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Library of 

"PjL-c^^vJe/u a 6, iv^. 

DEC 2 6 1928 





The Genera of Fishes 






Chancellor-Emeritus of Stanford University 
Member of the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature 




Inheritance in Silkworms, I. Vernon Lyman Kellogg, Professor of Entomology. 
89 pp., 4 plates. 1908. Price $1.00. 

The Opisthobranchiate Mollusca of . the Branner-Agassiz Expedition to 
Brazil. Frank Mace McFarland. Professor of Histology. 105 pp., 19 plates. 
1909. Price $1.00. 

A Study of the Normal Constituents of the Potable Water of the San Fran- 
cisco Peninsula. John Pearce Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. 
70 pp., 1 map. 1910. Price 50c. 

Synopsis OF. THE True Crabs (Brachyura) of Monterey Bay, California. Frank 
Walter Weymouth. 64 pp., 14 plates. 1910. Price 50c. 

TttE cisTEOLciGY of Certain Scombroid Fishes. Edwin Chapin Starks, Assistant 
Professor of Zoology. 49 pp., 2 plates, 1 text figure. 1911. Price 50c. 

A Physical Theory of Electrification. Fernando Sanford, Professor of Physics. 
69 pp., 2 plates. 1911. Price 50c. 

The Matzke Memorial Volume. Papers by John Ernst Matzke, late Professor 
of Romanic Languages, and Thirteen Colleagues. 162 pp. 1911. Price $1.00. 

Das Historische Prasens in der Alteren Deutschen Sprache. Bruno Boe- 
zinger, Assistant Professor of Germanic Languages. 91 pp. 1912. Price 50c. 

The Effect of a Strictly Vegetable Diet on the Spontaneous Activity, the 
Rate of Growth, and the Longevity of the Albino Rat. James Rollin 
Slonaker, Assistant Professor of Physiology. 36 pp., 1 plate, 15 text figures. 

1912. Price 50c. 

Catalogue de Tous les Livres de Feu M. Chapelain. (Bibliotheque Nationale, 
Fonds Franqais, Nouv. Acq., No. 318.) Colbert Searles, Associate Professor 
of Romanic Languages. 119 pp., 2 plates. 1912. Price 75c. 

The Dudley Memorial' Volume. Papers by William Russell Dudley, late Pro- 
fessor of Botany, and Several Colleagues. 137 pp., 12 text figures, 9 plates. 

1913. Price $1.00. 

The Fishes of the Stanford Expedition to Brazil. Edwin Chapin Starks, Assist- 
ant Professor of Zoology, ll pp., 15 plates. 1913. Price 75c. 

The Birds of the Latin Poets. Ernest Whitney Martin, Associate Professor of 
Greek. 260 pp. 1914. Price $1.00. 

Acceleration in the Development of the Fossil Cephalopoda. James Perrin 
Smith, Professor of Paleontology. 30 pp., 15 plates. 1914, Price 75c. 

. A Morphological Study of Some Members of the Genus Pallavicinia. Douglas 
Houghton Campbell, Professor of Botany, and Florence Williams. 44 pp., 
23 text figures. 1914. Price. 50c. 

The Evolution of Brazil Compared with that of Spanish and Anglo-Saxon 
America. Manuel de Oliveira Lima, Minister of Brazil to Belgium. 160 
pp. 1914. Price $1.00. 

The Hemolymph Nodes of the Shzep. Arthur William Meyer, Professor of 
Anatomy. 74 pp., 1 plate, 4 colored plates. 1914. Price $1.00. 

An Introduction to the Study of the Endocrine Glands and Internal Secre- 
tions. (Lane Medical Lectures.) Sir Edward Schafcr, Regius Professor 
of Physiology in the University of Edinburgh. 94 pp., 1914. Price 75c. 

The Pronoun of Address in English Literature of the Thirteenth Century. 
Arthur Garfield Kennedy, Instructor in Enghsh Philology. 91 pp. 1915. 
Price $1.00. 

The Anoplura and Mallophaga of North American Mammals. Vernon Lyman 
Kellogg, Professor of Entomology, and Gordon Floyd Ferris. 74 pp., 18 
text figures, 8 plates. 1915. Price 75c. 

(Continued on third page of cover.) 

DEC 2 6 1928 



The Genera of Fishes 

PART 111. 





Chancellor-Emeritus of Stanford University 
Member of the international Commission of Zooloeical Nomenclature 




Stanford University 


The present memoir is the third part of a catalogue of the generic 
names appHed to fishes subsequent to January 1, 1858. With the other 
parts it is a contribution to the stability of scientific nomenclature, the 
genera being listed in order of date accompanied by the indication of the 
type species of each. 

The first part (1758 to 1833) was intended to serve as an aid to the 
International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature by bringing to- 
gether the generic names of fishes as proposed in the formative period of 
classification, together with the data by which authors who failed to con- 
form to the Linnaean system could be considered, each on his merits. I 
had at first no intention of continuing the series beyond 1833, but the data 
gathered for the first part seemed to make the compilation of the catalogue 
worth while. 

Part II covers what I have termed the mediaeval period of tax- 
onomy — from 1833 to 1858, this completing the first century of names 
in ichthyology. 

Part III represents the early modern period, dating from Darwin's 
"Origin of Species" in 1858. In this epoch most authors began to see 
that the fundamental basis of classification must be genetic and that the 
problems involved in a natural grouping are vastly more complex than ap- 
peared to the earlier authors. To paraphrase a saying of Dr. Elliott 
Coues, genera and species are but larger and smaller twigs of a tree which 
we try to arrange as nearly as possible in accordance with nature's ramifi- 

This view applied to taxonomy involved an extensive subdivision of 
accepted genera, the genus becoming a genetic conception rather than 
a convenient pigeon-hole into which to throw species. 

The effort to reform classification in Ichthyology was undertaken 
almost simultaneously by three eminent systematists. Dr. Pieter Bleeker 
of Java, Dr. Albert Giinther of the British Museum, and Dr. Theodore 
Gill of the Smithsonian Institution. Of these writers Dr. Bleeker had by 
far the greatest experience in field work, but his use of the writings of 
other authors was not discriminating, and the names he chose for genera, 
though technically correct, were largely clumsy and tasteless. Dr. 
Giinther had at his disposal a greater range of material than any other 
contemporary writer. His groupings were, however, of unequal value, 


and he was more distinctly "conservative" than either Bleeker or Gill. It 
has long been a sort of tradition in the British Museum that whatever is 
not found there probably does not exist. Dr. Gill saw more clearly than 
either of the other two the nature of the classification of the future. His 
generic names have as a rule a sound basis, the exceptions being mainly 
among those based on erroneous records of other writers. 

In addition to the large expansion of generic names among species 
already known, the years between 1858 and 1880 mark great accessions 
of knowledge of the life of the oceanic depths, a series of discoveries due 
mostly to the voyages of the Challenger and the Albatross, and made 
known in England by Dr. Giinther, and in America by Goode and Bean. 
To this period belong also the extensive studies of the fresh-water fishes 
of the United States and the marine fishes of the Eastern Pacific as con- 
ducted by Jordan and Gilbert. Most of the excellent papers of Franz 
Steindachner in Vienna, Leon Vaillant in Paris, Christian F. Liitken in 
Copenhagen, and Joseph Leidy and Edward D. Cope in Philadelphia, oc- 
cur in this period. 

I express again my obligations to Barton A. Bean of the United 
States National Museum, to Masamitsu Oshima, now Scientific Expert of 
the Fisheries Bureau at Taihoku, Formosa, and to Henry Weed Fowler 
of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia for assistance in veri- 
fying records and in examining rare publications. Dr. Louis Hussakof of 
New York, Theodore D. A. Cockerell of Boulder, Colorado, Allan R. Mc- 
Culloch, Edgar R. Waite, and J. Douglas Ogilby have also furnished 
valuable notes. I am again indebted to Mr. R. A. Nelgner of the Stanford 
University Press for his efiforts in securing accuracy and in the prepara- 
tion of the index. My obligations to Weber and de Beaufort's Index of the 
Ichthyological Papers of P. Bleeker, to Bashford Dean's Bibliography of 
Fishes, to Oliver Perry Hay's Fossil Vertebrata of North America'^ and to 
Arthur Smith Woodward's Catalogue of the Fossil Fishes in the British 
Museum have been great and constant. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Stanford University, California, 
August 10, 1919 ; Issued October 25, 1919. 




638. ANDERSON ( 1859) . (On the Fossil Fishes and Yellow Sandstone.) Dura Den. 

John Anderson. 
Glyptolasmus (Huxley) Anderson, 63; orthotype G. kinairdi Huxley (fossil). 

A synonym of Glyptopomus Ag. 
Phaneropleuron (Huxley) Anderson, 67; orthotype P. andersoni Huxley (fossil). 

639. BLEEKER (1859). Over eenige vischsoorten van dc zuidkust-wateren van 

Java. Nat. Tijdschr. Neder.-Indie, XIX, 1859, 329-352. 


Scarichthys Bleeker, 334; orthotype Scarus n^vius Blkr. 

640. BLEEKER (1859). Vischsoorten van Siain, . . . door Fr. Casfelnau. 

Nat. Tijdschr. Neder.-Indie, XX. 
PiETER Bleeker. 
Balantiocheilos Bleeker, 102; orthotype B. melanopterus Blkr. 
Morara Bleeker, 102; orthotype Cyprinus morar Ham. = Morara siamensis Blkr. 

A synonym of Aspidoparia Heckel. 
Acanthobrama, Bleeker, 102; orthotype A. simoni Blkr. 
Pseudoxiphophorus Bleeker, 102; orthotype Xiphophorus bimacul.'Vtus Steind. 

641. BLEEKER (1859). Conspectus systematis Cyprinormn. Nat. Tijdschr. 

Neder.-Indie, XX, 421-441. (In this brief synopsis no types are indicated. 

These are supplied in the Atlas, 1863.) 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Lissorhynchus Bleeker, 422; tautotype Gobio lissorhynchus Ham. Recorded 

later by Bleeker as a synonym of Garra Ham. 
Diplocheilichthys Bleeker, 423 ; orthotype Lobscheilos pleurot.enia Blkr. 
Discognathichthys Bleeker, 423 ; orthotype probably Discognathus rufus Heckel 

( = Cyprinus lamta Ham.) (not verified). Said by Bleeker to be a syno- 
nym of Garra Ham. = Discognathus Heckel. 
Barbichthys Bleeker, 424 ; orthotype B. l^vis Blkr. 
Rohitichthys Bleeker, 424 ; orthotype Labeo senegalensis Cuv. & Val. 
Chrysophekadion Bleeker, 424; orthotype Rohita chrysophekadion Blkr. = C. 

polyporos Blkr. A synonym of Morulius or of Labeo. 
Semiplotus Bleeker, 424; orthotype Cyprinus semiplotus McCl. 
Opistocheilus Bleeker, 425 ; orthotype O. propius Blkr. = Schizothorax plagiosto- 

Mus Heckel. \ synonym of Schizothorax Heckel. 
Pseudogobio Bleeker, 425 ; orthotype Gobio esocinus T. & S. 
Mrigala Bleeker, 427 ; orthotj'pe Cyprinus mrigala Ham. = M. ninensis Blkr. 

A synonym of Cirrhina Cuv. 


Achcilognathus Bleeker, 427; orthotype A. melanogaster Blkr. 

Smiliogaster Bleeker, 428 ; orthotype Leuciscus belangeri Cuv. & Val. A synonym 

of RoHTEE Sykes. 
Amblyrhynchichthys Bleeker, 430; orthotype Barbus truncatus Blkr. 
Albulichthys Bleeker, 430; orthotype Systomus albuloides Blkr. 
Tambra Bleeker, 430; orthotype Cyprinus abramioides Sykes. 
Gonoproktopterus Bleeker, 430 ; orthotype Barbus kolus Sykes. Same as Hyp- 


Hypselobarbus Bleeker, 430; orthotype H. typus Blkr. 

Hemibarbus Bleeker, 431 ; orthotype Gobio barbus T. & S. 

Rohteichthys Bleeker, 431 ; orthotype R. microlepis Blkr. 

Pseudophoxinus Bleeker, 431 ; orthotype Phoxinellus zeregi Heckel. 

Barbodes Bleeker, 431 ; orthotypiC Systomus belinka McCl. 

Anematichthys Bleeker, 431 ; orthotype Barbusa apogon Kuhl. 

Siaja Bleeker, 431 ; tautotype Capoeta siaja Blkr. 

Cyclocheilichthys Bleeker, 431 ; orthotype C. armatus Blkr. 

Pseudoculter Bleeker. 432; orthotype Culter pekinensis Basil. 

Hemiculter Bleeker, 432; orthotype Culter leucinoculus Basil. 

Chanodichthys Bleeker, 432; orthotype Leptocephalus mongolicus Basilewsky. 

Leptobarbus Bleeker, 432; orthotype Barbus hoeveni Blkr. 

Trinematichthys Bleeker, 433 ; orthotype Leuciscus trinema Blkr. A synonym 

of LuciosoMA Blkr. 
Amblypharyngodon Bleeker, 433 ; orthotype ; Cyprinus mola Ham. 
Hypophthalmichthys Bleeker 433 ; orthotype Leuciscus molitrix Cuv. & Val. 

Replaces Abramocephalus Steind. 
Devario Bleeker 433 ; tautotype Perilampus devario Ham. A synonym of Danio 

Thynnichthys Bleeker, 433; orthotype Leuciscus thynnoides Blkr. 
Sarcocheilichthys Bleeker, 435; orthotype Leuciscus variegatus T. & S. 
Pseudorasbora Bleeker, 435 ; orthotype Leuciscus parvus T. & S. 
Rasbora Bleeker, 435; tautotype Cyprinus rasbora Ham. 
Gnathopogon Bleeker, 435; orthotype CAPoiiTA elongata T. & S. Replaces 

Squalidus Dybowski and Leucogobio Gthr. 
Rasborichthys Bleeker, 435; orthotype Leuciscus helfrichi Blkr. 
Elopichthys Bleeker, 436; orthotype Leuciscus bambusa Rich. 
Shacra Bleeker, 437; tautotype Cyprinus shacra Ham. 
Bendilisis Bleeker, 437; orthotype Cyprinus bendelisis Ham. A synonym of 

Barilius Ham. 
laus (Heckel) Bleeker 438; a misprint for Idus. 
Laubuca Bleeker, 438, tautotype Cyprinus laubuca Blkr. 
Fundulichthys Bleeker, 439; orthotype Fundulus virescens T. & S. 
Macrochirichthys Bleeker, 439; orthotype M. uranoscopus Blkr. 
Hemixiphophorus Bleeker, 440; (type not named). A synonym of Gambusia 


642. BLEEKER (1859). (Palinurichthys.) Enumeratio piscium archipelago Ind. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Palinurichthys Bleeker, 22 (Nov., 1859); orthotype Coryph^na perciformis 
Mitchill. A substitute for Palinurus Dekay, preoccupied. 

BLEEKER, 1859 289 

643. BLEEKER (1859). (Pterichthyodes.) Verh. Nat. Hist. Indie, VI. 


Pterichthyodes Bleeker, xi ; orthotype Pterichthys milleri Ag. (fossil). Sub- 
stitute for Pterichthys Ag., preoccupied. 

644. BLYTH (1859). (Andamia.) Journ. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, 1858. 

Edward Blyth. 
Andamia Blyth, 270; orthotype A. expansa Blyth. 

645. FILIPPI & VERANY (1859). Sopra alcuni pesci nuovi o poco noti del 

Mediterraneo. Mem. Accad. Sci. Torino, 1859, 2. ser., XVIII. 

FiLipPO DE FiLiPPi ; J. B. Verany. 

Navarchus Filippi & Verany, XVIII, 7; orthotype N. sulcatus. FiUppi & Verany. 

A synonym of Psenes Cuv. & Val. 
Pteridium Filippi & Verany, XVIII, 11; orthotype Oligopus ater Risso. (Not 
Pteridium of Scopoli). Replaced by Verater Jordan, 1919. 

646. GILL (1859). Description of a New Generic Form of Gobiince from the 

Amazon River. Ann. Lye. Xat. Hist. X. ¥., 1858-1862, VII, 45-48. 
Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Euctenogobius Gill, 45 ; orthotype E. badius Gill. 

647. GILL (1859). Description of a New Genus of Salariance from the West Indies. 

Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila, 1859 (1860). 
Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
This and the papers which follow were printed in 1859 when probably 
extras were issued. The publication as a whole was in 1860. 
Entomacrodus Gill, 168; orthotype E. nigricans Gill. 

648. GILL (1859). Description of New South American Type of Siluroids, Allied 

to Callophysus. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1859 (1860). 
Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Pimelotopis Gill, 196; orthotype P. lateralis Gill = Callophysus macropterus. 
A synonym of Callophysus M. & T . 

649. GILL (1859). Description of a Third Genus of H emir ham phincs. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila. (1859) 1860. 
Theodore N^icholas Gill. 
Euleptorhamphus Gill, 156; orthotype E. brevoorti Gill. 

650. GILL (1859). Description of a Type of Gobioids Intermediate Between 
Gobince and Tridentigerina. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1859 (1860). 

Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Evorthodus Gill, 195; orthotype E. breviceps Gill. 

651. GILL (1859). Description of Hyporhamphus, a New Genus of Fishes Allied to 

Hemirhamphiis Cuv. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1859 (1860). 
Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Hyporhamphus Gill, 131 ; orthotype H. tricuspidatus Gill. 

652. GILL (1859). Description of New Generic Types of Cottoids, from the Col- 
lection of the North Pacific Exploring Expedition Under Com. John Rodgers. 
Proc. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1859 (1860). 

Theodore Nicholas Gill. 


Eoreocottus Gill. 165 ; orthotype B. axillaris Gill. A synonym of Myoxocephalus 

Ceratocottus Gill, 165 ; orthotype Cottus diceraus Pallas. 
Porocottus Gill, 166; logotype P. quadrifilis Gill. 

653. GILL (1859). On Dactyloscopus and Leptoscopus, Two New Genera of the 

Family of Uranoscopidce. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1859 (1860). 

Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Dactyloscopus Gill, 132; orthotype D. tridigitatus Gill. 
Leptoscopus Gill, 133 ; orthotype Uranoscopus macropygos Rich. 

654. GILL (1859). On the Genus CalHonyntus of Authors. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Phila., 1859 (1860). 
Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Synchiropus Gill, 129; orthotype Callionymus lateralis Rich. 
Dactylopus Gill, 130; orthotype Callionymus dactylopus Bennett = Dactylopus 
bennetti Gill, not Dactylopus, 1862, a genus of crustacea. Replaces Vulsus 

655. GILL ( 1859) . Notes on a Collection of Japanese Fishes, Made by Dr. J. Morrow. 

Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1859 (1860). 
Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Acanthogobius Gill, 145; orthotype Gobius flavimanus T. & S. 
Rhinogobius Gill, 145; orthotype R. similis Gill. 
Glossogobius Gill, 146; orthotype Gobius platycephalus Rich. 
Luciogobius Gill, 146 ; orthotype L. guttatus Gill. 

656. GIRARD (1859). Ichthyological Notices. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 

1858 (1859). 

Charles Frederic Girard. 

Pterognathus Girard, 57; orthotype Neoclinus satiricus Grd., hypothetical name, 

revived by Jordan & Evermann (1896). 
Myrichthys Girard, 58; orthotype M. tigrinus Grd. 
Typhlichthys Girard, 63 ; haplotype T. subterraneus Grd. 

Arlina Girard, 64 ; haplotype A. effulgens Grd. Same as Boleosoma Dekay, 1842. 
Estrella Girard, 64; orthotype E. atromaculata Grd. A synonym of Boleosoma 

Oligocephalus Girard, 67; haplotype A. lepidus Grd. 
Alvordius Girard, 68; haplotype Alvordius maculatus Grd. A section of Hadrop- 

terus Ag. 
Alvarius Girard, 101 ; haplotype A. lateralis Grd. 
Boleichthys Girard, 103 ; logotype B. exilis Grd. 
Adinia Girard, 117; haplotype A. multifasciata Grd. 
Lucania Girard, 118; haplotype Lucania venusta Grd. 

657. GIRARD (1859). Fishes. (In General Report Upon Zoology of the Several 

Pacific Railroad Routes. 1857.) 
Charles Girard. 
Nautichthys Girard, 74; orthotype Blepsias oculofasciatus Grd. 
Xiphidion Girard, 119; orthotype X. mucosum Grd. Name preoccupied as Xiphi- 

DiUM, replaced by Xiphister J. & G., 1880. 
Thaleichthys Girard, 325 ; orthotype P. stevensi Grd. = Salmo pacificus Rich. 

GIRARD, 1859 291 

Ichthyomyzon Girard, 379; logotype Petromyzon argenteus Kirtland = Ammo- 

ccETES coNCOLOR Kirtland. 
Scolecosoma Girard, 384; haplotype Ammoccetes concolor Kirtland. Larva of 

Ichthyomyzon Grd. 

658. GIRARD (1859). Notes Upon Various New Genera and New Species of 
Fishes, in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, and Collected itt 
Connection with the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey, Major 
William Emory, Commissioner. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1858 (1859), 

Charles Girard. 
Neomaenis Girard, 167 ; orthotype Lobotes emarginatus Baird & Grd.= Labrus 

Orthopristis Girard, 167 ; orthotype O. duplex Grd. = Perca chrysoptera L. 
Carangus Girard, 168; tautotype Carax carangus Guv. & Val. = Scomber 

hippos L. Same as Carangus Griffith. A synonym of Caranx Lac, as 

Doliodon Girard, 168 ; orthotype Gasterosteus carolinus L. A synonym of 

Trachinotus Lac. 
Chloroscombrus Girard, 168; logotype Seriola cos mopolita Cuv. & Val. = Scomber 

chrysurus L. 
Gobionellus Girard, 168; logotype G. hastatus Grd. 
Neoconger Girard, 171 ; orthotype N. mucronatus Grd. 
Neomuraena Girard, 171 ; orthotype N. nigromarginata Grd. A synonym of 

Mur^na L. 

658A. GRAY (1859). Description of a New Genus of Lophobranchiate Fishes 
from Western Australia. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
John Edward Gray. 
Haliichthys Gray, 38; orthotype H. t^niophorus Gray. 

659. GUNTHER (1859). Catalogue of the Acanthopterygian Fishes of the British 

Albert Gunther (1830-1914). 

Anoplogaster Giinther, I, 12; orthotype Hoplostethus cornutus Cuv. & Val. 

Percalabrax (Schlegel) Gunther, I, 71 ; orthotype Labrax japonicus J. & S. 

Trachypoma Giinther, I, 167; orthotype T. macracanthus Gthr. 

Pogonoperca Gijnther, I, 169; orthotype P. ocellata Gthr. 

Anyperodon Giinther, I, 210; orthotype Serranus leucogrammicus Cuv. & Val. 

Oligorus Giinther, I, 251 ; orthotype Grystes macquariensis Cuv. & Val. 

Odontonectes Giinther, I, 265 ; orthotype C^sio erythrogaster Kuhl & Van 

Hyperoglyphe Giinther, 1, i2i7 ; orthotype Diagramma porosa Rich. 

Synagris (Klein) Gunther, I, 2>7Z; logotype Dentex furcosus Cuv. & Val. A sec- 
tion under Nemipterus Sw., not Synagris Klein as restricted. 

Pachymetopon Gunther, I, 424; orthotype P. grandis Gthr. 

Proteracanthus Giinther, I, 426; orthotype Crenidens sarissophorus Cantor. 

Tephraeops Giinther, I, 431 ; tautotype Crenidens tephr.eops Rich. 

Gyninocrotaphus Giinther, I, 432; orthotype G. curvidens Gthr. 

Lembus Giinther, I, 505 ; orthotype L. maculatus Gthr. A synonym of Gobiomorus 
Lac. ; Philypnus Cuv. 


660. GONTHER (1859). On the Reptiles and Fishes Collected by the Rev. H. B. 
Tristram in Northern Africa. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1859, 469-474. 

Albert Gunther. 
Haligenes Gunther. 471 ; orthotype H. tristrami Gthr. A synonym of Tilapia 

661. HYRTL (1859). Anatomische Untersuchung des Clarotes (Gonocephalus) 
heuglini Kner, mit einer Abbildung und einer osteologischen Tabelle der 
Silnroiden. Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 1859, XVI. 

Carl Joseph Hyrtl. 
Notophthalmus Hyrtl, XVI, 17; orthotype Hypophthalmus marginatus Guv. & 
Val. Name preoccupied in Salamanders. A synonym of Hypophthalmus 

662. KAUP (1859). Description of a New Species of Fish, Peristethus rieffeli. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1859, pt. 27. 
JoHANN Jacob Kaup. 
Peristethus Kaup, 103; orthotype P. cataphractus. An attempt at amendment of 
Peristedion Lac. 

663. KNER (1859). Zur Fantilie der Characinen. III. Folge der Ichthyologischen 

Beitrdge. Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 1859, XVII. 

Rudolph Kner (1819-1869). 

Microdus Kner, XVIII, 151 ; orthotype Chilodus punctatus M. & T. Preoccupied, 

replaced by Cenotropus Gthr., 1864. 
Rhytiodus Kner, XVII, 165; logotype R. microlepis Kner. 

Centrophorus Kner, XVII, 167; orthotype Pareiodon microps Kner. Name pre- 
occupied in sharks. Intended as a substitute for Pareiodon, on account of 
an earlier genus, Parodon, of different etymology. 
Bryconops Kner XVII, 179; logotype B. alburnoides Kner. 

664. LEIDY (1859). Some Remains of Cartilaginous Fishes Discovered by Dr. 
F. V. Hayden and F. B. Meek in the Carboniferous Formations of Kansas. 
Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1859 (1860), 3. 

Joseph Leidy. 
Xystracanthus Leidy, 3; orthotype X. arcuatus Leidy (fossil). 

665. PICTET (1859). Description des fossiles du terrain Neocomien des Voirons. 

Geneve, 1859, 1-54. 

Francois Jules Pictet; Percival de Loriol. 

Spathodactylus Pictet & Loriol, III, 2; orthotype S. neocomiensis Pictet (fossil). 

Crossognathus Pictet & Loriol, III, 27; orthotype C. sabaudianus Pictet (fossil). 

666. RATH (1859). Beitrag zur Kenntniss der fossilen Fische des Plattenberges 

im Canton Glarus. Zeitschr. Deutsch. Geol. Ges., 1859, II, 108-132. 

J. J. Gerhard vom Rath (1830-1888). 

Archaeoides Rath, 112; orthotype A. i,ongicost.\tus Rath (fossil). A synonym 

of Arch.!eus. 
Thyrsitocephalus Rath, XI, 114; orthotype T. alpinus Rath (fossil). 
Palaeogadus Rath, XI, 126, orthotype P. troscheli Rath (fossil). A synonym of 

of Nemoptervx. 
Palaeobrosmius Rath, XI, 130; orthotype P. elongatus Rath (fossil). A synonym 
of Nemoptervx Ag. 


667. STEINDACHNER (1859). Beitrdge zur Kenntniss der fossilen Fischfauna 

Oesterreichs. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, math.-nat. CI., 1859, XXXVII, 673-701. 

Franz Steindachner (1834- ). 

This is the first of a very long series of papers mostly dealing with 

individual species and with unusual accuracy. All these papers are illustrated 

by excellent figures. 

Scorpaenopterus Steindachner, XXXVII. 694; orthotype S. siluridens Steind. 

Aipichthys Steindachner, XXVIII, 763; orthotype A. pretiosus Steind. (fossil). 


668. AYRES (1860). On New Fishes of the California Coast. Proc. Cal. Acad. 

Sci., II, 1861. 

William O. Ayres. 

Halias Ayres, II, 52; orthotype Brosmius marginatus Ayres. Name preoccupied 

in butterflies; replaced by Brosmophycis Gill. 
Seriphus Ayres, II, 80; orthotype S. politus Ayres. 
Camarina Ayres, 81 ; orthotype C. nigricans Ayres. A synonym ot Girella Gray. 

669. BLEEKER (1860). Over eenigc vischsoorten van de Kaaf> de Goede Hoop. 

Nat. Tijdschr. Neder.-Indie, XXI, 1860, 49-80. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Pagrichthys Bleeker, XXI, 60; orthotype P. castelnaui Blkr. 

670. BLEEKER (1860). Zesde bijdrage tot de kennis der vischfatina van Japan. 

Act. Soc. Sci. Indo-Neerl.. VIII. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Pseudobagrus Bleeker, 87; orthotype Bagrus aurantiacus Schlegel. 
Salangichthys Bleeker, 101 ; orthotype Salanx microdon Blkr. 

671. BLEEKER (1860). Achtste bijdrage tot de kennis der vischfatina van Sumatra. 
Visscken van Benkoelen, Priaman, Tandjong,Palembang en Djambi. .\ct. Soc. 
Sci. Indo-Neerl.. VIII, 1860. 1-88. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Cossyphodes Bleeker, 2i7 ; orthotype Labrus macrodon Lac. A synonym of 

Chcerodon Blkr. 
Lais Bleeker, 46; orthotype L. hexanema Blkr. Name preoccupied by Lais Gistel, 

1848, VIII, a substitute for Cynthia, preoccupied as a genus of Tunicates ; 

replaceable by Laides Jordan, new name. 
Silurodes Bleeker, 47; orthotype S. hypophthalmus Blkr. 
Bagrichthys Bleeker, 54; orthotype Bagrus hypselopterus Blkr. 

672. BLEEKER (1860). Negende bijdrage tot de kennis der vischfauna van 
Sumatra. Visschen nit de Leviatang-Enim en van Benkoelen. Act. Soc. Sci. 
Indo-Neerl., VIII, 1860, 1-12. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Akysis Bleeker, 234; orthotype Pimelodus variegatus Blkr. 

673. BLEEKER (1860). Dertiende bijdrage tot de kennis der vischfauna van 
Borneo. Act. Soc. Sci. Indo-Neerl., VIII, 1860, 1-64. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Trypauchenichthys Bleeker, XIII, 63; orthotype T. typus Blkr. 


674. BLEEKER (1860). Elfde bijdrage tot de kennis der vischfauna van Amboina. 

Act. Soc. Sci. Indo-Neerl., VIII, 1860, 1-14. 


Scopelosaurus Bleeker, XI, 12; orthotype H. hoedti Blkr. 

675. BLEEKER (1860). Dertiende bijdrage tot dc kennis der vischfauna van 
Celebes. Visschcn van Bonthain, Badjoa, Sindjai, Lagoesi en Pompenoea. 
Act. Soc. Sci. Indo-Neerl., VIII, 1860, 1-60. 

PiETER Bleeker. 
Soleichthys Bleeker, 14; orthotype S. heterorhinos Blkr. 
Macolor Bleeker, 25 ; orthotype Diacope macolor Cuv. & Val. = Macolor typus 

Blkr ; replaces Proamblys Gill. 
Oxyurichthys Bleeker, 44; orthotype Gobius belosso Blkr. 

676. BLEEKER (1860). Ordo Cyprini: Karpcrs. Nat. Tijdschr. Neder.-Indie, 

VII, 1-492. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Girardinichthys Bleeker, 481 ; orthotype G. innominatus Blkr. Replaces Limnur- 
GUS Gthr. 

677. BLYTH (1860). On Some Fishes from the Sitang and Tributary Streams. 

Journ. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, XXIX, 138-174. 

Edward Blyth. 

Bogota Blyth, 139; orthotype B. infuscata Blyth. Apparently the young of 

Priacanthus Cuv., not Bogoda Blkr. 
Sciaenoides Blyth, 139; logotype S. biauritus Blyth (Jan., 1860). Same as Collich- 

THYs Gthr., June, 1860, but preoccupied by the tentative name Sci^noides 

Rich., 1843. 
Microzeus Blyth, XIX, 142; orthotype M. armatus Blyth. 
Batasio Blyth, XXIX, 148; tautotype Pimelodus batasio Ham.; replaces Gagata 

Hara Blyth, 152; tautotype Pimelodus hara Ham. (H. buchanani Blyth). A 

synonym of Erethistes M. & T. 
Pseudecheneis Blyth, XXIX, 154; orthotype Glyptosternon sulcatus McCl. 
Glyptothorax Blyth, XXIX, 154; orthotype G. trilineatus Blyth. A synonym of 

Glyptosternon McCl. 
Exostoma Blyth, XXIX, 155; orthotype E. bermorei Blyth. 

Syncrossus Blyth, 166; logotype S. berdmorei Blyth. A synonym of Botia Gray. 
Prostheacanthus Blyth, 167; orthotype P. spectabilis Blyth. A synonym of 

AcANTHOPSis Van Hasselt. 
Pangio Blyth, 169; orthotype Cobitis pangia Ham. A synonym of Acanthoph- 

THALMUS Van Hasselt, as restricted by Bleeker. 
Apua Blyth, 169; orthotype A. fusca Blyth. 

678. CANESTRINI (1860). Zur Systematik der Percoiden. Verb. Zool. Bot. Ver. 

Wien, X. 
Giovanni Canestrini (1835- ). 
Datnioides (Brisout de Barneville) Canestrini, 305; orthotype not named; teeth 
on vomer, none on pelatines ; not Datiniodes Blkr., 1853. Apparently a syno- 
nym of Therapon Cuv. 
Apostata (Heckel) Canestrini, 309; orthotype A. calcarifer Heckel = Conodon 
NOBiLis (L.). A synonym of Conodon Cuv. & Val., 1830. 

CANESTRINI, 1860 295 

Asproperca (Heckel) Canestrini, 309; orthotype A. zebra Heckel, A synonym oi 
Percina Haldeman. 

679, 680. CANESTRINI (1860). (Fishes.) Verb. Akad. Wiss. Wien. 

Giovanni Canestrini. 
Sphaerichthys Canestrini, X, 707 ; orthotype S. osphromenoides Canestrini. 
Trichopsis (Kner) Canestrini. X, 708; orthotype T. striatus BIkr. A synonym 

of Ctenops McCl. 

681. COQUAND ( 1860) . Description de la geologie du departement de Charente. II. 

H. Coquand. 
Orthodon Coquand, II, 126; orthotype O. condamyi (fossil). Name preoccupied 
in Cyprinid/E ; an ally of Thyellina. 

682. EGERTON (1860). (Fossil Fishes.) Rept. British Association for 1859 (1860). 

Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton. 
Brachyacanthus Egerton, 116; orthotype B. scutiger Egert. (fossil). A synonym 
of Climatius Ag. 

683. EICHWALD (1860). Lethcra Rossica ou paleontologie de la Russie decrite 

et iiguree. Stuttgart. Pisces. Vol. I. 
Karl Eduard von Eichwald. 
Aulacosteus Eichwald, I, 1548; logotype A. cochleariformis Eichw. (fossil); 
repeated from a Russian paper of 1846. A synonym of Ptyctodus Pander 
(1858) and originally of prior date. 
Homacanthus Eichwald, I, 1601; orthotype H. triangularis Eichw. (fossil). Re- 
garded as a synonym of Calododus Ag. ; name preoccupied by Agassiz. 

684. GILL (1860). Notes on the Nomenclature of North American Fishes. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Pbila., Vol. XI, for 1860 (printed as a whole in 1861). 

Theodore Gill. 
Astroscopus (Brevoort) Gill, 20; orthotype Uranoscopus anoplos Cuv. & Val. 

(young of U. y-gr^cum Cuv. & Val). 
Palinurichthys Gill, 20 (Jan., 1860) ; orthotype Coryph^na perciformis Mitchill. 

Substitute for Palinurus, preoccupied. A synonym of Palinurichthys 

Blkr, 1859. 
Leptoblennius Gill, 21 ; orthotype Blennius serpentinus Storer. 

685. GILL (1860). Conspectus piscium in cvpeditione ad oceanum paciUcum 
Septentrionalem. . . . Stimpson collectorum : Sicydiance. Proc. Acad. Nat. 
Sci. Phila., 1860, 100-102. 

Theodore Gill. 
Sicyopterus Gill, 101 ; orthotype S. stimpsoni Gill. 

Sicyogaster Gill, 102 ; orthotype S. concolor Gill. Preoccupied, replaced by Len- 
tipes Gthr. 

686. GILL (1860). Monograph of the Genus Labrosomus Sw. Proc. Nat. Sci. 

Phila., 1860, 102-108. 
Theodore Gill. 
Malacoctenus Gill, 103 ; orthotype Clinus delalandi Cuv. & Val. 
Gobioclinus Gill, 103 ; orthotype Clinus gobio Cuv. & Val. 
Bleimioclinus Gill, 103 ; orthotype Clinus brachycepualus Cuv. & Val. 


Auchenionchus Gill, 103; orthotype Clinus variolosus Cuv. & Val. Misprinted 

Calliclinus Gill, 103; orthotype Clinus geniguttatus. 
Ophioblennius Gill, 103 ; orthotype Blennophis webbi Val. Substitute for Blen- 

NOPHis Val., preoccupied. 
Ophthalmolophus Gill, 104; orthotype Clinus latipinnis Cuv. & Val. 

687. GILL (1860). Monograph of the Gemts Labrax of Cuvier. Proc. Acad. Nat. 

Sci. Phila., 1860, 108-120. 
Theodore Gill. 
Dicentrarchus Gill, 109; orthotype Perca elongata St. Hilaire = Perca labrax L. 
Same as Labrax (Klein) Cuv., 1817, not Labrax Pallas, 1811. 

688. GUICHENOT (1860). Notice sitr un nonveau poisson du genre des Tricho- 

myctcres. Rev. Mag. Zool., 2d ser., XIL 
Alphonse Guichenot. 
Astemomycterus Guichenot, XH, 525; orthotype A. pusillus Guich. 

689. GUICHENOT (1860). Notice sur un nouveau poisson du groupe Ctenolabres 

(Labrastrum). Rev. Mag. Zool.. 2d ser., XII. 
Alphonse Guichenot. 
Labrastrum Guichenot, XII, 152; orthotype (Ctenolabrus flagellifer Cuv. & Val. 
A synonym of Duym^ria Blkr. 

690. GUNTHER (1860). Catalogue of the Fishes of the British Museum. II. 

Albert Gunther. 
Atypus Gunther, II, 64; orthotype A. strigatus Gthr. Name preoccupied in spiders; 

replaced by Atypichthys Gthr., 1862. 
Agrammus Gunther, II, 94; orthotype Labrax agrammus T. & S. 
Glyptauchen GiJnther, II, 121; orthotype Apistus panduratus Rich. 
Centropogon Giinther, II, 128; logotype Cottus australis White. 
Pentaroge Gunther, II, 132; orthotype Apistus marmoratus Cuv. & Val. A 

synonym of Gymnapistes Sw. 
Tetraroge Giinther, II, 132; logotype Apistus barbatus Cuv. & Val. 
Polycaulus Giinther, II, 175; orthotype Synanceia elongata Cuv. & Val. 
Ptyonotus Gunther, II, 175; orthotype Triglopsis thompsoni Grd. Needlessly 

proposed as a substitute for Triglopsis on account of the earlier Triglops. 
Lepidotrigla Giinther, II, 196; logotype Trigla aspera Cuv. & VaL = Trigla 

cavillone Lac. 
Agnus Gimther, II, 229; orthotype Uranoscopus anoplos Cuv. & Val. A synonym 

of Astroscopus Gill. 
Anema Giinther, 229; logotype as restricted by Gill, 1861, Uranoscopus anoplus 

Cuv. & Val. A synonym of Astroscopus Brevoort. 
Kathetostoma Giinther, 231 ; orthotype Uranoscopus l^evis B1. & Schn. Some- 
times spelled Cathetostoma. 
Epicopus Giinther, 248 ; orthotype Merlus gayi Guich. A synonym of Merluccius 

Platystethus Giinther, II, 301; orthotype Sci^ena cultrata Forster; preoccupied; 

replaced by Bathvstethus Gill, 1893. 
CoUichthys Giinther, II, 312; orthotype Sci^na lucida Rich. Same as Sci^noides 

Blyth, not of Richardson. 
Pentanemus (Artedi) Gunther, 330; orthotype Polynemus quinquarius L. 

HOLBROOK, 1860 297 

Galeoides Giinther, II, 332; orthotype Polynemus polydactylus Vahl. 

Dicrotus Giinther, II, 349; orthotype D. arm at us Gthr. 

Hypsiptera Gunther, II, 386; orthotype H. argentea Gthr. A larva related to 

Gaidropsarus Raf. 
Neptomenus Gunther, II, 389; orthotype N. brama Gthr. 
Pammelas Gunther, II, 485 (June) ; orthotype Coryph.^iNa perciformis Mitchill. 

Substitute for Palinurus Dekay, preoccupied. A synonym of Palinurich- 

THYs BIkr., 1859. 

691. HOLBROOK (1860). Ichthyology of South Carolina. (Second edition; the 

first, in 1855, destroyed by fire.) 
John Edwards Holbrook. 
(See No. 536, 1855.) 

692. KAUP (1860). Neue aaliihnliche Fischc dcs Hamburger Museums. Abb. 

Naturw. Verein Hamburg, 1859 (1860), IV, Abth. 2. 

JoHANN Jacob Kaup. 

Gnathophis Kaup, 7; orthotype G. heterognwthus Kaup. (An ally of Congermu- 

r.-ena habenata). Corresponds to Congermur.ena as restricted by Ogilby, 

not of Bleeker. 

Tasnicphis Kaup, 10; orthotype T. westphali Kaup. A synonym of Gymno- 


Cryptcpterus Kaup, 11; orthotype C. puncticeps Kaup. Probably a synonym of 

Ophichthys. Name preoccupied. 
Crotalopis Kaup, 12; orthotype C. punctifer Kaup. 
Echiopsis Kaup. 13 ; orthotype Ophisurus intertinctus Rich. .X synonym of 

Crotalopsis Kaup. 
Hoplunnis Kaup, 19; orthotype H. schmidti Kaup. 
Priodoncphis Kaup, 22; orthotype Gy.mnothorax ocellatus Ag. 

693. KAUP (1860). Hoplarchus, ncties Genus der Familie Labridce. Arch. 

Naturg., 1860, XXVI, pt. I. 
JoHANN Jacob Kaup. 
Hoplarchus Kaup. 128; orthotype H. pentacanthus Kaup. A synonym of Cich- 
laurus Sw. — (Heros Heckel). 

694. KAUP (1860). On Some Nezv Genera and Speeies of Fishes Collected by 
Doctors Kerferstein and Heckel at Messina. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., VI, 270-273. 

JoHANN Jacob Kaup. 
Stomiasunculus Kaup, V, 270; orthotype S. barbatus Kaup. A larva, allied to 

Porobronchus Kaup, V, 272; orthotype P. linearis Kaup. A larva of Carapus 


695. KAUP (1860). Ueber die Chccfodontida: Wicgm. Archiv. Naturg., XXVL 

pt. I, 133-156. 
JoHANN Jacob Kaup. 
Citharoedus Kaup, 136; logotype Ch^todon ornatissimus Solander. 
Coradion Kaup. 137 ; orthotype Ch.etodon chrysozonus Kuhl & Van Hasselt. 
Eteira Kaup, XXVI, 137; orthotype Ch.etodon triangularis Riippell. A synonym 

of Megaprotodon Guich. 
Linophora Kaup, 137; orthotype Ch^todon auriga Forskal. 


Centropyge Kaup, XXVI, 140; orthotype C. tibicen Kaup. A synonym of Hola- 

Therapaina Kaup, 140; orthotype Ch^todon strigatus (Langsdorff) Cuv. & Val. 

A synonym of Micracanthus Sw. 

696. KNER (1860). Ueber Belonesox belicanns, etc. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, XL. 

Rudolph Kner. 
Belonesox Kner, XL, 419; orthotype B. belizanus Kner. 

697. KNER (1860). Ueber einige noch unbeschriebene Fische. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. 

Wien, XXXIX. 
Rudolf Knek. 
Centropus Kner, XXXIX, 531 ; orthotype C. staurophorus Kner. Name pre- 
occupied. A synonym of Amphiprionichthys Blkr. 
Trichopsis attributed to Kner. A synonym of Osphronemus Lac. Seems to be a 
slip of the pen for Trichopus. 

698. MARCK (1860). (Fossile Fische.) Verb. Nat. Ver. Preuss-Rhein. Westph. 


Palaeoscyllium von der Marck, 47; orthotype P. decheni Marck (fossil). Name 
only, described in Palccontographica, XI, 67, 1863. Name preoccupied. An 
ally of Thyellina. 

699. MOLIN (1860). Primitivcp Musei Archigyninasii Patavini (Pisces fossiles).' 

Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, XL. 
Raffaele Molin. 
Protogaleus Molin, XL, 585; orthotype P. cuvieri Molin (fossil). An ally or 
synonym of Scoliodon M. & H. 

700. PANDER (1860). Ueber die Saurodit>terinen, Dcndrodipterinen, Glyptolepi- 
■ den und Cheirolepiden dcs dcvonischen Systems. St. Petersb., IX. 

Christian Heinrich Pander. 
Polyplacodus Pander, 28; orthotype P. incurvus Pander (not of Duff) = 
P. wenjukowi Rohon (fossil). A synonym of Cricodus Ag. 

701. PLIENINGER (1860). (Xystrodus.) Neues Jahrbuch. 
WiLHELM Heinrich Theodor von Plieninger. 
Xystrodus Plieninger, 695; orthotype X. finitimus Plieninger. 

702. POEY (1860). Feces Ciegos de la Isla de la Cuba. Memorias de Cuba, II. 

July, 1860. 
Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Lucifuga Poey, II, 95; orthotype L. subterraneus Poey. 

703. POEY (1860). Poissons de Cuba: Espcces nouvellcs. In Memorias sobre la 

historia natural de la Isla de Cuba, etc. II, 115-356. 
Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Dinemus Poey, II, 107, 161 ; orthotype D. venustus Poey. A synonym of Poly- 
mi. xi a, Lowe. 
Monoprion Poey, II, 123; orthotype M. maculatus Poey. A synonym of Apogon 

Lac, Amia Gronow. 
Verilus Poey, II, 124; orthotype V. sordius Poey. 
Latebrus Poey, II, 168; orthotype L. oculatus Poey. 

sucKLEY, 1860 299 

Inermia Poe^-, II, 193 ; orthotype I. vittata Poey. An ally of Emmelichthys 

Furcaria Poey, II, 194; orthotype F. puncta Poey. An ally or subgenus of Chro- 


Sphyraenops Poey, II, 249; orthotype S. bairdianus Poey. 

Joturus Poey, 263 ; orthotype J. pichardi Poey. 

Erotelis Poey, II, 273; orthotype E. valenciennesi Poey = Eleotris smaragdus 

Cuv. & Val. 
Chonophorus Poey, II, 274; orthotype C.bucculentus Poey = Gobius banana 

Cuv. & Val., probably = Gobius taiasica Lichtenstein. Replaces Awaous 

Steind. of the same year but a few days later. 
Smaragdus Poey, II, 279; orthotype Gobius smaragdus Cuv. & Val. = Smaragdus 

valenciennesi Poey. A synonym of Gobionellus Grd. 
Trifarcius Poey, II, 305; orthotype T. riverendi Poey. A synonym of Cyprinodon 

Rivulus Poey, II, 307; orthotype R. cylxndraceus Poey. 
Sardinia Poey, II, 311 ; orthotype S. pseudohispanica Poey (not of Jordan & Ever- 

mann, which is Sardinella anchovia Cuv. & Val.). Same as Sardina 

Antipa, which it replaces unless it be regarded as preoccupied by Sardinius 

von der Marck. 
Pontinus Poey, II, 172; logotype P. castor Poey. 

704. SUCKLEY (1860). Report of the Fishes Collected on the Survey (U. S. 
Pacific R. R.J. Report on the Salmonid.^. (Also in several other papers.) 

George Suckley (1830- ). 
Oncorhynchus Suckley, 312; orthotype (male of) Salmo scouleri Rich. = Salmo 
gorbuscha Walbaum. (The males of the Pacific salmon taken as a genus 
distinct from the females.) 

705. STEINDACHNER (1860). Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Gobioiden. Sitzb. 

Math. Naturw. Classe Wien., XLII. 
Franz Steindachner 

Cyclogobius Steindachner, XLII, 284; orthotype Gobius lepidus Grd. A synonym 
of Lepidogobius Gill. 

Awaous Steindachner, XLII, 289; type (after "les Awaous" Cuv. & Val.; Gobius 
ocELLARis Cuv. & Val. from Hawaii) "Gobius (Awaous Val.) literatus 
Heckel," from the Philippines, is the only species named except for the refer- 
ence to Valenciennes. The name is a latinization of "les Awaous". Awaous 
is a synonym of Chonophorus Poey. As Awaous was first used as a 
scientific name (as a subgenus of Gobius) in an article presented on July 12, 
1860, it is probable that Chonophorus Poey, issued in July, 1860, has actual 

Oplopomus (Ehrenberg) Steindachner, XLII, 290; orthotype Oplopomus pulcher 
Ehrenb. = Gobius oplopomus Cuv. & Val. (XII, 66). Not Oplopoma Grd., 
1856. Same as Centrogobius Blkr. (1874). 

Gobiopsis Steindachner, XLII, 291 ; orthotype Gobius macrostomus Heckel. Very 
close to Waitea Jordan, 1906. 

706. TROSCHEL (1860). Leptopterygius, neue Gattung der Discoboli. Arch. 

Naturg. XXVI, 1. 
Franz Hermann Troschel. 


Leptopterygius Troschel, XXVI, 205; orthotype L. coccoi Troschel. A synonym 
of GouANiA Nardo = Rupisuga Sw. 

707. WAGNER (1860). Fossile Fisclie atis einem nencntdcckten Lager in Sud- 

bayerischem Tertidrgebirge. Siidbayer. Akad., I, 1860. 
Andreas Wagner. 
Alosina Wagner, 54; orthotype A. salmonea Wagner (fossil). 

708. WAGNER (1860). Die Griff elzdhner (Stylodontes) eine neiie aufgestellte 
Familie . . . der rautenschuppige Ganoiden. Gelehrte Anz. Bayer. Akad. 
Wiss., L. 

Andreas Wagner. 
Homoeolepis Wagner, 92; orthotype FI. drosera Wagner (fossil). A synonym of 

Tetragonolepis Bronn. 
Heterostichus Wagner, 93; orthotype Heterostichus latus Wagner (fossil). 

Name preoccupied; replaced by Heterostrophus Wagner, 1863. 

709. WAGNER (1860). Zur Charakteristik der Gattungen Sauropsis iind Pachy- 

cormus, etc. Gelehrte Anz. Bayer. Akad. Wiss., L. 
Andreas Wagner. 
Hypsocormus Wagner, 214; orthotype H. insignis Wagner (fossil). 
Euthyonotus Wagner, 214; orthotype E micropodius Ag. (fossil) (Esox incog- 
nitus Blainv.). 


710. AGASSIZ, A. (1861). Notes on the Described Species of Holconoti Found 
on the Western Coast of North America. Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., 1861, 
VIII, 122-134. 

Alexander Agassiz (1835-1910). 
Sargosomus (Agassiz) Alex. Agassiz, 128; orthotype S. fluviatilis Agassiz = 

Hysterocarpus traski Gibbons. A synonym of Hysterocarpus Gibbons. 
Metrogaster (Agassiz) Alex. Agassiz, VIII, 128; orthotype Cymatogaster aggrega- 

sus Gibbons. A synonym of Cymatogaster Gibbons. 
Bramopsis (Agassiz) Alex. Agassiz, VIII, 132; orthotype B. mento Agassiz = 

Hyperprosopon argenteus Gibbons. A synonym of Hyperprosopon. 
Taeniotoca Alexander Agassiz, VIII, 133 ; orthotype Embiotoca lateralis Agassiz. 
Hypsurus Alexander Agassiz, VIII, 133; orthotype Embiotoca caryi Agassiz. 

711. BLEEKER (1861). lets over dc geslachten der Scaroiden en hiinne Indisch- 

archipelagische soorten. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, XII. 1861, 228-244. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Pseudodax Bleeker, 229; orthotype Odax moluccanus Cuv. & Val. 
Callyodontichthys Bleeker, 230; orthotype Scarus flavescens Blkr. (not of Bloch & 

Pseudoscarus Bleeker, 231 ; logotype P. microrhinos Blkr. 

712. BLEEKER (1861). (Labridce.) Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1861. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Ophthalmolepis Bleeker, 413; orthotype Julis lineolatus Cuv. & Val. 

713. BLEEKER (1861). Zesde bijdrage tot de kennis der vischfauna van Timor. 
Nat. Tijdschr. Neder.-Indie, XXII, 1861, 247-261. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Oxymetopon Bleeker, VI, 12; orthotype O. typus Blkr. 

BLEEKER, 1861 301 

714. BLEEKER (1861). Notice stir le genre Trachinus et ses especes. Ann. Sci. 

Nat., XVI; reprinted in 1862. 


Echiichthys Bleeker, 379 ; orthotype E. vipera Blkr. 
Pseudotrachinus Bleeker, 379; orthotype P. radiatus Blkr. 

715. CASTELNAU (1861) Memoire sur les poissons de I'Afrique Australe. 

Paris, VII. 
Franqois Laporte de Castelnau. 
Boopsidea Castelnau, 25; orthotype. B. inornata Castelnau. 
Ichthyorhamphos Castelnau, 35; orthotype I. pappei Castelnau. A synonym of 

Sandelia Castelnau, 36; orthotype S. bainsi Castelnau. A synonym of Spiro- 


Stromatoidea Castelnau 44; orthotype S. layardi Castelnau, not Stromateoides 

Blkr., 1851. 
Gnathendalia Castelnau. 57 ; ortliotype G. vulnerata Castelnau. 
Hydrocyonoides Castelnau, 66; orthotype H. cuvieri Castelnau; a synonym of 

Algoa Castelnau, 69 ; orthotype A. viridis Castelnau. 
Athaena Castelnau, 72; orthotype h. fasciata Castelnau. 
Aledon Castelnau, 75; orthotype A. storeri Castelnau. A synonym of Mola. 

716. COSTA (1861). (Fossil Fishes.): Palconiologia Regno Napoli. III. 

Oronzio Gabriele Costa. 
Centropterus Costa, III. 123; orthotype C. livtdus Costa (fossil). An ally of 
Etmopterus Raf. 

717. EGERTON (1861). Description of Tristichopterus, Acanthodes, Climatius, 
etc. (In Figures and Descriptions of British Organic Remains.) Mem. Geol. 
Surv., 1861. 

Philie de Malpas Grey Egerton. 

Holophagus Egerton, X. 19; orthotype H. gula Egert. (fossil). A synonym of 
Undina Miinster. 

Tristichopterus Egerton, 51; orthotype T. alatus Egert. (fossil). 

718. FILIPPI (1861). Note Zoologischc. Arch. Zool. Anat. Fisiol., I. 


Lebistes Filippi, I, '69; orthotype L. pceciloides Filippi. 

719. GILL (1861). Catalogue of the Fishes of the Eastern Coast of North America, 
from Greenland to Georgia. Issued as a supplement to the Proc. Acad. Nat. 
Sci. Phila., 1861, and dated February, 1861. 

Theodore Gill. 
In this paper numerous new generic names are introduced in connection 
with the type species, the genera being defined later. Under present usage, these 
names date from the indication of the type species. No question of priority 
is here concerned except with Reinhardtius Gill, called Platysomatichthys 
by Bleeker in 1862, before Reinhardtius was defined, and Hypsoblennius 
Gill, called Isesthes by Jordan & Gilbert, 1881, before a definition of Hypso- 
blennius was published. 


Note. The most of the many new genera, indicated by American authors 
from 1860 to 1875, occur in the proceedings of scientific societies in Phila- 
delphia, New York and Boston, and especially in those of the Academy of 
Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. The bound volumes of these proceedings 
were issued in the year subsequent to the reading of the papers, as for 
example that of 1861 in 1862. But separate copies of most of these papers 
were issued in the date year. In this record, the papers are credited to the 
date year. In the few cases in which questions of priority are involved, 
I have tried to secure the exact dates concerned. 

Uranoblepus 5 ; orthotype (not named) Synanceia elongata Cuv. & Val. A sub- 
stitute for Trachicephalus Sw., preoccupied. A synonym of Polycaulus 
Gthr., 1860. 

Ctenolucius Gill, 8 ; orthotype not named = Luciocharax insculptus Steind. It 
is described as an ally of Xiphostoma, a South American Characin, identical 
with Luciocharax Steind., 1876, which name it should replace. 

Triloburus Gill, 30 ; orthotype Perca trifurca L. = P. philadelphica L. A section 
of Centropristes Cuv. 

Promicropterus Gill, 31 ; orthotype Rypticus maculatus Holbrook = Bodianus 
BiSTRispiNus Mitchill. 

Anisotremus Gill, 32 ; orthotype Pristipoma rodo Cuv. & Val. = Sparus vir- 


Bairdiella Gill, 33 ; orthotype Bodianus argyroleucus Mitchill = Dipterodon 

chrysurus Lac. 
Palinurichthys Gill, 34; orthotype Palinurus perciformis Storer. Substitute for 

Palinurus, preoccupied; a synonym of Palinurichthys Blkr., 1860. 
Poronotus Gill, 35; orthotype Rhombus triacanthus Storer. 
Lepturus (Artedi) Gill, 35; orthotype Trichiurus lepturus L. A revival of a 

pre-Linnaean name. A synonym of Trichiurus L. 
Blepharicthys Gill, 36; orthotype Zeus crinitus Mitchill. A substitute for 

Blepharis Cuv., preoccupied. A synonym of Alectis Raf. 
Solenostomus (Gronow) Gill, 38; orthotype Fistularia tabacaria L. A synonym 

of Fistularia L. 
Pygosteus (Brevoort) Gill, 39; orthotype Gasterosteus occidentals Cuv. & Val. 

Val. = G. PUNGiTius L. 
Trichidion (Klein) Gill, 40; logotype Polynemus virginicus L. A revival of a 

pre-Linnasan name. A synonym of Polynemus L. 
Argyrotaenia Gill, 40; orthotype Ammodytes vittatus Storer. A synonym of 

Ammodytes L. 
Oncocottus Gill, 42; orthotype Cottus hexacornis Storer = Cottus quadricornis 

Rich. Misprinted OnchocoTTUS. 
Hypleurochilus Gill, 44; logotype Blennius multifilis Grd. = Blennius gemi- 

natus Wood. 
Dormitator Gill, 44; orthotype Eleotris somnolentus Grd. = Sci^na maculata 

Hypsoblennius Gill, 44; orthotype Blennius hentz Le Sueur (no description of 

genus). Replaces Isesthes J. & G. 
Leptoblennius Gill, 44; orthotype Blennius serpentinus Storer. 
Centroblennius Gill, 45; logotype Lumpenus nubilus Rich. 
Leptoclinus Gill, 45; orthotype Lumpenus aculeatus Reinh. 
Reinhardtius Gill, 50; orthotype Pleuronectes cynoglossus Fabricius, not of L.= 

GILL, 1861 303 

Pleuronectes hippoglossoides Walbaum. Replaces Platysomatichthys Blkr., 
Chaenopsetta Gill, SO; orthotype Platessa oblonga Storer. A synonym of Para- 

Drepanopsetta Gill, 50; orthotype Pleuronectes platessoides Fabricius. A syno- 
nym of Hippoglossoides Gottsche. 
Myzopsetta Gill, 51 ; orthotype Platessa ferruginea Storer. A synonym of 

LiMANDA Gottsche. 
Lophopsetta Gill, 51 ; orthotype Pleuronectes maculatus Mitchill. 
Glossichthys Gill, 51; orthotype Pleuronectes plagusia L. A synonym of Sym- 

PHURUs Raf. 
Trachinocephalus Gill, 53 ; orthotype Saurus myops Guv. & Val. 
Alausella Gill, 54 ; orthotype Clupea parvula Mitchill. A synonym of Pomolobus 

Opisthonema Gill, 54; orthotype "O. thrissa Gill" (not Clupea thrissa Osbeck) = 

Megalops oglina Le Sueur. 
Brevoortia Gill, 55; orthotype Alosa menhaden Storer = Clupea tyrannus 

Conorhynchus (Nozemann) Gill, 55; orthotype Butyrinus valpes Storer (Albuta 

valpes). Revival of a pre-Linnsean name, 1757; a synonym of Albula 

Isognatha (Dekay) Gill, 56; orthotype Anguilla oceanica Storer = Mur^na 

conger L. a synonym of Leptocephalus Gronow = Conger Cuv. 
Ariopsis Gill, 56; orthotype Arius milberti = Silurus felis L. A synonym of 

Hexanematichthys Blkr., 1858. 
Ceratacanthus Gill. 57; orthotype Mon.\canthus aurantiacus. 
Aprionodon Gill, 59; orthotype Squalus punctatus Mitchill. A substitute for 

Aprion; preocupied in fishes. 
Cestracion (Klein) Gill, 59; orthotype Squalus zyg^na L. A synonym of 

Sphyrna Raf. 
Eugomphodus Gill, 60 ; oriliotype Carcharias griseus Storer. A section under 

Odontaspis Agassiz = Carcharias Raf. 
Narcacion (Klein) Gill. 61; orthotype (Raja torpedo L.). A revival of a pre- 

Linnsean name ; same as Torpedo Dum. 

720. GILL (1861). Synopsis of the Subfamily of Clupeince, etc. Proc. Acad. Nat. 

Sci. Phila., 1861. 

Theodore Gill. 

Alausella Gill, 36; orthotype Clupea parvula Mitchill, the young of some species of 

Pomolobus, perhaps P. mediocris (repeated from Catalogue Fishes East 

Opisthonema Gill, 37 ; orthotype Clupanodon thrissa Lac. (not of Osbeck) = 

Megalops oglina Le Sueur (repeated from Catalogue). 
Opisthopterus Gill, 37, 38; orthotype Pristigaster tartoor Cuv. & Val. 
Brevoortia Gill, 37; orthotype Clupea menhaden Mitchill = Clupea patronus 

Latrobe. (Repeated from Catalogue.) 

721. GILL (1861). Synopsis of the Family of Percince. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Asperulus (Klein) Gill, 46; orthotype Perca zingel L. Equivalent to Zingel 
Oken = AspRO Cuv. 


Kuhlia Gill, 48; orthotype Perca ciliata Cuv. & Val. 
Hypopterus Gill, 51 ; orthotype Psammoperca macroptera Gthr. 
Percosoma Gill, 51 ; orthotype Percichthys chilensis Grd. 
Deuteropterus Gill, 51 ; orthotype Perca marginata Cuv. & Val. 
Liopropoma Gill, 52; orthotype Perca aberrans Poey. 

722. GILL (1861). Synopsis generum Rhyptici et Affinum. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Theodore Gill. 
Dermatolepis Gill, 54; orthotype D. punctatus Gill. 

723. GILL (1861). On Several New Generic Types of Fishes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Phila., 1861. 
Podothecus Gill, 77, 259; orthotype P. peristethus Gill = Agonus acipensirinus 

Brachyopsis Gill, 77 ; orthotype not named ; said to be same as Agonus Sw. 
Hoplopagrus Gill, 78; orthotype H. guntheri Gill. 
Rhinoscion Gill, 78; orthotype Amblodon saturnus Grd. 
Stephanolepis Gill, 78 ; orthotype Monacanthus setifer Bennett. 

724. GILL (1861). Revision of the Genera of North American Scicenince. Proc. 

Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Cynoscion Gill, 81 ; orthotype Otolithus regalis Cuv. & Val. 
Anomiolepis Gill, 82 ; orthotype a Chinese species unnamed, allied to Corvina 

tridentifer Rich., but without small teeth in upper jaw. 
Plagioscion Gill, 82; no species indicated; logotype Sci^na squamosissima 

Heckel, of Brazil. 
Rhinoscion Gill, 78, 85 ; orthotype Amblodon saturnus Grd. A synonym of 

Cheilotrema Tschudi. 
Menticirrhus Gill, 86; orthotype Perca alburnus L. = Cyprinus americanus L., 

Pachypops Gill, 87; orthotype P. trifilis Gill. 
Genyonemus Gill, 87; orthotype Leiostomus lineatus Ayres. 

725. GILL (1861). Two New Species of Marine Fishes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 


Theodore Gill. 

Hyporthodus Gill, 98; orthotype H. flavicauda Gill — Serranus niveatus Cuv. & 

Val. A synonym of Epinephalus Bloch. 
Sarothrodus Gill, 99; orthotype Ch^etodon capistratus Gill. Name a substitute 
for Ch.^todon as used generally, the name being tranferred to Pomacan- 
THUS, to the species called Ch>«todon by Artedi (1738, before Linnaeus), 
none of them being true Ch^todons. This change seems needless and not 

726. GILL (1861). Haploidonotincc. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Haploidonotus Gill, 101 ; orthotype Aplodinotus grunniens Raf. A revision of 
the spelling of Aplodinotus. 

727. GILL (1861). Synopsis of the Uranoscopoids. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 

GILL, 1861 305 

Nematagnus Gill, 113; orthotype Uranoscopus filibarbis Cuv. & Val. 

Upselonphorus Gill, 113; orthotype Uranoscopus y-gr^cum Cuv. & Val. A syno- 
nym of AsTROSCOPUS Brevoort. 

Cathetostoma Gill, 114; orthotype Uranoscopus l^vis Bloch. A revised spelling 
of Kathetostoma. 

Genyagnus Gill, 115; orthotype Uranoscopus monopterygius Bloch. 

Gnathagnus Gill, 115; orthotype Uranoscopus elongatus T. & S. 

728. GILL (1861). Notes on Some Genera of Fishes of the Western Coast of 

North America. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 

Atractoperca Gill, 164; orthotype Labrax clathratus Grd. A synonym of Para- 
labrax Grd. 

Archoplites Gill, 165 ; orthotype Ambloplites interruptus Grd. 

Parephippus Gill, 165 ; orthotype Ephippus zonatus Grd. A synonym of Ch/Eto- 
dipterus Lac. 

Hypsypops Gill, 165; orthotype Glyphisodon rubicundus Girard. 

Sebastodes Gill, 165 ; orthotype Sebastes paucispinis Ayres. 

Acantholebius Gill. 166; orthotype Chiropsis nebulosus Grd. = Hex. stelleri 
Tilesius. A synonym of Hexagram Mos Stellar. 

Pleurogrammus Gill, 166; orthotype Labrax monopterygius Pallas. 

Grammatopleurus Gill, 166; orthotype Labrax lagocephalus Pallas. A synonym 
of Hexagrammos Steller. 

Megalocottus Gill, 166; orthotype Cottus platycephalus Pallas. 

Clinocottus Gill. 166; orthotype Oligocottus analis Grd. 

Blennicottus Gill, 166 ; orthotype Oligocottus globiceps Grd. 

Hypsagonus Gill, 167, 259; orthotype Aspidophorus quadricornis Cuv. & Val. 

Paragonus Gill, XIH, 167, 259; orthotype Agonus acipenserinus Tilesius. A syno- 
nym of Podothecus Gill. 

Agonopsis Gill, XHI, 167. 259; ortliotype Aspidophorus cniLoiiNsis Kroyer. 

Leptagonus Gill, XIII. 167, 259; orthotype Agonus spinosissimus Kroyer. 

Brachyopsis Gill, 167, 259 ; logotype Agonus rostratus Tilesius. 

Anoplagonus Gill, 167; orthotype Aspidophoroides inermis Gthr. 

Brosmophycis Gill, 168; orthotype Brosmius marginatus Ayres. 

729. GILL (1861). On a Nezv Type of Anlostomatoids, Found in Washington 

Territory. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Aulorhynchus Gill, 169; orthotype A. flavidus Gill. 

730. GILL (1861). Description of a New Generic Type of Blennioids. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Anoplarchus Gill, 261 ; orthotype A. purpurescens Gill. 

731. GILL (1861). Monograph of the Tridigitate Uranoscopoids. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Myxodagnus Gill, 269; orthotype M. opercularis Gill. 

732. GILL (1861). Synopsis of the Polynematoids. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Polistonemus Gill, 277; orthotype Polynemus multifilis T. & S. 


733. GILL (1861). Synopsis of the Sillaginoids. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Leptoperca Gill, 502; orthotype Perca schr^tzer L. Same as Schraitzer 

Schaefer, if the latter is eligible 
Sillaginodes Gill, 504; orthotype Sillago punctata Guv. & Val. 
Sillaginopsis Gill, 505 ; orthotype Sillago domina Guv. & Val. 

734. GILL (1861). Snyopsis of the Chccnichthyoids. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Champsocephalus Gill, 509; orthotype Ch^nichthys esox Gthr. 

735. GILL (1861). Synopsis of the Notothenioids. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Theodore Gill. 
Macronotothen Gill, 520; orthotype Notothenia rossi Rich. 
Eleginops Gill, 522; logotype Aphritis undulatus Jenyns. 

736. GILL (1861). Analytical Synopsis of the Squall and Revision of the Nomen- 
clature of the Genera, Follozved by "Squalorum generum novorum descrip- 
tiones diagnosticce," 330-422; reprint, 1-47. Ann. Lye. Nat. Hist. N. Y., VII, 
Dec, 1861. 

Theodore Gill. 

Isuropsis Gill, VII, 32 (397) ; orthotype Oxyrhina glauca M. & H. (not Squalus 
glaucus L.). 

Hypoprionodon Gill, 35 (400) ; orthotype Carcharias hemiodon Val. 

Platypodon Gill, 35 (400) : orthotype Carcharias menisorrah M. & H. 

Eulamia Gill, 35 (400) ; orthotype "Carcharias lamia Raf." = Carcharhinus 
coMMERsoNiANUs Blainv. A synonym of Carcharhinus Blainv. 

Isogomphodon Gill, 35 (400) ; orthotype Carcharias oxyrhynchus M. & H. 

Lamiopsis Gill, 35 (400) ; orthotype Carcharias temmincki M. & H. 

Isoplagiodon Gill, VII, 35 (400) ; orthotype Carcharias sorrah Val. 

Aprionodon Gill, VII, 35 (400) ; orthotype Carcharias isodon M. & H. Substitute 
for Aprion, preoccupied. 

Cynocephalus (Klein) Gill, VII, 35 (400) ; logotype Squalus glaucus L. Name 
preoccupied in monkeys, unless dating from Klein (Schauplats). A synonym 
of Prionace Cantor. 

Boreogaleus Gill, VII, 36 (401) ; orthotype Squalus arcticus Faber. 

Chaenogaleus Gill, VII, 36 (401); orthotype Hemigaleus macrostoma Gthr. 
Probably not distinct from Hemigaleus, which preoccupied name it should 
perhaps replace. 

Reniceps Gill, VII, 37 (402) ; orthotype Squalus tiburo L. 

Cestracion (Klein) Gill, 37 (402) ; orthotype Squalus zyg^na L. A synonym 
of Sphyrna Raf., not Cestracion Cuv., 1817. 

Eusphyra Gill, VII, 37 (402) ; orthotype Zyg^^na blochi Cuv. 

Halaelurus Gill, 41 (406) orthotype Scyllium burgeri M. & H. 

Cephaloscyllium Gill, 42 (403) ; orthotype Scyllium laticeps A. Dumeril. 

Parascy Ilium Gill. VII, 42 (412) ; orthotype Hemiscyllium variolatium Dum. 

Synchismus Gill. 42 (407) ; orthotype Squalus tuberculatus B1. & Schn. A syno- 
nym of Chiloscyllium M. & H. 

Rhina (Klein) Gill, VII, 42 (407) ; orthotype Rhina squatina Raf. -= Squalus 
squatina L., after Klein, 1745-1775. A synonym of Squatina Constant 
Dumeril, 1806. 

GILL, 1861 307 

Rhamphobatis Gill, VII, 42 (407) ; type Rhina ancylostoma. A synonym of 
Rhina B1. & Schn., not of Rhina Klein. 

737. GILL (1861). (Torpedo.) Ann. Lye. N. Y., VIII, 1861. 

Theodore Gill. 
Tetranarce Gill, VII, 387; orthotype Torpedo occidentalis Storer. A section or 

subgenus under Torpedo Dum. ; misprinted Tetronarce. 
Cyclonarce Gill, VII, 387; orthotype Raja timlei B1. & Schn. A synonym of 

Narcine Henle. 
Gonionarce Gill, VII, 387; orthotype Narcine indica Henle. A synonym of 
Narcine Henle. 

738. GILL (1861). Observations on the Genus Cottus, etc. Proc. Boston Soc. 

Nat. Hist., VIII. 

Theodore Gill. 

Potamocottus Gill, 40 ; logotype P. punctulatus Gill. A synonym of Cottopsis Grd. 

739. GULIA (1861). Tentamen ichthyologicc Mclitensis, etc. (In Latin; also in 

Maltese as Catalogti tal hut ta Malta.) 
Gavino Gulia (d. 1889). 
Micromugil Gulia, 11; orthotype M. tumidus Gulia = Cyprinodon calaritanus 
Guv. & Val. A synonym of Aphanius Nardo. 

740. GtlNTHER (1861). Catalogue of the Fishes of the British Museum. III. 

Albert Gunther. 

Latrunculus Gunther, HI, 80; orthotype Gobius albus Parnell. 

Lentipes Gunther, III, 96; orthotype Sicyogaster concolor Gill. A substitute for 
Sicyogaster Gill, preoccupied. 

Vulsus Giinther, HI, 151 ; otrhotype Callionymus dactylopus Bennett. A synonym 
of Dactylopus Gill, wrongly stated to be preoccupied. 

Thalassophryne Giinther, III, 174; orthotype T. maculosa Gthr. 

Saccarius Giinther, HI, 183; orthotype S. lineatus Gthr. 

Auchenopterus Giinther, HI, 275; orthotype A. monophthalmus Gthr. Name re 
garded as preoccupied as Auchenipterus Guv. & Val. ; replaced by Crem- 
nobates Gthr. 

Asternopteryx (Riippell) Giinther, II, 288; orthotype A. gunnelliformis Riippell. 

Acronurus (Gronow) Giinther, II, 345; logotype Acanthurus argenteus Q. & G. 
Larval form of Hepatus Gronow (Acanthurus Forskal). 

Myxus Gunther, III, 466; logotype M. elongatus Gthr. 

Diplocrepis Giinther, HI, 506; orthotype Lepadogaster puniceus Rich. 

Crepidogaster Gunther, HI, 507; logotype C. tasmaniensis Gthr. Name pre- 
occupied; replaced by Aspasmag.\ster Waite. 

Psychrolutes Giinther, III, 516; orthotype P. paradoxus Gthr. 

741. GUNTHER (1861). On a New Genus of Australian Fresh-water Fishes, 
Nannoperca australis. Ann. Mag. Xat. Hist., VII. Also in Proc. Zool. Soc. 
London, 1861, 116. 

Albert Gunther. 
Nannoperca Giinther, VII, 410; orthotype N. australis Gthr. 

742. GUNTHER (1861). On Three New Trachinoid Fishes, Crapatalus, etc. 

Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1861, VII. 
Albert Gunther. 


Crapatalus Giinther, VII, 86; orthotype C. nov.ezelandi^ Gthr. 

743. GtJNTHER (1861). A Preliminary Synopsis of the Labroid Genera. 

Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist, VIII. 
Hypsigenys Giinther VIII, 383; logotype Labrus macrodontus Lac. A synonym 

of Chcerodon Blkr. 
Semicossyphus Giinther, VIII, 384; orthotype Cossyphus reticulatus Cuv. & 

Stethojulis Giinther, VIII, 386; logotype Julis strigiventer Bennett. 
Hemigymnus Giinther, IV, 386; orthotype Mullus fasciatus Thunberg (1776). 
A synonynm of Thalliurus Sw. 

743A. GUNTHER (1861). On a Collection of Fishes Sent by Capt. Dow from 
the Pacific Coast of Central America. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 

Albert Gunther. 
Cremnobates Gunther, 374; orthotype Auchenopterus monophthalmus Gthr. 
A substitute for Auchenopterus Gthr., preoccupied as Auchenipterus. 

744. JEITTELES (1861). Zoologische Mittheilungen. 1. Ucber zzvei fUr die 
Fauna Ungarns neue Fische, Lucioperca volgensis Cuv. und Val. und Alburnus 
maculatus Kessler. Verb. Zool. Bot. Ges. Wien, XI. 

LuDWiG Heinrich Jeitteles (1830-1883). 
Alburnoides Jeitteles, XI, 325; orthotype Alburnus maculatus Kessler. 

745. KEYSERLING (1861). Neue Cypriniden aus Pcrsicn. Zeits. Ges. Naturw. 

Berlin, XVII. 
Eugen von Keyserling (1833-1889). 
Bungia Keyserling, XVII, 18; orthotype B. nigrescens Keys. 

746. KROYER (1861). Nogle Bidrag tel Nordisk ichthyologii. Nat. Tidskr. 1861. 

Henrik Nicolai Kroyer. 
Careproctus Kroyer, I, 257; orthotype C. reinhardti Kroyer. 

746A. MOLIN (1861). Dc Rajibiis tribus Bolcanis. XLII. Raffaele Molin. 

Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien. 
Alexandrinus Molin, 579; orthotype A. molini Zigno (fossil) {Mem. Reale Inst. 
Veneto, VIII, 299. 1874) = Raja muricata Volta, 1796. A synonym of 
T^niura M. & H. 

Wilhelm Carl Hartwig Peters. 

747. PETERS (1861). Ueber zwei neue Gattungen von Fischen . . . aus dem 

Ganges, etc. Mon. Akad. Wiss. Berlin. 
Wilhelm Carl Hartwig Peters. 
Pterocryptis Peters, 712; orthotype Pterocryptis gangetica Peters. 
Acanthocobitis Peters, 712; ortohtype A. longipinnis Peters. 

748. POEY (1861). Poissons de Cuba. Memorias de Cuba, II, June, 1861. 

Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Hollardia Poey, II, 348; orthotype H. hollardi Poey. 
Limia Poey, II, 383; orthotype Pcecilia vittata Guich. A synonym of PcEaLiA 

Bl. & Schn. 
Prospinus Poey, II, 388; logotype Plectropoma chloropterum Cuv. & Val. A 
synonym of Alphestes Bl. & Schn. 

SALTER, 1861 309 

Decaptus Poey, II, 391 ; orthotype Seriola pinnulata. Poey. A synonym of 
Elagatis Bennett. 

749. SALTER (1861). (Byssacanthus.) Mem. Geol. See, 1861. 

John Wiluam Salter (1820-1869). 

Byssacanthus Salter, 244; orthotype a finspine allied to Sphenacanthus (fossil). 

750. SCHMID (1861). Die Fischfauna der Trias bei Jena. Nova Acta Acad. 
Cjes. Leop.-Carol. XXIX, 1862 (separates in 1861). 


Thelodus Schmid, XXIX, 27; logotype T. inflatus Schmid (fossil). A synonym 


751. SYMONDS (1861). Old Bones. 
William Samuel Symonds (1818-1887). 
Lophodus Symonds, 103; (orthotype Acrodus keuperianus M. & S.) (fossil) 
(not Lophodus Romanowsky, 1864). 

752. VALENCIENNES (1861). (Acanthomullus.) Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. 

Paris, LII, 1861. 
AcHiLLE Valenciennes. 
Acanthomullus Valenciennes, LII, 300; orthotype A. Isabella Val. (fossil). 


753. BLEEKER (1862). Notice sur le genre Trachinus et ses especes. Versl. 

Akad. Amsterdam (reprinted from 1861). 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Pseudotrachinus Bleeker, 113; orthotype P. radiatus Blkr. 
Echiichthys Bleeker, 117; orthotype E. vipera Blkr. 

754. BLEEKER (1862). Conspectus generuni Labroidcoruin analyticus. Versl. 

Akad. Amsterdam, XIII. 1862, 94-109. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Pseudocheilinus Bleeker, 95 ; orthotype Cheilinus hexat^nia Blkr. 
Pseudocoris Bleeker, 97; orthotype Julis heteropterus Blkr. 
Pseudojulis Bleeker, 99; orthotype P. girardi Blkr. 

Platyglossus (Klein) Bleeker, 99; orthotype Halichceres marginatus Riippell. 
Hemitautoga Bleeker, 101 ; orthotype Tautoga notophthalmus Blkr. A synonym 

of CoRis Lac. 
Macropharyngodon Bleeker, 100; orthotype Julis geoffroyi Blkr. 
Guntheria Bleeker, 101 ; orthotype Julis trimaculata, Q. & G. 
Leptojulis Bleeker, 100; orthotype L. cyanopleura Blkr. 
Hemitautoga Bleeker, 101 ; orthotype Tautoga notophalmus Blkr. A synonym 

of Guntheria Blkr. 
Pseudolabrus Bleeker, 101 ; orthotype Labrus rubiginosus T .& S. (preoccupied) = 

L. jAPONicus Houttuyn. 
Novaculichthys Bleeker, 102; orthotype Labrus macrolepidotus Bloch. 
Diproctacanthus Bleeker, 104; orthotype Labroides xanthurus Blkr. 

755. BLEEKER (1862). Sixicme memoire sur la fauna ichthyologique de file 

Batjan. Versl. Akad Amsterdam, XIV, 1862, 99-112. 
Pieter Bleeker. 


Enchelyopus (Klein) Bleeker, 109; orthotype Trichiurus lepturus L., not of 

Gronow. A synonym of Trichiurus L. 
Eleutheronema Bleeker, 110; orthotype Polynemus tetradactylus Shaw. 

756. BLEEKER (1862). Sur quelques genres de la famillc des Pleuronectoides, 

Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, XIII. 

PiETER Bleeker. 

Citharus Bleeker, XIII, 424; tautotype Pleuronectes citharus Spmola = P. lin- 

GUATUL.x L. Same as Citharus Rose, 1793; the later Citharus, being pre- 
occupied, has been replaced by Eucitharus Gill. 
Hemirhombus Bleeker, XIII, 425 ; orthotype H. guineensis Bleeker. A synonym 

of Syacium Ranzani. 
Clidoderma Bleeker, XIII, 425; orthotype Pleuronectes asperrima, T. & S. 
Pseudorhombus Bleeker, XIII, 426; orthotype Rhombus polyspilos Blkr. Includes 

Rhombiscus Jordan & Snyder. 
Citharichthys Bleeker, XIII, 427; orthotype C. caye^nnensis Blkr. = C. spilop- 

terus Giinther. 
Arnoglossus Bleeker, XIII, 427 ; tautotype Pleuronectes arnoglossus B1. & Schn. = 

Pleuronectes laterna Walbaum. 
Platysomatichthys Bleeker, XIII, 426; orthotype Pleuronectes pinguis Fabricius. 

A synonym of Reinhardtius Gill. 
Brachyprosopon Bleeker, XIII. 428; orthotype Pleuronectes microcephalus 

Donovan = P. kitt Walbaum. A synonym of Cynicoglossus Bon. 
Pseudopleuronectes Bleeker, XIII. 428 ; orthotype Platessa plana Storer. 
Heteroprosopon Bleeker, XIII, 429; orthotype Pleuronectes cornutus T. & S. 

A synonym of Pleuronichthys Girard. 

757. BLEEKER (1862). Notices ichthyologiques (l-X). Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, 

XIV, 1862, 123-141. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Pseudupeneus Bleeker, 134; orthotype P. prayensis Blkr. 

758. BLEEKER (1862). Description de quelques especes nouvelles de Silures de 

Surinam c. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, XIV. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Pseudorhamdia Bleeker, 384; orthotype Pimelodus ascita Blkr. (not Silurus 
ascita L.) = Pimelodus maculatus Lac. A synonym of Pimelodus Lac. 
as restricted by Gill and authors generally. Bleeker (1862) limits Pimelodus 
to P. BAGRE, allowing it to replace Felichthys Sw. and Ailurichthys Baird 
(as also Bagre Cuv., Oken). 

759. BLEEKER (1862). Notice sur les genres Parasilurus, Eufropiichthys, Pseudeu- 
tropius et Pseudopangasius. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, XIV, 1862, 390-399. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Parasilurus Bleeker, 394; orthotype P. japonicus T. & S. = Silurus asotus L. 

Same as Glanis Ag., 1856, not of Gronow, 1854. 
Pseudeutropius Bleeker, 398 ; orthotype P. brachypterus Blkr. 
Eutropiichthys Bleeker, 398; orthotype E. vacha Blkr. 
Pseudopangasius Bleeker, 399 ; orthotype P. polyuranodon Blkr. 

760. BLEEKER (1862). Notice siir les genres Trachelyopterichthys, Hemicetopsis 

et Pseudocetopsis. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, XIV. 
Pieter Bleeker. 

BLEEKER, 1862 311 

Trachelyopterichthys Bleeker, XIV, 402; orthotype T. T/ENIATUS Kner. 
Hemicetopsis Bleeker, 403 ; orthotype Cetopsis candira Ag. 
Pseudocetopsis Bleeker, 403 ; orthotype Cetopsis gobioides Kner. 

761. BLEEKER (1862). Atlas ichthyclogique des hides Oricntales Neerlandaises. 
public sous les auspices du gouvcrnement colonial neerlandais. Tome II, 
Siliiroides, etc. 

PiETER Bleeker. 
This notable paper was soon followed by another in which most of 
these genera occur. This is Systema Silurorum revisum. Ned. Tijdschr. 
Dierk., I, 1863, 77-122. 
Pseudancistrus Bleeker, 2; orthotype Hypostomus barbatus Cuv. & Val. 
Hemiancistrus Bleeker, 2; orthotype Ancistrus medians Kner. 
Parancistrus Bleeker, 2; orthotype Hypostomus aurantiacus Castelnau. 
Pseudacanthicus Bleeker, 2; orthotype Hypostomus serratus Cuv. & Val. 
Pseudorinelepis Bleeker. 3 ; orthotype Rinelepis genibarbis Cuv. & Val. 
Loricariichthys Bleeker. 3 ; orthotype Loricaria maculata Bloch. 
Pseudoloricaria Bleeker, 3 ; orthotype Loricaria l.^viuscula Cuv. & Val. 
Parahemiodon Bleeker, 3 ; orthotype P. typus Blkr. A synonym of Loricariich- 
thys Blkr. 
Hemiloricaria Bleeker, 3; orthotype H. caracasensis Blkr. 
Pseudohemiodon Bleeker, 3; orthotype Hemiodon platycephalus Kner. 
Rineloricaria Bleeker, 3 ; orthotype L. lima Kner. 
Hemiodontichthys Bleeker, 4; orthotype H. acipenserinus Kner. 
Oxyloricaria Bleeker. 5 ; orthotype L. barbata Kner. 
Rhinodoras Bleeker, HI, 5; orthotype Oxydoras d'orbignyi (Kroyer). A synonym 

of Oxydoras. 
Lithodoras Bleeker, 5; orthotype Doras lithogaster Heckel. A synonym of 

Centrochir Ag. 
Platydoras Bleeker, 5 ; orthotype Doras costatus L. A synonym of Doras, as 

restricted by Giinther and Eigenmann, not by Bleeker. 
Pterodoras Bleeker, 5 ; orthotype Doras granulosus Val. A syonym of Cen- 
trochir Ag. 
Acanthodoras Bleeker, 5 ; orthotype Silurus cataphractus L. 
Astrodoras Bleeker, 5 ; orthotype Doras asterifron : Kner. A synonym of Cen- 
trochir Ag. 
Amblydoras Bleeker, 6; orthotype Doras affinis Kner. 
Brachysynodontis Bleeker, 6; orthotype Synodontis batensoda Ruppell. 
Pseudosynodontis Bleeker, 6; orthotype Synodotis serratus Riippell. 
Hemisynodontis Bleeker, 6; orthotype Pimelodus membranaceus Geoffroy. 
Leiosynodontis Bleeker, 6; orthotype Syn. maculosus (young of Silurus schal 

Bl. & Schn.). 
Pseudauchenipterus Bleeker, 6; orthotype Silurus nodosus Bloch. 
Parauchenipterus Bleeker, 7 ; orthotype Silurus galeatus L. A synonym of 

Trachycorystes Blkr. 
Auchenipterichthys Bleeker, 7; orthotype Auch. thoracatus Kner. 
Hemiarius Bleeker, 7 ; orthotype Cephalocassis stormi Blkr. 
Pseudarius Bleeker, 8 ; orthotype Arius arius Cuv. & Val. A synonym of Tachy- 

suRUS Lac. = Arius Cuv. & Val. 
Diplomystes (Dumeril) Bleeker, 8; orthotype Arius papillosus Cuv. & Val. 
(after les Diplomystes Dum.). Spelled Diplomystax by Giinther, 1864. 


Paradiplomystes Bleeker, 8; orthotype Pimelodus coruscans Lichtenstein. 

Bagrichthys Bleeker, 9 ; orthotype B. hypselopterus Blkr. 

Pseudobagrichthys Bleeker, 9; orthotype Bagroides macropterus Blkr. 

Hemibagrus Bleeker, 9; orthotype Bagrus nemurus Cuv. & Val. 

Aspidobagrus Bleeker, 9 ; orthotype Bagrus gulio Cuv. & Val. 

Hypselobagrus Bleeker, 10; orthotype Bagrus macronema Blkr. Identical with 

Mystus (Gronow) Scopoli, 1763, as restricted by Jordan. 
Hemisorubim Bleeker, 10; orthotype Platystoma platyrhynchos Cuv. <% Val. 
Brachyplatystoma Bleeker, 10 ; orthotype Platystoma vaillanti Cuv. & Val. 
Pseudoplatystoma Bleeker, 10; orthotype Silurus fasciatus L. 
Hemiplatystoma Bleeker, 10; orthotype Platystoma tigrinum Cuv. & Val. 

A synonym of Pseudoplatystoma. 
Sorubimichthys Bleeker, 10; orthotype Sorubim jandia Spix. 
Platystomatichthys Bleeker, 10; orthotype Platystoma sturio Kner. 
Leiarius Bleeker, 10 ; orthotype A. longibarbis Castelnau. 
Pseudariodes Bleeker, 11; orthotype Silurus clarl-ks Bloch, not of Linnaeus, after 

Hasselquist. A synonym of Pimelodus Lac. 
Malacobagrus Bleeker, 11 ; orthotype Pimelodus filamentosus Lichtenstein. Per- 
haps synonym of Piratinga. 
Pirarara (Spix) Bleeker, 11; orthotype Silurus hemiliopterus B1. & Schn. 
Parabagrus Bleeker, 11 ; orthotype Pimelodus pusillus Ranzani. 
Pseudocalophysus Bleeker, 12; orthotype Pimelodus ctenodus Ag. = Calophysus 

macropterus. a synonym of Calophysus MuUer. 
Aglyptosternon Bleeker, 12 ; orthotype Silurus cous L. 
Tetranematichthys Bleeker, 14; orthotype Ageniosus quadrifilis Kner. 
Psudageneiosus Bleeker, 14; orthotype Ageneiosus brevjfilis Cuv. & Val.' 
Pseudohypophthalmus Bleeker 15; orthotype H. fimbriatus Kner = H. edentulus 

Spix. A synonym of Hypophthalmus Spix. 
Paracetopsis (Guichenot) Bleeker, 16; orthotype P. bleekeri Guich. 
Wallago Bleeker, 17; orthotype Silurus attu B1. & Schn. 
Silurodes Bleeker, 17; orthotype S. hypophthalmus Blkr. 
Catastoma (Kuhl & Van Hasselt) Bleeker, 28; orthotype Arius nasutus Val, 

An undefined synonym of Netuma Blkr. 

762. BLEEKER (1862). Beskrivning en afdeeling van eene nieuwe soort van 

Brama (Abraniis). 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Brama (Klein) Bleeker, 211 ; type Cyprinus brama L. Abramis Cuv., not Brama 

763,764. COSTA (1862). (Fossil Fishes.) Atti Reale Inst. Napoli, VL 

Gabriele Oronzio Costa. 
Giffonus Costa, VI, App. 26; orthotype G. deperditus Costa (fossil). 
Urocomus Costa, VI, 32; orthotype U. picenus Costa (fossil). Doubtful fragments. 

765. (COSTA 1862). Di un novello genere di pcsci Esocetidi. Ann. Mus. Zool. 

Univ. Napoli, 1862, I. 

ACHILLE CoSTA (1823- ). 

Grammiconotus Costa, I, 54 ; orthotype G. bicolor Costa = Scomberosox ronde- 
LETi Cuv. & Val. Differs from Scomberesox in lacking the air bladder; 
jaws short. 

COUCH, 1862 313 

766. COUCH (1862). The History of the Fishes of the British Islands. I. 

Jonathan Couch. 
Polyprosopus Couch, I, 67; orthotype P. rashleighanus Couch. = Squalus 
MAXiMUS Gunner. A synonym of Cetorhinus Blainv. 

767. DYBOWSKI (1862). Vcrsnch einer Monographie der Cypriniden Livlands. 

Arch. Naturg. Biol. Dorpat (1864, separates in 1862). 
Benedikt Ivan Dybowski (1834- ). 
Owsianka Bybowski. 146; orthotype x^spius owsianka Cernay = O. czernayi 
Dybowski = Squalius bilineatus Heckel. A synonym of Leucaspius 

768. GILL (1862). Notice of a Nciv Species of Hemilcpidotus and Remarks on 
the Group (Temnistice) of Which It Is a Member. Troc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 
Phila., XIV. 

Oncocottus Gill, 13; orthotype Cottus quadricornis L. 

769. GILL (1862). On the Subfamily of Argcntinincc. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Retropinna Gill, 14; orthotype Argentina retropinna Rich. = Retropinna 

richardsoni Gill. 
Mesopus Gill, 14; orthotype Argentina pretiosa Grd. An error for Hypomesus; 

an error at once corrected by Gill. Hypomesus should therefore stand. 
Hypomesus Gill. 15; orthotype Argentina pretiosa Grd. A synonym of Mesopus 

Gill, page 14, one or the other being left through defective proof-reading. 

770. GILL (1862). Appendix to the Synopsis of the Subfamily of Percinct. Proc. 

Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Chorististium Gill, 15 ; orthotype Llopropoma rubra Poey. 
Siniperca Gill, 16; orthotype Perca chuatsi Basilewsky. 

771. GILL (1862). Notes on the Scicrnoids of California. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Phila., I. 
Cirrimens Gill, 17; orthotype Umbrina ophiocephala Jenyns. 
Brachydeuterus Gill. 17; orthotype Larimus auritus Cuv. 
Odontoscion Gill, 18; orthotype Corvina dentex Cuv. & Val. 
Atractoscion Gill, 18 ; orthotype Otolithus .equidens Cuv. & Val. 
Archoscion Gill, 18; orthotype Otolithus analis Jenyns. 
Apseudobranchus Gill, 18; orthotype Otolithus toeroe Cuv. & Val. = Cheilodip- 

terus acoupa Lac. A synonym of Cynoscion Gill. 
Isopisthus Gill, 18; orthotype Ancylodon parvipinnis Cuv. & Val. 

772. GILL (1862). Synopsis of the Family of Cirrhitoids. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Theodore Gill. 
Amblycirrhitus Gill, 105 ; orthotype Cirrhites fasciatus Cuv. & Val. 
Cirrhitopsfs Gill, 109; orthotype C. aureus T. & S. A synonym of Cirrhitich- 

thys Blkr. 
Dactylosargus Gill, 110; orthotype Aplopodactylus arcidens Rich. 
Crinodus Gill, 112; orthotype Haplodactylus lophodon Gthr. 
Acantholatris Gill, 114; orthotype Ch^etodon monodactylus Carmichael. 
Chirodactylus Gill, 114; orthotype Cheilodactylus antonii Cuv. & Val. 
Dactylopagrus Gill, 114; orthotype Cheilodactylus carponemus Cuv. & Val. 

Called Dactylosparus on page 117. 


Latridopsis Gill, 115; orthotype Anthias ciliaris Bloch. 

Dactylosparus Gill, 117; orthotype Cheilonemus carponemus Cuv. & Val. A 
synonym of Dactylopagrus Gill ; the two names left through defective proof- 

Goniistius Gill, 120; orthotype Cheil. zonatus Cuv. & Val. 

773. GILL (1862). On the Limits and Arrangements of the Family of Scombroids. 

Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Grammatorcynus Gill, 125 ; orthotype Thynnus bilineatus Ruppell. Misspelled 

Gymnosarda Gill, 125 ; orthotype Thynnus unicolor Riippell. 

Orcynopsis Gill, 125; orthotype Scomber unicolor Geoff roy St. Hillaire. (Mis- 
printed Orycnopsis.) 
Lepidocybium Gill, 125; orthotype Cybium flavobrunneum Smith. A synonym 


Acanthocybium Gill, 125 ; orthotype Cybium sara Bennett. 

Thyrsitops Gill, 125 ; orthotype Thyrsites lepidopoides Cuv. & Val. 

Eupleurogrammus Gill, 126; orthotype Trichiurus muticus Gray. 

Zenopsis Gill, 126; orthotype Zeus nebulosus T. & S. 

Cyttopsis Gill, 126; orthotype Zeus roseus Lowe. 

Chondroplites Gill, 126; orthotype Stromateus atous Cuv. & Val. 

Poronotus Gill, 126; orthotype Stromateus triacanthus Peck. 

Hoplocoryphis Gill, 127 ; orthotype Schedophilus maculatus Gthr. 

Clara Gill, 127 ; orthotype Equula longimanus Cantor. A synonym of Pentaprion 

Psenopsis Gill, 127 ; orthotype Trachinotus anomalus T. & S. 

774. GILL (1862). Descriptions of New Species of Alepisauroidce. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Caulopus Gill, 128; orthotype Alepidosaurus borealis Gill. 

775. GILL (1862). On the West African Genus Hemichromis, etc. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Epiplatys Gill, 136; orthotype E. sexfasciatus Gill. 
Marcusenius Gill, 139; orthotype Mormyrus cyprinoides L. Name later, page 444, 

by some confusion transferred to Mormyrus anguilloides L. 
Mormyrodes Gill, 139; orthotype Mormyrus hasselquisti Geoffroy. 
Hyperopisus Gill, 139; orthotype Mormyrus dorsalis Geoffroy. 

776. GILL (1862). Catalogue of the Fishes of Lower California . . . Collected by 

Mr. J. Xantus. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Lepidaplois Gill, 10; orthotype Cossyphus axillaris Cuv. & Val. 
Chcerojulis Gill, 142 ; orthotype Julis semicinctus Ayres. A sybstitute for Hali- 
chceres Ruppell, preoccupied by Halichcerus; a synonym of Hemiulis Sw., 
as restricted by Bonaparte. 
Iniistius Gill, 143 ; orthotype Xyrichthys pavo Cuv. & Val. 
Malacocentrus Gill, 143 ; orthotype Xyrichthys t^eniurus Cuv. & Val. 

GILL, 1862 315 

Oxycheilinus Gill, 143 ; orthotype Cheilinus arenatus Cuv. & Val. 
Euschistodus Gill, 145 ; orthotype E. declivifrons Gill. A synonym of Glyphiso- 
DON Lac. 

777. GILL (1862). On a New Genus Allied to Aulorhynchus and on the Affinities 
of the Family Aulorhynchoidce to Which It Belongs. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 
Phila., XIV. 

Aulichthys (Brevoort) Gill, 234; orthotype A. japonicus Brevoort. 

Acentrachme Gill, 234; orthotype Amphisile scutata Cuv. = Centriscus scuta- 
Tus L. A synonym of Centriscus L. Amphisile (Klein) Gill is the genus 
^OLiscus Jordan & Starks. Amphisile Cuv. (scutatus) is Centriscus. 

Orthichthys Gill, 234; orthotype Centriscus velitaris Pallas. 

Centriscops Gill, 234 ; orthotype Centriscus humerosus Rich. 

778. GILL (1862). Remarks on the Relations of the Genera and Other Groups of 

Cuban Fishes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Haliperca Gill, 236; logotype Serranus bivittatus Cuv. & Val. 
Mentiperca Gill, 236; orthotype Serranus luciopercanus Poey. 
Hypoplectrus Gill, 236; orthotype Plectropoma puella Cuv. & Val. 
Hypoplectrodes Gill, 236 (no definition) ; orthotype Plectropoma nigrorubrum 

Cuv. & Val. Same as Gilbertia Jordan & Eigenmann, 1890. 
Acanthistius Gill, 236; orthotype Plectropoma serratum Cuv. & Val. 
Ocyurus Gill, 236 ; orthotype Sparus chrysurus Bloch. 
Proamblys Gill, 236; orthotype Diacope nigra Cuv. = Diacope macolor Cuv. & 

Val. A synonym of Macolor Blkr. (1860). 
Gonioplectrus Gill, 236 orthotype Plectropoma hispanum Cuv. & Val. 
Plectroplites Gill, 236; orthotype Datnia ambigua Rich. 
Rhomboplites Gill, 236; orthotype Centropristes aurorubens Cuv. & Val. 
Brachyrhinus Gill, 236; orthotype Serranus creolus Cuv. & Val. = S. furcifer 

Cuv. & Val. Name preoccupied; replaced by Paranthias Guich. (1868). 
Platyinius Gill, 236; orthotype Mesoprion vorax Poey. 
Gonioperca Gill, 236; orthotype Serranus -\lbomaculatus Jenyns. A synonym 

of Paralabrax Grd. 
Labroperca Gill, 236; orthotype Serranus labriformis Jenyns. A synonym of 

Epinephelus Bloch. 
Mycteroperca Gill, 236 ; orthotype Serranus olfax Jenyns. 
Hypoplites Gill, 236; orthotype Mesoprion retrospinis Cuv. & Val. 
Evoplites Gill, 236; orthotype Mesoprion pomacanthus Blkr. 
Schistorus Gill, 237 ; orthotype Serranus mystacinus Poey. 
Lioperca Gill, 237; orthotype Serranus inermis Cuv. & Val. A synonym of Der- 

matelepis Gill. 
Rhinoberyx Gill, 237; orthotype Rhynchichthys brachyrhynchus Blkr. A larval 

form allied to Holocentrus 
Plectrypops Gill, 237; orthotype Holocentrum retrospinis Guich. 
Centroberyx Gill, 238; orthotype Beryx lineatus Cuv. & Val. 
Synistius Gill, 238; orthotype Gerres longirostris Riippell. 
Nandopsis Gill, 238 ; orthotype Chromis tetracanthus Poey. 
Odontoscion Gill, 238; orthotype Johnius dentex Cuv. & Val. 
Orycnus Gill, 238; orthotype Scomber thynnus L. A substitute for Orcynus 

Cuv., preoccupied, of which name it was originally a misprint (Cooper) ; 

a synonym of Thunnus South. 


Sarothrodus Gill, 238 ; orthotype Ch^todon striatus L. Substitute for Ch^to- 

DON L., the name transferred to Pomacanthus, the first species named by 

Artedi being a Pomacanthus. 
Prognathodes Gill, 238; orthotype Chelmo pelta Gthr. (not Prognathodus Owen). 
Carangops Gill, 238; orthotype Caranx heteropygus Poey. A synonym of Hemi- 

caranx Blkr. of the same date. Both are apparently synonyms of Alepes Sw., 

Trachurops Gill, 238; orthotype Scomber plumieri Bloch = Scomber crumenoph- 

thalmus Bloch. 
Remora Gill, 239; orthotype Echeneis remora L. This adjustment restricts 

EcHENEis L. to E. naucrates L. It is earlier than any other and must stand. 
Remilegia Gill, 239; orthotype Echeneis scutata Gthr. 
Phtheirichthys Gill, 239; orthotype Echeneis lineata Menzies. 
Caulolatilus Gill, 240 ; orthotype Latilus chrysops Guv. & Val. 
Lophogobius Gill, 240; orthotype Gobius cristagalli Guv. & Val. 
Dormitator Gill, 240 ; logotype D. gundlachi Poey. 
Gnathypops Gill, 241 ; logotype Opisthognathus maxillosus Poey. 
Lonchopisthus Gill, 241 ; orthotype Opisthognathus micrognathus Poey. 

779. GILL (1862). Catalogue of the Fishes of Lower California . . . Collected by 

Mr. J. Xantus. Part II. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 

Pomacanthodes Gill, 244; orthotype P. zonipectus Gill. 

Incisidens Gill, 244; orthotype Crenidens simplex Rich. 

Opisthistius Gill, 245; orthotype Sci^ena tahmel Forskal. 

Orthostaechus Gill, 255 ; orthotype O. maculicauda Gill. 

Microlepidotus Gill, 255 ; orthotype M. inornatus Gill. 

Genytremus Gill, 256; orthotype Pristipoma bilineatum Cuv. h Val. A section 
under Anisotremus Gill. 

Genyatremus Gill, 256; orthotype Diagramma cavifrons Cuv. & Val. 

Pristocantharus Gill, 256; orthotype Pristipoma cantharinum Jenyns. A syno- 
nym of Orthopristis Grd. 

Nematistius Gill, 258 ; orthotype N. pectoralis Gill. 

Eustomatodus Gill, 261 ; logotype Decapterus kurroides Blkr. A synonym of 
Decapterus Blkr. 

Gymneipignathus Gill, 261 ; orthotype Decapterus macrosoma Blkr. 

Evepigymnus Gill, 261 ; orthotype Decapterus hypodus Gill. 

780. GILL (1862). Notes on a Collection of the Fishes of California. . . . by 

Samuel Hubbard. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Hypocritichthys Gill, 275 ; orthotype Hyperprosopon analis Alex. Agassiz 
Brachyistius Gill, 275 ; orthotype B. frenatus Gill. 
Oxylebius Gill, 277 ; orthotype O. pictus Gill. 
Sebastopsis Gill, 278; orthotype Sebastes polylepis Cuv. & Val. A synonym of 

Eucyclogobius Gill, 279; orthotype Gobius newberryi Grd. 
Melanotaenia Gill, 280; orthotype Atherina nigrans Rich. 
Melanogrammus Gill, 280 ; orthotype Gadus ^glifinus L. 
Brachygadus Gill, 280; orthotype Gadus minutus Yarrell. A synonym of Trisop- 

TERUS Raf., 1814. 

GILL, 1862 317 

781. GILL (1862). Synopsis of the Species of Lophobranchiate Fishes of Western 

North America. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Dermatostethus Gill, 283; orthotype D. punctipinnis Gill. 

782. GILL (1862). Note on Some Genera of Fishes of Western North America. 

Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 

Sebastichthys Gill, 329; orthotype Sebastes nigrocinctus Ayres. 

Paratractus Gill, 330 ; orthotype Caranx pisquetos Guv. & Val. = Scomber crysos 
Mitchill. A section under Caranx. 

Caularchus Gill, 330; orthotype Lepadogaster reticulatus Grd. (Gobiesox m^an- 
dricus Grd.). 

Eumicrotremus Gill, 330; orthotype Cyclopterus orbis Miiller. 

Hypsifario Gill, 330; orthotype Salmo kennerlyi Suckley, a landlocked form of 
Oncorhynchus nerka (Walbaum). The genus may be valid, as distin- 
guished by the long and numerous gill-rakers. 

Lcpidopsetta Gill, 330; orthotype Psettichthys umbrosus Grd. 

Hypsopsetta Gill, 330; orthotype Pleuronichthys guttulatus Grd. 

Orthopsetta Gill, 330; orthotype Psettichthys sordidus Grd. 

Uropsetta Gill, 330; orthotype Hippoglossus californicus Ayres. A synonym of 
Paralichthys Grd. 

Hydrolagus Gill, 331 ; orthotype Chimera colliei Lay & Bennett. 

Gyropleurodus Gill, 331 ; orthotype Cestracion francisci Grd. 

Holorhinus Gill, 331 ; orthotype Rhinoptera vespertilio Grd. = Myliobatis cali- 
fornicus Gill. A section under Myliobatis Dum. 

Entosphenus Gill, 331 ; orthotype Petromyzon tridentatus Rich. 

783. GILL (1862). Synopsis of the Carangoids of the Eastern Coast of North 

America. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Naucratopsis Gill, 441 ; orthotype Seriola gigas Gthr. 

Halatractus Gill, 442; logotype Seriola dumerili Guv. & Val. A substitute for 
Seriola, used in botany ; a reason for change no longer recognized. 

784. GILL (1862). Description of a New Generic Type of Mormyroids, etc. Proc. 

Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Isichthys Gill, 443 ; orthotype I. henryi Gill. 
Gnathonemus Gill, 444; orthotype Mormyrus petersi Gthr. 

785. GILL (1862). On the Classification of the Families and Genera of the Squali 

of California. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Rhinotriacis Gill, 486; orthotype R. henlei Gill. 
Tropidodus Gill, 489; orthotype Cestracion pantherinus Val. 
Entoxychirus Gill, 496; orthotype Squalus uyato Raf. A synonym of Centro- 
phorus M. & H. 

786. GILL (1862). On the Limits and Affinity of the Family of Leptoscopoids. 

Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 


Dactylagnus Gill, 504; orthotype D. mundus Gill. 

787. GILL (1862). Synopsis of the Genera of the Subfamily of Pimelodince. Proc. 

Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, for 1861 (1862), VIIL 
Theodore Gill. 
Branchiosteus Gill, 52; orthotype Ol\tia laticeps McCl. 

788. GUNTHER (1862). Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museum. IV. 

Albert Gunther. 

Lepidozygus Gunther, IV, 15 ; orthotype Pomacentrus tapeinosoma Blkr. 

Microspathodon Giinther, IV, 35 ; orthotype Glyphidodon chrysurus Guv. & Val. 
Apparently a synonym of Stegastes Jenyns, 1842. 

Parma Giinther, IV, 57; logotype P. microlepis Gthr. 

Tautogolabrus Gunther, IV, 89; orthotype Ctenolabrus burgall Gthr. = Labrus 
adspersus Walbaum. 

Trochocopus Giinther, IV, 100; logotype T. opercularis Gthr. 

Decodon Giinther, IV, 101 ; orthotype Cossyphus puellaris Poey. 

Doratonotus Giinther, IV, 124 ; orthotype D. megalepis Gthr. 

Cymolutes Giinther, IV, 207; logotype Julis pr^textatus Q. &. G. 

Coridodax Giinther, IV, 243 ; Sparus pullus Forster. 

Pseudetroplus (Bleeker) Giinther, IV, 266; orthotype Ch.etodon suratensis Bloch. 

Chromis (Cuvier) Giinther, IV, 267; logotype Chromis niloticus Cuv., not as 
restricted to the original tautotype Sparus chromis L. This understanding is 
that of most modern authors following Gill and Bleeker. C. chromis and 
C. NiOLOTicus are both included in the Chromis of Cuvier. jChromis Gthr. is 
a synonym of Tilapia Smith. 

Theraps Giinther, IV, 284; orthotype T. irregularis Gthr. 

Mesonauta Giinther, IV, 300 ; orthotype Herds insignis Heckel. 

Petenia Giinther, IV, 301 ; orthotype P. splendida Gthr. 

Hygrogonus Giinther, IV, 303; orthotype Lobotes ocellatus Ag. A synonym of 


Mesops Giinther, IV, 311; logotype Geophagus cupido Heckel. Name preoccupied, 
replaced by Biotodoma Eigenmann & Kennedy, 1903. 

Satanoperca Giinther, IV, 312; logotype Geophagus acuticeps Heckel. 

Uronectes Gunther, IV, 325 ; orthotype Ophidium parrii Ross. Name preoccupied 
in Crustacea, replaced by Lycocara Gill, 1884. 

Boreogadus Giinther, IV, 336; logotype Gadus fabricii Rich. 

Halargyreus Giinther, IV, 342; orthotype H. johnsoni Gthr. 

Pseudophycis Gunther, IV, 350; orthotype Lota breviuscula Rich. 

Laemonema Gunther, IV, 356; orthotype Phycis yarrelli Lowe. 

Haloporphyrus Giinther, 358; orthotype Gadus lepidion Risso. Substitute for 
Lepidion Sw. regarded as preoccupied by Lepidia, 1817. 

Xiphogadus Gunther IV, 374; orthotype Xiphasia setifer Sw. A needless substi- 
tute for Xiphasia Sw. (1839). 

Hyperoplus Giinther, IV, 384; orthotype Ammodytes lanceolatus Le Sauvage. 

Bleekeria Giinther, IV, 387; orthotype B. kallolepis Gthr. 

Congrogadus Giinther, IV, 388; orthotype Mach^rium subducens. Rich. A sub- 
stitute for MACH.ERIUM, preoccupied. 

Malacocephalus Giinther, IV, 396; orthotype M. l^vis Gthr. 

Tephritis Giinther, IV, 406; orthotype Pleuronectes sinensis Lac. Name pre- 
occupied, replaced by Tephrinectes Gthr., and later by Velifracta Jordan. 

GUNTHER, 1862 319 

Lepidorhombus Giinther. IV, 407 ; orthotype Pleuronectes megastoma Donovan. 

Phrynorhombus Giinther, IV, 414; orthotype Rhombus unimaculatus Risso. 

Brachypleura Giinther, IV, 419 ; orthotype B. nov^zeelandi^ Gthr. 

Engyprosopon Giinther, IV, 431 ; Rhombus mogkii Blkr. 

Psammodiscus Giinther, IV, 457 ; orthotype P. ocellatus Gthr. 

Rhombosolea Giinther, IV, 458 ; logotype R. monopus Gthr. 

Ammotretis Gunther, IV, 458; orthotype A. rostratus Gthr. 

Peltorhamphus Giinther, IV, 460 ; orthotype P. nov^zeelandi^ Gthr. 

Buglossus Giinther, IV, 462 ; orthotype Pleuronectes variegatus Dosovan. A syno- 
nym of MicROCHiRus Bon. 

Microbuglossus Giinther, IV, 462; orthotype Solea humilis Cantor. 

Pegusa Giinther, IV, 467 ; logotype Solea aurantiaca Gthr. 

Pardachirus Giinther, IV. 478; Igootype Achirus marmoratus Lac. 

Liachirus Gunther, IV, 479; orthotype L. nitidus Gthr. 

Anisochirus Giinther, IV, 480; orthotype Synaptura panoides Blkr. 

Soleotalpa Giinther, IV, 489 ; orthotype S. unicolor Gthr. A synonym of Apionich- 
THYS Kau'p. 

Ammopleurops Giinther, IV, 490; orthotype Plagusia lactea Bon. A synonym 
of Symphurus Raf. 

789. GONTHER (1862). Descriptions of New Species of Reptiles and Fishes, etc. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Albert Gunther. 
Tyntlastes Giinther, 194; orthotype, Amblyopus sagitta Gthr. 

790. GtJNTHER (1862). Note on Pleuronectes sinensis Lac. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. X. 

Albert Gunther. 
Tephrinectes Giinther, 475; orthotype Pleuronectes sinensis Lac. Substitute for 
Tephritis Gthr., preoccupied; replaces Velifracta Jordan, a later substitute 

791. JOHNSON (1862). Notes on Rare and Little Known Fishes Taken at Madeira. 

Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 

James Yate Johnson. 

Pseudomuraena Johnson, 167 ; orthotj'pe P. maderensis Johnson. A synonym of 

Priodonophis Kaup. 
Synaphobranchus Johnson, 169; orthotype S. kaupi Johnson = Mur^na pinnata 

Nesiarchus Johnson, 173 ; orthotype N. nasutus Johnson. 
Setarches Johnson, 177 ; orthotype S. guntheri Johnson. 

792. JONES (1862). (Estheria.) 
Thomas Rymer Jones (1819-1911). 
Estheria Jones, 112; orthotype E. middendorffi Jones (fossil). 

793. KNER (1862). Kleinere Beitrdge zur Kenntniss dcr fossilen Fische Oester- 

reichs. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss Wien, XLV. 
Rudolf Kner. 
Palimphemus Kner, XLV, 490; orthotype P. anceps (fossil). 

794. MORRIS & ROBERTS (1862). On the Carboniferous Limestone of Oreton 
and Farlow Clee Hills, Shropshire, etc. Quart. Journ. Geol., XVIII. 

John Morris; George E. Roberts. • 


Characodus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 99; orthotype C. angulatus 

Ag. (fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis, 1883. Regarded by Woodward 

as a synonym of Copodus ; not Characodus Owen, 1867, earlier in definition. 
Ctenopetalus (Agassiz MS.) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 100; orthotype Ctenop- 

TYCHius SERRATUS Ag. (fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis, 1881. Regarded 

as a synonym of Ctenoptychius. 
Harpacodus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 100; orthotype Ctenoptychius 

DENTATUS Ag. (fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis (1881). Regarded as a 

synonym of Ctenoptychius. 
Copodus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 100; logotype Psammodus cornutus 

Ag. (fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis, 1883. 
Deltodus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 100; orthotype Pcecilodus subl^evis 

(Ag.) McCoy (fossil). 
Deltoptychius (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts XVIII, 100; orthotype Cochliodus 

ACUTUS (Ag.) McCoy (fossil). 
Xystrodus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 101; orthotype Cochliodus 

STRiATUS Ag. (fossil). Name preoccupied (Plieninger, 1860), replaced by 

Platyxystrodus Hay (1899). 
Lobodus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 101 ; logotype L. prototypus Ag. 

(fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis, 1883. Regarded as a synonym of 

Mesogomphus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 101 ; orthotype M. lingua Ag. 

(fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis, 1883. Regarded as a synonym of 

Pleurogomphus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 101 ; orthotype P. auricu- 

LATUs Ag. (fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis, 1883. Regarded as a syno- 
nym of Copodus. 
Mylax (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 101; orthotype M. batoides Ag. 

(fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis, 1883. Regarded as a synonym of 

Tomodus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 101; orthotype T. convexus (Ag.) 

(fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis, 1883 (not Tomodus Trautschold, 1879), 

later called Oxytomodus Trautschold, 1880. 
Streblodus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 101; orthotype Cochliodus 

oblongus (Agassiz) Portlock (fossil). 
Psephodus (Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 101 ; orthotype Cochliodus 

MAGNUS Portlock (fossil). 
Petalorhynchus Agassiz) Morris & Roberts, XVIII, 101 ; orthotype Petalodus 

psiTTAciNUS (Ag.) McCoy (fossil) ; name only, defined by Davis, 1881. 

795. VALENCIENNES (1862). Description de qticlques especes de poisson 
. . . envoyes de Bourbon par M. Morel. Comptes Rendus, LIV. 

Achille Valenciennes. 
This little paper of Valenciennes has been overlooked by writers. In it 
are described two species of Irex (Elagatis), I. indicus from Bourbon 
Island and I. americanus from St. Thomas, the former with D. VI-I, 24-2, 
the latter D. VI-I, 22-2. Giinther counts D. VI-I, 25-1 in Elagatis bipin- 
NULATUS from Amboyna. Poey counts D. VI-I, 26-2 in Elagatis pinnulatus 
from Havana. In a specimen from Long Island, Jordan and Evermann 
count D. VI-I, 27-2, regarding all as belonging to one pelagic species. 

WAGNER, 1862 321 

Irex Valenciennes, 1204; orthotype Irex indicus Val. A synonym of Elagatis 
Bennett (1834), same as Seriolichthys Blkr. (1854) and Decaptus Poey 

796. WAGNER (1862). Monographic der fossilen Fische ans den Lithographischen 

Schiefern Bayerns. Abh. Bayer. Akad. Wiss., IX. 
Andreas Wagner. 
Mesturus Wagner, IX, 338; orthotype M. verrucosus Wagner (fossil). 

797. WINKLER (1862). Description de quelques nouvellcs espcces de poissons 
fossiles du calcaires lithographique de Solenhofcn d'Ocningcn. Nat. Verb. 
Holl. Maatsch. Wetensch. Haarlem, XVI. 

Tiberius Cornelius Winkler (1822-1898). 
Brachyichthys Winkler, XIV, 47; orthotype B. typicus Winkler (fossil). Should 
replace Eulepipotus (1868) and Heterolepidotus Egert. (1872). 


798. BLEEKER (1863). Memoire sur les poissons de la cote de Guinee. Nat. 

Verb. Holl. Maatsch. Wetscb., 2 Verz. Deel XVIII. 1863, 1-136. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Glaucus (Klein) Bleeker. 14; orthotype (after Klein) Scomber glaucus L. A syno- 
nym of C^sioMORUs Lac. 
Melanogenes Bleeker, 36; orthotype M. macrocephalus Blkr. 
Pseudotolithus Bleeker, 59; orthotype P. tvpus Blkr. 

799. BLEEKER (1863). Description de quelques especes de poissons . . . de 
Chine . . . Musee de Leide, par M. G. Schlcgel. Nat Tijdscbr. Dierk. Indie, I. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Hemiscisena Bleeker, 141 ; orthotype Collichthys lucidus Gunther. A synonym 

of Collichthys Gthr. 
Pseudosciaena Bleeker, 142 ; orthotype Corvina amblyceps Blkr., species named. 

Same as Argyrosomus Pylaie, 1835. A synonym of Sci/Ena L., as restricted 

by Cuvier. 

800. BLEEKER (1863). Systetna Cyprinoidcorum revisum. Neder. Tijdscbr. 

Dierk., I., 1863, 179-186. 

Pieter Bleeker. 

Aplocheilichthys Bleeker, 116; orthotype A. typus Blkr. A synonym of Aplochei- 

LUS McCl. The numerous genera here defined are also contained in a second 

paper written at about the same time. 
Gobionichthys Bleeker, 156; orthotype Gobio microcephalus Blkr. 
Crossocheilichthys Bleeker, 192; orthotype Lobocheilos cobitis Blkr. 
Isocephalus (Heckel) Bleeker, 194; orthotype Cyprinus bangon Ham. Same as 

Bangana Ham. 
Rohitodes Bleeker, 195 ; orthotype Labeo cephalus Cuv. & Val. 
Acta Bleeker, 197 ; tautotype Cyprinus acra Ham. ; orthotype as indicated by 

Bleeker, Cyprinus syriacus. 
Leptobarbus Bleeker, 202: orthotype L. hoeveni Blkr. 
Cirrhinichthys Bleeker, 202; orthotype C. dussumieri. 


Opsariichthys Bleeker, 203 ; orthotype Leuciscus uncirostris T. & S. ; also under 
No. 805, p. 263. 

Paraphoxinus Bleeker, 209; orthotype Phoxinellus alepidotus Heckel. A syno- 
nym of Phoxinellus Heckel. 

Trachybrama (Heckel) Bleeker, I, 210; orthotype Acanthobrama marmid Heckel. 
A synonym of Acanthobrama Heckel. 

Paracheilognathus Bleeker, 213; orthotype Capoeta rhombea T. & S. 

Pseudoperilampus Bleeker, 214; orthotype P. typus Blkr. 

801. BLEEKER (1863). Onsieme notice sur la faune ichthyologique de I'ile d'Obi. 

Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., I, 1863. 228-238. 
PiETER Bleeker. 

Paramia Bleeker, 233 ; orthotype Cheilodipterus lineatus Lac. A substitute for 
Cheilodipterus (Lac.) Cuv., which name he transfers to the genus called 
Temnodon Cuv. (PoMATOMUs Lac.) because the first species named belongs 
to PoMATOMUS. A synonym of Cheilodipterus as now restricted. 

Rhombotides (Klein) Bleeker, 235 ; orthotype Ch^todon triostegus L. A syno- 
nym of Hepatus Gronow or Teuthis L., as restricted. 

Parapercis Bleeker, 236; orthotype Sci^na cylindrica Bloch. 

Parupeneus Bleeker, 342; orthotype Mullus bifasciatus Lac. A synonym of 
Upeneus Cuv., as first restricted by Bleeker. 

802. BLEEKER (1863). Septieme memoir e sur la faune ichthyologique de I'ile 

Timor. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., I 1863, 262-276. 

PiETER Bleeker. 

Paradules Bleeker, 267; orthotype Dules rupestris Cuv. & Val. A synonym of 

Pseudechidna Bleeker, 272; orthotype Mur.ena brummeri Blkr. (Strophidon 
Gthr., not of McClelland). 

803. BLEEKER (1863). Sur les genres de la famille des Cobitioides. Versl. 

Akad. Amsterdam, XV, 1863. 32-44. 
PiETER Bleeker. 
Paracobitis Bleeker, 37 ; orthotype Cobitis malapterura Cuv. &. Val. 
Lepidocephalichthys Bleeker, 42 ; orthotype Cobitis hasselti Cuv. & Val. 

803A. BLEEKER (1863). Systenia silurorumrevisum. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk. I. 

PiETER Bleeker. 
Pseudopimelodus Bleeker, I, 101 ; orthotype Pimelodus raninus Cuv. & Val. 

804. BLEEKER (1863). Dcuxieme notice sur la faune ichthyologique dc I'tlc de 

Flores. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., I, 1863, 248-252. 
PiETER Bleeker. 
Eurypegasus Bleeker, 250; orthotype Pegasus draconis L. = P. volitans L. A 
synonym of Pegasus L. 

805. BLEEKER (1863). Notice sur les noms de quelques genres de la famille des 

Cyprinoides. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, XV, 1863, 261-264. 

PiETER Bleeker. 
Carpionichthys Bleeker, 262; orthotype Cyprinus carpio L. A synonym of 

Cyprinus L. 
Paraschizothorax Bleeker, 262; orthotype Schizothorax hugeli Heckel. 

COOPER, 1863 323 

806. COOPER (1863). On New Genera and Species of California Fishes. 4 articles. 

Proc. Cal. Acad. Sci. 

James Graham Cooper (1830- ). 

Dekaya Cooper, 72; orthotype D. anomala Cooper. A synonym of Caulolatilus 

Gill ; the name Dekayia already used. 
Ayresia Cooper, 73 ; orthotype A. punctipinnis Cooper. 
Orycnus Cooper, 77; orthotype Scomber thynnus L. Originally a slip of the pen 

for Orcynus, offered as a substitute for Orcynus, twice preoccupied. A 

synonym of Thunnus. 
Gibbonsia Cooper, III, 108; orthotype Myxodes elegans Cooper. 
Gillichthys Cooper, 109; orthotype G. mirabilis Cooper. 

807. DOCtMET (1863). Description d'un nouveau genre de poissons dc la Medi- 

terannee. Rev. Mag. Zool., XV. 
P. Napoleon Doumet-Adanson. 
Trachelocirrus Doumet, XV, 212; orthotype T. mediterraneus Doiimet. A syno- 
nym of Psenes Cuv. & Val. Doiimet correctly regards this genus as iden- 
tical with Navarchus Filippi & Verany. The names Cubiceps Lowe and 
Atimostoma Smith have been also bestowed upon these little pelagic fishes 
as well as Psenes, the name they should bear. 

808. GILL (1863). (Platygohio.) Trans. Am. Philos. Soc, V. 

Theodore Gill. 
Platygobio Gill, V, 12, 178; orthotype Pogonichthys communis Grd. = Cyprinus 
gracilis Rich. 

809, GILL (1863). (Sturgeons.) Trans. Am. Philos. Soc. V. 

Theodore Gill. 
Scaphirhynchops Gill, V, 12, 178; orthotype Acipenser platorhynchus Raf. Sub 
stitute for Scaphirhynchus regarded as preoccupied. 

810. GILL (1863). On a New Family Type (Cha^nopsis) of Fishes Related to the 

Blennioids. Ann. Lye. Nat. Hist. N. Y., VIII. 
Theodore Gill. 
Chaenopsis Gill, 141 ; orthotype C. ocellatus Poey. 

