres. Charles R. 
Tips Land & Farming Co. and Hamilton 
Townsite Co.; founder of the Town of Three 
Rivers; mem. Natl. Committee of the Mili- 
tary Training Camps Assn. of the U. S. 
Three Rivers, Texas. 

Ethel Tipton (Mrs. S. V. Roddy), 

Troup, Texas. 

Robert Grover Todd, 

B. A., 14. 1403 S. Congress Ave. f Austin, 

Robert Casey Trabue, 

Sigma Nu; General Mercantile; proprietor of 
Trabue Dept. Store; mem. B. P. O. E. 
Carthage, Texas. 

Florence Eugenie Vaughan (Mrs. 
Alexander S. Szafir), 

B. A., ii ; mem. Woman's Reading and Span- 
ish Clubs. 1125 McFaddin Ave., Beaumont, 

Edna von Rosenberg, 

Teacher. Palm School, E. ist St. and 109 
W. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Pauline von Rosenberg, 

B. A., 13; La Tertulia; Teacher of Spanish, 
Lubbock High School. Lubbock, Texas. 

Herschel Leon Voorhies, 

Student; asst. in Institutional History. 
San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas. 


Mary Agnes Wahrenberger, 

eta; R 
Conroe, Texas. 

B. A., 12; Kappa Alpha Theta; Rabbits Foot; 
Teacher; prin. High Sch. 

Bessie Walker (Mrs. H. E. Dolsen), 

1000 Vance St., Taylor, Texas. 

Mary Fontaine Waller, 

B. A., 12. Hubbard, Texas. 

Bessie May Walley (Mrs. M. L. Lef- 

Jacksonville, Texas. 

Obed Eugene Walters, 

County Court Clerk, Hopkins Co., Texas. 
Sulphur Springs, Texas. 

Eula Ward (Mrs. Guy J. Dabney) 

Chi Omega; Rancher. P. O. Box 634, 
Angelo, Texas. 

Sallie Eugenia Warnock, 

B. A., 13; Teacher. Talpa, Texas. 

H. H. Washington, 

B. A., 15; Alpha Kappa Psi; Athenaeum Soc.; 
La Tertulia; Student. 603 W. igth St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 


Erastus Heermans Watson, 

B. A., 1 6, Iowa; registrar Wesley College. 
Greenville, Texas. 

Louis Weisberg, 

B. A., 12. Mass. Inst. of Technology, Boa- 
ton, Mass. 

Bessie Wells, 

Phi Beta Pi; Reagan Lit. Soc.; mem. Brownie 
Club; D. A. R.; Y. W. C. A. 1801 Lavaca 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Linda Wells, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; D. A. R. Club 1801 Lavaca 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Clay West (Mrs. Charles Hugh 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Nellie Whaling (Mrs. H. L. Han- 

2715 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Ethel Lillian Whitehand, 

La Porte, Texas. 

Nettie May Wilkes (Mrs. Leslie B. 
Gardner) , 

B. A., 12; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rabbit Foot 
Club; mem. Huaco, Old Country, and Do- 
mestic Science Clubs; Welfare League; Red 
Cross; Y. W. C. A. 515 Rose Park, PL, 
Waco, Texas. 

Jessie D. Wilkinson (Mrs.), 

Austin, Texas. 

Sterling Price Williams, 

M. A., 09. Hamilton, Texas. 

James Robert Wilson, 

Quanah, Texas. 

Joseph E. Win free, 

Athenaeum; ores. soph, class; Lawyer. 622 
Chronicle Blag., Houston, Texas. 

John Melvin Witcher, 

Copperas Cove, Texas. 

Edward Jackson Woodward, 

B. A., 10 ; Teacher, High Sch.; prin. Plain- 
view High Sch., 13-14; supt Roscoe Schools, 
14-17. Roscoe, Texas. 

Jessie Owens Woodward, 

Coleman, Texas. 

Lynne W. Wooten, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Anglers; 
Teacher. 82 W. Washington St., Paris, Texas. 

Pauline Elizabeth Yates, 

Longview, Texas. 

Arthur Youens, 

GB. A., 12; Lumberman. Navasota, Texas. 

Herbert Russell Young, 

Kaufman, Texas. 

John H. C. Youngkin, 

Delta Tau Delta; Accountant. 104 N. Stan- 
ton St. and 4531 Fort Bliss Blvd., El Paso, 




Nellie Louisa Yunk, 

B. A., 09; High Sch. Teacher in Latin. 1418, 
nth St., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Marjorie M. Aldwell; Nannie Mae Alsup; 
Mamie Louise Arnett; Lucia Askew; Agnes 
Barnes (Mrs. J. C. Curtis); Rosa Bass; Rupert 
Henry Bing; Robert Earle Bishop*; Lucy Dupuy 
Blocker; Cammie Katherine Briggs; Frances Myrtle 
Brooks; Joseph Edward Burman; Bessie S. Cleaves; 
John P. Comer; Benjamin Alex Crofford; William 
L. Culpepper; Jennie E. Davenport; Edith B. Dwy- 
er; Winifred E. Elkins; Benton Randolph Elliott; 
Juliette C. Elliott; Rosa Ellis; Sallie Bowen Field; 
Odie Harmon Foster; Bessie Evaline Franckow 
(Mrs. E. S. Yates) ; Gracia Adelaide Freeman; 
Grace Gaines; Ida Mildred Gibbens*; Grady M. 
Gillespie; Ada Lee Goodman*; George Edwin 
Goodrich; Lela Evander Grabow*; Ruby Grady; 
Addie Lou Green; Frederick Eugene Grubbs; 
Roten Clark Hankins; Mary Hons (Mrs. Henry 
King); Homer Harrison Hughes; Myra Cecil 
Hunt; Lela Jarvis; Ernest Keeling; Carrie Kell; 
Alice Rebecca King; May Lyons*; James Burk 
McAnnally; Elmer Edward McCollum*; Rupert 
Kingsley McHenry; Alice Adelia Martin; Mar- 
vin Matthew Millican; Robert Long Offield; 
James William Patterson; Robert Grier Patton, 
Jr.; Ernest M. Peabody; Ollie Pearce; Margaret 
Garwood Pfeuffer; Lillian Phillips; Byron Harri- 
son Pitman; Charles Broad well Popenoe; Oscar 
Leon Price; Calvin Farris Proctor; Sallie Ruby 
Rea; Jessie Lee Rembert; Blanche M. Rensler; 
Emma M. Rhodus; Martha E. Roberts, B. A., 12; 
Cleopas Rodriquez; Margaret K. Romberg; James 
A. Rucker*; Marvin Rushing; Arthur Saft; Sarah 
Sanborn; Ethelbert J. Sanford; Gertrude Sellars; 
Lily E. Silverstein; Ina Smith; Mary S. Smith; 
Gladys Spann; Lytton Goyn Stark*; Joie Stin- 
nett; James Lee Sullivan; Myrtle Leone Tan- 
ner; Simon Ross Terry; Mary Anna Thompson*; 
Henry Winfield Toliver; Robert Lincoln Turner; 
Minnie Gertrude Uselton; Nettie Waddell; Sam 
Clyde Wagley; Philip Rush Walker; Mary Wai- 
ley (Mrs. Clay Johnson); Bessie Watkins; Bertha 
Weiss; Sabra A. Wheeler; Minnie Merle White; 
Florendia K. Wiederspahn; Nannie E. Williams; 
Ada Virginia Wolcott; Forest E. Wood; Beulah 
Mac Yates. 


Eva Fluella Alexander, 

B. A., 13; Teacher of History. Vernon, 

Walter Rice Allen, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Lawyer; co. atty., Clay Co. 
Court House, Henrietta, Texas. 

Mollie C. Allison, 

Restaurant, igth and Navasota Sts. and 1807 
E Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Grace Anthony, 

Teacher. 1112 E. First St., Austin, Texas. 

Katie Lee Anthony, 

Terrell, Texas. 

James Fillmore Atkins, 

B. A., 13; Bonds. 521 First Natl. Bank 
Bldg. and 609 Huntington Ave., Houston, 

John Joseph Atkinson, 

Sigma Nu; with U. S. Army. 718 Clinton 
St., Cuero, Texas. 

Mary Bachman (Mrs. W. A. Phil- 

Texas Bankers' Journal, Dallas, Texas. 

Vida Baker (Mrs. Carl E. Carter), 

Holliday, Texas. 

Colridge Paine Balch,, 

Teacher. Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Phillip Peareson Ballowe, 

LL. B., 13; Barb; Hildebrand Law, Gofer 
Law; Rusk Lit. Socs. ; Hogg Debating Club; 
quiz master, law dept., 13-14; Lawyer; asst. 
co. atty., Dallas Co.; mem. Young Men's 
Business and Dallas Clubs. Criminal Courts 
Bldg. and 209 N. Waverly Drive, Dallas, 

Charles Lafayette Bane, 

B. A., 16; Athenaeum; Student. Garland, 

Alda Grace Barber, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 14; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Visor Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 13; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Teacher; mem. Coll. Women's 
Club. So. End Jr. High School and 329 
Harvard St., Houston, Texas. 

T. L. Barnes, 

Stockman. Lone Oak, Texas. 

Rowena Adelaide Barnett, 

B. A., 14; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
and Visor Socs.; Teacher. S. 8th St. School 
and 2426 Ethel Ave., Waco, Texas. 

Horace Chilton Barnhart, 

Sigma Nu; Univ. gym., 09; Real Estate 
and Loans; mem. Austin Country Club. 
Masonic Temple and 200 E. 25th St., Austin, 

Mary Belle Barnhart, 

Univ. Violin Club and Orchestra. 200 E. 
25th St., Austin, Texas. 

George Alderman Barrier, 

200 N. Roseland Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Raymond Barrier, 

Sylvester, Texas. 

Annie Mantooth Barren, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Teacher. Timpson and 
Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Kittie Barry (Mrs. J. S. Crawford), 

Dallas, Texas. 

E. W. Bartholomae, 

B. A., ii ; Teacher; prin. Port Arthur High 
School. High School and 602 Stilwell Blvd., 
Port Arthur, Texas. 

Margaret M. Barton, 

Teacher of English, Elementary Schools, Dal- 
las. San Tacinto School and 1520 McKell St., 
Dallas and R. 7, Box 76, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Marie E. Barton (Mrs. George E. 

Dist. pres., Congress of Mothers. Center, 

Garra Maidee Baskett (Mrs. Can- 

A. B., 06, Ward Seminary. Amarillo, Texas. 




Clara Kate Baten (Mrs. T. S. Ham- 

Cameron, Texas. 

Emma Beal, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A.; B. H. S. 
Alumni. Goliad School and 3612 Ave. P, 
Galveston, Texas. 

Katherine Beasley, 

Dodd City, Texas. 

Julia Amelia Beazley, 

Teacher; author biograph sketches of M. B. 
Lamar and Ashbel Smith in The Texas Maga- 
zine. Lamar School, Houston and La Porte, 

Lucille Bell, 

B. A., 14; Alpha Delta Pi; Reagan Lit. Soc.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher in San Antonio 
High School; mem. Southern Assn. of Coll. 
Women; Ex-Students Assn.; San Antonio 
Women's Pan-Hellenic; Y. W. C. A. 621 E. 
Euclid Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Charles Washington Bickley, 

Kappa Sigma; Mayor of City and Insurance; 
mem. Masons; I. O. O. F.; Modern Wood- 
men of the World. Farmersville, Texas. 

Helen Ota Billow, 

With Southern Pacific R. R. Co. Southern 
Pacific Bldg. and 514 Baker Ave., Houston, 

William S. Birge, 

2408 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Halley Black, 

Chi Omega; Teacher; mem. Choral Club. 18 
N. sth St., Temple, Texas. 

Myra Peyton Black, 

Teacher, Freeman Heights School. 1416 W. 
Adams Ave., Temple, Texas. 

Ethel Blair. (Mrs. Lynton Ferguson 

San Marcos, Texas. 

Ada Meador Board, 

Bryan, Texas. 

Walter White Boswell, 

Broker. Paint Rock, Texas. 

M. D. Bownds, 

Asst. Cashier, Mar fa National Bank; mem. 
Y. M. C. A. Marfa, Texas. 

Margaret V. Boyd, 

Yoakum, Texas. 

Thomas Harold Brady, 

B. A., 16; Phi Delta Kappa; Teacher; supt. 
of schools. Livingston, Texas. 

Margaret Naville Breck, 

300 W. ipth St., Austin, Texas. 

Lester Clarence Brenizer, 

B. A., 12; Rancher. Bowie, Arizona. 

Edward Albert Brennan, 

Texarkana, Ark. 

Mattie Sarah Bridges, 

Teacher. 2410 Chestnut Ave., Fort Worth, 

William Hobbs Bright, 

Automobile Salesman; mem. B. P. O. E. 
201 E. sth St. and 606 Patterson Ave., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Mary Broad, 

B. A., 12; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Anglers; Y. W. C. A. 205 Pine Bluff 
St., Paris, Texas. 

Richard Emory Brooks, Jr., 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Lawyer; attorney, with the Texas Co.: mem. 
Houston Country Club. The Texas Co. and 
224 Emerson Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Baxter Boone Brown, 

Big Spring, Texas. 

Jane Brown (Mrs. Lois P. White), 

Zeta Tau Alpha. Campsey & White, 406 N. 
Anglin St., Cleburne, Texas. 

John Dayton Brown, Jr., 

LL. B., 12 Cumberland Univ. Law Sch. ; Law- 
yer. j[ Guaranty State Bank Bldg., Gates- 
ville, Texas. 

Homer Lindsay Bruce, 

B. A., 13; A. B., 15 Oxford Univ., Eng- 
land; attended Harvard Law Sch.; Friars; 
Beta Theta Pi; student; asst. in math track, 
11-12; Student. 180 W. Hickory St., Denton, 

K. G. Buckley, 

Bank Clerk. Italy, Texas. 

Delia Budd (Mrs. Edward S. Car- 

B. A., 12; Librarian, Port Arthur High School 
and Public Library; teacher Barathea class; 
mem. Reading and Culture Clubs. High 
School and 1625 Fifth St., Port Arthur, 

James Smith Bullington, 

Lay Missionary, Episcopal Church. St. Fran- 
cis House, 38 Winthrop St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Lena Burford, 

B. A., 10 ; Teacher of History, Texas High 
School (Texarkana). Cookvijle, Texas. 

James Green Burleson, Jr., 

Postmaster and Attorney-at-Law. Lockhart, 

Norma Burleson, 

Liberty Hill, Texas. 

Jessie Grider Butts, 

B. A., 14; Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Sidney 
Lanier Lit. Soc.; Pi Lambda Theta; Teacher 
(Spanish); mem. Southern Assn. of College 
Women; Fort Worth Pan-Hellenic Assn. Cen- 
tral High School and R. 4, Box 325, Stop 5%, 
Interurban, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Mary Jane Butts, 

B. A., 13; Teacher; Morenci High School, 
Morenci, Ariz., and Cisco, Texas. 

Pearl Cade (Mrs. J. R. Frobese), 

B. A., n. Cuero, Texas. 

Minnie May Cain (Mrs. W. C. Reed), 

1508 Holman Ave., Houston, Texas. 




Lillian Lois Caldwell (Mrs. William 
F. Spiller), 

Shaw Bldg., Galveston, Texas. 

Eleanor Campbell, 

1718 N. Pine St, San Antonio, Texas. 

Andrew Jesse Carroll, 

Druggist. Center, Texas. 

Eula Lee Carter, 

Teacher; tchr. in Eliza Bowman Coll. 89 
Independencia, Cienfuegos, Cuba. 

R. G. Carter, 

Delta Tau Delta; Hardware; mem. Elks; North 
Main St. and Elm St., Weatherford, Texas. 

S. Olive Chandler, 

A. B., Galloway Coll., Searcy, Ark.; Teacher; 
mem. S. I. A. ; Classical Assn. of Middle 
West and South. 918 E. Market St., Searcy, 

Gaston D. Chesteen, 

Kilmachael, Miss. 

Kate Evelyn Christian (Mrs. Jack B. 

Elgin, Texas. 

George Eastland Christman, 

B. A., ii ; Sigma, Nu; Attorney-at-Law. Bur- 
net, Texas. 

Nellie Christie, 

Teacher; mem. Woodman Circle. McGregor, 

Nannie Browning Clamp, 

B. A., ii ; Alpha Delta Pi. 330 Encino Ave., 
Alamo Heights, San Antonio, Texas. 

Leslie May Clancey, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher, High School; 
mem. College Women's Club; Southern Assn. 
College Women. High School and 1428, 8th 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Alfred David Clark, 

Teacher; supt. Walnut Springs and Morgan 
Public Scohols. Morgan, Texas. 

William Nelson Clark, 

Teacher in Chemistry. North Side High Sch., 
and 1600 Alston Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Vada Elsie Clark, 

Teacher. Fort Worth, Texas. 

Viola Cleaves, 

M. A., 10 ; Teacher of Latin. 427 Augusta 
Ave., Port Arthur, Texas and Washington, 
D. C. 

Catherine Cleveland, 

Teacher, Cleburne Public Schools. 405 
Prairie Ave., Cleburne, Texas. 

Popie M. Cleveland, 

Teacher of Latin, Kingsville High School. 
Kingsville, Texas. 

Mary Stuart Cochran, 

Pi Beta Phi. 2310 San Gabriel St. Austin, 

Reba Elrissa Coffee ( Mrs. Clyde E. 

605 Jock St., Big Spring, Texas. 

Thomas J. Coffee, 

B. A., 16; Lawyer; co. atty. Mitchell Co.; 
Masonic connections. Big Spring, Texas. 

Daisy Morrison Coltrane, 

B. A., ii ; Teacher. 301 W. Poplar St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Quentin D. Corley, 

Court House, Dallas, Texas. 

James Monroe Cook, 

A. B., 13 Baylor Univ.; President of Rusk 
Academy. Rusk, Texas. 

Samuel Welch Crawford, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Cotton Buyer. Farmers 
Xatl. Bank Bldg. and 423 Craig St., Hills- 
boro, Texas. 

John Hall Crossley, 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Robert K. Crow, 

Newspaperman. Kaufman, Texas. 

Paul R. Crowley, 

Teacher. Necessity, Texas. 

Alice Floyd Cuny (Mrs. Edward 



larkdale, Ariz. 

Katie Daffan, 

Superintendent of Confederate Woman's 
Home; pres. State Daughters of the Confed- 
eracy; Texas Woman's Press Assn.; state 
historian, D. A. R.; v.-pres. Texas Historical 
Assn.; Author of "Woman in History"; 
"The Woman on the Pine Springs Road"; 
"As Thinketh a Woman"; "Texas Hero 
Stories." Austin, Texas. 

Balis Edens Dailey, 

B. A., 12. Grapeland, Texas. 

Grover Cleveland Daniel, 

B. A., 14. Beaumont, Texas. 

Pauline Davenport, 

B. A., 14; Teacher of Mathematics. Gaines- 
ville High School. 1201 Throckmorton St., 
Gainesville, Texas. 

Alaric Brandt Davis, 

Secretary Durant Commercial Assn. and in 
Retail Grocery and Real Estate Business; 
city ed. and adv. mgr., Durant Daily Demo- 
crat. 113 N. 3d Ave. and 420 W. Elm St., 
Durant, Okla. 

C. G. Davis, Jr., 

B. A., 13; Kappa Alpha; Cotton Merchant. 
Presbyterian Bldg. and 1002 Maple St., Texar- 
kana, Texas. 

Edward Everett Davis, 

B. A., 13; Lecturer on Public School Improve- 
ment. University Station and 506 W. sad St., 
Austin. Texas. 

Charles Milton Decker, Jr., 

Alpha Mu Pi Omega; Stockman; mem. A. F. 
and A. M.; K. of P. Wimberly, Hays Co., 




Grace Denny, 

Crockett, Texas. 

Judson Carleton Deyo, 

Lyford, Texas. 

Pattie Dickey (Mrs. C. E. Boydstun), 

Cross Plains, Texas. 

Charlotte Bertha Dignowity, 

B. A., ii. San Antonio, Texas. 

Benjamin Miller Dinsmore, 

A. B., 06 Emerson Coll.; Principal, Mineral 
Wells High School. Mineral Wells, Texas. 

Forrest Lyttleton Dix, 

Siema Alpha Epsilon; Salesman. 204 Kamp- 
mann Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

Anna Houston Doggett, 

Phi Beta Kappa; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Woman's 
Council and Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Clarendon, 

Rachel Terrell Doggett, 

B. A., 12; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher. Col- 
lege and W. Louisiana Sts. and 502 N. Ken- 
tucy St., McKinney, Texas. 

John Knox Donnan, Jr., 

1 1 02 Lavaca St., Austin, 'Texas. 

Miriam Dozier, 

A. B., 12; Reagan Lit. Soc.; student asst., 
School of the Art of Teaching; capt. sopho- 
more basketball; "T" in basketball; Secretary 
to Committee on Teachers, Univ. of Texas. 
Univ. Station, Box 125 and 308 W. 26th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Elizabeth R. Dukes, 

B. A., 13; Teacher; mem. College Women's 
Club of Houston. So. End High Sch. and 
503 Jefferson Ave., Houston, Texas. 

C. Douglas Duncan, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Lawyer. Bellville, Texas. 

Margaret Elizabeth Eason, 

Teacher. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Jesse Muckle Eddins, 

Rusty Cusses; Salesman with Maxwell Auto 
Co. Marlin, Texas. 

Bess N. Edwards, 

B. A., 13; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher. 186 W. 
Kaufman St., Paris, Texas. 

Wilburn H. Ehlinger, 


Attended law school, class 15; Cotton Buyer; 
Caswell & Co. La Grange, 

William Eilers, 

Hon. mem. Germania Club 07-09 ; County 
Superintendent of Public Instruction; mem. 
Masonic and Hermann Sons Lodges. Halletts- 
ville, Texas. 

Bonnie Wilena Elliott, 

Teacher. Garrison, Texas. 

Conrad Philip Engelking, 

A. B., 14; LL. M., 15; Hildebrand Law Soc.; 
Lawyer; U. S. Deputy Collector Internal Rev- 
enue, Victoria Division. 363 Austin Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 103 W. i;th St., Austin, 

Charles Calloway Estill, 

Sigma Nu; Theta Nu Epsilon; German Club; 
sec., treas. and dir. German Club; Attorney- 
at-Law; atty. for Farmers Natl. Bank. Grape- 
vine, Texas. 

Arthur Wilson Evans, 

A. B., Oxford; attended Columbia Univ.; 
Superintendent Public Schools; mem. Execu- 
tive Committee Texas Teachers Assn.; Texas 
Histl. Soc.; N. E. A. Box 309 and cor Park 
and Mesquite Sts., Uvalde, Texas. 

Emily Fariss (Mrs. W. H. Joekel), 

Mem. Giddings Study Club. Giddings, Texas. 

William August Felsing, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 15; Sigma Xi; Germania 
Dramatic Club; football 12; Phi Beta Kappa; 
pres. Germania Lit. Soc.; Chemist; tutor chem- 
istry, Univ. Texas, 13-16; fellow in physical 
chem., Mass. Inst. Tech., 16-17; pres. Grad- 
uate Club (Univ. Tex.); mem. Sigma Xi Club. 
Physical Chemistry Research Laboratory, 
Mass. Inst. of Technology, Boston, Mass. 

Elizabeth Lyndall Finley (Mrs. John 
Archer Davis), 

B. A., 12; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Angler; 
mem. advisory bd. neighborhood case comm. 
and friendly visitor, United Charities; sec. 
of Dept. for Girls Work of the Galveston 
Y. W. C. A.; mem. Women's Health Pro- 
tective Assn.; Sealy Hosp. Aid Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A.; Merrie Wives. 3224 Ave. R, Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

Lonnie Hill Flewellen, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 15. Praetorian Bldg., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

Richard Edwin Floyd, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Mildred Annie Folsom (Mrs.), 

Dallas, Texas. 

Walter Ford, 

Beta Theta Pi; "T" in track; Secretary, 
Retail Mercantile Assn.; mem. Elks. 407 
Brownwood Natl. Bank Bldg. and 209 W. 
Chandler St., Brownwood, Texas. 

Alexander Gwyn Foster, Jr., 

Abstracter; mem. Elks; W. Ysleta Country 

and University Clubs; Mason. 721 First 

Natl. Bank Bldg. and 505 Cincinnati St., 
El Paso, Texas. 

Minnie Elizabeth Fowler, 

Principal of West Ward School since 08. 
305 E. N. sth St., Sweetwater, Texas. 

Annie M. Fox (Mrs. Fred R. An- 

Formerly prin. Moody High School. Moody, 

Mary Lenna Franklin, 

Teacher. McKinney, Texas. 

Annie Gabriel, 

B. A., 15; Trained Nurse. City Hosp., St. 
Louis and Clarksburg, Mo. 

Thomas Gaines, 

Manager, Best Theatre; mem. B. P. O. E. 
E. Elm St., Hillsboro, Texas. 

William M. Gambrell, 

Student. 809, isth St., Galveston, Texas. 




William Fletcher Garner, 

Phi Delta Kappa; Masonic Club; Principal 
East Marshall School; mem. Council 13-14. 
Box 96, Marshall and Gallatin, Texas. 

Anne Lavinia Garrison, 

Pi Beta Phi; Music Teacher. 2600 Whitis 
Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Clink George (Miss), 

Teacher. Thurber, Texas. 

Albert B. Gerland, 

B. A., 13; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Lawyer. 
Caldwell, Texas. 

John William George, 

616 Augusta St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Laura Blake Gibbs, 

B. A., 13; Kappa Alpha Theta; Rabbits 
t; Y. W. 


C. A. Navasota, Texas. 

Louise Gibson, 

M. A., 10. Calvert, Texas. 

Leonard F. Gilliland, 

B. A., 15; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Nu Sigma Nu; 
asst. in physics; Student; Prin. Graham High 
School. 610 Carter Bldg. and Bender Hotel, 
Houston, Texas. 

Emily Gilson, 

B. A., 16; Delta Delta Delta; Cap and 
Gown; Visor Club; Student. Usona, Cal. 

Horatio Bernard Givens, 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Carrie Glenn Goldbeck (Mrs. F. L. 

B. A., 13; Phi Mu; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
v.-pres. class n. Hoisington, Kans. 

Frank B. Gooch, 

M. D., 16 Tulane Univ.; Physician and Surg- 
eon. Second St. and Central Ave. and 811 
N. 3d St., Temple, Texas. 

Henry Harris Goodman, 

Student. San Marcos, Texas. 

Flora English Goodwin, 

Denton, Texas. 

Kathleen Gould, 

B. A., 14; Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher 
of Spanish. 2509 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Zella Graves, 

202 S. Washington Ave., Roswell, N. Mex. 

Anna Fonda Gribble (Mrs. John 
Mac Williams), 

Alpha Delta Pi. Maysfield, Texas. 

Malcolm H. Griffin, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 14; LL. B., 15; Friars 
Senior Soc.; Masonic and Applied Economic 
Clubs; student asst. and fellow in econ.; 
asst. in phys. training; awarded "T" as gym- 
nastic champion; v.-pres. Student's Assn.; 
High School Teacher; author of several 
papers on economics. Box 282, Haskell, 

Fernando Paul Guenther, 

Teacher, West Texas State Normal College; 
Supt. Lavaca Co. School, 10 yrs.; pres. Co. 
Supts. Assn. since 09; mem. Od. H. S.; Guen- 
ther Lit. Soc. Canyon, Texas. 

Herman Hunter Guice, 

Student. 5702 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Elsie Guyer, 

Taylor, Texas. 

John F. Halden, 

Circulation Manager, Austin Statesman; mem. 
Elks. The Austin Statesman and 410 E. ipth 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Ethel Alston Hall (Mrs. Claude 
Vaden Hall), 

Slaton, Texas. 

Una Marie Hall, 

Teacher. 1602 McKenzie St., Waco, Texas. 

Terrell Lee Hamilton, 

Mercury, Texas. 

William Anderson Hamilton, 

B. A., 14. Rochelle, Texas. 

Emily R. Hamlett, 

Italy, Texas. 

Chi; Lawyer. 

Dave Whitaker Hardy, Jr. 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 14; Delta ^^, ^~j~.. 
1511 Praetorian Bldg. and 512 Y. M. C. A. 
Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

Annie Laura Harper, 

B. A., 16; Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. Wom- 
an's Bldg., Univ. of Texas, Austin, and 3501 
Bisbee St., El Paso, Texas. 

Henry Jerry Harris, 

Manor, Texas. 

Homer Harris, Jr., 

Shreveport, La. 

Marv Harris, 

Dallas, Texas. 

Merton Leonard Harris, 

B. A., 10; Delta Chi; Lawyer; co. atty., 
12-16; mem. W. O. W.; Odd Fellows. Co- 
manche, Texas. 

James Lester Hart, 

Teacher. Silverton, Texas. 

Doc Hill Hart, Jr., 

Kappa Sigma; football squad; Banking, Man- 
ager Transit Dept.; mem. Austin Chapter, 
Am. Inst. of Banking. The American Natl. 
Bank and 2600 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Dan Hartt, 

Farmer. Lovelady, Texas. 

Ruth Harwood, 

B. A., 13; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; "T" in 
basketball; Teacher. 1206 N. Haskell St and 
1315 N. Peak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Lilly Frances Hawkins, 

Teacher. Blanket, Texas. 

Lucile Haynie (Mrs. J. E. McFad- 

Brady, Texas. 

Carolyn Heineke, 

Teacher, Brenham Public School. 709 Seel- 
horst St., Brenham, Texas. 




A. Judson Henderson, 

Lawyer. Paul Bldg. and 921 Waverly St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Robert Fountain Higgins, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 14; debating, 13; Lawyer; 
mem. K. of P. Marlin, Texas. 

Catherine Hill (Mrs. Thomas C. Oli- 

B. A., 14; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Visor. 28 Blandwood Apts., Charlotte, N. C. 

Clodius H. Hill, 

Farmer and Live Stock Grower. Garland, 

Gordon Hill, 

Harlingen, Texas. 

Joseph Abner Hill, 

W. Texas State Normal College, Canyon City, 

Leonidas Carrington Hill, Jr., 

Chi Phi; Arrow Head Soc.; Theta Nu Epsi- 
lon; Real Estate and Colonization. Harlingen, 

Bennie Mae Holcomb (Mrs. B. M. 

A. B., Grayson Coll. Mineral Wells, Texas. 

Roy Elmo Holcomb, 

Chi Phi; baseball; track; football; Clerk, 
G. C. and S. F. Ry. Lampasas, Texas. 

Ray Weslie Holder, 

806 W. roth St., Austin, Texas. 

Mrs. Helen Herbert Holley, 

Ph. B., Univ. of Chicag9J hon. grad. at 
Univ. of Chicago; Principal Brackenridge 
School; mem. of Houston Foundation. 221 
Hawthorne Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Mary Eliza Holt (Mrs. Hoxie Ladd), 

Hasse, Texas. 

Gertrude Hooker, 

Latin Teacher, Comanche High School; hist, 
tchr., De Leon High and Plainview High 
Schools. Comanche, Texas. 

Dwight Lowell Hoopingarner, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 15; Phi Delta Kappa; Phi 
Beta Kappa; pres. class; mem. Students' 
Council; Director of Employment and Edu- 
cation, Natl. Bank of Commerce; major fel- 
low. Bureau of Salesmanship Research, Car- 
negie Inst. of Tech., Pittsburgh, Pa., 16-17; 
co-author "Laboratory Experiments in Edu- 
cational Practice;" r^em. National Vocational 
Sundance Assn. National Bank of Commerce, 
31 Nassau St., and 315 W. 97th St., N. Y. C. 

Newman Leander Hoopingarner, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 15; Phi Delta Kappa; 
ores. sen. class; jun. class orator; sec. Phi 
Delta Kappa; Manager; instr. in South Texas 
Normal Sch. ; mem. Faculty Club. Univer- 
sity Station and 506 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

W. G. Howeth, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 13; with Abstract Co.; 
city atty. 108 East California St. and corner 
of Grande Ave. and Broadway, Gainesville, 

Thomas Pinkney Huff, 

Principal, School No. i; county supt. Bexar 
Co. Schools. Sam Houston School No. i and 
121 Jackson St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Charles Gilmore Hughes, Jr., 

Hillsboro, Texas. 

Fred Venable Hughes, 

Wills Point, Texas. 

Helene Hummel, 

102 Beauregard St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Josephine Huppertz (Mrs. William 

B. A., 13; Pierian Soc.; Germania Lit. Soc.; 

Botogs; Teacher, Austin High School; mem. 

Literary and Social and Science Clubs. 2301 
Sabine St., Austin, Texas. 

Annie Laurie Huston, 

Wharton, Texas. 

Frances R. Hyde, 

Teacher; prin. High School. Humble, Texas. 

Charles Wesley Ingram, 

Long Beach, Ca'l. 

Oscar Cortez Ingram, 

B. A., 13; LL - 
ity St., Austin 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 17; Student. 2203 Trin- 
and Blooming Grove, Texas. 

Lucile Irwin (Mrs. E. V. Glass), 

Sweetwater, Texas. 

Cicero Evett Jackson, 

Rice, Texas. 

John Lewis Jackson, 

B. A., 13; Phi Delta Kappa; Athenaeum; Glee 
Club; fellow in educ. admin., 13-14; asst. in 
educ., 15-16; Student. Chillicothe, Texas. 

William Foster Jacoby, 

Delta Sigma Phi; "T" in track; Teacher. 
210 Scollard Bldg. and 3618 Ross Ave., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

Marie Jarvis (Mrs. Diaz), 

Spanish Teacher, Laredo Pub. Schools. 1304 
Houston St., Laredo, Texas. 

Mary Rebekah Jenkins, 

Hubbard, Texas. 

Price Ogilvie Jenkins, 

Bastrop, Texas. 

John C. Jester, 

Paying and Receiving Teller, First State 
Bank of Dallas; mem. Dallas Golf and Coun- 
try Clubs. 1305 Main St. and 3430 Gillespie 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Sam Levinson Joekel, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 16; Preacher. Presbyterian 
Church, Clarendon, Texas. 

Jean Houston John (Mrs. F. T. Bald- 

B. A., 13; State Life Cert.; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Rabbit Foot Club; 
Y. W. C. A. 4 St. James Apts., Houston, 

Helen Huston Johnson (Mrs. William 
R. Irvin), 

Wharton, Texas. 




John Franklin Johnson, 

Farmer. Darwin, Texas. 

Ardon Berkeley Judd, 

Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Arrowhead; 
Lawyer; Capps, Cantey, Hanger and Short; 
mem. River Crest Country Club; K. of P. 
Burk Burnett Bldg. and Arlington Heights, 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Eugenia Junck, 

Teacher of German and Music, San Antonio 
Public Schools; mem. German Teachers Lit. 
and Social Club. 1032 S. Alamo St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Paul Keeton, 

Teacher, Simmons College; dean of Okla- 
homa Coll. and Bryan Academy. Simmons 
College, Abilene, Texas. 

Charles Alexander Keith, 

A. B. in hon. modern hist., from Oxford 
Univ. (England); Sigma Nu; P. E. C. Glob- 
raskers; coach baseball team 10; Lecturer, 
Author and Teacher; ist v.-pres. for Ky. of 
the Natl. Hist. Soc. ; author "Notes and Out 
lines in Civil Government"; "Supplement on 
Kentucky History". Eastern Kentucky State 
Normal School and 441 Oak St., Richmond, 

Mamie Birdie Kelley, 

Teacher. Goldthwaite, Texas. 

Sterling Allen Kennard, 

B. A., 13; Kappa Alpha; Cattleman; ranch 
mgr. Bono, Texas. 

Agnes M. Kennedy, 

Teacher, ion Elysian St., Houston, Texas. 

Mary Kennedy, 

Bonham, Texas. 

Mamie Ketchum (Mrs. L. T. Walk- 

Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Rufus Young King, 

Pauls Valley, Okla. 

Benjamin H. Kneese, 

Stockman and Farmer; bookkeeper and asst. 
mgr., The Stein Lumber Co., 13-16. Fred- 
encksburg, Texas. 

Estella Viola Knellinger, 

Lufkin, Texas. 

Thomas Garfield Koger, 

Hutto, Texas. 

Joseph Kopecky, 

M. D., 15; Physician; interne. John Sealy 
Hosp., Galveston, Texas. 

Edwin Clinton Kreisle, 

Scarbrough Bldg., Austin, Texas. 

Edward E. Krenek, 

Dime Box, Texas. 

Alex Rhea Kuykendal, 

U. S. Hartford (U. S. Navy). Charleston, 
S. C. 

Wood A. Lake, 

401 E. Austin St., Marshall, Texas. 

Charles Edgar La Master, 

B. A., 13; Phi Delta Kappa; Economics Clubs; 
class honors; Teacher; prin. High School. 
Cameron, Texas. 

Zillah Langley, 

Teacher of Mathematics. Nacogdoches High 
School. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

F. C. Lemberg, 

German Teacher, Southwestern Univ. George- 
town, Texas. 

Abner L. Lewis, 

Athenaeum; Y. M. C. A.; Lawyer; Asst. 
Atty. of Grayson Co.; sec. and treas. Denison 
Oil and Gas Co.; stockholder Denison Bank 
and Trust Co.; mem. Elks; W. O. W.; W. O. 
W. Circle; K. of P.; I. O. O. F.; Knights 
and Ladies of Security; Praetorian; Moose; 
Soc. Vorwarts; mem. Executive Comm. of Ex- 
Students Assn., Grayson Co. 223% Main St. 
and 723 W. Gandy St., Denison, Texas. 

Elaine Chilton Lewis (Mrs. George 
W. Morrel), 

B. A., 13; Kappa Alpha Theta; Anglers; 
Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Visor. 104 W. Oak 
St., Denton, Texas. 

Mabel Elizabeth Lindberg, 

1803 East Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Huber Lipscomb, 

Merchant. Grapevine, Texas. 

Mary E. Lipscomb, 

Chi Omega; Teacher. 835 Penn Ave., Beau- 
mont, Texas. 

Sam Lipscomb, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Lawyer, of firm Lips- 
comb, Gordon & Lipscomb. 231 Pearlstein 
Bldg. and loth & Hazel St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Virginia Pendleton Lipscomb (Mrs. 
Lindsley Waters), 

Chi Omega; Ashbel Lit. Soc. Tennessee Farm, 
Dallas, Texas. 

W. B. Lipscomb, 

Kappa Sigma; Assistant Cashier, Guaranty 
State Bank; mem. Country, Travis and Auto 
Clubs; Casino. 401 E. Houston St. and 123 
E. Craig PI., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lena Gladys Little, 

Teacher. Seguin, Texas. 

Minnie Lockett, 

Teacher. Dallas, Texas. 

Ellen H. Logan, 

Teacher. Austin, Texas. 

George Lawson Long, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Kweehee Klan; Rattlers; 
Students Council, 11-12; Draftsman, Practical 
Drawing Co.; Publisher and Dealer in School 
Art Materials; mem. Calyx and Texas Engin- 
eers Clubs of Dallas. 1709% Live Oak St. 
and 4522 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Lutie Long, 

Teacher. Gainesville, Texas. 

F. V. Lowrey, 

B. A., 13; Lawyer; Farm and City Loans. 
Hillsboro, Texas. 




Clyde Lowrie (Mrs. J. S. Sealy), 

Goldthwaite, Texas. 

R. Pryor Lucas, 

Kappa Alpha; Arrowhead; German Club; 
Ranching and Farming; v.-pres. Berclair 
State Bank; Berclair Mercantile, Berclair Gin 
and Austwell Mercantile Cos.; mem. Travis, 
Automobile, Casino, Country (San Antonio) 
and Beeville (Beeville) Clubs. Berclair, Texas. 

Thomas Beatie McCarter, 

B. A., 16; Phi Delta Kappa; Teacher; student 
asst. in physics, 13-15; tutor in physics, 15-16. 
Minden, Texas. 

Andrew Phelps McCormick, 

297 S. Harwood St., Dallas, Texas. 

James M. P. McCraven, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Real Estate. 301 Bing 
Bldg. and 405 Hathaway Ave., Houston, 

Janie McCrummen (Mrs. Frank Mc- 

Paris, Texas. 

Mary McCrummen, 

B. A., 13; Phi Mu; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Pan 
Hellenic Council; Panhandle Club; Y. W. 

C. A.; Pi Lamba Theta; Teacher. 808 W. 
23d St., Austin, Texas. 

A. V. McGlothing, 

Supt. of Schools. Box 241, Waelder, Texas. 

William A. Mclntosh, 

Teacher. Parnell, Hall Co., Texas. 

Rebekah Mcjunkin, 

Delta Delta Delta; Teacher. 4308 Live Oak 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Seth Shepard McKay, 

B. A., 12; Teacher. San Marcos, Texas. 

Andrew Todd McKinney, Jr., 

Kirbyville, Texas. 

Maude Fenner McKnight, 

Teacher; v.-pres. Texas Club. 1503 W. Farra- 
gut St., Laredo, Texas. 

Fred McLymont, 

Del Rio, Texas. 

J. M. McMinn, 

Malakoff, Texas. 

Robert James McMurrey, 

Coldspring, Texas. 

W. L. McWhirter, 

B. A., 13; mem. Masonic and Texas Clubs; 
Student. Medical College and 907 B St., 
Galveston, Texas. 

Alice McWilliams, 

Henderson, Texas. 

Laura McWilliams (Mrs. John O. 

Delta Delta Delta (Hamilton) ; mem. Needle- 
craft Club. Henderson, Texas. 

Robert Wilson Malone, 

no W. 1 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Leon Grady Maner, 

Track, 09; Pharmacist. Sweetwater, Texas. 

James Leland Markham, 

Louisville, Ky. 

Reginald Heslep Marrs, 

Haskell, Texas. 

Claude M. Martin, 

Bookkeeper. Weatherford, Texas. 

Grace Evelyn Martin, 

507 N. William St., Victoria, Texas. 

Ida Martin, 

102 E. isth St., Austin, Texas. 

Lillian Lee Martin (Mrs. J. E. Nel- 

B. A., 10. Box 233, Midland, Texas. 

Ethel Bragg Massie (Mrs. Horace A. 

Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A. Travis Heights, 
Austin, Texas. 

Rebecca B. Masterson, 

Grad. Univ. of Colo., 15; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Athletic Assn.; Woman's Council; Engaged 
in Research Work in Economic Geology. 
1703, 3ist St., Galveston, Texas. 

Marguerite Merritt, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher. Kingsbury, Texas. 

Louis Alois Mikeska, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 14; Student; tutor in 
Chemistry, 14-15; 15-16. 2405 Whitis Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

Clarence Frederick Milheiser, 

A. B., 14 Columbia; LL. B., 15 do; Athe- 
naeum; track; Lawyer. Stewart Bldg. and 
Rossonian Apts., Houston, Texas. 

Emma F. Miller, 

Primary Teacher. Moody, Texas. 

Myrtle E. Miller (Mrs. Jesse B. Rut- 

B. A., 13. Ozona, Texas. 

Oscar Samuel Miller, 

Austin, Texas. 

Quincy Victor Miller, 

LL. B., 14; Lawyer; and Abstractor; v.-pres. 
Security Title Co. 104 Seventh St. and 301 
Fourth St. and Phillip St., Ballinger, Texas. 

Rubie Miller, 

Chi Omega. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Sarah Whiting Miller, 

Delta Delta Delta. Van Buren, Ark. 

Will Merrick Miller, Jr., 

Queen Cleaning Co. 608 E. Jefferson Ave. 
and 302 No. Ewing St., Dallas, Texas. 

Nettie Mills (Mrs. Yater), 

Zeta Tau Alpha; mem. Zeta Tau Alpha Alumni 
Soc. 114 Field St., Cleburne, Texas. 




Charles Melvin Mizell, 

Permanent Certificate, N. Texas State Nor- 
mal Coll.; Teacher of Science, Denton High 
School. 190 W. Hickory St., Denton, Texas. 

Stephan Drury Monahan, 

Sigma Chi; Insurance. Stuart, Iowa. 

J. Virgil Moore, 

Salesman; mem. K. of P. Lodge. Milburn 
and Co. and 415 Palo Pinto, Weatherford, 

Tom Paul Moore, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; basketball 10; Lumber; 
finance comm. Y. M. C. A., 14. 10-12 Frank- 
lin St. and 1705 Lyle St., Waco, Texas. 

William Dyer Moore, 

West Point, Texas. 

James H. Morgan, 

Student in Education, Science, Mathematics, 
English, Public Speaking and History during 
the years 04-07, 09-11, 12-13 and 15; Super- 
intendent of Schools; pres. South Texas 
Teachers Assn.; mem. Business League. 
School House and Walnut St., Eagle Lake, 

Frances Lee Morris, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Rabbit Foot Club. 4621 
Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Will Judson Morriss, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Horace Gary Morrow, Jr., 

Glee Club; Stenographer. 937 S. Los Angeles 
St. and 1017 Denver St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wright Francis Morrow, 

Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Tarlton Law Soc.; 
Rattler Club; Goo Roos; Attorney-at-Law; 
mem. Elks. Morrow and Morrow and 512 
E. Franklin St., Hillsboro, Texas. 

Alden Benjamin Muller, 

Chi Phi; Secretary and Treasurer, Texas- 
Mexican Ry. Co.; ist lieut., 2d Texas Inf. 
Care Texas-Mexican Ry. Co. and 1616 Salinas 
Ave., Laredo, Texas. 

Warren Preston Mussina, 

Buyer, Auto Accessory Dept. 708 and 710 
Congress Ave. and 310 Willow St., Austin, 

Nettie Nauman, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher. 439 Pine Bluff St., 
Paris, Texas. 

Jose A. Navarro, 

Horse Shoer. 309 S. Flores St. and 237 W. 
Theo Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

William Thomas Neblett, 

LL. B., 14; Chi Phi; pres. Hogg Debating 
Club; baseball; Attorney-at-Law; mem. Mc- 
Allen Bus. Men's and McAllen Country Clubs. 
Box 115, McAllen, Texas. 

Hinton Ted Neely, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 14; Phi Kappa Psi; Athe- 
naeum and Cofer Law Socs. ; Y. M. C. A.; 
Civic League; gym. team, 09-10, 10-11, 12-13; 
instr. gym., 13-14; Lawyer and Cattleman; 
atty. for Amarillo Independent Sch. Dist. ; 
mem. Elks. 4-5 Old Post Office Bldg. and 
1204 Harrison St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Edith Elizabeth Nelson, 

Y. W. C. A.; Director of Music, Trinity 
College. Round Rock, Texas. 

James Henry Newton, 

Superintendent, City Schools. Cooper, TexUs. 

Charles Joseph Nussle, 

B. A., 13; fellow in physics; Principal, High 
School, Georgetown, Texas. 

Alice Bassett Nitschke (Mrs. Julius 

Newman and Choral Clubs; mem. Eothen 
Club. 50 N. Main St., Paris, Texas. 

Hilda Laura Norman, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 15; Student of Sorbonne, 
13-14; Phi Beta Kappa; Orchestra; Reagan 
Lit. Soc.; Scribblers; Tutor in. French, Univ. 
of Texas; mem. Y. W. C. A.; French Club. 
2000 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

F. E. Norton, 

Teacher; supt., Public Schools. Goldthwaite, 

Albert L. Nowlin, 

Superintendent of Schools. Rockwall, Texas. 

George Nunn (Mrs.), 

Pres. Pierian Club; mem. Philharmonic Club; 
Library Bd. 1615 Tyler St., Amarillo, Texas. 

George Jefferson Nunn, 

A. B., Vanderbilt; A. M., do; Teacher, Ama- 
rillo High School; pres. Polytechnic (Fort 
Worth), Dallas Female and John Tarleton 
Colls. Amarillo High School and 1615 Tyler 
St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Frances C. O'Connor, 

Teacher, Galveston Public Schools. Alamo 
School and 2028 Ave. J., Galveston, Texas. 

Walker Edward Parr, 

Karnes City, Texas. 

Pearl Paul (Mrs. Roy Campbell), 

Temple, Texas. 

Mary Lucinda Peacock (Mrs. Rich- 
ard Robinson),, 

310 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Elida Marion Pearson, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 15; Pierian Lit. Soc. 
(critic); Scandinavian Club; Instructor in 
Biology J)ept., College of Industrial Arts. 


Locust St. 

, Den 

ton, Texas. 

George Brackenbridge Peeler, 

B. A., 14; Kappa Sigma; Journalist. Express 
Publishing Co. and Washington Heights, San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Donald Mitchell Penn, 

Phi Delta Theta; Student; formerly sec. to 
genl. mgr. South Traction Co. 3 "2 West 
Ave., Austin, Texas. 

R. Walter Persons, 

Beaumont, Texas. 




Mary Peyton, 

Teacher. 424 Watson St., Marlin, Texas. 

Rosalie B. Pfeuffer (Mrs. F. A. 

Mission, Texas. 

Lucile Virginia Phelps, 

1204 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Henry De Witt Phillips, 

B. A., 15. 202 E. 24th St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Louise Young Phillips (Mrs. 

W. J. Grossman), 

Chi Omega; mem. Coll. 

_-iega; mem. Uoll. Women's and Pan- 
Hellenic Assns. 1433 Cooper St., Fort Worth, 

Foster Vance Phipps, 

915 Court St., Muskogee, Okla. 

Mary E. Pickens, 

809 Roosevelt St., El Paso, Texas. 

Jeanie Mary Pinckney, 

4201 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Robert Lee Pillow, Jr., 

LL. B., 13 Vanderbilt: Sigma Nu; scrub foot- 
ball; Lawyer; rep. State Legislature; mem. 
Eagles; Red Men. 408 City Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 715 Ave. J, Galveston, Texas. 

Eva Pirie, 

Diploma, Southwestern Texas State Normal, 
14; Teacher. 655 S. Pecos St. and Box 195, 
Route C, San Antonio, Texas. 

June Place, 

Architectural Soc.; Botags; Student. 1910 
San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Reed Poole, 

B. A., ii ; Publisher; ed. Greenville Morn- 
ing Herald; mem. Elks; Masonic connections. 
2807 and 3524 Lee St., Greenville, Texas. 

Frances Belle Porter (Mrs. Shirley 
P. English), 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Rabbit's Foot; Ashbel. 605 
N. Clinton Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Louis Hamblen Portes, 

Moore Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

Joe A. Poston, 

Teacher. Floresville, Texas. 

Helen Potter, 

B. A., 16; Cap and Gown; Teacher; mem. 
Y. W. C. A. Denton, Texas. 

Gussie Powell, 

Teacher. Gatesville, Texas. 

Jared Hill Powell, 

Ranchman. San Angelo, Texas. 

Orlo Ashley Pratt, 

B. A., 12; Omega Alpha Kappa; Plant Path- 
ologist, U. S. Dept. of Agr.; mem. Wash. 
Botanical, National Masonic Research, Am. 
Phytopathological and Botanical Socs. of Am.; 
Jerome Lodge No. 61 A. F. and A. M. 
(Jerome, Idaho). Bur. of Plant Industry, 
Wash., D. C. 

Fannie Rhea Preston, 

B. A., 13; Kappa Alpha Theta; Angler; 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Visor; Y. W. C. A.; 
Woman's Council, 12-13; treas. Ashbel, 12; 
one of cast in two Ashbel plays; Teacher of 
Spanish in Austin High School; teacher Latin 
and Spanish, Marble Falls, 2 yrs.; Cuero, i 
yr. 4110 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Clara May Ralston, 

B. A., 14; mem. Texan and Cactus Bds.; jun. 
rep., Women's Council; Y. W. C. A.; Visor; 
Teacher of Latin and German, Hubbard High 
School. Cameron, Texas. 

Thomas B. Ramey, Jr., 

B. A., 13; LL. M., 15; Phi Delta Theta; 
Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Rattlers; 
Friars; Chancellors; Curtain, Speakers and 
Glee Clubs; Athenaeum; Civic League; Var- 
sity Band; Y. M. C. A.; winner Evans Ora- 
torical Contest 12, and State Oratorical Con- 
test 12; debating team 13; Texan staff of 
class editions 10-11; Lawyer; judge, Cor- 
poration Court, Tyler. Texas; dir. Young 
Men's Business Club. Wiley Bldg. and 703 
S. Broadway, Tyler, Texas. 

Samuel David Ramsey, 

LL. B., 14; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta; 
Rattler; Baseball; Attorney-at-Law. 714 Com- 
monwealth Bldg., 2604 Maple Ave., Dallas, 

V. A. Ramsower, 

Lawyer; County Attorney Burnet Co. Bur- 
net, Texas. 

May Randolph (Mrs. Fred Bennett), 

Mercedes, Texas. 

Pearl Ray, 

1 06 W. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Preston Pope Reynolds, 

B. A., 12; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Ira H. 
Evans Prize for best individual orator, 13; 
Oscar Robinson Prize for best individual soc. 
debater, 13; sen. class orator, 12; speaker 
and v.-pres. State Oratorical Assn.; Lawyer; 
mem. Capitol Club. 408 Slaughter Bldg., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Miriam Rhine, 

no Pine Bluff St., Paris, Texas. 

Nancy C. Rice, 

B. A^ 13; Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc.; Scribblers. 2510 Rio Grande St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Eunice T. Richardson, 

Teacher of History and Geography. Brown 
School and 3011 Forest Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Charles J. Riewe, 

Salesman. 701 S. 7th St. and 3842 Arsenal 
St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Harry P. Riggs, 

Secretary and Manager, B. Deutser Furniture 
Co.; mem. W. O. W. 1104 Rusk Ave. and 
2102 McKinney St., Houston, Texas. 

James W. Rockwell, 

Kappa Sigma; P. E. C.; Lumber; v.-pres. 
Rockwell Bros, and Co. and Waxahachie Lum- 
ber Co.; mem. Thalian, University and Lum- 
bermen's Clubs; B. P. O. E., No. 280. 707 
Chronicle Bldg. and 2116 Crawford St., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Mary Etta Roebuck, 

Teacher. Hamlin, Texas. 




Mary Lou Rogan, 

B. A., 13; Alpha Delta Pi; Pi Lambda Theta; 
Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher of Spanish; sec.- 
treas. sen. class; mem. Y. W. C. A. 812 W. 
22% St., Austin, Texas. 

Arthur H. Rothe, 

Delta Sigma Phi; German Club; "T" Assn.; 
track "T," 10; Stock Farmer. D'Hanis, 

Margaret O. Ruffner, 

Trained Nurse. 910 Lavaca St., Austin, Texas. 

Carl Runge, 

B. A., 14. Mason, Texas. 

Johanna Louisa Runge, 

B. A., 14; Teachers Diploma; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Teacher; mem. State Teachers Assn. 
Box 522, Tyler and 2703 Red River St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Emmett O. Rushing, 

B. A., 13; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Pi; 
Theta Nu Epsilon; Student. John Hppkins 
Med. Sch. and 420 N. Broadway, Baltimore, 

John C. Ryan, Jr., 

Ph. B., 13 Yale; Beta Theta Pi; Arrow 
Head; baseball team; Book and Snake Soc. 
(Yale); Land; v.-pres. and treas. John C. 
Ryan Land Co., South Fort Worth Land 
Co., Fort Worth Land Co. and Fort Worth 
Development Co.; mem. River Crest Coun- 
try Club. 306-7 Fort Worth Natl. Bank Bldg., 
and 2502, 6th Ave., Ryan PI., Fort Worth, 

John E. Rylee,* 

Kappa Pi; Lawyer; chief exam, clerk Comp- 
troller's office, 11-14; admitted to bar Aug. 
13, 1912; 18 Mason. 

John Oliver Sanders, 

B. A., 16; hon. mention for M. D. C. thesis 
on Jefferson Davis. University Sta., Austin, 

John Thomas Sanders^ 

Hubbard, Texas. 

Joseph N. Sanders, 

Grad. S. H. N. I.; Insurance and Teacher; 
commercial sec. of Normangee; Master Mason. 
Franklin, Texas. 

Bertram Julian Sanger, 

B. A., 13; M. D., 17 Johns Hopkins; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Interne, Johns Hopkins Hospital. 
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md., and 
1302 Franklin St., Waco, Texas. 

James Hugh Scarborough, 

Sigma Nu; Theta Nu Epsilon; Goo Roo; 
Rattlers; Buyer; mem. Elks; Glen Garden 
Country Club. Houston St. and 919, 6th 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Anita Marie Cordelia Schlemmer, 

Pi Beta Phi: Portrait Painter. "Elmhurst," 
Kyle, Hays Co., Texas. 

Lillie Mary Schloeman (Mrs. L. G. 

B. S., 15 Columbia. Stamford, Texas. 

Oliver Perry Schoolfield, 

B. A., 13; Phi Delta Kappa; Students As- 
sembly 12-13; Farmer; tchr. math, and hist., 
San Marcos High School, 13-14. Stony, 

Hamilton Folts Searight, 

Kappa Sigma; engineering dept., Pa. Ry. 
Akron, Ohio. 

Janette Sebring, 

Pierian Lit Soc.; Scribblers; Teacher of Eng- 
glish and Latin. Alvin, Texas. 

Peveril Ozrae Settle, 

Omega Alpha Kappa; track; Attorney. 530 
Commercial Natl. Bank Bldg. and 207 Samp- 
son St., Houston, Texas. 

William Homer Shanks, 

Cashier, First Guaranty State Bank; former 
tax collector, Callahan Co., Texas; dir. and 
treas. Home Mercantile Co. and Home Tele- 
nhone and Electric Co. (Baird). Clyde, 

Mabel Florence Shearer, 

Teacher of Pianoforte; mem. Lufkin His- 
torical and Literary Soc. Lufkin, Texas. 

Ruth A. Sheffield, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. Uvalde, Texas. 

James Leftwich Shepherd, Jr., 

Colorado, Texas. 

Roy L. Sherrill, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Rattler Club; Accountant 
G. C. and S. F. Ry. Co.; Masonic connec- 
tions. G. C. and S. F. Ry. Co. and 604 
N. 2d St., Temple, Texas. ' 

Walter Augustus Shields, 

Baird, Texas. 

Louis Otto Shuddemagen, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 14; Germania Lit. Soc.; 
asst. in physics; treas. Germania Lit. Soc.; 
Assistant Actuary; mem. Math. Club. Ins. 
and Banking Dept. and 108 E. i6th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Robert Franklin Simpson, 

2804 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

George Clarence Sloan, 

Farmer; tchr. Dallas High Sch., 2 yrs.; 
Sloan's Acad. (Dallas) 2 yrs. Chico, Wise 
Co., Texas. 

Daniel Smith, 

Teacher. 706 W. Burleson St., San Mar- 
cos, Texas. 

Ellen Smith, 

Teacher. Blind Inst., Austin and 127 Bolivar 
St., Denton, Texas. 

Goodhue Wilson Smith, 

Sigma Chi; Real Estate Loans and Insurance. 
Busch Bldg. and Y. M. C. A., Dallas, Texas. 

Laura Lettie Smith (Mrs. A. C. 

B. A., 12; Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Rabbit 
Foot Club; Phi Beta Kappa; student asst. in 
philos. ; asst. ed. Cactus; on bd. Cactus 
Magazine and Texan; v.-pres. sen. class and 
Y. W. C. A.; rep. Women's Student Council; 
mem. Faculty Woman's Club. History Dept., 
Univ. of Minn., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Walter E. Smith, 

Teacher. Coleman, Texas. 




Edgar Clark Soule, 

Rusk Lit. Soc. and Hogg. Debating Club; Del- 
ta Sigma Rho; winner S. P. Skinner Oratorical 
Contest, 10; Teacher. Powell's Training 
School, Dallas, Texas. 

Henry Eli Speck, 

1 1 06 E. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Alma Jane Speer, 

B. A., 13; Kappa Alpha Theta. 1211 S. 
Crockett St., Sherman, Texas. 

Vera Stallings (Mrs. S. M. Adams), 

North Fredonia St., Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Kitty Mae Stamps (Mrs. Alvin J. 

B. A., 10. Eagle Lake, Texas. 

Thomas Dodson Stamps, 

B. A., 12; Phi Gamma Delta; Curtain Club; 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; Cadet, U. S. Military Acad. 
West Point, N. Y. and Seguin, Texas. 

K. W. Stephenson, 

riildebrand Law Soc.; Athenaeum; Texas Club; 
pres. Hildebrand Law Soc.; v.-pres. Athen- 
aeum, 12; Attorney; pres. Young Men's Busi- 
ness League at Center, 14-15; mem. W. O. W. 
San Augustine, Texas. 

Ida Elizabeth Stevens, 

El Paso, Texas. 

Lillian Stevenson, 

B. A., 12; Teacher. North Fort Worth High 
School and 3224 Travis St., Fort Worth, 

Ruth Evangeline Stocking, 

Clarendon, Texas. 

Ethel Stringer, 

Port Arthur, Texas. 

Ethel Stroman, 

Y. W. C. A.; Choral Club; Teacher. Uvalde, 

Paul Byng Sturgis, 

Sigma Nu; Insurance. 114% S. Chadbourne 
St. and 78 E. 8th St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Lula Murray Suggs, 

Gatesville, Texas. 

Lula Sullivan (Mrs. E. G. Graf ton), 

in W 1 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Lee Sullivan, 

O. A. K. ; Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. winter team, 
(2); Lawyer; mem. House of Representatives, 
12-14 and 33d and 34th Legisl.; Lawyer and 
City Attorney; mem. W. O. W. ; Masons. 
Over Guaranty State Bank and 314 Brown 
St., Waxahachie, Texas. 

Edward Chesworth Summerfield, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Real Estate. 505 N. 
Ewing Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Arthur Surkamp, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 14; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; German and San Antonio 
Clubs; Attorney-at-Law; deacon, ist Presb. 
Church; mem. Odd Fellows; W. O. W.; Y. 
M. C. A.; Gran Quivira; Order of the Ala- 
mo; Texas State Bar Univ. of Texas Bar 
and San Antonio Bar Assns. ; San Antonio Co- 
tillion; San Jacinto Cotillion; Country, Ca- 

sino, San Antonio German, Fort Sam Hous- 
ton Polo Clubs; S. A. Grad. Chapter of Phi 
Gamma Delta. 621 Moore Bldg. and 333 
Kingshighway, San Antonio, Texas. 

Lilian F. Sutton, 

B. A., 14; Angler Club; Y. W. C. A. 112 
W. 1 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Crockett Sweet, 

B. A., ii ; Pierian Lit Soc.; Teacher of 
English. North Texas State Normal Coll., 
Denton and 1200 Coggin Ave., Brownwood, 

Margaret Aileen Sykes (Mrs. W. E. 

B. A., 13; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Texan and Cactus bd. ; Women's Coun- 
cil. 2309 Duval St., Austin, Texas. 

William Maddux Tanner, 

B. A., 12; M. A., 13; Sigma Delta Xi; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Scribblers; assoc. ed. Texan n- 
12; ed. in chief Magazine, 12-13; Instructor 
in English. Univ. Sta. and 4312 Caswell Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

Eugenie Terry, 

Instructor in History. Forest Ave. High Sch., 
Dallas, and 409 W. Knox St., Ennis, Texas. 

Sidney Augustus Terry, 

B. A., 14. San Marcos, Texas. 

Helen J. Theis, 

Teacher. Boerne, Texas. 

Katharine Virginia Thomson, 

906 Koerlin St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Tharon H. Thompson (Miss), 

B. A., 13; Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot. 2310 
Travis St., Houston, Texas. 

Pauline Thornton, 

B. A., 13; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi Lamb- 
da Theta; Rabbit Foot; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 
3 yrs.; Teacher, High Sch. Temple High 
School, Temple and 1907 Nueces St., Austin, 

Lois Beats Thrasher, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A. 1104 San An- 
tonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Tingle, 

Stenographer. Lamar and Bellview Sts. and 
107 W. loth St., Dallas, Texas. 

Dorothy Lee Toombs (Mrs.), 

Girls Choral Club. 538 W. Mulberry Ave., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

William Howard Tomme, 

Lovelady, Texas. 

John Keith Torbert, 

B. A., 12; Phi Gamma Delta; Student at 
Harvard; instructor at Mass. Inst. Tech.; 
Bank Teller, 3 yrs. 3401 Ave. O, Galveston, 

Anne Trotter, 

Teacher. Devine, Texas. 

Jonnie Trotter,, 

2005 Wichita St., Austin, Texas, 

Ira Lewis Tucker, 

Manager Tucker Produce Co., Tulia, Texas. 




Mattie Leonora Vance, 

B. A., 10; Teacher. Paradise, Texas. 

Imogene M. Van Zandt, 

Teacher. Tioga, Texas. 

Frank Benjamin Vaughan, 

Lawyer and Student; mem. Elks. 118 Aus- 
tin Natl. Bank Bldg., Austin and Seguin, 

Charlotte Rae Vinson (Mrs. Clyde 
R. Thomas), 

University Violin Club; executive comm. 
Y. W. C. A. 419 Winnetka Ave., Dallas, 

Delia A. Voight, 

220 Mason St., San Antonio, Texas. 

John A. Wagner, 

LL. B., 1 1 ; Insurance and Law. Ave. A and 
Main St. and 103 N. ipth St., Temple, Texas. 

Elizabeth Walker, 

B. A., 13; Phi Beta Kappa; Pierian Lit. Spc.; 
treas. Woman's Council; Teacher in English; 
mem. Twentieth Century Club. 1309 Fisk 
Ave., Brown wood, Texas. 

Fred Graves Walker, 

B. A., 14. Davilla, Texas. 

Joe Lette Ward, 

Phi Delta Theta. 1929 Columbus St., Waco, 

Mildred Rosa Watkins, 

Teacher. Gatesville, Texas. 

