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lb mcnau tvD uhib, rvnrMMM, 




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■1*1 -J. [i-'r/f <i. 


At a period when Britiah ships of war have peiietnit4>d for the fir^t 
.tame the Cimmoriui tio«phanii, and the namca of Crimean rivcifi 
uid Tariar villages are become sad household words m so many an 
Ecglidi homc^^whcn our flccU and [^mi»*« aru it id hopod gradually 
diawing their net arouod the Taiiric peninsula, and the etaicsmea 
of the Wesi are meiUtating the new destiny whicli it maj be in 
their power Co fijc upon the Crimea, a vci^rao who onikl refer 
tiunt hiiomi rccotleclion to ihc time i^hcn the Czaruia issued the 
fiat which united llii; pcainnula to lutr t;iiipirL% would vxcttc a 
iiKiinaitary intCTi:si in any uncmblj. The memory of SyWaaus 
Urban goea back much further than this. Without c^^nsalting any 
otht-r hUt^jry than the notctt vhich bo luia jotted down from month 
to monih of the eTenl« whi:h were passLng around him, lie can recall 
the period wheu Uiu Muscovite was a strangex in the Chersooaeie. 
H« can %i;\\ his reii^Ier^ of the rutiioum vrhidi n^aclied St. Jivrn^n 
of Genernl Munich siint a^aault upon the Ottoman in that quarter; 
when the scn&toni of Lilliput, hy whidi name he waa oonnrainod 
in hie youthfUl days to traveatie the rarliament «f Great tSriiain, 
heard with indifierencc of Kalla and of Kertach as of Tartar 
cities taken or evacnatcd by the armies of the elder Caiherineu 
Even in ihe reign of George the Sooond some Little interest wac felt 
in England aa to the ercnta of a foreign war ou lho«u remt>te and 
unknown Ehorce, and the purchajcrB of the Qcnlleman s Mngaxtno 
for the venr 1739 were enabled to fi41uw tlie movementa of tlie 
Ttirki^ and Bunian annle» by nn ** Exact Map of llie Crim,** in 
which the great-grandfathers of our pmwnt ruiider> might luim the 
podtion of the river of *' Almassu," and the harbour of ■* Baloglow,** 
and little anticipate the eensfttiona which tliovc uaregardcd names 
In a somewhat altered fonn would one day exeilc in every English 

In those days the Gentleman's Magazine liad not so miuiy able 
and rigorous aasiKtaiitir in ita task of amusing and insUueUng the 
public as it now haa Many a country tnauuoa and ipore retired 
paraooage drew ttom its page> all ttiat they knew cf pckesing crcntSt 

well ae of the Kicuoe and the literature of the tUy. 




Politico tts wdL fA hjHtoiy had e, |>«Tt in tlic Uboun of oor cnrlior 
jpcftn, «n<l i» the days itf William Pitt tho y>MU)^or, Sylvftnua Urban 
unotl to mivWc Kid yonrly Iwvtii of the aUnncK loynlty of hia prin- 
cipJce, and of hiji unwearied cfToru in l)\o support of our conAt- 
tution in ohurc}) nnd stftto: — 

VLriuLit vant diuc« ngkduv|iiit nMtllaL 

We aw conU'nt in our oMcr tlnp to Iciivtj it t^i othcn* lo follow 
vitli ^pliic HiLnniitoris the marches of armies, ami to rclato with 
oopioud fidetily the debirtM nf fvcnjtiojL llie institutions of our 
country nce^ not our deftncvt and Vft httre no anns for Uio vcrrico 
i>r port/. Wc have lonjf devoted out trtreiigth and directed the 
labouffl of our ccntributors to the tictd of historicftl and antiquarian 
lil^rituro. In the oouwf of mir lonp Bcnnw^ wc may boust of 
having prcaer^'od some fragments of history wMcli would otherwise 
have boen lost, and of having n.'5cucd some tnonument^ vhich liicf 
hand of Time would olm havo obliterated. 

It ia needless lo describe the natun? of our proscnt work. Wo 
dceiTo, without lauiichinfr into n wider field, to continue to employ 
our»clv<« usefully in that which we have cbotcn. Wc shall con- 
tinue our brief chrcmcle of poesin)]: event*; by our obituary wo 
iSm at preM>rving the accvTttt« dctailit not only of public but of 
privAtc and family history; nnd our pages vrill always be j«Tftt€ful]y 
open to letters of correapondenta who have any valuabb obsor- 
rations to commtmioale, or my rurioui iiifbmiftUoii to be preaerved. 
In our own portion of the work our readers mny be ssnjreif that 
our endeavours will not bft relaxed to make our periodical the 
adequate TeprescntatiTo of the tntiquariaD i»ciencc und hiAorical 
titonture cf the country. 







JANUARY, 1855- 


■DOE OHdUUroK&tVCL— Tb* lllcUaMm ki MorthunploiiihM — Am mvibfd «f 
ivtoa* MiMB'*ae«0 at an OaMtvitl nuwiU — Ibt iw^liAct nukutfOut — 
Cvncttitt to^ttUwr --. 

Lw^l Ifa harti IBriory cf EmUfal .UA.r»w.«k^>«,,.tMV.... 

Br fceihiPdSoti—t loifiMMn \ «^;ii»»^...,... 

T>ii TrinJor «Q Oil AtU# ,., 

nettiTwivrti bjj. c. vauf ^; 

Tu jiLBiifii^ bi lib cup« ; -.,.•;,;.: 

>vaM#1Ui1 a>ok^»<| Otwf) 

COU^rOVDtlRTi: or STLVXiani UXPAK— Wnrrrj£«rnhlrr>tjkiin«^rtr<«-Vv4nu'r.U' 

T«4liM<-1WtU|«fiir>iWt1b»K]fif«GiriIclUd '-,. ,, 

WflS or TUB KOtfTlL Amintmrf ' ^' Borml SteMjr— IttvUtcat In (hv Drttt^i Iryha- 

rrt h^ i> ctfiM<iiiM*ii* K -airr,aoi>jff'jniJBrtaof?ti, iMijif^rp-Lpw 

Trat*aof» 4B ifaM tll-iaJof U«rUVam.>a4!u<iUia7^Curnif«iiilnfv^»tl«iitfE;k 
UbfHiM H Mr- J. C n»« «M lAhf C»*^iim^Mr hitartNi'" CuHmciLh al IfHu- 
■ iljil fltoiiM ai WtMnuMh-atfB ef tarai dr HccftlcnkMivni ri il i nw Diii< m »iw 

if kb. aiuMr^ rviM niuMwiUa* ftf tt* v«f'UiiiAtbr at. fl>af^*« n«ii. ij*vt-«i 

^ IL VtiM^ ENnnnteB ■( WtttfliU-rrfipIc Of iTwo njov Jlr«aft--Taa^ «< 1^ 
AlaxirMiT I — SdKiUAe sAd Aiv\Biriav^I Guiurnnala Vnnfm ...,. 

BBati^ni X>ufftriiiiMnHtrtAfjO'nit>tAin<.roi l4U--n4 K,.**^^ AJi^.lrt H. A-tlMwnb 
<-ThctJav»BFalc4(U4r««,Vx«iT"^ l-lii«Ti«(h K^ty TTid Btiu Hbtani^brA, V- 

TbcltA BWB B«OM. W IM ■■IbCtr if ' Umij fvmtV^-Jtt Tham «/ ««tcfluU1. lllDilrtIti 

T^rtHut m iJunn Hi r ^ K ii rnf i l 'tnTtiinHrr rfThn Intlnirn TTift fcnnft^pirBtVi T wti 
MMi BmIi ■■ ^i Ml I iig 1^ IrtJt tlBrt«— riat* antfrt mJ Ow l^al 







jaf i ihT Tym M>Wt lHtUv,l)i )U(H>«a< ^ 

OHnTABTivtlbll^Mnttfl^Ttewatldtnj L^ i'teianiOflvtiioi LdM [>ii«1«r 
Hvtf«,llT.tWlifk^Ha^ln>k>4MBC^IuL; &rWfA,CDtBminii<GvAflB.n«1-t Uiot- 

nA Kmgm »«m,.M|. t nwrntj im timti t , ■*» t Ur. MvBwbu fi^ioi 

tUflVto.tfnnfntti rVBU^VV-lOrler .,,.-...-,...„.....,.-.,.-„-.,,„,-„,- 

B«Mfmfs.O*iicnl<« AMant fitf M itn fcg la fta Stln^Allt-lfvkM^ III t IMMrolOffUwl 
ttMj Otfy fffiQt*f i»a<** *,...<-■■ 

Bt SrLTANt;S URBAN, Gsrt. 


Mbl Us-Ha*,— [a rtplj lo^oar Inquiry 

HishliDdon m Niirchftifl|itoB»hitp *i re- 
liLrcl In youi S'oirmlcr Mi||B'iiie, t ic'cc 
fdu Vi Uir; 4ta. Tn«t iiuhti^hril in 17-1 ^ 
vltb « woudcdt <ir ViC tKG4:utiaa of I1j« 
irultUtidvn «u Ilia T^war Gnrn, "lUi tlua 
■mftonabira SUrciifyonrAa f nhtrh Joui^ 
ibl it »tiU En fMiatrni>«> and latrlr h** 
reprinted the hcwuat of thv SatrcDder of 

BukiAable Ch«r«clen, wh^re a oiiaulf 
^eUlLof ib«eou»tcv-niftr«b «iitlcii|iltul«< 
tl«n la ctwii, LlldvtntfHl with ■ p-frinlt of 
Cmponl McPhvnon. folly «Po3utnd " with 
■wonlMndpUEol.'^ lottrt,»c. JLJkW. 
AndlLfr CormLpondrnl niri* u« li> 
Gnnfa "SkrUliM of the IligbWndsn,'* 
Ibr ft piinaU*« uf ibo Mme ocoumn«e*> 
iVc men bclonjEcd la Ibo 47d itflmc^nt, 
not lone bv^finT nntiodlnl ■* '* Tb? ULack 
VfeUh.'' Cruil dlMluMlr tl«t'<t tbtl 
nuTiT ot the original mcmbrr* ^r *' Tbo 
BJhcli Watrb/" TifJi anoong Ibe priTaCw, 
Wfrr " ftaUrmroH" helna MBi of muUvr 
proprinCon, kifuoirn of tlir cMnffe of llie 

Hfi tocoanl of Mr- W LUlqci kuiicljt, iu- 
vertod p« 455, i« thin CHuHnanl. iiiKHUh- 
lUo'linx tbi' dijiibi rijii-n&ani, p. 4£fi, b)r 
B. S, Vi'. Vi'luCbcr OF iioE ib« preiont 42^1 
R^lftJiitnt, or " ItoTnl IhicblnndrrH." m* 

Crr-*riit* the oU " hlnok Wtirfb."' b"inc 
fcn iftor^Bfdi so «mnib«cd, our Cwh- 
tponiEtiQt ilou nijt kuQWj but nlherioifi- 
Cinri IbaL il don. 

Ma- U»BAK.— I )im dPiinio* of i»«f. 
ttibiiiji thn amiB brrnn hj ihr (nllotiirif 

Rteb«rd Bf&don. ftbhvp of OlouMvIn' 
17«9; UithindWellMlSOa. 

RoImttI Crrrchton, lUihop of ftatli ftiid 
U'clli 1GT(^ 

John GimfU* Biibnp of Prnu ITif ; 

Jobn OTabtnk. Riiliofi of ChctUr 1I44H, 

Kbkint llovlhnd, Biibop of Tflterba- 
ntoRb, UM* 

Jobn KaTB, lUahop of Brblol 18^i 
lincoln la^n* 

ThnmM MiuiitrAF«> Biibop of llor«/onl 
mil Anbbi«bi>pofYfirklM7, 

AlfrvdOlUTuiI.Htibopof LUuiiifI1Kt<J. 

John Porter, Dithfip ai KllUU U'Jfi ; 
Cl^b«r IT»«. 

Ihalb; FS^vtcWt BbUi|< of CbcaWi HH ; 
London ITA7. 

Gdward lUlnbov, Biihop of Cirlifllo 

TliomAs VatMD, Biibop of UindAiT 


Phthp Yontf«> Ulihop of Brirtol ITAa i 
NnrAt.^h i;U. C. H. CooriS. 

<*atHbrtdiie, Sth Drrrmlrtr, US4. 
Mr, Fiitbcy Tbomp-ori In* ftiTonrtJ un 

with An ImpreMion of AH vU HvhI, ap}ia- 
rcniiyof belE-EDe1*l,Ulcly found jn ili^giJif . 
out B^Uh* nHaitC 1)^ (ii<.-fL» betAw tho 
tnrftov, on ibc bordtn of lb? iiarinb of 
Flftbtoflnemr bo«toa. H UdtvuUt.Hbuol 
iHiicbaiDdJimrffr. bmr^nK io Iti cir- 
otunrcnnrv tb« wonli, 

II stuii^i-' cum' L19IUU1-M' r' ftVi« 
tnd in th« ovAtn tba luvc 


W K L I.' 
nuw<ll U tb« aimo of otm of tbt biii- 
ilrffilB inio vrhick tli« rauntr of LIomIb U 
diTidMi Ljrine north of Ibo town of SlM* 
furd, nnJ ibctefuir al i ooatlderrUo dla« 
eann ftom Ibo pWe whcrf th* •ml «4i 
found, W« da not nvoU^c to hire |ir«- 
liduily ■den A Mat of Ib^t itMcrii^iJan: Hut 
from ku ippcBtinco «t< CDuio<:(i]fri thil \l 
ta of tbr iJc* Of llcnrj VIlL.Jindwcilkould 
hif inc^tinAl to tiittrpict ^c conlrscfcd 
word **iiVib" u mrwiinjr nprrWiiAw, 
or lurYt}'! , in vbicb ouc neb kaIb iBii|r 
haVF brrn TAnde fortba mrtvji of cccle- 
»]jiiiU(m] land* on tlw dlMolalioa of monu' 

fBri«' Probkbly aiioHKir txampla nmj 
hcrwftcr occur Ur oiiri firm oi cornel thU 

J, (i. N. hfci inrcn ■ rhini buUer boat of 
ifar iiimfl |i«U«m u Ihote dncrnjod by 
1a N. ict Ko'T, p. 4ld, on« of wkioh b«d £ 
the mafk of a vmill fldt-boolt, TbliT 
bwl • mark of lu U vbicL i> utl^ed bj 
M»-ry«i to tbe in«iitil^#tflrfpi nf Tlmtnav, 
Dratcnbtcbt ^irid Llmbtcb hi Gtrnuinjr. 

li. l^ T, f* dcj^LrouK tfl BioffiiiD Ibo 
parttnUjfp uf tbo Ute Admiral Abvabun 
LovD) of iiboi« BrrTi»« n mrmbir wai 
glrtu ici tbc Obttpnrjaf aur Nuvcmbcr 

IftKcrtrv, p. 479.— ThoitMoratiTB it*T 
fbnnd imnKv itia rvlica af Sir Jaha Fnuik- 
tin wu tbnt of the lUnotcnoD (Suolpbic 
Onler (of wUlcli Sli John oru > mvmbor) 
in4 noL thnt of the Bath. KocriXTlDEt of 
tJiii iind ibr oliirr rolic" hiTr t(>pMred In 
tho lUutlrqlicd Loiidon fJeiv^ 

Pfcgo C2ft, Tljo Iflle John Wlllt, »q. 
ws Httt a FflLowof lh« Kofji! Society. 
Ilr "m fnr mtity j«ir» V«iliy Clork of 
Hi. IMaV,OM Nlrent, In ool. t, Uixe* 
ID, lip the oamiTi uf Mr- Brvwuriu ^ud 
Major Utdlcf ibonld bo ifuupoiM, but 
not Ibo fi|V«l> 

Ph« eSa 0, S8^ i8Si '«« itH4 

Pace 641 a, 13 ^m foot, rrad tbe 
JuacaRUerofAbbDjIfoiuv, UormODi' 






riliit«rr«fBDrbad from the Potce of UCn^bl lo thaPoMttofTarMUlf*. 111$— tT^S. 
Bj Lord Hahaa. V«L vtL ir90--UH3, London. 8ro. Mnri^. 

H'B vod>) noi "givQ a button," t 
Aa MMig ■*f'i f^ ■ uttti liLo pronsM 
tfnl Iw iSm» aot Tfsd uu inu-rtui in 
vlat wu Mill or ikne m iJic oM tiuMn. 

■oflh Moplo. Tbc/ nvovr & retfonl 
edjibrwbat tbcj ti^ra tho pTMiictl 
bttsiDQfi or iitt^ 'VlMa nK or /oU uf 
tte Auid^ the opHiing of tpnuo ttvw 
bnanh oi indnitrj, dm iiric^ of » coiu- 
■odiljr in a (cirvigD aturkvit lUu iluUlld 

At «t(^li wbioli encniM lfa«ir allvn- 
teif and NTc doac <ltQiued ironhj of 

not bow ibinffs cauc iqIo thvir lament 
tfntt, * Wbnt matter* itf Uirr H7, 
* Hco- mi «rv, citd we viuat niHX« lh« 
bcal of u«r poAtioar Uor rcii<iJtri 
«ftf b« WB«M tiiat mcb petvon* nrQ 

HOT TOKMV**iiiDdtTl fWllcnr*, onfvrlilo 
ui dxpollcftU, dcToid of inujfinnlioci 
<r nttcml ciiiio«tf, col^l. Kliuh mm, 

«kom H ii Dat»i«o aa wdLl ju unvaJe to 
Jbllwr- Sflvmnu Urboo hna no rjm- 
Ittlbj «4t)i lb«ni. U *t hi* tvM tbu 
■n«i^ caracfltl^ «nfiiigti«l itv an import' 

«at «oimo ol" acuoQ, bntn in nil tim» 
4DIU gloriotti tbinga worthy lo be 
bod m roBcmbmaco —cbiup th« eon- 
tfdtntkfl of wbicEi ii a toutc* ol'Jn* 
tffoelkn ai wtll aa of a<±light — Ibtn^a 
rhatb maJre biatoij, awl n«cd oaI/ to 
! toU cUbHv in orda to inipirtt iJm 
art aad inUigbttfn tbe tntelk^^l of all 
vbo noal di«ak To Sj^lfAnus L'rban 
W fttbiioaLioti of nnch a book m Uiia 
f Lord Mabon'a ii tberdbre atalltimea 
baonrcooTplcaMara. Tbebookitaoir— 
froiM iia nUcol-^aa qusillEN 
I OP^t to rcDoer it (encrallj ao- 

cc^blc. Ituadoar lucidnamliv^ 
wnU«n ia a calm placifl »trun*ile- 
rinnjf no int^rat fVon» frtnHvntioo, 
but nimiilj pvifig wbat it It «vid«ttl 
tlifl untbur <^o<ifv» to be a ftir aod 
cnndid miimatd of otifirj puirfnn *rbo 
comcj undar hii notice* ■'S'otliiuf 
ujLtvuBJtti; uor ivt down angbt m ma* 
iicr," VAi tJir Iii^i-mkiiJvd diarvo 
TrbiuhOtbi-liuitrlicndetcTmiiied toiUo. 
^ta la Eiiiu on wTiosn dcvoltod Uui 
Uuk nf t'iirT>r4ir!irifr Kim hiAt<irj. I^onl 
Alabon, nliiJflt lulJj acting up to Ibc 
Laixi?r part of tbc injnnciioii. in ovor 

r^qily Ui ««xt4>nitAt'* whnt. Iu« mrinol 
JtftfniJ. Wc dik not nlwars a^^nsi with 
biui- Wc ncculonatl/ tf^ at w« Ihlnb, 
tJiil piljtiiiiil n^ifi'mn or pTCil«Umi iDcd 
jud£Tni?fktco!oun bboonoluticdu; hut, 
if it bfi Ko. wij Afx <ii3it« farii llmt hucIi 
wnpiag ]iiiliicno4} it ancon><.'ii)n« on 
his |iart, and tlut he Uaa atnTM to 
wnti kinili/ and larrl^ of rvnrj on#. 
Hv ho« (li<«arv<l, iji » tTf^nlp tlmt tb* 
Lifl;ht irliidi lie ihrom u(on oar luMlorjr 
nliouM be n« pur« aji 11 u clear, 

ItiTi Teluino bKnin !■> on ond ibo 
Mien doeado of Knffli^h biftorj wbwb 
cQimpiriac his lubjcict. 'ilic cloae of Uio 
AmoTHMin war i^VniJ a fittiss period 
of |xiutc, and be bnj aTaUed buniclf nf 
iL The ibfrc jcara ooinprincd in ilia 
final Yoloitto p goa ett t to ikotioo tho 
Lord (^«cq|CO Gotdoa Eiola of I7H0, 
l4o capture nnd latl«ofldajor Andrt^ 
tb« aam;ndcT of Lord Comir^tiv, tba 
break>nj> of Lotd Xorlb'ii admioialni- 
lioD, Rodao^'a vlotorjr oror Count de 

Gn«aci and tho ncgc ofUibraltaj'* To 
tbta« eubjoota— «noueh nf thQEn>t-lT«« 
to nak« up a vduixio of do liltl« la* 

iorJ Mfihon't Hi^toiy af England, 


t«r«tt— Lorrd Mfthon hu fldil«<j three 
ohdf t«4n 01) Indiji, iDil & fln&l eluiptfr 
on J/ifo nod H&uncn. 

Lookinit baok npon (ba Engjuid of 
icnntjr jeftiv i^Oi it mm« diOicalt 
oDCulonulj to reootfiujc dot ova 
country. How Binffular, for exuupl^, 
Uio«o riouof [7S0l Tbi> pupincnud 
of the aaiboritlci ii nt ibli dJxtiuicc 
of liin« rjnitfl i]iiA(^4rr»uDtJifiIi<. Loni 
Muboti tncntiodP Tttriouii c^atiif^ vhlizh 
mnT hnrc coniribau>(t lo nnyltii^o ilio 
" ilii^nuroAil forpor ," but ihc onEjr one 
of lunm ivhrcli iV4>iin to linve ri^r- 
o«pitbl^ ojKrntieO upon ihe itJCTni>ci<« 
or tha govrrDmont onljr n'ldi tr> oar 
tfiUUMoitciit. A (loublwc 8r4 I4i1tl WOJI 
l^«T>llj vnierlatuvil m li> tliL- Ivgnlily 
of uflinff iQiUUry forco «wiut fl mali 

«M>^'i! ill burning ml pJundtrlr^, 
ututaa ft iuf[i»trat« hfld Imt wani^ 
tbtt iDob hj roAding pablict^. and "At 
Alii l«ngtf!> all llie provinonM of tlie 
Kiot AcL" 'ibt! cJCiitence of «ucli ft 
doubt Monu truly iiurroUou^ ond not 
leotM ifao iluflgiiboiM* wl^ok oialti«d 
to revolve tbe coubt, tT it rc«Uy exAt«d, 
by laitojil rofcTonco to tba liIgbiMt 
iuihoTitico. Bou^eTy L«a« uxinior- 
dinuTTi to our tbinUng, nw tioe quibble 
try wLicL L'>rd lilftDoA^d t« rcporlod 
to bavu ulttjuat^ly viDdioiMiu tlio 
leoiilHy of tlie tmpjojiacnt t^f tbe 
•JdEcry. '■£«■ M«jc*tj nnd tboHf: 
who have fidrb«d blui," rcffiurkod the 
Lord Chief Juvlico at tbc coodunnn 
offtMIMoc^ontbc «ubjeclln ifac Honnc 
of Lord^ '' ]iDr« elcM io >crict con- 
fortoity with tbo coiainoD hw- The 

PkElilary Iuyc beoD «*Uod iiif ftiid vvy 

wiMly vftUol in, not w Kildicm \fa% oi 
oUBenn Notntlt«Twbclberthtirooftti 

bv rcil or Wowo* tbcy «rc«o cQiphiyod 
not to subvert but to pnstervo tbc 
Invri nnd constitution wbiob »o iill s> 
bittlily priu:." Dul Jjc Cblef JiMlu-c 
i* nara riiwaiirJig upon wbat wDr« DOi 
tbo 6Kri», Tbe Iroopv irvrt numbiMl 
to tbo Mmm «f oprvATi do4 om cltUca*, 
btit ni ftolJIenk nndor on ord^ ol^ ibu 
King iu contncil; tbey went thither 
jVTOcd u MdUier*; tlicy.wc^c ]fOailL-d 
tt Mldjcn; Ibi'y chnrj^tid the inub lia 
foldlerv; tbeyGred iipon a given trord 
of comnuukd u *ubl«n « nc yiv «rv 
told by the Lord Cbicf JiutJoi! tLnt 
l^y wrro ciiUvU in "^nol m »ldicni 
but no dll/OEiAk" Olid by TLrtitc of ilmL 
Bii«<«tot«cneiit »« are, vpon liin nu* 
tlHinty, Ui bdiere thU tocir cmpb^- 

Di«nt wii« leiEf^lv defcQxiblo^ We iro 
not cwitL-EidJiitf, M it reniark^i ngiuiiBt 
Ibc Icplity oAhrir euiplayinudl, wlii^jh 
«c tbiiik jTUtlfiAbbe u|)on ovvry moral. 
■Doiol, and legal ffrouiid; vbflt iro ar« 
coDlGodiss i^a tbat Uivro 1« uo fum% 
but, ou Uo ooDljatj* foscb coit^ttCuo 

of Lord SlfliiJiJielJ- !ly buHinij tliu 
k-pHlity of the vtnploymiritt Upon nn 
unlraTb, Lord ManiflcH virtually al- 
lotti^l tlmt tbe employment m it atood 
upoD th4^^■>Jl1 loetf wu illegal. Survljr 
there muit ho aomo miatAke in ibii 

f^muEnvd rt-puri or jiit speech. The 
tiot Act WJ19 pnMcd tn ennbl« ma,- 
f^iilmtci lo dinjiarHr l&rgo auvmblies 
or jMrriona — doc iiepeMoriLy commit* 
ting Dutmget, but umsmblies mo ciu* 
m«roQ» Of lo occttion interroption 
to businevf; or excJto f^ar te*t »ooi« 
breach ut ibo ponco Aigbc anno. In 
»iidi oaMi ft proolaiiifttJMi ytM lo bf 
maile, not na Lord MaJion rappoies by 
rvtdlog oil ih« clauiDf of tho Iliot Act 
ill fiilL but in a BJmrt rorin of v<irdfl pro- 
vided in the Acti anJ, if tbe coaconitc 
dl'1 n«t diBporno wilhio oik hour olWr 
«uch pTodotnalioii, thev might llien be 
dedt vith by force But there ia o 
wid« dHfcrcnco bctTtccn llio com of 
an ancmbly of penooft loitering or 
pp^'oyfyiniTf whioh wmi the catc pnn* 

npally ctnit^DiplHtfd by |L<- Riot Aut, 
and ft mob bnrjiLiiK, (•ciokio^, plunder* 
injt.dc^tr^inff, o[ioninf^JAilj,iindfirJnfl 
clupclii. Thclntr<'r c*Ai:id (iiii^ to which 
the proYtflfoiJi of lh<J Kiot Act were 
ncv«rintciidcilcapply^ The absurdity 
of tuppd^nz ibut Kuth » iiKib ni tJiiit 

which mcked Lcrd Mimhfiutd'ii boufo* 
could not U: Interfered wilh nnlo^t a 
iiingUtnitc I141I fini rvnd lu lliviu the 
proclamation contftiDod in IboKiolAct, 
ftnd thru wiitod on hour for their 

f<Fr ftny public officer to havr; entor- 
tariied for a noiBPtif. It it d^r thnC 
Ht llifi coiiiinufi Inv, tij which l^rd 
Mui^fidd appeal)^ and wbioh. in tiirJi 
ft cojc. if mere eaiznnon itiufi, tlie first 

duty uT thu vxvuutimi guvcmn;?ut vm 
to provide fiir thcr peoca of the rMhn, 
and tint Ihcy wrrc nnt roortly Juatifteq 
but 1ji>uiu1> ill iU(! >ight of Ood Hd 
mm. to UK nil nocoaiftry moan* In 
thnir |iowcT for the viipprMoa of tuoh 
uiroctliL'K lo lb(< Kiui« joint judgment 
cif camnion ■mujanil cumniciu law tJicy 
were bound to ftccoinplith Lh«ir «nd by 

LvrdXahon's ffut^ty qfEng^init^. 



W Uo irodch«ott of (he coniuUo or 
lS« firelock ol' Ui«9oldivr. The liml- 
fil/of tkcfOTCnmcnc in bc«rlAlingio 
Miplcij the tteceanry mcutv, lad tLc 
■HpuiuifLt or the LorUCliief Justice, 
Jaft*diPg the coiflojiucni bj a i|iiib- 
Ue^ m cqujJty uDAcuMuUbti;. TLc 
DkDNidact of ihc govcminctit vs.* lie 
iac«« laiuiCtiaibt* d« 1W7 liui brvii 

■Irevly iranwd bj ibe note wlAct bod 
taikcftplACffin Sootbiivlmd«r ihcinflu* 
oioa of tbe h*ieo parljr, »nd bj U]« uw 
pude of tbcM nob m aii cxuaplc by 
Lord O«orv« Gordon m bi> inflAm- 
iMlcry ttddmsea to the mob.* Tbtt 
AnI of the rineoui ajweeiblici 10 Lon- 
don orcurr«d on Fr^Uy tlie 2<l June. 
'IW (iTPiloii) of )iuliuiiviit itM ilion 
fnvnly iiifiut^J* &nii on 1I19 flftine 
bi tvo Ronjin Cntholic cba^xJe 
dtiriforcd. TJwrc wltc ekioic 
_ , tWorBuic^H <in tbe nf^bt foU 
bviB^ nffd on SMnday ibo -lib there 
ocqqrfcd ivTcnJ moiC veriou* ootmgta. 
Still nolbing w>M lion* by vfty (if inlUfi 

ETetUioa orraproMioa* Or Monday 
»dUi tbvrc »«vei|;Mn oknainfioiit- 
.j«s. SUllnoUuDgwHifon*. Tiioi- 
ky tko Stb WM 1^ day on wbicfa Nc«> 
it« mmI Ctoric«ftwcll prWHU, kihI ibo 
'loiK^ of L«nl Muhifjfb), w«ra d*> 
rod. Scill noiiine vm done. On 
oc«lfty Um Ttb tbon; wtt riotJjic 
4R^to<i9i the fiMik of £nff1an3 
I oU«flirpcodf and tho KinifK lIcDch 
ioiiier prisons wvre broken ofion^ 

I the <TCsI^2 tbc town van in n bWo 

b beoudlftry ibes. It wnfiKii unUI 
I «une da^, t^ 7th, that a couiioil 
M Ibc Aub^-t T4« >uii[iiioucil — not 
• the nuaUttf^ but by lli« persoiud 
iiOQof the Kinfl. i1i« militAry 
tbon at M1DC caUcJ i>aU *Qd in 
Uw evening of tbu liay n vhol^ftdo 
dooglilvr cnjtucd, IVn hnnJrcid pur- 

WM lv«Via «k«ii ikad In Ibo vUccLn 
betven ttwcuxj «nd eii^bLy luoru di^ 
oTlbvir wouniK ukd ono huiidmJ and 

«8b(y«<HUid«4 wrrs r«eiaTcd iolo tbc 
bi^ttliw 11li« Wiulc of tlfs atiiJ tliti 
TUl <lMCructku of f>ropc7ty on Ibo 7tb 
ind Ibc prtmiliiw <i^y, iiiij|(bt Ituvc 
bo«k aradixl by Ibe rndsom wfaurb 
n Igwbinco dicUicd n week 

jln; poralbl Tfbicb LurO 
intitfiatca bttnccn Ibc cxciic- 
OCCttioned by Ibo cinptojmciit 
Ibo nlUUTy u tbu WilU-a r^iiii 
iTffi, ukd tJi^ir tfmpUiyafeent ognlut 

ffuob A mab u ibdt r>f ITAO, oonnot be 
nuiintaln«d for a moment* If rvnlly 
adduced by tbc government as lui «3c- 
ciu^ for jiuctlon, it rctidi.Tn Ibcir ucuul 
iurompetoEicTinoTc eon^rpicuou^. 

The OMc of ibjor Andr^ wa» om- 
phiiticDlly • \int\l unl Tn<LincJio1y one- 
Lord ^Ubon Donten^s tbat Ihe witpitt' 
lurv of hit d^tb wniTAnt ocinfttiluicH 
" hy tMT (ho fimLcflt, mvl {rLTbivpn tlio 
only, blot in Wiu»hin;toti*B nio^t nohlc 
CArwr," and \w anlicipflte* tbftt «re 
long " ibvr iritctli^nt cbuvn" ADioiigvt 
titc Amcricant will unlto wiJi 'iko 
nDJilATcloicet in o^r own country in lift 
cotideinnAtruUk We raniiol sburc in Ibia 
exf]t*<^Mliiin« niir dn wctcjmcurin Lord 
Mjtbou*d critical remarkA on Anilr4*« 
tnMtmout. Tbe Shcu nre remenibeted 
hjrerert wie. ArnHd, nn Atnfrni-jin 
Genvnf lutru^ic^ii with lb<* coutmbud 
ofrnmivt importniit loruAc[it{on,ilcb:r* 
miniwl tf> If Iny bi« tritht «ii<l dti4i>M ti^ 
tbe ItriiivEi- Atilri? ytvat iritbin th<; 
AnKTrlcnn Unci to eouJcr vltb Artiold 
on th4f t>t«t mrxtp r>r clTrr^rirL^ rhU 
iniquity- On bit return Andrit wns 
taken prlnTner, lie w» ilrcsvcd nt 
ihc timeoTbin o*p*.«rr in pliiBjlftlbM, 
liad in bi« [HMseuion a pnu from -^mokl 
gnLntcdiofaliie nnincinnd in bi* boota 
u^ UI1I [Nip«» rvlntinx \a tbc inoJo of 
cMplvni in Amoid't writing. Woib* 
Higton rafvrvd tbo cofithi«Tation oftb* 
CAM tc a Court of lonniry, compound 
cA' raanl oAocr*. ihoy adjudged 
Andrj to death da a vpyi and Wash- 
ington on)ore<l him to b« oacccniod 
iK^oonJIugly. Lord Mabon, ftbboagh 
adinitting tbe sononl revpeotabilUj ^r 
the offlcen wno conpom iIk Court 
of Jnijuirj, Jit Bllff^M i^t 

tbc AiMncan g«iifraU ai tbat Um« wrn 
for tba BflH tmwt «bo11y f««btxiU of Ui* 
iLittanbf«of alibenLpdooatfoa, TWyvere 
men (Irmwti frum tbc pluugh-haBdle or 
from tLc ilioiiboarJ at Ihvkr ciuurr^ ull- 
Gmne btmteir, th« prnidt^nC of Ibo Iri- 
bnhnlk bftd bnen ft blacbfaiith by Inula 

. . . tucb men, bivinc no light of iCody 
to i^uiiia tbem, hating nortr protnblj >o 

inurh B4 limrrl Ih' namcii of Vittfll nr 

PurTvoJorf, conJd b« eo fli jadf^ 00 any 

Dttfl or duubCfut point uf kftlivral ItiT. 

A«il by wboni (i:o«liiiur> Lord Mibuo) 
hnA they been aaiUtcd ^ lly La ?ayc(l«, 
wlio, tkovfLb for lODK y«*ra ■ tram-At- 

Uotk G^cnl. w» alLU only k joutli of 
tvntti^ibite, 104 ifbo» aa he «Uj ut, iiad 
laamt Utile or Datbioc M colUte. By 

Lard M^honi iiitiory of EngUiHi* 


&t«ubt<u, wh« liul QnduubUdJf {tuI knoV' 

ito EngU»l>, vh&lA hii AdUvatDoa <pok« to 
PrvD^, vu luubl* to diacuna ftn« con* 

thcmhu ibc vrnilct of vtiiih ■ tntraail 
ODgbE ti>li«re no wcijr^I tii fucb* cmc. 

noik The rcmvlu ttpop th« gva«r«L 
dilncltf- of lUo Amencui ccneralj 
ore ina])pli(ub1e» aiid thote apoo La 
FajcU^t iicDdloMlv <Jc|>rui:UlovT. If 
fiJ w i bcn domomJ Uw " oroal Ieimw- 
ledgC'Uil oxpcrioaee" attnWt«iJ to 
Umi m; aioj ivd utunsl Ibut Iw did 
not concur in ^ >cnt«ace wiilK>uC 
ptrfodlj flndonundiajt it. But ill 
tbeM rffovkt of l^ora MiLgn ue 
thrown nft*j* in oawequtnioe of one 
UAfbrtHfisto crmiMitt. Bttkltt Ihtf 

member 3t Uio Court of Jui^uir^, juiJ 
a n»Mt imfoorluu ofit^, whom Lor>J 
UAhcuL ha« fbi^ll«n — tho Juito At!* 
vocMltG«<itfBLHtrJ^iir«nJ. llffWH, 
bo doubt, ft|>point«d a i&cinW of the 
court io *U|>p^T V*itKi iQil i'vlTdii-' 
dorfi flXtd rIL oibcr il^^eifniriiu of the 
miUUljr DMn. lI«ttlUi>ilo(liii« idquiry 
ud tfipMit Uie rvport. Ju titi* ruipwt 
tito inqdlrj WM ilicrvfbro iutl «iMb m 
«ii M nigbl bmlAkoQ iibkoonmoncit 

OlUSQjVOk f«t*0fllCOflip«M>Dt(Ojwl^ 

of BlBtMTj moUoa were t<fit ti^ in 
point of loltitwv Uw by lh« Li^oit 
proltemal Ic^ oflioeri wtw wm mi-* 
fchtd [« lib* eoart for ttut burpM«. 

Loffid Mahoo add« thai, lu dvch ft 
(■H^ Wuhington VEI3 tfouad lo **|kil- 
dur auddi^dda it fur liiniivlf." Who 
phAn Mj th«t bo dU QOI ^ That Uw 
deouion ulliiiut«tj r«tft«d upon bis 

liAt i* untiuiul'unfltiW' Thcr« U tW 
dctttcat CTiLitfiKtf nt-iCt ihnt \w wti» u»li- 
motclj ,u<iiimint«d with tbc f«ct«. 

Ifdi l^til Mnhon ftJilii 1« ooiiilciu- 
nAtuM iiX tbtf MikQo^ (bat 

vbcn &nlr« ra >m«t«id h« fF4> trvinJlhif 
Dttdrf tb* pr«f MIftMt or ■ pAM which Ar< 
BOU M tbs rommuk^r of thf Wnt Polo! 
AMHct had • ri(bt to fit*. Tha Abm- 

itCBD* O0I>t«iidttiat llili r\^hl iv«a fofhiUfA 

«rr«4d«r*dofftotffivt by Arnold'* tnacAi- 
crow de«!iM, T«t bov liird tg f«c»aclk 
«•«% « HtatinrtiAn unrh ijlightad E«lfb *thil 
pahU? law 1 ll<« »« »« dTMV Ihtf IIm 

RUd «R7 Ol Wh» prariM fVlal ^ pWMB 

are 10 j;n>w invalid — whaAher «liu tbt 
Irvubtrr b to progTta of ei«onlio&, or 
tf hiB ODk vMtwnd te tb* bund, or vbvn 
lb* am b vUn wi««ru( Bpov It ? In 

thon, ho^' [oov ud ilippttT b«ooiQMtb» 
f rDOQil If wcfl w* fbnoko tbe Mtd«l 
priwriplo of tPCQ c nm»< ihe Hb^OP^UOtt 
(rutfrd br BdcqiuLCf authority, if OOOO «■ 
«tr*j forth (ji t^uoti of tccrcl BO<it«* Kid 

\Vl- Ihbk Lord Mahon ttOI find tliU 
tic \t iiDdcr ft mifltabc iu au|ipodpe tbU 

(lulkiii^ eb* U to bfl copdidena ivLib 
rdcroDOfl to thi; ndiditirof a nfe*coiH 
dact idrc the outbontT oT Una bt 

whoio Jt U |;ruitaJ. 11^ lUJiHW villi 

which it wii irraalcd b a dcttr rubjoct 
of in'|Uiry> and it ii Mwdhrdcir tb>t 
tfiMctiTVir ill m ^eiieru ofllocr uir*li- 
dftlu all ftfU done b; hin towardioury* 
ingoulblfltr^iclMry, Wero ibu goroT' 
uoc of Soh«ato|JoI to dottwiaiiie to aell 
tho plnc« to tb« alUei^ and dad ht jfnint 
a HM-oonidiict to a Briliih olBccr to m- 
nble hiiu to uiitor vrlUiLa die RiubUd 
\\t\0K rn nrdcr to tmuiflo ibi' t««t 
tiiole'^r bctrnyii^ ihm piioe^ votUd 
Lord Mnlion ounsuerthat siib*coadac( 
a wlKolant and pktdftUa pvoCsotion 
nvBinfC tk« powor of ibo Knparor Hi* 
cbolo*, be<»un; griulod by aibqwaitt 
awlliority f If a taf^condwot ba vnlfd 
niider nicb cirounutaiicM, why not n 
oaptuklkn, on order for tho gtrriton 

to faiy down thoir amu, a paaqwH for 
a body of the ennny to «nier within 
ibc riitfn and tako up a oomuiuKtjn^ 
poihtioD f Tb<«« am all RcCa which 
iiM^bviLcmointboaniirightby whioli 
a fcvnaral grant* in nrdinaij m1tf*caQ< 
tlii<Jt> Tba point to b« conaidrrod in 
tliMo <a»a b iwt* wc auboiit. tu Lord 
MabuD fluppowa, the »Ui« of mind of 
Iho pcr>oa> who tign* tbc f>B^w^, hvl 
wUlW thv pnpcr ti «ixnc<l U>mJkU 
m thi; wrrice of that alaie, fVowi Uio 
head oT wbicb tie agncr doriTaa Ua 
|M>wor A tnaefccroM porpoAo rcfiikri 
a!) fwoh papvra invaJU. 

AndroU «a«e mm a mort nafortunalo 
one. but wo cannot tbank ibat tbv ooort 
of nuiiuTj wafl IvftalU vnwg iu rta ad* 
jadkalum, nor Uut w Bflhiutoo^i faittO 

will luflur for lut-Jitt corried out tbo 
EN-iili-iKc. A ipjr is oeJIncid by wrisoia 
on oAlKMiiil Uw jvtociowbo fiaddiBcana 
in o1>iaia n knowlvdip] of tbo ODeniy'e 
afliurs, and tbec ffi^ca intoUigeoco 
tiiofiHif l<i bit ffnpuiyim. Uo ffcPc* 
rally ouTVfa out bu purpoao throujrik 
tho tro aeii cry of aomo other pcnon- 
WboUicT or not be I* loTiccd by that 
pfinoo to laakii hia inquiHeit or wbo- 
tbor that porooD bo AgoocraloraciTU 



ZonI Mtihon't i/Utoty of^nglanJ* 

nftlUn not A. mititu-jr nwi 

bfr 1m tfttplojod trcftcber^ in 
orJcr bo obtain mfursmlionj maj be 
trcatod — And tKi« tP ihc' [l<>c(r[nc of 
iboM ftntWiU^ to «boui Lcrtl Maliin 
ttt ui fai m *i^* 

vurmni in & Udk of pM»ic«t- it Is 
pOMbloi but ii ft men coigootun] mp- 
pMition. Xbe apnMlt to hii oninpu- 
dMi wookl firobNMy bav« t>o«n luc- 
eaaTnl «t uij otl>cr time. Biil wtim 
Brtan OBN ftetTu«d oirooiit nro* 
Ij daiugctl bj tlio abuiii!Tut 

ID of AriKJd, wliQQ iha pc<>p1o 

vera ercrjwbcrv oxciu^d, ilaraaoil "id 
fmrioofl «t lacb ui *ct i>f trenchcrr. 

public poliojrd*iniliHJ«tl n *ncrifio«. At 

wck n liflie merer io lb« u&Jjr penon 
cofAecicd vilb uo trachmr vbom 

AoMrrican jufCioc omjil roooB woulJ 
barf l>«cn ut ict of impfllicj, If not of 
injustice to X\w Aaovricaii conw- But 
ii UtoUi^t ibal Wulimgtnii ihould 
ltb inl«rr«nO lo j;ivfi Aniln^ iba 
dmli ^ ■ toldicr, lud nol tbnt of ft 
Jblock. E^n (b*l I) fta fVom dear. 
Jlik4r6 «>» diber a mij ov li« wju a 
priioacr At mr^ Otuy in tbe forawr 
ram ooulil bbt UCt be IaIuii. Aa^ <T«- 
vifttioa fttim IbcnfiuJ moAit of puniib- 
mefll inflkUxl npon ■ npj mi^nt hAVc 
been Ibomht to itliifiiilr a iIh^uTiI av to 
Av propn#47 nf bio inntrnor. Thij 

AlAA u>flio(«l «uqIi1« in CA9V \^'jijh- 
lA^km bAil iiflorvd tbiA piiiiiKltm<inf, 
■i IO ifbelbfT AhjIi^ wn< I1a14o to be 
treAtod Ai A ify, in«l ooiuff|tii*<]j whe- 
ther h«oni^t Io bAVc brcn punubed At 
aU. 'I'faetttOiiiMnl.Viuii^DArUdifiihhiA 
sn£fona b« bocABMs legAU/ watine, a 
nj, Iffid wi«nAble lo mlh in ibAt 
dnnuiler. t'poA tbii point juriit«,«« 
bdlevo^ ATA Aow up^cA. Whotbcr 
okeroj ibooM hAvc bem cJiivnded to 
biBiim « <|ueiti(» of public poljcj. 

W«ibaA2t<« AO doobt conftldcrod tbc 

«|oolkBi «qMj witb A viinr to vbut vnA 
bvai for tb« loi^raMfl of Aiosriw %i the 

Kud i>f Arnold'* dcAd^ni And wt 
rre tbAt faittrc Agie* will confirm 
lliDfHXfiritfjrof hi* d»uion. Tbuc^ief 

blnBe r«S*iS b wr vpiiiinn, opou Str 
Ilittvy C^too^ He ougbc nirver to 

htra AllDv«d A Bril^ c^ccr to be en- 

ooeuch AAcrrlcc. 


>rc Ki q>o]os7tJ 
for inrolring tWn in flfebjoci wbicb 
ba» tirub&blT loot iU intvrctt tv mool 
of Ibon, and will button on f> " inotAl 
more Atl^A^ljT1^" Some of ibo best 
p»ru of Loj^l MaIjoq'i book nre bti 
tibotcWa L>f diATicttr* wliu'h ak ren- 
derod occo^DqiAllr tnorv inlerevluiff 
hj tbe pcraoflAl knoirkii^o whfcb & 
brougbt to b(^a^ cptin nach of the 
ociort of tbit pcRod at irere Aflcr- 
wir^li known to the nobbj bitiorlan. 
T^o foUowmg i« on cxAmpIc of the 
kind ATiti courtwu? »fririt onder fht 
infJueit-^ of wlucb b< write*. Xha 

«uU«ct it tba g«ntlnn«ii to wbofn WO 

are indebted for ihuGivnviUe LitrArj 
at the liriliib Uuat-um. 

Bockijjgbntn<hipo^*bcrf tbe wldom 
And fvtalfv fif Tnnplii tutt nnt long iifira 
de»eTiid«d <n Qcorttt GnDt^lk, the sldetl 
too of tin: Imle Prime MlnlMer^^ovni, ai 
OH of its rDpT«iFnt*IJTe«. faii iccond lOOi 
Thit[»H llmiiLllt. Ncrrr ilid (hr c1i«- 
F«i7T,rr of Iwu brMlivrt ilAaJ fprlli in 

boldirr coatrut to eocb olber- Ocorgi^ 
•ritfiocl Etf 1 Tvmpl*, Anilnubnaqnfjitljnnt 

M4rt|ii{ii at Hfli^kiniliioni, tiUvprd At hf» 
o«n Icttm tbo* buo in irlflflhaea And 

priflr.— Tliomna OirniUlp, ■ mvji of ibe 

kh'int Imrt erf tht ffvniint and oioat 
gnccfcil uuiDcrii of the moit publlc^pi* 
nird iQl«Dhon«. Id djplomi^ ho toonl- 
fcvlfd contidtfTftblr spIiUide, and lot obilt- 
ilu Icr pobjfc #feAhi"]?> tlioufti Mldon 
eiirrlrit, ■*« nor imtJI. Tbo T)u%n of 
Wdlioftoa bu lold mo. that k ip»cli 

itbit:h ht hrtutl Mr, Thomiii OrcoTUlo 
ilrlivir in IS^T, it Flnrt Lord oJ lh« Ad- 
mmltf doring A few naoatht^And fn raor- 

ln( <h« 'S».tf Rvttntfffl, wnt annoctK th« 
bivE and doirtMl vUErmmm Im rroiem. 
bercd. Tbiu* for blgb pmlUJcA] coaincnoo^ 
he vADteil on^ Ijtrccr opportnnlUci, nod, 
tirrbapa, a more itird«|[ ■plr^t of ambiiion- 
ili»buok»— uoirtbo pride of the: MbMmtd« 
1brau(b bia ova mnniflMol bcqnMl^-anar* 
fail tZtagt and ddiEbt. fer not lo bactcv 
1(1 AhvTrtdt liinfmm lii* frivct^i- Ttnrn Id 
1755, uid lunfivlof b Uir fiillfM iioim^ 
slrn of hit iDTTuliJci tvLl iiAC. bcformedt 
H it vCFT. 1 link belrem iho pmsti tnJl 
A Ion; put mgty VTHh the mbic cI«Ar 
iolrbh^envr dint bail l>#lkcld the dHiif 
fttibca of Lurd C'hulhaio'ii Woqumtv, or 
tbo laTtglMini iir Lont Nrifih's nic— that 
h*d •nmikpd vith ^mto. frtaoi day In dftj, 

Cbe faukf leouA of patty rootrntlon ■bich 
cpnud^^oald be lim to cohdaciI Mr. 
GJadiione, mnA other atAteBnem of rliin; 


ten*, liaU A r«nCttr7 RtmoTnl fivt& Ibe 
fonnai nor Mn aDi oov. ffrvn of ftir Mb- 
09'tiailA tiDpqrtaiuQ, vho iru «diDill«l to 
Ui« Ufh |iziTilBE« of ibAriag hb ftikklUar 
boon. Toifcl dial c^m Aod b«ni|Out 
OOBAtounce, tbat voice of mrdliJ wcLeomc, 
or ihAift RCam of |iaUliotl vUdam lo 

8iH:h w Mir, *cz-j Imt. fcviB bdiwlbo 

wrliM oot of Mr. QraDtill«'< mott tt- 
tub«il ubl coajlwit auocUla, thu Eftrl 
oriUI(V&cn» In aftfaort b«t tiaqutni hnd 
fofiUof Mwioir, «blah bu blcbmo. to tbo 
refKl of niuTf nDuiaod in muiiuaripE . 
— " If Pn>vupnc0 ibnolJ airt tat iho 
•AfliD lon^ i«anre of noIijupcLieil fa^uliicH 
u vu the lot of him I iDaiQtnt th^ rtcol- 
1c<:Ciaii tti my inlcrcourtD wiUi thiiC frito 
and good man *{U he my vtidurlnB >ad 
be«t oampinion tJj thtf vcr^n of Ibit inat 
cbuiffv wtilcli t ha|>c aud pny^-wlib ill 
Ibf liolutioik vbicb «prio|« rfou « nan 
of ottworcbitLCM — nay olToct ■ rNtoration 
of iliAi iutimarao." 

Anodicr oxamplo aiAV bv anpotn^nl 

bj wtty of contract. Il li rrom tbo 
account of Lord Enkiuf h 

8i>onuiuou« M bi» gifi of fitoquflido 
viibt BMU, hn b»d doC ncttlafttd (bow 
few |mt oroton h«Ttf !) nrly >tuilcs for 
iU I'ulUtHti^Dp The iwu yt*ra durl«if 
vhlob, ho hftd bfCQ abut up jn Mjo«rcB 
wrrv, it aooii Apprtred* tUa nit^ttC laiprov- 

lu of hU Jiff- Tli«K Ijo l;ifl i^urfutly 
onbucd liimtrlf with Ihr yrxacipai cIiimjc 
writor* of Ibr Sii^lUb UngtiHj^f, Pryikii 
wcid Pmrc itt bwl ibort, iu tumo Dtcuitro. 
iMmeubyhout &nt fail priad|Hd favour- 
iCei, «■ ««iLT«(uLd, wcio abnkctpiArdhitJ 
3tJ^(on; aadt abovo all, b* «p uiay pre- 
mme, lb«^ uobJe ■peacboa iu boib. Ilia 
i(a»*]«Jg« «r>« Indaifd eonAafld. or utBf ly 
aO| to bla oatiTT laofuc : bai wiUm thM 
fiU^O hn liad crrr at lil> ciKumaait lamv 
ft^fi pouflic' !<■ reciio. nad biiJ fonnatl for 
bijvclf, vilb ccptcial cur, a pim aod 
idionmLii; tUutl^in, 111 inch inHm hcUad 
Cndoallj (tiifoJilcd *na taaturvd tItaC faro 
fife of o)oqueiice, filicli. a* oua of tta 
ffvaiait Ma4U« to finvly mjh Id itt prnli*, 
on nfor be ilaiilitfid, though pLUoaojiby 
Oiay. Tbc ruun clianaCer or Ula furciitu: 
■(ylA «u ■ vnc trbeiiiL^riE cnrtiratacia 
III tlhrio^ to prthUiJe^ an r^rD^tacaa 
«flpouBiiiK, in fill i't |tuiCiis,tlio pufrUion of 
bii cllxikt, miU bcnnac dofra tTnyllioK 
LafavG ii* AIL lUorc w\ia lirani him at llic 
Bar, coaoa^ in lai-iug, thfll hi' fcn^d Aa- 
qnffoco nu in no iitiaU dcrrco uuitod by 
bii aipraaaivo fnturca, anl, atfovc all, by 
his*|iRtbiat5y«. " JuhnbaitdoclAKd," 
a«yi Lord Brongbam, " tiiat t)icy felt it 

iApDMibId td nnow Oiolr loofca froo 
Urn, vrben ba bad riWoJ. aad la ii 
bacdiiBtcd, tL«DD by hu Ant flancf^" la 
aaothtr bnnrh of hli duly u an idvocotf^ 
lumoly, m the tnrmaatLon of vitncsML 
hLa ikiJi wi* hkowiiM otlrbraI«d, uij 
foFiOfd QUO mora tlamitnt of hit mrrif^d 
aacoata. New did bla fano at lb* Bu 
the Id^ir ttuBi darlnjc tbe Statv TrWl Of 
WM, vbtDtby hli reniiu and txartioni, 
he obUiepd icnlicti of actjuittal Ln tho 
iMllKtf ■tlTOVgOovcniumt^aad rcacood, 

u hii partiiana beliewd, the pobLie liboi- 
tkea rroin da()|«r. Aa ba Itft Uio CDavta 
ail iliD lul nlHTht. the «tiiUine pnpnbro 
took ibo bones (ij>m hU ourfafc, and, 
Aoiidvt Umflrra and ftcdam«Cl(ia», 4niw 
himhoior Tironly rMfiaftfrwtnli, ■•!& 
ElocEof of ^^wbnmiter" one of iboa« 
tfbo had bafQ hmrnMMd to kiii wkMl*. 
lb«a ift a pnbiic lvlt«r •ddraaKil hini ? 
" My Lord, you tbouid ha:*« died ivb«n 
yau doaandad from tho trianipb of Uat 
motDonblo day. llo timolyoad, vbidi 

u ilu lulc prulrtUuii o^i^uil (he rt^vjiaim 
of fortunr, would harv prrurvod foa from 
tlwt mon kmonEablp cbiij^ whieh coiUd 
htifa b*an urotabneJ only Hy y^anp)/,'' 
BiitoT vnrda— tho more bittor bouuM 
fiii«> Alaat for wbat nenfa of fUlura 
and of fally wai that cmt oamcr pro- 
looffDJ 1 vntiL aa their CDiiiUTiimaiion, and 
VTCU beyond tlic datu of this jvprooT, me 

And Eratino ileal do*n, a acptuacaiory 
totcr, lo tirvLna (>r«eD; Ibort, looootnot 
— Wm fao* L-oftootled in awomBn'* baonaC, 
and naaltcndod by a iingLi; fTi«ad— 40 
ijinominiouB miLrriaiEr. 

Tbe cfni"< <^ Krtkjnr at the Bar If, 
iodced, tho more remarkable, imiv ihal 
^aa lea only epfaerai In aitty othtr tludy 
Of endeavour of liia tif« we find noLbing 
bul TinauccfMral citrtlcn. Ilr fnllnJ a* 
a t|ii:ikL'r [n tlie llou^a of Caniiion*. Ha 
fflikd at a ipfakff in th^ llouie i>f LordL 
Ho failed aa ChaiKvlFor in iha abU admu 
niilralion of the U*. iU faHad ia dm 

Sirudrnt am of hii pt\%tit piopOTty, Ho 
ajt«d u a pofic. llo latMd aa a ptovo 
vrit«r. Jlo fj^lrd aj o pleiHnI member 
of (bt aocial drclc The rcunn idnna to 
b?. that an advocnt* piMdJicij at tTi* Sar 
mutt ptrforre ijieak mainljof hJa tjiient 
and caujH. In any oibcr vptere of aptioa 
nil pouibkftrr him lo « peak invrily of 
htmiftf, AnA tbe prinL7ipht fault at evpry 
ppriod of Grakinr'* mibd wni a inosl 
ervTiagaad r«Vfnoua vanrr.y. Thin aooa 
bfiiNkiBc Ida by-vordt not only acoo/if bia 
aoeiniea bni fmoni: bh frieiida. Coon- 
lallor E^ ^rew lo bs his mmmoii niok- 
ntmop Once vd And ui ap^ljiy In ■ 
noirapaM ^ bttaklnt olT tbo reiiorl of 
OOG of hli fptccbe* ni a public dioncr, bt- 




r,«- ■ 


L«KrA Mahoa'i Biitoty ofBigbtnd. 


oMv. m thvj Mid, tnbippiljr thrir ito^k 
of vflplt«l I^ wtm q*i(c rxbaiui««l. On 
moibtr ooewto, In 1812, wbeo on ft tUJi 
at L>nl ^tTM^'i ■e*t aT MuWoton, «e 
iad hiM Jarrilwi ■■ /aIloir« bj Lonl 
Brnm, vbo «•■ ciMUicr of thv g««UT 

te iMtol«>%l« He irauM md 

Ut 0n WHS, U> OVB pantf niiU>, ftiMf 
III U* wa ateri f ascaa aii<1 m^m -. *uJ 

it >hBil>hiJ, nr 1 MC mxl bira ai 
Hil, H t \md rtmA hi* pqblia 
«, tlitrc «■• BO ocMdoa lo nrp«i,i 
I BO taa,'' 

Agftin, Ibr wc arc «uni (lur i-cvlon 
nil a|t[fecuiti! tb«c mruniarin cif 

ebttacior, nc wiU utnci a compari* 
IDQ becvffcon CluiJkftiii and tirtiUDi 
mh a Cr>v vonh ort C«r«tCftn'a |t«tt«ml 

Sli tLoqac«oo may bo oompanJ lo tbat 
c/ Iba Knat urktiir hIm^ui b< bwi itu uficij 
letnl «n4 «« much tilmLred^l^rd Ch4> 
b^K. Ob oat jit>Uti, indctd. thojr were 

■«4t vUakh So t%i^lpi «M CUlhAin in 

idA Iba gnorv of actioa tad v^tdrewt tb^t 
tkttM v>n' |F*^ ^*B •ODMlaiM* bccu 
iUf*i ^Kltt4l bim la Kproich, The eiu l 
mtfie TM the «i«c i*itb Mr. Gittun. 
Hum jpfki of U4in ont of bin cuatcib' 
parvw. i« hi0 Uticr Otn: *'OrtUAU," 
Rf* Lord BjrDO. " vonta hue bna nnr 
It r« fT«a *'**^J ^*^ '^■' ^^* bftrUauiD 

imtrf. CvrnoondloUknbiai 

off, b««WI t> tihv T«r)' grauEkd, wid tbuik- 
ins Go^ hfl bill r^ |voiilUfiba of UAnnrr 
a ■ppwvice, ID A VI} tiretuljbl^ tu- 

tiotntBct bad tiaof of iba^v Uifbtnlu 
AiiMa*« fb'i«r vciuvwat juid impiksaJoTifn 
barrti. tB »^kb CWtbau ihoDv- LiU 
QalbiJD, be «u *ant la dvtU <ii) cmt 
niDCiplM for rMbtfr tbsa oa cnbordLnaic 
LtBUr, Tiba CSutbain, be b*il « ipirit 
■Utc la tftrj ctXi of frvfdoDii a»4 dufiof , 
u Uwarh luI&iKtLVflf, ai nerf (b:in of 

Ertana* at of artuiMEi 7li*r* ma io 
* u bi Iba BofUaAitaCuinan. a ^enuae 
fiitte mhI fcnw, «Ucfa>Bfl« r^thglor- 
mt, worked oul ila o«d vay, aa<l «liUb 
aoocCiPWa witli tbc coaioion htrd might 
bnr Lb* nil of ■adnaa. ^^'bcnevFr in 
dcMatid ««eaaiaBinttgroate>f, (hrnwtrr 
Chatkam and Ontlan gnaUai (w ^ (b»i 
fnalaaacCibB rmnit id ponvr, Iber kaon 
hov lo ombodf Cbdr bold tboogbU lo 
MaM alribiffc phnar.«bfab, aa » ^mEcb- 
vovd. ir« froin flKantb to aootitL; thtn 
M OMtr abato 1(0 Itel ibc hnprcaa of 
ibaar molau irill «ai gbrvlBg nordi. 

GfatliB vu AD Iriihipan moflt Indy acd 
Iboroarhlji im IHabmafllit hnirL m»vul, 
lomlod. Wltb^ltbvqaicbtaUuUofbia 
Qwsn. Mio. Vou XLHL 

ronalffDieOi ba had alao aaoio of ttiolf 
delcctr^ ll i« ramaflabln Uuit ^n the pijb- 
lUbfd cvJloclani of bii Sp<*«bca iLs vonr 
flnt aeatcooe of tba vorj flrai baraopio 
mncWbi ■ «loaa appfoacb al k«a44 t» «>baC 
wo %n aconatoowl to o*U •& Iriab bolL 
** [ baT« cn:/«aMd TOor atuodaoctf,*' aa^a 
he. " lliLl r^iu inigbt La Hid itloh( iiuMio 
TaaaiieT i1«riT the clum of Iha firltiib Vix* 
liftuionl, uid wilb QDd rolcv lift up j^or 
bauJa igtlnat it f" llvrra loaj alio ba 
atriibcd lo him aooii* of that atraixilAg at 
«ff«al^-ehal uniTillJngnird to «■/ « pHln 
thing Id ainipla (ertna^-Uiac trlicment 
«uaroratb>n bt^LbJo irEiIliiirDt aailitylf- — 
b^ iinich the irmiud of hii muitryniFn ia 
bat too ofTrn dbnmrd and inarrfsl- Tnka 
Aa *iiw iiuCarjcV| uul <jf luiiuy. Gnlliui^ 

wordion the FrcQch advanrenpoa Maacow : 
"Ambftion U orooiTOrouai it feuta on 
fninmri, and ahadk toat cf blisod thiit It 
vaj %Uut on \ct, io order to commU a 
rob'tinry on dnolaUuti." Tlkua hia do- 
gUfQM bad. pBrbapi, ■amatbine of ■ Icpoal 
tlTiKr, aad, Ihoofb tliriiing ami toiartjiat 
iu Its trwn Uiultdid nol^ al l«aat hn luiddle 
life, bvr tni3PpkQtatiDn lo our Engliffa 
aoir HJa faopor. thuuj(h irann, «ui 
gtn^rom and nmalfi Uf luvcd, Mlth hII 
hia btart. the vhoJa of Irrhnd. attd not 
mrrrlT^ dut- of lia partkt aud uiifl of ha 
oreidi. To bin al Latai ooaU D«Ter ba 
au^tihi'd the fault with whlob v> nuiy of 
bii coiiutijiu«b Are ohv^od 1 ibat cen 
vithiD the riLoka of the aama partjr tbcv 
ara prona to backbit* and feillc each 
otbfT. "I tianr knn*/' tlim on axit 
occuton tpako King Giorige thv Tbird lo 
Hu cmlneal aUltfimui rm* altvit, " 1 titter 
kmnir one Soatchnan apvak ill at aiiotbvr. 
iiaJcia be hid a rauon for it ; tmt 1 ner«r 
kacar oaa IHahoiaD «j>f«k wall of anotbcr 
onlMa bo had a nuon for it." 

The important mililiry aud naral 
et«Qti, boibro olb^ded to m ccinprtt* 

boodod in tbiA irolonic, art wtU 4a- 

BCribc<) bj Lord Mahoo, Juaiitic ia 
dotio to w undumbad ii>«oliilicrn of 
Lord CoorniraUis, >ik1 tbe circutn* 
at«itooB of ihc ntg^ of York T^wii, with 
llic aarrcadct uf the Britiafa foroe^ 
arc nilatod vrithuut novdtT but in an 
nffTMuble tnanour. Lord Korth re* 
ceired tho ilov> of tlio inirrondrr " n^ 
ill- arould hav^ lA^kCn n cannon bail iu 
hU bi-i^Xki- IIl* rpcnpd Lia arfna, ex* 
cloiinmff iriLdi/, aa li:* pM«d up and 
(lovD tlic room for a few nHtntta^ 
" Oh God 7 It ta oil ovftr/ word* whioh 
ho repeated luanjr timea, tjnder tho 
d««pe«t ii^tAUon and ditfi^M-' Far 

Ei^tt^rwrutho fof titude of Gvorgg IIL 
a Miyiitt/s wply H> tbc coounxmi- 


Lard Mohoti'g Hittofy of England, 


CBtion of the SecreUrj of SUte, who 
ftntiouDCed the LDtelliffeace, " was nei- 
tlier tremuloiu in its hnnd- writing nor 
jet deaponding in tU lone." Iti only 
peculiarity wai the omianon to mark 
the hour ami minute of hit wri^nff, 
" (i» be wu accustomed to do with 
acrapuloTJB cxftctnesa," 

Rodnejr'a achievement of the great 
itaval manxuvro of breaking the line 
is thus related :^ 

It wu at tereD in the momiDg of the 
Hth April that the battle bvj^ia. Then 
«» lo tittle wind that the iii hiodmoit 
•111 of Hood 'a diriaian wera becalmed and 
unable to come up antil almoit the end of 
thn conAict - thns, allowinit for three of tha 
French diitblod, the number of the ihipa 
rn^Hgin^ wii eiactlj^ eqnjil on each lide. 
Bodaey. on tMt nifmarable daf, irai the 
lirttt not ladeed lo invent or to deTiae, hut 
to put in practice, the bold manocarre 
known by ttienameof " breaking the line." 
Ilia own ihipi the Formidable* led ths 
wajt nobif lupported bj^ the Namur, the 
Duk«t and the Canada, Af^er taking and 
retaming the fire of onr half of the French 
force^ under one general hinze and peal of 
thunder aZonj; both linea. the Formidable 
broke through that of tha cnemj. " In 
ItiB act of tloing an/' Ifaua continnei an 
eye-witneaaoftheacene, '*we patted within 
pittaUthnt of the Glorieni of Betflntjr-foar 
gunt, which waa ao roughlj handled that 
■he wai nhorn of all her maatn, bowapHt, 
aod enaign-ataff, but with the flag nailed 
to the ttump of one of her raaatit and 
breathing deflanca aa it were in her laat 
momenla. That becomeamntLonleaa hulk, 
the pretenfed a aprctacle which aLruck our 
admiral'a fancj at not unlike tha remaina 
of D fallen hern ; for, being an indcfatigB-- 
ble reader of Homer, he eictaimcd, * that 
DOW waa Co be the ronteaC for the body of 
Falroclua,' In that conCeat a moat ira. 
portnnt advantflqe wM already gained. For 
Iho enemy'a fleet, being now, aa It were, 
cut aaunder, fell into confueion, and could 
not again be combined. The Freticb, how- 
aver) atill fought on with their utual high 
tpirit and intreptditj ; nor did the Aring 
ceane tilt tunaet) nearlj eleven bourt from 
Ltfl fint commencement. It wa& atated Co 
Rodney by peraona who had heea ap. 
pointed to watch, that there never was 
teren minutes' re»pLce during the whole 
engagement, "which I beliete/' adda 
Rodney, " waa Cbe aevereat ever Wght at 
tea.'' AC the cloae of the day the Enffliab 
had taken fivelargeahipB and lunlt another,* 
betidea two mora which Sir Samuel Hood 
afterward! cap tared in their retreat. 
Thronged at were the French veatela with 
Iroopi, the ataughter oa board them wu 

immenia. It waa computed, perhapi with 
aome eaaggeration, that In Che two actioDa 
of the 9ch and 12th togflthar, tbay had 
3.000 alain, and twice aa many woundedt 
while the loia of the Engliah. In all kinda, 
did not mueh eiceed 900. 

la none of the French ahlpa waa the 
loaa of man more aevere, or the rflahUMe 
braver, than in the Ville de Paria, whaze 
De Grasaa hi mifllf commanded- Thatgreat 
•hip, the pride of the Frenoh natj> aod 
dontpicooui far ond near ai overtopping all 
oChora in iu lize, <eemed> u Rodoey m^bt 
have aiid, tikn one of Homer'a heroea la 
Ihe meaner ranks of war De Oraaie ooa- 
llnned to fii[hc long after the fortune of tbe 
batlte waa dacidad. It waa only when tha 
Barfleur, coming np aC laiC, poured in a 
fresh broadiide, and when, aa ia allegedr 
there were but three men left alive aad 
unhurt on the upper deck— De Gruae 
himaelf being one of the three — chat the 
Ville de Paria almck her flag. " The thrill 
of ecttaay^—lhua writes a byttander. Dr. 
blane — '^ that penetrated every Britiah 
boiom in Che triumphant moraenC of her 
aurreoder, ia not to be deacritied." So 
high. Indeed, waa tha renown of that great 
ahip, that, when akmg'a metaenjrer brought 
the newi of (he baicle to Ftymouth, tome 
French officera who were Froiog home by a 
cartel from Chat port, would not believe fn 
tbiH Ihe crowning glory of the conflict, and 
eicLaimed, " Impoiiible I Not the whole 
Brttiah fleet coold take (he Ville de 
Paris I'* 

Lord Mahon'fl ehaptcr on Life and 
Miinnen Is Hnecdotieal and extremelj 
amusing' He opena with the great 
topic of flU reviewers of the state of 
society in the laat century, tfie iuHe- 
curity of our roadsi even down to a 
late period in the reign of George UI. 
'' In 1775 Mr. NuthatI, tbe Jriend and 
solicitor of Lord Chathami reluming 
from Bath in hid carriu^o with his wi£ 
and child, wns stopped and fired at 
near Hounslow, and died of the fright. 
In the name jear the guard of the 
Norwich atagCf a tnnn of diSerent 
metal from the lawj^cr, was killed in 
Eppinff Forest, oiler he had himself 
shot dead three hlffhwavmen out of 
seven that assailed him. Later atill 
the evil was much worse. HoraceWd- 
po[e complflina, in 1782, that alter 
havlnz lived in quiet at Strawbcrrj 
Hill for thirty yenra, he waa then un- 
able lo «tir out without a retinue of 
aervants armed with blunderbusses. 
But the metal of Horace Walpole waa 
probablj tkin to that of the lawjer, 

Lftfd XaKon'0 ffUiitry af England, 



^^h.-_ I 

IW Eul BvrhelcT oftLaUW km idwIc 
iif rtcmvr tlalF, mom n^anjr Kllml lo 
tie ttftil-giBnt Tr«nlliaf «cro» 

**^>k* by tlie *lo|ip«c« of bb furriigo. 
TU mndow dro«>c<fc anil m phnuJ ira* 

«l Ilia tanMiri*« l^sAat. Thflijgbwty- 
mati wxwuAilly dPimmHiNl hi* pim«, 
B>1nr)in;; St the «Rine lirne toncvmo bouL 
«liK4i llir Mr) wu i«id to luvf Qturrod, 
iWl br vroiiM n*v«rftllfitv Uiiiucll' lo 

bft robbed ^ Ncir wnuld I nov," nid 
tfco |i«er, "l>mi #^r tfaic otfccr fellow 
ttbft {■ pM[Miig cT<t Tonr i^ciliUr*' 
Hm mat himetl rournktitit on ibc in* 
ttnt WW ihM tl««(l bjtbo quick, cou- 

Urttud H irovha Aecni ibtl t W Rotiou 
of ItM dtpprr ortnTcllinc Eii Grmt 
Brfuts b M>«re«1j jvi ^ riJ ^r. 

nih «oaie tur|>ri» M Uin Innnuil «ad 
a^AbIt «na«ft flrounH him. imn MVias 
h^ Iritn.l4 at Ftfto faid «hi»d Urn 
EIa c«m« HHfi hb i»»rp*T well ptorUed 
Iwb VfalM «a4 VHOrd. iAiu»,a> tb*T Ud 
M« 6Mr b vfii4. -> nm ar« niiw into 

tKo in#«cuntj of ilio roadA ilini' 

Ittl the K«<!M of couniry fnialUct 

Lomkx, and cooldbuM to ibat 

eoantovM of maiiiKn «hitli di«lfO- 

fublisd ibfuqiiinM and parvona of that 

"nod, Rf portrmml m Ibe pt^m of 

nordiMN. Tbu co«idiiioii of thi* 

W iriJ bIm nunilr inllnchct^l by 

t laiatj 4i]d ir«Dl of i]iirij>Tln« \\\ 

r vjovrtmXiv*. Lord El^hn'a torn- 

tttn4tlou la llrbrow cnniMUd of i>ii« 

iCJliAb, "Whal i« ib« lK'br«ir for 

ic )Ja<r uf a *kid) F* LIU cii.aiiiiit.i- 

Who fouMltil your coUcgr?" The 

Lurch waa of foutw la a kEwlnd 

Mn(ttLi■^n. " Dnj. Dr.S, whu u /our 

tinir of rvndcKc nl 1lnf%^4(«r? Ic- 

Jqlnd nubnn IVarcv of a fat pr^- 
mdarjr. •• Aly lufd," wa* ibr*r, 
* I tttwd« lhar« ibe bnier part of tbc 
jnr*— mctftlt^ ibat lie m n*fcr 
divn •i«rnt ilurbf tbo w«dE vf tlie 
amual umU 

Lcrd Bldon ■Biuret flif tb*t b« li«d 
i«tOir«rd iDoTtorcrf I>iTiAUr"tum 

■a fkt Uiv arif» f^ « ranvkidJ 
atat« tWt S« dv uiinMr (^ wtiV 

idAVt kiliUi[ fuf <u|rp'Jrl nitb liii 

\ afoa Ike nsU*; but hutkng b^ noiG 
1o tbe roiHodft af tin 

fUitcTitrp Libnrj, wblcb «u not u rH |>«#- 
t«ct?J bT B nlllnff. b» c4«tliiwd t« «• 
mufiEl tiA roimd, vDoderint ^ the «a- 
vvwUcJ iHifib «r lb* Mr«pi, bai MlU rv- 
voWtiV. »d ttpp^n^ Iff vviu itnicbrf 
mniil »niii« friend— perbap* Iha fcun 
<niiifi/.1}«r buntnir^MUaMj bim f^on kta 
tmhimAiiitfikt aad >et bim Oft Ui vtf. 

Ikttn in tho»« dajs dininjr, a* Lord 
Mdion lorM fht itip«akinie of Scofl* 
1and> ttl four p] o'clock, d«] not quit 
tho dinit);f-rooiu until ten or dovcn, 
and ^'notlihiff coqM ba diilT^ tbaA 
thc*v VtpCTK.* A lowlnjuj |(rntJ*man 
of large o^txti*. "well rivn.'inLwrwJ in 
IVbig dtvlav, ' »• hw lotibhip it carpful 
C« not^ tbongkt convvnatiui '^ tbc 
fffttt ban^ of all ftoci^y.' Giobliiw 
ulwa\s aceompariMH rbe rncrdcmo i 
ibc dfiokina wlikh is called vtx^U I& 
oontndifltoiciion frcm voUiaiy sotting. 
A CQ>c ii recorded of a ladj vbo loiil 
At a HJiEing tbrM ULr>n«^nd iruifMifl ■£ 
loo ; dinrln Km pit jc<l nt haiar4 for 
two-af3d-t^'rn1Jllr)UT1^andlIMl eleven 
ilHkunnd jvuii'li; ait<lpuUiaJottcriei 
and E. O. tiblu inr^ut tho yIiM of 
ttimliSiEtff tbroagb aUdMidviof «ooi^r. 
Uf tbe £.O.ubic« ire arc told that m 
ns^ tlii^rv Wtfre 960 iti tiro parwHat 

of WestmiDiicr. an4 nrrvonta and a|>* 

Ctioea irvre infrted to tfaeoi, on 
l«j^« ad on oili«r dayi^ b^ ear^ of 
dirtviiof] throvn diiwn tbeoTMi. 

Vicm Jire bound li^vtk^r ra a chain, 
I.«««a tolkiBj ii linked in«i>pAmbIj to 
loOA0 lirini*. Tbif clttj>latn retired 
frotn thu dicniT'lablc vitb the ladie*, 
nad. th<^ nAturc oV Uin >o«if» aj>d I«lk 
wbitb lollowed opon tbe:ir dcnortUK 
may be j[iie*fed, llic fiin«t fdsbionihlf 
iio^clp urtliv dflT— ibuM of Mm- Afra 

Bchn, oji lioenTiotis a> tbe playi of 
Drjdnn — wcrn rrail aloud for the 
ainustiiivrjt of tur^if rimlrT* of tlit; bnvt 
ei.iniimiiy : atid UiliM inqatn^ wtib 
av'ditT iDlo iho mirruie piirticulan of 
triub'fbr rapp. 

Tb« raatum« of IbaC v>^lod if of 
courae a mask for tbe adioolor of 
Dunam. IIoopp, b« dreitwi, liaEr- 
po*dcr» periiri^ «««rl»i bi^fHcvlcd 
iboenigold fnuff-boio*, nnd LUnij!i(ij 
oaaca ore all comnicmornied ; and «rc 
ar* l^d (evtryibinit umy ho put lo 
eomc use) ibjil Corcmor Pitl Ifoimbi 
liome bie famoiii diain<»d couoeaTod 
rn the Itevl <if one of bv »bon' Loed 
Mibnn ill bijEblr aomdarund by tbit 
Wbrg eolourv oi blu< and buft vbicb 

Loi^i MtthonM //ufory oj" Engiantt^ 

Wrudl state* to liATo been ilio Afno* 

riCBA uMtl'tfriii. rerhMN foint^ of our 

revlon ccfuUI tdJ u« tho r«al duUr and 
bi*U}i7 of Uk oxumpljon of Uilb pwtj 

of llio l:\bntiTmji; cln»o4, Lord Mitbnn 

AthiUU that (hncxciffcman with hii ink- 
horu itC liJB buttoa-botfl wiv a Jjoftvpn- 
ilin?cUi| clinjiiJQlQr of cIiiMrrn't iliu- 

II« |tUe» aUo ^xAiDplM of tncient vu- 
pentilioni «tiU ^iutforins ftmougat ua 
"in con|[vnu1 dar^Qc^' Ourpucv 
oontnu) ttUinerciaaeirl4kDC«aor»iniRar 
kind pmolent down to s vctt recent 
prHoo. Tho BnnMlro «iUl burns 
naiongit ui : ind thn [iflli U dtilT KpTit, 
that iToii^lT i^hlldrcEi may be pn>Acd 
through. Hii^m uto imkcil rdica of 

bftltliDTiiiun, Lut In the^ mindi of tltoBo 
wbo n^w \it»* llicin tb&y atu rilbcr r«lio» 
of Torjfiniii— U»o men? niajutvnnni^ of 
old ouatoiaiir^ utajj^s, div frrltfin uid 

meiniag of whicb arc Utogelocr for- 

(tUiiuuig from lli4 ttaU of hOOJotj 
to tho grcwtb of tbo»c ndobdisl wnt* 
which hftTo hanpiljr roKiud u from 
sann V dT tlio«« d«gnidDtioD«i we aro ru- 
mlodod of RoWt Kuku and Sundav 
tfcliooU; Artitir Young dlC ia)|irovod 
Bgricidtarc ; Smith nnd polIUcikl 
ecnnony ; the cl^ftnged «Lat« of £<lto* 
burab and Loodoit itncc Bi^lirgbroko 
lived ^Q Goldcn-vqiure:. und Ilule/ En 
BuduDgliBni-stTtet inilicSLxiLDd; nod 
ercn finoe lUnoUfih wju Qrawckdvith 

urn to vitacKt th*: doinjp of Jnck 
Ketobi fincB p^plo let out tpjiog- 
ttli w) , like tuv ulO iwiiaioDvrA on 
Gratrwlch IIill, nt a hftlfpcnny » lookt 
to enable the cutIoub i>iu«cra*ljv to 
the jtrixxlj bcndi of Indlor* 
x«l Ofi ']OR>pl« Itnr^ QEid, (iriEilly* 
S« Howard round jaili m whkh 
tboro WHi no sfiporEitiaH totwoeo Ibo 
■exec, whcra the iinulArled jitilor 
iirod by ojioortion, And tlio poor pri- 
•ooervt t^lAg witbout iillKiwaitce, Oe- 
pitnd«diiponcbaritjeTCnrHOF tholrdnil^ 

StrinsiiiK nick fict« togtthvr, Locrd 

Uahofi OBA irrill«n a ^4pt«r of mticfa 
imucment and Jffcp inctruciian. The 
iDOril lio upon the mtrlucci aiid ou^bt 
IpO 1>0 Ulun >nto the andtrflliioding and 

1i(«H of crsry roiidcr. Lord iubon 
tiuoJu Ib&i, u coinp&r«d with the con- 

lenip'>raTy oniwU of oth^^r couDtrloi^ 
tbc period of wlik'li bo Itoa trvntcd 

oomhinviLbnppitiefmiiidgJoTji that U 
wu « period of kind ml^ nnd a proi- 
pffoiu people : we wouUl odd, that it 
was s iMffiod upon whidi we oaj[bt not 
to look bick without a lV«Uo^ of the 

dcopflVt IhAaUblniOM for tifeo improve' 

nirtiti wliidi hftvo been vincQ «lwt«d. 
riurlcig that period, the hw wM 4U- 
grofifid by Innumerable cnieltioa ukd 
ubsurdlticn— it hoji been Irced from tho 
greal^r number of them, and rqslflccd 
under ilto doniirdon of eomiiKai miim^ 
the Cbureh hofl lapMtfiQioaeoi^diiioii 
of deadly apfttiij;— abifbad Ijocu oroiis^l, 
and ronTCTtod into an active inefiotf 
power I the IloUfe of Canmons had 
cofl»d to he a red rcpreseotatiTC of 
tho people — Uie coui'ihatJon hai boco 

itrongthcnrd by making that HouM 

wbiktit iraadwsvidviigMdtob*; dm* 
dicnl ■ekncchoibeoigmtly iupruTeil, 
Olid bunioQ iiufiaring in proportion dl- 
nLiaiibed. more Oi^iccially in Iboapiil;- 
cation of mcobaiutiblaJUilotheprpcLjc« 
of turgOfTt loci iu the Iroolxiient of iho 
innano; ijrnoranco and superstition 
have Ijei'nnri von baok^-vouJd 1batw« 
could uy **dririrn t>ut"— by&dvanoiog 
edncfttion ; onr univcnitiii have bocu 
rendered tivn-i* clliei^at; the spirit of 
pbllwitbropy baa lUAdc itddf coospt- 
cuoud iji n Tarit^ly of uovel and uiuit 
bencEeial fonus; n^Iigious intolenmco 
bos liccn dkrniniiih^i in tlxlr inter* 

CDurtc with oilim, tho higher and 
iniddlo cloMctt have boon rell^red from 
the conjoint douiitm^ri of i]ruiikouauB| 
Ijnivbling. and dui^lling; our honm 
ore DO Jon^r dcMcnte^i by tho coa- 
tlnuil uic of profane, dittosUajtoathi^ 
fior i>urwlv«f« rrndtfTGid absurd oy Ike 
tyranny oi' cuitoms in drcM nioiA pe- 
cnliarly itnoatural and ridtculoui; ID- 
(Uvidual frei<dcin hu f>ccn protoetod 

by Etmny novr ajid valuable guannteeii 
our hou»ee liave bcwa fiUvl with mul- 
to our grcat-grflndfaiberrt were utterly 
nnkn^wn ; and— more important than 
s&ytlnnj; eUe— n juster couildcffotjan 
of what \% duo to [>tbcr p»0|>lo, whAt- 
«ver Ibeir opiuioti£, circunutances, or 
BlUbtioD of lifct hua bc«ii vork<id in:o 
tbo freuenti tcnu and Bfiirit of vociety, 
viid made lo produce its dfects in Ml 
daoieis fr^ia too bigb<7t to tIriT Icjwctt. 
In this way tbo foundations of sopiciy 
bavt bc«ii rendered more ncure ; in- 


Scha^h and S^hoi>l Inap*^an. 

tewl oovvvUom luns beta ftroiOcil ; 

ntM Atnift uxl Scbulopol !— without 
n mpcwUtlDg Uw people, ta Jowvritig 
lk«& >UB^ ooDngc vlu«h ii ihfl friun- 
ditioo or«JK6UMac^ whfilieT in tlio 


tndhidtuJ or tlio Milun. Tlte eflect 
of th0 penult of Iwird Mabi^n^i volamu 
OQglit to be to tirgd on eircry one to 
proointc the ptogrVM of oor couolry 
In h«r nvir «od b«U«r cotirw. 

HtnatMOf thoCMnminnof Coondl on Education. Annual vohiine fer 1^53-4. 

KOoiMi snroly.cnnhoMvtljcadcii- 
nv io ntiter ihe coaicnti of tLo 
^£0 boshaJ voluQAC now IriBg before 
V wiiboul foclm^ Encttaacd hmtt ttttX 
bom viifa iwonl to Uie greiU mfc^cct 
ofNfttiWul EOofalion- 

AbuaJAat •« j^rc titC matniAU fur 
aore^au/U contompliitioii. oar owa 
frvdomuunt GE^lhtg u, jcat hy j«ar, 
dot ol incn:«ic<l ijnjiuliT wilb thc< 
ttnie^ omI fincaro DD«n WEif^ «re «n- 
Bgtd in lb« iroirkor>clioo) m^*vtioo. 
wi find b tbctr nipot-U m pcrvodEng 
l0P9 of OtfitiouT, ft i^kLfrr tritlritgiimi 

hk 2ive vAir >^ cxwricncc, a ini>rc 
Kun ot Uidr rvsponilbUIiJfs. 
1 dic*c report* in goberLl monc 
jcaI, wiih l*M nim xl tilcntrjr 
«fict; niOTL- MOiplis ftnl more ahLjii. 
Tbt^ hitTD loviwl to ICRUW lllfl Tv.illy 
iaporU&l potnteof their tMt^, nud lu 
met the TftlDkUe Troiu Uic iua^jjiiili- 
ciAt p<iH»an« of IhqiF voliaol iii«aio- 

nido. Wg are oo Iod^ct »tcrtaijH4 
or wcvKd bj *i(incj exempt) rjlnft tho 
■brari ipionnc< of poor ohiMrL^n- At 
iW vma tkuio Uicnt is o^nRjiUrabli' 
nrietf of vfitnioa among our Kbool 
iii*p«etDr* — aTwict^tbiLt may diKon^ 
cvt lfc« naidcr uoensioiial ] 7— bu l w liicb 
wilt do no «Ttxludl duiumc to the 
cootc inJ |•c1>^aUjr dtltci luur^Li |(i>oil. 
To be A >eboitl invpcclor miiA, v« 
ibooU tliinit, b<i ffilb«r the mcf»c ngrec- 
nUv or «itf of lUu inual Irbiuiita of 
ffdiplojintnU. Kothinir in ib^ world 
wonlJ M«i9 more unvongefiial Xt> th« 

miiul of ■ higb Oxr«rU or Ctuubriil^r 
vrimlAr, a gmllfnian, n man t\f tJii 
world, p*r1iflpBi « puct^ than to have 
hiifUji oocnpicd in onainining poor 
cWldrcD, whotc faca he tnay ocTcr «e« 
■^n. in lk4 olcinentH of reoiding, 
a^eUiog, wttbiiMtio, ud s«o£rftpby ; 

In PWairkiag on iLt MdiooT lumilarcy 

liiB site lad amnitenieiit of rooou, in 
ippoTtioning tho AoaUicr, &c. oi *p* 

prcftlioat TCt wc bnotr, And rtjolcc 
in the thonjfhl, lltal (he principle nnd 
bcoQvolcncc of thciL* Men's betrls are 

more thin n ui^lcb for ttic dJAcolti** 

oT the podtion, Thia 11 teaUiied by 
tliecriUofit good " will wilh whiofi our 

laivtctotn mofrtly socm to plunge tnto 
UieiT work. ru>t merely doiuf it with 

rc&rence (o Ihe abtmutolj ro^juirrd 
dcMik, but uklog > br««dt umrTuti 
and ijit«mtiAX murrey of chn Matct of 
society, ruid of tliove many ivat1cr« of 
socIaI ileuU whkh lie very Roar, bat 
not in, the pntki tli^ bnru to trCMl. 

Fooling UiMn tbankfLil for dtar in- 
portut aewicus ^^ bnpc U Ia nlw 
Apparent that otir inipi?ctor!i aro re- 
ceived In mo3t place* in n fax leucap- 
tioitB spirit Uun rormerlv; hi many 
with a f}^nl:niit* an^ corolality vbicD 
tells well r^r ihtir rnuM ui-i tbi^uiAelvM. 
UntliiK point wi; cheerfully cito thu 
l^ngupgv of ono of tbvir Dumbort * 
TOtcmu hlmielf In the work of school 
jnf^i«CtJon : — 

U U ■Dmcllttes uld (he obienret) tbtt 
ilie linil of ui iwHctor Is niuiljj dn«d«d 
b^r iFRchprs adiI ehilJren. An 4i|inrf«DBv 

01 mtny jrrof*, nrnl cf n iNrge dfttrict, mi- 
dcr cTtiy Tdileljr of tlrcnrntUacWr bM 
MnAnnnl me in th« vvr^ onpotito opinion. 
BxGcpHaf in cue* vhcre liicompvUvit ar 
«1iibon«*i tcaohrn \tAV9 (ommnnJeftlfd 
their 0*0 tnmon 10 their pnpiTa, otwbfn 
a limtlnr rlFticI hji> muUcir from over- 
iiirilimnnt m U-.icbcr* of n rn^rvnuf l*in- 
prramcnt, tl* chlldifQ. u mW &■ the pa- 
rrikti, AC>1 iKr ni»Tipg;f n<an<] ivjiporBcrvof 
the vchool, uniforfnlf rt>rirEv4 the in*prclor 
with AQ ftUcrlly axid Mcndlf nelcomc tbtt 
pro** lafllDitnt/f 1h« tdJhs «iifto1bc*l hj 
ihem to hia *biL They reprd btm u the 
rv|»rrj«oiaiffnud a^cnt of ttyscrm, which, 
■o fir M li hft< eilended, la pmdudnr 
rtwiU of incalculable imporutiee, and 
vbith if to tbi^oi thr; ■tmnjcMt ntiddnce 
that can bt brought Id bnir aprm tbelr 
mtoda that their tctaponil ox wrtl ei ffpiri- 




ScJuol* and Seheol fatpieters. 


tual *t]|Hnon arv iatcrHltJ la Ihelr ««>tl- 
b«inf,ftiHl uuLMft to M tlbcm in thtkt 
bUlLvno hap«lc«a Mnif|l« i« **^£* ^^^ 
the iront mil of Oirir cottilUlan. Fmiili, 
tnchcn, tnd cbilJroii m tqoMf aniioni 
Ia ivwC pUcd tu prcx-ul > fvU BtliMiiUiure 
«d • vcU-oHcrH KhooL it iW anaaftt 
Titil irf iMf Mkjfvlj'ii impcctm.* 

This* inJenl, b do ii)t>rQ tliRn mi^t 

bftvo been oulicinatctL In proporlio*!. 
cupKiEkllj, as (bo iLuniber of immcU 
axid ccrtificfai^d (vni-hurs ciComiis will 

b« iK- wunolk of llii» wtliHKiii*. A 

youi>siii«n or »oxnfln» ihv w)iul« coun* 
of «lioc« |iramu» cducaiion bia bwn 

i;ei>re or lew oaJcuUlcd to i'Toitl« » 

hitfh iiJM of Che £0<xl fiilU witli trhich 
ttw tiiiU of Gi>Trriinii.'nt ara tendered 
to Miioola Mid lli«Ir ttfachcrv, whoM 

whole lone «r ihfik] hns IjeifR nia»l bj 
tire cdocsUon reccmcL wbose ffvupa- 
- UdOi jtrvMrumtlx vcliciiii^tic, loou l«r- 
Lnvd «o bolicn: w\iii the iiT«al«Bt 
^^■■niMi to the dflT of on iiiAAotor') 
^KRi w ibftt one di/ of iJI tut ytmr 
whitTi lh« l4vol»#ir ii moit mrc af niiiff 
uadcrvtoudt nnd of reoriirtag praoticAl 
■jd Mid idTJccb Tbe Rppimtu* irulKd 

fot long ifl wn, th# unalt fliifj{Mt)i«H 

of dcHnibli.' ctuji£c3 i:i Uw vmngv* 
niont or liii fchoot-rocni, deemed l3j 
vrnploycr* perhnpt Im^llr Torth at- 
tention, it in known irill not be so 
nguii«Hl l>v Dia io«po€tor. llo b th« 

■<£vo)-k«a1i«p*i true rnuni niid all j i 
V to ft liUJt; fault- landing* tliil in uiti* 
oiratetl vilJi resigiuUun. 'Iht! U«tt»A 
of llii? 'hy U to bear rebuko utd i»> 
prove upon i^ to kwp ono'< own niirit 
cloar of concdt, or toolbli ftppmcn* 

»Tnn; |a b«, !■ ikhctrt, more of a truQ 
nun or of a true woiMb tlwn bofiir^ 
Such, k is our bcUd^ Br« tte gnw 
tvllj ^mhI rwiiltB of |}l» lMp«i^lor^ 
tuJC4. Wc f<ol, intkvd, tlAt lb«it 
bonefiu vill be mora nr kn rcil 
nppar«nl, oocxviliDg 1o iKo oi 
and aptiliid«i of the p«rtieiilar 
cmjiloVcd in ihe v^rk; uid h«iki 
IbdUgfi U ifl realljr « benefit to o1 
A coDiidemble xantiy i>f vi^-w, tiorcrtt^ 
Dkcnt tlocj well >o irutcliiog Mitb vcru- 
p(ilnti:4 nJiJitj ovvr Iho «oKt!i>Titoty of 
itii aitf^ts to tbc prinoiEJcA laid down, 
irhilo yot It Tvf'ftvrv illkhty tod eon- 
flidera vilh ouQictrot t^tv tWr ng* 
(Mtinnft, ilirvct or imlirect. An in* 
dAiioe of tlua i;ar«niidil«air«loeotiblbh 
tbc oorrceCncM of a pulJcubr **«*« 
maj be *e«n In ft eon^iioAdcooe^ be- 
lirccn tbc S^cretftry of the ComniUtt 
vT Couiieil Auil lliQ Dr.'Aii of licrcford 
(pa^ lUS)t na th« ^' Minule ri^rusiAt 
CapitAtJon <jranl» to nilxrH^ Sr.htMni 
eonilueled by Scboolmiittn-tv^fr.'' f lerct 
tUhaufrh in thn main nil r opinion and 
sympftUj arc ptrotigW on tbo iid« of 
ibe oounoiL and we nugbt odd on Uiftt 
of lh«> r«vurond tho (!«a>i abi)i, wq 

![Ud to find ibat moat kindlj nnd 
Dui cduofttor tufigntin:; ft prac 

way of dcnTmc' with lorue cmh«. irhfc4i 
olhffTviM- ruigtit t>e Irv^teti lkanlly,wlth 
rdmn» t^oducftliobd aisulftu^, i 
plvudiAf for a oiodliealloti, which 
narc no doubt will KPfrire the fi " 
coniidcrolion, of an olherwiw 

llie pvftt diffieulty, indo«d. wbidi 
htft ftfway* been ft anorce of Croobk to 

■ Ber. F. C, Cook** Bcpert, p, 335. 

t Tba quMttlon 1* brwAy tbii. Mmy country cl«rfym«n and runi proprlelor* find 

it difficult, U anna C«a«diJinp«Miblp, to mjiintvtn vfor^tP bpIiooIi for ^^^^yt nad grvta. 

or. In frbort, both a Mhodinailfr and mlftntt* To menr thii diffii^ultj the llotue lad 
CjIvel^a] Modt:l InfuJl SvbiXiL Nwkl; k«i b«n far lomr Uinn p»l,'piirtly tij th« lo^ 
gtatiou. ire lAeliere. of the R«v. Mr- Cook, irnitiaz mi»trnMO «i]ir«Mly for lb« 
oMn4f«i««>t ofthrHttiiid eoubiry acbootr The Commiriefl of Couoeil. howeti^i 
liu ptM^tA tko Mluuta wi hmf* abvn *11ailfld to, and m do^Hf to b«* * jiciUil lAme 
dkmay la tbe Bunda of mtay counlry tralcknu. AccordinEljr, a ilroag ippral hat 
baift nwia ftfitBM Ibo Minuie, upon whu-h ibo ^««r<u^r calJa on thf Draft ui licrr- 
ffard.u «a Ufarinc^d jviltfr. In a*i# hk n*n ni^af thr »«. Tbe Drmn aJimTM e)^ 

adtllBc ■ vuoiaD lu t |iarifeli AS ■oboolmbtfTHp Miil Ebert ritOlng ih« Diatm. Ilia 
ettarihai die edaoatJOD of ^Ati would tbm come fD_^n rarfjr <^B<'- He. boite«vr, 
tbinki \w ttt* a door of facapv- Thn Minuir dtnifi Gimrrnnent Aiil co iion)«n-kr|rt 

«ch4hjl*, tpAtm iMrrr v ho tr^rr *«A«i ia f A' ptrit^ Kov in miaj nf lbM« plwrM 

tbcrv U an ladrat fcNiadallQD or a fneo uhool, «Mcb arifbl ba ma<leaTnlab1o fbr older 
bon. Tirt KfaDolQlacnaa lor girka oaaaac tie dUpCMOd wtHi ; and En laany allaatioos 
r- nabn night miu to form one gmid school fot ddar b«fa. 

e,and ,1 
chwo II 



Scho^U an4 Schaat Intptttart^ 

IbM wfao «uk« tiic rule* and iio*e 

■bo l«r« to MC UiM Ibcj fere cArnoil 
iHiCb*^ pn>nur« Bpso Ibe iiupcc* 
lAi* Inr purtiw whoi in duuMl ttttj 
pbcc^ kftve been cal^df: oul fi:v » tov 
mcin of univ^ml t^ocalloti. Tlie 
CBtjpd and ciMMt lliiiu h«* too oAvu 

mw J U« brvt. Tu ju^« bjr Uir ap* 
jJiettiMU wo ban; trcfi for Aiiii cticfj 
ImUUj la Uw kinirdiua n what v coUod 
*ft poar localil^. Mtd aa nccuuui ^r 
ill pof«vlT it doMmd to Iho lowest 
■i iMi T C efoOucttioft. Well, n^ibn 
Oomnuttec of CoaodI, thnjueb ita »^ 
mterr, ihi^e mr iliii «1i(i(j1(1 tip to 

vnatff vodi A hIi«o1 «A>Lal]. not vimplv 
eormpood to th« iuic4>rthiag>vtaicb 
tl M iBtoniled (o com^H, hut (rvrf s 
hifWr iUaiUnl of oducation, How* 
tvv Wksbiul/, imked, wa auj don- 
tb9Bt«l*«f «bMi*cii bolooff- 

mi even tli9 "duigtrow'* (iBi»e*i vid 
ftUiMvllj «]«<Lr« vutt^ nis niMfit of 
|ir«*idin|[ for Aam rIvo, v« muM «tr«* 
ROouslj conufld igftibst nn^ p1«n which 
■IbII oofvpriMbiM tb» oMUmoc^ of our 
boi SiAlMal Mhoob. Djr tone m««na, 
cotDpolwr; or otW, tbc«« Farialu 
uiiHt W rcocbo). b«l wc oi&not con- 
Mftt to have our betur pcIux^Iji iJcmo< 
livbod uid dsorirtniKtl to iiuie wa;r 
br tbnn, 

Wk will HAW lurtt M « few of llio 
priocifnl points wbieb httYtfttruck ui 
M tanunc over ib« Uiiiuuv of IM3*4- 
Hrrv b no nr^ gnot Ttritft/ in ihc 
KcoaDt* oTtbe truftiog achool^. They 
ftra notr, for •cbooluukn in cfiuuet?* 
tionwilb (iMCbiirrK fourtit-n mnnm* 
b«r; for K^i •'iIuiMrc^sea In the like 
connot! ' InnddltlonEoibovc 

■ml lU WtfU/tfk bocvtttr, bare owib 
<MM hmt/aJBiirf fMlablbhmfiii ttoilcr 

■mpBCtuip- Tito iiutrtaikio tnit tlliht«'| 
to, bowcrert wbkli i« lorAtrd in Ibr 
HecK fa TTToad, W«»IuiinM«9-, caniiot 
bffpBi^Mlhjwitboot iKinio farther no* 
Ikft. U i* a rtnvkable Ittitanco or 
dffioniiiatiocA] cfibrt ia a good irauBA 
caniel oat in tb« mixt rrcOElftUc »iui> 
Mr, Wbtfii we *Uic \h%t tbv co«t of' 
bufldiBg; fittil>^^ and *dtool fumiiurc 

(not, howcircT, LAfbuling tbu furiulurv 

of tba narter'A rc«idenco axd rtmkiila' 
rooiu}. wu H.ST'l/— T^OOOf. of whicfa 
omlj VM coiiirltwivd bj GorcmnKnt. 
iba rnadiV wDl *F« hr>n latfea baUncc 
«M Idl to U naol bj lb WuAfcjran 


tod}, nad inoit •dUbdorj it U lo 
kaow ihot dio vholo of db« (TcoC dcbl 
it iliichan^cd, lb« aubscnplioiia and 
volltfvtiona upouuiini- to mora tbaq 
aOvfOOt Tlien: aia Gt« |mGli«i>w 

tfchoaU and a traioinff oollcg* Utt tCO 
jtudcnU, the foe for each of tho latter 
\mnf, 1^ fN*r aanuiti ; wluW Ibu urac- 
tiiitiii acboola profidc BCcominodatkn 
Uff SiSflSI ^bildrfok al Yirjta^ ral<9 
of pajimnib ffvui M per week lo 
ed, accordbjf fo ibo kind of »cbool, 
vhi^btf for iofnoiA, for junior*, U/r 
amlon^ diif ukkIcI Khool, ^r tbc Indiif > 
Iri&l KchcKfl tor girl< oiilj- Tli« beflo* 

lifuJ ordar and arrangcuieDC of tba«i 
<x»ignfiat«d schoota wvtOA bdoad lo 

b«^tirtD a «tt]dr, md Mr- Arnold, tb«Lr 

ijup«ct<ir, if abnoA rloqiwiit In tbrTr 
praito. Covi-rinR ait aure an<l tEire«* 

<^uail«r« of &o«ho1d Lukd in iha boari 

uf ^Yo»lII]^ul«r, and Idtiaff light and 
cnr into ona of tba inoat fK^oelea. cvsr* 

cmwilcd. and ualiealtLv pluaa n iho 
mrtropftliF, bj tbc dctlniclioa of a 
rtimbcr of biiildlnjEii of tbu wc^st clani 
\\a fovn^cm aom to have had in view 
Uw objaci of kc^Fffns' ralhtfr than re* 
moTLiig Ibeir BtudeAUni>m tbcbauola of 
ijfitorancc and uiucrj* Wo " did not 
«L»b ibpAi," ttij thvy* " lo h« ^>oiJed in 
IraicInK. and hj a Itnglbcned rcsndcnc* 
■viaj iruui Ui« dw^iii|^ ud" Ibu poor^ 
and aowtiir tbe attractiooi of auparior 
bf«, di»incliDGd and rcndcrrd iinllt Id 
Uiidrruike ibvardBVua vml wlf-drajiog 
iJlVi f^Mdinol taochcra, Wa bnptfd iliar, 
iiumnitid«d bj ibe fa«uli«e of the poor, 
ihcir w«ut of oduoation, with lis a;* 

Irnduit d<>|{nulation and inififrj, wOQbl 

cxciio tbeir be«t fvfliojc*-" in looking 
al till iDoral and relijEioiu end* pro- 
[««P<1 fo tlinnwIviH bj thi< bodr, Ur. 
Artiold juitlj ipcok* with tcndcrme« 
<if what he jri fed* lo tw mailer of 

^oubt, — whDihpr (here ■■ not loo loiub 
(if dJrtct rrlitio«» rahcrtntioct and 
leacbinf. wh«3i«r Iho mftJ>Mli ara 
alwaya ibo bwl. &c> At tl)« Baaao tkno 
ve »iut obftorte diat a oonTvollon of 
pure and hinh atmi on the part of tbe 

Cr«Bi?nt unnnjCurA of a achool qiqU noB 
c bUowc-J lo bli&d us lo imfWrfcctlont 
in a n^itcni; itiil l«a ahould an in- 
fpcctor pcrniit iho cociiidcratioQ frf tlio 
aOMTal difficultim of tdiK^lioo tunoiuf 
th« poor la lovm bia standard. l\e 
obtfTTo Ihflt ia his more gcoeral Re* 
port 31r. Aftkold Gomplaina of a hifh 
rate of Mthool foai ta b^vbg a tvudciicj 


Sthooif and School fnip0Cion. 


Co vJicludc tlifl lo«c«l cUjm^ of dul- 
dnm: id niiJcL thu buUt-r thon tarcl^ 
•hould tile iuHtnictioii be, iiwce \i je 
ftllcr jiU A main vuunidcralion tluU tUc 
claujuvc ftbovc tlioe fliould l)0 Jeftlt 
with in ft wnj which maj moutc bi- 

If IVom training ftcboali wc glance 
ai the more gmoral llcportii, wc mtiit 
expect to meet with areolar varivtj, 
•ml d«o MrllJi iiuirit aT uUrourDj^rimTnL 
It b uo w«ndcr iT, oti lookSu^ over 
tfacM gcnenl reporM, we llnd « vct7 

lirp |>naprirlinn orihi^ n^imitnirnliiwit 
bctWDrn iZic Sdiuol Iiiipcctun a|]»1 the 
CouuuUtoiiof Uouncilcon}kL«Ui>Cfbil«- 
bwol4 t^ocbing tho «norLnoiw Dialti- 
tudeoTcfaUdrcn wlio cvt titilc tcrrice* 
oUo education, xot bj reuon of tbc 
giiSlt or ahdnidoiimont of pttrciiu, l>ut 
Btmplj Uwn the conflict between ucertr 
iDtCretta and tlio^c more remote- No 

voudor that the whoolntAJ>Ur i> ilii- 

coartffcdandtheKhod ijuiiccEEiroori- 
Jbund^ lit «onJe diHtrictii in Hn;:bnd 
the cbmUB, uiiiJcii'kabl« caQK of Buhool 

timnc^ b povrrtv ; bat jn othen it la 
riobcftorratlivr tiiv tviii|>utiiHi toj^ 
thorn* Take tlv <7|jilili-en of lUe Scur- 
fi>rdthir« I'otti^ii'tt no illustr&tioiui of 
tho litttf, Mi\ Nurrb vriil Ui\i ut thfti 
a bojr of JVtini MTVcii to uiiiv will Ixj 

CQTDLng hu If. Gd. Qr'Il. p(!T W(.1!k At 

tlkC vheft ; ill n vcjii' or two JVoiu ^^ 
19 4i- WM-klj I thitl out t)l' U.-H hoya- 
■rhoi>!)i rjmvilig I.I 10 on the tri^nli). 
476 had been withilrawu ^a <iLtu vi'i^r; 
and thAl the a^a of tboac to wiUutrinn 

^s [Mr ecnt. were under icvai; 
Si p«r««iit- diiilvr i«n ; 
17 par coat iiiid«r thirteen : and 
4 per c^t. irai*o abow thirteen. 

Evan w«no Oom it jocm ip tho 
KLOrton dittricU, wherA iaj9 th*: Hcv. 
D. J. SteiraH. ■■« joaoff hoy nl' 13, 
who ban D«Ter soea a book, oon ejirn 
ia a wcrk at a pit or fitctory whnt 
vouUI mori^ than t^mi^ n fnrttiigbt'ii 
wicn of an a^ioultuml bboorcr in 
Lbo Souili of Knglind.' 

Hiii, uo doult, must opcr-Atc a* heav/ 

of our ib*ptotor» arow their belief Ih&t 
ooUiiDg but a ooinpul«oi7 enaotni^ut 

wall iQVot tbo difl^ulij I Tci hov ore 

wo to ileal with facia and A^uni wUch 
»eom to >how that ruck cooDpolniT' 
nioMiucv * ould bo ottcadcd with Tctr 
terioiudijiamngviiuMitd in the locali- 
ties where iliry ai>pcar to be mort 
iivvdwlf Mr- itdliiirv, the iutpador 
for CrlciueAiti^r. (Hford, Warwick, too- 
tlin« wriiea ; Hie ^ntSMgC9 are rcciaric- 
abK\ and iforthj of BlL^i^lion— ' 

KuppcBcilegubiJie onadneDt obliging 
■IL t-MUrrn t» r«ttMn kt ooAiodl until 14 
Teartof*{e, Iho iott of cwnhiBi to tb« 
cntplojed, Bod of pnoducilon lo the ooun- 
(17, vouUt bo HaoicvhaE u foll«n :— ^la a 
rfapecUblecctabliitnoinit >l Binoiutliinir 
vlicr«3IA pftiif of huda arc eujplaj«l« 
33 per otnU «rt bctwcto 8 ond 1 4 ftmn of 
Ofp, camlnc on an atvnge It. per oaik. 
Dj iLe ceiwq« of IMA), th« nunibfr of 
cliildren m thm mx countie* httiwt«ti 10 
ood i:i yttm <t1 ■(« vai tTO,492. The 
nundicr M thoK tiPlvcen 9 ULcl \.4 would 
probably be much lh« aos^. Sufpoitnff 
ihftc fblldrvn l'> ht riikpLujti] at ft iiulaad 

of M. M At ItirmiiijEhDii^ nod to earn on 
the aTcrt^G 1». tier week, the ^rou oaaual 
curnlngt woufdbfi 1G«. 

Unt bj lliD rcniuK of II4.SI, it tppoari 
HiAEof the I7it,4^ i^blldren bciweca 10 
AiiU l&< ■lft-B4.^ nnl/ wrrc ffnpbjcil. ^ap* 
poiioe thoae to cam Ir, w«rk cb^b. the 
KmiwoiDiiuot would bf 5l^.>tii'l- 4t.| •! 
theratf or»«> jicrw(y)i.3>i>i.::.M, 8#-i ot 
(l]onuor24.»r«klj.^A9.1«3f. I2f. Thb 
ofJofllitioii. nuLlfif ■!! hUohuvc foe Il4 
iaipcrffctioo, ivlII give totao proiimiio 
idoii Hi ihr dElTlctilty of dcoluif with tho 
tjMivlion, &r. - , . 1 Imv* iMH*r ^I urn 
it intd down with Jioffirifnt clumui Ihar 
tbcnr If tlili ■ulDf^ciiLliiii IhIwocd ihc uib- 
len'&l iatvraits of tho poor, the la wt of po- 
lltLctt tcoMtmy, In a miro tiroduotire poiiU 
of view, and (b? obicoU orodDntton. . • 
Tbe DDniloEi of tbo oduK l«boiir«r are h^ 
•afflcicnt to aopport himtcit and Mt eUN 
drrn np to 1 4 y^mn of oe« i Iihioo the ro- 
U1QV4] of ttiem from idioolt hi ordar to 
meit ihfl naotj of bL^ boiuflbkitd- Cvm- 

Krltbomloco totchooLand youdriTctho 
laitf bkto Iho workhouia." * 

StMh i» tlic diacoura^jng pDvitioiD of 

cduco^on lhi^>uo;Tiout a ror/larre por- 

tlou of EogUnd- Varioua pdliative 
mcaaurea have been and are in pro- 
g7C>*i nor, altlK)Uj*h tbclr prt«eot 
opcratien ti inmll %m rognnli ihi* nuni- 
bora ia need of the benefit thcjr are 
dodgned to bring, can we with in^ 

• Roport, p, iOl— 2. 


S^ovtt and School Intpt^ort. 



1 rcnluTc (o limit tficir olti- 
ffMdbacf. Tlic vv'ut kJicumv of 
tl« adUDf and ouinitKlariog 4i)4f wU 
«f ^Ciflbraifaire c^rtiuslj nppear to 
iiiv M 4 Tcrj cbccriog irUbct in 
Ob* diAridc* ftud it b not ca^y to 
1^ nhfiii opce A flood c^^vnplr hH» 

■hi vuv tiot be ttw CTcntnEil good 
dsMu Oar tiinit« viU iwl dlow ui 
Itc&tturt IhxD the iMffldj int«rcatiog 

ni^iKirkinn of l2ui priseMptea). 
£o«ncwkA£ diiD to tAiia* oxm anl 
webi aitonpt* to nec^ oum cif grrtt 
Mcaltjtrr^in i^riratiDnl diitricUi 
Ikiodnitrul >cbjol>,wlucb ve >pndg- 
■Rf up in uutnr hrlLoto iMelcctM 
raHtwo — wmc dcaisned for Uie in- 
MractiMi oflNijf, ROMo of |[tHib 'Did 

JvnvoTt whtfn the bar* An* p«TauU<d 

temlliTHte rmI alfotmcoU of th«ir 
f«K, teem t* b« populu-; not «a If 
ibi* a^TMiU^ it d«nii^; llic iKirenU 
ffilli aoBicJu^ikc oWrvJn)* tut Ihcy 
cut itvsh ihfir ion» to dig at home, 
■nd ^ »o4 »vi>S tk^m l<» tcbool for 
uck onorpdw^ 

ia liu lAviper, it U kot Gound <m 
lo iecDTC the ilomertio tnuitUkg ofgiru 
at a pc^ipvv f^ olRct«nt ig«, onUM 
•Ottc direct uid tmtofdbti: induce- 
Dum » Iwld outlotte L«ivai« lopfdn! 
tlk«aa. Oor toh«ol in«|wlon trv, wi* 
ob^rvc, rolkr At croa-purjoAtf in 
tb«iriik?uofr«n»l«csn[iAo7mi;ni. Mr 
AAuJJf nrhnrtT^jt cro<k«l agiI oiua' 
mcnlid aeedle^vark, wlii«b, Iju ftiTft 
■MOtgorv juul toujlbtn •Lould, in Uu 

Dfjttioo, >£fenfy /'mJU^kl m Jcio"J#.* 

While lb. IFiujbcU, Uio l^gra Coud' 
tiv lamctorib i4^ lb ATT orium/Wa/ 

vbtA Mrodut^ Ml /rnvJe *f Ar^f^ , 
ifrnc^^ OM^ rmArvti/rry , A'^^-^li- G&8' 
'ToMUDg iImm coDlmJiction^, h 

any bo uid that th« R«v. llr. MiCchcU 
a»vuks tokairc nu iulc4U4tv idcK oT 1^ 
nn:Q«*ilj cf^tk^roiigk ioitUlioQ into 
tbe art of pUn MfriDf , in order to Ibt 
fcTvniliim of tliKt ini|>oitnnt perMn In 
ft ftinily ntabtlahtncni — a good meadfr, 
Tho *■ »CTrin2-mtcbino," ovtt vbicb he 
rojoke*, will do liitle to elfcct Ibia 

ct})joi?l« wc imigiiii>- On tJiii oLhifr h«nJ, 

nc ddGei IVou Mr. ArooM, And think 
tho introdoc^D of fai^cy-wnTk* ottoi 
vafM t* vull ai omAinvnlal- tt >* 
ft niVjcct oTrfgrvt wtUi mnnv vbo aio 
GDnccti>fcl with JraalQ mIiooIs in i''i^ 
UmI th*t there !■ aiMoag our EnpElvb 
girU >o lilUoof the quickn^as, inrat' 
tjoiti and duticate lunipiibtion, vluch 

dbllngaithM the IriiJi uid Scotch, to 

■a^ DothiAg of Frcjrch girU* In onr 
Irah scbo^ tbi? beal managed and 
hcab tou^ht i<i0littitiofi> nmKMr to bo 
thotc wbch combin* both tlio manu* 
fictnre Mid iLv Bchocd; nnd v« havo 
Ulolv bad the j>lieuQfc of Tiiltiug a 
Normal wchooi w tvarliint; th\i making 
Vaknciennca Uce to g;irU, in West' 
voElh Sirvi^L Dubliii, in wJiicb ihs 
moantrc of alL4>niion bi;»iowi.\l on or- 
Hln^ry occoinnlMhrncntF, both of |1l>a 
bead iJid liinu?, vi^uAlkHj, in<Wd »ur- 
fflMcd, vliai uci anvn ti^ in Kngtuiid^t 
Ono CAUEion in ci>iJucclioii w't'.U nil 
cur induilnal icboob w« fed indeed 
kirongly iiujifU«il to iblIciJ' AV« >hg>u]d 
<]q>rcf^uU! tbnn did vrc wc tlicm ca« 
croAoh coo if\v on th« priv^jLina ttoio 
vbicb fiDor <?bildrcii pcMsCH Cor OKini 
ind tnlj^lkd.Ti.if (rHminjf, and fur auch 
tppbcatioD uf thtur rudiEnenlary leara- 

1n|t aa may giro a ld!r diojioc of ila 

bciDg cuTwd on. \Vc vieau by tlii*, 
IhnC paina mint bn taken to get them 
b«ycnd Iho ■n^ro capability of ksin* 
picring out a chaplrr ld i\tt BihAc or a 
fisw pagas cf a Acnool book. XUl th«f 

f Tha fOGoillait iaaiituboa abovo lUailed to nu HtablUbtd Milvlo t^U and hu 
■jnadj aat out tpwitd* of 10 (mpjb ta ilUTervnC illiirtcu vf lr«Lail,«onpatBat to 
tncb ibc 01 of lace-ttAiagi ki which thry htvc b««o canfaltr iulradad by a B %U q 
tc«cbcr< f roai Si of th« •cbooU lo «faicb Ch« gfirla b»TO been tent wo b«To r^orti^ 
OthMi an of to* twrt alabluhnent to |^c accowiI «f lhMD*d*«. All t^ia 
wkkk all rvporied ta tcadi nadiof* wriUTi;, Ac. In >i>n^ tha pvpili ar» wall 
bMbMlad abo In gmamtr «ad pofnphj. Tbo Iwc » pitmitted a* a probibb/Wnrt 
bcQCflt ta ike firli, iSiii|fS Ibt vnmina* aE prfivnC app niriAlL i wn h4n< uvn •|>n:iin«fui, 
vhidii Iknifk notjAar, wtre betttr mad* than aajr kaovn At^JuA Ucu *tt a fioiilir 
htaJ* ond avn prAoanccd bi a LoaduiB uoJconnw 19 be CUlf tquml Uj lugvli vf irbBt 
baroerivod from VtkadonML Wbcrbcr tbe annddtc llncDm of ihtf Bdcika floe 
ihsaaicaa cwr be coinllcd in Irdanc], elLhorin cnkitation or mwiufBcCcirr, romiiaito 
U HH- CoaU tbH W >ttnr«d, lhor« Mvma ao doubt tbil Ucc* of Ibe moH ptr*«ct 

Mditf BNchi U Btda ia Inlind. 
GmrriUa. Vot. XlAiU D 


The Trieolor m At Aiiat. 


ftrrire u the p-^nt r>f readio^ viih 
cue anil cnmpretenfiijn au.^h pbin 
ftnd jiiiDple lireruure u i' LikelV ta 
rcfti^b them* we hiTc ri-ailj cJotie n^xi 

to ncithiD^ for theu. L^t uj hi^ t^t 
cartful tbat ta£ pMiitT^ practtc^J 
maiiD^ Libou7 vbsoh it ii propowil w 
giTe in ioin« crf IhcM Mrbool*. doef noE 
nperwdc wbit should be il-ine towariis 
rAJflinjT tho -veDeril rbjr.uiter *^{ tbe 
fchoL^LTs u r.ition^t b«in]Hi, llT^ry- 
ibing il«p-^n>U we xtn awiire. oq ibe 
iumiL«r of tOEniuimit^tLn^ jiuirucCron 
^^in common thin^;" it miy fterate 
bojs or irirl,^ r-jr it mit r«iliico ihem 
lo mere machines- Id »chooLj ibrMr- 
vacC girls, fur iniEanoen there \s often, 
we fe^, aa artmciil ntuiospherc ani] 
poAi:Lon oreatefl. vhii:h precluiln the 
ezercia^ of Gompan'Tinn ami JDcL;^m«ntf 
And J(:adena the fitculiiM white it fiut' 
Lilates the performance of certAin nxx' 
mul opentiuiLJ. 

Bat It ti time to bring these mne- 
wbAt Tn:»o«LUneo[u ob^erv^tioni to % 
dof*;- ^Vitb ill the dtndnuitage*. and 
th^j are minj. ininit which edac«- 
tj/'ti in Rr.^bn-I w lahoxiring. we con- 
cLnrle u ve begin- hj a cociffrtttabi- 
tinn nn the spirit of eiDiilAtion eroked 
throaghout the councrr. and tticribe it 
in larire mesjur^ to tb^ £iiRiiiri£vment 
/if the GoTerTiTueni and the enorts of 
iti d?ent*- It i) df^Li^hiful to remnrk 
un th^ numeroiu intiancea of privBle 
contrihutir>n i<i this jrood cai>s«> Sni^ 
in I'ximpLe :u thii a£irdcd by the 
IVh^tkirk Sundar Reading Room* if 
most ulaLirj, All «iich ittempu to 
render frieodlj ferrice to a paruh or 
a di^irid. cnnoeiteil m no OTerbcuiog 
jpirii. but in a manner at once Chrii* 
tian, klnrllT. and with doe r^vd to 
tlie lore ai iod^^endence, are among 
the niiisi blessed eh.\ractcrUtici of oiv 


TNDFR the above rarh^r f^n^^iful 
name, the Messrs. Nelson have rn'cnlU 
pnfjished a vnlHinc whirh prnftf***^ lo 
al1or<l deT:ul«« e!>pif i jIIt, nf AI;^r!:i and 
the Frt-nch Coiirfiic;?!. 'I1iO iiifiirini-' 
tion jziren. h(iw<rTt-r, is not i-onAnoli Ap 
the fanciful iHPrliim of th'.< litlf* miirht 
Mem to imiily» lo lli.; pori-^l j'ime the 
fall of Ihtr Dejs and tlic fr>un:liri;; lif 
the French •ecilenicnt- The (of^b ai^- 
compli^he^ rmirh ni'^re ibiLn fhiy. If 
embracer a 9uci'inrt, intdUgiMe. ^nd 
interesting hir-Eory iti Iho r<mntrj troiii 
the earliest lime^ down lo the pre.-'i^nt 
erit It further contain^i qji iiflmiraljly 
written iletcripti^tn of th(.< Kegeticr of 
AJgiervi compriiinj? pictures of thi? cil^ 
aodof cilT life; tfa« ^cene^ in tlio ri- 
cinity of tDG capital* the Aca-coiL?t, ami 
the inland provinces- A alill more at- 
tr«etiTe portion of this book is that 
which \* devoted to a pictun-squc de* 
acriplioii nf the native races of the 
Bcit^ncy of Aiders. In this |)ortion 
we are permitted to gaze at ^nme very 
magnificent pictures of fj<^rcc Arabs 
■Dd fiercer Aabvlei, of placid Moor« 
snd ftialirt Turka, and of crafty Ku- 
nglia, the offspring of Turk and 
Uooremm, of patient and persevering 

<Iews. of faithful and courageous Xe^ 
ptfc^ and of 3Eozabi1«^ lingular alike 
in person and pursuit. 

T(i tbo pinion wb«?rcin i? de^ribed 
the hi^lorj of the KcC'^niT we bare al- 
reu'ly allu'lo'l. It i^ only nei^eA'-ary 
further in ?lat.' that rb-' narrative cim- 
iij-'n<v* with thv rnrUtf t times i and the 
drjn»;i pbviLti thu* far in Nnrlhem 
Arriva iireph'te with !(ccne(< of f^inful 
initTr^N r^ndcur, fiiblitnitj, mean- 
nc"- ■nfferin;*. and triumph. Numi- 
dian. Jtautan, and lrrc«k, .nddicr^ of 
Ihe Cntipb^t iiii-rcen:iric^ of the Turk* 
savage Ueyi, and conquering French- 
men, all arc sncci^^iruty crowded upon 
the »r^go« with nre atid artiz'lTc vkitL 
Th-r com lulling portion, from the 
Frcmh con<|UL-3t lo ibc preswnt time, 
ifl pcrftap^ a« intercz^ting ai any other 
divi;i<in of the volume* embracing, aa 
it diw^} the words amt ilceil^ theories 
and practice^ of men of whom we have 
heard much, and of whom we really 
know hut little- Amon" these are Bour- 
mont, who blumleruT into the con- 
quest; Claiucl, who endeavoured to 
consolidate it by colonuation ariil fur- 
ther bloody victories; Berth eienc. the 
governor of good intentiona ; l^ivary. 

Y, Watkiw's Riport, p, 4W,— the Rev. Arthtir MvtiD«aa's RcadiBrraom. 


7S> Trkohr on ih* Atku. 


iht omA of oAood ; Yoirolt unlike bii 

i/&ka* Uu <■■/; DimJ«anant| Uia 

ii09ibl«ri^-dbdl h^ took lh« city of 
CatfMtiM^bvfure wfa<o« nun CEaunJ 

Id fcUcd b VmUc. «IiO bad a •heay cjre 

nUiown lDi«rf«uad «dl m UkQ«« of 
b coBDtrj, — i»;it Uiut he vm bj uiv 
^■v uiigiil«r io tliai nuf HVi i ncju 
iMUil. uuifer wImwc ojJiumuinititfkii 
1|2 «1 Kftclvr KUfTcadcird, upon i 
hbUm Uu( w» moat ilbi^ttcL-fun/ 

SbcIi i» ui outline oflhc LX]M<»U of 
■ fiQlaPie, tCQclJiif wliodic aiiihrinhip 

iiEU mn m tnrwlAlion (rum the toHe 
yiUiifaed in 1641 bj Um ti«nriAii Da- 
tVKlvt, Dr. UoHu U^oiniOT, who r«- 
jiM lhn« TOftTA in Ui« rvfjuncj, und 
M^ Mrts, Iran vrbicb he conilrnctvO 

—bM^ULnlly ■ xttj mmmang accouiii 

fbrthebcscfitoftbcpubHiv— ondhiia- 
Wbctt «r# «Bj tLkt tbo pueat wodl 
hdlMBj ft mndalioii fn>Q; Dr. Wnft- 
Dcr'ft v^ViDv*, vc IiJLrdfjr ilcwrribe it 
Willi iBfUdc&l iu«:iu«;j, Ur. Ft-oucit 
Pidii^, wha ii (be coiDpounilc<I or 
0M BU WUmMUtor,g3Uor,>iniaQthoar 
«^ *'Tli« TriDokr on iLl- AUu,'* ooii- 
■dariair llut Dr, Wtj^n^r'n livd/ hoHe 

coodcnood tfan flnt xotdmc uf it, tntv^ 

lalcd Uio utMiad, bbi) tcScfoil frcim liU 
Vim pttCi Ml Moount of Inter «vnilA. 
temn cbo cAptvrt oJ^Uonitantino to tbr 
mrwAdcr of Afcd cl K«i6«r, uid ■ go- 
DCrtl tIuv of the iirawat tut* of ihc 
Frcadt pnwmicai on the iKirtb rmvi 
of Ai&^ca-^Wa have bf*D flm* parti- 
culv in docTTplioiJ, brom^c a book 
lik« lb* prtWQt bu long bevn v^nt- 
in^ «Bd tbia volitaie by Ur. Putsaky 
Buj faa proiMUSiwd u [wrf(\ct t^oih ja 
ttiaU«r sad ««a&«r. Htviti^ iniil ibiu 

■iftcb of the tdiftc* ictJivriiUy, IcI ua 

BOW bob ii MMM of iu <lct«il#, and 
DTMi bundle ■ fc« of ibfl bricks 

111 timaUisof ]W< citj lili: t^rAJj^-ivm 
the iBviiicibU.^^fe numcfii KliLf! diipJi- 
e«Ue M that of PerDnne b FttoriJOr^ 
ibe e^t<f r mentitinji •oow dnmcteHitto 

IrmiU of Moori*b mnrinptv nnil iitorAl*. 
Tlzus ir« AjT tol^, tbit in tbc ^oob a 
plcaiani rr-lationuiilmauuklconQiknoc 
«uK«f«t Wtwei'it oiMtor and vcbolftT- 
Xbc tcadKT rarolt difnUj^ faeteritj, 
MulibcB th« pu]HliaK>a«4rii]y ftUhftod 

with MTTVir, tbat Ura *cboo]iDa«l«r ba« 
to app«ue bla by kiad ironb. It it 
furawT nibScdf that the friondly rdo- 
lion bE(wv«n tiio Icavber wid Uua Jbr- 
iii«f pupibi uaoalLy eoitttinao* Vonf aiUr 
Ihc \Mii^ lmv< wbooJi wUcb thoy bcI- 
Ji>ni diJ brfort tbeir fourtCL-Dib ^nr, 
lud •* tbo **ld ppiM»iitfir niFHly fuU l« 
spi>Oarii tbo uapti^ofthc Rroirn-up 
icholar." Wc wiAb iberv nat aa inucB 
lidjtpy viihliiiTi in orllutil'ii; lindiaaii 
ilbpUjrvd in tliut of the Mnldnr'^^it 
all CYoati^ iTJtli tvfnird to tbU tltkglt 
t\nett\on- In CliriBtuniioin (li« pii|al, 
too i^iimmonly, hatca bit preceptor ; butt 
«» hb |Arenu g«nvmILy rank tb«poor 
ptidwcigibo bdo V ibcir tranhinafc, Old* 
ir<ind«!r need be gxpt<«cd lb«t tbft 
<aboUr ibould cnl«rtnm only iconi to 
iba m^ 

Buit hicldly for ourprida^ tfae civili* 
xntion of tho Moorv ii comethiDj; liko 
oar own on ono point. **Thi;y hur* n 
bartiorodH cuAiJ^tn in comnioR m:h ibo 
fiaglUh. — thoj' like to bury tlirir dcid 
amoog ibe liiion " 

SelliDi: int\a lliu spirit wlirob tni* 
mntCH Uic^ name Muon ro ibc boiuc 
iif {Jnycr* diiCTa ii kuiuvUiuik in thvir 
i|epriirtoi«int tb«ro ftxan which a Chrk' 
tifts, dio oiott nrclpf* of God'« cmM(«d 
btilfigK in jjrcsencif nf bis Goili alght 
]iiam Hrunridiiiw. Inibn mnaqwii, tbA 
ilcTotAft with uoei tUTiiccI toirartla tho 
reocvt in the Nint^tuary irbc^re sUndfl 
ibo miifli villi ibo Knrnn» Irmti «Pvornl 
lnD|E rovi, itandintf or iitlUij(» wicb 
crowed legs, mottom*** tiui dumb as 
■tatu^. At thcfirtt MMiTiiS crftharolMi 
from the vtv^i, a ibritl fvctna to run 
tbroiub toe Auiliiincc; and ia iiiain- 
inio^d AJ lio Kcitca Iho titlv of the 
AlEuiffbiy, rcodi IHin the BoAk of the 
Propfkot.or in proitratc ■df-humitia* 

tion pills np tbu jirajor at Runadan. 
Willi ertry modulation of bia voict*, 
"xUk dmieei nn icicod wicb tho 
Urangnt CDttrulsre l1t^ precipitatiag 
(litfiiLapUcB hcail-f<(n!iiiO0t on tbv ciu^ 
ppi, knorlmir, bowing, coiivuI«Jv«It 

rinin)! u|(]iuj, ami ojpin oroUK^ini^ 

All tbiv, liowcKM". is dew >7»teGaali-- 
colly, but itif nercrihcloM u »trikicg 
^ichi to Ne a idIxvI af^-n^bly, with tio 
Hhitinf<tT4Mia i)f nnk and rnci^ (no 
ctufaionvd pews lor the wealthy mi«er- 
ilile vamera, and hard boenla mid 
■lone floor* for tlia vidor}, all naptring 
Ut tha Creator whb Uie nine piou 
devoCiop*— tbc viftMirMlo luHi M9 


Thf Tricfthr on the Aila§, 


\fj fide with tIjG apiHh nf^^ro of Su- 
fUn^ '*The jiCrfwt -^ntimofil r.f 

featiircs of InUiii." ilut there ure al- 
waja tvri AAfA X*^ n iriciJU, aij'l, turn- 
ing; 0¥cr tJif; I'^K'-i *^: ri^i tijut ^'on 
their vAjr liouti; iii:in)r of lli'^o ili:- 
Tot<M fl'f A'jt hr^i^ituti! Ui j4unrler tbcir 
■?r)-r«lr^i':mkntHi <fr Ut out liir- ibroat of 
th« verj Ar^it ChrLatiiLii wliorn x\itiy 
mar clmncu to iii'^i^t in \uJHi\y futljs.' 

ChrlsLJunii n:tjrm^ iW^nr churr^lj 
ufiuttlly iiruHcr 'Hily r>-|iuiAtIiins, or 
oij'jn Ihc vt'fjr U:n'lcri'it o-ifii *>J iTicir 
(^jnirif:nf:r?, 'rii>;y ijjiist U'tl |ilu[iiii 
ttjcm:i>fl*<7i 34 l>i:iiir; -trj uiucb lH:ttvr 
tlian th:il jHrfjr pu1rlLi:.kii hi x\i': i»oz"juc> 
ln'l<:<;'l ti'jtli li^ivir hj^iiy vI'Xh itj iroiii- 
tuitUy Yi,\TUrw\ii\'\y ;rmitUjrj;;- "Thv 
ll«i]jiuirj rjf Ali^i'.Tri iji tliis n?iiic;ct i<i lu 

Itojal/' 'i7iM ^^tiJiliiirifr f;r>:s oti in tljc- 
dity-tJiij-: \\\ \\\*i ui:tt)t.iii'\Aiiix. In iUl* 
i-vciiifi^, '' f:vi,-rvlrij>ljr ri:turn<i hi^niv- 
I'hrj w.iy lo Jk-Ti-'Lu ami Ir^ Cokali h 
liiif;«l Ky n yrtn\i-.»i%ii\\ i>f wliitc-olikil 

tri:rii<iri>i, »/' u*i%t\^ on iiiuk'-, nnau-'t. ami 
tofhc.t, fi /pMi on riumrls ;" — '.\ ok'ver 
flint, wJiirh wis t^IiuuI'I liki; tu hcc, und 
w]ii''lj riTiiiiiidfi U4 i}f ill': r::Ltaatr(Jijlio nf 
thc! Iiriy.'i !ii l\\i: XiixWiui who WL^nl npitn 
lliu \rM at Mi'iauiimicrt nml (if whom 
wn uri! toM thm ''ifiuyfj/^fcll in, llie 
rt'i i\wy ran uvuyV 

A really crcilituUlu trait of tlic Aiub 
in worth narruliiii;^' A J'oUifh ^ti^Uler 
%i lEiiuillii, J'riiict-- Afh-nki, j>lucc!rl on 
lliL' Ion of hiii hounv u iji^mitic chms, 
"whii;h j^avi; no ollvncu lo tlio Arabs, 
nincc thi-'y hnvi? rM|ii.-<:t for tin; tl'' 
llgioLlH ■yifiliolii of o(bi:r TiaUon^ nml 
on the wlifjLi: love ZKi\\ti\i» CbriaLiaiis 
LicttcrUmnAiM^]iljruluiib4-liuvL*ra." 'Jltisi 
Bpirit of lok'rution U DiJtoni]iaj)iuil by 
A more [/rnnticul Virtue ntilli uini one 
equally worlby vf our imttHlivn- 'llic 
ftn^or wa> uL a iforl of |>ic-Jiic tJurlj 
with foina Frcnuli onJoLTx, when a 
ptrtjofUtflimins arrived at lhc»i'ring 
HMt which thu rcvullur^ ncrc brtn- 
QUetiDft- ^Tfacjr CAnio to fill their 

•bMp'iklnl with the CryHtuLnutcr. We 
oflmd Uicm in Tain our j^uqilu clarcL 
Efon thociumploof KiirtulJuiWhuiTnM 
djinking with liin two iiuphiswi, cmiuU 
uot induce thcui to taste the fcji-lii'ldvii 
friDO ; thcv drank tlicir water und rode 
ftWftT BiHffingi anil no luu inciry thau 

The IkilouiDi and th« lioni iecm to 
divide lomiof the plains in thcweatem 
[j'>rtirjn of tlxe AlMcri.ui itrrilor^ be- 
tween th(;ni> Thfi pliJn cif Cclrat, 
wai'.rcl \>j ih-^ Si|;, !», octOTiling to 
tlie Ara^i", oiii: of the most lavourite 

!iliit<:nus of ru:ort for tb<:ae lords of the 
in-er't. Th';y jrc but verj riuestlon- 
able f<:I[oit.i afl'^r alJ, it woufd Meu; 
'^our ^uidc toM Ud that they never 
aiLtvk a rijjin if he raitd nX Ihcin u 
tfal>.-rc« ai^d flond of tbluvei, and itnt* 
on thciJit anrt ;;oex lioldly onward ; out 
wlioi:ter hhowd thtui rc-^jrect id iu- 
cviubly lost-"* By this r<--cij>o wc now 
Icnow how it wai (lut lowly Una ftnd 
GonJon CuinrniJi^ kept such danpiTOua 
(Xiijipuny without peril of Jile or limb- 
Wii nikVu tiecn aa uiuch mitlakcn 
altout Afrioaii lions ud we have about 
Arab Tu>s]jitu1iLy. 'J'lie author doa 
not di:iiy that Lbiri vi "the renowned 
virtu^: " cf the Arabs, but he decUres 
th4t iL< exercT^ i!( tonfmerl chiefly to- 
wiinlh i-'iUutryiiieTi uud eo-religioiiistA, 
t'or4-i^nerj4, and tliose ed|ieeij.llj of a 
diflurent reli;»ion, who huve no previous 
ucipiuintnni-e iu iho encampment, or 
wl^^are not inlroiluccil bynoine friends, 
find genemlty but an unwilling recep- 
tion, and ure often Rent away with 
n^uj^h woril:i. Upon the text of Dr. 
\V]L;^c-r» Air. I'ulbzky makcfi this not 
utiry efrinplimentary comment- *^To 
tlie (lermuti, anri jv\ more to the llua- 

!;ananand I'uletUecustomed Iu exercise 
tos]7it:i]ity to everybodvi this aeemfl 
Htran>^e ; ikf JCitffluh Ki6jind thiU the 
Anifn art: right* 

'[lie buit words of this paragr;i|>h are 
»iirij)ly Jinijortinenlf anil the jiariiCTAph 
\uAk Luck.s (ruth for h prop' Ai for 
Hen nan hoj4pit',ilily, our own cxpc* 
rJcncc sbow-i u^ that it id {,'encroufl 
ami unreserved to hlnui{,'er3 bearing x 
proper iiiltoiJoetjonT but to uo other 
nort of str]L>ijri-r:f. An En^h:<hinan hoM 
no more chunce of findini; hi:iwuj into 
Aociely in V^ieriua, lEerlin, or any other 
Gei'imm city, without iin introduction, 
thnu Q (iermun lios in London. More- 
over, if that JCnghshnjiin were a poli- 
^eal reJugeci he would not even bo 
[KTiiiilled to tarry and rest in ihoBC 
rilicM- (Jf Jlun^arian hospitality wc 
enn say jLoLhjn|^ Iroin c\|icrienec- ^Ve 
know something of that of the PoleSt 
and can Hiieak of it with grateful 
memory- It docs not follow, however* 
that we oro bound to i>\K\\ our houica 


Tht Tx-kalot on iht AiioM. 


tai RV* Hm Troitlocn of <wr tn^arllti 
■ftl MW ** lo ftofybcdy," RM Mr, 
rdn&j «rit«i it. ll«AT<n i'-itbid fhnt 
■t iWiWil bo fonpcUDd Id do ftO (o a^ 

Ik QttBgtfiam and Poln who are ao' 

tft jMOog tliMii **TT ruwAy of lirj<li 
flUnctTTt to be Cuiuli»r wivb yil^tn 
0m brflcmr to tbc hoit irbo U to for* 
MMiAo » to li»T* Ihvnt lor cu<4la fin's 

tiMM^hixina.' WcsskUr-FDlfxky 
^imt^ aut if li«s<niM in Hungary 
tftortuhi rHfyEB{U>bman nrho EjC]^Jcd 
ottrtaiaBien^ but if he vould i&bkc 
n dMi «fif £ir m^'tiM nf tlitwc vrhom lie 
imatT tv lilti' bc<Ur — urtir/ iVli'^:* 
Ae caa only ny fur our own pirU 
lh*tw*nav«r mM with tbt\-« ol ilii» 

e~€Qlftr«lM> oTScbruiiUiJ* iriihvQt 
Bf tbnit "ilwEVit^ dnvn" upon 
lh« MmnHncit ottopicM before tbi^ir 
i li wg i W itan vai jtc inlnmo oM. Why, 
Ur< INiUaky mwKi to knoir itiAt ctvn 
tba ■•lo4g«»" «rtlio Polt^ xTts bat dio 
HQCi of Ue iochi oT iliBDonlt where in- 

MUblinaa^ naity trordf^ iukI 

I aUcwiboiiQit WiibBumy 
I m war tfoti bonoumd to enjoy 

IfliOodi Mt w« do vo iijwia Uio 

umranei) ikat t^ ans vohIiv 

ipHi, — tbc Arab faiLioo, vh'itu 

hUtlir A^iccn at lu for dccminjf 

it hMoo, 

ftvtrtbclcH, nil Arab rvbionit ifo 

pftOtHMjii for Kvrvpont. IV auilur 

iptm of fumc iMeiit youths who. 
bting led tway by a llicur^ticnl idni- 
ratlou Ibr the imrefir»jni.-d lr(« vT thv 
AT«b.liaT«BOiu;btkiitvnt»k on ibepfn- 
fnn^ pat Ml uc 6oiinunE>r, «at duwii 
to rioe— nnd rbcnwatlua, pcrmunsl 
llffO^flb &Uo prictt fr¥iM] to omubio a 

Ab« laiUi, and nnAiDod oiuenblc and 
dBipbtd oter afMr Oo« of tbeae rr* 
oagidair a Gar^aa boron of ^clacAtmn. 
wuenoonntcr^d tyUi^ author tti Mi^- 
on. W« are taid thai bin advni- 
tunnw twn of Btnd Iu4 Ud him to 
joD tbe Bcdnvnik and tbat bv buoame 
A C^W ftvounta wilb ono of tbe mart 
ioAoential cUeA* ac«oiup>aii7>»E biok 
on aU inpoortant ezpcditionm atidlcict: 
treated I7 bimwib iimo tn w of favour 

more bbuadnat tbaa wu TOBobeafcd 

to any olb«r rvncfnde ; *' but in a vtry 
fvn wwlc« bo icoi tbxd of th« happi- 

nov of tbfl Arab>| and would Iiatc 
prvfarTfd lo nnA ita dctfriptiou in 
bonk and pottry, ralber tbao to tutc 
grkiaradlty." Xb« &c( vasibcvni 

not bora to it, cor built ibr it,oorhaid 
bctrd» lo tMAr ic. The Aiiib h a* 
BtFonc 01 a Scotch Httbkndcr, oan 
boar ELHriUhicfl ni uiioaiHlaaiinalyt and 
■9 able I0 urif? on hi* Luuim ii 
the olhrr dof« on bii oaUacaJ. KiDCy 
A Vfiun;- (.<i-rmLD. with tagbt glovo** 

poliiliod boota, May pTJAci]il«i. and a 
naJ0t like tiiread-paper, pTotecdiDX to 
profejn BedoniDiufi I Tbcrc Itairc been 
Germui travelkn* vlio have )vd cpcn 
the very bctrC of Africa; but tAeac 

Trcrc Dot iiKo wlio AlTcctcd to b« Ai»1m^ 

but wlio were iKurty boncit C»miani, 
nnd ptitl(^o[7bcr« cuid C<liri»tiAnp, ivitli 
uiurc oournip: in oak Cia^r, and luare 
ponAC in th« bctid. limn le^rv lo hv 
fi>undinalLtkc budits of zUUbf German 
rcnrgadca who hivu turned away from 
GfTmin 9lorL-4, lo grow dirty ftnd dii- 
^«tc»1 izi Arab icol*. So it fras with 

thiH^UaruiiU ." tl a dUIikcd living 

bdn«*lb ikint* aud burd riding wai a 
temblo torture to Liuir He could aot| 
Gtruaaa tliD«ij|b bo waa, get up even a 
liulu obAvo»t«on Lj ^liog ai tLa 
aUriit canopy of bcavcn, and tryiii|[ to 
"iblnJc lio was tbmkingr :^nifaifor 
the bmndJcaf wiMcTD««>, I10 enuld no4 

contcmptAlv it V Jtb fhatictkce. llo trJod 
oil he oould TO bu di.-vouii but devotion 

wvuld nut ci^inv fur iwtht trUl- lie 
missed u« fucin, Glkd up Lis tiuic by 
enilcavourinjE to obey the luw, and 
»urpaued tbo uiost xedkloua ot Arsbe 
in bif! fervour. Hod lie tiird balf aa 
acduloujily to have boc-n a good Chria- 
titLU. he uerer would haie bei^n »u 
iniMtable a mounubai^k «f a Malio- 
metoiu He hjLd. of couno, a perpetual 
rconorve of eonrdciif that be w»u pUy * 
iuff nn infiirrwnii jugip] cry with Godaud 
vritb himNlfp " Faztli and ii»|unitiou 
did Dot coue, and tbe unhftppj foo), 
who io llio ^Joinfiilc life bad vKpor^t^ 
tliL* r^Jx;iti»ii i>f tlio ArLbiiin lain 
wliidi lud Eitlvd LU iinuginaiiou i& 
oarJy youth, found ikjw bii only eon* 

nlaliou in toara. But cveu tbia com* 
fort wa« not jirantod to bttn, except 
yt\usa hia oconnidva Ijad fallen 10 tAem^ 
'I'o tbem he oould not diaeJoae hi* f!Mu- 
iifga without daaccr, e^cCTit nben the 
bowliag of the nTtnai iirowned bi« 
nEj>hi]y CLffbs nod Dut the dumb flar* 
aboT« s:lw tLc coiif««ik>n of bi* tears/ 

Vic confcH we do not pity buu, nor it 
there xniyuly iu such a torrow. A 
diranpointcd dandy who has turned 
AraU, ami cuiuul t^iru ba<:k i^*'" to 


Tlu Tnoftor m /JU Attof. 


duidyiaui I» Mr. Keck/ ia a Aroe, 
bm but tlie liero of a moumruT ^lo- 

Tbc KahjIcA, fnir-hiurcci d<w?cud< 
■uifs »uiiiv uf Uiuid* of tlju u1>l VaailnJi, 
■re lu brave but a more Iruuheroa* 
ftnd uuiniueabU ruo Uiaii the Arib*. 
Wccati onljrnfTtiH tme milanuc out 
nf uiAfiy. A p1ii»f i*r who had iiuir- 
rii.Hl « joiiag; S^xmsh loilj. rcEiided 
VOQc JtfriAEic^* iFom A\n\m, on bin 
Mtate^ He hni) in lii« «|nnW «vtf>rfi1 
lCiirop?ftii»« and liiree iwAbflot. The 
ruilvuoss *>t Ukc Ijittpr b* wa« gooO- 
naluroiily re*ol»«l lo ouTo by kind 
Ln.-uliiii;ht- U& even ireut bu Hir a,t to 
nXUyvt llictii to tltc^ in Ibc boiuo, a 
Hlrdtub ol" i^fiUlidDJif^o irhirb would hnro 
mtuie ii Turk turn palv Aiinply to thmk 
of' Un' iCiHiH|"Mri iiLmtor jmid dcHrl/ 
In' I hi' iiii' ju[:jurv wlii-lihclbuKiiroi-Jcd 
to *■ rrvfrrylKidy. ' The Uttva Kftbrivs 
gut upoiic iit^hl, luUE-ilervd i\ie (jur* 
aum BCTTAQli, cut thi: Ibi-i^jiL uf titis 

plaiit«r» shugfilered the i!hl]drni. knd 
Ui«n DliuI« Jqiic to tbo trrrnr-«tricJG«n 
ififL'' Afl«i' which, ihi*T Birijiiwd iliu 
houM, set it on lire, nnd c<iinpli04>i]tly 
returned I« ihoir niuunt«itis with n 
cart-load of booty, cijibt raurUcm on 
llii'ir rioitfi, luid tJifi rianHriiniirmo'M i^f n 

A kind French ofborr* ('aptH^n 
TLxMit, trhn lilcL'd In vuit (in* Kutylo 
bbaur«r9 in tli^ir bur*, once firoponed 
u> acoomptny them on i vi«c lo tlioir 
iuoLini*ffi hoiTic*^ Tbcy rui^fivod Iho 

IwLCii; JiAkul try the L~a|ituin if lkr& life 
would bo in dAiigor. only lujaw^rrJ 

irUb«ii0i2Qrly-gruiiic<l ''AhT* u if 
theTci7 thought mule ihcir moi^tfjA 
water. OiM> of thveo ftlJowA, wh^c 
Ufo wju navwl IhrOQfch the nnj^ol'inini* 
fltr&tJnof of On Siaten of Clianij, was 
Oflked if tho«c Iodic* MTOuld Iw in jtciU 
if tb?y vent aiEionjE the K&b^lcJ lU 
their bojjiea^ "Tb«y h&d better ntny 
where tlicj vc^^n* the ivrj nktJiafru;* 

torjr f«plT. 

The MoctraftTctbcf^tfiiraiwbo cm< 
Irvt wjtb tlo 1ciit-dvr<iUtu^ Af^ba. 
Tht!y linT« acciiBlciinEd thenuolTva to 
tho pTsMnco of Uto French infldaJ oon- 
iiiwront <ud vat^ for littl« we pc ti^ij. 
The MooriiJi UdicA, too, aro Mid xn 
in Algiers with itandnrlul e<i(ii»Liinity, 
^liUL thin r^-fhng U ^nriliniivl to Ibo 
lad>« nf the OHpilol vbo (tUy Jivto and 
driiJt ihtrbvt, to ity aoti»Ojf of <^ia* 

fognc, with oilioora of th# 
lujson, nod ClitaMurv d'AAiqu«. 
Th« Turlta Lave firfolJj diuuiiabfd 
tiucc ihc ovcrthjxvn of the Deya. Of 
their t'harActer II la unaaoe«ury to 
Fpeok^ U'« have tlretdj DOttccd that 
tW Kuru{;ti>dMi ibociflfjirtngorTurk- 
ith bnaliaiidi and Moorioh vrivon. awL 
cf oourWi pure Turka and purs Moeri 
liatc thU crwa-brwd vitli an mi/mtkj 
voriliTof a ImUat provcu^atian. Hair 
hatred it not grcfttor for the Jewt, who 
ore modi UtoouDobcreoievorywlKro 
^moncy<wonhipfiora if not noiMy- 

Tbc ^cgrouAare tb« block >«woUof 
thii diatrlct^ l^T^n the aUtm oiooof 
them live in a kind of vduotor/ oer* 
vitudo under nioitcrv whew: jok« m 

roftlly liffht a* goMonwr. Th« fomolo* 

ore terriDly ^gly, tnd, » aooo>«|iuncai 
ore the only woman vho waJk oboQt 
UDvdlod, Vet Moors havo marricil 
thcin, iu»taa Bn^ltdi jud^whaTe mar- 
ried their rooL^ Tor AIol-ta hare no 
jirejudku tuucboiK volgu' Aud miiiiJ> 
U[Lmation> Tbey are proverbially fotth* 
ful, and brave to booL ** Whin toiler 
the Till Ili^Ii booibardinuul tin- Turkiih 
^dirrivin retroabtd iWira Ujr KmpiT<*'i 
Jorl, the Dey sent i Negra to throw a 
lualcli tnLo till? {lowdcr tua^tinc. o^d 
tho A To liloiv ti|illai<i-iI»li<L Th/* hluck 
fkiLbfuIty ubpycd the orrlerof hunuu- 
icr, und vnt l>urJci] h^ncAth tlie rukno.'' 
Nrit the li?aft aingulir people of Uiifl 
dintriet arc ihc Beni'MoxAbiOr Moaa- 
bkt«^, whom th*i ICabbiti declare to bo 
d^fipCcndfint* of Muub, Hnd who ant ud- 
doubtedJj ol' Jtfwidh dMcentn Crime 

ia rnra omojifr then), and loTe*oiAkiEJiF 
etemul. TKoy "eaailv &II in lavc^^^^ 

Mya Dr. Wajcner; and then ilien^ enJH 
KueN lomethioff like a icene in a ballet 

lilopementa follow a proper etvrtnri;; 
purauLt foLlowa^ villdf-e iaat feud with 
villo^Ec a gcnemi uproar eiuiue», but 
peuee J* at Irtti c*lik1dii>]ieil by the 
talebs, or Uoclorp, who <Tnt4rr fWoro 
the enrtain folb, tn join Kand^ gene* 
nl\r. ntid Hprtrud b^riclkaion ovor tbo 
liiiol tohle^u, Ii in ninftuUr Ihtit iherc 
h a« mucli <Ijaliko ainontf them to bo 
«]eetvd to the otHec of enief oa there 
i« AiTiAnjj lhii hi^b«-r <J^ of City mo^^^ 
to be Lurd Major. ^^ 

He omigratToo of tha tr tbe to AfnM 
it ■oconn1«Ml for on tlie ground of tho 
pcTMcution which ihey endured in tbo 


Th* TViVaW m thr Aifai^ 


Siff an incMlttOiM origin, and 
iTStmi^o tamm art cmunon 
MM Ibeoi* AkIi ftiUvn-KWi. Hrti- 
Jiiik ■ft4 oCben : *'tioi1 iK^i ittrulior 
CkIukw of the Uoutiit«9 frmn lii« 
— yiE * c^ Algivrv, lboa({1i iliej an- 
llakinin>*« Uh>^ r^nM* n< nf ih* nlJ 

JCoUt from Ibw <Ktiim>unilj or Gcyl" 
TW uirbor thiit vunf up the^liAnictCT 
«fAi3mi«rkiblep*cp1i-^ " SimplJcstj, 
tntocw. «]c«kn0i^ pMr vitbout |&- 
Wltfbwi, iMlmnMtblMkilal wlihf««r^. 
MilipiMse. iiul rndmlHoiu habru. 
Aringvlih thb int«ffn<tfig pfnpio c^ 
tlw mnUio ^r th« IVM^rt, obirli !« 
pmbWT CQQ nf lEko hnptHc^n Iribt* hi 

iLc Li>loric*L poriioii at the To1<ini« 
b cxovUcnlN iHrtwh up. U'« pus 
Qfcr ti* «sm iiMiiicotfl AnJ c«me to 
Um otiviii^i^ vf" ifa« BUtvnilli iwiturj, 
■i wnicb UDM Algkrt wu an in^* 
pnHl«Dl •tol«, ikraatontil bj lh« Spa* 
nLute A 8^l>ia reiic^ndcv Hunik 
BirliwiMM, MM li(n.i<l to tfr«iTtlir<iw i]i» 
BwaiTd*! «n J iImi pemwwfB 0*4 « inljr 
did M^bat tbc Alj|;itrlA« g^irvmntmi 
tvQi manlvrintf ftll who o|>|oh!<1 hint^ 
anil Aull^ nfaslnff ■uprriiw. witL a 
htlk- okl froai Tiin«y, fcir vlimo k>I< 

di«r* •nd nubft A|fi:i>iNi p«id 1riliiUl«> 

bDltl tW im<v of jxiilja wiu •boU*li*d 
ftad Ibc IroofH hjil tlif* riK^'t, »f4 only 
aiw^aoHttg llktKT «vii [>*t {<>r, nitcif), 
tut lo rcc<]fiii*« ID y m (tirirJ^itimitt' 
•»v«rtl^ 'Elib rlgM, Anil tlijit of 

Mttriktunn Ui«r naimrrb*, chcj ckfr- 
cibcd n>r one Jirin<lro<l aurl twenty 
yiMn, ttntil tW li^t itul unlucky Dej 

S MM, Id puiiEah IhJht hii>cliunAry i'or 
mdaly aiunroruig bioi on hnns nxkod 
wi/ Chubs X. t«d n«l mil>v) 1^^ m 
Uttrr laliliwml M bini 1>y !£** Di^j, 

Tbe eWctkoB wcrc n*m*limi*B al- 
t«nd«d by murh IjIfuOah^. indecid a 
nanabb* c^li^htn wirt irnvr liiii^n. 
Thf littaib tiTT n xlrocMmtr thai they 
•Mm to liavc l»*«lKlcrc<) Mr. Putfitky 
or Dr, W*|r<>flr; Tut HbtU. nt P' U, 
faa bcU« lU ihit aa one occuaon £▼« 
Dcyi v«ir« cbrted tnd manlrrcTl tn 
Mw lUy, WQ iLvl, fil page tf91,cbal ika 
fin bite Hrswn into vcnm wrth a 
warrant that ibc RraT^s ol' ail are f«t 
to bn Kv* "lwtfjrdth« ^ato Bob al 
tiad." bat, (vUcib?f fiT« «r wnm, 
Ite eomiitivai iblKtulty via derfrly 
(M anrer- Ai av^a a* giia unhappy 

imUolual h^d bc«n tVcctcd by otio 
hdlfd the »uli1irry be iru nundcml 
ktj ibi; och«f, who hnmefliateZy cbrno 
4 (irif I>**y] whij«« lEiiiHii wu iijvlanUr 
rut by tl>r opfcmng inilitla, and bout 
p«rtia«,Deya«*«tlandacuia1 Incloded, 
pmievtcd ai^ifttt tli« 'livreisnrd paid 
tn piirity ni pWtbiit. Al bvglli^ ulicn 
fixr. or wT«i» l«il lhtt» bnja «acTi6r>ed 
fn Ihc rourtr orom^nfUrBnoti, Ih^nf- 

mifo. 'Jljny a;gTvi*il to valk in prn- 
coMiou tfi ihe grand nioaque, md lo 

choe*! iLo £r«4 mmi wboiii tbfiy mv 
Mfuinj; from it* ^it^ Avay they 
w«n|,ftnd a,i ibiry tamviu vititt of the 
butl'linff, tbrmoat biluriov* Oi cobbleff 
HtppvA from ivUbin, i^roM Uio MfUl- 
Tl»ey m»h«i) iifi^n hiin. and iiuile Wat 
aertoiu in u minute, br utforiaW bin 
of tbi? jfrralriofa to wbich. "will hr, niti 
be," hv Iff*] »U>u( ir> be t^lcrnU^l To 
divliiiv U vu ouly to iJv iii tins j^tnti 
bed that nigbt with tlic otbttr lX>y«, 
at\d iliercnpM Uio oobbl«r bcthougbl 

bini9dr hr ail iivUtil, uo(it«iflbUtcd 
the matlrr pliilob>|iHii^tly> iiid nnalTy 
tdrifipini; on bin nprorii elwciHimI the 
briUtutt but lUnrp-^jjcd grandeur 
fbiit ffA* nfT^Tivl hini- The Mildiery 
fian^ a rot>c oTi-r binj, boMtri! him on 
n 4rAj|(>c cunbliw, and {>[\»;Lu[ui?il \m 
cnibradcmcnt through Hk- ^^rtb-xJcu 
fdioc of ibo mtuniKH- 'ni« rLiici: 
tuniedoutafuekyone. UhfpioproTcd 
to b# n pHxl a wiv^raljcn m if Im hnd 
■erred apprwilMCBbir* to l^at iiuiaeid 
»f to* humbler, but, mit* waj-aiuae- 
fid a '■allJHx^ " Ho «-•« one or tbc be«t 

Dvyi AljfifrinbadeviTtte^i. H«bidthe 
fire Wyi biirM dci^e lo ono anotber, 
lUkd boflt Rrr; nkooU'»vnlJ lit Ibcir vc* 
mriiiliiiiiLCp, m form irt Gve niitiurvU, 
of obJonj skn-ltr iorru richly orna- 
rii?Mtc<L itiOt 111 at I Jc knd jHjrr>'lAitr 
Hut iho Frvnfh ncildicr*," it i* niMfd, 
"hAvr iJ7i*ally d^fncH tlio^f* bmnhome 

Om <J ib^ ■^ivntj^l iniHtJik'* rnm- 
tnfltcd by Huuruioni afttr lb? Krvncb 
conqunt fby ilic wuj, all idea of 
^ I'nn'jiif^C Tai «i>lMi]iily rVi^mditCeil 
by Ibe Frenfdi gowmment.) wn* in 
darradnji; th^t cipulnlon d4 ibt Turks. 
lie fftfii!H<it that ibo Aniba wouM bo 
tbc mtuntl \i\m of IVance, aoil lliat 
tbcir mbtancv wai or^faniseil by the 
'HiHe*, it VM l«4iff bcifnra lb* offbcta 

of thia errur ctnaed to be Mu Tfa« 
D«k« of Kovi|o «ea a» eomo with 
rcvpent lo the Uotns inpoMag cru<l 



THm Riv§r FUbU 


contnbutionA on them, and lerjing 
them by force. Here is a acene enacted 
duriag the bloody droiDB of Savarj'fl 
admin Latration. It jb only nccesury 
to premise that in April 1832 an em- 
bassy from a great Arab chief, Farbat 
ben Said, arri red at Algiers to urge 
on the Duke an attack on the citj of 
Constantioe, and to promise aid in the 
ahape of 10,000 men. The Duke re- 
ceived and dismissed the legates irith 
much pomp aad cordiality. 

Farbat's amhuudord left Algiers laden 
with rich presents. They bad, among 
otber gifU, Teceived red boumttuMet of ho- 
noar, embroidered frith gold, eiicb ai the 
DejH were wont to hutow upon mighty 
chieri- A few hours from town they were 
ptandered hy Arabft of ths tribe Ei Uffia, 
and robbed of their red AoKm^uffj- They 
returned tn Algiers, complaining to the 
Duke, who jolt then chanced to have an 
eveniag party, and had gambled and taken 
whie. He rublygnve the order to one of 
the generals, a gueet tX the party, imme- 
diately to itart with aome troops and 
destroy the tribe. The general took the 
order Uteially. For thia indden attack be 
chose two corps of the army most noto- 
rioas for tbdr craelty, — the Foreign Le- 
gion and ths CliBBieura d^Afrique. In 
the dead of night ha surronnded the e{i< 
camptoent of the El Uflia, which lay in 
the neighbourhood of the rortified JlfauOH 
Carrist and ilaugbtered the whole popU" 
lation, — old men silently awaiting the 
death-blow, women crying for mercy, and 
children who did not knovr what wia to 
behl thflm, were nnmercifnlty alaJn by 
the sabre and the bayonet. The soldteri 
returned with rich booty, carrying in 
triumph gory heeds on the tops of their 
lancei aod bajoneta to the camp. There 
they feasted and rerelled until the next 
night in an inhuman way ; not one of 
them seemed to repent their horrid deed. 

This crhae waa, hoireTeri not un- 
equalled in atrocity by that inhuman 

act of Pelliaicr, vho, unable to ovcT' 

come a tribe of men, womra, ind 

children whom he was beating in a 
cavern, kindled a huge fire at the en* ' 
trance and roaated the whole alire t 

SaTarr'id administration waa ^s* 
graced by another act of bloodf^HMie 
not unnatural to one of the ju^dal 
murderers of the Duke d'Engbeui. 
He waa much annorcd b j the oppo* 
sition made agdnst him by Ben MriMa 
Kaid of tbe Ikni Kbalil> and Messand 
KaJd of the Bcni Sibt- To get thew 
two ac^Te enemies ioto his fiandfl he 
aent them a ftiendly iuTitation, .and 
despatched with it a safe conduct both 
for going and coming. On ^tb in 
tbia tbe Araba repaired to AlgierVt 
where Savar j seizea upon them, forced 
them to undergo a mock trial, and be- 
headed both I 

The chief cnUEe of the ill-snccess of 
the French aa coloniats in Algiera, has 
been the audden and frequent changes 
of governors and of aystems. But we 
have not space to discuss thia matter ; 
and, moreover, it h ably treated in the 
ToluQie before ns. Of that volume 
we must now take leave. Its uses are 
far beyond what its title implies, and, 
if *' book'-making" were not a term 
which implied reproach rather than 

Sanegyrici we should be inclined to 
escribe it as tbe most successful ex- 
ample of ^* book-nmking" we had ever 
met with. The fact is that it is not a 
mere matter of *^scissora and paste 4" 
the mind has been ns busily employed 
aa the hand ; and we may add, that as 
the Pulszkys in *' White, Kcd, and 
Black/* produced the beat work on 
America which hosof lalejeara issued 
from the presa, so has Francis Pulszky, 
in '' The Tricolor on the Atlas," com- 
piled the most satisfactory and com- 
ETete work on Algeria that has ever 
een published. 


IN connection with the subject of 
the extension of the metropoiia during 
the lost century, I propose to give some 
account of the river Fleet, which, now, 
like most of the old watercourses of 
London, bos almost a mythical ex- 
istence. A century ago, and even 
wttbiu that time, this stream waa open 
from its source at Hampstead, to its 

influx into the Thames at BlackfriarSf 
with trtdtn^ exceptions- Thirty years 
ago half that length wn3 visible, the 
nearest point being at the prison in Cold* 
balb Fields. A few years more, and the 
same necessity which compelled its 
being veiled from public view thus far, 
will probably cause it to be utterly 
hidd^, excepting only the little brook- 


Th^ IPii^Fi' Ff*^L 


left iri&idi nm dirooUf frMit tbv 

d tb4 tMaiDB wbtch rsta ioto the 
llm« Ibrougli ih'- led-rt uf London, 
abvu b? (nr Uci inrxt jni]VnrUnt, 

aJAcunskCnM jpoce il Obvctly la- 
JitfW* woald BCftrccl^ be bulicTrU, 
octfpl hy llicift? MyjEjitir:(1«<) with lL 
Ub all Mdcc, in ill pro^xf t!iri>B£b 
L«d«n- vhidi i* dirvour TMih ^bti 
««^hprt«otil* DaloniJ eeoftnL^bicnl 
■ub or 10 sCrofig »k1 iiDpo«(Kks a 
chMtfter, flat jt is quite hapoMbte to 
md CM* ft^ v^rt vniliuut oomla^ in 
(McA iHlh them ; ftnd thcM indiu* 
liOM ^Tidt the inctrjpolift, u luurlj 

If pMUCh Uit« two Haol pcu-ttt- In- 

itm tho dccUiilici wfiich accompany 
AiAnuM ihroughoul, eoo*titut« tltc 
■oil reuiAfluiU« lutarftl feauarc in 
Afr BetroiiaUj;. 

XLo Fml rircr hftf an iaiportiuio« 

« LomIud'* hblury ; it nav withuub 

iiafal !&• atrtjCAt «0f U^rn bonnJnrjt 

od « lulitArj prc4«Ctioft to ibc fmC 

, icmm culonj, Il bA5 iUa lui ica* 

^^^^■oe in iu «o<i&l lustdn, for flic 

^^^^■l tluit h»^c ImkoD pljioo uuon 

^^Hl^^tttre bMBfTw laourclTltUa* 

^^Km. Oi Ulttr time*, iti hirtor^ tod iu 

^^■ters btre bMo both polluled»ir0ftm i. 