811. GILL (1863). On a Remarkable New Type of Fishes Allied to Nemophis. 

Ann. Lye. Nat. Hist. N. Y., VIII. 
Theodore Gill. 
Plagiotremus Gill, 138; orthotype P. spilistius Gill. 

812. GILL (1863). Catalogue of the North American Sciccnoid Fishes. Proc. 

Nat. Acad. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Sciaenops Gill, 30; orthotype Perca ocellata L. 

813. GILL (1863). Catalogue of the Fishes of Loivcr California . . . Collected by 

Mr. J. Xantus, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci., Phila., XV. 
Theodore Gill. 
Pronotogrammus Gill, 80 orthotype P. multifasciatus Gill. 
Lepidamia Gill, 81 ; orthotype Apogon kalosoma Blkr. 
Archamia Gill, 81 ; orthotype Apogon bleekeri Gthr. 
Glossamia Gill, 82; orthotype Apogon aprion Rich. 


Xenichthys Gill, 82; orthotype X. xanti Gill. 

Moronopsis Gill, 82 ; orthotype Dules marginatus Guv. & Val. A synonym of 

Rhamphoberyx Gill, 87 ; orthotype R. pcecilopus Gill. Young form of Myripristis 

Rhombochirus Gill, 88; orthotype Echeneis osteochir Cuv. & Val. 
Remoropsis Gill, 88; orthotype Echeneis brachypterus Lowe 

814. GILL (1863). Descriptions of Sotne New Species of Pediculati. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 

Theodore Gill. 

Pterophryne Gill, 90; orthotype Chironectes l.evigatus Cuv. Name preoccupied; 

replaced by Pterophrynoides Gill, 1878. A synonym of Histrio Fischer. 
Histiophryne Gill, 90; orthotype Chironectes bougainvillei Cuv. 
Halieutichthys (Poey) Gill, 90; orthotype H. reticulatus Poey = Lophius 
aculeatus Mitchill. 

815. GILL (1863). Descriptive Enumeration of a Collection of Fishes from the 
Western Coast of Central America . . . by Captain J. M. Dow. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 

Theodore Gill. 
Ophioscion Gill, 165 ; orthotype O. typicus Gill. 

Amblyscion Gill, 165; orthotype A. argenteus Gill. A section under Larimus Cuv. 
Oligoplites Gill, 166; orthotype O. occidentalis Gill (not L.) = Scomber saurus 

Bl. & Schn. 
Chaenomugil Gill, 169; orthotype Mugil proboscideus Gthr. Apparently a synonym 

of Chelon Rose, 1793. 
Rhinomugil Gill, 169; orthotype Mugil corsula Hamilton-Buchanan. 
Halophryne Gill, 170; orthotype Batrachoides diemensis Le Sueur. 
Leptarius Gill, 170; orthotype Leptarius dowi Gill. A synonym of Selenaspis Blkr. 
Notarius Gill, 171 ; orthotype Arius grandicassis Cuv. & Val. Equivalent to Arius 

Blkr., 1863, not of 1858, and not of Cuvier & Valenciennes. 
Urotrygon Gill, 173; orthotype U. mundus Gill. 

816. GILL (1863). On an Unnamed Generic Type Allied to Sebastes. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 
Theodore Gill. 
Sebastoplus Gill, 208 ; orthotype Scorp^na kuhli Bovi^dich. 

817. GILL (1863). Description of a New Generic Type of Ophidioids. Proc. 

Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 
Theodore Gill. 
Leptophidium Gill, 210; orthotype L. profundorum Gill. Name preoccupied in 
snakes. Replaced by Lepophidium Gill, 1895. 

818. GILL (1863). Synopsis of the Pomacentroids of the Western Coast of 

North and Central America. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 

Theodore Gill. 
Dischistodus Gill, 213; orthotype Pomacentrus fasciatus Cuv. & Val. 
Acanthochromis Gill, 214; orthotype Dascyllus polyacanthus Blkr. 
Pomataprion Gill 216; orthotype Hypsypops dorsalis Gill. A synonym of MicRO- 
spathodon Gthr. 

GILL, 1863 ' 325 

819. GILL (1863). Notes on the Labroids of the Western Coast of North America. 

Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 
Theodore Gill. 
Lepidaplois Gill, 222; orthotype Cossyphus axillaris Cuv. & Val. 
Euphysocara Gill, 222; orthotype Cossyphus anthtoides Gthr. 
Gymnopropoma Gill, 222 ; orthotype Cossyphus bilunulatus Cuv. & Val. A syno- 
nym of Lepidaplois Gill. 
Achoerodus Gill, 222; orthotype Cossyphus gouldi Rich. 
Dimalacocentrus Gill, 223; orthotype Novacula kallosoma Blkr. A synonym of 

Oxyjulis Gill, 223 ; orthotype Julis modestus Grd. ; the name modestus preoccupied 
in Julis ; replaced by Halichceres californicus Gthr. 

820. GILL (1863). Synopsis of the Family of Lepturoids and Description of a 

Remarkable New General Type. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 

Theodore Gill. 
Evoxymetopon (Poey) Gill, 228; orthotype E. t^niatus Poey. 

821. GILL (1863). Synopsis of the North American Gadoid Fishes. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Brachygadus Gill, 230; orthotype Gadus minutus L. A synonym of Trisopterus 

Micromesistius Gill, 231 ; orthotype Gadus poutassou Risso. Called Brachv- 

mesistius on page 233. 
Brachymesistius Gill, 233 ; orthotype Gadus poutassou Risso. A lapsus for 

Urophycis Gill, 240 ; orthot>'pe Blennius rectus Walbaum. 
Rhinonemus Gill, 241 ; orthotype Gadus cimbrius L. 

822. GILL (1863). Descriptions of the Genera of Gadoid and Brotuloid Fishes of 

North America. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 

Theodore Gill. 

Leptogadus Gill, 248 ; orthotype Gadus blennioides Pallas. Perhaps a synonym of 

Gadiculus Guich. 
Odontogadus Gill, 248; orthotype Gadus euxinus Nordmann. 
Nematobrotula Gill, 252; orthotype Brotula ensiformis Gthr. 
Stygicola Gill, 252; orthotype Lucifuga dentata Poey. 
Hoplobrotula Gill, 253 ; orthotype Brotula armata T. & S. 

823. GILL (1863). Synopsis of the Family of Lycodidcr. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Phila., XV. 
Macrozoarces Gill, 258; orthotype Blennius anguillaris Peck. 

824. GILL (1863). Descriptions of the Gobioid Genera of the Western Coast of 

Temperate North America. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 

Theodore Gill. 
Pomatoschistus Gill, 263 ; orthotype Gobius minutus L. Apparently a synonym 

of Brachyochirus Nardo. 
Deltentosteus Gill, 263 ; orthotype Gobius quadrimaculatus. 

Coryphopterus Gill, 263; orthotype C. glaucofr.enum Gill. A synonym of Rhino- 
gobius Gill. 


Coryphogobius Gill, 263 ; obviously a lapse for Coryphopterus. 
Pterogobius Gill, 266; orthotype Gobius virgo T. & S. 

Synechogobius Gill, 266 ; orthotype Gobius hasta T. & S. A synonym of Acantho- 

825. GILL (1863). On the Gobioids of the Eastern Coast of the United States, 

Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XV. 

Theodore Gill. 

Gymnogobius Gill, 269; orthotype Gobius macrognathos Blkr. A synonym of 

Ch^nogobius Gill. 
Ophiogobius Gill, 269; orthotype Gobius ophiocephalus Jenyns. 
Crystallogobius Gill, 269; orthotype Gobius nilssoni Duben & Koren. 
Boreogobius Gill, 269; orthotype Gobius stuvitzi Duben & Koren. 
Mogurnda Gill, 270; orthotype Eleotris mogurnda Rich. 
Ophiocara Gill, 270; orthotype Eleotris ophiocephalus Cuv. & Val. 
Gobiomorphus Gill, 270; orthotype Eleotris gobiodes Cuv. & Val. 
Hypseleotris Gill, 270; orthotype Eleotris cyprinoides Cuv. & Val. 
Odonteleotris Gill, 270; orthotype Eleotris macrodon Blkr. 
Calleleotris Gill, 270; orthotype Eleotris strigata Cuv. & Val. A synonym of 

Ptereleotris Gill, 271 ; orthotype Eleotris microlepis Blkr. 

826. GILL (1863). On the Genus Periophthalmus of Schneider. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Euchoristopus Gill, 271 ; orthotype Gobius koelreuteri Pallas. Replaces Perioph- 
thalmus of recent authors, of which the logotype is P. schlosseri. 
Boleops Gill, 271 ; orthotype Boleophthalmus aucupatorius Rich. A synonym of 


827. GILL (1863). Note on the Genera of Hemirhamphincc. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Phila., XV. 
Theodore Gill. 
Zenarchopterus Gill, 273; orthotype Hemiramphus dispar Cuv. & Val. 
Oxyporhampus Gill, 273 ; orthotype Hemiramphus cuspidatus Cuv. & Val. 

828. GCNTHER ( 1863) . On New Species of Fishes from Victoria, South Australia. 

Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XI. 

Albert Gunther. 

Melambaphes Giinther, XI, 115; orthotype Glyphidodon nigroris Gthr., not of 

Cuv. & Val. = M. guentheri Gill. 
Rhombosolea Giinther, XI, 117; orthotype R. flesoides Gthr. 

829. GUNTHER (1863). On New Species of Fishes from the Essequibo. Ann. 

Mag. Nat. Hist., XII. 
Albert Gunther. 
Helogenes Giinther, XII, 443; orthotype H. marmoratus Gthr. 
Crenuchus Gunther, XII, 443 ; orthotype C. spilurus Gthr. 

830. JOHNSON (1863). Description of Three New Genera of Marine Fishes 

Obtained at Madeira. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XIV. 
James Yates Johnson. 
Diretmus Johnson, 403 ; orthotype D. argenteus Johnson. 

KAUP, 1863 327 

Halosaurus Johnson, 407; orthotype H. oweni Johnson. 

Chiasmodon Johnson, 408; orthotype C. nicer Johnson. Spelled Chiasmodus by 

831. KAUP (1863). Einige japanische Fischc. Nederl. Tijdschr. Dierk., I. 

JoHANN Jacob Kaup. 
Helotosoma Kaup, I, 162; orthotype H. servus Kaup; said to be a synonym of 
Atypichthys Gthr. 

832. KNER (1863). Ueber einige fossile Fische aus den Kreide- und Tertiar- 
schichten von Comen und Podsused. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, XLVIII. 

Rudolf Kner. 

J. Y. Johnson. 

Amiopsis Kner, XLVIII, 126; orthotype A. prisca Kner (fossil). Fossil homologue 

of Amia L. 
Scombroclupea Kner, XLVIII, 132; orthotype S. pinnulata Kner (fossil). The 
earlier name of this species, Clupea macrophthalma Heckel, 1849, is pre- 
occupied ; Ranzani, 1842. 

833. KNER & STEINDACHNER (1863). Neue Beitrdge sur Kenntniss der 

fossilen Fische Oesterreichs. Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Wien, XXI. 
Rudolph Kner; Franz Steindachner. 
Pseudosyngnathus Kner & Steindachner, XXI, 28; orthotype Syngnathus opis- 
thopterus Ag. (fossil). 

834. KNER & STEINDACHNER (1863). Neue Gattungen und Arten von 
Fischen aus Central-Amerika gesammelt von Prof. Merits Wagner. Abh. 
Munchner. Akad. Wiss., X. 

Rudolph Kner; Franz Steind.'^chner. 
Date given by Dean as 1870; Troschel quotes these genera as of 1867; 
Giinther, Zoological Record, notes them as previous to 1864. 
Saccodon Kner & Steindachner, X, 31 ; orthotype S. wagneri Kner & Steindachner. 
Pseudochalceus Kner & Steindachner, X, 31 ; orthotype P. lineatus Kner & Stein- 
Chalcinopsis Kner & Steindachner, X, 31 ; logotype C. striatulus Kner & Stein- 
dachner. A synonym of Brycon M. & T., not Chalcinopsis Holmberg, 
1891, which is Pseudocorynopoma. 

835. MACKIE (1863). On a New Species of Hybodus from the Loiver Chalk. 

The Geologist, VI. 

Samuel Joseph Mackie 

Nemacanthus Mackie, VI, 243 (orthotype Acrodus keuperianus Murchison & 

Strickland (fossil). A synonym of Acrodus; name preoccupied, 1837. 

836. VON DER MARCK (1863). Fossile Fische, Krebse und Pflansen aus dem 
Plattenkalk der jilngsten Kreide in Westphalen. Palaeontographica, XI, Cassel. 

W. VON der Marck. 
Macrolepis von der Marck, XI, 26; orthotype M. elong.\tus Marck (fosil). 
Rhabdolepis von der Marck, XI, 26; orthotype R. cretaceus Marck (fossil). 

Name preoccupied; replaced by Holcolepis von der Marck, 1868. 
Palasolycus von der Marck, XI, 31; orthotype P. dreginensis Marck (fossil). 
Scrobodus (Miinster) von der Marck, XI, 38; orthotype S. subovatus Miinster 

(fossil). A synonym of Lepidotes. 


MicroccElia von der Marck, XI, 48; orthotype M. granulata Marck (fossil). 
Leptosomus von der Marck. XI, 49; orthotype L. guestphalicus Marck (fossil). 

(Name several times preoccupied.) 
Tachynectes von der Marck, XI, 51; logotype T. macrodactylus Marck (fossil). 
Enchelurus von der Marck, XI, 58; orthotype E. villosus Marck (fossil). 
Leptotrachelus von der Marck, XI, 59; orthotype L. armatus Marck (fossil). 

837. PUTNAM (1863). List of the Fishes Sent by the Museum in Exchange, etc. 
Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. Harvard College, I. 
Frederick Ward Putnam (1839-1915). 
Nothonotus (Agassiz) Putnam, I, 3; orthotype Etheostoma maculata Kirtland. 
Microperca Putnam, I, 4; orthotype M. punctulata Putnam. 
Cottogaster Putnam, I, 4; orthotype Boleosoma tessellatum Thompson, not of 

Dekay = Cottogaster putnami J. & G. 
Pleurolepis (Agassiz) Putnam. I, 5; orthotype Etheostoma pellucidum Ag. 

Name preoccupied ; replaced by Vigil Jordan, 1919. 
Anarmostus (Scudder) Putnam, I, 12; logotype Diabasis flavolineatus Desmarest. 

Name preoccupied ; a synonym of H^mulon Cuv. 
Bathystoma (Scudder) Putnam, I, 12; logotype Perca melanura L. = H^mulon 

jeniguano Poey. 

838. SCHAFHAUTL (1863). Sudbayerns Lethcea Geognostica. 

K. E. ScHAFHAUTL (1803-1890). 
Diaphyodus Schafhautl, 246; orthotype D. ovalis Schafhautl (fossil). A synonym 
of Labrodon. 

839. SIEBOLD (1863). Die SUsswasserfische von Mitteleuropa. 

Carl Theodor Ernst von Siebold (1804-1885). 
Abramidopsis Siebold, 117; orthotype A. leuckarti Siebold. Thought to be a 

hybrid of Abramis and Rutilus. 
Bliccopsis Siebold, 142; orthotype B. abramorutilus Siebold. Thought to be a 

hybrid : Blicca and Rutilus. 

840. STEINDACHNER (1863). Ichthyologische Mittheilungen: V. Ueber einige 

Labroiden. Verb. Zool. Bot. Ges. Wien, XIII. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Cheiliopsis Steindachner. 1113; orthotype C. bivittatus Steind. 

841. STEINDACHNER (1863). Beitrdge ziir Kenntniss der fossilen Fischfauna 

Oesterrcichs.' Sitz. Akad. Wiss. Wien, XLVII. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Calamostoma Steindachner, XLVII, 133; logotype Acanthurus canoss^ Heckel 
(fossil). Name preoccupied, replaced by Aulorhamphus De Zigno, 1887. 

842. STEINDACHNER (1863). Beitrdge sur Kenntniss der Sciccnoiden Brasiliens 

tnit der Cyprinodonten Mexicos. Sitz. Akad. Wiss. Wien, XLVIII. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Diplolepis Steindachner, 2; orthotype Sci^na squamosissima Heckel. Name pre- 
occupied ; a synonym of Plagioscion Gill. 
Poecilodes Steindachner, XLVIII, 176; orthotype P. bimaculatus Steind. Syno 
nym of Pseudoxiphophorus Blkr. 

WAGNER, 1863 329 

843. WAGNER (1863). Monographic der fossilen Fische aus den lithographischen 

Schiefern Bayerns. IX. 
Andreas Wagner. 

Heterostrophus Wagner, IX, 614; orthotype H. latus Wagner (fossil). Printed 
Heterostichus in Anz. Bayr. Akad. IViss., 1860, p. 63. This name is pre- 

Plesiodus Wagner, IX, 632; orthotype P. pustulosus Wagner (fossil). A synonym 
of Lepidotes. 

Eurycormus Wagner, IX, 707; orthotype E. speciosus Wagner (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Macropoma Ag. 

Liodesmus Wagner, IX, 709; orthotj-pe Pholidophorus gracilis Ag. (fossil). 

Macrorhipis Wagner, IX, 723 ; orthotype Pachycormus muensteri Wagner 
(fossil). A synonym of Ionoscopus. 


844. VAN BENEDEN & DE KONINCK (1864). Notice sur le Palcedaphus 

insignis. Bull. Roy. Soc. Beige, XVII. 
Pierre J. Van Beneden (1809-1894) ; L. J. de Koninck. 
Palaedaphus Van Beneden & De Koninck, XVII, 150; orthotype P. insignis Beneden 
& Koninck (fossil). 

845. BLEEKER (1864). Notice sur la faune ichthyologiquc de Siam. Versl. 

Akad. Amsterdam, XVI, 1864, 352-358. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Heterobagrus Bleeker, 355 ; orthotype H. bocourti Blkr. 

846. BOCAGE & CAPELLO (1864). Sur quelque especcs inedites de Squa- 
lidcE . . . que frequentcnt Ics cotes du Portugal. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 

Jose Vincent Barboza du Bocage (1823-1907); 
Felix de Brito Capello (1838- ). 
Centroscymnus Bocage & Capello, 263 ; orthotype C. ccelolepis Bocage & Capello. 
Scymnodon Bocage & Capello*. 263 ; orthotype S. ingens Bocage & Capello. 

847. CANESTRINI (1864). Studi sui Lepadogaster del Mediterraneo. Arch. 

Zool. Anat. Fisiol., III. 
Giovanni Canestrini. 
Mirbelia Canestrini, 189 ; logotype Lepadaster decandollii Risso. 

848. COCCHI (1864). Monografia dei Pharyngodopilidce nuovo famiglia dei pesci 

Labroidei. Ann. Mus. Firenze, I. 
Igino Cocchi (1828- ). 
Egertonia Cocchi, I, 121; orthotype E. isodonta Cocchi (fossil). 
Pharyngodopilus Cocchi, I, 123; logotype P. canariensis Cocchi (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Labrodon. 
Taurinichthys Cocchi, I, 152; orthotype Scarus miocenicus Michelotti (fossil). 

849. COPE (1864). On a Blind Silurid . . . from Pennsylvania. Proc. Acad. 

Nat Sci. Phila. 
Edward Drinker Cope (1840-1897). 
Gronias Cope, 231 ; orthotype Gronias nigrilabris Cope. 


850. COSTA (1864). (Fossil Fishes.) Atti, Pontan. 

Oronzio Gabriele Costa. 

6enoscopus Costa, VIII, 59; orthotype Ionoscopus petraroi^ Costa (fossil). 

Name a (needless?) substitute for Ionoscopus. 
Hyptius Costa, 80; orthotype H. sebastiani Costa. A synonym of Sauropsidium 

Costa, 1850. 
Platycerhynchus Costa, VIII, 98; orthotype P. rhombeus Costa (fossil). An 
indeterminable ally of Belonostomus. 

851. EGERTON (1864). On Some Ichthyolites . . . from New South Wales. 

Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc, XX. 
Philie de Malpas Grey Egerton. 
Myriolepis Egerton, XX, 3; orthotype M. clarkei Egert. (fossil). 
Cleithrolepis Egerton, XX, 3; orthotype C. granulatus Egert. (fossil). 

852. GILL (1864). Description of a New Labroid Genus Allied to Trochocopus Gthr. 

Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XVI. 
Theodore Gill. 
Pimelometopon Gill, 58; orthotype Labrus pulcher Ayres. 

853. GILL (1864). Notes on the Nomenclature of Genera and Species of the 

Family Echeneidoidce. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XVI. 

Theodore Gill. 
Leptecheneis Gill, 60 ; orthotype Echeneis naucrates L. A synonym of Echeneis L. 
as restricted by Gill, 1860. 

854. GILL (1864). Critical Remarks on the Genera Sebastes and Sebastodes of 

Ayres. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XVI. 
Theodore Gill. 
Sebastomus Gill, 147; orthotype Sebastes rosaceus Grd. 
Sebastosomus Gill, 147 ; orthotype Sebastes melanops Grd. 

855. GILL (1864). Second Contribution to the Selachology of California. Proc. 

Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XVI. 
Theodore Gill. 
Eugaleus Gill, 148; orthotype Squalus galeus L. Substitute for Galeus Cuv., 
preoccupied by Galeus Raf. A synonym of Galeorhinus Blaniv., as restricted 
by Gill. 
Pleuracromylon Gill, 148; orthotype Mustelus l^vis = Galeus mustelus Gill. 
A synonym of Mustelus Cuv., not of Valmont, the last probably not eligible. 

856. GILL ( 1864) . Several Points in Ichthyology. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XVI. 

Theodore Gill. 
Electrophorus Gill, 151 ; orthotype Gymnotus electricus L. 
Gymnotes Gill, 152; orthotype Gymnotus ^quilabiatus Humboldt. A synonym 

of Sternopygus M. & T. 
Hypopomus Gill, 152; orthotype Rhamphichthys mulleri Kaup. Replaces 

Brachvrhamphichthys Gthr., 1870. 

857. GILL (1864). Azotes on the Paralepidoids and Microstomatoids and on Some 
Peculiarities of Arctic Ichthyology. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XVI. 

Arctozenus Gill, 188; orthotype Paralepis borealis Reinh. 

GILL, 1864 331 

858. GILL (1864.) Xotc on lite Cycloptcroids of Eastern North America. Proc. 

Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XVL 
Theodore Gill. 
Eumicrotremus Gill, 190; orthotype Cyclopterus spinosus Miiller. 

859. GILL ( 1864). Synopsis of the Plenronectoids of California and Northwestern 

America. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila.. XVI. • 
Theodore Gill. 
Lepidopsetta Gill, 195 ; orthotype Platichthys umbrosus Grd. 
Hypsopsetta Gill, 195; orthotype Pleuronichthys guttulatus Grd. 
Metoponops Gill, 198; orthotype M. cooperi Gill = Psettichthys sordidus Grd. 
A synonym of Orthopsetta Gill. 

860. GILL (1864). On the Affinity of Several Doubtful British Fishes. Proc. 

Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XVL 
Theodore Gill. 
Helminthodes Gill, 203; orthotype Oxybeles lumbricoides Blkr. 

861. GILL (1864). Mote on the Family of Stichcroids. Proc. .Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Phila., XVI. 
Anisarchus Gill, 210; orthotype Clinus medius Reinh! 
Eumesogrammus Gill, 210; orthotype Clinus pr.ecisus Kroyer. 

862. GILL (1864). Synopsis of the Pleuronectoids of the Eastern Coast of North 

America. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., XVI. 

Theodore Gill. 

Pomatopsetta Gill, 216; orthotype Platessa dentata Storer = Pleuronectes 

PLATESSOiDES Fabricius. A synonym of Hippoglossoides Gottsche. 
Lophopsetta Gill, 216; orthotype Pleuronectes maculatus Mitchill. 
Liopsetta Gill, 216; orthotype Platessa glabra Storer. 
Myzopsetta Gill, 217; orthotype Platessa ferruginea Storer. A synonym of 

LiMANDA Gotsche. 
Chaenopsetta Gill, 218 ; orthotype Platessa ocellaris Dekay. A synonym of Para- 

LicHTHYs Grd. 
Euchalarodus Gill, 221 ; orthotype E. putnami Gill, the male of Liopsetta glabra 

(Storer). A synonym of Liopsetta Gill. 
Ancylopsetta Gill, 224; orthotype A. quadrocellata Gill. A synonym of Pseudor 

hombus Blkr. 

863. GILL (1864). Synopsis of the Eastern American Sharks. Proc. Acad, 

Nat. Sci. Phila., XVI. 

Theodore Gill. 

Eugomphodus Gill, 26 ; orthotype Squalus littoralis Mitchill. A synonym of 

Carcharias Raf. 
Platypodon Gill, 264; orthotype C.^rcharis menisorrah M. & H. 
Isistius Gill, 264; orthotype Scymnus brasiliensis Q. & G. 
Euprotomicrus Gill, 264; orthotype Scymnus labordei M. & H. 
Rhinoscymnus Gill, 264; orthotype Scymnus rostratus Risso. 

864. GILL (1864). Review of Holbrook's Ichthyology of South Carolina. Am. 

Journ. Sci. Arts, XXXVII. 
Theodore Gill. 



Enneacanthus Gill, 92; orthotype Pomotis obesus Grd. 

Acantharchus Gill, 92; orthotype Centrarchus pomotis Baird. 

Hyperistius Gill, 92; orthotype Centrarchus hexacanthus Cuv. A section under 
PoMOxis Raf. 

Mesogonistius Gill, 92 ; orthotype Pomotis ch^todon Baird. 

Chasnobryttus Gill, 92; orthotype Calliurus melanops Grd. === Pomotis gulosus 
Cuv. & Val'. Misprinted Ch^nobrythus. 

Eucentrarchus Gill, 93 ; orthotype Perca iridea Bosc. A substitute for Centrar- 
chus as currently used — not of Cuvier & Valenciennes, which is a synonym 
of Ambloplites Raf. 

865. GRAY (1864). Notice of a Portion of a New Form of Animal (Myriosteon 
higginsi) Probably Indicating a New Group of Echinodermata. Proc. Zool. 
Soc. London. 

John Edward Gray. 
Myriosteon Gray; orthotype M. higginsi Gray; a tube from a rostral cartilage of 
Pristis, supposed to be an echinoderm. A synonym of Pristis Latham. 

866. GUICHENOT (1864). L. Maillard: Notes sur I'ile de la Reunion. Fauna 


Alphonse Guichenot. 

Glyphodes Guichenot, 3 ; orthotype G. aprionoides Guich. Name preoccupied in 

Cotylopus Guichenot (appendix) 10; logotype C. acutipinnis Guich. 

867. GUNTHER (1864). Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museum. V. 

Albert GuntheIj. 
Copiodoglanis Gunther, V, 25 ; logotype Plotosus tandanus Mitchill. A synonym 

of Tandanus Mitchill. 
Amphilius Giinther, V, 115; orthotype Pimelodus platychir Gthr. 
Notoglanis Giinther, V, 136; haplotype Pimelodus multiradiatus Kner = P. ara- 

KAiMA Schomburgk. A section under Rhamdia. 
Euclyptosternum Gunther, V, 180; orthotype Silurus cous L. A substitute for 

Aglyptosternon Blkr., 1863, the thorax having a sucking disk, which Bleeker's 

name would deny. The change is not admissible. 
Diplomystax Gunther, V, 180; orthotype Arius papillosus Cuv. & Val. An emen- 
dation of Diplomystes Blkr. 
Paradiplomystax Giinther, V, 180; orthotype Pimelodus coruscans Lichtenstein. 

An emendation of Paradiplomystes Blkr. 
Rhinoglanis Giinther, V, 216; orthotype R. typus Gthr. 
Cnidoglanis Giinther, V, 217; logotype Plotosus megastomus Rich. 
Callomystax Giinther, V, 218; orthotype Pimelodus gagata Ham. = Gagata aypus 

Blkr. An unwarranted substitute for Gagata Blkr., incorrectly defined. A 

synonym of Batasio Blyth. 
Stygogenes Giinther, V, 223; orthotype S. humboldti Gthr. Perhaps a synonym 

of Cyclopium Sw. 
Scleromystax Giinther, V, 225; orthotype Callichthys barbatus Q. & G. 
Liposarcus Giinther, V, 234; logotype Hypostomus multiradiatus Hancock. 
Cochliodon (Reckel) Giinther, V, 238; tautotype Hypostomus cochliodon Kner. 
Heterythrinus Giinther, V, 283; orthotype Erythrinus salmoneus Gronow. A 

synonym of Erythrinus (Gronow) Scopoli. 

GUNTHER, 1864 333 

Caenotropus Giinther, V, 297; orthotype Citharinus chilodus Cuv. & Val. = 

Chilodus punctatus M. & T. a substitute for Chilodus M. & T. and 

MiCRODUS Kner, both names preoccupied. 
Brachyalestes Gunther, V, 314; logotype Myletes nurse Ruppell. 
Hemibrycon Gunther, V, 318; haplotype Tetragonopterus polyodon Gthr. 
Creatochanes Gunther, V, 318; logotype Salmo melanurus Bloch. 
Scissor Giinther, V, 331 ; orthotype S. macrocephalus Gthr. 
Creagrutus Gunther, V, 339; orthotype Leporinus muelleri Gthr. 
Anacyrtus Gunther, V, 345 ; logotype Salmo gibbosus L. Substitute for Epicyrtus, 

RcEStes Giinther, V, 345; orthotype Cynopotamus molossus Kner. 
Roeboides Gunther, V, 345; logotype Anacyrtus guatemalensis Gthr. 
Hystricodon Giinther, V, 349 ; orthotype Exodon paradoxus M. & T. = Epicyrtus 

EXODON Cuv. & Val. A substitute for Exodon M. & T., said to be preoccupied. 
Sarcodaces Gunther, V, 353 ; orthotype Salmo odoe Bloch. 
Oligosarcus Giinther, V, 353; orthotype O. argenteus Gthr. 
Ichthyborus Giinther, V, 364; orthotype I. microlepis Gthr. 
Prototroctes Gunther, V, 383; orthotype P. marina Gthr. 
Coccia Giinther, V, 387; orthotype Gonostomus ovatus Cocco. A substitute for 

IcHTHYOcoccus Bon., a name given in honor of Cocco. Such names have 

"always been considered as a nuisance," hence changed by Giinther, an action 

without warrant under accepted rules. 
Notoscopelus Gunther, V, 405 ; logotype Lampanyctus resplendens Rich. Replaces 

Macrostoma Risso, preoccupied as Macrostomus. 
Dasyscopelus Gunther, V, 405; orthotype Myctophum asperum Rich. 
Ceratoscopelus Giinther, V, 405; orthotype Scopelus maderensis Lowe. 
Melamphaes Giinther, V, 433; orthotype Metopias typhlops Lowe, substitute for 

Metopias, preoccupied. 

868. GUNTHER (1864). Description of a New Fossil Fish from the Lower Chalk 

(Folkestone). Geol. Mag., I. 
Albert Gunther. 
Plinthophorus Gunther, I, 115; orthotype P. robustus Gthr. (fossil). 

869. GUNTHER (1864). On Some New Species of Central American Fishes. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Albert Gunther. 
Microdesmus Giinther, 26; orthotype M. dipus Gthr. 

870. GUNTHER (1864). On a New Genus of Pediculate Fish (Melanocetus john- 

soni) from the Sea of Madeira. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 

Albert Gunther. 
Melanocetus Giinther, 301 ; orthotype M. johnsoni Gthr. 

871. GUNTHER (1864). On a New Generic Type of Fishes Discovered by the 

Late Dr. Leichardt in Queensland. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 
Albert Gijnther. 
Scleropages Giinther, XIV, 195; orthotype S. Leichardti Gthr. 

872. GUNTHER (1864). Report on a Collection of Reptiles and Fishes Made by 
Dr. Kirk in the Zambesi and Nyassa Regions . Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 

Albert Gunther. 
Peletrophus Giinther, 314; logotype P. microlepis Giinther. 


873. GONTHER ( 1864) . Zoological Record for 1864. 

Albert Gunther. 

Auchenoglanis Gunther, 165; orthotype Pimelodus biscutatus Geoffrey St. Hilaire. 

A substitute for Auchenaspis Blkr. (not Egerton). preoccupied. 
Gillia Gunther, 157; orthotype Gillichthys mirabilis Cooper. A substitute for 
GiLLiCHTHYS, deemed "barbarous." 

874. JACKEL (1864). Die Fische Bayerns. Abh. Zool. Min. Ver. Regensburg. 

Andreas Johannes Jackel. 
Scardiniopsis Jackel, 101 ; orthotype S. anceps Jackel. Supposed to be a hybrid of 
RuTiLus and Scardinius. 

875. KXER (1864). Specielles Verscichniss der Kaiserlichen Fregatte "Novara" 

gesaminclten Fische. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LIII. 
Rudolf Kner. 
Pseudomugil Kner, LIII, 543; orthotype P. signifer Kner. 
Choeroplotosus Kner. LIII, 545; orthotype Plotosus limbatus Guv. & Val. 
Silurodon Kner, LIII, 546; orthotype S. hexanema Kner. 

876. MARCUSEN (1864). Die Familie der Mormyren, etc. Mem. Acad. Sci. 

St. Petersb., VII. 


Petrocephalus Marcusen, 1 ; logotype Mormyrus bane Lac. 

Phagrus Marcusen, 1 ; orthotype Mormyrus dorsalis Geofifroy St. Hilaire. 

877. PETERS (1864). Ueber einige ncue Siiiigethicre, Amphibien imd Fische. 

Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Berlin. 

WiLHELM Peters. 

Saurenchelys Peters, 397; orthotype S. cancrivora Peters. A synonym of Chlopsis 

Diaphanichthys Peters, 399 ; orthotype D. brevicaudus Peters. Larva, allied to 

878. POWRIE (1864). On the Fossiliferous Rock of Forfarshire and Their 

Contents. Quart. Journ. Geol., XX. 
James Powrie. 
Ictinocephalus (Page) Powrie, XX, 419; orthotype Diplacanthus gracilis E'gert. 
(fossil). Listed name only as I. granulatus by Page, Rept. Brit. Assn., 
1858, 104. 
Euthacanthus Powrie, XX, 425 ; orthotype E. macnicoli Powrie. A synonym of 
Climatius Ag. 

879. RQMANOWSKY (1864). Description de quelques restes de poissons fossiles 
trouves dans le calcaire carbonifcrc dn gouvernement de Toula. Bull Soc. 
Imp. Nat. Moscou, II. 


Lophodus Romanowsky, XXXVI, 160; logot3'pe L. irregularis Romanowsky 

(fossil). Apparently a synonym of Psephodus. 
Plintholepis Romanowsky, XXXVII. 169 ; orthotype P. retrorsa Romanowsky, 

Sporolepis Romanowsky, XXXVII, 169; logotype S. pvriformis Romanowsky 


BLEEKER, 1865 335 


880. BLEEKER (1865). Rhinobagrus et Pelteobagrus, deux genres nouveaux de 

Siluroidcs de Chine. Xeder. Tijdschr. Dierk., II, 1865, 710. 


Rhinobagrus Bleeker, 9; orthotype R dumerili Blkr. 

Pelteobagrus Bleeker, 9; orthotj'pe Silurus calvarius Basilewskj' = Pimelodus 
FULVJDRACO Ricli. Replaces Fluvidraco Jordan & Starks. 

881. BLEEKER (1865). Paralaubuca, iin genre nouveau de Cyprino'ides de Siam. 

Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., II, 1865, 15-17. 
PiETER Bleeker. 
Paralaubuca Bleeker. II. 16; orthotype P. typus Blkr. 

882. BLEEKER (1865). Notiecs sur quelqnes genres et especes de Cyprino'ides de 

Chine. Xeder. Tijdschr. Dierk., II, 1865. 28-29. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Parabramis Bleeker, 22; orthotype Abramis pekinensis Basil. 
Acanthobrama Bleeker, 25 ; orthotype A. sinoni Blkr. 
Paracanthobrama Bleeker, 23 ; orthotype P. guichenoti Blkr. 
Pseudolaubuca Bleeker, 28; orthotype P. sinensis Blkr. 

883. BLEEKER (1865). Poissons inedits indo-archipehiques de I'ordre des Mtirenes. 

Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., II, 1865, 55-62. 

Pieter Bleeker. 

Brachyconger Bleeker, II, 236; orthotype Mur^na savanna Cuv. A synonym of 

Cynoponticus Costa. 
Achirophichthys Bleeker, II, 242; orthotype A. typus Blkr. A pparently the young 
of Brachysomophis. 

884. BLEEKER (1865). Systema Murccnorum revisum. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., 

II. 1865, 113-122. 

Pieter Bleeker. 

Paranguilla Bleeker, 113; orthotype Enchelyopus tigrinus Ag. (fossil). Name 

a substitute for Enchelyopus Ag., preoccupied. 
Pseudomoringua Bleeker, 114; orthotype Moringua lumbricoidea Rich. 
Oxyconger Bleeker, 116; orthotype Conger leptogxathus Blkr. 

885. BLEEKER (1865). Quatrieme notice sur la faune iehthyologiqne de I'ile de 

Bouro. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., II, 1865. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Tetrades Bleeker, 145; orthotype Tetradrachmum xanthosoma Blkr. Appar- 
ently a lapsus for Tetradrachmum. 

886. BLEEKER (1865). Xotiee sur le genre Paraploactis et description de son 

espece type. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., 1865, 168-170. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Paraploactis Bleeker, II, 169; orthotype P. trachyderma Blkr. 

886A. BLEEKER (1865). Description de quelques especes de poissons dti Japan, 
dii Cap de Bonne Esperance et de Suriname . . . au Musee de Leide. Neder. 
Tijdschr. Dierk., 11, 250-269. 

Parajulis Bleeker, 251 ; orthotype Julis pcecilopterus T. & S. A synonym of 
Halichceres Rijppell (Hemiulis Svv.). 


887. BLEEKER (1865). Sixihne notice sur la faune ichthyologique de Slant. 

Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., II, 1865, 171-176. 


Parastromateus Bleeker, 174; orthotype Stromateus nicer Bloch. A synonym of 
Apolectus Cuv. & Val. 

888. BLEEKER (1865). Enumeration des especes de poissons actuellement connues 

de I'lle de Ceram. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., II, 1865, 182-183. 
Solenichthys Bleeker, 183 ; logotype Fistularia paradoxus Pallas. A substitute for 
SoLENosTOMUs Lac, regarded as preoccupied by Solenostomus Gronow; 
and of Klein, which is a synonym of Fistularia L. Later (1873) Bleeker 
changed Solenichthys to Solenostomatichthys. 

8S9. BLEEKER (1865). Enumeration des especes de poissons actuellement connues 
de rile d'Amboine. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., II, 1865, 270-283. 

PiETER Bleeker. 

Paradiodon Bleeker, 271; orthotype Diodon hystrix L., the name Diodon being 
transferred to Diodon atinga, the first species named by Linnaeus. A syno- 
nym of Diodon L. as now understood. 

Pseudalutarius Bleeker, 273; orthotype Aluteres nasicornis T. & S. Name 
unnecessarily changed to Pseudaluteres Blkr., 1866. 

Paraplagusia Bleeker, 274; orthotype Placusia bilineata Blkr. 

Pseudamia Bleeker, 284; orthotype Apogon polysticma Blkr. 

890. BLEEKER (1865). Atlas ichthyologique, etc. V. Baudroies, Ostracions, etc. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Atopomycterus (Kaup) Bleeker, 49; orthotype Diodon nycthemerus Cuv.. 
Uranostoma (Bibron) Bleeker, 63; orthotype not stated, passing reference to a 

manuscript name in the Museum of Paris. (A synonym of Spheroides or of 

Pleuranacanthus (Bibron) Bleeker, 65; orthotype P. argentatus Bibron = 

Tetraodon sceleratus Forster. A manuscript name in the Museum of 

Paris, noted by Bleeker in Synonymy. Same as Promecocephalus Bibron; 

a synonym of Lacocephalus Sw. 

891. COPE (1865). Partial Catalogue of the Cold-blooded Vertebrata of Michigan. 
Supplemental Note on a Peculiar Genus of Cyprinidce. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Ericymba Cope, 88; orthotype E. buccata Cope. 

892. COSTA (1865). Studi soprai terrene ad ittioliti delle provincie Napolitane, etc. 

Atti Reale Accad. Sci. Napoli. 
Oronzio Gabriele Costa. 
Heterolepis Costa, II, 4; orthotype (not stated by Woodward) (fossil). 
Andreiopleura Costa, II, 27; orthotype A. vetustissima Costa (fossil). Called 
A. esimia (eximia) Costa on page 10. 

893. DAY (1865). The Fishes of Malabar. 
Francis Day (1829-1889). 
Paranandus Day, 130; orthotype Catopra malabarica. A synonym of Pristolepis 
Jerdon (Catopra). 

DUMERIL, 1865 337 

Platacanthus Day, 296; orthotype P. agrensis Day. A synonym of Lepido- 


Brachygramma Day, 304; orthotype B. jerdoni Day. A synonym of Ambly- 


Paradanio (Bleeker) Day, 319; orthotype Perilampus aurolineatus Day. A syno- 
nym of Danio Ham. 

894. DUMfiRIL (AUGUSTE) (1865). Histoire naUirelle des poissons ou 

ichthyologie generate. Vol. I. 
AuGUSTE Henri Andre Dumeril. 
Paratrygon Dumeril, 594 ; orthotype a specimen from Brazil, identified as Trygon 
AiREBA M. & H. = Raja orbicularis B1. & Schn., usually regarded as 
replacing Potamotrygon Garman, 1877, but Eigenmann considers it as the 
same as Disceus Garman. 

895. GILL (1865). Synopsis of the Fishes of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Bay of 

Fundy. Canadian Naturalist, H. 

Theodore Gill. 

Stilbius Gill, 262 (18, reprint) ; orthotype Cyprinus americanus Lac. A substitute 

for Stilbe, preoccupied. A synonym of Notemigonus Raf. 
Micristius Gill, 24 (reprint) ; logotype Fundulus zonatus Cuv. & Val. A synonym 
of Zygonectes Ag. 

896. GILL (1865). On the Genus Caulolatilus. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Prolatilus Gill, 66; orthotype Latilus jugularis Cuv. & Val. 

897. GILL (1865). On the Cranial Characters of Gadus proximus Grd. Proc. 

Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Theodore Gill. 
Microgadus Gill, 69; orthotype Gadus proximus Grd. 

898. GILL (1865). On a New Genus of Serranincc. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Theodore Gill. 
Trisotropis Gill, 104; orthotype Johnius guttatus B1. & Schn. = Perca venenosa L. 
Enneacentrus Gill, 105 ; orthotype Perce punctata L. A synonym of Cepha- 

LOPHOLis Bl. & Schn. 
Petrometopon Gill, 105 ; orthotype Sparus cruent.^tus Lac. 

899. GILL (1865). On a New Generic Type of Sharks. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Theodore Gill. 
Micristodus Gill, 177; orthotype M. punctatus Gill. A synonym of Rhineodon 

900. GILL (1865). Note on the Family of Myliobatoids with Description of <i 

New Species of Aetobatis. Ann. Lye. N. Y.. VII. 
Theodore Gill. 
Mylorhina Gill, 136; orthotype Rhinoptera lalandi M. & H. 
Micromesus Gill, 136; orthotype Rhinoptera adspersa M. & H. 

901. GUNTHER (1865). Description of a New Characinoid Genus of Fish (Phago 

loricatus) from West Africa. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XV. 
Albert Gunther. 
Phago Gunther, XV, 3 ; orthotype P. loricatus Gthr. 


902,903. GiJNTHER (1865). Zoological Record. II. 
Albert Gunther. 
Herpetoichthys (Smith) Giinther, 159; orthotype Erpetoichthys malabaricus 
Smith. Name preoccupied, replaced by Calamoichthys Smith, 1866. 

904. JOHNSON (1865). Description of a Nezv Genus of Trichuroid Fishes 
Obtained at Madeira, with Remarks, etc. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 

James Yate Johnson. 
Nealotus Johnson, 434; orthotype N. tripes Johnson. 

905. KNER (1865). Einigc ncue Fische, etc. Anz. Akad. Wiss. Wien. 

Rudolf Kner. 
Thysanocheilus Kner, I. 185 ; orthotype T. ornatus Kner, not Thysanochilus 

Philippi, 1857. 
Leius Kner, 186; orthotype L. ferox Kner. A synonym of IsiSTius Gill. 

906. KNER (1865). Reise der Oesierreichischen Fregatte "Novara" tun die Erde 

in den Jahren 1857-59, unter . . . B. von IVUUersdorf-Urbain. 

Rudolph Kner. 
Pseudomugil Kner, 275 ; orthotype P. signifer Kner. 
Choeroplotosus Kner, 300; orthotype C. decemfilis Kner. A synonym of Cni- 

doglanis Gthr. 
Silurodon Kner, 305 ; orthotype S. hexanema Kner. 

Opsarius Kner, 355 ; orthotype Leuciscus parvus T. & S. A synonym of Pseudo- 
rasbora Blkr. 

907. KNER (1865). Psalidostoma, eine neue Characinengattung aus dein ll'eisscn 

Nil. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien. L. 
Rudolph Kner. 
Psalidostoma Kner, L. 99; orthotype P. caudimaculatum Kner. 

908. LANKESTER (1865). On the British Species of Cephalaspis and the Scotch 

Pteraspis. Rept. Brit. Assn. Adv. Sci. for 1864. 
Edwin Ray Lankester. 
Scaphaspis Lankester, 58; orthotype Cephalaspis lloydi Ag. (fossil). = Cepha- 
laspis rostratus Ag. A synonym of Pteraspis Ag. 

909. LEIDY (1865). (Tomodoii). Smithsonian Contributions. 

Joseph Leidy. 
Tomodon Leidy, XIV, 102; orthotype Tomodon horrificus Leidy (fossil); 
originally described as a reptile tooth, hence needlessly replaced by Dtplo- 
tomodon Leidy, 1868. 

910. LIOY (1865). Sopre alcuni Avanzi di Plagiostomi fossili del ricentino, etc. 

Atti Soc. Ital. Sci. Nat. Milano. VIII. 
Paolo Lioy (1836- ). 
Uropterina Lioy, VIII, 113; orthotype U. platyrhachis Lioy (fossil). 
Alopiopsis Lioy, VIII, 403; orthotype A. plejodon Leidy (Galeus cuvieri Ag.) 

(fossil). A synonym of Protogaleus and Scoliodon. 
Ptericephalina Lioy, 414; orthotype Clupea leptostea Ag. (fossil). An ally of 
Spratella Val. (the sprat). 

MARCK & SCHLUTER, 1865 339 

911. MARCK & SCHLUTER (1865). Ncue Fischc und Krebse aus der Kreide 

von WestphalicH. XV. PalcEontographica. 
Wi. VON DER Marck; August Joseph Schluter (1836- ). 

Megapus Schluter, XV, 275; orthotype M. guestphalicus Schluter (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Cheirothrix. 

Telepholis von der Marck, XV, 276; orthotype T. acrocephalus Marck (fossil). 

Dactylopogon von der Marck, XV, 278; orthotype D. grandis Marck (fossil). 

Holcolepis von der Marck, XV, 278; orthotype Rhabdolepis cretaceus Marck 
(fossil). Replaces Rhabdolepis, preoccupied. 

Brachyspondylus von der Marck, XV, 283; orthotype B. cretaceus Marck (fossil). 

Dermatoptychus von der Marck, XV, 287; orthotype D. macrophthalmus Marck 
(fossil). A synonym of Osmeroides Ag. 

Archaeogadus von der Marck, XV, 291 ; orthotype H. guestphalicus Marck 
(fossil). A synonym of Halec Ag. 

912. OWEN (1865). Description of Portions of a Large Extinct Fish (Stcrco- 

dus) . . . from the Middle Beds of the Maltese Miocene. 
Richard Owen. 
Stereodus Owen, II, 147; orthotype S. melitensis Owen (fossil). 

913. PETERS (1865). Ueber eine neue Percoidengattung Plectroperca aus 

Japan, etc. Mon. Ber. Akad. Wiss. Berlin. 
WiLHELM Peters. 
Plectroperca Peters. 121 ; orthotype P. berendti Peters = P. chuatsi Basilewsky. 
A synonym of Siniperca Gill. 

914. POEY (1865). Repertorio Hsico-natural de la isla de Cuba: Peces Ciegos. 

Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Stygicola (Gill) Pocy, 116; orthotype Lucifuga dentatus Poey. 

915. SMITH, JOHN ALEXANDER (1865). Description of Erpetoichthys, a 
New Genus of Ganoid Fish from Old Calabar, etc. Edinburg Roy. Phys. Soc. 

John Alexander Smith. 
Erpetoichthys Smith, 273 ; orthotype Calamoichthys malabaricus Smith. Name 
preoccupied ; replaced by Calamoichthys Smith. 

916. TICKELL (1866). Description of a Proposed New Genus of the Gadidcc. 

Journ. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, XXXIV. 
S. R. Tickell. 
Asthenurus Tickell, XXXIV, 32; orthotype A. atripinnis Tickell. A synonym 
of Bregmaceros Thompson. 


917. BLANCHARD (1866). Les poissons des caux douces de la France, etc. 

Charles ^mile Blanchard (1820-1900). 
Cyprinopsis Blanchard, 336; orthotype Cyprinus carassius L. A synonym of 
Carassius Nilsson. 

918. BLEEKER (1866). Systema Balistidorum, Ostracionidorum, Gymnodontido- 

rumque revisum. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., Ill, 1866, 8-10. 

Pieter Bleeker. 


Parabalistes Bleeker, 10; orthotype Balistes chrysospilus Blkr. 

Pseudobalistes Bleeker, 11; orthotype Balistes flavimarginatus Riippell. 

Pseudomonacanthus Bleeker, 12; orthotype Monacanthus macrurus Blkr. 

Paramonacanthus Bleeker, 12; orthotype Monacanthus curtorhynchus Blkr. 

Acanthaluteres Bleeker, 13; orthotype Monacanthus peroni HoUard. 

Brachaluteres Bleeker, 13 ; orthotype Aluterius trossulus Rich. 

Liomonacanthus Bleeker, 13 ; orthotype Monacanthus pardalis Riippell. A syno- 
nym of Cantherines Sw. 

Pseudaluteres Bleeker, 14; orthotype Aluteres nasicornis T. & S. Originally 
called Pseudalutarius by Bleeker in 1865. 

Paraluteres Bleeker, 14; orthotype Alutarius prionurus Blkr. 

Oxymonacanthus Bleeker, 16; orthotype O. chrysospilus Blkr. = Balistes 
LONGiROSTRis Bl. & Schn. 

Trichodiodon Bleeker, 18; orthotype Diodon pilosus Mitchill. Probably a larval 


Crayracion (Klein) Bleeker, 18; orthotype C. l;evissimus ex terreo rufescens 
Klein = Tetraodon spengleri Bloch. Probably a synonym of Tetraodon, 
but Bleeker regards it as a species of Ovoides as now understood. 

Acanthostracion Bleeker. 27; orthotype Ostracion quadricornis L. 

919. BLEEKER (1866). Sur les especes d'Exocet de I'lnde archipelagique. 

Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., Ill, 1866, 105-129. 
PiETER Bleeker. 
Parexoccj&tus Bleeker, III, 126; orthotype Exoccetus mento Cuv. & Val. 

920. BLEEKER (1866). Revision des Hemirhamphes de I' hide archipelagique. 

Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., Ill, 1866, 136-170. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Hemirhamphodon Bleeker, 118; orthotype Hemirhamphus phaiosoma Blkr. 

921. BLEEKER (1866). Description du Narcacion Polleni, espece inedite des mers 

de I'ile de la Reunion. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., Ill, 1866, 171-173. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Narcacion (Klein) Bleeker, III, 171 ; orthotype Raja torpedo L. Equivalent to 
Torpedo Dum. 

922. COSTA (1866). (Ittiolite.) Ann. Accad. Aspir. Nat., V. 
Gabriele Oronzio Costa. 
Lobodus Costa, V, 81; orthotype L. pedemontanus Costa (fossil). 

923. GONTHER (1866). Catalogue of Fishes in the British Museum. VI. 

Albert Gunther. 
Hucho Giinther, VI, 125; orthotype Salmo hucho L. = Hucho germanorum Gthr. 
Brachymystax Gunther, VI, 162; orthotype Salmo coregonoides Pallas. 
Luciotrutta Gunther, VI, 164; orthotype Salmo mackenziei Rich. A synonym of 

Stenodus Rich. 
Potamorrhaphis Gunther, VI, 234 ; orthotype Belone t^niata Gthr. 
Arrhamphus Gunther, VI, 276; orthotype A. sclerolepis Gthr. 
Fitzroyia Gunther, VI, 307; orthotype Lebias multidentata Jenyns. 
Characodon Gunther, VI, 308; orthotype C. lateralis Gthr. 
Limnurgus Gunther, VI, 309; orthotype L. variegatus Gthr. A needless substitute 

for Girardinichthys Blkr., called "barbarous". 

GUNTHER, 1866 341 

Jenynsia Giinther, VI, 331; orthotype Lebias lineata Jenyns; a synonym of 


PlatypcEcilus Giinther. VI. 350; orthotype P. macxjlatus Gthr. 

923A. GUNTHER (1866). On the Fishes of the States of Central America, etc. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Albert Gunther. 

Neetroplus Gunther, 603; orthotype N. nematopus Gthr. 

924. HUXLEY (1866). British Fossils: Crossopterygian Ganoids. Mem. Geol. 

Surv. United Kingdom. 
Thomas Huxley (1825-1895). 
Eurypoma Huxley, 32; orthotype Macropoma egertoni Ag. (fossil). A synonym 
of EuRYcoRMUs and of Macropoma. 

925. GUICHENOT (1866). Le Trigle polyommate, nouveau genre de poissons, 

(etc.). Ichthyologie. Ann. Soc. Maine-et-Loire, IX. 
Alphonse Guichenot. 
Hoplonotus Guichenot. IX, 3; orthotype Trigla polyommata Rich. Preoccupied 
in beetles, 1851; replaced by Pterygotrigla Waite (1899) and later by 
Otohime Jordan & Starks (1905). 

926. GUICHENOT (1866). Le Zancle centrognathe, nouveau genre de Chetodons. 

Ann. Soc. Maine-et-Loire, IX. 
Alphonse Guichenot. 
Gnathocentrum Guichenot, IX, 4; orthotype G. centrognathum Guich. = Ch^eto- 
DON CORNUTUS L. A synonym of Zanclus. 

927. GUICHENOT (1866). L' Argentine leioglosse, nouveau genre de Salmonoides. 

Ann. Soc. Maine-et-Loire, IX. 
Alphonse Guichenot. 
Glossanodon Guichenot, IX. 9; orthotype Argentina leioglossa Cuv. & Val. 

928. GUICHENOT (1866). Notice sur un nouveau genre de la famillc des 

Cottoides, etc. Mem. Soc. Sci. Nat. Cherbourg. 
Alphonse Guichenot. 
Agonomalus Guichenot, 252 ; orthotype Aspidophalus proboscidalis Val. 

929. KNER (1866). Ncue Fische aus dein Museum der Herren J. C(£sar Godeffroy 

&■ Sohn in Hamburg. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LIV . 
Rudolph Kner. 

Strabo Kner & Steindachner, LIV, 372; orthotype S. nigrofasciatus K. & S. 
A synonym of Melanot^nia Gill. 

930. KNER (1866). Die Fische der bituminosen Schiefer von Raibl in Kdrnthen. 

Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LIII. 
Rudolph Kner. 

Graphiurus Kner, LIII, 155; orthotype G. callopterus Kner (fossil). 
Orthurus Kner, LIII, 163; orthotype O. sturi Kner (fossil). 
Megalopterus Kner, LIII, 174; orthotype M. raiblianus Kner (fossil) 
Peltopleurus Kner. LIII. 180; orthotype P. splendens Kner (fossil). 


931. NEWBERRY & WORTHEN (1866). DcscriMwns of Xew Species of Verte- 
tehrates Mainly from the Subcarboniferous Limestones and Coal Measures 
of Illinois. Geol. Surv. Ills., II. 

John Strong Newberry; Amos H. Worthen. 
Antliodus Newberry & Worthen, II, 33; logotype A. parvulus Newberry & 

Worthen. A synonym of Petalodus Owen. 
Dactylodus Newberry & Worthen, II, 33 ; logotype D. princeps Newberry & 

Worthen (fossil). 
Aspidodus Newberry & Wortlien, II, 92 ; logotype Psephodus crenulatus 

St. John & Worthen (fossil). A synonym of Psephodus. 
Sandalodus Newberry & Worthen, II, 102 ; orthotype S. angustus Newberry & 

Worthen. (fossil). 
Rinodus Newberry & Worthen, II, 106; orthotype R. calceolus Newberry & 

Worthen (fossil). A synonym of Ptyctodus. 
Trigonodus Newberry & Worthen, II, 111; logotype T. major. Newberry & 

Worthen (fossil). Apparently a synonym of Psephodus. 
Drepanacanthus Newberry & Worthen, II, 120 (fossil) ; orthotype D. anceps 

Newberry & Worthen. A synonym of Physonemus. 

932. OWEN (1866). On a Genus and Species of Sanroid Fish. (Thlattodus 
suchoides Ozv.) from the Kimmcridge Clay of Norfolk. Geol. Mag. 

Richard Owen. 
Thlattodus Owen. Ill, 55; orthotype T. suchoides Owen (fossil). A synonym 
of Caturus. 

933. OWEN (1866). On a Genus and Species of Saiiroid Fish (Ditaxiodus impar 
Ow.) from the Kimmeridge Clay of Culham, Oxfordshire. Geol. Mag. 

Richard Owen. 
Ditaxiodus Owen, 107; orthotype D. impar Owen (fossil). A synonym of 

934. PETERS (1866). Mittheilung iiber Fische, etc. Mon. Akad. Wiss. Berlin. 

Wilhelm Peters. 
AuHscops Peters, 510; orthotype A. spinescens Peters = Aulorhynchus flavidus. 

Gill. A synonym of Aulorhynchus Gill. 
Labracoglossa Peters, 513 ; orthotype L. argenteiventris Peters. 
Nematocentris Peters, 516; orthotype N. splendida Peters. A synonym of Mela- 

notcenia Gill. 

935. PICTET & HUMBERT (1866). Nouvelles recherchcs sur !cs poissons 

fossiles du Mont Liban. Arch. Sci. Geneve, XXVI. 
Francois JulSs Pictet; A. Humbert. 

Cheirothrix Pictet & Humbert, 51 : orthotype C. libanicus Pictet & Humbert 
(fossil). Spelled Chirothrix by Woodward. 

Solenognathus Picetet & Humbert, 54; orthotype S. lineolatus Pictet & Humbert 
(fossil). Name preoccupied; same as Charitosomus von der Marck, 85. 

Opisthopteryx Pictet & Humbert, 78; (misprinted Opistopteryx) ; orthotype 
Mesogaster gracilis Pictet. 

Pseudoberyx Pictet & Humbert, 32; logotype P. syriacus Pictet & Humbert 

Aspidopleurus Pictet & Humbert, 107; orthotype A. cataphractus Pictet & Hum- 
bert. A synonym of Prionolepis Egert. 

PLAYFAIR, 1866 343 

936. PLAYFAIR (1866). The Fishes of Zanzibar. 
Robert Playfair. 
Tripterodon Plaiyfair, 42; orthotype T. orbis Playfair. 

937. REINHARDT (1866). Oni trcndc formentligt ubeskrevne Fisk of Chara- 
cinernes eller Karpelaxenes familie Overs. Dansk. Forh. Kjobenhavn. 

JoHANN Theodor Reinhardt (1816-1882). 
Piabina Reinhardt, 49; orthotype P. argentea Reinh. 
Characidium Reinhardt, 56; orthotype C. fasciatum Reinh. 

938. SCHMIDT (1866). Ucbcr Thycstcs verrucosus . . . silurische Fischreste 

auf der Insel Oesel. Verh. Min. Ges. St. Petersburg. 
Friedrich Schmidt (1832-1908). 
Tremataspis Schmidt, I, 233; orthotype Cephalaspis schrenki Pander (fossil). 
Apparently a synonym of Stigmolepis Pander. 

939. SMITH (1866). Description of Calamoichthys, a Nezu Genus of Ganoid Fish 

from Old Calabar, etc. Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburg. XXIV. 
John Alexander Smith. 
Calamoichthys J. A. Smith, V, 654; orthotype Herpetoichthys calabaricus Smith. 
A substitute for Herpetoichthys or Erpetoichthys, preoccupied in eels. 

940. STEINDACHNER (1866). (Richardsonia.) Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Richardsonia Steindachner, 53 ; orthotype Argentina retropinna Rich. A synonym 
of Retropinna Gill. 

941. STEINDACHNER (1866). Zur Fischfauna von Fort Jackson in Australien. 

Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LI 1 1. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Schuettea Steindachner, LIII, 449; orthotype S. scalaripinnis Steind. 
HeterochcErops Steindachner, LIII, 461 ; orthotype H. viridis Steind 

942. STEINDACHNER (1866). Ichthyologischer Bericht ueher eine nach Spanien 
und Fortugal untcrnomcner Reisc. IV. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Pachychilon Steindachner, LIV, 263; orthotype Squalius pictus Heckel & Kner. 

943. STEINDACHNER (1866). Zur Fischfauna Kaschmirs und der benachbarten 

Landesstreiche. Verh. Zool. Bot. Ges. Wien, XVI. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Kneria Steindachner, 769; orthotype K. angolensis Steind. 
Ctenopharyngodon Steindachner, 782; orthotype C. laticeps Steind. 
Schizopygopsis Steindachner, 786; orthotype S. stoliczk^ Steind. 
Diptychus Steindachner, 787; orthotype D. maculatus Steind. 
Ptychobarbus Steindachner, 789; orthotype P. conirostris Steind 

944. TROSCHEL (1866). Ein Beitrag zur ichthyologischen Fauna der insel der 

Griinen Vorgebirgcs (Cape Verde Islands). Arch. Naturg. 
Fr.\nz Hermann Troschel. 
Onychognathus Troschel, 231 ; orthotype O. cautus Troschel. 

945. YOUNG (1866). On the Affinities of Platysomus and .4llied Genera. 

Quart. Journ. Geol., XXH. 
John Young. 


Amphicentrum Young, XXII, 306; orthotype A. granulosum Young (fossil). A 

synonym of Cheirodus. 
Euryosomus Young, XXII, 311; orthotype E. macrurus Young (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Globulodus. 
Mesolepis Young, XXII, 313; logotype M. wardi Young (fossil). 
Cycloptychius Young, 318; orthotype C. carbonarius (Huxley) Young (fossil). 

946. YOUNG (1866). Notice of New Genera of Carboniferous Glyptodipterines. 

Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc, XXII. 
John Young. 
Rhizodopsis Young, XXII 596; orthotype Holoptychius sauroides Williamson, 

not of Binney = Rhizodus granulatus (Ag.), fossil. 
Dendroptychius (Huxley) Young, XXII, 601 ; orthotype Holoptychius sauroides 

Binney (fossil). Identical with Strepsodus Young and with page priority. 
Strepsodus (Young) XXII, 602; orthotype Holoptychius sauroides Binney (fossil). 
Rhomboptychius (Huxley) Young, XXII, 604; orthotype (Megalichthys inter- 

medius Woodw.) (fossil). A synonym of Centrodus. 


947. COPE (1867). Description of a New Genus (Phenacobius teretulus) of 

Cyprinoid Fisches from Virginia. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Phenacobius Cope, 96; orthotype P. teretulus Cope. 

948. COPE (1867). On the Distribution of Fresh-water Fishes in the Allegheny 

Region of Southwestern Virginia. Journ. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Hemioplites Cope, 217; orthotype H. simulans Cope. An aberrant specimen of 

949. COPE (1867). Synopsis of the Cyprinida: of Pennsylvania: Supplement on 
Some New Species of American and African Fishes. Trans. Amer. Philos. 
Soc, XIII. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Photogenis Cope, 378 ; tautotype Squalius photogenis Cope = Photogenis leucops 

Cope. P. spilopterus, a species of the group Erogala, has been named as 

type by Jordan, but the tautotype takes precedence. 
Cryptosmilia Cope, XIII, 401 ; orthotype C. luna Cope. A synonym of Drepane 

Cuv. (Enixe Gistel). 
Enteromius Cope, XIII, 405; orthotype E. potamogalis Cope. 
Sphagomorus Cope, XIII, 407; orthotype Hippoglossus erumei Cuv. An ally of 

Psettodes Bennett, but with simple, not barbed, teeth. 

950. DAY (1867). On Some New or Imperfectly Known Fishes of Madras. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Francis Day. 
Gogrius Day, 563; orthotype Pimelodus gogra Sykes = Gogrius sykesi Day. 
A synonym of Rita Blkr. 

951. GUNTHER (1867). On the Identity of Alepisaurus (Lowe) with Plagyodus 

(S teller). Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XIX. 
Albert Gunther. 

GUNTHER, 1867 345 

Plagyodus (Steller, in Pallas, 1811) Giinther, XIX, 185; orthotype Plagyodus 
(Steller) Pallas = Alepisaurus ^sculapius Bean. Revival of an old name 
which may be intenable as mononomial and printed only in the dative case 
("Plagyodontem") by its author. . 

952. GtJNTHER (1867). Desription of Some Little Known Species of Fishes 

in . . . the British Museum. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Albert Gunther. 
Champsodon Giinther, 102 ; orthotype C. vorax Gthr. 

953. GtJNTHER (1867). On a New Form of Mudfish from New Zealand. 

Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XX. 
Albert Gunther. 
Neochanna Giinther, X, 305; orthotype N. apoda Gthr. 

954. GUNTHER (1867). Additions to the Knowledge of Australian Reptiles and 

Fishes. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XX. 
Albert GCnther. 
Sticharium Giinther, XX, 62, orthotype S. dorsale Gthr. 
Notograptus Giinther, XX, 63; orthotype N. guttatus Gthr. 

'955. GUNTHER (1867). New Fishes from Gaboon and the Gold Coast. Ann. 

Nat. Hist. 
Albert Gijnther. 
Gymnallabes Giinther, XX, 111; orthotype G. typus Gthr. 
Nannocharax Giinther, XX, 112; orthotype N. fasciatus Gthr. 
Xenocharax Giinther, XX, 112; orthotype X. spilurus Gthr. 

956. GUICHENOT (1867). Notice sur le lophiopside, nouveau genre de poisson 
de la famille de lophioides, etc. Mem. Soc. Nat. Sci. Cherbourg, XHI. 

Alphonse Guichenot. 
Lophiopsides Guichenot, 21 ; orthotype Lophius vomerinus Guv. & Val. Distin- 
guished from Lophius by the absence of vomerine teeth ; perhaps lost with 

957. GUICHENOT (1867). Notice sur le Neosebaste, nouveau genre, etc. Mem. 

Soc. Nat. Sci. Cherbourg, XIII. 
Alphonse GuicHH^ffor. 
Neosebastes Guichenot, XIII, 83; orthotype N. scorp^noides Guich. 

958. GUICHENOT (1867). Notice sur le Seriolophe, nouveau genre de poissons 
de la famille dcs scomberoides, etc. Mem. Soc. Nat. Sci. Cherbourg, XIII, 

Alphonse Guichenot. 
Leptolepis (Van Hasselt) Guichenot, 68; orthotype L. argenteus Van Hasselt. 

Name of type only, no definition. Possibly intended for Pampus argenteus ; 

name preoccupied in fossils. 
Seriolophus Guichenot, 90; orthotype S. carangoides Guich. A synonym of 

Nematistius Gill. 

959. GUICHENOT (1867). Notice sur le Salarichthys nouveau genre de poissons, 

etc. Mem Soc. Nat. Sci. Cherbourg. 
Alphonse Guichenot. 


Salarichthys Guichinot, 14; orthotype Salarias vomerinus Cuv. & Val. = Sala- 
RIAS TEXTiLis Q. & G. (Written Salariichthys by Jordan, 1890.) 

960. HUXLEY (1867). (Fossil Fishes.) Trans. Royal Irish Society, XXIV. 

Thomas Henry Huxley. 
Campylopleuron Huxley & Wright, XXIV, 353 (fossil). Probably a synonym 
of Ctenodus. 

961. JOHNSON (1867). Description of a New Genus of Spinacidcs Founded on a 

Shark Obtained at Madeira. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
<> James Yate Johnson. 

Machephilus Johnson, 713; orthotype M. dumerili Johnson = Squalus squamosus 
Bonnaterre. A synonym of Lepidorhinus Bon. 

962. KNER (1867). Neuer Bcitrag cur Kenntniss der fossilen Fische von Comen 

bei Gorz. LVI. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien. 
Rudolf Kner. 
Hemisaurida Kner, LVI, 172; orthotype H. neocomiensis Kner (fossil). 
Hemirhynchus Kner, LVI, 182; logotype H. heckeli Kner (fossil). A synonym 
of Belonostomus Ag. 

963. KNER (1867). Nachtrag zu den fossilen Fischen von Raibl. Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien, LV. 
Rudolf Kner. 
Pterygopterus Kner, LV, 722; orthotype P. apus Kner (fossil). Probably a 
synonym of Thoracopterus. 

964. KNER (1867). (Teleosaurus.J Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LVI. 

Rudolf Kner. 
Teleosaurus Kner, LVI, 905; orthotype T. tenuistriatus Kner (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Saurorhynchus. 

965. KNER (1867). (Scarostoma.) Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien. 

Rudolf Kner. 
Scarostoma Kner, LVI, 715 ; orthotype S. insigne Kner. An ally of Oplegnathus 
Rich., perhaps generically distinct. 

966. KREFFT (1867). Descriptions of Some New Australian Fresh-tvater Fishes. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Gerard Krefft. 
Mionorus Krefft, 943; orthotype M. lunatus Krefft (scales 30). An ally of 
Apogon (Amia). 

967. LANKESTER (1867). On Didymaspis, a Nezv Genus of Cephalaspidian 

Fishes. Geol. Mag., IV. 
Edwin Ray Lankester. 
Didymaspis Lankester, IV, 152; orthotype D. grindrodi Lank, (fossil). 

968. OWEN (1867). (Dittodus, etc.j Trans. Odontograph Soc. London, V. 

Richard Owen. 
Dittodus Owen, V, 325; logotype Dittodus divergens Owen (fossil). Probably 
founded on teeth of Orthacanthus. 

POEY 1867 347 

Mitrodus Owen, V, 338; orthotype M. quadricornis Owen (fossil). A synonym 

of Gyracanthus Ag. 
Ganacrodus Owen, V, 340; orthotype G. hastula Owen (fossil). Probably 

identical with Elonichthys. 
Ageleodus Owen, V, 340; orthotype A. diadema Owen (fossil). Regarded as 

identical with Callopristodus Traquair, 1888, and of earlier date. 
Ochlodus Owen, V, 346; orthotype O. crassus Owen (fossil). Probably a syno- 
nym of Dicranodus and Orthacanthus. 
Ganolodus Owen, V, 354; logotype G. craggesi Owen (fossil). A synonym of 

Rhizodopsis. , 

Aganodus Owen, V, 359; logotype A. apicalis Owen (fossil). A synonym of 

Orthacanthus (Dicranodus). 
Pternodus Owen, V, 363; orthotype P. productus Owen (fossil). A synonym of 

Orthacanthus (Dicranodus). 
Sagenodus Owen, V, 365; orthotype S. inequalis Owen (fossil). 
Characodus Owen, V, 366; logotype C. confertus Owen (fossil). A synonym of 

Rhizodopsis, not Characodon Gthr., 1866, not Characodus (Ag.) Davis, 1883. 
Gastrodus Owen, 370; orthotype G. propositus Owen (fossil). A synonym of 


969. POEY (1867). Revista de los peccs descritos par Poey. In Repertorio 

Fisico-Natural de la Isla de Cuba. 
Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Mullhypeneus Poey, II, 160: orthotype Upeneus flavovittatus Poey. A section 
under Upeneus Cuv. 

970. POEY (1867). Monografia de las Morenos Cubanas. Repertorio Fisico- 

Natural de la Isla de Cuba, II. 

Felipe Poey y Aloy. 

Macrodonophis Poey, II, 251 ; orthotype M. mordax Poey. A synonym of Crota- 

Lopsis Kaup. 
Uranichthys Poey, II, 256; logotype Mur^na havannensis B1. & Schn. A syno- 
nym of Ophichthus Ahl. 
Pythonichthys Poey, II, 265; orthotype P. sanguineus Poey. 

971. QUENSTEDT (1867). Handbuch der Petrefacten. 
Friedrich August von Quenstedt. 
Cydospondylus Quenstedt, Ed. 2, 260; orthotype Thrissops micropodius Ag. 
(fossil). A synonym of Euthyonotus. 

972. SAUVAGE (1867). Catalogue des poissotis des formations secondaires du 


Henri £mile Saxjvage (1844- ). 

"Eulepidotae" Sauvage, 20 ; a plural term applied to typical species of Lepidotes. 

Not a generic name. 
Curtodus Sauvage, II, 53; logotype C. corallinus Sauvage (fossil). 
Auluxacanthus Sauvage, II 63; orthotype A. dutertrei Sauvage (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Ischydodus Egert. 

973. STEINDACHNER (1867). Ueber einige neue und seltene MeeresHsche aus 

China. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LV. 
Franz Steindachner. 


Paramonacanthus Steindachner, LV, 591 ; orthotype Monacanthus kneri Steind. 
Taeniolabrus Steindachner, LV, 713 ; orthotype T. filamentosus Steind. A syno- 
nym of Trichonotus. 

974. STEINDACHNER (1867). Ueber einige Fische aus dem Fitzroy-Flusse. 

bei Rockhampton in Ost-Australien. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LV. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Lepidoblennius Steindachner, LV, 11; orthotype L. haplodactylus Steind. 
Neosilurus Steindachner, LV, 14; orthotype N. hyrtli Steind. 

975. STEINDACHNER (1867). Ichthyologische Notizcn: Ueber eine neue 
Gattung und Art der Gruppe, Trypauchenina. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 
LV, 1867. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Ctenotrypauchen, Steindachner, LV, 530; orthotype C. chinensis Steind. A syno- 
nym of Trypauchenichthys Blkr. 


976. BLEEKER (1868). Troiseme notice sur la faune ichthyologique de Vile d'Obi. 

Vers!. Akad. Amsterdam (2), II, 1868, 275. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Valenciennea Bleeker, 288; haplotype Eleotris hasselti Blkr. (Eleotris strigata 
Cuv. & Val. named in a later paper.) This is the earlier and therefore the 
proper form of this name, later written Valenciennesia). 

977. BLEEKER (1868). Cinquieme notice sur le faune ichthyologique de Solar. 

Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, II. 
Valenciennesia Bleeker, 275 ; orthotype Eleotris strigata Cuv. & Val. Earlier 
written Valenciennea by Bleeker. (See No. 1115, p. 371.) 

978. BLEEKER (1868). Notice sur la faune ichthyologique de I'ile de IVaigiou. 

Versl. Akad. Amsterdam, II. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Tetragonoptrus (Klein) Bleeker, 300; orthotype (after Klein) Ch^todon capis- 
tratus L. a syonym of Ch.^todgn. 

979. BLEEKER" (1868). Description de trois especes inedites de Chromidoides 

de Madagascar. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam (2), II, 1868, 307-314. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Paratilapia Bleeker, 308; orthotype P. polleni Blkr. 
Paretroplus Bleeker, 313 ; orthotype P. damii Blkr. 

980. BLEEKER (1868). Description de trois especes inedites des poissons des 

ties d'Amboine et de IVaigiou. Versl. Akad Amsterdam, II. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Heteroconger Bleeker, II, 232; orthotype H. polyzona Blkr., 400. 

981. BURMEISTER (1868). Petroniyzon macrostomus, description de una nueva 

especie de pcz. Anales Mus. Pub. Buenos Ayres, I. 
Hermann Carl Conrad Burmeister (1807-1892). 
Exomegas Burmeister, I, 36; orthotype Petromyzon macrostomus Burmeister. 

CAPELLO, 1868 349 

982. CAPELLO (1868). Descripgdo de dos peixes novos provenientes dos mares 

de Portugal, etc. Journ. Sci. Math., etc., Lisboa. 

Felix de Brito Capello. 

Pseudotriakis Capello, 316; orthotype P. microdon Capello. Also written Pseudo- 


983. CAPELLO (1868). DescripQdo de dos peixes novos provenientes dos mares 

Lias of Lyme Regis. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc, XXIV. 
Felix de Brito Capello. 
Osteorachis Egerton, XXIV, 500; orthotype O. macrocephalus Egert. (fossil). 
Isocolum Egerton, XXIV, 501; orthotype I. granulatum Egert. (fossil). A syno- 

Eulepidotus Egerton, XXIV, 505; orthotype Dapedius fimbriatus Ag. (fossil). 
Unnecessarily "withdrawn" by Egerton and replaced by Heterolepidotus, 
1872, on account of the name "Eulepidot^" applied to typical species of 
Lepidotes by Sauvage, 1867. 

984. DAY (1868). On Some New Fishes from Madras. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 

Francis Day. 
Priacanthichthys Day, 193; orthotype P. maderaspatensis Day == Epinephelus 
latifaciatus T. & S. a synonym of Epinephelus. 

984A. GEINITZ (1868). Die fossilen Fischschuppen aus der Planerkalke in 
Strehlen. Jahresber. Ges. Natur.- u. Heilkunde Dresden. 
Hans Bruno Geinitz. 
(Reviewed by T. D. A. Cockerell, American Naturalist, January, 1917.) 
In addition to his own generic names, Geinitz quotes from Dr. Steinla's 
unpublished Katalog, in lit. the definitions, a number of generic names 
proposed for scales of Cretaceous fishes. For most of these no type is 
assigned, and most of them appear from Geinitz' account to fall into the rank 
of synonyms. 

Perigrammatolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 39; orthotype Salmo lewesiensis Mantell. 
"Es ist dies normale Form fiir Osmeroides lewesiensis, welche den Ab- 
bildungen bei Agassiz am nachsten entspricht." From this I infer that 
lewesiensis should be considered as type, but Geinitz seems to place Peri- 
grammatolepis in the synonymy of his Cyclolepis (= Aulolepis). 

Credemnolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 39; orthotype not stated; name only. Apparently 
defined on page 48 as Codonolepis. Said to be a synonym of Cyclolepis 
Geinitz (Aulolepis). 

Kymatolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 39; orthotype named K. geinitzi by Cockerell (1919). 

Cyclolepis Geinitz, 39; orthotype C. agassizi Geinitz (fossil). (Scales, like those 
of Salmo.) 

Aspidolepis Geinitz, 40; orthotype A. steinlai Geinitz (fossil). (Scales, similar 

to those of PORONOTUS.) 

Dypterolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 40; orthotype not named. Said to contain part 

of the species of Leptolepis Ag. Apparently a synonym of Holcolepis. 
Kymatopetalolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 40; orthotype not named. Apparently Salmo 

lewesiensis Mantell. If so, a synonym of Holcolepis. 
Micropetalolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 40; orthotype not named. Apparently founded 

on a scale of Salmo lewesiensis Mantell. If so, a synonym of Holcolepis. 
Leptogrammatolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 40; orthotype not named. Apparently a 

scale of Salmo lewesiensis. If so, a synonym of Holcolepis. 


Petalolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 42; orthotype Osmeroides divaricatus Geiliitz. 
Apparently a syr.onym of Holcolepis. 

Mixogrammatolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 43; orthotype a Cretaceous scale of Clado- 
CYCLUS STREHLENSis Gcinitz (Beryx ornatus Geinitz), regarded as a syno- 
nym of Cladocyclus. But this must be an error, as the South American 
genus Cladocyclus is quite distinct from these forms found in the British 

Heliolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 43; orthotype Cretaceous scale of "Cladocyclus." 

Oolepis (Steinla) Geinitz 43; orthotype a Cretaceous scale of "Cladocyclus." 

Coinolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 43; orthotype a Cretaceous scale of "Cladocyclus." 

Polypterolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 43; orthotype a Cretaceous scale of "Clado- 

Ptycholepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 43; orthotype a Cretaceous scale of "Cladocyclus." 

Pterogrammatolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 43; orthotype a Cretaceous scale of "Clado- 

Agrammatolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 43; orthotype a Cretaceous scale (misspelled 
Acrammatolepis). Apparently a synonym of Hemicyclus Geinitz. 

Crommiolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 43; orthotype Cretaceous scales referred to Clado- 
cyclus STREHLENSIS Geinitz. "Eine Anzahl kleiner Schuppen von denen ein 
Theil jedenfalls an Cl. strehlensis gehort. On the rest of these scales 
Geinitz founds his new genus Hemicyclus. The type of Cladocyclus (C. 
gardneri Ag.) is a South American Osteoglossid, and none of these fishes 
of the German Chalk seems related to it. 

Hemicyclus Geinitz, 44; orthotype Cladocyclus strehlensis Geinitz, in part 
(fossil scales). 

Prionolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 45; orthotype Zeus lewesiensis Mantell = Beryx 
ornatus Ag. Cretaceous scales. Apparently a synonym of Hoplopteryx Ag. 

Goniolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 45; orthotype Cretaceous scales. (Hoplopteryx?) 

Hemigonolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 45: orthotype Cretaceous scales. (Hoplop- 

Hemicyclolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 45; orthotype Cretaceous scales. (Hoplop- 

Lophoprionolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 47; orthotype Amia lewesiensis Mantell = 
Macropoma mantelli Ag., orthotype Cretaceous scales. A synonym of 
Macropoma Ag. 

Acrogrammatolepis Geinitz, 47; orthotype A. steinlai Geinitz (fossil). 

Hemilampronites Geinitz, 48; orthotype H. steinlai Geinitz (fossil). (Scales, 
similar to those of Hyporhamphus.) 

The following additional names for Cretaceous scales are also quoted, 
but I have at present no further data for them ; 

Psygmatolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 40; orthotype Cretaceous scales. Misspelled 

on plate. 
Leptogrammatolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 40; orthotype Cretaceous scales. 
Microgrammatolepis (Steinla) Geinitz, 40; orthotype Cretaceous scales. 
Codonolepis (Steinla), 48; orthotype not named. Spelled Credemnolepis on 

page 40. A synonym of Cyclolepis. 

985. GUNTHER (1868). Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museum. VII. 

Albert Gunther. 

GUNTHER, 1868 351 

Osteochilus Giinther, VII, 40; logotype Rohita melanopleura Blkr. 

Barynotus Giinther, VII, 61 ; logotype B. lagensis Gthr. 

Gymnocypris Giinther, VII, 169; orthotype G. dobula Gthr. 

Megarasbora Gunther, VII, 198; orthotype Cyprinus elanga Ham. 

Aphyocypris Giinther, VII, 201 ; orthotype A. chinensis Gthr. 

Xenocypris Gunther, VII, 205 ; orthotype X. argentea Gthr. 

Mystacoleucus Giinther, VII, 206; orthotype Systomus padangensis Blkr. 

Pteropsarion Giinther, VII, 284; orthotype Barilius bakeri Day. 

Opsaridium (Peters) Giinther, VII, 286; orthotype O. zambezense Peters (MS.). 

A synonym of Barilius Ham. 
Bola Giinther, 293; tautotype Cyprinus bola Ham. = Bola goha Gthr. Name 

preoccupied by Bola Ham. ; replaced by Raiamas Jordan, 1919. "R.\jah 

mas" is the angler's name for the type-species in India. 
Schacra Giinther, VII, 294 ; orthotype Cyprinus shacra Ham. Same as Shacra Blkr. 
Squaliobarbus Giinther, VII, 297; orthotype Leuciscus curriculus Rich. 
Ochetobius Giinther, VII, 297; orthotype Opsarius elongatus Kner. 
Eustira Gunther, VII, 331 ; orthotype E. ceylonensis Gthr. 
Securicula Giinther, VI, 332 ; logotype Cyprinus gora Ham. A synonym of 

Salmostoma Sw. 
Cachius Giinther, VII, 338; orthotype Cyprinus cachius Ham. A synonym of 

Chela Ham. as restricted by Bleeker. 1863. 
Oreonectes Giinther, VII, 369; orthotype O. platycephalus Gthr. 
Cetengraulis Giinther. VII, 383; logotype Engraulis edentulus Cuv. 
Pterengraulis Giinther, VII, 384; orthotype Clupea atherinoides L. 
Heterothrissa Giinther, VII, 385; orthotype Engraulis breviceps Cantor. 
Lycengraulis Giinther, VII, 385 ; logotype Engraulis grossidens Cuv. 
Lycothrissa Gimther, VII, 385; orthotype Engraulis crocodilus Blkr. 
Telara Giinther, VII, 385: tautotype Clupea telara Ham. A synonym of Seti- 

Pellonula Gunther, VII, 452; orthotype P. vorax Gthr. 
Chirocentrodon Giinther, VII, 463 ; orthotype C. t.^niatus Gthr. 
Xenomystus Giinther, VII, 481 ; orthotype Notopterus nigri Gthr. 
Graodus Gunther, VII, 485 ; orthotype G. nigrotaeniatus Gthr. A synonym of 

Alburnops Grd. (the teeth lost). 

986. GUNTHER (1868). Report on a Collection of Fishes Made at St. Helena by 

J. C. Melliss, Esq. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Albert Gunther. 
Holanthias Giinther, 226; Anthias fronticinctus Gthr. 

987. GtJNTHER (1868). Descriptions of Fresh-zvater Fishes from Surinam and 

Brasil. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Albert Gunther. 
Hypoptopoma Giinther, 234; orthotype H. thoracatum Gthr. 
Aphyocharax Giinther, 245 ; orthotype A. pusillus Gthr. 

988. GUNTHER (1868). Additions to the Ichthyological Fauna of Zanzibar. 

Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 
Albert Gijnther. 
Tholichthys Giinther I. 457 ; orthotype T. osseus Gthr. Larva of Ch;etodon. 


989. GUICHENOT (1868). Index generum et specierum anihiadidorum, etc. 

Ann. Soc. Maine-et-Loire. 
Alphonse Guichenot. 
Paranthias Guichenot, X, 87; orthotype Serranus creolus Guv. & Val. = S. 
FURciFER Cuv. & Val. Replaces Brachyrhinus Gill. 

990. HANCOCK & ATTHEY (1868). Notes on the Remains of Some Reptiles 
and Fishes from the Shales of the Northumberland Coal-fields. Trans. 

Nat. Hist. Soc. Northumberland. 
Albany Hancock (1806-1873) ; T. Atthey. 
Acanthodopsis Hancock & Atthey, I. 364; orthotype A. wardi Hancock & Atthey 

991. KNER (1868). Ueber einige Fische aus dent Mttseum . . . Godeffroy in 

Hamburg. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien. 
Rudolph Kner. 
Anomalops Kner, LVHI, 26; orthotype A. gr^^ffei Kner. 

Sparopsis Kner, LVIII, 27 ; orthotype S. latifrons Kner. A synonym of Aprion Cuv. 
Micropus Kner, 23; orthotype Micropteryx polycentrus Kner. Name four times 

preoccupied ; replaced by Orqueta Jordan. 
Bunocottus Kner, LVIII, 28; orthotype B. apus Kner. 
Orthostomus Kner, LVIII, 29; orthotype O. amelyopinvs Kner. 
Opisthocentrus Kner, 49 ; orthotype O. quinquemaculatus Kner = Ophidium 

Urocentrus Kner, LVIII, 51 ; orthotype U. pictus Kner. A synonym of Pholis 


992. KNER (1868). Ueber Conchipoma gadiforme . . . aus dem Rothliegcndem 
(dcr Untcrn Dyas) von Lebach bei Saarbriicken in Rheinpreussen. Sitzb. 
Akad. Wiss. Wien. 

Rudolph Kner. 
Conchopoma Kner, LVII, 279; orthotype C. gadiforme Kner (fossil). 

993. LEIDY (1868). Remarks on Conosaurus of Gibbes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Joseph Leidy. 

Conosaurops Leidy, 202; orthotype Conosaurus bowmani Gibbes (fossil). Sub- 
stitute for Conosaurus Gibbes ; regarded as preoccupied by Coniosaurus, 
a reptile. 

Diplotomodon Leidy, 202 ; orthotype Tomodon horrificus Leidy. A substitute for 
Tomodon Leidy, preoccupied. 

993A. VON DER MARCK (1868). (Holcolepis.) Palaeontographica. 

W. von DER MaRCK. 

Holcolepis von der Marck, 278 ; orthotype Rhabdolepis cretaceus von der Marck. 
Name a substitute for Rhabdolepis Marck, 1863, preoccupied. 

994. MARTENS (1868). Ueber einige ostasiatische Siisswasserthiere. Arch. 

Nat. XXIV. 
Eduard von Martens. 
Octonema Martens, about 60; orthotype Homaloptera rotundicauda Martens. 
Name preoccupied, replaced by Lefua Herzenstein. 

995. PETERS (1868). Naturwissenschaftliche Reise nach Mossambique. Zoologie. 

Wilhelm Peters. 

PETERS, 1868 353 

Nothobranchius Peters, 60; orthotype Cyprinodon orthonotus Peters. 
Belonichthys Peters, 108; orthotype B. zambezensis Peters. 

996. PETERS (1868). Ueber eine nettc Gattung der Flederthiere (Peronymus) 
und ueber neue Gattungen und Arten der Fische. Mon. Akad. Wiss. Berlin. 

WiLHELM Peters. 
Lycocyprinus Peters, 145 ; orthotype Pcecilia sexfasciata Peters = Haplochilus 


997. PETERS (1868). Ucbcr die von Herrn Dr. F. Jagor in dem ostindischen 

gesammelten Fische. Mon. Akad. Wiss. Berlin. 
WiLHELM Peters. 
Enchelyurus Peters, 268; orthotype E. flavipes Peters. 

998. PETERS (1868). Ueber eine von dem Baron Carl von der Decken entdeckte 
neue Gattungen von Welsen . . . aus Ostafrica. Mon. Akad. Wiss. Berlin. 

WiLHELM Peters. 
Chiloglanis Peters, 599 ; orthotype C. deckeni Peters. 

999. POEY (1868). Synopsis piscium cubensium, etc. In Repertorio Fisico- 

Natural de la Isia de Cuba, II. 
Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Promicrops Poey, 287; orthotype Serranus guaza Poey. 
Gramma Poey, 296; orthotype G. loreto Poey. Not Grammia Rambeau, 1866, 

a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Tropidinius (Gill) Poey. 296; orthotype Mesoprion arnillo Poey = Apsilus 

dentatus Guich. 
Brachygenys (Scudder) Poey, 310; orthotype H.emulon t^eniatum Poey. 

1000. SCHIODTE (1868). Om stillings udviklinghos flyndcr Hskcne. Nat. Tid., V. 

Jorgen Matthias Christian Schiodte (1815-1884). 
Bascanius Schiodte, V, 269; orthotj'pe B. t.edlfer Schiodte. A larval flounder, 
probably young of Platophrys or Symphurus; name preoccupied as Bas- 


1001. BLEEKEK (1869). Description de deux especes inedites d'Alticus, de 

Madagascar. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Alticus (Commerson) Bleeker, 234; orthotype A. saltatorius Commerson. Same 
as Rupiscartes Sw., and of earlier date if Commerson's non-binomial names 
are accepted. 

1002. BLEEKER (1869). Neuvieme notice sur la faune ichthyologique du Japon. 

Versl. Akad. Amsterdam (2), III, 1869, 237-259. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Pseudopriacanthus Bleeker, 241 ; orthotype Priacanthus niphonius Cuv. & Val. 
Sarcocheilichthys Bleeker, 252 ; orthotype Leuciscus variegatus T. & S. 

1003. BOCOURT (1869). Descriptions de quelques reptiles et poissons nouveaux 
appurtenant a la faune tropicale de I'Amererique. Nouv. Arch. Mus. Hist. 
Nat. Paris. 

FiRMIN N. BocouRT (1819- ). 


Paralonchurus Bocourt, V, 21 ; orthotype P. petersi Bocourt. 
Polycirrhus Bocourt, V, 22; orthotype P. dumerili Bocourt. Name preoccupied 
in worms ; replaced by Polyclemus Berg, 1895. 

1004. BRANDT (1869). Einige Worte ueber die europdisch-asiatisch Stbrarten. 

Melanges Biologiques, VII. Bull. Acad. Sci. St. Petersburg. 


Schipa Brandt, VII, 113; orthotype Acipenser schypa Eichw. = A. nudiventris 
Lovetzky. A synonym of Antaceus Heckel & Fitzinger. 

Sterledus Brandt, VII, 113; orthotype Acipenser ruthenus L. Apparently a 
variant spelling of Sterletus Heckel & Fitzinger, not a new name and not 
Sterletus Raf. 1820. 

1005. COPE (1869). Description of Some Extinct Fishes Previously Unknozvn. 

Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Phacodus Cope, XII, 311; orthotype P. irregularis Cope (fossil). Name pre- 
occupied; replaced by Crommyodus Cope, 1870. 
Leptomylus Cope, XII, 313; orthotj'pe L. densus (fossil). 

Plinthicus Cope, XII, 316; orthotype P. stenodon Cope (fossil). An ally of 

1006. DAY (1869). Remarks on Some Fishes in the Calcutta Museum. II. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Francis Day. 
Mayoa Day, 553 ; orthotype M. modesta Day. 

1007. DYBOWSKI (1869). Vorlduiige Mittheihmgen iiber die Fischfauna des 
Onon-Flusses und die Ingoda in Transbaikalien. Verb. Zool. Bot. Ges. 
Wien, XIX, 945-948. 

Benedikt Ivan Dybowski. 
Gobiobarbus Dybowski, XIX, 951 ; orthotype Cyprinus labeo Pallas. A synonym 

of Hemibarbus Blkr. 
Micraspius Dybowski, XIX. 953 ; orthotype M. mianowski Dybowski. 
Pseudaspius Dybowski, XIX, 953 ; orthotype Cyprinus leptocephalus Pallas. 
Ladislavia Dybowski, XIX, 954; orthotype L. taczanowskii Dybowski. 

1008. GERVAIS (1869). Paleontologie Generate. 
pRANgois Louis Paul Gervais (1816-1879). 
Dipristis Gervais, 240; orthotype D. chim^roides Gervais (fossil). Not Dipristis 
Marsh of the same date, also a ChiMtEroid fragment. 

1009. GONTHER (1869). Account of the Fishes of the States of Central America, 
Based on Collections Made by Capt. J. M. Dow, F. Godman and V. Salvin. 
Trans. Zool Soc. London. 

Albert Gunther. 

Megalobrycon Giinther, 423 ; orthotype M. cephalus Gthr. .\ synonym of 
Brycon M. & T. 

1010. GUICHENOT (1869). Notice sur quelques poissons incdits de Madagascar 

et de Chine. Nouv. Arch. Mus. Paris., V. 
Alphonse Guichenot. 

MACDONALD, 1869 355 

Paragonus Guichenot, 202; orthotype P. sturioides Guich. Paragonus Gill, 1861, 
and Paragonus Guich., 1869, seem both to be synonyms of Podothecus Gill. 

1011. MACDONALD (1869). On ... a New Genus of Mugilidce Inhabiting the 
Fresh Waters of Viti Levu of the Feejee Group, etc. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 

John Denis Macdonald. 

Gonostomyxus Macdonald, 38 ; orthotype G. loaloa Macdonald. 

lOllA. MASON (1869). (Acrodontosaurus.) Quart. Journ. Geol., XXV. 

J. W. Mason. 
Acrodontosaurus Mason, XXV, 444; orthotype A. gardneri Mason (fossil). A 
synonym of Pachvrhizodus. 

1012. OWEN (1869). Notes on Two Ichthyodorulites Hitherto Undescribed. 

Richard Owen. 
Lepracanthus Owen, VI, 481; orthotype L. colei (Egert.) Owen (fossil). 

1013. STEINDACHNER (1869). Ichthyohgische Notizen. VIIL Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien, LX. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Haemulopsis Steindachner, 60; logotype H.emulon corvin^forme Steind. A syno- 
nym of Brachydeuterus Gill. 

1014. STEINDACHNER (1869). I chthyologische Notizen. IX. Ueber eine neue 
Gattung und Art der Cyprinoiden de China. Sitzb. Alcad. Wiss. Wien, LX. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Abramocephalus Steindachner, LX, 302; orthotype A. microlepis Steind. \ syno- 
nym of Hypophthalmichthys Blkr. 


1015. BLEEKER (1870). Atlas des hides Orientates Nederlandaises . . . VII. 

Pleuronectes, etc. 


Rhinoplagusia Bleaker, 27; orthotype Plagusia japonica T. & S. Replaces 
Usinosita Jordan & Snyder, 1901. 

1016. BLEEKER (1870). Mededeeling omtrcnt eenige nieuwe vischsoorten van 

China. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam (2), IV, 1870, 251-253. 


Acanthorhodeus Bleeker, IV, 253; orthotype A. macropterus Blkr. 
Pseudobrama Bleeker, IV, 253 ; logotype P. dabryi Blkr. 
Saurogobio Bleeker, IV, 253; orthotype S. dumerili Blkr. 
Rhinogobio Bleeker, IV, 253; orthotype R. typus Blkr. 
Luciobrama Bleeker, IV, 253; orthotype L. typus Blkr. 
Leptobotia Bleeker, IV. 256; orthotype L. elongata Blkr. 

1017. COPE (1870). Partial Synopsis of the Fresh-water Fishes of North 

Carolina. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, 1870. XI, 448-495. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Hypohomus Cope, XI, 449; orthotype H. aurantiacus Cope. 


Labidesthes Cope, XI, 455; orthotype Chirostoma sicculum Cope. 

Hemitremia Cope, XI, 462; orthotype H. vittata Cope, later called Leuciscus 

FLAMMEUS Jordan, the name vittatus being preoccupied in Leuciscus, to 

which genus the species was referred. 
Placopharynx Cope, XI, 467; orthotype P. carinatus Cope. 

1018. COPE (1870). Observations on the Fishes of the Tertiary Shales of Green 

River, Wyoming Territory. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, XI. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Asineops Cope, XI, 381; orthotype A. squamifrons Cope (fossil). 
Erismatopterus Cope, XI, 427; orthotype E. rickseckeri Cope (fossil), 

1019. COPE (1870). Contribution to the Ichthyology of the Maranon. Proc. 

Amer. Philos. Soc. 1870, 559-701. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Stethaprion Cope, 562; orthotype S. erythrops Cope. 
Plethodectes Cope, 563 ; orthotype P. erythrurus Cope. A synonym of Chalceus 

Holotaxis Cope, 563 ; logotype H. melanostomus Cope. 
Odontostilbe Cope, 566; orthotype O. fugitiva Cope. 

1020. COPE (1870). On the Fishes of a Fresh-ivater Tertiary Lake in Idaho, 
Discovered by Capt. Clarence King. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc. XI. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Lithichthys Cope, XI, 316; orthotype L. pusillus Cope (fossil). 
Diastichus Cope, XI, 539; orthotype D. macrodon Cope (fossil). 
Oligobelus Cope, XI, 541; orthotype O. arciferus Cope (fossil). Said to be near 

Semotilus Raf. 
Anchybopsis Cope, XI, 543; orthotype A. latus Cope (fossil). Referred later to 

synonymy of "Leucos Heckel" (Siphateles Cope). 
Rhabdofario Cope, XI, 546; orthotype R. lacustris Cope (fossil). A very large 

trout from the ancient Lake Idaho. 

1021. COPE (1870). Second Addition to the History of the Fishes of the 
Cretaceous of the United States. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, XI, 240-244. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Sphagepcea Cope, XI, 241; orthotype S. aciculata Cope (fossil). An ally of 

Edaphodon Leidy. 
Pneumatosteus Cope, XI, 242; orthotype P. nahunticus Cope (fossil). An ally 

of Lepisosteus Lac. 
Crommyodus Cope, XI, 243; orthotype Phacodus irregularis Cope (fossil). A 

substitute for Phacodus Cope, preoccupied. 

1022. COPE (1870). On the Saurodontidcc. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, 1871, 

XI, 529-538. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Ichthyodectes Cope, 536; orthotype I. ctenodon Cope (fossil). 

1023. DAY (1870). On the Fishes of the Andaman Islands. Proc. Zool. Soc. 

Francis Day. 
Jerdonia Day, 700; orthotype Platacanthus maculatus Day. 

DUMERIL, 1870 357 

1024. DUMfiRIL (1870). Histoire generate des poissons. Vol. II. 


Parapegasus (Bleeker) Dumeril, 493; orthotype Pegasus natans L. 

Typhlus (Bibron MS.) Dumeril, 540; logotype Ichthyocampus pondicerianus 

Kaup (in synonymy). A synonym of Ichthyocampus Kaup. 
Atelurus Dumeril, 584; orthotype A. germani Dum. 
Entelurus Dumeril, 605; orthotype Syngnathus .^quoreus L. A synonym of 

Nerophis Raf. 
Hymenolomus Dumeril, 607; orthotype Syngnathus hymenolomus Rich. == 

H. RicHARDSONi Dum. A synonym of Protocampus Gthr., 1870. 

1025. GASCO (1870). Intorno ad un nuovo genere di pesci, etc. Bull. Assoc. 

Nat. e Med. Napol., April, 1870, 59-61. 
Francesco Gasco. 
Vexillifer Gasco, 59; orthotype V. dephilippii Gasco. An immature and very 
singular form of some fish, perhaps of Carapus acus. 

1026. GIEBEL (1870). Trachypoma marmoratum, ein neuer Wels aus dem 

Amasonenstrome. Zeitschr. Ges. Naturw., XXXVII. 
Christoph Gottfried Andreas Giebel. 
Trachypoma Giebel, 97; orthotype Trachypoma marmoratum Giebel = Eremo- 
PHiLUS mutisi. a synonym of Eremophilus Humboldt, the name pre- 

1027. GUNTHER (1870). Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museutn. VIII. 

Albert Gunther. 
Rhamphosternarchus Gunther. VIII, 4; logotype Sternarchus oxyrhynchus 

M. & T. A synonym of Sternarchorhynchus Castelnau. 
Brachyrhamphichthys Gunther, VIII, 6; logotype Rhamphichthys artedii Kaup. 

A synonym of Hvpopomus Gill. 
Paramyrus Gunther, VIII, 51 ; logotype Echelus microchir Blkr. 
Myroconger Gunther, VIII, 93; orthotype M. compressus Gthr. 
Helminthostoma (Cocco) Gunther, VIII, 145; orthotype Helminthostoma della- 

chiaje Cocco. Larva of Carapus (Fierasfer) ; passing reference to an 

unpublished name. 
NannOcampus Gunther, VIII, 178; orthotype N. subosseus Gthr. 
Urocampus Giinther, VIII, 179; orthotype U. nanus Gthr. 
Protocampus Giinther, VIII, 193; orthotype Syngnathus hymenolomus Rich. 

Same as Hymenolomus Dum. of the same year. Giinther's work is dated 

"May 20, 1870," Dumeril's merely "1870". Neither writer quotes the other; 

the name of Gunther has probably precedence. 
Hemiconiatus Gunther, VIII, 272; orthotype Tetraodon guttifer Bennett. Same 

as Ephippion Bibron, 1855, which it replaces if the latter is regarded as pre- 
occupied by Ephippium. 
Liosaccus Giinther, VIII, 287; logotype T. cutaneus Gthr. 
Trichocyclus Giinther, VIII, 316; orthotype T. erinaceus Gthr. Probably a larval 

Diodon ; equivalent to Trichodiodon Blkr. 
Leptocarcharias (Smith MS.) Gunther, VIII. 384; orthotype Tri^nodon smithi 

M. & H. A variant of Leptocarias Smith. 
Psammobatis Giinther, VIII, 470; orthotype P. rudis Gthr. 


1028. HANCOCK & ATTHEY (1870). Notes on an Undescribed Fossil from the 
Newsham Coalfields near Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., V. 

Albany Hancock ; T. Atthey. 
Archichthys Hancock & Atthey, V, 268 ; orthotype A. sulcidens Hancock & Atthey. 
Apparently a synonym of Strepsodus. 

1029. KLUNZINGER (1870). Synopsis der Fische des Rothen Meeres. I. 

Percoiden-Mugiloiden. Verh. K.-K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien, 1870. 
Carl Benjamin Klunzinger (1834- ). 

Dirrhizodon Klunzinger, XX, 664 (Nov. 2) ; orthotype D. elongatus Klunzinger. 
A liv'ing homologue of Hemipristis Ag. 

Pseudoserranus Klunzinger, XX, 687 ; logotype Perca louti Forskal, as restricted 
by Bleeker (based on Perca louti, cabrilla, and scriba). Regarded by me, 
following Bleeker, as a synonym of Variola Sw. Klunzinger protests 
against this arrangement in a later paper, Pseudoserranus (type cabrilla) 
being intended as a substitute for Serranus, which name of Cuvier he uses 
for Epinephelus. 

Paracentropristes Klunzinger, XX, 687 ; orthotype Labrus hepatus L. 

Pristiapogon Klunzinger, XX, 715 ; orthotype P. frenatus Klunzinger. A syno- 
nym of Apogon Lac. 

Polysteganus Klunzinger, 762; orthotype P. ceruleopunctatus Klunzinger. 

Gymnocranius Klunzinger, XX, 764; orthotype Dentex rivulatus Riippell. Re- 
places Paradentex Blkr. 

1030. DE KONINCK (1870). Notice sur un nouveau genre de poisson fossile 

de la craie superieure. Bull. Acad. Soc. Roy. Bruxelles, XXIX. 
Laurent Guillaume de Koninck (1809-1887). 
Ankistrodus De Koninck, XXIX, 77; orthotype A. splendens De Koninck. A sub- 
stitute for Ancistrodon Roemer, regarded as preoccupied. Both these names, 
being regarded as preoccupied by Agkistrodon or Ancistrodon Beauvais, 
a genus of snakes, are replaced by Grypodon Hay, 1899. 

1031. LANKESTER (1870). Fishes of the Old Red Sandstone. Paleont. Soc, I. 

Edwin Ray Lankester. 
Eucephalaspis Lankester, I, 43; orthotype Cephalaspis lyelli Ag. (fossil). A 

synonym of Cephalaspis. 
Hemicyclaspis, Lankester, I, 43; orthotype Cephalaspis murchisoni Egert. (fossil). 
Eukeraspis Lankester, I, 56; orthotype Sclerodus pustuliferus Ag. (fossil). A 

synonym of Sclerodus, that name and also Plectrodus being rejected for the 

inadequate reason that the structures which gave the name were wrongly 

.supposed to be teeth. 
Kallostrakon Lankester, I, 61; orthotype K. podura Lank, (fossil). Fragments 

of a Pteraspid. 

1032. LEIDY (1870). Remarks on Ichthyodoriilites and on Certain Fossil Mam- 

malia. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., X, 12-13. 
Joseph Leidy. 
Xiphactinus Leidy, 12 ; orthotype X. audax Leidy. Perhaps the same as Portheus 

1033. LEIDY (1870) . Remarks on Fossil Vertebrates. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Joseph Leidy. 

MARSH, 1870 359 

Mylocyprinus Leidy, 70; orthotype M. robustus Leidy. 

1034. MARSH (1870). Notice of Some New Tertiary and Cretaceous Fishes. 

Amer. Assoc. Adv. Sci. for 1869 (1870). 

Othniel Charles M.\rsh (1831-1899). 

Embalorhynchus Marsh, 228; orthotype E. kinneyi Marsh (fossil). A fossil 

analogue of Istiophorus. 
Dipristis Marsh, 230; orthotype D. miersi Marsh (fossil). Apparently a synonym 
of Edaphodon. 

1035. NEWBERRY (1870). Fossil Fishes from the Devonian Rocks of Ohio. 

Proc. N. Y. Lye. Nat. Hist., I, 152-153. 
John Strong Newberry. 
Aspidophorus Newberry, I, 153; orthotype A. clavatus Newberry (fossil). Name 
preoccupied, replaced by Aspidichthys Newberry, 1873. 

1036. NEWBERRY & WORTHEN (1870). Descriptions of Fossil Vertebrates. 

Geol. Surv. Ills., IV. 
John Strong Newberry; A. H. Worth en. 
Cymatodus Newberry & Worthen, IV, 108; orthotype C. oblongus Newberry & 

Worthen (fossil). Probably a synonym of Janassa. 
Lophodus Newberry & Worthen, IV, 360; orthotype L. variabilis Newberry & 
Worthen (fossil). Name preoccupied, replaced by Agassizodus St. John & 
Worthen, 1875. A synonym of Campodus Koninck. 

Peltodus Newberry & Worthen, IV, 362; orthotype P. unguiformis Newberry & 

Worthen (fossil). A synonym of Janassa. 
Listracanthus Newberry & Worthen, IV, 371 ; orthotype L. hystrix Newberry & 

Worthen (fossil). 

1037. POWRIE (1870). On the Earliest Known Vestiges of Vertebrate Life. . . . 
Fish Remains from the Old Red Sandstone of Forfarshire. Trans. Geol. Soc. 

Edinburgh, I. 
James Powrie. 
Cephalopterus Powrie, I, 298; orthotjpe C. pagei Powrie (fossil). Name pre- 
occupied ; a fragment of a supposed Cephalaspid. 

1038. ST. JOHN (1870). Descriptions of Fossil Fishes from the Upper Coal 

Measures of Nebraska. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, XI. 
Orestes H. St. John. 
Peripristis St. John, XI, 434; orthotype Ctenoptychius semicircularis Newberry & 
Worthen (fossil). A synonym of Ctenoptychius. 

1039. SAUVAGE (1870). Synopsis des poissons tertiaires de Licata (Sicilia). 

Ann. Sci. Nat. XIV. 
Henri Emile Sauvage. 
Pseudovomer Sauvage, XIV, 10; orthotype P. minutus Sauvage (fossil). 
Acanthonotos Sauvage, XIV, 10; logotype A. armatus Sauvage (fossil). Name 
preoccupied by Acanthonotus Bloch ; replaced by Hemithyrsites Sauvage, 
Tydeus Sauvage, XIV, 23; orthotype T. megistosoma Sauvage (fossil). (Name 
preoccupied; replaced by Anapterus Sauvage, 1873.) 


1040. STEINDACHNER & KNER (1870). Ueber einige Pleuronectiden, . . . 
von Decastris Bay ttnd von Viti-Levu. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LXI, 

Franz Steindachner; Rudolph Kner. 
Stichaeopsis Steindachner & Kner, LXI, 441 ; orthotype S. nana Steindachner & 

1041. STEINDACHNER (1870). Ichthyologische Notizen. X. Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien, LXI. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Parapriacanthus Steindachner, LXI, 623 ; orthotype P. ransonneti Steind. ; replaces 
Pempherichthys Klunzinger. 


1042. VAN BENEDEN (1871). Rechcrchcs stir quelques poissons fossiles de la 

Belgique. (Later included in Bull. Acad. Roy. Belg., XXXI.) 

Pierre J. Van Beneden. 

Brachyrhynchus Van Beneden, XXXI, 495 ; orthotype Encheiziphius teretirostris 

Riitimeyer (fossil). Name twice preoccupied; same as Encheiziphius. 
Xiphiorhynchus Van Beneden, XXXI, 499; orthotype X. elegans Van Beneden 

Trigloides Van Beneden, XXXI, 501; orthot3'-pe T. dejardini Van Beneden (fossil). 
Hannovera Van Beneden, XXXI, 504; orthotype H. aurata Beneden (fossil). An 

extinct ally of Cetorhinus Blainv. 
Scomberodon Van Beneden, XXXI, 504; orthotype S. dumonti Van Beneden 

(fossil). A synonym or extinct analogue of Scomberomorus Lac. 

1043. COPE (1871). On Two Extinct Forms of Physostomi of the Neotropical 

Region. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, XII. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Prymnetes Cope, XII, 52; orthotype P. longiventer Cope (fossil). 
Anaedopogon Cope, XII, 53; orthotype A. tenuidens Cope (fossil). An Elopid 
fish not identical with Cladocyclus Ag., which seems to belong to the 


1044. COPE (1871). Note on Some Cretaceous Vertebrates in the State Argicul- 

tural College of Kansas, etc. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, XII. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Anogmius Cope, XII, 170-354; orthotype A. contractus Cope (fossil) ; not Anog- 
Mius Cope, 1873 (A. aratus Cope, 1873). Regarded by Woodward as prob- 
ably a synonym of Pachyrhizodus. 

1045. COPE (1871). Report on Recent Reptiles and Fishes . . . Hayden Expedi- 
tion . . . Wyoming, etc. Ann. Rept. U. S. Geol. Surv. for 1870 (1871). 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Apsopelix Cope, 424; orthotype A. sauriformis Cope (fossil). 

1046. COPE (1871). Contribution to the Ichthyology of the Lesser Antilles. 

Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc, 1871, XIV, 445-483. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 

CUNNINGHAM, 1871 361 

Cryptotomus Cope, XIV, 462; orthotype C. roseus Cope. Description of a valid 

genus from an injured specimen. 
Eleutheractis Cope, XIV, 467; orthotype E. coriaceus Cope. A synonym of 

Rypticus Cuv. 
Holopterura Cope, XIV, 482; orthotype H. plumbea Cope. 

1047. CUNNINGHAM (1871). Notes on the Reptiles, Amphibia, Fishes, MoUusca, 
and Crustacea Obtained During the Voyage of H. M. S. Nassau in the\ 
Years 1866-69. Trans. Linn. Soc. London (Zool.), 1871, XXVII, 465-502. 

Robert Oliver Cunningham. 
Maynea Cunningham, XXVII, 471 ; orthotype M. patagonica Cunningham. 

1048. DAY (1871). On the Fresh-water Siluroid Fishes of India and Burmah. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1871, 703-721. 
Francis Day. 
Ailiichthys Day, 712; orthotype A. punctata Day. 

1049. DELFORTRIE (1871). Les broyeurs (Cestraciontes) du tertiaire aquitanien. 

Acad. Soc. Linn. Bordeaux, XXVIII. 
Eugene Delfortrie. 
Gymnodus Delfortrie, XXVIII, 232; orthotype G. heterodon Delfortrie (fossil). 
An extinct analogue of Diodon. 

1050. GUNTHER (1871). Description of New Percoid Fish from the Macquarie 

River. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1871, 320. 
Albert Gunther. 
Ctenolates Gunther, 320; orthotype Ctenolates macquariensis Gthr. = Datnia 
AMBiGUA Rich. 

1051. GUNTHER (1871). Report on Several Collections of Fishes Recently 
Obtained for the British Museum. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1871, 652-675. 

Albert Gunther. 
Blennodesmus Giinther, 667 ; orthotype B. scapularis Gthr. 
Halidesmus Gunther, 668; orthotype H. scapularis Gthr. 
Nannaethiops Gunther, 669: orthotype N. unit^niatus Gthr. 
Poecilcconger Giinther, 673; orthotype P. fasciatus Gthr. 

1052. KLUNZINGER (1871). Synopsis der Fische des Rothen Meeres. II. Theil. 

Verh. K.-K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien, 1871, XXI, 441-668. 

Carl Benjamin Klunzinger. 

Pempherichthys Klunzinger, XXI, 470; orthotype P. guntheri Klunzinger. A 

synonym of Parapriacanthus Steind. 
Gobiichthys Klunzinger, 479 : orthotype G. petersi Klunzinger. A synonym of 
O.xyurichthys Blkr. 

1053. LE HON (1871). Preliminaire memoire des poissons tertiaires de la Belgique. 

Henri Le Hon (1809-1872). 
Scaldia Le Hon, 7; orthotype Scaldia biforis Le Hon (fossil). A synonym of 

Thaumas or perhaps of the living genus Squatina. 
Palanarrhichas Le Hon, 10; orthotype P. crassus Le Hon (fossil). 
Goniobatis Le Hon, 10; orthotype G. omaliusi Le Hon (fossil). Name preoccupied ; 

a synonym of Aetobatus. 


1054. LEIDY (1871). Report on the Vertebrate Fossils of the Tertiary Formations 

of the West. Kept. Geol. Surv. Terr, for 1870 (1871). 
Joseph Leidy. 
Oncobatis Leidy, 70; orthotype O. pentagonus Leidy (fossil). An ally of Raja. 

1055. LUTKEN (1871). Oneirodes eschrichtii Ltk., en ny gronlandsk Tudsefisk. 

Overs. Dansk. Vid. Selsk. Kjobenhavn, 1871, 56-74. 
Christian Frederik Lutken. 
Oneiroides Liitken, 56; orthotype O. eschrichtii Liitken. 

1056. POEY (1871). Genres de poissons de la fauna de Cuba, appartenant a la 

famille de Percidce. Ann. Lye. Nat. Hist. N. Y., X. 
Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Menephorus Poey, X, 50; orthotype Serranus dubius Poey. 


1057. BARRANDE (1872). Indications sommaires des vestiges de poissons con- 

nus dans les depots Siluriens, etc. (Boheme). 
Joachim Barrande. 
Gompholepis Barrande, I, 644; orthotype G. panderi Barrande (fossil). 

1058. BLEEKER (1872). Atlas ichthyologique, etc. VL Pleuronectes, Clupees, ttc. 


Leptogaster Bleeker, 168; orthotype Spratelloides argyroTv^nia Blkr. A synonym 
of Spratelloides (an error probably overlooked in proof-reading). 

Paralosa Bleeker, — . This name is quoted from Bleeker, but I fail to find it any- 
where. Said to be a synonym of Harengula Cuv. & Val. 

1059-1060. CASTELNAU (1872). Contributions to the Ichthyology of Australia. 
Proc. Zool. Acclim. Soc. Victoria, 1872, I, 29-247. 

* Francis L. Castelnau. 

Microperca Castelnau, I, 48 ; orthotype M. yarr^ Castelnau. Name preoccupied 

by Microperca Putnam, 1863. A synonym of Nannoperca Gthr. 
Murrayia Castelnau, I, 61 ; orthotype M. guentheri Castelnau. A synonym of 

Macquaria Cuv. & Val. 
Riverina Castelnau, I, 64 ; orthotype R. fluviatilis Castelnau. Probably a synonym 

of Macquaria Cuv. & Val. 
Neotephraeops Castelnau, I, 68; orthotype Crenidens zebra Rich. Same as 

Girellichthys Klunzinger. Both are synonyms of Melambaphes Gthr. 
Neoplatycephalus Castelnau. I, 87; orthotype N. grandis Castelnau. 
Neosphyraena Castelnau, I, 96; orthotype N. multiradiata Castelnau = Dinolestes 

muelleri Klunzinger. A synonym of Dinolestes Klunzinger. 
Richardsonia Castelnau I, 112; orthotype R. insignis Castelnau = Histiopterus 

labiosus Rich. Name preoccupied ; replaced by Paristiopterus Blkr., 1876, 

and later by Maccullochia Waite. 

• Frangois Laporte Comte de Castelnau, while in South Africa and Australia, wrote his name 
in English fashion as Francis L. Castelnau. 

COPE, 1872 363 

Atherinosoma Castelnau, I, 136; orthotype A. vorax Castelnau. 

Yarra Castelnau, I, 231 ; orthotype Y. singularis Castelnau. A synonym of Geotria 

Neomordacia Castelnau, I, 232; orthotype N. howittii Castelnau. A synonym of 

Geotria Gray. 
Neocarassius Castelnau, I, 236; orthotype N. ventricosus Castelnau. 
Aploactisoma Castelnau, I, 244; orthotype A. schomburgki Castelnau. A synonym 

of Aploactis T. & S. 
Vincentia Castelnau, I, 245; logotype V. waterhousei Castelnau. A synonym of 

Apogon Lac. 
Heteroscarus Castelnau, I, 245 ; logotype H. filamentosus Castelnau. 
Ophioclinus Castelnau, I, 246; orthotype O. antarcticus Castelnau. 
Heteroclinus Castelnau, I, 247; orthotype H. Adelaide Castelnau. 

1061. COPE (1872). On the Fishes of the Ambyiacu River. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 

Phila. for 1871, 250-292 (dated Jan. 16, 1872). 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Laemolyta Cope, 258; logotype Anostomus t^niata Kner. 
Iguanodectes Cope, 260; orthotype I. tenuis Cope. 
Triportheus Cope, 263; logotype T. albus Cope. 
Zathorax Cope, 271 ; orthotype Z. monitor Cope. 
Physopyxis Cope, 273; orthotype P. lyra Cope. 
Dianema Cope, 276; orthotype D. longibarbis Cope. 
Brochis Cope, 277 ; orthotype B. C/Eruleus Cope. 
Otocinclus Cope, 283; orthotype O. vestitus Cope. 
Pariolius Cope, 289; orthotype P. armillatus Cope. 

1062. COPE (1872). Report on the Reptiles and Fishes Obtained by the Naturalists 

of the Expedition. Hayden's Geol. Surv. Wyoming, etc. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 

Coliscus Cope, 437; orthotype Coliscus parietalis Cope = young of Pimephales 

promelas Raf. A synonym of Pimephales Raf. 
Sarcidium Cope, 440; orthotype S. scopiferum Cope. A synonym of Phenacobius 
Cope, 1867. 

1063. COPE (1872). Report on the Recent Reptiles and Fishes of the Survey, 
Collected by Campbell Carrington and C. M. Dawes. Hayden's Kept. Geol, 
Surv. Montana, etc., for 1871 (1872). 

Edward Drinker Cope. 

Apocope Cope, 472 ; logotype A. carringtoni Cope. 

Protoporus Cope, 473; orthotype P. domninus Cope (young of Tigoma lineata 
Grd.). A synonym of Tigoma Grd. 

Myloleucus Cope, 475; orthotype M. pulverulentus Cope. Myloleucus is a 
synonym of Tigoma Grd. In studying these species, Professor Cope by 
accident replaced teeth of a Siphateles in his type example of Myloleucus 
pulverulentus (.fide Snyder and Fowler). The group called Rutilus by 
Jordan & Evermann (Fishes of N. and M. Amer., 1896.243) is a composite one. 
Rutilus, with the teeth 6-5, should stand by itself. The name Leucos Heckel, 
preoccupied by Leucus Kaup, with teeth 5-5, should probably give place to 


Cenisophius Bon., while the American species should be distributed between 
SiPHATELES Cope, Hesperoleucus Snyder, and Leucidius Snyder. 

1064. COPE (1872). A New Genus of Saurodont Fishes, Erisichthe, from the 

Kansas Niobrara. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 

Erisichthe Cope, 280; orthotype E. nitida Cope (fossil). A synonym of Pro- 

1065. COPE (1872). On the Families of Fishes of the Cretaceous Formation of 

Kansas. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, 1872, XII, 327-357. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 

Portheus Cope, XII, 331; orthotype P. molossus Cope (fossil). Possibly a synonym 

of Xiphactinus Leidy, 1870. 
Daptinus Cope, XII, 339; orthotype Saurocephalus phlebotomus Cope (fossil). 
A synonym of Saurodon Hays, itself a synonym of Saurocephalus Harlan. 
Empo Cope, XII, 347; orthotype E. nepaholica Cope (fossil). 
Stratodus Cope, XII, 349; orthotype S. apicalis Cope (fossil). 

1066. COPE (1872). On the Tertiary Coal and Fossils of Osino, Nevada. Proc. 

Amer. Philos. Soc, 1872, XII, 478-481. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Trichophanes Cope, XII, 479; orthotype T. hians Cope (fossil). 
Amyzon Cope, XII, 480; orthotype A. mentale Cope (fossil). 

1067. COPE (1872). Notices of New Vertebrata from the Upper Waters of Bitter 
Creek, Wyoming Territory. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, for 1871, XII, 483-486 
(reprints dated Aug. 20, 1872). 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Rhineastes Cope, XII, 486; orthotype R. peltatus Cope (fossil). 

1068. DYBOWSKI (1872). Zur Kenntniss der Fischfatina des Amurgebietes. 

Verb. Bot. Ges. Wien, 1872, 200-222. 

Benedikt Ivan Dybowski 

Actenolepis Dybowski, 210; logotype A. ditmarii Dybowski = Perca chuatsi 

Basilewsky. A synonym of Siniperca Gill. 
Onychodon Dybowski, 211; orthotype Cephalus mantschuricus Basilewsky. 

Same as Abramocephalus Steind., both synonyms of Hypophthalmichthys 

Gobiosoma Dybowski, 211 ; orthotype G. amurensis Dybowski. Name preoccupied 

by Gobiosoma Grd. A synonym of Saurogobio Blkr. 
Megalobrama Dybowski, 213; orthotype M. akolkovii. A synonym of Parabramis 

Squalidus Dybowski, 215; orthotype S. chankaensis Dybowski. A synonym of 

Gnathopogon Blkr. (Leucogobio Gthr.). 
Plagiognathus Dybowski, 216; orthotype P. jelskii Dybowski. Name preoccupied; 

replaced by Plagiognathops Berg. 
Barbodon Dybowski, 216; orthotype B. lacustris Dybowski. A synonym of Sarco- 


EGERTON, 1872 365 

1C69. EGERTON (1872). Fish: Heterolepidotus, Isocolum, etc. Mem. Geol. Surv. 

United Kingdom, 1872, XIII, decade 7. 
Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton. 
Heterolepidotus Egerton, XIII, No. 2; orthotype H. latus Egert. (fossil). 
Platysiagum Egerton, XIII, No. 6; orthotype P. sclerocephalum Egert. (fossil). 
Palasospinax Egerton, XIII, No. 7; orthotype Thyellina prisca (fossil). 
Drepanephorus Egerton, XIII, No. 9; orthotype Acrodus rugosus Ag. (fossil). 
An extinct analogue of the living Heterobontus or Centracion. 

1070. EGERTON (1872). On Prognathodus gucnthcri Egerton, a New Genus 
of Fossil Fishes from the Lias of Lyme Regis. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc, 
1872, XXVIII, 233-237. 

Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton. 
Prognathodus Egerton, XXVIII, 233; orthotype P. guentheri Egert. (fossil). 
Not Prognathodes Gill, the root meaning being different. 

1071. GtJNTHER (1872). Description of Thrissopater salmoneus n. sp. {InGreat 
Britain and Ireland Geological Survey. Figures and Descriptions Illustrative 
of British Organic Remains. Decade 13, London, 1872.) 

Albert Gunther. 
Thrissopater Giinthcr, No. 1; orthotype T. salmoneus Gthr. (fossil). 

1072. GUNTHER (1872). Zoological Record for 1871. 
Albert Gunther. 
Macruronus Gunther, 103 ; orthotype Coryph-enoides nov^-zelandi>e Hector. 

1073. GONTHER (1872). On a Neisj Genus of Characinoid Fishes from Demerara. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1872, 146. 
Albert Gunther. 
Nannostomus Gunther, 146; orthotype N. beckfordi Gthr. 

