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So UtUc cli&nge has token place in any circumstances relating to 
the progress of tlinse brandies of literature or science with which 
we arc more parLiciilarly related, since wc last addressed our 
n»deT«, tbat we find ouraelrcs nciiTly circumscribed to the duly 
of ttuiiikiog tlicm for the continuance of their support, and hoping 
tliat iLcv will uut permit the aspiring emulation of younger rivHi.s 
to induce Uiem to neglect the clainiB or forsake the ncquainlance 
of tlieir older and lonR-catahllshcd friend. AmnnjE; our present 
papers, we hax'e found the "Portfolio of a Man of Letters'* to 
hsTe been well received, and widely read ; recalliug to our minds, 
in its diameter or style, ttic " Diary of a Lover of Literature,*' 
vfaieh vas reluctantly concluded some lime since. \Vc mny also 
mention that It is now our full intention to rnmmrncc our Glnnsary 
o( tlic local words used in the Eastern Counties, which may form 
■ contribution to an Archtcolugical Dictionary at once more ac- 
rurvte and extended than has as yet liecn given to the world : 
and which ha<t l>cen citlier fort.utiately or judiciously delayed till 
local )(los«arie« of provincial expressions have been more gene- 
rally fomted ; on the accuracy and fulness of which the Archieolo- 
gical Dictionary must de])end, as general histories do on the ex- 
istence of particalar documents, public records, and pnpcrn of 
priTair families. Every river must be fed by its trilmtarv sircams: 
and on this head wc may rongratnlate the public on the projected 
publicaiion of tlie Stuart Papers, by command of her Majesty, 
parts of which we believe will soon appear under very careful and 
able editurahtp ; and which will for the first time afford authentic 
tnalenals for that period of our liiston*, that has hitherto been little 
belter iban a wild and romantic story of rash adrentures and 
bair-breadth ewapes, under unexampled instances of suffering, loy- 
alty, and courage. That which is printed, is fixed for ever: and we 
eonsidcr it of the utmost importance that every document con- 
Deded with authority should as speedily as possible be removed 


from the danger of future loss, and placed under the faithful pro- 
tection of the Press. No nation can boast a nobler descent than 
ours, or one whose annals are adorned by brighter examples 
of public and private virtue ; but the first step in our remembrance 
of our forefathers' deeds should be that of piously and gratefully 
preserving them from the casualties of time, the chances of 
neglect, and the injuries inflicted on them by the ignorant or the 
designing, — by stupidity, neglecting what it cannot understand, — or 
by artful and malicious cunning, which has too often destroyed for 
the purpose of concealing its frauds, and obliterated that which 
would have detected its wilful misinterpretations or indolent mis- 
takes. It should be, if possible, placed out of the power of the 
future historian to say, what is recorded of one of his predeces- 
sors — " I have written my history, and your documents come too 

S. Urban. 





JULY, 1845. 


MntfiK C<»»a»*Fo>iotxci;.— Who wm G, L. Anthor of "The Wortil l» 
Cntr—CMaiS of Louti XTl.-Cvdiiul Vork'i S«J*-OU SenM rf 

" QwiMRl "— ^ Jolm ieffetffet, ttq- — Swynfea Jcttu. oq. 9 

ExTKAcn rmoM rat Pomrrouo ot & Mak or tiik V.'ftw.t>~SioekhoIm— 
MriiBe ^ Suel— Nomy—Lorl Byron— BaoapMte—Tkllernnd—Tlu! 

S«(ncy«rhrii ia ISII 3 

WwHtMliwrfSt. Joba'aOBte, Clcrkniwcll fin/A a Piatt) 1' 

AanlMaof JvBaa Clement, thvCMutkcMsdHir. temp. Lonu XIV 19 

Xnty HiKtnni hMtognph ot Sb»kifen {tntk » Fae-Similt) ii 

Flu reeowwM for tbr mioratian of Uic I'ortkad Vue m*<> ** 

The AlfW-BoektifStKifuiaiMl I. King of PoUnd «•■>• M 

••KlH^efcH^tlK'niinl'* Beditt«d' A 

3K>m oir Batixe PicL»t. Nu. Itl.— Tbe Bittk gf Stnltoa Hdxlili, in l<M3 3S 

UoCTgCSir B«ilGnnTilk!to$ir JahBTreUwMy 41 

IBh It OiHt Bedwyn rrprrcrntia^ KnigbttiD ComlMt *- 

Oaiht KuiDBlfedT*bktofGMirrc5 Plu>U£e(iet M H>m; uid the fteCdou 

l&a of Oe Otonbi of Gtrrau *^ 

ZMate nd Corraitondeiire of Jamr* Earl of Maluclrary, Vol*. III. Htd IV. 

■ 49 ; Dc PoU, by Mra. llraj, M i S«t[iu>D», by Art^tiilMi-on MntotDii- ii^ : 
H Uacnrli Muval of BritMli UictoriMc, U;'PlaTcr't Skctchn of StlTrOB 
1^^^ ViUat. 55 i Mr*. Lowloit'a LsdrV Councrr C~oaip*nioB. &fi i HooUr** 
l^^^h n* Miiniac, Ac. ti. ; JEoIn*, i&.': Hnnt'i Life uf n«T. E. t^nmon, .Si : 
^^^F FUb(**« P<KiB», >'&. : Bnb*'* View of the Eiiilt-ai^or Cbrittianitjr, it. ; Hover 

■ «r Uk Soul ofcr the Bojy M 


■ CoiratikT «f Oxford. ^9 ; Ualvcmtr vf CoMbridfc— Roj-al A«Uttfl SMtctT— 

■ BaytlGcapifiUed Sodefy— Miueum o( EcocuMuie C«al<^. &ft; LbMIHI 

■ Ufcr«r7 <0 

■ 4KCHITECTURB— Ottord ArebltecltirMlSocwtT W 

~ ANTiatAKIAN Rn>K.iaci!ES.— BotW»Arrti»o)ogl«ISockiy « 

I HISTORICAL CHRONICLE. -PuUannlirT ProcwdiBp, €9; Voaisa 
>••««, 10 [ DoDVeetic Ocairrnicu ..• 30 
fTMMllaM kbd PrtflgnndkU. 7 1 ; Birth* anil Marriagea 78 
OBin.*ARV;iitUiMe*nairi of tUe MarqutSKof Downihin; tbc EarlofAlMr. 
pTcaaT ; Lord CarWf* 1 Lonl Hamt ; Verf Rer. Sir Hrtbrrt Oaktief; 
Onid Ker, t^i^. ; Ad'nind Jaaoei Carpenter ; Lieut. •Oen. Nortb^y llonkiflt) 
Mqor.fSoi. G. J- Km-n ; lleaT< Admiral Pouldra ; Rear-A-irn, N- D. 
CaehnM -, Capl. Edoard BliuMkkr : U»C.-C«1. Jaawa Andrnon ; Williaui 
KoBhle. Eaq. . John Ed««r<iu LyaJI. Em.; Henry llojt. Em.; Jotlo 
■arHlt. E*s- I Jnbn Wilier. Em). , Mr. TlxMnM Hooii i Udy Ste[>neri 
l«|ias Maria Rodic ; Mr. .Michael Nuetnl i PiDfnwr HendeiMQl TboqiM 
Duako, Ea^-i Mra. ICenblf ; Mr. Uarr^ Jofatuon ;S— 88 


DftAnii. UTUgedia CouktiM 93—103 

BegbtovQctmar* Rctnmi of Mortality in tbe M«tro[H>l[a, 103; Market*— 

Mm of Sbana—Meteorolofical Diary tM 

witli a Kntorvd View gf i1h GATBaoc-» or CtlBscitWRU Pmokt. 


!■ oar pntmt Nu8ib«T «« hivo the 
pham to |MbUdi tW int cf » SeriM of 
origlfMl MMn, enmie4 >■ EsmeU fnm 

tbe PUrtfalia of ■ Mao of Uic World." 
fron the peruRil of which •»- »rc mirc thai 
•vrwilcr* will ileritpcrrat |^*Ufiv*tiau. 

Atncl.wit>llt4 "nfWort4to Cbmi," 
b** WsD repwUdly printed in madcm 
■bMp ■ivrpotjppd rditionii, of a callecliaa 
nlleo, "Tba S«Im-[ Woflti of Jobn 
BBnyan," thoosb a very mrMry prrnnl 
b lufliornl In M\ev lliat It i* llic iirnilnR- 
tion of a Ut«r and luon poltaliM writer. 
A C4)>y vf ibii true, under iba foUowias 
tttie, u in tb« powwilna of Um ptuul 
•litfr. •hn will fcfl obliged if any of 
our " iinrDcroua icadcri" wUl fnrniab Ititu 
vlih a duo to tlit namo of dioaatbor, 
irhlcli lien coonalrd iuid«r the isitiab. 
O. 1..— "Tha World to Cone, or IIh 
Otoriea ot HeaTcaanil (heTcrtoraof tlrtl. 
Urdily (lltiilayvd wtAn tlim Similitude 
«r a ViMOQ. By O. L. SurndfrlMtl, 
ffia,te6 tiv K. WetbrraLl, for H. Craif h- 
t«m. 1771. ' 12>ei>.— Il la au tiwmiuii* and 
woU'Writtfn ollcKory, from tor prn of 
•one one (iualliar with tlie Pilgnm't 
JPrcgnm, to wbidi h« that allttdea in tiia 
^irm h *X* JtrmffV.— " Slncr thr way 
to BMTta bM bno ao taking wider iho 
■iadlit»d» of ■ Drfm, why ahould not 
tfao jovrovy'a anil be ai an^iilable uihIm' 
tb« ilnlUtode of a I'ifiM/ Nay, wbj 
AoBldUoDt b« mora aoevptable.iiiwetba 
and ia])r«renib)otoikoineaiu,aiMlHe«vm 
to tlic way that brinp tta Ihitber. Tbe 
Pilgrim net wilb tnaoy diffii-iihiri, but 
bare Ibo^arv all aiar. All atqrau and 
tMopeata here arc liuah'd in ailcuM and 

Mr. w. H. CLkREE katlBC Inqiiirrd 
where tba cabin<-t, rntill«l, " A cabinet 
fomad ofahoiiy. itury, tortoiM-alirll and 
lU««r. nrtwnieil lir Kinc Janca II. of 
Ivilua, to Lnuia XIV. o? PrtoR:," n- 
preaci^lcd ID Mr. Cb4rlei JtatM Rtcbard- 
aon'«" SmdtofromOldEniEiiahMaBiiuBa, 
tboir Purnitvre, Gold , i«'»d Sifirr I'late, fcc." 
1842. U prcacrvvJ. ukI what liiit«h»|bt, 
nan hM inRirmed oa that it waa in tlic col- 
bellon of old funiitvre (ormed b* tlia tato 
). Tbompaoa. caa. at ProKDall Prnrj, 
Uavpalead, aad it ttill remaioa tbcre. 
7I>« dlint>ri(iona are, wMlb at baa« lltic>i 
S fcet H inc., wbolc lietcbt, 3 ft. inc.. 
belfbt of on« cohuiuii 1 Ft. ^ ioc, widtb 
of centre b«twteD coluau, 1 ft. 2i inc. 

Tbe ubinet, a matt aplndid worit of Ut, 
ia itiL'toaed In a raae. 

Mr. Clakxb also ai>k*. waa there ■ Mle 
and oaulofoe of the elfecia of Cardiatl 
York, prCiiteil at Runi<! iiftfr bii death f 
and could a cony hi- rrxlilr procurrd ni>« f 
In Aabmolci Dury. \6ti, 8cpt. 14. 
he focorda. " I firbHtntit Mr. Pai'a aoK 
at Oiford, 4 u. to." A aitnilar entry 
occur* under July 12, 1661, and agaiu 
under May. 16M. Proia tbeae paasafpa, 
tbd writer or a cwiBoir prrflied to iba 
catalogue of tbe Aabnolea* HuMioa 
c«o«l«da«, tbM AabtvoU o c caa lw ii l ty «f> 
AobtMl •■ ■ cbmrBiu. Thafcel ii.ll»l 
he merely llpireil u apoaaor. Comptra 
Lady Paaabawe'a Mnaoln. p. 112. "A. 
littk bafore ilw and I and Dr. Stewart, 
clerk of tbe eloMt to Cbariea 1. ebrulcnad 
k daughter of Mr. Watata /' ud acaiitf 
1 L-hrittrtied Ibo cldcat daojblir of np 
hrolber llartiMio, wHb Lord Qrandlooq 
Ud Kir Kdmuod Turner, m. J. P. M. 

In June, p. IhliO, Major-Qcneral Prae- 
onnila'a nvlbcr ia aaid to lia<p beta 
" AIblnia,d«iifhlcror Sir John Jrifrrevea, 
of BIwDcy Cutle, co. Cork. Bart." 
Tbb I* an error, for tbe fittbn waa not • 
liaronat. nor baa the Ulte «rer be<?n in tbfl 
fcnillr, bat hit aame beiiic ^t. Joba wu 
«iiital»n for Kir JoAn. Hi* gnrtdaon. 
irho now rvjiresenta Ibe faniily, ia oallod 
after him. k. John, and la a pariJcvlar 
friotd ol mioo. At page 6i>!i. line 6. 
Snd GOlWMl, Sir Gore Duneley U named 
Str Gtorat, Obrloaaly by inaitTtrtmce- 

S. P. W. Ii«i(a to aake a rvtnark or 
two by way of cotnetion. un tbe notice 
(|>. 44] of April) of tbe death of the late 
Swynlbi Jenrif. esq. Ilii tttUH aon* 
Swynlen StevcDa Jervia, lanvf a buriatcr. 
He ii the pokit-ator of the family eaiuoa 
and tbe nanaion, Darlaaton lUU, «U|& 
w«f« baqnaatbad to him Id Ua miawitjr, 
by Job* Jerria, ea^. hia Moosd ao«iia, 
the former poaacMor: and in the laat 
Parliauicxit rrpreacated the boroiuh of 
DridpoTt. Mr. Jrrvia'a 2nd aon, firria 
John Jerrif. it a Chaneery barriiter and 
iMoiber of Uocoln'i Innt but there b 
alto another and aomrwhul aeni or birr i iter 
at tlw eommoQ law bar, John Jenia, t«<|, 
one of Her N^eatj'i cooniel, and M.P. 
for Cheater, vboaa fattH-r, thr UteTboniaa 
Jerrii, eaq, aevand eouaia to Mr. Swynfea 
Jcrm, waa coiiQaol to tba Admiralij, 
M.P. for Cireat Yannoii'tb, nod afltt^ 
ward* Cbicf Jttfttce vf Cbarior, 



Ettraeujrtm Ou PortfoUo of a Man o/tht fVorU, 


^ 1813^-STOCItUOLM. 

I HATE Jit twt Mtu M«d. d» Siaal, lod cvrUuil)r )>he u fu- from 
fct cin a tii i g ia b«r app«iM«iici'. l*be utmost Etrvtcli of inugiuatioti could 
MX nak* bir iato n Corinoc. Lar^ aod vootm!, aod so ill drCMedt or 

ntW outtMaed. She wu tonneating poor — , of the t'ordgn Office, 

all ibe cwoiiig about Dews from Russu, in a uaiuier that, in a l<w» ceU- 
bratel pmnoa, would Iuitc be«n amazingly ill-bivd. I lo«kf<l with more io- 
larcit si imr daut^htcr, atiU quilc a child — very prvuv — blonde, la «pe«k 
liviUjr. boL Id plain Engli&bt red-lioircd ; vi^ry vxprtsaive countraancc and 
pBtli' ntasiKr. Me lancbolj it seemnd to me to «<« lier and her broUier 
m vhai. u their failvrrlaod, mhen the fatb^-r in mi passfd over br tbc mother 
Aat, OTPpt her title af BaraniM> do Suel HoUlcin. one vould doubt that 
dm fcad ever b«eu 5Ucb a person. 

7%mt» i ajf*—l have Mwti ^fad. dr Stael again, and I will try to write 
itwut as aau{y as I can recollect il, h*>r comersation, IhoiiRh it must Uwt 
■0 Dueh hy baofi ia mv Eoi^liitb imtcad of ber Fn-nch. Old 8 * " ' * 
■u iWct and Mill he had knovm M. Ncckar, «ud had wen b«r at Paria. 
"Aht Ji«r Pans," she cxclaiinnl. " Kheii idull I kc you again?" 
" Tom did not Hod Vienna tqual to it," uid P. *• though it is m> French 
is ita court f^yJe ?" 

" But that aping of Fnairh maonen suits the nation bo iU. The grace 
«t FrcsKh rcpaneo ia ao bnpo»ib1« to a foreignert and the Gennan eo- 
liMHiaaa U an Bke the neat unwirldj- matchloi^ one laea b old prtirtl. 
■thai it is ojipottd to the light shaipahootcrs (tiraWeMrt) at Pkriuan 

* And their thcetif," aid P. "how did you endure all their monstroa- 
tin. their contempt of unities, and domestic Uragedtea Y' 

** Oh 1 if jrtm neve to we md lu^r them auUnl vou would forget their 
abianfitics. you would nevvr ohscnc their want of 'unity. The music ia 
hea ilifu l. in the Gr»t place. And you know I am by duty and principle and 
■erlr recollection a faiiatii: for Gumuui music. It comes to me with the 
fmhapM of youth tliv recollection of thoM> Gluckuit baUles that you, and 
fir* other* now U* inp perhaps, rcoaontber in my mother's salon. Connected 
with my &ibrr, (jennon mtuut bfim* to me a Mrt of passion. Hallowed 
hf hn ajiproval, and rccallini; to me the erslacy of first awaking mtellect* 
MlBBB mitiic Buut always be- a paM^iou in me. Dimmed aa those early 
day* bin lince bemt by all tin- tears and sorrows of Buci-ef>dinj; event!* 
■■B as they now an' through tli« twilight of long years of grief and changt 
■hI miafarliutai that brigbt swrnse gf ny thoughts luu still the irn-rover- 
afele Aignnee of the early dawn, a force, a life, that even meridian 
iykodaur can nn-er (sjuaL" 

- StiU," uid r. ** I thguld hire thought your early UMciatwiu with 

Portfolio i>f«i J/b» o/the World. 


n*) French perfection nf ibeairir perfortnsnn^ii muu Iw u strong. 
Ptieilra now, for mslAiu'r,— how could you cndiirct in compAruodi thr 
puttural oppresvioit of iht-ir rcritatimi in Chorli^ 1« Moor iloing highwftjr* 
man M'Btiro*nl ?" 

" 1 did not coni]iaro it ; what cuiiM he rompxrod to , 

• Ail i cruel, lu m'u Irop wiiwiJiKt •' " 

and ibe r«ciicd Uie wbole iipnM-h. V. ww iu lean< of adniiratioii- To mf 
UwM alauMt dtiguiiUng. If llirdm ««.« like what Mde. de Stael Umd 
■npetrodt a gretl* Ctt, mchcr cMnrlr woman, vpn,- much uncovered, vtth 
Tiolent ebspioff of Imiids Atid ihrwK'ttig about of amiK, and iiucli conlortioDB 
nf face* witn u«r! whidi came at her call>— if Khrdm wia at all like Iter. It 
WAS no wonder Myppoliius did not mnch fancy her. 

"Whai." FPpeated shf, " ran coniiMrn to this Y' 

" We do Tputtire to romparr iind to (rivf* the au|K*Tiority In Shaksperet" 
mM F. of tlu* omha3.<ty ; " we rmtiirp to think [^nr more iiilTr^ni^ lo an 
English audinni'p than the heroin*' of jm old Gro^'k tiihlp enn be to 

" There Xa the triumph of Frpnrh gtmiuh" said P. " it can not onlv ri%'al 
but Kuqiaaa the anticiuc : thpy lind nstjonnl, family, hen^terv interent in 
iheEe stories ; oun is only iii the Mtuntinn and (he hannoDv of the verMfi* 
cation, no beautiful when rwiteti ii^ you have jurt lieard it, M superior to 
the devils and murders of ibf German stajre." 

" Our hitlory." said .Mdu. de (iitael, •■ remains lo br tried for tliv ata^* 
Viliy should not our chnmicltw affoi-d ihciuea like Shokspcrc's historiotl 
pieces, or like the Spanish Cid, to some future Comeillc, to hurst upon the 
world like libcthi-'s I'Rii«t ? Tlie cumpnrt of l>r. FauNtuB antl the devil \i 
an old German tradition, nunc >n ballads and lotd hy the fire-^de — Gcii'thct 
with the intiiilioii of emiiiH. M>ized on it. pniirr'il inln ihnt. nietkfrri* frame- 
work nil the flood of his iioelic jvowors, decked the skeleton of tmditinii in 
all (he trappings of theatric nniament, nnd bade it live and move. He 
look the well-known old wife's tale and made it n pKlloMiphii: drama. He 
changed the rm-rry jesting wn-i»nt-*levil iiilo n Mii-ennf^ I\'nint demon, 
whose inniv i« subtiine : it in of a binufi^ not Niiperitir to hut beyond thin 
world. Oiielhc ha* been eeusured for impiety in lhi» drama ; but even 
your utrict ctivine* iu Eu([land not uuly allow, but admire Millou, and 
Murely Me])hititO|)hite« \s a iiuicli innn' nmnti sa\i TfX\fvra% chararter than 
Milton'* Sntait. a hen) with whoM- fntl*>n gTt>Ktne^ we xvinpathiM', aud to 
whom tlie I'lilerpriiH* pf dL-ceiviitji a pnor wx'«k woman like Eve, and imdcing 
her cat what was uot pood for her, appear* a very pitiful rntcrpriee, BttI 
in Mephislopliifips there in nothing ^nd. nothing human, ^tan Hpeaks 
u a dethruiii^d monarrb ; we eau enter iulo hi) feeling. Mephistophlles hiu 
no fMnpachy. oud excite? none. He im<lertakef toimike a fool of u leanicid 
Doctor, h"? (lofsi it as a je%U nnd thrtmfchout the whole i^lory of Margaret, 
the most peH'iTt and mci^t touehinf^ of humim compositJoii*. he prrsiTves 
this pretenmtnrnl inhumnniir." 

'* ilai^ret. then, yon allow to be Hnperior lo Racine's Phedra ?" mid I, 
melicionsly. for nhe had etidenlly girea tht* pairtfrjTic on Odethe id thft 
txciteraent of the moment. 

She (milled very f^ood-bumonn-dly. bnt P. looked rjuite discmnfited. " 1 
do not know thin Margaret," «aid he, pH>riiihlv. for like a true Frenchman 
he knows no language hut his own,^' I dg not know this Margwet-^what 
it there go vny tatorvfting about bor?" 


Madame dk Single— Xor teat/. 

■' Hpt dpvni«(liic*«, imr iniioceDcr, ber 1ov«, li«r faiUii her uolieriUittag, 
unjoabling Ahanrloomciit of hpr!«lf to her lorer." Mid Mdo. Ac Starl. 

•* And ts h?r lo»er, Faust, dewtea heft iud » betvt«« iheiu ihcj- caiiw 
theikath of her mother, her brother, and her rhil'l. >'«■ cannot call them 
monJ or religicxu. The devil then, iu vour ojnnion, .Alsdwne, ia the 

iy morml cbuncter in the |»ece ?" Miid F. 

•* Yn," Aiii nho. mgerly. and iioibiiig ilAunteil hy the bii^i in which 
P. joinrd. "yri, raaotly. moral aorording la the uotionfl, ihi> cold, cslcu- 
Utin^ontiiiD'j. of men- muraliats. According; to the doctniipof Utilitarianst 
tnty rirlne has it* prico." 

"Iu reward," saiil F.; "thpyarr supclydifFcrent terms," "Different word* 
fcr the lamr thing," crinl kKp. "The sLnve-^lriver who bargaius for so 
BMnr gtiA piMv* for the bodie* of *o many human bein^, is not mora 
coldlv calailatiiie than the Utilitaruui, who wotdd barirain humaii »nili for 
WBunv earthly najipiacMM : he doe y not call it ^Id. he calls i) happiness; 
bu weahb, atkd MM>, and eomforl. m thiK world nre preached b» the 
prk* of morality, or (going, ns they think, a step higher.) endless un- 
bwn fdicity in heaven. I> not Oie whole doctiim* nf the Catholics 
to part «ith temporal to gain eternal pos*^ii)>)o»« ? N not tlti^ a 
■ere maOer of bargain V a debtor aiid en.'iUtor acvouiit made up in a 
ledger, so much on Ihu nde for cHrth, and to much coutm for 
1? The Clilitarian.* an.* iIh.* ifiuu" : cmtv ai-tiuii is Maaaed and 
fajr it.1 nse, itfi aw tu me, the sufTiTing or the hnppiuc!« it may \m to 
wm> to mp nty individual self. U tliis gpiioruitH ? is this noble? ts this 
heiTeoly ? No, it in moan, calvulaling. eanhly. 'Ilie getwrou!! mind feels 
mly dtrrotedne^K, unbentatin^. uncal^ulati^l,^ un^elliFh. Tu seek only 
ones own happine*^ here or one'ii own salvation herrafter, is contracdi^ 
hmaanitT to il» narrowpfit limit. Such mirrantilc morality is not trtie 
tiTtuie. True -virtue nct« at once, and perils body, lifr, eoul. all here and 
tU berealter. in the cau*e to which, in it« devotediips:^. it give::! il^^ !" 

» Call it principle,'' said 1, — ^but the party broke up at the momeuL 

r[ hatii made a cbanuini; fledge expcditiuii into Norwav— F-. V., and 
The silent swifnifsji with which wi- fli-w alnni;, the higii sptrita of 
tHe hones, dsnciug and plunging, the niigin;T uf ti)>> bells, the bi^bt crisp 
tir, and the magnificvno- of nalun- in that my^lvrioiis covering. The 
dazzling ct^yioU wbrrr the nin had thawed and the fro!>t renewed. The 
bctnm giant 5icm». contrasted, with the nliitcned sdes. Our picturesque 
toeatn^Kimits. the bliuiug fires, the ezpcctation of tx^r*, their coming, their 
Our visit to V.'a old castle, a vast e(Ufic<> in a aea of mow — all 
f Hfort of an oceiui Iraunded only bv the horizon, bur the feeling with 
OOP lookA at it so different. 'Fhe wa girus aiwa^'5 a )>ensation of 
fteedoB : there is alway* roociun, a sense of uno^tnicMid mapiifirence ; bnt 
lUt mow oceon give^ aivc the idt-a of cnn>traint. of jiomrlhing hidden, of 
tSBBaveabilitv. of deadno«s. And where a dog or a ])«i»ant appmn in the 
dittitixr, a black apitl in l\\o. white desert, one looks with juiin and doubt oii 
their pTogTTSs, instead of the jojoum nvmpathy oim- Iw* iu tju- nirsring of a 
tcsmI on the NNi. Nutliiitjf Mtrike^ an Eiigli:>hiiiaii more than mch a 
jowcy. no hnnip«te.-id, t)o Ittlli* ccniiitn>' plao-^, nu »urci'»sioti of health and 
cemfort. Hen* is now and then a t'lirm, or a hour'i hut, or a great cattle ; a 
this, fcattercd poverty, or comfortless xrandeur. When we left V'.'s wn 
«B« aoou in Norway ; ttrwigc that two cwntries so alike m their nature 
and tlMif u^bilanta. scparatetl only by a bBrricr of mouataiiis, their 
)Hi0uig« i)id ibeir hdbiti^ w omrl; ic«cmbUii(f) should yet sv 'jedtilotulv 

Portfolia efa Ma» afOit WotU. 


keep op their natloiul ttittinction«, end pique tbeneelvee on thcdr different 
ioveragatiee t And jt timr mountein ■epention in greater then what 
dhidM 8puD end Portugal, or Ciigluid tind Scatleiul. But the moment 
one hu puwd tbeir tmagioarf IxMindinif lino, we fnl tba Intel duu^ 
More ctriking etill n Welea, k> long united end ret preserring ite own 
caatonw end languese. The rayaterv of tiiie indgaiitable natioiudity ie ODI 
wtiich philo«oph«n here oerer explilBed. ud whieb elatenun have aarar 
learet lo mpect. Tbey took oa the jotaibg taep of the werid, and take OHk 
a bit end put it iu ngain, and say* That shall belong to Ruuia and ihit otlMr 
to PnuKU, and thiit may mnain Poland, faiyritin^ thjit there are eeeiala 
ihinff* rflllnd hiimnn heinfpi in ihaar djijoioted pieoee of earth who hare a 
■ prcjudicr in feroiir of one name more than enotoer. The devoted heraiNi 
of thr PoIm to Booepane dow abewt of whet siuff theM unhappy vieiumi 
of the balenee of power are laade. 

Wv paid a «)iii lo on old >Jorwegiaii pastor. Living in a rude cottage, 
entirely alooc I wa« eurpriwd to find a achoUr and e gentlvman. Tba 
boor* »aitlt<n>d about him MMmed to look up to biin not only as a father, 
bol ee MinrLhiuf( of a mpprior onlor of WiiiKit. I^c IIvmI in such utWt 
rettrement Uiut lir had not pvuti bcuurd of tbe ndD'Xt from Miisodw. Indeed 
he wee a good deal tnun- iutvrcRkd at^uut the BatlJu of Sidamia; and our 
eooveration wai of ^Hsdiylus uiid lloiutir and Lucen. tiv had an Meal- 
loot cU>winil ami boteuicel library. He b a good adentifie ee wall aa 
practical botJiRUt, and it was a nngular apectacle^ this reverend old hennitt 
in thii rt>Rtc»« corner of ihi' univene* receiving us men of the world a* 
eourteoutly and hoRtutahly* and ahcwii^ Umeelf in all learning, philo- 
sophifel anil claMicnl ami vrivntific, eo superior to elmost any ooe wo bad 
aver met, and yet so p(^rf4'^tly ietiiifled with hi* lot, \h had choaen it «■ 
quitting the niuvor«itr> end h« had nt-ver tinrt^ quitted, uor did lie eeea 
aver to wish to qtdt, hin relirnnenL Ko lonf^ing lingering look did he eaat 
oo lha> world without, no dt>wr« for literary or wienulic famr. Dr<(^ly 
leamM in ibrotog^-, hr> waa t-ontftit lo t4>ach tho ijpiorsnt p«^H«ntft about 
him thi-ir duty lofioi) ntirl tnnii, Jli'l lo find hi* lui|ipiii<.'9« in tlitir wrlfun.- and 
hi* rrTiwitioii in Hip Military exertion of hia own powen, Tboy are 
baturaliy great, nml trained with carv. None of the arrogance of a kIT- 
biaght genins. but a reasoaing vxanunation of whatocr lubjeel was atarteiU 
and a bold inquiry into truth and itediSut rejection of error that roueed all 
our powers in convertiiiig with him, aad daiug the few houn I peitfted with 
him 1 foil thai my teaming, my powers of argument and tlwught, were 
tDorc rouartl anil vxiTtcd than they had been Bincn 1 had h4t Oxford. Our 
converaalion with liim was more tliat of very intimate young rollegiane 
juM awakening to the aanse of Greek and Ijitin b«>ing mnipthing mom than 
word* invented to torture them, niul eoger and daring in their newly- 
orqiiircd powers, than thai of travellers aM ■traagers tm^wn together ior 
th« fint and Ust tfand; and when we quitted hhn we Ifft this romaabe foraat 
hermitage with a feeling tlial «tt had inierrupu-d. but not disturbed, kit 
eolittulf, and that, thoogh it was year* since he had eeen a new face, and 
might be yeiim before be saw another* be would thiok vnth lees regret of 
na tlun vru did uf Itim. 

not Mvni to '•njoy the KOciely of Stockliolm very 
more srieodfic than literary where it ia not purely 

Mdf. lie Slat-1 doi>? 
much. It IK mufh . . _ . _. , 

official, Thr number of atAtr counscUorfl and state couneelloreises, and all 
the mdloia titlfs retliipllcat<>d and elongated in tho feminine, amuses aa 
Vttcb a« it pujizles wotX forviguen i to tin they are atuoluuly uiiMtiB(k 



MmUum 4* Siatt. 

SttennU haoft avty la t gwu injury ia h^ hnftrMrioD of Rwedi*h 
■DDTtv. Hi* knowlnl^ of Ihr world aitil of the Ut«rfttuT«> of evt-rf cnuniry, 
tad m* nnellrot Vrpitcli, would havo bo cxactlr siiiUtl her. fli« icienov 
muU hjirr bepn totsllj' lost ujion her. " Scienco," a» *lir said the 
fdxT iUt. *'«ppear!t to ate so fsr froai ennobling the human mind that I 
•vuld banish it from univenitie*. It should be taught only in nier* 
■Bd* KbooU ; il tJu Ibe humu miud down to the (Knntive and the 
riAkw TluaxpTMriaDof Liniwiis, thai he could find mibji<ct8 for a djiy'i 
Anndea on what he could discover io thf spare uf g-miind hv ra\-ered 
iMi hb hMoA, has alvajn appmrpd to me the mwt Umrnuible uituv upon 
■D that is ealled admee, a little nnrron'-baimdpd vi^w of crt-iition.*' 

B. Mfferly annKrvd, that the fitudy of things rrentnl teoiled to oxall the 
MiiM crth* Craaur. 

*■ Ko," mmI the, " th«ft» are only BtmM a&d wordt. A eiotk b a 
•mdtfful work of art. but doen the clockmakcr who can put the whwb 
H|i iTii I or the mechanist nrho can tell you all the nAmes of the iiivtrluuiic 
po »ti » tmplojed, do either of them know any more of time, wbirh tliey 
now tunr to mtruiirT but uuuml compn-bend ? Dnt-n the astrotiiiuier. who 
lllb tia ho« many millioii« of m\W» we an- from ilic sun, know what he 
■M8C ^y epacc ? Time and space arc tht> boundjini-!' of liumau thought, 
■■I what can taenet dtscover moK ? The unappruaehablc iteriiity U not 
MMvr. Hmvt all the discoveries of modern ^enee ItAed uue fold, wiih- 
towa ooe reil. from the profound obscure of Deity ? What can vou 
to that?* said iKf kmktti^ round upon her audience, 'fbia 
' mduMl of rcqntrin^ an instuilaneouii answer to a irtring of dccU- 
T« verv appallinir to most men. A» for the ladin. they kept 
aloof', and the gmttemen. betw(«D thHr slownns of thought and 
[■ B»b w of things to be answered at oncer and the diffirnhy of expret** 
thcauelTe» in a foreign Uingii.ige, sll except P. being Swfde.'* or 
^ng't*%i k«|it •tnpidly silent, whili* P. a true Frenchman, with word*, if not 
alw>y> ready, anvwered for us all. 
I answer to it — that aa long a* we are in the world we like to knoir 
. o'cfeek it if. and how aiaoy miles our next stage is to be, without 
Dondvv9 with the ahstrset idea« of tbne and apau* and laeh 

'TVoa,** Raid Rhe, " that ia what I tar : tejTe Mienpo vo called to watrb- 
and raaibnaker* and inakrn^ iif all sorti! ; put it not by the side of 
if. The handmaid arts nhould be left to the helots of societv." 
Minrrra,** said I, baldly> " Tai not ashamed tn invent loomsi, idmigh 
iti «aa JoTe'fl own partirular danghter, and on atvoimt of her birth 
ndtaacd quite a learned lady as well as sitrh a heroine in aimt." 