The "tfweeC vsten*" wliicb onooup-' 

pMI th« citix«i« wUb b«t^«rim«s U- 

ounch M popnUUon tDcrcued, t raudJf 

Ivtbid pool, oA«ii dmbUet* a fourco ifT 

pefltilc Aoe uid dcalh | ami, u if dmofiiL 

titst VM KQYcycl bj >b deidif mi'«bttkilutvebc«u tbuhnuntfior 

1^* culc&>( ni>d thu fannttd-down of 

■ecictjr. Jklaa^ > Jecd of blood lus 

b<«B vftilieil flwaj in iUdiik ^dc^ nni 

Bimjiui unLnown horror tuu it beljwJ 

lo coorinl- It IMOM trtft now tbat a 

blMlng tBflnci>c« huginpoa IfacoiuTe. 

ftr Mtn^ fvb«iTlitQ rilljtfs or«ctoil not 

mirh nior« ihao thirt j Teon ago upon 

ill banks hft^^ alrwy faded into 

da&k»qualor> TlieiiannA of tbottrocu 

ID the oldor put of th<f moEropolii 

on itA sidei uv cvriousl/ MEgt^tv«, 
wbiM tke utafonaanif thej ptetunt to 

^^^^■L *'FieU Lioe," for itiitancc, 

^MH«u befn exposed b^ the pro[o«^ 

«oftt£auAtioQ of yenineHon StreeK 

wboa KiAg Bidurd Ul. mw the 

i»li'Bw1>crri«i of iIh; Bbliop of Eljr> 

Eartlen gnmhf^ on iu ilopcvt, vraa pro- 
ably t nuUo bJIcj, end ltd into 
fidda> SiiXVon mu, lu oontlnuetlon, 

At (h« Romo fiitie migiit bo jrollow 
with thai plant; nbUrt lUttcjn Oer- 
d«]|, Huuon ^^'aIl, anJ KJy FUce, 
mark out tlio fikc of thii »nctotil oji^- 
cojrul retn^ul, wludi Qut^n £l]ZAbclh 
procured for bcr "daneinx I'tinnecUor." 

And boau^Ail, iiii]<M«lt murt ih* rircr 
bure been m lU rmbinx walort 
winikd bi^twircn the nicep v^cliTlt«el 
of it« bnnktf- Rtvn now, oovcrod M 
they arc by boildinje*, the ooune b 
tximnely picturnqne; wliat must it 
hare been wlicfi the tinduljitiuiiv wore 

![r«eu end ploiLBaul fields^nov no* 
brtuiieleljr«odutantrorthe Londoner* 
to aiittlo I 

I ebdJl fiTc eeme Account of the 
Fourcef end the coune of tbie ttr«am, 

but muAt first elludv to ihc difTirrifiiC 
nAin^il \ix$ bi>rn^^Fli^i'f. Ifjvi^r, TEir^r 
of WcUs, I'urunilll Brook. Ficcl Diidi 
— Ihc latlcr, ofcounsci ivpr«»rniin^ ihe 
rivrr iri its tiJUn «tate. The nama 
ftiTcr of WU1» referred to th*t nuniWr 
of voMf or »priii£« U reoeive^l ; I'uni- 
null Urook, to the purpose to whtcb a 

jtortiod of it wet epplted. 
The DMuie Meet origitiDlly belonp^I 

0«lf to tLv wJd«r portion tio^r the 

Tbuuee; for il itnotdcriredie^tnixht 
bo imagined, from the rtpit^tj of ibe 
ptroajn, but from it« bein|t a |:ri«ee of 
water where veMols in'i^t ride at 
nnchor* The lenii h ut^plzed to lainy 
LiilcU <if lie That]]« tiai the McdwA^; 
Bud it Ima cou^{^r^r^l & lumio upon two 
villagci on the banks of the fonnej'^ 

Xdrtlillwt and (irulhlWr. 

The iwTeral Riurcci which gWe m* 
fin Co ih*> rivtT Fleet biLvc ih-fir riie 

m the niudt pictumi^uir and biriullfb) 
■poW in UiJ- fli'iahUtiiphortd <^f the !■*• 
tropolii- llic hilLv uf Ili£n|vteed Kid 
lllghgete have Jong bi^n l^mcd Jbr 
I hoir ulubrity, the proipcctA ihey aHord 
of the vdo ofXondw, and th^ir ebarm- 
ri«4y of feature of wbieh a landacape 
iflOLpnblc. Butoiftli«UAiiytlio«eBiiib 
that vinit [lninp»tced Heetb, pcrhope 

not onn in KTCtf thoncaniJ j» *o- 
qniiiDUd «rith die quiet *ei:ludcd lane in 



A i1ni<mmi nrihn wffa ofHeary 1. rcUiIre la ihehit/ia. or vihttitdrjiti* mhi 
Smwii Panti i*i*9t am ftirM tpptiittrt, vlU befound in oarMtfttsuefbrMerv 


Th€ Bivtr FUtL 


the rearof KenWoodttlicreBidcnceof 
Lord Mansfield; and wlicre Ibe most 
itpportant of tlie springs which supplied 
the Fleet ore found- It is rare to find 
even two or three persons in it, and ii» 
evidcntljr unkuown iw (he innjorit^, or 
else despised for the more t^pen attrac- 
tioDAof the Ilcalh. AVc wjII supposQ 
ourselvea leaving tlie latler and pro- 
ceeding towardd High(;ate ; af^er a 
dLytftnce of about half a mile, we turn 
on the lefl by Lord MunafieU's, and 
paaaing through a galOi enter n meadow 
by a footpath at itei side» and (inil aur- 
ulvesin a dmrmin^)>potiSlmtin on all 
^ije8> On the eodt h ihe erected hill of 
Hlgh^te; on the north, the woods of 
Lor< J Mansfield's park, the field sloping 
gently down tothe south ; and above the 
treef, whiob coLnpose thejjist.-lves reailj 
for the artist'fl hand, api>ears the dit^lftnt 
metropolis, with Its numerous spireai 
and tell ehimncys rising above the 
mass of buildinpsi and airoVrcrowned 
bv the dome of St. PauFs cnthcdral. 
The quiet is deliciousi tliougb 90 near 
the busy hum of raon ; and, if we bavo 
chosen a fine autumn day, when the 
■easou begins to wane, there is snch a 
glorious variety of foliage in every 
shade, from the deep red-brown to the 
brieht yellow, and Uiesc «et olT here 
and there bv the evergreen holly, that 
It ia seorcefy possible to behold else- 
whore within BO small a fipnce more 
■ylvan beauty. 

Keeping the footpath by the side of 
the meadows, close to the palings of 
Lord Mansfield's grounds, wc find a 

Gadual deseont, wbieh conducts to a 
^e having its exit on Highgate Hi]l# 
On the left of this path is a hedge-row 
of treea in great variety, and assum- 
ing most picturcfl<]uc combinations; 
among them may ot* noticed two of 
the hollvi of considerable and unusual 
aise. We now cojne to where " a wil- 
kiw grows aslant a brook," and almost 
immediately beneath its roots there 
gurgles forth from the bank a little 
streajnlet; it is one of Ihe sources of the 
Fleet- The scene makes a very pretty 
bit— to use an nrlist's phrase; but tlm 
brook ie soon lotit under a ^ninll ureh, 
which cunveys it into the incloiiures to 
a reservoir, the first of seven ponds, 
which succei?d tach other at diCTerent 
levels, in a soulheni direction. Con- 
ti[iuing our walk, no arrive at another 
brook crossing tbe road in the same 

manner, and for a ^mibr pnrpooe. 
The gn}> by which it Inuea ii em 
more picturesque than the other 1 a 

large Ash-tre«, with moat fantaaticTOOtit 
grows close over the little stream ; but 
this is not the source, which u hiabor up 
in the fields nearer to "'g^rH 
Another stream inuea from ttie in- 
ctosure of Ken Wood, and theee thru 
springs form the most important of the 
nver^ sources. All three are used to 
fill the seven reservoirs before al> 
luded to, which wore formed for a 
water supply; from which prooeedi a 
spinU stream carrying off the redundant 
water, which is very trifling exoept 10 
wet seasons, running nearly parallel 
to the road leading to Kentish Town. 

Bub there is another important 
spring which belongs to the Fleet. 
Tbls comesirnm the Vale of Health on 
Uampstead Heath- Passing tbenoe on 
the slope of the Heath to the aoutfa* 
cast side, it runs in a little channel, 
until, like the other, it is received into 
reservoirs. Tbe aides of this channel 
arc lined with elms, which dispose them- 
selves in an exceedingly pictnreaqne 
line, well known to the sketcher; 
but, aflcr passing into the reserT<»F, 
the water is conveyed by pipes from one 
pond to another, and the natural ceurve 
of the stream is not visible nntil it 
finds a much lower level, meandering 
through the helds between Haverstock 
Uill and Kentish Town. Here the chan- 
nel is much widerand deep, and hoa very 
rugged sides, denoting that a water- 
course of coDsidcrabre ra[^ditj and 
volume hoj at one time been eccuj- 
tomcd to flow in it- Now there ia 
scarcely any water at all, except after 
rains, as the reservoirs arrest nearly 
all that comes Irom the springs. On 
the banka arc a number of old stunted 
willows, of most grotesque and &Q' 
tastic formi^ and, when these fields a 
few years since were far from the 
clink of the trowel, they often became 
subjects lor tbe artist's pencil* 

I'ollovvjng the line of the stream, wo 
soon come to a bend towards Kentish 
Town, and before it takes this direc- 
tion Et ivccLvcs the sewerage of Uaver- 
stock Hill, and hence, until it dlsap- 
jiearq, \» a filthy, fetid stream, offen- 
sive to tht' smell, and without doubt 
most injurious to the heoltTi of the 
inhabitants of KuiUiah Town who live 
in the vicinity of itd noxious edluvia. 


7%r I^ivrr FtwL 

fm\tk»UUiln^ thi« imiwJimrnt, tfic 

lH«&r building «ii*r(iUEiun lin* ii'?- 
iMlfxmsiged % aotnbcr of ctirclltnft 

^|k]r Imt« DKorecfpnllT bnilt, it lopin* 

iht! mmt Fl*et h fdilM to lu 
iliai . tj 1 t-x^x % b1i*ht ujkon trtialevrr 

t<On - -Cwltlu OocortliCiC 

|»dN'i. II f.-.riliiMfc CothlC, 11 

■ly ill <xin(litii>n, ntid 

I Cur ai'iii iiii' a ruin- 1W 

kUt or Jl tUt' tmuic) U T^y 

' p%iuiig l1ii>4v !Kmf4^ uiip rif«tm 
t ftpotlhcr bold, *ad recctrei tho 
rcbBiittdflrciiathe»ciiiro» bjKcQ 
1, tnd tlin roupwo niMndim nlonfi 
a gcacril ponlM lo«An# 

bo Uw nH^s ar n fow Iiou4«ti, 
' vrHehodiT Tiulcii but not much 

; lloi:^ dooe iti tbc rvar of llii-*c 
& )( Bt kii^ ftinppcsri imckr 
I 111 ft iKTV acaghboGrhocxI whkfa 
f ful c3itvndin)E iIm^. For a iliorl 
D It! ooune h \tMttXu>^i\vi^, hut 
I a Utile nortli of 1& Mt^tbrr 
I0«p to iht J^^i^l'i r-nniV vl»ld» 
urrr if» *nl il (bliii*? jirvttj 
rljr ibe ««mr (hmivc (•.'! \ liulc t}j>* 
towards St. Pincntf, irbiuh ft 
_' ifc wfl* fl rn^:r<^ itilHiTlfitn rt!* 
, biti 1* iioip * hu^" luring witb a 
«[|nn Ati'oaling iFut of nun/ 

t ooiuw lirn^* i< diMhwAlr to 1^ 
I lij IW iinHli_![tliii«hf Aflil bnllfivii 
t bnre net (Kyrn «AoM b^ tbe 
buUtioa Qf mn. Proc««^n^ i&- 
t tW bomtitx wo^Uiftiiii* of fhU 
[ vkM if ilil in Ihi; TjdaHy of 

fttSi TlioM f«n our r- 

cv wojIiH by iLo n>« ; tbo 
' tts tMUHf b iJoiiily vistt>^ 
:fc of «U ihcrti D0UM4, ti]*1 B 

vy b^yorvl lluj wF<rUi»M>c U 

Urn r^ftd to B«1llu Brid^, 

i \eft "vlf bnF L-WPTilly til"; tUityt^A 

kt, u»<1 itii? iiMi ^o^ Vcariy nil 

«H<r ^l njo-kfritrf, fn mitfj 

Mj ' I vfu chA still Irw^ 

r: . . .:i-T ita »DUi Jcnngi i 

iiBT ftmon. wHere it cTi*leolly 

Mar fhe f«bi v«)l« u c mjirJe 

for tbo proUclio« ofpftifcnmi. 'i'hi* 

id tbo ftaev clo«9 to t!i« oUl chtiruh, 
nov iattcsd nuitc a mitnomur. fur it 
has been rebcUt in « very <}Unint «Cjlc. 
It ii tdi A risiiu graun'J, ard wo* «o 

sGCludMl Sd ibc nbt i-entarT, nt to ip- 
jxuLT like A vn^JI vftta^ churcb- um 
*r\iittt-}ir*rd vii* fmiiouii jm ■ bunal* 
place /or Roniati <JnibotiL!,i. !ii nrlkt 
tmicR k iru ftlUft4rIii>niii«]tfhbTiKrbo(td 
ff^r III It* rrs 39 is ralMvil by ^VirVHi In 
fiu^U not iniich mnra ihtiu & rcntury ctKOi 
ft Wl t T«ry bud ri^putntbr, ftud va« 

of^'^li llii? icviiv (if rulbcriv^atidiKfdic- 
tiiiieAefiiKirdtr. AA(iwipiihlir<hnuiiTii 
nJonjc Ibe 11 Ae uf the pn>>MiC N'hw ICoftd 
wcrw llip rcDdcitifjaii of tbc«j rulDiini- 
1>imngthtf pnrtof till} oijl^Pftf lb* 

V\wi iU width bcgBji to incruDM^ ac-> 
Gordiiijf to A nritw U\ Hottest Tabic 
Itook, vbo recorded it ov one of (be 
Uit of tbetpciiMi Almtnu t-f London 
uf vhkh irmoea reuuiiDCiI uaocvurod- 
[|« d4*cribo« it cit Dnttic Unrlgo ■« 
Kfirandiiic^ out a Iklfo. And panning it< 
waj rnlbijr dufgi^fy. TUs ick^wxI* 
wiib ilio ^fi;£T«jJiicU fWfttoro^ f^r ftt 
Ihii port ihi^rc 11 ft level at tbe foot of 
tbci Ht<^p fiilb on the blington aide^ 

AJ^cl it w» TVJdcnlty b umT?hjr <!utrji:t* 
yiiiuy uuwrMv- iiwi-Mlngs tuv\ but* 
tbat u*i>l (o bo bcTft liivo been rc- 

as vol [ no tij-; Sruull Pnx and Fotct 
JIofl|MtjiU, no l]a{ ibv clurKt^r of ihe 
|dnr;c i> i»uch (ihinicd, B<?farc w« 
i(d« r«4fb the 4l«tioii, on ibo soutb 
iidc fHrtsffi-o ibii »ml the Xcw Kotdt 
i4i ilio low dinHcTi .d tbe Ddll. nlikh 
S^ukrlL"}' i-oiiii*1iTnrd n ICooLfLn cdtap. 
It if yt'trth wbilc hv^ to c^l AttcnfJon 
to till; titn'.inlULnrjr ipncv liumolUid v 
ftrtfi'tiHt Vy iliii ir«ltrciwir»e 61 Ibia 
inrtiivlnr tvoU t\ mrtrk.*d by Ac dc- 
divi'iei of lH« ffT^Tinfl- Prom iho ro> 
«^rvAtr of thuKowRJvn- ni tb*- top of 
tbe bill nK F?titonvil^ there a the 
longeM and aon uf tbj^ 3te:rit^<t iliK'cntfl 

of kiiy tOftd la !.*MifT*>n, .lown |o ihe 

bolloir lit Bittio Ilridgy, or Klnj;** 
Uroff ; the decent tip the Kev Rowt^ 
wb^dk may i*v onIM tli« »|ipa«ll« bank. 
Is cAiKb more (radtiAlp but is ^(ilt 
V4>n^, f"r U d*i« not or*»c iwiil it 
ixaclK'i Tvlfcnhani Ci^U't 1?o«dr from 
the <yinicr cf wbidk J<iwn to ibo 
Motbe? Hod Cap at Ciind»o Town, 
ibcro i* al*o A rii7p« tovntd* the bnt 
of the Fleet riTcr. Hie tlMano-« in a 
dixtci tl&« fKan the Ue^errair to Tut- 



rk4 UivfT FltH. 


Court Ro3k3 is rtlber norc 
thiB ft n>l« iwJ « qoftrter, Um otba 
M« of ib« ah^ lt«M TdlUmham 
Coojt Rod to liotlitr R«d G^ not 

quite 16 WKbb 

In cocMHiMftM probaUy i>f th« 

fiioa&Hi of Bftttlc Hridfff} » the foot 
of bUlt, U wu fUbWci to iouadMion 

After llCHVjr TAISM, Ufl <^iu>cl of th« 

ItW bains injuficionl to cirry off the 
OToravUMwftMra. Th^ Uft mvioq* 
Inamlilhn b noordoi la KoUoo'« 
Wt/my of ItJInf too n li»iDg tikM 
piftc* la ^Mwry Id09 : 

At Uix pt m <, vbcn tte mov vu IrlofE 
■«j J>wpv a njiiH lli*« rurnvi on« and Lit* 
webc* sc4 ifcrdaf ft ■ufflcifliil puMfs 
IW tb« lncre»B4 cwRiit. i'i< ^bob vMv 
rn ?uuru. Somen Town, and th« 
ofUvbatUt Fr«(OQrak.vM ta t 
l|*< ««M«4 viLb wmUr^ TIib Awd 
to tbc hefftit of three fe«t Lo lb* 
of tbflhiilhvAjp Itie loirtrroonMOf 
bAttuamlbbn ihjit apadii wn n)in- 
kttodiEcd, *Dd Chi tobtbiUnti ni*- 
tfOiii^iWrabl* diaa^ lo t^Kr |iwdi 
onii fufpilure, vlioh muy of tfa«m bad 
»otU«oeo rrvoTf. IVocirl-bQrtMvert 

drmvite-li uiij for t<v«nl ilaj* |Mn0ni 
w*rv obbftfd lo b« CDnttytd to ind fiOlft 
Ueif ho(ur«, lad nictiie (lieir pi^iaiotti^ 
Ac. la at tbo BtflJowap b/ miaiu <if carta. 
TIm coiim coatiDiMd ftbdi; lb« IIaI 
grouitd to tbo loot oT I^iiKiuvillc Uill, 

arhcn it bent ito vaj ttf Gii|{biiKg« 

WfUt, ill thv rc«r cT tw luouk-looklDf 
baa»« or Htinillofi PJuce* And it tlion 
vraa 9^ttyMi tvdic IfCt in nith, but it 
tujTcnf eJ » it approftcbiHl tbc Uous« 
of CfirmfCkin. At a point n^r lUg* 
ak« WdU cdled *<lUock M«rj^« 
B%." but «by 1 will not fttUttpl lo 
d«tenQbe, ti wu uitl tbu un uiebor 
boil Wen foun^ gu-ovrng Uuu Itwaa 
tmmttXy r^trinble uij to thil ifKit; 
irbteb tnloed I ibink or do moMU im- 
prolablc) if vv ctamiiM ckodj tlio 
«(roiiKlf-d«lLned f««tuiv* «f t]i« loen- 
Utjr, wbiob nrcn oa«, wberc the olora* 
tloB dflkiv KToond lk«a boon T«rjr con- 
Mlflr«ht«, nrea««t* \ W^ vjd« ImUov, 

vriikik tDitfbt vvU bi*« gtrtn ipac« for 
ft 9D0(I-«1««d dunocl, 60010 hav^ 
■Ifttod (bit an sAcbor via ab» ^uml 
«• &» M Si PiAcras, but an wc^bft 
MB t« ^VOD li> tlkii Oarf. 

BaRnifso Wall*, ibo r«s>d«aoo rf 
Nvll Gvjrfi, &i]ii Allerwjinli % pUct 
of iniblio CAtertAiaintrDi, bat olIogHbcr 

cbuiMd It* obaractcr tincQ tbc vboU 

•«ubooi bu been cov«r«il with 

boon. S««ne fow obi iad iBi«crabl« 
4l«oUipf> ftiU rcnuia, tbo odg^DBl «0- 
<«p««n of tb^ aoil, tad tba chASgM 
bciro tn (00 lUuTD^ not to W notod- 
Tbo co«rM of uf tlruu appcuB to 
bar* b«m bcbiad ibo boaa«a in B>9» 
nigge W«lk Boftd, wid tbroiu^ tbo 
ICround bdovfinff to tUe plaoo of 
vntvrlajn&tRie. TUj put ii dow a 

ciiriofdtj : if we bo to tb« aorlb lido 
of tbc priflAO, ind look acnw a f«all 
lunier-jATd, we b«dioU in e iloll, ooom 
Iwvty or t««Dt7*Sre foM bcneotk u^ 
t ^ irrctebtd and decaj*! how 
nboM oblmnoj-topa Kiiffoe foockj 
level of OUT r«et> xbtM bovMi 1 
bare been by the aide of lb« 
for ibvj are directly on iti coufM ; 
bat improremcnlj bare taben placo 
nmund ibom, tbo K>i3 bn* bi?cii orti* 
ficUlT r»ii«J,aDd buru tbcjr orv puabtd 
antimlj ahiIo, ui if diiowned by tbvir 
mon^tod ooigbboim. 

ctvotioaorth«Ci>lJt4a> FitfU» Fnfloa^ 
tndiQ the « Tible Book " b » view of 
the newlf'crecti^ wtib, rnifoil upoci 
loAj prebs«i btaber erni ibafi tlio pre- 
«m1 At ihcir fi>uTid^ii>n n a 

kUtttm of the Fleet. Thii evti 

cooata for tbo alterallrm, anil for 
plieaomcmjuvtalbidedlv. tigcueUttle 
change of the oonrvo of ibe river wa* 
mnde ot tbe time tbc pnaon vmi crectoti 
in 1025, Mnd %X tbtt period ifan 1 
oeanvt nmiit it wMcb ibo 
oime'viiibLc All ibcrinuiEL 
tha Uiogtm in4« of BMlfso W«Jb 
werB tboD gwdoiMh nnled bf Lfondon 
InidfWBflD. to outtlmo their ovn oab* 
bogw «Ad JcCtuceo; a dutoai wUcb 
oao iDUM regret l« now dvbic ovti bv* 
cfttue of ita uiier impnwacabQitj. 

Xbc eoonc rnna on ibe woit ttdo 
of ibo prtion, to n lioUow ud oooe- 
whot pwujiar ipot oollcd Mount noa- 

uM, wto«, beading 4 link iow«d» 
Gniy> Inii L«tie, it agoiD tonii eact* 
vftnl and nieendeni towunlA IIolborQ 
Brilge. 'Xbe iudmi of tbo itrceti 
uid loodUicn oro cbaraeut^tie of (tt 
foirmar eoodition. '> Uooni PloiMiit" 
d century ^ nngbt hare dewrttd 
Uinl naota ; Eba S&eet perbApo potato 
out wkero « lolitwy vlin unjrered. 
bnriikg ovliived iti companiou of Ibo 
fonst. Cvppm Bow, a ahofl diflanoo 
benfo bj Clerkeciwell Growl, ■■ plea.- 
untly luggeatrrc; now both will pun 

t<kt « cniSa <ir B iij^k ftt llio coalr«tt. 
I^fiuU Stred ii a »dll more curioai 
Jiiofnafiiin, bciiu ijuiKt «n otNclcle 
MB for ft r«fi»*-Mop i «o im mftjr 
<Btcfa*f l^t ihv raWih of Uic ncixh- 
bvoini citj Tsa ooo« Ifarown lier». 

ITo now kao amj obmcoB trac» of 
rittflnttiD* for itttOk iLii point it raa« 
bciM Um howo ; but it« coune m 

Sa iU m tod pununiff tlic route of S^'- 

frOB UiU V« filMi OUrwlvVA on UlC WCAt 

Unk of tbe rirf-r, nad b^ Ftcld Luio 
! out tt Ilolbom Bridal?- Ac 
t pouLli tb« «oun« ii «tn)ngly 
ij a bro«d «iul dvrp buUuw, 

Wall) fbnacHy the boun^Arj uif Sir 
I CWila|ilieT[lattiDn>c»tutc,.inclwbk;b« 
. I lUidt, >heiir» Ihjtt liii girtik'ti^ must 

hen mn down to Ok river iid«. 

U will porbftps b« icaroclj bcUerod, 
I >KC«pt Ujr tbvM vbo nra nlfwdj Ia- 
I tmwM on (lie ftubj^ct, ttat ti tbi^ pirt 
I tS ita courw tli« bli^vt rirer b jftU 

I Tioblo. FurluiuCulj il cftiuot bo «i> 

[<loiVi «■ llw opiHuiuftliqa of tbo cew 
jlfwlk «o loM ikU^cJ, will compel ii^ 
E •ov^H^ irp> 

mor Fkct mftv tnrctv «luia 
1 pr^«ni&cfio« orbeiDg too iiioRt 

nt «Ju«liog nuiUQcci bavliig (ioiX' 

I ia tkat cturactvr far iw>tly *u 

1 jMn; fiv in ISBO tU« prior 

Outn oi tbc Citf fndiio ( Wlutc 

•) comiJabwd to ibv kiiii* jutd 

■ p«ili>4D0fit of tbc putrid i-jihiUatbiu 

of ibv iWi Jttvvr, ivliidi wer« >o 

iboainMbk l^t tBAnr brclbrcn died 

frooa ibo olTcctB of Uw caiMKRa, and 

cTca Uio diiioc irfllcw weri; inlvr- 

^^I^mI. To Ibk t>^tton tho Black 

^^^B* Add«d ihctn. ami Ut>« Bi«bop of 

^^^BUmrj bi». m ttcU u nil llic ucub* 

^FtMIBTtt' 'ntt-Ttl4llf:fl'4rfii;EJi'EU>>WMrJflW 

' b«, and u now iodiciCcd hy Salisbury 
Co«Bti FWot Sinot. A iHKoc«tIon of 

lilif^ocs of ftll kind* buvo rinco t^eoU 
taatod London ; and,ftlLLoiigjbftfrigbt> 
fgldiMrd«r, kuovQ lobep^oiliwl/ug' 

Cv;kbad bj pKiiumity to opon Mwan, 
preii IM Ibrcc vrwingii j«t dooB 
iIm auiuoco itill oxiiU aJnoA witbin 
mf^ of Ibo locaUtt wliCTo tli4 inW- 
bUul« ntiMd puch TCbomcnt com* 
plaint* igilnM it « U fcaodred jctrs sgo- 
Tb« ouriou* Tuicor »bould « o wbcro 
ibejr nro now defUro;iiie tb« bouMi la 
tkt Tidoitv of BaUoa W til tud Vino 
tHfWt, Aud bo wiU ibcre mc tUt Uoad 

op<ra>lr«nniof tboFlooL at lomodvptb 
below bint, ruaoing m antift couns 
towardj tbo Thome*. On oieli aid* 
arc old dwoUIngv of a ruined cboroe- 
i«r, And hU torta of communiciltoa 
IbeFtifroiu for diacbot^b^ tbcir lefuio 
ij3to it. It i» about twcJvo fo«t £a 
breadth, and comc« in figbt from bfl> 
DvitU) u brood orcb un<Jor Viuc Streot. 
Tt ■» uncQTcToJ » V017 fvw Toftri iigo 
ntarly aa fur u Uolborn Brid|^ a&da 
apart frcni tbc nurianco of buriai^ an 
i?pra diub iJi tljQ bcATi of Luudtja* ifi 
U known iG have boon uMil io tbb 
very iocilitj for tbe moat dreadful 
crlfun, vvvu tu [be pnsvenC gcaemUon. 
Fi^M l.aiiiN. ftt tlivi fnot of Jlolbom 
IIi]l,iu Stowe'j lime badJQ»tbceti built 
oD, mod waa called " Gold Lsoe, boow- 
liaio a tiltbv p&«tago into (he fiaUb, 
now botb tides buili viib vmall ten^ 
nwnU." Thla uid Qnok Lao^ nov 
WmI Stnwt, Smltbiiold, nro both 
notaUo nanoefl in tbe criuiijial aauala 
of Loodon. Tbc gloru* of the former 

uo doparl*d. oito «u]o buiiif{ romovod, 
and iu narrow niurt bud opca ii} ih*i 
conuiiutttioii of X'amn^doa f^troct; 
jot wbnt dcH<« robiAin rvUina totao 
features to jfirc an idea of the past. 
Ai w« ptu»now, and looi at the slrangoly 

primitiv« obarocter of tbc nhopdi wo 
aro CCLTTiod back at loa«t two c«ni(iri«k 
Lane are tbc >uaoj 'eoJourcd wlk baud* 
k^robieA whicb flauntiai{1j banif about 
ibe doort of wmo of the sons oflfrfld- 
rjn^Uj eacb bat lU stuiy — uiid it 
would be no ioaudal Co say that iboir 
rttil owners never sent Uiem tiier«. 
AVLi^Ji ilu* uuuIjIv rvu'placlc fur 
stolen prnperlj was a narrow court 
at tbo loot of Holborn UUI, the fo^ 
fcngtr li^alug ivo batidkerchitf mi^t 
pm'*!^^ lhi> lbi*'f bnjTi»b'>aJT if bs 
turned thff eoruor of iield Lnnc. 
A stor; i^lutvd to me b> oni^ ai tbo 
nrlor* T rjui vowTi for tbo truth of, 
ood it illujiUates ti^e Knjn/iily of llio 
place. A fiut ^ontlcman frvui llio 
country tri^Scd hii frii-ncl to «1ir>v bini 
all Loudon's wondorf. JU tMik biru 
OQG er^niiiK to «eo Field L^nc* and to 
uiulorst Aud tbo plooo tborougblj they 
onterod & ^op^ and udccd Tor Aoma 
Oencb combnc boadkercbicfi. Soiihi 

werv towi prrHluocd and Klocrtcd- "Tbo 
purchaser tbiMi uul to tbo ladgf wbo 
•uTTftl hin^ *'l hifpe tbtroaronoMonU 
in tbcror — " No, fU be bound tUow 





TH^ Itiver Fttti. 



•re not," wikt Uir ^^^f- " 

t p%chmi 

*«nppoac bmrv Ij^-t home I liar* my 

lpock«t |ick«rl ?"— -* Coiiic liftck At^, 

•ihI jmn tthftll lirnrr yi>vr hnmlkctvhic/ 

^tiA at *flJ|^nHcff," wiw iIjc answer. 

duoh «M FleM fjanc: lU coiupinWr) 

I TQGl«r- Thib slrcfrl urojacd the KIcH 
I Ditcit, unl hniJ hut n jicrt of it oft tknt 
. irhidi mn at the bock ufthe 
r>r Ftc-lil L^nc now ilctlrdyoil. 
^ . eomniot>e>iig the cMMiiiEtuation of 

IPirriiyrilan St^et, a hoiwo in Ibv 

LttiOTKt3f>wnoi»inMT]Otnrlou4 resort 
, or tliii7Tn of c*cr7 klad. vu lmi<i tjcir^ 
I And putlcd <1if«rn. It cxeitfd coiuidrr- 

aHo rtUoitmn Ht the time, »ml wai 
rYiiiCc'l by oambcn of p«raoii* uf nil 
LclftMCa- It iras fonncrlT known ^i th« 
riM Lion frm, and unc^I hjr iIjvac g«n' 
^Heittcu wWUviiftl GOUtdlmtiutJs ktW thi; 
tll[>rthcrn avd WtSKt^tm roadi; and (l 

tt «ati} tlint 1)10 buitdlng» in the Ttv, 
Llei out ud penny lodgion, fbrned |)nn 
lof A hoiDHteAd c&ll«it Oinlk Fann. ofl- 
I jonnlng wftiick were rnnfci of tlAbliiij^ 
IJbr tlic ciMii-KT* of tlioifi hlffhwAynjeikn 
Titwat fiill of tra:p*d(ioni.rfiTTiigpftndi, 
lictfrcl rc<p»ief, pikI pjuvogc*, 1i> «i»F« 
I Id co[ii:!«almcni :vnd «l>C*pO, or for lll« 

kdi<?iitiiin ird* a cb«ndler\ »|]0|>h A 
kCoiiniLT r^coi] Uie floor, Ixjlirnd w^ich 
I w*rc trop-rlnori nnJ «cr*t ptitoe* for 

t ilii) <l<-|>o»i( of 'tokn gowlH. rr a tliief 
Mrtre ^umuL-d iulo tn<? ihop, lie <y>uld 
I drop llirodgli u Crjip'tlHw int^i tbucvUnr 

fbcnetiJi, mul tm'upc al-fx^m the Fleet 

|-2>itdi \y% ptftnk <notm;> LtpMi rcillcrt» 

K4mm ni<o Blnck Boy AIU7 *(id Cow 

|6tdis> wbich reojlcrcil panuU bopc* 

Finp- On oiie occasion ih« police oAd 

Icurrouatlf't t1i« li^^iitc lo taSit n no* 

I hHTsrUn t>iit hu [u-luolly made 

i* «««pe In llidr |irv«»«. la WW- 

W route stAod tui t>l<] Tvur-pest b^- 

. E9td . 41) ofti.'^rvfLtcrcil to ftpbrytiend 

n (tilef who wai !n btd, anJ, whi]« 

|Jw tamed tu irni) ilic imivUlixh: of a 

Llicr-ollkcri tiie mnn got niHlcr ttw 

> tind, ft!4 Ihf^v prquved lo ww 

pUn, wiUiL<r1- ArUrr Kniie ittnu the 

b^Mkior wn> ff>iir>rL ubd ta\f imtantly 

jlVped ilvim, but bmk« bi» lee ui the 

Toll, »i"l ilifl fdl<fw got dc*r off. ft it 

«Ciiri'i>(y1if rflly j^araA^nthM anunfor- 

tantte Milor n^a roblwil and itripp«d 

tn A Tomn or ttiiii bim»'*t ^ind thmwn 

by a ttOMiEiit fif tb« town siict two 1 
atkvd 4nd alirit, into the Floot Ditdi* 
The slroof ^tirri'Dt cudod bla ftvaj 
Into tho Tbjunco, uid his boily w>» 
tAk«n iiiit nt JflnckfHant RHd^. TV 
^iilty pftrtic* were apprchcixicd tad 
tr^iportotb Ono room bnd ilffoe 
iikcuij «>f e«e>po bj a treblt* Aiglil of 
stnEr*, irhicli rctn^eM it ttext to in* 
(HH^ibli; tttt ab dtlcor ti> t&k« h ikW 
wlir> lu't >utfa««<i«d iR rawbiog tha 
door. ThtTv tvatf a vhool down whM 

Knfwrty couM be vent into tbc Mllnv 
ocutb, tn onM of a but pantdt^ Mov 

wffc the hidifijf-plncM l«M extmofJi* 
TiAry; 6rJon«stnov*rMFtWhoeicmd 
fixini Ni-'wcate, oofioenlea braiffctf ai k 
fiorriblv bo1e> only fivo fbot wide and 
elfffat Ci-ct long. purtStioned off In tbe 

E:eT)Ar by a wall, bcocpcBred vfitli mxA 

TixA dirt to avoid DbMrratLoti> Food 
ntid itniik were cooYCyed to fciia 
(hrvuvti ui u|vertatwu»d« Vy ibe rv* 
mninrof ft bi^idciitftr the niters. He 
wu uot iliwoTer«d,«TUiougblhspoUofl 
H-rcnU titiitNf veamhot th« cijIUn, aattf 
tbr mcuittoiiR ftvownl of a OAnftdointto 
at hia hiiovlL'>I*(> 'A ibo ptAcc of con- 
i^i^-Aliia'Tit Urinl^ led to bi« npttire, 
TM< 1]niiHf<W4i K«iil tn hiiv^ bM>n uwhI 
hy .lonfttbin Wild, Jack Stivppard, 
iBd iVeirry Ahfrnbnw, a* wdl inElrvcl u 
by overy ooncviviKT* vilUin irko Mt 

4i*njmc« to Inw >ud preyed upon Ibo 
public. Une uitulit o^ilf Imseiiio thai 
troth horo, it wnll* o<™b( *p«ak» wovld 
oKOcc*! tbe moat horrible n>msn«c> 

Ititifenitfinc totburinrt ofruy avb- 
ju^ to TNrTnt<rti Hory Uloatraiivoof dio 
■(4to of n^eiv-ty wiihiii the InAtceotnrTi 
and for the tjijih (f wbieh 1 have amplo 
roachcn, thought for obY^tos rvatfona, 
I lUQVt »in>piT«« «11 atnie«L About 
tfigblj j^nrt Ago A oonkmndftl ^n- 
tlcnuiu^ oMiInff orcr Uounslow Ue«tfa, 
TTAit roilieilol lOO^ilneu W Ahiuh- 
wnymnn. AtlcffbrtttotnrelDerobter 
tri'iv fruiltc**' iVuoty y«ara fiAor Ilia 
twtnK Mr- A., of n rotf|^lable Icfaf 
flrtn, hfld fl visit ftom tbi« fffotbintnn, 
wboi At the; timtt of Ibv tvbbi'ry, had 
bi'pn hn cliewi, anit who bud a^ught 
bit) fldvicv iti tnoifi;; llie robbor. He 
bod bcMi unf4inuaAJ«» iind hod bc«i 

lri-Hi;^|it fif lij lb* altom'ty. Hi* (n- 
troduLYil himself, *»J»ng> "Mr. A. yoa 
may rciMHtber I wa* a dtebtor youn 
■wenty y««nt veo* ftfr A replied, 
*' Yeis 1 ihmk I remmibcf you, T4ti 
Ar« Mr -" Tlie Bftrtlemu Ukq 

Thi Hiv^ FhM. 



ttl, ** Ton Duj rtodbbd ihtt il>o«t 
EkI iWI W4« robti«<l of loo ;niitm>. 
T«« Rnj aW rcoKmbcr Ui<u wo itinJn 
■idj CK«Tinns U> dbcOTfr die ibicf 
vilMi eOctt. From Uua time f wu 
w^Ld J until tt'dlij 1 ^vc nuvcr *cca 
Ik ^ef) but Itili caoniLajr. iralkins 
. &U1I, I uv Ibn mjui* ivboai 
r Uh ttAii') u huj^ friK^ uuir 

anJ diN<tr€i\sl hftn to 

> Member of rarlLnuFul 

-: ritfBVjtfnrtfdfin joarlumlil/ 

i fL iuU, ''Sumr jto luuat bu (»»- 

«>w««r t? the (HAii. Mr. A. 