1074. GUNTHER (1872). Description of Two New Fishes (Lanioperca mordax, 
Chilodactylus allporti) from Tasmania. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1872, ser. 4, X, 

Albert Gunther. 
Lanioperca Giinther, 183 ; orthotype L. mordax, Gthr. = Dinolestes muelleri 

"The same fish is described as Dinolestes muelleri (g. et. sp. n.) by 
Klunzinger, Arch. f. Nat., 1872, p. 29, Taf. 3. (this name has the priority) ; 
and still later as Neosphyr^ena multiradiata (g. et. sp. n.) by Castelnau, 
Proc. Zool. Soc. Victor, 1872, p. 96."— (Gunther). 
The name Dinolestes stands. 

1075. GUNTHER (1872). Notice on Two New Fishes (Symphorus tccniolatus, 
Mugil meyeri) from Celebes. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1872, IV, ser. 9, 438-440. 

Albert Gunther. 
Symphorus Gunther, 438; orthotype S. t^niolatus Gthr. 

1076. HANCOCK & ATTHEY (1872). Descriptive Notes on a Nearly Entire 
Specimen of Pleurodtis . . . in the Coal Measures of Newsham. Trans. Nat. 
Hist. Soc. Northumberland, IX. 

Albany Hancock; T. Atthey. 


Pleurodus (Agassiz) Hancock & Atthey, IX, 408; orthotype Pleurodus rankinei 
Ag. (fossil). Name regarded as preoccupied by Pleurodon Wood, 1840; 
replaced by Pleuroplax Woodw. (1889). 

1077. HUTTON ( 1872) . Contributions to the Ichthyology of New Zealand. Trans. 

Proc. New Zealand Instit., 1872, V, 259-272. 
Frederick Wollaston Hutton (1836-1905). 
Calloptilum Hutton, 266; orthotype C. punctatum Hutton. Name preocupied, 
replaced by Auchenoceros Gthr. 

1078. HUTTON & HECTOR (1872). Fishes of New Zealand, etc. Wellington, 

1872, 1-133. 
Frederick Wollaston Hutton; James Hector. 
Phosichthys Hutton & Hector, 55 ; orthotype P. argenteus Hutton & Hector 
(later corrected to Photichthys). 

1079. KLUNZINGER (1872). Zur Fischfauna von Siid-Australien. Arch. Naturg., 

1872, 38 Jahrg., pt. 1, 17-47. 

Carl Benjamin Kiunzinger. 

Paradules Klunzinger, 20 ; logotype P. obscurus Klunzinger. Name preoccupied ; a 

synonym of Nannoperca Gthr. 
Girellichthys Klunzinger, 22; orthotype Crenidens zebra Rich. Same as Neote- 
phr^ops Castelnau, and a little earlier; both apparently synonyms of Melam- 
Dinolestes Klunzinger, 29; orthotype D. muelleri Klunzinger; replaces Lanio- 
PERCA and Neosphyr^na, both a little later in the same year. 

1080. PETERS (1872). Ueber eine neue Gattung von Fischen aus der Familie der 
Cataphracti Cuv., Scombrocottus salmoneus, von der Vancouvers-Insel. 
Monatsb. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1872, 568-570. 

Wilhelm Carl Hartwig Peters. 
Scombrocottus Peters, 568; orthotype S. salmoneus Peters = Gadus fimbria 
Pallas. A synonym of Anoplopoma Ayres. 

1081. THIOLLIfiRE (1872). Description des poissons fossiles des gisements 
coralliens du Jura dans le Bugey. (Second edition, the first in 1854.) 

Victor Joseph de lTsle Thiolliere. 
Attakeopsis Thiolliere, 23; orthotype A. desori Thiolliere (fossil). A synonym 
of lONOSCOPUS Costa; first printed as name only in 1858. 


1082. BARKAS (1873). Illustrated Guide to the Fish . . . (and other) Remains 

of the Northumberland Carboniferous Strata. 

Thomas Pallister Barkas (1819-1891). 

Orthognathus Barkas, 38; orthotype O. reticulosus Barkas (fossil). A synonym 

of Rhizodopsis Young. 
Labyrinthodontosaurus Barkas, 75; orthotype L. simmi Barkas = Holoptychius 
sauroides Binney. A synonym of Strepsodus Huxley. 

VAN BEN EDEN, 1873 367 

1083. VAN BENEDEN (1873). Sur un nouveau poisson du terrain Bruxellien. 

Bull. Acad. Roy. Belgique, XXXV. 

Pierre J. Van Beneden. 

Homalorhynchus Van Beneden, XXXV, 210 ; orthotype Pal.^orhynchum bruxel- 

LiENSE Le Hon (fossil). A synonym of Hemirhynchus Ag. 

1084. BLEEKER (1873). Memoire sur la faune ichthyologique de Chine. Neder. 

Tijdschr. Dierk., IV, 1873, 113-154. 


Silurodon Bleeker, IV, 125 ; orthotype S. hexanema Blkr. 

Leptopegasus Bleeker, IV, 125; orthotype Pegasus natans L. A synonym of 
Parapegasus Dum. (1870). 

Paragobiodon Bleeker, IV, 129; orthotype Gobius echinocephalus Riippell (not 
P. melanosoma Blkr., as stated by Jordan & Seale, Fishes of Samoa). Re- 
places Ruppellia Sw., 1839, preoccupied. 

Tylometopon (Van Beneden) Bleeker, IV, 133; orthotype T. dussumieri Blkr. 

Odontolabrax Bleeker, IV, 149; orthotype O. typus Blkr. 

1084A. BLEEKER (1873). Revision des especes indo-archipelagiques du groupe 
des Anthianini. Neder. Tijdschr. Dierk., IV, 1872, 155-169. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Pseudanthias Bleeker, 158; orthotype Anthias pleurot.enta Blkr. 
Dactylanthias Bleeker, 158; orthotype D. aplodactylus Blkr. 
Odontanthias Bleeker, 158; orthotype Anthias rhodopelus Gthr. 
Plectranthias Bleeker, 158; orthotype Plectropoma anthioides Gthr. 

1085. BLEEKER (1873). Mededeelingen omtrent eene herziening der Indisch- 
Archipelagischc soorten van Epinephelns, Lutjanus, Dentex en verwante 
geslachten. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam (2) VII, 1873, 40-46. 

Pieter Bleeker. 

Gnathodentex Bleeker, VII, 41; orthotype Pentapus aurilineatus Blkr. 

1086. BLEEKER (1873). Sur le genre Parapristipoma et sur I'identite speci- 
fique des Pcrca trUincata Thunb., Pristipoma japoniciim Cv. et Diagramma 
japonicum Blkr. Arch. Neerl. Sci. Nat.. VIII, 1873. 19-24. 

Pieter Bleeker. 

Parapristipoma Bleeker, VIII, 22; orthotype Perca trilineata Thunberg. 

1087. CASTELNAU (1873). Contributions to the Ichthyology of Australia. Proc. 

Zool. Soc. Victoria, II, 37-158. 

Francis Laporte Castelnau. 

Lacepedia Castelnau, II, 42; orthotype L. cataphr.\cta Castelnau. 

Ruppelia Castelnau, II, 51 ; orthotype R. prolongata Castelnau. A synonym of 

Paraplesiops Blkr. Name preoccupied by Ruppellia Sw., a genus of gobies, 

and by a still earlier genus of insects. 
Zantecla Castelnau, II, 87 ; orthotype Z. pusilla Castelnau. A synonym of Melano- 

t^nia Gill. 
Ellerya Castelnau, II, 95 ; orthotype E. unicolor Castelnau. A synonym of Gobiodon 

Kuhl & Van Hasselt. 
Neomyripristis Castelnau, II, 98; orthotype N. amcenus Castelnau. 


Neocirrhites Castelnau, II, 101 ; orthotype N. armatus Castelnau. A synonym of 


Neosudis Castelnau, II, 118; orthotype N. vorax Castelnau. 

Neotrygon Castelnau, II, 121 ; orthotype Raja trygonoides Castelnau. 

Edelia Castelnau, II, 123 ; logotype E. vittata Castelnau. A synonym of Nanno- 

PERCA Gthr. 
Bostockia Castelnau, II, 126; orthotype B. porosa Castelnau. 
Neochaetodon Castelnau, II, 130; orthotype N. vittatus Castelnau. A synonym 


Hectoria Castelnau, II, 151 ; orthotype Oligorus gigas Owen. A synonym of 

1088. CASTELNAU (1873). Edible Fishes of Victoria. Exhibition Essays. 

Francis Laporte Castelnau. 

Bleeckeria Castelnau, — ; orthotype B. catafracta Castelnau = Plesiops bleekeri 
Gthr. {fide Ogilby). Name preoccupied as Bleekeria Gthr. A synonym of 
Paraplesiops Blkr., 1875. 

1089. COPE (1873). On the Extinct Vertebrata of the Eocene of Wyoming, etc. 

Kept. Geol. Surv. for 1872. , 

Edward Drinker Cope. 

Clastes Cope, 633; orthotype C. anax Cope (fossil) = Lepidosteus atrox Leidy. 

An extinct homologue of Lepidosteus. 
Pappichthys Cope, 636; orthotype P. plicatus Cope (fossil). 
Astephus Cope, 637; orthotype Rhineastes calvus Cope. 

1090. COPE (1873). A Contribution to the Ichthyology of Alaska. Proc. Amer. 

Philos. Soc, 1873, XIII, 24-32. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Bathymaster Cope, XIII, 31 ; orthotype B. signatus Cope. 

1091. COPE (1873). On Some Nctv Batrachia and Fishes from the Coal Measures 

of Linton, Ohio. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 

Conchiopsis Cope, 341 ; orthotype C. filiferus Cope (fossil). A synonym of Ccela- 

Peplorhina Cope, 343; orthotype P. anthracina Cope (fossil). Regarded as an 
amphibian by Dr. Newberry. 

1092. COSTA (1873). IttioUti fossili Italiani. 
Oronzio Gabriele Costa. 
Omalopleurus Costa, 59; orthotype O. speciosus Costa (fossil). A synonym of 
Dapedium Leach. 

1093. FITZINGER (1873). Die Gattungen dcr europ'dischen Cyprincn nach ihren 

aiisscrcn Mcrkmalcn. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LXVIII 

Leopold Joseph Franz Johann Fitzinger. 

Zopa Fitzinger, LXVIII, 152; orthotype Cyprinus sopa Pallas. Apparently a 

synonym of Ballerus Heckel. 
Vimba Fitzinger, LXVIII, 152; tautotype Cyprinus vimba L. An ally of Abramis 

GOLDENBURG, 1873 369 

Rubellus Fitzinger, LXVIII, 152, 162; orthotype Cyprinus rutilus L. A synonym 

of Rutilus Raf. 
Orfus Fitzinger, LXVIII, 152, 163; orthotype Leuciscus virgo Heckel (Orfus Ger- 

manorum Marsilius, 1726, Pisces Danubienses) ^= Cyprinus pigus Lac. A 

synonym of Cenisophius Bon. 
Cephalopsis Fitzinger, LXVIII, 152, 165; logotype Leuciscus svallize Heckel & 

Kner. A synonym of Leuciscus Cuv. 
Habrolepis Fitzinger, LXVIII, 152, 167; orthotype Leuciscus ukliva Heckel. A 

synonym of Telestes Bon. 
Bathystoma Fitzinger, LXVIII, 152. 168; orthotype Leuciscus microlepis. Name 

preoccupied ; a synonym of Telestes Bon. 
Machaerochilus Fitzinger, LXVIII, 152, 170; orthotype Chondrostoma phoxinus 

Heckel. A synonym of Chondrostoma Ag. 

1094-1095. GOLDENBURG (1873). Famia Sarcepontana fossUis. 

F. GoLDENBURG (1873- ). 

Leiolepis Goldenburg, 5: orthotype (not named by Woodward). A synonym of 
Amblypterus Ag. 

1096. GUNTHER (1873). Nezv Fishes from Angola. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 

1873, ser. 4, XII, 142-144. 
Albert Gunther. 
Channalabes Giinther, 142; orthotype C. apus Gthr. 
Bryconaethiops Gunther, 143; orthotype B. microstoma Gthr. 

1097. GUNTHER (1873). Report on a Collection of Fishes from China. Ann. 

Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 4, XII, 239-250. 

Albert Gunther. 

Lophiogobius Giinther, 241 ; orthotype L. ocellicauda Gthr. Not identical with 

Myloleucus Giinther. 247 ; orthotype Leuciscus ^thiops Basilewsky. Name pre- 
occupied by Myloleucus Cope. 
Toxabramis Gunther, 249 ; ortliotype T. swinhonis Gthr. 
Psephurus Gunther, 250 ; orthotype Polyodon gladius Martens. 

1098. GUNTHER (1873). Andrew Garrett's Fischc dcr Sudsee. Band I. Journ. 

Mas. Godeffroy, 1873, 1-128. 
Albert Gunther. 
Gymnoscopelus Giinther, 91 ; orthotype G. aphya Gthr. 
Holotrachys Giinther, 93; orthotype Myripristis lima Cuv. & Val. 
Diplophos Giinther, 101 ; orthotype D. t^nia Gthr. 

1099. HAAST (1873). Notes on Some Undescribed Fishes of New Zealand. 

Trans. New Zealand Instit., 1873. V, 272-278. 
Johann Franz Julius von Haast (1822-1887). 
Synnema Haast, V, 274; orthotype Anema monopterygium Blkr. 
Bowenia Haast, V, 276; orthotype B. nov.e-zelandlc Haast. 

1100. KAUP (1873). Ueber die Familie Triglidcc, nebst einigen Worten iiber die 

Classification. Archiv. Naturgeschichte. 
Johann Jacob Kaup. 
Microtrigla Kaup, 86; logotype Trigla papilio Cuv. & Val. Differs from Lepido- 
trigla in the armed scales of the lateral line. 


Chelidonichthys Kaup, 87; logotype Trigla hirundo L. 

Lyrichthys Kaup, 88; logotype Trigla lyra L. A valid subgenus, if Trigla 

GURNARDUS L. is taken as type of Trigla, setting aside the later choice of 

type (Trigla lyra L.) by Jordan & Gilbert, 1883. 
Palaenichthys Kaup, 90; logotype Trigla aspera Cuv. & Val. A synonym of 

Lepidotrigla Gthr. 

These subgenera of Kaup have been overlooked by authors. They may 

be thus briefly defined, after Kaup : 

a. Scales moderate, evenly placed ; preorbital not produced. 

b. Lateral line armed with strong spines ; dorsal short. Microtrigla. 

bb. Lateral line unarmed ; head well armed. (Lepidotrigla) PALiENicHXHYS. 

aa. Scales very small, crowded. 

c. Lateral line unarmed ; preorbital produced. Chelidonichthys. 
cc. Lateral line with strong spines. 

d. Preorbital expanded in a broad, emarginate "lyre-like projection." 

dd. Preorbital not expanded. Trigla. 

1101. LANKESTER (1873). On Holaspis scriceus and on the Relationships of 
the Fish-Genera Pteraspis, Cyathaspis, and Scaphaspis. Geol. Mag., X. 

Edwin Ray Lankester. 

Holaspis Lankester, X, 242; orthotype H. sericeus Lank, (fossil). Name pre- 
occupied ; a synonym of Pal.^aspis Claypole. 

1102. LEIDY (1873). Contributions to the Extinct Vertebrate Fauna of the 

Western Territories. I. Rept. U. S. Geol. Surv. for 1867 (1873). 

Joseph Leidy, 
Protautoga Leidy, 15; orthotype P. conidens Leidy. 

Eumylodus Leidy, 309; orthotype laoueatus Leidy (fossil). A synonym of 
Edaphodon Buckland. 

1103. LEIDY (1873). Notice of Remains of Fishes in the Bridger Tertiary Forma- 

tions of Wyoming. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 
Joseph Leidy. 
Hypamia Leidy, 98; orthotype H. elegans Leidy (fossil). 
Protamia Leidy, 98; orthotype Amia gracilis Leidy (fossil). 

Phareodus Leidy, 99; P. acutus Leidy (fossil). Genus undefined, but not the 
species ; replaces Dapedoglossus Cope. 

1104. LtlTKEN (1873). Nogle nye eller mindre fiildsiandigt kjcndte Pandser- 
nialler, isaer fra det nordlige Sydamerica. Vid. Meddel., Kjobenhavn, 1873, 

Christian Frederik Lutken. 
Xenomystus Lutken, 217; orthotype X. gobio Liitken. Name preoccupied; replaced 
by Hemipsilichthys Eigenmann. 

1105. MARCK (1873). (Fossile Fische.) Palaeontographia, XXII, 1873. 

W. voN der Marck. 
Thrissopteroides von der Marck, XXII, 61 ; orthotype T. elongatus von der Marck 

NEWBERRY, 1873 371 

1106. NEWBERRY (1873). Descriptions of Fossil Fishes. Rept. Geol. Surv. 

Ohio. I. (Devonian System, 290-324.) 
John Strong Newberry. 

Cyrtacanthus Newberry, I, 306; orthotype C. pentatus Newberry (fossil). Prob- 
ably a synonym of Erismacanthus. 

Liognathus Newberry, I, 306; orthotype L. spatulatus Newberry. Name pre- 
occupied by Leiognathus Lac. ; replaced by Lispognathus Miller, 1892. 

Rhynchodus Newberry, I, 307; orthotype R. secans Newberry (fossil). 

Dinichthys Newberry, I, 313; logotype D. hertzeri Newberry (fossil). 

Aspidichthys Newberry, I, 322 ; orthotype Aspidophorus clavatus Newberry 
(fossil). Replaces Aspidophorus Newberry, preoccupied. 

1107. POEY (1873). Gramniicolepis brachiusculus, tipo de una nueva familia 
en la close de las peces. Anal. Soc. Espanola Hist. Nat., Madrid, 1873, II, 

Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Grammicolepis Poey, II, 403; orthotype G. brachiusculus Poey. 

1108. SAUV AGE (1873). Note sur Ic Scbastes minutus. Ann. Sci. Nat. (Zool.), V. 

Henri Iamile Sauvage. 
Sebastopsis Sauvage, V, 1 ; orthotype Sebastes minutus Guv. Identical with the 
earlier Sebastopsis Gill, both being synonyms of Scorp^nodes Blkr. 

1109. SAUVAGE (1873). Memoire sur la faiine ichthyologique de la periode 
tertiaire et plus specialement sur Ics poissons fossiles d'Oran (Algerie) et 
sur ceux decouvcrts par M. R. Alby a Licata en Sicile. Ann. Sci. Geol., 
1873, IV, No. 1. 

Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Trichiurichthys Sauvage, IV, 130; orthotype T. incertus Sauvage (fossil). 
Hemithyrsites Sauvage, IV, 136; orthotype Acanthonotus armatus Sauvage 

(fossil) ; replaces Acanthonotos Sauvage, preoccupied by Acanthonotus 

Pseudeleginus Sauvage, IV, 164; orthotype P. albyi Sauvage (fossil). 
Parascopelus Sauvage, IV, 196; orthotype Scopelus lacertosus Sauvage (fossil). 
Anapterus Sauvage, IV, 199; orthotype Tydeus megistosoma Sauvage (fossil). 

Name a substitute for Tydeus Sauvage, preoccupied. 

1110. TRAQUAIR (1873). On a Neiv Genus (Ganorhynchus) of Fossil Fish of 

the Order Dipnoi. Geol. Mag., 1873, X, 552-555. 
Ramsay Heatley Traquair (1840-1912). 
Ganorhynchus Traquair, 555; orthotype G. woodwardi Traquair (fossil). 

1111. VAILLANT (1873). Recherches sur Ics poissons des eaux douces de 
I'Amerique septentrionale designes par M. L. Agassis sous le nom d'Etheosio- 
matidce. Nouv. Archiv. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris. 1873, IX. 5-154. 

Leon Louis Vaillant. 

Plesioperca Vaillant, IX, 36; orthotype P. anceps Vaillant = Hadropterus nigro- 
fasciatus Ag. A synonym of Hadropterus Ag. 

Astatichthys Vaillant, IX, 106; orthotype Etheostoma c^rulea Storer. A syno- 
nym of Oligocephalus Grd. 



1112. BARKAS (1874). On the Microscopical Structure of Fossil Teeth front the 

Northumberland Coal Measures. Monthly Review Dental Surgery. 
William James Barkas. 
Petalodopsis Barkas, II, 538; orthotype P. mirabilis Barkas = Sagenodus 
in.equalis Owen (fossil). Probably a synonym of Sagenodus. 

1113. BLEEKER (1874). Typi nonnulU gcnerici piscium neglecti. Versl. Akad. 

Amsterdam (2), VIII, 367-371. 


Campylotnormyrus Bleeker, VIII, 367; orthotype Mormyrus tamandua Gthr. 
Oxymormyrus Bleeker, VIII, 367; orthotype Mormyrus zanclirostris Gthr. 
Solenomormyrus Bleeker, VIII, 368; orthotype Centriscus niloticus B1. & Schn. 
Pararhychobdella Bleeker, VIII, 368; orthotype Rhynchobdella maculata Rein- 

Polyacanthonotus Bleeker, VIII, 368 ; orthotype Notacanthus rissoanus Filippi & 

Gunnellops Bleeker, VIII, 368; orthotype Gunnellus roseus Guv. & Val. 
Lycodalepis Bleeker, VIII, 369; orthotype Lycodes mucosus Rich. 
Paralycodes Bleeker, VIII, 369; orthotype Lycodes variegatus Gthr. 
Acanthocepola Bleeker,, VIII, 369; orthotype Cepola krusensterni Schlegel. 
Macuroplus Bleeker, VIII, 369; orthotype Macrurus serratus Lowe. 
Paramacrurus Bleeker, VIII, 370; orthotype Lepidoleprus australis Rich. 
Oxymacrurus Bleeker, VIII, 370; orthotype Macrurus japonicus T. & S. 
Parabembras Bleeker, VIII, 370; orthotype Bembras curtus T. & S. 
Octogrammus Bleeker, VIII, 370; orthotype "Labrax octogrammus Schlegel" = 

Octogrammus pallasi Blkr. A synonym of Hexagrammos Steller. 
Parachaetodon Bleeker, VIII, 371 ; orthotype Ch.etodon oligacanthus Blkr. 

1114. BLEEKER (1874). Notice sur les genres Amhlyeleotris, Valenciennesia et 

Brachyeleotris. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam (2), VIII, 1874, 272-Z76. 

PiETER Bleeker. 
Amblyeleotris Bleeker, VIII, 372; orthotype Eleotris periophthalmus Blkr. 
Eleotrioides Bleeker, VIII, 372; orthotype E. cyanostigma Blkr. Not Eleotriodes 
Blkr., 1857; a synonym of Brachyeleotris Blkr. 

1115. BLEEKER (1874). Esquisse d'lm systeme naturel des Gobioides. Arch. 

Neerl. Sci. Nat., IX, 1874, 289-331. 
Pieter Bleeker. 

Guavina Bleeker, IX, 302; orthotype Eleotris guavina Guv. & Val. 

Oxyeleotris Bleeker, IX, 302; orthotype Eleotris marmorata Blkr. 

Culius Bleeker, IX, 303 ; orthotype Gulius fuscus Blkr — Eleotris nigra Q. & G. 
A synonym of Eleotris Gronow. 

Belobranchus Bleeker, IX, 304; orthotype B. quoyi Blkr. 

Gymneleotris Bleeker, IX, 304; orthotype Eleotris seminudus Gthr. 

Butis Bleeker, IX, 304; orthotype Cheilodipterus butis Ham. 

Gymnobutis Bleeker, IX, 304; orthotype Eleotris gymnocephalus Steind. 

Prionobutis Bleeker, IX, 305 ; orthotype Eleotris dasyrhynchus Gthr. A syno- 
nym of Butis Blkr. 

Odontobutis Bleeker, IX, 305 ; orthotype Eleotris obscura T. & S. 

BLEEKER, 1874 373 

Priolepis (Ehrenberg) Bleeker, IX, 305; orthotype Asterropteryx semipunctatus 
Riippell. A synonym of Asterropteryx Riippell, noted in passing. 

Brachyeleotris Bleeker, IX, 306; orthotype Eleotris cyanostigma Blkr. 

Hetereleotris Bleeker, IX, o06; orthotype GobiUS diadematus Riippell. 

Valenciennesia Bleeker, IX, 307; orthotype Eleotris strigata Blkr. 

The names Valenciennea, Valenciennesia, and Eleotriodes have been 
confused by Bleeker. Valenciennea appeared (1868) without diagnosis, 
with mention only of Eleotris hasselti Blkr. As this was a previously 
known species, the name may be regarded as established and the species in 
question as its type. Later in 1868 Valenciennesia appears also without 
explanation, in connection with Eleotris strigata Blkr. Meanwhile, the 
name Eleotriodes had been given in 1857, in the same way, without diag- 
nosis, to Eleotris sexguttata Cuv. & Val. In 1874 Bleeker makes Eleo- 
triodes a synonym of Valenciennesia, with E. strigata as type, and still 
later in 1874, in his Esquisse General, Eleotriodes appears as a separate 
genus, its • type being specified as Eleotris heldsdingeni Blkr. Clearly 
Bleeker regarded these earlier names as names only, but as each of them 
refers to a species already known, they must have place in the system. 
That Valenciennea, 1868 (hasselti), is distinct from ^Eleotriodes, 1857 
(sexguttata), is quite probable. 

Eleotriodes Bleeker IX, 307; orthotype E. helsdingeni Blkr. (not Eleotriodes 
Blkr., 1857). 

Orthostomus (Kner) Bleeker, IX, 308; orthotype GoBius amblyopinus Kner. 

Oxymetopon Bleeker, IX, 308; orthotype O. typus Blkr. 

Pseudogobiodon Bleeker, IX, 309; orthotype Gobius citrinus Riippell. 

Paragobiodon Bleeker, IX, 309; orthotype Gobius melanosoma Blkr. Replaces* 
RuppELLiA Sw., preoccupied. 

Alepidogobius Bleeker, IX, 310; orthotype Gobiosoma fasciatum Playfair. 

Gobiopterus Bleeker, IX, 311; orthotype .\pocryptes brachypterus Blkr. 

Leptogobius Bleeker, IX, 311; orthotype Gobius oxypterus Blkr. 

Triaenopogon Bleeker, IX, 312; orthotype Tri^nophorichthys barbatus Gthr. 

Sicydiops Bleeker, IX, 314; orthotype Sicydium xanthurus Blkr. 

Microsicydium Bleeker, IX, 314; orthotype Sicydium gymnauchen Blkr. 

Brachygobius Bleeker, IX, 315; orthotype Gobius dori/E Gthr. 

Callogobius Bleeker, IX, 315; orthotype Eleotris hasselti Blkr. A synonym of 

Platygobius Bleeker, IX, 316; orthotype Gobius macrorhynchus Blkr. 

Mesogobius Bleeker, IX, 317; orthotype Gobius batrachocephalus Pallas. 

Stenogobius Bleeker. IX, 317; orthotype Gobius gymnopomus Blkr. 

Oligolepis Bleeker, IX, 318; orthotype Gobius melanostigma Blkr. 

Gnatholepis Bleeker, IX, 318; orthotype Gobius anjerensis Blkr. 

Hypogymnogobius Bleeker, IX, 318; orthotype Gobius xanthozona Blkr. 

Hemigobius Bleeker, IX, 319; orthotype Gobius melanurus Blkr. 

Actinogobius Bleeker, IX, 319; orthotype Gobius ommaturus Blkr. 

Cephalogobius Bleeker, IX, 320; orthotype Gobius sublitus Cantor. 

Centrogobius Bleeker, IX, 321 ; orthotype Gobius notacanthus Blkr. Same as 
Oplopomus Steind., not Oplopoma Grd. 

Acentrogobius Bleeker, IX, 321 ; orthotype Gobius chlorostigma Blkr. 

Porogobius Bleeker. IX, 321 ; orthotype Gobius schlegeli Gthr. 


Amblygobius Bleeker, IX, 322; orthotype Gobius sphinx Blkr. 

Cryptocentrus (Ehrenberg), Bleeker, IX, 322; orthotype Gobius cryptocentrus 

Cuv. & Val. Same as Paragobius Blkr. 
Zonogobius Bleeker, IX, 323; orthotype Gobius semifasciatus Kner. 
Odontogobius Bleeker, IX, 323 ; orthotype Gobius bynoensis Blkr. 
Stigmatogobius Bleeker, IX, 323 ; orthotype Gobius pleurostigma Blkr. 
Amblychaeturichthys Bleeker, IX, 324; orthotype Ch^turichthys hexanema Blkr. 
Parachaeturichthys Bleeker, IX, 325 ; orthotype Ch^turichthys polynema Blkr. 
Periophthalmodon Bleeker, IX, 326; orthotype Gobius schlosseri Pallas = Gobius 

barbarus L. a synonym of Periophthalmus B1. & Schn., as restricted by 

Gill, 1863. 
Apocryptodon Bleeker, IX, 327 ; orthotype Apocryptes madurensis Blkr. 
Parapocryptes Bleeker, IX, 327; orthotype Apocryptes microlepis Blkr. 
Gobileptes (Swainson) Bleeker, IX, 327; type Apocryptes bato Cuv. & Val. The 

first assignment of type, but evidently not the species Swainson had in mind 

as Gobileptes. 
Pseudapocryptes Bleeker, IX, 328; orthotype Apocryptes lanceolatus Cantor. 
Brachyamblyopus Bleeker, IX, 329 ; orthotype Amblyopus brachysoma Blkr. 
Odontamblyopus Bleeker, IX, 330; orthotype Gobioides rubicundus Ham. 
Trypauchenichthys Bleeker. IX, 331 ; orthotype T. typus Blkr. ; replaces Cteno- 

trypauchen Steind. | 

1116. BLEEKER (1874). Revision des espcces d'Ambassis et de Parambassis de 
I'Inde archipelagique. Nat. Verb. HoU. Maatsch. Wetensch., 3. verz., II, 1874, 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Parambassis Bleeker, 102 (19, reprint) ; orthotype Ambassis apogonides Blkr. 

1117. BLEEKER (1874). Revision des especes insiil-indiennes de la famille des 
Synanceoides. Nat. Verb. Holl. Maatsch. Wetensch., 3. verz., II, 1874, 1-22. 

Pieter Bleeker. 

Synanchia (Swainson) Bleeker, 11; orthotype Synanceia erosa Cuv. & Val. 
A synonym of Erosa Sw. Synanchia Sw. is plainly only a "wilful misprint" 
for Synanceia. In any case, Erosa occurs on an earlier page in the same 
work and was intended for the same species. 

Leptosynanceia Bleeker, 17; orthotype Synancia astroblepa Rich. In this paper 
Bleeker cancels his earlier genus Synanceichthys (verrucosa), regarding 
it as intergrading with Synanceja (horrida). But the two seem fairly 
separable. The earliest subdivision of Synanceja, that of Miiller in 1843, 
leaves verrucosa as the type of Synanceja, S. horrida being set off as 
Synancidium. This arrangement apparently must stand. Synanceichthys, 
with Spurco (Commerson) and Emmydrichthys Jordan and Snyder, become 
synonyms of Synanceja. 

1118. COPE (1874). On Some Batrachians and Nematognathi Brought from the 
Upper Amazon by Prof. Orton. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1874, 120-137. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Dysichthys Cope, 133 ; orthotype D. coracoideus Cope. 

1119. COPE (1874). On the Plagopterince and the Ichthyology of Utah. Proc. 

Amer. Philos. Soc, XIV, 122-139. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 

COPE, 1874 375 

Plagoptenis Cope, 130; orthotype P. argentissimus Cope. 
Lepidomeda Cope, 131 ; orthotype L. vittata Cope. 

1120. COPE (1874). Description of Some Species of Reptiles Obtained by Dr. 
John F. Bransford, Assistant Surgeon United States Navy, . . . Nicaragua, 
etc. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1874, 64-72. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Protistius Cope, 66; orthotype P. semotilus Cope. 

1121. COPE (1874). Review of the Vertebrata of the Cretaceous Period Found 

West of the Mississippi River. Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv. Terr., I. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Pelecorapis Cope, 39; orthotype P. varius Cope (fossil). 
Tetheodus Cope, 43; orthotype T. pephredo Cope (fossil). 
Sporetodus Cope, 47 ; ortliotype S. janevaii Cope. A synonym of Ptychodus Ag. 

1122. DYBOWSKI (1874). Fische dcs Baikal-Wassersystemes. Verh. K.-K. 

Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien, XXIV. 
Benedikt Ivan Dybowski 
Leucichthys Dybowski, 390; logotype Salmo omul Pallas, nearly or quite identical 
with Argyrosomus Ag., which is preoccupied and replaced by Thrissomimus 

1123. GILL (1874). On the Identity of Esox lewini With the Dinolestes miilleri 

of Klunsinger. Am. Mag. Nat. Hist.. XIV. 
Theodore Gill. 
Gobiopus Gill, XIV, 159; orthotype not stated, a goby with the "first dorsal fin 
atrophied," as in Luciogobius and Leucopsarion. Apparently a synonym of 
LuciOGOBius Gill. 

1124. GONTHER (1874). Descriptions of New Species of Fishes in the British 

Museum. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1874, XIV, 368-371 ; 453-475. 

Albert Gunther. 
Rhamphocottus Giinther, 369 ; orthotype R. richardsoni Gthr. 
Gastromyzon Gunther, 454, 453-475 ; orthotype G. borneensis Gth. 

1125. HAAST (1874). On Cheimarrichthys forsteri, a New Genus Belonging to 
the New Zealand Fresh-zuater Fishes. Trans. New Zealand Instit., 1874, VI, 

JoHANN Franz Julius von Haast. 
Cheimarrichthys Haast, 103 ; orthotype C. forsteri Haast. 

1126. .JONES (1874). A New Fish (Lefroyia bermudensis). Zoologist. 1874, 

II, 3837-3838. 
John Matthew Jones. 

Lefroyia Jones, 3837; orthotype L. bermudensis Jones. A synonym of Carapus 
Raf. (Fierasfer Cuv.). 

1127. KESSLER (1874). Pisces. (In Fedtschensko's Expedition to Turkestan. 
Zoogeographical Researches.) Bull. Soc. Sci. Moscou, 1874, XI, 1-63. 

Karl Theodorovich Kessler (1815-1881). 


Pseudodon Kessler, XI, 40 ; orthotj'pe P. longicauda Kessler ; name preoccupied. 

A synonym of Paracobitis Blkr., 1863. 
Diplophysa Kessler, 57 ; logotype D. strauchi Kessler. 

1128.. LiJTKEX (1874). Siluridcc novcc Brasilicc centralis a clarissimo J. Rein- 
hardt in provincia Minas-Gcrai^s circa oppidiilum Lagoa Santa, pracique in 
flumine rio das Velhas, etc. Overs Dansk. Vid. Selsk., Kjobenhavn, 1874, 

Christian Frederik Lutken. 

Leporellus Lutken, 129; orthotype Leporinus pictus Kner. 

1129. LUTKEN (1874). Characincc novcc Brasilice centralis a clarissimo J. Rein- 
hardt in provincia Minas-Gcraes circa oppidiilum Lagoa Santa in lacu ciusdcm 
nominis, flumine rio das Velhas, etc. Oversigt Dansk. Vid. Forh. Kjoben- 
havn, 1874 (1875), 127-143.- 

Christian Frederik Lutken. 
Glanidium Lutken 31 ; orthotype G. albescens Lutken. 
Bagrcpsis Liitken, 32; orthotype B. reinhardti Liitken. 

1130. POEY (1874). Monographic dcs poissons de Cuba compris dans la sous 

famille de Sparini. Ann. Lye. Nat. Hist. N. Y., X. 
Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Grammateus Poey, 182; orthotype Pagellus microps Guich. = Pagellus penna 
Cuv. & Val. A section under Calamus Sw. 

1131. PROBST (1874). Beitrag ziir Kenntniss der fossilen Fische aus der 
Molasse von Baltringen. Jahresb. Ver. Vaterl. Naturk. Wiirttemberg, XXX. 

Josef Probst (1823- ). 
Sparoides Probst, XXX, 291; logotype S. umbonatus Probst (fossil). 

1132. SAUVAGE (1874). Notice sur les poissons tertiaires de I'Auvergne. Bull. 

Soc. Hist. Nat. Toulouse, 1873-74, VIII, 171-198. 
Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Prolebias Sauvage, 187; logotype P. gregatus (Ayinard) Sauvage (fossil). 
Pachystetus (Aymard) Sauvage, 190; orthotype Lebias aymardi Sauvage = 
Pachystetus gregatus Aymard MS. (noted in synonymy). A synonym of 
Prolebias Sauvage. 

1133. SAUVAGE (1874). Notices I chthyologiqucs. Rev. Mag. Zool., 1874, II, 332-340. 

Henri Smile Sauvage. 

Oreias Sauvage, 334; orthotype O. dabryi Sauvage. Apparently a synonym of 
Barijatula Linck ; same as Orthrias Jordan & Fowler of later date. 

Sinibarbus Sauvage, 335 ; orthotype S. vittatus Sauvage. 

Doliichthys Sauvage, 336; orthotype D. stellatus Sauvage. 

Lepidoblennius Sauvage, 337 ; orthotype L. caledonicus Sauvage. Name preoccu- 
pied ( Steindachncr, 1867), replaced by Sauvagea Jordan and Scale (1906). 

Heteroleuciscus Sauvage, 339; orthotype H. jullieni Sauvage. 

1134. SAUVAGE (1874). Revision dcs especes du groupe des £pinoches. Nouv. 

Arch. Mus., X, 5-32. 
Henri £mile Sauvage. 

SAUVAGE, 1874 m 

Gasterostea Sauvage, 7; orthotype Gasterosteus pungitius L. A synonym of 

Pygosteus Brevoort (1861). 
Gastraea Sauvage, 7; orthotype Gasterosteus spinachia L. A synonym of Spi- 

NACHiA Cuv. 

1135. SAUVAGE (1874). Etude stir les poissons du Lias siipericur de la Losere 

et de la Bourgogne. Rev. Sci. Nat., II. 

Henri Emile Sauvage. 

Cephenoplosus Sauvage, II, 428; orthotype C. typus Sauvage (fossil). A synonym 
of Pachycormus Ag. 

1136. STEINDACHNER (1874). Ichthyologische Beitrdge. I. Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien, 1874, LXX, 1. Abth., 355-390. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Pikea Steindachner, 375; orthotype Grystes lunulatus Guich. 
Hemianthias Steindachner, 380; orthotype Anthias peruanus Steind. 

1137. TRAUTSCHOLD (1874). Die Kalkhruche von Mjatschkoeva, etc. Nouv. 

Mem. Soc. Imp. Natur., XIII, Moscou. 
Hermann von Trautschold (1817-1902). 
Solenodus Trautschold, 293 ; orthotype S. crenulatus Trautschold. 
Octinaspis Trautschold, pi. 28; orthotype Petrodus simplicissimus Trautschold 

1138. WINKLER (1874). Memoire sur les dents de poissons du terrain bruxellien. 

Arch. ]\Ius. Teyler, Haarlem. 
Tiberius Cornelius Winkler. 
Plicodus Winkler, III, 301 ; orthotype Ginglymostoma thielense Noetling (fossil). 
A fossil homologue of Ginglymostoma. 


1139. BLEEKER (1875). Notice sur les Elcotriformes et description de trots 

espcccs noiivclles. Arch. Neerl. Sci. Nat., X, 1875, 101-112. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Pogoneleotris Bleeker, 107; orthotype Eleotris heterolepis Gthr. 

1140. BLEEKER (1875). Description du genre Parascorpis et du son espece- 

type. Arch. Neerl. Sci. Nat., 1875, X, 380-382. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Parascorpis Bleeker, 380; orthotype P. typus Blkr. 

1141. BLEEKER (1875). Revision des Sicydiini et Latrunculi de I'Insulindes. 

Versl. Acad. Amsterdam, IX. 

Pieter Bleeker. 

Leptogobius Bleeker, 22; orthotype Gobius oxypterus Blkr. (See also No. 1115.) 

1142. BLEEKER (1875). Recherches stir la faiine de Madagascar et de ses 
depcndances d'aprcs les decouvertes de Fratiqois P. L. Pollen et D.C. van Dam. 
4e Partie. Poissons de Madagascar et de I'lle de la Reunion. Leiden. 

Pieter Bleeker. 


Paracaesio Bleeker, 92; ortliotype C^sio xanthurus Blkr. 

Paracirrhites Bleeker, 93 ; orthotype Cirrhites forsteri Bloch. A synonym of 

1143. BLEEKER (1875). Sur la famille dcs Pseiidochromidoides et revision 
de ses especes insulindiennes. Verb. Akad. Amsterdam, XV, 1875, 1-32. 

PiETER Bleeker. 
Paraplesiops Bleeker, 3 ; orthotype Plesiops bleekeri Gthr. Replaces Bleeckeria 

Castelnau, 1873, preoccupied. 
Pseudogramma Bleeker, 24; orthotype P. polyacanthus Blkr. 

1144. CASTELNAU (1875). .Researches on the Fishes of Australia. Phila- 

delphia Centennial Expedition of 1876. Ofificial Record, etc., 1875. 
Francis Laporte de Castelnau. 
A carelessly prepared paper, as usual with Castelnau. I am under obliga- 
tion to Mr. Allan R. McCulloch of the Australian Museum for the identi- 
fication of these and other nominal genera proposed for Australian fishes, 
by Castelnau, De Vis and others. 

Neoniphon Castelnau, 4 ; orthotype N. armatus Castelnau. 

Breviperca Castelnau, 6; orthotype B. lineata Castelnau. 

N'eomesoprion Castelnau, 8 ; orthotype N. unicolor Castelnau. Apparently a syno- 
nym of LuTiANUs Bloch. 

Aida Castelnau, 10; orthotype A. inornata Castelnau. A synonym of Melano- 
T^NIA Gill. 

Neolethrinus Castelnau, 11; orthotype N. similis Castelnau. 

Neoblennius Castelnau, 11; orthotype N. fasciatus Castelnau. 

Neosillago Castelnau, 16; orthotype N. marmorata Castelnau. 

Pseudobatrachus Castelnau, 24; orthotype Batrachus striatus Castelnau, perhaps 
identical with Batrachomceus Ogilby of later date. 

Stenophus Castelnau, 27 ; orthotype S. marmoratus Castelnau. 

Neogunellus Castelnau, 27; orthotype N. sulcatus Castelnau. A synonym of 
Ophiclinus Castelnau. 

Dampieria Castelnau, 30 ; orthotype D. lineata Castelnau ; replaces Cichlops M. & T., 
preoccupied; same as Labracinus (Schlegel) Blkr., of slightly later date. 

Neoatherina Castelnau, 31 ; orthotype N. australis Castelnau. A synonym of 
Melanot^nia Gill. 

Torresia Castelnau, 36; orthotj'pe T. australis Castelnau. A synonym of Chcero- 
DON Blkr. 

Neoodax Castelnau, 2)7 \ orthotype N. waterhousei Castelnau. A synonym of 
Odax Cuv. 

Othos Castelnau, 43 ; orthotype O. cephalotes Castelnau. 

Neorhombus Castelnau, 43 ; orthotype N. unicolor Castelnau. 

Neoplotosus Castelnau, 45 ; orthotype N. waterhousei Castelnau. 

Neoscopelus Castelnau, 46; orthotype Scopelus cephalotes Castelnau; name pre- 

Blanchardia Castelnau, 47; orthotype B. maculata Castelnau. A synonym of 
Notograptus Gthr. 

1145. COLLETT (1875). Merges Hske, med bemcerkninger am deres Udbredelse. 

Robert Collett (1842-1913). 

COPE, 1875 379 

Cottunculus Collett, 20 ; orthotype C. microps Collett. 

Latrunculodes Collett, 60; orthotype Gobius nilssoni Diiben & Koren. 

1146. COPE (1875). The Vertebrata of the Cretaceous Formations of the West. 

Kept. U. S. Geol. Surv. Terr., 1875, II, 1-303. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Syllaemus Cope, 180; orthotype S. latifrons Cope (fossil). 
Isotaenia Cope, 222; orthotype I. neocesariExNSIS Cope (fossil). 
Pelecopterus Cope, II, 244; orthotype Ichthyodectes perniciosus Cope (fossil). 

A synonym of Protosphyr^na Leidy. 
Bryactinus Cope, 282; orthotype B. amorphus Cope (fossil). A synonym of 

Edaphodon Leidy. 
Diphrissa Cope, 283; orthotype Ischyodus Cope (fossil). A synonym 

of Edaphadon. 

1147. COPE (1875). On a New Genus (Osphyolax pellucidus) of Lophohranchiate 

Fishes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1875, 450. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Osphyolax Cope, 450; orthotype O. pellucidus Cope. Apparently a synonym of 
Nerophis Raf. 

1148. DAY (1875). The Fishes of India. 
Francis Day. 
Pseudosynanceia Day, 163 ; orthotype P. melanostigma Day. 

1149. FRITSCH (1875). Ucber die fauna der Gaskohle des Pilsner und Rakonitser 

Beckcns. Sitzb. Konigl. Bohm. Ges. Wiss. Prag. 
Anton Jan Fritsch (1832-1914). 
Osmerolepis Fritsch, IX, 70; orthotype O. reticulata Fritsch (fossil). 

1150. NEWBERRY (1875). Descriptions of Fossil Fishes. Rept. Geol. Surv. 

Ohio, 1875, II, pt. 2 (Palaeontology), 1-64. 
John Strong Newberry. 
Asterosteus Newberry, 35; orthotype A. stenocephalus Newberry (fossil). 
Acanthaspis Newberry, 36; orthotype A. armatus Newberry. 
Acantholepis Newberry, 38; orthotype A. pustulosus Newberry. Name preoccu- 
pied, replaced by Eczematolepis Miller, 1892. 
Platyodus Newberry, 58; orthotype P. lineatus Newberry. 

Heliodus Newberry, 62; logotype H. lesleyi Newberry (fossil). A synonym of 
Pal^daphus Van Beneden. 

1151. PETERS (1875). Ueber eine neue mit Halieutcea verwandte Fischgattung, 
Dibranchtis, aus dem atlantischen Ocean, etc. Monatsb. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 
1875 (1876), 736-742. 

Wilhelm Carl Hartwig Peters. 
Dibranchus Peters, 736; orthotype D. atlanticus Peters. 

1152. POEY (1875). Enumeratio piscium cubensium. Anal. Soc. Espanola Hist. Nat. 

Madrid, 1875, IV. 75-161; V, 131-218 (1876). 

Felipe Poey y Aloy. 

Moharra Poey, 124; orthotype Gerres rhombeus Cuv. A section under Diapterus 

Microgobius Poey, V, 168; orthotype M. signatus Poey. 


1153. SAUVAGE (1875). Note sur les poissons fossiles. Bull. Soc. Geol. France, 

1875, ser. 3, III, 631-642. 
Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Lepidocottus Sauvage, 637; orthotype Cottus aries Ag. (fossil). 
Paraperca Sauvage, 639; orthotype P. provincialis Sauvage (fossil). 
Trachinopsis Sauvage, 641; orthotype T. iberica Sauvage (fossil). 

1154. ST. JOHN & WORTHEN (1875). Description of Fossil Fishes. Geol. 

Surv. 111., 1875, VI, 245-488. 

Orestes H. St. John; A. H. Worthen. 

Phoebodus St. John & Worthen, 251 ; orthotype P. soPHiyE St. John & Worthen 

Bathycheilodus St. John & Worthen, 252; orthotype B. macisaacsi St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). A synonym of Phcebodus St. John & Worthen. 
Lambdodus St. John & Worthen, 280; orthotype L. costatus St. John & Worthen 

Hybocladodus St. John & Worthen, 284; orthotype H. plicatilis St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). 
Thrinacodus St. John & Worthen, 289, orthotype T. nanus St. John & Worthen 

Mesodmodus St. John & Worthen, 290 logotype M. exsculptus St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). 
Agassizodus St. John & Worthen, 311; orthotype Lophodus variabilis St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). Substitute for Lophodus Newberry & Worthen, pre- 
occupied. Both are synonyms of Campodus Koninck, 1844. 
Periplectrodus St. John & Worthen, 325 ; logotype P. warreni St. John & Worthen 

Stemmatodus St. John & Worthen, 330; logotype S. cheiriformis St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). Name preoccupied, replaced by Stemmatias Hay, 1899. 
Leiodus St. John & Worthen, 335 ; logotype L. calcaratus St. John & Worthen 

(fossil). Not Leiodon Sw. 
Desmiodus St. John & Worthen, 341 ; orthotype D. tumidus St. John & Worthen 

Venustodus St. John & Worthen, 344; orthotype Chomatodus venustus Leidy = 

V. LEiDYi St. Jolin & Worthen (fossil). 
Harpacodus St. John & Worthen, 354; orthotype H. occidentalis St. John & 

Lisgodus St. John & Worthen, 363; logotype L. curtus St. John & Worthen 

(fossil). Perhaps a synonym of Petalodus. 
Tanaodus St. John & Worthen, 367; logotype T. bellicinctus St. John & Worthen 

Calopodus St. John & Worthen. 403 ; orthotype ; C. apicalis St. John & Worthen 

Fissodus St. John & Worthen, 413; orthotype F. bifidus St. John & Worthen 

Cholodus St. John & Worthen, 415; orthotype C. in.«qualis St. John & Worthen 

(fossil). Perhaps a synonym^ of Fissodus St. John & Worthen. 
Acondylacanthus St. John & Worthen, 432; logotype A. gracilis St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). 

SAUVAGE, 1875 381 

Geisacanthus St. John & Worthen, 440; orthotype G. stellatus St. John & 
Worthen (fossil). A synonym of Cosmacanthus Ag. 

Bythiacanthus St. John & Worthen, 444; orthotype B. vanhornei St. John & 
Worthen (fossil). 

Glymmatacanthus St. John & Worthen, 446; orthotype G. irishi St. John & 
Worthen (fossil). 

Amacanthus St. John & Worthen, 464; orthotype Homacanthus gibbosus New- 
berry & Worthen (fossil). 

Marracanthus St. John & Worthen, 465; orthotype Homacanthus rectus New- 
berry & Worthen (fossil). 

Batacanthus St. John & Worthen, 468; orthotype B. baculiformis St. John & 

Gampsacanthus St. John & Worthen, 471 ; orthotype G. typus St. John & Worthen 

Lecracanthus St. Jolm & Worthen, 475; orthotype L. unguiculus St. John & 
Worthen (fossil). 

1155. SAUVAGE (1875). (Poissons fossiles.) Bibl. ficole des Hautes 

fitudes, XIII. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 

Heterothrissops, Sauvage, 46; orthotype H. intermedius Sauvage (fossil). A 

synonym of Euthyngtus Wagner. 
Pseudothrissops Sauvage, 46; orthotype P. micropterus Sauvage = Esox incog- 
nitus Blainv. (fossil). A synonym of Euthynotus. 

1156. STEINDACHNER (1875). Bcitrdge der Kenntniss der CItromiden des 

Atnasonenstromes. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 1875, LXXI, 61-137. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Acaropsis Steindachner, 99 ; orthotype Acara nassa Heckel. 
Crenicara Steindachner, 99 ; orthotype C. elegans Steind. 
Dicrossus (Agassiz) Steindachner, 102; orthotype D. maculatus Steind. 
Saraca Steindachner, 125 ; orthotype S. opercularis Steind. 

1157. STEINDACHNER (1875). Uchcr eine neue Gattung und Art . . . aus 
der Familie der Plcuronectiden und iiber eine neue Tliymallus-Art. Sitzb. 
Akad. Wiss. Wien, 1875, LXX, 363-371. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Oncopterus Steindachner, 365 ; orthotype O. darvvini Steind. 

1158. STEINDACHNER (1875). Ichthyologische Beitrdge. II. Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien. 
Franz Steindachner 
Neolabrus Steindachner, 461 ; orthotype N. fenestratus Steind. 
Atherinella Steindachner, 477 (35, reprint) ; orthotype A. panamensis Steind. 

1159. STEINDACHNER (1875). Ichthyologische Beitrdge. III. Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien, 1875 (June), LXXII, 29-96. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Parapsettus Steindachner, 68 (50, reprint) ; orthotype P. panamensis Steind. 
Neoliparis Steindachner, 72 (54, reprint) ; orthotype Liparis mucosus Ayres. 
Atherinops Steindachner, 89; (61, reprint) ; orthotype Atherinopsis affinis Ayres. 
Cottoperca Steindachner, 69; orthotype C. rosenbergi Steind. 


1160. TRAQUAIR (1875). On Some Fossil Fishes from the Neighborhood of 
Edinburgh. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 4, XV, 258-268. 
Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Nematoptychius Traquair, 259; orthotype Pygopterus greenocki (Ag.) (fossil). 
Wardichthys Traquair, 266; orthotype W. cyclosoma Traquair (fossil). 


1161. BLEEKER (1876). Notice sur les genres Gymnocccsio, Pterocccsio, Para- 

ccesio et Lioccesio. Versl. Med. Akad. Nat., 1876, 149-154. 


Gymnocaesio Bleeker, 152; orthotype Ci^sio gymnopterus Blkr. 
Pterocaesio Bleeker, 153 ; orthotype C^sio multiradiatus Steind. 
Liocaesio Blkr., 153 ; orthotype Cesio cylindricus Blkr. 

1162. BLEEKER (1876). Sur la famille des Pseudochromidoides et revision de 

ses especes insulindiennes. Verh. Akad. Amsterdam, XV, 1-32. 

PiETER Bleeker. 
Leptochromis Bleeker, 21 ; orthotype Pseudochromis cyanot^nia Blkr. 

1163. BLEEKER (1876). Systema Percarum revisum. Arch. Neerl. Sci. Nat., 

XI, 1876, Pars I, 247-288; Pars II, 289-340. 

Pieter Bleeker. 

Phaethonichthys Bleeker, 256; orthotype Serranus photon Cuv., a fallacious 

specimen with the tail of a Fistularia fastened on the body of a Cepha- 

LOPHOLis. A synonym of Cephalopholis (same as Uriph.eton Sw.) 
Percamia Bleeker, 260; orthotype Microperca yarr^ Castelnau, substitute for 

MiCROPERCA Castelnau, preoccupied by Microperca Putnam 1863. 
Telescops Bleeker, 261 ; orthotype Pomatomus telescopium Risso. Substitute for 

Pomatomus Cuvier, not of Lacepede. A synonym of Epigonus Raf. 
Oxylabrax Bleeker, 264; orthotype Sci^na undecimalis Bloch. Name offered as a 

substitute for Centropomus Lac, as the first species named under Centro- 

POMUS belongs to another genus. 
Mesopristes Bleeker, 267; orthotype M. macracanthus Blkr. (Note in passing, a 

synonym of Datnia Cuv.) 
Paristicpterus Bleeker, 268; orthotype Richardsonia insignis Castelnau = 

Histiopterus labiosus Gthr. A substitute for Richardsonia Castelnau, 1872, 

Pseudopentaceros Bleeker, 270 ; orthotype Pentaceros richardsoni Smith. Re- 
places Gilchristia Jordan. 
Paradentex Bleeker, 278; orthotype Gymnocranius rivulatus Klunzinger. A 

synonym of Gymnocranius Klunzinger. 
Paraconodon Bleeker, 272; orthotype Conodon pacifici Gthr. 
Maenas (Klein) Bleeker, 273; orthotype Sparus m^ena L. = M^na vulgaris 

Cuv. & Val. A synonym of M^na Cuv. 
Hemilutjanus Bleeker, 277 ; orthotype Plectropoma macrophthalmus Tschudi. 

This name is no doubt badly chosen, but it cannot be replaced by Pomodon 

Boulenger, 1895. 
Banjos Bleeker, 277 ; orthotype Anoplus banjos Richardson = Banjos typus 

Blkr. A substitute for Anoplus T. & S., preoccupied. 

BLEEKER, 1876 383 

Synagris (Klein) Bleeker, 278; orthotype Dentex vulgaris Cuv. & Val. A syno- 
nym of Dentex Cuv. 
Puntazzo Bleeker, 284; orthotype Charax puntazzo Cuv. & Val. = P. annularis 

Blkr. A substitutue for Charax Risso, regarded as preoccupied by Charax 

Gronow (1763). 
Maenichthys (Kaup) Bleeker, 291; orthotype Ditrema temmincki Blkr. (passing 

reference in synonymy). A synonym of Ditrema T. & S. 
Pseudambassis Bleeker, 292 ; orthotype Chanda lala Ham. 
Therapaina (Kaup) Bleeker, 298; orthotype Ch^todon strigatus Langsdorflf 

(passing notice in synonymy). A synonym of Microcanthus Sw. 
Helotosoma (Kaup) Bleeker, 298; orthotype H. servus Kaup, said to be Atypus 

strigatus Gthr. A synonym of Atypichthys Gthr. 
Caesiosoma (Kaup, 1863) Bleeker, 299; orthotype C. sieboldi Kaup = Scorpis 

^QuiPiNNis Rich., said to be a synonym of Scorpis. 
Tylometopon (Van Beneden) Bleeker, 299; orthotype Brama rajii B1. & Schn. 

(passing notice in synonymy). A synonym of Brama Cuv. 
Hemitaurichthys Bleeker, 304; orthotype Ch^todon polylepis Blkr. 
Chelmonops Bleeker, 304 ; orthotype Ch^^tgdon truncatus Kner. 
Tetragonoptrus (Klein) Bleeker, 305; orthotype Ch^todon striatus L. A synonym 

of Ch^todon L. as understood. 
Chaetodontops Bleeker, 304; orthotype Ch;etodon collaris Bloch. 
Lepidochastodon Bleeker, 306; orthotype Ch^todon unimaculatus Bloch. 
Oxychastodon Bleeker, 306; orthotype Ch^todon lineolatus Q. & G. 
Gonochaetodon Bleeker, 306 ; orthotype Ch^todon Triangulum Kuhl & Van 

Chaetodontoplus Bleeker, 307 ; orthotype Holacanthus septentrionalis T. & S. 
Acanthochaetodon Bleeker, 308 ; orthotype Holacanthus annularis Lac. 
Amblytoxotes Bleeker, 311; orthotype Toxotes squamosus Hutton. 
Labracinus (Schlegel) Bleeker, 320; orthotype Cichlops cyclopiithalmus M. & T. 

Same as Cichlops M. & T., preoccupied. Passing notice in synonymy. A 

synonym of Dampieria Castelnau, 1875. 
Pteronemus (Van der Hoeven) Bleeker, 315; orthotype Cheilodactylus fascia- 

Tus Lac.) (notice in synonymy). A synonym of Cheilodactylus Lac. 
Cirrhiptera (Kuhl & Van Hasselt) Bleeker, 322; (orthotype Plesiops nigricans 

Riippell) (note in synonymy). A synonym of Plesiops Cuv. 
Larimodon (Kaup MS., 1862) Bleeker. 329; orthotype Corvina dentex Cuv. & Val. 

(misprinted Lamnodon in a later paper). A synonym of Odontoscion Gill. 
Paraplesiops Bleeker, 332 ; orthotype Plesiops bleekeri Gthr. 
Brachymullus Bleeker, 333 ; orthotype Upeneus tetraspilus Gthr. 
Paraplesichthys (Kaup, 1862) Bleeker, 335; orthotype Ancylodon parvipinnis Gill 

(note in synonymy). A synonym of Isopisthus Gill. 
Bogota (Blyth) Bleeker, 336; passing reference. A synonym of Priacanthus Cuv. 
Macrocephalus (Browne) Bleeker, 336; orthotype Sci^na undecimalis Bloch. 

A substitute for Centropomus Lac. and Oxylabrax Blkr. on the supposition 

that the names in the reprint of Browne's Jamaica, 1789, would be allowed 

as eligible. 

1164. BLEEKER (1876). Description de quelques especes insulindiennes inidites 
des genres Oxyurichtliys. Paroxyurichthys et Cryptocentrus. Verb. Akad. 
Amsterdam (2) IX, 1876, 138-148. 

Pieter Bleeker. 


Paroxyurichthys Bleeker, 140; orthotype P. typus Blkr. 

1165. BLEEKER (1876). Genera familice Scorpccnoideorum conspectus analyticus. 

Versl. Akad. Amsterdam (2) IX, 1876, 294-300. 
PiETER Bleeker. 
Parascorpaena Bleeker, 296; orthotype Scorp^na picta Kuhl & Van Hasselt. 
Parapterois Bleeker, 296; orthotype Pterois heterurus Blkr. 
Paracentropogon Bleeker, 297; orthotype Apistus longispinis Cuv. & Val. Prob. 

ably to be regarded as a synonym of Hypodytes Gistel. 
Pseudopterus (Klein) Bleeker, 296; orthotype (after Klein) Gasterosteus voli- 

TANS L. A synonym of Pterois Cuv. 
Amblyapistus Bleeker, 297; orthotype Apistus t^nianotus Cuv. & Val. 
Pteroidichthys Bleeker, 297; orthotype P. amboinensis Blkr. 
Cottapistus Bleeker, 298 ; orthotype Apistus cottoides Cuv. & Val. 
Paraploactis Bleeker, 300 ; orthotype P. trachyderma Blkr. 

1166. BLEEKER (1876). Notice siir Ics genres ct Ics espcces des Chcrtodontoides 
de la soiis-famille des Taurichthyiformes. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam (2) X, 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Hemichaetodon Bleeker, 313 ; orthotype Ch.etodon capistratus Bloch. 

1167. BLEEKER (1876). Description de qiielques espcces inedites de Pomacen- 

troides de I'lnde Archipelagique. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Paraglyphidodon Bleeker, XII, 38; orthotype P. oxycephalus Blkr. 

1168. CASTELNAU (1876). Memoire snr les poissons appeles barramundi par 
les aborigenes du nord-est de I'Australie. Journ. Zool. (Gervais), 1876, 
V. 129-136. 

Francis L. Castelnau. 
Neoceratodus Castelnau, 132; orthotype N. blanchardi Castelnau. Prof. W. 
Baldwin Spencer of the University of Melbourne regards Neoceratodus 
blanchardi as an unknown or perhaps fictitious fish, not to be identified 
with the Dipneustan, Ceratodus forsteri Krefft, which is the type of the 
genus Epiceratodus Teller. Mr. McCulloch, however, thinks that Epicera- 
TODUs is a synonym of Neoceratodus, Castelnau's account being an inaccurate 
description of the same fish. Neoceratodus blanchardi is said to come from 
Fitzroy River, where the forsteri does not exist. According to Professor 
Spencer, the name Barramunda or Barramundi, used by Castelnau, belongs 
to the Serranoid fish Scleropages leichardti, a valuable foo.dfish, which 
Epiceratodus is not. 

1169. COPE & YARROW (1876). Report on the Collections of Fishes Made in 
Portions of Nevada, etc., in 1871-1874, by Prof. E. D. Cope and Dr. H. C. 
Yarrow. Wheeler's Survey West of 100th Meridian, VI, Zoology. 

Edward Drinker Cope; Henry Crecy Yarrow. 
Eritrema Cope, 645 ; orthotype Apocope henshavii Cope. A synonym of Apocope 

Pantosteus Cope, 673; orthotype Minomus platyrhynchus Cope. 

COPE, 1876 385 

1170. COPE (1876). On a New Genus of Fossil Fishes (Cyclotomodon vagrans). 

Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila, 1876, V, 356-357. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Cyclotomodon Cope, 355; orthotype C. vagrans Cope (fossil). 

1171. COPE (1876). Description of Some Vertebrate Remains from the Fort 

Union Beds of Montana. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1876. 

Edward Drinker Cope, 

Hedronchus Cope, 259; orthotype H. sternbergi Cope. A tooth, perhaps not of a 

Myledaphus Cope, 260; orthotype M. bipartitus Cope. 

1172. DAVIS (1876). On a Bone Bed in the Lower Coal Measures, etc. Quart. 

Journ. Geol. Soc, XXXII, 332-340. 
James William Davis (1846-1893). 
Hoplonchus Davis, XXXII, 336; orthotype H. elegans Davis (fossil). 

1173. DAY (1876). The Fishes of India. (Part 2.) 
Francis Day. 
Apocryptichthys Day, 302; orthotype Apocryptes cantoris Day. 
Nangra Day, 494; orthotype N. punctata Day. 

1174. EGERTON ( 1876). Notice of Harpactes velox, a Predaceous Ganoid Fish . . . 

from the Lias of Lyme Regis. Geol. Mag. 
Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton. 
Harpactes Egerton, 441; orthotype Harpactes velox Egerton (fossil). Name pre- 
occupied, later replaced by Harpactira Egert. ; a synonym of Osteorachis 
Harpactira Egerton, 576; orthotype H. velox Egert. = Osteorachis macro- 
cephalus Egert. (fossil). Name a substitute for Harpactes. preoccupied; 
a synonym of Osteorachis Egert. 

1175. GOODE (1876). Catalogue of the Fishes of the Bermudas, etc. Bull. U. S. 

Nat. Mus., V. 
George Brown Goode (1851-1896). 
Pareques (Gill) Goode. 50; orthotype Grammistes acuminatus B1. & Schn. 

1176. GtJNTHER (1876). Remarks on Fishes, With Descriptions of New Fishes 
in the British Museum, Chiefly from Southern Seas. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 
1876, ser. 4, XVII, 389-472. 

Albert Gunther. 
Holoxenus Giinther, 393 ; orthotype H. cutaneus Gthr. A synonym of Gnathana- 

canthus Blkr. 
Neophrynichthys Giinther, 396; orthotype Psychrolutes latus Hutton. 

1177. GUNTHER (1876). Contributions to Our Knowledge of the Fish-Fauna 
of the Tertiary Deposits of the Highlands of Pedang, Sumatra. Geol. Mag., 
1876, II, dec. 3, 433-440. 

Albert Gunther. 
Hexapsephus Gunther, 439; orthotype H. guentheri Woodw. (fossil). 

1178. JORDAN (1876). Concerning the Fishes of the Ichthyologia Ohiensis. 

Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Hist., 1876, 91-97. 
David Starr Jordan (1851- ). .^ 


Erimyzon Jordan, 95; orthotype Cyprinus oblongus Mitchill. 

1179. JORDAN (1876). Manual of the Vertebrates of the Northern United States, 
Including the District East of the Mississil>pi River and North of North 
Carolina and Tennessee, Exclusive of Marine Species. 

David Starr Jordan. 

Eutychelithus Jordan, 242 ; orthotype Corvina richardsoni Cuv. &Val., a deformed 
example of Aplodinotus grunniens (Raf.) A synonym of Aplodino- 
Tus Raf. 

Eucalia Jordan, 248; orthotype Gasterosteus inconstans Kirtland. (Also in Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1877, 65.) 

Erinemus Jordan, 279; orthotype Ceratichthys hyalinus Cope = Rutilus 
AMBLOPS Raf. A synonym of Hybopsis Ag. 

Lythrurus Jordan, 272; orthotype "Semotilus dipl^mius Raf." = Alburnus 
UMBRATiLis Grd. = NcTROPis LYTHRURUS Jordan. S. dipl.emius Raf. is some- 
thing dififerent. 

1180. KESSLER (1876). Description of Fishes Collected by Col. Prejevalsky in 
Mongolia. (Text in Russian.) (In Prejevalsky, N. Mongolia i Strana 
Tangutov. II, pt. 4, 1-36.) 

Karl Theodorovich Kessler. 
Megagobio Kessler, 16; orthotype M. nasutus Kessler. 

1181. NELSON (1876). A Partial Catalogue of the Fishes of Illinois. Bull. 111. 

Mus. Nat. Hist., 1876, I, 33-52. 
Edward William Nelson (1855- ). 
Sternotremia Nelson, 39; orthotype S. isolepis Nelson, the young of Aphredo- 
DERUS SAYANUS, the vent farther back. A synonym of Aphredoderus Le 

1182. MARCK (1876). Fossile Fische von Sumatra. Palaeontologia, XXII. 

W. VON der Marck. 
Protosyngnathus von der Marck, XXII, 406; orthotype P. sumatrensis Marck 
(fossil). A fossil homologue of Aulorhynchus Gill. 

1183. OWEN (1876). Catalogue of Fossils. Report on South Africa. 

Richard Owen. 
Hypterus Owen, IX, orthotype H. baini Owen (fossil). Names only; quoted by 
Woodward, 1891, as a synonym of Atherstonia Woodw., 1889. 

1184. PETERS (1876). Uebersicht der wdhrend der von 1874 bis 1876 unter der 
Commando des Hrn. Capitdn z. S. Freihcrrn von Schleinits ausgefiihrten 
Reisc S.M.S. Gazelle . . . Fische. Monatsb. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1876, 

Wilhelm Carl Hartwig Peters. 
Idiacanthus Peters, 846; orthotype I. fasciola Peters. 
Stigmatonotus Peters, 838; orthotype S. australis Peters. 

1185. STEINDACHNER (1876). Die Sussiuasser Fische der Siidostlichen Bra- 

silien. III. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LXXIV, November, 1876. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Wertheimeria Steindachner, 660 (101, reprint); orthotype W. maculata Steind. 


Harttia Steindachner, 668 (110, reprint) ; orthotype H. loricariformis Steind. 

1186. STEINDACHNER (1876). Ichthyologische Beitr'dge. V. Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien, 1876, LXXIV, 49-240. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Hippoglossina Steindachner, 61 (13, reprint) ; orthotype H. macrops Steind. 
Curimatopsis Steindachner, 81; orthotype Curimatus microlepis Steind. 
Lutkenia Steindachner, 85; orthotype L. insignis Steind. Name preoccupied; 

replaced by Stichanodon Eigenmann, 1903. 
Paragoniates Steindachner, 117 (69, reprint) ; orthotype P. alburnus Steind. 
Pimelodina Steindachner, 149 (101, reprint) ; orthotype P. flavipinnis Steind. 
Lophiosilurus Steindachner, 155 (106, reprint) ; orthotype L. alexandri Steind. 
Achiropsis Steindachner, 158 (110, reprint); orthotype Solea nattereri Steind. 
Cynolebias Steindachner, 172 (124, reprint) ; orthotype C. porosus Steind. 
Siphagonus Steindachner, 188 (140, reprint) ; orthotype Agonus seg.\uensis 

Tilesius. A synonym of Brachyopsis Gill. 
Blakea Steindachner, 196 (148, reprint) ; orthotype Myxodes elegans Cooper. A 

synonym of Gibbonsia Cooper. 
Bembrops Steindachner, 211 (163, reprint) ; orthotype B. caudimacula Steind. 


1187-1188. ALLEYNE & MACLEAY (1877). The Ichthyology of the Chevert 

Expedition. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1877, 261-268; 321-359. 

Haynes Gibbes Alleyne; William Macleay. 

Pseudolates Alleyne & Macleay, 262 ; orthotype P. cavifrons Alleyne & Macleay = 

Holocentrus calcarifer Bloch. A synonym of Lates Cuv. 
Homalogrystes Alleyne & Macleay, 268 ; orthotype H. guentheri Alleyne & 

Macleay. A synonym of Acanthochromis Gill. 
Gerreomorpha Alleyne & Macleay, 274 ; orthotype G. rostrata Alleyne & Macleay. 
Heptadecacanthus Alleyne & Macleay, 343 ; orthotype H. longicaudus Alleyne & 

Macleay. A synonym of Acanthochromis Gill. 
Cheilolabrus Alleyne & Macleay, 345 ; orthotype C. magnilabrus Alleyne & Macleay. 

A synonym of Thalliurus Sw. == Hemigymnus Gthr. 

1189. BLEEKER (1877). Notice sur les especes noimnales de Pomacentr aides 

de I'Inde archipelagiqiie. Arch. Neerl. Sci. Nat., XII, 1877, 38-41. 


Glyphidodontops Bleeker, 41 ; orthotype Glyphidodon antjerius Blkr. A syno- 
nym of Chrysiptera Sw. 

1190. BLEEKER (1877). Memoire sur les Chromides marins ou Pomacentrotdes 
de I'Inde archipelagique. Nat. Verb. Holl. Maatsch. Wetensch., 3 Verz. 

II, 1877, 1-166. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Parapomaccntrus Bleeker, 65 ; orthotype Pomacentrus polynema Blkr. 
Amblypomacentrus Bleeker, 68; orthotype Pomacentrus breviceps Blkr. 
Eupomacentrus Bleeker, 7Z ; orthotype Pomacentrus lividus Blkr. 
Brachypomacentrus Bleeker, 7Z ; orthotype Pomacentrus albifasciatus Blkr. 


1191. CASTELNAU (1877). Australian Fishes. New or Little Known Species. 

Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1877, II, 225-248. 
Francis Laporte Castelnau. 
Brisbania Castelnau, 241 ; orthotype B. staigeri Castelnau. 
N'eosilurus Castelnau, 238; orthotype N. australis Castelnau. Name preoccupied, 

replaced by Cainosilurus Macleay. 
Neoarius Castelnau, 237; orthotype Arius curtisi Castelnau. 

Beridia Castelnau, 229 ; orthotype B. flava Castelnau. A synonym of Gnathana- 

1192. COPE (1877). On Some New and Little Known Reptiles and Fishes from 

the Austroriparian Region. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, XVII. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 

Xystroplites (Jordan) Cope, 67; orthotype X. longimanus Cope = Pomotis 

HOLBROOKi Cuv. & Val. (In this case Cope suppressed his own proposed 

generic name in favor of one given almost simultaneously by Jordan.) 

Jordan's type, X. gillii, seems to be the same as Pomotis pallidus Ag. 

1193. COPE (1877). Report on the Geology of the Region of the Judith River. 

Montana, etc. Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv., III. 
Edv^^ard Drinker Cope. 
Anogmius Cope, 584; orthotype A. aratus Cope, not Anogmius Cope, 1871. 
Pelycorapis Cope, 587; orthotype P. varius Cope (fossil). 

1194. COPE (1877). Contribution to the Knoivlcdge of the Ichthyological Fauna 
of the Green River Shales. Bull. U. S. Geog. Surv. Terr., 1877, III, 807-819. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Dapedoglossus Cope, 807; orthotype D. testis Cope (fossil). A synonym of 

Phareodus Leidy. 
Amphiplaga Cope, 812; orthotype A. brachvptera Cope (fossil). 
Mioplosus Cope, 813; orthotype M. labracoides Cope (fossil). 
Priscacara Cope, 816; orthotype P. serrata Cope (fossil). 

1195. COPE (1877). Notice of a New Locality of the Green River Shales Con- 
taining Fishes, Insects, and Plants in a Good State of Preservation. Pal. 
Bull., XXV. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Diplomystus Cope, 139; orthotype D. dentatus (fossil). Name regarded as pre- 
occupied by Diplomystes Gthr., replaced by Copeichthys Dollo. 

1196. COPE (1877). Descriptions of E.xtinct Vertebrates from the Permian and 
Triassic Formations of the United States. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, XVII. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Strigilina Cope, 182; orthotype Janassa gurleiana Cope (fossil). A synonym of 

1197. COPE (1877). On Some New or Little Known Reptiles and Fishes of the 

Cretaceous, No. 3, of Kansas. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, XVII. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Oricardinus Cope, 177; orthotype O. tortus Cope (fossil). 

Ptyonodus Cope, 192; orthotype Sagenodus vinslovi Cope (fossil). A synonym 
of Sagenodus Owen. 

coRNUEL, 1877 389 

1198. CORNUEL (1877). Description dc debris de poissons fossiles . . . du 
calcaire neocomien . . . Haute Manie. Bull. Geol. Soc. France. 


Ellipsodus Cornuel, 617; orthotype E. incisus Cornuel (fossil). 

1199. DYBOWSKI (1877). (Fishes.) 
Benedikt Ivan Dybowski. 
(I have failed to find the work in which these Siberian fishes are 
Pristiodon Dybowski, VIII, 26; orthotype P. siemionovi Dybowski = Leuciscus 

iDELLA Val. A synonym of Ctenopharyngodon Steind. 
Perccottus Dybowski, VIII, 28; orthotype P. glenii Dybowski (a goby; allied to 
GoBioMORUs Lac.) 

1200. FRITSCH (1877). Die Reptilien und Fische der Bohmischen Kreidefor- 

mation. Prag. 
Anton Jan Fritsch. 
Sphcerolepis Fritscli, 46; orthotype S. kounoviensis Fritsch (fossil). 

1201. GARMAN (1877). On the Pelvis and External Sexual Organs of Selachians, 
With Especial Reference to the Neiv Genera Potainotrygon and Disceus. 
Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., 1877, XIX, 197-215. 

Samuel Garman (1846- ). 
Malacorhina Garman, 203 ; orthotype Raja mira Garman. 
Disceus Garman, 208 ; orthotype Trvgon strongylopterus Schomburgk. 
Potamotrygon Garman, 210; orthotype Trygon hystrix M. & H. 

1202. GILL (1877). Synopsis of the Fishes of Lake Nicaragua. Proc. Acad. 

Nat. Sci. Phila., 1877, 175-218. 
Theodore N. Gill. 
Bramocharax Gill, 189 ; orthotype B. bransfordi Gill. 

1203. GILL (1877). Annual Record of Industry and Science for 1876. 

Theodore Gill. 
Lycichthys Gill, CLXVII ; orthotype Anarrhichas latifrons Steenstrup & Hall- 

1204. GILL & JORDAN (1877). (The Sun- fish.) Field & Forest, 1877, 190. 

Theodore Gill; David Starr Jordan. 

Eupomotis Gill & Jordan, 190; orthotype Sparus aureus Walbaum = Labrus 


1205. GlJNTHER (1877). Preliminary Notes on New Fishes Collected in Japan 
During the Expedition of H.M.S. Challenger. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 4, 
XX, 433-446. 

Albert Gunther. 

Bathythrissa Giinther, 443 ; orthotype B. dorsalis Gthr. A synonym of Ptero- 
thrissus Hilgendorf a little earlier in the same year. 

1206. HILGENDORF (1877). (Pterothrissus.) Act. Soc. Leopoldina, III, 

Sept. 3, 1877. 
Franz Martin Hilgendorf (1839-189?). 


Pterothrissus Hilgendorf, 127 (Sept. 3, 1877) ; orlhotype P. gissu Hilgendorf ; 
replaces Bathythrissa Gthr. (Nov. 1, 1877). 

1207. JORDAN (1877). On the Fishes of Northern Indiana. Proc. Acad. Nat. 

Sci. Phila., 1877, 42-82. 
David Starr Jordan. 
Imostoma Jordan, 49; orthotype Hadropterus shumardi Grd. 
Copelandia Jordan, 56 ; orthotype C. eriarcha Jordan, an abnormal variant of 
Enneacanthus gloriosus (Holbrook). A synonym of Enneacanthus 
Gill, based on an aberrant specimen. Also in Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Hist., 
1877, 136. 
Xenotis Jordan, 76; orthotype Pomotis fallax Baird & Girard. A section under 
Lepomis Raf. 

1208. JORDAN (1877). A Partial Synopsis of the Fishes of Upper Georgia. 

Ann. Lye. N. Y., XI, 307-377. 

David Starr Jordan. 

Xenisma Jordan, 322; orthotype Hydrargyra catenata Ag. A subgenus under 


Helioperca Jordan, 355 ; orthotype Pomotis incisor Cuv. & Val. = Labrus palli- 
Dus Mitchill. A section under Lepomis. 

1209. JORDAN (1877). Notes on Cottidce, Etheostomatido', Percidee, Centrachidce, 
Aphododcridce, Dorysomatidcc, and Cyprinidcc, with Revisions of the Genera 
and Descriptions of New or Little Known Species. Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus., 
1877, X, 1-68. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Ammocrypta Jordan, 5 ; orthotype A. eeani Jordan. 
Nanostoma (Putnam) Jordan, 6; orthotype Pcecilichthys zonalis Cope; regarded 

as preoccupied by Nannostomus Gthr. ; replaced by Rhothceca Jordan. 
Ericosma Jordan & Copeland, 8; orthotype Alvordius evides Jordan & Copeland. 

A section under Hadropterus Ag. 
Rheocrypta Jordan, 9 ; orthotype R. copelandi Jordan. A section under Cotto- 

G aster Putnam (1863). 
Xystroplites Jordan, 24; orthotype X. gilli Jordan. A section under Eupomotis 

Gill & Jordan. (See No. 1192.) 
Cjmoperca Gill & Jordan, 44; orthotype Lucioperca canadensis C. H. Smith. 
Mimoperca (Gill & Jordan) Jordan, 44; orthotype Perca volgensis Pallas. A 

synonym of Schilus Krynicki (1832). 
Elassoma Jordan, 50; orthotype E. zonata Jordan. Name (from iXaaawna, a 

diminution) wrongly expanded to Elassosoma in the Zoological Record for 

Asternotremia (Nelson) Jordan, 51; orthotype Sternotremia isolepis Nelson. A 

needless substitute name for Sternotremia Nelson, thought to be anatomically 

not exact. A synonym of Aphredoderus Le Sueur. 
Episema Cope & Jordan, 64 ; orthotype Photogenis scabriceps Cope. Name preoc- 
cupied, replaced by Paranotropis Fowler. 
Elattonistius Gill & Jordan, 67 ; orthotype Hyodon chrvsopsis Rich. = Amphiodon 

alosoides Raf. A synonym of Amphiodon Raf. 

JORDAN, 1877 391 

1210. JORDAN (1877). Catalogue of Fishes of Ohio. (In J. H. Klippart's Report 

of the Fish Commission of Ohio for 1876. Appendix (1877). 
David Starr Jordan. 
Erichseta Jordan, 147; orthotype Pomotis incisor Cuv. & Val. A slip for Helioperca 
due to uncorrected proof. A section under Lepomis. 

1211. JORDAN & BRAYTON (1877). On Lagochila, a New Genus of Catosto- 

moid Fishes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1877, 280-283. 
David Starr Jordan; Alembert Winthrop Brayton (1849- ). 
Lagochila Jordan & Brayton, 280; orthotype L. lacera Jordan & Brayton. Name 
regarded as preoccupied by Lagocheilus; replaced by Quassilabia Jordan & 

1212. KESSLER (1877). The Aralo-Caspian Expedition. IV. Fishes of the 
Aralo-Caspio-Pontine Region. Trans. St. Petersburg Nat. Hist. Soc. 

Karl Theodorovich Kessler (1815-1881). 
Clupeonella Kessler, 187; orthotype C. grimmi Kessler. 

1213. LEIDY (1877). Descriptions of Vertebrate Remains Chiefly from the 
Phosphate Beds of South Carolina. Journ. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., VIII. 

Joseph Leidy. 
Mesobatis Leidy, 244; orthotype Aetob.^tis eximius Leidy (fossil). A synonym 

or homologue of Aetobatus. 
Gryphodobatis Leidy, 249; orthotype G. uncus Leidy (fossil). 
Acrodobatis Leidy, 250; orthotype A. serra Leidy (fossil). A homologue of 

Ginglymostoma M. & H. 
Xiphodolamia Leidy, 252; orthotype X. ensis Leidy (fossil). 

1214. MALM (1877). Gotcborgs och Bohusldns fauna. Ryggradsdjuren. 

August Wilhelm Malm (1821-1882). 

.ffiglefinus Malm, 481 ; orthotype Gadus ^glefinus L. = ^glefinus LiNNiEi 

Malm. A synonym of Melanogrammus Gill. 
Amblyraja Malm, 607 ; orthotype Raja radiata Donovan. 
Leucoraja Malm, 609; orthotype Raja fullonica L. 

1215. MARSH (1877). Introduction and Succession of Vertebrate Life in America. 

Amer. Journ. Sci., XIV. 
Othniel Charles Marsh. 
Heliobatis Marsh, 376; orthotype H. radians Marsh (fossil). Both names un- 
defined, hence becoming valid only when located by Woodward, 1889. A 
synonym of Xiphotrygon Cope, 1879 (X. acutidens). 

1216. PETERS (1877). Ueber Epigonichthys cultellus, eine neue Gattung und 
Art der Leptocardii. Monatsb. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1876 (1877), 322-327. 

Wilhelm (Carl Hartwig) Peters. 
Epigonichthys Peters, 322; orthotype E. cultellus Peters. 

1217. PETERS (1877). Ueber cine merkwiirdige von Dr. Buchhols entdeckte 
neue Gattung von SUsswasserfischcn, Pantodon buchholzi, etc. Monatsb. 
Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1876 (1877), 195-200. 

Wilhelm (Carl Hartwig) Peters. 
Pantodon Peters, 196; orthotype P. buchholzi Peters. 


1218. PETERS (1877). (Fossil Fishes.) Preuss. Akad. 
WiLHELM (Carl Hartvvig) Peters. 
Hemitrichas Peters, 682; orthotype H. schisticola Peters (fossil). 

1219. PROBST (1877). Beitrag zur Kenntniss der fossile Fische aus der Molasse 

von Baltringen. II. Jahr. Verein. Vaterl. Naturk. Wiirttemberg. 

Josef Probst. 
Bates Probst, XXXIII, 88; logotype B. spectaeilis Probst (fossil). Not Batis 
Bon.; an ally of Myliobatis. 

1220. SAUVAGE (1877). Sur les Lcpidotus palliatiis et Sphcerodus gigas. Bull. 

Soc. Geo!. France. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 

Eurystethus Sauvage, 629; orthotype E. brongniarti Sauvage (fossil). 
Desmichthys Sauvage, 634; orthotype D. daubrei Sauvage (fossil). 

1221. TRAQUAIR (1877). On the Agassisian Genera Amhlypterus, Palcconisciis, 
Gyrolepis and Pygopterus. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc, 1877, XXXIII, 548-578. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 

Gonatodus Traquair, 555; logotype Amblypterus punctatus Ag. (fossil). 
Cosmoptychius Traquair, 553; orthotype C. striatus Traquair (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Elonichthys Giebel. 
Acentrophorus Traquair, 565; orthotype Pal^oniscus varians Kirby (fossil). 
Rhadinichthys Traquair, 559; logotype Pal^oniscus ornatissimus L. (fossil). 

1222. TRAQUAIR (1877). Monograph on the Ganoid Fishes of the British 

Carboniferous Formations. I. 
Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 

Microconodus Traquair, iZ; orthotype M. molyneuxi Traquair (fossil), name 
only. Quoted by Woodward, 1891. A synonym of Gonatodus. 

1223. WJNTHER (1877). Om dc danskc iiske af slccgten Gobius. Nat. Tidskr. 

Kjobenhavn, XI. 
Georg Winther (1844-1879). 
Lebetus Winther, 49; orthotype Gobius scorpioides Collett. 


1224. BARKAS (1878). On the Microscopical Structure of Fossil Teeth from the 
Northumberland Coal Measures. Monthly Review of Dental Surgery, VII. 

William James Barkas 
Hybodopsis Barkas, 191; orthotype H. wardi Barkas (fossil). * 

1225. BLEEKER (1878). Sur deux cspcces ineditcs de Cichloides de Madagascar. 

Vers!. Akad. Amsterdam (2), XII, 1878, 192-198. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Paracara Bleeker, 193 ; orthotype P. typus Bleeker. A synonym of Paratilapia 

BLEEKER, 1878 393 

1226. BLEEKER (1878). Quatrieme memoire sur la faune ichthyologique de la 

Nouvelle-Guinee. Arch. Neerl. Sci. Nat. XIII, 1878, 35-66. 


Bathygobius Bleeker, 54; logotype Gobius nebulopunctatus Cuv. & Val. Re- 
places Mapo Smitt (G. soporator Cuv. & Val.). 
Symphysanodon Bleeker, 61 ; orthotype S. typus Blkr. 

1227. BOSNIASKI (1878). Studii sui pesci fossili del mioceno del Gabbro. Atti. 

Soc. Tosc. Sci. Nat. Pisa. 


Acanthonemopsis Bosniaski, I, 19; orthotype A. capellinii Bosniaski (fossil). 

1228. CASTELNAU (1878). Notes on the Fishes of the Norman River. Proc. 

Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1878, III, 41-51. 

Francis L. Castelnau 

Pseudoambassis Castelnau, 43 ; logotype P. macleayi Castelnau. Apparently a 

synonym of Ambassis Cuv. Preoccupied by Pseudambassis Blkr. 
Acanthoperca Castelnau, 45 ; orthotype A. gulliveri Castelnau. A synonym of 

Gulliveria Castelnau, 45 ; logotype G. fusca Castelnau = Apogon aprion Rich. A 
synonym of Glossamia Gill. 

1229. CASTELNAU (1878). On Several New Australian (Chiefly) Fresh-water 

Fishes. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1878, 140-144. 

Francis L. Castelnau. 

Aristeus Castelnau, 141; logotype A. fitzroyensis Castelnau. Name preoccupied; 

a synonym of Melanot^nia Gill, 1862. 
Eumeda Castelnau, 143 ; orthotype E. elongata Castelnau. A synonym of Neosi- 
LURUs Steind. (not Neosilurus Castelnau). 

1230. CASTELNAU (1878). Essay on the Ichthyology of Port Jackson. Proc. 

Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1878, III, 347-402. 
Francis Laporte Castelnau. 

Neoanthias Castelnau. 366; orthotype N. guntheri Castelnau. A synonym of 

Caprodon T. & S. 
Agenor Castelnau, 371 ; orthotype Agenor modestus Castelnau. A synonym of 

ScoRPis Cuv. & Val. 
Zeodrius Castelnau, 377 ; orthotype Z. vestitus Castelnau. A synonym of GoNiis- 

Tius Gill (1862). 

1231. COLLETT (1878). Fiske fra Nordhavs-expeditionens sidste togt sommeren 

1878. Forh. Vidensk. Selsk. Christiania, 1878, XIV, 1-106. 
Robert Collett 
Rhodichthys Collett, 99; orothotype R. regina Collett. 
Paraliparis Collett, 32; orthotype P. bathybii Collett. 

1232. COPE (1878). Synopsis of the Fishes of the Peruvian Amazon, Obtained by 
Prof. Orton During His Expeditions of 1873 and 1877. Proc. Amer. Philos. 
Soc, 1878, XVII, 673-701. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Epapterus Cope, XVII, 677 ; orthotype E. dispilurus Cope. 


Chaenothorax Cope, 679; orthotype C. bicarinatus Cope. 
Potamorhina Cope, 685; orthotype Curimatus pristigaster Steind. 
Metynnis Cope, 693 ; orthotype M. luna Cope. 

Gastropterus Cope, 700 ; orthotype G. arch^us Cope. A synonym of Basilich- 
THYS Girard ; name regarded as preoccupied by Gastropteron. 

1233. COPE (1878). Descriptions of Fishes from the Cretaceous and Tertiary 

Deposits West of the Mississippi River. Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv., IV. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Triaenaspis Cope, 67; orthotype Leptotrachelus virgatulus Cope (fossil). 
Ichthyotringa Cope, IV, 69; orthotype I. tenuirostris Cope (fossil). A synonym 
of Rhinellus Ag. 

1234. CLARKE (1878). On Tivo New Fishes (Argyropelecus intermedius and 
Aegaronichthys appelti). Trans. Proc. New Zealand Instit., 1877 (1878), 
X, 243-246. 

F. E. Clarke. 

Aegaeonichthys Clarke, 245 ; orthotype A. appelti Clarke. 

1235. DUBALEN (1878). Note sur un poisson mal connu dti bassin de I'Adour. 

Bull. Soc. Borda. Dax. 


Aturius Dubalen, 157 ; orthotype A. dufouri Dubalen = Cyprinus leuciscus L, A 
synonym of Leuciscus Cuv. 

1236. GILL (1878). On a Remarkable Generic Type (Elopomorphus jordani). 

Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1878, ser. 5, III, 112. 
Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Elopomorphus Gill, 112; orthotype E. jordani Gill. 

1237. GILL (1878). Note on the AntennariidcB. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., I, 221. 

Theodore Gill. 
Sympterichthys Gill, 222; orthotype Lophius l^vis Lac, 

1238. GILL (1878). Note on the Ceratiidcr. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., I. 

Theodore Gill. 
Mancalias Gill, 227; orthotype Ceratias uranoscopus Murray. 

1239. GILL (1878). Myxocyprinus Gill. Johnson's Cyclopaedia. 

Theodore Gill 
Myxocyprinus Gill, 1574; orthotype Carpiodes asiaticus Blkr. 

1240. GUNTHER (1878). Preliminary Notices of Deep-Sea Fishes Collected 

During the Voyage of H. M. S. Challenger. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 5, II, 

17-28, 179-187, 248-251. 

Albert Gunther. 

Bathydraco Giinther, 18; orthotype B. antarcticus Gthr. 

Melanonus Giinther, 19; orthotype M. gracilis Gthr. 

Bathynectes Giinther, 20; logotype B. laticeps Gthr. 

Typhlonus Giinther, 21 ; orthotype T. nasus Gthr. 

Aphyonus Giinther, 22; orthotype A. gelatinosus Gthr. 

Acanthonus Gunther, 23; orthotype A. armatus Gthr. 

Bathyophis Giinther, 181 ; orthotype B. ferox Gthr. 

HILGENDORF, 1878 395 

Bathysaurus Giinther, 182 ; logotype B. ferox Gthr. 
Bathypterois Giinther, 183 ; logotype B. longifilis Gthr. 
Ipnops Gunther, 186; orthotype I. murrayi Gthr. 
Bathylagus Gunther, 248; logotype B. antarcticus Gthr. 
Bathytroctes Gunther, 249 ; logotype B. microlepis Gthr. 
Platytroctes Gunther, 249; orthotype P. apus Gthr. 
Xenodermichthys Gunther, 250 ; orthotype X. nodulosus Gthr. 
Cyema Gunther, 251 ; orthotype C. atrum Gthr. 

1241. lilLGENDORF (1878). Ueber das Vorkommen einer Brama-Art und einer 
neuen Fischgattitng Centropholis aus der Nachbarschaft des Genus Brama in 
den japanischen Meeren. Sitzb. Ges. Naturf. Freunde Berlin, 1878, 1-2. 

Franz Martin Hilgendorf. 
Centropholis Hilgendorf, 1 ; orthotype C. petersi Hilgendorf. 

1242. HILGENDORF (1878). Ueber einigc neue japanische Fischgattungen. 

Sitzb. Ges. Naturf. Freunde Berlin, 1878, 155-157. 

Franz Martin Hilgendorf 

Megaperca Hilgendorf, 155; orthotype M. ischinagi Hilgendorf. A synonym of 

Stereolepis Ayres. 
Liobagrus Hilgendorf, 155 ; orthotype L. reini Hilgendorf. 

1243. JORDAN (1878). Manual of the Vertebrates of the Northern United States, 
Including the District East of the Mississippi River and North of North Caro- 
lina and Tennessee, Exclusive of Marine Species. 2d ed., 1-407. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Quassilabia Jordan & Brayton, 406; orthotype Lagochila lacera Jordan & Brayton. 

Substitute for Lagochila Jordan & Brayton, regarded as preoccupied by 

Lagocheilus, a genus of mollusks. 
Tauridea Jordan & Rice, 255 ; orthotype Cottus ricei Nelson. 
Prosopium (Milner) Jordan, 261; orthotype Coregonus quadrilateralis Rich. 

The name Prosopium was proposed by James W. Milner of the U. S. Fish 

Commission in a Review of the American IVhiteiishes, written in 1878, but left 

incomplete through the untimely death of the author. 
Ulocentra Jordan, 223; orthotype, Arlina atripinnis Jordan. 
Minytrema Jordan, 318; orthotype Catostomus melanops Raf. 

1244. JORDAN & BRAYTON (1878). Contributions to North American Ichthy- 
ology, III. B. On the Distribution of the Fishes of the Allegany Region of 
South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, With Descriptions of New or Little 
Known Species. Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1878, XII, 1-95. 

David Starr Jordan; Alembert Winthrop Brayton (1849- ). 
Hydrophlox Jordan, 18; orthotype Hybopsis rubricroceus Cope. 
Erogala Jordan & Brayton, 20; orthotype Photogenis stigmaturus Jordan. A 

section under Cyprinella Grd. 
Cristivomer Gill & Jordan, 69; orthotype Salmo namaycush Walbaum. 
loa Jordan & Brayton, 88; orthotype Pcecilichthys vitreus Cope. 
Vaillantia Jordan, 89; orthotype Boleosoma camurum Forbes. 

1245. JORDAN (1878). Report on the Collection of Fishes Made by Dr. Elliott 

Coues in Dakota and Montana, etc. Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv., IV. 

D.wiD Starr Jordan. 
Couesius Jordan, 785 ; orthotype Nocomis milneri Jordan = Gobio plumbeus Ag. 


Zophendum Jordan, 786; orthotype Hyborhynchus siderius Cope = Agosia 

CHRYSOGASTER Grd. A synonym of Agosia Grd. 
Chriope Jordan, 787; orthotype Hybopsis bifrenatus Cope. 
Symmetrurus Jordan, 788; orthotype Pogonichthys argyreiosus Grd., the young 

of P. iN.EQUiLOBUS Grd. A synonym of Pogonichthys. 

1246. JORDAN (1878). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from the Rio Grande at 
Broivnsville, Texas. Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv. Terr., 1878, IV, 397-406, 663-667. 

D.wiD Starr Jordan. 

(A few very young Embiotocoid fishes from San Francisco were unfortunately 

mixed with this collection and wrongly described as new.) 
Sema Jordan, 399; orthotype S. signifer Jordan; a larval form of Cymatogaster 

AGGREG.A.TUS Gibbons. A synonym of Cymatogaster Gibbons. 
Dacentrus Jordan, 667; orthotype D. lucens Jordan; the young of Hysterocarpus 

traski Gibbons. A synonym of Hysterocarpus Gibbons. 

1247. JORDAN (1878). A Catalogue of Fishes of the Fresh Waters of North 

America. Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv. Terr., 1878, IV., 407-442. 
David Starr Jordan. 
Chasmistes Jordan, 417; orthotype Chasmistes liorus Jordan, a species wrongly 
supposed to be the same as Catostomus fecundus Cope & Yarrow. 

1248. JORDAN & GILBERT (1878).- Notes on the Fishes of Beaufort Harbor, 

North Carolina. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., I. 
David Starr Jordan; Charles Henry Gilbert (1859- ). 
Chriolax Jordan & Gilbert, 374; orthotype Trigla evolans L. A synonym of 
Prionotus Lac. 

1249. JORDAN (1878). (Notes on Fishes of Ohio.) Second Report Ohio Fish 

Commission ; John H. Klippart, Commissioner. 
David Starr Jordan. 
Mascalongus Jordan, 92 ; orthotype Esox masquinongy Mitchill = Esox nobilior 

1250. KONINCK (1878). Faune du calcaire carhonifere de la Belgique; premiere 

partie. Ann. Mus. Roy. Hist. Nat. Belgique, 1878, II, 1-152. 
Laurent de Koninck. 
Benedenius (Traquair) Koninck, 14; orthotj'pe B. deneensis Traquair (fossil). 

Name preoccupied, replaced by Benedenichthys Traquair, 1890. 
Serratodus Koninck, 53; orthotype S. elegans Koninck (fossil). A synonym of 

Ctenoptychius Ag. 
Stichaeacanthus Koninck, 70; orthotype S. coemansi Koninck (fossil). 

1251. MACLEAY (1878). Description of Some Nezu Fishes from Port Jackson 
and King George's Sound. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1878, III, 33-38. 

William Macleay. 
Isosillago Macleay, 34; orthotype I. maculata Macleay. A synonym of Sillagi- 
nodes Gill. 

1252. NEWBERRY (1878). Descriptions of New Paleozoic Fishes. Ann. N. Y. 

Acad. Sci., 1878, I, 188-192. 
John Strong Newberry. 
Diplurus Newberr}', 127; orthotype D. longicaudatus Newberry (fossil). 

NEWTON, 1878 397 

Diplognathus Newberry, 188; orthotype D. mirabilis Newberry (fossil). 
Archasobatis Newberry, 190; orthotype A. gigas Newberry (fossil). 

1253. NEWTON (1878). The Chimceroid Fishes of the British Cretaceous Strata. 

Mem. Geol. Surv. United Kingdom, 1878, Monograph IV, 1-50. 
Edwin Tulley Newton (1840- ). 
Elasmognathus Newton, 43; orthotype E. willettii Newton (fossil). Name pre- 
occupied in Hemiptera, replaced by Elasmodectes Newton, 1888. 

"-•- I 

1254. SAUVAGE (1878). Note sur quelques Cyprinidce et Cobitince d'especes 
inedites, provenant des eaux donees de la Chine. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, 
VII, ser. 2, 86-90. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Agenigobio Sauvage, 87 ; orthotype A. halsoneti Sauvage. 
Crossostoma Sauvage, 89 ; orthotype C. davidi Sauvage. 
Paramisgurnus Sauvage, 90 ; orthotype P. dabryanus Sauvage. 

1255. SAUVAGE (1878). Note sur quelques poissons d'especes nouvelles prove- 
nant dcs eaux douces de I'lndo-Chine. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, 1878, VII, 
ser. 2, 233-242. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Cosmochilus Sauvage, 240 ; orthotype C. harmandi Sauvage. 

1256. SAUVAGE (1878). Description de poissons nouvelles ou imparfaitement 

connus, etc. Nouv. Arch. Mus. Nat. Hist. Paris, II. 
Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Pseudosebastes Sauvage, 115; orthotype Sebastes bougainvillei Cuv. & Val. 
Eusebastes Sauvage, 115; orthotype Sebastes septentrionalis Gaimard. A syno- 
nym of Sebastes Cuv. 
Elaphocottus Sauvage, 142 ; logotype Cottus pistilliger Pallas. A synonym of 
Gymnocanthus Sw. 

1257. STEINDACHNER (1878). Ichthyologische Beitrdge. VII. Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien, 1878 (1879), LXXVIII, 1. Abth., 377-400. 
Franz Stzindachner. 
Neomyxus Steindachner, 384; orthotype Myxus sclateri Steind. 
Leptobrama Steindachner, 388 ; orthotype L. muelleri Steind. 
Cratinus Steindachner, 395; orthotype C. agassizi Steind. 

1258. STREETS (1878). Contributions to the Natural History of the Hawaiian 
and Fanning Islands and Lower California. Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1878, VII, 

Thomas Hale Streets (1847- ). 
Sebastapistes (Gill) Streets, 62; orthotype Sebastes strongia Cuv. & Val. 

1259. VAILLANT & BOCOURT (1878). Studes sur les poissons. Mission 

Scientifique au Mexique, etc., IV. 
Leon Louis Vaillant; Firmin Bocourt. 
Itaiara Vaillant & Bocourt, 67 ; orthotype Serranus itaiara Lichtenstein = Perca 
guttata L. a synonym of Promicrops Poey. 

1260. WINKLER (1878). Memoire sur quelques restes de poissons du systeme 

heersien. Arch. Mus. Teyler Haarlem, IV. 
Tiberius Cornelius Winkler. 


Cycloides Winkler, 3; orthotype C. incisus Winkler (fossil). A fragment perhaps 
not of a fish. 

Trigonodus Winkler, 14; orthotype Squatina prima Noetling (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Thaumas Miinster. 

1261. WINKLER (1878). Deuxieme Memoire sur les dents de poissons fossiles 
du terrain bruxellien. Arch. Mus. Teyler Haarlem. 
Tiberius Cornelius Winkler. 
Trichiurides Winkler, 31; orthotype T. sagittidens Winkler (fossil). 


1262. BASSANl (1879). VorlduUge Mittheilungen iiber die (fossil) Fischfaune 

der Insel Lesina. Verh. Geol. Reichsanst. Wien, 1879, 162-170. 

Francesco Bassani. 
Aphanepygus Bassani, 162; Orthotype A. elegans Bassani (fossil). A synonym of 

Petalopteryx Pictet. 
Prochanos Bassani, 165; orthotype P. rectifrons Bassani (fossil). 
Hemielopopsis Bassani, 166; orthotype H. SUESSI Bassani (fossil). An extinct 
homologue of Histialosa. 

1263. BEAN (1879). Description of Some Genera and Species of Alaskan Fishes. 

Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., II. 
Tarleton Hoffman Bean (1846-1918.) 
Melletes Bean, 354 ; orthotype M. papilio Bean. 
Dallia Bean, 358 ; orthotype D. pectoralis Bean. 

1264. BLEEKER (1879). Memoire sur Ics poissons a pharyngiens labyrinthiformes 

de rinde archipelagique. Verh. Akad. Amsterdam, XIX, 1879, 1-56. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Pseudosphromenus Bleeker, 2; orthotype Osphromenus opercularis Blkr. 
Parosphromenus Bleeker, 20 ; orthotype P. deissneri Blkr. 

1265. BLEEKER (1879). Revision des especes insulindiennes de la famille des Cal- 

lionymoides. Versl. Akad. Amsterdam (2), XIV, 1879, 79-107. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Eleutherochir Bleeker 103 ; orthotype E. opercularioides Blkr. 

1266. BLEEKER (1879). Sur quelques especes inedites ou peu connues de poissons 
de Chine appartcnant an Museum de Hambonrg. Verh. Akad. Amsterdam 
XVIII, 1879, 1-17. 

PiZTER Bleeker. 
Hemiglyphidodon Bleeker, 8; orthotype H. plagiometopon Blkr. 

1267. BLEEKER (1879). Enumeration des especes de poissons actuellement con- 
nues du Japan et description de trois especes inedites. Verh. Akad. Amster- 
dam, XVIII, 1879. 1-33. 

Pieter Bleeker. 
Lepidorhynchus Bleeker, 21 ; orthotype L. villosus Blkr. 

CAMPBELL, 1879 399 

1268. CA]\IPBELL (1879). On a New Fish (Discus aureus). Trans. Proc. New 

Zeal. Instit., XI, 297-298. 
W. D. Campbell. 

Discus Campbell, 298 ; orthotype D. aureus Campbell. 

1269. CASTELNAU (1879). On a New Ganoid Fish from Queensland. Proc. 

Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1878, III, 164-165. 
Francis L. Castelnau. 
Ompax Castelnau, 165 ; orthotype O. spatuloides Castelnau. This species is based 
on a drawing, probably a rough representation of Epiceratodus Teller. 
Macleay doubts the actual existence of the genus or species. 

1270. CASTELNAU (1879). On Several New Australian Fresh-water Fishes. 

Proc. Linn. Soc, III. 
Fr^vncis L. Castelnau. 
Aristeus Castelnau, 141 ; orthotype A. fitzroyensis Castelnau. Preoccupied in 
Crustacea ; replaced by Rhombatractus Gill. A synonym of Melanot^nia 

1271. COLLETT (1879). On a Nezv Fish of the Genus Lycodes from the Pacific. 

Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 
Robert Collett. 

Lycodopsis Collett, 386; orthotype Lycodes pactficus Collett (issued August 1, 
1879). Same as Leurynnis Lockington (March 25, 1880). 

1272. COPE (1879). A Sting Ray (Xiphotrygon acutidens) from the Green River 

Shales of Wyoming. Amer. Natural., 1879, XIII, ZoZ. 
Edward Drinker Cope. 
Xiphotrygon Cope, 333; orthotype X. acutidens Cope (fossil). 

1273. DAVIS (1879). Notes on Pletirodus . . . and . . . Three Spines of Ces- 
tracionfs from the Lotver Coal Measures. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc, XXXV. 

James William Davis. 

Phricacanthus Davis, 186; orthotype P. biserialis Davis (fossil). Probably a 
synonym of Oracanthus Ag. 

1274. DAVIS (1879). On Ostracacanthus ... a Fossil Fish from the Coal Meas- 
ures Southeast of Halifax, Yorkshire. Reprint Brit. Assn. Adv. Sci., 1879. 

James William Davis. 

Ostracacanthus Davis, 343 ; orthotype O. dilatatus Davis. 

1275. GILL (1879). (Rhombatractus.) Amer. Naturl., 1879. 

Theodore Gill. 

Rhombatractus Gill, 709; orthotype Aristeus fitzroyensis Castelnau. Substitute 
for Aristeus Castelnau, preoccupied. A synonym of Melanot.^nia Gill, 1862. 

1276. GOODE & BEAN (1879). A Preliminary Catalogue of the Fishes of the 
St. Johns River and the East Coast of Florida . . . Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., II. 
George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Jordanella Goode & Bean, 117: orthotype J. florid^ Goode & Bean. 


1277. GOODE & BEAN (1879). Description of a Nczv Genus and Species of Fish, 
Lopliolatilus chamcvleonticeps, from the South Coast of Nezu England. Proc. 
U. S. Nat. Mus., II, 205-209. 

George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Lopholatilus Goode & Bean, 205 ; orthotype L. cham.eleonticeps Goode & Bean. 

1278. JORDAN (1879). Description of New Species of North American Fishes. 

Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., II, 235-241. 
David Starr Jordan 
Xiphister Jordan, 241 ; orthotype Xiphidion mucosum Grd. A substitute for 
XiPHiDiON Grd., regarded as preoccupied by Xiphidium, a genus of grass- 

1279. JORDAN (1879). Note on a Collection of Fishes Obtained in the Streams 
of Guanajuato and in Chapala Lake, Mexico, by Prof. A. Duges. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus., II, 299-301. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Goodea Jordan, 299; orthotype G. atripinnis Jordan. 

1280. GORJANOVIC-KRAMBERGER (1879). Bcitrdge sur Kenntniss der fos- 

silen Fische der Karpathen. Palaeontographica, XXVI. 
Dragutin Gorjanovic-Kramberger. 
Megalolepis Kramberger, 61; orthotype M. cashc^nsis Kramberger (fossil). 

1281. KESSLER (1879). Bcitrage sur Ichthyologie von Central-Asien. Bull. 

Acad. Sci. St. Peter^b., 1879, XXV, 282-310. 
Karl Theodorovich Kessler. 
Aspiorhynchus Kessler, 289; orthotype, A. PREZwrALSKii Kessler. 

1282. LOCKINGTON (1879). Description of New Genera and Species of Fishes 

from the Coast of California. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., II, 326-332. 
William Neale Lockington (1842-1902). 
Leurynnis Lockington, 326; orthotype Leurynnis paucidens Lockington (male of 
Lvcodopsis pacificus Collett) (issued March 25, 1880). A synonym of Lyco- 
DOPSis Collett (Aug. 1. 1879). 
Odontopyxis Lockington, 326; orthotype O. trispinosus Lockington. 

1283. LOCKINGTON (1879). On a New Genus of Scombridce. Proc. Acad. Nat. 

Sci. Phila., 1879, 133-136. 
William Neale Lockington. 
Chriomitra Lockington, 133 ; orthotype C. concolor Lockington. A synonym of 
Scomeeromorus Lac. 

1284. SAUVAGE (1879). Notice sur la faune ichihyologique de I'Ogooue. Bull. 

Soc. Philom. Paris, ser. 7, III, 90-103. 
Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Micracanthus Sauvage, 95 ; orthotype M. marchii Sauvage. Name preoccupied by 
Microcantiius (Micracanthus) Sw. (1839). Being apparently a valid 
genus, the name has been replaced by Oshimia Jordan, 1919. in honor of 
Masamitsu Oshima. 

SAUVAGE, 1879 401 

Doumea Sauvage, 96; orthotype D. typica Sauvage. 
Atopochilus Sauvage, 96; orthotype A. savorgnani Sauvage. 

1285. SAUVAGE (1879). Description de gobioides nouveaux ou peu connus de 
la collection du Museum d'Histoire Nafurelle. Bull. Sci. Philom. Paris. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 

Giuris Sauvage, 15; logotype G. vanicolensis Sauvage (no generic diagnosis), near 
Hypseleotris Gill. 

1286. SAUVAGE (1879). (Uranoplosus.) Bull. Soc. Yonne, XXXIII. 

Henri finiLE Sauvage. 
Uranoplosus Sauvage, 47; orthotype U. cotteaui Sauvage (fossil). 
Cosmodus Sauvage, 48; orthotype C. grandis Sauvage (specific name preoccupied) 
= CcELODUS MAJOR Woodward. May replace Ccelodus Heckel (1856), re- 
garded as preoccupied by Ccelodon Lund (1839). 

1287. STEINDACHNER (1879). Zur Fischfauna des Magdalenen-Stromes. 

Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Wien, XXXIX, 19-78. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Luciocharax Steindachner, 67; orthotype L. insculptus Steind. A synonym of 
Ctenolucius Gill (1861), but in the latter case no specific name was given. 

1288. STEINDACHNER (1879). Ueber einige neue und seltene Fisch-Arfen aus 
den k.-k. soologischcn Museum zu Wien, Stuttgart, und IVarschau. Denkschr. 
Akad. Wiss. Wien, XLI, 1-52. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Parequula Steindachner, 8 ; orthotype P. bicornis Steind. 

1289. TRAUTSCHOLD (1879). Ucbcr Fischzdhne dcs Moskauer Jura. Bull. 

Soc. Imp. Nat. Moskau. XIV. 
Hermann von Trautschold. 
Cymatodus Trautschold, 53; C. plicatulus Trautschold (fossil). Name preoccu- 
pied ; probably a synonym of Mesolophodus Woodw. 
Cranodus Trautschold, 54; orthotype C. zonodus Trautschold (fossil). 
Chiastodus Trautschold, 58; orthotype C. cbvallatus Trautschold (fossil). 
Arpagodus Trautschold, 59; orthotype A. rectangulus Trautschold (fossil). A 
synonym of Campodus Koninck. 

1290. WAAGEN (1879). Paleontology of India. 
W. Waagen (1841-1900). 
Helodopsis Waagen. I. 14; logotype H. elongata Waagen (fossil). 
Thaumatacanthus Waagen, I, 78; orthotype T. BLANPORni Waagen (fossil). 


1291. BLEEKER (1880). Musei Hamburgensis species piscium noixr minusque 
cogiiitas descripsit et depingi curavit. Abh. Naturw. Ver. Hamburg, 1880, 
VII, 25-30. 



Hemiglyphidodon Bleeker, 8; orthotype H. plagiometopon Blkr. 

1292. COLLETT (1880). Den Norske Nordhavs Expedition, 1876-1878. Zoologi, 

Fiske. Christiania. 
Robert Collett. 

Rhodichthys Collett, 154; orthotype R. regina Collett. 

1293. COPE (1880). Second Contribution to the History of the Vertehrata of the 
Permian Formation of Texas. Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc, XIX, 38-58. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 

Ectosteorhachis Cope, 52; orthotype E. nitidus Cope (fossil). A synonym of 
Parabatrachus Owen. 

1294. FONTANNES (1880). Nonvelle contribution a la faune et a la ftore des 
marnes pliocenes a Brissopsis d'Eurre (Drome). Type nouveau de la famille 
des Clupeoides. Ann. Soc. Agric. Hist. Nat. Lyon, V, 423-425. 

Charles Francisque Fontannes (1839-1886). 
Clupeops (Sauvage), Fontannes, 209; orthotype C. insignis Sauvage (fossil). 
Miocene from le Bassin de Crest at Eurre. Drome (publication needs verifi- 

1295. CARMAN (1880). Synopsis and Descriptions of the American Rhinobatidct. 

Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus. 
Samuel Garman. 

Platyrhinoidis Garman, 516; orthotype Platyrhina triseriata J. & G. 
Discobatus Garman, 523; orthotype Raja sinisis Lac; substitute for Plat\'rhina 

M. & H., regarded as preoccupied by'PLATVRHiNus ; but Analithis Gistel 

(1848) is a still earlier substitute name. 

1296-1297. GIGLIOLI (1880). Elenco dei mammiferi, degli uccelli e dei rettili 

ittiofagi . . . et catalogo . . . dei pesci italiani. Esposizione Internazionale 

della Pesca, Berlin. 
Pomatomichthys Giglioli, 20; orthotype P. constancl^i; Giglioli = Pomatomus 

telescopium Risso. A synonym of Epigonus Raf. 
Thynnichtliys Giglioli, 25 ; orthotype Thynnus thunnina Cuv. & Val. = Scomber 

alleteratus Raf. Name preoccupied; a synonym of Euthynnus Liitken 

Pelamichthys Giglioli, 25; orthotype Scomber unicolor Geoffroy St. Hilaire. A 

synonym of Orcynopsis Gill, 1862. 

1298. GOODE (1880). Fishes from the Deep Water on the South Coast of New 
England Obtained by the United States Fish Commission in the Summer of 
1880. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1880, III, 467-486. 

George Brown Goode. 

Amitra Goode, 478; orthotype A. liparina Goode. Name regarded as preoccupied 
by Amitrus ; replaced by Monomitra Goode, 1883. 

1299. GOODE (1880). Descriptions of Seven New Species of Fishes from Deep 
Soundings on the Southern Nezv England Coast, With Diagnosis of Two 

Undescribed Genera of Flounders and a Genus Related to Merlucius. Proc. 
U. S. Nat. Mus. 1880, III, 337-350. 

GUNTHER, 1880 403 

Monolene Goode, 338; orthotype M. sessilicauda Goode. 

Thyris Goode, 344; orthotype T. pellucidus Goode; larva of Monolene Goode. 

Name preoccupied, replaced by Delothyris Goode, 1883. 
Hypsicometes Goode, 347; orthotype H. gobioides Goode. 

1300. GUNTHER (1880). Report on the Shore Fishes. (In Zoology of the 

Voyage of H. M. S. Challenger. I, 1-82. 
Albert Gunther. 

Bathyanthias Gunther, 6; orthotype B. roseus Gthr. 

Zanclorhynchus Gunther, 15; orthotype Z. spinifer Gthr. 

Murasnolepis Gunther, 17 ; orthotype M. marmoratus Gthr. 

Lepidopsetta Gunther, 18 ; orthotype L. maculata Gthr. Name preoccupied among 

flounders ; replaced by Mancopsetta Gill. 
Thysanopsetta Gunther, 22; orthotype T. naresi Gthr. 
Lophonectes Gunther, 28; orthotype L. Gallus Gthr. 
Laeops Gunther, 28; orthotype L. parviceps Gthr. 
Propoma Gunther, 39; orthotype P. roseum Gthr. 
Lioscorpius Giinther, 40; orthotype L. longiceps Gthr. 
Acanthaphritis Giinther, 43 ; orthotype A. grandisquamis Gthr. 
Tetrabrachium Giinther, 45; orthotype T. ocellatum Gthr. 
Anticitharus Giinther, 47; orthotype A. polyspilus Gthr. 
Poecilopsetta Giinther, 48 ; orthotype P. colorata Gthr. 
Nematops Gunther, 57; orthotype N. microstoma Gthr. 

1301. HAY (1880). On a Collection of Fishes from Eastern Mississippi. Proc. 

U. S. Nat. Mus., 1880, HI. 488-515. 
Oliver Perry Hay (1846- ). 
Opsopoeodus Hay, 507 ; orthotype O. emilim Hay. 

1302. HECTOR (1880). Notice of a New Fish (Hypolycodes haastii). Trans. 

Proc. New Zealand Instit., 1880 (1881), 13, 194-195. 
James Hector. 
Hypolycodes Hector, 194; orthotype H. haastii Hector. 

1303. HILGENDORF (1880). Ueber eine neue berkcnswerthe Fischgattung, 

Leucopsarion, von Japan. Monatsb. Akad. Wiss. Berlin. 
Franz Martin Hilgendorf 
Leucopsarion Hilgendorf, 340 ; orthotype L. petersi Hilgendorf. 

1304. JORDAN & GILBERT (1880). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from San 

Diego, California. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., Ill, 1880, 23-34. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 

Roncador Jordan & Gilbert, 28; orthotype Corvina stearnsi Steind. 
Leuresthes Jordan & Gilbert, 29; orthotype Atherina tenuis Ayres. 

1305. JORDAN & GILBERT (1880). Description of a New Flounder (Xystreurys 
liolepis) from Santa Catalina, California. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1880, 
III, 34-36. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Xystreurys Jordan & Gilbert, 34; orthotype X. liolepis J. & G. 


1306. JORDAN & GILBERT (1880). Description of a New Flounder (Pleuro- 
nichthys verticalis) from the Coast of California, with Notes on Other Species. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1880, III, 49-51. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Atheresthes Jordan & Gilbert, 51 ; orthotype Platysomatichthys stomias J. & G. 

1307. JORDAN & GILBERT (1880). On the Generic Relations of Platyrhina 

exasperata. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., LIII. 
David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Zapteryx Jordan & Gilbert, 53 ; orthotype Platyrhina exasperata J. & G. 

1308. JORDAN & GILBERT (1880). Descriptions of Two New Species of 
Fishes (Ascelichthys rliodorus and Scytalina cerdale) from Neah Bay, Wash- 
ington Territory. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1880, III, 264-268. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Ascelichthys Jordan & Gilbert, 264; orthotype A. rhodorus J. & G. 
Scytalina Jordan & Gilbert, 266; orthotype S. cerdale J. & G. Name regarded 
as preoccupied by Scytalinus, replaced by Scytaliscus J. & G. 

1309. JORDAN & GILBERT (1880). Description of a New Species of Deep- 
water Fish (Icichthys lockingtoni) from the Coast of California. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus.. 1880, III, 305-308. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Icichthys Jordan & Gilbert, 305 ; orthotype I. lockingtoni J. & G. 

1310. KLUNZINGER (1880). Die von miillersche Sammlung australischer Fische 

in Stuttgart. Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LXXX, 325-430. 
Carl Benjamin Klunzinger. 
Platychaerops Klunzinger, 399; orthotype P. muelleri Klunzinger. 

1311. KCENEN (1880). Ueber Coccosteus-Arten aus dem Devon von Birken. 

Zeitschr. Deutsch. Geol. Ges., 1880, XXXII, 673-675. 
Adolf von Kcenen (1837-1915). 
Brachydirus Koenen, 675; orthotype Coccosteus birkensis Koenen (fossil). 

1312. LOCKINGTON (1880). Description of a New Genus and Some New 
Species of California Fishes (Icosteus ccnigmaticus and Osmeriis attenuatus). 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1880, III, 63-68. 

William Neale Lockington. 
Icosteus Lockington, 63 ; orthotype I. ^nigmaticus Lockington. 

1313. LOCKINGTON (1880). Description of a Neiv Chiroid Fish (Myriolepis 

zonifcr) from Monterey Bay, California. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1880, III. 


William Neale Lockington. 

Myriolepis Lockington, 248; orthotype, M. zonifer Lockington. Based on a young 

specimen ; name preoccupied, replaced by Erilepis Gill, which supplants Ebisus 

Jordan & Snyder, 1901, the adult fish. 

1314. PETERS (1880). Ueber die von der chinesischen Regierung zu der inter- 
nationalen Fischerei-Austellung gesandte Fischsammlnng aus Ningpo. Monatsb. 
Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1880, 921-927. 

Wilhelm (Carl Hartwig) Peters. 
Distcechodon Peters, 924; orthotype D. tumtrostris Peters. 
Mylopharyngodon Peters, 925 ; orthotype Leuciscus .i'.thigps. 

PETERS, 1880 405 

1315. PETERS (1880). Ueber eine Sauunlung von Fischcn, zvclche Dr. Gerlach in 
Hongkong gesandt hat. Monatsb. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1880, 1029-1037. 

WiLHELM (Carl Hartwig) Peters. 
Semilabeo Peters, 1032 ; orthotype S. notabilis Peters. 
Cranoglanis Peters, 1030 ; orthotype C. sinensis Peters. 

1316. ROCHEBRUNE (1880). Description dc quclqucs especcs noiivellcs de poisson 
propres a Senegamhie. Bull. See. Philom. Paris, 1880, ser. 7. IV, 159-169. 

Alphonse Tremeau de Rochebrune (1834- ). 
Sparactodon Rochebrune. 162 ; orthotype S. nalnal Rochebrune. A synonym of 
Pomatomus Lac. 

1317. ST. JOHN & WORTHEN (1880). Descriptions of Fossil Fishes. Geological 

Survey of Illinois, VII. 

Orestes H. St. John; A. H. Worthen. 

Vaticinodus St. John & Worthen, 80; logotype V. tenerrimus St. John & Worthen 

(fossil). A synonym of Sandalodus Newberry & Worthen. 
Stenopterodus St. John & Worthen, 100 ; orthotype S. elongatus St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). A synonym of Deltodus. 
Chitonodus St. John & Worthen, 109; logotype Cochliodus latus Leidy (fossil). 
D'eltodopsis St. John & Worthen, 158; logotype D. affinis St. John & Worthen 

Orthopleurodus St. John & Worthen, 190; logotype O. convexus St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). A synonym of Sandalodus. 

1318. SAUVAGE (1880). Description des gobioides nouveau.r on pen conntis de 
la collection du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, 1880, 
ser. 7, IV, 40-58. 

Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Cayennia Sauvage, 57 ; orthotype C. guichenoti Sauvage. 

1319. SAUVAGE (1880). Description de quclques poissons d'especes nouve lies, etc. 

Bull. Sci. Philom. Paris, IV. 
Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Pseudopristipoma .Sauvage, 220; orthotype Pristipoma leucurum Cuv. & Val. 

1320. SAUVAGE (1880). Notice sur quelques poissons de Vile Campbell et de 

I'Indo-Chine. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris. 1880. ser. 7. IV. 228-233. 

Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Paratylognathus Sauvage, 227 ; orthotype P. davidi Sauvage. 
Probarbus Sauvage. 232 ; orthotype P. jullieni Sauvage. 

1321. SAUVAGE (1880). Notice sur les poissons tertiaires de Cereste (Basses 

Alpes). Bull. Soc. Geol. France (3), VIII. 1880. 
Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Enoplophthalmus Sauvage, 449; orthotype E. schlumbergeri Sauvage (fossil). 
Properca Sauvage, 452; logotype Perca angusta Ag. (fossil). 

1322. SAUVAGE (1880). Synopsis des poissons et des reptiles des terrains juras- 
siques de Boulogne-sur-Mer. Bull. Soc. Geol. Paris, 1880, ser. 3, VIII, 524-547. 

Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Athrodon Sauvage, 530; orthotype A. douvillii Sauvage (fossil). 


1323. S AUVAGE ( 1880) . Nouvelles recherches sur les poissons fossiles decouverts 

par M. Alby a Licata en Sicilie. Ann. Soc. Geol. XL 
Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Podopteryx Sauvage, 17; orthotype P. albyi Sauvage (fossil). 
Parequula Sauvage, 25; orthotype P. albyi Sauvage (fossil); name preoccupied, 

Steindachner, 1879. 
Paraleuciscus Sauvage, 38; orthotype P. ecnomi Sauvage (fossil). 

1324. STEINDACHNER (1880). Ichthyologische Beitrdge. VHI. Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien, LXXX, 119-191. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Typhlogobius Steindachner, 141 ; orthotype T. californiensis Steind ; replaces 
Othonops Rosa Smith. 

1325. STEINDACHNER (1880). Ichthyologische Beitrdge. IX. Sitzb. Akad. 

Wiss. Wien, LXXXII (July 15, 1880), 238-266. 
Franz Steindachner. 
Ptychochromis Steindachner, 248; orthotype Tilapia oligacanthus Blkr. 
Ancharius Steindachner, 251 ; orthotype A. fuscus Steind. 
Hypoptychus Steindachner, 257; orthotype H. dybowskii Steind. 
Neozoarces Steindachner, 263 ; orthotype N. pulcher Steind. 

1326. STOCK (1880). Note on a Spine . . . from the Coal Measures of North- 

umberland. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., V. 
Thomas Stock. 
Lophacanthus Stock, V, 217; orthotype L. taylori Stock (fossil). A synonym of 
Oracanthus Ag.. 