Gh* lughed Terr good-huniour«d1y, for I niu«t «ay I never saw her out 
tf Upcr ; she fiiUy nicriti^d the epithet I*. appUed to her, and which J 
ihai^tt odd till I knew her, of ** bonoe "— " boiuie " tn the aenae of never 
hafag EUoaturvd or rrofa. 

■ VeiTF well put. but it i« an arpuncjit in my favour ; it just ehews how 
dK tralwioo of Hcience bdongs to a fhbe religion, though even the 
BHthna Bade Vulian the srtizan a lame, rtdiculuiis. inferior deity — his 
coat him dear. The fable of his being flung beyond the pale of 
imi b but an allfeory of the contempt in which such earthly art* arc 
", hi high and holy iilatw. The sanctusry. the holy of holies, the 
~>le miod. IS approachable only by mind, by pure philosophy, by 
' metaphysica, Such studies only are fit to he called great, 

Portjolio of a Man ttfth* World. 

pnnoblln^t worthy of man, a bttle lowtr lluu ungeU. The Grcflk phUaiio> 
phm Uughi til iw^luiTH iiml (jcardtni*, iu Uh: air. iii all ilic fnt- influence* 
of « urvw^nt di!it\ : iIk'V 1<^ to uu-n- liumniiity tht- cIum- cutiliui-roptii of 
utist BfJuiw." 

" Ha^ PUIo spem I Chrioimii At LTjwala." uid 1*. "dn tou tliink h( 
would liaT6 had numy acholarn in dir gnrdcnia?*' 

" AUi ! DO," «aid Mdc. de gtacl, •• I frar oiir nortlu-rn rlinuiM are too 
nidc for lltp ribeml iiAlun- of divin* philosophy u* Uuf(hl id the light boA 
brilUoiu-e of nn Attic kuu. But your poKn' in luur (ihilanupbv ; ymir 
ScaudiilavLui <.-loud-«uin|iull£r>. Oxian'* gri'V apifits uf ihi^ tnist, how 
raguc, bow *ubliuir. Iu>u iiiitiartljly '. T)w> wpiriti uf tbf dnuL Ibi* voiov of 
the liloru], l\w dim, tli<> Mil, llir udd^bou far remiiied from hud utility I" 

" par iiidi'^Ht," Miid P. " *u fur, ihal I brtirvf fi-w jKioplf rcrollcct ADV* 
thifig titMxtt tlK-ni, or liRvv lli<- Icojil idea llinl » pimvl uf ubl Scald haUlds 
could be cnlloti phUoMfphiv pwlry-" 

1814. i uivl Lord Byron lo-day at Lady 

"Wmk lod 

b aUida j 

tolutv." wai tliv lint id«« suggrvlvd l>y bia face, and vet it b a floe 
tnti'lli-ciuiil and iut«r«i(ting. But Ihv finncst beaif atid humbWt heart 
would be* luniL>d atid vorniplvd by tbe fuM the wtinuii here make about 
him. ^\*ltat tiiirprixecl irn' nioxt nn his tmBTatlemanlike appeuanoe. 
There wa* an awkwanlim^. uiid I bad nltiuutt taiA a ttndditv. a youngnoa, 
in h'lK prftnlei- ahord \hm wan amaxingly out nf kerpiiig witJi hi* prptenuous, 
and hit ^-Idrtit de7>irp to \» n non-chalam man of tlic world. Ill bred 
cmainly, and [ should not have thought ni-ll b«ini. Mr- hail the air of I 
ichoolboy brought forward ton far)y. of a lad wim nhoiild have been 
pkyillg rrk-ket, Irving 1o )iUy tbr inaii ; with tluit look of' premature 
prtraigary whirh im >■■> n-toltiiiK- I wh> auriiriM-tl, ibrn-fori'. wh^ i \it%rd 
aim cotiverve. whkh waf Uti' in ihr cMuiiig at ■tipppr. He hjid lnvn 
aScclins to be tion-d by tli<- attiiitioii- t<f thr worBhipjiing b<>ll<>ii. (hough so 
cridentlv prepo>.t<Tou«Iy flatU-rrd by ii nil the linir-. All Ihc t*cautv uf luo 
pootry Memcd diwopMrfaig out of my mind as I lif-teiied to hi^ fitduuej. and 
looked at hiti chilaiah vanity of manner : and I wat- begiiiufng to Itclieve 
■ome gooiuB in a gunet waa the real poet, and the boy before me only the 
parehaser of hta fame, when Joanna Haillic wa* seaiml besidi- him at nipper. 
A more firiking cuutnut than that uf the poet and pm-letts I ni-vrr beheld. 
A very qiuct, almost homvly looking woman, no luugt-r juung, never hand- 
MiiUN lilti«, khnplv dmaed, with a gruvc. thuughlful. calm expression of 
count(3ianM>, hot m hor derij-neated eye* all the Mnaibility of geniui. and in 
her air a umpk- dignity which wan absolutely Hiibtbne. Among ul) ttH- 
fine bLdica and gentlemen, and ihi* would-be wits and llm striving beUe'capriti, 
ahe came aa one from a different world. There wa» in her uumner a wlf- 
poiM-i«ioii wliieb »puV*- her iniintr ]>uwtT«, u eoiuciauynwwi of worth a* well 
u< uf ability^ of ntknuHbtigt-d ability. Tlien waa no tuock humility, no 
OMumption, and yet uur fell, thai persoit ia aware of her iiowcm and avurv 
they are known; and before tibe had uttered one word 1 felt a miugled 
ration aud n>«i>ect for her that iniide me feel aa if I had long known 
And a« nhe *tt be^idp l/>nl Byron hiit miiigled eiubttrra&iimcnl and 
audadly of maunrr wa» abwlutely di^gtuting frooi the eoiitrv^^t. He hod 
youth, rank, and nil tlie fVeshni'M uf his fame, a certain pa-^tipurt to dtiitiiic- 
tion ; thi' society to whki'h bin rank pntitbnl him, and vet be 
\ooktd to little at Ida ease ow would Itave ihonght he luut nn-er l>cen in 
VOtDpanr bafore t «lilb }^u Bailliu. tbot very niperiof pcrtoo to a flm 


LorH JJyron. 


\aAy, a born frentlewonuui. %wi« m> qiiirtly !wlf-i»o»«ww«l, «o prrfinitv al h*r 
MUli it BUhde toe fvK:l a Ktrt of irfl^cbed nwfiet-l for the -mL-iety who could 
r^M foeh onpT«l«ndhig lonit. And when this sehous countenance, those 
ibooghtAil rj-vs, w«re tonied upon the jomig mtui, it neetne*) as if a niA^ 
iB4iin:kD» was hi that look, it swmed to dispochant the silly spell in which 
be had hvro bound. The ftoodnevn and tnith of her ntpression eeenied to 
hsTV K sort of cheraical affinity power, it drew, as by a niaBnet, all the 
finer e— e ooe t^his nature tbnh. and leA (he drons tx-hiiid ; that concomb 
■ftvBftery of look djsappe«i>d ; hi» t\e» and his month u^^nvd in their 
apranon — for thai b one of his most disw^r'^wahU* pt'culiiLritieti, the dlft- 
Cfqiaacy between the tnlclWtual i-\\t nm! the aiditial mmiih. It vtae not 
the fim time that yi\i^ Baillie and Lord Byron liad met : they sccnied to 
!• OB about something which they liad oonTeraed alxmt before. — I rould 
ael cairh the fint two or three sentenn-m hut a knot of talkers behind me 
«tkad off and I beard Lord Byron say. ** 1 prefer his Ellen : it b fresher 
lad iraar ; she is a real ideal, she U a fairy reality : she is a creation, hex 
bland and her dttff and her highbnm ^rane. in the savaf^ry of her itrene, 
is flo nev and «o tnie. The dniightrr of a roiirlier formed to adorn a 
caart, disrorrrred in that lonely spot, and the Donif^laN blood revenli?d in all 
bn tookji, and nill eoorealed ; the mingled charm and mperttitioiu awe by 
which FitaJames'x * mind was passion tost,' has a mild reality of fancy in it 
which aeems to me unetjualled by any other of his h«-roine«." 

** I tin iclad to hear you say so — Bllen has alwav> been my favotirite, 
and besides she is Scotch and Matilda is not," said Joanna, in au accent so 
dsodedly Scotch there could be no doubt of why she thought a Scotch 
bcfoiM fopesior to every other, and there was a \-en- heartines!) in her tone 
and an onafeded wnsibilitr in her even that was triie reaUty afler all the 
prater* I bad listened lo all the evening, 

** I may venture to hope that her ' mountain tongue ' had something to 
4o with my love for Ellen too, as you know I love to boast myidf as yours 
tad Seott'i oountr}-iQan, But Matilda, however exquisite, and exquiste 
the u, is more of modem acliuil real Ufe. EUeu u unique because her 
MMaiiaa is «o. She belonged to times when kings could woo a* wandcrin(; 
kn^lB — Matilda Rcwns to belong to a more domestic picture." 

•* You shew your discernment there," said Mba Baillie, " Matilda is a 

" Does so perfect a being exist in this dull earth ?" 

The persons next to me spoke at this mnment. and I could not bear 
dikr net or poetess for a few HentenreA. till thef<e wnnb caught my ear 
ftoa MiM Bafllie ; " but historic chararterw must he portraiw. Ricliard 
tbe Thnd and Wobiey are the old traditionary realities prepared by a 
naaterhand for the stage." 

" I doo'l know " said Lord Byron, " I confess for myself at leant, that 
1 know the history of England id Shnksperr much better than anywhere 
itn, and I doubt if tbey were mere portraits, however well drawn, that thejr 
motd hnw tbe life of tbne fiuicy history pieces." 

** But UwQ there's raeh an advantage in tbe name, there is a force of 
tnib in tbe bdief that tbene were once living peraooages. If Hotspair 
weiv only a nJctname given by Bbakspere, w« should f^l that it was all 
innntkin ; now his fiery chantder is as if we had been personally acquainted 
with him : we have no doubt that the Percy in Henry the Fourlh'H time was 
Ibe very person ' »o pestered with a jwjHnjay.' " 

'* You ntay support that notion in thcorvt but vou have not done eo in 

Gwrr. Mao. Vol. XXIV. ' C 


Porl/riUo of a <tfan nflhe Wurld, 


prnctiro. H«vr not j-ou uude RuMobur^'fi i>^iUph on Tlaul, ' Hi^ wu — ho 
WHS like no otlwr ihad,' as truly ■ hero's rpiUkph uh if ho waa lu hintonc «» 
Hotopur. Did not you in Ba«l nudce a rval ideal ?" 

" I did *o. but I migfht hsvt> done it better. I nhoiild h«v« bom in a uftr 
and truer line had I taken oome historic cbarsctor ; h(^ would have boon a 
perKtn and not a peraonifiration." 

" And then some cold-heartod critic," cried Lord Byron, " would havo 
ttJd it was not true to hintorvi and would have made the grand discovery if 
you spoko of n primro»c, that primroiws wtrt> not in blow (hat day of the 
year : or if you madi> your htTu iJnit tho door, that doors wore not in uw 
till llic next ooniury. tend hu on. In an iniii|^iiarj' rharticior and tniag'iiuiry 
teiiio you may do sa you pUnw. and FalxLafT and Mimnda arc as mil 
eiiiitcnrrti now, surely, a^ Hiiir)' thi' Hij^lith or Hotspur. That is thu 
great stamp of gitiiuH to make a namft of a class ; lo liave nn imnfpnar)- 
bcinf; refenvd lo as a reality, as vhon men shall say. ' a sort of Don 
Quixote,* or ' juM a Parson Adams,' it ia the heiffht of human faioc" 

" But if one cjinnot ppt to the lop of the hei]?ht." said Miss Baillie, " one 
munt be rontent with tho half-vay houw, and if it is pntty high up it in 
Tery well. And diflorent sorts nf fame natifdy different people. If I wan 
V011 I do not know that I should be so miKh ^[ntifled to be called Childe 

She Mid thin in mrh a ilow, quiot »-sy, and n-ith mirh a look of droll 
humour, anct the idea of Joanna Kaillie not liking tu bo t^ltod Childe 
Harold was so cmnicnl, that I^rd Byron, though a good doal disroncertod, 
could mrt help luiighing heartily as he replied, 

*• I am sure if I was Mnd. do Stael I drtould not like lo bo called Corinno. 
I havo always pitied hor unfortunate lover, overlaid with pictures and 
statues, and eloquence thereupon, ^o not you think he muit have found 
her an immonw bore ?" 

" 1 hear that word bore applied to mich a variety of things that I oin 

Suite at a lo^s as to its real meaning, if it ever bad any. \ do not ihiuk 
ie original inventor of it ciui lay claim to \'our pinnacle of gcniua, as it 
eiluiot M called the name of any otU! class In particular, but overj-thing 

•• You do not allow any mprit then lo slang ?" 

•• Indeod I do not," said she, very stotitlv. "and tho proof that I am 
right is, that noliody evor knows the ongination of these fashionable 
phrases, they c^tho like those new Fronrh moiip?. from one does nnt know 
whern^ and pvprj"liody must ho a //i soiriothing till tho world is tired nf it, 
and then rhey grt tn be a fa somothing else. Rut I nrknnwlodgp that one 
rniBon I do not admire slang wit is that I do not always tmderxtnnd it." 

I do not romombor any more of tho conversation. I fool rather con- 
fined by tho mob of pooplo I hAvo seon : this is the first London rout I 
have boon at since I came over. a.nd it ia ta dilloront from foreign lociotv I 
hardly understand it. Howildering, rather, the number of wonderful people 

one has pointed out to one. That is Gronoral , or Sir John — - , 

and ho won such a battle, or he was the hero of such a siege, or this otbor 
took tevcn frigutcs, or that man with the scar was in that famous 

action off Capo , and then one feels what a nation of heroes wo are 

by M« and land ; ai>d in the midst of my huroism my Indy prosonu mo to 

Sir Humphrv, who diivovorcd thi«, and to Ur. , who invtiulod that \ 

and as for Mrs. who wrote such a poem, and Mr. , who is 

the author of such a review, there aeemed to be nu end of thrau : so dif- 





1045.] B'mapartt.— TnU^rand. 11 

fcrvot from the euy eurrvut of Stockholm locict} — much more brilUant 
ftti o l y. rcry gnUifyiog tu uul-'s ualiotiiil fix^'liu^, very :«tififactor>' to fiod 
ii tW md of such a war bo many oot tmly the Srst in place, but in fame. 
T1» wealth, ud shew, taAJiuttx of ererj' private house dnpR strike me as 
i—iing, and the umncnHe fioery of the ladips, and the did) dreewe of the 
BKD. eooqand to the prrfKindprance of unifonug, offirial and militaiy, that 
I have been uaed to. uhke my eyes not sp7«rahly : and the ftiAicM of 
noMT and want of rradioesa at Bmall ulk, which is the usual ch&racter- 
irtie of Bn- coimtryinen and womrn abroad, seems to me so exaggerated 
hoBi it aonott aeenu done on pur^w to be English ! 

I have anin mrt Lord Byron at Oouj^las Kinnaird's ; there were only 

besidea rayself. The cominfr i^ the Eiu|>eror of 
Rosiia was spoken of, 1 think, the first thing ; lx>rd Byron wid it waa to 
bis pOTonal beauty the emperor owed half — thr>^ ({tiaTleni — uf his funv. I 
■id thai the gallant defence of his country af^ainst the ^rreatmt gvtieral the 
voitd «mr taw would hare mode iiiin just as famous ; no one thoi^ht of 
his Igure aa contrasted wJUi Napultou'w five feet four, or whatever he is. 

" And do you think Bana)nrte wuuld h&rv e\-er swayed such multi- 
bides witfamtl hi* fine head and his fine vym, and his captivating' smile ? 
BtBtt* me persooal appmrance has morf to do with govBruiiig men than 
phikMplieiii think." uid Lord Byron. 

■* Mnmbeaa. for in«tanoe," eata Douglas Kinnaird. " who ruled the Sans 
Cab Ww and all Fiance by hi« sheer elixiueaice, and who was the ugUnt 
Baa BD Europe." 

" But his ugiiness was sublime," said Lord Bf-ron : '* it was an intenw, 
lirrific ftanling hideousarsa of aspect, which fasi^'inated by its very force ; 
it oMde men look at him, and as socm as he hod their eves he had their 

" Talleyrand thfoi." said n ■ - ■, wth bad taste I thought, addrr-oxing 
^wd Byron, ronwdering what are the personal defects of Ikoth, " Talley- 
imd then, what rea«oa can you give for his sticoe**, not only with men 
but with wonMm ? He is ikA Mublime in uglineas, hut ugly, and a meau 
lihaMty nglinv«3( too." 

" Well, and what is bis success ? Doc-it he, or did b«, or will he goveni 
Franee ? flis renown among tbi* 1ji<!ir» 1 do nut pretend to judge of, but 
\n public career is that trf" an abandtiucd profligate. AA'hat I said was 
that personal appearance swayed multitudes, but all thai Talleyrand has 
e*v done ho* been by little pettifogeing i-wps in councils and boudoirs, by 
boo-nota and witty insolence. He knew he could not gorcni. he never 
<lnapli it, be wants to keep his own property, and to have his conifortablu 
bettar and Aim; carriagts ; and be has always kept and alwavs will koq> 
dun. He is what we Scotcbt" said he, looking at Kinnairo, " what we 
Seoteb call canny : he ni-ithcr is nor aspires to Iw either good or grmt." 

" We shall ew." said , " lie may sliew niorp power of governing 

ntnbnd, now thai we are all at peace ready to he governed, ihan you give 
him rmlit for." 

*- \'cn little rtedit I shall give him," uid Trfrd Byron, " for aitting in 
AD nffirr and nf^in^ p*ppr« in the regular routine of stagnant t-xii'ttiirr'. 
When men have cejiM-*! to fight for an heroic imagination thrv want to he 
rich and rumfnrLalile. and are a* tame as a hungry dog. — their int4Ti>*t is 
•miIt managed. Any one ran gii nn ra«ily bribing an<l Ix-ing bribed. 
TV uglic*-! m^n mi earlh can do lltRt n-cll enoi^h." 



Porlfhlio of a Man aj'lhi H'orltt. 


uid 1. '* in tiute of war and 

** HHtiilauniF mi-n am only round thru." 
•onvuUion " 

" Whether individuals tn&ke petX evenU, or events individuiJ gmtnciB, 
] cannot drtcrminfi," Mid I^rd Byron ; " I Wtp that to casiiijtt* in Ihp ways 
of providpnw. All I o^nert i« that nature does not niake pvreoual Iwauty 
in cither mm or women for nothini?." 

■• Discitts I" crifd - , "what do yoa mean by nature aiid pro* 
vidmce ? arc they the ttame, or do you luc the words in oppmition 'f 

" I did not pick my temu |>uticu)arlyt 1 knew I was not bt^arc a bench 
of biibopa : [ might have «aid chance by which f^reat men brccme preat, ia 
called in common pArlance luck, and by divine*, a di^peniwtion of pru- 
vidt^nec, which I take to mtsm in fact the sauie thing. We do not see the 
hidden cau»e ; we caJl il, bi<<.-ftuii« it contea to ta unaecounted for, chnrm, 
luck, fortune, but when we wi«h to be polite vrt- talk of providenre." 

** ' AdtuitN, mid U-aveit tliem pro vi deuce"* care," " itaid Kinnaird. 

" Ye«," Maid Hyroii, ■■ we niujit admil thai there i« a power lUiMen. 
Which of us t-nti tell what, or where, and wlio any of tis may he this dav 
ten vears ? Napuleou called it deittinv, and a lerriblc thing he found hit 
deabny in luat year's tuiow. The gnatiT Ihe (JTrsonal nde the hight-r we 
are; the vaat«r the nitnibers we can away thu more fiercely the fpiril 
vtnigKles in it!< utif^ht, the mon^ terrific is t^nt M-nite of sufnTinaunlw-ut 
alavisnnca*. Dcgiiuiiiig his march in uiiliurj state, a million of men at 
bis conunand, arnut storaa, arts, artiKauB. — all tJiat civil and military genius 
oould combine, foroBCP. and execuu*. was his ; be had croHted Europe 
with this oioviiig world, to whom hi& nod was law— he lay down to sleep 
omiiipukiil — he awoke a powerful puppi>ti u hdjiJL^ii iiLuve hiui>clf. and all 
(hat mighty multitude in ehjiinn they cmild not hrmk. An unsren. 
utihenrd, inexorable furce had in the itilpnl night boiuid up that bust, to 
whom bin will was law — hit* will ! when^ wr" it ? lit' may cumuuLnd. but 
who ran otiey ? He hm* fotmd there if^ a ^unnething mightier than him." 

•• His hrimme rougf should ban- wnmid him," said ; " 1 wonder 

what truth there is in hii belief in a geniu:*." 

" It in not only [H»sible hut probable," said I, " that Bonaparte b a 
]cn]>erstitions man. He was bred up at a time when there was no religion 
taught; he felt, as Lord Byron i>ava all men of high afipiralionH must feel, 
that great as thi'y are there ii greater, that there are boimds appointed to 
lh(!m thai they cannot pass ; he called it fate, and his (iiti- had done such 
wondrous things for btm \w felt that, so much was the effect of circiim- 
ataiiees over which be had no cotilrol, it wuh iuijMisaible that he «houtd not 
have a »ii|)er»tiliMui< dn<ud of this late, which had done fo nitich, undoing it 
all again. It ii« very Ukely ho dve« believe in that red banshee, or some 
snch nonsense." 

"Sailom an- always snceringly calhjd aupenititioua," said Lord Byron, 
" hot why sneer at it ? It ia only the inevitable homage of their siluotion 
to that vthicli they feci and understand not. I am a sailor myself, and I 
know what the commander of a ship, the nearest to life of aught created 
by man's hand?, I know what he feelit as hr proudly steps the deck, and 
makes that whole in move and tuni and stay and go as he onlaius — that 
intrioate confusion of ropes and pollies, and nmmiiiring mass of brutal men. 
become instinct with motion, life, and sense at hix nod : he treads that 
deeJt. the pmudent despot in the unirerse : ' a little cloud no bigger thui 
n man's hand ' appears in Ihe far-off horizon, the waters surge, the sails 
howl — the dread pncur-or — a pHlc — n storm '. and wlial ic nmii f what nrr 


Lord Sjfi'OH. — I*9fu 




tm «wfc> ? staHi and stiff on yonder rock be Iwm, — Uul ^lUnt rul«r ekkf, 
—that thiag of Uf* be ruletl, where in rl ? here a timber, Dwrv s nil, tU 
MaUend to the wtm and wind*. And can you call it Miperstition in thtM 
ntn to fear oSending tbt» dread fbroe that makva thetn in their atfcngth so 

" Poete are pririlegcd." taid -, " and may turn what is alnurd 

ima fioe icntencea, but all that doea not aakc the supentttigo a bit more 
latioaal or Its* injuriotu." 

. •* Is there any one." aaid Kinnaird. " who, if tbey were breed to speak 
baoanly, would not confess hi- hail hitt own supiTHlitioD ?~ 

** Ob I" aid , " yoa Kootch have a right lo second aigbt, and 

f^mtMf and all that.** 

** I ■appoae h is, at least I am jirnud to hail it an niirfa," said I^ord 
BtToo. ** I suppooe it » a proof of my Ncuich hload that T brli^re I may 

** Hr paiisf>d and looked amnnd at 119 ; his rountenance waa at thu 

iD>unt more a^rreoahle than I tliink I pvor saw it before or after : it had 
freoi the serious and high tone of our conversation an nalted <>i(>msioD, 
totally opposite to that insolent sneer which usually belonged to it, and 
there was as ho looked around a sort of youthful confidence and candour 
that was for the moment real. — '* I am speaking to men of honour, and in 
strict ooofidence. When 1 wa* nlmiit fifU-en, I dreamed that I wu walk- 
ings CD a wood, and the dried leaves crushed under mv feet ; suddenly they 
whirled up before me as in a vortex, and an they dispersed J saw a rpacv 
bid barv^ and on it lay a ghastly spectacle — a corpse, — the dead body of 
a ymmc man, young, tall, handsome, in the very pride of youth ; bis drvss 
VB* ricD. but it and his hair and the grouud about him was oil clotted gore, 
■ad a htdcuu: wound in his breast seoncd bleeding sUll. J raised the ann, 
it Ml dead from my hand, and I awoki- with a svrcanL Thn-r times did 
1 dnsm this horrible dn-ani, till the features, dress, the stifTeitiiifi: Umhs, 
aye '. every individual clot and jiuut of bluod. was as vivid lo my sifrht on 
nai are now. — Time iM-ssed. ihv impression, the immediale horror of the 
Oram had Iwyun to fadr. when 1 came to I^ndon. I was one dav io- 
tiadnoed to a young man whose rountraanee, though handmrne an^ in- 
t*natiag> gare me no painful a fe^-ling as I looked At it, that I involunUrily 
ttmied Bwav:btit why 1 felt ihiii kindof teirorata ntronger'ti face I could not 
Mmprcihiend ; — it was Ixirri Camelford, — webecAme acquunled, intimate — 

be foagbtt he was kilted — I was called, I vfent, I saw bv Heaven it 

was the ver\' figure of my dream ; so lay the arm, so the tangled bloody 
kair. the gashed wound still bled, and, where the gore had dried, 1 beheld 
may individual elol and );out as I had seen it in my dream." 

ni* aji ashes had he grown as be told his talc, and his lips trembled as 

be *poke ; alU enen , were silcut, when Lord Byron swallowing a 

tiirahlrr of water at a draiq[ht, exclaimed, " A capital liAnd at a devilled 
txrkev was Camelford ; 1 have alwnya cherished an affeirtkinate regard for 
lictJU 00 his account, ever since that last night when we supped on one. 
Do let US ham one now, Kinnaird." 

Paris, 1814. — Here I am at Paris. It is an event in one's life. aAer 
having btvn w many years closed to Huglisimien. How protid oni- focls lo 
think we enifreil it at last as conquerors ; the »M-ond t'mit; our soldiers 
"witii their gilding all bumif>lted." have marched triumpliant through their 
kaughrr rival's capital. .V grand capilal it is — 'but it is not I'arts 
tralU : that ts^ one ecvii its grandeur, ii^ outside, but what was iiti glory and 


Portfolio of a .Van tj/the World. 


itfl cbcrTn,-^what made h the idol of thv tmtion atid the pnvy of fan'i^i?r»— 
the iociet^ is no tnorv. Amt probably ni'wr will agiiiri \» what it wu 
before the Hevolution. At present there is no nnch xWn^^ as Frenrh society z 
nobody kiigwn who, or what, or where they are. Tlie R»riaparli»fB hide 
thcmselTp* and devour their chagrin a» thej I^est can. The emitirantfi, 
wild with joy to bo at Pans again) an mort of then ab»olMk> begr^ns and 
know not how their clainu are to be adjusted : the non-emijiTaDt toyaU»tg, 
who havi^ their |tro)it.Tt)', and who are now ready to play their part aa 
Bourlion eourtien, aru divided aniong thcnist-lvcs ; iheae ore thoMt who 
figured at the iniiM'rial eouii, and thuise who make a merit of having with- 
drawn fpoin it. A whok- generuttuii haa grown up aincn thp inunler of 
Louis the Hlxteenth; and bin execution, and the mgn of terror, are nil 
mattem of bistnrj- to the prfserit van' ; so that there is, except in the a\A 
emtfrrants, who took away and havi? brought bark thrir original 
loyalty in all in freshneas, no nort of prestigt' or enthtiNin-nn about the 
reiloration ; and poor old gouty I^uin Dishiiit iii certainly lint ralnilat^ to 
excite any. I^ad a gallant young prinee, who had fonght hio wav to the 
throne, entered Paris roTered with Innrcis, at the head of a eonqiiering 
army< ho wonid have been received with acrlomations. nnd have won every 
Parisian heart, from the Duehens of the Faubourg St, (lennains, to the 
fioubrette, though tile laiireU liad Ini-n dyetl in French blood, and though 
his horses' hoof» bad trod down slaughtered Frenchmi-n in his triumphant 
entry. Had hi> entered a triumphant conqueror, he would have lieeii 
adored ; so ntrong is the military mania in the Freneh. To an Englith- 
nian. the indiflerence with which the Bourbons are rpceiTed ia mortifying 
and irritating. But we fought for a principle: the mere right of the 
BourlKini) or their oerfcmal character were not the nuin objecta of our 
glorious struggle. Wc fought to uphold all that was tacn.'d, and reverend, 
and dear to »oeial existence ; we uppoiied those who had tmiiipled u|ki» 
even* right, divine and human ; we fuiight for order, for pre«TvatioH ; we 
stood aluue n barriiT against ihi^ flood of anarchy, wo braved it, wt! swept 
their fleets from the sens, and drovu their nrniie^ from the Athintic to Paris, 
and tiiB tyraimy of liberty is at an end. llui the raowt duroted Hourhonist 
and sturdiest rhiimpion of b-gitiniaf y in France, must look nulkily nn iia-^ 
we are the rmiqnerors. I hnd an introdiietion to an emigrant family : T 
>iave been to call on the old liuchpss in her hotel, one of the old original 
hotels. Its desolate grandeur is verj" melanrholy. The Diwheas received 
me in a petite piece, the lart of a long auite. I could not have wished fop s 
better specimen of the be«t schno) of French manners, easy, dignified, and 
wellbred. Touching every fubjecU — dwelling on none — a tone of scntituent 
for her return home, a witty Ann mot on the Bonapartists, a graceful 
allusion to the guillotine, a prettiness on the death of the Dnuphin, a tear 
for Marie Antoinette, a righ for the feelings of the Duchesne d'AngoulPme, 
a itmilo at the nottvraitjc richei, a word on the theatres, and an enthu- 
Ma»n on the beauty of Paris. All so easy, w> slight, no agn-^-Jiblc ; I 
frit it delightful .it the time, though, now when I try to recal il, tlie froth 
has disappeared ; the many-coloure<l bubble I 9u admired bms burst. — no- 
thing remains. Nothing I for when I touched upon the familv from whom 
I rwooiTod tj»e tntroduetion. and to whom the DuehcsK owed in fart her 
rapport in Knglaitd, who had naved her from actual !itarvntinu ; she juat 
aeknowledged their ciLstence, and that was nil. And rrt it wa.1 done w 
easily, and sbe passed do to nomethiiig else so lightly, iriat I ronld not at 
the moment feel the difgui-l I now do .-il her extreme ingratitude ; but I 

1045.^ Mttd. de SrriffUr. — .Vmit. d^ /'ivmy. IS 

ntUv beti»v« it doet doI itwrit uiythiHft: m gnnd aa indigDalton ; H ta raore 
■btfulr fhvoluy than anvthiitg elm-', lucre incapability uf any pmfoimd 

I «eot lo-day on a pilgrima^ to tho hotel which was IVfad. de S^igo^s. 
il oow belongs to M. d? Frunv. the superintendent of the PonU et 
Ch a aaaiiW i to whtmi I bad aii introduction. The rDomii ren)«n just as 
AhcT «cnv lod one knoW!) the fn>ngraphy of the hmiiw »o well, I could fix 
wm &fad. de Gngtum't apartmmt iniitantlT, and le Dien Bon's Itttlc study : 
ami looked at tho nHnns when> ^f«d. de 66vip;nf herself had lived so long, 
■ith a fieding of almost filial resport, while there wu a ton of melancholy 
auufiudan, mixed with my regret for departed geniiu, in the thought that 
■he bad not lived in these low days ; that she died in brr own age, and did 
Ml oattive the respeet for ber order, or to see the days when failh, and 
JHlinitioiu, and virtue, and property, became a jesU Singular, the Mort of 
NDdrtng interest felt for Mad. de ^vign£ and hcT daughter, who were 
aotwrotnes, or politinaos, or manrrs; two cultivated doniesilic wunten, 
nsttriahle only for their abilitin and constaucy. 

M. de Proor was eng:aged when I came, but gave diraetiona that I 
abeokl K« the liouse : he came, and a curious transition it wa», from the 
daya of Louis the Fourteenth, to a Bonapartist savant. A »in^lar man, 
de fVaayi in every thing ; a man not to be met with any wlii-rv but in 
leaner; a profound matlwnutician, and yet a uiao uf gultuutry, and 
hMkng ao little like one. No longer young, alwaj*« very nbflent, very 
nady to give iu bis adhesion to thv pniFeut govenuuent. and yet cherishing 
a fowl mlhmiaam for Napolcuu. He cannot be inlli'd an agn-eahte man, 
because be scarcely listens to wliat one savs : but very entertaining, telling 
at the impenal and consular days. And when one uArs from a man of 
ibilttT who knew the times, and was an actor in the very»^nrs, — when one 
beam all that Bonaparte did, one doe? admire the indomitable genius of 
ibe mait'— comii^ as he did. a Foldier of fortune, into a country torn by 
tulioiu anarrhy, and making hiniwlf the niting power. He came cer- 
tainly at the moment when everr body was tired of confusion ; but when, 
hke the children who would he their own masters, they were still half tipsv^ 
and so croas with tbe double ill-humour of unsuccessful liberty and unap- 
peaaMl aqoabbling. They knew thoy wanted a tutor, but that did nut 
incline ihem to like one wnu meant to whip them soundlv. Whip them hv 
d!id, and brought them into such good order, that they have fur the 
pwemt quite forgotten the notion of being their own manlem agaJtu His 
mUitary di>ripline, his eucourageinent of science, hit) ecole polvtechnique, 
bk power of yiiigliiig out genius wherever it was to be found, were themes 
«• which Prony dilated with enthusiasm, and then, beginning to think of 
sonethiog else, would stop short and recommence witli his " et bten," at a 
dUkrent place. Not omitting to let me see that, in spite uf his grey hair, 
wild uncut mop it wai) too, he had been Aofnm« dot bnnneMfarttmaa i and 
rtDpt in the middle uf an inteniiting account he wan giving of the manner 
ai which he taught bia asMstantu to work logarithm!;, to liint, a pretty 
brad Unt, of how often he had l>een in Riich a lady's boudmr* ud bow 
■odi another had smiled npan him. giving at the wmc lime tbe dtollMt 
look at Mad. de Prony's pictun^ which hung oppoftite to us. [ did not see 
Madame : >he waji in the couiilry. t^he mii^t have been beautiful, and a 
atiu ge contrast to Prony him»elf. who, though not ren,- ugly by oatiire, 
i^d agtndeman barn, looka like a gazetteer, half crazed with x, y, and a. 


PortJ'uUu tij'n .V«»» fif'thf IViirM. 