Allen Joseph Weaver, 

M. E., 14; Rams Horn; P. E. C.; Instructor 
in Chemistry, Baylor Univ. 204 E. Jefferson 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Walter Prescott Webb, 

B. A., 15; Phi Delta Kappa; Teacher of 
History, High School; prin. Cuero High Sch., 
15-16; mem. comm. on Students Loan Fund; 
v.-pres. Texas Folklore Soc. Main Ave. High 
School and University Sta., Austin, Texas. 

Ruby May Webster, 

Weatherford, Texas. 

Rowena Lee Weirauch, 

B. A., 13; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher of German, 
Central High Sch.; mem. College Women's 
Club. 1015 S. Jennings Ave. and 517 W. 
Doggett Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

James Bailey Wells, Jr., 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Lulu Wells, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 14; Zeta Tau Alpha; mem. 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Rabbit Foot Club; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Visor Club; Y. W. C. A.; v.-pres. 
jun. class; Woman's Council; student asst. in 
phil., 12-14; Head of History and Span- 
ish Departments; mem. Woman's and Golf 
Clubs, San Angelo. 131 W. Harris St., San 
Angelo and Weatherford, Texas. 

Ophelia Clementine Wesley, 

Burkett, Texas. 

Fred Albert White, 

Rusticusses; Teacher; prin. French School. 
Renaud Ave. and Tulane St. and 2125 Calder 
Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Frederic Leroy White, 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Venus, Texas. 

Nellie Janet White, 

Teacher. 1509 Center 

Reuel Clyde White, 

Ave., Brownwood, 

B. A., 17; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Sigma Delta Chi; 
bus. mgr. Cactus, 17; Sec. Y. M. C. A. 

Bourland St., (Greenville, Texas. 


Ruby Elliott White, 

Teacher. 4302 McKinney Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Alice Gertrude Whitehouse, 

B. A., 15; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Scribblers; 

Quaid Prize, 14; "T" in basketball, 15; pres. 

Pierian Lit. Soc., 15; sec. Woman's Athletic 

Council, 15; Teacher of History, Childress 

High Sch. Childress, Texas. 

Byrd Whiteley, 

Memphis, Texas. 

Walter E. Whitfield, 

Farmer. San Angelo, Texas. 

Katheryn Mary Wickham, 

Brackettville, Texas. 

Lowell Lyndon Wilkes, 

B. A., 12; Applied Economics Club; Farm 
Superintendent; instructor in West Texas Mil- 
itary Acad., 3 yrs. Box 373, Hubbard, Texas. 

John Gordon Willard, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 13; Teacher, Waco High 
Sch. Waco High School and 807 N. isth St., 
Waco, Texas. 

Amelia W. Williams, 

Maysfield, Texas. 

Julia E. Williams, 

Teacher; instr. in Domestic Economy and 
History, Stamford; instr. in History, Cam- 
eron. Cameron, Texas. 

Dee Ewing Willis, 

Teacher; principal. 4530 Munger Ave., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

Ben F. Wilson, 

Delta Tau Delta; Attorney-at-Law. 506 First 
Natl. Bank Bldg. and Y. M. C. A., Room 301, 
Houston, Texas. 

Wood Lee Wilson, 

Austin, Texas. 

Robert C. Withers, 

Teacher; prin. Nome High Sch. Buna, Jasper 
Co. and Nome, Texas. 

Mary Witter (Mrs. Charles Du 

Central Hotel, Belton, Texas. 

Louis Alexander Witzeman, 

A. B., 13 Harvard; Student. 409 N. Broad- 
way, Baltimore, Md. and 336 E. Buchtel Ave., 
Akron, Ohio. 




Ethel Womble, 

Teacher. Caldwell, Texas. 

Henry Grey Womble, 

Caldwell, Texas. 

Gladys Wood (Mrs. Clarence Hall), 

Pittsburgh, Texas. 

Roe Tolbot Wood, 

57 Co., C. A. C, Fort Scott, San Francisco, 

G. E. Woodley, 

214 Garden St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Helen Woody (Mrs. Claude Taylor), 

Goldthwaite, Texas. 

Ida Belle Woolford, 

Phi Beta Phi Sorority. 915 Church St., Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

Wiley W. Wooten, 

Talpa, Texas. 

Francis Wilson Wozencraft, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 14; Delta Chi; Sigma 
Delta Chi; Sigma Upsilon; Friar; pres. Ora- 
torical Assn.; Texan and Cactus staffs; Press 
Club; university rep. on American Commis- 
sion (for the Investigation of Agricultural Co 
operation in Europe); lecturer in Dept of 
Extension; Lawyer; asst. gen. atty. of S. W. 
Tel. & Tel. Co.; mem. Dallas Country, Idle- 
wild, Terpsichorean, University, Rotary and 
Automobile Clubs, Dallas Bar Assn.; A. F. & 

A. M.; K. T.; 32 Mason; Shriner. 620 
Commonwealth Bank Bldg. and 4712 Bryan 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Kate Wright, 

Stenographer. Wood Bros., Waco, Texas. 

Mantadele Yarborough, 

B. A., 13; Teacher of English and History. 
Uvalde High School. Uvalde, and Aransas 
Pass, Texas. 

Nettie Mills Yater, 

Cleburne, Texas. 

Kathleen Abbie Young, 

B. A., 13; Permanent Teachers Certificate, 13; 
Zeta Tau Alpha; Pi Delta Theta; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Visor; Magazine 
bd., Advisory Bd. of Woman's Council. Ar- 
ansas Pass, Texas. 

Mary Louise Young (Mrs. Edwin T. 

Chi Omega. 1433 Cooper St., Fort Worth, 

Wray Ewing Zuehl, 

Spoffod, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Walter Silas Adams; Beulah Pearl Alexander; 
John Jefferson Allen; Fannie Willie Anderson; 
T. M. Anderson; Richard Meriwether Anderson; 
Lee Mack Angell; John Ward Arnold; Fannie M. 
Baker; Florine Baker; George A. Baker; James 
K. Barry; Henry M. Bateman; Willie M. Beavers; 
C. R. Biggs; Mary E. Black; Samuel Abdill Blair; 
Earle Harrison Bolinger; Victoria Bpngard; Vir- 
ginia Ella Booth; Theresa Bromowicz; William 

Franklin Brown; Allen Wilford Bulay (Miss); Ed- 
ward Burleson; Haskell Butler; Lelia Byrnes*; 
Isabel Shumard Garden; Julia C. Chinn; Benton T. 
Clark; Virginia Maxey Clark; Anne Clough; Min- 
nie Cock; Niram A. Coston; James Laird Craig; 
Mattie Ella Cravens; Christopher Columbus Cross; 
Gladys Marion Crowe; Blanche Crutsinger; Joe 
Buck Davis; Ollie May Davis; Theban Lee Da- 
vis; Ruth Dawson; Daniel E. Dean; Joseph Vin- 
cent Dean; Sarah Blanche Degan; Albert J. Don- 
aldson*; Daisy Dowles: Fannie Driskill (Mrs. 
Garland Stalworth); Guerin DuBose; Presley 
Hodges Dyer; Alice May Dyson; Horace W. El- 
rpd; Alonzo Escoe; Elmer Ethridge; Elbert Lu- 
cian Evans; Mattie O. Faubion; John Finney; 
Charles Monroe Flagg; Ruth Ford; Emily Ann 
Frazier; Virginia Dare Frazier; W. Etoile Frier- 
son; Praxedis G. Garcia; Mrs. Helene Gareissen; 
Lelia Gordon George; Jessie June Glass; Fran- 
cis Langston Goree; Nathalie Rogers Gould; Wil- 
liam Aaron Graham; Mamie Elizabeth Gray; Mat- 
tie Evans Gray; William Clarge Grieb; Helen 
Elizabeth Hail; James H. Hale; Marie Hall; 
Marie Louise Harr; Archie Lamar Harris; J. M. 
Harris (Mrs.); Lucy Mae Hastings; Lita Haynes; 
Hal Vincent Hays; Ben Whitaker Hay wood; Nina 
Heard; Zuleika Henderson; George Marvin Hen- 
nen; Russell Chilton Hill; John Robert Holley; 
Aileen Holman; Lucy Lee Holmes; Isaac Cleve- 
land Huff; Clyde Augustuc Hunsucker; Agnes 
Huther; Eva Ingham; Lulu May Jackson; Robert 
Earl Jackson; trancis Jalonick; Frances Jewell; 
Carl Emil Johnson- Harry Matthew Tones; Ray 
Haddon Jones; Dee Jordan*; Lena Kil-patrick* ; 
Edith Gertrude King; Oscar N. Lackey; Mar- 
garet G. LaRoe; Notie Lee; Leo Francis Le- 
Roy; Allie May Lewis; Edith Evangeline Lind- 
berg; Henry Lockwood, Jr.; Vernon Grady Log- 
gins, B. A., 14; Ernest Franklin Lokey; Willie 
Long; Henry Lott; James O. Lowe; Bessie Lud- 
lam; Dove James Loyns; Gertrude Fair McCarty; 
Mary Christine McDonald; Lona Etta McGuire; 
Andrew Todd Me Kinney, Jr., Allye Fly Mc- 
Kithan; Charles Chamberlain McNeill; Anna K. 
MacGregor; Bailey Carlisle Malone; Kurt 
F. Q. Martin; Moselle Martin; Mercuric Marti- 
nez; Minnie Matthews; Forest Maxwell; Benja- 
min Washington Miller; Miss Frank Miller; 
Mary Belle Miller (.Mrs. G. R. Taylor); Dan 
Mitchell*; Willie Monk; Raymond V. Mooney; 
Annie Matt. Moore*; Daniel Drury Morse; Mar- 
garet Munson; Jessie May Nelson*; Rafe Nelson; 
James Henry Newton; John Stephen Nichols; 
Clarence L. Nickell; Albert Leslie Nowlin; Hazel 
Ogle (Mrs. C. L. Ward); James Burton Oliver; 
Ottis Utzman Parks; Willis L. Patrick; John 
Shelley Patterson; Pearl Paul; Caleb Sykes Perry; 
H. F. Pittman; Mary Poynor; Anna Pritchett; Mae 
P. Pulliam; Erin Putman (Mrs.); Laura Cleveland 
Randall; Lula Edna Reed; Roxa Ray Richardson; 
Ruth T. Robins, B. A., 13; M. Porter Rogers; 
Wm. A. Roy (Mrs.); Grace R. Rubert; Paul A. 
Schmidt; Joe H. Schoolfield* ; Hazle Schoon- 
maker; Lawrence E. Scruggs; Lillian M. Shane; 
Elnora Shannon; John P. Shelton; Frankie M. 
Shepherd, Lou M. Sherrill; Marion Shumate; Alva 
Simpson; Robert F. Simpson, B. A., 13; Sister 
Immaculate Fagan; Sister Mary Angelique Ayres; 
Sister Mary of Providence Susson; Sister Mary of 
Good Counsel Konz; Mrs. Cludie Smith; Mrs. Eula 
Vickrey Smith; John H. Smith; Mrs. Lydia H. 
Smith; Wendell B. Smith; Alvin W. Speckels; Lola 
Spell; Walter L. Spradling; Clytie Stallings; John 
Alfred Stallings; James F. M. Stephens; Wini- 
fred Strauch; Robert Alda Stuart; Dow Wallace 
Tate; Frances Taylor- Jeannette Adele Thomas; 
Mollie Kyle Timmins; James Lucius Tucker; Mal- 
colm Tunnell*; Erne Van Zandt; Clyde Howell 
Walker; Lottie Warren; Warren Norton Weakley; 
Camille Webb (Mrs. Joe L. Ward); Lydia Weiss; 
Jos. Alfred Whitener; William Millard Wingard; 
Austin Bertrand Wood; Harvey Harvard Wool- 
folk*- Henry Ulric Woolsey; Marstella Wooten; 
Chester .Lee Young; Wray Ewing Zuchl. 


Craig Jefferson Adams, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Secretary Mission Ceme- 
tery Co. and Mountain Park Sanatorium 

mem. Rotary Club. 408 Gunter Bldg. 
1027 W. Mistletoe Ave., San Antonio, T 





Lula Elizabeth Adams, 

Teacher. San Angelo, Texas. 

Virgil N. Adams, 

Sigma Nu: Asst. Cashier First Natl. Bank of 
Eddy. Eddy, Texas. 

Lillian B. Adey, 

Teacher. Center Point, Texas. 

Moselle Ainsworth, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. Care North 
College, Gonzales, Texas. 

Violet Cameron Aitken (Mrs. Lang- 
ford J. Locke), 

B. A., 14. 1716 Montana Ave., El Paso, 

H. W. Alexander, 

Mineola, Texas. 

Emilie C Alford (Mrs.), 

Teacher; mem. Woman's Club. 604 St. James 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Robert E. Allday, 

Delta Chi; Lawyer. Burkburnett, Texas. 

Edna Lou Allem, 

B. A., 13; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Teacher of English; mem. Southern Assn. 
of College Women. Main Ave. High School 
and 1273 Theo Ave (Palm Heights) San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Constance Allen, 

Teacher. Hico, Texas. 

Everett Pinkney Allen, 

Superintendent Public Schools. Barstow, 

Minna Rosenia Allen (Mrs. O. R. 

B. A., 14. Galveston, Texas. 

Fay Allison (Mrs. Lon Tarlton), 

Houston, Texas. 

J. C. Alsup (Mrs.), 

Darwin, Texas. 

Walter Lesesne Anders, 

B. A., 15, George Washington Univ.; Nu 
Sigma Nu; Student. 907 Ave. B, Galveston, 
and 712 N. Sycamore St., Palestine, Texas. 

Albion Haw Anderson, 

Farmer. Commerce, Mo. 

George W. Anderson, 

Farmer. Clifton, Texas. 

Guy Townsend Anderson, 

Farmer. Calvert, Texas. 

James Anderson, Jr., 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 


San Antonio, 

William Tillory Andrews, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 15; Friars; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
pres. Acad. Dept. (3), (4); pres. class (2) 
and Rusk Lit. Soc. ; v.-pres. Oratorical Assn. ; 
rep. Students' Council (3), (4); student asst. 
Phil. (2), (3), (4); Teacher; mem. Christian 
Church. 807 S. Alamo St., Weatherford, 

John Robert Anthony, 

B. A., 16; Rusk Lit. and Tarlton Law Socs.; 
Student. Grand Saline, Texas. 

Thomas Whitworth Archer, 

Chi Phi; pres. freshman class; Bank Clerk. 
First Natl. Bank and 704 Lamar Ave., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Alonzo Newton Ashmore, 

Darwin, Texas. 

Lelia F. Bailey, 

Teacher. 1015 Center St., Brown wood, Texas. 

Thomas B. Bailey, 

Cause, Texas. 

William Virgil Ballew, 

Salesman. Palestine, Texas. 

Horace Clyde Balsley, 

Aviator in France. 416 Carson St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Rex Baker, 

Cofer Law Soc.; Friars; Students' Council; 
junior law class, 14-15; Student; mem. Press 
Club. 2105 Tom Green St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Arthur Baker, 

Beta Theta Pi; Farmer and Stock Raiser; 
mem. Joliet Commercial Club of Joliet, 111. 
Manhattan, 111. 

Estelle McEwen Barclay, 

Teacher. Marfa, Texas. 

Sarah Elizabeth Barclay (Mrs. Ga- 
litzen Bogel), 

iB. A., 14; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Teacher; mem. 
Art Club; Y. W. C. A. Marfa, Texas. 

Earle Kilbe Barden (Mrs.), 

Mem. Ladies' Reading Club. 1203 Cypress 
St., Orange, Texas. 

Annie Gayle Barnett, 

Teacher; taught 3 yrs. in primary and 2 yrs. 
in high school (art). 725 W. 6th St., Taylor, 

Beryl Barnett (Mrs. C. McKinney), 

Mem. Culture Club. Van Alstyne, Texas. 

Daisie Amelia Barrett, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; teacher San 
Antonio Public Sch.; mem. Southern Assn. 
of College Women. 125 Castillo Ave., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

W. S. Barren, 

Lawyer; County Supt. Schools, Grimes Co., 
and Supt. Anderson City Schools. Anderson, 

Elizabeth Barton, 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Andrew Jackson Bassel, 

Assistant Cashier, Farmers State Bank; mem. 
B. P. O. E. Farmers State Bank and Si? S. 
ist St., Temple, Texas. 

Robert Adair Bassett, 

B. A., 14; Lawyer; co. atty., Fort Bend Co. 
County Court House, Richmond, Texas. 




Norman Henry Beard, 

Chi Phi; University Club; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
Fraternity Council; Asst. to Mgr. Texas Port- 
land Cement Co.; mgr. Midfield Oil Co.; Pres. 
Norman Beard & Co., Wholesale Lumber; 
officer Hoo-Hoo Lumber fraternity; mem. 
Thalian, Hoo Hoo Lumbermen's, Houston 
Press Clubs; Red Roosters; Loyal Order of 
Moose; Knights of Columbus; Pan-Hellenic 
Assn. of Texas. Eighth Floor, Carter Bldg. 
and 2819 San Jacinto St., Houston, Texas. 

Edwin R. Bentley, 

Supt. 9f Schools; mem. Germania Gesellschaft; 
Masonic connections. Alpine, Texas. 

Jessie Mae Berry, 

Student. 2406 Rio Grande St., Austin, and 
Dawson, Texas. 

Claude Melnotte Bethany, 

Teacher; Prin. Ward Sch. 307 E. Burleson 
St., Bryan, Texas. 

Bell Mildred Billups, 

B. A., 16; Cap and Gown; Student. 2009 
Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Julia E. Bissell (Mrs. W. Bertrand 

1503 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Mamie Black, 

Teacher in Cameron Public Schools. Belton 
St., Cameron, Texas. 

Helen Elizabeth Blackburn, 

Kindergarten Teacher, Kenilworth Hall. 610 
W. 1 7th St. and 104 W. :8th St., Austin, 

Myron G. Blalock, 

B. A., 14; LL. B., 16; Friars; Delta Sigma 
Rho; Athenaeum; Cofer and Tarlton Law 
Socs. ; Civic League; Barb Soc.; mgr. Texan 
13-14; Daily Texan 16; Texas-Oklahoma de- 
bate, 16; mem. ist Student Assemb., Junior 
Academic Class; Student; mem. 33-3410 Texan 
Legist. Marshall, Texas. 

Lizzie Gertrude Blasdel, 

Richmond, Texas. 

James M. Bledsoe, 

B. S. and B. A., E. Texas Normal Coll. Com- 
merce, Texas; Certificate Clerk, State Dept. 
of Educ. 206 E. 1 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lois Bonham, 

Midway, Texas. 

Lucile Borden (Mrs. J. S. Tennant), 

B. A., 13. 405 Hadley Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Ella Campbell Boyles (Mrs. F. R. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; mem. Thalian Club. 
341 1 Milam St., Houston, Texas. 

Alberta Brasher, 

Teacher. Fannin School and 2317 San Jacinto 
,St, Houston, Texas. 

Ruth V. S. Brazzil, 

Mem. Woman's Club; Comfort Wood Chap- 
ter, D. A. R.; Order of the Eastern Star. 
Wharton, Texas. 

Few Brewster, 

B. A., 13; LL. M., 16; Chancellor; Rusk Lit 
and Hildebrand Law Socs.; quizmaster in law, 
15-16; Lawyer; mem. W. O. W. ; Masonic con- 
nections. First Natl. Bank Bldg. and n N. 
7th St., Temple, Texas. 

Morris Brin, 

Attorney. Terrell, Texas. 

Stell Briscoe, 

Mem. Current Events Club. Devine, Texas. 

Juanita Brock (Mrs. Ben Walcott), 

Honey Grove, Texas. 

Baylor B. Brown, 

Secretary to General Manager, I. & G. N. Ry. 
Co.; mem. Glen Garden Country Club (Fort 
Worth). 515 Mason Bldg. and 1716 Dallas 
Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Elizabeth Louise Brown, 

B. A., 15; University Art and Present Day 
Clubs; Y. W. C. A.; Camp Fire Girls; Biol- 
ogy Teacher; Guardian of a Camp Fire. Aus- 
tin High School and 2100 Rio Grande St., 
Austin, Texas. 

James Roswell Brown, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 16 asst. in English, 13-14, 
14-15; Teacher: mem. Newman Club. 606 W. 
1 3th St., Austin, Texas. 

Josephine Brown (Mrs. Homer T. 

Moore Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

Martha Valliant Brown (Mrs. J. C. 

Chi Omega. 902 Pierce St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Myrtle Cyrene Brown, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 15; Y. W. C. A.; Present 
Day Club (pres.); reader in Hist, of Ed., 14; 
asst. in Math, for Summer Sch., 14; graduate 
fellowship, 15; teacher Math., Galveston High 
Sch.; mem. Galveston Choral Club. High 
School, Galveston, and 186 W. Oak St., Den- 
ton, Texas. 

Alva Dee Brownfield, 

Cattle Raiser. White Mountain, N. M. 

Leila Broyles, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 1104 Sycamore St., 
Palestine, Texas. 

Richard Arnold Bruce, 

Ranger, Texas. 

Robert Drew Bryan, 

Principal of Ward Sch. 1006 N. Anglin St., 
Cleburne, Texas. 

Otto H. Buass, 

Sigma Nu; Sheet Metal Contracts. 502 La- 
vaca St. and 806 Baylor St., Austin, Texas. 

Effie May Burnes, 

Teacher. Brownwood, Texas. 

Walter John Burnett, 

B. A., 14; Ranchman. Fischer Store, Texas. 

William Matthew Burnett, 

P. E. C. Club; Rancher. Fischer Store, 




Nonie Bush (Mrs. Robert Wirtz;, 

B. A., 14. 507 W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Virgil Alonzo Byrd, 

Teacher; supt. public schools. Mansfield, 

Llewellyn C. Bywaters, 

Roxton, Texas. 

William Augustus Cain, 

Bremond, Texas. 

Seb F. Caldwell (Mrs.), 

Mt. Pleasant, Texas. 

Lucy Camp, 

Teacher. 2115 Milam St., Houston, Texas. 

Esther Lelia Campbell (Mrs. G. T. 

812 Patterson Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Helen Campbell, 

B. A., 14. Devine, Texas. 

Maggie Campbell, 

Weatherford, Texas. 

William Arnold Canon, 

Farmersville, Texas. 

Salena S Garden (Mrs. G. S. Rul- 

Oil City, Pa. 

Sarah Louise Carlton, 

B. A., 14; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; 
Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; v.-pres. sen class; 
Teacher. 218 Hawthorne Ave., Houston, 

Eula Pauline Carroll, 

Principal and Teacher of English, Brenham 
High Sch.; mem. Fortnightly Club. Brenham, 
Texas, and Tullahoma, Tenn. 

Helen Cartledge, 

Teacher. 405 W. 2ist St., Austin, Texas. 

Maydee Caufield (Mrs. Edward H. 

Pi Beta Phi; Anglers. 602 N. i2th St., Waco, 

William T. Caven, 

Lawyer j chrmn. of Citizens' Party; Masonic 
connections. Public Sq. and Austin St. and 
520 N. Bolivar St., Marshall, Texas. 

William Bedford Chance, 

Teacher. Huntsville, Texas. 

Julia Rose Chernosky (Mrs. H. E. 

B. A., 09, Coll. of Industrial Arts; grad. 
Chicago Training Sch., 10; Cechie Lit. and 
Bohemian Lit. Socs. ; mem. Eastern Star. 
R. F. D. No. i. Port Lavaca, Texas. 

Emma B. Childers, 

General Secretary Y. W. C. A. 711 Throck- 
morton St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Roba Mary Christian, 

Teacher. Lindale, Texas. 

Charles C. Clamp, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Lawyer; mem. Order 
Alamo; San Antonio German Club. 501 Frost 
Bldg. and 230 W. Cypress St., San Antonio, 

Chester F. Clark, 

B. A., 15; Rusk Debating Soc.; Statistician, 
Springfield Ins. Co.; mem. Y. M. C. A. 901 
Corn Exchange Bldg. and 1515 W. Monroe 
St., Chicago, 111. 

Nye H. Clark, 

University Law Soc.; Lawyer; mem. W. O. W. 
Lockhart, Texas. 

Thelka Clark (Mrs. Hal Askew), 

Coolidge, Texas. 

Margaret Clarkson, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; mem. Nerin Club. 
1242 W. Fifth Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Annie Beuna Clinton, 

Pi Beta Phi; Angler Soc.; del. to Pi Beta 
Phi Natl. Convention, 13; mem. Angler Club. 
1023 Columbus St., Waco, Texas. 

John R. Clymer, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Real Estate, Loan and 
Insurance; mem. Knights of Pythias; Elks; 
W. O. W. 117 S. Rusk Ave. and 521 W. 
Gaudy St., Denison, Texas. 

Ray E. Coleman, 

Delta Chi; Salesman of Broker Poster & Co.; 
mem. Presbyterian Club. 211 W. Columbia 
St., Weatherford, Texas. 

Claude Collard, 

Arlington, Texas. 

Ovee John Colwick, 

Attended A. and M. Coll. of Texas; corporal; 
Physician. 513 S. W. Life Bldg. and 5455 
Richard Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Elias Core, 

Teacher. Malakoff, Texas. 

Edith Florence Cotchett (Mrs. J. J. 

Teacher; prin. Pilot Point High Sch., 09-10. 
Pilot Point, Texas. 

George Leslie Cox, 

Teacher. Lampasas, Texas. 

Ramsey Barry Cox, 

Waco, Texas. 

Minnie Craddock, 

Teacher. Crockett, Texas. 

W. P. Crouch, 

Student; Collector and Bookkeeper. 107 W. 
loth St., Austin, Texas. 

Jack Crump, 

Teacher. Rockdale, Texas. 

Mattie Currie 

Lott, Texas. 

(Mrs. J. A. Me- 

Arthur Ray Curry, 

B. A., 16; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Poets' Club; 
gym. team, 10-11 and 13-15; Student. Cle- 
burne, Texas. 




A. H. Daniel, 

Y. M. C. A.; Teacher. 

Mullin, Texas. 

Charles Earnest Dannheim, 

Brenham, Texas. 

Eugenia Davenport, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Public 
Sch. Teacher; mem. Current Events Club. 
Pearsall, Texas. 

Gertrude David (Mrs. Joseph C. Ste- 

\E. A., 14; Reagan Lit. Soc.; pres., 12-13; 
Visor; Y. W .C. A., Cabinet, 13-14. 5712 
Victor St., Dallas, Texas. 

Lucile Davis, 

B. A., 16; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc. (pres.); Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Council; 
Teacher of Spanish (Midland). Center, 

Bessie A. Davison (Mrs. Joe Fisher), 

Houston, Texas. 

Edward Musgrave Dealey, 

B. A., 13; Phi Delta Theta; Friars; Rattlers; 
Curtain Club; football team, 12-13; Jour- 
nalist; Private Sec. to Pres. A. H. Belo & Co. 
Dallas News and 3909 Dickason St., Dallas, 

Ginevra Dean, 

B. A., 14; Phi Beta Kappa; sec. Cleburne 
Ex-Students' Assn.; permanent class sec., 14. 
Lexington, Texas. 

Bess Lelacheur Denning, 

Tri Delta; Teacher in Grammar Sch. Mexia, 

James Rucker Dickson, 

M. D., Baylor Med. Coll.; Physician and Sur- 
geon; Asst. House Surgeon, T. and P. Hosp. 
T. and P. Hospital, Marshall, Texas. 

William Thomas Doggett, 

Teacher. Van Alstyne, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, 

B. A., 15; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Scribblers; Y. W. 

C. A.; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher. Port Arthur 
College, 1147, 6th St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Ernest Dossey, 

Jourdantown, Texas. 

James Lloyd Doughty, 

Chickasha, Okla. 

Florence Douglas, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Principal Goldthwaite High 
Sch. Goldthwaite and 637 Second Ave., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

John Bunyan Dunbar, 

Asst. Cashier, Campbell Natl. Exchange Bank. 
Campbell, Texas. 

Lillie Dusek, 

First Grade State Certificate, n; Teacher, 
Caldwell Public Sch. Caldwell, Texas. 

Philip Dion Dysart, 

Roswell, New Mex. 

Katherine Eanes, 

Teacher. Wooldridge School and 2820 Rio 
Grande St., Austin, Texas. 


Paul R. Ellis, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Lawyer; pres. Democratic 
Submission Club. Uvalde, Texas. 

Radford Terrill Ellis, 

Fort Worth, Texas. 

Armin Elmendorf, 

Instructor in Mechanics, Uniy. of Wis. En- 
gineering Bldg., Univ. of Wis., and 311 N. 
lurray St., Madison, Wis. 

Ruby Kathleen Embry, 

B. A., 12; M. D., 16; Physician. United 
Hospital, Port Chester, N. Y. 

Rev. Frederick Fassbender, O. M. I., 

Ph. D., 98 Gregorian Univ. (Rome, Italy); 
D. D., 01, do; Catholic Priest. 204 St. Mary's 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Melita Faust (Mrs. Ralph Goeth), 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit's Foot; mem. Pi Phi 
Alumnae, Country, and Settlement Clubs; Aus- 
tin Music Festival Assn. Enfield Road, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Clara Feranu, 

B. A., 14; Y. W. C. A.; Tennis; Teacher of 
Latin, Victoria High Sch. Flatonia, Texas. 

Eugene Field, 

Kappa Alpha; Farmer; former employee Cal- 
vert State Bank. Calvert, Texas. 

Richard Harrison Field, Jr., 

Attended Univ. of Colo., 16; Beta Theta Pi; 
Phi Delta Phi; Attorney-at-Law. 603-615 
Symes Bldg. and 726 Sixteenth Ave., Denver, 

S. C. Findley, 

Lodge Organizer. Comanche, Texas. 

Lucinda Mildred Finks, 

Mem. Angler Club; Clerk. 417 Houghton St., 
Marlin, Texas. 

Frank Allen Fleming, 

Actuary, Great Southern Life Ins. Co. Mason 
Bldg. and Y. M. C. A., Houston, Texas. 

A. S. Florian, 

Phi Kappa; Salesman. City Natl. Bank Bldg., 
cor. Commerce and Navarro Sts. and 202 Au- 
gusta St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Carroll Melroy Foley, 

Teacher. Coleman, Texas. 

Rachel Mulliner Foote, 

Ph. B., Univ. of Chicago: Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
W r omen's Athletic Assn.; T" in tennis; pres. 
Ashbel Lit. Soc. and Women's Athletic Assn., 
13- 45 W. Washington St., Paris, and Bon- 
ham, Texas. 

Charles L. Ford, 

B. A., 15; Phi Delta Kappa; Masonic Club; 
Teacher; Head of Dept. of Mathematics, 
Ennis High Sch. 508 W. Denton St., Ennis, 

Arthur L. Foster, 

Teacher; prin. Bellville Sch. Weir, Texas. 

Mona Elizatbeth Frank (Mrs. Percy 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
mem. Alumni Chapter, Y. W. C. A. 1415 N. 
Florence St., El Paso, Texas. 




Alice Freeman, 

4213 Ave. F, Hyde Park, Austin, Texas. 

Lelia Freeman, 

Phi Mu; Reagan Lit. Soc. ; Teacher. Hamon, 

Bertha Frenzel, 

Teacher, no E. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Mabelle Fuller, 

B. A., 15; Alpha Delta Pi; Lanier Lit. Soc., 

Ownooch and Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; asst. 

zool., 13-14-15; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 3518 
Travis St., Houston, Texas. 

Wiley Madison Fuller, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Wichita Falls Club; 
Clerk, Treasury Department, Bureau of the 
U. S. Public Health Service; Student. 3 B 
St. S. E., and 708, i 9 th St. N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Thomas D. Gambrell, 

B. A., 14; LL. B., 16; Rusti Cusses; baseball, 
11-14; capt., 14; Student. "B" Hall, Lockhart, 

John Thomas Gano, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Lawyer; mem. Lakewood and 
Terpsichorean Clubs. 520 North Texas Bldg. 
and 1903 Bennett Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Lynton Ferguson Garrett, 

Teacher. Wharton, Texas. 

Lloyd Russell Garrison, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 15; Scribblers; Press Club; 
Sigma Upsilon; Magazine staff, 12-13; ed. The 
Magazine 13-14; fellow in hist., 14-15; U. D. 

C. Prize in hist., 15; Teacher, Corsicana High 
Sch. Denton and 403 W. Fourth Ave., Cor- 
sicana, Texas. 

Benjamin Pendleton Garvey, Jr 

General Contractor. Box 340 and S. ] 
St., Gainesville, Texas. 

Sarah Gaskill, 

B. A., 16; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; 
Cap* and Gown; Art Club; cabinet Y. W. 

C. A.; Teacher, History and Spanish; mem. 
Natl. Educ. Assn.; Natl. Honor Guard. 
Kingsville, and 1308 Welch St., Houston, 

Guy F. Gehde, 

Lubbock, Texas. 

Ellen Gibbons, 

B. A., 14; Delta Delta Delta; Reagan Lit. 
Soc. 3505 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Benton F. Gibbs, 

B. A., 14; Delta Kappa; Student; mem. Y. 
M. C. A. Navasota and 2508 Nueces St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Franklin Monroe Gilbert, 

Irving, Texas. 

Ben L. Gill, Jr., 

Kappa Alpha; Fire Insurance; State Agent; 
Fireman s Fund Ins. Co. 401 Insurance Bldg., 
Dallas, Texas. 

James Marion Glass, 

Central High School, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Lydia Gohmert, 

B. A., 14; Y. W. C. A.; Choral Club; 
Teacher, Victoria High Sch.; dir. Victoria 
High Sch. Orchestra; Librarian Victoria High 
Sch. 606 Terrell St., Cuero, Texas. 

Clifford Baley Goldberg, 

Teacher; mem. Maccabees. 1234 N. Bishop 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Elizabeth Goodall (Mrs. R. L. Pil- 
low, Jr.), 

Alpha Delta Pi; mem. Daughters of Am. Revo- 
lution. 715 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

Bertha Goslin, 

Teacher. Dallas, Texas. 

Lydie Lillian Grabow, 

B. A., 15; "T" in basketball, 13-14, 14-15; 
" English dept., Seth Ward 
Caldwell, Texas. 

Teacher; head of English dent., Set 
Coll., Plain view. 

Essie Grant (Mrs. Essie Grant 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. S. 3oth St., Corsicana, 

Nettie Rowena Gray (Mrs. J. D. 

Manchaca, Texas. 

Annie Lee Green, 

Teacher; mem. Hawthorne Lit. Club. 313 
Terrell St., Cuero, Texas. 

Frederick Edward Greer, 

LL. B., 15, Univ. of Michigan; Phi Kappa 
Psi; Lawyer. P. O. Box 202 and 622 Jordan 
St., Shreveport, La. 

Mary Young Gribble, 

106 E. 27th St., Austin, Texas. 

Beulah Griffin (Mrs.), 

Superintendent of Brunner Independent Sch. 
Dist. 615 W. pth St., Houston, Texas. 

John Wiley Grissom, 

Teacher; supt. County Schools, Bell Co., 06- 
10, and Smithville, 13-15. Grand Falls, Texas. 

Joseph Ridgeway Gunn, 

Farmer. Merkel, Texas. 

Gerald Hirsch Gunst, 

Merchant; mgr. Victrola Dept., Gunst Piano 
Co.; mem. Commercial Club; sec. Univ. of 
Texas Club. 507-509 Chaparral St. and 214 
Dickinson PL, Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Oscar Lamar Guy, 

Hillsboro, Texas. 

L. Clem Haden, 

Delta Delta Delta; v.-pres. junior class, 13; 
Teacher. Blooming Grove, Texas. 

Halkert Alford Halbert, 

B. A., 15; Beta Theta Pi; Arrowhead; foot- 
ball, 14; Wholesale Grocer. Third Ave. and 
9th St. and Y. M. C. A., Corsicana, Texas. 

Leon G. Halden, 

Teacher; prin. Edna Public Schools; instr. in 
English; mem. Elks. Blind Institute and 410 
E. i gth St., Austin, Texas. 

Beulah I. Hale, 

Student. Round Rock, Texas. 




Henrietta Hall, 

Crockett, Texas. 

J. E. Hall, 

Lawyer; co. atty., Montague Co. Montague, 

Fred Hancock, 

B. A., 15. University Sta., Austin, Texas. 

Ronda Harden (Mrs. James F. Coch- 

Marshall, Texas. 

Annette Hardwicke, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rabbit Foot; Y. W. C. 
A.; University Art Club; Ashbel Lit. Soc. 
607 N. Travis St., Sherman, Texas. 

Ella Brooks Harris (Mrs. R. E. Hol- 
lo way), 

B. A., 12; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Art Club. 203 
Underbill Ave., Brooklyn, N\ Y. 

Florence Harrison, 

305 Lavaca St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Louis Christian Heep, 

Stock Broker; mem. University Club. 332 
First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 1578 Mundy Ave., 
El Paso, Texas. 

Edna Estelle Heflin, 

B. A., 16; Present Day Club; Y. W. C. A.; 
student asst. in woman s gymnastics; Student. 
2003 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Lake Henderson, 

B. A., 15; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A. 
Cabinet. Cameron, Texas. 

Chella Line Hendrick, 

B. A., 14; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher of English. 
Wichita Falls High Sch. High School and 
1005 Bluff St., Wichita Falls, and Bowie, 

William Alexander Hewatt, 

Athenaeum; Science Teacher, Kingsville High 
Sch., 3 yrs.; mem. A. F. & A. M.; W. O. W. 
Kingsville High School, Kingsville, Texas. 

Louise Shelby Hewlett (Mrs. Oran 
R. Brame), 

Sherman, Texas. 

George Stuart Heyer, 

B. A., 14; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; 
Arrowhead Club; Friars; Chancellor; mgr. 
football team; Students' Council, 10; Treas- 
urer, American National Insurance Co.; mem. 
Galveston Artillery Club. Am. Natl. Ins. Co. 
and 2809 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

Richard Shelby Hicks, 

B. A., 12. Brown wood, Texas. 

Hattie L. Higginbotham, 

B. A., 15; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. (sec.); 
sec. junior class (spring term); Y. W. C. A. 
Cabinet; Teacher of History. Port Arthur 
and Dublin, Texas. 

Wilma Higgins (Mrs. Edward E. 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Y. W. C. A.; Scientific Agriculturist. Smith- 
ville, Texas. 

Carrie Louise Hill, 

Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

Helen Elizabeth Hill, 

B. A., 14. 910 Blanco St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Merle Hill, 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

B. F. Hedges (Mrs.), 

Tulia, Texas. 

Oscar S. Hollabaugh, 

Teacher. Vera, Knox Co., Texas. 

Sam Holliday, 

B. A., 15; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Athletic Council, 
15; Students' Assembly, 16; Student. 2204 
San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Bryon William Greene Hollifield, 

Mailing Clerk; mem. Co. "I," Texas Natl. 
Guard. Post Office and 703 sth St., Port 
Arthur, Texas. 

James Patrick Holmes, 

B. A., 16; LL. B., 16; Phi Gamma Delta; 
Student; mem. Y. M. C. A.; German Club; 
Pan-Hellenic Council. 303 W. Convent St., 
Seguin, and El Paso, Texas. 

Margaret M. Holton, 

Newman Club; Teacher. 505 W. i3th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Ruth Horn, 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 228 Emerson Ave., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

George Francis Howard, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Attorney- 
at- Law, with Townes, Vincent & Howard; 
mem. University, Country, and Lumberman's 
Clubs. 406 Union Natl. Bank Bldg. and 903 
Branard St., Houston, Texas. 

Lora May Hudson, 

Music Teacher; mem. Twentieth Century Club. 
Huggins Hall, W. Paradise St., Vernon, Texas. 

Welborn Royston Hudson, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Planter; mem. Country 
Club; Masonic connections. 1200 Lavaca St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Sarah Huie, 

Anson, Texas. 

May Humphrey, 

B. A., 14; Teacher of English, Wichita Falls 
High Sch. 1301 Austin St., Wichita Falls, 

Ruth Humphrey, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 14; Sec. to Dean of Medi- 
cal College; mem. Irving Lit. Club. Medical 
College and 80 1 Ave. B, Galveston, Texas. 

C. D. Hunter (Mrs.), 

Teacher. San Marcos, Texas. 

Jesse Coleman Hunter, 

Cashier, Van Horn State Bank and Culberson 
Co. Judge. Van Horn, Texas. 

William Hunter, 

Houston, Texas. 

James Milton Inge, 

Platter Tobacco Co., Dallas, Texas. 




Lois Wyatt Jackson, 

1303 Rosewood Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Mae Jackson, 

Hearne, Texas. 

Una Servilla Jackson, 

B. A., 12; Y. W. C. A.; Pierian Soc.; Tennis 
Club; Teacher of Expression, Alpine High 
Sch. Alpine, Texas. 

Elinor Marx Jacob (Mrs. William 

B. A., 14; Teachers' Diploma; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc.; mem. Mothers' Aid and Chicago 
Woman's Aid Socs. 5138 University Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Henry Sperry Jacobs, 

Marfa, Texas. 

May Jarrell (Mrs. Aubrey F. Elli- 

Troy, Texas. 

Elzy Dee Jennings, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 13; A. B., oo, Randolph 
Coll.; Phi Delta Kappa; Dean, Texas Wom- 
an's Coll. Texas Woman's College, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Cornelia Johnson, 

B. A., 14; Kappa Alpha Theta; Teacher. 203 
E. gth St., Austin, Texas. 

King Johnson, 

Scholarship W. Univ. when graduated from 
McGregor High School; Ranchman; Manager 
and Proprietor, Johnson Ranch. Mullin, 

Lucy Elizabeth Johnson, 

B. A., 15. 501 Guadalupe St., San Marcos, 

William Madison Johnson, 

(See /. 09.) 

Ethel Mae Johnston (Mrs. Robert L. 

Delta Delta Delta; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 

Newman Club; v.-pres. class (i); mem. Yoa- 

kum Lit. Club; Alumni Assn. Yoakum High 
Sch. Hopkins St., Yoakum, Texas. 

Hubert B. Jones, 

Acacia; Alpha Kappa Psi; yell leader; Stu- 
dent. Petrolia, Texas. 

Josephine Jones, 

B. A., 14; Teacher's Diploma; School Super- 
intendent, Val Verde Co. 115 Garfield Ave., 
Del Rio, Texas. 

Lucile Burress Jones, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; mem. Marshall Music 
Club. 402 W. Houston Ave., Marshall, Texas. 

Walter Sidney Jones, 

Garrett, Texas. 

Winifred David Jordan, 

Teacher. Sweetwater, Texas. 

August Jung, 

Teacher. Wetmore, Texas. 

Cornelia Simrall Keasbey (Mrs. Dave 

B. A., 15; Kappa Alpha Theta; Rabbit Foot 
Club. 625 E. 1 2th St., Indianapolic, Ind. 

Warren Vance Keith, 

Moody, Texas. 

Polk Macune Kenley, 

B. A., 15; Principal, Wharton High Sch. 
Wharton, Texas. 

William Gordon Kennedy, 

Matador, Texas. 

Mary Ellen Killmer (Mrs. Charles 
Freeman Word), 

Falfurrias, Texas. 

Bobbie Kimbrough (Mrs. Warren 
John Rutledge, Jr.), 

Zeta Tau Alpha. 3726 Holland Ave., Dallas, 

John Wilson Kincaid, 

Lawyer; sec. Texas Bar Assn. Dallas Trust 
& Savings Bank Bldg. and 3611 Rawlins St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Kirkland, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Ath- 
letic Assn.; Deaconess First Presb. Ch., Dal- 
las, Texas. 1105 S. Harwood St. and 1509 
Seegar St., Dallas, Texas 

Scott Klett, 

Attended Dept of Law; Alpha Tau Omega; 
Teacher. Austin High School and 700 High- 
land Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Estelle Lilian Kline, 

Teacher. Laredo High School and 1509 Santa 
Maria Ave., Laredo, Texas. 

Archie P. Kneeland, 

Prudential Life Ins. Co., San Antonio, Texas. 

Leah Koen (Mrs. Erwin M. Joseph), 

304 E. gth St., Austin, Texas. 

Jacob Otto Kroener, 

1402 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Ferdinand Fuerchtegott Kuehne, 

Germania Lit. Soc.; Architectural Soc.; Art 
Club; Architect. 716 W. 23d St., Austin, 

Vachel Weldon Lackey, 

Grad., 15 Univ. of Wise.; Sigma Chi; Stock 
Farmer. Cuero, Texas. 

Ophelia Launia Lambert, 

A. B., 17 Texas Christian Univ.; Teacher; 
sec. Parent-Teacher's Club, San Rosen Sch.; 
asst. librarian T. C. U., 17; mem. Eastern 
Star; Women's Shakespeare Club. T. C. U. 
Station, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Ella Landers, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Teacher. 
Houston, Texas. 

2412 Smith St., 




Lynn W. Landrum, 

Sigma Delta Chi: Scribblers; Rusk Lit. and 
Hildebrand Law Socs.; University Press Club; 
Globraskers; ed. Texan; managing ed. 2 yrs.; 
ores. University Methodist Baraca Class; Y. 
M. C. A. Cabinet; v.-pres. Ep worth League; 
T. I. P. A. short story prize; Ibis Club prize; 
Bryan essay prize (2 yrs.); Morris Sheppard 
prize; Debating Team; varsity song contest 
prize; ed. first Blunderbuss; Alcalde staff; 
Phunnigraphs; alternate law librarian. B Hall, 
University of Texas, Austin, Texas. 

Miriam Landrum, 

Student; D. A. R.; Daughters of the Con- 
federacy. 703 N. Main St., Altus, Okla. 

Dora Lane, 

2306 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Walter Greene Langston, 

B. A., 14; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Phi Delta Kappa; 
Acacia; Student and Tutor; Masonic connec- 
tions. 2309 San Antonio St., Blooming Grove, 

Oran Robert Lasater, 

B. A., 16; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa; 
student asst. in Zoology, 2 yrs.; student asst. 
in Anatomy, 2 yrs.; instr. in Zoology, summer 
sch., 15; Medical Student. 1005 Ave. B, Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

Waldo Burton Lasater, 

B. A., 15; Nu Sigma Nu; Student. 1005 
Ave. B, Galveston, Texas. 

Maurice L. Lefler, 

Lawyer; Instr. of Science, Granbury Coll., 

08-10; do., Stanford Coll., 10-12. 508-509 

First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 632 W. Bolton 
St, Jacksonville, Texas. 

Snowden Marshall Leftwich, Jr., 

B. A., 15; LL. B., 16; Phi Delta Theta; 
Arrowhead Club; Goo Roo; Senior Law Stud- 
ent. 3614 Hall St., Dallas, Texas. 

Julia Legett (Mrs. L. J. Pickard), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Twenty-One Club. 
7th and Amarillo Sts., Abilene, Texas. 

Evelyn Lenz (Mrs. M. A. Ramsdell), 

B. A., 13; Reagan Lit., Germania and La 
Tertulia Socs. Santa Anna, Texas. 

Gertrude Leonards, 

B. A., 13; permanent certificate; Goo Roo; 
mem. Germania and Choral Clubs. 204 Cas- 
tell St., New Braunfels, Texas. 

George H. Lewis, 

Attended School of Law; Chi Phi; Hotel 
Manager. Hotel Stratford, Houston, Texas. 

Willie Lewis, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Teacher; mem. City Pan- 
Hellenic: Fort Worth Branch of Southern 
Coll. of Women. Hi-Mount, Fort Worth, 

Mary Catherine Lindsay, 

Teacher. Aransas .Pass, Texas. 

Gallic Lindsey, 

Teacher. Talihina, Okla. 

Essie Lipscomb, 

Teacher. Grapevine, Texas. 

Lillie Lipscomb, 

B. A., 14; Spanish Teacher. Waco High 
School and 308 N. izth St., Waco, Texas. 

Moselle Georgette Littman, 

B. A., 14; Teacher's Diploma; Menorah Soc.; 
Teacher. Baker School and 500 Rio Grande 
St, Austin, Texas. 

Corinne Elizabeth Lochridge, 

B. A., 15; permanent teacher's diploma. 2500 
University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

William Edgar Lockhart, 

Barb; Teacher, U. S. Indian Trade Sch. 
Haskell Institute, Lawrence, Kan. 

Clarence Lohmann, 

'B. A., 15; M. A., 1 6; Phi Beta Kappa; stu- 
dent asst. geology, 13-14; economics, 15-16; 
Students' Assembly; Students' Council; Stu- 
dent 2715 Procter St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Portia Lomax (Mrs. John Barclay). 

Wharton, Texas. 

Susie Lomax, 

Waxahachie, Texas. 

Anne K. Lovelace, 

B. A. 13; Phi Beta Kappa; "T" in basket- 
ball; Teacher. 4305 Ave. D, Austin, Texas. 

Oliver Jesse Lovett, 

Shepherd, Texas. 

Bruce A. Low, 

Sigma Chi; Lawyer; Elks Club. 504 Brown- 
wood Natl. Bank Bldg. and 1101 College St., 
Brownwood, Texas. 

Mamie Low, 

Teacher. 902 Main Ave., Brownwood, Texas. 

Robert William Lumpkin, 

Teacher. Bluff, Texas. 

Nora Lee McCarty (Mrs. F. Eugene 

Mem. Wednesday Evening Review Club. 
Washington, D. C. 

Bernice McDaniel, 

Teacher; principal High Sch.; mem. B. P. 
O. Elks. 1115 W. Gaudy St., Denison, Texas. 

Lorena Mary McDermott, 

Teacher. Dallas, Texas. 

John Edward McDonald, 

Winsonian Dramatic Club; pres. class (3); 
Storekeeper and Accountant, State Juvenile 
Training Sch. State Juvenile Training School, 
Gatesville, Texas. 

James Somerville McEachin, Jr., 

Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Rattler Club; 
"K ; "P. E. C."; Lawyer, firm of McEachin 
& McEachin; mem. W. O. W. Richmond, 

Clarence Ike McFarlane, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Lawyer. Richmond, 

Margaret McGill, 

1908 Wichita St, Austin, Texas. 

Mary McGill, 

B. A., 14; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher. 1908 
Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 




Stuart McGregor, 

B. A., 14; M. J., 15; Athenaeum; Press Club; 
ed. in chief Daily lexan; Newspaper Reporter. 
Care Austin American and 100 W. 27th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

William Carter McGregor, 

Paying Teller, First Natl. Bank; mem. Elks; 
32 Mason. First Natl. Bank, Wichita Falls, 

Mattie Dora McKibben, 

Teacher of Mathematics, High Sch. Grape- 
vine, Texas. 

Edward J. McKinney, 

Cashier, First Natl. Bank; Treasurer, Choc- 
taw Cotton Oil Co. (Shawnee), Okla. Main 
St. and Broadway and 114 W. i;th St., Ada, 

Howard McMeans, 

Galveston, Texas. 

A. G. McNeill, 

Deputy County Clerk; mem. W. O. W. 
Karnes City, Texas. 

Joseph Fielding McVeigh, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; capt. basketball team, 
10-13; Teacher, Science Dept., Austin High 
Sch. Austin and 1015 Washington Ave., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Corine Malone (Mrs. R. M. Paine), 

Music Teacher. Washington, D. C. 

Thomas Alford Manley, 

M. A., ii. San Marcos, Texas. 

Hazel Marsh, 

B. A., 14; Teacher. 97 Red River St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Benjamin Wiley Martin^ 

Kirbyville, Texas. 

Homer Mitchell Matthews, 

Order of the "T"; worked in Univ. Co-op, 
during session of 15-16; mem. of track teams 
of 12-13, 14 and 16; Event, high jump; Civil 
Engineering for Government. 300 Day Ave. 
(Station A), San Antonio, Texas. 

Margie Mattingly, 

Anglers; basketball. 606 S. Travis St., Sher- 
man, Texas. 

Evelyn W. Maxwell (Mrs. E. D. 

513 W. 39th St., Austin, Texas. 

Vivian Mayfield, 

B. A., 13. 1512 N. sth St., Waco, Texas. 

Willie Edna Megee, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 16; Y. W. C. A.; Pierian 
Lit. Soc. ; Athletic Assn.; Order of "T"; pres. 
Woman's Athletic Assn; on year book comm. 
and historian for Pierian; Teacher of English, 
Gonzales High Sch; author "Plot-Structure in 
the Novels of George Eliot." Gonzales and 
100 E. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Eloise Mercer, 

Teacher; mem. Civic League. Chappell Hill, 

Anna Lorena Middlebrook (Mrs. Er- 
nest C. Fermer), 

Richmond, Texas. 

Vladis Julius Mikeska, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 15; La Tertulia; Cechic; 
Y. M. C. A.; Teacher. Mikeska, Texas. 

Susie Miles, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; La Tertulia; Student. 21 
E. 4th St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Anna Elizabeth Miller, 

New Orleans, La. 

Georgia Miller, 

B. M., 14, S. W. Baptist Theol. Sem.; Pri- 
vate Secretary to President, Southwest Baptist 
Theological Seminary. Seminary Hill, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Leona Miller, 

Violin Teacher; supervisor public sell, music. 
Sedgwick, Kan. 

Mary Frances Miller (Mrs. William 

B. A., 14; Delta Delta Delta; Athletic Council, 
11-12; sec. and treas. class, 12 (winter); 
D. A. R.; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 12-14; asst. 
sec., Texas C. E. Union, 16; certificate for 
First Aid Course under American Natl Red 
Cross; mem. D. A. R.; U. C. D.; Music Club 
and C. W. M. B. Post Office Box No. 51. 
Belton, Texas. 

Thomas Archer Miller, 

Kent, Texas. 

Louise Millspaugh, 

Pi Theta Phi; School Teacher; mem. San 
Angelo Women's Golf Club. 730 S. Chad- 
bourne St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Mary Constance Monahan, 

Ph. B., 14, Univ. of Chicago; Alpha Delta 
Phi; Newman Club; Teacher. Eastern High 
School and 704 N. Grant PL, Bay City, Mich. 

Angela Mondrik (Mrs. Charles Kni- 

B. A., 17; Present Day Club; Cap and Gown; 
Y. W r . C. A.; Cechie: Student. 2807 Rio 
Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Susie M. Montgomery, 

Decatur, Texas. 

Dan Moody, 

Lawyer. First Natl. Bank Bldg., Taylor, 

Edith Adeline Moore, 

B. A., 16; Present Day Club; Y. W. C. A.; 
Teacher. Smithville, Texas. 

Ruth Morley (Mrs. Oscar A. Hud- 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Nell Morris, 

B. A., 14; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; 
Woman's Athletic Club; Woman's Athletic 
Council; Teacher. Palestine High School and 
912 S. Sycamore St., Palestine, Texas. 

Maude Morrison, 

Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Phi; Reagan Lit 
Soc.; Teacher Intermediate Dept., San Gabriel 
Sch., 12-13; sec. Ex-Students' Assn. of Cam- 
eron; mem. Sigma Phi. Cameron, Texas. 

Jeff. Wade Moss, 

Teacher. Austin College and 721 Grand Ave., 
Sherman, Texas. 




Maude Moss, 

Llano, Texas. 

James Bryson Murphy, 

LL. B., 13, Univ. of S. C.; Lawyer; atty. 
Seaboard Air Line. 904-905 Palmetto Bldg. 
and 1938 College St., Columbia, S. C. 

Pauline Hazel Murrah, 

B. A., 15; Chi Omega; Visor; Ownooch; 
Reagan Literary Soc. ; Woman's Council 
(pres.); Teacher of Domestic Science, San 
Antonio High Sch.; mem. College Club; San 
Antonio Women's Pan-Hellenic. 101 E. Ashby 
PI., San Antonio, Texas. 

Benonine Muse, 

B. A., 14; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Supervisor of Accessions, Univ. of Texas 
Library. 2104 Nueces St., Austin, and 926 
S. Crockett St., Sherman, Texas. 

Nan Napier, 

Teacher at Hillsboro; mem. Y. W. C. A., 
Waco. 1821 W. sth St., Waco, Texas. 

Carrie E. Neal (Mrs. M. J. Monroe), 

Mem. Woman's Club. 6 Austin Apts., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Banks Neely (Mrs. Will Thompson), 

B. A., 14. 3840 Maplewood Ave., Dallas, 

Lawrence W. Neff, 

Minister, Methodist Ch.: author "Legal Status 
of Women in Texas." Buckhead, Ga. 

Bertha May Newman (Mrs. C. C. 

B. A., 12; B. S., ii, Baylor Univ.; Oratory 
(Baylor). Canadian, Texas. 

Grady Niblo, 

LL. B., 14; Delta Chi; Chancellors; Masonic 
Club; "T' J Assn.; Quizmaster, Law Dept.; 
football team, 10-13; track team, 11-13; holder 
of S. W. record hammer throw; Lawyer; asst. 
city atty., Dallas; mem. Masonic Fraternity. 
City Hall and 235 W. i2th St., Dallas, Texas. 

James William Nixon, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Nu Sigma Nu; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Rattlers; Medical Student, Univ. of 
Pa. Gonzales, Texas. 

Earle Macklyn North, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Automobile Dealer; V.-Pres. 
A. P. Mitchell Auto Co.; mem. River Crest 
Country Club; B. P. O. E. 701 Commerce 
St. and 2272 Hemphill St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Margaret North (Mrs. Don Gris- 

Bellville, Texas. 

Mary Clementine North (Mrs. Alex- 
ander Ludwig), 

Austin, Texas. 

William Gunn Norwood, 

202 E. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Lela May O'Banion (Mrs. F. A. Ver- 

Bay City, Texas. 

Arthur O'Connor, 

Belton, Texas. 

Frances Love Oliver, 

Student; teacher 2 yrs. 2801 Swiss Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Louise Ellen Osfyorne, 

Hempstead, Texas. 

Margaret Josephine O'Sullivan, 

A. B., 14, Univ. of Neb.; Phi Beta Kappa 
(Neb.); Asst. Principal, O'Neill High Sch. 
O'Neill, Neb., and R. 2, Hutchinson, Kan. 

Laura John Paine, 

Grandfield, Okla. 

Noah Edwin Palmer, 

B. A., 12; Merchant; sec.-treas. Gustine Mer- 
chandise Co., Inc. P. O. Box 456, Gustin, 

Charles Lewis Parker, 

Odessa, Texas. 

Benjamin Laffitte Franklin Parten, 

B. A., 14; LL. B., 15; Lawyer. Madison- 
ville, Texas. 

Rhesa Lee Penn, 

Phi Delta Theta; Secretary to Asst. Receiver, 
M. K. & T. Ry. 1506 Railway Exchange Bldg. 
and 4946 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Eva M. Perkins (Mrs.), 

Huntington, Ore. 

Joseph Perkins, 

Banking; asst. cashier; mem. K. of P.; Y. M. 
B. L. Guaranty State Bank, Dublin, Texas. 

Rufus Perry, 

B. A., 12; P. E. C; football, 10-11; Teacher. 
Brownwood, Texas. 

John Emmet Peters, 

Delta Tau Delta; Clerk, Oil Well Supply. 
495 Main St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Ella Olive Petty, 

Mansfield, La. 

Henry C. Peyton, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Cofer; Student. Bangs, 

Mae Pickerill, 

Canyon, Texas. 

Helen Avis Pickett, 

B. A., 15; basketball "T," 91; sec. Women 
Students' Assn. and Women Students' As- 
sembly, 14-15; treas. Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc., 
14-15; cabinet mem. Y. W. C. A., 14-15; 
Teacher; mem. Women's Athletic Assn. 333 
Preusser St., San Angelo, and Floresville, 

Jonathan Pickett, 

Farmer. Floresville, Texas. 

Lai Pierce (Mrs. Milton Lothrop, 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 408 W. Austin St., 
Marshall, Texas. 

Walter Cline Pierson, 

Clerk, General Land Office; prin. Lone Oak 
High Sch. (Hunt Co.). Comptroller's Dept., 
General Land Office, and Route 8, Box 10, 
Austin, Texas. 




Sallie Mellette Pinckney, 

B. A., 14; asst. treas. Y. W. C A.; Teacher 
in High Sch. 4201 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Emmie Pipkin (Mrs. C. C. Vick), 

Bryan, Texas. 

H. Arthur Porter, 

Superintendent of Schools. Pearsall, Texas. 

Bertha Potash, 

Menorah Lit. Soc. ; Teacher, Victoria Co. 
Schools. 608 W. Commercial St., Victoria, 

Anna Irion Powell, 

B. A., 14; Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. 
Brownwood and Huntsville, Texas. 

Mary Hazel Powell (Mrs. A. B. 

Mem. Self Culture Club. Caldwell, Texas. 

George Albert Pringle, 

Masonic Soc.; S. H. N. I., oo; Superintendent 
Public Inst., Falls Co.; mem. Marlin Com- 
mercial Club. 671 Coleman St., Marlin, 

David C. Proctor, 

LL. B., 15; Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer. Gulf 
Bldg. and Savoy Apts., Houston, Texas. 

Edmund Chase Quereau, 

Ph. B., 88, Northwestern Univ.; Ph. M., 92, 
do.; Ph. D., 93, Freiburg, Germany; Beta 
Theta Pi (N. W. Univ.); Phi Beta Kappa 
(do.); Poultryman; instr. Univ. of Chicago; 
prof, at Syracuse Univ.; supervisor C. & N. 
W. Ry.; supt. of schools (Bay City, Texas); 
dir. First State Bank (do.). Route C, San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Portia Juanita Ragland, 

B. A., 14; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Private Secre- 
tary, Metropolitan Business College; mem. 
Y. "W. C. A. Metropolitan Business College 
and 2617 Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Marshall H. Ramsdell, 

816 Ave. B, Galveston, Texas. 

Ellen Euphie Ramsey (Mrs. Carl C. 

Columbia, Mo. 

Hazel Ellen Randolph (Mrs. Lerton 
L. Harris), 

Comanche, Texas. 

Ralph Randolph, 

B. A., 14; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Rattlers and Applied Economics Clubs; student 
asst. in economics; asst. mgr. football; Stu- 
dent, Harvard Law Sch. 1004 Lavaca St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Lavinia Rawlins, 

B. A., 14; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Assn.; 
Teacher. 2220 Ethel St., Waco, Texas. 

Lucille Martin Rawlins, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 1 6; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Kappa 
Delta Pi; sec. Educ. Dept., 15-16; Univ. 
Y. W. C. A.; Violin Club; asst. in Phil, of 
Educ.; Pension Clerk in Comp. Dept. and in 
Redemption Dept. for 6 mos. Room 9 H Hall 
end 805 W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Moreene Reagor (Mrs. Ross Crum- 

Teacher, 11-15; mem. Girls' Chapter. S. Hall 
St., Ennis, Texas. 

Catherine Groesbeck Red (Mrs. 
Frederick Parker), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. James Apts., 6th St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Cornelia Adelaide Redd, 

Reed Music Club; Teacher. 316 W. Milton 
St., Austin, Texas. 

William Crawford Reed, 

B. A., 15; Teacher. Flynn, Texas. 

Gertrude Amelia Reeves, 

B. A., 14; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher, Rural High 
Sch. Minden, Texas. 

Bruce Reid (Mrs.), 

Gulf Refining Co., Port Arthur, Texas. 

William Renken, 

2401 Red River St., Austin, Texas. 

Myrtle Winston Rice (Mrs. Maurice 

Moody, Texas. 

Arthur L. Richards, 

B. A., 13, Univ. of Oklahoma; Superintendent 
City Schools. Elk City, Okla. 

Ora Richardson, 

Teacher. Caddo, Texas. 

Vernon Richardson (Miss), 

Teacher. Galveston, Texas. 

William Furney Richardson, 

Fairfield, Texas. 

Lucy Rose Richmond, 

Teacher. 1523 New Braunfels Ave., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Roe, 

M. D., 17; Interne. New York Infirmary, 
321 E. isth St., N. Y. C. 

Frank R. Rogers, 

Mercantile Collection Agency; mem. Mer- 
chants' Assn. 706 Brady Bldg. and 405 W. 
Elmira St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Ray B. Rogers, 

Hardware Business; mgr. hardware business; 
mem. Mt. Pleasant Commercial Club. Mt. 
Pleasant, Texas. 

Charles J. Rootes (Mrs.), 

B. L., Sullins Coll.; Teacher; mem. Shake- 
speare Club. Grandview, Texas. 

Wyatt Barry Rosborough, 

B. A., 14; LL. B., 16; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 
mem. 2d yr. football team; awarded "T"; 
class finance comm.; City Salesman, Nessley 
Creamery Co. N. Bolivan St., Rosborough 
Bldg., and 805 W. Rusk St., Marshall, Texas. 

Carlie Rowntree, 

German and Orange Clubs; baseball; Mer- 
chant; pres. Texas Hoister Co.; sec. -treas. 
Bartlett Baseball Club; rep. Middle Texas 
League; mem. Elks Lodge No. 1176; Retail 
Merchants' Assn. Bartlett, Texas. 




Maxwell Rowntree, 

German Club; Y. M. C. A.; football; Mer- 
chant and Oil Miller, with Waco Cotton Oil 
Mill; mem. Elks Lodge No. 1176; Huaco 
Club; Retail Merchants' Assn. Waco Cotton 
Oil Mill, Waco, Texas. 

Alfred F. Ruebsahm, 

Germania; Teacher, Science, i yr., Yoakim, 
and German and Chemistry, 2 yrs., Taylor 
High Schools; mem. State Teachers' Assn. 
School House and 124 Cecelia St., Taylor, 

Benjamin Franklin Russell, 

Teacher. 400 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Daisy Russell, 

Teacher. Seventeenth Ave. and Rutland St. 
and 1515 Rutland St., Houston, Texas. 

Vaughan Heywood Russell, 

Taylor, Texas. 

Warren John Rutledge, Jr., 

Beta Theta Pi; Curtain and Rattler Clubs; 
Attorney-at-Law. 802 Commonwealth Bldg. 
and 3726 Holland Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Amador Sanchez, 

Broker; genl. provider of Div. of the North 
for the Mexican Army; mem. Latin- American 
and Teclotote Clubs (Mexico). Benavides 
Bldg. and 719 Zaragoza St., Laredo, Texas. 