i^WliEatlicndojijuoiPcCir He 

— ^ "Cowiihriitt i^e clrcuDo* 

_ ^ a miai of ■>*n«T. J^^. A. r*- 

,**!/ Ifaire aa/tbin; loito villi 

iwill rtcdvc noUiliig but jrovr 

liM totli«intrrc«lofiiirmunejr 

^ botv in ftrnllciml oirciuii- 

ittCtfiiarffMfttbi^morCi Mr.A-Aidi 

Fob will r^ctre nufblnx 'bwu than 

ll^iDeM;" Bcil he tben wrote ai iLe 

Di bail ilirrcr*'}' On tbc f«lloiring 

r r*coiv<<d A vUit from « geolh;- 

' > «UI<il be IvJ coiino froia 

ami li4 added, " 1 know not 
E najbetbefiaraTDoft^busIttcM 
r«m about to trttlo. bvt all 1 kuuw u, 
ihit 1 i«A nt^ fritftal ImI «irf*nin)r in a 
~~~1« boad^nngon frmxjianU be baa 
\ moft^sm furt^d fbr tb? cooUncDt, 
r|A| lua Jansity in ^*t tnxi«lv, to*t 
■uffhl ^»iTOf iwamMT Mt. A. 
best moDtMaing nay particvlnrs 
^tcd that ba raqoirod 100 guinoni. 
«a« TatiiiciJiat<!lj paiJ* The 
ation of ibc fflor;, vhich wai not 
wit far nbUT y^art afkorvar^U, U. 
. L a Toan^ ceniUttan, hflTiag !>OKt alt 
, nuHicj a: a gainb^Ubl«,bacl nc* 
^vanlurc^ ou tbc dcvpoMc «tcp 
^-tlog to the f ubiio hwhwnj. Aj 
ir^ vilb tU deUili. tcloti^ dio- 

O a paH JU<i >1 iJ* w^rth rc<:ord- 

k pamfe tn the nunoncc of lifts 
. r evm ll^n ActiMk. 
ha InuBcdkale vkrinilj of dick 
e>. on tbi* cdg« of Smlr.hlUld. nenr 
. I St. Jobn'i Craru wm "Tba Blm«>~ 
from v^jr t*r\y timei the pJaoa of 

pttblic exccutioOp !( darired il* noine 
from llio nuiiiW bMrriA jfroviri^ ab»u( 
Xbc plaots btil ivLicL ttl'l John Stuw 
iCalttf '■ 'fbe building Ihcrc bnth bc«ci 
ID kkercaaod, ib^t do* rrjnainath aot 
ADC Irce ^owiDg ;** mid ho fmlbcral* 
luilc* to the cxttMoii of iha metro* 
polii, bj ujir^, (bat -^AnonM d^ 
new buJdbi^ ta Cowbridgv street, or 
Cot Lana. wbicb torncth toward Olil* 
botirnei in vhicL lano Ilia Piior of 
SempHiigluia ba4 bis tnu or Lociiloci 
loiijEiAg. It nxa^ bi rnoarkeil that 
Iheeica parliculuty llouriylca on iJia 
toil of Lositton anif JU environs At 
tbo ttnicF tiiJit t1>ii fpol WHS itlcctod for 
exetulioD it wak ouuii]> tbe stetn>- 
polUt obedlont lo a cuai<^m that seeina 
to hnvt bc4n gfimindly fruriLntlt botb 
here and abrcail,fiot wtWatbeoflen- 
sire imtruniuct of dualheocitaQily in 

tha tight of Of io(f nwtr UwvlUrigv. If 

lbi« w«re Ibc reaton, it wan a biimaiM 
and fi'clinj; onOi aapaciolt/ when tba 
inftrum«nt wAi a fixod ctection, oa waa 
dieca)eunlj]tbei;krentionortli4 (Irop, 
nwDt ta the (aol. Ab tojrl^ as I lt>6 

WiOSam FlUoibert, for H^ditioudj rx- 
l'Ulqx tiie citixanitwatooadcnincd to bo 
iliowu br tL«9 heola to iha "Elma," la 
SmitbHolJ, an*! there banffwl, lo 1^30 
lioger MortinHn*. Earl c7 March, vaa 
IfTuii^bt fnnii the Tcaci aad banovil 
tltif<T«<, ItiilJn ]4lA,wWnlhi»«xh.'ii«jon 
of the uiytropolis had probnblj brougbt 
dwdlintpi near Ibi» pmci', Ihf. g%\\tiwt 
wa^ rt^rucitfil to ihi^ upppr ciul of the 
I)i|rh f^t^eGt, St. Glioma : nbcn t^ofidod 
ndvarvcLvt u> Tar, it wat rumored to 
T^Fbum ; Kad wh^n Oxf«>rd Straof, in 
17601 Ijad rvachei! wilbin cig)tt uf tbia 
toCilitT, it woarcoioved to ri-^Miit^ton. 
P«rhapf I may b»To niontion tbM the 
oJd form of Ibo gatlowj lliuoi an a p;r* 
inanent itruriur^ eoiiiiftott of iDrw 
upnglit bconu *dt at an vituiUtfTnl 
truukglr. vlth lraa«T«r»0 h^Mna ucrtjfa 
lltoiii' Ttte -^ibbfl, Uowi;v4jr, firt liAn;[- 
io^ in chaioa^ wju urfjallv a fTojPCtlnji 
aru. Mmilcr to that which fuipendd the 
ti([a of a country inn \ but Mioclimea 
lB«rv wcrv Iwtif aiid dit'ii U luauuK'J 
tbo form of a emM. Thw (UKtinrtlnn 
ia obforrad in ihv oil aap^ in vhicb 
thepoiitlonsof jpUowaaro uinrkcd-* 

' * Ta SmJih^a OMtairr, iMJUiabtd b^ Ibe C«fttten So<1etj, aiv lome enHoui noticr« 


Th9 yftVer FhtU 


Ftotborn Briilgo u nov* ifivi»Lbl«i but 

itUl jtmoiiis birncmti i\\tt pAvin;; ; bnd 

A few j«an n^o* while tlic iirworfi Tor« 

Ofii^cr^tng ivpuJr, I KLiv \\ coinplf lct;r 

I utiooTcrcd. It wnB built of red brick, 

Lirith a kcT-ttonu, an vrhioh wti^ hi- 

(pcribcd tbc datfi iCTd, or it mtjtbt be 
n66(l, for 1 c«nRot ouitc r^collocL At 

llbe Fli>etRiT«r,liaTjn^ tfsorijjin ncnr 
|.^1(]JIl! How: tltur^ is a jjuruf^ jtil 
t4li*iv^ wliiuli \» luvbutly ll^il by tbc 

tprinan. Here the bed of the 
^_l0tt cauica a tctt cxtraori)[nflrv de- 
clivity uw vauh »iJot ib*l cf Ilolborii 
bfliuji tterpcsi. It* grp*l in«>ejv*nJ*nfli* 
. Iiiu |-»vii rtF4 to sovc-nil project* of n 
iTiaduct, but iici&L* huvv ocvu (rurrji-d 
loiiCt or hftvo any jir**rntfiri)bal>ibtrrif 
ifacinf; lo. Tbtf continuMcou by Fnr* 
fyli^gdoji fitrpft iti Rliickfriari JJritiiN 

niv4i-rif I no pnr ( icti 1 nf^ F' < ;i fn iv r i oi^l tfic 

but they &ro both ot'miror LmriortiLuce 
wL^n oompor^ to tbnt t't' IlQlbi^rti- 

FroMi TtlAckn-ian to Elolbom bUic 
onlr inrtiQU of which wc pouttM any 
authoDtic raonril oTtbo hAviEobIc facL> 
titic»ortbo Klcc^ Hivcr, adU v« amy 
divmiBi the Imditiona of tb^ finding of 
ftDchori at St. Ponornp or Uogniggc 
Wdb a« bi^lcmjfin;* to a cbit of 
mitnitba put forward lo siipjn)!* a 
theory. AncboT* would »urccly biivii 
been rc^iuired, even if tb« Atreim Ijuc! 
been DATtjrablc tiiux fnrr but it in \cry 

jfrobublu ibal LkiaC!! of mpmu^ E'urUiL-ii 
could IwTrt proi^«i]f*d fit onn limti 
much Aittlwr Holborn nriitgt. 
Efrry thing CuTourj such du opinion. 
llio fint tinned !nii>iir J tn friv iihvijfn- 

fjon wore clTcctcd by the Friors oi St. 
John of Jeruidum, who orccti:d xa\\U 
upon t1i4 Rtroam; hcnf^o the iinmc 
TuniTnill tirooh, wlucb is atlll pro- 
KTVcdin Xummili Street; Olid flour 

and flmtlinfc miU* vr^ro tumud h\ it« 

coune ft« Utc u the b^iuulng of the 
prcfont cwitnry. 

It bct^amc vrry <^^It b rQ0«pt4cIe 

for the lilib and offM of nomc ruAnu* 
Ciu^turing trfldof, anil [» l:iOT Et woa 
C0iLi|i1iiJiii:J, in a jujlJnntcut licJd at 

Cftrlid^ thAt vherm In time* put it 
bail boma "■ t«n or twelve Uirp* nami 
at oDc<;» vith iDi!rchandi>o» tiow ibe 
«aiii« counc. by filth of iW Unnvt 
andfuoh other. wa« sore deetjed," kt- 

I wu furjmaod lo AaJ Iftnnon er fttl* 

mon^c^' P^^ >l'^ ^To«e lo the Fleet 
Itiv^r nt the bnck of Sflflroa Hill, 
whnra tbcy ore now pultic^ down 
hftijiei for the new «lr9rt. 

Hic nvor rti^ulred fWiqueai cle«ii»- 
mg, and was kept lUTlnbk ofU^r Ibe 
F&eofLoudoniu 1661!; but flontmoed 
eocToaohmenU had obftmotvd the 

iti-eiiii ; Eiiid ibou^b ii; IJAft, hy untho- 
tlty of tbe Coiunion Connril of London, 
mnini vorotakpn toincrcEUO 'ti volwuO 
by JivcrtiD*/ further ^mgtt <uiHainp> 
»I<-ful n.>AEh into It, yi*! tbi^ projwt 
fuikO of Jt« purpQM- Probably aono 
of tbe jvfl«rvdn trcre begun at thb 
limts nrd Mn* *pring( at tbe Valo of 
Henlth 10 diverted. But* however, a 
century agn, it bml lou^ dceenerated 

into a muddy diteb. Uidin 1733, by 

Act uf Piirltanienl* it wua covered oier 
from Uilbom to FJi^et Bridge, and a 

murlcot «r«vted upon it, w>iicb wu 

opened SeiJlfrmbcr 30tb, 173^. Af\er 
Blnckfricirji Hridgo wa« builV in 1765, 
it IJdCanic ni.^cMary to kroh over tlio 
rcRiaindor, and tbua thU old imittatico 
Iwcuuiu veiled from the public eyp, nnd 
»unk iulo a cauimou ncvvvr— Hh« Cloaca 
MixiuiD of the metropolif. 

B(>jiido the two bnd^Oj aJlad«d lo, 
ic wa« ct(jHi*4 \i iJndewdl by one ttf 
wood, ni»d AnciOmr nf a Htmilnr kind at 
Chick Lai;c. TLi^ vtaXU or liprlngi 
which U rreci'ed, and wbkeh cat* it 
H.o nftiTii* cif '^Tbi* Rivor of VVoTIi," 
were St. Btidcr* ifl-II, now cflvetvd by 
n pump, thrOKI-lmurne before noticed, 
StinntT'i WL^n, *nd Clcrkon« or Cb\rk*« 
well, inri?rofting in tbi* aiiunlji of our 
flraina (rbt? course of the latter Iji yet 
inarlicd by BrcNjk HiU}, WJcr'* well, 
FniC5well, Kadneli, and Todwell, (»onio 
cf ibesc were, even iu Stowe'* litne, 
fillpd up nn*J decayed,) al** Cbiur* 
well in GrAyV Inn L^n^, aa well aa 
others of k-u note* 



A R(3(:EXT coQTQfponikftt in our 
Uaguioe tiroucht lo «nir recolkctuiii 
a& idmm of Julia* GaMir Suftlijeer. 

of oar knccfUm niv «l<briitcil> Tlic 

■KtcriimiMtJiiff aclKtUr. whila be gtt'n 
the Ettlm nf druking to 1^ GcnnftD, 

liorliua af Imn^i tlio grnauut rali^r in 

Uw mniTcrH. but ccHiieui^] luuiMif 
pwpSemd In bid jud^mrDl. by the fncC 
of tb* FlikiBtM Irij^ilmjf fair In nvnl 
Wfi til knov ihau iq ^£^ ' o|rLaion, 
<Mr 60itlit>7aaiih wm wot) capabtd flf 

dHpoRhif »ab tlieG«rniftn bicbacchft- 
niliAD chapTfrK l^gUnd he ftfllrnu to 
b« the o»QOtry ** wbcra ttw^f uo uw«t 
pvtCiit ia poltiis; joar Daiiv, TOur 
tieraan, nirl ji>ur *WA;;lwIIitf(l Hol- 

lannl^'r arc nvUttiif to y^^iir Ivnulip^. 
lie drink* vou «ith fjtcnjtj your Dau;: 
d«4(l drunfc : ht t w«Mit uE>t tn orcr- 
lliroit Tour ALjttftia; Iiq giT<e* your 
HcdbMer « *oiftJt rre tho ocat pottia 
orab«5IWti.~t It'lbc Vi'iioiiAii nf;!i|l/ 
cMlutated tLc piiWnej uf our jui<vilun 
ill ibis nrticulAr. lli«y lio^i i|uk:kl>' 
pFo£lc«l by tbe ]c9M«u which Uivy bftJ 
l«*fiHil EO Ura I.o«*couiitrT war*. It 
WIS t)Mm, KCcnnliAg to ilio nnrtd 
ftuihority of Ciowkn, tbat nur eonn* 
iTTBicfi, ooot tk moat abaicmiovi uid 
vobvr of nil lb(> Murih, firMi 1t-ATn#d to 
indvlgc in i^lcmpcmlc i)otntjot»tiiiit 
to niia their ova h^lth by ilrlnkiii^ 
to tJiBt of otbar pooi^c-] 

A it«tHl« fB*m to ibo fourtb yt^fli- 
of JattCB i-i lo vbicli CamO^n refcra an 
tbi Arvt Iftw wbfcU it ««■ oTcr fotiDd 
ttCOOMV^ to Mik« m thin vountry 

Ebist driuikcflAcsa, is founOvd iipon 
proaxubk liint *' ihc od'iou* umI 
loitkMMie iia ofdruAkcQiicu i> it/iMr 
grMTB bito eomiMn lue vithm (bit 
rcaln" Ac. ft !■ n«niirknblT tbal by 
a prkir Act or tkc miuo rtlaa no at< 

l^mpt itu niadfl to fix * elatutor^ 

pike for ftJOPjc ale ADil "irinnTl bcci'*' 
tlio fcirmer at a penny a qUMrt, llii} 
l^ttL-T at hikirtbjit price. The one va* 
uciuviit maji t>tvb«bly at clFvctuiil ag 
ibc ol linr 

Tliut thtro wM SO0I4 truth in Cam- 
tlfd's fUppiHitJon uf tho Engliili bnvtns 
[*nn(rKrii'il (ir nl h-nut liMVimi* lubilu- 
iiicil to llicpriujtkcol'Jinrrt drinking m 
thcae Tars wbicb w«ro Loa;r th>* uii- 
jimlilalaln nnlipt for llic <vittruQi.* niul 
(?ii ttqiri j;c: of ihn nftlinn, and m which 
111? imbitxin anil chivalry tA' Klitm- 
btftlinn Kngldnt) nought tbo^bubbloT*- 

pouitoij ut tliocjinriob'^ aiuuiii," a con- 
unncdby th«aLoritfstir«9GTT«illoii«by 
(but pattvrn of BrttUfi kniiiht-crrjuilry, 
llio bravu Ami ffcutle Jgrdof Clii^rbory. 
rho rviftcr* orLon) Herberts tifc hiII 
rt^mmubcr bow unpn<rl«iit an cUiiMnt 
in hi% LoV'COiuitry :iilv«ntuTc* ii tbc 
hero's inemorftbtu (jtunvl nnd it- 
tcmpl4^ Jucl viih Loid Howard of 
Waftlcn. Thli c^aarrri onuinnwil in 
onoof tfaovtf "irine jartiL^Sf" in wbicli 
r>ur coEiMtrymeu indul^viJi Ui i>oClc 
L^ompldlBauco Co tbc vitsloin oi the 
oouniry in vluch ihcy vere campnijto* 
in^. '-Tlivlord of Wftk]c!iir*aya ili-t 
tul<ibio^plii^r. "hdvins boen inviti?d 
to a fra^t in Sir lloraueo Vvra's i|ujirl<irf, 
wliirre, 3ft«i' thi^ Low-couuiry fadhtoiT, 
ihony vnA hhinrAl driikking, TrrturfiH) 
not long aA«r to Sir £dwai-U C«oQ'« 
quarter*, at which ticic, I dpenkinji 
ini>rrily lo liini, ia|kiii untile iliglit «<;- 
canon ho tur-k offi^nco nt int" Then 
k>llE;ve<! Ibi: ih:;wjng of Aironln, an(ta« 
pretty 1 qunrrvt nv ever woa rrkft^tl 

upon the r\ion courteAU* and tho t^* 

proof VkllJiDt. 

ImtufiQ iiiunTam dlmtiNi: L ini;itiiia 
LvDlln rtdntcnca, tvUJfd : 
"Our army swore tcrTiWTJn FJaii- 
ilcrr," aild CorportlTrini. OftililDot 

T>]if qiiji nidt ruL'liiiKp quii mfihuffTD bilut ? 
Kon oomedtd Gormaae btbii lu non t^bt*. Ai^flci 
Scd ovmciii* • voinc^Iu FUudtc bibiviqo haac 
t OtWto. b4 ii. w. 1. 

* " UoG ta»ra nOD pr«E«rtandumi Augloi qui oi omaibnt Ef^ntrionjilibai k«ii- 
tlbol vtaJcDv iWitat b]1i*c«i, vt ob •obrl*(«t«m IaoiIbU, iji hL* Bfilficli boUii dMicJvaq 
bnoiorflM p«'t« u proluerc d alionun lalfttl propia^fido nuQ aiDJ£vn-, A^ivoquc jim 
bide ebiieiMtli *itiuv per lukiricrum gvntan pror«|Mit( uttefem «ev<:rlt«tc lugiro t«in- 
l>o<e MimvM tutrK ^bibitam*** €«md- AoDnlot, P< id* 

GEirT.M4a.Tot.XLUJ. 1" 

7^4 AntifjUft/y in Am Cv^r^ 

beea for Uiti« (Mcaflidnnl vii^iu lo (ho 

"VwApJl uf Euru|>c," rtcaliouMiloubt- 

im be the moU s^bt^r aoil niilii-tnokcR 
nco in the world It wu iirobqblj b 

ibiK ^vun tti4( tlic Eii^Iinb j^ftLilc bnt 
wlucli doee niil ;^ljpc4r to bavi: been in 

En tlw miue way tlint tbolr »r«kii ftn« 

Suirvii » (fl«t« for "Aliema Mck" Su 
i(^ £art of EsoEcx'* oxiivditiun lo Cuiljf 
jn l^Vilp Tlir" vino*?™ ill' »'oT(i:" niw 

Dot bow^vcr UiG fint "nck~ irith 
wblcli tiio topon of £Mtcbva|i b»r«mo 
fnnttHiir, nn') u early at Umt lu (be timo 
of Hi^r^ V[L XhtirQ vim a ccondcr- 
ftUo im^ortAiiuQ or yi'tav tnitt \\m 

«0U0(»7 from Spniii. In tho "Italiau 
lUUii^iL ofEpfl]ikiid''«ritli:u m ibat 
reE^tHnil pubMod bj tie Ctundcn 

Swltiijr^ V(i tro told (tmt *■ tbc natunJ 

«U&(dciicjr of the coiinU? vif iLipptwd 
br ifTfttt quuilitlos crtfiti1>nl wmtaof 
Ciuiili*, GvnaaD;-. and Spun.'* TIk 
nrdinnry Impart, bowuier* from ibac 
coiinEi-y haii bu«:n,wo mkj«uppo«c.tb« 
PHcctniuc of the MtilIicrTBriciiuciiiu*T 
and oar lacuiturs. trbtm Uur tint ob- 
tAiQcd (ho dry wine, <7r *' fadc,"ibi^rod 
Ittov f»i- iljujr Wi'iv fnjiJi upjirvciatiuj; 
the ttnwarc thry hail ii!jL\mi?ii, hjf 
goovrdlr odifptiot; J^'ablalT'd rooom- 
mcDtUth^Ut aud "puitJiig BumLrin thdr 
ttoJE." Th44 AiJUuir iir th** haitt'Ay 
** Agoiiut glultony uid druiiU^niiCMC^ ' 
ttvlouibytbcautbority of tbc QiHxnci 

to fuluib^tc the ct^iccid nnilheiun of 
ihc Ubunb fl^inht thif lifrctJCiil [inv^^' 
ticc, vl^ich be uieiU to be oapiNiiaUy 

atongod by iLo mark of IhrdgJpb, a 
dbUurod fac«^ ind redncM of vjo ; 
M> lE*( **in Uicir fooM be Hano tb« 
expnusc toXtiiB of iLu inteinpcrajicjr, 
wbcn mnn k( tlKtavckon to cxccnc 
and KuruaQdisgs dvulJiiii^ ull niv*nvA 
^lo t^ncrtoic tbdr Kr«»od]r oppctitoi bj 
•mpflring thq irtn« nntl pawcliiff it in 
UCB *ori that it tDiy be tcoro delect' 
ble and pkuftnt uclo ihom." 

bf oi^r Ucil iimcfl w as undouVlcdly liccr. 

Dd*« liDf « ttoi](iob( tbit tL« conqu«r- 

[ army of the Komiai; ButArd ntiri- 


billed their lumnority otct tbe brM 
hot plii^fiflh ScLKoii tQ tlt« , ' ~ 
vef nee «lucb Uusj drunk* 

riN4<( ihiir c<«bi tiL»4 lit «ii«li v«iiuit JidXi 
MO tluU «ar ^nlck Uoo9 ^Erflod wlCb *lM 

SbjUupcrc bwl u pnoedeni for put* 

tiAff ihu pii^nliti)P(i1 mt> Uic montb* of 
his iVcncb, of wbi^L ho wa* protiobljr 
litllc avTAT1^ Hjo Urccki hod loog 
flibCG Bccountisl m tli« una war IW 
tli^ir own «ap«riQrttr onr the Ejpr^ 
tiBQB : — 
■AAA' /Ipoiri^C ^^ r^i yOc^'V^'POC 

Ikmuvvm iMk to lant ■ m* «< rmk. 

Xm nub M drinli jrw vMm Mrl«r m*J- 
Tb4! Qracka hotrever ■uHbutvl tko 
Lareiitioaof bwrtu the laniQ divine 
grigiLi oj tWt of wine* B«oahiu, ao< 
cording to Diodonif^ taught tbo Enht* 
biconlf of (ho«9 couotiM in irbidi the 
Ttmc could not b« euliivEiLod, to amko 
4 drink from toHajr. which, h« wye* 
ii liulv iiilbrl^rln hia^H to tha jumc 
of (ho flrAi>e.t 

I'Vom tbo time of the Con^ucrt, 
tli« trinvfl qf IVnncc continuod to b* 
rmporti^l into Hnxland in Itr^ f|bAnli* 
live, «iul w» b«vtt no dioabl that the 

viue-crtdo of the naghbovrliood of 

fiordcMu* which «hi io Uiqk >s the 
EnglJth poveMiofi, «»■ early «tiKin* 
lu-lixl lij lU- Tbarkct proTiil<U in ihi* 
country lor il«produofl. Wo hAvn ihtt 
best auihorilj for alntiAg, thai (ho 
ttilora at (be f%)uric«nUi cvfiCiuy vrcrc 
■0 Wflil aoqn^nt*! with (ho nrt and 
Biyiteryof " mking the uumkty'' w 
•nrof tbi* enlightuDcd nffV' ChAucur'a 
Sblpinau fbun Dartmuiitn^' 
rull ccrUdlj M «H a (0*4 Arlnv. 
Ana manj a dimiM ol vin Ji« Miua awv 
Froiu BuMflOi mnl, vliII* (hti lU* (^Apmu 

ltva«jirobaUy in thcCrUMd«a that 
tlie HcifElnh (aj(« tint becuna ftuniltar 
yrhh the iwot'l wine* of the Archine- 
\a^o aad of S^rrU, which oou>td(utiHl a 
voTT conuilvrable iccm m (ha import* 
of thift country duiinf the ailddlc igcf* 

t^nrUov ^vrtiar, OiodofV Skuhlfl, Ulft lib. IT. 


7%^ Antipitify in hig Cb^«. 

m Au ftliich Mcfc ka nmmo fnocn 
Vlpal 4i iMntva, In Uie Mnnja, bat 
wvnulljr ittportoiti MA«r tbe Turk- 

IW Sue of CUmmsci Mmo jttj by 
hm Mn diok« <d' Uio njinncr of bjt 
4vlK*««>afloc&l«dia Api^ofUjtl* 
fmtj^ Thesiiiiilc-bookoriastrroUieT, 
brwtae coulriTuwoi QMtfinting to tbo 

WM «D ftbortljr ddtpalAed t4t heaTtfo. 

cvatikft BUM c«r>oa» iUMlntioiii ol 

ikfdttAioo oif tbiB ioiportuil tmlb- 

ht$fmn ih»t thoM pofiiklaitt of liis 

J^ wb«t uienorioi vr«re iulfii;i«Dtlj 

rttwriit «0«14 i««ll recall a li^ppy 

toi vfa<« tbe MkonliAatt of V«iii<M) 

mi Omoa npfilkd noro c^moiu 

Isitf 4^ ihtk Cftfo«nl« lii(UQr, and uut 

mtf mU Um wlno ckvaper b«t w«re 

^rtcM to roeeiTc pan jtajiaeot in 

iht Engliflb suplc coouaodiirt cLoUv 

a ttanoiu rcGi\ bj-dto-b^. of th« Inffio 

WtwiBF of Ml oarlivr time. Tbo«o 

gkriow dm wfwmd (o U* kuqo for 

*T«r, bat tfi0 l^rrcaeiionWtoof ukltuil 

ihv Tkmft ojun kuda t dNpento 

■ffian to bruigUem hm^ hj A«l of 

r^faaonT TU laili c(iH|4*rof ibv 

itotolv-liook of ibal ra^n i> culitlcd 
**Aii ActfbribeCoitteiiUciffl Bau of 
MalWiMtr" ltMmpkiiiiUiat^«lMii«M 
BvitaioiF Wr» «JUd URinMf mn 
«o«i ia gtou pImtM B» be bnwjjbt 

■& la tkw rp«ln^ tA lie mM b«rt>ro t^o 
axtij. BfidsxTiij-rtArotof tU« Hcifoc 
0^ Im^itt ifae SjTtff, late iu tlcdc .tncl 

ttvf r^lH KiDf ofBngUfivltVL^d aim 

fl )wr«it Bod llina dttttt of 
bdde in iBttun rjj. »core 

•|ieO0a *Ad tlm kMc of (bcjiii 

vj. Mora vj. fiknt tpMC* uxl 
otf migbl njrc siiil b&vo of the 
■ttio vmo^er wIUt of ih« atld 

tf by iiu«n* af ihi? tri^l (ilcfitPu 

I for L shilliiijp^i or liij f- iiij <t. 
r miwt, ■ biilt« of BUtfliu WyDi^i 
W iAkibgfv Ihff bii pAvmnil llhtriM ij. 

pirM in WaUcn oath wroujiht in 
Ihii lUBlmfi, uid iho t^. iMito in rody 
oy. It it Ao UiAt tbo BuLt« of 
tnU 8ijiiTah«d oT tb« nld 
a«nw< #0 Urgvij* ii>*i^ ■ Umic of their 
Bf^TaKyai Ht tbtf day M*ody Liol^L'lb 
r. *oatv TuL ^biWL' ood tbe ooer' 

dupli b«idn, by U^ir nuaagoratDl 


of Hio nurkoli bwl ■■ tfihauncod the 
prlc« of ibe mmm wyMv la viij- mjiTir* 
ft faMM rody moMv ttid iKi ciuib, to 
ibo gTf^it cormyu of tbtnualf 

■mI gtMl* d»oeI(*, loMO, biirl, ftftd 

damftge of our SoTvnyM Lord, ^nd of 
ill Ibe Coiaen«of ibijir«^m«;" j^iul It 

proC**d« lo«niirt. UiM for t%o Aitor« 

no butt of DiUvisvy diouJd b« Ua* 
porivd, " but if it bold In BHBure oUo 
ili« lute tlis Hid »]d« PkMuro of tJ. 

Aaoiber reuiirk^blfi Matule of Utis 

moiMrck U nbo i»>nQOCt«d with tJu# 

lminebortr«ffic- llbfunhertntcrcst* 
inff 0* «bi>wina (be Anxwty of tbopflrliii- 

iimiL Ui |'nrridr,tljovgbby n uuil«b«ll 
mode, for auuntAi^iinjr the (ETmC iu- 
tiofifti aria, udMciirinf; tn BbuDdftat 
tnipfily uf tbc raaturiol oi ilurt wc^poti 
wbknb uur couulrjtoun kncir ao mcll 
how to use. 'Ibe prvainbtc (if tbo act 
tuifls tbft '* t>utTafieous price " lo whWh 
" bow sUvori** haiTricoD, a ciminutflnfv 
vbloh U ftttrib«it«dtolb«"MduckiUB 
conftderacj" of tba LoDbtrd nir* 
iJiantc, «rbo ftHiOir to h4T* hiwn no 
UvotiHUi <if m legUftturo \ and it b 
tberdbra enacitid ibAt "^ nouo mar* 

diant of Vvpieo fior ni1i«r bfiu^ imy 
mcrchAUiutuoje but if be brynfi wittt 
<T<ry bulte ol Malr^j and With every 
iut of Tyre >. bo«>lorw." 

If ClircaoeV d«tttb iva« iDteoded m 
B BBim on bii fondM-i« for wiae, bo 

nUurC'-l tbc l*ilo ^f bif brctljrr and d^ 

NiroTcr King Kdwaitl IV. nbou oira 
■.Ifrjitlk wruq Aitribatod b^ iho bitloriBfiB 
vi bi» dgtf to bn cxiinuTe fuodocM for 
tlio fJoBturu of tbe lBbl«- " Ho OBr«d 
i&T Boiubt," «tyfl Pbilip de CDmiaa^ 
"but bla plciuurM, ond fu- UdiM, 
fL'BiU, biui<iii«tB. Biid bucitiiiff. lie 
tcconi^ very fu «nd full, Bud m tho 
iSovur of bill Off! hU cxcnfc* w«ro bla 
foiiitluncnl. nnd ho <]i«i| AUfldf^olv of 
ftiihpoplezy."* Tfao Scaii'lalou* C&n>- 
nicieatlrtbotcBbi) dvAtb to a surffU 

of ** bon vin du vna dti CbBllnau, fju* 

U roy do France luy Broit donniSt du 
qual il but on •! gmid« AboudBun 
(ja'cl en mourut." 

From A ounUtnpomTT dc^ripiiott of 
an £n^lfBb diiin^ nt % R^vbI tal>lQof 
liiLH pcriiul. U ««c(iiui Ihot Effect wiBo 
inadv iti niipcuraoco IwioB during i^ 
iT|>EUl. 'llif- ftot cciiine lioforc tbe 

'^pobigo" «rA) "muntnnl Mid brawpo. 


71b« AntiiiWity in hii Cttpg^ 


wmettt wine fcrrcd ihorcto i' dud *t 
Iha oiul of ilinn«T it rery tiitunlly 
reappMr* with ibc fruit and cboMe- 
Bm i1j<^ K'^'^1 iliHpUv of Afu ^ iuiDfitr 
W4> at bciltJiiLo, irbcn in coodaotiD^ 
«lr*ngQr» to lh«ir dutmber* th^ w«tc 
to be tcoiptct) itith **jmical«s, cbct73, 

■nd ptpriM. or «Im £T«n« finder oam< 
ftlto, mJ tifflte wjoa^ ypo crw a p . Tyre, 
roo«lii4hn, wid buiAM bvrrn^ of ibo 
bote ihit iii«jbehaittotheli<^oiu-aiid 
kude of the prlocipall of ibo houA^.** 
Out HnccMorv wrrv far itiutt ciilhciljc 
«a thoirthAT« tar vin<v than llm Rng* 
lilli ^Ibe tTt<M?iit day. £farrif>on, tU 
ialhor of tLo DcM^Hption of Eiij^Und. 

CfiK«d t» HolmkTivil't ritmtitrloi 
jU that jitl fortj Af nine «rc lo bo 
lina in CngUiKl. " ^cKhcr," li« adds, 
*^ do I EncAn tliii of tniill w!nct 04i1y, 
09 cliiret, wbrie, rHt Frwncb^ *:c- which 
aiuoitnt to LhouX fi/i}/'tix Morii^^/^ori- 
\a^ iv Eh^ nuDiKT cjf rvj^ona Iroiii 
vbcncc th«y ninne: but iUm^ of the 
Conuioa, Ac. iffbcKcf Vcrntro, Cati^ 

iluuni Tire, Otoie, CtpHcket C1Jl^ci^ 
ftiid UaJi»c«oIct nrc out Icajl '>f aU a«- 
coinpt«lof.bcc«u«of thorurcogtb ilihI 
TftUlo. FiLrtb«miory% vhcn I^LeMo hnvc 
bid tbrtrcuunu which miLiirc j-LvM^-dJi 
ffnadry ft>rt4'A o{ at-ii^^^al tttifffti^yyta' 
craiwic)«tiruiewcH>i.t wiiifiiuunt In liL^ 
Dftiier suocoed iu tbHr turac^ U^tU^ 

■la1<* nlv mill ttmnj^ Imh^iv-" 

The Runo autborily ottinatu* tbc 
wind tndo of bra tinio iit between 
90^000 Uid 40j0O0 ton* Bnnunll; im- 

porlQit hto tbo oouiitrx. Th^j pmeat 
annual iaip<vtation of wjn« in probably 
obovt AWtTU milliona of irtUona. The 
nntntwr of KHllaniof furej^-u vb«!i re- 
tained for noroiT cflnnioiptkiD io tbc 
year on<1in£ Jan. 4, 1 6-U, was 6,9$a,6n4, 

nf vbich S.Hk7^01 itcrc Portuj^unc 
irirttt, 'Jt'IT^.^GO wciy SjMniih ivuioii 
and 473,*«'9 wcr« Frmcb, the rcit 
bdw Cftpt, SJoilian. nnd olhor wrti- 

Tbe iTcrnge nanujJ coaraiuotion 
cf niiK' l>j (M<b individual \x\ Ki>jc- 
Uncl wtt> much loi^r in the aix- 
toenrb ind m^cnlck^nth cmcurio-j than 
il b al iire»*»L lu tiju linir tjf Jaiii«a 
thfl Finl ihi^ liglil wincM nf Fmncrt 
verc tbd orJinnry driiik cf lliij work- 




iBj^-c^oiKd of T.<indont >n^ lbf>ir ■■« 
bos bwn repUcvd, noi so muc^ by « 
^rvat^ con*umnlioQ of bwT, m bytJie 
tti trod uodon crT ilu poi»Aiii>«aciwi|ioand 
which, under Ihc name af ^^ u con* 
»umed in England to the extent of 
HCie aiii or «Bvcn miLtiou* of gallon* 
anaiialiy. A w«U*knov& Uw oo< of 
King JanH-s'« trtnp, reprjrtod by Cblco 
under ibc faniUiar titJe of tba Six 
Oar|)enl«n' Coic. lUuMntet tbo Ruo 
n«T* of tha lowor chiMca of our ooi 
tnTnujiMlbat|icried. Tlicalx 
ot ilid*ta9-yanfw<irth4nla»itiff*««bi. 
of lr«BTi3U»,ia breakingltit bosM, by 
fdlowtug plea ; tiuu Um nUI boiuo, 

«r pMfeu, VA» a common vrino tavern 
of the taid JnhbVaun.with acamraon 
oign of tha taifl houve Bxvd, Jbr- by 
Awc« «h«r«of tb« <l«J(^ndaAb, prwdiOa 

p0tt mrrid&inn, loto tbo #ftid bouoct ibo 
door Ibcrvof bcmjf open, did ^nicr, 
and did thvn bny nnd drink a i|turt of 
vlaci «nd did then piv for lh« vutac." 

It ia «lat«tl t rbat in J TiiO ibo ivenffo 
contumption of vine in EQg;lAad wto 
neiuly u jcaklin a head in lh« y«ar. 
wberviij it it now iett than i fourth of 
A piUon- In Fnnc<^ th« oonmmfilioD 
of wiofl is uiiiei«uu gallon* ft hu»il; and 
in Holland* wrih modiM'alc duiicf. tho 
oonaiunption of French wlnoi oJono 
nmouTiU ta a j^xMoa a btttl. 

Th^firAtfEheck to tb« lorve Inprirta- 
tioQ of Kreneh winfis into tbii oountry 
ws\A given, u ib wci( known, by the 

M«thuon I]-daIv, whieb, by oAtabllali- 

in^ dktreranlial datics Id Avoot of 
Porluj^, cneuuivged tha tKite for the 
bokdy »ad Eioi«iil wiiiw ^f Uiat ooun- 
iTTi wEikcbdmin^uiibed tlio horoctof 
the Init g^nratinn, and of th« deca* 
deocc of which we cbink we h^ erejry- 
whurcuniaivlakcabletiffnf. That treaty, 
and our prMcnt Innn of high dtitit^ 
on wine, were conceived in cuuiitj to 
the EVeticb ; wc trust it luav be L>ne 
of tlic fruitit <jf oui- ]>t-c*ent dofc con* 
n«;Gtioii Hiid mnily Mrllh that nation, 
that wn may Ih; alilo b^fntio Innjy tn 
enjoy the more vrbol^auRke produce of 
their Tinc^nrda, at prices correspondent 
to thfUi* vhif^b ntir fni^l uicealora 
wcvc dnxbui to retain. 

« DlRdifliia '« bow u Mrr« a lord," dt«i| io lie poIm to tha IlolUu RoUltiM of 
^njrlmd, puhl£aTi«d by ih« Ctmteu Sodoly. 
T Studoid Library Cjrtlopteiiia 





Qui poii dftt qood ftinAl, acni aof jpit lUe qiio4 oput* 

TflK vW« bflitt pNwntcd to n* of 
lki< FjLcheqoer Court of Irclnnd U 
oapeil from tlic KetX Bo<ik «f ibat 
Qoinl (■£ f'J^ ^), > fnfttiiiwrtpl of »n 
tgHmiiy njppo«<i) 10 be ocicvaI villi 
thl<tf tlio Kcd Dook of the Engtvk 
bcfeoqiur- ThcoHgmtl dnvtng Ap- 
pm to hftT« b»D made wilk s pon, 
^ MTerU lieun* haiiiig been dc- 
viib tlacb, am) iIm laUo aftd 
' iritk red, ink. It ■ppoar« dso 
I bMA rv^> tinl«<l or minted 
rilk A light £r««tt oolovr: thi« f-m- 

S' " fajk* bean ut »ldttion to ilic ^ri* 
tkvtL'lt ; nnl it is tot int|iroli4l>]D 
vboo ItiG «i(i9l (whoever lio laaj 
hlfw becft) b«L ooJourod tbu rL«<fr- 
qMTcd lioth, ficdinx li« bad iimo And 

~"~'. lo apnrrs br w»>t«il bulb by dU* 

iRf Uic liur ai «-dl m tbe licod* 

» of eeicnl of tli« oScan of tbe 

iih rf«pHit (o tbp period rhf lbn# 
ftt or aboQt whicb tbii akvlcb wu 
dAwn, v« bnvc lut lomtwiiat doubttbl 
nddu- Tbc nor-l '^ Hcnricm," anil 
itt obttr«M«r of (be liandivritUg, load 
lalbe M]('|>oattiiyi llai it vu nuul* Id 
tkt timo of Uaaf7 ibd Fourth, Fifth, 
QATiog b««n uiublo Co div^orrr atay 

MiUiciBlic dncriptioA of the Court <if 
£icl»t]vrr of etlhet Kncland or Trc- 
Uad U llUf period of tfiiMs I b_Ave 
bWD oUigod to nJtr to *acb ukcicot 
woriu aft ure come wiUun my n^t 
•ad aeeiiMd to bo Ukel^ to ofiord in* 

nferencM (ath« Cbancc-ry rvrorOs of 
Inkiidf and tt\*o lo tho original rocorrJ* 
of ibe Irbh Etckeijuvrt to which 1 
bUI DOW r«JfT at briefly us ihe >uh* 
jCvt liill admit. 

"Tho Kjtcb^iiCT (mvh (JcTTaTij dc 
Tilburj, tli^ ]iu;<{K»od eiuiIiot cf llif 

*Dift]ogti> ScACCAni,* vnlicn in Ibo 
jr«ttr 1177) ii a '^ua;lra:^lar Ubio of 
ten lv«t i» l**V^ und five f««t in 
IjrrJdih, placed IiJec a dintii|;-tdMo b6* 
fbrepiiraU,faavi«gona]lniiIc3 iburdcr 
O^ &ar iochcat laart any lUioff placed 

thf'j-aon »hoaM fjill from it. Ami tbere 
b pUccd on>n (bo upper Ejccbv^ucrft 
doth bouffdt in Eait^r U'nii, not uf tli« 
onllauT hiarl, Siil« >«>n&rftt^ by 
line* dittant irum each atW to iIiq 
extent of 47lth?r a f»ot or a bond's 
brdnlthn And in ihv fpoocs thfrrf nre 
counten," Ac. M4dni mj* that " the 
KxchLMiuerwa^m hH jrrobabdttycalkd 
tcacatritm, 1ivcau*a « uboqacr^ cloUl 

f^urod wilb i<)Uiitvd llko a cbw-* 
bnanl wu nnckntly wont ta be Jahl 
en tho UbU in tJifl courl or plaoo af 
tbjLt D;LiQor but Skonv-, <tff verinom 
ScfMxiarmm, ohtKnK», ^^UtborJ ibinkb 
tbAt Mtuccariam it iQ catlod a <utiA^- 
tudine luJi tfocehorvnt duC l*^ \h^ plajft 
cf (Le (ij?«; becnuM mony pi:rMni« 
conirvciiia ia ibo clitrci?^ U idiryo iWr 
cauiM cnDtrare ulhenkiLi jif llicywvro 
fvehtflud in axil! arraytd bultdl, <|nhilk 
b (be iarmv and ordour of iIk said 
pluya." Thcra apmn hamr^vor ia bo 
hat little doubt tiiat the Etchi;quer 
Court d^riTBf iu mine fjoni ilic fumta^ 
iah^iy dr «boqoonid «loifi» wliioli wnu 
uicieally proridfd fof tliv ooiirt tivico 
a year, and vbich ia rtiU (o be l^>u&d 
npoR Uio l«bloof that oourC- 

Tbc f rindpal offii^crfl ^vajt Matbxf) 
of iJto groat or iitpcrior Excbeqaer 
ncre tlic t*To rcniciobnaaocaai tho iii- 
grovftvr of liio fETcat rolli the uthor, tha 
cooatablo. tlic manhal, tbe auditors, 
and tlt« oiork of tho otrcalj . and tbe 
poii:io4i or »eal« of tbo principai j ud^vs, 
aa voll a« of tbo inferior uwmber* of 
the couft, luf do>vribed in tho Z>iWij|^« 
«/« .Stiiccan^ trore u folioiv :-*- 

At tbo four tlitn of Ihft Kichegaer 
ihon in placed foar Kaii or bencbM. 
At (hi; bead of the Eichequcri that i«, 
ivhe»ilia breadrh li. (n ihe m1rlJt»,nol of 
ih«*cat,bucof tbc Eich^vpr. ii th« flmx 
uf the l^Indpal(prfArirfi4fiiJ. loilc Dtat 
Mat on hit Infl hand ia Out Cliaucallor; 
afttr bin aa ordiiurT kni^tjt. whom ire 
«U % CODfliibb I *fl«r him (vo Chan* 
bcrUinai aA«rtbc*t ihokmcbtconunanlf 
utiod tlw Marabal; aad lODiotlDiaa otherv 
nv uitreduoad tf lb«i« l» abicnt, ftsd *OBi«- 

* Verar plicfd orrr the Kin^'i Hichequcr «bm il wu at Woodatook . ?5 U«d- III. 


Ths Court of&ehtquer in Ireland^ 


tlmei even vben thej hto prevent, if tbo 
aathoritf of IhoM aomiDttctd bj tbs King 
be ibch tint the^ ought to gire pUce to 
thecn^ Aod tbi« is tbo diiposition af tha 

On the second beocb, which U on the 
long ude of the Eicbuqucr, En the chief 
•eat ]l placed the clerk or other urtant of 
tbe Chambcrlaint, with the countcr-taLIiei 
of receipt I next to himt and after in; of 
thaie who are not Mated there e^ offlciOj 
but are lent bj the Kin^, t]iere ii a placu 
In the middle of the side of ibe Eicbequer 
for him who takct tbe account bj tha 
ranging of the couaten; after him lome 
not ex offlciif vet tkecesHrj, At the rad 
of that bench in the tat of (he clerk vbo 
la Bet over the ScripioriurHt ftnd he liti ur 
^vio, Tlim rem hive tbe dlipoaiUon of 
tha lecond bencb. 

Bat to the rtght of the preiHinR jodife, 
and in the flnt placci lits tbe prcicnt 
bl*hop of Winchciter not tx i^eiQ, bat 
under a recent appointment, m urder that 
ha mar nt next to the Treaiurer, & eppty 
bimAeff diUgmtlj to the writing upon the 
roll. Aner bim the Troaaorer nt the top 
of the lecond [third ?] beoch on the right 
hnnd, Next after him nMs his clerk, who 
ii tbe writer of the Treasury roll. AfLcr 
him a writer of the Chancerj roll, After 
him the chancellor'a dark. After bim, at 
the bottom of Ibat beach. <iia (be oon' 
itabie'i clerk. And ihia is the deaortp' 
tion of tlie third bench. 

On the fourth bench, «Lich ii oppoiitc 
to the jiuticiarr, at the lop ftita Maiter 
ThoniBH Brown with the third roll, latelj 
added bf the King, becauie, ai It li written, 
'*a threefold cord in not eaait^ broken," 
After him tlie iheriffi ft tlieir clerki, who 
■It to acooant with teltici and other ne- 
eeaaary thingfl. And th1> ii the diipo- 
altioD of the fourth Kat. 

It IB Apparent from itiia discHption 
of the Court as it Appeared In the time 
ofllenrj 11- that it b<^arfl but n very 
Blight rcflcmblnncc to the court as t\e* 
pictAil inoiirekctch ; slif^ht howcTcrns 
tho rcscniblunutf i§, wc ^itlhcr from it 
tbe Tact that the sbcnHtt an J their 
clerlu then aat to account in (he Kx- 
cbcquor at a time when the ccuirt was 
compoeed ofits principal members; ami 
that in EdwnnL tho Seeood's reign tho 
Treasureri liarotifi Chambcrlaina, nnd 
other officers iiat m plenn Kmccari/t upon 
tbe proflera of vherilTd utxl other ao- 
oountants U nhown hv the Memornniln 
lloti or the KngliaSi K^cbcqucr, 5 
K-lw. 11.,* when the Earh of Pem- 

broke and Hereford, and other m^' 
1late^ came to the court, and with 

threats dirct-'tcd the Bishop of GoTeo- 
trj and Lichfield to act nu longer aa 

Uj)on referring to the Calendar to 
the Patent and CEojiu Itolli of ibe Iriah 
Chanccrv, pp. lOA and 108, wo ftod 
that in the latand4Cb jearaof Riohud 
tbe Second, tbe Court of ExcheqiMr 
in Ireland cunaiatecl of a Treaaurara 
Chancellor, a chief and two puime 
Barons, two Chamberlaina, two £ii- 
KToaacra, the Trcaaurer'a clerk, tb* 
King's Attornuj' of the Kxcheqtwri 
Chief Uemcmbraucer, tbo Secood 
Remembrancer, Summoniater, Trwi« 
scriptorof the KaErcats, Ibe Chaplmiiit 
Marahal, and Usher. These rccorda 
present to ua a court composed of fiva 
juilijCEi ami twelve oHic^ra, and con* 
Betjucntljr fail to cnnvej a true pictuni 
of it oa it i^ girexi in our skeLch, wbieh 
in cokiiposeil of but twelve Ggurea, ax- 
cluaive of that at the bottom, whom I 
tako to bo a ebert{r and not a luember 
of the court. 

Elizabeth, acting under the adrioi 
of tier Troaaurer Bur^hlej« wai ex- 
trcmelj anxtoua to rcforin the Iriflb 
£sche<iuer, and to moke tbe praotioa 
of (be court nnaloaoua to that of 
Kn gland, and for tTiiH purpose abo 
transmitted to Ireland a jUook of 
Orders, nbich contains the fol lowing 
entry : — 

IteiDi the Hirom of the oaide Excbe- 
qqar & all other officers aod rDiniitm 
of the same Courte, shall geve theire dill- 
gctit atroDdaunca in the lamo Conrto M 
crattino Saneti MichatHt and crMttino 
ei^titi PoaeAtf, vereliir tliere to lake Jh 
ncrjTB the pronerfl of all and lingular 
abrrTea,eschetarat acrncEhallesorBtfwardi 
of liberlieB. & bajlifTes accomptable In tho 
Bome HiobeqaoT, fee. accordlnge to tbo 
aancient coarse of tlie sd^de Eicbeqaori 

Tins rcconl however fjiils to throw 
mucb, if any, light upon the tiauret iJi 
the skelch ; and even the following, 
iiltliough it ijoes more fully into .par- 
ticulars, afford? but little aid towards 
ihjit <ibject. It is remfirkablc however 
ns ^iviufj; precedi-nce to the Treasurer 
bcfurc the Cbaneellor of ihe Ex- 
ebcipier, and 1 aliall ns^^umo it to bo 
the fui't that the Treaanror was the 
principal judge of tho fri^h Ex^ 

Madci, rol.i. p, 9G7. 


n^ Omr4 t*f RtfiKf^tttr ^ Irtiimi 


It chu timit wlisii OCT tktUh 

)ltt*nb<l». ikil 4iir iW rfgte hMOf^ 
^iM vbi dlfvi af tht Htnm ft 

>0<^ -iPK^r^Sir PruicU 

UK** ' '-' tlH! ri;ll<, kn 

M «B(D .-I ujiiL^i.ji.'/^* j*o»l muEtfln of 

««mIL flu-- AAd U>» lord dti^ulT bcdni 
M m t^ bi|Lli«>l tcDcb of tLc Couto, 
«i t^ lord dktrir bivro» ««t tb« lovUr 
rflW Kullt on hji trft hud, aniJ MuUt 
ilET'llirwvrrTli: ihe lofd ftvcbcM ^nd 
tfr. CbaiuiccUM of U« Excfcciqucr op kli 

fnrf uniAeBll la^ Kvraia «kd tbc Vt^'t 
nSMtU ictt ou UiG lower bfihtiie*, llif 
C«tt/W pracniM u> IW «itl iaqtiir, ^t. 

I pfonaac nov fo take in TVii«« iIm 
dl£ff«nt G-rqrv> of truf fkvlcb, <n«n- 
mtmrnna wiU iha tiaber. iviio ii pbccd 
rtllw «iirt»v r«fai and «l Ibfi lop 

ftlid vniliiw viU Iba •faerld; vbo la 
Mtfcd at ibe lalk it Ihc fixM of ibc 
ikltfbt Sbl mhom bnO U vurvnni itidi 
AC^nf ft iwculiu- fi>nu- 'Xlarccftn 
\m littit doubt tkftl lfa& «xclanatiock4 
wlMi t^wc e ai m ii vijr« ftnu Urn 
mmuIm of i!tm wvcrai %urv«, ind aUo 
Ika wwnli tint appor up«ii tbe pumh- 
vmt wfcicfa U« pCuml in the liuidi 
tiOtrr* of iW offiotn, tko^ U>« uronlf 
Qpm tlia tbotifTt Ci|S wc ial«»ikd 
to GonrBt th« nilunr (if Ibo oAoc lliat 
««• Mil bjr oacb oi Uio«o |«r*oD«i «U 
ibu tmkiad I laT« iuif iwl lo thta 
ibf IbUaiitiif uOcm: I, to tlia 6|urv 

to cJh 1^ cf lb« ttfbtr Iko dOoe «f 

vepad RmeulmiiMr ; 3, lo has Ml 
u piMvl Um iddof rciDsiDhriftGer; H. 
Av funviwuitfr to lb* l> A bf iIm 
eUcf ronnbrxiccr; 4. ibc [iur*ui- 
TMli ftml, A, Uw Qunhar 'ihiM 
ottiiitj iLc upper b«Beki Upon ik« 
bndi t« tbe lift of tint pktvn wt 
biv« Uu«« figorcf, \ha «p|tf iu(«( 1 

luEclic(|iicr( inKttttcftUtjr benciLiU Itiiu 
bprobftblv ibo ckMccllir of i1r> ttMrU, 

mil iLm Mini uiiLj \n! Uiv lfi-MUii;r. 
OppoffU lo tike jii4%>M am] at Um bar 
va b«T«, u I prVMiiH, tbrue -uiton 
W i MM f tr i to ihe oourti aiv^, b»Uf, 

u I hiiT« dretdj ob«rrvv4, w« haro 
Ikv ibcrWMMMil aloM at Uu> Ubb. 
Tiih nimEB. 

lljiitaoan liT»i)Exjjbo]Uiairraoard* 
<J' $ iam. II., dial wtt«n Jobn D^m- 
laok BC*I -lobn ik Kgjwncr* wm m\^ 

StntcO usti^Tn f A<i«AwY«) </ Ilia Kasliib 
;ch>Hiu^r, iht InroDi lirnccUd Iheoi 
Co ctU90 ibc co<jrl lu be Arnilj do«cii 
at ftuoaet aixd tiot to be i^m opened 
until aunriK ; that patoaa for wbocn 

ihcTTin every nhgtit; and tlitit tJiDX 
nhould not pmii a caixlk or Any fira 
li> b« thiinin IniradoMiS, ao tbat, la 
aiiuliTtx '^lAffrvdii, "ihfl Kiiiff*! nvordt 
vbicb ner« Liid up llMrr9 lul^lil bo ^n 
micijr." And« mj* the aQtk« of He 
I>Ib1oj3[UI tj« ^tM«<«rio, Orf ii 4pmiu 
aiint in ^m Auoaan'om wii'Jif. fM- 

llie fbUoiriB|EibMjiiiuGnt liu mUtion 
IpO tba uabt/a roba, wliioh it appcara 
vu bjr in anciimt L-iuUiin lA ImftAil 
nip|>bc>d l<i hiu t>7 iha «h«ntf cf iba 
couatj of Dublin onoe CTvry jcnr. 

Dt jt rm«nbm4 tbtf Jote QtruJ tba 

dcpulf uf UvUu d« PUiBoa lli« lubr* of 
ihu Richrrjaer pfonwdrf A|»io«t Jobn 
DtffpaliiDk Ikr tberiff of DnbUn fw the 
r«d of 'iOri. far t>bu^ Mm Atrth l to irkub 
tUc aliCtilT rrplJW thai \i •■! iu>l Ibo 
f ubtain for dd^ thtttS i» p»j Kht mhcr an/ 
fM Hifl the fimB (fflfflfv) b« had (« vbtn 
h« HM bfihf qwvm^ «hiE;b ba ii fMdf to 
fitfi vnA ibc Ucaaiifcf tM/1 lMi<Ma»flVU' 
tLdcriaa Cbai tb> abcriff had urd hit fova 
t9trv9t» be *v ivom, »Dd Ui*l it «m 
a»tt^ d«teri#raltd nad »f I<4« talw llu* 
ivllVD h' toot b^ OkLb, thcT Ml^^K^ bfS 
to iiOf tbc nihcT hit dtmmd. {Ur«'>* 
Nndi RoLJ ^rncf: HA- A Rd*. 11. u. IB), 
tij Ibc EctduA Eiiluum of tbe £«• 
rlieqvor of Jrvland of tbc |jt Hen. V, 
it apfwars lliat it iWnivrJ t ji^Jt t^f tba 
dotjr '^f the tiiboJ* to Rippiv Ibe court 
And rti offii-'en with parcbiucrkl, iak, 
and other scccaMtioa. Tho foUi>wu^ 

Ii^i, tba uibar in Uio year U14 

Kor 18 ^oiaa h 4 ahfoa of pAtdi- 

mrAl 97 4 

Oh i-vtifa ft • '* pjrBl " of M , »• M 
Poor pomd & tbrof ptnay a«v|bt 
ofinvii oai . . 3 11 

IV- ^ 

1W ban for boldint ibo booka of 

the iwa i;li«aiJ>trkaiiw . fi 

• Ua4oi,t«l.iLH,^lb 


7^ Cnirf t>f JZrcktyutrj' m Ir^lanA. 


f. i. 

■luWa 4 

To A ilrftDfD mAn fEir corrTlof ■ 
cbftt A; diTcnboalci oi>i;l4imc<d 

thrrrin from l^t- hnn«* nT EiI- 
nUMid Deris in vhE«U tbr Ex- 
Ci«qWf WH loictjr brM tc tliD 
ho«» In v-bich it ii do* bel4 . „ ^2 
To <I!v«c« B(r«ii^ Enc««flii|cra 

Irlicn to dUcn cDipiitCi oi 
writ to >1niiiC«r u to LeiiuCvr, 

lb A iTArpHitur tii»kmg f^r a daf 
In ibv fha|ii7l of ihi? ICichn|D*r 
«■ 111 the rrocipt tbcreor aiAknf 
fortni {/^fwnlBM) ud dlTCfi 
cllwr uDccwk* liere ■ . .„ C 

For tinibcf tar tte «uno . , „ U 

Ta tbi* officer kito n«rc coamiitted 
'' tbon vbon Uie court IjoU ordffrcd to 

I b« t«koiX >iit» cuptody, for wboH iltivl. 
flEc- the lubfiT WM vDliLlod to ih« foU 
I loirUif pajinenUt ofl App«arA b; the 
r 3d«RiarttmU KoH S4 & S^ BUje. m, 45. 

Hiv »nvni1t rftirarrf priKObcm ri>rlbeir 

> «caninUtiiiBOti adJ dWiU voniAlltod front 

litr Mtj«4tyV Courts of BAcbtf^Qor ai foU 

lofftfth (til Irish moufljr); 

Th« ««H«, rnuiF, or *ba«ptm&— 

for bi> ocmiiiittiDciit # ^ 13 
ror hte diet by y' dayo . • G 
fV^ bkrran or iDrd— for liU 

coinftbTi«nt > , .30 
forbl« Jifi by 7* da^ , , ^ 
Th» koiKht— for lui ooBuU* 

tnont < i i> AO 

for btj JL«t 1^ J' di^ . .01 
i;.Tk> etqidor— wi 

-for hji comitt- 
nent .... 
br bii dlfit bj r* diyc . . 
) gffQtdinaa— for \x\$ oomitl- 
uirut ■ 

for lui di«t by jr* diyc . 

'Th« joofnia— for bli eomlll* 

DFOt » .0 

for bu diol by }<= di^, . 
r Tbttbttib«nilaiiw— farlilicoiDJlU 

mcTiC , . 

for bia did by j* d*yo » • 

By ibc folloving record wc baro a 

r<lidlitii;t recognition of I Uo u«b«r'A xtAlT. 

inthcfkctchiioUclcujnhot) nt holding 

^il batou in fail rigbt liuid while lo » 




at ibc ume timu lu Unj jujL uT atiqi]aivg 
out of tbo ronrt lod juljouminf it bjp 
CxdftiaiDjr a firnuia, " to-niorrow ; 
UmI It may bo Oibforvoi that tbo crier 
ftt tbk day AflJoiLmt th^ court hy HV* 
ing Abod, "To*tticim>v- God mvo tbfl 

IiMo, th« otvhvr of ibo nid Evdir^nOf 
tb^n ffTfc bii Atlonduineo dSiftolliw vppoa 
the Mid Coorte d*yll« ftam the Artte 
o|icnj«go to tbU^loBii^F of lb* ■&»« C««v<, 
to mboiB offiM il dotbo al>o beJottfO to «o 
the boutfi «U«n ths lAid Couri* h kcpi« 
to bo dotntr "itbout uiy iKiynp, «lghE«o 
or ttTOun, uid al«o tbo dorvi cf the hum 
to bo iurotto undo ond lockf<i wbtfo tbo 
Courto dotba not iltt. Itfin, frbon tbo 
Bftfoni doo altt in the ittdc Conito. tho 
hU DMboT BBiul* lia th4n wick liU iKtIo 
tXttHe ia hii btndo rrdio to nu» rilmc lo 
be krptc vhtfA ihK Aevotn]it«uofv tnd 
otb«r oSiym h« thrrr. tokm uJ tn- 
plo^. Andftltc to mike Ofn* Hod pro- 
cUiAJiiluo u (he Coatic ibAfl nmitBBuado* 
[quE«ii mjs&TjcU>'« Of Jfin,l 

Jl i* not my Uitontion Co tttODpl m 
ilctfvription of Ibo datic« oftba amni] 
offioon of ibo £xobo<|U«r TurllMr tliNia 
it pppctj* to bo ueceMorvrorlb^dnoi- 
djitioii of our tkctob; biit I tokj bs 

pcrbapo cxouiwl for obsfrriog tbat U 
lOfiii(»L part of ihe u^hvKF Jufy iii 
Kn^lAOtl to fv^(^ivi> \\ta biiwk.*, pildir^ 
vUtct ntc<Uc«i liorfle^bijc*^ kiurc*, dog«t 
utd otb«r iblaid, wbldi tviuatt ui 
chief irore bound to rentier to tho 

Klu/> ui fur liikEaii(x:i in tlw !>lb Etlw. 
If. 200 pi^rniftinEL sod t«fl auks of 
irJitovcTr jiaidfVirlhenUAOrofBoVD^ 
baiu hi Norfolk \ tbo pcvnuiai were 
dolivi^Tvd to John da K^Moitf^ Ibo 
ttslur, to he icnl lo tho IreAsvnrr'i wil^ 
ind tho wiae to bo topi by hka lUI 
tb<i trwotiir*!- o«Rt« to tho Rxchoqtior. 
By the rcccirk of the Iri«h Ubtacwj 
tiul Eiccho^Qtfr I iind thAt tb« tuber 
in Iroliind woi tbo tvcDpiatit on lb« 
CrOTn't bohftlf of (Ainofigit otbcr 
thiiigo) a gciahflirk from CTFArrell CinOt 
of ivto pAif- of glovoo llnfJ with naor- 
llii'afiir froiri tUG tordiofUoiTr]}, of % 
rod roM iVoni thir ftiinily oflUtb uf 
DuIUrditovni fwrpAir of tuned glo TOO 

uid a pound oTpeppor fromtfac KDiffhU 
of St. John of J^ruMhlem, k hinrk tram 

It (BijfeL bo En thi rfinollfcllon of miiiy pcricnt ibM 1b« paritb hMdl« »>■ («ad 
«illl b) vonl tc prdfftCff ttie mdia^ of prockmidiDiUt by MjioftO yoil 
yc«l O JO I TJkii «ioliimftCl«n if o cit>nu|iiloo of lli« NonoAu.Frvudi vvd <^iUf 
1 by tke procUimrr by «r>y of reqveit to tho bjo-iUoden to " bow " vhtt hid 


Th0 Cf>uri ef Sjt^kt^u^r m Ii'tSand^ 


jpuv fonn Uic priory of 8l- JohN't 
w^ml ^mpM^ Dubib, A cut ^^f 

rl blooD» iriMB (be IkloDoDiwIb of 
GEuM, » l»one and % p«ir oif ipun 
AoB th» O'NmIca or DruiDRiorr, ft 
l^r of gilt ipm nvm tiw fliiaiiy of 
fbillq)*, D fur borvi froca ih# BourlcM 
if U^ro witb UieM worcb engraved in 
aUiRMi* ffjit rcACo, Andiron Iho 
ii^BottrkM a f»ir chiofliorvo ouil • piece 
«f guldwUh thcwirorda tliet^on en- 

AiB LoBD THKAsrniTiiM t>ft &&coin> 

ofieer. Uii buabuM priacipillT con* 
wa«cU la mttiiog prccoH agt£nfC riterilTt 
cmJ other AOfxmnUnlJL 'JV parch* 
ncftl llut u |>UG«<i bfifort lum m our 
■LMch conuitu ^uae wortb, Prtct^* 

i^ ^^ rttvemmti p^ t^rifi99 hujvr 
SoKoanj: ^it wu coramnnded ibo 
»beriir by 1 vrit ol* iLia t^cbequcrf 

uid it apptii^ra to tac that ibcj wcrv 

used by Ui« Arli»L to d«icn1w to officer 
irboH cbief emploTmctit m* to Uko 
ODTO Uiot lAifTiiu »ed oilicni vtm a-«rc 
ftccotiatabJc Co tb« CratTD ihould pny 
tht thtrnvj collected hj \htm, lod por- 
ionn iJui iMlior duties Uul ircrv in- 
dikait to ihtit cdkoi- 

Tttt Ctriftr KiMuaMAXcfeji. 
The Qncm'ff or»beba*be«n m Iro- 
~ unuD/ caltvtl the Clu'uf Bvmcm* 
for Ml (an Mndni in hU fliirtory 
of the ExiC^^incr of Irctmid siyx) "n 

Ha II remembBrflJ ihii oa Cu i^iU July, 
3^ Edir. I, mmouri hiviac bvi^n hranl tit 
tlip (loAlb of tb« Hid Kin^j it vnt ordi^red 
br t}ic OMo«Uor, Trwurttf, tnd giLors 
or Ibfi Coanull, tbtf eb« fo^tjr it( ihv dU- 
leni nod frac tciuau of UubtldH Drofcbcdn, 
mill MnaThiilioal'J be ttkeu. (Mcuoroikilk 
Roll, I Kdir, n,) 

He h rciACiuIicrcJ thiit K-'cimU'l TnLlmt 
cfttbc befort ITm IkmiiH khJ ^rliverfil tn 
SUphcD Bi»bap of Limfilcl, ibt Tft4. 

ofCavtvltoa Dalk«j, And the uid hnvlt 
bdfiff tncontinoBtiy *r«n uU c^ALnvd bj 
HwlVcuurvr *nJ Uarou*, I( «»a fuuacl to 

be uuonu <t tnahifiM «j? nulhut •eahH§- 
(42oad4AEd«> J[l.) 

He iC r*nifr(n])«iT>tl > ilist il wb* fnijiid 
bj loquklriiia tliAt a fill i^nlle [j«naj« 
worlb tOOi^ (Uc irrvpciijr tC Juiba P«7|>v, 
ilarop of Sorynei, tbc Kln^'* d«bti>r, at 
Kfikamt:, Itni ooida to Ibo bonds of the 
abbot of Mux'* Abbey, nnr Dublin. 

be It rcmriDbcrod, lh*l It wjt found by 
Inquititioii that I>4niL!{h O'lk^rinoCB, laif 
Allbojr, AD IHiliiDAn, irnl of tbti Iritb 
bliwd mnl haUuii, nufntljr, of ibe 0*i>jrr- 
molcai Irub ciiemLi* of iht Kins, vai re- 
CoiTod taabiugeM InLo tho LibvrtjM of 
Ibe Hid town. (3 Hen. VJI.; 

Be it rfiraembvred, that Edaioncl Spen- 
■er. featlrm*ii, tbc iKFriai (jtfnvMjJ* of 
<b« uiaat iHibU Attbur («»!«. lUron da 
Wilton* came into the Excbn^ver la per* 
tun, «iid prijod ciprtiln IclCcn ^r tbe 
Qiutn to beenn^od. (SI-31 ELx, m. 109.) 

De U rencmbcred* tbal tbv juror* t*y 

th4< JoltQ WftrJe, Tifdrof MauitdfeCdtfeA, 

■old by reUll, to ivii, b; the flof oo, inkOo, 
quart, 4Dd pioE, dirfn QNOBurM of ale 

ran to btro Wo ftiwAyt dcpo«Il«<l, 
ttiUi iiiaoy other rvoonl) be bod 
Lbe ouCOfly eir the Uenior^nda RolL 
OV Reittombraik^^ft of the Kxcheqtier- 
Uoooe It I* xkaX vo 1^1 Dpon tbvr piircb< 
mvAl vktcb ibo utifi hu ptw^d id the 
hud of that cdlicor lo out akctcb tbo 
votili JliemtnuidtaK tpu^ H^cimo tHe 
ACMJt&& Ibc wbidi iTordj form tbi: f>m- 

mancvoaeni of tbe oumervuH ajid rcry 
Ouriolu and intfrrvftinf; enrol niontB 
wUeharc (ob9 found uj>uu ib««vMQiuo- 
raMU BoUi. t bavfl nvTifrrBd ro th--^o 
Tmrww UcTOoraJida to be found upon 
ibfln froiD tbo time of-Kdmord L to n 
very ftccot poriol, I Jiato mtdo, at rin- 
^lOMi tte foUowti^ Mkotiooa : 

The SrHHoxiKTKA. 

Tbu duty of (bb oUiu^f coDsiHicd in 
Tirvipjirioff uid if«tjinj[ tlio prvoou oil- 
J(;il ibe summoEUi of the Gn-en ^Vaz. 
Tho^fiirc ill our fJcctcli ilcieriptiro, 
aa I tAko it> ol'thii oOiccr rei In tlic not 

ofprcparin^T'^ ^^^ fur u wiil h^ ob- 
scrvi'd ibui ibe piece of piLrchuicrit 

ujKih nliiclj be U mating I* pUocd tn 

A mAnncr diflereut from tbut in which 
the iinrcboioni tt plocod be(i>Te the 
i;bii-/&[id Efc^'oiLdltuinijEfibr&iicenb Tbe 
lAtt<rr ir^a' what i« lonuod MtroTtin^ 
oflicur^, anil enCrioa vrerc made upon 
thi'tr rolU by placing ibem brcndthvrlfV 
before tbc wrrtFT, who wrote net jtlong 
Ihe full cxloniof th« kbia of (^ai^cb- 
*racD^ but from didif to tide; vbi!«, on 

* TbiaMTriMivei tbaonlbetof Ibe' 
, Ua«i. Vol. XLUI. 

Ftene Onrenr/ 



Ui« Other hand, Uie cl«ri[ who firqwod 
Uw «Hu wjolo upon tUe |j«nAin««l 
1angiliwb«, u it iv tlopicud in Ui« 
•keub* ThcfFummo&iiiTwntfbniieilr 
oaiunon«Mt,uitd<fQBfti ihts d^y^wiu 
tiifi Tuune of iho tvaguing itKHuiv}i, ami 
t^ «otiia upon tbo aiiittiBOffibUr'« vtnt 
arv, in m inuiilAtiNl form. ""Ucfir; 
hf tbo gmov of n<)iJ/' li ttU] bo ob- 
MTTcd that Uik offioer u rvprc9tDl«i 
« in Um not of v TiLng ujioa pirdiPWAl 
wliieh i* |iImoO upon Li* kn«». Tbi» 
vu DCii tn unitviuJ mode cf ivrrtinjrT 
«iul, ioil«ed, il B tttlll procliAod inXur- 

alBcie to tbo boHTiM ^pire IP 4UWl4»D t 
llMi, lilt MfenluOl vf tba aaJCoVf* 
ihAU ffc«* hit dilJgMC an<«cJ«ao« lker« a 
the dctETniyuilQii of crtrj ac<Do»pt f«ld- 
tngc ID open Coiirtfl btfan ttw Biroai cf 
tbo Mid En:(ii.->i^uor, and bo i«d th« A«- 
iliUtf Uicrc ■ikL^dBi iLqJI u«>L layf^ thit 
■nnaaii of wrr^c tiu:b« aceouipt ofioilf to 
Uic pUrnt Coorte U|>iiOft ihu dcimDVi^ I 
lion or tliQ vmr. [Slbtbvilb't Ordmi 
for tbc triib EiiThr|uer.J 

The TrrftHmrr, tit the niuiie im-j 

otfier example Iri ibowii in tht vivvr of tfouurci thejtraumvtitum htUi ttt?nm^ 
**'XUtt Conn of iho I^^po," an oM ilmw mnAim porw. lie l» pI^anL at the foot 
b£ pomtjwLat rtBCiubIii>g lli« iirffcitt, of tho jiicl;irc« u^wt the Icfl-haiul siJv, 
vEich isffiT^n in •former number of 
tike CtaitkaaD'sMi^uino (Oct IMa), 

The mw^ Erid frrcw rrimmu*^ loid 
uc Ki iLv lUpiHuiliuiii lliut tlie fiaurc 

pUc«d to tJu! left of tbe luiiJinuuifttn' 
1* iha Dunuivnat, 4S U vrta Ihe dalr of 
that ofuoifr I9 >ci u uK'eBitif;ir tL> tbo 
court hj currytttg iu vnU itnd mm- 
inoiif^ tu thi- Hbtrrfla nud otiicr pvr* 
voD> lo irtiojn xhcj were nitdrcuvJ. 
7^il< olSrer. ViVv liiK tnorf* hiimhT« nt^ 
|ircwnLitit« of the prt-jriit daj, the 
Crdinarj bflililT oftfo axptricncc^d end- 
tomftlioiut and irioloni tr«i«tinoiit whoa 
OigMgtd ID tlio execution of bb ofHoc. 
IbontExcbcqucr rtcunl« of InrUud 
tfford muij- pooffl of tbu fact, but 
q»Me viil tfotnclv be aiR>rdcd inc for 
mor« than the folloning : — 

TliOlnA* t>i>*ijft, ■ JCb^r'v mcurikHCC 
(mriHr}, bm^ ocrtAln M^tfu t> hima 
Mnvnjt nujOTof DroghctdB, upon A-hit'li 
ooailon btf HiU 10 lk« m?MnnE<^, *■ Zif 
fou tocne tbj b<l«, Hmvo no mon vvch 
vrttl*. netb)T veb cooninnindcmeiDli i" 
■nd M ■ taUp dijr ho iJ#o «lif CO Mb, 
■* Ym f*]eh«rlol, nbal Joithou hoie } 1 
bH liaclr yct lUoa BL^bvltlltl ruiri ikiricjit 
btfO ^ <ueb wrltta tjo ffu-sot^'* [U«> 
nonnd* iUU, 30 Urn. VI. lacrn. 29.) 

Tna BtvHiuiAL- 
lliupj »pjx»rv i» tbu akctcb uollitng 
irlicreli; it mikj Wdctrrmlncd thnt tlict 
Cgure iilfti:«d At l!ie rxtrf^mo lofl t> tlie 
OMnbal of ih« uoun. 'J'biB rfOccr, 
bo«i!T«r, wan, a* ih^^ fi^Uiiiving ffi^onl 
ibo**, btrund to Ottt-iiJ thi- etiurtirhen 


of ihc ^ 

mid to th« rigbt uf tbe port!/ fitfon} 
who it rfproonted with n njt wbieh 
fi;Kiiib1e« ft modurn uij^ht-cap upon 
biAhiuiil In tlv Knf^brqiior «t tini 
day ibv c^bkf of the court »!» aC tlitt 
cxircmc ri|tbt>«hil>t iatiicolberoanrtfli 

of law tbe povitiDii of th« jodgW li' 

dilTerent. in our ikotcb tbccbid'fOal 
htAt u I oonctirci b«jn gifcm to Ui« 
Trtnjiuivr^ ^Vujt <if iprLoc [trOT<ttU 
tnj entering upon tbi- vnrioUB iuCi:rvttt' 
ing mutter* ctiimcclcd vrith the Iritb 
Trctt>un-n of tbe K^chv^ucTi of wbom 
Eiutofd a pleuinK blMorj luigbt be 
written- t uiuH pus (<vcr the well* 
kdowD M««tccr Wilter Oc Jalclcn, 

who wltK two jUBtlow of tbe Kiu^a 
Bcoeh wu tent to Kilkcaiuy Ui ilia 
jutr IJ34f tu utaAuv certsdi) iiiL|idriiev 
wiili r^jux^l la the AAlebnie') aam of 
Aljee kjteJt&,* who wm tccQiod of 
sorcerj. Nor ctQ i dvell iifon tbft 
t*raa vhereio Jcibii do M^ltnuo, tli* 
ilcputj of tb« Ui«bo|) of 8«itfburj^ 
ihe Ti«t«u«ff of Ir«iaiiiJ« in Uie j«as 
1307, wu Brrovtod «nd oonfiuod in tbo 
Cm(Jc of Dublin for M««rtEug Ik i^bl 
to tbe prcbcod of llaathf nlihoagh 

Mutur Afoltoun wu aulod in E^ 

clftim ^T n conuniivian under tbn ftrcnt 

smI of EuH[]And- I niuit liM) 

the cnrQliDcut Uei^iptiic of 

tb4l one WilliiLiJi Bailer eall«d . _ 

rorlloitcr ihf. Trcmurcr, "o Irdtor'* 

iu itie tbfii^ vf Kdnard %\i'c Fouittif tiid 

mueb inoro of a fimilar kind. 

iberiiT wfl* jwlJiiij^ bis nccxmntl tween 

Ttio portlj judge vrbo u Mftted be*] 
een the Buod aikd tbo l>esffurct{j 


W* Cottri ofBjftha^er m fr^tftnJ. 

wA «f vhoni U iBi;f in tratb be mM 

ik^fmu wmm *JiH nisi vmgnU oemum 

m^df^ u, V I concviTT, Uto Gnuii- 
oAr of tbc Exchequer Thia m^ 
vfe puU u* In aalAd oi ikoaa ll«4* ef 
Ik * Bonftacfi of tlic Ro«(* vihi/^ 
jitUe to ibe or^n of ro^tj >— 
Ua |mJ vIlAlft CBtr'coi duraii 
Im fioM oan dt Muni n'iU ftrnot, 
£c pin MTMf ccle KragoMr,* 
l> fit ir«*i pdm #t ■c^ g DCMt 
Af>d ht nvalls in our momorv al«> 
Ife qtlUjih of Aotbooj *^ VrAieaw'f— 

He CXcJoilM Viiit dift^ m Usna vUidi 
ilde*cnb«d In ourUv dir^lioaarjN u 
'VcrilAlem ilicvrc:" Um meamiig is 
Am the wCCDUfl «IiaII uron bis ondi 

Bk or d«eUf« tlia rrulh, wbtUier lie 
: gftia or IcMB t>j Ihtf laMter i« con- 
IfWen^. 1 will here tdil Uic form of 
ibo flnt introfloolki& of ft cb*iu4»l)oT 
teo ooort, u ofafcrrtd in tbe rdj^n of 
' 1. 

kftworuidmq, tbu day, it lh« finl aitC - 
1^ of the Ccart, ttw lesrl Ihrtfannr, *ict 
llMittnr, Bkd ill the btfi'ou Mof prt- 

vi£ m iii« bBBobt lh« Wd eh»iK«1l«r 
09* Mikcr lad pKMoud litibrv tb«n 
tkouu HlbbMU, Ktc|. Titd !iL« Mdj^lT'k 
Itften jMtcKii of tkc 4Lffic« of Ctjaunctllor 
cf iUb Cooit t« hlM fTAuitAl, to hoLt nod 
ciec«U Ibi mM ottte dttriv b1> naluiU 
VU, «U(^ bring rcftiJ, Iht Mid lard ciinaA- 
oUdr fit*i Diiwlnd «(iia hlra (^ otth vi 
Ote ]Uu('a fDpAwf, nlikiU Iwe loolu 
kiwftny on bl> kM«) >Dd prfMatljr «fUr 
Riniitrad «nEa hio Ebr (i«l1i unji7»d f>r 
lie Aftid oAcVt «• ibe Mue It ooiiUjracd 
tif r«eaid I* lbs rcild book* of ttta C^uit j 

■U«%khbon|[dofiiv the «atd lordchAun- 
bUm pibcvd bim od tbc hvndi, od Iho 
r^^ bud ol tlw lord lb»v artr, and tb«i 
d^rttdibijiCow [Book of Order*.] 

Tm Baboux< 
I prcnuDC tfau thr? figure before 
vLotu tLo worde tvvt4/^r/v^ hto ploCvd 
le eno of die bdroiu oJ tlit' Kxcbcqticr, 
Tli« wonl* earaf Jvrfi^ ■■ let lbco» bo 
torfdtcd,*' |iraibiUT ipfdj Ui thv Umc* 
'ng froai Ck« upiiu or o^ljf r prt>- 
ptKy oT Mano di^roalur ; or tbc ex* 
jrojiifin nu/ 'pnJjr to c*Utce vbicb 
Ml borono Ibjrfoitod to iho crovn in 
oo&«e^wnce of the vjobllon of aomo 
coM^CnMat. An exuoplu of ibv for* 
ftfUnro of 0(1 oeUUi U i^iron 1>]r tho 
ring record :— 

A rtEMoiffaiii wu moCrd lo Hir Jolia 
Br*f ton of %M OtM kiad« of BUttbctti Calf, 
in fo. CUdAr«,bcc«u*e the had oentibiu 
all^ 4t«vk ifllli MumoT^b u hU frload 
(irf omVa fiH),eiid hoTMUlMbapd lhcr«- 
forr br<y}itu forfriud to 1h« Klo^. (QOBB 
RaEEnKicb. II.) 

And a aheriJT way furfeit bi« «fl4tca 
and other propcrtj for ceiOt«fppt or 
otbcnrlM^u be diawn bytliv Ajttowuig 

la aM« ■ ehflrilf «bould tiot ke*p bb 
di7 of pMUEldQ, 0U1. » WW ordend Ibat 
■* a wrltt of •tlaelnun.t ibould |oe ■galtttte 
h]riB end bio beyle for ibdiro DOD(«m|it«i 

eodoleotio tmsam^ UVc lulo iJio Queue's 
hnd bU tba ffoedcJi und eftltUU« buda nod 
lenemcjiUoflheuldthrctie.*' ^Uubcth'e 
Ordore br tbc Inik Excha^qcr.] 

Tbc poailion at the b&r of tbc court, 
8od the «tLituil« of tbc paitiMr u well 
u Lb« wofda or expreeoioiu tbat u^ 
aUtibutod to tluam, 1e»d I think to Uie 
cosKtoiion that • trial hy combat lit a 
civil va>i.' 1V3U iIh: )iEi1jji.H:t nUirii LLm 
iirtint intended to rcjircsL-ni. SoMcn, 
in biit dt»i;^nr»o (^ntttlijd " Tbo Duello, 
or t^iiiglu Cuiiibali^'' trviUa *jf tUb 
maim ; and rn Dtij^olo^ Onffjnm, 
p. S5t the rorna uid muinn' or dto- 
oro!iiuc are someirbat AUlr doocribcd, 

npnn 1ui>iiuthartCj of Rannqdi (tvOliin> 

TiUi?- " Both piTtie* bcioff prevent in 
courFt 4ti<l the oetnaDdant ctumio^ tho 
Uiul ID qooclioii, th« tninnt may ro^ 

3utrf the licw thtrcof," kc^ And (wth 
unuutJant ind l<!unat appeortuff uuii 
til court, tlitf dL^mEiodaot eottctu forth 
hia cliiJiii ia iLifl raaimi^ ''—" T rto cbol* 
Icngc ftgainaC l\ U- biUt'n knighL'^ tcO| 
Ao> w m; rigbt and ixibcrit*D00| and 
wbsraof ny fathor (or enuidlftthfl') 
was seised, kc^ ; uid tbia I abj r^fady 
to trjr bj my f^man N. uid If any 
roifcbaiicc iLmII befall biui* iLi^rt br tbot 
other person irbn hnih wen or birard 
IbJf-^ l>a;;iU]vAlH>dtc»aviun;irrlMmail 
Tlioaifi:! Mtitiosh de SiAurtton bring* 
his writ uf ri^ht uaintt the prior/ of 
Loiilbony, lu forlGur rridoiica 6C « 
trial hy oonibat in nvil ooiMf and lli£e 
cue explains the mcaaicg of the ttord* 
otp itp ^V. Do ScaUTitjn ba\]n^ 
pleaded, "Itolelu |iair Ic prJour deTana 
tort ei forc^> kc^ ct d^n;iiida i^ dk 
Aw/," £ec., " Uotlele for tbo pvior d&- 
fiM]d« tbo vrroD^ mid injury, and oo 
f<qrtl], and demanded oyer ^r tho writ T 


plva srand. 

t Dditlv DeUtluuoi, p. 7. 


Th4 Cottrt ofExth4qntr la Ir^nd. 


thftt II, \\tat ihc vrit of right fliouiti 
berud to him iu ilh.'upi-ncourU The 
cue ihcngCK^onloitBtQ tLiit ScrjoiitU 
OodcJe ii nsAd^ to dvfcad hu rijcLit bj 

liun PitiJoljit, whd in bL^rc rftcuty to 

AtfonJ the (iiLtiko by hi* IknIjt. And 

ktbe tnJMnt look inn dinm i>Bcin'i arm 

hn Itii h^nfl, uiJ^ Uic chftinpion nnii 

ttijlht"! with hif crnt unb<utiDnoil, hia 

fhair liitlu'rellcd, faift shoe^ untied, uid 

hia sl«ovcft tucked up «o that bb irma 

irore nnhcd { miid tiv liuld hi> nj^bl 

Vn^ r«iiiHl» %r\A thcrciB a folilvit gU>v« 

l[i]ii i^uut plir-jt and a twinjr in each 

fftlovLS A very 'tnt«reaung ikocount i> 

IfniHi ffiT^nnf tliAGiimbAt ; Uui lulHi^icnt. 

r«« I <i>ncdve.h«ibef!ii -^uoEuiIki fhon 

ttbat tlic iinrLic^ w1h> ore justenibtcil ftt 

r the bir or thv <nurT m niir »krf^li am 

iho jilAintill' and OctcniUnt In >ii 

ftiiior ivhrrain un Appoal hu been 

ibvlc lo have a bnulo WAgvd, the ap- 

pcUtint ^TvpHAf; (b« Diif^dak ujri 
^wben iip«Alun|7 of Iho ooisjii of litis 
rKDci«ijt cuatou) a «trNut t>?livr thut & 

rtftin Divine justicu <ld Attend thtne 

Arp oncountnn ;" uiil thiil Ibc lliiril 

" ~ IB hiUndrd for \\\c oUnm^kiftH, 

, not tecnHiiy to thi^ Kni;1iiL 

tith Unii tLUhoicilvd 0>i*l ffu oit, but 
Dtfrdy urilh hi* *wont, which, liv tho 
]ri Uve Wtbt bos p1acL<^K fjrotjnblj bj 
'iflUJiCi upcRi the rijtUt ude iJi the 
rer. It may be rt'ECiirki-d thut Ihv 
npioD hAi MTTi^rtl of \m Haj^ra in 
■n ufkuftufti podition, tliti thjoib of \i\A 
Wl\ hand Ijfiinjf plucH h^lwri^d the 
thumb mid foro*1li]g«r of hi« ri^bL 
Xhi* ancient cuitoiii witH. I belitve, a 

IJD^ cf rimri*Mi]it« ■ml bftinjf Innalfltnl 
Els ffupponcil to coiiTCjtbe c^tprcuioD 
^ " I don'l lyirfr % fi^ for jt>ii " ! do not 
kiLOW vh«t tvPK ]iit?ndi^l lo be unJur' 
Stood bjtbcwoL'Jp »mi iiughUt but 1 
'^reflUine they inJEcaio liAiiiUU for hii 

^pODcntOtTAOmc other j-cnoQ' I nuty 

_ ere obMrre ib^tt m this uiode of ilo- 

F^dmg on ftvtJOTi ntUwirju nboliihed 

m Hciirj tlic FilMi'i luur?, \\ iht^w^t llmt 

ttu nkctrh WflA. in >ll probcibilitT-. rnndo 

during, if not iwior to, hin reign. 

TiiK SHfiurr- 

In >nd*Tnt tiiHc wliiiH th" ^UtTilTwne 

In the ftct of renderinjc biw account in 

Ihe Eicltequer Court, & cap vroa placad 

upon hitf heaiL The tleriJT In our 
nkctcb if ddklgnatcO hf tho WGO^ Vii^ 
cfjints wiiltt'u <Ji\ bid bix}d' The w<a4 
/v/» t fireffuucw KocBiM *^lot3aa|" Iho 
fniir«, daioriptive of D payment in AUI 
of the money with tthich ncwudiaryed, 
and ti tcnn oll^n to ba found upoo Ibo 
Gxchcatifiir Kecordiu I do not under* 
riiinil ilic roeftciug of ibc Ihinl word 
whicli ii placed upon hii hugd. Xljo 
Adlowlnjs: record bSowi thtt a porlicu- 
br >eu.t vu nufgnod in the ooufi to 
tlic »1ii.Mi(r. 

Thfi Daroiiv *bfdl miiyDeUnnvito In fall 
CourteoiUi« hiia toivere upponth« hoLie 
fiv*ngcbttf4 t<i ydd ta Ibn iluenc a laiHuL 
aud n Irtwf acfmupt «f t]i« yHuta and 
|rroAlti of hii ibn%Tivifke» S.t. niul fhea 
ilWnfff in '*# p/arr inTfut/omfil befofO 
Iha ■ftnlr lUfnn* hfi ilm]] nprhlifi Had itia- 

linetUc i)e riniiiyiinl \if tltn TrMorer of 

tbc taiiir t^uiirTo. if he ho i'r«srii1 ^od e 
IQ«D of uptflencc, uitiion lie lerfenj^of 
all uid ^Dfuler tht W':ne'% fence end 
i1obf4« compruod in Ihf yi^o out irharef 
thr «aU hoiiaiini nchi nmdd, And if ihe 
Htd TTnenr hp tlien ibvnt, or eU be 
not <Tpcrt« In vti^hc fhlTi|[nA« Ao btlonp 
lo bit oflior* (hen one ef tb^ Myde ElafoDi 

«hi(iFm u (n(»U OLjirtln jiUjiU IblLctbpfirfd 
fiimfhdh in bin hjindix niitl tlw 1iVO>*erof 
the frd! Ra[l ibaLI Ukc tJie lelda p^po 
ialo lii» hunilot, AnrI ihe ufd BsrOi ibill 
^iatinrLlif^ e&itmynr ihruid ibrete'gppen 
orrye tumo t'OHteyncd in Ihfi Mlde mmiocii. 

In ndditiun to tho chciiueretl Hoth 
whifh a{>|it<An upon the tablo in the 
Acidi wo liavo iivi> counlors, the Ui^d 
Kr>ob, a> T [ircjiimc it in, a bag 4wn- 
bunlnft N^ords — bagncumrotiUt'^ntii) 
a writoTUiendfltefrnnithcKlnfl. I6nd 
tliDt SirG:xrretXfCJwlh<*r, •fcond baroo, 
WM ktna]xU^ tipjton thr /fTnlefuerAaUe 
by the Inrdx Justice*, on llic occAiion 
i-f ibe Knrl of Cork b«!n|* awi^irn Lord 
TrftAuror of Ireland^ Xuv. !>, l&Si, aad 
iLpoa Ihc laiue table are pliccd thuch^* 

nal«n of Cbriitl CliUTch, Dulltnf wkcii 

«cccrdtaj{lo a very ondnit cuUr^m, do 
homn^Vil tbiAilny forccHain propcity 
held of the OrowDr by ringing, At ilAtcd 

periwlitAn nnlhoin, o:* other piec« of 
»ncrcd iciiuiic : on tthicb Dccatioii mo of 
tbe curatee ul' (but CAlhedrel ropoaU, 
with other pniy<rnw a priiyor for the 

* A re<>Fni comannnlcAtton to the Society or Aritlr)unrln, thn rrocirt of vhieH hippvna 

' ' rtoinetoiooar preaeat Diimbrri JeMtibci the manner in which l^e iccouQla of iberifi 

' pMvcd In ttL« Eugtiah Cnurt at Exebeqver.— -JfJif. 



M5S. B curtcnce rcbdof to thli count/ 
Mia tbcfv of Dr. Pnttcnloo, now in 

tepMMMOD of Ifac SociOtf of A*Li(]US- 
riii. To p«wtnc ll>«iO| witb ■ tWw id 

pabfintion, Ab^oW Im u oljecl of fotid- 

■it M alt |il«nirr dmh la iho omibCj. 
fW CMflpItT nan^Brutat nnu ta tbr l»o»- 
fvrioo of Sir T. R. Wkmlofloa, Bur, 
U.P-t coiHki o^ iluvfl Tolamca, written 
bfCann 16«0 md iGSO^bjThaouu DJnc- 
bft **q-> • BCPibtr tjt our of tlw oldcat 
Bf<fftiiliin Cua>liM. On< ^f iLa to- 
I aosodbU of bU tItfiCi to 
1 14k UiM oouDtj «a*lso to 
t l0tt«». a»J a^ot a iioi«n o*1h«- 
pO'Uid-iok ■kvUhw <if monvL- 
I coau of arnt, drtaan, ftot aiaiij 
n aU|iiMlcl7 ^aa ; fupivt of la- 
mipUwM, bolt iinaiat and oxnou ; U*c- 
I o#|M4Kcr««*, Ik^ — •knwinj (bv ooru- 
r to haf« b«an > i:<nUcijiHa a«)I T«raeJ 
L Tiftt^Hlral antiquiiiet* a riaulcal 
vdl aequainifJ wiiti licnMry, 
Inaccoratemnc^aiaD* Tho secand 
■ of " A ToT«catn tbo KloKOom 
. lad aootbor in trstsnd, Irvatinf 
ut the Iriak ■anotTij cwtonn, afipontl- 
U0«>, Ifcc. Thi* pHt of iW Tolafoe U 
«ana«B odd T*liMbI«. tint rtxhn brood to 
(NPfribinc tb« 4ia|«>URt kvbica of tho 
' Ifu6 of tbat d«r. 

be Ihird Toto»e hat tiie followlnf 
ir^"Tbe JotraiU of my Trair«U4 
Ikroa^li Ibe LAT'ConaUrri. Aaoo D*aj 
1674.'* It afv^*" ^'t >n DoT. 1A7I 
Bdfk Dia«l«f vcat iu U« tulcuf " lii' G, 
DovofaCi Kot atil Uairt,, Ambwudor 

I bk OMtf «ar*r<i Ha'Cio to y SC>lM 
« of Ui« UrJUd Pr^vinKf.,' IIU 
I n ariuea to a Bunats but boAuti- 
[ caUxnr^T* ukd denKei babkia of jodl- 
doa* olwarniiao. lo bit notice or Lbn 
low of Dkl. A UoUiad, ho alUJf^ lo 

Ita K^fM abuodaoco u< ■«lfliuD, ibi^d msa- 

• a oojiloaiirbkb I liatj Jfinf tlioii^hl 
bf no litfini cooAoai lo tire city 
rWwoedier I be aktvtT«i, '' U U hjJ 
prvfttiw* and moid urvjinti, beFoTe 
J entar inio Nrvicr, inJrnl not to be 
ohlJf'd lrt»«i «alaAi4 aWh Iwicn awivlf^'* 
$«tai^n, U Mtiait vat to plentiful iu tbe 
iTlb €Viil*n« aft lo be a lauur rslbcr of 
aanoraocc iW pkaaoir. for Mr. Dincley 
bad aJr«adj tfalMl m bU US. oa Irrtind 
(cfaiptar on LiaMri«V)t abik 4eicfibiuj{ a 

rvmsrlfAlilc iBlaton vmt rbor«, "batWa 
c«alZe ivitbOQt IjmbBr vr aajloi IJI tM 
middle of tbe rlrer/* ibaE "bw( Ue 
CUttomiktoctant liekernfor ■alonsfrM^f 
fo o« */r«jr«wA« a-iV/ Odf them wpan 
ihe ^'aee. llu tUr. Cvipvtac'un If oliU^d 
to, Itioafh thef nel II fvr ^OOf. per inn/' 
lo eomo commoo-pLior notcn ti thf end 
of lb* volauo i« lh« following enliy-.'— 

" llopt ODon^ oLher ibrn^i broocbt 
lai^Kogtand Id llGD. VIIL, aberdbr* 
ibU tltbtne-^ 

TttTtrf ». c»^v^ hop*. t**Iip*tI. a^iI itwr^ 

Henry Jcl^le* <«lio dt«d in 17UV), Iho 
Utl beir jnalff and pruprifilor nf thr manor 

orClifton-apou^Tcne, B«a auian of Aome 
Lcaminf, nnd hft a nuDiiderlpt uicuiLiriiij- 
dain buok laaladi be bod iotuddotrn bU 
ovu obKrvAEloot if* oirtniAu rrdm, and 

f{«ntnlLy in lu «uy uid firmtiAr a vrmjr >« 
lo nndrr tbeni Djcreeabk u wli 04 En- 
ntruciita. Ttii rrlic lik«Atw bdonge to 
Jur ThmtuM WinmiBUtn, nn* of iihoie 
aDectton m&rriod the bdrMi of tbe Jcf* 
file* immiij eboui <i ct'ijliuy ind balf a(0. 
SpniimeEii of ita miillifaiioiu cofiteate kn 
■ivea \n «ol. ii- of "Tbo Rtmbhtf k 
Wur«elar>birv/ * ^m vbieb tbe jr a|»pMr 
to be lovcAtcl whh irotC I001I inUrcut to 
ibf not^^bboivhood of ClUtoOi Stajiforti, 
■(i<t Hr;<Tlt|<<fp aa »1to to Ibo ^neral af^cE- 

Tlic TuHnKiid MS. Uhi the^iiiMneiun 
of Mf. G. E, Robcoli of KidiJiruiintiari 
It [ft en inurloavrd copy of ** Tbe Coid« 
pknt Jiuiicr, I^andoOr LGIII/' in oeUre, 
nad coiiiTRiB nf 420 pegu of loiUr-fotva, 
and 4;u bi JUb. It ta vdl bound tn e«ir» 
wiib inltUU of tbe iCnlghc C'lfT') 
linpmicd on iLdef, sad lii* aijtncreph 000 
ttf'kAf, 9ir Hntrj'*! aim Jtuij bmc bnn 
lo Kfidcr it ft lu>k of bcftl rcfrfciKo, a 
upon one of Ibe tnt le^vra btf j;nta i key 
lu a ctT«C pvl of ibe MSK. in n Utl of 

avtborilia quoted- But anonftC them 
riwtJ murb miitior of a more Irjlercftllnf 
ntturA. The fo1]A*iaq Mat of ;h« noro 
taluablc lormcK. vUl afford an idet of tbdr^ 
cberoftet- — 

1, OrUfFft Dt qoarb^r fOtUOnJ for the 
rBiiu; i>r iikoaie» for lb« rcpftlr of Wor- 
oftUtafUr Ibo bailie, 13 Jnu. 1CA1. 

2, i^uiiilry criialDi] oitei irfed at an- 
ftiena bctwcoi IW aad lG6'i^ 

3, Law rtapwlinf " alcboitBOi 000- 

■ MHtrd u TpOD pTttvalm* of f 

■ Jury," "Ithld 111* ctxiiilT. HWO, 

th« oounir, ll^lO. -itli Ii3U of ' 
ttffi itmnUrr felloirtii" 
tt. Fomkk of Undiog '* npi^reotkic* to 

e. CorifHtrf ra7Upr<M;lBiDAiiotii'- 

bO oBwff ti> fuftiar tciiiiif mttmM cr 
odwf sraidtlon v&thout fr«mfil. 

W A^ l(U:£. U C4/. 3. SeLtiaf niM 
fbr aU |irt>tUlou4 hU hIeMh tlia iimiU of 

V!) JtDp IG&iX KorbMdini IbefBUng of 
0«k 111 l^f^t. mnA nil olW fUb di^r^ 

IC Aof. iVtOl' Lijni(kBj( tJj« Liui&b«r vf 

29S4p. ]r>G2. TliDMmo. 
l9Ap. I<>41- AgviABi *Hauh vcrviiif 
fbrdcn prluce*. 

113 Avf. K'CO. ARiinvt dwr*, 
iu of thcria, ofToHug nrnrJt of knovr' 
kdliitt of the oirendfiriL 
9 y^r. I^<>1. To put in nfoutioQ in 
oU RtAiutc fin tbs roUrf iif thr yi>or* 
M Uif, ISGO. Af&iJiii pm^uiiy. 
No <Utt. Anlniit the pUnting of 
tobaoeo {wHfa omn of lauioiri m|Wf^ 
IMS ^1- >'^V ) 

l€Jn. IA60. AulhorUlnf wrch for 
iKlftfouft p4pen> 
10 Jan. ICGn. ForbMillOf AnUttDU 


7. Mouu. antbr Act of Obti¥ton, lO^i 
aIm> notrt from -Sir H. Ilyilc'* >|>orch 

H. Ofdori of Covrt n*pH<iog briilgvo 
■t l^Dburr, Knl^hitiotilt UouiOi 8tu< 
fvri1,"^iim0bric]g kri AJfrtc/' pnd HfcTord; 
■lito.ihK p«nUir«i>f HtrKffbuf jp Lbtdrtdgf;, 
mil Wolff fUy ciempivd from tmttkij pty- 
kneaU lotaarJ* frp*ir of brldl(c#i 

9. *'Mt Lord C«ueDtrT*« IfOvr lo f* 
)a*lioM (if )i*cuunl]rcon*milng oertifloilj 
nlifjbl rrro," 1^1. 

10. Hetil« oftbc Act of Uniforndlv, 

11. Clartn of Sir Waddnn Wfnilhun 
■ad Sir RobL Ujdo at WomeiUr aod 
01«uu«tor AaatiH (mknjr). 

It: OrderoJ<Miion«. 5J4n. I6(}u,llut 
all ootUg«a < reeled hi Iha Cine ot iIlc IjiIg 

WAT* llD pluok«d dOHV' 

11. Ta^ile of foca ■(rv«d oo. Won. 
8cca. lA Ap. 1 Car for dnk of anliet 
alio ffiH forolrrk of ihr ppi^nf, Idf^J, 

tl. Urilorv and Mom*. twpaoUtig Iho 
i^ciafir gnui, itiiio. 

1^. |ac|uir]r by a Royal C«mii]ilMlo& 
into tho cQtlicdril ichool at Wor«. IC53 ( 

diul pcolu La dtiCail- 

141 Orifn oi Mniona iMpvoting tho 


Dtfv honm of oen«oUott. I6&^i aod 
■««liua tfaUag of Bult witblD Ow tfouDtf* 

IT. Onicrarctpcctio^tLepoiitioaBofUK 
miuter nuairr ud proT^it hanJiall. Ifi'iO. 

IBh rnnutowit of Quakwa at ta ^M, 

n, OrdmofthcKlBg'aMadaty.mae 
1^^, eonoemtM the tdisw- 

20. Onkia of Haakna raapaedic tbo 
poor po^pk of thia cmiUy. 

SI. cUrgca of Mr, Hw AtUfet, 
Wort. ]68|. 

2£, <MeM of MBtbuia for ptsramia to 
vMD4cd aoldtera, |«>1 (ma^). 

13. lloada of Iha dmwrt Mifmd hf 
Bp.Gaud«n, Wore. 1ia>a. 

94. tulciwUug AOCM ODttiUlioraf||t«4 
Ubl of HlUb«L 

A U& <M« roo««(Iy ^uwrind la lb 
Worooitcr Chaplor Lliinry vliicb fc< bo- 
liered to be anlipo in UOi ooiiittr]r^«t 
lcs:i(, in«rr li na ncoti of «gr itninf oiw 
harmg orcf been loiiBd bffO | — it ia Va- 
coflos* l&pKuniT of th« RonuB lav, 

Vaciiriiu *a« a crlabratdi lUUaa doctor 
of lav. a MtUff of I^mhardy, «bo ll !• 
ntppoxJ ««■ ttr<>ti^t 1« tbU<io«aitr7 br 
Theobald Arohl^abop of Caidarbnfy, nu 
btoanw profioaM of lav ai Os5onl, Id tho 

tbo tCudy tit the Roniaa Uv. Jail ibon tf9> 
flrlog ihrooghaoE Curupe after fbo 4l»> 
eorery of iKc r«nd«cli ai AmalA i than ^ 
alio boBTotrliii faraoqavorkaOompcialDfiH 
■n <y-iUmo of tbfl ivhi^ ttoin«« law. for ^ 
Ihd u»g uf bU \*rj nuiocraua pupila. At 
length, cLtbcr through joaladay or I'Apal 
laOnmcp* bo wn forbidden to l^oiirv, *■> 
baaiah«d from Iho auvcrailft and Ida 
booll* (inlfred to be dcairoysd. It U 
aapiHWd that br li)m«elf look boljrhrdan. 
aaJrelindtoamorLUtrry. Although Ml 
Dueneroiu pD.pnt, «a I'-triag Oifotd, bad 
caob DO doubt £or iho moil pirt avcared a 
copy for tbcmiolTM. no record riMlt of 
ona havfng Dt«r baca found hi HogUad, 
daring the eenn centoriea vbich aQ&occdod 
^^o olTnJtaal «ai the rojal maodace fbr 
ila droinution. Tha nuly ]ab1400« Iq 
ubich bo ia koowa la br mcncionod bf 
anj of oor !rg>d *rtlera Ubv lUavkMoiiav 
who oieroty atAtca Iho faoCof Ibc buodna- 
tioa of tba civil la* lulo Boglaod by Moll 
a ptfwooag* i aud Cir a long UdO Va^rioa 
via thouftbt U be ooiliitg mort Uian a 
nytbolMical cmtod^oai o( tti* barodno* 
Hon of EomaAlav ladoibitfooniry. Oa 
thecoDtiocot Iho only four ropiri of hU 

work liioirLi Ut In in c.itfn^ir it* lic* 
potitcd in Che LibrMJv* ^( Konbc>b<rrc* _ 
nigiu, and Ilrag«A, and ttne in the poa- h 
—won of Iho Smperuf o/ K^iuk, UrtmA f 
nart^ baa bv«a nu^ io oor publLc libra- 


Otrrttpontiffjtcc trf Syti:vnu* ifrhtin. 


tM 1^ •vd" *" d»tr dMlrijclioii, ibvj 
«iiU Ine bnn sKKvd l« tb« monuicrldL, 
til fran iWiitt been mu/crrcd to our 
litrilnih tt the EtHbnnuioD - but \Lv 

m^^ *«> mtil^lj^ niuiic>«4»tful until a 

hfaafhf no, wbfn acoffwat fbondiii 
fa ffoftaur CIttpCcr Jlbnrjr. con««lcJ 
Wir iU UiM or ifcn -Cod* of Ju- 
MA." Bwrr ntMMftbU pnof of tu 

k ibwig^ It « otlttTvbt in nmt pr«- 

•d I* bMllfiiUT vritUD luJ 

tl Bceil moK iv hliloi iuw 

nJniAile tbf MS. k. u a aotiQinCfit of th« 

Sm btivi<wciaii of th« noaus Uw into 
Bogldgd lAvr lb* ^^orla■a ConqieiL 
Tbc MS, Rboold be prritrred* dbvIj 
bouuJ, nnJ Uio mlulnjr mrtianft mpiiliiid 
by cD|<iin^ from one of U* oth*r ratitini 
MFvS- ThfiTi ronar nntcri-ritibit publJthw 

ihould rif* H lo ibvT vofld b Kticlbt^, («t 
)lr. BMin bit done for tlie Xormsii md 
Sami ChivDiolen t) uid Uitly. it *tii>uM 
bfl dflpoticffij in loma pubKi; llbrery. ^hrrt 
It vouLil tiE ijf KTTVUr •arric* to [Rf&l mu- 
ilcnti difta in ihi niwnitarilj (iriviU rC' 
. of ■ Cbiftlcr librftij. 


•t F." tl»«c. i*. ''90;, Miiil b« in error 

«Wm W «Af» tbat the llajdioirvq kvtry bH 

"kordleroM lo tfaebdjekmiou, bat to 
Ito Mtoprta,^' lOil «bo tbu *- It ivvald bo 
iMnU tA ■1h>« thti commoa boBB^ald 
k«d «u *<«r u»c4 for iW p«ipa««,*' 
la ■' Wbadvv oa Uie Coninuq Prajrcr '* 

&«, MC. ») ii eho follo«inf :—*' AaJ 

bf*d, kpifefttr*. in tb«t th« f1** 
h Jb« |b« bol; Eocfaaritl wrrc atntfA 
I «Mt of ib« pMpk'^ obUtloM of bnad 

I wbMV VbWl JpnbdMi WCA HMh M 

pbtrnmho mrd upon vth«r ocraslaiu, 
I whmt dwar oblAtkiu br^Hu to ho Uti 
«f <ibv«t the lltb or \2th eraUtrj), (1i« 
dsff vcrc foronl lo |»rLivli1« tbe cleuaiU 
liwBMltf; ukj Ukj, Diidcv DreltDCC of 

tad rHpcct. bnn^M U ftom 
I to ttttlMTVnifd. mill Inm n luof ^r 
I bmid,lh*i might bv brakrui, roA 
bice vabf , famed m tbe flfur* of • ^ena- 
rlW| or peBBft to nprwni, di iDme 


iiDBsiiiD, the thirhr psnu for wbioh our 
SATUHr iTM toldl And tlivn aL«d tbf 
pfOpU, tiuUftl af clflirliii^ * lon^, ■■ foT- 

mtrly, wm ardarcd to offcT « (kennj," 
Aa^'in pBr.Tof Ame •ectlun ll ia uld^ 
^' Ic vu tbe cuitom fcr ertrj Loiuc In lh« 

Iitrub to provide in tbeir turns iTi« Ao^ 
0^ (u'liler vhicli nbmc, t tappvtr, wtra 

coraprebenittd bolli tkt citmrui* of brwd 
and *LDe]|iiid tiktf good mm tnd good 
v^tmmj thit provitled «cr« pitfllovUrlr t» 
membcroO i« Ihe )in]r«n of tbe charob. 
U^i bf tlie lint book of Kbii Kdmud Uu 
cire of pro^dlex ww IbfovB spoa iba 
ptflonftcid ctmtMt whavrenobM^coQ* 

tijiuiHj III And, Hi Hk'h i^ottt Mod KhM^fU, 

in Uicirciirrii>0UiTidGiit bnt«dand vrisofbr 
tbc h<y\j CoomooloD, v oft lu Ibdr pn- 
rithlonrn ■hDuhl bo dlfpotvd ^r (hair 
■lariiuftl tfc^vrort to iwdTtf tha uaiv/' he, 
ay ibo Injuoctioo* of Quooi ElUtbotJ), 
nLLf*r'bn-*ct wot erdered loiu^i"wlfl**ihci 
tacrammisl irtad t^commnnjtiu Ar#aA" 

TraCuArsLo* Makv M^odalkm avp St. Ahwiu, at Tornir-u 

Ma-U A» A ir I — I El tlul Furllon of Stonn o'» 
Sonvj irbkb cottUini « dcfcHptlon ot 
**iiliafa»tM_ o«e«M tbo Moving p vhrp. 

*' FHao Ibe catr? mU> Tot«bill ftctd iho 
■tnrt baltod Pvtiy FnacT, io whicb, uiU 
I A. Ilvvit't Hiil. <m th« tooth »ide 
I, ConuUui V«Q Dan (« Brib^ndcr 
ffOMMi tf Ibc cBvA 14 Kknf llmry 
KUff ednTArd VT., Quern Mtrr, 

lUoND bliubcth) buih l«mtj liCfUM* 

> poer KCHiwo ta d««U r««c-fr«: ind 
fn<r bcrvnoto ra m ctapvt of JtfoTy Jtfa;- 
tfilfli, MHT vholtj ndoMod.*' 

8a Iktic baibcva kmowboflbii cbitpfJ. 
tbftt «mi 1h« totcBiE<iac« 8(0w< obULiicii 
0>bU BDt be WodMl 4>fta to thd |irt#fnt 
iM wkhoit JD«e d«fcct or Iratfilkrnal 
lAvmwiDtiiioii, Tbir« «■• 00 St. Ilcr- 
init I owl tbe kulkf «r tbe bU Slo«« d«. 
tafbm icono le hnv boea UecUoAl vUb 

tbo die of Ifao chopol of Uary MacJ^lcfl. 
t^m tho foliomng ibort rocord wt Inrn 
tbat rtigbToEfbitV(|]np« TftrhUt) thero 
Aai ft frea chopcl boEonKiiif: to tbc Abbtjr 
of WaimEU«c<, dedJcstid ti lb? Blvncrd 
MfT^ Maitdiilcn ind Sitkot Anuill, the J?/, 
Ilcrmt (if Sl«<rr. ll ii oot imprDbobte 
tLat t^u lVo« <U4(4l may havfi hud ita vHjcin 

(u j have frequently uoticod m olh<r in* 
Ataooc*) In a berraiti^c fouudod 1o obHort 
tine*, diad t«ii« the 5/. Sttrntii . but 
mhat ii Mrtim» ippuri from tbe r«OMd 
iurif, Vt;^-ii ll«o. vnLp.2. 

" The Kinc toaU to whoa, \c. Crrwt* 
bg ( KiMW jcthatwe <rf oUTCpccbltnco 

AAiJ af o«f (Cftiin koovlcid^e tud morg 
Diolioii lore ghcn aiul gruitcd. mJ by 
tbcM pmoniA di> fii* tind c^uiC, to our 
belovvd Bubivt^ Jobti HulvtOii.v/ilrfiovn 
of Wutmiiutar, bi oar ooontj of Middlo* 



Corre^ondenct ofSyhamu Urban, 


■exr gantloman, the /rn cbipel of Iha 

Biased Mirf Mngdalc^n ud Soiat AnniUt 
nigh TotehiQ, ia tbe nid cauoCy of Mid- 
dlaier, with iXs tppurtennicei, and with 
th« IWarj of breul and ftle, Ukd commo' 
ditiei from old time med, in la ample 
uaumer and form, and ai one Philip Tjin- 
mfi deceased had and enjojed the iimCf 
without OQT Monaiterj of WcitmiaatBTf 
ia the aaid coantf » now in our gift and 
diipoAftl, bf reuon or the vacancy of oar 
moaaitery aforeaaid, and of Che tampo- 
ralLiiei of the aaae in oar baada betogt to 
ban and to bold the said fira chapel and 
other the premiuei to the aTorenamed John 
Huliton, during bia Ufe, with all its rights 

and appurteaancca. In aritHta whereor 
&e. T. R. at Weitminstar, the elerenth daj 
ofOctober Bj the king himHlfandof tba 
dateaforeuid|b7anthority,"&«. (TV^oiu- 

I have pnraaed the inqoirj u to thtf 
origiaaadBXiitenceof tbiifree chapal. but 
have not been ablo to glean anj other ii^ 
formation than irbat ii to be collocUd 
from tbii grant. Mr# Wakott, in hli rtt- 
centlr-FQbUihcd Hemorlali of Weatau- 
ater* and the locaiity of TothiU, haa not 
even alluded to thU free cbapeli altboo^ 
he hai dona much to illaitrate thti ancient 

Youn> &e. T. E, T, 

The EupBioftB avd Kikoi Of thk Eaat. 

Ma. Urban,— Id a MS, in (be Colltga 
of Arma (marked Vincent 170, at f, IGl), 

I was amutad to find the following cata- 
lo^Qci of Eaitam potentateit following a 
iiat or the Nine Worthiei, It might be 
difficult to aiiign the geographical localitiea 
of every, principality whoae name ii men- 
tioned: bat the moat remarkablo point 
about the whole ii the humbly pnaition ia 
which ^The kinge of Raisya'" Bp|wan, 
That mighty Bcrpcnt, w.ho baa aince dc- 

Tfiured 10 many otben of bia apeclei, wac 
then regarded,— how truly may perhapa ht 

Snestioned, ai among the tributariai '^ua- 
er the great Turko^'^ the latter beuig a 
totentate who made tbo nationa tremble* 
cing then in the vigour of bla atrmgth, 
abd not the " lickly man^' that more r^ 
cent politiciana have Mteemed bin, Theaa 
catatoguea were probably »ad« from 250 
to 300 yeara ago. Yonra, &c. 

J. Q. N. 


The namti qf the Bmperovrt and KtHffi undtr thi grwt JVrilVi 

The Gmparonr of CooBtinople 
The emperour of Trrpeunt 
Tho empsTOur of Caffa 
The kyngo of Armara 
The kynge of Novra 
The kyngo of Luaaey 
Thekiagof Flamary 
The kynge of fiUkea 
Tho kinge of Atbaaya 
The kinge of Unaaya 
The kinge of Ncgropontt 
The lord of Mataleya 
The lord of Maemaycn 
The kyngaofTuTcbe 

7%t name* ttf tht Bmperourt owf Kiitfft that kt under tkt BMttt, 

Tho emperaur of B^ylonyfi 

The cmpcrourfl of Antioche 

The kyng of Jerlco 

Thfl kyage of Egjpte 

The kynge of AUeiander 

The kyng of Arabya 

The kynge of Farrawe inj. 

The kynge of Mecha 

The kynge of Galilie 

The kyngo of Damach 

The kynge of the red aea 

The kyngfl of Sypree 

The kynge of Siraayna 

* Weatmtniter; Memorials of the City,&c. 
U.K. 8vo. Lond. 1S49, 

By the Rer, Mackenala E. C, Walcott, 



Ikft.H Ornmirr^ f^lnto t4 ^. Ptd/dtii— Ejm if Dr. avlh uid Mr lldntr WurkvUn— Sir. 

flc*v»— tMMvAlM of Mr. KjQlw'f rictart*— ntutfntba sf lln Wtr— UoldJ ci St. Ccocivri 
■10, Uii u p m I— M, MarteBvtPitomttlv « flcm^tU^-ltiatte dT Jubd sdu *r f tmxP or npa 

Kdtef iM lie 34tb Nor. vh(M> the Strl 
rfKpMc, ^««Ueiit, ^iTar^d hU iinimat 
iMiw^ The Royil tnd C^j-lrj Mfldali 
AN pmattcd u •Catr^ in our '.ktl nuEiibcr, 
lul lW lUnhnt U«.I>I tfr Ur, AniotI, Tor 
k»* nrr-<tf«te," utd other t4lu«bl« lm> 
prvtfiMDti in Ike tppnutjod of bral to 
ftewmliit Bad rrsdution of ipartmetiti. 
TW c1c«tkii of ofl&ccTf «D<I Coun«D wn u 
foUwi ;— Py^irii^r^ 6v Lord Wrottnti^T i 
lV*di»Bnrr, Col. ZdwttA StUne, ILA,; 

Ecvia; Ar^v*! S'trrrftfr*. IteU'AdmiiMt 

k^n«V,«iV«r An^oit. M.n.. lUsr- Arlm, 
^Hir, J9HrA#y. T. B<I1, £V' flpn^oHm 
^^K**. il*r/., CAdWn Aira**, WorHQ 
D*b Kbc, fA* JSari ftf mrrtfw^y. A. W. 
fli|^B«ii, PA, B> , T. H. UniUj, J, M itrt, 
J. Plf^r, 1C#ir. B>-J«D P>ir^l], ti.e £ul or 

towt. H- Siflph<«*OT, W. Til*» C. Wheal- 
•<o*c> (Tlwntvnttridtlomftrt intutlOL.) 
—Lord WroIUnk^ hu appoinlcd n LiR 
Ticr-Prr«ilFnt<,'-UH Ewl of Row, 
C«Iowl &bid«, f^ n<^. Dfodlc. Mr. 
I BtEI. Mr Dvrvln^aod Mr. Vh«»toDe. 
L We rente to leira thte « fitah f(-li1»(n 
P %m difiM lh« Miinc4l of Ehfl BritUh 
Ankm^U^fl Aftocitlin, Thw« Lavo 
kalierlj bctft tk/«< Sfcrvurir^y-^CIiiirtcT* 
Bdtr. n4- mlilU^t: ll» Rrr- Thomw 
H«c^ ■ cWrt^an of the dlj of LoddoQi 

CnJx Pomivuit of Araui btt Ihe buji- 
^tum of itu »ciH]r lu born IranMfled 

r'liHpitly, u ken^rovv, \y (ho Tix^u ur«r, 
T- rttt%mr^ e*^. «i ^tfaow homa in 
&«ilU Rov tb« coBndJ ba« bHd tti mr>rt- 
bp. It ipptv tktt aftnr lh« <ion;TVM 
cflftst aahinaM CVfatow. 51r, Pcmgrev 
bfrj rviurd forntfnatbja to tW Iiooh of 

bwiy, whet Mr. UUfO, ieaf;atimt of ioae* 
tla*< «H iiuicv* to ^re k cuimci) mrcl- 

isf ui tx*li». At tbf bq^DTilnj of S^p- 
unbcr, lfe«rcl>ff«» bi« AdUrtwrJ ihtf Trra- 
aenr f»r fbat tbtr<<, ■Ulin^tittivir* cbal 
M m*9 AHinbU lo foaimLinin^e <iLh ihc 
Mcod« tbcf b*«| rccvnirjr ^uiloi, aoil alto 
'to Ix a pim hr tb< ir.«tinff cr Qcit ytat. 
Oa9fT, Mao. \'ot. XLtlh 

Tn CMn pn>|v>Ml Mr Hnltlf rrw drmnrrfii) i 
Eind, liter the hpic of i TorUuibt, 3f r. lluftx 
nn B rtiju^LLiou from cffWn loriabvfi ut 

the councils ButDmoaed ■ conccrl (o bo 
held on \^V<tnf>tl4}r Uir ?Oth Sept. 4C Ui« 
tiouBo ofMr. WLtcbcu'd iu Pw^' Oomnr. 
Mr. Ppiii^eiv B( thcHEDfi time ramno&ed 
« oouEtdl to b<r hrlU in SiHie Rov. Boih 
ehflM mrirHnf t «r» brtd, nnd a 4ab«tf|Ut(it 
Special Mecilng did not tnd to « ncaa- 
fiitlAiIon- A foM itAtcnKVt of Uio pirllru- 
lirt. sicnrd W Mr*rr*. B^Jlj anil lln£0, 
by Mriijrf, nurabnrft VMit, Latl end 
VliicbciTTiK Meiabcn nf Ibv Conni-ll. aod 
Mr. Alfn^l White, RegifEnr. CnrBtur, ud 
LilmriA^i wilt ^le fiiaiiU in tbv LiErinrjr 
l<avr<t'' of thr 9l1i Drcrmlifr, A K|ir;cul 
gencrtl meeting of tbe Aisociatlou mi 
btid CO ibfi CTfinln£ of t\\s I'llh, ^n tiflck- 

t31e'«trv«E, Piocadilly ; ifliidi rc^tilt^ ia 
llic remoTftl of Mr. Ilofo from litj offlce 
bjr m^orltj of 3!t to "H'i, nnd in ibf pnis- 
ing of a fotc of tbhiiki to Mr. PutLi^rtv 
far hlM " iei]eu4 htjU idou efflrtcnc tor* 
vii'iiH 4H Trcuurrr and Settiar Vice Pmi- 
deair occompanW by a m^urvt ibol ho 
tfoiiIJ «Cfti>l ib« ofHce of rrf«ident of (ho 
Anoeiiiiiont bor Tuaint by ibo dtnih of 
Mr. Rprnit- Mr. I^dticre^iiii retufninff 
tli4»k» for ibU tppnolftmo of bb «arvJc«** 
profuMd his irilungtinai to oontinac 1o ud 
ilio vocLttf Id hU prevent capacity, bat 
Trt*|irorful]y drtrllttcd the office o! PreridciiE. 
Wc are riot tpI mfcrmfd if mj ultrrior 
ttrps bflrifif^ bcru (*V«:n bj thi^ cippo^ilioo, 

u^ppt IIh* piibtii!0tl£^ of aa eieolitiiiory 
Irlter froiu the Rrf. Mr. Huj^o. nhicb hu 
Appdtfed La tb« Literary Gnvit* i^f th« 

A rtrpori on tbe «iullea of Hatiw^urp 
OtUt7* haji been prrtenMd to Stf Chai-lu 
Vood, *lfzi«d bf Mr MacanJij, Lord Aab- 
bnrtfln. Mcwr*. MrlvU] *x\A Jovrcif, 4bd 
the 5pf«ktr of tbe Hniiiie of Ccmmonii. 
hf eiteuding the a^ rhgible fbr Bdmii- 

lliDt for njijiumlfTKnCi (o tb4 Indim norvii^ 
from urmtjr'tUrc* lo iwentj-fiTe, — by 
leAklikg out joar atlbc cotletevufBcLeiit tn 
the Que of remathible application aad 
ttlcnl, nnd by n^lr^Df Id thr eaaJiddfe* 
for Hailejburr nothba mor* tliui a Ui^h 

iVof/i oftht Monih. 

difntof axUiamcnt id thrr hhuaI tiiKtJcj 
or m tobuUr uid • |p*n<lcfutt(i, *Qf1 «mc 

it prapr>i» Ut 0pm (LdmSMdmi lo tfiti cuU 
]«, ud lit roDfcquviit prin ofvritn- 
^P« and fortoM, 10 Ihtt wMo tJucAUd 
TOBth or Ihe couDiryH The Bo6tu IVn* 
bflBOnUi* uul 8«hoL*rvhiiH M Oifiiril Khte^ 
formed tbo itedci' which Uu led (o iliiii 

CE oji«BluiEL and Oirord majpouLht^ 
m§ th* hf4Ll><ifitrtcfii of OricaUl 
lurutofE; bui tlw *iiir4btiK« ffAin^d for 
lU>irtb« Ua)t9ni«5 "Hi lk»« to ilmrc nrLth 
Inimbler ia*1t toll una. 

A lite near WjVtngUaEa htm beta ■«' 
ImIcfI for lh<9 %t'*Iiimsf(am C^llf^. Mr 
Gibion Lu t^iren tveho acni, tad hu 
tolU i:iiic liuEkdrtd morr, at a lov pric?. to 
tha GovEraon. Tlir lilfi idjoloa Uic Re^ 
MtO md RcAdiDf hranch oF Ibo Soulb 
Butvm lUllimjr, mu-\ U thouc lirt» niloi 
fr«m JkndlLUM* It iH niii<^ mlln from 
Wlodior, and nUhm >^ght of Stralhndd' 

Tlte 0'*iu OUUft, Utiuehr*ftr, Hu re- 
OfiTvd An «f;<T«Mhm of Aiudi whIcJi liu 
eniibt«d llm iruiT^^K to found lira (in« 
pror^Monldpi. Tbe boiWii^oooopted b]r 
tbs CoUt«c liAt hitbfrlo h««n r«ni*d Fr^in 
Mr. G«<)r(v PsuLVntr, ona ortha cnmirtf*. 
«bo had purcbaied it for 50U0f-« and 
chftiPfNl ■ tval of -U, |ier caat. ii|ioii iht 
onUij. Mr. Faulkaiu hu ^*<}(i iJif biilTd- 
lofl to Uif^ IntUtutkin, utd otit of ibe r«iit' 
farid. Oiiiii i4t *l Ifhettjr, the Inulce* \iAft 
eitibhthnl a profeMortblp ot Political 
Bcnnomjr fend CofnoivrciAl fffiioiur, and t 
|>rotaii>nhip of Jurfiptud«tioo. Thoxe 
chain hare been eittn to Prof, Chmtit, 
who ■liTflilf hf)d th# rhtlrof tliitory in 
Iba Onni CoUf^B- 

On iho nth Drc. tbacicreiM oflbo Artt, 
Sir Frfd. iXwt OuMtltp br Ibo J*me nf 
Do«tA«r of Mnilo via perfbrmed » the 
SbitUmiw Tbcolr* «C Otford with itn- 
pTKviiJent^ oomploUDUM anJ tflTiKF. Hit 
c<tm|»atltloik vu id onlorto, and ItJi <ub- 
l«il ttr ^fftrlfrdou of Sabl Polya«r|i. 
l^e diar«i<trn arr, tte Saltit, bMiOt «bich 
iri* iindi^nnken hy Mr. W«i««i to infel 
acikl la cooifurl and auppnrt lilio. prr- 
fonDcd h; UU« Dolbjr; tbc procanvul 
bfffon wbum Pifljt4<p fpi Ukrn, Knort Mr- 
CumtfiEnf; (Krn aunpljt, rrdMm, ftttPijE by 
bi>jii from Ibe Chapel Koy^. St* Jimci'i; 
ai'hfkriii t}t Pflgiiiia and Chhttlon*. TIm 
orcbt^cra oonBUuJ of forCjr initmmFDtal- 
blai a nameroat cborui vat led bj Mr. 
CluToTe, and the wbob van ^iindiiclrtl 
bf r>r. Ki^tft- Tbfl ihratro aai crawdtU 
vitb audlTDni and ilie prirA>riniinc< iru 
prnnciUQCcd pcrfectlj iuci:va«fa1. 

l)r«pab]bfi haic bcco rtoeliml al lli« 
Foreign f>ninF. tnnouinHFig^ vfib ■nrcvly 
any ruerrr, the death of tbc enUrprtiLof 

tranllar. i^r, fittrfh, and aUo tb>l of l/r. 
Hfiry trOrrinj/tQH. Of Mr. Warriaf* 
iqd'i drath we fear there ia so 4oubi. 
Ihej harp probably both faElen vkdau to 
ibcpeatiLcutial dtmtto of Aff to*. 

Tbc drtrree of LL.D. haa bwii coafcrrol 
on Mr. i/upA All'ifr. editor of tibe Bdliu 
hnr^i WitflMB. anthnr of ■* PiMt-priata 
of thd (lr«a1or«" A<-, at Iho kCe COi*- 
mrotvinciil In ltrt>vn Ualivroltf , lUwde 

A cotBinitleo of pbatdirapbm aa4 a«> 

li^a«rviB hu been (miDH to prOm04« a 

IstiijiinniLl to Dr. iJiaonad; the lloao- 
rarf I'hotographor of the Societf of Antl. 

'fnarin, a« *omr tiftknaw\ndj[m»nt for ibf 
(imirifiit •pnicr* rvndrfor! bj him to an 
Intcr«it[iifl frt, kod. thnugli ilat an, m 
arcb«L»liiiT And hti^tonr^ Wiib a Uberalitjr 
whidh doca bim gnat liouour* Dr. IKanwod 
hoa ttr^j ptva bU iliaco*«riu to Ike 
vortd, iltbOMxb Cho reaiJt of uuaieroiu 
and co#t[f ciporimoota \ mtti Ui dUoipUa 
nnd frlf ada eonUdar tbal ortina teatioMiir 
of their (TaLiliiJ« ia Ant to hU ftvoroiilT. 
Among; oibcr dlitUictlom to vbloh tfie 
EcutiGior of the Prench a>pire» la t^ol 
antliariliip. Hit name murt be rworded 
in Ojc iknoAjA of bicE4tBr<. T%t tVtrJkM ^ 
yapolffm fit. aro now \a eourte of i^abli- 
citJoQ by an rrainent f^riiUn blbUopoUv 
uad'rbii Mijf«1jr'«imrnrdiB(c >onorvl«lon« 
Wboo oalWtfdT they will furm fanr hand- 
looic QCUf ToiuoMf , and eontfat DbMlr 
of eaaar* and dlai|ul«tIioaA uii political, 
■ocbl^aud military topio^«itb atatc papEVi 
tnd diHnimtata ooonecud with Iha Eufr' 
ptror'a hittory, 

Mr. htji;t, of httemcdler^rov, hna pur- 
fbufld t\i*i poprrifbl lit Ijffy Mortfan't 
tVwU, wnd la aJjout to rO'iMDo them IB a 
cheap jioputar form. Tlie ftf*t lOAuroe 
«nj mnFain Tlin I jf« and Tlino« of Salra- 
tor Rom. 

11^ Ret. J. W. Vr'afrer, ooo-La-Uv of 
SfinS^j/, \a preparing for the pPfoa a ool* 
Icclion of (hr puot'a CorrcapoJidoikoe, 
Ptnana hi>iiuf{ ictltn of iBloruC are ra- 
quoiteij to ollod them lo be Died for th6 
prapcKOil vrork. 

Tbr library of ihr lal*. Mr, /. C. Kif^p, 
nhli-h L^iiiil>4ti?d of iimiiy of the beat cili- 
il'7ii< of tL« Gj«h and L*Uo duatia, Crat 
rdiiioni of tb? vrocbi of early £i4U*h 
pctfiif iltuetrntiena oif iba drauia» voja^ 
■ndlrat«l<,andiupilalbauk« talhtffffndnJ 
brasobca of bleralorc, boi bera lold la 
London* and for the mott part fctobed « 
higb prle^ 

The mU of the inlcrotUh^ aad pooolUr 
collccfjun or buoka ulnL'h beloJijsQd to iLo 
late lorif Ojckh^tu lui atroccad nnoh 
atteotioa at Edinborgh. A oomplate let 
of th« &anfialyn« Club boo^ze vea hDii|ht 
bjp Loril Paiunuro for UI£ A collrclion 


Mit## ofthv Month. 


iTiWvri^ail tfdltloni of Ui« vorku of 

PA«Wwht 40/. IT*, ed: A m>M of 
Vtt M uw Ifuf^ «nd IJvie ititrden 
p*eM at C%U vpliUMi or oriftQAl 

^mbr^W. I2«. A let of tkc vorU or 

i* tat T. P. nibJ^H, ,vu. U. C,/. TW 

irfltollNi of tndA fulmfnat^l aiTAirul tte 

Edinbunh lUtlcw w^rc lA-ucr^E tat Uw 

Brifah ld«M«B. TUy -vr* Liiodcd 

iMal^W.8«.«J. 'n>oairio»oirT|fip 

A oAf of Ita fll t»inU> Moturr, known m 

Ihrftiriipc Hm^Uj nVwh fomprljr <inj]< 

«mImI Uia 8caclab mooMrcb'* preMacv 

AMi b er ■! Stellugi *«« buLifkt, tt u 

«d««tood br tbo Dktciilntefl o( llial 

tow, for ^LOJL 

Tb« vollccliiB of ifoHtvr^^ <aJ ^ii- 
rww^i J>ff«n fanohl b^ tbe bUe Mr. 
kiVnUMai hfk«ring hM b^cn dufientd by 
1. j^dipbr Mid Wilkinton ; codiuI' 
: of MTCrit tUiubb brrtldb tad IU> 

P^M. bom, ibMklotioi Ud CDAlm- 

. ipiiocriptei ud Nvenl nktjns 

ybjvM Ubliofnflkf I nl nlB- 

antompb letCvrt intl mftno- 

Tbe mij rnrM Kipeoaa or 

Cbr e%btb, fna Nor. Wi^ to 

Ii3f, li^kMt b7 tb« kiBt. oa fofly 

HkU for )3f. KUIivrt*' I''r«ri. 

J Ct>U>l«, V~ bo^bt 1^ Mr Boone. 

iiB«b1> tat dm Driiteb bluHuu, Ai- 
, vitfilty P4pec% indodifl^ Lrtten of BLikr 
t^ M«Ql(.S/. ^ r«ll into Ihn iim&% df 
llCf. Ckftlfvt. Mf. Holin tficnin.l 1^'ljr 

kVftrwki'* Dim, ibc vbi^v of vbjeb, nc 
^bilu. h«* bwa nb4Uh«i1, fif. 1^. : tnd 

rh(riii*cu'* nspflUifktd Javaiile Pof^mt. 

13/. Hr.TiUbDOibllJitfUcoukerLelur*, 

ITf. Mr. Cw^btiD murta KlU««tc.r 

fku<v«. rditbii to Drurr Um, -U. )»j.: 
»iMT. HdAp>«; RiUon't BibUofrvfliin 
GcDtin^ ll)£ lOf^ finong ibn Mtert vm 
tUrlj'iAt ol ih« po«t Ham, vbloh brought 
blfcb vdCQi. Tbt krvcM »lil fbt Htf. ; 
Md liie U& of " Soou «hi hifl «i' Wil. 
Im bUd^ brought 30/. Tbe iMt «M 
booflit bjr Ur. 6lGt«ii» — of cc>ui»e for 
AMCfioi. Tbo oHglftil docooieat, ligutd 
•ni anM, ■MniAUsf the poot ao f;id*r- 
w, pPbioMdV. t^*. I'd. 

A pbukff atataa of K'orJivOf/A, bj 
of VounnJMlgr Akhvf. Tbe jhkI ic m- 
prevented id 4 bote dMiiul robe, tUtJug 
on ■ matmj bulk, aod h** a teiy dutrnc- 
tcfBtia MHiKt. The inoiiatuent Li nul 
10 ibii of Stcrtuij Cnggi, ibf friend of 
Pop* und of AiWkoo- 

TW mIc of tbo putare^giUidiry of tbo 
thcvD do Modckotourt, Om of the bom 
Iraiioi ill Pfliiii.hiutAhEftplteebf AUi^tliMk 
Jaltel ntr* lU Uuquei* «f Uertf«rd 

bought ■ Hono*intrktt, br WouTrrmuii, 

fer 4l,llOOJL| kod Ihd Mtitciim of ibg 

Lootie londMipo by llnUiatm, for 
^MW. Kcukbniidt'i portnit oi UuncO' 
lOMlcr Sit wji knockrd doirn for I.IVO/.; 
A laodicopf, bf Hiij*dMt, fur j^i)t. • a 
UiidK*!*, hf Buiki, flit l.lZaf- 1 a DuUt 
cta«I, bv Dentbsji. for TGOf. : « Cliriit, 
bj EUinbrftndl, for 5:£l}/.| a portrait of 
PbiUp KAbgot, by 1tDb«nt, ft* UttfM^ad 
A WaLcrtiig<|iUc>t for HorHt, hj P«ul 
letter, 2a0f. 'ilK loUL utimbcr of plo- 
iDfM »hl wu Ihlrtj, Bod Ihr AotQuiil oh* 
IoiumI »u 14,2-10/.— a lirg« lum in thOK 
Alt ailnuriJiiiorT tceidcDt bu dnirOTed 

■eroral nluoUe p«iolmgi, by mao of the 
matt Milobmlod mHten* iW nreptrrty of 
Joha JJhTot, ««i. of Lr^btou Hftll, Uoot- 
gajurrfraire. Jo utiIct to vnbuice tbo 

laFtirtit Alfavboa^ to tUtt op^niog of ^. 

Ufor^'a llftll. Liverpool, Mf. NV^ 
kmdJ^ loot HTOiol paioliiigt, ifelutd at 
OMrLf £Q^OU/. for cthibiboft in tjut boUd- 
big. To prereai tW yomUMf cf on m- 
olint hjr r«lI«o;, It wu ditortgucd to 
return th« pdntingB by a rwd-Too, ond 
or ttk« ''^^Ui Not* Inef arrlred at the lord 
<KHiln^ ■( f tobrnvrn (OawHtry) Mation, 

oa tbc Slireirtburr ujd Cb«thiro rttlnav. 
T^r i^U-vhaTliij; hrtn u|iniicil abuul Ihc 
time Ihi- (hre4 oVIocL train froni CbMttt 
via dur, the tan ittcmpted tocroaa, ohen 
by posie urooa or olbor tfao vhoalf b«HAia 
oobuiglcdiD tiiepte,whMhcoui«d tkUy, 
and, vbilf tbvjr irero mdMVOurlag to gol 
lh« Mliicit qIT Iho liiK. IbA <ruh cubt up 
and duhcil kto it, oomplelflr imafhiDg 
Ibf van, BQiJ Inrlug Iho paiotiiigf. ur, aE 
l«ut. ihfl ffiuter portion of tbni> The 
1o>a t> Mr- Najbr by thii mfortooolo 
•o^Jaii it vUvHtoA M frou IS^lKU- «o 

U<aar».Co]aagiii,t>f Pill Mall. arc pab- 
Ijihtng a *ari*t3r of ttloalnliona of V W var. 
looio af iHkicii an of biitoriool mtii«^ b«li>g 
(torn tkotebcaoo thoipotr aud ■UurUiaia 
iDteroiitinE aft «oriu of «Tt. Amnng Iboat 
iait produced tbo motL iirtking ii a vicvr 
of tbo gallmt hut di>aatn«M «fl^4ric« of the 
hijihtCairulrvat DdULUtd, on \he i^th 
Cklc)b«r. due picrurc of ft^baitopo! U 
from 1 ikolrh l>t l,ifiitmi«nl Thorolrl, of 
IbaJJrd Rrfiiueiil, who fdl ou tbo 5Ct 
MCheb4ilicor lalLcnntnEi, hUjIc ^Jautlj 
doing hia duLj ■■ an oalljiug picqoat. 
Tbi?rearepi>rti«it«o]iO (d RMT-Admind 
Sir B^muud Ljuua aj»d of Wm Nigktia* 
gale. Ai ai>ciclmcDa of UibotrifLy moot 
of thcie iitustrationa uf UiC hot trc verf 

Tbo Jtffdof boood b; Mr. Umr to coat* 
Bitmoraiion of tbc opvndng of ^> Gtpry^w 
HtU uJ Urtrpooi i% aupcrior. hoili In 
deaign ond cu«utioii. to tbd in^oriCjr of 



JIfuetilaiufovM R^Uwt. 


wmIim i4 \U klnrt, W« h^ ^U at lc»t 

i1)<[rrmiil tfttnp 'li At« frrB^Lt hfrint^ la 
tlip r-flftlm, raiWrl npwt ter^tl at^pt, u t 
iwitwl |irri/ifi«lUrn nf UfcTpool ; and llx 

lu ehi T'jrfTiEr'nind «t«arlt Areblf'^iirf?, 
whi 1* jhnwJaif Ehe pUn of Lbc ei1iAc« to 

■nd behlQ'J tht Ufl«r xU^l Jnntim infi 
Mu*!':* frr who«« «jk Ihir itnirtar^ it 
rilwd. In Lhr h«drjcriand tht to^^nSfi' 
cent cjJJfuv U Hen. Th^ rttrrae of the 
mitftal pmcDUlhtf legfiiHl,«rthiamirrf«tb 
of Uoffll ; '*ni. anOhrfK'H liAtL, MVKk- 
rrxiL. 11, f>HHiJiiU: EJnti, ArrhitPnt, 
TTie Poanrltti'jn htnnt: Ui<l Juae '^Heh, 
I^IH, br Wrllhin Ratbbone, >Ur'yr. 
Ofi«n>iil I'rf public ux Sfptember Ifltb, 
IfSM, Jr^hri Hack Llnyd, Maror." 

M. Marittt*: hu relurnwl to Parii »ffer 
hSTinf Oropftt^jl bis rxp]ontinaa nf Ebc 
ruiiu n/ MtmphtM. Th« moit importaat 
rcrnilt iji lbc dbrovcrf of Ib^ fuD'>ij4 Sen- 
jMum, or ternpit bf 5^rapii, *htch wu 
mpponcd ti> ^LiTc lifxji tnlirtlj Jcttrojsl. 
Tbi: Hand «dU mbbiib hive beca com- 
plctc^f cleared awtj frorrj tbe remmini of 
tbii grut uid moat aod'nC monumenC, 
It contain! DuiDerom rrpr«enta(ioni of 
Apia, aoil Htatuet of Pindar, Homer, hy- 
cnrguHf Pj^lbai^onui, PJato, anil KuripjdcH; 
and il Li preceded hj a viri oT alley or 
pM»|^, on urh Jtde of wbirb are £jjpt- 
ian HphyntcH, aliont <jOU in number, md 
wiiicb in terminatt''! hj anumberof fignrei, 
reprenntlnjt in a itnnne wn^ the Grecian 
ffoi\t uuitcil ititli nymboliril mimali. Thui 
a iirikinK pr'fof ijf Ibe junction of Egyplian 
and (irtdjin art bat h'-en nbtained* M. 
Marietta ban almj djicoven'd lbc tomb uf 
Api*' Jt in cut out of lbc i^olid rock, and 
c>niit(t of a ratt number of charabera and 
ffaLIerieH, In fact, it may be compared to 
a Hiburrwienn town. In lbc«e ruoniit and 
Kallcrjei were fnnurl a ffreoE numlirr of 
rnirnijiirliHf containing dafcH whicii wiLi be 
f>r rncir^h cbrnnoUigfcat urililj, and olh«rt 
>Hiariii(( epiU|iba on, or, if wr may um tbe 
cjipretiioit, bioKraphical noticfs uf, cerlaln 

nf tb« own whMi «en fcvenllf vor- 
thippcJ u Apii, Tbrr« hare al«o boan 
foTiAd itatBca «• cdd m tb« prramlda. tud 
in an latooubiaf >tatc of preKrratioii t 
Eher arc eieentcd witb great artutio akill, 
aoil are totaliy frt« from that inel^;aiit 
ttif oevt of form wbkb cbamcteriMM ^rlj 
CfTptian tcBlptnre. Some of the*« itt- 
tnet are in grvutc and are coiaared, and 
the roEonn arr quite freab. A Qamber of 
tttenei fjf animal!, bqi not ao well oo- 
ented. 'one of tbeac repreaeodng Apu^ 
alm'rtt ai large aa life, lod coloured,) ban 
lihew^K been diacorervd ; with anmeroni 
bronze*, j&wtU, vuei. and little Imagea. 
All the italoet and otbtr morablea have 
b^n conveyed to Parit, tod are tc btt 
added to the Maicum of tbe Louvre. The 
l^eattHt credit n doe to M. Mariette for 
bia skill and indoirtry in making bit dii- 
covcriti; they are only inferior in biitn- 
Ileal and arcbKOloffical importance UitboM 
of Mr, Liyard at Ninereh, Tbe prediv 
■ite of Memphia waa natil quite recentlT 
a matter of great doubt, and when that 
wijt diuoTered it waa not tbonght at all 
likely tbat any remaina of ibe temple of 
Senpu could be brougbt to ligbt. 

Some GermujgCQttfmfnbaTeAUCceedcd 
in diflcoTering tbe Temple ^ J%%9, HMT 
Argnt^ wbicb «u buried in the earth. 
Tb^T ^^''^ BFcrrtained itt length, width, 
and hcigbt, and haic found in it remaloi 
of a great number of niirble ttataet. 

EicuTationi made in tuidi tielonging to 
the PropagatiJa at Rome bare led to the 
diicorery of a chtpet near tbe Via Momeu- 
tana, cont^uiug tbe Tomh of Popw Aitx- 
ander /., who auETered martyrdom iu I1G< 
Tbe tomb form* tn attar, and bean an 
ioicription indirating that it was erected 
bj a prelate in tbe fourtb century. The 
chapel la in a better state of preverntion 
than mi^bt hate been e^ipected from itj 
anriqnity, and it coDtains remains of treau- 
ttful decomljoni. 

Tlie Scientific Congrcfis of Prnnco of 
next year it to l>e held in the town of Pay 
en Velay, tnd tbe ArcbEobgical oH «t 
CliolDna aur Mame, 


Tht opdtit Handbook nf CAurch and 
Matt. llJmo.—Wt arc glad to aec a Jie- 
UMid and much Improved edition of thit 
URi-rul manual ; whicli goes by tlic name of 
Itt publitlier Mr. Murray, but the compi- 
lation r>f which it due (o the intelligence 
and amiJuiCt of Mr Samuel Redgrave, 
■ecrctary to Lord Jnliti Roahell. It U now 
dmoat entirely relicvitd from that eiihcme- 

Oharuter whivh ia imparted hj IbCa of 

pcnonal namet, and therefore uromea an 
appe:iiBnce of more permanent taIuo. At 
the lame time, at there it much that l! cou' 
linually cbuiging in all buman institutions, 
an Editor of the OAicial Handbook wiU 
probably And cuougb (o do at least once in 
every three jtvra. In the preaeot instance 
WE bare un entirely new gov^mmentaJ de* 
partmcnl, in tbe office of ■ Secretary of 
Slate for War ; and it ia ilsll too >oon, it 


Mtt€i^JtaHfi>tit Pfftt^Vi' 


^pttflh 10 gift n MCMWt «r it! Mtf<ti 

•mMJm. IWhbtorr of tkf »eIro. 
■fiMa Sc««n b ilao, anfortviialrlj-, plill 

AAfWNdi ukd imvpoodbL? ; enilicg Id 
Ai iwHiftil&ry «A<M*l*B lb«l tho »m 
iMoocTw, nanipporteil bjr jco^'^rnmiFnt, 
liifcreil the naltuttaa of Ibslr olUeri kti 

Mgrwwt, U his nnt friJtHu^ iujij Im 

Ibm U 9ini room for »»? oilier improvp- 
•nu- A il<«cftf6«b li (hvQ o? Ex- 
■ ^ ^^■r bUU i ttiilfoul &Df BHuBtou t« Uic 
iw Biclwqucr totuk. The ncc^OUht of 
Oa " tiM of tkf pjrx," ii i( it ciUfil, b 
>«lia doflr Hit •HovIeI b«, W« knav na 
itoodfttiOB for Ibe Autrikuk in p. 24 thtt 
Aipcvcconvf Dorton'ConiiDDu«|ir«ctl«c 
IB tbf C^lkse «f Ann! : nnd it ii aoE <omU- 
lCttlt^t*iiaccouitKlD«|db«fit«n oflht 
«AeK «f Ibe V»tA Ltvd in SfoUand, aiid 
«at«likHof UUtfrKlofof Annili) In- 
UnL likdtcd lhe>rM<inl of (b« j^i'JTim- 
■iiBt ef lr*Und U*lt<^lfiarl<M bill ihin 
H ikoiild br. tt u not ivHt oorrvrtto 
•OM tbat Ibc rtBl; of Dui&e vu dormnni 
In Caciand from iMSantU Ihe crwtlQD of 
Ibc Duke of BdcUnebMd bj Jamca I. iu 
Ids, iau^ndi k» Pri(i<t Cburlr' irai 
emfaJ Dak« of York in iGfM.aTiil tbc 
pike «f fUchiDOod hul itr^n retiiling in 
tkk noanlry from Ik* «Mf«inii of Jamrt 
wto In Scotub tiUfOfDii^vof Uoaox, 
Hi — iftOTif, vliro be vj» a«de >ii 
R«(U*h Dvkr wilb Uuchmi^bun. tie bul 
«■« dn'a pntvAerttj giTfn him before tlie 

I^CkwU* Dhl.— "Hh eJKor onhk Tcrjr 
larfal trarlt hw not fovafl Mi old entmjr 
Fi Act Timn !<«■ artitv In votlilnf duaga 
iiiinx Till jrnr \9Si Itivilfi prtvbii* ttm- 
nniL NofvuvrtJun 1^1; t^-bvc rtcv mnn- 
Wfi bt« uktcrt4 ilie IIduihi of C«Diinr)n«. 
Tutow cbA^fl* Eut« Ukcn oloca in ibo 
pMi/bry, oad ut nmiiiuil number of pro- 
molfioatf, pwticuiailj ■* avftl tbj miliUr? 
tppolBtamU, In coni^rKooe of the v>r, — 
nil of ftbifh nvUi no<b oihor n4n Infor- 
■■ilionoon»bin«<oron4frl1iia *di^on vc^rj 
ia k Mt (Ten Id Aom who ore poMcucd 

CnrnvTUAt TALft» — 1. rWKo«rMi 
ffr«f, i^r Mic^Aol Aogflfu ntvMvUr — 

flU Bbxabeth Kirbv.— 9, 1%t mur ma- 
Xmu. Ay A. M. Urtrj. — I. TAf Sntit 
Pmt- nmrtttrt. llMittlbold WordL— 
a, Ptofimy ai Stifirrm. By !hl». B. Lee. 
I^roa n pll« of Cidtimaj Ih»%* vO 
fclctit the fcir *« I«tv LmI tiao to ftid. 

Ni>' 1> hj Mr,Th%£ktnjf nbnuada in 
ehanctrritrla cIrtimAunbd ilrj bomoqr. 
U iA tomewbot COO cUbcrtfe nt Aplracof 
Bpori for oblldrvti, iod Tvquim HOnn ipo- 
cUl tptituJe or infermiitSon to be rvluned 
bj tny undrr 1^ or ll.rxrepi far Itm 
>&&« of tfiv tttplml i1]utlr*tJon*4 

No. ? U 1 ftrong? ule, bartlKtied irilli 
objrvtiorB wbloh mrj ebild viil frti nd 
■oguf*!^ Bf^nning In ■ p^^^f. nanntiy- 
Ccnt[(imiu^-boiito ttyle, Jt *i]dtkn!y fn- 
irrtdlni the prctenfli>n tt bringing ■ f«lty 
jii, nticrr iiPt<r fturr, "o will ventorc l» 
vf, had brru pctTnltE«<1 bffuTT, TAfli 
mnocl* 4(uitigb» III nil ««u*<iDnce, anp put 

Twd chiUlnm. drutirij; toeiclijin^e Iho 
TTrf^nni? Ufv >»^ IrttAnt of thptr horao fbr 
vihatfhojr deem Ihn luirnrjr of Iho Hood- 
mta'i cot| (he liberty cl rvirillp i;iihor' 
Ing. imd of l«mlni! iFiioai " cint)r do 
Sutidayt,'* in, in rorrection of Uidr 
wii:k<d ttinhf tntnfornicd hy a Inirj' mo* 
conllng 10 tltdr itcflrc. Tbej awake io 
tbc coitan, irbila tho ootbuer a r^biMrfti, 
irbo btif ptrtakfn of a 1ili« Jevlw fur 
chinn, find tbtroavlfM ioiUUed in iht 
lamnoui ro&nxa of due •qoirc'a dwrlllng, 
Tlir nrat laddeaC cr t«0 ia giwii in a 
ipirltod manner; ih<» abaurtlity bf^gijtii 
bijioir ttiiirfi> and nalbtnj mi b<i wai«c 
ipinajrtd Ihiin tli* enTumbcrlni; diflScnItTn 
vltb ibo parmta, Tbe vclj^^Cf ind entfra 
ipionna of lh« ablldrnn dn indrfd ririba 
tuqirifp ind angrr i»n ilifi part of Ihs ri<li 
mamma, but ihs ibwlulo IttpavlblUty of 
'UcU a menial trvuforaatian 1i *o ^ar- 
inglT apparent, tbat Iha zaihar gvK doeptf 
in tbo niro at ercry DomcDt. In uko 
loamtvri iLo i ndden ocMallon of fiowr b> 
perform tho corafflon ownpstiatii of oot- 

tig« life 4lf4tt« indignitioTi only on (lio 

Iurt of Ibtf noodman a^iuit bit rbildtva. 
lo auributta 11 of coixna i<t itl-vii\U 
Hnntv iba trial \n not mU The nUtita 
poainooft are not tboao commonly nu- 
tAlnf-l by tither party, and tha lUrT 
it^ncy it tlioroorbly clarary and ineflU 
cirmi, Thoro ii emrmaa enongb b» vex 
the raadcr nt th« *p«0Ca«tff nf IN mliappll. 

Nc, 3, Fir dlTerfot If Ml«i Drorji 
Htr^. indrfi). !■ the fcnina of falrjr lif^t. 
treatboDgb tho trus fairy bi- not Lhcre, 

h'otbing can b« prHtirr. ningplfr^ noi lo 

ODT vUida murt oitUrit llian tbe lirtlo 
Imaglnadte Ifoy'a bdicf in hi« good fairy 
— noihlu^ Dior* (ODnhiag than ih* mUfd 
spirit of Cbrtillm narlyrd^m with that 
fuEicirul bflirrf, which Imda lo auch bernic 
fukliiy 10 bii protaiw. " Tba Hlut Rih^ 
boM " Imi gLTcn one more bpanCifal aa<a- 
cial^on wUb tho cmnc of VI uic Au^oiucrita 

nd il ia >U«atliar nt icmocfu] a atvry as 
we hare rran for maoy a Jay. 


Mi$ctUtif%f&us fftfVMnr- 


No. 4* Mr. Uiukeni ind hia coMiQ'o'* 
ult liitfit Cbr^triiiat Uli^t *lth f^uito «* 

EYUch unint ah tJmr tTitl (iidiC itfmijl. 
Aoil Wl), No. 5, " ruVjUf «l!>«UlBrBr 

^MA*r ^Murj INiv«|J. li^Htrt *rv,— 

Slac* ih« daj* «d Duikl Urrv* > Um^ mwUr 
«r III* ict of telllBf «in uawncd autoMo^ 
gnphinl lumliv* with ■ wlnniBf bIib- 
iticitf ud ■ Ju«it cncoj^injc tiri-nmllUuilo, 
Itw irrit<t*liti0 beta uibrv tuccobAil ttitu 

Ibt AaCbor or Muj Povdl : ond ibc ku 
MotriDod ttllb Ihmi AkitTalocoo o« ttUD- 
tion not iDf>f«]]r to bldortcttl ooMutM Aad 
bddesi, but to tb« o3tpr*0itoin of eoo- 
len]>urMT «(t1c lOd Iboogbti In whlc^ «bo 

b*A ■oaF\'«l]r Ltd any prcdKnior tLal 
«-Ou[d flndure to tW Mmo vitfiic tbc H;ru- 
Uttjr or ■■ «a|>criiuii*i criiiu. In b<r yre- 
Mot cOVpoallioo |b« bemoun xad $iii)a 
oi Uio ioat oviuanr iro etpuied «itli 1W 
MnB« ottlvt Mtirt, ni>J <wntn«i>>d vitli ibn 
Dko cffoctk* |««ll>iir, vrlikh liafo dJhtia- 
tingoiibcd lier fanntr |>ri>4uGltoai- TUa 
fpo«h of i1l9 ilDr7 h t^fli nf the E«rlb- 
i)0«fcv pinEc. vLicli fri(b(<nftl tb* metro* 

An rilltioft of Goldnnilh'i Vlevr «/ 
jrUf^tr(|iub&b4ab]r Cr«at and Grittiii) 
d— trfw putioulir mMnmondatba for tl^if 
enellaooD oT iti MliuliBTlonfli nrbldi arc 
dHlfiuJ by AbuloD. TliU talf bu br«n 
law > fatodriU ■ut^ccS-bovk ^iiit onr 

■ft»ti i buL w« b^tv Mifit hwa tnjr dc- 

ilfni moTf ploitiiii or mor« uutbful Ibm 

Wft ban lAol(f4 a**r tbe iiumlwn of the 
timtoLaiAOof tbiiuajquc publiraiion «ith 
ninil JprAblo InUna^ Imlrvd nu iidjraaj 
1b«t iu ptffM ooOTVf butb amuarmoal ood 
liutruct]i>n. It la ifOndooUil to a nrj 
food aplril I and, Ibouj^h tbe Kdllar bj 
w> oauB giucoali bit owo iricir« Hh]ioo 
tirloua polni* oT Uvocrtoo, pfaH«loftf, Md 
Mitor^, ht alloiH b^i eormjiDriilcnU full 
liWljto atito Cbiir Opinio Di anul admnfc 
Onbt artunimU. 

1b« ^n of lU aark tt thi OUDO U UnC 
of tbe apell-kiunro *-Ndiu and Querioa," 
wtlh ihkt iliffffranoa-tbatiU^ovtlOB* tad 
4iik»ira «rfl itricllf ooiifiritrd, m iba tjlk 
IndtcoUf, Ic biaiJcd m^ccli, Tbo n- 
rietf, bovcTTT.alilch ihu limitAtiau illovt, 
ia »acfa aa to midfr it ■ ttry ifrceablc 
nlaMilUaj. In mliUum Ur niallr? auivtlj 
ndifionaaad dorUiidlp iliAn u murh Uiat 
«i11 pran ollr^ihe to tbe daMlcol acboUr, 
Aa Utlcir^o, tba naUmlkt, tka nalbama' 

Ikiu, lad tb« seural mder. Anoof 

tk* luoMB of IhiV oodlributAtft ora odmc 
■Ucrii il«»citt«|]r rank btsb In tbfl r«l%4»d>, 
liomad, and tiUrar* vofUa : aaJ obodie 
thoae vho foiUrat iWmMlir* «itb iiiitUli 
are crUentl^ iMnn «f no ordkitrj •(■■|>> 

To oltfrRpora, Mftc^oUf* *« wouU rt- 
cuiiii"viii] ]i, aj bainti oot oalj ■ pleanal 
uti-illuikiof |iuuiiiga«ar MKDvaf tbv ba^ir* 
do<jttfU (u|ihtaiuraiMAnjE,b«(aMC4Ati^n- 
ini inforwalioA Md btitu not rei4df «r 
••vljr tn b< Ibunt! tbafrbure. It b «MiO • 
«auT««Scut ohopnoL oif nftkloK an ini|Ulrjr 
vr MfgcaAliic a ibDuoht wUcb tnigbL nai 
»p pTopcrlt find pUc« u anolbar porio dic o l . 

W< ihtok tba iowo la niMlrcociAMi t« 
twi» a iD0Dib t « woabljp ^oiabor 

Iinacnl abw woaU domaM more T 
Li peroaal than mtnt ^ '^ roadara 4 
\tmtth\'f «pftrr [ far. Ibou^b iba ortUc* 
on fonanlly aliurl, tbcy for tl« moat fort 
tHt«!i« aauofa iu«tM« 1^ ihoof bt and rt« 

W« connot concludf wlLbnol congnM* 
Ulios buth 1I4 lUitiir and bU Co'HvfkUld- 
cata UBQQ Uic cow Uooi oi<l, ve maj togri 
Cbriatlan tono in vbioli ibttr cuntrcrrvnlrt 
or* oanlad oa. It U not alaara thai rwi- 
door Aid oalmaaia mark tbo pa^oa of dlf- 

fciio^ ilHOlOfUlU. 

Ve doubt not that lb« roliimo of tbLa 
work viti Dltlmat«ljr and [leruiaurTiilj bri 
ra<boD*d amoitg lb« aaoifal hutpi of tbo 
llibllcil atadant. 

Odwnm osd ift hth*6itaniM. Bjf an 
S»sH»h iViniifr in B^uui. ISmo.^Thia 
u aQ atuuiLiif lUtU loliunv^ blondod ap- 
I)ar«DtlT « Dompudoa lo tba Narrativo 
of Lievlcoaot ttom, notifHI la onr Uat 
nainb«r, aad proraoilnfc lo br wHilvfi hj 
una of bia fanaw-itriioiian of tba Tl|Tr, 
tluugb tba aathor Waa otmeodrd bia bamc 
lie ul]a lu, hi>*«4<cr, Ihat ba vaa ■" bom 
of Oernoo por««c«, nahiralind OriCiA 
Kubjvcta, abu rabM at Tt^pnnek," and 
Lufonoi ua tbat lo bia cbLldbond Ibo llao- 
alaa Uuj^hfc bacumo to hloi u Caaaliftr 
ai a moibcf-tongiw. Ila tajri boa»tarod 
tba Kogliah uavjin ia47. MAnidabip. 
maD* and tb«t bo «m ono *>S tbo oOocin 
of Ibo'nfw iflkoii aha wm coplurcd, but 
be ramikwd a pHaoiM tX Odeno. iiutcad 
of aborhu tbo fortuoM of Liautanoiit 
RosrATi Our offinr oppcwa to bovo b«M 
l«ft irerr °^"^^ "^ ^^ llbvrlj In Odcaaa, 
■Ad Co h&*p ip^nl bli ii^^t^i* Lii C«4nc to 
ga; poftica and dtrtui; n jdi RiiMioa bdlaa, 
aojL hoftvaa uj nunjr uuvktrt fifth*: 4o' 
maiAlo aMMiOn of lb*jkc-'j|ilL- aainng wbfiu 

bo vu rsiUiiif ia Uia agruaUa onon- 
»ci> Tba iQUit latorrMluf part of ibr 
book itt vr« thial, tba narntivo of tba 
aaibor'a vlalt la Ike couiitn a«at of CooAl 
ToLooki, and of Lu bvil^ aJt«Bl«rco 
with tbo Tartar Khon, vko wta f«nuHh- 


MUtALttk^ntu /if^nW/. 


ik* Ibr bb mUII Ko kinkia^, t >|>oa 
«M Mtmt 1o be Tvr^ poptila.r in the 
^Amb. Aft«r ft dttoNtioa of tbovt ttrte 
m^^ «nr fiifidvc vu [ib«rftt«ii in u ti- 
dtfC« iw Kawitfl p«i««iti«n, bad nlvned 
ivlMoaB tfua ft nAdihlfioinfk, on bMtd 

Oar ipaitf «ffl mI oSo* of our tnter- 
laraon Inu ite <ii1ijeeU imtcJ In iIiLh 
Stft book, «hioh v« 1tar« m> doubi vill 
Mau^mdin. Ititvrittnt, indeed, 

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Torby ind RomIj vtili vlich irr conf«H 
ft 4o sot «ntin<It urcf. Wc cwlaoi bd 
Aat t^« fWc< of Turliili oLildrm tpklinj 
ipcm Cbrittlini, iniiit^d upon bj Urot, 
Mil bj bi«bp»tber omocf, or thai 
illtf^v4 hiHuiuAlfjr kid kindnnn 
by iLt KmUq |»pu1jtion 1o ibo 
. bate mn; iMuc irhBtvicr to do 
^ qvMlim of tbfl brcvtat <r*r. The 
b * odUril pnjuake i^lab would 
out nnnScrktmjbf r JrewnoliUieH widi an/ 
pMfki «alil tbtj be taogbt betUr IJoir 
MAj IttUe TtUagM JVC thtfe aUII in rc- 
««ta |iut* «# (nrLlitni ftAil «ilifht#aiid 
&^tttd in which A Tarl:, 4 he prcMOtod 
hirorrrf nn-Hrn'r ttcf«t irould bv ttvbbod 
ud bo«tod br the ckitdnn , rot aanly 
tU« w^iaU aot br c^mtiifml u « elrooin- 
■CHW Id i«diic»ec th« |-olU>t*J nUttau 
of llw two eooutriti. Wc htrc to ilfti 
iriA fOtcnHMQU and not aiEli pAO|ilt^, 
vbo, «nJatinn«tolr a Ibn «*!« of UuviJi. 
m hvi tb« toob 1^ Tkttot of ihoir 
ralmj Mnrdltctt»tbtfoMprovefb,4uiif- 
' dtliraU rtffttt pttmrntttr AaAivi, 
tolininlHaiftt lh> dOMof tb« volunitf, 
«« Mttal Italic U fdM«d U the Houth 
..'ilUviui oac«r->lb«l the «af mtsbt 
hnt br«Q iToidoi if EaftUntl uid France 
nvU fetv Joined wtib Rud^ia in dm ur- 
tUtoo nl TnAcy, vlU m arc mrt Ana m 
«cba w no CnfiUb bruii, vltbtr oa the 
ffon^d of homcMf Or o* di>t of poliar- 
StOinc MSdo « lev obitcttoni of thU kM 
whkli ukU U mad* to ttto book, »c oa« 
o^r •pMk «# it « H>e«i^r vTiUou tad 
tesaii«iE. noJ oakoklod to aproiid n 
bMtnr knv^kdM tbnn RnfLiamMi In m, 
Hnl DfMVH Of Uw cbnncttf of Roadtn 
MdelT Is Mb^bcr clMMv, Bod MpGcUlljr 
to fctfamiMi I9WU lifco OdoM. 

TTl* Gfiwrwly ^ Sfr<ala, 7V«iitldf«if 
inii ,Vo/ai- VoLi. foW Sfo. S»*l'* 
flAirirj/ JLf^pvy.- Wfl »Te glad to we 
tUt t¥ittnl*ltOiC <*r4pfiW*i»- " il U lh« 
Arvl ia Knil-^. > d«ficicnCT whkh sut 
bt Nllrib«(cd CO tbr Im pcffect tliAe of thp 

wd dfJira 


talf and the dUlicuUj of foo|[n^iWcnl 
tdeotlAoiiloa. Tito lix Aral book> an 
cruaUtsd by Mr. Himilbm.vhWkikow. 
Udgt of tbo «ubj««4 fully nuaUrtet hia for 
ibo Uik i and Ihv rcnifetnrlrr hj Mr. Fjd- 
coner son of Uie <rifard nlktor of tbo 
Greek orlflni]- The icit Df Krimwhu 
hfifn followoJ. Tho work vUl bo rom- 
piivcd in titicc mlunm, ihp last uf which 
will <«nUin An indid nf plun. »Uh 
aodero nittci, nad an ac(»iint of vnanu- 
■driptf nod the |irbiolp*l ■d&tiont. In the 
nenn Cima tbr muier miut ooMolt lb« 
pntca of Dlbdtn, HtrlM, and Mow, for 
Uw bJhlio^rmpbjr of the tofijerf. Ihongh 
iodnd lb«r do not btin^ ii quiUr down to 
ihc prtcnmi iLtitVt kjul thx nine of a eoq- 
Uauadon boiiua to bf felt. 

Niebubr hu given an ipprnpriBlo oba* 
wmottw of 6Cnbo in hU uodiorM on Ai^ 
dnit Ooojn|ihrt part of wMoh we Lran- 
scribe^ •« Um roaotr nnr noc jrf be ao- 
iptfttQiMl^llilhalvalitLiMffw^rtr.* *'$^h 
VM l&o mntatJOA w^ih:1i Sirabo cnjojr«d 

timiUy o*]ltfd Ih* c&v'*pbfir (EaiUihlui 
ncrer ca[U Unk bf any othirr aiaie)i Juifc 
nil AriMolle vtai umply iljrltd lAr pblli>* 
flopfaer. .... HU geoinpbf i> an «x* 
ctileiit wcrk, and conrilg^ng tb* hwi of 
tliat of KratfwthMioa. ft U InTdwihla, fiv 
h0 «ai a man af gmi jod^ent, boC no- 
foilvnhiclf il liH not CDmpi doirn to 01 
q«Uo4ntlrfl/' (Vo].Lp<SO.) Thia enlofff 
U nloaded br or^ff ibat ■■be bad a 
ifvonino Mttonoal mind, end • tnut bu- 
iori<Mt toci." Hat on tba otiier band 
Ni«bnhr nhMnet, Iliac hr iriu muDtChO' 
inittlRil. arid IjlaninA hJiti far hit un^MnrnMiB 
lioitilitj tovanl ICrBtoithcDM. 7'he di^ 
rjivtrr (Jtrn l»y Hnrlri rnflyiil«» bet^uoieO. 
U it iDiTiiTionii olbtr poinir. and Ulq*? of 
■onke importaacic. " In variU Uteriniu 
K«atrlbua b«ie vemtui toit acu(iuq«a 
philnophna, et ptr magiuun orbit p«tUia 
iranoepvraE Itinera, <t id oitroEpn AhJop&« 
ptofrntoa mt- Trofia AIpe* taravi Oar* 
cinnUni non adHi- Hina ... in drwrl^ 
(ii»i« GrrmanJo: multu* cumniili vrrr^rn, 
fidrin(|i» babet ndoonm. Kiqao in ettcvia 
nbui omnl caret riMfcliMUMDc/' (Ut. 
GnHH, Ilf1tf,p. 307-4.) To bAttnM the 
dtfrctivenou of U« loroont of Gerroa&T, 
«b would observe that Hteren eatenna hia 
deacrtptlon of Prt^ia wuf hichtjr. frarn 
hia bnng bom almoit ka tht Ticlally. 
(8h hia <' Akiatfc NaUun," L 200,) 

J^panfti poftiooa of tba ffaosrvphy havo 
bflm edited, Ineoapefiaon «Etb ihc elolc< 
manu of otbvr «hur«, rii. Pcnla, by 
John Subd, n Hunganan, Hddelbcef, 
IdlD i HpnUk, bj BeihB. tioUlngca, Ie09| 

* See tba fUriew of tt n QtmL Ma|> 
Aoguit, iA&«, p. JCX 


MiscMinnu* JifvUutt, 


TIhu oavplM Bliht W >li OT tn— rff 

fbltoirtd, m Ipt •Mon «v «mJ 10 ihs 

vnttr* ta«li on t*ch • koilfi. A DBBarto' 
Ueo "UtHlnboal* «<k« «■■ p*b4iib«4 

« D* PMlibM Stnbonfi." br !!«<>«* to 

M MMk iUdainifrff •ad crilkd nmrct ^_ 

lluut, aj4 have Uif ncrit df bibi( brief. 
tllBdUviia** trma rcorut abtcnudinia aad 

bIkM apprar iri b« troiikd- I Eli « (Odd 
■paeim^ of oetffktndwa* ud IflsUiniM* 
MMCiriaB, Tbc pUa of a Puwnipb. fir 
nUur • SknIimuI Blbl«, Is EKlbi. ori- 
^DMdL ve belim. «ltb ifc« bie Jobn 
K«pf««, for «a •tcmol of vbow d^pol 
cdltiva Iba ii^Bir iMt niUMlt tbe bmm 

«Uid«al*df«Bd«itfiM|mbj. Tbtnate 
«rUI pcrcdta a food ipeeibCfi «l aam*' 
li«i al p. 2U. Tbe oalr cffvr Ibal wn 
pbi an ra p t jpsfnidinl, tiL Cm iwoa oC 
If. Onwdiv «•* rnvcb P>ni»flKar ■ 

dlCbraallr priatad U thM pCaea tt«4 im 
tbr pnbon. 

MWriol rc^tfrvm l« fA# fAaorioi ^ #ir 
VtfJIaM JTdnttJ/H <U tf . OwiH. A|> 
HwyCftUvniood.- Mr CaUvwoodpvb. 
KibM tbi* *urk ■■ an UloaEiBtnrii nod 
daffoo* of tba pErapo^tioii tliai voa 1^ a 
po*ldVtt cpoo^Mn of U» IftAoita; and 
10 pr«*« tkut IMA doM powra 4 a^don 

ofanUliutoBdnf. TboBuOier ibsspro- 
OMda !• BMartalB ibt pvabr OMon of 
tba oiBMiCtoa, ond tba Mttfko* bi m\\eh 
U u foaad to that. In trootiDf Iba q«- 
Ottlalifv aubjivtr lx*jfif refonooc lu Un 
bitbn mftdiibftk*. ibe ftBtbor fa il bvDO 
with Sir WiJliim EluDiltoa, at whoao f«at 
b« had Dn'iioalljr nt to laara ofcitooayby. 

Awyo| olbor ihLii|t byroad rraoi inob 4 
■■(0 nv the cmployniflfit of indopfwkftec 
ofTbanithl, ui fmplo/meftt In whi^ Iba 
auilior Itai full? UdulcfiJ ia liia preaaiit 
work, Il wifulil OH^uj-j (uo inuub uf our 
■pux to faJton (br anthor'a i/fiimml, but 
W« ]irobabJf ili cnrvm^L b^ annouTwinf the 
objpH of hia irork, und by 4ctding dial b« 
jm DOt ubUken in bfl^vtiiK tb«t ho hii 
made uieful caninbuimn u> itic |dil]ato> 
fihf of di« InAnitp. 4ncL itirl<d " i|iccu^. 
iUmt vbich tQAj l^ad L9 ihr UuMr invea- 
ia^Uud Iff « ibruiD vj jjujioti4ii4 aud >o 

3^« /liM<0/«<«>d Pqpdfw^tA Biiit. Pari 
IV A«^/ flvft.— 11il> ^tbi? Amlporuoii 
vhJdi bu ofimc Into our habitPv Ihougb 
Iha fourth in Lh« ori]?r uf pubLwatioo : 
but AT padf Hfrt^JfM in a maxim tbal 
boLla tE>wI iu vrilicUiu. Aa ivdl na Jn ohu' 
■nntioa. Tbb pari oofilalna tha pro- 
pbttlciBl book*. Tb« rnt fa prioEad, not 

■roflr^lint to fwvii, but «vnEdb40t, bjr 

vblob tht ci^niiDiainQ of ij*k»ijcc« It prr< 

a*r*oiF,bat for (onnnJeiUa uikt Ihc Tericn 

naifd h ih( mLrsln' Tl^e aulfiArktc d 

BQ ii foll0«rrd. The nuta ore jii;r* 

grttt, laaaa. ^. ;4n.— ^TUt b«b la 
tfriUM «ilb Ibfl object 9f ncDQCPiat IboM 
7«iqf pcnona 10 bnalam, vbo fapcr it 
- a batfXblp.-* by r«blfa« Vtn rnffgla and 
profraaa a/aaanc ol rta foimu Tbf con- 
Kata vw nulttlbrloaa and ttty intPtntla^ 
]f w« lH*a oaj cTitbiiM ED citrr, it it lucb 
at mjfbt ctfoae a* to the diaria of faa- 
(•dlooancaa, and tbcndb>« ■« volvf |i ^a 
fiTMr c/ the ffWfiJ luefulnav of tUa 
c9»rrvbnuffa vataaia. 

no piorkr of book* of thai kmd, bat Ibe 
■ob}«et il Incibattatfblo ; and oven fiottaQ 
b*«am aa prabaU** from Ha laaa oi * 
liaM« i« fact, that Ir* vill trouble theai* 
aclToa 10 avonuln tbo dllfinnoa- Wo 
oanat aoolTM Cala, bat JaC Iba mdar 
laak al tho anfnrlnp and be vfll CmI 
eagOf 10 |napoc4 Ibe e«ita»l« far btmiwlt 

Av4l OHd lit B9uK d DrmuUe 
Potpu By J. fi. Biif. ^r*. fff. intt— 
Hi# poana la ralbcrl^nc ■■ * «bulc, aod 
migbi, «e think, have been broken up Into 
abOrtiT fubjacta iriib aiinntAi^, for Ibe 
»«l#rUlt %rt iiklfithia- Tha Adtlj-j'v lo 
-Pake Pbibupbr" At p. 97p ki bcII 
Imcf^oad uid vipnaacd. 

Ova tbao Iboa laWd a* of HIT auly Tttm, 

^n^bqi lb* i«lhw«r afilaiT*lr idtli aaii«ia, 
ffnvtnf Uij hoBEov mdl acMBi ttv ^Clf, 
IJnUnc ctpmiiiUoD la a iMhoifiM^ 
AfiO iHUUlDtf >^ pal* fbMiu «<P>m «Hh Umhb I 
Thoogb, perba|«» Iba ««niarioii of the kit 
line #<>ald hira cEreoflbined the panoga. 
Al p. im, I }», tikvpn ia 4 ^yiUbla loo 
Diucb, and liifi apoAtraphe FTAol/ ahoulit 

l>«v« bft^n Icfl ouL And vibail has ■ Kait, 

bvlooirinf to the ><« of Ibe Cniudcra, to 
do with lAihario^* diafaola* ui Hom— 

■ |ia«t of th<« Uat ctuturj ? 

0«rcBi of aU LiHMHa (f. ICI-> 
Vft iTOi^d reflammend aaibon to bcatow 

■ ILttla mora lloie on llio rrrrlaloii of ihdr 
ccmpontlotu, inaltad of Jcaiinj; Uic tnak 
for Cbe rtvXo^tn to perform. 



3V«, 11 Tbo Sodetr iMt for Ibe l&rvl 
>pa IbU Boalga, J. Plani» Collier, cvq* 

1 brf e oBuibvr of boakt vrrr« rrcfircd 
Mpcwcau i vd Robert Cvlc^o^. P.8.A. 
^■Biied t prodUMlioa of Queca Ann^, 
«rAnii( » iiiAIm ibaoksptjof for tbe 
rifSory of Bfvahtfua. 

TU RcT, TbooiM llu(0, P.&A. u- 
LlbUnt « Mocw celt of Ur|c tlie f^uad iu 
StpUmba UK In the 1>i«iiih : «ad J. C 
BdblMOD. fl»q. F.S.A. a bronifl nUa^, 
wwb mJ 1q be a CgKic or OnlLu-lUaiiAD 

nmr, bteJj M^r«d by bioi in ^u\t. 
AarittCw V.>raiik>, e*q. F.S-A, ex- 

tanad ia the b«d of Ibe Thuueft. Scferil 
■T>riifci_ Mr- Fnnlu obtencd, of (ho aamr 
fBRB M lb* Apccinffn <th1birrJ, lute hcrii 
tomi iii Ihb OMiitrj. One of tbcuip 
iWnd tn tko tlvor lili, » prcKirW 1» tLa 
BriTiiib MuMMk ll vm diACOTered wilh 
Iba cbeolir b«OaM ihlcld Is Cbe mdm col- 
Iw>i< 0, <iBf nt«Qd oi 1k« Archvolofit, vol 

nrii. |h t9i- A pjttioii of a rioubr 

IMbUi, p nwtuJ In Xhn BUHttm Of Mr 
Baadi &Bilh* ma tfbunJ in iIm ThuniH. 
A AM ifecimMi, fvaod ki Irolud, li is 
lh> ppnmifin of Mr- W4kiDHui uf Dub. 
DOr T^ prcwnt ipcomfn a p^cttlju-lf 
iDCtmtiaf frvm tbo mndnt tff * EUiiif or 
ImuOtmi, Tbcrf <lo not *ff**f tA ^ abjt 
renalaa of tke bttic. vhich nUT h«n 
bflvB made of braiuc o^ inm^ Mr. FrthliB 
if 4Stp(i«Ml la urrrib* lhn>* objrtfU t^ tlip 
Utrr CdUc pojiuUtlon uf EltrM UUnili, ai 
ibUf fUKAtcrj in IrttuiJ fefi|i»rk to ^f^- 
dode 411 Ue« of • KoniBa ohiia. 
Edmrd P«u, «xt> K.SA. tli«R rud a 
••"O* tU OripB 4f tt« Tills Br»il 
refCnrv^or Bu^oftbeKioJkcqvcr/' 
ui • I«Uor iddr«B«d ca Lord 
il SirawfiKd, V.P.adtTvtiis Id liin 
ip*o dMunt from a <hi«f jotbcc 
In Ihe rc^n uf llenrj VIT (Sir JobL 
Finciu). «nd to klj |icit4«ttkon of thai 

La9«B bntUsM «f A po«T imexibcd wt il- 
Ur. Foi*caaiRMac«db^rvntfkin£lli4t. 
Iboofb tbo bMorj of Boot ol ovr anrtent 
tjtlc* and otto*i «aa]d W IrKtil iiilb lol*- 
nJble ttrtointj, th«ni vcn rooio with no 
knows vooDtf of Ibclr oh|riD, the botdsri 
of wbicb i>]eoi)ad Lbtir cilreuB imliqaltT 
MU «1CBM £}r neglecting iht inrcBCijB' 
tti>B. n« «A<« of Car^ior Baran* far 
|nfUttce» fi BOMnllv nunUd to lir h old 
» Ibo Eictbfnwr ilM", uiil Willi lOtnc 
Mubljano* of prob&^nlily -. boaiu*, 04 Ibo 

diiF{*A aov 4nlrBat*il to btm «on 'vrCalaly 
perfbrmod by «omo officer from tbv noit 
dlrttnt pvrl»il, II U not uoiiMdnlljr pt«> 
lomod tbat nch oIHoet Lun llir bjoiv 
iM«H Uut if thio wrc to. Hr. Pou vko, 

hbw u iT thai (hi: nviDA of Cvfuitof DuWI 
it ucv^r iiirritiofjcd fbr oorv tbu fifo en* 
luri» after (he inibtotion of <ho Kieb»* 
lUrr t Ihkl H nt4«r tMwan in aqj AaoiCBt 
rtoond : thai it u &0E aUodcd Lo by Madoi 
In hJooU1joni(E Httfiifjofthv COurt ; and 
that no »-iiLtr<jLtr»t |ml>l!citina till Hia 
rticA of Jamei 1^ couuhu anj noUcaof 
tk* pHiuB ^ Tliia uui¥cnal oILmvOi IbvTe* 
foiTt mutt induce an inqaim to doubl (be 
exiflooce of racb an officrr« and to «iad(&- 
Tour to il«e9vov tbc fiDnod *lLaa. Kod ttio 
reuiont for vblali^ be iru npaCtd- 

Alr, FutB (livn tUtn ihaE the pnavijiol 
iliitf of Iht* 1!imiFnr Rnn^ti mh, UU a re. 
f«Dt a^rt of [lartdinicnt, thir miiiiDaLioij 
vf (bo aiiTouQit »f all t]ic «hc'llF>» Alc- la 
Ens^and, s&d ttiii tLiu du(r"^P'^rfQTmod 
ULl tZiG rrijcD of Jiniv< 1- bj ono of (he 
ir;(u]ar Ua»uk of Ilia E]ioh£c{ii«r. H« 
nplt pracc«ii« Co giic « ■unKoarf frf llie 
hiHlurjr of IbC eourt from tb« rti^ti of 
Hmr} I [ I-, nhoviog thill dntiiis ihAt jinjf 

aU Ibc «ub»qDenl nifu tha Btron* (ta* 
««|»C lb« Cblsffiaroo, who iru oa vUgoaUd 
lannr) held uiiofrriorraQlL to Ebe Judaea 
of Ihd tiro oLhrr courlA ; that thrj <lid ooC 

fD tba olreuiU ; (lul tba riofi glTos tham 
f tLo letjcinti BCfC of \as tiIuc ; that 
Furicacm-, itho wrolo m II10 timo ol 
llfinrjr Vl-, d^vx iiol mmcinn thnm ti 
jujgci ; mil thnl ii; fact t\ury were Jivnv- 
lAily >c)«rr«J, not froui lafifcri. b<U froui 

tho mioor officen of tbo Eicbc^acr, he 
lon^ *onioc or Ui«ir |ir>coliar n^itceaa Ln 
thg affitit* of tba rOTCfiut. 

IntbcrcifDof Quoon B^Ualctb, ho<r- 
c^uc, ib« buiincw ef the Exchi^qurr bid 

10 mAEnriJili} iiu-rrcivd, And tn mjmy t}Wi\ 
auaa uacomt^Utl wllL the rdcouci hid 
bftQ iiitroduDr^l hita iha Couri bjr naeana 
oixhti irrit oF Quo ninw, (lint it bMarac 
teuaiiarr to aMM Uia Boacb with a little 
oton JOfal laoTBinit aoJ moavquoadj & 
io]<«nt-«t-la« wui ulcfUd for thit oltlcei 
lad ho rvceiiod a ipecial patent for tlia 

ArtI timp fLtinff bioi Ihr ■■niff rink «iid 

dt^Ltf •« i)ja judgaa of tbo tvo other 
Bcaohd. Tbo future vjicdivlcA nrrc in 
Uko ounner AUed ojr br UwT«r«, «o I hat at 
ihtfaid 0f ELiubelb^a r«ign Ib«re «nori1]r 
ana Baron IWt who had bfpnbrcd up in Iha 
luaabvqucr arikl ■*« aL'i}UBm(«d iiuh llio 
moda ol accounting Un liK retiroment 
dgbteen moatbf K^crwarda, Id 0<'lob«r, 


1G04, hb plan wv AdpnUAd bf iDOtlMr 
U«r<«*(>>v Alliui tkff iHiuh with ie*tt 

of tke kna*) ileuLLi of tlin riTcnoc. After 

BaM l« BudU tbe 4i»ouqu.B*oth«r ofiofr 
■V fOODd Uidlfpvanblff 0dt Ui< poftinn- 
ukM of tJu«o fonntt dvtiui nd Notitll 
Salberfon vu •ppntDUd a BaroD U tODS, 
wbciik Ml- PuH cvnoelret to kut« btoci 
tbe Ant «bi» iTM Fttltod bj tbe tiila of 
Conrilor B«r«ii, aad to Ibt* bMQ ap- 
po*nt*J uUlj for lii«t |>urfOB«- 

It w HOI hoiPCTcr liU Um aotttofttion 
of [iU wcBiMur, Ttacnu* Cmmt. in M«j 
liilO.tltMC Ihef^ EDMktlonbmidforthfl 
tldt. Tbit ofciin ill tlir Inner Trioplfl 
boobs, Hbcrc tu uiil*r K|r|>vBrB nuUiiaf 
Ctnt^'* tkcdan «i '* Pume Ikron, or 
Buoa Cunhor/' aad drcl4rio|[ Uut b« I* 
•' HOI (4 b^ ttlvndfd to WHCmiular bjr 
■hj bui Ui« oAoiti of ibc Eid)W|Qtr. for- 
umocbu tout but lUdb «i ore oftboootf 
mifbc to bo tu«idcd hr tb«oaoenorth« 
Uoofai ■bd y«l livinf blm ■ «tvtuii pro- 
LinTwiin at Cbc liecicli tal'W, The Uxl ur- 
dor tt rvpoiind in OdoTjer falti^niiif lu 
nfltfid b> JobQ Soibertoa. «bo »4«oo«ded 

Cmbt m l^a«B* Dkran- N<dlh«r Nonll 
fcthtf ton, DOT Thomii Caoar, ii«r Jrtbn 
lhMliinoa« mrc Gicr iuii]iloQ«fl m Joining 
la ibo Jiidldft] buiincii of ffai* coart : lud 
Ktr. Foil rjQoir* icvmiJ fiublio rtonrdt 

wHb Ibcii' bhiDCa |ilftticd In mch an utdtr 

c4 pfooaiUiKia ii riltiolr dmm tl^ol tbo)' 
held a Tftok MfuNortblf inferior to that 
of lh« tffular lL»n«. 

Tbo Cillv of Conalor Dtron naa ?vi- 
drftllj adopud In Jralunon of tliu lunq- 
lori lo ChinfCTT' '^'^ prf|jire<t the^ «riU 
^t^untt u the Elaron Cunitor w>* »»)c^ 
Ij vmplojrtd lik Ltftiivtcllag thn ft^nual 
buiioMi of Ui OAurL 

Hf> For coDoIodcd bj reidJxif tomo 
«ntaKl«Milnf oAlnicU from • fcul or pro- 
tfndeid apoecb ^ a Cnnitor Soron lo the 