The finit ihiiiff ime aera iif IVrie is Lhe pit dome of the Invalidcs 
noble inontiincm nf NjipolmHi'-j taiiti>. am), juctgintr hytlierJAJt I luivojust paid 
to itfi intrrinr. it* an noblv consrcnited to bin g;rniiiii And hiii povir of winning, 
wielding, and krt*pinjf the heartt of his folloflrtra. The wilH enthusiasm of 
the nuuRwd vet«nuiH of nil ninkii in thnt nugnificent eMahlinhmcnt when 
litf wpaXLt of him, nnd the dn^f^l sulkinrsft with whirh thov net-nied to 
MquiMce to the prownt rvign, docs not augur ]M>rf«ct submiaoion to the 
powers that b«. TbMe poor fcUow* (■vid«nily doubt that their gnat 
captain's downfal is so complctr. And when one sees their militar)- power, 
and their utter devotion to htm, one wondem how he was ever defeated. It 
eialta his enemies to percoivp all they had to subdue. Vigour was hin 
grttkt power, pemonal and meiita) activity, and the art or thi' force to in- 
spire it in others ; every corporal, everv clerk, to the lowest official of t^M 
provincial bur«au, must ad, must do ni* duty ; a heftitatiDn, a di-lay, iU|^| 
ominsion, he was diitnu!M«d. And Frenchmen can work very hiinl ; thoj ' 
take their f^ety, but they om Labour for it. Tliere is a coiintitiiliuiial ac- 
tivity in th«ir nature, inore easy to set and to keep a-frtNii^;, to a crrtain 
point, than an Enjilinhraan. There is a di>)(re« of iodolfEicv, a fat rw 
in*Ttur, in the iiativo EiiKhshman, bvsidvs bis innatf Iotu of liberty, that 
bates to be forrrd, and kit-ks against authority. Now, u Fn-nchutan must 
b« ruled, he (*imol rulw liimself. When iht-y are let loose ihev run mad ; 
u long a« they aro led about their moukey iialun' subnuts cliecrfiilly to 
the leader's string, and plays its pranks right merrily : let him go, and the 
tiger breaks out. During the nevolutiou tlH-y Wf^re a set of ti^nt, 
fighting, tearing, and destruyiug one another in n great amphitheatre, with 
tbe world for ■pectalom, tt was inUi this arena thnt Hniiaparte d<?- 
■MP dcd, jam vben ihev were nated with blood and weak with fun,-, and 
ihpy followed the "jxJl by whieh he led ibetn out of their bloody 
theatre, tamed and rrawling, i«ubmiaNive to their kivi«T'8 nod. 

It is irriuting to one'a John Bullish aooni for the man, and must be 
deeply mortifying to the Boorbons, to tee all N'ajmleon did for Paris, and 
all the tiophies of his wars, the grand rallection in the l^ouvre. the tributt' 
of conquered nations. — " Most I leave all these," Cordiiuil Masarin said, 
looking at his picture gallery, when he was dying, and what a mixture of 
triumph and despair must Bonaparte now feel whim he reads of th«> 
thronging world at Paiis, admiring his work»— his magnificence- .\n Eng- 
lishman, a rhivalrouM soldier, fevU only disgust at the robbvry, artd lh« 
bad tasta which has torn so many b«autiftil picture* painted for the place 
wlwre they huntt, and losing all their t-ffeci any whfn- else. It is grievous 
too to WK so many <>f theiu dmlruyi-d by niudeni viiniiifb. Itut still it is a 
grand sight, and I have Imyu there more than any where else. J saw an 
Italian image boy so rooted in admiration W'fure a madonna of ttaphael'!* 
that be never seemed to perceive that there was a human being near him. I 
touebed his tboutder at last, and a.<>ked what be admired bo much in that 
picture. He started, and was M>me time before be eoltectcd his thoughts 
sufficiently to answer, when he said, he had oft«i) seen it before, that his 
brothfTi who was a painter at Florenei', bad co^Hed it, and that they loved 
h bccouMi it was like a sister whom they had lost. 

" Are you glad to mw it here ?" 

" Oh no — it is oDiis," said he, with a deep emphasis, and a look of 
revengeAil anger that would have startled Buonaparte. He twmed away, 
and it stnick me as I looked at the beautifiil face, how strange is the idola^ 
try of these Italian faces as re])resentAtioni of a Jewess. Singular how 
any thing pa»ses nirrrnt for an idral. Whatever was iJic original uotioti, 


St. JoJm't Gate, Chrkenm-tlt. 



ibr auMflfil qmliol Iwronu's the rtialtty. ani] connoifupiiK, with tlit-ir 
iilalAtrjr. Aiid mnatic« with Ouan, arff finally rraily to tako upon Intst oiiil 
wofship what ihcf see as true rcprefteiitAtion of what thoy mvc not scvn. 
lung* and hrroes wv have (rcnerally as milly in ihinr coina and medutii, 
hil Uw n«l ippmniDoe of soum- of tlio»p who huve hnd thr most real in- 
ftnffMV upon human «icuti.-u<v iminim aii iiitnf;inntiori. Hfrc, even in thin 
K«Ilrry, rautatniiur all lliat t« coiiiiidcn^l Hupnine in art, the A]iol1o «nd 
Vcmtx. nnr! «» itunr wf iht* lUiliaD chef d'i^iivn% it t4!vm% unfrratet"! to 
th I 1 y«^ how the iiif uffiricncy of painting and statuoiy strikes one ; 

«h iiiH suBTrwti U always so much more than what it represents. 

And tn m tnuch jts It iti more niggcstive is paJiiting GUperior to sculpture. 
7^ Mwncw of tiKdalling lM<ccimes just now verr difficult. Xapokon's 
war an fme nnd his victorira so splpudid to French ranitVi that the re- 
am vX ttir BciurboQ^ the reatoratiou by foreigii arms, conies but 
iwiwanUj to be Mtpreased for i>ostt'rity. 

( 7*0 ir eontinuedS) 


{With a Plalr.) 

Z«i-* I Jin I lli^ Hilwlantiit) r«pain 
eare nt'soexpcniiive a chararter na 
lo |in-vi.-iit tliQ prrvrat occupant from 
devoting any aUmtion to a <MrcAil re- 
paration of thp exterior ; in faci, the 
TOTcrinp m" the gatcvav with compo 
haa been suggested. The kiiowlo^ 
of these ftcu vu laid hctbrc the 
" Frecmaeoos of the Church," a So- 

, _ _ «iety established for the recorepr, 

thmdi Ftill mbstaDdally wcure, auujitcnaoee^ «nd fuj-lburaac« of lim 
it i»«|B irw in mnae rr-ipt.-L^ llie Bids of true prinnplM and practice of archi- 

■ 1»oaiw of the IViory of 
.-rk«iwi-ll, being at the 
\M Duaolarion a modern 
■nd oB« of ample and eom- 
-aveti (ran deslruc* 
ai> 'M into a pmato 

Kv. i. Ill- ■.iinTjtii'oditHitmund 
ifeoocb varifMU viciMitudct, without 
m; auMrnl klfcntioa, uitiiJ iii>w at 
lm;^^ afbfT th<> hmn of three een- 

KfsnUoa* and jmliriuuK re[nir, par* 
litaUrl* in it« vxtpmal ciulne. 

On th* tirt't of Juaoarf uut, the 
UH9 MatrawUtan Builiboga Act <-ainu 
■atnflftnnon. nnd in arcwdanee whh 
claSK 40 fwhieb reunire« ihnt thv^' 
£«tric4 nin«Tor shall apply fnrth- 
villi to the nmdal retereec to nutho- 
rit* a Mirv^y In In.* lutxli'- of all Viuild- 
i»pi within the Unuu uf the Aji;t which 
thrao^ neglect or other causes arc in 
m ratnou a cundhJun tliai patseagers 
arr wdauend thereby ), n ritrrcy wax 
wmio, aaa a aotioD girun u> the owner 
«r8l.Joba'aQaletniviHurit. Thede- 
cuMp t Mition e4 the stone easing to the 
iwrenl ndca of tiic huiMlnic w con- 
■idcrvd daa^proos to paaaers-by ; and it 

tcciurCt when a eoiuuiitlce was imine- 
diately appointed lo prvveiit the dia- 
figurcment of the bulldiug bj ecment, 
and to adopt iniuuiunui fur ita carcfnl 
renoratlon. Thie committee eonniata 
of (he Rev. Uneh H«j(hes, B-D- 
Rwlor of St. Jnhn\ Clprkenwell ; the 
Kev. G. Pocock. LL.B.; Meesw. 
Thomas Di^ton (Arehite^lnral Mo* 
deller to Pnnce Albert). C. II. Snuth 
(one of the oxamintrn of the atone tor 
the new Uouses of Parliament). W. 
(>. RofccTM, Jainm Finn, and W. P. 
(iriiBth, F.S.A^ Luuomrj- cwretary. 
The last named ifenlleuiiu) ha.-i pre- 
pared a dcAifrn for the reotoration of 
lite 0«te, wliirh tf prcaenled to our 
readers in the aecompan^ring Plate.* 

* tn tbe peat mnliitniln of priola of St. John** Ga(K which bava baaa iatnad oo 

Ike eateiior at the Ocotlonan't Maguio^ <lurbR the lut liHnUred and Rtlvta yean, 

antaUy in atl net*d\vtg tern mtiHMt of copies, tiicra t> in tbi suooeaalaB a nmaldeim- 

Ua awMtfi attHax from ttM rcapectiTe rmte or talcot of the draagUsnen emplajed, 

taanvr a fi«h eagrannf brcstne rt^nlule. Oar proeitt vignette, which is copM 

Gawr. Mao. Tofc. XXIV. D 


St. John't ifaU, Clerk 


Wv fihall Dot (A the jtrcsvnt orca- 
rioii uikT ut linigtli into tlw IiiHtory 
of Uin IViory iifClM-ki-itw.-ll. TTmt 
will be A]unil in niri«ii!i iMKikn of 
IVmIy aCTAu, niitl Mol. liNul. a^r<i-»)>ly 
rt-'lutwl in a jkvjmt writur by Mr. 
Cluirlt-s Kiii^ht. in hi* inh'ivwtin); nii<- 
(wllaiiy i>ii " I*tniili>n,"" Sunu* fow pnr- 
tiriiUrs wliii'li wo iij]il vtiA\ put tu^— 
titer in tin* l'ro?[)i.-i~t iid Unci) ly the 
K<!ft(tr«iiun C'nmiuiUi:^-, will lie suili- 
cicnt In rt-fri'^h our naHi^r'B mt-riKii v. 

" Sc, Jnhn'ii ViiW'i* nl the iwiiili- 
om (.Titninoi' uf St. Jolin's Si[iiftrv\ anil 
is the only jiiKriuiit pwtlal now rv- 
Duiining ol itidst! luuiiiuiUir IjuiMiiutM 
oiivc Mj iiuiiK-rous in tlio iiii4ni]X)US 
tuid !U «ic-inily, ll runiicii llii- gnUld 
iMiutli vuIniOLV to tliL- Utwtiitul or 
IVitirjr of Si. John of .Ii-niKfilftii. iinil 
WM eouiplcCfil liy Prior Oomrra in 
IA04- 'llii« I'rinr wua \\tv itiiiufilinli* 
iirwlwLfWxir of thr liwi ^iperinr of iJio 
BOiiWi Sir WilLiuiii Wcstoti. and rv- 
toln«(l hi* tA\\(%- from LilTi to \!i1^. 
In IS6I a vlvw of thv (itili> tcbs taki-n 
by Hollar, ihowin^ In iiilviiiitai^- t\v9 
(■flc(;t priKiurwl by llio l>AlTlt'iar.nta, 
thoH riiiiipl^ti-, }iat ii(»vr Lmlin^lj" cnne. 
Ill the ifrjin of <}iniu-.4 I. It wiv* intw 
biU"i| by Sir linger Willinihuii ; bwi it 
hn-H nrt]iiire<l miich frrL*«ter f^li-Wity 
fnm\ hnvinK been Ine ivsidt'iicv of 
Iwlwiird C'flVf', tho prinicr, to ivliom 
the lik'rsry niiil iinti<|iiiinm] >Kuri>l 
ova so luauf obliptiiiHia. utd lierc 

otnUMted flmin tlic arm the fnVDUritc 
Mid ona of the ol<U«t mul iuimI n- 
nwctable of our monthly periodicals, 
163 fr«'nilt>miin"8 Hagsutine, irAr'cA im*r 
Imrn in lAr gtilr ii) •laminry, 17,1 1, 
and h .ttill flouri.tlnnjr.' Among the 
oiirrn'ruim Ti«itnrjt nt tint time war* 
(iohlcinilh iukI Dr. Samuel 'lubnBini 
(CuTo being Ills friend nnd vaxly 
palrou). l»r. JohnKin's jioii wn.« caa- 
tinually at work, imd hts pnmnhlcts, 
prefaces, qn)n|i]im ejiwiyn, mid biopn- 
iihi4-nl tnc'iuoir:! wi-ro vonliiiually |iulli- 
tixhiil in Ihe uhi liHle, i-ilher by ln«ni* 
M-'lviv i>r ill iIk' tic-ntkiiiui'tf Migs* 
jtinc. In l?40, nml fiT in<>lv dlM 
two yc!U» aftiTwimbi, he wrote tlw; 
rurliiiuK-uliiry njifwhea in the wuiie 
niapixinv, nml tlifw wen? lolUrwi-^l by 
hixLifi- i>f Sm»iii(i', EngliHli T>iiiii«i»r)r, 
ITie Vnniiy of Hunuin W'ijdw!", tmi 
Hninbter, nnd inanv ntlii^r popuhir lili?- 
mrv prod u( lions," 

"Vhtt (tiilfWHV eAiiibil» 1 |ioo<l Kjieci- 
iin>n of pn>iiil:i^ of the 16ui oeatnry, 
ailnnitxl will) i^'ulplured boaM* aiM 
niouhliil riln, !<{iriii)!in); from ntlgulftr 
coIiiiim» with niuuldi'd rapitals. Thy 
IxMscf are oniametileii with shiclJn iif 
amif, iiO; and ujKin ihe ecolreU boM 
or kvy-«tonv is tiio luiwhal liinib, Tho 
AOiitlt or itrinriruil front luu tlie iu-i»» 
of Fmnce iiiid r>igland, nnd llie north 
front tIio«' of St. J»»hn'« Priorv and 
Sir'Hwomsi ihkTwin, the (buiiilt-r-T On 
Uic west ftide of the (Ulcway is to )>o 

tnta the tnhat new extant, — thit by Hallsr, fi the ncMt pieturetqvt, bit uot the 
noM ac^nrnt'^. It ght-* an umJoc nilJIuiIr of (impnrtioiui to Ibe v>hr>1» Ktia«tun\ and 
to ita iinrli. Mr, (irilBltii'ti tinw ii correct lu theae rti«)irit>. and maA nliibit it 
mndt M it Hppranil wlini ilr*t rreetwl. 

* Edward Cave dii-d in I'M. The Muarine wu runlmord by Mr. David Hmrj 
hit brotlM>r-in-Uw and Mr. lUciharJ Cavehia ncplinv. Tim Utler ilini in WfiG, mtttn 
Mr. llriiry Tttiiiquitlirii tin bukinm «f a iirinltr ; iiud crnpluynl, aa bii agrnl at SL 
J(>hu*i GitF, Mr. DnTid Itond, vho whh to contin<iod until tba nnd of i;78. M that 
(Ul« a TOtilidetab1« *hare of the proprietOKhip of the Maj^inr haviuc brru purclioJcd 

a the hlH Mr. Niobob, It wu (nr tU« nut twn year* prinlr.l pnrtly it Ut. Jolin'i 
te and pAttij in Red Uon Paangc, Pl«t->ln«t. In I'ril (jtitt tiftv jninrt fmui it* 
wmHMaeanunM tba Magadna mdrcly Irft it* nnlifr (pot. It mm printed fur ovarly 
finty yetr* In Red Lion Paiaace, mil n^'w fur twenty-five hi PartUnieni-gin^et. 

f Engraved in nor Miiguzine for .No*. ItllJ, p i'iH, In an carlirr volume, Oct, 
1788, p. HJ.1, Ihfl vftriwi* p»iivU of arma an either *iil« or Ih^ OMr atr alto cnrrfuUjr 
r«prM«iitpd. Tbc armi of Ihc Trivry «tt<? Gulca. > crvw oneot. Thoie were usually 
|ila0cd a* a chief over lh« l^ord I'linr* (lunily arma ; an ahovni both ben and la tbe 
cnae of the nrni!i of Sir William Wealoun the Liit Ltird Priur, at tbr eunmiafedfrfy at 
Temple Halmll in WnrivifVuhire, (eneraTpd in mir tnl. X. N.S. p. 2TI'). The nrn>* of 
llocwra were Solile, a. rhrvrun riijiTiulcd ar^nt between llirre plaie*, rach eliariced with 
• pallet or. Id one panil thnte arm* impak a crosa Aory, when tkcy werf probably 
IntrniinI for tbc PHiit'i brollit-r, Jami-* Docwra enttnire, olio marrji-d Kotliarioe, 
daoghler of John tlowldni, of Morden, rm. (-*n>britljtr, Ihr tiuit nf llaacldeii hciiiff 
Ariptal, a civm flory fable, the chief of tlie tnar uf ihc ('nor; being eriuneoufly aiMed 



iote» ofJuUoH CUment. 

Men • spMiinra of «H*J«nt ou-vini; iii 
oak, is ■ (KTliyt »lalc uf ptvMwaiioti. 
iMTWg MOD formerly tm.- hetu) of n 
ilaoff«»y. In the muuior oClhe Gai*- 
hiHve rcBuun WTUml diHinravs. r«- 
rEM«4, &!.% uiO same oT the oIilitulintT' 
■re ilivvini in cinupKitraenU by rib- 

Tlv wiirlu pmpn««il will he dtr»4al 
to tiw mttrslimi nf tlit* ilrvnraUvp 
I K w tium of the (iKbv ancJi u tii]i|4n2 
or tettitu mdn stone in thu iiurtb 
ukI MHitB Armtv, (■■jvl^illy nihbiti^ 
ifcoM UiM ftre KMod, bihI rcfiUu-iue 
ft(H.> wlurh An> ttMt miK'h dcc^jnt^Niiicn 
vttli new stone, Dot sciuared, but in- 
Mrtdl Ml u to conform «ilh I1k> iin.— 
«a« anMumce of tlii> ljuililiii<;. Vhv 
CooMntttcv tvronitDtriuI oarrviii^ up the 
CfDlxttlcinart; in >>t^iiii' iu (rutit "I the 
UUfiitnr Iurn.-l!> :lii-I jparn|M.'(» to tjieir 
onpiul bcifjtii. iiijicrting m-w bbeU tu 
A* doon mod windowv, «lriii;r-<^vuniv» 
wai haaA» unuBd. tunr niid pro]M.f 
■mOiOQ6.wiUi rinqau-ruil lii.-u'l», (u till- 
ing wiiwlinr* in Uii- tiurlli »o>t iwnirh 
froato. and removuic: the uumkIhIt 
Romu) drtnnraj Mul fjiiip-wimintr <hi 
tlw Muth aide, and plarinj! a auv n-in- 
Aiw oml <liwi«Tm¥ '" Vi'«."piii|r wilii tin- 
ri ' < ' - up ihc liidu of 

tL '>r nljtH wft irt 

fOo>l uiurttr, ttrn-liL'il witli IJuc n«h 
■ortUt <■> |>rv?fl--r\e an imil^irni riJniir. 
*[Wm> wnrk* it J!) prr^iimiil vrJU rc- 
^«E» ftnw 500/. w GOM. 

We Dued acwvelv wM tHiit «■«• 
hawtilf TOncar in tUL>. objoct undcr- 
ttkxn by the Coouuitttw: and if, in 
widibiiii 10 the luui) nwtJvt-* which in 
tl^K fUn rcciNjiiantd lo ihi' iiuui of 
feMKlbBomervation anil munl«-niincv 
•f tlHarnntv<.~turMt wnrkii of our fiire- 
AlkcTK, tJw> fricttAi nf Sylvaiiui Uriiiin 
•bmlil ftnil sn sdditiomil iticiicrui'iil rn 
thvJr morality in ihp iL'iMMTiatinn of St. 
John** Gale with thu <'iciitl<:-niiui''i> 
Jtfssssinn'. Tc ^ill feoJ [itohiI indMnl 
if ucy wUl nuke tta ci.>n>iiblp of Otnr 
wjrmftibim by trwuuniiting ihrou^ 

our hmid* wiy coatributioni ifccr mii 
nlliird, towartl* the iiC('ont{>liMhmcni. rJ* 
thv tiMfiil work which haK ihtui t)»ea 

IN till' GviitlL-miiu'a Magixuui lor 
JuIvt ltt44. Vol. xxn. p. 2S, vuu yl- 
iniltMl g ciininiiiiiiration statutj; Mifpe 
iinrtrrtiluni of t)i<- fiml part iirui nit (if 
Mortis ill) MwlkisQuwn of Hi-nry lY- 
of France. On this wcwoilt LauUe 
ItourgcoiA, dUe Ilonraer, who afWr* 
wards obl)uUk.>d ijrcst celebrity lu ^ 
luiihrifb, otSi'iat^i] ; thi:-rc In-id^ liica* 
wiw in nlten-lonctf, for the purpose of 
pivinji ui'l nii'i ndviwr if rcquir^xi. lour 
phytiiciiiuj«, and a nut^-on i.-vuvt.-n4nt 
ni I he praetiee «if niiilwifei'y. 

'Hie foli<»wLU); jMip^r p<>iiituuiu<'ulua 
»oiue aneciJotcn i-oiineetvil with iba 
liivt parturition of miotlter iiuci'd, 
Louise Mario (ia>>riulle <li^ Savoh-., tba 
wife ofPlillip the PiftfaorS{win,iiil70; ; 
but, M the ut of itudwift.-ry wiu iit thia 
period at a rory low ebb in Spain^ 
Julian Cli'iMcnt, a furgitm, itui> dv»* 
iMtchi'd fmni t'ori-i to attt^iid on thif 
uupariaut o('ciuiiou< 

Jutiuo ('Iriiu'jil bad iivramr di(« 
linjfiush«d iVnui ihu following cirr 
cnntalani^'^ When thi' Doclit-ftir Ji! 
U VftliiTiMhfl rAtrcff«i> of Louift XIV- 
wii" to he for the firrt lime continffl. 
it wn.* lhol^rlll rioi-jwrtiir)- iliot prfA 
•ecTccv shouJil be ob)ierve<l renfieeting 
it. And C)<^mi-nt wiui »eh.i-i<:-<l as a ipost 
fitting [K-rnon to monu^e .■^iieh a cum: 
with mini it ties:!. His atteiidiuiqf waa 
fortiijiittA.' ; II »on wiiA Uini, wiio wa4 
Aflerwanls created Count th* Vjtmuui- 
di>L<, and itiipointcd at six yean of age 
Admiral of Frarnv, 

AfterwanlA, jModiunc de Mt^to^tpan 
attnii'li'd tho ri-fjanb of l^oiii* XlV. 
anil for her the tikiil of Clenif^t wba 
deinnndcl an the Slnt Sfarch, 1670; 
Acaiii it was thought nei*e.>Hary to 
acl'>pt the most rigid degree of secrecy, 
and it is niMrtcd rJini, o» \\m occniiion. 

bf llie Knlpiar. In atiothsr inalanrr ti iinpii1«d Ihrcs liona rampaat, [Gnt. Ma|. 
Oee. 1)49.) the chkf bctwt there placed onhr orrr the <lczter rida. When a vatch- 
hiwie VM funacd or ntUr^d in Ibi: hnrer part of (be Gatcboune abont ISM, a iloor- 
■aj ■>• fiwind wiUi ihe anni of the Priory anJ of Da<:«n very aharplj' cat in oak. 
MfttUie casta Ot iheae may tw anm in the gr^at rciooi, prrtrnt'd bjr Huf late Mr. 
WQUam Titt. tht daaltr in niioi, wfao ntm* n Iindini mvmbrrof a dub which hulili 
a» iBMtiai^ thifr, ander Che 4««imacian of " Knighta of St. John nf Jeruialen ;'* 
nA wfao. 9 TrB jran a^o. inihliilird a litlk )i*ni|ihlet (in the bistarj of thf catablUk- 
Rt> l>u*t noK adorn* the aamc apartmcut. 


Qoneiit vu coQV(^yc<l u> tlm kdys 
ebanihor wtt1i liU cvf:* iHniii'] ;* unil bu. 
Iiwl Ml liule itleu of (hi* nuik or Ibc 

rwuspcwiit. thut^UniiK vary thirsty. 
LuTiierl niunil iind juilctil for wiiiui 
drink : u it liapfwncHl. iIuh attitUcatioit 
WU nutde In LauiH tiim*<-ll, sml lli« 
KrDg artually pourrtl nul tbo driuk. 
Kill] gavv il witli his uwn bands to tW 

In Jaiiimry, 1707, Clement itlvacUnl 
Mario AdoUulo <1« SbtoIp, wifo of 
I.iiuiti, Due de Itoiuvc^ne, gnuKlvoa of 
LoiiiH XIV. mid in viv mune year pro- 
cvwlcd tu Miidrid in attebd dot idiver, 
llie QuL-eii of Spaiu. 

Sr>inc pui'tii'uliu-n of the quccna 
Jtrt-f^nittic-y, and i>r Julian (Element* 
journuy tu Miulrid. urc tu Ini fniiiK) 
>ca(4(.>'ml lliioiijjli thi! oomwjKiiiilfm't' 
betwocn Hiidiuiie da Uuntenon in 
FVancc, ind lire IVinctsw d« Tnans 
at Miulrid, ivhn kcjuh lo Iimti^ )h-<-ii 
|iIbc«.><1 tberu, |)«rlty as n c<iin|iaDiun 
Uid lunfidaiit uf Cbir ijiuhii, :ui>t |)iu-Uy 
with cuiui.' view tit tiie intcnwu of 

In ti IptttT Ui Miiirilcnon, cbitetl 
JmiiiarY 21, 1707, intinialiun 'ig giren 
oTlIiv pnibiibleeomlitkin ofthe Queen ; 
but tilt* U not to be publiclr MUMUnced 
■t pivsi-nt, ill or<l«r that uxen uiijp he 
jut puorcilnlit; of inist«l[«; fin* it is 
i euKtmnary in Spdn, u soon aa the 
Qtirrn \t declared pregnant, for Iilt Ui 
1m> rjirrimi in n ihair. in great pnnip, 
ulluodc'd by all ilitt nubility un luut, la 
AliM'bu. tit ofli'i- uii thank.'' tu (itxl in 
the church lor the hlowiii;; v-i-onlt^d. 

In a ftw i\aj* tLflt'rwtinii il U rn,»l 
tliul the Quevn. who was fornwrly not 
Ibnd uT hifuh-^Mi-wtiiiil <ir loillcd t'ood, 
BOW Pttta hvurtilj of ov-ntcrs, (pnthably 

SVklrtI uytU'riy) whicb »fac used to 

On iliu aotli of January, the im- 
pnrtanl (>vcnl ii pnhlicK made known, 
" to thfl great j oy of nil itc people, tbouc 
(if ihv lower i-Kiilu nmninjuC through tlio 
nUiHtts like mod, uogiiig and sboutiiig 

* It may wall be <lciubt«d whotlwr 
Clwnenl aotaally ntbmitiod to this (n- 
<lit[Dity, Similar In^redihlc etoHcs baie 
been and contiouB to bo rrjiortetl of inniiy 
pTartilioncT* at midnitrty, orisinnliiig 
jirrtiap« in that rcapeelinf liudcc»l IIouh 
in Wiltiihtro, wbtch la ptrtlcwlnily iioticcil 
by Sic WaJtcf Soatt in hU note* to Rokeby. 

AfUKdaUi uf Julian CUmeM. C*'"'}'* 

(olliua that camo into tlit.-ir 

oil the 

Under the dntc of February 14, it 
if laid, "on Saturday Iiut the (juBeaj 
performed the celebrated cvreinuny <rf^ 
which 1 ha»i* nlruady epciken, tlwt of 
going in public lu AukIui." lite 
{.'vn-iuuiiiiLl in tbui described, wlii<-h 
aeviuN to bavt^ Ik'CU uttnunvly gratify 
iilg ta tbc poniilarc. 

rlarly in \ nbruary, the quQetion 

Krocunng the nucwsary attcndanfr on 
i.*r M^Ksty m «nt«rv(l upon. 'Hib 
Prinrasae des Vnins d«wcri)H'n the 
mitnwts of Ili« Most Catholic MiOoMy 
OH being otmosl. «I1 sflietted with luutb- 
suine aiseii«e« ; but ainoiis the Hid- \ 
cajaxa the biut seen tall handMime 
woiovn dancing to the iam^mr dt 
Bagque^ and sho la willing to IwUeve 
thai the milk of A BLseayan nurse 
wnubl g(\\v Micb nuuriibment to (he 
infant nn would ini>nirc bim with gaiety, 
nn>l pr«vem liim truui twins taciturn 
or orill-huiuour ; and prnbabty one of 
tboM! mtt cliowti lor ■ wirl iiuTFe. 

both tho King owl (^ueep of Spain 
iKing dtstirwiu that a Farlaitui uc- 
coucneur ahuuhl he en)pln\->>d lo n(t4itd 
upuu tho intervstiug <)cc«&inn, u tk- 

Suest wasi mtdi! tn Lhuih \1V. Ibul 
uliiui Clcnieiit luiKht be permitted u> 
pr()ccaHl m BlndriiT, tu limltrlak)^ the 
cam of tb« <jueen during h*^ illnc.-«. 
Tulhii>itwiia<]bj(vt«d, that tbe Span isli 
nation wnuld talcv umbpigc unto* % 
Kpnnish liuriteon or midwife wiu cut* 
pfoyed ; hut tlm Spanish midwivtM htb 
FDokcn of an nut^t unnkill^l, end. though 
lb*; Mir^L-nnii arc sii|»ei-ior to the niid< 
wives ill dklll uiid kaowl«%L-, vL-t thpy 
arc littlf (bought of (iii«d>-!ttinu'«) 
even liy tlKiJr own cuunlrynien. Il is 
stated also that lUc Ktfig biid <riiiiiiilt>.'d 
Us niinistCTB upon tht- »iibjt<t^lr, who 
r«nifinn«l him in hin iipiniim, nnd fai.^ 
tbttrcfure, dL-temitn^N] tu have an ai-- 
couchriir fnini Frnnce, ntid finally 
Clvmcnt in de.ipatrlied upon thifi im- 
purtitnt nii!i!ii(.>n. 

It does, inrt'-od, apjx'ar that Ihic firl 
of midwifery was di'plnrably neghrctcd 
in KpaJii : the Pnnms say*, "if yo«' 
knew tho LiCtleeare token of th« lyllW- 
in women at Madrid, and all the ill 
catu43(iiiencpstliiLt ibcy atVerwanlfltinf- 
fcr, yon would truly pity iIiotb : and 
no nu»rt> care in taken of the children ; 
nu one kmiwv liuw to Hwathe theni, uid 



A Ntm Autograph of Shnkipne. 



tfo mMtqaeoce b liut ther sr« alioiMt 
■U limr*lc^f^ uid badly sDipwl * 

Ty»*«llui^ in spun, al Uh> time 
fl^i III uuertodc hin joumev, wu 
aKMt«li£ca]twHlpunlaui,auilbia oom- 
CwM v«re ray atrumlj iwglcoud ; he 
aod MtAaaut tie Swle, tlie tooDlhlr 
■■n^ W qgt from Pftru oa Uit> 16tu 
•f Ib^t and did not txn-K at Madrid 
tai Uw Atb of JoBtf. Proni Bayonnc 
u XaiWd, tikovgb tbejr bwl bevn pro- 
■■Md llHt ^!my pofluble c*re> uid 
■Mirinw dKMild be paid to dieu. Uivy 
vor* oUiged to find ibrir vkv u Uivjr 
nnU, Dot anc of the p«r^ knuwtng 
■ «r)«d</'SpWU*b- Clctni.'nt, [iijwi.>T(.'r. 
«u pmdeBt aioDjrfa to audce licht of 
thair ■udbrtnnnk, " mod ren>uiiU.Hlwit)i 
nudi phawnty their nd adventurve." 

Tlw Qann gav« b«rUt to a sun un 
the :tf ih {i^Aitfiist, and wu no fiiTOura- 
Uy rcM / i Br e d in a fbttniglit that Cle- 
■Mot WM eaablod to return to I'u-in, 
Iwriqgi by htii diitnvtiort and good 
maaa^ematt fpnta the utmuvt ntut- 
AcftootoUMQittttD uulKioj;, whorc- 
■ MiM him tar his wrrioea with great 
«kfw^.tlty . Whu the BDin of nioncf 
■ruiaU; paid to bin waa, u uot in«n- 
tiaoed. trat Madane dc Mainiflioti 
ODOaderwl the nrvrard niuvh laf:g«r 
than thip finaiKca nf SgKua could pm- 
tibljr affiml : indcvd. throughout the 
whnli^ mrrfMioaiUmw it a appareDt 
that the tjpaiiuh treamry vru in mj low 
• •tate aa rvndorsil it neoemaxy to 
•void CTCT j f pQioiMe expcnie. *Tbc 
Qmbb** apartnumta wen v«i7 qiaringiy 

riinttiiiiLil, anil, to Mly tlic truth, all 
ttiut arv. iimally thought nccga o ariBB 
Tor R ImIt cin-iunstjinn.-'I a> ibc Qunen 
was wej\- 4<upplied in a ouieL niggardly 

Oement fecnu (\iAy tnluTe deBerred 
the phararter giYtiO of him, nanu'ly, 
tlint )iv WM > Rtau of worth and great 
intc^ty, ekilful, modest, polito. and 
AdI ut' zvtA liir his fMiicnw welfiure ; 
and Luuin Xl\'. wfau tuunificeatly re- 
cuimp«n«d thuM wluuQ acrvicc* hu 
approved, uot only aueunhid to Cle- 
ment luaity olhw favoum, hut *rvcn 
oonft.'nvd u|Kin hiin letters of nobility, 
in tilt! m'itiii iif whtuh the praiNMi hix 
honourable conduct deaerred are cx- 
pm"«^l ill »f ry hiah Irrmx. 

Of the dale of tlenwni's death I am 
i^onuit, but hv must haw r«acbvd 
mature tAA a^ rin<« he was ahrady 
dJElinguished in his prafonion in 16S8. 
It hit! U-cti ofton ragr rtl ^d that hu 
]«A behind him no wniingv upon the 
art in which br to nintli cxc«Jlttl ; but 
lua pupil kbA ronfideiilial rrii'tii] Fiuws 
left for publication muiio instructive 
pap«.>ni, which contuin doctrincii n^r- 
^ested by Clement, and inore com- 
pletely -mifled by Puzoa, who, lifcu 
nb master, faad been honutirvd with 
letters of nobilitT- 

In the JUenaauina. viJ. iii^ p. 377. h 
on epigram alluding to Cli^uient'ii ricbo, 
whicli vn<\i ihiu, 

" E> ills Clemeoi oalt uavt opea." 