Linton S. Savage, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Clarence W. Schimelpfenig, 

Port Arthur, Texas. 

Irene Schley, 

Teacher; mem. Eastern Star. Gatesville, 

August Carl Schmidt, 

Sigma Nu; Grain Dealer: mem. B. P. O. E. 
No. 1017. Care Nacogdoches Elevator Co., 
Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Christine O. Schultz, 

Public School Teacher. Fannin School, 
Louisiana St., and 2407 Fannin St., Houston, 

Edwin Grover Schwartz, 

Lockhart, Texas. 

James Earl Sellers, 

B. A., 14; asst. in physics, 12-13, 1 3-1.4; 
football, 11-12, 12-13; Teacher of Mathematics 
and Science, San Marcos Baptist Academy. 
Midlothian, Texas. 

Richard Shanklin, 

With Belton Natl. Bank; mem. B. P. O. E. 
K. of P. Belton Natl. Bank and 320 N. Main 
St., Belton, Texas. 

Harold Herbert Shear, Jr., 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; football, 10; Wholesale 
Grocer; sec. Rotan Grocery Co.; mem. Huaco 
Club. 1401 Columbus St., Waco, Texas. 

Guy P. Sherrill, 

Phi Kappa Psi; capt. scrub football, 10; Stu- 
dent, American Sch. of Osteopathy. Care 
P. O. G. Home, Kirksville, Mo. 

W. Paul Sherrill, 

Delta Chi; Salesman; mem. Elks. 7 N. Main 
St. and 311 N. Main St., Temple, Texas. 

Bessie Lorena Shook, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teaching. Pearl, Texas. 

Patric Cleburne Short, 

Attorney-at-Law; mem. I. O. O. F.j W. O 
W.; M. B. A. Brown Bldg., Gatesville, 

Ira Lawrence Shurley, 

Stockman. Sonora, Texas. 

Sister M. Loretta Hamant, 

Teaching. Edinburg and Laredo, Texas. 

Rosa Lee Sjoberg (Mrs. Ernest E. 

B. A., 14; Phi Beta Kappa; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. and Scandinavian Socs.; Y. W. C. A. 
Hutto, Texas. 

Robert Lee Skiles, 

B. A., 16; Friars; Rattler; Delta Chi; Phi 
Alpha Tau; Delta Sigma Rho; Sigma Delta 
Chi; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Press and Win- 
sonian Clubs; student asst. public speaking, 
13-16; circulation mgr. Texan, 13-14; Lawyer. 
Bonham, Texas. 

Harold George Sleeper, 

Waco, Texas. 

Sallie E. Sloan, 

B. A., 14; Teaching. Brenham Public School 
and 713, 4th St., Brenham, Texas. 

Kirkpatrick Smallwood, 

Automobile Salesman. 401 Craig St., Hills- 
boro, Texas. 

Mrs. J. H. Smart, 

Housekeeper; mem. Cedar; Lawn; Parent 
Teachers. 2708 Holmes St., Dallas, Texas. 

Emma Duke Smith (Mrs. Harold G. 

Waco, Texas. 

Jesse Richard Smith (Mrs.), 

Breckenridge, Texas. 

Kate I. Smith, 

Diploma, State Normal Sch., Stevens Point, 
Wis.; dietitian, St Luke's Hosp., St. Paul, 
Minn.; head of English Dept., Kenosha, Wis., 
High Sch.; critic teacher Western State Nor- 
mal Sch., Kalamazoo, Mich. 6019 Romaine 
St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lloyd Clifford Smith, 

Hildebrand Law Soc.; R. R. Agent; Agent for 
Santa Fe Ry. Co. at Center, Texas. Center, 

Wayne Somerville, 

B. A. and LL. B., 15; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Cofer 

Law Soc.; Lawyer. 411 First Natl. Bank 

Bldg. and 502 Travis Ave., Wichita Falls, 

Ellis H. Sparkman, 

B. A., 14 Baylor Univ.; Instructor, Baylor 
Univ. 1400 Speight St., Waco, Texas. 

J. Frank Sparks, 

Rusk Lit. and Hildebrand Law Socs.; Stu- 
dent; clerk, Driskill Hotel. B Hall, Univer- 
sity Campus, Austin, and Belton, Texas. 




Helen McLean Spears, 

B. A., 16; Zeta Tau Alpha; Reagan Lit. Soc. ; 
Cap and Gown Soc.; Home Economic Club; 
Teacher of Domestic Economy, San Benito 
High Sch.; mem. Y. W. C. A. San Benito, 

Carlos Dale Speck, 

1902 Guadalupe St., Austin, and Lone Grove, 

Lota May Harrigan Spell, 

B. A., 14. 119 Lewis St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Percy Stepter Stallings, 

Delta Sigma Phi; football and track; Tailor; 
proprietor P. S. Stallings & Co. Tarrant 
and Bowie, Texas. 

Sidney Stephen (Mrs. Martin Mc- 

Lockhart, Texas. 

Joseph Carter Stephens, 

B. A., 13. Austin High School, Austin, 

Alice Stevenson, 

4205 San Jacinto St., Dallas, Texas. 

Hadley Alva Stiles, 

Beta Theta Pi; Arrowhead; German Club; 
Farmer and Oil Operator. Taylor Natl. Bank 
and 805 Davis St., Taylor, Texas. 

Fannie Barbara Stinson, 

Pi Beta Phi; Teacher, Nacogdoches Public 
Sch. Xacogdoches, Texas. 

James T. Stockton, 

Assistant Quartermaster General of Texas. 
Capitol and 504 E. i6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Vie Gertrude Stockton (Mrs. Jones 
A. Quixey), 

Alpha Delta Pi. Clay, Ky. 

Jerome S. Stone, 

Press Club; candidate track team; played on 
scrub football team; Oil Business; winner of 
$50 prize for best series of news letters to 
home papers in 12; mem. Elks Club. 503 
Kemp and Kell Bldg. and 1207 Indiana Ave., 
Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Victor R. Stoner, 

Teacher. 106 X. William St., Victoria, Texas. 

Blair Stribling, 

LL. B., Cumberland Law Sch. (Lebanon, 
Tenn.); Beta (pledge); Lawyer; McLennan 
Dem. Exec. Comm. ; mem. Huaca Club; Law- 
yers' Club. 1401 Amicable Bldg. and 1524 
Washington St., Waco, Texas. 

Minnie Strickland, 

2717 Laclede St., Dallas, Texas. 

Robert Crozier Stuckert, 

Chi Phi; Y. M. C. A.; Univ. Choral Soc.; 
regents' scholarship; Cabinet Y. M. C. A.; 
Teacher; supervisor St. George's Sch., N. Y. 
City; mern. University, Churchmen's and Cath- 
olic Clubs. Brenham, Texas. 

William Michael Studer, 

Delvalle, Texas. 

Elizabeth Suber, 

Franklin, Texas. 

Carrie Swank (Mrs. Gilbert), 

Sta. A, San Antonio, Texas. 

Richard McCraw Swearingen, 

529 Guenther St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Ethel Wishart Tenhet, 

Marion, S. C. 

Jamie Coleen Terrill (Miss), 

Ph. B., 14, Univ. of Chicago; Teacher. Lake 
Placid Club. N. Y. 

Clarence L. Terry, 

Orange Club; track; Grain Dealer; mgr. C. R. 
Terry & Son; mem. Elks. 218 E. Collin St. 
and Y. M. C. A., Corsicana, Texas. 

Robert Edward Lee Terry, 

2620 State St., Dallas, Texas. 

Louise Mandslay Thalmann, 

Bruceville, Texas. 

Mildred M. Thatcher, 

B. A., 14; Chi Omega; "T" in basketball; 
Teacher. Corpus Christi High School, Corpus 
Christi, and 403 E. i8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Miss Helen H. Theis, 

Housekeeper. Boerne, Texas. 

Clyde Erwin Thomas, 

LL. B., 12 School of Law, Chicago; Rusk Lit. 
Soc.; basketball; Lawyer; co. atty. Glasscock 
Co. ; sec.-treas. Federal Farm Loan Assn. 
West Texas Natl. Bank Bldg. and 605 Jack 
St., Big Spring, Texas. 

Clyde Roagan Thomas, 

419 X. Winnetka Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Mike H. Thomas, Jr., 

Cotton Merchant. 411 Cotton Exchange Bldg. 
and 3612 Worth St., Dallas, Texas. 

Lillian Thomason, 

Teacher. Dallas, Texas. 

Bert Bryan Thompson, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 14; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Ma- 
sonic Club; Hildebrand Law Soc.; Lawyer. 
Carrizo Springs, Texas. 

Dora Agnes Thompson, 

Stenographer. 1811, 23d St., Galveston, Texas. 

Seaton Edward Thompson, 

A. B., 66, Georgetown Coll., Ky.; A. M., 69, 
do.; LL. B., 68, Univ. of Louisville; Prof, of 
History, Britton Coll., 17; Prof, of Latin and 
v.-pres. of Baylor Univ., 87-93; pres. Central 
Baptist Coll., Ark., 93-95. SOD W. 7th St., 
Cisco, Texas. 

Frank L. Tiller.. 

Luling, Texas. 

Bootie Townsend, 

1 1 10 Summit Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Margaret Townsend, 

1 1 10 Summit Ave., Forth Worth, Texas. 

Gazelle Traeger, 

Student. Seguin, Texas. 




Herman H. Treaccar, 

Phi Gamma Delta; made "R" at guard on 
11-12 football team: Lawyer; asst. co. atty.; 
mem. Knights of Columbus. 219 City Natl. 
Bank Bldg. and 2928 Ave. K., Galveston, 

Gladys Trueblood, 

B. A., 14; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta 
Kappa: Asst, Teacher in Latin; Teacher of 
English. Temple High School, Temple, and 
Memphis, Texas. 

Brandon Trussell, 

B. A., 13; Phi Beta Kappa; Superintendent; 
su-pt of Wise Co.; Masonic connections; 
Woodsman. Decatur, Texas. 

Archie Bryant Tyson, 

Harlingen, Texas. 

Sam P. Vale, 

County Superintendent of Schools. Rio 
Grande, Texas. 

James Charles Vance, 

Student. Paradise, Texas. 

Annie Maud Van Eaton, 

Clarendon, Texas. 

Floyd Lamar Vaughan, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 14. Kiowa, Okla. 

Charles Wachendorfer, 

Principal, Lancaster High Sch. Hotel Wach- 
endorfer, Lampasas, Texas. 

Joyce Walker, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Henry Waller, 

Teacher. Fentress, Texas. 

Clyde Vernon Wallis, 

B. A., 15; Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Upsilon; 
Scribblers and Press Clubs; ed. staff Dallas 
News; sec. Dallas. Univ. of Texas Ex-Stu- 
dents' Assn.; sec. Dallas Alumni Chapter Delta 
Tau Delta. Care Dallas News and Y. M. 

C. A., Dallas, Texas. 

Pauline Belle Warner, 

"B. A., 15; Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher English, 
Dallas High Sch. 517 E. i3th St., Dallas, 

Adele Watson, 

ffi. A., 17; Alpha Delta Pi; Student; mem. 
Y. M. C. A. 412 W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Mattie R. Watson, 

Teacher; Principal Mexia High Sch.; mem. 
W. O. W. Mexia, Texas. 

Stella Mary Watson, 

B. A., 15; v.-pres. Girls' Choral Club, 12; 
Teacher of English, Coleman High Sch.; 
mem. Y. M. C. A. Coleman, Texas. 

William Doak Wear, 

Hillsboro, Texas. 

Wesa Weddington, 

Teacher. Bryan, Texas. 

Max H. Weinert, 

Principal of High School. Seguin, Texas. 

Katharine Wells, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Angler; won girls' tennis 
doubles^ 12; singles and doubles, 13; Teacher. 
West End School, Houston Ave., and 215 N. 
Wellington St., Marshall, Texas. 

Alice C. Wertheim, 

Teacher. Comfort, Texas. 

W. E. West, 

Cofer Law Soc.; Instructor, San Angelo High 
Sch.; dist. dir. Genl. Interscholastic League. 
Box 790 and 244 N. Magdalen St., San An- 
gelo, Texas. 

Mary Josephine White, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 15. Morrill, Texas. 

William Mack White, Jr., 

Alpha Tau Omega; Student. Mexia, Texas. 

Eula Whitehouse, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; mem. Good Samaritan 
720 W. Henderson St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Annie Eikel Whittaker, 

B. A., 16; Student. 2110 Guadalupe St, Aus- 
tin, and Seguin, Texas. 

Johnnie Beatrice Williams, 

2209 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Gladys Wills (Mrs. L. D. Myers), 

Fort Hancock, Texas. 

Vera Lucille Wills, 

Newspaper work. Care El Paso Herald and 
3924 Clifton St., El Paso, Texas. 

Esther W r right Wilson, 

Teacher. Center, Texas. 

Lavender Wilson, 

Teacher. Houston, Texas. 

Mildred Wilson, 

Teacher. 1908 Nickerson St., Austin, Texas. 

Ruby Blanche Wilson, 

Forest, Texas. 

E. M. Wimberly, 

Student; Y. M. C. A. 
Cleburne, Texas. 

407 N. Main St., 

Viva Wingate (Mrs.), 

Teacher; Order Eastern Star; Rebekah I. O. 
O. T. Henderson School and 101 E. Main 
St., Orange, Texas. 

Reba Winston, 

Teacher. 1503 Loraine St., Sherman School, 
and 1609 Milam St., Houston, Texas. 

Franklyn Wood (Mrs. Robert Py- 

Kappa Alpha Theta; v.-pres. class (i); mem. 
Y. W. C. A. Muskogee, Okla. 

John Howland Wood, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Postmaster, Rancher and 
Farmer; pres. _Rocfcport Commercial Club; 
mem. Elks; Knights of Pythias. Rockport, 

Joshua Powell Wood, 

A. B., :o Tulane Univ.; M. D., 12, do.; Rusk 
Debating Soc.; Physician and Surgeon. 
Roane, Texas. 




Wallace Wendell Wood, 

Kappa Sigma; Rattler; Vice-President 
Guaranty State Bank. Seymour, Texas. 

Lucile Wooten, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Anglers; Teacher. 82 
W. Washington St., Paris, Texas. 

Gena Irene Wprley, 

Alpha Delta Pi; mem. Wednesday Music 
Club. 411 Fowzer St., Taylor, Texas. 

Joseph Hill Wright, 

Cotton Buyer. Hillsboro, Texas. 

Mary Emma Wright, 

Beaumont, Texas. 

George Wythe, 

B. A., 14; Delta Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma 

Delta Chi; Reporter on The Dallas News. 

Dallas News Bldg. and Y. M. C. A. Bldg., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Beulah Isabelle Young, 

1403 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

Lois Young, 

B. A., 15; Chi Omega; Anglers. 700 N. 
Ewing Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

John Joel Youngblood, 

Senior Academic. 1907^. 
Austin, and Henderson, Texas. 

Senior Academic. 1907% University Ave., 

Robert Fred Zeiss, 

Brenham, Texas. 

Mary Opal Zimmerman, 

Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Anthony Garland Adair; Cora Lee Allen; Lil- 
lie C. Anderson; Henry Travis Bailey; Berta 
B. Barnes; Anna Norcom Barton (Mrs. James 
Maynard Green, Jr.); Elizabeth Barton; Walker 
Barton; Henry Glenn Batchler; Edna Baucom; 
Lucy R. Baum; Susie V. Beal; David Erasmus 
Beck; Helen Bell; Jeanette Bennett (Mrs. Charles 
B. Rayner)*; Nellie M. Bennett; Beuna 
Zora Beringer; Nellie M. Blasdel; Anne Bohning; 
Alexander P. Bolding; Blanche Border; Edna 
Helena Bosche (Mrs. E. R. Kellersberger) ; 
Loften Richards Boyd; Mary Boynton; Joseph 
Beatty Brown; John Summerfield Broyles; Daisy 
Brundage; Alma Burkett; Frances A. Burnett; 
Catherine L. Buse; Alfred Callaghan; Ruth Calvert; 
Flora Cameron; Henry Isaac Cohen; Ilex Conley; 

Louis Fred Connell; Edith Connor; Mrs. J. C. 
Corwin; Henry F. Craddock, Jr.; Dudley Craw- 
ford; Elmer W. Cullers; Willie Eckhardt Dahl- 

mann*; Hattie Daniel; Jessie M. Darroch; Allie 
May Davis; Iris Davis; Arthur Dawson; James 
Lloyd Doughty; Francis Arthur Downs; Hubert 
C. Drawe; Alderson B. Everheart; Emma Nelson 
Farrell; Carolyn Inez Foster; William Talbot 
Foster; Willie Foster; Thomas Porter Fulton; 
Elijah Solomon Gardner*; Adah Gibbons; Roger 
William Gilleland; Nell Gilpin; Maude Eloise 
Graves; Guy Crittenden Gumn; Bessie Spotts- 
wood Hall; David M. Harris; Hans F. Harthan, 
Jr.; Linnie Pauline Hawkins; Frances Elise Hay; 
Clemmie Hayden; Udo Rudolph Hellman; Maria 
Elizabeth Helm; Isaac Albert Hicks; John Hugh 
Hill*; Raymond B. Hodges; Noel Hollingsworth ; 
David Brewster Hood; Charles Elam Hope; Maud 
Hamilton Hope; Earl Sumner Home; William H. 
Horton; Clarence Marion Howard; Gladys Elice 
Howell; William Lee Hudson; S. D. Huffman; 
Sarah Huie; Limmie Humphrey; Louis Kyle 

Humphries; Mrs. C. D. Hunter; Joe Walter Hun- 
ter; K. R. Isbell; Barren Johns; James Barton 
Jones; Bev King; Robert John King; Mary Watts 
Knight; Dana La Mar; Ida Landau; Alice Lane; 
Florence Latimer; Greer Leach; Valine Leach- 
man; Jewell Lochhead; Jesse Polk Lockhart; Earl 
tLockhead, Jr.; Annie Laurie Long; Lois S. 
yle; J. C. McAfee; James Scott McAfee; Mar- 
garet McColl; Addie McCorkle; Roland Mc- 
Gregor; Charles Edgar McGuire; Miss Ivander 
Mclver; Joseph Weldon McNamara; John Edgar 
Maddox; Mrs. C. R. Mallison; Kate Malloch; 
Ida Frances Masterson (Mrs.); Vivian Mayfield, 
B. A., 13; Mrs. Stella G. Mewshaw; Enoch L. 
Miller; Susie Miller; Lewis Reavley Morris; 
Jesse Donnel Nelson; Oscar Neunhoffer; Daniel 
Albert Newton; Lulu Mae Odom*; Odessa Otey; 
William Durham Roscoe Owen; Bertha Eason 
Palmer (Mrs.); Thomas Skelton Parker; Sher- 
man McNair Patterson; Eula Irene Patton; John 
Howard Paul; Ora Leila Payne; Frederick Pin- 
card Phillips; Fred P. Phillips (Mrs.); Ruby E. 

Pollard; Heard Charles Pope; J. Emmett Porter; 

William Garland Radford' 

Myrtle Annella Pullen; William A. Pulliam; 
William Garland Radford*; Harvey Augustus 
Ragsdale; Roy L. Reese; Douglas Rhode; Mrs. 
Laura A. Richards; Samuel Lee Rives; Georgi- 
ana Rogers; Mae Rogers; Erna Bernhardine Rom- 
berg; Frances Inez Rose; Pressley J. Rutledge; 
Mrs. Beulah G. Sanders; G. A. Sauer*; F. Saylor; 
Henry C. Scale; Mathias A. Shaver; Marguerite 
Simpson (Mrs. W. T. White); Edward Coster 
Sinks; Sister Paula Phillips; Everett Osburn 
Slaughter; Allen Craig Smith; Arthur Alton 
Smith; Celeste Panelia Smith; Cleland Snod- 
grass; Vaenesanuchus Socrates; E. H. Spark- 
man; Bert W. Speed; Zouella Spencer; Albert 
Carroll Spillers; Marion Walter Stahlnaker; Mrs. 
Agnes Huther Stallings; W. Lester Stanton; 
Jamie D. Stephens; M. A. O'Neill Stinebaugh; 
Pinkney L. Stone; Victor Rose Stover; Marmion 
Lee Stubblefield; Theodore Swift; Edmond N. 
Taylor; Elizabeth Trezise; James H. Tunnell; 
James Charles Vance; Catherine Ellen Van Hout- 
en; May Vawter; Edda von Bose; John Peter 
Wagner; John A. Walker; William Robert Wal- 
lace; Marcus Lafayette Walraven; Elizabeth Wa- 
tuston; Clara Weldon; David Hendrick West; 
Ethel Margaret West; Alvan Strozier W'illiams*; 
Mary Matilda Williams; Otie Bell Willson; May 
Wilson; Annie Elizabeth Wright; James Cornel- 
ius Wright; Clara Payne Yager. 


Chesley Meredith Adams, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Theta Nu Epsilon; Sig- 
ma Delta Psi; dir. German Club; track; 
mgr. Cactus; student asst. chemistry; capt. 
soccer team, 13-14; Chemist; mem. Am. Chem- 
ical Soc. 209% Lane St. and 5320 Willis Ave.. 
Dallas, Texas. 

Don Hugo Adams, 

Salesman; mem. Y. M. C. A. 141 Wickes 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Louise Adams, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
"T ' in tennis; won Tennis Tournament, 12; 
Teacher. 1414 S. Wash. St., Marshall, Texas. 

Jewel Clyde Alexander, 

Medical De-pt., Univ. of Texas, Galveston, 

L. C. Alexander, 

(See e. 09). 

Vera Lillian Alford, 

2010 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Edna Lou Allem, 

B. A., 13; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
Teacher of English; mem. Southern Assn. of 
Coll. Women. Main Ave. High School and 
1273 W. Theo Ave. (Palm Heights), San An- 
tonio, Texas. 




Louise Virginia Allen, 

B. A., 16; Alpha Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; pres. Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc., 15-16; student asst. in hist, of 
ed., 15-16; Teacher of Latin, McGregor. 914 
Cannon Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Stella Allen, 

Teacher. Oak Grove School and 2707 Ball 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Winnie Allen, 

Henrietta, Texas. 

Edward Manly Allison, 

Clerk. Brownsville, Texas. 

Augusta Anderson, 

Austin, Texas. 

Bessie Lee Anderson, 

Teacher. 302 E. Cotton St., Longview, 

William Dixon Anderson, 

Glee Club; Lumber; Calcasieu Lumber Co. 
and 708 E. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Lillian M. Anthony, 

Teacher. 1601, 3ist St., Galveston, Texas. 

Thomas Whitworth Archer, 

Chi Phi; pres. freshman class; Bank Clerk. 
First Natl. Bank and 704 Lamar Ave., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Alma M. Armstrong, 

Angus, Texas. 

D. G. Arnold, 

Phi Beta Pi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Student. 
Henderson and 1008 Ave. D, Galveston, Texas. 

Ernest Ashberry (Mrs.), 

Teacher. Lone Oak, Texas. 

Richard Francis Bailey, 

LL. B., 16; Phi Delta Theta; Speakers and 
German Clubs; baseball team; pres. Speakers 
Club; pres. thanksgiving reception, 15; v.-pres, 
German Club, 16; Texan reporter; inter-soci- 
ety debater. Henderson, Texas. 

Hines Holt Baker, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Economics Club; asst. 
in econ., 14-17; Student. 2105 Tom Green 
St., Austin, Texas. 

David Ball, 

Kappa Alpha; Arrowhead; Speakers Club; 
mgr. football, 14; pres. Riceonian Debating 
Soc., 14-16, and of Honor Council, 15-16; 
Student. 804-5 Union Natl. Bank Bldg. and 
4218 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas. 

David H. Ball, 

Student. 2004 Travis St., Houston, Texas. 

Ruth Elizabeth Barham, 

B. A., 16; Chi Omega; Reagan Lit. Soc.; 
Student. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Ivy Viola Barnes, 

R. F. D. No. 2, Box 19, Austin, Texas. 

Maude Alice Barnes, 

Chi Omega; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Chemical Club; 
Student; asst. in chem. Woman's Bldg., 
Austin and Floresville, Texas. 

Roy Earl Barr, 

Student. 115 W. 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

John Vermillion Barrow, 

B- A 15; Phi Beta Kappa; pres. Student 
Vol. Band, 14-15; student asst. in Latin, 13- 
14; Y. M. C. A. 1009 W. nth St., Austin, 


Claud Lafloy Batson, 

Kappa Sigma; Assistant Secretary, Southern 
Lumber and Timber Co. Hillsdale, Miss. 

Browne Flourney Beasley, 

Farmer and Ranchman; mem. Beeville Club. 
Tynan, Texas. 

Ruth Irene Beaver (Mrs. Roy Thom- 

24th and Leon Sts., Austin, Texas. 

Samuel Jackson Beattie, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kweehee; Ramshorn; 
Students Council; Bank Clerk. 902 E. Cali- 
fornia St., Gainesville, Texas. 

Helen Baylor Beck, 

B. A., 15; Camp Fire Girls; Cap and Gown; 
Univ. Chapter D. A. R. ; Music Teacher; 
mem. Y. W. C. A. 509 Lamar St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Rubie Bell, 

B. A., 16; Chi Omega; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Vizor; Phi Beta Kappa; Y. W. C. A.; Cabinet; 
custodian, Sidney Lanier Loan Fund; Stud- 
ent. 2704 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Lydia Benton (Mrs. Hugh B. Lo- 

Cisco, Texas. 

Henry Walter Berkley, 

Ramshorn; Am. Inst. Electrical Engineers; 
Student. University Station, B. Hall, Austin, 
and Dripping Springs, Texas. 

Paul Milton Bertram, 

Banking; mem. Elks. Sweetwater, Texas. 

John Hamilton Bickett, Jr., 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Jessie Newton Bigbee, 

A. B., 08, Southwestern Univ.; Superinten- 
dent of Schools; chrmn., supt. and principal, 
section 15, T. S. T. A.; pres. Gulf Coast 
Educ. Assn., 16; supt. Elgin, 3 years, Smith- 
ville, 7 years, and Kingsville, 3 years. King 
Bldg., Kingsville, Texas. 

Mrs. R. B. Binnion, 

201 E. i6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Alice Otis Bird, 

B. A., 15; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel; on 
staff Magazine. 13-15; sec. Woman's Council, 
13-14; Visor; Art Club; freshman Tc.ran, 12; 
Cap and Gown; student assistant in French, 
12-13, and English, 13-15; D. A. R. short story 
prize, 14; Teacher of French and Assistant in 
Spanish, Ball High Sch. 1404, 26th St., Gal 
veston, Texas. 

Grover Cleveland Black, 

Killeen, Texas. 

Mary Jewell Mann Black, 

Goliad, Texas. 




Elenora Rose Blakeslee, 

Newman and Choral Clubs; Athletic Soc.: 
Teacher. Pease School, Rio Grande St., and 
610 W. i8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Frank Alderson Blankenbeckler, 

Phi Chi; Merchant. 487 N. Wetherbee St.> 
Stamford, Texas. 

George Wayman Blattner, 

B. A., 15. Sulphur, Okla. 

Daniel F. Bobbitt, 

Hillsboro, Texas. 

Z. David Bonner, 

Banker; Cashier Commercial State Bank; 
mem. Travers Club. 203 E. Houston St., 
1116 Main Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lalla R. Boone, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; Student. Woman's 
Bldg., Austin and Lubbock, Texas. 

Horace Booth, Jr., 

Kappa Sigma; District Manager Dixie Oil 
and Refining Co.; mem. Elks; 32 Mason; 
Ben Hur Shrine. 3d St. and West Ave. and 
Elks Club, Austin, Texas. 

Mary Edna Boothe, 

Teacher. Eagle Lake, Texas. 

Louis Keith Boswell, 

B. A., 16; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Phi Alpha Sigma; student asst. in 
zoology, 13-16; scrub basket ball, 13; Student. 
1104 Cherry St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Ethel Bowman, 

Y. W. C. A.; Reid Music Club. 716 W. 22% 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Frank Percival Bowman, 

Reagan; Lawyer; co. atty. Mills Co.; mem. 
Masons; Praetorian. Goldthwaite, Texas. 

Annie Elizabeth Boyd, 

Teacher of Home Economics, High Sch. 700 
W. Main St. and 626 W. Woodward St., Den- 
ison, Texas. 

A. L. Bradfield, 

Superintendent of Schools, Upshur Co., since 
12. Gilmer, Texas. 

Tom Bradley (Mrs.), 

2314 Lipscomb St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Orianna Bramlette (Mrs. Roy T. 

Delta Delta Delta; formerly teacher of hist., 
Falfurrias High Sch. Huntsville, Texas. 

Allene Brandenburg, 

B. A., 15; Present Day Club; Y. W. C. A.; 
Teacher, Nacogdoches Public Schools. Na- 
cogdoches and 831 W. loth St., Dallas, Texas. 

Adlai Charles Breustedt, 

Seguin, Texas. 

Lutie Britt, 

B. A., 15; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; La Ter- 
tulia; Teacher of Spanish in High Sch.; au- 
thorized Camp Fire guardian for High Sch. 
Girls. Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Clara May Brooks, 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbits Foot Club; Student. 
225 Crofton Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Edna Maud Brown, 

B. A., 13; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A. 
802 Convent Ave., Laredo, Texas. 

Frances Alice Brown, 

Y. W. C. A., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Helen Eldora Brown, 

Y. W. C. A., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Noel King Brown, 

Sigma Nu; Librariai 

2405 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Sigma Nu; Librarian. Capitol Station and 
, Tex 

Nora Brown, 

186 N. Oak St., Denton, Texas. 

Over Brown, 

Hamilton, Texas. 

William Russell Brown, 

Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Rattler Club; 
Skull and Bones; Student. Room 9 I Hall, 
Dept. of Extension, University of Texas, and 
306 W. ipth St., Austin, Texas. 

Florence Lloyd Brownlee, 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 2005 Whitis Ave., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Alice Iturbida Bruce, 

Galveston, Texas. 

Tom Eunice Bryant (Mrs. Stroud), 

First grade State Cert., 12; basket ball; ten- 
nis; tchr. of hist., Kaufman High Sch., 15- 
16; high school teacher 4 years. Kaufman, 

Ge9rge Curtis Buckingham, 

First grade certificate. 705 H 
Palestine, Texas. 

705 Hanard Ave., 

Edward Lewis Buddy, 

B. A., 14; Phi Delta Theta; Friars; "T" 
Assn.; basketoall, 13-14; Cotton Buyer. 604 
Cotton Exchange Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

Frederick P. Burdick, 

Furnald Hall, Columbia Univ., N. Y. C. 

Marie H. Burns, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Rabbits Foot Club; Girls' 
x>; Zeta Tau Alpha Alumnae Pan-Hellenic 
lub. 1117 San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas. 


Maude Joe Burt (Mrs. T. P. Steger), 

321 S. Edgefield St., Dallas, Texas. 

Elizabeth Ardie Butts, 

B. A., 15; A. M., 16 Randolph-Macon Wo- 
man's Coll.; "T" Assn. Cisco, Texas. 

William Henry Cade, 

626 Van Ness "St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Alene Calaway, 

Teacher. Bowie, Texas. 

Manly L. Caldwell, 

Principal Marlin High Sch. Gift St., Marlin, 




Walter Hugh Caldwell, 

B. A., 15; Phi Alpha Tau; La Tertulia; 
Rusticusses; Ft. Worth Club; winner Morris 
Sheppard oratorical prize, n and 12; sec. 
Rusk Lit. Soc., 12; chairman decoration comm. 
sophomore reception, 13; comm. chairman aca- 
demic reception, 14; Alcalde reporter for Ft. 
Worth Alumni Club, 15-16-17; bus. mgr. 
Magazine, 14-15; Teacher Mathematics De- 
partment, Central High School, Rosedale and 
Jennings. 1914 Sixth Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Maydelle B. Campbell, 

B. A., 12; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Anglers. 
611 S. Sycamore St., Palestine, Texas. 

Sue Katherine Campbell, 

B. A., 16; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rabbit 
Foot Club. 2208 San Antonio St., Austin, 

Michael J. Carey, 

Newman Club; Rector St. Austin's Chapel; 
dir. mem. Univ. Club. 643 Markham St., To- 
ronto. Ont., Canada. 

Mary Carlson, 

Stenographer. Gilbert Bldg. and 395 Mag- 
nolia St., Beaumont, Texas. 

George Hutchings Carter, 

Roby, Texas. 

Mary Woodward Carter, 

1016 N. sth St., Waco, Texas. 

Lura Madge Case, 

First grade certificate in swimming; mem. 
Red Cross Assn. ; McDowell Choral Club. 
626 W. Woodard St., Denison, Texas. 

Horton Ryan Casparis, 

B. A., 15. Baltimore, Md. 

Sarah Olive Chandler, 

Teacher; Principal of High Sch. 918 E. Mar- 
ket St., Searcy, Ark. 

Iva Chapman, 

Teacher; Eleanor Brackenridge Sch., Brook- 
lyn, and 714 Erie Aves., San Antonio, Texas. 

Preston Armour Childers, 

Temple, Texas. 

Clara Anna Chrisman, 

B. A., 13. Conroe, Texas. 

Josephine Christian, 

Chi Omega; Teacher; Rabbit Foot Club. 
Goldlhwaite and 1912 Nueces St., Austin, 

Howard Witmer Claiborne, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Theta Nu Epsilon; Ger- 
man and Press Clubs; ed.-in-chief Coyotte- 
dept ed. Cactus, Magazine and Texan; Brok- 
er, Cotton Seed Products; mem. Lakewood 
Country Club. Trust Bldg. and 4001 Euclid 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Sarah Lewis Clapp, 

B. A. 17; Phi Beta Kappa: Pierian Lit. 
Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Cap and 6own; Athletic 
Assn.; correspondence scholarship; student 
asst. in English; Student. Bowie, Texas. 

Jamie L. Clark, 

Farmer. San Gabriel, Texas. 

Bernice Elizabeth Clements, 

Y. W. C. A.; Harmony. 1007 E. Walnut 
St., Lampasas, Texas. 

Mary Teresa Coates, 

B. A., 12; attended Trinity Univ. at Waxa- 
hachie; Violin, Pierian and Newman Clubs; 
Student; tchr. Public Schools, Corsicana, 3 
yrs. 501 W. i2ist St., New York City, and 
Waxahachie, Texas. 

Thomas B. Cochran, 

Kappa Alpha; Student. 2310 San Gabriel St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Willie Cochran (Mrs. L. C. Belcher), 

Mem. Y. W. C. A. Marfa, Texas. 

Sadie Cofl&e, 

Teacher. 805 Brozos St., Austin, Texas. 

Malcolm Young Colby, 

B. A., 15; Sigma Nu; asst. in physics, 12- 
15; Merchant. Madill. Okla. 

Louise Coleman (Mrs. Sparks B. 

Delta Delta Delta. Hubbard, Texas. 

L. W. Coleman, 

A. B., 14, Baylor Coll.; Student; asst. in 
pure math. R. F. D. No. 3, Dallas, Texas. 

Monette Colgin (Mrs. Mark Hanna), 

Waco, Texas. 

h J. Compton, 

Soldier; ist sergeant Co. B, 3d Texas Infan- 
try; mem. Natl. Rifleman's Assn.; Texas 
Rifle Team. Co. B, 3d Texas Infantry, -and 
1024 Chamberlain St., Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Robert Earl Cone, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Theta Nu Epsilon; Phi 
Alpha Sigma; "T T> Assn; baseball, 12-15; Stu- 
dent. 3928 Ave. M%, Galveston, Texas. 

Madison A. Cooper, Jr., 

B. A., 15; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa 
Psi; Cactus, 14; Coyote, 13-14; dir. German 
Club; thanksgiving reception. 14; mgr. Prod- 
uce Dept., Cooper Grocery Co. 1801 Austin 
Ave., Waco, Texas. 

Darius Samuel Coplen, 

Teacher; supt. of schools. Magnolia, Texas. 

Mamie Cordz, 

B. A., 15; mem. Y. W. C. A. 709 W. 32d 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Elizabeth Zuleika Corley, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; basketball, 11-12; Domestic 
Science Teacher. Mexia, Texas. 

Fred. R. Gotten, 

B. A., 15; Kappa Alpha; Friar; Sigma Delta 
Chi; mgr. track team, 15; managing ed. 
Tc.ran, 14-15; Student's Assembly, 14; Student. 
Weatherford, Texas. 

Verner B. Couch, 

Asst. Cashier Farmers' Natl Bank. 
Oak, Texas. 


Alice Cowan, 

B. A., 16; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A., 
Phi Beta Kappa; Cap and Gown; Teacher. 
5302 East Side Ave., Dallas, Texas. 




Michael Emmet Crane, 

4005 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Anne Cronkey, 

Mem. Daughters of Confederacy; Civic Club. 
301 Starr St., Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Hugh Sutherland Cronkey (Mrs. 
Walter L. Barnum), 

Nueces Hotel, Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Lulu Frances Croushorn, 

LL. B., ii Baylor Univ.; mem. Pierian Club. 
Seymour, Texas. 

Angeline Louise Culbertson, 

Mem. Amateur Musical Club; Y. W. C. A.; 
Austin Festival Assn. 1802 Pearl St., Austin, 

W. P. Gulp, Jr., 

Cashier Elgin Natl. Bank; city treas. 


S. T. Cummings, 

Teacher, Cleburne Grammar Sch. ; masonic 
connections; mem. B. of A. Y. Cleburne, 

Margaret Cunningham (Mrs. Harry 

4105 Fort Bliss Blvd., El Paso, Texas. 

Gertrude Estel Dannenman (Mrs. O. 
B. Mowrey), 

Y. W. C. A.; basketball; mem. Elizabeth 
Nauman Circle. 91 E. Price St., Paris, 

E. M. Davis, 

County Superintendent of Schools; mem. 
Masons; W. O. W. San Angelo, Texas. 

Samuel Henry Davis, 

Bookkeeper. 918 Union Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and No. 9 La Morado Apartments, Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Edward Paxton Daviss, Jr., 

Coach Houston High Sch. track team, 15-17; 
Assistant Instructor in Chemistry and Phys- 
ics, Houston High Sch.; sec. Henk, Dirken 
Floral and Nursery Co.; mem. Strollers; 
Houston High Sch. Debating and Science 
Clubs; Kamera Klub; National First Aid of 
America. Rusk and Caroline Sts. and 1312 
Jackson St., Houston, Texas. 

Cordelia Jane Dawson, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Art Club; 
pres. Reagan Lit. Soc., 16-17 and corres. sec., 
15-16; Student 80 1 Gunter Bldg., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

E. M. Day, 

Superintendent San Marcos Public Schools; 
H. P. R. A. M.; W. P. O. E. S. ; Masonic 
connections. 705 Comanche St., San Marcos, 

William Robert Deatherage, 

B. A., 15; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Nu Sigma 
Nu; gym. team, 15; Students Council, 15-16. 
1005 Ave. B, Galveston, and 4517 Reiger Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Jerry Wade Debenport, 

Accountant; Cashier Commerce Oil Mill. 
Commerce, Texas. 

Robert Reese Deen, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Grocery Merchant; mem. 
Rod and Gun Club. 222-224 E. sth St. and 
1410 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Peter Charles Del Barto, 

LL. B., 16, Univ. of Chicago; Phi Kappa 
Sigma (Chicago); Attorney-at-Law, with How- 
ard and Kendall. 312-314 Scanlon Bldg. and 
815 McKinney St., Houston, Texas. 

Gertrude de Mauri (Mrs. H. J. Er- 

Teacher of Latin. Piano, Texas. 

Dorothy Densmore, 

B. A., 14. 808 Lancaster St., Dallas, Texas. 

Elsie Desenberg, 

B. A., 15; Teacher. Mexia, Texas. 

William Earl Dishman, 

O. A. K. Club; Automobile Dealer. Collins- 
ville, Texas. 

Addie Dixon (Mrs. S. U. Barren), 

Assistant to Secretary of Faculties, Univ. of 
Texas. 153 Main Bldg., Univ. of Texas, and 
1901 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Leah Leona Dockery, 

Teacher. 106 Martin St., Del Rio, Texas. 

William Dee Dockery, 

Del Rio, Texas. 

Earl Roe Donnell, 

Manager Donnell Creamery Co.; mem. K. of 
P. Donnell Creamery Co. and 312 N. Mam 
St., Temple, Texas. 

Tom Harris Dowlen, 

Assistant Manager Refinery, Prudential Oil 
Assn., Baltimore, Md. ; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
165 Montebello Terrace, Lauraville, Md. 

Hiram T. Downard, 

Post Office Clerk; mem. Pre-Medical Club. 
Bryan, Texas. 

Margaret Louise Downie, 

906 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Helen Duggan, 

Belton, Texas. 

Martha Roberta Dulin, 

B. A., 15; Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; custodian Sidney 
Lanier Loan Fund; Assistant in University of 
Texas Library. Univ. of Texas Library, 
Austin, Texas. 

James Lewis Dunn, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Tau; Cur- 
tain, Glee and Spanish Clubs; Student; Li- 
brarian. 2006 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Howard Barkham Du Puy, 

B. S. in M., 15. 303 Tenth St., Galveston, 

Charles Dudley Eaves, 

B. A., 1 6. Grapeland, Texas. 

Isaac Warner Eaves, 

Grapeland, Texas. 




William Lewis Edelen, 

Seymour, Texas. 

James Archibald Edmond, 

Phi Delta Theta; Arrowhead; Friar; Y. M. 
C. A.; football, 13-15; basketball, 12-15; capt., 
15-16; mgr., 15; baseball, 12-15; Student; asst. 
in medical history. 1301 Columbus St., 
Waco, Texas. 

Mary Stather Elliott, 

B. A., 15; Sidney Lanier Soc. ; Y. W. C. A.; 
La Tertulia; Cap and Gown; Visor; Teacher 
of Spanish, San Antonio High Sch. ; mem. 
Southern Assn. of College Women. Main 
Ave. High School and 1524 Buena Vista St., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Ab Reed Ellis, 

Lockhart, Texas. 

Harriet Ellis (Mrs. Percy Deshon), 

Kappa Alpha Theta. Care Adjutant General, 
Washington, D. C. 

Alva Christine Ellisor, 

B. A., 15; Scandinavian Soc; student asst. 
in geology, 13-15; Teacher of Mathematics 
and Science, Ball High Sch.; mem. Ball 
High Sch. Alumni Assn. Ball High School 
and 1718 Ave. N, Galveston, Texas. 

Sheba Rive Julia Ewing, 

Y. W. C. A. ; mem. Social Comm. and sec. 
Educ. Dept., do.; Teacher; mem. Choral Club, 
11-14, and treas., 13-14. 164 R. F. D. No. 3, 
Austin, Texas. 

Maida F. Ezzell (Mrs. Frank Lan- 

in Washington St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Edwin Ewan Fairweather, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; A. F. C. ; Kweeheq 
Klan; Student; mem. B. P. O. Elks. 611 N. 
Main St., Cleburne, and 2208 Nueces St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Anna Calvin Faust (Mrs. J. R. Jack- 

Mem. Wednesday Club. Baird, Texas. 

Mary Annie Felsing, 

B. A., 16; Present Day and Germania Clubs; 
Teacher of German. El Campo High Sch., 
El Campo, Texas. 

Mary Caldwell Fenet, 

Beta Delta Alpha; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. 
W. C. A.; Univ. Musical Club; Pan-Hellenic, 
14-15; Y. W. C. A. cabinet, 12-15; winner of 
T and "Quill"; v.-pres. jr. class and acad. 
dept., 14-15; on bd. Texan, 12-16; Alcalde. 13- 
16, and Cactus, 14-16; Teacher. Marshall 
High School, Marshall, and 426 N. Travis 
St., Sherman, Texas. 

John Roger Fenlaw, 

Attorney. Gilmer, Texas. 

Alberta Fetterly (Mrs. S. W. Craw- 

Chi Omega; Rabbit Foot. 423 Craig St., 
Hillsboro, Texas. 

Rupert R. Fillers, 

Morgan, Texas. 

Vida Finney, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Teacher. 104 E. Prai- 
rie St., Cuero, Texas. 

Antoinette Fischer, 

Teacher; mem. Newman Club. 1018 W. loth 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Lewis Edward Fite, 

Farmer; mem. Capitol Club. Belton, Texas. 

Leslie D. Flowers, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Theta Nu Epsilon; German 
Club; Winsonian; Ranchman, uvalde, Texas. 

Jerry S. Fowler, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Hogg Debating Club; assn. 
winner of "T" for 3 yrs., baseball team; 
Advertising Manager Cleburne Daily Enter- 
prise; mem. Elks. 316 N. Chambers St. and 
301 S. Robinson St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Dennis P. Fox, 

Partner in Garage; prin. Roscoe High Sch. i 
yr., and Roby High Sch. 6 yrs. Roby, Tex. 

Charles I. Francis, 

B. A., 15; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; 
Delta Sigma Rho; Sigma Upsilon; Friar 
Soc. ; Arrowhead ; Speakers' Soc. ; debating, 
12-13 and 14-16; baseball, 12-14; pres. Ora- 
torical Assn., 13-14; H. A. Wroe prize in 
declamation; Wilmot prize in debate; Delta 
Sigma Rho prize in debate; student asst. in 
geology, 12-13; scholar in govt., 14-15; fellow 
in govt., 15-16; Student. 25 S. Locust St., 
Denton, Texas. 

Susan Rosa Frank, 

B. A., 15; Teacher. Wooldridge School and 
402 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Cecil Anderson Freeman, 

Santa Anna, Texas. 

Lelia Freeman, 

Phi Mu; Reagan Lit Soc.; Teacher. Hamon, 

Berta Frey, 

Art Instructor. 625 W. Third Ave., Corsi- 

cana, Texas. 

Emma Frey, 

Teacher and Matron of Girls Dept., Lutheran 
College, Seguin, Texas. 

Kate S. Fulcrod, 

Teacher; tchr. Goliad Public Sch. and hist, 
and Engl., Goliad High Sch. Goliad, Texas. 

Lula Galle (Mrs. George Hagy), 

i oo i Main Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Ltiella Gardner (Mrs. P. A. Kolstad), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. 242 Royal St., Pales- 
tine, Texas. 

Natalie Gerland, 

B. A., 12. Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Laurence Gernsbacher, 

Menorah Soc.; Lawyer. 609 Texas State Bank 
Bldg. and 1415 Texas St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Andrew Jackson Gidley, 

Cashier Lytle Ban; mem. Masons. Lytle, 

Emma June Gilcreest, 

Pi Beta Phi; Private Secretary. 511 S. Den- 
ton St., Gainesville, Texas. 




Julian Edgeworth Gillespie, 

LL. B., 16, Georgetown Univ.; Delta Chi; 
ores. soph, class, 13; basketball. 12-13; foot- 
ball, 14-15; Deputy Sergeant at Arms, U. S. 
Senate. U. S. Senate. Washington, D. C., 
and 105 Gaston Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

Minnie M. Gillespie, 

Teacher. Harrisburg and Sampson Sts. and 
Magnolia Park Houston, Texas. 

Bachman Adele Glasgow, 

B. A., 16; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; 
Visor; Teacher. High School, W. Houston 
St., and 503 E. Austin St., Marshall, Texas. 

Myrtle Stephens Glass, 

Teacher Yoakum High Sch. 
Yoakum, Texas. 

722 Edgar St., 

Gertrude Goldsmith, 

Student. 307 W. 2ist St., Austin, Texas. 

Attie Wood Gooch, 

Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Woman's Ath- 
letic Club; Teacher in Public Sch. John H. 
Reagan School and 305 Magnolia St., Pal- 
estine, Texas. 

Eulah Goodfellow (Mrs. Otis Ware), 

San Angelo, Texas. 

Edward Lemond Graham, 

Cleburne, Texas. 

William Pinkney Graham, 

Teacher. Bryan, Texas. 

Charles Walker Gray, 

B. A., ii, Vanderbilt Univ.; Phi Kappa Sig- 
ma; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Upsilon; Stu- 
dent. Del Rio, Texas. 

Sallie \V. Gray, 

Coleman, Texas." 

R. D. Green, 

Cisco, Texas. 

Harriet Laura Greer, 

B. A., 13; Teacher Sam Houston Normal 
Institute (Huntsville). Huntsville and Cam- 
eron, Texas. 

Meade F. Griffin, 

B. A., 15; LL. B., 17; Rusk Lit. and Hilde- 
brand Law Socs. ; track mgr., 16; sen. acad. 
rep. to students council, 15-16; jun. class pres. 
at spring term, 15; student asst. in Econ.; 
Student. Tulia, Texas. 

William Henry Griffin, 

Rusty Cusses; track, 14; football, 12-13-14-15; 
mgr. soccer, 14, and assisted in making it an 
athletic sport in the Univ. of Texas; Farmer; 
Scottish Rite Mason (Austin) ; mem. com- 
mandery No. 56, K. T. (San Marcos). P. O. 
Box 514, San Marcos, Texas. 

Merton Ona Grimes, 

Farmer. Moffat, Texas. 

Jack Giles Grissom, 

B. A., 15; M. A., 15; Econ. Club; student asst. 
in Econ., 14-15; Student; v.-pres. Student's 
Assn., 15-16. Granbury, Texas. 

Leolin Harrison Gross, 

Kappa Sigma; Arrowhead; asst. mgr. foot- 
ball, 15-16; pres. Arrowhead, 16^17; chrmn. 
music comm. thanksgiving reception, 14, and 
refreshment comm., 15; Student. 203 W. igth 
St., Austin, and Mineral Wells, Texas. 

Dixon Gulley, 

LL. B., 14; Hildebrand Law Soc.; Lawyer; 
co. atty., Dimmit Co. Carrizo Springs, 

Alto Amos Gunter, 

Newton, Texas. 

Hardee Morrow Guynes, 

Delta Chi; Salesman. Swift and Co., Ft. 
Worth, Texas. 

Hal Hailey, 

Real Estate Operator. 504 Scarbrough Bldg. 
and 706 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Charles Hamilton, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
German Club; "T" Assn.; "T" in track, 13- 
14. Cattleman. T. H. Ranch, Knox Co., P. 
O. Benjamin, Texas. 

Charles Clyde Hampton, 

Munday, Texas. 

Harry Paul Harber, 

Student. 1213 Ave. E, San Saba, Texas. 

Burton Anthony Hardey, 

Newman Club; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; foot- 
ball; track; Timekeeper Gulf Refining Co.; 
mem. Rotary and Vivian Athletic Clubs. 
Care Gulf Refining Co., Mooringsport, La. 

Robert Franklin Harp, 

Abernathy, Texas. 

Annie Margaret Harper, 

Telephone Operator. 2107 Broadway, Galvcs- 
ton, Texas. 

Margaret Preston Harper, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Womens' Council, 13-14; v -- 
pres. class (i), 12-13; School Teacher. 1002 
Maple St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Silas Frederick Harrington, 

Pharmacist. Piano, Texas. 

Sul Ross Harrington, 


Secretary to Superintendent St. L. B. and M. 
Ry. 221 Huisache Ave., Kingsville, Texas. 

Alice Lynne Harris, 

Pi Delta Theta; Teacher. 1109 E. Pecan St., 
Gainesville, Texas. 

Martha Harris (Mrs. Frank Allen 

Kappa Alpha Theta. 228 W. Park Ave., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Thomas H. Hart, 

Teacher; mem. Chamber of Commerce. 
First St., Brownwood, Texas. 


Marie Louise Hartman (Mrs. Allie 

3008 Washington Square, Austin, Texas. 

Irma Imogene Haskell, 

Teacher. 2218 Dana St., Berkeley, Cal. 




Harold Wood Hassell, 

Student. 203 S. Adams St., San Angelo, 

John Dawson Hauslein, 

B. A., 15. Denton, Texas. 

James Marvin Haynes, 

LL, B., 16, Georgetown Univ.; Delta Chi; at- 
tended Dept. of Law, 13-15; Attorney-at-Law ; 
spec, examiner Federal Trade Commission. 
414 W. Wilson St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Mattie D. Hays, 

Teacher. Marble Falls, Texas. 

Josephine Heavenhill, 

B. A., 1 6. Midland, Texas. 

Frances Heid, 

Teacher. Del Rio, Texas. 

Charles H. Heimsath, 

Pres. Soc. of Science 15-17; Student. 315 W. 
Evergreen St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Gladstone Bering Heisig, 

Student. Heisig Apts., Houston, Texas. 

Stella Omberg Hemphill, 

B. A., 15; Pierian Lit. Soc.; winner of "T"; 
Teacher of Spanish and history, Amarillo 
High Sch. 806 Fillmore St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Henry George Hendricks, 

Woodrow, Texas. 

Viola May Hendricks (Mrs. E. R. 

Rep. to Womans' Council; Teacher. Here- 
ford, Texas. 

Waldemar F. Henniger, 

Waldeck, Texas. 

Mary Katherine Henry, 

Teacher. 508 Cliff St., El Paso, Texas. 

Robert L. Herndon, 

Alpha Mu Pi Omega; Chief Clerk, Retail Mer- 
chant's Assn.; sec. Texas Mercantile Agency 
of Houston. 205 Houston Land and Trust 
Co. Bldg., 119 Main St. and 8 Leeland Apts. 
Houston, Texas. 

Newton Sam Herod, 

Grapeland, Texas. 

Anna Herring (Mrs. Robert E. 

B - A., 16; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Home Eco- 
nomics Club; Cap and Gown; Y. W. C. A 
Cabinet, 16; Student. 244 N. Magdalen St., 
San Angelo, Texas. 

George Jacob Hexter, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 16; Curtain Club; Scrib- 
lers; Phi Beta Kappa; Student. 1420 S. 
Akard St., Dallas, Texas. 

Helen Higginbotham (Mrs. D. R. 

Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Sidney La. 
nier Lit. Soc. Llano, Texas. 

Birl Milton Hight, 

Rusticusses; Manager, Spur Oil Mill. Sour 
Texas. ' 

Anna Belle Hilgartner, 

Pi Beta Phi; Student. 1402 Rio Grande St., 
Austin, Texas. 

John Augustus Hill, 

Chi Phi; Stockman and Farmer. Harlingen, 

Mary Cornwall Hill, 

B. A., 15; M. A., 16; Poet's Club; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Student asst. in English. Rural Route 
i, Olney, Texas. 

Harley Frank Hines, 

Coleman, Texas. 

Elmer Lee Hinton, 

Rusk Lit. Soc. ; mgr. Daily Texan and Maga- 
zine, 14-15; Teacher; mem. Ad and Masonic 
Clubs. Floyd and Encino. N. M. 

August William Hodde, 

Brenham, Texas. 

Alice Catherine Hodnett, 

Teacher of Languages; teacher of English, 
Banks Stephens Inst. ; Latin and English, 
Wolfe City, Texas; Latin and history, Paris, 
Texas; Latin, Miss Hanna's School, Atlanta; 
mem. Daughters of Am. Revolution, Daugh- 
ters of Confederacy. Southeastern Christian 
College, Auburn and 243 Ponce de Leon Ave., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Sammye Dave Hogue (Miss), 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Univ. Music Club; Y. W. 

C. A. ; v.-pres. jr. class. 149 Bonham St., 
Paris, Texas. 

Lan Morgan Holland, 

Morgan, Texas. 

Olive Hollingsworth, 

B. A., 15. Crosby, Texas. 

Amy Grace Horner, 

Reagan Lit. Soc. ; Architectural Soc. ; Art 
Club; Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. 817 W. 
6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Hazel Hornsby, 

B. A., 14; attended School of Arch., 14-18; 
Chi Omega; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Architectural 
Soc.; University Art Club; treas. Ashbel, 14, 
and pres., 17; pres. Art Club, 17; sec.-treas. 
Arch. Soc., 17; sec. freshman Eng., Fall, 14; 
v.-pres. Soph. Eng. (Fall, 15); Student. 2603 
Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Joseph Julian Horton, 

Grand Prairie, Texas. 

Erol Linwood Howell, 

Pendleton, Texas. 

O. L. Howell, 

Teacher; mem. Summer Normal Board of 
Examiners, 14. Snyder, Texas. 

Sarah Catherine Hoy, 

A. B., 16, Univ. of Arizona; Gamma Phi 
Sigma (Univ. of Arizona); Phi Kappa Phi; 
v.-pres. class, 14-15; mem. House of Rep., 13- 
14 and 15-16; chrmn. social committee of 
Student Body, 15-16; on staff Desert, 14-15, 
and Wildcat, 15-16; basketball; honor student 
(3), 14-15; honor student (4), 15-16; Univ. 
honor student, 16 (Univ. of Arizona) ; Teacher 
of English and Economics. Bisbee High Sch. 
Box 568 and 68 Castle Hill; Bisbee, Ariz. 




John Charles Hoyo, 

LL. B., 16; Delta Sigma Phi; Hildebrand Law 
Soc.; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Chancellors; Texan 
staff; v.-pres. middle law class, 14-15; quiz- 
master; Student. Weimar, Texas. 

Raymond Huff, 

Principal and Instructor in Spanish and Eng- 
lish, Des Moines High Sch. Des Moines, 
N. Mex. 

Bessie Huie (Mrs. Dudley F. Mc- 

Llano, Texas. 

Maurice Houston Hurlock, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Treasurer Hurlock Realty 
Co.; Sec.-Treas. Queen Oil Co., Inc.; Manager 
of Queen Bldg. 301-2-3-4-5 Queen Bldg. and 
1217 Houston Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Harry Ibbotson, 

B. L., Commerce Normal; Teacher, Public 
Schools; co. supt., Hunt Co., 4 yrs. 1608 E. 
Jones St., Greenville, Texas. 

Annie Lucile Jackson (Mrs. Thomas 
Bradford Darst), 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Angler Soc. Richmond, 

Claude Edward Jackson, 

208 E. 25th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lois D. Jackson, 

Clerk. 2020 McGowan Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Onie Wilhoite Jackson, 

Sprinkle, Texas. 

Robert C. Jackson, 

Principal, Ward School. Beall School and 
1019 Noble St., El Paso, Texas. 

Alma Adaline Jacobs, 

Alvord, Texas. 

Lucie Evelyn Jameson, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 16; mem. Y. W. C. A.; 
Violin, Choral and Present Day Clubs; win- 
ner Y. W. C. A. prize essay; Teacher Daily 
Vacation Bible School; mem. U. D. C. In- 
stitutional Church, 6th and Holmes Sts., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

Robert M. Jameson, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 14; LL. B., 16; Press and 
Speakers Clubs; fellow in Harvard Univ., 
16-17; Student; sec. Bur. of Munic. Research 
and Reference, 13-16. Harvard Univ., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Aubrey Jarrell, 

1019 N. Main St., Belton, Texas. 

Paul Wayland Jeffrey, 

(See /. 06.) 

Beauford H. Jester, 

B. A., 16; Kappa Sigma; Friars; Arrow- 
head; Sigma Delta Chi; soccer football, 13, 
14, 16; Student. Corsicana, Texas. 

Claude Douglas Johns, Jr., 

B. A., 15; Virginia Military Inst. ; Beta 
Theta Pi; Arrowhead Club; Deucher Club; 
Student. 2501 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Laura Steiner Johns, 

B. A., 16: Phi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot; mem. 
Y. M. C. A. 2501 Whitis Ave., Austin, 

Dowell Budington Johnson, 

B. A., 15; Alpha Kappa Psi; asst. in bus. 
admin. ; Bookkeeper for Spur Light, Power 
and Gin Co. P. O. Box 8, Spur, Texas. 

Edgar Douglas Johnson, 

B. A., 15; Scribblers' Club; 2d prize, Morris 
Sheppard after-dinner speech contest; asst. 
ed. The Magazine; Principal, Central Gram- 
mar Sch. (Midland); city ed. Daily Courier- 
Light, 15; travelling sec., Y. M. C. A. with 
troops on Mexican border, 16. 710 W. Third 
Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Hattie H. Johnson, 

Instructor in Physiology; mem. Y. W. C. A., 
Eastern Star. 2328 Proctor St., Port Arthur, 

Irma Dru Johnson, 

B. A., 17; Chi Omega. Richmond, Texas. 

Lois L. Johnson (Mrs. M. D. 

Marfa, Texas. 

Mary Annie Johnson, 

Cookville, Texas. 

John Ed. Jones, 

Temple, Texas. 

Paul Fortier Jones, 

B. A., 13; with Serbian Army as volunteer 
from Columbia Univ. Salado, Texas. 

Samuel Isaac Jones, 

Professor of Mathematics, Nashville Bible 
Coll.; author "Mathematical Wrinkles". 
Nashville Bible Coll., Nashville, Texas. 

Marie Jordt, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Anglers; mem. Har- 
mony Club; guardian of Camp Fire Girls. 
702 Antelope St., Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Janet Kaapke (Mrs. W. E. Long), 

B. A., 14; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Univ. Music Club; 
Y. W. C. A. ; Visor Soc. ; mem. bd. of dirs., 
City Y. W. C. A., and Housewives League; 
sec. Art League; mem. exec, comm., Austin 
Ex-Student's Assn. ; mem. Kappa Kappa 
Gamma Alumnae Club; Austin Art and 
Housewives Leagues; Associated Charities; 
Free Kindergarten Assn. ; Y. W. C. A. ; Aus- 
tin Ex-Student's Assn. 3108 West Ave., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Elizabeth Kavanagh, 

Teacher; mem. Newman Club. Yoakum and 
1900 Red River St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Kavanagh, 

County Superintendent Karnes Co. ; mem. 
Newman Club. Karnes and 1900 Red River 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Frank B. Kiley, 

Kappa Sigma; Deputy Collector of Internal 
Revenue. 2507 Rio Grande (Old P. O. 
Bldg.), Austin, Texas. 

Margaret Caroline Kimball, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. N. :6th St., Waco, 




Elenita L. Kirkpatrick, 

187 S. 22d St., Paris, Texas. 

Katharine Carter Kirven, 

Corsicana, Texas. 

Robert E. L. Knight, Jr., 

B. A., 15; Beta Theta Pi; Friars; Rattlers; 
mgr. football, 15; Banking. National Bank 
of Commerce and 2804 Maple Ave., Austin, 

Jesse J. Knox, 

Lake Arthur, N. Mex. 

Florence Kone, 

Teacher, Southwest Texas Normal School. 
P. O. Box 165, San Marcos, Texas. 

Hawthorne Eugene Kyser, 

Phi Delta Theta; Merchant. Main and Com- 
merce Sts. and 431 Norwood Ave., Marlin, 

Raymond Lafferty, 

Dublin, Texas. 

Omega Alpha Kappa; Salesman; mem. K. of 
P.; Y. M. B. L. 

Walter Robert Lamb, 

Bookkeeper. Dalhart, Texas. 

Frank Huston Lancaster, 

Pi Kappa Alpha (Southwestern Univ.); Mer- 
chant. 1008 Magoffin St., El Paso, Texas. 

Conrad James Landram, 

B. A., 15; attended Harvard Law Sch. ; Kap- 
pa Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Upsilon; 
Sigma Delta Chi; Arrowhead; Speakers', Ger- 
man and Curtain Clubs; Friars Soc.; student 
asst. mediaeval hist., 14-15, and pub. speak- 
ing, 13-14; Cabinet, Y. M. C. A.; pres. Ger- 
man Club; mgr. Curtain Club, 13; on staff 
Texan; Evans oratorical contest; Student. 
425 Emerson St., Houston, Texas. 

Antoinette Landrum, 

Farming. Chilton, Texas. 

Alma Lois Lane, 

Teacher. 2016 Baldwin St., Houston, Texas. 

Chaste Temperance Lang, 

ioi W. loth St., Dallas, Texas. 

Edward H. Lange, 

Sigma Nu; Germania Soc.; Newman Club; 
ores. Newman Club; Lawyer; mem. in State 
Legislature from Bexar Co.; pres. Athenaeum 
boc. 602 Moore Bldg. and 532 Dawson St., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Paul Armstrong Langford 

B. A.; 16. Mart, Texas 

Robert Dupree La Prelle, 

Accountant. Packard Motor Co.; mem. Elks. 
Packard Motor Co. and 84 Howard St. De- 
troit, Mich. 

Helen Lassiter, 

CIut " "** 

Louis Latham, 

Dublin, Texas. 

Sidney Pansy Lawhon, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Angler 
Club; Violin Teacher; cabinet mem., Y. W. 
C. A., 12-13. 301 W. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Cassie Lee Lawson, 

Hyde Park, Austin, Texas. 

Claude Clay Leaverton, 

Grapeland, Texas. 

Lelda Lee, 

Teacher. Durant, 

Texas, and Childress, 

John Palmer Leeper, <- 

Alpha Tau Omega; baseball; Salesman; mem. 
Country Club. 129-31 Main St. and 1016 W. 
Morton St.. Denison, Texas. 

Katherine Lefevre, 

Delta Gamma (Columbus, Mo.). 3206 La 
Branch, Houston, Texas. 

Lulah Le Sueur, 

Pi Beta Phi; Student. Manor Road, Austin, 

Selma D. Hobson Lewis, 

Cap and Gown; Reed Musical Soc.; Student. 
Woman's Bidg., Austin, Texas. 

Harvey Shannon Lilley, 

Lawyer; co. atty. Cold Springs, Texas. 

James Edgar Lincoln, 

Teacher, Waldrip. Dublin, Texas. 

Walter R. Linn, 

B. A., 16. 2709 Rio Grande, Austin, Texas. 

Joseph William Loef, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Kweehee; General Pas- 
senger Agent, Rio Grande Valley Traction 
Co. and Secretary to Manager, El Paso Elec- 
tric Ry. Co.; mem. University Club; Am. 
Inst. of Electrical Engineers; Southwestern 
Soc. of Engineers; Am. Assn. for the Ad- 
vancement of Science. Box 695 and 1806 
Mesa Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Alta Lee Long, 

Teacher, City Schools; mem. Woman's Cul- 
ture Club. Trenton, Texas. 