1327. THOMINOT (1880). Note sur iin poisson de genre nouveau appartenant 
a la famille des scomberodes, voisin des scriolcs. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, 

1880, ser. 7, IV, 173-174. 
Alexandre Thominot. 
Lepidomegas Thominot, 173 ; orthotype L. muelleri Thominot. A synonym of 
Seriola Cuv. ; based on a very old example with the free spines absorbed. 

1328. TRAUTSCHOLD (1880). Ueber Tomodus Agass. Bull. Soc.Imp. Moscou. 

LV, 139-140. 

Hermann von Trautschold. 

Oxytomodus Trautschold, 140; orthotype Tomodus argutus Trautschold (fossil). 



1. LINN^US (1758). Systema Naturce. Ed. X. 
Myxine Linnreus, 650; orthotype M. glutinosa L. Overlooked in Part I. p. 16, 
being placed by Linnaeus among the worms. 


23. KLEIN (1777). Schauplats, IV, etc. 
Jakob Theodor Klein. 


Cynocephalus Klein; type Squalus glaucus L. The name Cynocephalus was 
applied to a genus of bats by Boddaert in 1768. 


62. GIORNA (1803). Memoire, etc. 

Michel Esprit Giorna. 

Trachyrincus Giorna. This is the original spelling, and the apparent date is 1803. 


83. RAFINESQUE (1815). Dcscrisione, etc. 


Nemochirus Ratinesque ; a synonym of Trachipterus Gouan, according to Hubbs. 


251. SWAINSOX (1839). Natural History, etc. 
William Swainson. 
Lepidosoma ("Risso") Swainson ; haplotype "Lepidosoma trachyrhyxchus Risso." 
Evidently a slip for Lepidoleprus Risso. 


295. AGASSIZ (1843). Recherches, cic, III. 
Louis Agassiz. 
Physonemus Agassiz, 176; haplotype P. subteres Ag. (fossil). Name only; with 
locality, lower Subcarboniferous of Armagh, described later by M'Coy, 1848, 
with a different type, probably not congeneric with it. 
Glyphis Agassiz. III. 243; orthotype G. hastalis Ag. (fossil). 


318A. MULLER (1844). Uebcr den Bau und die Grensen der Ganoiden and das 
natUrliche System der Fische. Abh. Akad. Wiss. Berlin. 1844. 117-216, 
reprinted elsewhere. 

Johannes Muller. 
This epoch-making memoir is the most important of Miiller's contribu- 
tions to Ichthyology. In it he continues his bad habit of inserting new genera 
in brief footnotes irrelevant to the text. 
Tribranchus (Peters) Muller; orthotype T. anguillaris Peters = Anguilla 
australis Rich. A synonym of Anguilla Shaw. 

324. RICHARDSON (1844). Voyage Erebus, etc. 
John Richardson. 
Rhynchana Richardson, 44; orthotype R. greyi Rich. = Cyprinus gonorhynchus 
Gmelin. A synonym of Gonorhynchus (Gronow) Scopoli. 


351. CUVIER& VALENCIENNES (1846). H istoire naturelle, ttc. XVIH, XIX. 

Achille Valenciennes. 
Panchax Cuvier & Valenciennes. XVIII, 380; tautotype Esox panchax Ham. = 

Panchax buchanani Cuv. & Val., a synonym of Aplocheilus M'Clelland. 
Vandellia Cuvier & Valenciennes, XVIII, 386; haplotype V. cirrhosa Cuv. & Val. 

375. MEYER (1847). VorlduAge Uebersicht, etc. 

Hermann von Meyer. ] 

Cenchrodus Meyer, 574; logotype C. gcepperti Meyer (fossil). 


Hemilopas Meyer, 575; orthotype H. mentzeli Meyer (fossil). (This and {he 
preceding indeterminable fragments of a jaw, probably of Cololobus Ag.) 

390. M'COY (1848). 411 M'Coy with Centrodus is the same paper as 390, the 
proper date being 1848. 

391. M'COY (1848). Ichthyodornlitcs, etc. 
Frederick M'Coy. 
Platacanthus M'Coy, 120; as originally written, later emended to Platyacanthus. 
Dipriacanthus M'Coy, 121; logotype D. stokesii M'Coy (fossil). 

391. M'COY (1848). Scotch Old Red Sandstone, etc. 
Frederick M'Coy. 
Chirodus M'Coy, 130 ; orthotype C. pes-ran,e M'Coy. This name was originally 
and correctly spelled Chirodus. 

427A. GEINITZ (1849). Das Qiiadcrsandsteingehirge. 
Hans Bruno Geinitz. 
Aulolepis Geinitz, 86; orthotype A. reussi Geinitz. "Cycloiden-schuppe" Geinitz, 
1839 = Cyclolkpis Geinitz, 1868. Aulolepis apparently replaces Cyclglepis 
Geinitz, 1868. 


439. BLEEKER (1851). Borneo, II, etc. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Clupeoides Bleeker, 275 ; orthotype C. borneensis Blkr. is a valid genus distinct 
from CoRiCA, according to Weber. 


464. GERV.\IS (1852). Zoologie et Paleontologie Frangaises. I. 

Franqois Louis Paul Gervais. 

Onchosaurus Gervais, 268; orthotype O. radicalis Gervais (fossil). Wrongly 
identified as the tooth of a Mososaur. Replaces Ischyrhiza Leidy. 


482A. M'COY (1853). On the Supposed Fish Remains Figured on Plate 4 of the 

Silurian System. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc, IX. 

Frederick M'Coy. 

Leptocheles M'Coy. 14: orthotype L. murchisoni M'Coy (fossil). A synonym of 


483. OWEN (1853). Notice of a Batrachoid in British Coal Shale. Quart. Journ. 

Geol. Soc, IX, 67-70. 
Richard Owen. 
Parabatrachus Owen, 67, etc. 

503. GIRARD (1854). Enumeration, etc. 
Charles Girard. 
Heterostichus is misspelled on page 258. 


512A. MORRIS (1854). Catalogue of British Fossils. 

John Morris. 
Gyrosteus (Agassiz) Morris, 328; orthotype G. mirabilis Ag. First validation of 
Gyrosteus and perhaps of some oth,'r nominal genera of Agassiz. See No. 614. 


521. AYRES (1855). Description, etc. 

William O. Ayres. 

Cebidichthys Ayres. This is the original and correct spelling, not Cebedichthys. 

530. BLEEKER (1855). Sumalra. etc. 
Pieter Bleeker. 
Clupeichthys Bleeker, 275; orthotype C. goniognathus Blkr. This is a valid genus, 
according to Weber, distinct from Corica. 

535A. GERVAIS (1855). Description d'ltn poisson fossiie du terrain cretace de la 

Drome, etc. Ann. Sci. Nat., III. 
Francois Paul Louis Gervais. 
Histialosa Gervais, 322; orthotype H. thiolleri Gervais (fossil). 

543. PETERS (1855). Vebersicht, etc. 
WiLHELM Peters. 
Opsaridium Peters, 269 ; orthotype O. zambezense Peters. Description given as 
from manuscript by Giinther, 1868. 


561. HECKEL (1856). Pycnodontcn, etc. 
JoHANN Jakob Heckel. 
Stemmatodus Heckel, 202; orthotype Pycnodus rhombus Ag. This generic name 
is not preoccupied. Stemmatodus St. John & Worthen (1875) is preoccupied 
and replaced by Stemmatias Hay, 1899. 

572. PANDER (1856). Monographic, etc. 
Christian Heinrich Pander. 
Besides the nominal genera of Russian Silurian fossils listed by Wood- 
ward, the following additional names are given by Marshall. These we are 
not able to verify. 
Drepa nodus, 20. 
AcoDUS, 21. 
Machairodus, 22. 
Paltodus, 24. 
acontiodus, 28. 
Prioniodus, 29. 
Belodus, 30. 
Ctenognathus, 32. 
Gnathodus, 2)Z. 
Prionognathus, 34 
Strosipherus, 73. 
monopleurodus, 78. 


582A. GIEBEL (1857). Dichelodus,cin neuer Fisch im Mansf elder Kupferschiefer. 

Zeitschr. Gesammt. Naturw., IX, 121-126. 

Christoph (Gottfried Andreas) Giebel. 

Dichelodus Giebel, 121; orthotype D. acutus Giebel (fossil). 


583. GIRARD (1857). Contributions, etc. 
Ch.'\rles Gir.\rd. 
Chiropsis Girard, 201 ; haplotype, as indicated in the Pacific R. R. Survey, is 
Chirus pictus Grd. = Labrus superciliosus Pallas. 


664A. PAGE (1859). (Fossil Fishes; Old Red Sandstone of Scotland.) Rept. 

Brit. Assn. Adv. Sci., 1858 (1859). 
D. Page. 
Ictinocephalus Page, 104; orthotype I. granulatus Page (fossil). Name only, 
identical with Ischnacanthus Powrie, 1864. 

Blepharichthys Gill, misprinted in text on page 302. 


834. KNER & STEINDACHNER. Neue Gattungen, etc. Abh. Konigl. Bayerischen 

Akad. Wiss. Miinchen, X. 
Rudolph Kner ; Franz Steindachner. 
The correct date of this paper is 1866, the second part issued in 1868, 
the whole with title page in 1870, according to Hussakof. 


1128 and 1129 LUTKEN (1874). Leporellus Lutken, 129 should come under 
No. 1129, and Glanidium Liitken, 31, and Bagropsis Liitken, 32, should 
come under 1128, a slip made in printing. 


(Genera of doubtful standing are marked d; synonyms, s.) 

Abramidopsis, s, 328 
Abramocephalus, s, 355 
Acanthaluteres, 340 
Acanthaphritis, 403 
Acantharchus, 332 
Acanthaspis, 379 
Acanthistius, 315 
Acanthobrama, 287, 335 
Acanthocepola, 372 
Acanthochaetodon, 383 
Acanthochromis, 324 
Acanthocobitis, 308 
Acanthocybium, 314 
Acanthodopsis, 352 
Acanthodoras, 311 
Acanthogobius, 290 
Acantholatris, 313 
Acantholebius, s, 305 
Acantholepis, s, 379 
Acanthomullus, d, 309 
Acanthonemopsis, 393 
Acanthonotos, s, 359 
Acanthonus, 394 
Acanthoperca, s, 393 
Acanthorhodeus, 355 
Acanthostracion, 340 
Acaropsis, 381 
Acentrachme, s, 315 
Acentrogobius, 373 
Acentrophorus, 392 
Acheilognathus, 288 
Achirophichthys, s, 335 
Achiropsis, 387 
Achoerodus, 325 
Acodus, s, 409 
Acondylacanthus, 380 
Acontiodus, s, 409 
Acra, 321 

Acrodobatis, s, 391 
Acrodontosaurus, s, 355 
Acrogrammatolepis, s, 350 
Acronuru?, s, 307 
Actenolepis, s, 364 

Actinogobius, 373 

Adinia, 290 

Aegaeonichthys, 394 

^glefinus, s, 391 

Aganodus, s, 347 

Agassizodus, s, 380 

Ageleodus, 347 

Agenigobio, 397 

Agenor, s, 393 

Aglyptosternon, 312 

Agnus, s, 29b 

Agonomalus, 341 

Agonopsis, 305 

Agrammatolepis, s, 350 

Agrammus, 296 

Aida, s, 378 

Ailiichthys, 361 

Aipiclithys, 293 

Akysis, 293 

Alausella, s, 303 

Albulichthys, 288 

Alburnoides, s, 308 

Aledon, s, 301 

Alepidogobius, 373 

Alexandrinus, s, 308 

Algoa, 301 

Alopiopsis, 338 

Alosina, 300 

Alticus, d, 353 

Alvarius, 290 

Alvordius, 290 

Amacanthus, 381 

Amblyapistus, 384 

Amblychseturichthys, 374 

Amblycirrhitus, 313 
' Amblydoras, 311 
I Amblyeleotris, 372 
I Amblygobius, 374 

Amblypharyngodon, 288 

Amblypomacentrus, 387 
j Amblyraja, d, 391 
. Amblyrhynchichthys, 288 

Amblyscion. 324 

Amblytoxotes, 383 
Amiopsis, s, 327 
Amitra, d, 402 
Ammocrypta, 390 
Ammopleurops, s, 319 
Ammotretis, 319 
Amphicentrum, s, 344 
Amphilius, 332 
Amphiplaga, 388 
Amyzon, 364 
Anacyrtus, 333 
Angedopogon, 360 
Anapterus, 371 
Anarmostus, s, 328 
Ancharius, 406 
Anchybopsis, 356 
Ancylopsetta, s, 331 
Andamia, 289 
Andreiopleura, 336 
Anema, s, 296 
Anematichthys, 288 
Anisarchus, 331 
Anisochirus, 319 
Anisotremus, 302 
Ankistrodus, d, 358 
Anogmius, 360, 388 
Anomalops, 352 
Anomiolepis, d, 304 
Anoplagonus, 305 
Anoplarchus, 305 
Anoplogaster, 291 
Anticitharus, 403 
Antliodus, s, 342 
Anyperodon, 291 
Aphanepygus, s, 398 
Aphyocharax, 351 
Aphyocypris, 351 

! Aphyonus, 394 
Aploactisoma, s, 363 
Aplocheilichthys, s, 321 
Apocope, 363 
Apocryptichthys, 385 

! Apocryptodon, 374 



Apostata, s, 294 
Aprionodon, 303, 306 
Apseudobranchus, J, 313 
Apsopelix, 360 
Apua, 294 
Archseobatis, 397 
Archaeogadus, s, 339 
Archaeoides, s, 292 
Arcliamia, 323 
Archichthys, s, 358 
Archoplites, 305 
Archoscion, 313 
Arctozenus, 330 
ArgyroUenia, s, 302 
Ariopsis, s, 303 
Aristeus, s, 393, 399 
Arlina, s, 290 
Arnoglossus, 310 
Arpagodus, s, 401 
Arrhamphus, 340 
Ascelichthys, 404 
Asineops, 356 
Asperulus, s, 303 
Aspidichthys, 371 
Aspidobagrus, 312 
Aspidodus, s, 342 
Aspidolepis, d, 349 
Aspidophorus, s, 359 
Aspidopleurus, s, 342 
Aspiorhynchus, 400 
Asproperca, s, 295 
Astatichthys, s, 371 
Astemomycterus, d, 296 
Astephus, 368 
Asternopteryx, 307 
Asternotremia, s, 390 
Asterosteus, 379 
Asthenurus, s, 339 
Astrodoras, 311 
Astroscopus, 295 
Atelurus, 357 
Athaena, 301 
Atheresthes, 404 
Atherinella, 381 
Atherinops, 381 
Atherinosoma. 363 
Athrodon, 405 
Atopochilus, 401 
Atopomycterus, 336 
Atractoperca. s, 305 
Atractoscion, d, 313 

Attakeopsis, s, 366 
Aturius, s, 394 
Atypus, s, 296 
Auchenionchus, 296 
Auchenipterichthys, 311 
Auchenoglanis, 334 
Auchenopterus, d, 307 
Aulacosteus, s, 295 
Aulichthys, 315 
Auliscops, s, 342 
Aulolepis, 408 
Aulorhynchus, 305 
Auluxacanthus, s, 347 
Awaous, s, 299 
Ayresia, 323 
Bagrichthys, 293, 312 
Bagropsis, 376, 410 
Bairdiella, 302 
Balantiocheilos, 287 
Banjos, 382 
Barbichthys, 287 
Barbodes, 288 
Barbodon, s, 364 
Barynotus, 351 
Bascanius, d, 353 
Batacanthus, 381 
Batasio, 294 
Bates, d, 392 
Bathyanthias, 403 
Bathycheilodus, s, 380 
Bathydraco, 394 
Bathygobius, 393 
Bathylagus, 395 
Bathymaster, 368 
Bathynectes, 394 
Bathyophis, 394 
Bathypterois, 395 
Bathysaurus, 395 
Bathystoma Scudder, 328 
Bathystoma Fitzinger, s, 

Bathythrissa, s, 389 
Batliytroctes, 395 
Belobranchus, 372 
Belodus, 409 
Beloncsox, 298 
Belonichthys, 353 
Bembrops, 387 
Bendilisis, s, 288 
Benedenius, s, 396 
Beridia, s, 388 

Blakea, s, 387 
Blanchardia, s, 378 
Bleeckeria, s, 368 
Bleekeria, 318 
Blennicottus, 305 
Blennioclinus, 295 
Blennodesmus, 361 
Blepharichthys, 302, 410 
Bliccopsis, s, 328 
Bogota, 294, 383 
Bola, s, 351 
Boleichthys, 290 
Boleops, s, 326 
Boopsidea, 301 
Boreocottus, s, 290 
Boreogadus, 318 
Boreogaleus, 306 
Boreogobius, 326 
Bostockia, 368 
Bowenia, 369 
Brachaluteres, 340 
Brachyacanthus, s, 295 
Brachyalestes, 333 
Brachyamblyopus, 374 
Brachyconger, s, 335 
Brachydeuterus, 313 
Brachydirus, 404 
Brachyeleotris, 373 
Brachygadus, s, 316, 325 
Brachygenys, 353 
Brachygobius, 373 
Brachygramma, s, 337 
Brachyichthys, 321 
Brachyistius, 316 
Brachymesistius, s, 325 
Brachymullus, 383 
Brachymystax, 340 
Brachyopsis, 304, 305 
Brachyplatystoma, 312 
Brachypleura, 319 
Brachypomacentrus, 387 
Brachyprosopon, s, 310 
Brachyrhamphichthys, s, 

Brachyrhinus, s, 315 
Brachyrhynchus, s, 360 
Brachyspondylus, 339 
Brachysynodontis, 311 
Brama, s, 312 
Bramocharax, 389 
Bramopsis, s, 300 



Branchiosteus, 318 
Breviperca, 378 
Brevoortia, 303 
Brisbania, 388 
Brochis, 363 
Brosmophycis, 305 
Bryactinus, 379 
Bryconasthiops, 369 
Bryconops, 292 
Buglossus, s, 319 
Bungia, 308 
Bunocottus, 352 
Butis, 372 
Byssacanthus, 309 
Bythiacanthus, 381 
Cachius, s, 351 
Caenotropus, 333 
Caesiosoma, d, 383 
Calamoichthys, 343 
Calamostoma, s, 328 
Callcleotris, s, 326 
Calliclinus, 296 
Callogobius, s, 373 
Callomystax, 332 
Calloptiluin, s, 366 
Callyodontichthys, 300 
Calopoclus, 380 
Camarina, 293 
Campylomormyrus, 372 
Campyloplcuron, s, 346 
Carangops, s, 316 
Carangus, s, 291 
Careproctus, 308 
Carpionichthys, s, 322 
Catastoma, s, 312 
Cathctostoma, s, 305 
Caularchus, 317 
Caulolatilus. 316 
Caulopus, 314 
Cayennia, 405 
Cebidichthys, 409 
Cenchrodus, 407 
Centroberyx, 315 
Centriscops, 315 
Centroblejinius, 302 
Centrogobius, 373 
Centropholis, 395 
Centrophorus, s, 292 
Centropogon, 296 
Centropterus, 301 
Centropus, 298 

Centropyge, s, 298 
Centroscymnus, 329 
Cephalogobius, 373 
Cephalopsis, s, 369 
Cephaloptenis, s, 359 
Cephaloscyllium, 3C6 
Cephenoplosus, s, 377 
Ceratacanthus, 303 
Ceratocottus, 290 
Ceratoscopelus, 333 
Cestracion, s, 303, 306 
Cetengraulis, 351 
Chaenobryttus, 332 
Chaenogaleus, 306 
Chaenomugil, d, 324 
Chasnopsetta, 303, 331 
Chaenopsis, 323 
Cbasnothorax, 394 
Chaetodontoplus, 383 
Chastodontops, 383 
Chalcinopsis, s, 327 
Champsocephaliis, 306 
Champsodon, 345 
Channalabes, 369 
Chanodichthys, 288* 
Cliaracidium, 343 
Characodon, 340 
Characodus Ag., d. 320 
Characodus Owen, s, 347 
Chasmistes, 396 
Cheiliopsis, 328 
Cheilolabrus, s, 387 
Cheimarrichthys, 375 
Cheirothrix, 342 
Chelidonichthys, 370 
Chelmonops, 383 
Chiasmodon, 327 
Chiastodus, 401 
Chiloglanis, 353 
Chirocentrodon, 351 
Chirodactylus, 313 
Chirodus, 408 
Chiropsis, s, 410 
Chitonodus, 405 
Chloroscombrus, 291 
Choerojulis, s, 314 
Choeroplotosus, s, 334, 338 
Cholodns, 380 
Cliondroplites, 314 
Chonophorus, 299 
Chorististium, 313 

Chriolax, s, 396 
Chriomitra, s, 400 
Chriope, 396 
Chromis, s, 318 
Chrysophekadion, s, 287 
Cirrhinichthys, 321 
Cirrhiptera, s, 383 
Cirrhitopsis, s, 313 
Cirrimens, 313 
Citharichthys, 310 
Citharoedus, 297 
Citharus, s, 310 
Clara, s, 314 
Clastes, d, 368 
Cleithrolepis 330 
Clidoderma 310 
Clinocottus 305 
Clupeichthys 409 
Clupeoides, 408 
Clupeonella, 391 
Clupeops, 402 
Cnidoglanis, 332 
Coccia, s, 333 
Cochliodon, 332 
Codonolepis, s, 350 
Coinolcpis, s, 350 
Coliscus, s, 363 
Collichthys, 296 
Conchiopsis, s, 368 
Conchopoma, 352 
Congrogadus, 318 
Conorhynchus, s, 303 
Conosanrops, d, 352 
Copelandia, s, 390 
Copiodoglanis, s, 332 
Copodus, 320 
Coradion, 297 
Coridodax, 318 
Coryphogobius, s, 326 
Coryphopterus, s, 325 
Cosmochilus, 397 
Cosmodus, 401 
Cosmoptychius, s, 392 
Cossyphodes, s, 293 
Cottapistus, 384 
Cottogaster, 328 
Cottoperca, 381 
Cottunculus, 379 
Cotylopiis, 332 
Couesius, 395 
Cranodus, 401 



Cranoglanis, 405 
Crapatalus, 308 
Cratinus, 397 
Crayracion, s, 340 
Creagrutus, 333 
Creatochanes, 333 
Credemnolepis, s, 349 
Cremnobates, d, 308 
Crenicara, 381 
Crenuchus, 326 
Crepidogaster, s, 307 
Crinodus, 313 
Cristivomer, 395 
Crommiolepis, d, 350 
Crommyodus, 356 
Crossocheilichthys, 321 
Crossognathus, 292 
Crossostoma, 397 
Crotalopis, 297 
Cryptocentrus, 374 
Cryptopterus, d, 297 
Cryptosmilia, s, 344 
Cryptotomus. 361 
Crystallogobius, 326 
Ctenognathus, s, 409 
Ctenolates, 361 
Ctenolucius, 302 
Ctenopetalus, 320 
Ctenopharyngodon, 343 
Ctenotrypauchen, s, 348 
Culius, s, 372 
Curimatopsis, 387 
Curtodus, 347 
Cyclocheilichthys, 288 
Cyclogobius, s, 299 
Cycloides, d, 398 
Cyclolepis, d, 349 
Cyclonarce, s, 307 
Cycloptychius, 344 
Cyclospondylus, ^, 347 
Cyclotomodon, 385 
Cyema, 395 
Cymatodus Newberry & 

Worthen, d, 359 
Cymatodus Trautschold, 

d, 401 
Cymolutes, 318 
Cynocephalus, 306, 407 
Cynolebias, 387 
Cynoperca, 390 
Cynoscion, 304 

j Cyprinopsis, s, 339 
I Cyrtacanthus, d, 371 

Cyttopsis, 314 

Dacentrus, s, 396 

Dactylagnus, 318 
i Dactylanthias, 367 
j Dactylodus, 342 
! Dactylopagrus, 313 

Dactylopogon, 339 

Dactylopus, 290 

Dactylosargus, 313 

Dactyloscopus, 290 

Dactylosparus, s, 314 

Dallia, 398 

Dampieria, 378 

Dapedoglossus, s, 388 

Daptinus, s, 364 

Dasyscopelus, 333 

Datnioides, s, 294 

Decaptus, s, 309 

Decodon, 318 

Dekaya, s, 323 

Deltentosteus, 325 

Deltodopsis, 405 

Deltodus, 320 

Deltoptychius, 320 
! Dendroptychius, 344 

Dermatoptychus, s, 339 

Dermatostethus, d, 317 

Desmichthys, 392 
' Desmiodus, 380 

Deuteropterus, 304 

Devario, s 288 
! Dianema, 363 

Diaphaniclithys, s, 334 

Diaphyodus, s, 328 

Diastichus, 356 

Dibranchus, 379 

Dicentrarchus, 296 

Dichelodus, 409 

Dicrossus, 381 

Dicrotus, 297 

Didymaspis, 346 

Dimalacocentrus, s, 325 

Dinemus, s, 298 

Dinichthys, 371 

Dinolestes, 366 

Diphrissa, s, 379 

Diplocheilichthys, 287 

Diplocrepis, 307 
[ Diplognathus, 397 

Diplolepis, s, 328 
Diplomystax, s, 332 
Diplomystes, 311 
Diplomystus, d, 388 
Diplophos, 369 
Diplophysa, 376 
Diplotomodon, 352 
Diplurus, 396 
Dipriacanthus, 408 
Dipristis Gervais, s, 354 
Dipristis Marsh, d, 359 
Diproctacanthus, 309 
Diptychus, 343 
Diretmus, 326 
Dirrhizodon, 358 
Disceus, 389 
Dischistodus, 324 
Discobatus, s, 402 
Discognathichthys, 287 
Discus, 399 
Distcechodon, 404 
Ditaxiodus, s, 342 
Dittodus, s, 346 
Doliichthys, 376 
Doliodon, s, 291 
Doratonotus, 318 
Dormitator, 302, 316 
Doumea, 401 
Drepanacanthus, s, 242 
Drepanephorus, 365 
Drepanodus, s, 409 
Drepanopsetta, s, 303 
Dypterolepis, s, 349 
Dysichthys, 374 
Echiichthys, 301, 309 
Echiopsis, s, 297 
Ectosteorhachis, s, 402 
Edelia, s, 368 
Egertonia, 329 
Elaphocottus, s, 397 
Elasmognatlnis, s, 397 
Elassoma, 390 
Elattonistius, s, 390 
Electrophorus, 330 
Eleginops, 306 
Eleotriodes, d, 373 
Eleotrioides, s, 372 
Eleutheractis, s. 361 
Eleutherochir, 398 
Eleutheronema, 310 
Ellerya, s, 367 


Ellipsodus, 389 
Elopichthys. 288 
Elopomorphus, 394 
Embalorhynchus, 359 
Empo, 364 
Enchelurus, 328 
Enchelyopus, s, 310 
Enchelyurus, 353 
Engyprosopon, 319 
Enneacanthus, 332 
Enneacentrus, 337 
Enoplophthalmus, 405 
Entelurus, s, 357 
Enteromius, 344 
Entoniacrodus, 289 
Entosphenus, 317 
Entoxychirus, s, 317 
Epapterus, 393 
Epicopus, s, 296 
Epigonichthys, 391 
Epiplatys, 314 
Episema, s, 390 
Erichseta, s, 391 
Ericosma, 390 
Ericymba, 336 
Erimyzon, 386 
Erinemus, 386 
Erisichthe, s, 364 
Erismatopterus, 356 
Eritrema, s, 384 
Erogala, 395 
Erotelis, 299 
Erpetoichthys, s, 339 
Estheria, 319 
Estrella, s, 290 
Eteira, s, 297 
Eucalia, 386 
Eucentrarchus, 332 
Eucephalaspis, s, 358 
Euclialarodus, s, 331 
Eucboristopus, 326 
Euclyptosternum. s, 332 
Euctenogobius, 289 
Eucyclogobius, 316 
Eugaleus, s, 330 
Engomphodus, d, 303, 331 
Eukeraspis, s, 358 
Eulaniia, s, 306 
"EulepidotJe," s, 347 
Eulepidotus, 349 
Euleptorhamphus, 289 

Eumeda, s, 393 
Eumesogrammus, 331 
Eumicrotremus, 317, 331 
Eumylodus, s, 370 
Euphysocara, 325 
Eupleurogrammus, 314 
Eupomacentrus, 387 
Eupomotis, 389 
Euprotomicrus, 331 
Eurycormus, s, 329 
Eurypegasus, s, 322 
Eurypoma, s, 341 
Eurysomus, s, 344 (mis- 
printed Euryosomus 
on page 344) 
Eurystethus, 392 
Euscbistodus, s, 315 
Eusebastes, s, 397 
Eusphyra, 306 
Eustira, 351 
Eustomatodus, s, 316 
Euthacanthus, s, 334 
Euthyonotus, 300 
Eutropiichthys, 310 
Eutychelithus, s, 386 
Evepigymnus, d, 316 
Evoplites, 315 
Evortbodus, 289 
Evoxymetopon, 325 
Exomegas, 348 
Exostoma, 294 
Fissodus, 380 
Fitzroyia, 340 
Fundulichthys, 288 
Furcaria, 299 
Galeoides, 297 
Gampsacantbus, 381 
Ganacrodus. d, 347 
Ganolodus, s, 347 
Ganorbynchus, 371 
Gasterostea, s, 377 
Gastraea, s, 377 
Gastrodus, s, 347 
Gastromyzon, 375 
Gastropterus, s, 394 
Geisacantbus, s, 381 
Genyagnus, 305 
Genyatremus, 316 
Genyonemus, 304 
Genytremus, s, 310 
Gerreomorpha, 387 

Gibbonsia, 323 
Giffonus, 312 
Gillia, s, 334 
GilHcbtbys, 323 
Girardinichtbys, 294 
Girellichthys, s, 366 
Giuris, s, 401 
Glanidium, 376, 410 
Glaucus, s, 321 
Glossamia, 323 
Glossanodon, 341 
Glossichthys, s, 303 
Glossogobius, 290 
Glymmatacanthus, 381 
Glyphidodontops, s, 387 
Glyphis, 407 
Glypbodes, s, 332 
Glyptauchen, 296 
Glyptolaemus, s, 287 
Glyptotborax, s, 294 
Gnatbagnus, 305 
Gnatbendalia, 301 
Gnatbocentrum, s, 341 
Gnatbodentex, 367 
Gnatbodus, 409 
Gnatbolepis, 373 
Gnatbonemus, 317 
Gnatbopbis, d, 297 
Gnatbopogon, s, 288 
Gnatbypops, 316 
Gobiicbtbys, s, 361 
Gobileptes, d, 374 
Gobiobarbus, s, 354 
Gobioclinus, 295 
Gobiomorpbus, 326 
Gobionellus, 291 
Gobionicbtbys, 321 
Gobiopsis, 299 
Gobiopterus, 373 
Gobiopus, d, 375 
Gobiosoma, s, 364 
Gogrius, s, 344 
Gompbolepis, 362 
Gonatodus, 392 
Goniistius, 314 
Goniobatis, s, 361 
Goniolepis, s, 350 
Gonionarce, s, 307 
Gonioperca, s, 315 
Gonioplectrus, 315 
Gonochaetodon, 383 



Gonoproktopterus, 288 
Gonostomyxus, 355 
Goodea, 400 
Gramma, 353 
Grammateus, 376 
Grammatopleurus, s, 305 
Grammatorcynus, 314 
Grammicolepis, 371 
Grammiconotus, 312 
Graodus, s, 351 
Graphiurus, 341 
Gronias, 329 
Gryphodobatis, 391 
Guavina, 372 
Gulliveria, s, 393 
Gunnellops, 372 
Guntheria, 309 
Gymnallabes, 345 
Gymneipignathus, d, 316 
Gymneleotris, 372 
Gymnobutis, 372 
Gymnocaesio, 382 
Gymnocranius, 358 
Gymnocrotaphus, 291 
Gymnocypris, 351 
Gymnodus, 361 
Gymnogobius, s, 326 
Gymnopropoma, s, 325 
Gymnosarda, 314 
Gymnoscopelus, 369 
Gymnotes, 330 
Gyropleurodus, 317 
Gyrosteus, 409 
Habrolepis, s, 369 
Hsemulopsis, s, 355 
Halaslurus, 306 
Halargyreus, 318 
Halatractus, s, 317 
Halias, s, 293 
Halidcsmus, 361 
Halicutichthys, 324 
Haligenes, s, 292 
Haliichthys, 291 
Haliperca, 315 
Halophryne, 324 
Haloporphynis, d, 318 
Halosaurus, 327 
Hannovera, 360 
Haploidonotus, s, 304 
Hara, s, 294 
Harpacodus, s, 320, 380 

Harpactes, s, 385 
Harpactira, 385 
Harttia, 387 
Hectoria, s, 368 
Hedronchus, d, 385 
Heliobatis, d, 391 
Heliodus, s, 379 
Heliolepis, 350 
Helioperca, d, 390 
Helminthodes, 331 
Helminthostoma, s, 357 
Helodopsis, 401 
Helogenes, 326 
Helotosoma, s^ 327, 383 
Hemiancistrus, 311 
Hemianthias, 377 
Hemiarius, 311 
Hemibagrus, 312 
Hemibarbus, 288 
Hemibrycon, 333 
Hemicetopsis, 311 
Hemichaetodon, 384 
Hemiconiatus, d, 357 
Hemiculter, 288 
Hemicyclaspis, 358 
Hemicyclolepis, d, 350 
Hemicyclus, 350 
Hemielopopsis, 398 
Hemiglyphidodon, 398, 402 
Hemigobius, 373 
Hemigonolepis, s, 350 
Hemigymnus, s, 308 
Hemilampronites. d, 350 
Hemilopas, d, 408 
Hemiloricaria, 311 
Hemilutjanus, 382 
Hemiodontichthys, 311 
Hemioplites, s, 344 
Hemiplatystoma, s, 312 
Hemirhamphodon, 340 
Hemirhombus, j. 310 
Hemirhynchus, 346 
Hemisaurida, 346 
Hemisciasna, s, 321 
Hemisorubim, 312 
Hemisynodontis, 311 
Hemitaurichthys, 383 
Hemitantoga, 309 
Hemithyrsites, 371 
Hemitremia, 356 
Hemitrichas, 392 

Hemixiphophorus, s, 288 
Heptadecacanthus, s, 387 
Herpetoichthys, s, 338 
Hetereleotris, 373 
Heterobagrus, 329 
Heterochoerops, 343 
Heteroclinus, 363 
Heteroconger, 348 
Heterolepidotus, d, 365 
Heterolepis, d, 336 
Heteroleuciscus, 376 
Heteroprosopon, s, 310 
Heteroscarus, 363 
Heterostichus, s, 300, 408 
Heterostrophus, 329 
Heterothrissa, 351 
Heterothrissops, s, 381 
Heterythrinus, s, 332 
Hexapsephus, 385 
Hippoglossina, 387 
Histialosa, 409 
Histiophryne, 324 
Holanthias, 351 
Holaspis, s, 370 
Holcolepis, 339, 352 
Hollardia, 3C8 
Holophagus, s, 301 
Holopterura, 361 
Holorhinus, 317 
Holotaxis, 356 
Holotrachys, 369 
Holoxenus, s, 385 
Homacanthus, s, 295 
Homalogrystes, s, 387 
Homalorhynchus, s, 367 
Homoeolepis, s, 300 
Hoplarchus, s, 297 
Hoplobrotula, 325 
Hoplocoryphis. 314 
Hoplonchus, 385 
Hoplonotus, J, 341 
Hoplopagrus, 304 
Hoplunnis, 297 
Hucho, 340 
Hybocladodus. 380 
Hybodopsis, 392 
Hydrocyonoides, s, 301 
Hydrolagiis, 317 
Hydrophlox, 395 
Hygrogonus, s, 318 
Hymenolomus, s, 357 



Hypamia, 370 
Hyperistius, s, 332 
Hyperoglyphe, 291 
Hyperopisus, 314 
Hyperoplus, 318 
Hypleurochilus, 302 
Hypocritichthys, 316 
Hypogymnogobius, 373 
Hypohomus, 355 
Hypolycodes, 403 
Hypomesus, 313 
Hypophthalmichthys, 288 
Hypoplectrodes, 315 
Hypoplectrus, 315 
Hypoplites, 315 
Hypopomus, 330 
Hypoprionodon, 306 
Hypopterus, 304 
Hypoptopoma, 351 
Hypoptychus, 406 
Hyporhamphus, 289 
Hyporthodus, s, 304 
Hypsagonus, 305 
Hypselobagrus, d, 312 
Hypselobarbus, 288 
Hypseleotris, 326 
Hypsicometes, d, 403 
Hypsifario, 317 
Hypsigenys, s, 308 
Hypsiptcra, s, 297 
Hypsoblennius, 302 
Hypsocormus, 3C0 
Hypsopsetta, 317, 331 
Hypsurus, 3C0 
Hypsypops, 305 
Hypterus, s, 386 
Hyptius, s, 330 
Hystricodon, 333 
Jans, s, 288 
Ichthyborus, 333 
Ichthyodectes, 356 
Ichthyomyzon, 291 
Ichthyorhamphos, s, 301 
Icbthyotringa, s, 394 
Icichthys, 404 
Icosteus, 404 

Ictinocephalus, s, 334, 410 
Idiacanthus, 386 
Iguanodectes, 363 
Imostoma, 390 
Incisidens, 316 

Inermia, 299 
Iniistius, 314 
loa, 395 
Ipnops, 395 
Irex, s, 321 
Isichthys, 317 
Isistius, 331 
Isocephalus, s, 321 
Isocolum, s, 349 
Isognatha, j, 303 
Isogomphodon, 306 
Isopisthus, 313 
Isoplagiodon, 306 
Isosillago, 396 
Isotaenia, 379 
Isuropsis, 306 
Itaiara, s, 397 
Jenynsia, s, 341 
Jerdonia, 356 
Jordanella, 399 
Joturus, 299 
Kallostrakon, s, 358 
Katbetostoma, 296 
Kneria, 343 
Kuhlia, 304 
Kymatolepis, 349 
Kymatopetalolepis, s, 349 
Labidcsthes, 356 
Labracinus, 383 
Labracoglossa, 342 
Labrastrum, s, 296 
Labroperca, s, 315 
Labyrinthodontosaurus, s, 

Lacepedia, 367 
Ladislavia, 354 
Lsemolyta, 363 
Laemonema, 318 
Lasops, 403 
Lagochila, d, 391 
Laides, 293 
Lais, s, 293 
Lambdodus, 380 
Lamiopsis, s, 306 
Lanioperca, s, 365 
Larimodon, ^. 383 
Latebrus, s, 298 
Latridopsis, 314 
Latrunculodes, 379 
Latrnnculus, 307 
Laubuca, 288 

Lebetus, 392 
Lebistes, 301 
Lecracanthus, 381 
Lefroyia, s, 375 
Leiarius, 312 
Leiodus, 380 
Leiolepis, s, 369 
Leiosynodontis, j, 311 
Leius, s, 338 
Lembus, s, 291 
Lentipes, 307 
Lepidamia, 323 
Lepidaplois, 314, 325 
Lepidoblennius. Steind., 

Lepidoblennius Sauvage, 

s, 376 
Lepidocephalichtbys, 322 
Lepidochaetodon, 383 
Lepidocottus, 380 
Lepidocybium, 314 
Lcpidomeda, 375 
Lepidomegas, s, 406 
Lepidopsetta Gill, 317, 331 
Lepidopsetta Gthr., 403 
Lepidorhombus, 319 
Lepidorhynchus, 398 
Lepidosoma, s, 407 
Lepidotrigla, 296 
Lepidozygus, 318 
Leporellus, 376, 410 
Lepracanthus, 355 
Leptagonus, 305 
Leptarius, s, 324 
Leptecheneis, s, 330 
Leptobarbus, 288, 321 
Leptoblennius, 295, 302 
Leptobotia, 355 
Leptobrama, 397 
Leptocarcharias, s, 357 
Leptocheles, s, 408 
Leptochromis, 382 
Leptoclinus, 302 
Leptogadus, d, 325 
Leptogaster, 362 
Leptogobius, 373, 377 
Leptogrammatolepis, s, 

349, 350 
Leptojulis, 309 
Leptolepis, 345 
Leptomylus, 354 



Leptopcgasus, Zdl 
Leptoperca, 306 
Leptophidium, 324 
Leptopterygius, 300 
Leptoscopus, 290 
Leptosoinus, 328 
Leptosynanceia, 374 
Leptotrachelus, 328 
Lepturus, 302 
Leucichthys, 375 
Leucopsarion, 403 
Leucoraja, 391 
Leuresthes, 403 
Leurynnis, s, 400 
Liachirus, 319 
Limia, 308 
Limnurgus, s, 340 
Linophora, 297 
Liobagrus, 395 
Liocsesio, 382 
Liodesmus, 329 
Liognathus, s, 371 
Liomonacanthus, s, 340 
Lioperca, s, 315 
Liopropoma, 304 
Liopsetta, 331 
Liosaccus, 357 
Lioscorpius, 403 
Liposarcus, 332 
Lisgodus, 380 
Lissorhynchus, s, 287 
Listracanthus, 359 
Lithichthys, 356 
Litbodoras, s, 311 
Lobodus Ag., 320 
Lobodus Costa, 340 
Lonchopisthus, 316 
Lopbacantbus, s, 406 
Lopbiogobius, 369 
Lopbiopsides, 345 
Lopbiosilurus, 387 
Lopbodus Symonds, 309 
Lopbodus Romanowsky, 

s, 334 
Lopbodus Newberry & 

Wortben, s, 359 
Lopbogobius, 316 
Lopbolatihis, 400 
Lopbonectes, 403 
Lopboprionolepis, d, 350 
Lopbopsetta, 303, 331 

Loricariicbtbys, 311 
Lucania, 290 
Lucifuga, 298 
Luciobrama, 355 
Luciocbarax, s, 401 
Luciogobius, 290 
Luciotrutta, 340 
Liitkenia, s, 387 
Lycengraulis, 351 
Lycicbthys, 389 
Lycocyprinus, 353 
Lycodalepis, 372 
Lycodopsis, 399 
Lycothrissa, 351 
Lyricbthys, 370 
Lytbrurus, 386 
Machserocbilus, s, Z(i9 
Macbairodus, s, 409 
Macbephilns, s, 346 
Macolor, 294 
Macrocepbalus, s, 383 
Macrocbiricbtbys, 288 
Macrodonopbis, s, 347 
Macrolepis, 327 
Macronototben, 306 
Macropbaryngodon, 309 
Macrorbipis, s, 329 
Macrozoarces, 325 
Macruronus, 365 
Macuroplus, 372 
Maenas, s, 382 
Maenicbtbys, s, 383 
Malacobagrus, 312 
Malacocentrns, 314 
Malacocepbalus, 318 
Malacoctenus, 295 
Malacorbina, 389 
Mancalias, 394 
Marcusenius, 314 
Marracantbus, 381 
Mascalongus, 396 

j Maynea, 361 

! Mayoa, 354 
Megagobio, 386 
Megalobrama, 364 
Megalobrycon, s, 354 
Megalocottus, 305 
Megalolepis, 400 
Megalopterus, 341 
Megaperca, s, 395 
Megapus, s, 339 

Megarasbora, 351 
Mclambapbes, 326 
Melamphaes, 333 
Melanocetus, ZZZ 
Melanogenes, 321 
Melanogrammus, 316 
Melanonus, 394 
Melanotaenia, 316 
Melletes, 398 
Menepborus, 362 
Menticirrhus, 304 
Mentiperca, 315 
Mesobatis, 391 
Mesodmodus, 380 
Mesogobius, 373 
Mesogompbus, s, 320 
Mesogonistius, 332 
Mesolepis, 344 
Mesonauta, 318 
Mesopristes, s, 382 
Mesops, 318 
Mesopus, s, 313 
Mesturus, 321 
Metoponops, s, 331 
Metrogaster, s, 300 
Metynnis, 394 
Micracantbus, s, 400 
Micraspius, 354 
Micristiiis, s, ZZl 
Micristodus, s, 337 
Microbuglossus, 319 
Microcoelia, 328 
Microconodus, j, 392 
Microdesmus, 2>Z2) 
Microdus, s, 292 
Microgadus, 337 
Microgobius, 379 
Microgrammatolepis, s, 

Microlepidotns, 316 
Micromesistius, 325 
Micromesus, ZZI 
'Micromugil, s, 307 
Microperca Putnam, 328 
Microperca Castelnau, s, 

Micropetalolepis, s, 349 
Micropus, s, 352 
Microsicydium, Z17> 
Microspatbodon, d, 318 
Microtrigla, 369 



Microzeus, 294 
Mimoperca, s, 390 
Minytrema, 395 
Mionorus, d, 346 
Mioplosus, 388 
Mirbelia, 329 
Mitrodus, s, 347 
Mixogrammatolepis, s, 350 
Mogurnda, 326 
Moharra, d, 379 
Monolene, 403 
Monopleurodus, s, 409 
Monoprion, 298 
Morara, s, 287 
Morinyrodes, 314 
Moronopsis, s, 324 
Mrigala, s, 287 
Mullhypeneus, 347 
Murasnolcpis, 403 
Murrayia, s, 362 
Mycteroperca, 315 
Mylax, s, 320 
Myledaphus, 385 
Mylocyprinus, 359 
Myloleucus Cope, s, 363 
Myloleucus Gthr., s, 369 
Mylopharyngodon, 404 
Mylorhina, 337 
Myrichthys, 290 
Myriolepis Egerton, 330 
Myriolepis Lockington, s, 

Myriosteon, s, 332 
Myroconger, 357 
Mystacoleucus, 351 
Myxine, 406 
Myxocyprinus, 394 
Myxodagniis, 305 
Myxus, 307 
Myzopsetta, s, 303, 331 
Nandopsis, 315 
Nangra, 385 
Nannjethiops, 361 
Nannocampus, 357 
Nannocharax, 345 
Nannoperca, 307 
Nannostomus, 365 
Nanostoma, 390 
Narcacion, d, 303, 340 
Naucratopsis, 317 
Nautichthys, 290 

Navarchus, s, 289 
Nealotus, 338 
Neetroplus, 341 
Nemacanthus, s, 327 
Nematagnus, 305 
Nematistius, 316 
Nematobrotula, 325 
Nematocentris, s, 342 
Nematops, 403 
Nematoptychius, 382 
Nemochirus, s, 407 
Neoanthias, s, 393 
Neoarius, 388 
Neoatherina, s, 378 - 
Neoblennius, 378 
Neocarassius, 363 
Neoceratodus, d, 384 
Neochaetodon, s, 368 
Neochanna, 345 
Neocirrhites, s, 368 
Neoconger, 291 
Neogunellus, s, 378 
Neolabrus, 381 
Neolethrinus, 378 
Neoliparis, 381 
Neomasnis, 291 
Neomesoprion, s, 378 
Neomordacia, s, 363 
Neomuraena, s, 291 
Neomyripristis, 367 
Neomyxus, 397 
Neoniphon, 378 
Neoodax, s, 378 
Neophrynichthys, 385 
Neoplatycephalus, 362 
Neoplotosus, 378 
Neorhombus, 378 
Neoscopelus, s, 378 
Neosebastes. 345 
Neosillago, 378 
Neosilurus Steind., 348 
Neosilnrus Castelnau, s, 

Neosphyrsena, s, 362 
Neosudis, 368 
Neotephrseops, j, 362 
Neptomenus, 297 
Neotrygon, 368 
Neozoarces, 406 
Nesiarchus, 319 
Notarius, 324 

Nothobranchius, 353 
Nothonotus, 328 
Notoglanis, 332 
Notograptus, 345 
Notophthalmus, s, 292 
Notoscopelus, 333 
Novaculiclithys, 309 
Ochetobius, 351 
Ochlodus, s, 347 
Octinaspis, 377 
Octogrammus, s, 372 
Octonema, s, 352 
Ocyurus, 315 
Odontamblyopus, 374 
Odontanthias, 367 
Odonteleotris, 326 
Odontobutis, 372 
Odontogadus, 325 
Odontogobius, 374 
Odontolabrax, 367 
Odontonectes, 291 
Odontopyxis, 400 
Odontoscion, 313, 315 
Odontostilbe, 356 
Oenoscopus, s, 330 
Oligobelus, 356 
Oligocephalus, 290 
Oligolepis, 373 
Oligoplites, 324 
Oligorus, 291 
Oligosarcus, 333 
Omalopleurus, s, 368 
Ompax, d, 399 
Onchosaurus 408 
Oncobatis, 362 
Oncocottus, 302, 313 
Oncopterus, 381 
Oncorhynchus, 299 
Oneiroides, 362 
Onychodon, s, 364 
Onychognathns, 343 
Oolepis, s, 350 
Ophioblennins, 296 
Ophiocara, 326 
Ophioclinus, 363 
Ophiogobius. 326 
Ophioscion, 324 
Ophthalmolepis, 300 
Ophthalmolophus, 296 
Opisthistius, 316 
Opisthocentrus, 352 


Opisthonema, 303 
Opisthopterus, 303 
Opisthopteryx, 342 
Opistocheilus, s, 287 
Oplopomus, 299 
Opsaridium, s, 351, 409 
Opsariichthys, 322 
Opsarius, s, 338 
Opsopoeodus, 403 
Orcynopsis, 314 
Oreias, s, 376 
Oreonectes, 351 
Orfus, s, 369 
Oricardinus, 388 
Orthichthys, 315 
Orthodon, s, 295 
Orthognathus, s, 366 
Orthopleurodns, s, 405 
Orthopristis, 291 
Orthopsetta, 317 
Orthostaechus, 316 
Orthostomus, 352, 373 
Orthurus, 341 
Orycnus Gill, s, 315 
Orycnus Cooper, s, 323 
Osmerolepis, 379 
Osphyolax, s, 379 
Osteochilus, 351 
Osteorachis, 349 
Ostracacanthus, 399 
Othos, 378 
Otocinclus, 363 
Ovvsianka, s, 313 
Oxychsetodon, 383 
Oxycheilinus, 315 
Oxyconger, 335 
Oxyeleotris, 372 
Oxyjulis, 325 
Oxylabrax, s, 382 
Oxylebius, 316 
Oxyloricaria, 311 
Oxymacrurus, 372 
Oxymetopon, 300, 373 
Oxymonacanthus, 340 
Oxymormyrus, 372 
Oxyporhampus, 326 
Oxytomodus, 406 
Oxyurichthys, 294 
Pachychilon, 343 
Pachymetopon, 291 
Pachypops, 304 

Pachystetus, s, 376 
Pagrichthys, 293 • 
Palasdaphus, 329 
Palasnichthys, s, 370 
Palasobrosmius, s, 292 
Palaeogadus, s, 292 
Palseolycus, 327 
PalEeoscyllium, s, 298 
Palaeospinax, 365 
Palanarrhichas, 361 
Palimphemus, 319 
Palinurichthys Bleeker, 

Palinurichthys Gill, s, 

295, 302 
Paltodus, 409 
Pammelas, s, 297 
Panchax, s, 407 
Pangio, s, 294 
Pantodon, 391 
Pantosteus, 384 
Pappichthys, 368 
Parabagrus, 312 
Parabalistes, 340 
Parabatrachus, 408 
Parabembras, 372 
Parabramis, 335 
Paracaesio, 378 
Paracara, s, 392 
Paracanthobrama, 335 
Paracentropogon, d, 384 
Paracentropristes, 358 
Paracetopsis, 312 
Parachastodon, 372 
Parachasturichthys, 374 
Paracheilognathus, 322 
Paracirrhites, s, 378 
Paracobitis, 322 
Paraconodon, 382 
Paradanio, s, 337 
Paradentex, s, 382 
Paradiodon, s, 336 
Paradiplomystax, s, 332 
Paradiplomystes, 312 
Paradules Blkr., s, 322 
Paradules Klunzinger, s 

Paraglyphidodon, 384 
Paragobiodon, 367, 373 
Paragoniates, 387 
Paragonus Gill, 305 

Paragonus Guichenot, 353 
Parahemiodon, 311 
Parajulis, 335 
Paralaubuca, 335 
Paraleuciscus, 406 
Paraliparis, 393 
Paralonchurus, 354 
Paralosa, 362 
Paraluteres, 340 
Paralycodes, 372 
Paramacrurus, 372 
Parambassis, 374 
Parafnia, 322 
Paramisgurnus, 397 
Paramonacanthus Blkr., 

Paramonacanthus Steind., 

Pa r amy r us, 357 
Paranandus, s, 336 
Parancistrus, 311 
Paranguilla, 335 
Paranthias, 352 
Parapegasus, 357 
Paraperca, 380 
Parapercis, 322 
Paraphoxinus, s, 322 
Paraplagusia, 336 
Paraplesichthys, s, 383 
Paraplesiops, 378, 383 
Paraploactis, 335, 384 
Parapocryptes, 374 
Parapomacentrus, 387 
Parapriacanthus 360 
Parapristipoma. 367 
Parapsettus, 381 
Parapterois, 384 
Pararhychobdella, 372 
Paraschizothorax, 322 
Parascopelus, 371 
Parascorppena, 384 
Parascorpis, 377 
Parascyllium, 306 
Parasilurus, 310 
Parastromateus, s, 336 
Paratilapia, 348 
Paratractus, 317 
Paratrygon, 337 
Paratylognathus, 405 
Parauchenipterus, s, 311 
Pardachirus, 319 



Parephippus, s, 305 
Pareques, 385 
Parequula Steind., 401 
Parequula Sauvage, s, 406 
Paretroplus, 348 
Parexoccetus, 340 
Pariolius, 363 
Paristiopterus, 382 
Parma, 318 
Parosphromenus, 398 
Paroxyurichthys, 384 
Parupeneus, s, 322 
Pegusa, 319 
Pelamichthys, s, 402 
Pelecopterus, s, 379 
Pelecorapis, 375 
Peletrophus, 333 
Pellonula, 351 
Pelteobagrus, 335 
Peltodus, s, 359 
Peltopleurus, 341 
Peltorhamphus, 319 
Pelycorapis, 388 
Pempherichthys, s, 361 
Pentanemus, 296 
Pentaroge, 296 
Peplorhina, 368 
Percalabrax, d, 291 
Percamia, 382 
Perccottus, 389 
Percosoma, 304 
Perigrammatolepis, s, 349 
Periophthalmodon, s, 374 
Periplectrodus. 380 
Peripristis, s, 359 
Peristethus, s, 292 
Pctalodopsis, d. 372 
Petalolepis, s, 350 
Petalorhynchus, 320 
Petenia, 318 
Petroceplialus, 334 
Petrometopon, 337 
Phacodus, s, 354 
Phsthonichthys, s, 382 
Phago, 337 
Phagrus, 334 
Phaneropleuron, 287 
Phareodus, 370 
Pharyngodopilus, s, 329 
Phenacobius. 344 
Phoebodus, 380 

I Phosichthys, 366 
I Photogenis, 344 

Phricacanthus, s, 399 

Phrynorhombus, 319 

Phtheirichthys, 316 

Physonemus, 407 

Physopyxis, 363 

Piabina. 343 

Pikea, 377 

Pimelodina, 387 

Pimelometopon, 330 

Pimelotropis, s, 289 (mis- 
printed on page 289) 

Pirarara, 312 

Placopharynx, 356 

Plagiognathus, ^, 364 

Plagioscion, 304 

Plagiotremus, 323 

Plagopterus, 375 

Plagyodus, d, 345 

Platacanthus Day, s, 337 

Platacanthus McCoy, 408 

Platycerhynchus, d, 330 

Platychasrops, 404 

Platydoras, s, 311 

Platyglossns, 309 

Platygobio, 323 

Platygobius, 373 

Platyinius, 315 

Platyodus, 379 

Platypodon. 306, 331 

Platypoecilus, 341 

Platyrbinoidis, 402 

Platysiagum, 365 

Plat3'somatichthys, s, 310 

Platystethus. s. 296 

Platystomatichthys, 312 

Platytroctes, 395 

Plectranthias, 367 

Plectroperca, s, 339 

Plectroplites, 315 

Plectrypops, 315 

Plesiodus, 329 

Plesioperca, s, 371 

Plethodectes, 356 

Pleuracromylon, s, 330 

Pleuranacanthus, s, 336 

Pleurodus, d, 366 

Pleurogomphns, 320 

Pleurogrammus, 305 

Pleurolepis, j. 328 

Plicodus, 377 
Plinthicus, 354 
Plintholepis, 334 
Plinthopborus, 333 
Pneumatosteus, 356 
Podopteryx, 406 
Podothecus, 304 
Poeciloconger, 361 
Pcecilodes, s, 328 
Poecilopsetta, 403 
Pogoneleotris, 377 
Pogonoperca, 291 
Polistonemus, 305 
Polyacanthonotus, 372 
Polycaulus, 296 
Polycirrhus, s, 354 
Polyplacodus, s, 298 
Polyprosopus, s, 313 
Polypterolepis, s, 350 
Polysteganus, 358 
Pomacanthodes, 316 
Pomataprion, s, 324 
Pomatomichthys, s, 402 
Pomatopsctta, s, 331 
Pomatoschistus, d, 325 
Pontinus, 299 
Porobronchus, s, 297 
Porocottns, 290 
Porogobius, 373 
Poronotus, 302, 314 
Portheus, d, 364 
Potamocottus, s, 307 
Potamorhina, 394 
Potamorrhaphis, 340 
Potamotrygon, 389 
Priacantliichthys, 349 
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Priscacara, 388 
Pristiapogon, 358 
Pristiodon, 389 
Pristocantharns, 316 
Proamblys, 315 
Probarbiis. 405 
Prochanos, 398 
Prognathodes, 316 
Prognathodus, 365 



Prolatilus, Z27 
Prolebias, 376 
Promicrops, 353 
Promicropterus, 302 
Pronotogrammus, 323 
Properca, 405 
Propoma, 403 
Prosopium, 395 
Prospinus, s, 308 
Prostheacanthus, s, 294 
Protamia, 370 
Protautoga, 370 
Proteracanthus, 291 
Protistius, 375 
Protocampus, 357 
Protogaleus, s, 298 
Protoporus, s, 363 
Protosyngnathus, 386 
Prototroctes, ZZZ 
Prymnetes, 360 
Psalidostoma, 338 
Psammobatis, 357 
Psammodiscus, 319 
Psenopsis, 314 
Psephodus, 320 
Psephurus, 369 
Pseudacanthicus, s, 311 
Pseudalutarius, 336 
Pseudaluteres, s, 340 
Pseudambassis, 383 
Pseudamia, 336 
Pseudancistrus, 311 
Pseudageneiosus, 312 
Pseudanthias, 367 
Pseudapocryptes, 374 
Pseudariodes, 312 
Pseudarius, s, 311 
Pseudaspius, 354 
Pseudauchenipterus, 311 
Pseudecheneis, 294 
Pseudechidna, 322 
Pseudeleginus, 371 
Pseudetroplus, 318 
Pseudeutropius, 310 
Pseudoambassis, s, 393 
Pseudobagrichthys, 312 
Pseudobagrus, 293 
Pseudobalistes, 340 
Pseudobatrachus, 378 
Pseudoberyx, 342 
Pseudobrama, 355 

j Pseudocalophysus, s, 312 
I Pseudocetopsis, 311 
Pseudochalceus, 327 
Pseudocheilinus, 309 
Pseudocoris, 309 
Pseudoculter, 288 
Pseudodax, 3C0 
Pseudodon, s, 376 
Pseudogobio, 287 
Pseudogobiodon, 272) 
Pseudogramma, 378 
Pseudohemiodon, 311 
Pseudohypophthalmus, s, 

Pseudojulis, 309 
Pseudolabrus, 309 
Pseudolates, s, 387 
Pseudolaubuca, 335 
Pseudoloricaria, 311 
Pseudomonacanthus, 340 
Pseudomoringua, 335 
Pseudomugil, 334, 338 
Pseudomurasna, s, 319 
Pseudopangasius, 310 
Pseudopentaceros, 382 
Pseudoperilampus, 322 
Pseudophoxinus, 288 
Pseudophycis, 318 
Pseudopimelodus, 322 
Pseudoplatystoma, 312 
Pseudopleuronectes, 310 
Pseudopriacanthus, 353 
Pseudopristipoma. 405 
Pseudopterus, s, 384 
Pseudorasbora, 288 
Pseudorhamdia, s, 310 
Psendorhombus, 310 
Pseudorinelepis, 311 
Pseudoscarus, 300 
Pseiidoscisena, s, 321 
Pseudosebastes, 397 
Pseudoserranus, s, 358 
Pseudosphromenns, 398 
Pseudosynanceia, 379 
Pseudosyngnathns, Z27 
Pseudosynodontis. 311 
Pseudotracbinus, 301. 309 
Pseudothrissops. s, 381 
Pseudotolitbus, 321 
Pseudotriakis, 349 
Pseudovomer, 359 

Pseudoxiphopborus, 287 

Pseudupeneus, d, 310 

Psychrolutes, 307 

Psygmatolepis, s, 350 

Ptereleotris, 326 

Pterengraulis, 351 

Ptericephalina, 338 

Pterichthyodes, 289 

Pteridium, s, 289 

Pternodus, s, 347 

Pterocaesio, 382 

Pterocryptis, 308 

Pterodoras, s, 311 

Pterognathus, 290 

Pterogobius, 326 

Pterogrammatolepis, s, 350 

Pteroidichthys, 384 

Pteronemus, 383 

PterophrynC; s, 2i2A 

Pteropsarion, 351 

Pterothrissus, 390 

Pterygopterus, s, 346 

Ptychobarbus, 343 

Ptychochromis, 406 

Ptycholepis, s, 350 

Ptyonodus, s, 388 

Ptyonotus, s, 296 

Puntazzo, 383 

Pygosteus, 302 

Pythonichthys. 347 

Quassilabia, d, 395 

Rasbora, 288 

Rasboricbthys. 288 

Reinhardtins, 302 

Remilegia, 316 

Remora. 316 

Remoropsis, 324 

Rcniceps, 306 

Retropinna, 313 

Rhabdofario, 356 
I Rhabdolepis, s, 327 

Rbadinichthys, 392 

Rbamphobatis, s, 307 

Rhamphoberyx, s, 324 

Rbamphocottus, 375 

Rhanipliosternarchus, s, 
\ 357 

Rheocrypfa, 390 

Rbina, s, 306 

Rhineastes, 364 

Rhinobagrus, 335 



Rhinoberyx, s, 315 
Rhinodoras, s, 311 
Rhinoglanis, 332 
Rhinogobio, 355 
Rhinogobius, 290 
Rhinomugil, 324 
Rhinonemus, 325 
Rhinoplagusia, 355 
Rhinoscion, 304 
Rhinoscymnus, 331 
Rhinotriacis, 317 
Rhizodopsis, 344 
Rhodichthys, 393, 402 
Rhombatractus, s, 399 
Rhombochirus, 324 
Rhomboplites, 315 
Rhomboptychius, s, 344 
Rhombosolea, 319, 326 
Rhombotides, s, 322 
Rhynchana, s, 407 
Rhynchodus, 371 
Rhytiodus, 292 
Richardsonia Steind., s, 

Richardsonia Castelnau, 

s, 362 
Rineloricaria, 311 
Rinodus, s, 342 
Riverina, d, 362 
Rivulus, 299 
Roeboides 333 . 
Roestes, 333 
Rohiticlithys, 287 
Rohitodes, 321 
Rohteichthys, 288 
Roncador, 403 
Rubellus, s, 369 
Ruppelia, s, 367 
Saccarius, 307 
Saccodon, 327 
Sagenodus, 347 
Salangichthys, 293 
Salariclnhys, 346 
Sandalodus, 342 
Sandelia, s, 301 
Saraca, 381 
Sarcidium, s, 363 
Sarcocheilichthys, 288, 353 
Sarcodaces, 333 
Sardinia, 299 
Sargosomus, s, 300 

Sarothrodus, s, 304, 316 
Satanoperca, 318 
Saurenchelys, s, 334 
Saurogobio, 355 
Scaldia, s, 361 
Scaphaspis, s, 338 
Scaphirliynchops, d, 323 
Scardiniopsis, s, 334 
Scarichthys, 287 
Scarostoma, d, 346 
Schacra, 351 
Schipa, s, 354 
Schistorus, 315 
Schizopygopsis, 343 
Schuettea, 343 
Sciaenoides, s, 294 
Sciasnops, 323 
Scissor, 333 
Scleromystax, 332 
Scleropages, 333 
Scolecosoma, s, 291 
Scomberodon, 360 
Scombroclupea, 327 
Scombrocottus, s, 366 
Scopelosaurus, 294 
Scorpeenopterus, 293 
Scrobodus, s, 327 
Scymnodon, 329 
Scytalina, d, 404 
Sebastapistes, 397 
Sebastichthys, 317 
Sebastodes, 305 
Sebastomus, 330 
Sebastoplus, 324 
Sebastopsis Gill, s, 316 
Sebastopsis Sauvage, s, 371 
Sebastosomus, 330 
Securicula, s, 351 
Sema, s, 396 
Semicossyphus, 308 
Semilabeo, 405 
Semiplotus, 287 
Seriolophus, s, 345 
Seriphus, 293 
Serratodus, s, 396 
Setarches, 319 
Shacra. 288 
, Siaja, 288 
Sicydiops, 373 
Sicyogaster, s, 295' 
Sicyopterus, 295 

I Sillaginodes, 306 
Sillaginopsis, 306 
Silurodes, 293, 312 
Silurodon, 334, 338, 367 
Sinibarbus, 376 
Siniperca, 313 
Siphagonus, s, 387 
Smaragdus, s, 299 
Smiliogaster, s, 288 
Soleichthys, 294 
Solenichthys, d, 336 
Solenodus, 377 
Solenognathus, s, 342 
Solenomormyrus, 372 
Solenostomus, s, 302 
Soleotalpa, s, 319 
Sorubimichthys. 312 
Sparactodon, s, 405 
Sparoides, 376 
Sparopsis, s, 352 
Spathodactylus, 292 
Sphserichthys, 295 
Sphagcpoea, s, 356 
Sphagomorus, 344 
Sphcerolepis, 389 
Sphyr;cnops, 299 
Sporetodus, s, 375 
Sporolepis, 334 
Squalidus, s, 364 
Squaliobarbus, 351 
Stemmatodus St. John & 

Worthen, s, 380 
Stemmatodus Hcckel, 409 
Stenogobius, 373 
Stenophus, 378 
Stenopterodus, s, 405 
Stephanolepis, 304 
Stereodus, 339 
Sterledus, s, 354 
Sternotremia, s, 386 
Stethaprion, 356 
Stethojulis, 308 
Stichseacanthus, 396 
Stichseopsis, 360 
Sticharium, 345 
Stigmatogobius, 374 
Stigmatonotus, 386 
Stilbius, s, 337 
Stomiasunculus, s, 297 
Strabo, s, 341 
Stratodus, 364 



Streblodus, 320 
Strepsodus, 344 
Strigilina, s, 388 
Stromatoidea, 301 
Strosipherus, s, 409 
Stygicola, 325. 339 
Stygogenes, 332 
Syllsemus, 379 
Symmetrurus, s, 396 
Symphorus, 365 
Symphysanodon, 393 
Sympterichthys, 394 
Synagris, s, 291, 383 
Synanchia, s, 374 
Synaphobranchus, 319 
Synchiropus, 290 
Synchismus, s, 306 
Syncrossus, s, 294 
Synechogobius, s, 326 
Synistius, 315 
Synnema, 369 
Tachynectes, 328 
Tseniolabrus, s, 348 
Taeniophis, s, 297 
Tseniotoca. 300 
Tambra, 288 
Tanaodus, 380 
Tauridea, d, 395 
Taurinichthys, 329 
Tautogolabrus, 318 
Telara, 351 
Teleosaurus, s, 346 
Telepholis, 339 
Telescops, s, 382 
Tephmeops, 291 
Tcphrinectes, 319 
Tephritis, s, 318 
Tetheodus, 375 
Tctrabrachium, 403 
Tetrades, .y, 335 
Tetragonoptrus, s, 348, 383 
Tetranarce, 307 
Tetranematichthys, s, 312 
.Tetraroge, 296 
Thalassophryne, 307 
Thaleichthys, 290 
Thaumatacanthus, 401 
Thelodus, s, 309 
Therapaina, s, 298, 383 
Theraps, 318 
Thlattodus, s, 342 

ThoHchthys, s, 351 
Thrinacodus, 380 
■Thrissopater, 365 
Thrissopteroides, 370 
Thynnichthys Blkr., 288 
Thynnichthys Giglioli, s, 

Thyris, s, 403 
Thyrsitocephalus, 292 
Thyrsitops, 314 
Thysanocheilus, j, 338 
Thysanopsetta, 403 
Tomodon, 338 
Tomodus, 320 
Torresia, 378 
Toxabramis, 369 
Trachelocirriis, s, 323 
Trachelyoptericbthys, 311 
Trachinocephalus, 303 
Trachinopsis, 380 
Trachurops, 316 
Trachybrama, s, 322 
Trachypoma Gthr., 291 
Tracbypoma Giebel, s, 357 
Trachyrincus, 407 
Tremataspis, d, 343 
Triasnaspis, 394 
Trisenopogon, 373 
Tribranchus, s, 407 
Trichidion, s, 302 
Tricbiurichtbys, 371 
Tricbiurides, 398 
Trichocyclus, d, 357 
Trichodiodon, d, 340 
Tricbophanes, 364 
Tricbopsis, s, 295, 298 
Trifarcius, s. 299 
Trigloides, 360 
Trigonodus Newberry & 

Wortben, s, 342 
Trigonodus Winkler, s, 

Triloburus, s, 302 
Trinematicbtbys, 288 
Triportheus, 363 
Tripterodon, 343 
Trisotropis, 337 
Tristicbopteriis, 301 
Trochocopus, 318 
Tropidinius, 353 
Tropidodus, 317 


293, 374 
Tydeus, s, 359 
Tylometopon, 367, 383 
Tyntlastes, 319 
Typblicbthys, 290 
Typblogobius, 406 
Typhlonus, 394 
Typblus, d, 357 
Ulocentra, 395 
Upselonpborus, s, 305 
Uranicbtbys, s, 347 
Uranoblepus, s, 302 
Uranoplosus, 401 
Uranostoma, s, 336 
Urocampus, 357 
Urocentrus, s, 352 
Urocomus, 312 
Uronectes, s, 318 
Urophycis, d, 325 
Uropsetta, s, 317 " 
Uropterina, 338 
Urotrygon, 324 
Vaillantia, 395 
Valenciennea, 348 
Valenciennesia, s, 348, 373 
Vandellia, 407 
Vaticinodus, s, 405 
Venustodus, 380 
Verilus, 298 
Vexillifer, s, 357 
Vimba, s, 368 
Vincentia, s, 363 
Vulsus, s, 307 
Wallago, 312 
Wardiclitliys, 382 
Wertheimeria, 386 
Xenichthys, 324 . 
Xenisma, 390 
Xenocbarax, 345 
Xenocypris, 351 
Xenodermicbtbys, 395 
Xenomystus Gthr., 351 
Xenomystus, Liitken. s, 370 
Xenotis, 390 
Xiphactinus, d, 358 
Xiphidion, d, 290 
Xiphiorbynchus, 360 
Xiphister. d. 400 
Xiphodolamia, 391 
Xipbogadus, 318 



Xiphotrygon, 399 
Xystracanthus, 292 
Xystreurys, 403 
Xystrodus Plieninger, 298 
Xystrodns Ag., s, 320 
Xystroplites, 388, 390 

Yarra, s, 363 

Zanclorhynchus, 403 
Zantecla, Sj 367 
Zapteryx, 404 
Zathorax, 363 

Zenarchopterus, 326 
Zenopsis, 314 
Zeodrius, s, 393 
Zonogobius, 374 
Zopa, s, 368 
Zophendum, s, 396 


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The Dudley Memorial Volume. Papers by William Russell Dudley, late Pro- 
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1913. Price $1.00. 

The Fishes of the Stanford Expedition to Brazil. Edwin Chapin Starks, Assist- 
ant Professor of Zoology, n pp., 15 plates. 1913. Price 75c. 

The Birds of the Latin Poets. Ernest Whitney Martin, Associate Professor of 
Greek. 260 pp. 1914. Price $1.00. 

Acceleration in the Development of the Fossil Cephalopoda. James Perrin 
Smith, Professor of Paleontology. 30 pp., 15 plates. 1914. Price 75c. 

A Morphological Study of Some Members of the Genus Pallavicinia. Douglas 
Houghton Campbell, Professor of Botany, and Florence Williams. 44 pp., 
23 text figures. 1914. Price 50c. 

The Evolution of Brazil Compared with that of Spanish and Anglo-Saxon 
America. Manuel de Oliveira Lima, Minister of Brazil to Belgium. 160 
pp. 1914. Price $1.00. 

The Hemolymph Nodes of the Sheep. Arthur William Meyer, Professor of 
Anatomy. 74 pp., 1 plate, 4 colored plates. 1914. Price $1.00. 

An Introduction to the Study of the Endocrine Glands and Internal Secre- 
tions. (Lane Medical Lectures.) Sir Edward Schafcr, Regius Professor 
of Physiology in the University of Edinburgh. 94 pp., 1914. Price 75c. 

The Pronoun of Address in English Literature of the Thirteenth Century. 
Arthur Garfield Kennedy, Instructor in English Philology. 91 pp. 1915. 
Price $1.00. 

The Anoplura and Mallophaga of North American Mammals. Vernon Lyman 
Kellogg, Professor of Entomology, and Gordon Floyd Ferris. 74 pp., 18 
text figures, 8 plates. 1915. Price 75c. 

The Flugel Memorial Volume. Papers by Ewald Flugel, late Professor of Eng- 
lish Philology, his Colleagues and Students. 232 pp. 1916. Price $1.50. 

(Continved on third page of cover.) 

DEC 2 6 1928 



The Genera of Fishes 






Chancellor- Emeritus of Stanford University 
Member of the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature 




Stanford University 


The present memoir is the fourth and conckiding part of a catalogue 
of generic names applied to fishes subsequent to the establishment of the 
Binomial or Linnsean system of nomenclature, which dates from January 
1, 1758. 

It covers the late modern period in Ichthyology, signalized especially 
by explorations of the deep sea, of fossil beds, and of the darker conti- 
nents. The unexampled explorations of Eigenmann in South America be- 
long to this period, as also the records of Boulenger of the fishes of South 
Africa and the varied researches of Regan in the rich material of the 
British Museum. In this period the fauna of Australia, Japan, and Siberia 
have been critically and successfully studied. Our knowledge of fossil 
fishes is assuming definite form through the work of Woodward, Zittel, 
Hay, and others who have given Palaeontology a constructive turn. 

At the end of this period is recorded the death (December 10, 1919) 
of the veteran ichthyologist, Franz Steindachner, of Vienna, whose ex- 
cellent papers mark the years from 1859 to 1915. 

The present writer, as a life-long teacher of Biology, may be par- 
doned a personal reference. Himself a student of Agassiz and Gill of 
the earlier periods, he has had the honor of being also a friend, to some 
extent, a protege, of Baird, Giinther, Vaillant, Liitken, Hilgendorf, and 
Cope. In addition he has numbered among his own students many of 
those active in systematic ichthyology during the late modern period. 

Among these are Gilbert, Eigenmann, Evermann, BoUman, Snyder, 
Starks, Jenkins, Aleek, Fowler, Hubbs. Scale, Richardson (R. E.), Oshi- 
ma, Abbott. Burke. Brayton, Cramer, Culver. Davis (B. M.), Fesler, 
Fordice, Gilbert (J. Z), Goss, Greeley, Heller, Herre. Kirsch, McGregor, 
Pierson, Metz, Rutter. Snodgrass. Swain, Thoburn (W. W.), Thompson 
(W. F.), Weymouth, Williams ( T. M.), Otaki (K.), and Woolman. 

It is a pleasure to repeat . my acknowledgments to the naturalists 
mentioned in Part III. as having given valuable assistance. I am also 
indebted to Arthur W. Henn of the American Museum, for looking up 
obscure names. My thanks are especially due to Masamitsu Oshima for 
the arrangement of the generic names given in the Zoological Record. 

David Starr Jordan. 

Stanford University. California 
July 25, 1920; Issued August 15, 1920. 




1329. BEAN (1881). Descriptions of New Fishes from Alaska and Siberia. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1881, IV, 144-159. 

Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Ptilichthys Bean, 157; orthotype P. goodei Bean. 

1330. BEAN (1881). Notes on a Collection of Fishes Made by Captain Henry E. 
Nichols, U. S. N., in British Columbia and Southern Alaska. Proc. U .S. Nat. 
Mus., 1881, IV, 436-474. 

Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Delolepis Bean, 465 ; orthotype D. virgatus Bean. 

1331. COPE (1881). A New Genus of Catostomidcc (Lipomyson). American 
Naturalist, XV (January. 1881). 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Lipomyzon Cope, 59; orthotype Chasmistes brevirostris Cope. 

1332. DAVIS (1881). On the Zoological Position of the Genus Petalorhynchus 
Ag., a Fossil Fish from the Mountain Limestone. Kept. Brit. Assoc. Adv. Sci. 

James William Davis. 
Diodontopsodus Davis, 646; orthotype (Pristodus falcatus Ag.) (fossil). Re- 
places Pristodus Ag. (62), w^hich until 1883 was a name only. 

1333. DAVIS (1881). On the Goiera Ctcnoptychius, etc. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., VII. 

James William Davis. 
Ctenopetalus (Agassiz) Davis, 426; orthotype Petalodus serratus (Ag.) Owen. 

A synonym of Ctenoptychius Ag. 
Harpacodus (Agassiz) Davis, 426; orthotype Petalodus (Ag.) Owen (fossil). 

A synonym of Ctenoptychius Ag. 

1334. DAVIS (1881). On Anodontacanthus . . . Fossil Fishes from the Coal 
Measures. Quart. Journ. Geo). Soc, XXXVII. 

James William Davis. 
Anodontacanthus Davis, 427; orthotype A. acutus Davis (fossil). A synonym of 
Oracanthus Ag. 

1335. CARMAN (1881). New and Little Known Reptiles and Fishes in the 
Museum Collections. Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool., VIII. 

Samuel Carman. 
Stypodon Carman, 90; orthotype S. signifer Carman. 

1336. CILL (1881). Record of Recent Scientific Progress: A Deep-sea Rockfish. 
Ann. Rept. Smithsonian Inst, for 1880. 

Theodore Gill. 
Sebastolobus Gill, 375 ; orthotype Sebastes macrochir Gthr. 


1337. GtJNTHER (1881). Account of the Zoological Collection Made During the 
Survey of H. M. S. Alert in the Straits of Magellan and on the Coast of 
Patagonia. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 2-141. 

Melanostigma Giinther, 20; orthotype M. gelatinosum Gthr. 

1338. JORDAN & GILBERT (1881). Notes on the Fishes of the Pacific Coast 
of the United States. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1881. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Polistotrema (Gill) Jordan & Gilbert, 30; orthotype Gastrobranchus dombey 
Cuv. == Bdellostoma stouti Lockington. Also noted on page 18 by Jordan 
& Jouy. 

1339. JORDAN & GILBERT (1881). Description of Thirty-three New Species of 
Fishes from Ma::atlan, Mexico. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., IV. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Etropus Jordan & Gilbert, 364; orthotype Etropus crossotus J. & G. 

1340. JORDAN & GILBERT (1881). Description of Nineteen New Species of 
Fishes from the Bay of Panama. Bull. U. S. Fish Commission, I, for 1881. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Cerdale Jordan & Gilbert, 332 ; orthotype C. ionthas J. & G. 

1341. GORJANOVIC-KRAMBERGER (1881). Studien iiber die Gattiing Sauro- 
cephalus Harlan; ein Beitrag ziir Neocom-Fischfauna der Insel Lesina.^ 
Jahrb. Geol. Reichsanstalt Wien, XXXI. 

Dragutin Gorjanovic-Kramberger. 
Solenodon Kramberger, 2)7Z; orthotype S. neocomiensis Kramberger (fossil) = 
Saurocephalus lycodon Kner. Regarded by Woodward as a synonym of 
Enchodus Ag., the name Solenodon preoccupied ; replaced by Holcodon 
Kramberger, 1885. 

1342. LOCKINGTON (1881). Description of a New Genus and Species of 
Cottidcc. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1881, 141-144. 

William Neale Lockington. 
Chitonotus Lockington, 141 ; orthotype C. megacephalus Lockington. 

1343. LUNEL (1881). Liste de qnelques espcces de poissons, nouvelles pour la 
faune de I'ile Maurice. Mem. Soc. Phys. Geneve, XXVIl, 266-387. 

Godefroy Lunel. 
Penetopteryx Lunel, 275 ; orthotype P. t^niocephalus Lunel. 

1344. MACLEAY (1881). Descriptive Catalogue of the Fishes of Australia. 
Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1881. Also issued in two bound volumes. 

William Macleay. 
Neopempheris Macleay, 517 ; orthotype N. ramsayi Macleay. A synonym of 

Teratorhombus Macleay, 126; orthotype T. excisiceps Macleay. Said to be a 

synonym of Pseudorhombus Blkr. 
Cainosilurus Macleay, 147; orthotype Neosilurus australis Castelnau. Substitute 

for Neosilurus Castelnau, preoccupied. 

1345. MOREAU (1881). Histoirc naturelle dcs poissons de France. 

£mile Moreau (1823-1896). 
Flesus Moreau, II, 301 ; orthotype Pleuronectes flesus L. 

POEY, 1881 417 

1346. POEY (1881). Feces. (In Al^untes para la fauna puerto-riqucfia, by Juan 
Gundlach. Ann. Soc. Espaiiola Hist. Nat. Madrid, X, 317-350. 

Felipe Poey y Aloy. 
Monosira Poey, 326; orthotype M. stahli Poey. A synonym of Amia Gronow or 
Apogon Lac. 

1347. RZEHAK (1881). Uebcr das Vorkommen und die geologische Bedeutung 
dcr Clupeidcngattung. Briinn. 


Anaglyphus Rzehak, 79; orthot3'pe A. insignis Rzehak (fossil). 
Eupalaeoniscus Rzehak, 79; orthotype Pal^onisgum frieslebenensis Blainv. 
(fossil). An unexplained substitute for Pal.eoniscum Blainv. 

1348. SMITH, R. (1881). Description of a Nezv Gobioid Fish (Othonopseos)' 
from San Diego, California. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., IV. 

Rosa Smith (1859- ) (afterwards Mrs. Carl. H. Eigenmann). 
Othonops Rosa Smith, 19 ; orthotype O. eos Smith = Typhlogobius californiensis 
Steind. A synonym of Typhlogobius Steind. 

1349. STEINDACHNER (1881). Ichthyologischc Beitrdge. X. Sitzb. Akad. 
Wiss. VVien, 1881, LXXXIII, 179-219. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Cyclopterichthys Steindachner, 192; orthotype C. glaber Steind. A synonym of 

Aptocyclus Pylaie. 
Breitensteinia Steindachner, 213 ; orthotype B. insignis Steind. 

1350. STEINDACHNER (1881). Ichthyologischc Beitrdge. XL Sitzb. Akad. 
Wiss. Wien, LXXXIII. 393-408 (May 5, 1881). 

Franz Steindachner. 
Schedophilopsis Steindachner, 100; orthotype S. spinosus Steind. = Icosteus 

.ENiGMATicus LockiugtoH. A synouvm of Icosteus Lockington- 
Parachela Steindachner, 404 (12); orthotype P. breitensteini Steind. (Borneo). 

1351. THOMINOT (1881). Sur deux genres nonveaux de poissons faisant partie 
de la famille des squamipinnes et rapportes d'Australie par J. Verreaux. 
Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, 1881, VII, ser. 8, 140-142. 

Alexandre Thominot. 
Tilodon Thominot, 140; orthotype T. australis Thominot. 

Diodyxodon Thominot, 142; orthotype D. australis Thominot. Not Doydi.xo- 
DON Val. 

1352. TRAQUAIR (1881). Notice of Nezv Fish-Remains from the Blackband 
Ironstone of Borough Lee, Near Edinburgh. Geol. Mag., 1881, II, decade VIII, 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Cynopodius Traquair, 35; orthotype C. crenulatus Traquair (fossil). 
Euctenius Traquair, 36-334; logotype Ctenoptychius unilateralis Barkas (fossil). 
Ganopristodus Traquair, 2)7; orthotype G. splendens Traquair (fossil). A synonym 
of Uronemus Ag. 


1353. TRAQUAIR (1881). Report on Fossil Fishes Collected by the Geological 
Survey of Scotland in Eskdale and Liddesdale. Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh, 
1881, XXX, 15-71. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 


Phanerosteon Traquair, 39; orthotype P. mirabile Traquair (fossil). 
Holurus Traquair, 43; orthotype H. parki Traquair (fossil). 
Canobius Traquair, 46; orthotype C. ramsayi Traquair (fossil). 
Cheirodopsis Traquair, 56; orthotype C. geikiei Traquair (fossil). 
Tarrasius Traquair, 61 ; orthotype T. problematicus Traquair. 

1354. TRAQUAIR (1881). Notice of New Fish Remains from the Blackband 
Ironstone of Borough Lee, Near Edinburgh. Geol. Mag., decade VIII, 491-494. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Cryphiolepis Traquair, 491; orthotype Ccelacanthus striatus Traquair (fossil). 

1355. VETTER ( 1881 ) . Die Fische aus dem lithographischen Schiefer im Dresdner 
Museum. Mitt. Mus., IV, Dresden, 1881. 

Benjamin Vetter (1848-1893). 

Eusemius Vetter, 51; orthotype E. beat^ Vetter (fossil). 

Diplolepis Vetter, 91; orthotype (Sauropsis longimanus Ag.) (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Sauropsis Ag., the name twice preoccupied. 

Agassizia Vetter, 97; orthotype Eugnathus titanius Wagner (fossil). Name 
twice preoccupied, replaced by Asthenocormus Woodw., 1895. 

Lophiurus Vetter, 116; orthotype L. minutus Vetter (fossil). A synonym of 
LiODESMUs Wagner. 

1356. WHITEAVES (1881). Some Remarkable Fossil Fishes from the Devonian 
Rocks of Scaumenac Bay, . . . Quebec . . . Canadian Naturalist, X. 

Joseph Frederick Whiteaves (1835-1909). 
Eusthenopleuron Whiteaves, 30; orthotype E. foordi Whiteaves (fossil). 


1357. BASSANI (1882). Descrisioni dei pcsci fossili di Lesina . . . 

Francesco Bassani. 
Opsigonus (Kramberger) Bassani, 200; orthotype O. megaluriformis Kramberger 

1358. BOGHDANOV (1882). Sketch of the Expeditions and Natural History 
Investigations in the Aral-Caspian Region from 1720 to 1874. (Not verified.) 

Modest Nikolaevich Boghdanov (1841-1888). 
Kessleria Boghdanov, II, 3; orthotype Scaphirhynchus fedtschenkoi Kessler. 
This generic name is rejected by L. S. Berg, as a nomen nudum, which 
received its first definition in Jordan's Guide to the Study of Fishes, II, 20, 
1905. But Boghdanov's species, S. fedtschenkoi Kessler, was described in 
1872 and was a well known species. Kessleria should therefore be preferred 
to Pseudoscaphirhynchus Nikolski. 

1359. DODERLEIN (1882). Ein Stomiatide aus Japan. Arch. Naturg. (2), 
XLVIII, 26-31. 

Ludwig Doderlein (1855- ). 
Lucifer Doderlein, 26; orthotype L. albipinnis Doderlein. 

1360. FACCIOLA (1882). Note sui pcsce del stretto di Messina. X (part 1). 
166-168. Naturalista Siciliano, I, for 1882. 

Luigi Facciola. 
Alepichthys Facciola, 167; orthotype A. argyrogaster Facciola. 

GiGLioLi, 1882 419 

1361. GIGLIOLI (1882). New and Very Rare Fish from the Mediterranean. 
Naturalist, XXV. 

Enrico Hillyer Giglioli. 
Paradoxichthys Giglioli, 535 ; orthotype Notacanthus rissoanus Giglioli. A 

synonym of Polyacanthonotus. 
Teratichthys Giglioli, 574; orthotype T. garibaldianus Giglioli. A synonym of 

Polyacanthonotus Blkr. ; name preoccupied in fossil fishes. 

1362. GILL (1882). Supplementary Note on the Pedictdati. Proc. U. S. Nat. 
Mus., V. 

Theodore Gill. 
Lophiomus Gill, 552 ; orthotype Lophius setigerus Vahl. 

1363. GOODE & BEAN (1882). Reports on the Results of Dredging Under the 
Supervision of Alexander Agassis, on the East Coast of the United States, 
During the Summer of 1880, by the U. S. Coast Survey Steamer Blake, etc. 
Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. Harvard College, 1882, X, 183-226. 

George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Notosema Goode & Bean, 193 ; orthotype N. dilecta Goode & Bean. 
Chalinura Goode & Bean, 199; orthotype C. Simula Goode & Bean. 
Barathrodemus Goode & Bean, 200; orthotype B. manatinus Goode & Bean. 
Dicrolene Goode & Bean, 202; orthotype D. introniger Goode & Bean. 
Lycodonus Goode & Bean, 208 ; orthotype L. mirabilis Goode & Bean. 
Poromitra Goode & Bean, 214; orthotype P. capito Goode & Bean. 
Cyclothone Goode & Bean, 221 ; orthotype C. lusca Goode & Bean. 

1364. GOODE & BEAN (1882). Benthodesmus, a Neiu Genus of Deep-sea Fishes, 
allied to Lepidopus. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1882, V, 379-383. 

George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Benthodesmus Goode & Bean, 380; orthotype Lepidopus elongatus Clarke, 

1365. GOODE & BEAN (1882). Descriptions of Twenty-iive New Species of 
Fish from the Southern United States, and Three Neiv Genera, Letharchus, 
loglossus, and Chriodorus. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1882, V, 412-437. 

George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Baiostoma Bean, 413; orthotype B. brachialis Bean. A synonym of Achirus Lac. 
loglossus Bean, 419; orthotype I. calliurus Bean. 

Chriodorus Goode & Bean, 431 ; orthotype C. atherinoides Goode & Bean. 
Letharchus Goode & Bean, 436; orthotype L. velifer Goode & Bean. 

1366. GUIMARAES (1882). Description d'un nouvcau poisson dc Portugal. Jorn. 
Sci. Lisboa, VIII, for 1881 (1882). 

Antonio Roberto Guimaraes. 
Pseudohelotes Guimaraes, 222; orthotype P. guentheri Capello (Ms.). 

1367. HAY (1882). On a Collection of Fishes from the Lower Mississippi. 
Bull. U. S. Fish Comm., II, 57-75. 

Oliver Perry Hay. 
Tirodon Hay, 68; orthotype T. amnigenus Hay. 

1368. JORDAN (1882). The Fishes of Ohio. Rept. Geol. Surv. Ohio, IV. 

David St.\rr Jordan. 
Coccotis Jordan, 852 ; orthotype Hypsilepis coccogenis Cope. 
Erimystax Jordan, 858; orthotype Luxilus dissimilis Kirtland. 


1369. JORDAN & GILBERT (1882). Notes on Fishes Observed About Pcnsacola, 
Florida, and Galveston, Texas, etc. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., V, 1882. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
loglossus (Bean) Jordan & Gilbert, 297; orthotype I. calliurus Bean (description 
in detail on page 419). 

1370. JORDAN & GILBERT (1882). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from 
Charleston, South Carolina, With Descriptions of Three New Species. Proc. 
U. S. Nat. Mus., 1882, V, 580-620. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Querimana Jordan & Gilbert, 588 ; orthotype Myxus harengus Gthr. 
Pneumatophorus Jordan & Gilbert, 593; orthotype Scomber pneumatophorus 
De la Roche = Scomber colias Gmelin. 

1371. JORDAN & GILBERT (1882). List of Fishes Now in the Museum of Yale 
College Collected by Prof. Frank H. Bradley at Panama, etc. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus., 1882. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Emblemaria Jordan & Gilbert, 627; orthotype E. nivipes J. & G. 

1372. JORDAN & GILBERT (1882). A Revictv of the Sihiroid Fishes Found 
on the Pacific Coast of Tropical America, etc. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm., II. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Cathorops Jordan & Gilbert, II, 54; orthotype Arius hypophthalmus Steind. 

1373. JORDAN & GILBERT (1882). Synopsis of the Fishes of North America. 
Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1882 (September), XVI, 1-1018. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 

Creolus Jordan & Gilbert, XXXVI; orthotype Serranus furcifer J. & G. Substi- 
tute for Brachyrhinus Gill, preoccupied. Withdrawn in the text, being a 
synonym of Paranthias Guich. 

Trycherodon (Forbes) Jordan & Gilbert, 247; orthotype T. megalops Forbes. A 
synonym of Opsopcedus Hay. 

Euthynnus (Liitken) Jordan & Gilbert, 429; orthotype Thynnus pelamys L. 

Bothragonus (Gill) Jordan & Gilbert, 728; orthotype Hypsagonus swani Steind. 

Isesthes Jordan & Gilbert, 757; orthotype Blennius gentilis Grd. ; a synonym of 
Hypsoblennius Gill. 

Isopsetta (Lockington) Jordan & Gilbert, 832; orthotype Lepidopsetta isolepis 

Xenistius Jordan & Gilbert, 920 ; orthotype Xenichthys californiensis Steind. 

1374. GORJANOVIC-KRAMBERGER (1882). Die jiingsttcrtidre Fischfauna 
Croatiens. Parts I-II. Beitr. Palaeont. Oesterr.-Ungarn, 1882, II, 86-135 
(ibid. 1883, II, 65-85). 

Dragutin Gorjanovic-Kramberger. 
Metoponichthys Kramberger, 104; orthotype M. longirostris Kramberger (fossil). 

Same as Proantigonia Kramberger, and having page priority. 
Proantigonia Kramberger, 131; orthotype P. rabdobojana Kramberger (fossil). 

A synonym of Metoponichthys. 

1375. MACLEAY (1882). Notes on the Plcuroncctidcv of Port Jackson, With 
Descriptions of Two Hitherto Unobserved Species. Proc. Linn. Soc. New 
S. Wales, 1882, VII, 11-15. 

William Macleay. 

VON QUENSTEDT, 1882 421 

Lophorhombus Macleay, 14; orthotype L. cristatus. A synonym of Lophonectes 

1376. QUENSTEDT (1882). (Fossile Fisclic.) Wiirtt. Jahresh. XXXVIII. 

Friedrich August von Quenstedt. 
Bdellodus Quenstedt, 137; orthotype B. bqllensis Quenstedt (fossil). 

1377. SAUVAGE (1882). Etude sitr les poissons dcs Faluns dc Brctagnc. Mem. 
Soc. Sci. Nat. Saone-et-Loire, IV. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Stylodus Sauvage, IV, 77; orthotype S. lebescontei Sauvage (fossil). 

1378. S.A.UVAGE (1882). Description dc quelqucs poissons dc la collection du 
museum d'histoirc naturelle. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris (7), VI, 168-176. 

Henri ^mile Sauvage. 
Saccostoma Sauvage, 171 ; orthotype S. gulosus Sauvage. Name preoccupied, 

replaced by Chasmias Jordan & Snyder; this also preoccupied and replaced 

by Chasmichthys Jordan & Snyder. 
Cosmochilus Sauvage, 180; orthotype C. harmandi Sauvage. 

1379. STEINDACHNER (1882). Ichthyologische Beitrdge. XII. Sitzb. Akad. 
Wiss. Wien, LXXXVI, 61-82. 

Franz Steind.\chner. 
Pachychilon Steindachner, 71; orthotype Squalius pictus (Heckel & Kner). 

1380. VAILLANT (1882). Sur un poisson des grandes profondcnrs dc I'Atlan- 
tique, I' Bury pharynx pclccanoides. Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. Paris, 1882, 

Leon Louis Vaillant. 
Eurypharynx Vaillant, 1226 ; orthotype E. pelecanoides Vaillant. 


1381. BEAN (1883). Notes on Collection of Fishes Made in 1882 and 1883 by 
Capt. Henry E. Nichols, U. S. N., in Alaska and British Columbia, etc. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VI, 353-362. 

Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Prionistius Bean, 355 ; orthotype P. m.^cellus Bean. 

1382. COPE (1883). A A'czv Chondostrcan (Crossopholis magnicaudatus) from 
the Eocene. Amer. Naturalist, 1883, XVII, 1152-1153. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Crossopholis Cope, 1152; orthotype C. magnicaudatus Cope (fossil). 

1383. COPE (1883). Om the Fishes of the Recent and Pliocene Lakes of thet 
Western Part of the Great Basin and of the Idaho Pliocene Lake. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila.. 134-166. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Siphateles Cope, 146; orthotype S. vittatus Cope. Young individual of a genus 
apparently valid, confused with ^Ivloleucus Cope. 

1384. COPE (1883). On Some Vertcbrata from the Permian of Illinois. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 108-110. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 


Didymodus Cope, 108; orthotype Diplodus gibbosus Ag. (fossil). Substitute for 
DiPLODUS Ag., preoccupied. Didymodus is regarded as preoccupied by 
DiDYMODON and again replaced by Dicranodus Garman. But there are 
apparently older synonyms. These teeth probably belong to the forms 
called Pleuracanthus or Oracanthus, known from fin-spines only. But 
it is impossible to coordinate the teeth with the spines, hence the occurrence 
of two parallel sets of generic names. 

Thoracodus Cope, 108; orthotype T. emydinus Cope (fossil). A synonym of 
Janassa Miinster. 

1385. COPE (1883). Fourth Contribution to the History of the Permian Forma- 
tion of Texas. Proc. Amer. Phila. Soc, XX, 628-629. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Gnathorhiza Cope, 629; orthotype G. serrata Cope (fossil). 

1386. COPE (1883). On a New Extinct Genus of Percidcc from Dakota Territory. 
Amer. Journ. Sci., XXV. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
PJioplarchus Cope, 416; orthotype P. whitii Cope (fossil). 

1387. COPE (1883). Permian Fishes and Reptiles. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Ectosteorhachis Cope, 69; orthotype E. ciceronius Cope. 

1388. DAMES (1883). Uebcr eine tertidre Wirhelthier-Fauna von dcr westlichen 
Insel des Birket el Qurun im Fajum (Aegypten). Sitzb. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 
VI, 129-152. 


Propristis Dames, 136; orthotype P. schweinfurthi Dames (fossil). 
Progymnodon Dames, 148; orthotype P. hilgendorf Dames (fossil). An extinct 
analogue of Diodon L. 

1389. DAVIS (1883). On the Fossil Fishes of the Carboniferous Limestone 
Series of Great Britain. Scient. Trans. Roy. Dublin Soc, 1883, II, ser. 1, 

James William Davis. 
Compsacanthus Davis, 354; orthotype C. carinatus Davis (fossil). 
Lispacanthus Davis, 359; logotype L. gracilis Davis (fossil). 
Gnathacanthus Davis, 363; logotype G. triangularis (fossil). 
Cladacanthus (Agassiz) Davis, 364; orthotj'pe C. paradoxus Ag. (fossil) (printed 

as name only in Poissons Fossiles, III, 176, 1843). A synonym of Erisma- 

canthus M'Coy (1848). 
Chalazacanthus Davis, 370; orthotype C. verrucosus Davis (fossil). 
Carcharopsis (Agassiz) Davis, 381; orthotype C. prototypus Ag. (fossil) (name 

only in 1843). A synonym of Dicrenodus Romanowsky. 
Glyphanodus Davis, 386; orthotype G. tenuis Davis (fossil). A synonym of 

Rhamphodus Davis, 402; orthotype R. dispar Davis. 
Diclitodus Davis, 410; orthotype D. scitulus Davis (fossil). 

Tomodus (Agassiz) Davis, 446; orthotype T. convexus Morris & Roberts (fossil). 
Copodus (Agassiz) Davis, 464; orthotype C. cornutus Davis (fossil). 
Lobodus (Agassiz) Davis, 468; orthotype L. prototypus Ag. (fossil). A synonym 

of Copodus (Ag.) Davis. 

DE VIS, 1883 423 

Mesogomphus (Agassiz) Davis, 470; orthotype M. lingua Ag. (fossil). A syno- 
nym of COPODUS. 

Rhymodus (Agassiz) Davis. 473; orthotype R. transversus Ag. (fossil). A syno- 
nym of CoPODUS. 

Pinacodus (Agassiz) Davis, 476; orthotype P. gonoplax Ag. (fossil). A synonym 

of CoPODUS. 

Characodus (Agassiz) Davis, 474; orthotype C. angulatus Ag. (fossil) (name 
only, printed by Morris & Roberts, 1862). Name preoccupied; a synonym 

of CoPODUS. 

Dimyleus (Agassiz) Davis, 478; orthotype D. woodi (Ag.) Davis (fossil). 
Mylacodus Davis, 480; orthotype M. quadratus Davis (fossil). A synonym of 


Homalodus Davis, 484; logotype H. trapeziformis Davis (fossil). A synonym of 
Psammodus Ag. 

Petalodopsis Davis, 499; orthotype P. tripartitus Davis (fossil). Name pre- 
occupied ; a synonym of Ctenoptychius. 

Pristodus (Agassiz) Davis, 519; orthotype P. falc.\tus Davis (fossil). 

Phoderacanthus Davis, 534; orthotype P. grandis Davis (fossil). 

1390. DE VIS (1883). Descriptions of Some New Queensland Fishes. Proc. 
Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1883, VII, 367-371. 

Charles W. De Vis. 
Cleidopus De Vis, 367; orthotype C. gloria-maris De Vis. A synonym of Mono- 
centris B1. & Schn. 

1391. F.\CCIOLA (1883). Note sui pesci dello strctto di Messina. Naturalista 
Siciliano, 1883, II, 145-148. 

Luigi Facciola. 
Pelopsia Facciola, 145 ; orthotype P. Candida Facciola. Said to be the young of 
Chlorophthalmus Ag. 

1392. GAUDRY (1883). Les enhcahtements du monde animal dans Ics temps 
geologiqiies. Fossiles primaires. 

Jean Albert Gaudry (1827-1908). 
Megapleuron Gaudry, 239; orthotype M. rochei Gaudry (fossil). A synonym of 

1393. GIGLIOLI (1883). Intorno a due nuovi pesci dal golfo di Napoli. Zool. 
Anz., 1883, VI, 397-400. 

Enrico Hillyer Giglioli. 
Bellottia Giglioli, 399; orthotype B. apoda Giglioli. 

1394. GIGLIOLI (1883). Nezv and Very Rare Fish from the Mediterranean. 
(Part 2.) Nature. 

Enrico Hillyer Giglioli. 
Bathyophilus Giglioli, 199; orthotype B. nigerrimus Giglioli. 

1395. GILL (1883). (Pediculate Fishes.) Forest & Stream, November 8. 

Theodore Gill. 
Cryptopsaras Gill, November 8, 1883 ; orthotype C. couesi Gill. 
Typhlopsaras Gill, 284; orthotype T. shufeldti Gill. Apparently a synonym of 
Manacalias Gill. 


1396. GILL (1883). Diagnosis of Neiv Genera and Species of Deep-sea Fish-like 
I 'ertebrates. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VI, 253-260. 

Theodore Gill. 
Bathymyzon Gill. 254; orthotype Petromyzon bairdi Gill. 
Histiobranchus Gill. 255; orthotype H. infernalis Gill. 
Hyperchoristus Gill. 256; ortliotype H. tanneri Gill. 
Sigmops Gill. 256; orthotype S. stigmaticus Gill. 
Stephanoberyx Gill. 258 ; orthotype S. mon^ Gill. 
Plectromus Gill, 257; orthotype P. suborbitalis Gill. 
Caulolepis Gill, 258; orthotype C. longidens Gill. 
Bassozetus Gill, VI, 259 ; orthotype B. normalis Gill. 

1397. GILL & RYDER (1883). Diagnosis of Nezv Genera of Nemichthyoid Eels. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1883, VI, 260-262. 

Theodore Gill; John Adam Ryder (1852-95). 
Labichthys Gill & Ryder, 261 ; orthotype L. carinatus Gill & Ryder. 
Spinivomer Gill & Ryder, 261 ; orthotype S. goodei Gill & Ryder. 
Serrivomer Gill & Ryder, 260; orthotype S. beani Gill & Ryder. 

1398. GILL & RYDER (1883). On the Anatomy vnd Relations of the Eitry- 
pharyngidcr. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1883, VI, 262-273. 

Theodore Gill; John Adam Ryder. 
Gastrostomus Gill & Ryder, 271 ; orthotype G. bairdi Gill & Ryder. 

1399. GOODE (1883). The Generic Names Amitra and Thyris Replaced. Proc. 
U. S. Nat. Mus., VII. 

George Brown Goode. 
Monomitra Goode, 109; orthotype Amitra liparina Goode. Substitute for Amitra 

Goode, 1880, regarded as preoccupied by Amitrus Schonherr. a beetle. 
Delothyris Goode, 109 ; orthotype Thyris pellucidus Goode. Substitute for Thyris 

Goode, preoccupied ; larval form of Monolene Goode. 

1400. JORDAN & GILBERT (1883). Notes on the Nomenclature of Certain 
North American Fishes. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VI. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Scytaliscus Jordan & Gilbert, 111 ; orthotype Scytalina cerdale J. & G. Substitu- 
tute for Scytalina, regarded as preoccupied by Scytalinus. 

1401. KAYSER (1883). Richthofcn's Beitriige zur Palccontologie von China. Ber- 
lin, 1883. 

Friedrich Heinrich Emanuel Kaysfj? (1845- ). 
Leptodus Kayser, 161; orthotype L. richthofeni Kayser (fossil). 

1402. KOENEN (1883). Bcitriige zur Kcnntniss dcr Placodcrmcn des Nord- 
dcutschen Oberdevons. Abb. Ges. Wiss. Gottingen. XXX. 

Adolf von Koenen. 
Brachydirus Koenen, 26; orthotype Coccosteus inflatus Koenen (fossil). 
Anomalichthys Koenen, 38; orthotype A. scaber Koenen (fossil). 

1403. MACLEAY (1883). On a Nezv and Remarkable Fish of the Family Mugi- 
lidce. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, VIII, 2-6. 

William Macleay. 
.ffischrichthys Macleay, 5; orthotype A. goldtei Macleay. 

MACLEAY, 1883 425 

1404. MACLEAY (1883). Contributions to a Knowledge of the Fishes of New 
Guinea, No. 4. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, VIII, 252-282. 

William Macleay. 
Tetracentrum Macleay, 256; orthotype T. apogonoides Macleay. 

1405. NEWBERRY (1883). Some Interesting Remains of Fossil Fishes Recently 
Discovered. Trans. N. Y. Acad. Sci., II, 144-147. 

John Strong Newberry. 
Mylostoma Newberry, 145 ; logotype M. terrelli Newberry. 

1406. ST. JOHN & WORTHEN (1883). Descriptions of Fossil Fishes; a Partial 
Revision of the Cochliodonts and Psamniodonts, Including Notices of Mis- 
cellaneous Material Acquired from the Carboniferous formations of the 
United States. Geol. Surv. 111., VII, 55-264. 

Orestes H. St. John; A. H. Worthen. 
Taeniodus St. John & Wlorthen, 75 ; logotype T. regularis St. John & Worthen 

(fossil). A synonym, as here restricted, of Psephodus Ag. 
Stenopterodus St. John & Worthen, 102; logotype S. planus St. John & Worthen 

Vaticinodus St. John & Worthen, 82 ; logotype V. vetustus St. John & Worthen 

Chitonodus St. John & Worthen, 112; logotype C. springeri St. John & Worthen 

Deltodopsis St. John & Worthen, 160; logotype D. angustus St. John & Worthen 

Orthopleurodus St. John & Worthen, 192; logotype O. convexus St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). 
Acondylacanthus St. John & Worthen, 241 ; logotype A. rectus St. John & Worthen 

Eunemacanthus St. John & Worthen, 246; orthotype Ctenacanthus costatus 

Newberry & Worthen (fossil). A synonym of Ctenacanthus. 
Gymnatacanthus St. John & Worthen, 249; logotype G. ruois St. John & Worthen 

Batacanthus St. John & Worthen, 253; orthotype B. necis St. John & Worthen 

Pnigeacanthus St. John & Worthen, 259; orthotype P. trigonalis St. John & 

Worthen (fossil). 

1407. SAUVAGE (1883). Note sur les poissons dii niuschelkalk de Poutpierre 
(Lorraine). Bull. Soc. Geol. (3), XI, 492-496. 

Henri Emile Sauvage 
Meristodon Sauvage, 480; orthotype M. jurensis Sauvage (fossil). 
Paralates Sauvage, 485; orthotype P. bleicheri Sauvage (fossil). 
Sparosoma Sauvage, 487; orthotype S. ovalis Sauvage (fossil). Preoccupied by 
Sparisoma Sw. 

1408. SAUVAGE (1883). Sur une collection de poissons recuellis dans Ic lac 
Biwako (Japan) par M. F. Steenackers. Bull. Soc. Philom., Paris, 1883, ser. 
7, VII. 144-150. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Tribolodon Sauvage, 149; orthotype T. punctatum Sauvage. 


1409. SAUVAGE (1883). Descriptions dc qiielques poissons de la collection du 
museum d'histoire naturelle. Bull. Soc. Philom., Paris, 1883, ser. 7, VII, 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Petroscirtes Sauvage, 158; orthotype P. germani Sauvage. Name preoccupied by 
Petroscirtes Riippell. 

1410. STEINDACHNER & DODERLEIN (1883). Beitrdge zur Kenntniss der 
Fische Japans. Part 1. Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 1883, XLVII, 1-34. 

Franz Steindachner; Ludwig Doderlein. 
Melanostoma Steindachner & Doderlein, 5 ; orthotype M. japonicum Steindachner 

& Doderlein. Name preoccupied; replaced by Synagrops Gthr., 1887. 
Neoditrema Steindachner & Doderlein, 32; orthotype N. ransonneti Steindachner 

& Doderlein. 
Cypselichthys Steindachner & Doderlein, 14; orthotype C. japonicus Steindachner 

& Doderlein = Labracoglossa argentiventris Peters. A synonym of Labra- 

coglossa Peters. 
Paracirrhites Steindachner & Doderlein, 25; orthotype P. japonicus Steindachner 

& Doderlein. Name preoccupied ; replaced by Isobuna Jordan, 1907. 
Doderleinia Steindachner, 29; orthotype D. orientalis Steindachner & Doderlein. 
Acanthocephalus (Doderlein) Steindachner, 29; orthotype Doderleinia orientalis 

Steind. A manuscript synonym of Doderleinia, noted in passing, being preoc- 
Labracopsis Doderlein, 235 ; orthotype L. j.\ponicus Doderlein. 

1411. STEINDACHNER & DODERLEIN (1883). Beitrdge zur Kenntniss der 
Fische Japans. Part 2. Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 1883, XLVIII, l^W, 

Franz Steindachner; Ludwig Doderlein. 
Argo Doderlein, 34; orthotype A. steindachneri Doderlein. A synonym of Tarac- 

TEs Lowe. 
Pentaceropsis Steindachner & Doderlein, 13 ; logotype Histiopterus recurvirostris 

Malakichthys Doderlein, 32; orthotype M. griseus Doderlein. Replaces Satsuma 

Smith & Pope. 

1412. THOMINOT (1883). Notice sur un poisson de genre nouveau appartcnant 
a la famillc des Sparides. Bull. Soc. Philom., Paris, VII. 

Alexandre Thominot. 
Parhaplodactylus Thominot, 140; orthotype Haplodactylus lophodon Gthr. 

1413. THOMINOT (1883). Note sur le genre Aplodon, poisson de la famillc des 
Sparides voisin des girelles. Bull. Sci. Philom., Paris, VII. 

Alexandre Thominot. 
Aplodon (Dumeril) Thominot, 141 ; logotype A. margaritiferum Dumeril. Mss. 
also written Haplodon ; both forms preoccupied. Said to be a synonym of 
Incisidens Gill. 

1414. TRAUTSCHOLD (1883). Ueber Edcstns und cinigc andere Fischreste des 
moskaucr Bcrgkalks. Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat. Moscou, LVII, pt. 2, 160-174. 

Hermann von Trautschold. 
Euacanthus Trautschold, 172; orthotype E. margaritatus Trautschold (fossil). 

CLAYPOLE, 1884 427 


1415. CLAYPOLE (1884). Preliminary Note on Some Fossil Fishes Recently 
Discovered in the Silurian Rocks of North America. Amer. Naturalist, 
XVIII, 1222-1226. 

Edward Waller Claypole (1835-1901). 
Palaeaspis Claypole, 1224; orthotype P. Americana Claypole (fossil). 

1416. DAVIS (1884). On some Remains of Fossil Fishes from the Yoredale 
Series at Leyburn in Wenslaydale. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc, 1884, XL, 

James William Davis. 
Gomphacanthus Davis, 618; orthotype G. acutus Davis (fossil). 
Hemicladodus Davis, 620; orthotype H. unicuspidatus Davis (fossil). An uni- 
dentified fragment of a tooth. 
Astrabodus Davis, 630; orthotype A. expansus Davis (fossil). A synonym of 


Echinodus Davis, 631; orthotype E. paradoxus Davis (fossil). 
Cyrtonodus Davis, 631; orthotype C. gibbus Davis (fossil). 
Diplacodus Davis, 633; orthotype D. bulboides Davis (fossil). 

1417. DAVIS (1884). Description of a New Genus of Fossil Fishes from the 
Lias. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 5, XIII, 448-453. 

James William Davis. 
Lissolepis Davis, 449; orthotype L. serratus Davis (fossil). 

1418. DE VIS (1884). Descriptions of New Genera and Species of Australian 
Fishes. Proc. Linn. Soc, New S. Wales, for 1883 (1884), VIII, 283-289. 

Charles W. De Vis. 
Dactylophora De Vis, 284; orthotype D. semimaculata De Vis. Same as Psilo- 

CRANiuM Macleay of the same year. 
Leme De Vis, 286; orthotype L. mordax De Vis. 

1419. DE VIS (1884). Fishes from South Sea Islands. Proc. Linn. Soc, New S. 
Wales, VIII, 445-457. 

Charles W. De Vis. 

Harpage De Vis, 447; orthotype H. rosea De Vis. 

Nesiotes De Vis, 453 ; orthotype N. purpurascens De Vis. A synonym of Pseudo- 
chromis Riippell. 

Trachycephalus De Vis, 455; orthotype T. bankaniensis De Vis. Name preoccu- 
pied; a synonym of Amphiprionichthys Blkr., 1855. 

1420. FACCIOLA (1884). Note sui pesci dello strctto di Messina. Naturalista 
Sicili., Ill, 111-114. 

LuiGi Facciola. 
Hypsirhynchus Facciola, 112; orthotype H. hepaticus Facciola. 

1421-1422. FILHOL (1884). E.vplorations sous-marines : voyage du Talisman. La 
Nature, 1884, 182-186. 

Henri Filhol (1843 ). 

Neostoma Filhol, 184; orthotype N. bathyphilum Filhol. 
Eustomias Filhol, 185; orthotype E. obscurus Filhol. 


1423. GARMAN (1884). New Sharks: Chlaniydoselachus anguineus and Hcp- 
tranchias pectorosus. Bull. Essex Instit., 1884, XVI. 3-15. 

Samuel Garman. 
Chlamydoselachus Garman, 8 ; orthotype C. anguineus Garman. 

1424. GILBERT (1884). A List of Fishes Collected in the East Fork of the 
White River, Indiana, zinth Descriptions of Two New Species. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus., VII, 199-205. 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Hypargyrus (Forbes) Gilbert, 200; orthotype Hybopsis tuditanus Cope. A syno- 
nym of Ceratichthys Baird (Cliola Grd.). 
Serraria Gilbert, 205 ; orthotype Hadropterus scierus Swain. 

1425. GILL (1884). On the Anacanthine fishes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci., Phila., 

Theodore Gill. 
Lycenchelys Gill, 180; orthotype Lycodes mur.^na Collett. 

Lycocara Gill, 180; orthotype Ophidium parrii Ross. A substitute for Uronectes 
Gthr., preoccupied. 

1426- GILL (1884). Synopsis of the genera of the supcrfamily Tcuthidoidea 
(families Teuthididae and Siganidae). Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VII, 1884. 

Theodore Gill. 

Ctenochaetus Gill, 279 ; orthotype Acanthurus strigosus Bennett. Replaces Cteno- 
DON (Bon.) Klunzinger, preoccupied. 

Colocopus Gill, 279; orthotype C. lambdurus Gill = Acanthurus hepatus B1. & 
Schn., not Teuthis hepatus L. 

1427. GILL (1884). Synopsis of the Plectognath Fishes. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 

Theodore Gill. 
Masturus Gill, 425 ; orthotype Orthagoriscus oxyuropterus Blkr. 

1428. GILL (1884). (Derichthys, etc.) American Naturalist, XVIII. 

Theodore Gill. 
Derichthys Gill, 433 ; orthotype D. serpentinus Gill. 

Acanthochaenus Gill, 433 ; orthotype A. lutkeni Gill. Perhaps a synonym of 
Stephanoberyx Gill. 

1429. GtJRICH (1884). (Eupleiirodus) Zeitschr. Deutsch. Geol. Ges., XXXVI. 

Georg GiJRicH (1859- ). 
Eupleurodus Giirich, 142; orthotype E. sulcatus Giirich (fossil) = Amphalodus 
chorzowiensis Meyen. A synonym of Asterodon Miinster. 

1430. JORDAN & SWAIN (1884). A Review of the American Species of Marine 
Mugilidcc. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VII, 261-275. 

David Starr Jordan; Joseph Swain (1857- ). 
Liza Jordan & Swain, 261 ; orthotype Mugil capito Cuv. 

1431. JORDAN & SWAIN (1884). A Rcviciv of the Species of the Genus Hccmu- 
lon. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VII. 

D.wiD Starr Jordan; Joseph Swain 
Lythrulon Jordan & Swain, 284; orthotype H^mulon flavigutt.\tus Gill. 

KLUNZINGER, 1884 429 

1432. KLUNZINGER (1884). Die Fische des Rothen M ceres. Eine kritische 
Revision iiiit Bestimnmngs-Tabellen. I. Tlieil. Acanthopteri veri Owen, 
Stuttgart, 133. 

Carl Benjamin Klunzinger. 

Hyposerranus Klunzinger, 3 ; logotype Serranus morrhua Cuv. & Val. A substi- 
tute for Epinephelus Bloch. because not originally clearly defined. A syno- 
nym of Epinephelus Bloch, as restricted. "Bleeker nent die Serranus 
jetzt Epinephelus. Diese Sucht, alte Namen hervorzusuchen, halte ich fiir 
verfehlt, wenigstens in fallen wie hier . . . Bloch hat allerdings verschie- 
dene Arten dieser Gattung unter Epinephelus aufgefiihrt, die Gattungsdiag- 
nose ist aber nichtssagend" (Klunzinger). But relatively few original diag- 
noses are adequate until amended, and to give a new name with each new 
definition would lead to endless confusion. In fact, much of the chaos which 
rules are intended to remove is due to the method advocated by Klunzinger 
and justified by rule 12 of the British Association (1865, 1869), now super- 
seded, whereby a name not fully defined should be changed if its meaning 
is not clearly expressed at first. 

Anisochaetodon Klunzinger, 54; logotype Ch^todon auriga. A substitute for 
Linophora Kaup and Oxych^todon Blkr., the definition being changed. A 
synonym of Linophora Kaup. 

Ctenodon (Bonaparte) Klunzinger, 85; orthotype Acanthurus strigosus Bennett. 
Xame preoccupied ; replaced by Ctenoch-^itus Gill, 1884. 

Hypocaranx Klunzinger, 92 ; logotype Scomber speciosus Bloch. A synonym of 
Gnathanodon Blkr. Under the new name of Hypocaranx, Klunzinger in- 
cludes Bleeker's genera, Hemicaranx. Gnathanodon, Selaroides, and Uras- 
pis. His conception of a genus is that of a compartment of species, its name 
to be changed whenever the walls are altered. But in modern nomenclature 
a genus is a group of species clustered around a type which may be arbitrarily 
chosen. The oldest type-name included (unless preoccupied) gives its name 
to the whole. Hypocaranx is inadmissible, being merely a synonym of 
Gnathanodon Blkr., its first species mentioned (speciosus) being the type 
of Gn.athanodon. The same remarks apply to Pseudoserranus Klunzinger 
(1870), a substitute for the earlier names Serranus and VARroLA. 

1433. LANKESTER (1884). Report on Fragments of Fossil Fishes from the 
Paleozoic Strata of Spitsbergen. Svensk. Vet. Akad. Handl.. 1884, XX, 1-7. 

Edwin Ray Lankester. 
Lophostracon Lankester, 5; orthotype, L. spitzbergense Lankester (fossil). 

1434. MACLEAY (1884) On a New Genus of Fishes from Port Jackson. Proc. 
Linn. Soc, New S. Wales, VIII, 439-443. 

William Macleay. 

Psilocranium Macleay, 439; orthotype P. coxii Macleay. Same as Dactylophora 

De Vis, of the same year. McCulloch gives the latter name precedence. 

1435. SALIVAGE (1884). Contribution a la faune ichthyologiqnc du Tonkin. Bull. 
Soc. Zool. France, 1884, VII, ser. 7, 150-155. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Gymnognathus Sauvage, 214; orthotype G. harmandi Sauvage. Name preoccu- 
pied ; gives place to .A.spidolucius Berg. 


1436. SAUVAGE (1884). Sur un siluroide de I'lle de la Reunion. Bull. Soc. 
Philom., Paris, 1884, VII, ser. 8, 147-148. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 
Laimumena Sauvage, 147 ; orthotype L. borbonica Sauvage. 

1437. STEINDACHNER (1884). Ichthyologische Beitrdge, XIII. Sizgb. Akad. 
Wiss. Wien, 1883 (1884), 1 Abth., LXXXVIII, 1065-1114. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Parapercis Steindachner, 1071 ; orthotype P. ramsayi Steind. Name preoccupied ; 

replaced by Neopercis Steind. 
Peronedys Steindachner, 1083 ; orthotype P. anguillaris Steind. 
Neopataecus Steindachner, 1087 ; orthotype Pat^cus maculatus Gthr. 
Austrolabrus Steindachner, 1100; orthotype Labrichthys MAcuLATA.Macleay. 

1438. THOMINOT (1884). Note sur un poisson de la famille des Cyprinodontidcr. 
Bull. Soc. Philom., Paris, VII, ser. 8, 149-158. 

Alexandre Thominot. 
Rhodeoides Thominot, 150; orthotype R. vaillanti Thominot. 

1439. TRAQUAIR (1884). Notice of New Fish remains from the Blackband 
Ironstone of Borough Lee, near Edinburgh^ No. 5. Geol. Mag., 1884, III, 
dec. 1, 64-65. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Aganacanthus Traquair, 64; orthotype A. striatus Traquair (fossil). 


1440. BEAN (1885). On Stathmonotus, a New Genus of Fishes Related to Mu- 
rcenoides, from Florida. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1885, VIII, 191-192. 

Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Stathmonotus Bean, 191 ; orthotype S. hemphilli Bean. 

1441. CLAYPOLE (1885). On the Recent Discovery of Pteraspidian Fish in the 
Upper Silurian Rocks of North America. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc, XLI. 

Edward Waller Claypole. 
Palaeaspis Claypole, 62; orthotype P. Americana Claypole (fossil): (detailed ac- 

1442. COCCO (1885). Indice ittiologico del mare di Messina. Naturalista 
Siciliana, V. 

Anastasio Cocco. 
Symproptopterus Cocco, 294 ; orthotype not stated by Hilgendorf. A Paralepis, 
with dorsal and anal joined to caudal; perhaps a monstrosity; mentioned by 
Bonaparte, 1846. 

1443. COPE (1885). Eocene Paddle-Fish and Gonorhynchidce. Amer. Nat., XTX. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Notogoneus Cope. 1091; orthotype N. osculus Cope (fossil). 

1444. DAVIS (1885). The Fossil Fishes of the Chalk of Mount Lebanon. Royal 
Dublin Society, 1885. ser. 2., Ill, 457-636. 

James William Davis. 

DE VIS, 1885 431 

Centrophoroides Davis, 478; orthotype C. latidens Davis (fossil). 
Rhinognathus Davis. 480; orthotype R. lewisi Davis. Name preoccupied, replaced 

by ScAPANORHYNCHUS Woodw., 1889. 
Spathiurus Davis, 503; orthotype S. dorsalis Davis (fossil). 
Amphilaphurus Davis, 504; orthotype A. major Davis (fossil) = Spathiurus 

DORSALIS Davis. A synonym of Spathiurus. 
Xenopholis Davis, 548; orthotype X. carinatus Davis (fossil). 
Exoccetoides Davis, 551; orthotype E. minor Davis (fossil). 
Lew^isia Davis, 593; orthotype L. ov1.\lis Davis = Clupea lata Ag. (fossil). A 

synonym of Spaniodon Pictet. 
Pantopholis Davis, 599; orthotype P. dorsalis Davis (fossil). 
Eurygnathus Davis, 601 ; logotype E. major Davis (fossil). A synonym of Encho- 

DUS Ag. 
Phylactocephalus Davis, 605; orthotype P. microlepis Davis (fossil). A synonym 

of Halec Ag. 

1445. DE VIS (1885). Neiv Australian Fishes in the Queensland Museum. Proc. 
Linn. Soc. New S. 'Wales, IX, 389-400. 537-547, etc. 

Charles W. De Vis. 
Herops De Vis, 392; orthotype H. munda De Vis. A synonym of Kuhlia Gill. 
Homodemus De Vis, 395 ; orthotype H. cavifrons De Vis. A synonym of 

Oligorus Gthr. 
Autisthes De Vis, 398; orthotype A. argenteus De Vis. A synonym of Therapon 

Hephaestus De Vis, 399; orthotype H. tulliensis De Vis, Therapon fuliginosus 

Macleay. A synonym of Therapon Cuv. 
Neoniphon De Vis. 537 ; orthotype N. hasta De Vis. Preoccupied by Castelnau, 


1446. DE VIS (1885). New Fishes in the Queensland Museum. Proc. Linn. 
Soc. New S. Wales, 1885, IX, 869-887. 

Charles W. De Vis. 
Onar De Vis, 875; orthotype O. nebulosum De Vis. A synonym of Pseudochromis 

Torresia De Vis, 881 ; orthotype T. lineata De Vis. 
Julichthys De Vis, 884 ; orthotype J. inorn.'vta De Vis. 

1447. FACCIOLA (1885). Su di alcuni rari Pleuronettidi del Mar di Messina. 
Nota preliminare. Nat. Sicil.. IV, 261-266. 

LuiGi Facciola. 
Charybdia Facciola, 265 ; orthotpye Peloria ruppelii Cocco. A larval flounder, 
perhaps young of Platophrys Sw. 