Youn, &C. 9< M. 


IT M pmerally known that all the 
Aatognpi Signature* of our mat 
iJniaatiM which hare hilLcrlo been 
kaovn. amovat to %\x nnly ; thn-e of 
thtm are attached la bU \\ dl retnain- 
■B8 in Doctor** Comiaotui : and these, 
Eran their ibsLy and imiuitiiiet aMwar- 
aana. bsr cvidcst eymptomsof bBTinz 
bam writum at a pcrioil of illiKw and 
iafirtiutT.* Two "th'Ts niv on two 
dsfdi rclatinji toa )ii>ii<<- in I{lif.-kfriar!i, 
bath eMCKl«d in March, IttUl, and 

* See tht bc<«lmDe« In the «oI«bib of 
JLatDftipbc, tix. bf Nicbob and Smith, 
UL lfZ!f : »oA tititcn em a «hect eDcmed 
W llarrw, nnder the dtrectioa of Mr. H. 

from bdne written in a confined xpane 
on the lauela of the waU, are littlo 
more satisfairtory than thriM of the 
Will. Tlte sixth is on the fly-leaf of a 
Copy nf Montnignc's I'-^siiyj*, triin»!ated 
inUi Ec^tlUb by llorio, now in the 
British MuBcuQi. 

The laM waa purclLuoil by tlw TruH- 
tees of that iuMJtulion in I'SS". of the 
RcT. F'lwnrd PaUcNm. of Ea«t Sheen, 
fur 100/, aiid wa» described llie *amu 
year by Sir Frederick Madden in the 
An.'hK.<o)ui^ii (m-« tXtiy our vuL VIL p- 
194. vul. IX. P.JS4.) 

Tlie history of the twn duvtla waa 
iinlired by the Mine writer in our vol. 
XIV. p. M. One of them, the Convey- 
ant-vdevd, daU-<l lOtb March, 1612-13, 


A jVcw Atttngraph of Shakspnc 


liail tliwi nn40) iKt'ti n'lvnllv wco- 
veri-'il : anil it rrna )>roiiglkt tu hilIv * nt 
Mcmkra. KvtLnV niirlJuU'riimiiK on tli<> 
:I4iJi Mxv, IK41. nnil hoIcL for l£5 ^ui- 
ncn*. It. wn" hntij^Iit l>^ n Mr. KIkIim 
«r L<tiiil>iinl yinvt, wlio KiiW4ui.>utl^ 
lldvvrttM'il it in bi» piipL-mnl tlir jirkv 
of 'i(K) [luiiic.a^. 

nie ^HInl• ik>eil wnsreaoldftt £vai»'« 
rvn tho I7tli Mtty. IH-I>H, iimiI vriu pur- 
cIikmhI fur H5/. lor tlit' llbrarj' of the 
city of Lon(l»n.f Tbe mortgiif^* flfe<i, 
dated tJii> 1 1 th of ihc saute montfa, m 
in the hunds <tl' Mr. RichnnI Trowani, 
eon of tin; Mr. Trnward who was 
|mrtner of Albany M'itlW«, wlia ori- 

Sitially tliMiuvvtvil tin* Ai-v\». We un- 
enlanil than hi> oircntl il liiU-ly to 
till! Briti>Ji MiUMrtim Bt tht jiricc of 
20O )i;iiiiu.<(U), wliit-'ii woH dvcliacil. It 
liu iiuvDT yet b(.-eii liruugbt toa publio 

A wvcnth Atitfijimiph nf this illtis- 
trioUM luuiiv fans imiv inuiJu itn upiH>Jir- 
anoe ; hikI lin» also bcpn lirouj^t to 
nlo at Mr. Fk-k'tiir'n nuvtiuii-ruotu In 
KcctkUIIv. tin till? .list of May. Tbia 
event ia oiii: iti which many wf ijiir 
reiulm will tjikf an inlt-n'^t ; iiiifi hc- 
vauBa Ibr viiriouH rt-Mcons »iiiiie iltiublo 
mtut nriw iijMin whii'li witioriuiion will 
be WfiniTvil, wfl liiivc lakcn roiwidcr- 
hSV juiiiio lit irlitjiin nil thi' iufonniitiiin 
thnt <>ouli) Im' ('oUp(^u><1 rr:i<]K>cUuji it. 
'I'lie price it obtainc<l, twctityoDC gui> 

hriLi, il (to fur infoxiiiT Ui tboM' m' Iuitv 
iilrvadv m Lilt! oil (."d «t havini; Ihtii 
pivim fair ila }in-dci'i-ivK>r«, a» <■> Hhow 
lliat il hod not pn>Tii>uiily lo iho rtalc 
oliliiinpd };<>nfnil rrtvlciici' ; ntiil thin 
may Iw iillrilmuM partlv to titt iitiin-r- 
fiTi p«iii;;n.'i:', [mrtly I" tfn! drwi'l vinkli 
Intland'ti iiiiincrDun I'or^i-ricK hnvi^ in- 
epircfl, anJ jmrtly to the L-irLiiinsinnee 
ftf its ownenhip luina ■iiiipiit*il (m wa 
shall rdatu pivM-'ntl;,) whicli nitalitl 
i-xeil*: in itome |M.-n>un» n drc-iulof Ix'tn^ 
einlinnlud iu lilJention, aixl in nilu-rs a 
oiiapicioii thai u\v <(iijkrrc'1 wu ^ol up 
for thi' wikc of KK\tX. 

Wv will now first (l*.iMrilK-' lliis au> 
tmraiili, niitl tben rolutv wluil i> known 
oA il> fai»lorv- 

II i>t»rilfi on llie vvlltim i,iiv«rufa 
HiniJl llulimi U)okt IxTaring thL- fiillow- 
ing title : 

" ] quBttrn \\M ilrlU FtloMHs Naln- 
fide <U Oioaii S&iit«rt. Dotp Platonic*- 
mcnta& A ri*tolrUcnnimte n difcorrcno 
tuttft \e prindpali mnterie Ftilahe, 
nrimi^ c«K'°n<. « s" i^lfrlti loro, & ICnlfl 
Et In n*rtiroUr« id n|:iona dtl Mondo, 
(lella MrtroroloKia. de' Mrtalli. Il iiiitb, 
St pmphecA delle PletTe. Tradntti di 
8|mpiiuiio ill Slaliaao lUI Sij. AlfonM 
Vllm. Con l'rifil»gio. In Vinrgiw, Aji- 
prmo Andrea Knuniotdu. hvlxv." K 
loull oetaro, pp. 15U. 

The Ranio ^ 

is placed al)Oiit the rMit»c of the front 
tovur of this voliimi-. AIkivi- tliu 
name are two linos, tni much cffarod 
to be d«7|iliercd, tinltwii ]»fr!i!t|" by 
Mimr i-liunical a[>pliralion whidi may 
dniw forlli ihu nnnainiDa colount. 
'nn.-y Hre written in a umidl mid clear 
band, and would, BjipaK-nLlr. be i-aay 

* It WM preriunsljr in the huuta of 
Wfoij Thinninon , M.D. of Pirmdilly. 
who »nLI it U trmli-o on Vlialf of two 
yniwK Ixiic*. «hMe jotQC properlj It was. 

t Sec our *oI. XIX. p. Gtl. 

to rem), if tii-y wcrt' i^tirclr vijiblv 
Tho iMonl ituwf ill t)M> lir^t litii', and 
the words tiar nfeg ail in tlic M-rnnd 
are, we tbtnk, i.^^Ttaiti : otlirm may Ix; 
fanciivl in liio follnwin;; nrdcr: 
. . . hii nuDciwc«t nnddiTiiteKiiA 
Tkatonhim . . ..ourFfeaal] . 

Th^- hand in which (hi.-w liiiv* ai«4 
writU'ii doft» not al lir«t tiew apneArMj 
old us SliiLks[>un:*e tijnu ; buttliiHob*) 

X Sataia in an autbor uf wbom IJILlftj 
appear* (o be known. UUoa, hii lrana>j 
Utor. wu iIm a Spuiiard. 

Aulagraph uf Shaksptn. 

jfvtina tmj be obvUtLiI in aunit •Ivgne 
Of ivftxnag tu thi^ HM-t thmt moU wril- 

iag ra OTOii clearer uid ptunur tliui 
iht norr t-tip>iv<- Itiinil*. In iIm* Mine 
plab>of Mr. Nirlit^U's itiUii-liiHi wliicb 
cucdio* <!•■' ii^iutltin*.'* of Sliiik!>{ii-nr'« 
Win, u ft pit.T¥ of Uen Joiuon'ij writ' 
■g ID a Tcnr rlnu- hanil ; uh) tliv 
Eoci wriUcfi Vj ManUm, SylTester, 
mA tkirbm, la the vaxav pUtv, src aUo 
rtn ciMT uil tiMl, ami thn tnst «t<pe- 
aUhr b hmU wDd not Tery difTiivnc 
!• tb» Sm» in qocattoo. 

AUkVtf Uuaw two Unw the nauK of 
Sh«k»p«Tv it aguu written, in a iDore 
iiMa|Miiiil Aum tlum bclutr, oiul np- 

Wit ^SkuLvwrr, 
bat ogDndavahlv r-Siu.i^]. Aail, Hbove 
dM. IKW ibe (Op «^ 'ra a liuv<: 
hmii, tbe lottcrs trr nrv {•> W db<uu- 
piULiI, awl it u not at all lUffii-nilt to 
iMwine fidm tncus of tfa« whole 


Xj that die 
I the property 
aim a pru- 
10, or from. iLe illiislrions Aicnd 

W« ant wd) aw&rc that ir« bare oov 
«M flunigfa to niau Uie Miitl« of In* 
crvAaSttj npOB tbe fc«tnr» of thu«c 
whohnie not yet M«si the ))w>k; «) 
wUch «<> haTv ualr to r«ply that it 
W bn« exsminm \>y Mfiiu uf ttiv 
bsl aail null rompccenl juUgt!:* ; anil 
llat tbej, thouefa rerj natuniJIj uji- 
wSttiK tostokv uivin'ritirid nffinution 
U) a $rM «brrr M> mui'h ilH-eption haa 
brovrly Icen wiCTv^rfuilr |irat-ti»c«1, 
•nil when-, on ih^ oitwr hand, 
iBch iitad'^iiiaio means of a fair com- 
(ariMm with remains of imilniilitHl 
BsAiattcitv are atoilable. ore xtill 
usdifiMl to' gtTe a favuurabk- venlict 
Id the TvcHfDl randiilale. 

So mr an thid is certain, that it jn 
taulljr difltivnt lu the In'Uod f«r- 

EK Tlv ruuuH tir st)nuitmv of 
■pere whirli wc hove eu^ruveil is 
wniten in the Myle of ti!> ''>.<titvui)>i>- 
ivruekwitb a fn-^Ttlimi vtlili'li a mtulfni 
hanl rr>ul*l Mran^-ljr Altaiii Iml at'^er 
kw {■raiHii'v. Tha «t}{ualun-ji to the 
wSf anil lioeda are bo cnuniNHl or in- 
inn ftom the eanan t» irhi<-n wi' huve 
MiMwailtulG(l,thal ihe name ioseribe'l 
ID Ifce CDpr of Ftorio*i) MontaipK' at 

tlie Britifh Mu^euni vs the otil; noe 
with which the nrcseul VAX* \'i liTuperiy 
eoiiipared. V\e must rufer tar tliix 

gumorse to ihe bc-similc prrtn in 
ir Vrvik-rick Maddco'a Eeaa^ on that 
iii^iinlure in Ihi- Anrhwaloaia-* 

The ehiff tlirtmiico, it has been 
oliwnwl, t-Jtioi* in the 5 and ihe 4. 
Tlie present aniogmph, if genuine, 
fuHv ifinfirini. Siink^iiere's wiMi wajf of 
spelling bis name; ami this is ooe 
tcxtiMiiin^ vL-ry rmich in its fuvonr, not 
only so lar lui the ijiK">tion of the or- 
tiMi/ni|ihv itself i^ eoiidTnitl, trtll 
heiiiii.')etlie»p^ieAniri<H-KtitI tbe bl^tory 
of the book lihke prove that tlie for- 
gery, if one, eannot \x tvival ; swJ if 
It were a forgery of «niie iiUniltn<;, wo 
think that luoiie of )t|ieUiiig tbe imnie 
wonM not have \xva ndojited. 

Tht- hiilory of the bo«jk is of only 
twenty-one Trtmi' uxtent. It conioina 
Ihe name of an carlier> uwttur, ** Joliu 
Bowdcn," and also the mark ■uppoied 
to be that of u di-aler named Shod, 
who lirerf about fbrtr t"tbi> iigo in 
Louf; LaiiCt Siuithfiehl. It was nur- 
chikiccl in the year IH24 by Mr. T«y- 
lort of CftiD<lea Town, at ii lNK>k-»lAll 
fur »iA|>i-mi', auil nrmained on hia 
ehclvcfl until within the-w two or three 
yean. Sinne time before the teniii- 
natioa nf that period, Mn. Taylor, 
fniin motive* of clewdinea*, anlmntted 
tJiU vflJuiiie, with ot]tcr.o bound in the 
NUiie niuiinvr, to a talutnry ahluiioii. 
in tlw coiirsi- of wlii<-h the writinj; on 
tlie coTCT was tiriii nuUeeil. and the ijik 
unlortunittely con^idfrablv dtNclnu^ed. 
The reRuuii.H were |>(>inte<i out by Mrs. 
Taylor tu lier hu.ilnuid. 'Htxt penth-- 
ntan, aware of tJw scarcity of Sliak- 
Hiere'a wriliiig. wsh ini'linral to nc&ie 
tne dijM'oTm- with Uic same inrredo- 
litv wLJrU in nrtjVHJiiil elsewlmrv, and, 
without tak]n|i any oi'tivo .itepii to 
HMvnaiii thi? trnth, he laid the book 
tuidt^ until an op]>nrtnnity migbt arise 
to piimnc tlte in>iuiry. loop ftrtcr, tbi- ItiMik with othera 
wnfi al)«tnried fn»u hi.-> liimirv, and 
lu' only he»nl of it acnin when it wa« 
ajinouiii'eil for nalc iiy Mr. FleU-hcr; 

* Or (n Mr. Rodd's oelavo re[iruit of 
tbat £*aar. 

t At Marlborough-rtrte*, Mr. Tsjlor 
pall), "nearly a quarter of a century Bgo." 
iiDt " ncarlj half a ceotUTy," ai reported 
ill the nc«>|iapen. 

Shakfpi'Fet Aulftgraph. — The Portland Va$w. [Ju'v, 


uiil Mr. Tiijlur furUi^ »Utlt4 tlut Ins 
firvt iniliicmneiit ■! tluit nioniL-nt ta 
pnrnie hU loan ww nicfavr Iii iliv bopv 
of H«ti<ctine tlw thii-f tVnni wImmc 
rngui'ry lui bwl suffcrctl. llimi rruiii n 
Convk'iioTi of th* ri-«liljt of iJie AuUi- 
rrnpb. Iliiwcvnr. (iniling the (^stuiui- 
Don jnil iijinn it hj ollicni, ho lirought 
rorwanl liit> •tBuii at Lhp Miirllmroiufti- 
street iiulicti olUci: on the 2itt-li gf Mjiv 

Ou lliat ooc8i(ioii Mr, Howard, w^o 
liiil iiliK-ed the treasure m Air. KI«U<h- 
cr'a iiukJii for (ale. wiu rM|uire(l (o 
Klntr buw he eniiit- iiitt) pOKseaaioD ; ftlld 
he said ihu hu liiul found h on the 
itlKOvr* or a lnHjkjeULT nt ILoxton, 
niuniMl A[i>x2n<kT. ik* )>iirchaaed it 
with uthpr IxHikt and aoiiic prints tbr 
seven HhilUngn. AJi'xiindi'r hiiiucif 
WHubo brouj^tiL furwanl, uid (tntt^il 
tittt he htd bought the VQlunii.-, with 
% nomber of others. Tur u trillinu; miiii, 
tt cttfaer XloA^m'* tir Suutii^t<.-'s 
bonk nairdo&H. 

AfW lh» inTir^Uustion, tlio two 
partiw agrcd to diTidv whulvror futu 
plight be ]iro<lnn.-il tir the mlo. It 
wnknodic*! down tn Mr. nckmnj; 
(or tw«nty-one eulnoax; nnd iWl 
booludlRr, K few <mv» nftf-r, sold it, at 
K fuir |»dvani«, to IVnJMiiin Poi'lEnijr 
wqoire, of Luieuter, who is the prc- 
acBii owner. 

LAilENTlN'G with niiiny othf-rs 
the catutrinjlM' wliich hm^ happened to 
tho Pordxiid ViiM-. 1 caodoI n-frnin tVtim 
imjippBtinff, ns a^reat mlnurvr ofGpcek 
aH,whnl IoonCMi»etUeb«itinodi*ofre- 
iitoritig it putialljr to its original clia* 
nuter and shrift, w far ■» tbo remain- 
ing ftnctiirpd pArtH will 'adnut. \,i will 
be deurnbli*, in unliT to t^fltsri. tlit* 
object* to obtain one of th(> Utc Mr. 
Jomn Tiifm'a rac-sunitw; whi<'li aw 
compoaod of plMltT find pum, inoiildwl 
from ui original matrix luadi' ut Koitw 
by thocelebratvd gvin -fngra vct Pirklor, 
for the late Juaca Byres, vtt\- who 
WM Ibe firrt (HMveMor of the viwc 
aftoTthc B«rbcrini fntnilv- Ho parted 
with it t<i Sir WiUiani lltuuiltnn, tlm 
BriiLih mvov at Naplc*, IVotn whom it 
pB^EL-d into l^e collection of that mo*t 
iioblr iiatrnneM of AcicROG nnd the fini* 
artJi, Margaret Uiichw* <lowa)rer of 
Portland, after whose ili?cea«r a «ale 
t4wk place of her eplvudld muKuio in 

17(10, where there WIU nothing; Miirvn.*<l 
to he inlrudi'd from llii> caliioct.H of 
olhov ; every subject rucordwi iii the 
catalofpM* ciune into hrr di-aCM'.* |>ini- 
eemon i-ithvr hy inhmtuurc, thu we 
iuiil:inri.< of thooi.- who wvrv tioiioiini] 
with hi»r fHi'nilship, nr bv hiir own pur- 
chft*« and in'luslry- Tin* niimlier of 
lot.* wzw-WJO", and Uif Viwc tiva llie 
lB5t but one. 

Aft<T Konii' itirrc«pon(l<^nei" wilh the 
laic iMr. JoMinb Wcdpvriod,* of the 
Kiruria jKHtcrv, it ^tis purchiiK-tl for 
ihu pn'wiit Diiku uf i'unhui<l, uud '» 
now the property of hot Graoe, who 
plari'd it uiid<rrthucan)art]ia'rniRl«.4 
of lhi« liritii>i) MtiM-uiD- 

i)av of Tasiiie's vases being proeurod. 
turn iitT all tW reii«nrof, and rvJucr it 
to a Hmooth fiiirfacei, it wID then be in a 
pnnpcT KUiU? nnd vize to ranp vv Iliv ori- 
ejifiily sM-unxI wiLhcenenti aftcrwarda »nd trim II 1 1x1 up, pnrtji wanting 
nui ltd atldit] hr any intelli^nt Inpi' 
dary or (.'piu mnifplnT, wlii> U llii: Ix-j-t 
pemon to jwrfonn tho ojicratinii. I do 
not lhin)c H fKi'>("ilil«' ti pul it. loj^'thcr 
M^n witlioiiL un iin^riiir, whirh, if not 
fornnfl as now mggiwleii, miybt po»- 
eiblr be turned out of wood. 

'flie inatvriul of wliirli die Vuse i« 
cooiiMMefl i.i the sninc na the Giinmio 
VilruD of llic uurieuts finiibiiinti an 
ouy», Ihe grrmind a rich traosparent 
dark aniediyittint' culour, and tUu vieowy 
fipJW* wliirh adorn it are in bai.-My-rc- 
lievo, of exquieite workman »hi[h and 
siiL'h as cannot but exnti- ii» im llm 
liighcnt idea of tito artA of the an<^ienla. 
Its dimensions arv 9| in. bifih, and 
all in circHmfercnpe. 

Yo«r»,&t^ T.W. 

* With thf Dukp'f peraiiiston Hr. 
Wedgwood harl the Vaic In bii pOMca^on 
ttrcUe moncba to modtl from, which hs 
cxccotird to pcrrpctiua, Tikc iliitinotion 
b«twr»Ti hi" and Mr. Tniuia'* copy ia lliii : 
the Utter i* moulded from the Vim jtaelft 
a tfritabta f*e.*lnii3e ; Wedgwood look a 
cfiK from the ofiginal, hat aa thv mitrrwli 
of hii tx]|ty iraB to be ctajr. which thriiki 
in Ihr nrv, if he hid luod Ms call Ml a 
inoulJ, hii cojiT wowW bii»e bfni tmalltr 
tlian llie urijcinal. H« nantod it etartljr 
the lame siin. He Ihcrrfore modelled 
fyotn the out ■ numld a Ultle largrr Ihna 
il, M •* to allow Tor Che shrinking in the 
fire, Biid in tliat mould big copy wa* maile. 


Pii^er-bouk uf Si^umunrl i, ufPitiand. 

Ma. Ubs4r. 21</ J/oy. 184J. 

ly dm number of your MiiguiDt 
far tbb BMiiitli. [k 493. ft correspocRlotl 
»^ Jo nfenwce lo liK rouoa Pre- 
imirt tlttl " it will ui>iHur from ■ 
■iwnenpt oow in tlie Britiah Mu- 
mm, • called ■ IVxrrr B<*>k uf Si- 
■Mnnd ilu Ftnt, King of P^IumI,' 
ttal his moms nt full watb, ' Charles 
Edvanl Uvi« Cutmir StturC* ** lie 
•dds, Um he had not hlmaelf teen lliis 
—*—****•]■* bat that in it are iiiIci-hI 
the feinfo iif the <!liil'.lr>.ii cf Jaimw 
awl QcneittilU. the pun^nla of I'riucf- 
Quria. Uaviii- hail an <>p]Nirluiiit;r 
of euauung tltc uuuiuMTiiil iu ■)»>:»• 
diSi t IK «w4al to comet the error 
ialo wlkb vonr r<MTv*puDilmt ban 
Uks, hf »tmna£ him that thrre nrc 
oa eauic* ta it <jt' > <lati- Utcr than (he 
■rtwlh rratorr. und thnt ther nil 
rafir to tfir tjni-^n anil Iniiiilv o4' Si- 
pHnontl I. for wluMn ibo volumtt was 
necttbed in \ii4. 

Aa flw ataiiii.<u.-ripl itself i« ODe of 
f—uiiViiMi vuluf*, [Krliniw a il(#rrip- 
tioa of ita conlenlK, and u Innirripi of 
tW flaorr iin|iootant cncriof •llHili>d to 
abot«i may aiM bu wiUioui interv^t. It 
M i mall qMariu vulumr. niL-anurinu at 
yvntat S4 iucbn in hvi^it bv A\ iu 
•Udt, bot ImA be«ii cut (^wn ^m:ii itn 
wipil idxr. to ibe ttxtcnt iif at least 
tWD iftebca, and tbe i1)timinHL«d 
laRim m cnueqnmre buTc Immui 
BOrt harhamuair niulil:itit|. It i» <lif- 
fallt til Bar fur vbat (iiir^mw ihiit net 
</ VandaliMti ma» wniiiiiited, anJew it 
vtn lo nMbl« thr Dwrn-r to place the 
faodtamrciiiently in Iti^ jxM^ket. : nn ot>- 
yttt oon woiiU Mippose. ilcurlv piit-< 
c^MMJ b« the jamfice tiX to 1>cauiiful 
a «raa^ uf art. a> ihia voliiuu! must 
hare Iwn wbcm pcHvrt ; ibvr nnnaina 
■f wkiHi e»-m In ilw (k-li^riomtr>l roii» 
. wicit* admiratiaQ in all who Iw 

The vrittiiir oripnaUr (■nn^'^oii nfSOO 
Ml 'r- - >'-•' Roman Ifllt-r. tadi linu 
iif • ' (T-ni]«i w Itti fiolil, awl 

•itli -.^-^ ^uU Unet round each 
pqgK 'Im larger lnitUI« and borden 
V* daboratelr 111x10^1 En ^old and 
ttAemrK awd the umaUcr rapitob and 
jfaiau B» abo elegantlv doigned in 
mU on WlMU colored j;n>unr1s. 
xkn are. to adcStioo. fuar nuniaturus 
«tmlMr«d, lh« aiie of the pagA, of ad- 
wraiile dawn and execution, and nn- 
Uaar. Uhtk. Vol. XXn'. 

im;foiu artbc^quc borders, lite Gr*t of 
tbcM miniatiuM is prvlUud u* the vo- 
lume, andrepre9ent« Sc Jerome, writing 
his Pitaltvr, at a desk, in a cardinal*) habit» 
whiUt liU NlU'iidaiit lion crourhea at hi* 
fcc'L A Bioallcrurifix if attached to tbu 
diik, anal i>n the ru>lit<inlanii-jilli tii-j a 
velvet-bound yxdnmc, while utberi arv 
pl]i>-c<l ia the recen of u winiluw nt the 
aide, and above the holy futher an 
bour-gia« bangs Btupeaded from (be 
vflll. II10 whole compunitiuu in full 
ot* lUgnii^v, and the coloring iu tlua 
luid in the other miniatures is rich and 
harnioniou.-', and fiuinhvd vrilh a UtiU 
tliul ii but teldoui Bccu. TIk- artist 
was duarly a foUower a( tbe UL-mian 
tiebuol of art, and a rloae imitator uf 
AlbiM Ihirer; but he lias eriilenlly 
aliwi xluilif.'d (be Itaiinil tx'hool, an an- 
tmu^ in the nmamcniAl ileiiigtu of the 
IwrderF. Ilio tiamu I hnw lierii uiubl« 
to aserrtain, but tliv initiida of jl S. C. 
nui be disc«;nied by a keen eye in one 
■iinii'r (if till- tnmiat.urc alxivp ilt» 
Hrribed, and they ocrur a second time 
In till- honU-r of fol. 1144\ with the ad- 
diiiiiii of F. fitt/ivit. \9 tbc date of 
\'i24, at tlio end of the viitume, fixea 
tile period of the anist, perhaps nomc 
perviD mity li<.> morv rortuoaiu tliun 
myi>ell'in identifying him ; and it may 
at»'»t iliv iui|uiry Ut statv, tlial auotbcr 
uuLDtm-ripl cxecutolby tbcaame ortiit 
iu iM7, fur Fraacvaco "Uaivk Sfbrta, 
l>uk(- of Milan, mid br-aring also bia 
iiiiiiiUs iii prewrvetl amon^ Douee'a 
lis. I'lilit^-iion in the IIwilU-uu) library, 
Xo. 40.* In [Kiint of nrbnc^u. and the 

* This Tnlnme. oontaimaji tbfi 01Hc« 
of the Timm. i* deicribtd bjr Sir P. 
Madden in Sbaw'i " lllamioiit«il Orno- 
mmls," No. ixxriii. anJ 11 (pnctmea (■ 
'mty insdpqiuita an«] ■« pi-rn in that 
work of tliQ decorative it^tk of ibe MS. 
A ahlfld of urn ia th« vnliime it 
c|itartcml ibuA : 1. QiiarlFrty. 1 aiHl4, Or, 
an rBfllR dinpln^Pil ublc, 2 nnd 3, ArjirDt, ■ 
oonturted ripvr ainre, nratlciwinic a child 

fi>t», fi^r ^orta Vuconii . II. MasoTiai 
II. LiliiuaQui ; IV. alto <iu«rtcrl]r, I aiiij 
4. Arra^D t 2 Mad 3, P-ily of tbrcs, Hun- 
ir«ry, Apjov of Naples, nad Jeriualtm. 
(^rry, bj what rielil did Fniiicp*eo. Dake 
of MUnn, i|iiafi»r .Wruaria and Lithuania t 
Tlic tint (iitnrttr, of the ciD|>iro, wu 
rranlrtl bychft Kmpcror Adoli'h nf Nassau 
II) IJIt. and oooltrmed to Laui> STona 
Viscnnti by Haahnlliaa 1. in 1494. Sm 
Imbof, " Geacalofis illtuttitmi io l>alia 
fsjaUiamn," fol. Anat. 1 1 10, erf rait. 


Ptajftr-book of SigittnoHtt I. of Poland. 


number of illiiminatioru, lut well ax pro* 
■ervMlon, the Ihiit volmnt- liaH grVRtlv 
theadvuniajBeovpr tin- MS. in ilw Mii- 
■Diim, KllIiou<rh infi'rior ui it in point of 
historical iiiti*n?iM. In tlip Ixmlvr he- 
ncftth the minintiin' nf St. JiTome 1^ (he 
TOyiX pbleld oIToIjiihI, l^eikring Ww yh'\i» 
eagicianilon coi'liMifle •'heruh" Kupjiort 
iCfoWD over it; « (leiii^ which a in* 
tKcluoed again onthonppaiitL' ptis^Mind 
OH ll)e u|)iicr part of tbc paiiKiug is a 
Mnal) tulik-fi ih»oriljcil in ;:o]Oi-n V't* 
Xan, " SftlvuiD fair, dnmiiii% iCi'sviii 
Boatrum 8i;^smundiii!n."' Ikrifathuii*, 
in cnpilol Iftttm aL-Hi orgtilJ, i> writl<.>u, 
IxriPtT l'«Ai.TiJai(.'M S. Jrhunimi. 
Tliii Gm [K>riitiii of tliv MS. diMW not 
CouLiin tin; eulire rialtcr, bul * amt* 
of i'.xtrii<-ttt from il. wbidt '\t. clui^ 
bv a |imyiT at rul-itS*. 'Hien rollowi 
lUL- Lr^'inia fn>st amdterimn, wliif-ti ex* 
tends Inini fol. 37 l<i luL 52', i«mt (■■in- 
cludes with nnollKT prayer. The »c- 
ooad portion •.-oniuii-Dvvs nC ful. HSi, nnd 
oonaist^ of Orahantt de PatAaw J)o- 
mamt which iltu PODtinuetl to fol. 64\ 
incluiivc Aiiinng thfwe is iiiM>r(*Nl, al 
fol. S9, ihv BWuDil Urge miniature. 
which ia of cxrfi>dinj{ txrautv iind in- 
terest, retirwcntiug me mnnikn'h Si- 
ItisRioiid 1. on his knepn Iwforp the Ha- 
viour. who in dmivn at fidl Irn^Lh, ha if 
just doftcvndeil from tlit- crcit>% the 
ertywn of ihorn^ tt^ill on hi* brow, nod 
the dn>ps of ttloiid uttll |)oiirin|[ from 
h\» womihK, and ofTi-rlnp to the rnjal 
BUppltiiiil breiul iinil wiiic, the (^pe> of 
the Coiiimunion. Tlip foalurm of the 
Kink' MTV adiutmM^' jiaiiitrd, oiid no 
(loubt pivHL'nl )iN viiLli a giiiuine por- 
trait, tlo is habitod in u scurk'l mlw, 
triniiaud with fur, itiul nvi-r it U a rirh 
collar of gold and gt^na. 

'JliL^ tbinl |Mtrl!on ofllu.' vcduincttm- 
braooi fol. 6a'— 7!>, and contwn* tlie 
Oracionn intte rt fiott Cvmrnnwnnetn, 
mH&ttm f^-^timmti pr>>fixi>d to whivk is 
tbo thinl minijturw, of richer execu- 
tion even tlian the preceding one*, re* 
SreBDDtinc the Virgui, with the infiuit 
ena in her arm^ standii^ on a crcii- 
oent, in a gnoenil yet ooinmundiiig 
attHode, and iiirroandc^I by n hitln, 
rcgiirdin^ with Ix^ni^iitv ihc mnnuvh 
SiinHniOTid, wliu kmvU ul Ikt fuut. 
This puinting is in exndJcnt pn-iiervB- 
tjun, iu)d the fiuura uf the Virgioi in 
ib allitude, <uahevi-IU^] luir, and 
drapery, resembles so much a well 
kuuwn etching of Alliert Dtirer, as to 

inducv me to beticre that tho artift 
miivitisiimi? degree hftTC copied from it. 

■Vh*' «hifld of Piilnnd is repeated in 
thtt Imnlcr, nnd in the followutu |Hig« 
another shii-ld in introduT'e'l, liotnag 
the armit of L.tihuajun, supported by 
two native soldiers, of very »piriteJ 
di-^sn. liiil, unfortunately, somewhftt 

At the rIoK of thifl diTiKlon arc in- 
troduced ill a later Imnd varioiia 
prayers, whicl), ui appi'iin by a rubric 
prvtlxod, were l^aw^L■^ibe^l after Sigiv 
inoml's death, from aiinilier rolutna 
whitsb had belonged to him. Thevo 
extend from fol. 711 In fol. H.'S'. The 
last iwrtidii, whi<-h enihraceti the re- 
mniiiiler of the volnnic. from fol. 8(1 to 
ful. 107^ if iniiiled Cupkuh »n- 
BIT13AI.U, and liiu> nil iiddre^ to SSgia- 
moiid pretiXL-d, written in blue lelten. 
eoniiiii-iifinft in thi? following wtirds: 
" StTnuMijHo damiuo Si^imamaa primo^ 
Reg* I'olimie. (Jui liune libelluni tibi 
miserim, non ojiortel queri* Serema- 
siniv Hex. Mittittir euini ub i^oto, ub 
liiiiii' iiiiii'iLtn i-iiiiKtiin, <|ii(h1 prt-ftitiones 
vietorio in w> eontenle, a quiHlniii de- 
vnlu lieremita, enin er>»inii-iii<>i'urio»9 
vite H Uu'Ionim ('hriiitj. cninjiosiie^ nd 
te maxicne neHinent, et iini lib! inler 
nlloo Christinnos rrinoifiw proprio 
eonveniunC, ci-iJuh eii»i<i nun in dimin* 
ilendo. scd in defiindenrto ChrisliaDO 
Nangoine exereelur," &<•. We haiv« 
. here, therefore, the fwtimony of tho 
donor of the voliimt-, that )iu euused it 
to be uxitutti] for iIip iviui^, and pre- 
sented il to him. without lettiiii; hJa 
tinme lie known, and I'liii'lly with the 
pioua iibjet-t thai, ihivn^^h the effi- 
Ofu^v of the prnvi-nt ronloiuMl in iL, 
l^ffiHmond mii^hlWenabled to tritunph 
over his emrmiii'. In (he Imrdir sur- 
i-otimllnu (.111- firit. ]in^ of tliis sddraMi 
iii introilui.'ed a e^Mt of unos, (iulqi, • 
raio jjaaaant argent, horriMl or, whi<di' 
is borne by tfacTruocnian fnmitiea of 
Vcvt von Kieneeh and Tott«iihami* 
aiurinav pmhablr Uwltothcdiseoveiy 
iif thi! donor. AfW llie address followa 
the third miniaLun-, whieJi is intended 
BH a fruntJFpioco to the roUeotion of 

C-ayers and tilany. On it is drtwn a 
rge shield, supported by chorubf, md 
inscrilied Cupkiii SpnuTvaUi, ete^ 

• 8m Sibmaeber. " TeaOehe Vfappen- 
buch." 410. 16», th. i ]>l. lOS; tti. U. 
pl- 7!». 