Hart T. Longino, 

Delta Sigma Phi; tennis; Teacher. 528 N. 
Davis St., Sulphur Springs, Texas. 

Mary Virginia Longino, 

B. A., 16; Teacher. 528 N. Davis St., Sul- 
phur Springs, Texas. 

John Lovejoy, Jr., 

Oil Promoter and Broker. Binz Bldg. and 
3604 Fannin St., Houston, Texas. 

Alice Lovelace, 

Teacher. Baker School and 4305 Ave. D, 
Austin, Texas. 

Marie Lovelace, 

Capt. basketball (3); Order of "T," 17; 
Student; student asst. in Physical Training 
for Women. 4305 Ave. D, Austin, Texas. 

Flora Ellis Lowrey, 

Hillsboro, Texas. 




Claude McBryde, 

Justice of the Peace. Youngsport, Bell 
Co., Texas. 

Woodfin Grady McComb, 

A Homesteader of Govt. Land; postmaster 
and notary public; teacher, 12-15; taught 
sch., Salt Lake, 16-17. Post Office, Salt Lake, 

N. Mex. 

Minnie Maude McCorquodale, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A.; Shakespeare 
Club; Eastern Star. 706 Pine St., Orange, 

Leland Graves McCullough, 

B. A., 15; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Shipping 
Clerk. Taylor Hanna James Co. and 1108 
N. i8th St., Waco, Texas. 

Robert Bruce McDonald, 

Teacher. Midlothian, Texas. 

R. E. McDonald, 

Superintendent of Schools. Glen Rose, 

Marjorie Louisa McKay, 

Chi Omega; Teacher; tchr. of El Paso High 

Sch. 708 W. 6th St., Taylor, Texas. 

W. Hodges McKnight, 

B. A., 1 6; Kappa Sigma; Student. Mansfield, 

Lucile McLaughlin, 

Teacher of Geography. 3501 Burlington Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

Ada Mae McLendon, 

B. A., 15; Cap and Gown; Reagan Lit. Soc. ; 
Y. W. C. A.; Teacher of Domestic Econ- 
omy; mem. Choral Club. Mart, Texas. 

John Wesley McLeod, 

Bookkeeper and Cotton Buyer; sec. Y. M. 
S. C.; mem. W. O. W. ; Y. M. S. C. Sey- 
mour, Texas. 

Bryant Marsh McMinn, 

Merchant. Flint, Texas. 

Thomas H. McNeal, 

Sigma Delta Chi; Scribblers'; Poet's Club; 
Magazine short story prize, 13-14; Letter Car- 
rier. Lockhart, Texas. 

Rufus Albert McNees, 

Student. 2103 Neches St., Austin, Texas. 

Henra Imogene McPherson (Mrs.), 

A. B., 16, Transylvania Coll.; High Sch. 
Teacher of English; author "Nell's Strat- 
egy," "A Love Affair of Two Worlds", and 
other short stories; mem. Mermaids. 457 
W. 4th St., Lexington, Ky. 

Patty Virgie McPherson, 

Public Sch. Teacher. Goldthwaite, Texas. 

Walter A. Ray McPherson, 

Student; bus. mgr. The Crimson (Transyl- 
vania annual) ; author of "The Testimony of 
a Wolf-Pelt." 457 W. 4th St., Lexington, 

Herbert Christian McSween, 

Rancher. Brush, Colo. 

Pearl Mahan, 

B. A., 14; basketball; Teacher of English. 
200 W. Sycamore, Denton, Texas. 

Elizabeth Mallett, 

Teacher. 614 Patterson Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Clarence Mallinson, 

Secretary Dallas Paper Co. ; mem. Columbian 
Club; B'Nai Brith Lodge. 1307 Pacific Ave. 
and 2711 So. Boulevard, Dallas, Texas. 

Robert Lambkin Maness, 

M. D., 16, Tulane Univ. ; football. Caymore 
Sanitarium, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Samuel Blagden Manning, 

1523 Hughes Circle, Dallas, Texas. 

Mittie Marsh, 

Alpha Delta Pi ; Student. 1003 S. Broadway, 
Tyler, Texas. 

V. E. Martin (Mrs.), 

2312 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Edwin C. Marucheau, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; "T" baseball, 14; with 
Marucheau Grain Co. Guadalupe St. and 211 
Oakland St., San Antonio, Texas. 

James Clifford Mason, Jr., 

Alpha Tau Omega; with Western Union 
Telegraph Company. 501 Trust Bldg. and 
3715 Lexington Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Ethel Evelyn Masters, 

B. A., 15; Phi Beta Kappa; Reagan Lit. 
Soc.; Eight Week Club; Cap and Gown; 
Teacher. 205 W. Oak St., Denton, Texas. 

Hilda Olivia Masters, 

B. A., 15; Phi Beta Kappa; Present Day 
Club; Cap and Gown; Y. W. C. A.; Reagan 
Lit. Soc. (sec., 12-13; v.-pres., 14-15); Teacher. 
205 W. Oak St., Denton, Texas. 

Thomas F. Mastin, Jr., 

A. B., Cornell; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Book- 
keeper; mem. River Crest Country Club. 
1212 Ballinger St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

John M. Mathis, Jr., 

Lawyer. 305. 3d St. and Day St., Brenham, 

Ralph P. Mathis, 

B. A., 15; Rusticusses; Rusk Lit. Soc.; "T" 
Assn.; order of "T"; "T," 13, 14, 15; capt. 
track team, 15; student asst. pub. Speaker, 15; 
Lawyer. Room 216 First Natl. Bank Bldg. 
and 1010, i4th St., Wichita Falls, Texas, 

Helena Gregard Matthews (Mrs. El- 
dridge R. Gregg), 

Chi Omega; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; mem. 
Bachelor Girl's Library (Rusk), Symphony 
(Nacogdoches) and Shakespeare (Nacog- 
doches) Clubs. Rusk, Texas. 

Sallie Reynolds Matthews, 

Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. Rab- 
bit's Foot. Lamb's Head Ranch, Albany, 

Feland Lucius Meadows, 

M. D., 17; attended Epworth Univ.; Phi 
Alpha Sigma; class honors; Vice-President 
Douglas Drug Co. Cor. loth St. and G Ave. 
and 1230, 8th St., Douglas, Ariz. 




May Eugene Meyer, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. Flatonia, Texas. 

Otis Charles Michie, 

Kaufman, Texas. 

Ada Frances Miller, 

B. A., 15; Phi Mu; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Visor Club; Ownooch Soc.; first v.-pres. 
Woman's Council, 14-15; pres. Y. W. C. A., 
15-16; basketball mgr.; Order of the "T"; 
Secretary, School of Journalism, University 
of Texas. 1815 Buena Vista St., San Antonio, 

Elizabeth Miller, 

Reagan Lit. Soc. 1606 Sunset Ave., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Mildred Irene Miller (Mrs. E. A. 

B. A., 15. Calallen, Texas. 

Rose Miller (Mrs. F. T. Chaffin), 

Sherman, Texas. 

Leon Mints Milligan, 

B. A., 15. Andalusia, Ala. 

Berneta Agnes Minkwitz, 

B. A., 15; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Visor; Treas. 
Y. W. C. A.; wearer of "T"; pres. Wo- 
men's Athletic Assn. ; Teacher of English, 
Port Arthur High Sch. High School, Port 
Arthur and Richmond, Texas. 

Henry B. Mobley, 

Dtlta Tau Delta; Teller, Home Natl. Bank 
of Cleburne; mem. Knights of Pythias; B. 
P. O. Elks. Home Natl. Bank and 732 N. 
Anglin St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Sylvia Mary Moczygemba, 

Newman, University Violin and Girls' Choral 
Clubs. Falls City, Texas. 

Esther Whirtaker Mohler (Mrs.), 

Austin, Texas. 

Jeff Scott Moore, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc. ; Y. M. C. A. ; soc. 
service comm. Y. M. C. A. ; Assistant Man- 
ager, F. W. Wool worth Co. 102 N. Beaton 
St. and 315 W. 6th Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

John Matthew Moore, Jr., 

Kappa _ Sigma; Rattler Club; v.-pres. Rat- 

tlers; Stoc 


Richmond, Texas. 

Kathleen Moore (Mrs. L. C. Ellis), 

Alpha Delta Pi. 1010 W. Morton St., Den- 
ison, Texas. 

L. D. Moore, 

Teacher. 422 Barrett Place, San Antonio, 

Viola Ellison Moore, 

General Assistant, San Antonio High Sch. 
Brackenridge High School, S. Alamo St. 
and 422 Barrett Place, San Antonio, Texas. 

Walter Lee More, 

Attorney. Dallas, Texas. 

Mattie Beth Morgan, 

B. A., 14; Present Day and Art Clubs; Y. W. 
& A> 'c Head of B i olo *y Dept.. Fort Worth 
High Sch.; mem. Southern Assn. of College 
Women. Central High Sch. and 2931 Travis 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Fred Morris, 

Univ. of Texas, Austin, Texas. 

Norman Morrison, 

B. A., 15; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Student. 
P. O. 7-22-19 and 1000 Arizona St., El Paso, 

Katie Lee Munday, 

Teacher. 1002 Garnett St., Gainesville, 

Frank R. Murray, 

Manager, Coleman Ice and Fuel Co. Cole- 
man. Texas. 

Raymond M. Myers, 

B. A., 15; Beta Theta Pi; Friar; Arrow- 
head; Phi Beta Kappa; Speakers, Newman 
and Economics Clubs; dir. Univ. Band; de- 
bating; student's assembly, 12-13; sen. ora- 
tion, 15; Student Asst. in Med. History. 
Pittsburg, Texas. 

Caldwell Nelson Nagle, 

1200 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Lucille M. Nance, 

B. A., 15; Zeta Tau Alpha; Visor; Pierian 
Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher in Cle- 
burne High Sch. 404 S. Robinson St., Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

Elijah Clemens Nelson, Jr., 

B. A., 15; Acacia; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta 
Sigma Rho; Sigma Upsilon; Phi Alpha Tau; 
Texas Applied Econ. Club; Student; Mason 
18 Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. 
Floydada and 2309 San Antonio St., Austin, 

Emma Grace Nelson, 

Pecos, Texas. 

William Luther Newsom, 

B. A., 16; teacher's diploma; Title-searcher, 
U. S. Patent Office. Room 334, Assignment 
Div., U. S. Patent Office, and 445, nth St. 
N. .., Washington, D. C., 

Minai Nicholson, 

B. A., 15; Phi Mu; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. 
436 Dwyer Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Josephine Nolen, 

Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; presl 
Home Economics Club, 16; Student; mem. 
Y. W. C. A. 604 W. i2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Dorothy Norman, 

2000 "San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Vesta O'Banion, 

B. A., 15; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Phi Beta Kap- 
pa; student asst. in Latin, 14-15; Teacher of 
Latin, Marshall High Sch. West Grand Ave., 
Marshall, Texas. 

Louise Oehler (Mrs. M. P. Young), 

B. A., 15; Y. W. C. A.; Student Volunteer 
Band; Missionary to Soochow, China. J. 
Elizabeth Blake Hospital, Soochow, China. 

R. M. O'Hair, 

Class football, baseball and track; capt. 
track; varsity track; Boys' Work Secretary, 
Y. M. C. A. Bull and Charlton and 1105 
E. Henry Sts., Savannah, Ga. 




Henry Grady Owen, 

Attorney-at-Law ; acting asst. co. atty., Den- 
ton Co. Court House and 25 S. Locust St., 
Denton, Texas. 

Wade Owens, 

Elgin, Texas. 

Elinor Pancoast, 

Reagan Lit. Soc. Big Spring, Texas. 

Howard Robertson Park, 

Superintendent of Schools. Estancia, N. 
Mex., and Bryan's Mill, Texas. 

James Claxton Parks, 

B. A., 15; Delta Tau Delta; Cotton. 607 
Franklin Ave. and 3515 Main St., Houston, 

Stephen Dixon Pearce, 

(See e. 06.) 

Florence Agnetta Pearson, 

B. A., 15. 2212 College Ave., Fort Worth, 

Ben S. Peek, 

A. B., Simmons Coll. ; Superintendent of 
Public Schools. Keagan, Texas. 

Lena Maria Pettit, 

B. A., 15; "T" in basketball, 14; tennis cham- 
pionship doubles, 14, singles and doubles, 15; 
sec.-treas. soph, class; sec. Reagan Lit. Soc., 
13-14; tennis mgr. and mem. Athletic Coun- 
cil, 13-15; Woman's Athletic Assn. 4502 Co- 
lumbia Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Emma Petty, 

Teacher. Dallas Public School, 1416 S. Pearl 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Marvin Lee Petty, 

B. A., 16; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Student. Sabinal, 

H. H. Pfarr, 

Baseball team, n; Superintendent of Public 
Schools. Rusk, Texas. 

Thelka Pfeuffer (Mrs. Rennie 

B. A., 15. New Braunfels, Texas. 

Albert Gallatin Phillips, 

Hogg Debating Soc.; Rusticusses; Car Re 
pairer. Corsicana, Texas. 

Harvey Allen Phillips, 

Rusticusses; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Spanish Club; 
Student. Box 132 and "B" Hall, Univ. Sta., 

T. E. Phipps, 

B. A., 15; M. A., 16; Sigma Xi; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Regent's scholarship, 14-15; Levi 
scholarship, 13-14; Tutor in Chemistry; Grad- 
uate Work. Chemistry Bldg., U. of T., and 
1300 San Jacinto St., Austin, Texas. 

David Doom Pickrell, 

LL. B., 15; Sigma Nu; asst. mgr. baseball 
team; Lawyer. 117 W. 7th St. and 2300 
Nueces St, Austin, Texas. 

Chester A. Place, Jr., 

Athenaeum; Wholesale Distributer; mem. 
Chamber of Commerce. 115 W. 6th and San 
Antonio Sts., Austin, Texas. 

George Harden Plowman, 

With S. W. Telephone Co. ; mem. Dallas 
Lodge No. 760, A. F. and A. M. 612 Com- 
monwealth Bldg and 3220 Hall St., Dallas, 

Frances Hazel Porter, 

B. A., 16; Phi Mu; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A.; Student assistant in Mathematics; 
basketball. 404 E. Charnwood St., Tyler, 

O. B. Powell, 

Tolar, Texas. 

Joshua Bryant Powers, 

Sigma Nu; Travelling Salesman. 
Thirty-eighth Ave., Denver, Colo. 

6000 W. 

Mary Price (Mrs. Robert Lawrence 

Mem. Stoddard Club. 1802 Vinton Ave., 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Rufus Hubbard Pritchett, 

Student; mem. American Chemical Soc. 2003 
Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Edward Madrey Prowell, 

702 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Charles Blaise Qualia, 

B. A., 16; Delta Theta Phi; La Tertulia; 
Newman Club; Teacher of Spanish. Main 
Ave. High School and 112 River Ave., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Valiska Rabke, 

Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Marguerette Tate Ralston (Mrs. 
Boyd Reading), 

Pi Beta Phi; publicity bd., Y. W. C. A.; 
corres. sec. Women's Health Protection and 
Suffrage Assns.; mem. Child Conservation 
League. 3420 P Ave., Galveston, Texas. 

Mildred Ramsey, 

Pi Beta Phi; mem. Angler and Pi Beta Phi 
Alumni Clubs; Gymnasium. 2604 Maple 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Beryl Rathbone (Mrs. Newton M. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Anglers. 422 E. 
Court House St., Cuero, Texas. 

Nathaniel Hawthorne Rather, 

Belton, Texas. 

Johnie Mae Ray, 

B. A., 15; Teacher of English and Domestic 
Economy, Goliad High Sch. ; mem. Choral 
Club. Goliad and Fort Worth, Texas. 

Thomas Paul Raysor, 

Student. Bryan, Texas. 

William Roy Reid, 

Hildebrand Law and Athenaeum Lit. Socs; 
Farmer; dir. Federal Farm Loan Bank; mem. 
Young Men's Business League (Houston) ; 
Fairbanks Country Club. Fairbanks, Texas. 




W. M. Renick, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Chief Clerk and Cash- 
ier, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. of Texas. 
2016 Commerce St. and 428 W. Jefferson St., 
Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. 

Marguerite Richardson, 

B. A., 15; Alpha Delta Pi; ist grade life 
cert.; Teacher. Elgin and 808 West Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

M. Moss Richardson, 

B. A., 15; Present Day Club; Y. W. C. A.; 
Teacher; teacher of English, Summer Nor- 
mal Sch., 16. Texarkana High School and 
324 W. i4th St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Carlos A. Richter, 

"T"; Clerk; mem. Elks. Laredo, Texas. 

Anne Arnold Risher, 

Pi Beta Phi; Anglers; ist Queen Texas Cot- 
ton Palace. 700 N. izth St., Waco, Texas. 

Genevieve Rix, 

710 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

George Leonard Robertson, 

Delta Sigma .fhi; Officer, U. S. Army; mem. 
Y. M. C. A. Meridian, Texas. 

Rollin W. Rodgers, Jr., 

A. B., 15, Univ. of Mo.; Delta Chi; Theta 
Nu Epsilon; Speakers' Club; Wis. Dramatic 
Club; Internatl. Polity Club; Attorney-at- 
Law; asst. co. attorney Bowie Co., Texas, 16. 
Hart Bldg., 210 State St., and 412 Walnut 
St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Hyder Edward Rollins, 

M. A., 12; A. B., i o, Southwestern Univ.; 
A. M., 16, Harvard Univ. ; Ph. D., 17, do. ; 
Phi Kappa Psi; Sigma Upsilon; Rattlers 
Club; fellow in English, Univ. of Texas, n- 
12, and Harvard, 16-17; Instructor in English, 
New York Univ. ; asst. in English, Johns Hop- 
kins Univ., 14-15; instr. in English, Univ. of 
Texas, 12-14; appointed Sheldon Traveling 
Fellow of Harvard Univ., 17-18. New York 
Univ., University Heights, N. Y. C., and 
Aspermont, Texas. 

Allen Driscoll Rooke, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
Land Owner; mem. Refugio Lodge No. 1014, 
A. F. & A. M. Woodsboro, Texas. 

Anna May Rosamond, 

Principal, Sabine Pass bch. Sabine Pass, 

Aline C. Rosenberg (Mrs.), 

2919 Forest Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Louis Rosenberg, 

M - A., 1912; B. S., 1905, Case School of 
Applied Science; E. E., 09, do.; M. S., 10, 
do. ; Prof, of Chemistry and Toxicology, Bay- 
lor University Medical College; chief chem- 
ist. Lignite Products Co., Camden, Ark.; 
chief chemist, Southwestern Tire & Rubber 
Manufacturing Co., Dallas (organizing); con- 
suiting engineer and chemist; mem. Univer- 
sity Club of Dallas; Columbian Club; Amer- 
ican Chem. Soc.; I. O. B. B.; Masonic con. 
nections. 2919 Forest Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Amador Sanchez, Jr., 

Broker; genl. provider of div. of the north 
for the Mexican Army; mem. Latin-Amer- 
ican and Teclotote Clubs, Mexico. Bia- 
vides Bldg. and 719 Zaragoza St., Laredo, 

1 CX3S. 

Charles Culberson Sansom, 

Distribution Clerk, I. and G. N. Ry. 307 
Navarro Ave., Mart, Texas. 

Carrie K. Saunders,* 

B. A., 12; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher, 
Brackenridge High Sch. S. Alamo St. and 
512 E. Quincey St., San Antonio, and Bel- 
ton, Texas. 

Jewell Saunders, 

B. A., 15. Hillsboro, Texas. 

Mary Estelle (Burlingame) Sauter, 

3904 Ave. F., Hyde Park, Austin, Texas. 

Grace Sawyer, 

Teacher. 413 N. Pleasant St., Hillsboro, 

Jessie A. Sayers, 

San Marcos, Texas. 

John Ardinger Scarborough, 

Beta Theta Pi; Kameter, German and Ar- 
rowhead Clubs; Automobile Dealer. 22d 
and Lamar Ave. and 25th and Clarksville 
Sts., Paris, Texas. 

W. T. Scarborough, 

B. L., 14, Baylor Univ.; Epsilon Nu; Law- 
yer; city attorney. Runge, Texas. 

Sarah Schapiro, 

Teacher in San Antonio Public Sch. 516 E. 
Guenther St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Herbert Sidney Scharff, 

B. A., 15. Goesbeck, Texas. 

Norman Charles Schlemmer, 

B. A., 15, Univ. of the South; Beta Theta 
Pi; Kappa Alpha; Agronomist. "Elmhurst," 
Goforth Pike, Kyle, Texas. 

Mamie T. Schmid, 

Teacher. 615 S. Market St., Brenham, Texas. 

Arthur Carroll Scott, 

B. A., 14. 88 Francis St., Boston, Mass. 

Russell Scott, 

B. A., 15; Kappa Alpha; Student Harvard 
Law School. 3606 San Jacinto St., Houston, 

Alonzo C. Scurlock, 

Sigma Delta Psi; Speaker's Club; Student 
and Physical Director. Univ. Sta., Aus- 
tin, and 939 N. Anglin St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Dexter W. Scurlock, 

Track, 14-16; Order of "T"; Student. 2208 
Nueces St., Austin, and Cleburne, Texas. 

Louis Charles Serafmo, 

Student. 1290 College St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Cora Seymour, 

Teacher. Jacksonville, Texas. 

Washington Irving Shaffer, 

Chemist. 1540 Ninth St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Alva John Shaller, 

B. A., 15; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Panhandle 
Club; Farmer. Canadian, Texas. 




Orenta Aileen Sheehan (Mrs. George 
B. Peeler), 

San Antonio Express, San Antonio, Texas. 

Joseph Smith Sheldon, 

Phi Delta Theta; Fire Insurance; asst. post- 
master. Rockport, Texas. 

Grace Sidebottom (Mrs. John P. 

Jacksboro, Texas. 

G. M. Sims, 

Superintendent City Schools. High School 
Bldg. and 1543, 8th St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Louise Hollingsworth Sistermans, 

B. A., 15; Phi Mu; Teacher in High School. 
1 1 10 E. Nevada St., El Paso, Texas. 

Esther Slack (Mrs. C. F. Balch), 

R. F. D. No. i, Box 80, Soper, Okla. 

Lucile Slade (Mrs. A. J. Willison), 

B. A., 14; Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; mem. 
Ladies' Reading Club. 610, 4th St., Orange, 

Anna May Smith (Mrs. Chester Mor- 

Mem. Sesame Club. 403 N. Pleasant St., 
Hillsboro, Texas. 

Arnett Charles Smith, 

Hogg Debating Soc. ; Hildebrand Law Soc. ; 
Chancellors; Student. Smithville, Texas. 

Benjamin Other Smith, Jr., 

Beta Theta Pi; General Insurance; mem. 
"The Stingers," River Crest Country and 
Steeple Chase Clubs. 512 F. & M. Bank 
Bldg. and 430 S. Ballinger St., Fort Worth, 

David Burson Smith, 

Teacher. Gordonville, Texas. 

Enid Smith (Mrs. Ellingson), 

828 W. Houston St., Sherman, Texas. 

Fred Smith (Mrs.), 

E. F. U. 1401 Barry Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Lewis Ingraham Smith, 

Jefferson, Texas. 

Margarette E. Smith 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Student; mem. Re- 
becca Club. 710 W. 22d St., Broute, Texas. 

R. L. Sonfield, 

Lawyer and U. S. Commissioner, East Dist. 
Gilbert Bldg. and Lamar Apts., Beaumont, 

Horace Soule, 

LL. B., 15, Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law; A. 
& M. Coll. of Texas, 09-10; Univ. of Chi- 
cago Law School, 14-15; Chicago-Kent Coll. 
of Law, 15; Delta Chi; Hogg Debating and 
Athenaeum Lit. Socs. ; pres. fresh, class, 09- 
10 (A. and M. Coll.); sr. corporal Co. L. ; 
pres. and sergt.-at-arms, middle law class, and 
sergt.-at-arms, law dept., Univ. of Texas, 14; 
Assistant Secretary to Morris Sheppard, U. S. 
Senator; insp. Isthmian Canal Commis., Pan- 
ama, 10-12. Houston, Texas. 

Alexander White Spence, 

B. A., 15. 2803 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, 

John L. Spurlin, Jr., 

Alpha Tau Omega; Asst. Postmaster and 
Automobile Salesman. Hamilton, Texas. 

John Raymond Stalcup, 

Sinton, Texas. 

John Washington Stanford, 

Teacher; State Rep., 14-17. Ben Wheeler, 

Carrie Stanley, 

Phi Beta Kappa; Present Day Club; Ger- 
mania; Cap and Gown Soc.; Student. 902 
S. Alamo St., Weatherford, Texas. 

Lake Ann Steele, 

Teacher. Ferris and Italy, Texas. 

A. R. Stephens, 

Teacher and Principal. Caldwell, Texas. 

Uel Stephens, 

Junior Highway Engineer. State Highway 
Comm. and 310 W. Washington St., Madison, 

Frances Fontaine Stevenson (Mrs. R. 
E. Griffith), 

Burleson, Texas. 

Robert Frederick Stevenson, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; O. A. K. Club; Fire Insur- 
ance and Cotton Buyer. P. O. Box 248, 
Roby, Texas. 

George Ward Stocking, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Speakers Club; Insurance; 
prin. Baguio Industrial School for Igorot 
Boys and Girls, Baguio, P. I., 16. Claredon, 

Jerome D. Stocking, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
Drug Clerk. Clarendon, Texas. 

Louise Branche Storey, 

B. A., 15; Kappa Alpha Theta; Assistant 
Librarian, Univ. of Texas. University of 
Texas Library and 2411 Wichita St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Robert Gerald Storey, 

Lawyer; City Attorney; sec. Commercial 
Club; mem. Knights of Pythias; 32 Mason. 

Troup, Texas. 

Mary Emilia Dorritt Strauch (Mrs. 
Fred. M. Altgelt), 

Principal Public School, Leon Springs, 4 
yrs. La Ward, Texas. 

Georgia Streeter (Mrs. H. L. Dar- 

Delta Delta Delta; Choral Club; Athl. Assn.; 
Y. W. C. A.; mem. D. A. R. Cooper, Texas. 

Selma Augusta Streit, 

B. A., 15; Present Day, Dallas, and D. E. 
Clubs; Cap and Gown Soc.; pres. Cap and 
Gown Soc. and Present Day Club; wo- 
man's assemb. ; Teacher of Domestic Sci- 
ence, San Angelo High Sch. ; mem. Wo- 
man's Club. 131 W. Harris St.; San Angelo, 
and 1018 Jackson St., Brenham, Texas. 




D. Ward Stuart, 

Phi Kappa Sigma; Three-Quarters Club 
(Univ. of Chicago), 13; football, secondary 
"T," 1 1 ; Attorney-at-Law. Norwood Bldg. 
and 301 W. Broad St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Avery Kennedy Summerfield, 

B. A., 15; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Y. M. C. A.; 
Treasurer, Majestic Theatre. Majestic Thea- 
tre and 505 N. Ewing Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Edith A. Swank, 

B. A., 15, Univ. of 111.; Teacher Manual 
Training High Sch. 122 E. Michigan St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Ora Lee Tankersley, 

B. A., 15; Delta Delta Delta; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc. ; Teacher of History, High Sch. 
Ouanah, Texas. 

Charles Lawrence Tarlton, 

Houston, Texas. 

Carrie B. Tate (Mrs. John J. Fau- 

Mem. O. E. S. Methodist Ladies' Aid. 
Spicewood, Texas. 

Benjamin Carroll Tharp, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 15; Botags; Sigma Xi; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Plant Pathologist, Texas 
Dept. of Agric. ; Author of "Texas Parasitic 
Fungi: New Species and Amended Descrip- 
tion"; mem. University Faculty Club; Natl. 
Agricultural Soc. ; Soc. of Am. Botanists. 
Capitol Sta. and 800 W. 22d St., Austin, 

Clara Thaxton, 

302 E. 1 2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Waldine Eleanor Thomas, 

B. A., 15; Teacher. Gonzales and 400 E. 
iTth St., Austin, Texas. 

Roy Thompson, 

Teller, Corsicana Natl. Bank. 220 N. I4th 
St., Corsicana, Texas. 

Elizabeth Ware Thrasher, 

B. A., 16; Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A.; Stud- 
ent. 1104 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

C. L. Tiner, 

Teacher. Leona St., Uvalde, Texas. 

Bessie Belle Tips, 

B. A., 16; Zeta Tau Alpha; Ashbel Lit. and 
Cap and Gown Socs; Rabbit Foot Club; 
Y. W. C. A.; Student. 1811 Colorado St., 
Austin, and Seguin, Texas. 

Kathryn Buckner Tobin, 

Chi Omega; Index Clerk, General Land Of- 
fice. General Land Office and 1802 Lavaca 
St., Austin, Texas. 

August Emmett Townsend, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Stenographer to Secre- 
tary of Producers' Oil Co. ; mem. Holland 
Lodge No. i, A. F. and A. M. 609 The 
Texas Co. Bldg. and 702 Euclid Ave., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Hester Dozier Townsend, 

Teacher; chrmn. Ellis Co. University Club. 
807 N. Dallas St., Ennis, Texas, 

Manie Trussell, 

Teacher. Decatur, Texas. 

T. J. Tucker, 

Farmer; Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. i. 
Sulphur Springs, Texas. 

De Witt Source Twaddell, 

Farmer; Cotton Buyer. Hubbard, Texas. 

Oscar Alvin Ullrich, Jr., 

B. A., 15; Phi Delta Kappa; Germania; Rusk 
Lit. Soc.; student asst. in hist, of Educ.; Pri- 
vate Tutor. New Baden, Texas. 

Lucy Elizabeth Ulmer, 

B. S., 14. Univ. of Alabama; Teacher, Sam 
Houston Normal Inst. Huntsville, Texas. 

Mabelle Agnes Umland (Mrs. Stew- 
art M. Purcell), 

Present Day Soc.; Music Teacher; mem. 
Edinburg Study Club. Lockhart, Texas. 

Laneta D. Vandiver, 

Teacher. Palestine, Texas. 

Annie Jean Vaughan, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Lois Vickrey, 

Teacher, Mexican Ward High Sch. ; mem. 
Mexican Ward Sch.; Mothers' Club. Kings- 
ville and 1609 Brazos St., Austin, Texas. 

Idie Voelkel, 

B. A., 16; Pierian Lit. and Germania Socs.; 
Y. W. C. A.; Cap and Gown, v.-pres. Ger- 
mania Soc. ; Head of Latin and German 
Depts., Mexia High Sch. Ballinger, Texas. 

Marie Marguerite von Bliicher, 

B. A., 16; Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc. ; Librarian, La Retama Public Li- 
brary; mem. Y. W. C. A. 123 N. Carrizo 
St., Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Alex von Rosenberg, Jr., 

Clerk. La Grange, Texas. 

Emma Martha von Rosenberg, 

Teacher. 204 W. i6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Esther May von Rosenberg, 

Pi Beta Phi. 2510 Whitis Ave., Austin, 

Alfred Wacher, 

B. A., 17; Germania Lit. Soc.; Grocery Sales- 
man; mem. Y. M. C. A. Bartlett, Texas. 

Edwin B. Walker. 

Salado St., Austin, Texas. 

Pearl Elizabeth Walker, 

B. A., 14; Beta Tau Alpha; mem. Y. W. 

C. A.; D. A. R. Gonzales, Texas. 

T. P. Walker, 

Teacher. Lexington, Texas. 

Belle Walne, 

4503 Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Lucile Ware (Mrs. John Marion 

Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. 3416 Ave. Q, Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

Eloise Watts, 

Delta Delta Delta; Student. 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

1 06 E. Elmira 




Dorothy Grant West, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Angler Club. 608 
San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Anita Whatley, 

B. A., 15; Y. W. C. A.; La Tertulia; Pieri- 
an Lit. Soc.; Teacher. 308 N. i2th St., 
Waco, Texas. 

Hubert Chapelle Wheless, 

B. A., 14; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Glee Club; 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; La Tertulia; Winsonian; 
Student. Livingston Hall, Columbia Univ., 
N. Y. C., and Mercedes, Texas. 

Ada Emma White, 

Miles, Texas. 

Kenon Pennybacker White, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Salesman. H. S. Rodgers 
Co. and 600 Cedar St., Bonham, Texas. 

Lizzie. Etoile Whitehouse, 

Teacher (Plainview). 720 W. Henderson, 
Cleburne, Texas. 

Bertha Antonio Whittaker, 

Seguin, Texas. 

Sally Whitton, 

Timpson, Texas. 

Percy Cole Wilie, 

B. A., 14; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Y. M. C. 
A.; Lawyer; mem. Maccabees; W. O. W. ; 
Praetorians Club. 1507 American Cable Bldg. 
and 1818 Proctor St., Waco, Texas. 

Daniel M. Williams, 

Delta Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; Friar; Scrib- 
bler; Press Club; Rattler; ed. in chief Daily 
Texan, 15-16; athl. ed. Cactus, 14-15; Student 
and Newspaper Correspondent. Dallas, 

Florie Mason Wilson, 

2503 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Jesse Rodman Wilson, 

B. A., 15; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Upsilon; 
Friars; State Student Secretary Y. M. C. A.; 
mem. Y. M. C. A. 611 Sumpter Bldg. and 
3908 Hall St., Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Wilson, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Public School Teacher. 210 
Dennis Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Arthur Lloyd Wimmer, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Theta Nu Epsilon; foot- 
ball, 12-14; baseball, 11-12-14; track team, n; 
Sporting Editor, Dallas IDispatch; physical 
dir. Trinity Play Park; mem. Terpsichorean 
Club. Federal and Bullington Sts. and 2407 
Thomas Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Ben G. Winkleman, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Stock Farmer; election 
judge; road overseer. Burlington, Texas. 

G. P. Winston, 

Delta Chi; Theta Nu Epsilon; baseball, 13- 
15; Lawyer. Smithville, Texas. 

Louis Milton Wirtz, 

Eagle Lake, Texas. 

Ruth Eleanor Witte (Mrs. Walter 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; Choral 

Club; Private Secretary to Principal, High i 
Sch. 1402 Rice Hotel, Houston, Texas. 

James Hollins Woods, Jr., 

B. A., 15; Sigma Nu; Manager, City Book 
Store; mem. Y. M. C. A. 

St. and 504 W. 

123-125 W. Collin 
Second Ave., Corsicana, 

Alphonse M. Wormser, 

Merchant; mem. Elks. 1120 Sturbide St. and 
1920 Victoria St., Laredo, Texas. 

F. D. Wright, 

B. A., 14; Cotton Classer. Wootham, Texas. 

Carl Carlipp Wurzbach, 

Student. 1814 N. Palmetto St., San Antonio, 

Athol Yager, 

B. A., 1 6. 1605 Brazos St., Austin, Texas. 

Edward Frank Yeager, 

Mineral Wells, Texas. 

Walter Theron Yerby, 

Teacher. R. F. D. No. 2, Teague, Texas. 

Josephus Cavitt Young, 

Brownwood, Texas. 

Mary Peters Young, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; sec. Y. W. 

C. A.; Teacher, Public Schools. 303 S. Col- 
lege St., Marshall, Texas. 

Robert Eldon Young, 

(See /. 10.) 

Sara Kathryn Young, 

Chi Omega; Teacher at West Texas Military 
Acad. 405 Patterson Ave., San Antonio, 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Ruby Adkins; Walter Buford Alexander; Jus- 
tin Anderson; Edwin Arnold; Curtis Isham Bag- 
well; Henry Carroll Bailiff; Lenice Baker*; Wil- 
liam C. Baker; S. P. Barclay; Mrs. A. Beauchamp; 
Frankie Bettis*; Wilbur Harrison Bevan; Annie 
Belle Black; Benjamin Dyer Black; William Bled- 
soe; Camille I. Boquet; Minnie Bossee; E. Doyle 
Brock*; Helen Gardner Brown; U. W. Bulling- 
ton; William Howard Walter Tell Runge*, B. A., 
15; Mary Eloise Burnett; Edgar L. Burton; John 
W. Butcher; Mary S. Butts; Wm. A. Bynum; Eula 
Cage; Mrs. Roy Cain; Claude Callaway; Miss 
Willie Bell Carsner; Henry P. Caveness; Dru Oscie 
Chrisman; Ernest Clark; Mavis H. Cole; T. R. 
Cole; Linda Hill Coleman; Helen Ruth Collins; 
Angelina Compton; Maude Connell; Mrs. F. E. 
Conner; Corliss (Mrs.); Vernon Austen Corrigan; 
Grace A. Cory; Granfill H. Cox; Thomas Berry 
Cox; Olive Craig; W. C. Crawley; W. A. Crews; 
Donald Kenna Cunningham*; Maude L. Cunning- 
ham; Reeves F. Curry; Ollie Elizabeth Dannelly; 
John Alexander Davenport; Charles Elmer David- 
son; Dave Davis; Gladys Bremond De Milt; Sue 
Denny; Regan Blackburn Dickard; Albert J. Dip- 
pel; R. W. Dodson; Bennie Donald; Mamie Dorf- 
man; Albert E. Dorow; Helen Nancy Downing; 
Leigh H. Duval; Beulah Dwyer; Georgia Ear- 
heart; E. R. Eiland; Dollie Farris; Leslie C. Faw- 
cett; John Roger Fenlaw; William Clifton Fer- 
guson; Oswald Henry Finck; Mary Cecily Flume*; 
W. A. Fancis; Edward Merris Freeman; Anna 




Maud French; Marie O. Garcia; Spill Berry Gar- 
rett; W. Bruce Garrett; Floy Gibson; Clarence 
Edgar Gilmore; Tom William Glass; Lewis Mel- 
vin Gooch; Ira L. Gordon; Madie Gough; Esther 
Irene -Grace; Vivian Granbury; Finnic graves; 
W. L. Green; G. A. Gunn; Floyd Hale; Richard 
Alexander Hale; Eddie Lee Harris; Mattie W. 
Hris; Miss Dixie Wood Harrison; Mane Wil- 
cox Harrison; W. F. Harvard; Nell Hatchett; 
Ralston P. Haun; W. H. Havms; Nma M. 
Haynes; Ethel C. Hellams; Brookes Henderson ; 

g:ssie Henderson; Otis Henderson; James Prior 
ieatt; Zula Estelle Hill; Alice Hmkson; Frank 
Elliott Hodden; S. F. Hoke; Fannie House; Rex 
Zedrick Howard; C. L. Hufstedler; John Robert- 
son Huggins; Fanny Emison Hunt; W. H. Ib- 
bottson; Elsie Lee Jameson; Mrs. Docia John- 
son; Winnifred Lee Johnson; Stephen Burr 
Johnston; Trueman C. Jones; V. E. Jones; 
Mabel V. Keeney; R. J. Keller; Kate Kelley; J. 
F. Kemp; Hester Kendrick; Robert E. Key; 
James J. Kilpatrick; Buford H Kirk; Elfnede 
Koch; L. J. Kocurek; Walter A Krebs; T A. 
Lampkin; Ruby Lillian Langford; Nellie Ely 
Lankford; Sallie May Lauderdale; Olivia Led- 
better; Mattie Evelyn Lewis; S. C. Lewis; 
Thomas Clark Liddell; Will John Linehan; Em- 
ma Belle Lipscomb; Rebecca Catherine Loader; 
John W. Lockhart; Ruby Gladys Locklm; Lou- 
ella Loden*; Ruby T. Long; Eleanor Lowd; 
Arthur P. Lowe; Harmon Lowman; Claude Mc- 
Bryde; John Frank McCallum; R. A. McCann; 
J. B. Me Clung; Jesse Wood McDaniel; Lorin 
Sloan McDowell; I. G. McGee; Forbes McKay; 
Charlie McLaughlin; William Joseph McLean; 
Ada May McLendon, B. A., 15; M. Evalina 
Manning; Lila Ruth Marberry; Judie Martin; 
M. R. Martin; Elmer Lawrence Matthews; A. B. 
Maxwell; Emmett Lee Miles; J. C. Miller; Ar- 
thur Moore; Benjamin H. Moore; Lulu M9ore; 
Mary Margaret Moore; Gertrude Morrison; 
Royal Will Neel; Charles Neidert; Mrs. Mabel 
Martin Newsom; Marie Annie Newton; A. Clyde 
Nicholson; John Rector Nicholson; Clinton V. 
Oldham; William Bryant Oliver; Sarah Cath- 
erine Pace (Mrs. McDade Wilburn) ; Harvey 
Meador Parker; Edith L. Parrish; Harry Eas- 
ton Pendleton; Oscar William Peters; Thomas 
Sewell Pettey; L. P. Pierson; Maude 
Pope; Buelah B. Posten; T. P. Price; 
Elmer E. Ramsey; Eulalee Ratliff; P. A. Raw- 
lins; Sedalia Rea; Merit Reagin; Clara May Ked- 
wine; Thomas E. Reed; Eva Lee Reese; E. W. 
Rehy: Stephen Vanda Roddy; James H. Roles; 
Anna May Rosamond; Mary Lawrence Ross; 
Sallie Belle Ross; Erixene Ruckman; Mary Elsie 
Rush; Alicia Ryan; Francis D. Ryan; Mildred 
Moore Saunders; Sidney K. Saunders; Hallie 
B. Schenek; J. P. Scott; Earl Wilson Seabolt; 

Silia Bell Shands; James Stephen Sharp; Sister 
ary R. Burkley; Sister Mary S. Carroll; Sister 
Mary T. Collins; Sister Mary Evangela; Sister 
Mary Gertrude; Sister Mary V. Groome; Sister 
Borromeo MacManus; Sister Mary A. Quinn; 
Sister M. A. Slevin; Robert E. Skiles; Louise 
Small (Mrs. E. H. Starr); Allene T. Smith; 
Miss Eva Smith (Mrs. D. H. Hart)*; Mrs. Fred 
Smith; Houston Stanley Smith; J. P. Smith; 
Laura Elna Smith (Mrs. J. Robert Bright); 
Lona Smith; Sydney Smith; Tom H. Smith; 
Robert William Spruce*; Thomas Alexander 
Stamps; Frank Stephen; Elizabeth Stepkin; 
Georgia Virginia Stewart; Mary Lee Stewart; 
Spencer Longshore Stoker; T. G. Story; Mary 
A. D. Strauch; T. J. R. Swafford; Gertrude M. 
Symonds; Annie Kate Taylor; Carrie E. Taylor; 
Ewmg Monroe Taylor; Alice F. Thomas; I ilia 
Mav Thomas; Carroll Thompson; Grace Todd; 
Ruth Todd; Emma C. Turley; Daniel T. Turby- 
fill; Charles F. Tydlacka; Minnie May Vance; 
Thomas Lovelace Vance; T. H. Vaughn; John 
Powers Vesey; William Walterson Vick; Olga 
Hildegrade Vogel; Lizziet Eugenia Wade; Homer 
Henry Wagner; Enoch Warren; E. A. Watson; 
Edgar Lynn Watson; William Z. Weems; Adol- 
phus B. Weisner*; George G. White, Jr.; Amor 
Bates Whitehead; Glenn Louis Williams; John 
Perry Williams; T. C. Williams; W. A. Wil- 
liams; Cleburne Milton Williamson; Carl Neil 
Williford; Dan Lee Wilson; T. W. Win die; 
Edith Winkler; Julius Christopher Wright; Mary 
Moody Wright; Mariorie Yesner; Desse Althll 
York; Josephine Cavitt Young. 


Eugene E. Adams, 

Abilene, Texas. 

Fred W. Adams, 

Alpha Kappa Psi; Univ. Rifle Club; v.-pres. 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Student; Railway Clerk. 
Beeville, Texas. 

Ida Louise Adams, 

Nashville, Tenn. 

James Clark Adams, 

Fort Worth, Texas. 

Curtis Jackson Alderson, 

Student. 2208 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Jay Alexander, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Equipment Engr.; mem. 
Calyx Club; Phi Gamma Delta Graduate 
Chapter of Dallas. 412 Trust Bldg. and 
4612 Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Ethel Juliet Allen, 

B. A., 

Mamie Elizabeth Allen, 

Ochiltee, Texas. 

Edwin Alsup, 

Teacher; prin. of High Sch. Waelder, Texas. 

Patsy Alsup, 

Teacher, Fulmore Sch. 1908 University 
Ave., Austin, Texas. 

H. F. Alves, 

Teacher; mem. Y. M. C. A. Bracken and 
1506 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Lillian Elizabeth Amery, 

Anaqua, Texas. 

Maggie Mae Anderson (Mrs. J. N. 

East i pth St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Milton Anderson, 

Shamrock, Texas. 

William M. Anderson, 

Teacher. Kennard, Texas. 

Joseph Reddin Andrews, 

B. A., 16; Lawyer; mem. of firm of Andrews 
and Coombes; mem. Jones County Club. 480 
E. McHarg Ave., Stamford, Texas. 

Luther Gambrell Andrews, 

Teacher. Navasota, Texas. 

William Theodore Andrews, 

Stamford, Texas. 

Roy Coleman Archer, 

Attorney. 2304 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 




Matthew H. Arnold, 

B. A., 07; Univ. of Wales; Clergyman; 
master of English, Intermediate Sch. for 
boys, Llanellv, Wales, Great Britain, 08-17; 
master of English and Latin, High Sch, La 
Grange, Texas, 12-13; sec. Y. M. C. A., 13- 
14; Llanelly, Wales, Great Britain; Minister 
Presb. Church, La Grange, Texas, 14. La 
Grange, Texas. 

Joseph Alexander Aston, 

Cotton Exporter; v.-pres. Farmers and Mer- 
chants Natl. Bank. Farmersville, Texas. 

Jessie Thomas Atkinson, 

Roswell, N. Mex. 

Mamie Ethel Aynesworth, 

Kyle, Texas. 

Lucile Baby, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Univ. Music Club; 
Angler; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; Lockhart 
Music and Study Clubs (Lockhart). 212 
Whitfield St., Yoakum, Texas. 

Elizabeth Culberson Bacon, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; Journalist; mem. D. A. R.; 
Daughters of the Confederacy; College Wom- 
an's Club. 541 W. Missouri Ave., El Paso, 

Mary Alice Baen, 

Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. 415 Hunstock 
Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Edward Elbert Bagwell, 

Superintendent Flatonia City Schools. Flat- 
onia, Texas. 

Marion Woodly Baker, 

Cuero, Texas. 

David Ball, 

Kappa Alpha; Arrowhead; Speakers Club; 
mgr. football, 14; ores. Riceonian Debating 
Soc., 14-16, and of Honor Council, 15-16; 
Student. 804-5 Union Natl. Bank Bldg. and 
4218 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas. 

Elizabeth George Bancroft (Mrs. 
William E. Lea), 

612 Green Ave., Orange, Texas. 

Bennie Barnes, 

Cleburne, Texas. 

James Austin Barnes, 

B. A., 17; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Kane Klub; asst. 
in physics, 2 yrs.; asst. in sch. of govt.; 
Student; tutor in Sch. of Govt., Univ. of 
Tex.; mem. Kane Klub. 2209 Neches St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Winfred Joseph Barnes, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club; 
Cofer Law Soc.; Senior rep. Delta Sigma 
Phi; basketball; football; Lawyer. Chilli- 
cothe and 2218 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Kathryn Virginia Barnett, 

Instructor in History, Ballinger High Sch. 
800 Murrell St., Ballinger and 725 W. Sixth 
St., Taylor, Texas. 

Benjamin Pickney Barrett, 

Teacher of Science in High Sch. Hamilton, 

Florence Emma Barrett, 

Saint Paul, Texas. 

Marshall Lyle Barrow, 

Martindale, Texas. 

Elizabeth Barry, 

Student of .uusic at Inst. of Musical Art, 
N. Y. C., 15; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 202 
Royall St., Palestine, Texas. 

Andrew Jackson Bassel, 

Assistant Cashier, Farmers State Bank; mem. 
B. P. O. E. Farmers State Bank and 817 
S. ist St., Temple, Texas. 

Orval Lee Bateman, 

Supt. Matagorda Pub. Schools. Palacios, Texas. 

Roscoe Bates, 

Teacher, Public Schools; tchr. of Latin and 
English, Wortham Pub. Schools, 09-10, and 
of Latin in Clarksville Pub. Schools, 10-12; 
mem. State Teachers Assn. Bryan, Texas. 

Martin Luther Harrell Baze, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Stock Farming. Camp 
San Saba, Texas. 

George Carroll Beakley, 

Sigma Nu; Ranching. Marfa, Texas. 

George Gray ford Beakley, 

Asst. Manager Jack W. Neal Auto Co. 321- 
29 S. Flores St. and 717 Howard St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

William Berry Beakley, 

Sigma Nu; Ranching. Marfa, Texas. 

Werner Noonan Beckmann, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 529 Madison 
St., San Antonio, and 2302 Guadalupe St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Clay Williams Beckner, 

Student. Bryceland Lumber Co., Bryceland, 

Mary Agnes Belger, 

1005 E. i2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Curtis A. Bell, 

Anson, Texas. 

Frank Ross Bell, 

Traveling Salesman. 1800, 5th Ave., Fort 
Worth and 1404 Corsicana St., Dallas, Texas. 

Effie May Bennett, 

Stamford, Texas. 

Posey Archer Bennett, 

Principal, Tabor High Sch. Tabor, Texas. 

Thomas Sargent Benton, 

Permanent State Certificate; Superintendent, 
Whitney High Sch. Whitney, Texas. 

Joel H. Berry, 

The Triangle (now Acacia); Glee Club; Law- 
yer; mem. A. F. and A. M.; R. A. M. ; 
Philip C. Tucker Chapter, Rose Croix, 18; 
W. O. W.; (elected) Triangles; Cooper Choral 
and Pecan Gap Commercial Clubs. Cooper, 

Mary Annis Berry, 

B. A., 16; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel; 
Rabbit Foot; sec. of Ashbel; (i) rep. to 
Woman's Assembly; Student. 1404 South 
Adams St., Fort Worth, Texas. 




Robert Crittenden Bibb, 

Student's Council, freshman year; Attorney- 
at-Law; first asst. to city atty.; mem. B. P. 
O. Elks (Exalted Ruler). City Hall and 402 
E. Austin St., Marshall, Texas. 

Walter C. Bidelspach, 

Medical Dept. Galveston, Tex. 

Randolph B. Binnion, 

First Asst. State Supt. Public Instruction. 
Capitol Sta. and 201 E. i6th St., Austin, 

Raymond Girard Blair, 

Phi Delta Theta; Phi Nu Alpha; Theta Nu 
Epsilon; Tomb and Key, and Mystical Seven 
(Univ. of Mo.); Banking and Composer of 
Music; author "Hundred Dollar Bill"; "The 
Love Idol"; "Miss Romance"; mem. Sedalia 
Country Club. 3d St. and Ohio St., and 404 
W. Broadway, Sedalia, Mo. 

Charlie Stuart Blalock, 

Marshall, Texas. 

Mary Annie Blasdel, 

Richmond, Texas. 

Margaretha Bertha Bohn (Mrs. Emil 
Haenel, Jr.), 

Germanic Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 2 d prize Her- 
mannsoehne contest 15; ist grade cert, swim- 
ming from Woman's Gym, 13. 301 E. i$th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Lena May Bonner, 

B. A., 17; Zeta Tau Alpha; Rabbitt Foot 
Club; Y. W. C. A.; Student. 1220 W. 4th 
Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Cordelia Clara Booth, 

2606 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Crawford Henry Booth, 

Beta Theta Phi; Banker; mem. German Club. 
Taylor, Texas. 

Vira Belle Boothe, 

Teaching; mem. Shakespeare Club. Arling- 
ton, Texas. 

Jalmar Bowden, 

Student Southern Meth. Univ. So. Meth. 
Univ., Dallas, Texas. 

Witt Bowden, 

History Instructor, Univ. of Pa. Box 4, 
Coll Hall and 42 Graduate House, Univ. 
of Pa., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Orrin Bowers, 

Student. Giddings, Texas. 

Shelton Wylie Boyce, 

Leesburg, Texas. 

Bettie Angie Boyle, 

Teacher. Joy, Texas. 

Margaret Elizabeth Bozman, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rabbit Foot. 412 N. 
Market St., Brenham, Texas. 

William Landon Bradfield, 

B. A., 1 6. San Marcos, Texas. 

C. Palmer Bradley, 

B. A., 1 6; Alpha Tau Omega; Tennis Stud- 
ent; mem. Rattler Club. Roswell, New Mex- 

Maggie Mignonne Brady 

Mem. Temple Choral Club. 
St., Temple, Texas. 

Club. 510 N. Main 

William Edward Branch, 

Huntsville, Texas. 

Irene Samantha Braselton, 

Teacher. Sherwood, Texas. 

Margaret Braswell, 

Atlanta, Georgia. 

Mamie A. Brawner, 

Teacher. Eleanor Brackenridge School, Brook- 
lyn Ave., and 60 1 E. Quincy St., San Antonio, 

Rosabel Breedlove, 

Mem. Chiasophic and Philomath. Soc.; Libra- 
rian; mem. Round Table; Pope and Mary E. 
Simmons Lit. Socs. Simmons College Library, 
Abilene, Texas. 

Mattie L. Brooks, 

B. A., 16; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher. 2005 
Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas, 

Hugh Bevil Brous, 

Teacher; prin. Jacksboro High Sch. Jacksboro, 

Raymond Paul Brouthertin, 

A. F. C. ; Chem. Club; Ramshorn; in Engr. 
Dept. of T. & B. V. Ry. Teague, Texas. 

Celeste Brown, 

B. A., 15. Cleburne, Texas. 

Fisher Wells Brown, 

Ranchman. (Gatesville, Texas.) 

James Edward Brown, Jr., 

Student; Masonic connections. Marlin, Texas. 

Laura M. Brownrigg (Mrs. Homer 
M. Matthews), 

124 Haynes Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Robert Lee Brumbalow, 

Teacher. 700 S. 3d St., Waco, Texas. 

Mary Shepherd Bryan, 

B. A., 15; Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot Club; 
Cactus bd. ; mem. College Woman's Club. 802 
Dennis Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Burl Bryant, 

B. A., 15. Stratford, Texas. 

Marion Hume Buchanan (Miss), 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Anglers' Club; Music 
Club; Expression Teacher; mem. Music Club 
(sec.); Y. W. C. A.; cor. sec. Yoakum Lit. 
Club; Blue Bird Club. 406 E. Hugo St., Yoa- 
kum, Texas. 

Theophil Frederick Buehrer, 

B. A., 16; Texas Chem. Club; Germania Lit. 
Soc.; pres. Germania Lit. Soc., 15-16; on 
Texan staff; student asst. in chem. 1205 Wyo- 
ming St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Julia Catherine Buford (Mrs. Oscar 

200 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Rouer Bullington, 

Chief Clerk, Red River Oil Co. 205 Kemp 
and Kell Bldg. and 906 Austin St., Wichita 
Falls, Texas. 




John Quincy Burch, 

1119 Noble St., El Paso, Texas. 

Beatrice Victoria Burg, 

B. A., 15; Menorah Soc.; Teacher. School 
No. 17, Calhoun and Van Ness Sts., and 226 
S. Monumental St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Roger A. Burgess, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. Lubbock, Texas. 

Mabel Burks, 

Teacher. Hubbard, Texas. 

Madge Burleson, 

Liberty Hill, Texas. 

Anna Louise Burnett, 

B. A., 16; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher; mem. 
Poets and Arts Clubs. Sinton and Fischer's 
Store, Texas. 

Esther Morgan Burnett (Mrs.), 

W. Broadway and 344 S. 9th St., Mayfield, Ky. 

William Montrose Burt, 

Alpha Tau Omega; with Burt Shoe Co. 704 
Congress St. and 612 W. 22d St., Austin, 

William Riley Butler, Jr., 

Temle, Texas. 

Thomas Jefferson Calhoun, 

Cuero, Texas. 

Ruth Camp, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A.; Girls' Athletic 
Assn. Garland, Texas. 

Mary Elma Campbell, 

(Li Paso, Texas.) 

Robert Travis Canon, 

Jacksonville, Texas. 

Samuel Benton Cantey, Jr., 

LL. B., Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn.; 
Kappa Sigma; Attorney-at-Law ; mem. Knights 
of Pythias; D. O. K. K.; Episcopal Ch.; 
Masons, noi Burk Burnett Bldg. and 1226 
Pennsylvania Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Alva Carlton, 

B. A., 17; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Tau; 
Friars; Skull and Bones; Arrow Head; Cur- 
tain Club; football, 13-16; Y. M. C. A. 
Cabinet; Life Insurance Solicitor. Great 
Southern Life Ins. Co. and 1617 McGowen 
Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Le Roy Alfred Carpenter, 

Battery Expert 114 S. gth St. and 113 S. 
nth St., Waco, Texas. 

William Henry Carpenter, 

Editor Comanche Chief -Exponent; teacher pub- 
lic sch., 12-15; mem. Masons; K. of P.; W. 
O. W. Comanche, Texas. 

Anne Marshall Carrigan (Mrs. Carter 

Chi Omega. 1310, loth St., Wichita Falls, 

Robert Everton Carroll, 

Delta Tau Delta; Cotillion and German Clubs; 

Student, Southwestern Presbyterian Univ. 

(Clarksville, Tenn.). 620 Pine St., Texar- 
kana, Texas. 

Annie Adelaide Carsner, 

Honors in Domestic Econ. ; Teacher; 

lie Sch., 

15-16; mem. Saturday 

; pnn, 

Burroughsville Sch., 14-15; prin. Power Sch., 
Musical Club. Victoria, 

John Winston Carter, 

Beta Theta Pi; Rattlers; Speakers' Club; foot- 
ball (Rice Institute, 15); Student. Care Rice 
Institute and 902 Hadley Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Roger Clayton Carter, 

Crosbyton, Texas. 

Louise Cartledge, 

Reagan Soc.; Alpha Theta Pi; Student. 405 
W. aist St., Austin, Texas. 

Bourke Cartwright, 


Kappa Alpha; Arrowhead; Agriculturist; Elks. 
"., Texas. 

Samuel Moore Cartwright, 

Teacher. Van Alstyne, Texas. 

Henry James Casey, 

Sherman, Texas. 

Nellie May Cate, 

(Terrell, Texas.) 

Elsie Cathey, 

Teaching. Comanche, Texas. 

Bertha Jones Cavin, 

Teacher. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Catherine Cavitt (Mrs. Robert Evans 

Alpha Delta Pi; Trained Nurse. Blacksburg, 

Lucile Cawood (Mrs. Roy Killough), 

Franklin, Texas. 

Edmund G. Chamberlain, 

Kappa Alpha; mem. of firm, Edwin Chamber- 
lain and Co.; lieut., U. S. Marine Corps 
(Flying) ; mem. San Antonio Country, Travis, 
San Jacinto, German and Auto Clubs; Order 
of the Alamo. 1428 Main Ave., San Antonio, 
Texas and Aero Co., Advance Force, Marine 
Corps, Navy Yard, Phila., Pa. 

Willard W. Chambers, 

Ford Automobile Agent. Cameron, Texas. 

Israel Chasman, 

B. A. 16; Teacher, San Antonio High Sch. 
114 Newton St., San Antonio, Texas. 

William Henry Chatham, 

(Marlin, Texas.) 

Lelia Olivia Chilton (Mrs.), 

Student; author "Pet"; mem. Daughters Am. 
Revolution; United Daughters of the Con- 
federacy. 777 Evergreen Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Norvel J. Chittim, 

502 Brady Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

James Clark, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student. 
4607 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Nimrod Lafayette Clark, 

B. A., 13; M. A., 14. 3713 Speedway, Austin, 




George Gilbert Clifton, 

Bedell Bldg., San Antonio, Texas. 

R. H. Clinger, 

Theta Xi; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A, 1106 
E. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Roswell H. Cochran, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Oratorical Assn.; Texas Bible 
Chair Assn.; Y. M. C. A.; Missionary Comm., 
do.; treas. Rusk Soc. and Oratorical Soc.; 
pres. and organizer Odd Jobs Employment 
Club; won oratorical contest; reporter on semi- 
weekly and daily Texan; 26. in "Letter Writ- 
ing to Home Papers" contest; 3d in Morris 
Shepard contest; Advertising Manager, Denver 
Alfalfa Milling & Pro. Co., Hartman, Colo.; 
mem. Wichita Adv. Club; Oklahoma City 
Adv. Club; Oklahoma City Rotary Club. Hart- 
man, Colo., and 927 N. Lawrence St., Wichita, 

Corinne Able Cofer, 

B. A., 1 6; Chi Omega; Sidney Lanier; 
Teacher. 2309 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Margaret Eunice Cofer (Mrs. Robert 

(Longview, Texas.) 

Mary Juanita Colquitt, 

Y. W. C .A.; Primary Teacher, Iowa Park. 
1203 Austin St., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Marion Lee Compton, 

eta 1 
911 Edwards St., Fort 

Phi Alpha Sigma; Theta Nu Epsilon;_ Medical 

Student; Methodist. 
Worth, Texas. 

Edgar Emmette Conlee, 

Palo Pinto, Texas. 

Robert Eldridge Connor, 

College Station, Texas. 

Alfred Watson Cook, 

Chief Clerk, Indian Sch. and Agency, U. S. 
Govt. 604 W. 38th St., Austin, Texas. 

Isabelle Corley, 

Mexia, Texas. 

Gallic T. Cornell, 

School Teacher. San Jacinto School and not, 
36th St., Galveston, Texas. 

Johnnie Philomel Cox, 

Teacher. Sierra Blanca, Texas. 

Anne McLaurin Craig, 

707 W. 23rd St., Austin, Texas. 

Carolyn Crawford, 

Librarian and Stenographer. Carnegie Library 
and 428 Westmoreland Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Francis Marion Crawford, 

Chem. Club.; student asst. in chem.; Chemist; 
former prin. Talladega (Ala.) City High Sch. 
and Chemist for the Sloss-Sheffield Steel & 
Iron Co. of Birmingham (Ala.). Jacksonville, 

M. Eloise Crawford, 

Present Day Club; treas. Present Day Club; 
Student. San Marcos, Texas. 

Florentine Maijo Crisp, 

Cuero, Texas. 

James Benjamin Critz, 

Beta Theta Pi; Rattler Club; Rusk Lit. Soc.; 
class pres. (i), 13; Cotton Business; mem. 
Terpsichorean, Dallas Country, Calyx and Dal- 
las Beta Alumni Clubs. 709 Cotton Exchange 
Bldg. and 3816 Gillon Ave. (Highland Park), 
Dallas, Texas. 

Field Farrar Cunningham, 

Bookkeeper, Commonwealth Bank & Trust Co. 
509 E. Houston St. and 211 W. Summit Ave., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Frank Allen Ctinyas, 

Pedagogue. 914 S. High St., Long View, 

Henry H. Dailey, 

Teague, Texas. 

Robert McGee Darst, 

Kappa Sigma; mem. Rattlers; Stockman; mem. 
Houston Country Club. Richmond, Texas. 

Herbert James Daugherty, 

Assistant Engineer. Route 5, Box 40 A. Pal- 
estine, Texas. 

William E. Davenport, 

Teacher; mem. Scottish Rite, Austin Consis- 
tory; Creedmoor A. F. & A. M. 1075: K. of P. 
224 North M St. and 207 E. First Ave., 
Weatherford, Texas. 

Alonzo Manor Davis, 

Y. M. C. A.; Superintendent Public Instruc- 
tion, Hardeman Co., Texas. Box 155, Ouanah, 

Ethel Ruth Davis, 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Mattie Belle Davis, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Mary Margaret Dawson, 

Newton, Texas. 

Maidie Dealey (Mrs. James M. Mo- 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rabbit Foot Club. 
3818^ Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, Texas. 

J. H. De Fee, 

Principal, The Albert Sidney Johnston Sch. 
Angleton, Texas. 

John Harthan de Fell, 

B. S., 12 Univ. of Cal.; Professor of Spanish, 
Univ. of Oregon; author of Correspondence 
Course in Spanish for Univ. of Oregon; mem. 
University Club (Portland); Elks. University 
of Oregon and 465 E. nth St., Eugene, Ore. 

Garland de Graffenreidt, 

Clifton, Texas. 

Ernest Eugene Deisher, 

Paymaster. Treasury Dept., M. K. & T. Ry. 
of Texas, and 637 W. 8th St., Dallas, Texas. 

Marie Elizabeth Denison, 

413 W. Downs Ave., Temple, Texas. 

Beasley Denny, 

B. A., 16; Chi Omega; Sidney Lanier Lit. 
Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Cap 
Public Ave., Crockett, Te 

and Gown; Student. 




Tressie Denson (Mrs. Roy Bascom), 

Sigma Phi; Reagan Soc. ; mem. Cameron Sym- 
phony Club. Cameron,. Texas. 

Alma Bee De Shazo, 

B. A., 1 6. 307 E. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Xora Deussen, 

130 Lavaca St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Albert Lewis De Veny, 

Manager, General Adjustment Co.; dist. supt. 
Success Co. branch offices; Minister of the 
Gospel; ch. affiliation, Church of Christ; prin. 
2 yrs. and supt. 2 yrs. High Sch., West, 
Texas. 1126 Busch Bldg. and 305 Sunset St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

William Curtis De Ware, 

Alpha Tau Omega; 2d honor in high sch.; 
salutatory; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. Jef- 
ferson, Texas. 

James Larkin Dikes, 

Sigma Phi Sigma; Winsonian Club; Sergeant 
at Arms; Student; Contractor; Drug Clerk; 
mem. W. O. W. 1912 Speedway, Austin, and 
Gonzales, Texas. 

Stephen Harrison Dodd, 

Tennis, 15-16; tennis mgr., 14-15; student asst. 
in botany; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 2212 
San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas. 