Khtriti of LomJi^nofid Middloitx, printed 
iu lll!k*l, UitftlEuuniiliri whiiithnvilfjrfwr- 
tobor»ied bkt liow of (tie pottllToa bold by 
thlf oAivr. 

A'op.25. lletr'Adffl.W.irSinTtb.V.?. 

Dr. Diiini<ind| lUu S'irji:ty'ii fioaornn 
plvito^FBpbcT^ |ir«fteu1<d l*rlra |ilLe(oft4* 
f\iK tiewi L*^eo bj bimtrlf In Ktitflaud, 
^onUnod 4nd WsJrt ; induiLinf the Crom- 
leti\\ at PIh S>*^I, An|{LH#AE Ite joout 
bi wUlt'U M^rr Miirrn of floola «m bora 
■t L1ii[itb£ov;ghlr> vidioirrrr. wlThoibrr 
raiatt At Winr^brW*^ Ilevtr Cailtir in 
Kfiitt, Ai(V 

W. H. ffpUlcr, wj. cAliLbiicd ft (Inu 
cap found ni4R]r fi*** ibiM k an Ai)ji]'>- 
8«ion ^ratr •! CoomtK', Dt«f KAodHtch; 
fmd W, II. RArvb«fn, W], t, fknr «i«[u[i1e of 

found, 01 it U mppoK^t in tbe 

Anti^uitiiatt Hffieurchtt^ 


one irvTCi iHtb Ibo rcnulnv of a broaie 
bo*l. Tbe vbole w«* ooT*r»4 witb o 
ootTM woollen doUii poftioia of vbkfa 4m 
■tUL adbcrtu t»tbo«3j[t of tbe bnt ;nl 
Tn^mtM* of 4 libuU wit trith faititl, and 
& C(-« boldly wera found «t tbe mno tlnuw 
The ««ord li abaut ibroi IVh long, two> 
ed^rd. and Tcrr boovp. Tbe hilt cfoaetr 
rnrmbln thai of a word foaail at QUton, 

nnr S4nd«rlcli. 

J. 0. Hajfiold, «tq. eaUbltoJ a lotin 
fifimof Lodna to cem <!otto, and a laaLl 
vast ef tbo Mvko miu«riil, bton|-ht froM 

Jpbn 5poiritwi>ode, ca<j. of Spvllk- 
wofidft ttblMiod a bronio 4vord abd 
tpcarbead, foand In Miy lait. In ptat 
inoik, near Ombie Towor, ia cAa pwiah 
of L«t*r«nod,oo.Btf«1(^b- J jr>th (bow bo- 
jwt* iro perfiBCt. Tbo evrori b4J, wben 
f4iifld,auiibb4r^.a|ifianntlpfif fVTtal. but 
«o much corroded m lo fiU n |riewi on ro< 

J. WalEle PVorofI, c«<q< TS^A. fjcbibitad 
4 MS. work bj Vincent Skjiatirr, es tbe 
Covri uf KKube^tieii original]* tfrltBca In 
t^li'. aadettnolcd «|>ortioe Mftriuf par* 
licuMf opoo the Ofiotf of Cureilor Ba* 
OD) In m^nnn tn Mr Paai'tpAW bafen 
noilf^td. " Tlia foartb JUran^'' rameelLA 
1114 wriieT, ■* Ii el/vapff fl c\rarfer of d^ 
ninrt, and hatb beat ohuKn of loae ooo 
of tbe cUrkn of bolb tbo EUof'inbniBOft'i 
OnlcD vr iif Ibo Clarbv oftbv Pipc*a OAlo*. 
1I« Inkotb the oath cttfT SLuion fluUvda^ 
dtjr of thfl Xw*> aitorticjt Ibe uew Lood 

di«f. CWfv, and Ii1i4«|4p of the 4eML|hi 
Eaebtator and (iwutcT nf the Ute Lofd 
Ma^<irp Kaehr^or, atid Ganfrr of Londoa, 
tbftt Uicv ibtll mfcic It true aeeompt of iba 
Miao oOcei 4tm1 ntkv nvo prUdimdr aliuv- 
aacfl but tbiit h g^A and trw.'' Hii 
diitlei are further tiifvlficd aa ikote of 
lAkiu^ tba Hth oF all llUb Gbcnff*, ibcif 
nodef ibfHffi or aAlorne^ti Uiil of alj 
fifcbfoton i of all Collocaorv, Cooip- 
ImlUn. fliinnrarf. and ^furnbtn at all 
tbe Ciiat4>m HvntrA (n RncWnd. " He 
lalipt^. bffon lbs rimn ooinmonlj botla 
to 4it:. or wlicn \l liallj lt:ilt to duo, or my 
Lord CLlef lUr^ti iq abHUl. Ih« i^tpparlU 
of the AhrrilT' of Elidir AUijimnu* lliolcono 
U and ire i<rcitn to 4<vompl >i bvfon, 
■bloh tt DoiblDf ^* nppotlnir of tntrj 
8h«r4fr wlial )iir wtQ h^ to c^rerr £nnomoM 
in hit Siuunionor that ii orliten to bfn 
oai of th* Pipe ; oho opoo tbo eald oppo- 
tilU Bfifiwrretb Eu aoDh onnMnoi at be vfll 
pij and cJiart* blmnelfc oitli 7W, a> oaa- 
fi^jJitg aoc iLKolk duQ f«j io.4<TTit. And 
to the otbflr ffooiM heiriUaiiiiTrr 0. afriiei 
0DiirflUuiicOiieroiMr,«fjri#j«aerWar. Aod 
aoA Iha uid Baroo gooth on tUi vkanaar 

of «1ic qtmUooIni 4od 4ik«hi| «Tfi| 


citiy of AtUiji4wnts^ 

Itarif ^ite ^ iiirfCh Ut errrj ■nmme tn 
^Mmiaonot qmdl h« lun inn* thnqfk 
^ fwry o*f oTth* Mmr. 
* H* InrvTDMih ibv Ocach kod Ibe Q', 
Jwi CmiBCCll iVaw Hme to time* botfc 
itcnrt Hd oat «f ro^Tt. *biuE lli^ rnarv4 

i»lb* rarfdw o# lb* BftiDM ftnil ihf Q r 
btrned CwMidlfrflaortcfiagintf thfng 

^ff f*« >>d»tft>atHi> f i Co th« BftH foqrvc t 
iJv r* pctMoatton oi llw vme. mi4 to 
ffw tbs Q* pytrojltvt and bcaeflt, nfildi 
>ac— fiB of Ik* cavrt nuntlr (y)m>n4>nl7 
MMiibwtll iftd rtapMCclh. * ' Somt olb«r 
fflMT taBTttoDi of Ib4 Cnt^ltnT DirOA Vf 
flibf fovfiUtiooof I^MS.lA 1579 tbc 
oAev «M fclM by Mr l^ol, aiiJ th«t (a 
tS99 htf asMVior «b Mr. Sotlierton. 

«« BofoHDl of • flUrmTfry of pmnin of 

BMry 1L of RncUoil. with »r>mr: ttlTU 

ria^liiilisgiii^a 4(«rk iir«r VTomvttr, la 

>■« Imi, SflvDc of Ibp jvBiiic* vrre rut 
tolff Wiw ■B4qvut«n<t[)Tr|>rT4mlhit]f- 
pvn tmd brtbiaip, «ar«cuifjrafli'Ticom' 

pUv^ of ki tboM Aap ; «f Ibe allnr dn^, 
|pe vcre iai«ftil«4 for the ioen'. othen of 
A«eonnall»d**lor«^rinc«.'^ TliUbo^nl 
flovpfbod «lio AVM i^iroM Af b^ack 
lauary, iittanf wlilcb arc Mmc ootm ut 
Qd> bake of RdftnsJ^r, ttrack «t DijoTi, 
ni a few pouii^ of Iha oonlvmirortfT 
IQ^I of &r4<Uv^, dl t«Bdiaf la lU tba 

Ji T, AbenniB, w. Stenury, rtuA an 
xa — ng of Ma nattnhtm tn K«nt, Middlr- 
MXi WBto,and Huita. darioK tb« t»»ttun 
b Ifci pmaftl jrcar- Tq ■ burtiw 4t Tctl- 
dlofVOAp (tpnud b; tlifi tinrrtj ArcfanhoSotl- 
«a1 SoeMf, at «hkb be aamtrcT, iTfrc 
IvwriJ a ttM «f oafeiiiAl btuhui bene* &nd 
tbr brOQM blade of ■ digf^r, wbich v»i 
vm clntrlr raknUe to a imiad htag v>- 

Inwr t»tl« Ra^ui irrfuinn- Knginviiti 

•ft l>ff^ rmjilf ■fnnnt J wt» w-infbunJ in 
■aatitar p«rtoflbefimnil,wb)cb baabnai 
B«attc4 AA Boni^ pNTtooa occaaioer. In 
KtoU Ur. Alcnniia obtaisad fre<n aa 
Ai^ci-64iDn burUl-fnHuJi v^f Wlag- 
bdun vrfcnl obtefU of intemi t and At 
H onnoohiog tbo nllrr of tb^ 
r, • ffw vUrv **«T fiMm TuiTfiTliiiry, 
cQiioOt rtilieB of the ATi(b'SAiaa 
pfflOdt, anioog vbteb li a tpoon, \ttc h»v| 
pcrf bratoJ aDil Ihe liiadlf; orrmij? nlrd TiIIi 
a ^vnet Bol one otbtr rprciman H 
tB*vn, whicb b atfTuned ia Uto " NcdU 
BritaMbsa^oTDcuiltf, iBWllubinbe 
pfwd a brfCVtorabM ttiie^ ** Ro* bar< 
TC«,**<lboiii biAf a mtlcHUlbof llambbm i 
b«t tbfa htd cHdeatljr be«a ditiarb^H mid 
pl«a4cff«l bj wina of :h< iivtiar*' trekeN 
flf the aaiilJlM ip*^ At Old S^inini aom* 
OMnJdMU irllbMl ti« Biaft brongbt to 

Hgbt m fiBiM Kid cballoa rfmUar to Ihdio 
fi^uod in th« tomb« of ■fltflttitrin*. \t 
WaMof fa Haapabiravlip nplofcd Ike to- 
inuliia knovn u " Kcnt^i '* or ^ Cannta^ 
llarroWp'' in thit IniArior of which ma 
hiiai a <ubc yard of rtda iamoiut, thft 
aijktj of which il wM rompOMd Wof bald 
toKetber bT nouM, and <o Artolf M Ifait 
II rannlM ume force bo atparaco tbna. 
KotbtBf or a vtra^hr dwrlftlon bia 
fciibnio beFD oWrvfiif in Baeland, and It 
r«iniitna « quvatlon vbcthcr lAia re an *u 
(ormrd (tw an altar or ■ rmiatapb. 
A'flp. 30. Krtdoric Ouiry, w\. Trai- 

Biircr, Id ihc obalr. 

W, M. Wrlie.nn- P'^A. eibiblttd tbe 
irim liradtoflwrtirmponi lurh a4jirf 0>ai- 
mun in Uie v&rioui e^UaclUiaA ulvng tbo 

tkAaf and M«dlep whm thcf^ngttW' 
nWj Ttfvrdtd at tbe bolia of ineJw«il 

rro«-bo«m. Mr. Wjlri* naruSd^r* Ibpy bt* 
ti^ «vij|bty for thtt fiurpou, and tbit 

X\^ej wb<rr iri'jrp I'^itb^iblj tb« hoiil* of 
■vJf*v/« cf the Ijh( lloiDia and the PmO-k' 

Thff TUt- Tb^mbi IIitro, P-S.A- «< 
blbiird a laltfiD crucial ( oftbr Mtkccnhirf 
r'>uDd In June lut in ilic chunbjardof 
Wilinn I? DeJe. Ijinufhir^ ThoiHi J. 
flrtli, raq. nlubited an idol \n jadv, from 
JAiuaina; and tx"laLitjd, ca^- a f|uutlbj 
td ht^nrmi* af bronao itoapooa nd hn- 

C1en«BU UFelf found at shlrlejr near 

The SMmlarj rad a Itlter iVvni Mr, 
Trojon 9f Bdk Air, In rtfon^oe 1a tJio 
bill ef fiAfriflu al CljAtannet d«iprlbfd bj 
bim in Ibe last rolamc of Arrbieolo^ia. 
B* fu^iPtird il* |)(i»ib|f rannootitia wHb 
a prvdatcry trll>* from PoUxid, wbicb, m* 
cordnng to tnidtEiion, aojonrncd for aona 
Ciai4 M Ib^ foot of til? JufH, 

Grorgt R. CorfLCO't eaq- P.SA, oomiQa- 
nlcatnl an BAcoont of aicatttloat on lb« 
■Itn nf ■ KciiDHn n!t* at Koaton ne*f 
llromlfy, Ktut^ ititb rflnor^a oa tb« land 
Lv]lt<a|jpmdtfdttf » E-)iart«rE)f Aibvlberbt 
hioe of wt«B*T. aono H69i airln; bioda io 
that dIacricC lo BrTvbtvald bli mlalatv. 
'iVii <4]uaaarilvi(ii>a wat illmlraird hj 
itrrn] fngtuTiDgi madp br Sir. FniFboli- 

OtC^ 1. Ri'Jir Adm. W. H, Smj-lb, V.I', 

M'^fii- Fr-drrir Tfiiy^ii uf lUMn Airirt* 
f^fftfil la Hoanrary Mniibor j ud lb* 
fijllortnj; seattBinm wrra fIpc4C!i1 Ffllov* 
<<f (h? Society! (htf R«T. Arnold Jonu. of 
Sportf TiiJtr Siraffbara 1 Sir Gilbert HpbIIi- 
wtp, IUr(- M-tV of Nfrruaatan Parh. tlut- 
Uhdsbirc : ttifl Vffi- iLraumlu HarriAOn. 
M-A. Arcbttpa?<TD of Majditntip: the Rev, 
[FaA''k Jnnw, DtPJ. lUflikr of [^nd^fraaf 
fkitntriniri^ ; Rirhard HaflTani, «*n. SKrre* 
Htf of itic Dock CninpttDT a< KlnfMoti- 
lEiian^HulL i Jtihn Harlond, nq. of Man- 
tboalor ; and Cbaric* ItgaiPOTth ThiuituQf 


A^tiqnarittn P^searclin, 


J. Pijn« CollUr, VH. T.F. rMd Mnie 
f i Mfij Ob ■ biFuk At aecompU of the 
lVt«i«rrf 6f tbflCbuiWof Heni7 VIII. 
la Ac rH" 1 A^ 'i^ 1 A^^ l**^ *^ P**!^**! 
«if Ibe diTOK« of Qai!«o KjMJurio* uid iK« 
lUl e< Cvdlp»l WdMT> Tbe orlwr 

tboritjTi byl in tho madat oi th« r<r<ii:n«* 
of lb* dlvorec Mi ii«inc l« cutVei^ 
dKi|i|k«d. AtntkO^ Ditiff reiDorkBUe fif^Ii 
elinCrid vH thill tbit VToIh) '« plitc ocon- 
picd (brT« moB lor llircv dap to wctj|h 
At thft Tower of Loadfia, vUhoujih it 
li«t httu 9UUt\ thtl wbm bv look his 
joarncj to C«irood h« ■•« kelpcd vith 
honn markt froni llir kia^ la ordtr to 
UkP Ibr joumtj. TIiih bH<>k hui Twen 
prrvrrrrH unfirig fhi* flri^hifm of lilt Tf«- 
nlfAn fmiUly. 

f>rr. 14. K«ar-Ailiu. W II. SiDjtti, V.P, 

tn Ihtf chair. 

Till Aft, 'Jlinmu HufAt F.B.l- ubl- 

yvcil ft flinl o«l< *!■ tnflica id 1«Jij*lk, 

fouQtl ux Julf Ucl in tbo Tliuoca <jppailt« 
llaminon Court lW»n, Parktr, i>H], F.!<-^- ira-l fiirthf^r 
obtervtllona on the ckurdtct of Pnuict> 
plflloularJ) IIk44 of IVuIouip- 

Sk UriitT Eilii coDimiinicalrd an A<r- 
fionnC of lb* convent of Kn^ljali ntina 
fonmxl}' •etllod ■< Louvainc- 

Thomu Kdirard lVud«ni ei^- of Au>' 
uill ■qiinni^ ma rJvnlrfl k Pflliiir nf the 

TIm IUv- Tbouku Uufo citi)bit<d pLu- 
l«r r^natB from xMue of tba o&nibri nude 
by |>r)«^rirr0 rvtujiinf Of on Iha walU of tbe 
UcMitiliiimp Tower in ibo Tewrr <\t Loo- 

IL C. Srodie^ c<q. or Salbborr, ei< 
bIbLttd r«rioui piniAreopliM, «nd other 
melimal nMct rfceolljr nhoni«d in the 
forinitEion tf mnrn iu ibat cily. 0(u of 
tlioni li a bru< hoop rknc UtiOf ihia in- 
aar)|itititi ckued on tt* ctmiDifvveiiCf, the 
Ciound olwhk^ tua b«n l^ltod iiUh nitllo 

^ *m4ria*itf7rH f r pn'4aM*marfiini *« I 

It hu bffv fUcEoaUd that tko tannina- 

Uoa ol Itli Iffgend, bad thrre ben roon 

lirthoHboleiwai^dhArD Wuft [f^bctbi 

JDlinnnn] It w*» itrobnbJj t chum- 
riiif for aiMnHi in rl^lldhrth, 

AiH4ber o/ them MtcU l»a fidgrlai'a 
■Mpnllii \u Wok • oMUeAeU, and on ila 
inot « abHld. a|f|Mr«mlr Mortimtf. 

On a lliicd oD|«el •uvo F*iiaarl(i w<r« 

ooiouitiakated bj W. S. Wtl/orJ, twj. 

P.M.A. It U a Mull f'ttti^-work of bran, 

- whieh four loMSW-ahioldi w<rc am- 

bdi tito «r tthicA oolr now remain. 

f «vre obwo-l anJfffiaraolloJ, and bc«r 

Ui* coMa of MoDlu«ta nod Onind t*on . 
KaAvin« Otiodlaoa «u tW «tie of WH- 
liav cbo flnt Montv*i« Earl of teUtbotT* 
Mr. Wnlford nnMwed Ibflt the artlde 
v« ukAdfi for kM<» iUluCnn o'ih« W«*- 
Ucntctp iibo Bu Biarrlcd M the Crrt Ne- 
Ttlli^ Ewl of SalltbDrr. «*4 thnt the olbar 
Ivo ataieUa mntt have vroaealMi tlie nr«« 
ofMoDilwrB«raBd tloUnd(E«1of KeM), 
tba l^dj batiai been tbo feprcaenlnClTe of 
those Iborhmillca, lAtbecvotrawnapr^ 
biblr Hud Another aUeld. u ArroMv by 
compiriaon villi a afaDilBf nht now In llw 
Urituili Mmvum. Tbat ahidd would be 
clATfrd frith the coat of Kelilk. TWm 
objnrii mif baire formed the ornamtuta of 
laiDPf. Of of oihrr inuiU trciola* of dotaea- 
lio luniittirr' 

Mr.Thamu tiUl.nrKaalnffvold, Ullbor 
nf the *'Vb1Ui Bbnra»iul»/' enoamnnl- 
citod ui icfxtunt of the rxnratbnj mada 
duriuj thr |iiii«Ent jat uf ptirtJnn* at an 
OitenriTB Romnn VilU at Outilon near 
that liovii. Mr. fiUl'a 4ttcvcJoTL vu di^. 
rHMnJ lo till* tpol bj a |4aaa£e In Drfthe'a 
EborifTun. Six rt>ooi hare been trae«d 
Ut oiiD tiikin. vKh im ailjofnLni corrUor, on 
fill] nihrr liilfi of whii^h w>re firohiAljr 
other vpurtmokU- Sciaial of the«e roomi 
TootflLn (rtHlleted povomenta moru or lou 
ptrrMt. Mr. Uill cahlbited tnciti£< of 
two of theaoi of their real alff. Tluf ore 

pranctpitllf ^ampoatdof ChcfailiaqhCi haj, 

andotborpaticrni utuHl in |lom»n mvw- 
nwnC** ana correaficmi^mif with aon^mund 
at tha n#i|hbminn^ ti>w(] aS Aldhnmuf^h, 
hot an of npcrior workmaniliip lo any 
hitherto nolkwd In the N^Mh of UuKUhl. 
la thF o«alre of one of tbera la a tront- 
facrd hurnafi litad or buit. Ttio other 
tflKine cihibili-d « tCDiioiiculaf pavcmenl, 
in tilt centre of whuA ii a nac wtlh toU' 

Mr. Wfrnt'5 r^lW thr fttl'ntMii nf tli« 
Sordrlj in a Konua leiHilaled parrmvat 
reociiUjr luund lo (ilDucacer, at ihc depth 
nf Ua or cwelre feet h<low the anrfaoe, 
of vbioh a noliot <ra* fiion in onr Bl«f^ 
dne fn- B^ptavbar. «. MS. 

The mtrtlnp of Xhtt SacjHy **« 
fti^ourned orfr Ibo Chrislniai facxLon In 
Die 1 llh of Jtnuir;- 

Ht'MiauATic oeciaTT. 

tLe chair. 

CokmoL Lrake oouuunloaled a 

"On IW Orlc^a of Lbe MoMtMj ! 
ania of ikDcinc Grccoa." Colootl 
nniaf k#d that (hv progroaa of aprtaawd liU- 
nlxiR apjirar» io bare hdd a coono quMe 
lndrp<&dent of each oitier in European 
aad AiUrle OrreDr i and hrncOh thai WO 
mj^l naturallf f^tprel that the Omk 
ivoplc botli in Aria oud in Eoru|>o ihuttlil 


Ar<chir^lo/f*^a} InttiiitU- 

tofvl forttvd • daio) eo the iDTutloa 
of qr^briiwil la^Jt ai T cvrrnicf- Tbu 
ItoddBCu, M u Ajd*tic Greek, |1tm th« 

i^^rfunfts tberclcoofFheAdonofAr' 
M| «4kk «i« (vwrftllT r««ac"Uod in 

twpfc ColoD^ liHik* bimHir oarnndtn 

ttiBHivw MnniR w^nmaiti in fitour ol 
A* SMinil tndiliim tfaflt Ibf mcmcrnfy 

Ml la EvopcMk GrtvM CErijf&iuUil m 

J|;l>*l««4laclfUHil4TiJeJliBti>Bitubvli ^ 

M All. prior Ut tlK rv%a of Phcidi^a, 
rf vta* duniiHoi £|iui wu ■ pu-t, ind 
Iki tfnfWffi*ok of tt« roniflit eommtrfi*, 
ibacud bcratccin«icjror0Mi«rt(]iEiipJi 
fjvtmi^aA bIcmi of vlTCt}. ux cf nhtoh 
«v«v rnnifiirinil (a be ■ dra^ma o« 
biodhik On cbs «4^(T luDiJ, tWrp utmn 

tiUfe iltfObC Ual llriVkfotu i* w far i:ur- 

nai te mm aaoidit tlua ibM or >af ochor 
Ajwirifl vlAb*, vUli tli«« !■ vt^onjE prvbi ■ 
blUf lh4t U* «ttrli««t uf Uit prnntmcil 
Lfdim Muu bfloeil from tbo uuni ot 
KuAtL All fliifli uoflcy miut b# il*«mcil 
nitrior tatlicc*piar«orSiirdnbjiCjra*i 
>^ >4j^ TW ru*a>41«u« in fuiai* mjU. 
vA ttvicl4 lo tlu own* or Lyi^h tliuwi 
Ifcil Dnrivn, i1m wn cJ lljitiupcs. took 
a«B m* hi* l^*n ^^vn ^a nUbUthfil ii 
GMMgo m mvo, *nd sTrurk the ««1I- 
tM4m coteft «Udi, iRor h^m, li»c bc«n 
rdfefl #3utnr*. 

Mr. £*«M nUk^t^*' Oa the Bt^tuh 
CobtliMinbrd BonvoOi'^itkLrhh* |iiDt«il 
omU Mi lm« hftm itntck, «« hh for- 
Mm|o«4, b; Boftdicta, qoecn of tbc 
Mr- Pftteu- «xhib4Ud & vc^ llna 
of UlAftcl Angdo, nude in a,i>. 
UO bj iW *«U.knoTa p^lJimiCb »n4 
Rnl|it«f , L*Q L#onL 


Mr. Charloi ttuch Smilh oxfaxbiCta i 
M«U te bvnH oUt <■? tb« obwM iJde of 
ft tuft bnn «cila of MvMH Aardiikfi 
wbicb h«J bcm diMorcri^d with tXber 
iU« foe lilt fftbricilJom of Roram nLvw 
at ChIot, KitfiUmploiuhtf-. Uj Mr- 
Ardi- Ue wm wi fi tbat iliooj[b ninuUt 
for tfltor colaa li^i been fOond Id ktcpiI 
loalitkfl baih ia Eflckadnnil on tlic con- 
ttfiBOi, r«l1lHt tbii «itttbeo«Lj«pKini«o 
vf « «*ottU f»r nMllni «e4l<rtas ur Urgt 
bfM* co&nttbit U bal oic« bcjirdofibat 
lh«l iH Ikr Revoe NitDUnottiquD it ^t 
•Ut«d Ibai Urf* bfw ooiot, tmm thn limi 
of Ah^Ubi to IJUI of Philipp 1i^ bivii 
fOBn4 in Frantfv iMch bad all tha ip- 
psvaAQB «f haviDC bertt out in «Qcic(iE 
liBt*. Mr. Wbithanro eibibitnl textn 
«f i*cloitIl(iiitb|oU (ivm tlic 
FhIct H^4ih to lftl#. Mr. 
UiurvtJ i|>A|cr onooLoKrvuicrka^ 

ble for blumdm la their laionptloni, or for 
OD<B* ar HrlOMwhbh hul vnpffiwfULoDily 
bom OHlffiMd to tliCDii cf wbtcb qluj in* 
•Coucu Hcro aifJiAiK^* 

AftcujiQLoaictL iMniTiTra. 
i^cv. 3- Jftm^ Ykt^. nq-, P.VUS., In 
ibo diotr Dr. T1mmh«m, of Derim, 
gELTc an Boeoant at the raxDt c:tunleitlon 
fif thn i^hinibFrFfl lunulus al Ulc^bsr^, 
G To aL'nt«riM r«, • lrr«il y part JoJ IrnoticeiJ m 
uutIabI lulami;, p|i- 2,!iv,2T4, lluatil<a- 
■Lve Brdtoh Srpulclitr retEniblrJ Ibt »> 
lairimbla work *l Nv*r Grdo^ in [ralud, 
•nd iom* nivclfif in t]xv C-lunntrl UUadi. 
A c*ntr*1 pnaii|v roofrvd ovor with Urgfi 
»tabft,uid ntnclajc m eoniidcnble tulvanco 
In fonAtrofliH kkill, led to lAv^nl htfT^I 
dmmben, formed nith atoaov of \st^«^ iize, 
«nd nfnvejrod to tbv vpol ttom « «ia«idvr< 
■bU dijtancv. In IhoM itooptAuU* ir«r« 
round the rcmAlia of the enrljr ocvopanC* 
of Ihe dblrict, to frticm nr^bublf nay be 
attribntH tbe viit Uillrfortieta adJMcnt 
ti> liim iiiEi£ii]fir >r|MiIrbrv. and MfMdklo of 
■donliiig^rcuritf liiriTrTjrnuiuitnUft popv- 

Utioe. The nl^le icpabbre had b«a 
DBrvfall; rlowd up, Ann <o<«rpJ oiftr by 
a Inreo mound, ivnkh occapitfB a lUL-tuf- 
(eqov and aCrtklim ^otklon njioatbi?r4j>go 
of bilU DomiDBfidiui^ ib« * al« «f tL^ ^nn. 
Hw RfT, !). M. Sonrth tcunnnnkttnl 
adovripEionof r*c«ni diacovirlaiof Itonuii 
nnkiiM at Balh, btlonginf pri^bjihlr to 
tbe later period of Roman domlniitn in 
Brtuhi, and lupplfln^ varlaln faoti of n 
novel (haracter in connvJiLoo wltli Uie 
uaafM of (hitt ifr. Mr. Scarth c-ntertd 
ialO an iut^rr-ilrug i:<iinpiri*mi of Ihc 
raUgei of tbc Romui populalioa of U^llt 
nib tbuM dlaonerad ai Torh, btariuj 

al«o tflcu* a'lalacT^*'^^!'*^' objvdtaritiit- 

knf near Hooa lualf. 

Lloui^CoL Grant avnt a ihori luxke of 
the icmitiu of a riband tliureh which be 
had bid [i|iin on ihe nctU'rii hf:r£l>C« it 
Davtr. 4iid wbicli bad doubtlcu hixva 
VOUEMsitnil wiihllic rrroeptotfof tbcTeni- 
plar*. i>( viliicli [^Land md ocbor vriterv 

mbW* nii«»iiAii «■ Itatinif *iu(fii1 lUrr*. 

Tito Ktti bail flrnt berndtceoinrad in IBOS, 
but It bad been verr lukporriMrilj ciiamlnei], 
and hod become Bffiin nnoeolcd bv tbn 
»oitt nod olnoat forioiivn. Mr. Blit«d* 
vf D0i«r, Kut furlber particMldr* of thnt 
diFetfrrvry* nitb a ground plan, thoviae 
that tliochuFx^b bflfl otrrLBitUd cf a roancl 
IkuUiUng, viEb A wvdam dobrnaj, aod 4 
M|uiire cbanrel tovardM the ceit, tlio 
Cbur^ and tbe Roand Cborob at V.tuyi, 
brldie. Coloud Grant obierTed tbac it 
K^ijQB bii;hLj prfibikbld thitt Ihr utemorAVle 
iu U tvirr birl wrra K i og Job n *n d Pandulph 
look placo e» tlic DortT Ud^fa. iW 

An$i^ti/irinn R^nart^h^^. 


Kin|t'»Hnm&i;T f otiic Va[to U diled "4.pad 
dnmuim MifiEif 'IVmpU jviU DoVCT^im/* 
Mhy n. 121:1. Thii hfld UMuUjrfaMO 
rt^vdoJ, bac «pj«»iitlj lq rrror, «• k^- 
Ing ficaiir«d at Tcinpl« l{«r]l, <li*Uni 
■boiit Ihrra wilfit frotD Dortr. 

Tilt Rm-. J- WniUBkOAgHrtAB AMOaflt 

of iht ilitocnflrr M Shprbomci Doneti «f 
m ilagnln lodpCira, fin (nnlce, p«i of a 
mraunimitkl cEatn* nf rinct of th« ftnt 
abbtU, CJoMnl, vbo dieil in the Sidf 
|i*lX vf the tf^l Ah CEiktarj. 6i4ln|>]v>of 
•cutptarr In ^ninit* tn of vtmt rtrilr. 

A DDlioe W4» rfwt «rth«fli«iaeefinrntof 
a mj*lf AoniTruci**! j»^ pifaihlwa hitla 
church, !>!> ih? cofLti 0/ Korlhuubrtlmdj 
bf Mr. J. Hoi)j^^>n IlinOc, wblirhhaJ lon|f 
hKn non<Y«1nl hy uvnntuUuJ und. liLn 
th« ^inifTilttr diurch of rrrnnxitjuliw ko 
Ctfunvili thi> dl»CD4Ci] of wlilch vfu 
ROmc rrtm ancrfi rv^arfcd with much 
inlvrsBi. Tlii* rrliqua nf iht cftftJt^t inirt^ 
dDcli<jn of Oiri'tUnLfv uLto N'uriltunhria 
wn foond by Mr. Ibnde dnrfng ibr put 
rummrr. ind 19 4l«l*d not fnrtcmiii tt 
nftirilxironirh Tflitle, whnv <1««iiM, wbn 
fimt brnujElit t^in ChriAtiao fiiih Icilo thoiv 

Earit, irtiikd tbuut the jw 633. The 
Ltio Rhufch «wc«11iMt Sl Kbb'», bavlsff 
pofidUj b«n foandcd bv Ebb* iha risCfr 

' flf Ov<mld, and fouiHlrvta 0/ tb# eonwMi 

I M Ebcbe>t«r and CoMinfEham. At the: 
laitvr, wacordinc to Uede, »Jic becanu Ab- 

I h«««, ani! tbera dJed hi (M3. fltMiild h. 

i atblbbifrd Ihe SeotivU biriiop Aidun at 
fjlDdlafaruf, uad buili ouay ckuabr* id 

' NnthnmhHfl. To iJib period tMjr pro- 
habl; b« u«l£n*d t^« '>'ifui of (he ontorr 
lately ^liiatnfiad hj Ur. llnida,4r«1ilDL 
«]1 TMttfa* bad been lonI« tod tlio nnXy 
Ificcof lU fa«t](m ircoii to htve been 

timmt'*! bj thp oame of rbe adjiccnt 
n\tX *.-t tlic co»t, kriawnu Kbb*i ^'(lol[. 
Tbp bilv^HL riH<i»c4 u( aui vhipel hBm 00 
run in the VHiUlitm In n70, wfaea mAn- 
tiin ft made of the corcte of Badnaf. 
Mr. Wkj ohKTTcd thfet ha ha<l Tiiti«ri tlila 
tniaralln; mtK vlch Mr. Hindo i it n on 
Iha «*lBto of Mr. Trutrr, who hftil ffir«D 
aaarj tMllUy far rh« invrtii^liim- Tha 
aiionr7 md dr^titilt of ihe bmtjjnf op- 
ipiared to ihim ilml It brlano to ■ vtrf 
\mr\t prhad. Tl« alta/ ronainvd mlln 
vImd tho bnildinf vat fint uficov«ftd, bnt 
|l hud hcffn 'w^ally dratra^vJ fay p«raont 
aeiTchin^ fur coocttlcd Irtatnff. The 
. tniiJdfajf conaUlji of a imaJ ebacicel, narf, 
[and ■ ktrueiura at Ihi' itnl f dif , p»blt>fy 
)■ towrr ; ihcm v«r« two mail roaud- 
f bcidtfiJ doi^rwiyn la iha aava, • fput vr 
r-vator bAiiii ro A>aciil onr the wnUi 
or; and a to« tUtne bench ran tlon; 
*«IU of the navt, a foaCam of r^Hf 
cmcnca in rh«fdin which «u qo- 
lil PcfTUinbilO*. Mr W»y HiJdfd 


that on a roovni tWi CO UodiiOrvt be htd 
area whh gn§X rrvtnt th« Jtatrwtina of 
tho romarkabltf traado ullh o«h«r In* 
tartatlng fcatoio* of ^c wtMttu frvstgf 
that chorob j and ivwml pottKmi of Ihot 
alrlkloc Rtmclnre tre in imaiincat pnfl 
Ihroa^h want tpf a tiirlc tKa«|j praaandatt, 
bj etoiin^ th« joioU or «iap|iorflnf Ibi 
drcajinf rmiainili of wbloh oomo MO* 
ndmbl^ piTt tnaf probably h\i l# rrfaarij 
10 coallNcd OffflMt. Om of Ckr ranou 
pkn hi llu aaro haa t%rf rrcntUy hvtv 
thraim dovn ibroagh vaoUia tniw^iief, 
andihi»lrafinfnt4 lir in ooafiaiion vllfathc 
rnu»ni of (ha cnrioua artiada, »hleh faatf 
b»ri oiii^ at thf moil icrlhini poitioao of 
thf «Tfirm «iilnn««. 

Thfi JifV- W«(tpr ftliifit ^i^mmunifltail 
an jLOfoiint and rr prr«critatiani i^f a Nor< 
DiAu font hi Likloull church, Sbrvpatilrvi 
vffhtch prea«oU aome atntatar toulptarco, 
tha iritrntion cf vfikh hot o»t bnii «i- 
pUirird, llv fvnt al*o a qotln of ■ lerj 
rvnurkibk ohjrrt in the tatranco iJoiirl cq 
an inrkriit manilonat Hadat j*. AronhirOi 
appftrrnlly a Min-dlal nf ramplintad o»o- 

Mr. Yal4a mllrd aUrmtkin to the dta- 
oonry of a lirirr hoinj of ftmnan OCMU «»d 
■Utct rvtlc|apB f>f ihe KomaD period ot 
fjaWat««, .ind fi^ k^vi" an kooount of lUi 
TLiiifnUr dcpoii^ ithicb camprifod aoino 
aUrvr Ln£ii(j« ii[ani]ipi1 wirb a Romui In- 
ter IplEon, h(iiriit)3 vuiinff r^«rnihl[ini> loUko 

ingiot fbund at the Tovrr of l^uidun* ind 
niiw In thv ttntlab Mnieum. la the dit* 
mmion which maaed. GoacrDl Vnx nof- 
(fcited the probability thai a nint lo^bt 
hatv Mial^, |ti tliac* later than thoaa «f 
Roauui dominion, noar tbo placo vboro 
Ehra rvmarkabl* diarOTrry hai otfun^f 
KiiiJ hr dJifirtvJ Co Ihn ilitooOffy of af Ivor 

ucuurc At Cuerdale, wtorh appeiit»d Co 
pmcui auDiiT fcaiurra of ilollancy to Uil* 
recrat dticofflry Id Irrknd- 

MkJor.Cafnfinl Fox praarntftl to tho 
Itutttut? a alandatd braan mpaiorc of the 
rei^ of RlJobceh, bcarinjc thtr date 160]. 
Sonf mfBiorcaof ihc iimg pcri^ art In 
tha Wintf h«(1*r MmeitnL 

Mr. Citoy. of Reading, prfaml«d repnn- 
lontatloaa of aomc arehiirfi dral doWli aC 

Mr, V. J. Bc!mhtrd Smith nhlUted m* 
irctal cf iLa or atc^hiad* of flliiC anil pot- 
phyrjp arroH-hrada, a brrr bronK »n« 
pon found in S^ropihifr, And Mrm\ otber 
»rH<irTiLr*J|i|ur«- trxl Mr. AjbiHb rihthitr<d 
I cull*cri"»n of icupntii, tmpl^oinntK, and 
TTllquea of vjirtdua periods, foond In the 
bed of the Tliarntm n^^r WratTnl&MDr 
Srid|(fl, and in Uw ts>ane of public vorki 
in xhe CSty of LodiIoil Tbry PoiaprlM^ 
lOing obj^tri of th« Roman mgt. 5a« 
au&n wire, aod potUry of litfr date, a 


ArekMohfieal IfutttaU. 


pwlt itf inntT> Son», and a onciat 
lOfdi^rvrt, nvrvt A;:^* Clurllj of 
llrblftv put <»' tbe aitoenth ceDtuy. 

«Hi k itosfl ecU of a»nfluL[^ lirgc dU 
~ vIdilmJ is ifaaTbHBnku Acfuu* 
Hr. Ncbltocilf, at Wilton, 
tiro bCMJtllal BjEwtiiM tculp- 
i ia ivorya ftwi a tftbltC of ulibaiUr 
■ikg tlwt dHChbod in thmiU of 
A(V Hertrof B«rT!>t tCdmainl'* in t&V^ 
«■ *• A Stjet Joluw bed* oT k]«ba>lvr vilb 
HT^ Iter Aftd wni Tbonui Dad Uw 
AC«e orCtftt." (Bury WilU, puUiifMil 
" ^thm Gimdca 6odttr. p. 1150 Tm 
I tabliCi wen «pitrJ In tJw Gcnltf- 
r« Munihm fur fic|«. L»24 t «im1 
•n fft fwJ lo In a aoto lo tlto 
'Villi, P..3&A. 

r. PnnVf v^Ibitvi 1001* ba^hly 
bMOt&fil namjilrt of FicatUb tut, <kCft 
«lMatl490;Uiff «ecB|rttn4illfvrplAtcfl, 
fiiiihaMj wt oT tba mfkhoncati tt ■ 
AhM* Mr. Etbtcd lent & haut^ful BtU 
nr rin^ taml wl Cbldjour. Uie iin|iraB 
bviac iW tnififtls I apA M unjleJ by a 
ti*ft-l9ra kvit- IW Rcr C. Cniiup «x- 
babUcJ fW mttrbt 9i ibo m«] o/ tC^^ibiw 
' ~iBl|bihaTf bciAitaAorbroluni 

B*fi iBiiaid ID iodiaCfl IbU lh«l 
«bieh •«* pn>4Dood oa tUa oeoutoii tPAf 
ban bMB itiarui uM lou biforv tb« 
lUforvMktt. ImprMttoM froaa ivivnl 
e«brr *ari« vrfs dkabiM viT^cUltf from 
rWBtlT ^tmtvrcid ouftriccft of (be >c4i« «f 
Chiabnodi Abbcv, fiMtfordtbbti. and 
LMciloa Frlory, Kent Uw tiilUr bu 
Wm fiMtt4 not |«^ *na la tbe Nrih«r. 


Arc 1. OcUvbi* Uoipnl, Ot^ U.P. 

Mr- MartM jpTC m toocvnt 0/ the 

ithCfnvrj «f * lUuia* tombt Avimg the 
prtitOH fontb, M Cmmwa^^ Honi»9atb' 
ftbtw, MMrttendant Ramsc w»y wblch 
Ud tv Vfl«ia AUivfw. UU prob«bJetb4t 
otlMr te«it« luiy uitf 4lung itts n»d,and 
3Ci^ Itor^iD propcac* to nakt carvfut in- 
' noflWlmLcjr. Thii tflpulcbjv, 
i pnuata ostab {w^uluirtUca «f i 
chuacUr, cduhCoI uf ma cbloiif 
DoM- dwabiT. abMM lO feat M )co|tb by 
i IL Gin. ift bvBa<ab,ft}f«ed af 1«rK«Uiia 
*Ub«* bhUj A^iMnd, W.ibia tbw nnp* 
taiia 1VM i Urge >toM oaAn, formed of 
a alofla hlacft of tba amdMoue or tba dia- 
Iviftl dn «pwa ^i*MA Ibli ri«< ind lh« 
oslmAl iMloflaro bdng AUad doMly vrLtb 
«— n aoal, qabarat, nmmmd «A»clr i»iu 
tfca catiCj, A larf* ilab vitboot lBacfi|»- 
t«aa oO¥«r«d Ibv ooAn, md tkli Uj at 1 
4rptlk 4f ■boot four bH. WkUa tkit r*- 
wuUibniirihffdarriTnil nBlanf In^ 
Mh «loatlr. Mi ili« tti fumi or a 

pbia of load •fai«b had bno bid i4|ion 
fear iros ban pliccd aora«a tka oaticy fur 
tbe pnrpoMT or aupportlog IL Tijt uoffin 

vhvii vjfCiicd Hu full uf deir WC*r. ib 

vhUh lij a bumna ^rlcion, ippircnily ttt 
> man in tha prtme of bft^ Na wmvoq or 
orotnieDta, ai lb» workoirti aMcrla^ «cfB 
fcucd bk tba qoIEb, Thf latrodoctimi of 
Biii«U voal \a ao tlu^utv a nuuivr nmy 
EKitaU^ hara boao tram aoaio ootLan of 
Eia aabarpCic prrvprrtiaa* U ntiit bavd 
b*«nbrt>D^t riMrfiacoiui'd*nb]«djBtftnoBi| 
tbo Qoamt bcaiiElei «bar« eoat ia foond 
botng Ibe ir«r«ai of Uaan, or ttia Moti- 
nuntluhire coal-field, In die oantrnaa- 
tiniLvbtcb onavadi Hr. Yalca offered lomo 
vljkervflliiMU UQ tbe use td mil by tba 
Ronuna. wbkib bad bvto quculontd by 
«Mne porroiu. Mr. Clayton otnBerTe^ Uut 
hr bul fiv^uHDdy dkoataaW ood La Ui« 
RoDUD •iaii(inj tod diftllinp ta N<int* 
Qubcriand. u alto potUlTa ortdanoc ibu 
It lutl BctQally brm lued u flaciL 

The Kit, Joirpb HooEcr prodoocd, by 
puotlaBlua sr Luly Suiurton. a beautiful 
iUajninalad BoaL of Pnyen> aiod lie mad 
1 di^lALlod notice of fbla renufhulilc lk|K. 

vbitfd WH ^Ifca by CnrdiuAl Uonard fu 

ikn Dominioui CMrtntof Bomheim. Tbat 
■ocicly hid Hod to KnfUnd in U9I, and 
m en ■■Ulod fint at tUrabflllnn, and anb' 
avquTtitly at lllaellcf. Tbr ranvciit via 
ranaiJed la liiA« by the Uitoq of Dora* 
bfloa.oliielly iLrmieh tbe tTiBtramcniality 
of FhiLip Homrdi tbini tun of Hritry L£«rl 
uf Antndfli. He w*j, UHCcovcr^ tb< Ant 

CTbli cuftoua btllo voiluiDn, Mr, 
er ^larTvdi bad b«n broiagbl indcr 
tba iHidOf of HilhfjniirK* fint by tb« Abb^ 
Manft, of Brutavia, md nltto In tb«0«(i« 
tlMMo'a Mai>alDt, i;J49, pp. Tl!l, I07S, 
and 1790- p. 33, It bftd boau rrronEOunly 
luppaaed ti> tuTc boloTiged to ibo Qnetii 

^r ^tDlland, lo wbr>ibf BCtfocdlDiE to UftJl* 

tJon, it ^ad b<WD ipvan by Popa Piaa T* 
Ur. HuBieriEi':«eill'rant Intanalerldcnoa^ 

uid lfii4-r4j>lJ(iuB *ritLcti Iti tbe toluHU by 
fonnrr povKiiori. Uial K had prvbabLy b(* 
Lnnfffd 10 KuiboEinr Qm, daugbur «f iit« 
5Urt]uii of l>i>nai. and nifo of HiMnf 
Laid Mfillnrvra. Tfacte la an lotorcaibif 
tfttofipilDu in tba band of tli« lVin«« 
M ary, addratatd to a lady named KMt, 
bivardi vliuu Ibe prloecaa «ipNa*fi>i iiiwh 
ifvolioa. ud it hhidi alatoft OfHAiq tbtt 
Ibe book v« a fin to kttt nry probably 
IB bar marnaca. Ibo miotatttrr-s are of 
paat boanty of axwoUon, anJ nhm that 
tbo M& wa* wrtttca lowafrii eIio laiUr 
jmi at th* firivriiili (Evi«ir}, Ac i]ut ht^ 
ghiido|[ of tbe toloQLC bi an f*cntchMa 
■ttb Ibe arva of Haittop, tiirrountlod by 
9 f«rtfr, f r^bflbly lb«4 pf Wtltinflt l^rd 
HatUBct, ILG. bfbradrd by Rieharl IlL 
Tbo trnu 9f AratHlal ^artona^ JJaitn* 


Antiquarian Hffscarchu, 



v«n Ottdr lo iM^Mr nut ol tbe book, 
«m4 iW IWI tiiia Oc Ituviir^ mv tb« 
Mn of L«nt MilttmTcr*. «Wo vm g*4 of 
Mary's fnOfal adbcTCDtt, md Ixvd Itif b 

Ca«BU.^1tf At hfr r4roa*tion, ««]r — Ifcjj, 
cniT]^ ripUiD haw Utiv bMnlifkL «minle 
of ui puwd ittia me poe^fnioa cf C«r- 
dliul llottinl' JlifMpBifghMii ty L>dy 
SCoarton from tbe Dorainteift fcftiJBafc 

Hr. MvwHt vff«f«d fon* r— Mt* oh ■ 
brenic trvov, np«M*d lo b>vB bcoi at- 
teemed CO a oui«r bMd-i»l«cp, of cbe Suon 
M^od, and ftiuU M Le«klLUinpC<« b«ar 
CMbcnbaoi. >b««i C«n jrmrt afnM. lE 
WU tfftM Ibit tliii rvmnktMl Objfcl bkd 
bMtt fbnnil ■ftvulljr pt^vd on tttm nkvIL in 
a.n {Bttrmcnt Hound timf xht R«n»tt work* 
OO Lf«7khaiant<jii Hilt. Il U nov in tbc 

{(MNKkin gfCipt. Bcll. of ChcHoabun, 
jr ntLOn bt hkd Tfcra kindly msnt for «»- 
•aiaalton. Ibnugli Mr, Allien Tbc f«ct 
Uitt tUi Rdf qoe kiJ braiod pari of 4 \tn*\ 
piece hiTifff beta diiputtd, Mr. llcwiU 
broDghl an ■Htll^ry hnmt of the farm n^ 
CtnLJy AdojiiedfWlth a rrampwork of ouU} 
aliDoal prcdaelf tfrnQir lo tht radeiu 
objtrt from GJoacoitctiblrt, BycA, haw 
vrer, bia a riof ai tfct top, vbcfou ibe 
>bod*rn bead-facet la iiifEDOwatad bj ■ 
llupio knob, to ftcdre ■ plaiof. Hr, 
UcvlltMlated oor ciimpica la iredicril 
Cfante «' faelmett fonnad viih a rliif ui \hf 
«M, la vhicAi probably lie cointju* «u 
iflic4. He alio potoM out vdobemiW 
enriMU l^reiiMu fecitK^nillni vi vtileb 
frrat put iic iiov in the HrUlih Aluieam, 
an fu«n^ c4 a fri»a«v«ili nf brent* *tlh 
a rinf «l tvp, t« wloch vu tiUihod a bcll- 
Alr, Nwllt brcorlit for riJuntnaUaa* 
b^ 'h'>B-'''1f(ii(icp«raii«vo* ■>' Mr^ AI'Laod, 
(ha c«HiTifor Dnnr'pn cup, tmA he 
aArroi ■ ' . i« ih« rvBiark- 

Ablc lii' I flahorato mrUl 

I «h>in t: II <-fijt««H[td> tic 
a mtriem of bt^Mlfut owla 
I iTory ill tht Tnnrvf 
" «*. 11*0 »•?- K 
bii< iif Oir dUooncy 
of itODPi 

\^ ^Mdurlac 

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n proewWtoa «f a ai^«tir B%T«f «oo4, 
prvatrvad ulch nadi n*cnnn In lrcla*4, 
at ehcfinraWSLG^boct; dta.offt aUb 
dtpandirllb a crow. Mid tradilionani 
OMW < t^ wtab %k9 bUtory of that uiaiL 
Nr> Wntiroad ooondvtod ibii cunoui 
jliti fo 6c or ■• nrl; adile ai the Mfmth 
or Hchlh MOiaty. Mr.TorsVtr W^^nihta 
bfoow tomt «f *er7 Itffv diaicmiiooi and 
vaoBOil fbnDt fbunti with Kiwal allien •! 
a plan aA\oi UooiIt PoqL ib Daclmoor, 
Tbc Ktt. T. Hftfo rxbibilni vart of aa 

Chihi and the CmdCuoa i found in lAU 
bo Hkjdon h^tXArfl in tie Minorio- Mf. 
Ptlk^r prndnrad a hroua lamp found tk 
KlnfAolAc naar GlooMaUr^ «rhb B«su 
Rioihn I also a broue nk froio Diao^ 
Hill, uciT DciUiDicton. Oifordthirv. 8«< 
Tfnl riinoni rcliipvi ftuiid lu Lonihifi 
«r«v ctlubiUd tjr Mr. Cbark* Alaalk. 
Mr, Octatiu MofE*" bnogbt ailaculv 
aBDli|ilv, probabtj Dot bumifti pfrfttBOi a 
OfTwan «oik of ritmmm filahiont hIbo a 

plat* rirand aX St. Wdtoi' Cbnr^ 
MiMuAouUuhlre, duHag rconu rcwdr*, and 
dkpbriof a llob rnnpiot. prmblr u 
binbilo ornament. J 

auTaH AKCH4CLO01CA1.A»»00lATl0ir,* 

Aft.St, T.J. l^liicrv«,0M|. V. P, 

likiltnp 0<<dwiD*f conb 4f bowood, 

found in bi« bedroom at Uo]rne*e Courl. 

In lOlQ, «aiab1bii«i1,aB4l (bciceiliwtet 

obacnei lo be aironfttl ha Ibis farm of a 

blr. Ilrent MUbitv4 a brvbsv Ikoanaa 
Mfle, 4af np in t\n Mlahboathpod of 
lUcbborovfh,amt1hr hcT. Ibonuu Uogo 
a Ur)^ brui at HjJrItu, found ui lEl^* 
■trcel. Scuthv^rk' Mr. IkaadMonp ««- 
htljlt<]l Maetiii Lutlii-r'i pcddinx^rinc- 
It il lit plld, aad »n li^ in*ida bft* thtf 
foUoHing InKfiptLon . " D, Maitino Lu^ 
Ibaro, CaibrrtM Uoi«u, 13'Junij, ly^." 
Itbeanarepmrautjun of the Struiar oa 
Um Croai, with cinblonu rrlatinf to th* 

Mr- Sjtr Cnmiqg read t paper en i 
a iriD npptjai bf ibe Or«t(a 10 to 
Uirattil ol tha akma of ■iiuutlk Muif 
curiotfl »|«dmcnt were eiblbU«d lo i\h 
tiila (Ji« I riiiiMiiftifaUm ^n vJahor 
poperon Ibo Nimboit vrlttea by Mr* 
U. Pmcb, of n«boo, mocMJy priatod^ 
tol ^iciiirDl; circuUiJtda bnl rtvianl and 
aagiBicoUd witb addltkiD« by llu; Trot^tttt 
at the rvq^NI of theanthorrvnatbmircad 
Tbii pi|i*rt ititb a freat varrcty of illoo- 
tnlloni vin appoer in Iba Jounial of tbe 

V.f*. lo Uw obw. iM 

KH. D*ti«,a«.|. F.B.A,V.P.,ttUUU^| 
a kaadfttl alaUMir d^ure of TlialUi mc» 

J 14 ba^ iaWiflil*Bhieh Mwvt 
toltalri*E«iiof Kl[b. IV uMOioa 
if *^ ^OMt, ■§ valT «t ihv Bftlcrkl ctf 
fiKi It k ooapdaeda f«t« ri«e la doubCa 
tt»iUM>icnnwMt to Uio a^e cif Grtck 
«Jf<i««. Mr. C«Uv Mantull ^Ud not 

Mr> T< GtoMon exhibited ■ drmlar 
■kU vf DcJft w*n, >t luchft ilUinrtw. 
Oi It ti piailsd ■ \trf>e Agnn in the coa- 
IM ftf be ckiic of tlic m^n of Hlltt- 
kalk. It nfmMfiU • pxnMU&i ftrm#J 

ni& ■ «vor4 anA digsa* tlic ^^^ ^ ^^'^ 
iMffr Muf fMnldMd wllh ■ lutnl rln^ 
OtUifaOHlBiafdiiiBvdbcaiiKCi hcirt«n 

yp hnwliii anncc brtodic*. *<U " btjui- 
biiM" Of •cuffed M^anldftfoncnl wllh 
iMf ilMbM, iboiruit Hut 'MUs liikinp. 
TW fvllmr bo** *fs emfiDfrl vtth lanr* 
Um B«rt*i^ ittd tbe dioea on bluk- 

Mr. Cliiin of Eutoa nDooioH tha 
JMBOTBfy of UMM HtMin fdiu. locvthcr 
vKb I Ur^tf Aiii> vrow'bcvil, at ihni 
■bee: ftUu * fine cuui^-k i4 a ri^l or 
Am aohle ti Ed«nd IV, fovod nw 
H ilMiartfc. It i* ■ Mr. Clorka'ft i)oa< 

inrlE « csfiw* on ImUi aSdc*. 

Mn. hMt evbibUol, mroH^ Uie trcn- 
«W. « silTer bttk «Ucb hkd Wn in her 
&BUr fbr a hm^ pcfiod, Om Ibo Uil is 

3nmi]«|Kirtnilaf BilTWilVLcrvwiiCfl 
mrroQiiM bj nuUal enblm*- &e- 
nnlb tfa« Mrtm Ua folWviag Jucriip- 

TV pva Ml eri 10 tAw'tt Coin. 
aP, I59& 

It VH MCfHoUl cliit tbfl bOK majr ban 
baB»na4t7lU»in«cuf BJ-u^ Vl. 
hon lbs cMuUviiiov of Ite tut lino. 

B<tflnci Om. EH. uutttnined a ^nm- 
hmfvimh^U WfacUn Cbonb, n«M 
DailiUfnn OaUHnprOMoiMl Acombat 
ktfsm Viro drvOM, cub oi which b 
fmnlihwl ifiUi « Ibir^ uU, Lftiing ^n oooro 

Mr. Wikamaa of HunmouUi ami Mr. 
Do« «kf Mornai Court cottaaokiied 
•OBI btffcf naCka of tba diMorery of t 
Jm4c« oottii, ineUanl frllbbi a ataft* a>Ut, 
nai aceompvftied by a ruifitjr of cofioot 
vuticBlan, napecUai otkA loqiilrj wu 
mwmOad ta br nudo, and a dnwln§ ob- 

Slf Fonoonu I>«ard«. V.P. cabibltad 
MBC lataniiu ooiaa biJootiiv to CoL 
HVKk^na, U.P. liC«l; fonod Mar Bfocoa r 

CAiUAiu AVUvht^. Iua: bead 9f An- 
fjtKiHt Jbv^ air<»iih KtcEi-tia . «.r.<UL 
ft booUer bvlwtoa t«« atoodflnU. tht 
tarii* ^f Ih" li c*a< I it 1* B0t nvmSantHl 
Ui Utfoua'a caUlofaat and «ai Mmcli 
oa ilk« rovvtrr of tbc LcKlotia of Vnrui. 

GutT. »ji0. Vol. XUir 

roK. hjlX. t«. f. ooa> v'. & CidUMui. 

mr- c. r. tio. TAttiLiAs^v* (Avn«}* 
AffakViCTOaiA.AVGO (Attgiubinim), Vio- 
»rr Mill] ibteidand ptLm. 

TbB cMiutoder of Ibe onidnf nw «ec«* 
mod ia dM reading nf • letmcd p*9^ hf 
Mr. 0*9. V«m Irrlnj^, " On tb« Oaogn- 
pliy iit tbc ^'itn vf Ibc Smuiis tii Nurl^ 
QiiLbcrluid vUh iht Nortbcrn Brflon*;" 
aiuJ tbt! Society adjoumed to Jan. 94. 


Oft.*^ Mr. Jabn^envkkrepnrtAjiliM 
ho Ijad pmi«od a pajwr of tho Ul« Mr. 
^^'ctlitcll, uf DcPA-iuk, cfii tliD liiiiunica «d 
the Tvcfd. It waa uai wntttm coaaaca- 
(JTvlf , liut vould bfl t«rf vtflful to nalU' 
ralivic, irnd iraa mribjr af bnng printad. 

Ur. Bmce aiatad ttta aabMancA of a 
fartbCT eomiann^oattoiL from Mr. M'Laeta- 
bo u tc thf rcctnt dUooftriM at CariUe 
in <oiitKi:tJur: with the Rooin WatI, 
(liinif JVC tv A iHjriultD tb*t poniUj tbe 
iTdcci had baeii det«cUd vS vorkt ooo- 
tLucLed bj- the Ccltia pr«d«n«|ijra of lb* 
Ibitfn*. Dr. BruM aUq nad a p^>Or cm 
ibtfi RoiTiftii AoUi)4ittea of the N^tJi of 
lingUncI In pOHcuJon of TrtiUtjr and M. 
John*t ColJci-H, Cambrd(^ lUuiCratcd by 
dnLitin|;i And fithliittjiv. ($« rojwrt Of 
itw uiccLiiig *jI ilic AiiliiEoU^Ioal liHtltUc 
m our Augntt niiDiber. p. |7Q>) 

Nn. I. Mr. \\rbriE«r, of Uuuflaa, in 
iha t>1« Iff Mb[i, ir(o>cuUd 1:9 caaUed' 
Kfcb &IX |>lojic«r md 17 ID coppcf (ekdio- 
^5F^J^ ramprifinf romv of tbo qriacopa) 
Msk of tbe ^oocae of Durbiin, 

Tho fibalnnoD, Mr. Penvtck, laid opoo 
tlj« labia tbroa brioka ftuiu tha bi^uac of 
Arcber tb« buber to the BJi^EDurket, 
diilio^ from Cbe nd^a of £Liub«tb| ythao 
briota w«r« bardljr iHdd in Ntvhoaatla^ 
Tboj diffc*«d from tbc bridt* cf He pto- 
aeni daj-. Ukd v«ra firobtblf toipoilfld 
from Uifl fdodafliiL A momber au|tEV>ttd 
tbat tb^ irara Untcb. 

Tlie CbaEnnan obaerTcd ibat St. M*rr*a 
ohoreb, Galsabeadi had bcm lo br oe- 
■itoftxl bj tho bla «xp1aaiOD «« to raodar 
it ahuoat oartais that a oaw cburcAi weuLd 
be built. A anheoamMtee naappointBd 
to vaLch otcr ibo «hufoh. «oailallu^ of 
ih« Cboirmm. Mr. K«U. nod Mr. Lotif- 

A aiwduicu uf the liivicty'a CaUIuhui;, 
(d«i[)ri»lni Lbf Iradcaiac&'t tokciii, 4m 
laid Upon thf Cable. Tha Lbairman vtalud 
tli«t tbr^ U««n aikd Cli4^1<r of Uiulmm 
vrr* ah<jiLt lo pk;hli*b hii illuMtriLrd C^ta* 
lojoe of ibc^ Rjiuon anliqaiUci- 

Ur. Urutc read iht^ fondudkog part of 
hli paper on the itomaa allan fnrox tbo 
N"iiii of j-lngUmt ii^w ai C^n^tifidi^ ^ 


Amti^Marku^ Rei§arek§§- 


vbfQ thft cfauTBiui itolcd Uut ftn ItaUui 
Doblcmia from Bolofai, «fao h>d b«ca 
tifliliDg Mr CItjtoa, »■! trunUUaf iitto 
hli nttive lut^afe tbt docior'i book od 
tbe Rom ID W4IJ. 

£M. 6. Mr MirtiD DuoBtof Gal»- 
he>d. pmrnted oor of lfa« ttall-riKU of 
the iiKicDt cburcli of MrrriD^on, neir 
PerrrhJU, reitorcd Ihm 01 four fnwt i^o. 

Dr. Bnice cifaibitrd t-ma or ihm lar^ 
piuc conei — auch, hemaid, aabe frpfjuCDtlf 
»v ill tbt bouie* of th« corunmn ivojile 
ID lUly, vUcD ncirndy be Tiaited lliat 
rouDlry, Thry ir«r« uwJ u ■- fir«- 
ligfaCrra^" 'tnl nuU were t-xtraclrJ irous 
them, tbp kernciri of vhich vm mcil a* 
food, Tbete court ircre lifured un Ro- 
mafi ini>niiDieD(a eiiiting iq our oitd 
country, on Ifae \ittt of the WuU- They 
wen iIki arnlptnrHl ia rlie handa of the 
Aujrian kinp — one hand holding a bu- 
ket, and Ibe othrr a fiinf eon^p Mr. 
Layard augcrifed, anJ viifa great pUuri- 
bility, that Lbe nne vaa uaed aa m erablcia 
of fire. 

The Rer. Jamn Rainc, jonior, ^Pniid- 
pa1ofN«fi]lehal]. Net[raBt]F,)readapaper 
tm Jobn Lord Lum'ty, of LumLry C'aitl', 
ia tbe coantv of Durii^m. vtIjd flouriibed 
ia tberei^ni of Henry VLIL, Edvard V]., 
Mary< Eljiabefh, ami Jamn. Hi* father, 
Geor^ Lnmley^ vaa eiecmtd n,t TyLurfi 
u an ioBiirrcctioiaary Leader; and John 
Lnralry tu drbarprd, by atlaindrr, from 
IribtriCiiif Lii rank i but Ibr influence of 
his grandfather, Jobn Liord Lamley, pro- 
eurfd a reTCTinl of the forfHtore. At the 
coronation of Qu«n hf ary he was pmcnl 
among the Barooa of ihe realm l nnd hia 
ladj« druaed in crimaon TcLvel* tat in the 
third chariot of ttatc. He look a promi- 
□ent part in the (riali of Mary Qnccn of 
Scota, Mr, Secrelarr Datiton, and the 
Earl of Eiaei. On one occaiion — and 
only one— be fell under the dinpleiPEire of 
hia royal tDittmi. He waa mixed up in 
tbe intrigan for brinpng about a raarria^ 
between tbe Duke of Norfolk and Qneen 
of Scota, and was thrown into priaon. He 
vat, how«Tcr, ipeedily ratored to freedom 
and bvonr, and mnained in tbe auntbina 
of royalty through tbe reign of Eitiabeth- 
Ue entertained King Jamea at Lnmley 
Cattle oa hit progrcai to the Engtiih 
throne, and waa chosen to be one of the 
eommiaaionera for tcttltng the clairaa at 
Hia Majeaty'a corDuatian^ — an office which 
he bad filled when Elisabeth waa crowned, 
flnt-«nd-f6Tty year* before- He waa now 
In the 70th year of hii wgt^ and the re- 
mainder of bit daya waa ipent in compan- 
tin retimnent. Twice married, be waa 
yet dJIdlcaa, all hit iatuc haring died 
jonng. With aonc reluctance— for hit 
couina wen alian to hia aflfectkik^lM 

cataikd the landa and caitb of lAulaj 
Qpon one of them, Biduini, who ama after- 
wardf raiaed to the peerage aa Tiseonjit 
Lmnley of WateHimL Hw deed waa en- 
cvtediD 160:,Bndinia09thc baron died, 
Mr. Raine read aoma eitrida from hie 
will i and aiao a copy of the luTianlorT of 
tbe moTcablea found in L«ttley Caatb at 
hia dcccve, the origiaal will and inTentory 
being in the refiatry of the conrt at DbT' 
ham. The moveabtea compriaed **riL 
percei ol haogineflOf arraa with gold of the 
ftlorie of Troy -/' and other hanging! were 
devoted 10 " Quene Heater,'^ " Cipio wd 
Hanibitl/' ''Jaton and Medea," "King 
PluIiV' " The Amaaoot/' - Paria," '' Kiw 
Sanlr and UaTid/' " SE, lieorge," and 
" Amadia." There were also "buakic" 
hanEing*. and liaDgiDriof *' giite leather" 
*■ Beddot " of gold, ajker. and ailk ; and 
of hroadctijtb, ^one purple, one carnation, 
and one grren). Chain of grrat magnifi- 
cence. FiTB aquanr vdvet carpeia, three 
purple and two green; Turkey carpet of 
iiik and gold ; carpet of purple clotbi 
^oged wifh pnT]i1e tilk ; four aqnare Tar* 
key cirpctfl of ailk ; 5f1«aTurkry cvpeta 
of ''crowtea '' of divert torta ; fire lonf 
Turkty tirpeli of crovilei: three bngcar- 
\*tti of gmn cloth i with much other 
magniEifmi fumiahin^, pictorai Ate.* the 
whDlevaluedn(jtl,401 Ui.Btf. "Within 
the lut hiiK'CvnturV' theae Ireaiuira, w^h 
the rxevpiion nf ti.e family ^tOTtnita a«d a 
few curioaitiefl. have bi'cn deliberately told 
by aucTiuu ! — lold* too, by ib« reckkat 
order of a Lineal defccn Jant of that RiiJkard 
LumlcT u^wn whom the baron entailed hit 
cftatea- Had the good old baton forveen 
the fate of thrie worki of art with which 
lie had adorned bit cattle, and which hia 
widow, too, left aa beirlooraa to the bonae 
for ever. Dr. Lloyd, the rcpr.'ientaiive of 
the baron'a iiiler, would have had no need 
10 toe for tbe baronr of Lumley." The 
acuJpture^ and paincingi,^' by the gtrateat 
maaten ia the middle agea," were '^aold 
at a time when ti^Ic wm dead, eapecvUlj 
in tbe paHah of C'hntcr-le-Strrrt and in 
the family of Lnmley ; they are now 
acattered to the four windi of heaTcn, and 
tbe names of the grarera and the paintera 
are forgotten or onknawn-" " One paint- 
ing in particular," said Mr. Raiue, '^ which 
ia aaid to have come from that reterroir of 
art, faai attracted tome little notice. I 
allude to the portrait of Sbakaprre, which 
haa been recently engraved- Now, with 
reference to thia portrait I Trntnre no 
opinion wbaterer npon it< genuine neat ; 
hnt one thing [ will aar, that it would he 
a Tery atrange thing if Lord Lumley, the 
Mffcenaa of the artiita and Itterury men of 
hia day, bad in hia faat coUeetiana no me- 
morial of hiaa who had no eqnal ctcb m 


!■ «D«laiioa Mf> fUAoo tmii, " ¥vw 

mm, pvrfc*pa. la Es^UnJ, wtn more 

^wd of IkMr ^Miilx ntoit acid hoDoun 

Mv J(Ab LdTd Lomkj ; aod out ogr, 

■>!■■■> b«d fietto- najfon to pr^dv 

MMfon bU ADOntry. tla could look 

ifv« Bh« cwtW Htd ih4 hrotd scrH iihfch 

n 600 ymm kad beet m the poiw o ioo of 

yi fcwrty ■ IudiIt vitb wfckh Iha trMC- 

Ml a/«Br Dorlkcrm barroa* had betn prou J 

(0 Hatth Uieir dtmb*e»>-^ ttmiij wbidi 

Mi <pn<i>ct «i vlUi rojAlij Utclf, ittd 

■fetob afiTMif tnm • Sumt iiobtc a-ud th« 

dMihtrr of « ftnt Northwnbinui fvl 

It wtm lUa T^n<Mria« Cm (ha m«Dorj of 

U* ■Bfuiiprft vbiA >MhKed Lord iMtalej 
t*catkir<opfli«ribdrlioDM*uid toca^ 
ihiiiai tb«H in tkat long lioa of tomba 

vUtk AHa ibB Bonkcni ^rifl in tlktt dmrab 
W Cb MC M U Sttta* I wrf it ■— thia wtb- 
MaaSk anKlt^a wiah aotfo4ectiiiBrato from 
eW vortbaMM of Ma 0cmon. ihal madfl 
y* pUoe hb vUis lo bublLity u)ii>u « 
MTV i»d « inner buU than mtrfl ^vnk 
mU ■Ttr |jvo bus. * tla waa^' Mjt 
r— J— _ <a ptfsaa td aattra virla*! io- 
ta|riij, ttod tiiooraaca, and In bl> ohJ •«< 
• onvjpleii pattm M tnt oobilii;/ Tha 
pacOUttorWwbkhiCiQrvmainaL Um 
■f fHv «■ a moti laTOttrLhLe fiuiion of 
Ui«airaCA«. la ^ran n br a|>p»n iv 
bap* bMO cviAidcnbly a&ov« tbo mUdk 
rin 3 «ftd Ibarc u • qnkt digaitf id hU 
» «>bMi f bII¥ ooAtinaa Capulfv't 
L of kin, Hiaibot indicMta imi 
I Bttrf ihoiiibc Ufa ooniccOim v«h 
At »««rta1 fiaallr of fftaahu iatrodnoad 
Low Lttnlof tonUiedftiftiiitariirliftl 

b«l» BOtwIltaaoiWK bb oane nvL uii' 
fraqooatlf domio amoofl lh« affaira ol ihe 
Uiw. bit dUfOalltM acoma Ca bare bcoa 
avtfw to ibo <ior*a1l W fiui« b««lD«aa. 
RtflMBicM «u dldttvUr more cmffmul 
tobia^ and ks ntfuf«l tMt* }ril bini to 
aanvDitil blaaipir «lb artij4A juid tltfnrjr 
mao. Hli llbrcrr «« n vtrj rkh OIM. 
Mujr of hit hook* vTfni prr»rnt«d bjr him 
in bb UI!itaiio to th« bbrarj of t^ Uni- 
v«rat(T of Oafordi irWa W wa« Lord 
Uicb SigwiL Oibera faoo4 Ibckr *ay 
tMo Um pablie hbraar at C*mbjtd(« i and 
I bdi«T«ChaClb«Bnti*hMaafliimroiiC«iB» 
■■n valoabla « nrbt vhifh ntt* foiniMirlf 
bbbpoMMiion, Hi>coIlocliooarp«liK- 
ta|a and «ork> of art •p«naltato bavc 
beao wry cilEiiaArc (Ua p«al wtall^ 

bled him to aocan tbc «oric« of lbs 

Kiikl*, Aiul Ik* Kood U4«« wauU 

E biia frvm tttj fndd o« iufOaiUoo. 

r ooDBlr of Uvbun baa erery reuoo 
t»W r^iid of Lord LwdIcj: and it U 

forr nook to ba Rfnctod ibvt bia Ancoh- 
4mm iMft iho«» tta MMh ta «o tin- 

AnhfueHam RMnarek^r^ 


«OT£h; «f (h« fnat name the; bcu lu 
atlonifut bi« colloctiana to bo H rtdJaulf 

Tlie chftlrman obaarwd, IbaC wlivrt La 
■raa a boy. piftana^ d^., from Lumlay 
Caada. ir«T« oocamonJj lo bo aaan in tbo 
ttoifbbaarinc ftuw-hoaie^ Mr. BoU 
italad tbal iktn vore two aaba, aod bo 
had bulb the cataloKUci' Ttixfc fu uo 
portrait »f Sbaluprrc m«atii>Qcd, but a«TC* 
ral pottiaica nicikoui tiainaa. 

aKtcKwoac in oomic AaoBiixcnnw* 
AC a rrirrnt mivtU]^ of thcUiford ArOliU 
leetiiral SoDic(y>tk« lubjcct for diicmaka 
iraa thv itf|ilkcatJOtiaf brirkvork to GotUo 
AT<liJm.-4uic Ml- ^4lkc^b«aEBlJyub■erY- 
illJt that ihoGotyowaitof ifiothoritylaa, 
ihat 'Hhick could moil nadilj aduit icoflf 

lo Bay matart^l. Our utwlflfi built of 
aloas where Fhcr c^uld f<t il — c>f p;rii^iita 
In rbe c^AQLlr i^istncLi, mcb aa tbo aovt& 
of DcTOn. porli of Wolca. mad llntaay^n 
dint Bitd otihik in Lh'>«r ptrti of tbo OounbT 
wLcic tbcy bic (uu*l catilj tif beublaiDoif 
at in Norfalk,~4ad ut brick to tha clav 
iJiftttiota. TtiD frr^ pniot vhicb bevonld 
iajr alrBu upaa irjv ib^t thny nuida uaa of 
thai mattrial n liicb wat (ha fAMpaaf^ Aa 
ap-parmi cDDtradicdon oraurred LA the F«ai 
(ouolry of Linooliuhifv, «bflre, amblaft 
tbumlanoa of dty, ao4 no ttone^ aomo of 
out fiu«4i atujji; UuHJJu^ luvc bcca am^ 
lod ; b«t on eumimtlaD It niL b« fenad 
that Ibon la so inocowtoncy ia Ibii witk 

tb« tvaaral tlitory, Tba atoa* tbiy am- 
ptoyad tf>ji Cua aloao, tibinb ««a plaoej 
«Q boai cl ih« nua^l ctott to tbc <tiurrtei, 
£oat«d dairn Ibo rmr Onia oa vbif h Carii 
b attiutad, aaroaa tb* aaa, and (boo up ono 
uf t\ic aiuuiEruiu mtviKablo Umma ffbkch 
are fuanJ lu tbal part of the ooail of Ctic* 
la«di aotbac Caen atone bomma to tbe»> 
fay avoldfajr Ilia Mqiaaa* of la»d aorrlacap 
Cfaa diaafaat matnial^moatthat IbajcooJd 
fftU Mr# I'drkcf proceeded to oboatta 
tlial tirtck vtA uKilualiaiEa. iaaUcooa- 
tno. Il tvu andicaa to rtfrr to tha Bo* 
lUdD l>uiJiliug* in itbiub lile (auvlLcr uudo 
ftt brick or borut clay) waa tbo chlaf tla* 
nmi of otmalriictioo. AfUr tbo tlma of 

lb« Romuic Cbaro «■ a toll in th« hiatorr 
of briuk boiUinii:. aiiJ diiHaic tbf uil^rval 
few buUcJingi q( any LQiponiacfi vera 
«rKiL-d< lie cnM oaty mention St. Cle* 
ivcat'i ai Romp, thv church of limirorlll 
la NorLliaiii|iu>i«bi>o, md the tonafna 
calMlb«i«wrTWaUiaL«kaatar, After 
Ibo n«Tf rtl vbLch took pUc« b ibe oloiprMb 
«<aivf7i <ffu built iha aplonLd «ath»dia| 
of St, Mwk'a at Vcoios. the fabric of 
wbicb la uf briok, cx^wivtl vitli marble oa 
th* Aotaidit and maaaic ati (he iniidf, la 
England ai tfao atJDe period aro 8l Atbati'd 
abbey and CoUbnUr oaallfx 


Anti^jvoTitin fift^rf.hfM' 


Of llie tiTflfih rpnlnrr. Ihft ooif rum- 
(lltf lio mulJ call til mind Bl lh« monpot 
«M Si, ltotnl(Oi'i priorj kE Coldicittr. 
ImC He hid no iIohM munj artipm mifltt 
be mortUnd^- fn Frvnn ■< ih» periail 
wv li<i*i (^iriODk vjid-'imcQi of brlclivork— 
■b«rD itic biiok or iilv li Invrrtrd toio th« 
itonmiork u ornamnit, «,Z' 't Ljmu, 
Vivntv, mild Xab ]^lr ; In Hrlchm, ttio 
rata* tf ^t- tJuviru m Ghcoi ^ in Italj. St.. 
SuphoiQ uid St. Oc«Tn kt Rom« i Tor- 
cello Bnd Mamo si Vf »ic« ; tf Coo- 
■Lmliciopl*. St T1i*otDkt^ 

or the Ibkrtccnth eancanr In Hoglftod 
Mwvr ih« Aim enn^iki of Ultl« Vo&tiani 
HfeU in SulTolb and C«)«««hiJI ta Euox. 
In t^ruiea numrrrtiK euD|»lcL la Ger- 
nitny, St> AuBpr*' at Droa>ED, Aud iht Dtraa 
■I CainmiD. In lulv. hoiii«t tad pAlAflri 
At PaduA» VitrctuftiSnJ Miinli»,thrrhqrch 
uf SI. Knudji kl Aaiu, and iho Campa- 
nllL of Sl_ Brncdctlo> 

la liiiT lk>uitr«iiih t^ntutT be had no 
0UiD|ilr to notice in Encl«m. Iil Pnnoc 
ha would ]>hrilruJ*rIy nivulioii (lie othc^ 
dr^f of Albft Mhtne lauU ho l/elkveJ lo 
be of cbr Urj^t iptn of ftaj la Europe, 
bdnt H9 foot irido bj IW foM blfb, And 
thb «•« ball! «Btlr«lf of brteh. a* «bo (ha 
tower ef llie laiDft ttthednl, vhioh wu 
npwirb of W> htt blfh. bsiI «bo«o oid^ 
|W« b«M ha »dnittaiof a «b*p>l bctfie 
dUf out ofilnKbout InUTiai; tbotabiLlty 
af ibc f«brlc tbovcn lie »1in rcffrrcd to 
Otber Praiub e»njT>]c*. In Utrminf, 
tba Cttllicdral tt Ului -. clturclm «t Fna*- 

loa OAd WIflinu- ; hoiun ■! (Iritfvtkld. and 

at Stfilannd. Lubrck, lorl AailniDk In 

Julf Iha huiL«v« 01 Pumiii, llic Dcirli 

I Polure al tlcnou, St. BffnmrJiiio it V«. 

[lono. EtetfHiLt ileUili nl Pmoenfii, the 

ICharcli oi RL IMmnin M llol'kiEikii, asd nl 

rTatticf thr churchcv of llv Pr«n »d K. 


la ibe ISth and lAUi NntutWv Uiaim 

Ivu oil ftbnndinov of cmn)>1e«in Kncbnd 
'' noaldcd brkki clilrdy nf lh« limn of 
tfonrr VUh. at TouerdioU eiotlo and 
"bomton obbvr in Liacoliuhlr?, Etoa 

l&Ucfff, Duckln(|iani«hirr, (i ical Sadkuu , 

I'Aiodon, Lft^er Mkrikry, «nd |a|;oitM b 
«xi Unncmoncmx cutic to ttoucx, 
•«*ar*l «oiirfH nl Conbrldtf*. Ib 
•ikoo aunofou* MADitpln. ta HoUuid 
Illy oU tbf okurcbeo, luiHadlnc neb 
' ftfio flpccdvctu M RotttrJAiTiH t>pLft, aiij 
Lvfteiila Ornnhn;r ihp rliurch aX Wii- 
nur, ibc tyivn bolU kt lUnont, llrr«l«Ut 
Aod Lnbock, bouvcii it Ruotoch u&d 
AmadHkburfk* In Sttoia 1)10 |mUce of 
Iha Alhmnbra, with ita vrry rifli omuo«nt 
of ■MUldcJ brick. fnlUJy tbe ctiaptaiJe 
t*f & rulo al Vcolce, oud numcruut 
The brick om«menlo ti Vctiln 
rtbIip«riodtredp(ittenuie]cDticol tilth 

tka<a«bieh «a have brat oawtoiatd 10 
conttdfv OB b<iloii|iiiiB oudoilvelf t* tk* 
Itth ind 171th nnturlo- ll« iuil oota- 
tioned only thow exumplM of vblch dmw* 
Ug4 ifflrc c-ihlhilodi h« vn itodt owora 
tLac ihrvd ore <m\j a onaiU wntlon of the 
eiaoiplaa vhich ailcbt be ollod. B«fla| 
tbna Tivtftd IW hloUrrfool port of tho a^ 
)oet, be lald thM he would lotrt U lo athom 
10 trtal of It* prvoltcol Bpticallon. 

The R<Tr. W. 5*««ai. Wofdcn of Ba4. 
Tpv* than node mao rtnHrki on tka 
BdvuUfH of oHiploflOfl briok. Bnil co» 
cUlljr moiitd«i or oraaatot«I Wkk. He 
kne* ihM H iru oiion lo o ten frai* Dk< 
JMtioii froui tbo lIobUilT to tif conoUat 
npaittloa of the loma form, nblch wonM 
be «<ttnry tit th^ ino prtnetpte of OoUtio 
orcdiitootarc : bat in *onn eoon, aaeh mo 
tbt mouhJinji of on orcb, or o leriot of 
vdHO,— or ODCh dBtellk rnhmm aatfomilv 
oad enet tapt vvn noidM, ho amrdfod 
hkjthir of ite loiroihioUon. At Ibli mo< 
ment be wit emploTinf U lo tovn atent 
in hU iif.H bulUiDfi It Rtdlrr, and bo 
fuuQil it t'> BiiAvrer (i<*tdinj[[j «ctk H« 
■lio ipoVflnbltEh Icrmtof Mr- (irinitUy'o 
qualuootionot not only for the pcrfecuon 
ta orkiebha biod bruu«>iibumnciiinff7fof 
theaumifoctur«ofiilcind bncb, b«tol«o 
for tbe taJnni ^hicb le (liiployod ao O 
ieul|>lor. iiif Uihnii hid nvortaiofhoado 
mode tn Ilia : for nhleb, U bo hod bad Acm 

iHrvtd 111 »(oiiG, be i»oui4 h*>c hod h» ^Kf 
It |«tt fuuruen [utncos oocb l Mr. Ofimi* 
hj hod producH iIjcih w }it» Imril-baniC 
cUj. which it #i|»lly dumbCo » lUi t/t^nt, 
for lbtv« aulnooe, and 00 two ue alike. 
The frrwnurlijr of oolUna* wbkrh wat m? 
oonituillr doniplomed tJoo to objectioo to 
the UHC <i burot cbf , bi eoooidmd to bo 
uf fiu dJHdiBiiUfii; ; he woolJ tffco ^ to 
fir 01 lo Mj ibit ho bollevvd thot oar or- 
titto of vbl oxpnoetj OTO&dfd ilfol|Eht for- 
mul Hn«*| aim Ibkt th« irrtfuUr oalUiW 
■fforded beoatj h> the work. 

Mr. 8ir«|, whorililbilod luiaenotilroiw- 
inpofGermin and Itallia briok boildlofi, 
Ibc^n nikJu. it llii^ rfi|Vf4l of Iht l*rw* 
Urul^ feuiui: ictUHEkk upju tbu uicxeul UOc 

of hrldiworkp detariblog tli* Mbeot 
teolaroo of Kuigluhr Garmao, and Itolioo 
raodia of Doutrudiua. Of th«a he coea 
Iho prcteoucv toibo lulLan, oodoipocIoUj 
10 the brkkirork of Vcrono, at ibeooot 
lierfrct. He obierved <1 Jt pionldod bridt* 
mif ht bB tuK^ Id injr exUnt ohort of tbo 
Imilatiob of atbcr lualcHolBi ■* c-g^ of 
otODr, and bf rcproboCod very otronclf tbo 
otltDpt to Latroduof tocTft-ootu Imitotloo 
of tnoarro* ooil oarylogB te otOBOt M 
likeJ; to dootroj all ort, ood vocr mn^ to 
binder nc diutah of o ■oceiiml rcvHol 
of briokvork. lit dm olhdod to IbolM 
lltol brick wu tu^iy a proper t nulerM 


For^Jtn A'rir*. 


fa M> la Otitir4 u ^ amt i alao*. tlidu^h 
itfi^ri*! viUi lion* i|aarrie<T the ma- 
iM of OtfOH nov fe to Bt;h lor Uow, 
«iJ A« tovfvr BM tlw iicrkhjtblfl r&4t<rljil 

If a«OMi|acat mfntlna Mr> SUmc rvt^l 
«l^«r opOB tbe idomi bnfldinp of Lu- 
M* Tbqr «c «U atDented b xvd briok, 
k«J M* naviAUf f4f tbvi* rnuaWr •mi 
finid aa, aoJ for tke Mu&lwr ofreouini 
«l •QciiBi cbuRh furnUore, (be. which 
4*f coatnis. Tfaa loau uuhcnlilr af th« 
0/Kf b noa Ahkio^, ovuig lo Lbo gre«t 
Bb«t uf tavct^ ifliTtt nd tiunCi rlaiaa 
I frJcDBrpaqof QolfioM of the old 
Mr. Strpti d«Kribal all ihe 
JmtK^im (n ^tu^U b«gtooUi( with iXtt <^- 
tbetal, »bi<h hovfTir i* m< »» gnni or 

MtaATNlaf w tkf. C^itfffc of 8E. Mftrjr, 
tmAtabr at Ibr moat inUlvittiAf tniilifingt 
■ppMfB to ba Sc Kalli«Hne'* Churdi« in 
tflikli iIhCv Kill nmulii ifrenl vnUiLoiitt, 
P««, tltu dollifl, aftd Ihr Iikc> of ihe 
JA, tSib. tail lull cCDiftfia, bojtlu a 

b^ebtai rood »crc«iu, rood«, uul lofto» 
nd itt «Mal p«rcdOM scrooa; hut th? 

tnoMi IfiferctLJA^ Fa&tvrD b, tlul cnrj thin^ 
uaid« ftrdoQtubuLltvitb rod IncW, vith 
f rrjraligfit and oocBjiotid d»onJf of ticinr. 

Ur^ Htnnr AhAVitl th^r ihrar hnrk bqlM- 

mcn. tilcn iu coiijaocEloci iriib lie atjil 

tnod Tor; divtioctlr A« atHri lo Thleh 
brick uid iism coUa iir« admtMibla la 

lEOOil a»)ii(c?larf. Bricki lutsd (or Aouliu 

iDf-i wrn hIwujv clTcoiivo, bat wlinwir 
tb«]r bid teea aMd for Uaotriu or cm- 
^^^V- 'baj dHnAnlitfid Ihfi vfaiilr *ork. 
il« pleEkdod >tronj;1f for tl^v uh rjf r«il 
bricli ioildfiu well «■ ^uc^iiU!, ill ilit: uU 
brici bu3diiiit» both in Gcruiiiaj ua^ luiljr 
bif e Invulblf been lO ranicruciod. Mr. 
Stnei'i tMucr ^na moatrate4 W a Iwio 
nambtf or drtvrioct of tbo old baUdJofft h) 
Lubick, «nd b; mw*Qr«d pliiw of unne of 
1h* r\n*\ imporhint, n wpII jll hj rribhln^ 
an^bf Mr. SlTtct trbcn Ilc vdi jit Laboob, 
nfiuinc br»i««ft (uiis of wliicLh 4|>po*r* lo 
htTc btoa «Dj;r>Tcd Fit t^^ bQ"! "^^ ^^'*> 
nude Ihr Si. .VIbui'i, No«nrk,ind Kiui'i 
Vjaik bruAn, anJ ii pfrbkps tbo lufot 
uid fincft brui in Europe). 



Im ocovrrtd befoni Srbulopol »dg« Uib 
Itftlc of Uk«raButa. Scfnil tori^i h«Tfl 
b«m <Ba4o bf lbo BumUda. but lliay ^i*v4 
bMU eoattuillf repohed- Gru- Liprudi^i 
«arpo baa alMDdaritd thn 

thn ruciiiipuLffut on 
tbt'hnhti lalliAfiotlh.rutfirtbcTdLer' 
Mfm VaUiT, and nttrxd ta ihktchi Serai. 
TUfwofWiaDChaan'^jtrciciJ wuiiririw|ii 
tti«icclroad ftom B^likU'd taStlxu- 
tOfoU from paH uf aliJcb Uwy bad been 
TlT^lril uec Ok 3&«h Oci. Gen. IUd- 
nnboif baa bacA dc^nred of bu oiAtojuid 
•ir tbt affur of tko ^Mh (InkfrmjuinJ, an<l 
M npkoad br Gr*. f>rt#B Kcvktn, ll U 
mU that Lj|irudl it eIio dk^rarbJ. 

On IbcZOlii NLft, idetacbmcMt uf iLr 
Itt ft*"-***^ EUla Bricadfl, uadcr Livut. 
T»o»« diahHifad Iha Rnavltaii trciu n po- 
uHoo in homt td car IcA aiilMk, *bert 
tbry «oro iaCdiuf acme damaffD on btrik 
oar txaefH and iW frvncfa. Tbo opfirt^ 
tlaa vaa niDf Uttflj aHvwful, but vtiriir- 
tnvUl7«D«ttbabfeurLiea£.Tf)on. Tba 
Bailana aucaptcd vfcml Uwca (o tv- 
aiabfiih Ibanatdtc* oa tho ctound bafurt 
Jafli^ an tbe lUt, bul tk«y w«n In- 
tbai^ rcfuAacd by l^cul- BourcUrr, ite 

•aaiur tunrinn^ oAccr of Uic patlji moA. 
it noir ftiiktba tci our tiaaaeaaloQ. 
On the DLjht of Ifaif -JJd, and on tbo fuU 

towlog jnarbingi thartTr hpfal9 lU^ll^lc* 

the Samiaoa rtiwrrd iKcJr 'ridtatotm to 
|«t poHOoLoQ of the gf OUOU tUer bad bc«a 
(iflicu from> bnt were raimbol oo both 

A KuaMiui lLiui'o(-b«tllv typ bATJn^ 
iCriftcJ fruiii Lor moorlnta to the inilraiK* 
af the harliadr of Stfbaitopol. hat beoi 
f imk tbvTD bavidt Iba otbar^ 

Thrr woithcr ha* boan farr bad* and the 
camp aail the ooualiy are. la t^imicfLaenna 
uf tlie tain, in a moit niiiatufactarr aut^. 
Tbr ooadition of Iho roadti jondcra it al- 

uiiMl uu|]OMailitc lo bring up to^j/iliit* of 

any Mitt from RitakLava to luc camp, aad 
Mmc ri^i^mcAia bivf etto been placed on 

On thp{ t>tlt l>cic. Lbc VMiuiif attd an- 
mJier Kiitaian btDUoer oaoie cut of Uw 
barbour arut acUfked lire? unaU FreaL^h 
•toaauri wbicli nvn uuloadin^ btorUiooa 
1p Kamkacli buf. Tbc EagUili utamiotr 
Vakrom enilcaiourDd to cur divtn oR; and 
punned tbom to tho eotnuee, A mat 
DUaibqr of gnni irtro Arad 'ainoa bar ifrcm 


th« bftlUrifli, bat ibc satptd tritbont Ion 
and «iib Trrj lJtlJ<]4»f»>K«^ On th* MUt 
KQd IVth votOh were uudo hf tht Hu- 
piaoL On ihr runner dnj Itiey obtained 
pMiFaaion nf mimA tn«irtAr«, but wtn re* 
pub«d( oil the i:i!Lli \.)trf v«[q likraMj 
rcpal«*4i «Dd lott, ^1 ia v^. TOO mm. 

Tlic fgllowtnn Ib Uic onrrvcUd rBUm 
ofobnuJtlC(t«tCbobil11«of lakmnttoo — 
4$ oflotTf f 37 BcrMait, 4 iruvoiart, A4)# 
nnl »rd lite, killtdi 100 ofliccn. 111 
Mr^vAblitll dnimin*n, XM^ nak ind 
Ala wnnndridi L nffuiar^ 4 irr^fanli, M 
not wl «tf, nlMliis I toul, ^^TJ- 

Tte aaadFcn of the AUlui Army nuw 
bfllDK Sahwloiul la, K^tlUi ».OlKJ. ud 
Fmdh i5.0OO, In ftddluon la Ike Ttuka* 
Tlio Dunbcr uf haidoi, m^rinmt, aad ma 
rlMBrtlllcrr, vrtih ■oormpondiiif oomnU- 
n«ait ol oflic«n vfrvtriK tici tbor*. it Ulile 
thtrtt nf l.lifiO Mfn. villi npvunlt at IflO 
([ilDi of tir-Afj aJllHt. 

7%t Black Sm. Vfflm Hid IJth t>> Oie 
I6ih Naf< a fflirfb] (onpiol raced c*vr 
iIm BUcIc Sm. Op tbt t4tli, in tke tn- 
cliora^D vS tlu KMhIi*. brr M^Mr^** 
thip Sampan fctJ foul of tJi< tnuuport 
PjtvntiVi and waa diainulcd by (b* Ma> 
ootfion. Tlir ItlUr vnul In ««naaqutnof 
of iho iooidcnt uuipped bcr rcfnilafnc 
nbtc and ditiUd athonv and irta rolLoiaod 
durint the ^T *n<J ^ nuooMilni nicht 
br lib* RoJilfij, tbc tian|ci, «ttd lu Lord 
Ihflan. BIgbi Proneta briA IMfbiad 
vlUi horara and men, wtvt iliu outavifi 
ind ncTtrml or Uiam irciit taplfH* ai oner. 
Tb* nwB-ihf'war mdn mil tli^ (ain w iih bat 
niftnf diUD*j(«- ComptnliTfllf Uw litct 
■ortUiai MtbcKaUdim, buioiriUUkU>», 
vhcre tbtf olifli •rv ilccp and nbrupt, 
rifbt AnfKUM IruipbrU brvamc IoLaI 
Hrc<l(»< «nd evcrr tout am board ikan «« 

lotibvt 30 ptnoni. Tho mm lenible 

dtiait^rr %% i\i^ total l4««of 1hf> ne«at««n- 
ihipPriurApkhif-Ii Arrittd a frinlijii lirfor* 
with lk« 46lh lUfimHif , and a c«rga Tatw d 
et 000,000/. Tbe laldtfra li>d liodfd, but 
of fttfrw of 150 ooijr ui «cf« Hvtd, tifc 
eut(> bifludad a (roit portion «f ll« win- 
ter tMhIng i£a irooiit, 40,000 lulta of 
ciolb, larg« i|iuMitMiE4 of aliol ftnd abtU, 
and modicnJoore*. AiNcrtbor li BrKith 
asd 12 Fifltbdi ablna vam lost at Bala. 
hl«Ta. Tbn Ion <a kifa wai abouE 340, 
ComnMiidcr BajtrfDn. A,>-, tod Cfl|4- 
IngU of Ibr Kncinri'rv, wm toti in IW 

A( Rupatarbi ibe Il<v4 IV, a Prroch 
dil|i of Tb* UttC, iha Fivncb wtr iLeanrLor 
Plnt4o, ; ry^fK* B^ b Kofllib imwporta, 
iUd « Ttl/Uah lin^'of-bftlttv Uuii, wrn 
^MB M >k>fv. Dtrii^ the OJia^iium of 
the atono. «■ atUck waa au4« on tbe low* 
of EuDXoHa br 4^000 RiMtbn vvtlrr 
frtUi 1 4 piMM of arliUfrj, bat va« fvpnlard 

Portign yrw9t 


b? tba cannoa ud roolteU of tbo nllaeer 
wbo had cnl| 4 mMi iM«nd«d. Tb* ll««ri 
IT, ha« auo* been k<» of. afUr Inndi^ 
bl of lior gut, w^lh irblfh Mv b«l«c:Tla 

bmiD bi>rn luiiatniPltd. 

Jlrrf^,-Oa tbeSOUi t^. an nddUio^U 
arJclf Co di0 fmlj of April vaa rifnad aa 
BvHJii, br «ludi the four points nro ncof- 
nlacdat Iho baabof ■oitUfaotorrMnofO* 
Ditat of the C a a a cru qneMton. ond Piw«a 
cDjcaj^ to defend ABrttia if ntttdMl bf 
anaaU In tbo FrindMliliM, T^y addh 
lional art i/'l* rao«TV#il tlu avjuusnda a^ 
acDt of the Diet u Fnnkforl on the 9lk 
OfO. The Kluf't apt«Db m Uie9pc«tii{ 
ataled tbM be vaa d««cnnined if pOViUt 
to kt*ft cnt of ibt w, and «■ 
«M«rtiOflia fw tbfl imoraCiHi cf 

iDMiod fin i& ftddrcM la radjpa'fai 
«tfnDef»daddedMi-ltn«bi policy, bf 
r4Dat Vtfiffk*. wtt dil>«ted br n pa^HJIi 
ol i;l1 to 111 Htrr n UMdoM Wt 
Brrlin on the 10th £>*& im ■ epeclnl aat^ 
■ioi» Co Ibe court* of Loadon md Pana, la 
order ti> tiy Ua Cha toont irtdoli Pnuaaa 
U abool lo takn with raopaet to Iba traMj 
bf tvtea Aaatiia and the Wealmi Povti*, 
llko DtiMlon li airollv Co Lb>l«f U. Po«v- 
laL/^t liaC ipniur* vmI le iaIWvad lo tmplf 
the rohiaU of Pnaala to Join tha tnai|^ 
CqI. ManlFuftI baa brcn <cul im a aiftllar 
mWion to Vic^nft 

HtM«.— On lb* S8th NvT, Fri&oa 
GeHaehftktff «*miiutQioat*d l4 Coont 8««i 
thit tU« Emperor of Rniaia aocMod Uw 

f>n tha ^d of IVrvmhtr a trpatf «n» 
tipied at Vleoaa bj the Karl of VTmC- 
mvrvbndr the Uaroa Ue lluuri|«eqcj. aod 
Const Book, u repfCMtttaibaa of tht4r 
reepecdTo CKrirritmaiOi, of «Uoh the tol- 
lovlag w the priadpal coaihtiaba. Tba 
prolookb of mo 9Ui of April aad 13ih of 
nlBV> and <be ootM oohan^ oo tbt nh 

DfAOfUttCifi vbirb Iho fnur point* «er« 

flnt ataled). ar« nfcrrtd lo, end the high 
anf uraoioinail «tlh RdMda nitbout da- 
liberotioK In ooomoo. The Botpcror of 
Auatria engxcra to drfmd Iha PiWdpaU- 
tiea Bfaioit «Qjr alt4rk bj tba RonnaiM, 
and ihM nothifijr thiLl lie done faj hto 

trrAifit Ui inlvrfrr* viih iht* tna aotSctt of 

tba AUba afloat tfMllaidaAfroUki^ A 
ooinmtirion, IP q>aafrt lat a p1nilpnNBalar7 
from oaefti tofcmment. vith ib« addltien of 
a Tttitiib Cmnoiiaslnnrr, ii Co iti ni Tbona 
to decide tU Qnostiont analn^ oU of the 
ocenpabon. Lo wo «f hoatililka afiilai 
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^1^ ^tdl ft«C b« B^und bcron the pIok 

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tlhrraiB v&Uppvt dttbr on tU cffiiwduiu 
Mtta Af obCitoioK tka objMt erf ttwir «]- 
harr-" Prvuk b t« be Uvlcctl to ioia Iktf 

IntX *■ pr<niJ«tJ ihe will ««if V^ n«T oo- 

ifcrvtion tn the accomi'Nfttim^nl of tht 
ttmmtmdirjetL." Thrnntnr«Uoftior lliii 
MMf v«f« nducige^ on the 1 4 Ui, 

^«^.'— A mtf pottal tfo«v«nh(iii ku 
jM bvcD ojDtilaiU «ttk 0ml Britain. 

wB«d ov liiD tillb trt the SnJlc dti Mui- 
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priva. Hia ftxech oonvaeioevvv omd- 
PlMMvUnc Ihc k\nt4 ArntiM, «aj uden^ir' 

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rflWBfitisb FjrlumrnT. He docs not 
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l|«i of pw*. Tho Fnndi Armj nov 
Mvbva WI,«M»aftDdllS,OuOhann, 
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AcfT^iiltO Qf lh« wiir will b* ^fnjrrd 

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onaad Unwlf Ia be ifamimttd w Ihft 
tlW^di mi y oftWCoHtf*, ami i>iMolc<rt*d. 
ftbb Manhtl O'Uapi^L] «■ Vice tVetMent. 
Oi lb« 30di llhc A»1lowbr bjporuni pro- 
PW ft ic^ ■»• bnm^i fofvBrd by Mirbboi 
Ml Mit««l, •&<! liiMH 4nppirt*d hj B*. 
pifftar*, HM n/ri«d 1^ SOA ■jrt^ifl ?l :— 
" Wb LovIbv Ibc CorlH to <I«jji[¥ tbnl tbr 

mucbI bi>n or tbft p*litif«l adiflo* «FiLch, 
in tEr1iA« of Ibdr tvTord^oijr, thrj hfv 
>b«irt tn bntUL" On tlic Vnd^ Dtc. the 
Ptamcfl Minittrft M' CiillxiD. bntojc 
bfffa iWf«tfd bf ■ ltr(* m^arHf on 
Ibt f|ariiloQ nf ibr tM)>|irattian ol llif 
oorotiiutlci* Uie MlnUtcra ^Tc In tbetr 
fMiC»*'*<wu to tiw V^Lt of Vfamy, After 
«■■ BflfOriattou, Efputera nr-crptrU lb« 
iMk ai iatmaag n bcv hljniaiatraLion, 
nUeh cdwIiCi of •Imutt lIic ubk men m 
tbi «ld, IUrro( tb«9 demoostnUd hit 
pov*r. Kwrlcro hu rvi^pifd tli« PtmI- 
d«ic7 of iLs <^or«ait to w^ich (wii Scour 
l|odoi« » vtfy tic c«n^Hd*tr', l«u been 

it«M#.— Tte ^ootiiM of tbc ItnraflcnUta 

betvfvuihe Uoaanjcaoi uii Knndma*, 

hai beoQ decUred bj the cOmwUilftn 

■bi«h bft* jutt cooohidod ib Ulioim to bo 

ui aKJoIc of Ftitb, Tliv ntw inctriinr vaa 
jimmul^tod bTlticPonoontbolOCb Nut. 
TV B«/Jftf.— The fleet Itunirr on]ci« 
to ntnrn to EniUuJ.ud tna^ orthenf- 
iHi haitf alrvndx irHted, Sir CharLeo 
Nnjiici bA«nCJiriudjG»inff AdttirilCbiJa 
■n conimraliri of ihe ivHibinin^ **■«# la. 

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initknictn ibr lmEii?rlAl v^rHwU f<ij puuinf 
tb« Biltic flrtt iti a oonditiaii. not boLj to 
cnrry oa a ilcfcLikiTc war, bat crcn fa >^ 
uaat ika olTtfniJvr. 

CAifW £/«/«.— GotJi Lgiu«i of C«a- 
frcM mot on tho 4th llfc> L*n«id««t 

|*L«roc'a mmagir. B« utn»l pf gritai Nngtli, 

iuJimtitiL« the ^ocI|>Im of non>Iaterfc- 
rcoto la &trofietii l\}|i(j«, roUr^a on tho 
rIchlJ of Droln]** md tooonnces tmtj«s 
wMU Rutftiji ftTid Nfeplct fof the catibliib- 
attoX of llic |ffinc|pi« *• l^n^ eMiCBQited 

ftDr by tLe United %at«*, ib4t - tm ihipi 
mike frr4 |O0J«/' but »^tc4 tliat bfi 
(OTimmRit ritftuad In vnttr into ui i^re^ 
mcni vicb Pnuala lo ntiouwc the «»« of 
pTlTtl«ri, ooloQ Aw levdin^ p^nTri of 
Eor^w wtibid roAfiir m propoitiic> u » 
rule ^ [ntetnoilonti taw. thai iirlTitt pM- 

Crif on the eev*B attoald be amuoUiMd 
■tiif'3 of vru u vrell ni by pciir>tMr«> 
llo inFnEi<niii the fitherv tnMjr ooacJuikd 
vrith tirvel Uriuia. and illuilrt to JMfa 
rcnrci nJlh n^artl ti> the bovndaTf on Ibc 
Peclflc, mil In CeuUnl Amerind whkb tn 
(u be refftrexl to a jijint commisiion^ 
(Her Mijr>]j'p<*|)cw*h ^^n (be ISU D«C* 
LneiiTiuiii llic cudVlbiAetiof atmaljr BttA^ 

i}| a«r (Jillrrencn vltb the United State* 

Fhr/ta.— The RDinbajr »<il «f lb* Htb 
Not. bring* ncva of the drtLb of l-ord P. 
bAT- Aa ooroT from Kokan. and one 
from DoK Mobamed,t]aTearrii>'d ii l'»- 

hB<r4r, to ntk ttft tnialotifK ftvm ibo 
l^ngUbgH^vciameDt i^Klmt tht RniaUai. 
AfMh,— 'Wn hear from Hong Kn^i 
n^l, ?tf, (bit Sir Junr- SlirHna b*^ jtiat 
luiiidudrJ t treaty nrHh J4[uin. 'JVo 
porta, KafBoW aiid UakoJadl, w« to bo 
opened. «u Great Britria to ban ti\ tbe 
priTilac«« Ibat art toonJcd to uj other 


TliU d»y P*fltjn»fnl wa* tnw^q- tt *l,bf rumpa^meT, l maylito 
p Mi^j In pcnoA. iifco rial ^"i' " *" 
» faUtfvlaf moat gnelaaa gf»wh 

t^MMtmj^r^'^^^fXMt srr",EU"«'C.';::^;f:r.:^i';Ksi 

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r^feB**t«IM T U BTliiil H tJ^e B iiii aj ^JiiaUftjFM^^rt 
p«M«flbaKir, iftii^MiarlbnwBWf^itvintboCnvft. 

ProMA/fcmt and PrfiflrmmU, 


I iwriirmi Oar liAvo iiubW, ntkl O— T(«t0rt» 

t^ bite lAiulnM, v* uu nm^ioi ip iln* 

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Tt0k^tva\ «it-*f«riliAn ft Hi* l^i» Ixv^rt 4i< ■4>y 
I ill) Ibi Ku^w of tfio Fninrh . aitrl |]i»croi7iK« 
[■qBiTwl In twamor>. taneoit laJI u- Knejmi >IIT] 
IBM* clEHolr ttbo anion nlitth Ju^j- fobdilj l«> 
'van the Ito nmmu- 
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IClotodft Tftdjyaf AlllancovEtlL Lha Dnrperflrof 
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Fjontf ud cUmeuJt Uiicu&oo late bCQU tgnJUbly 

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[ 'But liy )vuT nlMloiD an-1 prnJcnr^i p»ii mU ton' 
\ HmiQ fp J4vait4« Uitj^^i^rw ar^(rUiulEii".<cHi>- 

" (Itwn-iHVH fir TBS HonaotComo^i.^ta 

'<|lu ciclnuan wUeh will btiim«n1»l lo ran l xnui 

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rvTilcb vo ir? tncvf-I f^j hiU viUilMt lo ilxi 
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* Ifv Otrttlii Uu) MAM «r MTW luU«m. tui nuif 

MmHHM (lytholilaAlnc of Ovl W i4ikU l^in 

UC »«/ 1».a «IUV«4iril] URDlaClljtlL." 

In Itus TloBVo of LonJit tlie Addicu ««• 
nored bv tli« Duho of L«»<U, ind M0Dndc4 
bf Lord AsbbUTtcm- la tbe Houtc uf 
CaiHDkoni, ihfi AiIdfvM wk« raoT«d bj Mr 
Hear J ]|i.-rUn> mid iecond«d br Mt, 
i«TtflOD Gow«r. Uotli »er« <iarn«d ■rktb' 
' tmi « dlvhiEin^ 

Oa tbfl lUh A bill trai iivtroduccd int^ 

Elir llovM of Coninolu to bhW« brv Ma' 
jQtlj ioaccmt lb« Mrrlcct or ihfr MlliU* 
out of tbc UoiLcd Kins<loi«, whtch bu 

Od tiifl llih n bill iru broii[lit intotbe 
IIduh] of l»nlf lu rii«blc hvr MidtMj CO 
mllU fiirriEiirrr 3h oAicrrv lad BQIumv in 
her Venice^ h«nu oppowd bytbo Eub 
i>f Drrbj Aud M«liii«ibijrj, but Um MiCOnd 
rtsdinKvu curird without a di vinos. !■ 
tho IIduhi or Commoni, on Ihe 19Ui, tb« 

H«OB<T reading |>flB«d by a mfl^ritj «f 
^^-ll to VCr^L and tlic thUdrcoding, on the 
^:fd< bj « Di^TJ^^ilEf of i:-^ 111 u^. 

Oa tbo l.>lb. Lord Ji>ba KumtU morel 
the Ikuba of the Hoiut of CommoB* to 
ibc uuir and antj ww^n^ la Ifce Criatco 
Hid the lllnck Sea, uid klto rotw of tbuki 
la ihf. IVnicli nrmy luiil >ii*t. 

Tbe r<r^ i«ied< Kitina bMn ^t«i la 
llic i<ro Jicti A^e deteribcd, on ikc Z3d 
DonmTjcr bolb Hount tdjoumrd to Um 
23rd of J>iniurj, 

i>W. 3. Thlt inorotng tbo lar[» prr* 
iuIjc* In Aruudtl-atr«rL, ^imut], fpmcHjr 
frdl-known u tbc Crowd Aod Ancfcic 
TuTtrn.and Uitprlr occupS«d by th«Wh||- 
lingtoQUIi]b,vt*rtdcvln>7«d byline wU«b 
»t«ndfil to t\ic pRinbu of Mcnri. tn- 
irraiD>tLo pHntonoribrllliuinted LomJon 
No«ri, in Milford Laucp find damiKcd • 
Uon«ldcrabte (|iaAiilllf oi [uijpcr in rotdioew 
Tot tbat iiufcUcfttlou. TUb uU CfVirn wd 
Ancbor, »]u>k grr^t rociu hid TKptu tbc 
«cfna cF HO BBAiij ^VlJrR Aiirl Li^wral mfct- 
iog«, *)* ok»td -ik 4 ttTbFii irj I'lT. It 
belong to ibc Uakc of Norfolk: irai 
insured for II^UOOJ, iind )U fumliarofo 


AimiTi. Kflltn LJWMA AijijQttt uii. no" Coil- 
■Ul Bi Tdnua. to li« Coiisul il TiZai' ; KklJUO 


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[S1m«^C'ld.u U lUVa Ungrtr iDhrrU^Jnlj. 
I ita^, 10- RaBlkcrfivd -M«Kk, ^. nvw Ciikuikl 
Tot fib««duit CO T4 Contat U CuibiDL Duilfl 

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TlilDOk of the Hid vRirriQii Ulo ruik In Mb c4ie> 
Ewln; vnljr hnnorsry » T^lrtT'lvo LlfOt^-OiUoiiBlA 
bl t* 0>1iintli : SlUf -time Ujgan lo te Uoot^ 

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c^fc WW. i^u «* w it4a*— AW, ift«bv-u«i. 

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w. i',Aw4«ilL«nA> Vv. fMv, 11. X-r, pihc»* 
tMt.irtU FuhUiU, A.lT, L^Bf-rcia.nfVi, G4l, 

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i/tuus, -<Mh, A. II, P, AlUM-WoTlW* III E>r^- 

UoIMmII, IW, Laalvr *^nli"^- *l^ A, C- On- 
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U«ii,-OiWhI-— lottv r^WBda. OipL C- A.M«^ 
Kt «> t* lUjor. -Urt^flt. C^L J. W. Cot, lUi 
loot, an^i CBpiiui WLUiiuD Jdm C^UttK citfi 


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Tt> Mary, (liird Jiii- of tli.' \me J. H- Lhi^kii]<.t>ni 
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diilni III Die: ]^|L< John Gr^f^ory Wtlc^, rsij. of 
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fuine ycflfii Pecri'lary At The Aii^lrjiiii cniha^^y 
al Luriilon, To Jsnbdb lllaclicr, dtu, of Ueut- 
{'••\. a. J, IHactjpr, and step-dad, to the Hon. 
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■u- of »\T John Warri'udir, llarl. At Co- 

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Cnius CitlU'nnili, t<i Kliia-Attky, cliltnV dm. 
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lali" HfV. JaiiMM V><pr>|iv. iif |liJMn;;hani. and 
\u'arii| Jhorli'j, »o l-h/.thirh, third dan, of 
l.ih" Llf\, Th.iH. M""Trm;iii, Ucit'iJjr of Urunktf- 
— ArWiuilik^il'iMhL'Ki^, I'ranfi'*JiilniAVu'/, 

31 A- Lr fdiint tlTh*- Holy Trmity/itrtkra- 

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tistk' I.Hio", Wills. Kd^nir, third son "f th<' 
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'" " iQlyiVB or Robert Sbrd- 

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loEltHlBcU, ronunt i>u. of the Uto U«nl. 
R W, riiBilw^ H N\ — -A1 Bt. U<OHkr<lVori- 
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Myof: «*^ birri«r«r, t«c«na •oD of Wijuua 

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H<tfOi^i>i of KBOt^rT^l. Oinfitfv- 

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«r uiiUHiMB, — At «ttfi&Flil, Mrlwton, 
Cifvria-KEtfhird. culy ion of Coorfo WUk*^ 
fait,iv|. or IVLn^lil. DJilAbirry* nnrHtficbca* 
Ifr- 10 Marlk, rcurrli ddii, of the tUr. John 

inlrp, Vlt*r of MiLnmiil, At fit. HaTf'a 

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Al ^>fxnv#, nt«h«, Jotan WDlfan AAviHa, 
«q only aHi of (he liie Jflj^oT'Gcn' BIr Wn. 
Maj^ioh. K'Cnfi. to ^Uft-Auija-OwrKiUia, 
tbLn] 'Im.of Al^or llcnry Court, m^^ of CulT*- 

SS. At C^qntad. fiurrcf. Ibo Rat. J. L 
JgiA^^ ItHlor flfWc*4nJLI, ItorU, to Maffa, 
d«g, of Jotm Caliler. t*a- ^ BhtMtn i«rti, 

fvrrvT. All^UingclAA-VVT^Datiiilrr J?:»A, 

Il4rt 10 J««ir-CKtbcriuv. Jkbof air Jtffan H. 
Lclbbrlitfc. Bart. — Al Umeri^ll. Sir Ludo* 
t7'/rrira, mrt. uf DRrnolmd, Lurd-Liiut of 
Cluf. to Logtu,it>u. oTJtmn PloiiCana, («1. 

At lf<«« Uu^rkii. Iba Her Ovyr^ 'ilmdkt^ 

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oruitr Rcfs Jolin Short, UJL.HUt<T of Ttvapk 
UaltAll. and Rflrtwof (IjiUUiutrT-Olitloii, War- 
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Uwtcli, C^rdtriiiali, to SmLiki^rfUioea, lao, o/ 

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Al aUErfonl-orwilie-Soar, ili£ ftn- Charles 
BmeXk of WhBlliuiulffad. Ilcru, (u l>{attiiU- 
Kilhirloe. KcPud uii. oT tbc V^r. ^. Vr/t 

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ampTop, Arraur Jaiurt Urtb^rt. V«j0r DM 
Ltuyj^ Wrikb Fusmnxm KUubclli, widow of 
Otorf« ^Fj^iutiTipOj. vf timitftjti)ulijii[,t;iim. 
brrlbAil^- — AlSr Mfliipii"^ H.lnai[lHljr[fj»hfcfd 
Caru Pf^Civfi, n<i, yuttitfnf iuei uf itji^ |Uv. 
WllliUnCbniiWQion,<>rCMTVU;riUlt, n'«t- 
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pbrff Willnmii. nij. iir Cimiitiinn. Urrnw tIL 

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Cixutofi JIAtfhfl', RKtiir af HamaVT. flataar, 
■vu vf (be IChp U«uf|^ Bh1lTli«. lUctvr vt Am- 
li{;ri» Kml*. ud Cknon of Chirbratrr, avpliaw 
uf aJm. Pir l^ntrr BhimrtF, M«f*. lo |SUB*bcib. 
Du^yftitld of the Ul« Johb GrwpfialLmi.of 
AlyaiUiilbo halL Uae^-^Af l<*arflb. Jaw* 
EfOHartfjEM.of P«lliad rtan. B<rtkb-ehUal 
r&racf intlai* Juaa* liDDuatl.f^q^c^OvliAiav 
to KliubPtb, riiuiijTAi dnu uf lW lau Bev- 
Tliu*^ l^nvry. I> l>. orCriafiy-on-Kitsn, {.'noitt. 
~At .\1] ^^nli' lAiiKbuu (<- Uii'ir M. W. 
Uilmtirr^ IWiifMl I!. K. Id 1M >e I LlI h . ^Qry , ihird 
Ji,u i)f Itia ltd- Cnarli'* lluf^ht *■'!- t^Mluntfl 
uiTriifw- — -At l'iniMo".l^S»"iU,Riihni<(Anwrt 
(HJAHJ.tta\,t!d^iCTT% l^ircif , ibe Afnon tn^ 
»Urr, Ili KUAlMitlk.lIUiiil.^Uleatihu. Af Kulit- 
Ehtnvl. nq, i}C I'rcalim.^— -Al Farlnfh, lluu- 
frrftfrd. Xowbou JibJi j:.Aiif. tvi- nf AUTrviia 
Udwan^aad Kih|(*a Hremlffj', BUT. toMarr- 
AnB#.Km4ly, only dan, ftfUirna >lar(i« Ulur. 
<ti\ uf flrlnibl^allir. AriBLuncr. 

M. Al ChrlsrA. Majir ir^^ii, Ith Itrncal 
S-l. 10 AumJh, dtn- oT vairl- l^-nl. or 11^4 tb^jal 
Ho«pLtaJ> CljrlhV 

30 Al Ki- JarctA't ^Tr^iltmitikr Irtr. 'Jiujiiiu 
U, iranAm, VH, nr MaiuCon faomf, Ih^fKi, 

Einpaai wnoritjtf ki# mrjamv* lUnhun, 
tt loJoMbio^lda^lliudton* odIv rijilii of 
ibD lata HTillfiiu AouU. Ibnnrriv vf I>rla aod 



Viscoi;kv Loht^h* 
JkW. SO. At Hiwktw^n Hoik, CD. 
AMcomtton. In hft H?aJ rxr- tl» HItbt 
Hon. Robert Kdirud Khf. VImmoI Lof - 

KfTii, btnin Krn«i fa tbe nun* oonnlf » a 
lUf ntmitaiito Pnr Qf tnhnl, Lford Ufq- 

I'nnal sntlOntot R^tuloniiBnllliBfltUBly 

of RoBCoaiiuua. * Ovoenl iu the irmr, aiLd 
GatOftd of 1^ BtovcoDHBcm Mk1iit«, 

htird Lohan vai born b imi-itmC 
Berkr^j'Btliiarr) ua the 1^ of AilfWl« 

bri of KtnpbPVi bt Cflr^linr* anly oUM 
•nd bdr of Bldwrd P^uGcnl^^ cm|. oJ 
Mount Op>ialr, w. 1tililin\ wil Miiriiitnt. 
ttio 4l«u|titcr *»4 h*ir of Jmim Kiaf, 
ftjuclk Lont Kliicslwi, mA Inc uf Uic ckkr 
Lac of llio «■» lunflr. 

Ilfl «nUral |b« UMr, in 1T9V. ■« an 
Aatlfn bi tha STib fc^mfsit, /nxn *rUfb 
be wu proanCrid <a t Ijtutmiiitcr iu ikt 

of tlw w, that r*|tin»*( vh vwD^lMd 
«« botH mM-ttf>«Br It iMfi*M. H« 
mIM III Ibf Vriimuiv 74 viCb ibr d- 
pvdHiou to Ibe WmI luiliB nwkr Ibc 
cooinaDi of 8lr John JtniH a»i| ^ir 

Cbarlet HrrT i bdJ, un arritinf M Bar- 

bU w, tbe £i»lJb «v ^Uc4wf<id frvn iiu- 
ItM 4utj. <Ja Ik* for— Una of the G re. 
ntJiir hrif*A^ bi ma altvlvd tt \tm Ant 
bilUBoa of Gnn*JWn uftdar ib« i>4fliBu[iil 

nt ti«iC-C«liHHl 8(c«w<, mihI mtTtvd ■( 

tM Ukiajc of Martiniqvr. Si. lmdp» and 
GuaJaIoop*. lie wu «j(kUt tml^ jh Ibo 
hUtt Ulia4 at iM livaof iU pf otptnr* 
bf Tietvr H«ga««t uiddofioi^thattnvre 
4U|<i|P btf 9m €bmtd hi Html K- 
tioai, •tti CM tba uoniinf of ika nnfnr* 
tauM ttteft nfO« P«brt.^Plfre br n- 
flvttd a bfT* fiwi ■ >p«i4 ball. 

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vmtMl u homfi la a cottpaay &n tfar &9ih 
f^|4■lt*^ W rrtaiaii kwae. la 13!>I br 
«i» fttfrmcvi i« a Baivriir in the Q3iiiJ, 
Mibi 17T»to a Iinit..CoiaftEkT In Cht 

U 179V. on Ibi dMth of bia hlbir, b» 
■ibVHd^t fo tfemMrraHa aUA» in (b 
rfba W RoMOBBOD aod GUc«. tn 

Cv l«M fc« ■•• cnated • p«or of 
B«A0« or InUnJ bf A«r |«l« of 
V Enti oT Dofk tu i!ia qobiTj of 
(nmaiiiQ; aad on tbe J«tk IUt iMti 
«U •JfaanJ Id (he dipiilr of^i TU- 
j«tf. Ut vat ckv^ ft fi«HT«eoUiT« 
M«r far InE^d la 1H90» aid awoiMad 
LirutonaDl of Ue cMilT Eawott- 
ulog Ihc admiaMiatioa «r E«rl 

Qny. Hii po^cici w«ts a1«v* <irdAtlr 
CoaMtraliie aud PiuUoUbU 

Lonl l^rtoo rredvol tl« bre*H null 
of CotoA«1 on chit li< Jul IKOt i ind irw 

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(fr IrrlfljiiJ^ llrnllmiiv^tlhv tankof M^|or< 
Gear/ii In |»Ot<,irLat of Unt. 'Orfteral ifl 
ki«H. itid Ibr fiill rti.L ornrafTHl la ll3a 

H« marrird, D«f. &, lr99< bia eoula 
Ijidjr PfunccB rvwoai ootf diaa^^ff and 
bair of Lantfloca "Hrvl Harl of Rotiir« bjr 
An« earJ «f KbfMon. 1^ thi* Mr. vbo 
dioj OD the 7Th (Irt, IMI, b^ K>d liBDft 
taOMVASad Atc daughtcta: 1. tbe Hon. 
Jnw, mtfritd In \tti4 l» Aalhaair Lp6ov, 
fttf of Neitc«illa,eo. LoMtflordi Im« H<r> 
fov tbal i^palj ; Z. tbclloa. Bkanor, *W 
Hon. Robeft no« VMcovat Lortoa^ 4-Uii 
Itoo. CaT«KDiT,tbii frMwIfcef IkeprcMui 
Kif KobtTt Qom Boolb, Bw t. of Lba^H, 
«. Shfo. to vbo« abe v«* uMntd la 
XtH.b. lM/r. «n-l difd In tV fnlbtwi^f 
Jaauarj; i, tbe Hon. FnM««, Iha fir*I 
ttlfa af tbo Rvf . C%arlia LratUv tUoit Hin 
of tba DbAofi of Klloiara, to wbMn Rba 
wu married in Ai*ri] 1S^. and dvrd in 
(b« foUuviiiif Juli^ 6. Ihv n^n. LsLnaai 
«ba dl#d in l«ai, ^o« t»i and 1. tbo 
lloQ. baarvnae Hafuu Kh^'Uanaaitt 
<aho baa tatanthv^Jilloaal «mao#Ra^ 
m«a,aad mmM in 1^: Wanr-GocUK 
vvvcalk da^McT of Iba Ubr JaMca Bar* 
■lOad Jokialoac, efti, of Alt*, K.R bf 
»b*b ba kn a suBMfode bodlgr* 

DaUliika l^ei, and ramcd In 1899 Aant, 
dauffbCer of Sii Itobrel tiorr-Dootbt Bmi. 
%j abont ba kam n<aa oaa a»n and oao 


TV funeral vf Lord Loitoii (otA plic« 
o« tho 4th Not. la tbe ebufcb of D^le, 
at Ifca aariy Wv of four o*clork, it brisf 
lone the cwania of tbu Iwalj Co ban by 
nIgbL ll «a> allrniftd Vr tbe Hoo. F' 
HarttKi, IW llni. R. Kinf, A»d 
l^rnjTr «*a^ Han, Captui l^bot, 1 
L'taltoa and Hon. E. CiofUs, Kov. Cbndn 
LHlbfCaMataKlas. C. R. UecMn,ea4.i 

lo|Eftii<rv«b all the icMrr, milboM i 

eirtytta, voridbf 00 bU knbUp'ie 

Loaa Y[»cciTxr Cnaviw. 

(kf.7. Al Scataei, traa bto «o«ada. 
ramvrd at IW hadW of the AJma, aRoi 
as. tbe B%bt Hjh. WlOaai TtmAunA 
Wddaaraia, V».coaut Cbewiaa, Caplaba 
tn Uu 8«ota FMilhf Guar^. 

He vn bora ov ifce 29lb Joaik 18K, 

tiSS,"} Zord riicovnt Chtnton,-^l^rd DudUy Stuart, M.P. JO 

ravtion for niiTorliin^ vfaidi ««rc tho 
raJlnf piiDdpleaof but lifrv 

In y* atrlf yvftn liv pu«Al ■ eotuidtr* 
•blv tJai« in tKe vouEb of CuraH. urbtre, 
la 1^24, be tiarrifil Llrivtuis Aif xandllBA 
R|ypl«, lUiicltUr at ^.\i<•\^n Bnnapwtat 

frtuM of Canino. flut Iiilj JtcJ od the 
HUi M4r» lH-lTiU«ilaj(uiimlTioa«Paal- 
A n)aJra»-Pr«iiicii-€outti. 

Lord Dadlej ^airt wu ■ iM«Wr of 
Clifittrt A)Jlce«, Cuibvi(lffe,ivh«rc b* fi*^ 
du«ttd>f.A. IStS. 

H« «w tsHf \my\imml with xtmlratloa 

car«- of Ilia onck (hjr kinrri^i^} ^ 
Fnncti bonliTll. he mi Uught, too, bj 
b«TKbom b« M laacli rercrraccd, <o look 
OIL * MAI i« 1h« HouMof Goamooi i> Ihs 
aoMmI porittoa for ta Es^lbh iwidrntfOp 
He fta^ for Araoikl, on Llbcnl prin- 
dptea, iD I iSO, ind n cvtaraol irt&eae 
« DOnlML Hia 6nt ■p#toti In PitrliamMit 
vu (n«ilo in foi^or of tbo Rdbm Bill, 
nut IE ttm hcU to be rcQlnanltj' iacc««>n>U 
^boitly aft«r ttb period, Friocc Adun 
C»rof7tkt «klt*d Esglnid, tad the Urn* 
Hc« f>r Arundel «■» ffVMtlr Inta^iJ bj 
tbr >cxdaat«liiA UiK4bU|tf*bod atalM- 
uuii (whom hv QMd to flUrutcetts m 

" thii mnt itrtoAon nf fmlvfAtA ") |iv» of 
tho oppreulon cirrnUcd bj lli« Empvror 
Nicholw la roluut, *hJch Ud drtwa th« 
Polei to moU. 8oon. t^o, tbe vncll of 
Ebc Polith 4tmrt fWvMil A ibdivr bf th« 
GvroAn Fuhvt*, tbcm, n now, mdcr tbo 

dommitba of RoMli, vu dHm to mk, 
• «b(lt« in Ftumw, Baglukd, Of Anitrloi* 
Dird THdlf^ Kut 4ivf>1]r incmHtwi fij rbo 
ftUW Ibcw brifo in«a, and «*0 CMlaJf 
IjutnunmiJi] hi obcmnlBg tram Uto rarlia- 
aoiit ft TDie of IJ.OOO/. iW llidr n1t«f. 

Hf now lUrutiTojT studrtd Ac Pofiih 
<|Uoalfosi «fid fbrm«^ tbd dfllibcrtU eon- 
TictloQ tbat th« «jtsreMl<« Avfrilof HinriA 
ci>qIiI brrff<«luiItj<^u«l1M b^ lli« r«loE«« 
Binn nf PoUnd nilr, Thic hu |tarnvtlm, 
m rtoll iu hu iarjRtc htt/rd uf o|i[irr4<N^ 
■ltd tjmpniJi^ for mLsfi^rtuiip. led bini Bo 
«nibflvo the fotlib CtiK. And ft «t» 
cbKreft«ii«tic of taiiD IW, llionjcb <«ialk>M 
■nd dcitber«(c in dcduoat W iKviFt wh4B 
■ aiDr>« of tciioti bid bm ooco ukpMd, 
ffluwd for m iiutut i* hapunnttwbllt 
a tf^tncv of «aorr«» traniiiMd. 

Ut vnK rfdM»0B for Aruvdcl. nilboat 
opiUftltlOQ, A( thes«oml«lcelloa]iof tS31, 
ti4^2. iinil l»5b (eicfftt ItiBt on Ibo ftntof 
ihoM ociviioD* l<ro TotM wcn cfvtn tat 
Sir GedfroT Wtbttn), bol In 1W7 «*t 
uipOMd by lb« old lo««l iofluvnn of Lord 
t^DrAlan, Knd dofrotcd bf ITQ vote* to 105. 

F^tr irn j*m9 ba hnd oo hbI to Mrlk- 
moBi; Iwt in ISf? (Sir Cbu-ln S'jpier 
bnloir rrtirtd) lit bwns* <nie of ibe c«u- 

llr iMvl «OD of RevAdmind WiDwiii 
ibi PMMI tel WeMvm, CB, bf kli 
Bnt vifo BbnibMli, tdtal dao^ttr of tbc 
Im 8^n«t WUttt«iid, «a9< ftftd tb« Ud; 
Eluabotb Qrof. 

Ho MMnditeermr 1111041 uCtttim 
B A« Rflfd Craidiui KiJk Rc^linent ; 
iMiaa C«f4alii In tL« 6cb Foot X%\7 -. 
mk ndtnafeJ u tie &B«ch FtuIUar 
Q«ird<i>l5U. H*ttn«4«UhU>eBl. 
Bri» U lb« vufMCtfioA of Ibi inmrrtccioa 
4iCM*^ ond tftth Oi* Ud lU^mont in 

*■ 1 — F'^n OB t^ s°fn ^ 1^^' in- 
«Mi>f ito banlo at Sobnoft, for vtilob 
b* riicotTnd a nedU. 

AMvrroBSotUnwni ' HiiLord- 
^ bid bm bRi«cbl Ju*n ^ftfr tlu 
WlEo tkf A1m>. and turrmd oid^ nine 
Mn d4ja. H^ <«■« iru bopvLeu from 
«• W^nlBf i u bU bfklj VH Tvrtrvd 
«ttb <PWid« of ■ tt-Ml ocrioue nalure, l«o 
of nUeb fxiMrritfd tte b«v«liL U« wni 
^hmAtd br tW Inipafiiir QentrtI of 
Hwaltoli, Df. BUI, alia 6uff Sornon 
ICttHtaA Ml AiihliM 4nrt*rau Matf iuld, 
■ho wnn Micndnc I* tbfir aftudaaov; 
botcwqF ifoct (OHrr 1^ ■«■ Uvftjn." 

Urd CbowM* wriad, on lb» U J^y 
UaO. P«wr, <^f ibukCivr of tba late 
r^ltlt Joto Dwurdf R-N. of Sharp- 
ba^ oa. OvTCB ; i^ b^ Ibai Udjr. »bn 
MtfTtra bi«, he bu Wrt i±Me t*o lofti 
■d «■ ikngbtor ^ I. wmUm FrvdriKfc, 
•M ViMD^t ChtfwIOB: 3. tb« Itoo, 
FriicM bUry j Mnd 3. A r*'**^"'*^*^*^'*, 
Wiv o« lb* I llfc OaMber. 

It U iBBOtfocd tU tbo ofloen of iW 
Qwrili WT A^rac lo flnvt o uoaaflcvc (o 
At Mi^wii nf I^Kd Cbnvtoo is llm Mil^ 
IvT C^pfl X tim E^rAeoio-«iU:, oto« to 
ttal of M4|w Fltinn- aomcml, ddcnC 
M« of Lofi FU4[tfti. n4io wu icidcd M Ibr 
bfllUo of Moodfcvr- 

jVor. IT. At StDckbolin, in ht« &'^d 
twr. Lord Di^lrj (>Hfi« S^narl. U.P. 
forH«rrkAooe,nd4 L>ipuij-li«il«e«nt 
of BMMblf* ; cttM-nodc t» the MmncM 
of ftnto. 

U«VMbonoaibe4lb Job, IKO.llx 
tfldMb ton of Jobs Ant M«T^D«u of Bnle, 
■kd ill* nnlf aon «f bil trooftd DurrllM 
vttb FruM*, M«oo4 dvixbtn* of Mr. 
TbADini C'*«<i'. 'be biok^r. Hw onlj 
tUtar bj tbe Mmo nnibtfr w« th* |imiml 
ronnf of UuTOvb?. Tbelf father died 
dovbv ttfir bfluKTi itod Ibcir cducalbn 
I oifctteiended br !iia vidow. 5ti« wu 
d/ of 14e HtmuBt t*«f<oM« fd ditpoai' 
L, T** aae <rb> dimn vtod on the 
bij^Ml «ad uobl^ ivBibncnti. Tober 
LMd DfldUy van oio« taDdcelT arrtchMl. 
«fed it «a* lo bar «otd< and cnaiplo that 
b« Allflb«l«i tte aCroof Mlivc* o' <»- 


OBiTttAiiY.— /yojyj DutUfjt Simtrt^ ATJ*, 


of the poUi til? resalt f>r wliidi tru ai 

|,onl Ehidbr C, Slutit . . 5367 

SirBwjuiiin Hkll .... M4^ 

Sir JunM Joha llamiUfMi 3^77 

Mr. SffTJeonl Slicvi .... ^H? 

Hoberi Oren (Clurcue) . . 1 

At tbe Utt ittacnl otection in X^b'i 1k^ 
OM fe.fiL'Hti^l v-Uhnut D^pA^tiion- 

Bv^jr ill lili oarefir L^i! Dmlltf Stiurrt 
iTAJi juiucULflI *>i1Il CuiTn' K-rgiutoii, 
Th<>mu Ciiiel|)1ji.'1] vLc poci. WcDtAortb 
LomuODt, And iiUifr itftufiiii'il iiwi m 
tbv <aiue «r Polautl. J3uC ibu litnd af 
dcfti^mno^ Uic luORlcmicioul; (houol 
of otban irew cuU. and Lj^ Uudlvi' tixm 

Uft ta lifht lli« llnlllit Af n pv\t nnF'ion io 

Lbv^ oulj •rtna prh«re ihc ooiiibai cuuli 
MLill b« cuiirit oU| (bo llii);U»h Uoutu irf 
C(ji»iiiofiii a]xa<]«t «loo«. Tbc «nriu of 
thcotilot. loo, fncniu«d mtlior tbin ili' 

Dkinubfid; tbv GmcrTuiacal smut uiokipg 
iio prL>TiikJon fir lucb u^4 tlctiim of RiU' 
itoniAuitrikQ, or tVuniiin jnlnoiy ita «(!ic 
«OntUtiLlf &rnvin|[. and li>lV ta ifnir^ in 

our itravr*. Bui E^ord Dadl«]r uru Inde- 
fitijCtble Lu vuUi^lllug kub^rlptlansi audi 
whvQ thi'^e could na lwit«r be obtoloed, 
&o rflpleiuihinii tho nfiauitisl fuada of thu 

FoUi^ AfviiAAllari bf T^xnn' <fi j>tibUc cH' 
IcrUiumfuU. Tlir latKiur Hltciniidf ibmo 
liffiicroLcDt drrboQB ttiu iDcr^dibl? ; yet 
t1 •mt iind^rFnlrrn in ajldjtJon to ■ *nlu- 
l»a« nllfri Ja-QOt kn PirlblMTit, « conadoQ- 
(i<}u)i dijiobkigi? nt lliL? <in«raii« duiUM at- 
U»dinff ihc rcpr?t«iitjiliou «f Ihe lufclt 
boroLigli in KtifUnJ, and loccHVnt en* 

floyvicnE of ihff pea in napport of tb« 
olMi cHuu> Orcrtarci of oIBm be bul 
noVT Iban onm rrjrctfd, dHrlirin^ tial 

TouU U tbit of AmbHw*U<»r tX tlit Court 
or VAmw. PdanLaualdf foud uf field 
■poruind trerf muilynervlif, und ci- 
nuwd Uj ftoclelt, be bad mDrc tbao tbc 
uiuai iiudibcf of rOAHoa for leading « life 
of idittocM I bat bo nlopd Uib odt aDta/es 
fc« C«{^«d ncrrlj in iiifrrauifnti ti> b* 
■Aplf7*d in Airtberinf tlio ^rcai and gooj 
43bjMli vbicti br bhA at h»rL [|c vould 
undtJubtrdLy bmc bi'«ri 4 t<iU incire ptipn- 
jar nuuilb'iq be ncLualty wn*. &f be hnil 
MCifilied bli alttaliiii citikiuiTclT La bomo 
uid ««abt li«v« lookod vp«k 
I viinrf vitb dut f je of indiffiereDC» 
vWciS liU htdj hiJ di&rakcritcd th« tr'*^ 
mitjurily ormflmben of PArUBiiwnl- Uli 
ii(T«( rcapcctiOE tho dingrr of Ituiviui 
■^roHlob «tr« lonitboil •!*• bll« drvKnii, 
apd hii IdtiM roipcctiac lb* tp wUbUnb ■ 
veat of L'olMtd trrn prrjnottDCed nuUoUc. 
He Nrtdp lmvtT*crt In* kc bb f^iduiit? 

0|jinli>Ti> HiWfOf^ by tbow «bo Car 
7r4n rrrc tbtif inood Mlur »ad fonal 
lUbLo opjiotictiU- 

H« Inft BnglAnd iu tht ««tr |Mft «f 

U»i S«pl<aib«r a-itfa tbc bops of nernidaf 

bU BtiCDjctb. AfUc Tidtiag DcBaurb, he 

ErgcKvJc^ b]r «sr of CotbcAbuvk U 
tw^bcjm, wbrrc b« uriTtd fin ut Ul 
of QtfUbcf I Aiid *M invwdiAUlr lA*^ 
vraMi BtlAckrd bj cholnin*, —C CH>lld 
bjr « typhoid fdvor. From Uitt icwnc 
ilbicK4 hn nioii^nd io thont Uu A±j%i l 
butp tboutb niaoed to a trry ^blo «»n. f 
dJtLoni b.a itUI vniKlU saiiuiuly Cq Iuid H 
Ibe remundcrof (be Fow daj« whicb kt I 
iiad ilfiLcriiilnod to poM In filocbbDJn to 

lbi;4Ld««iiUBD of tbc f«iK wblob be kftd 

■g muob alliuTl tl< iLoikI^c it of tW 
bifbTCt fnqiortaiiot tliiu burden fthanld 
jiiin b«r f(wn> tii Ihotn i>f ih* ^'i 
Pnvi.n, and k^oiild nnilc bentJf 
Uicui 1q IdKlag oirdHirvs for Uie 
■Iracdou vf Pabi^d. Eld bud ^tnfiaood 
him«uU bj convffnaUtiitf vitb p«KH» af ' 
all ruiki md flauu in fiwcdou, ibal Ck< 

Iico|>loDf Ibat country vcn moat ^idodlj 
lOftilo to Kdsvia, vnd tbit Uvj wmld '| 

vLltjnjtIy HVfiful fb^ir a>^T#miii0nl in mn 

BntrKctic raiine oT policv^ Lnrd Dndlcj 
Aluarl'a povition u ■□ EofUfb McoLbci 
of PfirlUoitnt bli GorapOAn nrpiititioa m 
tbc cbimploa of lb« Poliab cahv;, and bii 
cooncction by nwmnfD wUb tbc fkuiilj of 
Ikiaapirlfi ucra aol&ciflot to eaiatv tbai i 
h\% opiuioni irvuLd M kut be Iblnwi to ' 
wiib atirnltoii at t^# Rflvditb rnart. H« | 
hid a ttrng inimnco of tb« KiuiE, vbicti 
WBD fbllovred by a tecond «t bE^ TklAJetiy't 
d«aire t Lord Dudley bad 4lio»iiu«« 
of the Crovn PricM, for nbote (merous 
and urioljr duraciMr bs aprancd niieA 
adnilratkon : and oo the vary lUjr Of bii 
}A>t nit4ck be bad la anduaor of tlu , 
Kidg'a atcuEid aun PHnct 0««r, bainf ■> | 
t!ic cimr »o «uk ai to resrkr it oowifj | 
Ibtl hfi *li»iilii be ^Hrrioil up nnd doivii 
the attift of tho pilaoc. 

Tbeie ci«rt:ooiir coiabia«d vfUi olhtn 
ufa aiiuibf tbuadrv, and with Uborloiu 
atteatkia ;o im DiUiuive oorrvapoDdencf, 
ocranonod the fomuition of mttr i« Uia 
e*11ular immbrAm of tbalungfl' On tha 
iCLh Nov. Lord Dndloj ndfied a btUi^ 
bac oti tbo i;ib, after flTtni; lomc but 
dJrHtiant nad admly spnkine of hii Ap- 
proiuibijif fnd. ho iranqiiiUy u^roiL^ 

Tbe ftiuri! of tUt distittrdabed nnbfc- 
min took plaoe at H«rClbrd on the I6lk 

Dtntmbvr. Thn body hul brvh rimtTed 

on the prVTLuoR ercnjn^ from Stratford- 
pluu lo Uftlh' l^rk, Qfiar llenrord, Ihe 
aflat M CDj|iuhi Toiviiiluriid, M.P^ la ad- 
diiion to IJaptun Stuirr, the only nm of 
LuH DadLr-yi tlte Eail aiul Cutfiit«M of 


lafiSJ -^ir»^ff.S*ttcii,Bt^SirJr.G,C\mm!f>fr'Gorthn,BL &I 

Ibvwbjt L*rJ J«BQ SloirC, Caplaln 
al JCn. T«invlwal and the roancrr 
hndM 0f Umm fuuUo. Iberc vcr* pr^ 
■M Sb- B. UfeU, t^ Mtlt^iw of Lord 
M1p| Siufl la th« rfpr«*vnCKioTi of 
MarlAoMi Mr.J. A. >[Dtth, M.P..ud 
MW Olhcf very InlirftAtE rrimili nf tTi<>i3f. 

Mf. DbCnckJ aCUodf^ as rrpretcuiaifTci 
nliCM* i« Frwec: Culoacl Srjfini and 
i^n otbfr CKitJaMvB u rcpmcaUEiTrr 
of Off ^li«b reragpf* tn Enghnd; Mr. 
KMf ttrf dure otli4r c^^tl^^n^f n w « de- 
fiAnOB iVan iLa liE'mrj AMoriMlon of 
ik PHnib of PoUni ; i d^-puUtion of 
■te gDCkncK fFDin tbc mirj of H. 
Mttylvbon*, aad of nine Inidi tbs n*trr 
•TSl hner**. Tbo trindovawero closed 
lillHiMrccU dT Hrrtlord. aad tbvHIld^ 

mof Cbri«x'ft no«i-iiBl iiocd • portion 
tf iba road tbron^h vbicb tbc proccnioii 

H. Hievt B>jirn. Bamv. M,P. 
JMml^ AtWeai»aBiripPark,G]ou««- 
IoAIr^ oT Guatic fcttii, wd 4^. Sir 
MkhatL ilkk« Beicb, the clciith B4ron«C 
(1619), H.P. for Oic E&itFrti divbkin of 
GkB««tiinkln, ■ Dvpuij Llcutruuit of 
Aat conMiTt rad Unit- -Colonel of the 
Ikftb tikikoeiier MlEitt*. 

Wiitdiirv, ou ihe tAth OoC. l^O'J. tbf 
rite BM of UicbKl 8f«cb Bmcb. 1^, of 
, ud of WDQiomitrip Park, br 
'iM^dMitbler of Wmum M oani, 
VmIi^ PUfe, Baibihin. Mih 
M th«p]derMaof Uieba«l HkW, 
ctq. (Mcond ten of »tr llo*< Hk-ks tbo 

■lilb llutflitt^ «ho tool thir nam* af 

Bwcfc, J^-iipg n«rried UeoHcUn-Mam, 
nlj dtngbUr and bidrtM of WiLUpin 
~ uca^. of NHbrrtToit 

lIScfcaeL auccMdod la tbc Ixron^cy 
tad OcL \K^4,t>A tbc jcBihof bill 
\ek S^ Wjltim U^ki tbc Nrvtncb 
Mc ««■ Bpfioi Atfid Liru(.>Ci]j>< 
oftboNortbGlaucMUtmihri* m 1M4, 
HeVM nuinitd to Pijliiincnt iot Kiiat 
OtoscvflM^AdR ky Jmaarj Im<, in die 
nNMQ of fht pnooDt D«ho of BcouTof t. by 
k wioritf of 1109 toIm iif«r the UUnl 
^iididtto Hr. ^ Hollud. 

ttr Mkhu) Kurkd, on lb* 19th Auf. 
1 839, tfaitiet-VjctorU^ ■rcnnd dau^brtr of 
Jebn !%ntton,«a^.of FartJikn^hof Loilg*, 
NorUwtoplcoiblrt, and had ~i>ni« tlitte 
■DM and lit danihtcra £lli4'HniTy. hU 
«ldntftaA.dM od ihclltli Kcb, lK,f7 : 
fc Hirfcod Cdvprd< hU locoeHor, wu 
htn ia lk« follawlDft OcCobcr, and i* now 


Oajrr, Mao. V«t,XLIIL 

5t« W. o. rt irtiiifo-OoaDOv, IUbt. 

AW- ?;i. At Altjf*, ffi. Eljtio.BwfldCT, 
Sir Wiltinm Gordon Cummin^- GordDD, 
Ibe PTitTond Btroael, of Allj^n anl Oo^ 
(lOftBlown <IBO*i- 

He wj* bcpra it Atljw on th« VOih July, 
ITT, tbc tbird but atdHt oirviTiOE bah of 
Sir Alcitnder P^fote Citmmtn^, IT10 fimt 
lUroiir^t (iThci asiuidkI tbc n&meof liordoa 
■■ btir ttf rnliiiT to Sir Wllburn Ctordon, 
BflrL\ bj* IfcLffn, iln*nhter ijf Sir Ludoivk 
Or(inl,abd iittci tu Sit Juuici Gm»l. Iliitl, 
He wBi the rv|irci«Dt]iLiwor tbr Ct^mvn 
who irnna rf>tn|n:litor »itb flruM fi>r Iho 
tltrcnc of StiatUrid. 

Ucjm<?t?ALl£d hit fftthur inthcbdronpfcy 
on IbQ Ii^tb fcb. l?«U<j, In 1K5I bo km 
TTtnrnrd, wilbnul o|i|'OLiTlr)ii, for fbc ho* 
Toujilit of VArw, iUoff. &c. to the |itr- 
liAuitui wbicb cuAcIi'd {bo Ketntm bill i 
lut, >ft«r contrlbuii^ijE i^ Un: vunvi* of 
Ibal mfuurfp h« did not a^im mp^rtt to 
Hoaton*! bci>iovi«L 

Hn marrifJt finl, it Zaricb, Sept. 11, 
IHIA, KUU'Mirltk. dAUjEhEcr of Joba 
Cjrpt)bc11, #11), of Ui*tj, bj t-Afly Miry 
CbarLoCIf Marin Ciiupbdl, dauybtcr of 
Ji7l;i] DuW t>r Arg'jll^ mill hy ilmt InJyj 
Tho dici] kn IM4?. be liid t^ur Iwq «oofl 
and four dau^brm r 1> Sir Al^umde^ 
Pvnraiit) bu fucicpiKjr i iL Annh-^p^mour' 
CunvAy, marrifiiJ in 1M3 CO (Iaviu A- 
lUkCT <-V<iiircIl, t<q. MU of A- IS. Cm- 
v«lf. rtq. M P- of 0^14^11. Nor! b 11 oi birr- 
landL 3. HooalFynO'Gporgr, fcrtncrly of 
Uio (rii|ir Miiuulril RiAv*. titv iiiKbur of a 
wdl-kHown work on LioU'RuntityEi 4. 
Henrys '^. Addoldt'UlUi, married in i9h2 
to Cini, WjUiuB Gilfnil CrTd«c1N of tba 
Itib iluisjini nteond hd or A. H. Crva* 
ncU, nii[. ; fi. JiibTi'Kiiiidi]]]]b, of CCjrbin; 
7' A|i(<r^l{nirirrtA, mnrrii'il in 1R&? |i> 
Jobii llrnry Jeukiniion. ttq. yoaiigmt mn 
lif Ihr Inlo felfthoii uf Si, l>imd>; h. Ek"- 
nora; 9. ComtaoFe, who dird ^ouiii: ; ID, 
Coiutaate-Prcdcriu; Li. Wdtiam-Ovr. 
AoDt of Hio U- I' Ccam|i(Lny't ■cirioo; lad 
W. FrBiiriB-lln"'itiki*-Toon!L 

Htr Wiltlam munfd, Kcoodlf, Urc. I9i 
1A46, Jaao-EHfii»««pon<] dqnf^'hftr of WiU 
liata Mackintokb, c^> of Grddd and llil- 
lun, N.3. ind lin4 fvnb«r l*tuv^1'>. 
JanC'Elin; 1 4^ Emilia; lad 15. Frvdo* 
hck-Cbarlrh-llfdVinr, bom la ISAO- 

Tho preaciLt Baronol tfna born in I^IC, 
•ad marhed ia IIMA Annr, only d^dgblcr 
of iUb K«t. Aofulm CimpMl, Koriot of 
LiffitpooK Hit waa formrrlj l^a|»utri In 
tbo 4ih Ujbt Dmfoani,tnd u now Mijor 
of tb« Invcrjicu milLtin. 

JVvr- b. In (h4i b^Ctli^ of iTikcrminn. 
WodCO, LjCDt.-<>cti,thFUoD.Si(U.Lalb« 

8S OBnv\viy.^Lt.*Gen. ifen. Sir Otorgs Cath€crtp K.CJf. [Jwi. 

OfltKX.D. ComniJUiUing the 4Lh DLvt- 
ilon of tbo UntLili anii^, 

UcirubraUiflf to Iht ijr«««]it Earl Cftlk* 
art, being Ibd tbird ton of WUliam-^chiiir 
tha Anc E«r]. K.F. b^ Kliubctt»» dau^liUi- 
of Andrev EJliot, P*cL unclir t^ ii jlbvrt lint 
£irl of Uinta. 

Ut ««■ bom Id LonJon on (lii Dili 

M«f, tn^l I vu lODt «t an carij «« lo 
EiOQ. and «ahMqwiEniJr niMr«d u« Unl' 
nnilr of Kdlbburtli. whu* h* in« placed 
nader the toitiOD ortljc Ulo anlacDt ufAfiop 
SukfAfdt *Ofd mi\ei9tidt of IUibo<1 Uu* 
cbinukllbt praNnl profsMor ot rbatorlo 
■nd ImIc «C lb* (jDmnlEi of tiJugo«r, 

In 1810 bo ocumaaoM bia mUIUrv 
MfMr In tbe Sod lib Gurdi ; In the foU 
luiHnf jpcftr bocimo Limtcnuit in Ibr tftb 
Dngnon* or Canbinof ra i and in I^W 
tccornpiftiod bla faiber u kiiio-ie^i^Ainp, 
whciitbai dMiii|o1dbvd |«aefftl*od Jiplv- 
nBifit, whobftdoMfiCommutdcr-fn'CLLBf 
of Ibc fiLircM in \he OTptditiun li> CoiKra- 
liBflta IB IBUT, ud Ambaukdor Co Swt- 
defti iruBRkt u plmlootonllarj to RumU 
to ocKi«ludJ9 apeaoavitL tb^BrnpeTor-Ui^i- 
■ndir. HewrindalSt. hl<nbQrx-*lMiD, 
■Apr tb« b*Ul0 «f BorwUno, on tbo 7tli 
ficipt. ISIS, Ibe Ftraocbimv m vuiuyaliuu 
of moutfir. 

In Ju. IBia, iha Gmpcror Alanndcr 

taoV tbo fttfid ia pui'inp. On (b« ttd of 
Muvh^ — tlic ilAy aflDT tl^o kifriiftc nf the 
troaC7 of Ka]iteL. wlilcli unllod Uic Ki(i| 
of Prviiia wIfU th« aU\ft — hoti\ Calbcart 

joiu«d biui, nnd abuuC the end of Uo 
uuuib ibo »4bj«L uf uur iiicinulj~> ibcti « 
Llonuintnt in tlo Cth I>rafuciii», and ja 
Idi nioetecntb yt*x, joined tbc In^pcrUl 
b«adH|a>rt«n, aad llin>«fkoiit Uia vhole 
of tbsjinotM oinifitignft of 1^13 in Ger- 
ta$Jij, frtd 1H14 in Fr^aor, vru wtlb (li« 
grand army, And bad Ihua th« ^dtenUav 
of bdiic pnnni •! (ho WtUea of Lfluen 
on 1fc« JEd, Danuvu on tbv lOtb and ai«t 
of NT«j. Drvadcn and Cnlto on the 37tU 
ind 29(h of Aocutfi llio battle* round 
Lelphlv Ob Ibo Ulb and iSib c^f OcLub«r, 
nod fabavquantlr iht boUtoa of Brienoc, 
llU<>fiir<Aube, ArdiMur-AulH. aa wtU m 

CUtOtrfiui minor incidnhttt afljun, ond 

Annllj ot tbr UkJns ft Vnrh. 

InflvoufibflHbvtUaapond ■lUinrbiui 
0>rtnM» Napvlcon comomdod In penoa. 
OoMTd Coibcwt pBbliafacd to mo a 
Tokmo of ComDOiiitria oa t\ivtc cani> 
palpft. wblob pTOTca that, Ihouffli tUn w 
5oun; on oAc«r. h« vaa aa ermed ob' 
aortw nf tha l#aa:»i« in itia flrt of war far> 
bUbcd \n iht Kvcrnl hard-fuufbt licid« 
from ninj 10 Nov, iHl.t, vebcii NH|i<tLr»n 
(wHblhc broLm munaniof ibo^uiamLf 
irbioli. Ui tbc amawm«a4 of ftll Eqro|ic, Ko 
bad bruQ(bt into Qcrmaoy afltf iLo ler- 
libk dinclcTi of tbf Huaiini cantpaijfo,) 

«M ompdlad, wilh cbo ahadoirj of bla 
oomIn|;nU ntbcrln; iLicik fimnad Mm. to 
racroaa Ibc Ithmo. Tb« nimtUe foLLova 
•oklj ^e lino of openliom oo wlilrb tba 
hvo imiii arniioB Mood oppo*c4 to etob 
otbrr ; and b| bftlo of ^iamfaa not onlf 
oT tbfl niatnc poaiboni or the afiaiea ai 
oritioal wriodBkand tkaa«d«r of tbr arTtral 
baltlai, tral aba of ibe aliiKf io orrvn ol 
Hapoteon, wblcb anled bia nftn fa Ait 
ovopaifOt Ilia OBpToreaadona] rttdar ia 
enablad to folbv Ibo foron (h/ouffb all 
iba moranflDta ajid fortoMa vt tba ir*r< 
A nluabla introdot^oo apldria tbo 
orTtral a^iLaini of diaciplioa amoogil 
tha AtLJaa wid ibair aaaaUa^ and ohibUa 
tbo Indocmoe of Mttonal abanotor nndac 
Ibo vcttral drcym Oi wai of aUacfe, do< 
fntt and dorinc lone and ardoooa 
Ea^rcbOi. Hjo ro|iiJ ttOTOBiciit and Itfft 
<ea«TD *jr*biiu uf Sapolooo UoOaEWtod 
with tlo *](tB moiomcnt ttd Uno apioni 
firat fgmtd bj GottoTua Adolpboa. and 
aotHl vpoo In all tho anniao of tba 
world until Napolfion wai oonptllod to 
adopt ibfi nc« iptem. pvtlf bj the ffa* 
tcTDtlj BD(I tfrf^iLtlltj uo^iona. oo adtTTBa Co 
diacrpliDO. but (jnivoraal amomf bu multi- 
tudE uf f-Hiimuriptr— fnuiJj bj Lbe isipoa- 
aibditj of hriufing into porfect order aocb 
cooruooa nuuaoa of IrooM u Ua ambi^on 
aikd ImiwtkutitT randofifd mutftit^ 
bouk El altOBViher a pliba fold 
olLa]>tor of UUtttrft vrlUen bj i* «f 
litmt, wba nenr BUowa hEinBfilf tO ba 

lemptod bj opportonitie* for tnlllant do- 
HriptlDii firuni tho furcv uf purrJjr iirvfoa- 
aioaal aarralivr. The faoti wire all 
oot^d at Lb«iiDoof Lbair uixorrtncn, i 

ibfl aul]ii>r at laat poblitbvd bij Cummc 
arifi, beroDM Ibia German camjoiifi, I 
tru« lifld uf Kftpolooa'a fati, bad batn 
prtTimvLx 'oU'Oi/cb biddm frnfn hiatoriv 
tilfbt bfflvrniu tlia ttrribt* diaaalcra tii lbe 
Frrncb of (he winter of Ruulo lud Lite 
irloriea to tbo AUioi ol ihc hundred dojv. 
AAor tbf poaoe of li^l-l, Ibr aubjMl of 
uu manoir aoeesipaAicd bi« Jalbcr (wbo 
vaa ona or tbo tlirci^ |iEciiijH>lmbafico 
durtvd with the iolf rcati of the tloiiab 
Bisplr*) U> tlia Con^naa al Vioainat tttd, 
batDjE ia thai dly vI^d NapoUon c«c^«d 
ftvm Elba, be fraa appointed axtn al ' 
do-eamp bj Iha Duboof Wrltn^n, l 
bi th&t opwatf, aoconpanyinc tbo 
Dwiaba] to BrnHcIt, waa pn«ui at Qwtre 
Braa and Watcrlooi and oo tba dij afltr 
tiio baUle vaa ap|>ciinied hj hU Onco hit 
•adc^d^camr. ■'■ tucoctiuii tu onauf tboae 
who bad U\laa. Ui eoatioiiad oo Ibe otaJI 
ul ibtf Dnko to tbo and of cbt aarrtoa of 
Ibo Arujr of Oi^oupaiiMi, and vaa re-afi- 
pobiod vbtn bU Oraofl aooaiiud tbo offioa 
tif MaiCer-GoDrral of lbe Onbiaiieo. la 
that capadcf ho acoompanled bla Qnct to 


OstTVAiiv^— Of^f/ Htm. P. G. Bead. 


4» OoDgVM «f All U Cbipcllc, iQ UUi 
|ftr««M, !■ 188; Ud t> Pniula, U^G. 
id^dvriDK Ibe tvelt«j«v» thai ha held 
At post qf i J J* J» — p to til* Duk4| h« 

MUftl iliifT vlUi tbe 7th llWMra, ^d 
te«ittr«4 In leilK iDiewlMtrHf*^ 
MBtd ti» the cooMJDd df Ui0 5Tih Foot, 
M UiEatTaiiil-Col«n*1, uvl furAbtjuttRvrii 

«4 iiBBba. In ISJI he rrtin^ on Unlf- 
IMf I bo* ia mST, ID «iiHi|iieacfi of tbc 
««(brivk ia CuuAii be w aigijji eilled 
but •«>*« Mrrioc »od oa IhM ocouloa 
ha M r^laii mi « UirH dap' nciLin-^ 
la 1 83^, tvo amirf ft^Acpti, tbE KmgV 
Dnpws Ow4i aa4 ItiD 7(li Himfi, 
V«i9tt»totttt Olooirl Cubcdj-twu ap* 
jo ^ ai ta tJw caxftmud of tho TonMi 
nctaMftt, ixid mboe^ciillT ■» MAior oifinr 
mi idiasd In rmrnnaiwl oi all the Iroopt, 
TWpiag Mwell m irropUu', nntb nC Uic 
nrtr 5L l^i TM «. anoonting to Aboal 
MIM B«B, Um^Im in* calka upon for 
|M<— lit ■cdittj, In protecnnfE tbc "hole 
lim 4f friMlkr of Lover CukOi. lowtnU 
Um 8t*tM «f Vemoat and Nrw York, 
from tbo pcp'^!'') tonAHa of Ehc rcfufcoa 
aad ajMOtMiOri- ^or vru it onlr at 
MBnMMHTr but ako ai mof utntr> UiA( 
b «^ i—lniniiiilal in nnjtng out the 
«l Lard 8artie«, tbon Gortnior of 
, b5 wUdi tb« dbcntt^d dlairlcU 
«S« tnsqnilUnl inrf mdvrvd aacure. 

HMbw i±tm eommindftd tho Klas'i 
CyaiA nir ^rvnnb of alx jftn, and 
bra^fU tba laglmaBt back lo EDcland, 
Cobvd CatbcartiiD IH44, atain rrlired 

on kat^por- '" l^**^- ^l^" ^'^^^ V' ^'1^ 
Usfld^ an Co«rtabl« of X\\t Tower of U)u> 
doo, rcevtunen^M hun to brr Lklqjaitjr for 
1^ poat «l DafiiiirT-^^''u'''i''it, nn ap* 
HntsMl ■Uch be b^d ouUI Feb. \^Z. 
Uia avr^kcca ni Canada pttiUa^lf pin- 
eorad bin lb« oaaalkfteii jiAd oocxpcctcvl 
offrroT ih« Govtmonbip anil <oninan<t 
at tWCape, vhlok ht aovpUd in yr^i. 
a&Jvbcre bo bcQucht tbe protracted Kafir 
nar lo an boooonUa onnliuioa. lo l>tc. 
luc ha WW upaiutdd AdjaCarxt-gOhenl of 
the tnaj» uu cUJm> wvro wonnlr roQ. 
L ott IDMB gtousJa or otfanri but tho 
[ ibovod thai h* m the Uct man to 
i0brottci,wbM bv evuM terrica bli 
■ is the Held, Ollicn thougbl it a 
va^of povcr thai a man Al Tm Ibo Ant 
eoBtnaoa thoibld ffo oat aiorrljr aoGonoraP 
of a Dioiabii- lfa*TTor, «i lii* neom to 
&^[U^, bi went oat itreif bt lo tBe lUacb 
Am, aadlindfd IB ibtCrtmcaIn the une 
tattnad nnform tbat ia bid worn throoch 
tba Katr w«/h CTCfrbodr looktd upon 
lb ■■ tbo n»a BbOa tmn^ ooljr a jur oe 
tvo ofTT VKlj, and poMcaaiac all Ci« ac- 
ibkf r fontaai and a^rue« of rcnlb, 

Biiglit same dajr Into iho <i}iniDaad-la* 
elttef. Jr« fiu tJkat rwriranrJ prMioiufha* 
raotcr in the BritUb ttriloe — a ioh1i«r 
dwpEvd Eo tbo «t«Doe and MpcriDuecd in 
iLa prmcUee of hii profration' Ttioro waa 
DOtfahig thai DU|hit ofit b« eipectUd from 
him, and, with aifft aa ha to nJI ha^b oo, 
(h«r«ipu pofbar that ihe am^ wonM oTar 
bo al a luaafur a Commnnilrr. On tbo 
bfttmCMia of Nor. f> \mt\\ lUetan attendsd 
the hnoitU of Geaoral Sir G. CithcarE, of 
Ba!%adiiH Cioldk* and of Gooonl 8Eian(- 
■rap- TboywerebvHedH wlthdofaaotbor 
oflkciv*. i>i> CaChcartVbill. At the aaina 
Iftnfl fooHaiin oAfvi of tli* fpiurdt wcpa 
bdricd tccotber near tbo WbditiilU 

Mijor-Goomil Catbcart mArrlert. Mkf 
13,l^.t. Ladj GcorL:i&nAGrfTlUe,dau]{U- 
tar of ihc llo». Itobirt Fulk« Grr tiUo aad 
Looka Couatcai of MaovAdd i aud Ijy 
that ladft who anrrbaa hlia, ho Ixm Ifft 
iin«fiva daoidrtDn, hia oqIt aoa aad tva 
fithrt daaghtaSa bavtaf dWd baforo him* 

Slf Geoni« CatbcarC'i portrait, from a 
dignffrrcotype br ClaodDi, wm pnbUKbRd 
In tUn lUuatnted London Nc vra for Kfllj. 7, 

fJcf. IV. Killed to tbo treocboa bcforo 
Sfbadopot. aged d%, Colooel tho Hon. 
Tnnc^U Gronmor Uood, conmaodini* 
the 4(1 buttallon of the Grenadier Quarila, 

til wav rroAl-ifraiidaon of Admiral tbo 
firnt Viieuunt Uttod, and uncle to tlu^ pre* 
Hnt ViHoounE. Hi* Uthpr, vho lion* 
l^rancia VTbtler llooiJt km killfd oq tha 
hriiLt* at Aire, In f^rance* on the Sd of 
Mnrfli, 1>4U, «hl1« flotla^ ■• Aiilatant 
AdjuUQt'GeoeniL to the fnrc«i imder tbo 
OMBmand of tlin Duke of WcUle|rton. 
Hit ainUitir bu tlaroliiw* only dabghtfr 
cf Sir Andrew 2jnifw llauond, Ban. Elo 
vraa laUed totlnraukof a Vwjoaot** aon, 
br a roTtl wirrant. in 1^36. 

He eotttrd the Grrnadirr (InarJa ia 
tho ^vAT 1 S2? 1 Mtainad iUd nuk ^ Litvt. 
and tJjiptH^ii 1H.10> of CipLiiii aad LicuC- 
CoIoofI LVtl. acd of Msj^jr of ibc dd bat- 
bklion Jnno VII, 11463. 

Al^r tlkP battle of Uio Atnia, he re- 
colTfil tbtf vpcci^l thuih* or the Geucral 
commanJinK bi chlrf, and of H-RU. tha 
D&ke of CamUridjc, vba couiniAndod the 

brigade, for tha pilJant and hvnjld eaaoiur 

IQ ivMcb be brought up thai regtmcbt tnio 
acltoo, ihtrebr mainly caatrllrat]n| (m 
atfkni>*fUtlg«d b| alJ present) to the dfifort 
of the eornnf , 

On tho l«th Oqe, Lo «k* lh« ofioffroff 
the coT«riDj[ p^rty [uarJitifl tha teendiea 
and jpini from any lorEio of tbe eacmfi 
and bad aaoaotcd Ibal dutj at four a,ib., 
Iho oviul bonf. Aboat nino oVJr>ck a 
priTtfe «u kUkd doat bjhia Mde, and 

RitTpAftV.— /-f-(7tfit. Etoort—M^Jav'Gtn. MidiUion. [Jan, 

uollur fntn wouiuW. CoIoiic<l hond vni 

nttare of th« stouiicI tffurdfJ \ tmi, 4 erf 
hatliix bcDd rijuecl tint itia ItuH^uit wtra 
«ficcriui. he roKOP liki ki»i« to takr ah 
dbicfTiiliiffn, fchni » round tlml «irurk 
MAi In th« 1«ft ai tin, mat bol^^i* <h* ribi, 

B«d p«M«d through Kli faoiT' ll< fell 
bMk i|>«obl«H, ujd di«l ID k K« mjoutM 

An offlrvr of fhr Gr«ii>Jitr (Jnardu, in 
■ lellcr wriUni vii Um »auic tlnf , rciuAtk*, 
" I ctnncit ull 700 bov much he k rt- 
|rf (ltd by ui nlL, He htd If<I u« to *Jc- 
%ntj tX lb* Almp, ttid 1 4U f|Dit« etrtalii 

Ui«cv va« not • cun, affleer or MUlar who 
bid not tbc moit perffoi ooDOJenm in 
Mm;farun Ibiil onuion bo bid tlmwn 
Ihe gnatDit coolnrai ioififiniiblrT uiid«r 
ArOt wbldh b« 410111 mumvnttil (v eietjr 1111^11 
undvr liit oAmmmidr iiu! nblcb cc^mri- 
buUd 10 much la the nllout conduct uf 
lb« rritm»1 in l\t*.% uiti^n/' 

llninnd Hciod iii«rird< 011 (lio Sth ScpL 
1^1?. bin oouiii HliXAbeih'JADA, lefuad 
dtu^btKr of fitr fifutlun V.Avn IlamoDd, 
BarL KX.D.: uid that Jody U )«ft hli 
wlUuw, niibuvl dnldcTiLi' A1S1, JoliTi'ft wooit, MlddJnu. 
In hii C!iih fMir> Lieut. -OonrniJ Joha 
frMtvrick Kimrl. CMl^ of Becch-frovr, 
AMntiingbiTI. Hcrkih1r«> Colofid w tha 
67IL tUglmcut. 

Unii-Ooacral E^irL vm bora at 8«r- 
]<•» JoIt fie. i:SG, the «ltat ton of 
JoHfth Rvari. ciq, ilien Bnroy and MI- 

Milci l*lraij|iotcnliitfy cit (Jm l-uurt uf 

Pinuiifl, bv Ebiabeth. daugbtpr of Count 

W iirtf nhTaWn, orCarin, [ir*r Mmdrimri'. 

H* «<ril4in>d lh* nrmf ■■ en Knai^n m 

tliD ^.'ud L^hC lii^iiirr> in IttOA. la 
J71O7 be ac^'ompmird Ibi* Etpodltltn la 

CupvchBar-Ei. indviuprFtciiCin the action 
nfof KciG'- llr trtvciil 1u llio l^rnintiuJa 
in 1HU8 and |HOL>, aiid *» woaudcd %l 

ViDilcrA, Uc accoinpanifd I(lc eipedtlloo 
to ni« Sct«ldl, and Mnrcd kirb lh« Ught 

DlTiBiiiA in th« P^niniiiU in IHII and 
1^12, incladint Ib^^ bnithi of t'tiuitn 
4*Odot and dalaiDAnca, itu? ilt^gu of 

Oaldad Rodrifo and fiadnj^z. nt (he wnet 
M wUob ha waa MXrvl^ Houtidrd, aait 
tlio wrilont cif SalianI anil Saa Mnnat» 
Ha KTTfd In <be Wc«t hidicn nltb tbo 
Rofal York RaodfTi and the Ymk Cboi- 
wnra, fmm Ihi^Io lAlt] in^lnitvr 1 uid 
«■• prnttol al Ihv ciptare of (jutddouM. 
lie avrtrd aflcrwtnU for four yciirt fn the 
But Indki> In comraiod of rhc flftb trip- 
bmIibdJ oamoLftndfid I brlgHiU of lii- 
laatry at ibn JiiriEr nnd captaro of Ui« 
fortrm of AwcrinEhur in lHl9,«tid voi 
IbiMDiotimc tciiior ofllfor ia diarfvof 

ibfl ficM f«rttf U Sholaporo. Ho ««a 
ptotntjtpd to the nnk q^ CatoQ'^l In \^^1, 
to Ihal of Major- Genor«l ici t^Ni.ind to 
ili« t;«lorkoli:<r of tha Cjih RcfitBCDl, 

Ha notiTfd the war medal with ttre 
i?hatfu,fuf Vlmior*, yimitHd^nor.CnidAd 
RodiigOt IkdtjoVi and &dainancm. 

UciiL<0«nanI Ctfut married In ISIC 
LattnU laabolli, «ldevt danrhtrr of the 
Late VIcc-Admtrai Sir Chirkf Briibme, 
KX.D. OovfrrnoT of tha LftTnnd of St, 
VjfMviL byvrhombohuli^fl five clrtldrvn* 
Ibrw of wbom ar< at prrtcnt onjilorod 
frith tbr Urilttb forc«t in Ux> £utp*^CDm- 
tnaitdcr l-litr]» Jowph Fredarkik Ewirt* 
K.^.of ILMS Tnhiliivt C«ptaJa Joba 
Alpt. fiwarl. SJrd Hifhtflodrn. DopBty 
Auifltant (tuurtcriRUtcr'Gi^oral 10 Iho 
Fvrrcfti and LlcutcuauL Claris Dri«l»tnq 
E flirt, ,\djqUnt to the field for«o Of tb« 
Rojrii] Eagiaem. 

Ocl.'iX AiMaidiCDDcapda?. Ha^r- 
General CharLot Miildfdnit.fcnnerljrCoiA* 
maudant of tha Canlt? DqiAt tt that 

Wn finrcrad Ibo armf •« Eiuijs Bmt. 
19, Ifloi ; lerrrd In lh« Wcat IndlM «Mh 
thi> Uo^al#, Id lff«& and I^OAj »a lh« 
ilaif BJIb the vrmy which firocftd«d frim 
Mailraa lo (htr Nt)rllicm MiihruMa ronolrjr, 
bryand \.\\o Wrhmlila llivnr, in IRtifl Bnd 

IMIO; nidi ibe ^^d UghL Draftoena In 
Jut* durlnif lAll, 141V, and I0II, and 
iraH pmeni it the liTiiri of (bt |f)(b and 
;£ UI, and at ibe cavaJrj charge *]uebllnal|f 
iL^ltlnJi^iceonqaattof ihatraluahUlBlandt 
on ^<j(h Aufuic, IHIl, afbrr tlio foTtran 
and lintw of Cornelia bad been forced. 
Ite W4t alan rmpliTyi^d at the taktng ol 

Djof^jcictrta, aud all the anbacquoot opo- 
rmtioni nbleb t)ok plaoa OQ «t iaiand 
andtr the Atllunt Qilleajtlr. In 1815 end 
IflK bewiuin (he ^^Idnhh Ibe2*id Ughl 
DruEaifpH, and i^im^k: Ibe vrhote of Ibo 
\Ul.falla«ir <:f 1817, \H\%, and 1SI9, 
and «u pment wtth the dlrlaEan of tlie 
)«le Sir Thoiiju Muerrr nt Lbo ?aplu^« of 
Ibe Torti of Dacimul, I)orv*r. BedamiBtf, 
HclflaiiJii, Auit Shnllnporr, at vhlch pUco 
he Hat wrdffili' vimndnd. 

He aiumrd 1hi> nnk of brrvat Majof 
in mi:>, Ma,u( \ti lbt> 3d Lijrbl Dncvuai, 
June. Wlb ; brerel Lieai.-CotoMi \n No- 
Tomb«r that jrfnr, CDltpnel 1S30, Licnt.- 
ColooolSd Liftbt Drannom. Ufv- J, iHtl, 
and Major-Ckortftl lH:tl. lU «» op- - 
Doiatod AHiitoni Comnmnaaut tif Iho 
Catsiry DepAt, Mii'lutone, nn lid £ld 
8ep|. Ii?99, and Cmnm&ndnat on Ihc tat 
Jan- 181?' On hit [<rvmotJnn it tbo rank 
of Maior-GrncirAl. and conaoquait rotirn- 
ment from the depoi,a nw»d Of lOOA pet 


WSSJ OBlTUAnv-— ^r-^^6VH. Ttfldcn.^nfig.-Gm. Gotdit. 85 

tfM>DB for diitUcuitlwJ icffitci, in aJdU 

«f mL ■ jTMr ia ooiaiilenti>Q of tha 
' I he Md r«cc<rt>d ia nrioul onip^^ 

Hk bodj imi laccrred on S^lurdtr Oct 

it y^Mtfoi I vbM tikB inopt frvm Uw 
Cnalry DtpAtr oat of rajxct u> thctr Utc 
CoMmiMikat, Ib*iI tha iereilft, ran- 
■■■4ed b7 Cotvnel Gri£B(hi» tbn ^Of^ti- 
NrflC8minl MUdlaio<i bh Cvaimniiilxni 
Tb« t^isf mouroert w* ra 

1 UaT) of 1^ UeocMcd) and 

La tkc cAlier tArrla^oi v<» 

t «DfiUpldl tW MtjTE^t* 0^- LaarflDCO, 

(.)t J. W|Mlaiaii,Biq-,M-P.,«mloit]«r 

L ol lb* ioim bud iiBigh1i0Tir]iooEl, 

i. K. Ia ihf CriiuH, of ftiiilen, 
rUWiUtim BorUruTjIdni, 
TVUra «M lb« TODiiatf brother 
Bf MojOT^Om. Sir Je^a Httvi:!! Trldco. 
JUl of UiUt«-i mo^of, KooC, tnd a aan 

ttf the bte RiohftTdTTldcQ, oi(|, uf M&Utad. 

^ U* «HN4kl wtfv iau«i dAUcbUr of tbo 
B««.SuaBl AbcLiafetr. D-U. Rf^tor of 
X«v Y<rt, ud iJitcT of L)<-Jt.-G«n. Jitr 
SmomI JUcbmui^ GX.D. 

Ho oAcftd tbe corpd or Rojol Enrict- 
a«« ■■ fieeood Ucotorioal on tbe l9th 
XoiUKbtr, \WG\ ■» f nmotcd to Pint 
Umlftuoiit in iMTt lo CipUin in \^\2, 
10 LiciiT Colonfi m it^Tt *nd lo C<>lonel 

Hf Mrr«d A< GibmlEor from lUOH to 

to IHH. Uutvu tLli dme bv wai Coid* 
»>m..ji»£ RmtoJ Eosittiefr «t ihe ■»£¥ tnd 
c«|itMr««f IWi &4BU 3Urift, in lUe Gulf 
of tT|[Tn'i, tk« f9th M»rdi, Mil; and 
r— TDiiilini. Kofal KneiDtpr and Mili- 
^rr&trmt^n Ui ilieCannKcdrria-rhirr 
UmI •Utloa.LotdWilLiKa Kvntinck, 
tkoopln/voroeaua, lUOiApiil, 1814, 
p- vbick. OB Wkt reaimznffndAtitn of Lof d 
ID^IM Dobliiick, bo iriu m^Ac brc^r^t- 
Jor. rnun HU to 161)1 bo *u Is Ihf. 
[etbcrtuub Aod wilk Ibo «nDj of oocd- 
prtkB b Fmee. Id tbo ^eltlcfblfld» Ho 
«BnlM4 iMd ooiooiinidril o 

forca of i40 

^ _, itiacM lo ili« ormir, ^nd *u 

VUlten 01 t^eaplwofPHrit li» iSl^f^ 
?mn iMffSte lM23bi»«uiMM)Qd iacum- 
m-ind of ibc RojbI Engiimrri ot Gibraltu-- 
frvife titlO to l^td b« n* Ctniituundiiik: 
ItOTBl EMiat«r*t Bermuda. From I8li) 
19 14J1, CoooiODduc Bo^ftl Encini^At 
Jfdlbi. In Joooi I^MI, b« wmi m (hn 
^MCoUoAiktt Eo Corfttt whvnco br pro- 
oradod, bi FA. l«&t, iD command of cbo 
Boyil Biigiiieon atuchrd to tbc Bcroir 

emplojeid in Oio C^sF. vitb lb& nqk of 
Bngiulkcr-UeDeraL Un tbii Utt Mrriot 
be wu nnoaBihiflT aniplofAd, ond vac 
cbicAy insimcMiiCU Id vnlntf Tom* frocn 
dnlrucClDEi durini ibo Are or proCocttog 
Ivro l>rn poirdcr'nucaiiDs KiCb act blan- 
ket*. «b« tbfl flnf bod locbcd withto 30 
f«rdB of thoWp Had iLfy dipttf^id, (h? 
wbolo lown matt hAT« b«n laid in r(iin«. 
ll« iTfl* With Lord fUfUn tl^rvu^h Cbs 
vrKrrlA af thf ^slllff of <^f. Khn», md *fci 
mat bonourabl^ mcntbunl h'j hiiri in bit 
dtvpiulioi. The tliT a/ter b^? ww nt* 
tookod by obolcra* tid bo fell ■ mnrlyr to 
tL«l urrlble d^Max? <}a Uio uijtiiC of tbo 
aaod of 5<ptonbc(^ 

tUtforel^ RfvkcitcoEB[rriKd % iwrjod 
of 97 JOHV. During Itio latermU of 
fonl^ mnin h* Wkt alrio «mploy«d aj 
Hoond in commnnd of itie ftojal Baci- 
o«n t( I'orticaoLkib. ond, Couinuut'lmjf 
Rofol Eoc^ncer »L litrvkb utd IJortr, 
cODtpriiutg ft tern of £0 ]r««n; Ibiu 
BukiBf dT Tcw of contttnl «»plovn»Dt 
in tbe serrioe of thi« ooiiiiUt» nthor «t 
bono or obro«d. To uu tbo vordi of ooo 
af hU old fritoAi, fen olllav of blflb ■tmd< 
injE in tha RopA Eofioetri, " No ofBccr 
woi cTff noro ntrcrrod bj bit <wrpM, «pd 
dfXTvrdJj ho/' llcrwikcEl biifli in tntiniJi- 
tlon on Dfcouat of bii nbdily, mid nie 
■triut uid ACftloDt ia tbo p«i(o<uuUkC4 uf 
duij ; wbilat ot tbi nmo tinu te «u uot- 
fornilf ktud ood oaurteoiuEn maaDor.iDd 

EOSBdtUil 4 bJgb c«iiEk-iniDlj- laoe and 
lUring «]iiob FOiinRitlf Attal liio for 
cfltnmiuid, Rnd ni44l« Mm liked Ijy rrer^ 
on# Kirlin biJ (]i^ pl^^iirr of •er*i)i;^ nndcv 

Uc iiikriiciJ.fiiit, Ld^iilciui, cidcal ddD^b- 
(rr of ^ iUi4m BAldnin. cui. of .^Tor^Diill, 
Kvtil i and Mcondl;, F«b. 21, Ir^l, Mary, 

widoif (if Ctt|>e. J. It. EUdvrint cMctl 
dnughler ut ibtr Ulc Knv. S. Diofitcy 
GoDdjir, llpcli^r o\ Ultfrdcn, Kent. 

ity the f^rmrr Inrfy tin l^d tvo »n«. tbo 

Rjji, WillUm T)l<lco. Curato of Stanford 
in KcLt i uid iUcliudt wbo. after din* 
tioifdlAblof hiDudf in the CetTre war. wm* 
on biflfttber'i ttiff b Ibe CHin», bdU 
1ui« iK^n liitrdf nidd a brovot LiouL- CoJo- 
n«L of RojtL EoKinccn. 

licoinl Tjtden'i portnlt hu boon pub- 
lUhvjl in 11»c inniTrAtAd London Nom i^f 
ibc iGth Dcrttnbcr. 



BaiOiOisn'tiiyiKAL Goldii. 

JVilf. A. In tlut bftltlr of tnl(ttnn4nn, 
B'jgaditE'^aciurfll Tbuaiu Lel^b Gutdic, 
Llcnt.C'^linol of tlio iTlb Font. 

lie «M tb« ircond ion of ^o ]iil« Gen, 

Alrxuid^r John CiaI^Hi*, nf tbi Nnnnn^, 
in the UU uf Uahh [fMid^on lyf LUut,* 
CioDcral Tbomii l-toLdtc, of Galdl* Ldgh, 
U the nmaty of Diun/hcf, nad nq>hcv to 


8& Brifc<Gin- Fo^'Shmgtua^t^^Col. Sy9^^.^~C&hJo{ligk. [Jan. 

t1u> nrunnt LiAiit.<C9«aRr«l flnargH l^nirh 
GoU)^ CB, 
Be volorcd tL« ttm^ •■ Gntlgn ia June 

DtoMDbir, C«pblii IAt8, Hi^oT l«3n» 

of the a7th Font \U1, Tad CoUmeL IH&I. 
Il« liad lerrtd tiveaLr-c'shi jcnm on r«jl 

Nop. 5. KiLlftI at lh« bMtUc of Jiiker- 
mnaiki aftvd Ci, Uri^ndler-Goacrftl Tliomtt 
Foi'Strugttifip tfomnuadic^ the lUiyil 
Artilluy t>r llie bnliih irmf^ 

G«nBr*t RTrnng«f*)i> «nt born on Uitf 

211th Dw. IT!>0. ttm Dccoij^ «on of tin? 
Hon. ind ll?v. Chirlci Itrdl^nch Vo\^ 
Stnacv^T* (iincic to Ihr? i>mp[jt G&rl of 

Di". Ilii.iiii:»- Uf etitcml l|« AftillcTj oa 

ihe Ifith Dec. Ihjh:, aod ir<t |iro(notcd to 
Pine LlrutnAnt Feb. 1 , 180(4. Hfl Mrrtisd 

Ih^ 0iinpKtght nf^ Jt-lJ %nA 1-1, fn CSfir^ 
ninny. inrlUfttRjj Thr hntllr uri3[>rnlQ lAth 
EkpMnU thaicofLrlpiL^ Uilh, l»tb»and 
!Mt OcU |nU. t'M rtlkUi lilt Swcdiih 
order of tli« Sword n-ii confi^rrcd upoa 
bimr b* hatiiift romnmn^Ii.-d ihq Rr)Arl 
troop aftor 1h« J<^Mi of Majnr BDiE^iri, 
klUod Id aoiLon. lie uirtfid aL«i> during 

Ike e«Bp4lc><tf 14IS, iiicludjnfi; lltchoUlf* 
of QuatreDnaohd WnUiloi^.at the UtUr 
Of *i\ue\\ he w >LiEMlr TTouoded- 

HiTitBi ^irnokorfd to r.^pUIn I>«, 1?, 
]«2d;lohn<rtM«jor NoT.?3.1-!4t- b> 
rffliiHiilal Lkiut.-Colfin.>t AfihL I, IHIC; 
nnd to C'>Icmol durini^ thfl [irpitnl wir. 

In rttpCTttnff hit dpcuie to tbc Score- 

frf'^f'^Vn', Lniil KajeUp Lu nnurkodi 
to hftTo diittuf uithed blnidr in mx\^ \\U i 
•nd m inMurt m, IhroQthoat * lonj; 
■rrrko. ht nulotuaed the Mtnc chtnctcr- 
Tho mudc III ifhldh hn tind c^rnduiilrd Xht 
Moimuid of the artillory, ■iuM< it vr» 
planed in bi» biiMi bj lh« drparturn, 
throuiH j|lnn», cf Mdjor-lltncral Tator, 
|4 ctiTiikd to mjr entire «|i(tn>bfilJon, ftoJ 
«■■ cqUnUjr Dj^TMBblv to tllOBO ivbo Were 
MnftdiMl Xa him onr^/^ 

Qoa^riil Sir»»i;ivt5«, uhotc kirnlZf faOff 
and Teui'i«1>rr whltf keir av^K faiiilUAr tu 
Iho wliole nrviT. ii lamenlcd and btvallcd 
bj fvrrjboJy. Ho tlrurk in tht I?:; 
1^ Ji ranad tlmt. Tbi^ Ir^ wu ccmpldtctf^ 
oru»brd, iod ho rxplrod wnd^t Iho ibock, 
Ulalut Kordi were, *' I diott kiut & lot- 
d^er'i d«f|),/' Of* thf irty t<i Ihf r«ip tbv 

gilbuit officer wab porffcdj otim, end did 
not appMr to tulfer laudi' He AKnud U> 
tbtnk morv of the itvW^i* of bn ftinllf 
th4D of M* ovn »Ule, aiul ho nqneited 
ouc of llx fLldcB-dfl'iuiip, wlig ncfooipa- 

nifld him. to ■ritp tc« Mr*, ^iMafMiji to 
uj he WAH onlr olichtlf vouadeiL 

It mij be ^x\^^J lAid thai lir «w ose erf 
the brercit, bai« ud laoA bdored ottOHi 
jn lier Mdjeitf'« i«r*i^' In Woolvfdi 

nrrtAnn. n\\t>Tv hti Uidy coiniOA«4«4 tiia 
Hor»o Ariilk^rj, ttiid hu«t iifl*rait ttaui 
reflk|i*d maoT ^tn, bo vu deocmdN o- 
tr«Enod b; *1I nnks ind <lait», rdo lib 
miiQjr iota of kindnow and philanCkrovj 
vlir loiif be Tfombtrtd bj naaj In tbo 
bnmbler wdkaofSJ^ 

He married. Jdjr tO, 1»^, Sophia 
Rliu. vldHt dftiii;hur of Iho kw B«qjA- 
in^n HLrmo, esq. of Paol'« Craj; and by 
thAi JaJf, who iiumrta hhn, he baa Wv 
iuoo Ah oply eJjiW, ?>op!iiB. 

Oct. 2\. It] Diblia.nent G\ Cobinel 
Cb^rlet Sinf^e. uf Mf>iiiit LdlLaii, oo, CU»» 

llfl nu bmii on (bt iTlliApHI. ITBD, 
thi^ iMond Bon of George Synco, eM|. of 
KutUmorf* Kini'i county, brotbor to the 

Iftia Sir Bjima#3 SjDg* llalnh-mBno. iWl. 
vtd la the U!4- &lr Robert Syntc, Bkrr. 

llrcntFrtd (he IVth Dnroova ■• ComM 
in lSQ9p nnd mi promoted In LlvOttOMlt 
|A]|>. In thai y^r 1ki prooeedsd to^ 
I'fTiiuviLU , (tn the tIdlTof 5tr Robert Px* 
goion. He aUi> verrcd aa atA^d*-canip 
to Lurd Lyu«fifoch and Sir Denie Pact 

thrfluifbDnt thn war. Hnd wu mtntlaned on 
■eTcrPil oe^itionR in iL^i ftaxrrllo and in 
gcneml ordm, paru^ulitrly En ihoK •blob 
opppOTed arifr lb* bjiUli> of SabmiuiRa. 
vrbrro be volnatecrtd to lead tfie itmnnlne 
jiarEy n^mna tlii? Itrifhln <i( Amprhft, lad 

VM If terdy wounded. Ho Ljkewiae die* 
tiiuaisted hloiiolf in tbe aoiioaa of Barbe 
tie PoroOf, Cinifod Rodr^o, «fli1 fUdiij«, 
whrro bt actod under the Dukp'i iinoe- 
tlUto onlen. He rseTlvod a utrdoj mUi 
nine rliuipi for thn battlM of Aoateoa 
Ciudad Itodrii^D. Bad^ot, S»Uaaiica, Py- 
and wu io u:rtni] miaor uljona. 1]« r^ 
celTedtwoPortuj(uaoardor«. InNoveoi. 
bcrianheioinedtheVOlhDncoAni. Uo 
Bitaioed the brevet rank of MaiOT in iai7i 
nnd aftfir farther promotion to LjooC* 
C^Tiinf^l br nitirrd fmrn Ih* army. 

Ho married Carotlne* dau|hC(v of P. 
0I]», «q. by vhom hr luvea bmic, 
Cbarlea Edtrajd Srnfe, uq. Cip^Un 9Hth 
rrifimcRt ; xnil tbr<Q dniii;btfn, Mory- 
Itiu. married tu It^Uctl Tultciiham, *w|« 
uiN>nd ton nf Clurlet Totl«nliuii, oftq. of 
ltaLly«uiTf, ro. Wickiow ■ CaloUne ; Ud 
(tfnripAiiB - Pfvpoc* , 

Nqv. 17. At IJodrJ'ir^l* O'nr 8baak- 
lin, Uo of Wtglii, laot t^A, Colonal 
WUIum JaJUlIc, o/lh« Royal Maiiioi. 


im-} 0%%rckmx.—Li,^C^L Ar,jeanJ*r.^^Lt.~CoL J. H. nhir. 87 

MJHBnJ liwiiMttBiaOT i ■nilihort>T 

tar A— «W r«t^«d pvt aIiLc «qii«4r«a 
mkr Lord GttbEcr Is the Baufuv lUwb, 
«f iIm wbcn tbr iMOVpaaM Qw cxpe- 

b ISI I to WM ipfolnM lo (b« AM- 
«dWi nd Mr*«d In xUM lUp iboai flre 
Ton OS tk Etttlndbii iiatiff]. Oulkcr 
Ulif ftf4 nf (bvtitr pratiMut)r bnq 
■MOted te Uk fwik «r Pint LkutGoanl), 
U «M idxsd cm Ihtf bAlT-paf Maoa o- 