Prajtev'hook of Sigismond I. tffPotand. 


•hk tite wxau of PoUnd and Litlin- 
■M in ndt low«r coroer, sad rentcneea 
ftealkePnbiuintcribcdaroiiiul. On 
• toUit nipeo(le«l from tbe top is ibo 
bvMStlom Dammtt^ ttUnm fac rfgtim 
««»«■ Sgitm»miKm, u Dt the rooi- 
■csocnMOt of ibr votumr. Matiy of 
llw y n yv n la thu and Hip preceding 
pnrtiOM of tiw volume brmtlic ■ tooe 
at the dtmiMt hmnilitj mid dtvotton : 
aad dm llie ro/'al perKituige for whou 
|Im7 wtn iaUMta, or hi> nKceasors, 
bsK oannutl/ mcdiuied on tbmii. wtr 
haw the Mj Ml U t a l proof in the rJ^muA- 
wm l^m, tuc writiiij; on nhkh, in 
■one ilHtaB«c>^ i* oni* i-oinpleK-Jj ulili- 
tcrstnl fay aw. At tlu- tiid uf ihu 
portiua V wrtttvn in rapilul U^ttm nf 
foldi Xmdbw iKprMWHt Jimuimitn, ft 
ti^ in i m m ihh «(/n« m.. I.^iJ.--^. 
AA«r ibisBV iiMTtcil in ih>- vuliimi*, 
■# w>ir biMiK). fome luicr uldiiions on 
M>— ....-«.ti,ig frrtui fid. I9K to foJ. 
Sit'. I in ItaJiaa bnnd of the 

rfi»eL ,- 'ury. TheBccoiu- 

mmet: « i . " Ail iwtr obe- 

anlaia O" „ <iiii," which ij< fol- 

Inwdd 1iv iiit)*^ arotion* uid pulms, 
v^idvntl;: drawn ap fur U>c ate of one 
of li« niTol pdue^on; aud tbcw ore 
jiu j wm IcJ b;^ ■ vcriea of prajri^n to 
Sataia. mtttxapuat^l by dr^rincK, 
aaoog wbii'h fignptf St. MicbaeJ, dm 
■rdkktun'^ ' ' •^(.('hrl^liiiJiiT, St. 

Badik, St. . Si. L<>nmird. and 

8t Antbon^'. . .^i.iny of llii'w (iriiyera 
m ^rrxtri B|[ain*t on i'[iiiii>inir dli- 
O^ler f)Miu>M)i'iCmM^,iiu'l wvrcroni- 
poaed pn^MtUy on wou: [Mrtirular 

I DOW nunij lo the utrie* rvlutin^ 
■a t]K fiunlK of Stjn^tRottd, wlticli (Ki;ur 
on tbc> fljr-knnw af th^ iuant»(.Ti{il, at 
the begitiinng itul end. Tbiry arc all 
marl; nmtemponuA' with ()i<r prriitu 

on* oftltc lint entriM u a in«tuoi-andum 
that her aimual dowry in tlu.- kiD^mn 
of Poland KBtonntcd to abuut A4,<}00 
Poliih mC^ at tbD nt« of 30 fTvui to 
<.-a('h, anil in Litfaunnia to 36,000 taliiH. 
On fol. 3 wc read. 

La Sm** lUIn* Booa •! parts . . de 
Vartoria it p"* fiorao dt Febni . . . cba 
Tu di Sobbato d«lt' anao )5[55j ct arrivA 
is Ban, Del porto, alii . . . ili Maggio del 
■aedaaiaao aoao. Qu . . la ma rctiointaia 
iatnta dantr . . . Citla di Ban, aUi xiti. 
di dct . . nese, che ft di Mcrcordi. 

Thin entry refers to the period when 
QuwQ Bona retired from rolaad to h<>r 
dui'hy of Bari, whcrr sht ivmained 
imiU her d<«th. which took place tu 
It-M Ibaa thn-e je»r» atl«rwardit. Two 
other eairiua n-laUu|; lo tki« lady, one 
writ t«u while nbe wha lining, and llie 
other aArr hiT dc<ccaM', ap[><.-ar oa the 
U«t flj-leaf (if die nuuiuicripL 

Die it* idM* Febntarii, 1494. hor* 
13* »'. 30. VMcnolUt naU «t Scr** 
Dna Bona Sfonu. RcKtaa Pol«Di«, <t«. 
Quam lata fdk** Mr«ct, duna flutii in 
fi^tta oorreat, caovcia polui daai lidera 

Die 19 Ricnii Novibm, 1.^:^7. bora 
(juinta nuctii Ser** ilua Bona Sfortia B«< 
gins I*ol«Diw« villi diiL-nUt, in ratiro Barf, 
ubi Btttit uf que diem i]usrt'i mvtitOctobria 
aant (^^uentii 1554, et Ipio dt< scpidta 
fuit .... afchicpiscopali. in civilata 
Bart, «t illic jacrt 

It would hence seem that Anderaoo 
19 in error in pluming favr dei'mM ia 
IJ.'iS, an also ia Padre Antonio B«a- 
liljo, in anifninf; it lo the year lASO.} 
It Appt-oni Inini the loal •uuiiusi wnt«n 
tliiit the Qut'™','i \iaAy was rcmnved idj 
U93 from the (ratbofrsl to the cfai 
of St. Niwla.*, where* auncrb nt6na'< 
___ _ _ Bteat had been erected to ber memorjJ 

wewiedT'awT'^f'JiMich value, m af- bTlicrsurvivingdaaghtor Anna, widow' 
fiirdiiw Ise-l (lalM. on which rduuice of Slephen Bathon, King of Polandl 
f»ft be placed, ScrenJ of ihw arcin f««n l47JtoI586: and in the inx-ripJ 
*»Wai»dwiilina» of Queen Bona, «- tioo Qul-cji Bona'a iige w Bt«t«d at 
mad wif.' of Simimond I. (dniighier of 65 j. 7 m. 10 rf. which doca noN Iww- 
GiDnuu Ualcoxto Sforza. ]>uke oi ever, agrw with the daiea cnttrcd m 
Mii»,)w»ioWMin«rrie<lin 1518; and the manusniiH. 

The eotne* which suocMd m point 

* CoMparr Ifae Qnccn'a tijnatitrc in 
M& Cou. >*rm. B. II. fol. Ids, lo a 
kttar OMigT^tMUtiuc Mnrv 1. of England 
on IwT narriif*. ilntril ^ Jnlf. I»4. In 
Aa mtmt «a1«/ur irr thr iiatoffni|i|i s>f[«- 
MM**/ Si^ifSiood 1.. $i|Li<tn<ind II. Aii> 
inilaa. and SifttOMnd III. 

+ Pmbiblj' Tifmla, nctr Modena. 

: HMorin di Ban, 4ta. Nap. 1537,.] 
p. 2^9. A C'al dral of ratiou* iiifiiroia* J 
rinn r^latirt to Bono, the bcneftta coiifDrrF4.| 
b:F bn UB the cit* of Bari, ttc n to 
rouiid in tftia work. 


Prayer-iiuoA a/iSiginnond I. of Poland. 


of time ar« tlioM wln'oti reUte tu the 
childrvn «r8ij)«mQnit I. nifl EkniD. 

Dt« miirtii. liuni qnarU noctii itatim 
PbImU, IB Jimiiani, I&l*), ('nu'0*ic nata 
««t 111** U'liii Vrnbrtia CuimiririHi*, ut 
fcticiwimii KotpickU, et lelmnoiUMlmc 

Die primn Ang" I&20, Craoovto, prope 
Jictii ■IbewcnitS, milwUi sutim K-utimB 
hon Doccia [irefodtntli, bmu uc III"** 
Ptiocepi U'n'a Sigiiinundu* inoilrruu*, 
fUlunu Rex et lirrei, rili aidrra favp.-iot 
nulorei ecatem. imjicriii fdicinlnQ eC 

Die l.i' Jijlii. Ii22. li>ir« 4' nurtU 
aubiKMiurIi* pulintA. (!nu-o»' iialn r»t II!'"* 
lyna $ii|iliia, lub (elici rt aiii|>icnti>iiimu 
■i4crn. qua r«riiiii oifim oonilllordluaitnet 
rt fclirilct a>l nmlorcoi ttt tijitaKM Inot. 

Alli IS c]« OctoljTO I5S.1 nuctAnna, 
aonSw 13 hora. 

Alio primo An NoTcmbra, ia26. nud 
Catmna, iionato 4 bore. 

or ihi-fie rhJl'lrm. thi> dili'itl boriii 
taabelU Cwiiuir, bciuini- iLc wrfu uf 
John Zaml^ii, WuiwihIi- oC Tnuwyl- 
Taniu, BiiiintV-rwiiflx KIu^'ul'Huiig&r^. 
The Bpwmil, Si);i«mi)iul Aii^ti*luii,>trbT 
tiic (k'litli of bU fiithw ill 1548, was 
ciccleil hitt}^ of I'liliind, ami <3wi 
witlioul ii«uc in Ia72, und with him 
expin-d ihtt ilynii«ly nf (lii.> •lu^ji.'llon 
lint'. He hod rhrvo wivcf ■ tfn^ flrnt am) 
IhinI of whiim were siHter!!, Imlh beiii" 
daiighNTH of the Kinpcnir ronliaiiuil f. 
Ow t'ol. !il7* are Clw IUIdh iiijj m^-mo- 
niniln )\'lHtii»(; lo llic^i- nmrriiifii*. 

AiJiliiili'iraiKi 1543.1a Rein* 
Elwbeth. D|[ha ill lU di Uatnniil, fh 
nuuitnta nl Str™" SiKi»n«iidu Au^ustu, lU 
d« Pulunii. 

A 4i . . . di Luglio, del anno 1551, U 
Rdnft C«terina, pur Hf^lU del audrtto Re 
di Rontani, fi tnarilata al ludrtlo lU di 

Oi (lie nrtiiJilHin); rhI1iln-n of Si|;ui- 
mond 1. Su|itjift iinirniit Hi-nn, Oiikr 
of Brtuuwiolf. Knil ilitil in X'tlH; Aiinu 
bcciUUL^ wtlir at Stc|ilR-ii Itulhuri (iiN 
befoiv nit'titiuiifd), aiid dii>d wlcbuut 
Innv, in IJH6: and Cnlharioc uiurri<'<l 
iFoliu Ifl. Kill); iif SwMleii, hy whom 
the had Si^Ninmid III. vlt-Hi^it King 

* She »aa tho wlilinr of Praocnm 
Goniigii Duke t^r MnntUA, and died in 
1472. Her iLilrr UUnlwlli dird in I.Vl^. 
Slgtamond hait mnrrkil sninidly, in 1549, 
Barba.dnuflilcrafGcorfc [UdxitiI.Ca<.tel- 
Lui of Vilna. tint tlii* allianrr wa* MaRind, 
■> beinf iiitpi)nnl in poial nf (ank, and led 
to U> ntotlier'a retirement from VvUnd. 

of Poliuid ill 15S7. aJW lli« duitli nf 
SivpliLi] Bntliori. 

Tli4- Liftt two i-ntriiw of tnrt.bii arc ia 
the liandwrilin^ tit Qiimfi Brtnai> bjr . 
whom bIki II IniiK intc hn» boen writteil 
on fi>l. iiO^, hilt Muh«e(jii(^ntly vrawd, 
mid the fdllowing nnemornnda in refe- 
r«nci' to hcT mothor. Tfubi'lU of Ar- 
nit;r>n. (lnn<;hti-r uf AI(>honfu II. King 


Inbella AnmDi«, Dux Mediubid. aats 
«t N«a|mli, dir iiii Orlnhrii. que est diM 
Friciicl, bora >• m'»ii. anno M'ctx-e'lu:*. 

Alij II da Fi-brarc), neJ anno I&24, e 
morta In III<m S" ducbcan in MUaoo, fn 

llii.' (luJv roMmiiiiii^' i-ntry tn th« 
Tnlume wortJi notice (whiih i< aIho the 
Intv»t) is ihu liiitogTRpIi !«i;ni)ii<>iv of 
" SipwntmdKi Rom Tittiu-." nf. foL 
303^, which hiu iiurrowtj ocitpud flie 
kliilt! of llie biudirri u pruof, liv the 
wuf, tlmt \\w i>ri>»crnl bindiug, iltk) 
(x»ifU>i|ii(-nMv tt»' iiiittiUiion ^A' the 
Tohimo, i<t itiibMri|Ucnt to the period of 
W\» mtvmow in I2H7, luid prohablv of 
Ilia ri>ii;n, wliiib rcHM^d in 1G33. How 
tbu voluiui.- pui><H.-d fruni the liiiniU uf 
Si^'intiKiiid tin- 'Hiinl's wins auil suc- 
i-uMuirs (<i ihc Subicski dviiiislr dot's 
not »)ifK-ar; nnd tW r>-miundtT of iu 
bi.''tory i« lo Iw jrilh«'tv(I from k r(?cunt 
noli" at tlic brfpiiriinp. \iy wblrh il Bp- 
pt'iir*. thai in IKIN or I«3& Ihi? iiianii- 
wript w!Mi |iT(n-iir(,i! Ill Fn'«'ati from 
ilii* iMir<.tt»*ir of ihc pffi'i'iii of iJie Cur- 
<iinAl Yurk, niul cune !o(a the nooscs- 
»i(iii of tlur Stiiiirts, by tbi' nuimiige of 
lliL' I*riri<-i<«i Maine Ckiiivntiiie Sc 
bic^lci in 1719 tu Prince Jniuva, Ihe 
fir>t I*rct<riidLT, K>ri of Kiiif; Junes TL 
It waa firewiil^-d lo the Duke of 
SuaM^x by tliu ChovaCcr (ircgoiro ds 
Bemrdi, anil at tbt> tale oTtbn Dukv'a 
MS8. in Aupiflt 1844, iraa purehascd 
for ibo Britif]) Mutwum, fur thv aam 
uf 73/. I0«. 

Vourt, tK. M. 

Mb. UnnAK, Lritttttr, May 7. 

NOTK'K bus alrouty bern uken in 
your n-vi<.'w.* and by one of vonr Cor- 
Pes|Mtndcnt.'i,to''lh« wantof jmlpjiunt, ' 
(u wi'H Its ftcotimrr, dimliiT«l in n re- 
("onl historical work. Irip Memoirs of] 
Itichnjit tlie Thinl. by Mim Ilaklcd. 

1 take u]i uiy |ii.-n to Ktldrcts jou os 

■ Re]Jtcin1>er 1814. p. S73. 
+ Wet. p. 377. 


Kiuf Ri'rfutrd ihe ThirtTi Bad^teait" 


oooaK-trd Milb the Imlur^ of tliat 
iBaoan')i ; uiil ooe whirb aiiptict ratli«r 
to ihe tool aiiT)al« if lhi> U>vm, miil to 
th« drfikrtmcnt of dnnieiiiic- iuitif|uitu-.4, 
iku lb utT poiul of mui'h j.'vnfM-iil 
iM«K*t: retfrettin^ at tbo Mine turn- 
that 1 \M>t Init liiue origioal inromia- 
tim ti> tmjiarl. A», however, tlio tv 
nonl (if ciTur I* a wuivurv not ouly 
mi'ijiTy, ImiI ufl'-n iiuxUi;irT. lo ihi.' 
inraifetuiMi of tnilli, 1 woulil m|uret 
tbe sllauliua of vour rcailftni (■> u few 
ranarto on wb« hu bof>n icriucd 
- Kiag Rirhanfo BcilMmd." 

It* ftpTT. or b-jivtiH, U nn old nnc ; 
Imi it Iwa Wen liei;;hwne<l Ky lucow 
im wtiliTih iukI tiju nt In.*! ri^f-eirH 
tbr Mnnil of ita romance from iht? pen 
<^ SG» Ibbud, whtiK ■k'acri|iti<m of 
it I b«ie IB tlie fint pbcv to introduce : 

*' n« Bost <rn]iaar7 inctdenis in otltrr 
■Ck'i E«m Willi him Becmed fNt«d tu be 
yri 1 Mil Ij tli« Mitiie<:t3 of msiAiu^ or of 
U^ a J y. Earn lh« iiia itl>rro br Bbtxle 
Jiinaj: Ui brief cojoNn) at Letcealer, «feii 
Ik ivry BihI oo whkb be iliere lYpoted, 
m ool exnnpl from the UIm of Itorror 
•te-h acv HaacUtvd trtth thr mmtory of 
■iw prtBOC Ob hi* depulnr* far Bo«- 

I tt ■(i|w«n from the reiolt that be 
have left ihbdj utielM of Tilue, 

r coo camfa«r«o(D« to be rnnoml, or 
bi rtli«»lwi Ul-ntitnl for a (nnjionu] 
niraTiafai. M tbr hooie of raiertaio- 
■wol wberr he Liul bcrn (ibidiii|;, aBtl 
•Urh, M bcran ll>e chief bualrJrr in 
tMcaerr. wai dMafunhrtl by itie apjicl- 
toCMm of Ru^hud'a bad^e, ' tiM Silver; 
Bov t' hat, oo hii ilcfc«t tnii dr>th, auil 
(W dtopcniOD of hi* foUnvi^rf, the vtp. 
lariaaa army, «i<h the infuriuted nve 
■hk^ ia all «eei ammpantM vxy^paXu 
odtavml. cmopt-Ucd Ihe onocr of the 
faa to |tiiU 4o«u ib» raihlrin of th^ lie- 
onad king, uil to rabKinie Ibd filuc 
lar the ^iie Boar. Tlie B)iar1inent* 
rtkh tbe Lin^ bail UL^mpinl ocrr jilUgeil 
tmk ranaaeho^. an) llf hon^n^c of th« 
rickly caned bod pd vluch be had ilept 
doriaf bia ataj Ui llw! tuKn wrro Un> oM, 
aid (ilkrr curinl sway a* booty witli 
•tbcr portable anictn, or were datroyed 
00 a^ tpnC. Tb« bcilfleaJ, lin««ter, 
bctog brgo and bra*y. and appari*ntty of 
■u ireat valoe, «u iiidtrvd tu rcmjiti ua- 
Aunbad Mitb tile pcopio of tlie lioon; 
OoMvlbrth niDtitiuiiif a picor of *t4<idin; 
toMBjra, snJ puMtig I mm truant to 
Uatai vitb tbo ino i for Kinc Riehard 
m4 K» leerctary heiiif both ilalo, and all 
bla conideofial frMindi eicculed, itn- 

pritonrd, or eiilrd, It coald uot b« koowa 
that tbo woifbt of the bulky woodau fnune- 
aork trft in hi* »)r«|iiiig nparinicnt arose 
rmm iU beii^ in reality the mditory rlic*t 
of (lie deceawd monarch. It «a* at oitce 
bia eoSa and hia conrh. Many years, 
boweitr, roUcd on brforr tbi* *i»suUr fact 
bocaiiM known, and tbea il vi*a only ««- 
ddmially di>«')T(rrd, oaluc tu lh« dr- 
cuBiatanee of a )itcoc of |^.>hl dropping en 
tha floor ahea Ihc wife of the )»ro[iriclor 
wat mduna a bed vhicb had bcra plaord 
uiMMi it. Or doier rxaaiaHMa a double 
bditoni nas diiwonnd, iba infermtdiatQ 
■pace betwe«D ahiobwa* fauad to be filled 
Kith pAA torn to a coiuidFnUe aaioaot. 
Tbr trcanire ibna mKTvelouiJy obiained. 
■Itbuush nrefnlly con<vaiW. hdped in 
time to elevaie lli<- bumble jtiibbcwn, 'a 
■nail of liiw roudJLiiin,' (a llir prciod (ta- 
tiun of chief utijjUtntTe of his n*(i*etOWn. 
But at his de.ith the va»t nclica that ac- 
crocd to bb "•^Aav nested Ibe cupiility of 
airaUb oouitirtcd with her mt^bliahmeat ; 
and tlic wilfal omrdcr of ibnir miatreai, in 
lbl3, led to Ihe eiecation of hrr feniale 
Mrfanl, and of M«en men oootrenird with 
her ia tbr ruiblcM dtolj that adiliof 
another Itace^ly to the toauy of higber 
import whKb art iaarpanibiy <.-oaiiccied 
with the iccollectian of this BQtia|ipy 

"Tbc iim itacif, rcadered aorMnarlii- 
ble «a Ihe hue ahiJuig-place of Uw last 
monarch uf the Muldlr Agra, 'a lar^, 
bandanne, kalf-Uinber boaae, with «W 
■tory projorting qw tba otkv.' rcnaincd 
for D|twanti nf three eeatatie* nnrhanged, 
ail iolprotiDf; relic alike ol ibc arrhilcctaro 
of it* period a* or the remailtable epoch 
«bi«b it p«-petual«d. Bui in tbe year 
IH56, although undecayrd, uninjured, and 
dcfytOK thp r«Ta||rra of lime, tbin venerable 
fabric tra* nicd to the i^und, to the 
regret of all vtho hold Mertd such hin- 
ti>riral (Demoriab, and halluii tbe relies 
wbicl) link bynonH agr* with the prraeat 
time. Ita rite, with the appellation of an 
adjoinin; ihorougbtara to which it formed 
aa angle, and which atill rciatna thr name 
of " Blue E5aar Ijinr." together with Iha 
deaoriptioa and dciineatwu of lia ptc- 
tnrcujue appcaranee, are now all that con - 
itoclt Kiiig Ricbatd with tliia ialereatiiig 
moiDorial of hit la>t dari at Lricester. 

" Not *o, bowerer. t'bo Bedatcad. That 
appendage le: the (un. altbough thiee 
hoRilred aod DRy yean have eUpaed «inoa 
it WB* u*«d hy th« lunereign, in <liU in ei- 
llinm, and In tbe moat perfect atatc of 
praerratloii. Richly and curloudy carrcri 
in oak, with nrura<de>l]rR profuMly Bcal> 
te«ed over it, its paaeU inlaid with black, 
brown, and while wootU. the styles coo- 
siflling of Saracenic hgurc* to high nikf. 


" King /tichai-d Mr Third'a BfJHead.' 


it prorei, from th« «togul«Htf or it» con- 
•traction, the true pnrpomR Tnr irhioli it 
was de*i)[i>eil. e^erj puriinn of !i bat iIm 
brwlj tj«in|;ftbncaie(l to lake to pivcta and 
pill up AC will ; Ro tl.At for trardling it 
tnn'dily (woime Irnnsfcinncil into a bugs 
rW*<. n!ili<.iiii>li iiij^iiioiitly fraiii^d fur tli« 
tn-w-rotd puqioifwliiclilvd toiupmerra> 

" Thnragli the ronrlear or Ihe prvaent 
owTwr oftbU *alusbla relic, lb? Reverend 
Mattbrv Babingtoa, the anihor «aa per- 
■nitled tjvaronghlj U> eiaininr it, anrl na» 
forlher faruuml willi rnntir intrrpiting 
pnnioutan ^Qoaectiid witli itt prefcerv«- 
tion aad iha pc«uliikrit]' of ita oonxtrae- 
tinn. It ttttM, thill after the murilrr of 
Mr*. Clarke, in 1611, the bnliteid >ttU 
reiaahied at tlin nine Goat Inn, and con- 
tinued ta in ta for Ibe apoee cf 20U fvn. 
mhtn it came lata the paasMaion of a 
perKiu wboac ronrna Wing too Idw to 
•limit nf iu trannit, llie Errt were rut all; 
tbcY were two feet (is iticbnt Idde, and 
aich rii inchrit muare. It wa* piir<--lii«ed 
KDie year* aftnr of Mr. flT*k«i, an alder- 
man of Lei«iiUr, STBndl'iiihvr lo the propriirlcr. and by him lirld in 
great catimation, nnd vrrj i-anfullj pre- 
■er*c4. TVoof lli« ricbljrcarrml pannla 
■n laid to ttprcsriit thr Hvljr Svpulcbn ; 
the tt«ter ia t^arrtid and inlaid wttti dtf- 
frrrnl culuure-J woodaio varioui patteroa : 
thr po«l« «r« verj maaaiv* in par[«, and 
TV17 taper inoChen, uid their oun^lrac- 
tion ia aojd to be ■n«t In^nloua. Modem 
fbet liate been added : but in all tAhcr 
r«|>PCta thia trry rrmarkalilfl pitm of 
■niiqac furniture ipmaiiia in ita printine 
■tate. r.xrcptini; thjt tlie rlcb lildJngmen- 
tiunrd hy RiT Ri>p;i;r Tx^adeo waa an- 
fortunately rcniOTid by th» carelpianraii of 
'ibu per«oii onphiyed liy Mr. Drake <o 
cleanae It, after it wa« pareJb>»ed by liim." 

In ri'viewina; thin atuteiDcnt, I must 
firal tAkr k>iiv(- to rnnark llmt (lit- faol 
111 n-->»niiM.^1, iiti»ii)ii>ori>.-<l by udcimuU' 
I Miithimlr. Ibat Kin;* [{i>'hnr<l liarl Di'on 
' ii))i<)in>; " III I<i-i<'):amr. nliuUurr in 
"tbi'i-lii.'f Imitclrv" orebewhere. He 
liiul bcvu n.>altv nbHinfr for saaw time 
in th*- ciuiLlv lit Ntitliii^fuuii, mill il. n»M 
theiv or lit LntterworUi that hU amij 
WHK to muxicr.* Frutn Noltinehxni, 
ma sll uiithuriticH ngrvtr, be inart-nod lo 

* Balier. in bia Chronicle, statea that 
lite Dnke of Mnifolk. the Earh of 
Nortliumberlaail and Surrey, with Sir 
TliiimHi llrackenbnrj, I.initciunt of ihc 
Tower, were ofdticd !'.■ brin( their forces 
(a the Kin^ at hutterwortti ; Grafton, that 
Ihe Dukir of Norfulk vaa ordered t» ooBie 
to Noltlnsliam, 

l^ni-tftor an lu-jiriug id' tbif myir ap- 
proach vi tbu Carl til' Ki'-Iiiuond. 

'I'lit* at'onunt (if tin' mnvi'mimta of 
tbu Kin^'it iirniv whirb Mi»H IlaUtcdi 
ban berM-ir nit<>|itril, inaken hint Bny> | 
thiii^ but tJintiiitiarv at Leicester, 
alsti^ that Kirharif Wd XoUin^un oB < 
the 16th of An^M. ami entered Lei- 
cvHter at sniuet; iJoat, beuiuse the 
I'tMXt of l^UvMct bud bccomt rutttou 
lie "look up hit abode st the vbief] 
buotolrjr uflhe tuwii ;" ibatua the 17th' 
bv nuurcbed to liimkli:)', and fixed hi* j 
(.■amp at llio lilhftv of Elmalbotpo; 
and (<ii iliv Ibtb nitnovctl to mbm 
ming urouitd at StubMon [Stupel- 
toil]. AVu uTv UL-xt l»U that "llio 
t9tli aiul '20tb appeitr to hnw been 
ynisMHl bjr all [mtum in iiiill«oting their 
utinnit atrRngth, in waKJiiug tbc move- 
mi-iits nf tiipir qiRincntff, anti plnring 
llu'ir I'wiipn ii« ilminiMj- nj oirfwin- 
sliini'iT* lubuiMit).'' 

Rut. aHi-i- all llu», in the next \n^, 
Iltihunl IN slilliillA-iiVilvr :"alLb()ii|;h 
lu' hail HPni Birav bin anuv. .... be 
apIHisn" tn have inailc IjCKT«trr his 

Tbu »tvle of thin aiitburvas if best 
I'Xpn.'v^'il by the thrill " d(>vi»-wiliiig ;" 
hpr pliin i* To foiin a sort of" harniony " 
of all previous vrritiMii, lioth ancient 
mid inudvi'n ; and, as was justly re- 
nuirliMl W yoitr rpricwor, the laiter 
Ei|i(iear to ne of «*jaal authority to h*r 
with thi' former. 

Tbi<i imuiitM optmaidi i» raoibiiied to 
Mix* ILiIhIi-iI with llmt love of profttaa 
iiriuimt-Dt vrbicli uppi'an gcnsnllj 
(■h«nicliTi'<iir iif fi^iuftJe hivloriaa). 
E«-rv iiicidi-nt must lie romantic or 
niLdudriiniiitii', nml, llico the mnianco 
or ni><li>dniiniu orcompanipd by pa- 
gi.'untrT. Kin); Hii^biixd Ivaves Not- 
tin^bam " gorgf ously attired in the 
Mploiidid annour for which the age 
wnn ri-nntrkablr-," and " ridinu upou a 
niilh-white ohurger,** and the maiVh of 
the utmy along lh(^ road " was mi im- 
poaingly amuigvd ' that i( cnvtinxl iho 
road for tbn-c mill's. t>n hu do{inrIur« 
from Leice«l4.'r, he rodi' out uf the 
towu *'iu Um: Banu.* n^ii/itaK* in wbicb 
be had made his entry, with bi# myol 
cro«m upon bia hduict, and biireie on 
a HuhU war-aliMHl, whoM? cnftly trap* 
pinjrs aecorilcd with tbi? rich aiiit of 
poliiilicil Kttx'l armour worn by itt ac- 
rrrmpluhrd rider fourteen ypa»« befbrs 
at (hp batllu of Tewlce»biifr." (!) 


" Kiti^ llKhatit the Third's Sedttead,' 

All thb ftbmmfitv w fnuii tu* lii^ber 
jwAoritv thui lluttun'* "IlUtorv of 
Bovwvrtk FwlV ptiblished in 1786, 
ml tkt mn« writi^r Li fullowiil in the 
toKmiwt of the Kinj;> nxivements. 

Ifauioii MAbs Uuu tbc Kin;; " iroiiifl 
k*i« imreWd OQ Klomlar, Aii;iu«t 1.1, 
bat tfc«t dir bda^ the Assumption of 
•or LmIt, be defbred il Ui the 16tli.*' 
Misi BuBtcd myss *' it vn^ tAe t^vr of 
\he Ajnnnptioci uT llir Viiyin Muiy, 
wid tbe «u{WnMitioii of tb« age n^dered 
Btebsrd Mvenm to manhiiig od iliat 
dar I'lui I i[iirMii¥i U Inut ntnbitfuuiiit, 
if act iacorrccc The udorUoti ia 
famtloJ <« a )Mwaf^ in a li-tlt-r iiftlir 
Dtdkeof Ni)rt''ilk in the Panon Lpturs 
" tkst U>e Kuift wouM u-t forth m upiui 
Vortij [Aug. Kl,] 1)111 Tinly for our 
Lttdf <U(. but for cvruin lio gueih as 

rD TueHlaj.~ l^jit UrttcT WAV pmve 
Kii^'i iatcDUun ; but, u it was 
wrttleti Ki far off u SuflbUt or Xorfulk, 
it etOBot b« rtcchrnt 0.4 proof of thu 
wanw iubn.i]uifntlr taken. 

For the next iia^ Ilntton onlj My« 
tlttt the Kioji "irrotnbly" utivmI at 
Lofotcr the auDc rlar. Mi^ llnl«t«d 
BMiwu the prolMbilt'ty into liutorr. 

Untlon onifTwards ^ati-.o ihal Iti* 
tkud BUtrch^;*! out of LA-ievili-r on tbi.> 
I7lh, »nd wriieil tlinC ui^ht at Elnis- 
ihorpe ; mod Out on thu ISth he turnetl 
twanb the T%ht, ti> 8taht<-t<in. mnd 
|teked Ui etmp on ** the Brad^biiwf ." 
A* it waa not HuttonV ]>r»ctic« t» 
■fifiaid my «uUinrttu;«t, it Duy be pn>- 
■ned that iliew niovetnentB verv 
JMrined III *ui( ihe daimn of c<-rt4iin 
kabtieB. to i*hi«b wtue Tii(tu« tnidi- 
6an» werr nltocbLil. 

ttax 1 utilr liu'l two roDlempt/rary 
mniwilli iif Kioluirtr.i'h from \ot< 
lta|tMn lo Boewcirlh Field, cmc of 
•tarh mra^trai hia entrance into the 
UVQ flf LorcsIM', anil lite utiiijr )iis 
dovtim &un it ; thr AirimT of which 
iaoHirifnt in an^ dab?, but Ibe tatter 
!■ a Tviy precise ont*- 

Tbe fonnCT ta U>« of PolTdnre Ver- 
gil <Hw my*, that the Kin^V anny 
mnf into Loiratlvr a littlp U'din! tl>i> 
•Ui Kl, ahmit thi^ icami' tiiru! that Hi>n- 
rj tfmcmd from LithfieM lo Tain- 
vorlh. This iic«i)nnr i» that which 
var niptcl in lla)l'> Chratiicti?. an'l 
«i in IJoltnAli>r<t Slowo, and Spct^l. 
Wbether TCirhanl bad but>n only one 
dt7 in marrhtnji from Kottinf^hain, or 
40 «Ital d»T be enlered Lm-).*UT, !< 

not atatcil ; but fntta t}i« Cilhvr acrounl 
10 which I huTc alludfid, and which is 
that of a monk of Cropland, I should 
(■oncludo that it wo? only two days 
hwtitrv tbe bullk'. xh. on Saturday, 
AiiKUst 20, Ibat be raiuc to Lniccsl«r. 
Tliu Crvyliinii histvriui rL-lalet ibati 
<^n arcount of the rapid wproach ot* 
thi! ciR-my, it was ju<lg<eu ommmMry 
thai th« mvul aniiT, though not en- 
tirely asaemWd, abnuld more forward 
from Nnttinghnni to Lctccfttrr- 'Hum, 
after tttittin^ thai a v^ery lur^ urmy 
was conjjrvj.'uti'd at Ltdt'CBter.tlic writer 
imnn^diatvly pivrfet-dn to dcscrihc the 
Kln);'.4 dei»irtiire outof Lliat town oa 
lhL>?>iiii[by,aildiii^ ibal he i-ncampod at 
et^lit iuilcsdi.->tiuioi-,' aiid that the bot- 
tle wits i:oiiuiiicnc<.tl at a v^t^ early 
buur uu till* fullowing mumtug : 

" ' fckliiiaoiitiuiijuc ininiicu, ac 
diriKcntibus vt>i luxi nnrti el die recti in 
fnci^m KccU, npiu crat omnem rxcrctlutn, 
lioti nundum iatrgi^ cougic|{atuui. it Nut- 
t)UKb«ti)ia diniittorr, vrairr^ue ad Lie)c«S> 
triun. Itiiiiuc cumpcrtiw eit numcru ho- 
puinaCorum parie itr^, major qiiilin a&> 
tea.iiBus eil uu(|utiin in Ac^Lu |irw uua 

" Dit AUtem dominieo ante fnlum Bar- 
tholooMil apoHtoti, Rex matlmit [lompa, 
diailciua portani in fapitc cum iluce Nur- 
folrhie JiihiWDC de llowani, ar Henrico 
Percy comitc Nunliumbrias, nctcriit]ae 
magnificb dotniaLt. inilitibut. et aml^- 
ru, popular! unique uiuliiludine ioflntta, 
opiclum Lrirt>'trrniir r^rcfuu, talis per 
utleruunorct cdoclu* ubi hmte* Ki^iientl 
noctcde vctuiinili cnancre rotelMnl, jnzta 
■bbiitlki'in dc Mifivall eMtltsiuetalDi «■!.'' 