Delia Doppelmayer 

Columbia, Mo. 

(Mrs. M. S. 

Elsa Clara Dornberger, 

(3908 Ave. D, Hyde Park, Austin, Texas.) 

Emily Mildred Dorsey, 

113 N. Marsalis St., Dallas, Texas. 

John Milburn Doss, 

Attended Southern Methodist Univ. of Dallas, 
Texas; Zeta Delta Chi (Southern Methodist); 
Druggist; mem. K. of P.; W. O. W. 107 W. 
2d St. and 505 Eim St., Colorado, Texas. 

William Howell Duncan, 

Cactus staff; Junior Academ. 710 W. 23d St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Lowell M. Dye, 

Clerk, Park Hotel; Student, Southern Meth- 
odist Univ. Park Hotel, Dallas, Texas. 

Nancy Ethie Eagleton, 

(Ladonia, Texas.) 

Frances M. Eaton, 

B. A., 09, Univ. of 
Club. Tyler High 
Ave., Tyler, Texas. 

B. A., 09, Univ. of 111.; Teacher; mem. Coterie 
Club. _Tyler High School and 227 Bonner 

Dorothy Eckhardt (Mrs. H. A. 

805 Davis St, Taylor, Texas. 

Zula Belle Edens, 

21 10 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Luicle O. Eilers (Mrs. W. E. Max- 

Galveston, Texas. 

Edwin H. Ellinghausen, 

Also attended Dept. of Law; Student. 1902 
Guadalupe St., Austin, and Floresville, Texas. 

Richard Marion Ellis, 

1115 S. 2nd St., Austin Texas. 

Cecil Alfred Ellmore, Jr., 

Agua Dulce, Texas. 

F. S. Estill, 

B. A., 16; Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Upsilon; 
Student. Huntsville, Texas. 

Laura Christine Evarts (Mrs. A. Y. 

Delta Delta Delta; mem. Dallas Pan-Hellenic 
Club. 5603 Reiger Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Leslie Manton Ezell, 

Kopperl, Texas. 

Harry Elmer Ferguson, 

Kappa Sigma; Football scrubs; Traveling 
Salesmen; mem. Iroquois Club. 308 Juan 
Linn St., Victoria, Texas. 

J. B. Ferguson, 

B. A., 16; Phi Beta Kappa; Student; asst. in 
Greek. Route 5, Belton, Texas. 

Estelle Feuille, 

Ancon, C. Z. 

Frances Electa Fisher, 

Teacher of English, West Ave. Grammar Sch. 
West Ave. Grammar School and 1304 N. isth 
St., Waco, Texas. 

James Birtie Ford, 

Acacia; Tarlton Law and Hildebrand Socs. ; 
soccer team, 14; Student. University Station, 
Box 165, Coryell, Texas. 

Roscoe Benton Fore, 

Phi Delta Kappa; Y. M. C. A.; Superin- 
tendent, Pharr-San Juan Public Schools. 
Pharr, Texas. 

Robert P. Forrest, 

Student, Rice Institute. Box 284, Houston, 

Lilly Rosalind Forster, 

(1400 Pruitt St., Fort Worth, Texas.) 

Martin Fouts, 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Byron C. Foy, 

Phi Gamma Delta; with Buick Auto Co. 2105 
Commerce St. and 832 Melba St., Dallas, 

Henry Frank, 

200 E. ist St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Louise Franklin, 

Student. Petus, Texas. 

J. H. French (Mrs.), 

2707 East Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Marie Frey, 

Domestic Science and Art Instruction. 625 
W. Third Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 




Horatio Monroe Fristoe, 

Acacia; Y. M. C. A.; Cabinet, 14-16; pres. 
Y. M. C. A., 16-17; mgr. baseball, 16; Student. 
2107 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Edwin M. Fulton, 

Lawyer. 46% W. Oak St. and 56 Fulton St., 
Denton, Texas. 

Malcolm H. Fulton, 

Delta Tau Delta; Cotton Buyer; mem. Elks; 
Masons. Denton-Bell Cotton Co. and 815 N. 
Main St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Christine Funkhauser, 

(2508 University Ave., Austin, Texas.) 

H. E. Fuqua, 

Y. M. C. A.; Banker; teller. 319 and 1404 
Polk St., Amarillo, Texas. 

John Pierce Gaines, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Real Estate; mem. Masons, 
1 8 Bay City, Texas. 

Mary Gallagher (Mrs. Edwin Kyser 

B. A., 14; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc. Mt. Calm, Texas. 

James Conway Garlington, 

High Sch. scholarship; Teacher; mem. firm of 
Garlington & Wellis, Grocers. Bowie, Texas. 

William Grey Garrett, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Stenographer. Kerrville, 

William LeRoy Garth, 

(Red Fork, Okla.) 

Theodore A. Gatchell, 

i oledo, Ohio. 

Bennie Z. Gathings (Mrs. Glenn C. 

Lee-Huckins Hotel, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Wilbur Fisher Gay, 

Glee Club; Furniture; mem. Knights of 
l yt l ias i 2I ^ E - Cen tral Ave. and 118 E. 
Sixth Ave., Belton, Texas. 

Fred Gibbons, 

(3505 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas.) 

Frances Jeta Gibson, 


B. A., 16; Zeta Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; 
Pierian Lit. Soc. ; Cap and Gown Club; basket- 
tm Texas 8 ' Student ' l8 " Color ado St., Aus- 

Naomi Gibson, 


Teacher. Winnetka School, Dallas, and 1307 
E. Fannin St., Marshall, Texas. 

Alma Catherine Giesecke, 

2200 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Linda Emily Giesecke, 

2200 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

R. B. Giles, 

Phi Beta Pi; bus. mgr. Cactus, 16; Student 
Alba, lexas. 

Brice Gill, 

Pi Beta Phi. 267 W. 72 d St., N. Y. C. 

Erma May Gill, 

B. A., 16; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Germania; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Teacher of Latin, Senior 
High Sch., Houston, Tex.; mem. Coll. Wom- 
an's Club. 1314 McKinney Ave., Houston, 

Martha Johnanna Gillespie, 

Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. Elgin, Texas. 

Solomon E. Gillespie, 

B. S., A. and M. Coll.; Mechanical Engineer; 
asst. engr.; mem. A. and M. and Hamilton 
Clubs; York Rite Mason, Royal Arch and 
Council Degrees; Scottish Rite Mason, 30. 
The Murray Co. and 2601 Pennsylvania Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Velma Jeanette Gillespie (Mrs. Wil- 
bur B. Roberts), 

Teacher of English, Gary Sch. 402 W. Hous- 
ton St., Tyler, Texas. 

Wiley Eugene Glaze, 

R. F. D. No. 3, Anson, Texas. 

Joe Glenney, Jr., 

Kappa Alpha; Arrowhead; Friars; "T" in 
wrestling; asst. mgr. football, 14 and mgr., 
15; Banker. First National Bank and noi 
McGregor Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Arthur Gleckler, 

B. A., 16; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Chemistry 
Club; team reporter, 13-15; Y. M. C. A. 304 
W. ipth St., Austin, and La Grange, Texas. 

Walter Reid Click, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Superintendent of Public 
Schools. Louise, Texas. 

Estella Glover, 

Teacher. 3907 Colonial Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Sylvan S. Goldberg, 

Palestine, Texas. 

Bess Ernestine Goldman (Mrs. Henry 
Hutchings, Jr.), 

404 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Jehu Lee Goolsby, 

Principal of High Sch. Jacksonville, Texas. 

Solomon Elija Gordon, 

Student; mem. Curtain, Hogg Debating, and 
Winsonian Dramatic Clubs; Cofer Law Soc. 
1515 Main St. and 1314 North St., Fort Worth, 

Roselle Gould, 

B. A., 16; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Texan staff; Poets' Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; 
Ownooch; Woman's Council; Teacher. 2509 
Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Aldus Victor Govett, 

Am. InsL Electrical Engineers. Seguin, Texas. 

Harry N. Grantham, 

Agriculture and Ginning; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
800 Houston St., McGregor, Texas. 

Howard Gray, Jr., 

Hardware Merchant. St. John, Kan. 




Edith Green, 

Teacher of History. South End Jr. High 
School and 415 Westmoreland Ave.. Houston, 

H. M. Greene, 

B. A., 16; Phi Delta Kappa; Student; Stud- 
ent's Council. 2806 Guadalupe St., Austin, 
and Douglassville, Texas. 

Inez Greer, 

Alpha Delta Pi. Beeville, Texas. 

Mary Stone Greer, 

B. A., 15; M. A., ; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; Visor; Cap and Gown; v-pres. 
Woman's Council; mem. Women's Assemb., 
15; pres. Pan-Hellenic Council, 16. 1910 
Calder Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Dick B. Gregg, 

Sigma Nu; Student. Manor, Texas. 

Jane Gregory, 

B. A., 14; Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
mem. Rabbit-Foot Club. 1532, i6th St., 
Wash., D. C. 

Rupert N. Gresham, 

Banker; mem. Casino Assn.; San Antonio 
Country Club. 213 W. Commerce St. and 
724 W. Poplar St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Jennie Burton Gribble (Mrs. Gar- 
land Lang), 

Alpha Delta Pi. Somerville, Texas. 

Payton Purl Grimes, 

Y. M. C. A.; Farmer. Moffat, Bell Co., 

Culver McFerrin Griswold, 

Phi Kappa Psi ; inter-fraternity single ten- 
nis championship, 13; Teacher; teacher of 
science Ballinger High Sch., I 4' I 5; prin. 
Rosebud High Sch., 15-17. Sweetwater, 

Velma Billye Hadley, 

Muskogee, Okla. 

Charles H. Haggard, 

Class rep., Medical; Salesman. 3317 Ave. P, 
Galveston, Texas. 

Homer H. Hagler, 

O. A. K. Club; Clerk, Pierce Fordyce Oil 
Assn. Wheat Bldg. and 1130 Sixth Ave., 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Harry Egbert Halden, 

Advertising, asst. manager; mem. Elks; Ma- 
sonic connections. The Austin Statesman 
and 410 E. iQth St., Austin, Texas. 

Edward Everett Hale, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Student. Hico, Texas. 

Trimble Hale, 

Bookkeeper with Scarbrough and Hicks Co. 
Rockdale, Texas. 

Genevieve Elizabeth Hall, 

4404 Ave. B, Austin Texas. 

Marianne Shelby Hamill, 

Student. 1506 Hurley Ave., Fort Worth, 

Edna Belle Hamilton, 

B. A., 1916; Pierian; Y. W. C. A.; Student. 
316 W. roth St., Dallas, Texas. 

Ida Fay Hamilton, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; mem. B. Y. P. U. 
112 Mims St., Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Mary Constance Hammock, 

Monticello, Ark. 

Thomas Morgan Hammond, 

Farmer; teacher in public school, 10-12, 13- 
15. Medina, Texas. 

Bettylee Hampil, 

B. A., 16; Delta Delta Delta; Reagan Lit. 
Soc.; Newman Club; Cap and Gown; Y. W. 

C. A.; Teacher in Girls' Training Sch. 
Girls' Training School, Gainesville, and Bra- 
zoria, Texas. 

Nell Haniman, 

San Diego, Cal. 

Paul Eugene Haralson, 

B. A., 1 6. Bastrop, Texas. 

Bertrand Morrison Harding, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. 1807 Con- 
gress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Omie Mae Harkins, 

Y. W. C. A.; Instructor in Latin and Eng- 
lish, Whitewright High Sch. Whitewright, 

Mary Harold, 

Blanco, Texas. 

Shelley Harper, 

Mexia, Texas. 

Joab B. Harrell, 

Stock-Farming. Chappel, San Saba Co., 

Floy Harris, 

Teacher. Comanche, Texas. 

Van Buren Harris, 

(Mathis, Texas.) 

Marion Harrison, 

Teacher. (305 Lavaca St., San Antonio, 

Charles Ferdinand Hartmann, 

Rusk Lit. Soc^ Student. 1700 Congress Ave., 
Austin, and Cuero, Texas. 

Gustave August Hartmann, 

Student. Meyersville, Texas. 

Ralph Hicks Harvey, 

County Superintendent of Public Instruc- 
tion, Cass County; supt. M. E. Sunday Sch. 
Linden, Texas. 

Winston Harwood, 

Beta Theta Pi; Planter; private sec. T. F. 
Harwood; Royal Arch Mason; A. F. and A. M. 
Gonzales, Texas. 

Juanita Joyce Haskell, 

2305 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 




Dallas Euel Hawkins, 

Essay contest first honors; Banker. 190 Mag- 
nolia St., Winters, Texas. 

William Walker Hawkins, 

B. A., 1 6. Val Verde St., El Paso, Texas. 

Brock Dell Hawthorne, 

Bookkeeper, Maxwell Hdw. Co. 810-12 Ohio 
Ave. and mo Denver Ave., Wichita Falls, 

Thomas Edward Hayden, Jr., 

B. A., 16; Hogg Debating and Friar Socs.; 
Delta Sigma Rhp; Rusty Cusses; debating, 
16; sr. orator; winner William J. Bryan Es- 
say Prize; assemblyman; pres. Oratorical 
Assn. ; Student. Moran, Texas. 

Randolph Arnold Haynes, 

Student; teaching Spanish in Texas Sch. for 
the Blind. University Station, Austin, Texas. 

Thomas Wade Heard, 

R. F. D. No. 7, Temple, Texas. 

Martin Albert Kurt Heinrich, 

Seguin, Texas. 

Myrtie Henderson, 

B. A., 15; Teacher. Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Ruth Hendrix (Mrs. Homer Lowry), 

2604 Salado St., Austin, Texas. 

Lee Hensley, 

Express Business; asst. cashier American 
Exp. Co. ; mem. Masons. Austin, Texas. 

Irwin David Hess, 

Hildebrand Law and Rusk Debating Socs.; 
Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. Rifle and West 
Texas Clubs. 2110 Duval St., Austin, and 
Mereta, Texas. 

Frederick Pomeroy Hibbard, 

Chi Phi; Phi Alpha Tau; Sigma Delta Chi; 
Sigma Psi; Curtain Club; Scribblers; Win- 
sonian; German Club; Senior Acad. 2009 
Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Jessie Hickman, 

Teacher. 1500, nth St., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Muriel Hickman, 

Guardian of Wichita Camp of Camp Fire 
Girls; First V.-Pres. of M. E. South Epworth 
League; asst. Sunday School teacher; Univ. 
Choral Club. 1907, 7th St., Wichita Falls, 

James Horace Higginbotham, 

Phi Delta Theta; football; Wholesale Dry- 
goods Merchant. Higginbotham, Bailey, Lo- 
gan Co. and 5002 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

R. E. Hildebrand, 

P, e , !ta ~ Chi; Purchasing Agent Carter-Mul- 
lally Transportation Co. Box 711 and 1215 
McCullough Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Hood Hill, Jr., 

^605 N. i2th St., Waco, Texas.) 

John Augustus Hill, Jr., 

Farmer. Manor, Texas. 

John Edward Hill, 

Ranchman. Eldorado, Texas. 

Katherine Edna Hill (Mrs. Hock- 

(.Wolfe City, Texas.) 

George Carroll Hilman, 

Assistant in School of Chemistry. Day- 
line, La. 

Octye Hinde, 

124 Harris Ave., San Angelo, Texas. 

Anne B. W. Hinzie, 

Alpha Chi Omega (Univ. of Wis.); Red 
Domino; Clef Club; Student. Barnard Hall, 
Madison, Wis. 

Oscar Knox Hobbs, 

Farmer; asst. postmaster, Decker, Tex.; road 
overseer. Maryneal, Texas. 

Mary Holloway, 

Teacher. (Houston, Texas.) 

Robert Fanning Holloway, 

Superintendent City Schools; mem. K. of P. 
Comanche, Texas. 

Emma Holman (Mrs. A. M. Scott), 

Mem. Y. W. C. A. 301 E. gth St., Austin, 

Andrew Jackson Holmes, 

Superintendent of Schools; co. supt. Panola 
Co. for 6 yrs. ; supt. Carthage Schools for 5 
yrs. San Augustine, Texas. 

Birge Holt, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Rattlers. 703 Birge St., 
Sherman, Texas. 

Thomas A. C. Holt, 

Rusk Lit. Soc. ; Teacher; prin. Ward 
School, 15-16, and Rural High School, 10-13; 
mem. Texas State Teachers' and Parent 
Teachers' Assns. Box 603, Kingsville, Texas. 

William Charles Homeyer, 

B. A., 15; Germania; student asst., Botany 
and Agriculture; Teacher; mem. Lutheran 
Church. Cleburne High School and 606 W. 
College St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Carrie Bunch Hopkins (Mrs. Asher 

B. A., 1 6. Laredo, Texas. 

Helen Louise Hornaday, 

312 Fannin St., Austin, Texas. 

Charles Horace Houston, 

Delta Tau Delta; Automobile Salesman; 
mem. Masons. 523 Congress Ave. and 2212 
San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Lawrence Houston, 

4300 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Edward Pendleton Howard, 

4927 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

John D. Howard, 

Ranchman; mem. Casino Assn.; Travis Club. 
404 Gibbs Bldg. and 221 Goliad St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Williamson Smith Howell, Jr., 

Phi Gamma Delta; Attorney. 610 Alamo 
Bank Bldg. and 217 E. Elmira St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Lottie Olivia Huffman, 

Marshall, Texas. 




George Ernest Hughes, Jr., 

Hogg Debating Soc.; R. R. Employee. 1319 
John St., Palestine, Texas. 

Elsie May Hunt (Airs. William J. 

Pastor's Assistant. Lexington, Okla. 

Edward Lee Hunter, 

Teacher; supt. Aubrey Sell. Aubrey, Texas. 

Sarah A. Hunter (Mrs. George W. 

B. A., 14; Chi Omega Sorority; Art Club; 
Visor; pres. Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A. 
Cabinet; sec.-treas. class; mem. Sesame Club. 
300 N. Abbott St., Hillsoboro, Texas. 

Frances Hutchings (Mrs. R. E. 

Chi Omega; mem. Y 
ita St., At 

Austin, Texas. 

W. C. A. 2601 Wich- 

William Herman Hutter, 

Student. U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, 

Arthur H. Ingenhuett, 

Comfort, Texas. 

Leon Curtis Ingram, 

Medina, Texas. 

\Yeta Acker Ingram, 

400 W. iiSth St., New York, N. Y. 

Douglas F. Jackson, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Bookkeeper, Corsicana Natl. 
Bank. 100 N. Beaton St., and 1040 W. Third 
Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Ernest Walter Jackson, 

Goldthwaite, Texas. 

Leslie Albert Jackson, 

Teacher. 840 Mallard St., Palestine, Texas. 

Sam Jaeggli, 

Student; Scottish Rite Mason. 



Edison C. Jalonick, 

Sigma Chi; Fire Insurance; mem. Dallas 
Country Club. Highland Park and 3817 
Lemmon Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Daisy Edna James, 

1541 Ashland Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Edna James, 

Teacher. 1541 Ashland Ave., Houston, Texas. 

M. G. James, 

Druggist. Hamilton, Texas. 

W. May James, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Teaching. Sunflower 
Farm, Ballinger, Texas. 

Lillian Mary Janoch, 

B. A., 16. 3112 Houston Ave., Houston, 

Laura Deborah Jernigan, 

Teacher. Texas School for the Deaf and 
410 E. Monroe St., Austin, Texas. 

Tull Johnson, 

(McGregor, Texas.) 

Alfred Wettermark Jones, 

(Pauls Valley, Texas.) 

Clitus Jones, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; mem. Y. M. C. A.; Student; 
Daily Texan; Reporter, Cactus. 900 N. i8th 
St., Daco, Texas. 

Clyde T(odde) Jones, 

Office Manager, Oklahoma Hupmobile Sales 
Co.; notary public, Oklahoma Co. 117 W. 
2d St. and 2822 VV. nth St., Oklahoma City, 

Era Mae Jones, 

(Bruceville, Texas.) 

Helen Ruth Jones, 

B. A., 16; Phi Mu; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. 
\Y. Reed Music Club; pres. Woman's Coun- 
cil, 15-16; pres. Woman's Assembly, 15-16; asst. 
to Registrar Univ. of Texas, 13-15; Teacher 
of Spanish and History, Orange High Sch. 
1104 Pine St., Orange, Texas. 

Houston H. Jones, 

Student. 606 W. iSth St., Austin, Texas. 

James Willis Jones, Jr., 

Bruceville, Texas. 

Leonard Jones, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Nu Epsilon; mem. 
Y. M. C. A.; Student. 402 W. Houston 
Ave., Marshall, Texas. 

Mary Alice Jones, 

Student. 301 W. 6th St., Chattanooga. Tenn. 

Walter Francis Jones, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Lawyer; clerk 63d Judi- 
cial dist. court, 10-14; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
First Natl. Bank Bldg. and 115 Garfield 
Ave., Del Rio, Texas. 

David Joost, 

Chemical Club ; mem. Univ. band and or- 
chestra; missny. committeeman Y. M. C. A.; 
Stenographer. Genl. Freight Office of South- 
ern Pacific R. R. ; mem. Y. M. C. A. Ten- 
nis Club. Southern Pacific Bldg., 911 Frank- 
lin Ave., and Y. M. C. A. Bldg., 918 Fan- 
nin St., Houston, Texas. 

Bothwell Bierce Kane, 

Kappa Alpha; Arrow Head; football team, 12; 
Insurance Agent and Bond Broker; mem. 
River Crest Country Club. 710 Houston St. 
and 1252 W. Peter Smith St., Fort Worth, 
Texas. " 

Edward Whitaker Kee, 

Teacher of Science. High School and 704 
Academy St., New Braunfels, Texas. 

Mattie Inez Keeling, 

(Stamford, Texas.) 

Albert Sidney Keith, 

Teacher; Superintendent Pilot Point Public 
Schools. Pilot Point, Texas. 

Dorothea Sue Kellner, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; scholarship, Ball High 
School. 1128 Avr. E, Galveston, Texas. 

E. H. Keltner, 

Sigma Nu; baseball, 16; Student. Manor, 




Edwin Jay Kennedy, 

B. A., 14; Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Pi; Student 
1006 Market St., Galveston, Texas. 

Ruth Kennedy, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; La Tertu 
lia; Pierian Lit. Soc.; v.-p. class (3); Stu 
dent. 712 W. 22% St., Austin, Texas. 

Elizabeth Louise Key (Mrs. C. W. 
Chewning) , 

Delta Delta Delta; D. A. R.; teachers cer- 
tificate; mem. Y. W. C. A.; Indianapolis 
Alliance of Delta Delta Delta. 2325 N. 
Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Lee H. Kidd, 

A. B., Burleson College; Teacher and Super- 
intendent of Schools. Devine, Texas. 

Oscar L. Killian, 

Teacher. Comanche, and University Station, 
Austin, Texas. 

Lillian Dudley Kimpton (Mrs. Charles 
Fred Jewett), 

Y. W. C. A.; formerly tchr. in Houston 
City Schs.; mem. Y. W. C. A.; D. A. R. and 
Current Literature Club. Bellaire, Texas. 

Bascom M. King, 

Clerk. Stockdale, Texas. 

James Travis King, 

Garage Superintendent. Simpson Garage and 
217 N. Den ton St., Gainesville, Texas. 

Mary Finetta King, 

Graduate Texarkana High Sch. and Drew- 
Blair Kindergarten Training Sch, Austin; 
Teacher. 919 State St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Robert Maynard King, 

B. A., 16; Texas Chemical Club; pres. Texas 
Chemical Club; sen. mem. of Students' Coun- 
cil, 14-15; student asst. in chem. ; Student. 2702 
East Ave., Austin, Texas. 

William Yancy King, 

(4205 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas.) 

Gladys Ann Kirschner, 

B. A., 16; Alpha Delta Pi; Reagan Lit. Soc.; 
Home Economics Club; mem. Y. W. C. A.; 
Galveston Club; Student. 1903 Ave. L., 
Galveston, Texas. 

Charles Louis Klapprath, 

Midland, Texas. 

William Hughes Knight, 

B. A., 13; Law, 14-16; Phi Delta Theta; Phi 
Alpha Tau; Rattler and Curtain Clubs; Glo- 
braskers; Law Student, Middle Year. 3617 
Cedar Springs Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Roger Edmund Knolle, 

Industry, Texas. 

Waldo Austin Knolle, 

Industry, Texas. 

Elma Knox, 

Teacher. (Sherman, Texas.) 

Delia Rosa Koen, 

304 E. pth St., Austin, Texas. 

William H. Korges, 

Karnes City, Texas. 

Robert Lee Krigbaum, 

Teacher. (Santa Fe, N. Mex.) 

Francis Clement Krahl, 

Delta Chi; Superintendent Krahl Construc- 
tion Co.. 62 W. Madison St., Chicago, 111., 
and 2403 Bagley St., Houston, Texas. 

Leo Julian La Crosse, 

District Clerk; mem. Newman Club. Court 
House, Del Rio, Texas. 

Louis Edward Lander, 

3816 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Vincent Wesley Lanfear, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Applied Economics Club; 
Student. Elgin, Texas. 

Joyce Langston, 

(Cisco, Texas.) 

Sam De Witt Lattimore, 

(Jacksonville, Texas.) 

D. N. Lawley, 

Clerk in Law and Abstract Office. P. O. 
Box 476, Gonzales, Texas. 

Verne Leary, 

Chi Omega; 
Antonio. Texas. 

Chi Omega; Student. 323 E. Locust, San 
io, Te 

Adria Le Compte, 

Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. 800 Cler- 
mont Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Willamai Ledbetter (Mrs. John P. 

B. A., 16; Delta Delta Delta; Reagan Lit. 
Soc. Cameron, Texas. 

Daisy Emma Lee, 

B. A., 15; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A., Cabinet, 15. 2703 
Avenue j, Galveston, Texas. 

Irma Lee, 

Teacher. Childress, Texas. 

John Bunyan Lee, 

2806 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Rigmor Leffland, 

Teacher. 406 S. William St., Victoria, Texas. 

C. W. Lehmberg, 

Teacher of Agriculture. Seguin, Texas. 

H. B. Lehmberg, 

Student 808 Church St., Galveston, and 
1514 Saunders Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Mary Emily Leighton, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Teacher; mem. El Paso 
Univ. Club; Y. W. C. A. 501 Arizona St., 
El Paso, Texas. 

Theodore Hamilton Leslie, 

Teacher; prin. Moulton Public Sch., 6 yrs. ; 
mem. W. O. W. ; M. W. of A.; Masonic 
connections. Moulton, Texas. 

Alice Leverett, 

540 Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Texas. 

Tillie Levi, 

409 E. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 




Adrian F. Levy, 

B. A., 16; Sigma Delta Xi; pres. Woman's 
Dramatic Club; mem. (pres.) Galveston, Ger- 
man, Ad and Curtain Clubs; Globraskers. 
2001 Ave L, Galveston, Texas. 

Floy Lewis, 

Teacher. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Walter Martin Lewright, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Lawyer. 434 Moore 
Bldg. and 410 Brooklyn Ave., San Antonio, 

Helen Lamar Lidstone, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Rabbit Foot Club; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc. ; Scribbler; mem. bds. Cactus, Texan, 
Magazine and Coyote; sec. Women's Council. 
P. O. Box 274, San Saba, Texas. 

Maude Louise Lindsey, 

Teacher. Iowa Park, Texas. 

Frank Curtis Linn, Jr., 

(Yoakum, Texas.) 

Mattie Lou Little, 

Dublin, Texas. 

Clyde Littlefield, 

Greenville, Texas. 

Martin David Lloyd, 

(Van Alstyne, Texas.) 

Ruth Long (Mrs. T. L. Fisher), 

Delta Delta Delta. 1300 Boulevard, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Charles Sextimus Longcope, 

(mo Clay Ave., Houston, Texas.) 

Dorothy Love, 

Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A. 5400 Gas- 
ton Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Hubert B. Love, 

Delta Sigma Delta; Texas Club; Attended 
Vanderbilt Univ., Dental Dept., Class of 18. 
43 Carroll St., *Nashville, Tenn., and W. 
Fourth Ave., Corsicana Texas. 

Homer F. Lowry, 

Sigma Nu; University band; Real Estate 
and Insurance. 605-6 Scarbrough Bldg. and 
611 Oakland Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Percy E. Luecke, 

Student. 900 Brooke St., Wichita Falls, 

Donald Chalmer Lyon, 

Clerk. 312 August Bldg. and 1510 Sixth 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Francis Wilkins McBee, 

Advertising. 311 Bryant Bldg. and 404 E. 
loth St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Guy Thornton McBride, 

Teacher. Blind Institute, Austin, Texas. 

James H. McBride, 

B. A., 16, Texas Christian Univ.; Student in 
Texas Christian Univ. ; mem. First Presb. Ch. 
205 Main St. and 504 W. ist St., Fort Worth, 


Jane Yelvingtqn McCallum (Mrs.), 

Alpha Delta Pi; Fine Arts Assn. prize for 
best essay on Elisabeth Ney, 15; pres. Austin 
Equal Suffrage Assn. ; mem. of Board of 
United Charities and Advisory Board to Pro- 
bation Officer, Travis Co.; mem. Colonial 
Dames; Shakespeare Club; Texas Fine Arts 
Assn. 507 W. 32d St., Austin, Texas. 

Y. Q. McCammon, 

Sec. and Treas. Horseshoe Ranch Co. Horse- 
shoe Ranch, Okla. 

John S. McCampbell, 

Kappa Sigma; Lawyer; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
401 Broadway St., Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Annie Elizabeth McCarty, 

B. A., 15; Teacher in Latin, High Sch. ; 
mem. Parents' and Teachers' Assn. San Be- 
nito, Texas. 

Constance Loral McCarver (Mrs. P. 
R. Underwood), 

Mem. Plainview Alumni and Ex-Students* 
Assn.; Panhandle Alumni Assn. 1109 Van 
Buren St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Sam Jones McClendon, 

Carrizo Springs, Texas. 

W. Joseph McConnell, 

Teacher in Mathematics. North Texas State 
Normal Coll. and 113 W. Hickory St., Denton. 

Mildred Jones McCormac, 

(608 W. Burleson St., Marshall, 

Clara Anna McCormick, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Y. W. C. A. 
716 W. Cypress St., San Antonio, Texas. 

William Henry McCrary, 

B. A., 15; Delta Kappa Epsilon; pres. Reed 
Music Club, 15; mem. Dramatic Club of 
Iowa State Coll.; Student. 217 Ash St.* 
Ames, Iowa. 

Arthur Bee McDaniel, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. 8n Ave. D 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Ida Lee McDonald (Mrs. A. L, 

218 E. Mt. Vernon St., Springfield, Mo. 

Joe Edwin McDonald, 

1 020 Lake View Ave., San Antonio, Texas, 

Barton Emisa McGirk, 

Mgr. The Brown Tel. and Tel. Co.; City 
Recorder. Mullin, Mills Co., Texas. 

Willis M. McGregor, 

Delta Chi; Speakers' Club; Student. Care 
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth 

George Davis Mcjimsey, 

Acacia; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 1201 E. 
Fannin St., Marshall, Texas. 

C. P. McKenzie, 

B. A., 1 6, Rice; Beta Theta Pi; Student, 
Mexia, Texas. 

Mamie McKenzie, 

Jacksonville, Texas. 




J. Alfred McKnight, 

Lawyer. 405 Denver Record Bldg., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Lee Crawford McKnight, 

Psi Omega; Dental Student; mem. Texas 
Club of Tulane Univ. Station 20, New Or- 
leans, La. 

Frank Moore McLaughlin, 

Cashier, \V. E. McLaugnlin, Banker. Loren- 
zo, Texas. 

Vera McNew, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; 
Reed Musical, Violin and Choral Clubs; 
Univ. Orchestra; "T" Assn.; Y. W. C. A.; 
on Cactus Staff; Winsonian Dramatic Club; 
Teacher; sec. Woman's Bldg.; asst. to Regis- 
trar; mem. Sllew La Renim Club. 809 S. 
Pecan St., Mineral Wells, Texas. 

T. H. McReynolds, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 238 Clarkson 
St., Paris, Texas. 

Austin J. Mackey, 

Texas Oil Co., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Lillian Maresh, 

Student; mem. Present Day Club. 2010 
Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Lucy Marsh, 

B. A., 17; Alpha Delta Pi; Student. 102 W. 
2oth St,, Austin, and Tyler, Texas. 

William Emma Marshall, 

B. A., 1 6. Bonham, Texas. 

Marguerite Mary Martin, 

Phi Mu; Newman Club; School Teacher. 
1905 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Mitchell Mason, 

Timekeeper. San Antonio Traction Co., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Ira Temple Masters, 

Morris Sheppard Soc.; Druggist; supt Win- 
field Public Schools. Winfield, Texas. 

George Duff Masterson, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Manager, Electrified Water 
Co. 1055 Pine St. and 1208 Hazel Ave., 
Beaumont, Texas. 

Mary Green Masterson (Mrs. Fred 

Houston Oil Co., Houston, Texas. 

Richard Nevins Mather, 

2305 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Mrs. Lura M. Matthews, 

Worthington, Ohio. 

Sophia Marie Mauer, 

Teacher of German, Cuero High Sch., since 
IQII. 606 Terrell St., Cuero, and Brenham, 

Camille Maufrais, 

817 W. i2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Annie I. Maxwell, 

Lit. Soc.: Student; sec. Lit. Soc. 15-16* 
mem. Y. W. C. A. 209 E. i 3 th St., 'Austin! 

Miles Maxwell, 

Student Teacher. Burnett, Texas. 

Bessie May, 

Teacher, High School. Berclair, Texas. 

Henry Grady May, 

B. A., 1 6, Southern Methodist Univ.; Delta 
Kappa Epsilon; Minister. Whitewright, Texas. 

Arline Mayer, 

Teacher. Colorado and Arbor PI. and 116 
Newton St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Gertrude Mead, 

Student. Box 437, Marfa, Texas. 

J. W. G. Meadows, 

(Devine, Texas.) 

Louise Megee, 

B. A., 16; Pierian and Cap and Gown Socs. ; 
Vizor; Woman's Athletic Council; Y. W. C. 
A.; v.-pres. Cap and Gown, 15-16; sec. Pieri- 
an Soc., 14-15; "T" in basketball; Teacher of 
Home Economics, Allan High Sch.; treas. 
Y. W. C. A. and of Woman's Athletic Assn., 
15-16. Allan High School and too E. 26th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Otis Meredith, 

B. A., 16; Kappa Alpha; Arrowhead; Student. 
1710 Colorado St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Austin, and 1602 Main St., 

William Page Meredith, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Eugenia Meyer (Mrs. James J. Rey- 

Alpha Delta Pi. Albany, Texas. 

Ralph Miles, 

Alpha Tau Omega; freshman baseball team; 
Clerk, Accounting Dept., Refining Dept. The 
Texas Co. ; mem. Lumberman's Club. Fan- 
nin and McKinney Sts., Houston, Texas. 

Alice Mae Miller, 

Chi Omega; pres. Reed Mus. Soc., 15-16; 
critic, Reagan Lit. Soc. ; v.-pres. Reed Mus. 
Soc., 14-15; Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. 
Brenham, Texas. 

Eleanor McKay Miller (Mrs. George 
M. Calhoun), 

3107 Grandview St., Austin, Texas. 

Margaret Miller (Mrs. Edgar D. Gil- 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Thomas Benton Miller, 

Teacher; prin. Woodson High Sch. Stam- 
ford, Texas. 

Eddie Lance Mills, 

Sabinal, Texas. 

James Luther Mims, 

B. A., 16; Alp^a Kappa Psi; Student; mem. 
Y. M. C. A. c/o Western Union Life Ins. 
Co., Spokane, Wash. 

Ella Louise Minkwitz, 

Deputy Tax Collector; mem. Y. W. C. A. 
Richmond, Texas. 




James McCalla Mitchner, 

Phi Chi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Student. 1028 
Ave. E., Galveston, and 2112 Caroline St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Emily Rosamond Modrall, 

(Austin, Texas.) 

Maxwell Suttle Molloy, 

Phi ^Alpha Sigma; Student. 
Galveston, Texas. 

1107 Ave. F, 

Theodore San ford Moodie, 

Chief Clerk Driskill Hotel. Driskill Hotel, 
Austin, Texas. 

Hugh Moore, 

(Henrietta, Texas.) 

Juanita Kate Moore, 

B. A., 16. 815 Calder Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Mirian Finley Moore (Mrs. E. C. 

H. Burlington Apts., Houston, Texas. 

Charles Lewalling Morgan, 

Kappa Alpha; Hildebrand Law Soc.; Rusk 
Lit. Soc.; Rusk debater, 16; sec. and treas. 
Hildebrand Law Soc.; Student; mem. Y. M. 

C. A. ; Gatrix Club. 2903 Texas St., Green- 
ville, and 1710 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

Clifton H. Morris, 

B. A., 16; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Kappa 
Psi; Sigma Delta Psi; track, 14-15; capt., 16; 
Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 15-16; Student. Rose- 
bud, Texas. 

Lee Roy Morris, 

Ranchman. Reagan Wells, Texas. 

Lucy Morris, 

Chi Omega; Rabbit Foot. Elm and Vine 
Sts., Tyler, Texas. 

Clifton Lowther Moss, Jr., 

B. A., 16; Kappa Alpha; Sigma Epsilon; 
Student. 5016 Crutcher St., Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Moss, 

Llano, Texas. 

Kate Mulkey (Mrs. Herbert R. 

Chi Omega; Sidney Lanier Lit Soc. Kauf- 
man, Texas. 

Marion Day Mullins, 

Kappa Delta; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. 

C. A. 1424 Cooper St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Ethel Elizabeth Murray, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. San Saba, Texas. 

Bess M. Murtle (Mrs. Ed Miller), 

Lansing, Mich. 

F. B. Nance, 

Palestine, Texas. 

Herman G. Nami, 

Football; Officer of Athenaeum; Student. 
Cuero, Texas. 


Randall Max Nauman, 

B. A., 16; Alpha Kappa Psi; Delta Theta 
Phi; Rusk; Y. M. C. A.; Kane Klub (Keeper 
of the Kane) ; student asst. Business Train- 
ing, 15-16; Banker with Bank of Commerce 
(N. Y. C.). 31 Nassau St., New York, N. Y., 
and 439 Pine Bluff St., Paris, Texas. 

Emmett Hale Neathery, 

(2010 University Ave., Austin, Texas.) 

Mary Nelson, 

Pecos, Texas. 

William W. Neunhoffer (Mrs.), 

(216 Belden Ave., San Antonio, Texas.) 

Lola Ruth Newell (Mrs. George M. 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Anglers; Spanish and Music 
Clubs; Y. W. C. A.; mem. Reading Club; 
Y. W. C. A.; Girls National Honor Guard. 
742 E. Pennsylvania Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Ernest Phillipp Nitch, 

Teacher. (705 Lamar St., Bryan, Texas.) 

Perry A. Noble, 

Attended Eastman Bus. Course, Poughkeep- 

sie, N. Y. ; Kappa Alpha; Bookkeeper with 
Roddy Bros. ; mem. Elks. N. Main St. and 
504 N. 3d St., Temple, Texas. 

Edward Dohoney Norment, 

B. A., 16; Phi Delta Theta; Rattler; Speakers' 
Ciub; pres. sen. class; staff Texan, 12-13; 
Student, Senior Class. Gibraltar Hotel Bldg. 
and Clarkesville St., Paris, Texas. 

Anderson H. Norton, 

Chemical Club; Chief Clerk and Superin- 
tendent Swift and Co. ; mem. First Christian 
Church. Care Swift and Co. and 1404 Har- 
rington Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

W. H. Norwood, 

Barb; Student Asst. in Botany. Lovelady, 

Mosco Fernando Nunez, 

(105 Perry St., Savannah, Ga.) 

Pat Morris Nunn, 

B. A., 1 6. McGregor, Texas. 

Mabel O'Connor, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Anglers; mem. Y. W. C. 

A. 316 Upson Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Beulah Oden, 

B. A., 14. Teacher; mem. Methodist. 418 
N. Main St. and 708 Austin Ave., Waco, 

J. Howard Oden, 

Life Insurance; mem. Dallas Lawn Tennis 
Club. Southwestern Life Ins. Co. and 4612 
Columbia Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Annie Martha O'Donnell, 

Student; Newman and Home Economics 
Clubs. 3908 Ave. C, Austin, Texas. 

William Charles O'Donnell, 

(Hyde Park, Austin, Texas.) 

Martha Etta Oglesby, 

308 W. i4th St., Austin, Texas. 




Lila Arnold Oliphint, 

Teacher. Goliad School and 1105, asth St., 
Galveston, Texas. 

Ruth Oliver, 

Y. W. C. A.; Choral Club; "T" in basket- 
ball; Teacher. Park Heights, Abilene, Texas. 

Eileen O'Reilly, 

310 W. nth St, Austin, Texas. 

Roy C. Ozur, 

Attended Southwestern Univ., 13-16; Phi 
Kappa Alpha (Southwestern) ; Collector. 904 
S. Main St., Temple, Texas. 

Ethel Parfitt, 

B. A., 15; Deutscher Verein; Latin and Ger- 
man Teacher, San Saba High Sch. 515 N. 
Anglin St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Annie Louise Parmele, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Student. 107 E. 2d St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Reuben A. Parten, 

B. A., 1 6; Delta Chi; Merchant. Madison- 
ville, Texas. 

George H. Paschal, 

Kappa Alpha; Student. 321 W. Cypress St., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Lillie Bertha Pate, 

Wills Point, Texas. 

John Walker Patterson, 

Ph. D., 12 Decatur Baptist Coll.; Basketball 
Team; Salesman. Decatur, Texas. 

Carroll M. Pearce, 

Student. "B" Hall, Austin and Rosebud, 

De Rugeley Peareson, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Rabbits' Foot Club; 
Student. 2503 Whitis Ave., Austin, and 
Richmond, Texas. 

Francis Stanley Pearsall, 

Delta Chi; football (i); Rate Clerk. Pierce 
Fordyce Oil Assn. and 225 N. Clinton Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Janie Peavy, 

Teacher. 1520 Austin Ave., Brownwood, 

Lee N. Perry, 

Sheep Rustler. Girvin, Texas. 

William A. Perry, 

San Angelo, Texas. 

Martin L. Peterson, 

v ft" 7; A Rusk Ll > Sf*-; Student; mem. 
Y. M. C. A.; Scandinavian Club. Box 71, 
University Station, Austin, and Comanche. 

James F. Phillips, 

Lumberman; Asst. Mgr., Retail Yard, Wm. 
Cameron & Co. Rosebud, Texas. 

Eugenia Belle Pillow, 

(1407 W. 9th St., Austin, Texas.) 

J. D. Pinkston, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 3209 Speed- 
way, Austin, Texas. 

Everett Edward Pittman, 

Fairfield, Texas. 

Nettie Laura Plumb, 

(2207 Laurel Ave., Beaumont, Texas.) 

Adele Poe, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher, Colorado 
High Sch. Carbon, Texas. 

Augustus Leigh Pollard, 

(1724 Galveston Ave., Fort Worth, Texas.) 

Thomas Henry Pollard, 

Clergyman. P. O. Box 214, Livingston, 

i CX3.S. 

Fielding Meigs Pope, 

Ticket Clerk G. C. & S. F. Ry. Co.; mem. 
University Club. G. C. & S. F. Ry. Co., 
Sweetwater, Texas. 

Florence Winstanley Pope, 

(613 Welsh St, Houston, Texas.) 

Lillian Byrn Pope, 

B. A., 13. 1916 Harwood St., Dallas, Texas. 

Thomas Edwin Popplewell, 

1212 E. Weatherford St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Harold Potash, 

LL. B., 1 6; Student. 310 Caples Bldg., El 
Paso, Texas. 

Leonard Ras Powledge, 

Hico, Texas. 

Ruth P. Pressley, 

Teacher; mem. Woman's Club. 723 Brook- 
lyn Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Mary Price (Mrs. Robert Lawrence 

Caruthersville, Mo. 

Rufus Elmo Price, 

Attended Southwestern Univ. 3 yrs. ; Super- 
intendent, High Sch.; prin. Eagle Lake High 
Sch., 15-16. Saratoga, Texas. 

Tom L. Price, 

Lampasas, Texas. 

Leonard Calvin Proctor, 

Stockman. Midland, Texas. 

Mayo Provence, 

Teacher; mem. Eastern Star. 503 E. ist 
St., Hallettsville, Texas. 

Margaret Pryor, 

B. A., 16; Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier 
Lit Soc.; sec. and treas. sr. class Catcus 
Board; Student. 514 Augusta St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Malcolm Lee Purcell, 

B. A., 16; Farmer. Lockhart, Texas. 

Helen H. Putnam, 

Teacher; Woman's Club. Second and Ave. 
B, Houston, Texas. 

Walter Calhoun Quick, 

Principal, High Sch. 1017 N. Jackson St., 
Palestine, Texas. 




Edna Edith Raatz, 

Crockett St., Austin, Texas. 

Ike Pryor Rainbolt, 

Brady, Texas. 

Gertrude Moyer Ralston (Mrs. J. J. 

Waller, Texas. 

Mary Ruth Ramsey, 

Fort Smith, Ark. 

Ethel Gordon Randall, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; mem. Angler Club. 4025 
Junius St., Dallas, Texas. 

Katherine Brady Randall, 

215 E. Quincy St., San Antonio, Texas. 

John Gambrell Randle, 

Delta Chi; Press, Speakers' and German 
Clubs; pres. sophomore class, 13-14; mem. 
Fort Worth Grain & Cotton Exch. ; market 
editor Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Fort Worth 
Grain & Cotton Exch. and 1414 Texas St., 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Gustav A. W. Raunick, 

(2109 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas.) 

Selma Marie Raunick (Mrs.), 

Y. W. C. A. ; scholarship German, ist prize, 
13 and 16; Student and Teacher. 2311 Duval 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Bowers Red, 

ipa Kappa Gamma, uiuv 
Colorado. Mexia, Texas. 

Lulu Ruth Reed, 

B. A., 16; Phi Beta Kappa; Y. W. C. A.; 
Reed Music Soc. ; Student. 109 N. nth St., 
Corsicana, Texas. 

Edwin Wiley Reeves, 

Phi Chi; Student. Johnson City, Tenn. 

Mary Riter (Mrs. B. B. Hulsey), 

B. A., n, Texas Christian Univ.; Teacher 
of English and History and prin. Forney 
High Sch., 12-13; 13-14; 15-16. Forney, Texas. 

Nellie Gray Robertson (Mrs. E. H. 

Texas Woman's Law Assn.; Present Day 
Club; recording sec. of Texas Woman's Law 
Assn. ; Student. Granbury, Texas. 

Hilda Lucille Robison, 

B. A., 16; Phi Mu; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Philo- 
sophical Club; Cap and Gown; Student asst. 
in pure Math., 14-16; v.-pres. sen. class, 16; 
mem. Y. W. C. A. Brenham, Texas. 

Rupert Lee Rock, 

Merchant; mem. Press Club. 428 E. Com- 
merce St. and 620 W. Macon St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Louisa Stuart Roe, 

Y. W. C. A. Colorado, Texas. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma^ Student at University 
of Col< 

Natalie Rogers, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Teacher. 
Quanah, Texas. 

Chillicothe and 

Pauline Rogers, 

Student. 117 S. Criswell St., Mart, Texas 

rladys Rose, 

Student; mem. Two and Twenty Club (Stam- 
ford). Woman's Blug., Austin, and 361 E. 
McHarg Ave., Stamford, Texas. 

[ames Frederick Rose, 

Lawyer; Colonial Trust Bldg., Hillsboro, 

Ruth Rose, 

B. A., 16; Reagan; Germania; Cap and Gown; 
Student; Woman's Assembly, 15-16; corre- 
sponding sec. and parliamentarian of Reagan; 
mem. Y. W. C. A. 1206 Canton St., Dallas, 

L. U. Rowntree, 

304 W. 1 9th St., Austin, Texas. 

John Harry Rucker, 

(610 N. Main St., Temple, Texas.) 

Richard Van Rucker, 

(730 N. Main St., Cleburne, Texas.) 

Clara D. J. Rummell, 

Teacher. (Round Top, Texas.) 

Clarice Pierce Rumph, 

805 W. 2ist St., Austin, Texas. 

Margaret Julia Runge, 

Kappa Kappa Gramma; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Y. W. C. A.; mem. John Sealy Hosp. Aid 
Soc.; Wednesday Club; Y. W. C. A. 1301 
Ave. D, Galveston, Texas. 

Zadie Runkles, 

Y. W. C. A.; Cap and Gown; Student. 122 
S. Oakes St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Frances Estella Russell, 

Teacher; mem. Order of Eastern Star; 
Daughters of the Confederacy. 212 W. Co- 
lumbia St., Weatherford, Texas. 

Floy Sadler (Mrs. Joseph D. Frank), 

Y. W. C. A. Little Rock, Ark. 

Shipp Gillespie Sanders, 

1516 S. College St., Georgetown, Texas. 

Orlando Bryant Saner, 

Hope, Ark. 

Gustav Schaefer, 

Attorney. Parkman, Okla. 

Mary Schermerhorn, 

Y. W. C. A.; Girls' Athletics. 220 E. 22d 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Walter August Schlick, 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Edward Henry Schloeman, 

B. A., 16, Baylor Univ.; Life Ins. Solicitor. 

Josephine Louise Schnabel, 

Germania; Y. W. C. A.; Hermannsoehne 
prize, 13; Teacher, Public Sch.; mem. Childs' 
Welfare and Womens' Civic Improvement 
Clubs. Mill and Academy Sts. and 106 Mar- 
ket Square, New Braunfels, Texas. 

Otto Fred Schoenvogel, 

Moulton, Texas. 

Emmett Charles Schoolfield, 

Stony, Texas. 




Margaret E. Schultz, 

Mem. Der Goethe- Verein; Y. W. C. A. 
Elizabeth Baldwin Lit. Soc. (pres); Tennis 
and Choral Clubs (all in Rice Inst., Hous 
ton); Student Rice Institute. 2407 Fannin 
St., Houston, Texas. 

John Thaddeus Scott, Jr., 

B. A., 1 6. 2416 San Jacinto St., Houston 

Mineola Scrimshire, 

Teacher. Stephenville, Texas. 

Margaret Sebring, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Scribblers' Soc; Teacher. 
Angleton, Texas. 

C. N. Shaver, 

Teacher; Supt. Bellville Sch. Bellville, Texas. 

Elsinor Lee Shelton, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; mem. 
Woman's Club; College Woman's Club. 1145 
Nevada St., El Paso, Texas. 

William Earl Shelton, 

Track S. W. T. N., 15; Deputy Tax Collector 
and Student; mem. W. O. W.. Court House 
and i block west of La Belle Place, Austin, 

Henry Fassett Sheppard, 

Cuero, Texas. 

Edward Erwin Shirley, 

Cashier Western Union Tel. Co. 801 Main 
St. and 102 S. Clinton St., Dallas, Texas. 

Lucile Throckmorton Shirley, 

Chi Omega; Rabbit Foot Club; Clerk, Texas 
Indemnity Exchange. 914 Littlefield Bldg. 
and 408 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

George H. P. Showalter, 

B. A., 13; Publisher (general) periodicals 
and literature. 108 E. 9th St. and 2406 Speed- 
way, Austin, Texas. 

Walter John Shuddemagen, 

Sabinal, Texas. 

Julian Earl Sides, 

Mascon, Tenn. 

Clara Pauline Sikes, 

B. A., 15, Mt. Holyoke Coll.; Phi Beta Kap- 
pa; Y. W. C. A.; Athl. Assn.; Jesse Good- 
win Spaulding Latin Prize; Teacher Introduc- 
tory Courses, Am. International Coll. i 
Amaron St., Springfield, Mass. 

Paul Simmons, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Arrowhead; football, 13 
and 15; Teacher. San Antonio Military Col- 
lege, San Antonio, Texas. 

Robert Cantrell Simmons, 

B. A., 15; Phi Gamma Delta; Rattlers; foot- 
ball, 13 and 15; track, 15; baseball. 15. Van- 
couver Lumber Co., Vancouver, B. C., Can- 

John Lewis Simpson, Jr., 

Beta Theta Pi; Arrowhead; Billing Clerk, 
Tyler & Simpson Co. Tyler & Simpson Co. 
and 1 102 E. California St., Gainesville, Texas. 

William Cleaves Simpson, 

Beta Theta Pi; Arrowhead; Packing Clerk. 
Tyler & Simpson Co. and 1102 E. California 
St., Gainesville, Texas. 

Lillie Lockett Sisk, 

3400 Cedar St., Austin, Texas. 

Sister M. Borromeo, 

High School Teacher. St. Dominic's Villa 
Acad., Lampasas, Texas. 

Mildred Hope Sloss, 

4509 Duval St., Austin, Texas. 

Benjamin Franklin Small, 

2207 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Aura Smith, 

Phi Mu; Teacher. 815 Barnett St., Kansas 
City, Kan. 

Beulah Morgan Smith, 

Teacher Domestic Science, North Texas, 17- 
18; student asst. home economics, 16; mem. 
Home Economics Club. 2814 Rio Grande 
St., Austin, Texas. 

George S. Smith, 

B. A., 16; Student. 200 W. 22d St., Stephen- 
ville, Texas. 

Hugh Bryan Smith, 

(1331 Hemphill St., Fort Worth, Texas.) 

Kitty Bridge Smith (Mrs. William W. 

Columbus, Texas. 

Mabel Brooks Smith, 

Teacher. Colorado, Texas. 

Mary Emma Smith (Mrs. M. Hurst), 

B. A., 16; Reed Music Soc.; Botags; Y. W. 

C. A.; Teacher of Botany and Biology, 
Austin High Sch. 2300 Neches St., Austin, 

Cyrus Field Smythe, 

Sigma Nu; Hogg Debating Soc.; Student, 
Columbia Law Sch. Thornton, Texas. 

Edith Esther Sneed, 

Alpha Delta Pi. Rockport, Texas. 

W. H. Snyder, 

Sigma Delta Psi; Salesman. 111-115 E. $th 
and 2000 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Emma Smith (Mrs. M. A. 

Teacher, Reagan School. 534 Sunset Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Leslie Stimbeck Sparks, 

Bookkeeper. Lumberman's Natl. Bank, Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Julia Alice Spencer (Mrs. J. S. 

Mem. Teacher's Club of Dow Sch. 1803 La- 
mar Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Clyde Harmon Spragins, 

B. A., 10, Randolph-Macon Woman's Coll. 
(Virginia); Teaching English, Fort Worth 
High Sch. Fort Worth High School and 
1608 Summit Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Carl Parker Springer, 

Academic Summer term, 12; Acacia; Junior 
Law Student. 1906 Univ. Ave., Austin, and 
Aspermont, Texas. 




Robert Franklin Sprinkle, 

(1012 N. Lake St., Fort Worth, Texas.) 

Robert Newdigate Stafford, 

Chi Phi; Owner of Gent's Furnishing Store. 
Mineola, Texas. 

Fred Wilson Standifer, 

Meridian, Texas. 

Raymond C. Stanford, 

Attorney (Stanford, Sanders and Stanford). 
Canton, Texas. 

William May Stanley, Jr., 

Phi Gamma Delta; Clerk. Magnolia Petrol- 
eum Co., and 692 Irma Ave., Beaumont, 

Leta Starley, 

Chi Omega. 621 W. Ferguson Str, Tyler, 

Eula Stebbins, 

Mem. Red Cross. 1210 Colorado St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Alice Steffian (Mrs. W. E. Loury), 

M. D., Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa. 820 
Flores Ave., Laredo, Texas. 

Albert Steiner, 

B. A., 15; Alpha Kappa Psi; Economics 
and Advertising Clubs; asst. in econ.. 15; 
with the Cincinnati Soap Co. Spring Grore 
and Clifton Aves. and 895 Clinton Springs 
Ave., Avondale, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Bertha Sterzing (Mrs. Adolph 

1507 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

Winifred Sterzing (Mrs. Harry W. 

Burton, Texas. 

A. T. Stevens, 

Clerk. 707 Mason St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Frank Mann Stewart, 

B. A., 15; Phi Beta Kappa; Student; Tutor 
in Government. Univ. Sta. and 4001 Ave. G 
(Hyde Park), Austin, Texas. 

Henry Clay Stinnett, 

Acacia Club; sec. and treas. Hildebrand Law 
Club, 16; sergeant of arms middle laws, 16; 
Student; clerk Gatesville Loan and Invest- 
ment Co. and Brown Abstract and Collec- 
tions Co. P. O. Box 464, Gatesville, Coryell 
e Hall, 

Co. and Brackenridg 

Austin, Texas. 

Martha Irene Stipe, 

Assistant Editor Hollands Magazine. 4019 
Simpson St., Dallas, Texas. 

William C. Stirling, Jr., 

M. D., 17 Vanderbilt Univ.; Physician. N. Y. 
Post Graduate School, N. Y. C. 

Rose Stolaroff, 

B. A., 16; Cap and Gown Soc.; Student 
620 N. Santa Fe St., El Paso, Texas, and Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Lila Augusta Stone, 

021 Main Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Leonie E. Streuer, 

Bookkeeper. 413 Navarro St. and Y. W. C. 
A., San Antonio, Texas. 

Gladys Irene Strickland, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A.; El Paso Univer- 
sity Club. 2621 E. Rio Grande St., El Paso, 

Don Cleveland Summers, 

303 W. Johanna St., Austin, Texas. 

Murt James Sullivan, 

Rural Mail Carrier; sec. and treas. R. L. C. 
A. ; mem. K. of P. Comanche, Texas. 

Carrie Blanche Swank, 

Teacher. (Houston, Texas.) 

Olive Hanna Swenson, 

Teacher of Latin; principal Oakwood High 
Sch., 14-16; mem. Literary and Musical and 
Teachers' and Mothers' Clubs. Smithville, 

W. G. Swenson, 

B. A., 16; Rusk Debating Soc.; Jones Co. 
Club; Scandinavian Soc.; Texas Chem. Club; 
Basket Ball, "T" second 16; sec.-treas. class 
16; Knight of the Kane, 16; Bookkeeper, 
Swenson Bros. 204 E. McHarg Ave., and 
599 E. Oliver St., Stamford, Texas. 

James L. Taff, 

Teacher. (Austin, Texas.) 

Evans McGarvey Tackett, 

Nurseryman. R. F. D. 6, Box 10, Weather- 
ford, Texas. 

Calvin Tapp, 

In Transportation Dept., G. C. & S. F. 205 
Pendell St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Eunice A. Taylor (Mrs. W. B. Tay- 

Pen and Pencil Club; mem. Alumni Assn.; 
"42" Club. Arlington, Texas. 

Horace Honaker Taylor, 

(413 Division St., Mineral Wells, Texas.) 

Lucille Terrell, 

B. A., 16; Alpha Delta Pi; Pierian Literary; 
Y. W. C. A.; La Tertulia; Cap and Gown. 
Ranger, Texas. 

Carey C. Terry, 

Student. Wills Point, Texas. 

R. A. Tharp, 

Student Medical College. 1001 B St., Gal- 
veston, and Huntsville, Texas. 

James Louis Thomas, 

(2109 San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas.) 

Willie Coronal Thomas, 

B. A., 16; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Spanish; 
The Reed Club; with Registrar Office, Austin. 
Registrar's Office, Austin, Texas. 

J. W. Thomason, 

Kappa Sigma; art ed. Coyote; Artist. Hun- 
terville, Texas. 




Thomas Herbert Thomason, 

B. A., 16; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Tau Delta; 
Sigma Epsilpn; student asst. in Zool.; Y. M. 

C. A. cabinet; pres. Tennis Club; treas. 
Delta Tau Delta; officer in Pre-Med. Soc. 
Huntsville, Texas. 

Basil Rupert Thompson, 

Teacher; prin., Branchville Public Sch. Port 
Sullivan, Texas. 

Ernest Othmer Thompson, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Civics League; Hildebrand 
Law Soc. ; Arrowhead and Masonic Clubs ; 
Psi Delta Kappa; pres. Thanksgiving recep- 
ion, 16-17; mem. students council, law dept., 
16-17; Student; District Manager Marion 
Automobile Co. (Indianapolis, Ind.); v.-pres. 
Roach Drug Co., wholesale (Amarillo, Texas) ; 
attend Va. Milit. Inst. and Eastman Bus. Coll. 
(Poughkeepsie, N. Y.); mem. Masonic con- 
nections; Scottish Rite Bodies (Austin). 1510 
Tyler St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Horace Osmond Thompson, 

(24th and Locust Sts., Kansas City, Mo.) 

William Rogers Tobola, 

Rosenberg, Texas. 

Else Trenckmann, 

230? Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Paula Lou Tucker, 

4100 Ave. C, Austin, Texas. 

Robert Arthur Tucker, 

Liberty Hill, Texas. 

Fred Barrow Turner, 

Teacher; mem. I. O. O. F. ; Masonic con- 
nections. Lott, Texas. 

Oran E. Turner, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Teacher. Creedmoor, Texas. 

William Foster Turner, 

Deputy County Clerk; mem. I. O. O. F.; 
Masonic connections. 1128 Capps St., Mar- 
lin, Texas. 

Charles Michael Turney, 

Student. 1232 S. Alamo St., San Antonio, 

Arthur G. Uhl 

B. A., 15; Siorma Nu; Phi Alpha Tau. 801 
S. Presa St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Ella Mabel Underwood, 

Teacher, High Sch. High School and 199 
Ave. C, Denton, Texas. 

Mattie Lee Underwood, 

Attended Uniy. of Uu-.ago, 13-15; Teacher, 
High Sch. Denton High School and 199 
Ave. C, Denton, Texas. 

J. V. Vandenberger, Jr., 

Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Rattlers' Club; 
Student. Welden Bldg. and 301 N. Vine 
St., Victoria, Texas. 

Beatrice M. Vining, 

Alpha Delta Pi; mem. Y. W. C. A. <;oo W 
i4th St., Austin, Texas. 

Amy Lethe Wade, 

(707 N. 6th St.. Temple, Texas.) 

Julia Woods Wagner (Mrs.), 

(205 W. 9th St., Austin, Texas.) 

Victor Albert Wakefield, 

(Midway, Texas.) 

Harold Wilson Walker, 

Delta Chi; Speakers' Club; pres. freshman 
class, 13; chairman Sophomore Reception, 
14; dept. editor Daily Texan; Lawyer. Com- 
mercial Bank Bldg. and Y. M. C. A., Sher- 
man, Texas. 

Nannie Gladys Walker, 

(303 East Ave., Austin, Texas.) 

Robert H. Walker, Jr., 

Phi Gamma Deta; Student. 
Austin, and Gonzales, Texas. 

Walter J. Walker, 

Educator; prin., Cameron High Sch. o yrs 
Cameron, Texas. 

Frances George Walthall, 

Short Story Writer and Teacher. 
Central Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

300 W. 27th St. 

809 W. 

James Delano Ward, 

La Ward, Texas. 

Eunice Letitia Ware, 

B. A., 16; mem. Present Day Club. Long- 
view, Texas. 

Barney William Weaver, 

(Rocksprings, Texas.) 

Robert Bradley Weaver, 

County Judge, Mills Co.; mem. Masons; Fel- 
lowship Club. Goldthwaite, Texas. 

Roxie Adeline Weber, 

B. A., 16; M. A., 16; Present Day, Texas 
Chemical and Newman Clubs; Cap and Gown 
Soc.; Phi Beta Kappa; Instructor in Zool- 
ogy; mem. University Ladies' and Present 
Day Clubs. University Sta. and 1903 Uni- 
versity Ave., Austin, Texas. 

William M. Wedemeyer, 

Burton, Texas. 

Berritt H. Weeks, 

Post Office Clerk; mem. Elks. 416 North 
St., Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Wells (Mrs. A. L. 

Annie Earle 

Pi Beta Phi; Angler Club. 2407 Thomas St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Cora Viola Wells, 

Rogers. Texas. 

Frederick Conrad Werkenthin, 

B. A., 15; M. A., 15; Botags Soc.; Germania 
Lit: Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; Botanist and Pathol- 
ogist; mem. A. A. A. S. ; American Physio- 
pathological Soc.; Botanical Soc. of America. 
New Mex. Agric. Coll. and 710 College Row, 
State College, N. Mex. 

Gordon Marman West, 

B. A., 16; Delta Chi; Phi Alpha Tau; Win- 



sonian, Cactus Staff; pres. junior class, 15-16; 
3504 Main St., Houston, Texas. 

Mary Patrick Wester, 

610 Augusta St., San Antonio, Texas. 




Alice Amelia Westling, 

(2319 Trinity St., Austin, Texas.) 

Katherine Ernestine Wheatley, 

B. A., 15; M. A., 16; Ashbel; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Ownooch; Curtain Club; Scribblers; Poet's 
Club Magazine staff; asst. in French, 14- 

M; substitute tutor in French, 15; Fellow in 
ench, 15-16; pres. Ashbel, 15; Student 
2003 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Aileen White (Mrs. J. F. Davis), 

Chi Omega; Rabbits Foot; v.-pres. freshman 
class. 212 D Cavalry Post, Fort Sam Hous- 
ton, Texas, 

Allie White (Mrs.), 

(505 W. ipth St., Austin, Texas.) 

Jessie Elbert Whiteaker, 

(1301 W. ioth St., Austin, Texas.) 

Myrtle Whiteley (Mrs.), 

Teacher of History. Taylor High Sch. and 
903 N. Main St., Taylor, Texas. 

Kathryn Cleo Whitley, 

Student. 702 S. 8th St., Temple, Texas. 

Morris Adair Wilkins, 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

George Rayworth Williams, 

Delta Chi; Arrowhead Club; baseball team, 
15-16; "T" 2d football, 14-15; pres. soph, class, 
winter term, 16; Student. 2309 San Antonio 
St., Austin, and Childress, Texas. 