tdiAaeol wmi rvit^ u> Sbnklu, to ibo 

I* or W%ht. irbcn \9 df VAled Ut time 
toifHoallVial panoitt bf lakm; Um farm 
vHdh M4 Iliac been In ibe pdmcmIcki oC 
IkfauJSj. Pram thbavclniJifd U/e hewn 
^in (iB IBJbC) «BlM tot« vctiTe acnior^ 
M witaf n< Ui join ihd Paitfmoutli iliti- 

te. w b n g ully Mniui in tjif yw^tf 
ml Ite Brtaaooi*, In tbc latler uhlp vitii 
Tto»-A4oaL. Sit PklUnty Ualoolm ^ tb« 
HelMcnUMii- 1a 18:I« he «u pnv 
|0 U« nsk ^ Cftpuis, afld |q 1831 
tto Ediabuntli >< l^nbon, ami went 
I l*r ta Iha VW iodic* and bMk te Ora 
. mmA Uodcl al fXJoaai in 
l«r bvr d«l4(4mtot of nijtfinM. 
B« w pvnl-i «itli ditt vllior DiHlna uf 
~~ " , jariBf 1^ wbalo ^rtboimnWuia 
hm tb« l&jHaB oampritn, in coo- 
I wlihUMU'PMbi, frbacocnaund- 

ChiIua JaUitf« ■>» *Im prracnl, in Uir 
ftdbbargbk nl cbe buniliAn^iicut uud bui^ 
Makr«f SL J«aid'Aorr. lie rrmnlricd 
facte EUsbwl^ tLQUJ iht «u paid off la 
IMI. In IMC be *u pr^nioi*!! «■ lbs 
Mk «d M«ior, ud b IIUI li> IbaC of 
iinc^Coluk^ aad spfiaUiitd \a thP 
Wuotitirib dItMiW- Hch. In Nnvmbcr. 
IttU. bU wnica wtrn rnddcnij dnwd 
^ fvbat *M «aUt^ b^ bia mnlicnl HdtLtat 
wmio rWumalisiBf nrhhjb lor a lonji 
f#>iB iH h hfpi faim \n eeniuat ood m- 

<««• H^ MlMciacd voir by lb« sMiddotu 
iio&ift of bk «tlt attd diagU«r*. 

fl« ofifltr pvrhtf « ma vnr tnora ba- 
b^d hf hu brcribw oAevr* Mid napaeUd 
' hkanl^ColoarlJvUilh. A ttrlot 
■,«iidiaiiiGt*#jr at1rab>rTT(7 
. ol dalTi bfl MoU tolonU noUJoff Ibat 
Ibn aifvct of oifllvnDi et rcxalai- 

bUB- Bdl, dulf doiv»<^ Dcn cTcrfoaLtiL 
bte weiImoIb* Oielr comfoit, and tEuo' 
nat in piOMOiLt it ia cthj Mlimal wny. 
Hb gnlUMOalf and aompanunalila MAn- 
■on gaiDad bim f^pa t fw b ai e iho aOfctiiMi 
«r hia vavniba j and BtnyB ■Dbali«m 
roanJ in Ccdoad JolUCe a aianefe 
M ««U Bi o «Ue adTifcr. 

JolHdW iftVfud M*rr, th« 

1 ^Mbm III Um UU JobA Kmltb, 

.•tL9cMrd,Ul«fWlcfat. Ilebai 

M lbr«> dougbUca, and four lODi* WU* 
Ijam. CapUia IL.BJ, of the St Goorce, 
U Ibe Ooldc riv^t; Juhri, lorgwn of 

JtaaUud ; JoKpb. Cipuio R,M. D»ir on 
bomeacrvWa; ud CbiLrt«t, Lieat. H.M-i 
now «t HnljikUtii. 

CoLond Jotliffi: *» bvrl«d \a thr firmJtj 
nnlt ac Ondliig* 1-W. lU funcrAl n.ia 
prlTaU, bdcLt bUcniicd oolj by two o£ Lk« 
wjni| bu aoTi'in-ljiw (Mr. H- Cnir1ock)t 
uid bit brnLl^^n-iO'lAW, C>|iUia Bmiih, 
KhM., Mr, Jobn SoLtb, afid Mr. lUftcU 
hmllli. The rottn wMcarrted by vmoof 
hia old tervfenli \t. Shinktln, who hid to*- 
i4Ln:cfV(d thdt Kf^iwB. 

I.T«I7T.-C<ir. C- tl. Ai,KXA|f01ft. 

Off. 19. lkrar« Scbulopol, Ufoc-Co* 
ionti Clurlc«Ca£*oD&l0andtr) comiooDd- 
iDft the IUitU Bnrioeerb 

Oilor^el AlnnndrrowEdlilnlintniOrdlO 
H-R.,K- tha Uuk»of Kcai, a.iid bJt cvjcumiB- 
»{o(l U Sccoud. LictitcilOf it ffdfc dated July 

Wl. lOU. rroio tbat ttnu hii lile noa 
nrifl of 40tUe ■nviMv io Cioada^ at the 
Ca|^c, St, Hflmi («bBr« h« ww okarsvd 
with I be duLf i;f tuppi^ulcudmK the ca- 
hamlnir tfae doJt of Napolcoo), la the 
Wc«t Jndiu. and Cho CbAnnftL UlanJa, 
wfafm hi waa on dutjr viiva «e[ect&d for 

wm'^e ill E]i« KajiU On tbe doUi of 
Br1ndl«r-GeocnI i'flden bo aucoccdvd 
to (hs command of the Eopnura and th« 
Mprriuccndeaoc of the enxueehog open- 
(ivLiH, uid drrvLad liimatu Mtlh aiwh un< 
rclentiDC xhI to hia dniiM that he acri* 
«ii]ilj Injorcd hif hcilth. Ilediod of apD- 

Elraf In bli l4nt, w litre ha had fluaif 
iinirrlf Dd bki b«dj irilboat undrrOiinfj 
Idt a ahcirt nb'^p, Hftrr bin rrtiirn from 
(Uh lr*n(^hH- Hi* dcnlb i*" n« '^Luibt 
Jup lo oPct-ci«rlicin i to mtntil runl bodily 
¥nr uitd i»r lo tbn /gtioniluii »r ibuae 
Irencbc} ouJ batteria, onciBlrucU^d unilcr 
dof ular difficoWr* of ground, but ithicb, 
letted bj Uie Bm^aii wrutttf ly qji ApULvruihe 
never ware before, bar* eo vtouiljr and 
niooreifulif atood tlio triftL 

Ha hu left ■ widow. 

Lt-'Cul> Jammii Hr^TKH BuliKi M-P. 

JVoe- A, In tbfl Iwltif] of InkrriELonnp 
iiced 3T» Jnn<-4 ttnalcr Illalf, ntit. Ciii- 
%itb hbd LMat.-ColoncI In tbv Scot' Fu- 
tiHrri Gnardf, 3d P^ for the coudCj «f AjTr* 
■nd g Df ^nXy Li^uFenant of Ibt aamo. 

I|p wia b^ro nl Miliim tn Ap^hirpon 
lh< 22d Mnrdi, IrflJ. UiR rld'nt »0D i>f 
Sir David Hunter Ulilr. Hart, of [llnkT- 
■laliif , vo. Ajr, hj bu 1k*t vUt, Di;>rotl}i'tt, 
iooond dufbter of the Ult Kilwi^rd l[ajr 
MncktiPiie, r«q. of Nowhnll itnd CrcinarrH 

ilinitbfr 10 (jrorcr trivnlli Marqueai of 
'ATfddilt-), Ucvaicdiica(edait6to*,«od 


Obituary,*— Offp*- Nolan.'— CoL Upton* 


enlend the Scot* Fmili^r Guurdi ia IH35. 
Ha b«Cftrne LieutciiBnt iinci Ctptain m 
1838 ; and CiplAin and Licat.-CotonFl in 
1848. He wu appoLDted a Deputj Lieu- 
tenant of A^nhire in tfl4>'i ; and waa re- 
turdBd to parliimrnt for that caaot; at 
the lait g«ner*t oleclion in July 1B^2, 
after a contest with Edward Cardirell, etq. 
In vhicb lie polled 1301 voteit and Mr> 
Cardwcll 120O- Colonel Hunter Blair 
entered t^e unate aa a ConnerTattTC, and 
a general BUpporter of Lord Derbj'i ad- 

He VM Dnmairicd ; and the next heir 
to the baronetcy li bis only brother^ Ed- 
ward Hanter Blair, eaq- of Dunikey, Wjg- 
tonsbire, late of the{)3rd IHghlanden. 


Oet. 'i5. In tbfl caralry charge at lb« 
battle oF Bakklavo, Capt. Lcwia £dward 
Nolan, arcing on the staff of BHgadier 
Aire J, Quart ermaeteT-general. 

He wsa the son of the laic Major Nolan, 
fonncrly of the 7Dth Tt^- and tome time 
Vice-Conaul at Milan. He first entered 
tbo military profcaaion In the aervicc of the 
Emperor of Aiutria. under the ampicei of 
one of the Imperial Grand Dakra, ttho 
vai a friend of hU father. After a ahort 
■crrice in Hungary^ and on the Pollah 
frontier^hrr obtained a romminion at home, 
ai Ensign in the 4th Foot, March 15, 1839, 
and in the following month wai transferred 
to the ISth Huaaarftt then ataLioned in 
Madraa. Hia talents soon attracted the 
notice of Sir Hmrj Fottingeri the QoTemor 
of that Prrsidency, and he waa appointed 
an extra Aide-de-catnp on hit EiceUencj's 
ataff. In addition to (he knowledge nbich 
be alrradv poiacsacd of the French, Ger- 
nan, Italiin, and Hungarian langnagea, 
Lieut. Notan , daring his residence in In ilia, 
became master of teTcral of the natire 
disjecta, and entered actirelj into all the 
details of the military lyBtem in the East. 
Anart from Iheio engagements he found 
Iciaure nlto for the fports of the fields and 
was several times a aucceuful competitor 
in Boraa of the most severely conteited 
ateeple -chases on the Madmi turf. 

llie I5th HnsApra being ordered home, 
Captain Nolan, having previonaly obtaiaed 
hia troop, returned to Europe before the 
refiment on leave, and proceeded on a 
tour in Ruaaia t and having viaited aome 
of the moat important military poeta in 
that empire, aa well as in otfaar parts of 
Northern Europe, he published at the close 
of last year a work on the Organixation. 
Drill, and Manceuvres of Cavairj Corps, 
which had added very maletiaily to bia 
military reputation. 

Long before tbe British expeditionary 
force to (be East left oar shore*, the aa- 

thorltln it the HorM Qaar^ Mdectad tUi 
ofllcer Co proceed to Tnricay to nanko ar- 
rangcmenta for the reception of our cavalry, 

and for the purchase of horaea. llMigoTcni- 
ment of the Sultan had honoarablj ac- 
knowledged hia aid. 

After having prodoced tbe work va hava 
mentioned, it ia remarkable that he ahould 
have lallen in a cavalry charwe onprece- 
dented in Tnodem timea, and tne victim of 
a mistake 1 Captain Nolan waa the bearer 
of a meisage from Lord Raglan to tbe com- 
mandenoftbi>cavalry,wh1ch directed them 
to pursue the enemy under certain con- 
dltloni. It was interpreted as an abaolqttf 
order, and led to the gallant but deadly 
chargeinwhichCaptain Nolan and so many 
other officerN were slain. The error, how- 
ever, was not hia, for the order wai s 
written one. 

Captain Nolan has lefta widowed mother, 
who had already loit two eona in the ser- 
vice, to monm the early fall of the last, 
who wai her only pride and hope, Hia 
portrait hai been published in ^ llloa- 
trated London News of Nov. 95, from a 
picture painted in India. 


Among our memorlala of the gallant 
destroyers of the fortiAcationB of Sebaa- 
topol, it may be interesting to give soma 
record of their principal conatructor, an 
Engliahman, who died about a year ago. 

Colonel Upton, who resided for many 
yeara at Daventry, was the surveyor of 
the Dunchurch and Stratford road, and 
hia name frequently appeara la the Pariia- 
mentary reporta of Uie Commiasioners of 
the Holyhead road, between the year* 
IBIB and 1826. All the greatest improve- 
ments on the above line were made under 
bis superintendence \ and Mr. Telford, 
who was the engineer of the Holyhead 
road, had tbe highest opinion of his ac- 
qnirementa, and took every opportunity 
of stating hia opinion of htm to the Com- 
miaaionera. Mr. Upton got into a conrae 
of expensive living unwarranted by his 
means, and waa induced to commit many 
gross fraada on the trnatecs of the road, 
llioae frauda were diicovered in the month 
of A|)ril, ]89n, and, on inquiry by a com- 
petent person employed, it was discovered 
that he had treapaaacd on the funda of the 
tmileea to an amount exceeding S,000f. 
Efidencfl was taken at the time of the 
facts, and be waa held to bail to appear at 
the July aa»iaea following to answer the 
charge. He appeared at the aaaixear and 
anawercd when called upon to plead. 'Hie 
trial did not come on the tirat day of the 
assises. He had been given to understand 
by hia solicitor that he would be merely 
indicted for a fnnd, bat he olitaJfted in* 

futJ, wliirli HE* tiBiiteJ itfWr Ii1ni| iiniJ Ivft 
bC hiA ilhull limn Ti^r hi«rCi|deDot. WhoD 
in EUe *ft 4>f alifbiing from hii mrluf^ h« 

Eq ton rninnU* «ner ha wu otrriod into tli4 


He v» not niArnnfl. 

A^P. I. Ajffd 4G. Chnrlci Gcicb, e*q. 
M.P. f&r CofanUf* 

Mr- Ontah viu « Tutivo of Sl Ad«UU 
in CdtnvilL At the a^a oT MTcnt«vn 
ho nbtM&oi « cLcrkiliJp m tbo B«uk of 

Kn^Unif, and (Kr'v y^Bn bft*rv«pdc ho 
flu fCbl lp |l(rniin|hAat a« jaoior olerii in 
thp iSnacI^ bank tJieu Utclj MiahlUhad In 
tbo lovn- nil »tfiet uppJtcallon ta hwtti- 
neff. aafl bii dLligrat atndf of tbfl theory 
of luulin^if iDad<. him ■ Vfry alhciobt wr- 
v-iiic ur (hit itUHi»hnivnt- In 163G he 
aUiiacJ Ihf' [laclttonof «4MCinil clerk ; but, 
hutfng Hlli^ pT4t|>rc1 at fiarfh" pnfcrrDiftt 
bor^ro hinj. ot tli« ue ot tiroblf -eight be 
iTianForreit htn xrvlcfs t<> tlu* Kirining* 
liKid Aiul MiilJtnJ Jnint Stnrk BaqL. of 
■hich bo became the manafer. LTnilcir 
hU •Biplcv thli baak fctuLnnl *n KUiuuuL 
of protperity th«t miglt hate lipco euTicd 
byiho moit laoooHrol Mlnblikbni^ls of 
tbft kiitJ. 

Mr. GoAcb vu atviy* a Libert! Irt nn* 
litlo, aad fl fricdd of free Indr : md whoa 
t^^ Anti'Corn T#aw Lpvftio «■« fcl oa 
foot ho fEiriiLiTil one of tiio Jfpulalloa frotn 
ll^riuiii|bfliii <u M4iivlicatci^ ud lliat nib< 
jcch At tbe IneorpontloiiQf HlrmlDfthtm 

cillctr. rubuctdrdtlj' an qUflrmii'i, And Ln 

IHI8 hr filEod tlw i>9tD« cf aUjor* ifbtn 
ho pr«Krr«l Ibe |>ntie of the toim dnf iof 
« iwriol of mtfr?b potilfeil 4tlftr]Ujflfa(te- 

Dnrinjs hii in(fri:fiiino with (he mcr- 
t-4i;(ilc cUw^i i» ItiriimiKbi^iii, Mr. (Irndi 
nititoi Jftblf Aica uirf il oOiiHiilrr jiblo aoi] uitin- 
taitco nitb the ln>ti tr«Jc, nod hU onler- 
pri*a D>itQr4Dy loJ him 0> Uko p^rl In 
stMDO ipMDhuuini coooeottd nith iL EJe 
ivu a partnrr hi tlie patcalfor (he rnUhriy 
ulafrtr. d lufntlvD moncipaly, vhirh, 
ihouahibe piicQt bu eipjredt hw con* 
liniinJ a Ur£« Kivrot* oTVfaUb l« Ibo two 
pfi:i|<Tiotnn. lie na jdso tlie |irinojp*l 
anil active pnrtniff Id one of tLe rnoit 

cit<fuirc aiAhofactorif* ^T macfiiaerf Id 
StAlTorJiibire. Uti habit* of bmiiMia and 
pemoil indoElrT *ciy rxtraotdionry, nud 
hia vit^naiva eeoamcnnal jpuntiontf wn? 
ill conducted with rinnilar tcfnUrtij and 
prudcTJi^' Mr. Grocb irai a director of 
the i:n>lAl P*l*Co CoapanT. of ti* Mnn- 
cheateTf Sbefliotd, and l.ujcobiablrp, &nd 
^f the Shrnrtbufj nnJ Hirmin^bAm mil- 
woyf, and he vftK » Urit« coatrtctor for 

1 wbUb he cuuld iiut il0*l< ItiBt 
U mmU be JBilicIed fot f^rcerr, &ftd. If 
fbvfid |iiitlri ^wXA fiTobablf be kiTi^. 
Sa al*pit at KoftkompMoBa fot vp nbnut 
ifv«B o rlock, mU L* wu foiiii to Ukr « 
■A, and ihottld rrCtn to breoUv;. He 
4il M« knvffvTi <VK*' «pte. anit> u (t 
MHBMit vat that o^niTnf bo Lcrndoa. 
la oddkitfa lo liia u^oicmva fvixcrjn end 
fr^^ beb«dotealordapwif^or3,000/- 
4f a« iM>«c]r of bit wifr'a rcUUaoa, not 
«a#fcMhivfl of -hitb 4hd U repay- Ue 
kid fcald tfa« povt-ofire aE DAtvaCry for a 
jaV) vM ai tlic end of it mx a dffiaultor 
«f ■only 30iW. vhirfb i>nn of hia niLreli*^ 

ni«bli|ed to pij. 

fif Bomo araaa ko procercd ertcou- 
MMvUum to the RiUiian julboriciri* in 
Li>d>^, imiTcd tbf appojhlOKQt af cn- 
|iDav, nad fnla» hi a few lUpi vii bi« ttij 
lallMCtlawL When Mr. UpCeEi nriivcd 
tf Sgfc— tq|iol tke kerbour vrai jd i r;rr 
brfUattt otaie, aiid leevral f«%j|iDffn ht^ 
haiii iddaaraufed to iinprore it- Tbrto 
w pVflt ABtevltf la |«(i'Lnic the vaifr 
iai* U ao aa to adoiil Iw^t iJii|». He pri>- 
«i«4 Untaenw iron vror^e it Birmingbiim, 

4^ by dl»t of *Gitn«et UbovTp and «i- 

pw> b« Bade it wbit it is- Pvr Iho 
«M« tin* of Ida rnideticf \ii tbe iTiitite 
b> b«il bce<« ««f«5fiil ill the farlifioitiobri 

li the lUaek See. and bul been for lomo 
nan lb« chtcri «i>{iiiotr at ^bTiAtopDl. 
llw KMjmraf we* to p1«a«fJ arilh hioi 
1M WfftieMtu ibe t^ak of Lieuliiiaid- 
C«Unic1 la tbc mxtuf, vnA ho Wia ivKiied 
■1 lb« |rtUce ot St. Petcnbtt^. 

nt*|lV ^r< AKT, R«4. Id.P, 

OH, Ifi. At KenptUo, iirar Bedford. 
■ftdSD, IInirTSlii«t,aq. M-r.ferlSed- 

Ua vM bam on the Uh ApriU MOI , tbo 
j a m er Mtt or tte M«»t Rrt, Mllhiai 
StMTt. Lord Ar<hbi>kw of Armiifb, 
(UthioncifJohe third Earl of Date, ILCi.) 
W gBffaU-Mitrjtfrt-J»liiaa> deuglrior o^ 
TTiiMBaB FeiB, en, of Stote Pvgdf. o>. 

He we* Aftl ratiirn#d fi>r ihi bnraojik 
of Bcdfenl to thf C«aarrYAtit« biteteit In 
T'J:, h«t «M MiKaied OB pctdlun, anJ 
Mr- SemiKl Cnwley took Cho loif until 
1^1 1, vkcil. after a iIoh <T>«trtt«i(h Mr. 
WiU^B II. WkMbrwid, Mr. SUArt wu 
aipla n^rmi^. At tW nYbK'iurut ^clw- 
nl et'-i' ■ -bo WM refuined with 

ftr 1i J. hiA Old eotl<4jtur 

Oqitun i^iiLiti [■riaj r«jte(«J ; and M t^^ 
hit (enoral eki:tMm io iH-vi hr i^i aK*""! 
r-<....»4 -Vth Mr. Svnv'i Wbiltirfmd, 
^ : :i AaeCef bdnc ibe antimeoa' 

On the d^T of hot dlMb Mr. Sttiut hul 
mtiiiil the Kr«ilUMfz^ Lodge ftt Ucd* 
GR::aT. Mao. Vol. XLIH. 




m Oaitvasy^-i/.j 

IJ'.O.A^'A Bfttnlantt, Bty. (JaQ. 

lie ■>■ fint Rlunuifl to fulUmcnt for 
CoT«f»tr7 lo Ai*ril, l^tKon tli(> pntcit 
Sir OeoriLc J»n«ft Tumet b«oninwi a 
VloO'CliAOcdlor. Uis cuiD|iotUur wu Uc 
Uifbl H<;'nourdblr K-lvnnl Ktntll, mha 
poRcJ 1 IIM lolft. Mr, Hracli btiliie tOG[». 

On tlitt luC ncaenl dUciIou bU nturu, 
and Ibat of Mr. K\\\at. vru uooppoMLl. 
nU dtfU U dqilorai by lii« oonatuucnU 

by tiM! moiT EUtlinl necliijn of the tlce- 
torVi but hl« cDOnc m purhnmcbl «>« In^ 
^ffftcodcnl and ttiujvnit?, Ur prnri*M*il 
hinudfto bf ftCtMbul to tba tluiitrbc* of 
tbe IltaUiihnI €hurcb, 

Ur. Omh tutimcd. lo l»32, « iUn«UUir 
of Mr. JnbnSkoUf.or llBadiiTDrtb, nar 

IlLt portfxiLt vTiu Gifflh in Lbo llluatrftt^ 
London Srm ofNuv. G, ]B>Z. 

Jau»« IUll, Eta Pnas, 

0«r. »i. At AlbeMtll, CO. SHkLrk. fa 
Ibr hoiue of Ml «ii1er Udy Ruuell. afail 

Hn »ii> Itin tlutit >uiL of tlie late Sir 
Jaiit^ lUll, lUrl- of Uunitlfti fulle, co. 
l|blJiii£ton«rr«idcntt uf ibc Itot d fktdtly 

vf i:.twJjijr£li, lUir} M,K far Sl^Micb^ffli, 
b; fjidj lUlcii Diiuclu, •rcond dAujcUrrr 
of Dunhir ftiurth llarlof fSfUiri i nnt\ «h 
brathrr Ui Itic nment Sir Jobn Hill and 
thtf 1bI« Cnpt, lluil Hnll, ItN. 

Mr. IIaU ^TDii Miti nu^hui ^f »«iiig tpt^o- 

ktht leUcn on Binocular f«r<r>GiHii'v, iiub- 
llibed » ttie Arc JaumaT, Mt wavwHI 
kbowtt 19 wliBU, M »ii oiii 4Li4jfDt iMiil 
ilcoub>DBt«bibitorAt tlio Royal Andony, 
ADiJ wu th» mend ot Wukit, Cotiini, 
Guriton, Allan. Ac, He poucued miuky 
ot iLo vurki aniJ ikelchf^i of WiUlf ; ond 

itatuo of liuL ArlUl now p1jiC4il So Iho LaH 
of Ibr N»tioiul G*]ler7 : bo unwoLodtbo 
^■llatfo (a Inourita wltli tbo vilb«r of 
tbo " Blind PbUlM- "> tbat now ^ntn II^jt 

ecMal Of tbo ^i^ure. Mr. llaJl woi u 
aI lUnof U Ibr foDiU at tIio (trltiafa 
lofltUoti^. and «u ooudontl eibibltor, 
tWiRb Uitmly «rcr thoraofbly auoecMful 
in yivoikj* UtdhodTcobiiindivUiul 
tltcodob to art, be miifLi boic aiUined 
somt fBiuwc ]l« kijl bUUd^i from 
|W Dukfi of VvfliQeCorj, «od ptfoUtl o 
folMcn^tJ^ or BLr WalUr iiGt>te, «bow MS. 
of "WvF*t^ey *' he |[atd to Ehn AiliaeAlra' 
' ibrvry, ot HiiiDburxb. llo ooannuaioELctl 
r.JoMfib for tbolfuit of Cokuiil Our* 
Md. ftkubnoir foTBMpvtolUioociUeO' 
Mo U Aplry llfiUHv Tbt Prwldrat of 
^e Soetl>^ Acodouiy. Sir Joba Watwn 
Gorloa, o«d to «(t no bli cud In (he 
«Udko<if bii fiitnil Jloll, fort ihort lime 
ka IUmmoo, 4l 40, UnnerSiiHl, Golden 

At lbo c«an^ ektUoo of 1841 Mr. 

lull VTkl A Hltdi'LtO W Eh« b«C«0^ ot 

Taun^JA, nbnti JiiL ami 21A fotva 9»a 

ihoEled re>|>&i^tiTcljbjMr.Wll4crrorve>Dd 
LiiLHiiLr ihc; ConteriAlive candbUto. bnt 
the fornif^r member*, tfap R>i;bt Uott. 

llwifj Lobvuribtrg jind Mr. IblabrldA 
vara alNttd by 430 ind 419. On Mr. 
lUJnbrldfn Accffittiig lbo *Tcvviiikip of 

tbti Cbiltcrb Ijuii.lfirji (D lilt fotloviu^ 
Frbrunry, Mr. llatL iKnln contr«ted tbe 
iMfronfb, anil piilkil :i;t; lOtrA, but wa« 
dnfitKlHl Uj Sir 'Hmmiut FAw. C'ubhfAohe 
■itb a9i, 

Mr. Uoil «u ujnunrrtcd. 

TiiOKA* MAavLA^D, Hhu. 

AW 11. At bia nr^t, llenbury halJi 
Cbrvliirf, m bin 7l^tb jvnr, TlufmiM Maia- 
land. 0*4' a mi^ittrnte foe the covntic* of 
CbMfer, l^DCMitT. and Ri^rbj/, ami Mitjnr 
of a local Cbnbin Rn:imrot. 

Major MuriiEBnd wiu miv of LZi'? t«i> Am 
mcmbon ftfr bia ml'n* t^irn or SIjji-k|iott, 
afbr \U crwtloQ Into a pfirliamenrBrf bo- 
lOU^b In It^J'ii and be «ia> r»-«W>(Td la 
IBIS, togcibcj vilb bU naravaaki* (b«t 
no WDiiMlioni Mr. Hanrj >UrtUbd, 
luuntafOBd LlIiBral poUrb^, Urn atrn ~ 
(:on««!rraIlrr. They vcte un&n ni 
lui^rtber In 1'<>7. d«''nliti,^ Mr. Cobdcni 
bill in l!«i7 Mr C'obdtfn wu anooaMhL 
and Major MirtLtnd <lid nol voatva to 
tlir null. In DfvcujTjui %9i7, OA Mr- 
Cobdca rleiHlnir lo tit for tha Voal 
Ridini; of Vorkibiro, M^jor llardaod 
aB^ln r4mt C«rirafd. but mdofvolod by 
Mr. Kfrpbaw. 

L I U laUaiar* a^^^aalataneo with the cotn- 
nfriul Inirreiii^ (tar vaiiU aeiJ «Uhe« M 
bit coDihluenuy, and hU cxfeLlonE private 
dmrnrtfii, mutt ticMy anUtloi) blra to this 
bijE^i and it&porlant pOat, tlU utoonw 
Uberahlb« lo all llio pubbo cbariliM oT 
StAcbporl. paitlnilarly tbc kdiionAl loboot 
■ad tbe iolmary» bit bovntifal oanLfibti- 
tiou to tba anvUcri nnd rvdinuLcnt Of lb« 
n«ar ehnroli at Itfnlmry, and, in dinrt, to 
ercrj public eharity or inatirulloa ablch 
hod the mott atU-naAteil claim on bU 
bounty. a«re iretl knc«m iodoppFiditf^ 
MV'O to all tbuvaddod lU timIj rar aod 
Ojm baud tocTcry cue of private dutrcia, 

wUerc the atoouot of hit llijcntitj *ai 
DflUbcr blaiontd in aobaorlpUon 1i<ta, nor 
m tV roliLmiia of a iwiBipapcf. it «UI 
bv fcocrivUy ndtuiuod thattboro bHrobMo 
fov Boro Itbcral olmonon, or faJibfuL 
aCtmrdt of the rlvbca entnulod to tliim, 
than MajV 5UnUod- Tbe Uajor acnod 
the v^iM^f tJI(bSUriffforCbaabIroU 

He *aa Ivtoc DarrinJ, and l«ft iaaua by 
bUfirttWviltraflaofUt l.tKaRcv. Uaorg* 
^tmluidf BJJl. vho ■■» prrvcnlfd by m» 


0»lTtrARY,^VoAj| Gibtan LocHiirf, Kttf. 

^-Ht, CO. LfBCote t 9- Kdnrd i 3, 
CbvlMi Midadjtai^L>?t,aiArti*d«oAln- 

ir^a. Z>. At AWi«arnr<J. in hk* OUib T«<r, 

l^btOfWntt L«kliVt,«>lq. n.CL^Aq- 

dUvof tb« Dttebj cf Luevlcr. 

Ml, l ^»c lfc «t vH the wa»nA vutrlvlug 
MS of > eoot«b clDntT«»> of fOQl^ "l^- 
iMnt anil old hmWj, in tht oowity of Ia- 
■ufe. Il« iRu borvp in>l, ia t'i« btnto 
if CMibnffkalhcB, «b(fia) Mi hthcr *u 
iT T —fcrTtdj lT9lsto GlUfOVi wlicn- J»bn 
LacUiirl «H rr-srwl and r^iiCAE«<d, Th« 

Maniaoo* of mqIm (m in nivaj Adbn 
iMttAen) vooUiipiMir to tikvc come f ran 
kb vMbA*, «bo hftd usme of tbt binod of 
ikt fifttHim ia h«r nini. Hio«pp«tilfl 
far nwtt^, wnu at « boy, wm grML 
Ifaoa|h loowvhit HU w rnrla <o1ioal 
•Mf. W jd dimnfmUhcd Ulniclt botli 
ot MlioftI and eoUcga. ealMripniiic bid 
■W« ftaiioDi cMftpTiitorBi and bnallv ob- 
lilnfcif, br iba nwwJuwna avard g/ (bo 
iVitaMn. Iba ftMll EibibitioD 10 BaUtot 
Cnllita, Oilord, wbcra ha aai cetcnd, 
lM9«at di«raHj«^of 1&. DipJcukyns. 
tbajmcat De«> of WeJ]i, vailiii tutor. 
At lU»t«r in \%\^ \» look honoon am 
fT<r-<laH f»n la Sttrit faimtsHoHivit. 
Ua iradobfttod B.C.L. UI7» And ivu 
a«u*4 D.UL. la IU4> Afticr a M^ooni 
ia Gcrmanj MUMnilr JAni; to anabla Uha 
Qa apfttira Ui laa^j^o md n Ctila fur ila 
Dtenlwai ha «r4« csUt J To U-i: fScoLbh bu 
ta 1916 ; b«l, lloacb ciidoMd ailh i*t7. 
•etvmi4f and teatcneia luAcicuc to caa- 
Mll^ta a Afvl4aic lairTcrp bv vvicail the 
pAof «l»qinMebocBablohim lotkdnt u 
la olra it ro, llbi vicbla leamtiiK, a»d 
MtmlwifiUiii; ^uiul, lioitvtHF, a raadj 
omfn throutfti hk* pm. 

tfi Mitr 1«l4ji« fiiii Dirt Sir Walur 
Scoti. ako «u Eleaml wiUi hu oooTeiu- 
ibVa and abartlj aRvr rarominmJcd him 
•• Kba Ballialjrnra, at tik«ljr to olfuril oae- 
hl aal In thtif lilcraT nndcrfiUn^f. 
T1i«y ttnplofrd bin to vnteUiP lilftonrtt 
|i«R«rtba'*KdtfebHi|th Annusl JUtn^t*r" 
^iah fhnci had prrrto-itly coia;>ltrd, hat 
for «blob oLbrr »or« pmAlatilf: ai ui^loita 
kfl bin BO Irirare, Boon alWr IhU ha rc- 
adTvd a oiMoaf* from Sooit to oooxo lo 
AMntalunt, aliw «hb Jotm VTUwn, to 
wd Lord NcltiUo af the Adnunitj, too 
•f lb* Anwu Hrory Dandju. fibo btd 
Biar* p«tit>eaE powar than kh^ ^HtlWmao 

iteot ibo itott of lionl niio, and to whoco 
Oa naaf TiHlea of tbo nar^ inntfttrrrd 
ifta bambia rat«raao»iidk«n eip? ^.-tMion 
v«fc vbkk llitj had ]ookf4 to (hit fathtf 
■ tkf dbpaoBor «f |iatrvniigfl and |iUuc*< 


From (ha iiit*ni*« nU\i }jti4 Mrlvilte no 
imiEkcdiaieo retttlt f^nau^d in Ixiokhort'i 
Mia, hat H U veil kuoho thai iiullik^ Eri- 
lliuiua bad the main thara la tha dcctioa 
In Iba UuvanJIj of Ediaborjib. Thaaji- 
Mtntount ntrntd iiut fir bttirr tbia bad 
htea aolidpaicd ; bui at Ibe tlroo It wa« 

fait Ia hr t-vi «tn>u| btj ritrllcn of poUd- 

ck\ lulluc«cc, lo Chniac ioio the abajr of 
Du{i]dS«airatta|auus |)Ott, who bad aol 
turned bia ittentloa to elhkal iLadiof, aod 
HbL>a< IJtvmrjr atlaiiimeota were eblittjr 
hpiii»u fmn hit li^ht cAalribuuoaa lo 
UlickirKid'a MinHfiiio- Lockbart wm at 
thli time « Eno«t laiuniXc fiUiid of Wtlioa, 
and hi< *blojf roHiljolkir in Blackwood, 
wbicb, Ihoofh oal} tUrM hi 1817, bad 
al/racly hccuiiiv a Gon«ldvnbla '* povcr," 
bath in liUrtlurO and politica. Thoio 
who aruh Co Una more «l>oui tbeiioblio 
fend the prlvMti hLitor^ of the 8ootub no- 
lablpi, whi^ and lory, of iJutt timo, mty 
ma ■* ^<Ur» S^XUn to bia Klnifblk/' 
publMbnl {anonjmouilr) hj Lockbart in 
li^l?ii ind If any cDnteokporarr citiun of 
&lliibiirfh caa bo fodod to upUin Uio 
many iiinM»aJ hlnti andaUuiton*. aa maob 
Ibo more HUtfartorj iril[ bt tlin prrunU 

In l«<^U,tfK«auieT«rlhat WiUobugov- 
moomd bia profmtoDfll datioip LaakUMft 
wai nivrii;! lo So|>bia, lh« pldoit dmcblor 
at Waltar 9aotl, " Ilia ana of all bi« 
eblhfrca wko la oonataDOiiot^ Mind, tnd 
manoon moit reaciDbJed blnidi. and vbo, 
lodnd, vBi ai Jika bini la all Ibbn u a 
Kinllo inooccoG womaa tan orar b* lo a 
trrdl nau di^yly tfitd and fehilUi la Iba 
MtrumlM 8»d pnpkdlk* of aetiTc ilk." 
Foi a few jmn afbr Ibdr fiurrk{a Mr. 
And Mri- UiaLbvi ]lToJ,ua«Uf thaKli»lt«r 
of lb« triii; of tko Onal Uokntinui at 
t^hicbvoodi a trottac* ivltbtii aaiy rcaoU 
<4 AblmUfonL All who knuiv the mtarf 
of Scott aa told In hit Life by bie aoo-io* 
UiT, wUI irnirmlfpr vhh plnnDrF what 
LocldiA/t bu rrUtFil. of Ui borne fel 
ChlcAaood, in arbicli tha Ulrd of Abbot** 
ford look H datp an ifltvrtai. 

Araon^ tri^tfkbKt'feoArheit coQld^utiotia 
En bJii':li;worid'4 Majaiir.e w^rrkit ^pamtli 
HnlLicia, wliirh ir«m vfErrvardt iviLlrcifM, 

ami haio alrnuil bua<p« daaaieal aptoof 
Ibtf Loirr* of ballad pcolrf* la IHEO ba 
pnbhthcd nithoot bl« aiaae, bti flni uovet, 
** ValflrLa*. a RomAo Mory ;'' ufateli u one 
of tba beet fiationa Iboaded npan da«*'oAL 
annnan- Tbii via folhiired bf "Rf^i* 
mlA Utllon," to vhlch tbor; are loma 

bright pLcliiH* «f nntVL-talEf llTf r and hf 
Ailim Ulnir, wbich fiamolaarnnirkablo, 
ae a damoftlc ototy of intanie nMiaa. 
Kafir in 1»1A appaared Iju " Uieof bunha,'* 
in Conitabk'i nv*«1> commenced Mbcd- 
Uuj uf vlictft 4ml p>tf>uW hiciBtum lla 


Obituary. — John CtLion Lofkhart, Rq. 


nliv tTrijlr< % Lire uf K»f?o]wii fortbviiinHi 
In liT^C Mf- liOdlihnfCrcrntivriil lo Le3R> 

ttotii Ititviag akicuceJi-J Mr. CitlFufct bi CttU 

tof of ihc Quin*dif lUvitw. The pio»- 
iwntjr of ili0 work uad^r liii Ruidaatreis 

lljr, Apvc Trona Cbc iQlluntfe d«ritcd 

om lu imiillcal u-dctflip LockhnrI took 

con lo maicililii the ^fvUeaf« oftbe ll«- 

Rnws of th« «b1«9t rffi!iif of muderu 
IfnglUh icbolarBtiii Arc rauott b tlio pO' 
p«T* on <^»iica1 tut>jt.-(!t» iu Itte volurut* of 
^w Qotrtecl/ durm^ ih^ LircntT-et^lLl 
7«ar*thae It ronnnuoil uii'W Loohbartt 
eiJitonliip. ffi \^^\ bif faUiiuf hfliUliccKn' 
pilled ym (j> r(!*i|rib kU laHk. 

Outlicil«LUtrrSh Wfilrci &X1II. Urcli- 
hut vki al 0D« ilcAiifTikUil Ui bbi;ra- 
pbtr. HJB ttrcD^h Uf ia biocraphj i hi^ 
vHt pfepsn ID ttii QiiuttrlT^ R«tiv« trcim 
Aill «sa npld coMlcnHtldn* of ttt(lr-i)iuii 
Tolumc^t DD tbc lr<ci mil worki of mithort 
Of ttikrmnpn. itnt. vh^lf \\\\ tvIqUoii ftnil 
tf niular <jualirLc&tiuiu j^tc bim uaritilled 
aiiranlvpit Jul Uib •tuik, Lli^y invLilvril bim 
In nc> IrwK «rrii>u« and prruliir dlilicaltiei. 
Ttkfl faiLFory xnvl tell not aniy Ibe brflUaDt 
jay»«i dairn «nJ f«M^Eb of ib^ ]>o<r«hDiVr 
btit abo Ibi? dark ted drc^ne vaA aloir. 
IC woB not oaty thm Lix'kbtn, m \\\t> kiu- 

litn^T of hi» dititj(ltl'r— ii> litlnK in biiubl* 

' aod biippj' ChiFftnooiI with hu obinniDf 
ftife jiii tuoic ivfHTcl* tu liki litir rdtlipr}, 
and bin pronlatiiff cluldrei), unt^cr ibc 
■Lttdoof upinngAbVoUfard, rujojcil Ibc 
da ift iotimAdf iritb ScoK, »vr liirnJc kII 
bU rni>odi, irith lencratinn which ooald 
not blind bl> LnhUUrv k««a obHiv*1ion of 
bDm&n dikncIcT, n-j»if hit >ir«rt of htarl*; 
Ia loma mpKU diere vi« tbc moat per- 
fcct ciniKvuiii3itjl>0lvrmntb«tw«u Inoul- 
vtrd mzHuirirooionitndtvdconldbr more 

^dnr«rcDt, Scoit, ffAEikt «M«f, acfVbibki 

Ibfl Uufdtrful rrrftl loaD ever bufJWUT Hitk 

hu irmi Ltid hU hwri open U» rvery omj 
VI bo btd w\j prTlriiEJorii lomnAT vlifrliikd Oa 
pnftnilon, Tn fi* Ailiriitlnl v?irl<in ibrm, m 
mudi at vac vnii llir Kin|; m with Adrtm 
PunlJb l^wkbnrt, tlow at Ur»t, retiring}, 
abaoat rtpr^lbr* till tb« Ihav af kindly ttf 
^iondlj ncliTi^ had HtTJiii^d and kindled 
Lli htArt I Ibtn.ncidru-EtUlthPD, (bv plea* 
witMl of cotnpmioiu. Bat in imIm, ia 

«!dlttcal priad jdai) In ccntkialitf , in auli*!^ 
Ee, la Ihd «njojn«iit of St^citiib ttimcrj 
[nd Scotyi aporti, In Ibr lorr of JttUn for 
f dii Mk« of JvEtcn, wiib A lOTvnisii com- 
L Inapt andaTcnioa for thr |TcdantZ7 of au- 
f thorjliip, varra attacbaionta, tttti tho lOfO 
^ tf bi-vie bcAtia ^in ftdmlmliati af lb« pi«1i 
in Ibc cDJof mnit of lii^t prv tcntt in brvht 
•apinlioni for tbc futnrc— iLwro vu tb« 

rToKiC ijmpxhjri Uv I«j>f4ie4t fcllaviAip. 
So nothtnc oau bo nor* d*Ii|;fa|/ut thaft the 
life in Rdiaborgh, tbo life OS tba Bofder, 
tbo life iu Londuii ; \*i>% lirtv Itirtht Ih»> 
noar» futh with tho tmbltc, coumandnd 
tbc dlMcloBora of tbe gluouiicr crniDj of 
thi« glrpTioaa daj, lli^ «t«i)ii^ ttt clinp- 
poiatment, cnburrutmcnE, noblo povm 

EerouaLj r>r«rlBl«<)i bcrakln^ down In a 
(h-iliMnIc iriih the moLutf detormi* 
mttbn to fiD joBl, himonreblr, fm. 

I^ckhart't vaa a upfular^j prAClical 
imik'rttitidinjE » hn had rtmatktbli: ulnua 
fur baauicui, and md nm viUi a tharpe* 
and lu^rv jukt appreHtfinn Ibm irvnoiu 
Scntt, Ko one eoidd duc«rii moro oleutj 
ihe baulaunMi of bla fttbcr<lD-l«w^ mtg- 
nifioent vclump^ hy wblcb hbi own varU 
TaUsd auoccMu vrere to bo tL« ordttuy 
rrwardgoriha looktrad?* With a ttfingc 
«iiiTiilr«ni oolioa. Sioolt wai to be at onc« 
Iho noblecl and inoti ninnl6cv!jit patron «l 
UlUn, to fcrca 5»«d boak* od aii uopr** 
pArol and reluctant public, isd, at Iba 
same time, to atbuvr iu<Ei ridirta fta bad 
nrrtr crotHd ihr imncmnljcpd of tbo aoit 
fortunMf bibliopok- All ihih ctror l^cb- 
LarE hail loiij{ tcca lluui^b ; >ud, «« hv 
ptnuaded, that if Scolt bad thrown his 
ftffain into LoDkhufahnndi^wa willnot 
aa]rtbal iht^r mifhl litr* bHn rviri^wd* 
but tbr bill* Hould ha*0 hfn miti^alpd ; 
ROiDCtbnig leva mlsbt kotv been ttnLc%t»gj 
than fh« iLtal, llii* falal m e ai liftg with an. 
comjurrabfo drcnnutaa«!& Bat in Iho 

I^t liViT Wilt IhJt Iu fan I11I li ? Tun iA«ch 
waa known, loi> murh wa> tnrmitfd, for 
annprofliioa or dit^iur- Lockbart rfr 
Hived boMlj, tAtX'jy \o nT?ai Iho wfcolo 1 
for ScoK'a fame wfl think he judi^od wiaclf , 
OfCh l^rmiili Ihc book maj faatv btva 
In intnr di'gr«r wHiahad dovA'. If Ihara 
were tboc iiho auAoTDrl br lt» eipOiafVi 
wc caniiut Lmc iblnk tbor dcvcrred to ««#• 
frr. All that v oa mrdld imd erafpioj^ m 
trading #|irculatlaa loomed (u fnll offfren 
lliD m*ie*ti< ivafc vf tJocfti ; be rove lik« 
a hero In the old Gnch ttBfod^, ddnt 
balUfl In tbc lait wiUi dettinj, nobler tn 
him mJ nnd tragic tod than at tb« h^lfbt 
nf ilia Riorji All thi« rnu»t havn bote in 
iho keen aadfaf'ti^Ud Hew of Loekfaari j 
and (im>t rvdc-iand to bU prabc aa a wtao, 
HB velU< fHithfal and maiiTfljr biocrapbor. 
Ja ltM3 Mr. [^(ikhnrt wM«ppoibt«db]r 
Sir Robert Prel lo Iba oAigo of Auditor of 
the Duch; of Cornwall, to which a aalarj 
of<»nii/.pvr uMiitruiiBunufdiaadhelaun- 
danlooii lo hiTc inSeritfd family pTopertf 
on thr ilraili uf a rrlaliff aL>me jaara a^O. 
Mia llfi^, ihrrrfori^ in point of fL>rtune, waa 
<Atmt of thoae amiotSea and TJciHlCudes 
wbifili Lave iruptrd the cfTorti aud tm- 
biCt<rrd the ipiiiLi of other inrn of Utlora. 
it wai iKkcncd, ho«(*rtr, bjraBlngulif 

IS55.) OitTVARY. — Johu Gilt^n L^eJeJioti, IStq. 


rc^ftwllf bfmvtmeotiL Tli«tthalf 

ftird* • rartbta( Utlinof af ihv '* tirUt uf 

b^MB «ii4ea." ScoU'* cLier unbir'ion 

■wto b« iiOMOtrjlMht, nod tbcfoandtr 

•ritefBttaj orihaScolUor Abboi«ford. 

ttkCmmrd IkcofU mt, thM hi* hrMM 

I Aoidd OMdno* fi)r rrcr, and (bo kod bf 

«ft«r IM4 vm ii«nu. Of 8con*« 

r«feiMrcD, ibe rhkr Aon dlej chlUIcu 

MUi inil Ibe otlwr, iiBin;tni«c|, in 

bf^Cftt*. 'T^p jTMOkf^r J*U|[1itfr i]it4 not 

|J«ftc>A«r htrhlte. And >lr«- l^klujrt 

yirar;c«n Utcr. Ilorddcrb^y* the Hugh 

uii^Jalib fur wbHA £ifo(t bad vritlvii 

imaiorfa G rwiiiribcT>had'»cd wtno 

||j«ff« bffairr. Lufk^n lud ibcttaioa, 

~ie U tiotfe iSntl, tnd hu only duDchtfr 

I Mdo|iif d ilc<r> (ka llkc Ri^nKLn cornmn- 

fato*> wkdcit «!!■» frooi tbc mtIa fitHctn. 

1 11nn« of AbWu^rd. SLl-viii luarned ia 

llMrtoJjiniCA lUbcrt Ho|>t-, r»<]- barrfjtvr- 

illh« Uo3> Sir Aleundcr llofw, «ad liju 

en* u «itT dMsWcTi ?kl«rj.>1onlori 
_ m im IftU. 

Wbb brokvn h«j1lh md *piK:> Mr. 

Ua«t bclwn Ukatif tu Ruuir, iiy jul'- 

I Adf tev, viA >tl|hc boiic OQ hit omt 

of brwAt Ibfldg Tittk tuce Tot 

^it fnvtvit b« i«liim«d h<mi4 in ibe 

iBf of Ibe pni^l ]rnr. Kr ideilIv a 

rtUl nll)r on bit aniril in ScoiUnt), l>ul 

Is *CT7 itftTfd ntlafk uf dUrrtiOBA In ibe 

|»aatfc of October tliotrcmt hii tircai/ 
blot fnme I h^ ^n* rrnwtfd fnrni 
ittcfc^rt. the bou-v »r bii ftdnt 
r, M.P. fVT l^nuk, under tbcciin^ 
toUrttfrhJ, Ur, K-f^QMiiiia Abbou- 
, ttboe be brviitfacd bli \n\, on Ibc 
; of NonvWr* 
Uii«b •« h« kad «aAFr«d boEh tn mind 
L bodr* *^ PTOMrioiJi M had bcon liJn 
!■■ tten boJ ba« bo dedbic of (htt 
FlAidi COft<tUiifled Lsukbvt^tbe lcllU^- 
TiiB*! tba tifonr. tb- miff clJoiu aivDiorjt 
jiba BHbiiftf urit, amft la Kict tratb frnm 
ldklMLoal--tbo lEom of kBo«Mj:ai over 
■■■dr And M^C, iirrir diipUjvl X\- 
llWofb hb rt^vAAlioa bat bi^ca caiilla«t 
bMnOft. tnd alihougb. by ^nrlf- 
MMnl kpo» h 4p and lonf^-^barpmtd 
1ka«|ht. bi bad raurd bimvlf rntH a 
plllv of Uccnc7 iinniib, jtt Ac hadbg 

MHKlltwlbi* iuibdHU>Ub4V0lllUd blm 

NT inr part wbe<« fnr-iiicbUd «aciciCT> 
■«■ wl^control. livd ni»id iottjnciifo 
jaigwat Burk tbd bora loader of oUivra. 
Not did bo eir« Car llurarr trjikinfdif, or 
Ma1» ofitm^ib, bnl mber aroidcd tbem 
vUb liaialilB^ i tae irg^ Far fmn ^c^kinf . 
bi oniU nvnr cnn b« tnductd t9 Uko 
Av plMC vtkb Ua rv|i«UtbLi and hi* k- 
ImU anirntd htoii bn mUrtd locldr 
ntbtr !» iubc»l liii pcvcn tbui to exert 

tbani. nijrfal nUlny, lairoliabfc In aaw 
and billtiNiier, vilb old frlnnd. alnplia 
child, ur Kilk tho ^ntka^or biunbleit pre* 
■cnF. wntih« nUiation h« ai4«lc*r«d to 
ill Jul|;e ill ; and tf ibac wcrr dcJiiod bim, and 
f ipccitlLf If upccEcd 10 tiand fontard and 
vbLnp, bp vould thul liiniKlf np altogclbar- 
'* Anma, indced-^ioooftan vianodar- 
tiood in ita oriKiv, atoribcd Co coHoni 
nod i^ricbi «li«ii iU VsAf aonrvo «a« tbf 
ramt modrtlj and lialred of cih^bidon^ 
whh th^nr*< bvtb |>eyAonal and nalbualf 

wa> lis itron^E ettcrnol dianclchitlft 
TtioM«bo«e ic>iuaint4fw*bawa«ix|na- 

aiavitad V« mua wQald And 90 aaealt 
lowed tham 10 lua mind, and pa dMp- 
jjDuriioj ovajr. knowing nidjr Ibat lb«j bad 
■Mn one of tbr moft ifttm^in^i moM njra* 
terfoui, botmoatcbillinjiofineni foribfilr 
Tcrj delfRiitii bad uvde liltn retire Airtlier 
from [hcni^ Moil liappr via LobkbafC 
wbrn be coaLd llten1l;r loka Ibo ]o*f«at 
pJirv,aAd lliAra «otn|d«(<antIflicitn tvlba 
ttrir« of oonvenen, till aomo ditacna in 
tbr cb&m uf rejTollectloa or ammeoi arote, 
and lliRii tji^ r«ad^ vnnorj ONpar A>rth the 
misLing tiakt ind ibe Iton mgaoitj fiUad 
it bomv U Haiilaaei and *tbaL all irauled 
anit no oao ^laa mukl aopplr waa uittr- 
niifodout in choice. prNdw, butnottuit- 
itadled v«rd& And ihcn ww« vocadoiu 
aliD nhen lh« cipnnioc of tba liatonar 
wM not «« compiicmt^wbon llie poiLit a| 
iitu* itaa Eiol on« of navnon ''r ■'' factt 
acd lltra lh« aoom on tba lip aud Lb* 
elond i>ii tbe brent wene bat tbo pnlada 10 
Bona itron; , hvt wnteooe, wIlbeHnH In iti 
aaroaarn lad vnanawBrablo in iU ataae* 
vffbleb araitoral alJ aopbliEry la tke vvuidi 
brforr il, 

*' Par nmola «■* ha from tba unal 
oondilionR of ftnliWL S(a ^lopltcllj, iCj 
foLbrm, and iu foUIc*. Lockbut bid 
foQ^ihl the hbatfi bailie of lifcbotb wttbia 
nnil wilbout, mid bornrr mtT^ tl^an iU tbart 
of tQiToirr f^ ii^Er, fcUzicnl, «nd fln* 

apartojt nu bin inrdlivt ilial, bad h^* 
liart been miJoiVcd with that aloao, be 
would ba*c baen th« mi«t IriltUnl. buE 
tbe moat daoferoai of riku ; baE ao up- 
ritcbt and imMff m bla luoral ^oaUd v aliO| 
thai. Tiiid 'iip bri-Ei a daticc in ilttlniDrafa 
oraf*ohtt muiirtiUbaTObaaa «- 
uoEiiiaeii u an r«lraardm4r7 man^ Wa 
«iU not call ic nnrorlanaW, for it tteu the 
nriTrvdry oonieqncDce of tbr *f rjT (On- 
dlliOM uf bU lifo and aaiora thai, <rhUa 
hb loJieUcct via k»oan Eo all. Ha lieart 
coold ba baoim comparatlTel/ to fair. All 
brwv bovnnapariBf ha w<a to morbid and 
aiokly Motlmcnt, bot ftw ooutd Ldl boff 
tDoder bo via to genuine fcoUiif, AJI 
could uv bow hc^ dtftpiaed arcn *p<d«a of 
raDjLy, prcEODtioo, and cut ; but fotr bad 


OniTDAUT. — Jtfiw Ftrrift\'~-}fr. CharU^ K^mUr^ CJ^^ 


Ili4 nppvrluQUf of ■Mnculn; hU vnfiiling 
1join*st ta the boobleit or ctra stapidatl 
fronb. MiiD]nHrJlb«IJr»irbiUeAUiitlcb« 
wfti tn « fjtlt^ |[rii'l;fr* r^mld rrrflli v1i*t 
b»liii to 4 rml unc. Ui* iiHluoklubli? rc- 
»cnro *e«t t*toiBnipd hk tuirtlt^ ffoiii 
bftilng filr piBLT, bat it gttbKlj imptdtil tl« 

" It wu cb«rttoltf4>Uo U LoabWri 
|>Mulbr ladhyotUtjr tboU vrljcrtvcr Lb 
wBl al oU kbovAt nhrthvr lijr mui or ftu- 
mnit, I15 jLiH<i, man aF ImHlrtf**, i»r »lvi <if 
Uu world, h* tiiurbfKl lUn hiddtn chord of 
roraiUMe iu aXt Nu ului Icm aAVattU tba 
|iatUo«l, 1I10 ropUrlouii or lli^ aetitttacn- 
toll no nmnlna tlfpcUd ftDjChLiig i jrvl, o 
)4 «tol0 Btifflj twfljr from tbfl ftn4>t iiliicbt 
ir liD b«<J »t>l riilinriEil. he fatd biuboJ. 
tbtrc ff»» notcDcwlioditlrLOl Donfc«« ibat 
a being h»d fiuwd b«h»rv thnn who 
rtirred ftU l^ poJMt of Cbr loHtgWaUon. 
ftnd mllmt »timl U frurnLW onljr bkwl 
ia th« portnh of a biaiu To thb Im- 
|tn«kii tbcr* ia no dovbi Hut bit ncrtd- 
ualvpi^rflrtDGBKTetUjr roLktribnl<U,UimiAla 
tog tntirrlf tbcei^uiafTiit of bitmiod inhv 
cODtidfrpil «» « •mratecaow. Endoired 
with tb« vvry hifhat OFil«r ol madI^ 
bcMtf* bothd ftaturc iiiul cxprwlon. lio 
reuiiipd th» brilUmior of joutb wid ■ 
mtatv\j «lrcDd<b of pnoD cO<np«rail<tTlT 
iinlni|iiiircd ta rl^ncd hte ; and tJwD, 
thi^uRh turfo* aud *loLiica« nddc&Jjr 
brf^n^cbl on A prcmaUn old ue, wbkh 
«f thtbu^and of tha bvarin^ iB3 far gniiwil 
In loviuiefaoly hu|llon«or«\|iinjtiint what 
tiktj 1o>t lo anImaUon, tli*ii ihc lul pUiw» 
whether to tfce e>E of paEntcr di of 
wuimu friEiid, Memed dm}ith« fidctt.'' 

Z4««^, At KdliiWKk MiM rvrriif, 
Uio nrtbor ol " AI«riUf«,** and othaf ex- 
ocilitoc novrl*. 

MU« Konivf au bom In lulirjliDr)[1i, 
Iter r«Uitr, a whur to Iho tlgncl, ivm 
*' uti# of ail W&litf r AoaU'« brTihrea iif Uic 
Clftk'a Ubl««"4nd Uio^rMt novtiiii. allhc 
a1l«d«4 la bU ''luUf «h«l«v/* Uif *u- 
lh«r of *'lba tfir Iwrty work rnriiU<r| 
Marnaf,' ' at >»w of tbn Uborirrni f apa- 
bla i>f yaibtRB^ ill tht* lir^ burvFit of 
8»titb obmolvr and Acllfjti. In^i> pri- 
¥au dluT, Sir Wakor baa dworlbtil Mlia 
F«n>rr aa ''• cUUd penonaffC, faarlnf, 
bvadca htr crr«( lalmti, ronvfrMtton Ifae 

ladtt fti^rmtt of aDj aiiLbor, fenmle At 
loHit, vbdin 1 UT« tT«r acen, aiDwi th< 
lone kul 1 Ekafv cncomttcred t iliur^lr, full 
<d Lnrntruir. ■od fii^«*rLaj|jF rHily at r^ 
fMw; and aHQthaattiiiiottttb«bM atfcc- 

Mr> Cliatnbarv, la ki« OralvpBdu of 
Litentura* tbui foonvnl* on lh« for> 
Soinf paaufc. *■ Tfito li bl|b pfaiM. tfvt 
iha rcadani of Ulan Ferrtrr'^ nawU «iU at 
once noognka it aa chandcnitir, ud 
viaotlf lanat Uioj would Imta ■oLiclpatcd. 
Ikliaa Ftnicr la a Sootiab Mtw BdfVwoTlb 
—of ■ llielT, pnfltleaU utmintliif ««at of 
ta^nd^ tiilful In doMfUaa «b«nat«r, aod 
afimng upon natlonu prcaibuUica t caustic 
in livr W1I aucL bMcnovr. «ilh ■ qultrk tMikO 
af thv hiitirmiu ; nnd ilfammt nf iMriitM- 
tlnf MUDd aQitikitj and all«nlbin lo tbs 
aourtMloi and chailCca of ltr«. la aiiiiio 
fiM««|tf, bdoed, aba v*iQ<]F« a dM|> >*■• 
llpuua taoliag. attpri^acliiiki; tr> (hie l£iaa* 
fclic4l TUiwa sf Hauiaab M«rt 1 b^t tho 
Mcnl atnld of hrr imtiik|« rrlalaa Mlba 
iviblca aiid odflltiea of mankindt aad no 
<t\\v liw drawni ifipm wtiH grraxvir brandik 
of coDiiiT buotour or tffT«. lUr a^CDM 
oruu tvacmblo lija itjie of our but old 
c^uioJict, aiid abc imj hoatL hko FootB. 
of addinE ounj new and onfioal chtrw* 
t^ra to xhn ttvck of our cooilo lllcratura. 

Mlai Forrirr** lint vork was **>1w- 
rlaflc." pubhihcd la 1SI& Bar neit, 
*- DritinT. of, Tba Ckicf'i Daufhtrr/' in 
l^^^l^all nu*«U In thrav valumM cni;U- 
All tb»c wrre aaflcfaaAi] i but Mlai Fcr* 
rier «aa ao far »litfit>d with Ui-r auc- 
<tf«, Ibat *lie abatftijicd Uviu pur>uici|; it 

A'tilh A, Having onrLjr f^omft^ted bin 
'3^th fnr, Mr. (%>rlH KhaIiWi, Com** 
dtan : ttio Inat mrtltinc br^ibvr of bM 
illatlDgulihcd foinLlj'- 

Cbarlci Knnble wu born 04 tbo SSA 
N«Kuibflr. K7S,at I3rr<:lkn»^k, in Sovlh 
Walf*. vhicr* bU f4ll'rj' Ri%ir«' KfanUa 
waa then manifivr of Ehr ibcatrc. JIft WM 
tvonty jn.n younger thAD hia alatcr Mn. 
RiiMnrit, and 'i^itl^fi feara joaitgar tban 
John PbilBp KTinblt. Charka waa edft- 
mml (aa Joliti had brvn) al It;^ Raiaan 
Cjathidio ooliaga of Donaj. frtim whonao 
ba r«tumd to fioglind In I79fl^ Bj tbo 
irflomoo of l»lt br^itbrr Jolia, be ao<ak 
aftf r obutn«il a titunUoo bi the Pi^vt-affiotf , 
but the Miatj wu qoc lufe oaoii£h to 
pqima lila ■mliU.ion for ^ atagou Ha 
atfiovdiiiflj Lbnir up bi| ffnplnymeul ; 
anil, titMT two or three nhibitioua ai pil- 
aica Ihealre*! made bia appnraoFp ui tbo 
boardi el lbs SbiAatd iki^^tro aa UriwMfa> 
Ia Aa jreu Lilc It- Ite oubac^acvtJj 
plejwd «C Na«i«itIo, hat «aa AnAAtHf 
uaauc«oiffttli Ho waa, lii>w«fcr. onfagcit 
to |»crf-m» at Dror^ Lano in tW aeatim 
of Xt^, aad III I7^7beafir««n>datthe 
Uormarlxi, bj wbich tun> ttttn waa 




OnirvAKY^^JIr. Ckarttt KmtthU- 

■011 («|lfVf«B<Sl fVVMi U« DtfifU*! «wk- 

Uc «M not om of Ibfiu »ctMii vho 

fta, Q«diBbedh)(HffljMsorttr. No 
•(••r WW Bwci a Dion llv>fvugh ap- 
[■^rtwhiy to Ut ut. II* omtd nnlhwf 

m vaMfvfai bT««T i )tttJ« to ibc o«pric« 
if tkcyvbUcoribc DTm. Tho iMUr he 
nvcr coiRtD^; lh> fonncr oompired him 

tetk wttv doir ia rvenfnlilof lh« firai 
plMB of the ]roDU|«r K|unl>l«'a nccUeooc 
— hU toHnMflUw of tb* MMdiu7 oha. 

Ttc ihm» vho *r« oW «Qautli m r«. 

— mbir lh« HvbM. UathMh, and Can- 
aJMiu, oT h,\% tti^Mtte brother : anil the 
iaJj M*dM4b, V*t«.«U, asd Mn. De- 
•■Wv, of hk outKddMt wUr, rwaU abo 
CharlCi fUnUf't fi>rg« utd jvUioi in 
Uvdaff, iIm iilniifil paninr of bii 
AidUUa«« aad ih* frKs »i raorrr of hi> 
ItfvaoAp 'llieru t^d loU| aa4 Indaed 
mw lArrwu^t. hia croMlanoa i» lh« 

.iMDodcbuicCin of xha iliaiua «»• on- 
Itonv full cf wiuniug K^'^ 

'via hda Ba*M0Ao; bo« buptooroui bU 
dnsbm imm ta Dtana, how ftvvfbt 
wllfc nahb •Kaufl aIW C«uioU diifnci# [ 
Wv AcfT hit Larrt<« l h^xv full of frtali 
and bajiiJEi MdiMV hli Uitidcnuti bo« 
fnmk aod WfaM hU ChulM OaUay ! 
B« ho aeUend hinhor Uioinpha Hua 
tbflWi and «oa ani vorr Ihvui lu ili« pit^ 
aaeaof dieciaentioanoir »■ taiddloUfr 
W« need ttcatiOD tka Bunf* anXy of FaU 
oaabcUfC aiU MjvIc Autonj, 1o r«-<«IJ 
kk Itt^noiMliM of Iha MeJiETal Kcitf bt 
and Um EUaun GcocnL Ub fAkonbiiw 
b«#» B« b<ofc lo Roapyvnta bmI Cr*nj 
aikd A|1a«dtMr( — kk Antoajr cd the Forum 
mA (be CidImJ, Md PlDiarcb'a bi^rort. 

CiMriM KcBhk idirod ■nowHfuil J ihc 
«U«it raage of ebarartan M rxocd— aiib 
Ika aia^te aacrpiuiB «f Oanick. If he 
had 00 aqusi in Banofldi, ndtbrr bid br 
in Jaflkrt if Ui L»iia»dD«Ftlii«arc 
■iu«ft'>aH*d, 10 v«f hk Cd|art >^ <a» 
after Iha ratlrcnuat of Ua bcolhcr, hi* 
Utniift Ha «ai the boil Joroni of 
Afehaia, DotvoartA. Charita Surikea. aiul 
Baifa*lliiano«tsajand rojalof Frikcv 
QaU* lo otakfrf'f WDHjanff bawu tbo 
Wir of J<f4: fi*«ii)«tBr, IEb f«*tor«d P«' 
tnrMi atil ThUrcutki frora iha rtcioQ of 

' bsllpca umh Id| • to lldt of bigh cosjtify. 

~ CokHul Fdfftwdl be Axv^UftA the 

I of a b* CDaM<£4», lo lUe btnimti] 

•f tho AntiqiuvT. Ihr Stock- 

aad ibf QuaUr In Youj^ M^ 

cowhiuoi ^u OAe |>hrt tkii 1ie*| 

d; add hb bat tr*c«dr u:t\a^^ Hii 

with the hratooi «ud thv '< ttcd 

BsrraHfJj/' for lu larenilir of pudori, 
vai oqoiUei] Alone bj iCnui'a ifoay aad 

Nuture ]i4d Uan bodoliful lo Cbnrlea 
Kurible iu lia ^pDiM of a ooUa fariPi an tt- 
prt«Mve and dnalal ^mmAtnaaeo, u>d a 
■vprt, j«t futl.lontd nJc*. HaD» bta 
power in ih« bitlonnl dna^a. fio lookad 
llattLiilf* lo hi* prime of niMihooil. and 
Uenry V. at Ailncoort, ind Knltmj beaMa 
Caiu-, ind Ortatea bj the alUr of the 
7Wn«B Ariaoile. And Ihiw ](tfU mn 
■atolOBRtj iDnroTod br lb« rtndr of bmb, 
tod Qatorc and irL Tii hh nrnfiraricm, hi 
iVri >1I hli mr|innanlT8ii irfniiraial Ho 
had tnvelkd azloaltclv, and minted 
laueb lu Uio loditT of arlkta aod Mbolan ; 
ibrl hU Af>|Trroiatinn of iTipIr napeMlTa 
vorki wti tliop «n(l icnkl. Bat tbo renin 
to flljWb alt hU *vt|qtRukeula ami vbtcr- 
laliooa teodcd, wu tho laptnoniskni of 
dramatic ubnraclen Uonao prooacdod tho 
uniej and fomplitaoav af h» oXiBf, Ue 
nrgle^CoJ E<iElimt,vbatborprinrifolDr«d* 
joooii hi- ivia none Of tbOM acton who 
ItukI lo TlaUira of fifltemenC for tb* eon* 
raalmant of grjirral Aatoeaa or tnq^ditr. 
h« itla^rd «l nu cltoi uf thaonAsnoai bO 
dkdiincd trji^k* of iitarab aad nocitaritT 
of aotion. Me wu Dobeoilr a Toruion* 
•etnri Umi pnvt'i rvpmmMlTf^ ittitbar 
«1cerr|iD( nor ftllinf >h'><t of tbe CQnc«p> 
tioni fimijtheit for liiin. 

Cbarla KembU baj vtm' tbbra in dra- 
matic anthordiiF, bat ailh uBftU *uconi. 
In l«00 ho »da|i(«d I? Ilic Knsliah «(4C« 
MerdfT*! Deatftanr, Hbif^li n.-ti bf^ughc 
oaE at the Hannarhct amSe* Iba tjilo of 
Tijic Poiot of Uonottr, and becama a atook 
jrirofi ta iet>7 bo tnnaliGal from the 
tiorroiB KotJ^buo'k EdoArd in SchoElland. 
abkh «u pro^Uicad At C«Tinl Garddh M 
The WoDderrr, or tba RigbU of Hotpl- 
laliif i and lu the celt jcor, from Ibo 
FWoch of Diculifoy. a iaree called Hint 
nd Counterplot, or Ibo PorlrmI of Cer- 
vaalca. In ISI 1 be prednc^d Kamaobatka, 
or tic SUtc*! Tribmr. a tlrama in throe 
acta, from tha Ueroun of KoUcbao, vbiob 
vaj wfarmad for a faw niRhta al (.'avoat 
Ganlao In Oi^t. Ull. la ISW an original 
firoe bf blmp called Tho CtkM of CfaaoM. 
vai acted at the Harmarkat, tmt wai 

tlajrd cnlj tlireo n^bta. Ilti lirasen 
<u«t» a mclu-dratna from tbv Preucb. yitj- 
ducnt Ihff fullowioic jtor it Cm oitt Garden, 
tad ihc aafDO meaiero of eucocaa- Al a 
l>t#r period, he «aa for a tlnftt tima tho 
majiiEcr of Cotfot Oerdoa Tltoitrr. 

Mr.CfiarIra KffmhU'acararraainacbir 
A&aUv doaod od ihtt 10th April, ItttO, 
abortljr alXtt he hod u^eciiled tho oitce of 

Eaarnincr at I'Jojl lie iiilvecivBDdf ^- 

l<»«Td in pubUo occaasoBiUj, a« a reader 
cf Sbakjpcrc. 


OeituAhy.— CWrrfiwr/ jtfaA 


la privalp lif* ^« w«* f^nd of t'int mojl 
ftC«Qaipli«b<tl men af hit lUf^ Tlii dignity 
or bU manner vas («ti:i|><nTi1 lij a cour- 
teoiu Uid trrenr urbftcil^'. Hdldinc at bU 

Han r«11ectc(l tlif LiilLhi«n<c* andcr abl^ 
helivt-l. litfirai ftneiceUentliiodntiliQ' 

KiBt ; and, hfl fii^ itncAtSoni permUied, 

■choUf. Daflnir Ihf^ bit tkttc jem ai hiJ 
life, be mlTnl h^i HCijuaLniBnCQ ■illi (li? 
Givek luiffnifT ; kticI bfl foMoirtJ [hu new 

SiunuU viih Uiu Uiti^rucc ur iku A»|ijraiit 
or ualwnitj ilHtiiuliDna. 

For fvttral jttr% C'liirlei KembJu la* 
bnQtnd uaAer the tffliotioQ of Atbf^rm, 
Swkl pluiun- hr vhloL no an* bkl « 
ktmei Msl~'*ai thu* "nt i>nv ■ninnDc*' 
Marly "^ *butoat" — antl <bo icntc of b1» 
prtTfttion would, at tlioai, catt a ihaitfl of 

iadaeM OTor bfi ODUftteuiuv- Qotthii, 

»■ well u tbe |Mdn of <ti vaUbliiJied in*- 
Udr, litf enduicd with rxcoiidAr; pnticnc^ir, 
«mJ hi «a> eaij Ij> cllapcl Ui4 trmpctrarr 

g]oi>m bjr [lio (uontiau of liu bclotoA mrX, 
4»r reffrcikcc to the tlma wbii^h bid i;oae 
by; and Ibcn, oblivioua of ibo jiment, 
h« fffnuld fTH plftqtirnl in (VTnlniflcenOA. 
mvidi varnied bf tbc Imprautona of bb 
^duili uU uiHabood* bold Ld rapflctful nnd 
ddiKlxted attentioo bia mreU of llitminc 
Jtitndf, irtiilobartbttfd iom< jnu'^tbac 
mrc vunt to tot Uic tabtt in n n«r," or 
how "nobly |Knii«o" Jolm KcDiLblp uC> 
ttrod CoU'i or llnmtfl't toIiIo^uih. 

Mr. KAnhl^i n»rTLf<l, nn tliA ^i1 July. 
IBOCi Mt« J)«cainr> * nnUrr i}f Vic-mii, 
and aUdy of drduiAtii: Ubnu fend bi^coiu' 
r ptlaliracnU corrc«^onilcnt to IjI* awn. Sbc 
Fwd U 1648, baiiuj^ mlirvd from (lioihtcr 
^ Itllfi (fe»a 4ur vol. k. |>, .;fi.'i-) Tli^T 
had 1mm 0D« IOD, Mr. JoUti MH^bell 
X«nbt«, M,A. the latbor of The Suoiu in 
JBVfUnflt "nd 1«a iIkhje'^^"^* "^ wbon 
Mkia Panoy Kcmblc (XIrt. Butlor) u tbe 
older; nod Ihc }iiUfiii<r. AdoMiJc (Mrt. 
Sircorii). has HltiiucJ b«- aLav^of fam^ 

W ftfOfi^iX. 

of Mr. Cbarioi Kv mblk A cmrrful urin 
Of MudJea rrpiounfmit liini in Win IrJidinp 
vhtraftorih «>« liubliab^fl hf Mr- ft. 'T 
Lu>o. Tbtre ii d ncrat butt of Ikim bT 
TimcitJiy DuMit, of *hii;li nn mj^rivbi^ 
w>i ffifvn in Ibri llhmlniCfd J^^nduu Nvwi 
of tbo ISlb XiTmibflf UiL. 

Cahdikai, Hai- 
4b|kf. 1>. At Alhkito, in hii 7;d jfrtr. 
ihe Ctnlinal Antit^j Mni, Chi'i^f I.ibnrrAfi 
Of tlH VaUcUi, ■ toi itiff ohdciut of tbo 
Aoiriemf of Jiiicrip1ian« md Ifdln l^t- 
ttM of rarif, memliet of the Atodcny of 
IdvaUlii tlio lufltiUlo of Ibo LuH Cunn- 

ip'itm. thi Sooifly of Vltitory and Anlt- 
i^ukiiFi of Sloflkholia, ttf. 

C*Tdiptt\ MjiI wtiH iKirn on (he 7(b M«t» 
iTPa. i<i Ibo diiTcnrt of Ittrffaioo, lio 
fine roue to diitinclJ^n in Ihe b(cf»ry irorld 
Lji yvi2, wlitfi he tru ftptiolnUd lC«ep«r of 
th« Ambrckflian Libnryal Hdao. la 1813 
bo pQbl^ibnl anooyiDOiuljaljitnilmufa- 

lion of tbd aral-iau of laorrtttM Do Pprmil ■ 

tftlioQC! fpomaGrwk MS. in (b« An- 
troilsn \Abnn. In INM mppcared the 
firit-frui» of bi6 ^atmblu diicorprirt fl^m 
paliiDpRmt TRBOiucrifiCL The Ant bo 
fditfd wciD lbs (iiii|k«rf^() orAtlonn of 
Cio<ro fiir Scauraa, Tutliiia, aad FWc«i. 
vhicU ho bad duoovifrvd lu Ibo eontont of 
Bohbio, obvourrd by tbt jiotiiaiof a pool 
oam«id SoduHut, who vrrot« in tbo dftth 
tonlary. The original ^!S, of ikv ooh 
lictan he nflrtbuUd to the luond or tblnl 
cFDtary. Panning lliae rwearcbw, ofWr 
turnJnit ^ntt 14*' nuuiiucrtpU in the Am- 
brovon Library, be diio[ivi:<r»d uudnrallne 
oiancitcrtpt ofthf: .Icti of the Conn dl of 

Cb&lccdon, knciTilrd frtAffotnC* of thrte 

olber onlbflB of Cicero, ihoM "\tt Clo- 
Muta ct Curionem, dr vro aliens MiJoiiLt, 
rl Afi rtgft AI«4nr1rino/' and lid imb- 
llnlifd tbfu, tflECthf^ vilh an focJflBd 
eommcuUry upon tbcm, iiCfcrLbqied to 
Aicouiiu Padknu*. Both thAO woiln 
ramo to a occoui^ cditioo In lOlJ. 

In IHJA he edited from ft «imitArioiiroc 

ihtj Wvik> of >l- Coreohut Vrontn, %t> 
eompaatod by Ictlen of the Fimpprori An- 
loninot Piui, Mnrni* Aoflini. Lnrhu 
Verat, thefafitDrian AptdaDr Ac, In Il<15, 
fnim ■ ^miUr Mtircr, the Orn-ticniB of Q. 
Xutflliiip SymtiiicbiB ; and trai[utfnt9 of 
■Ik CumedlH of rinutiu, wbloh bo found 
b«u(Atb A LflUn UbniUllun of tbo Old 
Teslammt. uppircnlly of tbr a(?Tcnth fCQ- 
iuty> TliCM wro fulLoir«d by i>ortion»of 
lh<r work* of Ibhui, Th«mUtiui (be ohllo- 
topber, anid th« Roman Antiquttloa of 
Dyooliloa of HalVamutuB, of *hlrb only 
n% booki ir«fc brforv knonn, hot tho 
abljslu Mai produood Ibo whole, though 
tuiMcwbtt lfn|itifi*cl- 

fa Ultl lift i-dEted "VUWo UArzat do 
Virtutc el rjui partibui/' bfll ititu oiler* 
iviinla BirvrlikJnr'l tUnt lIvH waf realty the 

wiirk of (trc»rnii« <;njiltlu>. and bad bfOii 
ulrrALly nubllilie^ undrr the name of iM 
Iroe luthor. Tiie abUnrc* Indafati^lr (n 
Ilia labourf, |iroduo(?d m tbo laanv year 

'* Porjibrrit |ibUoqiipTii nd MarotllH*n;'* 
iml in iHl : KibvlliF UWi XIV., the Itioc- 
rariuni Atcxki^d^i. «iu1 the Ai^ of At»< 
aodtr </ Mai'oJun by Juliui VattntlA. 

lb iSIS^'Ptiib Judvoi dcCophini foto 
rC do COleodiA I'mnlibtft;'' nnrlorolumo 
of vdioliaatt of tbi< ft^urfh rrntiiry upon 
Vireil, diifoTfr&l Jituhr iho workt of 
Grr^ory tb4 Gioal^ vr1il«o In tb< iiLolh 

1«M.] Obitcart. — Ft&fisscr Ed^fard Forb^, l'\ii.S, 

Ift th« MID* year, io coi]jan> 
Um vUh 4scur Zolinb, of tim Ai-- 
■mhm CdllicB it Vcnkv, k« rI»cI ib» 
««fa Vf K mh il, IB ^arUt (all llie 

rb*iM ««k» ^Tijqi becB bi cdtAro). 
1B19 DfiliMtti Alfx>cid«r, ■ Grffk 
MdMir •« ine««vca»cnr I UkU ui In- 
fvlNl MaoiMcript of fhit IliiH. tUn** 
lnl*4 frith DttDKnTui drewii^, «nribut«J 
m U« 4ib« Alb, «c tiik omtuf f . 

to l«« M^Una " M. Tolltl CfMfoiiii 
^ y«f iiliki gig iqpennL" Thu im 
iwiiiwa* Ih* fciMt diMwicrrtW M>1 
W aaJt, h hkd him n^fudti u loit 
fi«r niHSe ttic Ont e«itiirr> «xc«pUnt ttat 

Ufjft. Other cditun* of 1U« vrork ttfru 
nM«fl« prinivitanoa cif ibcvounCrW 
la IftB mpfPd forihcr dUooif ritv 

tUHii rdUtoui iiwirUi, S^mmnrhi ai- 
tm OniMOain )«ric», U JqUi ViL.noM 
AnBlMl»in.UCiKlUlMkutinnl Apnkl 
Mna HbffOfiim fhcnwita ile Ortlio^^phm. 
Ii l*l&, Aolpivrum nUrain dO» col* 
MtOk« Vatiouk vi>iicitm* tdkt. a (oll«c- 
Ooti «r the early ChriicUn wrlten. 

««iti; Mill Ike vhole of bittabonr* iirrfl 
liwibmJ In two oeltcliacui: unc In trn 

Aieilf tt Vatioaift Codkibat c4ttiE 
fdHMIa tb«fnnl««l1lo1&3fl; Rndtho 
ocbcr hi Ban qwirto vohmc>« uiidirr II10 
tUo of ** SCflfcp^onuD V«l0niro Satt Co\- 
IB thfl ft«n ISfS to 183f^- Wo jdhj rofcv 
l» thf CttAl<i|Ctt«i of The ttoadon Library 

Idr Iha WqiUIji frf tbtn boU, 

la Iftfi be abo ti\%vi • oiAdogae »f 
tha E^jpOtm paprri of tb« Ubrtry of tlo 
ViAlaA, ia 4b}. «iib ptftt«i. 

Id IB?- CMC of tbc nedU* pheed by 
KififOfurfc tV. ftt lb* iKipOMl ot iti« 
iftf^ HoricLr of Ulcratura wnt imardad 
l» tb« ab^C« ^Ifti- Aa blalorktl iccomtt 

«f boi AKOTfrttt, writ I'D bj Mr. Arvh- 

^Mffrn Nanff w*i fomrauDtAtid to that 
Sadicy Ja 1«M, and ptlatod la ibf tint 
nluM cf their Traoncliovi. 

Thr obbau I^tii via 'rtalod b Cirdboal 
a M*y» lttJT» bul rf«TT^ U ji'^/a. aod 
tnMmrd in the rdUotfin^ Prbrovy. 
he con1iaii«d hit l^im^ Uhonri aflfr liU 
«lnM|iHk. abJ only iMtflj tiucrtlotl to lb« 
foit of cbiff librarian of ihc VAtictu, 
l U iJ Mt id fewit by the dcaa «rCsrdiiul 

Cv4iaU H«i dfnctrd in bia wm that 

lis nitB»d B«1 cscetUul librAry vhou^d 

III i^nrillTir iilitrirtir Tm ifinl rrrrm 
SOCal ball it^catinatol nUe— Ihtl Ea, 
br %fi09i. That gonnvnt liM >uit 

matid IhM kt> faascca do iwt tWovr it 10 
aavT. Mj^d. Vol XLIIJ. 


accfpl Uie dontlina. Tbc tlbnry «iU, con- 
toqBBitly» hATVio bediipOKd of bj' pu^ii^ 

aneilOR, AU the bibUopotiAU of Eurmio 
regard the eat* with Eho croUott in* 


t«r««t I nitti It It IQ bs boycd Uiaf <hc bu< 
tbonticn of ibr Britiih Mwcum and of 
olb^r of oiir iMibli'; [ibrvin will not ace 
l«Hl. ^ 

ritiirsttTiR Gov. Foaactr F.R^& 

A*OF. 1«. lit hi* Jflth ffir, Raaird 

PorbM, c»q, Rtfitit IVofwwruf S'atvral 

HliC^rj iBtliD UdlfcnUyof Ediabiufh, 

Feflov of tbe Royal, Llnix<ean,4&d Q«^ 

TbI* g«nt|cDiBa W4I b<^fB in |ei5 ct 
Dou{;Ui in the U\t cf M4u, vbcr* bin 
fblher w t bvtk^r. Hii ttytt of natural 
biHiory d^Uil from bii F&rlifit childhood, 
Tiihi pnvpcaiitj, or mhtr pttMioii^iruin- 
brpi anft «]l bu o«n, f<>r no buIlTlJuid of 
hia family, or tTFii hcqn^ntnnwshfp, hid 
tbc lUfhlefl UUo (or t>citaU?ic t\u^\tt. 
IJit Ant prhtM ^uide or Itit-bouk wb* 
one of tfat-dricft, TWlon'i trtniltllou of 
ihc SyitoDii Natnni, ond by the ilna ho 
irv acfen yean of «(■ he had f»llfol«il a 
imaH hut tolenbly vicW amngtti museum 
nf hi* onHh KrAi» tbauj^li ta rtrr carty 
lifp, cfl(n« Ibfl panii»1 of Baelhuid'fl Kt* 
Uguitc l>jlurianK,llaiklnaon**t>r|aoiclU- 
nitfn». mi} CoEiybfaR't Gvoloj^y of Eng- 
Uiid-^rather hmJ reading tbjit lnC f^r a 
boy, and probaMy rather irmlli'd villi 
than ntidcntool. Tluea faooki. bawcrcrt 
when h« ttu not morr tluo tvdT? Tfars 
oldd inipirird kii» viiU jv warm 4n4 mbidinf 
Utvf of c«ulEfu, At Ibia period «bo bo 
c&iiipllf4 a ManuiU of UiiEUh Natural 111^ 
lor/ in mil iu dpj4r(nian1«, a p>athful 
bbottr, 1 Ttftfrcacu lo vhicb be aftrntnrda 
fuiuid ncrtlccablo w> atuoA lohUcloKof 

ErinciQi lalflnt for Ura«in£, ht ^M lOr 
duDcd ta CAmnunoe hi* »tudi(i« u as anuV, 
and, vihh tbit object In tIcv, kc allcndodi 
Idr aU moDfJu Che sliidio of liiv Ttt« Mr. 
fiMa^in l^ondnn. TnafVar1ifn,iii hinlnr^ 
and nirnrat hiicnry abidioi, bo f«U the ad- 
vautaifo of thli ahort liilalag. Itii lure, 
bowirnr, ofoahirel hutovy led bun to the 
Aald for hit farourilo punait. U« aot^ord- 
iiiffly n-pslrcd to Eduiborght itUrc lie 
oonrnpiiciei] falicarMr tdamodloaltCudBnt 
in Ivna Alrbniig1ilLi«pnr«niidhiainfu1irA] 
btadir* with great Jx'dl ud aocccu* L«nCTrr 
pmcuUii liiiut«lf for bU degrM at (ho 
Univonity. Ue badi la fact. coiilrKTrd 
to ilr«iigan ituchmoiil for tltwifiii^n of 
iroologj Bud bviany, thai be d«l«nHJriMt 
t4 drrote MmMlf to a adentiAo carver. 
WLUiC a itndCDt. phnia vnd aniniali 
•etincd pr^iijilly Td nrtraH bii altentjrin. 
U «», Uowcitr* in a huawlcJ^o of tho 


Obitpaut — Pn^tuar l^Jiuird Porltf, r.R,S. [J«i, 

m^Uktd, White Mill >«C«tat at EAi. 
IwiMM M ia MPOrtvItT «<r wAkBi « 

lit tba MM of AJcicn, Md <nm of Ua 
MrftM mlilltUi r«m «m " Op lAo 

U^ ni rr««b-iraur MolhM« «f Attim 
■bJ Bonc^" AbMt lUi tlw U >]M> 
^■UaI Km OMtlMl of EvrofM, NiUod far 
•n*« Ifa* ta Piriv, ■>< sA • tov ia 
lf«rv»r H«iAtfP«jr4»ftdyi«licdWTenl 
WPtn d'iTCt ^* n^ult of U« obatrntloB*, 

•orjrToor la Tfarvm;,' ' Om (b« Coopcralh* 
Kl«v«lk« of T«iUcn b Oa lip*.* and 
'Uj^eotoglM MoiwnMi a C«tob0U ftf 
Ibd HoUmm lnk«blEb« Um UI> ol||« 
iOd tb«Mi|bbo«riac Sm.' 

WbIM ■ KuilmlTa Cdliborth be tc- 
^BiNd ■ nwarkfctila McnoJitKT ovrr U* 
oladfl «f ill feDov ihidBOH, ' «i maof 
of bb «dataarpoMHM| friHilMvatfiwtp«v> 
Mid • HOCMMl caircr of Mtonl Usiory 
rtndj, h»T« traeed H » U« io a <eofu 
TkU foww «l dnwiH BKD iiodcr Ua b- 
fta«iD«lM<«M*d«ltli ail TMniaod, per* 
bap«« fi>« imh ftf Lt* ifc ten proftoiJ 
wo paemutaM is cArt a* the mittAt w\tk 

wtia haaavalnovnUcit IlivwioEtlia- 
bunh Ibt hi vr bt Mid la Ihm« inooM 
the irt oTdrvdthitJor tlU Ua dm* It l»d 
»«nal]r bcaa tic«rd«d •• part of th« 

■vrioB* irorb or tbo iMhtfftlifC^ H4 dfwr 

aootiiM (A tbo bipoTtBii t«iBlta iha could 
bt obtalonl bf the OM oftte ilo^pto butn- 
mcnt. vMflh h>i Iwea anly«npland bj 
dbanwa to proconr tbiU-tiabi Hn bq- 
OWmio ■M T T t at tbk liiqn *■ On Uw 8tni^ 
lora Mill rormii nt tbo llnrin* lunrW' 
tnU *' fcttMlnl the nido «f tbo drodgti 

■Qtl wUlh U lit in«T b* ""d '*^ bo*0 D|>OtH(l 

1 srv 4f ^ of rc«r«rcti, ir Mi a nttr bn»ob 
of •donee. It wti^aftBrirafda, «tUi tliii 
toolrwiit, in Uu ififvon 8m, ibut be 
aid« Uk Inportvil ob»»ai>OM hf wUcb 

1« wu ca«bM 10 p<nin( o^n Ibo f rcDl Uw, 
that ai Ibfln «<r« v^nn of anJmdl aaJ 
nfittblc lUir la aluiudi on Ibo tidw of 

Itifl Biuunlaiai (bM r^vtfvd tbd OHtht *0 

UtcTf ir«rr luQn of oaloud Mi& ttnitik\^ 
bfc In dvpUi OQ Iho (Idea of (ho vul^y* af 

Fmqunt reeofiU of hUdniiI(Uit«Kur- 
doni «ro to bo faund ia the pBffe* tif liie 
HiCubv of Zoolofj uid fiiHitori aftd 
IbrauEb bla blhuao* DraJilu CaniDitlaM 
barv beaa aiipabt* J bj Lha Britbib JUh . 
dilton,— wLoM Uboura hntu (TMtlj <oo- 
U-lbutcd 10 viOirfR (iiir knuvledgs of tbo 
lotiAbttbCU of ihct Ilriliib •?■«. One of 
tbo latUaal avd moitl Importial cif liU 
aj»t«rD*lio vmki »iu tLe rthult of bla 
drvdciusUboDi. TMi «u bU " Hitlotf 
qfBfitlili SlAr>dib«i au J olbtr AnSuiaUof 

lha Qaaa PihaiiikiMala " paUI<b«d la 

IJHl. lAlhto««ftUai«tUf*daHaDU 

Md oowunh»ai>i bsawMlia of tb« daia 
of i^mtli 1^ wUi& U irMde*oted,-^«ad 
■idad not obIv BUf ifiorita iia« to t^ 
Briifiih FaBA.>«t vaar apM^ ■«* hata 
d oiw ibcd far dw Am tima. I^nih on a 

a«Waor far raaaoval fraai ordlaarT oaBaq 
anMbr* te cava It a ttida tertorfat bv 
IMf Jmatlf A m h J>*»<^ tffnatia* aad 
^Bil latlflaaa^ all frMaUa trnn paocO. 
Whaa, tabaaqaaaUy, baboaaao a feol^ 
^m, and oaa lahhic tvnk vftb l^a aiHt 
iiwtnahbaJ, tl «aa Ui pcactical aaqiuin. 
taao* vitti ^ bad of tba aoaao. nbkb ba 
had acqvlaad hf mtMiof tW Aadca. lh«t 

CI hfaophiiaM «^bt.a»l wUob esthLad 
to to»adaapatatoUlfcaH< *■**»■ 
ladonahip rf th« aiiita «f the caith ftal 
had hiiharto ban waolTod problani. 

U 1141 Mr. Porhat obtalo«i tlia tfi* 

pohiCnafttof KaUraliit to H.M. Sonvr* 
laa flhtp Baaooa, vblob itm oaamdaafoaw 
to Mac fracD Lvda tba awtblaa ^nm' 
t«llifatb*SlrCharl«Fdbma. tM 

rWOf 1M8 b*wMOW«fd«d vlthi 
.tfr. DanicU nd Licvt. Sprati ia«i- 
■alnlBf the eoaat aad ooaattr of LjcU. 
]q cbta J«jr*tT Mr. DaoUl ftU a vIoIIa 
to Ibo fetw of ibc toaaoft and Mr. Fofbaa 
kail an ailafh, iba alWU of vUA ba uc* 
oaaioMllT IM IHI »«Uim a Aoit ptriod of 
bk doceaach An leoooiit of Ihalr Jolal 
Ub««ri^-Hrtdeh rvnlttd (a dia dftoovcrjr 
of lha iMaa of dghtcen ancitttl citko, iraa 
afUTvardt pubtbhod br Hiam* Spfitl 
am! Korhrt lu tW^r "Aarda ia Lrok*" 
It was daniif thia TOface that Ur. rorbt* 
proMoviad bi» r aa aaiih w a vkh lli<> drtdjpj 
L itjff ,1it<aa. vbkh fwiltfd U tba oouii' 
oUiioii d/ tbo U« for th« ^TctoHDont of 

viimfrl aod TCntabIa \^c in ibe d«|>tht of 

dio iioc^a. t£d rotalu of Ibcaa maafditi 
varc Itrtt made hnnvfi la a " tUport on 
tbo hlollDica and RadLataof tba JRun 
8«^ and on their diaribaiioo,«aiial£nd 

aa bnriaf on QeolufTi" mado ti> iba 
llrttbb Aau>ciBtJ0D, «i Ibrir ukvIuic ai 
Cork, in IftU. 

During kji ibKOM Du dik vajic* tbo 
obdr of MoT«nf at King's CJbK Luidon, 
beaue vanDt bf ttac draih of Ibo bto Mr. 
UaddDoa. AlthODibUaUUr-pnldiahrO 
papora bad be«o o« voologr. Ur. Forbca 
bail dnucnl iniirli uucnlion Ui tiutaiij. 
4tkd una kouwn Utt applnns tho aaino 
BioiuneD to die itody d* |ilaati and Udr 
diatrlboboii ai bo bad nov beootno ao dli. 
llnpiUbcd for 10 rrlalion to lha lower forniM 
ofanltnala. Ut wmITio tBeeaaaT^lfaudi- 
date far Ihli chair, itUch ha flibd iiiih 
n«at aiiocaia Itll hii reoaoC tffiolntneDl to 
thR cbair of Kaiural BbCarr at fidlabq*sh> 
Tboae »bo altaaded bu claaa will aver re- 
veaiber dia lAwm ho thrvw amnd Iho 

ttAl OllTOART.— /*io/i*jwi- liiitOfiTti Forbet, I^.RS. 


I i^M) basn thtj ffktot In hit catayuiy 
[iibftpidfit of tiUbs vltL Ui pi|ril«, in 

1^ wi^fci Mfcn ■ I of Loniloa> Nor «cte 

IjbiV W Ac dbtfaifibjtf^ mm if taewt 
IlllMhlVi «bo»Micbt tkia &p|wliunljar 

«Ebnnel««a «f lua grmt pncllaJ 
» oi^wmj 4«pvtiiuut ol nalnral 
fllaiaj lt«tfriarfac>boilriiv0(7orhla 
I^MKW of loctom OD BoUnjr that ho 
•IobC <ba ikUrHUiia FeUUom that 
'ale bclvMB lk« BoipboloffT of the 
lyitudTO iTtUH »f tk« ^rdtluitn 
|«ifl|yt« BBd iU *niUfig7 with Ui*! of 
It^ u i p yplnmL Ulin|wf cmUiUiulijfcC 
M NhI til th« BriUifi AJBoeUUoa «t 

U«Qiiv 41k> obulned llir appoinUMfut 

Ml?- U« ocniHcii tbii poiiiiiMi nnttl 

BwriHHnt «# tb* UucpifciD of E««i')«kitf 

Wooili th9 dilctf f«ft or hio dve vu 
NO oao<fil«4 in tha pnftieol itctoiU «r 
j rt mt Bljtj, h9 Hill faw4 loiMtr to %t- 
^i|> ooae W the 'ui nau of urijiitii] 
•tf«r whiA bo bod coUeetod iloHiif hi* 
Im4#V noondaiM. In 1H0 ko irn>lc 
fcribi Kof Vp«MTii*-)il4W|>nhh«o Ibo 
IrtU* N«kcd^f*a Mfldntv." Thivwmk 
tm frnnUroMf lllmmud rn>m drivliig* 
Vdalir bimwlr, 1i vu (durulcriud bj 
iW Mfa« wxUntiwt Rfturrih arod afrconn 
•f 4M.U ||«| dMiDHirtod hi* ' ll>«oi7 
•TiMiibeo,'— Mid faodaoUbmnofl itti- 
fvrlflit oostribudoni «*tv Quda lo thli 
dipaniDTTit of nktvnl Ikiiiorjr liUmiBriv 
ho fliwfferr «u tbli irorL publLsh'^l ihnii 
9% 6«d bjm <n^a$i>£, tn cooJoncdoD wllk 
Ur. H«il*r. in lb« pflUlHliao of o ' HU- 
Mrjof BritkbMfrllWB.^ TbU#«rk«u 
OiW|* rt od. In low tuluEooL, tn liAX 

It vift nol iMf tfUr hU ooomvtwi 
■0* Um GoBbgM Sodfty md Muieoin 
of I'tmcIhI Ctolofjr, VkU the IWU* of 

to cfant oc^ qito ro co oftk i^ i%ea of 
fo»loff bmoo o|ip«r«iit. Uoe of the 
loott fiiiau'tobla fflitriboiSima to lb* 

wiktm9 of fMlon i*^ ^>* mwuryippeond 

b Ite On* Tili n ni id ibt Urmotr* «f tbr 
Geobikal Sorrcf of Gnol Briinin. Th^t 
ftp^t wbtoh m*f b* ngordei h « noik 
o« Ifca ■ a i > < l , U «M«UmI 'On Iho «oa^ 
Mi-too lb«tw«m tb« IfifthbaltOEi of cbe 
nMMf ftaM Hid non of tt^ Kr^tiiU 

b««v oOtrtffd thik Arot.' In UiU wwk 
Ibe ba|i|7 oDBUvftdan of |rMt ^otaalad 
Md nologjiea knov^dc* u «ndo to ben- 
om oomo «f dw mail toMwo Inqokict 
wick Mord •■ ch« u« b« Riaiocafalp U 
*■ ncka of Q«M UrUola. Vnm tU» 

dniH the TfontaciJuAR of tbo UooloiJCftl 
boirrr^ BivJ the Joonui of the Geolo^cd 
Swirlf . wriv cqrlrked w4Ui bit |i*|<eri, nil 
divplKjinE Bcrurat»tnd nlnaivc nbcnva- 
liuh, L^jmbiiicd with |>njfvuud iDifturf^ual 
UiuQffhi. ToruLUjclo tlMliit of bli pA|ier« 
Aod worki on Zoi^lojcy md Goology. m 
th* Bibtiognfliy |riib^i*1i4d hf iho R^y 
Sodely, tto And llibiu ammalhiir In cE|hlf > 
nine. I'M* Uut Uoci not compnic his 
Bobnknl Popen, or IhnK i>ubJ»lmi iloco 
IKSD, whiob tojtfthvr iro ffr; numonjlu. 
But wliUtt U»iiivM(|ii4ic^ in vncrc •dculiflu 
CoUt he iVnod time to ctk^c In lli[ht<ir 
fittnrj oopapalioOK— o^v(ii^utin|to mom 

thftth obft b««iddi«U- Hit oontri1>utf4n4 

to iho Atbomnim* and to (b« lJt«-. 
rmry U«M«t«v *<rv intiiy aad vAlnoble, 
]11» vtEctf- oa •< ShrllAihf #. thHr W«yfl 
And Worki^" la tb« Ant numlwr of tho 
new tcrica of 1^ Wt>tmiii*m Ila'ic*. I« 
a fdm in it< way ; and Uxe briJUuil arfido 
on " Sdunii" io tb« bit noinbfr of Otv 

Qvtfii^lf. ■Aefr'^tn hit p#ii. At llw liio* 

of hii dcuith I;? wu vntaged on tcvcral 
worki. 'nicontuhichboMrlftniMUBcvd, 
undi?r IfaR fitle of " lUmblM of a Katn. 
ralitt/' he atELl intended to ootnplrtr. 
AontlicT. iLiF " Zuoluij of the Kuropnu 
StM," ta niBrly oil iirlnted. Uo woa alto 

Erepsniig fur pnblioaCioa lh« nnUa of 
i# rvmiriA** lo th« AgMti. 
Younc aa ho wn, migb a man hadearued 
lli« blgbcat bODoon IhiC aalnral bttt^r; 
ariniw f nuld confer, and tv tUr honon* of 
lli<M« With whoiu bf aitoriilcd, cI)ct wrrc 
nut »Utw Lu ducoru nut! r^vant hit luo itt*. 

Ilr w^t ulnMod a Fdlow ot i^ Linnaran 
Sofictj in Fobn IM3, and of Iho 1ti>]ra1 
StMinlf in Ptb- lfl4&,uiilb#nmf «r<loiif a 

lorRibrr cf lit Coundl- tn 1«^ be vaa 
elected ^naUlcnt ofthe UtfologVtral So<;lf t j« 
and ««t in dw fbiAr whLrrh bad brra AIIm 
b* Prof. StfdjTwitk, ^ir R*wlorick t. Mor- 
thlivii, 4uil Sir CbmlE-a I.^cU^ iihr> b>n 
wit!Ln( IcatimooT to tbc ^pnln* of Xhttr 
fOnLhfQl auDcnaor, la U'>i far w Lp- 
p^ht^ Pr«id*At of thd 0«l«^c«l Kfo- 
timi of Ika Uritinh Aaaodatxm. 

Wh«a tb« lUorso of Prof. JaACOOQ ran- 
dend II noMHur f^^id a *<icof«aar«koii]d 
be ifp«Aat«d, all ln»rrat#d In tb« prn>* 
prriij of the UuJ*ff*Uj uf Edlabont^ 
IfivLfd 19 Prof Forbd a> hla •iicn^toT- 
He3btDlTiPdtliuaf>pofntTn«iitta IH&3.and 
w^ catltDAWlicoll J wrlD«a*d hf proflc*- 

aort and atudeotvto hliAUaa Vakr. He 
wiQ proud of hAttoe atulntd tlio poaWoa 
vhii*^. *• a »vuJooi,ba had boiHid cat dajr 
to ill- A« litad to eomplete but «n« 
oooraa of bU leotutcv* ttut tbou<b h« U 
KOoa, bSa iirirtt nnlTei In b» irort*, Mid 
iheto wilt fnw form an ti&jiEifUfit ptrl of 
th« hUvorr of bAtanl kI«b« dufla| iLe 
prtacat ceotsrj. 


OBlTtJAKT^r-iZ^* A- B. Et^m^ DJ>. 


Be vu baried cm TLandif, Nor. 23, 
the Xtjwn cooAcU ud pruicaan of iIh 
UiuTerfli^ ud ctBilniti fbEloviog his ir- 
AHns to the gnvc — ^A^gira, wilh ad- 
ditioQi frooi Tie LHavrj GmttUt. 

Trv Est. A, & Etaxs^ D.D, 

tfn. 8. At Market fionrorth, Loccs- 
toibirt. B^d 73, the R«t- Artimr BeDoni 
Emu, D.D., Head Uarta of Market 
fioswort!] ScbovL 

Tliti gFotleiqaD va« Uu Keood «n «f 
the RfT, Lesit Enia, aflcrvanU Vicar of 
Froifield, CO. Vilu, who rai vcU-ktiowii 
ai an able uln>DOiiitr, and beld for many 
Jean tbc pTaffiiftOiithip af MaihcnKtics 
at tbe Bopl Milliard Acadevj. Woal> 
wichf bj Anne ha vife, eLdest daafbter of 
Thoouj NormAn, oq, bf Flonnre, Kcond 
dtoghleror John NichoJi, eai|. of Che Gam, 
Uonmoathibir^. bj Anoe, only daagbter 
and beireaa of Edward Herbert, e*q, of 
Ha^r, CO. Mopmoatb, doccnded fnHn 
tb« HerbertB of St^ Jntian'i, a brvich of 
the familj of the EarU of Penabroke. 

Hu ralbcrwas the third of fire brotfaen, 
all in hoi J orden, tooaof Thocoaa Evanif 
vho bcld the core of Caerlcoo vitfa Baft- 
nl^. CO. MonmonCli, a man of note for 
hi< daiflica] ud othef attaiDmenta, aikd for 
hii cDf rgy of miad and bod j- 

Tfae inbject of the pracnt iketch vu 
bom It CoraptoQ-Boiichamp, co. Berka, 
March £5,1781, and received hla cdoca- 
tion at the CaU^« School, Glouceater, of 
wluch hia ancle and namoakc wa> beftd- 
maiter. He proce^ed, OcL 23, iSOO, lo 
St. John's coUese, Oaford, vbere be gra- 
duated in Feb. I8Q4. 

He Taa ordained at Glouceater, in Anf- 
|Bl>4,tothccancjofU«rtpni7,co. Gloiic- 
bf Biihop Hnntjngford, and recciTcd 
priest'* ordera tttaa tbc uue prtUtc in 
Sept. 1805. 

In Oct. 1805 be obtained the ProfcMor- 
■hip of ClaBsica and History in the Royal 
MUitar; College, tbea Utelj eiUbliabed 
at Great Marlovr Bncki, and he removed 
wiLhthe college CO S«ndhDntinOct.l812. 

In Juae 18L9 be married Anoc, third 
daugbter of Csptaia Tbonuu DickinioD, 
B-N,. of Bramble bnry, near Woolwich, and 
in 1^22 reaigaed bifl cb«ir ac the Royal 
Military CoLkfc, end remored Co Britwell, 
near Burahmn, Bucka. Here he prepared 
pupilfl for the anivenity, and held the 
curacy of Bumbam nntil IS^g, when he 
accepted the head-iii»l?rabip of tbe Free 
Grammar School at Market Bosnortb. 
WbLtat there reaident be held aucceuiTcLy 
tbe caraciea of Boawortb, Carltoa, and 

ITw worka of which Doctor Evans was 
author are the fallowing : -^ 

I. STna|iMfbrthewBofthBSt»deBt> 
in the Royal MiliCBTy h reifj- 

3, Tbe Cutter, i> Fire l«ctvTe«, na tbe 
Alt and Pfrtice of Cidting Frim di , A&- 
qwintancen, awl Belaliooi 1808- 

3. Fnoguiaiu; or, tbc OynioB* and 
Table-Talk of the Utc Bvuby Pufu, 
vq. 1S09. 

-1- Tbe Cnnle, with other Poou. 1610. 

5. ScraoDS on the rdtfin Dvtics of 
tkPoor. l?mo. ISSS. 

6. Effertul Henna of Prcnaodng and 
Propni^atii^ the GocpeL 8nL A Semoa 
pnbUabed fay requeaL 

7- FxtM&t Kational Ddnnana npon 
Wttdon, Ponr, and Richea. A SemoD. 
8to. 1B3I. 

8. Scraona on tbe Chriitiui t^ md 
Character. 8to. IB32, 

9. Tbe Hiylactery. A Poem. 1836. 

10. rPAfrErS: AONAX, »«, Calamaa 
ScripCorios — or Copiea for writing Gred, 
—for Scho<dL 1837. 

II. The Fifth of Norember; or, tbe 
Romiah Apoctacy conlraated with " Hu 
FuCbODccddtreredtotheSainta-'' 1B5S. 

12. The Viliasc Church. A Poem. 1843. 

13. Edncatioa and Parental Riani^ : 
in imitation of tbc xirth Satire of JurciiaL 
A Poem. 1843. 

14. The Sanctuary Scrriee and not the 
Sermon the Greet Otgeet of an Act of 
PnbUc Worahip in the " Uonec of Prayer.'* 
12mo. 1843. 

15. Hie I^yman'a Test of Ibe Trae 
Miaiater of the Chnrcb of England. ISmo. 

16. Dirine DeauDciaCioni againat Drink- 
ing \ or, Tbe " Word of God*' more powcr- 
fol than "■ Pledge-taking," A Tract for 

17. Leicestenbirr Worda, Phruea, «nd 
Proverbs. 1848. 

IS. PPTBonal Piety ; or Aida to Pirrate 
Prayer for loditidoiifl of all Cliiiee. 12mo. 
stitched. 1851. 

19. BriCain'i Wreck; or, Breakera 
ahead. By ao Old Hand on Board. 8to. 
alitched. 1053. 

Besides lereral Essays and Critiques in 
Tarions MagaELnn, and the Christian 
Remem branccr. 

Many poinCa in the character of this 
exceUent and diatinEuiabed man might be 
dwelt DpOD :-w 

HiBreEuarkablepcraonal courage; which, 
inhia achool-day>, had earned himthetitl« 

Hfs kitofftedge of coitis \ Greek, Roman, 
aod Eagliahf of which he had a large col- 

Beaideji Lia profound knowledge of tbe 
classical Languages, in both of which ho 
wrote with elegance and perapicnity, be 
was well versed in Hebrew aod other eog- 
naCe Uognagea^'— in French, Italian, Spe- 


OAtTUAltY— /fri>. A. B. Evnns. D.D. 


hMdf of lfl>pi«|»» ladfod. «ilb UicLr m- 

iT Ui livovriU itttltn. mt'ro vpcciiJli 
vtik iTfwiI to tbe ctjmo^Ofj of his moilwr- 

^U# hid m cx«elkal car for idliiIc* and 

«■■ • fmfornut oai ftfTr(»| lutliuiupu'f, uf 
vUok Xhm tloioDC«nr> wu hii fit<nirttc- 

Jk««a Wlkt fall I»tr na.^ Mi)aiiftte, »iiil 
k ftH of hl« ikcCtkft in pncil, f hjoq, »iiJ 
ppk, Um huiil of m liuil«r nf no Koand 
iHk •■■ ftpfomi^ Hi* cattle piMv* m- 
ptdlUy liBta b««« proDOVtiMd bf lh« movt 
MP rt ™ < >*^» "M iaforjor 10 tijow of 

nil fpMdaeM ^ cooloffr i^^ boU^r : 
kl^ UUcrof «ych.««p<mt1j, br pco- 
imamA c^naldsnUa ikitL Xt «n tmr\y^- 
in4 f f life be iHrf unud kb «rurLiioaio 
— JMo^Mrt lua kD«vikilceDr •nfttonr 
MhiMtholon «M frMjofacfrAf Hcin tha 
ii e far fi of U* toindtontl JoCfn. 
Hlf (rtAl kiuilims Cu nuiMb ■<« 

crfatUrei uJ )bh riocoUr >klM In 

*'o tttirk^ lomtrj, \«„ • tnrt <iJO 

M Id bt oniltoJ. 
A4 ft vritcr hU fmbTiAkril iffvkt tpctk 
be Ttiw^'lwea, 'i^f, hovcfCF, giic no 
>4Maf hu mDirb'iTfl fcLintf In \ienn\\iz 
fmr ^Vfj^rff. and lbo«a ivr« rf-r turi«r/ 
vbnt ifipmiiiUaa tlqimd* vu a kimn- 
lodpi ol penMi iftd pkoem. Ai « ic^bcKil- 
aMtCTa al« lonr npefKD(«, bit kaiipj 
" kioek ** of tHMhi^t (« (ift far nnr thaa 
iiadly buftocd), bU ilrcp Soii^ht Inlo 
cftanrtffft hi* wiilonD kiAdom uid for- 
Wuince, Tomklaod wrth hi* tb^roinih 
tMoMf* crUi«Db|Vcl*, sniaciitEjr mud 
UMfar&CfMt-hMbebcId, IUm'^^'<^' 

ft IM. ««■ nttftriubic ; til] HiUiin a 
r of kn dnitk ho ro»« rmbrlf tbroufh 
ttv iiwtr 1« ■t^-o'clocb »efaool, fOM- 
iiKf tabnB ■ wilk (kdijK Ibiil Umv, Of 
loi «vMrow popiii dann; % vchoiutic 

MVMT of nc«rlf balf a ccnlitry, tfierr i« not 
aoo «be do«i net vprak of bJ4 old ma»lcr 
■Mb oilbclam nod cAbscni. 

Wm OfMsa* u * pollilcUa belonflcd to 
Ibo COatfVTTAtiTr Hihc"»I,ftDdth«t«niJFiiciFi 
«f tkn 4f^ Ljirt;dj| LlrnDanu<5 nbd fnildii- 
br fiUfd bicb Hitk cliHiiii and 4|>|ir*bf!a- 
■OD viik rcnril to U»o ruturc dnitnicacf 

A^oArine. he bcU tbt opnioru of what 
ii Icfofecd Lhc HiKh Chutcb pui^r. tn »i> 
dolftf, botttier, bv dUdiimod *]l purtv- 
ipbi^ nvniBJiUag tbe priottplt* of tiic 
<rth<dox Cboftb of Ei^Wnd npiinil IW- 
■mUq^ mdeocioa on tbt onff boiiJ, a<id 
CrivtDlfn m CbA oU«r. En tlic dUcborgo 
tf Uo forodilal duUH hf wH dm^rr^t, 
teikmmf ond gmeroaii rtm to din rrno 
of lodhculloit, otiry^b'^rc Ktiiimg uic 
cvnUcKo uid k>Te o<f bii inriihioiicr*' 

la hi* btcrcoQtic vrJtb bii luperlon, be 
knpiv ho* lo idmhEiiId bia iodqwodciiM 
witLoul cTtr fuUnc m due co«rt«*v. llfl 
netcr ukod for » fivour for blutclr, ablch 
aiAf aowunl for his ovrer h«nnf roedfied 
■nf pn^rvtfni m tb» Clmrch, tfeo moit 
hcevtt- dcritrdfrom hi* clerical profvulon 

b«iiiK a cuio^r uf loot B'jrcw. To ku 

«q«u» ODd iofniorv he «•■ OD^fbrmlT hind, 
GOortfooVjOnd oUcatifr, hojtpitablo with* 

out oitentilion, xlwAf rtadf to kui^iL al- 
n>pi aprolbis kinJlr oi hii frkiidt Bbm 
Xhkr bieki vrerr tornVd. Ilii cgnTtTMlion 
on «eriao* tabijeoti vAt thil of a dotp and 
*ubtlo ihiokcr, ond on tadefaUfablfl KthoUr. 
fa ^cntivJ hjcidj tbc pUj uf hi> faocy 
Bitd the rcidincti ^f kl< wiE were Ina1i«u^ 
1tbl«- Pani and mitcdotf i And quauiiooo 

ianmncrabta imidp bim Atwi^t a ||«oU 
bott &iid ft wtlfuitin cVnijuitEiin. Norwaa 
hii cr^«rfclni-B mffrclf auumfd; tn Inti- 
mitc iot«rcoun«. and ^n ibe ba«orH of Ui 
faatl J, bo "u olmjrft th« um« thorougbljr 

kitidlj sud gniial ipiiil. lit, IwrtrcTa 
coiDDromiWi boldly taxi deoidodtr. Troth 
WBihit ohjoat tbt<ra£hlifi),iii ib<>UKhtai»d 
■cHoii, It *in a^ in word. And b* n^irr 
allawcd hUnicll to low tighl Of tMi guiding 
aljr. In liro wArdi, he «ai a Cbrtatinu 
j^qtie&UL. Tko cloto of lija lifr tna 
vufthj vf lhc lunuaBi ut wkich it Ibdl^evn 
spcut- QaltOtO the toHl. in Ibc bitcnralu 
of jiwD, b]a cbcvrfalne** w&i nnabnlcd. 

Hi* eomplfltc ndBnAt;0ii| Ihn hnly joy 
wlCb which he tookn! fL^nrftri! lo ttpwar- 
\n% in LhB pruoncD of bU Makn-, ana kU 
intimnle contitHao Ibit hii life and dHth 
ver* In thu hnnda of Onr wlio woulil du- 

pUK uf tbEIll, not Ouij fui l^uud, Uul Ctit 

tbt bctt, ffcmrd to rcmoTi; fa; iwiy ff*>a^ 
bbdwtb-bed all thot *^ lanknt dMth Ct«* 
riblo/* Daring tbc UtUr |>irt of ki« )«at 
LltncM bo niffered iatcnao and olcaojt 
riohiCnnt pain, wkiah only abalod o toij 
few bmrr* bof^nv kiv dMth. Pof « ;r«r 
Uiforr br bnil bwii failtng ta hoiUhp 
mill 4 tbit iu Uu9liu((9 in (b< ajidn; op- 
l>Dtrcd oniT to contlrm ihtf apvptom*. It 
*iiu, howotcrr, &nl; n ku woak« brfort ko 
died thai an J gre«| dnn^cr vu aptieipatod. 
To Ulm it irat glTca to look oa ootnra 
wiEli ilio o;e of ibe pBloter nad Uio heut 
of (he port; and it ■>■. parha|ia. frona thia 
aovroc of fnlJficAlioii more than from any 

UlLei that be flioi? bit cuulliiwl ilKciful- 
noi nud cnfaiJinit eoiojiucnt af Ufi;, Uo 
waf DOfcr kirward iritb auT fcatfutoraimc 
for diitinoljnn or fame. Ho hjkd loarnod 
catljr CO *oek fi>r tbc j)oc1*« tfun r««trd, 
not in Ibc praiitra gt men, but in hu avu 
capacitifui of ktcDfr tppfrrinlJon of Iko 
blfltdcp oF tifo. nod in ii^v rki'tri«e of CboC 
Itcuial loic tmvaiili uattio wlik'li la pait 
And parcel of the Iotc toworda noliire'a 





Cod — UiebighotltAdlioliivlcharitiUnitk: 

of ttl trae fmui, ilcncr, tllliouth b»< 
UUd froiQ communicii wilh lit* fqiuJi to 

binl'vorhrd uiJ lur^t-viirkinK ^ tliV IhC, 
nunc vvcr bevU from bli tlji* ouv ujuriaur 
Of Isipollebceordiioonteiit- Cirrfvl omIt 
Id ■li>]ui dntf nobLf in llmt itttc uf life 
t« ■rliicla it IlwI pifvcil UoJ t4 oil bi4B. 

h« ki>pt Ihr ««eii icnoi ofhu « ij, pfiffrful 
tnd ooulePlHl, a fi^hrul mlniitrr and 
■leatH «f Him fo vluMT uv-iiop h^ hod 
ikvolDi lu life 

H« ««• tfae CftiUwr of ili «blt4rvu, tlj^ 
Amms Arthur JcliB. 0«orsc Emiii*. and 
Scbuiiin^ or«rboiAAjtbiir, 11 bolf orden, 
dr«i April ^ I , I ^O. Agfd fffi ^ and GcorKt, 
Attudvntifi ncdiciiu, J*niurf £S, IfllT. 

102 Odituary.— Z'. ^. ir«*»/. Hi^—T. 3iiKtMH^, Siq. (J«i. 

Mr- AlWrl Smith, mbi crihprt wb* kttTc 
bvconic knovn to finc; 

Ur> Dual'* Ma^ma and cocrfMk 
fptnpmvmt iii«dr )><rn ji frH|«thl, uid 
ttcit alitftp « ■ttrcftiful, |iri»Jtvtor. Oik 
of tiU prujccU. Tte Mcidio*! TiuM*. mUI 
live* — a praf|i«rmii pcriodiod. TW KO* 
fill urmig fmoi 1h« mcttnfiiJ vvotur* 

r'>*tiWd hini tvpayUftArcvabc! la past tlw 
It^ll «Dd UallcfB fes • quitlirird wifmo. 
UDhftpplljr. 1^ mtKotidiict or a icIifliTO 
1^ bkmliit^diflentim, w^k^li nblij^l Wlni 
to part vilB tlivrr9|i«(tj, vidto lak* Ifa* 
viliWtiuB uf an uutou nirgeon In NorMk. 

Atttr a r«ar« bs mamed to I^vioBt 
ckia^r out a trafticff irbicli b« trMi lo •»« 
(•bfiib bjr btflrvturc He fcfcava m^- 
ndilor of tb« lUuBlraied London Kt««, and 
afUnrtrda editor of tti« nctoiial Ttaaa. 
Winn tha DaH^ S»m« *4«4Urt«d in IMA 
Mr Hani waa afWi^J ^y Mr. Charlva 
Dickwii a> wicaf the ml*tiuut oHlow ; aad, 
boaidnbli plomrlal nUunliip «^ ailca- 
danoff npon some naadtnt fwHcala at bia 
bciUH lu On^qwlch, be foaad iIbh t« 
write the lolnibn bj wbick bla nana la 
baLhnonn. -*rbc FoorU Kitalat a ma* 
Ufj of Llia Cn^Jab N* vppap«r I'rfaA.'* Ilj 
dcfrofft, lid*vv«r, be drroMd biapaair m- 
tlraly to liiv Dulljr Nca« and la 1A51 
beoatna ila odilar^lo-ddid', 

Mr lloni'd manifntdi^fAt «u bii tn- 

dvncj ti> dJitrjbuta bis mind «id Kit vbcr- 

gUi over too l«T|a » anrfaet, and to 
ondviiakc loo aaany wafia y taffnf** In 
Ihv BildM or Ida hVrrarj and toadjcoloa- 
EiCnneara be wu al«an a aealoni polhl- 
olad on tbv I.iW nl Mt, aftd bcU fbr a 
time tlie oIKm of SrcntitTio Vtt $tfU 
l^^ndon Anli-Com-La* Lff^uc. But 
«1ira viic< he hftd all^vod Kb ulaaU Ur 
pUf, tbrir itm^ vod powrr wirt &o- 
muj^ly 4*<«b)pfiL To hi* ttneeailaf m- 
litiijrp j«drB««al. and Htonir; f%Mif ar» 
prindptLlty dnr the tommtvdtl vaooMt 
whicti the Dailj N<wi— for ao laosa lima 
a alrntxiinc pr»p«riT— U nndeniood t« 

Oftr»<aV aod taoaaaaait mautail axdla- 
ment pwdbpoaed a far frooa robaal 6iia« 
U> toccirmbto tbvrii^lcataitaek nTdiicaM. 
H« wv atnwk *itb tji^us, ud dUd afl«T 
tlhTM vEeki' lUnoat. Uc loaiv* a «via« 
and fOnr ctuldrrn* wuli a modaai bwt 

Mp, Id. At hiK miiTpni!* it F»ra«t 
Hin, •Red 40, Frrdrrick Kn[«ht Uunl, 
caou Kdltoruf llto I^aU^ N^if. 

The pane of Mr- Huni ia knomi to oar 
rtad«f». lie atorf of hta Itff hai not onlj 
a nwdal iolensl for joumailati and nan 
of Eetlcra, bnt tflOTdi ItaaoiK of ci^urace, 
peravffraM* and nnMlAAnna, bj vhkb 
all lorta andcondit»na of men majprolU- 

Mr HuAlTaaboenln April ISI4 i and, 
at the mgt vf iiatcen, «Wn bjs failwr dic4, 
hold a labordiflalD altuatian bn ibcnrinl- 
iiifC'Offior of ih(f MonUnf Herald llewat 
Una cldatt of Bit cblldrcn. wht>, mMit tho 
Bii>tb«r,«ervldlnnprD«idcdror; «nJ, a1- 
iboufh hlfl nl|hu *en« occipttd vtih a 
fiti|uinB dulf, bi Alied iip hiadift in tte 
c^tacUrofcterh to a b&malrr inthe Tvid< 
«W* n*marti tban t1>m jfni* lir iurt« 
Lad a Qontinaoaa night's ml oflrnrr than 
OMai vaek. Ho norked tLtonUj n^iEbt 
aad^v lo a«fport bla tMher'* funitj: 
whkb M oever ^tollf ccaied to do down 
to kla dcaih, Hta rntplojer-^iot over- 
^nlesed nitk briefn— aaled Eitlle mora of 
him than hia pretence In chtmbora ; bat 
Ih *w (IOC iJte iK'ic. Cter? ajiaro 
abiltinc vai apvnt m booki t and k «u 
darlof thcAe offlu* hnnra Cbat he p«smrvd 
Ib a eourtu ol mdiae and e*lf4utta**, faj 
meant of ■hicli be aherirarda faufht hta 
vaj apvrud ia tha world, 

Hii pftlmn, appredaUnt bia lltoraiT 
bdoAir^p vu indtt»d 10 ffte Mm mA 
intro^uodooB aa pn>oaTed for Uv Ui ftnt 
liliiui «ifi{vm<nt, «1doh wu with a 
ihart4lTed unrnSnf novapiper. Fran 

thai lfme^«ilb Ihecie^FrlOn of onv ahtitt 
inlet*^— be |ii«d bj hia ptn ; bnt, be- 
lierkflf that a mora dIavinctLf reoofotard 
pra fc arion «■• nacamiy to idTtnctment 
In Itfo^be itndied medicine, and wta a e«n- 
tsuponrjf tA Utddkaei ilv*|)tt4l, with 

TnoHAi M^tuKKrfR, C«a, 
Otft. IS. Ac LadrbiTt, Elfin. <rra lyrf- 
hral di ■■■■>, in tb« primfl «f life, Thomaa 
MatrkOE^r, ra<|- 3nhil«Ct 

lie vu an coitnviait tb bla prof^wJon, 
and eapwiallj delU^le^ bi tha old ftmlh h 
baroQial aljle. He ■Ciidicd Ant, it ^- 
pcar*, nudcf Uf > Jubai SmiUr, <Hj aftld- 


Obit VARY, 


q«L jUxrdMQ. ud aotwqQCntV vndtt 

Hr. ArrMU4 Slspwa, of lbs «vat citt. 

Idr. llMli««iafi«commcac«dbwla«M in 

1^ «u liie Mutnio, Alocic wiih hi> 
pdTivr. Mr- M>»h*v» vf AhcnJcvn. h« 
■b> ^«ilcBo4 th« Cocbmerdd Btnk. Tht 

^ ft h«MB It Lunlbaok, b«lnitiotf to 
th-thMm, tntU bum M^^Mt, 

lbc%M^. B«t bb irebiKvoiiiffMl l«Jbonn 
wm MM tfaftAaal t« ET|tiL Anonsit 

IH lIiM'« School*, at Porhftlxn i Uid 
^>ii>il b«MlBf frvcted In fiotrlphiiU 
itt A4m\nl IhtUt vf Druuma&ri auJ 4 
rfollir baDdof ibr Hr- M4tfae«on, on Lii 
pwpfty of Ardron i vbiJ* «t U« prf«4nt 
^■■■n< Ibarv U bvlaf lUfl H d In Pwih- 

itao fiw dtfUf HI fnn4bh«d hy htn, 

k •pwlacK of kU tiTfnta in •nolhflr 
Inocfe Of arclill««Uirv mt^ b< tceD In Ihc 
FlvB Cfcxtfc 4C liiv«ni«Ht ■ buUdiof In 
ilii PcrpendknUr wifie «f Gotfaw archt- 
Tbv UdA^ PrdbjrttrUrt Ch4idi 

|4«r» «■■ ulmo dodgvcd bjr kiui> ahU 
CMoqUb Bnk «t PorrvL Aaothn 

or bi U th« sMttoQ ia wEiicb «rc 

«MirrW<l the poor-hMftn ml AbcrdMn- 

U n«ldat tAMoM lo boildlog* Hr. 
|iUckiart> tiM olM iktlbd. Oiw of liW 
ttort Inpcrtnt Ubovn 4f 4b Und ww 
tfce wngJilfiif tt th« nodffn pAriioni 
«/ ifcd old ^Mlfl or BaUndABKb, ■Ad <Le 
tncUnn of AMtkrni ; tU In Ucving ^th 
Ihi old to««f« lad lorrrU, wbLch ilaif 
froDk Ibo MUdIo of ihn «tit*mlti aattnrj, 
Am^ktr neA of ^« «mm kind ni ipme 
^dlCfav to Ihc old «uU» of Cokdor, 
Mfh ba*« 9n1j reeeothr bnn oooiplctrd, 
Attotlur of tb« nviv mncltr, tUb»ue:h 
OB • ttoJkVm 9alfy hn U«a bl« mtora- 
tioM, bf Clrvdkn of Ibc Earl of Pif<. of 
the tn^'7 ^<1 vehlUotoTf «if tlic oU 
imy of PloMoiniRn, 

I0 KuiM tUn ve sotte ppechnoni of 
Mr. Hiiekciiw'ii tiluitB L for vKBUpIc^ the 
B«vh*l| ttC SLApdre«'f Lode*— «o nrvc- 
IkMlAlbtlU&uiljk, arid tbcNflfdcnoo, 
juti ^widtUd, ior Ht, VT, GfuL 

Bj hit nife. i^> w ml t o hia, indinlio 
k> djiDrhUr of th« laav Mr. M'lnnfti, of 
Doujjtlth, MftdAinrM ^f r'>loiir| Mtr- 
thiUI, Mr. H«(^^tn>ic lottu. vd belicrvo. 
liTVchiMrta. lDi»-rin(t Lkfo EriedooHaod 

•M ttrrTwhfTc kcld In h^b rvipMC.— 

Ma. Fm»Diiciu,»<- 
S9l.9ft. IiiLaDdaa,Mr.p4C«rBiidian, 

Af PfUHMttd. 

Fbr mofv ttui ■ qtwrlcr «f a ofAturj 
1. Dttsbw Ikt* hloMlf oxiMADtlj ba- 
Ao r^hltc hj the publicvtioo of a 

•«rif« of vrock4, cUnflr of lu 4iitii;uiinna 
kifid, Hi« two TOlviOM of IkUndj of Iho 
KoEib of SoatliAd oro • v*Ja«blD fontrt- 
bntloQ to tbc hfvodirj loro ot hh oountrT. 
He tnTdlod over • gnt p«rt of Sfottond, 
in Ohier that I10 mtjbt obCaln, from Iho 
hpa nf Ibv oldaii t»li«liiUnu, lotip frhich, 
lliijugb |iu|iuU] iu jitrlicnljir diiLfivt*, bud 
a«v«r bean coininlttad lo pApcr, or. kf Ihaj 
iad, bad kog ooaad lo aJJL UU iio«a« 
AEid f*Dcnd wriiteft Ikiow « vail ^bowiI 
of UjLi o» the drcQintttiioaa nndw wImIi 
m aDj or the aaoftt popnkr ballida of Seoi' 
kind venu vrittcn. Mr. Baobkn «ru a 
pf^rfret vnibutlaiC in iirbat«wr nUled to 
tbe bUroriotl or Ucvndtrj IHcmtara of 
TitA a^ijto Uftd. thU Ihct atCncloltbfl 
utirntinn nf Srr Waltcf Scotl. and alflo 

Srocitrfld ibc fridndvUi)! of Mr. J^odclivt, 
It, Buchuk waaalaoa nan of (rcat «dea- 
tiAi; atuLDOwnii, vhiEo hu kocnrlcdgc of 
RMoba&ina tstilfld the adnitrvtion of til 
Ihooa «b> wtr« a«nnaiat«d ivltb hha and 
oo«U apdroctalc hli ■c^ulraoiail*. 


AtunatA IH ritMOKOE/KiiCAL onnui. 

Jm IU«- AlOUtv.HnrJenknd.AndfVir- 

T1ionik*^riiiahx«, ^itam mrti «rib«m Aadnv* 
ixno^ui, i>f H«*lme, oev Kattar- 

Ddtitt. ymtWiH aid bit iDrrtnnir ftm of (■>• 

Jfdn-aa. Ai1lf«L Mht, ■fl«4«4,ODlaifll A 

flt I^«r(. llv wii ciipolnuxl lo Ebt Bttal 

rci b> CaiT. HAW cTMftd a Kniiftt OoBMdir 


^11, At OvMvUamilK UeviM3>t Far^ 
avtoaFraadi 1lttraxC3. fcinvir CMnaandiat 
tfFI)vo«tt. ToualdftdGiaovwlhoUBi aad 
t«n«iloipabMlH.«nnt« tU aOmtnA^iKbtL 
vfltt4daiMblih4M*iV«a. For hU«ufl«niiia> 
ui tba atti«ci Wf Bmbarl TM mu i j d Ua 
Uianlv. uir vVnrr-l 0»l Thflni* tb* xipwMon 
<f ()■« wfiulo fl«u]rLUtini«t. vtaMi w>t ditilnad. 
n« ymt numiikiiicHi ■ kui^ of ui< UuivreiUi 
vdarbrKln* Wiiuunrv. T^ krt MmMBtta 
irf Ui hnr <nfa tpmt ui ccUkUuji mm(«y lo- 
fiifmtflan for tT>« tmtTMian id « dally Jmaoii 

/t%ii. JUr^iniui. ILw-llcteiiH IteiiMBcd 
FMvr U K«tt AmoU, aht-lMe of Oral Vw- At Nmh Addibao, SobUi AnittmU, 
Op*^ ll<iw« Clart4 »c**vr, I-1* af tbo 141* 

n^ndlvT UarbBl i^U, lOih ft«V Iktfd Mft of bo 
UM uI- b Jl- <Ma, tasd OmlTT- 

i«V. t«. At MQVnirAW^«ndtd.nmodt 
jUaxBudw. tUi4 ns Vf Jvha San^y utUi. gf 


..^. _ Ai flotalhAQ. Mhift NvlOF. Of (ba 
tad tarafOM lUct BdimI PrMhtcucy^ 
A^,tk A\ Urn amrUlnK nf ttwlHii. Lofaa 

» of 9aaaal doml, ih- 01 ^urMaa. 

Attr »*- Al ratrouatanyTka IiiouebiltB, 

Cv^- CUrIn AtfH TUtar. ILM,. tn\f Ma of 

Chtf Wi tVLvr, «, of F«t r«a^ CwaMrtaad. 

i^pi. tvur UI v4lM cattviUT Ivdtac tfH £«• 




J/m£.U At Mmt. If^- V-i.O»ffll> IhM M> 
f^ !»■ Wta Rar- UaI«1 Cn»r£» R«tw of flivue. 

DkinvnaAtn tfc« Ohlnt iMMfid IT, BacAart 

«mdKn<]«aaitn.jBtaBltovwtclUkiffin. ^ 

A9<. .. jUtbii^iiii.H«vrTlimbTnihai, XA 

nntiUwt«nariMlfi*r.lta>rT^niv*TtVI«a, M^ 


Aff, II, At . . _ 
JdIU, vMt gf JlH«T 

»tLi«, MfpAttf rH»M, rj^.McMaiD>- 


^J^E.!! Al roalM, liUlUiD HMi U<k- 

wmtaBmon locu«i, «>|' of ci«ton n« 

LtL TM JlUht t(«t. J. H. Walsrrvlit, 

MdM oTtlk* rjHUm dlMrp-a «r Xfw 
Tosk.toatde&btvwconocnladU'lUl, nr. 

anr MMd* In Om taiiotrx- 

AfH- M- At A*nBitl?.»1 M. miltolU WOnfi 

SiwUMi.vhj. tfUittniorihtfeffr-C-D^ttrcRlBTi, 
trr of Ul«e lU^ngliui, 
Al RmIbhc, UalOWB, ^rl tt, ■)'" ol Atac- 

tef.M. Al l%nlta. ll«T,«l«BQrUa«t.F. 
0. KimhtiQ. tM iMiiU^r N- IJiM lif. 
M.». in u>t*rva4tf the AROmeraw, 

WfU, KflWT llMil», «^ 4f WMd-tfld, Mir 

«tf,Sil> AiC^kuUfl^CfuilciIirtfiAf rrHOOii, 

«^ «ip«(VLtMilD« mrnm, Lweut Cnlt.aLtaii 

AC ITmlalkli, AJke, Htond dtn. «f lU Wo 
<M_ Kdwil CvrotnM 0jond, Du^ «nr. 

<!W <. M KriMA Tie. loiiL ifvtf MyJuoM 

UalE^ iMrnc*. kl«D|^ 0>f U ta^W HW4 «i >r 
CiililtDr^Ortfr«AvHirAr«tidB«nhtf ttv^ 

SI*, R« li*U 1U «|ii>M«ln«ii( «( iHtiltfifM* 

Oer. A. At KtUJiU**, of 4iLiAnA. Pf^ ViiMif- 
MliOf tbe4<ILi Utd Mr, Himit. AMtiUrl sfu/. AinkffTftiT' 11 v.y^ijAH jirtuin 

llkt Eut vlUi Uk^j.i , iLnEntlhtl IniO 

1^■ ClFtwtoo ttgntiy . mi: jiTinrvtH* *tbDb«1 
tiimntflfrlh* IrMlitivtinf III ilio Crlnia.whcfo 
&t «W Hind iftUM^t mnciV or h JtML ha dlM- 

At MlnMrit, a^ 1!, ImMjjU nlKt gf Alikjor 
AnbR*;.! H'lnijre, 

tvt.H, Al ttviil rinAw. bi Uu Punjui^ 
l^f'ui C)>4« At»iy HoiiHh 3^>li >'^t^ 

(irf. »;. ufi t-juij tbo >*iJ-pA«Li, lAarlH 

Jdi»Iiu<. inldAiurnuD. fiJiiiih mi tf t^t late JIfit. 

tii«iiftr Umuu. \ w«e vt Ji4UuivUju, «■. tiaocnai, 

', *d «ludu & likfra^liv 4tiva«nd In Odt —-j—*— 

I iiUdwilj la Ibo Mlvk of ttwl:nfTUh flBat 
tb* tMUot ^rlwhjivl Al Hn' ili]n,Kc. 
n wttibthrrlnf ID Vh luoit ucuiLflAfrwai^ 
. iTiVHrtlri^ lilni'vl'lu 41Uw(jjjii biO vucvufTijcliiA 
tilt IDM Of 1ik4 ciLitf«r.«liinfau vnu iumL ual- 

4«4H*»U<l>i||f|tLl<« 1v Idl <lll(f. tt4 XaaHlituJ. 

rufix VKUivM \a Uw rtchi la^, abd Lik vhula 
■ydtmi ■^*1«« . trf 4 ^ivfitbiA «urtl «a tka km^ 
Afk,«i4lir dial vud alli7 llta ampalai'on ff iVw 
'*"■* '•Mtitit^ fen»l fLuiar';- *»»*»"'■' 1 ■■-' .■! 

h iH^Lmiiiv I'll.! rliQi I 

*-tAllrA4 t-*iT ■l^<i i;r-^<i' 

Mumd cUa auny uj.ik'Lj..iL<iL] l<i na 

l*pfc t OT b«ntivflinoaftihaKpflMlsl»of tn« 

T~Tlirii iilTilii iTTrT liff Tiia rirlrl'iB'"'"!'' 

JU Itomaian. f Jtal. CtirtiM^har lUinar, ftM 

oi^n. IflltaaMjr.aiaill.LiiiunlDrlri^aj 
M(^ ><>■ toipi Whit, lat cMwH adii tf W, 

(ULli Al BdaUiv*, after urairebaorVl]]. 

Ha mtmmt lb* arrtia M OunOI laiQ.aluliM 
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tidvRt -vi or Alaundar L. VoUmKio, «q- Of 
CiHil«ii-liE]|, Oiwvbnoli, EmL 

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»*v of D Win 

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member fcir Om korihMzh- 

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t#rlMin, dad. Of tare Uia Krr. Uflir; EoWrlva, 
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of tAh«riJuin>A^nt 19, Hvni^tc* TIioijijla Tivjr«Jnnp 
Ucot. 6M F»t, KD af CfepI, U, I*. I'ifvWtD, 

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waatd mrinl In tb» ltvmbca,«a U« 1Mb ^M., 
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Cuvdiv "tdHl taa oT H^urOm. Davl«^ tf DalU^■ 
liant. KiHBtj; 

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Dtimifi, 0*1. lalt of Uiq OanliUileM. ka of Ibo 
tan annVtwaat,ll»eiat,r UOfrtob. KtvfDtt . 

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Qiirt«»£«>nf:]v.«tq. >c*d 14, hftAaea, du, af 
I2ie laM JoItQ Ciioi^ Hf. of DiiQ(1*ta, (0- Ldu- 

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btohanaLAifMarCaviutiBo of Oi« k1aa«3rr 
Ijaato, •»!■ of HimpiiaB. 

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KLddMOn, mq- Ol VVtHnh'lDn. 

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F*. UurEiam, by som, daa- Md lirir uf Jauot 
Taul SmiTh. IN] ; wu nurrtadm l»)l,K4jd left 4 
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Ai Fuchal, MidciA. ^«1 A , Fkn UKklnMr, 
Vtt of BItbardC. Smiili.Hq. 
Al Hmw—t— **^. vr«i ^, John lUlDn, oq. 

Bbil Lm WbaaUcT^cw. 
At CTtfta^ lJtat.-<i«iL Rkbud Wbiifa, Cot- of 

JT^Ts n. At GhKmrtcT-pl. nsrtmiD-w], Uary- 
ttcoiM^ TonagrA dma. of tha Rot. Klcbud 


Krr, Tbomai pBacaa» of SdWn. 

YnUiun Holehlasiin Itemet, third kd of Htaiy 

A1 TiUnston. ajEM 49,RDl»Tt Pitt EdUu. eiq. 
U^.rmttmot ef Occuhctt In Gntbam ooll^«, 
■ml far e4<btHn nut Saeond Mmjtar el tbe dl; 
of Inaqdon Stbooi. Ila waa a lUu cm the fitm- 
daboB cf Tntmr hOtec. Cajubrid^e; and ma 
iwinrlT Hcoud maileT Ol Swdostun rmprlclarr 

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Gen. Gcgrn UimbT, Cfi. fiental Ana J. U«wu 
acaddt oTjiOO. LMDl.-Col^47lhKJnf. LSS.Co- 

Al l^rcal BuTttead, a^ad CI, Ifr. WDUam I^mg, 
late of Ullagnw'A, Har^inElliic. ud youD^eit 
vm of tba lata Cliiu-la Long, esq. of SUttead. 

M Scatari.fromiTDundinAlTedat thabaUldof 
Balaklara. ififd 24^ Coniflt Iho TJoc. Oref Nerille* 
5Ui l>n4tooD iioarda, QfUi and yonagai aon of 
Lord BrajbrDDk*. 

At KortmiaFt, afrd C3. Bolwrt Kevioi, «q. aoa 
orthf tan AnMUld N«TlQi.eaq.or Eitf Ian, co. 

,\[ mrUDjetoa, Jant, iiifo of Ui« l^^r. nuuaat 
WtVb Uintnn. 

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oF HenJaaUQ Maadaa Prreln, eiq. 

At hri*htm, ^:«I 71, ErDimf fiobert*. Mq- of 
Rairnibounw Farh* Lowlsbam, laic of t2u Bwga} 

A| ConitantlbuplQ, or Ca^^p, LEout. ArUioi 
Henry Thl'tlflhwuTtp, Scola l-lisillcr Gu-uda, 
Hijiij^'rt »i« iif Ihe'tfcW Tfiomw TlilrtliUiwaylf. 
*»4- \-t S^mthirkrfc'iiflrk, M*iit». bj liU hccond iHfB 
'■"nriihooa. dan, oT tbe late Hvnty Ji^tliunl. T,ord 
UOMkr i>f Korwlcli. He fkad titgtily dlfUikfiui^Lt.'d 
hiiiiirir iiy ^liM braVBTT at tb? battius of Alma asd 

A1 i^udk4cfa,if:ed 41, ELUabcth, wife of tbo 
i;vT, C. A^ Ntv^ IlKJinaji, UJi, Conta of Cbnd- 
IfJlCh. uid MilT dau. of Uear-Adm- WOUam J. 

At Y<irk.iwAl«l.lfT, T.B. TonuB.ofSbamaU, 
thuJnkit i^ih* laiv J<kliQ of Loath. 
A\i'. It. .\^t.\ -iV. Edwa^ barber, ui^ of 

tirLki<vv)ri»mi4tviLd4U,Af t>ielal47 KrurLiFdn»- 
tv, * ^i KtiilbauiN'i'litiiil llouic, Mannile. 

(■ii ki4jd (kM Ami*?!, mqu ■■iiJiid> fTTclred In 
Uid t-'tUk' vi 1iiV<'iiUik»[|, IJPut, (iftirca Udny 
L|ik/UiH,,iTthi{i;|^.yuuitt:vitliviiur Uaninrd Ha^i} 

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U«u^ [[. *db<if HKOtiilUuM(i^^ei>fUau:iini^ 
UvU'U IVlsvIlIIv, LtuuViii. 

U UdJil|lIlu[^ l>»>*k-ii,a*o.l fia.Tiiomaa Lanedoo, 

\l JirLAbvkiiiiv.. Hurt-., »ftd 7«, W, I'wklna, 
<;iu. ^J ^l. LlvhuViaiLiuJ-iuif All. 

V ViuMihuw \^UiA» tti (ba ivaJdance of har 
^v^'i. \uaa-Flulli< viiW hurvivb^ daa, of the 

Al Wtobaeb , adraaoftd bi rMra, ^noiui Wrt^l , 
taq. fonmrly jrf TffTlngtop SL John*!. 

JVh. i^ WflUam Allaa, «H. of the Qmacfl* 
DarllD^D, a ma^litrale cf Honaai, 

kaiT'Eliubcth. wlft of Iha Bar. Chaa. BonWI, 
Ractor of Utcham* Norfolh. 
At KDniLLDgtaii) a^ til, John Carter, Baq, 
At ClaTtcn Green, I^nc. aged M, Fnncea, wlfc 
cf Joha Gantang, oq- 

At LhvU, acDd BA^raixabolh, widow of HicharA 
KcmpUj, «q. aod eJdeal dau- of Ihfl lata Bn. 
Wm- FrVar, Hector efSLXhduel'a.Spiiniantet 

At Bayiwoler. 3lia. ItargantCandlne Lenral*, 
fbTLUcrly of Wbltcbaren, daa- of the lafe WStUam 
Campbal] Uoatlr, esq. CapL and Adjutant 9t Ov 
WUilehavcji Ullltia^ 

At Hteviuitf , o^ ft5, EUiabelh, widow dlH^ 
liaju LewlB, e«q- of LondoiL 

At tbemldence oT Charks Uogf , FXOS. Fls^ 
biUT'pl.3oiitb,agod7a,kCr3. labeBa I^Dcaite 

Id rrln»a-ri. tlanoTer-aii- ElUa, widow of lh« 
Ebt. C- Haucaty. J^eclor uf ruilej, fl*a^*. 

In 01ou4«tter-crvKeiit, IfegeDt'i-park, a^ed S\ 
Satab, wir^of JohnSEwIe Park, caq, UeoLKJI- 
At Kf natDj^on, aged 60, Thot. Widj^ Plnero, iwq, 
ARf^ S4, Edward Berem FrmO. yDnn^st aon fff 
the Kev. Jolii] Piatt. KKtdr of SfldleKomb. 

Id Camdan-iq. a^ed Gfl, John lUrruop Scott, 
»q. niBJir jran of St. Ujulm'a In Ibe FUd^ 

At CliatJwii. need 69, IticJtari) Townnn, eaq- 
for maoy yeara vcauj clerk of Su Gecrsc^ EaM, 

At Crafad Hooie, Weatmeath, Hearer Nvwood 
I^TD, ssq. lato of Leckhaaploti Conit. Ulanc a 
I>^. LlcDt. and nuieistralo for the cq. GloncatVa 
DJid WeoQiioaUt and Kkk^'v^imtlca' Ho wqathe 
eldentniiDf Charln Brandon Ttjk^ oaq. F.BA 
who iHaA in EBIJ, bj Uary, dan. of Vm RtT- 
Samncl Lysona, nt RodmartoD, Glouc, mnd ibter 
to Lhe colehnted actiqaarttiH Samuel l-jiiobi, oq. 
F.R.3- V.P-S-A. and Uie Iter. iJiuik] LjTWns, f Jt, 
and A,SS- Hr, Trye marrioil In Ihm Altaa-Har- 
riet, eJdeit daa. of Franrle Lon^orl^, vaq. of 
Crc^, Imt had do Ueuf . 

A^rrd GB, Sophia, wlfC of Jcwrph Wkkbam, taq. 
laMoflte War Office, 

JVov. 14. In the trauipart Kip Van Winkle, 
wTockeJ olf Dalaklava. a^^t 37, Ijonry Croft, lota 
CipruiD in tbe Roral Drjcooni, eldosL vm of the 
lAUColoaelnrDft of Smllng^on IlAll.Tn-kahirv, 

Agnda'J, Jcvo Corllitg, caq- Ua^lrateaada 
Drputy-Ueut. QTSnrray. 

On hoard the AiuI«a, arawoiiiid.retfllrDdallSia 
Ixad orhlnrteliiicni> the ?]it Fiufliern, In actha 
at the halUu of Jokeruunji. a^cd 4A, Ueiit--Col. 
Frederic G«n^ ^n^li*^, j'^^iniccr Nm of (ha Im^ 
LIcut.-Oen. George liuherl AinalLo vid Sophia 
|?eT!1i?, his wlfB, and ^^randaon of the lole Sii 
Phnip AlnalldH of nilon, S.S. 

At KQniiliigton,fwe4l AG, JtoeC. wfi^ow of JaqM* 
Chtpc^iaAfl) cxjr of LondoL, wUcttor, fuiroarlj of 

At Windsor, ajted M, Thnmas Walter Bond 
Cooper, c«], fCurlh HD of tholatflTIUMuaaCwpcr, 
esg. of Heniej-on-TlLBinCi. 

At W'JlcuT Uoiior, aired *^% Goorfflon^ widow of 
VIce-AJm. Sir John Gore, KCB. aDdfi.CH. She 
vaa the eldest dniL of the late Adm. Sir Gcor^ 
HoDla^, G.C.B, WU4 loarrted In ISffi. and left a 
widow In HK. 

aiM Howard. ofYM-k-pLrortmaD'Sij aafl Pin- 
ner, Kiildlf'H'i, 

In Ibo wrcc^ of Ilic Prince trauFporl, off 3l4la1i- 
lara, bating rode on board on ilutT'Irom the Camp 
belbro SeUirtopd. ajjod sa, Cjipt, fflUiLna Mawjn 
Infilu, l{, Eric, SKDDd wn of the late Jama Li^Ua, 
nn. of Norn-uuil. Surrey, 

At uishup'oarDiQutb, aged ?6. laaac Psnon 
Lore, nq. Dolj aun of Jomih Lore, aa. «f WU- 
ILiutOD Hall. 
At Pert lauc, GflninD, UIm Sul<r« mi- 




tf iMdkH. ^M C7,iitaD uw All' flDiunW' 

41 iSM^««. una. vttpr of MDur 

Aitfi iiatfBiiu Tli«1iM4|. Hrwbittoii, uU 

nil. ntf a ifaiitnij ftrr Iba nKiOM of 

» mirtHf Bar ftinTM writ nTrrir Trtniw, 

AtOUlM lin,«M4*>,II«HTiht|f-r4,MaH 
Lioil A ADue-BaUi-BurTi, viTa 

A(«A II. Traorta 
WUUMda, ttM Oftcu Of Ilia PiUiu. 

At llVlttwlH , 10^1 «T. Hr. JuiMi BKta, Btf 
4m, vlfe ^ 1b« Ba. Vvi, ilntttaa, of HAmll- 

Mi^rt,jitia.n « oi dM&nCiarlM YoQM* 

J^_pj<fc aiin_Tl I iBfluobmi of Bl. r«t«^ 
teai««ABi^arT4rt*TUnui4,nJJctof D4- 



H r > 

(MiHL io4 ftuL «tf ftA 1U* »w- MimlKfw 

U CtatoM. KitDT J<6a W4. bM of IM Wli 

Al^ n«««ctt«r tar ftA-m^lnr tbe EI^Vh J, 
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C<ivl, Kant. 

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acad ID] llardnMs iVIlpi, v*. Ian irf rha» 
bnrrh, OpDin Comiy. F«mBjii«]L& 

Al Bn«Raia, nuM U, Haarali, itfld of Paal 
Sactiaiia^ v-1, cunaavV ^Mafaaic. 

Al lljnouUi, OftrUaa WMHa.ilrttr <rf OMMla 
WalMB, (VfUMlcr VT Hi* Woainiefe aiiUm Of 


Al CuJIIlur^nvlHitte, WUK •«*« TD^ Itamub, 

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Ivtb-lUmiu, ■miHl dao. of tta lA ftotert A^ 
htMt fri Ilea41tt>n UMftat, «a«|, MJf, 

aadTl, J. V, narfUdo.ai4HllooiiiAli.Ona. 

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in riDiirni. afad W, noma l^nrlD TMnai, 

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At CJaAdbam IIhII, l^qmlViKitUfV. Uoiiclaa 

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Al KnMil, idad Ta, Jarnai IbnnAll, a«, 
Al SlinniDO netuiTi Kai;, wlft nf uta ftvr, 

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At AbUiMnl.iMl aA. Faiar HMBIaaan, ajB old 

•Vfani or B[r WA^ 8c«H, and Air iMrtj 90 

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AlCllftOD.aflM l«,MafT-Jiii«-Araiidtl,thtoiC 

<i<jjii of ua tev. C. Anrr JlMn, vtc* of 1100- 


AtHMlOB, uM H, Vijjo^fifft. ArOur IfontK 
cf IVooiliLan |.oA|o» IkviEtt. 

AlOocoMir.HnlttJfaiT. f«llel of IMQVH 
iaRbai«v««^ d n rn t iiu A v mn. m>d Battltg 
huiUliJik Kdtan. 

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uoMvA iLreAv. WOM, n«, tfhdt m^M 

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tf ftvi ClakWr , Mtf Ittfukli, nr««in, 

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fift ^n. HU^r MArt CMp«L CbtiiM. 

anh.lIM dn- of Ibv IM llkhd. 

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0MM. «q. a< Eirivmed. fei||cii$& 

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Of r^4ynM WUlWnftrnM*. w|. 

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of UuiMoi Coon TtM, »itl^ i>f mr Stoqr 

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(Uu. of l^ilry Onm^ uf Orut* Ut\U cc iMmnt'^ 
f*j. WKi iiurrvj In iu]fi,m(|i1 ItRm frtilov |* thVt, 
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AtltnflV. a^t I?, Ji'Iiu-lA'h-*, u^onii icn e^ 

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1< . 1 «40 406 1 CM 

15 isoa 

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Wlic4L 0Atlcji. Uatk 
K «. J. «. J. /. if, 

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nttce Of u 

SOMEI P«ckcU, UL iQr, i» 16/. Oi 

OP COEN, Dji«, 3'A 
Rr'< Dcao*. 

47 4 4e 9 
OPS. Urr. 22- 
. — Km P««kvt*, 15/. Qr- 




IUr.2^ t^.to4/. Itr.— Strm*, U<^Clonr,U-a<*1oAJ^l^. 

SJIlTllFfeLD, D««. 2A. r» tl»k the 00*1— per ttODConsLU. 

&/.t«5r. £4^.1 llrLtdorCitLJeAlMjuWi^.t, Dig. 3a. 
lU.loji. 2i/p 1 B^Mt \M^ CtKt* H 

Il«r 1'. 

MmIiOM • i •< 3t. 

Vcw •■■» ■■•' •• ••■■ *■■ 

COAL MAMcer, bftf, ^, 

VaIIi B«ds. &r. 17^. Gi. 1* STb. GcJ. porl^n. Other *ofL*, iTi.Odt. lo 19f> Otf. 
TALLOW, ^ c«i.— Town T«Uof, G^, ^^i. V«Ugv Ruiiia, 6t)t. D^. 



Prom November 25, lo Becendier 2o, 1854, both incltaht. 

FnhreifhaVt Therm. 







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be«vy run 




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11 pm, 

10 pm, 

3 G pm. 

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3 G pm. 
3 6 pm. 
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3 6 pm. 
3 6 pm. 
3 C pm. 
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3 G pm, 
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3 6 pm. 

3 G pD). 

4 G pm* 
i 7 pm. 

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11 pm. 
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9 pm. 
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12 pm. 

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12 pm. 









it 12pm, 

9 pn. 



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9 ISpni. 

12 pm. 
12 pm. 




J, J, ARNULL, Stock and Sbtre Broker, 

3, CoplhillCbambers, Angel Conrt, 

Throgmorton Street » LondoD. 

t, ft, MICHOLI AHD lOHtp rEIHTtftfl, 2&, FAKLlAUmHT ftTBIlT. 





FElSItUAUY, 1855. 


" ' -Or.*W?, lU 

t^ Wonvn of ibc Rrvoluliia , .< .. i . ^ ->' ...>..,...., HA 

roT m CkapUin Ib Ihc AmcncBa Atmj, vrittcn Hurio^ (he W«r oT tnde- 

•ndncs* 1^1 

IV bu CbarAte ObJ K«7pt 13( 

AfOdo Of Sarr«nder <rf ths OlT Of Cork, in 1649, to tDo FirtUnMnl, vith 

OKnr Cmwli'ji \n-wrr IJO 

TW Vrilios«(^ BJn. Jtvoon 139 

tlir Rv^bbwamacL iti [Lunia , 130 

Till Birrow MEmumFiiE at UlivnCon (vith a Piati^ 143 

Ori|kiil Lctur* of Swtll, flddmtpl to lUiijainIn Mott«, the PablUher of 

GulOrvT's TnifiU 1*6 

C0KBE5rDinA:!fCi: vt STLVAVirtt t.'lIUA^-'^Ttit tuniPluWnilaiL V;^;Uil ttrmt 111* 
T^^nm-lte OAne 1/ CarwHirt (ir ina^rMtRr lAtEie Hoyti Ulaii ibe Huior of tJll(^V01t. 

OaMoii ifcwiiim^; I'mLDinvtLRd snwnvc in Uolt-mi |ii4i— Uow tu Lmntn 
fhtr Unto T<iiB<l>>toP uf the MMuiiicoif UlbfrniditiD-Tlit Cuion-Cduini uf Lrm]*; 
MitapkiMlitlll«fll'(WliarwirtUofi; Kiodiictof hoiikiiiD aiuL lri.1i^-l>uiiiiiDniCbiiLaii 
tfS^M. IW 

bOPTflKWXttR-F«*irtOatrrttfil- li)4]iiWiltcnKVB-iral*Va1irofCnbTMcB— 
i*i4Hl4il— Tfia fiiinif«l I'ltBca—HwlUnltiiMl toeietr— -^nJiOocCimi tnd 

I BncttT-avoIiUH atib-KlnrS i^oijiTilCEti li Ibt Brtn>h MiwiLin-KcticaQ 

.. -MoVbW «« lY^bftAr tJi. Artn- tlT<nr- >.f C^rtLul MA^Tb* H«IUU] 

6an>ry— ||fltiA^B«Udi4r^l<Hl--TfafttiatHCn>Cdi^ lipfipnw Wr- 

VbllAnMllvUvrrll >L-.ln^nonei«IUl'»GiaL«?L"ii IrUlJKAtflW UA 

■tnmCAL AJCD HI '! S REVIEWS.-^uLuWojnjJiyulWrf'Rcv.lillllwiJirx, 

Ills VEvtVl"* Jir 11,131: IliIC* \.iftfi|*lrJ i:a»W*)f ItiE IJiicJtoh rirtu, 

iHi liahM^ knii '-y Uirnrr. JUiUjiavLin LM<f-<' -'.i -. k?nUi1c 

UW«ty, 111; L^ I I 'ir A^riplar^ l^nooV hii '^pKbk 

ft Mtj. jn»l Aigtr^ -■ . Uhtiop Jiclion^t WtlncM l<i 'rntr^ 

1blrt«] Vcnianas u. i'-..;,.,., .u mwhI anflTHM fc4li. ITll ; -J ... I'.V'utt 

t# VfHfr* <lalMii^ l«U bm4 MLAkaiMircS IriffMy, tft^iJ. ; ntt VUtwvt mil Ur Lnf 
nwblMbI 1c4« FrcKb nnr Iq Oic*- <l4 Cb-loIalU ITT 

AXnqjTiUtUJr ftSaRJUICBtft^-3tBnil>mtfk fvkif, ITT : fiMlcty «r AnMqnvtf* uf fcot- 

taM.Au.- ltaaBflHuUw<rl|wwWb - ItV 

mnmOAt CHRONlCU.-r'Tc^ Xm m 

ltiaB U a< ■ni r i' rfWn w i ii, noj ftiin-. lkt; AL>mwc4 mn 

Crv l>ial>fivt.iarOflMnAniBcli.H«l; ftr AfUiura^ ttfoo^lUrLL i'«ni-r«Mit4 
IMt Bm. Sir Jmam Khii|<; iSounJ llutkliAjii . Cuiitnl Yitmi }.\,-i,i.-(Ui'iTU tiit 

JUmM nUoteU; C«;:i ' 1,1; S.. I^nl CittrTuifntrat ; T^atd |[i.b«n«]> ^ 

Lart ll«lh«fAirdj «* AiU ,. .vt-li,.i]i ][<<'■> Uli.iIl.iti, i >.]. ^ n-fn-iUiEKii^-M. 

Bfet. If P.: Btr.iLJ-K^'iim. l^ ■■ ' ii .-!■ . i.-mmWi MiHKj. IMJ-i 

Bit. JobaOtkai A^ntun JnijTi '. « ' i r4rliilii Utiibr > 

K, I^M t^JUBtan VnUl4D IUM II ••>• l, Ln|.^ J,J,tlulOU. 

Hiq. fl A-; Hr.W.lL li«rtiflli; 11r> l^fnui. .iiuik-r.< rii<7:iv^ii> 3i-ir. ItT— It4 

OOkOT D»tl4Ji«3 , „„^ All 

Tlaiji>,Miann<iiiC>jBQ*la(MaiOirag Sia 

tMMNMkicn/* KvUiu W IMUUiy b Iht ltain>palU-lfark«ti, mi IUl|>«Tatfft3 

fiur7--«)Biirf'TWBarmw&A » TT/.,-. im 




M«. ilvBAV,— Jibavt nkMjMra tfnn 

I nua-ifmunsM Vol. XXTT. (Kw 
fierica) oT )r«ac HiaoiBaBj- tW ir9« 
uUiM, bul terfof HBEx fnud iWm U 
bu «ccnfTC4 to me ihiA. noflwi l h rtamUn K 
tfae UptB of timvp Uwjr aar ikot hi aU^* 
ccthcT lulMcrHiiiif, m^mmJIt u I *cU 

baov foar UnUk wimCj for fbli ani 

MCnatA iolioraafitUm. 

Vol. XXIV- p. 17*. WitL TflmiiH I-* 

Etr (cihlbkoi 9 April, IMS, lu lU fSrititli 
Artteolockal AaMUlkn), 1 naj luu 
Ite UU* «^ &i iCUl ttMd bj tbe Arcb- 
JetecB ol Elf for anlhn rnUM«t btXn 
«f vdmlnirtrVimi, «inuu of iaJvotkn, 
icArTbi{« lic^DOti, Atf. ^. The nairti, 
«hi«l> k of aalMr, (■ la Ifa* fVAlodj of 

CtaicM FMidA, M^. H<A. the l>ppair 
Baflatfir oT th« ArtMnnttrr. ti hi* 
bMO ■ bUla baUfnd, M lUC Of »ix9 
Modflra iMprcMkM m oM %a\t» pcrfert. 
A »c«|«e of ArcU»fO« Tklvj inll W 
f««nd In Athm. Okoa. i 15?. 

F, m. A> tj Mr. Hodgklana'j oqb- 
JMtarfi <anattiivi0 thft «*v«nblp of a 
pailUr of Ue thUtraoiX oenlvr «bUi 
1m a« wU^rvpb " Robvrt Bmv, 1X1," 

bflMff»d to A««rrl //af#. w. UD of Sfr 
Kicb>U« limn, Mu«« aT 1b« RoJIt. 
Bobcrt Hire wai a rood MElqavr, aad 
bcia^ of tbtt old rtlifuaw «ai ptrtknlAifT 
■alvaiHi* far tb« ra&Mr*mlio(i of iUt^* 
tkaal and ^omMAc MSS. 1 bw atna 
a br<f aocioe «r Uai Is tba Aaodi «r 

P. 36^ Ittai«<ktorA*orko«%0i- 

IHdu Gbttr«b, OloKcalcnhiK, ■Jlflvlva i* 

nt^vaWUUsCAdodi. ftftftttrcd ibM 
Mriiki vbo kad bctn tnlor lo «<^mm tt 
UifJalw C«IU«*, Oritrdwaad « aBa*. 
4o«a I* nbtad «f Addino, atai g igi U gy 
<l Sum. bdaf at CanbfWiit and raqa«!«- 
bg 10 H« bte fovRvr mul*r, n^o irplM 
dvl " it wu tbe dorr <^ t^ P«plt ^ «Mt 
tpdo Ufet Hv^f i" tfhtwtbpoa Addlaao 
rodr on. I iircioflM Cwnbrtdn k put bj 
mi*uk» Tor Oir>rd. but vkcl^cr tbe ini*- 
tab« (if Hirr* b* e*t) w Jf'"", ar *oean 
in tht tKirk naJar raiW« I cuaot fif • 
I boie bvTcraMialUi ujBo<U»or AdA- 
■on'i b^nr «i CasbriJff*, rilUr wh«a 
fitcrrCorr of Stala or it anj oCber pcriorl 

R17S. la Ur. J. D. Piiry'i Xciti«* 
of Dnoitoblf, be r«menia Btbooj^t tiio 
■atifw ti ib*i plac* £lh«B«b Srltlr, tba 
|D«C aod 4HM4P i>iff«r«oatf, Mr 
iMar. Nav T ipfrabcmJ tMt, « ocr- 
lafaiJFaBElbaiubSMtlpvHii r«»l jKntm, 

Sjlnmai Daiftrwood ibe mim ni a 

ncn ctcaura of the Ini^aatkrn of ibal 
rerj brntoroua dramtfUt OoorfO Colaiaa 
Ikfl fovHw. If 1 bf r%be. iW crmva 
vawMMoa of S}lr*tfv Din<nrood m 
% h*titfi uf • )>kftic»Ur ploM U laahar a 
csrtew lUutntton of tbfl atroof p^irOT 
vblcii «^l-«fraca4 ftetios fomm» orcr 

tb« mud, fvcB of ta urdqarj. 

C. U. Coorsm. 
Witb mp«<A to (be l/a/r LocT, ite mb- 
|f>r« i>f Ur. N<»kt'i l«tffr ii nar kit 
pu«brr, p- 47. «« obMrre (bat it hM re- 
canUr nm«»i tba aUonten of Bc^tral 
oovmposdcBte of Notta and OMT^ra. ind 
thM Jd tbo oottbar of Ibal popar for Ika 
IM P x p^ b tr laid ttoa u « ooaiaul- 
ottbn reprfioK i1 fnm iba vwrj eoflspt- 
Caoi Ml of lh« Rer. !>;. ttoei:, Cb« sMhar 
of "Tba CbiuFli of 4av P^cbcn." It' 
ap^can to bava bee* for mavf ocotarica 
a« pboeprauca JlKJart tnm Uva bread 
wed for lb* aaoaaant of tba holj eoa- 

ttnaaoD, Iboa^ prabaUy lalilfcaltad fl<M 
iltB pmtviM cf (bM n^uldte bf t^ 
Cltriftiia ommtinJtT. FwitUoacra *ef« 
liftUa lo icpp^sr H m iwoi ; ij^d vhM W 
mi tiliKi to ika fhnrrb, htv^ng b^m 

blaaavd br tbo pf int, il wai cvi lotc por- 
tloaa and dhrtaOniiod to tbc l^lthM. ' 
aoMO Mrti of Fnm€% oa ccrlaia 
fwllnbr d« Hoir LmT U aiai 
hwhI fcai roBod, aBd lahaialjr I 

ibt cboMb dKonlcd aUb Aoam i 

ribbooi ; aod rdka of Ibt mne ouCon 
mtj b* lr««vd in oCbar parts of <Jh 

Mn. OfBM, aailkCT of Urn of Ibe 
PriftfCMra, U jrcpa ria a far po 
tJu LaUon tf QucmBcvfatt 
■nd JB«|olfOB for taj aalatlof in : 
oaliettoai, or in priatfd vcrta 
aoy umal occancaee. SW alio I 
«Wl baa kiMiBi «f Iba arifiaali of i 
kncn to and fro« lb* Qafon of Bo4rak 
aod oibar BOBben of the MatiM faallr, 
ptttf ibftd by Sir Ofnrs* aiQBkT fa I »7- 

The BTBi of Bbkap Crrj^tom fls- 
qakvdfaT Ui p- S) vtrv. BVvlec, a bw> 
rattpoM uorr, aa tber oppev eo bii 
tovb in tba cborcb at Wtila. 

C^mOnJ^ Cm. I. 

Ua. UWAK.— Wkh nfaffasM lo tba 
paiwnfb faqMottoft Dr, Abd^ {Vttc No. 

f . MAJ I b«*« ta loTon faa thmt Ibc 
■aiae fa booTTcot hi tba faUovaf 
i»cri*n. Hk Cbrtidaa MB* b ' 
TbotDM. aad 104 J L. Ra bad to 
bli ldt««ibip a Tdokx HiO trrvtotulf lo 
bit flppolaiiBnt ■■ Twdu FpcfuiBT af 
CtiilW. IV Fn>fBav>nUp Ki la tba 
(in of ib« Qa«m* br vbaoi I>^. Abd; vaa 
appoiaiUd PirofBHr. 

Yoon, Ao. a U- Coonft. 






I *MY b«M vlAe* ittd ooiupllmcub 
^>70«r fiuigblj Udjr, ihotiith 1 Icauw 
At dL>«i mot love mt^"* excUiina I>r. 
Jihaion ID writing lo Boiw«U; And 
■wli a li>« grvvtin^ which U. iltotkvJot 
mj ftl«»x> «xf«c( from ibii side Ihs 
CUifeatl : li« mou mviuwUj daei not 
Ura Vt bui It U ofliB of iLa Lflrd cod- 
^iiBOBi Co «Ue& tn\omt zncrit miut 
iBbBvil* tlut thofc ic nut di»likn aoJ 

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ddnny viUi inlruiirc B^mirt^ofi aod 
■pplMM. niLh respect lo th« writer 
bdbr< b% bi* Tui«d viorca of kni^iw- 
bdc* ttut alw^i uBiart* n-vpect* nnd 
ibt &oi (bttl ft «ork of bii ctmuMcl to 
fitt in wkli iio|HibiT fmlii^ m Engbiid 
Im vttde liiat mcro or » fkVAurit* 
MWOf w tbiUk porbftpt woald be Ibe 
nt|\ wen Ju$ opdivonii politicjJ vul 
rdapMia. foora Mvunt«ly known. 

Btit to tiim w. itw little work before 
iM$^ WchATeUlc^ufobmrrcdin thrifty 

fiuailiM ft ooAt ti«t hft> ■oon Hrv!oo on 
Uw ibMlMan of tht pctlrr'/amdiai ctH 
dMra Into k jacket for one cil' the oi ire 
bfittdiea thAi ioufUi Krc*und hi» tabk- 
Tke gurvvent in El* new fcno, thcuKb 
OTcry art of clipping ud bnttini;, let' 
iMg oat Mid tunungi bu been <x- 
heMted vpoa H, atrer for a faomeni 
dtlodeft tbe di*c«mbu 0]>ect4tOT tolo 
tb« belief (li4Lit«M0ff^iiMlljdc«I|cncd 
Ibr ^ta jmreoile nduer* Bconcthini of 
tbii jome kind may be pvredroa in 
iU> weluiae: uuM uf |}j« anicl«s bvru 
yi— iitftil lO tb« reaidcr wirre wrill^Yn 

wr mnd ifipMred id H. Mir-taWe 
Hiiuiiro de !& BtSrvlntkin Krin^&iief 
•nd BOW beiiv( rHnodWIod and i!j<vti- 
lopal, vilfc tb« nddiOoa (»f n few that 

are entbulj nov, baTV been coUccted 
lo^vtbvr fur t1» <4p«flial odilI««tEon of 
the women of IVincc. Thcj bave, 
bowevfi', iciirwlj aMillulent NuUtanou 
Uj form «a ludcpcndeat work) umJ» Id 
their treMii QDore exalteil poettion. 
bflve iLe air of beiDg MiuewhnC out of 

'ilio orinn of the oompilation u om 
fi^lbw«: A Aliobelet baa o»t tbo era 

of criciclam on ibo bchbriour of qjO 
count rjwomeitt and ChlIj* to bii sorroir 
that in tbtf peribrmonoeof tkeirdntiea 
IliL'V do iirrt iJ«Hrlj utlAEu llw bi^h 

Ktandard be hta ftied for tbetn. fiiiice 
tbo beginmng of tbe cenlarj, IndBcd^ 
tbej liave luodilj |runiuud s rHrO- 
ffred* pfttb, nnii now, if wa mar be- 
lieve btro, ibeir duya paaa awn^ in «U 
Ibe notbinscHua of laogoor and enoui. 
A gnut Dcunion, ilivu vmum a» viUina 
to admh, might aroum: thi-cn to Mcri* 
floe Ihaaabfttfttt tit ^tdvjntagcaof tbtlr 
paiition, but bo fetn that to port villi 
ibe world of elegut triflo* wbitb m 
Lhe prevent atate of nunuen raiiftiiute 

lb« poctrj of woocBi would bu iiv^ns 

thaiL tdctr pxtrioliam could bi^jCaio, 
Xor U thii nil, for we Icvn funhor 
ibat in tbo jctrt pr«codin|f '-48, bvtog 

iheu PioAmot of Uiilon at iJic Btcfe 
Normftlo of F&ria, bo looked anjiiouilj 

round ca the briUlukt ciowd of j^jun^ 
l^nlicmen who cnooiiipaMod hu chnir 
— a crowd not oal; Dharmiii]f and >ytii* 
poUiiving, but of the inotc ptruHr/iiiig 
inlf ll*pt ever Hwn : ticitwztfailfkndtng tH 
ibJA, bovr<rver, iIk ninjoriijr of tbem >^it 
on one and the aome idioal^Hin cxecie 
4if o^iiltiviiliifO, % bAundiMN ooriciolj, ft 

fliftbdncM of LDtcUcct, an qibcmcm 


1\a W'^w^^ '-r>^ ft^Jmi^^. 


r^^.m^tv/.f if:]t- tV r .fif.ii ttA (hi': 'f'r\~ 
f'rfi'Wiri? 'yTT t^*:*-^ *il,i*, M- MI- 

tppflfi (■, fif'i ('- ^r'iTj*-' rp, ■ r..//|i#-r» 'if 

■|'»rM it 111 Xh'i r/rtttthy^ i.":Ntr.»lio/i- Tb^ 
jc.mfffi iFiPj fnrMl jn' ri}f;pit'r rrfi tlj' ]r 'Oni 

f<»r tPiP w'tt}i\'* bfl|rfrim'«« ('r tli'.'ir nwr*/* 

*'huttiTjwimi''ii, nri'l tlirouvPi (Pi'-m tliM 

frrllMfrj [if l^Cirft fiMr iiulfj'T l>rri|>fiiH-!4 
In rtirry *'tii hj innmn iil iLi; IJdfo 
ffiPM'ni! )n'iiiTi' iik; nii'l lijn r^oJloMArc 
(■nPri-Atr'l rt'iL lo Rufn'r l]j<<]r nrrtrMlidii 
to l« rtiitrnrroil hylUti rnrimin Pmj;fra- 
phlnJ nMcr<'l<rk<H it ■-'■iffniiirt - prifiic rjf 
whti-Pj, iiMlviMl.iiri; iii'l jiUnpfllnTfiiuscI 
furtNi'ir]M>riiiiiii -Pmllii fix lijnr iiiintffl 
i>Pi'Hililj mill iPi'mK'ilPiJJIj' km iIa nrjtl 
npi'l lii^l im^i-n, tli'< fmiih^r of wliJrh 
jinrlrffv Im* nnw lirdmir wliiHi in IJjo 
Ti'Mr 'H]} llir wniiK'ii nf i'Vnniv iiklunt'il 
llktri tlir ri^vnllllliilihrT rtkrliil!<insrii, (iml 
iPio In 1 1 IT llii> n>iii'rinii ivIiiHi, kil 
nvrnjn" llii^Tri-n-liy a Liliiiil M>Ufi!lM]i[jr, 
llii'V"ikli-ii*i|m'htljn>iilri)iiilri1 lu |]rm<{ 

Li oniiiinl Ik^ iliinP»li'il (liitt iu i'Viinr.', 
nit i*lwwlioii', iPi*' Kf'int (ilH'ir-HnrrHkHj 
i« iMMlhor pit itnk'ui mn- r-in tii'iicmllv 
ilill^LPi^il fin il lui^hl hv ; lUiil, if ^f, 
Mirlkolia'h Mlllt^ liiink iMit in jmj wiij 
nvn(o i*r iiu'i^^nHi* il, it hn* »*iir m'nriy 
l*^Miii1ti'lii>lt. A« to llii' furm m ^liirfi 
(In- P|xiril tthrn im^ii^i^l ^lt(■MM lUpiiliiy 
i1«i^ir, |ii^Hin^>i iii> (Mil fi4T<<<^n!< •ill lio 
i>r piivi^vK iW >.-Liiu^ npinuiir Fow 
«ilL wo lliiiik. roim-iilr with M- Mt- 
cKi^lot in wi*tii>*u \\\ iliivi*! il to Iho 
loumUtJi^ti oI'a Ui^l 1ti>|^ii^tii\ 'Hiiin^ 
liow\*»ot »lio <lo*iiv 111 *K n\p ni*|«rii* 
liiMi INiMH om' nnilior'it pImU»?ojJiv, mnsil 
Pivk If in t\w U>*li: iiwir. a* *o tko^ijfn 
»vnlimnij 0Hi7i'lif* I,* tliitt (vriMit of 
iKo ih^fk wliit'li ho tVvni^ \yi \i;n>\ mx- 
p^n*n.v. anil "ohuh »j^(vir™ili ho *lo- 
Mcw J** 'Iw hi*r*OT ilui in l*> fvn*:or 

r,f :Ii.: r.i^'.r.ii j,r%j*TtT, ve ±ae«r (be 
»,/'>.'> '-{ '±i ll&v'Aat^A. u>l are pr^ 

li U /.T^ t--i« p'lr:^ — HAcUme t^ Scn9 
rtfp'l MvhT^t-: l-'T.'krr-^ *tf X«clur'i 
'>-I">rif' I hujfitvr yt Micb^I<:t telb 
ut]itif\4f: I' ::tutii::]er-'^btnj*«Uch 
wi* i*'4 »ei] knfjvu Urfur** : ijU 31a* 
.1,11110 C'*pTi'!f>rj"..'i he U acireel/ mora 

ri<c:i^e <ia it it. wo draw a iljjrfal ikotcb 
of tliAt Iji'Ij, i}f niAHe birihi uid a 
Cnn'tiiefl'i, pK>: liconme at Ibe age of 
tvcntj-fiCTCii the wife of Condorcet, 
who waa iben fifij-nlne^ It baa often 
l>ecfi runinrkoJ ihat in alTur^ of iht 
hvATi our lively ntiipfihonn irumiDunt 
iliflicuUic-i which iti liritonii vould be 
iiMiijic-rnltIc, and audi vrtA the case id 
Ihi! tnnrrni;(u Ijufnrc UK. ll^c tudj in- 
fi»rnii:il Iilt iritumlcil husbami that sbe 
wiLH ntlitchvct to artntheri but that ber 
attuuhjiLi'iil wiiH ho|>clcBi>; and thii trifle 
ttic |ihihw<i|ih<.T (k-enkcil not of HuflicieDt 
iiii[Kjrlrinr4! t^i dislurlj thv projected 
iirrjin^^jhojit. Ccjhl however » wai 
tiipi L'x(iTlor> ^rvjit vriirintli of reeling 
hvy hun4?iilh. ll\i vrnn, aa lyAlniahett 
4jn]"vitfi'il it, u " Mifjw-cnjjjiciT volcano," 
and tlie n'lil filEociinTi which Pic cnt«r- 
litiunl i\>v his wile at hist jnKpirod her 
with a uorrL-njhjnUinir afTccUon, or per- 
hnpri wi* P^liimld Miy with a Imndlj 
ivirnnl, for liur l.^ltvr:^ cm Sjuipatbjr, 
wi'iUon iii\i>v Kiiniu yoara" 0Jii>crience 
iif iniirrii-il lifu, bcti-ny iho yuprningf 
cifn hvnrt not unlinly at CQj<e- if ho* 
ilntivN liowi-vor wt'tc irkpomc to Lcr, 
!t must nt h'anl hv adniLllcil that in the 
hixir itf trial >hc fiilfLlLLHl mo^t strictlj 
(hi'ir rt^{Uiivmont,«. The crvat failing 
of her bu^lMiml vaf XimUiny : and we 
kni^w (hat (hoj->.* is tUK^h a thing ai 

ti" tv frl^hir-l ■'i:^ cf fo^r. iRil In lliil mda] 

In ^oino sm*h iuixhI Condorrot apoke 
oul U4dU ami TrlKincmU again5t the 
^\>ii>lUutro» of 'I'^. tho rouli ofwhicb 
o«i'aivi.h* T*5 a fonicnoo of pro»crip* 
r-mv TUe Liii{iriidi'tit i<hi!oii4>pbtr took 
refuj^o in a NviTLLin^'-hi^use near ibe 
Lu3it^.K>ur^. »^n the p7ii>ci}4« ibtt 
pn^xUn:iT U^lhci'^n^rwatiiKift l^elj 


Tltf Ifmai rifthe Jt^voittHoH, 


Oe MTVtB blO) fh»IB llrltfClidCI- 111* 

l^ni wju ili*crc«<> in4 « incmlKr of 
IkMovALun wlio kdg«(l there con- 
f^ed to pbol lu> ej« ivhcncTcr tlic 
irvcribcd man cbnitCLit to or>«iv in 
binij. Tlie »E»t*ncip, liotrcrt-f, ittit 
4lBi9 liira iiklu nncxuhiicut, *tiiiijicit 
' hii iJiO of lui properly I ojid W 
Mm* « TrIoIt U« ccntri; of (he tiiMt 
IfKiai drelA i& l^rii^ now Voaml 
htntU fiDl only without % unu, but 
Uidtfwdltithliiechargeof Ml invuliil 
■Mv » iDfirm gvuvntanfr^ nnd aa 
ilAnt IkrMr jear* nfng^, TW *ptrit 

poR vkh tDc ocdsioiL- The jouag 
tnAcr of brr huBhamJ*!) wcrctnTT 

MkkmiAtl iin«ndrApcra sliop rn (bo 
£il St lIoiOT^ vtiioh be kcj>t for her 
taMMt mlI Ibitber tbe Liil^ natki^ii 

iiiiiriL aiiu rn the nifrvA-jJ above the 
ibop prtctivo'l the nn oT A pctflrnit- 

ftSmr, b/ wln^h ■!» oimtixl it tmnty 

mtffoatc^ fot h«ffidf and tier fdmilj- 
Ib u»o?rta[t^lj of cxbt^nc^ which 
pmilol <Iuri[^ the H^ign of TeriOT 

wtti mm tct an unviuMVKlu« on thtt 
ArioB| jmnoiruhtjr whidi la conftntd 
If the caiivun ami Acconllnj^fy th<; 
U;f fo«n<l no wast ctf JuhJL^tit forht-r 
[ipd> mi ft J attu tif th^ hti*lMuid'0 
HMraii «iieni«» drigiUng to ivek a 
tm eKdianml hj <-rnwdinff thniLif fti*r 
ti At vifV, Mid loTturin^ nur «Ar9 bj 
AftMMt brut&l ifiucn^loi^ n^aiiut Ihu 
siAtiWhuil v»wi>il (ijInvrfliHi ImiKiar- 
il Icngtli, whva cvcninj; vks cotei^s 
lU*«ilaunhic Toaiin, JA^Ic^i with l^>il 
ml initACvd with iniQll, btCook h^jr- 
ttlf, wnh bcr iiifknt in brr arniji. In 
tba kidi&g-pjaoe of CoiuJureiH, Att^l «(ill 
Niabad nilllowai ^nnnn* of mn<\ to 
■pUd tlie dnopdng tjiirjtfc i^f Urn pro- 

Ifl lb« lb*ltraii)>|TortJ»4>f inil!^natic>ii 
' ^~' tvDiewv whvdi hA<l ilrivcii him 
Mclufkin, b« h»A rtwrtlicd on 
_ h>0 pfo to an ictcmccino 
* vaf vllh tin bftd men wlto then 
L the deatJiuoi of Fmio« ; flnil~M. 
UUbckt ^ndj ocoajioa ^ ciilogining 
bb vU^'* #leT«tkai of laiiJ m t)io fif^l 
ibat ah* dimnted bU tnrixl frvm ihe 
ipfaB>Mr»l oaimitk* b^ which it «u 
■thfttaJ, Mil uo^bl bim t^ cve&to for 

bai^df an uadjnfiff ■^F'^*'^''^ ^T *^ 
mthcbad Icci^m^taiediunl whkh 
»uMJeai1at«l to livntit ganeratianii 

To one 1(«i etithti9iA0tIc rn ulmini' 
ticin dxan our .luthur, it wouH s»ni 
pr>baMtr rhnt tlic txii^ugul couQttfla 
of Madame CojuIotccC vrctc Miapircd 
raihor brlQuiiniuifCiLUlion tlmnbj any 
rc^urcl either for her busboDd't repu- 
tAlion ur ih(T iiii^mUiorpwtvnLjtiinil 
UYMc froii^ n Wi'll-fourictprl dmil thAt 
ft new conlJ^it with hh powerful fuc^ 
ir<^iUt only ilrnw ilo^n now rengeflnce 
Mi luibearl. Ta whnlAVPr ralivs hnv- 
ev?r, her adTii(iD]t?ontf itre tobeattri- 
bulcnl, llicy found favour in tb* o^os of 
biT linhbrnut : who (i'vitjijv<'i Ib'T wquv 
hou» of bb iTCiclnikm by writing hu 
Teftteau *^.f i*rttgrfs rU V^Jiprtt liumata, 
(Lixl in reviewing fho put prt^j^romi of 
vcii'ncc ami philcaophy,ftnd prvdicljng 
thi*ir future ti<lTni3ceiiienCi the pro* 

icribQiJ man f'>itthl a tftmpurary r«^t- 
fuliiCtfl of \vB e^ffn misfortunes nnd 
those nf his cnuniry. The m^nth of 
March 'IH \im\ juol tert"inftl<:i when 
thia labotir of hjvc wns comple(<iiK iiiid 
(!!ondorvet i)uiltal bia hiLlin^-plioe ixnd 
floJ from I'.krifl, tcnipti;<l fojLh ii^ln Lliu 

counlrj', if wo may trust tie camiaon 
au[:iji09itjaii, by tlio buJiting uhnrmi of 
sprrngt or. lu M, Mlcbclct mnre reu- 
Botiabiy Biiptiraef, bein^ nr'tuutfil hy 
anxiety \tai h\> wife nhould be tnckoS 
Uk brr dftity Tinlt* to hl^ garret and lo 
Ih? involved in A eoiumnn iLfJiirnrtton 
with tiiniflelf llip eiiptuiv Ami auicidc 
Auun ro!1ow«d on liis Highr., uid bU 
willow rnmftined in bor re«rr»in*'nt at 
AuEeui], whi^re she completed hor 
J.cttori en Syinpntlty, wliblb Hbc pnb-* 
lihliird in lb<< j^'HF 't'ft— ■ fjiot WQ OM 
lefl I'i fpth«r from n fnol-nnto, tliit 
ii^ing orttt of the mnuj intt^nott in 
whioh riur autbcrV pUn oautta viMla- 
Iton And diMppoinlinmit ; of the rn* 
toreM which bii^ rculern may fed in 
tlio lbjiunt?3 of uny of Iijb bcroifica h« 
takoa no acoouni, but the moiacnC 
tlieir cnrLH.-r na Womou of the Rovolu* 
iioii in IcrmiiiAtcJ, In: rfii^ar<fa tbeiin 
merely ta hoto-Qowctv to be Huoe 
aiido* and, without fo cinch a» by jour 
leave or with your I^re* fiiei ocf tu 
tonic nctv t^^Ki thus, no »ooner hfli 
Cantbreet quilted Mb Paridian gnrrcl, 
ibfin bitf Bui^bie diukpjwBn from U. 
Mi<:b4fl<e<t'» KamLive^ and her mlua* 
4}ueiit fortUEiea nre left (o tb« un- 
certainty of cotijecuirt-, in wlijoh our 
*ole guide ia tbe foot-note iiboT»-men- 




Tkw Wom^n oftht Rtv&tutivn- 


Iftfiid n«it paMoa in rwktr, one] to bcr 
our ftuUinr dvr<ft6i luorn ipAoa thjuito 
a&T other «r bi« borotncfi bciti): pro* 
WbJy of dploion UuU b«r pAculiftr 
TUltiGl — ui OTiJvnl Iqvc of cnuitlrj, 
and ft ktllj GonCfiQpt far ruo^^rt 
ofpvfiiall/ wmnting ir; tbo l^ir delin- 

aii«nli vlio Bra futl^nns itnil^r bif 
mvpUMurct A wum&ii hoMtQg >t> 
prominuii a p^UIon iu liiuci of *uaU 
viohfit cempeiitiuii aiul eiciicmdnt, 
OotUd icuvcljr bopi: l<> cicnDc thfi en'- 

«»liiTnniic« which connect bcr itftinc 
wlih tfaoM of BftrbskTouii bq4 J3«iio( 
nciTd Diilj bo iut;()lJQii«l lo In rrjvoU*! 
with Kom. lf> liavav«r, wo ninj iruxt 
U. MioheliftV nuntiTCi tUiji LaiIj, 
IllOUgli «Iw^yi triumplMinti )im1 IqJmb 
llnvugbBfi<>n'onir«t : ftiiii ttiff', Inieiili 
Mul iiiMiifiblo n* *hr np[>oftrs in Lho 
pfl|{««i>f hiitoiyi in thii i:torc tniuutc 
twocrd >lio t< f«aod to bo 

H. Ulcbolei'* vtory U d4 foUowv : 
la tlhO jcwr 'A9 »bo WAfl rcKidia^ witli 

b«r luubAiMl. wbo bad tho doubtJul 
BilrBnU^ of mooLj'-two jnn' Mti£<- 
wttji ill A gtcDJiLj rtLitv nokx V'illc- 