In.flrnd, theroforr, of King Richard 
"abiding" ai l.«icnl(.T, for mme time 
previouji U> hi* lft.*t ttni^l** for the 
crown, vv find thai he merely passed 
thnni^'li it with his army, making H 
eJVM u yliuw of liit> ;<tn-iiaiL na poaitble. 
ueicealer, I coiieelve, narins always 
l)ceii tin uppunajn of the Bouw of 
Loiii-ai'tiT. eoiild uo[ hare Im-cu po* 
lilirally wcU-nflu't4.-d lu Kicbard and 

• He add-i, " n«ir Mcwrala Abbey." 
bnl, ** it wn* cuKtomary with monaatfe 
•rrttcrs lo adopt that mode of (pointing nol 
tlie sirnntioa of placet— by tiauiinx (com 
nriiihbouriiis honne of relipon, we caa 
only Mrribc hi* tmmlioo tf Mtrv»ato to a 
compliance with i!i« i<rsc1»e ; fnr Mere- 
lalr Wat bifyuud All:eratone, aiiil more 
than loin- tbe dtatanoe of llMWOnb Field 
frwui L*iiT»lei, 


Kmg titcharJ Mr Thii^» UttUOmd." 


Us boiue. Tbu woald bf a niutun 
for hiK bc[in){ tM'ii.*nriiiianii'>i) iJn-n* with 
all his foTTM. aiiil for liif not uiBkJiig 
it-« plaOQ of loHft uijoarti. 

Aa aflbcting the nubiLTt proponed 
fiir ^bciUiion, tiic narftum tVir om- 
aderstion now i«, wntttifir King Ri- 
chard fflffpt in IjviiLv«l«r on the tii^jht 
of SwturtUjr the 2OII1 of Aii^i^u 14H6. 
And thus we coiuv to ibe traditionu.! 
WUaj irom whirh all other Mtitcnu-nU 
renecting hitt ^>(lgills in LL-iri.>.-<t<-r an: 
dentiftl. Il iiiigieun tt» have Ih-vil timl 
commit tctl iM [Ki|K'r liv Sir IUijat 
TVvHifn ill till* rvi^ii 01' Ctuvltai the 
' Pii^t, in the iVtllovriu^ terms : 

"Vbcn Iclcif RiclianI lit. marrhrd 
into Lriflciteraliire ««nlntt Hrnry tail of 
KMhniand. tfitrmuAs Hmrj VII. he liy 
•t thic Btiir Boitr Inn, in tbe tnwn nf 
•icmtM', ■hprr wan leri k Inrite wouclon 
eiUlcvl, tpMri iu ftume pUcra, otifoh 
■flor hU dcfcBl Bod doth in the battlr af 
8o«*rorlli, ■'■n Irft, ritlirr tliroinh limir, 
or u ■ tiling of little nine, (the Imldinic 
brine nil taken from it) to the people of 
t)je iiotKc : theBMforwtrd tliis old bnl- 
■Cc'vl. nhidli «M liiianlnd oi lite bottom 
(n« ilie fiiauncr wu in ihutr day»), bo- 
DBioo * ini-c« of KtanilnR (urnitiire. and 

fkittrd from tenant to Iriiantnitfa tlic inn. 
II llio ipt|[n of (t<irvi> KUiatiHh lliii 
honK «tB kept by otie Mr. CUrk. irho 
put a bed on ibm bedttndi vbicb hb 
wife soi»G to make butil^, «tid juuibliiig 
th« b«(l«te«d, a piece of fplA ilra|ipnil out. 
^U exdtcd the woman'* ourioatty ; olic 
narrowly rxaaiin«d thin iinlit|iiatod plrce flf 
furniture, and, leading il lia<i a double 
bottiinii look off ihe iipppnno«t wlih a 
«!>!»), upon nhirb ihe discovered the 
man betwMn tlirm flllrd «ith xnld, part 
« it ooiiwd by RicliirJ III. and the rml 
of it in railirr liiao*. Mr. Clark (h«r 
biuhknJ) cDDoealcd this pieoo of gooi 
fortune, llioufK h; Atffit«» the «(foct« of 
it mndr il koivim, for be became rtcli 
from s low mndilion, and, in th» ipace of 
n few yran mnyor of the lowii, and llrni 
tbv story of tlie beUMead ctuiir to tie 
ranourrd by ibc iprtunl*. Al liia death, 
ha laft liit ritalc 10 hia vifr, nh'i atill 
DDOliDueil To keep tbc Urn. tbciuib »be 
wai known tii bie ttrj neb, nblch put 
■onia Mlrkwl |i«rei>M upon ei)K*E'"K '^'e 
maid Mcrrant to amIK ia robbing bcr, 
TlitM fotka, lo the number of untn, 
lodged in Iba bouap, plundered il, nnd 
carried off aome borae-load* of valuable 
tbinirt. uidjot lef^ ■ coiuidcr«bIc qunniity 
of valuib1cii«»trer«d abotttihe Boor. As 
for Mrs. Clark brrself, who wu rcry fat, 
■l*e mdcaoDvred to cry oai for help, upon 
which her maid tliruat bcr ftnit«rs down 

her throot and ehoakad bar ; for whirh 
fscC aha wai burnt, and thr te>'cn men 
who wera her acn>mplicei were Itanf^d at 
Lciceater, aome time In the year IGIX"' 

That Kiti^ Ritihanl slept on the 
niafal of Aii^rt 20 in the castle of 
Lotccslcr 1 »]ihII not attempt to afflno, 
Ikchiuc 1 iii.'»i'T I'itii peiT(*ive any iwe 
in tunjerCural otiitcuK'nlii ; lint that 
the fjutl« wan not, us M(m lluUtcd 
stoles, " too riiiuiiiis for onjupuliirii at 
lliis iiiomcniuus pvrtoil,'' may hv in- 
ferivil (nuM iboe two facts: I, thai 
Ktlwurtl HiL- Fourth dalvd rvrtain Itrt- 
tert {Kttt'Dt "nt hin ciuitl*' of Lpirt^tf-T, 
JuHR -i, 14^4 :"t and, 2, that LcUnd,! 
in till* rv'mn of Ilviirv Vtll. fbund 
'■ Imlgings rc'iHiiiiiiii^ llicrf- Adjoui- 
iii|i; lo tnp Ciistlt' wnj> unotlivr wuJlcxj 
inrlcwum mWi-^i Uh" KowarkA (nrw- 
work), tlie prinHpul frature within 
whii'b wa» 0. nift;fnifi(tMit (Y>)lr^!nt« 
rliiiD'h. iJii> Ikurinl plarc uf the hinme 
of l.:tii<'Asti'r. Tu lliis «xtt the bodjf 
of ihii fliiiii tiinnnn-hwat limnglit from 
the field oflmiilf. 

"They brotiebt Kine lliohard thitbei' 
[to Leit'eslcrJ llist oinhl. ai naked as «*er 
hn *na horn, and in Ibe Nrwoarko nat ha 
Uid, ibal many n tnaj] niiKlit mc." (MS. 
Uarl. 612, f. J40 

TliL' Ujtly was p.xiicise'i, imj doubt, in 
iIk* oliuroh of ihp ^x^wark, as that of 
llonry the Si.\lii liiuJ bwti in Si. 
I'aiil's at London i Imt Misa I[alst(>d{ 
In so unfortuiiatfi as lo suppose lliat it 
"was lodp-d nt n fortilii'il towi-r, tn- 
tiltvil Ni'wurk, otic of tho rhiff cn- 
traiic-e* uf ihi- lowrn :" iiii i'\[)I)tiiation 
(k'rivpd, it niav lie pri-s^utiu'd, from 
aiiiiii' print of tV- iiati.>w:ty now atnii>]- 
ing, (ral)rd liy n ntoUcrn nanii? ilie 
&Li({iuiTif%} but which wii* nvv<.-r ud 
entninoc to the l»wn, Itut the principal 
■.•nlmiwe to tliv 2ii;wHrk| il«vlf an area rtc-iYw. 

.\notlicr amusing instants how 3fiti 
IliiNiiiiiHilL-l^niiiiiLil locoinliinftTcry 
i-AiKtiii;! nlory whether rik'ht or wniog, 
and lo ioi-ortHiniti.- into her nairatire 
Liront n.i well as fnitA. is hi-r Biatomaiit 
thai Kiu^ Kichord's bndjr wa« b^scd 
bv ihf. Htltu nf Lcio«8t«r, and biuied 

* NlcboU'ii History of Lrio(M«raUr*, 
1.380, WhnK tbisnnrratife of SirRofW 
Twy*den was de»i<ed i« nnl slalvd. 

t NirJioU'a Ijcic I.;ii4. 

t liin. I, fol. 1«. 

f Vol. n, p. 471. 


•• Atur RKhnrd the ThirtTt BtiUUad' 


in tfaeir dba^ tb«r«; {ta wbtch ah« 
o&a'tlMCOUQiT bbtorion," NichuU'* 
UioLMLiAite. r'nL L p. 298. Tb«re 
it ■* iroe ifae word " outti " wctin, but 
ia a dooUtiaiL «ad immMiatdv otir- 
lectra ia the very buuif line In fact 
Ae vritor wttb Mltotn it oruriiiBtMl, 
»tmAj Wrm. ia his FarcBtana, does 
not ftfaaolukilT Mv' DuitK, but (in iin- 
entuBlv) noas ur <Hfu% and tbe 
pttiMgv ihiu ktuulu in Air. Nichols's 

" Tlic wirknl anil tTr<nrue«l prince Kii^ 
Ricbiri 111- b«hi|t aUiii nl Boiiorth, ht« 
kody*Bab«lcd b« tb« butu [Trien] at 
1f1*~*— ' f«JUn- Grrj intn). ud buried 
is tetf cbapel tbera." 

Il M kawMtt thai there were no 

WrtED ra» on to Mr that in the 
fcsr ItfIS M aw in Altfemun Raben 
fcyrict'i girfm id Locnter, a buitl- 
•ont atOAe pillar, three firet hioti, 
beiriiw iUb inMiiptioa, " Here uea 
da bmr of Ricfaam III. Maw time 

gf cEe king a barial, beinj; tbe " chapel " 
w f&Bieb ti the Grey Frian, then 
farawd pot of the alderman's pudeo. 
TM> drtttButmoe, it ta&j be rcnuked, 
nbled on reapectabte testinnaaj, is 
mfiiii m to throw ^rcat doubt upon 
tMfhm Par/* though a conteniporarjr 
aae, that the usarpef^B coffin Ka« con- 
nrud tniii % hone^tnniob. 

1^ houie to tbe ifi^h Street of 
Umter, wbidi reccntlv wont by iJie 
Base of the Blue Buar, wbi'iber xo nld 
■•de reigD at Biduurl III. or not, 
wa a Soe relic u>' imivut timber 
buiUiis* hot when Kin^ Ricfanrd 
ancd thnni^ the unra it probably 
Lad Btay eqoald. Leland uyi, " The 
hcle ume of Leiroeoter at thu tTine is 
taAlid of trmbre, and lo ii Lu^h* 
boraw after the eaoke rmte." 

Bsadea the two views of this build* 
ta| b Xfefcok'i Loe«(er»bire, (tbe 
Meeod derived from Throsby.) there 
««An« in the Anti<]uariaD Cabinet, 

• ^— "The »Ione chf»l "herein bit 
lanwiiyia naw mude ■ dria'sloit-Irou^ 
fcrMtie^. kl • ctHtuncDinn in LeiccsUr." 
Mbe*! Cfaonicl*. In Ctnte't (imr, nbont 
Ifft, •tntiaa f nnir ) of vitrli a trooKh 
■awlafld. at tha Wbtbe Hone Ina ; and 
MMMra ai if aoiee tar^tat ttooe colBn 
tail ban raally daftadrd to tbiit nnf- 
f«aB,and th* *wgar efaoM to call it Kiaf 

G»T. Mm. vot- xxrv. 

161 1, also a I aNe lithographic print br 
Mr. Flowvr of toil town, and a ruducet) 
copy of the aame, acccmp&nied by an 
interior riew of the principal room, is 
iIm' Gfiilli-nian'i' M^iga/im- for July 
1 11137. At the bilUT date tbe house 
hjul ln?pn rerenllv taken down. It ia 
nlj<n itbnvii in a vipmi'lte of Knigfat'a 
" PiccorinJ Sltnkspcre." 

To occomniodiilf- the prwmmed con- 
nection of '^ 'Vhe UIuc Hoar " with 
Bkhnrd ITI. il luis been !>tated that 
thi> nun muiii have been the White 
boar (hi* cwoiEaoce) in fais liuie, and 
aAerworda cnJui^(»d Ui the Blue. It it 
rullier b» impediment to Uie reception 
oflhi» fiory, that the id^n wan once 
QUI a Uuar'ut nil, but thelllue Ilell If 

A Ust of the ftrecta of Leicester in 
tbe r«^ of Kictiard III. happens to 
ha preiierved, and the adjoining lane 
wa* tlwn not BIup Boar Lane, but the 
Marm-kall Lane.J 

With resjiect to the innkeeper, Clark, 
who ia luiid to bnve Itei^cinu* iiiddenlT 
rich by finding King Richard's gohli 
it appears that there were two tf not 
three of that name, who were mayon 
of Leicester during the rei^ of Efira- 
beili. Jacob (or James) in II Kliit. 
Thomas iu 35 EHz. and Jsoies, "the 
second time." in 27 Eliz.g The widow 
murdered in 1<)13 might poasiblr 
(though nnt probably) have been wim 
of the Inttcr Jauicv. uiiiyor in l56Ji 
but it is Kcareely liJtt-ly that ber hus- 
bnud waa the uuiyor sixteen years 
itefore that, or forty-four yeara before 
1613. In 1387 Mr. James Clark wu 
chosen one of the two aweasota of 
vicmak, " for that he b s butcher and 
an it>iAevper"\ This appears to coto- 
cide with Sir Roger TwT.-iden'a story. 

So far. Ki well. So doubt tradition 
waa ripht that there had been an inn- 
keeper named Clark, who had grown 
rich, and there is no renaon to olnecC 
to the fact of the murder of the widow, 
to which a precise dutc is asdiRkedi 
But. admitting this, and moat of the 
other particulars of ihc story, eren diat 
the liches of Clark were derived from 
the gold tcudeoialJy found in a bed. 
snd that such gold was of the coinage 

t yirhols'sLfic. 1 aflO. note. 
: Mchots. 1. 180. M2. 
\ Nkihols's LclcBiicnh. I. 39B. 4U, 

t{ Ibid, p, 404. 

King /tichavtt the mrtfi StdttfttH.' 


uf Rtclitrd III. uid his predflceiHin, 
that ft «u CTCD bii tr«iM(ure-ch«*t ud 
bit bedstead, — the storr of Sir Roger 
.Ttnradeo tfaon atopi aiKn. He my» 
sotting of " this antiqiMt«d piece of 
ftirntture " being itill prvfvrrod. either 
at till.- I))av tiosr or cuewhere. 

It viu reserved to Hr. Aldcrmao 
DrtkCi who wan inAjr^n* ut' Liilcti^ler in 
1778, uid inmewhiittWe may pnume, 
of ft virtnoto, to maku thv iliwrovvr^. 
The bwUtend which ia now nreserved 
U Rolbley Temple, lutl is cMi^i Kinj; 
RicWrd'a Bodttwii " befoTc it cmroc 
into the baods of Mr. Alderaun Drake, 
hid been manjr ytun in the Redcrosa 
•trcot, whure it had been cot to make 
it fit for A low nKiin." So tays Mr. 
Thtotbr. who finl publiabed tbu dis- 
ooverv in hU " Iliatorr and Anticiuitiea 
oTLeiceater," and he then adds, '*It is 
not probable Iliat the Kia^ would carrv 
melt B bed about with him ; but it 
Mwni more likely that be whs put on 
tht bosi bed in the house; and that 
the Bioaoy was Becretud, in some con* 
«eni#«l wntl obscare part of the bed- 
■teaJ. till his return ii(W tlw battle, 
or, in tbn hurry of the preparation 
next morning, it nii^ht be loreoitcn." 

Xuw we litivK ornreil at Ine truth. 
Tk« aUemunic virtuoso found the 
bedstead in R«d4:TOu Strvct, and 
TBerclv imBTined its oonncrtinn wiib 
the old timber-house called tht' HItir 
Boar. Hutton't luuertion that it 
"eontinued there 900 yenn aAer he 
(Richard) left the plao^" i* mere 

Tlie process, therefore, of nuoin^c 
" Kin;/ Bidiard't bedstead " was ac- 
og«idia]l to the approTed rule wirh 
Ttrtaod and curiositj^-moiigvn. The 
alderman bouj^bt. u l>edstesd; then 
looked fir somi- histirical ancedote to 
which to attach i( ; a»d iifti*rwar<U pro- 
ceeded to amend the anecdote, tn order 
to suit the relic. It im hh lunger the 
King's IrftTelliug but the 
best bodstend ol' tin- inn liet'un- bii 
arrival. With a roraantin hi*torisn 
like Misii Habited, it bocomes cvcrv 
thing in turn, the rerr best bed of the 
rvT beat "hoUelrr.^ the most rich 
ua curious work ot art, and the most 
Ingenious pimn: of uicchani«m. 

l)ul the only true test in questions 
of this Itind is to be derived frum com- 
parUou with other examples. From 
na periectioo to which ehronoI<^ical 

knowledge has arrlTed in architecture^ 
anci«nt buildings can eooerally be ap*. 
propriated with confitMsee to withia.*'] 
penod of fiftj vcan ; and we speak 
wilhout doubt of the vra of churchett 
caatlei, or miiaumonts, which, a oca* 
twT ago, were in the ubnoat chrooo* 
logical cemfusioD, because thoM who 
then Tcniurod to judge of tbem 
founded their eonplu-iions upon some 
TS^oe tradition, nr mtjnp|>li(il faii>t'>n'(.-al 
ttatementa, rattier than the inbemiC 
evidence of stylu. 

With a little research we mj re- 
•train other matters tut well as ardii- 
teelure within the tik^ chronological 
limits, and Mr. Shaw's " Specimens of 
Anoeot FumJiure," ihou^b not a rer^ 
larga coUeetion, is one quite tuffiowat 
Uk teat the Rothley bedstead. 

In the first placa let the beds of the 
15th (Tiitur* in Rale XXXV, be ex- 
amined, l^ey have not four pnaia, 
and arc not at all like the Hotbley 

Plate XXXVX rq>rewnu a four- 
posted bed of the ^me of Henry VUI.* 
mil Ita carvingn resemble titrUilo 
traeery, «>d we still find no reaem* 

Flaw XXXVII. r«pr«MnU -The 
G»«it Red of Wore" in Hertford- 
iihirv,' mi-niioued by Sir Toby Belch 
in Shsksperc's Twelfth Klght. And 
now we arriroal scvvral features which 
nnr iiVnticol with the bedstead at 
Rolhlev ; and the rcador maj at once 
compare it, m dgumd in the works of 
Throsby and Xirhols. The dorser hai 
tlie same demi-samgee or ttrmau, dB> 
«>crib«t bv Miss Halsced aa •'styles 0(m> 
sisiing ol'Saraoeaio figures in high re* 
lief." and between them ar<> the eama 
" richly -parreil naaeb," said torapresent 
the Holy Si'piili-nre. or any olha- lempla 
you iileajw. TluTe are no Aeurs da 
]yt ; but wbst it very remarkable, 
cnnsidcrinj what iiha Ilalsted has 
said on liiat point, acen«npanied by 
half a page of note, with which I 
hare nm tr^tubtcd you, neither has the 
Rolhlev Iwtl any fleiirs dc Its (apparent 
iniho[irinlof it). Kurtbcr.tbe fashion 
of the posts, RWtillinj; inUi bulbs, " very 
nuuiivo in parts, and very taper ia 

* Another visw of tbe B«<1 ot W«n may 
ba seen in ClnnaibudL's mstwy of Ucct- 

furdslurb «ol lib p. 2U. 


A*oj« ON BaitU FMii, No. til. 


«lhtr^ fa alM Id Im wma in both b«di. 
TiMBedofWtfeuproammced bjSir 
8«P«cl B. Ucrrick. the BOthor ol ths 
ktUiprtM of Mr. Shaw's work, to b« 

A«^ kt the r«*dcr refer to Plate 

wH find a KapkiD- IVedSt ni Guodridi 
Covrt, tiaiiHing on I'uur Iras of the 
•uu (UuoiuLbe Bc(l£t4:ad utRoUi- 
leg^ Hul ODW of ita raouldings nucb re- 
i^hEag its enraiw. Tbs acain, we 
■• toU. " aajr W aMf^neil tci iLe UUer 
fVC of Q^i«en Elizabeth's rtipxr 

I^KXK » aUo >bo«m, in PUtv XWI. 
Ml Oak CaUncI at ConUhciul Prior}-, 
I gf aahrtT which baa posts or Imlaslen 
4(lb»BiiwbnIboaa diMign, and "this 
Blklt at ruruiiiire a uMoubtedljr of 
ttt tin* </ Elizabeth." 

Ml BAT. Plate XX. represents a 
nUf ^i«Y'ti»g oo four nich )«)[», at 

Leeds Castle^ Kent, aod of tfaat we are 
told tbat its "ucUtcotitnl oraanMiili 
of the Gracnn ity\m, intennimtled whih 
loltage, on diitlnsiuibg marks of tha 
E]izA>e(haa stjrle. 

Tho u-stlmony, tbenfilK^ it OOO* 
cluNive, that ihe bi.-dlat«ad fonoerljr be* 
longing; to Mr. Alderaum Drake, and 
nuw to Mr. Uabinglun, could not bar* 
bt«n King Iliehiird'», bwnuw? it was 
not DLodc unlit thu rci?n of EUxabeth. 
Nor ii it vi?rv iiki-U to navv Ik-wi cvw id 
the Blue Boar inn. Xndouht its earlr 
^HOiavwoni were p«^Iv of wuallh, and, 
if it was not hrougfat into I>eicPAter 
from sonw of tbe country manBions in 
its vionitj, it may Iwtc jrjelded repose 
to the w«u7 limbs of awne of the most 
eminent major* of the town, or it xn&y 
even have lleloBged to the furniture of 
" the (<(trd's Place," whidi was a winter 
residence of tke Earls of Uuntingdoo. 


^m ACOOtrvT or * timt to thi aArrta fikld or STaATTON, AKtt tbx roMl 
or sta iBviL oBAmriLLB. at aiLBRAUrroK. cobnwall. 

'lethli BiAaoef ttwflvhl iNvaB: lb* Kinc** ftirm prptwii itltit Ih>tr nlinain rlnoar IhOM 
reariap tlicUU, sad the«aee>MsuaIi»liiiaiHiild«tiUjnsili«ir rrcntod."— Ci^aaxooK. 

Ma. Cast?!, 

Til£ foUowiiu; acrotnit of a battle- 
Arid ■ Corowalt. distingiiitheil in the 
errQ wan of lite )7lh centtirv, Ii(L4 boon 
femded (br ur ac<;e|>tauce hy the 
Is^ whoae •anwa is subscribed. I do 
•SB hmitMa to nanuM vou to place ii 
tba fenenJ head which I Itave 
I tar smnar commanicattnns. 
Yoiir>, tec, \. .1. K. 

a tbnrt abiT at Budc on the 
of Cornwall, Ur. It. uid 1 
J nuBiintli l 00 a Tisit to that apnt in 
the »ai|tlibourbuod uf StnMioD when 
the Ra^alists <J]taiB>°d so divisiT>'> a 
Tioun DTcr the Ftuliamcntarians in 
tW bow of CharleA tb<- Pint. Ac* 
ea ril Bgly ve set out, and in passiiw 
alon; oeMrrtnl, soon alter we left 
Boflb a ^reat conoourw of people fol- 
lowtdf ■ Ainenl to ^^l^ltlotl church, 
sAnv we {wnpoaed. in the first inslanee, 
to attend thu aAemoon wrvice. 

Jb w« drew DL-AT thi? town, the road 
Wag CBl between two lii(th l>auks 
(lea^HC QiT«r lht>timiuii nl'a hUl), the 
Ti»« fit Stratinn. barked bj loAj 
aoadad kaigbu and pklur«s(|De aoo 

precipitous deeliTitica, bnrst npon us 
with the mo«t hpAMtifiil effect. The 
Ftreets are nttrrow and steep, and ta 
n winitTn;; tnanner run tip nnd down 
bill, the church slaiiding un d luflj 
nic in the midst. Though none of the 
houHes are reniaHtablc fur an.-hitcctur»I 
beaiily, and some are niodiTiiiztHl in 
lite windows, vet ihev ure all so old 
tliiit evL-ri- one of tliein mimt Itiive be«i 
in existeiiee lung before the period of 
tlte (-t'lelintteil hatlJc. I obterred a 
few fhopa, wiih open fronts, and short 
siipporlmg ruili- c-dlunins as in th« 
nlden time, when the mnMer or his 
apprentice with a "^Miat dove lack r* 
invited the paiM>rs-b}r to purcnnse their 
goodsand wares. One house in Strattoo 
muM formerlv bare be*n of sonie pre* 
tensinn.v pomlhlr once the town nail, 
US in front maj still be seen some Co* 
tinthisn ttillrtm or ptlai<ters, earvcd in 
wood unu muih decayed, the re*t of 
the front beinf; Riled with plaster. 
TIr-m.* pillars, however, were not older 
than the time of Charles the Seeond. 

'llie ancient church, with its noble 
lower and boldly crocketed pionaclei^ 


ffotet on BatUe PieUt. 



hi dtmed pmition, Uh; str«vu n 
ringnbu- abaut it, tb« ■urrmindi&g 
VOWfi iind precipilouH liJlK with tlie 
pivlfv *tmiin thiit nii» lhnin)(ti n 
nulofy formwl britlgu at ilit.' Uiwi-r part 
of titr town, ii!l<ij;i*llii-r fiiniini h wi'iio 
lively and bciiuiil'ul. nfTordiiii; n jicrfcct 
■]H%-micn (if an iilil Hiii;1iiih rnatilrjr 
town, there is notliiriji lo n*- 
miml oiw t>f DiLHlvrn timos. 

In nn<^ of lW titrt^U Ifnilin^ np liilt 
tcnmrtis Ibu clmrcti, iliere &tiind> it 
luge old tuttwiirliitcwaoheil, tikf oJI 
tin dwoUtniia in StnvUon,) known bv 
the rami' nf The Trrr Inn; (iffixci'l 
on Uie walls of whk'Ii, faoiiik; the Mrfet, 
tnil high ntinvt' ilir l>ci«l|^ npj>car» a 
■nuU Biiuare piui*e of black mnrblv, 
BUTTOUtinwl liv a kinH of fmnic ol' the 
BMne niftterUl, nol unliki! h nidtiutiientiil 
.tttbtet; in ihb i» cut an inwriplion, 
'^the Ifilcen of which arv pnintcil whilp ; 
Uld the iiuiTiplioa itnlf u, in pnrt#, 
Matmcte<1, no u lo com« within the 
•qiure of tki.* uiarbk. The lollowiog 
b an exact oopy. 

" in thin ptiK'H j' army of »• 
Rplipll* luiiler y' runimirid 
of y* Earl of Sumford rectini a 
•ifnall oT*rth™w 
by J* Valc»r of S* BcHU 
drantllle and j" CornUb 
•nay on Tuciday j* 
16" of May l«3." 
Much as I admire and rev«r« Sir 
Bcvil Granville, (fnr (hat it tfcmt i> 
jlhe tnic wa; to tpell hii name.) and 
1 InmTelj as ht fuupht in tbii batlliN I 
[va« not a little aJiiu.ied at KUJit); tb« 
liBbavc inscriulioD ax'ribu lo his valdur. 
|:Snd that nf tlii.' C\initah arinv al"nr. 
Tor none else are niimcd,) ilip riiinry 
i*fr (til- Karl of St am ford nl Stntlt.on 
Iei^ht<>; wheroos thi; priniripnl in 
cominund in tliat nolod ('n;iftsri?nient 
wa4 thi- gallant Sir Ralph Mopton, 
and the Dpvonshirc men were ijmic so 
numcruiiB in ibeir »cv(?rnl division* 
and u brave b« Uw Cami«h. 'Hie 
offlccra and leaden were tikt^niic of aa 
Lgrcat raiik und note, and uviuerd n? 
'iDUch deli'rmi nation and ipirit, a* Sir 
Bevil Granville himiielf on that oc- 
caaion. But iliis piece of parlialitv it 
very caailY areoanlod for n_v a alfjitht 
degrea of eomtiiun obMirvnlinii; for. 
aa the eoalh' momuim'nt to Sir B«*vi1 
Granville in Kilkhampton church i> 
cti*. vn Nnfk marblf, with the irtttn 
ptajjfd tiiArV, and ii exarrl-r in the 

samv style of chancttr, tp^lin^, and 
coraptuilion, aa the above inscription, 
and waa L-ri-TU'd lo tlie iiivinorj' of Sir 
B«-vil«-iphlv_vi'ar!taftc'rhisdi-aih, by his 
griind»nn, Loni Lanitdowne, trvasurcr 
to LJi4e>-n AriUf, there cannot be A 
dmittt that the good tM<oi>k> ofSlrattoD 
are iniK'btoit to hii lonlidiin'n zvfll for 
the htmniiraf liiti ^andfatlin- for ihii 
tablet aUo. 

If innv likfnvise he ohwrved, that, u 
Sir Uevfl's estate [ifStowewaninCorn- 
wall, the Cornish mon alone Mog 
nurntioncd in conjunction with his naim 
aa victors watt a complinienf nnl likelr 
to Ik> nthrr than acoepta ble in a ComiBli 
toirn, wlmi-e. if l»i> (onlship ever read 
il himwlf. Hirh Iruth-icUing workf Ml 
Claivmlon*!! Ilislorv of the Itetiellioni- 
whk-h fivr* a iiiort nuiinaitHl aecoiinG 
uf tint liiiilh'. and the utattg Itei'oes of 
Stratton Ileielits under the command 
of Sir Kalph llopUMi, wu not very 
likely lo find its way. 

Certainly, there arc many prooft 
be>>)dfi> Clarendon to show it waa not 
the C-omifrli af'rae who gain(>d the <iay. 
Sir Nicholas Stanning waa lher« with 
his troop — I ain, mritelf. in ptJaseBsioa 
of faiN niiiaCer mil, with hit own hand 
and veal prefixed to ihe same, and can 
vouch fur it that every one of hin men 
were from the hundred of Tavistock* 

We proceeded to Stratton church, 
and Icami (here wa# no Hconil serriof 
till ttie evenin)i; the doors, however, 
were open, and the bell waa tolliiiffi 
exjK-ctini; the funeral w« had over- 
taken, foildwed by so tnanj per*ona. on 
the road. The onlatdeofthccliureh tiad 
Clothing atrikinfE about it but llie tower. 
I snnn perceived that the windows had 
otkce ■ufferetl »e^ en* ly. aa all fforla and 
kinds of patching were employed ta 

' t' i* nnt a little singular tbol. Rine* 
I irratf ilic nt^nvr, I hut* b<-ea informaA 
by tbat eic«'lc»t auihor, antiquarj*. and 
imM Mailable man. th« Rev. P. V. j. 
ArindeO. of'lu'i h, Cornwall, Ibat ttio 
tibkt I bavc ju«t (tflactibrd ■■ fixrj inta 
ihi; wnU uf thp Trt'C Inn, ortgim'Iy lja> 
IOnK>'il fo one of the nitlrg »f a moiiiiaieil 
CT«-tp,I on .Stralinn 1i''igbta, f«>Ty lik*If 
by ihe Lord Lanvdovcnr abovrniirned,) in 
memwry of Sir Bevil Greiivillft. S«<C(al 
yeara e^go, when Kir. ArtiTidrll v«i a bny, 
tbp Rionument hinng hreo oejleetrd waa 
taken diwn. and the tablet In queattun 
flxed whem«« naw it in Straitoa town, 
anil where il ■■ *n rtitirrh tyil nf ['lao^. 

Tht Bulih t>/Stratio» Height*: 

■Bpphr Um pticc of Uu origiiul ^haa 
■aa WMfwark ; s few hiu hT punted 
^am ■lone renuanc^ As Ui ih« in- 
tennr. it (■xIiiIhU'iI not mvrvlT a mp<T* 
abttaduare of wfailAimsli. but wnnHi- 
•dlv formed pews [nti:lK-d on lu the 
OMti of onoe open and K-AUtifully 
tarred otk senU. willi e*irr>' possihle 
dfefionwlT tad injury that iwo ocnturiM 
fttleut «r iwecKive ciiun-hwurdcna, 
■1 w vilL MUiunoD MrnM.* iiuil good 
tirtr, iMd mntrivul lu HFL-ft in riviilry 
oT r«r4i ntht'r. ')t< AiUI Ii> llto liii^iuit 
w- ! I i>rihvflp ihiti^^, llic 

cL . wlio WHS wnitiuf; for 

tht fuQiTAL vitti a wkiu- nlk luit^bniid 
roond his lul. rvmc iipio ux in a ^tllU■ 
af druakfftne**) nn a SumUv iim, itnd 
wUUt expwtin;! tu \*f finTuiiniH")! lo 
llie m^taao «enricw df tho di^ju] ! Thifi 
n morfc ananiTed my companion, that 
I did EMM lonk ahout Ibc chiiroh #n 
Maottiidf- V I could have witibed : 
loCiRBKing (itbiT bsrliarilii^ I nolired 
afiaedB;Cy ofo Kni*'htTi'tnptni-.wh)L-li, 
(iiMwitmilanilinjt it was buried in 
wUlrNwdv) AS lie lay n-OM'lc^gjp^d. 
wtk htt kuH) (III tlu' Imn or hi* surord, 
M V obciBl to draw it, nruck us ua 
w; Hyuvrtcrtstic an<l dinritvd.* lliis 
wg—OQg example »t' gnthic ^riilprure 
«ia «eca In ibo sill uf a windutr, 
wbHher tlir Hli^rr Uiul bc«n retDnv<>d 
froai ib> oripnol station un n lurab 
lador an airhimy in i\v- otik' of ih<> 
TiL Tti« form nl^ the an-liivay can 
alooelie tracvl by iht- cracks in tliv 
vUtinnkih owl pliutcr with whi<'li it 
kaalkcm fiHod up. 