James Buckner Williams, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Merchant; postmaster, Mc- 
Coy. McCoy, Texas. 

James M. Williams, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Principal Grammar Sch. 
Box 153, Jourdonton, Texas. 

Waid Spaulding Willis, 

Beeville, Texas. 

Hayde Willoughby (Mrs. C. C. 
Estill, Jr.), 

Delta Delta Delta; mem. Recreation Club. 
Grapevine, Texas. 

Thomas Opie Wills, 

Student. 211 S. isth St., Corsicana, Texas. 

Dee Byrd Wilson, 

Stock Farmer. Claude, Texas. 

O. C. Winters, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Student. Kindergarten Train- 
ing Sch.; mem. Glen Garden Country Club. 
1210 Sixth Ave., Forth Worth, Texas. 

Ida Welch Wipprecht, 

Bryan, Texas. 

J. H. Wisely, 

Teacher; Masonic connections; mem. W. O. 
W. Beeville High School, Beeville, Texas. 

Earl Y. Wolford, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. McKinney. 

Lillian Aubrey Womack, 

B. A., 16; Chi Omega; Visor; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc.; Art Club; Violin, Present Day, 
Cap and Gown, and Abilene Clubs; Y. W. 

C. A.; sec.-treas. class, 16; sec.-treas. Jour- 
nalism School Org., 15; Abilene High Sch. 
Scholarship, 12; sen. Girl Honor Soc.; Cactus 
bd., 16; Student. Sherman and 402 W. 24th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Allene Work, 

B. A., 16; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Cap and Gown 
Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher. Petrolia and 
5705 Reiger Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Grace Eleanor Worthing (Mrs. E. 

2005 Jackson St., Houston, Texas. 

Frank J. Wren, 

Phi Delta Theta; Lawyer; asst. gen. atty. 
G. C. and S. F. Ry. ; mem. Elks. 801 
Union Depot Bldg. and 2426 Sealy Ave., 
Galveston, Texas. 

Fern Wueste, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Curtain 
and Anglers' Clubs; ores. Anglers' Club, 15; 
Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. Lamar Mines 
and Eagle Pass, Texas. 

James Willard Wyse, 

Wheelock, Texas. 

Lois Wythe, 

Teacher of History, High Sch. Weatherford, 

Etta Yarrington, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Anglers' Club. i8ir 
Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Wilson Petty Young, 

Ram's Horn, 15-16; Assistant Engineer, Beau- 
regard Parish Highway. P. O. Box 475, 
De Ridder, La., and Smithville, Texas. 

William Mercer Yowell, 

Phi Delta Kappa; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Teacher, 
Harper College. Harper, Kansas. 

Ella Manlove Zinnecker (Mrs.), 

B. A., 16; Poets and Scribblers Clubs; on 
staff Magazine. 911 Austin, St., Houston, 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Maud Abel; Thomas Eli Acker; Samuel Rus- 
sell Adams; Rufus Lane Adcock; Mary Char- 
lotte Alexander; Frankie Allen; Alice Alsup; Lon 
D. Anderson; Jessie Armstrong; Gertrude Marie 
Arnold; Effie Atkins; Thurman Newcome Bailey; 
Tommy Christine Baker; Charles A. Barrier; 
Daniel Floyd Bellinger; Dorsey Allen Benton; 
Cora Claire Bethea; Sophronia Anne Binkley; 
Roscoe Harper Blockwell; Ona Lewis Boles; 
Olive Lee Bounds; Dolly Esther Branson; Norma 
Breeden (Mrs. Allen Driscoll Rooke)*; Milton 
Louis Brenner; Roland George Breuer; Clarence 
Allan Bridges; Fred Cox Brigman; Clyde Har- 
rison Brooks; Herman Brown; Mary A. Brown; 
David Brundage; Billy Charles Bukowski; Edwin 
Wilkins Bullock; Frank Burke; Berry Hale Bur- 
nett; Fannie Burns; Sam Byrd; Lora Marie 
Calahan; Roxie Eutoka Caylor; Robert Lee 
Clayton; Lilly Eldora Clift; Frost H. Clinkscales; 
William Riley Coffey; Frank Benjamin Cole; 
Homer Leland Colley; Walter Anderson Collins; 
Fred Connor; Albert Conrad; George Ray Cooke; 
Eugenia G. Cooper; Floyd Ashley Cooper; Hubert 




Newton Cooper; Shepard Marrast Gotten; Lillian 
Courtney; Samuel Reid Craig; Mary Inez Craw- 
ford; Edgar Robert Dabney; Thomas Edward 
Daly; John Marvin Dougherty; Flora Agatha 
Davie; Fannie V. Davis; Marion H. Davis; Fran- 
cis Lucile Davison Margaret Day; Clara Agnes 
Dean; F. M. De Lany; Ida May De Steigner; 
Albert Didzun; Oscar John Didzun; Laura S. 
Dinwiddie; Robert Alvin Doak; Austin J. Dodd; 
May Donathan; Elmer Isaac Dotson; John Pen- 
dleton Downer; Mary King Drew; Ora Driskell; 
Mrs. Dora Schnell Dupree; Bessie Flora Dur- 
ham; Ruby Durham; Leon Herman Durst; Ger- 
trude Eagan; Harry Augustus Echpls; Mary 
Franklin Edmonds; Stephen Ewing Ellis; Edward 
T. Elmendorf; Dee Ervin; Effie May Evans; 
W. E. Farber; Nell Farrow; Ruth Finch; Sam 
Lee Ford; Annie Laurie Forrest; Robert De 
Witt Foster; Frances Louise Fullin wider; 
William Royce Garrett, Clyde Allen Gib- 
son; Erna E. Giesece; Oscar Hodges 
Gillespie; Hewstraight Gladney; John Clyde 
Glithers; Lulu Cass Gooch; Robert Wesley Good- 
loe; Arthur Leonard Gore; Abbie Graham; Mrs. 
M. Ardella Grant; Catherine Gray; Paul Henry 
Greene; Thomas Richard Greenfield; Joseph Vance 
Greer; Corine Griffin; Albert Oscar Gunter; 
Joseph Cleborn Guy; Carl Wilhelm Herman 
Haeger; Paul G. Haines; James Hale; Allie 
Dorothy Hall; Lou Anna Hamilton; Alie Alberta 
Hammack; J. Henry Harrell; Mrs. R. E. Harrison; 
Dominick Hart, Jr.; James Hart; Bettie Heliums; 
Allen West Henderson; Felix H. Herrington; 
John Edward Hill; Lillie Gussie Hintz; John M. 
Hodges; Bruce Sutton Holland; Nicholas Spring 
Holland; John Connell Holland; Thomas Crowell 
Holliday; Nannie Hooks; Emmett Vane Hugo; 
William Clark Huiskamp; Mrs. Jessie Kelley 
Hunter; Myrtle Irene Hurley; William Cecil 
Hurst; Bessie James; Jessie James; Lulu Edith 
James; Thomas E. Jeffreys; John Lewis Jesse; 
Charles Johnson; Beecher Calvin Jones; Ethel 
Irene Jones; G. M. Jones; Paul Kayser; Blanche 
Kendnc; John V. Kincaid; Rebecca King; John 
T. Kitching; F. Kloppe; Eugene Albert Paul 
Knapp; Daisy Kreissig; Eulalie Lacaze; William 
Byrd Lee; Josephine Little; Leo Calvin Loth- 
ringer; James Pleasant McAfee; Joe Dean Mc- 
Clellan; Minnie Elizabeth McCollum; Richard 
Douglas McCrum; John Arthur McDonald; La 
Ruen Buzan McFarland; Boyd McCullough Me- 
Keown; Leonidas Layfett McMurray; Edna V. 
McNeil: Elizabeth McNeill; Rosalie McNelly; 
Donn McQuinn; Eleanor Markle; Will D. Martin; 
Processo Martinez; Mary Drusela Matthews; 
Helen L. Meadows; J. S. Melugin; Clarissa Diana 
Miles; Edna E. Miller; Edwin Wright Lee Mil- 
ler; Janette Miller; Joseph Edgar Mitchell; George 
Stuart Monroe; Annie Bigham Montgomery; 
Lenore Allen Moore; Luther Bunyan Moore; 
Mrs. Blanch Morgan; Claude Monroe Morphis; 
Blanche Frances Morris; Eugene Erwin Morris; 
Waldimar Muraskoff; Cecilia Elizabeth Murphree; 
John William Murphy; W. R. Nabours; Jonroy 
George Neal; Asa Judson Neff; De Witt Neighbors; 
Ruoy Jane Nichols; Estelle I. Oliver; Mrs. Ella B. 
Overall; John Wayne Overall; Bessie L. Park; Alma 
Allerton Pierce; John Oscar Pinkard; Bowen Pope; 
H. Poteet; Jay C. Pyle; Mrs. L. P. Rankm; 
Mrs. M. L. Ray; Norman Howard Read; Thomas 
E. Reed; Matt Pool Renfroe; Benjamin Rhodes; 
Mane Carmen Rodriguez; Thomas Gordon Rogers; 
Mrs. E. M. Rosenquest; Clarence Ross; Olbern 
Judson Russell; Edward Henry Schloeman; 
Louise Margaret Schmid; Edith Allen Searcy; 
Walter Glenn Sears; Ira Franklin Shaffer; James 
Parker Sharp; Clarence Blake Shattuck; Bessie 
Sherrod; Kate Shoultz; Guy Abner Sikes; 
Sister Mary Veronica; William Marcus Smart; 
Carroll Lovelace Smith; Eliza Margarette Smith; 
George Preston Smith; Kate Smith; Charles L. 
Somerville; Sue Sam Squyres; Mrs. Minnie R. 
Stafley; Christie Elaine Steele; Alfred Floyd Ste- 
phenson; Mrs. Salle Isabel Sterrett; Jessye Pauline 
Stevens, Lillian Sternberg; Zola Storm; Elizabeth 
G. Stout; Mildred G. Stout; Samuel Donald Stout; 
Will Stuart Storall; Jesse T. Stover; Guy Olney 
Street; Georgie Stroud; Clara M. Stubbs; John 
Henry Sullivan; Grover C. Sykes; Homer Hill 
Tate; Bernice Taylor; Floyd Webb Taylor; 
Charles Amandus Thorman; Ernest Grady Thorn- 
ton; Luther D Tucker; Mollie Tuggle; George 
Turner; James Sterling Turner; Claud Morton 

Vance; Addie Vaughan; Francis Joseph Vaughan; 
Robert Rose Waldrop; John Leroy Waller; Ruth 
Ercell Ward; Mary Leland Watkms; Mrs. Pearl 
Watkins; Grace Lou Watson; Moselle Webb; 
Asa Wells; Joseph Foster Whisenant; Arthur 
George Whittington* ; Isaac Bartlett Williams; 
Lilla Gertrude Williamson; Willie Annie Wil- 
liamson; James Gil Wills; Mame Lucie Wilson; 
Francis J. Woelfle; William Dempsey Wofford; 
Charles Ira Wolford; Fleeta Gertrude Woolsey; 
Jennie Wright; Mamie Lou Wright; William 
Henry Yarbrough; Edmund Burge Yates; Frank 
Young; Grace Younger. 


Augusta Adams, 

Mem. Cadman Club. Crockett, Texas. 

Emma Augusta Adams, 

Crockett, Texas. 

Helen Louise Adamson (Mrs.), 

2007 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Delia Ray Alexander, 

4110 Ave. C., Austin, Texas. 

Robert R. Allert, Jr., 

(Cuero, Texas.) 

Minnie Louise Allison, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; mem. Port Arthur 
Reading Club. Business College Dormitory, 
Port Arthur, and Kyle, Texas. 

Stella C. Anderson, 

San Antonio, Texas. 

William Boone Anderson, 

B. A., 16; Kappa Sigma; Rattler, German, and 
Glee Clubs; Representative Adva-Talks Co.; 
mem. Officers Reserve Corps. Southwestern 
Life Bldg., Dallas, and Lancaster, Texas. 

Winnifred Anderson, 

Anderson Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

W. F. Anderson (Mrs.), 

Stephenville, Texas. 

Mary Arbuthnot, 

Teacher; mem. Tourists' Club; Y. W. C. A. 
Colorado, Texas. 

Max August, 

Merchant. Mart, Texas. 

Thomas Adam Austin, Jr., 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; football; Student. La- 
redo, Texas. 

Sherwood H. Avery, 

Clerk, American Legation. 1056, 18 de Julio, 
Montevideo, Uruguay, S. A. 

Etheldreda Bell Aves, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Student. Institute 
of Musical Art, 120 Claremont Ave., New 
York, N. Y. 

Sam Graves Baggett, 

(Austin, Texas.) 

Blanche Bagnall, 

Student. 1008 Ramerez St., Corpus Christi, 




Helen Lewis Bagnall, 

Student. 1003 Jones St., Corpus Christi, 

Eleanor Baker, 

217 Gonzales St., Cuero, Texas. 

Lois Baker, 

Seguin, Texas. 

Frank Mitchell Ball, Jr., 

P. O. Box 470, Lubbock, Texas. 

Lizzie M. Barbour (Miss), 

Superintendent of Schools. 819 Levee St., 
Brownsville, Texas. 

Jennie Barnes (Mrs.), 

Longview, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Barnes, 

Teacher. (El Paso, Texas.) 

Nora Barrett (Mrs. Ezra Drake), 

Sour Lake, Texas. 

George P. Barron, 

Teacher. Anderson, Texas. 

Anna Marcia Barrow, 

Student. 804 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Charles Louis Barrow, 

Student. 2004 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Hubert Watson Barton, 

B. A., 14; Kappa Alpha; Clerk, Lubbock State 
Bank. Lubbock, Texas. 

Bonnie Clyde, Bass (Mrs. John Ar- 
thur McNair), 

716 N. Main St., Taylor, Texas. 

John Caddie Bass, 

Student. 405 Hadley Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Stirling W. Bass, 

Bremond, Texas. 

Annie Ruth Bassel, 

B. A., 17; Present Day Club; Student. 123 
S. Washington St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Lola Doyle Beach, 

Gonzales, Texas. 

Hamilton Beazley, 

Sigma Delta Psi; baseball, 17; Student. La 
Porte, Texas. 

Francis Eric Beecroft, 

Alpha Kappa Upsilon; Student. Laguna, 

Eugene Horace Belcher, 

Student 304 W. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

John Edwin Belcher, 

Mineral Wells, Texas. 

Harriet Belger, 

Newman Club; Student. 400 E. 8th St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

John B. Bennett, 

Sigma Chi; Student. 306 W. igth St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Amelia Knox Benson, 

B. A., 17; Pentagram; Pierian Lit. Soc.; "T" 
in indoor baseball; Student. 211 Park Lane, 
Austin, Texas. 

Mabel Lee Bentley, 

Y. W. C. A.; Alpha Delta Pi. 507 W. 33d 
St., Austin, Texas. 

George Emmett Bethel, 

Teacher; principal Ward Sch. (Lockhart). 
Garland, Texas. 

Israel Bettin, 

With Groce-Parrish Co. Williams St. and 60 1 
Santa Rosa St., Victoria, Texas. 

Roy Ivan Biggs, 

Pecos, Texas. 

Ruby Aurora Black, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; English Teacher. 
Mexia and Thornton, Texas. 

William St. John Blackshear, 

Palestine, Texas. 

Mary Anne Blattner, 

Sulphur, Okla. 

Charles Elias Bobo, 

Teacher. Meridian, Texas. 

Ina Bogle (Miss), 

Teacher. Mt. Prospect School, Williamson 
Co., and 1707 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Ura L. Bogle, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. 1707 Guadalupe St., 
Austin, Texas. 

John Love Boles, 

Beta Theta Pi; Arrowhead. 1706 Park Ave., 
Greenville, Texas. 

Charles James Booth, 

2606 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Minnie Lee Borden, 

Student. 204 W. Hickory St., Denton, Texas. 

Louise Bowen., 

B. A., 16; Zeta Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; 
Student. Belton, Texas. 

Porter Guy Bowen, 

Stephenville, Texas. 

Thorpe Bowles, 

Lawyer; mem. W 

Masonic connections. Rockwall, Texas. 

Lawyer; mem. W. O. W.; Knights of Luther; 
~ ckwall, - 

Mae Bracker, 

Principal of Weimar High Sch. Weimar, 

L. C. Brady, 

La Marque, Texas. 

Ruth Bramlette, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student. 221 Clifford 
Court, Madison, Wis. 

William Edward Branch, 

Huntsville, Texas. 




Clarence Eugene Brand, 

Mathematics, Philosophical, Applied Economics, 
and Longburn Rifle Clubs; Rusk Lit Soc.; 
student asst. in primary mathematics, 15-16; 
pres. of Mathematical Club and Philosophical 
Club; treas. Rusk Lit. Soc.; Univ. fellow- 
ship in junior math., 16-17; holder of Charles 
Durand Oldwright fellowship in phil., 16-17; 
Sons of Herman prize in German; Student. 
B Hall (University Hall), Austin, and Piano, 

Rose Sharp Brewer, 

Sidney Lanier; Cap and Gown; Anglers Club; 
Y. W. C. A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Teacher. 1514 
Vine St., Brownwood, Texas. 

Janet Bright, 

Teacher. 2801 East Ave., Austin, Texas. 

India Brooks, 

Reagan; Cap and Gown; Student; mem. Y. W. 
C. A. 2005 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Sidney Johnson Brooks, Jr., 

Phi Gamma Delta; Mu Nu Sigma; Phi Delta 
Phi; ist lieut. U. S. R. Aviation Corps, Kelly 
Field, So. San Antonio; Reporter, San Antonio 
Light; mem. San Antonio Press Club. 
225 Crofton Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Frank James Brophy, 

Railroad Clerk. 609 Mason St., San Antonio, 

Charles A. Brown, Jr., 

B. A., 15; Phi Delta Theta; Teller in Com- 
mercial Natl. Bank. Commercial Natl. Bank 
and 910 N. Campbell St., El Paso, Texas. 

Harry Kenneth Brown, 

Delta Chi; Delta Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Tau; 
Press and Winsonian Dramatic Clubs; on staff 
Cactus; Student; corresp. with Fort Worth 
Record, Austin American, Austin Statesman, 
and San Antonio Express; mem. Goat Club. 
2309 San Antonio St., Austin, and 1519 Pruitt 
St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Min Elma Brown, 

Kindergarten work. 202 E. i4th St., Austin, 

William Patrick Brown, 

Pharmacist; senior mem. Brown Drug Co. 
Richland, Texas. 

George Turner Buchanan, 

Furniture Salesman, Sanger Bros. Elm and 
Texas' StS ' "^ S6lS Eryan Parkwav Dallas, 

Henry Madison Bufkin, 

Texas Chemical Club; Kane Klub; Phi Delta 
Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; -Sigma Delta Psi; 
Rusk Lit. Soc.; pres. Educational Assn.. 16-17; 
Assembly, 15-16; student asst in philos of 
* c -.' : r' 17; Student. University Station, 
Austin, Texas. 

Mary Pearl Buice (Mrs.), 

Student 104 E. 2 4 th St, Austin, Texas. 

W. Alfred Buice, 

Teaching. 3110 Grandview St., Austin, Texas. 

Elsa Florence Burg, 

Menorah Soc. 226 S. Monumental St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Mary Eleanor Burke, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Scribblers: Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc. 705 W. 22% St., Austin, Texas 

Harriet Burney, 

Teacher. Box 87, Turnersville, Texas. 

Helen Burt, 

Chi Omega; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
sec. Ashbel; Student. 612 W. 22d St, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Lillie Pearl Buster, 

Teacher; mem. Woman's Club. Anson, Texas. 

Kathryn Alexander Cage, 

U4Q5 San Jacinto St, Austin, Texas.) 

Corinne Cain (Miss), 

Bastrop, Texas. 

Kathleen Caldwell, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Teacher. Runge, Texas. 

Charles Galloway Calhoun, 

LL. B., elsewhere; Delta Sigma Phi; Lawyer; 
mem. Elks; Masonic connections. Starley 
Bldg. and 1401 S. College St, Tyler, Texas. 

Ara Marie Callaway, 

Mineola, Texas. 

Carl Byron Callaway, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Alpha 
Tau; Rattlers; Speakers' Club; Tarlton Law 
Soc.; soccer j intercoll. debater, 14-16; sec.- 
treas. Oratorical Assn. and Debating Council; 
on staff Cactus; winner Potter prize; treas. 
Texas State Oratorical Assn; student asst. pub- 
lic speaking; Student. 1307 Busch Bldg. and 
4946 Victor St., Dallas, Texas. 

James J. Callaway, 

(San Benito, Texas.) 

Melville Alexander Cannon, 

(Austin, Texas.) 

Marie Cardenas, 

Spanish Teacher, Laredo Public Sch. 1305 
Iturbide St., Laredo, Texas. 

Hannie Lucile Carter, 

Mason, Texas. 

Louise Carter, 

Terrell, Texas. 

Hubert Henderson Cartwright, 

(Amarillo, Texas.) 

Mabel Carwile, 

B. A., 13, Texas Presby. Coll.; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Reed Musical Club; Student. 5109 
Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Ruth Cash, 

B. A., 15; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Teacher of 
Latin and Spanish, Mercedes; Rabbit Foot 
in J. San Benito, Texas. 

Alma Jewel Cavin, 

(Nacogdoches, Texas.) 

Oscar Theodore Christoffer, 

Mart, Texas. 

Mildred Chumlea, 

Pierian; v.-pres. soph, class; Student 403 
Walnut St, Hillsboro, Texas. 

Margaret Alice Clark, 

R. F. D. i., Box 6, Austin, Texas. 




Maude Spencer Clark (Mrs. John H. 

B. A., 15; Chi Omega; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Vizor; Women's Council; Cabinet Y. W. C. A., 
15; treas. Women's Council, 15; mem. Federa- 
tion of Women's Clubs. 4105 Carondelet St., 
New Orleans, La. 

William H. Clark, 

Sigma Nu; Auditor, Western Electric Co. 
Pacific and Ervay Sts. and 3807 Ross Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Jeremiah Edward Clarke, 

(See e. n.) 

Ruth Clayton, 

Phi Mu; Teacher, Cleburne Public Schools. 
408 N. Buffalo St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Ernest W. Clemens, 

Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Tau; Germania; Stu- 
dent; mem. Y. M. C. A. 2506 Rio Grande St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Ira A. Clements, 

Teacher. Hamlin, Texas. 

Chevis Randle Cleveland, 

Football (i); Stock Farmer. R. F. D. No. i, 
Granbury, Texas. 

Carrie Morris Clifton, 

525 N. Kentucky St., McKinney, Texas. 

Robert Henry Coats, 

Teacher. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Hope Cobb, 

Bookkeeper. Caldwell, Texas. 

James H. Cochran, 

Student 2310 San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas. 

Luckett Cochran, 

Sigma Chi; Glee Club; Univ. Band; Univ. 
of Texas Quartette; Chancellors; Student; 
mem. Rattler and Curtain Clubs. 505 First 
Natl. Bank Bldg. and 1410 Montana St, El 
Paso, Texas. 

Ollie Coffee, 

Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. Big Spring and 
811 W. 22^ St., Austin, Texas. 

Vera Estelle Coffee, 

Big Spring, Texas. 

Kate Coffman (Mrs. Caruth Willing- 

4725 Columbia Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Carrie Cogswell, 

Hillsboro, Texas. 

Hugh Coldwell, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Clerk; mem. University 
Club; Cactus Club. 1121 Los Angeles St., 
El Paso, Texas. 

Hardy Wynn Collier, 

Student. 3417 Montrose Blvd., Houston, 

Mildred Collins, 

Lovelady, Texas. 

Ewell Dunwood Condron, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Student; teacher; mem. W. 
O. W.; Masons. 1911 University Ave., Austin, 
and Throckmorton, Texas. 

John Asa Cook, 

Teacher. 226 Wilkins Ave., San Antonio, 

Georgie Weems Cooper, 

Y. W. C. A.; Hico High Sch. entrance scholar- 
ship; Teacher, Hamilton Public Sch.; sec. 
Parent-Teacher Assn.; mem. O. E. S. Box 
382, Hamilton, Texas. 

William Marcus Corley, Jr., 

Pre-Medic Soc.; Student. Mexia, Texas. 

Charles Barrell Cox, 

Kappa Alpha; Alpha Mu Pi Omega; Winsonian 
Dramatic Club; pres. soph, class, 15; Student. 
3028 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

Le Roy B. Creaton, 

Student. 306 E. nth St., Austin, Texas. 

John Augustus Crockett, 

Pre-medic 6oc.; Student Chapel Hill, Texas. 

Floyd Arnold Crow, 

1625 N. 6th St., Waco, Texas. 

Louise Crow, 

Pi Beta Phi; Angler Club; Student 801 Rio 
Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Howard R. Crumley, 

Delta Sigma Phi; with William Cameron & Co., 
Inc. 206 S. Gaines St, Ennis, Texas. 

George Mahan Crutsinger, 

B. A., 08, Central Coll. (Fayette, Mo.); A. M., 
10, Univ. of Mo.; County Superintendent of 
Schools, Victoria Co.; prin. Charleston, Mo., 
High Sch. and Victoria, Texas, High Sch.; 
mem. A. F. & A. M. P. O. Box 355, Vic- 
toria, Texas. 

Horace Newton Cunningham, 

Student 100 W. 2?th St., Austin, Texas. 

Hugh Cunningham, 

Student Rganville, Texas. 

Hugh Wilson Cunningham, 

With the U. S. Army. Fort Sam Houston, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Camille Daniel, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Pierian Lit Soc. 1104 La- 
vaca St., Austin, Texas. 

O. L. Davidson, Jr., 

University soccer team, 16; Student; mem. 
Y. M. C. A. 2205 Speedway, Austin, Texas, 
and Box 755, Colbert, Okla. 

Harwood Elisha Davis, 

Salesman. 1622-1624 Bryan St., Dallas, and 
401 Magnolia Ave., Hubbard, Texas. 

Herbert Davis, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Menorah Soc.; Student. 900 
San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, and 2303 Speed- 
way, Austin, Texas. 

Howard Herndon Davis, 

Sigma Delta Psi; class "football and track, 13- 
15; non-commissioned officer in 2d Regt, N. 
G. T.; ist lieut. Officers' Reserve Corps, U. S. 
Army. San Marcos, Texas. 




Ina Davis, 

Teacher. Roby, Texas. 

James Marcellus Davis, 

A. B., 16, Baylor Univ.: Teacher; head of 
English Dept., Brenham High Sch.; Masonic 
connections. Brenham and Alvarado, Texas. 

Madge Davis, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; La Tertulia; junior rep. to 
Woman's Assemb., 16, and senior rep., 17; 
Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 15-16 and 16-17; sec., 
15-16, and v.-pres., 16-17, Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
v.-pres. Bible Chair, 16; Y. W. C. A.; Student; 
mem. Fort Worth Club. 1602 S. Jennings 
Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Robert Guy Davis, 

Clergyman. Lott, Texas. 

Calvin De Witt Dawson, 

Student. San Benito, Texas. 

Madge Day, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. 2206 Guadalupe St., 
Austin v and Floyd, Texas. 

Mary Decker, 

415 Augusta St., Lake Providence, La. 

Garland de Graffenreidt, 

Marlin, Texas. 

James K. Dennis, Jr., 

Delta Tau Delta; Bookkeeper. 116 Elm St. 
and 114 Corsicana St., Hillsboro, Texas. 

Mary Deborah Digges, 

Newman and Present Day Clubs: Stenographer. 
2001 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

Sarah Elizabeth Dinsmore, 

Student; mem. Scribblers Club; National Nar- 
rators' Assn.; Y. W. C. A. 1025, loth St., 
Boulder, Colo. 

Ballard Alvin Dinwiddie, Jr., 

Phi Delta Theta; Rattler Club; gym. team, 
14-16; Cactus staff, 14-16; Glee Club, 16. 
Clarksville, Texas. 

Gustav C. Dittmar, 

3618 Garrott St., Houston, Texas. 

Lewis Dittmar, 

Phi Kappa Sigma; City Salesman, F. W. Heit- 
mann Co.; mem. Y. M. C. A.; Houston Turn 
Verein; Chamber of Commerce; The Scrags; 
T. P. A. F. W. Heitmann Co. and 3618 Gar- 
rott St., Houston, Texas. 

Walter G. Dodd, 

Teacher of Science, Allen Carter Jones High 
bch.; mem. Beeville Club. Beeville, Texas. 

W. H. Dodson, 

Druggist. Burnet, Texas. 

Bess Donnelly, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher of Latin. 
Pecos, Texas. 

Letha Margaret Donnelly (Mrs. Eu- 
gene Hopkins), 

300 E. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

John H. Doyle, Jr., 

Assistant Cashier, Mountainair State Bank. 
Box 38, Mountainair, New Mex. 

Jess G. Dudley, Jr., 

Shipping Office, Swift & Co. Swift & Co. 
and 903 Holman Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Ruth Dudley, 

Student. Piano, Texas. 

Lawrence Washington Dumas, 

Bullard, Texas. 

Pauline Joseph Durst, 

Pi Beta Phi; Teacher; principal. Leona, 

Blan P. Dysart, 

Phi Kappa Psi; basketball and tennis (Poly- 
technic Coll.); Student; mem. A. F. C. Ama- 
rillo and no W. i8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Samuel Martin Eaton, * 

Superintendent of Schools; dir. genl. Hays Co. 
Interscholastic League; mem. A. F. & A. M. 
Kyle, Texas. 

Herbert Rook Edwards, 

(See e. 12.) 

Reno Eickenroht, 

Bingham Sch.; boxing instr. Univ. of Texas; 
ed. Guadalupe Gazette; mem. I. O. O. F. 
Camp St. and College St., Seguin, Texas. 

Ouida Norine Ellington, 

Pittsburg, Texas. 

Fred B. Elliott, 

Teacher of Science, Mexia High Sch.; mem. 
Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Club. P. O. Box 14, 
Mexia, Texas. 

John Ellis, 

Student. Mesquite, Texas. 

Peyton Austin Ellison, 

Student. 501 E. nth St., Austin, Texas. 

Bertha Ricca Ephraim, 

1 1 08 Blanco St., Austin, Texas. 

Nora Ernst, 

Teacher; mem. Order of Rebecca. Hallets- 
ville, Texas. 

George Etter, 

B. A., 14. Waco, Texas. 

William Russell Everhart, 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Oliver William Fannin, 

Midland, Texas. 

L. Louise Fenet, 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot; Y. W. C. A.; "T" 
tennis. 127 S. 22d St., Paris, Texas. 

Render Hill Farley, 

Troup, Texas. 

Mary Farrar, 

Calvert, Texas. 

Anna Belle Ferguson, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher. Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 

Teacher; Principal, Joacquin High Sch. Lub- 
bock, Texas. 




Max Fichtenbaum, 

Rusk Lit. and Menorah Socs. ; pres. junior 
class and Menorah Soc. ; sec. Rusk Lit. Soc. ; 
mem. Assembly from soph, class; Cactus staff, 
16-17; Student and Assistant to Registrar. 
608 Blanco St., Austin, Texas. 

Marjorie Virginia Field, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Student; mem. 
Girls' Study Club. Lockhart, Texas. 

W. W. Finley, 

Delta Tau Delta; Mechanical Engineer; on 
service, Officers Reserve Training Camp. Leon 
Springs, Texas. 

Irwin William Fish, 

Matador, Texas. 

Thomas Asbury Fisher, 

B. A., 15; Teacher. Richmond, Texas. 

Grace Louise Fitzpatrick, 

Delta Delta Delta; Teacher. Comanche, Texas. 

Grace Fleck, 

Teacher. 205 W. Rio Grande St., El Paso, 

Thomas Fletcher (Mrs.), 

2209 Neches St., Austin, Texas. 

Lonnie Hill Flewellen, 

B. A., 13; LL. B., 15; Phi Beta Kappa; Athe- 
naeum; Civics League; La Tertulia; Chancel- 
lor; Lawyer; quizmaster, Law Dept., 14-15. 
1107-1113 Praetorian Bldg. and 2304 McKinney 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Jacob S. Floyd, 

Stenographer. Alice, Texas. 

John Tunnell Foster, 

Teacher; prin. of High Sch. Eagle Pass, 

Lois Fitz-Hugh Foster, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Winsonian and Cap and Gown Socs.; sec. 
Kappa Alpha Theta. 622 W. Hopkins Ave., 
San Marcos, Texas. 

Myrtle Alice Foster, 

Denton, Texas. 

O. A. Fountain, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Student. 1908 San Antonio 
St., Austin, and 308 W. Knox St., Ennis, 

D. R. Franks, 

Drug Clerk. Llano, Texas. 

Estelle Estes Fristoe (Mrs. R. C. 

Phi Mu. Brownwood, Texas. 

Robert Douglas Gage, Jr., 

Sigma Chi; Banking. 7th and Houston Sts. 
and 904 W. sth St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

William Sterling Gandy, 

(602 W. 9th St., Austin, Texas.) 

Elsie Raymond Gardner, 

B. A., 16; Teacher. 435 W. Woodlawn Ave., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Braddie Garner, 

Teacher in S. O. Sch., Corsicana, Texas. Del 
Rio, Texas. 

Louise Almira Garrison (Mrs. Carl 

Uacogdoches, Texas. 

Casper Tyrell Garth, 

Alpha Tau Omega; fresh, football; soccer foot- 
ball team; Student. 7461 Calder Ave., Beau- 
mont, Texas. 

William Troy Gaunt, 

Pre-medic Soc.; basketball (i); cashier Iron 
Mountain Ry., Texas and Pacific Joint Offices; 
mem. Knights of Pythias, German Dancing 
and Cotillion Clubs. Front and Vine Sts., and 
1318 Maple St., Texarkana, Texas. 

Ethel Gelber, 

Bryan, Texas. 

Carl L. Gidley, 

Cause, Texas. 

Mabel Carrie Gilbert, 

B. A., 16; Y. W. C. A.; Cap and Gown; Stu- 
dent. 124 Hastings Ave., Irving, Texas. 

Henry Grady Giles, 

Teacher. Westminster, Texas. 

Marguerite A. Gillespie, 

Teacher. 302 W. Woods St., San Marcos, 

Charles A. Gilley, 

Superintendent, Public Schools. Canadian, 

Phineas Earl Gilliland, 

Nu Sigma Nu; Pre-Medic Soc.; Texas Rifle 
Club; Student, Med. Dept. Medical College 
and 610, i3th St., Galveston, Texas. 

Frances Giraud, 

Kappa; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Newman Club; treas. 
Ashbel Lit. Soc.; v.-pres. Newman Club; Stu- 
dent. 310 W. nth St., Austin, Texas. 

Merribel Givens, 

Student. 205 E. 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Samuel McPheeters Glasgow, 

A. B., 03, Washington and Lee Univ.; B. D.. 
08, Union Theol. Sem. (Richmond); Phi 
Gamma Delta; Pastor, Bream Memorial Presby. 
Ch.; author "The Frontier" and "Border 
Trails." 502 Columbia Blvd., Charleston, W. 

R. Emerson Glaze, 

Teacher; prin. High Sch. Childress, Texas. 

William P. Goar, 

Attended Polytechnic College, Ft. Worth, 13- 
14; Student. Johnson, Texas. 

Raymond Boyd Goddard, 

B. A., 16; Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kappa 
Psi; dir. German Club; student asst. in busi- 
ness administration; Student. Holland, Texas. 

Gomer Flow Goff, 

3. A., 17; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pre-Medic 
Soc.; Glee Club. 412 S. Crockett St., Sher- 
man, Texas 




Naomi Gouger, 

B. A., 15; Student. 
New York City, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

1230 Amsterdam Ave., 
and 847 E. Cincinnati Ave., 

C. F. Graham, Jr., 

Sigma Chi; gym. team; Clerk. Care Graham 
Co., and 314 Corsicana St, Hillsboro, Texas. 

Marguerite Porter Graves (Mrs. 
F. S. Ratdiff), 

Y. W. C. A. 704 S. Jennings Ave., Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Ethel Gray, 

(Fort Worth*, Texas.) 

Effie Green, 

Teacher. Sanger, Texas. 

Yuba Green, 

Y. W. C. A.; mem. Tennis Club. Wolfe City, 

Thomas Richard Greenfield, 

Hardware Merchant; mayor. Post, Texas. 

William Jeffries Greer, 

Chief Clerk, Williamson County Coal Operators 
Assn.; enlisted U. S. Marine Corps, April 24, 
17. 343 S. Dearborn St. and 5450 Ferdinand 
St., Chicago, 111. 

Hortense Gregory, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A.; Civic Improve- 
ment Club. 625 S. Montgomery St., Sherman, 


Lucille Gregory, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. 625 S. Mont- 
gomery St., Sherman, Texas. 

Alice Griffith (Mrs. J. Curtis Mc- 
Kallip, Jr.), 

3522 Garrett St., Houston, Texas. 

George Miller Griffiths, 

Salesman. 918 S. Lamar St. and 2629 Mc- 
Kinney Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Cecil Ray Grisham, 

Student. Hamlin, Texas. 

Ray Grisham, 

Student. Hamlin, Texas. 

W. Clay Grobe, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Student; assoc. issue ed. and 
reporter Texan; mem. Y. M. C. A. 100 W. 
27th St., Austin. Texas. 

Leon B. McGuffin, 

Teacher; prin. Cuero High Sch.; mem. Knights 
of Pythias; W. O. W. 805 Terril St., Culro, 

Maurice Haden, 

Merchant. Ladoaia, Texas. 

Eda Haenel, 

302 W. 17* St., Austin, Texas. 

Jeanette Hagelstein, 

Pi Beta Phi; Anglers; Student: mem. Y. W 
C. A. 415 W. French PL, San Antonio, Texas. 

Stella Hagy, 

B. A., 15; "T," indoor baseball; Teacher. San 
Antonio Female College and 1303 Waverly 
Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Eugene W. Hailey, 

Sigma Nu; Theta Nu Epsilon; Ticket Clerk. 
Marlin, Texas. 

A. J. Hajek, 

Newman Club; Teacher; mem. St Austin's 
Social Club. Bryan, Texas. 

Elijah Colman Hall, 

County Superintendent of Schools; pres. N. W. 
Texas Teachers' Assn. Court House and 1208 
Austin St., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Neal Hall, 

Amarillo, Texas. 

George Ellsworth Halliday, 

Bookkeeper; mem. Masons. Auditor's Office, 
University of Texas, and 912 W. 23d St, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Nathan Benjamin Halporn, 

Y. M. C. A.; Student Palestine, Texas. 

Mary Louise Haney, 

1418 Pruitt St, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Frances Pinkerton Hanly, 

Teacher. Eagle Lake, Texas. 

Frank Hare, 

Attended Eastman Business College (Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y.); Insurance, mem. firm Hall & 
Hare; mem. Odd Fellows; Golf, Country, and 
Commercial Clubs. Cor. Houston and Travis 
Sts. and 818 S. Travis St, Sherman, Texas. 

Sarah Harlan, 

Barb Soc.; Student 2500 Nueces St., Austin, 

Harry Lee Harless, 

Salesman. 819 Main St and 3919 Mt Ver- 
non St, Houston, Texas. 

Lester Carlton Harling, 

IB. A., 17; Y. M. C. A.; Bell Co. Club (pres., 
16-17); mem. Assembly, 16-17; student asst in 
hist, 16-17; football, 16; Student Belton, 

Caroline Elizabeth Harold, 

Blanco, Texas. 

Minna Allie Harper, 

iB. A., 14; Teacher of English and History. 
Kensett, Ark. 

Giles Amos Harris, 

Student 3118 Wheeler St, Austin, Texas. 

William Bucklin Harris, 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Mary Kate Harrison, 

B. A., 16; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C A.; 
Cap and Gown; Jones County Club; mem. 
Maids and Matrons, Two and Twenty Literary, 
and S. O. S. Social Clubs. 514 Reynolds St, 
Stamford, Texas. 

Charles Bartley Hart, 

Pre-Medic Soc.; Teacher; mem. Praetorians. 
Muieola, Texas. 




Lamar Hart, 

Delta Chi; Speakers' Club; Rusk Lit Soc.; 
"T," baseball; Student. 2309 San Antonio 
Ave., Austin, and Jasper, Texas. 

Pollie Ruth Hart, 

Basketball; student asst. in educ.; Student; 
mem. Literary Club; Merry Maids and 
Matrons. Johnson St., Mineola, Texas. 

William Bryan Hart, 

Pre-medic Soc.; Student. Mineola, Texas. 

Alline Burleson Hartson, 

B. A., 17; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Present Day 
Club; Visor; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Student; 
mem. Bracken ridge and Pennybacker Clubs. 
Kyle, Texas. 

Gladys W. Harvey, 

602 W. 7th St., Taylor, Texas. 

Laurence Watts Harvison, 

B. A., 12, Arkansas Coll., Batesville; Student 
Junction City, Ark. 

Josie Allen Hatch, 

Student. San Antonio, Texas. 

Irma Willard Hauck, 

(1802 Lavaca St., Austin, Texas.) 

Roy Edmondson Hawk, 

Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Press Club; 
Athenaeum Soc.; reporter, 13-14; managing 
ed., 15-16, and ed., 16-17, Texan; Cactus staff, 
14-16; pres. Press Club, 16; Student. 203 W. 
1 9th St, Austin, Texas. 

Elizabeth Hawkins (Mrs. Mike Mur- 

(Bay City, Texas.) 

Herbert Thomas Hayes, 

Midway, Texas. 

Joseph Oscar Haynes, 

B. A., 14, Southwestern Univ.; Clergyman; 
supt Albany High Sch., 12-13. Rule, Texas. 

Ethel Louise Hedeman, 

Pres. Woman's Culture Club. Llano, Texas. 

Dora Heitzler, 

Reagan Lit Soc.; Student 626 Upton St., 
San Angelo, Texas. 

Ruth Henderson, 

Teacher. Cameron, Texas. 

Margaret Pearl Hendricks, 

Teacher. 11032 S. Walnut St., Sherman, 

Paula Freda Henry, 

B. A., 16; Chemical and Germania Clubs; 
Student and Teacher. Cameron, Texas. 

Phillis Esther Henry, 

B. A., 16; Y. W. C. A.; Women Students' 
A. A.; Germania, Cap and Gown, and Univ. 
Choral Clubs; Student. Cameron, Texas. 

Beaulah E. Henson (Mrs. Ford 

Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Isaac Duran Herrera, 

Missionary worker. 1905 E. 3d St., Austin, 

John Cleve Higdon, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; student asst. in physics; 
Student, mi W. 47th St, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Cornelia Hightower (Mrs. Edgar 
von Hutton), 

1713 Houston St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Curtis H. Hill, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Glee Club, 14-15; Student 
904 N. Kentucky Ave., Roswell, New Mex. 

Mark Lafayette Hill, 

Clerk. Dawson, Texas. 

Ruth Hilliard, 

Teacher. Collins Garden School and 440 Taft 
Blvd., San Antonio, Texas. 

James Herbert Hinds, 

Bullard, Texas. 

Lewis Dabney Hixson, 

Drug Clerk and Bookkeeper; mem. Praetorians. 
217 N. Beaton St. and in N. 2ist St, Corsi- 
cana, Texas. 

Julia Anne Hoard, 

Pi Beta Phi; on staff Texan; mem. Y. W. 
C. A. 710 S. Travis St., Sherman, Texas. 

Louis Frederick Hodde, 

Burton, Texas. 

Margaret Harriet Hodges, 

Reagan Lit Soc.; Teacher of Latin. 2207 San 
Antonio St, Austin, Texas. 

Leslie M. Hofer, 

Reagan Lit Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; student asst; 
Student. 4516 Ave. G, Hyde Park, Austin, 

Frank Lynn Holaday, 

Byers, Texas. 

Lexie Hollaway (Mrs. N. E. 

Teacher; mem. Baptist Ladies' Aid Soc. Wael- 
der, Texas. 

Mabel Holderness, 

(Stamford, Texas.) 

George Tignor Holmes, 

B. A., 14; LL. B., 16; Delta Tau Delta; 
Univ. Glee Club; student asst. in music; Stu- 
dent 2407 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Ouida Holmes, 

Teacher. Hemphill, Texas. 

William H. Holt, 

Teacher. Bridgeport, Texas. 

Houston Ragsdale Hopkins, 

2008 University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Mildred Ida Howard, 

Pi Beta Phi; Student Calvert, Texas. 




Hayden H. Hudson, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rattler and German 
Clubs; dir. German Club, 15-16; pres. (3) 
class, 15-16; mem. Band, 13-16; Student 231 
Pecan St., Arlington, Texas. 

James Oran Hughes, 

Lawyer; rep. Foreign Corp. and Guaranty 
State Bank; City Attorney of Troup; wrote 
Charter for City of Troup; mem. Y. M. C. A.; 
/oung Men's Business League; Rotary Club. 
208 Oak St., and 213 Queen St., Palestine, 

Thomas Philip Hull, 

Beeville, Texas. 

Will Hervey Humlong, 

Sigma Chi; Student. 306 W. igth St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Lily Humphrey, 

Teacher. Canadian, Texas. 

Cleburne Huston, 

Y. M. C. A.; Student. University Station, 
Austin, and Henderson, Texas. 

William Moody Hutchings, 

Galveston, Texas. 

Margaret Lillian Inks, 

(2508 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas.) 

Daniel Washington Jackson, 

Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Tarlton Law 
Soc.; Speakers' Club; Student; mem. Y. M. 
C. A. 1710 Colorado St., Austin, and 3202 
Milam St., Houston, Texas. 

James Weaver Jackson, 

Bell Co. Club; Student. 203 E. 25th St., 
Austin, and Nolanville, Texas. 

R. D. Jackson, 

Philomath. Soc.; Wilmot prize in declamation; 
Teacher. Buenavista, Texas. 

William Albert Jackson, 

Muenster, Texas. 

Mary Eloise Jagoe, 

118 W. Oak St., Denton, Texas. 

Lee M. Jahn, 

Teacher. Hempstead City School. Hempstead, 

McKie James (Miss), 

Phi Mu; Teacher. Ballinger, Te.xas. 

Helena Antonia Janoch, 

La Tertulia; Germania and Newman Clubs; 
Student. 3112 Houston Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Lucille Jarrett, 

Delta Delta Delta; School Teacher. Gold- 
thwaite and Valley Mills, Texas. 

Oscar Leonard Jenkins, 

Clarendon, Texas. 

Gillis A. Johnson, 

Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi 
football, 15; ed. Cactus, 17; Student. 
Lake St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Press Club: 
1000 N, 

James Clyde Johnson, Jr., 

Timber Inspector. Richmond, Texas. 

Joe D. Johnson, 

B. A., 14; Kappa Sigma; Lawyer and Abstrac- 
ter; sec. Texas Title Co.; mem. Glen Garden 
Country Club; Y. M. C. A. 209 W. 8th St. 
and 1000 N. Lake St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Zay Johnson, 

Cookville, Texas. 

Ernest Turner Jones, 

Grandview, Texas. 

Harry Jones, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Rusticusses; 2d Lieu- 
tenant, U. S. Army. Taylor, Texas. 

Mary G. Jones, 

Teaching; prin. High Sch. Manor, Texas. 

E. M. Jordan, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Teacher. Coleman and Carth- 
age, Texas. 

John R. Keahey, 

Teacher; mgr. local tennis club. Rockwall, 

Janie Ray Keeling, 

Beeville, Texas. 

Dorothy C. Kelley, 

Zeta Tau Alpha. 415 W. Featherston St., 
Cleburne, Texas. 

Charles Ewing Kendall, 

Bookkeeper; mem. Knights of Pythias. Allen 
and Kendall Sts., Ennis, Texas. 

M. F. Kennedy, 

Student. 1002 W. 30% St., Austin, Texas. 

Carroll L. Key, 

Teacher. 1221 Pine St., Texarkana, Texas. 

L. B. King, 

Student 2702 East Ave., Austin, Texas. 

H. C. Knight, 

B A., 17; Beta Theta Pi; Curtain Club. 2804 
Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Hedwig Thusnelda Kniker, 

B. A., 1 6. Cibolo, Texas. 

Rosa Marie Kniker, 

B. A., 1 6. Cibolo, Texas. 

Charles Knizek, 

B. A., 15; pres. Cechie Soc.; Instructor in 
Slavic Languages; chrmn. of school; mem. 
Folk Lore Soc. University Station, Box 25 
(Mam Bldg. 144), and 2807 Rio Grande St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Julius Thomas Krueger, 

Phi Beta Pi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Student. 310 
E. gth St., Austin, Texas. 

Hans Kurath, 

B. A., 14; Instructor in German; fellow Univ. 
of Chicago, 16-17. Fishville Road, Austin, 

Harry William Kuteman, 

Assistant Cashier. Weatherford, Texas. 

Edwin Irving La Bauve, 

914 E. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 




Jennie Laidley, 

2507 Hickory St., Dallas, Texas. 

Cecil Herbert Lang, 

Minister; pres. Texas Federation of Young 
People's Socs. of the Presbyterian Ch. Fort 
Stockton, Texas. 

Helen Cousins Latham, 

(1843 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas.) 

Elizabeth Hall Laurie (Mrs. Joseph 
W. Harrison), 

(Polyone, N. Mex.) 

Ethel Leake, 

Delta Delta Delta; Teacher. Navasota, Texas. 

Helen Leary, 

Chi Omega; Rabbit Foot; Reagan; Student. 
331 E. Locust St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Claude A. Leatherwood, 

Merchant; mem. Elks. 403 North M St. and 
W. 6th St., Bonham, Texas. 

Agnes Ledbetter, 

Cameron, Texas. 

Ruth Legett (Mrs. Percy Jones), 

Alpha Delta Phi; mem. Twenty-One Club. 
7th and Amarillo Sts., Abilene, Texas. 

C. F. Lehmann, Jr., 

Phi Chi; Student. 704, loth St., Galveston, 
and 341 Argyle Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Bertram D. Lewin, 

B. A., 16; Pre-medic Soc.; Chemical Club; 
Sigma Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Student, 
Johns Hopkins Univ. 336 Gohad St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Martha Elizabeth Liddell, 

Reagan Lit. Soc. 417 N. Commerce St., 
Gainesville, Texas. 

Marie Lippelt, 

B. A., 15; Germania and Spanish Clubs; 
Teacher of Modern Languages. 5026 San 
Jacinto St., Dallas, Texas. 

lima Imola Link, 

Pi Beta Phi. 3812 Montrose Blvd., Houston, 

Marie Johanne Elizabeth Lippelt, 

B. A., 15. 5026 San Jacinto St., Dallas, Texas. 

Harry Louis Lochte, 

Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Lillian Lockwood, 

Teacuer. (El Paso, Texas.) 

Albert A. Long, 

Goldthwaite, Texas. 

Aubrey Loughmiller, 

Teacher; mem. Rural Development Assn. Can- 
ton, Texas. 

Maye Lovell, 

Hillsboro, Texas. 

S. Harman Lowrie, 

Goldthwaite, Texas. 

Allie Ree Lowry (Mrs. William Mar-, 
tin Du Priest), 

409 Bowie Ave., Mart, Texas. 

Sallie Harmon Lyon, 

Student, Peabody College for Teachers; prin. 
High Sch. 2138 Blakemore Ave., Nashville, 

Modena McAfee, 

Y. W. C. A. 1031 N. Beaton St., Corsicana, 

Merion McCall, 

Cameron, Texas. 

E. Atlee McCampbell, 

-Lawyer. First State Bank Bldg. and 401 N, 
Broadway, Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Vivienne Robison McClatch, 

Phi Delta Gamma; Teacher. Wooldridge 
School and 1810 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

Hugh Daniel McCrummen, 

Student 2505 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Eva Hill McDonald, 

607 W. 24th St., Austin, Texas. 

James Robinson McDougald, 

Groveton, Texas. 

Elizabeth Archer McGuire, 

Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; mem. Bay. 
View Lit. Club. Cooper, Texas. 

Mary Frances McKee (Mrs. E. B, 

Mem. Sesame Club. Taylor, Texas. 

Hugh Spencer McKeown, 

E. 22nd St., Austin, Texas. 

Walter Byron McKinney, 

Alpha Mu Pi Omega; Student. 405 W. Heard; 
St., McKinney, Texas. 

Nellie Mae McKinstry, 

Kappa Delta Pi; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Student. 
P. O. Box 137, Austin, Texas. 

Roy James McLean, 

3205 Speedway. Austin, Texas. 

Lulu Lee McMeans, 

Teacher. Stockdale, Texas. 

John Rosser McNutt, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Tabulator, State Fire Ins. Com- 
mission. State Capitol Bldg. and 1711 San, 
Jacinto St., Austin, Texas. 

Walter Scott McNutt, 

B. S., 12 Arkansas Cumberland Coll.; track, 
7% mile race (Ark. Cumberland) ; Class essay- 
ist; Teacher; supt. Penelope High School; 
mem. W. O. W. Creedmoor, Texas. 

Ivy Jennie Macfarlane, 

Stenographer. 710 Front St., Orange, Texas. 

Herbert Herman Machemehl, 

Rusty Cusses; Germania; mem. German Play-, 
ers, 13-14; Student. Bellville, Texas. 

Theodore Mahler, 

Teacher. Route No. 6, Temple, Texas. 




Annie Sherrard Mallett, 

Y. W. C. A. and Student Volunteer Band; 
sec. Texas Confederate Home for Men. Con- 
federate Home, 614 Patterson Ave., Austin, 

Carolyn Mallett, 

Teacher. 614 Patterson Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Jeanette Markle (Mrs. Joseph Holt 

Pi Beta Phi Sorority. 811 Branard Ave., 
Houston, Texas. 

Mary Edith Marrs, 

Teacher. Stephenville, Texas. 

Frank Martin, 

Chi Phi; Student; mem. Masons. 200 W. igth 
St., Austin, and Goliad, Texas. 

J. W. Martin, 

B. A., 16; Superintendent of Schools, Silsbee, 
Texas. Silsbee, Texas. 

Mary Eula Martin, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher Mathematics. 911 N. 
Main St., Weatherford, Texas. 

George Welton Massie, 

Student. 1107 West St., Austin, Texas. 

Mildred Katherine Masters, 

Y. W. C. A.; Reagan Lit Soc.; Student 205 
W. Oak St., Denton, Texas. 

Alice Matthews, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Teacher. Lampasas, Texas. 

Maggie Lavender Matthews, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Teacher of Latin and 
English; mem. Lorena Woman's Club. Lorena 
and Tyler, Texas. 

Maury Maverick, 

Sigma Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; Press Club; 
Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; Lawyer. Houston and 
Woodhull Sts. and Sunshine Ranch, San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Marion Rosseel Mayer (Mrs.), 

Attended Hunter Coll. and Columbia Univ.; 
founder Intercoll. Socialist Soc. Room 1115, 
1 05 W. 4 oth St. and 363 W. 46th St., N. Y. C. 

Reece Meador, 

Barb; sec.-treas. Students' Assn; Student 
Saint Jo, Texas. 

Elma Merle Mears, 

Delta Delta Delta; "T" Assn. Gatesville, 

Rosalie Meek, 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot Club; v.-pres. fresh. 
class and soph, class. 3704 Garrott St., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Jessie Menefee, 

mem - Eastera star - 

Carlton Meredith, 

Gulf Refining Co., Muskogee, Okla. 

Clifford Henry Miller, 

Ram's Horn Debating Soc. ; Student, Draug- 
hon's Business Coll.; asst sec. H. C. Miller 
Co.; mem. Travelers' Protective Assn. 1605% 
Commerce St. and 3403 Knight St., Dallas, 

Gladys Miller, 

Delta Delta Delta; Student Honey Grove, 

John Hugh Miller, 

(Palestine, Texas.) 

Archie Lane Mitchell, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Salesman. North Co- 
lumbus St. and 801 W. Rusk St, Marshall, 

George Leslie Mixson, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; mgr. basketball, 16-17; Stu- 
dent. University Station, Box 5, and Eddy, 

Helen Wilson Mobley, 

Cieburne, Texas. 

Rosebud Elizabeth Mobley, 

(Rising Star, Texas.) 

Kathleen Molesworth, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Reed Music Soc.; Visor; 
French Club; junior rep. Woman's Assn.; 
Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 15-16; v.-pres. Y. W. 
C. A., 16-17; v.-pres. Reagan, 16-17; Student 
2205 Trinity St, Austin, Texas. 

Ben P. Monning, 

B. A., 14; LL. B., 16; Phi Delta Theta; base- 
tball, 13-15; football, 12-13; Attorney-at-Law. 
516 Puckett Bldg. and 1001 Polk St., Ama- 
rillo, Texas. 

John K. Montgomery, 

San Marcos, Texas. 

Oscar Montgomery, 

Student Hico, Texas. 

Myrtle A. Mooney (Mrs. R. A. 

State Insane Asylum, Austin, Texas. 

Ramsey Hudson Moore, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Theta Nu Epsilon; Alpha 
Mu Pi Omega; Student Medical College and 
925 Ave. B, Galveston, Texas. 

Ethel Neece Morris (Mrs.), 

Student 909 N. Grande Ave., Sherman, 

Joseph Bryan Morris, 

V.-pres. middle law class; sec.-treas. Hilde- 
brand Law Soc.; Student 909 N. Grande 
Ave., Sherman, Texas. 

Hugh Morrison, 

Mem. Ex-Students' Assn. of Cameron; Wy- 
lander Club. Cameron, Texas. 

Alma H. Morrisson, 

Teacher. 1000 Arizona St, El Paso, Texas. 

J. N. Moseley, 

B. A., 16; Student 2505 Red River St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Erie Moss, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Boulden Shivers Mothershead, 

Student; Y. M. C. A. San Benito, Texas. 




Katherine Mary Mulcahy, 

Newman Club; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; 
Teacher. San Jacinto School and 1023 Myrtle 
Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

Louise Muller, 

Valedict, Kenilworth Hall; Teacher, Laredo 
Public Sch.; mem. Tuesday Musical and Lit- 
erary Club. 1616 Salinas Ave., Laredo, Texas. 

Edith H. Mullins, 

B. A., 17; Student. 1500 Brazos St., Austin, 

Edna J. Munsell, 

Stenographer. Stewart Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

Madeline Murphy, 

Present Day and Newman Clubs; Student; 
mem. Fort Worth Club. Woman's Bldg., 121% 
St. Louis St., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Ruth Nagle (Mrs. Joe Hill), 

Manor, Texas. 

James Brown Nail, 

Crawford, Texas. 

Elbert Benjamin Naugle, 

(Fort Worth, Texas.) 

John Aaron Neill, 

B. A., 14; attended Polytechnic Coll., 3 yrs.; 
mem. Polytechnic Coll. Senate; v.-pres. State 
Oratorical Assn. ; pres. Polytechnic Club in 
Univ. of Texas; Editor and Publisher; organ- 
izer of local Railroad Y. M. C. A.; disburser 
of the City's Spec. Warrant Fund. North Pleas- 
anton, Texas. 

William A. Neve, 

Teacher; supt. Orange Public Schools, Orange. 
Alamogordo, New Mex. 

Clarence Virgil Nichols, 

Lampasas, Texas. 

Ethel Daveureille Nichols, 

Delta Delta Delta; Austin Suffrage Club; Cap 
and Gown; French Club; Student; mem. 
Daughters Am. Revolution. Woman's Bldg., 
University of Texas, Austin, Texas. 

Hilliare F. Nitschke, 

Student. 1912 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Margaret Catherine Nordbusch. 

Nurse. 1300 Peabody Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

James Milling Norwood, 

202 E. 22nd St., Austin, Texas. 

Sara Berta Nutt, 

(Dallas, Texas.) 

Willie Harriett Nutt, 

(Dallas, Texas.) 

Charles Wesley Ogden, 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Jennie Mae Ogle, 

(1805 Brazos St., Austin, Texas.) 

Edgar A. O'Hair, 

Kappa Kappa; Hogg Debating and Ram's Horn 
Debating Socs.; Assistant Engineer, Humphrey 
Gas Pump Co., Plant 106. Care V. V. I. Co., 
Del Rio and Mission Park Addt., San Antonio, 

Gideon C. Olson, 

B. A., Augustana Coll. and Theol. Sem. (Rock 
Island, 111.); B. D., do.; Scandinavian Soc.; 
Clergyman, Lutheran Ch. 1508 Congress Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

Elor Osborn, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Teacher. Rule, and 805 W. 
22d St., Austin, Texas. 

James Erwin Overholt, 

Attorney. (Fayetteville, Ark.) 

Chilton Ross Owen, 

2808 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Chilton Ross Owen (Mrs.), 

(2808 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Will Dent Pace, 

Troup, Texas. 

Ernest Rudolph Parker, 

Sherman, Texas. 

Jessie Clinton Parker, 

Teacher. Bonham, Texas. 

Mamie Josephine Parker, 

Teacher. Bonham, Texas. 

John Norwood Parrott, 

Delta Tau Delta; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; on 
staff Texan; Bookkeeper, The Texas Co. 1000 
Alma St and 1720 Canton St., Dallas, Texas. 

Edith Byrd Parsons, 

Palestine, Texas. 

Jube Richard Parten, 

Madisonville, Texas. 

Willie Mae Patton, 

Crockett, Texas. 

Margaret Lillian Pearson, 

801 Lydia St., Austin, Texas. 

George Edwin Bailey Peddy, 

Rusk Lit. and Cofer Law Socs; Student; rep- 
Shelby Co.; teacher, Timpson, Texas; mem. 
W. O. W. B Hall, Austin, and Tenaha, Texas. 

John W. Peeler, 

Luling, Texas. 

Katherine Elizabeth Peers, 

Teacher. 1301 E. California St., Gainesville, 

E. D. Penn, 

Beta Theta Pi; Student. 
Austin, Texas. 

3112 West Ave., 

Kathryn Lois Pettway, 

300 Monroe Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Helen Laspeyere Phillips, 

Teacher. (Crockett, Texas.) 

Thomas Alton Pierce, 

Student N. 3d St., Hubbard, Texas. 

Laura M. Piner (Mrs.), 

(2005 Sabine St., Austin, Texas.) 

Egbert Lee Pitts, 

(2806 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas.) 




Ernest A. Polansky, 

Student. Box 368, Smithville, Texas. 

Frank Starr Pope, 

Phi Delta Theta; chrmn. finance comm. fresh, 
class, and music comm. soph, class; pres. junior 
class, 16; Winsonian Dramatic Club; Student. 
407 W. Border St., Marshall, Texas. 

Louis Porcher, 

Mgr. track; Deputy County Clerk; mem. R. 

A. M.; W. O. W.; Red Land Y. M. Club. 
Court House and Colombia St., San Augustine, 

Marvin Henry Post, 

Haskell, Texas. 

Ruth Potts, 

'B. A., 17; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Anglers; Ownooch. 2518 S. Ervay St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Pauline Powell, 

2001 San Red Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Ward B. Powell, 

Rusticusses; asst. and acting bus. mgr. Cactus; 
Student. Jasper, Texas. 

Leonard Power, 

B. S., 1 6 Warrensburg State Normal Sch.; 
Principal, Grammar Sch.; scout master; 
teacher, Trinity Univ. Summer Sch. 416 E. 
Walnut St., Hillsboro, Texas. 

Fannie Powledge, 

Hico, Texas. 

Roy R. Priest, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; mem. Students' Council, 15-16: 
Student. University of Texas, Austin, and 
South Austin, Texas. 

Mary M. Pritchett, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher. 1322 Ave. O, 
Huntsville, Texas. 

Frances J. Probandt, 

B. A., 17; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Cap 
and Gown; Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. 222 
W. Harris Ave., San Angelo, Texas. 

Nelson Puett, 

(See /. 10.) 

S. M. Purcell, 

B. A., 16; Sigma Delta Psi; La Tertulia; pres. 
academic dept., 15-16; Student; mem. Cald- 
well Co. and University Cubs. Lockhart, 

Vida Putnam, 

Lockhart, Texas. 

Nolan Queen, 

Acacia and Hogg Debating Socs.; pres. Hogg 
Debating Soc.; Supt, Bertram Schools; mem. 
Triangles; Hogg Club. Georgetown, Texas. 

Carl M. Ragland, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. Sweetwater, 

Helen Ragsdale, 

Phi Mu; Teacher. Childress, Texas. 

Winnie Bell Ramsey, 

Phi Mu Sorority; Teacher in Manor Sch.; 
mem. Y. W. C. A.; Amateur Musical Club. 
4412 Ave. B, Austin, Texas. 

Martha Randall, 

215 E. Quincy St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Thurman Randle, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; University Rifle Club; Band; 
Salesman. 1012-20 Commerce St. and 5516 
Alton St., Dallas, Texas. 

Dorothy F. Randolph, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Angler Club; Student. 1807 
Lavaca St., Austin, Texas. 

L. Marguerite Rawalt, 

Superintendent, Lorena Public Schools. Lo- 
rena and Robstown, Texas. 

Cornelia B. Read, 

3- A., 16; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Tennis Club; 
v.-pres. Pierian, 15-16; Student Mineola, 

Gladys Rees, 

Newman Club; Student. Beeville, Texas. 

Ida Gertrude Rees, 

Teacher of Home Economics, Westminster 
Coll. Tehuacana, Texas. 

Clarence Hubby Reese, 

Alpha Kappa Kappa; Pre-medic Soc.; Student. 
1328 Ave. H, Galveston, and 1616 N. sth St., 
Waco, Texas. 

John Murphy Reeves, 

Johnson City, Texas. 

Alberta Emma Rehm, 

(Indianapolis, Ind.) 

Margaret Rennie, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Student. 2503 Whitis 
Ave., Austin, and 1702 Church St., Galveston, 

Ewing L. Reynolds, 

Ownooch; Woman's Council; sec. Y. W. C. A.; 
Student 3138 Center St., Longview, Texas. 

Margaret Inez Riley (Mrs. L. R. 
Tresp) , 

Wilmer, Texas. 