1448. FISCHER (1885). Ichthyologische und hcrpetologische Bcmcrkungen. 
Jahrb. Hamburg. Wiss. Anstalten, 1885, II, 49-119. 


Sclerocottus Fischer, 58 ; orthotj^pe S. schraderi Fisclier. 

Gymnelichthys Fischer, 61 ; orthotype G. antarcticus Fischer. ^ 

1449. FORBES (1885). Description of Nezv Illinois Fishes. Bull. Illinois Lab. 
Nat. Hist., II. 

Stephen Alfred Forbes (1848- ). 
Oxygeneum Forbes, 136; orthotype O. pulverulentum Forbes. 


1450. GARMAN (1885). The Generic Name of the Pastinacas or Sting Rays. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VIII. 

Samuel Garman. 
Dasybatus (Klein) Garman, 221; orthotype Raja pastinaca L. A revival of a 
non-binomial name of Klein as reprinted by Walbaum in place of Dasyatis 
Raf. and Trygon (Adanson) Geoff roy. 

1451. GARMAN (1885). Chlainydoselachus angitineus Garni., a Living Represent- 
ative of Cladodont Sharks. Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. Harvard College, XII. 

Samuel Garman. 
Pternodus Garman, 6; orthotype Phcebodus springer: St. John & Worthen (fossil). 

Name preoccupied ^ by Pternodus Owen, 1867 ; probably a synonym of 

Dicranodus Garman, 30; orthotype Didymodus texensis Cope (fossil). Substitute 

for Didymodus Cope, regarded as preoccupied by Didymodon Blake, 1863, a 

mammal ; perhaps same as Dittodus Owen and Orthacanthus Ag. 

1452. GILL (1885). Riverside Natural History. Edited by John Sterling Kingsley. 
III. Lower Vertebrates, Chapter Acanthopterygians. 

Theodore Gill. 
Phrynotitan Gill, 255 ; orthotype Batrachus gigas, the author not stated, the name 
not found by me. 

1453. GOODE & BEAN (1885). On American Fishes in the Linncran Collection. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus.. VIII. 

George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Borborys (Broussonet Ms.) Goode & Bean, 205; orthotype Cobitis heteroclitus L. 
A synonym of Fundulus Lac. 

1454. GOODE & BEAN (1885). Descriptions of New Fishes Obtained by the 
United States Fish Commission, Mainly from Deep Water Off the Atlantic 
and Gulf Coasts. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VIII, 589-605. 

George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Neobythites Goode & Bean, 601 ; orthotype N. gilli G. & B. 
Porogadus Goode & Bean, 602; orthotype P. miles G. & B. 
Bathyonus Goode & Bean, 603; logotype B. catena G. & B. 

1455. GOODE & BEAN (1885). Description of a New Genus and Species of Pe- 
diculate Fishes (Halieutella lappa). Proc. Biol. Sac. Wash., II, 88. 

George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Halieutella Goode & Bean, 88; orthotype H. lappa G. & B. 

1456. JORDAN (1885). Identification of the Species of Cyprinidcr and Catostomi- 
dce Described by Dr. Charles Girard, etc. (1856). Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VIII. 

David Starr Jordan. 

Luxilinus Jordan, 126; orthotype Luxilus occidentalis Baird & Girard := young of 

Lavinia exilicauda Baird & Grd. A synonym of Lavinia Baird & Grd. 

1457. JORDAN (1885). A Catalogue of the Fishes Knoivn to Inhabit the Waters 
of North America North of the Tropic of Cancer. Rept. U. S. Fish Comm. 
for 1885 (1887). (Reprint issued 1885.) 

David Starr Jordan. 
Crystallaria Jordan & Gilbert, 78; orthotype Pleurolepis asprellus Jordan. 
Rhothoeca Jordan, 80; orthotype Pcecilichthys zonalis Cope. Substitute for 
Nanostoma Putnam, regarded as preoccupied by Nannostomus Gthr. 

JORDAN & MEEK, .1885 433 

Artediellus Jordan. 110; orthotype Cottus uncinatus Reinh. 

Icelinus Jordan. 110; orthotype Artedius quadriseriatus Lockington. 

Otophidium (Gill MS.) Jordan, 126; orthotype Genypterus omostigma J. & G. 

Pleurogadus (Bean) Jordan, 130; orthotype Gadus navaga Kolr. A substitute 
for Tilesia, preoccupied. A synonym of Eleginus Fischer. 1813. not of 
Cuvier & Valenciennes. 1830. 

Aramaca (Jordan & Goss) Jordan, 133; orthotype Citharichthys p.etulus J. & G. 
^ Pleuronectes aramaca Donndorf = Pleuronectes papillosus L. A syno- 
nym of Syacium Ranz. 

Eopsetta Jordan & Goss, 135; orthotype Hippoglossoides jordani Lockington. 

Lyopsetta Jordan & Goss, 135 ; orthotype Hippoglossoides exilis J. & G. 

Inopsetta Jordan and Goss, 136; orthotype Parophrys ischyrus J. & G. 

1458. JORDAN & MEEK (1885). A Review of the American Species of Flyiiig- 
iish. (ExocoiTus.) Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., VIII. 

David Starr Jordan ; Seth Eugene Meek (1859-1914). 
Fodiator Jordan & Meek, 45 ; orthotype Exoccetus acutus Cuv. & Val. 

1459. KRAMBERGER (1885). Palaontologische beitriige. Soc. Hist. Nat. Croatia 
Rad. Jugoslav. Akad., LXXII. 

Dragutin Gorjanovic Kramberger. 

Holcodon Kramberger, 19 ; orthotype Solenodon neocomiensis Kramberger = 
Saurocephalus lycodon Kner (fossil). Name a substitute for Solenodon 
Kramberger, preoccupied ; thought to be a synonym of Enchodus. 

Hypsospondylus Kramberger, 31; orthotype H. bassanii Kramberger (fossil). 

Mesiteia Kramberger, 54; orthotype M. emili.e Kramberger. 

1460. KUNISCH (1885). Dactylolel^is gogoliensis. Zool. Gcol. Ges., XXXVII, 

Hermann KuNiscH (1853-1893). 
Dactylolepis Kunisch, 588; orthotype D. gogoliensis Kunisch (fossil). A syno- 
nym of COLOLOBUS Ag. 

1461. LAUBE (1885). Ein Beitriige zur Kenntniss der Fischc dcs bohmischen 
Turoiis. Denk. Akad. Wiss. Wien.. 1. Abth., 285-298. 

GusTAv Carl Laube (1839- ). 
Protelops Laube, 286; orthotype P. geinitzii Laube (fossil). 

1462. MARCK (1885). Fische der oberen Kreide Wcstfalcns. Paleontographica. 
1885. XXXI, 233-267. 


Charitosomus Marck, 257; orthotype C. formosus Hosius & von der Marck (fossil). 

1463. MOCQUARD (1885). Siir un nouveau genre dc Blenniidce z'oisin dcs 
Cliiius. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, 1885, 18-20. 

M. Mocquard. 
Acanthoclinus Mocquard, 18 ; orthotype A. chaperi Mocquard. Name preoccupied ; 
replaced by Paraclinus Mocquard (1886). 

1464. NEWBERRY (1885). Description of Sonic Gigantic Placoderm Fishes Re- 
cently Discovered in the Devonian of Ohio. Trans. N. Y. Acad. Sci., 1885, 
V, 25-28. 

John Strong Newberry. 
Titanichthys Newberry, 27; orthotype T. agassizi Newberry. 


1465. NEWBERRY (1885). Description of Some Peculiar Screw-like Fossils 
from the Chemung Rocks. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci., XVIIL 217-220. 

John Strong Newberry. 
Spiraxis Newberry, 219 ; orthotype S. major Newberry. Name preoccupied ; re- 
placed by Protospiraxis Williams. 

1466. NOETLING (1885). Die Fauna des sainmldndischcn TertiHres. (Pisces.) 
Abh. Geol. Spec. Preuss., 1885, VI, 3-106. 

Fritz Noetltng (1857- ). 
Pseudosphasrodon Noetling, 104; orthotype P. hilgendorfi Noetling (fossil). 

1467. OGILBY (1885). Notes and Descriptions of Some Rare Port Jackson Fishes. 
Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, X. 

James Douglas Ogtlby (1848- ). 
Petraites Ogilby, 225 ; orthotype P. heptacolus Ogilby. 

1468. ROCHEBRUNE (1885). Poissons de la Riviere Casamence, Afriqne occi- 
dentale. Bull. Sci. Philom. Paris, IX. 

Alphonse Tremeau de Rochebrune. 
Gyrinostomus Rochebrune, 96 ; orthotype G. marchei Rochebrune. 

1469. STEINDACHNER & DODERLEIN (1885). Beitrcige cur Kenntniss der 
Fische Japans. (3) Denkshr. Akad. Wiss. Wien, XLIX. 

Franz Steindachner; Ludwig Doderlein. 
Neopercis Steindachner, 212; orthotype Percis ramsayi Steind. Substitute for 
Parapercis Steind., preoccupied. 


1470. BASSANI (1886). Sui fossili e suW eta degli scisti bituininosi triasici d' 
Besano in Lombardia. Atte. Soc. Ital. Sci. Nat., XXIX. 

Francesco Bassani. 
Nothosomus Bassani, 37; orthotype N. bellotti Bassani (fossil). 

1471. COLLETT (1886). On a Nezv Pediculate Fish from the Sea off Madeira 
(Linophryne lucifer). Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 138-142. ' 

Robert Collett. 
Linophryne Collett, 138; orthotype L. lucifer Collett. 

1472. COPE (1886). Fossil Fishes from Brazil. Proc. Amer. Phil. Soc, XXIII. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Apocopodon Cope, 2; orthotype A. sericeus Cope (fossil). 
Chiromystus Cope, 4; orthotype C. mawsoni Cope (fossil). 

1473. COPE (1886). On Tzvo New Forms of Polyodonf and Gonorhynchid Fishes 
from the Rocky Mountains. Mem. Nat. Acad. Sci., V/ashington, TIL 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Crossophilus Cope, 162; orthotype C. magnicaudatus- Cope. 

1474. COPE (1886). An Interesting Connecting Genus of Chordata. Amer. Nat.. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Mycterops Cope, 1027; orthotype M. ordinatus Cope. (Said by Woodward to be 
an Eurypterid crustacean.) 

FRiTSCH, 1886 435 

1475. FRITSCH (1886). Ergebnissc dcr Vergleichungen an den elektrischcn Or- 
ganen der Torpedinen. Arch. .A^nat. Physiol., 358-370. 

GusT.w Theodor Fritsch. 
Gymnotorpedo Fritsch. 365; logotype Torpedo occidentalis Storer. 
Fimbriotorpedo Fritsch, 365 ; logotype Torpedo marmorata Risso = Raja torpedo 
L. A synonym of Torpedo Dumeril, and of authors. 

1476. GOODE & BEAN (1886). Reports on the Results of Dredging, under the 
supervision of Alexander Agassiz, in the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78) and in 
the Caribbean Sea (1879-80), by the U. S. Coast Survey steamer "Blake," etc. 
Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool., Harvard Coll., 1886, XH, no. 5*. 153-170. 

George Brown Goode; Tarletox Hoffman Be.\n. 
Barathronus Goode & Bean, 164; orthotype, B. bicolor G. & B. 
Benthosaurus Goode & Bean, 168; orthotype B. grallator G. & B. 

1477. JORDAN (1886). List of Fishes Collected at Havana, Cuba, in December, 
1882, with notes and descriptions. Proc. U. S. Nat. AIus. IX. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Scartella Jordan, 50; orthotype Blennius microstomus Poey. 

1478. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1886). Description of Six New Species of 
Fishes from the Gulf of Mexico, with Notes on Other Species. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus., 1886, IX, 466-476. (September 17.) 

David Starr Jordan; Barton Warren Evermann. 
Steinegeria Jordan & Evermann, 467 ; orthotype S. rubescens J. & E. 

1479. JORDAN (1886). Notes on Typical Specimens of Fishes Described by Cuvier 
and Valenciennes and preserved in the Musec d'Histoirc Naturelle in Paris. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1886, IX, 525-546. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Marcgravia Jordan, 546; orthotype Batrachus cryptocentrus Cuv. & Val. A 
synonym of Amphichthys Sw., the name later changed to Marcgravich- 
THYS by Ribeiro, because Marcgravia is used in Botany. 

1480. JORDAN (1886). A Preliminary Catalogue of the Fishes of the IVest In- 
dies. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., IX. 

David Starr Jordan. 

Amiichthys (Poey), Jordan, 586; orthotype diapterus Poey (1861). Only 

the specific name of this fish was published by Poey. 

1481. JORDAN & FORDICE (1886). A Review of the American Species of Beloni- 
da-. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., IX. 

David Starr Jordan ; Morton W. Fordice. 

Athlennes Jordan & Fordice, 342; orthotype Belone hians Cuv. & Val. See Ab- 
lennes, of which word Athlennes was an accidental slip in writing. 

Ablennes Jordan & Fordice, 342; orthotype Belone hians Cuv. & Val. Misprinted 
Athlennes, an orthography accepted by Jordan & Evermann, but altered to 
the correct Greek form from d(3>tEvvTi5 (sans mucosite, an old name for the 
needlefish), by a decision of the International Commission on Nomenclature. 

1482. LARRAZET (1886). Des Pieces de la peau de quelques selaciens fossiles. 
Bull. Soc. Geol. France, 1886, III, ser. 14, 255-277. 

Augustin Larrazet (1855- ). 


Dynatobatis Larrazet, 258; logotype D. paranensis Larrazet (fossil). 
Acanthobatis Larrazet, 258; orthotype A. eximia Larrazet (fossil). 

1483. MACLEAY (1886). A Remarkable Fish from Lord Howe Island. Proc. 
Linn. Soc. New South Wales, 1886, X, 718-720. 

William Macleay. 
Ctenodax Macleay, 718; orthotype C. wilkinsoni Macleay. A synonym of Tetra- 

1484. MIKLUKHO-MACLAY & MACLEAY (1886). Plagiostomata of the Pa- 
cifie. in. Proc. Linn. Soc. N. South Wales, 1886, X, 674-684. 

NicoLAi Nicolaevich Mikli>kho-Maclay ; William Macleay. 
Discobatis Miklukho-Maclay & Macleay, 676; orthotype D. marginipinnis Mik- 
lukho-Maclay & Macleay = Rx\ja lymma Forskal. A synonym of T.eniura 
M. & H. ; not Discobatus Carman. 

1485. ROMANOVSKY (1886). (Lyrolepis.) Geol. Soc. St. Petersburg, XXIL 

Ghennadi Danilovich Romanovsky. 
Lyrolepis Romanovsky, 304; orthotype L. caucasicus Romanovsky (fossil). 

1486. STORMS (1886). Note siir un noiiveau genre de poisson fossile de I'argile 
rupelienne. Ann. Soc. Geol. Belgique. XIH. 261-266. 

Raymond Storms. 
Amphodon Storms, 265; orthotype A. benedeni Storms (fossil). Regarded as pre- 
occupied by Amphodus Peters, 1872 ; replaced by Scombramphodon Woodw., 

1487. SZAJNOCHA (1886). Ueber fossile Fische von Monte Bolca bci Verona. 
Pam. Akad. Krakau, XII, (text in Polish). 

Wladyslaw Sz.-vjnocha (1857- ). 
Hacquetia Szajnocha, 3; orthotype H. bolcensis Szajnocha (fossil). 

1488. TRAQUAIR (1886). On Harpacanthus, a Nezv Genus of Carboniferous 
selachian spines. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1886, 5 ser., XVIII, 493^96. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Harpacanthus Traquair, 493; orthotype Tristychius fimbriatus Stock, (fossil). 

1489. V'AILLANT (1886). Considerations siir les poissons des grandes profon- 
deiirs et en partieulier sur . . . les Abdominales. Comptes Rendus, Ac. Sci. 
Paris, CIII. 

Leon Louis Vaillant. 
Anomalopterus Vaillant, 1239; orthotype A. pinguis Vaillant. 
Leptoderma Vaillant, 1239 ; orthotype L. macrops Vaillant. 

1490. WETTSTEIN (1886). Ueber die Fischfanna des tertiaren Glarnerschiefers. 
Abh. Schweiz. PaL-eont. Ces., XIII, 1-103. 

Alexaniier Wettstein (1861-1887). 
Scopeloides Wettstein, 55; orthotype Osmerus glarisianus Ag. (fossil). 
Archaeteuthis Wettstein, 67; orthotype A. glaronesis Wettstein (fossil). 
Cyttoides Wettstein, 91; orthotype C. glaronesis Wettstein (fossil). 

1491. YATES (1886). Catalogue of Fossils in Lorenzo G. Yates Collection, Santa 
Barbara, Cal. 

Lorenzo G. Yates. 

BEAN, 1887 437 

Platychodus Yates, 20; orthotype Ptychodus mortoni Mantell (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Ptychodus Ag. (perhaps a slip of the pen for the latter name). 


1492. BEAN (1887). Description of a New Genus and Species of Fish, Acrotus 
willoughbyi from Washington Territory. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., X, 631-632. 

Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Acrotus Bean, 631 ; orthotype A. willoughbyi Bean. 

1493. BOULENGER (1887). An Account of Fishes Collected by Mr. C. Buckley in 
eastern Ecuador. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1887, II, 274-283. 

George Albert Boulenger (1858- ). 
Nannoglanis Boulenger, 278; orthotype N. fasciatus Boulenger. 
Leptogoniates Boulenger, 281; orthotype L. steindachneri Boulenger. 

1494. DAMES (1887). Ueber Titanichthys pharao . . . aus der Kreideforma- 
tion Acgyptens. Sitzber. Ges. Nat. Freunde Berlin, 69-72. 

Wilhelm Barnim Dames (1843-1898). 
Titanichthys Dames, 69; orthotype T. pharao Dames. Name preoccupied; re- 
placed by Gigantichthys Dames, p. 137, 1888. 

1495. FORIR (1887.) Contributions a V etude du systcme Crctace de la Belgique. 
Ann. Mem. Soc. Geol. Belgique, XIV, 25-56. 

H. Forir. 
Anomoeodus Forir, 25; orthotype Pycnodus subclavatus Ag. (fossil). 

1496. GiJNTHER (1887). Report on the Deep-Sea Fishes Collected by H. M. S. 
"Challenger' during the years 1873-76. In Report on the Scientific Results of 
the Voyage of H. M. S. "Challenger" during the years 1872-76, XXII, pt. 57, 

Albert Gunther. 

Synagrops Gunther, 16; orthotype Melanostoma japonicum Doderlein. Substi- 
tute for Melanostoma Doderlein, preoccupied. 

Malacosarcus Gunther, 30; orthotype M. macrostomus Gthr. 

Diceratias Gunther, 53 ; orthotype Ceratias bispinosus Gthr. 

Lyocetus Gunther, 57 ; orthotype L. murrayi Gthr. 

Salilota Gunther, 95 ; orthotype Haloporph\T{US australis Gthr. 

Cataetyx Giinther, 104; orthotype Sirembo messieri Gthr. 

Pteroidonus Giinther, 106; orthotype P. quinquarius Gthr. 

Mixonus Gunther, 108; orthotype Bathynectes laticeps Gthr. 

NeAiatonus Giinther. 114; orthotype Bathyonus pectoralis G. & B. 

Diplacanthopoma Giinther, 115; orthotype D. brachysoma Gthr. 

Nematonurus Giinther, 124; orthotype N. armatus (Hector). 

Cetonurus Giinther, 124 ; orthotype C. crassiceps Gthr. 

Trachonurus Gunther, 124; orthotype Macrurus villosus Gthr. 

Lionurus Giinther, 124 ; orthotype Coryph.enoides filicauda Gthr. 

Mystaconurus Gunther, 124 ; orthotype M. longibarbis Gthr. ; a synonym of 
Hymenocephalus Giglioli. 

Optonurus Gunther, 147 ; orthotype O. denticulatus Giinther. 

Lyconus Giinther, 158 ; orthotype L. pinnatus Gthr. 


Polyipnus Gunther, 170; orthotype P. spinosus Gthr. 
Nannobrachium Gunther, 199; orthotype N. nigrum Gthr. 
Omosudis Gunther, 201 ; orthotype O. lowi Gthr. 
Opostomias Gunther, 208; orthotype Echiostoma macripnus Gthr. 
Pachystomias Gunther, 210; orthot3'pe Echiostoma microdon Gthr. 
Photonectes Gunther, 212 ; orthotype Lucifer albipennis Doderlein. Substitute 
for Lucifer Doderlein, preoccupied. 

1497. GUNTHER (1887). Descriptions of Two New Species of Fishes from Mauri- 
tius, etc. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 

Albert Gunther. 
Hoplolatilus Gunther, 550; orthotype Latilus fronticinctus Gthr. 

1498. HERZENSTEIN & VARPAKHOVSKII (1887). Noticen ueber die Fisch- 
faiina dcs Ainur-Beckens iind dcr angrcnsenden Gebiete (Russian text). Tru- 
dui St. Petersb. Nat., 1887, XVIII, 1-58. 

Salomon Markovich Herzenstein (1854-1894); 
Nikolai Arkadevich Varpakhovskii (1862- ). 
Octonema Herzenstein, 47; orthotype O. pleskei Herzenstein. Name preoccupied; 
replaced by Lefua Herzenstein. 


1499. MATTHEW (1887). PreViminary Notice of a Nezv Genus of Silurian Fishes 
(Diplaspis acadiciis). Bull. Nat. Hist. Soc. New Brunswick, VI. 

George Frederick Matthew (1837- ). 
Diplaspis Matthew, 69; orthotype Pteraspis acadica Matthew (fossil). A synonym 
of Cyathaspis Lankester. 

1500. MORTON (1887). (Eurumetopos.) Proc. Roy. Soc. Tasmania for 1887. 

Allport Morton. 
Eurumetopos Morton, 77; orthotype E. johnstoni Morton. A synonym of Hy- 
peroglyphe Gthr. 

1501. OGILBY (1887). On a New Genus of Percidce. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 
1887, 616-18. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Chthamalopteryx Ogilby, 616; orthotype C. melbournensis Ogilby. A synonym 
of Parequula Steind. 

1502. OGILBY (1887). On a New Genus and Species of Australian Mugilidcr. 
Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 614-616. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Trachystoma Ogilby, 614; orthotype T. multidens Ogilby. 

1503. PHILIPPI (1887). Historia natural. Sobre los tiburones y algunos otros 
feces de Chile. Anal. Univ. Chile, 1887, LXXI, 1-42. 

RuDOLPHo Amandus Philippi. 
Graus Philippi, 40; orthotype G. nigra Philippi. 

1504. RAMSAY & OGILBY (1887). On a Nezv Genus and Species of Labroid 
Fish from Port Jackson. Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales, 1887 (2), II, 

Edward Pierson Ramsay; James Douglas Ogilby. 

RAMSAY & OGILBY, 1887 439 

Eupetrichthys Ramsay & Ogilby, 631 ; orthotype E. angustipes Ramsay & Ogilby. 

1505. RAMSAY & OGILBY (1887). Notes on the Genera of Australian Fishes. 
Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales, 1887, 2 ser., II, 181-184. 

Edward Pierson Ramsay; James Douglas Ogilby. 
Percalates Ramsay & Ogilby, 182; orthotype Lates colonorum Gthr. 

1506. SCHLUTER (1887). Panzer fische, etc. Niederrhein. Ges., Bonn, 1887, 120. 
(Also in Nat. Ver. Preuss. West., XLIV, 1888, 126.) 

Clemens (August Joseph) Schluter (1836- ). 
Ceraspis Schliiter, 120; orthotype C. carinatus Schluter (fossil). Name preoccu- 
pied, according to Hilgendorf. 
Drepanaspis Schluter, 120; orthotype D. gemuendensis Schluter (fossil). 

1507. STEINDACHNER & DODERLEIN (1887). Bcitrdge zur Kcnntniss dcr 
Fische Japans, IV. Denksch. Kais. Akad. Wiss. Wien., 1887, LI 1 1, 258-296. 

Franz Steindachner; Ludwig Doderlein. 
Myxocephalus Steindachner & Doderlein, 281 ; orthotype M. japonicus Steindach- 
ner & Doderlein. 

1508. STORMS (1887). Notes sur les poissons fossilcs du terrain rupelien. Bull. 
Soc. Belg. Geol. Paleont., I, 98-112. 

Raymond Storms. 
Platylates Storms, 98; orthotype P. rupeliensis Storms (fossil). 

1509. VARPAKHOVSKII (1887). Uebcr die Gatiung Hemicidier Bleeker und 
nber eine neiie Gattitng, Hcmiculterella. Bull. Acad. Sci. St. Petersb., 14-23. 

Nikolai Arkadevich Varpakhovskii. 
Hemiculterella Varpakhovskii, 23 ; orthotype H. sauvagei Varpakhovskii. 

1510. WILLIAMS (1887). On the Fossil Faunas of the Upper Devonian, the 
Genesee Section, New York. Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv., XLI, 1-104. 

Henry Shaler Williams (1847-1916). 
Prospiraxis Williams, 86; orthotype Spiraxis major Newberry (fossil). Substi- 
tute for Spiraxis Newberry, preoccupied. 

1511. ZIGNO (1887). Due novi pesci fossili delta famiglia dei Balistini, scopcrto 
nel ierreno Eoceno del Veronese. Mem. Soc. Ital., VI. 

AcHiLLE de Zigno (1813-1892). 
Probalistum (Massalongo) Zigno, 3; orthotype Ostracion imperialis Massalongo 
(fossil). A synonym of Spinacanthus Ag. 

1512. ZITTEL (1887). Handbuch dcr Paleontologie. I. Abtheihmg. Palceozoolo- 
gie. Band III. Vertebrata, 1887-90, pp. 1-900. 

Karl Alfred von Zittel (1839-1904). 

Chalcodus Zittel, 72; orthotype C. permianus Zittel (fossil). 

Metopacanthus Zittel. 110; orthotype Ischyodus orthorhinus Egerton (fossil). 
A synonym of Myriacanthus Ag. 

Chimasropsis Zittel, 113; orthotype C. paradoxa Zittel (fossil). 

Isopholis Zittel, 216; logotype Ophiopsis munsteri Ag. A synonym of Eugnathus 
Ag. ; regarded as preoccupied. But Euro Gistel, 1848, is a still earlier sub- 



1513. BASSANI (1888). Sopra un nuovo genere di fisostomi scoperto neW Eocene 
medio del Friuli, in provincia di Udinc. Atti. Acad. Sci. Napoli, 1889, 2 ser., 

III, 1^. 

Francesco Bassani. 
Omiodon Bassani, 2; orthotype O. cabassi Bassani (fossil). 

1514. DAMES (1888). Amblyprisfis cheops, aiis dcni Eociin Aegyptens. Sitzber. 
Ges. Naturf. Berlin, 1888, 10^109. 


Amblypristis Dames, 106; orthotype A. cheops Dames (fossil). 

1515. DAMES (1888). Die Ganoidcn dcr deutschen Muschelkalk. Paleont. Abh.. 

IV, Heft 2, 131-180 (1-50 reprint). 


Gigantichthys Dames, 137 (7 reprint) ; orthotype Titanichthys pharao Dames 
(fossil). Substitute for Titanichthys Dames, preoccupied. 

Crenilepis Dames, 171 (40 reprint); orthotype C. sandbergeri Dames (fossil; 
a fragment of a scale from the Muschelkalk of Krainberg, Germany.) 

1516. DAY (1888). Supplement to the Fishes of India. 

Francis Day. 
Acanthonotus (Tickell) Day, 807; orthotype A. argenteus Day. Name preoccu- 
pied, replaced by Matsya Day, 1889. 

1517. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1888). Preliminary Notes on South 
American Nematognathi. Proc. Cal. Acad. Sci., 119-172. 

Carl H. Eigenmann (1863- ) ; Rosa Smith Eigenmann (1860- ). 
Luciopimelodus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 122; logotype Pimelodus pati Val. 
Pimelodella Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 136; orthotype Pimelodus cristatus M. & T. 
Duopalatinus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 136; orthotype Platystoma emarginatum 

Cuv. & Val. 
Sciadeoides Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 136; orthotype Sciades marmoratus Gill. 
Steindachneria Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 137 ; orthotype Platysoma parahyb^ 

Steind. Name preoccupied; replaced by Steindachneridion Eigenmann. 
Hassar Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 158; orthotype Doras orestes Steindachner. 
Decapogon Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 165 ; orthotype Callichthys adspersus 

Neoplecostomus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 171 ; orthotype Plecostomus microps 

Rhamdella Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 172; logotype R. eriarcha Eigenmann & 


1518. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1888). A List of American Species of 
Gobiidce and Callionymida:, with' notes on the Specimens Contained in the 
Museum of Comparative Zoology, at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Proc. Cal. 
Acad. Sci., 1888, 2 ser., 51-78. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 
Barbulifer Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 70; orthotype B. papillosus Eigenmann & 

Eigenmann = Gobiosoma ceuthcecum J. & G. 
Clevelandia Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 73 ; orthotype Gobiosoma longipinne Steind. 

FRITSCH, 1888 441 

1519. FRITSCH (1888). Fauna der Gaskohle und der Kalksteinc dcr Permforma- 
tion Bohmens, II. 

Anton Jan Fritsch. 
Dipnoites Fritsch, 86; orthotype D. perneri Fritsch (fossil). A cranial bone. 

1520. FACCIOLA (1888). Antiunzio ittiologico. Natur. Sicil., VII. 

LuiGi Facciola. 
Sympodoichthys Facciola, 167 ; orthotype S. fasciatus Facciola. 

1521. CARMAN (1888). On an Ed from the Marshall Islands. Bull. Essex In- 
stitute, 1889, XX, 114-116. 

Samuel Carman. 
Rhinomuraena Carman, 114; orthotype R. qu.^jsita Carman. 

1522. GILL (1888). On the Classification of the Mail-Checked Fishes. Proc. 
U. S. Nat. Mus., XI. 

Theodore Gill. 
Histiocottus Gill, 573 ; orthotype Peropus bilobus Lay & Bennett. Substitute for 
Peropus Lay & Bennett, preoccupied. 

1523. GILL (1888). Gleanings Among the Pleuronectids, and Observations on the 
Name Pleuronectes. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XI. 

Theodore Gill. 
Eucitharus Gill, 600; orthotype Pleuronectes linguatula L. Substitute for 

CiTHARUs Blkr., preoccupied by Citharus Reinh., 1838 ; itself a synonym of 

Citharus Rose, 1793. 
Cyclopsetta Gill, 601 ; orthotype Hemirhombus fimbriatus C. & B. 
Trichopsetta Gill, 601 ; orthotype Arnoglossus ventralis G. & B. 

1524. GILL (1888). Some E.vtinct Scleroderms. Amer. Naturalist, 1888, XXII, 

Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Protacanthodes Gill, 448; orthotype Protobalistum omboni Zigno (fossil). 

1525. GILL (1888). Note on the Genus Dipterodon. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XI. 

Theodore Gill. 
Dichistius Gill, 6S\ orthotype Dipterodon capensis Cuv. Substitute for Dipterodon 
Cuv. (1829), preoccupied by Dipterodon Lac. (1803). 

1526. GOODE & BEAN (1888). Three Cruises of the "Blake," by Alexander 
Agassis, II. 

George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Be.\n. 
Steindachneria Goode & Bean, 26; orthotype (S. argentea G. & B.) A short 
diagnosis but no type named ; fully defined in Oceanic Ichthyology, 1896, 
419. Meanwhile a genus of South American Silurids had been named 
Steindachneria by Eigenmann, who gave the present genus of Macrurids 
the name of Steindachnerella. But the first diagnosis is adequate to hold 
the name, and a new name, Steindachneridion, has been assigned by Eigen- 
mann to his genus of Silurids. 

1527. HERZENSTEIN (1888). Wisscnschaftliche Resultate der von N. M. Prze- 
zvalski iiach Central-.lsieu untcrnommenen Reisen. Zoologischer Theil, Band 
III, 2 Abth., 1 Lief., 91 p. 

Salomon Markovich Herzenstein. 


Lefua Herzenstein, 3; orthotype Octonema pleskei Herzenstein, substitute for 
OcTONEMA Herzenstein & Varpachovski, preoccupied. Replaces Elxis Jordan 
& Fowler. 

1528. HERZENSTEIN (1888). Wissenschaftliche Resultate dcr von N. M. Przc- 
walski nach Ccntral-Asien unternommenen Reisen. Zoologischer Theil, TIT, 
2 Abth., 2 Lief., Fische, 181-262. 

Salomon Markovich Herzenstein. 
Chuanchia Herzenstein, 224; orthotype C. labiosa Herzenstein. 
Platypharodon Herzenstein, 226; orthotype P. extremus Herzenstein. 

1529. HILGENDORF (1888). Fische aiis dem Victoria Nyanza (Ukerewe-see) 
. . . Dr. G. A. Fischer. Sitzber. Ges. Naturforscheude Freunde, Berlin. 

Franz Martin Hilgendorf. 
Haplochromis Hilgendorf, 76; orthotype H. obliquidens Hilgendorf. 

1530. JENKINS & EVERMANN (1888). Description of Eighteen New Species 
of Fishes from the Gulf of California. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., X, 137-158. 
Oliver Peebles Jenkins (1850- ) ; Barton Warren Evermann. 

Hermosilla Jenkins & Evermann, 144; orthotype H. azurea Jenkins & Evermann. 
Psednoblennius Jenkins & Evermann, 156; orthotype P. hypacanthus Jenkins & 

1531. JORDAN (1888). On the Generic Name of the Tunny. Proc. Acad. Nat. 
Sci. Phila. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Albacora Jordan, 180; orthotype Scomber thynnus L. A substitute for Thynnus 

Guv., preoccupied, but Thunnus South is older. 
Germo Jordan, 180; orthotype Scomber alalunga Gmelin. 

1532. JORDAN (1888). Manual of the Vertebrates, etc. Edition V. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Miniellus Jordan, 56; orthotype Hybopsis procne Cope. A synonym of Albur- 
NOPS Grd. 

1533. JORDAN & BOLLMAN (1888). List of Fishes Collected at Green Turtle 
Cay, in the Bahamas, by Charles L. Edwards; with Descriptions of Three 
New Species. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XI, 549-553. 

David Starr Jordan; Charles Harvey Bollman (1868-1889). 
Stilbiscus Jordan & Bollman, 549; orthotype S. edwardsi Jordan & Bollman. An 
ally of MoRiNGUA Gray. 

1534. JORDAN & GOSS (1888). A Review of the Flounders and Soles (Pleuro- 
nectidar) of America and Europe. Ann. Rept. U. S. Comm. Fish and Fisheries 
for 1886 (1888). 

David Starr Jordan; David Kop Goss (1863-1900). 
Azevia Jordan & Goss, 271 ; orthotype Citharichthys panamensis Steindachner. 
Quenselia Jordan, 306; orthotype Pleuronectes ocellatus L. 
Acedia Jordan, 321 ; orthotype Aphoristia nebulosa G. & B. 

1535. KIRSCH (1888). Note on a Collection of Fishes Obtained in the Gila River 
at Fort Thomas, Arizona, by Lieut. IV. L. Carpenter, U. S. Army. Proc. U. 
S. Nat. Mus., XI, 555-558. 

Philip Henry Kirsch (1851-1900). 

MOCQUARD, 1888 443 

Xyrauchen Kirscli. 556; orthotype Catostomus cypho Lockington = Catostomus 
TEXANUs C. C. Abbott. 

1536. MOCQUARD (1888). Revision des Clinus de la Collection du Museum, etc. 
Bull. Sci. Philom. Paris, I. 


Paraclinus Mocquard, 41 ; orthotype Acanthoclinus chaperi Mocquard. Substi- 
tute for Acanthoclinus Mocquard, preoccupied. 

1537. REIS (1888). Die Ccclacanthinen mit bcsonder Berilcksichten dcr im Wcis- 
scn Jura Dayerns vorkomnicndcn Gattiingen. Paleontographica, XXV. 

Otto M. Reis. 
Rhabdoderma Reis, 71; orthotype Ccel.^canthus elegans Ag. (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Ccelacanthus Ag. 

1538. STEINDACHNER (1888). Ichthyologische Beitrdge, XIV. S. B. Ak. Wiss. 
• Wien., XCIX. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Hoplotilapia Steindachner, 60; orthotype Paratilapia retrodens Steindachner. 

1539. TRAQUAIR (1888). Further Notes on Carboniferous Selackii. Geo!. Mag. 
3, dec. V. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Callopristodus Traquair, 85; orthotype Ctenoptychius pectinatus Ag. (fossil). 
Dicentrodus Traquair, 86; orthotype Cladodus bicuspidatus Traquair (fossil). 
Chondrenchelys Traquair, 103; orthotype C. problematica Traquair (fossil). 

1540. TRAQUAIR (1888). Notes on the Nomenclature of the Fishes of the Old 
Red Sandstone of Great Britain. Geol. Mag., 1888. Ill, dec. 5. 507-517. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Microbrachium Traquair, 510; orthotype M. dickii Traquair (fossil). 
Mesacanthus Traquair. 511; orthotype Acanthodes pusillus Ag. (fossil). 
Rhadinacanthus Traquair, 511; orthotype Diplacanthus longispinus Ag. (fossil). 

A synonym of Diplacanthus Ag. 
Thursius Traquair. 516; orthotype T. pholidotus Traquair (fossil). 

1541. TRAUTSCHOLD (1888). IJcher Edestus frotopirata Trd. Zeitschr. 
Deutsch. Geol. Ges., 1888, XL, 750-753. 

Hermann von Trautschold. 
Protopirata Trautschold, 750; orthotype Edestus protopirata Trautschold (fossil). 
= P. CENTRODON Trautschold. A synonym of Edestus Leidy. 

1542. VAILLANT (1888). (Poissons.) Mission scientifiqiie du Cap Horn. 
1882-83. VI. Zoologie, Paris, 1888, 1-35. 

Leon (Louis) Vaillant. 
Enantioliparis Vaillant, 22 ; orthotype E. pallidus Vaillant. 

1543. VAILLANT (1888). Expeditions scientifiques du '-TravaiUeur" ct du ■•Talis- 
man" pendant Ics annees 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883. Poissons. Paris, 1-406. 

Leon Vaillant. 
Gyrioncmus Vaillant. 18, 45; orthotype G. nummularis Vaillant ^ Diretmus ar- 

genteus G. & B. a synonym of Diretmus Gthr. 
Opisthoproctus \'aillant, 105 ; orthotype O. soleatus Vaillant. 


Eustomias Vaillant, 112; orthotype E. obscurus Vaillant. 

Scopelogadus Vaillant, 141. 385; orthotype S. cocles Vaillant. A synonym of 

AIelamphaes Gthr. 
Anomalopterus Vaillant, 160; orthotype A. pinguis Vaillant. This genus and the 

next noticed in 1886. 
Leptoderma Vaillant, 165 ; orthotype L. macrops Vaillant. 
Alexeterion Vaillant, 182 ; orthotype L. parfaiti Vaillant. 
Brosmiculus Vaillant, 292; orthotype B. imberbis Vaillant. 
Lycodophis Vaillant, ^311 ; orthotype L. albus Vaillant. A synonym of Lycen- 

Gymnolycodes Vaillant, 312; orthotype G. edwardsi Vaillant. 
Neostoma Vaillant, 385 ; logotype N. bathyphilus Vaillant. 

1544. WOODWARD (1888). A Synopsis of the Vertebrate Fossils of the English 

Chalk. Proc. Geol. Assoc. London, 1888, X, 273-338. 

Arthur Smith Woodv/ard (1864- ). 
Synechodus Woodward, 288; orthotype Hybodus dubrisiensis Mackie (fossil). 
Elasmodectes (Newton) Woodward, 301; orthotype Elasmognathus willetti 

Newton (fossil). Substitute for Elasmognathus Newton, preoccupied. 
Neorhombolepis Woodward, 304; orthotype N. excelsus Woodw. (fossil). 


1545. ALCOCK (1889) On the Bathyhial Fishes of the Bay of Bengal and Neigh- 
boring Waters, Obtained During the Season of 1S88-9. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 
1889, IV, 37^399, 450-461. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Paracentroscyllium Alcock, 379; orthotype P. ornatum Alcock. 
Brephostoma Alcock, 383 ; orthotype B. carpenter: Alcock. 
Pycnocraspedum Alcock, 386; orthotype P. squamipinne Alcock. 
Paradicrolene Alcock, 387 ; orthotype P. multifilis Alcock. 
Saccogaster Alcock, 389 ; orthotype S. maculatus Alcock. 
Glyptophidium Alcock, 390; orthotype G. argenteum Alcock. 
Halosaurichthys Alcock, 454 ; orthotype H. carinicauda Alcock. 
Coloconger Alcock, 456 ; orthotype C. raniceps Conger. 
Sauromuraenesox Alcock, 457 ; orthotype S. vorax Alcock. 
JDysomma Alcock, 459 ; orthotype D. Bucephalus Alcock. 
Gavialiceps Alcock, 460 ; orthotype G. t^niola Alcock. 

1546. BEAN (1889). Description of a New Cottoid Fish Collected by the U. S. 
Fish Com. (Synchirus gilli). Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XII, 641-642. 

Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Synchirus Bean, 642; orthotype S. gilli Bean. 

1547. COLLETT (1889). Diagnoses de poissons nouveau.v provenant des cam- 
pagnes de ''UHirondelle." Bull. Soc. Zool. France, 1889, XIV, 291-293, 

Robert Collett. 
Conchognathus Collett, 123; orthotype C. grimaldii Collett. A synonym of Si- 

menchelys Gill. 
Photostomias Collett, 291 ; orthotype P. guerni Collett. 

COPE, 1889 445 

1548. COPE (1889). Storms on the Adhesive Disk of Echeneis. Amer. Naturalist, 
1889, XXIII, 254-255. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Opisthomyzon Cope. 255; orthotype Echeneis glaronensis Wettstein (fossil). 

1549. DAY (1889). IV. T. Blanford, the Fauna of British India, including Ceylon 
and Bunnah; (Fishes). 

Francis Day. 
Matsya Day, 292; orthotype Acanthonotus argenteus Day. A substitute for 
x^canthonotus (Tickell) Day, preoccupied. 

1550. DEECKE (1889). Ueber Fische aus verschiedenen Horizonten der Trias. 
Palaeontographica, 1888-89, XXV., 97-138. 

Johannes Ernst Wilhelm Deecke. 
Allolepidotus Deecke, 114; logotype Pholidophorus ruppelli Bellotti (fossil). 
Archasosemionotus Deecke, 121; orthotype A. connectens Deecke (fossil). Prob- 
ably a synonym of Semionotus. 
Prohalecites Deecke, 125; orthotype Pholidophorus porro Bellotti (fossil). 

1551. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1889). Notes from the San Diego Bio- 
logical Laboratory. The Fishes of Cortes Banks, etc. West. Amer. Sci., 1889, 
VI, 123-132; 147-150. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 
Paricelinus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 131 ; orthotype P. hopliticus Eigenmann & 

1552. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1889). Description of Nezv Nema- 
tognathoid Fishes from Brazil. West. Amer. Sci., VI, 8-10. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 
Microlepidogaster Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 8; orthotype M. perforatus Eigen- 
mann & Eigenmann. 

1553. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1889). Preliminary Description of New 
Species and Genera of Characinidcc. West. Amer. Sci., 1889, VI, 7-8. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 
Psectrogaster Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 7 ; orthotype P. rhomboides Eigenmann & 

1554. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1889). Preliminary Notes on South 
American Kematognathi, II. Proc. Cal. Acad. Sci. (2), II, 28-56. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 

Acentronichthys Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 29; orthotype A. leptos Eigenmann & 

Nemuroglanis Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 29; orthotype N. lanceolatus Eigenmann 
& Eigenmann. 

Farlowella Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 32; orthotype Acestra acus Kner. Substi- 
tute for Acestra Kner, preoccupied in Mollusks. 

Oxyropsis Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 39; orthotype O. wrightiana Eigenmann & 

Hisonotus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 41 ; orthotype H. notatus Eigenmann & 

Parotocinclus Eigenmann & Eigenmann. 41 ; orthotype Otocinclus maculicauda 


Panaque Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 44; orthotype CHiETOSTOMUS nigrolineatus 

Delturus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 45; orthotype D. parahyb.e Eigenmann & Eig- 

Hemipsilichthys Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 46; orthotype Xenomystus gobio 
Ltitken. Substitute for Xenomystus Liitken, preoccupied. 

Tridens Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 53 ; orthotype T. melanops Eigenmann & Eigen- 

Pseudostegophilus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 54; orthotype Stegophilus nemurus 

Miuroglanis Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 56; orthotype M. platycephalus Eigen- 
man & Eigenmann. 

1555. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1889). A Revision of the Edentulous 
Genera of Ctiriniatina. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci., IV, 409-440. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 
Curimatella Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 415; logotype C. lepidurus Eigenmann & 

Semitapicis Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 415; logotype Curimatus spilurus Gthr. 

1556. FRAAS (1889). Kopfstachcln von Hybodus und Acrodus sogoiannte Ccra- 
todus heterouiorplius Ag. Jahrb. Ver. Vaterl. Natur. Wiirttenberg, XLV. 

Eberhard Fraas (1862-1915). 
Hybodonchus Fraas, 235; orthotype Ceratodus heteromorphus Ag. (part) (fossil). 
Acrodonchus Fraas, 235 ; orthotype confused with Ceratodus heteromorphus Ag. 

1557. FRITSCH (1889). Fauna der Gaskohle und der Kalksteine der Permforma- 
tion Bohmens, Vol. II. 

Anton Jan Fritsch. 
Tubulacanthus Fritsch, 113; orthotype T. sulcatus Fritsch (fossil). 
Brachiacanthus Fritsch, 113; orthotype B. semiplanus Fritsch (fossil). (Not 

Brachyacanthus Egert.) 
Platyacanthus Fritsch, 113; orthotype P. ventricosus Fritsch (fossil). 

1558. GIGLIOLI (1889). On a Supposed New Genus and Species of Pelagic 
Gadoid Fishes from the Mediterranean. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1889. 328- 

Enrico Hillyer Giglioli. 
Eretmophorus Giglioli, 328; orthotype E. kleineneergi Giglioli. 

1559. GONTHER (1889). On Some Fishes from Kilima-Njaro District. Proc. 
Zool. Soc. London. 1889, 70-72. 

Albert Gunther. 
Oreochromis Gunther, 70; orthotype O. hunteri Gthr. 

1560. GUNTHER (1889). Third Contribution to Our Knotdedge of Reptiles and 
Fishes from the Upper Yang-tzc-Kiang. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1889; 6 ser. 
IV, 218-229. 

Albert Gunther. 
Rhynchocypris Giinther, 225 ; orthotype R. variegata Gthr. 
Scombrocypris Gunther. 226; orthotype S. styani Gthr. 

GUNTHER, 1889 447 

Scomberopsis Gunther, 226; orthotype S. styani Gthr. 
Parapelecus Gunther, 227; orthotype P.-argenteus Gthr. 

1561. GUNTHER (1889). Rcl^ort on the Pelagic Fishes; in Report on the Scien- 
tific Results of the Voyage of H. M. S. "Challenger" during t^e years 1873-76, 
Vol. XXXI, pt. 78. 

Albert Gunther. 
Lepidothynnus Gunther. 15; orthotype L. huttoni Gthr. 

Auchenoceros Gunther, 24; orthotype Calloptilum punctatum Hutton. Substi- 
tute for Calloptilum Hutton, preoccupied. 
Halaphya Giinther, 38 ; orthotype H. elongata Gthr. 

1562. HILGENDORF (1889). Ueber eine Fischsammhmg von Haiti, ivelche czvei 
neiie Arten, Poccilia tridens und Eleotris maltzani, enthUlt. Sitzbcr. Ges. 
Naturf. Freunde Berlin, 1889. 51-55. 

Franz (Martin) Hilgendorf. 
Acropoecilia Hilgendorf, 52; orthotype Pcecili.\ tridens Hilgendorf. 

1563. JAEKEL (1889). Die Selachier aus dem oberen Muschelkalk Lothringcns. 
Abh. Geol. Spec. Elsass-Lothringen. HI, 275-332. 

Otto (Max Johannes) Jaekel. (1863- ). 
Polyacrodus Jaekel, 321; orthotype Hybodus polycyphus Jaekel (fossil). 

1564. JORDAN & BOLLMAN (1889). Descriptions of New Species of Fishes 
Collected at the Galapagos Islands and Along the Coast of the United States 
of Colombia, 1887-88. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1889 (1890), XH, 149-183. 

David Starr Jordan; Charles Harvey Bollman. 
Xenocys Jordan & Bollman, 160; orthotype X. jessi.?; Jordan & Bollman. 
Bollmannia Jordan, 164; orthotype B. chlamydes Jordan. 
Runula Jordan & Bollman, 171 ; orthotype R. azalea Jordan & Bollman. 
Engyophrys Jordan & Bollman. 176; orthotype E. sancti-laurentii Jordan & 

1565. JORDAN & EIGENMANN (1889). A Reviczv of the ScicrnidfV of America 
and Europe. Report U. S. F"ish. Comm.. 1886 (1889), XIV, 343-446. 

David Starr Jordan ; Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Corvula Jordan & Eigenmann. 379; orthotype Johnius batabanus Poey. 
Callaus Jordan, 401 ; orthotype Corvina deliciosa Tschudi. 

1566. NEWBERRY (1889). The Paleozoic Fishes of North America. Monogr. 
U. S. Geol. Surv.. 1889 (issued August. 1890), XVI, 1-340. 

John Strong Newberry. 
Heteracanthus Newberry, 65; orthotype H. politus Newberry (fossil). Name pre- 
occupied; replaced by Gamphacanthus Miller. 
Ganiodus Newberry, 67; orthotype G. hertzeri Newberry (fossil). 
Callognathus Newberry, 69; orthotype C. regularis Newberry (fossil). 
Sphenophorus Newberrj'. 91; orthotype S. lilleyi Newberry (fossil). 
Holonema Newberry, 92; orthotype Pterichthys rugosus Claypole (fossil). 
Glyptaspis Newberry, 157; orthotype G. verrucosus Newberry (fossil). 
Actinophorus Newberry, 174; orthotype A. clarkii Newberry (fossil). 
Mazodus Newberry, 178; orthotype M. kepleri Newberry (fossil). 
Trachosteus Newberry, 188; orthotype Dinichthys mirabilis Newberry (fossil). 
Stethacanthus Newberry. 198; orthotype S. tumidus Newberry (fossil). 


1567. OGILBY (1889). Description of a New Genus and Species of Dcep-Sea 
Fish from Lord Howe Island. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1888, 1313- 
1316 (1889). 

James Dougl.\s Ogilby. 
Sternoptychides Ogilby, 1313; orthotype S. amabilis Ogilby. 

1568. PFEFFER (1889). Uehcrsicht der von Herrn Dr. Frana Stuhhnann in 
Aegypten, auf Zanzibar nnd dem gcgeniiherliegenden Festlande gesanimelten 
Reptilien, Antphibien, Fische, etc. Jahrb. Wiss. Anstalt Hamburg, VI, Pt. 2, 

Georg Johann Pfeffer (1854- ). 
Anoplopterus Pfeffer, 15; orthotype A. uranoscopus Pfeffer. A synonym of 
Amphilius Gthr. 

1569. SCHULZE (1889). Fauna pisciuni Germanicr. Verseichniss der Fische der 
Stromgebiete der Donau, des Rheines, der Ems, Weser, Elbe, Oder, Weichsel, 
des Pregels und der Memel. Jahresber. Naturw. Ver. Magdeburg, 1889, 

Erwin Schulze (1861- ). 
Liparus Schulze, 61 ; orthotype Cyprinus rutilus L. A synonym of Rutilus Raf. 

if this unverified citation is correct. 
Epitomynis Schulze, 174; logotype Salmo hucho L. A needless substitute for 

HucHO and SalMelinus. 
Metallites Schulze, 184 ; orthotype Cyprinus rutilus L. A synonym of Rutilius 

Epitrachys Schulze, 209; orthotype Perca fluviatilis L. An absurdly needless 

synonym of Perca L. 

1570. VAILLANT (1889). Sur les poissons des eaux donees de Borneo. Congr. 
Intern. Zool. Paris, 1889, 81-82, Comptes Rendus. 

Leon Vaillant. 
Lepidoglanis Vaillant, 82; orthotype L. monticola Vaillant. 

1571. ROHON (1889). Ueber unter-Silurische Fische. Melange, Geol. Pal. ; Acad. 
Sci. St. Petersb., I, 7-15. 

Joseph Victor Rohon. 
Gyrolepidotus Rohon, 8; orthotype G. schmidi Rohon (fossil). 

1572. VINCIGUERRA (1889). Viaggio di Leonardo Fea in Burmania e regioni 
z'icinc: Pes'ci. Ann. Mus. Civ. Storia Nat. Genova, II, ser. 9, 129-362. 

Decio Vinciguerra. 
Scaphiodonichthys Vinciguerra, 285 ; orthotype S. burmanicus Vinciguerra. 
Helgia Vinciguerra, 330; logotype Homaloptera bilineata Blyth. 

1574. WOODWARD (1889). Preliminary Notes on Some New and Little Known 
British Jurassic Fishes. Geol. Mag., VI, 448-455. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Leedsia Woodward, 451; orthotype L. proelematica Woodw. (fossil). Name pre- 
occupied; replaced by Leedsichthys Woodw. (1889). 

1575. WOODWARD (1889). Notes on Some New and Little Known British 
Jurassic Fishes. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 6 ser., IV, 405-407. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 

WOODWARD, 1889 449 

Leedsichthys Woodward, 406; orthotype Leedsia problematicus Woodw. (fossil). 

Substitute for Leedsia Woodw., preoccupied. 
Browneichthys Woodward, 407; orthotype B. ornatus Woodw. (fossil). 

1576. WOODWARD (1889). On Atherstonia, a New Genus of Palwoniscid Fishes 
from the Karoo Formation of South Africa, and a Tooth of Ceratodus from 
the Stormberg Beds of the Orange Free State. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1899, 
6 ser., IV, 239-243. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Atherstonia Woodward, 239; orthotype A. scutata Woodw. (fossil). 

1577. WOODWARD (1889). Catalogue of the Fossil Fishes in the British Mu- 
seum of Natural History, I, 1889. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 

Mesolophodus Woodw., 61; orthotype M. problematicus Woodw. (fossil). 

Sclerorhynchus Woodward, 76; orthotype S. atavus Woodw. (fossil). 

Pleuroplax Woodward, 173; orthotype Pleurodus rankinei Ag. (fossil). Substi- 
tute for Pleurodus Hancock & Atthey, preoccupied. 

Cantioscyllium Woodward, 347; orthotype C. decipiens Woodw. (fossil). 

Orthacodus Woodward, 349; orthotype Lamna longidens Ag. (fossil). Substitute 
for Sphenodus Ag., regarded as preoccupied by Sphenodon Gray. 

Scapanorhynchus Woodward. 351 ; logotype Rhynchognathus lewisi Davis 
(fossil). A substitute for Rhynchognathus Davis, preoccupied. The fossil 
homologue of the living shark, Mitsukurina Jordan. 

1578. WOODWARD (1889). On the Palceontology of Sturgeons. Proc. Geol. 
Assoc. London, 1889, XI, 24-44. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Pholidurus Woodward, 44; orthotype P. disjectus Woodw. (fossil). 


1579. ALCOCK (1890). On the Bathybial Fishes Collected in the Bay of Bengal 
During the Season 1888-1890. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1890, VI. ser. 6, 197-222. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Bathyseriola Alcock, 202; orthotype B. cyanea Alcock. 
Ponerodon Alcock, 203 ; orthotype P. vastator Alcock. 
Paroneirodes Alcock, 206; orthotype P. glomerosus Alcock. 
Tauredophidium Alcock, 212; orthotype T. hextii Alcock. 
Thaumastomias Alcock, 220; orthotype T. atrox Alcock. 

1580. ALCOCK (1890). On the Bathybial Fishes of the Arabian Sea, Obtained 
During the Season 1889-1890. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1890, VI, ser. 6, 295-311. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Paradicrolene Alcock, 297; orthotype P. vaillanti xMcock. 
Monomitopus Alcock, 297; orthotype Siremeo nigrifinnis Alcock. 
Dermatorus Alcock, 298; orthotype D. trichiurus Alcock. 
Scopelogenys Alcock, 302; orthotype S. tristis Alcock. 
Narcetes Alcock, 305; orthotype N. erimelas Alcock. 
Aulastomatomorpha Alcock, 307; orthotype A. phospherops Alcock. 
Promyllantor Alcock, 310; orthotype P. purpureus Alcock. 


1581. ALCOCK (1890). Descriptions of Some New and Rare Species of Fishes 
from the Bay of Bengal, Obtained During the Season of 1888-18S9. Journ. 
Asiat. Sec. Bengal, 1890. LVIII, 296-305. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Parascombrops Alcock, 296; orthotype P. pellucidus Alcock. 
Bathymyrus Alcock, 305 ; orthotype B. echinorhynchus Alcock. 

1582. ALCOCK (1890). List of Plcuroncctidcc Obtained in the Bay of Bengal in 
1888 and 1889, with Descriptions of New and Rare Species. Journ. Asiat. 
Soc. Bengal, 1889, LVII, 279-295, 293-305. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Scianectes Alcock, 284; orthotype S. macrophthalmus Alcock. 

1583. ALCOCK (1890). On Some Undeseribed Shore-fishes from the Bay of Ben- 
gal. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1890, VI, ser. 6, 425-443. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Psettylis Alcock, 437 ; logotype P. pellucida Alcock. 

1584. BEAN (1890). New Fishes Collected off the Coast of Alaska and the Ad- 
jacent Region Southzvard. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus.. 1890, XIII, 37-45. 

Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Bothrocara Bean, 39; orthotype B. mollis Bean. 
Poroclinus Bean, 40; orthotype P. rothrocki Bean. 
Dasycottus Bean, 42 ; orthotype D. setiger Bean. 
Malacocottus Bean, 43 ; orthotype M. zonurus Bean. 

1585. DAVIS (1890). On the Fossil Fishes of the Cretaceous Formations of Scan- 
dinaz'ia. Trans. Roy. Dublin Soc, IV, 363-434. 

James William Davis. 
Bathysoma Davis, 424; orthotype B. lutkeni Davis (fossil). 

1586. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1890). Additions to the Fauna of San 
Diego. Proc. Cal. Ac. Sci., Ill, 1-24 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 

Stenobrachius Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 4; orthotype S. leucopsarum Eigenmann 
& Eigenmann. A synonym of Nannobrachium Gthr. 

Catablemella Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 3, 24; orthotype C. brachychir Eigen- 
mann & Eigenmann. A synonym of Notoscopelus Gthr. (Macrostoma Risso). 

1587. FATIO (1890). Faune des Vertebrcs en Suisse. V. Histoire Naturelle des 

Victor Fatio. 
Spirlingus Fatio, 389; orthotype Cyprinus bipunctatus Bloch. An ally or synonym 
of Blicca. 

1583. FORBES (1890). A New Genus of Percidcc from New Zealand. Trans. 
N. Z. Inst., XXII, for 1890. 

H. O. Forbes. 
Plagiogeneion Forbes, 273; orthotype Therapon rubiginosus Ilutton. 

1589. GARMAN (1890). On the Species of the Genus Anostomus. Bulletin Essex 
Inst., XXII, 15-23. 

Samuel Garman. 

GARMAN, 1890 451 

Schizodontopsis Garman. 19; logotype S. proximus Gannan. 

1590. GARMAN (1890). On a Genus and Sfccics of tin- Characines (HenocliUiis 
wheatlandi, etc.). Bull. Essex Instit., 1890, XXII, 49-52. 

Samuel Garman. 
Henochilus Garman, 49; orthotype H. wheatlandi Garman. 

1591. GILBERT (1890). A Preliminary Report on th€ Fishes Collected by the 
Steamer "Albatross" on the Pacific Coast of North America during the Year 
1889, etc. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1890, XIII, 49-126. 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Leuroglossus Gilbert, 57; orthotype L. stilbius Gilbert. Closely allied to Glossa- 

XODON (LiOGLOssus) Guichenot ; perhaps the same. 
Calotomus Gilbert, 70 ; orthotype C. xenodon Gilbert. A synonym of Leptoscarus 

Radulinus Gilbert, 88 ; orthotype R. asprellus Gilbert. 
Bathyagonus Gilbert, 89; orthotype B. nigripinnis Gilbert. 
Xenochirus Gilbert, 90; orthotype X. triacanthus Gilbert. Name preoccupied; 

replaced by Xeneretmus Gilbert. 
Gillellus Gilbert, 98; orthotype G. semicinctus Gilbert. 
Cryptotrema Gilbert, 101 ; orthotype C. corallinum Gilbert. 
Plectobranchus Gilbert, 102; orthotype P. evides Gilbert. 
Lucioblennius Gilbert, 103; orthotype L. alepidotus Gilbert. 
Aprodon Gilbert, 106; orthotype A. cortezlana Gilbert. 
Lycodapus Gilbert, 107 ; orthotype L. fierasfer Gilbert. 
Lioglossina Gilbert, 122 ; orthotype L. tetrophthalma Gilbert. 

1592. GILBERT (1890). Supplementary List of Fishes Collected at Galapagos 
Islands and Panama, with Description of One New Genus and Three Ne:t' 
Species. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1890, XIII. 449^55. 

Charles Henry Gh^bert. 
Dialommus Gilbert, 452 ; orthotype D. fuscus Gilbert. 

1593. GILL (1890). Osteological Characteristics of the Family Mura-uosocidcr. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus.. XIII. 

Theodore Gill. 
Congresox Gill, 231 ; orthotype Conger talabon Cuv. 

1594. HERZENSTEIN (1890). Ichthyologische Bemcrkungen . . . Melanges 
Biologiques. Bull. Ac. Sci. St. Petsb., XIII. 

Salomon Markovich Herzenstein. 
Cheiragonus Herzenstein, 116; orthotype Hypsagonus gradiens Herzenstein ^=As- 

piDOPHORUs QUADRicoRNis Cuv. & Val. A Synonym of Hypsagonus Gill. 
Dinogunellus Herzenstein, 119; orthotype Stich^us grigorjewi Herzenstein. 

1595. HUTTON (1890). List of New Zealand Fishes. Proc. N. Z. Inst., XXII. 

Frederick Wollaston Hutton. 
Neptotichthys Hutton, 278; orthotype Ditrema violacea Hutton. 

1596. JAEKEL (1890). Ucbcr Phancropleuron und Hemictenodus n. g. Sitzber. 
Ges. Naturf. Freunde Berlin, 1890, 1-8. 

Otto (Max Johannes) Jaekel. 


Hemictenodus Jaekel, 7; logotype Ctenodus obliquus Hancock & Attliey (fossil). 
As restricted by Traquair, 1890, a synonym of Sagenodus. 

1597. JORDAN (1890). List of Fishes Obtained (by the "Albatross") in the Har- 
bor of Bahia and in Adjacent Waters. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XIII. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Verecundum Jordan, 330; orthotype V. rasile Jordan. 

1598. JORDAN (1890). A Review of the Labroid Fishes of America and Europe. 
Rept. U. S. Fish Comm., XV, for 1887 (1890). 

David Starr Jordan. 
Lappanella Jordan, 622; orthotype Ctenolabris iris Cuv. & Val. 
Xyrula Jordan, 656; orthotype Xyrichthys jessle Jordan. 

1599. JORDAN & EIGENMANN. A Review of the Genera and Species of Ser- 
ranidcc Found in the IVaters of America and Europe. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm. 
for 1888 (1890), VIII. 

David Starr Jordan ; Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Gilbertia Jordan & Eigenmann, 333, 346; orthotype Plectropoma semicinctum Cuv. 

& Val. A synonym of Hypoplectrodes Gill, an undescribed genus, known by 

its indicated type. 
Garrupa Jordan & Eigenmann, 353; orthotype Serranus nigritus Holbrook. 
Serranellus Jordan & Eigenmann, 399 ; orthotype Perca scriba L. 

1600. LOHEST (1890). Recherchies sttr les Poissons des Terrains Paleoziques de 
Belgiqne. Poissons des Psammitcs da Condroz, Famennien Superieur. Ann. 
Soc. Geol. Belg., XV, 112-203. 

Maximin Lohest. 
Pentagonolepis Lohest, 159; orthotype P. konincki Lohest (fossil). 

1601. RENAULT & ZEILLER (1890). La Flore Fossile de Commentry. St. Eti- 
enne, 1890. 

B. Renault; R. Zeiller. 
Fayolia Renault & Zeiller, orthotype not named (fossil). Egg: the spiral egg-case 
of a Heterodontid Shark, mistaken for a plant. (Quoted from Meunier). 

1602. ROHON (1890). Die Jtira-Fische von Ust-Balei in Ost-Sibirien. Mem. Ac. 
Petersb., XXXVIII, no. 1, 1-15. 

Josef Victor Rohon. 
Palaeoniscinotus Rohon, 8; logotype P. czekanowskii Rohon (fossil). 
Baleiichthys Rohon, 13; logotype B. graciosa Rohon (fossil). A synonym of 


1603. SCHILTHUIS (1890). On a Collection of Fishes from the Congo; with 
Descriptions of Some New Species. Tijdschr. Nederl. Dierk. Ver., 1890-92, 
2 sen, III, 83-92. 

Louise Schilthuis. 
Lamprologus Schilthuis, 85; orthotype L. congoensis Schilthuis. 

1604. TRAQUAIR (1890). On Phlyctcenius, a New Genus of Coccosteidce. Geol. 
Mag., 1890, III, dec. 7, 55-60. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 

Phlyctaenius Traquair, 55; orthotype Coccosteus acadius Whiteaves (fossil). 

Name regarded as preoccupied ; replaced by Phlyct^naspis Traquair. 

TRAQUAIR, 1890 453 

1605. TRAQUAIR (1890). Note on Phlyctccnius, a New Genus of Coccosteidce. 
Geol. Mag., VII, 144. 

Ramsay He.a.tley Traquair. 
Phlyctaenaspis Traquair, 144; orthotype Coccosteus acadicus Whiteaves. Substi- 
tute for PHLYCT.^iNius Traquair, regarded as preoccupied by Phlyct^nium 

1606. TRAQUAIR (1890). List of the Fossil Dipnoi and Ganoidei of Fife and 
the Lothian. Proc. Roy. Phys. Soc. Edinburgh, 1890, XVII, 385-400. 

Ramsay He.\tley Traquair. 
Drydenius Traquair, 399; orthotype D. insignis Traquair (fossil). 

1607. TRAQUAIR (1890). Observations on Some Fossil Fishes from the Lower 
Carboniferous Rocks of the Eskdale, Dumfriesshire. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 
1890, 6 ser., VI, 491-494. 

Ramsay He.\tley Traquair. 
Benedenichthys Traquair, 492; orthotype Pal^oniscus deneensis Van Beneden 

(fossil). A substitute for Benedenius Traquair, 1878, preoccupied. 
Mesopoma Traquair, 493; logotype Canobius pulchellus Traquair (fossil). 

1608. TRAQUAIR (1890). On the Fossil Fishes Found at Achanarras Quarry, 
Caithness. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1890, VI, ser. 6, 479-486. 

Rams.\y Heatley Traquair. 
Palaeospondylus Traquair, 485; orthotype P. gunnii Traquair (fossil). 

1609. WHITEFIELD (1890). Observations on a Fossil Fish from the Eocene 
Beds of Wyoming. Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., 1890. Ill, 117-120. 

Robert Parr Whitefield (1828-1910). 
Protocatostomus Whitefield, 117; orthotype P. constabeli Whitefield (fossil). A 
synonym of Notogoneus Cope. 

1610. WOODWARD (1890). The Fossil Fishes of the Hawkesbury Series at 
Gosford. Mem. Geol. Surv. New South Wales, Palteont., 1890, no. 4, 1-55. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Gosfordia Woodward, 4; orthotype G. truncata Woodw. (fossil). 
Apateolepis Wbodward, 12; orthotype A. australis Woodw. (fossil). 
Pristisomus Woodward. 32; orthotype P. latus Woodw. (fossil). 

1611. WOODWARD (1890). On Some Upper Cretaceous Fishes of the Family 
Aspidorhynchidce. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1890, 629-636. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Apateopholis Woodward, 634; orthotype Rhinellus laniatus Davis (fossil). 

1612. WOODWARD (1890). A Synopsis of the Fossil Fishes from the English 
Lower Oolites. Proc. Geol. Assoc, XI. 289-306. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Scaphodus Woodward, 301; orthotype S. heteromorphus Woodw. (fossil). 

1613. ZIGNO (1890). Nuove aggiunte all' ittiofauna dell' epoca eocena. Mem. 
Instit. Veneto, 1890, XXIII. 9-33. 


Aulorhamphus Zigno, 19; orthotype Calamostoma bolcensis Steind. (fossil). Re- 
places Calamostoma Steind., preoccupied. 
Histiocephalus Zigno, 29; orthotype H. bassani Zigno (fossil). 




1614. ALCOCK (1891). On the Decp-Sea Fishes Collected by the- '•Investigator" 
in 1890-91. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1891, 6 ser., VIII, 16-34, 119-138. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Malthopsis Alcock, 26; orthotype M. luteus Alcock. 
Halicmetus Alcock, 27 ; orthotype H. ruber Alcock. 
Lamprogrammus Alcock, 32; orthotype L. nicer Alcock. 
Bathyclupea Alcock, 130; orthotype B. hoskynii Alcock. 
Dysommopsis Alcock, 137; orthotype D. muciparus Alcock. 

1615. COMPTER (1891). A Fossil Fish from the Muschelkalk of Jena. Zeitsch. 
f. Naturw., LXIV. 

G. Compter. 
Dolichopterus Compter, 41; orthotype D. volitans Compter (fossil). 

1616. COPE (1891). On Some New Fishes from South Dako'ta. Amer. Natural- 
ist, XXV. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Gephyrura Cope, 654; orthotype G. concentrica Cope (fossil). 
Proballostomus Cope, 655; orthotype P. longulus Cope (fossil). 
Oligoplarchus Cope, 656; orthotype O. squamipinnis Cope (fossil). 

1617. COPE (1891). On the Characters of Some Paleozoic Fishes. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus., 1891, XIV, 447-463. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Styptobasis Cope, 447; orthotype S. knightiana Cope (fossil). 

1618. EIGENMANN, R. S. (1891). New California Fishes. Amer. Naturalist, 

Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 
Perkinsia Rosa Smith Eigenmann, 153 ; orthotype P. othonops Eigenmann. Near 
Etrumeus Blkr. 

1619. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1891). Additions to the Foiina of San 
Diego. Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. (2), III, 1-24. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 
Diaphus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 4; orthotype Scopelus engraulis Gthr. 
Tarletonbeania Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 6; orthotype T. tenua Eigenmann & 

1620. FELIX (1891). (Otomitla.) Palseontographica, XXXVII. 

Johannes Paul Felix (1859- ). 
Otomitla Felix, 189; orthotype O. speciosa Felix (fossil). 

1621. GILBERT (1891). Descriptions of Apodal Fishes from the Tropical Pacific. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1891, XIV, 347-354. 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Xenomystax Gilbert, 348; orthotype X. atrarius Gilbert. 
Ilyophis Gilbert, 351 ; orthotype I. brunneus Gilbert. 

1622. GILBERT (1891). Descriptions of Thirty-four Nezv Species of Fishes Col- 
lected in 1888 and 1889, Principally among the Santa Barbara Islands and in 
the Gulf of California. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1891, XIV, 539-566. 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 

GILL, 1891 455 

Chriolepis Gilbert, 557; orthotype C. minutillus Gilbert. 

1623. GILL (1891). On Eleginus of Fischer, Otherwise Called Tilesia or Pleuro- 
gadus. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XIV. 

Theodore Gill. 
Eleginops Gill, 305 ; orthotype Eleginus maclovinus Ciiv. & Val. A substitute 
for Eleginus Cuv. & Val., preoccupied by Eleginus Fischer, 1813. 

1624. GILL (1891). On the Genera Labrichthys and Pseitdolabrus. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus., XIV. 

Theodore Gill. 
Pictilabrus Gill, 403 ; orthotype L.\brus laticlavius Rich. 

1625. HOLMBERG (1891). Sobre algunos peces nuevos o poco conocidos de la Re- 
publica Argentina. Rev. Argent., I, 1891. 180-193. 

Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg. 
Chalcinopelecus Holmberg, 190; orthotype, C. argentinus Holmberg. A synonym 
of PsEUDOCORYNOPOMA Perugia, of the same year. 

1626. HOLT (1891). Survey of Fishing Grounds, West Coast of Ireland. Pre- 
liminary Note on the Fish Obtained During the Cruise of the "Fingal." 1890. 
Sci. Dublin Soc. (2), VII. 121-123. 

Ernest W. L. Holt. 
Nettophichthys Holt, 122; orthotype N. retropinnatus Holt. 

1627. KRAMBERGER (1891). Palceichthyolozki pvilozi (Collectce palccoichthxo- 
logiccc). Dis. II, Rad. Jugoslav. Akad., 1891, 106, 58-129. 

Dragutin Gorjanovic Kramberger. 
Apostasis Kramberger, 104; orthotype Acanus gaudryi Kramberger (fossil). 

1628. LtJTKEN (1891). Om en med stegophiler og trichomycterer besUrgtet syd- 
anierikansk mallefisk (Acanthopoma annectens Ltk., n. g. et sp.). Vid. 
Meddel. Kjobenhavn, 1891, 53-60. 

Christian Frederik Lutken. 
Acanthopoma Liitken, 53 ; orthotype A. annectens Lutken. 

1629. MEUNIER (1891). Note recticative sur un fossile coralUer recetnmeut 
dccrit. Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. Paris. CXII, 1891, 1154-5. 

Stanislas Meunier. 
Vaillantoonia Meunier, 1155; orthotype Cycadospadix virei Meunier (fossil). 
Egg-case of a Chim^eroid from Coralline Jurassic deposits at Verdun. It 
was first described in tlie Comptes Rendus 1891, p. 356, as a species of 
fossil Cycad, but it was shown later by Dr. Vaillant to be a Chim.^roid 

1630. PERUGIA (1891). Appnnti sopra alcuni pesci sudamcricani conservati ncl 
Museo Civic di Storia Naturale di Genova. Ann. Mus. Civ. Storia Nat. 
Genova. 1891, 2 sen. X, 605-657 (April). 

Alberto Perugia. 
Pseudocorynopoma Perugia, 646; orthotype P. dori^ Perugia (April). Re- 
places Bergia Steind. of July, 1891. 

1631. SAUVAGE (1891). (Poissons fossiles). Etudes des gites minerau.v de ht 
France. Bassin houiller et pcrmien d'Autun et d'Epinac. Ease. III. 31 p. 

Henri £mile Sauvage. 


^dua Sauvage, 16; orthotype 7E. gaudryi Sauvage (fossil). 
Archaeoniscus Sauvage, 19; orthotype A. rochei Sauvage (fossil). 

1632. SAUVAGE (1891). Note sur quelques poissons dii Lias superieur de 
I'Yonne. XLV. 

Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Parathrissops Sauvage, 2>7 ; orthotype P. milloti Sauvage (fossil). A synonym 


1633. STEINDACHNER (1891). Ichthvologische Beitrdge, XV. S. B. Ak. Wiss. 
Wien, C. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Bergia Steindachner, 173 (July 1891); orthotype B. altipinnis Steind. = Pseu- 
docorynopoma dori.e Perugia. A synonym of Pseudocorynopoma Perugia. 
April, 1891. Bergia is preoccupied in Insects (Scott, 1881). 

1634. TELLER (1891). Ueber den Schadel etnes fossilen Dipnoers, Ceratodus 
sturii, n. sp. aus den Schlichten den oberen Trias der Nordalpen. Abh. Geol. 
Reichsanstalt, Wien, 1891, XV, pt. 3, 1-39. 

Friedrich Joseph Teller (1852-1913). 
Epiceratodus Teller, 37; orthotype Ceratodus forsteri Krefft (Australian spe- 
cies). It is not certain v^rhether this living species from Australia is iden- 
tical or not with the fish intended by the loosely written account of 
Neoceratodus blanchardi Castelnau, 1876. Epiceratodus is probably a syno- 
nym of Neoceratodus. 

1635. VAILLANT (1891). Note sur tin nouveati genre de Siluro'ides (Diastato- 
mycter) de Borneo. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, 1891, VIII, ser. 3, 181-182. 

Leon Louis Vaillant. 
Diastatomycter Vaillant, 182; orthotype D. chaperi Vaillant. A synonym of 
Hemisilurus Blkr. 

1636. WALCOTT (1891). Supposed Trenton Fossil Fish. Amer. Geol., VIII, 
178-180. (Editorial comment on Walcott's discoveries at Canyon City, Colo.) 

Palaechimaera Walcott, 178; orthotype P. prisma Walcott (fossil). Name only; 
called DicTYORHABDUs in 1892. 

1637. WOODWARD (1891). The Devonian Fish-Fauna of Spitsbergen. Ann. 
Mag. Nat. Hist., 1891, VI, ser. 8, 1-15. 

Arthur Smith Woodw/*d. ' 

Porolepis Woodward, 8; orthotype Gyroptychius posnaniensis Kade (fossil). 
Asteroplax Woodward, 11; orthotype A. scabra Woodw. (fossil). 

1638. WOODWARD (1891). Catalogue of the Fossil Fishes in the British Mu- 
seum Nat. Hist., II. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Palaeomylus Woodw., 39; logotype Rhynchodus frangens Newberry (fossil). 
Elasmodectes (Newton) Woodward, 88; orthotype Elasmognathus willettii 

Newton. A substitute for Elasmognathus Newton, preoccupied. 
Apateacanthus Woodward, 118; orthotype Pristacanthus vetustus Clarke. 
Glyptognathus Woodward, 390; orthotype Glyptopomus minor Ag. 

ALcocK, 1892 457 

Uropteryx (Agassiz) Woodward, 541; orthotype Pi.atysgmus striatus Ag. = 
Stromateus gibbosus Blainv. (fossil). Name only, noted in synonymy from 
Agassiz ms. A synonym of Stortes Gistel, which replaces Platysomus Ag., 


1639. ALCOCK (1892). Natural History Notes from H. M. Indian Marine Sur- 
vey Steamer "Investigator," Lieut. G. S. Gunn, R. N., Commanding. Series 
II, no. 5. On the Bathybial Fishes Collected During the Season of 1891-2. 
Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1892 (6), IX, 345-365. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Hephthocara Alcock, 349; orthotype H. simum Alcock. 

1640. BELLOTTI (1892). Un nuovo Siluroide giapponese. Atti. Soc. Ital., 
XXXIV. 99-101. 

Cristoforo Bellotti. 
Neobagrus Bellotti, 100; orthotype N. fuscus Bellotti = Liobagrus reini Hilgen- 
dorf. A synonym of Liobagrus Hilgendorf. 

1641. BOULENGER (1892). On Some New or Little Known Fishes Obtained by 
Dr. J. W. Evans a)id Mr. Spencer Moore, during Their Recent Expedition to 
the Province of Matto Grosso', Brazil. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., (6), X, 1892, 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Brachychalcinus Boulenger, 11; orthotype B. retrosfina Boulenger. 

1642. BOULENGER (1892). Description of a New Blennioid Fish from Kamt- 
schatka. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1892, 583-585. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Blenniophidium Boulenger. 583; orthotype B. petropauli Boulenger = Ophidium 
ocellatum Tilesius. A synonym of Opisthocentrus Kner (1868). 

1643. CLAYPOLE (1892). A New Gigantic Placoderm from Ohio. Am. Geol., 
X, 1892, 1-4. 

Edward Waller Claypole. 
Gorgonichthys Claypole, 2; orthotype G. clarki Claypole. A synonym of Dinich- 
THYS Newberry. 

1644. EIGENMANN (1892). The Pcrcopsidce of the Pacific Slope. Science, XX, 
. 1892, 233-234. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Columbia Eigenmann, 234; orthotype C. transmontana Eigenmann. 

1645. GARMAN (1892). The Discoboli. Cyclopteridce, Liparopsidcc, and Lipari- 
didce. Mem. Mus., C. Z., XIV, no. 2, 1892, 1-96. 

Samuel Garman. 
Cyclopteroides Garman, 37 ; orthotype C. gyrinops Garman. 
Liparops Garman, 42; orthotype Cyclopteeus stelleri Pallas. 

1646-1647. HERZENSTEIN (1892). Ichthyologischc Bemcrkungen aus dcm 
Zoologischcn Museum der Kaiserlichen Akadeinie der Wissenschaften. Mel. 
Biol., XIII, 1892, 219-235. 

Salomon Markovich Herzenstein. 


Argyrocottus Herzenstein, 219 ; orthotype A. zanderi Herzenstein. 
Gymnodiptychus Herzenstein, 225; orthotype Diptychus dybowskii Kessler. 
Acanthogobio Herzenstein, 228; orthotype A. guentheri Herzenstein. A synonym 

of Hemibarbus Blkr. 
Pungtungia Herzenstein, 231 ; orthotype P. herzi Herzenstein. 

1648. JORDAN & DAVIS (1892). A Preliminary Review of the Apodal fishes 
or Eels 'Inhabiting the Waters of America and Europe. Rept. U. S. Fish 
Comm., 1888, 581-677 (1892). 

David Starr Jordan; Bradley Moore Davis (1871- ). 
Rabula Jordan & Davis, 590; orthotype Mur.ena aou^-dulcis Cope. 
Bascanichthys Jordan & Davis, 621 ; orthotype Ccecxila bascanium Jordan. 
Quassiremus Jordan & Davis, 622 ; orthotype Ophichthys evionthas Jordan & 

Scytalichthys Jordan & Davis, 635; orthotype Ophichthys miurus J. & G. 
Ahlia Jordan & Davis, 639 ; orthotype Myrophis egmontts Jordan. 
Venefica Jordan & Davis, 651 ; orthotype Nettastoma procerum G. & B. 
Gordiichthys Jordan & Davis, 644; orthotype G. irretitus Jordan & Davis. 
Avocettina Jordan & Davis, 655; orthotype Nemiciithys infans Gthr. 

1649. LtJTKEN (1892). Spolia Atlantica. Scopelini Musei Zoologici Universi- 
tatis Hauniensis. Bidrag til Kundskab oni dct aabne Havs Laxesihl ellcr 
Scopcliner. Vid. Selsk. Skr. (6), VH, 1892, 223-297. 

Christian Frederik Lupken. 
Rhinoscopelus Liitken, 242 ; orthotype Scopelus coccoi Cocco. 
Pseudoscopelus Liitken, 285 ; orthotype P. scriptus Liitken. 

1650. MILLER (1892). North American Geology and Palcrontology. (First Ap- 
pendix, 665-768.) 

Samuel A. Miller (1836-1897). 

Eczematolepis Miller, 715; orthotype Acantholepis pustulosus Newberry (fossil). 
Substitute for Acantholepis Newberry, preoccupied. 

Gamphacanthus Miller, 715; orthotype Heteracanthus politus Newberry (fossil). 
Substitute for Heteracanthus Newberry, preoccupied. 

Haplolepis Miller, 715; orthotype Mecolepis corrugata Newberry (fossil). Sub- 
stitute for Mecolepis and Eurylepis Newbtrry, both preoccupied. 

Millerichthys Miller, 716; orthotype Pterichth\3 milleri Ag. (fossil). A syno- 
nym of Pterichthyodes Blkr., being also a substitute for Pterichthys Ag., 
1843, preoccupied. 

Lispognathus Miller, 716; orthotype Liognathus spatulatus Newberry (fossil). 
Substitute for Liognathus Newberry, preoccupied by Leiognathus Lac. 1803. 

Icanodus Miller, 716; orthotype Tomodus convlxus St. John & Worthen. Sub- 
stitute for Tomodus Davis, preoccupied. 

CEstophorus Miller, 716; orthotype Sphenopborus lilleyi Newberry (fossil). 
Substitute for Sphenophorus Newberry, preoccupied. 

Tegeolepis Miller, 717; orthotype Actinophorus clarkii Newberry (fossil). Sub- 
stitute for Actinophorus Newberry, 1888, preoccupied. 

Ponerichthys Miller, 717; orthotype Dinichthys terrelli Newberry (fossil). A 
synonym of Dinichthys Newberry. 

Xenodus Miller, 718; orthotype Goniodus hertzeri Newberry. 

OGiLBY, 1892 459 

1651. OGILBY (1892). On Some Undescribed Reptiles and Fishes from Australia. 
Rec. Austral. Mus. II. 1892, 23-26. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Hyperlophus Ogilby, 24; orthotype Clupea spratelloides Ogilby. 

1652. PERUGIA (1892). Dcscripcioiie di due nuove specie di pesci raccolti in 
Sarawak dai Sign. G. Doria cd O. Beccari. Ann. Mus. Genov. (2), X, 1892, 

Alberto Perugia. 
Eucirrichthys Perugia, 1009 ; orthotype E. dori.e Perugia. 

1653. PERUGIA (1892). Intorno ad alcuni pesci raccolti al Congo dal Capitano 
Giacomo Bove. Ann. Mus. Geneva (2). X, 1892, 967-977. 

Alberto Perugia. 
Peltura Perugia, 972; orthotype P. bovei Perugia. Name regarded as preoccupied 
by Peltoura Milne-Edwards. 1840, replaced by Phractura Boulenger. 

1654. POHLIG (1892). Altpermische Saurierhiikiten, Fische iind Medusen der 
Gegend von Friedrichroda. 1 Thiir. Leuckart Festschrift, 1892. 59-64. 

Hans Pohlig. 
Lepidopterus Pohlig, 63; orthotype L. crassus Pohlig (fossil). 

1655. REIS (1892). Zur Ostcologie und Systeniatik der Bclonorhynchiden und 
Tctragonolepiden. Geogn. JB, IV, 1892, 143-166. 

Otto M. Reis 
Saurorhynchus Reis, 145; orthotype Belonostomus actus Ag. (fossil). 

1656. TRAQUAIR (1892). Notes on the Devonian Fishes of CampheUtozvn and 
Scaumeiiac Bay in Canada. No. 2. Geol. Mag. (3) X. 

Ramsay Heatlev Traquair. 
Doliodus Traquair, 145; orthotype Diplodus problematicus Woodw. (fossil). 
Not Doliodon Grd. 

1657. VAILLAXT (1892). Sur Ic genre Megapleuron. Comptes Rendus .^cad. 
Sci. Paris, CXIV. 

Leon Vaillant. 
Megapleuron Vaillant, 1083; orthotype Ceratodus rochei Gaudry (fossil). 

1658. WALCOTT (1892). Preliminary Notes on the Discovery of a Vertebrate 
Fauna in Silurian (Ordovician) Strata. Bull. Geol. Soc. Amer. Ill, 153-172. 

Charles Doolittle Walcott (1850- ). 

Dictyorhabdus Walcott, 165 ; orthotype D. priscus Walcott ; called, without descrip- 
tion. Pal.echim.era in 1891. 

Astraspis Walcott, 166; orthotype A. desiderata Walcott (fossil). An Ostraco- 
phore, supposed to be allied to Thyestes or, according to Eastman, to Psam- 
mosteus ; the earliest recorded vertebrate fossil, from Trenton rocks. Canyon 
City, Colo. 

Eriptychius Walcott, 167; orthotype E. Americanus Walcott. 

1659. WOODWARD (1892). Further Contributions to Knozvh-dge of the De- 
vonian Fish-Fauna of Canada. Geol. Mag. (3) IX, 1892. 481^85. 

Arthur William Woodw'ard. 
Protodus Woodward, 1; orthotype P. jexi (Traquair) Woodw. (fossil). 


1660. WOODWARD (1892). On Some Teeth of New Chimceroid Fishes from the 
Oxford and Kimmeridge Clays of England. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (6) X, 
1892, 13-16. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 

Pachymylus Woodward, 14; orthotype P. leedsi Woodw. (fossil). 

Brachymylus Woodward, 14; orthotype B. altidens Woodw. (fossil). 


1661. ALCOCK (1893). Natural History Notes from H. M. Indian Marine Survey 
Steamer "Investigator," Commander C. F. Oldham, R. N., Commanding. 
Series II, No. 9, An Account of the Deep Sea Collection Made During the 
Season of 1892-93. Journ. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, LXII, 1893 ,' 177-184. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Bathypercis Alcock, 176; orthotype B. platyrhynchus Alcock. 

1662. BEAN (1893). Description of a New Blennioid Fish from California. Proc. 
U. S. Nat. Mus. XVI. 

Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Plagiogrammus Bean, 699; orthotj'pe P. hopkinsi Bean. 

1663. CLAYPOLE (1893). The Cladodont Sharks of the Cleveland Shale. Amer. 
Geo!. XI, 325-331. 

Edmund Waller Claypole. 
Monocladodus Claypole, 329; orthotype M. clarki Claypole (fossil). 

1664. COPE (1893). On Symmorium, and the Position of the Cladodont Sharks. 
Amer. Naturalist, X, VII, 1893, 999-1001. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Symmorium Cope, 999; orthotype S. reniforme Cope (fossil). 

1665. COPE (1893). A New Extinct Species of Cyprinidce. P. Ac. Phila., 1893, 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Aphelichthys Cope, 19; orthotype A. lindahlii Cope (fossil). 

1666. EIGENMANN & BEESON (1893). Preliminary Note on the Relationship 
of the Species Usually United Under the Generic Name Sebastodes. Amer. 
Natural. XXVII, 1893, 668-671. 

Carl H. Eigenmann ; Charles H. Beeson. 
Primospina Eigenmann & Beeson, 669; orthotype Soastodes mystinus J. & G. 
Acutomentum Eigenmann & Beeson, 669 ; orthotype Sebastodes ovalis Ayres. 
Pteropodus Eigenmann & Beeson, 670; orthotype Sebastodes maliger J. & G. 
Auctospina Eigenmann & Beeson, 670 ; orthotype Sebastes auriculatus Grd. 

1667. FRITSCH (1893). Fauna der Gaskohle und der Kalkstein der Permforma- 
tion Bohmens. III. Heft. 2, 1893, 49-80. 

Anton Jan Fritsch. 
Traquairia Fritsch, 50; orthotype Acanthodes pygm^us Fritsch (fossil). 
Protacanthus Fritsch, 55; orthotype P. pinnatus Fritsch (fossil) 
Trissolepis Fritsch, 76; orthotype Sph^rolepis kounoviensis Fritsch (fossil). 

FRITSCH, 1893 461 

1668. FRITSCH (1893). (Electrolepis, etc.) Archiv. Naturw. Landeselwrchf. 
Bohmen, IX. 

Anton Jan Fritsch. 
Dipnolepis Fritsch, 66; orthotype D. j.\hni Fritsch (fossil). Dermal scutes simi- 
lar to those of Enchodus. 
Electrolepis Fritsch, 72; orthotype E. horrida Fritsch (fossil). Berycoid scales. 
Spinacites Fritsch, 72; orthotype S. radiatus Fritsch (fossil). Berycoid fin spine. 

1669. GILBERT (1893). Report on the Fishes of the Death Valley Expedition, 
Collected in Southern California and Nevada in 1891, with Descriptions of 
New Species. North Amer. Fauna, VII, 1893, 229-234. 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Empetrichthys Gilbert, 233 ; orthotype E. merriami Gilbert. 

1670. GILL (1893). A Comparison of Antipodal Faunas. Mem. Ac. Washington, 
VI, 1893, 91-124. 

Theodore Gill. 

Promethichthys Gill, 123; orthotype Gempylus prometheus Cuv. & Val. Substi- 
tute for Prometheus Lowe, preoccupied. 

Pagrosomus Gill, 97, 123 ; orthotype Chrysophrys unicolor Q. & G. = Sparus 
AURATUs Forster. Called Sparosomus, on pages 116 and 123. by a slip in 

Sparosomus Gill, 123; orthotype Chrysophrys unicolor Q. & G. = Sparus auratus 
Forster. Lapsus for Pagrosomus Gill, not Sparisoma Sw. 

Capromimus Gill, 123 ; orthotype Platystethus abbreviatus Hector. 

Rhombocyttus Gill, 123 ; orthotype Cyttus traversi Hutton. 

Bathystethus Gill, 123 ; orthotype Sci^na cultrata Forster. Substitute for Platy- 
stethus Gthr., preoccupied. 

Evistius Gill, 123 ; orthotype Platystethus huttoni Gthr. 

Ericentrus Gill, 123 ; orthotype Clinus rubrus Hutton. 

Notoclinus Gill, 124; orthotype Blennius fenestratus Forster. 

Cologrammus Gill, 124; orthotype Clinus flavescens Hutton. 

Caulopsetta Gill, 124; orthotype Pleuronectes scaphus Forster. 

1671. GILL (1893). (Erilepis.) Science XXII. 

Theodore Gill. 
Erilepis Gill, 52; orthotype Myriolepis zonifer Lockington. A substitute for 
Myriolepis Lockington, preoccupied in fossil fishes (Myriolepis Egerton). 

1672. GtJNTHER (1893). Second Report on the Reptiles, Batrachians, and 
Fishes Transmitted by Mr. H. H. Johnston from British Central Africa. Proc. 
Zool. Soc. London, 1893, 616-628. 

Albert Gunther. 
Engraulicypris Giinther, 626; orthotype E. pinguis Gthr. 

1673. H:.ECKEL (1893). Zur Phylogcnie der Australischcn Fauna, in Richard 
Semon's Forschungsreisen in Australien und don Malayischen Archipel. Jena. 

Ernst (Heinrich Philipp August) H^ckel (1834-1918). 
Paramphioxus Haeckel ; orthotype Epigonichthys cultellus Peters. A synonym 
of Epigonichthys Peters. 

1674. HOLMBERG (1893). Dos peces Argentinos. Revista del Jardin Zoologique 
de Buenos Aires, I. 

Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg. 


Aristommata Holmberg, 96, 354; orthotype A. inexpectate Holmberg. Said to be 
a synonym of Hypoptopoma Gthr. 

1675. JORDAN & FESLER (1893). A Review of the Sparoid Fishes of America 
and Europe. Rep. U. S. Fish Comm. for 1889-91, 421-554 (1893). 

David Starr Jordan ; Bert Fesler (1868- ). 
Raizero Jordan & Fesler, 438 ; orthotype Mesoprion aratus Gthr. 
Rabirubia Jordan & Fesler, 438; orthotype Mesoprion inermis Peters. 
Isaciella Jordan & Fesler, 500; orthotype Pristipoma brevipinne Steind. 
Isacia Jordan & Fesler, 501 ; orthotype Pristipom.a conceptione Cuv. & Val. 
Medialuna Jordan & Fesler, 536; orthotype Scorpis californiensis Steind. 
Sectator Jordan & Fesler, 536; orthotype Pimelepterus ocyurus Jordan. 

1676. MICHAEL (1893). Ueber eine Neue Lepidostciden-Gattimg aus deiii oberen 
Keupcr Obcrschlesiens. Zeits. Deutsch. Ges., XLIV, 710-729. 

Richard Michael (1869- ). 
Prolepidotus Michael, 71; orthotype P. gallineki Michael (fossil). A synonym 
of Lepi dotes Ag. 

1677. PERUGIA (1893). Di alciini pesci raccoUi in Sumatra dal Dott. Elio Mo- 
digliani. Ann. Mus. Stor. Nat. Geneva, XIII. 

Albert Perugia. 
Modigliania Perugia, 246; orthotype M. papillosa Perugia. 

1678. PFEFFER (1893). Ostafrikanische Fische gesammelt von Herrn Dr. F. 
Stuhhnann in Jahre 1888 und 1889. Jahrb. Hamburg Anst.. X, 1893, 131-177. 

Georg Johann Pfeffer (1854- ). 
Salarigobius Pfeffer, 141 ; orthotype S. stuhlmanni PfefFer. 

1679. ROHON (1893). Die Obersilurischen Fische von Oesel. II. Thcil. Selachii. 
Dipnoi, Ganoidei, Pteraspidce, and Cephalaspidce. Mem. Ac. St. Petersb., XLI, 
1893, No. 5, 1-124. 

Josef Victor Rohon. 
Ancistrodus Rohon, 51; orthotype A. gracilis Rohon (fossil). Name regarded as 

preoccupied by Ancistrodon, Agkistrodon, etc. ; replaced by Grypodon Hay 

Rhabdiodus Rohon, 53; orthotype R. parvidens Rohon (fossil). 
Tylodus Rohon, 57; logotype T. deltoides Rohon (fossil). 
Chelomodus Rohon, 60 ; orthotype C. digitiferus Rohon. 
Palaeosteus Rohon, 63; orthotype P. schmidti Rohon (fossil). 
Gyropeltus Rohon, 67; orthotype G. lahuseni Rohon (fossil). 

1680. SAUVAGE (1893). Recherches sur les poissons du terrain permien d' Ait- 
tun. £tudes des ,^ifes mineraux de la France, 1893. 

Henri Emile Sauvage. 
Prosauropsis Sauvage, 4; orthotype Pachycormus elongatus Sauvage (fossil). 

1681. SCHMIDT (1893). Ueber neue silurische Fischfunde auf Oesel. Jahrb, 
Mineral., 1893, I, 99-101. 

Friedrich Schmidt (1832-1908). 
Tolypaspis Schmidt, 100 ; orthotype Tolypelepis undulatus Pander ; substitute 
for Tolypelepis Pander, preoccupied. 

SMiTT, 1893 463 

1682. SMITT (1893). A History of Scandinavian Fishes (by B. Fries, C. U. 
Ekstrom, and C. Sundevall). Edited by 

Fredrik Adam Smitt (1839-1904). 
Molua Smitt, 526; orthotype Gadus molva L. A variant of Molva Fleming, re- 
verting to the original spelling of Rondelet. 

1683. TRAQUAIR (1893). Xotcs on the Devonian Fishes of Canipbclltown and 
Scaumenac Bay in Canada, No. 3. Geol. Mag. (3). X, 1893, 262-267. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Scaumenacia Traquair, 262; orthotype Phaneropleuron curtum Whiteaves 

1684. VAILLANT (1893). Sur unc collection de poissons rccucillic par M. Chapcr 
a Borneo. Bull. Soc. Zool. France. XVIII, 1893, 55-62. 

Leon Vaillant. 
Oxybarbus Vaillant, 57; orthotype Barbus heteronema Blkr. 

1685. VAILLANT (1893). Sur u)i poisson provcnant du voyage dc M. Bonia- 
lotct du Prince Henri d'Orlcans. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris (8), 1893, V, 

Leon Vaillant. 
Anopleutropius Vaillant, 198; orthotype A. henrici Vaillant. 

1686. VAILLANT (1893). Sur un nouveau genre de poissons voisin de Ficrasfcr. 
Comptes Rendus Acad. Paris, CXVII. 

Leon Vaillant. 
Rhizoiketicus Vaillant, 745; orthotype R. carolinensis Vaillant, from the Caroline 

1687. WOODWARD (1893). Palccichthyological Notes. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 
(6), XI, 1893, 281-287. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Ganolepis Woodward, 286; orthotype G. gracilis Woodw. (fossil). 


1688. ALCOCK (1894). Natural History Notes from H. M. Indian Marine Survey 
Steamer "Investigator." Series II, no. 11. An Account of a Recent Collec- 
tion of Bathybial Fishes from the Bay of Bengal and from the Laccadive Sea. 
Journ. Asiatl Soc. Bengal, LXIII, 1894, 115-137. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Chascanopsetta Alcock, 128 ; orthotype C. lugubris Alcock. 

1689. BEAN, B. A. (1894). Description of Txvo New Flounders, Gastropsetta 
frontalis, and Cyclopsetta chittendeni. ("Albatross" Collections.) Proc. U. 
S. Nat. Mus., XVII. 

Barton Appler Bean (1860- ). 

Gastropsetta Bean, 633 ; orthotype G. frontalis Bean. 
Cyclopsetta Bean, 634; orthotype C. chittendeni Bean. 

1690. BOULENGER (1894). Descriptions of Nezu Fresh Water Fishes from Bor- 
neo. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (6), XIII, 1894, 245-251. 

George Albert Boulenger. 


Nematabramis Boulenger, 249 ; orthotype N. everetti Boulenger. 

1691. COPE (1894). On the Fishes Obtained by the Naturalist Expedition in Rio 
Grande do Sul. Proc. Amer. Phil. Soc, XXXIII, 1894, 84-108. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Osteogaster Cope, 102 ; orthotype Corydoras eques Steind. 

1692. COPE (1894). On Three New Genera of Characinidce. Amer. Naturalist, 
XLVIII, 1894, 67. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Diapoma Cope, 67; orthotype D. speculiferum Cope. 
Chorimycterus Cope, 67 ; orthotype C. tenuis Cope. 
Asiphonichthys Cope, 67 ; orthotype A. stenopterus Cope. 

1693. COPE (1894). New and Little Known Palceosoic and Mesosoic Fishes. 
Journ. Ac. Nat. Sci. Phila., IX. 

Edward Drinker Cope. 
Macrepistius Cope, 441; orthotype M. arenatus Cope (fossil). 

1694. CLAYPOLE (1894). On a New Placodcrm, Brontichthys clarki, from the 
Cleveland Shale. Amer. Geol., XIV, 1894, 379-80. 

Edward Waller Claypole (1835-1901). 
Brontichthys Claypole, 379; orthotype B. clarki Claypole (fossil). 

1695. EIGENMANN (1894). Notes on Some South American Fishes. Ann. N. 
York Ac, VII, 1894, 625-627. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Cryptops Eigenmann, 626; orthotype Sternopygus humboldti Steind. Name pre- 
occupied ; replaced by Eigenmannia J. & E., 1896. 

1696. EIGENMANN & BRAY (1894). A Revision of the American Cichlidce. 
Ann. N. York Acad., VII, 1894, 607-624. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; William L. Bray. 
Retroculus Eigenmann & Bray, 614; orthotype R. boulengeri Eigenmann & Bray. 
.ffiquidens Eigenmann & Bray, 616; orthotype Heros tetramerus Heckel. 

1697. FRITSCH (1894). Fauna der Gdskohle und der Kalksteine der Permforma- 
tion Bohmens, III, e, P alee o nisei dee, I. Prag.. 1894, 81-104. 

Anton Jan Fritsch. 
Pyritocephalus Fritsch, 86; orthotype Pal.eoniscus sculptus Fritsch (fossil). 
Sceleptophorus Fritsch, 88; orthotype S. biserialis Fritsch (fossil). 

1697A. GILL (1894). An Australasian Subfamily of Fresh-lVater Atherinoid Fishes. 

Am. Nat. XXVIII, 708-709. 

Theodore Gill. 
Rhombatractus Gill, 709; orthotype Aristeus fritzroyensis Castelnau. Substitute 

for Aristeus Castelnau, preoccupied ; a synonym of Melanot^nia Gill. 

1698. GOODE & BEAN (1894). On Harriotta, a New Type of Chimaroid Fish 
from the Deeper Waters of the Northwestern Atlantic. Proc. U. S. Nat. 
Mus., 1894. XVII, 471^73. 

George Brown Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Harriotta Goode & Bean, 471 ; orthotype H. raleighana G. & B. 

GOODE & BEAN, 1894 463 

1699. GOODE & BEAN (1894). A Revision of the Order Heteromi, Deep-Sea 
Fishes, zvith a Description of the New Generic Types Macdonaldia and 
Lipogcnys. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus.. XVII, 1894, 455-470. 

George Brown" Goode; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Cetomimus Goode & Bean, 453 ; orthotype C. gillii G. & B. 
Rondeletia Goode & Bean, 454 ; orthotype R. bicolor G. & B. 
Gigliolia Goode & Bean, 465 ; orthotype G. moseleyi G. & B. 
Macdonaldia Goode & Bean, 467 ; orthotype Notacanthus rostratus Collett. 
Lipogenys Goode & Bean, 469; orthotype L. gillii G. & B. 

1700. HILGENDORF (1894). Neue Characinidengattung, Petersius, atis dem 
Kingani-Flusse in Deutsch-Ostafrika. Sitzber. Ges. Naturf. Berlin, 1894, 

Franz Martin Hilgendorf. 
Petersius Hilgendorf, 172; orthotype P. conserialis Hilgendorf. 

1701. JAEKEL (1894). Die eocdnen Sclachier rom Monte Bolca. Ein Beitrag 
niir Morphogenie der Wirbeltierc. Berlin, 1894. 

Otto (Max Johannes) Jaekel. 
Hemiptychodus Jaekel, 137; orthotype Ptychodus mortoni Mantell. 
Promyliobatis Jaekel, 152; orthotype Myliob.\tis gazol^ Zigno (fossil). 
Pseudogaleus Jaekel, 170; orthotype P. voltai Jaekel (fossil). 

1702. LANDOIS (1894). Die Familie Mcgistopodus, Riesenbaiichflosscr. N. 
Jahrb. Min., 1894, II, 228-235. 

Hermann Landois (1835- ). 
Megistopus Landois, 228; orthotype Megapus gufstfalicus Schliiter (fossil). 
Substitute for Megapus Schliiter, 1868, preoccupied ; a synonym of Chiro- 
thrix Pictet & Humbert. 

1702A. OGILBY (1894). Description of Five New Species from the Australasian 

Region. Proc. Linn. Soc. N. S. W., IX, June 27, 1894. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Scleropteryx (De Vis) Ogilby, 372; orthotype S. bicolor De Vis (MS.), Ophiocli- 

nus devisi Ogilby. Name only, noted in synonomy by Ogilby ; perhaps a 

synonym of Ophioclinus. 

1703. PERUGIA (1894). Viaggio di Lamherto Loria nella Papuasia orientale. 
Pesci d'aqua dolce. Ann. Mus. Genova (2), XIV, 1894, 546-553. 

Alberto Perugia. 
Lambertia Perugia, 550; orthotype L. atra Perugia. 

1704. SAUVAGE (1894). (Poissons fossiles.) Bull. Sci. Yonne, XLVIII. 

Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Protosauropsis Sauvage, 4; orthotype Pachycormus elongatus Sauvage (fossil). 
Written Prosauropsis by Woodvi^ard. 

1705. STEINDACHNER (1894). Die Fischc Liberies. Notes Leyden Mus., XVL 
1894, 1-96. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Pelmatochromis Steindachner, 40; orthotype Paratilapia buttikoferi Steind. 
Neolebias Steindachner, 78; orthotype N. unifasciatus Steind. 


1706. STORMS (1894). Troisfciiie note sur les poissons du terrain Rupclien. 
Mem. Soc. Beige. Geol., VIII. 1894. 67-82. 

Raymond Storms. 
Amylodon Storms, 71; orthotj^pe A. delheidi Storms (fossil). 

1707. TRAQUAIR (1894). Notes on Paleozoic Fishes. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (6). 
XIV, 1894, 368-374. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Euphyacanthus Traquair, 371; orthotype E. semistriatus Traquair (fossil). 

1708. VAILLANT (1894). Sur itue collection de poissons reciiellie en Basse- 
Calif ornie et dans le Golf par M. Leon Diguet. Bull. Sot. Philom. (8), VI. 
1894, 69-75. 

Leon Vaillant. 
Neomugil Vaillant, 73 ; orthotj'pe N. digueti Vaillant. 
Atopoclinus Vaillant, 73 ; orthotype A. ringens Vaillant. 


1709. BERG (1895). Enuvieracion sistematica y sinoniniica de los Feces de las 
Castas Argentina y Uruguaya. An. Mus. Buenos Aires, IV, 1-120. 

Carlos Berg. 
Parona Berg, 39; orthotype Paropsis signata Jenyns. Substitute for Paropsis 

Jenyns, 1842, preoccupied. 
Sagenichthys Berg, 52; orthotype Lonchurus ancylodon B1. & Schn. Substitute 

for Ancylodon Cuv., preoccupied, but Macrodon Schinz, 1817. is a still earlier 

substitute name. 
Polyclemus Berg. 54; orthotype Polycirrhus dumerili Bocourt. Substitute for 

PoLYCiRRHUs Bocourt, preoccupied. 
Phricus Berg, 65 ; orthotype Aphritis urvilli Cuv. Substitute for Aphritis Cuv., 

preoccupied in Diptera (Latreille, 1804). 
Thalassothia Berg, 67; orthotype Thalassophyne montevidensis Berg. 

1710. BOULENGER (1895). Viaggio del dottor Alfredo Borelli nclla Repiiblica 
Argentina e ncl Paraguay. XII. Poissons. Boll. Mus. Torino, X, 1895, no. 196. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Nanognathus Boulenger, 3 ; orthotype N. borellii Boulenger. 

1711. BOULENGER (1895). Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museum. Sec 
and Edition, Catalogue of the Perciform Fishes. Vol. I, 1895. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Pseudalphestes Boulenger, 139; orthotype Plectropoma pictum Tschudi. 
Pomodon Boulenger, 144; orthotype Plectropoma macrophthalmum Tschudi. An 

unwarranted substitute for the tasteless and inappropriate name Heuilutja- 

Nus Blkr. 
Dinoperca Boulenger. 153 ; orthotype Hapalogenys petersii Day. 
Chelidoperca Boulenger, 304; orthotype Centropristis hirundinaceus Cuv. & Val. 

1712. GARMAN (1895). The Cvpriuodonts. Mem. Mus. Harvard, XIX, no. 1, 

Samuel Garman. 

GILBERT, 1895 467 

Glaridodon Garman, 40; orthotype G. latidens Garman. Name preoccupied; later 

replaced by Glaridichthys Garman. 
Cnestrodon Garman, 43; orthotype Pcecilia decemmaculatus Jenyns. 
Pterolebias Garman, 141 ; orthotype P. longipinnis Garman. 

1713. GILBERT (1895). Thclchthyological Collections of the Steamer" Albatross" 
During the Years 1890 and 1891. Kept. U. S. Fish Comm. for 1893, IX (1895). 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Gyrinichthys Gilbert, 444; orthotype G. minytremus Gilbert. 
Rhinoliparis Gilbert, 445 ; orthotype R. barbulifer Gilbert. 
Lyconectes Gilbert, 446; orthotype L. aleuticus Gilbert. 
Bathyphasma Gilbert, 448; orthotype B. ovigerum Gilbert. 
Derepodichthys Gilbert, 456; orthotype D. alepidotus Gilbert. 
Lyconema Gilbert, 471 ; orthotype L. barbatum Gilbert. 

1714. GILL (1895). The Differential Characters of Characinoid and Erythnnoid 
Fishes. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus.. 1895, XVIII, 205-209. 

Theodore Gill. 
Hoplerythrinus Gill. 208 ; orthotype Erythrinus unit^niatus Spix. 

1715. GILL (1895). Note on the Fishes of the Genus Characinus. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus., XVIII. 

Theodore Gill. 
PAyloplus Gill. 214; orthotype (by implication) Myletes asterias M. & T. Substi- 
tute for Myletes M. & T., not of Cuvier, whose original haplotype was Salmo 
NiLOTicus L., not Myletes rhomboidalis Guv., as erroneously stated in Part 
I, p. 93, of Genera of Fishes. 

1716. GILL (1895). The Genera of Brauchiostomidcc. Amcr. Naturalist. XXIX, 

Theodore Gill. 
Amphioxides Gill, 457; orthotype Branchiostoma pelagicum Gthr. 

1717. GILL (1895). The Genus Leptophidium. Amer. Nat.. XXIX, 1895, 167-168. 

Theodore Gill. 
Lepophidium Gill, 167; orthotype Leptophidium profundorum Gill. Substitute for 
Leptophidium Gill, preoccupied in Snakes. 

1718. GOODE & BEAN (1895). Oceanic Ichthyology. A Treatise on the Deep- 
Sea and Pelagic Fishes of the World, Based Chiefly upon the Collections made 
by the Steamers "Blake," "Albatross," and "Fish Hawk" in the Northwestern 
Atlantic. Special Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus., 553 pp., 1895. 

George Brown Goode ; Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Conocara Goode & Bean, 39 ; orthotype C. macdonaldi G. & B. 
Talismania Goode & Bean, 43 ; logotype Bathytroctes homopterus Vaillant. 
Bathylaco Goode & Bean, 57; orthotype B. nigricans G. & B. 
Benthosema Goode & Bean, 75 ; orthotype Scopelus muelleri Gmelin. 
Collettia Goode & Bean, 83; orthotype Myctophum rafinesquei Cocco. 
Lampadena Goode & Bean, 85 ; orthotype L. speculigera G. & B. 
.ffithoprora Goode & Bean, 86; orthotype Scopelus metopoclampus Cocco. 
Bonapartia Goode and Bean, 102; orthotype B. pedaliota G. & B. Name preoccu- 
pied ; later replaced by Zaphotias G. & B. 
Yarrella Goode & Bean, 103 ; ortliotype Y. blackfordi G. & B. 


Grammatostomias Goode & Bean, 110; orthotype G. dentatus G. & B. 

Aldrovandia Goode & Bean, 132 ; orthotype Halosaurus rostratus Gthr. 

Hypoclydonia Goode & Bean, 236; orthotype H. bella G. & B. 

Helicolenus Goode & Bean, 248; orthotype Scorp^na dactyloptera De la Roche. 

Hilgendorfia Goode & Bean, 280; orthotype Paraliparis membranaceus Gthr. 

Dicromita Goode & Bean, 319 ; orthotype D. agassizii G. & B. 

Benthocometes Goode & Bean, 327 ; orthotype Neobythites robustus G. & B. 

Celema Goode & Bean, 329; logotype Porogadus nudus Vaillant. 

Alccckia Goode & Bean, 329 ; orthotype Porogadus rostratus Gthr. 

Moebia Goode & Bean, 331 ; orthotype Bathynectes gracilis Gthr. 

Penopus Goode & Bean, 335 ; orthotype P. macdonaldi G. & B. 

Hypsirhynchus "Facciola, 111, pi. 11" (quoted in Goode & Bean, Oceanic Ichth., 379, 
1895) ; orthotype H. hepaticus Facciola. 

Moseleya Goode & Bean, 417; orthotype Macrurus longifilis Gthr. Name pre- 
occupied ; later replaced by Dolloa Jordan. 

Abyssicola Goode & Bean, 417; orthotype Macrurus macrochir Gthr. 

Caulophryne Goode & Bean, 496; orthotype C. jordani G. & B. 

Valenciennellus (Jordan & Evermann) in Goode & Bean, 513 ; orthotype Mauroli- 
cus tripunctulatus Esmark. (Afterwards in Jordan & Evermann Fish, 
N. M. A. I., 1896, 577.) 

Vinciguerria (Jordan & Evermann), in Goode & Bean, 513; orthotype Maurolicus 
attenuatus Cocco. Advance notice, detailed account in Jordan & Evermann 
Fish, N. M. A. I., 1896, 577. 

Manducus Goode & Bean, 514; orthotype Gonostoma maderense Johnson. 

Escolar (Jordan & Evermann) in Goode & Bean, August 23, 1896, 518; orthotype 
Thyrsitops violaceus Bean. Later (1896) called Bipinnula by Jordan & 
Evermann, October 3, 1896, through a slip in proof-reading. 

Lophiodes Goode & Bean, 537; orthotype Lophius mutilus Alcock. 

1719. JORDAN (1895). Description of Evennannia, a New Genus of Gobioid 
Fishes. Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. (2), IV, 592. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Evermannia Jordan, 592 ; orthotype Gobiosoma zosterurum J. & G. 

1720. JORDAN (1895). The Fishes of Sinaloa. Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. (2), V, 

David,' Starr Jordan (Assisted by Edwin Chapin Starks, George Bliss 
Culver (1873- ) & Thomas Marion Williams (1871- ). 

Anchovia Jordan & Evermann, 411 ; orthotype Engraulis macrolepidotus K. & S. 
(Described fully in Fish, N. M. Amer., Jordan & Evermann, 1896. 449). 

Thyrina Jordan & Culver, 419; orthotype T. evermanni Jordan & Culver. 

Xystaema Jordan & Evermann, 471 ; orthotype Mugil cinereus Walbaum. A syno- 
nym of Gerres, as at first used by Quoy & Gaimard ; not Gerres of most 

Ula2ma Jordan & Evermann, 471 ; orthotype Diapterus lefroyi Goode. 

Aboma Jordan & Starks, 497; orthotype A. etheostoma Jordan & Starks. 

Enneanectes Jordan & Gilbert, 501 ; orthotype Tripterygium carminale J. & G. 

Alexurus Jordan, 511 ; orthotype A. armiger Jordan. 

1721. JORDAN & STARKS (1895). The Fishes of Piiget Sound. Proc. Calif. 
Acad. Sci. (2), V, 1895, 785-852. 

David Starr Jordan ; Edwin Chapin Starks. 

KIRKLADY, 1895 469 

Zalarges Jordan & Williams, 793 ; orthotype Z. nimbarius Jordan & Williams. 
Said to be a synonym of Vinciguerria Jordan. 

Ruscarius Jordan & Starks, 805 ; orthotype R. meanyi Jordan & Starks. 

Astrolytes Jordan & Starks, 807 ; orthotype Artedius fenestralis J. & G. 

Gilbertina Jordan & Starks, 811; orthotype G. sigalutes Jordan Si Starks. Name 
preoccupied ; later replaced by Gilbertidia Berg. 

Pallasina (Cramer) Jordan & Starks, 815; orthotype Siphagonus barbatus Steind. 

Stelgis (Cramer) Jordan & Starks, 821; orthotype Agonus vulsus J. & G. 

Averruncus Jordan & Starks, 824; orthotype A. emmelane Jordan & Starks. 

Xystes Jordan & Starks, 824; orthotype X. axinophrys Jordan & Starks. 

Lethotremus (Gilbert) Jordan & Starks, 827; orthotype L. vinolentus Jordan & 

Ronquilus Jordan & Starks, 838; orthotype Bathymaster jordani Gilbert. 

Quietula Jordan & Evermann, 839 ; orthotype Gi.llichthys y-cauda Jenkins & Ever- 

Bryostemma Jordan & Starks. 841 ; orthotype Blennius polyactocephalus Pallas. 

Xererpes Jordan & Gilbert, 846; orthotype Apodichthys fucorum J. & G. 

Xiphistes Jordan & Starks, 847; orthotype Xiphister chirus J. & G. Name pre- 
occupied in Hemiptera ; the genus itself, however, is of doubtful value. 

1722. KTRKALDY (1895). A Revision of the Genera and Species of the Bran- 
chiostomidce. Quart. Journ. Mur. Sci., XXXVII. 


Heteropleuron Kirkaldy, 314; orthotype Branchiostoma bassanum Gthr. 

1723. KOENEN (1895). Ueber einige Fischrcste dcs norddeuischen und Bohini- 
schcn Devons. Abh. Ges. Getting., XL, no. 2, 1-37. 

Adolf von Koenen. 
Platyaspis Koenen, 21; orthotype P. tenuis Koenen (fossil). 
Holopetalichthys Koenen, 25; orthotype H. novaki Koenen (fossil). 

1724. KRAMBERGER (1895). De Piscibus fossilibus Comcni, Mrzlcci, Lesincr et 
M. Libanonis, et appendix de Piscibus oligoccenicis ad Tilffer, Sagor ct Tri- 
fail. Agram, 1895. 

Dragutin Gorjanovic Kramberger. 
Opsigonus Kramberger, 9; orthotype O. squamosus Kramberger (fossil). 
Ancylostylos Kramberger, 42; orthotype A. gibbus Kramberger (fossil). 
Lobopterus Kramberger, 44; orthotype L. pectinatus Kramberger (fossil). 
Acanthophoria Kramberger, 45; orthotype Pagellus libianicus Pictet (fossil). A 
synonym of Acrogaster Ag. 

1725. OGILBY (1895). On Two New Genera and Species of Fishes from Aus- 
tralia. Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales (2), X, 320-324. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Centropercis Ogilby, 320; orthotype C. nudivittatus Ogilby. 

Tropidostethus Ogilby, 323 ; orthotype T. rhothophilus Ogilby. Name preoccu- 
pied; replaced by Iso Jordan & Starks. 

1726. STARKS (1895). Description of a New Genus and Species of Cottoid from 
Pugct Sound. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila, 1895, 410-412. 

Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Jordania Starks, 410; orthotype J. zonope Starks. 


1727. STROMMAN (1895). Leptocephalids in the University Zoological Museum 
at Upsala. S. B. Bohmisch. Ges., 1895, No. XXXIII, 42 pp. 

H. Stromman. 
Euleptocephalus Stromman, 51 ; logotype Leptocephalus sicanus Facciola. 

1728. VINCIGUERRA (1895). Esplorasione del Giuba a del suoi affliienti com- 
piula dal Cap. V. Bottego durante gli anni 1892-93 sotto gli auspicii deWi 
Societd geographia Italiana. Pesci Ann. Mus. Geneva (2), XV, 1895, 21-60. 

Decio Vinciguerra. 
Neobola Vinciguerra, 56 ; orthotype N. bottegoi Vinciguerra. 

1729. WEBER (1895). Fische voi\ Ambon, Java, Thursday Island, deni Burnett- 
Fluss und von der Siidkiiste von A^ew Guinea. Semon's Zoolog. Forschungs- 
reisen, V, 259-276. 

Max (Carl Wilh elm) Weber (1852- ). 
Stiphodon Weber, 269; ortiiotype S. semoni Weber. 

1730. WOODWARD (1895). The Fossil Fishes of the Tabragar Beds (Jurassic ?). 
Mem. Geol. Surv. New S. Wales, Pal., No. 9, 1-27. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Aphnelepis Woodward, 9; orthotype A. australis Woodw. (fossil). 
.ffltheolepis Woodward, 12; orthotype A. mirabilis Woodw. (fossil). 
Archaeomaene Woodward, 15; orthotype A. tenuis Woodw. (fossil). 

1731. WOODWARD (1895). Catalogue of Fossil Fishes in the British Museum. 
etc., in. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Asthenocormus Woodward, 380; orthotj'pe Eugnathus titanius Wagner (fossil). 

Substitute for Agassizia Vetter, preoccupied. 
Microconodus (Traquair) Woodward, 437; orthotype M. molyneuxi Traquair 

(fossil). In synonymy: a synonym of Gonatodus Traquair. 
Ctenolepis (Agassiz) Woodward, 530; orthotype C. cyclus Ag. (fossil). Name 

only in Agassiz, Poiss. Foss., II, 1844, 180. 

1732. WOOLMAN (1895). Report on a Collection of Fishes from the Rivers of 
Central and Northern Mexico. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm. for 1894 (1895). 

Albert Jefferson Woolman (1868-1918). 
Evarra Woolman, 64; orthotj'pe E. eigenmanni Woolman. 


1733. ALCOCK (1896). Natural History Notes from H. M. Indian Marine Survey 
Steamer "Investigator." Series II, no. 23. A Supplementary List of the 
Marine Fishes of India, with Descriptions of Tzvo Nezv Genera and Eight 
Nezu Species. Journ. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, LXV, 301-338. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Boopsetta Alcock, 305; orthotype B. umbrarum Alcock. 
Scopelarchus Alcock, 307; orthotype S. guentheri Alcock. 

1734. ALESSANDRI (1896). Ricerche sui pesci fossili di Parana (Rcpubblica Ar- 
gentina). Atti. Ace. Sci. Torino, XXXI. 

GuLio de Alessandri. 

BEAN & BEAN, 1896 471 

Protautoga Alessandri, 729; orthotype P. longidens Alessandri (fossil). 

1735. BEAN & BEAN (1896). Notes on Fishes Collected in KamtSchatka and 
Japan by Leonhard Stejneger and Nikolai A. Grebnilzki, with a Description 
of a New Blenny. (Dec. 30, 1896.) 

T.^RLETON Hoffman Bean ; Barton Appler Bean. 
Phoilidapus Bean & Bean, 389; orthotype P. grebnitzkii Bean & Bean. 

1736. BOULENGER (1896). Descriptions of Nezv Fishes from the Upper Shire 
Rii'cr, British Central Africa, Collected by Dr. Percy Rendall, and Presented 
to the British Museum by Sir Harrv H. JoJmston. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 
1896. 915-920. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Docimodus Boulenger, 917; orthotype D. johnstoni Boulenger. 
Corematodes Boulenger, 919; orthotype C. shiranus Boulenger. 

1737. COLLETT (1896). Poissons provenant dcs campagncs du Yacht I'Hiron- 
delle. Resullats dcs campagnes scientiUques accomplies sur son Yacht par 
Albert I . Prince Souverain de Monaco. Fascicule X, Monaco, 1896, 198 pp. 

Robert Collett. 
Halosauropsis Collett, 143; orthotype Halosaurus macrochir Gthr. 

1738. GARMAN (1896). Cross Fertilization and Sexual Rights and Lefts Among 
Vertebrates. Amer. Naturalist, XXX, 232. 

Samuel Garman. 
Glaridichthys Garman, 232; orthotype Gir.a.rdinus uninotatus Poey. Substitute 
for Glaridodon Garman, preoccupied. 

1739. GILL (1896). The Differential Characters of the Syngnathid and Hippo- 
campid Fishes. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus.. XVI. (April 23, 1896.) 

Theodore Gill. 
Phycodurus Gill, 159; orthotype Phyllopteryx eques Gthr. 

1740. GILL (1896). Lipophrys a substitute for Pholis. Amer. Naturalist, XXX, 498. 

Theodore Gill. 
Lipophrys Gill, 498 ; orthotype Blennis pholis L. Substitute for Pholis Cuv. & 
Val., preoccupied by Pholis (Gronow) Scopoli. 

1741. GRASSI & CALANDRUCCIO (1896). Sullo srilluppo dci murenoidi. Atti. 
Ace. Lincei Roma, V. 

Giovanni Battista Grassi ; Salvatore Calandruccio. 
Todarus Grassi & Calandruccio, 349; orthotype Nettastoma brevirostre Facciola. 

1742. GtJNTHER (1896). Report on the Collection of Reptiles and Fishes Made 
by Messrs. Potanin & Berezowski in the Chinese Provinces Kaiisu and Sze- 
Chuen. Ann. Ac. St. Petersb., 1896. 199-219. 

Albert Gunther. 
Onychostoma Giinther, 211; orthotype O. laticeps Gthr. 

Leucogobio Gunther, 212; orthotype L. herzensteini Gthr. A synonym of Gnath- 
opogon Blkr. 

1743. HERZENSTEIN (1896). Ueber einige neue ttnd seltene Fische des Zoologi- 
schcn Museums dcr Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Ann. Ac. 
St. Petersb., 1896, 1-14. 

Salomon Markovich Herzenstein. 


Coreoperca Herzenstein, 11; orthotype C. herzi Herzenstein. 
Nemalycodes Herzenstein, 14; orthotype N. grigorjewi Herzenstein. 

1744. JORDAN (1896). Notes on Fishes Little Known or New to Science. (Con 
tributions to Biology from the Hopkins Seaside Laboratory.) Proc. Cal. Ac. 
Sci., VI, 1896 (June 19). 

David Starr Jordan. 

Zaprora Jordan, 202; orthotype Z. silenus Jordan. 