fnuic?liv, ft hftiui«1 aoC fkr fniiii Lvovis> 
kctmr«o ho httd nccii <^ na ftttviiftoiui* 
•o ftid bin in co^jring, trfto^Ulin;, ftDil 
oomplUig. und bu jouujt bikI b«ftulifui 
wUb v^cnlilftjr ftlUx ibijr m mcb on- 
BttfMttTft Ubour, witb tTAroo Bn^ otlwr 
dETcnicra fro« ber loiL but tb« fttteQ* 
tloB roqvuxtl bj ibe wic inrftttt wJlo 
bftd bloMl ibttr Bftion, One aai' d^ 
•«i«0% bow«Ter, ibcw wftB, ft vovng 
pbjiliTJMi oT LfOQi imned LttittWia«, 
vboBOfoelJabeotpcnlwooIca or mnnlh* 
with tfa« foliUiTOMiilff, Uking pan m 
IMr bbiMiB Of tii<p«at riuI cxemtHw 
ftWr cfimouMMBL TowtriU ib« tftd 
cf tbc BMiM 7«ar» be brouvbi Co (Mr 
IhuoUo ftbode B it Btncfti dn lj«wrtt, 
whom ft Ion of pbil««(ipb j ftnd |>QlitH« 
bftd illurcd from Ikv lucntiro prolW- 

dOQ of A MOUrj, BDd who BOVgkt ftll 

ifttrodactiofi to BoIbm!. ■■ ft nui «f 
coQffeolBl pnnuat«, He vUtor wu 
aboot Ibr^ jeBn <if Bfv^ wtib iMtbisg 
tvwkablo catbcr in porBon, inldlfteC, 
cr maoBor* but mikt, gtndpiiftriikft. 

and chftrlcaUo. Hb nflUiii«atft and | 
ofiDiOUB movh] m ngra'^iib'l'l 10 

but thflt Ilk n f^w cU;* Iw ww oa ifaftl 
ftj L«ittb«nMwlio bftd intTuJuc*^ bitn. ' 

One U aodin<4 to Butie st tbo tw# 
Udioa In Uk Antijwxibui, who» Beet* 
ui^ by nroil-jnt u\ ui iii«» ftftor dvt ' 
miDutcB* connrtifttiua find >ucb a h^^ 
moDj iif louls 6<ittiatg bclwvtft 
Ibftt ib«7 d«tcrmiDO «a ^o^na^ - 
roinBtiider of ibcAr dsyf in tftcb owf^t 
Boci«l/, but tbeir bMtj aondtilto 

•MIBB OOldnOM ftftd CftOtMO «flvipftrBa , 

wiib tbe ikotichtUapnoM of RMod 
A proj<^t W1U »iftit«d'— bf wkieb of 

Uie IMrtjr dpcA imt fti>p«ftr^llaii Eka- 

chJ, Lu)Ui«o«cftiidibfiRolBad*«bBuJd 
lLn>w tb«ir firoiperty lalo ft covumhi 
•UH.-k, lukil jpvnd Ibo n:Q]ftJ»lcr orf' ibdr 
livM undor lli« unte roof- TbU m- 
gadou* kteft, indBcd, if it ifid not cri* 
gioBto vltb Bolftikd, wH wftrnlj idDBB 
up Kftd ooft&rn»el bj bim in • Jftt 
IkiKftl: " Com*, vj frHttd," crii 
widi Bll tbo catbuffum of Wty. "* 
do jon ddftrf 70a ar« HA Mruitftr to 
9itr free and oanlcai wij cf bfo; uid 
yom know tJn« at mj jwe « omb doftt 
dot cuily chftiigif. Ike nnvftfjiu 
t«oottr orouidftjstt m thai: lipiM 
my tiiae in |iT«idbIfi|t pttrioUvm wmI 

cloTftlJon of (ioul( Uio I>Mtur (Lnn' 

tbeoKB) pli«M bi* tnde ; bikI my wfle 
Boto fti BiwlhtQftiy to ftll tbovid: of tba 
dUirict. Kov my iiIma ia UmA yo« 
Bnd 1 thould fttUnd to buiinoaih* 4Cc. 

riiC "bu»ifi«ftB"btrftAlJtidMltDWftB| 

«& Ums ttnlcT partir JnciaBBtaL ilift dift« 
BominBlion of tbe Joo t rifteBof Iho B»< 
TolulKBi BMiong tbe ootUmrB ftrottodt 
ftnd In tbU employ menc It wu Bop- 
jHMed ibfti tLp*filt ftnd tmctnott^ffkaoeb 
of DancAl w^^uUt fiuko bim « ibqh 
ftdMeot coftc^uUo-. Vftrbap* KolMd 
arA*od, Ml our ftfithor tftflfftrti In 
pftllifttion of ha* folly^ that the yaalli 
ftAd riTftciijr of LantlMflinB baviaff loftda 

■O inprBBBon OH h«> wifli. Ii« End Ml 

nofi to jrujird ftjZftiut tbc voara BCid 
gnrity oc' IteaoU. If aucb wft* Ua 
ftrgnsenl* it twnkod o«t to b« fftiiHy 1 
tlia "mA Bnd uaciiieai'' aptaob wUob 
wai b3 work wonder* «iib tba paa- 
oftiitry* bftd ftlrcftdj Wvt fioal I0 Mft* 
dBRie Holaod'* peaoa of miad. liar 
bttibaBd, vbo w«/tbfa at Lyoni^ aeat 
ber ft letter qifitwiiK Iwr of km tUly 
Kfai^rac, Bftd iftclofocT in it OM fiina 


Tlu Wenun «flht Ano/utwu. 


ftMHllJvtnff )ut ftpprabilion tftd u- 

mL TSebdjot 0Q« uv ber iIjh^ct, 
ad iMt no tUH in cicnoti^ hmclf 
ha k- Ilcr c««e iodccd wu the ro- 
flno of tbti conuaoc one : wbitift her 
odia fad bccQ lix» ber Dnelioe bul 

W« ainct: «^ ktul r«ad JIouii>cau, 
klW Icit « life of labour uui adr 
te~«l; utd now »be couU 'J>*iJCi^ 

lhB»|h. ftoC wilbont > l»^i • niidifiv- 

tftfnaurj to tho rofriuremcntt of 
iff, Ber tnode of deans so^ hoireTtr, 
«i^ IQ fttj 1IO voni«. moci dcdilodly 
JWfc; wt0id or UkioK tbc pliui 
itoUliacwd couno, aaid itfltiog to 
heiMaad titc, bovcvtr p^allj abo 

V with lo iptf!d bvr lUff ill tluitr 
■Mtft liw iitditol » lctl>;r lo tknciJi 

•hid^ AT^pving li«r fiMJiA£4 in hi* 
bnoTiAt ihc ttme lime told him thay 
mm foU :Cfaii l«U«r M. Michdot 
w>ji Mi i>*fcB*ilof bAeUii|gwfcpo<s" 
ttdUirtpuirai art fo ^rf«t UijU bo 
«Ui tt bti o«n rend it onlj on hU 
taM, To jiuttrr hk urtfiurAtloo be 
tm> V ft fonf Strict, wljcb, bow- 
cwt ntto •iroBtEtbcnt tbin ihoktrj 
tiQ our «(tiiiwnt tt^ it luuftt bO tut 
htm irltbom m^rcjF in iho loofl catft* 
iopei}^«(M»t1etvhKbvo»Mrftr better 
MHQCTcrboca wrlUetu On receiving 
ilBvial paid « Tnii to EDgUnJ.wh^re 
ttmuPMd for tonkft aoontbt. 

Tb tliisvfNM>4«!n tbelifV ufMjidunie 
Uuid our *iitbnr itetribntM io fr«ftt 
aonra tbc tni^ui:Dc« sbo oxtr^litd 
ffnr tbc acinbcii of ihv G[r□^d^ n 
fvtf whick nuiqb«rvl eudoo^ itn mnlm 

~~ of uUnu in no respect mfmor ti> 
o. Tho coDOMtkin belwoon ihc 

kr bUglblcd ftioolkipi ftod the 

■iUoritj *be ext rcind, he bM lrftC«d 
it M jiiiiiiMii loo flUisiiilo^ucnt to b« 
mIt iatflUigsbk; bet whickalrippcd 
4f Altofnwnctitivccmflto mom, tbn; tbb 
"RivC irovnd, wblcb wai Knrrod OTcr 
BTTcr cntircU bulcd, madA Ua- 
BoUnd {ndCSmnt to tir« tnd all 
rcDdon lilc altrucCjTC, tnd 8o 

Imt V ilh ibuw diicidcd ci^iuuiel) 
ulnniabAl *iid oTcnved ih« 
«l«rated minds bj which «ho wu 

biU OK iW tuh^wt of ibk Miem- 

1^5, wo wut Dot omit to record 

'tbe did ooc u ti nnietimn tho 

1b tbopraetIo«orUi«mo<toxftlE4Ml 

iM^eet iUoet battUcr duties 

whiab, though Um »how^, «fo OoiiMnlj 

noi Tofti pnctioftUv ttnpoiidot, Tbtj 
Md«fitAr;r Jftboun of KoUnd had in- 
duced A wcakn^M of di|fMti«D which 
cUled foribe9Ctict«stattenlioa todleE, 
and tbc hand of his wIAs TotdDjr turned 
fraio ficnninj; ]i1*t«upor> to prapaie 
tbc cutiimry Odkncics which tho in* 
viiW'l rcfjuircd. 

Wv mtv next altrncted hj n grapblc 
doaoriplJon of tbo Va\ta$^ Itoj^rio *93i 
wImtv mouej-londoni win^, dico, and 
yvdal Djniptd ooitftpdrcd to cfTuot Ilia 
spo«d]r ruin of ifi tiioug'htlou tn* 
f\UKiien. Oft thia ncrnicii)U« pinco of 
rosorl M- Mlcb«lec lay* the bliimo of 

t]|iOmiii>«wiivad^nior«1ii«1Iiiri and(1i>CAy 

or each partj that frecicd \U ihorC 
hour on tbc roroluti'onarjr atj^ nnd 
««p«fiD]l^ ihnt or tbo Girondirtii, who, 
frphh from tbc dulr>r» and comnnra- 
ttrc innooenoo Of Uio couniTjr.fdtoaoj 
victims lo the nosioua =cductiou of 
the c«pttaL 

'Ihrs (wo wiv^a of Dnolon lucccei 
m ihh ftbiftlnjE pbnotiumn^ria. Tho 
first of fhtfjc, virluoua, ami in crjy if 
not alHuunt pircamitancca. fdl in lovo 
vtitU and tnArnr^il l^aiilon ithiki n pone 
and (>b]ici7r(7 .odvocato* wilhoiit moans 
for (he ^jit:iit ur pru^j^vcta for tho 
Aiturc. The Udy vtm t\ml<\ In i^ha- 
rjicler, and with a Itjadicnc/ to \tivty in 
itt movt mclincholj form. Ai fnr tho 
huTthnml abr^ lelected, hla fAc«, whilr, 
•4 HirabAvu mid of bin own, tt cxiil- 
bitcd all (he (errible mi^eatj of u|;lt- 
neaft *l^ bore «Umpcd on It mark* of 
the *^'>i^'^iy paMionii ihiLt igitatod hia 
bouMQ. The marriDKO wna one of ihom 
wh[i?h wo daily «oq wi^men porDM in 
contnoting viih the nbttilato certainty 

tbnt tbcj niuii end unhap|Hlr, and m 
wbiclL thr contra (UlAtton« of (dc gil««ia 
inu-d^ rtillior liko ironj than compH* 

met)i. To DAnt(-n,who, notwiibsuind- 
inc bi* ill tin.-, always felt the net'tfiiiljf 
ofA boiitOi «hc va» a l»iiir«tering ft»|C«l 
while ahe lived ; but the terrible rcpti- 
(olion wbicb be aiLUctiaontlv acquirod» 

Bjod iboTo «U hia fri^tfuJ boiui that 

b« wafr tbo author of the maaaerea of 
Saptomber. aoon atretebdd b«r on ber 
dvaUi'bed. Tfao griof of Duitoo, ibr 
whom the word aelf-oonlrol hod no 
meaitintCi amounted olmoai to ioMinily, 
Sc^cn davti after hi*r dectaitu be Un^ 
bi*r fvirjL4>> from ihe grnve, and frnn* 
tlcalLj embraced ibo dieflgured re* 

1655.] IMtr of a O^Uaai m ^e Amtericam Arwuf. 


opeaADr tovirdi th« end of '92, when in 
UiiCnulewiditlMi Qirtrnds he deduvd 
H Ae Jrabin* tiut, provided oblj the 
btiiJiHii* ibo <&nppand, he would \dm- 
«ir«iIlBclj«bvidon pmblk Jtfe, uid be 
mman men b the trilMiiM ; addtB; that 
Ib eUsd Itar noChiPg moze than tn pui 
ftt iw ii UJ gof hia dnn Is the pleuDrci 
tttt «tra eflbtded by ttie tweet BBctitj 
flffriesifahipL Onth|»iBnmiMnl>Ierem*Je 
■BOi vera heu4 -^^■^"'^"g from the 
JiUBieit "Ve will bllow tm, ve will 

ta tU* jalhtutkm, if ts Kt widfl the 
rificdoM dmniatviKei of the pencm ukd 
te tive, there wu one pmnt Uut denwidi 
MrnqMct He to whom the women of 
Times gtTC their heuta wia the man 
vbem Dorala were the moet eiemplnry, 
■him honert; wu the beat aaeertaioed, 
■d wboie Meet wei moat cnlled —fae wu 
Ac ftin who with equal abtlitr and coe- 
n|< eenatiteted himaelf it tfaii epoch tha 
chai^OQ of rdigient and dtred in the 
DBombtf of '92 to tbuk Prmidrncx for 
tti mlvatioa of hit conntrr- 

Soch i* H. Uichelet> soId^od of tbe 
proU^n, and thiu does he make merry 
Thh Bobespieire end bis femAle id- 
■ben. We mnat bes IcatCi however, 
to nk him whether toere ia no writer 
of the present daj who is u fond as 
Sobeipierre of bicb-»ouriding gcoe* 
niitiea? If tc mistake Dct, we have 
ttet with BtichexpreBaionau the "true 
hamij of virtue and the " sireet )ea- 
Hos of maternal nffectioo" in pro- 
dnctiotu of fnr later duEe tJian the 
bnnj^es at the Jacobmj ; nnd«irEach 
enptj bombut ts ridiculous in Maxi- 
nduBD, we Bhall Dot be ioeliDed to re- 

Sird It wilh r»pect or adrturaiioa In 

We maj here ren>ark in pasang ihat 
OUT author hai given but rroe brief 
aentence to Loavet'a Loi^oinka, and 
haa said not oae word of her Ftomach- 
punip — an omiuii^Q vbi^ excite* our 
surpriae, aa noi onlv »boulJ we have 
auppoeed that a ak^teh of that lottdi- 
auflerin^ ladv vonki neceisaHlj fall 
vithin aij plan, but we alw diooJd 
have deemol ii a mbject on which a 
rnrod coo5tituted like hh would hate 
dwelt with peculiar pleiAiire. 

On the wboTe, the work before m if 
not one from wbichcurr^ider» will de- 
rive much profit or plesfore: tboae of 
them who have already a clear idea of 
the events of ibe French Bevulatioo, 
and of ihe personj who acted the chief 
parte in it, maj find Ihcfte lagea nsefnl* 
03 supplying some detaila which are 
not found euewbere, and placrng »ome 
transactions in a new pomt of view ; 
but, without such previous knowledge, 
the hours spent over theni mij be re- 
garded as thrown away, The:4e fetches 
mdced may be compared to puasitlcsl 
plants wbjcb, in ibdr original poaitioD, 
were EOstained by a prop more £ub' 
atintial than tbepisdves, and were not 
wanting in a certain grace and bcAutv, 
but, tom aa tbey now are from thetr 
original euf port, unless some new 
stay is subsiituted for that which tbcy 
have loati they trail alonz t)ie ground 
in helpless deformity, and sharing the 
fate of the flower of Catullus, 

KolU mam pdcri, npnie opUtcr pnelijE. 


SOMB time agof we presented to 
ear readers an iniereetjng memorial of 
tie gallant youn^ British otHcer, Major 
Fergnion, who fdl at Kin^*a Moun-* 
tain. We have now the pleasure of 
nbmittiDg another "Memorial" of the 
*ar from the other side, i. e. the Amc- 
riean. It consists of a letter written 
by one of the chaplains in the Anierl- 
cin army, and dcscnbes the course of 

offiiira from tbe *^ retreat" before 
Quebec downwards. Ilie ligbla and 
sbadowfi of thcpcrioi] are uponit; and 
it affords (we opine) a corrective to 
tbe exonerations (natural enougli) of 
tbe expToita of the Americans at (Que- 
bec and Ticonderf^o- We have fur- 
nished annotations throughout ; and it 
onlv remains to add that the letter was 
addreased to the celeLiratcd author of 

* A nickomme given by Robespierre to the Girondiita. 
t See our MiMine for AaEmt iB&a, p. 127, 

GxiTT. AlUo. Vol, XLHL U 


Letter ofn C/tftplain in the Ameiii:an Armift 


"Tniif lM!g!nii Huliiicittoil," the Kov, 
Jo^t'pLi lMliiiiij'« I>.1J.« i\nt iViL'tuL mill 
CoNijmtT of JC^lHFiiriiei- U was Ur^ii- 
vorvtl lo' Itiu wrilor ui' Ihoai; linoH 
anitini^ ifiu UcUimij MSS. wlim on a 
vidLt I" Hi-llilcm l-Mi auutiiiur. 
JCiiinfiuTf^h. A- Jt. G- 

^l^rf ^'ror^^. AuffHxf \nth, 17Tr>. 
Hi-viL. nnil ilvnr Sir,— I nm nriiHiljIr your 
GOlu^■rlt Ami iirixtifiy nbout |mh1ic mattmi 
arc iiLch ihul yon wi>uM rrmVL- ]ilcH«iire 
nnd haliBrnrttciii Truiii bi-iii< acqunlntct] 
wUli tUirir >iLivi(iijii. So [;>}i»l an npiiur- 
tuiiity III jiu'Ptui utf^rji fur thiK jiurpuiic, 
llmt J cntaiiot but ciiibnii'c it. Yuli tidve 
ftctjuundy bt'i'ii iimilr ni-ijUJiinLeJ witU liur 
tx-trciit fnmi Uiicbtr* imd irn UMbiiiijij 
tii'i'iniiHliiuri^ii Ibougb if i* |>T,fbftbU' ina(- 
Ilth biivr \n fniiiL' ivaiii'cI> been iiiiich 
cx^ijjRi'raloii and ftrtinf-tAj mwroj^re^fnttJ, 
J Knri: »ft(»nbn-ii iiifi>rniii1tlijittbej^rifr(il 
rcjiorl tbniuffb tbo cimntrjr cDncerninfE ni 
wnii llimt uti'oX DUiiibcri wrro cut off by IIiq 
racMy, mill i>ur ri^uvut ■tit^iiOi'iL wiCli nkcru 
uiibjip[iy i:ircUiui(lniki:c4 than ha* rral. II 
ia Irm: wu tclri'uli-il wilh euuniili-Tablc Io»h 
nml JAinngr, (him;:li ntit of im'ii,but ditrlly 
uf nrtilti-ry, l4^i;ngi-, ami tbc like, A 
oumU'r of inir tiek, wbi> altv iiicnpalitu 
of mnkiiig Ihoir p»i.*"1J"p» fvll iulo Ibr hanU-i 
of tbu vticmy; hiil vi^ry nmr, If imC sit, 
vlin wcTi- r!t[uble nf cuiiiini; off a( the 
time Ihti relrt-At ir*ii Houndrcl, mailc tht-lr 
civiijH'witlinuCrocmuiv murh mjiiry. \Vc 
wtTC Lit grv<t dinger, iiitl thu i-uL<iiiy niigbt, 

nppATcully vriUi Cbe i^rrEiCrit fuc, b«T« out 
art jiiiiUitmUii in uiir ri'nri but a hind 
I'ruvii)i-ni'c iracitiuriiy prdtccti^U ui, Bud 
coitduuuni UK tbrifagli our dani^n and 
burd*ibijia fir beyonu our ho\>^ uid vi- 
pi»<-ijirioni. Thfl rrtrrat of tJie Army froEO 
I^uicJI 4'a« atfEniLLd vritb but liitlvloUtCon- 
tiiLeriiiff our difficult Hrcumbtiincei. Gene- 
ridSDlllviint caudoctrd tnaileri *ilb great 
lirufknce urn) di^crtftiuzi ■( lucli ma iu- 
piirtririt (Tiniri ; and in Ibii imilatcd tbat 
niibk' and f:i]wrfeiict:d qt^icnl wlion Ih 
annvisli-d (vjn. 'J'binii:i?it)- GcueraL Kul- 
lifjin i'f»iiUijui.'d cumii]iuid«r-in-cbu:f till 
«u bid f(i»t In Oawn Pointy whtrc be WM 
iu]itTiLi.'<1i-d by (TencraL GateB.f W« bave 
biece Ibcn rctrt:iCi;il UhruriBTinnidcroga.ll 
wbon' we arc on-cling breafit-workf, aiid 
nialiin); uthtT iirciwriitiunj to rruciri: th« 
rntinjr^ Our principal encampment la upon 
a lari;c bill oppgiiite I'JeoiiLlrroj^a, called 
%Kniiit |nd--]ii'n<Li'nT, Hmh (iluce «a» till 
biti.'fy t'lm^id-Tcil at no imjiorUnc^ ai a 
^jirriMjiii by \t» e^inlinuiii^ in itfl natural 
WOO'!}, uncultivated vtate. At preti^ut it 
\n tbrmi^bl In lit- a ver> ndvnnlUgiNjua |d>i« 
fur tUnit |nir|Hi>tf-, und vill bu impruTed m 
tucU. fii iirdiT ti> ck^mv: tliti army from 
tbi' Mn^ll-]ini mtl dIIiit infrclions diiuMfHi 
wcliinvm«^'['d itiribi'M^'k to Fort Gcor^cf 
wlii-Ti; ire liiivi! a ^imhtuI linz-jijlql rret^tud, 
Tbc mtmbi'r nf tbe Fii-k are niucb ilimi- 
niibtd. Miiiy liave dit'd; a number dti- 
cbnr)^-d mid amt bick to Ticondcrof^nt 
Aud BiimcdlKiniitHcdfrohi tbe Ecnke. The 
grtalc^l uundiLTi lu lliv buiipiliiU at a timo 

* Qubec wai ftrnt nttickcd by %Tonti;oini'ry und Ariitdd in 17 ■■'i- Tlic former fi^ll 
aarly, and tbe Ameriuam wi-re di'frntirLl mlti-r a bl,i{>ily C]i»?;ij>ijiicn1. lInAettT, Arnold 
aabanucntiy biuekadtd Qu^'b^'u ; but woa eenijit-tled tn ri'tri'-it ou tbc 5lb May. ITTG. 
•f John Sulllvjin ia|HTFCi1i-d Aniuld in Ibc eiiiinii;iiid of ibc Ai.nTii-an army in Canada 
Jdd«4, ITTtij but was v*ry Hoim driven itul nf ll.dl provinrr. lie wni* aftinrarda 
MNDwhat diiitinguinbeit at rl^e bnErU-i uf Urni.hnjne ami Ik rnmulMKn ^ lu I77H Inid 
■tea to Kevptirt, ami in ITf J) ei>inm[uided nn ■■\jiEditiLkti ii^.nritt llic Six Nniirnis of 
tnuan in Nrv York, lie re?ti|;nrd bii cammnud in Hin^rin Nnv. fi(b, \"*h lu ilie 
-« 1786. 1787, and i:«!)» be iru l-rv:<idi'nl of .\ew llnmpaLin-. Ik- died Jan. ',M, 

JahaTkomuviiapiMilnttrd Maicir-Gi^Denil in Mareti iTTIi.mi-l aflir lW death of 

■wt waa aqtmatcd with (he eonimand \n (NinJidn. He jidned tlic jinov befure 

lit of tlaj, but iiuin foniiil it iiecc^Miry In r,ii^c Ibr ^ir■ge- lie died of 

LtCbanblee, May 3U, 1T7(J. On bU dtMlb, Ibe eomnnnd devolved for 

. Anold, iikd thrn on Sullifan. 

0«l», a native of England, was Aiilc U GnuT.d Mtmklon at Uie cnplare 

i ud, aftar the pe-ca of Aii-la-l'hajielk", wa* ainnrn; Uic timt troupe Hliicli 

a&der CornwalUk At tlir cnmnu^ncrmeut of liic war in i77-"i he left 

Virginia, *hen be *m appoiulfd by Ci.nijrrfB Adjutmit'rt,-nerB|, with 

^er-Genrrak In Jaw 1771) (lali'Sffn* njiptdiited Ei> Oie rnminand of 

.ida. iU- wuv jupi-rttded by ticnerid ^cbujkr in M^y I77T. but in 

|he took tbc pljivL of tbi^ nrfierr in Mie n.^iilieru depatrninit. Tbc 

■ of Ualct •« tbc surrender of yur^^ijne, (?,il['> dird Aprd Id. inui, 

^vai taken by the Amiric^ins nnih-r tVJ,MieL Krli.iu AlU-n ^^jmnol by 

-^T 1775 (Holeara, vol. ii, pp. -iti;. L.11S). |i w.iji,vj,.'u Hl-.I by I km July 

^ I^ka George, pbjod a proniacnt jurt in tbe war of 1812-13. 


wriu^n dartnf iht War of la^fpfndm^. 


Ivalacn bpviird* uf 9O>0, Ai |>rc«ciit 
^v «ff •fcmt I »H>. 0«f 4Ub biv« fur 
trfliBt fvt be» mdchna^kcM, but«t 

<r<lrensiteiefft vill «dniii of. ThU I 
M poMaaUr ftcqutBtied «Uli| *a t au 
ii% «>oay< thauw arUnf In the ehartctcr 
if ■ iMmtai dupltiUp Oiu urajr ia 
|sint, Itb to bi V4pvd(im:Dii tW ^m- 
bf bnil* Tl«]r mtvi mura tpariM ^d 
MWMd Itea tfaftv Utb dooe tnr lonie 
ti«« pat, llkwfc v« kna bet* cn■■^<' 
fcmid «po«, anl affdn in t^Aa £rput> 
Ml*«tvaftom*f aqiKi> jf< O* hff^y 
!••• ^ ■■own In otiwr pici* of Mr bad 

M llMla prvificvl of «fcln|r tb* curinj 
II0 y«ar. W« faitB i% ptc«F cumallj 
n^ftfted Uiat Ui< cEKinj birc left 5i. 
J«ka^ <>). sAil leirsUHl ^mtb tli« ri*«r 
ti tttfer lo detvtd ihtMa$tknt acttut t 
rtawk 0«c«, whirh ihcjr bew b ounliif 
vafaiattUiMD. TUt iirvporUd bj lho 
iMflb «*(itaUt vho biLV« bcea la o«r Kt- 
«Ui, vd ^ve Mctr lea CviUl Thia. 
lifrtbsr wUb the npeiCfd tctoaati «« 
Uva bft4 ramcCiaf a Pnnch fliVt, fnclioM 
■Bf to tUnk Unc wa ih«ll »o& rtdam 
^■Itt btD CiMib. Bat our lati aaflSrf- 
np tvn made aucfc def|> Ivprwikau on 
tttanio^ df VMiD. that k «*aU b« dUI. 
<iA. 1 iiBHinf, to rxtiatilr lh«m to tucfa 
t butiiru. f >4r saral force *i|iiia Uic Lake 
[i#. O«o«icn]^ b P>wi*cnbit. We hBTc 
4 vnMit, bfuAcB a Msber «f nndiloei 
(fdff)i, ««ll a)A«a«d, and famubffd «rUb 
nSdoK «f caanoa. minnnJCioa, tto. 

Tbu t ban pnn jan nome Unle dc- 
«0|plktt of am Attition, iflldi may b« 
MwyNhla. W» bftre bad rafid?at to 
t«idb «• 0(U 4tp^(tonn on tlic cnoat QikI. 
Wi hare M«a our (vUr «od DnrttMOUAble- 
■•■ \m VBMCiaf diraclra, inJ, ai U vcn, 
baMttiyof tktorf«k<Dlu>tob ihtbofdcn 
ttdcalracebQbftbf fiu-mr, Hidweban 
■WBMdad ifl Ibif 4vp«r1inonC agrtablo to 
or arttbtf*, «■ k4D«ll bavn bran apiai- 
fBrilf lao|iroad and hamk? br iha Mrtb 

l» aii*l«ia ut. Tba Lonl ku bc«A |ili:<u<d 
I0 xlioa by bi» ictnv ivbukn lliit Ilia 
ifrvnffth alouo U Id bf Iniiktitt of; iirid 

i'lhntj nont bal llh ^inl^bfjr >m ^la 
rlitfr. W« hm, iadfed, Sir. buiif uar 
licada «rry bw, an^ iiif^iarirrl M be modi 
eonbondf^d at our [itm avap] di«>tJpoiat- 
uffdta. Bat it ii to be feared tii4i ibia bM 
otklyhflfa apfiflrmtt^. We Umv icmuuIo 
fcar »r *f*, ua tbv *bob, rcry £u frcm 
irue bumiUaUcKi- Oar innj i« kj taoecd* 
injf tU/ul. Ibhl i| jMmaiJmatt LEn|iauiMa 
«« afaould eiFT bo prOf|»redj Aad, bad ▼« 
auc bavD aucconltU utf better In otber 
parU of Amorict Uun bre. ire iho^M be 
rcaly loconriadc thai (3^1 dnit;Tin1 uur 
(jQtAt dcitraulkvu. Dql Ubkiuil intcriHJ- 
tilkm in our ftToar at Boaton," K«« 
Vofk.f aad nther luita, fQONr«t«* *u 
iv h4|)« tbal tb> l^rd will ^vt ifrp««r Ibr 
ai, and «orfc out oar atliarJiHi- 1 doubt 
not tto'n many ctta And pctiQoQi tltllj 
aafitadiri« up It lUiTcn form from Go4'< 
EbU^lrea ai buuifsi ii» tii4t. If wf arc bo 

in thii rvfpFct, WG hflTe bind *nd alfcc* 
ib>nat« frimib vboarr tarrful lo rvEncm- 
btr asp CbapLuAt in cbia iltpv/lmcDt an 
?CTj acaroc^ Therv an but tbm of ai 
bffrotii prnent.TU, Ato^, Spiin(4 aod 
myttlt. Wp itiBct JQ irut o««i| of yaem 
aud tbo pr>j*ni>f all Qod'i people foraa. 
ill ocOrr 10 ditduargc fti'-Urullj ibc diill* 
cult cbiractffrt In wbicb tfv lia^v «0K><ed 
lo aoL W« o«ob of ui ctkjof. tbroQ(h 
DJniitf fOA4n«a«, ■ pr4lt7 cnod . al*ia af 
bralih, coiititlcrinjc our liliuiioti. I bare 
been ti^rairkabtj fdfonnd tit tliiA rr«p«ct. 
I iliould ho nnredint fliftd to rvcrfvn ■ 
tew tinci fVtim jou; and [to] kntnr tfae 
■itimiJun of afli^r* ivitb jrvu. Plaae to 
ifivf- it)i kbd rtva^df and >fisctio» to 
^Ira^ BcUamj and UieAtf. 
J oin, livii'. t^'ir. 

Y^r gntfoful pupil aod huiubla Scrt^. 
To Chfi 1t«i'>- Dof t. lUllimy, 

BelUau, ConnctftkaC- 

* Boatca vaa onoBaled bfthe Briiitb in Mftreh, ITTG. 

f K<r« Ywk WM ia pawaivinn ctf Wiitriiii^ton ; hut 1h« Amnlcan* were dnfnt#il in 
Aa^tut and &«pt<nibtf, 1776, ajiil the Brlluh entered the lo«s 00 Ibc l^di of itic 
latter DBoetb. 

I TUa (raa Saanrl SpHof , afUntardi D.0>, mintatfv of Ntfnbnrjr.portt Maaa, He 
«u, Hp Alia, ** tbi onlj chaplib in Arnold** AgtaobiEtnC, vhU^ pcD4(nt«d through 
iba ■iUBTHaaof U^mc to <%4rbn: In I77(/* Ut 41^ in IM|{>, Uia wife vu ■ 
jMrirtor pf Ihf friffiraliil ntictor Hqiliia* i^rUftdlcj. HUfonjare nOirdliCln|Uttbed 
ttbbliM. Gardber SprUf, tlit pcpuUr avliiOT, u cmn Of dma. Tbii olaptatn 
Sprfos ««i iB arrule thlobor and lolaoiiinua anthnt' 


TTiv MoavrDVt^tAl llUUirTpf BtfTT(< u rvivrUrrl in llie RuJui 4>f her T\?npU*, Vihtt9» 

praatfnU UK iviUi loiiie tiran^ wi«tlr> 
mml rrTAttJoliI myvtor^ev. lU myllitc 
fHtf(cMl« or* mnnj. IIj tint kmtt. no- 

the Cfrmfa(iii!7'nci^L-j>cc^ hiitory, vu 

Tikun, riilrifi ovar tlbq t?ni of clft- 

ltt«cc<9(Jedtli& San, i^mMUinj* tlic 
h trbon Are was rt-uiiiUil Ut o»r 
I^Mboi Thfrn fuLloweil AvalUocluuton, 
or tlw ffDod pirhidple, Mined whom 

ChiH* ami lii>, Hiildrrn of 8ati|ro, 
l>rotliiTr ftiirl fiMb^rf linihnnd ftnd wife, 
rpiTTwiiiniMM I'f lb'.' Iw(j k:^c» In 
ikatnm^ (^rwin;; rlu- fir*! iJfrioil wo 
liare 1Iot(i«. i»un cf i>!ifrii« uml loii, w^o 
lirlil ilotiiJn'tDii among Ills f^lLow-mi-a 
lit llip iinmr> nf Mrnrt, who vrn« mini- 
ItfWd Jiinor»( (bf ffwla hy llio □ntnp of 
Ju|iilpr«nntl who flivlilaLt l^vpt unong 
liii fbur mill. 

'Hie »*«)nil iimoil ihi'Iu'Im tin? tim^ 
tlurinf; vliioti tm^v IrM »wny^ I'luil, or 

Ikiiia nt MFinplii<(; AthoU's iLt Ih'ia; 
mill C«mlci at 'l'uu«, TIiol* four 
^TnultetwcMi ci>1lA4i.-rnl, hd naj laJiiuto 
TiIttoriinfL, U^r lixtfrn hiindrni ywir». 
At Um rn<1 of ihii |wrii>l SmculrU, 
King of TLclitff, fciid c*:i]ji^ui!rar of 
AiU« Ar<f|uir>?it BcviiTi.' tupivLUiioj over 
tho fonr ilimiocm^ Hprodoiu* nE&Itt 
tiinl i1i« K|;jji(NiS iirlr»u dcUjlvd lo 
hkn lh« ttainc* of tkrco ltiitiilr«d and 
tbirit wnetMlro klagft.lKMn Monwto 
Ihfsirifi, wbo tiled Ui the jvai of tfaa 
wnrl'l HiOOt RfMntn* 4im<m1(-il m 

th9 fi4l<>«lii^ ^r. Vnnn M* period 
dovn to IhMt cf IVanitncnltiu 1) tho 

H^tibrt «Tfl of Kg^t: era ^r its IMib- 
rotlM nnd it* pjmiiidri; <'ni of TMt 
triumTihi Etral »ocd« dclLUtA; en in 
wl^ ' y.^y \U kiiig &»Wo*, 

or t ih'i: rirti hid; «rft la 

vhu-X ludiic king* 'ulnl oontompo- 
r«Dwv*tj orcr tWr^Tv tliftricbv *"^ 
VtiKOrj tltitrfi«tod tvEth ikr>r«l, u&tll 
CuiibyMB thf PvraUii r^tiAbfuM him* 
jdf U tbv Infill, ftixl fevniM II djimaU 
wUc^mUa tnni. vMiCTwbedboittU 
Ife bUtle*ax« of tbo Mll-conqQmnjt 


Wi^ lmTi>HfrMj|j«Ud#finttl periccU 
of EjQmtimi hMEoiT. Tlic icrenUi co«- 
mcnccd at the death o( Alcjcindfr. 
when hii lioulrciAiita JUuitx! liIi Ma* 
kmIoiis aoiong Uicim«tid E^pt (t\ho 
tho »]iarc of Ltgait wbo bsgun Uii nle 
lliroo hundred aud fuur jcon bulur^ 
ChrJAl, umler tho luniu uf l'tol«ttjr 
Sotcr. Tvclre imuiHrcli* of tliiv dj- 
niulf ffucc«cdad 1<> tb« fir*t PtoJoniy, 
and th«n.(U tbe Pctvao hod oreroooe 
tlu» old E^^ptTUi|&nil Greek hAdorcp- 

comi^ iVr^iuni to (he Qowan noworvr- 
threw tliG Gn>f k, niid durky Clc^patr^ 
with kll bcr pride wilb luudv tU* t^lt 

r>f iho I'hilllt^'ll Vf [lOUIulUlU 

Tho HomAiii vcmrniutcrttoif Egjpt 
fi-ooi tU* jiar n.i'. "J" K* iboTcar of 
rjur LorO (j;i4, vrlu'n it wu auIhIucO lij 
lIm* TulIiTh OmnL' mid hii limilrnntiU- 
Thv Anat^c Cnlipb^ fouud obedionCD 
in 1I10 land until tbe f««r li54, whai 

|1i« indf^pVTrilcnt T'^ntmn c«Iipfti*t WM 
roundt:il hj Al Mofiili, iIiq firvt of die 
I'slimttc iivnixfllj. Uf Ihin rice tfaoni 
were ten GilIpliN tb« luat of whom, Al 
Ad^, viu ovortbrown bj Sikdb aod 
hii Hon Mnlck Ailel, Ulo gukcnU of ^ 
NiiriHlveii,th«AUbiik Bnir of DamM- f 
OUB> The Kmir proclftLincd liia lientc* 
luukt Sullnn of f^pt- Silfl/lio dkul ia 
tbe jrcBT }\iKi; lilt df?Aci^Dd4Qtf« with 
•uiue tutLTruptioni, retainod dottliikm 
in l^rpt till the totr I-J43, wbeo tbe 

UbIisHM MAinufLik^ gO« ^uuo«»ion 

(if tho eountry, but wore ultinuht«ljr 
t;j«ct«d from It hy tbiit Jo«U« Clrcu* 
uon moc irho, tiikdet tbe appcUatlon 
of lilt* Itorghilc dyiiMctj, bobJ tbtt 

f<!«bler KfvptitiiK bonuidi their jokei 
dovTn to £0 y»r 1^17. fn thU yeart 
th<T TnT^Eiflb Suitan, Svlim I. look po«- 
MMon «f dw RkUndid f«i««, ud for 
tlw TmtU GoJCm it i« Uus diftj beU 

in Imvt tfj llto bonxtit&rj vMvrojr Scut 

Puhft, ft DUD of (tivck blood AM Uo*- 

BnA u tbe outiiDo of GfjpltAB bu* 
loTTt tl« tDoM hkUrcMkkff page in wkaeh 
a XhtA baviiif r eft r an cg to a period lh« 
IraMl known* Of tbw^mol Mt. Oo- 
bum tNsIa st lvc« m fab ronottj 
publSaM work» lie H»iun«aial Bit* 
totjof^jpL Hr.Ottembilrcodj 



7%-r Ofd CMvreh in Old JSgypU 


itivflraunhly Inovn hr hu jnoAlkr 
wA, cnliUod "luW in K|criiii* * 
ffprt ti mvcb rtsewcb, intflrust, uid 
^f. hk tike bat*luiiiD(t volume tlie 
tfi^ v«fjrntti«B«AillTrc>ii1 « portion 
^Cte hialoitj or Unci in tho monu- 
vMi ^T tbe tud {b vlticli die/ to- 
■oimeL lu lUa |iretcftt voluiiBcs bo 
U • viikr *copf. ainuitg at nu uiicr* 
fOMiOD of lb« hutc^, mantitrf, nio* 
idlb Mil cmUHflB dT Uiv r^t|ititui» 
iMffdlf, YFt <ki not propow to fal' 
[ir Un U^ughiMit UI« pundt of to 

■dl Ulcc, Ijovtvcr, ooc scGlioti of bi« 
lUf voric, that d«VDt«(t tc tlu) con- 

■Aovlion of vliit wo tttvo «il1«l tli« 

OU Cbvrch b KgjpCi a» ono irilcrc^t* 

iMMtUffl OM»1fCt4d \rhh ft. 

Ur. CMMim seu ikvn Menchcred 
■rlWGnt E|[jptiaft king «bo wnt a 
ml i«lin*nu rabrmer' IIo moda of 
WnfttOr UilJ-aia.ihamc^ri.*I<)Ciil dtttty 
■fBM ri» ,theoflB uuivifr?AlJy nckiioi*- 

lundm n4 one of (ht^ lon^E of f Um, 
io4tlMra1liCT*C(fl<w;»ti7fK^;i>t. After 
Ik dc&th ho Wf^ tlfliikid ui»3cr tbo 
«B« «^ lci2U-, lliu poUcr* "on aj^oant 
dT Ma firofkidu'y tn tbc lic(Jk< trt, 
«b«t«ili Lb vSMooNlinta ftiM «icvTl«d 
tiunw Ibe utt>aiu of tite indent 
TorUr Th« nanw vn« briloolrfd by 
Ite Oveeks iaio Ovip^ In KmiLUzk 
iJ W * d^nbte inoiuiini-- TlieCoptic 


} munler uid du- 
tnombormonf ^ LNiri* by bu bratbcff 
Typlion, o&ii tbc scatlcriDf; oftlic limla 
orvir ihc tw«iCy-'ix nomcf of ^^P'* 

IrU, it IP na'«l, r-.'CovcroI tbe idqEj- 
ZnW'L IrfL^jnijntj ol' h«r brother ui'l 
httebjiiat. r^utiiivd iht^m. snd buried 

tkcEii uL Al/jiloi^ (rr lIjc "city of Uw It«* 
EurrvrtJuii/ Turojn;- from the Ciiblft to 
»liat ii l>dltveil to l>c lite Irutb, wo are 
totd tli^t Muuvbirrcpfumiduil Ibotcmplij 
and citj of AbyfloE^md taught tbo In Jh 
tliul with one <tcm1 lhora«rA« aJ^ n rv 
HurKVliuii from 1\k tkad lornUivh:! 
}j<-fu-hri>^ in liiin, TliUlfiulixlikf tqmc* 
IkioD Urttcf than c^urv stumbling ia 
the iurl^i tmb li wu really nolhlj^g vln, 
for Mcncht^rc*. nhilQ rcculcjiting ibo 

Tact of tfco cx iiConcij of ono God of ihu 
rwiufvciivui cudti of liiauetf a deity, 
and tho fint-lKd-ii *aii of tho latvthry 

god of bifl new Crt(y of AbjdodL Oat 
of thin frnuil arose a mut of Ii<f aoj 
fftijHrrttitioDj bciiu&tli wbk^ thi^ l^uth 
vrtf hoixtlanly and ponn^jctilly con- 
cluded. &li]nclii!rc« realty did btilie tu 

impri'VC the t*:^.:!^!]^' of (na fix >t iniuii- 
linuiui acru-is the- i^nmufi {>f Su^:/ into 
the TiUlvy of tJie Nile. TbcA« wor- 

>Iil|>ircd lbi;ir di^fuiict |jfwvuit4jrs of 
both ftcxe*. making tbcni tho lutoJwy 
godi of Iho citicj thoy fuuniM la ttu 
PclU, lijtving thorebt Juctl nuk uid 
power, but uoL bejond tho JUts irh«B<e 
tH<7 u'(Ti' rucc^ni^tsl M Kunrdijini. 
Mr, IMjLiTia Niyt (Iijlc thirxc ImmJgniDia 
■usigDo^l (u dir^irlatnlK'i'in^dcrticacoii* 
trol 'ii^cr thi^ bcartnly Imd^c^ ;krLd tho 

of tbc oahlc of Uie j^d ij jxiwenof uAtuiVi "aiadiUinaUoibcr 
lo •billys" *' «vtfrU»tii>^,** 111 tJolnCrioii th« jrwlf loon bocimo uiiltod 

i>a£d onowllA the objects thoyft^- 

Tho iiitniduotioii> by Khig Couhotv, of 
Ihp worabijiof livtTi;; iraiMtr^nati&iitiof 
Uii-4i- goda in tlio form or aniinal^ »ean« 
tu Ildvc perfected thbMttciaof uoju^ 
«ymbolum." Out of a arose, adiodj; 
other tbiii^S the nuua of fhanob. 
Mixruiri) Atid bin Iribo bmiight WJlh 

tJicitL fr^m HfllxJ a ttsditioa of tho 
irordhip of lhi< fitting «ttn> They not 
up tbJiiif oTvUip Kt UcliopoljjL, and "gnvo 
to their god a httTtvin unrwrAonation in 
Adnm, £0 Iktbcr nf mankind." With 
Iiliii was ftMOcIatcd tlio idea of kingly 
['Ovrr. nnd tbpoeo with hit •ymbol, tbo 
9un. From thitt uMOciotion tho kingn 
of K^ypt come to bo called riuraofi;, 
fram tJKi word fligncfyttt^ "von.'* Tluy 
vere tho "8001 ai&ijpl.^ 

r cE ggiee to Ibc ttnbalnnncr of his own 
bodttaiid tohiaodloeu diiiite patron 

Mys timit on tbo otbrr Imnd, " tlLc^ 
roap or y of ibc man loxar, nud tb« 

n o niag of \m* naar, wi;rc c^vor nAcr- 
wasidt prMCTved in tlic ji£lnbut«i of 
tbr £M*" In t)bf njlbio pictutoi of 
lalcr tJi>io», Knopb, or Koahi may bo 
■em faKblooia;; lh« luerobtfj^ of tvxia 
or Onru ; oni the Jailer a rcproienLcd 
tf baUonia; Um limhi of liU own 4l<^< 
vndontaoin Ibo poller « vFirwl. The 
WU^ilacQ Oif the iu6n-god waj ai 
B«ir^ (tike Innb of 0»ri«> But liU 
dnad bodj w>« tbir^d eudoihc ri»ny 
«cliar dtie«i reU^otuJy uxunx lo luve 
la IMr koep^n^ a portion ol^ him who 
wm God or tbo d«ad and bri^g 4 Jind 
lo Ihin Aoi li Inood the foondftttuu ol 



Th^f OM ChurA in Oid SgypL 


Hdlopolif wv ft utrecl ami Mdeat< 
ittimJ dtr fmrn l^ «ir)l<«t perM 

down to UlO IjiUut. U wu Ln iku dij 

#f hIen«Ty|>hIc«. K^if ihli rauon ho 
»w, fti £i« doiih, dcitkd n* -* tb? fpd 

of UiUTM, Hflrl i>f the vwUct wliidi 

ktc<n inpui.'' ff«f gAirt inonfftoili- 

jeUL mi|ftit fiiiJ ui Tar, tlio <l«M^m<lBnt 
of Jlau,lb«orJfi:in<ir>*tnlCl«nir The 
oUicr MIM mcD oT Kfrpt were not 
men ifirino tliov li«, H« put pM« 
for 4 1/po of Ike ^tm wbicb wo* vllh 
IdjUcLj fuu?tltkll«il foio ihAt ^anihn^ijn 
«T»loia ^iiMotr/ comintiKc^l l-j Mcn- 
Atfirt Hi Ahj<kii. It VM a >f«U« 

«4liar SsjiHiUrt lonitiiiiUnK v«ro Im* 
muUblfL Tin aainr* nkj^u of Uio olil 
^vdi rvDuuootL " A lirg« And bonont* 
•bic HuUr of U'Brnlagi rcMsr^ aa«l 
lll^ffculljr iroi4<l ImvA Uifil uiVPit In 

■otDc of th« nooAt cailneni BluiJratoof 
ov Nubjc^ hw\ tlili vcTj p»l|j«blc fwl 
been j>«r^rf<l b^ rK*in," 

J^nud aJl tbe KgQrptian OdrktiMi 
vliEch ttUM d^vn upon rdLgi'jn, one 

Imlb of A raurrrciion, vrhh lu CdiM- 

Ssat rowftrxJi tiul puaii^lirnciils, Air, 
torn Ii4« found LTi«on|>lioD« Dii IIm 

faOAt JiDclftnt tonib*. njcni^inff. 1i« saj*, 
«lrii>l C«r wtrjgh«^) hj At m gi^Ur 
m—" a [>atp<i]>tc olluiftoo to tb* (Uvtrino 
tbfti, ftftcr doftUi, the flctioiiH nf tbis 
lib woold bo wrijilifd. tA<i tbu Uia 

fftio fkf Ibc dct^f^wil 111 llic iUTllIbla; 

wodil depended n^xin tbc b>ue cf tliat 

lawniuLncatiDO hwl fiibt'li ki da villi 
lM« ilodna« of ib<< fi>4Qrr«ctkm. It 
KDiJcral tli« hitdy Mr«, afi>1 an im- 
kmcmldculaa of die deldvd Oiirit. 

Xbe god wn« JitpfiOKil to »nU>r in!n 

|bo fQommf, 1li« name of which wm 
"tbe Mfiution of Uvirid." It iru 
oarriod to iti pJA^r <^ <Upoiit In tbc 
bOAl 0* Utdj[^- of (>iln«; llir pric-ttt 
odPnrcd it tnocnsc* flod mji^ ill iirAitoi. 

*'Ibo MUI WM BnppOVtd to UiiVp »r 

booom«(rktii>cldunii]r the fiirljdaf« 

iblU WCrV <iOC(jp}l<il 1^ lll« JlTOCOMOf 

t«»b*lEfiuu- II ihvik rcrlred iif;ain,ftDd 
■till rvtuintil indiuoInU^ villi th« 
bodjr whidi itACcotnpuiM intlic form 
lli0 Bina bid Iwrso mi i^rth lo the 
lombt vhcr4 U rec«ivu.) lu lib«nikin." 
Xfab cflHiidptttBOn vru luAvd Tor in tbo 
bllovlcg puuQ : " Ob I yti libcnomn 

of ibe Mvbr of lltfoi tliat ore tnilc 

a htHiwof <>«rifl(mtt»iniifi«f)> '' 

tbo «ou1 of " (iKoardlng ta il 

tiuBD of ih« ilAfAuvd), whom je fufi^^ 
niA'le tt boiiM of Orirbi. !l« iMa ii yv 
Mw ; he bevi lu ye bev ; fcc stawU os 

Vl> ItlMld ; bit «ICJ M Ttf ftlt-" H#Twhl 

u jdtcwon lo both bocTj and an^L TV 
Idttcr, ofi reaching cl»v tomb with ikt 

fbrm«r, mitf <o p p r i»til to arffrv hofh Ih* 
rinng luid ifco #»^llJn^ iiin, ifil4 «rbo«t 
bar! rt then ftittn.^'l. ao'l by wbon tht 
wcfl<«tii porlalj v«r4 AHfliod, vhcrcb^ 

it had ao«» lo tbo r«alni of inunor^ 
Ixlitj. Ai tho «md defended vitfc thi 
aun» a|H-» nbnt^kv^l fbrtb tho obdopit 
of iu vnn. lill ibo MHiT. tnaUf nacfanf 
Ibe niLurnnrM n^ioo of ittnuim 
apiritfi n^loicd iliovouliof biadooMMl 
nac«a((M-f« and took >akonf lh«m a Uan- 
porarj na t. 

8Ifiluldiwd«itcrat*»d toiKillui«Uio 
liodv ; ffinful irortU, t}\e >ouL (>f tbt 
worVvof tbe iWl, (.kjri* wu tbe intff- 
5er aud JQrfifltfr* TItoth or llertiMi 
p#f to r m eii tbc^ umA ol1lo» frtr iMr 

lite >ou1 wu flnilljf In tr od u ic^ It 
lb« bill oC ju'ljpiuntt wb«re Ml iba 
gtitat Jadgo, before Itim a bAlan«<v 
wbenia lo wti;;lL ibc bnru and men 

liln ibo fotfljr-tira AtanpTrii. irtlh their 
knirts, Tvatlr to InMict tnrmcQti nti the 
omiCT or Ihc heart wrigt^d in tlio 
bidjuioo and Jouiw} waiitinf?' Tbe 
iut<ncnt which tb^r tout wM oajoiM^, 
ore the launinj was depcaitwl in the 
l«mb| to moke u> ihcMs ATcngeni U 
a fair tiiwoiuicu of heatboD hniniGtj; 
'Vhn ftitUmeni il divided into aonM^. 

l\%\ag Lk(i KiJi diJEcn nnvrtluuv; a JV^ 
aamplca vrillriTw an idos of tbe whole: 
meaSBTc* lae Untt h vt eompreien*' 
tiivv Ibet nearljr >ll the ntt mtgbt lave 
\H^<*n nmttteil, etid w^ tn tl>i« <ifl«ct :— 

" I hiTR Dcithnr doun nnjr lin nor 
oonilUd any -Julj to anr man." 

AAcT tbi« Ttry inH^k r>riMkhi^ the 

Domjtkccet muI proceeded lo deobre^ 
aoiuniff other thtDjpL, that it bad com* 
iflitted no unffUannew, nevve- F«d, nor 
blupljenied, ihortoniMl the cubit, or 
made nen tohiu^eroritcep- ''lli«T4 
ootf** >aid ibc touT nttiSj caCaloeving 
!t« excellencJeii " I nare aot for^ea 
tbe dccdi of ilaioc& hoiuet, or laode; 
1 hn-r* not wilLbuld the Mren finen 
garment* duo to the pnceU. I havt 
net been aTaricietiii nor forged logneC 
nnffh I bavo not oetted ibe dnoka 




17^ OU Chur<k im Otd Bg^ 


lailr. I luK not MMnlcl Ua toy- 
f cuaddMuidji ft niiinntfl ftodi Ibe 

hmf fvrr ftditixl Aflvibin^ totajof 
Ac nen<l book*.** Xariiiiif to tibc 

■ndrtnj for rui'll. tliat U bml <?o«i' 

va i nnm i:faiAgcd ibe (^tour of iu 
Uift; " 1 ^T* tiir^r," <xclftii»«d tlio 
w4Eal cn«Mu«k ** X bitT« nnrvr teen 
M'— 4li4? teru Tor iViilr. 1 btvu ncfcr 

M4I • iHlimOTt aor a LwUblvr* nor 

nil A icKil cif BDj onci 1 luiic tioc 
UUflra willt ttij niuuUi— tbat i^ 
'Milij MueUicf r nor p«t tctf in Uic 
Mtfh ^f trotb, iwr fihovti llie wool of 

iupcakliifa iK-r cdnwod Ike fkMhloui 
aorfnactvtl J'ortrijR AbocuinalMiin ; ror 
iviM'Utc fwo of mjr f«Uiurt nor 
kWioiL tki rdcii uf UiowjUim (itjili 
lfabH|kc« at % forbftdikn lima)."* 

If lUa poor wtil (imU tu uowpoit^- 
iUt paipBtt«bflitT dctcnrcd du lcia> 
WCMded in t«in^ j«»tiii?il, ii liiiiplj 
iwifiiwt in \Am or fujiuvc mum thrm 
*Wini1 yc*»i vben Et rciur»<d to 
Alb RMi ricMiBHut«(] th^* hc'\j. 

if iIm toll oouU nut find ili luKiitmj, 
tkPf «Diirrci vufl in i lorribk- {lUfilil* 

~ '» ahJ |i^rvnUU *oiw Vmill in 

' 19 koq> tlw boilj HI fttA.-ty, imil 
I aatutiUNl in vnic^ to nuke it 

^ But tiM iicimfnUlitx of 

•oq] ikpk*»iWcl upcn Uui iiit£e- 

otLliiJit/ or ibe Wljr-if iIm Utter 

_bctn niuiilAleJ br «nj nkin, Ulq 

vleL r«r il in Hat'.'B till it vim 

Wbcn Alfp rctli^ivw 

tlui. Lo arill cva^o tff tj« ui 

of mmmtcft' But 'Huic hu 

« grealfr i]cftn>y«T tinn Mr. 

ir« "rII iJiu buokQ a(i4 Uiinr 

^j% Hr. Qtbtird, uppftklnff of 

\hA mw in oov 0ȣT]Ctt "Iuto 

I UacIe Ou&i, wblcli now Dorvn 

I of tbmr »i]pulthrt«- \Vbi.'rv- 

i MVa TAullfi objocti ju»t u 

bio w uvtfuiiM OBkbolm«d 4Aer 

proodas kra jwrlocUy pr^ 

Ibo noktnf of a loinb mtui bave 
t % wwtk df ibt^mtt io a uiau *bf> 
Vu« i0ul woiiM b« JeitliU-M 
J loec ift bit bodr roMcd hwi* 
In tbo toiuL To jircpvo Ano 
\ vurk of • iQAn'n lif^; (o cam- 
, tbc «orfc of UIAA7 gtiDttm- 



tiuiiA. Ittch pifnom CDmint-ncvJ tbvtn 
on ent^riii;;' hihlm ibvir tiiuuoi, "404 
tbt» vork mu cut »bort bj iht^ir iltatb. 
to he rj^mcU on bj tbcir >uvcc««jar«i 
fnr il t^ liJirl to AAy UkHt uij ona of 
thno mu cr«T Aoiftlic^iJ." 
Fnr tio conitruction and main- 

f«iAO<4} of Ibc touibi a vor^ lic«vy 

tidiin^ wh* XnHtK'X ujMd tb<? UnJ) of 
tliti nobloA orE}]jr|it. U wm piAiJ, do 
<loubv, vitb l)iaC iH'ri ol thuinty wbteA 
men inTariabljiii^lujr wbm uokcfl to 
make lUtk Acnfioc* 'lt Ihc gooil nf 
tluar louUJ 

Af, when lh« «catlcrcii Jii&btf of 
Oiirift wvrc rcvuvifrFi] tti\w, co<li towi 
vhicb »<ldcil lLc naino oIj^hjiVm loita 

ovfli ibef vtru rvuititcd at Ab^^tkOf m 
ifcrvoB «v«* Cu-itDTdeil, prerluoa in lis 
udoff linjJJrib^iauCud m it» own pi-' 
culiftf tomb, llio dlj of the rraur* 

roctjuti VJiB i milled mrmiiU'luil \rj 
vattvr ciliiM ai tbo ^lonJ; vluArttn IaV 
Uu mumiBJos of oounJun tbouandi 
bvoi^t from rciaoic distODoei, io order 

iti ibciu mwht btvD lacUiiica for di«* 
covi^rln^ Uiolr olil toiomcakti ffh^ tl]< 
hour of rt«i>ii^itatii>n vat at hosd. 
Tliejail («l4:ulut<'il loo atKn bttng ro- 
auaoitJitOtt witii (^jtirm fiim^^ir. The 
poaaoiiioA of llii^ dly wofl nA»wkri)j 
bbodilj itruggleil f<ir by rivjj kru^ 
for be tbM lEAineit tlic hdjr Jo<:aIit^ 

waa de«iQii*-l to hv rn*«mriyl Xry lUa 
conuoon fiOlicr ol tlmn all. 

l1iQ wais of ro%i'>ii wen? not few, 
Ofid t2i07«erGii«TicdjcoOiliictc«l) nnd 
llicfio wcro si^iiMtline* fouMM in tlie 
aUvnijita to mako dtkuibvr )^ ibnn 
Otirif «i;[itonic In Kipipt, — aa bi thci 
case of Amon of coattru 'llivbca. Th<; 
Inbftlntafita of Cmcodilcpotia were 
vuf^ mucb g^t«ti iv Ik'Iiutit ib«t (bo 
eacrod Oooodila «iai aa uiutt^rwil a 
god la u)j of tkeDHi-^iiBd ibu idea 
WM« doabuts^i Tiut on iooorrtct odc. 
So tlko wonbippi^r« of Sopkrai at- 
siuncd mma luAt wcro oompoundcd 
of hl% ond Mi him up nt a rird to 

The moniiinfTitnl histoiy of Kgjpl 
|roco Io pro^ lliat all the ^rai pon* 
tMat cbaiigo« in tla Toaiurehv vom 
oollnccTtc^l w'ltb r^lijfion. Whoui«r the 
ehdojEO v£f in the *ait of goTtniaiMit 
or in tli«tin«of raooN«T(Tn,Mr'Ofbtiro 
nft ibftt ■' it tnTBiiablT on|!;inn(od in 
K4nc AttKtupt 10 modify Ibo iifcibttrjr 







Thf Old Church m Old Egypt. 


of y^pt' Even the HO-oallcd Invn^ioTi 
of tlic Bheplierds/* he nddft, ** jirovos to 
be ntithin^ more than a religious civil 
WAT.*' The auUior notices a aimihu' 
wsr in the insarrcctioii against ^ic 
funaticiBmof Amo*i3ftndhUsuc«8ior«, 
in the cauflti of thctr i^nd Amun, whom 
thoj endeavour^ to innkc diipromc 
OTer all the other ^oda in Kf^ypt. The 
eun-iiJolatry oauseii a siniilnr slmgglc. 
The diBC-worHkijipers wore |iorfcetly 
sntUGcd that they were the truly or- 
tbodnXt and they parUcularly objcetcd 
to the pracLice, in lue first nt llelio- 
polia, oJ' wornhippmg the setting sun - 
Tlicy were fnnntieal Hectarlea, ntul de- 
clartHl that it wa» tlio rising sun alone 
that pUoutd be an object of worship. 
T1ie learned nulhorf wbcn dealing vritli 
this matter, rcniarka that the ductrinc 
of this new worship rc^rdinp; the king, 
whose authority was acknowleil^ed by 
the worshippers, was strictly Egyptian, 
though modified. He was looked upon 
aa the uudonbted deacendent of the 
sun, deriving authority, virtue, and 
power from the solar disc. " ITiis was 
aignificantl^ shown forth by the rays 
which projectcl lifu into hia niout^, 
and that, clasping his heart, infused 
into It courage, nnd wisdom, and just ice. 
The king and his family were (he only 
media of communiention between the 
aun, the source of nil blossin^, and 
the people. Kach individual prince in 
the court of riiaroah raisetl his private 
altar in the Tempio of the Sun^ and 
heaped upon it meats and drinks, nfit-r 
tfao fashion of Egypt ; but it was the 
king alone that oficreil them to tho 
lun, or that performed any other aet 
of worship whatever." (>n the other 
hand, wc arc told that tiie king, f[necn, 
and royal family were the only media 
through wliirh hlcssings could be iin- 
paTte<l to the people. I^ife, health, 
strength, justice, honours, wealthy could 
only proceed to them through the 
hands of the priest-king. Mr. Unburn 
reads n proof of this on one of the 
moauments, on which is n device re- 
presenting " Amenophis with his wife 
anil children, stanfling In a gallery ex- 
ternal to their palace, and oil of thcni 
enngcd in flinging duwn to their de- 
lighted subjects unci worsiiip^iers below 
collars of diMinction, vases, rings of 
money, symbols of life, and other much- 
coveted gifls. These gilU the disc of 
the auoj which' ia represented abore, 

tn in the act nf beatowing upon tUem." 
It is impossible that the people eouUI 
be more significantly taugnt tnnt their 
monnrchs were the stewards of Heaven. 
Tho dise- worshippers were probably 
not such irredeemable idolaten ■■ 
flome of their fellow - Egyptian s ; and 
Mr. Osbum says of them that there 
was more social alfectlon among them 
than among any other seetarists of IJm 
same country. In the monumental 
pictures, " the king and queen appear 
tcigcthcr on all occasions, and ore fie- 
(luently represented carosainp their 
cliildreii " It id neither illogical nor 
improbable to rufcr this great moral 
improvement to the influence of the 
comparatively purer and more truth* 
ful doctrine regarding the divine ex* 
ititence fur which these eectarista con* 

Amcnophis, the king of the dive* 
worshippcn*, held possession of Thebeai 
where he overthrew the woraliip of 
AmuD, and erased the name and relief 
of Aniun from all the walla and templet 
in the eity and vicinity, as well as from 
the aides of all the open and unSniabod 
tomba of Gournnn. No further than 
this did the disc- worshippers carry 
their mutil.itions of an idolatry thej 
wished to <lcstrov. This ia a most 
creditable feature in a class of sectaries 
who would not worship Amun, but n 
vitfible and bene6eent God- It iaadded 
that even the mulrlations made to put 
out of inemorv the pictorial records of 
an old superstition were effected neaily, 
and with acruj^nloug endeavour* to de- 
slroy the architectural efTect^ aa little 
as possible. No idolatrous device or 
allusion to Amun was spared, but all 
others were left untouched, being con- 
sidered as mere embellishments. The 
disc -worshippers were in fact the Pu- 
ritans, or Low-Church men of Egy[^. 
They arose against the fanaticism and 
tvnuiny of (he successors of Amosis in 
the cause of their god AmuOf whom 
they endeavoured to make supreme 
over all the other gods of £gypt. 
ITic temple which Setbos I. destroyed 
nt a snbse<|uent pcricrtl, and with the 
stones of which he built an addition to 
the palace of Kamak, was the work 
of a powerful lacliun which arose in 
Kgypi, an<l which professed lo abolish 
the worship (and for a tinte did so with 
great auccess) of Amun, aa well aa of 
tho rest of the idols of the connti^. 


7%^ Otd Church m OU J^fypt. 


|Wa*r«Di««4 ■« LoUtd b^ali Afri- 
di fCnMuqiu of K|0'1>f^ dt<ice«t, 

rfirfgiWiiiC^ viho ««T« dBtfUflc^ at 

iepoi* iilobur of ih« TbAoD Hia- 
laofe ttd who nacntivd ftU Uw aUti- 
|m* Mid ttonliifi 9€ God to iIm lUtc 
ttikt mn cnW, whiL^h wm to ihem 
fltli4'«ye of iSxifiiicurc Kt in Iha 

ittm*. li «u A nUi:inii] movevnanC 
mdmt^jF of Um itfi««l« Joinc'^ ii. ilul 
llv aalhm of il alul not apuu^I tci 

wnikUloeiriliACvriB asyfubolnther 
IbiiiiSeil/t— 'Atokcn ol Ibe God aIUt 
«ba« tl)4«^ wprc twLifk;*, bml not th« 
Ttff God bimtoir. U ii, bfrtrcrcr.not 
m^ to Vint* m tthDl d«^rc« tbuy con* 
iidEtvd Uh> *ua-iliu0 ft doifjr i for <m 
lb otODoi of t)i<< Trtnple of tbc San 
m viBp'7 wnlttfD the inscription^ 

*Tba Bud, bcnuiiful in forjn, Ant 
lOHijk tbc Lifi^itn q( hvaxvn T vrhioh ii 
4BmUi noi to \>c denied cvciibjm, 
«b* Irrc to acJcDOvMgvs v*^ W >o 
oUIj verrfk i'lo Su<i ^^ Risbtt'oajK 
MM. Tli« Ittder, or kai/i, of the tli»c* 
vonlupficrv «flU AjauuoplJj I3jik'ca- 
dOi. or '^ Stfnramt ul llie Di»c uf ikiu 
Snt," and bit tdtiU dtlc» wcrv nurgcil 
ftoa «U »tlctt^iii to itntj^v pm 

UkUlfl ^n>^ >■ well 01 Thcbd, 
til into Uw powjWTon of thnu wor* 
ifalp|wr«, ind tt proof ilmt Uicy wuro 
jniigii bj Ri»«j i-rWttU it tn Ih> founJ 
m tbe fiici Uut tlidr lucrqcljlucd urv 
tt ooTfttCdy wrilicn a* lbo>c i>l^ any 
i^ligiPiB HCtof an^r iwriod m ^^^JV*- 
Elm b » fp«<«iicfl ol' a pnj^r addroiiKd 
tOibftSon by tbv ijiMtn of Atn«no* 
tiiui:— ^TboQiiuoortf^rth.ohl Lord 
bcwAcent! the 6«&-Kio^! tfiviri;- lit^ 
forercr And «Ttr: cfcnlbcIiTingdifo 
of ibo ««a t ^^ ^^t'ie ffj<* Wforv (Utio ; 

wlioi Uion cmUttfi^lhy bcatna &U cyc« 
«efl cle*Tly. Ncnr (koii art viHiJig & 
Khifi fra<n ihy nunuUiu in Uic l^u*, 
CO MA^tt perftct ili« life of iDan, amI 
WMUMdhird; alJ thtngv in the vorld 
■loriiy 4krc, Uicy lire %bi;a (Wy kv 
Ukm^ ibcy ana niado strnng by Ihy 

TU pnjO' riofs vHli wiueiliinu 
Gk* tru0 mmtUI, and lliif lodLcir of ^ 
w numi^tJy luucb nejiffr lo GckI 
vbott bo bowd to Uic nun ui tbc vlvi- 

fyFatf biDig. UlAO ««rct&iotoiror^1iipjjOTt 

of Amim wba rvvmuccd tba sacred 
bonu «d' xba Altor, ud beUettd tbey 
Gnrt. Ma«. Vol. XLm. 

vfirc iiL ooouauuioa witb » pffirar 

diviiLf. Tho di«o-ironbi|jp<t« lUtrit 
li> hv ru«i)«oirulIy deultwiib by Um»- 

liniiEh and (boy ik!*ifryv ibc ciln-iu of 
all inli^uariov. Comciarfi wilb Ibo 
Aiuouian ianatiu*, Uorui und Sctliof, 

tbcy i«sro CMiM;n»Uvu> in butb ii nb- 
Ifloui and a McUl khm, Amcnopbin 
mode cooffidartble addJlioDS lo Uia 
Uiu|Jv uf Knriinli, bul ifaMo viiro d<^ 
«lroyeO liy tbu Ainiviaiu. ll wuj, 
indot<}, ly ibute £oa1ot«i aa Mr. Uvbum 
rvuioj ks, tbit ail the ffruat cJcT^fldlum* . 
of aH dti* bUlar!p.a] inf>»umL-n(B of 
Ef^irpl were cuiainitU^d la cvi-ry- ipor-lt. 
'■I bo tcmploi of TbttUvv" Myi ibe 
ALitlior, ^*u&il« iWt icvUmoDy t« iUtf 
fnct «fuh the locnhfl of Middl« Kfjpii 
and ibo rviiu of Aiciauhi^ llL'LofXflii, 

and ibo ontiiv DdtA. liila Ithttl baa 
not boen luflicii'Otly luiuwn* uor, vboa 
known, rightly fsl<i;med; siidvoafnc 
with &fr. Omjufd irlicn bo a«ya Uiot 

tbu titlcsrly unefiajui^ dcilTuctioiu tad 
i!ofnccmimta committed W the wor- 
Btuppen of Aauiii btre bLucl out 
ivholo dynnKtics froui tbo mooiuneuLU 
history <if Kjrypt, "and done mora to 
render it obKuiu Uiaq mU ibo raoAlcB 
orKcyi*tbJiT<>»inct sufli'ivil froinPer- 
vjiuijs luid Turlu, oiul Arabia bocaoic 
tbcv wcrv iiyji1i;uutfc luid dlvcrlwU 

AVo h.iTR only glaooftd nt a f«w of 
tliL* cbup.'li i[iHtK-m uotiuecLod wlih Lba 
ElUtAiy rd* Kffypt, and Tfry ably *lCf^^t 
nitTi M Mr, UMjum'i rvtiiitrkflble vo- 
lumui. But wc buvo probably >ald 
«n^ug1i lo tjiiliti^o our n^ii^iirii to oot^ 

vnlt the irovk ilietf Ibr further infbr- 
nmtioti. StnmjcQ idcoi tho old pcopbt 
of tb*t nnvwnl UnU follpwi>d, not only 
ID rciijfWiiliut in odicrmatlon. Their 
praclice of incdiniiLi^, lor tnAUnc^ ta 
Mj>ticod by Bojlo, iv<te*l cntirolir on 
nstiulojncu,! nr mautca} grouada. They 
believed that the Wrl iaorencd two 
droiclinifl iu wcigiit auftually, tHl men 
were fifty ycara old, and Cbtn deercu<yl 
in the same propordonT «o that no ooo 
cou]<i liTc bcyoad Ibc ngc td" bl bun- 
drvd. Their au|wr»tltian niArrii>d tlietr 
beat eodeavoun^ aad m tbrm ivu cvor 
wrealling whJi rciuon, trutb, twl cuiu- 
tnoiV4Diisi!. Uwoi pccoliiir to tbom, 
like ihcir own ]q>roRyoroK'phnntfaiuii 
and when dLb<:r iitijitkvd tbo kinxv, 
til? |ri^rt|>V« pU'tinibirly iiifl^rmL ** Rut 
look,'* anyx (juoiat uld Udiaiul, ia. hU 
traiuUtton ot Tixny, "but hoki vbea 


ArticUa of Surrender of the City of Cork, 


an/ of tbelr Vwv^n fell into it (tliii dis- 
CDKc), woe wortU tlicir »ubjtct« nnd 
|>oor [wople, for tbero wero tbo tuba 
aail DfttbinfE veasols, wherein they snlc 
in tho bainci fillcHl wilh men^s blood, 
for the onre !" 

It hns cTor been the Innd of cniKf 
flahcs ; but it hna also been rich in )»hi- 
losophera; and wc may Tcry well end 
with the remark of AlichiLolia, in hia 
Commentary on the Law of Moacb, 
wherein he ^y^ that if «ro knew moro 

of tliG Eg^ptiani, " TOTy probably our 
own political nyBtcnii bo far at least u 
connectc<i with agriculture, tnd ai 
directed to the peaceful increoM of our 
internal atrcngth oa a natioo, raufbl 
receire material improvement." Nov 
he who wouid "know more of the 
li^^ptians," will find the knovledn ha 
iji m BCftrch of in the biitory ot that 
people M it ifl inteqireted from tba 
monumonta by Mr> Oaburn. 


Bt TBI Rir, Sj^MuaL IIavuan, B.A. 

TIIE accession, m October 1G49, of 
thc> strong fortiflcil tonoA in the county 
of Curk to the Parliament was n fatiu 
blow tu the roynt eauac in Ireland. It 
came, too, unforced and of cbuicei of 

Eood wilt nnd iint fVoui fear. The in- 
nbitnoCa, or at least thocte of Eoglish 
origin, were mostly ruritona, who saw 
with apprehension the broij of the King 
to the religion of i^ome, and who, 
with sTrnpEvtlLieB idreaily alienated from 
the Church cif Kn^lnnd, iowtinelively 
sidud with Croniweil and the Parlia- 
ment. So far, imlccilf did their feeU 
inpa leail thoin onwar^l, thnl tljej 
waited not for tlie PiLrUniuentiLry 
Gonerar^ approach; but, dcclarifig 
theinsclTcH openly for bim, tlicy sent 
meesengers to him while yet at ItoaSi 
JD the county of Wexford, toliciting 
aid, and aak^n^ authority to raise sonic 
reEimentfl for liim. 

IVhilc collating the corporate re- 
cord a of Youghal, with the object of 
obtaining nuvlcrials fur a local his- 
tory, the present writer woa fortunate 
enough to find in Book A, folio 67Ti 
the following interesting document, 
unlcnown to Carlyle or the other bio- 
graphers of Cromwell : 

PrepOMte ttnt hf ike Englitk inAahilante 
qf ike Citip of CorMe ttt Hit £r»f- 
It^cie Oliver Cromwell ^ h^rd Ltight' - 
mtmt qf hrlmd* 

1, Imp. The aaid lababitants, out of a 
■niae of the good acrrice aad lender care 
of the Lord InchiquLn orer tbern, they 
daiire there majr he an Act of OblfTlon 
pamforanyictcoraD)ilted«'>< might re- 
lownd to tha prqodke of hia lordi^ipp^ 

beira, and ;■ ho may quietly ei^oye hla 
owiio citate, hdiI that aatiafaction bee 
mude him for vbnt arreara la due to hia 
lordr antil thv perfection of the hte peacBi 

2. Tbat y Mid Inbibitants for tfaeai* 
■cItgi doalre j' mn Act of IndempnUio boa 
puKid for any former action w'^ ther of 
BDy of them might be lappoaed to hif* 
committed, vhcreby xhuj and oran of 
tbom ibalL as quirtlr and freely eiyoja 
their aad every of their tilatca w^^ now 
tliey mn: poiacBt of or Hhalbe. in the aima 
freedom aa tinj people of En^flaud now 
doe or ihAll doe. And thnt all prEie gooda 
thai harebeenc bcjught bj the Inhabilapti 
Bhftihe by them fii»cly ciijnyed from any y' 
miiylaieelayQieto Ibeaame ■■ proprieEora* 

3. That the aiid Inhabitanta for them- 
hItci deilre that whereat tho Charter of 
the Ciuyof Corke hath been fbrfoited by 
[ ], there may beo a Charter grantad 
in aaUr^ and ample manner aa the former 
to the now iDhabitunLi. 

4. That the aaid luhabitaatifurtherde* 
lire that aatiflfactioa be made for «hat 
moaej or goodi they cao make appeare by 
tickett thej have any wiye lent, aiabnnnf, 
or delif tred for the nae of the publiqns 
before the late anhappie peace. And like- 
wise what they or aoj of them hath or 
ahall dlibarie in moaef or goodi aiaoe the 
time of their Ure or preaenE declaradon. 
And tbat one of the aaid oitty bee ohoicn 
for audialinge the aaid accompta, on wbioh 
deboDtcr to lime for present paym^ 

&. That tha uud lahabilanta further 
desire y^ for whut they shall make appeara 
is due to them bj ipetialUica or othervlse 
from any person or persons whaisoeTer 
before or amce the frarreSp Baliiraction be 
mods 05 to justice appertaineth. 

6. That all EngUah garrisona and per- 
■onBi that will coma In aad aabndt ta 


€fromtff^tg ^fuiff#r> 


1b« jw pfliiiiL Blull hMf llu fell bcndUC •mltd U thfl PirliuioDt, lo be ttliifteA 
diW «■!■■ Mwt u lb* Ji^iJj n oif Jiiijr otW iir«U- 

1. 1W aU IwJh, mantf n, Uki in** aStdttd pvrMafl la inUnl. 
■Pd ntkm ifr« Mid dd; nid rvuntjr 
ibMof IhM «u Iflil in bacRci* iconre 
U MiUr CDaAmwl oa (b« dm> loMd- 

Lttilr- n«« Uie UhiUluib of ibo «ld 
^,nbbarU,u4lib«HiM be n|ubbed 
i^4iflfCBmDkrterlb«wnVnaof M'. 
Mb Bo4ier, CoMandl, VtA to hi^c Ibc 
ftdt^ |4j Hbca tbf J |>»Bv on duly md 

It ruB LoBo L*io^ or Ibiljivp. 

JtafBfttr. 164!K 

by-l. I ahUI fof^ettn to iv^« u- 

Ar^- TWlnbOdluiUoraeCnirbf 
O^ lUi ftmnl b the bu lUcltnition 
I^Hb IwImmiU of Ei^Und ^ttk be 
A4 lodMipDUcd fL-r Any thta(« Uvt [i*] 
pri « li dolTMl. M« It lo ttMen tbett 
toft* Mat ooidision af ffre«4uni, prifl- 

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1^ «« 4- Par «rM tte* bo» Ittt. ^U. 
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tico mnem ibsjr ^■«luidoii* or bcRoA^r 
4kotk»il or k4*MM,il<b»l b«MU«»«d 
«flk oU qw«i» ool of nj icwaiio ur 
ioooab* ta (ho** pHl« 0iii of ii<^ it &>jr 
bt iMl >ftd Mfot *SB«, obidi 1 ICATO to 
ItcMtJiM (o UlDt of ftod prapoae. And 
ihr 07 thihkffc HW dofl la ibom f^m ike 
It bvdaie ttw Lnrd of Tmhr^tni 
A, fhr; •h«n httf^ tW wmt riflM 
m tW •uov ^pccitii of MttaCuHlan 
ko hU dcfcctktt. Anili^ll 

vbooM path dediu (ma tW p«tK 
An* bjr all v>la ftspd flieans In nj 
u B«U lar «n| Ikiuro ue lf«i. ^t- 
' M Adiwn4 to « poUiqiu UH> Bbco 
It 4iriboikn Mid Wbrr Ih* Hiil dc^ 
liiM, it ounot bf« nor «ThrrwU« oui- 
AAtr«4 ihon «■ dosugv luitunc^ by \^t- 
aiH owJI-«Cr«t>d li*t4M oodor lb* f»*fr 
tfa««ml^ And itt &M artara too fiif 
V «7 (hinfa iMU apyeiti B DO love b«ii 

iM bi cuPiiiltwd, OMMinJ. —J roffo- 


To y- a. For th« iMn* 4la» fiOOi PriTU 
pfnoBi. [ibcrJ ihol bo kfl CO Ibot Call 

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tbo ookbcra iuU kkbabiaDta of GariH^ 
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ninod for bcfor* thdr dcobrvAian, »ad 
becaute to mm UT<t«labf« bj U» Gftr- 
riad^ of y* bulbow lo ItAio don «W 
Cbn Iikv« dra licrofo, nakUj from % vb- 
ooracd «onio«of M affNtioD to tbt BoiUati 
fartiAHiPiiEArj' met Frali^wCftnl Lof«mt ta 
thlk Nalion.tMtoau^oUier jAACKt orpcr- 
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onJ aCcctiou bone, uoi from paUab or 
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and hito th« i«ni« mJinMt lo doo tbcm 
jood 4nd not bm^ 

To y T- Kot follj luulentaadiiige tb« 
attar* ood eiMM of tliiogn dmlnii \ 
CAU r'<c no<i pRtent full ruoluiloo, but 
■b(i!l be rtadj noi onrly t> d»c than full 
wilf^bl ta *iU lbln^t*i l»ul alio to p«rf«ni>a 
<verie mj;U cRin of luppott witb^ii m; 
poiiTrnn<i)tl)<Cilty cf ('«tIco u mn; he 1 
r«r?ord BEiif tnfiiu>rtH| af Eh»t fBhkfEi1ii»a 
and poblic^ne &0fciioa which In lEic bie 
Autloo 1 raJHo tlitnt« Ibof b*vo daaarrcul, 

LaaclT. Aa to iho 4mhtm in Ibe cOor 
propt M lU rotccntnpa tbe mlllcuirte of 

tJ» <r«ll]r of Curko, I «■ W7 vUU^a 

ilial t^ ibIubtlHia bM fpiaJri into a 
rtfciik' imdcf Mr. Joba HoUdcr^ Mr. 
KUvrrii (^tifTo to Im Ijcf CoZkuu!l|, mid 
Mijor Uu&mia lo he MjjoTi uid [iIiGj 
rTKi'ii;', ur imj |^' i^vvtfvt, ulaiin cillcd 
iilili«n diilii\ to luTp dm St»t*'« psy- Fo* 
ochrr alRotm fortke vld rt^m'p 1 love 

M Id \.\iv aald fltU oA»rn, «< maf E#n aF 

tb«ai, to noirxnfltf and propoand to ibr 
iM^ of UrofbFU, »Lr iuUva rfMloo, 
■nd CAttoooU PbiLjrra lor ■pfrohtUoo^ 10 
■hooi 1 nfoTT tbo aame. 

O. CaoMiraiA. 
Cb^ arro. 
Jouy llaoDRK. 
MAcujca CrrrA, 

'th%x CntmytAX r*f<irid with ^oii* 
taJcT»ble vatiol^ticti Uio rocogniticA 
of the ForlkucDt l>7 tJw lispofiant 
tnVf of Cork, 14 ^ir'iilcnt not bIooo froan 
tki xr*doiuuw<rc«, but likewrioa /roan 
LI0 pftUtoh^ l«lt«r«. Ujt wni«« from 
Boot, ou ibo I3llk of Kovonbv, to liu 
brvUiar-in L«, Hichnrd Major. 

it bot ptetaod tbo Lord to pt< o> ipom 


fFriliHg* c/ Xrs. Jamnon. 


Intmwl in Mvutor Uj ihv mnxMUai of 
Cofk aad Yaiu^kalU vUch *r« boUi lu,!}- 
Vdttcdt th«r Coniinvndori iire nnv wilh 

come tn ilao- The l»ri1 la WEiiiilrrful m 
1hc«e titinfi: ll'i \h* htad alitnc Aiir-t 
IboDi t D lh*t all the praise inlcLl bo 
■turJbcil lt> Iliinl 

Next Ua^r. vritinjt ti> i^oniliMll tbc 

About a fOTtaielil •htm* I hk^ Mime 
food aMdnien tliat Cork wat r«tamf<l lo 
Tl« obntlmce [ nnil liaJ r«r*ml Inctiiiuiii, 
*ho rTid itrcnslT MidviTinir 10 raillnteKraf c 
hlnuelf iWt, but nithoal noooM- I did 
b«u- aba QiAt Coloiul -Ti>wwirTd vu 
wmiiig 10 mc with tbdr submifitlcPTi nad 
itatntt but *ai int^rruptpi] tfj » fart *C 
lh# BionEti f>f Cork harbonr, Tlut h4¥iii( 
■ufltdcnl £roQiid« upon tbe romicr h- 

l^rcnhtiuiii Md olbn BcatArmveliiu vul ^ 
tbf ni«niT'« ooiii thai it hbi Cru^, I de* 
lirtd OfiDcra] Qlokc, «bo vdj bere wiUi 
m^ %htl be would nf<iir tkiUrtr in CafCidp 
Mildcniy^A friC*te. nl1r4 Ibc NooHcili 
v[][f, «tien thf J ttnie ililUitr, tfcdvodndi 
rnri-rtiiURimc ah iJietc coctoard iriU let 

Cromwelt* viii1cT>(]ixBitcr« wens >t 

YougbAl ; l>iil lijf more Oattt odoO vI- 
nU^ Cork in tin: tijantb i>f DccemWr 
nni «!U tJivro rcc£;Ivc(l with "'vcij 
hcijrtj nud noble MVl«9t*ifiinc<kt-" At 

w« purpoM ^ortJf to rvKurn to Uiv 

Bubjt?d,iii]d to jl]LiBtrikti.*&l sunao Ictlglil 
tbc ri<>lt;f (ui'ii lujipuio m Uilt p«rt otf 
IrcliuiJ' — a umttcr irupL-rfcoLly ImtiTd 
oTbjrCiLrl^li* — tro»h[iUfor tl)o|>r^H;nt 
rmtJVHTt biTjijrjg for ibu rvnikr** thtiiko 
for tliii UbintniliTo Oocutucnt </ uow of 
£ng)Aad*fl gr«ftt«tt matt. 

CommOB i>lu« Book of TbougLt*, Munoric*, oad fan rii»i Bf Mpt. Jtmiooii. 

FEW arc Uhj wiUcr* uf Ibia over- 
wriUcii time wkoin wl- bnru IrarnviJ to 
Ailiuirv lunrr conliill y tlmn Mr>, Jpm^ 
(Oil. yrvK ui^ki? I>i;(ii tho OpJiUilM 
/oult* pf irtvrcrvDfl? rckI itiprriDtiao : 

mdar tv IM ircakucMOt of otbvn; 
fvoanmi, iuio(QEi4tojn*d, t^vidid l'>- 
vanlB 1^ MPit var>oiM formi of dm* 
ratter Kill uf ofii^inai: haTc wc not, 
^ th#*- B**- w^^W itf haii«*t fToiw. 
foe rwtfol imd 

1^' wo b0g\ti to 
bur, ii'.'ir:s (mtO, Bad CK- 

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licr, (»or f«]N 

f«(r w utnt her 


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career, Scorvolj^ Kny rntHiJ fcioalo 
vritvr of our diy biu oo ttdttom ihmak 
fVoin tbii test, nbd tbou^b iW' fVom 
voQOVJvUtg •licb avowAl to two Uutj 
m itjvlf, nor kIwij^ fHtrhafkn ati Abuci- 
lull* Bieiili (liLfi! rnn tnr no doubt UiM 
it [jrovei aud tucs the l<:m|>cr himI 
Hpiril 4jf R vTfihum tnd ah Mtlhor ox* 
ccodiiiE;tj. Nu oHi: irho IwbittuUjr 
mibi»iutoibiioTNSc*l; vhoitotemiiDeii^ 
wbatcrer ihe writ**, to Ml fa«r mnle 
In H, iff liki*ly lo |>U n nnjr to tOBue of 
llip emtur utCAtintsees ami wunkocuca 
wbicb mfcct Utcrotoro. Sitcb n p«r- 
tton bv })rc-det«rfiBPed lo bear bcin^r 
lAiiiitcd with oceiaionftt htcooviatcocMS 
uiil nhocicumtiiHgif. She can raituro 
to look bcr Dim ffttUto lo the foce^ ind 
botf die wvigbt of ihn pftA* oreo if 
nioiiKirj pjuDla to tbii^ Mvioualr to 
be rtfrtlted j»*4 mcbIa^ of. Strt. 
jHucnn ]iM ray IHiJe, wo ahould 
nipjiuMi uT ibj* bBn1«ii of ■elf-repTMch 
iamt/Uun: itJlLwillimiwnilromtBiitljr 
prtiffrcHTTe, ntt>f:Ktit>n wiib the poft 
we noLd lo be unpuuibW; and tbo 
ttIQln*ii4io to ovn nnd Hiiltiti? one'* 
niitakcft n n««iQ£u\ tUf^n \ii monl 
uAd iM&tal t/L^«Qtemcui, U » e^vdlj 
proof of troo *v ^t**! <*< <Wwa#r. 
A«toikeciv-^ ,itffWt%rfMti,iiiiie, 


IVtittAgt ofMrt. •/fffnfv»». 


will prMMonce noeordinx to tbcir om 

IwiM iikI pffWAilng vivwp. \V« (Mr* 

nUnfcrygrtat. iloir mviy |H'm«tP 
h«r« bwD Uii||Lt cr br^ly helped 
^luT toUiel;iiowt«lgv uf nii>ucn>its 
pirlialnH crc«tiD4[ ul tubtoncol iQ- 
is<»l ui AW v»noi» rnfttuc-^gallcrict 
ad ikff eonlcnl* ! Uow mnay iMre 
b*di ducatol bf h:r tip to a otr- 
Ipa ||(MSl ^ an uinJvntanding of 
loA m sracrd theory of [uuitifijr. 
m4 lift pncltf&l clarftrl«ri0ti«^ of 

npilcn Buvh pcrtoo) ov6 a loq^tr 
dill oTentiLudL- to ono vbu baa firu- 
|MBi tbn Co otscrTc himI apcrccjnte 
oljecii ivhkb tbojr wotibl othcmljto 
bn KOI only tbro«0rb the medium of 
lUr ovo nntutnicCcd niuir, nr worM, 
ibgg^ tMr prfjwt[ci!e. Tb«;r Imrn 
iMOBi nf rfttttina nnd cfnnlour. fmni 
A(tr|niOe totliepnBcru<s,HUohoATrLll 
ta|>aciD wluw, u thdr visit* to fo* 

N^ coll«rlioa»t tli*j g^t tiojoml bor 
ricinwrriiif llrrrunarlmlonotpcr* 
1^ IMcb Ito profound in art, but 
mtkf iJkj ara cvar wniiblc. tulcTalt 
f^SgettiYC. M'X to (bii lb>: cIiArm of 
iitfle vUcb ii ftlvijs clWt uprc«- 
mn UkO t«f J ulli^rwtoo of il» miUkor'* 

WIko Jin. J kincnm urita » a critic 
, (iMrv it MoncUiiii^ Ui 1w 
I froio «ar pnm- Sfae doM 
miblj «Aot leiod vdlf but 
ib«*alti> povactiiiiw flH^wds. In her 
fTnffaflfiriitlrn of Slmbiiiicrv'j koiucq, 
w« fed no doabi of bcr bftvini^ cnUcd 
rata fpiHi of irM nnlicum, but her 
ovn<nllciiim«i? oumol ulwnn pccppL 
Vm •ooicD— Wi? wt oundrwi— ^ro 
Ifaij fihskspcre's woiii«n^ Etvuutifd 
rfiifmii %^ iJiB»5 ATA, vc thflnk hir for 
tiNBiibuttoOi tW7»««!BiflEB4 rather 

Wn minli movv tfocovm ^Im^ Jflrno- 
joa i» a vvitoar to toiona |i]ao«f^ '^ at 
bonoa«>d(UirMd.'ivirritrr cif mtrnioim, 

I* KB nCiC—rmiBl «U>(7--tvt[itr- Her 

bMk, niMratilile of aoiqo ttsorectioQ?, 
•ad o<«au1de9r«Uo cDJargomcDt i but 
prttentinf to odc's vjrv [Wrtniita of piir- 
Ikttbi^ iowrtigna iDorc trul^ i^f^io. 

Mid W4 Wlicrv far tDon jii>C, tbui 
lln lvag[tk/ fiooci of paicbud-un b;a- 
(01^ ire bav^aloM baJ ftom |cdiai>e 
■rii«r>i oft^pftcd wUb ibo gacijut of 
Kteo^oii* To vntc frmn t mind 

drop all tbc tiocnEtntuI, and to takd 
no crodit lor it« aiuount of Wnow|fdg«v 
flirtbor tkifi in tv^wlcrl for a corrort 
MtiniflFt* of tlL9 diiinctiT il wouM 
jioKnj. #c«uj to lu ft hit>m^a€^ 
perfL-ciioiu Tbu inAJorit^ or Mdcri 
oro b«it liUlc IbT minurc proodV and 
tcfcroiccn. To f(»rltiy rtfLullji corrct^li vo 
orptCTioKily ncccfitcil nixounU thc^ 
mnj be lomctiva neeamrj; but tb* 
crowded pamlfl ol ihtm u mere p^ 
dxrilry nnd ('gonsin. 

\its vnrly loruicd a Ljfjb (MitlUfttG of 

Jdl% J|UUC#OLl'ft |>0ncC3 V U llUVClUlf 

orratbcrof ;vb:iL tliL-^ mii;bt b/ivc boen, 
if cultivnlod. One amfflc iLory, pub* 
IMicd \u Hft AiKiuul, " IfjkJIorAn tli« 
TeflUr.' thou^b Injt ihe Tivii! rcriul 
of an acUanl (*<'(, cv*ii now, i>n oior 
nffpreuca to il* roufirins Ibc ij]i[>rcttBio(i 
il At 6r«£ mftdflt nf ran« diurj-ijitivo 

fuwi^r, and of Ulcnt m vorkiog up 
firikJriff vccnciL Tl ccemn to ii« a loo* 
ihiiC tru hav* bad >n tUtlo of flolioa 
frnm iU aidhor'« pen. Wc wnuld 
rithrr liaTci our sbolTc* arlonK-<l witU 
tho advcitturoi of linvwi uid bcromM 

>Ttcb n^ ibo (inght liava cTMlvd, than 
nicb i]lu»lrAtioSi« of Aaiul^ip. Tbero 
cnn bif no dvuht thnt tbe drier laboim 
of vuin]<i[:;uiiig and oonvotjj dvacn' bliw 
pif^turca, nnd inring fjrnbolv to thoir 
urt^in, InrC robbod iu of timny gloK' 
niu firtiibi of orighial Udcnt. aiid in tbir 
foinl of riotr only ara wa diipooed to 

rcgrrt tbc flppHoation of Mr0. iI«jeu« 
»»'# poironL 

The m«WQl wodc b* u rerj inuqnti 
one Fnnn Uio bwrllj of tbn fwti- thou^bti^ iht rpn>1rr mint not 
inft^r that Ibcy arc of tb^: nj^horutlo 
charact^'r; IhKv baw no prrtt-n-'ioiia 
toscpndttvith ih4* authoHuiivfl Y<>\f^ 
of n:nt«ntioiiH wudom, tut un; wvtl 
and apdj ^eMribed in Ibc tJUo u 
"Tbonght*. M«noria». and Fnncic*," 
Rtfvping tbts di:firtUioM in riw* no one 
ou^^ht to b*? diAppoioted, and it must 
Vtf nwnM ibaL tburv ia % real bonvfit in 

the bnbit of irolerinj; «uch momoranda 
in ono'« comcuoH'pUca book. «oiiioUm«a 
oj a doe to guido ihc tniod back lo 
Ibrmor trains of tJiOii^hC, aonietioiei is 
a light pointing In tbv iliitancclo «»ni4- 
tlilng wortby of h^U\^ Inbc^d wit fit 
couTvmvnt ai^uaoiis. It wuuJiI be inifiiEr 
to oriUciic the pcnon vhn Jia» aUowi^l 
u» lo look inli> riuch a rfCr>r>k ttitb mugb 
viriotocu. Whcpc ihnn; i« no prCLonco 
tti Autbonbuivo t<adiingiW« d« not 


WriiiHff* of31t-», Ja«i§ibii. 


Mt lo work to confute or protcfi, us Hencj iliroufib mnnyof the jean of 

o^tninit QQ oriick^; ncrertliok'ss. whcro '' ''■" '*' - ^- '- '*- '■ 

we liitTcr in our opiniona of iiR-n, ami 
books ^nd things* wi; may ftvoly record 
die diHorenci^ 

Wlion, lor in2itnnci.s >rrs. ■lamcsoo 
givt.-^ us hi^r thougiits oli ArnuldV lil'^t 
w« will oirn both to some di^ziprocment 
and some BUt^krUc. S^ho snv:«i in I'cim- 
paring lljo rc^pcclWc tinpro?(Hion» iiiado 
i>j 8t»uthev and AmiUil on h^^r uiindi 
in thoir Livi^ aEuL l^ttcn, tbut with 

**thc man Simlhoy ahu Ims no jiyiiipa- _ „. -.. -j- i ^ - 

thie^," and sccma to n^^crt that wiih nnnthir thin;;, and her »yinphLtnT m tbe 

ha lilb. Yi't oursytniiathy in the ori* 
g}nik\ cLiaruiiti^r rctunmi, and Bo we 
Ihink jtbouhl Mrs. Jameson's- On the 
othor band, that Dr, Arnold should be 
admired by bor on tbo ti/mpaUaiic^ 
ratltoT tlmn Ibe posiUrc^ itde, sor- 
pri»ic9 uatoo- Wecan undursund b«r 
dt-ep fueling of rvsjMJCt, of course — ibis 
h iinivcrrHal ; and Aint. Jeuqcsoq id not 
onu to :(tand atoof fiYini Iho uniTcraal* 
cajiociatly when it invoWcs a tributa 
tn what lA -vomK But symnatby is 

the groundwork of Dr, Arnr»lii\i ch.v 
raclCT sbo TlvIs a f;»r jTrt'-itcT accini- 
anco* Suroly ?hc has dofcived her- 
«lf on both iwinLi- If callo-l on to 
proituunco no opinion, we slumhl have 
said (hat tbu slrutji; aeni^c of duty, tlie 
indoniitablo indu.^trVi tlie ;r<^orosilv, 
tile iwnovcring will. an>t the innroufrut 
poetical character of ^luthovN luindt 
Hkoiiiil fimtish a very broad ^routiil for 
Mnu ■lami^m'^ svuipathy wiib him as 
n mnn. Hi* prejudiiros, his torriblo 
twists in polilie?* makhij; biai view wiih 
almost abhorrence aome of his oldest 
and doarcst fnL-iid:if mi-iht imlecil repri 
licr; but tbvae wero not "ibi/ niriN 
Southcy," hut deeidetUy an afi<^ arid 
ortifiotal* wo should mlhor think di^ 
eased, f^rowib. The ori;:ina] bcin**. 
so noble inlelleeiualLy, liad also other 
difficulties to oiintt.4id with: fuH of 
generwis enerpTi it vas aLtno^t j^imitb'- 
creil by Ibt- oomaiid^ for hvafi-le^a 
work; yet never was he r^nilo iineou- 
scioiu i>f what he mi^ht hitve bii-n 
but for that eensele^s ami overstraininjr 
drag on his focuUies- t 'hiirlif^ indeed, 
he couid DOl reuil etthi-r him^i-lf, nor 
wajf tliin^E eUc : for the power of tnw:inl 
Tuion wts madd misty by the erow^la 
of outward objects be was jkerfictually 
OOQtempJftting through the uiediuin of 

MHut A melzuicboly name U tliat of 
book-wormT how painfully docs it 
liBit wkd lower one's sense of the hi^h 
purpowi of Uteraturo I and this surely 
mi poor Soatbey*s downward ten- 

rtidimentol character of Arnold s mind 
does nppear to iu mrbor artificial. 
SJic npeiiks of that mind fts if it Ta.\r~ 
rorotMiLT own witli the nearest possible 
exactitude: ami yet she siya of him 
thai he ^^H'oma to have feared God in 
the commnn-placc Bcnse of the word 
feur," whieb. iflruei would of itself, one 
would ihinkiihruw her out ol' sympathy 
with hiin- \Ve, it is almost nceiUcss to 
f:ay, do not pur lake her imjirension. Ar- 
nohl :ip|K^:Lrs to us alvajs preside<l orcr 
bjn^piritufvotieration AndracTvdawe 
oi the Diviue pre>cneL-: but the mere 
fear of' power* apart from holineas, wu 
foreign to his nitture; the pGcubarity, 
if in llkcse dara it is indeed necessary 
m to I'all it, in Dr. ArnoUL van that 
hie n<i[ion of virtue wa« an Jncoma* 
lion: he ri.'alijied thai Divine pern- 
nabty in ever? rvlati^tn. Given the 
:(choi>LuLa«ti-r, the pnpih the fatJier, 
friuni), piu^lor or |vi!iiii'ian« one iH'eat 
idea w:is alway:« berUre him — to aAsimi- 
late himself and make othi-rzi a^iuiitate 
l)ie eharaetei' to the minnl of Christ. 
Mjuy wit] 5:ky (IillI 'tn s<k d(iiu<r be cir* 
euioKTibol the ide:i of virtue: that^ 
soino of the hi;^licrt amient minds 
would be exvluded— ?,inio .-d^iowhidi 
eveu now havothc nii<>tbriune of beiiq 
unable to tlraw joy and hojio from 
the light in which he lived ; but ibis ii 
not the <|uejstion : it is of hiln■^.■l^and 
hi:< sj- III oath !ser» that we arc speaking, 
and while with tbctexlurc of bi# bdi^ 
was interwoven a close and definite 
resting on a »tandard of fjuib, ii scenu 

* Tbs passage is u ri>IIow4: '* Etiutlj the n-Tcrre vu the fclj-n^ wit^i vhich 1 
laid down th« Life and letters ot Suuthrv. T vai in»iriir-(ol. :imuifd. inttTcfTchl; I 
pToflttd and sdmLrtd ; but with ttir ntf4 South?v 1 hud do fiym}iachicf. mv rniti^] »tood 
o€ fmm hit : the potEtind iaCFllcrl altractpd. the malMial of ibr chvnriiT rvpelli^ me. 
I tiksd Uw mbroiderr, bat tUf trrtiire iru drMi^rroahlf. rrpni^nant. Not, wirb 
regsfd to Dr> Arnold, mj miirv ijiniisihy vith ih« Hiar«<-tcr. iriih ihf> init«riAl of the 
efaftracter, did not cilend to oil its maaifrst«lianf. 1 hkc<l tht triiDrc Iwtur thaa the 
MihrniihTj _ perhspa, bceaaae of dj fcminina crginiaatiiJiL'* P. 19ii. 


Wniimgs afXfrt* Jam^f«n, 

m ui Ite lho*# of »oro te»i0xnatir« 
* ~ ihn tmrng* \hoy irjij jvc look 

Hat I bMfd ih«d). (Kid ii Mrltm vi* now 

■■ iMi Uttw «i<i vhfer* ud «rtl*U, jH 
ntj^fom,twitm bfflDntigt tv ei>4, li dot 
■Wk Bor okicd, brni «a4>nJ. Tlnekmy 
lAw fcJMitf Uul hi hw Eivt kMomhlcd 
Ifttavna 1» hrtof iliw beU«r •f^Q*lnl«d 
«ih ita vtiUa^a «f tba^ wtlUn, or lo 
AtfMt* IW «fi «f ilMi «ftt, or to net* 

«ij till to dad jiuUc* o« the mm «■ nva 
-» itll a« ho« fnlfy Uvnl and l»iac|, tuf- 
M ttH( OBdt tufar, «lin ttill hit* p«»«r 
#7MB or to plflft*e j b> tcnlr 'A^r dilnti 
1«««f Ml— or Uuw, oar \i>^« or Irntc, 
ttav n|Ehl cn Hmt iru Mtifpd bn^t^^ 
lit iiiMtM UAditpQtrd. Tills i« hit pitr' 
pdK> l^ttB. Ifetflv lie Ha* Uirl fifxtn Mid 

W»Wi>< lu 4a viith «Tti" thflt Ui«r« ti 
• aonl Mccousl lo b* MtUcd wiiii mon «4 
|h(iui llftl t^ row«r Aiul Uie rij[lil r«< 
■■1b* ntUi lu ta <lu juLla ao. Ui^vfi wbo 
bins Ami rtt ruV our fpdrtti fnun their 
■wi to 117 tbm bf « >-tAndar>i whicb 

tf«DBd tbfm, woftU k»T& admitted. 

IVdOttdwltDg |iMiiaf|v'--i>n Tluck«- 
rij's fenuUtt foilnut« — *rc votii«ljr m1- 

la ikmt k«<nr«. Mcne Aim and bclltii 
ui diiicriciuaAtiTc |wsufca on dbvacur 

ihL« «Brftiifi for c^fUiii of^iDSH aud lA- 

daul*lCD«tn ia tb« iioT«U i I mun Cip^ 
cii^lj ttk rqfud t> tXe ItoiAic purtniU- 
Na ««tti»» mU4> bit Hebm*— Inffnk. 
Abh B«ekj r— so vfMan but fecU ■»(! v- 
ka9vlii£|V* wiib • aliii^r thv i3jmi>tf inioiii 
of i&fft voviKifbl Htid Afl1ibi?4 ariutlc err- 
■tf*B; bul«t^vf)mifirfWiitBihfl»rJfiiib 
I^B> A««ll«» and whIJ btf indllnAl to 
y U i VDd to apptf tbo wUbor'i on vordt 
«bf« «|Mkb^ or **TotD J«iu«:"— '*J 
aift't «f U»1 1 ililak Anielii * vii mom 
i^fKttr. I cut^ H^ but I ti'iDk Mr- 
Th—birwy^ vtiikM LiLi^g nuiI t»!mtritLiun 
he bU AiMiit ii«JKl Uiil tluT (trjil liu< 
nottritf "a iBOnt kom ru bbuiUd bf hu 
fife, «iid ikM bi.-n (<■ jhri «^ (iIUmb cbtra 
to * mnt «rw-p If \X br ri^t ta b*to n 
Irrwe «^ai «o am to rim^rt, let ui 
lik««an il l(H>f dulftbe it ■^mlrkhl^.^' 

L«U<, lo "Pvttdaftb,*' U a tvt moit 
tall vtaalv. Ska fa drma vllk n«rj 
fdtraru fcfftiig, Vtori cood |ifL W« dd 
■M «iBl>Uii ikai M iMw Uiat pool 


oTMCBm PraA»nai«, far aba lor»d blm in 
bcv rteldhbod- Mho era* op ariih thai 
bre in bar lic«rt; it «aiB« brlmara ber 
■nd tbik ]iv[0*pCiLiii uf U* JWIli ; U u ■ 
na0«aakT|fidinfitilafroinbfrii«mfc. Jlil- 
lowcdi Imouxb iia ooii«laiiO)^. IberiMt 4b>Be 
«ouLl IId ri*b(->r ercQtv.flii bawit]' aad lU 
IratlL liui LADra. fnlifaloaa to tbac flnt 
arTcrllnn^ 1^U'>, wikrd up to Xht «ppfa- 
<iiiiliEin nf « fjir mnm mmljr and noUt* p^ 
iur«. In Inipf wlib MorrinBton, aaid lb>B 
n4n|> b«Nb m rifiiikAiii*, avd 0HUTflfl| 
MmJ Sftcb inArmJtr mifbt be troe of 
■OBft iriHMB, l>uE r>»L fif irnclt a «Dtaan U 
Lailfft; IH tc^bl Uiir iuouiiUnof, (^ 


Ai3d inrn X^ly CuUe«ood,^iii art* 
itfftUj n favoiirilri of ih« mtlmri vbu Bball 
v« Hj of hev^ The iirUnui utomaa, 
f0r rr<riifmt*i «bo " iieiri' nuf auJ imar 
r«rciTM," vhti ncTDF ftBmu, uor rtlcatt. 
oor rcpnstt ; ibc uiothvr. afan n lb* rival 
of hrrdtHRhlcF ; ihaHOih«r,«ln|brTMM 
it thi emtflimi^ of ■ mui't dDllriom fiaa. 
>li>n for Itflr uvm clilkl, and than aattaolcn 
btiai by nurryinf bifo bcriatri O Mr. 
Tbaukoray 1 ibl« «iU navor do I anch 
vnmgii noy ai^tf, bat to bcild tbeot u)> >s 
DumpJoa of oneliuor^ *nd At ob^ccta of 
nor bo<t i7n1paLtbk1.l1 «laull, anj prorta 
a lov BLutiiird in «fbi« and is »vt. 
" Wbtni on uthar ftvtcnU to Ui a btmiaa 
tfbom »r an emlUd ujioji to admltv, Irt 
bkm tt lean Uka nr* (but ahfl if ailni- 
nlilc" U in tbeat, and in aoma oikr 
ioManoaa^ Tbaflkcaar b4i ^it*o ii> cauaa 
orf offODoo. in Iba Icolwea «« aii9 ifaank 
tAta br loova aoaanila 1 bo baa oowb u 
vb»l lia nucalvM tnia wenuukhnod ««! 
Iru« aaaaofM ougbt to be ^ »o wiU tljJ» 
i<i|]rt*«iun of KTiTiCddc, and a far daciwr 
lIvIu of j^r^iHudi: UfL iin«iprt«Hd, 1 clow 
bJA booh^ oad nj, foad uljtbt E 

TiLt^rLT an nutxe dclbbtiul ibiugft in 

Ibi: Ti'aoiibcnt cntltlvd A ItevidA^igii of 


A^ain, biiw ixMiiilifiil an Aono of 
iJiu Mknviij^ tbuu^bkal 

I ITU rmiltnie l4>Jd^ ill ibfl Notta 10 
Ilo**rlJ'« lAtn <4 JofaiifoA tbd *<k ia « 
llioorj trLiidb ner7 ona knov* (* bo/al^a 
fd./a^, th&F iiriiu ia rtal Ufa U alu^ja 
prwlBoUrc (d havpnatf, and tiro of 
iDiACij/' 1 abodbi aa/ ilUt aU ukjr up** 
rime* tnubca oti tbac tbe |>oaLlioo U not 
fils«, bol trac; Cbat «lrlu« /ft/cr pnidniM 
ba|i^inD«i, and vine <&>» urvducc mjiwrj. 
Bat Ifll (!■ aPEUfl tbo (ncablnf of tbo Tori^ 
lit A^pintii^ w« do out oow a— ri lj noin 
a ttaM of vDrbllf pmamritj. IIt Wt^w, 
m dj oot tooaa a aarbi of ^oad aaHoRa 
ubidh mn or vaj not bd nvaided, and, 
if dnoo mr toward, Joaa tU aaaaooo of 
lirtiflb VittUt MMrdn^ t* nj iden, b 


7X« Engliihitotitan m Jtiuria. 



tJj« bubrlviJ MVie of rij^t, and tfac faabibial 
i;aun|c lo w^l «p to tbat trnui ol iltHi, 
CPObitilb«J «l(h MflttoJblil ajmpatlijn. liie 
flb*rit7 whti^b thiiikfth dd eiiJ. ThJi rnilon 

of Ibc hfcghnt cOntdtfrncD aikI Ihv ^ighul 
nmpRlbj fulAlf ny n^tiud c^f firtur. 
Streoirtb U ««cnUn( Co il; wnVn« in- 
coir>[«LljbIfi ""Itb iln Vrhrr* Tirtoo U, tho 
noblnt riiciJtici 9,vtA tijo tofUol ftMilfnn 
life prodoinhwat ; cbc whole bcinf U in 
<b*t ■!■!■ of hkrmoaj wblob 1 fl4ll h>p|iU 

diiturb it, tmC llicrc I* 4lii«)4 l1 (UDi|i*fl of 
bluo iky nbchvc our hcAil ; «i wk huduiI in 
dliT^ICj of b^iAg. «t uMod la hapjiincH, 

vLich ii, \a uij Hill^ of the wani, ibn 

fixlinr vbkh i^jEinvcta ui iritb tha iufiniLe 
imil with Uoil, 

A-V<1 T^cfi ^ nwetMftlt mlwry ; for Iba! 
flgobiatioD of prio^plri thai diicottd 
nnrbif for ixdieiiiDnc Ihat wejlmftt nut 
of which wring* rulinbouil. tb'l itujiicinn 
of Oltieni lb*! (tiicord nitb oar«|ici. with 

^bttitt flonklitiitv RTMirrv at * hUCr of 
bduf. Tbc m«ci uLUenble penoik I «icr 
ffitt ■(fh in niT llfo b«J tf.OOO'. a.j«r : 
1 oumtint nund^ ddtvroiu lo rompaM id 
oi*a dkiJi ; Tcrf ILttlc coowioiirR, Eir>t 
enaujfli. one would hive tliciught. tn vi-i 
villi any rairihuritc p»g : Irai k mi the 

iibiKacd cif CQDil^Taii thut inado the loiaCfj, 
obvtoui ind bowlj incrmwine. Thr- |>rr- 
petuil kioUac «{unit Ibe yncltM, (be mi- 

vitbctiit Bny biab lUmlnrd wtth regird lo 
per«oji*,^lliei« rjiadc ihn mf«crry. I ftn 
<peak ef it u mJaary who bail it daily in 

mjr vght for llTe btig ycan- 

I luTc had afcoMcotj. tf it be not pf»* 
auiiiplioQ lo oil) Ihvaa v>. with Carlylt 00 
tliia pnoL U apjifirtd to mo Uul ba 

GOntbundcd happJoen aiib pleuare, with 
aclf-inLlulpno9. He i«l uide wtth a tow* 
nhnf icnrn tti« idm of llrinf for tb« aaho 
of bippinrai^io cillcd: be iljkd Uib pkt 
loigpby ot hn]i(-Uci« " the |f]iIlnOf^y rf 

thtf frTifri:pin/' BiLt ihli w«a &be ll« 
rctnonLnjE uf a child, whovr idoa of hifipi* 

hi^i ii plcnijcf ridgir-phint. PI— U—> 

pilouurablfKDaiadon, b,-aallu v<*fftdn«^ 
•omotliinc lo thank Ood for. I iftodd Ii 
out of thr Uct Uv andrrt*?ne it i 1 kips I 
am one of Uie latl to Uv« for it ; and p«lo 
i^ fMbifi. a |f«t c^ii, itLiuh I ilif ciot li&a 
eithfr to mflict or ir^ffcf' Bol hop[diiai 
ISci b«yond cithur inin w pT^omro Ii m 
luSlimc B (hiug u virlua iU*lf, iafS^dhll 
frvoi it ; nnd andrr thl* poiat of fl»« lE 
KTDit a prniouB muUke lo oqbarata IkMB. 

Sfiacu f^bi, and the tarletjr of aiK- 
giuitrvi* innfvriul in a volumo liko tiSl 
ivoulJ »oon icmIucc tu &r bojODtl iA 
ro^Aoimbla limits. Wo (^oui,<lude otwt 
bognn villi conlial lliaulu !<> iu author 
for hII tho Tarlod good niiu Lu dono lu 
ttiruufh uiitEiy yi*nr9 by nueam of bar 
i-iuh oEttpuuTLUf^ of thoiigitt Oftd fe«l- 
\ng. To ImvL- wrliii-D even m fcvr Joa 
applauUin^ wordi flppea»r8 Co ui OQ 
lociluiig bnck oluiOBl ui]i^i;^(U) bat 

vrc arc not ofhiiil: fbtr*. JftmeMn'a li 
not a nuDct lijkuntod ever " )>y ibo idea 
orselfT Sbti like* jyikipalli/, niiil bat 
had it Urfaly — lui mora dt^r to her. 
jut> ttTe lionMtj and trtith. 

The EoxtlBliwomftn lo KiukU: or, [ioprvMlon« of UanocErt ind Siodctj ta Kotfia 

A JUST and lUrtpuw^nAtc view of 
tbo tociol condltioiD and clmmtrCcr of u 
foreigit peoj>lo il iitii(U-t j» mrt lu Jtn 
impartial hutoirjr of auy political c^rcnl 
of our own tim^A. Authori^ in dcjUins 
vlth sucli anl'^jtH^iF, ure npt lo bvcomu 
whiil our city Iricu^i wuuEd oJI ciiliL-r 
Bulb or Bour^' Tin* j'Tuuip, pro4- 
pvroui man nljo Jindi hii jHuitimi in 

CM Kn^laud not jtn uikcniufuttftljlo 
onn, il inclined lo tikc^ hot inilrtutionx 
and \\vt manncn of hH coitnlryiTif n ah 
tU««t«mlardorpcTfi'Ciion,audnI] Uiat 

VAi-io* from tWin U Iffnoi'iwoa or liar- 

barity. Tho )c» thmrtng aiUhoTi op* 
jireued wiitk mTort^ mr bite, pincA 

lato tko hut Jfyrvaanwni, >ndt bating 

kit ootintryiocni c^ollii ilic poutkai of 
his nulffhbcun out of spito to tbcm. 
[n fnri, it rr^aiita a porfecUy hMULy 
tiiinfl to mnolo ono imiy ti> dflinoalo 
tho nociaJ roiulition of turn pooplo* bill 
mori} otpiKtJillj or a people irith wboni 
wc ore m vriu-i irbwc ruler hia wan* 
lonly diiilurbfd a i^tMS^ which for forty 
vcAr« ioft tlic inerntiity of loaa to loca 
it» worthy cxt;r<;i»o In Uiu ifupon^euenl 
Af thn lociid and loAnl rnndition cf Iha 
world; wliich mubt nuw, oJiu! at the 
indlanoo of tki4 giguitic criminal, be 
tttnioil to tb* trarbnroi]«work of man'a 
doatrtiotioa. A roally itnpaHJal pic* 
tun; of Aittnan life and cbaj-aH«r ii 
IhcrefcTO at tbo pr««(fnt time not tidy 


Tht Sn0tif0mM» in Hwwa. 


ivriM,lA IhefNppuitlunirutceorLady 

fil^lMf tnr 1^ aQuiionliot ImS unr ten • 
1^ ^icikL wilb ftur«ry «li'>uli) 

«(>ii'^'^±I-^Ly oQ a«(il>|Ocl frouiour 
tiCAj, rdtcUd tliti Jtoiy of KUrid*, 

M (I W^M MTCt b« ulkittcO llul a 

bted ihoiiU bc.rcfn^ieiLiod u <lc- 

tkwT to^afile kiiLg(>r iuL|ik:1« <1ijoi 
Mt »qaiJY tc tjc taa^i^t in lliir^iji- 
TleGWllM of WlllJiiU T<;U and Mu> 
tfidkt LjkI b» be cVunjivHl bcfi^rc Lhose 
■AffU v^i: aLrw*>| lo be pFrfonnrdi 
ik of oaunc to the cmnllcr jnaiiuc* 
oiJf ib^l vb« F^aricror can ubutci; 
Am of A blfrbrr t^laiH tw tnjtj (rsnubt 

crpcHfljM lUoEice. '^Oar cleir«rt«t 
■M «r* d1 {q ^IbfTla, w&$ tbe nmvk 

t^' "WV^»crve»todiill ouiijr 

iriKi^ ^niua tbflt wiKil'l nu^c bu 

(ff^lbc|CttCr>l rtAtf ofwbM nuiy be 
aM ibo poliUi -rori(l in KiLsiJn, tlic 

I fCTj IbiotirtM^ iiri|;tvMkqi. Kol- 
vlttiat«ft4bi£ a CTcat auCiUui uf ifocaj- 

beuMaew uuTiUHlvubitit boap^itj. 
i] t* Irolj iaM ibiit U« best vcKTvly of 

~A iBAiiy cft>c« iboiio who PKU Jbr fcn* 
danm Abtl Wifi»ur«liuli>1j0ltfrtbai> 
itnp9» drcBQcd np ttsart in Frvticb 
iWry — M&va^TM alino«t QnircrHHllj 
tabled wilh lU AaIaCic nctt ot'Uikr- 

8>clk uQtl br cjipTf tfj io ■ QtCicin on 
vWd <i^flliiriiHi wu (bnut tt thf pdat 

Ai Ui ■wty y nor* bira Ikvn ffooA bj 
biv 10 Mlflfit ibft slAiHtiMtr of • 

N^ fiifiuiioti tun be Iraljr 
luku it br rc->diod *(<p bj •tcp 
rVnT"^ t^ viarjr tu«J uf u^rkoKa 

of tbc UJI«« of BuMU, uid, 
ba Kdncif b Al uiiufix«Hnlf w Arn» 
WJ^^IMl tA^inglbcirvQfT'politDiiioilcri 

rf mp f m wM inwaaing *ri j Ebing more 

■blOt »1U ibjtC wo liTU Ajt^l to U«- 

dMt a liOjr wbo bAi n<:vtr acvu 
) bdks a Sigh respect for i» tc* 

II ■ flTMl ilnl nf rral irnrlh ml grrrl 

nt«4 «f betrt Ainon^ft Uicm, ncU ilut 
lb«T |ieriurni mMhy acU of beDcvoUnoc 
and chothy. On the otbar biutd tbc; 
bare fuw m^tal rc^oumSt uid do 
coaverMtioQ* Tbcj filrU \^y cnrdt, 

ooJ cat bnnbom { but «i« of thw 
trmilCBt >infl la our eye* U tbcir inor- 
flrtiACcloT^ of rr(ri»fr!i ronxancct. Thflt 
Ibirr uc not Ut]i<:« uccui>Ui>jj to uur 
noUon« Appenn from tlicir IrciitirLont 
0^ tb<;ir BcmutAi i>er1i«|]j lu gcoiJ » 
l«>t (if rvol fertility Of cMi t>« (uunil* 
A "Ijulj" mUs ber uud'i long uid 
bouUifiil kair to pAj * jpmiblJng debt, 
nlihoDgb clowly cropj>od hair b a 
jtaiiiflhnflatfariinfi!ir>rai cnnduH. On 
MHO OOCMion our Antliorcv b vailitig 
In fl drnwiQ^f-rooDi rtvxi lo tbc dmilng- 

foam for a Indj ftbnul Id ■rcompflft* 

bcT to the ypcm, wbiljt Let frieo^ 
hair U bcirfg tW(*c(L 

Suddcnlf I heini 1 Ireakcniloni noiw Ia th« 
■4i''^^*i^C ih}tai1bt«iit f HiMfC4i Mnd mud 
Boto«d to bv rodoaivariiu uj oatwoU 
ci^ otbrr. PfCM:nttf a louJfri^EiAadCbfl 
frll of 1 IfdTf bodj an vh« floor ■rinuiinf*d 
(litl i^nifTGAtAtCrciphebailbAppnudL my 
iwjtL feftfj-f Iht Itdt niulc: Iter npj^mfiEicc 
»nifllnf wttb All At pohtcntu puuLbk. 
Dod nyrawid hfr r«frot at hafin^ kqit 

tnc VdliiiE' I «ft<rw«rd« loamtd ihuU&ta 

«ftbv«uv; til* luidhadnot pIcAM^bor 
tn her rtttjfiirfi Ike Udj tooidM[ thtflrl 
■ivwcfcd impvTtim-nllr. abkb iiotni^ptd 
ber ttciabla mHlrm, tliAt, wU t the cbtif OIL 
nbicb aXis wu liUiui, khe kuuiAcd licr 
dcnrn vlth lo Mtjch rutltfacc tbit ivu of 
bfr fioikt l^b inrc broUa of Id hivr 

Aa?iJivr Urlj* whtw* Frviuh mfttd 
hurt hfiT bead mcombina btr tonjjt bnir, 
*h])pud the Dujift Ibn i tho Fnuek- 
vouDD, vrbobadkoUof hor bAtrirhJcAi 
bbi* nu> Eiu iIto pnint of t^Dff, Aotliat 
it was n\ [ gAllivretl togc^r iu In' hftud, 
)ft»fi^ it tighll/t uud ibuti inllict«d fe 
lonnd diireL'tioa cii tli« Tad/'s Mn 
wrilh tbv hAirt>rt»h> Anothor My U 
IbnoU tbuiuEuit^ Uio Hba of nn Mlile4«e 
jniing ]£mUnnr, vho is ezdaitaiD^ 
" PaiHon. mother, pardon, iamitiulty, 
8aiiiv cxcttso fur tbu lyranniCA) di^ 
iiutilicni of Rttixiut Udiaa tnay porkapa 
iw icnnd in lbc&c4 tbAt in jouth thej 
mte ftubjectwl to no A%ht E^tcount of 
idaoUrijfi tynmnj thui»M>UaA. F<ir u 
ymn tSity w ttot dloired to bo ob- 
««C on any w«tOQ0ft- Tbejr noTor ^ 
ottt Ibr A walk, And oolf tiHoa a fsir 
for ft drive i tbey ire*r anUbraiSi ukl 



The Eng-luhwoman in Ru 

thA h&bitail icnac of rigbt, and the h&bitual 
counge to »ct up to tbat sense of rigbC, 
COnbiued irith benevoleat sjmpathifg, the 
cbiHty which tbiiikethnoeril. Tbb union 
of the highot couaciencc und the bighc&t 
■fmpithj fulfils ray aoiioD of virCue. 
SCreaEtb ii CBtealial to it; weHLneu in- 
compatible with it. Where virtue ts, the 
noble*t facaltiei and the loftfst feetinga 
are predorainent ; the whole being n in 
that state of hannony which J call happi- 
peu. Pain majr reach it^ paaaion may 
diatarb it, bat there is aLnaya n glimpne of 
blue akj above our head ; aa we asccad in 
digDLtj of bciagt we ascend in happiDeHd, 
which ia, in mj aeoae of tl^o word, the 
ftcling which coDDCcta ra with the iuAnite 
and with God. 

And Ticflia neccuorilf misery : for that 
flactufttioa of principlcj I hat diaeaBeit 
cravitig for eacilemcot, that wcaknesi out 
of which ipringfl falaebood, that suspicion 
of othen, mat discord with ounselTea, vLth 
tha absence of the benevolent propenBitiei'f 
■»thew coBstitutc mioery as a atate of 
bdnif. The most miserable person I ever 
znet with in my life had 12,000/. a-year; 
a cuuaing mind, dutcrous to compaaa ils 
own endt ; Tery little cocecieaoeT not 
eaaikghf one would have thought, to vex 
with any retribntive pang ; but it «»b the 
absence of goodness that made the misery, 
obvious and honrly iacreaaing- The per- 
petual kicking agninst the pncks, the an> 
reasonable eriffratiet with regard to tbiagt, 
without anj high ttaadard with r^ard to 
persons, -*th«fle made tlie misery, lean 
speak of ft u misery who had it daily in 
mj sight for fire Long yeara. 

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The EagliibwomaD in Rusm ; or, Imprewloi 
during a Tea YeftTs 

A JUST and diApnssionatc view of far 
the Bociol condition and dinnicter of a fa' 
foreign }i(K>plc U almornt »s rora u aa J^ 
jni[>artial history of :uiy jwliticnl creDt i 
of our own tinn-a. Aurhors, in dealing t 
wJth such sulijorl^ nre apt to become 
wlint our city friondd would call cither 
Itulld ur Bunrs- Tbo iitump, proa* 
perou» man who iindd lus poflitioD in 
Uld Enf^luiid tint nn uncomfortabb 
one, is inuliucil to take her iDstituti<»)s 
and thu numuur^ of his countrymen as 
the stnndord of |>orfuotion, and all that 
varies fh>m tbeui is ijnioniuce or bar- 
barity- Tho les^ thrivinj^ author, op 
piVAsc<l with pnrcrly or bile, |Hnc 
into tUo iw9 iij/rowoHiu audi hatb 





Tke KnglnAittiman in fftunVi. 


Krffaxnvi hk kunitn rit;hti», ht muai 
bvi rcr? dull Jj^ i&dccil if be doos 
tot daoc^vcr bow naiMtnbl; ho nuHiirtf 
U Ibe ifthilioii of otic rmuj, n»0 irill 
W plflDljr of work to employ hit 
vMjpM tt homct In Imjiro^ing hU 
mn coo^lioa. bsCttd of «bJvavour- 
■S to bmg QAtMivi, w fel &c<i luiclcr 

i«blM4j IjrvUDj li^irluvU lie iiop' 

mttel But nbat la tlifi poMiion of 
■CMf ittgcacrU? He UtAr indecfl 

ton tlutC 0t4t< of utvlllgcnve wliicL 

«Uii men to ict in ccinofrC in fucli 

Ac ticicnt aad iirDiDff tmnuy tbut 
kbl«h;«>. Ilnlf-liunneoiif ilihjc'ow 
dilinj to coU hJiu to. He i» ak*i ncnr 
ib bruus M nun can he; b[M Ij^no* 
Fan k ft£ iviunM comptctf}; imlcoil 

(W«djpn>of of ditcemcneikt in him 
ilu v« nn«t&ber to tuxve bc&nl or, 
a«k« ifootiHl bjr our juitlif>n*H| ai an 

wl mtiouMn jot tip fomo priTntc 
^mEhoaU Uir tCu oJJnmtli^n nf Uioir 

«fti wbtfD ukcd how tb«F iik^d th« 
Ittfcnnfioe, oM ouwctoa — "Very 

wl^Wt «« tiDpeyo« will p^^foTOvr 

fe' Wo b^Tcadiitnicl recolkction 
tf bc^ prevcat at pmnt^ tboniriciils 
*Wn MCb aa ftp|Jicdtio[i would bare 
Imm mmX noMiDttbLe. Tlie «rrhju 
brt ODO DftSM^ he itihctiU none ami 
caa 0/ oeano l^aiiMuit nonei be i» 
^tfcn at pleuarc. and hii bijEbeil^n- 
wjniMflto ^>f«Ar lo be drunkennes*, 
■ttUnnUaiofi frun lU-truatmcfit, nnd 
ffflu Hiere m* indeed rtntinnal tntmic 
■dI daiK«s, bat Lbc tnofic ii, n« micht 
beaBbdpatctl, tbac nf aftllctlon, being 
ilnMit inirariabi; tq tha minar Ict^j 

«ad of Uw EoOft m^UncboJY cbaracter, 
in bin La ICofll* «D 1^311: '■Jacrojau 
k va^f^ue HajM apportM dc Bjauico 
m HtHcoTiOt 00 on aifure aa contmre 

r*a]lo cat iodigito* : ooci caplii|uetMit 
pnidandc mcbuoolie do en aira. nur* 
tool 6e <«ux [(u'aaecteikt 1a ^«t< 
r la vivaviU du nMUTcBcnt- SI lea 
I 00 MT«nl in« w retotuT con- 
I ropproMiUD da J^wnf loupjrYr «f 
■ir, lkl«i oT iLc luiliKiuil dujicua 

nfim aJao to be of a nu>it jfravc dia- 
ndcTi and mi'gbl likewiae Cgitrativulj 
^ dcKrilMsd aa 10 the nuno/kcy. The 

wrf Kofl fn^pi«ntJy to inarry aceonlinjf 
lu Ilia ma«icr'a onlen, jaJ •oimtiiuca 
at tcrribort noliw. (iucuionaUy a 

gonvral order itf bruUffUt iKit all tli« . 
jouug mcD uid weincn in a pflrticular 
Tillns^ arc to in:tny, wbMi »t imrai^* 
dutolj obc-^rcJ, Komu c^gbt; pcjiK^nu 

baln^ perliap» coupled ai tlto some 
ttjne- In otber ca«e«, boiri^vr, be Una 1 
tbc advuklagc of a regular matTuaoriial 1 
market. U may be renarkad ^la- 
mllr, tbal in no country 19 tnarriagik , 
bolfj amoiwt richaod pnor, »Lito ioA , 
oomituilly free, «o (Ximpli^ly a loattcv* 
ef bitsinopu »« in ItEj^iA. 

From locli duboficd Iwingv tu lluapu 
common (vtlkp it would ind««d 1)0 b2>- 
auidto aijticifi^tle for uiuiy Ag«a any 
iDUT^mcnt of lULUonal rc^rm ; wc can 
buLplT tlioir ilL'prrasud oondilion. anJ, 
finco ibf J vlo unhappily cxixti coniKjIo 
cur«flvei» ifjtb ihe retotion tlukt \\ ia 

from ftueh ai ibci'o tbnt the bca^tad 
»rmT of Ibe Cjt^ is drawiu NotUiuf; 
]iFrlmp9 ^ivffi in Dilv^uate idiM uT the 
IrojilHiCJit rjf tbtf Ruiuiaa aoldior, bat 

tlie foot, that even th«e >«riV can 
dread tbc rijeour erf the nUtiaiT life. 
For the Ruaiun |>«aaaiit, a* fur ^utiui, 

to Oj« toiTMt Ohd a lovDr d«rr 

flUU OMimiDa b> JiTrvar him <^at v1l1c« 

and thu Loirer dn^p b the army, A 
foreigner nC Sl Putembur^ infiirmod 
our autborvM, that 

ka htd ipne to mm the raem;U that mero- 
U^. ^t t^rc did oat Hem t« be macb 

EfctrbCiaiP arnxms tbc m ; llun wm uotblaf 
Dt Bobcandtean to baveen among tbooe 
vbc ir#r« pronooimd Acfctravrviotf, ■rbiluC 
Uitf riTJaetM oaovcre rrimtfuwtth ddiiflit^ 
aiid croHcd tbcmieZrea wkLl; ili« gmaivbt 


The c[>ble^ before tiu3 preieot war, 
acni all tbu "■ nc"cT*do-wcala " of their 
Dprf* \n\o Ibu i^m^i owjitiiU^ingT prij- 
bably, with Fnljtair, that ihey ^ vouli 
till a pit aa vdJ aa better men f but, 
since the KoMiaaa entered the PrlncI* 

elitlea, tbc flower of their eaUtrs bai 
en drawn ofT far the rankH, and 
^grcat dhmtufactinn biw ctcii openly 
bfloo expriMod by tlio propriciora. 
'Notre Emperinir ao tn>uv«nb en laeo 
doson pcuiilc/ said oQoof tbcru." Tha 
pay of the lafiwtry iioldjGr is dimc ihiU 
Imjf« per cuinuni; but ibiji may bo 
dtuil out bx (Mhcr mouut a* vvltavQ 


The EnglUhvDoman in Rttssia. 


an instauce mentloued of a Bcotincl 
asking alms of tho passere br- That 
the poor aoldJer^e fate is bard, nowercTf 
IB not to be wondered at, as the goTom- 
rocnt Bcenw to be of opioion that " the 
oniv way to make a good trooper is to 
mate him care nothing at all o^out hia 
exL9tcnce ;" and it can cause no Bur-^ 

firue that an endeavour to rcgam some 
ittle Interest In life by deserting is 
very common. According to our au- 
thoress, the clTect of the conscription 
on the rural population ia moat per- 
ceptible. We cannot, howeverj ne!p 
doubting (notwithstanding the evident 
feir intention of the writer) whether 
her national feeling concerning the 
present war haa netted her a little to 
OTcretate the case when she e&js, ** Pass- 
ing through nearl J 1 200 Tcrsts of Rus- 
sian and Folish land, eifeepting recruits, 
we scarcelj saw a young man in any of 
tikc villages : there wore only very old 
peaaants with the women undchildren." 
And we must decline to receive the 
evidence of on old woman who woa 
passionately bewailing the loss of a 
nephew taxen for a floldier, to prove 
that the poorest Russians are now 
aware that their adored Czar has 
everywhere been beaten. No doubt 
'^ magna est Veritas, et pnevalebit ;*' 
but sne sometimes takes a long time 
about it; and when we consider how 
■lowly a correct knowleilge of the 
events of the war Is acquired even in 
this country, it would snppose little 
less Utan a miracle to Ijclieve that 
knowledge ao carefitlly kept from them . 
nnd of a nature that the people would 
be so slow to acquire, nad already 
been attained^ 

But all the serfs are not so com- 
pletely shut up in ignorance and Russia 
as that lowest grade to which we have 
hitherto more particularly referred. 
Some who show peculiar talent are 
taught difiercnt arts : true, their ta- 
lents are of comparatively little value 
to them, B9j If they are not employed 
by their masters as slaves, they have 
to par him a certain rent colled abroch 

£■ okroch according to Mr, Oliphaut) 
the permission to work on their 
own accounts, which ia increased at 
the will of the master- Even should 
one of these talented slaves amass 
wealth, be cannot purchase his irce- 
dom unless his lord consent ; for there 
is no compulior J Enfranchisement Act 

in Russia. These, then, are little mora 
free than the common serfs, but thdr 
knowledge, and therefore their power, 
is greater, and it is not unusual to send 
those who are capable of profiting bj 
it for education tnto foreign countrin. 
Wc are told of a proprietor who salt 
manyof hia serti abroad ; oncofthemt 
who was sent to France to learn to 
cook, wrote to his master, when the 
time for returning arrived, that he hid 
undergone "a great cbaugo in his viewi 
both social and political, and could not 
decide npon devotiug the rest of his 
life to his service.** But if the ma* 
jorllY of those travelled alaves return 
to Rusaia, (which seems strange, but 
mnst be so, or the habit of sending 
them abroad would not exist,) thej 
must carry back with them many ideaa 
of freedom which^ as good seed, cannot 
remain fruitless eveu in the atonj 
ground of Russia- The passage, how- 
ever, which has most forciblj struck 
us as bearing upon the future of Rus- 
sia, is this : — 

Some of tho alayet heloDgia^ to Coimt 

S (a DoblecDSD who posscMes 120,000 

SOUll on bii ciUte) arc ■mDHf the wul^ 
thicst shopkeepers ID St. FeCerabiu-gr And 

it ii Slid thfijhdTfllHtely lent Coimt S 

sbout 1&0,OOOL to pay off debts on the 
pn^erty. The ahopkeepert and merchants 
of Russia are now the richest class in the 
country; tbfl nobility evsry jmr are bs- 
comxag poorer. The policy of Cathenne 
bu vorksd wall in that rupBctt for they 
ssy it was she who b^an ta lower their 
pOwcTf which hu aver been daogerooi tO 
tha imperial family, and her sbccesiors 
follow her ateps. 

Surely that slate of society is ano- 
molous where slaves are among the 
richest dealers in the capitAL Their 
very trade must forbid the possibility 
of their views being bounded by the 
limits of the Russian empire. Hie 
commercial spirit has ever been thought 
peculiarly attached to freedom^ and 
certiunly would not lead these wealthy 
slaves to view with a friendly eye the 
ahroch chnrEcd on them. And is the 
decline of the wealth and power of the 
nobility at all favourable to the con- 
tinuance of the present tyranny f Our 
Henry the Seventh^ takins advantage 
of the exhaustive effects ot the wars of 
the Hoaes, exercised his peculiar tact 
in crushing the nobles of this country, 
and doubuees thought that he was 


Jl# B^mtw Monum^mt ai UhtrtitM. 


^ til iiKCMinn from wQ <ivv«r> 
Oitfec* of Uib pcJb; bmim, bow- 
M to !■*« been t4> dear tbe lU^ 
^Ube fr«e o|«ntlon if ibo Mklr fiiroe 
itkkluabctsi feuad cqqaI to tbc Uslc 
iftfUbfaahiA; coudtu&ooU got^m' 
AttL ^TULiQ ft ocDivrr tte |>aw«T of 
ftcfme^nUtlTa of ue f>9flple !>•• 
^mkUble «TCA to tbc p^^vfuJ 

lb ilcA thfti ft rcvoluiJOu i« bu- 
agJk^tnr Rmmu ii Irciquciiiijr ul' 
IVmI *« in ibki vc9Mn«T «ail it v* uiil, 

*Wtill took ibrvmrd 1o e ravdudatt, 
Md wko It *ioefl bretk oaitf itw Vr«n(*Ti 
tnffitj vlU ^ Iwt A guuc of plaj itt 
venpatm in it" Wu trtiw, lzcw*vcr. 
iltf a viicr ^Irit luftT gMc Uio£ 
i^i^ dMTPmcni vbcn II cumca ; diflt 
kfttfftttlfbix lor Rovin, aad iiujD«t 
br de vorld, n cvniufl woilliy of Iho 
MMoa n7 \m %uuJ Ii> Uiuf>tfr wiUi 
mmj ihii tMrfnl tlnigglu, wba. liko 
IM M ttHj lost lo liib coiiniiy, uuijr 
'■BUVoUUic ijUAUtic* which Ktflucht 

tiMtf* a fp — T y to aBTO lliv SuU— 

ibiiAnir ind eturvj of Cronwidl, the 
fiWMtfit ud iSonUffncq ol Vac, 

dievicr, tbe Mcm imegr^ of Hole, tbe 

ftnlani imhlie ffarll of SuJW^-"* 

We uve beioTe nilrcrieil to *(ixue 
of tbt fftdtciDoiiti tlifti ittuiitfdifitdjbcflr 
vpiMi tli« «<ftr; b«iBd«« thtutf, w« u<o 
t4ld that Uk cRccu of war iie on fill 
^Mapf«rvnl in Ifttuo, thai Ir&lc i8 
Di«nl7*od ( UkAt NoiiicTt Aoii cfp«<uil]j 
ralcamtoD, ftra ihe bu^«j of Um riiins 
Moeratioo ofUuMiat uiil tliet vt^ibe 
£B|cli*lit arn farmir^d inth the ovpccUl 
lutrcd of iktQ Hiuaiftn*, bdng koiiottr* 
ah\y diRtingai«ili(Ml in thti rcAptOt flroitt 
cKtr^lantalliw- ^V13 ooiiJn9| howrvf < 
to r«0«{vtii|E ihi? opiniooa of this ladr, 
roniml ffinco Ibfl ir&r MinRii>nco<l, witti 
Bomc^ubl -. for inainncc. vf fli]iIiidUI1« 
cnTt fo WlitTfi tliAt K gen(?nil oplnloii 
cAu A.' vet hnvc^prcod amongst Uu^ ««r& 
(lull il* llii'^ Ri^IiaIi ooTKjuer ilio; wITl 
Im frw. \VjT hare the fullfxt tfoiifi^lonoo 
in ihctrutlLfHlialviitioiii^of lliQauibor' 
iM«, tut feel Ui&l la ewept iniplicrllj 
ilio ofuAunt* ikk itiVM nf tho 4UI« of 
Riufla (luring Ibc vir irouUL be to Uy 
uidc our kiuwtf iljf c nf foouiMnc hamwi 

nMur«^ anfl, p«T^hp«, fnll inin Ihnt fnult 
of pritkindovcT-coD^icoccuhich lita 
ilreacly test thougondi of (he hrftv«st 
iToop* the vorld arcr •«« to tto gri&T«. 


Cbt Tii« Oti-i or Boad, Ui.tvh*toh. 

{WliA* Ptaft.) 

_fn& mm* ^ tbo Utc Str JoKn 

' «iU «vd^ oobupr vt hQiiioar- 

iCVT 19 ibn Uat of tboiB liJ^ly 

I r. Ill PajzUikI i» j"f*ljr 

' _'ir 

Ul-fit --'iThi'v. Ill III A) tk 

Quirmtila uutat^ fLu &iviii^j«d of bu 

At M <!«• of Iti* (k^ib, wbjch oo- 
«an«JoniW2S<dNtt*' Ik^h,* memoir 
MipMiniil in Ttitf TfoM from ibc ]«jo 
of Idi fhewl Pir Gcor;;ir SuumoQ, 
«!ucli VM tnuidfcrn.'! ta ito pue< of 
oar Obitmrj, ai^i «'ll l^ found la oar 

■UtcUf Sif Jn^ik Buf«>w WA4 bore in 

ir^l in ft t»All Qottwe «« tbcTtUfiGc 
of Drftjcleyhock* imv UIveTttun, (a tbo 
cxtri^e nofili of Laiwukir^ wWfilf 

COtt«^ bodbtwjk »i lutmotbcr** (kialW 

fur mflj 300 joen. Ll« recT-ittil h 4 
liirly e^iKflticin in tiic Tovn Hank 

ever c!i(rL»br4 ku Aflccticnate rv^;af4 
(vT i\\G tiituz nor bavti lti« luVMsciitzi 
fiin-utlcu tb« Ltwour orbi^^b hu osuq 
TvOeett npoa iC 

fihortif afl«r kie tlcntb, bu fHctifli 
detcnmood to tsli* k public immu* 
Ufqil tA hri lUtfOifiTT, •n'1 |k^> H'lJ of 

Ho«i, mar Ulvcnttoo, wu fincii upon 
for ]1« erection. The rfto wi* »•- 
I^Ccil hy Captain WuhinglMi^ lE.N , 

and ipprovcd hj Sir Fruicls Beaar<>rtt 
iiic UVdrtNEraplcr of the ^uunliy, le 
iil«o hy t£i- Triaiijr Houmi Uktl tLo 

MA>:4Uk]['4 K«iaj«-'Uiin|HkD> 


7%ir fiittf^m Jfottifmnti /I/ f/AwMtofi. 


Truitoci of Uiv Xovn l^rub, Mid Mt. 
l^Ueili«>Iuv (the LGiiMt)jeftv« tMr 
wiHiM cnaucnti — Oto bUcr mrtlcfaAn 

aJI tinuu, tnil oblljriaffly takiag h oDilcrr 

TlM llni Mtitw wni IahI. in llio [to- 
•vtLOo of 0Of)O iH<fip1i% <w t^o I0di A«y, 
IHAO, lod the Tower com^«t<il tl lli« 
QloM rf tbc Mfiw t(«rp Thii follow- 
in|^ dMoriplion orlho vimMiirn wiku 
wiitt«n bf Mr. Andrcir Trimcn, tU 

Tho plan ot iltfi toirer It dreutir, vllb 
■ BprtAtlJui liAiG. tbe gcocnl fofui bidDf 
rindUf td Uutt of iha Eddfttocci tho 
li^trm bo««v<r ill Uil« OMff U of ift« •AJoift 
■aattrihl Mlb«emr«l>lruetiirc,«DdraTin> 
• eiiTif iitcni «roltUtctural IvUittt. 

The «itgciur« ii bumd ott Uic anhi] 
■mntoiie taek. of which Uio HmJ Kill U 
(Mtt|io»rJ, Aw\ nhlrh «u found Imme- 

ilLnEelj ufiJiFi the turf 4l lli« «umin^l- 'n>a 
ria^ iaDicilidtdr t^oft Ihf •urfjioe ib ISH 
NfL ill droall,b«ln( vrouEftt In Monr, nii<l 
rarinS>i0« iBt-oiToT l>»ii», t^olWt b*rtillh, 
from whidx tb« lurronnJiH piDOfQniBj 
on* of tbn moM Ijraiiitful tn KiiieIjiui), 
mar hv oonlpmplAUil In ill ditrcinpiK. 
The UiroluKii of Iha wait, at the icrfacf > 

■ dry chiahlNt fi«n tc*1 M Uh- Imm- TIi* 
«dl Amlnlftto la thtcknvv from twcItb 

trvt fU liti^t* (0 lw« feM ul Thn oorntfv, 
«lii«h it fciraiod uf MBiiiTC irruught tiiiif' 
■lost; The vkula of tb« Unt«ni aad 
doiDfi !■ formod of Iht ume muteritl. 
bfi«| Mtmifbt iriihlh and wilhcnf. TU« 
BUpooJ ll>« door, *ci(t vtiiiilov Jtiulrt, t^ 
>imd ridc« of MTl^offi, an all In fho 
ilnribk vrowhl ItamCoD* of tbc crlth- 
h'mrbood. The fOmial hIUo^ Li in tbo 
■aiii0ttoDo,aail hammfml to A MttelevUj 
^rtwa fornh Tbf> limo of tha votiv to 
fnm the «Mn« iDftUiitl. aftd ««t to harJ, 
tLM, fes the vrboJe li coo^MCtly bnilC (nvrry 
•lODabfltagtfomiileldybtddal lotbvuiui- 
Ur» and avtnr joint oompltflflly doahod or 
ntlod^ in a aborE lioio U« iral3j, it La ci< 
pHtot, vU} farwi one thlckoMt, of a looat 
alroDf and laitfo^ cbiracUr. 

rraUbly DO ilona sad mortar villi 
ttblofa «0 arr acijoanilod la bvtter cali^n- 
bt«d to rcabt all bdiMiDia of WHihw 
xXmn that «r PoniHai, anl Uila uiuouviriie, 
«0 Inuit, bidi fafr ta atand u Uallnit a 
rr^ord at vny In tb« la had of on «Tvn1 of 
the a^a. 

The interior b apfwoacbaJ from ilb« 
Butb by a wUifi A^giiX nf t/iryt. oa the 

rUhtofKihitilk Will ^<: oht^n^it the " Fim 

row TUB l&TH MAV, A.D. 18^0. 
IH TKi I3rit vrAH or itic »kiqh or 
nift WOffT AtAVEO^l MAJMTV, au»K VlCTOUAt 
L aiA OKOaai Bxaaow. vart. 

I AMD ffiiih a^KAow. aiia. r>«-a. 

I DivoaiTSD THia vtorra to macomn Tii> 


[ TatfnuOMiAL TO -fua LATi Aim JOiiK nAAaoir, aAJir 

Armncw niuax, AmcniT<CT, 
Oter tbfl tnlnnw door vo cut in boU 
rallaf iKc vrord* i— 
Iff IIOKom or 
Sill JOHN BAftUOW, Bam. 

Tbo Mloon. or prinoiptl door, fa tU* 
vMed ahoDt aof en iod frnm Um aumuit ot 

Ihe falU, tbna l^utualdniE a baacmeoi ba- 
imtJi. TbU apkrtbent U <a|btMin f<et 
tdnt fiwhaa in iiamtur, biflnv dnply n- 
CAaed atDdovi to ifaa cardioal |>olftta, the 
ftatr fnim raoh <d irbioh ran bs tnr»ly 
M|iialW, rotlin for aubUiuily or Tari<?lf nf 
baanty' A aiora and ranffe an forinoJ la 
UiO rrcraa of Urn vroit vinaon. 

Iron ^dera form Uio tbctetoai of Ibe 
■rvonl Ito^m, to ibnl i\w vr!i[>lA njAj bo 
firtproof. TbelHiiiv^Tnlasi&nrd bjaiotid 
||i|[bt of aloTLf alairi, pmtertrd bf an or- 
vanenlal Iron bAltMlraiTt. H*t r»ii Ibe t|io1 
fhtta Ibo Tttailito or« prorunwl from the 
tM«o of iload. TUo |>ail«ru U of Ibo Af- 

bcaU oefitvrr, «aeh ahlbSliiut tb« inlliala 
^■ U< Hio Tlaiior, m bilt: w Ludm^f (be aur- 
raco of the Interior of tbe cooe> ii diecred 
hy Hb oi\UA]fina| n«irp frotn the tf^eral 
wtndctwt ofltb vKidL lit* nilc* aro )vlfmd| 
and retoiodcd of Ibf rrwHnl of ib« beau* 
tirul profpeci Uiet awilii biia at thi 

Thr inEcrlor of Ibv laiitem ia nine f«t 
four liuhH Iti dieuittev, and |«if«-at4d 
with rifbt dmkf opeadoRii the aaow 
Diuaberof pUuUn inpport tbeanlabU. 
tnrv ud dsnei eroand 11^ Inlatlor an 
graten tb« worda AM Dn Glorit. 

A ilii-fiafl of duo proporticiuR it ritr*J 
frnm Uip laiitrni, from vWli Um llnff nf 
ttio DAlioo, <a Una-of- battle ililp** tuinn 
Jtck, prcaculed by the lairds i'f the Ad< 
Diif«lty, u a inaik of tbrjr n^tjirct to Tlia 
niomtfry of Sir John BAffow,) »aflf<l hj 

bU iiiitUa wdurxtAin brwas, vrlU aniiounctt 

l4 gacrvtioni yot unborm thai the d%y of 
tba UrtJi of tnia cnataiH ticitt* a n»- 


The Ii<u-t-t^w tUi/Ruutent at t/htntan. 


«T«b ft u«iic«V rcftvc; «ml Iki l«««r b«- 

drUi Hill, II M to be iMfcd, MMd U A 
ovmnciBiil of the tm^liof ■ life imttiJ En 

pndttlol V ^ w«fV of hi« rdlonrt. 

To Hxh we ni«r »ld \h»,X Uio ar- 
Mvial lieuinj^ of the family lave 

ImgIj \wcax plic^ ftiriitv Uic; <lm)rva/( 
* buiuVLriUJ7 pealtimrnil iii boUf n^l!o/ bjr 
Iklr. VmugixUlvunUiM; vrkoliiiBiiLfO 
cscciilvd & baniboiQC centre «Uiiiu iu 
ibv cwObi^ III Ui« l(^v«^ fijkiTiiTi^it. t)f 
ft fficb roae pfttlenx WTtb this moito 
nwnd thie oQUr circle^ 

Tim roar roKtiui viAitri. 

^^-^ttrtvufvl tlifl raiiiilTcrHl — n cquirrel 

'.erackW 1 nsl^ifjui iJie approprktc 

mmUo PutH srrricrT. nAlj scnlp- 

torcd bj tbt ntn« clever liitnil, i«bli 

mol eKUw tlic notice of Tuiton^ 
HicTcirc* lundi nt tin- very en- 

Uvbc« oftJKi jQounUjri nLn^-i-ot^Wcil- 

I ucrloftd Aifl CuruberUnil. io tdo 

ncrtbi Uie Larro funn of Ct^nustoii OltJ 

JkUu ilp|*««ri,TjUil:ti( kit ]lulLitcJ |Ji:4k 

Idflo ue )kj ; vtiiic nrcnuid btni uii 
dllwr hand, but nt a ffrcktcr lUfUiiuc 
lL« HiDuatttina of ^\^'7iiijm-lu]i4 and 
CuuLctiMiil— A botnlod braihE^rlutnJ— 
KtrticL UiL'iT vtft ii»f>onkin» 0T«r 
MIU17 miles of ibe diitani biidnuijiVH 
NftBTfr aS )i»nil «rv K^LIh at m&nor 

allllcudc, bctfto<!n wlilcb, like opening 
' ntfjut Uito lAiry bnd, Ihc ore tww up 
f lo<W <MI», oiU^riH^; ■» rU Miiinc tlio 

,1 «nik of iriativ wMir'W^LNW*! cotlagn» 

^tanding iu t^ niJu ot |>lvJA:int uiim- 

dfp«« wt'l vvi>tiini tiJltijiL. Tij llic 

o>0t, MI'c*^ ^<= watcn cf tbo liay 

df Mi>rccoiabc, coikAnoil botwc^hi Oic 
sburtis ikt GreonoiJi! ciii i\\e 0111; ZiJim), 
and tilt; CfLftmct tikw uJ' hilb on the 
<ilhur, iho cppoAilf olujrc friii^<il vtilt 
trcc» — a ijloTiou* lairrur ulUi a folinlcil 
frnmo; wnJIo on the »outh, tli« wators 
<Ff tbc uiue bay ijkam over w] ampler 
»reA. between uhl«nt«(l alioreo. hdiI 
burdercU by luxuriaub meiul^ws, Ukc 
the i|iipccii of Iwouty w!th a xijuu (jf 
cmenJiK iu >liiniog ■urTacc roJlutioje 
flloftrvBt un^pottntt imL iiniarftiilied 
at lhi5 eiLvuT slueid of Ubvrun, 

Tho oft*t lif Imildinj? thr Tiiwrtf liy 
the originiil cuntricl viU 600/.; but 
including tlio cKpcmcu iucrurrcd on thu 
day of ild rjiin^lniutn. »iiiJ otbi^r Jm.'i- 
dcntal clmigi^jf tttc toul oilIIaj Jim 
«Xoeed«il liOOT.* 'I'bc jrijnry il Hits- 
tainod fi'om liffbtnuii; bcfvns a inuiitb 
Lad tild|wd Jroin tliv rtitiiifval of the 

]*1ti/. fur rrpCLitfl. I>^r<i:lii>n4 hnd ^M'tn 
pTcn by the Committee two imiinthA 
lefurc l»r Uttiuj; one of Sir Win. Snow 

iturrifls UighlAioj; Qmiluctoivt but 
tli« order hod not Wn cun-itid uul- 
Al tliftt Mvon of till' yvar (Jauujuy) 
Till rink itni »u>pccli.^; but Uic i^riTiit 
|iruvi-f] DtbcrvUi-, and uiuy acttc aa n 
cAUtion in ^liuilor und^rlakinjff, to prr>* 
vlilo Cvin|K)rnry ^rtiiiliictot'H ittmii;i: tijc 
proffTi'-u of bniUlin;^ »o inunb rXfmirul 
li> injniy. SJDoa Uiu li^litnini; cuu- 
iiucu>r hui bi^'un fiifd uu daoin-^ bjin 
liiijti'qmfxl, nltlmirjiilt tlii> lij^btnin^ \t»\ 
liccii I'ri7i|uvntlf nvcn to piny uroujid 
tUc ToHcr, nnil lilttu Uar need now be 
fiilt Eur itfl iH(vurjtv, vtiiLt proloototl 
vilb imo of tbo«u tiiiinlc contrivnitccc* 
tJic zvEKTul iiklrodurtion uf wliicli mtu 
tha Uoyal Hnvy Sir Jolia ttitri-uw at 
■U tiims inort ttronf^ly advucali^' 

r fMi of 100/i tna coniribuhd lAwmJi the Moimnifnl by Ibe Corpantlon of 

llirTmitj titmf- AniOaf U-c t^bvcrilKit* vrre, Tlw Uutfti Duwn^tr 'SSA.i Rl. lloa> 
»r Kflbcti EWl IV.( Lord Vttc<>iiiit Meklllf 20/.; Ihc Ctrl of MinCo 10^.- Rt. Uon^ 
Mr iMWcGr^f-am IW. lAi.: RicM lion. Sii i^tor^t Coclthuni MU,-, Atlcn. !%rr Wm. 
PwtfV'JiX't AJiH. W'.W. W. C-if* inj, ll>«.- idm, Sir Hntirfi i^^nfort |0f.; Kr, 
n««. J. W. ITrvWr IW,; t!x^ Karl lluwo 25f.; the E^rl of llaildington JO/. : iFm 

VlmW% oi Nonliainpion lur t<it>; llic Karl af Darhngtiin t^-l (;a|K.tnrJDhn frrinli- 
l^{t|iftiu«b LaiI* (^niiklin)2A/.; ('apt. Ilec<h«y U: UJy Barrow. AOi, " " 
Barr^v Mtf. 1 John Burow, «*q. f.%A. ti^. i Hin Biurow 30;. An;. &<;. 

GdTT-^Av. VouXUlL 


AtivKEniD it» tut PoBLiancB OT GuLLirEB*fl Taavvls. 

MR. MOTTE is noUccrl in NichoU'i 
Literarr AaecUoteB * u an eminent 
bookiteller oppoaite tit. J^unaUD'i 
oburch iQ Flcut Street, and as pnb- 
li«ber (o Swifl and Pope, Ho wn» the 
succeuor of Mr- Bcnjarnin T<>oke;t 
■nd, d^iDfl l^Lareh 12, iTSd, waa ful* 
lowed in Iiis bu^rnesa bj Mr, Cbulcfl 
Bathurst, who ^ublisbed the first col- 
lected edition or Swifl's Work^ e<lited 
by Dr- Hawkeawortli, in eixletm vo- 
lumes, 1768, 

One eveninff, nfler dark, m tlie 
autumn of 1726, (be manuscript copj 
of tbe Travels of Lemuel Gulliver wm 
left br a atrangcr at Mr. Motte'H door. 
At the bcginiijni; (if Kovember the 
book was publisheil, and almost im- 
mediately it was in the hjinds of all 
yrha then indulged in tho luxnrj of 

Thouffb it appeared anonjmoiislj, 
the world was not slow to gucsi iti 
ftutfaorship ; and Swift's literary frEcnds 
in Knslauil, whom he bad receutij tI- 
sited, bastcneil to eongrntuljite him on 
it« success. The letters of Arbuthnnt, 
Pope, and GriLTi written upon this 
occasion, are (ill preserveil, and ore 
gJTcn in the various ctlitions of Swift's 
Works* They all, niore or less, hu- 
moureil his pasAton for playttii^ the 
inojgnito; but Sir Walter Scott ha^ 
i^own that the progress of the work 
had been known to them for many 
months before. 

Dr. Arbuthnot, having recently pnb- 
lished "Tables of Ancient Coins," to 
vhich Swift had subscribed for some 

copies, wrote to him on tTie Bth Kor- 
1736, saying that his book had been 
pHntcd above a month, but he had not 
yet got his subscriberi' names- ''Iwlll 
make over all my profits to you for 
the property of Gutliver's iVftTftkf 
which, I believe, will hare u great ft 
run OS John Bunyoti, GDlliver is ft 
happy man, that, at his a^t*, can wrHu 
such a merry book.** He ailerwardi 
relates that when he last aav tk^ 
Frincess of Wales, "she was reading 
Gulliver, and was just come to the 
passage of the bobbhngprinee;} which 
she laughc<l at. I tell you itecly, the 
part of the projectors is the leMi 
oriiliant^S Lewis! grumbles a little 
at it, and says he wants the Key to it, 
and is daily refining. I suppose he 
will bo able to publish like Barncvelt 
in time/' — Tliis alludes to one Eadrat 
Banievclt, ajtothecary, who had pub- 
lished a Key to Pope's Itnpe of the 

From these expressions it appeon 
tb«t Arbuthnot was well aware of the 
autbnnhip of Gulliver. So was Fopo 
alsci :^ but, eight days later than the 
abov^ tho poet of Twickenham chose 
to write to Swift as if he merely siu> 
peeled it — perbnpn, as Sir Walter Scott 
suggests, bccAuae letters were then not 
aInayH iovJohte at the post-office. 

1 coagntulste yoa first (vritea Pope) 
upon whntjoa caUyoar cousia^t HOodar- 
fal book,* which is pbblicA trita manm at 
prciCDt. and I prophesy will bo hcreofler 
tho admiration of all mea> That coun- 
tenauce with which it it receifcd by some 

• Vol. 1. p. SI3. 

t See in our MsguioB for 3m. 1804, Swift's receipt dated April 14, I70P, for 40/. 

receiTed of Mr. Benjamtn Tooke En niTcnent for the copyright of lh« third part of Sir 
William Teinpk'B Memoin. 

t The prince wsi reprucated in the satire as walking with one high and od« low 
heel, in oLIuiIod to the Frinc« of Wain's supposed TOcillation bfltween the Whigs 
■nd Tories. 

$ " DEcauis (rciinarki Wirbarton) be understood It to be latendsd ■■ a satire on the 
Royal Sodelj." Thla was in tlic Voyage to I>apiilo. 

II EraiDius Levh. 

tf So long before an the 2?lth Sept. 172S, Swift had written to Pope that he was 
IrnnBcribing hia Traveln '*in four parta complete, newly aogmcnUd nnd intended for 
the prcaa, wlitn the world nhnll descrre them, or rather when a printer iball be foued 
brave enough to ventnre hia ears/' 

• Gu1liT<?r'B Trarela were luppoicd to bo introdac«d to tho world by hi» conaEa 
Riohord SjmpsoD, 


Or^ftMot L^trr ^SwifL 


till rr^i bov n«r^ ttu^b mm bokj upon 
lt,tB frlaefTG v^kA bM been h; sbt^ 
iiqcipMi thf* rottui^bi- I b^to never bttn 
» Bf^i In Looilaii »ijue j>m Uft nv, dlV 
kt« Aff U4* *vrr «iiJ, mil ittdocd It bu 

\UA VI eoo^dmblr mmn i^r? vaKTr 

■i» tki I ^<ar of W LM mx M of |ui-aicaUr 

(1 ■■«•• n« f4nobt «f can- 

, e* too4 JMlftucvt \ tke mob of 

raorc to IJuBf tUj n\tj fur lif^nf 
lk«,) #0 tktl ;«a tccded a(>i. to 

Ipit 1lK> «0 MCTVt oil itiii ll»d 

Uocie rrcaited lti4 copy (be t<:f Li nie) fae 
Itrv Btit fnia »bm.^. acr fmoi itboair 
A' W al M bb boon in tkc 4aHi, fron a 
teoflot OMcli. By coftpiiUnB Ui« liiM 
jMmd a «»■ *lUr yoo l«'i Eiiilani ; to, 

It W oA tW nirxt lUy that Gay 
^-'-> to Sirift.anO !ic, eren mort ih*tt 

ti l.i< aulbor»1iip of the boot 

Aboot too dfty* 4C4 « Uwk v»« |iuli- 

iUwJ kmt of ihr Tnv«J« gf I'lir niiLlit«f, 
^bicfc b«o brta Ui« cuiiTrftalidn of Uitj 
vlwb lovB ricr itocc : Uic vbolu laipro< 
•■*« foU lo a vtfk: oad notbtni U more 
4iicrtB)S Ujh U Amot Ibe diflmut opU 
» pooplo ^*« of it, tbouf li All *KrHi 
[ U OUwoolj. TW KCDtroLly B«id 
I Ibo ouibor; hut 1 wo cold 
Llir ilvEoKt h* iou«« not from 

iA tftioo. IVoin lb* b^bcM 

Feb* lovoot It is uniirrrmijr ri^ili Uom 
r caImo*C <oiiD<il 1o ilio natvrry- Voo 

P IM bj ibU ibAl'jUU »0 not OkOfih 

n4 bf Ufiug ttiiiiuMit \i$c tuihiri 9t 
ip^Mie, If yotofe, TOO btvn JUoi>Ug«d 
» w4 l«u *r tlin^of jobf beri frimdi, 

i glt^ng V« '^ i— H hint of it. 1^' 

Bftjr nil tLi« tiKto b< tJkiii|£ ttr )fjii 

~. joo b«io actff MtP) nmJ vbtcb 

IrMiicd IrrAuil ; if ii bive nt'U I 

b«ba4 I h4tv nkJnkiJ be ruOdol 

■mnid h <q 5va( iwlu^ «n J IbM 

L itill unlir wd to kii4 iH to ron. 

gh not TTi difect oominim>ci(ifin 
r rrubliftler, Sfwift Imk) I'rrUlnly 

Vitiut^ «>jij ofthc bix^ before 
eflc-/ btrif«it> On Ihe atwtt 
bj tliftt it «« ivrilUn liv liod ru|>ltaJ 
10 a kiltr Uu^j Mn- lluwurO, iu vLicli 


iliAt }a*Xj tiaiJ iaiimfllol to bini hov 
fulljr iho «fiLrrvii into tli.- ti[>int of tii« 
ficliOM. lie Xoii} brr ibat wli«n li« 
int rcecivoil h«-r JoiL<>r lu; Ib-jtigbt it 
tbo iDMt nrjaci^oiinmhb ono h" Uj^ 

tivcr Kcwti In bU lir^. tijHl tfiut be bid 
ooDUiiueU fi>r fuur it^v at a bM* tot 
bor moAiiiikjc, "ull a IxxrlcKllifr MAt 
who proved » verji good «plainw, 
:Jlbfia)j(b at (bo «ono lime I Uio^bt 

it bud tu be forcetl to j«iid a book of 
c«««<k bttodr^l P«ff>^ ta tiD<3on4ui4 a 

tclCor of flAjr libcv-'" n« iiUo acbo'iKr- 
Uid^Ctt*! fopc'* IcttL-r a(j \hc »jint« day, 
n&d cmolotki hy utyUi^^ *' Lei a>« uid, 
thut If K nvrc (joltjvtfr*»ri']i^iiil [ ixiuld 
dniro nl! my AcquaintaucL* to a'vve out 
tbtt bii oopj irat U»9o1j tnuigTi^ib pud 
ubuH;ii, uud luldfti lOi and llotb^Ll aula 
by Uic ]>rint«7i for »i> to mo it niviac, 
ia die Mcanil vuluiit* |uriicii1arlir/' 

Aud lltitt brinp u* lo the bavines* 
man- Untii^nWy b«fi>f« im. Wv or« 
favoftml hf Artbar Pmrtrn, ^*q- ot 
Nt^icb, wiih tciiic* of fiv* Inten 

vhiob bare neoidi^ntillj como mio hli 

|MuiM#)ioit, idl f*r nrbicb vert addn^Acd 
ici fk'rJaiDLii Molle, Ibe pubJixber of 
GuHivcr't Trarol*, fmir uf ibcbi ;ivoH- 

cdlx bf !&in(U and the clbcr dib(<r by 
bim, or at \m fm«0<tiofi. 'HiU h tliO 
first in urdor of date ood the b«4ul- 
yrritint Very n«aHx menibl«» lb« n»L 
livwrw^, that nmimftatice maj bo 
'I«c|>ljvi7, CbrtHr* Ft*nL twjuiri^ of 
Wood Piuk. ttctr DubliHi* from irh^m 
it profcMTfl tit comi?^ ind witb vhoM 
r^iai ^farmittSs ftr^lvili «i?»ri inlimate 
rriffnd tjf Swift* ami SSr Wah*r Sei>tt 
IcIIb us,t lli^ni'-b it dow ii'jt appear 
upoo vbat uuUiority, tliat it naa ibii 
wrr ^nll'iiiaii nbu bnil tiitiiaig«Kl tko 
dcLvi^rr of iLo mantiicript in Floet- 
Htrwi. \\ IkTilwr iTiHl iff«» Ibtf CAM or not, 
«w find a roDogniiioA of llio comnwii* 
c^iioa mhkh vo an; now hb<iut to pre- 
nent to oor raulora in the Dolt* «»• 

poixjod (o lb# "r-*lli]r fmn Ca|^^lnin 

in Ibt? ycir (7^7/ l6e intoiilion of 

wliKb ffita to mdkv o putilic icuion* 
slUM'^ unuuii tLd alltfriuoiiti ivbicb, 
tbr>ugb Vkc timiiiit^ of tkc puMiibcr, 
bad btva mado ia (Lo aalbor'a maau- 

* inoag Sailt't |"><i»fl >■ ont cM:iilrd " ^l«lla nl Wood F^fk/* inictin ia 172^ 
f LHr, rn Siiilt'« ^Vcvl&.nlit lKi4> toLLp 3'ii. o»(«. fttr. IVd had prctiootif , 

■ iTiM, p«rfora*tJ ■ Mcailir Mii>r< hx Hcrvtly f^^kvifjiug (o U*«4wr tiM priaMv 

rtfl'i "rr«oTho«|bUoiiib«tokofl'u£ik Aflainw" 


Ofiff^ai Leit^n r^Steift* 


iUc lulwjijiicnl J[>t of Kmlii, in whicn 
it in tci-meil " t*I«c axtA *Uly. infJliUy 

t\<ti (by) V'^" ■^'"^ milW/' li liuL 
wJyiiily bLH>u Ln»crU-d utnlct dremlof 

In Uui|ilcr VI. of tlic Vcyairo W liw 
Houylinlinnui, ^hidi *w fwilwl: •'-4 

^ win ffottrufsf h/ n QhfitnaM bi nrittf nt 

ftX|>rcwi(mcffI»i*ilis[iW«uf*:mk>Ution jrtiaiJnU^:'^ 1ml nfhicb in iabtc- 

AChlil- It ifl tlnriv >i|jilr'] thai, "the 
L)i-jtM tmi^iii* twtrw.'d ihe li*3tL *Wr- 
cwr il Ini J»«ti uJiojtmV wJit the ttjpj 
Ut Iha Ijif* Mr. Motlo W th^^ Imiiiln iif 
Wp. tlinrlL-fl Foni;"* U'hiit riaj oc- 

tuitlj sent on thiit ocvasion w-** the 
ytry loiMir now Iwftro lu, whkh iwi- 

t»rnM nAl«i oi' nil it^i^ vni»irinU vrhlf^U 
Swift lijul ob«orvctl In rvn<lin]f over the 
pnnlcd CQpy wJiidi \w UniX rvci*ivr<1 ; 
■ml LEI ivlrhlaoii Ui* Jiurnr iiiiportuit 

mal Kntimcoto lud been |iurv«qi«tV 
nodtflodiOr iuppmsod. in the public 
Letter above mcnliDii^d lit* mUU 

" t do D^ reiBtmbtr tU>t t pvc jrnu 
(l^o iia^n»rj Cwtin f-jrmpaan) |HiiTi-r to 
Mnicnt tb>t uiTthtu^ thould bo omUuU, 
nil miuib leu ihnE aiiylTtirLf itiouid \k ia- 
MEttii I lEwrvrQrv , ■« to tlio litter, I do 
hvTtf lonounoe cnrjthin^ of tlut kinU ; 

PtkuUllj ■ |4rajerft|ib ftboal licr &I4- 
\y Qarcn Aniivor moHt |iiiiuhftiid flo- 
tivu* wnntHnr ; sLUIiotinh I iltd iTT«rcnoif 
and aaUvm bar mor* tboa ftujr of hiiman 
tpoclt*. Uui you, or ycnr itiUfpolilor. 
oii|;ttt la havr contiilnrri], ihat ■■■ It wai 
ucii nij iacEkQitumt M vu iL ntil dfc«Ji1 
to i>n^J» nriy niilnul of our cgtupouCioa 
Uifuic mj iiivLci Uoujb[ib"iPi , And be- 
•litrv, the f«ct W» iltoj^cthrr inUf ; f^r t) 
my ^Doirltfdevt bv^Tiif in ICouUnJ ilnrtsf 
■oim* imn or hvr Mu}<n.ET'ii fviiin. tbo dll 
^*«rn bi n f Ukf MmitUr ; my efflii bf 
t«0 »accn*tifLy, the ttnt wlitrecif vMttitt 
l»rJ of GcHli>1|>hiii, and tbfl MdODcL Uio 
ijffd of Okfurd L v> tbit jou h*v« inatlv 
luc «By fAt iMuy that uut *n-t. Ijibe^tic 
in Iht ai\nti\xi uf Ibt Ac*deiny of Prujdt- 
tor*, a.niT rcTcral pjiuijErt i>f my (ll4cffur«e 
to i"jr i,.4A<' r lii>ii;bnlm(T]. fuuhiTc rkbcr 
omitted tvmi ttiiWri*\ dreuinitiucff. fir 
iriini«il tnd ebaagiM them In tudi * mun' 
mr, iImI I do UnnJlr knnit tn'mti own 
work' Wb«u 1 fomrrfy bintriL to yaa 
wmrEJibif vt ibJB rn a IeLUf, ^uu wrrc 
l-lMHd to ACuvicr, thtt fou wvk ofrtid of 
(jfinc oflrncc i tb*t peoplfl in power won 
T(rf F4l<l>fiU nvpf tbp piw, BArl a|>t nut 
only lu ibUn^fvE.biil lij piim»b I'vcnibtiic 
nhicb lonkM Uktf tii> tnuvult (ns t tUink 
jan mil St)." 

Tu tbat irlVfOt^ no <toub(. vun i\\v 

rv|>ly lo tli^^ letter to Hhieli vri^ now 
]irofu»Hl; but, before bo ilomg,nc louat 
«(iprT<M Liur >DVpicion tlmt iiono uf 1K4 

KJItoT* of Swirl ihotill Iiavc lliou^^ht 
it wortb whil« ;o look fui' Uie piiMft|*o 
tipou QjuccD AtiDc, of >vhioli iivift ox- 

lHwDdlion ^Mi" -'^f^ ^ EnffLnui under 
QBrtBilBJW.- WotrflD^cribcfrooi ttMT 
odilion Af 1T!M tli« wboUr &f tbe iaur- 

polntoil i^MJigd : 

" I loM blu>, Tbni mir Stiii Rnvft*or Or 
Uui^o bATtog no Auibitlou tn (rMtfy, feo 
|acllu*ttoo lo Hliify of cxl«iiIto« b*< 
?owwr W th»InJo^yofL•^NcI(WlOU^i,o^ 
lh« Pffjiulleo of lur own Sobgitft*, v«o 
ibcitruiQ tc f*i from nnf-Uo^ « compt 
MtnlilFy lo Oirry oa or ouvrr an^ ftlnktcT 
Dr^j^np, that She nolooly^irccUherown 
Aorinn< tn tbo UdoJ of her l^«p|#, «*n- 
duci«ih«m by tlie Dircetioo, >nd fcilnlna 
ihctn wllblJi dia Lifai1«ilon nftlii; L«w««f 
lirr own Citintry i but feubutt* th* Boha- 
Tioiir Aud ActH of tbo^p ^be IntnuU vfth 
Ibr AdtEii»iitiailiMi vf Ucr AlTiiri t« tho 
Giamitulioa of lUr ^rvnl ComwH, cad 
lobycti tbcm to th« Peniiltin of thr t^n ; 

tad llifir^iirv nvvar fxiEa hbj^ «ucb Confl. 

denofl 10 10 r of her SafajreU o« lo niiniil 
then wtUi tb« wholo and entire AAnhkl* 
■ention of hfr Alhtn : But I Midtd, th&t 
in fame formor Rcign« bfrr, md ii miny 
oibvi <.-ijunturifnn)pemtw»h1icrc rilim 
^rtv indolent *nd anTl(^ of their uwn 
Annirn Ibnugh * oouAtant Lote ud l^or- 
»nit«f PlffiitifC) tbojr iTLaJ« ua« 4f t*tt «n 
Aiktinitirator, ai I hiA mtntioned. nndrr 
tht Title affini Or rrA^ff J»/i"u Wr of Slaf*, 
thi< 1>r«rri]irioTE of wbirh, h fur U it mAf 
bpoitbctrdni^tonl? from their Actions* but 
fjom ihc Lcrt(tr«, M^moln, nnd Writup 

EubUilied b jrtbtniulvoi.tbf Truth of wbicb 
at not yet bftii iliifmti-il, [nay he ft1lonr«d 
to ht nHfotJoirv, Tint hi; ii ft ponow wildly 
ri^rnpt Truii Joy and Gliaf (irr. «« la Sit 
Wdi«r ^cou* edition, 18^. n, J2A}- 

Anrl now irv bdivo ni> oi'iculon to 
tlolain lh« nrmW longOT IVoin wbnt may 

Lg croniithrixl ibcDeao'aown cx/iaiiiui- 
tiou of tlie Ijcok w oripnnlly prinicd : 

thilitn, Jan, Sy 17Z6. 
Sir.— 1 boniht her; CapC* GutU*«r's 
Travola pubLiah'il by yan, both bcMsaa I 
lioiril muck Ulk a€ [l, uul hc<nM of a 

SwUl^ Woika. edit. iTfitf, iL SS, 

MS5.] aJdrttttd to M« PmUuKtr of GuUir4*^'» TravtU. 


Iwr tlifll ■ frtEttJ of mkiM ti kVfrcUd 
b 1r the Atlhor. E lute reoj thii BmA 
viot o*rr oitk jcriAt C>r«, ■« ircU M 

iwii^ Willi mnay groii cnar* of tlio 

7rtA. «brff«r 1 hive (At JWI » tt4D; 

< [ ^Milcl ind. Hirh tlw C;>>nvfTliciTi« af 
ika M ik« fkUln MOM woi l«u!. and 1 
lipv fOa <nll En«<ft tbtn It joq mikc 

Ihm ftQ aiHra tta|>«4 for Ibe He- 

':ii'd vbca o<hrri akev ihr t*a* ; bul 
-^ Pinfini*^ niatlAc to h«f look* >o 
«tn Hiuk bwJHa tb* FHr|K»*# (hal I cut- 
■ifAink It lo haTr bwn irrilLca ht Ibc 
HM MJhk. t mtk jom ud jour rdfT^di 
«44 oaaiUM tU <ri4 let it hn l«fE odI in 
teiol Bdttkii. Korlt U lOdiilr ffcW 
«lM.iiK« fell <bv WotU knoK* ihdC 

4i Qna> dufwc bor mMc Itel^ ai>- 
wni b* one int Bftiii«l«c or «tW. 
Ufttf iff I AfU t^ A«ihof to ht »r 
«Ibv finn to FblUfy, m' biilecd wry 
IMmUf ta tny Frldcc or MivMcr whAt- 

IWw Cbf»f* 1 '^' T'»' kbov out of 
ptffect g««4 w/a tp ihp AiAlwr liiLit yvur- 
iriL n4 I bop« jvv, vill lo «nilrntu]il 

Cut- Fokh. 

hear Uw Tkoi^, Id 

Inl, TliRv l>o» nmpAUt (the wa nf 
4) I OiM, A dedii-lMs i »o«b>. Noli 

K M. of y« CoouU j 79, •Hvpi to for 
tfriiDd at; KAL bold for boUol; l«>. 
1 1 bad bft i HS, Ltltipol ftir Bit- 


tttt tt P- 1^ llvircTtf I iu«*ir A ibilt i 
SO.tDmd for forvird : 47,ict MtK»tT 
prWpni it*, Donintani hw\ kad ^ Ptt, 