Ruth Roberg, 

Y. W. C A.; v.-pres. soph, class; Student. 
3416 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

Mary Lee Robertson, 

B. A., 17; Reagan Lit. and Cap and Gown 
Socs.; Student; treas. Reagan Lit. Soc.; mem. 
Y. W. C. A. 2205 N. Pearl St., Dallas, Texas. 

J. M. Robison, 

Phi Beta Pi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Student. 
313, loth St., Galveston, and i3th and Con- 
gress Sts., Austin, Texas. 

Hans Roensch, 

Bellville, Texas. 

Margaret Jefferson Rodgers, 

Y. W. C. A.; Panhandle Club; Teacher, Ver- 
non Public Schools. 710 W. Third Ave., 
Quanah, Texas. 

Robert Guy Rogers, 

Grapevine, Texas. 

Susie Rogers, 

Teacher. 600 Park Ave., Ballinger, Texas. 




Helen Rootes, 

Pierian Lit. and Germania Lit. Socs.; Cap and 
Gown; Student. Grandview, Texas. 

Virginia E. Rootes, 

Pierian Lit. and Germania Lit. Socs.; Cap and 
Gown; Y. W. C. A.; v.-pres. junior class; sec. 
Pierian; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Student. 
Grandview, Texas. 

Max Rosenfield, 

(Dallas, Texas.) 

Bertha Allene Ross, 

Teacher. De Leon, Texas. 

Joseph Rubin, 

(704 Neches St., Austin, Texas.) 

George N. Rucker, 

Student. 136 Chestnut St., Denton, Texas. 

Jessie Rucker, 

Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Present Day 
Club; Cap and Gown; mem. Austin Suffrage 
Assn.; Athletic Assn. 280 Clarksville St., 
Paris, Texas. 

Aubrey Rudasill, 

Delta Tau Delta; Bookkeeper, Hardin Hard- 
ware Co.; asst. auditor Bartlett Western Ry. 
Co., genl. offices; bookkeeper, Bartlett State 
Bank. c/o Hardin Hardware Co., Bartlett, 

Josh Leon Rumbo, 

Teacher. Venus, Texas. 

Corinne Russell, 

Alpha Delta Pi. 304 Brooklyn Ave., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Elma Dill Russell, 

Alpha Delta Pi; pres. Woman's Pan-Hellenic 
Assn. 304 Brooklyn Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Gladys Minola Rutan, 

B. A., 16; Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A.; Cap and 
Gown; Athletic Assn.; Teacher. De Queen 
School and 2205, sth St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

John Milton Sallee, 

Student. Laredo, Texas. 

C. C. Sands, 

Teacher. 219 W. Fifth Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

N. C. Sanford, 

Delta Tau Delta; Banker. 711 N. Travis St, 
Sherman, Texas. 

Edwin Livingston Sanger, 

Cofer Law and Rusk Lit. Socs.; Student; mem. 
Y. M. C. A. 1848 Southern Blvd. Dallas, 

Walker W. Saulsbury, 

Temple, Texas. 

Ted Sayles, 

Secretary, Sayles Bldg. Co. Sayles Bldg. and 
7th and Boulevard Sts., Abilene, Texas. 

Walter Tips Scherding, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Theta Nu Epsilon; with 
Walter Tips Co. Congress Ave. and 1304 Rio 
Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Irene Kranzthor Schutz, 

Student. 1904 San Antonio St., Austin, and 
Eagle Pass, Texas. 

Marguerite Schwarz, 

Teacher. 2405 Pennsylvania Ave., Dallas, 

Arthur John Schwenkenberg, 

Student. 306, I3th St., Galveston, and Thorn- 
dale, Texas. 

Louis A. Scott, Jr., 

Beta Theta Pi; Student; mem. Speakers' Club; 
Y. M. C. A.; Rattlers. 510 W. Louisiana St., 
McKinney, Texas. 

Orlean Scott (Miss), 

Basketball. 228 Denton St., Gainesville, Texas. 

Bryant Pierce Seay, 

Student; student mem. Athletic Council. 3115 
Carlisle St., Dallas, Texas. 

Elizabeth A. Seeberg, 

B. A., 14; M. A., 15 Univ. of Wis.; fellow 
in psychology, Univ. of Wis. 501 N. Henry 
St., Madison, Wis. 

Ralph A. Sell, 

Teacher in Biology, Central High Sch. ; mem. 
Am. Entomological Soc.; Nature Study Club. 
Central High School and 2117 Common St, 
Houston, Texas. 

Finis Richard Senor, 

Mem. Hogg Debating Soc.; inter-soc. debating 
team, 13-15; winner over Philo Soc. (Baylor 
Univ.); Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 419 W. 
Third Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Arthur F. Serafina, 

Clerk. Stone & Webster, Liberty St., and 803 
Main St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Samuel Prentice Sevier, 

Farmer. Oenaville, Texas. 

Francis Ottis Seymour, 

Hon. student in physics; Principal, High Sch., 
Pryor, Okla. 1619 Pierce St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Inman C. Sharp, 

S. I. C.; Bank Clerk; mem. El Paso Club. 
Rio Grande Valley Bank & Trust Co. and 505 
Upson Ave., El Paso, Texas. 

James Dickson Shaw, 

Y. M. C. A.; Student. 325 W. Erwin St., 
Tyler, Texas. 

Francis Marion Sheffield, 

Student and Farmer. Care Old River Rice 
Co., Mont Belvieu, Texas. 

Jesse Bedford Shelmire, 

Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Sigma; Arrow- 
head; Student. Medical School and 

Stratford Ave., Dallas, Texas. 


Mary Shelton, 

Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
on staff Texan (15-16) and Cactus (17); stu- 
dent asst., institutional hist., 17; sec.-treas. 
junior class, 16; Student. 311 N. nth St., 
Waco, Texas. 

M. F. Shelton, 

B. A., 17; Phi Kappa Psi; Rattlers. Rowland, 




W. Almond Shely, 

Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army. Corpus 
Christi, Texas. 

Henry Le Roy Sherrill, 

Student Assemb., 15-16; Student. R. F. D. 
No. 7, Mexia, Texas. 

John Herman Shields, 

Speakers' Club; Student. Glen Rose, Texas. 

William J. Shirley, 

M. A., 15; A. B., 09, Wabash Coll.; mile 

record, 08-10; Teacher, Beaumont High Sch.; 

athl. dir. High School Bldg. and 1052 Penn- 
sylvania Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

F. L. Shoemaker, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. Itasca, Texas. 

Iphigenia Shonaker (Mrs.), 

Travis Heights, Austin, Texas. 

Fay E. Silverman, 

1198 North St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Joseph Paxton Simmons, 

(See g. n.) 

Gordon Simpson, 

B. A., 15; LL. B., 17; Delta Chi; Athenaeum 
Lit. Soc.; Student. 531 S. Broadway, Tyler, 

Sylvan Blum Simpson, 

Llano, Texas. 

Carl Eugene Sims, 

Gorman, Texas. 

Leta Amonette Skiles, 

Delta Delta Delta; Art Club; Winsonian; Y. 
W. C. A.; Student. 2402 Univ. Ave., Austin, 
and 3117 Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas. 

Lloyd Adrian Skiles, 

Zeta Psi Alpha; Treasurer, Dallas Opera 
House; mem. University Club. 200 Guaranty 
Bank Bldg. and 3117 Live Oak St., Dallas, 

S. B. Slaughter, Jr., 

Stenographer. Union Natl. Bank Bldg. and 
2210 Washington Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Winnie L. Sloan, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; La Tertulia; Stu- 
dent. 2016 University Ave., Austin, and 
Sweetwater, Texas. 

Amelia Castleman Smith (Mrs. L. C. 

Rabbit Foot Bonham, Texas. 

Emma Smith, 

2607 Salado St., Austin, Texas. 

Lota Isabel Smith, 

Weatherford, Texas. 

Starrow Devine Smith (Mrs. Edwin 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Thomas Burns Smith, 

Bookkeeper. Box, 282, Lockhart, Texas. 

I Thomas Vernar Smith, 

B. A., 15; M. A., 16; Delta Sigma Rho; 
Pi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma 
Upsilon; Philos. and Rusk Lit. Socs. ; Eng- 
lish scholar, 14 to 15; English fellow, 15 to 
16; debating team, 13-15; Teacher; Prof, of 
English and Head of Department, Texas 
Christian Univ. Box 61, Texas Christian 
Univ., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Frank Lee Roy Snyder, 

(Dallas, Texas.) 

Lois Lee Sowell, 

Cleburne, Texas. 

Myrle E. Sowell, 

V.-pres. Woman's Council; "T" baseball and 
basketball; Student. Del Rio, Texas. 

Alfred Huntington Spann, 

Navasota, Texas. 

Virginia Wendel Spence, 

B. A., 17; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Cap and Gown; Y. W. C. A.; sec., treas. 
and v.-pres. of Ashbel; v.-pres. senior class; 
Y. W. C. A. cabinet. College Station, Texas. 

Regina Marie Staats (Mrs. E. J. 

B. A., 15; Alpha Omega Pi; Newman Club; 
Reagan Lit. Soc. Hereford, Deaf Smith Co., 

Adolph August Stalmach, 

Cechie Lit. Soc.; Germania Club; Student; 
Botag Club. New Ulm, Texas. 

Charlie Stevenson (Miss), 

Mem. Mothers', Literary and Wednesday 
Five Hundred Clubs. Floresville, Texas. 

Margaret Stewart, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Present Day Club; 
Cap and Gown; sec. Women's Council; Stu- 
dent. 516 W. Magnolia Ave., San Antonio, 

Maud Stewart, 

215 Garden St, San Antonio, Texas. 

Albert Stieler, 

Student. 1213 Post Office St., Comfort, Texas. 

Lloyd Elseworth Stiernberg, 

iiogg Debating Soc.; Teacher; prin. Goliad 
High Sch.; mem. W. O. W. ; Commercial 
Club. Port Lavaca, Texas. 

Eudora Stiles, 

624 W. Chambers St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Lallee Bell Stillwell, 

Chi Omega; S< 
Rosebud, Texas. 

Chi Omega; School Teacher. Rogers and 

", Tes 

Ola Katherine Stilwell, 

Rosebud, Texas. 

George Ward Stocking, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Speakers' Club; Life In- 
surance; supt., public schools, Irving, 12-14; 
prin., intermedite schools, Midland, 14-15; 
prin., Bogino Industrial Sch. for Igorot Boys 
and Girls, Central Luzon, Philippines, 14-16. 
Clarendon, Texas. 

Bertha Storey, 

Pianist in Woman's Gymnasium, Univ. of 
Texas. 2416 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 




John A. Storey, 

Lawyer. Vernon, Texas. 

Clara Alice Story, 

Superintendent of Schools, Robertson County. 
Franklin, Texas. 

Ethan Beden Stroud, Jr., 

B. A., 16; LL. B., 16; Beta Theta Pi; 
Arrow Head Club; Attorney-at-Law ; mem. 
University Club of Dallas. 906 Common- 
wealth Bldg. and 2013 Commerce St., Dallas, 

Elsie Aurelia Stullken, 

402 W. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Florence Mae Stullken, 

Germania; Y. W. C. A.; Student. 403 W. 
26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lulu Wright Styles, 

B. A., 16; Phi Mu; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; 
Cap and Gown; Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. 
Womans' Univ. Bldg., Austin, and Bishop, 

John Floyd Sutton, 

Acacia; Attorney-at-Law. Alpine, Texas. 

Lellie Kate Swann, 

Teacher. 301 N. Hill St., Dallas, Texas. 

Georgia Swanson, 

Teacher. Navasota, Texas. 

Virginia Lee Swindells, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A. 708 S. Beck- 
ley Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Katherine Talbot, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Anglers' Club. Calvert, 

Helen Collier Tarlton, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; An- 
glers' Club; Teacher. 211 N. Pleasant St., 
Hillsboro, Texas. 

Mary F. Taylor, 

B. A., 15; Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; mem. 
Standard Lit. Club. 905 S. Mary St., Tyler, 

Benjamin Kingsbury Tenney, 

(Chico, Texas.) 

Minnie Myrtle Terrell, 

2009 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Anne Terry, 

'2006 Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas.) 

Callie Irene Therrell, 

Del Rio, Texas. 

Arthur Elliott Thomas, 

Theta Xi; honors in architectural design; 
Draftsman for Extension Department, Univ. 
of Texas. Crockett, Texas. 

Elsie Ann Thomas, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; mem. Kaufman Civic 
and Improvement Club. R. F. D., No. 3, 
Kaufman, Texas. 

Sellers J. Thomas, 

Phi Delta Theta; baseball, 16; tennis, 14, 15, 
16; Student. 1807 Congress Ave., Austin, 

Nellie May Thomason, 

(901 E. i4th St, Austin, Texas.) 

Clarence Thompson, 

Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Carl Thorne, 


W. O. W.; Masons. 

ton, Texas. 

Fred Douglas Sch. ; mem. 
165 Hickory St., Den- 

Eugene C. Tips, 

Architectural Soc.; Banker. 101 Court St. 
and 306 Jefferson Ave., Seguin, Texas. 

Alma Ray Totten, 

Teacher of Arithmetic, Public Sch. 1200 
Olive St. and 1212 N. Oregon St., El Paso, 

John N. Touchstone, 

Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Lawyer. 1013 
Praetorian Bldg. and Y. M. C. A., Dallas, 

Agnes Sue Townes, 

2106 First St., S. Austin, Texas. 

Alice Maude Townsend (Mrs. Wal- 
ter T. Scherding), 

Zeta Tau Alpha. 1304 Rio Grande St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Royal Francis Townsend, 

A. B., 14, Polytechnic Coll. (Fort Worth); 
first honor grad. Polytechnic; with Towns- 
end-Oldham and Co. Gorman, Texas. 

P. D. Trask, 

Chi Phi; Kane Klub; Sigma Delta Psi; "T" 
in track, 16; Student. 610 Blucher St., Cor- 
pus Christi, Texas. 

Lois Baird Trice, 

Phi Mu; Reagan Lit. Soc.; univ. scholar- 
ship, 15-17. 1916 N. Peak St., Dallas, Texas. 

John H. Turner, 

Bonney, Texas. 

Theodore Tusa, 

Student. 1038 College St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Edgar L. Unzicker, 

Stenographer; mem. Y. M. C. A.; Superin- 
tendent Bldg., A. E. R. R. Globe, Ariz. 

F. C. Val Dez, 

Phi Kappa Psi. 124 E. Twohig St., San 
Angelo, Texas. 

Isabelle Marie Valentine, 

Teacher; mem. El Paso University Club and 
College; Woman's Assn. 1105 E. Rio Grande 
St., El Paso, Texas. 

L. Clifford Vance, 

Student. Mineola, Texas. 

Cornelia Hightower (Mrs. Edgar 
Van Hutton), 

Delta Delta Delta; mem. Etaerio Club (La 
Grange). 1302 Aransas Ave., San Antonio, 




Edgar Van Hutton, 

Grad. A. and M. Coll.; Architect and Engi- 
neer; spec, roofing man, H. W. Johns-Man- 
ville Co. of Texas; mem. Fayette Co. Club. 
Central Office Bldg. and 1713 E. Houston 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Lucille Vernon, 

Reagan Lit. Soc. ; Reed Music Club; Stu- 
dent. 604 E. i2th St., Bonham, Texas. 

Clementine von Metzradt, 

Chi Omega. 425 King William St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

C. W. Voorhies, 

Student. R. F. D. No. 2, Midlothian, Texas. 

Marietta Voorhies, 

2422 N. Haskell Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Frank Martin Wagner, 

Shiner, Texas. 

Alexander Stuart Walker, Jr., 

Leander, Texas. 

Frances Mildred Walker, 

B. A., 16; Delta Delta Delta; Reagan Lit. 
Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Cap and Gown; Woman's 
Athl. Assn.; Texan staff, tennis; Teacher. 
912 W. Gandy St., Denison, Texas. 

L. F. Walker, 

Produce business. 321 N. Beaton and 630 W. 
Fifth Ave., Corsicana, Texas. 

Solon Marquis Walker, 

1600 Brackenridge St., Austin, Texas. 

Mahlon Dey Wallace, 

Pre-medic Soc.; Order of the "T": track, 
15-16, "T" each year; sec. Pre-medic Soc., 
15-16; Hermannsoehne prize, 16; Principal, 
Mt. Calm High Sch. Bit. Calm, Texas. 

Gladys Alida Walsh, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
v.-pres. Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Student; 
mem. Y. W. C. A. 1811 Colorado Ave., 
Austin, and 104 Park St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Arthur H. Ware, 

Bank Clerk; Masonic connections. Amarillo 
Natl. Bank and 1010 Polk St., Amarillo, Texas. 

Lois Philip Ware, 

Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Delti Pi; Cap and 
Gown; Present Day Club; Y. W. C. A.; 
Inter-Soc., Council; student asst. in Latin; 
Student. 802 W. 22d St., Austin, and Long- 
view, Texas. 

Joe Holleman Warren, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Cadet, U. S. Military Acad- 
emy West Point, N. Y. 2210 Warren Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

William F. Warren, 

Bookkeeper. 1612 Guadalupe St. and 1909 
University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

William Henry Warren, 

(Corsicana, Texas.) 

Lindsey Edward Waters, 

Harlingen, Texas. 

Claud E. Watson, 

Sec. Pre-medic Soc., 14-15, Band; Orchestra; 
Chorus; Student. Medical College, Galves- 
ton, and 3617 San Jacinto, Dallas, Texas. 

Grady Watson, 

Orange, Texas. 

Velma Irene Watt, 

Carrizo S rings, Texas. 

Edna May Weedon, 

Brownwood, Texas. 

John Earl Weeks, 

Iredell, Texas. 

Eugenia Welborn, 

B. A., 17; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; Ownooch; ores. Woman's Council; 
Student. Alvarado, Texas. 

Mary Eva Wells, 

3108 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Simeon Grady West, 

La Tertulia; asst. mgr. Westwood Farm. 
Canton, Texas. 

Temple Westbrook (Mrs. Robert E. 

1707 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Wharton (Mrs. Paul 

Uvalde, Texas. 

Ruth Whatley, 

Pierian Lit. Soc. ; Student. 1905 Nueces St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Lester Saunders Whipple, 

Rusk Lit. and Cofer Law Socs. ; Rusticusses ; 
Student. Goliad, Texas. 

Ella Gertrude White, 

(2108 Pearl St., Austin, Texas.) 

Eugenia Mabelle White, 

(809 W. 22nd St., Austin, Texas.) 

Henry M. White, 

Attorney. McKinney, Texas. 

Leonard Pascal White, 

(2108 Pearl St., Austin, Texas.) 

Jennie Grace Whitsitt, 

Delta Delta Delta; Reed Music Soc.; Stu- 
dent. 1829 Hurley Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Josephine Barbara Whittaker, 

Teacher. Marion, Texas. 

Gertrude Holland Wiggins (Mrs.), 

(2704 University Ave., Austin, Texas.) 

Flavia Josephine Wignall, 

B. A., 16; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Reed 
Music Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Order of the 
"T"; Cap and Gown; Athletic Assn.; v.-pres. 
of sen. class; "T" in basketball, 15; Teacher 
in Orange Public Sch. ; mem. Orange Alumni 
Assn. 405 Front St., Orange, Texas. 

Tom Wilbourn, 

Troup, Texas. 




Alvis Hardy Wilcox, 

Teacher. San Antonio, Texas. 

Claude Charles Wild, 

Moran, Texas. 

Cora Alice Williams, 

A. B., 13, Simmons Coll.; Instructor in Eng- 
lish and Modern Languages. Simmons Coll. 
and 640 Cedar St., Abilene, Texas. 

Effie Eleanor Williams, 

Y. W. C. A.; Bookkeeper, Nixon State Bank. 
Second and Sleicher Sts., Nixon, Texas. 

Harris Williams, 

San Angelo, Texas. 

Horace Chilton Williams, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

1520 Annex 

Mary Margaret Williams, 

B. A., 15; Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; 
Athletic Assn.; Teacher; mem. K. K. Klub. 
Movis Fed.; Shakespeare Club. Leon St., 
Gatesville, Texas. 

Prescott Williams, 

Phi Delta Theta; Speakers' Club; Y. M. C. 
A. cabinet; debating preliminaries, 15-16. 411 
W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Raymond Aubrey Williams, 

Leesville, Texas. 

Rosamonde Williams, 

Chi Omega; Pierian Lit. Soc.; Student. 402 
W. 42d St., Austin, and 3528 Ave. P, Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

Clarence Bailey Williamson, 

Chi Phi; P. E. C. Clotroskers Club; Student 
200 W. ipth St., Austin, and Mineola, Texas. 

Theodore Willis, 

Honey Grove, Texas. 

Glen P. Wilson, 

Sigma Nu; Credit Manager. Mart, Texas. 

Henry Grady Wilson, 

Teacher. Batesville, Texas. 

Robert H. Wilson, 

Auditor, Assoc. Ind. Tel Cos. Telephone 
Co. and 410 N. Travis St., Sherman, Texas. 

R. I. Wilson, 

Student. 203 E. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Morris Louis Winkler, 

Sweetwater, Texas. 

Mattie Bertha Withers, 

Lockhart, Texas. 

Elizabeth Witter (Mrs. J. G. Dud- 
ley, Jr.), 

903 Holman Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Charles T. Wolverton, Jr., 

Banking; Masonic connections. First Natl. 
Bank, Mart, Texas. 

Clifford Thomas Womack, 

Eldorado, Texas. 

Ben De Kalb Wood, 

Delta Theta Phi; Kanpa Delta Pi; Econom- 
ics and Spanish Clubs; Student. First Natl. 
Bank. Brownsville, and 103 E. i6th St., Aus- 
tin. Texas. 

Cynthia M. Wood (Mrs. W. P. Mur- 

405, ioth St., Ballinger, Texas. 

Orville Wallace Wood, 

B. A., 16; Phi Kappa Phi; Friar; Delta 
Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Athenaeum 
Lit. Soc. ; winner Delta Sigma Phi prize 
best individual debater, 15; Masterson debat- 
ing prize, 13; Sons of Hermann prize in Ger- 
man, 14; Texas-La, debate; Texas-Colo.- 
Ariz. and Texas-Southern-Cal. debate; "T" 
and Gavel; "T" and Quill; pres. Poet's Club; 
Delta Sigma Rho and Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; 
pres. sr. class; student asst. in Engl. ; ed. Daily 
Texan ; Magazine bd. ; debating council ; 
Poets, Press and Glee Clubs; Student. 609 
Marlborough Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Edward Pinckney Woodruff, 

Student. Lincoln Coll., Oxford, England. 

Lottie M. Woodul, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Student. Laredo, Texas. 

Walter F. Woodul, 

Sigma Chi. 307 W. i2th St., Austin, and 
Laredo, Texas. 

Joe B. Worsham, 

Sigma Chi; Student. 1325 Montana St., El 
Paso, Texas. 

Walter Otto Wupperman, 

B. A., 16. 601 W. :6th St., 

Austin, Texas. 

Elizabeth Gertrude Wueste, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Angler Club. Lamar Mine, 
Eagle Pass, Texas. 

Landon D. Wythe, 

"peakers' Club; S 
r eatherford, Texas. 

Speakers' Club; Student. 503 Water St., 

Helena Yantis, 

Athens, Texas. 

C. O. Yates, Jr. 

400 W. 8th St., 

Austin, Texas. 

Lucy M. Yates, 

Scholarship to Texas L T niv. ; Music Study 
Club, Home, and Mahn Home Study Course; 
Industrial Club. Henderson, Texas. 

Almeta Yett, 

Attended Southwestern Univ.; Phi Mu; Y. 
W. C. A. 410 W. 33d St., Austin, Texas. 

Louise C. Young, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Visor; basketball; mgr. 
on girl's Athl. Council; Student. 303 S. Col- 
lege St., Marshall, Texas. 

Nana Atlee Young, 

San Antonio, Texas. 




Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Wayne Whitson Addington; John Andrews; 
Mary E. Andrews; Lillian M. Armstrong; Alice 
Atkinson; Margaretha Gertrude Auer; John Ad- 
dison Austin; Sherman Dreyling Baker; Alma 
Nissa Bannowsky; Gilbert Earl Barnhill; Oluff 
Dudley Beauchamp; Stella Berry; Mrs. Nena 
Betts; L. B. Bing; Alice May Black; Lewis Brown 
Blalock; Merle Booker; Pierce McFerrin Bowden; 
Bess Fern Box; Marion Tobin Bradford; Lona 
Braun; Henrietta Bernice Bretz; Clarence O. 
Britt; Emory Brogdon; Atys Brooks; Ellis E. 
Brown; Virginia Brown; George McDuffie Brum- 
by; Louise Gertrude Bulian; Miriam Butler; 
Jennie Callaway; Jennie Camp; Grace Carroll; 
Christopher Bennett Carter; Ora Rogers Carter; 
Hansel Wroe Caruthers; Wanda Robnett Castle; 
Frank Marion Chambers; Charles August Chval; 
Thomas Clarence Cobb; Alice Virginia Cock; 
William Lewis Collins; Oscar Randal Colvin; 
Walter Whitten Cork; Floyd Coslett; Clarence 
Edgar Craddock; James Edwin Crane; Jane Cross; 
Charles Lee Culpepper; Lillian Kenan Cummins; 
Joseph T. Davidson; Willian I. Davidson: Mrs. 
May H. Dickens; John W. Dickey; Julia Dittmar; 
Carroll Beasley Dixon; Clarence Porter Dodge; 
Cecil G. Dotson; Edison Becton Dudley; John 
Earl Dyer; Finley Fitch Ellingwood; Arthur Carl 
Eschenburg; Beryl Corinne Eskridge; Gustav 
Emanuel Estergren; Edwin Gabriel Faber: Mary 
Earle Farreil; Mettie Ferguson; Louise Fischer; 
Ryal Thomas Foster; Thomas Hume Foster; 
Wyatt B. Frost; Mrs. Corinne Cooper Fullerton; 
William Gray Gambill; Manuel Ysauro Garay; 
Anna Gardner; Neil Gearreald; Ada George; Bal- 
lard Wilson George; Mrs. Bonnie Bailey German; 
Embry Martin Gettys; Allan Clay Gilbert; Tom 
Gilbert; Lena Rivers Goodwin; Ellen Bird Gowdy; 
Hugh Sloan Grady; Ella Theresa Graham; Virgie 
H. Graham; May Janet Graley; Elma Frances 
Graves; Lewis Groves; Columbus R. Guhl; Joseph 
Halitsky; George Ellen Hall; Mrs. Hollis Holl- 
man Hall; Ruth Hall; Mrs. Minta Halcomb; 
Karl Raymond Hammond; Winnie Hanson; Faye 
Hardeman; Frederick Leonard Hargrove; Oscar 
Cole Harper; Willie Beatrice Harris; Maude Har- 
rison; W. V. Harrison; Philip Edward Harvey; 
Thomas Harvey; Charles Lovelace Hatcher; Don 
Tasmania Haynes; Ola Mabel Heard; John Nelson 
Helm; Chrystle Hibbard; Barbara Elma Hirsche; 
Ronald Joseph Holik; W. Claude Holland; Harvey 
Edgar Hoover; Emery Polk Hornaday; Nellie 
Victorine Houston; Matty Lee Hudson; Fanny 
Hunnicutt; William Elijah Hutchins; James 

Annie Laura Kerley; Collis E. Key; Mabel A. 
Killough; Emma King; John Aubrey King; Mary 
King; Gem Kirkpatrick; Myrtle Knox; August 
Clifford Koeniger; John Osmer Kramer; Erick 
James Kunkel; Robert Guidry La Bauve; Kate 
Lakner; Margaret Langford; Albert Sidney 
Lawrence; Leita Eunice Lawrence: William E. 
Leonard; Geo. Thomas Lindsey; Willie Ray Lind- 
sey; Mary Grace Litsey; Miguel Long; Archa 
Elmora Lovett; Charles P. McKnight; Maude 
McLean; George McLeod; Stuart Mackay; Mrs. 
Bella Schaeffer Marshall; Florence Noble 
Martin; Phlete Augustus Martin; William 
Benjamin Martin; Willis Edward Maxon; Mary 
Aline Maxwell; Guido Mayer; Eileen Celeste 
Miller; Minnie Ahrenbeck Miller; Leroy Smith 
Mitchell; Helen Wilson Mobley: William Asbury 
Montgomery; Effie Glen Moore; Willie Roberta 
Moore; Earl Morris; Thomas Jefferson Moseley; 
Pearl Mount; Ara Frances Moxley; Raymond 
Mullen; Fannie W. Muse; Mary Hall Davidson 
Myrick; Ernest A. Newman; Charles Henry 
Norman; Mary Belle Norton; Auggie Connell 
Odom; Elmo Lewis O'Meara; William F. Pack; 
Benjamin Franklin Payne; Gunnelle Marie Peder- 
son; Archibald Preston Perkins; Byrdie Pearl 
Phillips; Mrs. Anice Pitts; James Land Ratten; 
Henry Grady Ray; Gladys Myrtle Ritchie; Fred 
George Roesener; Bonita C. Rolsten; Gladys May 
Rowbarts; Vernon Rumsey; Mrs. Reinhardt 
Schuhmann; Wolfie Adelaide Schumacher; Will 

Thomas Scott; Zela M. Scale; Mary Aline Searls; 
Samuel P. Sevier; Charles F. Sentell; Cora Shipe; 
James C. Schoultz; Ray Paul Shulke; William J. 
Shurley; Elmer Richard Sims; Julius Smith; Mary 

L Smith; Stonewall J. Smith; David F. Soule; 
s Spivey; Thomas Malcolm Staples; Thomas 
William Starling; Fred Chrisman Stephens; Mary 
Kate Stolzfus; James Sidney Stone; Virgil Alonzo 
Stovaii; Olga Katherine Strackbein; Inez Street; 
.^orris Strum; George Sutherland; Martha Sweet; 
Lena Terhune ; JLuther Terry; Beulah Eloise Til- 
linghast; Roland G. Treon; Alma Tynes; Mary 
Vance; Omer Kinnel Vmson; Madeline Dey Wal- 
lace; Ernest Ward; Fred Hopkins Ward; Henry 
Wells; James Hogg West; Merle Wharton; Lulu 
Estelle Whiteside; Lottie Wier; Eric Jackson 
Wiggins; Blanche Wiley; George Benjamin 
Wiley; George Francis Wilson; Inez Wurtzbaugh; 
Jane Frances Wynn; Harold Earl Young; Inez 
Natividad Zaragoza; Icie Zimmerman. 


Lucille Abraham, 

Reed Music Club; Student. Plainview, 

Eleanor J. Adams, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assistant Librarian; 
mem. Y. W. C. A. Rosenberg Library and 
918 Winnie St., Galveston, Texas. 

Jay E. Adams, Jr., 

Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; staff 
Longhorn; with Adams and Adams, Archi- 
tects. 517 Gibbs Bldg. and 900 Blanco Rd., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Ruth L. Adams, 

Teacher. San Angelo, Texas. 

Hubert K. Adkins, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Student. Brady, Texas. 

John H. Adkisson, 

Student. Centerville and Austin, Texas. 

Oscar William Albrecht, 

Farming. Fayetteville, Texas. 

Mary Elizabeth Aldrich, 

Y. W. C. A.; Chi Omega. Crockett, Texas. 

Frederick Hall Alexander, 

Dallas Texas. 

James Randall Alexander, 

Ennis, Texas. 

Rodney J. Alsup, 

Student. 3204 Oak View Drive, Austin, 

Fred Anderson, 

Dallas News, Dallas, Texas. 

George Nelson Anderson, 

B. A., 16; Cabinet mem. Y. M. C. A.; Su- 
perintendent of State Orphan Home Sch. ; 
Superintendent of Schools, Philippine Isl- 
ands, 04-14, and Falfurrias, Texas, for i yr. 
State Orphan Home, Corsicana, and 862 Estes 
Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

G. N. Anderson (Mrs.), 

State Orphan Home, Corsicana, and 862 Estes 
Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

H. G. Andrews, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 480 E. McHug 
Ave., Stamford, Texas. 




Mary Oglesby Applewhite, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; prin., Rural High 
Sch. Lockney, Texas. 

Thomas Harwood Arnold 

Delta Sigma Phi; Deutscher Club; Sargent 
2d Texas Inf., N. G.; Scottish Rite, A. F. 
& A. M. Mount Enterprise, Texas. 

John A. Askew, 

Student. Marble Falls, Texas. 

George Wright Backus, 

Salesman. Box 101, Vernon, Texas. 

Edwin Argyle Bailey, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Student. Temple and 
610 W. 24th St., Austin, Texas. 

Myrtle Goss Baker (Mrs.), 

Teacher of History, Seymour High School. 
Seymour, Texas. 

Mitchell Arthur Baldwin, 

Student. 3605 Main St., Houston, Texas. 

Eliza Gault Ball, 

Box 470, Lubbock, Texas. 

Grace Ball, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; 
Student. 214 W. 2;th St., Austin, Texas. 

William Skidmore Banks, 

Kappa Alpha; Speaker's Club; Tarlton Law 

igr. fool" 
Bell Co. Club; Y. M." C. "A. 

Soc.; asst. m 

football, 16-17; Student; mem. 
Y. M. C. A. 508 N. 9th 
St., Temple, Texas. 

Lemuel Carroll Barber, 

Sigma Mu; Hardware and Implements. Bar- 
ber Hdwe. Co., Henrietta, Texas. 

Frank Hunt Bardon, 

Copy Reader, Galveston News. Galveston 
News and 901 Boulevard, Galveston, and 602 
Pennsylvania Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Vivian Gertrude Barlow, 

Y. W. C. A. ; Reagan Lit. Soc. ; Sophomore 
Student. 918 N. Porter St., Taylor, Texas. 

Clyde Ernest Barnes, 

Student. Lyons and "B" Hall, Univ Sta., 
Austin, Texas. 

Ellis Melton Barnett, 

Calallen, Texas. 

Anna H. Bartholomew, 

902 West Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Oliver Loyd Basford, 

Student. 106 E. i7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Ronal Albert Batten, 

Palestine, Texas. 

Margaret Lynn Batts, 

Rabbit Foot ; Curtain Club ; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Student. 2400 Speedway, Austin, 

Blanche Beck, 

Sabinal, Texas. 

Samuel Richard Beecroft, 

Laguna, Texas. 

Jerrold Gay Belcher, 

Phi Gamma Delta; mgr. Long/torn; Student; 
mem. Curtain Club; Y. M. C. A. 304 W. 
8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Florence Bell, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Soc.; Stu- 
dent. 210 W. 27th St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert Clark Bell, 

Clergyman. Thorp Springs, Texas. 

Ethel A. Berglund, 

Story Tellers' League; Teaching Music; 
teach. Brushy Bible Class; mem. Luther 
League; Trinity Campus Assn.; Y. W. C. A. 
Round Rock, Texas. 

Conrad Bering, 

Kappa Alpha; advisor and mgr. of Aigis; Stu- 
dent. 1710 Colorado St., Austin, and 3402 San 
Jacinto, Houston, Texas. 

W. Ernest Berkley, 

Steam Engineer. Dripping Springs, Texas. 

L. B. Bibb (Mrs.), 

437 W. 59th St., New York, N. Y. 

John Lankford Bice, 

Red Oak, Texas. 

Jefferson Davis Bivens, 

Waxahachie, Texas. 

Homer C. Blackburn, 

Delta Sigma Phi; basektball; Student. Na- 
cogdoches, Texas. 

Robert M. Blaine, 

Kappa Alpha; football, 16; basketball, 15-16; 
Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 2618 Albany 
St., Houston, Texas. 

William Bryan Blalock, 

Key Scholarship; Deputy Tax Collector. 402 
S. Edward St., Marshall, Texas. 

Lawrence Waggener Blanchard, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Member of Dry Goods 
Firm. Troup, Texas. 

W. Clark Blanks, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Student. Lockhart, Texas. 

Pierre Block, 

Spanish Club; Menorah Lit. Soc.; Le Cer- 
cle Francais; sergeant-at-arms, 15; Student; 
sec. Y. M. H. A.; mem. West Texas Club; 
Y. M. H. A. Rio Grande City, Texas. 

R. C. Bodenhamer, 

Student. R. 4, Brownwood, Texas. 

Paul Ernest Boedeker, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Bookkeeper City Natl. 
Bank. Bowie, Texas. 

Kathryn Bowen, 

B. A., 15; Zeta Tau Alpha; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher. Belton, Texas. 

Charles Elmo Bowman, 

Llano, Texas. 

Hubert Taylor Bowyer, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Student. 1700 S. 3d St., 
Abilene, Texas. 




John Edward Bozek, 

Student. Franklin, Texas. 

Gideon Christian Bradfield, 

Newsome, Texas. 

Robert Weakley Braham, Jr., 

Student. Plainview, Texas. 

Cora M. Braswell, 

Literary Teacher; mem. Eastern Star. Jas- 
per, Texas. 

John Selby Brengle, 

Shorthorn Track; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
1902 Guadalupe and 418 East Amelia Ave., 
Tampa, Fla. 

Robert Emmet Brennan, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Bank Clerk Collector; La- 
tanna Club. Natl. Bank of Denison. 1027 
W. Gandy St., Denison, Texas. 

Lucy Rebecca Brewer, 

Y. W. C. A. Teacher; mem. 
ers. Lometa, Texas. 

Mattie Brewer, 

Teacher. Box 28, Brownwood, Texas. 

Olin Ross Bridges, 

Conductor, Cooper Normal High Sch. ; athl. 
dir. Cooper High Sch. Cooper, Texas. 

May Bridwell, 

Teacher. 505 Broadway, Ballinger, Texas. 

Myrtle Bridwell, 

Public Sch. Teacher. 505 Broadway, Ballin- 
ger, Texas. 

Parent Teach- 

James Earle Briggs, 

L. I., 92, Peabody Nc 

l., 92, *eabody Normal Coll.; Teacher; 
supt. Goliad Schools. Goliad, Texas. 

Mabel H. Bright, 

Student. 4100 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Roscoe Brinson, 

B. A., 13, Texas Christian Univ.; Clerk, 
War Dept., Washington, D. C. War Dept. 
and 1926 Summit PI. N. E., Washington, 

Virginia E. Broad foot, 

<< T ,> Assn.; Teacher. Alvin and Honey 
Grove, Texas. 

R. H. Brooks, 

D. p., ; Rough Neck Soc.; Student; Y. M. 

C. A. San Benito, Texas. 

Cecil Mathews Brown, 

Student. 100 W. 2;th St., Austin, Texas. 

Mattie Abbie Brown, 

Teacher. 68 W. Mulberry St., Denton, Texas. 

Nugent Ezekiel Brown, 

Huntington, Texas. 

Thomas Hilliard Brownrigg, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. 307 W. Rusk 
St., Marshall, and 509 W. a6th St., Austin, 

J. CX3.S. 

Cora Louise Bryan, 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot Club. 802 Dennis 
Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Felix B. Bryan, 

Employees S. W. General Electric Co. S. 
W. General Electric Co. and 3918 Swiss Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Margaret Elizabeth Bryson, 

Alpha Delta Phi. Bastrop, Texas. 

David Houston Buchanan, 

Chi Phi. 200 W. igth St., Austin, and 603 
N. 9th St., Temple, Texas. 

Elizabeth Buddy, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; mem. Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; mem. Rabbits Foot Club; class sec. 
and treas., 15-16; Student. 2800 Rio Grande 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Edwin Theophil Buehrer, 

B. A., 16. 1205 Wyoming St., San Antonio, 

A. Raymond Bullock, 

Director of Manual Training and Athletics. 
919, 7th St., Brownsville, Texas. 

Elise Bumpass, 

Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel and Ownooch Socs.; 
Daily Texan Board; Student. Terrell, Texas. 

Frank Bunting, 

Alpha Tau Omicron; with Texas Rolling 
Mill Co. Hemphill St. and 908 Alston Ave., 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Azalia Burke, 

2812 San Pedro St., Austin, Texas. 

Lucille Burnitt, 

Student. 410 White St., Calvert, Texas. 

Viva Buttery, 

Teacher. 511 Pine St., Orange, Texas. 

Minnie May Byrd, 

Teacher. 1001 Summit Ave., Corsicana, 

Benjamin Butler Cain, Jr., 

Kappa Sigma; Cashier. Texas Oil Co. and 
La Morcedo Apts., Houston, Texas. 

James Gordon Calcote, 

General Manager W. H. Calcote & Son, 
Gin Co. Tennessee Colony, Texas. 

Fannie Ellen Caldwell, 

Phi Mu; Student. 1208 Lavaca St., Austin, 
and Coleman, Texas. 

Joseph Fearis Caldwell, 

Ennis, Texas. 

Roy Houston Caldwell, 

Sulphur Springs, Texas. 

Amy Lola Calhoun, 

B. A., 14; Teacher. Hamilton, Texas. 

Mary Camp, 

San Gabriel, Texas. 

Phonsie Eugenia Campbell, 

Palestine, Texas. 

Martha C. Candler, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Student. 1315 Pine St., 
New Orleans, La. 




Delta Tau Delta; Y. M. C. A.; Alpha Kappa 


John Marion Cantrell, 

Y. M. C. A.; Shoe Salesman. 2710 Lee St. 
and 2915 Henry St., Greenville, Texas. 

Fred Hancock Cariker, 

Gushing, Texas. 

Mabel Parthenia Carleston, 

4007 Ave. B, Austin, Texas. 

C. W. Carlton, 

Barb Soc. ; Student. Hillsboro, Texas. 

T. E. Carpenter, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. Ferris, Texas. 

Grayson L. Carroll, 

Delta Tau Delta; Y. 

Kappa; Student. i2th St. and Market 

Galveston, Texas. 

Charles Rice Caskey, 

Killeen, Texas. 

William W. Cason, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Clerk. Am. Exchange 
Natl. Bank, 913 Main St., and 321 W. Page 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Jack H. Cassity, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Student. 123 W. Myrtle 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Rob L. Caton, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. Camden, 

Hoy Chaddick, 

Sch. Superintendent. Liberty, Texas. 

Lovey Katherine Cheatham, 

2712 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Paul Negron Cheatham, 

Burnet, Texas. 

Murrie Burr Christian, 

1108 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Frank S. Clancy, 

Student. State Dept. of Education, Austin, 

Bruce Clayton Clardy, 

Sweetwater, Texas. 

Lena May Clark, 

Alpha Delta Nu; 2106 Nueces St., Austin, 

Walter Lee Clark, 

Teacher. R. F. D. No. 2. Abilene, Texas. 

Zella Clarke, 

1904 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Connell Clement, 

Student. 1714 Lavaca St., Austin, Texas. 

Hattie Ginger, 

1106 E. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Charles H. Cole, 

Secretary. Plainview, Texas. 

Walton R. Cole, 

Hogg Debating Soc.; mem. and on Sick and 
Visiting Comms. of Y. M. C. A.; Student. 
Bryan and 2310 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Ethel Tottenham Collins, 

Brenham, Texas. 

Landon Armstrong Colquitt, 

Premedic Soc. ; Student. Rio Vista, Texas. 

Charles Vernon Compton, 

A. B., Emory and Henry Coll (Emory, Va.) ; 
Superintendent of Schools. Fort Stockton, 

Willyemae Cook, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Stu- 
dent. Jasper, Texas. 

Ora A. Cordz, 

Phi Mu; Student. 709 W. 32d St., Austin, 

George B. Cornick, 

Alpha Mu Pi Omega; Student. 718 N. Main 
St., San Angelo, Texas. 

Archie Halton Cowling, 

Teacher of Mathematics, East Texas Normal 
Col. of Commerce. Commerce, Texas. 

E. C. Cox, 

Rusk Soc.; Student. 2208 Nueces St., Aus- 
tin, and Cleburne, Texas. 

R. D. Cox, Jr., 

Barb; Student. Univ. Hall, Austin, and 
Sweetwater, Texas. 

Tancred B. Craft, 

Tyler, Texas. 

Jay Cecil Crager, 

Student. Orange, Texas. 

Jessiedine Crawford, 

Mem. Y. W. C. A.; Student. San Marcoe, 

Josephine Crawford, 

Mem. Y. W. C. A. San Marcoe, Texas. 

Raymond Shelton Crawford, 

Business Mgr., Univ. Band, 15-16; Student. 
P. O. Box 185, Palacios, Texas. 

Willoughby Crawford, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Student. 

Austin, Texas. 

1003 W. 3 8th St., 

Benjamin R. Crawley, 

Automobile Salesman. 301 E. Austin and 
909 Crockett Sts., Marshall, Texas. 

Samuel Wallace Crossby, 

Druggist; mem. Masons; Texas Pre. Med. 
Fischer's Drug Store, Gibbs Bid., and 925 
Cambridge Oval, Alamo Heights, San Anto- 
nio, Texas. 

Mary Crutchfield, 

Teacher; head Hist. dept. Sherman High 
School. N. Travis St., Sherman High School 
and 1305 S. Crockett St., Sherman, Texas. 

Frank P. Cullum, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Traffic Accountant, S. W. 
Tel. & Tel. Co. 1120 Commonwealth Bldg., 
and 2731 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, Texas. 




Emma D'Albini (Mrs. George Bel- 

Germania Soc. ; mem. Woman's Auxiliary 
and Parent Teacher's Assn. Boerne, Texas. 

Warren T. Dale, 

Delta Chi; Speaker's Club: Hildebrand Law 
and Tarlton Law Socs.; Student; mem. Y. 
M. C. A. 503 W. sist St., Austin, Texas. 

Archie Dowd Dalrymple, 

Journalist. Llano, Texas. 

S. E. Damon, 

Student; mem. Mason; Shrine. 

La Porte, 

Susan Davidson, 

Zeta Tau Alpha. 3200 West Ave., Austin, 

Nat Hart Davis, 

Phi Delta Theta; Student; mem. Y. M. C. 
A. Montgomery, Texas. 

Sarah Elizabeth Davis, 

Phi Beta Phi. 405 S. Denton St., Gaines- 
ville, Texas. 

Hugh Lloyd Davison, 

Hubbard, Texas. 

Joseph Meadows Dawson, 

Student. San Benito, Texas. 

To Deck, 

Mineral Wells, Texas. 

Gilbert Morgan Denman, 

a Chi; Student; mem. 
igth St., Austin, Texas. 

Sigma Chi; Student; mem. Rattler Club. 
W. i 


Curtis Robert Dennis, 

Teacher. Hemphill, Sabine Co., Texas. 

John Lane Denson, Jr., 

Sigma Delta Psi; Clerk; mem. Wylander 
Club. 507 W. nth St., Cameron, Texas. 

Helen Corinne Desenberg, 

Student. Mexia, Texas. 

Theodore Webb De Tar, 

Chi Phi; Student at Southwestern Univ. 
N. Bridge, Victoria, Texas. 


Alfred Emanuel DeViney, 

Sigma Chi; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A.; 
Arrowhead. 205 W. Dewey PI., San Antonio, 
and 2302 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Clarence Matthew Dillard, 

Student. 1406 S. loth St., Waco, Texas. 

Ira N. Doak, 

Assistant Postmaster. 

Sterling N. Dobie, 

Anson, Texas. 

Sigma Omega Sigma; Student; mem. Y. M. 
C. A. Lagarto, Live Oak Co., Texas. 

Harry Archible Dolan, 

Student; mem. Masonic Bodi 
St., Taylor, Texas. 

odies. 504 Porter 

Agnes Doran, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; 
honor roll; mem. Rabbit Foot Club. 308 Rio 
Grande St., Austin, and 3408 Gaston Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Maurine Downard (Mrs. Critz), 

Pi Beta Phi. 3816 Gillon Ave. ' (Highland 
Park), Dallas, Texas. 

Adolf Martin Dreiss, 

Newman Club; Student; Mu Nu Sigma (lo- 
cal). 515, i3th and 223 Mission Sts., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Humphreys Lee Drought, 

Kappa Sigma; Student. 529 Oakland St., 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Alice Jane Drysdale, 

Phi Mu; "T" Assn. 1604 Caroline St., Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Matthew E. Du Bose, 

Football; Printer; mem. W. O. W., Wood- 
man Circle. Devine, Texas. 

Kathleen Dugger, 

Kappa Alpha Theta. San Marcos, Texas. 

Jack E. Duke, Jr., 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tarleton Law Soc.; 
Student; mem. Rattler Club; Y. M. C. A. 
509 W. 26th St., Austin, and 213 E. Ever- 
green St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Kathryn Duke, 

Teacher; mem. M. E. Church. 1316 Hurley 
Ave. Fort Worth, Texas. 

Joseph Lawrence Du Mars, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Glee Club; Student. 2210 
Duval St., Austin, Texas. 

Amanda Dunlay, 

Student. 2205 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

William Henry Dunlay, 

Acacia; Student; Masonic connections. 2205 
Rio Grande St., Austin, and Houston, Texas. 

Miss Eugenia Dunnam, 

Teacher. 1713 Hardy, Houston, Texas. 

Florabel Du Puy, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. 

Estelle Virginia Dye, 

Yoakum, Texas. 

Ben C. Dyess, 

Superintendent of Schools, 
ansas Pass, Texas. 

Tennessee Colony, 

195 Rife St., Ar- 

Katherine Welch Eastman, 

Newman Club; Teacher. 201 N. Marsalis 
and 5015 Victoria Sts., Dallas, Texas. 

Charlotte Elizabeth Ebeling, 

Chi Omega; Rabbit Foot Club. 213 W. 4ist 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Regina Mary Egan, 

Student Ballinger, Texas. 

Raymond Philips Elledge, 

1500 Breckinridge St., Austin, Texas. 




Katherine Elliott, 

Sidney Lanier Soc. ; Student; mem. Y. W. 
C. A. Woman's Bldg., Austin, Texas, and 
4a Balderas No. 47, Mexico City, Mex. 

Henry Grady England, 

Merchant. 1510 Tenth Ave., Wichita Falls, 

John Kialson English, 

Teacher; principal Livingston Public High 
Sch.; mem. University Alumni of Livingston. 
Livingston, Texas. 

Walter C. English, 

Phi Gamma Delta; basketball, 15-16; Stu- 
dent. Crockett and 300 W. 27th St., Austin, 

Mrs. Minnie Estill, 

Teacher; mem. Woodmen Circle. Bryan, 

Leslie Waggener Etter, 

Freshman year Dartmouth Coll.; Phi Delta 
Theta; Press Club; Issue Editor Daily Texan; 
Student. 606 N. Travis St, Sherman, Texas. 

Lillian K. Evans, 

Delta Delta Delta; Student. 2402 University 
Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Lucy Fauvette Fagan, 

Caldwell, Texas. 

Bynum Burnan Faubion, 

Student. Marble Falls, Texas. 

Charles George Faust, Jr., 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Delta Psi; Re- 
gent's Scholarship; Student; pres. soph, class, 
16; mem. Y. M. C. A. Dublin and 610 W. 
24th St., Austin, Texas. 

T. A. Fears, 

Delta Sigma Phi; track, 16; Student. 2218 
Rio Grande St., Austin, and Garrison, Texas. 

Laura Fellman, 

Student. Bullard, Texas. 

Thomas Anthony Ferguson, 

Teacher. Thrall, Texas. 

Royal A. Ferris, Jr., 

Phi Delta Theta. Banker; mem. of Dallas 
Country Club; Dallas Auto Club. American 
Exch. Natl. Bank Bldg. and 3920 Euclid 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

P. H. Finfrack, 

Teacher. S. End High School and 415 E. 
Fourteenth Ave., Houston, Texas. 

Asie Lee Fish, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. Matador, Texas. 

F. Fish, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. Matador, Texas. 

Ella Fitzgerald, 

Teacher. Sweetwater, Texas. 

Grace Fitzwilliam, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.;- 
Student. Bastrop, Texas. % 

Richard J. Flamson, 

Phi Beta Pi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Student. 
1008 Ave. D, Galveston, Texas. 

Edna Fleming, 

Chi Omega; Girls' "T" Assn.; indoor base- 
ball; Student; woman's assembly, Texan 
staff; mem. Angler Club. 312 W. Central 
Ave., Temple, Texas. 

Corinne Laney Flood, 

B. A., 17; Alpha Delta Tau; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc. ; Present Day Club ; sen. rep. in 
woman's assembly; sec. of Present Day Club, 
15-16; Student. Hico, Texas. 

Thomas Wesley Folts, 

1801 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Alice A. Foster, 

Chi Omega; Teacher. Church St., Crockett, 

Ethel Louise Foster, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; mem. Y. W. C. A, 
1225 Columbus St., Waco, Texas. 

E. J. Fountain, 

B. S., 13, Agr, 

and Mech. Coll.; Delta 

Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Ad Club; 
Student. Bryan, Texas. 

Ralph Owen Frame, 

Beta Theta Pi; Rattlers' Club; Y. M. C. A.; 
track team, 15-16; capt., 17. loth and Davis 
Sts., Taylor, Texas. 

D. Gregg Francis, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; 
Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 509 W. 26tb 
St., Austin, and Luling, Texas. 

Lee Andrew Franke, 

Industry, Texas. 

Ethelwyn Frazier, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; 
Teacher. 504 E. Front St., Tyler, Texas. 

Victoria Frels, 

Teacher of German, Brenham High Sch. 604 
E. Academy St., Brenham, Texas. 

Homer H. Frieze, 

Germania; Y. M. C. A.; graduate, 13 New 
Braunfels H. S.; do., 14 Austin Acad.; do., 
14 Business Coll., San Antonio; gym. capt., 
sec. (2), i yr. ; Asst. Secretary and Treasurer, 
Louis Henne and Louis Henne Lumber 
Cos. ; mem. Travis (San Antonio) and New 
Braunfels Clubs. 518 San Antonio St. and 
340 Castell St. and 518 E. Seguin St., New 
Braunfels, Texas. 

Benjamin Ford Fronabarger, 

B. A., 15; Phi Delta Kappa; Teacher. Can- 
yon, Texas. 

Gladys Fussell, 

Glenfawn, Texas. 

J. Leroy Gadberry, 

Student; mem. University Y. M. C. A. 
1005 W. i2th St., Austin, Texas. 

W. C. Galloway, Jr., 

Sigma Nu; Student. First State Bank, Bur- 
net, Texas. 

Carrie Gameson, 

Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. Live Oak St.,. 
Marlin, Texas. 




Jewel Mildred Gannaway, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. 


J. Harris Gardner, 

Rusk Lit. Soc. ; assoc. ed. Texan; Student. 
707 W. i4th St., Austin, Texas. 

Barney Adolphus Garrett, 

Mgr. baseball; Student; mem. Boom Club; 
W. O. W. 2308 Guadalupe St., Austin, and 
Merkel, Texas. 

Velma Louise Garrett (Mrs. James 
A. Clay), 

1703 Summit Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Victor Earl Garrett, 

Student. Kerrsville, Texas. 

Walter E. Gates, 

Post Office Clerk; mem. K. of P, No. 26. 
100 E. Mithrim St. and Magnolia Hotel, 
Long View, Texas. 

Thomas Gatlin, 

Mgr. B Hall; Student. Franklin, Tenn. 

Horace Culberson Gayden 

Student. Santa Anna, Texas. 

Berta Clare George, 

Waller, Texas. 

Thomas Charles Geron, 

Pre-Medic Soc.; Bookkeeper. Hugo, Okla., 
and Moxey, Texas. 

Samuel Creed Gholson, 

Holly Springs, Miss. 

Gober Gibson, 

Sec. Representative Rayburn. The Portner, 
i5th and U Sts., Wash., D. C., and 1102 
W. nth St., Bonham, Texas. 

John Brown Gibson, 

Pre-Medic Soc.; Retail Drygoods. 
boro, Texas. 


Marble Falls, Texas. 

W. Giesecke, Jr., 

Sigma Nu ; Student. 

G. W. Gillean, 

Ticket Agent, Southern Traction Co. South- 
ern Traction Co. and 2020 N. sth St., Waco, 

Mary Eleanor Gillett, 

Afpine, Texas. 

Rupert W. Gillett, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc. 
Paso, Texas. 

Y. M. C A., El 

Charles Edward Gilliland, 

Academic summer term, 14; M. D., n, Univ. 
Kansas; Physician; Pathologist, Austin Pres- 
byterian Sanitarium. 104 E. i4th St. and 
1504 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Gilson, 

Calvert, Texas. 

Leona Givens, 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Victor Glecker, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Texan Reporter; Y. M. C. 
A. 304 W. i pth St., Austin, and La Grange, 

Katherine Lavinia Glenn, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. 819 Arizona 
St., El Paso, Texas. 

Pearl Glenn, 

Teacher, Joshua; mem. Baptist Church. 501 
W. Chambers St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Maleta Glover, 

Cert, from San Antonio, High Sch., 14; Sid- 
ney Lanier Lit. Soc. 2506 Nueces St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Fred C. Goeth, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. 329 Adams 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

John Lawrence Go forth, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; capt. (i) basketball 
champions, 15; Student; mem. Rusk; Ger- 
mania; Glee Club; Reed Musical Soc.; Y. M. 
C. A. 610 W. 24th St., Austin, and Com- 
fort, Texas. 

Lillian Gold, 

Student. Marshall, Texas, and 2003 Guada- 
lupe St., Austin, Texas. 

David Darius Goldman, 

Lufkin, Texas. 

Eleanora Goldstein, 

Music Teacher; Student. 
Austin, Texas. 

2004 Sabine St., 

Estelle Goldstein, 

B. A., 17; Ashbel Lit. and Menorah Socs.; 

French Club; Student. 1903 Whitis Ave., 

Austin, and 1214 S. Harwood St., Dallas, 

Celia Golenternek, 

Menorah Soc.; Student. 521 W. Elm St., 
Tyler, Texas. 

lone Maudine Good, 

Alpine, Texas. 

Nellie Mae Goodrum, 

Seguin, Texas. 

James Fred Gordon, 

Lancaster, Texas. 

James John Gorman, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Student. 2218 Rio Grande 
St., Austin, and 1805 E. Blvd., El Paso, 

Fay Goss, 

Present Day Club; sec. of (2) class; holder 
of William L. Prather Scholarship, 15; Stu- 
dent. 1551 S. roth St., Abilene, Texas. 

W. M. Gourley, 

Student ; mem. Y. 

M. C. A. Gonzales, 

Jerry Franklin Gray, 

Floresville, Texas. 





Hattie Read Greer (Mrs. R. E. Hard- 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Rabbit Foot; Ashbel; 
Scribblers' Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. (2); mem. 
Woman's Reading Club. 950, sth St., Beau- 
mont, Texas. 

John Ernest Gregg, 

Decatur, Texas. 

John Hugh Gregory, 

Superintendent of City Schools. Sinton, 

Henry Lawt Griffin, 

Henderson, Texas. 

Herbert Bourland Griffith, 

County Judge of Upton County and Genl. 
Land Business. Upland, Texas. 

Charles Frederick Guenther, Jr., 

Warehouse business. 812 Buena Vista St. 
and 219 Vera Cruz St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Gaynelle Guinn, 

Student. Rusk, Texas. 

Roger Williams Guthrie, 

Student. 4210 Junius St., Dallas, Texas. 

Willie Beatrice Haines, 

105 W. 1 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Virginia Hale, 

Teacher. Maple St., Yoakum, Texas. 

Mahala Floriene Hall, 

Crockett, Texas. 

Ola May Hamilton, 

Palestine, Texas. 

Corinne Hamlett, 

3006 Washington Sq., Austin, Texas. 

Charles Clyde Hampton (Mrs.), 

Munday, Texas. 

Robert Kittrell Hanger, 

1428 Eighth Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Margueriette Hansbro, 

Teacher. Cleveland, Texas. 

Jot Gunter Hardie, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Lawyer. 608 Gunter 
Office Bldg. and 305 W. Mistletoe St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

William Carter Hargrove, Jr., 

Pittsburg, Texas. 

Aline D. Harkey. 

Teacher of English. Sinton, Texas. 

John Pierce Harlan, 

Bishop, Texas. 

Harriet Vance Harper, 

Teacher. 2107 Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

Henry Winston Harper, Jr., 

Beta Theta Pi; Univ. Glee Club, 15-16; 
chrmn. reception comm., 15, and comm. of 
arrangements, 16; mem. baseball comm., 17; 
Student. 2216 Rio Grande St., Austin, 


Murphy Wallace Harper, 

Stenographer; mgr. and sec. of Judge A. J. 
Harper's campaign for re-election to court 
of criminal appeals. Court of Criminal Ap- 
peals and 2830 Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

David Harris, 

Mt. Enterprise, Texas. 

Genevra Harris, 

Pi Beta Phi; Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. 
221 1 Rio Grande St., Austin, and 212 Vir- 
ginia Ave., Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Julia Inez Harris, 

706 W. 24th St., Austin, Texas. 

Benjamin Franklin Harrison, 

2801 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Joseph Walker Harrison, 

Polyone, N. Mex. 

Thomas Maxey Hart, 

Kappa Sigma; Arrowhead; Deutschers; Skull 
and Bones; football, 16; baseball, 16-17 (capt, 
17) ; Student. 2600 Rio Grande St., Austin, 

Earle Thomas Harvey, 

506 Crockett St., Austin, Texas. 

E. L. Harwell, 

B. A., 15; Hogg Debating Club; Teacher; 
Principal, High Sch. Clarendon, Texas. 

Marion Ruth Hawkins, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Ashbel Lit. Soc. ; Scrib- 
blers; Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. 306 W. 
i3th St., Austin, Texas. 

L. C. Heare, 

Hogg Debating Club; Texan staff, 16; Student 
and Rancher. 2207 Rio Grande St., Austin, 
and Miami, Texas. 

Guy Head Hearne, 

B. A., 15. Fort Worth, Texas. 

William Elbert Heatley, 

1909 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

Eunice Heavenhill, 

Winters, Texas. 

Alta Heflin, 

1902 University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Adaline Heidenheimer, 

306 W. nth St., Austin, Texas. 

Alvina Helen Heierman, 

805 Lydia St., Austin, Texas. 

Rex William Hendrix, 

Phi Kappa Psi. 
tin, and Bonham 

Phi Kappa Psi. 1906 Guadalupe St., Aus- 
, Texas. 

Thomas Franklin Herring, 

Principal, Sipe Springs High Sch. Sipe 
Springs, Texas. 

Olga Gladys Herrmann, 

Teacher. 901 Ave. H, Galveston, Texas. 

Julius August Heyman, 

Junction, Texas. 




Dorothy May Hill, 

Pi Beta Phi; Student. R. F. D. No. 8, 
Box 34, Austin, Texas. 

Ross Duncan Hill, 

Student. 816 N. Kansas St., El Paso, Texas. 

Annie Beattie Hinton, 

Gainesville, Texas. 

Riley Philip Hodges, 

Farmer; Stock Dealer and Real Estate. Lib- 
erty Hill, Williamson Co., Texas. 

Thomas Arthur Hodges, 

Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi; student asst. in civil 
engr. ; Student. 2207 San Antonio St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Dorothea Hoit, 

Alpha Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Lit Soc.; Stu- 
dent. 323 Craig Place, San Antonio, Texas. 

Lucy Florence Holley, 

Delta Delta Delta; Domestic Sci. Teacher, 
Houston Public Sch. 221 Hawthorne St., 
Houston, Texas. 

Florence Hopkins (Mrs.), 

Reed Soc.; Teacher. 2108 Pearl St., Austin, 

Evelyn Bell Hornsby, 

Hornsby Bend, Texas. 

Lillie Hostetter, 

Teacher, Houston High Sch. Bellaire, Texas. 

Alva Roscoe Howard, 

Acacia; Alpha Kappa Psi; La Tertulia; 

student asst. bus. administration; Student; 

mem. A. F. & A. M.; Masonic Club; O. 
E. S. Devine, Texas. 

Violet Howard, 

2900 East Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Wayne Roy Howell, 

Hogg Debating Club; Student. 2310 Guada- 
lupe St., Austin, and Corsicana, Texas. 

Lollie Orr Huberich (Mrs.), 

2100 Pearl St., Austin, Texas. 

Gains La Fayette Huckaby, 

Superintendent Bethel Rural High School. 
R. F. D. No. i, San Saba, Texas. 

Jewell Hudler, 

McDade, Texas. 

Mary Ruth Hudspeth, 

Mem. Y. W, C. A.; Student. Valley View, 

Reagan Russell Huffman, 

Marshall, Texas. 

Vestal Thomas Hughes, 

Mexia, Texas. 

William Irvine Hughes, 

Bank Bookkeeper. Farmers' and Merchants' 
Natl. Bank and Orange St., Abilene, Texas. 

John Quincy Humphrey, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. Canadian, 

Willie Huppertz, 

In Co. Auditor's office; mem. Germania 
Club. Court House, Austin, Texas. 

Sarah Martha Hurt, 

Alpha Delta Pi. 2210 San Gabriel St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Eustace Maurice Hutchens, 

Student. Grand View, Texas. 

Green Evan Hutcheson, 

Farmersville, Texas. 

Kathryn Marie A. Hyland, 

Student. College Station, Texas. 

Jack Frees Hyman, 

Scribblers; on Cactus staff; Student; mem. 
Y. M. C. A. 1914 Nueces St, Austin, and 
noi Browder St., Dallas, Texas. 

Camille Dorothy Ischy (Mrs. Gaston 
Arthur Porter), 

1519 N. Florence St., El Paso, and San 
Marcos, Texas. 

[Charles] Gordon Jackson, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Y. M. 
C. A.; Student; mem. Culver Club of Texas. 
300 W. 2/th St., Austin, and 623 N. Main 
St., Cleburne, Texas. 

James Bailey Jackson, 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Gladys Jameson, 

Palestine, Texas. 

Eden, Texas. 

William P. Jarboe Jr., 

Alpha Tau Omega; Clerk. Fry-Hodge Drug 
Co. and 508 N. Washington Ave., Marshall. 

Mary Smith Jarmon, 

404 W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Roy Altho Jarrett, 

Teacher. Stephenville, Texas. 