Emmydrichthys Jordan & Rutter, 221 ; orthotype E. vulcanus Jordan & Rutter, 
based on an example with a deformed dorsal fin, the last two spines bitten 
off and the wound healed, the coloration jet black, otherwise agreeing fairly 
with Synanceichthys verrucosus (B1. & Schn.). A synonym of Spurco 
(Commerson) Cuv. & Val. or Synanceichthys Blkr. 

Tarandichthys Jordan & Evermann, 225 ; orthotype Icelinus filamentosus Gilbert. 

Ulca Jordan & Evermann, 227 ; orthotype Hemitripterus marmoratus Gilbert. 

Bryssetaeres Jordan & Evermann, 230; orthotype Gobiesox pinniger Gilbert. 

Arbaciosa Jordan & Evermann, 230; orthotype Gobiesox humeralis Gilbert. 

Rimicola Jordan & Evermann, 231 ; orthotype Gobiesox muscarum Meek & Pier- 



Starksia Jordan & Evermann, 231 ; orthotype Labrisomus cremnobates Gilbert. 
Exerpes Jordan & Evermann, 232; orthotype Auchenopterus asper Jenkins & 

1745. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1896). A Check List of the, Fishes and Fish- 
like Vertebrates of Northern and Middle America. Rept. U. S. Fish Comm. 
for 1895 (1896) (issued December, 1896). This Catalogue was issued in 1896, 
soon after the publication of Part 1 of the Fishes of North and Middle 
America by the same authors, and in advance of parts 2 and 3 (1898) and 
part 4 (1900). Most of the genera described in detail in the later parts are 
first characterized in this Check List, from which several names later defined 
should date. In this and other papers by these authors' several names are 
first presented as appellations for subgenera, a matter of no importance so far 
as their use in nomenclature is concerned.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Barton Warren Evermann. 

Rhonciscus Jordan & Evermann, 387; orthotype Pristipoma crocro Cuv. & Val. 

Rhencus Jordan & Evermann, 387; orthotype Pristipoma panamense Steind. 

Exonautes Jordan & Evermann, 332 ; orthotype Exoccetus exsiliens ]\Iiiller. 

Eslopsarum Jordan & Evermann, 330; orthotype Chirostoma jordani Woolman. 
A section under Chirostoma Sw. 

Evapristis Jordan & Evermann, 388; orthotype Orthopristis lethopristis Jordan 
& Fesler. 

Otrynter Jordan & Evermann, 388; orthotype Stenotomus caprinus Bean. 

Salema Jordan & Evermann, 390; orthotype Perca unimaculata Bloch. (Not 
Saleima Bowdich, a Portuguese variant of the Spanish name.) 

Buccone Jordan & Evermann, 394 ; orthotype Cynoscion pr^datorius J. & G. 

Elattarchus Jordan & Evermann, 397; orthotype Odontoscion archidium J. & G. 

Zonoscion Jordan & Evermann, 401 ; orthotype Polycirrhus rathbuni Jordan & 

* Charles John Pierson. 

JORDAN & EVERMANN, 1896 473 

Zaclemus (Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 401 ; orthotype Paralonchurus goodei 

Zalembius Jordan & Evermann, 403 ; orthotype Cymatogaster rosaceus J. & G. 
Iridic Jordan & Evermann, 412; orthotype Labrus radiatus L. (1758). 
Emmeekia Jordan & Evermann, 413; orthotype Pseudojulis venustus Jenkins & 

Julidio Jordan & Evermann, 413; orthotype Pseudojulis adustus Gilbert. 
Euscarus Jordan & Evermann, 416; orthotype Labrus cretensis L. 
Loro Jordan & Evermann, 418; orthotype Scarus guacamaia Cuv. 
Zenion Jordan & Evermann, 418; orthotype Cyttus hololepis G. & B. 
Angelichthys Jordan & Evermann, 420; orthotype Ch^todon ciliaris L. 
Xesurus Jordan & Evermann, 421 ; orthotype Prionurus punctatus Gill. 

1746. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1896). The Fishes of North and Middle Amer- 
ica; a Descriptive Catalogue of the Species of Fish-like Vertebrates Found in 
the Waters of North America, North of the Isthmus of Panama. Part. I, 
Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus., No. XLVII, 1896, 1340 pp. (March 18. 1896.) 
David Starr Jordan; Barton Warren Evermann. 

Haustor Jordan & Evermann, 137; orthotype Gadus lacustris Walbaum = Pime- 
lodus nigricans Le Sueur. 

Rabidus Jordan & Evermann, 146; orthotype Noturus furiosus Jordan & Meek. 

lotichthys Jordan & Evermann, 243 ; orthotype Leuciscus phlegethontis Cope. 

Opsopoea Jordan & Evermann, 249; orthotype Opsopceodus bollmani Gilbert.. 

Azteca Jordan & Evermann, 258 ; orthotype Notropis aztecus Woolman. Name 
preoccupied ; later replaced by Aztecula Jordan & Evermann. 

Orcella Jordan & Evermann, 289 ; orthotype Notropis orca Woolman. 

Yuriria Jordan & Evermann, 321 ; orthotype Hybopsis altus Jordan. 

Eigenmannia Jordan & Evermann, 341 ; orthotype Sternopygus humboldti Steind. 
Substitute for Cryptops Eigenmann, preoccupied. 

Verma Jordan & Evermann, 374 ; orthotype Sphagebranchus kendalli Gilbert. 

Scutica Jordan & Evermann, 404; orthotype Gymnomur^na nectura J. & G. A 
synonym of Uropterygius Riippell. 

Tarpon Jordan & Evermann, 409 ; orthotype Megalops atlanticus Cuv. & Val. 

Jenkinsia Jordan & Evermann, 418; orthotype Dussumieria stolifera J. & G. 

Lile Jordan & Evermann, 431 ; orthotype Sardinella stolifera J. & G. 

Anchovia Jordan & Evermann, 449 ; orthotype Engraulis macrolepidotus K. & S. 

Mitchillina Jordan & Evermann, 453 ; orthotype Alepocephalus bairdii G. & B. 

Spirinchus Jordan & Evermann, 522; orthotype Osmerus thaleichthys Ayres. 

Nansenia Jordan & Evermann, 528 ; orthotype Microstomus grcenlandicus Reinh. 

Kenoza Jordan & Evermann, 626 ; orthotype Esox americanus Gmelin. 

Fontinus Jordan & Evermann, 645 ; orthotype Fundulus seminolis Grd. 

Gambusinus Jordan & Evermann, 649 ; orthotype Fundulus rathbuni Jordan & 

Cololabis (Gill) Jordan & Evermann, 726; orthotype Scombresox brevirostris 

Lethostole Jordan & Evermann, 792 ; orthotype Chirostoma estor Jordan. A sec- 
tion under Chirostoma Sw. 
Kirtlandia Jordan & Evermann, 794; orthotype Chirostoma vagrans G. & B. A 

synonym apparently of Membras Bonaparte. 
Eurystole Jordan & Evermann, 802 ; orthotype Atherinella eriarcha J. & G. 


Ostichthys (Langsdorff) Jordan & Evermann, 846; orthotype Myripristis japoni- 

cus C. & V. 
Bipinnula Jordan & Evermann, 878; orthotype Thyrsitops violaceus Bean (Oct. 

3, 1896). A synonym of Escolar J. & E. (Aug. 23, 1896), the two names both 

left standing through a slip in proof-reading. 
Palometa Jordan & Evermann, 966; orthotype Rhombus palometa Jordan & 

Swainia Jordan & Evermann. 1040; orthotype Ethestoma squamatum Gilbert & 

Torrentaria Jordan & Evermann, 1080; orthotype Etheostoma sagitta Jordan & 

Rafinesquiellus Jordan & Evermann, 1082 ; orthotype Etheostoma pottsi Grd. 
Nivicola Jordan, 1082; orthotype Etheostoma boreale Jordan. 
Claricola Jordan & Evermann, 1093 ; orthotype Etheostoma juli^ Meek. 
Psychromaster Jordan & Evermann, 1099 ; orthotype Etheostoma tuscumbia 

Gilbert & Swain. 
Copelandellus Jordan & Evermann, 1100; orthotype Etheostoma quiescens Jordan. 
Enneistus Jordan & Evermann, 1147; orthotype Bodianus acanthistius Gilbert. 
Archoperca Jordan & Evermann, 1171 ; orthotype Mycteroperca boulengeri Jordan 

& Starks. 
Xystroperca Jordan & Evermann, 1181; orthotype Mycteroperca pardalis Gilbert. 
Ocyanthias Jordan & Evermann, 1227 ; orthotype Holanthias martinicensis Guich. 
Osbeckia Jordan & Evermann. 424 ; orthotype Balistes scriptus Osbeck. 
Chapinus Jordan & Evermann, 424; orthotype Ostracion bicaudalis L. 
Rosicola Jordan & Evermann, 429 ; orthotype Sebastosomus pinniger Gill. 
Eosebastes Jordan & Evermann, 430; orthotype Sebastichthys aurora Gilbert. 
Hispanicus Jordan & Evermann, 431 ; orthotype Sebastichthys rubrivinctus 

Rastrinus Jordan & Evermann, 437 ; orthotype Icelus scutiger Bean. 
Zesticelus Jordan & Evermann, 443 ; orthotype Acanthocottus profundorum 

Stellerina (Cramer) Jordan & Evermann, 447; orthotype Brachyopsis xyosternus 

J. & G. 
Sarritor (Cramer) Jordan & Evermann, 448; orthotype Odontopyxis frenatus Gill. 
Lyoliparis Jordan & Evermann, 451 ; orthotype Liparis pxjlchellus Ayres. 
Caremitra Jordan & Evermann, 451 ; orthotype Careproctus simus Gilbert. 
Allochir Jordan & Evermann, 452; orthotype Careproctus melanurus Gilbert. 
Allurus Jordan & Evermann, 452; orthotype Careproctus ectenes Gilbert. Name 

preoccupied ; replaced in 19(X) by Allinectes J. & E. 
Amitrichthys Jordan & Evermann, 453 ; orthotype Paraliparis cephalus Gilbert. 
Sicya Jordan & Evermann, 456; orthotype Sicydium gvmnogaster Ogilby-Grant. 
Lythrypnus Jordan & Evermann, 458; orthotype Gobius dalli Gilbert. 
Zalypnus Jordan & Evermann, 459; orthotype Gobius emblematicus J. & G. 
Ilypnus Jordan & Evermann, 460 ; orthotype Lepidogobius gilberti Eigenmann & 

Rathbunella Jordan & Evermann. 463; orthotype Bathymaster hypoplectus 

Arctoscopus Jordan & Evermann, 464 ; orthotype Trichodon japonicus Steind. 
Esloscopus Jordan & Evermann, 465 ; orthotype Dactyloscopus zelotes J. & E. 
Mnierpes Jordan & Evermann, 468; orthotype Cltnus macrocephalus Gthr. 

oGiLBY, 1896 ' 475 

Scartes Jordan & Evermann, 471 ; orthotype Salarias rubropunctatus Cuv. & 

Val. Name preoccupied ; replaced in 1898 by Scartichthvs J. & E. 
Rhodymenichthys Jordan & Evermann, 474; orthotype Gunnellus ruberrimus 

Cuv. & Val. = Blennius dolichogaster Pallas. 
Ulvaria Jordan & Evermann, 475 ; orthotype Pholis subbifurcatus Storcr. 
Furcella Jordan & Evermann, 480; orthotype Lycodes diapterus Gilbert. Name 

preoccupied; replaced by Furcimanus J. & E. (1898). 
Chilara Jordan & Evermann, 482; orthotype Ophidium taylori Grd. 
Rissola Jordan & Evermann, 483; orthotype Ophidium marginatum De Kay. 
Bellator Jordan & Evermann, 488; orthotype Prionotus militaris G. & B. 
Vulsiculus Jordan & Evermann, 489; orthotype Peristedion imberbe Poey. 
Remorina Jordan & Evermann, 490; orthotype Echeneis albescens T. & S. 
Caulistius Jordan & Evermann, 491 ; orthotype Gobiesox papillifer Gilbert. 
Embassichthys Jordan & Evermann, 506; orthotype Cynicoglossus bathybius 

Nexilarius (Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 512; orthotype Euschistodus concolor 

Gill. Misprinted Nexilaris. 

1747. OGILBY (1896). On a Ne7i< Genus and Species of Fishes from Marotibra 
Bay. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, XXI, 23-25. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Apogonops Ogilby, 23 ; orthotype A. anomalus Ogilby. This genus also occurs in 
an article entitled On a Xezv Genus (Apogonops) and Species of /histralian 
Fishes. Zool. Anzeiger, XIX, 256, 1896. 

1748. OGILBY (1896). Descriptions of Tzvo New Genera and Species of Aus- 
tralian Fishes. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, XXI, 136-142. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Macrurrhynchus Ogilby, 136; orthotype M. maroubr.ti: Ogilby. A synonym of Aspi- 

DONTUS Ehrenberg. 
Bermatopsis Ogilby. 138; orthotype D. .macrodon Ogilby. 

1749. OGILBY (1896). Rough-Backed Herrings. Proc. Linn. Soc. N. S. W., XXI, 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Potamalosa Ogilby, XXI, 504; orthotype Clupea nov^-hollandi.?: Cuv. & Val. 

1750. OSTROUMOFF (1896). Zzvei neue Relicfen-Gattungen ini Amazonen 
Meere. Zool. Anz., XIX, 30. 

Alekseyei Aleksandrovich Ostroumoff (1858- ). 
Asperina Ostroumoff, 30; orthotype A. improv'isa Ostroumoff, a deep-sea form of 
Umbrina cirrhosa (L.). a synonym of L'^mbrina Cuv. 

1751. PHILIPPI (1896). Feces nuevos de Chile. Ann. Univ. Santiago de Chile, 

Rudolph .\mandus Philippi. 
Acmonotus Philippi, 375 ; orthotype A. chilensis Philippi. Probably a synonym 
of Leptonotus Kaup. 

1752. RUTTER (1896). Notes on Fresh-Water Fishes of the Pacific Slope of 
North America. II. The Fishes of Rio Yaqni, Sonora. zvith the Description 
of a Nezi' Genus of Siluridcr. Proc. Cal. Ac. Sci.. VT. (June 23, 1896.) 

Cloudsley M. Rutter (1875-1905, about). 


Villarius Rutter, 258; orthotype V. pricei Rutter. This genus is supposed to differ 
from Haustor J. & E. (March 18, 1896) (fork-tailed Ameiurus) in the 
presence of small scattered villi on the sides of the body. It is claimed that 
such villi exist also in several other species of Haustor, at least in the 
young. Villarius is therefore perhaps, but not certainly, a synonym of 
Haustor, the latter having three months' priority. 

1753. STARKS (1896). List of Fishes Collected at Port Ludlow, Washington 
Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. (2), VI, 549-562. 

Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Axyrias Starks, 554; orthotype A. harringtoni Starks. A near ally of Artedius 
Grd., perhaps a synonym. 

1754. SEALE (1896). Note on Dcltistes, a New Genus of Catostomoid Fishes 
Proc. Cal. Ac. Sci., V., 1896. 

Alvin Seale (1870- ). 
Deltistes Seale, 269; orthotype Chasmistes luxatus Cope. 

1755. STORMS (1896). Premiere note sur les poissons wemmeliens (Eocene 
siiperietir de la Belgiquc). Bull. Soc. Belg. Geol. Pal., X. 

Raymond Storms. 
Ctenodentex Storms, 199; orthotype Dentex l^keniensis Van Beneden (fossil). 


1756. BOULENGER (1897). An Account of the Fresh-Water Fishes Collected 
in Celebes by Drs. P. & F. Sarasin. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1897, 426-429. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Telmatherina Boulenger, 428; orthotype T. celebensis Boulenger. 

1757. BOULENGER (1897). Description of a New Ceratopterine Eagle-Ray from 
Jamaica. Ann. Nat. Hist. (6), XX, 227-228. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Ceratobatis Boulenger, 227 ; orthotype C. robertsi Boulenger. 

1758. E.^STMAN (1897). Tamiobatis Vetustus, a New Form of Fossil Skate. 
Amer. J. Sci. (4), 85-90. 

Charles Rochester Eastman (1868-1918). 
Tamiobatis Eastman, 85; orthotype T. vetustus Eastman. (Fossil cranium from 
Devonic or carboniferous, Kentucky.) 

1759. EASTMAN (1897). On the Occurrence of Fossil Fishes in the Devonian of 
Iowa. Iowa Geol. Surv., VII, Ann. Rep. for 1896, 108-116. 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Synthetodus Eastman, 111; orthotype S. trisulcatus Eastman (fossil, dental ele- 
ments, perhaps Dipneustan, Devonic, Iowa). 

1760. EIGENMANN (1897). Steindachneria. Amer. Nat., 1897, XXXI, 158-159. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Steindachnerella Eigenmann, 159; orthotype Steindachneria argentea G. & B., 
1888. Substitute for Steindachneria G. & B., a name regarded as preoccu- 
pied by Steindachneria Eigenmann, 1897, as no type had been mentioned with 
the earlier Steindachneria of Goode & Bean. Steindachneria of Goode & 
Bean apparently holds, and a new name, Stelndachneridion Eigenmann, 1919, 
has been given to Eigenmann's genus. 

GILBERT & CRAMER, 1897 477 

1761. GILBERT & CRAMER (1897). Report on the Fishes Dredged in Deep 
Water Near the Hawaiian Islands, with descriptions and figures of Tzucnty- 
three New Species. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1896, XIX, 403-435. (Feb. 5, 

Charles Heistry Gilbert ; Frank Cramer. 
Argyripnus Gilbert & Cramer, 414 ; orthotype A. ephippiatus Gilbert & Cramer. 
Ccelocephalus Gilbert & Cramer, 422; orthotype C. acipenserinus Gilbert & Cramer. 

Name preoccupied ; replaced by Mat^egcephalus Berg. 
Pelecanichthys Gilbert & Cramer, 432; orthotype P. crumenalis Gilbert & Cramer. 

1762. GILL & TOWNSEND (1897). Diagnosis of New Species of Fishes Found 
in Bering Sea. Proc. Soc. Washington, XI, 231-234. 

Theodore Gill; Charles Haskins Townsend. 
Ericara Gill & Townsend, 232 ; orthotype E. salmonea Gill & Townsend. 

1763. GILBERT (1897). Descriptions of Twenty-two New Species of Fishes Col- 
lected by the Steamer "Albatross," of the U. S. Fish Conun. Proc. U. S. Nat. 
Mus., 1896, XIX, 437^57. (Feb. 5, 1897.) 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Emmnion (Jordan) Gilbert, 454; orthotype E. Bristol^ Jordan. 
Ulvicola Gilbert & Starks, 455 ; orthotype U. sanct^e-ros^ Gilbert & Starks. 

1764. NIKOLSKII (1897). Les Reptiles, Amphibiens, et Poissons recueillis par 
Mr. N. Zarondny dans la Perse orientale (Russian text). Ann. Mus. St. 
Petersb., 1897, 30^348. 


Apiostoma Nikolskii, • 345 ; orthotype A. zarudnyi Nikolskii. A synonym of 

Schizothorax Meckel. 
Apiorhynchus Nikolskii, 345 ; orthotype Apiostoma zarudnyi Nikolskii. Apparently 

a synonym of Apiostoma Nikolskii. 

1765. OGILBY (1897). New Genera and Species of Australian Fishes. Proc. 
Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1897, XXII, 62-95. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Omochaetus Ogilby, 72; orthotype Hyperlophus copei Ogilby ^ Mf.letta vittata 

Castelnau. Perhaps a synonym of Hyperlophus Ogilby. 
Monothrix Ogilby, 87 ; orthotype M. polylepis Ogilby. 
Austrophycis Ogilby, 91 ; orthotype A. megai,ops Ogilby. 

1766. OGILBY (1897). Some New Genera and Species of Fishes. Proc. Linn. Soc. 
New S. Wales, XXII, 245-257. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 

Scolenchelys Ogilby, 246; orthotype MurvEnichthys australis Macleay. A syn- 
onym of Mur^nichthys Blkr. 

Myropterura Ogilby, 247 ; orthotype M. laticaudata Ogilby. 

Goodella Ogilby, 249; orthotype G. hypozona Ogilby. A synonym of Tr.achino- 
cephalus Gill. 

1767. OGILBY (1897). On Some Australian Eleotrincc. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. 
Wales, XII, 725-757. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Carassiops Ogilby, 732 ; orthotype Eleotris compressus Kreflft. 


Krefftius Ogilby, 736; orlhotype Eleotris australis Krefft. A synonym of Mo- 

Mulgoa Ogilby, 740; orthotype Eleotris coxii Krefft. 
Ophiorrhinus Ogilby, 745 ; logotype Eleotris grandiceps Krefft. A synonym of 

Philypnodon Blkr. 

1768. PERUGIA (1897). Di alctini Pesci raccolti neW Alto Paraguay dal Car. 
Guido Boggiani. Ann. Mus. Genova (2), XVIII, 147-150. 

Alberto Perugia. 
Boggiania Perugia, 148; orthotype B. ocellata Perugia. 

1769. PLATE (1897). Ei>i neucr Cyclostom mit grossen, normal entmickelten Au- 
geii, Macroplithahnia chilensis, n. g. n. sf. Sit/.bcr. Ges. Naturf. Berlin, 1897, 

LuDwiG Hermann Plate (1862- ). 
Macrophthalmia Plate, 137 ; orthotype M. chilensis Plate. 

1770. PRIEM (1897). Sur Ics dents d'elasmohranches dc divers gisements seno- 
niens. (J'illedieii, Meudon, et Foix-les-Caves.) Bull. Soc. Geol. France, XXV, 

Fernand Priem ( -1919). 
Pseudocorax Priem, 47 ; orthotype Corax affinis Ag. 


1771. VAILLANT (1897). Siliiroide nouveau de lAjrique orientale (ChUtianho- 
glanis leroyi). Bull. Mus. Paris, 1897, 81-84. 

Leon Vaillant. 
Chimarrhoglanis Vaillant, 81 ; orthotype C. leroyi Vaillant. A synonym of 
Amphilius Gthr. 


1772. ALCOCK (1898). Natural History Notes from H. M. Indian Marine Survey 
Ship "Investigator," Commander T. H. Heming, R. N., commanding. Series 
II, No. 25. A Note on the Deep-Sea Fishes, Including Another Probably 
Viviparous Ophidioid. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), II, 136-156. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Benthobatis Alcock, 144; orthotype B. moresbyi Alcock. 

1773. BASSANI (1898). Aggiunti all' ittiofauna edcenica di Monte Bolca e 
Postate. Palont. Italica, III. 

Francesco Bassani. 
Oncolepis Bassani. 79; orthotype O. isseli Bassani (fossil). 

1774. BOULENGER (1898). Description of a New Genus of Cyprinoid Fishes 
from Siam. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist (7). I, 450-451. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Catlocarpio Boulcns^cr, 450; orthotype C. siamensis Boulenger. 

1775. BOULENGER (1898). Poissons nouveaux du Congo. Ann. Mus. Congo, 
Zool. I, 1-20, 21-38. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Stomatorhinus Boulenger, 9; orthotype Mormyrus walkeri Gthr. 

nuuLENCER, 1898 47\i 

Myomyrus Boulenger, 10; orthotype M. macrodon Boulenger. 
Genyomyrus Boulenger, 17; orthotype G. donnyi Boulenger. 
Eugnathichthys Boulenger, 26; orthotype E. eetveldii Boulenger. 

1776. BOULENGER (1898). Oh a Collection of Fishes from the Rio Jura, Brazil. 
Trans. Zool. Soc. London, XIV, 421-428. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Steatogenys Boulenger, 428; orthotype Rhamphichthys elegans Steind. 

1777. BOULENGER (1898). On a New Genus of Salmonoid Fishes from Altai 
Mountains. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), I, 329-331. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Phyllogephyra Boulenger, 330 ; orthotype P. altaica Boulenger. 

1778. BOULENGER (1898). Descriptions of Two New Siluroid Fishes from Bra- 
zil. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), II, 477-478. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Leptodoras Boulenger, 477 ; orthotype Oxydoras acipenserinus Gtlir. 

1779. BOULENGER (1898). A Revision of the African and Syrian Lishes of the 
Family Cichlidce, Part /. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1898, 132-152. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Chromidotilapia Boulenger, 151 ; orthotype C. kingsley.e Boulenger. 

1780. BOULENGER (1898). Report on the Collection of Fishes Made by Mr. 
J. E. S. Moore in Lake Tanganyika . . . 1S95-1896. Trans. Zool. Soc, 
XV, 1-30. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Telmatochromis Boulenger, 10 ; orthotype T. v(ittatus Boulenger. 
Julidochromis Boulenger, 11; orthotype J. ornatus Boulenger. 
Bathybates Boulenger, 15; orthotype B. ferox Boulenger. 
Eretmodus Boulenger, 16; orthotype E. cyanocinctus Boulenger. 
Tropheus Boulenger, 17; orthotype T. moorii Boulenger. 
Simochromis Boulenger, 19; orthotype Chromis diagramma Gthr. 
Petrochromis Boulenger, 20 ; orthotype P. polyodon Boulenger. 
Perissodus Boulenger, 20; orthotype P. microlepis Boulenger. 
Plecodus Boulenger, 22; orthotype P. paradoxus Boulenger. 

1781. DEAN (1898). New Species and a New Genus of American Pahccozoic 
Fishes, . . . front a A'carly Completed MS. by John Strong Newberry. 
Trans. N. Y. Acad. Sci.. XV. Edited by Bashford Dean. 

Bashford Dean (1867- ). 
Stenognathus (Newberry) Dean, about 300; orthotype Dinichthys corrugatus 

1782. EASTMAN (1898). Dentition of Devonian Fyctodontidce. Amer. Natural- 
ist, XXXII, 473-488; 545-560. 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Phlyctaenacanthus Eastman, 552; orthotype P. telleri Eastman (a fossil Ichthyo- 

DORULiTE from Devonic, Wisconsin). A synonym of Eczematolepis Miller 

= Acantholepis Newberry. 
Belemnacanthus Eastman, 552; orthotype B. giganteus Eastman (fossil spine, 

perhaps of an Ostracoderm, from the Devonic of Eifel). 


1783. EVERMANN & KENDALL (1898). Descriptions of New or Little Known 
Genera and Species of Fishes from the United States. Bull. U. S. Fish Com- 
mission, XVII, 125-133. 

Barton Warren Evermann; William Converse Kendall. 
Signalosa Evermann & Kendall, 127 ; orthotype S. atchafalay.e Evermann & 

Lyosphasra Evermann & Kendall, 131 ; orthotype L. globosa Evermann & Kendall. 
Ogilbia (Jordan & Evermann) Evermann & Kendall, 132 ; orthotype O. cayorum 

Evermann & Kendall. 

1784. GOELDI (1898). Primeira Contribuqdo para o conhccimento dos peixes do 
valle dos Amazonas e dos Guyanas, etc. Bol. Mus. Paraense. Hist. Nat., 
Para II. 

Emil August Goeldi. 
Phrenatobius Goeldi, orthotype P. cisternarum Goeldi. A little known subterra- 
nean fish. 

1785. HAY (1898). Notes on Species of Iclithyodcctes, including the New Species 
I. crucntuSj and on the Related and Herein Established Genus Gillicus. Amer. 
J. Sci. (4), VI, 225-232. 

Oliver Perry Hay. 
Gillicus Hay, 230; orthotype Portheus arcuatus Cope. Said to be a synonym of 


1786. IHERING (1898). Description of a New Fish from Sad Paulo. Proc. Acad. 
Nat. Sci. Phila,, 1898, 108-109. 

Hermann von Ihering (1850- ). 
Paulicea Ihering, 109 ; orthotype P. jahu Ihering. 

1787. JAEKEL (1898). Ueber Hybodus Agassis. Sitzber. Naturf. Berlin, 1898, 

Otto (Max Johannes) Jaekel. 
Orthybodus Jaekel, 138; orthotype Hybodus grossiconus Ag. (fossil). 
Parhybodus Jaekel, 143; orthotype Hybodus longiconus Ag. (fossil). 

1788. JAEKEL (1898). Der verschiedenen Rochentypen. Sitzber. Naturf. Berlin, 
1898, 44-53. 

Otto (Max Johannes) Jaekel. 
Lagarodus Jaekel. 50; orthotype Psammodus specularis Romanowskii (fossil). 

1789. JORDAN (1898). Description of a Species of Fish (Mitsukurina owsto-ni) 
from Japan, the Type of a Distinct Family of Lamnoid Sharks. Proc. Calif. 
Acad. Sci. (3), I, 199-201. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Mitsukurina Jordan, 199; orthotype M. owstoni Jordan, a living homologue of the 
extinct genus Scapanorhynchus Woodw. 

1790. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1898). The Fishes of North and Middle Ameri- 
ca; a Descriptive Catalogue of the Species of Fish-like Vertebrates found in 
the Waters of North America, North of the Isthmus of Panama. Pt. II. 
Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus. No. 47, 1241-2182. (Oct. 3, 1898.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Barton Warren Evermann. 
Nector Jordan & Evermann, 1433; orthotype Bairdiella armata Gill. 

JORDAN & EVERMANN, 1898 481 

Zestis Jordan & Evermann, 1439; orthotype Stellifer oscitans J. & G. 
Zestidium Jordan & Evermann, 1442; orthotype Stellifer illecebrosus Gilbert. 
Stellicarens Jordan & Evermann, 1445 ; orthotype Stellifer zestocarus Gilbert. 
Sigmurus (Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 1447; orthotype Corvina vermicularis 

Azurina (Jordan & McGregor) Jordan & Evermann, 1544; orthotype A. hirundo 

Jordan & McGregor. 
Forcipiger (Jordan & McGregor) Jordan & Evermann, 1671 ; orthotype Chelmon 


Emmelas Jordan & Evermann, 1773; orthotype Sebastodes glaucus Hilgendorf. 
Alcidea Jordan & Evermann, 1886; orthotype Paricelinus thoburni Gilbert. 
Archistes (Jordan & Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 1900; orthotype A. plumarius 

J. & G. 
Steligistrum (Jordan & Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 1921 ; orthotype S. stejne- 

geri J. & G. 
Oxycottus Jordan & Evermann, 2015; orthotype Oligocottus acuticeps Gilbert. 
Nautiscus Jordan & Evermann, 2019; orthotype Nautichthys pribilovius J. & G. 
Occa Jordan & Evermann, 2043 ; orthotype Brachyopsis verrucosus Lockington. 
Gurnardus Jordan & Evermann, 2148; orthotype Prionotus gymnostethus Gilbert. 
Merulinus Jordan & Evermann, 2148; orthotype Trigla Carolina L. 

1791. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1898). The Fishes of North and Middle Amer- 
ica; a Descriptizr Catalogue of the Species of Fish-like Vertebrates Found in 
the Waters of North America North of the Isthmus of Panama. Part III. 
Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus., No. 47, pp. 2183-3136. (Nov., 1898.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Barton Warren Evermann. 

Enypnias Jordan & Evermann, 2232; orthotype Gobius seminudus Gthr. 

Daector Jordan & Evermann, 2325 ; orthotype Thalassophryne dovvi J. & G. 

Bryssophilus Jordan & Evermann, 2329 ; orthotype Gobiesox papillifer Gilbert. 

Pterognathus (Girard) Jordan & Evermann, 2355; orthotype Neoclinus satiricus 

Corallicola Jordan & Evermann, 2369; orthotype Auchenopterus nigripinnis 

Homesthes (Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 2394; orthotype H. caulopus Gilbert. 

Blenniolus Jordan & Evermann, 2386; orthotype Blennius brevipinnis Gthr. 

Scartichthys Jordan & Evermann, 2395 ; orthotype Salarias rubropunctatus Cuv. 
& Val. A substitute for Scartes J. & E., 1896, preoccupied. 

Enedrias Jordan & Evermann, 2414; orthotype Gunnellus nebulosus T. & S. 

Ernogrammus Jordan & Everman, 2441 ; orthotype Stich^us enneagrammus Kner. 

Ozorthe Jordan & Evermann, 2441 ; orthotype Stich^us hexagrammus T. & S. 

Embryx Jordan & Evermann, 2456; orthotype Lycodopsis crassilabris Gilbert. 

Lycias Jordan & Evermann, 2463 ; orthotype Lycodes nebulosus Kner. 

Theragra (Lucas) Jordan & Evermann, 2535; orthotype Gadus chalcogrammus 

Emphycus Jordan & Evermann, 2552; orthotype Phycis tenuis Mitchill. A sub- 
stitute for Phycis Raf, viiiich is preoccupied, but Phycis Rose (1793), its 
equivalent, is apparently valid. 

Verasper (Jordan & Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 2618 ; orthotype V. moseri J. & G. 

Ramularia Jordan & Evermann. 2663 ; orthotype Ancylopsetta dendritica Gilbert. 

Perissias Jordan & Evermann, 2667 orthotype Platophyrys t^niopterus Gilbert. 


Albatrossia Jordan & Evermann, 2573 ; orthotype Macrourus pectoralis Gilbert. 

Bogoslovius Jordan & Evermann, 2574 ; orthotype B. clarki J. & G. 

Aztecula Jordan & Evermann, 2799 ; orthotype Notropis aztecus Woolman. A sub- 
stitute for Azteca J. & E., preoccupied. 

Zaphotias (Goode & Bean) Jordan & Evermann, 2826; orthotype Bonapartia 
pedaliota G. & B. Substitute for Bonapartia G. & B., preoccupied. 

Rhynchias (Gill) Jordan & Evermann, 2841 ; orthotype Ammodytes septipinnis 
Pallas, a species still unrecognized. 

Zalocys (Jordan & McGregor) Jordan & Evermann, 2848; orthotype Z. stilbe 
Jordan & McGregor. 

Sigmistes (Rutter) Jordan & Evermann, 2863; orthotype S. caulias Rutter. 

Aspistor Jordan & Evermann, 2863; orthotype Arius luniscutis Cuv. & Val. 

Crystallichthys (Jordan & Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 2864; orthotype C. 
mirabilis J. & G. 

Allinectes Jordan & Evermann, 2866; orthotype Careproctus ectenes Gilbert. 
Substitute for Allurus J. & E., preoccupied by Allurus Forster (1862), a 
genus of Hymenoptera; also by Allurus Eisen (1874), a genus of worms. 

Prognurus (Jordan & Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 2866; orthotype P. cvpselurus 
J. & G. 

Sicyosus Jordan & Evermann, 2867; orthotype Sicydium gymnogaster Ogilvie- 
Grant. Substitute for Sicya Jordan & Evermann, preoccupied. 

Alectrias Jordan & Evermann, 2869; orthotype Blemnius alectkolophu.s Pallas. 

Furcimanus Jordan & Evermann, 2869; orthotype Lycodes diapterus Gilbert. Sub- 
stitute for Furcella J. & E., preoccupied. 

Flammeo Jordan & Evermann, 2871 ; orthotype Holocentrum marianum Cuv. & 

1792. JORDAN & McGREGOR (1898). List of Fishes Collected at the Rcrillar^i- 
gcdo Archipelago and Neighboring Islands. Rept. U. S. Fish Comm.. for 1898. 

David Starr Jordan ; Richard Crittenden McGregor. 
The contents of this paper were included in the appendix to Part III of 
the Fishes of North and Middle America, of the same date. 
Zalocys Jordan & McGregor, 276; orthotype Z. stilbe Jordan & McGregor. 
Forcipiger Jordan & McGregor, 279; orthotype Chelmo lgngirostris Cuv. & Val. 

1793. JORDAN & GILBERT (1898). The Fishes of Bering Sea. In Jordan, Fur 
Seals, and Fiir-Seal Islands of the North Pacific Ocean. Part III. 

David Starr Jordan ; Charles Henry Gilbert. 
The genera and species described in this paper were mostly included in 

Jordan & Evermann's Fishes of North America, Part III, of the same date. 
Therobromus (Lucas) Jordan & Gilbert, 440; orthotype Therobromus callorhini 

Archistes Jordan & Gilbert, 454; orthotype A. plumarius J. & G. 
Stelgistrum Jordan & Gilbert, 456; orthotype S. stejnegeri J. & G. 
Crystallichthys Jordan & Gilbert, 476; orthotype C. mirabilis J. & G. 
Prognurus Jordan & Gilbert, 478; orthotype P. cypselurus J. & G. 
Albatrossia Jordan & Gilbert, 487 ; orthotype Macrourus pectoralis Gilbert. 
Verasper Jordan & Gilbert, 490; orthotype V. moseri J. & G. 

* Frederick Augustus Lucas (1852- ). 

NEWBERRY, 1898 483 

1794. NEWBERRY (1898). New Species and New Genus of American Pahvo::oic 
Fishes, Together with Notes on the Genera Oraeanthus, Dactylodus, Polyrhi- 
zodus, Sandalodiis, Deltodus. Trans. N. Y. Acad., XVI, 1898, 282-304. 

John Strong Newberry. 
Stenognathus Newberry, 303; orthotype Dinichthys corrugatus Terrell (fossil). 

1795. OGILBY (1898). A Contribution to the Zoology of Nezv Caledonia. Proc. 
Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, XXII, 762-770. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Trichopharynx Ogilby, 769; orthotype Gobius crassilabris Gthr. A synonym of 
Chonophorus Poey (Awaous Steind.). 

1796. OGILBY (1898). New Genera and Species of Fishes. Proc. Linn. Soc. New 
S. Wales, XXIII, 32^1, 280-299. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Cinetodus Ogilby, 32 ; orthotype Arius froggati Ramsay. 
Nedystoma Ogilby, 32 ; orthotype Hemipimelodus dayi Ramsay & Ogilby. 
Pachyula Ogilby, 33; orthotype Hemipimelodus crassilabris Ramsay. A synonym 

of Hemipimelodus. 
Thysanophrys Ogilby, 40; orthotype Platycephalus cirronasus Rich. 
Taeniomembras Ogilby, 41 ; orthotype Atherina microstoma Gthr. Apparently a 

synonym of Hepsetia Bon. 
Endorrhis Ogilby, 283 ; orthotype Copidoglanis longifilis Macleay. A synonym 

of Paraplotosus. 
Congrellus Ogilby, 288; orthotype Mur^na balearica Delaroche. A synonym of 

Ariosoma Sw., as restricted ; first noted by Jordan & Evermann. 
Eathycongrus Ogilby, 292; orthotype Congromur.-ena nasica Alcock. 
Eucentronotus Ogilby, 294; orthotype E. zietzi Ogilby. A synonym of Peronedys 

Creedia Ogilby, 298; orthotype C. clathrisquamis Ogilby. 

1797. OGILBY (1898). Additions to the Fauna of Lord Hozve Island. Proc. 
Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, 1898, XXIY, 730-745. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Howella Ogilby, 733 ; orthotype H. brodiei Ogilby. 
Machaerope Ogilby, 736 ; orthotype M. latispinis Ogilby. 
Diancistrus Ogilby, 743 ; orthotype D. longifilis Ogilby. 

1798. OGILBY (1898). On Some Australian Eleotrincc. Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. 
Wales, XXII, 783-893. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Caulichthys Ogilby, 784 ; orthotype Eleotris guentheri Blkr. A synonym of 

Hypseleotris Gill. 
Austrogobio Ogilby, 788; orthotype Carassiops galii Ogilby. 

1799. PRIEM (1898). Sur la faune ichthyologiqiie des Assises Montienncs du 
Bassin de Paris et en particulicr sur Pseudolatcs hebcrii, Gcrvai^. Bull. Soc. 
Geol. France (3), XXVI, 399-412. 

Fernand Priem. 
Pseudolates Priem, 408; orthotype Lates herberti Gervais (fossil). Name pre- 
occupied by Macleay, 1877 ; replaced by Prolates Priem. 

1800. SMITT (1898). Poissons de I'E.vpedition scientiUque a la Tcrre dc Feu. Bih. 
Svenska Ak., XXIII-IV, no. 5, 1-80. 

Frederik Adam Smitt (1839-1904). 
Dissostichus Smitt, 3 ; orthotype D. eleginoides Smitt. 


1801. STEINDACHNER (1898). Die Fische der Sammlung Plate. Fauna Chi- 
lensis . . . nacli der Sammlung von Dr. L. Plate. Zool. Jahrb. Suppl., IV. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Platea Steindachner, 2i22i ; orthotype P. insignis Steind. 

1802. STORMS (1898). Premiere note sur les Poissons Wemmeliens (Eocene' 
Superieur) de la Belgique. Mem. Soc. Beige. Geol., X, 1898, 198-240. 

Raymond Storms. 
Ctenodentex Storms, 199; orthotype Dentex l.^keniensis Van Beneden (fossil). 
Eomyrus Storms, 225; orthotype E. dolloi Storms (fossil). 

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Hist. (7), II, 67-70. 

Ramsay Heatley Traouair. 
Farnellia Traquair, 69; orthotype F. tuberculata Traquair (fossil). 

1804. VINCIGUERRA (1898). / pesci dell' ultima Spedizione del Cap. Bottego. 
Ann. Mus. Geneva (2), XIX, 240-261. 

Decio Vinciguerra. 
Oxyglanis Vinciguerra, 250; orthotype O. sacchii Vinciguerra. 

1805. WOODWARD (1898). Notes on Some Type Specimens of Cretaceous 
Fishes from Mount Lebanon in the Geneva Museum. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 
VII, series 2. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Thrissopteroides Woodward, 408; orthotype T. tenuiceps Woodw. = Clupea 
ELONGATA Davis (fossil). 


1806. ABBOTT (1899). The Marine Fishes of Peru. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 
1899, 324-364. 

James Francis Abbott (1875- ). 
Pisciregia Abbott, 342; orthotype P. beardsleei Abbott. A synonym of Basilich- 
THYs Grd. 

1807. ALCOCK (1899). New Species of Fish. Proc. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, 1899, 781. 

Alfred William Alcock. 
Halimochirus Alcock, 78; orthotype H. centriscoides Alcock. 

1808. AMEGHINO (1899). Sinopsis geologico-paleontologica. Supplemento 
(Adiciones y correcciones). La Plata, 1899, 1-13. 

Florentino Ameghino (1854-1911). 
Paraikichthys Ameghino, 10; orthotype P. ornatissimus Ameghino (fossil). 

1809. BERG (1899). Substitucion de nomhres genericos. II Comun. Mus. Buenos 
Aires, I, 37-80. 

Carlos Berg. 

Gilbertidia Berg, 42; orthotype Gilbertina sigolutes Jordan & Starks. Substitute 
for Gilbertina Jordan & Starks, preoccupied. 

Mataeocephalus Berg, 43 ; orthotype Ccelocephalus acipenserinus Gilbert & Cra- 
mer. Substitute for Ccelocephalus Gilbert & Crapier, preoccupied. 

BOULENGER, 1899 485 

1810. BOULENGER (1899). Materiaux pour la faune du Congo. Foissons nou- 
veaux du Congo. Troisieme Partic: Silures, Acanthopterygiens, Mastacem-' 
bles, Plectognathes, Ann. Mus. Congo, Zool. I, 39-58. Quatrieme Partie: 
Polypteres, Clupes, Mormyres, Characins, 59-96. Cinquieme Partie: Cyprins. 
Silures, Cyprinodoutes, Acanthopterygiens, 97-128. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Chrysobagrus Boulenger, 40; orthotype C. brevibarbis Boulenger. 
Gephyroglanis Boulenger, 42; logotype G. congicus Boulenger. 
Steatocranus Boulenger, 52; orthotype S. gibbiceps Boulenger. 
Teleogramma Boulenger, 53; orthotype T. gracile Boulenger. 
Odaxothrissa Boulenger, 64; orthotype O. losera Boulenger. 
Paraphago Boulenger, 76; orthotype P. rostratus Boulenger. 
Neoborus Boulenger, 78; orthotype N. ornatus Boulenger. 
Micralestes Boulenger, 86; orthotype M. humilis Boulenger. 

Pseudoplesiops Boulenger, 90; orthotype P. nudiceps Boulenger. (Name preoccu- 
pied : Bleeker, 1858) ; replaced by Nanochromis Pellegrin. 
Chelaethiops Boulenger, 101 ; orthotype C. elongatus Boulenger. 
Parailia Boulenger, 105; orthotype P. congica Boulenger. 
Xenochromis Boulenger, 125 ; orthotype X. hecqui Boulenger. 

1811. BOULENGER (1899). Second Contribution to the Ichthyology of Lake 
Tanganyika. On the Fishes Obtained by the Congo Free State Expedition 
under Lieut. Lemaire in 1898. Trans. Zool. Soc. London, XV, 87-96. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Trematocara Boulenger, 89; orthotype T. marginatum Boulenger. 
Grammatotria Boulenger, 90; orthotype G. lemairii Boulenger. 
Xenotilapia Boulenger, 92; orthotype X. sima Boulenger. 

1812. BOULENGER (1899). Description of a New Genus of Perciform Fishes 
from the Cape of Good Hope. Ann. S. African Mus., I, 379-380. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Atyposoma Boulenger, 379; orthotype A. guerneyi Boulenger. 

1813. BOULENGER (1899). Description of a New Genus of Gobioid Fishes from 
the Andes of Ecuador. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), IV, 125-126. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Oreogobius Boulenger, 125 ; orthotype O. rosenbergi Boulenger. 

1814. BOULENGER (1899). Descriptions of Tzuo New Homaloptcrine Fishes 
from Borneo. Ann. Nat. Hist. (7), IV, p. 228-229. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Glaniopsis Boulenger, 228; orthotype G. hanitschi Boulenger. 

1815. EIGENMANN (1899). A case of Convergence. Science IX. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Troglichthys Eigenmann, 282; orthotype Typhlichthys ros.e Eigenmann (a blind 
fish from a cave in Missouri). 

1816. EVERMANN & MARSH (1899). Descriptions of Nezv Genera and Species 
of Fishes from Puerto Rico. Rept. U. S. Fish Comm. for 1899. 

Barton Warren Evermann ; Millard Caleb Marsh. 
Gillias Evermann & Marsh, 357; orthotype G. jordani Evermann & Marsh. 
Auchenistius Evermann & Marsh, 359; orhotype A. stahli Evermann & Marsh. 
Coralliozetus Evermann & Marsh, 362; orthotype C. cardon^ Evermann & Marsh. 


1817. GARMAN (1899). Reports on an Exploration off the West Coasts of Mex- 
ico, Central and South America, and off the Galapagos Islands, in Charge of 
Alexander Agassis, by the U. S. Fish Commission Steamer "Albatross" dur- 
ing 1891, Lieut. Commander Z. L. Tanner. V. S. N ., Commanding. The 
Fishes. Mem. Mus. Harvard, XXIV, 1^31. 

Samuel Garman. 

Centristhmus Garman, 47 ; orthotype C. signifer Garman. 

Ectreposebastes Garman, 53 ; orthotype E. imus Garman. 

Dolopichthys Garman, 81 ; orthotype D. allector Garman. 

Halieutopsis Garman, 89 ; orthotype H. tumifrons Garman. 

Dibranchopsis Garman, 96; orthotype Halieut^a spongiosa Gilbert. 

Dibranchichthys Garman, 99; orthotype D. nudivomer Garman. 

Bothrocaropsis Garman, 127 ; orthotype B. alalonga Garman. 

Leucicorus Garman, 146; orthotype L. lusciosus Garman. 

Holcomycteronus Garman, 163 ; orthotype H. digitatus Garman. 

Eretmichthys Garman, 164 ; orthotype E. pinnatus Garman. 

Pseudonus Garman, 169; orthotype P. acutus Garman. 

Sciadonus Garman, 171 ; orthotype S. pedicellaris Garman. 

Microlepidium Garman, 180; orthotype Lepidion verecundum Gilbert. 

Leptophycis Garman, 182 ; orthotype L. filifer Garman. 

Lychnopoles Garman, 224; orthotype L. argenteolus Garman. 

Dactylostomias Garman, 279 ; orthotype D. filifer Garman. 

Congrosoma Garman, 308; orthotype C. evermanni Garman. 

Atopichthys Garman, 327; logotype A. esunculus Garman. A catchall for unplaced 
larval eels not known to be young Congers. 

1818-1819. HAY (1899). On Some Changes in the Xames, Generic and Specific, of 
Certain Fossil Fishes. Amer. Naturalist, XXXIII, 783-792. 

Oliver Perry Hay. 

Stemmatias Ha}^ 784; logotype "Stemmatodus cheiriformis St. John & Worthen 
(fossil). Substitute for Stemmatodus St. John & Worthen, preoccupied by 
Stemmatodus Heckel. 

Hybocladodus Hay, 784; orthotype Helodus compressus St. John & Worthen 

Platyxystrodus Hay, 785; orthotype Cochliodus striatus Ag. (fossil). Substi- 
tute for Xystrodus (Ag.) Morris & Roberts, preoccupied by Xystrodus 
Plieninger (1860). 

Polypsephis Hay, 788; orthotype Microdon elegans Ag. Substitute for Microdon 
Ag., preoccupied in Diptera Meigen, 1803; but Proscinetes Gistel (1848) is a 
still earlier substitute name. 

Redfieldius Hay, 789 ; orthotype Catopterus gracilis Redfield. Substitute for Ca- 
topterus Redfield, preoccupied by Catopterus Ag. 

Grypodon Hay, 790; orthotype Ancistrodon texanus Dames (fossil). Substitute 
for Ancistrodon Rcemer, and Agkistrodus de Koninck, regarded as preoc- 
cupied by Agkistrodon Beauvais (Ancistrodon of authors). 

1820. JORDAN & SNYDER (1899). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from the 
Rivers of Mexico, with Descriptions of Twenty New Species. Bull. U. S. 
Fish Comm. for 1899, 116-147. 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder (1867- ). 

Istlarius Jordan & Snyder, 118; orthotype I. balsanus Jordan & Snyder. 

KARPINSKII, 1899 487 

Xystrosus Jordan & Snyder, 123 ; orthotype X. popoche Jordan & Snyder. 
Falcula Jordan & Snyder, 124; orthotype F. chapal.e Jordan & Snyder. 
Xenendum Jordan & Snyder, 127; orthotype X. caliente Jordan & Snyder. 

1821. KARPINSKII (1899). Ueber die Reste von Edestiden und die nciic Gattung 
von Hclicoprion. Mem. Acad. Sci. St. Petersb., VIII (and in other papers). 

Aleksandr Petrovich Karpinskii (1846- ). 
Helicoprion Karpinskii, 307; orthotype H. bessenowi Karpinskii (fossil). 

1822. OGILBY (1899). Contributions to Australian Ichthyology. Proc. Linn. Soc. 
New S. Wales, 1899, XXIV, 154-186. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Euristhmus Ogilby, 154; logotype Plotosus elongatus Castelnau. 
Ostophycephalus Ogilby, 155; orthotype O. duriceps Ogilby. 
Austrocobitis Ogilby, 158; orthotype Mesites attenuatus Jenyns. A substitute 

for Mesites Jenyns, preoccupied ; a synonym of Galaxias Cuv. 
Epinephelides Ogilby, 170; orthotype E. leai Ogilby. 
Anagramma Ogilby, 175; orthotype Callanthias allporti Gthr. A synonym of 

Callanthias Gthr. 

1823-1824. PRIEM (1899). Sur dcs poissons fossiles eocenes d'Egypte ct de Roit- 

mame, et rectification relative d, Pseudolates heberti (Gervais). Bull. Soc.\ 

Geol. France, 1899, 3 ser. XXVII, 241-252. 

Fernand Priem. 
Scorpaenoides Priem, 248; orthotype S. popovicii Priem. (fossil). (Not Scorp^- 

NODES Blkr.) 
Prelates Priem, 252; orthotype L.ates heberti Gervais (fossil). A substitute for 

Pseudolates Priem, preoccupied. 

1825. SMITT (1899). Preliminary \'otes on the Arrangement of the Genus 
Gobius, zvitli an Enumeration of Its European Species. Ofv. \'et. Ak. Forh., 
1899, 543-555. 

Frederik Adam Smitt (1839-1904). 

Caffrogobius Smitt, 540; orthotype Gobius nudiceps Cuv. & Val. 

Lebistes Smitt, 543 ; orthotype L. scorpioides Smitt. Not Lebistes Filippi, 1862. 

Mugilogobius Smitt, 543 ; for "Indian & Japanese Species," no type named, but in 
a personal letter in 1903 Dr. Smitt stated to me that his type species was the 
one named Ctenogobius abei Jordan & Snyder. Accepting this version, Mu- 
gilogobius is substantially the same as Vaimosa Jordan & Scale, which name 
it may replace. 

Mapo Smitt, 543 ; orthotype Gobius soporator Cuv. & Val. A synonym of Batiiy- 
GOBius Blkr. 

Proterorhinus Smitt, 544; orthotype Gobius marmoratus Pallas. 

Eichwaldia Smitt, 545 ; orthotype Gobius caspius Eichwald. 

1826. STEWART (1899). Leptiehthys, a Xezv Genus of Fishes from the Cretaceous 
of Kansas. Amer. Geologist, XXIV. 

Alban F. Stewart. 
Leptiehthys Stewart, 78; orthotype L. agilis Stewart (fossil). 

1827. TRAQUAIR (1899). Report on Fossil Fishes Collected by the Geological 
Siirzrv of Scotland in the Silurian Rocks of the South of Scotland. Trans. 
Roy. Soc. Edinburgh, XXXIX, 827-864. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 


Lanarkia Traquair, 832; logotype L. horrida Traquair (fossil). 
Ateleaspis Traquair, 834; orthotype A. tessellata Traquair (fossil). 
Birkenia Traquair, 837; orthotype B. elegans Traquair (fossil). 
Lasanius Traquair, 840; logotype L. problematicus Traquair (fossil). 

1828. VARPACHOVSKII (1899). Stir la faune ichtliyologique de la fleuvc Obi. 
Ann. Mus. Acad. Imp. St. Petersb. 

Nicolai Arcadevich Varpachovskii. 
Oreoleuciscus Varpachovskii, 263; orthotype Chondrostoma potanini Kessler. 

1829. WAITE (1899). Scientific Results of the Trawling Expedition of H. M. C. 
C. S. "Thetis." Fishes. Mem. Austr. Mus., IV, 1-132. 

Edgar Ravenswood Waite (1866- ). 
Paratrachichthys Waite, 64; orthotype Trachichthys trailli Hutton. 
Pterygotrigla Waite, 108; orthotype Trigla polyommata Rich. Replaces Hoplo- 

NOTUS Guichenot, preoccupied, apparently same as Otohime Jordan & Starks of 

later date. 

1830. WILLISTON (1899). A New Genus of Fishes from the Niobara Cretaceous. 
Kans. Univ. Quarterly, 1899, VIII, 113-115. 

Samuel Wendall Williston (1852-1918). 
Leptecodon Williston, 113; orthotype L. rectus Williston (fossil). 

1831. WOODWARD (1899). Additional Notes on Some Type Specimens of Cre- 
taceous Fishes from Mount Lebanon in the Edinburgh Museum of Science^ 
and Art. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), IV, 317-321. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Nematonotus Woodward, 318; orthotype Clupea bott^ Pictet & Humbert (fossil). 

1832. WOODWARD (1899). Note on Some Cretaceous Clupeoid Fishes with 
Pectinated Scales. (Ctenothrissa and Pseudobcryx.) Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 
1899, (7), III, 489-492. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Ctenothrissa Woodward, 490; orthotype Beryx vexillifer Pictet (fossil). 


1833. BOULENGER (1900). On Some Little Known African Siluroid Fishes of 
the Subfamily Doradincc. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), VI. 520-529. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Euchilichthys Boulenger, 523 ; logotype Atopochilus guentheri Schilthuis. 
Phractura Boulenger, 527 ; orthotype Peltura bovei Perugia. Substitute for Pel- 

tura Perugia, regarded as preoccupied by Peltoura, 1840. 
Andersonia Boulenger, 528 ; orthotype A.- leptura Boulenger. 

1834. BOULENGER (1900). Materiaux pour la faune dii Congo. Poissons nou- 
veaux du Congo. Sixicme Partie. Ann. Mus. Congo. Zool., I, 129-164. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Leptocypris Boulenger, 133 ; orthotype L. modestus Boulenger. 
Spathodus Boulenger, 152; orthotype S. erythrodon Boulenger. 

BRAUER, 1900 489 

1835. BRAUER (1900). Ans der Tiefen des Weltmeeres (by Prof. Carl Chun). 
Schilderung von der dcutschen Tiefsee-Expedition. Jena, 1900, 549 pp. 

August Brauer. 
Megalopharynx Brauer, 521 ; orthotype M. longicaudatus Brauer. 

1836. DELFIN (1900). Sota del Ictiolojia. El nuevo jenero Cilus. Act. Soc. 
Chili, X, 53-60. 

Frederico Teobaldo Delfin. 
Cilus Deltin, 56; orthotype C. month Delhn. 

1837. DOLLO (1900). Cryodraco antarctieus, poisson abyssal nouveau, recueilli 
par fexpedition antractique beige, etc. Bull. Ac. Belgique, 1900, 128-137. 

Louis Dollo (1857- ). 
Cryodraco Dollo, 129; orthotype C. antarcticus Dollo. 

1838. DOLLO (1900). Gerlachea australis, poisson abyssal nouveau recueilli par 
I'expedition antarctique beige, etc. Bull. Ac. Belgique, 1900, 194-206. 

Louis DoLLO. 
Gerlachea Dollo, 195; orthotype G. australis Dollo. 

1839. DOLLO (1900). Racovitzia glacialis, poisson abyssal nouveau recueilli par 
I'expedition antarctique beige, etc. Bull. Ac. Belgique, 1900, 316-327. 

Louis Dollo. 
Racovitzia Dollo, 317; orthotype R. glacialis Dollo. 

1840. EIGENMANN & NORRIS (1900). Sobre algunos peixes de S. Paulo, Brazil. 
Revista Mus. Paulista, IV, 1900, 349-362. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Allen A. Norris. 
Imparfinis Eigenmann & Norris, 351 ; orthotype I. piperatus Eigenmann & Norris. 
Goeldiella Eigenmann & Norris, 353; orthotype Pimelodus eques M. & T. 
Iheringichthys Eigenmann & Norris, 354; orthotype Pimelodus labrosus Kr5yer. 
Perugia Eigenmann & Norris, 355 ; orthotype Pirinampus agassizi Steind. 
Bergiella Eigenmann & Norris, 355; orthotype Pimelodus westermanni Reinh. 
Catabasis Eigenmann & Norris, 358; orthotype C. acumunatus Eigenmann & 

1841. GILBERT (1900). Results of the Branner-Agassiz Expedition to Brazil. 
III. The Fishes. Proc. Wash. Ac, II, 161-184. 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Brannerella Gilbert, 180; orthotype B. brasiliensis Gilbert. 

1842. JORDAN (1900). Notes on Recent Fish Literature. Amer. Naturalist, 
XXXIV, 897-899. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Dolloa Jordan, 897 ; orthotype Coryph^noides longifilis Gthr. Substitute for 
Moseleya G. & B., preoccupied. 

1843. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1900). The Fishes of Xorth &■ Middle America; 
a Descriptive Catalogue of the Species of Fish-like Vertebrates Found in the 
Waters of North America, North of the Isthmus of Panama. Part IV, Bull. 
U. S. Nat. Mus., No. 47. 3137-3313. 

David Starr Jordan ; Barton Warren Evermann. 
Orcula Jordan & Evermann, 3140; orthotype Notropis orca Woolman. A substitute 
for Orcella J. & E., preoccupied in Cetacea. 


Rhegma (Gilbert) Jordan & Evermann, 3169; ortliotype R. thaumasium Gilbert. 

1844. JORDAN & SNYDER (1900). A List of Fishes Collected in Japan by 
Keinosuke Otaki, and by the United States Steamer "Albatross," with De- 
scriptions of Fourteen New Species. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXIII, 335-380. 
(Dec. 20, 1890.) 

David Starr Jordan ; John Otterbein Snyder. 

Otakia Jordan & Snyder, 345 ; orthotype O. rasborina Jordan & Snyder. 

Ischikauia Jordan & Snyder, 346; orthotype Opsariichthys steenackeri Sauvage. 

Konosirus Jordan & Snyder, 349 ; orthotype CHATOitssus nasus Bloch. A synonym 
of Clupanodon Lac., as now properly restricted. 

Bryttosus Jordan & Snyder, 354; orthotype Serranus kawamebari T. & S. 

Eteliscus Jordan & Snyder. 355 ; orthotype Etelis berycoides Hilgendorf. Equiv- 
alent to CoRUScuLUs Jordan & Snyder. Both are synonyms of Doder- 
leinia Steind. 

Insidiator Jordan & Snyder, 368; orthotype Platycephalus rudis Gthr. = Platy- 
CEPHALUS meerdervoorti Blkr. 

Trifissus Jordan & Snyder, 373 ; orthotype T. ioturus Jordan & Snyder. A syno- 
nym of Tridentiger Gill. 

Rhombiscus Jordan & Snyder, 379; orthotype Rhombus cinnamomeus T. & S. A 
synonym of Pseudorhombus Blkr. 

Kareius Jordan & Snyder, 379 ; orthotype Pleuronectes scutifer Steind. 

Usinosita Jordan & Snyder, 380; orthotype Plagusia japonica T. & S., misprinted 
UsiNOSTiA. A synonym of Rhinoplagusia Blkr. 

Zebrias Jordan & Snyder, 380; orthotype Solea zebrina T. & S. 

Areliscus Jordan & Snyder, 380; orthotype Solea joyneri Gthr. 

1845. KYLE (1900). On a New Genus of Flat-Fishes from Nezn' Zealand. Proc. 
Zool. Soc. London, 1900, 986-992. 

Harry M. Kyle. 
Apsetta Kyle, 986; orthotype A. thompsoni Kyle. 

1846. LOOMIS (1900). Die Anatomic tind die Verzvandschaft der Ganoid-nnd 
Knochen-Fisclve aus der Kreide-Formation von Kansas, U. S. A. Palceontgr , 
XL VI, 213-284. 

Frederick Brewster LooMis (1873- ). 
Pseudothryptodus Loomis, 225; orthotype P. intermedius Loomis (fossil). 
Thryptodus Loomis, 229; logotype Plethodus zitteli Loomis (fossil). Apparently 

replaces Anogmius Cope, 1877 (A. aratus). not of 1871 (A. contractus). 
Syntegomodus Loomis. 252; orthotype S. altus Loomis (fossil). 

1847. NIKOLSKTI (1900). Psendoscaphirhynchus rossikozm n. gen. et spec. Ann. 
Mus. St. Peters!)., IV, 257-259. 

,\LEKSANnR Mikhailovich Nikolskii. 
Pseudoscaphirhynchus Nikolskii, 257; orthotype P. rossikowi Nikolskii = Sca- 
phirhynchus hermanni (Sewertov) Kessler. A synonym of Kessleru 

1848. PELLtiGRIN (1900). Foissons nonvcau.v on rarcs du Congo Francois. 
Bull. Mus. Paris, 1900, 175-176, 348-354. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Mesoborus Pellegrin. 179; orthotype M. crocodilus Pellegrin. 

PELLEGRIN, 1900 491 

Hemistichodus Pellegrin, 352; orthotype H. vaillanti Pellegrin. Replaces Mono- 

STiCHODUS Vaillant, said to be "nomen nudum." 
Monostichodus (Vaillant) Pellegrin, 352; orthotype (Hemistichodus vaillanti 

Pellegrin). A "nomen nudum" quoted by Pellegrin, said to be synonymous 

with Hemistichodus. 

1849. PELLEGRIN (1900). Poisson nouveau du lac Baikal. Bull. Mus. Paris, 
1900. 354-356. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Cottocomephorus Pellegrin, 354; orthotype C. megalops Pellegrin. 

1850. WAITE (1900). Additions to the Fish-Fauna of Lord Hoz^'c Island. Rec. 
Austr. Mus., HI, 193-209. 

Edgar Ravenswood Waite. 

Acanthocaulus Waite, 206; orthotype Prionurus microlepidotus Lac. A substi- 
tute for Prionurus Lac, 1804, wrongly supposed to be preoccupied, the date 
of the latter being assumed as 1830, the time of a reprint. 

Euchilomycterus Waite, 208; orthotype E. quadraticatus Waite. 

1851. WILLISTON (1900). Some Fossil Teeth from the Kansas Cretaceous. 
Kansas Quart., VIII, 27-42. 

Samuel Wendall Willi ston. 
Leptostyrax Williston, 42; orthotype L. biscuspidatus Williston (fossil). 

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Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Euphanerops Woodward, 416; orthotype E. long^vus Woodw. (fossil). 

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Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Urenchelys Woodward, 322; logotype Anguilla hakelensis Davis (fossil). 
Pronotacanthus Woodward, 322; orthotype Anguilla sahel-alm.e Davis (fossil). 

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Karl A. Zittel. 

Phlyctccnium Zittel, 159; orthotype Coccosteus acadicus Whiteaves (fossil). A 
substitute for Phlyct.?iNius Traquair, preoccupied, but Phlyct.enaspis Tra- 
quair, 1890, has priority. 


1855. ABBOTT (1901). List of Fishes Collected in the River Pfi-Ho at Ticn-Tsin. 

China, by Noah Fields Drake, zmth Descriptions of Seven Neiv Species. 

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James Francis Abbott (1876- ). 
Culticula Al)bott, 485; orthotype C. emmelas Abbott. 


1856. AMMON (1901). Ueber eine Tiefbohrung durch den Buntsandstein und die 
Zechssteinschichten bet Meelrichstadt an der Rhon. Geogn. Jahresb. Miinchen, 


Ephippites Von Ammon, 59; orthotype E. peissenbergiensis Ammon (fossil). 

1857. BOULENGER (1901). Third Contribution to the Ichthyology of Lake Tan- 
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Gephyrochromis Boulenger, 156; orthotype G. moorii Boulenger. 
Asprotilapia Boulenger, 159; orthotype A. leptura Boulenger. 

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Physailia Boulenger, 445 ; orthotype P. pellucida Boulenger. 

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George Albert Boulenger. 
Rhyacichthys Boulenger, 267 ; orthotype P. aspro Van Hasselt. A substitute for 
Platyptera (Kuhl & Van Hasselt) Cuv. & Val. ; preoccupied in files, Meigen, 

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George Albert Boulenger. 
Polycentropsis Boulenger, 8 ; orthotype P. abbreviata Boulenger. 

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George Albert Boulenger. 
Parascolopsis Boulenger, 262 ; orthotype ■ P. townsendi Boulenger. 

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August Brauer. 
Winteria Brauer, 126; orthotype W. telescopa Brauer. 
Dolichopteryx Brauer, 127; orthotype D. longipes Brauer. 
Gigantura Brauer, 128; orthotype G. chuni Brauer. 

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Robert Collett. 
Bathyalopex Collett, 5; orthotype Chim^era mirabilis Collett. 

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Selenosteus Dean. 110; orthotype S. kepleri Dean (fossiD. 
Stenosteus Dean, 110; orthotype S. glaberi Dean (fossil). 


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Carl H. Eigenmann; Allen A. Norris. 
Bergiaria Eigenmann & Norris, 272; orthotype Pimelodus westermanni Reinh. 
Substitute for Bergiella Eigenmann & Norris, preoccupied. 

1865. FOWLER (1901). Description of a New H emir amp hid. Proc. Acad. Nat. 
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Henry Weed Fowler. 
Hemiexocoetus Fowler, 293 ; orthotype H. caudimaculatus Fowler. 

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Henry Weed Fowler. 
Evermanella Fowler, 211; orthotype Odontostomus hyalinus Cocco. Substitute 
for Odontostomus Cocco, preoccupied in MoUusks, Beck, 1837. 

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Samuel Carman. 
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Macrias Gill & Townsend, 937; orthotype M. amissus Gill & Townsend. 

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scription of Four Nezu Species. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm., XIX, 7-20. 

Arthur White Greeley (1875-1904). 

Rusciculus Greeley, 13; orthotype R. rimensis Greeley. 

Dialarchus Greeley, 14; orthotype D. snyderi Greeley. 

Eximia Greeley, 18 ; orthotype E. rubellio Greeley. Name preoccupied : Karl Jor- 
dan. 1894; it may be replaced by the new name Greeleya Jordan, in honor 
of the very able young naturalist, discoverer of the species. 

1870. JENKINS (1901). Descriptions of Fifteen Nezv Species of Fishes from the 
Hawaiian Islands. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm., XIX. 387^07. 

Oliver Peebles Jenkins (1850- ). 
Eumycterias Jenkins, 399; orthotype E. bit^niatus Jenkins. A synonym of 

Canthigaster Sw. 
Scaridea Jenkins, 468; orthotype S. zonarcha Jenkins. 


1871. JORDAN & SNYDER (1901). Descriptions of Three New Species of Fishes 
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David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Ereunias Jordan & Snyder, 377 ; orthotype E. grallator Jordan & Snyder. 
Draciscus Jordan & Snyder, 379 ; orthotype D. sachi Jordan & Snyder. 

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(July 21. 1901.) 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 


Chasmias Jordan & Snyder, 761 ; orthotype C. misakius Jordan & Snyder. Name 

preoccupied, replaced by Chasmichthys Jordan & Snyder. 
Watasea Jordan & Snyder, 765 ; orthotype W. sivicola Jordan & Snyder. 

1873. JORDAN & SNYDER (1901). A Preliminary Check-List of the Fishes of 
Japan. Annot. Zool. Jap., Ill, 31-159. 

David Starr Jordan ; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Corusculus Jordan & Snyder, 75 ; orthotype Anthias berycoides Hilgendorf. A 
synonym of Doderleinia Steind., the definition being that of Eteliscus dupli- 
cated by accident. 

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David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Bentenia Jordan & Snyder, 306; orthotype B. ^sticola Jordan & Snyder. 
Ebisus Jordan & Snyder, 308; orthotype E. sagamius Jordan & Snyder. A synonym 
of Erilepis Gill. 

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David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Chasmichthys Jordan & Snyder, 941 ; orthotype Chasmias misakius Jordan & 
Snyder. Substitute for Chasmias Jordan & Snyder, preoccupied. 

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David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Chlevastes Jordan & Snyder, 867; orthotype Ophichthys colubrinus Boddaert. 
Xyrias Jordan & Snyder, 868; orthotype X. revulsus Jordan & Snyder. 
.ffimasia Jordan & Snyder, 883; orthotype /E. lichenosa Jordan & Snyder. 
Scuticaria Jordan & Snyder, 886; orthotype Ichthyophis tigrinus Lesson. 

1877. JORDAN & SNYDER (1901). A Review of the Gobioid Fishes of Japan, 
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David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Vireosa Jordan & Snyder, 38; orthotype V. han^ Jordan & Snyder. 
Hazeus Jordan & Snyder, 51 ; orthotype H. otakit Jordan & Snyder. A synonym 

of Gnatholepis Blkr. 
Chloea Jordan & Snyder, 78; orthotype Gobius castanea O'Shaughnessy. Not 

Chloeia Savigny, 1817, a genus of worms. CnLoiiA is a personal name. 
Suruga Jordan & Snyder, 96; orthotype S. fundicola Jordan & Snyder. 
Sagamia Jordan & Snyder, 100; orthotype S. russula Jordan & Snyder. 
Ainosus Jordan & Snyder, 109; orthotype Gobius geneionema Hilgendorf. 
Astrabe Jordan & Snyder, 119; orthotype A. lactisella Jordan & Snyder. 
Clariger Jordan & Snyder, 120; orthotype C. cosmurus Jordan & Snyder. 
Eutaeniichthys Jordan & Snyder, 122 ; orthotype E. gilli Jordan & Snyder. 

1878. JORDAN & SNYDER (1901). A Review of the Hypostomide and Lopho- 
branchiate Fishes of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXIV, 1-20. (Oct. 1. 

David Starr Jordan ; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Zalises Jordan & Snyder, 2; orthotype Z. umitengu Jordan & Snyder. A synonym 
of Pegasus L. 

JORDAN & SNYDER, 1901 495 

Yozia Jordan & Snyder, 8; orthotype Y. wakanour.e Jordan & Snyder. 

1879. JORDAN & SNYDER (1901). A Review of the Cardinal Fishes of Japan. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXIII, 891-913. (Oct. 12, 1901.) 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Telescopias Jordan & Snyder, 909; orthotype T. gilberti Jordan & Snyder. 

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David Starr Jordan; Edwin Chapin Starks (1867- ). 
Snyderina Jordan & Starks, 381 ; orthotype S. yamanokami Jordan & Starks. 

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David Starr Jordan; Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Atherion Jordan & Starks, 203 ; orthotype A. elymus Jordan & Starks. 
Iso Jordan & Starks, 204; orthotj-pe I. flos-maris Jordan & Starks. Replaces 
Tropidosthethus Ogilby, preoccupied. 

1882. LAUBE. (1901). Syiwpsis dcr Wirbclthicr fauna der Bohmischcn Braun- 
koklenforination und Beschreibung neuer, oder hisher unvollstdndig bekannter 
Arten. Prag., 1901, 80 pp. 

GusTAVE Carl Laube (1839- ). 
Protothymallus Laube, 23; orthotype Thaumaturus lusatus Laube (fossil). 

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Fifeshirc. Geol. Mag. (2), Dec, IV, VIII, 110-114. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Eucentrurus Traquair, 114; orthotype E. paradoxus Traquair (fossil). 

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Britain. Geol. Mag. (2), Dec. IV, 216-222. 

Edgar D. Wellburn. 
Euctenodopsis Wellburn, 220; orthotype E. tenuis Wellburn (fossil). 

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Micr. Sci. (2), XLIV, 269-271. 

Arthur WiLLEY (1867- ). 
Dolichorhynchus Willey, 269; orthotype D. indicus Willey. 

1886. WOODWARD (1901). Catalogue of Fossil Fishes in the British Museum 
Natural Hist. Part IV, etc., 636 pp. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 

Elopides (Agassiz) Woodward, 23; orthotype E. couloni Ag. (fossil). Printed as 
name only in Poissons Fossiles, V, 1844, 139. A fossil homologue of Elops L. 

Notelops Woodward, 27; orthotype Rhacolepis brama Ag. = Calamopleurus 
cylindricus Ag. (fossil). A synonym of Calamopleurus Ag. 

Esocelops Woodward, 46; orthotype Eurygnathus cavifrons Ag. (fossil). A sub- 
stitute for Eurygnathus Ag., preoccupied. 

Chanoides Woodward, 63; orthotype Clupea macropoma Ag. (fossil). 

Brychaetus Woodward, 76; orthotype B. muelleri Woodw. (fossil). Name only in 
1845; validated in 1901. 

Histiothrissa Woodward, 131 ; orthotype Sardinius macrodactylus Von der 
Marck (fossil). 


Halecopsis Woodward, 133 ; orthotype Osmeroides insignis Delvaux & Ortlieb 

Apateodus Woodward, 258; orthotype Pachyrhizodus glyphodus Blake (fossil). 

Pachylebias Woodward, 294; orthotype Lebias crassicaudatus x\g. (fossil). 

Rhynchorhinus (Agassiz) Woodward, 342; orthotype R. branchialis Ag. (fossil). 
Name printed without explanation in 1844. 

Protaulopsis Woodward, 371; orthotype P. bolcensis Woodward (fossil). 

Dinopteryx Woodward, 406; orthotype Hoplopteryx spinosus Davis (fossil). 

Isurichthys Woodward, 453; logotype Isurus macrurus Ag. (fossil). Name a sub- 
stitute for Isurus Ag., preoccupied. 

Eothynnus Woodward, 457; orthotype Ccelocephalus salmoneus Ag. (fossil). 
Name a substitute for Ccelocephalus Ag., undefined and preoccupied by Clark, 
1860, in Coleoptera. 

Phalacrus (Agassiz) Woodward, 458; orthotype P. cybioides Ag. (fossil). Note 
on type specimen. A synonym of Eothynnus Woodward. 

Cariniceps (Owen) Woodward, 458; orthotype C. compressus Owen (fossil). Note 
on type specimen. A synonym of Eothynnus Woodw. 

Rhonchus (Agassiz) Woodward, 458; orthotype R. carangoides Ag. (fossil). 
Note on type specimen. A synonym of Eothynnus Woodw. 

Scombrinus (Agassiz) Woodward, 461; orthotype S. nuchalis Ag. (fossil). Vali- 
dation of a nomen nudum printed in 1845. 

Eoccelopoma Woodward, 470; orthotype E. colei Woodw. (fossil). 

Scombramphodon Woodward, 474; orthotype Amphodon benedeni Storms (fossil). 
Replaces Amphodon Storms, 1887, regarded as preoccupied by Amphodus 
Peters, 1872. 

Acestrus (Agassiz) Woodward, 494; orthotype A. ornatus Woodw. (fossil). No- 
men nudum as printed in 1845, validated in 1901 ; perhaps to be regarded as 
preoccupied by Acestra Jardine, 1831. 

Auchenilabrus (Agassiz) Woodward, 552; orthotype A. frontalis Ag. Name only, 
reprinted from Agassiz, 1845, 308, when it is also nomen nudum. 

Eocottus Woodward, 580; orthotype Gobius veronensis Volta (fossil). 


1887. BOULENGER (1902). Report on the Collection of Natural History Made 
in the Antarctic Regions during the Voyage of the "Southern Cross." Pisces, 
London, 174-189. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Pleuragramma Boulenger, 187; orthotype P. antarcticum Boulenger. Not Pleu- 


1888. BOULENGER (1902). Additions a la faune ichthyologique du Bassin du 
Congo. Ann. Mus. Cong. Zool., II, 19-57. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Microthrissa Boulenger, 26; orthotype M. royauxi Boulenger. 
Leptoglanis Boulenger, 42 ; orthotype L. xenognathus Boulenger. 
Paraphractura Boulenger, 47; orthotype P. tenuicauda Boulenger. 
Trachyglanis Boulenger, 48 ; orthotype T. minutus Boulenger. 
Belonoglanis Boulenger, 50; orthotype B. tenuis Boulenger. 

BOULENGER, 1902 497 

1889. BOULENGER (1902). Descriptions of Nezv Characinid Fish Discovered by 
Dr. W. J. Ansorge in Southern Nigeria. Ann. Mag. Nat. Histi. (7), IX. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Citharidium Boulenger, 144; orthotype C. ansorgii Boulenger. 

1890. BOULENGER (1902). Description of a New Deep-Sea Gadid Fish from 
South Africa. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), IX, 335-336. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Tripterophycis Boulenger, 335 ; orthotype T. gilchristi Boulenger. 

1891. BOULENGER (1902). Notes on the Classification of Teleostean Fishes. 
Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), IX, 197-204. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Geophyroberyx Boulenger, 203; orthotype Trachichthys darwini Johnston. 

1892. BOULENGER (1902). Description of a New South-African Galeid Se- 
lachian. Ann. Mus. Nat. Hist (7), X, 52-63. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Scylliogaleus Boulenger, 51 ; orthotype S. quecketti Boulenger. 

1893. BOULENGER (1902). Diagnoses of New Cichlid Fishes Discovered by Mr. 
J. E. S. Moore in Lake Njassa. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), 69-71. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Hemitilapia Boulenger, 70 ; orthotype H. oxyrhynchus Boulenger. 
Cyrtocara Boulenger, 70; orthotype C. moori Boulenger. 

1894. BOULENGER (1902). On the Genus Ateleopus of Schlegel. Ann. Mag. 
Nat. Hist. (7), X, 402^03. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Podateles Boulenger, 403 ; orthotype Ateleopus japonicus Blicr. Substitute for 
Ateleopus T. & S., regarded as preoccupied by Atelopus Dumeril & Bibron, 
a genus of reptiles. 

1895. BOULENGER (1902). Contributions to the ichthyology of the Congo. Proc. 
Zool. Soc. London, 1902, 234-237. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Allabenchelys Boulenger, 234; orthotype A. longicauda Boulenger. 
Chilochromis Boulenger, 236; orthotype C. duponti Boulenger. 

1896. BRAUER (1902). Diagnosen von neuen Tiefseefischen welche von der Val- 
divia-Expedition gesammelt sind. Zool. Anz., XXV, 277-298. 

August Brauer. 
Dissomma Brauer, 278 ; orthotype D. anale Brauer. 
Triplophos Brauer, 282; orthotype T. elongatus Brauer. 
Macrostomias Brauer, 283; orthotype M. longibarbatus Brauer. 
Melanostomias Brauer. 284; orthotype M. valdivi^ Brauer. 
Bathylynchus Brauer, 289; orthotype B. cyn.s:us Brauer. 
Macropharynx Brauer, 290; orthotype M. longicaudatus Brauer. Called Mega- 

lopharynx by Brauer in 1900. 
Coelophrys Brauer, 291 ; orthotype C. brevicaudata Brauer. 
Gigantactis Brauer, 295 ; orthotype G. vanhoeffeni Brauer. 
Aceratias Brauer, 296; logotype A. macrorhynchus Brauer. 
Stylophthalmus Brauer, 298 ; orthotype S. paradoxus Brauer. 


1897. EASTMAN (1902). On Campyloprion, a New Form of Edcstus-Iike Denti- 
tion. Geol. Mag. (8), IX, 148-152. 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Campyloprion Eastman, 151; orthotype C. annectens Eastman (fossil). Shark, 
locality unknown. 

1898. ERITSCH &. BAYER (1902). Move Ryby Ceskeho nivarn Kredovcho. 
Ceska Ak. Preze, II, 1-18. 

Anton Fritsch ; Edwin Bayer. 
Schizospondylus Eritsch & Bayer, 8 ; orthotype S. dubius Eritsch & Bayer. 
Parelops Fritsch & Bayer, 13; orthotype P. parazakii Fritsch & Bayer (fossil). 

1899. GILCHRIST (1902). South African Fishes. Marine Investigations in 
South Africa, II, 101-113. 

J. D. F. Gilchrist. 
Choridactylodes Gilchrist, 101 ; orthotype C. natalensis Gilchrist. 
Melanonosoma Gilchrist, 106; orthotype M. acuticaudatum Gilchrist. 
Paralichthodes Gilchrist, 108 ; orthotype P. algoensis Gilchrist. 

1900. GRACIANOV (1902). Die Ichthyo-faiina des Baikalsees; Dnevn. Zool. 
Otd. Obsc. Liub. Jest. Moska, III, 18-61. (In Russian.) 

Valerian Gracianov. 
Procottus Gracianov (Gratzianow), 41; orthotype Cottus jeittelesi Dybowski. 

1901. GtJNTHER (1902). Third Notice of New Species of Fishes from Morocco. 
Novitat. Zool. (Tring.), IX, 446-448. 

Albert Gunther. 
Pterocapoeta Giintlier, 446; orthotype P. maroccana Gthr. 

1902. GUNTHER (1902). Last Account of Fishes Collected by Mr. R. B. N. 
Walker, on the Gold Coast. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1902, II, 330-339. 

Albert Gunther. 
Notoglanidium Gunther, 336 ; orthotype N. walkeri Gthr. 

1903. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1902). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from 
the Island of Formosa. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXV, 315-368. (Sept. 24. 

David Starr Jordan ; Barton Warren Evermann. 

Zacco Jordan & Evermann, 322; orthotype Leuciscus platypus T. & S. 

Evenchelys Jordan & Evermann. 327 ; orthotype Gymnothorax macrurus Bloch. 
Same as Thyrsoidea Kaup, as restricted by Bleeker, but by tautonomy Kaup's 
genus Thyrsoidea must have Muilena thyrsoidea Rich., as type. 

1904. JORDAN & FOWLER (1902). A Review of the Trigger-Fishes. File- 
Fishes, and Trunk-Fishes of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXV, 251-286. 
(Sept. 17, 1902.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Henry Weed Fowler. 
Rudarius Jordan & Fowler, 270; orthotype R. ercodes Jordan & Fowler. 
Lactoria Jordan & Fowler, 278; orthotype Ostracion cornutus L. 

1905. JORDAN & FOWLER (1902). A Review of the Cling-Fishes (Gobiesocidcc) 
of the Waters of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXV. (Sept. 19, 1902.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Henry Weed Fowler. 
Aspasma Jordan & Fowler, 414 ; orthotype Lepadogaster minimus Doderlein. 

JORDAN & FOWLER, 1902 499 

1906. JORDAN & FOWLER (1902). A Review of the Ophidioid Fishes of Japan. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXV, 743-786. (Dec. 2, 1902.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Henry Weed Fowler. 
Heirichthys Jordan & Fowler, 744; orthotype H. encryptes Jordan & Fowler. A 
synonym of Congrogadus Gthr. 

1907. JORDAN & SNYDER (1903). A Review of the Discobolous Fishes of 
Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXIV, 343-51. (Feb. 10, 1902.) 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Crystallias Jordan & Snyder, 349; orthotype C. matsushim.e Jordan & Snyder. 

1908. JORDAN & SNYDER (1902). A Review of the Trachinoid Fishes and 
Their Supposed Allies found in the Waters of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 
XXIV, 461-497. (Mar. 28, 1902.) 

David Starr Jordan ; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Pteropsaron Jordan & Snyder, 470 ; orthotype P. evolans Jordan & Snyder. 
Ariscopus Jordan & Snyder, 479; orthotype A. iburius Jordan & Snyder. 
Stalix Jordan & Snyder, 495 ; orthotype S. histrio Jordan & Snyder. ^ 

1909. JORDAN & SNYDER (1902). A Review of the Labroid Fishes and Re- 
lated Forms found in the Waters of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXV, 
595-662. (May 2, 1902.) 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Verreo Jordan & Snyder, 619 ; orthotype Cossyphus oxycephalus Blkr. 
Ampheces Jordan & Snyder, 628; orthotype Anampses geographicus Cuv. & Val. 

1910. JORDAN & SNYDER (1902). Description of Tzvo New Species of 
Squaloid Sharks from Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXV, 79-81. (Sept. 2, 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Deania Jordan & Snyder, 80; orthotype D. eglantina Jordan & Snyder, regarded 
by Garman as a synonym of Acanthidium Lowe, but the logotype of that 
genus, as first restricted is an Etmopterus. Not Deanea, 1875. a genus of 
Protozoa, the name of the fish genus of different origin, being dedicated to 
Bashford Dean. 

1911. JORDAN & SNYDER (1902). A Review of the Blennioid Fishes of Japan. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXV, 441-504. (Sept. 26, 1902.) 

David Starr Jordan ; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Zacalles Jordan & Snyder, 448 ; orthotype Z. bryope Jordan & Snyder ; name pre- 
occupied, replaced by Calliblennius Barbour. 
Azuma Jordan & Snyder, 463; orthotype A. emmnion Jordan & Snj'der. 
Zoarchias Jordan & Snyder, 480; orthotype Z. veneficus Jordan & Snyder. 
Abryois Jordan & Snyder, 486; orthotype A. azum^ Jordan & Snyder. 

1912. JORDAN & SNYDER (1902). On Certain Species of Fishes Confused with 
Bryostemma polyactocephalum. Proc. Nat. Mus., XXV. (Nov. 5, 1902.) 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Bryolophus Jordan & Snyder, 618; orthotype B. lysimus Jordan & Snyder. 

1913. JORDAN & STARKS (1902). A Reznezv of the Hemibranchiate Fishes of 
Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVI. 57-73. (Dec. 2, 1902.) 

David Starr Jordan; Edwin Chapin Starks. 
.ffioliscus Jordan & Starks. 71 ; orthotype Amphisile strigata Gthr. 


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Cretaceous). Contr. Canad. Pal., Ill, 25-81. 

Lawrence M. Lambe. 
Diphyodus Lambe, 30; orthotype D. longirostris Lambe (fossil). 

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Seth Eugene Meek. 
Zoogoneticus Meek, 91 ; logotype Z. diazi Meek. 

Chapalichthys Meek, 97; orthotype Characodon encaustus Jordan & Snyder. 
Skiffia Meek, 102 ; orthotype S. lerm.e Meek. 

Melaniris Meek, 117; orthotype M. balsanus Meek. A synonym of Thyrina Jor- 
dan & Culver. 

1916. POPTA (1902). Notes from the Leyden Museum. 

Canna M. L. Popta. 
Paracrossochilus Popta, 200; orthotype P. bicornis Popta = Crossochilus vittatus 

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Agric., Rio de Janeiro. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Platycephalus Ribeiro, 7; type Sci^na undecimalis Bloch. A preoccupied name 
substituted for Centropomus Lac. "in accordance with the laws of priority." 

1918. ROHON (1902). Beitrdge sur Anatomie und Histologie der Psammosteiden. 
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Josef Victor Rohon. 
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Hugh McCormick Smith (1865- ). 
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Hugh McCormick Smith. 
Eulophias Smith, 93 ; ortliotype E. tanneri Smith. 

1921. STEINDACHNER (1902). Ueber zivci ncue Fischarten aus dcm Rothcn 
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Franz Steindachner. 
Beanea Steindachner, 337; orthotype B. trivittata Steind. 

1922. VAILLANT (1902). Resultats zoologiqites dc I' expedition scicntifique Neer- 
landaise au Borneo central. Notes Leyden Mus., XXIV, 1-166. 

Leon Vaillant. 
Pseudolais Vaillant, 51 ; orthotype P. tetranema Vaillant. 
Sosia Vaillant. 81 ; orthotype S. cham^eleon Vaillant. 
Gyrinochilus Vaillant, 107 ; orthotype G. pustulosus Vaillant. 
Parhomaloptera Vaillant, 129 ; orthotype P. obscura Vaillant. 
Ellopostoma Vaillant, 145 ; orthotype Aperioptus megalomycter Vaillant. 

WAiTE, 1902 501 

1923. WIAITE (1902). Notes on Fishes from Western Australia. Rec. Austral. 
Mus., IV, 179-194. 

Edgar Ravenswood Waite (1866- ). 
Hypnarce Waite, 180; orthotype Hypnos subnigrum Dumeril. Substitute for 

Hypnos Dumeril, preoccupied. 
Gilbertella Waite, 182; orthotype Serranus armatus Castelnau. A synonym of 

Epinephelides Ogilby. 

1924. WEBER (1902). Siboga Expeditie. Introduction et description de V Expe- 
dition. Leiden, 1902, 159 pp. 

Max (Carl Wilhelm) Weber (1852- ). 
Photoblepharon Weber, 108; orthotype Sparus palpebratus Boddaert. 

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Edgar D. Wellburn. 
Marsdenius Wellburn, 466; orthotype M. summiti Wellburn (fossil Diplacanthid : 

1926-1927. WOODWARD (1902). The Fossil Fishes of the English Chalk. I. 
Palseontogr. Soc, 1902, 1-56. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Trachichthyoides Woodward, 29; orthotype T. ornatus Woodw. (fossil). 


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Lew Semenowitch Berg. 
Baicalocottus Berg, 100; orthotype Corrus grewingki Dybowski. A synonym of 

Cottocomephorus Pellegrin. 
Batrachocottus Berg, 109; orthotype Cottus baikalensis Dybowski. 

1929. BOULENGER (1903). On the Fishes Collected by Mr. G. L. Bates in 
Southern Cameroon. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1903, I, 21-29. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Microsynodontis Boulenger, 26; orthotype M. batesii Boulenger. 

1930. BOULENGER (1903). Descriptions of Tzvo New Deep-Sea Fishes from 
South Africa. Rept. Govt. Biologist Cape of Good Hope, 66-68. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Tripterophycis Boulenger, 66 ; orthotype T. gilchristi Boulenger. 

1931. EIGENMANN (1903). The Fresh^Water Fishes of Western Cuba. Bull. 
U. S. Fish Comm. for 1902, 211-236 (1903). 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Toxus Eigenmann, 226; orthotype T. riddlei Eigenmann. 

1932. EIGENMANN (1903). New Genera of South American Fresh-Water 
Fishes and New Names for Old Genera. Smithson. Collec. XLV, 114-148. 
(Dec. 19, 1903.) 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 


Lahiliella Eigenmann, 144; orthotype Anastomus nasutus Kner. 

Anisistia Eigenmann, 144; orthotype Anodus notatus Schomburgk. 

Holoshesthes Eigenmann, 144; orthotype Chirodon pequira Steind. Later cor- 
rected to HoLESTHES, but the first spelling should apparently hold. 

Moenkhausia Eigenmann, 145 ; orthotype Tetragonopterus xinguensis Steind. 

Markiana Eigenmann, 145 ; orthotype Tetragonopterus nigripinnis Perugia. 

Othonophanes Eigenmann, 145 ; orthotype Brycon labiatus Eigenmann. Misprint- 
ed Orthophanes in the Zoological Record ; also misprinted as Orthonophanes. 

Holoprion Eigenmann, 145 ; orthotype Chirodon agassizi Steind. A synonym of 
Aphyocharax Gthr. 

Holopristis Eigenmann, 145 ; orthotype Tetragonopterus ocellifer Steind. 

Stichonodon Eigenmann, 145; orthotype Luetkenia insignis Steind. Substi- 
tute for Luetkenia Steind., preoccupied. 

Bryconodon Eigenmann, 146 ; orthotype Brycon orthot^nia Gthr. 

Acestrorhynchus Eigenmann, 146; orthotype Salmo falcatus Bloch. A substitute 
for XiPHORHYNCHUS Ag. and Xiphorhamphus M. & T., both names pre- 

Acestrorhamphus Eigenmann, 146; orthotype Hydrocyon hepsetus Cuv. 

Acestrocephalus Eigenmann, 146; orthotype Xiphorhamphus anomalus Steind. 

Evermannella Eigenmann, 146; orthotype Cynopotamus biserialis Carman. Name 
preoccupied ; replaced by Eucynopotamus Fowler, 1904. 

Gilbertella Eigenmann, 147 ; orthotype Anacyrtus alatus Steind,, preoccupied 
by Waite, 1902; replaced by Cilbertolus Eigenmann & Ogle. 

Myleocollops Eigenmann, 147 ; orthotype Metynnis goeldii Eigenmann. 

Acnodon Eigenmann, 147; orthotype Myleus oligacanthus M. & T. 

Boulengerella Eigenmann, 147 ; orthotype Xiphostoma lateristriga Boulenger. 

Mylossoma Eigenmann, 148 ; orthotype Myletes albiscopus Cope. 

Colossoma Eigenmann, 148 ; orthotype Myletes oculus Cope. 

Orthomyleus Eigenmann. 148; orthotype Myletes ellipticus Gthr. 

Piaractus Eigenmann, 148; orthotype Myletes brachypomus Cuv. 

1933. EIGENMANN & KENNEDY (1903). On a Collection of Fishes from Para- 
guay, with a Synopsis of the American Genera of Cichlids. Proc. Acad. Nat. 
Sci. Phila., 1903, 497-537. (Sept. 4, 1903.) 

Carl H. Eigenmann ; Clarence Hamilton Kennedy. 
Biotaecus Eigenmann & Kennedy, 533 ; orthotype Saraca opercularis Steind. A 

substitute for Saraca Steind., said to be preoccupied. 
Biotodoma Eigenmann & Kennedy, 533 ; orthotype B. trifasciatus Eigenmann & 


1934. FOWLER (1903). Descriptions of Several Fishes from Zanzibar Island, 
Two of Which Are Nezv. Proc. Acad. Sci. Phila.. LV, 161-176. (Tune 4. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Graviceps Fowler, 170; orthotype Petroscirtes elegans Steind. 

1935. FOWLER (1903). New and Little Knozvn Miigilidcc and Sphyrccnidct. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila.. 1903, 743-752. (Dec. 16, 1903.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
CEdalechilus Fowler, 748; orthotype Agonostoma monticola (Griffith). 
Agriosphyraena Fowler, 749; orthotype Sphyr^na barracuda Walbaum. 

FOWLER, 1903 503 

1936. FOWLER (1903). Descriptions of New, Little Known, and Typical Atheri- 
nidcE. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila.. 1903. 727-742. (Dec. 16, 1903.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Atherinomorus Fowler, 730; orthotype Atherina laticeps Foey. A synonym of 

Hepsetia Bon. 
Ischnomembras Fowler, 730; orthotype I. gabunensis Fowler. A synonym of 

AIenidia Bon. 
Phoxargyrea Fowler, 732 ; orthotype P. dayi Fowler. Apparently a synonym of 

Menidia Bon. 

1937. GILL (1903). Note on the Fish Genera Named Macrodon. Proc. U. S. Mus., 
XXVI, 1015-1016 

Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Hoplias Gill, 1016; orthotype Macrodon 'tareira Miiller. A substitute for Macro- 
don Miiller, preoccupied. 

1938. GILCHRIST (1903). Descriptions of New South African Fishes. Marine 
Invest. S. Africa, 11,203-211. 

J. D. F. Gilchrist. 
Cyttosoma Gilchrist, 113; orthotype C. eoops Gilchrist. 
Trachichthodes Gilchrist, 203 ; orthotype Beryx affinis Gthr. Replaces Austro- 

beryx McCulIoch. 
Lasmonemodus Gilchrist, 208; orthotype L. compressicauda Gilchrist. 
Selachophidium Gilchrist, 209; orthotype S. guentheri Gilchrist. 

1939. HAY (1903). On a Collection of Upper Cretaceous Fishes from the Mount 
Lebanon, Syria, with Descriptions of Four New Genera and Nineteen New 
Species. Bull. Amer. Mus., XIX, 395-452. 

Oliver Perry Hay. 
Stenopropoma Hay, 407; orthotype S. hamata Hay (fossil) (Belonorhynchid^). 
Eubiodectes Hay, 415; orthotype Chirocentrites libanicus Pictet & Humbert 

( fossil). 
Anguillavus Hay, 436; orthotype A. quadripinnis Hay (fossil eel). 
Enchelion Hay, 441; orthotype E. montium Hay (fossil). 

1940. HELLER & SNODGRASS (1903). Papers from the Hopkins-Stanford 
Galapagos Expedition, 1898-1899. XV. New Fishes. Proc. Washington 
Acad., V, 189-229. 

Edmund Heller (1875- ) ; Robert Evans Snodgrass (1875- ). 
Evolantia Heller & Snodgrass, 189 ; orthotype Exoccetus micropterus Cuv. & Val. 
Galeagra Heller & Snodgrass, 193; orthotype G. pammelas Heller & Snodgrass. 
Nexilosus Heller & Snodgrass, 204; orthotype N. albemarleus Heller & Snodgras. 
Petrotyx Heller & Snodgrass, 222; orthotype P. hopkinsi Heller & Snodgrass. 
Eutyx Heller & Snodgrass, 224; orthotype E. diagrammus Heller & Snodgrass. 
Allector Heller & Snodgrass, 228; orthotype A. cheloni.^ Heller & Snodgrass. 

1941. JAEKEL (1903). Ueber die Epiphyse und Hypophyse. SB. Ges. Naturf. 
Berlin, 1903, 27-58. 

Otto Jaekel. 
Pachyosteus Jaekel, 39; orthotype P. bulla Jaekel (fossil). 

1942. JAEKEL (1903). Ueber Ramphodiis . . . einen neucn dcvonischcn 
Holocephalen von Wildungen. Sitzb. Ges. Naturf. Freunde. Berlin, 383-393. 

Otto Jaekel. 


Ramphodus Jaekel, 383 ; orthotype Name preoccupied 

as Rhamphodus. A synonym of Rhynchodus. 

1943. JENKINS (1903). Report on the Collection of Fishes Made in the Ha- 
waiian Islands, with Descriptions of New Species. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm., 
XXII, for 1902, 415-516. (Sept. 23, 1903.) 

Oliver Peebles Jenkins. 
Cirrhitoidea Jenkins, 489; orthotype C. bimacula Jenkins. 
Chlamydes Jenkins, 503; orthotype C. laticeps Jenkins. 
Eviota Jenkins, 542 ; orthotype E. epiphanes Jenkins. 

1944. JORDAN (1903). Supplementary Note on Bleekeria mitsukurii and on Cer- 
tain Japanese Fishes. Prac. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVI, 693-696. (Apr. 9, 1903.) 

David Starr Jordan. 

Embolichthys Jordan, 693 ; orthotype Bleekeria mitsukurii J. & E. 

Zen Jordan, 694; orthotype Cyttopsis itea Jordan & Fowler. 

Chasmichthys Jordan, 696; orthotype Chasmias misakius Jordan & Snyder. Sub- 
stitute for Saccostoma Sauvage and for Chasmias Jordan & Snyder, both 
names preoccupied. 

1945. JORDAN (1903). Generic Names of Fishes (correspondence). Amer. Nat., 
XXXVII, 360. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Falcularius Jordan & Snyder, 360; orthotype Falcula chapal.^ Jordan & Snyder. 

Name a substitute for Falcula Jordan & Snyder, preoccupied. 
Xeneretmus (Gilbert) Jordan, 360; orthotype Xenochirus triacanthus Gilbert. 

Name a substitute for Xenochirus Gilbert, preoccupied. 

1946. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1903). Descriptions of New Genera and Species 
of Fishes from the Hazmiian Islands. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm. for 1902, XXII, 
161-208. (Apr. 11, 1903.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Barton Warren Evermann. 
Fowleria Jordan & Evermann, 180 ; orthotype Apogon auritus Blkr. 
Bowersia Jordan & Evermann, 182; orthotype B. violescens J. & E. 
Verriculus Jordan & Evermann. 191 ; orthotype V. sanguineus J. & E. 
Quisquilius Jordan & Evermann, 203 ; orthotype Q. eugenius J. & E. 
Vitraria Jordan & Evermann, 205 ; orthotype V. clarescens J. & E. 
Osurus Jordan & Evermann, 206; orthotype Parapercis schauinsl-^ndi Steind. 

1947. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1903). Description of a New Genus and Two 
New Species of Fishes from the Hawaiian Islands. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm., 
XXII, for 1902, 209-210. (April 11, 1903.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Barton Warren Evermann. 
Iracundus Jordan & Evermann, 209; orthotype I. signifer J. & E. 

1948. JORDAN & FOWLER (1903). A Review of the Elasmobranchiate Fishes 
of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVI, 593-674. (March 30, 1903.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Henry Weed Fowler. 
Zameus Jordan & Fowler, 632; orthotype Centrophorus squamulosus Gthr. A 
synonym of Scymnodon Bocage & Capello. 

1949. JORDAN & FOWLER (1903). A Review of the Cohitidce, or Loaches, of 
the Rivers of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVI, 765-774. (April 3, 1903.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Henry Weed Fowler. 

JORDAN & FOWLER, 1903 505 

Elxis Jordan & Fowler, 768 ; orthotype E. nikkonis Jordan & Fowler. A synonym 

of Lefua Herzenstein. 
Orthrias Jordan & Fowler, 769; orthotype O. oreas Jordan & Fowler. A synonym 

of Oreias Sauvage and probably also of Barbatula Linck. 

1950. JORDAN & FOWLER (1903). A Review of the Dragonets (CaHionymidce) 
and Related Fishes of the Waters of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXV, 
939-959. (May 3, 1903.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Henry Weed Fowler. 
Draconetta Jordan & Fowler, 939; orthotype D. xenica Jordan & Fowler. 
Calliurichthys Jordan & Fowler, 941 ; orthotype Callionymus japonicus Houttuyn. 

1951. JORDAN & FOWLER (1903). A Review of the Cyprinoid Fishes of Japan. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVI, 811-862. (July 6, 1903.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Henry Weed Fowler. 
Abbottina Jordan & Fowler, 835; orthotype A. psegma Jordan & Fowler. 
Zezera Jordan & Fowler, 837; orthotype Sarcochilichthys hilgendorfi Ishikawa. 
Biwia Jordan & Fowler, 838; orthotype Pseudogobio zezera Ishikawa. 

1952. JORDAN & FOWLER (1903). A Review of the Siluroid Fishes, or Cat- 
fishes of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVI, 897-911. (July 7, 1903.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Henry Weed Fowler. 
Fluvidraco Jordan & Fowler, 904; orthotype Pseudobagrus ransonneti Steind. 

1953. LAHILLE (1903). Nota sobre un genera nuevo de Esvombrido. An. Mus. 
Buenos Aires (3), II, 1903, 375-376. 

Fern.vndo Lahille. 
Chenogaster Lahille, 375 ; orthotype C. holmbergi Lahille. 

1954. REGAN (1903). On a Collection of Fishes Made by Dr. Goeldi at Rio 
Janeiro. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1903, 59-68. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Mylacrodon Regan, 62 ; orthotype M. goeldii Regan. 

1955. REGAN (1903). A Revision of the Fishes of the Family Lophiida:. Ann. 
Mag. Nat. Hist., XL 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Chirolophius Regan, 279; orthotype Lophius naresi Gthr. A synonym of Lophi- 
odes G. & B. (1895). 

1956. REGAN (1903). On the Systematic Position and Classification of the 
Gadoid or Anacanthine Fishes. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), XI, 459-466. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Gadomus Regan. 459; orthotype Bathygadus longifilis G. & B. 
Melanobranchus Regan, 459; orthotype Bathygadus melanobr.\nchus Vaillant. 

1957. REGAN (1903). On the Genus Lichia of Cuvier. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), 
XII. 348-350. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Campogramma Regan. 350; orthotype Lichia vadigo Risso. A synonym of Hypa- 
canthus Raf. 

1958. REGAN (1903). On a Collection of Fishes from the Asores^. Ann. Mag. 
Nat. Hist., XII. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Macristium Regan, 345 ; orthotype M. chavesi Regan. 


1959. REGAN (1903). Descriptions de poissons nouvcaux . . . Musee d'His- 
toire Naturelle de Geneve. Revue Suisse Zool. Geneve. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Bedotia Regan, 416; orthotype B. madagascariensis Regan. 

1960. RIBEIRO (1903). Pescados do "Annie." Bol. Soc. Nat. Agric. Rio de 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Pseudopercis Ribeiro, 4; orthotype P. numida Ribeiro. 

1961. SAUVAGE (1903). Noticia sobre las Feces de la Caliza litografica dc la 
Provincia de Lerida (Cataluna). Mem. Ac. Barcel. (3), IV, No. 35, 1-32. 

Henri Emile Sauvage. 
Vidalia Sauvage, 15; orthotype V. catalunica Sauvage (fossil). 

1962. SCHMIDT (1903). Faune de la Mer Ochotsk et du Japan. 

Petr Yulievich Schmidt. 
Cynopsetta Schmidt, 19; orthotype C dubia Schmidt, name only; defined by Jordan 
& Starks, 1906. 

1963. STEINDACHNER (1903). Ueber einige neue Reptilien mid Fischarten des 
Hofmuseums in IVien. Sitzb. Ak. Wien, CXII, 15-21. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Gymnocharacinus Steindachner, 20; orthotype G. bergii Steind. 

1964. TRAQUAIR (1903). The Lower Devonian Fishes of Gemiinden. Trans. 
Roy. Soc. Edinb., XL, 723-739. 

Ramsay Heatley Traquair. 
Gemundina Traquair, 734; orthotype G. sturtzi Traquair (fossil). 
Hunsruckia Traquair, 736; orthotype H. problem atica Traquair (fossil). 

1965. VOLZ (1903). Fische von Sumatra. Zool. Anz., XXVI, 553-559. 

Walter Volz. 
Trypauchenopsis Volz, 555 ; orthotype T. intermedius Volz. 

1966. WAITE (1903). New Records of Recurrences of Rare Fishes from East- 
ern Australia. Rec. Austr. Mus.. V. 56-61. 

Edgar Ravensw^ood Waite. 
Prosoplismus Waite, 59; orthotype Histiopterus recurvirostris Rich. A synonym 
of Pentaceropsis Steindachner & Doderlein, noted by Waite, Ann. Mag. Nat. 
Hist., XII, 288. 


1967. BOULENGER (1904). Description of New West African Fresh-Water 
Fishes. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), XIV. 16-20. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Procatopus Boulenger, 20; orthotype P. notot^nia Boulenger. 

1968. DEAN (1904). Notes on Japanese Myxinoids. A New Genus Paramyxinc 
and a New Species Homea okinoseana. Journ. Coll. Sci. Tokyo, XIX, No. 2, 

Bashford Dean (1867- ). 
Paratnyxine Dean, 14; orthotype P. atami Dean. 

DOLLo, 1904 507 

1969. DOLLO (1904). Resultats du voyage du S. Y. Belgica. Expedition Ant- 
arctique Beige. Anvers. 

Louis Dollo. 
Copeichthys Dollo, 159; orthotype Diplomystus dentatus Cope (fossil). Substi- 
tute for Diplomystus Cope (1877). regarded as preoccupied by Diplomystes 
Gthr. (1864). 

1970. EASTMAN (1904). Description of Bolca Fishes. Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. 
Harvard, XLVI, 1-36. 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Histionotopterus Eastman, 32; orthotype Histiocephalus bassani Zigno (fos- 
sil, Monte Bolca). A substitute for Histiocephalus Zigno, preoccupied in 

1971. FOWLER (1904). Description of a New Lantern Fish. Proc. Acad. Nat. 
Sci. Phila. for 1903, 754-755. (Jan. 15, 1904.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Centrobranchus Fowler, 754; orthotype C. chcerocephalus Fowler. 

1972. FOWLER (1904). Note on the Characinidce. Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci. Phila., 
LIIL (Jan., 1904.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Eucynopotamus Fowler, 119; orthotype Cynopotamus biserialis Carman. A sub- 
stitute for Evermannella Eigenmann, preoccupied by Evermanella Fowler, 

1973. FOWLER (1904). New, Little Known, and Typical Berycoid Fishes. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LV, 222-238. (Apr. 7, 1904.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Sargocentron Fowler, 235 ; orthotype Holocentrum leo Cuv. 

1974. FOWLER (1904). Notes on Fishes from Arkansas, Indian Territory, and 
Texas. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LV, 242-249. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Paranotropis Fowler, 245 ; orthotype Photogenis scabriceps Cope. A substitute for 
Episema Cope & Jordan, preoccupied. 

1975. FOWLER (1904). A Collection of Fishes frotn Sumatra. Journ. Ac. Nat. 
Sci. Phila. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 

Rastrum Fowler, 509; orthotype Alepes scitula Fowler. 

Boulengerina Fowler, 512; orthotype Dules t.«:niurus Cuv. & Val. Name preoccu- 
pied in snakes, Dollo, 1886; replaced by Safole Jordan, 1912. 

Equulites Fowler, 513 ; orthotype Leiognathus vermiculatus Fowler. 

Eubleekeria Fowler, 516; orthotype Equula splendens Cuv. 

Deveximentum Fowler, 517 ; orthotype Zeus insidiator Bloch. A synonym of 
Secutor Gistel. 

.ffithaloperca Fowler, 522 ; orthotype Perca rogaa Forskal. 

Bennettia Fowler, 524; orthotype Anthias johni Bloch. 

Parkia Fowler, 525 ; orthotype Lutjanus furvicaudatus Fowler. 

Anemura Fowler, 527 ; orthotype Dentex notatus Day. 

Odontoglyphis Fowler, 527; orthotype Dentex tolu Fowler. 

Euthyopteroma Fowler, 527; orthotype Dentex blochi BIkr. (= Sparus japonicus 


Eutherapon Fowler, 527; orthotype Therapon theraps Cuv. 

Euelatichtliys Fowler, 527; orthotype Diagramma affine Gthr. 

Spilotichthys Fowler, 528 ; orthotype Holocentrus radjabau Lac. 

Lethrinella Fowler, 529; orthotype Sparus miniatus Fowler. 

Pertica Fowler, 530; orthotype Gerres filamentosus Cuv. & Val. A synonym of 

Gerres Cuv. (Xyst^ma J. & E.), as restricted. 
Actinicola Fowler, 533 ; orthotype Lutjanus percula Lac. 
Octocynodon Fowler, 535; orthotype Julius miniatus Cuv. & Val. 
Grammoplites Fowler, 550; orthotype Cottus scaber L. 

1976. GILBERT & STARKS (1904). The Fishes of Panama Bay. Mem. Calif. 
Ac, IV, 1-304. 

Charles Henry Gilbert; Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Guentheridia Gilbert & Starks, 158; orthotype Tetraodon formosus Gthr. 

1977. GILCHRIST (1904). Descriptions of New South African Fishes. Mar. 
Invest. S. Africa, III, 1-16. 

J. D. F. Gilchrist. 
Cyttosoma Gilchrist, 6; orthotype C. boops Gilchrist. 

1978. GILL (1904). Extinct Pediculate and Other Fishes. Science (2), XX, 

Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Bradyunis Gill, 846; orthotype Symphodus szajnoch^ Zigno (fossil). 

1979. HILGENDORF (1904). Ein neuer Scyllium artiger Haifisch. Proscyllium 
habereri, . . . von Formosa. Sitzber. Ges. Naturf. Berlin, 1904, 39-41. 

Franz Martin Hilgendorf. 
Proscyllium Hilgendorf, 39; orthotype P. habereri Hilgendorf. 

1980. JORDAN (1904). Notes on Fishes Collected in the Tortugas Archipelago. 
Bull. U. S. Fish. Comm., XXII, 539-544. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Elacatinus Jordan, 542; orthotype E. oceanops Jordan. 
Acteis Jordan, 543 ; ortliotype Malococtenus moorei Evermann & Marsh. 
Ericteis Jordan, 543 ; orthotype E. kalisher^ Jordan. 

1981. JORDAN & SNYDER (1904). Notes on the Collection of Fishes from 
Oahu Island and Laysan Island, Hawaii, zvith Descriptions of Four New 
Species. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVII, 939-948. (June 2, 1904.) 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Ariomma Jordan & Snyder, 942 ; orthotype A. lurida Jordan & Snyder. 

1982. JORDAN & SNYDER (1904). On a Collection of Fishes Made by Mr. Alan 
Owston in the Deep Waters of Japan. Smithson. Collect., I, 230-240. 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Trismegistus Jordan & Snyder, 238; orthotype T. owstoni Jordan & Snyder. A 
giant Li PARIS. 

1983. JORDAN & STARKS (1904). List of Fishes Dredged by the Steamer 
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David Starr Jordan ; Edwin Chapin Starks. 

JORDAN & STARKS, 1904 509 

Osopsaron Jordan & Starks, 600; orthotype Pteropsaron verecundum Jordan & 

Regania Jordan & Gilbert, 604 ; orthotype R. nipponica J. & G. 
Nezumia Jordan & Gilbert, 620; orthotype N. condylura J. & G. 
Cleisthenes Jordan & Starks, 622; orthotype C. pinetorum Jordan & Starks. 
Alasops Jordan & Starks, 623 ; orthotype A. plinthus Jordan & Starks. 
Dexistes Jordan & Starks, 624; orthotype D. rikuzenius Jordan & Starks. 
Araias Jordan & Starks, 624; orthotype A. ariommus Jordan & Starks. the young of 

Dexistes rikuzenius Jordan & Starks. A synonym of Dexistes Jordan & 

Veraequa Jordan & Starks, 625; orthotype V. achne Jordan & Starks. 

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D.wiD -Starr Jordan; Edwin Chapin St.\rks. 

Thysanichthys Jordan & Starks, 122 ; orthotj'pe T. crossotus Jordan & Starks. 

Sebastiscus Jordan & Starks, 124; orthotype Sebastes marmoratus Cuv. & Val. 

Lythrichthys Jordan & Starks, 140; orthotype L. eulabes Jordan & Starks. 

Ebosia Jordan & Starks, 145 ; orthotype Pterois bleekeri Steind. 

Decterias Jordan & Starks, 154; orthotype Hindus pusillus T. & S. 

Erosa (Swainson) Jordan & Starks, 156; orthotype Synanceia erosa (Langsdorf) 
Cuv. & Val. 

Inimicus Jordan & Starks, 158; orthotype Pelor japonicum Cuv. & Val. A substi- 
tute for Pelor Cuv., preoccupied. 

Ocosia Jordan & Starks. 162; orthotype O. vespa Jordan & Starks. 

Erisphex Jordan &• Starks, 170; orthot\'pe Cocotropus pottii Steind. 

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David Starr Jordan ; Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Stlengis Jordan & Starks, 236; orthotype S. osensis Jordan & Starks. 
Schmidtia Jordan & Starks, 237; orthotype S. misAkia Jordan & Starks. Name 

preoccupied and changed to Schmidtina, p. 961. 
Daruma Jordan & Starks, 241 ; orthotype D. sagamia Jordan & Starks. 
Ricuzenius Jordan & Starks, 242; orthotype R. pinetorum Jordan & Starks. 
Rheopresbe Jordan & Starks, 270; orthotype R. Fujiyama Jordan & Starks. 
Ainocottus Jordan & Starks, 283 ; orthotype A. ensiger Jordan & Starks. 
Crossias Jordan & Starks, 296; orthotype C. allisi Jordan & Starks. 
Cottiusculus (Schmidt) Jordan & Starks, 298; orthotype C. gonez Schmidt. 
Elaphichthys Jordan & Starks, 301 ; orthotype Centridermichthys elong.\tus 

Alcichthys Jordan & Starks, 301 ; orthotype Centridermichthys alcicornis Herzen- 

Furcina Jordan & Starks, 303 ; orthotype F. ishikaw^ Jordan & Starks. 
Ocynectes Jordan & Starks, 306 ; orthotype O. maschalis Jordan & Starks. 
Bero Jordan & Starks, 317; orthotype Centridermichthys elegans Steind. 
Vellitor Jordan & Starks, 318; orthotype Podabrus centropomus Rich. Substitute 

for Podabrus Rich., preoccupied. 

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David Starr Jordan ; Edwin Chapin St.\rks. 


Schmidtina Jordan & Starks, 961; orthotype Schmidtia misakia Jordan & Starks. 
Substitute for Schmidtia Jordan & Starks, preoccupied. 

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Seth Eugene Meek (1858-1912). 
Cynodonichthys Meek, 101 ; orthotype C. tenuis Meek. 
Paragambusia Meek, 133 ; orthotype Gambusia nicaraguensis Gthr. 
Thorichthys Meek, 222; orthotype T. ellioti Meek. 

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Aleksandr Mikhailovich Nikolskii. 
Ussuria Nikolskii, 362; orthotype U. leptocephala Nikolskii. Apparently a syno- 
nym of MiSGURNUs Lac. 

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James Douglas Ogilby. 
Daia Ogilby, 9; orthotype Centropogon indicus Day. Perhaps a synonym of 

Hypodytes Gistel ( Paracentropogon Blkr.). 
Notesthes Ogilby, 17; orthotype Centropogon robustus Gthr. 
Liocranium Ogilby, 23; orthotype L. pr^positum Ogilby. 

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Jacques Pellegrin. 
Astatheros Pellegrin, 203 ; orthotype Heros heterodontus Vaillant & Pellegrin. 
Astatoreochromis Pellegrin, 384 ; orthotype A. alluaudi Pellegrin. 
Nanochromis Pellegrin, 273 ; orthotype Pseudoplesiops nudiceps Boulenger, Sub- 
stitute for Pseudoplesiops Boulenger, preoccupied. 
Lepidolamprologus Pellegrin, 295 ; orthotype Lamprologus elongatus Boulenger. 
Astatotilapia Pellegrin, 299; orthotype Tilapia desfontainesi Lac. 
Boulengerochromis Pellegrin, 304; orthotype Tilapia microlepis Boulenger. 
Ophthalmotilapia Pellegrin, 345 ; orthotype Tilapia boops Boulenger. 

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Canna M. L. Popta. 
Neopangasius Popta, 180; orthotype N. nieuwenhuisii Popta. 
Paracrossocheilus Popta, 2(X); orthotype P. bicornis Popta. 

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Charles Tate Regan. 
Xenocara Regan, 251 ; orthotype Ch.etostomus latifrons Gthr. 

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Ghennadi Danilovich Romanovskii. 
Lyrolepis Romanovskii, 1; orthotype L. caucasicus Romanovskii (fossil). 

RUTTER, 1904 511 

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Cloudsley M. Rutter. 
Pycnomma Rutter, 252; orthotype P. semisquamata Rutter. 

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Petr Yulievich Schmidt. 
Cottiusculus Schmidt, 190; orthotype C. gonez Schmidt. First notice by Jordan & 

Starks, 1904. 
Tilesina Schmidt, 134; orthotype T. gibbosa Schmidt. . 
Krusensterniella Schmidt, 198; orthotype K. notabilis Schmidt. 
Hadropareia Schmidt, 205 ; orthotype H. middendorffi Schmidt. 
Protopsetta Schmidt, 230; orthotype Hippoglossoides herzensteini Schmidt. 
Acanthopsetta Schmidt, 237; orthotype A. nadeshnyi Schmidt. 

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Krambergeria Simionescu, 148; orthotype K. lanceolata Simionescu (fossil). 

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Hugh McCormick Smith. 
Thecopterus Smith. 163 ; orthotype T. aleuticus Smith. 

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Veternio Snyder, 516; orthotype V. verrens Snyder. 
Collybus Snyder, 525; orthotype C. drachme Snyder. 
Merinthe Snyder, 535 ; orthotype Sebastes macrocephalus Sauvage. 

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Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach (1871- ). 
Fajumia Stromer. 3; orthotype F. schweinfurthi Stromer (fossil). 
Socnopaea Stromer, 6; orthotype S. grandis Stromer (fossil). 

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Leon Vaillant. 
Luciocyprinus Vaillant, 299; orthotype L. langsoni Vaillant. 

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Edgar Ravenswood Waite. 
Xenogramma Waite, 157; orthotype X. carinatum Waite. 

Allogobius Waite, 176; orthotype A. viridis Waite. A synonym of Eviota Jenkins. 
Limnichthys Waite, 178; orthotype L. fasciatus Waite. 
Lepadichthys Waite, 180; orthotype L. frenatus Waite. 
Schizochirus Waite, 243 ; orthotype S. insolens Waite. 



2002. ANTiPA (1905). Clupeinen dcs Westlichen Teiles des Schwarzen Meeres 
und der D onaumundungen. Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Wien, LXVIII. 

Gregor Antipa. 
Sardina Antipa, 54; orthotype Clupea pilchardus L. A synonym of Sardinia Poey, 
the two names equally similar to the earlier Sardinius Von der Marck, a 
fossil sardine-like fish. For the genus typified by Clupea pilchardus the 
name Clupanodon Lac. has been used, but according to the present rules of 
nomenclature that name must stand for the Asiatic genus, Konosirus. 

2003. See Additions and Corrections, page 575. 

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Carl H. Eigenmann; D. P. Ward. 
Sternarchella Eigenmann & Ward, 163 ; orthotype Sternarchus schotti Steind. 
Sternarchorhamphus Eigenmann & Ward, 165 ; logotype Sternarchus mulleri 

Sternarchogiton Eigenmann & Ward, 165 ; orthotype Sternarchus nattereri 


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Stephen Alfred Forbes ; Robert Earl Richardson. 
Parascaphirhynchus Forbes & Richardson, 37 ; orthotype P. albus Forbes & Rich- 

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Henry Weed Fowler. 
Sierra Fowler, 766; orthotype Cybium cavalla Cuv. A subgenus under Scom- 

beromorus Lac. 
Lepturacanthus Fowler. 770; orthotype Trichiurus savala Cuv. 

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Henry Weed Fowler. 
Rhaphiolepis Fowler, 59; orthotype Chorinemus tol Cuv. 
Vexillicaranx Fowler, 76; orthotype Caranx africanus Steind. 
Elaphotoxon I'owler, 76 ; orthotype Scomber ruber Bloch. 

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Henry Weed Fowler. 
Pristiopsis Fowler, 459; orthotype Pristis perrotteti Muller & Henle (lower cau- 
dal lobe developed). 
Apodoglanis Fowler, 463 ; orthotype A. furnessi Fowler. 
Vaillantella Fowler, 474; orthotype Nemacheilus euepipterus Vaillant. 

GILBERT, 1905 513 

Homalopteroides Fowler, 476; orthotype Homaloptera vvassinkii Blkr. 
Labidorhamphus Fowler, 493 ; orthotype Hemirhamphus amblyurus Blkr. 
Pampus (Bonaparte) Fowler, 499; orthotype Stromateus cinereus Bloch. For- 
gotten name revived ; replaces Stromateoides Blkr. 
Gigantogobius Fowler, 511; orthotype G. jordani Fowler. 

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Sea Fishes. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm. for 1903, (Aug. 5, 1905.) 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Metopomycter Gilbert, 585 ; orthotype M. denticulatus Gilbert. 
Stemonidium Gilbert, 586; orthotype S. hypomelas Gilbert. 
Nematoprora Gilbert, 587 ; orthotype N. polygonifera Gilbert. 
Leptostomias Gilbert, 606; orthotype L. macronema Gilbert. 
Lestidium Gilbert, 607 ; orthotype N. nudum Gilbert. 
Hynnodus Gilbert, 617; orthotype H. atherinoides Gilbert. 
Grammatonotus Gilbert, 618; orthotype G. laysanus Gilbert. 
Stethopristes Gilbert, 622 ; orthotype S. eos Gilbert. 
Cyttomimus Gilbert, 623 ; orthotype C. stelgis Gilbert. 
Peloropsis Gilbert, 630; orthotype O. xenops Gilbert. 
Plectrogenium Gilbert, 634; orthotype P. nanum Gilbert. 
Snyderidia Gilbert, 634 ; orthotype S. canina Gilbert. 
Bembradium Gilbert, 637; orthotype B. roseum Gilbert. 
Chrionema Gilbert, 645 ; orthotype C. chryseres Gilbert. 
Jordanicus Gilbert, 656; orthotype Fierasper umbratilis J. & E. 
Tasniopsetta Gilbert, 680 ; orthotype T. radula Gilbert. 
Samariscus Gilbert, 682; orthotype S. corallinus Gilbert. 
Miopsaras Gilbert, 694 ; orthotype M. myops Gilbert. 

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Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVIII, 973-987. (Aug. 8, 1905.) 

Charles Henry Gilbert; Joseph C. Thompson. 
Stelgidonotus Gilbert & Thompson, 977 ; orthotype S. latifrons Gilbert & Thomp 

2012. GILL (1905). The Scorpccnoid Fish, Ncosebastes cnta.ris, as the Type of a 
Distinct Genus. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus. (February 15, 1905.) 

Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Sebastosemus Gill, 219; orthotype Neosebastes entaxis Jordan & Snyder. 

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Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVIII, 221-225. (Feb. 23, 1905.) 

Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Simopias Gill, 224; orthotype Pelor filamentosus Cuv. & Val. A substitute for 

Pelor Cuv., based on a section of the genus distinct from the type of Inimicus 

Jordan & Starks. 
Rhinopias Gill, 225 ; orthotype Scorp^na frondosa Gthr. 

2014. GILL (1905). On the Generic Characters of Prionotus Stearnsi. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus. (February 15. 1905.) 

Theodore Nicholas Gill. 
Colotrigla Gill. 339 ; orthotype Prionotus stearnsi Jordan & Swain. 
Fissala Gill, 342; orthotype Prionotus alatus G. & B. 


2015. GILL, (date not ascertained). Mancopsetta. 

Mancopsetta Gill, — ; orthotj'pe Lepidopsetta maculata Gthr. ; substitute for Lepi- 
DOPSETTA Gthr., preoccupied. (I am unable to place this genus.) 

2016. GILL & SMITH (1905). A New Family of Jugular Acanthopterygians 
(Caristiidce). Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., XVIII. 

Theodore Gill; Hugh McCormick Smith. 
Caristius Gill & Smith, 249; orthotype C. japonicus Gill & Smith. 

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tologique (Mission Foureau Lamy). Paris, fasc. 3, 1905, 751-832. 