MM bM Uoatw for UftU hi' C^curnfu j 10$, 

Pnln for Pnuot^ 111, &11 Uuniionit for 
•«Hr>l CIdiiAou i U'U, vrcTc cQobl«4, ««ra 
ija«*f*d Ibr •« fukilcd, u* wJianwd- 
lU, tiM fabdowDCics; iA*9pe«90f Han 
lHap«ek»ciif >lFd;HO. ik4f ^uKlJyuKr, 


Vaaacubiwl for Wnmnnkitid ■ iv, Gix»J' 
DM*, fbr IhiM advattaffft ^^* tnin in* 
pfr/ai;f0,tUo DknOTctWafurUicir Di*- 
r^VDriAvs^^-DNthforDoanb; |().Abad« 
htn for Abode ttictr-. 5f»p AirCfor «tt [?J; 
Jl, wril# botli rop«r.(« Uooli t T), 4rCA* 
S4]ttjiK) for aalbeSqu»rei 74, In ih? Book 
fbrln Book»i T7,S«ddlv fbr3«okf ; 7i, iU 
Amhaamion fbi thnr AmhitMdon: 84, 
UolJioi] of Core fur MoIIioJb MCnr^^ ftS, 
diapoto or litem fur diifivac IUpcii; RT. 
Ppminifor iVrwn'i; KS, Tn Uke & MrlcE 
VWw, r. ;iD, Ic (At rvtif Q^fAtf C^d^tfr, 
JWHU f« 4<iM niii«iA a/ tAf J H/AvrV ««•■- 
Hfr q/'JAintjA^. Auf in tnnTHf ploctM f»nt$ 
hit tpfrtiZ v. ^K *** « |>an far i« a 
]^ir(. lOK in the Itoou for IniAth* Koant 
a, AutmXfty tfftomnchat a tatttr Ay*, 
lAit rntttl A4rp tittn tiitfrttl^/W iht vrjrd 
A»i<rit^ff/A4i^v»iTntii*diattfy i/lrr-S 102, 
Anoflston for Alio<M>r ; I U^ Ciclittii for 
fAa^*mti IIP> Apr. ITIl rcr Apr.nnOi 
ll9tA Paiup (or Uo PuMflCi l2Lliad 
ntTcr bcordi 131* UmgutgM, P^bioDi. 
I)rt«t. fop l^oiinji*, Ftathioai of Drwi i 
IJ-l.Enioioafor <Lbotnr( 157, lhc» Klnf- 
flrmiii fur Uium KlnfJotu- 14(1, eldcitC for 
f>UkaL: Un. T)i«r irern too ficv : 1-11, 
tani« for coQiPi to br fotinifi>iVi 1 IJ, ooo- 
Unnlac lor «on(ijiu«^ i£. Turgul fvr f^rrftli 

114, brioii|b£ to me ; 1^. lort af Ptopio 
for ■orlo of Ptopio : 15!^, cioavcr fur oaa> 
*rjr 1 Ii4, petfcimihl for iHrfomcil ^ 'ft- 
trrirvd u& la fgr ncriiroJ aafe a\ 

r*rt 4. P. «, ibtrp polottiand booknt; 
iS. P. a, lane tub llkir on th<v K4Cn. 
ooft Ahj- Tbi* Pvutfc pnixlcd mc fur 
•MDotimc: It BbonJdbc Ii>bg luiL lUir 
DO tMr IJoad*, but now oa their P«on, 
oar; 17,berarcthemforWfor«binL; 31, 
fuw for fmrvdi IV, ttcrtt of mjhMngt 
i'j, OAti, wh«Q for OaU, nbcrc; ^, 
ln»i»ioil flor troftiod, old for wld, ill Ivr 
till: SI, BuuaAt Sor*ant Rar vfftlmt 
Svmiit; f5. roaliog for tolKng ; M, OAoo 
(br offlou J H, one of mj Poritffvl ^ AC, 
Trade it if ; rA. Cttkd ■ Queen : tiO. MtXA 
of vliLoli for Poictu t^Uohi r>5, For thoM 
Uc«uii«fo'Fof IMtflUeMPcu; i^lJhtviv* 
anotbcr Kiad forllJteirii« » Kind ; t;?, Sm' 
I^M«— 1« then no mnition oTLaod ficbct i 
6V. mjr Hoof f<c lit Hoof. P. (i», eo< 
iiHtd*tb«<ii^ &c^ auaifntlf utoatbarb^ 
mialr ounu|4wIp full of riilm— Ci, C«al 
Vord*. ftnil SofUhInc* ufiiRrorthj tbv Die- 
uitf , Spirit, Candour, and FVuilcTJiiit of 
t^a Auibof. Dj tliAE iblaiinblo Inrionca 

f A ^Micpb bad bcou ostltUiTp wbicl »» tupplM to Ibe folloirliig cdilioUi 

i ttmwA uawr l^o fiMMc^t '^i^'b 4lE tided i^ tbo triaJ of Attorbuf y, vcrvaflir- 

f tavod vfedtfr T}n! vo«d« "-II, AjfCBiblj of «ofno«l-ot « bttcr Ago'* ir*r* 
1 to *■ a Kuodcru Rqimeotfltvc." 


Or^wt Leittrt ttfStt^J^t 


of Iba Oow it k pliin tda Sitjr » d** 
■ifii«4 agvlnfl tbo r»if»*iuii ia EDa«ml, 
tm not oulj snliivl All«r»«y* af^ m ilt^r 

OBijbl ia JuiliQ* to rvstor* thKH« tvalie 
pt|ei to the mc lUttdiDK-* K ^> ftnA 
CWTfntHce* fur or OHiTcalrnirn; H6j 
opcnlei aonlr»rr : ii. tho oqo ; e^, U 
nntt bft (aMor p<Htcrior 1o BDawr kt 

Hi3l«riw >ii|i(tior, i*9rt v/ y. J^ «W HI 
/«/## ditrf «iJ^. in/tHilty nW '4* «ak« 
^h/W, 93, at iati Af am Act tj /lubai- 

uaott <b« Auibor t« not ulklag of Great 
McsitfQtor McD btgbtj born. 1 beliet* 
(t >houlJ hn (/ a iVt'A/f niftk. or f mihtf 

AfirmHDM «n it V. 09. cnlighUiu^ fee 
cblftTfod ; 109. produced in them Uw «um 
«fl«eii I f^ ttMa uTwlf, it «l9Ql4 W. 
ThI* I h4te >tau« oftan kuovo to b4vt 
been Ukm «Uh «Dc«rMi ilz, v^ili tte 

Vtoi«lM ■* fiatoBlyt ill, imott tlu Uil 

Arllda; fA- ^r <oiiId iW Wmnu for 
Qw did Eke 8«r»ttt*, «<mUI «atluA» i \^\ , 
SaEvtdb iboul Ibr Mirob ftboat i 1?T. b*- 
fera Mm one & lAft, li«rd, ud iti>nr fi^r 
b«nl «<i>Aji iJ^fWere LmtfrilifeUlf forftr* 
jffimdUt«ljj 133. Ooo« Of Ut Doom 

nndi IS*, oldoflM for elder; 138, Mta ^jy 
for Mrmof)* • I'K 4ctrr*l ctf ii <J l» 
ocrL^tn cuiNrvdi III, cut thdr lor o«U 
tbeiri 14A, Room to ba uiaiIa for m« i 
U6,Oftb«»1 bh4« for Of ihM* tabft 
iMdoj Ur, Hpkuitfk for HplautUil 
t4?, fof Ikv TbuuikU r. Ihdr Tbo«ctaU* 
and fur tbvir Dltooimt t. lb* IhMouiM i 
US, Bj FhcDdt, mJ lajr CouLtwymen for 

Illy PfW^bdi, ujr CountTjnifD i lfr«, 'ft 

UDbUanil i i^, bKBiD« for b*d btcom*; 
IM, Mi|>Uti9U f«r TraipuUoa ; l9St,l« 
■o«ift ivodrni in U moSt^tU. Disoavavj 
brDiMOT«rjai IW.t Dokv for tfijD*- 
>iroi l)6,nay<oogw> tofpiixwmm 

About > tvTvlv«i»ui]th aUfT (be fini 
a|ipoftrancs of GuUivar, it Ajip**r« to 
wt ofcunixl to Ur. Moii« ihal, ttl* 
tlKKigb tbc book had drcudr Gii)aj«d » 
Urg« mIo, it ttiglit b* otiU Hirtb«r pro* 
iDQMd irit wfTo flliutnitcd by '■esl*.'* 
B«4bra tfaU Ume 8wifl bad fullj m< 
knoirJodfcd |]iq Aullii>nibiis ttiil !■• 
rqilied to Mr, Motto in Ibu folbnr* 
ing long and TCI7 inknntiDj UUmi 

lHUi»,, 1721. i 

^,—i b*4 j«*r« of Xhn It;" from Mr. 

Ujdfiif uid deitrethMlMtwilOfib j oa «iU 

* A PFA hat bfro Ar«*ni Ihroflfh thl* fAtw^, but Cbe nlLoi't nquHt «b «Aer- 
wirdi rUlfillfd. l\v principal ipAbcvcIo pAnun to vrbir^ Swift oOjcicIihI «rcrv m 
follov* i " I *iid iHbI itictK vbo mjilw profcMiaa firiT Ihli Sdmre vrrro rmMllvgt^ 
inuklplifJ. being a3i^oac c^iuI to the Cutprpilldn U NtiAbtri UiM fbrr *«* of 
dttvrtfi Dfp«««, DIaUnEliona and DmcimnitiDnj. The N itiDcrooiucM of IboBC ibBt 
dtdicitfld iboDMlim to llw |^rr»lim «crr (fi^> inrh thU lb« fair and Juiilflablc 
Advanlof^ ««d Inr^cno of dt« Profruion «u {He) not uiffioi^fnt f6t the rfMBbt ■»! 
hinduoM Miimtnttioc of UaEatttdH of l!jok« who foUnwnl Li. Hvnce It casn t* 
piM tliM H KU fouitJ flndful (o luj'irtf lliftt b* Artirttc iiE»<i Cujiji1iii|, wblch coald 
not br piooiirtd by just finil b«nnl Urlbodq : Tbfl bctl^r to briiic «1iii:h tb«it. *ffl7 
naar Bi«ii aoioin; of vrr« [brrd up frnm ihrlr Yooih » Ib4 Art of prcrlpr bjr Worib 
faaltipHrd iat lh« Purpoae ih^t trAi/f im BJeak, nd lUflrA ia irAfl^. •fcordbij; «• lli*^ 
arrpaid,) Tb« OmifMu <tt lUie Mf^m AtMr^iHW and tfap Boldftort oftlicir Prrr«*- 
aioEr* gnmcct ii|>tni the Orteton nf tfa? ViIcbt, wbum in a mmiKT tbfy m»dn !>1it«4 of, 
( r^H ir4* 4 dJaffo* 1^ BtP^* m9tt mfmutt dffJjirstion. 1'^ Tliia Stwir-ly ail eLm mt 
of the pMple orp >1vv««i] and fOl into tla«ir HaihI* mui:^ ihe l*rgo4 54ian of tbc 
iWtira vf tbtfir Prvrrjwtm. Tlioe PiActitiuncn niv bf Mc(l nt ftUatrmroent ctlhtd 
Ftiiifopprrn, (Ujtl ti. t>i/bvB<ff/«, or nlW, /Jwlmrrv ^lUftity W rt «iit m; ill 
Itap M wtll u (be Misforliino vf rn^ inflcnoff Acqaafntanca to ba anfifrd onTf wtib 
tUa 8| K d « * uf ik' ProffMlott, 1 d^virnl hj> lloHOvr t» uuderriAod llie DA^rJpiif^n I 
bid 10 gira, and th« Ruin t bod conipUisfd of to relila to tbt« Scccmf* onfr, oait 
haw M bj *bal mtaai tbi Mbfoctouai wr mrc irtth wit bmj^t opon or bf lh«t 
||ani(«mont of 1br» Bklu. might hit more ouAlf coiiAaivnl bv «ipUtnlif lo hba tbtir 
ilttbod of Prooctding, vbieh rvnld not bo boitfr dovn (df) than kj giving bbn bm 

"Mr Neighbour, lud 1, 1 «iIJ auppoie, hu a mind lo mj f>?v,Wh]Taioiwof ifcvaa 
AdvnotCri to prove," 9tc. 

Kow, ill* unl^ pDtiivn of Ikia tb«l unit ivomIdo «u that «o bna l>adTcflt«il bf f )• 

t Erucd. In the nnt vdltion ll «ai tltnml t»'*ati 4ft|)cdiflat aUWd MiAet<f 

t Jt«orvd vid«r. Im tbU pUc* (ha vordb ^'Do Mooiaruoa uasb of m Qraat Man " 
vB-rcaltctad ^ anbacqnent rdition* bito " Iba Iraa oiarta «f MiUa blood/' 

I '* Mf boohMllR, Mr. Uodoi b| bj tvaonmrodaiira, daiU vMk hir. Hyde ; " 
tetUr of Swift dat«4 in Jan. 17^8*9, «b«n llyda «a« rtomtl^ dead. " U« na an 

Ibe rstvn 


rikr t fortihidit Bid tbcQ rrtornTil wttb 
MR ftnl^t^J. lint I «m In la Ul vif to 

Mi^ Af to b««bc CaU In Cqlliivr** 
■i*a T"*i ^11 coBAfttr hov vvdi It 
■■ nlM dw friM ef tba Booh r Tbt 
Mtt flttOH il vHf «lUi t!i«t book at 

htf 1 nppb* wiU uot Ih- iiHM v«m out. 
Ik p«fft of tlic tiittf inm «it] bnr cot* 
NHh bttfrr ihBa ihit of Ite cnat. I 
bmHt IW book hj mr. bat «<| «pnh 
hsfsor; :— 4liiiiv«r «n U* ««rruf« to 

II IWMlfMMi IbrtrfOwbMdrinnf 

4rtltf«T^bl*. HUtMatfoponcorbb 

tertifp sbca b« la fvipncit lo bk bD«*<^ 

Mitevlof lb FkM. Hkft troop C|>on 

to l t »Jfc t c t htrf- 'rw AmiT iDuxbitiff 

tomn U« Lf«m. Uk IUa iravm bj H 

knuL SoDM of ibM* Mtn Uko tttnt to 

b« wfgaiintoJ, and pfilwjd two 4ilrtn- 

taH mr t>c Miaictiiihia put ia OTm l^tnL 

It I* dflmk to dc aor thiitc im lliii frral 

laa, hrcauf Onlnt^ ioiLm tn ibiirina- 

Utv t Ann. mhI W It but out 4a lUt 

vtol* lUagdani. Aimnif •vine C«t« I 

bo«cfat la Loudon, bo U ibovn tobm oal 

of Ite Bool of Cre«M. bm tbo h«nd ibal 

KoU* Um bUv (ho vtiofe bodj. He 

voolil ipprv Hoat W^C*^ lu die marrov 

bono op t« rha«k4die, f»r mtbeldovlMT'" 

MIDI o^oo t^ roef , u Jrft dbdii the fij(« 

•oi tbe hiotmm tm tke Udd«r foiii| Ui 

tUaif or d|htiBBttlUi lliaR«tiOi] 
tba kmv'i bo£ or U tkn Sfmoiol'n 
MiBlk, vUcb bdiig kletciibol lu n amjli 
dap W M^bt Uok u Urffl ■■ ■ T>*ik in 
ooff of oori. Oio of He be^t nronld ] 

umk be to OM bii Cteit )iiM fallli3i( Into 

tte 8ei, vhilii thrca Bafls ur oaarrellin; 
viih oa« nooiWr. Ov the lfook«j h«lti]^ 
litni out of bl# bm. Mr- WhIdi. tbo 
PninEfr,* who drivra L«ni|icjpf «nH Hnrifo, 
told Mr. Po|i« tnd ue tbac tho GrvT«r« 

dM irrofrf- In ii4l nnkiuj^ tlic Lt^ fi-'IVi 

baro vomochinf (font^ uwt cnomioaa in 
tboir •bajiRt, for *o (Irvwn bjlhoM ^Tcn 
lh*y Inok only Kk* r&tnnion human pr^- 
lure*. Gitll&Ttr, btinf tloM nd m VU^ 
caainat nuke ihc ojumot tfpoar. Tbe 
Flyinc Iilood vtfbt be dmoD nt Urffc, u 
clc*oribfd tn tbo Booki and Oullivor dr«ir> 
lEif up into iltOnd •oste I«ll4iir* «rith Fljtp- 

fcrn. I know not ohai to do vicli iho 
rojtolor*. nor «hat llgfttc tLe l»Uud of 
CihokU vahII iiwks, or «iii* pui^e* n- 
lifcd in it. l;emi« I do not wpU nmeu' 
her If, Tilt Cooiiirr of l|or«ca 1 tUnk 
vould hmUh many. fluTlItar broocbt to 
ht cooipiffd vith tbf Vihoo- The ttrnfly 

at dmB'fr, ijvj |,p *inma>t. Tit? [jrniiJ 
Cuui^cU »r MoncB a»cmb]<d littiajf, and 
oneorihcm OATiiiioir niib ahnof oiitndrd 

» if It4 w«r« ivMliinf. IIlp Sbo-V^boO 

f mSndnf GulUver b lb* lUrcr, wbo tunu 
nway bia bcod tn dugmt, Thtf Taboo* 
cet into * Trffo ft* Infcrt 1>itn unJer it, 
'Hio Yalioot Jrqirinjc CorHacr^ und dnvvn 
Inr a iIof>c *ilb m "hip tn UJv Uuuf. 1 eaa 
uitnk of fto morci But Mr. Gay «tll id- 
ifi« yoo and cairy too to Mr. VoitODv 
»d^*Oiiir atTior ikillml poopli^f- 

\m to tbe )H^(Ical lotiimra of MlKvl- 
Uay I tKli?T« hTc jitrts tn m nt Iciit iro 
mine. Our two /rtriiiJ4,t you know, bave 
prui1«d lh«ir worka alMady, onrl w« oould 
U|iwt DOlbiuf bal Alubt' looae ^«|»«r«, 
T^rc U aU ibc I'ocUy I tvor vrlt voith 
prinling. Mr. pMt rejected iooM I taut 
kiin, for 1 dHlrtd blot to bo oariro oa 
potoiblo; aod I will Okv b^ Judffeaebt. 

■i bDobMllcr t£ DubliD, «f UW good cbunavr/' (Note ia 6oolt'a Birill, 

* Jnbo WMUn. ob. 1705. 

f 1 1 w«i«ld be fftrifva to hh bovr to SvHft'fl own xatgvMiona for Qluttrntloaa wtn 
kOmmtdt whkb vehaw not prtaont mtmaa for juovrtoininit t dot do «e know irim 
Ibt trU iltaitraloJ oAliOB o-ii pabUibod. h'o doubt noarli all Uic aub^oet* bo nimai 
fcnw bnm drnra awr anil orrr agitin i aod IWir tufidanta^ U may bn aofipnand. uo laA 
oilh«it iMr fdctBfi^ rrprMcntalWD l« tbe Trfocb odltiao, IlLoalntad with mon than 
440 wod-eufniofaffa fraa daalgiuby Gnud>iU«, of vMoh au Bu|Lll«h InprtMlon vina 
■AEhI by Ibe Ule w. C. IVrlor, LllD. Tbc or^tinl edition of U2€ bad a frouti*- 
piaae porlnit of " C-aplaiA l^mnrt («ul!ir<r. of Rr^rilf. ,4£t4t. tu» 2A." Sftiri t, 
Sh t fp mrd S<. (H4lf-lcD(th, Cbn!c-^4uut<n fhcK.) U^j- U onylblac kiuiwn 4f tbobiitury 
ofttvplato? ifra> It ttiffrtnd on pqfpcH far the book? ar wa« it a real portrait, 
toiiiuUil to the kookarllFr'a fmrpuM } Tbc viilumt baa alto aU o(b«r plaloa, fire tvf 
(Isu&aiiry) iui|t* *»d ilb< sitlh nf iHa fnmo nnnrhining fhp vncibnUry of liipnfa. 

Jftip* ud 0»y» Sir W*|l«- S«>« (lfla4, L .14?) apoika af " th« c;plivrof Uia ftr* 
fHwila, owfaii Va\'v lod Salft, vblch Ibvome'^ciI oh d" tiUe-pa^iea of Clw tcvctoJ 
Tofi^« «r IW Mbacollaay. TIlq c^pbfti of i^it diy irv aon lonievbat difficult to 
dacjyiw. lu IbU io ^colic^ wv nu Qiak« out J, S, hud klto A. P> but th« P. ii a 

abaUlliEreMl Oa«- Tba kCtcr G. ia mucb okure ciidcnl, uad irc may thcrtJoce cvu- 
, ibat «c ou^t rin lo md J, Q, for John Oay. 


Original Letitr$ of Swifts 


II0 Mrit to me tliat bn hittadeil a pleuaat 
ducoures on the sabJAct of Poctrj shcmtd 
be priDt«d before Che Votame, aad ttjt 
tlut diiCOUT*© ie ready.* (TAf botltm qf 
thelttterhat hert bt€n ctU iff: overl^are 
ihae imei.) , . . not have let meiafftr for 
toy modestj, when 1 expected he would 
hive done better. 0(hen arc more pia- 
dent and c^onot be bLamed- 1 am u 
irearj witb writing aa 1 fear jou will be 
with reading, 1 am jr, fic. 

{The tiputun haw Ahji cat qf.) 
Mr. BeQJamin Motte, 
Bookseller, at Ibe Middle 
Temple gate in Fleet Street, 

Thtt next letter refers to the same 
volume of " Mtfoellonres :" 

JhtbUn,!^/,, 1727-8. 

Sib, — Mr Jackaaa, wba girei you ibia, 
^a to London upon aome BuHinea«; he 
u a perfect Straofer, and will hBTe need 
of those good Offices that Strangers want; 
he is an honest, worthy Ctergyman, and 
friend of mincTt 1 therefore deiirfl you 
wilt give him what Miistaace and informa- 
tion you can. 

1 havE been looking over my Papera to 
■ee if anything coald be [found tJ fit to 
add to that volame, but jfreat nmnbera of 
my [plecc4 have been ao mial^d] by cer- 
tain AccidenUp that I can [only furnish 
those which are] here Inclosed, two of 
which Mr. Pope already [baa rcJBctrd,5] 

beeauae thoy ware trandlatjona, which in- 
deed they are not, and therefore 1 aappoae 
he did not approre them ; and in ioch a 
case i would by do means hare them 
pnnted: becauae that' would be a trick 
fitter for thne who have no regard bat to 

1 wrotfl to you a long letter come tinK 
agOf wherein 1 hirly told yoa how that 
affair stood, and likewiaa gave yoa my 
opinion aa wflU aa I was able, and ai jon 
desired, with relation to GoUiver- 

I have bean tbeaa ten weeki oonAned 
by iny old diaordcra of Deafaeaa and gid- 
dynest by two or three rei^Hv«i ^oiifh I 
have got a remedy which cured Bke Cwka, 
but obliges me to avoyd all cold. If 1 
have any confirmed healtht 1 may probatdy 
be LU London by the end of SummeTi whca 
I aball aettle mattera relating to thoao Pa- 
ptn thet 1 hate formerly apoke to yoa 
abont, and aome of which you have aottiL 

I hope you {iA4 p^ptr dtcoftd) my 
service to Mr- and ( ), 

Your Tery huoible Scrvt 

J, S, 

I send you Likewise a tittle trifle for a 
prose Tolume, which B"> || printedj bnt you 
conld not find a copy. 

The incloa«d veraas must be abvwn to 
Mr. Pope and Mr. Gay^and uot pnblidwd 
without their approbation- 

The two other letters will be given 
in our next MagaziDC. 

' " IJEPI 11A0OT3 : or, Martinua Scrlblerua Lis Trcatiae of the Art of Sinking in 
Poetry.'* Tlua forma 9i pagca, or the whole prose portion, of the volume of Mlacet- 
laniea published by B, Mottcin 1727: and the book is made up with 3H pagoi of poetry, 

t No duubt the R«t- John Jackson, Vicar of Sanlry, whoac name ia freqncntly men- 
tioned in Swift'a correBpondencfc The Daan made KTcral nnaucccssful attempta to 
obtain additional preferment for him \ and Left him in his will all hia honei and borae- 

X The letter having been rendered imperfect by injnry, the l/icvmte are supplied from 
the senae of the context, 

$ TbB firtt " Miscellany" appeared in 1700. Otbcra followed in 171.1 (aecond 
edition publiahed by John Moq:rhew) ; in 1T2T, called in its title "The Last Vc^umCt" 
published by Benj. Mottc; in 173^ "'Hie Tbird VoLume," publialud by Benj. Motte 
and LawtOQ Gilliver ; and in 1735, " Miacellanies in Prose and Veme. Volume the 
i^flb. Which, with the other Volumes already publiahed in England, compLeats thia 
Author'! Works. Charles Davis." There were probably other cditiona. 

II Perhaps Benjamin Tooke : or possibly Benjamin Mode himself, for this letter ii 
not directed, though found with the ochcn addreased tu that bookseller- 



m^i a* Mintf tf liBNl«i,B0« LIaob, haldvn la Aafawij hf ttft man «r kacfinff «M 
Tms Con »t0TS3iHriiN SKnrAttiKT vmw rut VATi«A)ir. 

^ rifiw a Mrin of Mtkln »pMrH in 
ht BiMern* ervor*. 4«<miU. <iaj iaCor- 

■Mpuof oar pcfalirediriflD* wereu- 
bNM Biid • tXrva^ tpipmX vw tnad« to 
^ ttiilv«««tU«a uxl nbgiaut ■oeiriEM, lo 
JtMri oo-opcnU In n rrforuL. l^o ft* 
«|| vvii Ul« hoHunltlfl aad CBC<tld ad- 
^mam of Dc«n Gfti»n>Td --^^ It Upiwoi, 
Mtapt not nadi lo iW civAl of ntrrad 
IBnin cilbtr is Bof InA or oD Ibfl C4S- 
iuM, that no ftlvoDfit hn> bwa nud«, 
» «BT ffwt eitfftt at luMj to mk\t • 
iriltoM roifiitoo of tbit trnoortam tmivo. 
ittwulii dio iBih VOqU Ifo 10 aitrvmrljr 
AflcaU OM^ iMl ■ pcrftci vort could 
hflilr be cEMKd trim Utt libo«n of a 
iufit iodJriiiBl, itill >t la Id bo tuovntod 
" aolkllokulMViiAcnia." Uadcrtlui 
•BKlMfitT, I Ht \t wT ilair ID MOtr- 
If pMule, tlutve eitrme AHkul- 
ttM, to 4ieov«rvb4i bftd btao aln^ij 
aiUiPijJ, *o4 poinl out vhat contd be 
fc wft or rfledoi. For thfa c&il, I «uc* 
im4ai, 4fl«r bom d#ltf , in procurtaf a 
oofT of lb« or%faiil Roaon odilion of 
IM6, mm winch all oor vodcro vditiooi 
jt^Btm to be fbatded. I ibo obuioed 
Hweoiiwi of Hie CoaplaltiubB Uic, bj 

Mooring tfa« AnCvBfp Palj|lot of U72. 
Bj eovparioc IkoM miou, taf«ther « Itb 
tbe Faru repfttt tf Uorloni, 16/4, run. 
tho feaCCO of NobiliDf, orifitiAllj 
is Ifttt H ■ ■MfvlORiffnt ta iKc 
■dlltavi f baTOBwuUioed tbc r»l- 
bwinc inportiat fa«U : — 
fmt. uot tbo CottploteiMaMi vdiion 

IkBfc glvcaa oMnplctO tftd oonUnnDu* uitt 
<f tbc SeptnafUt, oonoopooinnjc chanUr 
bf dbwfirr, *««■• bf tm«, «iib ibo Uo- 

bHw oritiaal.rr#*f(«iathf^ dffoeCt. irina- 
poiltiou, aftd InUrpoUtiooA of our proacol 

PorjiMMtlj, tLai iLe Romaa rdtt»n bar« 
«ttacbt4 flOM to 9f*ry Atftcr, icknov- 
bd|lni tbc cnon *Dd 4cUfU of (h« Vk- 
lidniMB. o* vtueb Ihdr otru crlMon it frc^jMntlTRMruf to Uicliorn' 
|ill<oiMtoa . «a foraiabwf lliA ohhiia and 
nMerlrfi for amoodtof ud comeclog tb« 

Thjnirf > tbal ibcn aotaa. i|)pendeil td 
rvh chipter of tlio fb^mau <dtdon of 1 Adda 
aro tbc IdoatKal not», or lobolta, sblcb 
>ro rrintsd to^tbfr at ih« rod of Ro^tr 
Dnul'a ScpCdBfiat, Lon J- 1C53, i^a «b4th 
E bid vrrooioiMlj aacribcd to BUhop 

Tbc**. Mr, Urb«D, ■« trrj impnrtvit 
diiGl«aarfa, for lUtj not onlj tbov htm 
much hai bocm alreadj don«fartba r«tAf« 
ficubn of itiit roofuatoo wh\6t pomdat 
tbfr 8cBtBi«iai*l HSS„ btU dM5 cJwr EW 
Coniplatinolni from tbooo coluoinfa* Ofi4 
aii^enioa* which hato bfvn fto pUnrlfoUy 
faoi|ie[] on itA ortitore. ThtJ fviiuo tbo 
truK wbiclL ili4 Rdtasn tdltvn plaofd 4b 
tbelrpradeonaon.uid the liUlo oooCdoftco 
tbsTplacod OH Ourir ovo MS. Bat tUli 
cofiohivion la atill mitrit iiow^tf uUt bronght 
onl, vh«rMT>rthc7 ^Icfriid t)idr 9wo reod- 
lu(Ev iCatiut UiOM of ibo CooiiituCoarfu. 
Thi« tbffj iBvarioblr do. on lbs noood 
that Lbdr raodinc b cboD moro bi «lllu» 
-Lth di<< H«br«w. "A'wrtfiaHtft'rto"— 
It tb«ir c»<:aaianal fccowcion af^uoat Iho 
Complalcnaiu edilora— tbo T*rj aoeiua* 
tioo irblcb haa hc»r orfisl lofirotcthat 
thcj UQipntd vvth ihrii own MSS. [ I 
LfUBl, Ibat iR ibAU Lcr(c*rU( li«4f nn mi^ro 
of lljetv cahmotca ■^abuE Ximcooi ud 

o nmi um isiagm mnmt pan aiuva tIb 
BiiMtiL*. c4 Quulaoi aat «» IDA lUor* bcul 

1^0 tnitb U tbia — and U oufht otnr lo 
le pnblidf aclinofftedcod*— tbil tb« Com* 
f1uuin«ii,ii fomlaba ni "ftb rho mlo 
•Undard for uraoffing iW teit of lb* Sffp- 
taa^mt: tad ibit ihif Vitl'aii loxi, cvfo 
b^ tbfl fOofMBum 'tf Ht ovn rditoiv, lo 
faoltj, imperfocU and Ecteri>olDicd. It i> 
fnnU^, b«L>c, in EiuiabDilcH \nttnnot9, 
tbcT ovn the <oiitiri ont; of the Comph* 
tanuiA mdinga. h ia iippirfect, hecaoaA 
ita loo^ and «oanp1iaa£«d tnoapoaitloM ood 

fa froqvnt licwHt k«7 he mIMcd ud 

ELlrd up by ihaE loiL It it interpolftivl, 
fnr H contain* long jpAitiitM* wbkh VO 
iLOt to be foiiud to mn ori|eiiuL To gfro 
GotyoikooKaaiplt. tnUuluublcvorij^uiVr 
baUb u. 6, r , it aoTAtitotoa the vtaenblo 
iatcrpotiUifn Mi^dKj|( JliiA^K' »«rX'^'<t 
fbr tbc nitflinic hteriplians of iW €«a- 

• Bee HTtlonltriT 3 Klnsi, cbapUre Ui. and til. 
Gun. MA«.Vot.XL1IK ^ 


Corr*tjtoHdnc« ^Sylvanut (/rban. 


wttk^md by itu antied intborlir of the 
AldtiM and AlenadiiiB. hj mmj nrlj 
PMl«n, and ttmwroiu M Sft, 114i1««aiu 

JUr MliDc»Ud«d br Ut Roun oAUm. 
In * lont uid uTned KboUom^ Ihougli 
tiM a}^ Ad to b 017 of mr isdMoiu df »<? 
LXX tfftM Ihe ^m of Boi^IkU U, • 

Th< imnvUoh tba Vb1|«m i«kI hu 
iaffiabdM WlbIM h\vNtnnt)mtcan4fy 
badHoribftd. hbMdib«Mdud(li^»d«d 
Utt Vtnion In Dm fipi oTlbMlofky ftn- 
dcnUh It bu Imfalred the baantj aod 
dfaBtoklied ih« v«]op of tfes pndf ivd f lof? 
orUiaEWlitbPrTta. BUiop Wdtoa hM 

lifM< ftnd dbloMbniu, itik bj aide viUi 
te Bcfavv. Tbe Btodnt 6ndi binaaelf 
lawlTvd iB iuKlflMUa oonfMtM, vh«D 
b« ttntBitt to «ein|«r« tbo wrdon ttUh 
Um <r%faaL tn tbc ooccladlng dnfiCcn 
ol Em4v, thtoaghnt tbc pm'^ r*'* 
oftfatUtdboolcor KJDfK ia nu^ p«rti 
of tht mnndCbnmidmalff Prvrsrov, a&iI 

tbi gm/tm p«fftkii of Jorambb. it n bMt 
rtpnacotei^ Uic «1d wmnnj AiVtf^ 
Mfftr •• jft op. up, ip— amr w pi ile*n. don. 

fwva. rv«*J> mvJ^ 

T^ titmnt ifl *onr*mftf Toor p«l|eikf4 
WMtId £tiX Mr- t rUiTi, tr t Hffv t> t«eoiElit 
ai«Ei 1 rnctlou uf lij dUirrt^jqjicIrt. TTms 

BQC cvafUMCb Lu been cirrWil ialu Ihif 
blU rdnlotU Hinon of Dr, Lm.- 

•UUd H nil VpOlOEV fuF tlllfl dfaOfdw, 

II k** lurwd lk« Ccltfion of HoIbm 
wd fuvou Into d Cr««u M>tkub. ii 
hu brougbi 3fmta on odiion md tebop 
lar«, bopaUM « brlukaf Ifae Gmfe *cr- 
livn iotio any tobuMb •oeordaao* *ltb 
ibo orifittAl. Tbeft l« noc ■ »d»aUr in 
Bofll*nd M on tbe Continent wba ««• 
fcfltH, cbM all thU ini«cki«r bad viaao 
from oar rwUnc nttd vUdt^ Ibe Vadwn 
lOit ararl Ann ibo wmamCvaant ama «or- 
nailiopa of tba Valkui tditon t 

Tbc rcnlti df CbU d1tdiH«n viU bo 
fMr|j>u» util imporlnnU It wiU bn«fa 
dgirn the aupriflucT of lb« Valkaa text. 
ind inducQ ii far bdaw tbe Comthilau 
■iao, a« a ^ma^ aUiadvd. W* iUl 
no« cAtinato It al lu proptf «ro^ ud «d 
aothing iDijrr. It la m 6tft o omdiucd 
md bi«vrivUtff<i MJL Th«<#diion enndMa 
ihU (iwT oftei d«|>art hwn lb rrt^lnpi 
It voDti Dcarli tbc *b»bi of Gvnvb nid 
ibi>«t ooo-tbknt of tbc PbUoii. Wbon 
ito Modbnca are rDoipnrcd «i(h tbf Cooi- 
u1aI«dBB» tbvr ™ icoiccbUi b« fo«ad 
tnfvriuTi Inatcad of •■ppbiof ita deftou 
«ith|attbMortbeAknuiJtMO> m oblU 
n»« avtll auradna 0I Uw nola* ol K* 
own odtton, In Iboir oppoil to tbt Com- 

SlonilHL VbcDlbtrewtinnoribo AU 
t nnd Alciandriui moito wTu tbol t«t1. 
ttt «Mi KCi'OTaJljr bfcr tbit tic VoIjub 
U fai BfTor* UeucofMrlli llic r*ii>rm ^t tbo 

Scfttuvlat m«niieQcai la good cnnurt. 
Tb« nifldHi'* vvLd i« bmoa. W« vt 

00 Icnaw ondar tb« fptll of 1^ Aval 

iotcrdioE. - tf foto «U«ryto»if, ffete 
Am iHMfro M«tfHoi« B w v j rti n i w w Ml* 
iM»tr4f jrte fM Omm i^ mti*, Naf*r«B» 
f«c JfMfoioriiM iVf H, ti PmH Jii^M 
Tbc cdJEun «! lb* 

* tn ow*R|»enf« of lUa dbcfirrrr, J beg bne to r<caU tbc doubt vLiob 1 baft 
hi4«>ttlo«ilT tjpm^l «n«Thlug tbi* *xiit«Boe gf tUi patMca U tko *on4aa af Ibo 
LXX, «» '^o/o^ >r Ur tfq^DopiHi/' |k. n.— Bat Itt omwion «oi donbtivo 
«mn anddrfrcia of Ibo LXX. M8S. UOOi from ibo 

m; cnrij- Til* _ _. _... 

liiior>ac« «ft4 dbuMOf Ibc Btibftw Utt bi Ik-i primilitii (^hutdi.^Nn TtnlM ia 1 

~' ' e* cnmtot U icoted bf iba orifin^, 

TWba for tn T ow p a iri iai m ibc nfiiUont of iLc V«tln» MS, ai nahl- 
b rL^^rn luvflL and ttvx. ti ^ Kbc*. I ^-K Ibcin M Wf«n, in tb« 
bDgn*g«^f WifUlmu. AUwI. (^. ixiim: .MiW fif comMM M flv^ UitU- »r, 1, S 

LV, lOi rw«iu oMiffinkftfr rv. It cf | J, i«^'«Hf*|«r f»- U. H^ #1 1^. #J por/# 

*, IVt a. «, iniit aoir*! Oil np. mtL t». !•, Itf, IJ, l», JS. *u fitffmr 

VM frvatri •J e^. ntni, ■. ^. |. 44 ^^ frt,.,fttHt. ^, i.y^Ui^ 

m, r^fna od m^. iiittll. 0. *, looifMi vd cv> "^ '■ 'V. Ov- 

Wm fKtttttt avf cwmrmii, i'anatjjn' 4mm >«rAo or c^. uitUL w, 

• nil 31 ■•ffof. /adc frMitf ad c^. kti». ». ^ mar oanil vombM/ 

< 41. :n -IS, ^, :i7. :tj;, 41, 40, H 43, 4^ »rr«« Um wmtiU tt ftrrttnP 

<'^«vfc4 «i/, fMTMH 'Mdflif^All tbta U flaMcicnUr |.Baj|lDs, 

F^aKg^nt bcfun fM. Tri«o tboio wiattow. vol. L pp. I4t»— 

i^. i(,b— 4Hi, ,vu->it,iiai Ta.iLL pp. 3(;3— ^dt of 

ir. &tf lr»n»jK»iJi>oM U (k4 I'la'rivb*. — tbm baCan to tbc 
M'j-nnH.-f". — ^C< we hn*c ihU p«oiui*< u*i ihc tUlc^pogn: OwJn, » 

■I tvim COM ntrrtHiUm wo m/hi^h tv^rtm pwvml : 


CarrtttftonJfn^ 9f .^ttitnu^ Uritm. 


(lMf5), lo 4ktpM€ \tutt 

ef ttb mm^tit, chuhM thdr 

I ud nTnT acM to the Coinplv- 

KQiler *]rtud ilhicuiin*. XTndti 

all (hej onCrtrod to toaloiurc ihHr 
■lAifViM rowtvdkna of tbc Vniletb MS, 
N dtfM aotiv h«ve ttc*er ippHrtd or 
m rttered to in nij of our modPni 
•MiiQi' E'*«A llinr vub* «i4 iB#morT 
ym MMd rmr' 1^^ rtforoa whldi T 
IHT %Ronin]f «tirib«MI I* Bkibq> Pnr- 
m «v tike v«Ciiftts of thr 9Ulnec<li(on, 
IWiOWtnlnni brautil n^lnal tbf bwdoa 
cMatt«rt>«ftl4l, ir^,u<lUi«C4inbr4ilp] 
dMM of hOrttra, im!i, by StmOn, Wftl* 
MaOnbe, Bmi toil « ho*t of Aodfra 

4 ^ i«3d 4f viT Mrtho^jr— it vu so- 
il«| ttttTB ftu ill tftcwpt to cirry odi 
4e fktvt of ih« !ll«lin« rdkon. HntHV 
■dfir DnikI on Ui tnic-MfV Jv^ic 

'•MiAatcfdiirfloiufiMfftttna^ vliertu 
tte S r rwdwM Extmp^ VtHt»»>at 
Ikm^ »4l^9m of lb* niford atttorv, Ea « 
plf^ftU mkutnofM. fbr thoj iiovcriub' 
jMlni iMf of «e forToMoftf. THej oer- 
MUr oafW to h*v« rqirliMM rkr pflK 
4m Cnoi tbff ot%i«il of \im, whidi 

' BoJIiiia ilmMkM wnlJ luic ftu-' 
Hoittfir. M Ifc4 |itii <!mnot hf 
M would be hrtt iq throw re- 
Bopkt blQ ih« Titi. Bnt ft^fi T>il0 
«■ MM provfl Letb^^f>r ihc C'olUiioa 
*f Kitfam ftftil Par«on4 nifl t« thd nuT of 
iIb« |iiLMibi^ «nJ rih hiT rW foUj at *e> 
Wctinf tho Rnooa fdilkw M • itaodvrd— 

ftt Okil poUUwa, ■« Bid lalMvi nlcUK 

L«« VI turn, hQwtioTi td brighter prD«> 
jliUi Jam m^f^wa otrciMr prrf«H 

tW Uplvf7W» or Oiford utd Ctm- 
Ml^ luvt. uudt to Ihc^r rnJfl. Iitd^ 
lAi^d Ok ScptQtgtni mmon^ tbe b«o« 
«f OSVlvatldc for bonoarf. thvf txt 
UttW tirviv of thfi fniitian|tt and Ah- 
brwl vidi vtAeb diU Venion k^uld bo 
nsvd tad rrcdicd, ivhElic 1b In prncni 
&0r^ Bftd rabfiulon. To mc whole 
t^ifUfi mirinmbend utd miafiUrrd — 
U 4wl ADitoM dliloMlJ04i«, ^ffi rra 4,t[ vr>t 
«rin>dt Mgtfitoi tttbttltotid— to ntai 
iba ««M ewtuUe rropheckt-^uid to 
tevtt Ikx ul Ifah U ht Arvd «ontn. 
dktun to vh« EnriUfc nd Hebrw. uf ^ 
«<«v tr ifir Ijtin rolptv, — tfUibdo0Ot 

«««ufO(i ioBdoliij «ad dertiton ftiaon|st 
lb« ttuilntfl* ihAj HH bo lafrl* tPTtirtftd 
iQuijpfHlitoilMfvChritflnilUtb. But, 
vbvuld It oocT b« koova ihnt a text laa 
loon id befbn them, roademotd by iEb 
o«-n HUnrv, tFjnt th< R/inms ScWHi biro 
DtfTcr bt*a» prprinlc-d fof thflir lirnrtt sad 

impmrnftcmt, led iSm IhouHudii of oer- 
iTctf «nfl nid nmndtfiinu bate bMB bntied 

ii tiMlvi^n, thrj mvf DttqrtlTj' n^'^Mcb 
tb« lo^olPnciT of tutom uii! inttrueton, 
Ktio cui tiYith thrlr time nn*) tnlmu In 

•hilit QtMrlj nwliiccnt and rnttftentJTc to 
(h« t«it-looii of Chhtt and Ula Atioitln^ 
t> Ihit t«raioD nhichoonvtTtutrd The ioIko 
and *tHd/ of the i»r1mU!t«' Chufi'h, 

I bopc, Ur Urbmi, luina aTl'i'VftnfO 
(pij bo gnnUd for the wnrmth of laj tx- 
pmffoni. vbm f coafeos that, till litdj, 
tnj IfnnrnniY of th« ContolqCmtJan tnt 
and rff th« RnntJi ScbolU had ilmaft 
Eiijidv (UcJctpairuf uiy (Teaiiiii|i(ifTCiucAt 
of Iho Scpta^nUl Tfnh>n, U U tnio 
that Bof, b hUexfoDcnt aoCra/hai^lTni 
th^ ixftdmpi of tho Cfttny^wttinHlmrif ad 
aluo the MbflCuicc of tha Bonun Sobolli 
of tliv Vaikan ceit; bat la tuch nUrato 
iknn. It A«ttr4 do j>rvifMl nfTect, nm 
ifh«a«o hove tbf matrri^ before our c|«. 

tt *H (lui IMI 1 rudMiltod lilt Cwajdu- 
VintUii Uji\ iTttU. tHnt I b«bold tlic it^ 
and <0Mmuciua bOfmtjr of the LXX, It 
«u not tltl I ftniUH tbfi Ranaa Scholki 
la r^bibiied dirifnctk nder ou^tt chapter, 
thflt I f*n tl* pTTtaifinf rttOrt aiJd dfifl* 
H'nciff* irf iTi* V«ttfAn. H vn* n<>f fE!t I 
htctmc pflweatcd of the orifkojU idl- 
I30T1 at l^Sd, I f^lt lumnM tMc amn 
and ddVrti hv) Wa confeufd bf the 
Ronitn <dilor0T Mj pnM ifnomx* vrtH, 
I Iftiat, FEddtfr mfl iitdalvnt ti> the 
t^Mt Iffnt^ranoa fai ixhcn- Bat no* ' tho 
nirbt hai pu«ed aWi lad tho (;1ov M^i 
■blnKh/^ ft b no foiifc^ r^tunalil* tO 
plead aoch ncnaM «id ipotosici. Vtf 
may hrniWorth rxpoct Ihu oar oalTor- 
■Ui« aTiEiiild Wxfn to betffr ll»cm»1ru Id 
oaf ndf. Let 1 cti«aTi and wtHvbU tdJtIoii 
oftbcCttmiituU^itlaD t«n tc lAm«dUi|«Ij 
rrioticd. It will rro lon^ tcad ailt our 
modern cdlliodi lo Ct>ytaXtj, 

T*o founei Be Qfon (4 o«t «boko. 
T^c oofv adhering to th« Rooimi teitf 
nd am«adt9^ i( bi tho Vaflun ^^9- 
t^ - tkc oifbn, •dnplTni£ ih» f!oinp1n-> 
feafttsn, and corr«cl&tkg k h} tlic Bocua 
onnotAiJciiA- Ibc latter «rouId be llio 

' vQ Vr*9t*\- I74te> 440- ahould atvaji be moatfcoiud vith reifOoC» aftd will 

ahtji rddiu iTa rdvc. But, lll< ihc Rdoiu edkloft of l&^G, k U foocrallr drpHttd 
«f lMlf«ciAe mnrii^bydcprivlog It of note*. It iipefhapitlioiDaattlibi^ratelt comet 
book flvcr friotod. The aoitreo of tl4 ouoUeace \t tbua rcT«ftlfd : — DUigmrrr ef aJ 

' m 4mmU toiaAvil ff#r cub SJit JfevoiaH, nf/iit ufwvpl^r *r|»f m DrM»/*«e4 


belter tJitk tv p«rfurm, tiat Uic fiHuifir 
w^uld bin ftfircr iirriudi<;rti l«oiuOtt»ter> 
If OQrlwinuftWfrnltLuwaald unite In Uiil 
dbrwia Libuur. OxforJ iii^^tiTfliftKP Ih* 
ViUcJirt M iU Lbiu, whiUcCaiiibriilMVfic^l 
tdopt tbv CciakpbiCru*ii»)' 71» AUtAO' 
4n«Q !■ ■Inadf BniWr th' cvn cif " Tha 
ChvkliMKAOirledc«£oolc^/' liMcduai 
wu dot tb« i«u» «f 0» Aksanddao «iid 
AJdtoi aboiftld bo ooualtcd* «nd tlut thft 
value of rcaJLnn •hoiUd (>■ nnonll j Utud 
bj lltilaic* «jd ]*Hx>Qi- It wobU be • 
nobltf ipceUcle to bcliolJ ibu *' Uolj Al- 
Uhmic' eonC^ ^ ^1^ ^0^"^ ctidc«foar, 
to mliin. H Flt u pMaiMc* Ibi St«ptiia' 
mi to ttl orifiiuJ fvUoirib^p vlth lIji 
llcbrtir. Wa shoald a^o rttUio Um 
pitftor* of Uifl " goUcQ-moulbed " Ftthf r^ 

lou wkj tc^UoM, U i^nctiCAbia, ckar, am 

kMUiribk. ti D^ U ilMral Md Mb- 
tf tUcd moN^ mcMl iivdailB. Kcoa- 
«lita \n Hlf«Uiic Ibo b«t rcAdlw {L a 
tbownoat in aoooid«iK« vtlh iho Utbrav), 
ud rfctifjiBf muncrtriu tnd puBful ^itliv 
MCiooi. So much hu iJrHJjr loni ■«' 
VOoplbbcJ bj Oie CoiD|>liji£«n«i«o uU 
^ •ditont llut lliB gntlvr put «ouU 

UOT* tb«B tna«crl|itxMi. Tbc 
Uwur «M t« k4juil ibfr MSS^ lo nil 
w tlu fnuunu Aiea*«« uid tLca to pUoe 
m Orvot UJt ia tbe uimc t)rd«r m tb« 
ll«bit« orifiml, T^h hw br«ii iocm*** 
fvUj uooaplbhcd bj the CoiDplutvuio 
*d[<on» md £l *i« « ifOffk vf cilLvma 
4)jffioidhr, Strung U hj, thnr hate Iwctt 
alumoiot*d f»r vbioriBf its Tht^ biv« 
bMiO miATrpfWotad u ptJInging thmu udi 
frvm Aqulu ind the oilier LiUr i/tii«iii4rv 
B«l i? irtJI be fi>UD[I va moiliMttoii, (btt 
lli«5 1i«T«< iho Alnmdn^n or Aldiiu odi- 
tkn^wicb niuQtfroaji MSS. to tvumt tbom, 
«sd (b*ft tWe qooUtbnB of Uib culf fkilicn 
g«Mnlljr Ia tLdr tiTo«r Ie loot 
loag jTMnt and dCMMO/. to uvooi' 

. lU» btrcuUn Uboor, Tho nMH of 

t&t Ttomaa oAton, t« imnbruci bj No 
biliiu,Ai«aUoorcoa«ldrr*A>lcMlae. Tbc 
ArfObd^ U Wftlton. Bud <h« Iftboun oT 
Gmbtv voold npplf trzty other dwftittA 
if n conpvt wbvt oow rtnaktu, 
lui «lrcadT bMn •rhioroi bj 
BMT*, «« tUl be tttd mitk 
Aanw a^d haiubtj, ao* *ritk prid« 
lriov|4< lA'hra thk tiHl; ii ueom^ 
vo suj Bfplr 14 it wh*t oar 
SftTiottr Hid Ml ■ hi|^r ooeum 


— ■■ Dtber i*cm 1d«« Unarod, 
liavo mlortd Uib> Ibtir Uboart." 

£, W. (thiHnil.D> 
F.S-— Thovfb tlu Hfor rttptctiog i^ 
autbinbip of ^ ScholU. oanevd ■(» 
DiQi«rt odKlon of the dcpCMfftotr i» ftf Ij 
mid frHlj K^oonlrdced. II b itfl prtN 
bftbic, tbat Bkbop Pmtmq w tbo acuol 
kod mpooadU* vditor of du( Idndott «dl> 
tioo, m%, M waU M «r lb* CMobrldf^ 
lfi(;5, to «hicb b* preAiad bit oildifHW 
frwTvs^ liirMlli«afklvad«|^«ftU« 
editbn 10 oorrmt tbe Vb^gu toxt bf Cbo 
Valiow Sahol»— Mf- ^^ »Hc, u lu u 
Rin^m, mt rttonctd cm tbU prladpU. 
Tbb !• pUin froA tla oddrCH tf tb« eloM^ 
LacTQur, Otm prtuhm H l itttum ktmo 
BiiUm mm fonrf — ■■*, fo#«f««riMM (««• 
fwrM Mi miU*) tf« rJt atrailu tebi^ 
Hr«iidbfB« y^diii ^ ate ftrtJ^pl***— 

n^orfMtfvr, A JboMno. »««■ 4§mi»U 
UfmAteineakf im^m fftha i^ wtf l . 
fOwJ>. AvA«»4ftoirpr«pMUap iB*e«a* 
«/ aff^rv lyfJiiiii. AroJJ o f ijriiw 
e^. S.), r. C, tttilrttftfr «^. S^ r«. t»» 

?a fHOTttH lUlfBt fa ttMlWfk Awi, Mw«l- 

fHT, ^^. AVndf ovlTH of femndM tMAri 

cmrntMK, ol crr/tf pfwioNnHi ijjMcohM 
m Adn^H^ ^Mkitiei «0fMfl4«tf; rsi- 

■BfHfdB ii«nt« /vr< fiuplMll 9mmmM, ift* 
Tbc cdjtQr *k« dt1orr«d fro(o tb« loll 
ucculion of ha« plaor pnbobly bf tbo 
rottumotnoDn of tb* (*iM«ti or hf 
linU friuda, Mnibouli* bl booU 
iaioro Ibo uJOi Boi It bow mmIm tA 
l«t rid of falae oUnna, «od to twM ^ 
VAiievn Uixf xeordiAf to tb* d««fn of 
rvofvoa,oAd ouiii liHoM of tbo Vukoa 
rdftorv. ftboold tbo UMwraktM ^edlDO 

IW po4t of bonour. It b Do bo hOMd 

Mm* mioipritiaf boobMlkr «fll nov 

Ub« Iba vorbt mhich iro«]d oworvUf 
■aowtr u o prinia rpocollioai Bat di 
irpdot of tbo Complotauiui ww^d pcoro 
fkr worn raowfntWfc alooo thM text 

cut bardljr dow b< obtutd. «itbo«t te 

S' iMof tb«Aat««vp«r Piri»Folj|lDt 
ActAc vmlb'' BtAjr b« tt bb«p •Kor- 
b; biiipffiijic Uobc'ii oriftul «di- 
(loD (Oioii» ni>;>,«hctv Um lorw of 
ibr Aiex. US, Mc vvppakd la anuDcr 
IJTT^ But bo hu not iVotMod tbo truo- 
porilioni. Tku irtportftnl dHitlcmlwv 
*dJ no diHdM be obuJnod by ibo Joof* 
expected cdilioa of " Tbo CbriitiUi Knoir* 
ltd|a SMjiatT-" 




Ornc* or CcHOATOO om Diit-uit4T*s ro thb Rotal Utin- - Tub llAtroii 
m £4LuuT0itf, irow tinaoN, voldk* i^ SujEAJrrr or thk riWRm or 

o. t'ku^^.^ln Uu aotdcMl book, Paul, U«4m (fbfto U* T«foo}* I* tbo 
Likr \ «w nioooa. o evtoUrr cninr of o cbortiv of TbotboU nt Ljrlw- 
If 10 ili« DoM ttl Ckiflila of Bt MO, «rbo dnoribM MiBNlf « nofWte 


Con^mp^nJ^tiC^ ofSyhamta Cr^n. 

■hO. «d «iwti:f«r of tbc Jiea cif iho Mint 
«liBBa|^afti, TUschuter I* wulalea, 

li r tid kn llttt f*>0«Wo aummmt, tu an 
■rir ptrUl, a^ I aai hkUmJ to t^mk, 
te IM wiw bcrdiMft«r lUltiJ. iljut it 
SV H fi*m4 to Che ratp or lleafT 1 1 1 . 
IWt Coflq««iikr ftppoan to have bnrii 
lk«dflDfttDr «J tb« cJ&M thit Tbcobold 
pOKMeJt tiL IbaL uf dic-pvvcr fai tbd 
«iMt« otf Ec^iwd ctMrabj. for it will 
WA9*o that tbe «aM of ktvidcor pre- 
■ffCag tk« ^Mt cf tha royJ inial itu 
ifdaUf cnatid bf bin, or atlMtl tbitU 
wteUesin \ik LTatW^uid wMSubte* 
mailf mv^fOfM ki mn htndktarf oAe«. 
b pooaiMr ^m iru td (Ju««of bi rceaon 
VUt Iwwro vT lfa« auDOT vf tillwrtva 

« Uktoo. in M iil li m , in rKcnt tiuM 
olM Lmhiii, and livoa, ind Ltuon- 
V*«kpti«ins lh« lite «i Ifcat locality 
tMhio* pa*o«cti|iieii bjr Pmmtn- 
t uad (be ncicbbonriiaod of the £dc- 

^Hv-->'<i*^> aWr* tli« BCfefBt Dmiu* i« ttill 

Iwn a n J in " Umoh-jim^i" tail - lAuon- 
pQffVv'' tbu vcfirjioc tho i>b»<TiiUaii of 
A* onmAcirtniiir nn DMindny. Itut nunr 
«f tki naBtfn«f p1io»inl>omttdA]r Book 

Ti4 ist bioouiilftablo locKiitic« 

^rwcnl ^ : bo««t«r, 1 ae«<l on 

'led Uo no bor Lbu nfcr lo 

■J Bocdi. vb«r* Xifivfo** U nan* 

«• I poxfoM to trfStr to foor 
n i<figiii cocniBEinEcition upon 
moflvnbT t4 Ehii diitHcl knd 
OlDcia of Cunnto* *m D^nnfcr 
. J ««eordinc to RoJkii,* «a vmoc of 
init la^rtucej tnd It <*na nnd0 bcro- 
SUrjt I eooenvay in coniwraUj with tho 
pwUM kft Noruudy fapecrtiiiH Cbc Ukc 
cAoe.f Is llcnn tht rjnii limn th« 
dAn or vfvUajt of tht dia «»■ pOB- 
tmmA hj Otbo lb* xonngtr, vbo ii 
wd to k«*« b««a tjia aDu uf iluA 
> Uw ffOldtmUb* nbo ia d«>GTib«d in 
nj u holding libdi In Emci and 



^uFTolk.l howwer, "lUi tcvinrd to lti« 
oHim cif krfpinf tbtf din, Rodjiif anJ hi« 
napat editor bive not }itrnii^ the iiLrtuirjr 
■Uh tbAt iDinnto ntuotiou wUivli tii« luti- 
jcct dntnuiditor porhntw iboir maJcrJali 
Hfire too vointj to viiabJ« Ch«m to writo 
«iiib vuAcitfbt fffftiimjr upab it i Air, u 
«n itiflll iH-rfaftor uotic** •One nni»3r- 
timij Botni* At ditfoivbt iima lo hare 

prwillcd u to Ike ADrrln dpmiaili^lc bj 
ihii tErnurr, and wij may oullri^t frDin Mr* 
Rudiiii^'a vbnTfiBtitjuii Lliiil be did uot 
00a««iTtt that Iho uOic* of kcrpi(« tli« 
die* fovolTcd Ihc doty at Mttgnt^ng OMta, 
or BukKnc th«in \ for b* r«nHrk», " Wlion 
Bdward L ia hii orgbtta jat tppotnlcd 
WtlUioi do Turomirc to nuko fan cuiaa 
far Unt pmflnl timc» ifu Kiag look upon 
huuiclf tb« pajmcDt of ibc fee nb^ch 
Hugh Fni-OiLo. ruAniiaa ef Otbo liia 
nepbfi*, eUimed for kKpinc the dirj, or 
oLbflrain to Batiafr bim for the lamo.^' 
-LiA, Ba. Scmeel/aL Z47. 1 tbercTor^ 
am eoibold^ntd in tb? attenipC lo aoppt^ 
«h>t Kudin^ 1 rnrofchoi litT« Dot parti* 

tkc tqbktiEio* of tb« praaU of tbo Piinar 
of ULk^ton, wltb It* appendant offiee. tbn 
Bcricfl wlufeuf commence* ia the rclgo <kf 
Henry 1- l^ic fQllofriOE U a (rtiuUtioa 
of thr Cbrli4>it1cbarlDrfminCb<^Cro'im. Tii.i 
" tfiiRty, Kinv E»f KiiicbiidHtoMturfcoU 
Biibop Dt Lonaoa, oii<rElQgli ^ BoebnJl 
wid «)l Lii btroDi *v} lir||e«, Prtieb acd 
fioaliah, i>f LondoD, ^re«lt0Ct' — Kaoir tb 
thai I ba¥C ylalded to young Otho IA9 
muitrrp tif hiM/mik*r : to vU, tJiem^atrrjr 
of 111? dh«, and all other bu mriierio^ 

kQii kll bi* UiidavllhiD bonragb ftodniUi* 

out, ind nain«lji Liileaton • and 1 com* 
maiLd that lie hold tlicm *o v«U ami vior- 
■brpfull^i wi(b ate «ad aoc, atid toll afid 
teani>andinfu)g-tbert,wilb 4EI otbcr tbrir 
enstoiDJ, la hii father b«tlj;r b«lil and bid 
ibrm in (be lim^ of my fatbor and of rejr 
lirmtW Kitaj; Willlain. Vitneu, Bobvl 
End ^/ Mclleul, WiUUa ol Vefino, and 
Witliara de ALblni, at Anmdcl."— No. 17, 

* Anmli oi Kho Co&UfC of Gttat EkiUtti md ii» DnivndiaGifa, &c, tij tiuj R«t, 

ftoftn Badlai. 3idtd, 4to^ Und< IMa UiX. 

f TW tUtfi^ Id RrcinAlJ do PoDflbui. ■(vHnnl of Poitari mil Giu«in)'. gmefin^,^ 

r y« that ve will that oof laithful Eymer tbo Monpyrt do mAke our mouey of 

i tike ad be ta hIkiiii tb« iiiaUoK uf ilami muncy iKtunp by bcndiury Hjihl: nor 

ntUtkataay Other mtkeiL — (Tnuut9t}(ia)<JlaiUH 17 JoTin.mcni. U 4«0ro. \2\h). 

J TUi charter ii pnbl»bc4 )d tbe iii%X toluue of the ni« cdvtioii (Iftiti) of Rjniiir^a 

rwJUa. pi P> The Dcigin of (lie vofdi inMfWam aiul vtinfi^num, tiguifyiu^ ctJiA, 
art, or ttoploymonl. U rJipUjai>4 by Madot Id Lii Firnia Qurgi. p, ^^4 Tboi the trado 
or matittr of cbc veaTcra ii Oif^ril is ca1I?d (hdr mirjJif rrrupn — Hist. Eubeij. p, tA% 
*cL f a j tho wt0tU*r o! ib« Locdgn wtnTfri i< aiylc-l Tht^r miui^ffHicTn^Firina Rnrgf, 

f TnaftA Ormvi* AvMVinfti. Domead, Kmok, 97 a. h, lutib. 

b^taarico BUmp of Lobdoa ma ronaronlad in 10H5 and diad in HOT* the ?th of 


Oorr^tpfft^^nc* ofSffkumui Pri<i>. 


OthQ !• dacrilml In tbfi Artl c^rt*r 
And rojral gmt w mrrt^ tovrc Otbo 
fO/A0iiJ,/vr«BOi but in «nolher cti^rtcr, 
tbftt prtibiblj he *ucJ oat vhoa h« Cttvo 
of •£*, ucl dtnded 1o lUclMfd * Dlibqi 
of L«ndiao« tnd Hugh of floolind, Ate. 
the ffing tt^lw- him. '■ Olhi my roIJ. 
tnutb/* ud t«T«him theUfritoTjof B^ta- 
Avc, bi Ea»n. M it h«il r««ni:lr«l>t^ 
tthon in Ch" Kini^a iiOMcnion- 

Olhd, h ■oinf, dfd not rcrj laa; 0J17 

directed to thu i&ms Riahard liiihop if 
LoD^Qu uid AobrvT do Vtrv, lh« utEne 
King ]ri«M«ifH gr^nUi!, utd voolifwd U> 
Wlllitm un or Oiho the Knldmitth (or 
V^mUio PtU-OUio t) »U tiM rubiv^ Imd In 
Bon1ln<> aiidChaTr«di>iip and Chnidlr, and 
IiL1««toPi and tbo mlaitUy uf th« di«t. and 

•11 utlici ijiB TbiHiilri^, md ali h« luiidk 

and Uiiiciaont* irllkla Lmdon and iridi- 
ODi, pcdorming tbcrdbr the minhulti 
that Otbo the loldimitb hi> ftlhor hart 

Thto Wmiom I^U'Otho hn:d during the 
folloviinj r^n, fnr Uivn «» raMliF lino 

pfeonU of Maud Iho Empmi dlnclinj 
U10 ranilir <rf Kstx to drllror him l^P 
fdi^ of bb Und M Benflcrt in the follav- 

'* Mbud thfi BfBpro«4 cLatiit'^' *>' ^^t% 
Hcarj to tha abenff of Eiaai rrrotini.— I 
commnad thcc that Ihoa doiC uUc u. r. 
d«11ifvr poiHiHlon to] VlUtaDi niiOlho 
of Ilia bad of BvtflaeCi ao well and fdlroa 
W Ma* aeliad thareof on tba daj vhcrroa 
Kint Henry my foifaar ivu qaifrk and 
dead, and tbat fie do ««ll and la peace 
fraatyand wgrthipfnU^ bob! oi he man 
fraily beld in \ht tim« of Henrf my Fither. 
WtncM T' Chanertior and Karl ofOlou- 
fiwicral W«iiBln»ler."-No. IWJufra, 

Willbm Fia-Otho liad a ton 0(ho who 
adkdhbuelfOthorLU-WtUI«m,a»d thii 

Otho Ffli^WiHiam jointed a Wie In 

ftankalmd^ of Lbe manor of Ulata& lo 

the Teoiplarii, *lio \t tuiLy hr jrmuined 

tubaoquectly obtained a;i i^nlArxnioent r>f 

their catate by a i^ltaae ot etc (et : for ti 

\ i» «4it*lu that thc4r flUflOMaon the Uoi- 

|rilaUcn or Knighta of St^ John of Jo- 

I nualoai held the manor udIiI iha Keforma- 

|](Ui» And Sav£ baiiuf'iiht'il ilivir n*mir tn 

ihff aiAaitnng diatrtol of St. John** Wooil 

' Tl»refon:ltwaalluittbflOlllc«of dlfcriTeirt 

' to whjch waa apprndoj the offioe or keep- 

I b| th[t diet, htcaiDR Ltiuuinexed from the 

' piano't and wmm hoMeo iii |roNp *hic1i 

|tcioaafCioo wta eonftnnid hy royal na- 

I tfaority* for upon ihr Charter ftotl V I Hen, 

ULhoDtarvda dbnKmhkfc 1 1 
m Eailo«a r— 

<'Tbe King to all Ari^hhiahopa, ae. 
({piiv1ih<,— KnovvothM tb*oom*ntmwift 
beiwcm Ctho nu-WilUan of t^o e«« 

Cut and hroiHir Robnt of ifnoj^M^ 
laator. aind Chfi rf«t of the Brrilifi 
the Kntghti of the Tnnple, of the 
part« ooa«rrni(i^ Ihc muw of lb« 1 _^_ 
Otbo af Litlnton. «ith aH l£« apparW- 
nancoa, owpt the offlie pttUtobM- Id the 
tKiaa mutor of kvtfwif oar die, ftod efetvK 
a otrtaJn portion of lud ant wood «hltt 
the Bine Utho gart to tbf ma* Brrtfcfw 
in free ilmv u li nor« fully coitttiiwd la 
the rliarter wbkb tbr tvat Matt^ mat 
Brclbmi Inivo of tha aaenc Otfio. nhleb 
»a&il manor the stme Otbo gcnnted and 
demised lo the aRme Maater wd Bretbrcs 
10 holil iVoru Kulcr In tbo BiBei<r«i% 
jear oj th« Klng'a m^ for fbrty yMn 
Mat entnie^ to be faUy oompUte, ire da 
hold appn}™! tod nrofptad, ind the use 
fof Q* aod i>ttr hafm we dO (rant and a4tb 
onr wol docoDAnv. WhcrcfOro I ilowiB 
and ftrmly commind Ir-r w 4nd oar hoin 
tbat ibo nivraaud Matter ibd Brethrm of 
tbcKuighli of the Tfonple Ai kivv and 
bold tlw afnrfuitt mnnar of Ltltavfon, iritb 
all ita appurteDaaoa, cieept the aforoiM 
nJfivaof kectdnf oor divftod « fqrt^ia por- 
tion of land and wood vUeb thtt etmt 
Oi!lo giva 10 Ihrm In frvo alm^ well nod Itt 
piftoff frrvly aod iioietlj untCl ttte allareMil 
term of fatly jnan oomplMe aa i| 1 
tald, ud u (hi uhlfoigrapb bctwn 
Ihenwf cieeuted delh reatOAably 1 
llieaa hatrrc wftneaaea> S^ Bbhop of Dnr; 
h*n i Withom RnH orWmwn | Symoa da 
AlontAsTt i VfUbm ^ Ralr^fa : NiooSudv 
Molian ; Jobo do flracelli, aad othffv- 
Oiven by »he hAod of tW TMurabbt frcbvr 
R- Biabop oi Chicheater, oar Chnoillir, 
dt Wotmltntor, On tf rjj Hat of Haieli In 
thc?lvt ywr of oiir rfi(i».*'-*itor *!itrf. 
21 tfe*. ///, mwm. G, 

Toirardn (he IbHw |»m-i afthUrrtin Had- 
ing obHrrei tbkt Hooic douhc* had amai 
aa to tbo Mnror to be perfamed by lhoi« 
who held the ofioa of keeping the Kin^^a 
dfa ; fbr tn hit fbtty'firBt year the King 
doatred aenvb to be naade atnon£ the RoNf 
of the BioXeqaer In ordv that li mi^ 
bo asotrtuncd what Otbo ntt-VilUaoi 
Ihtn dncsird hod bolden ty rtoaoa Of bla 
Iroffiiiiir thr Kinic't die, and vho via bb 
lielr. 1 npumrr that it ib to ihii period 

* H^durd Bithop of Umdoo waa oou«ecmcd in 1 106 and died ia 1 127, the UTt^ of 

t llnff^Ret, rip«,v«l|nARl#pkTi]1nm7itnf]|hn; Rot. \^m^ TjimHonU. Madoi, 
fijcob. L 470. 

C^rrMy^mdvnco 9fS'yhttniu t/rh^ti. 

m iMmomaM of TbMbiM o( L]U«- 
wkvtoU r*6Ki«d. tianadiMbttkid 
tmiy takmi pl^cc; ibe «ucccttl0(u lo Iki 
^an itmavil *\ iIfmi |iciLifib, buiI m 

Jbftllli Udtheofficeof di«-kMp«riirai 
tfiM»J*d lif a isfiinl aoQ «]ao dvamI 
|lt», jmd «v mxt liid ll)«t apoa tii« 

Ktmn jtf ak aon^ffv fai At ri^htk 
I. WBIivB ot Tmmmin *« ip- 
i^tart c^wfffvrr ibe Kttt|r oikinjt cpou 
Mif cv «italt ^ psTBat of Ui« fo* 
H* CMidI fwnlka dalBridfor bocpbg 

Ik nd« Eott alkdTntt dc Nfrilk, 
MNAm4«d apd liwuchbed in tho mort 
mtmm bvofc milid ^ ibM nmv^ atalM 
dl tMM« br WflboB riK Ottie of oua 
■Bi of Ind la LOIcMOBi irtooh *b 
nab 40i,. br Ibt vrr1ct«f boevlnf the 
^■fv ol tW Kla^'aadnlt «Ucb Mmc« 
«i raiiwii Cbn«ck«^ ^" r**'* « 
ftMBV tbo A«B thii Mtrr tf^ ^0 then 
Bm^ of LiUiMtaB McMOied to the Ei- 
■r «br<n«h th^ Pif* R«U for b^ 
to UBsMon: kuI in Bluiut'ft Te- 
I {m, (a) M dficd m cdriet from the 

thA«*^OUM PUi-^nih*m bid holdcn tlie 
BMor of LlliwUw, Ia ib« oovitij of 
WiJ1Wtt> of Ibe Lord llio Kini nmrj. 
Mkv •t Ik Lord iha Kipr tbol now U, 
bt Abf, bf U« u n m- T <^ ko*plM ^^* 
dkofthoniaioriktordtbeKmE. Bot 
tteHMtrrnr thcKuhttof iheTvEopk 

Bf tho BOTtvfv of Mind iIm dftnfhlot 
«d bdr of TTi O M M ftU^Olbu ibe ocv- 
^^itr ttw pfrfonnoil by ber bubftiid 
Loid BoUtoort «boa) Ac fonmd, «hiaii 
ihc told iLc 0*00 10 VUliwi 1^ Utr 
nr, wboM «ni Lord Lntfmir, 47 Edv. 
Ilt piTOcvod 00 ottaiplWcnIloa of King 
HbovT Ik Ftnfl'i ckrUr, ia aha of ti» 
■tttfoft cnnM tn S &tw. IIL (o Wil- 
kin b Litjinrribt " tlH uripKn he coui- 
■dtU^ b^ the pnrehiH tt> tim nnd hit 
Un of tbe offior of lh< roK^ftTlDB nDil 
Miricttlbig of our Om at oar Tvft* of 
LmJon M>d c^v of Ctittcrfxiry, from 
Mjnd.t>lio«nit^«iCe of John of Bot«- 

loUi% wbo bfdd <b« fKm« cf iM m <*ief 
oor lieoote borrnpm not oblaioed;" hwI 
UioRbf oenftnniiif tht cbirlor of Kmg 
If emjr I. " u tJair ihc pvali gift* *tid ora- 
AfuiMioa ■Uoh tba tforcMld Mud bod 
und« totbe aforeMldlVIIllim If Latrmcr, 
JroMpo4 of lh« mU iimttrf cf tfcs 4I»0| 
irUli nil tbt profiti nd liberttff lo Ik 
■tbTMtfdomcc |«rtatnlDf.'-— ]>«L W Kflw, 
111. pari f, tufmk. lA. 

Frott tbit kt dOffniMBt tho pfttumf* 
[ion U almoft •bocdote that Uie Crv*m kd 
from ihD third year of the reica of Kdw. 
nL(A.I>. ne?) tniiM<d upon Uiroffir« 
«r ■njcomybpiog perfomaeJ bjihf Actnol 
CU|ltlki| And wofknunnhLp or aoMtt* 
lkUr« QiMtM) of lh« Kiaf't dici ; tad 
tk pranaptioa i« oorrobonftBd bf tk 
uomplMcMioa and iaipsikni v«n£r* 
EQttion of KlD| lJePf7 Ibe nm'o vrf- 
glnKl chirtcr bc&f tumptol <rUh Ik pnr- 
doa-bcomeof ftknatioti, «»ikr,«haMt«r 
dorkion htd likon fdtec, jot tkt Ik 
lomn of tk oiuiiitf tomrc vitrv nis Mno 
tf tboie tbic bi 4T Edv. III. 033:i) r«- 
cflAvcd lojal DoaAnoftlton tiD<k ■ iB«ro 
npticil decbintHm. 

A fUr tlui wc h<Ntr bo mora ol the manor 
at LiLJoiton u einnr«tnt with lK« b«r^ 
Ailmiy •cttIgc, ttrjcuiljt or office ol kocp- 
IdK (I«) ^" ^'v moaey-Mauip ; iudotd^ it 
iw in ill probobiktT itmvndtfDd or cX- 
tlniniiihfld- riiNKcporlontboltoTnllUnC 

lh« fngnilcgof thod^Hiiiair cciui^llj htfo 
been prrfDrDied Cty (Ac concator i ot ■ ttry 
«orl; poriorl, ImvTver, it lunl bmTn« ■ 
dno rv o; n fico of T*. for irtrj doim of 
dia kiD0 ftSd lo tk Euueiiur. miJ i^ 
Ktmi tu^rrvHoif brine Mti-utril bj otbor 
ponuiu,'' n itate of tlunn pcifcotV con* 
VLBtAt with Thoibfllri of L-UtOn ftjllDg 
himHilf /iur«Vp/j>rr»n«i(jr*iMmoafffffof;^ 
^pftiv (vboic orrii^f. kn poiaa ol timt, 
pnrvidfd thftit of U'klJbA d« TunMlr*)* 
whilr tbs Otkfl nre bohtin^ tk tnmat 
gf LtlkCott bjr tiK vrrjvautj gf koplng 
tho die* t ond tk lUport i^roootda fo 
itotc, *'Prtn tk Indenioro of 1144 U 

ftpptaiB thai tbv laHf^ur de9 /trrt* rt- 
ceivtd hit viigii, and wu tld doubl ftp- 
jiouitvd (M Ibo Wardda] by Uic King ; but 

' '* WUklmatf ftlin Ot« tonci In Lillmtom in oenicalii OEum omcftu umo, 
q»inl«t il».por««rildiim vrrudJ ilsi» Ri^> inouol*, «t Iklt «rvldas «nw pw 
mnou 1L Hptva|Mi Londou nddlL cnmpolnm do lu tnarda pro oodem. la 
UkfTrit ptf duo taLU. fit q«Lrtui «tf .'*— Tftln d« N<rrilli>, ;I62 b. In tk 
I from IvqqUuBno of tichwU whiuli tvutribut« Id DampBBr tlic mv?G uudcrb boob 
1 Ikto 4t KcHlUt tk foUoainic pUMBri iiImi occnr : '■ Otlio flLloi WUliclou ivnot 
UuUTWr per ncrjointlaBti CUloJkndi cnncoa moortv, Kt T«Ut prx junuiu xl »." — 
l6Bb«f tk Aristtd eapr. "0<l4 dltu* WLtluhiKi ttbat Lillwtvm pir x^rjuitUnii 
wdn Tottf Ufii per «mm."— 3ti9 «. 
• Ibttort of tk O^aufliMlcntfr* «ppuiai«d (o inADlrc iaio Iho Canitttutlori, Manw- 
a,>«d Kaftnftv of Uv Rat»1 Mint (imrflnltj \t\ bolli Uoom* of PmUuDontbr 
l«rUcvU«iail]r), PI^44,1^, 



GtrfMpcndm^t ttfSjfhmnHf IMan, 


tnm the Indealurxif 1 347 do«tiw«rd* lie 
vu psLd by Ibf Muter. Th« Indeatvnft 
or 1364, rftitiiiff tlmt tlicntoforc Ihe dl»- 

cutter bud been AnlAiu«il and dopai«tl bj^ 
Aod ftt ibr: fxpcEue of| the MtMrr in riU 
thtogit (wncnfifl Ibf ft|)pointiR(>nt of tbim 
oAofT loto tHp liitndi nf thf rmwn ; whlln 
b 1113 Iw appvxr* •nrnni Uie Klof'i 
oflloerft, md rci!i:lvti bla feci (Vom ibB 
ICbfl tItmacU Ibf Wjrdm/' Tfcii ^a^/our 
ffff /trrti it the nmc uffiivr m Ibo 
tCuJftvr rfr /trrit to tlic Report, iiIpo 
DvnEionvJ, «nil '^ ftiii^Fiir* to b«ro itiqipcil 
ncftrly Efita ttkn poiitiaa of tha «ld ««•- 
tor, Hn IHUU lo hiiv tV4*mvm1 bu uliry 

viihaut »rTlc«: tli0 Mui«r, ly tho In- 
dr<ntiirfl of UIS, and 411 iDtiK!qa,CDt oqm, 
bntif rinpovrrv:'! to im;if«u EnTcn to do 
the AcCuiLt vork, ihc cbief RT>:rer rvoeiibi^ 
ft fco Oa preiy Jchh oi' »»*rj biHidi-ad diu 
eiecntfld by th« norUni: Kra«tra ;*' >■> ihtt 
tbij* puiUif Q clem uji tud rvooockitfl Ibc 
prftTJ^iu rnnjiHu oootfelned In Ih* TUpurt, 
ud the ooncletloat dnim from tbe ancimt 
ladenturo* of the fnirit, whvn pUc«d la 
Joila-poiitioa «rith th« |ir«otdioc cbArt«r«, 
«hSob ftro not «LludBd Co or noticed to a 
report iIiBl in «U otbn »T«p«ol« appeAri 
t>rrf4ct, had i» tfrplato «Itb curious «ad 
tlluabto inrominrioti, 

1 ^ic lubjoinod ibmnottuicdfintof ibd 
cfaarter* thai hive bwa cited in Ibii com* 
miuaic«tioii. T, B- T. 

(C^r/i* ^fifigudr, r. Nm. It fo 17.) 
"Cen> Wiiriflllj Ouoci*. 

" N> U«tilidulmp«mEruReinfl ITenrid 
f!i»* Vlflecomit] dn KM/]tJa*nIutrm: l*pe- 
eipju tibi <fuaJ Hciaiaji WjIliiUiiiuai fitjum 
Otonii Ac t«rra ma dc Bciidci it* bene et 
blciw uckil iudfi HiBLtui fiiit dif qu« Rn 
Ilvnricnt pir'rincui ftiUrrviit vt miwliiufl 
el bene ot i» pact tibi^r^ d boiii^rifii^ 
Ucenl sicut UlichUA icniiU tcmpofc llcn- 
fioL pitpi* nvj. T«l£ cflncdlAno ct fomjco 
QIOVMVtriv tpnil ^VcetnionultiTiuai. 

"IS. JlcurLca* Itu AnicLia ni«rdn 
Bplicopo LondoQ el ilii£oiu drr BDchud 
«t emolbai Bftrontbu* ct AdeUbai «nk 
ProDdi at AngEU Kuuls iftluleaai Scktb 


mc dcditK Otuol mariMro moo tUTUU dv 
B«nilpt com ipcndicio oa> ecilioet cua 
terrji de Ihilotndioe cam oiimEbiu rabo* 
^a» Ipsl fndirtTr terriE p«rtiiicat ^mm^ 
ent it oumn mro. Et ipoto ct ftmiter 
prtcipto ^t ooMOdo «t brae kooorttoe ft 
'iQlel* l«aMt BSm snka it Kka et Ul ft 
team ct taTftn^nthef ct onoibo* aiiU tott* 
BQttddliilbgm quu ipu t«n habctnu Aum 
fdiC In iDAna >!». Te>i«, &«, 

"ICh HturiratBex&iifUaiUairioidft- 
duaiiB C|iuoo}>E>ctA-lbrleo^ VerMlnv^i 
Sdatii nu rcdAdlMe ctcOocMibwctto 
carta net ooDflrBiHe VUUtlnio IkUftOBt- 
nii unHAi^H totem temm qoB fnh in m je 
lul in Brninti el CbilreedoD H Cbiltdll tf 
LltlDctona, ei mlal*tv1iun coneofw it 
omalji alU laluiitcrU Biii f4 ocanre 
et trneiDciila sua intn LoiLdanUm etcai 
fadrndq iadc mlabtcfJA mm Oi^ 
fuUcr pater cJQa&debtt. Qoireveloi 
pr^relitf Vruudniiui et baradai eal 
omim prvdlobu teme et tMi«aeata et 
mvterk tuft. lit bcae la fte^ %t boMvi- 
Actf Aicui piii«r igu avqam nebo* itfinit 
cam ■ocn ft woca et thol fd tlifm at lo- 
fBD^nthof ct cnu omnibet I4bcttuilnu et 
oooauHiiidLulbLii suift. Tute," &«. 

{Carftt AnH'jHt, V. Aw, 17 io BO.) 
'< CtTtB WiirmL dJtj OtfaoDlft. 

<'17- Henrimu lUx Aoglia Meuricb 
Loadoa&K tCpucopo et Hufoid de Bodttd 
f4 omnibuA BArAnibm watt «t Sdollbw 
Fnndi el Aaglls de Loadonia Mlotenai 
Selnlii mp redJi^lHo Oibaot ju?aolQi}»t^ 
num pitrii aai, aciLicet ra^i(<rLiiai ouofO- 
rutn tt omnU «llm mifUrift biu ct Cmon 
IcrrA* >u&i iufra bitrJViD fit cilJ« b4 nolb^ 

a^im UUfsloDit, El prcoipio at eta 
bvuad honorificB l«iK«tcuaiMci«t 
et toll et t4«m *( inftncnuUephf 
Guoi onifiibui lUIa eonauctudtaibua 
ilcut cu pucrcJuB mtlluetcnoitet 
tcinpoee pttriv «t fratrta mni R«c 
lieloii. Tait«, RobrrLa Cooittc de 
lAdd, IJir'tLlialva dfi M'arfdiinAtCt Wi 
do AlUnneio epud ArkindtL/' 

U, 19, 30. l^cM nr* tdsatioal vlth 
Nee. Id, l&,aul 14. 

Qattovi GAaDKv^DtPoxtiiuBT— UKDKHflvor.HD SawRVADt IH Hotaoaw 1641. 

Ma. VaaApr,— Tbe itntatci of tbe 3ln 
uid !(&lh Etijnbtth, jiutvd In order to 
inennt Ibe incnaje of buUdmiEi near tiia 
DCtropoUi, the procbmiil&oTtA nuide to ea. 
hroe obc^icui-a (d tboic itdtuipa. vid 
iBOrt MpiwifiJI V iheliwQici ifflnloJbythc 
Cro«n HC71 '>Ai/an/r th^ie statalct* nu- 
tboTuTTiv prr>on4 la buil^ upon tli#ir 

vtataa b unaiq Uctlltiei, occuboa^Iy 

alTiird carlam Inf^nnatioo as to the in- 
«1cnt itat? of tljc luborbe of London, 
*bile Ihej anthcnU^te the dnid endorifln 
of dietriata thit tmre for ticarfy twoeoo* 
Iniwafonnvd an mljunctio lUa ^nmtcHj, 
And arc haw thirnae^vca the nocloa of 
dpn««ty populated net jjbboitrbE>oda. 

T\nt* non otfttmntU licflAnca, Jlipcni' 
mg with o1>edteno« to the ilatuua abov« 

* ftha aomclimea added to Iter alyte, ■' ot A&ftoram Dofalna." Men, AngL 1, Vjh. 
f>. Load. LGj£. 



CWr«^|POiiVtfnf# ^Sifh*atMM Urlt^n. 


■IM*! tA, Mid vUch Kuwlcd rrum lIis 
Oovb ftiri p«c«nkr7 coiiaLl»rvtkD> «cvf 
«f ln> cbwWtan, boUi vqiully Docontti- 

il««| tte vollor to b^M npoa bii ntite, 
iha otter « Uoout ocauiaioi > p«rJon 

ItfKtf ciM« HTT tb« tVU lkB!lM% iHtttfd 

1 pn Ac iolloviu eimet* ; — 

F§L IS Ov. ^.|vdn J8, Ad, 8.— Whtrc- 
ft«*k*T« boca Kirn to unH«n<aiid Lhnt 
«tf viA bolof nJ i-irituipht^ tiiiitiiri» ion 
«i Mr todortst of Ciiritt^^jihrr lAnl 
Btftoy, «if Ktrhr. m Che ooqncr o^ North- 
njMM. Wdflfbrt wm and itiU U Uw< 
Mjf ui iiJiiibiadfnwitMofBw or and 
m all IbM *ci^ ami jiSLncU of (raoibl 
vIVBM ft retAUi «ft|>iUlt mfttucv or 
^mtiim boBkfr fortncrJf c«IIh1 Itntian- 
bMB.B tbe pftriifc of St. Aihlrvv. lUI- 
b«i,t> iW ooootjofUidJttaci, htmvrXj 
Aio4 I aari of vt4 in all thit |iirKJ of 
iomd to ibe uid ftci^e ajjauijnf. UErtj 
qU tW Bofilinf Gmn ; inJ onn other 
MhI o# ptmnd, formnlj- caIJviI ibe 

mj Ga«i)», tk«T«m<o «]>o uljaining; 
MoT «of l» one oUmt pared o! arounil 
ttlbf Hid pami »lled th* P^vy GAfJfla 
m4 BovIIbs Gr«c« [brrraiito alio id^ 
Mtet terafoforo a cl^io, ooninin^nK 14 
anai hf atinattorr. dot* at ln»» uttrr- 
aw|> »eiM«d with i brkk wall, and 
Mf nfcJ » hwn hy tbo uokc of 
lonnflaai1f«_i11 whit^ aforflaid pareela 
If fioand, aa tlic atm*. or uiy part of 

■te, #a «Viit I4^hw«rd u^bo ac^rfiiJ 
^Ki UMrr, mniDoalj oalled HulbomCi 
* foo tft io liyl frK vT aniat or thtn- 
■fcwb. md frnm Hofbonw taming >'>' 
avii ib« ttortb afkd Bbutllp^ «aatvard 
^n &j UouK, io covlaito lUO foot of 
aaiw «r therrabotttSt Mid from thoDco, 
Ivitof ioaaHa tbo cut and abullin^ 
aoiilb«aril upoo Ely Hoiur, Jo tfonEaia 
no frat of a«Ufl or tharaaboati, lod 
*•■ tiKBOC loninc a^n fnttb«r towards 
ft* bofth a»d aliaUinc Mitiratd U[h>o 
BWfiaa HtDj da conUln hriZ ftrl of ■*• 
■air IbaRabout*, aoU Xivm Ujcuuc toru- 
dftchc wot ftod abqltlofl; nortb- 
I opOM a ocrtana p><>«« tbcv* leadiof 
itvanla P^rpQ^I Lanti da oantun t^ 
tm of aiHt« or ibmaboatait and from 
Itapoc tiif^ng tovaid die aonEb and 
abMi^ wvaiifard u|>m l^albtr Iarp, do 
iMliki KHDfMtctf afln«o«theraaboala, 
aad f>qa tt W CT nifttin tcnrarda <lie ra>t 
nd aballfin a acUiw a r d opon nrlain Un^ 
■avCa MvM> Leaitbor Lu>« and tha 
ihiiMil ■■■fkti-boiH nllhl llaitan 
iow«,4o cootiiit ^10 ^t of aaaiaa or 
OaanbMU.— Afid Uhit tharvof b«iii{ ao 
OuTT. Uao. Tot.. XLHI. 

HTiicd he the Bid Cbriatophar diM Uka 
dowDaad daoolurh part of the md t^af^J' 
ta]> naiaaa|a, or atan^tun bt'u>r» aad 
Oltitrr (be oalbovao lud tfuilJin^* ihcrtEo 

latdj baton^o^;. anil du\ «rfc:i uid buiLf, 
nriC ohlj apoa ibv old fmioiiiiiiirii tlitrrrof, 

tmi Lipan ilivor* nlh«r lurU nf ihfl nfim- 
»a^ tctlaand parccU of \ n-vpe<^tWdj 
atfvonl tcntfrnmu ^Jit\ dweUnic him^m, 
«b«r*br ^t b^tb uffcDdrd ij£iiiiu^ this U*ra 
of till* kinKdom* and hicurrrd tha pcuuU 
ticft Uurtof.*^ Uflre folltf» the i»[>ef»t(»a 
vordi. granting |>ardon of nl] ioTleiXnrtm 
■lid penaUioi iDirumd by reavnu of tha 
prtiiiiii hitlTdln^. Arid r<mprtairiiig tba 
fuluffi huildiiiK Li]]<!intk]ii:fc \t> bo OLiTlad 
OD. aHih libertj (jj make a K««r, '*ao aa 
the waUt b« boUt of ttonc or bri^k, to bU 
iato a rerlajn ditcb c;r commun Hwkt. 
leading from CtcrltenvrDll (owa/d« Hot' 
bomcf aod fnsm thfnca fair^njc {olo Iho 
Tbam« al Uridofrell daclt," T Nom 

■ * J/ f oa ' iiNnfJor T%ontt Cftmifi fiwM\ 
P<if, 13 Car. y. I*. 3fl, A^o. 6,— Whrrcai 
tV(T linT<] be«i linn to QqclrrtUTid thitt 
OUT riifbt Xrmtf and wtIL bptoTpd <ouiiQ 
and {AiiniiKlbr Tltoma* Hnrl of ^at^- 
amnton, our Hiftli trruurrr of V,iig* 
Und, U Iftwfuily Kljfld m hLa dtminna la 
of fl« of lod in lihfl tpTpri! pipit[<« or pur- 
«la i>f land, or ^nnntl ami triifniriit*, 
htroiaRftrr mtrntiuiitd* ocrmmonljr oallad 
or known by the tcvcral namti of tbo 
Pond Pipce, Tbe Cbfrry Gardni. Bboma- 
bojTltuildirnB,ThcIlo«Firld.Tbf rtowl* 
inK (<fOiirid nnd (rT^omct^t nnvr or htv in 
Ihe ImuM! or ocrupoiion of riioiiiAK Wal- 
Urn. or III* M*i(}Bj, dl labicU laid ntrccla 
of land or ground and IcncmFDU lytaff lo^ 
KTthar, ilo abut aaat upon tb« land m Sir 
Thomu fiahar MlledTlia Ktoe^ Oala, 
•ontb npon tfae at ml craLled Uolbomc^ 
vcat npori tbe luid ui' ffruoad lata btloiHp 

big unto Bi^A*. late sidtnnan of 

tho dty of London* dr»Ufd, tad north 
upon tho fifllJ culled Iwixij; l^old *ud Bi- 

bar'* Field, all vbich pifoea or vftroela of 
land or £ri>iiQd and Eonrtntntft 00 eoDUln 
bf Pttimatlnn M airra or tberaabonta t 
%nA alio of and In that part of tbo pi* M 
or por»t of Uod callad tbc Lonv Held, 
nhiclj licLh bctwrrn tbo Vnlli of ib« courl 
of th« Qinnhiun-boiive of thv aniJ Earl of 
SoutbkTD^jtnn, C4l]«d Stfuthaiaptca lloiufa 
and Uir Cbcrry (lardrn and part of 
BLooniBbary. wnU One ilrat utfndUg 
vrATPord iMidiiif inio the hifhvaj fk*oa& 
tit. (iiln Eo TottonhamCtturtr; — ondbdac 
tht'rnrf lutritcdtliv Jic Aiiil TUomai Burl 
of Scuthiinfttifn, or »onir of bth icaanta, 
ba^e brvctoftin? eicclcd and btiilt upon 
V«ino part t1t#i«K^r, tiT^ril t«n4iinpn1>, *<U- 

fic«a,and buildiugv. And foraamucb u 
ttoae of thoM bDildtngawcra mada of *OMl| 


Corretpondffnefi of Sjfhfanut Vrhan. 


and arc becomi: ruinouB and decayed and 
VFi-y dHngeroDB In oase of fire, and tbat it 
would vcTj ranch redound bji well to the 
public hazu-d and dema^ tA that of the 
■aid Earl of Southaniptoni if such of the 
said tenements, Sec. aa are fit to atand, 
ahould not be coatinaed, aod the rest 
talien down and rebuilt according to the 
deilgn and plott for building upon the 
premised made and prepared hj the said 
Earl, and by Ua aeene and approrcd of, 
Nowknowyo— *' Here fbllon the operatire 
wordd of pardon and reraisiion of penal- 
ties a< la the foregoing non obttante the 
atatutOB of 31 aad 3b Elii. and licence ia 
given " to build new atrcetfl, lo ai boCb 
the front walla and all other the ontwaUa 
of the buildings. Sec, erected and btiilt of 
or with brick and atoDe, or one of them ; 
Uid to mahe, haTe, and use one or more 

Bcwer or sewcra which aball or nay ftO, 
or be Tented in, to, by, or through the 
common aewer in Holborae or St. Gilei, 
near the place now called the Eing'B Gita, 
or in, to, or by, or throagh any other 
common aewer, made or to be made In 
Hotbomoria St, GUea that can or ma j 
receire the «ame, and to make a ncir 

The pemaal of these ticeuMi will alio 
Huggeat to the reader that making the 
Thamea the receptacle of the main acwcr 
at Bridewell dock {L e. bj the Fleet ditch), 
and newly-formed aewera to fall Into (be 
mala sewer, is of long continoance, al- 
thougb, previous Co the period of tfae Ro- 
EtoratLon, I beliere do mention la made hft 
public recorda of an; tmdvrfroiaid oom- 
mon aewer, 

Yovn, itc. T. E. T, 


Mr. Urfatt, — There lies before me, as 
1 write, a copy of Archdall'a well-known 
Mouasdcon Hibemicum, which wants the 
plates, tiut is olherwiae in eicellent con- 
dition- 1 findf after a careful CTaminationf 
that it containa, in the handvrriting of 
Ledwich, Che Irish antiquary, many mar- 

ElnslglosfieSjiomeof which are cut through 
y the bookbinder's knife* but others re- 
main in t^laiBO. They are interesting, as 
poLnling out what portions of the work 
were contributed by Lcdwich, who aeema 
la this (once, hia own) copy to hare been 
jealous of hia fame- 

The Advertiaement La, in a marginal an- 
itotation, aaid to be "By LeSvich ;'* 
and the Introduction is similarly noted, 
*' The whole trrff/en by S. Ledtoich." 
^Hien I turn over the piigefti I find the like 
entries regularly made, e.g. ; 

Page 147. At the commencement of the 
account of Chtiat Church, Dahlia, is tbis 
marginal comment in pendlUng : " I lup- 
plied aw far irv y" Cmchtte. Edtu. Led- 
wich, F,A.S. 17B6/' Inverted commai 
then mark out the paragraph in page 147, 
commencing with the words, " tntolrcd in 
obscurity and darkness." and Cake in the 
whole of page 14B, csflcluding wilh"a 
brancli of AuguatiuianB." 

Page 171- Ledwich writes, in pen- 
cilling, opposite the account of William 
MorctOQ, Dean of Christ Church, Dublin, 
16:7-1705, the glow "obwcurt.'- 

Page 173. Addition, ad flnem, to the 
paragraph about St. Sepulchre^s Priory, 
Dublin, "and St. Seputchrft Library:' 

Page 183. Opposite the third para- 
grapL : " Compare thit with Rrgan^ in 
Harrin' Hibemica. Lrtte [i-f, a manor 
so named] here, I think .... Bordoall, I 
think Bo. ..." 

Fnge 339, line 23, " 1746 ** comcted 
with a pen, and made " 1496/* 

Page SSI, line 5 from bottom. Hm 
name, Loogh-meraa, is nnderlltied with 

SencillJng, and opposite ia written, '* TUttV 
Lovyhmtditn in Stronffbow'e dkarftr ie 

Page 590, The whole of the architec- 
tural account of Aghaboe Abbey, Queen'a 
CO., with the List of Abbots from the year 
13H2, it claimed by Ledwich, who acOi«« 
the margin of the type with bik-jots, aod 
writes, " a ZedmcA, in the year 1786.*' 
In line 14 of this page, opposite the worda 
" the last ricar/' he writes " Dr. Otrx." 

Pa^ S93, tine 13. Clnaln-cbai^ la 
identified in the margin, ** Probably CToC- 

Page 597. Opposite the account of tba 
NnnaeryofTeampuInaCailleaC'dnbb, Led- 
wich writes in pencilling, *' Wat aceiide- 
pending on the Dominican Abbey of Agha- 
boe, another [etlt?^ the chwehAeid [wat f] 
Cn/fetbonmyh . . . 7%ere u no rowu 
iower, or remalni q/" . , , A £.'' 

Page 667. The account of the Monas- 
lery of Mouaiucha, co, Tippervr, is thni 
annotated, '^ Cotnmunicafed by Bev. Sdw. 

Page GGfl. In large letter*, in the 
centre of margin, aa clainiing the whole 
page, is written " E. Ledwich." 

Page 771' Opposite the accoont of 
Gtendalough, is written in ink, " By O/t. 
Hayet. Bee my Aec'. in Archaologittt 
I'ot. B." 

Ibid, line 4 from bottoui, tiie flords 
^^ Grecian art^hitecture'^arc underlined with 
ink, and in margin appears the sound, aen- 
tentious commeaC, "nonmee." 

Page 775. Opposite the last parvnph 
\9"Johiuon'9 Tbur hs Seottatd, S^L^' 


Corre^ndtiK* tf XgltOHiu l/rltan. 


t^ \6mfiisio€ ui titncc ftoca the grot 
— wtiii'* MntOJilionil *4 JtniM. 

Amj *l jomt rc*^* ^h^ po*K«a tlic 
MwMliLUii UibenJcftiPp by tnaa^'Mng 
AM Mat ID Uwir MVcr*] i^UtTt* imj 
ffhsttof lilt laJnit of tba«5>y' Hut Etuii#, 
*W Un *(ailkil ib« hifloloff of Ircluid 
Mb qnr mnten aatrw^w, fed ivin^lj 

^taibtclhm of Lidvich utd AfoliiUA ; and 
mort hchaUf-tUr, uufr dfcp chan whttt 

— ?.u«<uft« or S4i-&priT M.MO U'UKvr,— DimxTiaMfcTKHMRu or Skin. 

Urn. UuiAXt— Id tbcbog blogr«|*ttioil 
wm «■ C«n|i«] d« BeruM In L« lUipc'i 
*l4«^" (riii. 204—7), ttftff i« an ci- 
jWiP* iritkfa tnv tiijtlu^ r<si]Fni«iU 
vitfftUad. -' U riot H PvU fun inu*. 
iT] |fr«rtiDt qnc I50i> Uiroi * dc rcuic, 
If Vt d« Omtf dt Lyn^ Dn« Dtun et 
ti tfpiH «(rMilM»'* Jd iclblia« Uic 
J^mt iritfc Ui ^ttcoDcw, Hxlunt dt 

hopaAoof , U b uiil t^ Uivd liim <ridi 

ii|nlilDJ*» becMktc *'dlc l'4v.tiE lit^ df 
la Um-'' In rtflji 'liilc ju^Ufjinf; bu 
■■Hmw ■* Uu |mnd or <liiiy, ke kddsd 
^MonC* d« X^rcq ■• prut pw M tir^ 
4tm hmt." Qd wMcb L4 mrpc ob 

« poblo 4Ue modern" The 
did iaflfr* Uwt Iw vw of n^JDtljr 
«b<4 Wn ilkM till*, but Mch «>h not the 

Urn —Unil prdcfiDcni vm * c«iu>Df x ki 
tevtfkDdcU u l^oat, iitKHfl chapur vm 
«lif Un bo« vniQCtil ut rnuoe. '* CUc 
III faod^B Mf J«iiB ttA4 dr RoiinKt^gn* : 
^U napM d* SvafViif* ^ n>'iil<iureji 
■atHVi ift< M* £te(». Lr Dujrvu ci Im 
CIdmAi** prcAftCDCtocfl IcIltndoCointai. 
il Joltml 4trv nobica dt auOn nna, 

brt dv 061^ |«Sb(ii«I i|U da ni*Ur&eL 
IbnfficiMC »ii B<ICr»«Bl(il U mitte tur 
h liSPf <Ottiii« If* ci'i^uB, Uut k yftHrt 
plW dAacra *l It louJiftrfe.*' (Nohtmlh 

Tm^ At F»iocc> i;n, p. T7.j Tbt 

Mbrac inUmd oocic«« (u t Umrc UO 
AlMfv of l^BD ic<e>>«til«.J ftrt ukffD 
im iMit^De'i "MviucriU dc U 
aUiii«bc4|v« dc Ljon," (laiS, J n>lj>. 
hiL) trivrU uf wbtok r«Ule Cu bbe hn- 
tUtiiM of thftl dif. Ait ief<r« ft ifDM. 

Wfrm SV U«^l. w« Iwn tbol di£ iltJ« 
ifCba Cdaoi^CoutiU b publk prvcUma. 
Bwn, « aXto'M 17 the Cro«D, *u >Vd' 
yUm*^ Cbmtia XHfiiuu. No. U&6. 
cDAUini tb« uU uf tJw C^ptM 
I dit fW 13d; I0 U4V, it]cutii>U* tbr 

,-.tMMof ''Jma Goy, ic prrwntint poar 
dbBMioik ootDDie noD DMk." In No. 
Uu, «trMi»«iptiajid* in i€Tt fmn Dld*r 
dBEUKDU^ U U n«uUt«d (but '' Dul. ft 
fmmf^tit 4m ooniM, dc pounti mfltm 

K« iiraULricii *ar iVuUl pvodDat b <dl^ 
bnbin dc* Lucaia Je (uort." Nv. t:£40v 
ODtiLlcd " CcQVur* U 4botdun CoDOiikOD 
i-uKiJuuwiMi,'' nfm to «D cxttdordinirf 
prvIaiulDii of tb* CoaiU, tthloh Jf«w opaa 
Ulcu Uia c«ntuni>f (htfSorboaDr, "C«a« 
omt^n fut Jilir, Ic is A^tU, i:iAA,co»t^ 
KnHEe de* c1miiu>Io« ita 1a caiWduTr dft 
LjOL)> qui, duu l^l^niion do Id haaUo 
{icflttaat In oAibnt'Oii do U mmr. n- 
fiiftoii7ut Jir A^dkir 1« kquou el dn »\iii:li&er. 
li w'rxoit idtsi }i crrl rfud ulic £nad« 
difitfulc^ 0DtF4 [« doyta ds T^Uftr v( le# 
diau«4iic«. L« d^ii4>n PQ ai-^ttL^cfpfirlie 
ia rod qui nooiUa d«ax uommitHirai 

Spar U iBrmiiwir. Cent-d famt Ih nr. 
iiwux ds Z«mifiK tt de 2^urnon, Ceitr 

nffiuitf ■iDjiulJuri^ fut plnld'.^ to»traUii;fQkD- 

nkrnl devint f ut rn pl«la ovMni> Ob» t 
(ibicrvA qvc lev nJn dc Fruoe »Xt** 
noulUolooi A t'll^flAttoa j et dAtJor*, il ful 
ardoDDf^ lui duiDoiwi d'en foire ■dUoc*' 
^triifiibirnriiliniE ^li^*, DoUdrc hji that 
ibiMB " (-ImnniDr^-nnRitrti " nhUinAd »n 
Ordtr Qif Coikadi, Aufuit 21 of the BUnii 
jvu-| la wDflrokUton or tbeir cUlin,f lad 
onlr rvDVunoed it in Ihc nign ofLofiU 
XI V. "p4r I'tflict dN roprocib«i du rui«t 

|ar l> craintf dc Tut itipIktR." [lljntoirn 
dc P4ri«. f4l. V. p. ei.) liir iddis " U 
TH Hbotii en \M KD pared du^, m* 

liCWUwniKni oonwrvf ptr 1*1 fhtAciiA«« dr 
VvrJti»; iUBOt«K«U«itfitpoin^at[rDOu 
peiid*Qt rrlutkUuiii ec tHuL*lruit It l^o 
O^QVcrUauipnxvuioa*/' (IbklO It |i 
CLLTJviB CO oonlratt thit muatrah** ml Im- 
nliuk wjth hi* ditmsBrd of vrineipio in 
Uuiadf, hnd bin pcroHOilldD of IMn otbcn, 
l^ut vach oontndittiDQ* are not un- 

Tha chipur dn^n aot ftvm tohftiebacn 
oputcul, iiul^Tlb>lacdiii( iU digtdtj, U> 
)adM b; ihB ilradtfr iAouow i»f Ikrnk. 
Aod wbcD Hi do tTonUnohUop. lO* of 
th* Utor oottDU, wb« Lad tiudJAJ t|i« art 
ofpiiiillaCslDMi "teAattoit dvfrinn* 
prwnlct vor U* lUrau dii chour lo 
■ifoujid oonciiij dd Ltob, k4 flnU en p4ru> 
real irof coQiiiiJtMka i bod «h»ptre/' 
Uu voehEiDliMl UkDtD, bovnvi jrovtiJ 

'Xiorit BflnDidDic<ofapl«,nn|t auu*.*' Wailly, 

" )iUlDttf*a4 Mtn tt dtvU . , . . |«r uu «rr>H dv cuiifoU, do 93 aqftl Ufi&/' 


Corrttpondonci of Sylvan^tt Urban, 


Je Ljon Tent nitaU jurmi m oomim, un 
eiuned r^flfchi ilo rtrt du Mrnirlcr lot 
At ImnfinT nn nuiTin tngfiHcui pnaf nn- 
fvnn«r. dn U niuU^re !■ plui focilr cC U 
pliM lAf«i 1c* rKbcdumemoii* do U iHijf*' 
tic. Cf m^ehiuii]i]« ^b«pp«ani rcgm/dft 
dM<<uritfUv, PC c:xciE« leurtarpTU* towu^ 
OD le levr d^voatr*.*' (Dftlindinv, Ui^ 

S.3V&, from the" Kbfftt Imtorique df M. 
V HonEmOrUJ<»n, |inr M^ do LaTouretU," 
No. 1190.) Ho.Upilm L:7r>wWtiilu!tx- 
tlnctlonor chedm^ktrr and kU ditailiDi. 
Hie Ui; dofft^cofifrini M- d* CwtolW, 
dtpaty of ilic citj (if Lyom to the Suut' 

bij Du the " OrrenUbtir>o du Clcr^t " 
DOULtln no i|iofLa! nollce of tbc pluptcr 
of Lyoni I bul in tbat gv oeral ■boliiion 
iu fiJiCru^iBn oafiona tfprn tb« Im^t Itkfily 
to bo •pvnd. The UAjpuc« «do|M«d bjr 
tbc £cdo*ta«tloil Comialtuo Id lU Rt- 
|)orL* «iu direcily oppoicd to thdr pri- 
vUefVti vhieh could onljrbutor ihtir w\, 

iniilc*d Af ■ropprnf^njE it- " CrCK foalo 
d*aTib(^li dc prirurh-tHiiELiTinndjiCfttreiii de 
duDoLuVp kc doiffD^ tout dc icur tacfa< 

tion prtmirlvPp rn iliipnrolirT* tif U f^cr de 

r^gUie." (RKueU dt> Loin NouvtOJo*, 
ITW, dlvtiion iU. ]■. 13C.) A d«m 
■'•««c|»Edot0aotloilu^'* Aii(u«l24, i;fK>, 
enidi tbit " bjUB titiT< «c office , . , 

loi dljcnit^*, mnnniontv, ]>ri*bflndM ■ ' > 

>«tiwll <0 flrif rlAbtl de »rj>blKl>k«.'^ (lb. 
p^ tO&'/i TIju ffl1« of the fT-iluycD-fioint* 
VIA melBDcboIy. " LoDg-Lcanpi fn^^tif tt 
Hon df 1-5^)11, il j menull, ]i>ni|U'uii 
OOnp d« vonE Iv At Iniitbcr d'uii viuiitKHu 
duu la in«t, I'll ft diipMul, to IT^H.** 
{DiUDdfnfl, iK. IGI.) 

I b**« to add vomr eonMlof^icil aoIJao* 
of 1*0 of tbe counli : I. Ttic ftmllf naioa 
of M. i)« Moiilinoiilloa Aborf^iuditiioptod 
wu SalaoiVi ind it«rrwtnbtAii«tothlt 
of Uiv ffkbrntrd Sultan iHCipliiLnTid by Ibc 
foUavijijT tTAdUiunikrir n^iocdolf- " l.'un 
de IN uicftm njeav Ji^ taiqcu diDi 1p* 
crolavdcf par S4l*dlD, obiJni de ce loatlBii 
b pvnhimoii ds r«<oDmcr fd Bodi^ojeiic, 
ob *A fuiiil]ii^li>lt«rAb]U<ponry ctcrdicr 
mt MDfoo- L« ohAtaUer d'at^kuC pu m 

Srwarcr k mkudo h Uqudle on iMok 
iM| ntoaroi an< b^itcv dvoiander let 
fon & ScltJio L nii« ce ficr cna«DiL n« 
loulut pu loUlitcr laincro en |«afro' 
*it^, lulACCordt Ia tlberU* ton* U vojjdi- 
tlon 000 dtfoofl iJofi di M mikon pnrte- 
Toit k TiTmlr lo nnom do Mirfra." 
(D«L liL 3$A.} To Impugn eo plaiHJnf « 


<tory Mhy H*in etineionft, ba< Ir appfon 
Tcry itnprubobic, ond tooki lik* bridx mod* 
for (be nunc- 'iluc of f^ocn boa bom 
ntlributcd b^ lome aoBiiiiie pvraoao to w 
anowtDt'i luppoaed i^loromnMi tf 4ort 
dutiiLf the Crnudc, whcnH ll bu ^l*^_ 
rrat thoufb banibler d^lvolion from ^H 
pUeo M nllod 1x1 CamborUAd. ^H 

t, Thovlder of Ibr tAobroLhcrfl A*Vti^ 
(nlied rfliwr, aco<irilinj[ to % yr^caot tbea 
ooomaD Id Fmnt^i?)* llie tutbor of Diom^ 
frpanw nC-4UDii-(:o4iDE of Lyiini. bfttrbk 
dlrorte. olikU toalc pluo in 319G. An 
iwcouot of the Qri|in of tlml fumlf , wbM 
ii omiCtfld by Moreri. tJ |ir«a by DcIm- 
db«- ' hf prrinlcr noiu dc ccttc ChdDIo 
ctvit Wa^, qui ii|:niTka l^if «* '"^t** 
Alleuiinde.t Lm dorvadnni do Wwtt 
nomnwrcM Gn«{^4 m luliir, ot (/^M on 
Pranr". ^^tiJi «>wl fortn^ Ik nnm ^/fr/t^j 
//fori ir*/, >nmo>nm* I« /ion orpwli 
/fvr, cbjuw* irAlloiiiignc p*r I'Kmpcro 
Prairie BcrSi^aitit*^ n reFoi^ ovpr 
Gaf, Comte do Forf«, et bitit l« obiUflt^ 
4'VrfU di>nl on dl«Uo|ii« <neor« d*lv« 
nenm tutofi, »ur una mootlMO ptM ili 
fiV, /u^ CD t:imi«lrt. . . . HfTf ttV^fi 
fill fnhil niitliv dH ubalilrkrmdcFnMO, 
ct ii^liiLa tn celle nuabtj an MCfv ^ 
Chartr* VIL[ co fut lul qui clianp« li 
niim d'f/^/ tn colui tfUrfi^ /V«f»b, 
>oo pdTit-ftl«, iioullat millamfnont avtc le 
fhr^allvr J7avHf^l*t]|>li'du doiq Pnafab 
ob Irrilo PraoeaLi oomliAitirvot co&cn 
inl» BapaiDOliw-* 0'^- l7f>-7. No. lt»4.) 
Wb#lb*r mr emvuc poQCTbumv Uurfiy, 
via of ibr lomo family T otanot aay. but 
hli mrvnii wtra Prrocli rvfugMo, wbo 
Hfd In 1l!'J8 from Urn uoflo of RookellMH 
and Htlleil it liiFUir ^| 

After iattitiu util in inuub ^oul psrvum 
who atlaLaed (o dlanUlei al Lyon*, an in* 
•taMW of •clf-doniA h the aane plao« «IU 
DOtbaloifiplloable. Ku. I.t1»4 oflbtHfi;. 
oeolajoa i list of ibr ^ntt (prt«ld«nti) 
of Ihf LoUncof FhTtlcliailn ibntdty. 
Ac ihfi death of PleVfr GarnUr (the an- 
vmtot uf AevEtil rmiiHTil pbytinuii anJ 
laityrrt), in 1(J8I, *^on vouIdiI nowfr 
pour iluyvn Cfiari49 &iO"t qol 'U>U Cil- 
Tiniitcj on propDu k fc dftidar do tc 
fair* CalbolUjUc i mli tl d*«Un ^*i1 

Kr^fi^roit EoonHr ditu m nUnon k tov 
li hanncuriK'* {HI. ^H.] AoeordEofly 
Andir Knlfumrf, auilior of a trtoiW oa 
the Ham, and who had ftUeil the ottoa 
of abnriD. w» adtaoocd to tba TaouA 
4-bair. Tbe author of tba Frmdi " Dl^ 
UounLtra d<a Glroii«tt«i" taa oucuUcoUy 
uBfrlfd, " EUcn D« coAto moloo 1 na 

■ n««d by Uio Abbi! Eipilly, arcsT«ar«U Cooatttotiooal Bttbop of Qaimpvr. 
aufftnd an a Ikdenllit m lTff4. 

t *rhfT pruftMed to be deicMided from Ouariut Covnt of AJtorf and Dnlo of' 
8ti(kbtn, vhu lifcd ici Ibv etfblh cciitYir^. 


JVrtf« afth* >ffonth. 


(p. JTY), bol berv U oa tHt^ncd of Ili« 
(itf rtf y, A fttrtJier iotrrctE ilUcha t« 

, IbA wlitiina trticUtr tad mli- 

ijuarr, vliu did not dirniplB from Che 
p4t«niJil ciample uf intfiirltT. but ea- 


Voon, &C. J. T. M. 


wSprotovciha rttblaoroar Auitiart^ to 
OMM^LMbw of Uie IsttrvAtioinl trut J Ic- 
C«m that oouaCrj and Frcno, Che pob* 
iMJitfiof Parii b4tT Alrrtdjranni lO.OOfl 
Trt—i w t« BfVAHUp lo ht do|Mulud in 
Uk BAiiuiUaiic Svy«Ic. 

Tbc lodia Boanl bM ptblifhnd Ihc nt^w 
niv hftJ dovv tor tibe ej^acnination far 
WHUrtAt^ttiitU \m Id tab* pUn- in Jul; 
DHL TInt dliir \m Viftj mpvcti from 
tkf rvpMl aJRMfj paUlibni, Kich nn- 
Jfchliii mm Mnd in, bif«n Ibt Ivlof M^j, 
«0Cia<*<«f of bfalihi <harftc4er, and of hi^ 
bmf «bo*« It BvJ aador^ jean ofn^r, 

H —'-*—' '- * ' — ' These inbjfcUi 

•■ fadj adUedt ftrt — Eu^tlih comiPOBl- 
lUt. E«cU«i btentnxv ^nd hivCory. in- 
di^m Cfttt oT Ibr ia*9 ftnd ci^nititiitiinrr 

^atm, Fnao4, Omuhj, lulf, maibc- 
■«k*. f4iFnlilr7. tlcciricHj and ma^titf- 
Unk. Dftlvrml bitUCf . t«oli>KT <^nd minora- 
M^t lofic, iMUUI, noni, aiid polk^c-il 
ybfliMjpfcj, fiuufffit and Anbu.\ Tl>< 
Mcftly beat aiiMlfdiU4 «r« to bv tcltctod, 
Tbej vill be irquied to pua, sfttr oilp ot 
Vr* j«ftra> *t their option ^ «n ■lammariAn 
In b«i ladua bklorf, oiia ludmn btii- 
ni^ Uid policic&l CCJD.OIDT'- Aftpr pui' 
lOf IJili cuAinaUon tbcT'iU r<»ivetlieif 
■pfaintinCDN, Socb an ike (mrlinn of i 
fikn duaUwii probably to wttrk s<v4icr 
dhiocA in the oihicatioB of the s^pn 
ci«Ma tbtfi any abifib bu occimrd iln^c 
Ik mini of riMaic iMnln^ in the J Ml) 
CVRten.— -Tlie Court of Dirocton of th« 
Em UdM Compaaj bi« appoidtod, m h 
iMVanry ntMmn, (be Rifbt Hon. &r 
Jwo Stcfien, IC<C.B„ LL.D.. to be Pro- 

fvaior orUistorjf uxd PoliCioil EoonomyAt 

lUntybury OjUpk*. 

At Ibo Vnipfr»'fjf t^ Comtri*Iff* lK# 
Crotac }<GUolAr«Eiip wa« on the Hih Ui-£. 
■djodgod to Oetaniu Glover. UJh. of 
fimmaDDCl rollcKP. On tbe 'V^t^ Dpc. the 
Rrr. HarxTj Goodwin, M.A. of Civai ool- 
Lc[(C, wju r1i:L:t<i1 UuIaciui ]«clti'<r fur tlift 

!tu tatuiut; a[i<1 Oii- HubhcUTi firitc of 
OOAfomn cinjon tbfl Influence of ChfJa> 
tifenily upon InCvm&tinnml Law, wu ad- 
jud|;rd lo Air- C- 1^1, KeoiLEfdy, of CuQt 
rolk^. lliB Maltbnd nrUo of l,(HHFf< 
1i«()ii#Bfl]eil Ti}' Sir Perai|rin« MilUAiid for 
an ciiay on ftoran Aibjeot oannKteJ wtth 
lta« propafatli^u of thu Oiupcl in Iiidtm ■ad 
Olh^r ptrta of tH^ hr-illmi nnrid. ii tbU 
Tear fwrred for Ihe beit trouUc on tho 
R«ilqloui IliDloiy of (h« Slklki, cooflldcrtd 
vith ripccia] irftrrpdM to tbe protpecU of 
CUmtinmly in Norlli-wwteni IndU, The 
Kar. Thnodor* Pmlon. MA- P*»H«rw ti{ 

Tftntty college, bu bMQ AppoUted Lord 
AlmonrT'iFrofViaorof Arabic. In ttiaroum 
of tba Vrn. Arcbd<iu?oti RobiOBOH. wbo 
han nf>i£nrr! tht nppjijLtmciir. Thr *tt> 
pend aEti»:h<d t« il it inldFrahN ■null— 
oatr 4HL IU<- per uaum- 

On the Utb Dvc- tba Khomt for tbe 
building <if the n*« JI/iitMiM «/ C^firtd 
(nlrevly iiolknd in Nov. p. &95) vu aub> 
mlttfd loConTonlloD in three volea. The 
nrtt i^ropi»iLioD nns tbnc odc ot otbor of 
Iba ivo (iMii>i rrlccttd by (be ^elcvntoi 

jihouU be ndufitcd. Upon CbJji b diTiiioa 
took pb^e^ Biid Ehe caotiLrn *b& i^rnod by 
tbc iniflll majority of lii, there beioj la 
fftvoar g1 it '^, And tj{itnft it'yJ, Th« 
Hooio wat ih«a c*Ufd uiioo lo d^ddo be* 
Ttffvn 4 FaliniUau dfiijn.bnftriiijE Ih« motto 
" FUt Jurtiha, nwtf c^urn.' juid ■ Rhn- 

* Hh ttrsdfte oorrarpood^nce witb La Cluia« bas bwo print«d in your Majtuloe. 




Not€M o/the Month, 


iomitm." Ths merits oithete tvo dtwiguv 
had been vranaly diacuiued throa^hoat tbe 
UDiTersityf ud numflTOua papers Rddrcsted 
to tbe meinbera of canvocHtion irerc in 
eircuIftCioD. *' Nint Domiuiu " was adopted 
by H large Tnajority of votea, 81 to 33. 
Measn- D»ne and Co, Dublin, are the 
socceuful competLCora- A ddcgacy waA 
at the tame time appointed to confer wiCb 
the architccti, and traoMCt all other bui- 
ncas for the completion of tlie muieam. 
The leoond plan, nbich ira« highly ipokEn 
of by competent judges, wu by Mr, Barry^ 
aoD of Sir Charlos Barry. AC a conrer- 
lavoac beld ia the Radcliffe library on the 
Erening of the 9th, Proferaor Phillipfl had 
eiplaiofld the grounds on which cbci two 
plana had been Belecled. Six deaigua were 
at Arat cboeen out of the whole number, 
and thcifl Bubflequcntty reduced to two, 
the other four being rejected in conie- 
qaence of inferior internal arraugementa. 
"Fiat juaticia," Mr, Barry's deiigOr the 
Profeuor eulogiaed boLh for compactneaa 
and good arrangemet^t, adding that one 
aide of Peckwater Quadrangle at Christ 
Church would give a fair idea of ita height 
and elevatioa. "Niii Dominua," the sub- 
wqauotly accepted d«ign, bad many points 
to commend it — t. ff. the broad corridor, 
detached offices, extensive front, and lofty 
roof.. Beaidea the particuUr merita of this 
adopted dcBigD, it it a matter of coDgratu- 
lation that the ityle of architecture baa 
been lelccted which will duly hannonias 
with the majority of the neigh bouriug col- 
lages and principal buildinga, 

Od the 20tb Jan. the judges appointed 
to award the great Bttmelt Prizgt — one of 
I,8U0^. and another of 600^. — to the uu- 
thora of the two beat ireatiAei on " The 
Being and Attributes of God/* aunouaced 
their awardi- Tbc&ucceBaful eompetitort 
were found to be-'for the firit priie, the 
Rev. Robert Anchor Tbompaon, A.M. 
Lfluth, LiDColofbire ; and for the second, 
the Rev. John TulLoebi manM of KettLua, 
Cupar Angus, Principal of St Mary'a 
Collcge> St. Andrew's, Scotland, lliere 
were 20S treatiaes lodgeil. The judges 
were Profesaora Baden Powell and Henry 
Bodgera, and Mr. Isaac Taylor. They 
were unanimoua in their judgment. The 
aeated envelopes were opened in the Town* 
ball at Aberdeea by Mr. John Webtter, 
advocate, in the preaence of the other 
truaCees end a lerge aaaembiage of the 
principal eiiiiena. 

The Horticultural Sacifty have made 
some changes in their programme. The 
first open-air gathering of the year ]8&ri 
ii to bo held — by penuiaaion of her Ma- 
jeaty's Commisaionera— in the gardens of 
Gore House, inatcad of at Cbtawick. Aa 
the lateneaa of our Eogliab summer ao 

often render! the day of the May omtiBg 

cold and comfortleii, a change which 
brings the Featival of Flora io that month 
some miles nearer home ii dearly for the 
better. Thete garden meetinfa ar« b 
future to be held on Wednesday instead 
of Saturday. As regarda the ordinary 
meetings in Regent-street, Cheae are to Iw 
ail in number for the yeari to be held ia 
February, March, April. May, Jane, wd 
November. A new or increased intereit 
ia to be given to these in-dnor meedngi by 
the greater attention to be paid to prus 
tical reiulta. 

We rejoice to be able to auDOunea tbe 
formation of an Arckittclwtil and Ardut- 
otooieal Society /or Lactttrrtkirt. A 

tnblic meeting for ila establishment was 
eld in tbe Town Library at Leicester on 
tbe 10th January, the Ven. Archdeacon 
fionney in the diaJr. Lettera vere read 
from tbe Bishop of tbe Diocese and ftam 
Earl Howe eipreaaing their cordial appro- 
bation of the design i and it wsls aononncd 
that the Duke, o! Enltand would accept 
the ofQce of Patron. Tbe first resolutlOB 
waa moved by Mr. Perry Uerrick, of 
Beaumanor Park : wboeiprcased bia COD' 
viction that auch a society would be at- 
tended with many beneAoial raaultai in 
conducing to the atudj of the eccleaiutl- 
cal architecture and general antiqmtiai 
of the county. There waa no doubt that 
it had many remaina of deep hiatoiical 
intereat atill unexplored, to which it would 
be the object of the SodeCy to direct atten- 
tion, and to preserve them from oblivion. 
The rules of the proposed Society were 
read by the Arckdeaconi and tattled by 
tbe meeting. The Duke of Rutland and 
tbe Lord Bishop were elected Patrona; 
Earl Howe, Sir P. G. Fowke, Bart-, Sir 
Artbnr G. IJaielrigg, Bart., the Arch- 
deacon of Leiceiter, and William Peny 
Herrick, esq,, Vice-Preaidenta ; the Hon. 
and Rev. John Sandilanda, the Rev. J* M. 
Gre»Iey, and Mr. Thomas Ingram, Secre* 
taries. Nearly half a century baa elapaed 
aince the complelion of the great History 
of this county by M r- Nichols ; pince whiim 
time but little haa been done foritsfurther 
illustration, nbilat vaEt atorea of informa^ 
tiou have been opened to the uae of thn 
antiquary in our national and municipal 
records, and the aciencea of archsology 
and architeL:ture have materially advanced 
both in extent of icformatioa and in accu- 
racy of deduction. Mr. T. R. Poller, the 
author of a History of Chamwood Forest, 
baa for aome yeara been engaged in a new 
survey of Uie county, to which tbe society 
will probably afford material asaiatarice. 

The Surrey ArchiFological Society have 
issued a report of their first year's pro- 
ceedingn. but it is more barren of (ler- 


/fath o/ihe tVoAth. 


ttaa ooklJ bof* btM «iibMli 
«r van riarftJiitro h<«M Hgmlfa. 
il 1 cAanmii6M of Ibc 5^(rwr«jUr« 

iMB il TiBMkOB, fin Hil, J«». Mr, C, 

^Aa Md nMlA >rboUr of iJm ihifinalb 
i^vj, TU* Rei. fnnk Wifra nod a 

WlalB. on Alofftud Ind cottnH, inicrtp* 
iSmt nd oUmt KoTDtt remoliit, tmaA U 
|i**itk. r^nib* Dam, Ae. Mr O. R. 
flls MbMAltcd for bitprcdo* llii«r cm* 
Kn». 4n%*nl bj Mr. 4MI, of Brfviol. 
If A fffple^Uftrt waidcrtr. lo be pluwd In 
ik «Ji«Kb «t AlUr, tod Mrtwnttnti 
Mb mo «fber Mb4«d«, 1^ UfrtlaM of 
Pi| G«4fim, UtvT fail defbtf far tbe 
pmt AtfM- A dnwinj^ of tbc foot, >till 
«4nt. Wh hMfl mvIf b^ Mr, A, C1wW» 
b mWlrali ■ fap«r to bt tvid hetatn (he 
laditjOf ADttfMk*, by tbe Kct. llicniu 

ni lUwt or fAf f^iEit^ aii», 

** fawifci W pdatiaf botorkol, wJai< 
■ItKinl- iopo|tnfihlc*1, «Oiil 
rrMMlnof tbcfKurti-cftitFn oouv' 
SoBthnil," «twk> of pn^nm m 
don itf dmnnp of tKn AnefKiil 
I fitoac Moii«tt«ou «r Scoitnnd - 
rf*ailn.ri(jB ti p4|VTt fram Ihe CIiktIr 
Bma «t C««dor« vrbirb ti Dwrly radj 
hr iWliMj 1 of tbo Ant pvt of " Sa- 
Indn ftiMi A« Diary of AlnvKlQr ftrndiit, 
rf Brodk." now tc prMd ; lod of oihor 

Olitfa^^acloJhig C^ ' DUrr of tirDffnl 

Oar4atk," kom tbc Itojrd Llbmrj ol St. 
hAB«b<rf, wl *-The Sfuor," u bdos 

7m Iroqomtrt* iH^n rWisc roomi of 
ite Bfidtfi Ho«um vtn gnliflod, ■! tUv 
nopwhii of Iha Ubrarr thia noulTi, br 
tto if p <Ting< of ue 1^ folio tolumo* 
hhctftrf '*/nmf^ f^ampikMf^" Tbia U 
art * oiulonc, bcwetrr, of thit fiifr-ndlrl 
~ eOoii tf parnf bJi«, ateut 44i,UU0 in 
■hieh f*OM«ltr i>au vndv Aal 
' Uc BOot valMbb »fl of docQ' 
nn>t»." MyvT^omaaCwtjlOi -^ <tiuiiflji«d 
ntb Enclkfa bittorr." Tbe ntrv dCa- 
*• ipvak of ropnaeaia nme Stf.OOO 
bleu bcAonfirie to tW fto|itl Libtvy. 
I tner* pmentad to tbo ntiktn mot* 
i tUftr nra ap, Vot vbove oirtoicr 

L inMl> Uewn Iff lb* p*lil1« Anly on 

I^Mbf j^. 9. 1K^b. Ti«]r«rrT duiu- 
litRil by Mf . I*«ntxil, ■»}. in ciaiknunil, 
■ nlAlofiit Ku n>«dr<f (bnn Afum <r'?>r« 

£bot cbtellf for Um «K of libruianf- 
uUiJiUQg km bc« mlatd vd nr> 

oOpM, Md b SOW «ciMwkble I* the public. 
TLr coUccOovi oovtuit til tb« noal lui- 
pvrttAl pamf bJrta vritlAt Joring tb* rrfrn 
tf flMt9« 111. «* tmdo. offnanoe, ft- 

Muicv, admii^ihtticBi aid ^olEfa'ai lene' 
ntlf. UerabnoMilioa;! f&iooMa anin* 
brr of tnct*. pTjK*r4i, iiBlaee«, Av., ia 
Uutcb md Prrothp barlnff refcrvuv U 
SpDniib mlf? k tbe Nfthflpbndi. To Mr- 
F^oini'* co«rj^ thr pubfiir iflindfbted for 
tbc bvii|uct ihnu wl brfgr^ il. Tbc old 
C!io]1<i7:too of KIoc'b Pvinptitrii. tnowo lo 
biblii^rapbcrt ai ibc Thomutrn C^ttcdton^ 
w>i «*do ihirlngc >)»« nl^u cJ Cltarlr* I. 
K\d tbo Coipmoawedih- Xfttr ei|ieH- 
ciidDjanriKjofTiciiaiMc*, Uvrupor- 

cbivd bj- f^Mrf^r III. who prvtant^ Si t> 

ib« UHtii^ MovnifO kibnry. It E» cata- 
1ujCU0iJ, In maniucript, In tw?|T? iinflll 
ndonn fulio. On tkt df-lf^if of the flnC 
volumo fa «ir!tUn, — ■' A^tjoni tW wn be 
piQtIdcqU lo puitcrllle ovftbt lo bareUiBtr 
rtcordi : mcl dor merit a moft omAi! pre- 
armtioo.'^ Tbe (noCi irr entvml do 
ctrdlng tci tbrir ■!*««. A JTillttot oftlh' 
toguc. alpbabntjctirt krtnniEnlt i» mooh 
rfcnlroJ for ihlm moit InTiloiblc hblfjrtcnl 
e<t\inden,^^Ncift and i^itrin^ 

K diriqus collection cf Afp-draa ^n- 
fiyvuVJr* b ban|t »yhtlcilfarD tborltiuia 
at Kc- 5r> Pall NtfcTt. 'Rioj cQti^iiC (^ 
more tbin ftrs bondrrd gro1«qQff n^m, 
jjitT, unm, A;r„ rtf tforie ahil pttttvrj, man 
or lc*< i:tan)jt(0 vich hifr/jgljphiM, eoI|ec< 
ted by Mr. C. D. Yonnf, ui Knrlbhmaa 
of fortnn?. rt*iillQ|f In Mctiro Irt 1fl«IL 
VFbon lii( crtjr vrsi ihr««bnted in ihM jtvt 
bt Ib4 annj of lli« United ftUV*> deep 
ii^clini and fo*m nme dujE ronaJ tbe 
ticlaicj for addjtloiuJ dpfcnon, and 1r wjk 
In twoe ci<«valloDi dial t|u ifraageljr 
dnlgnod objorta come to [\Au Thv itono 
dforca nfald tobtihanrlleM, probtMj, 
nf thr TdIuv pvrlnd, anil iTin ttm^rotta 
[Di^a oad mca ni^llj prior to tlw 

A (neetint; of the pcrfoul fnendi of tb« 
fato /Vqfrtwr B^watd Ptr^n, (cif wbom 
B mcniatr w>4 ^tqii id oar lu| numWr) 
WM bbld on tlic Ml DcKcmbtr al tha 
MuMiun of Geoto^f ip Jcrmjii-ttre<ct, 
vhfm a rmnfnitl«# via formnl, mntlah'of 
of ProfcMor Otra, Sir ChaHo* Lr«n> Srr 
RodurtijlL MurclilKiEi, M/. Lcorui^ Bor- 
utfr. Mr. tt^ A- C\ Gadnio-AutUn, and 
oThtriv lo reorirp lutttcriptiont tor n u^ 
Dibrial- Hinc mE|;c4linnfi wtn mjida-^ 
1 4 A bm^ to Ihi placed En the entraaoe 
hdl of tbe Motmm. V, A portrmtl lo be 
pfintrd knd incprodrid bi tLe nuttiOf- 
room of tbe Rcpl SocMy. 5. A mitt 
niedal iu Uk IbU Pmrv^vior'* i;li» cf da- 
inml bbtorr. It bai ilpce htcn revolved 
IhaE tbo Memoriai »b«n mnnit of Jis 
BuiHu! mnl4l, hnrlnc dw «rtlc7 of B^Adnl 
Porb<«,«Hh K»rixe r^bookii,tubc MviuJcd 
lo tb« molt dinhnfiMlihcd >tud(^nl ijf luturnl 

and wo of M lurble but to be pUeed h 


ffaUi tifA* Uonth. 



Iba UtI of IW H* 

/ta^ JhW, «%W> nvMa of TJWO »- 

luBM, *litolj f«VT <"**> ^ ^^"'^ P*^' 
c^He4 bT d« Mamm f o< w i* *B t ^ iba 
C«||«t«r Iks fMuMdi, iftd ibii tte 
;SrS^fbrllb«BlrMuQf. H«>>ift 

A* fwr l»W Iba lh« CaHImI vu p-v- 
KBlU «iU thi mU iA lb« RojtJ Sd- 
iltiT »r UMninra of LMdon, ■• mco- 
OcMtd In o<M 0Uiiu»7. « p.'tT- 

tbe ftppobtMOot of Mr. lUtph N. Wcr- 
nttm lo W ofloi of StdvUrr la UhIVw- 
iMtof Iho V#/iMt«f Oif^ K M ownrr 
ofrrfofvia Uxt |mt Hbllo Cil*bliib' 
BMiU. IhLlKrto the oAh of » « »Mfy 
bM ^«tu UlU* aort Uiin « «i*r<ii<P, ind 
bM b<u bdd Ml tb« nail Mlftfj c-l t^"' 
■ y«w (vitb pwl4nn uJ 4ll Ouc reB- 
dcttM lavlM> bf GoDcnU l\mlCM. Tm 
dotln !>«» fc«i oftd tboMcUctfj dcriol. 
A ck»c< i* now to b« cffod*^ hfr, 
Wornum't *tiol» Una ui4 bnovlcdgo tra 
twofpj fvr lb* vublk. «fid Ibt wkuy of 
die ofiw b rabcd to U)OL air^r. Od« of 
tbo Ant Uuilei of Iho n«« SerrnUvy, fo 
uAdvriUad, vrill )» If iD«kd aut ■ cata- 
lofuv of bIU1i« (nit plctorci to tbo vortd 
vrblob* bf pfobfblc omitv, 4fv ^« likcljr 

tooa9»(nt«lhimvkH— iltollt lota^'^ 
ftfl known and oijtbvoticiUtl wofka of gr«ftt 

ojuUfi in pfifl J »lle«i<p>u. ^Ucb A 
wUldgvc — LllfflfuU, biiL not ImpOMiblo, 10 
fnrt<- n" br i[iTk[u4l'1i- fijf ari R^cftnec. 

braittd piotara of MiAatnr'4 FhM <ri> 
1i^qc*d^>r Cbc mtinay anlikiit ilrrvlj ic^ 
■oHbfdfn p. M. bcroadovulbarovtiof 
plotoro rmorcTf to It^ura U mora. 

Tlia nKvita of Cbc TaiMm proceai 
harr bero MbmlUed lo (be aroUntion of 
Ibo Cuort of €4jnuaOD Pina. iAr. Tox 
Tklbof. the HtvoU^r broaibt an nrtinn 
ioitut Mr. Laroch«« tb« dltcomrcr of \hjt 
cfoUodbn jirfKF*f, fur tnfrUtnnieat of 

Ktrol. Mr. Urocbo pleaded U»l Mr 
Jbot vu not thfi orifioal iavtfator of 
ubohwiijbfi "nd eall'd c*iricfif« *itL a 
vlffw to proTo ihaL iho Hct. Mr Re&d, 
viotr ofnloUi near Ajluburj. Ant dii- 
ooTsrvd \%-. and ilao p1p*<f4^ iTivt lb? 
Collodion [iroctfi woa Do Inrriannionl of 
thfl TalboljiMJ pruc«*a. Qo va\t Ullcr 
point a larcv nuu of adcDiiAc oUrnco 
wwgnrLalulo. Tbe JarjQltimatcljr fouotl 
Iba4 Hr< T^bol «» tbe tnio iuircntttf of 
P^titogmpbr. but tbat eba Collodion pro* 
AMI ■»» ttO infrtngVAaul of bla paUnl. A 
pubtlif vBciiiig of tha frivdJi of Iha ir< 
haa tton be<ii held, at "bich fVwlutii>aB 
wprfl putrd riprvaairfl o/ f^p^i tx Mr. 
Kdi Tilbori "alEriii|it l<> (oibncd (he 
Collodion prout*! ntUun Ihr nirarting of 
kla patoil uf IMl, lUcU piuuca b<big crt- 

af PfHtiflJ <•*- iMj dlliflVkl frooi, and nipariot to, IW I 

palfMl |)rMao i IW Iho pngrvaof Hi 
pbotogr^ble aft graotif drpomM om 
lb* ■^■.■alTal fiiiitinof of Mr. Foi 
Talbofa dibn, aad Uiat i( i« dtvinhb 
tbXaUtMfOatiadla dio ut tboaU «AI 
Uf. LMVcbo b dsfrtrbig ibo emmt 
l^pl «tpMM Iwamd in bia dalMof^- 
flUfip««R4ff*la«4lb«aMr. P«a TdWi 
ku r«lta^«toh(4bia iainUon of *pp4]rli| 
fot a mioval af kka paCrnt. 

Oiv nf Ibf mail etUiutduian w^tA- 
mOB»«f Pwfrolr««ir,or 0»/«4ir«j UfAa- 
m^, nt tMD bai bom fvbLabal bj 
Moffv, Colnacbl, frott ihajiinnUc voai 
of Hifbarl Angrlo la ibo SUoe Cla|i«L 
tt I* Ik f#i4iful icri-udauliMk «f (ba t i l ti^ 
and Ivor, m wcrll aa of ibe deaigo, of 
t^ iTd|v«Kloat oriftnal; a»d h« bean 
fiKvtfkd hj Winf^ljBwin, <if fUrlin. 
aniltf tho dineboo of Mt. Lavria Graocr- 
of London. Mors tbaa 40 MawB ws 
tmplored i« Ibo imiTrTHion if tbf colwii* 
n k mU M a 1o« price, Ibo ooH of th« 
wfitb haiiif bon UbvraUf ilcfv*Tol bf 
Mr. KatEarl. of Bkbe Caatk, iiho an- 
noanoa hk« UcaMioo of giTiof lb* pro* 
<wAi of 111* lala Ia iW Artiati' Ovnanl 
EknofolvDl Inatttndoo. 

Hiram Puaera, Uw Amerloui acuJplora 
ia enpged on two new tialooa. One ia 
^mtHo^t ropreaoolod bjr a famale fignrt, 
ibfl aapTMilon oi *bi>a< faoa » beauiifvf 
Md dlgnlAod. TUnotn atara fom Un 
ooroart on bar brov. Il«r rigbt band 
PE*V4 on ibe fikKPB. vhicb arv onveFvJ 
Ttlh laarrlt. Ttif left land |ioio4i li 
Jlritcn. The Ml fiiut 1* lF*n«|'f)Eif tit 
ohaIn«- Tho drapory, fllcb bnuct caiilj 
and rniietfiin/ Dd (he A^Dre» ii m|^ 
purif^ bj a biiAd ow ibq UA thovUn, 
This »tai«c baa not bora oc^arod. Oait. 
farmiA U aUogelher of a dtftrent ohlfO^ 
ier. Sb* it fn"*«*'*J ^J *» ladUa 
woman, And hct fa« beipaka all tha 
canning of bpr rara^ Hj ind ont-lik^ 
alia li tenptiag Iho ootunitt f>ii b} bar 
o*B |iej«aoBt istianm, tod by a r^uanlitf 

of t|Uailc hi livJ' r«lt (o vblcli hIjt [iiriull 

wiUi aUiTiniDg-roJ mhrrlrfk lurid, liar 
rirbt bandt grWpini; ^hont^, ili« coooMb 
bnind bir baok, u if untrilJing 14 ]«t Iht 
nikwaiy foU-foarcbcir bnow tbo aulFiHiw 
whldh awatt bam, Koucd brr bead aba 
wfan a ftllct of ibetli and purb, tha 
UHul fcidian i^oiffurf ; wbilai hrr baifi 
vbivb fall* duwQ bffbisd ia biaHia, k 
eang bL up bj n |iorcapia« faitoolag. la 
Iha fijcure m wall u In tbo J^um tbc tnu 

IniUnh nhnnetrr U |in«*rT«d| \X la Ulbo 
BTid acili*. *'}vha<an run fou* Str." aoid 
Mr. I'owtrt, " and tbil A^tavirtlj." 

Tho Mtdab have baEn alrucb aa tcaci' 
nionHlprQMalauona 14 tbc Hod. and Rcr. 
W. J. Brodrbkf im man; ^aan BacAor of 



yoUiqftht Honth^ 


Ml, wlio hM ItlAir qvitud tLc ««««« <^ 
Ui knf: aful liooovuria Ubonzx TUf 
bn rdknocc cUd? ti> bi» •nrtiont in 

iUr.-^hc-*tUu»Co«tB(^ODt"vid " Kloi 
Sanri** tSchooL*' Tbv fionirr contilju 
tkM «f the fea»dcr. Robert Kcbon: «a 
tt« n««iM ii >a inofifCloa mtnlf. lb« 
Ukr ^« «s the alm*^ a portralE of 
Kb| EdM-Md VJ^ rail on UiA m*rvtt « 
Ml dosymtt bctunlBlD^ a poop of 
fiAi, Ihfl vatto hfteK " B<v« liuor Oo- 
^ ifM «t MfivniU." Hr. F< B, 
TMt,«iilTCnBrtbof Bob, runriihad 
tti Mpv, ■ad tbo skcdalt w«rf >tnuk b? 
Host. 4U<n odJ Moore «E Birmingbmi. 

t« becft pot «|b ki Btekbeeth cbarch, 
HiB4nbnic«. pnMOlH ^LonlWIurii- 
dMiv Cb* E>OHwn L*dv Wlwndifa, and 
HbtUC ll«0. Sciu/1 Wortier. M.P., 
tmsritr of Londoa. Tiivf complete tbo 
iiitan«f oar &aTbMir'tlirc>pirt olwfaifb 
Ii fin* PK tW tbrM vartvm lifgbi*i pr^ 
imJ^ Alkd vitk ilnuDd gIvB. Tbc 
MflMni of ihve l*a ^ev (rl»Jom hu ■ 
mkUkta RprcKfttiof tbe Naliritf, irith 
a> hmO '- Glf«la In EmtUu," and ih« 
«ibtn«oaUio*d»Auuiioo. whUtCio 
bibn* otoin Hfhit ar* ropmeiuied the 
l^f^tfi* r!rad<tlon, and iba Rjanrrpc- 
tB^ noe «1adoT« tre br WoOfi, «l 
livwid^OQ-TyiM. uid «• Jatondvd >* a 
wsorkl lodi«foiuir|erof th«tborvh, th« 

taivikMi. J. cTiiiot. ac. 

1WHlcd'lbe£«'Arvry antf CVtfcD^n 

M <Vo4cr, F.e^A, occuploJ Meur*. 

NM «bJ Sioip«Ba for i^tt «1l»lf^ »r iIia 

«i^ bdbc« CbrfabMi. HU hbwy w 

B« tumallf CiiolM tn prlnicd booka, 

tatvaa cfaifdj rcsarkible for lome n* 

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oraimrnCi' t^t 1^, A pild tort^ue ur 
iiccblBL-e at tbo 4th or 5tb ccotury. dc- 
tcfibcd In tho ArcbBoIocUal Journal^ 
ii. 379, a^ld for 5A Lot 114, aa Ihiti 
bcia-DKkfiK«,of iLoM, lOMOj. l4tlG6, 
A br>ncc rvlti ftiutid n«ar MoTidj* co. 
Cork . and another of large f\K anu lU- 

£ prior work, 2/. If^f. Lot JlO, an lrl#W 
rooob, of brrnife. found noar KilmaHook 
(encnvod In ArrhotoUiglcal Ji^urjiaT, IIL 
iSA%3/. L0I.3IL tvobroniaoriuinsDla 
fiwnd il Pier a' Wall, la Orkntj (»e C. EL 
S^iiHU's CoUwEnnea), 13/, Loi31}, two 
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lol3l3,abraiii«|iui andaowob, 5/. I5r. | 
and ]<i1 'Mi. anircn t«4rdand apor-Laad, 
4/, all (nm l*iero' Wilt. Lot 31*, aa 
Inah w* r trninptt of bront?, of cu rred form, 
for 'int. and lot .H'j, auotbi^r o( itraL>*hC; 
foriO) far iiJ. wctr. bought for tbt DittJBh 
Mu:««un)- Ia>1 317> out vf fi^> fuuiid 
al l^inmoDd bill, Killoihdtidn, ^l A |oU 
dn^, hftTing the Utitrs ir liid a licd ta- 
j^pUicr, nml attrihuiJid to U'ltlUm Mmk' 
ipera and Anne Hatbairnj (Jcii^ruLl of 
ArohEicrlUAii!*! AnocIiIIod, ir. iO-j), wu 
lobl f^ir *f, ^f' — cvrtLiideFsblj above iti 
reil Tiluf , buL itill ahomng ■ tvt nodi- 
ncd dezrc< of faith tii th« Icgsid. LutdSS, 
AnolddrmkiuE'bom.of lllfUaad buffklo, 
mi^unled In illvrr, snd coroaumamtJTe 
uf tlio ttreia at Prior'* Oaoki PUUtam, 
I'l. l\)4. MrCrokiv'Beilraoi^aorjroo)- 
iMdon of old iobiGco-ptp«i, onouoUnx 
to tatitfi hnndfpd, wnn aidd for TJL 

1'ht prrfgrmaoce vt one of the plaja of 
TtrofLCctoOk placont H'cifmtntler Urirkml, 
■CCOrdUig to ancient ruiloni. btforc til's 
Cbrfvlmu bollddp. TUi drmmattt ptr- 
Hii« of the B<inu<hii9 «rer« iLiatriUutfld ni 
fotlom :— 

FliBdrla . . E. IL Wodohouio. 
I^rveno - J- P- Dlekkoo- 
TKaii - , C. K, Pijibcr. 
Giialbo . . IL M< Fretmaa, 
ChKrea . - IE. L. ift^ltou- 
Tbraio , ' G. F. Wylla. 
Pvtbiaa . . IL L-JThompiOD. 
ChrrmM . G. A.VllroluCt 
Doriu . . J. P. Ingham. 
Durua . . W. &. C^Uil 
9inH . . 1P.V. FotlcLL 
Sopbrooa , T. K. GakdL 
Lachta . . J. L- Sim. 


Simalid I 

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Ancilth £thiep> 


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i R. A. KJw. 
( F. CatL 
. T. W<lor«, 

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ThcprolorMiiinil fpllogue iB«rv boUi iMt- 
v«r*d hf Wr. DicliADn, tt^e Cj|it«in. the 
Iftltvr btlAf not tbe cnaUiniarr dnoulie 
piece itfL the falUc* uF Ihc di^f , but ■ cnw 

CLugiM wii ptiiif on tW ttjac tobjeot : 

biiU« CO tb« Rupioij of t«o rcccfLllr J«- 
onwd Wprtmin^if r a one, 5fr, (!hii1»n. 

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Con<ruLt, <[uim drAmduvl AlCtr tfmt 

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Jmn libi, It olim, vtudlc«t T«t«»lio», 
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T&rii [iroriiu vtolicU ttOkque Rcordirn 

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MoMl mLlUl nw drbcfll UrUnania, 

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Ma iMc- n in V 1* obvnvd Aiit l£ia prvJonv VIA 

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riarari, u4 nod ■ vtf^ hv l>«B BUari vr rtlv«l 


t Trr. llHat t. K 9». " UflBv «pn i bUMOl 

oCill »r - - - - 



A, JMM, B*<»> |ip. »n, 5tf«.^Thli II a 
■ I —* of tlw raBpAbCr OrdfT. Tl oo^- 
«di Mr. Jay*! ttnwriib Of bu Mn li£r» 
4iBtm «f for bli ^Uldnn fcn ite 5oriD of 
Mhb. vich ft airolennit br Ihc afltflrH ; 
mhimmiom <i £itiii(iiUc4 conUuiKi- 
nrtn ; ■clcc'tocM lVc«i htt(«rr«|ioo<1eQco ; 
ad UM« «9«utediaf vibMiTblioiii on liii 
daftMcr M ■ prMdifr atd u i ivrilfr. 
tt iM «««l«nila 3o no* t^HMri t4 a oom- 
plAibia(r«|>li]r, th«7 Afford eKedknt m*. 
«Ab tovttut oo«, viMiMfcr ■ furtbcr 
MWMliciMi fran Mhrr mmtom Aa^ 
wM tb* uBdvtillnic. Tlw defufft* in 
UrTJaj'B feOMttsI of bnutf vc undiEllj^ 
lUttd bf tba adllon. (p. f.) BcU it 
coAiva ov ova imprcMwa, tbit into- 

Uhfripkr V kifblr *""'>'« "l> ''>* wviB^D 
Htf , M vtih alt Ma «wbiioaa it la id th« 
Mil »»t MimnasMntlTe UkU ■■; oth«r 
fn. for it ffihlhitA man rtf tfc* ptnon'a 
UftfL M«Cirf«, tnd pcAiliuttieA, Uimi 
flBvidbntf b« k(io«a frvoi «af oihot 
MiuKi Biocnfibm hx* an ofl«n but 
dcWr MfUial'ii >fl^ >kc (vlf hfr of 
■a «b« U fr(ib«Ur tbebr *cuor. &%SM 
't w Mly ft fiMMiioo, ud Ui« ealLre 
Mtfrw Dccda loiM rvarad bjr other hftiidt. 
Hi- Jif A|»p*»n to Wtr* thanglif. thul 
tfkf Jiii not ]eAv«B mmwir tKhriiJ hiiti, 
biVMU BUI ft rtctim CO (be prcwat rnso 
hftk|f> p by. (p. IS.) AbclUrrormtlian 
ditf K kttcn U ha <biMf«a vii^bt bAnr 

nAdrrff optnkaai and, tliDQKh vo ilUl iko 
lUi lind c>r ■rliinc tn « covtHnpor^rj. we 
■mUial tiKk • ncmoir, fi^ai iW« p«n of 
Itittlowt pcnooift tvo cEittviM iao. 
'~ be eDft«UEr«4 ss ft trcMQiv, tfil 
sw to Tiftht. 
' onmtft of Mr. Jay'a Itfe are fiw, 
mm of lliiB are isperrwil/ rv)al<d. 
Sidsai Dot OMolfaift wberc be iraa bom : 
Mbte Ciibcr itM U0 aoBCf ft nnakl ftmcr 
[ta WklMWfl •■.! ««tk»d b ft »t«Mcut- 
» Hd DMO«t- (r- n.} Tbni, CO QDOtO 
rtoe'ft MM|TfUftt<F4MiAoat;r>«gi,hc 

«i » «ft.ouB br bbwir." -lA u« oHfin 

~ I Ubi IbniUftr vMk t&e made anftd, 
lit oflen bftd to ftddna*^ u>4 wtuub 

vUlLDKUf^iV- <«l knowMd 

1* ktfl Robert Hall to an icvxIataAoa of 
tin) llul I fin ot«r oy |«*pU^ haad>i 
tat 1 f^OC hpip l\J^ 

nb ftccoast <l bta earlf XiU can barJIj 
W aaiwled Ihnn bla own «iinl>< tlo 

dvlMftl Mftriboroac*>(DiieftOiiaf}Ac-i' 
4an, Older Cotftdlna VliMr, ftboie 
tfaffi|hil ho rflonrftnb bftcmi Ute 

firvE Lmpottflnt i|fha« of Ubov tru at 
\Uy\M, ChaHl, near Bruttri, wbeK Iho j 
nrotuLaefffnU future r*pttUtJOD4pp««red { 
but « di)r«r*Dc* wilH ui i>Au«(itiiil Udy ' 
induced Un lo wilbdrev ; aod he addt| <^ 
libermtelf, *■ vkb tU injr tngftrd Tor the vex, 
Hnd aabmiadaii in domnHi? ilfiin, 1 do 
nil plasd for Uta^t nirlvriaAlkil ruW^ 

nhotbcr Wpnuicvi fubiirdJuaU.'* {pp6l.} 

Fr^tm thence he removed la 17^5 to Ar> 
Cjlf Cliapel at Bath, vbtre he rcnuinrd ' 
(trntigh ibo ratoaluJir of % Iodn I^'b- ^ 
j^rtat riflrbriljt Id 1841 i tb« juLi^ of 
bb mUxUtrj ture trna celebrated bj gnti^* 
tng t^ttimouiJiliL Rut Jf hme Ifttntod hlu ' 
■ith foitlj robetp he v*i doAmcd to feci 
ihe *Hi»] >id0 of them, ftv cuniiitalna fat 
>JDO of hii ptcfaefftt tliat there are Radioalt 
inrebftun a« ivrll a« In puUtlca ;acid afUr 
t»h rtUrencat U H£2. »heq ■ twtxti^r 
h»d to be ftppoifitcd. he wm found lu the 
niimiritf ; " tbt ehurcU eoeerted iia rijtht of 
fWdion," iind lh« flraat. » niigb> b« 

■ujipcucd. " uaatbe Aocatloa of ojuaUcra- 
blfl qnffeaiiMM ■nd<¥tu imla to Hr. Ja;f," 
(p. S3I.> Tie parochial naiem bu i1« 
triab; butCbccorutrf^tleDftfofte {afbetbte 
In the ohureli at out tti 11) 4oc« not scup* 
ibem. Patafbil indeed ja ibe deacmi vlhidi 
maujr na idol hu to e»dure, «£ Ibo baodc 

nf lliQiii vhn hftTt fnnnlvljr atavBtad k to 
iti fuTiiid putiticiD. Mr. Jaf autrieed kil 
rcilreiBciiC abnai 1 jt^t, lad died Decric- 
bcrSI, UJJ. at lL«ece oTcifbtj-fuur. 

We tkall DO* aclect n fer pirtictiUra 
illuiCniiEitfi of hia cbtmcler «nJ Cfpiukinr* 
Al p, GJj-7 ba Mjrt, *' I hate Xaa^ beta 
ftfmidof ahtiei aad Ta^ric«,and*ev dlt- 
nnvrfrt In nh^Ioit. ] liave f»lt lii«rMa- 
IngLjr diapoBcd Co lolvreie raiber tbaii lo- 
ni^vaU- I majr ii«t admire etrr;^thln^ I 
find 111 mr nvn partf or drD^minaiioQ ; 
bet 1 do not divide from il^^iQ for rteij 
1(tlUii[ dLffijrt'AH o' ErpiiiLuDi/^ Of bift 
pulpit miiiiFTry hr Mjii. " I 4lvej> foond 
oDr thjA| rery telfful ia the dioio« and 
(lu »IiidT of m^ 9%^9tU for pmeJifa^i 
It vai the feeling of irtghtneaBeJumftod 
matjta, — t. e. ft elmpLt n^ti to DaffOI- 
nm. and h toafng ttfht of KdriuCM^ 
tiDpaUtttjr, aad appUoM." (r»p- I9l-i.) 
Ue onlj appvnd livite upon the ptaCforD 
i« a apetker, htvlac b«cfi ctfitllr dK*< 
ooutuceid by a nido remaflc on bla firf( 
amob) ftom ■ meuibrr of n (0(arDi1<e« ■( 
tialbi aadbeBdda,*'oba«rTtfioiiftUohft» 
knt mo fromrepenUftsofnrnMdDtioB.'* 
\\W kUa Hut, t\vkX mlnktera m thoi 
dnvik amy from thrij own watk, bdI 
that ibejr ftro not the niuKt unrptabla 

aptftkeTf. b^ tw pmfMoaUuia •«* 

3iii€tiktnBow Sn^mts. 


bf meiliddlal, in ibi eosffpotllion of acr- 
Bnm. ■Dd ftiM teoMfaodlcnt foMM Av 
It (p. ISO H< bmcsli tbechH«iDf ef 

tiillMHr- " ttol vtt£r v«Ms hvn btn 
■Kd to pmdjtt neb fadMiUalt/ (p. 
)<S0 * prutki vUeb UdddrtdftCDodcaana 

tore* ou riwchiflff* tio. 13.) Tbm It • 
food rcaurk it p* l^'*, on the dlvoM erf 
■«C«« ia rEM«Uci{,whkb ve quota lor iU 
^vMil InporUBM : ** Tba mmb^tv b bk« 
a Cm* frfcnd,it lore* to bt iiuloir ' Ha 
ocAmfl Boob, tl r*lLtr an orlj pirt of 
bk ■mi i ib ' j , from s ccfYaof uaUdf, pro. 

iloeod br MOilarj b4Uu, ud tba Dagktf 
«f aartjr rUtof and aiNVb*^ IWa h^ 
Me food effect, bonrer. lo toacUof Un 
10 arnpatbia* «4th oth«r •uAren- As i 
»vitcrKliic,ber<i««at Ire, aiuBimtr and 
wiotcf , tbon4h It irM Mk act of Bflf-dc&iiil, 
"bolQuffp) ir«lta cociTiftiua tliat It 
wta nofallp r%lL>* «« tl f«d«uod t^> 
aad aided dutf i aoil ai«i> U vu pUiBicalJT 
tfiflkC, ai 11 vu « hol^omr and bculbful. 

(r^ 103,) 

To Mtllr bi< ttuttion la tlir " Tcnif La of 
Fame" viduU In diJ&vuU, ttxA wM tte 
kft tc po4l<h[j, for lb« J vUl not bo loond 
bf aiif ptior «pmion, Mr, FoaCtr califd 
blm **iIm PrIiMa of Fraaehtra." but ndh 
aoHHfttiTM onij ottrtboot tb« bvIe. 
Wa would aai pMflBrrJy. tbaC bt nu cml- 
wDt fbr niohtetiai qulitutlona, oaadsl' 
tat fo tbmtrv. and tDOJnalc In oiil- 
nkni' Moco tbaa LLU wctuidf uo dwabl, 
be daioHd bjr hb tJaatPtra, but Ix ht- 
longed to a Mfl# In the miuMtrr (ilie ^n- 
fivntlaa^l) whoae rap^iutUn t« partly 
mSlioDf} forcTcrj tcat'boldfTbvooineia 
pirtlian, and ma^nlllca ihe oblcct vl bla 
cboiet. lo ritol b1« own Joafnunt In 
luMiic Ft. A pimb, irbere tbwB mij be 

ptwxid THItt»« BUwOif tbo licrcditATy 

p«w-bolilm, ia a aoTtrcT Icat of c|U4lirtca- 
tioB uid diencter. The foraMT eaao U 
000 or unitnt baforo tbe fi^puW bmat, 
vtiirb, bomiTvr, aa v« hare leeo, u apt lo 
drop tbrupti] ; thr Utter u one of lab0B^ 

ihg Hi tht CKF. 

Of bU cotJteUJ warka Mr Ulckfrtletti 
elvc* ibU chuuui— *' terj prait^i»1 mad 
dtTOtranal/' (Chriitiao Svudont, p, 444,) 
and of bla atrmona, Ibat tbar " bntpik 
eonofct pHT41»wlCbpTuiiM'* (p. i^^l.j 

Wlidt Mf.TtUaoehupQbliahed. offfcol' 
iirrtioQi of hii ooiTcnaticui. ia tkoojht lo 
btTP TaLI'Ti «rir>H of hU cplrbHtf, 

"The Konjmi|i;unaO " of CanJomE to- 
qiialnuncc*, whicli are ludoduil la thit vo> 
hitatt aft aove of tbi? looat f aJuablc po/. 
tlo4» ; bat be baa dram tlom, at Cromwell 
4l««lrfd l^lj to dTH Mm, vlLb " aII (WIr 

wuto Hitd Uotribrft." Wbitber ana* r«- 
trrTbnMBrti mlgbt bo< ban been adfaa- 
Uftooaalf wde la a aeriona qocacloa. At 
air eTtaiJ* Mr. Itj^ adaurtfa caan»ot 
oomplabi, bi an J one of bia f rioada abovU 
gnwHW ■ i w er7 «^BiilT Hl«tit«. fiilb 
a vitb of Ullta£ itiB poUif vbot be 
reiwniberi. Tbo abctebea of ^c«tun» 
Rjliod, an! ChC1| ars Mnwm ibr niotl 

11 makt to laj- laeed on ibe rdker- 
iblp of lUa vo)oiDo* Tba^ eooMod la 
tao eminent pfraonj, k b defeettra* tat 
waaC (vo conceive/ <4 pr^tka bi tkitf 
peooliar dmrtta^Qtof l^tetitwa. Nomm 
ara fttaa pd t {tm partkalaitj y. ¥63) and 
bluktanlcdtKAlUiL Tb« JUl ofcmli, 
thoii|b naBoraair la not coaoplcte* Al 

ttti tbtra If a it^lerflaoe to kucr vie 
t tbe Icttrri ue aalj ktIiL to nombrr : 
iho rafoitoo" apptrtiitl; bflonfi to \Mm 
ITU- p. I0&. Aipf. XJ-10,tbenbal«Of 
editorial datreaifton oa Ibe Dechfordai • 
JMfirolt aolmt for editorial bandi, Ibe 
tidvr DaabM b vatoOad at iW asfCM* 
tif Orono 111. abiob lananda oa of a 
ut|KratliMo aMoi^ Iha aioilern Grccfta, 
abo tbiak li a bad omea lalMva anjibihf 
bebmKiof to tbeu p«ai«ad b/ a aimi|ir. 
CBuWaflraac*. U. au.) D5 OiaaalaiaU 
tnj[ BaekfbcJt tba oiltton beta dtroctaJenr 
itlaotlOB to &U Hubert Ueron'a dancier 
of Maa, >1^ ibtt be " obUioed erodUt tvt 
bcbift an suited pejHot." aitb other ck- 
eooviancoa of bitle boooar lo Ua nam*.* 
V'*Nnl«/' ftd rd, IftSI, p. «&4.) Tbo 
tiuti oti tbr aubjcct of Irelaad, bo wbicb 
fbej luiiooiw (liqt Mr- J4| mlcbt bare 

tioo* and tlLeir InLiraoojr to Ibt labann of 
ibn " liitb Cbarcb MiBUOA/' •co booeot- 
able lo iliclr triLilBKeila, aud !<> Ibffr can- 
dour \a ntprctidng ibom. (p- MS^I.) 

Od the abole, vt «naot withhold from 
tbla ifoluma the mrHlei tnllffet of vahe- 
^h, wydi Le dnrrvoi for wo vtoraa ll eon- 
talia. Wo mv^t tia^ dacll mora at 
len^ 00 ptrtioulor paiaagea, but tpaea ia 
itnpDvabTfl i nor 4o w% with Uiii notice Co 
aarraaaa aabatttuUfortboboolE, bitaaan 
imlaeeiDcut to read it. 

* " Maar ofUi lelka^dtUttia leA blm 
laardlan to Iboir clihiren. Kouue of tbcae 
be appran. bj meaai more eaaitf ac- 
conipliiUed fa Iboaa d^a llian at prOMalt 
to hATc rubbed; uid ll b pvlljr bjr tbt 
iccortrioE of lUcLr (acataa that hit ton, 
Beckford of FaQtbiil, bat !»<■ r«doMd 
to Tsrjr illminiiheJ «iaaiimieiaaeaa>'' Aa 
Sir ItoUrt «aa of aiaitar poUUcal cfJ- 
ntoua. he caivnot be accti^aJ of pnjadJee, 
He doM bol BiPnUnn lb* inUttitK mUh 

George 111. Did U tUak it uodncfriDf 
uf a apteUI nailoc t 


Mittftfan^out ttmmet' 


^ w^ ^i ttm9it*iL 9f W. n. Bart- 

Ikf^ Sv^v-'Some i«atj vein ifo the 
ftntiM T-rcsnt'fcoahi of CbrlttoM flnd 
Xt* Yc«r^ Tide vcn Iboie wUeh rv- 
tn*9S Aa (CMrio Data of Amnult- Hitr 
If**" m«J ■ kj^ Afy j fB e/ iha mfnvrr ■ 

aCknoih OB ahaml > ntnlilnn mbIa, 
fcoww u wadtngptofl wk iiof m i j wte 
«fM nd praac friMn trlttoeralio ud UM- 

mmtk ■inMfjilm tifcoBc »iapoaitiOD>, boUi 
ii 1^ F^v^T rxtun« utd tbe pttitj vrit- 
lil, voe ffiU'* imfichfiii icCfged to 
Mvk ■ rvpvCiUorii «f tli« U*(t thai <hv 
MM «■• nUhw Tor; tind of UmB, uid 

SVMUd p«o6*>lj bAtc died OQi ea- 
f. had t%ry ou fib MMno euM beca 

iiv«Urlr u UWliitlnl Iwibt of fbtvljrn 

mwl. Mr, BvticcrB uiniul woite hiTB 

fiMOd-tUd tu fin th« t«ci IfaU mlfht 

difc tf ^ U i bar* boao fciC »«MPf tb« f»«- 

>d« ttd cIm Jarinf M tJM gHk-b««liM>ttts 

iHBv, lad Ibv m»r TVanlw b» Upt up 

■ ■■7 tnttmaMuc ■ofin orU1an.tb0ttf.lai 

•r «bkli a«f bo «0f« in Ibe nemoir of 

tf« Hlitcb la Sf^ci^ "> vu' pftHOit uoolit'B 

',-^^r fb« ho«k btfisro u» li. iid- 

iljr, t^ iMi h« cu «i«r 4001 to 

frWaaU, and m^ot i a iwJ ba ng*rl«(l 

II 4 poiftbiiiiio«> irof^. 

tbctoocvMof Mr. UtiTleir* tthm oC 
b»hs loay bo otarlb«lo4 bi «ine d/e^ne 
U Ae biUrttfbw naMro of ibo &nt of 
llMii lib "Wiilli> «b<Al JmHlcm," 

K'lbbad In ltM4. Aod vhlcL hu Mued 
ikn* *dUjao«- it U rcfliubAblQ Ihnt 
Crr Ik* bAik wliicZi li«« 1>f40ife« bii UbI 
ha «M tiiJaocd 10 FECUtf co the ta-mt inb. 
jrol. For tUi p«r|ioM Mr. lUnlctiro. 
TMiUvJ Jmimaium ta Jnv IK^S. and nat 
Aftjf w«a Iw *«tior«iful m ckankg maoj 
QHDoiSKd feotvm dT tkvt vvcr kaiBrotflng 
L^fa, *ttl«fa fonn tkc eoibcllMhiiiant* of 
^^■M«»t fal«nr. b«C bJf MtfT«liva, U- 
■m^ndbM 0i 4ftr p^ctetUQ^ccMf, u -ell 

■tttbr nf AlUbtkii. Mr. BullcU'« mind 
W Ma Ml jEDcb onlagvil bj bu iro/ld- 
«t4»umT«U.bJ bf krilflYoarv* -itb i>»D' 
lai la aU lauka ind couiuiv*:, ik»t ■« 
nfird dM pkfiuca of tbf« book u ooc tbc 
|tfiawy» M the •rvrmdary pan of U: 
lAd ■■ kATo no ddoU that frim Uio pcf- 
MMWl iMlami of tlrt «hi«ic ii «iit ba 
Ml mcrclf looked al« bsl rcai, bolk now 
■nd hartaftn-. Oa <tit««fai| Sjiia, Mr. 
BstlM lanni »aio petaon «fr4ooatr 
i hi» i at Uio ]irup«<t of kit. ajukipal- 
lAf a |<Bgat nwij of tb* Halcn popu^ 
blSoa, bmI a mai^i^rp of thr Chritf iana, 
» Moa a« iic«t amral tlui Uiv Rwiuu 
Ud «r«M«d liMt TnrUah fiuutitr. Tbo 
inall, bovrrcr. n« aot ta Mriii>ui. On 
(kt lout «ilMrarii of «U Iho INirkiili 

Mldkn from itnmHtm, thetn were Aoree 
kloodf fray* bdirevn iJia ikd|hbouri» 
•lidkf, bui tk(3H wCTO atOQ after padAad 
Vr tlie fflt>riB of Ike forciifik cooaab* 
M?aD"hilc, Jrnifalera llaalf b«i pvailf 
iiipir<iTod ftii>ctf Mr. KntMt'* bmar 
Titil, Whrn Ibp PnKfatanl blahifprii: wat 
aitablUhfld in 1842, - Jt nuatem mti daa- 
tJtuta «f orerr Enropaait oomfert, u4 a 
rarr inferior Oiteald dlf." Th« oalr 
acdoaUatioal dieniCarfM thou rtaldcot woro 
iIa £jriu biaiinp, th« Anac»i*u patri- 
arch, aad the Or««k mrtropoUl4D hfahif, 
Tbe Orodi |utrtarcb of famaitam alaaja 
ntirf^ It Coulandooplc. la 1«iS; 
IVuniaot Sardiaian, and Prcneh ovea** 
latea ircre catablbho^ft kohl b^ able aittTca 
of Cha mpMCtva coanrh«i< The Gntk 
iMtHareli arriied io IM^i La irai fol- 
lavvd Ij lU Offek CaiboUc patmroh, 
and the L^tia pitriartib ; andalH^at thia 
tluw tAM> lbs Honiaa arobJOMBdnie took 
u^ bli reriidano* ai ckiaf «/ 1W PuMJari 
ohurchiii Jcmaataua. Aa Aaatrian oon- 
nlata wu fouodcit tn ld49. Aad now, 
" while olkw calM la lb« Turbbb mpin 
arc faLlEng to tiua a»d decai-, briaf d»- 
l>i>|julat<^ uiit LubHiacdi Jfiafalrm la 
fflpidlj iprfAfiog up into nev life. Bjo^ 
ropcaii iDBiuiais and Baropcan iraua aa* 
briagiiig m DiviUmlioa 4vid cftivrpritii^ 
Induatiy. Uoixl hotob aie foond [« a> 
cooipiodflta moil travoLlcn Intrcr i}\Dtt the 
Can NudVA. to lux^ th« onljr ahalUr for 
ila Frank pUgtim of vhat«f«r oatian or 
rtliipan. Thvtv are ehcfu vkcre dcabua 
la all klnda uf i:«topcaa toodi find a 
nadj ule t<d Ibiir cnmmodl^; evpta* 

lira, KBtihnLfcVin, UacklBllksa glaawrit 

tmuiiii, 4;c[K laundrvaifla, ahoeBukara, 
Ac. Gicrcibo chRJi tknoui i^Hfogf, Tban 
arc Ihm nauriabioc Bwropaua tjIkNra. 
Tlie diitf DiarkaU are nmilied ohiud- 
antljr wiui $9i>ti rautioa. and ponltry and 
tfxa are abeait. hUny hoiulrad roaii ara 
kopl for Ite adepurpoia of luppTjitif tka 
dty vttb Milk* aad cf lUa co«'4 laUk la 
li] be bad* Fruk and vtcotablaa ara 
Abundant, and ^ood braaJ h stpAt hj aev*> 

nl btk^rB. Isitw ImUt't Pprlvg vp <tk 
tnrj aid*. 11; uev boiiR5 nfe mcaDt ov* 
(abrtaa opoa old fouodACioga. lor u yvt 
th« «>ale placea an ooL rtoUlmi^d. nnd 
uno-balf the •vcicot dtj la a deaolitlDtir 
vliJIc Dlbdr ptit« arciriowil^. . . , Tbe 
viilU to Tdra, Jorclui^ud l*ali4tlnc in 
gKMTaJ, nhkh vtrc tiniavrlf andc u iba 
rlik of Ufo, %n aov a naltcr of bi»lac4« 
bcLiTfca the ihfLk*. thf (r^veUcn, avud 
tlidr ooiiavb. llcrr i> a tkat pcrtOM 
abo «n; obl^d ;o Inve SnfUiid tn aaarifc 
ofa mlldfr dimatc. or olhen «ko prefer 
kfiii( abroail. dw nut dimn* ibe mupl Inti^ 
reaCing dl* ^ tbc nurld f^r tbeir ra- 
ildtncv ? Why abould aot f^mg dortj. 


Mii$c^Ian€6H* RfffUtfit^ 


b«for< «nUrhiK oq llit;r ftDtivr duti«i ? 

OOODCb fur til expeiuo of boird uid tocJf- 
it% (incdodlnf tii« bc«p of « Iiofm) ror « 
llpfU pvuDr ud uKtjr pnnnil* mor« 
wonld eonr (b« cxptDie of the Joanicj 
tbara and btofe. Ennirft'ollcnivhoipciitl 
» lil^ fortan In P«laiUnb to tht «prkb- 
neotof tbviritnfOinioi (who Morlfioe Uls 
chuvfitorof IkHr enplojTr*, ubiJ oppKu 
ftud grind bol«l-k««p»r«, nuUUt»,A^-l, 
know lUUtt or lulhlog of the couQtry vhi^h 
Iboy haw juibhI throiufc, midtr tha blioil 
gnluQOO of bikd cnideiH. K«t«rtb«l«i| 
tho mifflilr tid« which dariof tbni cfb- 
Cbrii* ImpvLnl hftlf tho oatlon* <d Kurofa 
lovtrda ihe rocky *borci of Pik«ifaL«— 
Uifn vbbU:{ <]qrL4j( %\m trapvrvfj ft«»nd« 
oaiTT of Uome— b riovr rUnf wiaiuUr 
hijEbcT. Tr9T«tlBr« from otcry WaiUra 
nitwup ttaJ 1^.000 pll^m* from tbv £««(, 
Ti«iL Ibe •biitiei of Uethlebcm and Calvary; 
Moalima com« bom Araljla, Tartarr, aod 
lodia, and from tbe almoit Aorwof XfHoi, 
to woibipac Uu <fa1a«ljr col]«d) Tunb of 
MoH*. "flie JcwUh people f<r lo pra; 

that tha tJBi of thtir d«liT«nbo« au* be 
biiteind.'* B»ah ar# »in« (if th« vlrKM 
of (Iw rallfloiu intiretl fok tar Jtruu- 
loiQ. We iQiiit not omit to Mkj ihiC our 
quotidioiu havfl baan nude flora ma fi«I- 
uat paper enEitlfld *' Jflraialcm in iu mo< 
d<<i u ii>)>ei:t, bj a Savao You*' EvaUcot," 
whicil) bni boan oanMbBtKl to Mr. Onrt- 
Uu'^ book b]r lb« aooompliihed ladjr of 

tl»a Oriliih oonvnU 

At p, 107 wfl Anil the following tUla- 
vcat, not f Ifvn u ona of iJifl tbiiduud 
bgaodn of lh« dljr. but aa an hiirnrictl 
tkttU nd ftlmoft a Ukoofcrj: " la froot 
of Um pMxb of Ihis moviijc d<Akwii— >lt 
Ja not fftoenUr known,— are baried tbo 
Burdmn of Bt Thoniaa k BaskoC. who 
dlod tl Jeraaalfln, upon ■ pIlEriaif^e an- 
dnukcn io eipuiion nf thdr chtnc/' 
t^uv, Ibii u u compLe1« a tation u anj 
of ihoaa m*il< fnt th« riiii|bboorlnk locals 
tk«- Th« four ktiljthiMof th« kittiioonrt 
ooncorn^ to tbo miuder of Boi^ker. vbat- 
orctf theit Anal dooo, wch nul lo baniilwvl 
ti tb< muoki allfiffd, and boidc of tUcni 
aa leul wore *'prvapar»a« (tDtlnaon'' 
mtoj jmn after Ibat eraot, aa Mr. J. G- 
Klebofi bas ibawn fa hfa ■■ PlJjp1aiaf«i tt 
Outarburj abd W«Magka«.'' 

TIM A^Pt4Uii Sdifion of /Af itvaiWt 
PMte. i^ Bnbtrl HtU ltfHin.-.^ln« 
HO Uat floilcod tltl« work, Iho Poorai «f 
Dfpdnt haTc beou fuupIaEAL to tbm 
volnmaa, and thot« (if Cbir^rr in tkrM: 
theWork^oT iryfflf,Oi<£la«,ud VFaf/lfrr 

cAcU ut^b|7ios a votane of their own t 
aod a Trri pltaaant and iaUreatins T*- 
rbtom t-nfamc, cntiUtd Smyw /nm |A« 
tirtm^Ms. Thla TolaB« ooataJaa ■ aa* 
iMitioD froia Ibfi moat poHloil of otif ifa^ 
mado wriccra, bQpikotnv vlEb Nldiolaa 
Udall, lliR ■ritar oi lim fitat WDtar 
Endiab MiDcdj, and eodlsc frilb Sharfdan > 
It baa b«i] oomiriOed wktt no lililr r^ 
>f«r<]b, for tka Editor totli na th*i be baa 
ciaiuinrd nmy buiidml* rif jilija witbovl 
l^ala^ Msty reaaUt. or t^*vh <mJy ■■ ia tbafir 

nature were onaftdabb. "Some i 
(be *dda> wiU be ml«ed fron tba . 
Infirit nf dnioalio vrtlrva. aaid nlb«ra1 
be found to oostribnfo Ion Ikao m\ 
looked for from Ihvir odabrfcr; kift I 
■ocb caioa a aatlabctory aiplanatloii \ 
ba grven. Marlovo'a fW>* '■>' 
do aot omrcLin K flutkglaaoiayriaad I 
onlf oae* Rontbcrno nboaadi b «f«t*< 
bul th«T t-f* fomiabtd drieflf bf otbar 
vrl(«r*. and atv of ibe ai«M eoatmonplaea 
obarafltar Etbervfe kaa levwal brobna 
aeatoba* o^driafclof rbjoMi end tfaora— 
daodnfl Ihronib hl« oomediaa, full of 
rloioua animal ardrtta taariDg to tfat btl^bt 
of all nkAita«r of ottrara^anw, aut adxul- 
tabijr abltvd to tantllate the prodifaar of 
thfl daj i bal for tbo moat pait the^ nro 
editor onflt for oatnac* from tfcair 4i>*r*e- 
neai, or bati not aubitanwaBODifc {o aland 
atooo. Wfoborlaf'a tattgt an alcnply 
froai. iwd Tom KilZli^rw'a mda and at* 
tifidaf." Tbfl chl:f roniributari to tka 

Injuk ua LylTr PvOlO, Shaiiprrv, Ji^nton^ 
Deaumimt and Fletaber,* MfdJli^Coti, Ifof-i 
wood, Mauinifar, Shlrlty, DttTfnaol, Dry- 
dan, and ti>fii« uili«r«i Tbo nnll ia a 
atrlng of }cweU, miaj ^f vbtcb an Inde* 
acTllinblir artm0tit«i aparkfinf with tbo 
nioir pilUlit^T *-il, or cornobinf Iba bA»c- 
tiona with (hr twoitoat aynfialhioa, Tbo 
producdoni of minor atchon aro aoconi- 
panlod, like tW raU of Iba worfc, with U»- 
jiraphlcd mnnolrai and we cutnMoloaa tbo 

fretcDi bri*f and lnadfa|iiataDaUreof Ur« 
kli^a prORTTH wjtixytic toallff lair to the ela- 
borXoearo wilb whlcJi bi> bluf raphiaa ore 
prtpmd, a polat b^bl^ to hi* arcdtt, oaa* 

* In a "L«Uf1ilnffT|Dnc"'bTBeaDoaoftt 

and Fli.'Ecbrr ar-cut lUnts llaoa-^ 

DaidOfrtilui, thou »ncl«al Hf^nr, 
How I Diiu thy [aogb, and ha'iince 1 
Chiiiii[«d bj Scirard lo 

flow f miaa thy Uviffh, and ha-aaoaa. 

"Tbtr chania (adda Mr. Bell) belpt 
little towarda deariof tp the obocorily,*' 
" ■ '• - " ■ ^'laurh and hn*aa«w,'i 

! thtdi tlio obscurity la 

B«)» if wo read "Ian, 

f. f. hair-aonac, .^ __ 

fwQOTctf— In p, 60 of tbia vohnno tbo 

auiif- nf thn herald Stfar k tvka nk- 




XHfOU$ JiffVift^P 


Atoriif tto «i«i«ieiviilDt Ubonr of loi 

»Mi|h^ taik, tsd U vlklob ki piwaU m 
tfAiof cootmit to vove of hb pmle- 
man im tb> mbm ^b- Vfv iajl that 
All d!«rti ^taam t^i* vnUn. nolviUi- 
iMdbif lltti tt« pmcminff ntetrobr* of 
IferHcrCuaBlatlittB Inlo ibcbiosfsph^ 
tftbft ^Kte, BOW ■!»> to the «oDn« of 

■dlkvlkKt VflT !■* foUMl Id h&T0 OOl- 

■c**Jt ^vi** <** «oar«a of fcan. « in 

«BKltfttWTnft|*or »«1bcr», Mr- brUhu 
H ya^h iQRifil lit* AlT^ncion to falm vho 
bw b«m tfjM Uie fiiker of our modtfm 
pQvdc ^|Qlr«a Dia OooifVcf Cliaunr, 
w^MV «ork« an aow la «rocn» in Tlif 

Ur.Boto, toUiTiAubEotQivofllHi. 
Ttni CLAMin, B coatjaqinic hi> «diEion 

VM Jfcajili < . vllh Vwioratn Notes, vblcli 
tadadv tbvM of Oirivoti Wcncki SdirdtrTi 
mi Hmgtt, wUli Ihirdicr iUDftntiooi from 
Ac ■Oft raonrt aoorott. lUt work bM 
■roiii>l<» IW M iba tixib tolumff ^ tad 
k b MDoancwl Uh« Uic MTenili wUI 
c—phte It. bdo^nc An Indot more 
wlaTBnflal ood «ofnplc<« tbkn dnj h^nto- 
r«rB pttblhW, At tba tamo time Uu 

ntaDdvcwd h j m m *<iltinu nf llM I^ o/^ 
Ivitflf Mr. Puom,iihoiiovr«*l>e*Mi 
kfco uj mr tbe filth HDn 0« iho pre* 
«at oceulott tbc irorfc hm widtrfione 
OTEfat rrriiteB, iMdi ihoJa^b Mdnnd Into 
As obisiM foriD, na abWrnatim hu b«n 
«Ad« ia t&« barTKlT*, «ibicb. on the «(»]- 
Miry, li rendered mart MX ^ tbe iMpr. 

d«B of ■^tlianaJ p«rtf4(«« of Rnrhn't 

C«rram»d«otf«. Tteof letter* onlj arc 
aailwa nbM, UTiai tLtUe irnmrtlku 
esHMffiott «itb the oecorvfoet* el Hiirka*t 
JUi^ «fil And a more apptopriata plan in 
iha btfdy of Ui Wotfat. Mr, Pridv bai 
Ibe viitfcclioB «f bvla« able Id boaat, *■ in 
lOTitaonj of the ran vtih vLicli Iba Ufa 

«■ orifiaallj «ntt«v, tint b (Lb man} 

inhania of «aatn&porarir »« and butory 
flMe piblbbcd, or la L^ four rolouua m 
««rrwOndnce ivned qndcr the <?afv of 
B«l nuvillMin tad Kr RidBnl Bourka, 
ao l&eUaiit that 1 ban anoUimed U eaA- 
Uiketil, u^ :to Bcv «n« bn ba«tt kdtted." 
Ib Ua SrAM^AiD LmtAmr Ur. Bohn 
W pBbtlAe4 7%t rr«r>lv <f /«Afi L*fi^ 
in t«o TolOBica, vr^tb a FrelimtnBiy Kauj 
Mi Kotcfr bfJ. A. St. John: baring 
piaii»atty roiaplffiyl, in *i^l Tolunira, 
ttcrvfrintof Omfjftr't Torii, u edited 
bf Dr. Swiim, and UluKrtteA bj ttic 
■MM Mwvvreil rnaa drawincv hj W. 
IbnTT- Tb> U>t fctnr of Ibia mtIai U 
a nrpruM of J^WKa'a ^f^ ^ CWwr <f« 

XdM, soaliiiud to m vdonv. 

la (be AirnavAKiAK Libkaat ii por- 
aued tli4 very uuf al ttr\ta of trualaiiou 
or the EnjElialk Cbrcoiolara. Astong tba 
urc4i ot t\in* BTY .tfariArif Fort* ud 
nVirvHf ' '^/ irorrrriff. In Ihn Library 
have alao batn rqtkibtLthril TAf TVorrfi tlf 

JtfartO Poi9 tAt IVuflfiH. u Li4mlaUd 

br Blandcn, rrrfsed tj Mr, Tboout 
wriflxl* F,S.A. 1 and Chirlei Umb'M 

wAq fiNd aAottf fir fmt ^ 54«^Mr«, 
iinl pnblUbwl In iHOIf, accorapanicil bj 
the eitncta from the Girrlok oatleAtian nf 
Old Pbp vhiob «rtra nade bjr tiie»ao 
Rdiliir. and cutntnLiiiiiAted In Uoo^M 
Tablo Bc:(ik. TItf liitUr fonn 14l> pagti, 
and Ibc foriDC* -lUU. 

I«^ Ihnd twk nf rnp€r6§ we batv, 
vebtHncDnramukoF Ulr.Bobn'aoini 
liUnrj lodoitrf . It ia foundad apoa tbo 
AnLWrinn hj tUf , af wliich tba AfUi adl- 
tSon «B« t>"^U><bad In IHn. Tn Kaj^ 
■■ oecT)p1p(flci>ilcc<:oiiaf &nfliib prorerba" 
bad bun alreailj appended the adisftftt af 
BoPtk&d, Walnt Inland, DenvaH, tU 
Saat, and the Ucbrffv. Tbeaa form 9M 
puM of tbs prtMnt volama s atid Ua ra- 
nunder, more tbaa one balf, b ooenpicd 
by an Imlei, or "CoDiptct* Alpba^t i«( 
Proviirba," in which Hie cotapilfr bai la* 
corporttad ilia volleetiou of CaoKlen, 
UarbvTl, HmrfiU, PuILh', Tnuilair, aad 
otben, fannfaif ilbofethcr b; fbr lb« aoat 
cofBpletv eorpw of ^ujElbb ua^ tbal bai 
hitherto boen brouEht under one vlair, 
Notldnc La more mnarkabla abQut manj 
of tbaao «aDt«Dlifl>u upnaatflna of ibowbt 
and afpcriance ttun tSdr high anUqoitf, 
ood It vroQld add a *iLae to an uicrlcaetd 
cop r of thlirdnTnr <n tnvrC Wtatiuui af 
ibfir OM bj our carl; aotliori la Ibdr 
vuriii. Bad bj uur alaCa»nBii Id Ibtflr 