A finp lUtB.— tnmb tii the rhanrrl. 
toipk Henry tbv i»fvi>niit, of Sir John 
Arnadpil and hi* two wive*. UicGgiircA 
m a tam iad on ui inliud broM^ wiu to 
HtiJptI ap witJi ]N^9 on either ■id« 
flat «e could nnt t^.-t a( it so as to 
rvri anylliinjE niore at the inxcrip* 
tifm Ihan the iuun«>. and that but 
iaiprrfrMly in the Uni won). 'ITu; 
drunfam offii-ial tnid ii-i snnip st^ry of 
llvTnnptiir that I could not inokc out ; 
fr*i W luuue, which h^ «> pronminoeil 
ihtlvi! muM nfiiher of un undt-niAnd' 
kiaii be eaid, the Knight had \ei\. 
"rtinaaaad i to tli« noor"—" tbnuMuidit 
to da poor" and titac *■ they were atl 

* Pnbablj «no nf tl* f«ni y of 
aitafV. the aaoicut po«»euort of StrattoD 
^ llliiiiinj Gibnf a Cornwalt. vol. ir. 
P If. 

robbed of it by rogticry, ootbisg but 
ro^iery r "all the land he hod in 
the world be left to tbe poar-' The 
Tciiiplxr'ti lioiuv hud atinxi near Slrat- 
toii; tbe moat by which it hod beta 
Kitrroundvfl still rpinaincl. He (the 
ollkial) hod i>ervod liin aiiprenticeshrp 
lh«rc. Such was his rambliDK in- 
coherent aodoiint of hinuelf and the 
mailed Knij^hu 

On coming out of the church door, 
we nbvervvd uu the ground under the 
porch two long truiuiiioa gnuiite itlaba, 
with iL rungli f^urfncc, in regular Uoea. 
At first we ibouf^lit the »tonm must 
hare been rai^fied (if you will allow 
tbe word), to iirewnt iili|ij>iu); ; but, 
on osain iibflprnng ihem innn' closely, 
wir I'niiciiHl ibey were inscribod. and 
the attendant I>^ld ua that tlicy were 
Utirrt in lints, which at onv time pre- 
rions to rain were jM'rfwtly Icj^ble. 
lit; then le«l us to an allor-tnnib in the 
chiinli-yiiril, which was about the 
same daii>, hut not Ix'iiiz ho worn was 
sl.ili plain enough in raif>e<l letters to 
allow UK u> make out (he coniiDence- 
ment ol'aii ins«'ripUiin, tiioujih we bad 
not time to decypher the whole : the 
wonU we could r«nl were " NJcbolaa 
Wc»tlakc."t r»'f> not think the altar- 
tomb dcA'ribcd wa» older than the 
reirn of Ellriil)elh, if .lo old. 

Tlie futicral, whilst wc were look- 
ina; ai it, trutrmJ itie I'hurch-yard ; 
air the mourners were singing a 
hvnin: there wiu n (irv&t COOCOUTK 
of people, and we f^tiind the decctMil 
timl l>een a yoiin;; eirl, of Scrattoo, 
who liod areiik-ntidly Itccn killed 
at Dude. We letl the eburchyard 
to visit Stralton Ileii;hts : 'that 
scene where loyally Criunipueii, tbougli, 
alast but for 8 abort iea«on, and 
where Death had no lur^ a pn^. 
A pbyoiciao lives nn the spot, Dr. 
KiujciMn, and some three ur four yvora 
auu Duilt li)r hiuisi:lf a liouiw on the 
side of the hill, or of the heights aa 
tliey ore enlleil, where ihe firval Iwlthj 
was fouahl. Strange to say. it is now 
oalktd Stum/hrd Hill, thus naming it 
aA«r the defi-iititl vi-W\ general, and 
not after the ?iei4n-.{ ll aeems almoat 

f The Wr*IUk(»>er«anandait(imDy 
»«at«i] Kit Elmswonhy. 

: A- SliBtion cndeatly dmote* a town 
on a lloman 'ny, ma; act Stamford ba 
oamed rrom the hidc circtunslanM ? 


ff»tet m Battle FUldt. Pfo lit. 


m if watum fv«Itna of jcaloimj on the 
pBTL of rhe Comun men lud occwioned 
thia mitnonivr, ao that, ratber Ihan call 
tl HijAm HiO, (Sir KiJpli Ho]>, the 
loiuJor ot* the Ciiviilier^, Ijuing a Dc-von- 
riiirt nun,) tbcv ciLl]«d it Slam/arrt 
HiU, lAcr that Earl, whu wax one of 
the few of the Doliilitj thnt took part 
vitb tli« Ptu-liuiieiit, uid miu uurc 
■0 li^all^ dclealetl. 

Zicavin; the town of StnLttoii, wc 
eontiiiuticf our ciiuriH! up a wiailiug 
wnv, praduiillv aficcmlinj; bv an ex- 
eell«ul nmil III iiuxlcm ilat<- Uieliuiiou* 
beigbti a( Strntt^^n. ClaraDdob'a ac- 
count of tlio Iwltlt" i» vrrr fine, pi-rhapii 
the nvnt ffnphif? unU Aiiimatinjr "cvnc 
of ft timUar iiultirv in .ill hin ailtiiir- 
•ble hut prolix work.* It naa n 
ranj^ifici.-al lj«itk>, uml niuBt jiEnlliuiiiy 
won. Th<- rebels (t'ourtivn hiindrfld 
boTVCt uikI five thousand t'uol) wcto 
enmnitHil (in tin- hriKht* above Strut* 
ton, wlion Uw HnvKltsL^ nti the mom- 
ing of tW 16tli of May. 14(45, bavins 
bail no rcHt on thu previfiiH night, miil 
only a biacuit n man the day buforie 
fer fonA, bi'injt in all only two tluni- 
MOd four hnixired foot, (lt-lemiini.4l to 
MortD ihe n-bi-t4 in their very cunip-' 
Tbe latlvr, nwcr ■irc-uiiiin^ of tmvh 
daring, helil tln^ Cavaliers in oontemjil, 
tnd purjRisiil to [HtmiL'v doiru ii[»jti 
iitem imd taki- rbi'iii nl oilvnnlnjie the 
nuxt diiy ; but thu KorulijC^ with u 
drvotuin to (itxl uid llinr Kiiijt tliikl 
ooTflTB their meiiinr? wiUi tmmarlal 
honotir, and niakt's {\tv bn^iMt |c)ow as 
ve read the arniunl of tlu-ir dorine, 
deterniin>}(l to ust-end thv bei^bls in 
Ibur difToreiil nnartfr:! nl oha', nml 
bUmIc th« robelfl ia lli^r ftrfin^holxl 
■imaltanoouMly. Sir IWph H'>|it(^it 
onitcrtook u> nwaull tb(> cHinp on the 
•OUt)iMi]<?; Sir NirhuW >i)iu)iiiii||[ an^l 
ColoDvl Trevaiiniou irvrv to aKcviiiI Uie 
norlli^ Sir .Inhii HL-rkeW and Sir 
Bcvil Gninvilli- were to niminl iinoUicr 
mlf; and tb<' fimrthwa;) tcilK-»H[%nded 
}n Colonrl Thomiut Ba^^t ■n{l Colonel 
HlUiani (rixli'lphin-t Hir Hujih Pi|irT 
ud»CYi;mliil]iei'?< of our wtailt^m heroes 
■enred kUo id the ranks or commaoded 
their compauiira. Ute aehievcment 
mu at onne galLmt uul decisive ; tha 

* llitt. of the Kcbrtlion.vot, ti. p. Z(i9. 

f iur Bcrille Oranvitk wiu unhorsed in 
ft« charfC. but wi« tnr^-niirr-d by lif Joho 
Berkeley asd hU onuketrr. 

Koyalut* wilb almovt nnexampl«d 
oauraj^ triumphed over a force ao 
BUpenor, slew ouiny, and took a malli- 
tiido of prixinvT.^ : among the rcat 
Qeneral JaroeA Cbudleigh, (one of Uw 
principal charocli^n I have introduced 
m my r^Mnanii', " Courtunay of ^Val- 
roildou,'*) upon whom (in order lo 
»cn»'ii hiv orrn i-uwurdice, fur be bad 
fl*fd eiirly in tbe enfiHftenn-iit,) the Earl 
of Stoioford endeavuurud to tiini iho 
hlatii« uf Uiv dulWt, OH tellins his tide 
tc the ParliomcDt. TliU talschood, 
willi the t;nii-l injuinvr in which htfwaa 
lel> without so mui^h aa an ofTer of 
exchnnpc in the liandi" of tli« KoyaliRtSi 
tiieir kindne<H to hiin. and a wnac of 
hi* jircviiiua inju»live to his royal 
mantiT, atltijn-thfr so wrought on him, 
Ihtit he returned to the Mirviee of tbe 
King, in whuac oaiiw he alWwarda 
Adl at the aicge of Dartmouth by tbe 
rubela^ — ^To reeume, aJW ihia short 

AfW the victory of Stratton neiahts, 
Sir Ralph Ho|>tori nriumed a eolcmn 
thanksgiving on ibe cpot to Atniighly 
(iod that it wan af'hicve<l in m wonder- 
ful a inniiiu'r and wi omtrary to all 
humim expfiMalioD. U*hoeTer icea tbft 
t\)»l will vutitx-i vtr tliv intervel and tbe 
Miloinnity of wuh a service, at nieh 
a liitK-, and in vuclt a plut.u. To de* 
HCritie thi.- ti<-w fnim Niraltun Ilcighia 
would be flitlieult: it i» a perfect 

iiHiKiriiuia, aiui oinr irf the very linwt 
have ever M>en ; tlie eye i-tmitnands 
in the direction of Uie <H.-enn, oa far a« it 
can extend ii.i ken, the Inn;; line of the 
iron-bound and maoniiii'enl con»t of 
Cornwall —the aea, llie rhim', and the 
intervening cotujtry ; in ilie uvar«r 
)iortioD::t uf the view uri'^.- Sirnlton 
diun-h, town, and the iiictureatiuc hill* 
and n'uo<lctl bilidseape, far exU-uding 
in the ditttantt': whiht imnu'diiitely 
bi-Iiivr the lifii;hlii un wtiicb tin- hiitlU 
wafe foti<Hit \h'>' the must 1)eiitiliful homo 
vaJli-y, wilb idl iIn iu^viiii[Hiiiiiui-iiU> of 
ontUyesB, iarms strciim, and wmmL, that 
I hav« rel soeii iu ComwnIL 'niera 
b at) iiMMcnlinble ehunii tti llio wlmlfi 
(Hxne aa viewed from ilus Rjmt, and 
the eflinrt WM rrndertsl evi-n xtiblimt 
by a ninet (;lori<iiiH aunwt at the hour 
we were there- The chiiiils tind diitant 
helghia were of tiw riehefit blani and 
purjiles, the ma like nolten gnld. I 
cannot de«eribc the (Mlagi of interest 
with which we paced tfaeie bdfihta ; oow 


7^ BatlU aj Straltan BtighU. 


loaA nised, ovaI*«bBpud moaiid of 
nfu. with ft still more elevated rite 
tt tke nonh en^, poiati out tu the- 
J UM g M tlU buriml-{>la>re of tliv aUin.* 

Iw^Bg MTii ijtratum ll«ig)iLfi, nu 
tenMiaeil oa Uh.* ModiIkt, in our mod 
mCIovvUt. to vUit Ui*! ground {for tbe 
ktMSe ita«lf lu> \oa^ U.i-n ilc-ntroycKt) 
lAna atood Stowe, tlw onc^ noble and 
rriuhrwmi maaaion of Sir Bg\-il <Jnii* 
▼iUe: ve wiabed aUn to iruit Kilk- 
fanmlnn dmrdi, where the great and 
fDM Sir Beril tie* interred. 

Wa ImkI a verr pleasaut drirc for 
abase «e*eo uuLcs to Kilkhampton. 

Tb« villafe cooitiiu of one wide 
■toad of p«w aid mlta^m; the chun-li 
b lUtaaded bj trvm. but it did not 
atiAa as extenulljr, tUl w« |i«Med 
wkUa iha ponsb (which is at a later 
agetAaa th« urigiaal bui)iJiii)i), when 
we bcWd a BKMt beautiful aiul perfect 
Xurmaii doerway, v«rr dveiJy and 
■iMrplr cut «ilh the 'uB,-t»^ orna- 
■Ml* ■k*u>f oo ibe beiM of tiie irt-h 
enrioB* and grotOHjue head* nf 
■oow with beaks, and aoiae 
yrotrwdcd toogasi, &c. TIi* 
fa within bad been rerenfJr 
whimnubad ; all the pilUrs ««r« buried 
bihatveMittg: though the sweep of the 
mAm ia the aioleo were paintvd about a 
a fam in width in iniilatiMi of black 
■traafcul maride. Th« aocimit carded 
cak isda ta the op» vtaxa still reinun. 
mA are Toy puHL-vt and rivii : wreral 
and other* biglU/ oma- 
A vrrr ft^w pvwii nro io thn 
which uTi! vvTj hitfh. 

We efaaurred on the walk above the 
mdtm^ ID the nave, aiid on lh« Kimth- 
en rida. the anas and quortcnnica of 
tha GcwwiUe*; al*o what 1 ■uppiMc' to 
hat* baen the helmet nf Air Bcril 
UnwtK •• >( has hi* enst on (be top. 
1 hat« no donbe ihia helmet wa.i bmne 
with ha» caunilista on his coffin into 
the cfatuu at \at funcml, 4ni1 there 
Mwa BMBiorial oriusiiroweM. Part 
«f A* bdntet fojr loodcrn barbarism 

* It eatht aot to he omitted, that, 
•Khoarli the battle Add i> now ptinte 
ywyulj, Dr- Kiafdno wiib nurh kind 
—wM u al iuu leana the jnie cf it •Iwayi 
•abched, ao tbai no one nud be dls- 
>f y ia t i J ta hii dcMre toYJuii the billowed 
vat. Tba b«ctle-fw)(l, ia ihf full'/wing 
fw. lika that af Vatarloo. bora % mott 
HHtaas crop af psla.— Gilben, a/ nr;rrd. 

had been painted white, ai weQ u tha 
crest ; the iieel ban of the visnr, 
howvver, were Ivft untoucltod. There 
Wftji another Iwlinet, of a much earlier 
date, opposite, ^baUr (as ther wera 
a valiant liuiiilj) u1 Micne former 
(jraavillc cmiaent in battle. The 
irvi) ^untltfU of Sir Bevil remain 
one Ijrinj na either Hide tlic rails of tha 
altar ; imo of theiu was pbwed OD the 
oIdu box. Xo douht ihcM wer* tha 
vrrr piuntlets tliat were on his handl 
when h<r wat killed nt Lansdown 
fi;'ht, and were brought hither on htl 
pnffin. 'Fhcy were wt-li made, and of 
the time of Oiorles the First ; the 
fiu^T» joiDtcd like a lob«ter*« back; tha 
whole lined with ptout k-alher, in parta 
tlc(«;oil. I put tM one with great ra- 

A hirge slab of lihuk inarblr (in the 
sauu: Htvle and kind of eharacUr, 
tv/ling, a'nd tpdting, as the alab on tha 
Trw Inn, in Stratton.) bean a ton« 
inM'ripiiou i« the niL-inorv of Sir Bevu 
Granrillc, 'ITiis muml tnl>li-t i» »ur« 
roauded bv a llourighinj; decoration nf 
drums, tnimpclA, :iw(irdf, muskets, 
banners, balls, with one Fame blowing 
a truii){)et uu unt> v'ldv ,it the t^ip, and 
ftuolliu* pointing to tin: inHcrintion ba< 
ncath; and a rvry, very diiDiniilive 
head, intended to rvpresc-nt Sir BcvQ 
(iruiiril !+?'», in a circular roceia, ba» 
tween tliejt' two rival rictoriea. To 
render the pifiiny bust Htill niorc ftl> 
mini, the lop of the recess in which it 
ii tttKODocd ia sumiountcd by hie 
Arms anil crest of a very large and dit- 
proportionuie sine. 

At the foot of the bhtck marUa 
tiibiet haiijpt a (launttvt, evidently co- 
f>i«d fruiij the oriutnuis tn the church. 
Al llic bottom of all this Bnurish, which 
wa* in ilic bad •tvh^ and Iwrte of the 
rcigu of Queen Anne, were soen the 
fat lieadi and blown chvL'ks of two 
cherubs. The s words and tniiskcta 
which (urrounde'l the tablet were also 
of her thiH", nnd di<l not rcnrv«enl 
the matchlock, petronel, and baiket- 
hilt4>d nword of the days of Charlea 
the First. Notliin^ wait of that data 
but the gauntlet-, fhe following is a 
copy of tlie ilUKTiption ; but it wai 
" token off," as the country |>eople say, 
in mrh haste, there was' no time to 
ct^y the old tpelliug. 

" Here lin all that was mortal of the 
no«t Bobla and truly taUaot &lr Bnll 

Malm mm BmUm Fid^M. Bi^ JU. 


OnarilkorSu«e.ta ihiMHalTaf C«nr 
»ill, e«l of CmWH. n' tori of Tte- 
hgar nd On«*BIs m Ttmmt* w<i Nat- 
aaodf, fdewn UJ In a 4b«s| ia» frow 
knbrrt, trrowd wa •< (^ wirhk* Ub, 
4«hra( Xorw ai y.) who. Aflcr k«mg ak- 
tHMcd ATimiful (ia Curia oirrllie r^rl* 
In tb* Wcvt. «•• H lenglh ^aui « bfc luar 
WD«oda ■! tbc bUik of LnMdo*n. Jnlf 
Hh, IMI* H« «M ton M tl« 2 d <•/ 
Mftrdi, l»6. ud «M J«yoi«wl w.ili b* 
BOM> aad Iwotc ■■cMCnr* In thia cbwvk, 
^ 8Hk of J«dr< >**3- He narricd llw 
PON nruaaa tadf Graee lUuf lit«r of Sir 
Qaocjfl Soaitb, of lb« camatj iti Or*uu. b^ 
w^ov Im had nan; aom. ami warn for tiMir 
lejahr aa4 Bros tihcxrun lo ike Cr««a 
lad the Cbnrch ; akd MTcnl danskUn. r«- 
■arkaUc caunplci of rnte !■■«>;• He »« 
ia4*ad ■& noUcnt penoa, «b«» aciiritj, 
iBKfMC, awl rrpautioa. 'aa ib« ftaada. 
tfon of wImc hj4 br«a do«« is Carmnll ; 
•od hia iim^tt and alfccliifiM tA pnMw 
UmI ao accailait abicli happened could 
naka an iinprf»>ion oa tiim, aad hit u- 
anipk krptotbera Uota lakiag *aj thtaj 
tU. or at Ickit aeeaiing to do m>. In a 
mrd. abniktrreoorage and a K^ntkr d>a< 
poaittoD v«re De*er marrlfid togctbrr, to 
•lake tba ninat cli«vrrnl and innncctit con- 
■craation." V'lile Eiulorriarrtiilaa'> Hia- 
toryoflb* RFbellion. To the iaimottal 
noBtorj of kit KTwidfather tkia moDnment 
»•■ cKcird by Ike Kigbt Mooonnble 
Oeorgc Lofd LoiadoBD. ircaaurrr of th« 
bovacbold tn Queen Ann?, and one of h»r 
M^aatt'i Privy Canneil. &c. in tbc j«ar 
ofonr Lor4 1714. 

■ Tkm abla iti<r **llani tnreMor ilid Ijr, 

Wbra kl* on* bark a na*f did ilery, 

IThcB no« eMcevpaaaad tovMl the ilrt«f 

A»d baih'd bU plsMce la kla cMqnertnf 

TOI an blaimriilf nrmtl drlfd lad fptw, 
Ba Ml, oa« oMde Ike tram bia noaunanL 
Wboa aMI Ike autt fened GTaaiiMa** aakca 

Tkr paiidatr^aihlhr aM.tMllli(Mitb« land." 
Mamn UawBllin. Vida Oxford Uiur«i*il]f 
Venn. rnatM )U3." 

lie Tcraca of iht.' WcUJiiuan, which 
eonctndo the epiupb, are a specitueu 
of the labourco cooceita ao |uvval«nt 
BiiUMi|g ihe pwtustcnf uf tlit- time uf 
Cbarws lk« rlnt. Clxremlvu') t^iuuiit 
£ct»on ia faithfully tropinl od tbe 
tablet; ami (a* 1 have Iwfun.' otuserrcil) 
tbe exact atmiUrit;, ia ercry parlku- 

« Sir Berfl Oranvilk «aa killed bj a 
blow fntro a i>ol«'au, while onbonebaick, 
Indiag tbc Pikaa up Laxiadvwa HOI in tks 
tUob of tbe oomL 


tar, wUch the iMB fip tiu o on tbe black 
OHrtik^ alah at tbe Tree liui be«r» 
viih tUi bbck aarfale ufalet with lbs 
wbite pwated lettm, leave* not a 
rienfa* «B dw lubjKt. tbai Liird Lana- 
dnwnv prerirtl tmtb Ui tbe Uwumht of 
hia illaftrimiri gmmlfiiUier. 

'llie LedLa ui the leBta near tbe altar 
bi KJ&JHiBfiloo rhareb were aa tha, 
nofib side eonpo««d of pieces of oU' 
canLQg nnled toyetber. that had, I J 
cMwIul^ bacn mad to tbe cbatehr 
Bat Mw luag piece, fixed and ranninf i 
ahmg tbe top of the aaine, uuat cHber . 
ha«e been taken frxim tbe alur, or froa 
SirBevil'v huiucfti Stuwi;. Itiaofoak, 
and fiimu one of the mmt ex<juUilelf j 
bald and raiaed pncca of carving ihafe^ 
I havp eT«-r hkii. I i'^hiIiI [lUt 
finjiere between. aiKl laki; biilil ui a 
oTlhr »tt^iii* and atalka of tbe flowen 
and tbdr lenTea; and the wood is m 
lian) af if but jtut cnl.t 1 aaki:d a vttj 
piHir ir(tiuai) n-liu HboniMl u« tfae 
churvb in what pan of ii vm> lb* 
vault of tbc (tntnvilU-s. Kbe r™ff'TH 
nul tbc it)K)l at iliv south of the cnaiwd & 
and Maid it linil been opeoed am] ex> 
aniiucd about fi Aeen j^ean a^ ; that it i 
wa« funneil of arches behin tbe pave- 1 
inent : the Mcpa to denccnd into it itill j 
reniaine<l. llavrre were atx coffioa 
it, nil nf ibe Granville faniljr, and i 
Bvvil's aniotu them. Tbe cause of it 
bunjr openctTwAs that the cborch 
■unk in thai paii, and it wa* luppoeed-! 
Co ari»e from some defect in tbe vaiiltL j 

I then queationed her about tbe i 
inagDiA(».iil huuae at Stowc 8be I 
me, jrean ago it was entirely tahcM.1 
down : now oa\y the foondalinna aad 
Ihe iiM dmiiia feniained. It luul tweO 
an immvnadT larce place : the site of J 
Xhr; houov WB* biilt a m\W from tbe i ~ ' 
there wa« a fonn near ii.J I asked I 

t The carvla^ drtTiVd by Mn. Bray^l 
were iJoubOrai bf Mu-hiel Cliukc. »ba^ 
decorstrd Stoirp llovar, built faf Jnhu 
Granville, earl of Batk. Imp. Cbarka II. 
Ckuke was accMmCed equal to Gibboiu aa 
a loulptor. 

: Ti>e Re*. F. V. J. Anudtll tclla i 
he h*N licAtd tbe farm wiu inipp««eil to 
built on a part of Ike old itabtoa. Hr ai 
in ihcm, when be was a boy, ae*cral por«| 
traitf of tha GranviUe £iauly, wbiolC noJ 
doubt, bad beea renoved freo the boat*'] 
before it was pulled down. 



iQ4Si} ZMitff Sir B. tSi'anvilU tc Sir J. TreUmry. 41 

XAsAy ta defcDi] \as prerogittire and 
sacred pcnon. 

Hmli, Mr. IVbao, <if ronr rt-wbr* m 
reRpeit a fimi iui>l Irtlty (leU'iiiiinsttDD, 
Rnn«rvi.t| ill ;ill tbpstrupjjlc-iofiiilvijrse 
mrriitK'. will rr-jui with p-jitificiiiion the 
I'ultnwiiu; orisinal Icci^-r ">f Sir Heril 
Granville to ^r John TrtUwncjr, in 
no fsull deforce [mjphvtic or the 
writer's fate : — 

h her awn wt.T of uUutv. if Am hail 
Vi«r httrA tell kbout l(i« fiirnKT Ltii.TV. 
tefiag«iaitlii)»--I--> vi'hpaiKTriuit, 
b Ml old nwi'i ■i\. :uid amoag 

falfrw »>] 1 l>;lk-n> iir 8u- 

Bnril Gnnvillc. Sbe Raid. " O jrai, 
ahe Wl houil tril nlmut that yran 

r, (Uh ivmer'a Bime ww Spenae :} 
kMbard two geoUoiMii K't«Lli- 
lag alWtf it, in that verr churiA, 
*H ■Idokuif at hi* ioxah. It wu 
the fliraer kiint«U^ A* heard Mr ; lh«c 
W ml Us tntthrr U)M»1 of an pvt^nlns 
Bd aniue tbeiivt«lr«)i bv muliii(! Sir 
Brril GnuiTille'a old letien: and Ihnt 
k* was aisnrr* aV*n<tin;; btitno for 
an I Ik ili'vnted all Ite 
to t*- ■■■■-- ■ ■ ' * '"'th 
tbKWm %r ." 

tiJM h«r .. .i.L ^^,.; ., t :.>..trd 
tfca< Lord C the i<n-«(«t (rwm.-r nf 
Bloiwci 1^1. t.n }i.-iii-m(f of ilw Utx of 
fapvrw. *' ti^-^Iie wi'i fho di<l 

■M bkCB I I hnrr, h*rw<_-ver, 

thcv In ' di'i K'. A 

Ml tlw-5 MV dn>:n<>ed. 

Oa maklnft •niuc lurth^f inquiry 
•boat Stowv. WR Icamt tn oar rr' 
n( ihiBt we ahould haw to drir« 
■n* BtOM harlL b order to reni-h 
die road tij wbk-b ^*e [ouit enter 
A* VRT to it. It wu iinnMsibIc 
•« (otAiI do thi<, M we had to 
fmdi C3evdlr thai ni^ht. But, u no 
pn if the old otaoiioii now r^nuuna, 
*« enold have Mvn nothiitg bui the 
mat: ibal. 1 am (k^son-d. is varj bonu- 
t^: and the old etablcMaivrvuvcrted 
'Wta a hrm htiuae. 

RnUtamfiton ChnrrU wiu the living 
rf ibe once wlelniii^'d lUrvcr, the 
■ikar of il<i~<' luK-iiircd an<) di>lartic 
• M«£t' :.:4 fh-» Tonilw,"— a 

tak ^> iaitie muru fruiii ita 

sua lliaa an* inlrituic mrrit- 
L A. v.. Bbat, 

^^^^ ' i)i^:i>rvn linns on the 

^^^^■i mnv lie 

^^Pl< rhiraJ- 

^^^^ 'U .uiil King, 

~ «i! rejf- ■ ■ ''iilm- 

Im o? ; :-hl 

iktt Ihf* hius '^ '- ">' iiiiiJ 'I'-i vi ifod 
fir the prTvyti"" -ir Ui- i'<r<[ile uid 
MHMti''^' <'- r -h : and. '''iuwwiug 
^BM ar luul." that it was % 

aihgr -li »Tuu I'rtncinW aod t>otuul 
GsT. Xw. Vol XXIV. 

" Most hcKUKiTsbl* Kir, — I hara in 
atimy kbiila had trial of jom noljleaeaa, 
bvt in none more dian te thli linsuUr ei< 
jirruioB of ^ur kittd rare and Lyre, t 
f1*a iImi jnnr eicvllent lodf borahle 
thantit for rcsprcl nato my jioor womaa, 
who bath been lont a fabbnit, math 
oblt^d vrmnt of jout UJf'i. But, oir, 
for mv jiiarnrf t« fixed, / conuo/ n/atoia 
■aynfr leif Ara mjr rfoen »A«n fAc AVn; a/" 
EitfUnf* »t^M4tr4l irami la IkeJUU t^mt 
mjwtt omuMM. (b« caoae br(n^ aach aa 
iniikr« all thoM that die in it little Infrnot 
III mtrtiTTa. And fnr my own [lail, I Re- 
tire to acquire an Iioncst aamC er «* 
hnwmrabl^ grat*. 1 wirr loved injr lift 
or taac m much ■« to tlww neb an ocea* 
laon. vhidi if I abirakl. I were anwmtlif 
of the prnfciuiaa I hare ht\A, Or to inc. 
reed lho*e ancpmri of rain'-, who har« im 
nranj <rf Ihcu, \o aeteral ap«. i*cri]kTd 
their fim lor their eovntry. Sir, the bar* 
baron* aad implacable coeiaj, ooLwiih* 
Ktaadfnf Hit Maje^cj'* gneiow finMseed- 
lors "itb Ihna. do contlouc tbelr inao- 
lencei and rtbfllios in t)w highect degree, 
and are united in a bnd* uf ^reat atreagtb, 
H> as jou may eipect. If tinj be doI pre* 
rented and mastered aearthorowahorBea. 
tbef will bn tronbleaorae in yonra and the 
reoioteet plan* ere loog. I ub not witb- 
o«t the conaidcration. a* you lorinnly ad- 
viae, of my wife and famllr i and, aa for 
h(r, I nuat arknowlcdgr ahr htib eter 
dnwu 10 evrnly io the yoke wiib me aa 
ibe bath never prtnt before or bnng behind 
me, nor ever opposed or resitted my *iU. 
And yet tndy 1 have not in Ihia or any 
tlilof elae endearaurad to wall, in the wm 
of poner with her but of mcoa. aad, 
tiioogb her Iftve will iDbuil to either, yet 
tfttly my m|>rcl will not auHer ma to 
uree ber «Ilh powfir noloa t con conrtnea 
with rviian. So maeh for that, wbenof 
I am wiliinjc to be acMOiptable unto aa 
good a fmad. 

" 1 bare no suit unlo you in mine own 
bfdalf, hut for your prayer* and good 
wi'bcs, and (hat if I lire to coinf horaa 
ai^n yoa wnnld plnaa to cootinD« tna 
in the number of yoor nrraata. I fbalt 
■We * inie relation to my very nebl* 
friend Mr. Bkloyle of jaar and hia atuit'a 
loTing rcipecta W Um . whk^ he hath ptoi. 


Pdvmfru TVn at Orsat St^tiyn, 


nuoB to be tUakfi^ for. And n I be- 
keecb God lo mdJ tou tad ymr nobis 
fBinil; all bcolth uid bspplacs); ud, vhile 
I IItp, 

•• 1 un, itr, 
" Yqut nafeij^ed ftod lorins, 

-' UKvtLLK Ghamvillk. 
"To Sir JobnTrcUwnej." 

That "hunouruble gi-ave" lo wlikh 
the victor of Strsilon lui^iired wii» 
granled him iviililu Ii-m thsit two 
■nontfas aAor the anion vIiilIi tliert: 
occtirretl. Ilu fell nt tW Wltte ol 
Liuisdflwn on the 2th of the following 
July, like the hiTOrt uf Coldiwlwr. 
Sir Goorgir Lucru tod Sir George 

Lisle, ajderting the rigbt£OBSDCu of 
thp catise he bad espotwwl hyllietciti- 
mony of liia binoii- Clariindon luu 
yieta««l to l>ini. in three «ipn?s»ivc imd 
noi iDclegant tines, the tnc&.i «f that 
•• bunwl niunc'' whieh hu dpsirtfli. 
Tbe Uisliiriiin's assertion niRy here fur 
the sake nl' i-mphiui.'' bu rL'peuted, thai 
"b brijihtiT lotirnyi- ana a gcntk'f 
iliMT)ii!.itinn waiv dl'vit marrittd to* 
jlt-tntT Iw niiikf llii.' mfwt cLeerful and 
innrar-nt riinvprsalinii,"' The loTttlty, 
t'ourayie, and virtue of Sir Iti-vil Urtm* 
viltr nre indiH'd unolileoxamplu for hit 
i.*ouatrvni(.'ii in all futuiv uses- 

A. J. K. 

Jme 12. 

THE nuiwhew ol Mr. J. ti. Nicholi's 
work on Diicoralcd TiltM, notir-ol in 
your U»l Mii;2uzlii«, have been iv- 
odTed by mii li-oni time to tinii: with 
great iniercsi, ixs giving from othci 
wolities «|x'ciiiu-ns of lilen whicb once 
existed in great variety in ihu (lav 
old criififonu church ol tfain (>)]ii.v- 

CfiincidL'nl witli tlit- pubht^lluii of 
the Uit nuniiici- I OiAi-oYf h tilt' ii) 
thi* cbnncul, re))n'i>on(in^ a knight in 
ufinour, whtch I liiitl nnt Ivefore seen, 
and I WHS njpvpahly .lurptim^^l on w- 
veiviD^; tile riinnlwr in que^on a few 
dnys aftcnrnrd*. to find that Mr. 
NichoU had enjjiaved it from s copy 
found at Hr>m<n>j. 

Un voiniiiiring llie dnt'icin'f of the 
Rom*ey utv (]ilate 80,) with toe speci- 
mcu loun'l hen--, t percoivcd ihut the 
latter is in wnne respect* moi\- in-rfeci. 
I thersforu detemuned to send you 
tht above accumle oulUnc of the jial- 
leni, together with nnotlier of nimilar 
character, of which there ore Mrrerol 
•peoinKOB hcte^ fir«gm«nts of which 

have been li>ii|; kmmn In DkC. Ton 
will v^ ibat ilie Bj^urca in the Gnt arc 
much bptter defintil th;iii ihi'y arc on 
the Ro(ii*i\v till' ; tbo liorse ia ijerfect. as 
ii uho the noi'seninit's helmet. trliiUt tbii: 
»hidd btfni-a ibL' well known Templar's 
iTos*. 'Ihc (.'omer beliiiid the sword 
ia uufarlvinaieJy broken utT, so that I 
van jnve no iiJra a» to what it con- 
tained beyond the two dol> COpifNl 
from tlie e»rpi-»iwnilitjjj GUin^r up of 
Ihw Necnnd tile. lit Mr. Xichols's 
drawinjc of the Rom-iev tili.', lUi* jior- 
lioneecins to nieiinintrllitfilih*, probably 
from it* oiigtnnl bein^ also iinperft-et. 