Emile Haug. 
Platyspondylus Haug, 751; orthotype P. foureaui Haug (fossil). 

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Islands. I. The Shore Fishes. Bull. U. S. Fish Comm. for 1903. (July 29, 

David Starr Jordan ; Barton Warren Evermann. 
Kelloggella (Jordan & Scale) Jordan & Evermann, 488; orthotype K. cardinalis 

Jordan & Scale. More fully defined later in Fishes of Samoa. 
Exallias Jordan & Evermann, 503 ; orthotype Salarias brevis Kner. 

2019. JORDAN & SEALE (1905). List of Fishes Collected by Dr. Bashford Dean 
on the Island of Negros, Philippines. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXVIII, 

David Starr Jordan ; Alvin Seale. 
Eleria Jordan & Seale, 774; orthotype E. philippina Jordan & Seale. 
Foa Jordan & Seale, 779; orthotype F. fo Jordan & Seale. 
Drombus Jordan & Seale, 797 ; orthotype D. palackvi Jordan & Seale. 

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David Starr Jordan ; Edwin Chapin Starks. 

Longurio Jordan & Starks, 196; orthotype L. athymius Jordan & Starks. A syno- 
nym of Saurogobio Blkr. 

Fusania Jordan & Starks, 198; orthotype F. ensarca Jordan & Starks. A synonym 
of Aphyocypris Gthr. 

Coreius Jordan & Starks, 199; orthotype Labeo cetopsis Kner. 

Larimichthys Jordan & Starks, 204; orthotype L. rathbun^ Jordan & Starks. 

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David Starr Jordan ; Joseph C. Thompson. 
Etelides Jordan & Thompson, 241 ; orthotype Etelis aquilionaris G. & B. 
Execestides Jordan & Thompson, 253 ; orthotype E. egregius Jordan & Thompson. 

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Dragutin Gorjanovic Kramberger. 
Spaniolepis Kramberger, 216; orthotype S. ovalis Kramberger (fossil). 

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Maurice Leriche. 

LONNBERG, 1905 515 

Cristigorina Leriche, 80; orthotype C. crassa Leriche (fossil). 

Glyptorhynchus Leriche, 159; orthotype Ccelorhynchus rectus Ag. (fossil). Sub- 
stitute for Ccelorhynchus Ag., preoccupied. A synonym of Cylindracan- 
THus Leidy, 1856. 

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Axel Johan Ein.\r Lonnberg. 
Artedidraco Lonnberg, 39; orthotype A. mirus Lonnberg. 

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Dysalotus McGilchrist, 268; orthotype D. alcocki McGilchrist. 

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Jacques Pellegrin. 
Xenopomichthys Pellegrin, 145 ; orthotype X. auriculatus Pellegrin. 

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Zool. de France. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Astatochromis Pellegrin, 183 ; orthotype A. allaudi Pellegrin. 

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Canna M. L. Popta. 
Neogastromyzon Popta, 180; orthotype N. nieuwenhuisii Popta. 
Parophiocephalus Popta, 183 ; orthotype P. unimaculatus Popta. A synonym of 
Betta Blkr. 

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Charles Tate Regan. 
Parexostoma Regan, 182 ; logotype Exostoma stoliczk^ Day. 

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Cichlasoma and of the Allied Genera. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7). XV, 60-77; 
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Charles Tate Regan. 
Parapetenia Regan, 324 ; ortnotype Acara adspersa Gthr. 

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Genera Acara, Nannacara, Acaropsis, and Astronotus. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 
(7), XV, 329-427. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Nannacara Regan, 344 ; orthotype N. anomala Regan. 

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Charles Tate Regan. 
Gymnapogon Regan, 19; orthotype G. japonicus Regan. 


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V, 233-238. 

Hans Sauter. 
Ijimaia Sauter, 233 ; orthot3-pe I. dofleini Sauter. 

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Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach. 
Eopristis Stromer, 52; orthotype P. reinachi Stromer. 

2035. TOULA (1905). Ueber eineni dem Thunfische verwandten Raub-fish dcr 
Congerienschichten der Wiener Bucht. . . . Jahrb. Geol. Reichsanst. Wien., LV. 

Fr.^nz Tqula (1845- ). 
Pelamycybium Toula, 51; orthotype P. sinus-vindobonensis Toula (fossil). 

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Mus., VI, 1905, 55-82. 

Edgar Raven swood Waite. 
Neatypus Waite, 64; orthotype N. obliquus Waite. 
Bramichthys Waite, 72 ; orthotype B. woodwardi Waite. 
Dipulus Waite, 77 ; orthotype D. c^cus Waite. 


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Othenio Abel. 
Dollopterus Abel. 47; orthotype Dolichopterus volitans Compter (fossil). 
Gigantopterus Abel, 48; orthotype G. telleri Abel (fossil). 

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du Tcrtiairc de Patagonie, etc. Ann. Mus. Nat. Buenos Aires, XV. 

Florentino Ameghino. 
Pseudacrodus Ameghino, 176; orthotype P. patagoniensis Ameghino (fossil). 
Carcharioides Ameghino, 183; orthotype C. totuserratus Ameghino (fossil). 

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Lev^t Semenowitch Berg. 
Caspiomyzon Berg, 177; orthotype Petromyzon wagneri Kessler. 

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dcc und Comephorid(c) dcs Baikalsecs. Zool. Anz.. XXX, 1906, 906-911. 

Lew Semenov^'itch Berg. 
Asprocottus Berg, 907; orthotype A. herzensteini Berg. 
Abyssocottus Berg, 908 ; orthotype A. korotneffi Berg. 
Limnocottus Berg, 909; orthotype Cottus godlewskii Dybowski. 

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Tanganyika. Report on the Collection of Fishes Made by Dr. IV. A. Cun- 
nington during the Third Tanganyika Expedition, 1904-1905. Trans. Zool. 
Soc. London, XVII, 1906, 537-576. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Dinotopterus Boulenger, 550; orthotype D. cunningtoni Boulenger. 

BOULENGER, 1906 517 

Phyllonemus Bouleiiger, 552; orthotype P. typus Boulenger. 
Haplotaxodon Boulenger, 566; orthotype H. microlepis Boulenger. 
Cunningtonia Boulenger, 573 ; orthotype C. longiventralis Boulenger. 

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Degen in Lake Victoria. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XVII, 433-452. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Platyaeniodus Boulenger, 451 ; orthotype P. degeni Boulenger. 

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gebnisse der deutschen Tief see-Expedition) . Jena, 1906, 1-432. 

August Brauer. 
Stylophthalmus Brauer, 70; orthotype S. paradoxus Brauer. 
Oxyodon Brauer, 287; orthotype O. macrops Brauer. 
Bassobythites Brauer, 307; orthotype B. brunswigi Brauer. 

2044. EASTMAN (1906). Structure and Relations of Mylostoma. Bull. Mus. 
Comp. Zool., L, 1-29. (May, 1906.) 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Dinomylcstoma Eastman, 23; orthotype D. beecheri Eastman (fossil, teeth and 
body plates) : (mentioned earlier, February, 1906, in a paper on Arthrodires. 
Amer. Journ. Sci., XXI, 137). Arthrodira, Devonian. 

2045. EVERMANN & KENDALL (1906). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from 
Argentina, South America, with Descriptions of Three Nczv Species. Proc. 
U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXI, 67-108. (July 25, 1906.) 

Barton Warren Evermann ; William Converse Kendall. 
Odontesthes Evermann & Kendall, 94; orthotype O. perugi.e Evermann & Kendall. 

2046. FOWLER (1905). Some Cold-Bloodcd Vertebrates from the Florida Keys. 
Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LVIII. 77-113. (May 29, 1906.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Congrammus Fowler, 105 ; orthotype C. moorei Fowler. 

2047. FOWLER (1906). New, Rare, or Little Known Scombroids,. IIL Proo. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila.. LVIII, 114-122. (June 20, 1906.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 

Glaucus (Klein) Fowler, 116; orthotype Scomber amia L. Revived as reprinted 
by Walbaum, Artedi Piscium, III, 585, 1792, to replace Hypodis Raf., Hypa- 
cantha Raf., Lichia Cuv., and Porthmeus Cuv. & Val. This choice of type 
antedates that of Jordan & Hubbs, 1915. Scomber glaucus L., replacing C^si- 
morus Lac, the law of tautonomy would apply here, and the names of Klein, 
however reprinted, are not yet declared eligible. 

Pampanoa Fowler, 116; orthotype Ch.^todon glaucus Bloch. 

Pterorhombus Fowler, 118; orthotype Fiatola fasci.\ta Risso. 

Priacanthopsis Fowler, 122 ; orthotype Pempheris mulleri Poey. 

2048. FOWLER (1906). Further Knowledge of Some Hcterognathous Fishes. 
Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LVIII, I, 293-351. (Sept. 25, 1906.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
The numerous genera indicated in this paper have been critically reviewed 
by Dr. Carl H. Eigenmann. Amer. Nat. Dec, 1907. From this paper I draw 
the comments on the different genera proposed. 


Ophiocephalops Fowler, 293 ; orthotype Erythrinus unit^niatus Ag. A synonym 


Copeina Fowler, 294; orthotype Pyrrhulina argyrops Fowler. A substitute for 
HoLOTAxis of Eigenmann, not of Cope. 

Cyphocharax Fowler, 297; orthotype Curimatus spilurus Gthr. 

Steindachnerina Fowler, 298; orthotype Curim.\tus trachystethus Cope. Prob- 
ably a synonym of Curimata Walbaum (Curimatus Cuv.). 

Peltapleura Fowler, 300; orthotype Salmo cyprinoides L. A synonym of Curimata 

Eigenmannina Fowler, 307; orthotype Anodus melanopogon Cope. 

Chilomyzon Fowler, 309; orthotype Prochilodus steindachneri Fowler. A syno- 
nym of Prochilodus. 

Hemiodopsis Fowler, 318; orthotype Hemiodus microlepis Kner. 

Pithecocharax Fowler, 319; orthotype Salmo anostomus L. A substitute for 
Anostomus Cuv., regarded as preoccupied by Anastomus Bonnaterre, 1788. 
But Anostomus dates from Gronow (1763), revived by Scopoli (1777). 

Poecilosomatops Fowler, 323; orthotype Characidium etheostoma Cope. A syn- 
onym of Nanognathus Boulenger, a section of- Characidium. 

Garmanina Fowler, 326; orthotype Rhytodus argenteofuscus Kner. 

Abramites Fowler, 331 ; orthotype Leporinus hypselonotus Gthr. A synonym of 
Leporinus Cuv. & Val. 

2049. GARMAN (1906). New Plagiostomia. Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool.. Harvard 
Coll., XLVI, 201-208. 

Samuel Garman. 
Parmaturus Garman, 201 ; orthotype P. pilosus Garman. 

2050. GILCHRIST (1903). Descriptions of Fifteen New South African Fishes, 
zvith Notes on Other Species. Cape Town, Marine Investiga., IV, 1906, 

J. D. F. Gilchrist. 
Pseudocyttus Gilchrist, 152; orthotype P. maculatus Gilchrist. 
Neostomias Gilchrist, 168; orthotype N. filiferum Gilchrist. 

2051. GRACIANOV (1906). Ueher eine hesondere Gruppe der Rochen. Zool. 
Anz., XXX, 399^06. (Dec, 1906.) 

Valerian Gracianov (or Gratzianow). 
Brachioptera Gratzianow, 402; orthotype B. rhinoceros Gratzianow. 
Planerocephalus Gracianov, 403 ; orthotype P. ellioti Gracianov. 

2052. GRACIANOV (1906). Die Neunaugen des Russischen Reiches. Text in 
Russian. Moskv. Dnevn. zool. otd. obsc. Hub. jest., 3, 7-8, 1907, 18. 

Valerian Gracianov. 

Agnathomyzon Gracianov, 18; orthotype Petromyzon wagneri Kessler. A syno- 
nym of Caspiomyzon Berg (September. 1906). 

Haploglossa Gracianov, 18 ; orthotype A. caspicus Wagner = Petromyzon wagneri 
Kessler. A synonym of Caspiomyzon Berg. 

2053. JORDAN & SEALE (1906). Descriptions of Six New Species of Fishes 
from Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXX, 143-148. 

David Starr Jordan; Alvin Seale. 
Sayonara Jordan & Seale, 145 ; orthotype S. satsum^ Jordan & Seale. 

JORDAN & SEALE, 1906 519 

2054. JORDAN & SEALE (1906). The Fishes of Samoa. Descriptions of Species 
Found in the Archipelago, zvith a Provisional Check-List of the Fishes of 
Oceania. Bull. Bur. Fish., XXV, 173^55. (Dec. 15, 1906.) 
David Starr Jordan; Alvin Seale. 

Anarchias Jordan & Seale, 204; orthotype A. allardicei Jordan & Seale. 

Psettias (Jordan) Jordan & Seale, 237; orthotype Psettus seb^ Cuv. & Val. 

Rooseveltia (Jordan & Evermann) Jordan & Seale, 265; orthotype Serranus 
BRiGHAMi Seale. 

Oceanops Jordan & Seale, 277; orthotype Labrus latovittata Lac. 

Lo Seale, 360; orthotype Amphacanthus vulpinus Schlegel & Aliiller. 

Abalistes Jordan & Seale, 364; orthotype Balistes stellaris B1. & Sch. Substi- 
tute for Leiurus Sw., preoccupied. 

Trimma Jordan & Seale, 391 ; orthotype T. c^siura Jordan & Seale. 

Vitreola Jordan & Seale, 393 ; orthotype V. sagitta Jordan & Seale. 

Vaimosa Jordan & Seale, 395; orthotype V. fontinalis Jordan & Seale. A 
synonym of Mugilogobius Smitt, 1899. 

Vailima Jordan & Seale, 398; orthotype V. steVensoni Jordan & Seale. 

Exyrias Jordan & Seale, 405 ; orthotype Gobius puntangoides Blkr. 

Pselaphias Jordan & Seale, 406; orthotype Gobius ophthalmonemus Blkr. 

Waitea Jordan & Seale, 407; orthotype Gobius mystacinus Cuv. & Val. 

Mars Jordan & Seale, 408; orthotype M. strigilliceps Jordan & Seale. 

Kelloggella Jordan & Seale, 409; orthotype K. cardinalis Jordan & Seale. (First 
noticed by Jordan & Evermann, Fishes of Haivaii, 1905.) 

Sauvagea Jordan & Seale, 420; orthotype Lepidoblennius caledonicus Sauvage. 
Substitute for Lepidoblennius Sauvage, preoccupied. 

2055. JORDAN & SNYDER (1906). A Review of the Poeciliidce or Killifishes of 
Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXI, 287-290. (Sept. 10, 1906.) 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Oryzias Jordan & Snyder, 289 ; orthotype Pcecilia l.^tipes T. & S. 

2056. JORDAN & STARKS (1906). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from Port 
Arthur, Manchuria, Obtained by James Francis Abbott. Proc. U. S. Nat. 
Mus., XXXI, 515-526. (Sept. 10, 1906.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Edw^in Chapin Starks. 
Ranulina Jordan & Starks. 523; orthotype R. fimbriidens Jordan & Starks. 

2057. JORDAN & STARKS (1906). A Review of the Flounders and Soles of 
Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXI, 161-246. 

D.wid Starr Jordan ; Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Cynopsetta (Schmidt) Jordan & Starks, 188; orthotype C. dubia Schmidt. 
Limandella Jordan & Starks, 204; orthotype Pleuronectes Yokohama Gthr. 
Amate Jordan & Starks, 228; orthotype Achirus japonicus T. & S. 

2058. LERICHE (1908). Note preliminaire sur les poissons nouveaux de I'Oli- 
goccne Beige. Bull. Soc. Beige Geol., XXII. 

Maurice Leriche. 
Neocybium Leriche, 379; orthotype N. rostratum Leriche (fossil). 

2059. OGILBY (1906). (A New Genus of Sharks.) Proc. Roy. Soc. Queensland, 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Brachaelurus Ogilby, 27; orthotype Chiloscyllium modestum Gthr. 


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un genre nouveau et trouve sur les cotes du Portugal. Lisboa, J. Sci., VII, 
1906, 172-174. 

Balthazar Osorio. 
Lophocephalus Osorio, 173; orthotype L. anthrax Osorio. 

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(Mormyridce) aus den deutsch-afrikanischen Schutsgebieten. Sitzber. Ges. 
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Paul Pappenheim. 
Hippopotamyrus Pappenheim, 260; orthotype H. castor Pappenheim. 

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culus, Geophagus, Heterogramma, and Biotoecus. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 
XVII, 49-66. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Heterogramma Regan, 63 ; orthotype H. borelli Regan = H. ritense Haseman. 
Name preoccupied; replaced by Apistogramma Regan, 1913. 

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Two New Species. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7), XVII. 94-98. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Thysanocara Regan, 96; orthotype Xenocara cirrhosa Regan. 

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Coast of Natal. Ann. Natal Govt. Mus., I, pt. 1, 1-6. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Pliotrema Regan, 1 ; orthotype P. warreni Regan. 

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Bernice Bishop Mus., 4, 1906, 1-89. 

Alvin Seale. 
Deleastes Seale, 80; orthotype D. doctor Seale. 

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Descriptions of Neiv Genera and Species. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXI, 
459-499. (Sept. 24. 1906.) 

Hugh McCormick Smith; Thomas E. B. Pope. 
Tosana Smith & Pope, 470; orthotype T. niw.e Smith & Pope. 
Satsuma Smith & Pope, 472 ; orthotype S. macrops Smith & Pope. A synonym of 

Malakichthys Doderlein. 
Lysodermus Smith & Pope, 483; orthotype L. satsum.e Smith & Pope. 
Lambdopsetta Smith & Pope, 496; orthotype L. kitahar^e Smith & Pope. 

2067. SMITH & SEALE (1906). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from the 
Island of Mindanao, Philippine Archipelago, zvith Descriptions of New Genera 
and Species. Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., XIX, 73-82. 

Hugh McCormick Smith; Alvin Seale. 
Illana Smith & Seale, 73 ; orthotype I. cacabet Smith & Seale. 
Caragobius Smith & Seale, 81 ; orthotype C. typhlops Smith & Seale. 

2068. STEINDACHNER (1906). Ueber eine neue Gattung und Art aus der 
Familie der Murce-nidce, Nettastomops barbatula. .Xnz. Ak. Wiss., 1906, 

Franz Steindachner, 


Nettastomops Steindachner, 299 ; orthotype N. barbatula Steind. 

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Wiss. Wien., CXV, July, 1906. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Kraemeria Steindachner, 1409 (41); orthotype K. samoensis Steind. (Trichono- 


2070. WERNER (1906). Bcitrage cur Kenntnis der Fischfauna dcs Nils. .A-ns 
Ak. Wiss. Wien., 1906, 325-327. 

Franz Werner. 
Slatinia Werner, 326; orthotype S. mongallensis Werner. 


2071. BERG (1907). Die Cataphracti dcs Baikal-Sees. (Fain. Cottidce, Cotto- 
comcphoridcc uiid Comephorida:.) Beitmge sur Osteologie und Systematik. 
St. Petersberg und Berlin, 1907, 1-75. 

Lew Semenowitch Berg. 
Cottinella Berg, 45 ; orthotype Abyssocottus boulengeri Berg. 

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canthus, from North China. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XIX, 1907, 163-164. 

Lew Semenowitch Berg. 
Paraleucogobio Berg, 163; orthotype P. notacanthus Berg. 

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Lew Semenowitch Berg. 
Aspiolucius Berg, 12; orthotype .Aspius esocinus Kessler. 

2074. BERG (1907). Description of a Nezv Cyprinoid Fish, Achcilognathtis sig- 
nifcr, from Korea, mith a Synopsis of All the Knomn Rhodeino'. Ann. Mag. 
Nat. Hist., XIX, 159-163. 

Lew Semenowitch Berg. 
Pararhodeus Berg, 160 ; orthotype Rhodeus syriacus Lortet. 

2075. BERG (1907). Beschrcibungen einiger neuer Fische aus dcm Stromgehiet 
dcs Amur. St. Petersburg, Ann. Mus. Zool. Ac. Sc, XII, 1907, 418-423. 

Lew Semenovitch Berg. 
Plagiognathops Berg, 419; orthotype Plagiognathus jelskii Dybowski = Xenocy- 
PRis microlepis Blkr. A substitute for Plagiognathus Berg, preoccupied in 

2076. EASTMAN (1907). Devonic Fishes of the New York Formations. Mem. 
N. Y. State Mus., X, 1907. 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Protitanichthys Eastman, 144; orthotype P. fossatus Eastman (fossil; front 
half of a cranium of an arthrodire). A snyonym of Coccosteus Ag. (See 
Hussakof. Science, XXVIII, 311. 1909.) 


2077. EIGENMANN (1907). The Pceciliid Fishes of Rio Grande do Sul and the 
La Plata Basin. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXII, 1907, 425-433 (May 23, 1907). 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Acanthophacelus Eigenmann, 425 ; orthotype Pcecilia reticulata Peters. A syno- 
nym of Lebistes Philippi, 1861, according to Henn. 
Ilyodon Eigenmann, 427 ; orthotype I. paraguayense Eigenmann. 
Phalloptychus Eigenmann, 430 ; orthotype Girardinus januarius Hensel. 
Phalloceros Eigenmann, 431 ; orthotype Girardinus caudomaculatus Hensel. 

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Stethaprionincc. Amer. Naturalist, XLI, No. 492, 1907, 767-772. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Phenacogaster Eigenmann, 769 ; orthotype Astyanax pectinatus Cope. 
Astyacinus Eigenmann, 769 ; orthotype Astyanax moori Boulenger. 
Fowlerina Eigenmann, 771 ; orthotype Tetragonopterus compressus Gthr. Name 
preoccupied ; replaced by Ephippicharax Fowler. 

2079. EIGENMANN & BEAN (1907). An Account of Amazon River Fishes Col- 
lected by I. B. Steere, with a Note on Pimelodus clarias. Proc. U. S. Nat. 
Mus., XXXI, 659-668. (Jan. 16, 1907.) 

Carl H. Eigenmann ; Barton Appler Bean. 
Tasnionema Eigenmann & Bean, 662; orthotype Brachyplatystoma steerei Eigen- 
mann & Bean. 
Paracetopsis Eigenmann & Bean, 665; orthotype Cetopsis occidentalis. 

2080. EIGENMANN & OGLE (1907). An Annoted List of Characine Fishes in 
the United States Nat. Mus. and the Mus. of hid. Univ., with Descriptions of 
New Species. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXIII, 1-36. (Sept. 10, 1907.) 

Carl H. Eigenmann ; Fletcher Ogle. 

Gilbertolus Eigenmann, 2 ; orthotype Anacyrtus alatus Steind. Substitute for 
Gilbertella Eigenmann, preoccupied. 

Evermannolus Eigenmann, 2; orthotype Cynopotamus biserialis Garman. Sub- 
stitute for Evermannella Eigenmann, preoccupied. 

Phenacogrammus Eigenmann, 30 ; orthotype Micralestes interruptus Boulenger. 

2081. EIGENMANN, McATEE & WARD (1907). On Further Collections of 
Fishes from Paraguay. Ann. Carnegie Mus., 4, 1907, 110-157. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; W. J. McAtee ; D. P. Ward. 

Homodiastus Eigenmann & Ward, 117; orthotype H. anististi Eigenmann & Ward. 

Henonemus Eigenmann & Ward, 118; orthotype Stegophilus intermedius Eigen- 
mann & Eigenmann, 

Bryconamericus Eigenmann, 139; orthotype B. exodon Eigenmann. 

Deuterodon Eigenmann, 140 ; orthotype D. iguape Eigenmann. 

Chastobranchopsis Eigenmann & Ward, 144; orthotvpe C. australis Eigenmann & 

2082. EVERMANN & SEALE (1907). Fishes of the Philippine Islands. Bull. 
, Bur. of Fish., XXVI (1906), 1907, 49-110. 

Barton Warren Evermann ; Alvin Seale. 
Nesogrammus Evermann & Seale, 61 ; orthotype N. piersoni Evermann & Seale. 
Hypomacrus Evermann & Seale, 101 : orthotype H. albiensis Evermann & Seale. 

FOWLER, 1907 523 

2083. FOWLER (1907). Further Knowledge of Some Heterognathous Fishes, II. 
Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci. Phila., LVIII, 431^83. (Jan. 7 and Jan. 16, 1907.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Pellegrinina Fowler, 442; orthotype P. heterolepis Fowler. 

Coscinoxyron Fowler, 450; orthotype Chalcinus culter Cope. 
Thoracocharax Fowler, 452; orthotype Gastropelecus stellatus Kner. 
Cyrtocharax Fowler, 454; orthotype Anacyrtus lim^esquamis Cope. A synonym 

of Cynopotamus. 
Cynocharax Fowler, 457 ; orthotype Anacyrtus affinis Gthr. 
Sphyraenocharax Fowler, 460; orthotype Xiphorhamphus abbreviatus Cope. A 

synonym of Acestrorhamphus Eigenmann. 
Belonocharax Fowler, 464; orthotype B. beani Fowler. A synonym of Lucio- 

charax Steind., and of the imperfectly described Ctenolucius Gill. 
Waiteina Fowler, 473; orthotype Myletes nigripinnis Cope. Probably a synonym 

of Colossoma Eigenmann. 
Reganina Fowler, 475 ; orthotype Mylestes bidens Ag. Probably a synonym of 

Starksina Fowler, 476; orthotype Mylestes harniarius Cope. Probably a synonym 

of Mylosoma. 
Sealeina Fowler, 478; orthotype Mylestes lippincottianus Cope. 

2084. FOWLER (1907). Some Nezu and Little Known Percoid Fishes. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci Phila., LVIII, 510-528. (Feb. 14, 1907.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Boulengerina Fowler, 512; orthotype Dules mato Lesson. Name preoccupied; 

replaced by Safole Jordan. 
Astrapogon Fowler, 527 ; orthotype Apogonichthys stellatus Cope. 

2085. FOWLER (1907). Notes on SerranidcE. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LIX, 
249-269. (Aug. 16, 1907.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Chrysoperca Fowler, 250 ; orthotype Morone interrupta Gill. 
Eudulus Fowler, 264 ; orthotype Dules auriga Cuv. Substitute for Dules Cuv., 

regarded as preoccupied by Dulus, a genus of birds. 
Callidulus Fowler, 265; orthotype Centropristis subligarius Cope. 

2086. FOWLER (1907). A Collection of Fishes from Victoria, Australia. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LIX, 419-444. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Psychichthys Fowler, 419; orthotype Hydrolagus waitei Fowler. 
Limiculina Fowler, 425 ; orthotype Centriscus humerosus Rich. A synonym of 

Centriscops Gill. 
Macleayina Fowler, 426; orthotype Hippocampus bleekeri Fowler. 
Castelnauia Fowler, 426; orthotype Solenognathus spinosissimus Gthr. 
Lesueurina Fowler, 440; orthotype L. platycephala Fowler. (Written also 

Lesueuriella, a slip of proof-reading.) 

2087. GRACIANOV (1907). Versuch eincr Uebersicht der Fische des Russischen 
Reichcs in systcma'ichcr und geographischer Hiusicht. (Text in Russian.) 
Trd. Otd. Ichtiol. Obsc. Akklimat. Moskva., 4, 1907, 1-567. 

Valerian Gracianov. 
Malacobatis Gracianov, 39; orthotype Raja mucosa Pallas. 


Hexagrammoides Gracianov, 289; orthotype H. nudigenis Gracianov, which is 
probably Hexagrammos lagocephalus (Pallas) or perhaps H. superciliosus 
(Pallas). A synonym of Hexagrammos Steller. It is very briefly described 
from a specimen from Bering Island. "Division of the dorsal fin not com- 
plete; in the first dorsal about 20 rays." The name "nudigenis" indicates 
scaleless cheeks, but H. stelleri, with the cheeks more fully naked, has more 
than 20 dorsal spines. 

Taurulus Gracianov, 296 ; orthotype Cottus bubalis Euphrasen. 

Trigrammus Gracianov, 418; orthotype Ernogrammus stroshi Schmidt. 

Pseudophidium Gracianov, 420; orthotype Ophidium giganteum Kittlitz. 

2038. GRACIANOV (1907). Uehersicht de Susswassercottiden des russischen 
Reiches. Zool. Anz., XXXI, 1907, 654-660. 

Valerian Gracianov. 
Cephalocottus Gracianov, 659 ; orthotype Cottus amblystomopsis Schmidt. 
Mesocottus Gracianov, 660; orthotype Cottus haitei Dybowski. 

2089. HAY (1907). A New Genus and Species of Fossil Shark Related to Edestus 
Leidy. Science (new ser.), XXVI, 1907, 22-24. 

Oliver Perry Hay. 
Lissoprion Hay, 22; orthotype L. ferrieri Hay (fossil). 

2090. IHERING (1907). Diverses especias novas de peixes nemathognathes de 
Brazil, notas preliminares. Revista Mus. Paulista. n. s. I, 13-39. 

Rudolf von Ihering. 
Rhamdioglanis Ihering, 16; orthotype R. frenatus Ihering. A synonym of 

Imparfinis Eigenmann & Norris. 
Aspidoras Ihering, 30; orthotype A. rochei Ihering. 

2090A. IHERING (1907). Notas Preliminares, fasciculo I. Revista Mus. Paulista, 
I, 13-39. 

Rudolf Von Ihering. 
Rhamdioglanis Ihering, 16; orthotype R. frenatus Ihering. 

2091. JAEKEL (1907). Ueher Pholidosteus die Mundung und die Korperform der 
Placodernien. Sitzber. Ges. Naturf. Freunde, 1907, 170-186. 

Otto Jaekel. 
Pholidosteus Jaekel, 171 ; orthotype P. friedelii Jaekel. 

2092. JORDAN (1907). A Review of the Fishes of the Family Histiopteridce 
Found in the Waters of Japan, ivith a Note on Tephritis GUnther. Proc. U. 
S. Nat. Mus., XXXII, 235-239. (Mar. 12, 1907.) 

David Starr Jordan. 
Gilchristia Jordan. 236; orthotype Histiopterus richardsoni Gilchrist. A synonym 

of Pseudopentaceros Blkr. 
Quadrarius Jordan, 236 ; orthotype Pentaceros decacanthus Gthr. 
Quinquarius Jordan, 236; orthotype Pentaceros japonicus Doderlein. To replace 

Pentaceros Cuv. & Val.. regarded as preoccupied, a question not yet decided. 
Zanclistius Jordan, 236; orthotype Histiopterus elevatus Ramsay & Ogilby. 
Evistias Jordan, 237 ; orthotype Histiopterus acutirostris T. & S. (not Evistius 

Velifracta Jordan, 239; orthotype Pleuronectes sinensis Lac. Substitute for 

Tephritis Gthr., preoccupied in flies (Fabricius, 1799). A synonym of the 

earlier substitute, Tephrinectes Gthr. 

JORDAN, 1907 . 525 

2093. JORDx\N (1907). The Fossil Fishes of California, zvith Supplementary Notes 
on Other Species of Extinct Fishes. Univ. Cal. Publ. Geol., V, 1907, 95-144. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Xenesthes Jordan, 120; orthotype X. velox Jordan (fossil). 
Etringus Jordan, 121; orthotype E. scintillans Jordan (fossil). 
Rogenio Jordan, 128; orthotype R. solitudinis Jordan (fossil). 
Merriamella Jordan, 131; orthotype M. doryssa Jordan (a fossil stickleback). A 

synonym of Gasterosteus L. 
Knightia Jordan, 131; orthotype Clupea humilis Leidy (fossil); the name 

HUMiLis preoccupied; replaced by Knightia eoc^na Jordan. 
Eobrycon Jordan, 140; orthotype Tetragonopterus avus Boulenger (fossil). 

2094. JORDAN & HERRE (1907). A Review of the Cirrhitoid Fishes of Japan 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXIII, 157-167. (Oct. 23, 1907.) 

David Starr Jordan; Albert Christian Herre (1868- ). 
Isobuna Jordan, 158; orthotype Paracirrhites japonica Steind. A substitute for 
Paracirrhites Steind., preoccupied. 

2095. JORDAN & SEALE (1907). Fishes of the Islands of Luzon and Panay. 
Bull. Bur. Fish., XXIV (1906), 1907, 1-48. 

David Starr Jordan ; Alvin Seale. 
Gennadius Jordan & Seale, 37; orthotype Sebastes stoliczk.e Day. A synonym of 

Centrogenys Rich., a Serranoid fish which resembles a Scorpaenoid. 
Elates Jordan & Seale, 39; orthotype E. thompsoni Jordan & Seale. 
Creisson Jordan & Seale, 43 ; orthotype C. validus Jordan & Seale. 

2096. JORDAN & STARKS (1907). Note on Otohime, a New Genus of Gurnards. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXII, 131-133. 

David Starr Jordan; Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Otohime Jordan & Starks, 131 ; orthotype Trigla hemisticta T. & S. A near rela- 
tive of Pterygotrigla Waite ; perhaps a synonym. 

2097. MATTHEW (1907). A New Genus and a New Species of Silurian Fish. 
Proc. and Trans. Roy. Soc. Canada, Series I, Sec. 4, pp. 7-9. 

George Frederick Matthew. 
Ctenopleuron Matthew, 7; orthotype C. nerepisense Matthew (fossil Ostracophore, 
New Brunswick). 

2098. MAWSON AND WOODWARD (1907). On the Cretaceous Formation of 
Bahia (Brazil) and on Vertebrate Fossils Collected Therein. Quart. Journ. 
Geol. Soc, 63, 1907, 128-138. 

Joseph Mawson ; Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Mawsonia Woodward, 134; orthotype M. gigas Woodw. (fossil). 

2099. MEEK (1907). Synopsis of the Fishes of the Great Lakes of Nicaragua. 
Field Columb. Mus.' Pub. Zool., Ser. 7, 1907, 97-132. 

Seth Eugene Meek. 
Erythrichthys Meek, 114; orthotype Heros citrinellus Gthr. Name twice pre- 

2100. OGILBY (1907). Symbranchiatc and Apodal Fishes New to Australia. 
Proc. Roy. Soc. Queensland, XX, 1906, 1-15. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 


Rhabdura Ogilby, 13 ; orthotype Mur^na macrura Blkr. A synonym of E\;<en- 

2101. OGILBY (1907). Some New Pediculate Fishes. Proc. Roy. Soc. Queens- 
land, XX, 1906, 17-25. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Rhycherus Ogilby, 17; orthotype R. wildii Ogilby. 
Tathicarpus Ogilby, 19 ; logotype T. butleri Ogilby. 
iEschynichthys Ogilby, 25 ; orthotype Diceratias bispinosus Gthr. Substitute for 

DicERATiAs Gthr., regarded as preoccupied by a genus (Diceratia) of 


2102. PELLfiGRIN (1907). Sur un Poisson acanthopterygien eocene (Parapy- 
gcEus polyacanthus n. g. n. sp.). Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, ser. 9, 171-179. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Parapygaeus Pellegrin, 172; orthotj'pe P. polyacanthus Pellegrin (fossil). 

2103. PELLfiGRIN (1907). SUuride nouvcau du Fonta-Djalon. Bull. Museum 
Paris, 1907, 25-27. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Paramphilius Pellegrin, 23; orthotype P. trichomycteroides Pellegrin. 

2104. REGAN (1907). Pisces. Biol. Centr. Amer., 1907, 33-168. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Xenatherina Regan, 64; orthotype Menidia lisa Meek. 
Pogonopoma Regan, 205; orthotype Plecostomus werthheimeri Steind. 

2105. REGAN (1907). Descriptions of Two New Characinid Fishes from Argen- 
tina. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1907 (7), XIX, 261-2. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Pogonocharax Regan, 261 ; orthotype P. rehi Regan. 
Phoxinopsis Regan, 262 ; orthotype P. typicus Regan. 

2106. REGAN (1907). Descriptions of Tzvo New Characinid Fishes from South 
America. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XX, 1907, 402^03. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Mimagoniates Regan, 402 ; orthotype M. barberi Regan. 

Ctenocharax Regan, 403 ; orthotype C. bogotensis Regan. Probably a synonym of 
Grundulus bogotensis Humboldt. 

2107. RIBEIRO (1907). Una novidade ichthyologica ; Kosmos, Rio de Janeiro, IV. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Typhlobagrus Ribeiro, 21 ; orthotype T. kronei Ribeiro. 

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le terrain de Guclma. Comptes Rendus, Acad. Sci., 145, 1907, 360-361. 

Henri £mile Sauv.\ge. 
Palaeochromis Sauvage, 361; logotype P. daresti Sauvage (fossil). 

2109. WAITE (1907). The Generic Name Crepidogaster. Rec. Austr. Mus., VI, 

Edgar Raven swood Waite. 
Aspasmagaster Waite, 315; orthotype Crepidogaster tasmaniensis Gthr. Substi- 
tute for Crepidogaster Gthr., preoccupied. 

WEBER, 1907 527 

2110. WEBER (1907). Siisswasserfische von Neu-Giiinea; ein Bcitrag stir Fragc 
nach dem friiheren Ziisammenhang von Neu-Guinea und Australien. In Nova 
Guinea, V. Zoologie, Leiden, 1907, 529. 

Max Weber. 
Glossolepis Weber, 241 ; orthotype G. iNcisus Weber. 

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Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Dinelops Woodward. 121; orthotype D. ornatus Woodw. (fossil). 


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XXI, 39-41. 

Thomas Barbour (1884- ). 
Rhinechidna Barbour, 41 ; orthotype Rhinomur^na eritima Jordan & Seale. 

2113. BERG (1908). l^orldufigc Benicrkungen iihcr die curopaiscliasiatischen 
Salmonicn, inshesondcre die Gattung Thymallus. Ann. Mus. Zool. St. Petersb.. 
XIT, 1908, 500-514. 

Lew Semenovich Berg. 
Salmothymus Berg, 502 ; orthotype Salmo obtusirostris Heckel. 
Thymalloides Berg, 503 ; logotype Salmo arcticus Pallas. 

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Rhoades in Lake Nyassa. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., II, 1908, 238-243. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Chilotilapia Boulenger, 243 ; orthotype C. rhoadesii Boulenger. 

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I'Expedition Antarctique Nationale Ecossaise. Edinburgh, Proc. Roy. Soc, 
XXVIII, 58-65. 

Louis Dollo. 
Notolepis Dollo, 58 ; orthotype N. coatsi Dollo. 

2116. EASTMx^N (1908). Devonian Fishes of lozva. (With Special Description 
of the Auditory Organ and Other Soft Parts of Rhadinichthys deani East- 
man . . . G. H. Parker.) Iowa Geol. Surv. Rept., XVIII (1907). 1908, 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Palaeophichthys Eastman, 253; orthotype P. parvulus Eastman (fossil). (Cros- 
sopterygian from Illinois coal measures.) 

2117. EIGENAIANN (1908). Preliminary Descriptions of Nezv Genera and 
Species of Tetragonopterid Characins. (Zoological Results of the Thayer 
Brazilian Expedition.) Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. Harvard Coll., LII, 1908, 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Gymnocorymbus Eigenmann, 93 ; orthotype G. thayeri Eigenmann. 
Ctenobrycon Eigenmann, 94; orthotype Tetragonopterus hauxwellianus Cope. 
Thayeria Eigenmann, 94 ; orthotype T. obliqua Eigenmann. 


Psellogrammus Eigenmann, 96; orthotype Hemigrammus kennedyi Eigenmann. 
Poptella Eigenmann, 99; orthotype Tetragonopterus longipinnis Eigenmann. 
Pristella Eigenmann, 99 ; orthotype Holopristes riddeii Meek. 
Hyphessobrycon Eigenmann, 100; orthotype Hemigrammus compressus Meek. 
Brycochandus Eigenmann, 106; orthotype B. durbini Eigenmann. 

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Sci. Phila., LIX, 1908, 461-466. (Jan. 27. 1908.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Oceanomyzon Fowler, 461 ; orthotype O. wilsoni Fowler. 

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Zool. Harvard Coll., LI, 249-256. 

Samuel Garman. 
Aetomylseus Garman, 252 ; orthotype Myliobatis maculatus Gray. 

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David Starr Jordan; John Casper Branner (1850- ). 
Tharrhias Jordan & Branner, 13; orthotype T. araripis Jordan & Branner (fossil). 
Enneles Jordan & Branner, 23; orthotype E. audax Jordan & Branner (fossil). 
Cearana Jordan & Branner, 27; orthotype C. roch^ Jordan & Branner (fossil). 

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nards, and Other Mail-Cheeked Fishes of the Waters of Japan. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus., XXXIII, 629-670. 

David Starr Jordan; Robert Earl Richardson (1878- ). 
Rogadius Jordan & Richardson, 630; orthotype Platycephalus asper Cuv. & Val. 
Bambradon Jordan & Richardson, 643 ; orthotype Bembras l^vis Nystrom. 
Ebisinus Jordan & Richardson, 665 ; orthotype Dactylopterus chirophthalmus 

Dactyloptena Jordan & Richardson, 665 ; orthotype Dactylopterus orientalis Cuv. 

& Val. 
Daicocus Jordan & Richardson, 667 ; orthotype Dactylopterus peterseni Nystrom. 

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David Starr Jordan ; Robert Earl Richardson. 
Aparrius Jordan & Richardson, 278; orthotype A. acutipinnis Jordan & Richardson. 

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goid Fishes from Formosa. Mem. Carneg. Mus., IV, 37^0. 

David Starr Jordan; John Otterbein Snyder. 
Ulua Jordan & Snyder, 39; orthotype U. richardsoni Jordan & Snyder. 

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Notes on Certain Hawaiian Fishes. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXIV. (Sept. 
14, 1908.) 

David Starr Jordan ; Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Rastrelliger Jordan & Starks, 607; orthotype Scomber brachysomus Blkr. 

2125. OGILBY (1908). New or Little Known Fishes in the Queensland Museum. 
Ann. Queensland Mus., IX, Pt. 1, 1908, 1-41. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 

OGiLBY, 1908 529 

Cirriscyllium Ogilby, 4; orthotype Chiloscyllium modestum Gthr. A synonym 
(due to oversight) of Brach^lurus Ogilby. 

Nemapteryx Ogilby, 10; orthotype Arius stirlingi Ogilby. 

Anyperistius Ogilby, 11; orthotype A. perugi^ Ogilby = Eumeda elongata Peru- 
gia, not of Castelnau, which is the young of Neosilurus hyrtli Steind. A 
synonym of Tandanus Mitchell. 

Jenynsella Ogilby, 15; orthotype J. weatherilli Ogilby. A synonym of Retropinna 

Squalomugil Ogilby, 28; orthotype Mugil nasutus De Vis. A synonym of Rhino- 
MUGIL Gill. 

2126. OGILBY (1908). Revision of tke BatrachoididcE of Queensland. Ann. 
Queensland Mus., IX, pt. 2, 43-57. (These genera of Toad-fishes had been 
indicated, not described, by Ogilby in the Ann. Rept. Amateur Fishermen's As- 
sociation, Queensland, 1907.) 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Batrachomoeus Ogilby, 46; orthotype B. broadbenti Ogilby. Perhaps a synonym 

of Pseudobatrachus Castelnau, imperfectly described. 
Halobatrachus Ogilby, 46; orthotype Batrachus didactylus B1. & Schn. 
Coryzichthys Ogilby, 51 ; orthotype Batrachus diemensis Ogilby. 

2127. OGILBY (1908). Descriptions of New Queensland Fishes. Proc. Roy. See. 
Queensland, XXI, 1908, 87-98. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Eurycaulus Ogilby, 91 ; orthotype Belone platyura Guv. & Val. (gill rakers 

present; tail keeled). Name preoccupied; replaced by Tropidocaulus Ogilby. 
Stenocaulus Ogilby, 91 ; orthotype Belone kreffti Gthr. 
Pseudomycterus Ogilby, 94; orthotype M. maccullochi Ogilby. A synonym or 

section of Sci^na L. 

2128. OGILBY (1908). On New Genera and Species of Fishes. Proc. Roy. Soc. 
Queensland, XXI, 1-26. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Ptenonotus Ogilby, 13 ; orthotype Exoccetus cirriger Peters. 
Merogymnus Ogilby, 18; orthotype M. eximius Ogilby. 

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Burma. Records Geol. Surv. India, XXXVI, 135-142. 

E. H. Pascoe. 
Twingonia Pascoe, 138, pi. 18; (no specific name proposed) (fossil, Miocene). 
Described as a foraminifer, but later shown by E. W. Vredenburg to be a fish 
otolith or ear bone {fide Hussakof). 

2130. PELLfiGRIN (1908). Characinidcs Ainericains nouveaux dc la Collection 
du Museum d'FIistoirc Naturelle. Bull. Mus. d'Hist. Nat. Paris, VII, 342-347. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Anostomoides Pellegrin, 346; orthotype A. analis Pellegrin. 

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Gardiner in the Indian Ocean. Trans. Linn. Sole. London, XII, 1908, 217-225. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Borostomias Regan, 217 ; orthotype B. braueri Regan. 
Xenanthias Regan, 223 ; orthotype X. gardineri Regan. 


Pogonoscorpius Regan, 236 ; orthotype P. seychellensis Regan. 
Psammichthys Regan, 246; orthotype P. nudus Regan. 
Sladenia Regan, 250; orthotype S. gardineri Regan. 

2132. REGAN (1908). Descriptions of New Fishes from Lake Candidius. For- 
mosa, Collected by Dr. A. Moltrecht. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., II, 1908, 358-360. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Pararasbora Regan, 360; orthotype P. moltrechti Regan. 

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Ann. Mag. Nat Hist. (8), II, 444-446. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Hemisalanx Regan, 444; orthotype H. prognathus Regan. 
Parasalanx Regan, 444; logotype P. gracillimus Regan. 

2134. REGAN (1908). A New Generic Name for An Orectolobid Shark. Ann. 
Mag. Nat. Hist., II, 1908, 454-455. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Heteroscyllium Regan, 455; orthotype Brach.elurus colcloughi Ogilby. 

2135. REGAN (1908). A Collection of Fresh-Water Fishes Made by Mr. C. F. 
Underwood in Costa Rica. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist,. II, 1908. 455-464. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Petalosoma Regan, 458; orthotype P. cultratum Regan. 
Xenorhychichthys Regan, 461 ; orthotype Joturus stipes J. & G. 
Tomocichla Regan, 463 ; orthotype T. underwoodi Regan. 

2136. REGAN (1908). A Revision of the Sharks of the Family Orectolobid^. 
Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1908, 347-364. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Eucrossorhinus Regan, 357 ; orthotype Crossorhinus dasypogon Blkr. 

2137. RIBEIRO (1908). Peixes da Ribeiro, resultados de excnrsao do Senhor 
Ricardo Krone . . . Kosmos, Rio de Janeiro, V, 1-5. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Coelurichthys Ribeiro, 2 ; orthotype C. iporang^ Ribeiro. 

2137A. RIBEIRO (1908). Peixes, da Ribeiro, resultados dc cxcursdo do Sr. 

Ricardo Krone, membro correspondentc do Muscu Nacional do Rio dc Janeiro, 

V, 1-5. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro, 
Kronichthys Ribeiro, 1; orthotype K. subteres Ribeiro; a synonym of Hemipsil- 

ichthys Eigenmann. 

2138. SEALE & BEAN (1908). On a Collection of Fishes from the Philippine 
Islands, Made by Maj. Edgar A. Mearns, Surgeon, U. S. Army, with Descrip- 
tions of Seven New Species. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXII, 1908, 229-248. 

Alvin Seale; Barton Appler Bean. 
Mearnsella Sealc & Bean, 229; orthotype M. alestes Seale & Bean. 

2139. SNYDER (1908). Descriptions of Eighteen New Species and Two New 
Genera of Fishes from Japan and the Riu Kin Islands. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 
XXXV, 93-111. (Oct. 30, 1908). 

John Otterbein Snyder. 

STARKS, 1908 531 

Doryptena Snj-der, 102; orthotype D. okinaw^e Snj^der. 
Xenisthmus Snyder, 105 ; orthotype X. proriger Snyder. 

2140. STARKS (1908). On a Comiminkation Between the Air-Bladder and the 
Ear in Certain Spiny-Rayed Fishes. Science, XXVIII, 1908, 613-614. 

Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Adioryx Starks, 614; orthotype Holocentrum suborbitale Gill. 

2141. STEINDACHNER (1908). Ueber eine im Rio Juragua bci Joinville, im 
Staate S. Catharina, Brasilien . . . eine neue Characinengattung. Anz. Ak. 
Wiss. Wien., LXV. 

Franz Steindachner. 
Zungaropsis Steindachner, 7 ; orthotype Z. multimaculatus Steind. 
Joinvillea Steindachner, 30; orthotype J. ros.e Steind. A synonym of Deuterodon 

2142. TANAKA (1908). Notes on Some Rare Fishes of Japan, with Descriptions 
of Tzvo New Genera and Six New Species. Journ. Coll. Sci. Tokyo, XXIII, 
Art. 13, 1-24. 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Tetronarcine Tanaka. 2 ; orthotype T. tokionis Tanaka. 
Gymnosimenchelys Tanaka, 2; orthotype G. leptosomus Tanaka. 
Paraceratias Tanaka, 18; orthotype Ceratias mitsukurii Tanaka. 
Owstonia Tanaka, 46; orthotype O. totomiensis Tanaka. 

2143. WOODWARD (1908). The Fossil Fishes of the Hawkesbury Series at St. 
Petersburg. Mem. Geol. Surv. New South Wales, Palaeontology, X, pp. vi, 31. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Elpisopholis Woodward, 17; orthotype E. dunstani Woodw. (fossil) (Pal^o- 



2144. ANNANDALE (1909). Report on the Fishes Taken by the Bengal Fisheries 
Steamer "Golden Crown." Part I, Batoidei. Mem. Ind. Mtis. Calcutta, 2, no. 
1, 1909, 1-58. 

Nelson Annandale. 
Bengalichthys Annandale, 47; orthotype B. impennis Annandale. 

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tus) from Deep Water off the Southern Atlantic Coast of the United' States. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXVI, 1909, 459-561. (May 27, 1909.) 

Barton Appler Bean ; Alfred C. Weed. 
Dactylobatus Bean & Weed, 459; orthotype D. armatus Bean & Weed. 

2146. BOULENGER (1909), Descriptions of New Fresh-Water Fishes Discovered 
by Mr. G. L. Bates in South Cameroon. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., IV, 1909, 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Champsoborus Boulenger, 187; orthotype C. Pellegrini Boulenger. 


2147. BROOM (1909). The Fossil Fishes of the Upper Karoo Beds of South 
Africa. Ann. S. Afr. Mus., VII, 251-268. 

Robert Broom. 
Helichthys Broom, 254; orthotype H. browni Broom (fossil). (Pal^oniscid.) 
Hydropessum, 266; orthotype H. tannemeyeri Broom (fossil). (Imperfect Fish, 

2148. CLIGNY (1909). Sur un nouveau genre de Zeides. Comptes Rendus. Acad. 
Sci. Paris, 148, 1909, 873-874. 

Adolphe Cligny. 
Parazenopsis Cligny, 874; orthotype P. argenteus Cligny. 

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Called Leuciscus and B-utilus. Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., XXII, 1909, 215-217. 

Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell. 
Temeculina Cockerell, 216; orthotype Leuciscus orcutti Eigenmann & Eigenmann. 
Margariscus Cockerell, 217; orthotype Clinostomus Margarita Cope. 

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da. Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., XXII, 1909, 157-163. 

Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell; Edith M. Alliston. 
Macrhybopsis Cockerell & Alliston, 162; orthotype Gobio gelidus Grd. 

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Genus Notropis. Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash.. XXII, 1909, 189-196. 

Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell; Otis Callaway. 
Coccogenia Cockerell & Callaway, 190 ; orthotype Hypsilepis coccogenis Cope. A 
synonym of Coccotis Jordan. 

2152. DOLLO (1909). Cynomacrurus piriei, poisson abyssal nouzeaii recuciili par 
I'Expedition Antarctique Nationale Scossaise. Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinb.. XXIX. 
1909, 316-326. 

Louis Dollo. 
Cynomacrurus Dollo, 316; orthotype C. piriei Dollo. 

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terid Characins. (Reports on the Expedition to British Guiana of the Indiana 
University and the Carnegie Museum, 1908, No. 2.) Ann. Carneg. Mus., VI. 
1909, 55-72. 

Marion Lee Durbin. 
Dermatocheir Durbin, 55; orthotype D. catablepta Durbin. 

2154. EIGENMANN (1909). Some New Genera and Species of Fishes from Brit- 
ish Guiana. (Reports on the Expedition to British Guiana of the Indiana Uni- 
versity and the Carnegie Museum, 1908. No. 1.) Ann. Carnegie Mus., VI, 
1909, 4-54. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Corymbophanes Eigenmann, 5 ; orthotype C. andersoni Eigenmann. 
Lithogenes Eigenmann, 6; orthotype L. villosus Eigenmann. 
Pterodiscus Eigenmann, 12; orthotype P. levis Eigenmann. 
Carnegiella Eigenmann, 13 ; orthotype Gasteropelecus strigatus Gthr. 
Holobrycon Eigenmann, ZZ ; orthotype Brycon pesu M. & T. 
Triurobrycon Eigenmann, ZZ; orthotype Brycon lundii Liitken. 

EIGENMANN, 1909 533 

Poecilocharax Eigenmann, 34; orthotype P. bovalii Eigenmann. 
Pcecilobrycon Eigenmann, 43 ; orthotype P. harrisoni Eigenmann. 
Archicheir Eigenmann, 46; orthotype A. minutus Eigenmann. 
Acanthophacelus Eigenmann, 52; orthotype A. melanzonus Eigenmann. 
Tomeurus Eigenmann, 53 ; orthotype T. gracilis Eigenmann. 
Microcharax Eigenmann, 55 ; orthotype Nannostomus lateralis Boulenger. 

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amination of the Archiplata-Archihelenis Theory. Princeton Univ., 3, (Zool- 
ogy), 1909, 225-374. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Hatcheria Eigenmann, 250; orthotype H. patagoniensis Eigenmann. 

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Coast of Natal, Pt. 2. Ann. S. African Mus., VI, 1909, 213-276. 

J. D. F. Gilchrist; Wardlaw Thompson. 
Chaeropsodes Gilchrist & Thompson, 260; orthotype C. pictus Gilchrist & Thompson. 

2157. HUSSAKOF (1909). The Systematic Relations of Certain American Ar- 
Ihrodircs. Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., XXVI, 263-272. 

Louis HuSSAKOF. 

Brachygnathus Hussakof, 263; orthotype Dinichthys minor Newberry (fossil). 
Based on mandible and dorsomedian. Preoccupied ; name replaced by Hus- 
SAKOFiA Cossman. 

Dinognathus Hussakof, 268; orthotype D. ferox Hussakof (fossil). Dental ele- 
ment (fossil: Upper Devonic, Ohio). 

2158. JAEKEL (1909). Fischreste aus den Mamfe-Schiefern. (In Beitrdge zur 
Geologic vom Kammerun, bearb., V. C. Guillemain.) Abh. Geol. Landes Anst. 
(N. P.), H. 62, 1909 (1910). 392-398. 

Otto Jaekel. 
Proportheus Jaekel, 396; orthotype P. kameruni Jaekel (fossil). 

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Island of Formosa or Taiwan, Based on the Collection of Dr. Hans Sauter. 
Mem. Carneg. Mus., IV, No. 4, 1909, 159-204. 

D.wiD Starr Jordan ; Robert E.\rl Richardson. 
Candidia Jordan & Richardson, 169; orthotype Opsariichthys barbatus Regan. 

2160. PELLAGRIN (1909). Characinides du Bresil, rapportes par M. Jobert. 
Bull. Museum Paris, 1909, 147-153. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Curimatella Pellegrin, 150; orthotype Curimatus alburnus M. & T. 
Jobertina Pellegrin, 151 ; orthotype Charicidium interruptum Pellegrin. 

2161. PELLEGRIN (1909). Characinides americains nouveaux de la collection du 
Museum d'histoire naturelle. Bull. Mus. Paris, 1908. 342-347. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Anostomoides Pellegrin. 346; orthotype A. atrianalis Pellegrin. 

2162. SEALE (1909). New Species of Philippine Fishes. Philip. Journ. Sci., IV. 
1909, 49-543. 

Alv^n Seale. 
Biat Seale, 532 ; orthotype B. luzonica Seale. 
Macgregorella Seale, 533 ; orthotype M. moroana Seale. 


2163. SNYDER (1909). Descriptions of New Genera and Species of Fislies from 
Japan and the Riu Kin Islands. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXVI, 1909, 597-610. 
(June 18, 1909.) 

John Otterbein Snyder. 
Expedio Snyder, 606; orthotype E. parvulus Snyder. 
Inu Snyder, 607 ; orthotype I. koma Snyder. 

2164. STECHE (1909). Die Leuchtorgane von . . . zzvei Oberflachen- 
fischen aiis dein Malaischen Archipel. Zeit. Wiss. Zool. XCIII. 

Otto Steche. 
Protoblepharon Steche. about 400; orthotype P. palpebratus. 

2165. TANAKA (1909). Descriptions of One New Genus and Ten New Species 
of Japanese Fishes. Journ. Coll. Sci. Tokyo, XXVII, 1-27. 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Anteliochimaera Tanaka, 1 ; orthotype A. ch^tirhamphus Tanaka. 

2166. TOULD (1909). Eine jungstidre Fauna von Gatun am Panama-kanal. Wien. 
Jahrb. Geol. Rechs. Anst., LVIII, 1908 (1909), 673-760. 

Franz Tould. 
Scaroides Toul, 687; orthotype S. gatunensis Tould. 

2167. WAITE (1909). Scientific Results of the New Zealand Government Trawl- 
ing Expedition. Rec. Canterbury Mus., I. (July, 1909.) 

Edgar Raven swood Waite. 
Typhlonarke Waite, 16; orthotype Astrape aysoni Hamilton. 
Arhynchobatis Waite, 20; orthotype A. asperrimus Waite. 

2168. WEBER (1909). Diagnosen neuer Fischc dcr Sib oga-Exp edition. Leiden; 
Notes AIus. Jentink, XXXI, 1909, 143-169. 

Max Weber. 
Rhabdamia Weber, 165 ; orthotype R. clupeiformis Weber. 
Siphamia Weber, 168 ; orthotype S. tubifer Weber. 


2169. BOULENGER (1910). On a Large Collection of Fishes Made by Dr. IV. J. 
Ansorge in the Quansa and Bengo Rivers, Angola. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., VI, 
1910, 537-561. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Xenopomatichthys Boulenger, 542; orthotype X. ansorgii Boulenger. 
Nematogobius Boulenger, 560; orthotype N. ansorgii Boulenger. 

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Vict. Melbourne, XX, 307. 

Frederick Revans Ch.\pman. 
Metaceratodus Chapman, 25; orthotype Ceratodus wollastoni Chapman (fossil). 

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Discussion of Related Asiatic and European Species. Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., 
XXIII, 141-152. 

Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell. 

cossMAN, 1910 535 

Acapoeta Cockerell, 149; orthotype Varicorhinus tanganic^ Boulenger. 

2172. COSSMAN (1910). Rectifications de Nomenclature. Revue Critique 
Paleozoologie, XIV, 74. 

Maurice Cossman. 
Hussakofia Cossman, 74; orthotype Dinichthys minor Newberry (fossil). 
(Arthrodire; Devonic, Ohio.) Substitute for Brachygnathus Hussakof, 
twice preoccupied. 

2173. EIGENMANN (1910). Catalogue and Bibliography of the Frcsh-Waier 
Fishes of Temperate and South Tonpcrate America. (Rept. Princeton Univ. 
Expedition to Patagonia, 1896, 1899, III, Pt. 2) Zoology, 375-511. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Megalonema Eigenmann, 383 ; orthotype M. platycephalum Eigenmann. 
HoUandichthys Eigenmann, about 400; orthotype H. multifasci.\tu3 Eigenmann 
& Norris. 

2174. FOWLER (1910). Notes on Batoid Fishes: Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila.. 
LXII, 1910, 468-475. (Aug. 17, 1910.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Discotrygon Fowler. 468; orthotype Discobatis marginipinnis Maclay & Macleay 
= Ral\ lymma Forskal. A synonym of T^niura M. & H. Name a substi- 
tute for Discobatis Maclay & Macleay, regarded as preoccupied by Disco- 


Eunarce Fowler, 472; orthotype Torpedo narke Risso. 
Pteroplatytrygon Fowler, 474; orthotype Trygon violaceum Bon. 

2175. FOWLER (1910). Descriptions of Four New Cyprinoids (Rhodeince). 
Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LXII, 1910, 476-486. (Aug. 17. 1910.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Rhodeops Fowler, 479; orthotype Acheilognathus brevhanalis Fowler. 
Hemigrammocypris Fowler, 483 ; orthotype H. rasborella P'owler. 

2176. FRAAS (1910). Chimiiridenreste ans dcm oberen Lias von Hohmaden. 
Stuttgart, Jahreshefte Ver. Natk., LXVI, 1910, 55-63. 

Oscar Friedrich Fraas. 
Acanthorhina Fraas. 55; orthotype A. jaekeli Fraas (fossil) (not Acanthorhinus 

2177. FRANZ (1910). Die Japanischen Knochfischc der Sammlungen Haberer und 
Ddflein. (Bcitrlige zur Naturgeschichte Ostasiens.) Munchen Abli. Ak. Wiss. 
Math.-Phys. Kl. Suppl.-Bd., IV, 1910 (1911), Abh. 1, 1-135. 

Viktor Franz. 
Parabarbus Franz, 8; orthotype P. habilis Franz. 
Cryptophthalmus P'ranz, 15; orthotype C. robustus Franz. Name preoccupied; 

replaced by Unagius Jordan, 1919. 
Osteochromis Franz, 43 ; orthotype O. larvatus Franz. 
Plagiopsetta Franz, 64; orthotype P. glossa Franz. 
Trypauchenophrys Franz, 68; orthotype T. anotus Franz. 

2178. GILBERT (1910) Evesihes jordani, a Primitive Flounder from the Miocene 
of California. Cal. Univ. Publ. Bull. Dept. Geo!., V, 1910, 405-411. 

James Zaccheus Gilbert. 


Evesthes J. Z. Gilbert, 407; orthotype E. jordani Gilbert (fossil). 

2179. HAY (1910). On Edeshis and Related Genera. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 
XXXVII, 43-61. 

Oliver Perry Hay. 
Toxoprion Hay, 56; orthotype Edesteus lecontei Dean (fossil). (Elasmobranch 
from Nevada.) 

2180. HOLT & BYRNE (1910). Preliminary Diagnosis of a New Stomiatoid Fish 
from Southwest of Ireland. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., VI. 

E. W. L. Holt; L. W. Byrne. 
Grammatistomias Holt & Byrne, 295 ; orthotype G. flagellibarba Holt & Byrne. 

2181. JORDAN (1910). Description of a Collection of Fossil Fishes from the 
Bituminous Shales at Riacho Doce, State of Alagoas, Brazil. Ann. Carneg. 
Mus., VII, 1910, 23-34. 

David Starr Jordan. 
EUipes Jordan, 24; orthotype E. branneri Jordan (fossil). Name preoccupied; re- 
placed by Ellimma Jordan, 1913. 
Dastilbe Jordan, 29; orthotype D. crandalli Jordan (fossil). 

2182. JORDAN & RICHARDSON (1910). A Review of the Serranidce or Sea 
Bass of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXVII. 1910, 421^74. 

David Starr Jordan ; Robert Earl Richardson. 
Zalanthias Jordan & Richardson, 460; orthotype Pseudanthias kelloggi Jordan & 

Sacura Jordan & Richardson, 468; orthotype Anthias margaritaceus Hilgendorf. 

2183. OGILBY (1910). On New or Insufficiently Described Fishes. Proc. Roy. 
Soc. Queensland, XXIII, 1910, 1-55. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 

Xystodus Ogilby, 5 ; orthotype X. banfieldi Ogilby. 

Chilias Ogilby, 40 ; orthotype Perca stricticeps De Vis. A synonym of Parapercis 

Cyneichthys Ogilby, 55 ; orthotype Blennechis anolitjs Guv. & Val. 

Runulops Ogilby, 55; orthotype Blennechis fasciatus Jenyns ("two South Ameri- 
can species described by Jenyns," B. fasciatus and B. ornatus from Chile). 

2184. OGILBY (1910). On Some New Fishes from the Queensland Coast. En- 
deavour Series, I. Proc. Roy. Soc. Queensland. XXIII, 1910, 85-139. (On 
account of a misunderstanding which does not concern the present work, this 
paper was suppressed by the Royal Society of Queensland, only a few sepa- 
rates being sent out. The new species have been elsewhere described by Mc- 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Hyalorhynchus Ogilby, 118; orthotype H. pellucidus Ogilby = Elates thompsoni 
Jordan & Richardson. A synonym of Elates Jordan & Richardson. 

2185. PAVLENKO (1910). Fishes of Peter the Great Bay. (Text in Russian.) 
Trd. Obsc. Jest, Kazani. 42, 1910, 2, 1-5. 

M. N. Pavlenko. 


Agonocottus Pavlenko, 23 ; orthotype A. cataphractus Pavlenko. 
Askoldia Pavlenko, 50; orthotype A. variegata Pavlenko. 

2186. PREOBRAZHENSKII (1910). Ueher einige Vertreter der Familie der 
Psammosteidce Ag. S. B. Naturf. Ges. Univ. Jurjew. (Dorpat) IX, 21-36. 
(Text in Russian.) 


Pycnosteus Preobrazhenskii, 34; orthotype P. pal^formis Preobrazhenskii (fossil). 
An imperfect dorsal plate of a Devonian Ostracophore. Probably a synonym 
of Psammosteus Ag. 

Dyptychosteus Preobrazhenskii, 35 ; orthotype D. tessellatus Preobrazhenskii 
(fossil) (not Psammosteus tessellatus Traquair). Probably same as Psam- 
mosteus paradoxus. Dorsal plate of a Devonian Ostracophore. A synonym 
of Psammosteus Ag. 

2187. SAUVAGE (1910). Bull. Carte Geol. Algerie, 1910. 

Henri Smile Sauvage. 
Palaeochromis Sauvage, 308; orthotype P. dorestii Sauvage. 

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land. Jahresbericht des Niedersiichsischen Geol. Vereins, III, 246-257. (Re- 
printed with separate pagination in Hannover, 1912.) 

Ernst Stolley. 
Archaeotolithus Stolley, 248; orthotype Otolithus bornholmiensis Mailing & 
Gronwall, 1909 (fossil). Otolith from Lias of Denmark. 

2189. WAITE (1911). Additions to the Fish Fauna of New Zealand. Proc. New 
Zealand Inst., 1910, 25-26. Ravensw^ood Waite. 
Maccullochia Waite, 25 ; orthotype Histiopterus labiosus Gthr. A substitute for 
Richardsonia Castelnau, preoccupied. A synonym of Paristiopterus Blkr., 

2190. WAITE (1910). Notes on New Zealand Fishes. Trans. N. Zeal. Inst., XLII, 
1910, 384-391. 

Edgar Ravenswood Waite. 
Triareus Waite, 387 ; orthotype Maurolicus australis Hector. 

2191. WEYMOUTH (1910). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from Cameron. 
Louisiana. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXVIII. 

Frank Walter Weymouth. 
Leptocerdale Weymouth, 142; orthotype L. longipinnis Weymouth. 

2192. WOODWARD (1910). On Some Pcrmo-Carhoniferous Fishes from Mada- 
gascar. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., V, 1910, 1-6. 

Arthur Smith Woodu'ard. 
Ecrinesomus Woodward, 2; orthotype E. dixoni Woodw. (fossil). 

2193. WOODWARD (1910). On a Fossil Sole and a Fossil Eel from the Eocene 
of Egypt. Geol. Mag. London, VII, 1910, 402^05. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Mylomyrus Woodward, 404; orthotype M. frangens Woodw. (fossil). 



2194. BOULENGER (1911). Descriptions of New African Cyprinodont Fishes. 
Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8). VIII, 260-268. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Mohanga Boulenger, 261 ; orthotype Haplochilus tanganicanus Boulenger. Same 
as Lamprichthys Regan, a little later in the same year. 

2195. BOULENGER (1911). Catalogue of the Fresh-Water Fishes of Africa in the 
British Museum. London, 1911, 1-529. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Parauchenoglanis Boulenger, 364; orthotype Pimelodus guttatus Lonnberg. The 
name guttatus is preoccupied in Pimelodus. 

2196. BOULENGER (1911). On a Third Collection of Fishes Made by Dr. E. 
Bay on in Uganda, 1909-1910. Geneva Annal. Museo Civico. Ser. 3a, V, 1911, 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Bayonia Boulenger, 70; orthotype B. xenodonta Boulenger. 

2197. DEECKE (1911). Paleontologische Betrachtungen. IV. Ueber Fische. 
Neues. Jahrl). Mineral., II. 

Johannes Ernest Wilhelm Deecke (1862- ). 
Perleidus Deecke, 70; orthotype P. altolepis Deecke (fossil). 

2198. EIGENMANN (1911). Nezv Clmracins in the Collection of the Carnegie 
Museum. Ann. Carnegie Mus., VIII, 1911, 164-181. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Probolodus Eigenmann, 164; orthotype P. heterostomus Eigenmann. 
Psalidodon Eigenmann, 165; orthotype P. gymnodontus Eigenmann. 
Spintherobolus Eigenmann, 167; orthotype S. papilliferus Eigenmann. 
Glandulocauda Eigenmann, 168; logotype G. melanogenys Eigenmann. 
Hysteronotus Eigenmann, 171 ; orthotype H. megalostomus Eigenmann. 
Vesicatrus Eigenmann, 174; orthotype V. tegatus Eigenmann. 

2199. EIGENMANN (1911). Descriptions of Two Nezv Tetragonopicrid Fishes in 
the British Museum. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), VII, 1911, 215-216. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Nematobrycon Eigenmann, 215; orthotype N. palmeri Eigenmann. 
Knodus Eigenmann, 216; ortliotype K. merid.e Eigenmann. 

2200. ELLIS (1911). On the Species of Hasemania, Hyphessohrycon, and Hemi- 
grammus Collected by J. D. Haseman for the Carnegie Museum. Ann. Car- 
negie Mus., VIII, 1911, 148-164. 

Marian Lee Ellis. 
Hasemania Ellis, 148; orthotype H. maxillaris Ellis. 

2201. FOWLER (1911). A New Albuloid Fish from Santo Domingo. Proc. Acad. 
Nat. Sci. Phila., LXII, 1911, 651-654 (Jan. 27. 1911). 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Dixonina Fowler, 651 ; orthotype D. nemoptera Fowler. 

2202. FOWLER (1911). Notes on Clupeoid Fishes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 
LXIII, 1911. 204-211. (Apr. 6, 1911.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 

FOWLER, 1911 539 

Heringia Fowler, 207; orthotype Clupea amazonica Steind. 
Gudusia Fowler, 207 ; orthotype Clupanodon chapra Ham. 

Anchoviella Fowler, 211 ; orthotype Engraulis perfasciatus Poey. A synonym 
of Stolephorus Lac, as restricted by Blkr. 

2203. FOWLER (1911). Some Fishes from Venezuela. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 
Phila., LXIII, 1911, 419^37. (July 27, 1911.) 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Apodastyanax Fowler, 422; orthotype A. stewardsoni Fowler. 

2204. FOWLER (1911). New Fresh-Water Fishes from Western Equador. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LXVHL 1911, 493-520. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Rhoadsia Fowler, 497 ; orthotype R. altipinna Fowler. 

2205. HASEMAN (1911). Descriptions of Some Nezv Species of Fishes, and Mis- 
cellaneous Notes on Others Obtained during the Expedition of the Carnegie 
Museu>n to Central South America. Ann. Carneg. Mus., VII, 315-328. 

John D. Haseman. 
Cephalosilurus Haseman, 317; orthotype C. fowleri Haseman. 
Acestridium Haseman, 319; orthotype A. discus Haseman. 
Platysilurus Haseman, 320; orthotype P. barbatus Haseman. 

2206. HASEMAN (1911). Some New Species of Fishes from the Rio Iguassu. 
Ann. Carnegie Mus., VII, 374-387. 

John D. Haseman. 
Rhamdiopsis Haseman, 375 ; orthotype R. moreirai Haseman. 

2207. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1911). A Review of the Salmonoid Fishes of 
the Great Lakes, with Notes on the White-Fishes of Other Regions. Bull. U. 
S. Bureau of Fisheries for 1909 (1911), 1-41. 

David Starr Jordan ; Barton Warren Evermann. 
Cisco Jordan & Evermann, 3; orthotype Argyrosomus nigripinnis Gill. 
Thrissomimus (Gill) Jordan & Evermann, 4; orthotype Coregonus artedi Le Sueur. 
Substitute for Argyrosomus Ag., preoccupied. 

2207A. JORDx\N & THOMPSON (1911). A Review of the Scicenoid Fishes of 
Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus. for 1911 (Jan. 30). 241-261. 

David Starr Jordan ; William Fit.\Ncis Thompson. 

Nibea Jordan & Thompson, 246; orthotype Sclena mitsukurii Jordan & Snyder. 

Othonias Jordan & Thompson, 246; orthotype Sci.ena manchurica Jordan & 

2208. JORDAN & THOMPSON (1911). A Revieiv of the Families Lobotidce and 
Lutianidcc Found in the Waters of Japan. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XXXIX. 
435^71. (Jan. 30, 1911.) 

D.wid Starr Jordan; William Francis Thompson (1888- ). 
Etelinus Jordan & Thompson, 465 ; orthotype Etelis marshi Jenkins. 

2209. KENDALL & GOLDSBOROUGH (1911). The Shore Fishes. (Reports on 
the Scientific Results of the Expedition to the Tropical Pacific in Charge of 
Alexander Agassiz, by the U. S. Fish Comm. Steamer "Albatross," from Au- 
gust, 1899, to March, 1900, Commander Jefferson F. Moscr, U. S. N.. Com- 
manding, 13.) Mem. Mus. Comp. Zool. Harvard Coll., XXVI, 1911, 239-344. 

William Converse Kendall; Edmund Lee Goldsborough. 


Paragobioides Kendall & Goldsborough, 324; orthotype P. grandoculis Kendall & 

2210. KREYENBERG (1911). Eine neite Cohitincn-Gattung aus China. Zool. 
Anz., XXXVIII, 417-419. 

M. Kreyenberg. 
Gobiobotia Kreyenberg, 417; orthotype G. pappenheimi Kreyenberg. 

2211. McCULLOCH (1911). Report on the Fishes Obtained by the F. I. S. 
"Endeavour^' on the Coast of New South Wales<^ Victoria, South Australia, 
and Tasmania. Part I. Zoological Results of the Fishing Experiments car- 
ried Out by the F. I. S. "Endeavour," 1909-1910. I, 1911, 1-87. 

Allen Riverston McCulloch. 
Austroberyx McCulloch, 39; orthotype Beryx affinis Gthr. A synonym of Tra- 


2212. OGILBY (1911). Description of New or Insufficiently Described Fishes 
from Queensland Waters. Ann. Queensland Mus., X, 1911, 36-58. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Apistops Ogilby, 54; orthotype Apistus caloundra De Vis. 
Paratrigla Ogilby, 56 ; orthotype Trigla pleuracanthica Ogilby. 

2213. REGAN (1911). The Anatomy and Classification of the Teleostcan Fishes 
of the Orders Berycomorphi and Xenoberyccs.. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), 
VII, 1-9. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Caproberyx Regan, 8; orthotype Berycopsis major Woodw. (fossil). 

2214. REGAN (1911). The Anatomy and Classification of the Teleostean Fishes 
of the Order Iniomi. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), VII, 120-133. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Hemipterois Regan, 126; orthotype Bathypterois guentheri Alcock. 
Bathysauropsis Regan, 126; ortliotype Chlorophthalmus gracilis Gthr. 
Parasudis Regan, 127; orthotype Chlorophthalmus truculentus G. & B. 

2215. REGAN (1911). A Synopsis of the Marsipobranchs of the Order Hy- 
pcroartii. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), VII, 193-204. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Eudontomyzon Regan, 200; orthotype E. danfordi Regan. 

2216. REGAN (1911). The Classification of the Teleostean Fishes of the Order 
Synentognathi. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), VII, 327-335. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Lamprichthys Regan, 325 ; orthotype Haplochilus tanganicanus Boulenger. A 

synonym of Mohanga Boulenger of a little earlier date. 
Xenentodon Regan, 332; orthotype Belone cancila Buchanan. 
Xenopcecilus Regan, 374; orthotype Haplochilus sarasinorum Popta. . 

2217. R"EGAN (1911). The Classification of the Teleostean Fishes of the Order 
Ostariophysi. 1. Cyprinoidea. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), VIII, 1911, 13-32. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Lepturichthys Regan, 31 ; orthotype Homaloptera fimbriata Gthr. 
Hemimyzon Regan, 32; orthotype Homalopter.\ formosana Boulenger. 

ROULE, 1911 541 

2218. ROULE (1911). (Ccrtaines larves tiluriennes.) 

Louis Roule (1861- ). 
Tiluropsis Roule, 329; orthotype a larval eel. 
Tilurella Roule, 329; orthotype larval eel, not named in the Zoological Record. 

2219. SNYDER (1911). Descriptions of New Genera and Species of Fishes from 
Japan and the Riu Kiu Islands. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XL, 1911, 525-549. 
(May 26, 1911.) 

John Otterbein Snyder. 
Jordanidia Snyder, 527; orthotype J. r.\ptoria Snyder. 
Catalufa Snyder, 528; orthot3'pe C. umbra Snyder. 
Draculo Snyder, 545 ; orthotype D. mirabilis Snyder. 

2220. STARKS & MANN (1911). New and Rare Fishes from Southern California. 
Univ. Calif. Pub. Zoo!., VIII, 9-19. 

Edwin Chapin Starks; William M. Mann. 
Rusulus Starks & Mann, 14; orthotype R. saburr^ Starks & Mann. 
Orthopnias Starks & Mann, 16; orthotype O. triacis Starks & Mann. 

2221. WAITE (1911). Additions to the Fish Fauna of New Zealand, No. 2. Proc. 
New Zealand Inst., 1910, 49-51. (June 24, 1911.) 

Edgar Raven swood Waite. 
Rexea Waite, 49; orthotype R. furcifera Waite = Gempylus solandri Cuv. & Val. 

A synonym of Jordanidia Snyder of slightly earlier date (May 26, 1911). 
Pelotretis Waite, 50 ; orthotype P. flavilatus Waite. 

2222. ZUGMAYER (1911). Foissons provenant des campagnes du yacht Princesse 
Alice. Res. Camp. Sci. Monaco, Ease. 35, 1911, 1-159. 

Erich Zugmayer (1879- ). 
Asquamiceps Zugmayer, 10 ; orthotype A. velaris Zugmayer. 
Nematostomias Zugmayer, 76; orthotype N. gladiator Zugmayer. 
Trichostomias Zugmayer, 78; orthotype T. vaillanti Zugmayer. 
Poromitrella Zugmayer, 1(X); orthotype P. nigriceps Zugmayer. 
Platyberyx Zugmayer, 101 ; orthotype P. opalescens Zugmayer. 
Scopeloberyx Zugmayer, 103; orthotype S. opercularis Zugmayer. 
Pachycara Zugmayer, 129; orthotype P. plagiophthalmus Zugmayer. 
Barathrites Zugmayer, 132 ; orthotype B. iris Zugmayer. 
Anotopterus Zugmayer, 138; orthotype A. pharao Zugmayer. 
Benthalbella Zugmayer, 140; orthotype B. infans Zugmayer. 


2223. BARBOUR (.1912). Two Preoccupied Names. Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington. 
XXV, 1912, 121-126. 

Thomas Barbour. 
Calliblennius Barbour, 187; orthotype Zacalles bryope Jordan & Snyder. Substi- 
tute for Zacalles Jordan & Snyder, preoccupied. 

2224, BEAN (1912). Descriptions of Nezv Fishes of Bermuda. Proc. Biol. Soc. 
Washington. XXV, 1912. 121-126. 

Tarleton Hoffman Bean. 
Eucrotus Bean, 123 ; orthotype E. ventralis Bean. 


Parasphyraenops Bean, 124 ; orthotype P. atrimanus Bean. 

2225. BEAUFORT (1912). On Some New Gobiidce from Ceram and JVaigeu. 
Zool. Anz, XXXIX, 1912, 136-143. 

LiEVEN Ferdinand de Beaufort. 
Schismatogobius Beaufort, 139; orthotype S. bruynisi Beaufort. 
Stiphodon (Weber), Beaufort, 143; orthotype Sicydium elegans Steind. 

2226. BERG (1912). Faune de la Russie et des pays limitrophes. Poissons (Mar- 
sipobranchii et Pisces). Vol. III. Pt. 1, 1-336, St. Petersberg. 

Lew Semenowitch Berg. 
Pararutilus Berg, 43 ; orthotype Leuciscus frisjo Nordman. 
Acanthorutilus Berg, 42, 80; orthotype Oreoleuciscus dsapchynensis Warpa- 

Hemiscaphirhynchus Berg, 309 ; orthotype Pseudoscaphirhynchus kaufmanni 


2227. BOULENGER (1912). Poissons recueillis dans la Region dit Bas Congo 
par M. le Dr. IV. J. Ansorgc. Ann. Mus. Congo, Bruxelles Zool., ser. 1, 2 
fasc. 3, 1-25. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Ansorgia Boulenger. 17; orthotype A. vittata Boulenger. 

2228. BURKE (1912). A New Genus and Six New Species of the Family Cyclo- 
gasteridcE. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLIII, 1912, 567-574. 

Charles Victor Burke. 
Polypera Burke, 567 ; orthotype P. greeni Burke. 

2229. DUNCKER (1912). Die Gattungcn der Syngnathid^. Mett. Nat. Hist. Mu- 
seum Hamburg, XXIX. 

Georg Duncker. 
Acanthognathus Duncker. 228 ; orthotype Syngnathus dactylophorus Blkr. 
Micrognathus Duncker, 235 ; orthotype Syngnathus brevirostris Riippell. 

2230. EIGENMANN (1912). The Fresh-Water Fishes of British Guiana, includ- 
ing a Study of the Ecological Grouping of Species, and the Relation of the 
Fauna of the Plateau to that of the Lowlands. Mem. Carnegie Mus., V, 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Chamaigenes Eigenmann, 120; orthotype Aspredo filamentosus Cuv. & Val. 
Agmus Eigenmann, 128; orthotype A. lyriformis Eigenmann. 
Megalonema Eigenmann, 150; orthotype M. platycephalum Eigenmann. 
Microglanis Eigenmann, 155 ; orthotype M. pcecilus Eigenmann. 
Brachyglanis Eigenmann, 156; orthotype B. frenata Eigenmann. 
Leptoglanis Eigenmann, 158; orthotype L. essequibensis Eigenmann. 
Myoglanis Eigenmann, 159; orthotype M. pataroensis Eigenmann. 
Chasmocranus Eigenmann, 160; orthotype C. longior Eigenmann. 
Tympanopleura Eigenmann, 203 ; orthotype T. piperata Eigenmann. 
Ochmacanthus Eigenmann, 213; orthotype O. flabellifer Eigenmann. 
Lithoxus Eigenmann, 242 ; orthotype L. lithoides Eigenmann. 
Bivibranchia Eigenmann, 258 ; orthotype B. proctractila Eigenmann. 
Tylobranchus Eigenmann, 271 ; orthotype T. maculosus Eigenmann. 
Aphyodite Eigenmann, 314; orthotype A. grammica Eigenmann. 

EIGENMANN, 1912 543 

Acanthocharax Eigenmann, 405 ; orthotype A. microlepis Eigenmann. 
Heterocharax Eigenmann, 406; orthotype H. macrolepis Eigenmann. 
Gymnorhamphichthys Eigenmann, 436; orthotype G. hyposomus Eigenmann. 
Porotergus Eigenmann, 441 ; orthotype P. gymnotus Eigenmann. 
Rhinosardinia Eigenmann, 445; orthotype R. serrata Eigenmann = Clupea ama- 

zoNicA Steind. A synonym of Heringia Fowler, 1911. 
Acarichthys Eigenmann, 500; orthotype Acara heckelii M. & T. 
Soleonasus Eigenmann, 528; orthotype S. finis Eigenmann. 

2231. EIGENMANN (1912). Some Results of An Ichthyological Reconnaissance 
of Colombia, South America. Indiana Univ. Studies, 1912, No. 8, 1-27. 

Carl H. Eigen]\jann. 
Xiliphius Eigenmann, 10; orthotype X. magdalen^ Eigenmann. 
Parastremma Eigenmann, 20; orthotype P. sadina Eigenmann. 
Genycharax Eigenmann, 22 ; orthotype G. tarpon Eigenmann. 
Gephyrocharax Eigenmann, 24 ; orthotype G. chocoensis Eigenmann. 

2232. FOWLER (1912). Descriptions of Nine Nczv Eels, with Notes on Other 
Species. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LXIV, 1912, 8-33. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Microconger Fowler, 9; orthotype Leptocephalus caudalis Fowler. 
Ahynnodontophis Fowler, 25; orthotype Gymnothorax stigmanotus Fowler. 

2233. GARAIAN (1912). Some Chinese Vertebrates. Pisces. Mem. Comp. Zool. 
Harvard Coll., XL, 111-123. 

Samuel Garman. 
Ageneiogarra Garman, 114; orthotype Garra imberba Garman. 
Myloleuciscus Garman, 116; orthotype M. atripinnis Garman. 
Coripareius Garman, 120; orthotype C. cetopsis Garman. 

2234. GILBERT & BURKE (1912). Fishes from the Bering Sea and Kamchatka. 
Bull. Bur. Fish., XXX (1910), 1912, 31-96. 

Charles Henry Gilbert; Charles Victor Burke (1882- ). 
Archaulus Gilbert & Burke, 36; orthotype Archaulus biseriatus Gilbert & Burke. 
Thyriscus Gilbert & Burke, 43 ; orthotype T. anoplus Gilbert & Burke. 
Eurymen Gilbert & Burke, 64; orthotype E. gyrinus Gilbert & Burke. 
Elassodiscus Gilbert & Burke, 81 ; orthotype E. tremebundus Gilbert & Burke. 
Nectoliparis Gilbert & Burke, 82 ; orthotype N. pelagicus Gilbert & Burke. 
Acantholiparis Gilbert & Burke, 83 ; orthotype A. opercularis Gilbert & Burke. 
Gymnoclinus Gilbert & Burke, 86 ; orthotype G. cristul.\tus Gilbert & Burke. 
Alectridium Gilbert & Burke, 88; orthotype A. aurantiacum Gilbert & Burke. 

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Charles Henry Gilbert; Charles Victor Burke. 
Ateleobrachium Gilbert & Burke, 97 ; orthotype A. pterotum Gilbert & Burke. 

2236. JORDAN (1912). Note on the Generic Name Safole, replacing Boulengerina 
for a Genus of Kuhliid Fishes. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLII, 1912, 655. (Au- 
gust 29, 1912.) 

David Starr Jordan. 
Safole Jordan, 655 ; orthotj^pe Dules t.eniurus Cuv. & Val. Substitute for Bou- 
lengerina Fowler, preoccupied. 


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Families of Perch-like Fishes Found in the Waters of Japan. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus.. XLI. (Jan. 22, 1912.) 

David Starr Jordan ; William Francis Thompson. 
Lethrinichthys Jordan & Thompson, 558; orthotype Lethrinus nematacanthus 

Taius Jordan & Thompson. 570; orthotype Chrysophrys tumifrons T. & S. 
Evynnis Jordan & Thompson, 573; orthotype Sparus cardinalis Lac. 

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Soc. Queensland, XXIV, 1912, 47-53. 

Allan Riverston McCulloch. 
Craterocephalus McCulloch, 48; orthotype C. fluviatilis McCulloch. 

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W. Austral. Mus., Perth 1, 1912, 78-97. 

Allan Riverston McCulloch. 
Mucogobius McCulloch, 93 ; orthotype Gobius mucosus Gthr. A synonym of 
Callogobius Blkr. 

2240. MEEK (1912). New Species of Fishes from Costa Rka. Pub. Field Col. 
Mus., X. 

Seth Eugene Meek. 
Alfaro Meek, 72; orthotype A. acutiventralis Meek. A substitute for Petalosoma 
Regan, preoccupied. 

2241. PELLfiGRIN (1912). Poissons des cotes de l' Angola; Mission dc M. Gruvcl. 
Bull. Soc. Zool. France, XXXVII. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Diagrammella Pellegrin, 295; orthotype Diagramma macrops Pellegrin. 

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Cheilodipteridce, from the Philippine Islands and Contiguous Waters. Proc. 
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Lewis Radcliffe. 
Amioides Smith & Radcliffe, 440; orthotype Amia grossidens Smith & Radcliffe. 
Neamia Smith & Radcliffe, 441 ; orthotype N. octospina Smith & Radcliffe. 

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and Contiguous Waters. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLII, 199-214. (April 30, 

Lewis Radcliffe. 
Dermatias Radcliffe, 206; orthotype D. platynogaster Radcliffe. 

2244. RADCLIFFE (1912). Description of a New Family, Two New Genera and 
Twenty-nine New Species of Anacanthine Fishes from the Philippine Islands 
and Contiguous Waters. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLIII, 105-140. (Sept. 27, 

Lewis Radcliffe. 
Parateleopus Smith & Radcliffe. 139; orthotype P. microstomus Smith & Radcliffe. 
Macrouroides Smith & Radcliffe, 139; orthotype M. inflaticeps Smith & Radcliffe. 

REGAN, 1912 545 

2245. REGAN (1912). New Fishes from Aldabra and Assumption, Collected by 
Mr. J. C. F. Fryer. Trans. Linn. Soc. London, XV, 1912, 301-302. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Xenoconger Regan, 301 ; orthotype X. fryeri Regan. 
Parioglossus Regan, 302; orthotype P. TvENIAtus Regan. 

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Charles Tate Regan. 
Acanthoplesiops Regan, 266; orthotype Acanthoclinus indicus Day. 

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Pediculati. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), IX, 1912, 277-289. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Haplophryne Regan, 289; orthotype Acer.\tias mollis Brauer. 

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Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), IX, 387-390. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Macrotrema Regan. 390; orthotype Symbranchus caligans Cantor. 

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ing to a New Genus and Family. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., X. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Heterenchelys Regan, 323; orthotype H. microphthalmus Regan. 

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Pterolebias and Cynolebias. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), X, 1912, 494-508. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Petalurichthys Regan, 494; orthotype Petalosoma cultratus Regan. Substitute 
for Petalosoma Regan, preoccupied in Coleoptera ; a synonym of Alfaro 

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nolebias. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), X, 641-652. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Cynopoecilus Regan, 642; orthotype Cynolebias melanot^nia Regan. 

2252. RIBEIRO (1912). Fauna Brasiliense. Peixes 4 (A), .^rch. Mus. Rio de 
Janeiro, XVI, 1912, 1-504. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Parasturisoma Ribeiro, 109; orthotype Loricaria brevirost'ris Eigenmann. 
Mormyrostoma Ribeiro, 192; orthotype Silurus carinatus L. 
Tatia Ribeiro, 360; orthotype Centromochlus intermedius Steind. 

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dce. Commissad de Linhas Tclcgraphicas Estrategicas de Matto-Grosso aa 
Amazonas. Annexo No. 5, Rio Janeiro, 1912, 1-31. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Gyrinurus Ribeiro, 27; orthotype G. batrachostoma Ribeiro (Sept., 1912). A syno- 
nym of Ochmacanthus Eigenmann, June, 1912. 
Paravandellia Ribeiro, 28 ; orthotype P. oxyptera Ribeiro. 


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pine Islands, Representing a New Family. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLI, 489- 
491. (February 8, 1912.) 

Hugh McCormick Smith. 
Pentanchus Smith, 489; orthotype P. profundicolus Smith. 

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Descriptions of New Genera and Species. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus.. XLI, 677- 
685. (February 9, 1912.) 

Hugh McCormick Smith. 
Nasisqualus Smith, 681 ; orthotype N. profundorum Smith. 
Squaliolus Smith, 684; orthotj'pe S. laticaudus Smith. 

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late Fishes from Celebes. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLII, 579-582. (Aug. 30. 

Hugh McCormick Smith; Lewis Radcliffe. 
Thaumatichthys Smith & Radcliffe, 579; orthotype T. pagidostomus Smith & Rad- 

2257. SNYDER (1912). The Fishes of the Streams Tributary to Monterey Bay. 
Bull. U. S. Bur. Fish., XXXII, 47-72. 

John Otterbein Snyder. 
Hesperoleucus Snyder, 63; orthotype Pogonichthys symmetricus Grd. 

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V-X, 71-186. 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Cyclolumpus Tanaka, 86; orthotype C. asperrimus Tanaka. 
Heteroscymnus Tanaka, 102 ; orthotype H. longus Tanaka. 
Cirrhigaleus Tanaka, 151 ; orthotype C. barbifer Tanaka. 
Calliscyllium Tanaka, 171 ; orthotype C. venustum Tanaka. 

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Asia. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (8), IX, 1912, 682. 

Erich Zugmayer. 
Aspiopsis Zugmayer. 682; orthotype A. merzbacheri Zugmayer. 


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Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XI. 472-480. 

Leo Semenowitch Berg. 
Clupeonella Berg, 472 ; orthotype C. caspia Berg. Not Clupeonella Kessler ; re- 
placed by Caspialosa Berg. 

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Africa. Ann. S. Afr. Mus. Cape Town, XII, 1913, 1-5. 

Robert Broom. 
Caruichthys Broom, 4; orthotype C. ornatus Broom (fossil). 

BROOM, 1913 547 

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of Kimberley. Trans. Roy. Soc, S. Afr. Ill, 1913, 399^02. 

Robert Broom. 
Disichthys Broom, 400; orthotype D. kimberleyensis Broom (fossil). (Pal/EO- 


Pelichthys Broom, 401; orthotype P. kimberleyensis Broom (fossil). (Pal^o- 
NisciD, S. Africa.) 

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charoides, in Victoria. Victoria Naturalist, XXX, 142-193. 

Frederick Revans Chapman. 
Carcharoides Chapman, 142; orthotype a fossil shark. 

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XVIII. Fish Rec. Ind. Mus. Calcutta, VIII, 1913, 243-257. 

Bonawari Lal Chaudhuri. 
Aborichthys Chaudhuri, 245 ; orthotype A. kempi Chaudhuri. 

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Fisheries, XXII (for 1912), Oct. 13. 1913. 

Theodore Dru Allison Cockerell. 
Myloleucops Cockerell, 136 (foot note) ; type Leuciscus .ethiops Basilewsky. A 
substitute for Myloleucus Gthr., preoccupied. 

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of Colombia, South America. Pt. II, Indiana Univ. Studies, 1913, No. 18, 1-32. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Pterobrycon Eigenmann, 3; orthotype P. landoni Eigenmann. 
Argopleura Eigenmann, 10; orthotype Bryconamericus magdalen^ Eigenmann. 
Zygogaster Eigenmann, 22 ; orthotype Z. filifer Eigenmann. 
Microgenys Eigenmann, 22; orthotype M. minutus Eigenmann. 

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Mus. VI, 1913, 109-195. ' - 

Max Mapes Ellis. 
Orthosternarchus Ellis, 144; orthotype Sternarchus temandua Boulenger. 
Odontosternarchus Ellis, 155; orthotype Sternarchus sachsi Peters. 

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Marian Lee Ellis. 
Cascadura Ellis, 387; orthotype C. maculocephala Ellis. 

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Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LXV, 1913, 673-675. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Xyrocharax Fowler, 673; orthotype Curimatus stigmaturus Fowler. 

2270. FOWLER (1913). Notes on Catostomoid Fishes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 
Phila., LXV, 1913, 45-60. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Megastomatobus Fowler, 45; orthotype Sclerognathus cyprinella Cuv. & Val. 
A synonym of Sclerognathus as restricted by Giinther & Jordan. The first 
species named under Sclerognathus, however, was a Carpiodes. 


Notolepidomyzon Fowler, 47; orthotype Pantosteus arizcn.e (Gilbert). 
Scartomyzon Fowler, 59; orthotype Ptychostomus cervinus Cope. 
Pithecomyzon Fowler, 54; orthotype Chasmistes cujus Cope. 

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Sci. Phila., LXV., 1913, 517-579. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Prionobrama Fowler, 553 ; orthotype P. madeira Fowler. 
Gnathocharax Fowler, 561 ; orthotype G. steindachneri Fowler. 
Tyttocharax Fowler, 564 ; orthotype T. madeira Fowler. 

2272. FOWLER (1913). Fozvlerina Eigenmann, a Preoccuj^ied Generic Name. 
Science, XXXVIII, 1913, 51. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Ephippicharax Fowler, 51 ; orthotype Tetragonopterus compressus Gthr. A sub- 
stitute for FowLERiN.A. Eigenmann, preoccupied. 

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Mus. Comp. Zool. Harvard Coll., XXXVI, 1913, 1-528. 

Samuel Garman. 

Vulpecula (Valmont) Garman, 31 ; orthotype Vulpecula marina (Valmont) Gar- 
man = Squalus vulpinus Bonnaterre = Squalus vulpes Gmelin. Same as 
Alopias Raf. and of earlier date, but Valmont's names are of doubtful validity. 

Catulus (Valmont) Garman, 71 ; orthotype Catulus vulgaris Valmont == Squalus 
CATULUs L. Name preoccupied by Catulus Kniphof, 1759, a genus of Hemip- 
TERA. Same as Scylliorhinus Blainv. 

Apristurus Garman, 96; orthotype Scylliorhinus indicus Brauer. 

Atelomycterus Garman, 100; orthotype Scyllium marmoratum Bennett. 

Haploblepharus Garman, 101 ; orthotype Scyllium edwardsii (Cuv.) Voigt. 

Zanobatus Garman, 291 ; orthotype Platvrhina schcenleini M. & H. 

Urobatis Garman, 401 ; orthotype Leiobatus sloani Blainv. 

Pteromylaeus Garman, 437 ; logotype Myliobatis asperrimus J. & E. 

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Slope. The Families Stomiaiidce, Sternoptyehidce, and Sahnonidcc. Dublin 
Fish Ireland Sci. Invest., 1913, 1-27. 

Ernest W. L. Holt ; L. W. Byrne. 
Lamprotoxus Holt & Bryne, 2; orthotype L. flagellibarba Holt & Byrne. 

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Washington, XXVI, 1913, 79. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Ellimma Jordan, 79; orthotype Ellipes branneri Jordan (fossil). Substitute for 
Ellipes Jordan, preoccupied. 

2276. JORDAN & METZ (1913). A Catalogue of the Fishes Knozm from the 
Waters of Korea. Mem. Carnegie Mus., VI, 1913, 1-65. 

David Starr Jordan; Charles William Metz (1889- ). 
Zunasia Jordan & Metz, 7; orthotype Pristigaster chinensis, Basilewsky, the 
young of Ilisha elongata Gray. A synonym of Ilisha Gray. 

2277. JORDAN & THOMPSON (1913). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from the 
Island of Shikoku in Japan, with a Description of a Nezv Species, Gnathypops 
iyonis. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLVI, 65-72. 

David Starr Jordan ; William Francis Thompson. 

LAHILLE, 1913 . 549 

Onigocia Jordan & Thompson, 70; orthotype Platycephalus macrolepis Blkr. 
Inegocia Jordan & Thompson, 70; orthotype Platycephalus japonicus Krusen- 

2278. LAHILLE (1913). Nota sobre siete peces dc las castas argentinas. An. 
Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires, XXIV, 1913, 1-24. 

Fernando Lahille. 
Besnardia Lahille, 1 ; orthotype B. gyrinops Lahille. 

2279. LANGER (1913). Beitragc zur Morphologic dcr viviparcn Cypnnodontidcn. 
Morph. Jahrb. Leipzig, XLVII, 1913, 193-307. 

W. F. Langer. 
Gulapinnus Langer, 207; orthotype Cnesterodon decemmacul.mus Garman. 

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Musee du Congo Beige. Geol. Paleont. Mineral., ser. 3, I, 69-80. 

Maurice Leriche. 
Hypolophites Leriche; orthotype H. mayombensis Leriche (fossil shark). 

2280. OGILBY (1913). Edible Fishes of Queensland: I. Pemphcridcc; II. Gadop- 
sifonn Pcrcoids. ]\Iem. Queensland Mus. (Dec. 10, 1913). 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Liopempheris Ogilby, 61 ; orthotype Pempheris multiradiata Klunzinger ; near 
Catalufa Snyder, 1911; perhaps a synonym. 

2281. PELLfiGRIN (1913). Poisson des cotes de Mauritanie. Mission de M,. 
Gruvel. Paris Bull. Soc. Zool., XXXVIII, 1913, 116-118. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Panturichthys Pellegrin, 118; orthotype P. mauritanicus Pellegrin. 

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M. Pobeguin. Bull. Soc. Zool. Paris, XXXVIII, 1913, 236-241. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Diagrammella Pellegrin, 295; orthotype Diagram ma macrops Pellegrin. 

2283. PELLfiGRIN (1913). Sur nn noiivcau genre dc Ccntrarchides du Gabon. 
Comptes Rendus Acad. Roy. 26, 1913, 1488-1489. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Parakuhlia Pellegrin, 1489 ; orthotj'pe P. boulengeri Pellegrin. 

2284. RADCLIFFE (1913). Descriptions of Seven Xcw Genera and Thirty-one 
Kezv Species of Fishes of the Families Brotulidce and Carapidcc from the 
Philippine Islands and the Dutch East Indies. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLIV, 

Lewis Radcliffe. 
Homostolus Radcliffe, 147; orthotype H. acer Radcliffe. 
Enchelybrotula Radcliffe, 154; orthotype E. paucidens Radcliffe. 
Mastigopterus Radcliffe, 159; orthotype M. imperator Radcliffe. 
Hypopleuron Radcliffe, 164 ; orthotype H. caninum Radcliffe. 
Luciobrotula Radclift'e, 170; ortliotype L. bartschi Radcliffe. 
Xenobythites Radcliffe, 173 ; orthotype X. armiger Radcliffe. 
Pyramodon Radcliffe, 175; orthotj^pe P. ventralis' Radcliffe. 


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Expedition. Edinburgh Trans. Roy. Soc. 49, 1913, 229-292. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Eugnathosaurus Regan, 234; orthotype E. vorax Regan. 
Ophthalmolycus Regan, 243 ; orthotype Lycodes macrops Gthr. 
Austrolycichthys Regan, 244; orthotype Lycodes brachycephalus Pappenheim. 
Austrolycus Regan, 245 ; orthotype A. depressiceps Regan. 
Crossolycus Regan, 247; orthotype Lycodes fimbriatus Steind. 
Pagetopsis Regan, 286; orthotype Champsocephalus macropterus Boulenger. 
Chaenocephalus Regan, 287; orthotype C. aceratus Regan. 

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Hist., XII, 1913, 111-115. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Centrodraco Regan, 145 ; orthotype Draconetta acanthopoma Regan. 

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Mounsey. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XII, 1913, 281-283. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Apisto gramma Regan, 282; orthotype Heterogramma borelli Regan. A substi- 
tute for Heterogramma Regan, preoccupied. 

2288. REGAN (1913). The Fishes of the San Juan River, Colombia. Ann. Mag. 
Nat. Hist., XII, 1913, 462-473. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Xenurocharax Regan, 463 ; orthotype X. spurrelli Regan. 
Nannorhamdia Regan, 467 ; orthotype N. spurrelli Regan. 

2289. REGAN (1913). Phallostethus dunckeri, a Remarkable New Cyprinodont 
Fish from Johore. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. XII, 1913, 548-555. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Phallostethus Regan, 548; orthotype P. dunckeri Regan. 

2290. REGAN (1913). A Collection of Fishes Made by Professor Francisco 
Fuentes at Easter Island. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1913, 368-374. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Girellops Regan, 369 ; orthotype Girella nebulosa Kendall & Radcliffe. 

2291. REGAN (1913). A Revision of the Cyprinodont Fishes of the Sub-Family 
Pceciliinct. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1913. 977-1018. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Priapichthys Regan, 991 ; orthotype Gambusia annectens Regan. 
Priapella Regan, 992; orthotype Gambusia bonita Meek. 
Pseudopoecilia Regan. 995 ; orthotype Pcecilia fest.^ Boulenger. 
PcEcilopsis Regan, 997; orthotype P. isthmensis Regan. 
Brachyrhaphis Regan, 997 ; orthotype Gambusia rhabdophora Regan. 
Leptorhaphis Regan, 998 ; orthotype Gambusia infans Woolman. 
Pamphoria Regan, 1003 ; orthotype Cnesterodon scalpridens Garman. 
Pamphorichthys Regan, 1003; orthotype Heterandria minor Garman. 

2292. RIBEIRO (1913). Fauna Brasiliense. Peixes. V (part). Serranidcs 
(39 pp.), HccmulidcB (30 pp.), and Scicenidce (46 pp.). .^.rch. Mus. Rio de 
Janeiro, XVII, 1913. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 

ROULE, 1913 551 

Symphysoglyphus Ribeiro, 43 ; orthotjpe Otolithus bairdi Steind. 

2293. ROULE (1913). Dcuxicme Expedition Antarctique Frangaisc. Poissons, 
1913, 1-25. 

Louis Roule. 
Dolloidraco Roule, 15; orthotype D. longidorsalis Roule. 

2294. ROULE (1913). £tude sur les formes larvaires Tiluriennes de poissons 
apodes. Ann. Inst. Ocean. IMonaco, VI, f. 2, 1913, 1-23. 

Louis Roule. 
Grimaldichthys Roule. 2; orthotype G. profundissimus Roule. 

2295. SMITH (1913). The Hcmiscylliid Sharks of the Philippine Archipelago,_ 
icith Description of a New Genus from the China Sea. (Scientific Results 
of the Philippine Cruise of the Fisheries Steamer "Albatross," 1907-1910. No. 
28.) Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLV, 567-569. 

Hugh McCormick Smith. 
Cirrhoscyllium Smith, 568; orthotype C. expolitum Smith. 

2296-2297. SMITH (1913). Description of a New Carcharioid Shark from the Sulu 
Archipelago. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., XLV, 1913, 599-601. 

Hugh McCormick Smith. 
Eridacnis Smith, 599 ; orthotj'pe E. radcliffei Smith. 

2298. STARKS (1913). The Fishes of the Stanford Expedition to Brazil. Stan- 
ford Univ. Publ., University Series, 1913. 1-77. 

Edwin Chapin Starks. 
Platypogon Starks, 29; orthotype P. c.erulirostris Starks. 

2299. WEBER (1913). Resultats de I' expedition scientifique neerlandaise ^ la 
Nouvelle-Guinee. Nova Guinea, IX, 513-613, 

Max Weber. 
Oloplotosus Weber. 521 ; orthotype O. mari.e Weber. 
Porochilus Weber, 523 ; orthotype P. obbesi Weber. 
Doiichthys Weber, 532 ; orthotype D. nov^-guine^ Weber. 
Tetranesodon Weber, 545 ; orthotype T. conorhynchus Weber. 

2300. WEBER (1913). Siboga-Expeditie. Die Fische dcr Siboga-Expedition. 
Leiden, 1-710. 

Max Weber. 
Ceromitus Weber. 54 ; orthotype C. flagellifer Weber. 
Promacheon Weber, 84 ; orthotype P. sibog^ Weber. 
Apterygocampus Weber, 116; orthotype A. epinnulatus Weber. 
Odontonema Weber, 148 ; orthotype O. kerberti Weber. 
Leiogaster Weber, 179; orthotype L. melanopus Weber. 
Pteranthias Weber, 209; orthotype P. longimanus Weber. 
Sphenanthias Weber, 210; orthotype S. sibog.e Weber. 
Nematochromis Weber. 265 ; ortliotype N. ann.e Weber. 
Cheiloprion Weber. 342 ; orthotype Pomacentrus labiatus Day. 
Cyttula Weber, 411; orthotype C. macrops Weber. 
Lepidoblepharon Weber, 421 ; orthotype L. ophthalmolepis Weber. 
Liopteryx Weber, 423; orthotype Brachypleura xanthosticta Alcock. 
Pleurosicj'a Weber, 456 ; orthotype P. boldinghi Weber. 
Tydemania Weber, 570 ; orthotype T. navigatoris Weber. 


2301. WEBER (1913). Neue Beitrdge sur Kenntniss dcr SUsswasserftsche von 
Celebes* Amster. Bijdr. Dierk, 1913, 197-213. 

Max Weber. 
Adrianichthys Weber, 204; orthotype A. kruyti Weber. 

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du Yacht "Hirondelle II," 1911-1912. Bull. Institut. Oceanographique. 
Monaco, 1913. 

Erich Zugmayer. 
Aristostomias Zugmayer, 1 ; orthotype A. grimaldii Zugmayer. 


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Sci. Petrograd. Poissons, Marsipohranchii et Pisces. Tome III, Ostariophysi, 
Livraison 2, 1914. 

Leo Semenovich Berg. 
Chilogobio Berg, 488; orthotype C. soldatovi Berg. 
Pseudogobiops Berg, 500; orthotype Gobio rivularis Basilewsky. 
Leucalburnus Berg, 5, 521 ; orthotype L. saturnini Berg. 

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Paracymatodus Bogoliubov, 197 ; orthotype Cymatodus reclinatus Trautschold. 

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Zool. Afr. Bruxelles, III, 1914, 442-447. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Luciolates Boulenger, 443 ; orthotype L. stappersii Boulenger. 
Stappersia Boulenger, 445 ; orthotype S. singularis Boulenger. 

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George Albert Boulenger. 
Schubotzia Boulenger, 258; orthotype S. eduardina Boulenger. 

2307. BRANSON (1914). The Devonian Fishes of Missouri. Bull. Univ. Missouri. 
Science, II, 59-74. 

Edwin Bayer Branson. 
Eoorodus Branson, 68; orthotype E. typus Branson (fossil: shark-tooth). 

2308. EASTMAN (1914). Catalog of the Fossil Fishes in the Carnegie Museum. 
Pt. II. Supplement to the Catalog of Fishes from the Upper Eocene of Monte 
Bolca. Mem. Carneg. Mus., VI, No. 5, 315-348. 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Eobothus Eastman, 328; orthotype Rhombus minimus Ag. (fossil flounder). 
Eolabroides Eastman, 336; orthotype Crenilabrus szanoch^ Zigno (fossil labroid). 
Gillidia Eastman, 345; orthotype Toxotes antiquus Ag. (fossil). 

* Reise von E. C. Abendanon. 

EASTMAN, 1914 553 

2309. EASTMAN (1914). Catalogue of the Fossil Fishes in the Carnegie Mu- 
seum, IV. Descriptive catalogue of the fossil fishes from the Lithographic 
Stone of Solenhofen, Bavaria. Mem. Carneg. Mus., VI, 1914, 389-449. 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Parathrissops Eastman, 417; orthotype P. furcatus Eastman (fossil Leptolepid^, 
Jurassic, Solenhofen). 

2310. EIGENMANN (1914). Some Results from Studies of South American 
Fishes. Indiana Univ. Bull., XII, 1914, 20-48. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Bleptonema Eigenmann, 44; orthotype B. paraguayensis Eigenmann. A synonym 

of Prionobrama Eigenmann. 
Parecbasis Eigenmann, 45 ; orthotype P. cyclolepis Eigenmann. 

2311. EIGENMANN, HENN, AND WILSON. (1914). New Fishes from West- 
em Colombia, Equador and Peru. Indiana Univ. Studies, XIX, 1914, 1-15. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Arthur Wilbur Henn ; Charles Wilson. 
Landonia Eigenmann & Henn, 1 ; orthotype L. latidens Eigenmann & Henn. 
Phanagoniates Eigenmann & Henn, 2; orthotype P. wilsoni Eigenmann & Henn. 

Misprinted elsewhere as Phenagoniates. 
Microbrycon Eigenmann, Henn & Wilson, 3; orthotype M. minutus Eigenmann 

> Henn & Wilson. 
Ceratobranchia Eigenmann, Henn & Wilson, 4 ; orthotype C. obtusirostris Eigen- 
mann, Henn & Wilson. 

2312. FACCIOLA (1914). Su di tin nuovo tipo del Ncttastomidi. Roma, Bull. Soc. 
Zool. Ital. (3), III, 1914, 39^7. 

LuiGi Facciola. 
Nettastomella Facciola, 47 ; orthotype N. physonema Facciola. 

2313. FOWLER (1914). Fishes from the Rupununi River, British Guiana. Proc. 
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., LXVI, 229-284. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Myocharax Fowler, 239; orthotype Leporinus desmotes Fowler. 
Xiphocharax Fowler, 251 ; orthotype X. ogilviei Fowler. 

Cobitiglanis Fowler, 268; orthotype Ochmacanthus taxistigma Fowler. A syno- 
nym of Henonemus Eigenmann & Ward. 
Stoniella Fowler, 271 ; orthotype S. leopardus Fowler. 

2314. JORDAN & THOMPSON (1914). Record of the Fishes Obtained in Japan 
in 1911. Mem. Carneg. Mus. VI, 1914, 205-313. 

David Starr Jordan; William Francis Thompson. 
Tanakia Jordan & Thompson, 230 ; orthotype Rhodeus gryz^e Jordan & Thompson. 
Ectenias Jordan & Thompson, 241 ; orthotype E. brunneus Jordan & Thompson. 
Icticus Jordan & Thompson, 242; orthotype I. ischanus Jordan & Thompson. 
Franzia Jordan & Thompson, 251 ; orthotype Anthias nobilis Franz. 
Calymmichthys Jordan & Thompson, 296; orthotype C. xenicus Jordan & Thomp- 
Spectrunculus Jordan & Thompson, 301 ; orthotype S. radcliffei Jordan & Thompson. 
Tarphops Jordan & Thompson, 307; orthotype Pseudorhombus oligolepis Blkr. 

2315. McCULLOCH (1914). Notes on Some Australian Pipe-Fishcs. Australian 
Zoologist, I, pt. 1, 1914, 29-31. 

Allan Riverston McCulloch. 
Histiogamphelus McCulloch, 30; orthotype H. briggsi McCulloch. 


2316. McCULLOCH (1914). Report on Some Fishes Obtained by the F. I. S. 
"Endeavour" on the Coast of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tas- 
mania, South and South Western Australia. Part II. Biol. Res. "Endeavour," 
II, Pt. 3, 77-165. 

Allan Riverston McCulloch. 
Vinculum McCulloch, 110; orthotype Ch^todon sexfasciatus Rich. 
Allocyttus McCulloch, 114; orthotype Cyttosoma verrucosum Gilchrist. 

2317. MEEK (1914). An Annoted List of Fishes Known To Occur in the Fresh 
Waters of Costa Rica. Field Museum, Nat. Hist. Pub. Zool., Ser. X, 1914, 

Seth Eugene ]^eek. 
Carlia Meek, 108; orthotype Cheirodon eigenmanni Meek. 

2318. OGILBY (1914). (Ptenonotus.) Ann. Queensland Museum, XXII. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Ptenonotus Ogilby, 13 ; orthotype Exoccetus cirriger Peters. 

2319. PAPPENHEIM (1914). Die Tiefscefische. Siidpol-Expedition. 1901-1903. 
XV, Zoologie, VI, 1914, 163-200. 

Karl Pappenheim. 
Gnathostomias Pappenheim, 172; orthotype G. longifilis Pappenheim. 
Neoceratias Pappenheim, 198 ; orthotype N. spinifer Pappenheim. 

2320. REGAN (1914). Diagnoses of New Marine Fishes Collected by the British 
Antarctic ("Terra Nova") Expedition. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. XIII, 1914, 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Prinodraco Regan, 10 ; orthotype P. evansi Regan. 
Pogonophryne Regan, 13 ; orthotype P. scotti Regan. 
Chaenodraco Regan, 14; orthotype C. wilsoni Regan. 
Serranops Regan, 15 ; orthotype S. maculicauda Regan. 
Cynophidium Regan, 16; orthotype C. punctatum Regan. 
Lepidoperca Regan, 17; orthotype L. inornata Regan. 

2321. REGAN (1914). Note on Aristeus goldiei Macleay, and on Some Other 
Fishes from Nezu Guinea. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1914, 339-340. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Rhombosoma Regan, 339; orthotype Nematocentris nov;^-guine^ Weber = Aris- 
teus goldiei Macleay. 

2322. REGAN (1914). Report on the Fresh-]Water Fishes Collected by the British 
Ornithologists' Union Expedition in Dutch New Guinea. Trans. Zool. Soc. 
London, 1914, XX, 275-286. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Rhadinocentrus Regan, 280 ; orthotype R. ornatus Regan. 
Anisocentrus Regan, 281 ; orthotype Nematocentris rubrostriatus Weber. 
Chilatherina Regan, 282 ; orthotype Rhombatractus fasciatus Weber. 

2323. REGAN (1914). Tzt'o Nezv Cyprinid Fishes from Waziristan, Collected by 
Major G. E. Bruce. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. XIIT, 1914, 261-263. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Schizocypris Regan, 262 ; orthotype S. brucei Regan. 

REGAN, 1914 555 

2324. REGAN (1914). Descriptions of Two New Cyprinodont Fishes from 
Mexico, Presented to the British Museum by Herr A. Rachow. Ann. Mag. 
Nat. Hist., XIV, 1914, 65-67. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Heterophallus Regan, 66; orthotype H. rachovii Regan. 

2325. REGAN (1914). A Synopsis of the Fishes of the Family Macrorhamphosidce. 
Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., XHI, 1914, 17-21. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Notopogon Regan, 14; logotype N. schoteli Regan. 
Scolopacichthys Regan, 21 ; orthotype Centriscus armatus Sauvage. 

2326. REGAN (1914). British Antarctic ("Terra Nova") Expedition. Zoology, 
I, Fishes, 1914, 1-54. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Histiodraco Regan, 9; orthotype Dolloidraco velifer Regan. 
Pyramodon Regan, 20; orthotype Cynophidium punctatum Regan. 

2327. ZUGMAYER (1914.) Diagnoses de quelques poissons nouveaux provenant 
des campagnes dii yacht HirondcUe II (1911-1913). Bull. Inst. Ocean. Monaco, 
1914, No. 2888, 1-4. 

Erich Zugmayer. 
Cetostoma Zugmayer, 3 ; orthotype C. regani Zugmayer. 
Zoarcites Zugmayer, 3 ; orthotype Z. pardalis Zugmayer. 


2328. BAMBER (1915). Reports on the Marine Biology of the Sudanese Red Sea, 
from Collections Made by Cyril Crossland, etc. XXII. The Fishes. Journ. 
Linn. Soc. London, XXXI, 1915, 477-485. 

R. C. B amber. 
Neenchelys Bamber, 479; orthotype N. microtretus Bamber. 

2329. BERG (1915). Compte-Rendu preliminaire siir les harenges collectionnes 
dans la mer Caspienne par I'Expedition Caspienne de I'Annee, 1913. Mat. 
Pozn. Russk. Rybolav, IV, No. 6, pp. 1-8. 

Lew Semenovich Berg. 
Caspialosa Berg, 12; orthotype Clupeonella caspia Berg. A substitute for Clu- 
peonella Berg ; not of Kessler. 

'o > 

2330. BERG (1915). Faunc de la Russie. Poissons, III, Pt. 2, 337-704. 

Lew Semenowitch Berg. 
Chilogobio Berg, 490 ; orthotype C. czerskii Berg. 

2331. EIGENMANN (1915). The Cheilodontina, a Subfamily of Minute Characid 
Fishes of South America. Mem. Carneg. Mus., VII, No. 1, 1-99. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Leptobrycon Eigenmann, 46; orthotype L. jutuaran^ Eigenmann. 
Macropsobrycon Eigenmann, 48; orthotype M. Uruguayans Eigenmann. 
Megalamphodus Eigenmann, 49 ; orthotype M. megalopterus Eigenmann. 
Microschemobrycon Eigenmann, 56; orthotype M. guaporensis Eigenmann. 
Oligobrycon Eigenmann, 57 ; orthotype O. microstomus Eigenmann. 


Aphyocheirodon Eigenmann, 58; orthotype A. hemigrammus Eigenmann. 
Compsura Eigenmann, 60; orthotype C. heterura Eigenmann. 
Mixobrycon Eigenmann, 62; orthotype Cheirodon ribeiroi Eigenmann. 

2332. EIGENMANN (1915). The Serrasalmince and Mylince. Ann. Carneg. Mus., 
IX, 1915, 226-272. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Gastropristis Eigenmann, 238; orthotj'pe Serrasalmo ternetzi Steind. 
Rooseveltiella Eigenmann, 240; orthotype Serkasalmo nattereri Kner. 
Pristobrycon Eigenmann, 245 ; orthotype Serrasalmo calmoni Steind. 

2333. FOWLER (1915). Notes on Neniatognathous Fishes. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 
Phila., LXVII, 223-243. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 
Cataphractops Fowler, 231 ; orthotype Callichthys melampterus Cope. 
Diapaletoplites Fowler, 237; orthotype Hypoptopoma gulare Cope. 

2334. GILBERT (1915). Fishes Collected by the United States Steamer "Alba- 
tross" in Southern California in 1904. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus.. XLVIII, 305- 

Charles Henry Gilbert. 
Xenognathus Gilbert, 311; orthotype X. profundorum Gilbert. 
Zastomias Gilbert, 322; orthotype Z. scintillans Gilbert. 
Asterotheca Gilbert, 343 ; orthotype Xenochirus pentacanthus Gilbert. 
Lipariscus Gilbert, 358 ; orthotype L. nanus Gilbert. 
Lycogramma Gilbert, 364; orthotype Maynea brunnea Bean. 
Monoceratias Gilbert, 379; orthotype M. acanthias Gilbert. 

2335. HUBBS (1915). Flounders and Soles from Japan Collected by the United 
States Bureau of Fisheries Steamer "Albatross" in 1906. Proc. U. S. Nat. 
Mus., XLVIII, 449-496. 

Carl L. Hubbs (1894- ). 
Citharoides Hubbs, 453; orthotype C. macrolepidotus Hubbs. 
Psettina Hubbs, 456; orthotype Engyprosopon iijim^ Jordan & Starks. 
Laeoptichthys Hubbs, 460; orthotype L. fragilis Hubbs. 
Gareus Hubbs, 486; orthotype Pleuronectes obscurus Herzenstein. 

2336. McCULLOCH (1915). Notes on and Descriptions of Australian Fishes. 
Proc. Linn. Soc. New S. Wales, XL, 259-277. 

Allan Riverston McCulloch. 
Lovettia McCulloch, 259; orthotype Haplochiton sealii Johnston. 

2337. McCULLOCH (1915). Notes and Illustrations of Queensland Fishes. Mem. 
Queensland Mus., Ill, 1915, 47-56. 

Allan Riverston McCulloch. 
Belonepterygion McCulloch, 51 ; orthotype Acanthoclinus fasciolatus Ogilby. 

2338. McCULLOCH (1915). Report on Some Fishes Obtained by the F. I. S: 
"Endeavour" on the Coast of Queensland, Nezv South Wales, Victoria, Tas- 
mania, South and South Western Australia, Part HI. Biol. Res. "Endeavour" 
3, Pt. HI, 97-170. 

Allan Riverston McCulloch. 
Acanthopegasus McCulloch, 106; orthotype Pegasus lancifer Kaup. 

m'culloch & WAiTE, 1915 557 

2339. McCULLOCH & WAITE (1915). A Revision of the Genus Aracana and Its 
Allies. Trans. Roy. Soc. Austral., XXXIX, 1915, 477-493. 

Allan Riverston McCulloch ; Edgar Ravenswood Waite. 
Caprichthys McCulloch & Waite, 482; orthotype C. gymnura McCulloch & Waite. 

2340. OGILBY (1915). On Some New or Little Known Australian Fishes. Mem. 
Queensland Mus., Ill, 1915, 117-129. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Reganichthys Ogilby, 123 ; orthotype R. magnificus Ogilby. A synonym of Glau- 


Rhizoprion Ogilby, 132; orthotype Carcharias crenidens Klunzinger. 

2341. PELLfiGRIN (1915). Les poissons du bassin de I'Ogoue. Comptes Rend. 
Ass. France. Adv. Science, XLIII, 500-505. 

Jacques Pellegrin. 
Hemistichodus Pellegrin, 500; orthotype H. vaillanti Pellegrin. 

2342. RIBEIRO (1915). Fauna Brasiliense, Peixes (Eleutherobranchios aspiro- 
phoros). Archivos do Museo Nacional do Rio Janeiro, XVII, 1915. (In this 
large volume each family has a separate pagination.) 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Kronia Ribeiro (Atherinid/e), 9; orthotype K. iguapensis Ribeiro. 
Pseudothyrina Ribeiro (Atherinid^), 11; orthotype P. jheringi Ribeiro. 
Toledia Ribeiro ( Strom ateid^), 5.; orthotype T. macrophthalma Ribeiro. 
Davidia Ribeiro (Balistid^), 9; orthotype Alutera punctata Ag. Not Davidius 

Selys, 1878, in Neuroptera, being named for a different person, David Starr 

PseudomuUoides Ribeiro (Mullid^), 4; orthotype P. carmineus Ribeiro. 
Marcgravichthys Ribeiro (Batrachoidid^), 3; orthotype Batrachus cryptocen- 

trus Cuv. & Val. Substitute for Marcgravia Jordan, 1886, for the inadequate 

reason of the use of the name in botany. But both are synonyms of Amphich- 

thys Sw., 1839. 
Parablennius Ribeiro (Blenniid^), 3; orthotype Blennius pilicornis Cuv. & Val. 

2343-2344. ROULE (1915). ^Sur un nouveaii genre de poissons apodes et sur' 
quclques particularites de la biologic de ces etres. C. R. Acad. Sci., 160, 1915, 

Louis Roule. 

Pseudophichthys Roule, 283 ; orthotype P. latidorsalis Roule. 

2345. SILVESTER (1915). Fishes Nezv to the Fauna of Porto Rico. Washing- 
ton, Carnegie Inst. Year Book, 14, 1915, 214-217. 

Charles F. Silvester. 
Mayerina Silvester, 214; orthotype M. mayeri Silvester. 

2346. SOLDATOV & PAVLENKO (1915). Tzvo Nezv Genera of Cottidce from 
Tartar Strait and Okhotsk Sea. Ann. Mus. Zool. Ac. Sci. Petrograd, XX, 1915. 

V. K. Sold.\tov; M. N. Pavlenko. 
Taurocottus Soldatov & Pavlenko, 149 ; orthotype T. eergi Soldatov & Pavlenko. 
Trichocottus Soldatov & Pavlenko, 151; orthotype T. brashnikovi Soldatov & Pav- 

2347. STEINDACHNER (1915). Beitrdge sur kenntniss der Flussfische Suda- 
menkas. Denks. Kais. Ak. Wiss. Wien, V, 1915. 

Franz Steindachner. 