Marguerite Jenks, 

Teacher. 500 Green St., Stephenville, Texas. 

Emmy Adele Jessen, 

Teacher. Bickler School and 1302 Sabine 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Marguerite John, 

Student. 2008 Crocker St., Houston, Texas. 

Dallas Curtice Johnson, 

Lockhart, Texas. 

Estella Lucile Johnson, 

Sidney Lanier Lit Soc.;" Student. 706 W. 
23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Frank Johnson, 

School Principal. Killeen, Texas. 

Lambert B. Johnson, 

2100 Red River St., Austin, Texas. 

Libbie Bassett Johnson, 

Chi Omega. Richmond, Texas. 




Ruth H. Johnson, 

" ippa 
3, T 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Anglers; Y. W. C. A.; 
Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Student. San Mar- 
cos, Texas. 

R. M. Johnson, 

Member Co. E, 2d Inf., N. G. T. East- 
land, Texas. 

Gertrude Curtis Jones, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student; mem. Y. W. 
C. A. 804 N. nth St., Temple, Texas. 

Isaac Grady Jones, 

Manor, Texas. 

John Lee Jones, 

1902 Neches St., Austin, Texas. 

Lala Jones, 

1504 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Theodore E. Jones. 

Phi Kappa Psi; Speakers' Club; Y. M. C. 
A. Cabinet; Student. 2716 Holmes St., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

D. L. Joseph, 

Kappa Sigma , 

Guaranty State Bank, San Antonio, Texas. 

Kappa Sigma; Magazine staff; Arrowhead. 

" ik, " 

Margaret M. Juniger, 

A. B., ii, East Texas Normal Coll. Teacher. 
Commerce, Texas. 

Laura Babette Kahn, 

Menorah Soc.; Practicing Domestic Science; 
corres. sec. for Port Arthur Civic Club; 
mem. Civic and Country Clubs. 495 Lake 
Shore Drive, Port Arthur, Texas, and Here- 
lisheim, Unter Elsap, Germany. 

Martha Theresa Kahn, 

Menorah, Present Day, and Germania Clubs; 

tennis, 15; mem. Civic and Country Clubs. 

495 Lake Shore Drive, Port Arthur, Texas, 
and Alsace, Germany. 

Alicia Helena Kangerga, 

Henderson, Texas. 

Louisa Edwina Keasbey, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Curtain Club; Germania; 
Rabbits Foot; Student. Inshallah, Austin, 

Don Keeble, 

3014 Washington Square, Austin, Texas. 

William Wells Keith, Jr., 

Speakers' Club; Clerk, Pierce-Fordyce Oil 
Assn. ; mem. Jefferson Club. 517 Praetorian 
Bldg. and 823 Woodlawn Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Hermann Adolph Kelling, 

Banker and Assistant Cashier. Box 146 and 
R. F. D. i, Brenham, Texas. 

Robert Marion Kelly, 

Asst. Manager, F. W. Woolworth Co. 2606 
Lee St. and 1822 N. Sayle St., Greenville, 

Winchester Kelso, Jr., 

Phi Alpha Sigma; Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma 
Delta Psi; Arrowhead; football, 15; pres. (i) 
winter term, 15; Student. 508 Moore Bldg. 

Thomas Kelty, 

Corsicana, Texas. 

Pearley Dresser Kennary, 

Student. 212 W. Rio Grande St., El Paso, 

Florence Betty Kennedy (Mrs. Alton 
Le May), 

Chi Omega. Crockett, Texas. 

Marion Kerns, 

Student. 811 W. 22% St., Austin, Texas. 

J. L. Kerr, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; sec. Athenaeum, spring 
term, 16; treas., 16-17; Student. Jackson- 
ville, Texas. 

Ira Haskell Kidd, 

Student. Devine, Texas. 

Orman Trimble Kimbrough, 

Peniel, Texas. 

Ralph Waldo Kingsley, 

Elevator Operator. 108 Elm St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Jettie R. Kirkpatrick, 

Teacher. Santa Anna, Texas. 

Robert Klingelhoefer, 

Germania Soc.; Student. Fredericksburg, 

Minnie Kloss, 

Teacher, German. 
Bellville, Texas. 

M. A. Knight, 

Beta Theta Pi ; 

Bellville High Sch. 

.n, j.*, Rattlers; Sigma Epsilon 
Speaker; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 8204 
Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Otis Dewey Knight, 

Student. 200 E. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Ruby Jane Knight, 

Pi Beta Phi; Student. 3617 Cedar Springs 
St., Dallas, Texas. 

Fred Charles Knipp, 

Assistant Cashier, G. N. Ex. Co. 9, 2d 
St., N., and 711 Fifth Ave., N., Great Falls, 

Hilda Knippa, 

Pierian Lit Soc.; Home Economics Club; 
Y. W. C. A.; pres. Home Economics Club; 
treas. Pierian Lit. Soc.; Student. Uvalde, 

Lilly H. Knippa, 

Uvalde, Texas. 

Emma Kosanke, 

Teacher. 2111 Duval St., Austin, Texas. 

Robert E. Kothman, 

Castell, Texas. 

Joseph Idus Lambert, 

El Paso, Texas. 

William Alden Lamm, 

Haskell, Texas. 

Linda Lancaster, 

Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Athletic Assn.; Y. W. C. 
A.; winner of "T" basketball and tennis; 
Student. Lockhart, Texas. 




Erwin W. Lange, 

Sigma Nu; Germania Lit. Soc. ; Newman 
Club; Rattlers; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A.; 
German Club. 532 Dawson St., San Antonio, 

A. L. Langford, 

Grain and Hay Dealer. 

Stamford, Texas. 

Stephen Lattner, 

Student. 1114 N. Campbell St., El Paso, 

Delia Margaret Lawrence, 

Bryan, Texas. 

Henry W. Lawrence, 

Beta Theta Pi; tennis; Student T. C. U.; 
mem. ist M. E. Church South. Care H. W. 
Williams Co., Arlington Heights, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Neth Leachman, 

Phi Delta Theta; scrub football team, 15; 
gym. team, 14-15; Junior Law Student. Har- 
wood and Hickory Sts., Dallas, and 4" W. 
23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Blanche R. Lee, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Student. 332 E. 7th 
St., San Angelo, Texas. 

George Townsend Lee, 

Galveston, Texas. 

Virgil Porter Lee, 

O'Brien, Texas. 

Zerlina Levy, 

Tyler, Texas. 

Munger Youngblood Lewis, 

Student and Stenographer. 1509 W. ist St., 
Lampasas, Texas. 

Henryetta Lightfoot, . 

Kappa Alpha Theta; corres. ed. ; marshal; 
Student; mem. Rabbit Foot Club; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc. 1403 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

L. N. Lillesand, 

Student; Y. M. C. A. Hancock Hotel and 
202 S. Page, Stoughton, Wis. 

Hallie Lindsey, 

504 W. 35th St., Austin, Texas. 

John Thomas Lindsey, 

Won declamation medal, 13, at Bryan, Texas; 
traveled and lectured for Univ. of Texas, 14; 
Guard Service, Gulf Lumber Co. Fullerton, 

Anna Lipscomb, 

Chi Omega; Rabbits Foot Club; School 
Teacher. 835 Penn. Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Harriet C. Lipscomb, 

Chi Omega; Rabbits Foot Club. 835 Penn. 
Ave., Beaumont, Texas. 

Kathleen R. Little, 

Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Teacher. 
1000 West Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Elbridge G. Little John, 

L. I. 82, Peabody Normal Coll. (Nashville); 
A. M., 99, Texas Christian Univ. ; Principal, 
Alamo School; instr. in geography Univ. 
Texas Summer Normal, 07-^6, and Tulane 
Univ. Summer Sch. (N. Orleans)), 08; mem. 
Knights of Pythias and various Fraternal 
organizations. 1911 Sealy Ave., Galveston, 

Dorothy Adele Logan, 

Pierian Lit. Soc. 4822 Swiss Ave., Dallas, 

Irene Elizabeth Lohman, 

Port Arthur, Texas. 

Brevard S. Long, 

Delta Tau Delta; Student. 
St., Haskell, Texas. 

903 Matthews 

Mary Ruth Lorance (Mrs. T. B, 

Clarendon, Texas. 

T. Stafford Love, 

Student. 5122 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Paul Lamar Loven, 

High Sch. and Southern Methodist Univ. 
scholarships; Student; mem. Southern Club; 
The Forum. 5550 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 
and R. F. D. No. 3, Clyde, Texas. 

Mary Edna Lovett, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Sam Low, Jr., 

Chi Phi; Student Council. 14-15; Student; 
mem. Y. M. C. A. 200 W. igth St., Aus- 
tin, and Brenham, Texas. 

David A. Lown, 

Student. 318 E. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Joe B. Lowrey, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Real Estate; mem. Y. M. 
C. A. P. O. Box 308 and 700 W. 9th St,, 
Bonham, Texas. 

W. E. Lowry, 

Special Course; Physician and Surgeon. 820 
Flores Ave., Laredo, Texas. 

Elmer Luter, 

Delta Chi; Press Club; Lawyer. San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Matilda McCammon, 

Phi Beta Phi; Ashbel; Student; Y. W. C. A. 
2436 Eighth Ave., Fort Worth, and 2506 
Whitis Ave., Austin, Texas. 

James Howell McCampbell, 

Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Tau; Arrowhead; La 
Tertulia; Cow- Puncher; champion roper and 
rider at Las Vinoritas bronco-busting and 
wild steer roping contest. Hebbronville, 

Allen Bertram McClanahan, 

Corsicana, Texas. 

Sidney Smith McClendon, Jr., 

Phi Delta Theta; Speaker's Club; Tarlton 
Law Soc.; Law Student. 606 W. Houston 
St., Tyler, Texas. 




William Clark McCord, Jr., 

Kappa Alpha; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
1807 Colorado St., Austin, and 105 Pecari 
Ave., Terrell, Texas. 

Edward P. McCormac, 

Student. 608 W. Burleson St., Marshall, 

Amanda Howell McDonald, 

Librarian, Stenographer phys. dept. ; Camp 
Fire Girls; mem. Y. W. C. A. Univ. Texas 
and 611 W. 236. St., Austin, Texas. 

Ben F. McDonald, 

Dispatch Clerk, Austin, P. O. 113 W. gth 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Audrey Jane McDowell, 

Cumby, Texas. 

Kathryn McKenna, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Angler, Cap and Gown and 
Ashbel Lit. Socs. ; Curtain Club; sec. and 
treas. Angler Soc. ; Student. 1811 Colorado 
St., Austin, and Del Rio, Texas. 

Pauline McKinney, 

Chi Omega; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; treas. 
Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Student; mem. Y. 
W. C. A. 402 W. 24th St., Austin, and 
Van Alstyne, Texas. 

Mildred Amelia McLaughlin, 

Phi Mu; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
jun. assemb. rep.; Student, noo Blanco St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Willard Emmett McLaughlin, 

Granger, Texas. 

Hugh Love McLaurin, 

Beta Theta Pi; Student of Medicine. 1040' 
Audubon St.. New Orleans, La., and 5021 
Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Henry Cleburne McMichael, 

60 1 W. is6th St., New York, N. Y. 

Vera Frances McMinds, 

Arch. Soc. ; mem. First Methodist Ch. 501 
College St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Allen McMurrey, 

Delta Chi; football, 15; scrub baseball, 16. 
2103 Gonzales St., Cuero, Texas. 

Mary Ruth McReynolds, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. 
Clarkville St., Paris, Texas. 


Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. 23 
Clarke '" 

Willard David McRimmon, 

Merchant. 121 S. Swenson Ave. and 199 
N. Swenson Ave., Stamford, Texas. 

Elizabeth MacGregor, 

Barb; Student; mem. Galveston Club. 1518 
Winnie St., Galveston, Texas. 

Ada May Maddox, 

Student. 300 W. sth St., Austin, Texas. 

Neil Shaw Madeley, 

Editor Oak-wood Oracle; prin. Keechi Sch. ; 
2d St., North Grange, Oakwood, Texas. 

Sidney Borden Malone, 

Rusty Cusses; Student. B Hall, Austin, 

Ben Corley Marable, 

Phi Delta Theta; Speakers and Glee Clubs; 
Cactus staff, 15-16; Student; mem. Foradin- 
rey Soc., Austin. Clarksville, Texas. 

Maud Marcee, 

Pierian; Teacher. Lampasas, Texas. 

Henry Rudolph Maresh, 

Weatherford, Texas. 

Elias C. Margo, 

Rio Grande City, Texas. 

Rudolph Edward Maresh, 

Student. 1301 E St., Aledo, Texas. 

Marcus Carl Marshall, 

Clerk; mem. Masons; K. of P.; W. O. W. 
Celeste, Texas. 

Charles Louis Martin, 

Student. 4013 Miramar St., Dallas, Texas. 

Elsie Mary Martin (Mrs. R. Fred- 
erick Kerchner), 

Fort Worth, Texas. 

Frances Maryon Martin, 

Oglesby, Texas. 

Henry Martin, 

Sigma Delta Chi; Acacia; Student. Tilden, 

Louis Vance Martin, 


Kappa Alpha; Student. Corner Drug Co., 

Vera Gene. Martin (Mrs. J. E. Con- 

224 W. Houston St., Paris, Texas. 

Zeno T. Martin, 

907 S. Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

W. Burke Mathes, 

Plainview, Texas. 

Antoinette Matkin (Mrs. Robert D. 

5516 Victor St., Dallas, Texas. 

Grace Abbott Matthews, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. ; Teacher of Eng- 
lish, Kyle High Sch. Center St. and South 
Ave. and Magnolia Ave., Kyle, Texas, and 
Tyler, Texas. 

Katie Lee Matthews, 

Teacher. Gatesville, Texas 

J. E. Maud, 

Delta Tau Delta (pledge); shorthorn foot- 
ball, 15; soccer team, 16; Student. 511 W. 
nth St., Austin, Texas. 

Elgie R. Means, 

Delta Sigma Phi. 105 Park Road, Kern 
Place, El Paso, Texas. 

Mary Macon Michaux, 

Artist's Model. 324 E. Angelina St., Pales- 
tine, Texas. 




Benjamin Hillon Miller, 

B. L., 09, E. Texas Normal Coll.; A. B., 
ii, do; attended Univ. of Wis., 13; Professor 
of History, East Texas Normal College. P. 
O. Box 495, Commerce, Texas. 

Herbert Franklyn Miller, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Cotton business; mem. 
of The Miller Cotton Co. ; Fin and Feather 
Club. Wright Bldg., Hugo Place, and 809 
Jackson Ave., Hugo, Okla. 

Moline Miller, 

Teacher. 515 W., Elmira St., San Antonio, 

Samuel Gibbs Milliken, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Pre-medic.; gym. squad 
Student of Southern Methodist Univ. at 
Dallas; editor-in-chief Campui Weekly; stud- 
ent asst. biology; mem. Chemistry, Terrill 
School and Cubs (Journalistic) Clubs. 602 S. 
Ervay St. and 4903 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Christina Lorena Moelich, 

Newman Club; Teacher. Bailey School and 
3707 Hueco St., El Paso, Texas. 

Edwin Albert Moers, 

B. A., 12; Teacher; mem. A. F. and A. M. 
Bryan, Texas. 

Ida Monk, 

Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Virginia Ave., 
Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Roy D. Montgomery, 

Student. El Campo, Texas. 

David H. Moore, 

Rusk; Student; Faculty mail carrier. Bag- 
well, Texas. 

Fred West Moore, 

Kappa Alpha; Arrowhead; Phi Alpha Tau; 
Sigma Delta Psi; Curtain Club; Student. 502 
W. i3th St., Austin, Texas. 

Otho Harris Moore, 

Teacher. De Leon, Texas. 

C. A. Morris, 

Student; Masonic connections. Bastrop, 

William Carter Moseley, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Attorney-at-Law. Citizens' 
Natl. Bank Bldg. and 116 W. Oak St., 
Weatherford, Texas. 

Ada Moses, 

Burnet, Texas. 

Leslie Boas Moss, 

Kappa Alpha; Student. 5016 Crutcher St., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Harry J. Mosser, 

Alice, Texas. 

Oscar Emil Mueller, 

La Tertulia; Germania Lit. Soc.; Translator- 
Stenographer. 222 Lewis St. and 318 W. 57th 

Paul Mueschke, 

Westfield, Texas. 

Dora Lucy Munro, 

Teacher. Liberty Hill, Texas. 

Hazel Ida Murphy, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Teacher. 3530 W. Henry 
St., Greenville, Texas. 

Clyde Alexander Murray, 

B. A., 17; Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta 
Pi; asst. in pure math., 16; Teacher, High 
Sch. ; head of math. dept. High School, Rio 
Grande St., and 1930 San Antonio St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Raymond Livy Murray, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; baseball; Inspector of 
Petroleum Products; mem. Ex-Student's 
Assn. of the Univ. of Texas. Texas Co. 
Lab. and 2115, sth St., Port Arthur. Texas. 

Wiley B. Murray, 

Kappa Alpha; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
San Saba, Texas. 

Hiliard Miller Muse, 

Bonham, Texas. 

Annie K. Brown Myrick (Mrs.), 

Teacher. 408 W. I4th St., Austin, Texas. 

Margaret Myrick, 

Lockhart, Texas. 

George S. Nalle, 

Kappa Alpha; "T" in 1916, Longhorn Rifle 
Team; Student. 1003 Rio Grande St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Tyline Nanny, 

Phi Mu; ScribbFers; Student. 115 Main Ave., 
Brownwood, Texas. 

Barney K. Neal, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 712 E. 2d 
St., Hillsboro, Texas. 

Horace C. Nelms, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Civil Engineer, Texas 
& Pacific Railway; mem. Alpha Omega and 
Calyx Club. T. & P. General Office and 
4407 Junius St., Dallas, Texas. 

Otis Eley Nelson, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Students' 
Council and mem. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. 
808 Bluff Ave., Wichita Falls, Texas. 

J. Edward Neville, 

Pre-Medic; Student; Drue Clerk. Griffith 
Drug Co. and 913^ Colorado St., Austin, 

Jessie Newell, 

Bellville, Texas. 

Grace Newman, 

San Antonio, Texas. 

James Henry Newton, 

Superintendent, City Schools. Cooper, 

Lillian Evelyn Newton, 

Teacher. Vernon, Texas. 

Angela A. Niebuhr, 

Student. 212 W. 27th St., Austin, and 
Industry, Texas. 

Clara E. Noonan, 

Teacher; mem. Sorosis Club. 731 Burleson 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 




Dee Norwood, 

Shoe Department. Vernon, Texas. 

Llewellyn Notley, 

Student. 411 Bonham St., Paris, Texas. 

Olivia Joe Odgers, 

Reagan Lit. Soc. in William St., Marlin, 

Marie Ogier, 

Barb Soc. ; Student. 4104 Ave. G, Austin, 

Greta Oppe, 

Teacher of Grammar and Composition, Sam 
Houston School, Galveston, Texas. 

McDonald Orman, 

Nu Sigma Nu; Student. 1005 Ave. B, Gal- 
veston, Texas, and Russellville, Ala. 

Paul Cecil Overstreet, 

A. B., 13, elsewhere; Science Teacher. Box 
456, Hamlin, Texas. 

Will Dent Pace, Jr., 

Sigma Nu; Order of the "T"; Deutchers 
Club; Student. Troup, Texas. 

Grace Garland Padelford, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Angler Club. 314 N. Anglin 
St., Cleburne, Texas. 

Nelle Palmer, 

Educator; sec. chapter 177 O. E. S. Ath- 
ens, Texas. 

Dessie Lee Parker, 

Teacher. Whitney, Texas. 

Lucile Parks, 

Austin, Texas. 

George Lane Pattillo, 

Superintendent of Schools. Celeste, Texas. 

Nina Belle Payne, 

Waco, Texas. 

Philip E. Peareson, 

Kappa Sigma; Stock Raiser; mem. University 
Club, Houston. Richmond, Texas. 

Kathleen Belle Perkins, 

Teacher. Alamo School and 514 W. Missouri 
St., El Paso, Texas. 

Leon W. Perkins, 

Clerk. 2300 and 2416 Guadalupe St., Austin, 

Elsie Perlitz, 

Teacher. R. F. D. 10, Box i, San Antonio, 

Julia Perlitz, 

R. F. D. io, Box i, San Antonio, Texas. 

I. L. Peterson, 

Decorator. Marlin, Texas. 

D'Jelma L. Petrie, 

B. L., San Antonio Female Coll. R. F. 
D. No. 3, Floresville, Texas. 

Elsie Pfeuffer, 

New Braunfels, Texas. 

Richard S. Philen, 

Sigma Nu; Salesman; mem. Elks. S. ist 
St., Lufkin, Texas. 

Isabel Archer Pierce (Mrs. F. R. 

Learners' Club; Army Club. Stillman and 
Levee, Brownsville, Texas. 

Mildred Winifred Pilley, 

Teacher, High Sch. Will's Point, Texas. 

Tommie A. Pinckney (Miss), 

4201 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Margaret M. Posey, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Newman Club; Teacher. 
202 E. 1 7th St., Austin, Texas. 

Raymond L. Posey, 

Salesman; mem. Wylander Club. 312 W. 
Main St., Cameron, Texas. 

J. Bailey Post 

Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Phi; Stu- 
dent. Haskell, Texas, and 2407 Whitis Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

Clayton Warren Powell, 

714 W. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Albert H. Powers, 

Sigma Nu; Sigma Delta Chi; Scribbler; 
Cactus staff, 14-16; Magazine staff, 15-16; Stu- 
dent. Seadrift, Texas. 

David Wight Prall, 

1420 La Lonia Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Clyde H. Prestwood, 

Farmer. Anderson, Texas. 

Florence Pryor, 

Teacher. 3309 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Paul T. Putnam, 

Kappa Alpha; Sudent; mem. Y. M. C. A.; 
Press Club. 2510 Wichita St., Austin, and 
Houston, Texas. 

C. E. Quinn, 

Speakers' Club; on bd. Texan and Cactus. 
2308 Guadalupe St., Harleton, Texas. 

Frank A. Quinn, 

Newman Club; Student. 1315 Ave. G, Gal- 
veston, Texas. 

Sue Mary Ragland, 

Phi Delta Chi. 2617 Live Oak St., Dallas, 

Silas Baggett Ragsdale, 

Delta Tau Delta; Scribblers; managing ed. 
Texan and The University Reporter', Student 
Fiske Ave., Brownwood, Texas. 

Lilla Marie Randolph, 

Gym. team. 1000 Congress Ave., Austin, 

Keating Ransone, 

Delta Sigma Phi; Linotype Operator; Fore- 
man Enterprise Pub. Co.; mem. Country 
Club. 216 and 410 E. Chambers St., Cle- 
burne, Texas. 




Bertha Aubrey Rasbury, 

Delta Delta Delta; Teacher; Art Club; Sid- 
ned Lanier Lit. Soc. 701 N. 6th St., Ballin- 
ger, Texas. 

William L. Ray, 

Student. 200 W. i6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Helen Raysdele, 

Rabbit Foot; mem. University Music Club; 
Ywea; Student, Baylor. 1112 Columbus St., 
Waco, Texas. 

Cornelia Adelaide Redd (Mrs. Eu- 
gene Woods), 

McNeil, Texas. 

Alma Reese, 

1401 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Lela May Reese, 

Student; Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. 1401 
W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

John Percival Rice, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Student. 2510 Rio 
Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

I. Burt Richardson, 

Sigma Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; v.-pres. Y. 
M. C. A.; on Texan staff, 14-16; Student. 
5222 Columbia Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Marguerite Richter, 

Piano-Teacher. 201 W. 39th St., Austin, 

Penn Riddle, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Clerk, ist State Bank, Dal- 
las; mem. Y. M. C. A. 5103 Gaston Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Tom Robb, 

Student; mem. W. M. C. A. 1909 Wichita 
St., Autin, and Lufkin, Texas. 

Rupert Robertson, 

Kappa Alpha; track, 16; Student. 1710 Colo- 
rado St., Austin, and Kosse, Texas. 

Paul O. Rockwell, 

Student; sec. Rams Horn Debating Club; 
mem. Y. M. C. A. Univ. Hall, Austin, 
and 203 Arcadia PL, San Antonio, Texas. 

A. C. Rodgers, 

Student. 1902 Guadalupe St., Austin, and 
Otto, Texas. 

Chester C. Roeder, 

Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Herbert Edward Roensch, 

Bellville, Texas. 

Martha M. Rucker, 

Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic 
Assn. 280 Clarksville St., Paris, Texas. 

Caroline Silsby Ruckman, 

Y. W. C. A.; Teacher. Kenedy, Texas. 

Roscoe Runge, 

Student. 203 E. 23d St., Austin, and Mason, 

Dan Abell Russell, 

Phi Beta Pi; Student. 1008 Ave. D, Gal- 
veston, and 751 Waverly Ave., San Antonio, 

Oscar Theodore Ryan, 

Superintendent of High Sch. Chireno, 

Leslie Sadler, 

Alpha Mu Pi Omega; Theta Nu Epsilon; 
final ball comm., 17-18; Medical Student; rep. 
Hon. Council, 17-18. Gatesville, Texas. 

W. H. Sadler, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 1906 Wichita 
St., Austin, and Valley Mills, Texas. 

Daniel Saenz, 

Brownsville, Texas. 

H. L. Saffold, 

Student. 503 E. Calberson St., Paris, Texas. 

Willie Kyde Sale, 

Pre-Medic Soc. ; Student. Univ. Sta, Austin, 

Pauline Sallis, 

Teacher. 715 Sycamore St., Brenham, Texas. 

H. E. Sanies, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. 509 W. a6th 
St., Austin, and Laredo, Texas. 

Philip A. Sanders, 

Stenographer, Legal Department, The Texas 
Co., Houston; mem. Y. M. C. A. Room 
1109 The Texas Co. Bldg. and 1509 McKSn- 
ney Ave., Houston, Texas. 

N. C. San ford, 

Delta Tau Delta; Banker. 711 N. Travis St., 
Sherman, Texas. 

Fay Louise Sargent, 

B. A., 15; Delta Delta Delta; Sidney Lanier 
Lit. Soc. ; Teacher in German and English in 
Minepla High Sch.; mem. Broadway Pres- 
byterian Church. 923 S. Adams St., Fort 
Worth, Tex. 

Gladys Esther Scaling, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Angler Soc.; Wo- 
man's Athl. Assn.; mem. Y. W. C. A. Cab- 
inet, 16; capt. (2) and (3) girls' basketball 
team and winner "T," 14-16; mem. Southern 
Assn. of Coll. Women; Fort Worth Pan- 
Hellenic Assn. Arlington Heights, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Alice Agnes Scheiblich, 

Teacher; mem. Baptist Philathea Club. 618 
Capps St., Marlin, Texas. 

Dorothy Wilhelmina Schlemmer, 

Chi Omega; mem. Angler Club. Kyle, 

Edwin Schorn, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 706 Ave. C, 
San Antonio, and 2107 Nueces St., Austin, 

Lucy C. Schwab, 

Teacher in Public Schools. Yoakum, Texas. 

Ida Schwartzberg, 

Menorah Soc.; Student; sec. of Menorah. 
507 E. 8th St., Austin, Texas. 

Adele Schwarz, 

Student. Hempstead, Texas. 




tudent. 401 W. 38th 

Frank B. Scott, 

Student. 2307 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

John Wilson Scott, 

Cunningham, Texas. 

Willard Ray Scruggs 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc. ; St 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Claude Scurlock (Miss), 

Teacher; mem. Episcopal Church; Sec. 
Shakespere Club. 939 IN. Anglin St., Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

Emma Clay Searcy, 

Hallettsville, Texas. 

Alma E. Shafer, 

Phi Nu. 3809 Broadway, R. R. 2, San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Lawrence Raybourne Sharp, 

Student; county supt. Public Institutions, 
Panola Co. 2205 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

Willie Alice Shaw, 

Athletic Assn. ; School Principal. 1612 Breck- 
enridge St., Austin, Texas. 

Julia Louise Shepard, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sidney Lanier Lit. 
Soc.; Athletic Council, 16-17; Student. 1103 
Center Ave., Brownwood, Texas. 

Woodfin Grady Shipp, 

Football, baseball, tennis and track; debat- 
ing; Superintendent of Campbell Public 
Schools; mem. I. O. O. F. ; Mason, 32. 
Campbell, Texas. 

Frances Lynn Shive, 

Teacher. 3709 Cedar St., Austin, Texas. 

Frank W. Shotwell, 

Bookkeeping. Canyon, Texas. 

David Andrew Simmons, 

Kappa Alpha; Sigma Delta Psi; track; Stud- 
ent. 701 Holman Ave., Houston, Texas. 

J. R. Simmons, 

Acacia; Deputy Collector, U. S. Internal 
Revenue; mem. Elks. Box 495 and 2108 Pearl 
St., Austin. Texas. 

Ona Sims. 

Teachers' Cert.; Pi Beta Phi. 510 N. Church 
St., McKinney, Texas. 

Walter Brown Sisk, 

Bookkeeper, Wichita State Bank. 801 Indi- 
ana St. and 1208 Austin St., Wichita Falls, 

Frank Sistermans, 

Secretary Mining Co. Lucky Tiger Mining 
Co., Sonora, Mexico. 

Louise Skinner, 

B. A., 16; Pi Beta Phi; Student. 279 S. 2zd 
St., Paris, Texas. 

Kirkpatrick Smallwood, 

Automobile Salesman. 401 Craig St., Hills- 
boro, Texas. 

Carrie Smith, 

B. A., 16; Student. Wills Point, Texas. 

Catherine G. Smith, 

Office Asst. Oak Cliff High Sch. loth St. 
and Patton St. and 116 E. 9th St., Dallas, 

F. H. Smith (Mrs.), 

2670 Salado<St., Austin, Texas. 

John Andrew Smith, Jr., 

"T" (2) Basketball, 14-16; issue ed. Daily 
Texan, 15-16; reporter and asst., 14-15; Cactus 
photographer, 15-16; Law Student; mem. Press 
Club. Station A and Epworth and Colquitt 
Sts., San Antonio, Texas. 

Mary Edith Smith, 

Kappa Delta Pi; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc. 
Taylor, Texas. 

Matthew Mann Smith, Jr., 

Kappa Sigma^ Premedical Soc. ; Student. 
2814 Routh St., Dallas, Texas. 

Miles Carroll Smith, 

Manager Austin Sand and Gravel Co. 1005 
W. sth St., Austin, Texas. 

Myra Smith, 

912 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

Ola Smith, 

Teacher; prin. Orphan Home Sch. (Luling). 
Lockhart, Texas. 

William Renick Smith, 

Delta Tau Delta; Newspaper Reporter; mem. 
Culver Club. 5016 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Ruth Linda Sneed, 

Alpha Delta Pi. Rockport, Texas. 

Scott Snodgrass, 

Delta Xi; Student. Coleman, Texas. 

Benjamin Miles Speegle, 

104 W. 3oth St., Austin, Texas. 

Charlotte Josephius Spence, 

San Angelo, Texas. 

Charles Stafford, 

Bellville, Texas. 

Annie Louise Stayton, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student. Corpus 
Christi, Texas. 

Brevard Steel, 

B. A., 15; Delta Tau Delta; student asst in 

Greek; Tutor in Latin, Extension Dept., 

Univ. of Texas. 2407 Whitis Ave., Austin, 

Ellen Ada Stephens, 

405 E. 22d St., Austin, Texas. 

Thelma Stephens, 

Student. 2204 Nueces St., Austin, and Winns- 
boro, Texas. 

Zach T. Stephenson, 

Principal of Schools. Rowland, Texas. 

Richard William Stevens, 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Dan Max Stiefel, 

Pre-Medic. Soc.; Delta Tau Gamma; Stu- 
dent. 1914 Speedway, Austin, and 225 W. 
Cypress St., San Antonio, Texas. 




Ruth Still, 

Latin Teacher; mem. Longfellow Club. Gil- 
mer, Texas. 

Margaret Elizabeth Stokes, 

B. A., 16; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; 
pres. Cap and Gown. 1201 W. 4th St., Lam- 
pasas, Texas. 

Thomas Munger Stokes, 

B. A., 15; M. A., 1 6. Lampasas, Texas. 

Norma Catherine Stolz, 

Victoria, Texas. 

Alyne Stone, 

919 Travis Ave., Forth Worth, Texas. 

Stella Stone, 

Teacher. Hondo, Texas. 


Edwin William Stork, 

Round Top, Texas. 

Ethan Beden Stroud, Jr., 

(See /. 13.) 

Clarence Stuckert, 

Chi Omega. 309 Market St., Brenham, 

Emma Stullken, 

Teacher; mem. Y. W. C. A. 403 W. 26th 
St., Austin, Texas. 

John Erwin Stullken, 

"T" in athl., with Militia; mem. Germania. 
403 W. 26th St., Austin, Texas. 

Alan Summers, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Globrasker; Univ. 
Band; asst. cheer leader, 15-16; duke in 
Queen's Ball, 15; Assistant Chief Engineer 
of Highways (Cherokee Co.); asst. dir. Mu- 
nic. Orchestra; mem. Moaks' Club. 202% E. 
Commerce St. and 324 Canada St., Jackson- 
ville, Texas. 

Edith M. Sutton, 

Kerrville, Texas. 

Dorothy Swearingen, 

Pi Beta Phi. 529 Guenther St., San Antonio, 

lone Estelle Swope, 

B. A., 15; Teacher Latin and Spanish, South 
Park Sch., Beaumont, Texas. 1119 Brody 
Ave., Brownwood, Texas. 

Agnes Celeste Sykes, 

Galveston, Texas. 

Jeannette L. Taggart, 

Texarkana, Texas. 

Hugh B. Tandy, 

Delta Sigma Phi; pres., Med. Soc.; Student; 
mem. Y. M. C. A. 342 Palm St., Abilene, 

Isaac H. Tartt, 

Phi Kappa Psi; football; basketball; Student; 
mem. Y. M. C. A. 1226 Broadway, Galveston, 

Helen Taylor, 

Pi Beta Phi; Student. 2506 Whitis Ave., 
Austin, and Tyler, Texas. 

Henderson Newton Taylor, 

Abilene, Texas. 

Henry Lee Taylor, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Tarlton Law Soc.; Gym.: 
on staff Texan. Y. M. C. A., Austin, ana 
122 E. Maple St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Susie Taylor, 

Elgin, Texas. 

John R. Tenison, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Student; mem. Y. M. 
C. A. 2621 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

G. Aylita Terrell, 

910 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Carey Edwin Tharp, 

Delta Tau Delta; Student. Huntsville, 

Henry James Thaxton, 

302 E. 1 2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Ruth Thaxton, 

Mason, Texas. 

Katherine E. Thomas, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Stu- 
dent. 2109 San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas. 

Owen Thomas, 

Anson, Texas. 

Elizabeth Thompson, 

Student. 916 Oak Cliff Blvd., Dallas, and 
Grape Vine, Texas. 

Eugene Thompson, 

Athenaeum; Student; Cashier. Nacogdoches, 

Leone Sanders Thompson, 

Express Clerk, American Express Co. Stam- 
ford, Texas. 

Marguerite Rose Thompson, 

Student; mem. Girls' Literary Soc., St Louis, 
Mo. 603 Soledad, San Antonio, Texas. 

Minnette Thompson, 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbit Foot; Student. 2305 
Travis St., Houston, Texas. 

Ruth Katherine Thornton, 

Phi Mu; Teacher. 534 Water St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Newton Franklin Tidwell, 

Sigma Nu; Texan Staff; Sudent; asst. agt., 
G. H. and S. A., at Sierra Blanca, Texas. 
1931 Kentucky St., El Paso, and 2403 Whitis 
Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Eugene H. Tiemann, 

Teacher. 620 S. Market St, Brenham, Texas. 

Virginia Friench Tomlinson, 

Bellville, Texas. 

Clifton Townsend, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; v.-pres. Freshman; Student. 
Rabbits Foot; Winsonian. 1415 W. 3d Ave., 
Corsicana, Texas. 

Mildred S. Turner, 

Marlin, Texas. 




Jewell Tuttle (Miss), 

B. Lit., ii, East Texas Normal Coll (Com- 
merce, Texas); Y. W. C. A.; Teacher; mem. 
Rebeccah Lodge. Commerce, Texas. 

William Trabue, 

Waxahachie, Texas. 

Clara Trenckmann, 

Teacher. 2305 Trinity St., Austin, Texas. 

David S. M. linger, 

Kappa Phi; Correspondent; mem. Suburban 
Club. 1 6th and Rockwell Sts., Chicago, and 
129 Harris Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Kay B. Urban, 

Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Sigma; Student. 
1020 Ave. B, Austin, and Bullard, Texas. 

L. R. Vaughan, 

Teacher. Hamlin, Texas. 

Grover Cleveland Vaughn, 

Farmer. Denton, Texas. 

Paul Thomas Vickers, 

B. A., 15; attd. Baylor Univ., 3 yrs. ; Philo- 
mathesian Soc. (Baylor Univ.); Editor Port 
Lavaca Wave; mem. Port Lavaca Commercial 
Club. North St., Port Lavaca, Texas. 

Elsie Hildegard Voelkel (Mrs. W. 
A. Steigler), 

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Francis Edward Walker, 

Le Cercle Francais; Glee Club; Reed Musi- 
cal Club, 14-15; Univ. Chorus, 14-15; on staff 
and asst. issue ed. of the Texan; Student. 
3900 Ave. C, Austin, Texas. 

F. B. Walker, 

Football, 14-15; Student; mem. of Council, 
14. R. No. 2, Stamford, Texas. 

George C. Walker, Jr., 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. 251 W. Sum- 
and asst. issue ed. of the Texan] Student, 
mit Ave., San Antonio, and 509 W. 26th St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Ruby Jane Walker (Mrs.), 

Ridgetop Annex, Austin, Texas. 

Frances Mary Ward, 

Crescent O Ranch, Palacios, Texas. 

John Ward. 

Lytle, Texas. 

Josephine Ward, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Student. 2312 East Ave., 
Austin, Texas. 

La Nelle Ward, 

Teacher. 1303 E. First St., Austin, Texas. 

Annie Jo Warren, 

Secretary Engineering Faculty. 712 W. 23d 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Myrtle Mand Washington, 

2200 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Leonard Lyon Watkins, 

B. A., 16; Scholarship; Student; mem. Ap- 
plied Economics Club; Y. M. C. A. Pen- 
nington, Ala., and 704 W. 22d St., Austin, 

James Monroe Wattam, 

Denton, Texas. 

George Stephen Wear, 

Sigma Chi: Rattlers Club; Student. 306 W. 
i9th St., Austin, and Rogers, Texas. 

John P. Wear, Jr., 

Honor roll, 15-17; Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 
305 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

James Edward Webb, 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student. 212 E. 27th 
St., Austin, and cor. Austin and Josephine 
Sts., San Antonio, Texas. 

Johnnie Frank Weedon, 

A. B., 17, Howard Payne Coll.; Student; 
pres. class (i); asst. ed. Central Messenger', 
Pastor, Mercury Baptist Church. P. O. Box 
484 and 209 W. Lee St., Brownwood, Texas. 

Gertrude Emma Wehmeyer, 

Fredericksburg, Texas. 

James Welch, 

Sigma Chi; Student. 307 Aubry St., Corpus 
Christi, Texas. 

Marion De Witt West, 

B. A. 16; M. A., 16; Zeta Tau Alpha; 
Anglers; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Curtain Club; 
Cap and Gown Soc. Del Rio, Texas. 

Pauline Wherry, 

Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.: rep. to Woman's 
Assemb., 15-16; v.-pres. Woman s Council, 17; 
Clipper to Secretary of Faculties and Stu- 
dent. Groveton, Trinity Co., Texas. 

Edith Marie White, 

1701 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

James P. White, 

Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Psi; Stu- 
dent; mem. Y. M. C. A. 1103 W. Gandy 
St., Denison, Texas. 

Reuel Clyde White, 

B A., 17; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Sigma Delta Chi; 
bus. mgr. Cactus, 17. 2904 Bourland St, 
Greenville, Texas. 

G. H. Wilburn, 

Clerk. 806 Dennis Ave., Houston, Texas. . 

Dorothy Wilcox, 

Beta Theta Pi; Student; mem Rabbit Foot; 
Phi Beta Phi. 909 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Erna W r ild (Mrs. Emil F. G. von 

716 W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Clarence Alton Wiley, 

Johnson City, Texas. 

Willie Gertrude Willard, 

B. A., 1 6. Aberdeen, Texas. 

Fleta Williams, 

Student. 705 W. 22% St., Austin, and Bel- 
laire, Texas. 




Nelson Miller Williams, 

Giddings, Texas. 

Oliver Dugan Williams, 

2811 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

Lawrence Frederick Wilson, 

Student Southern Methodist Univ. 2922 
Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Margaret Geraldine Wilson, 

B. A., 17; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rabbit 
Foot; sec.-treas., 15-16; pres., 16-17; Ashbel 
Lit. Soc.; Curtain Club; Magazine staff; Tex- 
an staff; Student; stuaent asst. in Russian, 
16-17. Gaston, Texas. 

Albert Julius Winkler, 

The Grove, Texas. 

T. B. Winston, 

Richmond, Texas. 

Jack Wofford Woldert, 

Tyler, Texas. 

Lyttleton Johnson Womack, 

Marshall, Texas. 

Helen M. Wood, 

B. A., 09, Drury Co.; Instructor in Physics, 
Houston High Sch. Central High School, 
Bellaire, Texas. 

James Ralph Wood, 

Phi Delta Theta; Student. 811 S. Crockett 
St., Sherman, Texas. 

Thad Leroy Woodard, 

Woodville, Texas. 

Norah Woods, 

Teacher. Seguin, Texas. 

Greenwood S. Wooten, 

Kappa Sigma; Student. 1800 Lavaco St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Belle Works, 

B. A., 1 6. Brownsville, Texas. 

Lucian Howard Wright, 

Beta Theta Pi; football; baseball; Dry Goods; 
mem. City Council. Mansfield, Texas. 

Alice Yakey, 

Taylor, Texas. 

Joseph Ussery Yarbrough, 

Lynnville, Texas. 

Walter A. Yarbrough, 

Student Southern Methodist Univ.; student 
asst. in Geology; mem. Spanish and Indoor 
Checker's Clubs. Southern Methodist Univ., 
Station, Dallas, Texas. 

Edith Louise Young, 

1507 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Ella Kennedy Young, 

Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A.; mem. Port Arthur 
Reading Club; United Daughters of the Con- 
federacy. 1301, sth St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

Juanita Pearl Zilker, 

San Antonio, Texas. 

Former Students Whose Addresses 

are not Known or Who 

are Deceased 

Louie Simon Abram; Vada Lee Alexander; 
Etta Alford; Louise Allen; Stayton Powell 
Allen; Holmes Guthrie Anderson; Hazel Marie 
Archer; Given Campbell Arnoux; Bessie Atkins; 
Elmore Averyt; Weaver Hudson Baker; William 
Loyd Baker; Clarence Jones Baldwin; Mrs. 
Mary Boyd Bass; Harris Parker Bates; Norman 
Elaine Beaver; Jubal Early Beavers; Virgil Syl- 
vester Beck; Zonia Mai Bell; Elizabeth Anne 
Bellinger; John T9m Hill Bickley; Ura Lee 
Bishop; Eugene Bissett; Oliver Gerald Bow- 
man*; Jess Garrett Boykin; Fielding Spiller 
Browder; Carrie Vashti Brown; Charles Frank 
Brown; John Loyd Brown; Mamie Elizabeth 
Brown; Myrtle Undine Brown; George Henry 
Browne; Ben R. Buford; Grace Burkett; 
Charles Frederick Burnham; Bertha Burt; 
Emmett De Witt Bussey; Count Brooke 
Capps; William McCarey Cavness; Telye Ches- 
teen; Cleora Clanton; Lloyd W Clark; Julius 
S. Cohn; Clarence G. Colbert; Robert Alex- 
ander Collins; Mrs. Guy Collett Conley; Ekrah 
Connell; Dorah Cook; Mildred Louise Cooke; 
Wade Wesley Cooper; Henderson Coquat; Zela 
Mae Cornelius; Thomas Wiley Cox; Benjamin 
Rain Crawley; Nina Creager; Valance William 
Crissey; Robert Dabney; Diana Dalkowitz; Charles 
Elbert Davis; John H. Davis; Lynn Burke Davis; 
Maud Davis; Troy Deason; Cora Annie Dulaney; 
Mary Ellen Dunn; Connie Lura Dyer; Mary 
Eagan; Marvin Leon Eaves; Jackson Bryant 
Edwards; W. H. Emert; Robert Flovd Estill; 
Guerra Everett; Georgia May Field; Robert 
Michael Field; Douglas Kelsey Fitzhugh; Clay 
T roller Folsom; Minnie Lee Foster; Vida Foster; 
William Hayne Foster; Lillie Ford Fox; Norma 
Frels; Albert Fricke; Earl Fry; Argis Edward 
Garner; Eva Cordelia Gartman; Fon Smith Gen- 
try; Walter Edgar Gibbs; William Meade Gibson; 
Olive Wiley Gilliland; J. Lee Gilmore; Henley 
Milton Goode; Jonathan Edward Granstaff; Alex- 
ander Gray; Buelah Greene; Preston Brackenridge 
Grissom; Lloyd Thildmon Grubbs; Charles Adams 
Gulick; Clara Isabell Gunter; William Homer 
Hale; Inez Gertrude Hancock; Ruth Hansbro; 
Amy Hargrove; Willie Aaron Harlan; David 
Harris; Cecil Adaline Harrison; Mattie Armor 
Harrison; Arthur Bell Hays; Marguerite Heard; 
Joseph Henry Heller; Fern Helscher; Mrs. Juno 
Olive Henry; Olga Hilda Hoffman; Dono Carr 
Holmes; Julia Hooper; Olive Ann Hopkins; John 
White Hudson; Mary Alice Hudson; Luther H. 
Hull; Paul Hunt; Elizabeth Hunter; Mai Frances 
Hunter; Helen Elizabeth Huppertz; Roy Hughes 
Jarvis; Marguerite Jenks; Mrs. Florence M. John- 
son; Sidney Thomas Johnson; Herbert Andrew 
Johnston; Elizabeth Nicholson Jolley; Calvin 
Cherry Jones; Mary Era Jones; John L. Jordan; 
Elsie Jordt; Bernice Wyle Judkins; Samuel H. 
Kahn; Cole Chapman Kelley; John Leroy Kelley; 
Herman Adolph Kelling; Ben Thompson Kelly; 
Velma Lillian Kent; Edna King; Kames- 
aburo Kitagawa; Carl Donald Kirkpatrick; 
Ruby Knight; Walter Kobb; Winifred Aline Lang; 
Cora Lawler; Benjamin Arthur Lawrence; Anna 
Charlotte Leahy; Margaret Lee; Samuel Lehrer; 
Walter Louis Leifeste; Mary Jack Loader; John 
J. Long; Wallace R. Lynn; Ernest C. Lyons; 
Robert Rife McClelland; Joel Hilliard McClen- 
don; Vaughan Comman McDonald; Daisy Mc- 
Ham; Clarence McKenzie; Rufus Hardy McKen- 
zie; Elnathan Jefferson McKinney; Alyce Jane 
Me Williams; Tom Me Williams; Merlah Madora; 
Albert Dow Martin; Hazel Ellen Merriman; Mar- 
guerite Zelma Miller; Jessie Millsapps; Helen 
Millsaps; Laura Deruth Mitchell; Leonard Floyd 
Mixson; Nellie Mixson; John Marks Moore; Ruth 
Moses; Charles Paul Mueller; Eugenia Floride 
Noble; Georgia Mae Orr; Joseph Archie Owen; 
Laura Owens; Gladys Houston Parker; George 
Lane Pattillo; Lewis Kellman Pattpn; Winred 
Charles Perkins; Sam Peters; Glynn Pickett; Alice 
Gertrude Poole; Doc Echols Porter; Guy E. 
Powell; Daisy I. Purdy; Margaret M. Ragsdale; 
Eunice Ramsey; Walter C. Raybourn; George 
S. Remley; Jesse P. Rhodes; Hortense Leighton 
Ridout; Pearl Riley; Richard Floyd Riley; Carrie 




Ruckman; Delia Rumsey; Herbert Leslie Saffold; 
Samuel Kerr Sanders; Seth Hiram Sanders; 
Newport W. Sanford; Ernest S. Sansom; Floyd 
E. Savage; Mrs. Nellie H. Schuhmann; Anota 
Louise Schuwirth; Robert Chalk Scott; Arthur 
Auldred Scott; Charles Wiburne Scruggs; James 
Abbott Scruggs; Nathaniel Edward Scudder; 
Rosebud Segal; Kittie May Shands; James 
Thomas Shaver; Joseph William Shepard. Jr., 
Phoeba Allen Shepherd; Isabel Shields; William 
Wheeler Shields; Erich Heinrich Sibberns; Sister 
Mary Philathea; William Riall Silvey; Lorenzo 
Lem Skaggs; Alonzo A. Skinner; De Lona 
Smith; Elmer Smith; Owen T. Smith; Mabell 
Spann; Ruth Springfield; Ada Stephens; John 
Maurice Stewart; Tinie Angella Stringer; David 
Finney Stuart; Almena Sublett; Joseph Herman 
Sublett; George Quinn Sutherland; Roy Taylor; 
Kathleen Thompson; Gabriel Felder Thornhill, 
Jr.; Ruth Katherine Thornton; Ruth Ether- 
idge Tomlinson; Sue Agnes Townes; Myrtle 
Trantham; Archie B. Tyson; Alice Vance; Leona 
Vickrey; George L. von Einsiedel; Clyde C. 
Voorhies; Margaret Creath Waddill; Virginia 
Barrett Walthall; Robert Edwin Wardel; Otto 
Olive Watts; William Jackson Webb; Jake Ray- 
mond Whitmore; Laura Elmena Wight; William 
Clinton Wilie; Clark Newton Wilkinson; Claud 
Albert Wilkinson; Madge Willard; John Lewin 
Williams; Robert Winter*; John Leonard Woody, 
Jr.; Mattie Wormelduff; Osee Wormelduff; Ray- 
mond Irvin Wright; Emma Lucretia Young: Flo- 
rence Young; Sarah Delia Young; William Elmer 
Youngblood; John Elliott Younger. 


J. M. Albers, 

Kappa Alpha; capt. fresh, team, indoor base- 
ball championship. 201 Wilkins Ave., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Ford Albritton, 

Student. 1217 W. i2th Ave., Corsicana, 

Bernice Alexander, 

Student. 1003 San Pedro Ave., San Anto- 
nio, Texas. 

E. H. Allen, 

Y. M. C. A.; Student. 2308 Guadalupe St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Gabe P. Allen, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Rusk Lit. Soc.; Student. 
4011 Swiss Ave., Dallas, and 2502 Wichita 
St., Austin, Texas. 

Jessie S. Allen, 

Student. 619 N. isth St., Corsicana, Texas. 

Robert B. Allen, Jr., 

Phi Delta Theta; Student. Commonwealth 
Bank Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

Glenn H. Alvey, 

Phi Delta Theta; Student. 526 Elizabeth 
St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Dunn H. Anderson, 

Chi Phi; Student. Uvalde, Texas. 

Katherine Anderson, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. 105 E. isth St., Aus- 
tin, Texas. 

Elizabeth Andrews, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. 106 W. 27th St., 
Austin, and San Antonio, Texas. 

J. Edouard Angly, Jr., 

Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; Student. 
2407 Whitis Ave., Austin, and 806 S. 
Sycamore St., Palestine, Texas. 

Given Campbell Arnoux, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Press Club; Le Circle 
Frangais; v.-pres. class (2); issue ed. The 
Daily Texan; comm. chrmn. Soph. Reception; 
correspondent for the Dallas News at Fort 
Worth Bureau. P. O. Box 486 and 212, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

Edwin Butler Averitt, 

Student; Y. M. C. A. 3503 Oneal St., Green- 
ville, and 2305 Speedway, Austin, Texas. 

D. R. Baber, 

Y. M. C. A.; Pre-Medico; Student. Winns- 
boro, Texas. 

Martha Bailey, 

Student. 301 E. i4th St., Austin, and R. 
F. D. No. 2, Chapel Hill, Texas. 

Gertrude Anvil Ballard, 

Y. W. C. A.; Sidney Lanier Lit. Soc.; Stu- 
dent. Floresville, Texas. 

John Bryan Barnett, 

Y. M. C. A.; Student. 1808 Congress Ave., 
Austin, and Oletha, Texas. 

Bessie Mae Bass, 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Student. 712 Oxford St. 
(Montrose), Houston, Texas. 

Lucy Banks, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Student. 
2424 Buena Vista St., San Antonio, Texas. 

B. V. Baucom, 

Journalist and Farmer. 2306 Guadalupe St., 
Austin and Milford, Texas. 

Kate Bauman, 

Present Day Club; Student. Cleburne, Texas. 

Henrietta May Beall, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. Sweetwater, Texas. 

Feme La Nelle Bean, 

Student. 811 S. nth St., Temple, Texas. 

Josephine Bechtel, 

Alpha Delta Pi.; Student. 3302 W. Com- 
merce St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Kurt Beckmann, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Student. 529 Madison 
St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Opal J. Bell, 

Student. Bentonville, Arkansas. 

M. H. Bennett, 

Student. 2122 Leon St., Austin, and Med- 
ical School, Galveston, Texas. 

Mary Benson, 

Pierian Lit. Soc.; Y. W. C. A.; Student. 
2ii Park Lane, Austin, Texas. 

Henry Bercowich, 

Student. Univ. of Texas, Austin, Texas, 
and Boston, Mass. 

Elsie Bergson, 

Present Day Club; Student. 2010 Wichita 
St., Austin, and 308 W. Houston Ave., Mar- 
shall, Texas. 




Elbaoise Douglas Berry, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student. 2623 Uni- 
versity Ave., Austin, and 1404 S. Adams St., 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Dorothy Bertrand, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Student 2503 Whitis 
Ave., Austin, and Richmond, Texas. 

James R Beverley, Jr., 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Rifle Club; assoc. ed. The 
Texan; Student Dalhart, Texas. 

Vernon Wilson Biggers, 

Student. Bonham, Texas. 

Maud Bigham, 

Student. Killeen, Texas. 

Jack B. Blalock, 

Barb.; Athenaeum Lit. Soc.; rep. of Athe- 
naeum in inter-society debate, 16; Student. 
2308 Guadalupe St., Austin, and 402 S. Ed- 
wards St., Marshall, Texas. 

Edna Bohn, 

Germania and Reed Musical Socs. ; Student 
1609 Colorado St., Austin, Texas. 

F. W. Bohn, 

Student 1409 West Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Henry L. Bolanz, 

Phi Delta Theta; Student; 2209 Nueces St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Edith M. Bonnet, 

Beta Tau Alpha; Student. Eagle Pass, Texas. 

Geraldine Boone, 

Winsonian Dramatic Club; Student 112 E. 
i8th St., Austin, Texas. 

John B. Bowen, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Student; mem. Y. M. 
C. A. 2208 Nueces St., Austin, and Sher- 
man, Texas. 

Homer T. Brannon, 

Student Santo, Texas. 

Henry Grady Briggs, 

Student: mem. Y. M. C. A. 

Kosse, Texas. 

Anna Brigham, 

Reagan Lit Soc.; Student Jonah, Texas. 

Lillian Brigham, 

Reagan Lit Soc.; Student. Jonah, Texas. 

Lois Brigham, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Student. Weir, Texas. 

R. H. Brooks, 

Rough Necks Soc.; Y. M. C. A.; Student 
San Benito, Texas. 

Sarah Lee Brooks, 

Reagan Lit. Soc.; Camp Fire Girls; Student. 
2005 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Browne, 

Student. Karnes City, Texas. 

C. V. Bullen, 

Student. 2208 Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 

A. T. Burns, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Y. M. C. A. Membership 
Comm.; Student; mem. Beta Gamma (Dal- 
las). 4306 Junius St., Dallas, and 205 E. 
25th St., Austin, Texas. 

Effie Caldwell, 

Teacher in Kingsville School; teacher Benton- 
ville (Ark.) Public School, i yr.; Saginaw 
(Ark.) .Public School, 3 yrs. King Bldg. and 
King's Inn, Kingsville, Texas. 

R. O. Canon, 

Sigma Nu; Student. 203 Moore Ave., Luf- 
kin, Texas. 

A. Louise Carleton, 

Chi Omega; Student. 817 N. Main St, Tay- 
lor, Texas. 

Amos E. Carmichael, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Y. M. C. A.; "T" in base- 
ball; Student. 1905 Guadalupe St, Austin, 
and San Benito, Texas. 

Eva Carr, 

Student; mem. Mark Twain Club, S. A H S 
327 W. Delaware St., San Antonio, Texas. 

Evelyn Carrington, 

Student 1108 Neches St, Austin, Texas. 

R. Bruce Carter, 

Attended S. W. Univ. 4 yrs. ; Phi Delta Theta; 

John S. Cave, 

Delta Chi; Student. 1326 Forest Ave., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

J. A. Chapman, Jr., 

Student 307 W. igth St, Austin, and 1108 
Pennsylvania Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. 

Joseph B. Chilton, Jr., 

Student Comanche, Texas. 

Evelyn Chumney, 

Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Student 
2009 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Mattie Clark, 

Delta Delta Delta; Student 320 W. Maple 
Ave., Independence, Mo. 

Roxie Clark, 

A. B., 09 Hendrix College; Chemical Club; 
Student Conway, Ark. 

Frances E. Clarke, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Sidney Lanier Lit Soc.; 
Student; position in Univ. Library. 2508 
University Ave., Austin, Texas. 

William C. Clegg, 

Phi Gamma Delta; Student; mem. Y. M. 
C. A. 123 W. Park Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

Nell Cleveland, 

Student 714 W. Chambers St, Cleburne, 

William Hill Cocke, 

Rusk Lit Soc.; Student. 927 W. Mulberry 
Ave., San Antonio, Texas. 

John D. Cofer, 

Sigma Nu; Speakers Club; Student 2309 
Nueces St., Austin, Texas. 




Jeannette H. Collett, 

Pi Beta Phi; Rabbits Foot Club; Ashbel Lit. 
Soc.; Student. 500 W. i3th St., Austin, 

Doris Connerly, 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Ashbel Lit. Soc.; Stu- 
dent. 210 E. 24th St., Austin, Texas. 

Frank W. Cooper, 

Student. Hempstead, Texas. 

Garnie Copeland, 

Student. 813 W. nth St., Austin, Texas. 

Vida Gallic Corbin, 

Reed Music Club; Reagan Lit. Soc.; Student; 
Woman's Students Assembly. 2010 Wichita 
St., Austin, and Sulphur Springs, Texas. 

Margaret Gotham, 

Present Day Club; S 
Austin, and Burnet, Texas. 

Present Day Club; Student. 705 W. 22% St., 

Emma Covington, 

Student; mem. Y. W. C. A. 870 Sycamore 
St., Abilene, Texas. 

Agnes Cowart, 

Student. Cleburne, Texas. 

Joseph Lanham Croley, 

Athenaeum Lit. Soc. Gilmer, Texas. 

Theo Crook, 

Student. 395 W. 7th St., Beaumont, Texas. 

Price Cross, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Student. Cameron, Texas. 

Olney Cunningham, 

Alpha Delta Pi. Roganville, Texas. 

P. W. Currey, 

Student. Hamilton, Texas. 

Frances Dameron, 

Student. Hereford, Texas. 

A. R. Davis, 

Student. 2806 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Neal Davis, 

Delta Kappa Epsilon; Freshman rep. Students 
Council; Student. Center, Texas. 

Porter J. Davis, 

Student. Brownwood, Texas. 

A. A. Dawson, 

Y. M. C. A.; Student. Canton, Texas. 

E. M. de Berry, 

Student. 338 W. Twohig Ave., San Angelo, 

Arthur Deen, 

Student. 4004 Ave. F, Austin, Texas. 

Edith Delfraisse, 

Student. 2005 Sabine St., Austin, Texas. 

Marvin L. Deviney, 

"T," track, 16; Teacher. B. Hall, Austin 
and Martindale, Texas. 

Helen C. Diehl, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student. 2800 Rio 
Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Coy E. Dillard, 

Student. Dilley, Texas. 

Fred Ditto, 

Y. M. C. A.; Student. 2213 Tom Green St., 
Austin, and Arlington, Texas. 

Marcelite Dobbs, 

Pi Beta Phi; Angler; Student. W. Rusk St., 
Marshall, Texas. 

D. Kemp Dodge, 

Kappa Sigma; Student; mem. Austin Country 
Club. Texas Company and Lavielle Apts., 
Houston, Texas. 

Minnie Donovan, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. Carthage and 707 
W. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

E. E. Dunlay, 

Acacia; Student; Masonic connections. 2205 
Rio Grande St., Austin, Texas. 

Gertrude B. Dunn, 

Student. 1502 E. i2th St., Austin, Texas. 

Mary Lee Durham, 

Newman Club; Student. River View, R. F. 
D. No. 7, Austin, Texas. 

Paul E. Durham, 

Student. Memphis, Texas. 

Orville W. Eastland, 

Delta Tau Delta; Student. 217 E. Franklin 
St., Hillsboro, Texas. 

Flora Edmond, 

Pi Beta Phi; Ashbel Lit. Soc.: Student: 
Y. W. C. A. 1801 West Ave., Austin, and 
1024 Austin Ave., Waco, Texas. 

Agnes Edwards, 

Y. W. C. A.; Student. 186 W. Kaufman St., 
Paris, Texas. 

Hazel Edwards, 

Delta Delta Delta; class treas. and sec. (i); 
reporter, Texan; Student. 304% W. gth St., 
Austin, Texas. 

Regina Mary Egan, 

Student. Ballinger, Texas. 

Julien Sherley Elfenbein, 

Menorah; Speakers Club; on staff Cactus and 
Daily Texan; Univ. Orchestra; winner fresh, 
declamation; Student. 1810 Colorado Ave., 
Dallas, Texas. 

Mary Merle Elledge, 

Attended Okla. State Univ.; Delta Delta 
Delta; "M. B. S." Club (Okla. State Univ.); 
sec. class (i) and cabinet mem. Y. W. C. A. 
(Okla. State Univ.); Student. 1500 Brecken- 
ridge Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Delphine Elliott, 

Chi Omega; Student. Tyler, Texas. 

Lloyd E. Elliott, 

Student. 24th and Trinity Sts.. Austin, 




D. T. Evans, 

1906 Wichita St., Austin, Texas. 

S. F. Ewing, 

Delta Tau Delta; Y. M. C. A. Brownwood, 

Thomas S. Falvey (Mrs.), 

Barb.; Woman's Club; Student; Fostoria and 
2002 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas. 

John Farnsworth, 

Y. M. C. A.; Student. P. O. Box 498, Mus- 
catine, Iowa. 

Dora Flack, 

Y. W. C. A.; ist honors; Student. Grace 
Hall, Austin, Texas. 

George Fouts, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 2002 Wichita 
St., Austin, and Gonzales, Texas. 

Pauline Frank, 

Student. 402 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas. 

Mea Clyde Gee, 

Kappa Delta; Student. 3531 W. Lee St., 
Greenville, Texas. 

Merle George, 

Student, uoo W. 39th St., Austin, Texas. 

Everett C. Gibbs, 

Hogg Debating Club; treas. freshman class, 
fall term; Student. Bryan, Texas. 

William Bryan Gilbert, 

Delta Tau Delta; capt. Gym., sec. No. 2; 
Student. 2101 Nueces St., Austin, and 603 
Wilson Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 

Pauline Gill, 

Student. 1904 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas. 

Don M. Gillum, 

Capt. of gym section; indoor baseball; Stu- 
dent. 2603 Univ. Ave., Austin, and Elgin, 

Albert E. Goudge, 

Phi Gamma Delta; second track team, 15; 
Student. 300 W. 27th St., Austin, and 3128 
Broadway, Galveston, Texas. 

G. B. Gouger, 

Student. 847 E. Cincinnati Ave., San Anto- 
nio, Texas. 

T. M. Gouger, 

Student. 847 E. Cincinnati Ave., San An- 
tonio, and 203 E. 23d St., Austin, Texas. 

Ruth Gough, 

Teacher. 1503 N. Travis St., Sherman, 

James S. Graham, 

Sigma Nu; Y. M. C. A.; Student. West 
Brownsville and Brownsville, Texas. 

Doris A. Grant, 

Kappa Kap^a Gamma; Student. 215 Reagan 
St., Palestine, Texas. 

Julia Graves, 

Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Student. 
Cuero, Texas. 

Margaret Gray, 

Barb.; Student. Del Rio, Texas. 

Tina A. Grebe, 

Student. 909 S. West St., Brenham, Texas. 

Abe Greenberg, 

Student. 1906 University Ave., Austin, and 
510 N. 8th St., Waco, Texas. 

Lila Greene, 

Barbarian; Student. Douglassville, Texas. 

Gladys Gertrude Gregg, 

Student. 810 W. i2th St., Austin, Texas. 

G. C. Gregory, 

Student. 2505 Red River St., Austin, Texas. 

C. L. Griffith, 

Student; mem. Y. M. C. A. 2205 Speedway. 
Austin, and Quanah, Texas. 

Annie May Hamer, 

Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A.; Student 824 
Brazos St., Austin, Texas. 

H. Hyrtl Hammer, 

Rusk Lit. Soc.; Kane Klub; Mathematics 
Club; Student. Center, Texas. 

Minnie Hammersmith, 

Student. 2611 Baldwin St., Houston, Texas. 

Clark H. Hardison, 

Phi Kappa Psi; Y. M. C. A.; Student. 618 
N. 23d St., Corsicana, Texas. 

Mildred Lee Hardwicke, 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; Student; 
Current Litera