ita^n aiid apcrchvi. Manf oocor in our 
cttTlleat vrttcra* and ^etj ntm and then i 
BOnaaib c^roakler, ia tb« viJat of hie 
Ijatia narratiTet will antrodvoe a popular 

troterb or Ajme In aenl-^iaioD nrtuoa* 
ir- To null Ibaao aodd ftdp to aapplv 
Fbal la itill traniiaff^thc blitor; aad 
orlcin of ibeae quaint rooOfoi^ioTm of crutlia 
vhioh for the moft part are atcmal aod 
iiorpttujilt bol «hiah in aomo caaoe har« 
Ucono tfb«olol< from cUaAgea of <vcam- 
ftancca and nannera. 

In tbe ScfiicTirjc LinaAnr baa ap- 
paawJ, in iwa voIuvivb, a noit «UboratB 
Itut9ry n/Maffk^ vritlen in Ocrmu hf 
JnaiTfl H^HiMoaaa, and tmoelalad \>j 
WiUmn HoiirU, Thcm^h tmfiiif ttf a 
Lraacb of icirnce, to called, whtcU ivi>uLd 
a lev T«n w bai* been icoaied Tram 
Ibat honannblo oatecofT* tliU eoliieet ha* 
baontbougbt pecnUarlTappropTlatetn tlie 
phnntaaic* vf Ihc pruent dnj ; tad to 


Miit^Uant^nt PrpUwK 


mmlator'* raniffjvoM, hu bvan vmptorod 
b> Add >a ft^ptitulii, iiUab tfcaiUiw " tho 
DHtt TvmarkkbU aaJ utUntialtfd itoriM 

BimMllUmi |iroftU'tl»ni, iliiWliuft. wltrfi- 

Msd, «od l4 llifl lovvr* Iff tlin manallotjv 
■gfictcnilj annoitTr, 

THHOLOGV. — I. Tk* tntftf^hn nf 

W, Lee, UJi. 9wt. pp. jtif. 639.-* 
i« U >n ImporUnt oiLlitLoa U onr 
llwole^nl libTAriM. It co«ute of «%hC 
dkttdnn, prcwfaed at TV^qUt Cvllcfe, 
Dabtitti wh«n tbr Author ta nllow fenit 
tolflt. TliA form n( wimoBB •« ^oabt ii 
iDcnatoiLi«iil for th« dlii^nka «{ «uf1i 
fli^vciliit bat tlic ftulbof- tHt hU^ vrnkod 
Ui «mf ftn'n'l Lbi* ^lAGohr. Titer "^ 
nUrtr OfC^ndnl Bi(b aota,iad««<nmild 
•mpM Uw rv'oaatiiif «|tW vbal*. at *«nv 
lonir* tin*. Into • nor* cottwnifsl form. 
Iln Mtie rraoi OWwoMS at ]>, 97. <tt 
mgrli ipollaf from SffVptVfc, (■ «Dt ni7 
flnr. TbatwiiCo'ibnoCbcMOf auUci 
WB imdcntual ll) wnlil ncnlndiie Cba hi- 
tfdloM vimmm la SeripCor* by tba «Ti] 
■fMtbi Hatch. Ito* la a good tMHe 
U p. 7\, M j tt ii^ IhM b la • aiiiak« to 
i a | iii aeii t tlia dnkl «d tba aaacnMf ol a 
fartlMlir baofe (la bj Thoodon oT H«f - 
faeiiW rr LaAcr) w «« of iLe lofpin- 
lio« of ScdfCvn M ffsoenl. It vow hwa 
■n vsalitd aMwa of Aa vbol«, aad a baUnT 
that piUffJir p actto tt a did doI ooma ^ 
toOcktartiorkafAfBdM.— ft. JvCdHI^ 

JlM^T.rainOD. f^9ta.n,ti^ Tib 
b a dmp tAdoa (tvalftb tboM»dJ of n 
aaaaj ubifi c^vud tW prita «r "IW Evib- 
CtfiodAIUaacs.'- JthaanorircdaoBMr 
oaHM«JiAlMi to ladovMU ^purtatv. ai 
B«nlr !• ^"^ aaMonnc m ««r MVt. 
Capba Wh wlgUadvantajpMlr bi tted 
Ik - Tai«« Hoa^ S«dcaw> " a*d pu^Abl 
Ibnrieilatavwu*-!. Clru/i«v/F •'Avrf 
«» «»M# «r Uf iMdKv ^J^Mfi. 9p Or 
JbatA.PMca. JS|^ a». /f. lU. TkM 
book la fovsMf wrtltaa, «^ w*7 aarta 
t» aw f ioi iB«Da df aided tI««i af nl- 

A HtlH vOK vmfvcitj vmld hava ni* 

•ib fcr tbe <3dtiiitiot» «r tac^moJ ex- 

A^ doa. ^. U, 340. IWa ■vnaoM 
vara pcttdMd, prior Ui Iba aaihor'a ilfva* 
dim, bate« Uib UnifHwrf oT Oxfcid, al 
iaUarait d«>ii« a pchod af aibe taaci- 
* f PMMa ■ Mrtala oato of ■a ^w i, 
MvAdttodxaombiMd » a tvtaMak 

MLf ii dodk- 
b| W vado 

ihc author Itoi clrrn a pmctjcal toiv ta 
tbenbiMttif baptimubT «lrich bt aioUi 
Mma of iU iliincvllto, for «a Inkr tku 

be ia a4>t iBMniibld ta tliW (p. III). Tb* 

tvYtrtb, wlilcb ■» n<it doUrrred bflfaia 
tbc 11 pmniU, u jddcd on aocottal o< Uw 
impr-rtuirr nfit* lopir, viv, '*Ht*iliagaa 
Co tba clc'f^ ill A lfD« of eotUratvr«r," 
Jl iDHj alio rcrre ai a «aT^i>; doI » 
ontp'aaf« aeoiUcaa coDirarerrler.-^. An 
Hnay iowtnb s |V>v MftHcvt t'miMi 
V fXir Pt^ms ^ nmU. Df T. Turner, 
Mf, 14?9, |fp. 3L Tbia 
caicil to lib? Uuliop ol LoodoOi 
luM 1mi« liow fi« It la oUiawIh i 
n(vd W bi« loniiUph It h ill 
vcii»«orvBio«an«ifn,a«aelaa«f I ^ 
lA «fakh ir« emciflC raaonco* oar aar. ll 
otber re*p«cta \X appaara ta i^aiPia nerft. 

B. Miller, if. ^. n». jqhVfl. 'Jliiiii* 
•■nouu prvubid al Bof oor.oit tba accauoa 
of Ibd HtiODid 1hiilriigi¥Mg for Iba lata 
absadant kanrafl, ai aa adaplaUou of tba 
fl(iinljro tMS^f" ^ ^ Apnwljpae lo 
the dremnttaaBn of oor «(tn Ikob h b 
ioflf i oM isd ImpnMlTai bat paitUata 
wUI pot btar dfa«lfl| oM too fu. Wo 
oufbl (« aM that It U "rablbbad br 

Tft# Jtf Mr < raaktf-CMUa-f »» 
•M «4a*tHra-« TV^rd^. to 9«te S4aM4 
l^rl^'-'^Tkb It A boaailfBUf tlaapla «■#• 
aioQ of tba ItaUaa taJs vfaub nora Aait 
^<wa iba bailor— *Ucb, lo ^«,la|» In 
Uod a«a^ p«r<>cC fdlb-fibak^ara^ 
tnpdj. TWantbor or C^ «IOCT,aA. 
G. ClMbl«, wto • aobkB«B of KnwH V 
laiuur Mid pcfhapa co^ettpoMtr te 
Mirlj«>)4fBocaM3o. Ilia otflMto of 
a HttCHfaod TtdH BMt. «« fadhr, «<tft aa 
oeoawi In an aft far mot* bUv« to aka 
aplovt tbc FifMf tlAft 10 ogaacra fraa 
mrk a pan aMcal «irk maid baac ra- 
ToHad. la fail ObOIb, fe " 

odi^iof I 

0«li«l|a U Ubaa a a i 
Ut. TmjiM- by >» 
ibai aa U BBT, ibc«o«r te llril af i 
Itttf pofaM. told «lib akw<t Iba ) 
■Mplid^ af BoccM^ bliadf- U _ 

laol ■ pOTw UrMdj,«»d n% tcaSj U 
doabtU, M VT md. wbottaer. ooal ia a 
fa- iftoAd aftd iniUk49v« 

ry-micr« m ■ p bImbt uf idi i b io pbf , 

la Cbai cqvdtf aa«t> tba biKbh 

>ioe ofaafoclflaaf ibc vorb tmm viioB 

ar^noL laibadoalj 
WW- oaofxa ta a v«M a^ u.^ 
naaoMM ia ite tMbaa. |i«wUibl 
ap«o IM l^iparfraadbbfiMM^ 

Cn OBJ UDc iu«r 110 vabMif I 
«na Uolaa 10 4ndb bp Iba UfO . 
inec aad 1^ Jlaar, tfm^ «iih • I 


An^i^varNin /?M^ap'cA^f. 

iira apaq h4r, in orJrr lo ^ito tb« »p^ 
4fcl, M p««M« mtmj osrlcnu {loiata uf 

J*C * i ftM ii.*^f Pr^dcb Tcnc ultJit can 
a «U fU^IJil^in »T ? x<;tv«nut Vr- 
ha l» »r«o«rM vrU n<«il in Chaucer : but 
tfMTihoii aar« Uum th«t ihia truul*' 
IM bf U. da Ch*i«|ba mdfl pfeMuOr 
Ml oHncitf, tDd tpp«r« to triAtcBt* t 
yi^cif Ibe hfluM^M of tU nHpnftl h* 

^tunly iramhlDiBelfiU>bkldJiii%a;4ad 
lor « mor« laiante nanrlnAlion ilia Inacif- 
l»tor must bfl ndVmd lo ihe cr^lici of hit 
una luid lUiJ UiiigU4t. 

F««, rcfT Tor Eav^ulimni, in Utt, 
tJMjrht (u pronounce k judgment on F^nch 
pcwtij. M'tf ironld only lallfUHto to ihe 

Miithor llmf be n\nj «rr in hii o*a piUauto 
ijf re |) resell [ntiirc KiijiUh }mttlj. WcitLcT 
Mr. SwjiJH Hfjr Mr. TnjJiwr would, •• 4r« 

turc* bv Btimiilfd to rank fal|:hln tbeMJ- 
uijii]0n nf iba t^ri^liih pnbUc 9,a potU, and 
Id lilt line lilt of nainn fivon tit (he end 
of " La Pltfur <( U FcullJ* " u rurnUhmc 
■ptclncui vf KngtAb poelry fur M. da 

one iulf arc uU^rl; unknown^ «e vUl 
vvntnrp to taf, to EngliiK rMd«r«. 


/■.tft, Mr. Bv&w <^Klubile*l ■ lUiid- 
ba caiD of CaniCictine tlie Gn^^t, Ifar- 
f I Caftc bn*m[)liuo, wbich faai been 

Vc lUKh R«llk aihlbiud a drnariua 
•fOHtlifa, v^kfa U probiblj niihjuf?. 
Aitwit, oatbercrtTMa umoEc, wifh 

Ut.XCL rAitrr rr^d « upvr on an uu' 
>M Mid tqaqof vUtr cnn (dcQnnui) ot 
(Mmh, Kloc 4f lUlr. A.O. 470— 4»3, 
iW «aa «fr*eic ■< Rtvaaaa, TLe oi>Eti 
violulnted. Al the copcUiIoq of hi« 
P^. Ur PAaltr obifnrd ttut tiiii re- 
Mlal^ coi* nf ndnv#r mty Iv n-- 
fvled m tb« dnc In ifco »frfe< of iDrtJI«< 
^fitlaa. OA««wr hk*Io£ put i« dcdtlk 
(iMca, «ad btrj-it UkpA tlit Emperor 
toviM Aogiuttx pri*unrr, miljr tfinni- 
■Ml Ike ««pin ef lU VTc*!, a.:>, ■);€, 
vjfrw tkia tvtM* Cit period ttiujiLlj 
■M Cbe »114dl» .^<e« prop«rlj foc|^ni. 

Vv. Ta«i read ■ p»i«r. fnainQntdff J 
hlH. Ball, giving an mitteiling account 
■Ikadbvvnrj, n«r Lnctrkbiorn i^cn- 
^4dUi1« nanbtr of Roman eoU and 
4ifr Insfrial cofn, topCbar mth tome 
Ailv, no^t, 1*4 annHlv, pr^rbtbtf of 

adf G«rm«a utirkuuoiUip. 

■octarr ov AttrtQUAaiva ortoott^vi*. 
ilae, 11. Thefollavliij(camniunlE:»tirm4 
«<mv9di — 1* •■ Kotlraof o Hcullouic 
laevctiy pfp£^rrd jd ibr liKnd i>f Hvttty, 
^M j," By JaoLca r<rter, «■(). MP. 
^l^wMakH A Bmutf dcUii ^f (be •jyc 
, and of 1k< tar ioai rd)C9 dUcAvirf^ 
1 rafau. 

1. '* Ou tk« tr«f«ul itritc of the Ttuiui 
Df lona,an4lMrpttaerTiiiaa/' BTDaTiJ 

biinf, fvf|. Jc viu indic;nt«it ihat, viUi 
rcgarit Co lbc*o tuiu*. Im> objetU were lo 
bo u.'coiDp] lasted— the Ant and moat Im- 
porUEit brine ^^* prvatrtatioo of tho 

rnlMtfA wtiMm rt( thu (hr«f principal build- 
hip on tbn Uliind, via,, Iba Catbvdnl or 
AbbcT Cliur-?^. ^t. Omri'i Cbipfl. and 
ihn Niinrttry -. the iHoml rclntiDj; Co tbe 
preinvntioa of tba iculpLiirad monnnton^ 
in th? bLiriAl'fruund of 8u Ornu, nod 
elHe«hor<, It wtt iucce«l*il Uaal eZifl uu. 
b«l<lln|f of tbe rained nilti, nhicb voald 
not Incur ADT ^rcdt cM)>DBi«. micbt prO" 
bably be ottuint^d eithffr ihrouAh rJi? nobte 
oiTPipr of ^hr Uland— tb« Dntr »f Arir5]i 
■—or (hrnqgh Tb** irraiTTi, unJ^p ihn ir^pMi- 
Ihn of tUv Hoifd of Wurkt, vlilU^ ll;e ax- 
p<ave of piracrtlo^ aud airji^ir^i the 
mi>numrinu niijtbt be ruiicd by mbtcrip- 
tion, Mr. taint's commumaaUon oim- 
tiLincd tbn rrport of 4 ijualificJ pn-fcn OQ 
tbf imnU in mic«jQn, an<l roibf»o*d pot* 
tioni of i corfOBpomlftiru bol«o*n Sir 
Jampi Sdiirt Mpri1fnrl>. lUrCr. >nd linl 
Murrajr on Ibis lubJfcL tt wa« beirillf 
aaLiiilioucEl 1>j (be moeilot- 

3, " Ni'iict of tbo Ctiaitr of St. M«- 
luacb, Uw property of the Dnke <-f Argyll/' 
Dy C«mo loiica, eM|. ThUanoiftnt r#lla 
iaa plain curved itafT of nfrout 2 frH 10 
incbrv in lettjib* vrbirb haa hern covered 
with foppi-r, probt^ly pit, anil wSib tOTno 

lorul oroainont at coca end, For niny 
reniuric* ■ MtUe rstate,onx^n»lly conuln* 
iae M lerH. but at latl only G. in tka 
lulled of Lismorc, wai brld by iha nrrTteo 
of bcrpln^ IIiIh, ibe pchlaral alaiT of the 
patron aafnc fif tlitt eaihadrvL Tba Hpef 
j^ate tame ^naUt of thft matfirlLan* of tbfai 
li^in, tU-t ifpro l4ni: |h«pii1iirly knuvn ■■ 

tha "flarotiiof Rtrbnl — ^^otfAui baicf 



Antiquarian Eeiiarch^^ 

tfao Gielic ahipc of battiiHt, the EpiMopd 
■tiff — and who were bo jcaIoua of an^ 
mquiriu regHrdiDg it> thit^ out of pre- 
Cftution H^ainBt Liiquiniife aiili<)uari», the 
put ftUck for the jeir uMd to b* built up 
■fuiMtthopL«ceofiIaciutoJy. Mr.Joicpli 
Robcitflon mmde lome obBarfationi od 
Other tndent Scotiih Croiien recorded id 
hitloTft as that of St. Keatlgem, which 
long afLer hii day wu preserved at Rijian, 
■ad tb»t of St, Fer^4, noticed in the 
BrerWy of Aberdeeot ud Hngfcstod that 
dfHg«at inqnirr ttoold probably ha the 
beuu of fflt adding others to tbo lUt 

Jam. B. Tbefollowlng cammadicatLODi 
W9n reaJ,^ 

1. "Notice of 'The mack Book of 
taining Portrait* uf ^cTcral memberfl of 
the DreadalbaDo Familj, executed ill the 
begionlag of the serentcenth centurjr/' 
By Coamo lonEii, eBq. This volume irafl 
vritten by Master wiUbm Bowie, «ho 
AlJed the double office of tntor to the aoui 
of tbo Uird, lad fnoiily notary il BBlJoeh 
(dow Tsymouth), under Sit Diiacui Csuip- 
b« I, the eerciith L-iird of Glenorchy. He 
begun the work in June l^Od, and the la^t 
eaeri««, in the band of a youufier Bcribct 
are coiitinued down to lG4ti, The ncqui- 
ditionA of the family, and the taatea of (he 
Tsriouh lairds in tbcir *- pUnlihingii'' are 
dcacribcd; and iwrticular reference is made 
to Sir ColJn, tbi; eighth laird of Glenur- 
iiuhay, aa to hia taste for pictures, finu 
furoitun'T Arraa haagingB, Klanderi na|>ery. 
and siJk bvda. Uo employed tiro arCiats 
lo paint jiicturea, chiefly from imnijina- 
don, of historical perBOnngPn. One iif 
tiuae il only distinguikhi!dafl the ** Gennou 
paintrr" whoia he entertained in hi« houbo 
"aucht moneth, and that for painting uf 
IhroUio broads of tlie Kingij of ScutUiid, 
Stc. aud of the shLI Sir Coline hii awin and 
kii pradeceHorH poTlruilH, nhijkis portraits 
are lott up in tiie hall and chalmer of ^lais 
oftbehoaae of Ualioch-" Thu other nrtiot 
fraa th« oLlehntcd painter (icorge Jaoie- 
Bonei and Uifl notices of his cmplojmeat 
ahoivcd the rate of |>ayment of (he first of 
ScotcU artiata to be at the rate of 2Hl. 
Soots fpr roch picture. It also aji^^earvi! 
tiiat JamenobC wji-t workiug at ISulloch 
while e be book was writing j und that he 
might bo tlie artist who flashed oiT ihclast 
of the rude but eurioua akrtclius on the 
bhuk leaves of rellum at Cha end of the 
Tobme. The book was produceil, und 
cjccitcd much intercBt. 

S- " Notea rL-gJirJing a tioa prcdeuted 
by Alexander Pojie, tho I'ont, to the Rev, 
AlciBzLder Pojie, oiinistvr of Kvay. CutU- 
nejs idiire^ with raiaf rv marks on the lup- 
poad rtUlionsljip between ;hcK two per- 
mi».*' By Rul>ert Cbambcrir m^- Mr. 

Pope, who died miniater of I 
was a man of aome taste in h 
Btiiti, and fumitbed infonm 
Pennant and Cordfher in tlb 
of eiifir tojiographical worke. 
jnrr of 17:N he rode on hia 
way from CaiChneiB to Tw 
order to riaiE his namnake, t 
Kome interconne took place, 
preaentcd to the minister b 
aubscriptinn edition of the O^ 
volumaaqjnarlD, andahiuidso 
A lc(ter from (ho jmet (o 
the niinlatcr, ut a lubaegucii 
readi and froun the^e sod o 
Htancea the probability of ■ 
existing between the parties i 
The box, whidi now belon 
Campbell, ciq. Assistant 
general, a graudion of the mit 
wu exhibited to the mcetin| 
dilionsl particulars connect 
habits and literary taatea of 
Reay were communicaCfd in 
A. H. Rhiod, esq. to Mr, Stm 
:i. "Original Notices fro 
Scaccsrii of John Barbourt I 
Aberdi^pn, author of ' The £ 
Joxrph Itobcrlson. esq. i 
the work itjtclf ahows tlial 
thirdioF " The Bruce" bad 
iHjfurc the Pod of the year I 
Rohertsoa lias found that tw 
wards a Bum of ten pounds wa 
hour by the Kihi;*s comma o 
rewanlf itwould iceni, for tin 
of the poem. This gift woi 
the inlcrvul of a few montlis^ 
pcrpetkial nnnuity of twei 
and tlic Hotnli ^^cuccnrii, af 
death, htdic expressly that 
wuB granted '* fur compiling 
the ActH of the most illnsi 
King Robert Elmea/' Barh 
known, wroti' anotlier poei 
called "The Stewart. *' The 
he received fruni the King f< 
work waa n punhion for life i 
a year, gtaniedon the Ijth Di 
pensiun traa payable in two i 
out; At Whitsunday, (he otb 
moK. The last p-iymkriit wl 
rkrf-eivcd waj at Marlininaa 1 
he muBt have died bcEween t 
Whilaunday ISOh^, The prei: 
diuth, Mr, Robcrtsiin uliow 
Uihly the l;Sih uf March, a 
Barbour's anniTcmary cont 
cclvhr.Lti'd in (he cjithedrBl 4 
Machar at Aherdei'Q until 1 
til in— (lie eipeniie of the »er: 
frayci) fmm (he pujpttutil an 
In the father of Scottiab poet 
of the Stewart Kings, in 1371 
pUadone Libri de GMtia 

ForMfn JVtfw^. 


l«tfv*> DdWrtldq*," Br W. H. Sortf. 

tUf, Mq. Tbf dfviOM vera 
!«• b« of • M na c i t)rp« i ifc* l«t- 
knooeifak, >ftd on ite oiUrtW 
»[hel b«ari*r nrrom, llwu cd«- 

■Hutu IUC»AI3(II irCAlL IP4*>0«. 

AlwiAced p4Tt3Bcnt uJ foQnJttloni 

MBM| Mir Ipmich. h b oa iligbtW 

UikH h»a fHl Ivfn «rvr«Hl. It nm 
kMf ttfteli flir Ac mikfac* 'v^t 
&■& piiCBuni na dbdtrcrad. A por- 

tion WH olaBvd, About ID fnt U Iciiglfc 
hf 9 bat In bnwlUi -, i( ii of tuird pti- 
cvnii ooevtflp It laicnU'VorhfVrliitc on 
Uul gnand ; viotftw in ntiltd iaria, 
oomiiMsd of rod, IIddIc, «a4 wbiU; ft 
thdrd in lUcL «i|aar« pli«««J Iovoob*-*^ 
Oit vbiCvnouDd [ aiil ■ fonirti tttiJMulM 
formcil of dreokr ue*, 11* nWilt i« in 
«vry (idr pf mcm atiop* Tho ficttl iq m^ach 
it U ticuatf) li wiled ttw Ctida lUll** moil 
li ODi^fieiiind lo hsTe beoa tb« mU of a 
oaulrof ll» Bfenk, il««ftrof«ii1 in lb* l?ili 
ocntnrr. Hmf* bt« km ivriuui eoa* 
orele fnunbtloo* dlHM»«rad In Uw Ihrld, 
All dtdikdiT of ItooMn work i torn* el 
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cbvd Snu ««&cr, IWcior «f l--tk 
UrrM,MaiiBlTCMdflrClurloi LyWd, 

fool, to Aw^ jTM^^oi d>D,(r itu uit -r 
nnr. ll|il« oiti, to Jotkia^iCaHea. ' 

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pofi. t^K. M LoftMr, DmIMill. C 

Arthur CmApM, «*^. gf Uft««4i% Uv «. _ 

•olMcr, Ihlnt ivnjftaff ov* of lAo luf W« 
OdoMK*^- i< kldlHv*^ Onn*UlHb 1 
lulMlto-Kai». jDVinr 400. tf Uh K«it P4«. , 
TMwdl, hfciv of LlAkbtUr,' — Xt n. Wiil^l 
ItUnftOB, JD^k AloK foq- of St**t§iU 

tiM Cri. r. n. iVrt^ CB-riSd OM<0 liO 
(l»itfrrlu>. K Kaj- 

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T^m B4kL or L>iTai«. K.P, 

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JbkuMi Ciemnmy ittond E^rJ of Ld- 

Btfoy Lniritti of Umot UamiJUa. c«. 
Uitnn (n&J>, BanM Ctomcol- of Kil- 
■MnMHi, fxu Doftiflal* (in ih* pt^rM* of 

fnn ConaciUor Itir IfcUad, LorU Uru- 
lHHtBwlCVfll«AEoiKtar«mi>f eo, l^t. 
frte. CvMoi RoCblonn o( d». D^De^aJ, 
•bJ CvloBil «r lUco. DomU Mil^t>L. 

Oj« ld>rd«lu» vw horn ui DubUa ou the 
»A Uif )7IM. He vm tbe lU^ Ma of 
ftvWrt Uu Atl lUrl bj U4r £lktb«tL 
1r« E41I of >Us«««rao. Etalorv Ut« 

Bmm of Cottaond tor Uu horoof fa of 
0«a. II« fucn«ilo4 to tb< p^n^ ol 
ftidfdibof liiifaihrf Julr27. 1«04. Ur 
«u cnttied « ptxi of il» wiAi$4 kiofiofc 
M^ caro i rtftgB »f Ling WiDiwb IV. in 
JOJ t wwl Qooi&nkU^ » kiiiflit i^f Ilia urda 

BU bnkhJo w*« UWnl lo hu policio*, 
K ffUxUeat LiiiUmiI, «Bi bid long «ii< 
AMfcd hinwilt (a fata Icnviti j bj tw ^Ind 
■Alt MiMiMfci coijoct. <Sio(e tbr fou 
1413 M bid ^t^^aM («> Kicbtve ui i<re- 
J H aty iMlc pcBilin et Ua£/. 10 ^bi<b be 
«« tuJiW la coBHOMion for tbc ibo- 
Uib^ kboe^lScvcUr of tLe C««anit m 

tl« vftrrinlMur, «Utrt ikvf liter *ii<I 
a-bctttfr Uw Ut4 Wdlinca tterejiiifbim, 
«ML. of Rd>afcfcK D>, (Hlwt]r : ».fiJ n tbtl 
U^, «ho 4tcd Fti^ U. 1)^0, Uc btid &«« 
6t* hkw JBd<^rv«U#u£btfrt i I- RAj^stt* 
UtnaUcbumL Vi«<o«Di<-liiDai).ti. vboJi^d 
Jl. :: - '-, La h&t lUity-fmrtA jtAi ; 
t^ < iiwjf U4* Cvl of Ldittiiii ) 

''*T*T*1 Uitik0ftnn3r . 4. U^f UoR. liMrgq 
Botet AaiO« CUmrritj. (jkniiiMBdn 

RJf. vbo die4 bt IrJJ. iic«d lircDW^tU ; 
X ifav lion, lad IU1, Fi^ikcbi NatbAjUcl 
Clmmu* R^rtor ci S>rtoo, Duinin.uid 
u ilojwtvT CvuB of Dvrhuni fao tnu- 
fki i* iH3tf U>vt«tM. dv^bccf cf iAm 

Set. Gilbert Kiac* vf Uo^ticld, vo. Ty- 

r«**, Bod faa* « lUHMTOiu hiuilj ; b. LaJj 
UuU* ibvrUd JQ iH'ri to iliF Hod. and 
Hat. tdKird SooUkvdl Keppd MJk. 
K«Mor of ftntiitftnb>P, NorloM, *« Hono- 
rVT Ciwvft of Nomidb. and • Dtfuir 
Clot «r thv OoMt tv Uw Qfmn. brocbcr 
b* Um EmI «r JUUmiuk i T- Ud; l^tiw- 

b«ft CkoMBtih <»im«rrti<Ji icul tf- I^t 

CarvliMt Vftrrind n 1133 lo Jobn Yuytl 
Bur|c«, wq. of FH-Umr. co. TyraiM% [ 

T^ pr«M4C Ewl L» GoJoikd rd tbo LcU I 
irlut mditU, aikil vai >rr- for w. LvUiii^.j 
from 1is3fi to l^tT- He U tinmtrriciL 

Sim RooKR H&artvi, Rxst. 

i>fO- W. Ac Uttnttum Wet&ttc baU, ' 

Norfolk, tflfd 741. Str Rog«r UiJlbp 1^ J 

0(L Ujron<c(t6«:). 

lie wu btrm nl Uujoham W«ilcka*p 
P«b. 3S, tT^d. Uir Wy hill uf Sir Mw 
d4aix tbf ftiurlli lluotufi. bf bit lint vll^ 

Kv«rjtdA' |>4iro<bM, Aovou J <lAUEhtcr oJ Iba 

IUt. WiiUani Smitb, Bccboc of Burnbooit 
Ho oai«rod ibo otvl^ *ai¥loc of the Kart ' 

vkcm in K9I, ind w>ii Aor Min« p-ai* 

■fliicr JI'iIh of tl>< t^JUrt Ijf ll|»pMl M ' 

MconbodoMil. Lie relind 00 tiio amu^ 
fuiiiUu \S2». 

4le4tbofbi4 fftLU^r in O^O^Mt I4|j. U 
bu pov become cKtmct. Tbc lint llarj- 

tiel «-»> of Loiijc Mclford, lii JiuffDlk» hi 
vhitb pbctf Cbfi f4a»lj wm wBted at Icatl 
»u e>itly 4* iLc rdj^ of fldward IV> Ibv 
lihtcm (hf lri« t|(icr«Bi>d wvn (Aarmd.-^ 
J^fcnldft. to the IUy. Thoflia* Beinardi 
AnuUui&i iu Uh lUr. Joba GUik, 
RecWr af Buxniuru ; 4nd Carolfio. U% 
Junn M1M19, «»q. of HadUr, Ulddloaa. 

Sir Ai-iiAXDtm C&at GftAVT, Bajii. 
A'or, 3:f> Ontbeatcof bu J:£nUbtrtb- 
daj, Sjt Alutoder Crar ^^rBtil, tin.- feit'Ji 
BarooM of Ualict, ^.&.<L6»S>oao of Ha 
HijcoCjr^ CmDadHJcovn fvi AodiAiuc tbo 

11* ini b»rii at &ovriag'a Lol^, Sa 
DorofliAbiiv, on ^« JOlb No*. ITtfV t nbd 
waaiUo (UInt «oia of Sir Akitndir the 
IiCU lUrOQSl, bf l>Jn|it dau|[tiUr aoil Uirt 
rif Jnrrimth Craf. oir|- e^ lliU*;p. K^mp* 
«yrei4 bj S^Tftli, tiiifT cf ^r Jaoica tad 
£ir Goor|« CoittjcmAv, DajU' Uc «u a 
a member of Si> Jolw'a ColLeft. Gan- 
bHd(B, and cndoatad ti.A. IBO^, UA. 

Uf auscMlsd bi< U:b«r «a till Mb 
JdTi IJ^ t and va* mini fcan b« Um- 
fortant mrfA^or «f |N« Lioouof Cumioaa*, 
to «tJab he TOB ^tit returned fof the Coif- 
uEhh faoruujibaf Tti^oDf at tbc goaeraL ala^ 
IkfH of 1412. U 1«18 tifJ 1320 lie wu 
ctoitu] for l^^iwicbU ; m it>2C for Aid. 
boronj^b. tu YufLtkiLc. 'iid in IB30 fur 
Wcatburf. Tbc oi^criLiui cf tbc Htfrrm 


188 Sir G.AjUck^Sir. 

Ac« Urtv \Am for •am* jun odI of parlU- 

tntodOrwtGrinabjIa iSSA^ind Itoniloii 
IM 1137. b« OUM rorwftrd on • rinniry, iii 
Mij, tMft. Air tbo to«n of Ctirvbridfo, 
aod WA retumn! «A«r « conlcM bn vhlcli 
ht |Hjl1vd 734 *vtf*> tud TliUDib SUiklis 
H^.6&T. InllMI b« tlood inolher coti> 
toit, vhei th* mult ivu at rvlJow* \ — 

J. ri, T. MAftn'-nSmtati.ttq. . . LV 

Sir AWi. Cnrnat, H4rL. . . . T'iS 

Rlchird Fo»lfT, jmi. eu. .... 4SA 

Lord Cturlei U. RowtU .... 6^0 

From Xh-m lo 1tf5'l, Sir \Wiudtr 
Cr«)- Grmt vu Cbalrmui of Cpuiniitl*** 
<irtn« vrlole Ifouvr, In \S'!,\ hn twcttnac 
vac of lilt uKuiber* **i t|je ttunnl of Con- 
trol far ladbuadffr %\t Rob<ft ?m1'« tit- 
minlitrtiion, Kod rtfUioed office nniiL Ibe 
dUftojufUii of %\i9 mlnUlrj in Itt^A- In 
U«rch 1M3 httionpCfd tbv •U«>uil4lii|> 
of tbe Chilum buodnidit ind vm tlioi 
«ppoi&i«4 nxm di IIm CDmnUtionorv for 
Attflttaf lb* Pvfatio Aooo«ot», on oflko 
to trlibh a wbrr«fl,MH>/. U *UA;h«d. 
ind «hl«b be rtUinoJ mi[U bin (lc«tb. 

Sit AluAodcr mm vncaivricd Uc i* 
n«M*doA U kia |Ltl« k? bl* brother. no« 
Blr Boberl lanti Qruii,«fh» iDu-n«d, in 
iesa» Cht tldflM dAUchUr or Corndiut Oa- 
Tftnl Battiflliv *>1'* ^ ^^ ^I»"l of ^- 
CroJi, irii bM timo • tcu «nd bck, AUi- 
MiwWr, n^APcUovarOfklCollcsvhOx. 

^«r. n^ At bto nsUBon, C«tr«r1eT- 
put,TMtbrtdf« Wollit Sr Cm>ert Afflcok. 

Dm Mh B«ft>iwf (1TM), of DBlTian.lliJl. 
SttBolk, lud of (iDfrinbotf, EaarSi 

B« WW bora DQ CbirM June, ItOl, tbv 
BlikK MM of tb4 Rot. Sir Robrtt Aflwk, 
W.A. Recto* of Tivivell, Naiu. View of 
^ilktliovc, ^'4fk*]iVrA And * Prebandvj of 
Yotk, thf foarlt ftvoott, bv Mirift, ■;■ 
VMvl davcUtr of Str Kl^ih Impf?, KdC 
of Nr-kS P>rk. Sdm^, lunbtHj Vhiwt 
tadM of ll«n|>l, 

nt wccc^M to tbe tilk (M tbo doib 
of hkiffetfarr.MAr T' H^>' 

Sir GJbott mnird, Ucc. ?0. 1031, 
grmno-friec*. cbint dui^^bUr vf |V«iicb 
SU*. COO. of B*Ih ; but bf UiU lidy. «bo 
MUTt««» Mm, lit htd fto luuc. Uo U 

AjflcoV, vbA nwntd io li^l Mfedt- 
KviljTf di«tkieror KdmuaJ liln|OT &iir> 
^ tan. mq. of Cburdiia. DwoXry, 

8«n AarBi'iK a Baweb, D&«t. HX. 
Nm. 10. At Cok^zwkf. co. Fcti^i- 
Mub, Sir Aftbor firmdn Brook«i ihf k- 
OMd Bofoovt of thai plM<l#f3), M.r. 

rcUoo. FirMa«Hb. 

II« wu bora lo 1797. Iha ihLrvl bol 
tIdHt mrTlfln^ Hff of 5if Hmrr tW llf*l 
Birairt, by HirrieE, d«a|[bl(r cjf the Uoa. 
Jolui &utler> oud crwUdancbttr of BflOO* 
loy AnE Viftcaoni Ijinfiiboroi.itb. He 
tui^fVfdcd lit blb^ Mu<h 24, 1HS4. 

Ill April m40 ha*u tlt^tcJ tOpuU^ 

ment far tbc aynnty ?cr«iAnuh, oftlbo 
»eoMfinn to tie |jc>crtf* of Ac prnMt 
HuL of Enoi-tiilln i atd « ibal nn^ tlio 
thrts«ubM(|UCQtuaiub>ajibi»clrc1ioii W 
wnbctui oppoalOo*. Mc bcU>njCfil to tbt 
Co«florT*itif« pirtjH bot kit potitkal «mi- 
tiinmti wmh iiio4«ntr. 

H« QarTlod,Dvc. lA. IMI. the Uod. 
JttlUxu HooHoLti Aavoa. Hftk And roonf- 
OBl dmcbls- of RfwraJ 8tr GcorfO Aiuoii , 
G-C.B. f.<riucrlv 4 Mb>d of lloooor (o 
tbo Uae«k; and by thkl kdy, «ko n^ 
TiiM him. hf liu hn une tbrto •«■• and 
on0 d^BghUr, H» #ld*tl *e4 nod >o«w 
mai>r, SLt Vii^tOT Aloitttdor 8n>ok«, vu 
boiQ In 11(19, 

Guf- Ki. Hoy. Sim Jauci Kutrr. 

t>r<. ^. tn SquUi Andltfi-ttrTOl, ill 

bi* !Klth ym, lt«iu<r«t tbo fLiJtht Hon- Sir 
JiinM Kompi. (>-C.B.,ft PriTf CoimctUort 
Colond of ibr Virai Ucginienl of Pool, 
KaJffbt Grand Crou of Ibe UolMwkfe 
GofT|>bic Ontrri Kntghl of HnM Tkciow 
of Anttrlft. !%t. tflwrfff* of Rawio. and 

Wilholv of tbo !t«cborludi. 

8lr Jomco Kempl voo bom oi Edlo- 
bDr(h. lb« 100 of GsTio Kotopi, mq. Of 
tbkt dtf. ond df B0U17 HiU. w«r fio»lk- 
«a*pCani bj a ^ucIi^vt of Ahan^dtr Wal- 
ker, oi^^ of Ediaboncb. U« fntcrcd tlie 
M»j « ttOilfBlulbo IQlit KcK»t, SJvrc^ 
31, t1«3; «M ipCDVWtW lo LintaMBl 
00 Uu leth Am* HM. tad phttd 00 
holf-pij Bt ike rvdoodMi <f tbo w flmirt 
ia Ibe nmo ^nr. On ihe SOik Uov, 
n!>lr ho «■• oppoiolfd Coptain ia the 
llSrh FoAl* ■bliii rriMiaiil lin ■— iifad hi 
rafainr, umI trrrodivflbit )ft Irdisdi aad 
on the 1^ Sept. ia tbo «UM ftor ho «at 

SfQinot«dtoboH«}or«fthao*m. Prom 
aae i:9^ to Feb. 1797 ht wfed a» ~ 
ipeeUnc neJd Qac>tr of Ukv 
S«t«ia* in fifAtlAQd ; wid it llw 
tbul period b« in* «ppoiat«d Aide lift 
CoDp hj Gen. Si: Bufdi Akcreromby, 
thta octtynudhkg ifao forcto la that onn. 
trjH lo tbo Moie jatr bo eecompaaM 
Sir Rtlpb w ttaa c^>cdicl(« lo UolM, 
vtrtro be «m prrorat io mreral aotiopla 
ud recurfline vMh tbe dMpatobOi M- 
nomirfag lb« TlMdry l1 IW tUldw, bo 
vat proaioledlo tkc raUi ot Lk«il.*Coleaal 
Ad|. t$^ i;»0. la Jmw IMO he aocob* 
|wnk«d&n- lUtpk lo ifee M«dibm«iH«a. 
u MilUuT Somttrr oi «v1l o< Aidodt* 
Caap, Aadbe OMilhiuoJ viilb him va»A bla 

deMk at Akittdrit. U« tbn t«^ U 

irpo> rrom 

bn #loJ1^H 


OBttVABiY ^^G^tral fTutteisicn* 


1^ mma skulioo «ritb kU noecMor Lord 
H^ich i a w o. «ad «ai pit«nA 1u all the 
Mils ia BcTpt. tnd nt tbtf ra|:itun of 
Otiro and Altnodrim. 

U April 1803 be «H •wolQtcd Aide- 
'M;aM to Sir D%M DundMj on tl-e 9th 
J^ fodcmn^ lo A U'jonty in the AUtb - 
■94 QB 4* SM nf iW cAme nonth to a, 
lint-'ColODflJcj in Ibf Slil* 

U Ii0& te «BBbMked vtih LU rvtimcm 
It Flyoiffh, ud wat ta xhn Mfditer< 
tmdcr Sir Janjca Craig. In Uio 

V» N*p1ea lie mnrDVkdpJ • 
of liflbt mbnir^. In 1806 b« 
«MtoC«Uirb, lad c«nnDJtjU]«l Ui« Itfhl 
teM *1 IW b«ttl> of U>iai. 

falioT, ISO; kf «■! apiioblod Qiur- 
tiHMr>-GaicrBl ol cbe forcti in North 

Ol Ibt 6di Mmth, tSDV. b» vm Bp> 
r^lJ Aid*.J*.C«»p to the Kins. *^<l' 

(hiW4ikN0T. len, berfe«lT«d the 
li^ caik ef M4«r.O«fienl it, Sptln ind 
iMpL Attbeidegeaf Badfljoihecooi- 
aihiid Ikt Mtuik Dd Kort P^cnHuJi, tad 
lWbn|*iteiihli*h l#d the ttuHe 4nd f^r. 
ftui uSi CMtk of fUdnjOv b; Hcabde. 
^hm hf wuKvertly ^ouuded. lit cum- 
>|4>dBd tt Mc«do In th« Licht Dmiion at 
*tUon*i tbe attack on thebrifhlflaf Vrrv, 
KiT«lS#4 Jfiwi Orthw, Toii1<(iiibe, «iid in 

Htf ■ttklned cbe ranlE of Major- fica«rftl 
- Ika am J*Q. 1. iei«. On tho Itb 
^9f. lSli|bc vaa apbointoJ CaIodcI Com- 
tJB CIm Oath Pool- He aubtr- 
oa tbe SuflT til Amrrink. 
I, wb(*« h« ««niioatiiled the 
bfi5«4e ia the ^Ih divUVou, 
ins of tbe V(tb , J';d. 79th, and 0511) 
lU. At lh« coUf^inmt of (hi; 
tU Balk, n Jan. lAU. hit wu 
iM a Koif he Contnandcr ; aitd 
aStrr tbe ^itlk of Wtirtloo, la which be 
*M •rtsni^j wOianABl. he wu pronaotiyl 
10 be • Ortnd Croas, in ih^ ylaor of HW 
noma* Ftotctt, vbo ««i kl]]j-il on tlic 
•ave i^oriova field. Hii ivni^t* »cre 
alM«diwwUi%«db]rtbv allied jot creisna 
af Aaatriit, Rvaia, mo4 tbe NelbcrUoda, 
If theb revpeetKe iird^n oi Marin The- 
nv^St. Otor|a t£ tie thud clam, and 
Vlih^ln tti Cht third rlua^ H« vaa na> 
abated a Grud Croaa of the lluoTcrinn 
Qaa^hie Order to ]el6- 

Hr iauM Kcsapl iia> ni^il appoictcd 
LinrL-Govenor of fort Wflliam; from 
■bkik be van f*nio<r«J to uc in the lih« 
matftT at Poftamonlb on tb« lllh Ao^. 
ISI9' On tbe I3ih Juir >" ^ **o°« 

pv h*wu mar*d lo the <4mTDaad of the 

aivi root. Ill Ift^ be laretcdcd Iha Earl 
OT DalbOWlc u GotfTTor of >i}vb ScoUa; 
aodon tbe iBik JalT> l^^> li« fAll9w«d 

tbe aame noftlflmatt (rt ilm t^trmmiml of 

C&nada. nLlch hr hdd fur murr ibna two 

nran When h« airiTcd 4I Uft«bfic, ti« 
pd thn counirjr in a wfnia buril^ring m 
nbelliont the L«|itUiaTD tnd Riroatlie 
bebg Iei ilirect appoiitSoa Co nth othirr: 
bDi after he bad held the cafernmenE for 
ivA mootfia ths« fenle lab^daJ, aod he 
Utt It in poftct mnqaElHtr, On lib da- 
parturr hewai proavirUd trith compllmni' 
U^ addraaati by alt die puMiu boctiu. 
TmaitfdiatcZf on bli rvLufo to Ku^lnnd 

ffom Cwiadd Sir Jnoin Keupi wu k|i* 
painted Maaltr-GeotTvl pf tlic Drduanfy, 
on thR SOtfa Not- 1830, tliif cffi» of Llrru- 

tteiBul'QaDcnl af lbs Ordnanoe boSii^ 
thcreupun nbolUbcd, On tJite oci^aiion 
hff wu iwofn a rrt77 Coundllor i anil he 
coEitiiiued Muter- Gen cnl nnti] lliv:. IB.14, 
vrhcn he wu tuccndfld bjr Si/ Gcofge 

Sir Jamca K(Tui|it tltain«jl Ibc nak of 
Iicnt--Gcnonl in the anoj on the 2Jth 
\Uy, l»mi and the fall »ak of C«nca»l 
oa th« 23d Not, I&4L He «aa rea<av«d 
to the ColoneloT of the 40tb Vofti on tbe 
8ih Jin, lA2t ; ta thiC of Tl^t^ ':]'.1 F'ot oii 
tbe 2£nl Dtc, 1831 : iqJ lo that of the 
111 Ro)-aIa un the 7tL Aug, 18«6- 

fle^. 30. In \loaat Street, Groirencr 

Sr^uare, in bii >^-iad jtv, G«acral SbdiuhI 

HewM tlir third ion of WlUIam Uoi- 

kiuoii, c*i. uf Oilpj, ra. StaBbrd, by hia 
tinx frifCt Khxabrtlin d^rueliTer of John 
Rottini» cfQ. Uia ciiftt htothtT wj» the 
liitolti^bl ItononrAblfi WtllUui tlmkiuun. 
GenflFal Koakliiori rntcri-d [he aniiy 
rth Mar* ^TS'V, ■« COTQ^L of the la(o 
99ih Oragoou, i»btoh ngiunt b* jMoed 
in India, and «ariDd with the annr iind«r 
the ei>mmiind of Lord Lnke. dnrln^ tho 
Mnhmta Wir. Ffc obtaiDod hia lieu* 
teii:iiiLiy 27th Jan. lAOl ; aoii relum«d to 
EiigUud uri bcib^ ■^jvulutcd, S4ib Feb, 
IM13, lo a coiiipaur ^'i Cb<< S4lh Footi 
fn>ui which rc^LTi^cnt he vai tranafarred in 
IKO4 t9 lh<i -Jl«t l,rj(b£ DrafCOOD*, nod 

then<i0 promottfdp -Idi Julf) l80S, to a 
OLitjority m Tbo9Lh ¥<30t. IUt^dj;, in the 
abfitt itjiflfc of ait uianl^m, i:i>fnpJni#rr thka 
rvgirapnt, (vrbich had been more than 370 
men dcildcDt,) be rrc«l»FJ the bf erct of 
Lirur-Colonal ^th Mn?. 1R07. On the 
2jth StpX, followiof he Tvai appointed h> 
Lifl«ii--Colobeh7 in Lbe 9ui Gairlion 
Battalion ; from that coqia fae rrmoved to 
tbe eoth Foul, and thfnce, iGtb Jane, 
IAini,1othpnihFi>nt, OnfheMb Juof, 
101 f, he uhCainvii di« bmrt of Colooel- 

In Ma^ ]«ia be «a( proent <vtUi hii- 
r<f luicnt at tbe aiaso and aarrirJiiltir of the 

1/Uoag fottrcM ol tLj^uu m tb* Cuiuao, 
viii IH NdYombcr o/ (ho lADie jnr. trriTia« 
«ltb tb0 Ant bttulioii of Uiv 6;Ui kl 

io Cuidciah. Biid bc^mi llitr *Ei>iur officer 
ihtf«, be 4wiuiiai tke cttmmaodt ind on 
Ibe i^tlj N4T- na*f«hd<t witli thn for»« 
UQdvr liiioriUrKr of irkkh Ibe liitii foroioJ 
put, for Ibfr ftlUvk of 11c tonu uid iVirM 
of Amuluc^r lUiJ Bdlianitirpnn'. mhidi 
■urrcudcicil it iIUcrciH>& on the Iloih Nav. 
4ad lu L>n:>t aacl whjcli bt< iiniuoiiuitfiy 

Hr wKprMnAlvdUi the rvilcorMkjor- 
G«nft4l on ibc loth July, IB2} i lu tUl 
of Ucul-'Gn^oftL tO(b Jia, iKj; ; Mirl. 
00 tlic llth Ngvp inAZr Tr4i Ddvvioeti to 
Ui* AiU rukk of Graorvl, 

Qeovral Kiuku*on,«tiodl«dianimtrrurd, 
yt M bur^od ftt KcumI (Irvtn CeiiifUryt on 
tho fith Lif Jtiiuirj. 

CM. 3. Al E««t TrUiorlcT Ilou*«. 

Joiulbki Y»t««- 

Utacul liU* fiU tDclfl to tbo Ute 
RMt Ho&, Sir Bob«n P«] : hring m nn 
of WiUbvn Vitni «Bq. of l^urjr in Lan- 
cvhirVi tba bfuLbcr-iii>kw 4Dd uvluar In 
banociAoribtt amllU Bob«rt PccL 

lb vru tppointod Eatlgfi b Uio Slit 
rfg;l«i<bt P<b. H. iTdO, aul U^uUufnt 
In tboAOUi on iht Slit of tbe mow uonlb. 
lltvuporuiiua h>»cr*« undvr Colobol 
W«lk*r. «hu *rl*J *« MilJUr^ Commi** 
tloner t« tbe Autf ua troopi vbdloocd io 
JoruT uitl Qnvmpfjri bacI *fL«niard« 
tttrrti in BcFpt. wbor« ti« m praKVt at 
ill tbs «j;ltuak ta wiUaU bU ooqi* au fn- 
piled. 0« the IM Uccfmbor, Iio1>l,bc»*« 

EroiAOl«i Ut ■ coinpuy m tlio 4tb Wot 
adit rtfii^niti m ui Aaj[, Idu^ vcni 
an rb« Wf |>iir of lU Jl^tb FonI- On tba 
13th Miy IhUJ Ei<3 ir«< app^Ctd to tho 
^j«l Awi«t auJ in ^picdilwr fuUofltnt 
ha cmbarbcU tvt the ^ut liidtn. wbiifl 
k« Mnvd if] Btrbudoti Utiucron. Bct- 
bicvt ■i^t Suriamu. In |>«. I«0«J b« 
WM pruuidUd lo A Mnjorily Ld tbr l^th 
r«Ktmeiu ; tad m Fbb, IttiJl boc<cib*rkDEl 
for Ka|;l»aJ i ■>■ lit* ptM^t b« w«b ulun 
uuonef and nrriod tD(o Point 1 Pitrc^ 
Wiad*Ao0pt ; bui. Lcmi v»«tMuic«d in iho 
dniuia of tU Hrfllla. h* orritpid Ln KnfUnd 
hk innc. and in Sot. fblbv^f \ie u- 
oliuiC««l t4> (b« 47Uk. Oa Uk I'Jtli July 
181C he VM *Fpoiiit«d U«ut,-Cotui«l U 
Ibtf lit W«ti Jtidift r«ftBi(uil( from mrhicb 
ha UTS* cMDuvfd to 1b« 4lith on iSUi Mmj 
)dl3. He ]>«cnine C^bnrl by br«ttC, 
AU|. 1^4 I»l9i a U^oc-UtuenlJatjai^ 
Isn^i and W11I.-G41W11I Mot tt3Jtf4l. 

>'or,il. InL'piw-r Wkii}pni!-it- of pW*- 
lyiit, ijctil ;3p Lirut.-titaTral Sir Htftry 

UuMAjicU, K.C.R,> Cvkiiid Cowmajiidanl 

Uo va& born in Loudo*, <kt we* of 
ll«aF7i;oldAm^h,r«(|,(-f Pcdbkan, ftacragr* 
by the atcood dawhUr of Gilbert PiUf r- 
*<oq,ekj, uCTViirul Uu«(u,co, Dmnfrtot. 
ltd iiutfdiuvtcd at TnnWidct kIiooI, aihd 
at Lhc lUf k1 Mil^tiLTy Amdimy, Woolvick 
Ho ruicnd the Roybt Knginccrt u Second 
Uoutcaaol ia 1'9^, betvmc FjAt Uen- 
tGOiuit iu 1^00, Ci>pt4in b IRO^, brtTM 
Mti«r in tel.\br<T(t ticiil--i:Ql»acl U 
t}fl3, mid nciin(«Ltl L.iniL.-C^loa«l b 
1^14, lie MTTcd m the upe^JUoB U 
CopcDiiajtfu in 100?. iba wniwl^aa of 
IK[I9, l^hi. 1^13. and 1814. includiDC tht 
uapiufvof Ojiono, ihc bBtiI<4Df TaUrcn, 
lluu<v# Vi(i»ri4. Pyri(tfi«i. Njic, Ortb^s. 
and Tuutouc- Ik reixdred tliecold 
tot VLtlorl*, NUt, Onha*. aud Ton] 
aad Uu3 tilvn wit uut^ a ilb tknc 
for TalATon, ltaiMo», muJ tba Pj! 

11* tttaiood tha nnk nf b«v«« 
in lAlO. of rttiiDeulftl Colonol lo ISST. 
Utjor-Genersl la leiKand Luot<(kiiar«i 
in l«Al. fla vu noniiuatod AConpaaioo 
of the Dafb in 1ttJ5, and > Knight Com* 
wiuidi^r in te;i2. 

&r Ikiirv tnnrrittl. La IHI^. CaitWifta- 
£Jt«obtEli, diughtcr aiul coheir of NiUw- 
B>«l Thouiv, aiq. «f CobiM Co^rtg Sua** £ 
and lliftt Udj inrtiTca biv. 

HU ha^j vit fcaiomd la tlw London 

NflCropidii ai tt'ullng. 

Li»VT.*GiJ(i;aAL Abvold, ICU. 
Z^i?. 2;. At hii rttijoictf In Oaalov. 
•quar«, l#4indoii, icvd 7^ Lirut.-Grraual 

Jitajct KulxiLwn Arnvld. K-H-, k*C*i ef 

He VM Lbo KCDfld aoii of Geaertl Boo«' 
dirl ArnoJdf by Xlarguvt, daulitv of iha 
HoD' EJaard Sbippeu. CbJci Jadcc of 
PcnMtliaiiia- Hi rnicraJ the RojaT Ud- 

5Lj4-i'iq itiL Iwnmil iJfuEnnHikt m lbs lit 
tufbt 171^9, va* ]>nimoUrJ Ui Pint Jim* 
ivUADt 1900, Curbaiu t)50.i, ukI Lvut.< 
Colonel UU. Hescncdal tbcbloUadf 
aad •uncDd«ro-f Malta ui UOO; duriif 

lb* whulu of thr ovnpUfn la £gj|a In 

tBOl, lnJad(ti]E the attack a»i aorrvader 
ol tba furt and <taMt of Aboukir* aaid lli« 

balltr nf A IpimnJrLA. wul aftcraudt aoeMH- 

pauod tJitf difiaiofi of the armj aihidi 1- 
peilod tliD ProDiib from Orand Caroi and 
t^k pa**ia»iou of Iktt oily : and ho naa 
olaapTOeat at tttcAarivodcroi I'^jijjaJiii 
to tha BriLlai uo^p*. tie taboM 
kcrrcd 5^ MTf ra] ycaM In iho Wo«l I 
aiid «» at Lbi U»t attack and 
of ilm culdoJae of Dnueim* Kmb^V 

Uarbiei, lod SahnaiB, ai vhidi ' 

IS55,] Aft^Om, Adam, aB^Byig-O^i. /)« Pl<d, K-ff. Ifll 

Mf Ik lUirtnlw iMinjr ■fttiiut the ncdoabt 
rndoiel mil foit Lvjilfii. On thaloc. 
Mn^ bo va* prp^^ntrd hjr riif Ciimfnirt^fi 
«l tt* PMri«tK l^tifti] «i1b « <«oH of IhQ 


n« tfbltt^ tlw bfttci t«ik nf Colon«l 
Ift ISM» sbd (1« tiiM rrfiiMiital nak In 
nn. ]|««UApfHtolcdj» AUft-ttfr-Cinilt 
M Ctif WIIUahi IV. «b»iilr >||of bb 
IbfHlT't Kcnnaa to Uw Urone: wu 
Mtto l lo M«>0ir'Oracnl ia IMI.anil 

bt-GvRtl ArnoM nixrnul V1r{Iab« 
hi|brt of lliMlkll tit^jtbSili, etq. of 

Ofh 19' Al SctttQri. Ill hti Mhh mr, 


■4*'^'^'!°^Tnl Atbim vat iht eldnt 

M««tbeUlc Brnt^ Ci4«Bl1iflCTA(fAni9, 

«^ mf AuUf-lult t^, WhTlrirk, tft E7lM< 

ft^iitet^B^UrDf Sir Willii^m CvrtTA. 
'Ml* AMemftD c»f LoodoD : uid a neplteir 
«^Bfa, f ^ j BMi A^a^^- 

Ow«l Adina <iibr«^ tht srmoe In 
'^Sa, nd tlUioed iho rank <4 LtGuti:nine 
ColottH (ft 1M44I t At thill lin» hr wm in 
'^o |«<h lt>Tft1 Iriih, vMch dktknimibtJ 
'^iK^mt hv camiuBidnl Lfarod|lktEc opc- 
tiofu In cido«, iadvdbcibf Am cap- 
t^ of CliiiMii,1brBto»iitn;4inhf heifhli 
'*^4f« CuitvD* ihfl caf^rr of Amojr, ihv 
' r«p<af«orCh«un, tbeafDnuinEuf 
fortAcA hclgbb of ChLohit, and Uio 

«■■ littfnnMTTinfin these Dficra- 

maiftvttlf nfUrviiriU retnnilat (o 

iJ, MBil Ui'at.-C'oliKirl Aikvitu «i* 

iiMo iL He Us iIqcb bte* irilb 

mmJt b thU cKXmtj?, Inlud, 

Mr^temwm, MnjOT-Orntnil 

-A^m* had b^m n.*rdtoht« r.vik onlynn 

l-halilliof l>K«nib«r.fE'r tlic >Jivtixif«t!L«cl 

ganiMVT Which ho dbuUjtil thrgn^haut 

itkai*la tlie CnkstiiKbtlv at com- 

dw bdgadf of th' ?nd dimbn, 

' of tte 4lHl, JTlfa, viJ 49lh lU* 

^ . fm» UiP hut of iiliiub bo wdk 

UkfA CO iJll Uirpotfi of Brlpdifr- General, 
If* ■■■ voDfldM OB thr Au of Nomober 
nitka baUUof Inktmua, htit kii«wi>aod 
w uoi ftloM the rauw of hi< lUtxb, fbr 
k< tn* titbmriM luflcHii^ from ill Ijulth. 
in* (l#iah-k*d iHU Allrn^l^ I17 t.n «ifr, 
*luwai hiic<M>tv,a Oiugbkr^f lb? R«t, 
r. Cokn Aduu, 1/ i^KiUf. 

HI* Widj h*i brvn l<roDcit Eo Knthad 
fArtnUVBac«til»1brfaiDilj vmII Dt Aiu«]r, 
Ji wnam^M '■fl>f«t hu Wn icliloot 
nOrtbcAOfV^ m will ft« Tnp«<Uil» hf hU 
forp«.boiUkoannuid v«il 


I of 

l>rv. 91, Ai VlfEuia. of dmfiT, BH- 
ndkr-Cifoenl Goorto Oanltrm Charlr* 
Willbm Dv Pbi. H«f Maji^tf'i 
Militirj OonunkrioiMT at fhtr hc«d< 
(|Ujir(rn Of the ATiJtlr}«a tinnj , and Colond 
In (hr Ktiyil Krt|;Tnef n. 

Mv vrktVr«d ibf Vittj^X Ea^noen m 

ftDCoad LWl^iialit on Ilia IbI Au^^ 11)41 i 

beouDf Pint Li4!Ut(Ti]ant in IPE5, Ctptajn 
b 1^U\ bretrC Major I(>.t9. Irnvet EjfWt- 

1ftaOj«oil brrrttCoIoofl&TichctlthNo*, 
1UL H« Hrrtdonfttllpt^ in ihli mrn 
for Ihntj-vevfn fsari. He vai recentlf 
H.M. Conml'GTROnl at Win*tf. 

A lotUr dilctl VuniiB. Vni. 33, tuin 
tliat "The runcnl af Gvnrrd Do PUt 
(00k plate lodaf It two ^,m., villi the 
BiiHtArj tionoun viiv^lf loounWit lo 
officer* of thv nnifl ntik in tfao Autriaa 
anaj. lliert vtrt prtatnt a division cf 
nvalrT, tn hatul&ona of Utfiihtrj, uid a 
uoop{iti rum) of horn* artllltrr. I^ld- 
M*nli«l mrtt wu ibit hi KllceidtacG, ami 
at \rtal 40 or 50 U«iiCnL cfficfn. Ttia 
r«inaio« *trt followcJ (otbo grave bj the 
Ttcnibcra tit ibe rarloo* cmbui^ Vt tlia 
cDuii of Aniiria. Tlie PraM of Ihi* d^ 
f^tiiri ihnC lh« pBiitnl, vho mado bii wlU 
in (hr prru^niv of l^id V«ttmorrl*n4t htt 
fur ibe widow* of tba foldltra Minn lo th» 
Orlmct, and Aretiuadrodfbr thopocafaaw 
of winei and cordiaU, tiMd^jr Takaj, 
for the wpnndrd ti SculdH hoapllal. Tho 
poor of Tt«nDa mn tbo fmembered bj 
tlie dfparted loldlier in hti toiaiiient." 

nil ton. Tipl. rh.irlaTiij^Tor tKr VHl, 
of thtt tUral AriUUrj, ia an Eijui^rty lo 
H>B.H. Prince Albert. 

V'lcv-AouioAL Anrnvn, CB. 

0«r. SO. At Ptjrtnonth, a«od TO, Tloc- 
Admiral Richud Arthur, CB^ 

Tliu iifierf wu th« aole tarrlTJajf bro- 
if]*rcr lU lit* Right Um. SIf O«orga 
Afthur. biri- of ▼hom a memoir wta jlrvEi 
in uur Mi^rMinc Fc-r i><'CTnb*r 1i*t. 

Mprnlny^l Ihr nnvir in t7Rt< «A Cap' 
t.-rin'* Berrant on boari tlic Powtrftil 74, 

Cufl. Altbiu t'vikdriUad, the jVirJiUSp 

nl PorUmoulh, aod dvrliiir the rnocidadtf 
of (he pouo h« ttrtcdfrnheSoaihampton 
3S, VHliHbtTI, Bud Druid 53- to 1T£il 
hit nailrd for Ihr Kaat laJift in the ltcro< 
toe 3V. apd. tnn tcritng at the rodoetloa 
AfTHnooindlfc nnd Ciritifiiho In 1'4S-4, 
irw *nil LU n>iDB>4i^d of Ihrvfi trau«porta 
Icj Atnkci^tiB, wherr^ hi: jnUicil Ibt Etudbtk, 
\W llav'thip of Etca/' Admiral tUinJtr. 
Ilciitit tcmd u acting- LLcntMaDt ea 
hoard tbo Omhrua St md l>1d?Dl S4| 
aotU pTOcaotva to l^euteDinC in PeU 1800, 
wfaeik b« rttamH to Kogload. H« •«• 


Vica-Adm, Arthur, CJB^^R<^r'Ailm. GartamtL 

ufl^mnrSa HtUrlird lo the nrndnon^Kt 
dS, R»«lteDt, Triumph, lod Itfrtulc T4^ 
ll«Jliig bvmc « ilJ*UD|iiL>litil iiut ill kvd- 
nl tctionn tttili i[ttn-baal< cfl C«dit, lis 
WM, on iha lit N(iT. 11105, procnolcd to 

CDminnnrtor for Id* fttldnl oomlnct Jn 
CUtTlii|;-out, ill comuiJiJirl nf fho Iitrf0u1«'d 
boiiEii I ^fuiilAFk Khootwr IroiD unilet the 
h«lrprE'i4 of 5ijiMii MarTfin. *ud nptuHng 
fnur olhirr* la the Gult of MtncAlbo. Tu 
SvfU IHOO he nt ■ppotntfil to tha V«- 
ftHTJiu bomb. hJ vbkh be Mrrnl wttb the 
La-»1iore iquAdron In tbe nprK^ltlon lo 

CopBnliAgqa, AFkii «flrr ufejlu;^ ]icr u|T In 
Dn. ldD7 hr *(ii employed Id mnerin- 
t«lidxn| Ibtf tlJRcbMriEr rrf ttir Dftniah lin«' 
<lf*bMll« *hlpi ftC PDrEimautb. ()o Iho 

t$th April, |(4G8, be juloed the CliuroLM 
LcitHhlcti he GOiiiriiajiiIeiJ<|urto$thi^ ^hddC 
exppdiUon in 18O0 i in^ h Jan. IHIO he 
diitiii|ulihtil hlmiclf bf roniimg in iindrr 
1h« hattprtoi of Dlcj'Pfii ■'^'^ tttt&aktuf 
Bfjvifo lDj[g«r rriTitoen, am-hufed •tthin 
200 jrnrJi of ihr |»rr'hviii], nfiu of which, 
l'Alfa«hlft K4IIJ4 or 16 gufka, ha jdcohJkI 
in brinjlag onl. For thti Jfivliiiijf npiort 
ho ««• promotnl Co IV**! rank^ bf com- 
ni^iiun dvlfd on the dty of iti achieve. 
mflnt. lie AncrwonlHf rrotn O^l- IHIS lo 
D0(^ l^lht voiuuitudcU (be -Vbiltumcda 

2-1, off Lisbon tn<l in (lie AfciJiirrrtnctri. 
He iTM not ijpui efuplofcd uiilil 1^14, 
when hm wnn npiaamtad CnjiCiin of tlifi 
Vktory 104« And SgjwidlondmC of the 
Ordburr »t Porumoutb; vhich iltaftttnn 
hercaifnedU SepUnibrrof lh*uine yniif, 
Co beCAiuc Supriibrrndcnt of ShccrneH 
iluckjrard, vith ihc LH>inmaad uf tiar Oix«jl 
80. In tliil U|mEiintiiimil litf uru »i]|)cr> 
teded on h[i idTt^iumpnt 10 flic-r^nk 
Nof. 9, }MS, tJptothattiuv, frorathfl 

2j4iIi Aur- 18tO, hchiiibrvs&nrvfviptof 
a <:af>|jim*« |Pod-<b9rtioe |wn>1nn> Hi? «ii 
nomiiiAred ■ Coniptikii'di nf tUa IUr.h Julj 
28, 1838 : lod ittidi^ed tkc mnk ot Vice- 
Admits in Ir453. 

Adminl Arthur married^ in Nof. IB09, 
GIUibcth'ForTcicur.dfuftbCGr of the Rpv, 
Wllliou Wrlli. HtKlat ol Eul AlJia^lon, 
00. Dfiion; aod hy ilut tody, who died on 
th« IliLti Auit. IKM, bit hurl ina« Ihrtfe 
vtat >rd imi» diuvlilvr- Thn Utlpr waa 
the <t[feof C«pL John lUnn Gcnnjn, RN, 
audULftloD iheSOth ApiU, IH^I* 

EKAk^APMIItAt Ga^lahd. 

Hvp- 3. At SloQc. Wiibbomc, Dortfit, 
u«d 71* ll«»r-Adiiiir»l Ja>eph Gulaton 

Ud »4a br<rp o^ thf 9U April. I7«t ; 
and entered the natjr in 1795 00 board th« 
ItaiiffOOiiblv 7-1. cuEiimiudcil bj thn lato 
SlrWiUius PnrlErr, ill thn W«t IndJnt ; 
«ili«r*, and on tbe Liibon, E^ii. lod 
Anwriuau aiattDOAf he wrrtJ tbe wLolc of 

hi* Ijn'-aa miffchipman, nnderl 
tthom he folb«od ioto ibc f 
UEcJibcim 74, rrtuoo Q«ar] 
America (-1 . 
Bj covnujtLon dnl^ Maj 3, 

van nadd LtaiilDTiant tn iha CUn 

in which bo RtuTiMd home, tad 
off March ti. ISVr. rrom Mfl 
Jair IViUC hii ««■ 
riDuaahipa, U Bear*, 
OD the Yarimiuth •laUo 
oonimandnl tho Kocort , 
atteincd Cominandcr'a 

On thflTlUOol. iei3,b«i 
to the Alert IB ; anJ io thai 1 
tioufld, tin t3ic North S*a *ti 
p»lod IS Auff. ISU. He 
niirriiieol at Ror-Adinfral 1 

HvAR'ADHin^L f^TlMlA 

Oct. XiL At tlncfonl. *«edj 
AdmlraL KichoUt Ixchincre f 
H« woa bom on the 13tL J 

thfl fonrtb ton of £didUDdPali 

All0D«iu(j[O'hniue, oo> Herefov 
diiig^irr imd belnaa of wuua 
tail- of WntiniEton Confl, JQ^ 
cifuntr. He enttrpj tbe 
tfShA, a* fir*t4la*t ivlvntcer og 
ladefailgible «G. Cajjt. Str Eda 
viUk *hoin ba 4?oatmucd to 
■afDB frifita Lnd in tba Impft 

tbe Humr tad Maditfrci 
unUlJuncltfUt. In tta 
a^slaUd, In Apill 17^. all 
a dcrt of PrrmJi merch&nlac 
Htxuclinn »f In Vulaiir »f 2i>. i 
fhcr ctpCflrr of rUnitt* of 3S 
afior «obifteof lAb^ure,iad a<' 
of ail hour bd«1 tLrt* quarters ' 
eiuic nf U gurii. He via >Uti ji 

du I'HEunmn 74. Thi* lin|tnLiipa 

firt of Ibe expedition to Qvll 
in. 1>fOU, v^dof tkatioFern " 

lowinc Adjruit. At the 
wii koundod in btowift 

DLnring the Icroi ot hb 1 

Irtdefftikfible Bod Impeid 
butcd to the cnpTure nnd dcatruc 
clndirif thf Yfttflt ulivmlj nen^ 
at mniif a* tflmlj thipa of wu 
In thr nbole *6& K^fit, ftiiU H 
Id June 1801 be ioiaod the lu 
and in Aoj^u^ follovhi^ lh«Vi]le 
tlO, in wbifh l^iAr he waa aubAj 
uant hi Nov, af iHi: aime jc«r- I 
montbi of naif-piv. Uc vu I 
Nliv. «. IHI>1 to <ha CiTcQlta i 
nundtd bj Capt- DjdefL Woodi 
whom he vUiltd Bolaoy Baj and 
iiAvifAtriit Che (lobe i and on (he («b U the Villcde 
i:^(L Jiue, IdUG, ai bcbiu ] 

1855.] Itritr-Jdm. PaiethaUr^Comm. Bayntcn, RJ^. 

lb iCw ;«, la vhkb hf •cTTDdfar Ibm 

rt>f«d la egltiii| mfi convop in Ihe Me- 
wnwuM t En Kflr lAfi9 hi tlix If^p'^ 
a^ Wi tBipl>;ed is 1^ Wc«l f n^iD* ; oa 
He bd Ibrofa, iBlO.ta Itao SippUo ; tuA 

BB Kbff ftb JoIt A>IIovioc to the ?o1^hc> 

Ml, •■ iaS'U«ic«Mnt to Vitrr-AiLii. 

ie.R4«lc7» OalbtMihJilj.lHii^hc 

iw iiJTinotd to the commAiul of tht 

IteA iloipt frqa irhl(fc|i& vM uwurcrrcd, 

kvalpcMi*! of Conuodor« J. Cr^ VuIl> 
M. Ta Ore ISI3 be «m «ppoLatnl Co 
faiaAn t?, ni in Jooe L8t« to th? 

Joiw It. balb fUitioocd diJa-fl)' on (Tin 

tool al North Aovrict; «hp» h« vjt 
u* F^MC-C*pUla, OD tbr im* Kab. 
MJIlIdIo tb« C<ma «l. He pAi.f ib^I 

^iff, oaberarrinlhonwADflnLheWrvt 

\^ In Aqc- 1914; ond dfd not aftcr- 

li n tl!«r. Hf locrfitedi thn ntind 
rufc«fBi)«r-AJairt10et. 1, 1B4C. 
Tb« Admtnl «u DM uuil«d« 


CouvAvDin KjhV.TTOV, R.Ni 
Oet. 1-L La<e io tb* PriD», off Bjda> 
kla>«, a^cd C!>, BcB^atD^u Bajntim, «q. 
CfNDsander ILTfi. tm|ili9jcd by tbe Admi- 

Hewubxnaatbe ITlh Sept 17^9, ia 
^Vclcv, and ■■! iW *i(i uf the Ulc M^jur 
BviiianUi Bofvion. of Daactauon Port. 

Re ataed tbc UoyaX Kat7 Nof- 3, 
&M1, «■ toL^Mdh &t<l «lut, on iMWrd (b« 

wa ta Ite Victory, flaf of Lord NcU 
aao, isd «■& at tkr c^lure e/ tbr Krenrh 
fr%au Aabiueadr, 33 |iiv, Ufljo^nH 
tibe Awpbion, Id 1009 . m uiltfablpoian, 
«Vn tbrcc SfMniib friptn. Udeo with 
tnaaoiVi Brn <:>pt«nd, oa the 5lh of 
0«lober, l^0«. of? C«h: fi*. Marj, aad itv 
fbafA iWktnrji^< Nditt ik tho Ualcyoa 
flkop, b« vu on four ocoUJons (iipcoi 

«lcK dlvifiau o/ SpftBWh cimbnAEK, 4Eid tn 

tbacafterc of tb« Spiniili corrcltc Nep- 
tM«> of 1 4 |aa«, and lti« def<aL of ocr 
aoMorta, of U and 1:2 ^nt. oflT Cape San 
Harda, la iHOfi ; i^o at Copeoha|£f& ia 
IMT- n« •a>ij'<d al an vni»>aater wiili 
WMda of Ualap, \<i* ootoiv'a 
biAC^ Oct- IT, |)HI5; vatlaitrvniciitBlii) 
ilirtiBf Hm caplc'* {aftar a gaEliQl actloil 
ikb tfar«r prtvauen) of tb( larprit, tho 
Nrpcmo ihcn da hot Mtm, ^ 14 giiM 
lad T< men. Dfc. IA> 1HIH> : huil nom- 
■AoM ■ mcctar boirt In aa attack on tbe 
noch Inttaka ulT ScrlU. iu C«b. IBOA. 
B* waa aaba«i|iunl]f cmpUipd ia a len- 
der afatnsC the cactriT is tb<! Pare of Met- 
liaa and on iho covt af CulahtUi coulri' 
battion thecUli ofl^pLin Ike tame jmf, 
t« IW rcdii«lioa«r tU loan of Unina&U, 
Oairr, M40. T»t. XLlIf. 

and the Kiturt of a flotilla of reavola 
anehotril oodar tli pn^tfcMion ; aTid va* 
alto proftit at Ibc eoiuing defence of Ihfl 
iVUnd of Copri. kfttr aoring a* LIpu- 
tctinnt in the Ocmd B6, flif <tf Lori Col* 
liiigwv<!(], nml rifllir CambrtAO «0>he nu 
L^oiin'med iijItiH nn\ Ut thai nblp br coia- 
miauan ditcd id Jnn- ISIO. In Ibe 
folliiwin^ tfrrfiCfvkbci be cO-c}rcrAtfd in Ih* 

roduction of a Preach baCtpr; at Bajcur. 
on tbfl Goatf of Citaloala, and ohtarnrd 
rh« ihanki of iba ^IrioL Gcnoril O'Doa- 
n«|l for hla aooducl at the itoraiaj of a 
fort near PaUmoa, oa wbicli r^cca^lon tho 
boat he DOmiDanded nai ttntclc by a ahvt. 
K^nd >urik. In 1h« folloirlnf Diautalicf 
Llttit* Dajmlon tooL uhux^ ^f the Caot* 
brlaa'f boati in an attick mado In oao- 
jnnctloo with Ihoar of tht Kent. Aju, 

SiparrDiA-liBtvk, aad MinnIraliOa an aaamj^ 

coQioy in (Lr Miilfi of Pidasao^ Mttd dur- 
IdjT the dlmstroQi rctrcAl of the Britlth 
from thit placi-.whfnthtbDuI in wUchho 
waa aicrrnic Erouucf^d under a murloruua 
!im froiu llio ihi/rF,ho tiaUiueJ, nUhout 
VkT mcaoa of lYaittaocc, a tn«a of 3U oiaa 
kitlad and wounded, and aai onljr fvantu- 
ally aavtd bj KimMilf and tiro 4tbar nr- 
rUori nrimninf and toflrlng her off, whea 
tie roceiTfd a moitecttaLl In hU thigJ), 
wbkh wia utfer eitncted. For bit icr- 
xlctt OQ Iho coaal uf Cjttalania, wbero he 
naa foitlicr pixtccit al L)^: dofeace of Tar- 
rajTCna, Lieitt, KajDluit acaia RCifdi<ad tb« 
public Uanki of General O'DoQIIcll: iJlO 
a jE^ld lardal) ilnKikfortbaadblr ofBa^EUF 
and Palauoi ; and a aword waa {Kvaanlad 
him hf Che FatfLodc Pand. Belsf fuxl 
appabtnl. in Jan. 1HIV, to ihi? N<iitb 
Star, Le Mired on th« Cbaonrl and WaaC 
India Blaiiont, tba t4ii jG*r $tt troior Uptt' 
tniaDC, ODti] Ncir, IHI&. darinc th« otrlr 
part of nbkh ytar kc JAsdJod with a partj 
»f •eamm and maHoea on the UUnd of pofvmtof the otev of an Ameriosn 
l«iterortnaniu«,thrcoor«bDm wervtakea 
ptimnArii uid rhn vouni ulttmafaly oap- 
Eund' Ha iiAf aftfrnLrdi employed for 
two yrara aad a balfi pan nf ibmt t-oie aa 
fifit Lii-utfEiaal of iho Sliark. branny the 
fl-iir of Krar-Aiiin, H.J. P. l^malB, th« 
^bmf. thfl Tdj, Pud Ibc l^nljabury <bm 
flD^hip of Reaf-Adm. Dotulof. all t>n (he 
JamaJca atalion) where he abo o>mmaaded 
for tome tinir ihv 5ip»dvpl| tnadvr 

From the Itt Mar, 1^18, titi tli« 3d Drc 
1H39, he wia on half-pay, with the etcep- 
tion of an iatarrallD 1827, when, at afenC 
of Cnniporti afloat* be arrrvd in the ax- 

pcdJttoii to PortuA*]- In Orr. 1«^9 bo 

wai appoioEnl to luiirriuirnd the acma- 
phoro itatioo at Choblutm, Kuirry, whfch 
ha retaiofii eotil biapromoriau to Hie rank 

ofComnkaadcr,NoT. i3, H4L 

CoinioaTt4tr lUyvlon, in ]e»4, waa ad- 


194 Loi-d Caning'hfiWM^-^Ltrrti Rob^lMon.-'Lord Rufherftir^. [Feb- 

Diilt«d m Eladnt it the RotiI NatiI Co\- 
Irgc, PoTltmOQth. !□ HJif lie wu mp- 
poiQted to the coBtuiod of Ihf BlrkenbMd, 
dnriD^ the diBlnrbanRi in Ireland. In 
1453 be wu appoiaUd lo thecomcEUkd of 
the Hercules, in tht conrejance of emi- 
gruti from ibc lile of Skre >ad the 
Highlindfl of Seottud, which mrdaou 
Krrice ha pcrfotmed abder the mott trj- 
iDg »iid dUncnlt circiiDutiDcei ; ind. a.fter 
laifediD^ the emignnti «i Melboiirde mnd 
Sidney, he proceeded to Hoagkan^. irhfre 
he dellTend up the »1iip for a militarj 
boipit«]. He retnnted orerUnd lo En^- 
luid, ukd WM immediitelT on hu uriTt], 
In Miieh Latt, appoioied to the eommuid 
of t diTiiiOD of trvuport^p ind went <rith 
the upeditTon to the Black Sea. In 
September be brought to England ■ diTt- 
twnof tranfporlawitb Btore^. Hethenvai 
enecUHj iclected by the Lordi of the Ad- 
minltj and app«nted ungeDtin Her Ma- 
jcatj'a traoiport Prioce ; arnlt hiving coa- 
tejed taffrlr the whole of the AGih Regi- 
ment to Balaklata, in tbit i[]-fal^ tc^kI 
he perijhed in the dreadful hurricane on 
the 14Ch of October. 

CoramuideT Ba^Lon married Jan, 10, 
1B?I, Mia« AnoeOgiLfie of Londou, whom 
be bu left ■ widow, with uj cbildrcQ. 

Lord CcNtNCHAiiE, 
Nor. ,. . At Edinburgh, John Cnning- 
bame, efq. lite one of the Lords of (he 
Conrt of Session, 

He wat born at Port Glnseow in lT8l', 
the eldest eon of Mr John Cunidghame, 
ft mercfaanc there. He wai admitted in 
advocate at the Scoiinh bir in IB07> In 
Dec. IR30 he wai appointed dtpnty to 
Lord Advocate Jeffrej - in 1831 :(htnffof 
the county of Moraj ; in IS'S^ Sulicitor- 
genera] for SootUnd, and in IKiT a judge 
of the supreme court, lie resigned bis 
Beat on the bencb in May r^o3. 

Lord CuniDghame married iu l^lij 
MaTgHret-Richard-Fiflher, etdcat djiuj;hler 
of the late Lieut .General Alriandir Trot- 
ter, of Morton hall, by %farf'BreC- Catha- 
rine, daughter of RicbaH l-ishcr, r»q. nf 
Lovetts, CO. MidtnCliian. 


Jan. 10. Suddenly, of apoplexy, at bL:i 
bouse in Drummond PEuc^^, E^linburgh, 
aged CO, the Uott, Patrick Rohertiioii, one 
of the Judgea of the Court nf 5««siou. 

He Kai born in Edinburgh in 1791, the 
son of Jnmefi Roberlaon, es4. a Writer lo 
the Signet- He w±h admitted ^n advocate 
at the Scotijh bar in 1H1,\ In Nov. 1«IC 
he wOfl elected dean of thi; facitity of adro- 
Tates : and on the retirement of Lord 
Mcadowbaiik, in Nov. 1H'I3, he was ap- 
pointed n Lord of the Court of Sesainn, 

In 1 ^? far wa5 elected RccCor of Muvcba] 
College, Aberdeen. 

Lord Rohett^n **3 the anlhor of 
*' Leaiefi from a Joornal, and other fraf- 
raeut4;" ud a second rolame of hff 
Pormri bu recently appeared. 

He married in 1919 a danghter of the 
Rev- Tbomai Ron, D.D. Mioifter of 

The death of Lord Robertaon ftddi to 
the remarkable mortality which hu of late 
yean Tinted (he Scotish beoeb. From 
\^\.l to leJO Lord Robertion cootintied 
janioTjdilge ; etnce JeAvr broke the mka 
in Jannu7 ]r<50. deaih has ctnied away 
nine of the ibjrteenjndgetthen occnpyiDf 
the bench, and three lubteqacntly ruied 
to it. TheK twdf e jadgei [one or two of 
whom had resigned ihortly before thdr 
death) were Jeffrey. Maekeniie, Moneniffr 
Lord Preddent Boyle, Follartop, Medwyv, 
Cnningbame, Cockbun. Robertion, Duo- 
drttinan, .^ndenoD, and Ruthcrfard, tba 
three la«1-named hsring been appointed 
subaetjuent to Lord Jelfrej'i death' 

Loftn RrTHBKFrBD. 

Dw. !1. .At hid resid?Dcc in St. Cofane 
Street, EJinburi^b, after an Ulnen of tome 
vTceki. in hi:f t>3d year, the Right Hoil Ad- 
drew Rutberfurd, one of the Jndgea of the 
Court of Session, and a Privy ConneUTor 

Mr. Raibrrfurd wai caU^ to the Sco- 
tijh bar in 1^12, and floon obtained there 
an eniiofut pocilion : hia icaaterly power 
of analTdiA, hif vo^t legal erudition, and bli 
eloqui'uce in forensic debate, rendcriof him 
at ooce dislinguijhed u a lawyer and as A 
pleader. \$ a scholar and a cHt^c be alfo 
attained considerable ctlebrily. When 
Jeffrey, Cockbam, and olbers had been 
removed to the hencb, he waa one of the 
few wbo iJUjilained and eitendi'd the fame 
of the Scoti*h bar. From an early period 
Mr. Hutherfurdau;ac|ated himself with the. 
Whig pirtj : in 1^37 he traa cboaen SoH- 
eitkrr-Gencral for Scotland nnder tbe MeU 
bourn AiTmini&Iration, and iu 1839 he waa 
appointed Lurd Advocate. On the ac- 
cession of Sir R. Pi-cl (0 power in 1^41 be 
necessarily vacated that jnut ; bnl, on the 
return of the Wbiga to office in ld46, he 
was reinsCatadio it, and lillcd it until 1^51, 
when he waj^ cTcralid lo tbe bencb, nndeT 
the title of Lord Rutberfurd, and sworn of 
Ihe Privy Cuuadh From 1839 to l«5Ihe 
rcprvi'ent^'d the Leith bur^jha in Parlia- 
ment, and to his Ber\ices tjjcre Scotland 
owes several niost valuable mcaiurea— the 
Entail Reform .4ct in particular. 

On tbe ojiiembling of the First Dlviilon 
of tbe Court of jjea&ioa on the morniniif of 
Lord Itiitherftird's death, the l4ord Pfeii- 
dent (M'Neill) intimated to tbe bar that a 
calamity hid bcMlen tbe Court whereby 

taw*] Sir A- J^frgKMm^^tFvi. Horn WtmUukm. /ug. 

^ liirf bwB 4tpriwi or «>M olUa bHfbUil 
MM««0ait— OEkD ei Ibc j^toUbI mIvkMci 
te«T0 rrwirtwi at Ibc W, Md oo* U 


liml RaihflfdH mtrri^d Sapfcni iln^b- 
«4 Ai«cr » U« pravot Sir JnnHfi<t>Ml. 

&ia Adah FofcsirM*!. 
t,jH, I. Al KJlAbnh. ^ 4». Air 

mfvioai. ILtL Drpair Keeper <rf 

t > % rt i a of ScaUjya, lad ■ mirtd Ciy- 
tB la CW «JiBT« w*B k^n ■■ l hn iMi- 

alt A4«B ttuUcdiMtotfthrOTfuai«C 

III mH-ltboini Dr. Aibm FffrEB»n. the 

finiiaiiiiKr of 0«c4il tiUvvt in tbt 

IboJ flill*«mhi Cfaa*x of il« UaiTcntljr 

afBdUwiJ^ lcvHitUieKftl|kl-k|» 

MMl bmIm la ibtMMh rtae •! e«n> 

biit^ tW firott, thn M iMr« bof, w* 

idI rac«iicd • •ord of toncBltiOB Cron 

Bi^«a UiVM t aftd the UiIdvT betwek 

Hr Vilur Md Sir AiU», bocu io rtn 

wlj Uv> n oaly icmiuM hf the 

haik *r t^ forntr. JUUrius tbd trmir 

a ih< CArty pMt of rlic prcirat nniurj. 

hig«»ii »lUUicid iht rank of C«pUUi n 

lb« 101 «t Foot Ffb I. lifOtt. «|i| BvrT4J 

vltttba Oiii4orWfilia|ti»Ja*tTfnJcf 

Utc FrftUiittter GUifNicaft. U Oct. It^U 

he ivvt tAkca ftdiftr, Mki ^ wu mot rfr 

ImomI wkli] Uio pc«o of 18L4> abm b« 

bviUl^ </ AbkiUCovd. Co ihoSth Coin 
1HI6. IM irtoi nu biltfaT- In the fcoj 

Ite E«S«lb rf Scotliivl, irtdeh bad iheb 
brctt reoradr ^Bito^twnA -, «iiij be mcivcJ 
lb* liiMiyrMkiMfUtboodfrooiiiootirc |V, 
00 tbeofouka of hb wiaix ta Ediaburi^ 
fiHv |**r> «lr«r. 

Etf XAtm Pcfpukiii wot bnmiLl (^ 
Scalob uiiiNk>U, irbkfc b< tolatnl ttl(air»- 
hlj i ufei »' arv b«|pT. {«■}« TUe Kdl»- 
bafb CoiriAiO ^' to hcv * hope U«t Id 
ib^ tfftT? "iil rrore iut (o haw botn 
dtapMbvr iiiiitd Bpon Htjjiir Kfovod." 

lb ttttricd id 1S2I Uic vidov vf 
QcMy L^D« o^ of lA«J4iii DiiJ Jmi^U 
Icr of JcAa tH^vBTl, cm. >>r SlcobM. 

A Tfnr >^m««»ti«l^ w^olc-ldOBlfc pc«< 
U:^ «f Sir AjwD Favtoton 1i iclv«a m Uk 
fTMp of Ike Scon bniU^ b^ WUkic, oO' 
cvmf ^ LdrlliLt'* Ufii pf SooIl 

/Ar. 2;i. i< Uio bCiW< of bM fiJ>Cf^ 
!■ Jsv (b« MvqiMH of BfiiUl ia Bf rkfkr 
•dm, io bu &#i| |ar, WiUufli How* 
IMbm, mn- oi Mciot boll> Norfolk, 

n nj^ilrtCe «a4 Drpoty liaienuit of 
UiKl ciiBntfi ««d fariDVl} M,Pl fot ita 
LuuVD dUftino. 

Mr> WindkAm fu boro Dii tfav 3Pth 
Afiiirb, li4<Kl. Ubo ddtel i^u «sd boar e^" 
Ma-AJmirtI WilLiaoi Lukia. who «#- 
nrucd tiJG Aiiuc »r Mmdhui id ]«^l.oa 
iDOtfaJing int dw dnUt of Mr*, Wind- 
kuD) to tikc f4latu of bU uudc Ujc ftifht 
Ifen. VTiHikm WJcilkuj. 'Hie Aduil/al 
<lkJ iu JftD. I8t), uid t Dwiimr >f btm 
«iEl be fuufiJ h oar ioJ> CIJI. ^ 2GS. 
U> Ma vrife Xtn/:, I'wLo ditfd tn |0«9,) 

JftUfhlCTof Pcicr Tiid[ii»«OD,<K|. Aod«U- 
tCT tu ilif iit>i r^rd RindkAbOtt, be kit 
ft nuiiirTLhi* ftmilf , 

lb Do:, l&Vl Mr, M iPiJiiim vol citdid 

U> tLc lljal TcfoiEueil iwUbuirUL Ibf El«| 
Norfolk in CAQJanOkoa uilli Lbe erou^t 
Ktrl of Atbrmorlot bjr Iho Lib^ril poty, 
«L.itU diftifticil 1^ iiTD CourrTnciT* o*a- 
duklfi u lotb>va— 

WtlHtm Itofre Wbdhun, ciq. 31IH 
H«. OocTir Krppei . . . tt^l 

Lxd EdvKfd f-holoion'Mej . ftcj^ 
Tn Jui. 103) Ibo OnikftuItc pvij 

EdmoDd Vh'uMoUM, r*v< - ^83 

Lord Woliwle 3l»6 

WiUkim llovr Wuidbwo, ttv ^'^''i 

RidiArJ lJ«nbu/7 Givnirfi c«q. SttOti 

Aail ^Q 1I07 tht ]>b«nl pvt^ mndo 
LBOlhtr Dik^arcMifid tlTott^ 

Edoiond Vodehaur, otij. . 36QI 
llrory W. Burroa^bH. ftq^ > A5S3 

Willbfn Itn-irn Wia^nm, «t^- '^3^7 
Riifhnnt Ifnuhttrj^ Gurncj, tiq- ?9(S 

^1r- WlodhvLk Mffi^dt^ olttca of Hicb 
da.«illl (^ Ngrr^lk la l»U 

Hv mirrii^J J^y 18, l^ji. L*dTSopU* 
Khulieth C^ruUn* {lvr<tjr» third dufUor 
of tkr 3|vr^u(w» of Bdttol. Mtr Laiif> 
ibj|) »iir<i<c« Uim ^ and one uid, WltlUi^ 
FrT<EJvr|cJt, l^ora In IIHU. ^9 Buoctedo !# 

WiviiiiAJi Gooi^, Iuti4. U.F. 
iVop- 3*. Jd Ixmdoo. bi kb 40tb jmtt 
K'indhiuu GooJd, (Hq.M.P.forttiecoaiitjr 

af Lim«ru:k. 

Mr. GouU vu U« Oird aod jooogM 
WB cd tbc Uie 'Ihpmu Uoold, vq. MoMor 

{a dunpfryio Irttuid; And biOtbOT to CW 
(irMtot Countni of Diuu-AieQ, He nu 

(i*LtDr»Ujr of DubUu, vboir be obUtaed 
tiunonniQ CU«ac4L 

II* ■HuLlod toihfl Lrft*Lb«f to I9J7. 

lU mo rrCoTBod Io pmrlbwwrt (or the 
coanirol LtiDcrIck in Ur<. )K59>oath« 
doMh of Mr Dicktvn, idlar • co«l««A 

1^ tryntiAam Oooldf E*f. M.P.^Hrr. 

li^k.J>.D, [FvK 

Cubita SuMd A. Dlck*oa . 1»ft 

UkhftdRpa.ei^ US 

Mr. WjrnilUmGoold m««f4«di«d1r 
lihwit mUIk*. but oijo^flif ID movBil cf 

ffllulHflJ unOD(>t all cMiei ulrtefa MMlf 
» W Obc lot of CM tmbvlLdd on tha 

««nnn]r an of IHall wlitlrt.. 

Il« wM uiunarM ; «n(J it i« mppotrd 
ibM bb oMiies will iMw ikTt>lT« a% hb 
•Merbroifecr, th* T*o. Frederick Goold, 
Arahdnma of Kophoo, «ha ««• ditu- 
bpriltd by Ui lMli#r, OQ Hu nani^t wilb 
Ufa* Ntvcooio, i ibtor of tbc Ute Coun- 

tcU tS KfllOlOD. 

17i« ileatb of Mr. GoolJ hai 1>Hn ^rf 
qnkklf loo^rctH bf ihoi* of hi« unofe 

b* Ti*df Aimk Mmia MaujM-ll, and liit 
kilter Lt^j GQ/T-UoDth. 

RiT. M. J. RuvTV, D.D, 
Ihe.Vt ItMudOroaLMln^ChAxd. 

U bl* 100th jrv*'* AMtio Jcwk Roulh, 

[».I>. PnaliInK vf M«(d«leiM ColU««. 
Oc. Rovlh vol bom At Sooth EbohAin, 


Hii Ifadivr, tba Rm. fvk9t Roiitb. h>J 

beM IwRliaied to t%t rvdenr of Sooib 
BlmhoB obuBi tiro f««n Mwrloaitj | bot 
bo oftccnordi nnfDtd it for Ibi porpoio 
of fMlihng «l Btt«k», to Uw rfiorcK at 
vUch io*ub« wp w o cM oJ lu 1TG4, Ab4 
rolaloril it for too foUB. Ue «•■ ol»a 
Tiov of Wloitevood. Norfolk, oud io 1 7U 
muf'r 4f Btvln Rrmcnar uhiwl. 

Oo tte SIM oi Mot. ITTO. Mortte 
Jdwph iMiriralaM m aUatlrr » Qooeo^ 
CoUfc*. Ottord. to 111* Joly of ttie faU 
lowiBc ]r«or be wo* ckdril n tVmjr i^f 51. 
Mv7 Ma^WiM CdUeic, ■ml *u Ui«i 
ploecdiULilffrtbmreof Dr. Jobu SuftOlmb, 
Tho «a> «t Itdt liotf tvtor of Iht Deslce ; 
but b« Ad not iosf mbain DfVijr. form 
looooejr borloc eeointd En bia cooalj 
•boOi Ibr lin* be bcOUDB Btchekr of An», 
ht mmi icItfUd CD uukc Ihe fniuaoArj 
L^lin onltoi is pntiof «f ooe of Ibt Col- 
lide btacf^ot* « tbc Mvadaj ■'>« tba 
Mlfol «f St, Mork. la i:7S t lal ot (bo 
Whnriof tlortioo h« took hU place vith 
KaOBtia Briafta. Iha <*lfbrotcd CU«la< 
bdcil paa r b cT , nod Ibrw other*, u pr»> 
bMMiacbobr, |oiulj17T« be fit* ad. 
toiltad utoa] Peltov i and on Iha 2ln1 of 
Ootdber io 1^ ume jfor proceeded Haolef 
pfAfU- )nlT31bf>«iuapp}lMod«ollcn 
UbnrtMi bnUaod 178ft hoaoifb^. 
Md JooMrDcwiof ArttioodlatboUtur 
jtm hod lb« a>tidkc«iao of •**!«« hia 
jomn^t broCJbfr. Mf ^ liioiMl Roolb!. «d- 
Blunl Ocae*. II* bod wM loot brlocr 
bofe« dMttd ScoMT hroccor of IW Uninr- 
«ii J, ud JB AAft topadli oflidlj tfimdfd 

u ratertiAoBoat |ltio to Geam III., 
«i.o. trfth QuH C^riotl^vMwfOiiord 
Kboot tbal Itet^ Tbbi>«oelurtljMDr« 
th« Arte ijvpunna aPlKOced of lh« Kiai'o 
rabtaqiicat nobdr. Tto Prondt*!, Io do* 
acribufl Uw •erae, Ad jMkc to tbe bteU 
Ibroor, ij«iokDCM, aod moit^f til *>Hd 
wbndi Bortod iW hoc ond ottvcnoitkiM 
oflboKlMf^tovbonbtntoppoMlo. Be 
<*rf4cidaworA>lmprHiw«0«nrfa 111- 
■a ■ clotrr mao» but obwrrvJ tl Ibr llaio 
a rtotkunoM InUt o^eood mioocrwhidi 
«• afltrwirdji loO full/ OTCevOtad fc*. 

Ofl Ihe l&ib Jolf, ITStt. b« Brtd n iid 
lliUieldr of Dl<tnitj i ood tn 1?09 ha n« 
etoctod 04»e of Ibe Colirt* bvivoTL On 
the Utb of April. 1791, be OM olectid 
Prwdul of &UcdAl«Wk oo lh« raoiuoriaa 
of Dr. Home, fii^ of Nonruib, Ibo vdl* 
kflovn ooBOMOUior od ibe Paola^ vbo 
bM^eloo ioMtrn to Aaeboi«< tb* date 
ef tbol ottcc Io OOB|JllDfllfc» vilh ibOVtt of 

Dr. KoQtb'a flnl IHenrT vork wai «i 
ed^tioB of the Efithjdmtta ovd Oorfbi of 
ruio, t;B4, H>T>. " Aa odiltM," Hra Pr. 
Put, *' «bch I bore rcod wilb iBMreoUOB 
aod dctlgbt; vhi«h tb« ftr« ftohobn «a 
tbc f oohnat bate pnlted : wMrb Cborfao 
UiirDry /com, end wUcb otm Rlobard 
Porava mdm*. ' ' DtDdurlTdncbn 
io Oxford ihot -fron Uib tdiiioai 
l«4nod Ilia frral ftotb««of Crock erill 
■ail StollbAiiiB allwlH Io l« In (be I 
vordj :— " Platoni* Eotbyd f no K1 

Rial roeroooil. trvtrl ootMoeMioft^ 

Mirfim. Jotfph, U.^itili, A.M.,C<ill««UD. 
Mute M^ks. OtOQ. fiodo*. B tfpn- 
KTapb. Cbrradam. frodflt o. 1774. tro^ 
iTine «« tfod< Pub, IMS. dortMfoo od* 
didii aaacilitloBei, bblorittt pocfmoBan 
■lAH crilicaa ni«4toe tHntenda*," 

TUnr|cot« btcr bt pobUibed Ibt firrt 
l«o Tolooiei of " KcJiqovB Soorv ; dve 
oocOoron jam Hrdiloeou Hoqoditirtili|Ofl 

—c u lt peot CkriiiBBi ootKoi q«K lOfir* 
fvnf;*i!kr- HffpettlOflbliUbsrfcmffMft- 
jiiUtE>»i Dt PamrrotctboitoDr.HoUijr. 
March 21^. iHUi— 

" K«d, X«il,N*d, I IflTt iDort (mUlj 
prruaod the t»o tolooDM of ' $Mr« Boll* 
^1k ' 1» Dr. Roflth. Ko lucb work I 
apfa^id b Bofbpd for a e«fil«rf«1 
wuhJ«o8co|iHr,Bbb«pFteanoa,r^ ' 
lloaibf, Ottbop Bolt BBbbop SIT"^ 
and DoMora Orobowd Vbitty irorol 
to re^ «hat I bote beoo rcadl»f . Abl 
NpI, >\vti^ Bootb b of tbe rbbi Mavp 

irthodoi, D0< ioMt r iBl i p«oloobd,DOl 
obKOfe L VU7, ooc ao rp tkat ; ywj, ^trj, 

^r tmtn^ nMoodaotie il aii.'' 
ulSlft bopoUbbed UeUlcdi 
of Ibo " nolhrito.'* Ib l»3 be 
" Bbbop BanM'« HbtofT <^ R^ Own 

LUboodTbMo." Of tbb ««t Dr. r-rr 



Obttvaiet. — ftv. M, J. Routh^ D^ 


«oUin4a)iHils t Iclitr to LoH UoU 

"Tk nvn cdilkm of Bumet u honour- 
•bttlbtUaltnity. Ai lo tb» prtfacts 
ibnrthr «f lU l(«Tn«d, via*- uprifht. 
t^i vTlttr. Roalh b m JiMbtlt.lnt 
tCnatilttiioftalbl- 1I« !■ uat « laini*. 
«M«. U «• ff««»T * ko*vr «r d rU librttr 
-4>pr^dicw yodcrlBM frombvhf no 
llwiili *f toUnliea- BtiI lia b « mott 
tktmm MAO uid k^rM bi» coDotr^, and 
WHtMiortAllu frc«a ic4^akr motirea ol 
bfe tr fr*r. 'Hti! penfMniCT and ni^ 
dflfeeanporitton W4ra tft iDoHiJiKhtrul" 
& HVDd mad taoiv vmluAble cdiiiuu 
V^r«Jfo 1833, «sil b U^^ bcpubliihtd 
a « ri»ric ^ooe ^' Banf1*i iUifn of 

^« lla" villi UftAJ •dditioahl AfltM. 

hlllif bepiOdMMd Ihc €i>t iditioa of 
^ 'ScdfifiQrDB KaclCifauVloonini Upui- 
n^" mj the «raiid la 1^0. In iM^ 
bw foluan of a oov edition of ttie 
Ui^saniK to vtucb b< aiUod i Aftb volumD 
ii IM, Pkrr b«d ban for mmt jMn 
■INlMte trfcnd of RoMfc, odd «W bU 
faVBiC* mJt IliMon «ia ibrMt«o*d bjr 
ti Sitttiofjbnn riotcn Jn IT9T« lie Mat 
tn l»eft» for OiftCf 1o M«j[diilcnr colJr[«, 
*&ib lb«7 moamtil A^r iDmr trm* pilrd 

I it beui tndcT <bc trbcipkl galcvBjr, 
W Aflvr B<wM In tba PrnUenri 
Hpp- Hkd tb*teU» •£ «Mob lb« Prai. 

4ibtbonitu tiha of Dr. Put 'i pipe, 
hnso voi UM o ipaeitt Mtd ibtred io 

M04h ■•f tb«kindo«««orrb^ rndiLvnl, 

iteb 1799, «o-«r«nnvd wLtli Dr Pirr 
«nAihf «Mb«i1p4oii fbr proTlding Bn 
tmiij fhT UoL 1a 1791 be perfc^nned 
^mmt kind o£c« for Dr. Parr himietr, 
hr«b»», «ilh Ibc ■»i*i*ti.c«of Mr. K^U 
•dDr. UAXbr.bonivd a mb^criptbn 

hm$oi Dr. Pur*^ paantdtlcti tb^rv is 
■ fUboraE* cnlogT opoo Roatb, wbicb, 
it m»j cidcc o amiU from la 
mrw, wt lioaMiiu rrpr^sufl 

tW Wftrt, and ra«od«d tt lout on 

)HpnoikHt. It tony tljer«40r« b« rod 
Mfvdl for iu triib u Jti curtodtjri^ 
"pt. MtfliB Joiopb Rombt PrtflldirDt 

M dw ncnCKia of this vrnerabte 
Wbf iboali [ dcnjr mjwlf Ihv 
I mutt frtfl in njriikf nf bjm 
fan «b>l of icb m nAn I thoiild iKr 
ftvTjvbcro sElb ^^*^ j«AlM «J<i with 
•|wJ IrloMpb t TW Ineadihip of thia 
oeiDcil pcnwi Mi«t« m«, rcodeni* «iil 
fffe«r bo r«Qik«d bj nt vnon^ tbe iwotiflit 
nNoUbvnoUMt tbe ptoudnt ornimcnU 
araivllfc^ lje.lDCbeltiifD4jTor Milicio, 

b 'SM ftH!O0B«*on of ■ Tirln<]ii» fMhrr,' 

•tUioiiMnU w« rtt|>«Gt«d 

bf «T07 scboUr to vUov be ii knoim, 

vfhoH extcfipUrr ilvtOH ibvd « IniCre on 
thu Cborvb in vbicb tbej baio bol bocn 
rtmrdol. and «bo*e gnj bain will atttr 
dmcwnd lo tbf f nTC bol amldtl ti» birvii' 
ingi of (h4 dcTOul and tbo Xttn of tbc 
pour, ilti Ail^ 4 ttfllion fw vhirb otbcr 
mcriL ire aotoctioiH iadpbbvd lo tbo oibaU 
of jinriLM or to Ibe eapricca of forConOi 
bnC ID whiich ha «pu hlnuelf iiqh< hotHfUT' 
ablf plucd frum the expcrjonco hia clccioiw 
had long had of bit intcfritf , and iho con- 
fldvfiw Ibef rq>owd on bii dincrrnrn^nt, 
bin BOtlviif, and Ui Lmpini^bty. Tbo 
HiUcUiticiit bv pro f ttaci to ■ouUuj^ua] lu- 
■tttubont, prok-<cd»iipEle«ifrvm aiinccrc 
oomiction of thr-tTuUliET tluufroni k ilcvp 
ravomiDc (ot tha <rbdoiii of unlji^uiif in 
tbo rtfOfaTiuai ii hw inadt for prrwrting 
tbo rnomla of jrootfi, ami forpromMiD^ the 
cul^Tatlon of Ifaraitic Ilfii ro^rnmaril 
Oircr the aflbirt of « Kirftt Jtnif rtsppoUbJo 
Coltf(|[e, in vclitc irithudt uHidiruiucH. 4ti J 
firm viEbrruI trvcrlly- IILi Uiiti^pBitttpnca 
of ipirit ii the iff«ct not of frrociou pfide, 
bol of A coffL nnd itr^ii^ prin<ip)f, wlilcb 
rUiioa Oiilj lb< rr^^vrrt it it rrtt nn^y to 
pay, and vtUchequalLjdLAluailo Irampla 
upon mibordination and tc» rmnch bvforf 
Ibc inBOlonco of poirrr, Hincorfwt jiidf- 
inmt, bin i^iuftjuuil oruJitJoE^. aud bja vb- 
riou9 knottlnltft^. *TC audi u kIJoo TilII (o 
the lot of mann Uii lib*riUlj h aoarcplj' 
aiupaaied tree b]r hi* oirtbod«xir, end Mi 
ortnodotjr n not tbo titniit and fiinitous 
ct«ra«conov of pirjadicc. but iht ifiiiiid 
and mtU^vaft truU cf Loru^t tmf lodt'Tati. 
gabte Inqairr- In a vord,bLs mind, hi* 
whalo mind, i« dfckcJ nt nncu wilb (ho 

Eareat rrfiCala of fiinplii.'i1]r and Lb a 
rigbtAt jetrtti of bonnvolcnf^oiod piclj, — 

tk mlisd tn him, IhV Siriiro tiiiy *1*r't up 

And **rt«aimi' wjilJ,T!ili LI amui."" 

Dr^ Roatb** poHHci 4«re miied ; 
■tronfjly Mtuitito on iho blatarieal^nmnd, 
br< hfllrtngn) t> no nitK pnlltinal parly of 

Iha pn»cnB day. bol united tba alrong 
High ChurcbmaD with (ho ncvtra] poli- 
tician : prindpalli carini? for Ih« rrcnu 
nnit rn4>TC<nffotsof tboStato in thdraipcct 

4^% BfTdcttDf tbo Chureb. Up bad it witrni, 
aliairbtd Inond ta &\t fntttrAn Burilritt, 
vbom 1i« alim^ dcfeedod in eonvvnatioa 

from thfi rbitr|fl oF RmfirtiTJiiq.^Tnliilalng 
thiC f^ir Fmndn had hr*n K<n«ralry m]A> 
taXen ou lb>« jiofot, auil iIiai vi upputilittn 
to Ceart compU«a bad bem confouadod 
in bi> oaae vith revolntionary poluica. 
AceordtQgljt whal appaarfd to thg pubKd 
fjt to br chBvKt of pulilic* on tbr p>ri of 
tilr FraDcLa Uurdflt, Biter thO edactmrDL 
of Rcfnmtt vni na r\\itaf^t^ in thf- malnioQ 

oi 0r. Itonlbj tth» ijhjko of blm ai barlDg 


OB[TUAfiy.-^^ffV. Chancellor Raikta- 


always been n CoQiervntiTC, and ua has log 
only tLcn given up a linu of political action 
for wliidi thcrv was no longtr Auy motive^ 
Dor, qdJi'T alturcd circbmatonceB, uny 
vant. Sir FrRncj«, to a dubal? in tlie 
Houao»Maj8, 1iJ2tJ»thuji intimated 0|jenlj 
bia feclinei at tlie nun-proniotioa oF Kin 
cicelkat friend: — 

" It Lotf been my lot Co find Bnioe of my 
earliest mid mn^t T^iluud friends nmonti 
the minJEiterB of tlic li!«tab|j:«lit.'d Cburcb : 
nnd DOW tbat I have touclied upon tbia 
topic, I cannot rcTutfc mysolf the xatiiifaC' 
tion of tHJOBting of my rriendsbiti witli u 
difrtinfuubud ornnmunt of the £btJLblta]i- 
ment, do iiidiTLdiial »l]0, liunevrr lie may 
be hid in rvtireiocntj can never be con- 
cealed in ohdcurity, a man adorned vitli 
the greatest toleals «nd the highest virtues ; 
and never were strong ability and dcr]> 
learning ac[:ompamed by more perfect can- 
dour and ainccrily in the investigation of 
truth, tbaQ in the eaae of the esteemed 

ferson lu whom I have atlndcd. oud wlioiu 
shall now take the libvrtj to name, hia 
Dame beinij indeed hia beat panegyric— I 
mean Dr. RLJuth, the Preaident of Mag- 
dalene College. OjfoTd/' 

In IHLO Ur Koulb became Keclor uf 
TyleTiunit, near Uoadiijg. To this idace 
he used to n-tire at ecrtain portions of the 
yC'ir to enjoy the vjic^ition ollowed htm by 
the vtAtutea of his i^oIlegi>p and to bcneliC 
biB health by clinngr of air and Acene. Ou 
the l^lth Sept., l^2l», he mame4 Eliia 
Agnes, daughlei of J. Blogravc, Eatj-, of 
Coli'ot Park, near Tylehur^t, a lidy to 
Those tender, deroted, and unwearied carv 
we owe, probably, the long pieservation 
of the valuable and nrmnrkabU life ii^- 
traiCed to it. 

Dr. Routh had flu' i^nrti-onK manner^ 
of the old si:hoo], and their eonversational 
jiowers. He Morps»<i.d himself with ap- 
proprlatrneB# and force, and gave nn anec- 
dote all The bcnetit of good Celliitg. lie 
talked at his own table witli great auima- 
Cion even tu the very la^t, ejij>eejally when 
he got on hi:* favourite subject — the Stnaii. 
timi']^. Nor l^ad Jie tH'eu a carelefi ob- 
terser of the poUtieal cveitls of hia own 
life, of the poliey uf Fitt, and the more 
reci-nt movements and eombtuationa of 
political partita. He rea<1 to tlie last the 
newapapera every day, .lud was " up *' in 
the Russian war. His frii'iids in the 
Univeraity, eitpecially tlu^ late KegistrJr. 
Dr. l]li!:ii» tiuw Principal of St- M;iry Hall, 
gave hiui an attention wrhidi wa^a Mibsli- 
tule for R jiioieimmi'diale eoimcetiou ttiiU 
Univer^iiy matters. Ilia p.ilernal ktiid- 
uciv, warmth, atid ^%'ui:i]iry bound every 
friend to him. He loved a joke with the 
peculiar and rvhned aatiflfaution of tbc old 
■chobr. He vu kind to allf high vaA 

\qk, to hia equals ia poaition and iiia aub- 
ordinatea alike j tad hia memot7 ii A 
treoiure, ever reminding thoae who bad 
ficraonal aequaintance wiu htra of tlicni* 
privilege 11^7 enjoyed in it, and ChrowiDf 
them Inek on their admiaaion to it ulA 
era tu their livci- 

There cau Hcarcely eiiat a man who hat 
ahared the edncatioo of Oxford that ia DOt 
familinr with the onme of Dr. Routh aod 
his long and teamed career. Hu nainft 
pri^senta a venerable image b«fon th« 
minds of thonsanda who never uiv him* 
Moreover, hetakca u« back to olbera beftiiv 
hii lime, and forms a connecting link wilk 
older names. The Preaident of Magdaleoa 
bail known Or. Tbeophjlua Leitb, Haater 
of Bolliol, the contemporary of AddiuDB 
who had pointed out to him tbc aitoatioa 
of Additon*a rooma \ bad seen Dr. John- 
«OD in his bronQ wig ierambUng up ttw 
steps of University college ; hod beeo told 
by a lady of her aunti whobadaccn Cbarici 
11, widking ronnd the parka at Oxford 

inhen the Parliament was held there 
uriog Ihe Plague of London) with hiadoga, 
and turning by the eroas-path to the othar 
nide when lie aan the hesda of honafla 

Dr. ItouLli had admitted to Magdalene 
1B3 felhjwa, 2'i\ demies, and IG2 cboria- 
ters- He had been ds Head the coatempo^ 
rary of at leaat three soccewioni of Headt. 

His Fuueral was solemni&ed on the 29th 
December ; when hia body was dcpoiited 
in the vault of the College ehapel. Tba 
Vice- Preaident and Uiiihop of London pre- 
ceded tlie cofbn. anJ Ihc palUbearera were 
the Kev. Vauifhau Thomas, the Rev. Dr. 
Ogilvie, tlie Principal of New Inn Hall, 
the Master of Univeraily Collegr, tJw 
iVimnjial of hlagdaleoe HaU, the Regiui 
ProfL'fsor uf Elivinity, the Moater of Balliol 
eollrge. tbc Maifier of Fembioke. the 
Provoat of Oriel, and Ihc Vice- Chancellor. 
TbenumbiTufFelluwsattendiiig was about 
forty, and that of Demies thirty. Follow- 
ing the coflUn were the retatifea of the 
deceased, and inauj private friends, among 
whom were thv Rifthi [Ion. J, W. Henkj, 
the Rev. Dr. Pusiy, the Rev. Dn Uondi* 
ntll, and many others. 

Rkv. Chancellor Kaikeb. 

A'uo. 1^. At hii seat, Dee Side Koue, 
Chester, agtd VI, (be Rev- Henry Raikeij 
M.A. C haute n or of the Diocese of Chea- 
ter, llouoraay Canon of ifae Cathedrulj and 
a Rural Ueou. 

lie W.1-. born on Uie 2.lth S«pt. \1^^, 
being the >rcoiid boii of Thomaa Raikca, 
esij. uf itroad Sircul, London, Gorcroor 
of the Bank of England, and of bis iri& 
Charlotte, daughter of tbn Hon. Henry 
Finch, a member of the WinchalKa faaaily. 


(VvirtAiiT.— /Zm'. Chitniiiihr Avt^. 


•I ««lf frriAd tl KingftftnoMii-HoD. 
«t rt othrr rfnr^ bt rhr Rut Klcttn^ Of 

Wb riv .^ ihe «orfiev*tlari of 

iHMAb fuahk pri«it». Th« R«t, 
ItoM^T lUta, RA. uf Sl JohnU <6i- 

Mta IT!?. Vl(Hr at ll«Lc n»r llutl, 
bda( th« xrMvJfLtlirr of Robert Raikr«4 

Avhr ScbMb, wbg»r ftaifr, Mr. Rfibfft 
HvAa, of Glotterfttor, (otL tT!(ri) «iut>if 
pwykttt rod pvMbWrtf BroviCf Tun 
gfyifn-f, 9f COMv n«4« In i1« daj, Jn 
^^klcii !■« fm tootriTid \* ^y^^rrpari oF 
dirred, «l uie ll»f, ia fr«« t br««<h or 
uiti li^ . tliat he ««■ f«priin«*d«d itt thr 
k» of tU H«ttM of hor^w, in tbo d«rl 
^f oif Owif? I., end ttmtaribe pwtlm- 
Af of LorJ Cbamllnt Klsf. 

flcf ^ tnWboJ tW nfflmesti of htnk- 
kf fr«n Iklj «kK *bv n<*- RK^hrd 
BAe». Felltnr cf St. Jolin'i ('oIWr«, 
tabrtdc*. >*4 «n«r*«^ ■ rpfb«dai7 
rf Ol. Divtid*!, ■ iUB of «u< la«ntfi| 
Miaf (f^at rtllBe«>«*4oftuie|tbertri«n 
ciwpgtJhw proceeded to Eun ■« ii;d or 
B jrean of iffv. ond continnod th«r< 

n;1itc«D, oW* lii« t4lenU,pecolkir1f 
or iW Tlcf«u< ela»Io4 tlicre uutd' 
■diMnoori hl4B 10 (he top of lh« 
Hcrt, tmcof non^otbrr i^TMaibf* 
dbtifc^uiiL»d — api tf ^ he fcimml « 

iMfM d A rdtbltfiop of Comtrbary, 
viriifli nfai bapfllt dMffftrd lo lut thr«n<rh 

tn mvo Mr. Rukc* pfiweotcii (u &*, 
Mn't C«iUen- Caioliridirc wWre he 
i|WdggMfl RA- lew, M.A- tg07. Hrob- 
Mtoc4tbOKC0Api-<luthonoOrr4 of «Sniof 

Oftime. bniEff lc«a UiC« and Ulp«l Ibt 
Cb* cttct id«<x^ <h»^ r^fr other Kq«n;- 

iz^aiffil bAie been (ip«l«d to hite prtf- 
pL-«| bin lot anctr^. W m* murr 
iMInfutobed* Mb to hi*o«ffi cnllm Md in 
ibiD&TvtfrAT, In th«Utuf,ha«eTnr, he 
po*«fful c^mpriiiorvi ood tn Iho f4«i 

for tW ittnUf he ■«« hMkn bj lUTe, 
_ lilcDblkOf orUn^ls, andbtMoiA, 
tW froenff Wthop ftt OionpnUr. H« 
Ma tluccd ■Ace thon aMo cfbolu^. wUh 
D«bre«, ite leorvhS tottwr of " The A4- 
ifffiwiL'' Tbo jcv afKr Inkfiif hii dfr* 
mp Thif, lUkkc4 oMnlord tbr FAtin Km^T 
n^ae eoiiufttll *^ihtt^ b^ th^ ncmbcn §^ 
ittt VQlfcnity to Bachfltfr* of ArU fttic 
bi*cre<^iiil7 ff»*to4leJ, 

Ih 1<i(>& Mr. Kukflivlft^l«d AvtHb, thr 
yltaw voiCIf frcqafSAcd bf aodflv tear- 
MU betog «l««cd M a*t «inv M the Cog- 

U«h by (be oe««fBClDO or IftAufiBe* of Na- 
pofeoo. In Hongirj and the Tyrol Ji« 
■Itiicufd and jdMlmml^ HHittlfd in rJie 
laf9.l omnSutinn uf thntn warfikn pm^ 
Tiaon t>i thr Aoitfkn raifdrtr wMcli wfrt 

dttflnr^l Ui th* nvrful «BC«troftjCii Of 

AatA?r1itf and Ulm. For etnpTovncntof 
thU ktnd hr iruit hinj^nUHf fttEqa bf Mt 

taieot f>r t«|carhg l!u^ roor? diActfC 
Enropron ]«De1ngC^ la the aahiran of 
iRn.t hr ItnXvt m th* nvitinmt of 

(3mw, and l^r« mat Lurd Ab«nfocn, 
hlA fctlow mdoQt at CaMbrttfgt and tb« 
rr«trat IVemler, «lih irbom tbo vioAar 
ns dafigbtliLllj vprat m ciplorkig Ihe 
lite* ef ftficicDt ttiitp\tm imJ citka la 
KtSotla A«d lh« ioUrloroflk* FelOpanno- 
ro*. Attica, ttboac rvtf d«at U butCff , 
««« likliorlorntly ■fiifi<!kf hf t\it tiro foaii| 
lohulart of Cambrtdfr. «hn broofbt to 
entft^Han pur»ii^o aTl tht- i»( aod »• 
crnof foitlh, with «n iimouni *>€ hiiUirf- 
nl Bn4 lopOfrifUc&l \armt>s nhlch hM 
inrrJy br^i rttaTlf^i In tlqJciili of rlpor 
jfar>, Albaab too. a hod oFmost of ro- 
lanktfl ia tha t*.f%a (raadror of iti an- 
ii-iy. Bbd the pCCfdtar baa^nfra of ita 
uilubititbta» traa vMced lome jtmrt Ixfurt 
K faad brcenie fbmlihr ta Bocihh roadrm 
from tbe caatoa of CbiEde Harold. Re- 
tantio{ to En^lind Ib« foEltrwins yt*t hj 
«eA, kc nfl* for aaaat Bdoatht lT>c guctt « 
Lord CAllifiswood m tb« UhiCf, and ae- 
compenM tbe M«di4tmpaNii aqaadron mx 
iN emit* on tba coaat of SiHIj end Afrfm 
in IfdOG. He e>cn landnl it Al|:i'-rp, trnd 
(o tbv ■MOditlooioribli lobf fo)-i^ mif 
bo atirfboied thiit kirprctt jntfat hfrof the 
nilor, und aarofal »*4]iihii tplHiml fn]- 
pruYeiitciil, nbicli tuffnud oivij vf Mr. 
lUikoK' IM^ efTiirU niitj |.iibtii^]itj(in», Hb 
hiher'aMrftgnil fiKnd Mr. PiitvudoMl, 
«nd ■ janaiioD of pvlHloat fikrtJaa ludl 
bafo r#Med| bot throogb hi a flimSj 
eonncciiooi, aodhlaovnpenoail frinndf, 
Mnhn^tiic l^njH AhardHn a^d Pilmtv- 
itao. tbfl renenblr Mirnma of Lana- 
f^ova?, Ehp OraiiM, Mr, OoDllranij aatf 
othri*, I pnbib nrccr of no ordiaor^ 
ctlobrilj w*a opfued, Md offrnd 14 
Liui ftt f hit |i«Fii?d. Mil po«or «kd nveo 
■< a flo«Dt public ipcaker afngrinff 
bttw) him f4r tbe trutv, tnd Irfa toca- 

rftCr kitnit*i^j^ fii fnrfj^ InnfiHfAd, m^ 
fiprrieofO inJ obi^vtfrf>o of Wtifv 
(oanirlca. hul well prrpDrrd hita tvt tflplo- 
nntle lerHcc- Saf b watltot to bo bfl line ; 
»nd in 1f>06 br oai ordainM Ihrocon hf 
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frlctiJ Mr. (jouttam. 

lo ibr jfor foMovlaiE h« loarrltd A«- 
|«ita, tiAm ^ugh|«r of Mr. J. Wbnttu^- 
toB,gfTbc b ffrttai and HoifordftQiboeo^ 


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oie^tji ftBtl tibiminri deiiccnt from th« 
fhmoiu Sir RklurJ Vihillitiirton, "thrt» 
ma^or of LtinJon,*' but «ho ud Imod m- 

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ef ■ (!huLCP:y HutC, wliidt JirQitDd Ma of 
IbodUU vLih vihlobDownlu Collfliowu 
fvundcJ LQ the UnlTcnity of Cmfarldpr. 
In II490, vrlukt Cant« or Bamhiin, incD. 
Buck*, Mr. Itnikc* lo«l liis nifo. Ihoobjcdt 
«f u «trij ftQtt ranuntic ■Itaohoioni, wbo 
bflbin •jpoong vldoircr of uboltr-tike «Ld 
r*Aii#d t««ttti whh A jOaEkg faullf* An 
idmirablo tud aempWf riitCTi vrbo AitA 
■ few moach«a|[o,*Mine to t«k< chantv of 
Lli dillilrcat tiTiil jifitflr Tiiil'^tl Ihrfxi^li fn- 
tare 7WT1 to fjivhir^c fmr »clf'ini|iotfd 
luk witk « motbflr'A cue «ud Ukvr. UJa 
<i«U«at frifad the proKttt primvU. tor. 
v(u> ftf bfliid vltb lli« b«i( «ttd ontr «ontO' 

Uli-?ii for tiuh Ml AjnietJon, mnA from tliia 
timn Mr. lUfkn' Um to Uf«vai hlfiiffT ud 
mnrt eoncoDlnt«d. Hr apMrcd on ihe 
plAUotm 4ft 411 aJvocaitf of ftti Itii? p^^puUr 
■Odilita of (lie U4;. irltli 1 >iiroaB un> 
bnptfrcduDiU the iiilluiuf llibcnJau on- 

avldited Ui« tA»U even of Rxrt«f H»11. 
randtrvd the irlmou public iQKnitbTi! 
to ■ ityl* wbieh bad bofn fgrnicd on (tfi* 

model of du (rcftl Attic ousicr* of pir- 

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bti OWD »4t 4t Aldmckr, nmoitg^t toiver 
vurk* ud coutributbxu to liifl irllfflvui 

ecdicil* of ih* d4ri bfl psblkbad t m* 
■ of nrmooi, of » terr o>rit^4l tfp«, 
ftu i^Q DJ*in? AEtrlbiiMi but tlils vi>liiinp 
biOBrrcd tbe fate o^f tnCBl vorks afioi>(Eit 
by ■ psrij 4J lU nuiifnto, in mnt tm- 
wmry papulu^fr and nrly nhZiiridn, A 
■riMfcloiport4at vorb, 4fd hud tfliotn 
bftoflnoa oa tbc Cbumb rin u jet Ija 
b«nUT •ppmiatfld, wu bi' ^u/ on Ck- 
rtnl E^ueMiocK vhidimtferUU J influflirad 
like vat TCititic* Id ibe r«<^iiip»u jf « k l^ljcf 
In (A, of 4 toort pr^oiooj E»rtilnjT tbtq 
lad, 4t (.b4l timr. Knraoly foiud a pln^ 
la lh# nfriwTD r««fv cf nnivvriily »tudi«< 
<14aiMlioi«. I'bt Crut44 achoUr- 
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Urpir infqnon of ilif dtrinllr ok- 
vtivtUcu cumin4lioa*. fbHovol, 

d ae upov ••• tdthtllr o Uieo- 
.,.«« pr^poHd u 4 tvi|«jfllt« mode 

naiur of fui^iri** ihat 4 

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Tu Lord WinHtu rium? ( 

.,d Stmiford do fUdoUAE 
:-pLDab, Ill4 UAj ftbow-tDco- 
>W4 Jih4, 1454, 4^^ ;«, 

clOTgjman m iVUdd for 4<tir4nccfn«Ai Mid 
wbaH nrllpT Auoelttioa* bad latrodaood 
hliB to tbtf ^at drp<i«iloriTC of p4lroD4«, 
thouM b»Tc b4d ho prtCtnneDl Mbf* faii 
femtoinrmfPt «• (!h4DaiUor cf Cfcartw, 
HLi tnilo|ȣadcat c^reaiUBtinceiv kb^ dvoy 
Intenii la iba edoouJoa of bi* •««■— 
wboic rabaequfnl cnreor «n^ifjr oonifon- 
nUd btoi for hU itfrvr-Cfftftlof vUdCodt 
for their velfir* — pcfbip* rtodcvd bin 

BCfLuiiiUan ««* lulflmil io hA«- Itti 

«A)f f4lr, boa«««r, to hb 4utr huocIUm^ 
to iUt4 tbit nboat leO tbo ftbboiirki of 
C4]AUtS4 «u OlTOrad to him ; TLtiuble pr<* 
forincnt in th* Nottb of IrcUoxl «u abo 
offtrod bj tbe F-arl of Abonfeoo. tftd b| 
tbr Uti Earl Diowloir in Uoooloakim. 

In IBXe his nrlr frivod Dr. teMtr 
«4i 4p;iolidm! Biibop of Cbevteri andtlr* 

HalUo bofAinr bi< blitAiaiii^ CIihpIaIji i 
mpij, OIL tbf cliukcdlonhip of Cbe dioc«M 
bpcominn TtcfcDi U I H^u), ha in* no^nifcid 

to thnt hi>nohrmliJ0 and toDnti"** poit, 
Witboat 4Biil[iiiii| li> bU loirid 4aT nVf 
bi^b iridrr uf juilkiftl muilt, U feQftj « re- 
lunrkcil t^at hii CpOQSctmtioiu UdiNtrr i^ 
iiii;^1nrl;r ]><>vrrfDl aflmorj wtrv |i4rdcn- 
larljr ^ujUiAad l« frappla wilh s skiBB of 
^U ID oiidrnix^, or or prracdcoU to id* 
)udged <AMi i wlLLl#t a rftnge of rvadiof, 
ImoFl. tnd nbHTTaLionrardyr^viUed^had 
10 rnricboil hit mind trilh mied kbO«^ 
li^djfv \ti ill Iiun4» ifiBrt, that liv bruvght 
to the !irvtcontfaiipl4tiooor«rtrjreue on 
4fnnuiii of af (iqilntonoe «itb 411 ^BMtiou 
of tr*d«, luienoff cuAtout, and vuideM** 
tbiic othotf oould Qblj bJtto 4lt4ioed, waA 
tbflt urj iai|>irf«ctJy, tlkr 4 b»f oowM 

of ■|ivrifir invMtigttinB' 

Hut a more cilmded and oamdy Do ha 
n^pn^clnIiM] tfihcn of ucfUoOa* i>a4«on> 

pird b; i\a Litr cbuMUoTi In bA» c«p«dir 
uf KiiRtimnft CbapUio fertkw |tMt a«4 
ifloj'aiUnl Divaac vf Cbntvr fbv lightofa 
jeirh Durinj Ihli jicriod Uw numbtr of 
the oltrg; ID the Aoocoo b«d nmrly 
doiUad \ 4nd lh«ir todooBO* prDhftblj !■- 
cmaad ia ■ br p'44tor proMtioi- Aid 
tbo Imporuikt tnd reapniulble vuik of pre- 
parlosanrl admiitinir rU^i boily nf funnf 
men to IhcJr Hrrrd fanvttoiii, vu dta- 
chwc*tl Willi A tvntciriuUu* asd prater- 
fol vlpUooe, B vMtr and yot appropriMo 
le4L-amf. combtaeiL wLtb 4 onuittaj 4iid 
oantldcratlaa Lbitl vill lau^ tivt in tha 
recolle^on uid gTBiUndf of fanadrcdi of 
the flcrfir. Mr, Mnoeon, Of Conbrtdfei 
tndy qld that Ihfl (rtjit IlinrvB* cf Cb 
tcr enjoyed at that lim# a tort of ** <~ 
c^bMipaojr.** la the cordial oO'Odji 
Of tbfl«baii»Ilc>r with the bUhopoif I 

Thv 4l««(iti(}ii of thv biihopto the Pri- 

ntcj of (ho &k|Uh Cinrfb ltd Ur. 
lUikei to ncdilaa, In tbv rcmaikahl*, and, 


OaiTtJA»V.^-An*. ChMnctlUr P«tik^. 

mi MH <k« rial*, the aiUotui Jsplnd 
h<|Mft 3 Stniu* Miiujriivnn in tk* 
S<uU ; " N«i.c DcAa fijimcf* 
Hitiltfun abtaBiiuii livuiuium 

'— T«dma. Aamlfl, ul li. ns «, 
ttrntl «i» Me fti«t fncifjiiii^ tn Ui« 

■1 him «r ib« MCMCj *n J authoritj 
Uco4 ftvdi vbOK be bU ir&Lltcd la 
ol Oo4 fur bilf a Mbtoxj. 
l«Od|« kMtofwnnDaa, chArfn, and 

nhr, Mi AH t^mctoiMd br th« mi»« 
hH «| Unr pictf aiU vpiT«rMl bmofo- 

1 knr Ksia ia thia pcniovi Add of re^ 

mir Ii^JIb^ ia Ibi QavUrly. Tbc fwl 
>« Art Ihi nUMt wf ibU Ucvnpb7, 
temh « v«ir nUni o0om imd Svrolcd 
CmUs, v>i dm « IDM of U(b IJUrvrr 
MikstttU i and il ««i u trror to awaJU 
lh B^otflr «itb a maM af Ic<u«* tad 
iiBiakvbtfE the pantf «tf tbc MwtnicDtfl 
■f lit — t of tW atB^u wra bat iU 4up- 
r«W br U« »«dioenl7 at tba itjU i And 
Ai vtrj ilBfiliiilj of Ihe here ryadctvd 
hiM a Itnw cflDiBciiUltfr «■ hit inrn 
i^na Au a C««r altrr battle o« a 
Kat«r alUr d4uaar. How va> il iinii4l«< 

« iM iha «*iOT iftd. Ks btfliave* moti 
Mf wii riM aincUraA oa tba moml and 
nkfUaa rtaba of t^ Nht^ *■ ^"^ puioJ 
Md bare b«n Tcrf diiUiural to lb« 
*mrm «AiW «f ibe Adail^ity, «b<3 tuu 
lyji ta iAotitftj Um Ibuudcn ft Wh*- 
Mifc Sttiaa^ and nhoa p<r«aiiiJ fMlinHn 
nd«aAi varc anvtved lb Ihe iDaufc- 
Maf tl iba MAnniL 

Tb« varitd pirwr.-i of tha ohanccUoT'i 
iM, and tkt iiid«f4tipU« iadiutrr witb 
vhkfa Ibaj vGn voiplojadt b attflwL Dot 
nlf ^ faM yabU^cd VDiki, oriilaal utd 
■rwBrtlit •* tbar •r'. bat bj 1b« aaploai 
9tfmt anlbig in Manvaeriptt vbkh oalf 
^pl a aantNrtMi «d|*cir la Ikiinrv ll|hc 
^^Hk i «i^ noffa of bablical and othttr 
^■Ecta. 7W paai aiUat of bii OHm- 
«ll«nilBS wid MWiaUe f<«dinf nu tt»k 
kiPfB cv«n to iatimaic frxod*. «tho m* 
Ite appuaaUl abaorbad is tbarauliooi oT 
prill IihI bfaanAna* uil Ibo dbetianun 
Il lU ttV^fmm eobinmnlBi of tU daj. 
Tibkaf H iao4»» a ftv ooaBtc^ilTfl pn^« 
«r bk <- Noia-baab;' thne li Uund « lub^ 
in«aAd fiToibandit Diptical fir* of Ibc 
pa* Pf U M H thian DriKa oi -Kwbrlu*< 
iM* Iwtnod and praolioil remtrk* o«i i\w 
MifoUr ndMiMCailua of Ilia PiophH 
&M«U.]|, liLbf SLJuimU A*«*aT. 
If, IT i and an ai|l^libo drtCftioo of the 
Intel Uiot oflmlliy fa tbc mde Latin of 
iWlAtbaruC<a£nliMnf Anrihnith. M" 
•aa aW an aoilo ind judicivtui AnlHOuy, 
Oam. Ua«,V9i.. XLIII. 

Mid Aid macb, notonlr CoxardB rvimng a 
IapCc in CHivlfr fnr me iir*Kmtloa anil 
ctucidatEoD ot Ibc liUUMfcai mnaiuB of thai 
bi(H<*>iUf; LLij< \ivi sUu IgirarJt UiflniltuI' 
raUc rfttorntluu oixi fmprormncaU a/ th* 
cUhadmL ll« *ii tho biitorUa tad t 
iVtoidtat of ^' th« Arrhitiolufal, ArvbafO 
tojkil and iriatfiTlC$0«If>l]r for thv cooatj 
fto4 cUy of Cheater," and wme of UMBDOjit 
clftborKP [tajitri !■ th' Jaumnli of tin 
tiKictji foil cf local tieuil ixad (cneral 

tuUroI, uttt tuna liin Ti|;i»ouH aoil •cxuu- 
plitlicd pro* He wii4 al»> a tn^nibfr of 
the council of the ** Ldotultire And Che- 
ftbirv UiJtoHo Socittj t'* todi Wlb > dU- 
intercaUd Ubenlitjr which ramwlnblj^- 
raeteriNd tufii« be placed tb« •arljar 
rtr^rdi of thn djofuc al Iho dtipaaal of 
tlxo coancU oi tho Cliotham Socicrv« for 
llUnrj pupa««at and a]» farnbhad tU« 
•odvty aiLh llio ioraliiable IhfS. of Bishop 
G«atrdr> Nolilia Cviriatuva, for pubtioa- 

Mr. ChiuKilloT JUXkH ftm an aslUv 
midiba'of lh< Conmi^on fi»r the Sab- 
diiitiriTi of rBntW appolatfld in 1^0^. 
ani mu«t inxbuji thai th(>ob|j«)Uconl«ia> 
pUted ibouUI be CAtrlfd ouL. Xor wa« 
thU aioddea ImpuLtc. Por wnnj jcan 
he bad tH)nt«A)fl>t«d oiUi icrwvi nlami 
Ui» otorgTiHro puithH of t^ NoHb of 
Ksictucl- *uJ ibouttvc di««rtuitcation of 
lli« aofkiftg of our p»rocbidl 9ftteta. aod 
y t rrpT^HuTatlout in high pUcW mn noL 
viihouc lomr, hot hLtbcrto mo>( nniiUia' 
fHctorf. rr4UiU. 

All ibn i^ariUlU And bannolent uuU- 
1uLion« uf the cUjr «D(i dJocau af Cbs»Uc 

mte ulijccU of hu aibuJfUxiiev, cft^iu^uwUf 
Ibe Oiooeua CbnrHi BnU^lini; SocktCj. the 
Cijri;) Orphan SchjcU it CastortOD anJ 

Mi'>%jlniMtiott4 >Jid Ihe Infirmaff ai Cbu- 
Ur, Thouxb for a prirato gctttlvai«a hit 
umilth nklaliC br »id to abnuniS. ytt hii 
oharitr ^id 0Uoh mora 4t>ouad, and, a« a 
kperiiuit i>f the HnJe «| hU ILbrraUCjr, it 
nitjr be alb>««bl< lo ueation, that oa a 
liiiglp dnj «-hcn vQ bu diJilh-lfCcL liP ^Vc 

la epUt of Iba failfua at Inifoanffi 
baiisMf, coTrcipondtnor, and uuliitcr- 
milted atudr, Eombinei inlh ma nlwoiL 
aicnie lelf-dcnial in tripeot of fbud ujd 
rcit. Iba obatJOoDivr truinvd liti figHfrt uf 
utile exertion, and ervn lonif «|i)jr4raa(» 
of lit:etlh,antil Ihr iut a|irtrAg, wbro iivt^ty 
iJiiug iLppeiutd ti>|t>*« wMf, mnA lit f-mi]-g 

and fricuda «iitcboi1, aJtb ampfakable 
■arrw. the twd enhiidoicv of a d^me of 
litellfctoel and fplriTuI tfo, 4hiiiht««nir<d 
Uio bH^l tc dre. It U tW lif'J ami not 
%h« dfalb of «ii<iL a man thai U ilic rcolljr 
iib<fiil flumpU. iiid onty around of tmib- 
4ui0«,but Ibt '- Oith uibU jvrf4:tt Iti Iotq" 



VM Uift «alil«ht cbftTvrtfslatLa of hb liut 
haun, Tliv mnnonaoftnvat «f liii dmh 
wu received In Cheatrr with proronnd Kir< 
roir. nail on tb« ^J cf hi« fuoDrel, Hblob 
look plftCd on th» Qih Deo., ta o rpot 
ohnieo bjblBitFtria tbo pobtie otmetorTi 
1h« «M« fllj mxl tniinf nf thu lAOBtdi^' 
tin^iihtdfimlhtv in th« driuocr- 1aclact1n« 
Uio Muqueit of VTciluiiiiitcT, tho Loixt 
Ijiiutintnt of ibe Coualr. the Lord 
B^hop, tht Dean, tlio C4&on», ih« Arch- 

4lt*4.'>ta»i Ihn Majfff mid CorporAtioD, &c. 

followed lh0 rroiALnt of Oin nnoniod 
' ehtncdlor to Ibdr float mtlnc-^lioo. 
It 1iu bafri |irivpovrl bv tlie ArvhMiliAp 
of Canterbury, tbc Lord Li«ot«ii»nt oFthe 
Countf, lb« MsnjucH uf Cbalwanilfkr. 
th« DcoQ of Cliiat«r, ami ■ hagt bodf of 
oiber l^tnili of the def^rued. U> n\K o 
faad furiliDrmloviiicnt of tohol^nbipf , to 
bf4r the Ghuirvllor'* uvio*. to bt foaodod 
It (I]|> IVftinmi Collr^, < 'bmltri fbr oitbt- 
tJig tiuclaaii Xb ihrir olui:a(Jmi ■« tchool- 
lUMtcfi. A mart *ppro|iriftte or flisolfl- 
cant moiiUTOrnc could not bkT« bron tu|[' 
ffptrMfn w^ipii il i< fpmffoibf'wd hciw mui^i 
ho intirpilrd himiielf in iho doreloppiCTit 
of ibo luvuia of UALiiiU&l tduution, «nd 

what data in J unceoiia^ mtohrnlsoM and 
vsrfl htrxcrclwdotOrtboTVmininK LoUof* 
from Ilia dtta of it* fouiiil>tia|i in IftJjI. 
A Aaeoutrovlnffof lUechuirctlor'* por- 
tnil vti pijbiiihed in Mnoi^bfilvr tbm or 
Tour fean ttnoe, from • poiiitlnr bv Da 

tifl Ti«i icft iuuD thm voua, Itvarj, 
Itrjbcu/ of (ht I>LO«ie of CbciEer. mor- 
liM to A diuehtrr of ArpbdMwn Wruij^- 
bftin L if. m^4nl Mh Rukn. ••q.j .1, 
CopUJJ) Oforgf WliEltinf1«n lUikr«.of lh« 
Hlfl Keglmmt; ood a dingbLer, CheIii. 
ntarrlcd Aig. ff. IP^I. to tbp Rn. David 
Ddt Slc«Arl. inoioiltrnt of Moidilaofi, 
Me of Tbf Ret, Jtnio IJAldann SCciawt, 
Bortor of LiniTitArld. Surmr. 
Tlifl fbBiiri^iior'i tb»laeic«1 libnrr b 

•nnonvot^l fi»f fiil* br Aiinlinn bj Mr. 
Ho^fOdOi t4 FlMt i^tr«iC, Lomlon^ 

Rt*. JvblldlAtl SVITH, D.D' 

Z^o.21. At1tmocd,bihiiif4tb;«or, 

'1. Jvtiiiitk Smith, D,D. for&Mrljr 

, Hutvr of tbc fr«f GrfLmrrtarSohool, 

or of St. Aont*«, la Atinoheslrr, 

Re Mu bi^fii o» the aw4 of Juljr H?! 

hi iu StAffordihiro. «bi*rD Iub nro- 

bul tmn for rnnajr rfatroelooB 

■nrirrriF* cndi^r th<ikm-»ont f»fpily 

tj> Hf wc« tduc4itd bj the Rot. 

tt at Umraod ftrunodir SohooU 

t that time einoTrd niuh locd 

', Odd tt It hi A MTorvl of the 

tfOf ft l^miliu wfll-kaown in 

I dtrivtd th«ir «du«ttfaii- ll« 

4t lltflAni Collc«o (b9w 

menHd En MAt^alon lltll^ 
If DO. wbenot he teiaotod oo fiTn 
of thfl olhiUtJuaB hi Coqim Chd 
UijD, tlwD under the Prf^dcncjr 
Rov. Dr- CoqIco. He duly proceed 
17M, M,A. lT<r, iiD. inri^. D.I 
WhilvF vr OifnrA hr wu* on tvnni 
mato aoquBioEAnfO viLh Dr. nilllpl 
BUbop Of Bieicr, «lili Dr. Capkil 
DUbop of LUndaff. and vltb D*. h 
late Biibopof Do«n and Con&ori 
friondahipr eifrtobll] with tL« tvo 
irMeontbiDMlnaftw-lif^ KuAra 
«M Edfbulon, bcoff OlTBlDf b«D, 
Ant lohol vtLo appolatnunt via Ik 
■ivUnt to the aecood moucr o# K 
vnrd't School. NHiticr erf tliMO V 
rotdaed. Hltrinlcurb-Thf^ oxohai 
tliAi of Si- hfifr'' ch4prl. Mom 
vhUh Dr.llook.lheVkarof Lovdi,' 
•H|iUDtJr inQosbentl ■ ond on the o 
of Iht acrood n)aiiin-,th« Bov. Jo^v 
lA the head iDui«r*1itp «f KJny B 
School, Mr. Smith boouno bio >« 
Thi« offln he AUnl nntil liu iwuln 
ManvhoaCor In IHOT.vhiM, apoA tl 
of Mr. CbvlM Lovoon, M.A. w 
bovufor motttbau fortjr jeanHi|b 
of the Oremnar School, th« tb« 
deat of Corpoi ChrM Coll«vc^ < 
proantad hi« »lW<i Mr. t»llb to « 
«hi> toon aftrr t^tok his Doctor'e 
Portbirly jrva heUltod Iho HI^K 
obtir, duriDjt «fbicli hr hdJ onoo 
tbe rrvnoM of St. Mark'a, Chetho 
5L<iDi>rirV.CamnfVfa,«nd Holy' 
Solfard ; and aubwaiicatlT tko f BOIL 
of St. Ftter'a and iho rrotety 

Aant'A. Tn th« UfC Ik «>h coD 

1^23 hj Dr. U«. Buhop ofChwl 
by Ur bloniflfld,wh(a Bidiovoft 
h? Bta uaiuiDiil«l a Kinf '« PrM« 
tbe dlooctt. In )a^7 h< rooigt 
ItifU nwalanhlp vf ibe Kbool and i 
tory of Si. Aono^a. and, ciocpt ihi 
MO of Gnot Wllbraham, Ja Cw 
ahira (of vMeh Uia ntatiToa voro p4 
whiah behahl iuittlU4;,lhti|1otl 
of btA doaih in niirooienL 

Dr firnith^* cbanrtor a« o oloi 
»fa>od Tory hl|h b Uandintw. B 
oharfB of hU dvtloa vaa cooedeotk 
ufloipJorr, *nd bo pdood the aAM 
Ibo oonjcroplioni vhert be idsl 
Uo over inmlcatrd apOB lili piitL 
prooobrd to hia oonjtrecetim tb 
lioctita ifncti of thcl^niluh Cbm 
btvifcf rtuiicd w* VKilioEicity m 
oiaidaE orowik of nirroaoiUBf aacQ 
vat a ihorouf b rbiirfihiaaa. lal 
lalor fran often ncpiiBed tua rep 
in hii tarlioit dip w Hide iCI 
»lia«U biTP boco paid to the tvli 
diviplinf of the Chtir<4 fai tb* nl 
tntiuo of Ldr pubUo nffin^ Iftt 


OniTrAKY. — Thi Rw.Johtt Oxttt, 



ttiOifarl Baftuem of IS35, tkbodgh 
ki rait Jadpncsi, cxKnfivv Wftnuiw, tnil 
«VB ■TNfhaniiT tD lb* Angfipm Cntirrli 
ttii tAn tbpmxto wjlhlaf vbkeb ircni 

M brtli w ber enCborU^d fonnufvir*. 
liif o' Dr- SdiUb"! pupiU hirv bllowJ 
Ji^Mcps, b*ii|ij tlcrivcif th<irevl]r cOii' 

rkum A tbcotcfieii »ubj(cU from bb 

^iUfl tTbjnj umI countelf. CoDici- 

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vot liic nsull of p«tlinil Mudj— 

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A". &i£ib «v«r tQlc:tatD«d moit cbari- 

Uk rcdiiisa to^wda lb««tf wUo dif- 

W frc» bin, u4 m« Uirafa rttdf to 

|iw oUun credit tor <flnvcicnCioa*EUU 

■4 Ml. Muf of hk pvplU dtfiin- 

nkM tbomichn br Iba booonn and 

prlns vkkh fbc7 oblMucd *t Oxfurd Mid 

C^Mbridtc*- lo ^* cbn»b, la Lbv law, 

'■i fl« medical |rof««*ioo, end in the bo- 

c^wi, tbn parol! of ^h-, SmUlt will b« 
'ctvod ownpjiag fAionorillttinAicKi. At 
~ Wtr^Mikor fbd DocAor prctvnfed %xk <an- 

eottUo^Uoo of loQDd iPchoUrihtp, 
- -J taMt and iiincDitx nf aiiiTui«r' 
^^raa>pt ■»! dMniie tn %\\ ^fMm shrrc 
~VmaB|>EAC«i uil dccblou nrre rHjaiHStc^ 

%b* DHU ClAid boy Idt ihat be *M iur« 
mo IttTV A Cn»l in " 'M Poclor" if b« 
toA puna ta db>ttv« j?. 

On Utitaf Mincb'tt'^r, in IS^T, Dt 
SoMtb rcMTed triuiiKDU* of plite n-om 
bii bniuT uLolin. u well &» from hU 
panUkMiMn of St. AiHt*^ 

Tbe clowttiC fi^fm of Lia li<v mere tpcal 
fVlh et Ltacniaclrin uid fn^rtl^ A BfT' 
p«i4 DMuf Ike lkt( four jon tbc 
oHs al«ir od Ttgorout latelkal, vbich «o 
diiliacBivlipd him. *■« iti •ome drfnw 
OTVtMftdolt tad ilio VoiLlIj faflrmirlM of 
sU Afv AVfit iibna bim- Ooa at tbfl UTf*t 
ohJKCi In vbU^ be took much ioirrut vb* 
ibt bttfldiflg of an odAiloatl cfaurtib far 
u oallfinc dlitrict of h;i nsttirf pn3»b, 
i**>fii« vticb Ym c«TO fi<K)/. TbUchurcb 
«•■ coiiKfnUd in ItlSl, but he tr*aloo 
fable U bs prt*c«t it the lenice, 
_0 r. H«itb maiTfed FptinA. ilnviAhter of 
WIIUaM Aodrrtrttt. w\ ai Mnnxli^ WaIh 
QraiBi B«r BtrailoftUm [who lurvitC4 
Urn), rad fcM left tt<o>fii«oi1ivrod«u^h- 
lifL nio aottter*— l.ThcK«T. Jorenlob 
finefc Smitb, H.A* lU^rUr of Aldrid^, 
«ai« WoImU* EUnM to Ibe JAn£htDr of 
Cbment In^jr, m of Kmc'> Utaib 
Uooic. MoMlor, oMr tSiruiiOj^rurn; 'L cbe 
lUv. WiUiut AodcTlM Smith > M-A. of 
ll«th, iftftrri«id 10 Iba joiwgnl djnubtcr of 
tk kt« Vtc«- AdM. filr TbonM b- rbomp- 

flou, C>t\B. Biul- bf UarlvlioUTDO Mnnnr, 
llcrU i 5- Jiruc* Ihckt Smithy of Uncola^i 
Inn, Bamrlct-al-Jaw j (^ Urn Ker. Uuc 
RrpjnrjSmirhp MA, luff KaUdw Af flra- 
Miio» Ci>llri:r. flxford. and formcrli Heit- 
Aird ScJjoUf Aud Iccldnd ■Scbr^liu'n uow 
Kcctor of Tcditonc Dc^liiiiprf. Ilfn-rord' 
ihiiwi &- JoliiL (jmticp fmkbp M.A. Sro' 
dent ot LioGoJa*!! Inn. Dr- tJvUli'o 
Toungtr laocbt«r marriGi tbij Rev. Geor^go 
B ^dfordn M.A' lacombenE of Church 

Mtnibnt^ in ('1kF4hliv, wlio dj#(l in Dnf, 

iKfii, leivtof bii widow wiEh fivo fomif 

Ilinrft 3i A f&nr «nirr»vtiiff of Dr. Smitti. 
Li; \roo1notb, from a miaiiturc \>y Elif- 

Crnrcf, in thfl iir<4knd ivlumfl of Dr, Hils- 
crt Waie't HitEorrof tho FoVDdolionA or 
Huuheftor. 4lo, IS3D. 

Tiu Rir. John Oitit. 

Tha dcflth uf Uil» IrJtrivil n»ii, an iho 
.intb Jan. 11^54. wa« r«ojrdfd id out V^iL 
lU. p. 43T : but wttboac lbu*c puf^ca- 
Urt i>f luj ht«iftry labours Abi'Ji nEti tie 
LiiCrrBitinx to our mdcri- The Rj?v. JoLa 
(luleit wa« hom AC lliiliorou|£hp m Ck'vc- 
taaJ, Stfj,*. 2itl., i;j*>- Ii. 1*02, o^itig 

Lo bli biioiilcd|[4 of cbc Grrck and Lotiii 
Un|EUfi«9, ho «M MlFoted ■> vcood 
D)Mt!rof Tbobridct: Grimtnnr St^dolpby 
the Fmliirnt Dr. Vlf'UtiniiH Kiioi, itt fint 
iiiBBiFi. Tbci« ■»■ U(bii:v» Cb^lJeij, and 
Sjrhc ituillci were cocnmcacrd. I^rom 
IfilG to 1826 b« bvM the n]«tonr of 

Scawtin, in th# North Ridinji of Yorlt- 
ikhirf, fvf tlir Krv. Tl^umaii Wiirtl«rt tho 

Iimtnc niMicrof Downiog. In isic tho 
itc Art-'libkjltop r»f York preieiilcd lum Lo 
tlio rrctorj? of Molrtwprtb, Hmu*. Mr. 
Oi![k% iliuufjli ai'Lf'ifl ufth[ . bi'i^HEiii^ Du*t>r 
of ftiorc (hurl 1?0 UiiKUKfin or ditlpcO, 
tlio lut beluE the Yurofai. EIcva) author 
of Ui« follofitiki; work* i — 

Tbe Chri«ti4n Doctrinoi of tbo Tritdtjr 
aod InciirnAUon, 3 Toll. KrO- 

TlirPtf nATinDO* on (he f'briitivi Hb>* 
rircliT, dedudng ao unrntcnuptcd tripis 
Ibt q\ Bmbnp*, \c* 

Thr^o letter* to the Arahbisbop of 
C4Jtlirl on tbe Aijocrypbtl HooV« of 

TliTM kttrn to Mr. C. VcUbrlottH oa 
VniuriJin Krror. 

Thnw knur« tf» tbp A#t. ?. NoUn, adJ 
tiro l«li«n lo the Hi^liop of StlifbuTy, en 
iho Spurloua Text of Uic Itcaveolj Wlt- 

A tfply lo tho Ror. R. Towon, tbfl 

(toman CAlhal'tO hfOil of Auptefi^ith Col* 
!(<«, ncwi York. 
Tlirci- tcttrn Ct> tbr Archbi^op of Cuk- 

ttrburj'. an (be lmpropri«lf of r«i|vfariM 

Jewi to fL>r>akc the I^v of Moiflf, &c. 
Tbrco more Icltcn on the Janiitlljrof 


OBlTVAfi^^— Abraham Jithn Vttlpft ^in^^ X.A. [Fpb* 

ftAy •Itttiiipl (o CfjafCiX the Jon t4 the 

nvlUoAi wIj^ • CoufuUiloD of Ili« l>lt- 

H« ifU alia « oonlrlbotDr to Vtlpji 
Clftuifjtl JouriiHl : Ihtt OxrUlIiui lUfnem- 
brtiu^r for l8tZ; lh« Voi^ «f Iiradi 
t1i« Tcdoi o( Jarobi JnrltU CUruniclR; 
bit nom paiticplortj of tenn bfltpn Md- 
drcHol 10 & Tki., the Jfiv, oceupjinf UQ 
paw to Hjc JcvUli HcMitoMj. 

In hJii vork od the Ctrifdsn DoclHnni 
Ac Ibe BM< of Icarnlnc h ■Moolshloi : 
Ibroitf h m^am t)mn I ,OtM) pngvw wb *r< 
prruiiCd Wtib curr«<>t cirrdcU fr^onfsrW 
and kle JvwUt vHUft, BccompflDloi! wtui 
tn cxwc EoiLUb mutl&tfoa. Tlxo L«t- 
Ura to Aivhlilklinp I^vrvnco tro nilfil 

Oifoni, U uki to biu <iprcuL\l hii 
VMutar bov tfanQ w^lkj i|«dled li*'l b*cii 
obtMQviJ > itot cobtd it be inlbout diffcuUj, 
caniidcTlnji that the mitlior** bcncOoe hu 
futrUk but 2SIU, k rMr. NurLy op Lo Ike 
daj of Lh dft-th Alf. Oilift wki m^fd 
la U««rai7 punnlU, IN liu i^fi bchvud 
him u*nr w«rki t*^^ uopublbbtid. 

JVon. 1^ InSt. Joba'A Wood-roadp ia 
bbt Qtth jrWi Abrfthvm John V^lpjr, r»|. 
M,A>$L.L nCammiKioDer of Lim- 
ttfiitdrT br tonilou. 

Tbb ^tiiUcuuiP wu the «t«04id m^tx «f 
(he Uct. lUdiMril Votpi. D.D. MftiWr of 
lUadinff GniuDiw Subool, b]r bb flnl 

lEiToj, Hnrlba, daii^Lltf of Jnhn ComdJiiu, 
of CkUndf, lit titu tkljiLiLd (if Gatrniirj. 
IUtiub b<«n (iLonDstalt loibiic^ «i1Uj cIu- 
i^cil Uft'nliif iinJef Ut fvThcr. be pra. 
CMlcd to PuDbfoh« dottrge, OiforJ, and 
^rwluUil B.,\. IriOa, M,A. I«1K 

Mr. Vftl|)f I fini «or|r> whtUi yri * 
jvutbi «M t «in4U colkctjon of *^K\- 
onnu fr«u Cimn'i RfttttH," Id L2uo. 
J«V|, wKli B Utin addrna tobu tdioulfcl^ 
lovi, whkrii UvopUd by Ur. Pibdin, in 
bit " L>ec«>ntr«a-" 

fnm tm cttrij^hltfrtbA'bfid QiMh«i 

ool Ufl ^nn fOQne of life, and accord- 
Ufl} he rai I'uioauallr) bauad ippr'iatife 
to « flreciniik o# Lotidou (>1r. Kumj^hMy 
I CSrrc**! ^''^dieuji amI Vcncbc a litsj- 
''kfla uf tW CMUitay of Sdujunrr* in 
ItHn. ll fr«f Ibr joini yntk of liU Udraed 
fiillitf «jftj bfsutir Ibdi ba vhouU |vroTc ■ 
' " r lUoaoMr of lb« 4Idiu'i ukd Stt- 
«r fimcr t1me«i ud hnl thv 
At 0# VriHuD ntJVnr, fti« mmt 
rtlat KnfflinJ bu produotd. 
, voonntacvi buiiua^ In Loa- 
T»ftk**-cirart, Oiuccrrkaei 
-. im maOTcd to B«d Lion-pM- 
mOmI, > «po« wb4n Hr. tfow- 



]rer coded his nrMrsift priiMr hi ITJ7| 
■ltd UA Ml ntntk lo bl« wmetemor ■ml 

biagr&p^r, Mr Jshn Kifkotl- 

Mr. Vilpj «M Qot oniT ■ IcWiJ 
prtntcr, but u Mtlr* mbu ^ biilnMi, Oi 
iL kMn ud lOQcanhil neealatw In bodfal 
Hab«dtb«c<x^inMlo tnlllilsidror 
tbc ItlesU vf nibixi* ubtp tucii, ln*tA«d of 
fftiiilaf bU bcoJlli OTvr the mi^telgbi b<kip 
in fomdvgtbsUboonof othM^ Aaoof 
DafDtroQ* fciilitinte n^t h* noti— d tb* 
Utc EdwtM TleaTT lUrbcr of Thotlbrd^ 
Gonr]r« flur|C>, (Itori^ l^jn* U>c lUf. 
T. fi. I1u|hn. Af, 

lilt hrit(iY4'^ipr«nkl1oin«M«»pir cd|* 
thiD of tliv " (Irovk l^rstaroi of llftprj 
Stepheuft tbo joaatrcr/' of irUdh Hr. 
R, It. Barker, of Thctrofd, bootm* tbi 

ftTUivtd tdllor- PartubQldV, hf vSfcod- 

ing uauOi-in letter*, clrcoW uotH, pra* 
BpodDMi. 0IC,, Mr, ^ftlpt bid >ocWtd 
^i »uht(TiiItrrt Ufof« rto biiUio«4oB 
of bU flm fiunibvr !n 10I§ i ft mi 
drdlcaud (o Lord arcDTlHv, M CbU' 
cellor of 1h<i Unli(f«ltv of Oifbfil. 
The vrL-rk au oaiDpbt«d fa tUrij-ilae 
ptTt*, in«ladLQj[ t Ttry coplovi ind(« 
bjr Mr. btffcvr, vbiob look llim < 
bi eaiapl]Uf ud pHntb^, I(tjlf«il, 
work mlfbl he e4t ip|>r0|rcrl]r 
Dorknr'* " Tbonani*/' a< b« vu Iti 

<iUrur. Tho fun* ibol fa«d ben 

|iolM vu iWlrojol by 01U of tb0 dww f 
Mt tnd Knn^i irCidtt tbit otvr appMnd 
In iL |>«rbdh»^Uie crStl^tov br Blitlu^ 
Bknnfithl, ia Ike Qiurt«rlr lUrW. 

In tllU Mr Vj^pf rampvocod « iwv 
ftod eoiTWflladAlfltonof dif ClMaidfv bidu 
a combliuitlQn of Utt l>T]phip, Blpont, M 
Vononiiu tdltioai, Thl» «Mk iru tko 
pablUbrd liy lubHrlpiion. Aid vu bl|1ilj 
•UiCCrMful. ItOOIHUtffd of 113 TVlOlttV*, 
which tntpubhiihDd moutklT.tli«l^lBp< 
ppflHni in Sen- IHKt. VIA the eiccpUoo 
of the prtfftcc, the 1«u Inruod GoCff* 
Djrr ooottibutcd nculj all tfcal <ua ori- 
final In tbl> mt vrorl, U wblcii bewM 
pAfand trora IfUt to 1830. Attheeod 
of fW pnfaiv !■ o Ijiln tnhntf to Mr. 
Ufci, fof bbf rest loilufCrjandaUoataAi' 
mpa,* AfbrftU.hcwcTer.ttaebookimioet 
oomplet^. for. Co UK the wanda tt a leafovd 
conUmpr>nrj ind fric&d, "Tbo imb^py 
•uhtctibcr fiudi bebjitj^dalj t«iij-thlrda 
of Cioiro,— the terjr ■alkor on vbo^e 
fani« rnca tho ItUrar^ cbiracter of tbt 
Aucutflop lea." 

fa ]«ID Mr. Valpy lUitod t^ ClaadcnJ 
Jonraal. «bkb wu pbDibcd tpattt^. 
It ru « uiTieatiiAil roun^bpl vat bmufat 
to k cDocloflon In 00 Du»hen, or 4Qto* 

* Mr, DfcrqUcd to leu i tMtiucnoli 
qI hia ftind JobiL Rlckoaft, e»q, 
ia ODU U>^«£bo far Mar 4aii yoir. 

r^ OniTDAHT. — AhrttMtun J^rhn Vulpy^ Btif. M-A^ 

IM*- ItiaplHM- *^ th< time, ft raid- 
lib idlttt fcr criEinI nbwTVtfiaiK on lk« 

^rfn ; ferinti of vorti nUlinx to 
aid, UiOn, »Bd (H<nut iitmiura i 

ICT,Vtlf7 cMVDMacvd En Usn^ 1913, 
'TV PinflUcte<r- ■ cglUclioa of tlifl 

MtfiM/kiS^pvts.toDoc, ISS^ Tbe 

ttw^ArSckuford lUAa, llUli»c> Mil- 

Jm^ amih«a. Ch4il«« Bttlior, Ui« Ut« 

ib««t ISIJ^ ho pitaed uad pubtlahcd 

m~ " EwmvinK" eAlud bf C llml. 

WOk IbV *Uii7uU. *' dciueiiU i>r Hebrew 
Onmnmr." bj J. F- Otl«. Aad -* A 
finacfa DictioMrj," b; Wm. SmStb, MX 
k 1317 n« poULhtd • iHaDa ««Utioa, 
•li MttftM r«4ifinfr/* cf Vir^l, vUh 
£KflA notes for the benent of joMng 
iTiJnfrtt_ bimwAlfrntn Ote t>tf1i>1iiri. PrO' 
hnor Mftrtpi. tlvjodod J. II > Vou. 

U IttA Oia Omk 8r|Ka^Lii«> la una 
rtLBTDu 7W tutfrontbeOifModMoD 
or Bob. frHbODt OMOnetioot. 

la iff 17 111? AuBDtDOed c4UliMk* ol ** 8at- 
1^ " a,^ ^ TcrcQ:r," crlltcd b? bimidr. 
la in\9 ''UoEHT'i iQad/' fri^m Lb« 
tnl of Hpj^t ; viih Enf tiih not* a bf 
hiavV; iBd ittbte^eotij b« produMd 
■vTtrU bnftj cdbnl bj bli brotber ibc 
Rn. F. E. J, 7«1pj. U.JL. U» wtofUMor 
10 bi« btfan >i B<aaE*f Sehoa, a$ mUm 
f«nmt wchDolboQk* bj olfaor fl>iiton. 

Fro& Janoarr lirSi l« Dt^. l«S5 Mr. 
T^f VAi U oacc tlio p*tron, tLe prltiC^r, 

prtMtkiD of Kiae c«lcbritT, ia Ibc form 
of tba UtcfVT UaxTttf. 'iii« fir»C aditor 
mi Mr. PM«r lU^lpr- On l1i« Autb of 
Mr. DiiWf. Uu edilonklp ira« offered lo 
Dr, DLbdia (abo au a cooalUerabb ow 
tribolor), but d«clL*44. a»d iru Ibca icfren 
to Ur. 0«om Soaae- The |iro|>frt| vu 
otUaaUlj lij«>4**d of In tntaa bAnlwIlcr, 
«ba MHM ■» ■dttor • Mr. Graluiu, 

irbo Mrtn al ten wr di «<itt to Amenoa, 

aWra ba «*■ «hol k • d*i«t . 

1a 1S31 Mr, VlIj7 CDEnmuDM^ «Q 
" BfttOMQ of Eo^liib Li^cnliirc i ori « 
ConcwrratuMi ^ the L-utler of tfaiidird 
CiKG*h Aatliura." A* portion* of the 
n&DMpbkal Scri«, TN^-> ' - Mi^ rbi- 
loMftr/' in^ Locbf " Oa Ihc lluB^a 
0lJcfiUikd|jif," apKircd; but «c arc 
aotaw^boir Ibr tLU anilcvtakuf pro. 

In 1SI3 be prodvocd « v&EJan of 
fi h t bi i n f a, in AltMO ^, volumf*, •isbal- 
Btbad irllb eoplM of tba nhoif prima of 
Dofdell. tAduAtroidt rrdnoed, 1ji ogtUn^, 
bT Strrllm and tbo jtmt folbalaj: lo 
comoun^ed " Tbe N«lfooal GaUer/ of 
Pfeintini and Rculptsrct" whidi *at uH' 
cutod «t«r tht tamv foafaioii, b a itsrle 
^Ucib tvoaldnotbc bokcdat bjthc*u1i- 

Bfflboni to " The Art Joariial * gf our 
oijra dan. 

to 11156 ho prodHLced an annoCatod edi- 
tion (if T^n fiodk of Conmnn Trajer, tlie 
ii0U« to nhlcb wtn irHtua by hU brother 

StiH wckin;^ to proiidc work tor hit 
prcMn from ht« own rraoDrcvn, be ocit 
prdgeat«d • ^trioM ol TrantlatJuii froa iho 
Clfldka, ttnJIJR| blfDMlf of all lb« atODd* 
ard iraDiinttoiis of rcPUbUlOtU Th«t« 
fanncil "llif Fimklj CluilaJ lAhnrf»" 
in filVf'Cvu volunifa. 

Khrudu ibcw, tud loaiijr cthnr bwfba of 
rooro or Lei« \mpottiitc9, bff jiubnabut a 
new edltlaa of l£e Worki of Pope, ediud 
bv the lU*. G. Crolf , LL.O. tn 4 voIk 
l»C; acd A I3n0'«£lloa of Buoic auit 
Sina|k«tt'i HIalory of EnfUn^l, wUb a coa* 
tinutCliiA by !br Rrr.T. S. Hiijhi--,, 

Mr. Hi^Hliea au afu tiii cdllOT for a 
Serin of " SvrioonB by Dhiaa i?( iho 
Chari:h of EaflMid/' in wliJch nj-fl cam- 
prtiaJ Ibo vorhi of Sboilock In fi*« 
t'>tuuc«, IWtow io Kveu, JcTuiy Tkjlar 
\a fist, fitahop Hall in three, and aorot 

Wt btrp now ananientfii a nm lar|0 
DUiaVr vf vorki, projactcd nod »ditad by 
Mr^ ^ilpyt ^ pnbtbhod uitder Ua npor> 
iat^^.iiJflncc- It 1i fa be prmamed ihu bia 
aetlrity iii boiilafva traa n-aardcd by aa 

ie3».he aold iha matfriala cf hli prnitiu 
nlltcf:, uiule arrar^nwnti fi>i putmg aUli 
Ilia largo Btack of boala mJ oobyrtshit, 
aad fcurcd into prinlt- life, trbite tot bi 
tlie foU rlfour tif b)« ta«&tal ud bodily 


lle vai actively eoflccil la hb Utbf 
you* In the sffkiia of soae public Dompa- 
nLei, bebig a dlreelor of the UniTcnllx 
life Atiaraooe, and irt bvliovt of aoao 

Mr. Vokij aiu» oiarried Tab. 23^ 
1413, to lUrrlet, tbe thinl dangbtar 
of tba R«v S, T. Wyl<)», of But' 
rm^o, SooierKt ; on tbe uoie d» tM 
birr tniubd titUr Clara, vras mariw to 
Juaoi Bovrdcn. uq- gf Bury-ball, Edooa- 
tan« By tldii Imly \n\ia w«a Ono of 99 
cblMrcuJ, Mf. Valpf bad uu CaoiUy, and 
alie li noH bii aidew. Mr^ ^'^^I'y 'raa* 
libcrol petroo tu roany of liia relaiiTea, 
aad baa £«d AtMUy n^rotttd by tbeai 
iod muMrOM uleoda. 


Obitdahy.— 3fi-. Thomtu C. Banki. 


Mb. r»diiAi C. Sahbb. 

8tft. 30. Al Grwnif ich, in hS< Wth JCV, 

Mr, Thomu Chnjtophef vhow 

fume haik bocQ Annclitd. in tht pabLic an- 

DOuiifumfnt r}i bu tlrceaii-, (he dfiicfittimi 

of ihc HdIj Of der of Sl JoIih Cif JtruM- 
Icm. Law GEii»tog'it ud Antii^utitD-" 

W4 br« oalinramiKioftlia«ul;bittai7 

or pronUi* of tlii genlLeanD, Hf 
dumed dBiGont tiom rhe funlljof Buka of 
Vliltler. CO, Yotk : ^aA truteriulljr from 
tiw 74ortoiu «f B>rb«doi>Ban>TiptBof Norn 

Scotia. W« ■!■□ tnvi lbi(, civUmiitatiriK 

A fiitun bbpyuioi oflhv barcnr af Z^ucfair 
or lUryogiri^rth. lie vUicd tbit In uch 
fiur, he, or kii niatortiaJ beliiti iul|;kl 
pmTfl a CD-cUtm tborpto. (App^ndU lo 
Tol. II. of Uormint ftnil l£iU^«t:t E^rafPt 
p. «). 

We MiVB bt WM bred to the lo^nl 
profteiod i vn^l, b4TJnj( ncijulrrU n corUm 
otvtm of cvlibrltf by Ibo pnbUcalioti uf 
■ome work* corinMUd ntJi (cnrftbiEioi] 
idbJHU* bo uruiitc*! for iomo j^ara 
frroml»l3 toieSOtelcAfl) AC b, Lron'a 
Inn, tod tubtequontlr tt 411 olDot h« took, 
and fallflJ tba flarnutnC Poim^ Offlo*. In 
John StTMl. PbQ MdL lie nndcrtock 
Ibo tfondocE oT Brt«rKl dalmi for dormicit 
pBfragvi, whicb w«re not of the luoiC mH- 
■iftotLttl Urid, ftQfl iioiiD nf wbicJt «c bn- 
Uorewcra iunxMrul Amiing lbc*e w«o 
tbfl filaim* to Ibo VUcouatcj of Moplun, 
the K«roof of L«i|b of StoiuJwfb, vd tho 
Kvrldom nf Ktmin;. Having ti^Mfni^ 
CouDCGtrJ iniU Mr. Hutnpbryi, abu »- 
iuujcd the uamc of A-leiuiJtr, iiul uUiiiicil 
the Cutdom of StirliDi:, he vraj loAUdi 
tho dope of hU o«rn dnior*, ■» lo exoD- 
fX»>tf lo I1U propff pcr*7ii (Ih9 imafinmir 
hsbt of hi* «ijenE la confer thft AigidtT of 
Nll»nm«( of NoT4 Sioiu, apoa vbToh Mr< 

lUnli jKinmol thf tuln nf " NirTboinai" 

la 183), tnd bhi friCJtiU coi)1mut4 to ■£' 

tribute It 10 klm imtJl hii dctlb^ 

W« auttt hoivoTcr, do Mr. Raaki l^a 

H to«^iplt lh«t maajT o( Mi litor&ry 

-"B eoiiii4arabl* muit. 

■t V* An J i>«« tD ocUta ToEomt, 

•^ (be Eurl of Uadmoitb, thcQ 

rUin, ntkled "lite Mbiq«] 

'Irvrblof not ool^ tb« 

Ttai olDcon of lUtf , «od 

In tbo ufflt f«*r Im eoomcBM^ 
■' Dormant Ml! Extiact fiiioufa of 1 
Jutd, from tboConqanttoltejVAr IB 
TbiA wafk wu prialod m ^mrtvi aii4 1 
fine lolumo tppiirod la IIOT.tbc 1 
in }&a^^ ntiA ft Ibifd Ui 1900^ Hi* 1 
ri>n(Hiiu, 1. weoQaU of the Bvon* bj 
ToDurr» frbo SDijriihcdb«fiiro lb* dnih of 
Umy 111. i II. <hri RtrotiA «f tb« C«iio- 
lioi Palatine of C'hc«ccr ani of Dorbas ; 
3. Dirona of rarliMment to irfaiAa voD- 
«*4on WrLta of buuibou w«r« aot AM- 
tlatud: ind 4. the tuhi<t«nco of Oii|plak'a 

Lint* of -^iiujinuiii to I'^rriameait- Tbo 

icound voljmv con (aim Ihc Oan>iM bf 
Writ, with a Uit of tho Conqueror'! 
folbwm. from fiattli Ahb«7 Roll « ind 
th« third F»n«M crat«l bj Pal40i, 

In laiZ Mr.ll4ak«oomneDec4aiiO[ter 
'■flpnnalc^ifii^al and Illof riphl»l lliilory 
of the UormaDt and EitincC ]'(*rrm(f of 
BD^Uii'l, fcom Uic N^rioLri Cvinjucit." 
Thia «u lo b«To forvod lat tolmoMOe- 
tato ; but unlf one was pvhlUhod, atevt 
ihrcu'O^lilbA of «hlcb la oofaolad bf «■ 

account of the roiil fimLllM of Cd^aad 
doira lo lb« tiFttb of Qucn* Ava** (iM 
whij^h »«■ n^'«^ In hit StaniBaiA 
AnElioiiia In 1^2^,) aitd the fCttalader hf 
the irfciSi^ca aJj>bobeticall| iVom Ab^rj^a- 
voDTiT (Q BiDburr,--ibelaBt,aoompU«ttott 
from Uw c»r« reUEivo to tba tntLiptUr cbia 
to th< Btabory pfCEP^, b^inf tha noat 
renar habt* part of the wbctc. 

la tSlS Hr. Baalti alao nibhikcd « 
pamphlet entftW " An AnaljaH of tba 
GoDfldorfical HiaUrj of th« F^nxUj of 
Uowar J, with lucvnocL-tioiia i ihovlaftlM 
lecil eoumt of deieeal of tboaa nomeroaa 
tlUfa which ur {«Mra1lj, Nat praattvad 
orrenfoaaljTraitnbiitDd tn be T<«4ed in tkc 
Dakedom vf Norfolk.'' ArO. Tbia ptaa- 
phlet nat baring bid the etfef t of a|armlo|r 

Ibe Doblo ehlof of the llouae of llnvafd, 
wai repnbliah«J in ISL^ «itb tlif title of 
" ITcre f/oni/. Tbr mT4t«ftouj Hirlr ; of, 
Who it Mr, Waltrr Hn<vud ^ an kuureal- 
Jng queallon addreiacid U Iba DuIgc cf 
Nurfotk I frbcnto li addoJ ao AnaNva of 
Uo nacvfe and dtaecot of tba NorMh 
bdr^" A Ibird oditioo waa pvt forth in 

l8l6.«ttbaoo]>rofM>. WalUr Jlo-aM'i 
petltlou I'i Uie hln^f. Tl'f prtCen«loiU of 
thu pcnoD, U )a and^rr* to Hf , vera wn* 
fofmdH ; ^t dcioeni he bimadf act forth 

\. Criakal.Imii^nUiTtpand Samuel Warrea,D-C.L- 
-injfMlft Coontd/' 2 *ol>, 810. I8&A. rol. ii. p. 19:.'. wkra it U 

r t-l£*f| cnalAd to Iftltl Mrvral Dir^nola, amnnnt HkoiB wmt %at 

vlbOiu he alao ataifBcd IC.OOO acra of Land ia Nora Scctia, but 

anh, aitc/ b;» qaanat wtA the Vrkaooer, l.r. Uu parad'^-Kul, tn 

artd admirabld condnaation of thia raaa, aad ran nlraordloary 

J Is Uut vork under iht Cbii>icr " Aemeafe ^ F^trj," and 

ll loilc«4 niQit (nphlallr cxhiblteiL 



OBrruAET.^^r. Thom^u C. Bankt, 


Uf M >n!lli— ir one Troet a. very dilTtr- 
«tii& Al1^«H» |>cr4oJ Mr. OuU 

M b a« eopr tn th« Brtttib Utucom), 

'Hi DcUcfiOB of Inbnf ' <VMUf re- 
«a«iaM ta tlK Juitloa ind ddltvvcloo 
if Ik Inpttul ParUamcni of OmC Brt* 
nkBfM U«rgctiuMtc N«tiUBUDj8)G,"' 
h«fputt. TLIa >u vri«ftca n|(*Urt l!ic 
4kc/Jkdf4 liraoaiDODd, wbobidob- 
tivl tte «iil«i of ih« DramiDODd familf 
h mU.Kfid WB* ctHUd Lanl P*r4h in 
rff t ad in bToar of thwc of the laofor 
tew^ reprttCDied bj ihc Dokc Of Mel- 
fal Mi. Hvokidrew •eutudpoiitku. 
^■■ttlHiaik* IJooM of Lordi.onbthiJr 
rfTlwiw Dnmouikl vf Biddki, the 
Ml rtWT|xt«U M ■' Aa UafofEunBU 

bllJI Mr. B«iki nbU-lwd*- An Htt- 
laW va CnHo*l Eoqwr; ioto tbo 
wmn of Utf KliM^ Ofluc, <be Cdrcirm- 

SmdOflMoricinfVChtoipiim.'' Hvn. ; 
fa 1916 a -' llatory of (bv nacicpt 

fc4Kloc^ d^npion - abd lh<< Hrtice* 
tftoiito, Oxfdrd. due, AD tliv Caronilioii 
B^** ftrih Ho Its' lilt roupil-r af |j;r**t 
|>Tt(tU cM«i pnnUd by Lcw» Dirmoko 
mIIicIUB 0» tao &vonjor3fjm]?n,iQ 
lUt«rft« (fttVfvaf ihfi nikfinr c^f -Srri- 
Wf, 00« lAttCOfai brtima l^n and 

h IMS Mi^ BftBki pabt1ib«il a volume 
MM* StflnmMaAniliouii i or. a Mia- 
■* — M CoUBcdoa of 0«fiMlacTi *>>«*- 
%iW AsHcal «f DQinvrout no^rat lad 
iMMIkrtli**: <o wblch U iddol v\ 
l4d)ilbordH>L«wef llvrtdlUf^ Dljn>l- 
%f«indaf the ongin oT Nohilitj,' &r. 
44^1 Monid p«rl of tLI* tuIiudc con- 
lM«B>opoaot of Hx *fii;inii aod a- 
ttH ftof«l Fuilliei of EogUnd. In 16)7 
ttirvolMH va* rr^bMifhitd with llv iitw 
%tf "t^e I>(inuat and Bitind Ssro- 

S«4 Ga^and," aad calltd tolumc 
if hn «HWr vorV, cootinucd dowa lo 
J*i«arTlft3Ti «rtlk torrtctiooi »od ippco- 
A^ Cful aa iodrx to Ih* Uitm funnrr ta* 
h^k. Thr mnctiooi and oddtUonA 
«tewJlob««4M tochenoioldcop^n 
<f IW mk u th«7 oWBobblillj oppoacol 

It tB39 Mr. Ba«ki hid nodorUbfoi th« 
viaoltba pM«dB Karl of SilirHi^, sfhl p«b< 
bU "L^Ran to tbe Etichi Hon. iha 
kn K-^^ o« th« rigbt of lUHculcn 
l» tMtUah PetMa.*' Of (bii a iKOnd 
*ifian »Mnvdl ncrtly ahrr i tbt^ Utctra 
««f by Mr< E. Lockout, iLe Adtertitc- 
■■EftaaiMb 1— B.andJa AppT«diifn>a 
If U-ll?. bf Mr BuDki. It vu r«- 
*v>ad I* tlie L*ir Ma^aainfl fo^ Oct 1 gKO, 

>li-B^fcttlao «nle "ALettcv to lh« 

Earl of RAMbcrj, in r«lilloQ to the pn>- 

C«<dtDci al tlic IaU Election of &<iutch 
Veers r daW 20 Sept- 1830. 

Jn IH31 aa " AddftM (O iIm; P»ri of 
S^Uind tjf A Inxnqdvr VaH olSlirlir»f ind 
DQTAn. to which i» iddtd a particular 
vUtvoient of liU raaef and Ln lA3f >a 
Aiulylicat StaTeninL of llie Cnae of Alntnn- 
dvr ^arl uf Stirling inJ D^jtaii, &(]. &e. 

oOJttaiiLJug ui cxfUnatiua of hi* olfi(a«| 

dl|iillba,aadfcc«lUrttfritor1al rlebbmnd 
DnW]«|ca in the Brltlih Coh>CLiD« of J^oti 
^nvlm »nd Canada. Ibc Aio,, »d kImi *h«w- 
in If ths d^actnC cf the Stirtiaj; PMn|*fl 
licn<rri/' \c. ha, 

A t^tttr to L^ril BroucHjtm nnd T«c« oa 
tb« decifioD ol the Uoaao of Lorda ib tba 
caAO vf tba Courlvnaf claim to Itw Bafl- 
dom of DtfToit »To. 1831. pp. '24. 

In 10i2" A Gorialagii^l anil IJintorical 
AeoouAl of (he Auciant tUiidom of lUlia^ 
bonr, »b«wuu tba dcb^cat of the Baron 
Audlvj of Hiklich fNim tba rrr^onrncd 

WillEJim l^nfnp^ FaH nf KtHiluiry^ •nii 
of Kiiii; Hrrjry ll, by tl:e cdn'^rotrd FaJr 
lt<juii)oc*d, Mi\l thtittUig aUo (Ue rl^flit of 
tba B«ron Aadtay lo M hkbcriuiuo cf Che 
une E«tldom." Thia «falni wia aaaifa«r 

ima^iOMrj on* : f^r it hat httn prOTcd bj 

Hf. Bdain bUliTcaof thfl nrly Koighti 

of tliv Gntl^rT Ihai Iht Li>rJ4 Auillrj bava 
f1r<«rii>»r1'<L| frnm Ibr' fint inarcrii(tiT i>f Junra 

f jjrd Audloyi vhUat ilic ciUy koowQ Unit 
by hli aecood nnrria^i! uitli Ela ibc 
hcireii of thn Looccip^i^ wu Ilcfh. vho 
wu ftummancd to pnrhnmfnC in 1321 : aod 
thB claioit of whoiB Kon llv^K vcri n«- 
knowlnlftd fii r^3i, by hia «leiatioD to 
the diffmiy of oarl ctf Uloacaftar al the 
aanu) timo thai (bt «artd«>m flf $iJI«baty 
wai oonfrrrod on Wtllfamlord MoptBi:utc. 
Tbv |ifcaniC itpraanUtlT* of ihti Luui|- 
mH, Uiroott thb tltio. it tdOid HtaiTordp 
In bia latter y««ia Mr. Buklu «fiQt tore- 
aidii nHr Ripi»a in Yorkahir*. and ma- 
nioytd htnwlf in a freieh arnnfemcQl of 
bit collMlkMu on the pBcn^, vhicb he 
pabliib«d ODdtr thv title of *' lUronU 
Aaflica Concentntai oti a oonoentratciJ 
ecteuut <}f liU tlic B«fuiilc4 commonly 
called BBrDnlc«l&F«v,dcnTiDcth«iioricui 
frcm ITril of SwRmnni, end not from eny 
ap««ific Umilodereatlott, A«.l whrirunioii 
lidded, tho Proobof FuliameDtAry SiLtfag 
frum Edvard L to Quaint Anno ; aljo » 
Qloaurj cf Dormant ECnf(ltib, *^otch, mnd 

Iriih FeoirBte Tilka. Rlpon, l»M4/3voli. 
4tO. Thla II in a e^ cit mrianirc furnwd of 
the came matcriBli u hia fbrmnr rronffe. 

Vr'c find aiDoiif Ihp lido of Mr. 
Benka^ Uiouy taboun tbo foUuwLag with- 
out Jeto— 

ObvmtioDa upon thf Jt^i cl Modua 


AvcoonE of lb« Oripo, FonniiaLion, aad 


ph«a'a M WMtifitfuUr- 

A Forni on (bn FunUr Qf Brvco. 

Mr. Daolu tlM vdlud nprtiiia of Di«- 
dftU'a Andnl Uiagv in WrJotf Ana*. 
DotdftlB** Uitcoura IcruclimK l>i« <)tAcH <»r 

totMhirwUh 8«nr'a lUoort* AnfL^otni, 

tn 181 1 tiv pat forth « pro>|iietui for • 
bw tuition ur Pugdalfr'a BtroMjfc, to b< 
«»1ui«4 villi coMTilenbUaildilloiiJ: Bad 
ti % apMimn ttanoiod lo hU proiptfoliu 

Ibo ftrtldfl '* 5^ JaAn L^rd TWyi^/' 

We 1iif« tho bofor* «a Uio prvtpcduiu 
ofliro DDpbblUlltd vo^lu, bottk of viLiob 
Mr. BuiVa vUbMl lo b« rvdj Iw Ibi pr«H 
Id D«c. IH40: tb«rvertto 1m oitltled. 

"An HiHortoaJ Arwnnt of (ha lint 
Tr«iiMtli»li« Sftdfcnoht cif tlw Seota la 
Aniflrfoa) thatr fauiiRtian of tli» PmrloM 
of J4oTa BuvUa jMod^ftbo liutllullga of 
Iho dlitiimlabed order of Baronoti eo- 
IHM \j ue lUDM cf tbtl eumiErj/' Ed 
ibia proi|»#otu h* don hqI vkuriv tha 
liUe of I Itfkr^net, but ilylct hiouvU " T. 
C* Itaoka, i^o biTinlorut, btit rapre- 
■anktiva of om of lUir mntt *n<<if ni B*ra< 
■iCt, Menbaroflbi Hniiounl>1<i Sockljr 
of iha lauor Tn)i>[<-" 

*' The Griitticuf of ihc Lkv. or. Uifh' 
TAT (0 Wfttllh anil rrvformviit L eim- 

SUnr*l tv vbriff memoir nmdoadQl &f tlw 
iol>iIiU of Grtal BriUin, who.ulficr bj 
IheiUHrati or thfeufli ihiir anoBaton, 
Javo a«qulnd pvra|tfl rank hj tha pn>. 
f»tai»i& of Iho U«. Df T. C. Banki, 
{Ar. A«.] dwModv^ frtmi tUcliar^ Qatika, 
• Uinnof the Ei4h«Jittrr lamp. Han. IV. 
Wi y*" To form piw folumo d*o. 

Capt. M^HBy, F.R<S. 

Mv. 1»- A1 ti^i raiiJviioa, r«ila«Lil 
{looifL, ficiDlbU)»n,aaar finaa Yirraavlh, 
li hU »Olh _mr. Upul* Gcwf < William 
MiMtf, W,R^9^. •rril kniTVD taiUtotmbcr 
of aetonl Liodf of ap|4ntua tot taniag 

rta (n ca««« vf *Mf wrrah. 

Ct|>t. Maabj «v »oaof UaUkcw Prp- 

tMaabr*^- of Ul1pr< )M«' Doira- 
-llaiWjii Noffi^U, a CopCate lo the 
^■h 9%uii\tn. nol IjHithtr of TtKiniitf 

itTidoq. Ktw-AEmMaf Iha Vfclie, 

«dWdJou 1^, }*M. 

Tta vta boru ti IJilfBTr Not. 2ft, iTfiS, 

nil iri> rdttutnl at iba fnuMr 1011001 at 

v««rdi in an to«4caij a4 Brnip. 

bIW-tfi. ani a1 Iba Hiyti M^- 

^cii Woolvich. OnMA^JIup' 

f « ApiubU t*mk to aotlre atntfOp 
'Uil * (OFDMiailan ui a nrdlaili roii- 
^frhkli be MTTfd foff arraQ ytan. 

hUnHff likd an M;rljr niuiai 

r U IWl b« polUohed 

*■ Vbo Hilton and AaUqiUtol I 
tUi df 8l DatfJ. Soulii ValM 

bdlkhcd vith plalM h aqetlhlA f 

(IrairEiigh. TUa uraa rrtlovcil 
Omtkiiiau'a Ua^ifaio fa- 1^09, 
lU «u at thftt rvrloid r«i4deMt at 
llolirolli, kuil U 1903 be yrodwat 
gilivA Sketebe* <rf Ibc MMar| ad< 
ral B«witiM«f €ltfton, the Hot-Wi 
^'l(Ttiutx.''S*o.| ana a^rthr «fl«r '* 
torhiiAd pfelunta^eOuMefrasi 
ibongb Ibe CooqUm of Uottnool 
iDor|«n. and BfoekiioclE. irlth mm 
tiona of Rtnoa, Imaresifaig Aiitli|iin 
&c" Tlaia work vaaveryfiJlv a«i 
vffliat attnvlj rvileiii«il In tb* Oenl 
Mutildie, roL lnT> p. lOSA, «l 
UtiL p. UV. 

la 1B03 ho publubcd '< An BngBi 
RclloRloni on iba Auibor of th« 

in liie ttnit tmt, ibroafh tht 
oftha 1U«ht |l^». CbuLei Yod 
So^nttrr of War* ho wia >p 
Barrack' tuMUr »E Tarmooth, m |N 

dqiriDB 4^<J/. pLir Aim. 

In tnii tkoaliati Lv fru acctiUc 
bo»r of tli>p«rrT>cU ; na4. Ikkf otb 
•ont, ho roffarJod tltnu at Ant aa k 
able otUmltln. In Fabroar;, U 
«1t*cHnl the kwt uf Uia A«1pa n 
Rni aair lUlr-acrea partoDA pfriab i 
■uacwion, wlttun mhIj jafdi of lfc< 
and thudulrnviniaotno^and llioot 
Mlva prWuead bjtbecaW vht«Af 
thaofloaaloo,— *n<r vhicb 147 ilml 
vtfo |Mcd np ofl a tioia Qf ao««t 
mflre Una lAttf iii]1r««— aaado 
MfiBw IntproBiloii a pan bliB|tbaS he 
dtioadio ««t hE> lonallra licnllMa b 
In nrd«rt« dev(»t lonia maus of il 
relLif on tb« PMuiroocc of « iIdiEL 
itropht. At Itrat ba Lboe|htof ll 
e Une 10 a alranOtd viaad from ■ 
but \im found Uial «ncb ■ muhioo ^ 

uivakldr, tod vuAttfd for X)m p 
It then oocnred to lil» thai « | 
ordiUDee miBht be n