^quidens Steindachner, 34; orthotype Tetragonopterus fasslii Steind. Name 

preoccupied by ^quidens Eigenmann & Bray. 
Pseudepterus Steindachner, 82; orthotype Auchenipterus hasemani Steind. 

2348. TANAKA (1915). Ten New Species of Japanese Fishes. (Text in Jap- 
anese). Tokyo Zool. Mag. XXVII, 1915, 556-568. 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Kanekonia Tanaka, 556; orthotype K. Florida Tanaka. (In Japanese, Nov. 15, 

1915; English version Nov. 28, 1918). 
Asterorhombus Tanaka, 567; orthotype A. stellifer Tanaka. 
Scidorhombus Tanaka, 567; orthotype S. pallidus Tanaka. 
Lubricogobius Tanaka, 567 ; orthotype L. exiguus Tanaka. 
Henicichthys Tanaka, 568; orthotype H. foraminosus Tanaka. 
Leptoscolopsis Tanaka, XIX ; orthotype L. nagasakiensis Tanaka. 

2349. WOODWARD (1915). The Fossil Fishes of the English Wealden and 
Purbeck Formations, I, 1-48. London Mon. Palaeont. Soc. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Hylaeobatis Woodward, 19; orthotype H. problematica Woodw. (fossil) (Mylio- 


2350. BERG (1916). Les poissons des eaux donees de la Russie. Moscow. (In 
Russian.) 1-563. 

Lew Semenovich Berg. 
Leucalburnus Berg, 292; orthotype Phoxinus satunini Berg. 
Acanthalburnus Berg, 299; orthotype Alburnus punctulatus Kessler. 
Capoetobrama Berg, 316; orthotype Acanthobrama kuschakewitschi Kessler. 

2351. BOGOLIUBOV (1916). (Russian Title.) Snr I'ichthyodoriilite du Poly- 
rhisus concavus Trd. de Miatchkovo. Gouv. de Moscou Ann. Geol. Miner. 
Novo Alexandrija, XVI. 

N. N. Bogoliubov. 
Paracymatodus Bogoliubov, 197; orthotype Cymatodus reclinatus Trautschold 
(fossil) (Petalodontid^). Substitute for Cymatodus Trautschold (not 
of Newberry), preoccupied. 

2352. BOULENGER (1916). Catalogue of the Fresh-water Fishes of East Africa. 

George Albert Boulenger. 
Otoperca Boulenger, 130; orthotype Larimus auritus Guv. & Val. A synonym 

of Brachydeuterus Gill. 
Lobochilotes Boulenger, 280 ; orthotype Tilapia labiata Boulenger. 
Liauchenoglanis Boulenger, 314 ; orthotype L. maculatus Boulenger. 
Champsochromis Boulenger, 433 ; orthotype C. c^rulea Boulenger. 

2353. EIGENMANN (1916). New and Rare Fishes from South American Rivers. 
Ann. Carnegie Mus., X. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Cetopsorhamdia Eigenmann, 83 ; orthotype C. nasus Eigenmann. 

2354. EIGENMANN (1916). On Apareiodon, a New Genus of Characid Fishes. 
Ann. Carnegie Museum, X. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 

FOWLER, 1916 559 

Apareiodon Eigenmann, 71 ; orthotype Parodon piracicab^ Eigenmann. 

2355. FOWLER (1916). Notes on Fishes of the Orders Haplomi and Microcy- 
prini. Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci. Phila., LXVIII. 

Henry Weed Fowler. 

Galasaccus Fowler, 417; orthotype Hydrargyra similis Baird & Grd. A substi- 
tute for Hydrargyra as commonly used, Hydrargyra swampina Lac. being 
a true Fundulus. 

Chriopeops Fowler, 425 ; orthotype Lucania goodei Jordan. 

Oxzygonectes Fowler, 425; orthotype Haplochilus dowi Gthr. 

2356. GILBERT & HUBBS (1916). Report on the Japanese Macruroid Fishes 
Collected by the United States Fisheries Steamer "Albatross" in 1901, zuith a 
Synopsis of the Genera. Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., LI, 135-214. 

Charles Henry Gilbert ; Carl Leavitt Hubbs. 
Squalogadus Gilbert & Hubbs, 156; orthotype S. modificatus Gilbert & Hubbs. 

2357. HENN (1916). On Various South American Pozciliid Fishes. Ann. Car- 
negie Mus., X, pp. 93-142. 

Arthur Wilbur Henn. 
Diphyacantha Henn, 113; orthotype D. chocoensis Henn. 
Neoheterandria Henn, 117; orthotype N. elegans Henn. 
Phalloptychus Henn, 121 ; orthotype P. eigenmanni Henn. 
Phallatorhynus Henn, 126 ; orthotype P. fasciolatus Henn. 

2358. HUBBS (1916). Notes on the Marine Fishes of California. Univ. of Cali- 
fornia Pub. in Zoology, XVI, 1916, 153-169. 

Carl Leavitt Hubbs. 
Lestidiops Hubbs, 154; orthotype L. sphyr.^nopsis Hubbs. 

2359. JORDAN (1916). The Nomenclature of American Fishes as Affected by 
the Opinions of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. 
Copeia (April 12, 1916). 

David Starr Jordan. 
SufHamen Jordan, 27; orthotype Balistes capistratus Shaw. Substitute for 
Pachynathus Sw., preoccupied in Spiders as P.vchygnathus. 

2360. Mcculloch (I9I6). Ichythyological Items. Mem. Queensland Mus., V 
(July 10, 1916). 

Allan Riverston McCulloch. 
Phyllichthys McCulloch, 67 ; orthotype P. punctatus McCulloch. 

2361. MEEK & HILDEBRAND (1916). The Fishes of the Fresh Waters of 
Panama. Field Museum of Natural History, No. 191 ; X. Dec. 28, 1916. 

Seth Eugene Meek; Samuel F. Hildebrand. 

Leptoancistrus Meek & Hildebrand, 254; orthotype Acanthicus canensis Meek 
& Hildebrand. 

Pseudocheirodon Meek & Hildebrand, 275 ; orthotype P. affinis Meek & Hilde- 

Leptophilypnus Meek & Hildebrand, 361 ; orthotype L. fluviatilis Meek & Hilde- 

Microeleotris Meek & Hildebrand, 362; orthotype M. affinis Meek and Hildebrand. 


Hemieleotris Meek & Hildebrand, 364; orthotype Eleotris latifasciatus Meek & 

2362. OGILBY (1916). Check List of the Cephalochordates, Selachians and Fishes 
of Queensland, Part 1. Mem. Queensl. Mus., 1916. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Dasybatus (Klein; Walbaum) Ogilby, 87; orthotype Rajapastinaca L. Same as 

Dasyatis Raf. The names reproduced by Walbaum from Klein are rejected 

by the International Commission. 
Cestracion (Walbaum after Klein) Ogilby, 81 ; orthotype Squalus zyg^na L. 

The generic names quoted by Walbaum in 1792 from Klein are rejected by the 

International Commission. 

2363. OGILBY (1916). (Lapichthys.) Mem. Queensland Mus., V. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Laephichthys Ogilby, 173 ; orthotype Acanthurus rostratus Gthr. 

2364. REGAN (1916). A Revision of the Clupeoid Fishes of the Genera Pomolo- 
bus. Brevoortia and Dorosoma and Their Allies. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1916, 
297 et seq. 

Charles Tate Regan. 

Paralosa Regan, 167 ; orthotype Alosa kan.\gurta Blkr. Name said to be preoc- 
cupied (Paralosa Blkr.), replaced by Hilsa Regan, 1916. But I do not find a 
Paralosa in Bleekcr's writings. 

Ethmalosa Regan. 302; orthotype Alausa dorsalis Cuv. & Val. 

Hilsa Regan, 303 ; logotype Alosa kanagurta Blkr. Substitute for Paralosa 
Regan, said to be preoccupied. 

Nematalosa Regan, 312; orthotype Clupea nasus Bloch. 

Gonialosa Regan, 315 ; orthotype Chatoessus modestus Day. 

2365. REGAN (1916). The Morphology of the Cyprinodont fishes of the subfamily 
Phallostethince, etc. Proc. Zool. Soc. London. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Neostethus Regan, 14 ; logotype N. lankesteri Regan. 

2366. RIBEIRO (1916). Fauna Brasilicnsis, Peixcs, V. Archiv. Museu Nacional, 
XVII. Mullids. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Pseudomulloides Ribeiro, 3; orthotype P. carmineus Ribeiro. 

2367. ROULE (1916). Notice preliininairc sur qnclqucs cspcccs nouvclles prove- 
nant des croisieres de S. A. S. le Prince dc Monaco. Bull. Inst. Oceano- 
graphique Monaco. 

Louis Roule. 
Belonopterois Roule, 13 ; orthotype B. viridensis RouIc. 
Barathrites Roule, 17; orthotype B. abyssorum Roule. 
Echinomacrurus Roule, 22; orthotype E. mollis Roule. 
Bathysolea Roule, 28; orthotype B. albida Roule. 

2368. TANAKA (1916). Nihon san gyortii no san shinshu (Three Nezv Species of 
Japanese Fish). Dobuts. Z. Tokyo, XXVII. 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Paragyrops Tanaka, 141 ; orthotype P. edita Tanaka. 
Pluviopsetta Tanaka, 141 ; orthotype P. taniguchi Tanaka. 

TANAKA, 1916 561 

2369. TANAKA (1916). Nihon san gyorui no shi shinshu (Two New Species of 
Japanese Fishes). Dobuts. Z. Tokyo, XXVIII. 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Brevigobio Tanaka, 102; orthotype B. kawabat^ Tanaka. 

2370. THOMPSON (1916). Fishes Collected by the United States Bureau of 
Fisheries Steamer "Albatross" during 1888, between Montevideo, Uruguay, and 
Tome, Chile, on the Voyage Through the Straits of Magellan. Proc. U. S. 
Nat. Mus. L. (May 20, 1916). 

William Francis Thompson. 
Ethmidium Thompson, 458; orthotype Clupea notacanthoides Steind. == Alausa 


2371. W'AITE (1916). Fishes, Australasian Antarctic Expedition. Sci. Rep. 

Edgar Ravenswood Waite. 
Aconichthys Waite, 30; orthotype A. harrissoni Waite. 
Cygnodraco Waite, 32; orthotype C. mawsoni Waite. 
Dacodraco Waite, 35; type D. hunteri Waite. 
Notosudis Waite, 56; orthotype N. hamiltoni Waite. 
Aurion Waite, 63; orthotype A. effulgens Waite. 

2372. WATSON & DAY (1916). Notes on Some Palceozoic Fishes. Mem. Lit. 
Phil. Doc. Manchester, LX. 

David Meredith Shares Watson ; Henry Day. 
Pentlandia Watson & Day, 34; orthotype Dipterus macropterus Traquair (fossil). 

2373. WEBER & BEAUFORT (1916). The Fishes of the Indo-Australian Archi- 
pelago, III, Ostariophysi, Apodes, Synbranchi. 

Max Weber ; Lie\^n Ferdinand de Beaufort. 
Brachydanio Weber & Beaufort, 85 ; orthotype Danio albolineata BIyth. 
Lissochilus Weber & Beaufort, 167 ; logotype L. sumatranus Weber & Beaufort. 
Hemerorhinus Weber & Beaufort, 281 ; orthotype Sphagebranchus heyningi 

Cheiloprion Weber, 342 ; orthotype Pomacentrus' labiatus Day. 

2374. WOODWARD (1916). The Fossil Fishes of the English Wcalden and Pur- 
beck Formations, II. Paleontological Society, LXIX, October, 1916. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Hylasobatis Woodward, 19; orthotype H. problematica Woodw. (fossil). 


2375. EASTMAN (1917). Fossil Fishes in the United States National Museum. 
Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1917. LII. 

Charles Rochester Eastman. 
Parafundulus Eastman, 291 ; orthotype P. nevadensis Eastman (Pleistocene of 
Nevada fossil). 

2376. EIGENMANN (1917). The American Characidce. Mem. Mus. Comp. Zool., 
XLIII, pt. 1, 1917. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Entomolepis Eigenmann, 62> ; orthotype Tetragonopterus steindachneri Eigen- 


2377. EIGENMANN (1917). New and Rare Species of South American Siluridce 
in the Carnegie Museum. Ann. Carneg. Mus., XI, 1917. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Cheirocerus Eigenmann, 398; orthotype C. eques Eigenmann. 
Entomocorus Eigenmann, 403; orthotype E. benjamini Eigenmann. 

2378. EVERMANN & RADCLIFFE (1917). Fishes of the West Coast of Peru 
and the Titicaca Basin. Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus., XCV, 1917. 

Barton Warren Evermann ; Lewis Radcliffe. 

Epelytes Evermann & Radcliffe, 71 ; orthotype E. punctatus Evermann & Rad- 

Xenoscarus Evermann & Radcliffe, 129 ; orthotype X. denticulatus Evermann & 

2379. JORDAN (1917). Notes on Glossamia and Related Genera of Cardinal 
Fishes. Copeia, May 24, 1917, pp. 46, 47. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Nectamia Jordan, 46; orthotype Apogon fuscus Quoy & Gaimard. 
Xystramia Jordan, 46 ; orthotype Glossamia pandionis G. & B. 
Zoramia Jordan, 46; orthotype Apogon graeffei Gthr. 

2380. JORDAN (1917). The Genera of Fishes, etc. Stanford Univ. Publ., Uni- 
versity Series, June 1, 1917. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Thrissocles Jordan, 151 ; orthotype Clupea setirostris Broussonet. Substitute for 
Thryssa Cuv., preoccupied by Thrissa Raf. 

2381. JORDAN (1917). Changes in names of American Fishes. Copeia, Oct. 4, 

David Starr Jordan. 
Stenesthes Jordan, 87; orthotype Sparus chrvsops L. = S. argyrops L. Replaces 

Stenotomus Gill, regarded as preoccupied by Stenotoma. 
Xantocles Jordan, 88 (Oct. 4, 1917) ; orthotype Zaniolepis frenatus Eigenmann. 
Thoburnia Jordan & Snyder, 88 (Oct. 4, 1917) ; orthotype Catostomus rhothcecus 


2382. JORDAN & HUBBS (1917). Notes on a Collection of Fishes from Port 
Said, Egypt. Ann. Carneg. Mus., XI, 461-468. 

David Starr Jordan; Carl Leavitt Hubbs. 
Glaucus (Klein) Jordan & Hubbs, 463; orthotype Scomber glaucus L. Same as 

C.i':siOMORUS Lac. and Hypodis Raf. 
Dacymba Jordan & Hubbs, 464 ; orthotype Pristipoma bennetti Lowe. 

2383. NICHOLS & GRISCOM (1917). Fresh-lVater Fishes of the Congo Basin, 
obtained by the American Congo Expedition, 1909-1915. Bull. Am. Mus. 
Nat. Hist., XXXVII. 

John Treadvvell Nichols; Ludlow Griscom. 
Microstomatichthyoborus Nichols & Griscom, 685; orthotype M. bashforddeani 

Nichols & Griscom. It is to be hoped that no one will attempt to break this 

record as to length of generic name. 
Amarginops Nichols & Griscom, 713; orthotype A. platus Nichols & Griscom. 
Acanthocleithron Nichols & Griscom, 720; orthotype A. chapini Nichols & Griscom. 
Gnathobagrus Nichols & Griscom, 711; orthotype G. depressus Nichols & Griscom. 

REGAN, 1917 563 

2384. REGAN (1917). A Revision of the Cliipeoid Fishes of the Genus Pellonula 
and of Related Genera in the Rivers of Africa. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 1917, 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Poecilothrissa Regan, 201 ; orthotype P. congica Regan. 
Potamothrissa Regan, 203 ; orthotype Pellonula obtusirostris Boulenger. 
Cynothrissa Regan, 203 ; orthotype C. mento Regan. 
Stolothrissa Regan, 206; orthotype S. tanganic^ Regan. 
Limnothrissa Regan, 207 ; orthotype Pellonula microdon Boulenger. 

2385. SEALE (1917). New Species of Apodal Fishes. Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool., LXI. 

Alvin Seale. 
Garmannichthys Seale, 80; orthotype G. dentatus Seale. 

2386. SNYDER (1917). The Fishes of the Lahontan System of Nevada and North- 
eastern California. Bull. Bur. Fisheries Washington, XXXV (Sept. 28, 1917). 

John Otterbein Snyder. 
Leucidius Snyder, 64 ; orthotype L. pectinifer Snyder. 

2387-2388. TANAKA (1917). Figures and Descriptions of the Fishes of Japan, 

including Riukiii Islands, Bonin Islands, Formosa, Kurilc Islands, and South- 

em Sakhalin. (Issued in many parts. 1915 to 1918.) 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Rosanthias Tanaka, 198; orthotype R. amcenus Tanaka. (In Japanese, July 15, 

1917; English version, p. 503, Sept. 28, 1918.) 
Cyprinocirrhites Tanaka, 368; orthotype C. ui Tanaka (Japanese, Sept. 15, 1917; 

English version, p. 507, Sept. 28, 1918). 


2389. ANNANDALE (1918). Fish and Fisheries of the Inle Lake. Rec. Ind. Mus.. 
XIV, 33-64. 

Nelson Annandale. 
Chaudhuria Annandale. 33-64; orthoti'pe C. caudata Annandale. (A Mastacem- 
belus without spines (fide Regan, note on Chaudhuria. Ann. Mag. Nat. 
Hist., 198. Feb., 1919.) 

2390. EIGENMANN (1918). (South American Fishes). Proc. Am. Philos. Soc, 
LVI, Jan.. 1918. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Scleronema Eigenmann, 691 ; orthotype S. operculatum Eigenmann. 
Branchoica Eigenmann, 702 ; orthotype B. bertonii Eigenmann. 

2391. EIGENMANN (1918). The Pygidiidw, a Family of South American Cat- 
Fishes. Ann. Carneg. Mus., VII, Sept., 1918, 259-369. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Urinophilus Eigenmann. 359; logotype (indicated in Science, 1920, 441) Vandellia 
sanguinea Eigenmann. 

2392. HUBBS (1918). A Revision of the Viviparous Perches. Proc. Biol. Soc. 
Washington, May 16, 1918. 

Carl Leavitt Hubbs. 


Tocichthys Ilubbs, 12; orthotype Hyperprosopon agassizi Gill. 
Amphigonopterus Hubbs, 13; orthotype Abeona aurora J. & G. 

2393. HUBBS (1918). Colpichthys, Thyrinops, and Austromenidia, New Genera 
of Atherinoid Fishes from the New World. Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci. Phila. for 
1917 (1918). 

Carl Leavitt Hubbs. 
Colpichthys Hubbs, 305 ; orthotype Atherinops regis Jenkins & Evermann. 
Thyrinops Hubbs, 306; orthotype Atherinichthys pachylepis Gthr. 
Austromenidia Hubbs, 307 ; orthotype Basilichthys regillus Abbott. Replaces 
Basilichthys of Abbott, not of Girard. 

2394. HUBBS (1918). Supplementary Notes on Flounders from Japan, ivith Re- 
marks on the Species of Hippoglossoides. Ann. Zool Japonensis, IX, pt. 4, 
1918, pp. 369-376. 

Carl Leavitt Hubbs. 
Tanakius Hubbs, 370; orthotype Microstomus kitahar^ Jordan & Starks. (Not 
Ta^nakia Jordan & Metz.) 

2395. Mcculloch & WAITE (I9I8). Records of the South Australian Museum. 

Allan Riverston McCulloch ; Edgar Ravenswood Waite. 
Helcogramma McCulloch & Waite, 51 ; orthotype H. decurrens McCulloch & 

Trianectes McCulloch & Waite, 53 ; orthotype T. Bucephalus McCulloch & Waite. 
Echinophryne McCulloch & Waite, 86; orthotype E. crassispina McCulloch & 

Trichophryne McCulloch & Waite, 68; orthotype Antennarius mitchelli Morton. 

2396. OGILBY (1918). Ann. Queensland Mus., VI. 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Acanthagonia Ogilby, 45 ; orthotype A. poweri Ogilby. 

2397. RIBEIRO (1918). Historia Natural. Zoologia: Cichlidcc. Coinni. Linhas 
lelegr. de Matto Grosso ao Amazonas. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Nannacara Ribeiro, 14 ; orthotype Acara dorsigera Heckel. 
Pseudopercis Ribeiro, 184; orthotype P. numida Ribeiro. 

2398. RIBEIRO (1918). Dezesetes especics de pci.ves Brasilciros. Museu Paulista. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Pleurophysus Ribeiro, 8; orthotype P. hydrostaticus Ribeiro. 
Tannayia Ribeiro, 14; orthotype T. marginata Ribeiro. 
Ceratocheilus Ribeiro, 16; orthotype C. osteomystax Ribeiro. 

2399. RIBEIRO (1918). Commerc. Geogr. Geol. Soc. Sa5 Paulo. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Typhlobagrus Ribeiro, 3 ; orthotype T. kronei Ribeiro. 

2400. RIBEIRO (1918). Lista dos peixcs Brasilciros do Muscu Paulista. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Paragonus Ribeiro, 3; orthotype P. sertorii Ribeiro. Name twice preoccupied: 
Gill, Guichenot ; replaced by Ribeiroa Jordan, new name, given in honor of 
the excellent Brazilian naturalist who made this form known. 

RiBEiRO, 1918 565 

Gymnogeophagus Ribeiro, 6; orthotype G. cyanopterus Ribeiro. 
Decapogon Ribeiro; orthotype D. urostriatum Ribeiro. 

2401. RIBEIRO (1918). Dous generos e tres especies novas dc peixcs Brasileiros, 
. . . Museu Paulista. 

Alipio de Miranda Ribeiro. 
Homodietus (Ihering) Ribeiro, 23; orthotype H. paulensis Rudolph. Same as 

PsEUDOSTEGOPHiLUS Ihering, on page 22 of the same paper. 
Scleromystax Ribeiro; orthotype S. kronei Ribeiro, not of Ogilby. 

2402. TANAKA (1918). Nihon San Gyonii—No Juisshu Shin (Eleven New Spe- 
cies of Japanese Fishes). Journ. Zool. Studies, Imperial University, Tokyo, 
XXXIX, No. 13. (In Japanese only.) 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Vegetichthys Tanaka, 7; orthotype V. tumidus Tanaka. (Lutianid^.) 
Sebastella Tanaka, 10; orthotype S. littoralis Tanaka (Scorp^nid^). 

2403. TANAKA (1918). Nihon San Gyorui—No Roku Shin (Six New Species 
of Japanese Fishes). Journ Zool. Studies, Imperial University, Tokyo, XXIX, 
No. 345. (In Japanese only.) 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Mustelichthys Tanaka, 301; orthotype M. ui Tanaka (Serranid^). 

2404. TANAKA (1918). Figures and Descriptions of the Fishes of Japan, includ- 
ing Riukiu Islands, Bonin Islands, Formosa, Kurile Islands, Korea and 
Southern Sakhalin. (In English as well as in Japanese.) 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Selenanthias Tanaka, 516; orthotype S. analis Tanaka (Dec. 28. 1918). 
Leptanthias Tanaka, 525; orthotype L. kashiw^ Tanaka (Dec. 28, 1918). 

2405. WOODWARD (1918). The Fossil Fishes of the English Wealden and Pur- 
beck Formations, Part 2. Pal^eontological Society, February, 1918. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Eomesodon Woodward, 56; orthotype Mesodon barnesi Woodw. (fossil). 
Enchelyolepis Woodward, 80; orthotj'pe Macrosemius andrewsi Woodw. (Fossil). 

2406. WOODWARD (1918). On Two New Elasmobranchs . . . from the 
Upper Jurassic Lithographic Stone of Bavaria. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 231- 
235, June 11, 1918. 

Arthur Smith Woodward. 
Protospinax Woodward, 233; orthotype P. annectans Woodw. 


2407. COCKERELL (1919). Some American Cretaceous Fish Scales, with Notes 
on the Classification and Distribution of Cretaceous Fishes. Bull. U. S. 
Geol. Surv. for 1918. 

Theodore Dru Allison Cockerell. 

Helmintholepis Cockerell, 176; orthotype H. vermiculatus Cockerell (fossil 

Chicolepis Cockerell, 176; orthotype C. punct.\tus Cockerell (fossil Pterothrissi- 


Leucichthyops Cockerell, 180; orthotype L. vagans Cockerell (fossil Salmonid^). 
Erythrinolepis Cockerell, 182; orthotype E. mowriensis Cockerell (fossil Erythri- 

Halecodon Cockerell, 183; orthotype H. denticulatus Cockerell (fossil Enchodon- 


Gonorhynchops Cockerell, 183; orthotype G. woodwardi Cockerell (fossil Gono- 
rhynchid-e: English Chalk). 

Centrarchites Cockerell, 188; orthotype C. coloradensis Cockerell (fossil Eucen- 
TRARCHiD^ : basal Eocene). 

Benthosphyraena Cockerell, 172; orthotype Alepocephalus macropterus Vaillant. 
This name, noted in passing by Cockerell, was found by him on specimens in 
the United States National Museum. It was doubtless a manuscript name of 
Goode & Bean, never published by them, or possibly of Gill. As the genus 
seems to be valid, the name is accepted by Cockerell and may date from his 
reference to it, which reads as follows : "Benthosphyr^na macroptera, also 
referred to the Alepocephalid^, has small round scales wholly unlike those of 
Alepocephalus." That Benthosphyr^na was an unpublished name was not 
known to Cockerell when he examined the scales of its type species. 

2408. EIGENMANN (1919). Trogloglanis pattersoni, a New Blind Fish from 
San Antonio, Texas. Proc. Am. Philos Soc, LVIII, 397-400. 

Carl H. Eigenmann. 
Trogloglanis Eigenmann, 397; orthotype T. pattersoni Eigenmann (a blind cave 
representative of the genus Rabida). 

2409. EIGENMANN & EIGENMANN (1919). Steindachneridion. Science. No- 
vember, 1919. 

Carl H. Eigenmann; Rosa Smith Eigenmann. 
Steindachneridion Eigenmann & Eigenmann; logotype Steindachneria ambly- 
ura Eigenmann & Eigenmann (Silurid^). Substitute for Steindachneria 
Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1888, preoccupied in Macrourid.e. 

2410. HUSSAKOF & BRYANT (1919). Catalog of the Fossil Fishes in the Mu- 
seum of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences. Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci., 
Vol. XII. 

Louis Hussakof; William L. Bryant. 

Perissognathus Hussakof & Bryant, 81 ; orthotype P. aduncus (based on a man- 
dible) (fossil Arthrodira, Upper Devonic, New York). 

Machaerognathus Hussakof & Bryant, 83; orthotype M. woodwardi (fossil man- 
dible Arthrodira, Upper Devonic, New York). 

Copanognathus Hussakof & Bryant, 84; orthotype C. crassus (fossil mandible 
Arthrodira, Upper Devonic, New York). 

Deinodus Hussakof & Bryant, 123; orthotype D. bennetti (fossil dental plate 
Ptyctodontid.'e, Upper Devonic, New York). 

Acmoniodus Hussakof & Bryant, 151; orthotype A. clarkei (fossil dental plate 
Elasmobranchi, Upper Devonic, New York). 

Atopacanthus Hussakof & Bryant, 157; orthotype A. dentatus (fossil spine 
Ichthyodorulites, Upper Devonic, New York). 

2411. JORDAN (1919). On Certain Genera of Atherine Fishes. Proc. U. S. Nat. 
Mus., LV, 309-311. 

D.A.VID Starr Jordan. 
Hubbesia Jordan, 310; orthotype Menidia gilberti Jordan & Bollman. 

JORDAN, 1919 567 

2412. JORDAN (1919). Note on Gistd's Genera of Fishes. Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci. 
Phila., April 10, 1919, pp. 335-340. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Urocles Jordan, 338, 343; orthotype M. lepidotus Ag. (fossil). Substitute for Me- 
GALURUS Ag. and Synergus Gistel, both names being preoccupied. 

2413. JORDAN (1919). New Genera of Fishes. Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci. Phila., April 
10, 1919, pp. 341-344. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Aoria Jordan, 341 ; orthotype Bagrus lamarii Cuv. & Val. Substitute for Ma- 

CRONES Dumeril, preoccupied (Newman, 1841, a genus of Beetles). 
Azurella Jordan, 341 ; orthotype Pomacentrus bairdi Gill. 
Cotylichthys Jordan, 341 ; orthotype Cotylis fimbriata M. & T. Same as Cotylis 

Gthr., not of Miiller & Troschel, whose original type is a species of Gobiesox 

Extrarius Jordan, 341 ; orthotype Hybopsis tetranemus Gilbert. 
Eperlanio Jordan, 341 ; orthotype Osmerus albatrossis J. & G. 
Erythrocles Jordan, 341 ; orthotype Erythrichthys schlegeli Blkr. Substitute 

for Erythrichthys T. & S., preoccupied by Erythrichthys Bon. 
Nautopaedium Jordan, 342; orthotype Porichthys plectrodon J. & G. = Ba- 

trachus porosissimus Cuv. & Val. 
Irillion* Jordan, 342; orthotype Coregonus oregonius Jordan & Snyder. 
Oshimia Jordan, 342; orthotype Micracanthus marchei Sauvage. Name a substi- 
tute for Micracanthus Sauvage, 1878, preoccupied by Microcanthus Sw. 

Named for Masamitsu Oshima, of the Bureau of Scientific Research of 

Rheocles Jordan & Hubbs, 343; orthotype Eleotris sikor^ Sauvage. 
Syletor Jordan, 343; orthotype Pisodonophis cruentifer G. & B. 
Unagius Jordan, 343; orthotype Cryptophthalmus robustus Franz. Substitute 

for Cryptophthalmus Franz, preoccupied. 
Verater Jordan, 343 ; orthotype Oligopus ater Risso. Substitute for Pteridium 

Filippi & Verany, preoccupied by Pteridium Scopoli. 
Pnictes Jordan, 343 ; orthotype Achiropsis asphyxiatus Jordan & Goss. This 

genus differs from all other soles in having the gill opening on the right side 

completely closed. 
Errex Jordan, 343 ; orthotype Glyptocephalus zachirus Lockington. 
Ainia Jordan, 344; orthotype Callopterus agassizi Thiolliere (fossil). Name a 

substitute for Callopterus. preoccupied in beetles ; name from the locality 

Ain, in France. 
Raiamas Jordan; orthotype Cyprinus bola Ham. "Rajah Mas" of the anglers in 

India. Replaces Bola Gthr., preoccupied. 
Tarsistes Jordan, 344; orthotype Rhynchobatis Philippi, 1858. No specific name. 

Generic name preoccupied as Rhynchobatus. Species named Tarsistes 

philippii Jordan. 
Vigil Jordan, 344; orthotype Pleurolepis pellucidus Ag. A substitute for Pleu- 

ROLEPis Ag., preoccupied in fossil fishes. 
Orqueta Jordan, 344; orthotype Micropteryx (Micropus) polycentrus Kner. A 

substitute for Micropus Kner, four times preoccupied. 

* "The merry wild Trillion rejoicing from fields of snow" (Dunsaney). 


2414. JORDAN (1919). Fossil Fishes of Southern California, I. Fossil Fishes of 
the Soledad Deposits . . . pp. 1-12. Leland Stanford Junior University 
Publications, University Series, September 18, 1919. 

David Starr Jordan. 

Ganolytes Jordan, 6; orthotype G. cameo Jordan (fossil). 

Rogenites Jordan, 8; orthotype Rogenio bowersi Jordan (fossil). 

Rhomurus Jordan, 9; orthotype R. fulcratus Jordan (fossil). 

Auxides Jordan, 10; orthotype Thynnus propterygius Ag. (fossil). 

Bulbiceps Jordan, 12; orthotype B. raninus Jordan (fossil). 

Eoperca Jordan, 12; orthotype Mioplosus multidentatus Cope (fossil). An 
Eocene ally of Perca, differing from Mioplosus in the presence of 12 dorsal 
spines and in the stronger and more numerous retrorse serrations of the 

2415. JORDAN (1919). Description of a New Fossil Fish from Japan. Proc. Cal. 
Ac. Sci, IX, 271-272. October 22, 1919. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Iquius Jordan, 271; orthotype I. nipponicus Jordan (fossil Clupeid). 

2416. JORDAN (1919). The Genera of Fishes, Part III. Leland Stanford Junior 
University Publications, University Series, October 25, 1919. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Laides Jordan, 293 ; orthotype Pangasius hexanema Blkr. Substitute for Lais 
Blkr., 1860, preoccupied by Lais Gistel, VIII, 1849, a tunicate, this being a 
substitute name for Cynthia, preoccupied. 

2417. JORDAN (1919). On Elephenor, a New Genus of Fishes from Japan. 
Ann. Carneg. Museum, XII, December 16, 1919, pp. 329-343. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Elephenor Jordan, 328; orthotype Pteraclis macropus Bellotti. 

2418. JORDAN & GILBERT (J. Z.) (1919). Fossil Fishes of Southern Cali- 
fornia, II. Fossil Fishes of the (Miocene) Monterey Formations of Southern 
California. Leland Stanford Junior University Publications, University Series, 
September 18, 1919, pp. 13-^. 

David Starr Jordan; James Zaccheus Gilbert. 

Xyne Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 25; orthotype X. grex J. & G. (fossil Clupeid.^). 

EUimmichthys Jordan, 27 ; orthotype Diplomystes longicostatus Cope ( fossil 
Clupeid, Eocene, Brazil). 

Alisea Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z), 26; orthotype A. grandis J. & G. (fossil Clupeid). 

Smithites Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 30; orthotype S. elegans J. & G. (fossil Dus- 

Quaesita Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 30; orthotype Q. quisquilia J. & G. (fossil 

Azalois Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 32; orthotype A. angelensis J. & G. (fossil 

Lygisma Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 33; orthotype L. tenax J. & G. (fossil Dus- 

Forfex Jordan, 36; orthotype F. hypuralis Jordan (fossil Scomberesocid). 

Zanteclites Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.). 39; orthotype Z. hubbsi J. & G. (fossil 

JORDAN & GILBERT (j. Z.), 1919 _ 569 

Eritima Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 40; orthotype E. evides J. & G. (fossil Apogonid). 
Tunita Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 42; orthotype T. octavia J. & G. (fossil mackerel). 
Ozymandias Jordan, 43; orthotype O. gilberti Jordan (fossil of unknown family, 

probably Scombrid). 
Lophar Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 44; orthotype L. mioc^nus J. & G. (fossil 

Eclipes Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 47; orthotype E. veternus J. & G. (fossil Merlu- 

ciid). Same as Merriamina Jordan & J. Z. Gilbert. 
Lompoquia Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 49; orthotype L. retropes J. & G. (fossil 

Xyrinius Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 50; orthotype X. houshi J. & G. (fossil Clufeid, 

mistaken for a Labroid). 
Sebastavus Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 50; orthotype S. vertebralis J. & G. (fossil 

Rhomarchus Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 51; orthotype R. ensiger J. & G. (fossil 


Eoscorpius Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 53; orthotype E. prim^vus J. & G. (fossil of 
uncertain relation, probably Cottoid). 

Hayia Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 55; orthotype H. daulica J. & G. (fossil of uncer- 
tain relations, probably Cottoid). 

Merriamina Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 56; orthotype M. ectenes J. & G. (fossil 
Merluciid). a synonym of Eclipes Jordan & J. Z. Gilbert. 

Diatomoeca Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 58; orthotype D. zatima Jordan & Gilbert 
(fossil closely allied to Lampris). 

Emmachaere Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 59; orthotype E. rhachites J. & G. (fossil 

2419. JORDAN & GILBERT (J. Z.), (1919). Fossil Fishes of Southern California, 
III. Fossil Fishes of the Pliocene Formations . . . Leland Stanford 
Junior University Publ., University Series, Sept. 18, 1919, pp. 61-64. 

David Starr Jordan ; James Zaccheus Gilbert. 
Ectasis Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 62; orthotype E. proriger J. & G. (fossil, perhaps 

Arnoldina Jordan & Gilbert (J. Z.), 63; orthotype A. iniistia J. & G. (fossil 


2420. JORDAN & HUBBS (1919). Stiidies in Ichthyology: A Monographic Re- 
view of the Family of Atherinidce or Silversides. Leland Stanford Junior 
University Publications, Dec. 18, 1919. 

David Starr Jordan ; Carl Leavitt Hubbs. 
Archomenidia Jordan & Hubbs, 54; type Atherinichthys sallei Regan. 

242L OGILBY (1919). (Tropidocaulus.) 

James Douglas Ogilby. 
Tropidocaulus Ogilby ; orthotype Belone platyura Cuv. & Val. Substitute for 
Eurycaulus Ogilby, preoccupied. 

2422. NICHOLS (1919). Um novo genero do Cascudos do familia Loricariidce 
(zvith English translation). Revista do Mus. Paulista, XI. 

John Treadwell Nichols. 
Pseudotocinclus Nichols, 9 ; orthotype P. intermedius Nichols. 


2423. OSHIMA (1919). Contributions to the Study of the Fresh-Water Fishes of 
the Island of Formosa. Ann. Carneg. Museum, Pittsburgh, XII, Dec. 16, 1919, 
pp. 169-328. 

Masamitsu Oshima (1884- ). 
Formosania Oshima, 194; orthotype F. gilberti Oshima. 
Acrossochilus Oshima, 206; orthotype Gymnostomus formosanus Regan. 
Scaphesthes Oshima, 208; orthotype S. tamusiuensis Oshima. 
Spinibarbus Oshima, 217 ; orthotype S. hollandi Oshima. 
Phoxiscus Oshima, 225 ; orthotype P. kikuchii Oshima. 

Aristichthys Oshima, 246; orthotype Leuciscus nobilis (Gray), Richardson. 
Cultriculus Oshima, 252 ; orthotype Culter leucisculus Kner, not Richardson ; = 
Hemiculter kneri Kreyenberg. 

2424. TANAKA (1919). Figures and Descriptions of the Fishes of Japan, includ- 
ing Riukiu Islands, Bonin Islands, Formosa, Kurile Islands, Korea and 
Southern Sakhaliu. XXIX. 

Shigeho Tanaka. 
Selenanthias Tanaka, 516; orthotype S. analis Tanaka. 
Leptanthias Tanaka, 525; orthotype L. kashiw^ Tanaka. 


2425. COCKERELL (1920). (Characilepis). Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 1920 (in 

Theodore Dru Allison Cockerell. 
Characilepis Cockerell; orthotype C. tripartitus Cockerell (fossil scales, Miocene 
of Peru). 

2426. GILBERT & HUBBS (1920). The Macrouroid Fishes of the Philippine 
Islands and the East Indies. Bull. U. S. Bureau of Fisheries, 1919 (in press; 
not yet published). 

Charles Henry Gilbert; Carl Leavitt Hubbs. 
Quincuncia Gilbert & Hubbs; orthotype Ccelorhynchus argentatus Smith & Rad- 

Oxygadus Gilbert & Hubbs; orthotype Macrurus parallelus Gthr. 
Hymenogadus Gilbert & Hubbs ; orthotype Hymenocephalus gracilis Hubbs. 
Papyrocephalus Gilbert & Hubbs; orthotype Hymenocephalus aterrimus Gilbert. 
Ventrifossa Gilbert & Hubbs; orthotype Coryph^noides garmani J. & G. (Japan). 
Atherodon Gilbert & Hubbs ; orthotype Optonurus atherodon Gilbert & Cramer. 
Lucigadella Gilbert & Hubbs ; orthotype Macrourus nigromarginatus Smith & 

Lucigadus Gilbert & Hubbs ; orthotype Macrourus lucifer Smith & Radcliffe. 
Hyostomus Gilbert & Hubbs ; orthotype Macrourus hyostomus Smith & Radcliffe. 

2427. JORDAN (1920). New Genera of Fossil Fishes from Brazil. Proc. Acad. 
Nat. Sci. Phila. for 1919 (March 11, 1920), pp. 208-210. 

David Starr Jordan. 
Ennelichthys Jordan, 208; orthotype E. derbyi Jordan (fossil). 
Brannerion Jordan, 209; orthotype Calamopleurus vestitus Jordan & Branner 

Vinctifer Jordan, 210; orthotype Belonostomus comptoni Ag. (fossil). 

JORDAN, 1920 571 

2428. JORDAN (1920). The Genera of Fishes, part IV. 

David Starr Jordan. 

Greeleya Jordan, 493 ; orthotype Eximia rubellio Greeley. Substitute for Eximia 
Greeley, preoccupied. 

Ribeiroa Jordan, 564; orthotype Paragonus sertorii Ribeiro ; substitute for Para- 
GONUS Ribeiro, preoccupied. 

Quisque Jordan, 571 ; orthotype Q. gilberti Jordan (a small herring from the Miocene 
of Elmodena, California, with very strong serrae on the belly, and the back 
also armed; body compressed; vertebrae, 32). 

Ganoessus Jordan, 571; orthotype Ganolytes clepsydra J. & G. (fossil). A large 
herring, with enameled scales and hour-glass shaped vertebrce, differing from 
Ganolytes in the much thinner scales. Vertebrae, 42. 

Scomberessus Jordan, 571; orthotype Scomberesox acutillus J. & G. (fossil). Dif- 
fers from the living genus Scomberesox in the much larger dorsal, of 16 rays. 

Aristoscion Jordan, 571 ; orthotype A. emprepes Jordan. (A robust fossil Sclenoid, 
from the Miocene at Lompoc, allied to Cynoscion, but the anal rays more 
numerous, 1.15 in number, the dorsal rays about XII — 1.20, and the caudal 
fin very large. Vertebrae 14 + 10 or 11.) 

Beltion Jordan, 571; orthotype B. peronides Jordan (fossil). (Belonid-e, distin- 
guished from Belone by needle-like jaws, moderate, even teeth, and larger 
scales; Miocene, Lompoc, California.) 

Sebastoessus Jordan, 571; orthotype S. apostates Jordan (fossil). Scorp.^nid^, 
near Sebastodes, but the interneurals all slender and not dilated ; fin spines 
moderate, the second anal spine not enlarged; vertebrae, 24; Miocene, Lompoc, 

Sebastinus Jordan, 571; orthotype Rixator inezle J. & G. (fossil). Miocene 
ScoRP/ENiD^; allied to Sebastodes Gill, but with undilated interneural spines, 
and the second anal spine very elongate. 

2429. JORDAN & GILBERT (1920). The Fossil Fishes of the Diatom Beds of 
Lompoc, California. Leiand Stanford Junior University Publications, Feb- 
ruary, 1920. 

David Starr Jordan ; James Zaccheus Gilbert. 
Turio Jordan & Gilbert, 15; orthotype T. wilburi J. & G. (fossil Scombrid). 
Thyrsocles Jordan & Gilbert, 14, 19; orthotype Thyrsites kriegeri J. & G. (fossil 

Thyrsion Jordan, 17; orthotype T. velox Jordan (fossil Scombrid). A synonym 

of Thyrsocles J. & G. 
Zaphleges Jordan, 23; orthotype Z. longurio Jordan (fossil Scombrid). 
Ocystias Jordan, 18; orthotype O. sagitta Jordan (fossil Scombrid). 
Zelosis Jordan & Gilbert, 24; orthotype Clupea hadleyi J. & G. (fossil, perhaps 

Araeosteus Jordan & Gilbert, 25; orthotype A. rothi J. & G. (fossil, apparently 

Rhythmias Jordan & Gilbert, 27; orthotype R. starrii J. & G. (fossil Sparid). 
Plectrites Jordan, 28; orthotype P. classeni Jordan (fossil Sparid). 
Lompochites Jordan, 29; orthotype L> hopkinsi Jordan (fossil, apparently 

Rixator Jordan & Gilbert, 31; orthotype R. porteousi J. & G. (fossil Scorp.enid). 
Zororhombus Jordan. 39; orthotype Z. veliger Jordan (fossil Pleuronectid). 


Atkinsonella Jordan, 41; orthotype A. strigilis Jordan (fossil of uncertain rela- 
tionship, apparently Spaeid). 

2431. OSHIMA (1920). Notes on Fresh-Water Fishes of Formosa; ivilh Dc~ 
scriptions of New Genera and Species. Proc. Ac. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1920 
(July 6). 

Masamitsu Oshima. 
Lissocheilichthys Oshima, 124 ; orthotype L. matsudai Oshima. 
Scaphiodontella Oshima, 125 ; orthotype S. alticorpus Oshima. 
Leucisculus Oshima, 128; orthotype L. fuscus Oshima. 
Rasborinus Oshima, 130; orthotype R. takakai Oshima. 

2432. REGAN (1920). The Classification of the Fishes of the Family Cichlidee, I. 
The Tanganyika Genera. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist.^ V, January 1920. 

Charles Tate Regan. 
Tylochromis Regan, 37 ; orthotype Pelmatochromis jentinki Steind. 
Heterotilapia Regan, 38; orthotype Tilapia buettikoferi Boulenger. 
Neotilapia Regan, 38 ; orthotype Chromis tanganic^ Gthr. 
Otopharynx Regan, 38; orthotype Tilapia auromarginata Boulenger. 
Limnotilapia Regan, 39; orthotype Tilapia dardennii Boulenger. 
Cyathopharynx Regan, 42 ; orthotype Tilapia grandoculis Boulenger. 
Limnochromis Regan, 43 ; orthotype Pelmatochromis auritus Boulenger. 
Cyphotilapia Regan, 43 ; orthotype Pelmatochromis frontosus Boulenger. 
Lipochromis Regan, 45 ; orthotype Pelmatochromis obesus Boulenger. 
Neochromis Regan, 45 ; orthotype Tilapia simotes Boulenger. 
Cnestrostoma Regan, 45 ; orthotype Paratilapia polyodon Boulenger. 
Mylochromis Regan, 45 ; orthotype Tilapia lateristriga Gthr. 
Sargochromis Regan, 45 ; orthotype Paratilapia codringtoni Boulenger. 
Labrochromis Regan, 45 ; orthotype Tilapia pallida Boulenger. 
Serranochromis Regan, 45 ; orthotype Chromys thunbergi Castelnau. 
Clinodon Regan, 45 ; orthotype Hemitilapia bayoni Boulenger. 
Callochromis Regan, 46; orthotype Pelmatochromis macrops Boulenger. 
Leptochromis Regan, 47 ; orthotype Paratilapia calliura Boulenger. 
Aulonocranus Regan, 47; orthotype Paratilapia dewindti Boulenger. 
Hemibates Regan, 49; orthotype Paratilapia stenosoma Boulenger. 

2433. NICHOLS (1920). A Contribution to the Ichthyology of Bermuda. Proc. 
Biol. Soc. Wash., XXXIII, July 24, 1920, 59-64. 

John Treadwell Nichols. 
Bermudichthys Nichols, 62; orthotype B. subfurcatus Nichols. 




91. CUVIER (1817). Regne Animal. Ed. 1. 

Myliobatis (Dumeril) Cuvier, 137; logotype Raja aquila L. As originally pro- 
posed Myliobatis Dumeril contained the same species as Aetobatus of Blain- 
ville (1916). A different type was assigned to the two by Miiller & Henle 
(1838), who adopted both names, assigning an unwonted type to Blainville's 
genus. In strictness, Myliobatis should be regarded as a synonym of Aeto- 
batus and with Raja aquila as the type of both, while Raja narinari 
should stand as Stoasodon Cantor. 


103. RAFINESQUE (1819). Prodrome, etc. 

Lepomis. The names Lepidopomus and Lepiopomus have been produced by puristic 
emendations of this word. Other revisions of Rafinesque's "telescoped" 
Greek terms were proposed in 1878, as Myxostoma for Moxostoma, 
HoPLADELUs for Opladelus, Ichth^lurus for Ictalurus, Ichthyobus 
for Ictiobus, Pelodichthys for Pilodictis, etc. 


136B. BANCROFT (1829). Sea Devil, etc. 

Manta Bancroft, 444; orthotype M. Americana Bancroft = Raia birostris 


146A. CUVIER & VALENCIENNES (1831). Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, 

Pelamys Cuvier & Valenciennes, 149; orthotype Scomber sarda L. A synonym of 

Sarda Cuv. 
Scorpis Cuvier & Valenciennes, 503 ; orthotype S. georgianus Cuv. & Val. 


217A. MOLLER & HENLE (1837). Ucber die Gattungen der Plagiostomen. 
Arch. Naturg., III. 

Johannes Muller; Frederick Gustav Jakob Henle. 
Mr. A. R. McCuUoch calls my attention to this paper, overlooked by 
me, in which the names Galeocerdo, Rhynchobatus, Pristiophorus, 
Stegostoma appear. 

The name Trygonorrhina was first used by Miiller & Henle (Mag. Nat. 
Hist. 2, II, 90) and spelled with the double "r" as above. 
Galeocerdo Miiller & Henle, 308; orthotype G. arcticus M. & H., not G. tigrinus 

as later given. See p. 192, Genera of Fishes, II. 
Page 190, No. 217. The name Gymnura appears not in the paper quoted, the 
date of which should be 1838, but in 217A, p. 400. 


217A. MULLER & HENLE (1838). Mr. McCulloch informs me that a second 
article by Miiller & Henle, dated Dec. 12, 1837, printed January. 1838, bearing 
the same title as No. 217 of our series, contains three additional genera : 

Pristiurus Miiller & Henle, 34; orthotype Galeus melastomus Raf. This ante- 
dates Bonaparte's use of the same term (1841). 

Leptocharias Muller & Henle, 36; orthotype Tri^nodon smithi Gray. 


Carcharodon Miiller & Henle, 2>1 \ orthotype C. rondeleti M. »& H. = Squalus 
CARCHARiAS L. According to McCulloch, the name Carcharodon is not used 
by Smith. The earliest reference to Carcharodon is apparently that of 
Aluller & Henle (Mag. Nat. Hist. 2, H, 1838, Zl , January). Those authors 
saw Smith's specimens {vide p. 2>Z) and perhaps heard his paper read at the 
Zoological Society in September, 1837. They therefore quoted the name as of 
Smith. But Smith's paper was not published until February 13, 1838, he 
having read Miiller & Henle's paper "about a month previously, in which 
Carcharodon appeared, and he evidently withdrew it with names he refers to 
in his paper" (McCulloch, in lit, June 28, 1920). 


316. McClelland (1844). Apodal Fishes. 

Strophidon McClelland. 187; logotype Mur^na sathete Ham. 

349A. COCCO (1846). Phaiierobranchiis. Georn. Gab. Lett. Messina Ann,, V, 
Vni, 63-64. 

Anastasio Cocco. 
Phanerobranchus Cocco, 63; orthotype P. krohnii Cocco, an undetermined larva; 
name preoccupied. 


417. SMITH (1849). Zoology of South Africa. 

Tilapia Smith, pi. 5; haplotype T. sparrmanni Smith. (Not Chromis nilotica as 

stated by error on page 244.) The last-named species is referred by Regan 

to Sarotherodon. 

No. 495, p. 256, should read : 
495. BRANDT & LOWE (1854). Description d'un nouvcau genre de poisson de 

la famille dcs Murenoidcs. Mem. Sav. Strang. St. Petersburg, VH, 169-176. 
Johann Friedrich Brandt; Richard Thomas Lowe. 
Belonopsis Brandt & Lowe, 174, etc. 

533. COSTA ("1855") should be omitted and transferred to 850 (1864), the 
proper title being as follows : 

533A. COSTA (1855). (Cyrtorhynchiis.) Cos. Rendic. dell Accad. Pontaniana, 

Oronzio Gabriele Costa. 

Cyrtorhynchus Costa ; orthotype C. leopoldi Costa, said to be a Myctophid, of un- 
certain relations ; figured by Costa, Faima del regno di Napoli. 

607-612. COSTA (1858). (Uraleptus.) This reference should be canceled, ac- 
cording to Mr. Henn. The genus Uraleptus Costa should appear under No. 
350, Fauna del regno di Napoli (1846, p. 30). Gadella Lowe (1843) is still 

612. COSTA (1858). Luspia Casotti, nuovo gencre di pesci fossili della calcarea 
tenera leccese, Napoli. 

Oronzio Gabriele Costa. 
Luspia Costa; orthotype L. casotti Costa (fossil). An ally of Serranus Cuv. 


740. GUNTHER (1861). Catalogue of Fishes, III. 
Cyttus Giinther, 396; orthotype Capros australis Rich. 

782. GILL (1862). The genera Lepidopsetta and Hypsopsetta date from this 
paper, page 330, not from 1864. 

788. GUNTHER (1862). Catalogue, IV. 

Atypichthys, 510; orthotype Atypus strigatus Gthr. ; substitute for Atypus Gthr., 

792. EsTHERiA Jones (1862) should be omitted, as Estheria middendorfi is not a 
fish but an Entomostracan, according to A. W. Henn. The name is twice 

830A. JOHNSON (1863). Description of Five New Species of Fish Obtained at 
Madeira. Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 36-44. 

James Yates Johnson 
Neoscopelus Johnson, 44; orthotype N. macrolepidotus Johnson. 

850. COSTA (1864). Paleontologia del regno di Napoli, III. Atti. Accad. Pontan. 
Napoli, VHL 

Oronzio Gabriele Costa. 
Caeus Costa, 65; orthotype C. leopoldi Costa (fossil: indeterminate Elopid^). 
Misprinted Cacus by authors. 

892. COSTA (1865), page 336. The name Heterolepis Costa occurs in the volume 
quoted, but in a different paper, Nuove osservazioni i terreni ad ittioUti dcUe 
provincie Napolitane, etc. 

1060. CASTELNAU (1872). Ichthyology of Australia. 
Caesioperca Castelnau, 49; orthotype Serranus rasor Rich. 
Pseudaphritis Castelnau, 92; orthotype P. bassi Castelnau. 


1234. CLARKE (1878). Read: 

.ffigeonichthys Clarke, 245 ; orthotype A. appelii Clarke. 

1243. JORDAN (1878). Manual of Vertebrates, 2d ed. 

Cristivomer Gill & Jordan, 80; type Salmo namaycush Walbaum. Here first 
defined ; in No. 1244, the word occurs on page 89 as name only. 

1310. KLUNZINGER (1880). Mullersche Sammlung. 
Colpognathus Klunzinger, 339 ; orthotype Plectropoma dentex Cuv. & Val. 

1423A. GIGLIOLI & ISSEL (1884). Pelagos, Saggi sulfa vita e sui prodotti del 
mare, Genova. 

Enrico Hillyer Giglioli ; Raffaele Issel. 
Hymenocephalus Giglioli, 228; orthotype H. italicus Giglioli. 


1543. VAILLANT, p. 444. 
Neostoma and Eustomias should be omitted. Both genera are of Filhol, 1884. 

1689. BEAN, p. 463. Omit Cyclopsetta, a genus of Gill, of 1888. 

1720. JORDAN (1895), p. 469. Add: 
Garmannia Jordan, 495 ; orthotype Gobius paradoxus Gthr. 


Omit 1755, p. 476; duplicated. 

1780. BOULENGER (1898). Lake Tanganyika, etc. Add: 
Ectodus Boulenger, 21 ; logotype E. descampsi Boulenger. 

Clariallabes Boulenger (1900) ; orthotype C. melas Boulenger. This generic 
name, omitted in the Zoological Record, I have failed to locate. 

1848, etc. The name of Jacques Pellegrin should be spelled without the acute accent. 

1883. TRAQUAIR (1901). Notes, etc. 
Coelacanthopsis Traquair, 113; orthotype C. curta Traquair (fossil). 

1938. GILCHRIST. Cyttosoma should be omitted (see No. 1977). 

1975. FOWLER. * 

Boulengerina, inserted here by error, should be omitted. Its type is Dules mato 
Lesson. That of Safole (No. 2084) is Dules t^niurus. 

Omit 1993, p. 510; duplicated. 

2003. BLAKE (1905). Monograph of the Fauna of the Cornbrash, Pisces. Pal. 
Soc. Mon., LIX, 1-100. 

J. F. Blake. 
Macromesodon Blake, 2)2 ; orthotype Gyrodus macropterus Ag. Substitute for 
Mesodon Wagner, preoccupied. A synonym of Typodus Quenstedt. 

2018. JORDAN & EVERMANN (1905). Aquatic Resources, etc. Add: 
Jenkinsiella Jordan & Evermann, 83; orthotype Microdongphis macgregori 

Omit 2282, p. 549; duplicated. 

2330. BERG (1915) should be omitted. Chilogobio is based on both C. czerskii 
and C. SOLD.A.TOVI. 

2367. ROULE. 
Barathrites should be omitted. The genus is of Zugmayer (see No. 2222). 


2401. IHERING. 

Homodietus Ihering should be canceled. The genus Homodi^tus is of Eigen- 
mann & Ward (see page 522). 


Abalistes, 519 
Abbottina, 505 
Ablennes, 435 
Aboma, 468 
Aborichthys, 547 
Abramites, 518 
Abryois, 499 
Abyssicola, 468 
Abyssocottus, 516 
Acanthagonia, 564 
Acanthalburnus, 558 
Acanthobatis, 436 
Acanthocaulus, 491 
Acanthocephalus, 426 
Acanthochgenus, 428 
Acanthocharax, 543 
Acanthocleithron, 562 
Acanthoclinus. 433 
Acanthognathus, 542 
Acanthogobio, 458 
Acantholiparis, 543 
Acanthonotus, 440 
Acanthopegasus, 556 
Acanthophacelus, 521, 533 
Acanthophoria, 469 
Acanthoplesiops, 545 
Acanthopoma, 455 
Acanthopsetta, 511 
Acanthorhina, 535 
Acanthorutilus, 542 
Acapoeta, 535 
Acarichthys, 543 
Acedia, 442 
Acentronichthys, 445 
Aceratias, 497 
Acestridium, 539 
Acestrocephalus, 502 
Acestrorhamphus, 502 
Acestrorhynchus, 502 
Acestrus, 496 
Acmoniodus. 566 
Acmonotus, 475 
Acnodon, 502 
Aconichthys, 561 

Acrodonchus, 446 
Acrossochilus, 570 
Acropoecilia, 447 
Acrotus, 437 
Acteis, 508 
Actinicola, 508 
Actinophorus, 447 
Acutomentum, 460 
Adioryx, 531 
Adrianichthys, 552 
/Edua, 456 
^masia, 494 
^oliscus, 499 
^quidens, Eigenmann 

and Bray, 464 
iEquidens, ^teindachner, 

^schrichthys, 424 
^schynichthys, 526 
yEthaloperca, 507 
^theolepis, 470 
yEthoprora, 467 
Aetomylasus, 528 
Agaeonichthys, 575 
Aganacanthus, 430 
Agassizia, 418 
Ageniogarra, 543 
Agmus, 542 
Agnathomyzon. 518 
Agonocottus, 537 
Agriosphyrsna, 502 
Ahlia, 458 

Ahynnodontophis, 543 
Ainia, 567 
Ainocottus, 509 
Ainosus, 494 
Alsops, 509 
Albacora, 442 
Albatrossia, 482 
Alcichthys, 509 
Alcidea, 481 
Alcockia, 468 
Aldrovandia, 468 
Alectrias, 482 
Alectridium, 543 

Alepichthys, 418 
Alexeterion, 444 
Alexurus, 468 
Alfaro, 544 
Alisea, 568 
Allabenchelys, 497 
Allector, 503 
AUinectes, 482 
Allochir. 474 
Allocyttus, 554 
Allogobius, 511 
Allolepidotus, 445 
Allurus, 474 
Amarginops, 562 
Amate, 519 
Amblypristis, 440 
Amiichthys. 435 
Amioides, 544 
Amitrichthys. 474 
Ampheces, 499 
Amphigonopterus, 564 
. Amphilaphurus, 431 
Amphioxides, 467 
Amphodon, 436 
Amylodon, 466 
Anaglyphus, 417 
Anagramma, 487 
Anarchias, 519 
Anchovia, 468 
Anchoviella, 539 
Ancistrodus, 462 
Ancylostylos, 469 
Andersonia, 488 
Anemura, 507 
Angelichthys, 473 
Anguillavus, 503 
Anisistia, 502 
Anisocentrus, 554 
Anisochaetodon, 429 
Anodontacanthus, 415 
Anomalichthys, 424 
Anomalopterus, 436, 444 
Anomoedus, 437 
Anopleutropius, 463 
Anoplopterus, 448 



Anostomoides, 529 
Anotopterus, 541 
Ansorgia, 542 
Anteliochimaera, 534 
Anyperistieus, 529 
Aoria, 567 
Apareiodon, 559 
Aparrius, 528 
Apateacanthus, 456 
Apateodus, 496 
Apateolepis, 453 
Aphelichthys, 460 
Aphnelepis, 470, 471 
Aphyocheirodon, 556 
Aphyodite, 542 
Apiorhynchus, 477 
Apiostoma, 477 
Apistogramma, 550 
Apistops, 540 
Aplodon, 426 
Apocopodon, 434 
Apodastyanax, 539 
Apodoglanis, 512 
Apogonops, 475 
Apostasis, 455 
Apristurus, 548 
Aprodon, 451 
Apsett 490 
Apterygocampus, 551 
Arseosteus, 571 
Araias, 509 
Aramaca, 433 
Arbaciosa, 472 
Archseomene, 470 
Archaeoniscus, 456 
Archseosemionotus, 445 
Archseoteuthis, 436 
Archseotolithus, 537 
Archaulus, 543 
Archicheir, 533 
Archistes, 481 
Archomenidia, 569 
Archoperca, 474 
Arctoscopus, 474 
Areliscus, 490 
Argo, 426 
Argopleura, 547 
Argyripnus, 477 
Argyrocottus, 458 
Arhynchobatis, 534 
Ariomma, 508 

Ariscopus, 499 
Aristichthys, 570 
Aristommata, 462 
Aristoscion, 571 
Aristostomias, 552 
Arnoldina, 569 
Artedidraco, 515 
Artediellus, 433 
Asiphonichthys, 464 
Askoldia, 537 
Aspasma, 498 
Aspasmagaster, 526 
Asperina, 475 
Aspidoras, 524 
Aspiolucius, 521 
Aspiopsis, 546 
Aspistor, 482 
Asprocottus, 516 
Asprotilapia, 492 
Asquamiceps. 541 
Astatheros, 510 
Astatoreochromis, 510 
Astatoliapia, 510 
Asteroplax, 456 
Asterorhombus, 558 
Asterotheca, 556 
Asthenocormus, 470 
Astraspis, 459 
Astrabe, 494 
Astrabodus, 427 
Astrapogon, 523 
Astrolytes, 469 
Astyacinus, 522 
Ateleaspis, 488 
Ateleobrachium, 543 
Atelomycterus, 548 
Atherstonia 449 
Athlennes, 435 
Atherion, 495 
Atherinomorus, 503 
Atherodon, 570 
Atkinsonella, 571 
Atopacanthus, 566 
Atopichthys, 486 
Atopoclinus, 466 
Atypichthys, 575 
Atyposoma, 485. 
Auchenilabrus, 496 
Auchenistius, 485 
Auchenoceros, 447 
Auctospina, 460 

Aulastomatomorpha, 449 
Aulonocranus, 572 
Aulorhamphus, 453 
Aurion, 561 
Austroberyx, 540 
Austrocobitis, 487 
Austrogobio, 483 
Austrolabrus, 430 
Austrolycichthys, 550 
Austrolycus, 550 
Austromenidia, 564 
Austrophycis, 477 
Autisthes, 431 
Auxides, 568 
Averruncus, 469 
Avocettina, 458 
Axyrias, 476 
Azalois, 568 
Azevia, 442 
Azuma, 499 
Azurina, 481 
Azurella, 567 
Azteca, 473 
Aztecula, 482 
Baicalocottus, 501 
Baiostoma, 419 
Baleichthys, 452 
Bambradon, 528 
Barathrites, 541, 560, 576 
Barathrodemus, 419 
Barathronus, 435 
Barbulifer, 440 
Bascanichthys, 458 
Bassobythites, 517 
Bassozetus, 424 
Batacanthus 425 
Bathyagonus, 451 
Batliyalopex, 492 
Bathybates, 479 
Bathyclupea, 454 
Bathycongrus, 483 
Bathylaco, 467 
Bathylychnus, 497 
Bathymyrus, 450 
Bathymyzon, 424 
Bathyonus, 432 
Bathyophilus, 423 
Bathypercis. 460 
Bathyphasma, 467 
Bathysauropsis, 540 
Bathyseriola, 449 



Bathysolea, 560 
Bathysoma, 450 
Bathystethus, 461 
Batrachocottus, 501 
Batrachomoeus, 529 
Bayonia, 538 
Bdellodus, 421 
Beanea. 500 
Bedotia, 506 
Belemnacanthus, 479 
Bellator, 475 
Bellottia, 423 
Belonepterygion, 556 
Belonocharax, 523 
Belonoglanis, 496 
Belonopterois, 560 
Belonopsis, 574 
Beltion, 571 
Bembradium, 513 
Benedenichthys, 453 
Bengalichthys, 531 
Bennettia, 507 
Bentenia, 494 
Benthalbella, 541 
Benthobatis, 478 
Benthocometes, 468 
Benthodesmus, 419 
Benthosaurus, 435 
Benthosema, 467 
Benthosphyraena, 566 
Bergia, 456 
Bergiaria, 493 
Bergiella, 489 
Bermudichthys 572 
Bero, 509 
Besnardia, 549 
Biat, 533 
Biotaecus, 502 
Biotodoma, 502 
Bipinnula, 474 
Birkenia, 488 
Bivibranchia, 542 
Biwia. 505 
Blenniolus, 481 
Blenniophidium, 457 
Bleptonema, 553 
Boggiania, 478 
Bogoslovius, 482 
Bollmannia, 447 
Bonapartia, 467 
Boopsetta, 470 

Borborys, 432 
Borostomias, 529 
Bothragonus, 420 
Bothrocara, 450 
Bothrocaropsis, 486 
Boulengerella, 502 
Boulengerina, 507, 523. 576 
Boulengerochromis, 510 
Bowersia, 504 
Brachselurus, 519 
Brachiacanthus, 446 
Brachioptera, 518 
Brachychalcinus, 457 
Brachydanio, 561 
Brachydirus, 424 
Brachyglanis, 542 
Brachygnathus, 533 
Brachymylus, 460 
Brachyrhaphis, 550 
Bradyurus. 508 
Bramichthys, 516 
Branchoica, 563 
Brannerella, 489 
Brannerion, 570 
Breitensteinia, 417 
Brephostoma, 444 
Brevigobio, 561 
Brontichthys, 464 
Brosmiculus, 444 
Browneichthys, 449 
Brychaetus, 495 
Brycochandus, 528 
Bryconamericus, 522 
Bryconodon, 502 
Bryolophus, 499 
Rryostemma, 469 
Bryssetseres, 472 
Bryssophilus, 481 
Bryttosus, 490 
Buccone, 472 
Bulbiceps, 568 
Cacus, 575 
Casus, 575 
Caesioperca, 575 
Caffrogobius. 487 
Cainosilurus, 416 


Callaus, 447 
Calliblennius, 541 
Callidulus, 265 
CalliscylHum, 546 
Calliurichthys, 505 

Callochromis, 572 
Callognathus, 447 
Callopristodus, 443 
Calotomus, 451 
Calymmichthys, 553 
Campogramma, 505 
Campyloprion, 498 
Candidia, 533 
Canobius, 418 
CantioscylHum, 449 
Capoetobrama, 558 
Caprichthys, 557 
Caproberyx, 540 
Capromimus, 461 
Caragobiu 520 
Carassiops, 477 
Carcharioides, 516 
Carcharodon, 573 
Carcharoides, 547. 
Carcharopsis, 422 
Caremitra, 474 
Cariniceps, 496 
Caristius, 514 
Carlia. 554 
Carnegiella, 532 
Caruichthys, 546 
Cascadura, 547 
Caspialosa, 555 
Caspiomyzon, 516 
Castelnauia, 523 
Catabasis, 489 
Catablemella, 450 
Cataetyx, 437 
Catalufa, 541 
Cataphractops, 556 
Cathorops, 420 
Catlocarpio, 478 
Catulus, 548 
Caulichthys, 483 
Caulistius, 475 
Caulolepis, 424 
Caulophryne, 468 
Caulopsetta, 461 
Cearana, 528 
Celema, 468 
Centrarchites, 566 
Centristhmus, 485 
Centrobranchus, 507 
Centrodraco, 550 
Centropercis, 469 
Centrophoroides, 431 



Cephalocottus, 524 
Cephalosilurus, 539 
Ceraspis, 439 
Ceratobatis, 476 
Ceratobranchia, 553 
Ceratocheilus, 564 
Cerdale, 416 
Ceromitus, 551 
Cestracion, 560 
Cetomimus, 465 
Cetonurus, 437 
Cetopsorhamdia, 558 
Cetostoma, 555 
Chpenocephalus, 550 
Chaenodraco, 554 
Chaetobranchopsis, 522 
Chaeropsodes, 533 
Chalcinopelecus, 455 
Chalazacanthus, 422 
Chalcodus, 439 
Chalinura, 419 
Chamaigenes, 542 
Champsoborus, 531 
Champsochromis, 558 
Chanoides, 495 
Chapalichthys, 500 
Chapinus. 474 
Characilepis, 570 
Characodus, 423 
Charitosomus, 433 
Charybdia, 431 
Chascanopsetta, 463 
Chasmias, 494 
Chasmichthys, 494 
Chasmocranus, 542 
Chaudluiria, 563 
Cheiloprion, 551, 561 
Cheiragonus, 457 
Cheirocerus, 562 
Cheirodopsis, 418 
Chelaethiops, 485 
Chelidoperca, 466 
Chelomodus, 462 
Chenogaster. 505 
Chicolepis, 565 
Chilara, 475 
Chilatherina, 554 
Chilias. 536 
Chilochromis, 497 
Chilogobio, 552, 555, 576 
Chilomyzon, 518 

Chilotilapia, 527 
Chima;ropsis, 439 
Chimarrhoglanis, 478 
Chirolophius, 505 
Chiromystus, 434 
Chitonodus, 425 
Chitonotus, 416 
Chlamydes, 504 
Chlamydoselachus, 428 
Chlevastes, 494 
Chloea, 494 
Chondrenchelys, 443 
Choridactylodes, 498 
Chorimycterus, 464 
Chriodorus, 419 
Chriolepis, 455 
Chrionema, 513 
Chriopeops 559 
Chromidotilapia, 479 
Chrysobagrus, 485 
Chrysoperca, 523 
Chthamalopteryx, 438 
Chuanchia, 442 
Cilus, 489 
Cinetodus, 483 
Cirrhigaleus, 546 
Cirriscyllium, 529 
Cirrhitoidea, 504 
Cirrhoscyllium, 551 
Cisco, 539 
Citharidiutn, 497 
Citbaroides, 556 
Cladacanthus, 422 
Clariallabes, 576 
Claricola, 474 
Clariger, 494 
Cleidopus, 423 
Cleisthenes, 509 
Clevelandia. 440 
Clinodon, 572 
Clupconella, 546 
Cnestrodon 467 
Cnestrostoma. 572 
Cobitiglanis, 553 
Coccogenia, 532 
Coccotis, 419 
Coelacanthopsis. 576 
Ccelocephalus, 477 
Coelophrys, 497 
Ccelurichthys, 530 
Collettia, 467 

CoUybus, 511 
Coloconger, 444 
Colocopus, 428 
Cologrammus, 461 
Cololabis, 473 
Colossoma, 502 
Colotrigla, 513 
Colpichthys, 564 
Colpognathus, 575 
Columbia, 457 
Compsacanthus. 422 
Compsura, 556 
Conchognathus, 444 
Congrammus, 517 
Congrellus, 483 
Congresox, 451 
Congrosoma, 486 
Conocara, 467 
Copanognathus. 566 
Copeichthys, 507 
Copeina, 518 
Copelandellus, 474 
Copodiis, 422 
Corallicola, 481 
Coralliozetus, 485 
Coreius, 514 
Corematodes, 471 
Coreoperca, 472 
Coripareius, 543 
Corusculus, 494 
Corvula, 447 
Corymbophanes, 532 
Coryzichthys, 529 
Coscinoxyron. 523 
Cosmochilus, 421 
Cottinella. 521 
Cottiusculus, 509, 511 
Cottocomephorus, 491 
Cotylichthys, 567 
Craterocephalus, 544 
Creedia, 483 
Creisson, 525 
Crenilepis, 440 
Creolus, 420 
Cristigorina, 515 
Cristivomer 575 
Cromeria, 492 
Crossias, 509 
Crossolycus, 550 
Crossophilus, 434 
Crossopholis, 421 


Cryodraco, 489 
Cryphiolepis, 418 
Cryptophthalmus, 535 
Crytops, 464 
Cryptopsaras, 423 
Cryptotrema, 451 
Crystallaria, 432 
Crystallias, 499 
Crystallichthys, 482 
Ctenobrycon, 527 
Ctenochsetus, 428 
Ctenocharax, 526 
Ctenodax, 436 
Ctenodentex. 476, 484 
Ctenodon, 429 
Ctenolepis, 470 
Ctenopetalus, 415 
Ctenoplenron, 525 
Ctenothrissa, 488 
Culticula, 491 
Cultriculus, 570 
Cunningtonia, 517 
Curimatella Eig., 446 
Curimatella Pellegrin, 533 
Cyathopharynx, 572 
Cyclolumpus, 546 
Cyclopsetta, 441, 463 
Cyclopterichthys, 417 
Cyclopteroides, 457 
Cyclothone, 419 
Cygnodraco, 561 
Cyneichthys, 536 
Cynocharax. 523 
Cynodonichthys, 510 
Cynopsetta, 506, 519 
Cynomacrurus, 532 
Cynopoecilus, 545 
Cynophidium, 554 
Cynopodius, 417 
Cynothrissa, 563 
Cyphocharax, 518 
Cyphotilapia, 572 
Cyprinocirrhites, 563 
Cypselichthys, 426 
Cyrtocara, 497 
Cyrtocharax, 523 
Cyrtonodus, 427 
Cyrtorhynchus, 574 
Cyttoides, 436 
Cyttomimus, 513 
Cyttosoma, 503, 508, 576 

Cyttula, 551 
Cyttus, 575 
Dacodraco, 561 
Dactylobatus, 531 
Dactylolepis, 433 
Dactylophora, 427 
Dactyloptena, 528 
Dactylostomias, 486 
Dacymba, 562 
Dasctor, 481 
Daia, 510 
Daicocus, 528 
Daruma, 509 
Dastilbe, 536 
Dasybatus, 432, 560 
Dasycottus, 450 
Davidia, 557 
Deania, 499 
Decapogon Eig.,440 
Decapogon Ribeiro, 565 
Decterias, 509 
Deinodus, 566 
Deleastes, 520 
Delolepis. 415 
Delothyris, 424 
Deltodopsis, 425 
Deltistcs, 476 
Delturus, 446 
Derepodichthys, 467 
Derichthys, 428 
Dcrmatias, 544 
Dermatocheir, 532 
Dermatopsis, 475 
Dermatorus, 449 
Deuterodon. 522 
Deveximentum, 507 
Dexistes, 509 
niagrammella. 544, 549 
Dialarchus, 493 
Dialommus, 451 
Diancistrus, 483 
Diapaletoplites, 556 
Diaphus, 454 
Diapoma, 464 
Diastatomycter. 456 
Diatcmoeca, 569 
Dibranchichthys, 486 
Dibranchopsis, 486 
Dicentrodus, 443 
Diceratias, 437 
Dichistius, 441 

Diclitodus, 422 

Dicranodus, 432 
Dicrolene, 419 
Dicromita, 468 
Dictyorhabdus, 459 
Didymodus, 422 
Dimylasus, 423 
Dinelops, 527 
Dinognathus, 533 
Dinogunellus, 451 
Dinomylostoma, 517 
Dinoperca, 466 
Dinopteryx, 496 
Dinotopterus, 516 
Diodontopsodus, 415 
Diodj'xodon, 417 
Diphyacantha, 559 
Diphyodus, 500 
Diplacodus, 427 
Diplaspis, 438 
Diplocanthopoma, 437 
Diplolepis, 418 
Dipnoites, 441 
Dipnolepis, 461 
Dipulus, 516 
Discobatis, 436 
Discotrygon. 535 
Disichthys, 547 
Dissomma, 497 
Dissostichus, 483 
Dixonina, 538 
Docimodus, 471 
Dodcrleinia, 426 
Doiichthys, 551 
Dolichopterus, 454 
Dolichopteryx. 492 
Dolichorhynchus, 495 
Doliodus, 459 
Dolloa. 489 
Dolloidraco, 551 
Dollopterus, 516 
Dolopichthys. 486 
Doryptena, 531 
Draciscus, 493 
Draconetta, 505 
Draculo, 541 
Drepanaspis, 439 
Drombus, 514 
Drydenius, 453 
Duopalatinus, 440 
Dynatobatis, 436 



Dyptychosteus, 537 
Dysalotus, 515 
Dysomma, 444 
Dysi'ommopsis, 454 
Ebisinus, 528 
Ebisus, 494 
Ebosia, 509 
Echinodus, 427 
Echinomacrurus, 560 
Echinophryne, 564 
Eclipes, 569 
Ecrinesomus, 537 
Ectasis, 569 
Ectenias, 553 
Ectodus, 576 
Ectosteorhachis, 422 
Ectreposebastes, 486 
Eczematolepis, 458 
Eichwaldia, 487 
Eigenmannia, 473 
Eigenmannina, 518 
Elacatinus, 508 
Elaphichthys, 509 
Elaphotoxon, 512 
Elasmodectes, 444 
Elassodiscus, 543 
Elates, 525 
Elattarchus, 472 
Electrolepis, 461 
Eleginops, 455 
Elephenor, 568 
Eleria, 514 
Ellimma, 548 
Ellimmichthys, 568 
Ellipes, 536 
Ellopostoma, 500 
Elopides, 495 
Elpisopholis, 531 
Elxis, 505 

Embassichthys, 475 
Emblemaria, 420 
Embolichthys, 504 
Embryx. 481 
Emmachaere, 569 
EmiTieekia, 473 
Emmelas, 481 
Emmnion, 477 
Emmydrichthys, 472 
Empetrichthys, 461 
Emphycus. 481 
Enantioliparis, 443 

Enchelion, 503 
Enchelybrotula, 549 
Enchelyolepis, 565 
Endorrhis, 483 
Enedrias, 481 
Engraulicypris, 461 
Engyophrys, 447 
Enneanectes, 468 
Enneistus, 474 
Enneles, 528 
Ennelichthys, 570 
Entomocorus, 562 
Entomolepis, 561 
Enypnias, 481 
Eobothus, 552 
Eobrycon, 525 
Eoccelopoma. 496 
Eocottus, 496 
Eolabroides, 552 
Eomesodon, 565 
Eomyrus Storms, 484 
Eomyrus Ag., 512 
Eoorodus, 552 
Eoperca, 568 
Eopristis, 516 
Eopsetta, 433 
Eoscorpius, 569 
Eosebastes, 474 
Eothynnus, 496 
Epelytes, 562 
Eperlanio. 567 
Ephippites, 492 
Ephippicharax, 548 
Epiceratodus, 456 
Epinephelides, 487 
Epitomynis, 448 
Epitrachys, 448 
Equulites, 507 
Eretmichthys, 486 
Eretmodus, 479 
Eretmophorus, 446 
Ereunias, 493 
Ericara. 477 
Ericentrus, 461 
Ericteis, 508 
Eridacnis, 551 
Erilepis, 461 
Erimystax, 419 
Eriptychius, 459 
Erisphex. 509 
Eritima, 569 

Ernogrammus, 481 
Erosa, 509 
Errex, 567 
Erythrichthys, 525 
Erythrinolepis, 566 
Erythrocles, 567 
Escolar, 468 
Eslopsarum, 472 
Esloscopus, 474 
Esocelops, 495 
Estheria, 575 
Etelides, 514 
Etelinus, 539 
Eteliscus, 490 
Ethmalosa, 560 
Ethmidium, 561 
Etringus, 525 
Etropus, 416 
Euacanthus, 426 
Eubiodectes, 503 
Eubleekeria, 507 
Eucentronotus, 483 
Eucentrurus, 495 
Euctenius, 417 
Euctenodopsis, 495 
Euchilichthys, 488 
Euchilomycterus, 491 
Eucirrichthys, 459 
Eucitharus, 441 
Eucrossorhinus, 530 
Eucrotus, 541 
Eucynopotamus, 507 
Eudontomyzon, 540 
Eudulus, 523 
Euelatichthys, 508 
Eugnathichthys, 479 
Eugnathosaurus, 550 
Euleptocephalus, 470 
Enlophias, 500 
Eumycterias, 493 
Eunarce, 535 
Eunemacanthus, 425 
Eupalseoniscus, 417 
Eupetrichthys, 439 
Euphanerops, 491 
Euphyacanthus, 466 
Eupleurodus, 428 
Euristhmus, 487 
Eurumetopos, 438 
Eurycaulus, 529 
Eurygnathus, 431 



Eurymen, 543 
Eurypharnyx, 421 
Eurystole, 473 
Euscarus, 473 
Eusemius, 418 
Eusthenopleuron, 418 
Eustomias, 427, 444, 576 
Eutsniichthys, 494 
Eutherapon, 508 
Euthyopteroma, 507 
Euthynnus, 420 
Eutyx, 503 
Evapristis, 472 
Evarra, 470 
Evenchelys, 498 
Evermanella, 493 
Evermannella, 502 
Evermannia, 468 
Evermannolus. 522 
Evesthes, 536 
Eviota, 504 
Evistias, 524 
Evistius, 461 
Evolantia, 503 
Evynnis, 544 
Exallias, 514 
Execestides. 514 
Exerpes, 472 
Eximia, 493 
ExoccEtoides, 431 
Exonautes, 472 
Expedio, 534 
Extrarius, 567 
Exyrias, 519 
Falcula. 487 
Falcularius. 504 
Fajumia, 511 
Farlowella, 445 
Farnellia, 484 
Fayolia, 452 
Fimbriotorpedo, 435 
Fissala, 513 
Flammeo, 482 
Fluvi draco, 505 
Foa, 514 
Fodiator, 432 
Fontinus, 473 
Forcipiger, 481, 482 
Forf ex, 568 
Formosania, 570 
Fowleria, 504 

Fowlerina, 522 
Franzia, 553 
Furcella, 475 
Furcimanus, 482 
Furcina, 509 
Fusania, 514 
Gadomus, 505 
Galasaccus, 559 
Galeagra, 503 
Galeocerdo, 573 
Gambusinus, 473 
Gamphacanthus, 458 
Ganiodus. 447 
Ganoessus, 571 
Ganolepis, 463 
Ganolytes. 568 
Ganopristodus, 417 
Ganosteus, 500 
Gareus, 556 
Garmanina, 518 
Garmannia, 575 
Garmannichthys, 563 
Garrupa, 452 
Gastropristis, 556 
Gastropsetta, 463 
Gastrostomus. 424 
Gavialiceps, 444 
Gemundina, 506 
Gennadius, 525 
Genycharex, 543 
Genyomyriis, 479 
Gephyrobcryx, 497 
Gephyrocharax, 543 
Gephyrochromis, 492 
Gephyroglanis, 485 
Gephyrura, 454 
Gerlachea, 489 
Germo, 442 
Gigantactis, 497 
Gigantichthys, 440 
Gigantogobius, 513 
Gigantopterus. 516 
Gigantura. 492 
Gigliolia, 465 
Gilbertella Waite, 501 
Gilbertella Eig., 502 
Gilbertia, 452 
Gilbertidia, 484 
Gilbertina, 469 
Gilbertolus, 522 
Gilchristia, 524 

Gillellus, 451 
Gillias, 485 
Gillicus, 480 
Gillidia, 552 
Girellops, 550 
Glandulocauda, 538 
Glaniopsis, 485 
Glaridichthys, 471 
Glaridodon, 467 
Glaucus, 562 
Glossolepis, 527 
Glyphanodus, 422 
Glyptaspis, 447 
Glyptognathus, 456 
Glyptophidium, 444 
Glyptoihynchus, 515 
Gnathacanthus, 422 
Gnathobagrus, 562 
Gnathocharax, 548 
Gnathorhiza, 422 
Gnathostomias, 554 
Gobiobotia, 540 
Gceldiella, 489 
Gonialosa, 560 
Gonorhj'nchops, 566 
Goodella, 477 
Gordiichthys, 458 
Gorgonichthys, 457 
Gosfordia, 453 
Grammatonotus, 513 
Grammatostomias Goodc 

& Bean, 468 
Grammatostomias, Holt • 

& Byrne, 536 
Grammatotria, 485 
Grammoplites, 508 
Graus, 438 
Graviceps, 502 
Greeleya, 571 
Grimaldichthys, 551 
Grypodon, 486 
Gudusia, 539 
Guentheridia, 508 
Gulapinnus, 549 
Gurnardus, 481 
Gymnapogon, 515 
Gymnatacanthus, 425 
Gymnelichthys, 431 
Gymnocharacinus, 506 
Gymnoclinus, 543 
Gymnocorymbus, 527 



Gymnodiptychus, 458 
Gymnogeophagus, 565 
Gymnognathus, 429 
Gymnolycodes, 444 

Gymnosimenchelys, 511 
Gymnotorpedo, 435 
Gymnura, 574 
Gyrinichthys, 467 
Gyrinocheilus, 500 
Gyrinostomus, 434 
Gyrinurus, 545 
Gyrionemus, 443 
Gyrolepidotus, 448 
Gyropeltus, 462 
Hacquetia, 436 
Hadropareia, 511 
Halaphya, 447 
Halecodon, 566 
Halecopsis, 496 
Halicmetus, 454 
Halieutella, 432 
Halieutopsis, 486 
Halimochirus, 484 
Halobatrachus, 529 
Halosaurichthys, 444 
Halosauropsis, 471 
Haploblepharus, 548 
Haplochromis, 442 
Haplodon, 426 
Haploglossa, 518 
Haplolepis, 458 
Haplophryne, 545 
Haplotaxodon, 517 
Harpacanthus, 436 
Harpacodus, 415 
Harpage, 427 
Harriotta, 464 
Hasemania, 538 
Hassar, 440 
Hatcheria, 533 
Haustor, 473 
Hayia, 569 
Hazeus, 494 
Helcogramma, 564 
Helgia. 448 
Helichthys, 532 
Helicolenus, 468 
Helicoprion. 487 
Helmintholepis, 565 

Hemerorhinus, 561 
Hemibates, 572 
Hemicladodus, 427 
Hemictcnodus, 452 
Hemiculterella, 439 
Hemieleotris, 560 
Hemiexocoetus, 493 
Hemigrammocypris, 535 
Hemiodopsis, 518 
Hemimyzon, 540 
Hemipsilichthys, 446 
Hemipterois, 540 
Hemiptychodus, 465 
Hemisalanx, 530 
Hemiscaphirhynchus, 542 
Heniistichodus, 491, 557 
Hemitilapia, 497 
Henicichthys, 558 
Henochilus, 451 
Henonemus, 522 
Hephaestus, 431 
Hephthocara, 457 
Heringia, 539 
Hermosilla, 442 
Herops, 431 
Hesperoleucus, 546 
Heteracanthus, 447 
Heterenchelys, 545 
Heterocharax, 543 
Heterogramma. 520 
Heterolepis, 574 
Heterophallus, 555 
Heteropleuron, 469 
Heteroscyllium, 530 
Heteroscymnus, 546 
Heterotilapia, 572 
Hexagrammoides, 524 
Hierichthys. 499 
Hilgendorfia, 468 
Hilsa, 560 

Hippopotamyrus, 520 
Hisonotus, 445 
Hispanicus, 474 
Histiobranchus, 424 
Histiocephalus, 453 
Histicottus, 441 
Histiodraco, 555 
Histiogamphelus, 553 
Histionotopterus, 507 
Histiothrissa, 495 
Holcodon, 433 

Holcomycteronus, 486 
Holesthes, 502 
Hollandichthys, 535 
Holobrycon, 532 
Holonema, 447 
Holopetalichthys, 469 
Holoprion, 502 
Holopristis, 502 
Holosesthes, 502 
Holurus. 418 
Homalodus, 423 
Homalopteroides, 513 
Homesthes, 481 
Homodemus, 431 
Homodietus, 565. 576 
Homodisetus, 522 
Homostolus, 549 
Hopladelus, 573 
Hoplerythrinus, 467 
Hoplias, 503 
Hoplolatilus, 438 
Hoplotilapia. 443 
Howella, 483 
Hubbesia, 566 
Hunsruckia, 506 
Hyalorhynchus, 536 
Hybocladodus, 486 
Hydropessum, 532 
Hylaeobatis, 558, 561 
Hymenocephalus. 575 
Hymenogadus, 570 
Hynnodus, 513 
Hyostomus, 570 
Hypargyrus, 428 
Hyperchoristus, 424 
Hyperlophus. 458 
Hyphessobrycon, 528 
Hypnarce, 501 
Hypocaranx, 429 
Hypoclydonia, 468 
Hypolophites, 549 
Hypomacrus, 523 
Hypopleuron, 549 
Hyposerranus, 429 
Hypsirhynchus, 427, 468 
Hypsopsetta, 575 
Hypsospondylus, 403 
Hysteronotus, 538 
Icanodus, 458 
Icelinus, 433 



Ichthcelurus, 573 

Ichthyobus, 573 

Ictalurus, 573 
Icticus, 553 

Ictiobus, 573 

Iheringichthys, 489 

Ijimaia, 516 

I liana. 520 

Ilyodon, 522 

Ilyophis, 454 

Ilypnus, 474 

Imparfinis, 489 

Inegocia, 549 

Inimicus, 509 

Inopsetta, 433 

Insidiator, 490 

Inu, 534 

loglossus. 419 

Totochthys, 473 

Iquius, 568 

Iracundus, 504 

Iridic, 473 

Trillion, 567 

Isacia, 462 

Isaciella, 462 

Ischikauia, 490 

Ischnomembras, 503 

Isesthes, 420 

Iso, 495 

Isobuna, 525 

Isopholis, 439 

Isopsetta, 420 

Istlarius, 486 

Isurichthys, 496 
Jenkinsia, 473 
Jenkinsiella, 576 
Jenynsella, 529 
Jobertina, 53J 
Joinvillea, 531 
Jordania, 469 
Jordanicus, 513 
Jordanidia, 541 
Julichthys, 431 
Julidio, 473 
Julidochromis, 479 
Xanekonia, 558 
Kareius, 490 
Kelloggella, 519 
Kenoza. 473 
Kessleria, 418 ^ 

Kirtlandia, 473 

Knightia, 525 

Knodus, 538 

Konosirus, 490 

Kraemeria, 521 

Krambergeria. 511 

Krefftius, 478 

Kronia, 557 

Kronichtbys, 530 

Krusensteniella, 511 

Labichthys, 424 

Labidorhampbus. 513 

Labracopsis, 426 

Labrochromis, 572 

Lactoria, 498 

Lc-emonemodus. 503 

Lasoptichthys, 556 

Laephicbthys, 560 

Lagarodus, 480 

Labiliella, 502 

Laides, 568 

Laimumena, 430 
Lambdopsetta, 520 
Lanibcrtia, 465 
Lampadena, 467 
Lamprichthys, 540 
Lamprogrammus, 454 
Lamprologus, 452 
Lamprotoxus, 548 
Lanarkia, 488 
Landonia, 553 
Lappanella. 452 
Larimichthys, 514 
Lasanius, 488 
Lebistes, 487 
Leedsia. 448 
Leedsichthys, 449 
Lefua. 442 
Leiogaster, 551 
Leme. 427 
Lepadichthys, 511 
Lepidiolamprologus, 510 
Lepidopomus, 573 
Lepidoblepharon, 551 
Lepidoglanis, 448 
Lepidoperca, 554 
Lepidoterus, 459 
Lepidopsetta, 575 
Lepidothynnus, 447 
Lepiopomus, 572, 573 
Lepomis, 573 
Lepopbidium, 467 

Leptanthias, 565 
Leptichthys, 487 
Leptoancistrus, 559 
Leptobrycon, 555 
Leptocerdale, 537 
Leptocharias, 573 
Leptochromis, 572 
Leptocypris, 488 
Leptodoras, 479 
Leptodus, 424 
Leptoderma. 436. 444 
Leptoglanis Boulenger, 

Leptoglanis Eigenmann, 

Leptogoniates, 437 
Leptophilypnus, 559 
Leptophycis, 486 
Leptorhaphis, 550 
Leptoscolopsis, 558 
Leptostomias, 513 
Leptostyrax, 491 
Lepturacantbus, 512 
Lepturichthys, 540 
Lestidiops, 559 
Lestidium .513 
Lesueuriella, 523 
Lesueurina, 523 
Letbarchiis, 419 
Letbostole, 473 
Letbotremus. 469 
Lethrinella. 508 
Letbrinichthys. 544 
Leucalburnus, 552, 558 
Leucicbtliyops, 566 
Leucicorus, 486 
Leucidius, 563 
Leucisculus, 572 
Leucogobio, 471 
Leuroglossus, 457 
Lewisia. 431 
Liauchenoglanis. 558 
Lile, 473 
Limandella, 519 
Limiculina, 523 
Limnichth3's. 511 
Limnocottus. 516 
Limnotbrissa. 563 
Limnotilapia, 572 


Linophryne, 434 
Liocranium, 510 
Lioglossina, 457 
Liopempheris, 549 
Liopteryx, 551 
Lionurus, 437 
Lipariscus, 556 
Liparops, 457 
Liparus, 448 
Lipochromis, 572 
Lipogenys, 465 
Lipomyzon, 415 
Lipophrys, 471 
Lispacanthus. 422 
Lispognathus, 458 
Lissocheilichthys, 572 
Lissochilus, 561 
Lissolepis, 427 
Lissoprion, 524 
Lithogenes, 532 
Lithoxus, 542 
Liza, 428 
Lo. 519 

Lobochilotes, 558 
Lobodus, 422 
Lobopterus, 569 
Lompochites, 571 
Lompoquia, 569 
Longurio, 514 
Lophar, 569 
Lophiodes, 468 
Lophiomus, 419 
Lophiurus, 418 
Lophocephalus, 520 
Lophorhombus, 421 
Lophostracon, 429 
Loro, 473 
Lovettia, 556 
Lubricogobius, 558 
Lucifer, 418 
Lucioblennius, 457 
Luciobrotula, 549 
Lnciocyprinus. 511 
Luciogadella, 570 
Luciogadus, 570 
Luciolates, 552 
Luciopimelodus, 440 
Liispia, 574 
Luxilinus, 432 
Lycenchelys, 428 
Lychnopoles, 486 

Lycias, 481 
Lycocara, 428 
Lycodapus, 457 
Lycodonus, 419 
Lycodophis, 444 
Lycogramma,55 6 
Lyconectes. 467 
Lyconema, 467 
Lyconus, 437 
Lygisma, 568 
Lyocetus, 437 
Lyoliparis, 474 
Lyopsetta, 433 
Lyosphsera. 480 
Lyrolepis, 436, 510 
Lysodermus, 520 
Lythrichthys, 509 
Lythrulon, 428 
Lythrypniis, 474 
Maccullochia, 537 
Macdonaldia, 465 
Macgregorella, 533 
Machaerognathus, 566 
Machasrope, 483 
Macleayina, 523 
Macrepistius, 464 
Macrhybopsis, 532 
Macrias, 493 
Macristium, 505 
Macromesodon, 576 
Macropharynx. 497 
Macrophthalmia, 478 
Macropsobrycon, 555 
Macrostomias, 497 
Macrotrema, 545 
Macrouroides, 544 
Macrurrhynchus, 475 
Malacobatis, 523 
Malacocottus, 450 
Malacosarcus, 437 
Malakichthys, 426 
Mancopsetta, 514 
Manducus, 468 
Manta, 573 
Mapo, 487 
Marcgravia, 435 
Marcgravichthys. 557 
Margariscus, 532 
Markiana, 502 
Mars, 519 
Marsdenius, 501 

Mastigopterus, 549 
Masturus, 428 
Matceocephalus, 484 
Alalthopsis, 454 
Matsya, 445 
Mawsonia, 525 
Mayerina, 557 
Mazodus, 447 
Mearnsella, 530 
Medialuna, 462 
Megalamphodus. 555 
Megalonema, 535, 342 
Megalopharynx, 489 
Megapleuron, 432, 459 
Megastomatobus, 547 
Megistopus, 465 
Melananosoma, 498 
Melaniris, 500 
Melanobranchus, 505 
Melanostigma, 416 
Melanostoma, 426 
Melanostomias, 497 
Merinthe, 511 
Meristodon, 425 
Merogymnus, 529 
Merriamella, 525 
Merriamina, 569 
Meriilinus, 481 
Mesacanthus, 443 
Mesiteia, 433 
Mesoborus, 490 
Mesocottus, 524 
Mesogomphus, 423 
Mesolophodus, 449 
Mesopoma, 453 
Metaceratodus, 534 
Metallites, 448 
Metopacanthus, ^39 
Metopomycter, 513 
Metoponichthys, 420 
Micra'estes, 485 
Microbrachium, 443 
Microbrycon, 553 
Microcharax, 533 
Microconger, 543 
Microconodus, 470 
Microeleotris. 559 
Microgenys, 547 
Microglanis, 542 
Microlepidium, 486 
Microlepidogaster, 445 



Micrognathus, 542 
Microschemobrycon, 555 

borus, 562 
Microsynodontis. 501 
Microthrissa, 496 
Millerichthys, 458 
Mimagoniates, 526 
Miniellus, 442 
Miopsaras, 513 
Mistichthys, 500 
Mitchillina 473 
Mitsukurina, 480 
Miuroglanis, 446 
Mixobrycon, 556 
Mixonus, 437 
Mnierpes, 474 
Modigliania, 462 
Moebia, 468 
Moeekhausia, 502 
Mohanga, 538 
Molua, 463 
Molva, 463 
Monoceratias, 556 
Monocladodus, 460 
Monomitopus, 449 
Monomitra, 424 
Monosira, 417 
Monostichodus, 491 
Monothrix, 477 
Mormyrostoma, 545 
Moseleya. 468 
Moxostoma, 574 
Mucogobius, 544 
Mugilogobius, 487 
Mulgoa, 478 
Mustelichthys, 565 
Mycterops, 434 
Mylacodus, 423 
MylacroJon, 505 
Myleocollops, 502 
Myliobatis, 572 
Mylochromis, 572 
Myloleuciscus, 543 
Myloleucops, 547 
Mylomyrus, 537 
Myloplus, 467 
Mylossoma. 502 
Mylostoma, 425 
Myocharax, 553 
Myoglanis, 542 

Myomyrus, 479 
Mystaconurus, 437 
Myropterura, 477 
Myxocephalus, 439 
Myxostoma, 574 
Nannacara Regan, 515 
Nannacara Ribeiro, 564 
Nannobrachium, 438 
Nannorhamdia, 550 
Nannoglanis, 437 
Nanochromis, 510 
Nanognathus, 466 
Nansenia, 473 
Narcetes, 449 
Nasisqualus, 546 
Nautiscus, 481 
Nautopsedium, 567 
Neamia, 544 
Neatypus, 516 
Nectamia, 562 
Nectoliparis, 543 
Nector, 480 
Nedystoma, 483 
Neechelys, 555 
Nemalycodes, 472 
Nemateryx, 529 
Nematabramis. 464 
Nematalosa, 560 
Nematobrycon, 538 
Nematochromis, 551 
Nematogobius, 534 
Nematonotus, 488 
Nematonurus, 437 
Nematonus, 437 
Nematoprora, 513 
Nematostomias, 541 
Nemuroglanis, 445 
Neobagrus, 457 
Neobola, 470 
Neoborus, 485 
Neobythites, 432 
Neoceratias, 554 
Neochromis, 572 
Neocybium, 519 
Neoditrema, 426 
Neogastromyzon, 515 
Neoheterandria. 559 
Neolebias, 465 
Neomugil, 466 
Neoniphon, 431 
Neopangasius, 510 

I Neopataecus, 430 
Neopempheris, 416 
Neoparcis, 434 
Neoplecostomus, 440 
Neorhombolepis, 444 
Neoscopelus, 575 
Neostethus, 560 
Neostoma, 427, 444, 576 
Neostomias, 518 
Neotilapia, 572 
Neptotichthys, 451 
Nesiotes, 427 
Nesogrammus, 522 
Nettastomella, 553 
Nettastomops, 521 
Nettophichthys, 455 
Nexilarius, 475 
Nexilosus, 503 
Nezumia, 509 
Nibea, 539 
Nivicola, 474 
Notelops, 495 
Notesthes, 510 
Nothosomus, 434 
Xotoclinus, 461 
Notoglanidium, 498 
Notogoneus, 430 
Notolepidomyzon, 548 
Notolepis, 527 
Notopogon, 554 
Notosema, 419 
Notosudis, 561 
Occa, 481 

Oceanomyzon, 528 
Oceanops, 519 
Ochmacanthus, 542 
Ocosia, 509 
Octonema, 438 
Octocynodon, 508 
Ocyanthias, 474 
Ocynectes, 509 
Ocystias, 571 
Odaxothrissa, 485 
Odontesthes, 517 
Odontoglyphis, 507 
Odontonema, 551 
Odontosternarchus, 547 
CEdalechilus. 502 
CEstophorus, 458 
Ogilbia, 480 
Oligobrycon, 555 



Oligolplarchus, 454 
Oloplotosus, 551 
Omiodon, 440 
Omochsetus, 477 
Omosudis, 438 
Oncolepis, 478 
Onigocia, 549 
Onychostoma, 471 
Ophiocephalops, 518 
Ophiorrhinus, 478 
Ophthalmolycus, 551 
Ophthalmotilapia, 510 
Opisthomyzon, 445 
Opisthoproctus, 443 
Opladelus, 573 
Opostomias, 438 
Opsigonus. 418, 469 
Opsopoea, 473 
Optonurus, 437 
Orcella, 473 
Orcula, 489 
Oreochromis, 446 
Oreogobius, 485 
Oreoleuciscus, 488 
Orqueta, 567 
Orthacodus, 449 
Orthomyleus, 502 
Orthopleurodus, 425 
Orthopnias, 541 
Orthosternarchus, 547 
Orthrias, 505 
Orthybodus, 480 
Oryzias, 519 
Osbeckia, 474 
Oshimia. 567 
Osopsaron, 509 
Osteochromis, 535 
Osteogaster, 464 
Ostichthys, 474 
Ostophycephalus, 487 
Osurus, 504 
Otakia, 490 
Othonias, 539 
Othonophanes, 502 
Otlionops, 417 
Otohime, 525 
Otomitla, 454 
Otopharynx, 572 
Otopcrca, 558 
Otophidium, 433 

Otrynter, 472 
Owstonia, 531 
Oxybarbus, 463 
Oxycottus, 481 
Oxygadus, 570 
Oxygeneum, 431 
Oxyglanis, 484 
Oxyzygonectes, 559 
Oxyodon, 517 
Ozorthe, 481 
Ozymandias, 569 
Pachycara, 541 
Pachychilon, 421 
Pachylebias, 496 
Pachymylus, 460 
Pachyosteus, 503 
Pachystomias, 438 
Pachyula, 483 
Pagetopsis, 550 
Pagrosomus, 461 
Palseaspis, 427, 430 
Palaechimaera, 456 
PaljEochromis. 526, 537 
Palaeomylus, 456 
Palseospondylus, 453 
Palseoniscinotus, 452 
Palseophichthys. 527 
Palseosteus, 462 
Pallasina, 469 
Palometa, 479 
Pampanoa, 517 
Pamphoria, 550 
Pamphorichthys, 550 
Pampus, 513 
Panaque, 446 
PantophoHs, 431 
Panturichthys, 549 
Papyrocephalus, 570 
Parabarbus, 535 
Parablennius, 557 
Paracentroscyllium, 444 
Paraceratias, 531 
Paracetopsis, 522 
Parachela, 417 
Paracirrhites, 426 
Paraclinus, 443 
Paracrossocheilus, 510 
Paracymatodus. 558 
Paradicrolene, 444 
Paradoxichthys, 419 

Parafundulus, 561 
Paragambusia, 510 
Paragobioides, 540 
Paragonus, 564 
Paragyrops, 560 
Paraikichthys. 484 
Parailia, 485 
Parakuhlia, 549 
Paralates, 425 
Paraleucogobio, 521 
Paralosa, 560 
Paralichthodes, 498 
Paramphilius, 526 
Paramphioxus, 461 
Paramyxine, 506 
Paranotropis, 507 
Parapelecus, 447 
Parapercis, 430 
Parapetenia, 515 
Paraphago, 485 
Paraphractura, 496 
Parapygseus, 526 
Pararasbora, 530 
Pararhodeus, 521 
Pararutilus, 542 
Parasalanx, 530 
Parascaphirhynchus, 512 
Parascolopsis, 492 
Parascombrops, 450 
Parasphyaenops, 542 
Parastremma, 543 
Parasudis, 540 
Parateleopus, 544 
Paratrachichthys, 488 
Parathrissops Sauvage, 

Parathrissops Eastman 

Paratrigla, 540 
Paraturisoma. 545 
Parauchenoglanis, 538 
Paravandellia, 545 
Parazenopsis, 532 
Parecbasis, 553 
Parelops, 498 
Parexostoma, 515 
Parhaplodactylus, 425 
Parhomaloptera, 500 
Parhybodus. 580 
Paricelinus, 445 
Parioglossus, 545 



Parkia, 525 

Parmaturus, 518 

Parona, 466 

Paroneirodes, 449 

Parophiocephalus, 515 

Parotocinclus, 445 

Paulicea, 480 

Pelacanichthys, 477 

Pelamycybium, 516 

Pelamys, 573 

Pelichthys. 547 

Pellegrinina, 523 

Pelmatochromis, 465 
Pelodichthys, 573 
Pelopsia, 423 

Peloropsis, 513 

Pelotretis, 541 

Peltapleura. 518 

Peltura, 459 
Penetopteryx, 416 
Penopus, 468 
Pentaceropsis, 426 
Pentagonolepis, 452 
Pentanchus, 546 
Pentlandia, 561 
Percalates, 439 
Perissodus, 479 
Perissognathus, 566 
Perkinsia, 454 
Perleidus, 538 
Peronedys, 430 
Persissias, 481 
Pertica, 508 
Perugia, 489 
Petalodopsis, 423 
Petalosoma, 530 
Petalurichthys, 545 
Petersius, 465 
Petraites, 434 
Petrochromis, 479 
Petroscirtes, 426 
Petrotyx, 503 
Phalacrus, 496 
Phallatorhynus, 559 
Phalloceros, 522 
Phalloptychus. 522. 559 
Phallostethus, 550 
Phanagoniates, 553 
Phanerobranchus, 574 
Phanerosteon, 418 
Phenacogaster, 522 

Phenacogrammus, 522 
Phenagoniates, 553 
Phlyctaenacanthus, 479 
Phlyctsenaspis, 453 
Phlyctaeniurn, 491 
Phlyctaenius, 452 
Phoderacanthus, 423 
Pholidapus, 471 
Pholidosteus, 524 
j Pholidurus, 449 
I Photoblepharon, 501 
Photonectes, 438 
Photostomias, 444 
Phoxargyrea, 503 
Phoxinopsis, 526 
Phoxiscus, 570 
Phractura, 488 
Phrenatobius, 480 
Phricus, 466 
Phrynotitan, 432 
Phylactocephalus, 431 
Phycodurus, 471 
Phyllogephyra. 479 
PhylHchthys, 559 
Phyllonemus, 517 
Physailia, 492 
Piaractus, 502 
Pictilabrus, 455 
Pilodictis, 573 
Pimelodella, 440 
Pinacodus, 423 
Pisciregia, 484 
Pithecomyzon, 548 
Pithecocharax. 518 
Plagignathops, 521 
Plagiogeneion, 450 
Plagiogrammus, 460 
Plagiopsetta, 535 
Planerocephalus, 518 
Platea, 484 
Platyacanthus, 446 
Platyseniodus, 517 
Platyaspis, 469 
Platyberyx. 541 
Platycephalus, 500 
Platychodus, 437 
Platylates, 539 
Platypharodon, 442 
Platypogon, 551 
Platysilurus, 539 
Platyspondjdus, 514 

Platyxystrodus, 486 
Plecodus, 479 
Plectobranchus, 451 
Plectrites, 571 
Plectrogenium, 513 
Plectromus, 424 
Pleuragramma, 496 
Pleurogadus, 433 
Pleurophysus, 564 
Pleuroplax, 449 
Pleurosicya, 551 
Plioparchus, 422 
Pliotrema, 520 
Pluviopsetta, 560 
Pneumatophorus, 420 
Pnictes, 567 
Pnigeacanthus, 425 
Podateles. 497 
Poecilobrycon, 533 
Poecilocharax, 533 
Poecilopsis, 550 
Poecilosomatops, 518 
Poecilothrissa, 563 
Pogonocharax, 526 
Pogonophryne, 554 
Pogonopoma, 526 
Pogonoscorpius. 530 
Polistotrema. 416 
Polyacrodus, 447 
Polycentropsis, 492 
Polyipnus, 438 
Polypera, 542 
Polypsephis, 486 
Pomodon, 466 
Ponerichthys, 458 
Ponerodon, 449 
Poptella, 528 
Porochilus, 551 
Poroclinus, 450 
Porogadus, 532 
Porolepis, 456 
Poromitra, 419 
Poromitrella, 541 
Porotergus, 543 
Potamalosa, 475 
Potamothrissa, 563 
Priacanthopsis, 517 
Priapella, 550 
Priapichthys, 550 
Primospina, 460 



Prionistius, 421 
Prionobrama, 548 
Prionodraco, 554 (mis- 
printed Prinodraco) 
Pristella, 528 
Pristiophorus, 573 
Pristiopsis, 512 
Pristisomus, 453 
Pristiurus, 573 
Pristobrycon, 556 
Proantigonia, 420 
Pristodus, 423 
Probalistum, 439 
Proballostomus, 454 
Probolodus, 538 
Procatopus, 506 
Procottus, 498 
Prognurus, 482 
Progymnodon, 422 
Prohalecites, 445 
Prelates, 487 
Prolepidotus, 462 
Promacheon, 551 
Promethichthys, 461 
Promyliobatis, 465 
Promyllantor, 44.9 
Pronotacanthus. 491 
Proportheus, 533 
Propristis, 422 
Prosauropsis, 462, 465 
Proscyllium, 508 
Prosoplismus, 5('6 
Prospiraxis, 439 
Protacanthodes, 441 
Protacanthus. 460 
Protaulopsis. 496 
Protautoga, 471 
Protelops, 433 
Proterorhinus, 487 
Protitanichithys. 521 
Protoblepharon, 534 
Protocatostomus, 453 
Protodus, 459 
Protopirata, 443 
Protopsetta, 511 
Protosauropsis, 465 
Protospinax, 565 
Prototbymallus, 495 
Psalododon, 538 
Psammichthys, 530 
Psectrogaster, 445 

Psednoblennius, 442 
Pselaphias, 519 
Psellogrammus, 528 
Psettias, 519 
Psettina, 556 
Psettylis, 450 
Pseudacrodus, 516 
Pseudalphestes, 466 
Pseudaphritis, 575 
Pseudepterus, 558 
Pseudocheirodon, 559 
Pseudocorax, 478 
Pseudocorynopoma, 455 
Pseudocyttus, 518 
Pseudogaleus, 465 
Pseudogobiops, 552 
Pseudohelotes, 419 
Pseudolais, 500 
Pseudolates, 483 
PseudomuUoides, 557, 560 
Pseudomycterus, 529 
Pseudonus, 486 
Pseudopercis, 506, 564 
Pseudophichthys, 557 
Pseudophidium, 524 
Pseudoplesiops, 485 
Pseudopoecilia, 550 

Pseudoscopelus, 458 
Pseudosphaerodon, 434 
Pseudostegophilus, 446 
Pseudothryptodus, 490 
Pseudothyrina, 557 
Pseudotocinclus, 569 
Psilocranium, 429 
Psychichthys, 523 
Psychromaster, 474 
Ptenonotus, 529, 554 
Pteranthias, 551 
Pternodus, 432 
Pterobrycon, 547 
Pterocapoeta, 498 
Pterodiscus, 532 
Pterognathus, 481 
Pteroidonus, 437 
Pterolebias, 467 
Pteromylseus, 548 
Pteroplatytrygon, 535 
Pteropodus, 460 
Pteropsaron, 499 

! Pterorhombus, 517 
Pterygotrigla, 488 
Ptilichthys, 415 
Pungtungia, 458 
Pycnomma, 511 
Pycnosteus, 537 
Pynocraspedum, 444 
Pyramodon Radcliffe, 549 
Pyramodon Regan, 555 
Pyritocephalus, 464 
Quadrarius, 524 
Qucesita, 568 
Quassiremus, 458 
Quenselia, 442 
Querimana, 420 
Quietula, 469 
Quincuncia, 570 
Quinquarius, 524 
Quisque, 571 
Quisquilius, 504 
Rabidus, 473 
Rabirubia, 462 
Rabula, 458 
Racovitzia, 489 
Radulinus, 457 
Rafinesquiellus, 474 
Raiamas, 567 
Raizero, 462 
Ramphodus, 504 
Ramularia, 481 
Ranulina, 519 
Rasborinus, 572 
Rastrelliger, 528 
Rastrinus, 474 
Rastrum, 507 
Ratbbunella. 474 
Redfieldius, 486 
Regania, 509 
Reganicbthys, 557 
Reganina, 523 
Remorina. 475 
Retroculus, 464 
Rexea, 541 
Rhabdamia, 534 
Rhabdiodus, 462 
Rhabdoderma, 443 
Rhabdura, 526 
Rhadinacanthus, 443 
Rhadinocentrus, 554 
Rhamdella, 440 
Rhamdioglanis, 524 



Rhamdiopsis, 539 
Rhamphodes, 422 
Rhaphiolepis, 512 
Rhegma, 490 
Rhencus, 472 
Rheocles, 567 
Rheopresbe, 509 
Rhinechidna, 527 
Rhinochimaera, 493 
Rhinognathus, 431 
Rhinoliparis, 467 
Rhinomursena, 441 
Rhinopias, 513 
Rhinosardinia, 543 
Rhinoscopelus, 458 
Rhizoiketicus, 463 
Rhizoprion, 557 
Rhoadsia, 539 
Rhodeoides, 430 
Rhodeops, 535 
Rhodymenichthys. 475 
Rhomarchus, 569 
Rhombatractus, 464 
Rhombiscus, 490 
Rhombocyttus, 461 
Rhombosoma, 554 
Rhomurus, 568 
Rhonchus, 496 
Rhonciscus, 472 
Rhothoeca, 432 
Rhyacichthys, 492 
Rhycherus, 526 
Rhymodus, 423 
Rhynchias, 482 
Rhynchobatus, 573 
Rhynchocypris, 446 
Rhynchorhinus, 496 
Rhythmias, 571 
Ribeiroa, 564, 571 
Ricuzenius, 509 
Rimicola, 472 
Rissola, 475 
Rixator, 571 
Rogadius, 528 
Rogenio, 525 
Rogenites, 568 
Rondeletia, 465 
Ronquilus, 469 
Rooseveltia, 519 
Rooseveltiella, 556 
Rosanthias, 563 

Rosicola, 474 

Rudarius, 498 

Runula, 447 

Runulops, 536 

Ruscarius, 469 

Rusciculus, 493 

Rusulus, 541 

Saccogaster. 444 

Saccostoma, 421 

Sacura, 536 

Safole, 543, 575 

Sagamia, 494 

Sagenichthys, 466 

Salarigobius, 462 

Salema, 472 

Salilota, 437 

Salmothymus, 527 

Samariscus, 513 

Sardina, 512 

Sargacentron, 507 
Sargochromis, 572 

Sarritor, 474 

Satsuma, 520 
Sauromurasnesox, 444 
Saurorhynchus, 459 

Sauvagea, 519 
Sayonara, 518 

Scapanorhynchus, 449 
Scaphesthes, 570 
Scaphiodonichthys. 448 
Scaphiodontella, 572 
Scaphodus, 453 
Scaridea, 493 
Scaroides, 534 
Scartella, 435 
Scartes, 475 
Scartichthys. 481 
Scartomyzon, 548 
Scaunienacia, 463 
Sceletophorus, 464 
Schedophilopsis, 417 
Scbismatogobius, 542 
Schizochirus, 511 
Schizocypris, 554 
Schizodontopsis, 451 
Schizopondylus, 498 
Schmidtia, 509 
Schmidtina, 510 
Scbubotzia, 552 
Sciadeoides, 440 
Sciadonus, 486 

Scianectes, 450 
Scidorhombus, 558 
Sclerocottus, 431 
Scleromystax, 565 
Scleronema, 563 
Scleropteryx, 465 
Sclerorhynchus, 449 
Scolenechelys, 477 
Scolopacichthys, 555 
Scomberessus, 571 
Scombramphodon, 496 
Scombrinus, 496 
Scombrocypris, 446 
Scombropsis, 447 
Scopelarchus, 470 
Scopeloberyx, 541 
Scbpelogadus, 444 
Scopelogenys, 449 
Scopeloides, 436 
Scorpsenoides, 487 
Scorpis, 573 
Scutica, 473 
Scuticaria, 494 
Scylliogaleus, 497 
Scytalichthys. 458 
Scytaliscus. 424 
Sealeina, 523 
Sebastavus, 569 
Sebastella. 565 
Sebastinus, 571 
Sebastiscus, 509 
Sel)astoessus, 571 
Sebastolobus, 415 
Sebastosemus, 513 
Sectator, 462 
Selachophidium, 503 
Selenanthias, 565, 570 
Semitapicis, 446 
Serranellus, 452 
Serranochromis, 572 
Serranops. 554 
Serraria, 428 
Serrivomer, 424 
Sicya, 474 
Sicyosus, 482 
Sierra, 512 
Sigmistes, 582 
Sigmops, 424 
Sigmurus, 481 
Signalosa, 480 
Simochromis, 479 
Simopias, 513 



Siphamia, 534 
Siphateles, 421 
Skiffia, 500 
Sladenia, 530 
Slatinia, 521 
Smithites, 568 
Snyderidia, 513 
Snyderina, 495 
Socnopasa, 511 * 
Solenodon, 416 
Soleonasus, 543 
Sosia, 500 
Spaniolepis, 514 
Sparosoma, 425 
Sparosomus, 461 
Spathiurus, 431 
Spathodus, 488 
Spectrunculus, 553 
Sphenanthias, 551 
Sphenophorus, 447 
Sphyrasnocharax, 523 
Spilotichthys, 508 
Spinacites, 461 
Spinibarbus, 570 
Spinivomer, 424 
Spintherobolus, 538 
Spiraxis, 434 
Spirinchus, 473 
Spirlingus, 450 
Squaliolus, 546 
Squalogadus, 559 
Squalomugil, 529 
Stalix, 499 
Stappersia, 552 
Starksia, 472 
Starksina, 523 
Stathmonotus, 430 
Steatocranui, 485 
Steatogenys, 479 
Stegostoma, 573 
Steindachnerella, 476 
Steindachneria Eig., 440 
Steindachneria G.&B., 441 
Steindachneridion, 566 
Steindachnerina, 518 
Steinegeria, 435 
Stelgidonotus, 513 
Stelgis, 469 
Stelgistrum, 481 
Stellerina, 474 
Stellicarens, 481 
Stemmatias, 486 

Stemonidium, 513 
Stenesthes, 562 
Stenobrachius, 450 
Stenocaulus, 529 
Stenognathus, 479 
Stenopropoma, 503 
Stenopterodus, 425 
Stephanoberyx, 424 
Sternarchella, 512 
Sternarchogiton, 512 
Sternarchorhamphus, 512 
Sternoptychides, 448 
Stethacanthus, 447 
Stethopristes, 513 
Stichonodon, 502 
Stilbiscus, 442 
Stiphodon, 470, 542 
Stlengis, 509 
Stolothrissa, 563 
Stomatorhinus, 478 
Stoniella, 553 
Strophidon, 574 
Stylodus, 421 
Stylophthalmus. 497, 517 
Stypodon, 415 
Styptobasis, 454 
Sufflamen, 559 
Suruga, 494 
Swainia, 474 
Syletor, 567 
Symmorium, 460 
Symphysoglyphus, 551 
Sympodoichthys, 441 
Symproptoperus, 430 
Synagrops, 437 
Synchirus. 444 
Syncchodus, 444 
Syntegomodus, 490 
Synthetodus, 476 
Tseniodus, 425 
Taeniomembras, 483 
Tjenionema, 522 
Tseniopsetta, 513 
Taius, 544 
Talismania, 467 
Tamiobatis, 476 
Tanakia, 553 
Tanakius, 564 
Tannayia, 564 
Tarandichthys, 472 
Tarletonbeania, 454 
Tarphops, 553 

Tarpon, 473 
Tarrasius, 418 
Tarsistes, 567 
Tathicarpus, 526 
Tatia, 545 

Tauredophidium, 449 
Taurocottus, 557 
Taurulus, 524 
Tegeolepis, 458 
Teleogramma, 485 
Telescopias, 495 
Telmatherina, 476 
Telmatochromis, 479 
TemecLilina 532 
Teratichthys, 419 
Teratorhombus, 416 
Tetracentrum, 425 
Tetranesodon, 551 
Tetronarcine, 531 
Thalassothia, 466 
Tharrhias, 528 
Thaumastomias, 449 
Thaumatichthys, 546' 
Thayeria, 527 
Thecopterus, 511 
Theragra, 481 
Therobromus, 482 
Thoburnia, 562 
Thoracocharax. 523 
Thoracodus, 422 
Thorichthys, 510 
Thrissocles, 562 
Thrissomimus, 539 
Thrissopteroides, 484 
Thryptodus, 490 
Thursius, 443 
Thymalloides, 527 
Thyrina, 468 
Thyrinops, 564 
Thyriscus, 543 
Thyrsion, 571 
Thyrsocles, 571 
Thysanichthys, 509 
Thysanocara, 520 
Thysanophrys, 483 
Tilapia. 574 
Tilesina, 511 
Tilodon, 417 
Tilurella, 541 
Tiluropsis, 541 
Tirodon, 419 
Titanichthvs Newb.,433 


XVI 1 

Titanichthys Dames, 437 
Tocichthys, 564 
Todarus, 471 
Toledia, 557 
Tolypaspis, 462 
Tomeurus, 533 
Tomocichla, 530 
Tomodus, 422 
Torrentaria, 474 
Torresia, 431 
Tosana, 520 
Toxoprion, 536 
Toxus, 501 
Trachichthodes, 503 
Trachichthyoides, 501 
Trachonurus, 437 
Trachosteus, 447 
Trachycephalus, 427 
Trachyglanis, 496 
Trachystoma, 438 
Traquairia, 460 
Trematocara, 485 
Trianectes, 564 
Triareus, 537 
Tribolodon, 425 
Trichocottus, 557 
Trichopharynx, 483 
Trichophryne, 564 
Trichopsetta, 601 
Trichostomias, 541 
Tridens, 446 
Trifissus, 490 
Trigrammus, 524 
Trinima. 519 
Triplophos, 497 
Tripterophycis, 497, 501, 
Trismegistus, 508 
Trissolepis, 460 
Triurobrycon, 532 
Troglichthys, 485 
Trogloglanis. 566 
Tropheus, 479 
Tropidocaulus, 569 
Tropidostethus, 469 
Trycherodon, 420 
Trygonorrhina, 574 
Trypauchenophrys, 535 
Trypauchenopsis, 506 
Tubulacanthus, 446 
Tunita, 569 
Turio, 571 
Twingonia, 529 

Tydemania, 551 
Tylobranchus, 542 
Tylochromis, 572 
Tylodus, 462 
Tympanopleura, 542 
Typhlobagrus, 526, 564 
T}-phlonarke, 534 
Typhlopsaras, 423 
Tyttocharax, 548 
Ulsema, 468 
Ulca, 472 
Ulua, 528 
Ulvaria, 475 
Ulvicola, 477 
Unagius, 567 
Urenchelys, 491 
Urinophilus, 563 
Urobatis, 548 
Urocles, 567 
Uropteryx, 457 
Usinosita, 490 
Ussuria, 510 
Vailima, 519 
Vaillantella, 512 
Vaillantoonia, 455 
Vaimosa, 519 
Valenciennellus, 468 
Vaticinodus, 425 
Vegetichthys. 565 
Velifracta. 524 
Vellitor, 509 
Venefica, 458 
Ventrifossa 570 
Verasqua, 509 
Verasper, 481 
Verater, 567 
Verecundum, 452 
Verma, 473 
Verreo, 499 
Verriculus, 404 
Vesicatrus, 538 
Veternio, 511 
VexilHcaranx, 512 
Vidalia. 506 
Vigil, 567 
Villarius, 476 
Vinciguerria, 468 
Vinctifer, 570 
Vinculum, 554 
Vireosa, 494 
Vitraria, 504 
Vitreola, 519 

Vulpecula, 548 
Vulsiculus, 475 
Waitea, 519 
Waiteina. 523 
Watasea, 494 
Winteria, 492 
Yarrella, 467 
Yozia, 495 
Yuriria, 473 
Xantocles, 562 
Xenanthias, 529 
Xenatherina, 526 
Xenendum, 487 
Xenentodon, 540 
Xeneretmus, 504 
Xenesthes, 524 
Xenisthmus, 531 
Xenistius. 420 
Xenobythites, 549 
Xenocara, 510 
Xenochirus, 457 
Xenochromis. 485 
Xenoconger, 545 
Xenocys, 447 
Xenodus, 458 
Xenognathus, 556 
Xenogramma, 511 
Xenomystax, 454 
Xcnopholis 431 
Xenopoecilus, 540 
Xenopomatichthys, 534 
Xenopomichthys, 515 
Xenorhychichthys, 530 
Xenoscarus, 562 
Xenotilapia, 485 
Xenurocharax, 550 
Xererpes, 469 
Xesurus, 473 
Xiliphius, 543 
Xiphistes, 469 
Xiphocharax, 553 
Xyne, 568 
Xyrauchen, 443 
Xyrias, 494 
Xyrinius, 569 
Xyrocharax, 547 
Xyrula, 452 
Xystes. 469 
XystJema, 468 
Xystodus, 536 
Xystramia, 562 
Xystroperca, 474 



Xystrosus, 487 
Zacalles, 499 
Zacco, 498 
Zaclemus. 472, 473 
Zalarges, 469 
Zalembius, 473 
Zalises, 494 
Zalocys, 482 
Zalypnus, 474 
Zameus, 504 
Zanclistius, 524 

Zanobatus, 548 
Zanteclites, 568 
Zaphleges, 571 
Zaphotias, 482 
Zaprora, 472 
Zastomias. 556 
Zebrias, 490 
Zelosis, 571 
Zen, 504 
Zenion, 473 
Zesticelus, 474 
Zestidium, 481 

Zestis, 481 

Zezera. 505 
Zoarchias, 499 
Zoarcites, 555 
Zonoscion, 472 
Zoogoneticus, 500 
Zoramia, 562 
Zororhombus, 571 
Zunasia, 548 
Zungaropsis, 531 
Zygogaster, 547 


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