Hie second tile reprvsent* a Wnijjhi 
riding !n the nppofiitc direction, with 
difierent ucroutretuenu, nnd armed 
with a lone spciir or Umv. 

These tdes were dmibtle'* intended 
to uppcor, wlieii in titii, as a pair, and 
to bo rcjieulcd in suoocsmod as a border 
(o tbe jrenenil pavenienl. This ideo 
is confirmed by the! deur de lit or 
>hnib in the WDtrc, bcint: only half 
shewn on each tile, and reqnirine to 
be put together for the fttU develop- 
nictit of tbe di>*i^. It ii not im- 


EnamelUd Tahiti at Mam. 


fTobaUB Ihu the |«tr m&j be rcgardeH 
■ • SBTMen eocoontCTwI hj a Cni- 
^Aa. uhI tlui thcT u>; in the act q\' 
mamm^ in deadly Vtrift If do, liiev 
I be of the twelfth or thirtn-jith 
f, and tbc <lcc9}^t^l state of the 
infdT u rrvat an age. u 
_ i iIki ibe Qui of Utdr beins as- 
ndltadin tfar rbuix'li with tiln Dear- 
th ttw vnu of EWanor of Castillc tbe 
fait qMBD 0^ Edward I- tn cor- 
nbomiaa of tKU opinion it luajr be 
fititter obaervcd that ibe Sarecen'H 
lAkM i* nuule concave, so that it 
aUax fit sore riusdy to Uio bod)-. 
Ma tbis *bflM was eeiiainly adopted 
bv BiohaRl Cvur de Lion, and eon- 
ttmdb^tk* aarljr luonnreb* of the 
hone of FlftBtasiiiet, aa maj Ik' 
acMioel «0 tba gr«al Mala of liiat 

TW £B>iinoD6 of tbetw lilnM are 91 

It haa oAra ocvuired to me ihM 
ibt aadcBt javemen' titcs fiiuiwl in 
daa Meii^libmirhood, niny havn l>r«i 
— -*"*""* at Inkprii or Kint- 
IM17. ID Bert*lirrc. wl»-ni ilicre are 
ckfaffiar day nmil 10 litis day by 
W laaain t race of potters, and many 
^a bBi« been uuwusled in fomier 
MB bj tbetr forefatber*. They a}*o 
Maaikctttrv pUiu (ilea for |nv«oit.-Di». 
iwl o fcat i opally figured tiles, not 
adeed fer rbarrli porpowa, but a> 
iVAe MBWnent!! for tluir oott^w 
AvribA and for artielrs of nse. sncb 
■a M>£ for but irooa- Sobk- of ibc 
maoij aiw of tolerable design, and 
■af Ik BiFt wiifa. iiiMTted in cottage 
«ah, SO or 100 yr-ar* wffi ; bnt geno- 
oBy tbrf are ntorc nioderu, and soniv 
L an W»ile cTv>wit. 
^H| Yonns &r. J. W. 

^^^ Ua. L'snas. 

H DC tlui "Journal of Lbe Rriti*li 

H kttimoki^eak AwOi-Ution" whk-li in 

■ 7«Kr laA aumber )ou have deticnatiil 

W o tfaa N«w JtMu- nal. it* odilors oavinj; 

prek it ibe maA. vf ^ N». U" one uf 

ak* IrMlmc original uticlm i? entitled, 

'R«narfci on an BnaincUed Tablet 

I utau t iA in tbe itraaevia nt Mans, and 

I H|ijiwnl to refireaent the Effigr of 

Cl^niiji Pbuiaeeiiel.' The author 

tt this f»p>!r, Mr. J- R- PlAnche, 

TSJ^ w oof of *hc new " General 

CenBjHae" appoiBiedattln' '-('Cifnil 

and it id erident that this conununi- 
cation baa been made in cotnplinnoc 
with the wiifaes of Iua usociAtea, for 
the especial benefit of the " Jotimal. 
No, i. bill in such biiate as toprcvenl 
the ri^earch wblcb be would oloerwisQ 
Imii- Itei-n biii']i* to Ikmiow. Mr. 
nancbiTs guod-aaiure deservea at leoal 
llii* ncknowle<lKinent. even tboujHi the 
new ajsortatioo should not liave re* 
ceiv«| the benefit be intended : lor I 
hare no hcdtation in addin;; tlut a 
mora fruitlets essay could not have 
dllcd ten pages of any periodical. I 
ant emboldened to upeak the more 
plainly upon this subject, not aalj bj 
tl>c courteous invltaiion * ^ven b; 31r. 
Planchc htuiself, but becau*e I hare 
aliisdy on •ceoriil occaaons pnbliehed 
niy views upna many of the pcoata in* 
trodured in nia paper, ntid therefore feel 
m)»wlf i-nliilnf to continue to support 
then), ttill believing tln.'on to be correct. 
'Ilia nuhjeci BLppears to have been 
mi^estt-d to Mr. I'landic by the foU 
lowina eircunutuacc. An English 
Iravellrr, tn the rear 1647. happening 
to vii>it the I'liiireh i>f Mun.^ sun' tlvcrc 
3 "liRure enamelled upon a copper- 
jilnle. nci-iinipanied bv A shieUl bcar^ 
lioflf!. Itein^ n herald by profesnoD, 
his attentinn wn:< nnltimlly (lircclcd to 
thi.< uni'ieut shield of iimig: and,citlKr 
from rccollertjon at the time, or from 
»ubH'<.]ueiii ULMuciaiioit, be w^ incUoed 
to suppose thai the personage .to repre- 
sented was an Lart of Salisbury. 
Having cummiinit'uled hi* supposed 
<li»-ovcry to Sandlbrd. that author 
mlopliil his view affimiii lively, in the 
follnibing passage respecting the arms 
<>r William Longeap^ Earl of Sulis- 
hnry, itie nultiml son of King IleDry 

" liaTinc married Ela, the dangbCei tai 
boir of WiUian ntt-Fatrick, E*rl of 
Salisburv, he took the ami of his said 
fatber-tB-lsw ; for m the ir«th«dr*l church 
of Mant, in the cotinlj uf Mniii, tbe lijptre 
of Wtllinm d'Kiereus or l'1ii.Pa<rick la 
coamiueLled upon a copper -;ilatc, aifixed to 
a pillar in Ibe souUi-iilr, near the cross of 

* "To settle brroDd dt«putB which 
cacspcil, and visjt ' round ' by Mr. Stath> 
ord tn the niuivuin at Mans, U, I repeat, 
an object of oiuch inporlanoo to ifae 
brrsid and reaeral aati^aaiy. and 1 iball 
ttrl personally obliged to any one who can 
dhyti or confirm my doiibti on the luV* 
j9et."(r.W.) '* 

Figuvs of Gwffrey PlaMtagenet. 


1^ Hid <tidreli. bong iboiit k foolukd 
\)»U bigli, «nocd in mail, u>d with bii 
i|ct^ feTOI UaniDK upiNi l>i( Io«| trilagiiUr 
akicid, viKin «bleli arc Um tis Uom i tmt 
1)j ITUOD of the enboiriiig Iborpof, oncly 
four of ihe lion* arrolmoii* t» jnni fight. 
Sir EdwvO Walker kiil|liU Garter Prio- 
olp«l King of Amu, bdng to tkttM parts, 
9fo» tu* tkv of tbe Mid nthedral, nuHle 
ttuaatMMmtioB.An.ltM7." (Oraaakvioal 
IliiwtT of ibc Kion of Encluid, 1«I7, 

Now, tbii ftal4<iiieDt, it muxl b« ob- 
Mrved, roBtA aa no oilifr aathnrity hut 
ila owii, um] the wrcight ot' Gartvr 
Walker's name. 'Ri.- lutliT, I bclifvo, 
u Dot iJistingiiUtiol hj nay ^rcat 
pofltliuutuitt rcinitatinn, vrhatcvrr re- 
•pHt miij' be justly <lu« lu tbe hig;b 
cmce wliiiJi be onc« 6l\eA. Of aatlM- 
rit; for the rtktcmcnt itaelf, none whit- 
ercr apprai*-. It would I'lAim Cur 
gmter I'uiiyidf^ratum if wr bod Iwcii 
told Uial llie ust'n|>uoii of t)iv iixuiu- 
weai to the (W) of Kalishurj' was 
cenunuDioiloil hj uiiy inlinbtliul (if 
Mms, however utJe«rni>d. Ttuit would 
httvi* tlioirii a lui-al tnuliliiin : bul. as 
it is, the idta :i|i[ii-nr* li> luivn lir»-n 
etmi^Uid uiiTcljr h\ WulkcrV own wr- 
QUUnliinor with tlw .-irmoriji) runt of 
UM KatU of SalidlHir)'. Wr hnris 
iharrfinre. in Uiis paHsn^t^* of Saii<lf»ri], 
Dotbing more than l)iv t'(iuj<M:turc of a 
foraiper caamJJj rbitcDg lite cBlliedral 

On the other liitnd, tli« xnamoUiil 
UiMt't in uoliL-fd in tcrmti <tt' hiyli v^li- 
mation I7 mtlthI li'smM tuitivon nf 
FVanc*. Thi" IVrc Anwlinc, after 
rebtin^ tlK bnria] nf (>enlfK-v, Cnunt 
of Aiijiiu, in the oburdi of Si. Julian 
M Uutt, wills, 

" Ob ac nit H tfttn ct ioa /plli|ilMi «b 
cai«(B nnailU, qui 4olnnt Are grat^ 
eOBRta UM pMn enmaw, ptrticuUfrc- 
mcot poaf pnnv«r te* armca 4'AnjoM, da 
Norniuiilii^, et d'Anilalfm, daaa Lm 
MDnumuit de la MunarcUe FraacolN par 
la P. Dom Bernard dt AlnutCuKOa." 

Am\ in ronfunnily with (hu Mi^jgealion 
MonlfaiHxx) iitgrnvml the ftgiirv, wilti 
tha followinn di;4cni>tion— 

*'0t1tni le Bel, Conto dn Maine, Ak 
it Fonligup* Comtf d'Anjon H du Maine, 
Bflit I'lui lluO. C«lt« fiuura, (\vi s til 
cop'iie d'aprra one table th emm ifouOis 
dun la nef dc IVgllae cotbrdrala de St, 
Jnlkn da Man*, rat dea plua aioawUcru. 
l>ca*()up a la fortM d'lin bounei piirigicii ( 
MA boudicr, le fha iraad ^lat m voit 

daju tou* cea moDuneiUf eat fort crws, 
Qnoi^n'il tieoBt uB« eyfa nas dan* la 
main drgiic, toat le nMv da I'hablt n'a 
rien dt a^llalre. Sar la ttta du oumU Q 
J a drai vera Lattaa, tint narauiat qua 
iH>n rp^ an cbaaaant lea briganda ioa^tH 
la pail am t^tiaea." 

Asain. in I.' Art dc Verifier li» Dalu\ 
wWre tlw naiiii" (reoflrey u noticud— 
" On «o)t cnrofc aajourd'hul ivr an ti 
pillicra de crltc ^Kliac, via a via ile I4 
Clnpelle du (-Tucmi. mi* table d« cui<T« 
i»a4l]e, oh il eM repr^acatic, wa ^p<« nsa 
da la main droits, et de I'aulrc aoo cca, 
do&t le champ catd'afur,aqlaatrcltOBC0^| 
d'or laupaaae* da fucuW. Ub tit 
bu oediali^tie: Eum lao," Stc. 

To CxeM te«tiiD(inie« of the 
cniiDent I-Vciu-li antiimarii'*, fnr wliic]!^ 
I am iiit]<>btt>d to Mr. FlAnrhiVii own 
|»pi.T, II link- t>i'ltn-h iiiiKhl [iroWlily 
udtl ollu'rs an(i>ri<'ir to tiiv ilihturtiaorc 
of the iliurih i>r Mans ul tho Hvvwlu- 
tioii; and rerliiiiilv, at K'a«t| tliat of 
tltc htli' M. du StiKinti'riudi who, in his 
woih on •" LcB Arts dn Moyen Age." 
has ptiliUahMl lui i-niniivlti]; uf tfab 
(viuiiiHk'd tal'lvt, •■(|uull)r aecuralv witli 
iliat by A. J. Siothord. nod oa a larger 

Niiw, tbe ealranrdinarv itoallioA 
anfiiinu"! bj- Mr. I'Uui-bfi it Um. Wiihis, 
(Mil iUti[Miliiif( thv utatvmoiil uf 
e^lnif, ftlontADcoD, &r., as to 
ejtialenre of an euamellcd iaUivt in 
rhiirch uf Manfi rejirpMaiting tieuifrojf 
I'luiitaiivtHl, h« iWin* that "x^mm 
trudcMtx" (p. 31) luuy lie (liv'-n to tlic 
Kiil.'li--li iruvilliT, nlW-trariv Sir Ed* 
wiinl VValkvi' ; that oi>nse<|ut-nlly iheft 
wero "two" tal>Ii-1« imu-ail of me; 
anil that "Mmie M)iifu*ii>n" waa oock- 
nonetl by their rcn'mblauvf. Sudi 
conf^uioii muot auinunl in notliinf; leaa 
than that lh4> vrrunj; lubk>l wue de- 
scribed by Atiwlrnv und thv wrilw in 
L'Art df 'Verifier tea DntM ; for it is 
vlat thai ttiey describe Ihe tabhjt 
which i* still L'xUiiiie, und which bat 
liceii iinfTATPii by StoUiard und Du 
KoinuiL-nud. Finally, Mr. Pl&nchi 
appears inrltiii>tl to ikfiKif;n the efBn 
n-tmnvnl4.-'l in til« tablet, not with w 
»1wiird Walker anil Sandford loWIl- 
liiu) Karl uf Sali«bur>'. ih(.> «>i> of 
i'airkk, nko (orroiwou^ly) called 
IX>tcrL-(ix, bul til WiUiau CumlQ 
d'Kvrt'ux, v\>o diefl in 1 IIS. To tbil 
ronoliuinn be has beeu led bjr tbe great 

vuiviy uf cmn ia auiiwn &f «nv*; 



M«S.^ Armt aXtribuUd ta PlantageMi, Saliabury, and Dtnertatx. 

Umavr uid ta tMUI«t» of pfligrc* 
$MA cKiH mpetnlng the partiRs in- 
toodoocd into the dJseniMoo, and vi' 
wHieh H hMf been bis mitirirtune lo 
ran a mmA •Innulaitt cro(>. 

n if no* l«n ytan ago aiD» 1 n^- 
rif v«nt oTw Uw Mioe grouwi lu 
"Tba lUitarf at LAi^M-k Abbey." ftnd 
t«o jean •fs I a^a bti<l huv die 
■en-cniMj of tb< pn'ti'iKl") Dmi-reuA 
iW fina Biiinb>>r of " The Tnpopra- 
(CtiMlc«i»t.'' lu Hk aim 
(p. UO wli^ naUcing tlie 
Mti>i>i-ui1 liy Mr- Drvra* 
^Mtd in kis i '.inli Kkinilii-i" 

tBOuMbalw- ' "lucvli of iJAlis- 

hvrj 9a\ IW liooceb til' llie Bohuiut, 1 

fdiMrtoutlfc«*'BrrOTufSmKUbrd," iu 

MBtikiog ibi ^^Ky "^ (ii^i&vT I'Uui- 

tMMI 10 "WnTuin iI'Etltviu ur 

reB'tVuidk." 8ui'li MK'Hiic iTTODs 

|ClfcM|M. tun (Ik; ijUidity vhicb Hnnrc 

■CDftstaa la ututc — 
It^lflil AuM, iBnea Mifue noarrit. 

1%? norat ocrjkMon, bowwi-r. U oik- 

OB wBuJi dwir nfutation may jHMslily 

oUab noiv tlun cnstonuiry Ktu-iil!ixi. 

I »tH Ifccrrfttfc PM|iti>t)t your rt'iidcrs' 

pMWDCv wtul5t 1 m iUroui[h. fiiYt, tbe 

faaU of arnu, anu, tt-'rondlT. tho gv< 

iwaligliil poinU, wliivli haw glren 

iW Id ike <1miI>u that Mr. Pluicbc 

lairra to Grteada to " ilufvl." 

1. Bo My* tbal ^^ie amiorinl heftr- 

ruf geaenSiy xe?%ne<l to Geoflri-y 

^Blwvnvt liy ihr ItviraltU an*. (iuUvt, 

iiUcr^---"- "1- ■" If '-cirVjuncle 

rfflUit ivLTT, or: 

fer Ai< 1. ... i „ - . 4iithoriiy 

ikaatlK munuuieut uf tjtweu Kliza- 

Mk (a Uutir* lilt! Sc««]iib'« cliBpel 

la Munrcr lo tilu#, I bvg tu n:{>t?]il tlui 

CpiaioB publulHtl iu jntir pa^*s iii tli« 
ytU lS2Sf, llial the octtrbuiMJii it not 

Mii i ci iy wi btralUic- rharov al all ;* 
tmoHfvtrthBi cinuniGiitmrboaaof tlic 
■UiU, vtuct in anotber ftnin, ■ chms. 
Mt HI ncartiiini-lf, iit<i\ Itr snii on 
tW ihicttl in iJic L'TiauK'lli.^] tabU>t at 

* 9m Ihi* mtuccl discuMcd in fimt. 
Mi^.tcL tav. b. &17. in arevUw of the 
tifM early RaUi «f Arm*, «dit«<l bj Sir 
Harrta VlmUa; in d»ii« of wbicb duct 
tfcC — fllMClT wvur U I cb^riv ll will 
■Mvr ■» Ai|)M«A ^larM mttl pUcnl tn 
aaMB noilcfB ooala. la one of whicli, 
IWrnMn. it u a nriatfa» tnm tha Callia- 
ite WlatL In wmm forvif* euatt U ma^ 
kave haok kdoptod nrliKr, •« <bat of 
(Waa, arlikh VM M CKai^UJcIc gfcr U 

B4ui9, in addition to iti pietonal 
dtAifCn of tile raia[Mnt lion*. 

2. Mr. Planchv >lat«s (p. S7) tbit 
for tlti> arn).4 of William Kitz- Pfttiicfc, 
Earl of Salixhury, ""SUUet mid LluyUa 
givr, Oalc«, three palkia vairy, on t 
chief or a lion ^woui wbh;, — a moat 
tni$j)tdous bearing fur ibal date^ of 
wliK-ti niuplivitT is tite rbnncMr.'* 
'i'lial is true, hihI I have before gtm 
my u)Mnt»ii t that the I-^rla of £ali«- 
burv of thi> first Wiuv had uo anuori&l 
dik1d. They became extinct jtut 
about th? pcnod of the coouiicncenient 
of arninriul iH-nrin;^; and jwrhapa be- 
fore such distinctijiu vtvtb genera) itt 
ihiii country, TTie oW Iiit.lIiIii, whoa 
nt a lo»A for thu arm.'- nf tfa^iv Earls» 
amnsr \a Imve Miuitothinv uwt witlt 
tat- coat alwru doscrilH-d, in what they 
deemed a |>rulMblc plncv for Ihcir db- 
flurery, aim) very pod^ihly that wa» at 
Brndunstoke priory, wbt-re Karl ^VU- 
iiam "Fitz-l'mlriclc" wiw biirivd, fop 
t^eli a roat nuiy ho iliaccmcd, witlt 
(it)i.T<, in Uic vitriT of the niilia of tliat 
htmw piiltlinlHi) nt the besinnini; of 
ibf last century by Ij. and .N. Bucx. 

The ttpproprintion wan the mora 
refulily niadv, ■■', lu I belli-Tc ta be tbe 
rave, the coat wtui a lun-isrit (inc. Tfas 
faiiiilie* iif St. i.'ol and Cka^tillon both 
bore. Gules, tbre« rallt-ts vair«, and a 
chief or it tlio tiinner sometinu 
i-har(iiii(t thw rhief wilh a label of At* 
I<oiiiLs^ and iliiit bnimh of thL- latter 
wliii-b were loi-da of Utaaxnums with 
two lioiH coQtbaiant.l 'ilu-t but coat 
WR» not formed luitil the 14th rennny, 
—in euuniiioiKW of llxr alliance of 
Gauliitir ut! C'httstillon, who Hj«l in 
13^, with MurfiiK-ritc, daughter of 
Joan, Sim dc Panipierrc. JiMin bore 
oo lii« Mol a ItiHi rwapunl dcbruised 
by a Uh«l : rtiiuitifT dc ChiuliUoa, 
brinpnu hi* own arum. [)IaCMl OQ ths 
rliief ihi- lion of T>iiinpicrre, rqwaC«<] 
a« above <k'»eribi>l. I aiii incltneil to 
hi-lieve ihat it vx^ Ihii iimit whirb was 
adofiled by tlie ht-rald.^ lor lite early 
Karls of Satinlfurr. 

3. The coaL «f nix Itontwlju Mr. 
Flaiiche ((fp. 33, 36) ar^cii thnt thii 
caonot hare liitTii llir i^xii of Geoflrey 
naula^uft ; he cuv*. "TbcftriM can- 
not, without ru-tually wmting ibem 

t Topofiayhcr and Goualo^t, vaL 1, 

* L« Illnlfon (1« Flaadfc, par OUilcr 
de Wt«,1fi42, i. 132. 
% ltud.pp.7l|U9. II Ibid. p. 98, 

Arpti nfCreoff'ift/ Piantagfnei and LongfJpee> 


ftan Uw obviottf Ipgil owner, •nd 
dnngillg tlie tincture of Uir fleltl wwl 
ftrai of the durgVt I*? cvcti *u*|w<:le<l 
to be 111*" 

Who in inraiit by "the ol»»iuii» legal 
CWDer" » iKtl very <l«liiicily diown : 
but anpareiitly it is tb» (ktmhi uauicd 
iy Str Edwanl lV.ilk«,— ' Willbm 
D'ETOTtiut or Kil7-P4lri(:k,c*rlofSu- 
UlbuiT C noi atWwanU, in it. 37. Mr. 
FhodM appMTi Mtufiiid ttau Uiow 
wen Uk amu of *' the lodcDt count* 
d'Evereux." In tlii* 1 think hp h&i 
been misled. I un not oblc to any 
wlMtlwr tbvM coiidIa of Km-ux luul 
■ay ■imori^ ooat ; but I bcUe%(! ii wm 

BOt tht!. 

Mr. V^mAffs other diflk-uliy, ihc 
lappcnct) " chxnjiing iht tincliiir of llii' 
fiooind thi* Ajrni "f tW rlinr^c," ib 
COOOeCted I prrtunio with Itu- Ihcury 

1m bu dteiaedly ndiM)U->l, ilui iIk* 
tnnt of > mRrabvT ul' tuv hou»e of thti 
Dokea if .VontiATiily and King4 of 
Eogtutd oufU Xo luivu rcscniltled tlwu- 
CMt to tbtMC |iu-ticubu-.i ; (lint U, that 
the Auld ourbt to Iiav« bcvn Azurv lo- 
ftetd of fful^. hH') lb>< liucu pMwaUt 
iiuMtd or rumiwiit. It happens that 
Pfcre AiucbiK, in bis gn»t wuik, liiw 
i^«d «t till.* hewl of hi* urtirk- on 
Geoffrey iIh- luuiil co»t of the DuIim 
of NuniiainW, Ihtlr*, two lioiiii or; 
aild Mr- l^u'lt^ wi'HK ilicliix^l lo |>n— 
Ar this wriili-iiiAl Mvonii^ht (<> ib«t 
lauiU'l uilhor's ^IfililH-nilv jtiilgnicnt 
ilpoD the ninniiitK-iit iit Mah* whieb has 
bc«n alroady r|>if>t(^. 

Dut here l« mc tranon-ilir mie jiiui- 
sue of All'- rianchtV* cswy which 1 
ntgud u very ju5t, ami n» hciii); niun- 
to thw i)ttr|x»(— I nH'Mi ltn- [ninuMM.!' 
filming convct iKitiou" in li<;rHl<li<. aii- 
tiquitiep, tluui all ilio tv^t of hi^t jiuftor. 
Oi leyBi **Tb'; tioiiP« of linglarnl. niitl 
dlO fl«ir»^-lp ol* Framv, ari- in tny 
Mihdon onlr a tvpclltion uf ttiv Muglc 
cliu^ origuially wwuinvd i tin- slmpc 
of ihc tliidd, or the siif of Ihr •■up or 
abot.' 10 be »o omatiienl<«l. ilii-iiling, in 
those early ilay*. tlio iHt^tlion ait<] uuiii- 
ber. Tbr nroofr tif ibis thi'ory nrt- Hm 
nuuierou* (or luc now I" mJilu«:(?.~ It 
U exemplifiwl in the cffijiy of Uooffn-y 
HantageDCt, by lit* oxhibitiit]! n nin^li' 
lioo on that sule of his n[> vrbirb is 
HfDi and four iimu> on iliat »it)v of iua 
■Udd which is seen. At hiKtoarriago, 
Ik k rnoorded by u ctii-oniclcr named 
Jen de Murinou-tticr, he wore ftboe* 

and a aluclil itimilarly ornamantod wai 
hung alwat hi* ncvk. Again, the bame 
3illhor di-si-rilw* biro whiti i-ngajjcd in 
pombttL, Bh 

Pietos leoDDs prefcrnit in cl^ce ; 
Verii iMHiiInu nulla efaliofciiorfortltiHlo. 
Rat Mr. I'laiicb^ does not accord the 
likr UtitiMlp to primeral heraldry, 
whvn br rvquirrc Inc lionj to be placed 
on a red inirtead of n blue ground ; or 
when he object* (p- 33) to lh«- *ba|« 
of their heuu or the tmntiness of tbcir 
maoes. His liberality ou theao Utt«r 
points mijiht be ext«fulet) by a ooorsQ 
of itudy of llip lions on anaent tnl^ 
wherf he would Anil ironsidtzsUe 
variety of expression. * 

Ni^lber iloca ^tr. Plancbe aopcar to 
PWoUocl tbt' Ti'i'Y early neriou of the 
art of heraldry of whicn no in Ireatiiig, 
when be wiys (p. 36), thai "it i« ab- 
mnl to aupjwse IMUiain dc Longespee 
would lusuiae the ana« uf (ieodrcjr 
■luko of Normaody. of wbirai he was 
only the illrffiliniAfc f'roAdton, ilHIcad 
of tnove of Henry 11. kiiij^ of Enf^laod, 
uf whom be wiu the illpfiitiuiale Mm." 
To DJiftoti upon till' iiialOT from the 
HMijp.'* iif AiilmtjucnC Itiot^ is a way 
inure llki'ly lu etude ihuji to oiect the 
Inith. TIk- only wife annlt^gin are 
fonttmiktntri/ eutniplcs-ifonysuch are 
lo belound. i iltei-eforv dillirrc to my 
opinion expn*Me<l in litM, in the Hih- 
tory v( Laeoek Abbey, i*. lOti, "that 
the twnte of William I.oni^«pce was 
orifrinallTdvrivi.'d from VVilhaiu Long- 
ii-InT, nuJii! of NoTinandy, who diud 
in !H8 : Bill] that bia anmirial coat vtA 
ntliipinl from another of hti priuca^y re* 

' In 111* prHSKarj obMmltons Mr. 
I']aiic1i<^ tiu niiipinl, S9 one at lb« mo- 
IJVM oristtitUlng hi* r^My, iU« bearing 
which tlM^armKrcprricDted in the tablet hare 
*'ii|i(>n ihr hill) ilikpntrd t|uealion wbe- 
tWr the royal arms xtt our AnjIO'Nonnao 
inomrch* trmUooa or leopardt." Thii 
muMtion will be more fairljr ticct<lDd by 
llie (tearriptiaai orancsei)l«rilen(MK'haa 
the paaMje of Mamiouilirr above died) 
than by rrpreMutadoot. Wa admit the 
brasts of tiie iliicid of LongcqAi to be 
lion* (or Iwhnicatir lioacrla) ; soil yrt on 
Ibr ' ' •ecrctum " or rigDct-aeal of WiUiam 
Long««p^ (History of Laeock, p. 147) ii 
lifumlhb toHg ttFortt bttwMn a-hat are 
now (fchiilralljr tfTTDrd Uopanl'i b«ada. 
So the leopard'* head of tbe Goldimitha' 
armf. and which U stamped ■pgn every 
spoon re uac, b no doubt onfinaUy a 
roysl mark, and UkQ frvn ttc ilm vi 
the roysl itiicld. . K 


iMxm; Cor dietbc rampuit Uotu bad 
tea ftnt Mtsamed. in ibe vrty \a- 
Ikact of lusmMrr. hy his gratuUkther. 
GteCrtj I'UjiUgrni%Cnunl«f Anjou." 

1W tame fact had br«ii pn^ioiulT 
peintod out hj A. J. Stoihord; rrJ, 
■•de(4, il wu this mtj ntnilnntT, or 
ntWr idortilj. of Ibe lunu n-kiou l«(l 
Sir Ei]mnl n'ulkcr in AM-ribe tlit! 
figure u Mllv to tin Eur) ul' SuliKburjr. 
la tht field of hi!i !iiiivlil twiug liluf, 
umJ ia tbe jKMtum of ihi; liobs ihiT« ib 
■a ttslttr rvetv passible prtiof liuit xhe 
•nM of nlUiMaliongeBpee eu-1 of Sn- 
MJbarj, M lUnlaytd <n bis mn monu- 
Bot ta Salislni^ cslhtKln], were dc- 
rmd (rgm Uun od Uk> uttinumental 
uUct «t UlM nf hi^ fatlK-r'* fattW, 
Gwfiv^touttof Anjoa. Sir Kdw^nl 
WdOwT* <TTnr w«it not a luiMpprupa-i- 
idoc of ihr amioriul nut. but » aih' 
ffUttiMttaiou iif tbf tatlividiiul, 

1 BUM mm ijruccctl lo (L\liiliit 
wwTf hnfUi &tr. rlutcfafs vrmn iu 

He mwrfirat§ <|<. 3S). ihv htatory of 
"the lyEtcn-ux fjuiiily i)f Nomiaiuly" 
■ briny **bat lJltk> liaown;" ami. in 
h< 16 adib, " In onirr to soitnil the 
Mptt of thi* roTBlerr, a icry criilrul 
r\tm'tn*iitM) of tW jrenealoffj- uit) hU- 
tai^ ftf the D*Kv>-nnix o( normuK^ u 

I itt lot uuQ^iio that ihc Uuiorr ol' 

ifa nial Uttuij U Ibe Ctimlo^ d'Cw 

pan w liuJe known ; for then- i» a 

wlnwr no tlie mlyMTt hy I.i> Bnuaeur. 

AaA OBfnrtuiiatcl]' lh<- faixtnrr of the 

pWHd»-I>e«fvcux is more known than 

It auffia Iu he. IU I lun abli; to affim 

fan oniu pyea ir on man- tlian oat 

wcwioa the *- ciTT cntkaJ exumina- 

.ibl* wloi^h, a> >fr PlatK-lK' Niy^ it 

i uu i tl , in iart -the pe^ree of 

WUhm Fitxpalrif'k," whieb has been 

a l yaawi u» ht» evui, a» "vxlr»ct«d 

6tm the llittorii'^l anil (iencoIoiiiciJ 

MOPSBE of thr fnuitlv uf D'EvcmuCf 

qeMBao (Arf Can;n>i^i>»ii). I^^q- lUtei) 
inOi ml jiruilfl luui'iii: the •.'laiiiiv ul 
ite Conoatiixi uf iiiorjn' IV." i> > 
timtof Mtehooila: v,— 

I. "W»ll«-," Mm ol I{ob<>rt Count 
fErereox. TUere wm no such piTnon. 

X. "Ctntlit du Kucioju-." Thuruwn* 

■A VBCfe ^^ttltfti 

X - GetniM." Ceroid de Koumarv, 
■d bn brDtber Edward of Salliburji. 
ite Dwnidiiy tkenfl* of Hiluhirc, an 
affowd with great probabiUi/ to 

JlnjSctitiota liAtt of Utttrtuji. 4? 

have been bcothem of "Ralph, the 
fuumkr of the abb<^y of BoeaerrlUct 

and ancestor uf the TaocarrilleS) 
rlinnil)prUins of NonnaiKly"* Cer* 
lAinlr, iber w^re not members of the 
ftUDilY of thp Comles d'K«-nnix. 

4. '" Williiun do Jli-schin, Count de 
ItoNuar/ »0D of GertJd ; and " William 
Count de Rof'Utai' ** hj<t ton. HtCM 
iuknR'9 an? ubo ijuiie LiToiieous. But 
1 nt^ tHiljr refrr to ihp Ui^torv of Ll" 
cock AbboT, and lo mv di-tcont of the 
faiiiiljr uf lloiaitra, Kni'ln iif Lincnln, iq 
the Tonogninhei' and Genealogist, to 
|>roTe liMt thvy hive alnwly receired 
an iinuMLu) thare of " critical exami'' 

5. Kobeii, " Iroin whom are de- 
MX-ndcd thv viM-ou»tj< of Hereford, and 
tho Dfven-iix Piii-Ii. of Katex;" b 
jJai-cd Af tfaini run of the iniaeiiufy 
" ^\'iilt<-i' ntunl t\v Ituuuar." Thu abb 
is shoiT ficticiu ; ihcrc i« no cridenca 
whali^viT tluil thuM- Lirb and TtACOUnIi 
«-nuI>) truly <-laiui de»oeul lirxMU the an* 
rieni Cumtcx (rKvri'UX. Ougdaleonlv 
luiv* iif lUi* il«.'v<Tfiix. ili»t thry **haa 
their Kiimiime from E^tihix, a town la 
Xni-mnnilr, " and on4> which of course^ 
liko oihrr towns mnv hart' given nine 
lo several individuals of dilt'erent 1^* 

6. "l^trii.'kd'luven.Mix, or d'Ebcroi. 
from ihi^ Latin Ebroic^n&U, created 
carl of Salisbunr by tlu- empress Maod." 
lie had no riffkt, ait ilrauv xtated, to 
the name of (rEvetvux. TbensmeiU 
applied to the oris of Sali^Hinr, origi- 
nal«d from a monastic! clmnucle be- 
lottttBg to Lacock Abbey, in wliicli 
WutCff the sui>pOM:-H, hut fictitious, 
primogenitor ul the nice, was lenned 
" rtn^'iiitus Norniaiuiu^ H'alterus )e 
Ewnt^ ConiM de Kostnar." But ** le 
Ewrus" was an epithet, equivalent to 
"le heurvux." or the furtunatcf be 
^n*tii)^ i<ii4* uf the fortuitaleadri^niuren 
f^iiwed with lands in England \ty 
WAWaxn tin- Coniinei'or ^ .ind the he- 
ralds iif ihe sisliV'nth nr seventeenth 
century were ih^- first to convert tUs 
r|athet inin Devercux, in order to 
flatter thi- Karisof Etoex. 

* Topographer and Oeoealogiit, i. IT. 

t "Such, after a iaa^, carerol, sad 
■.:nipulaus iarestigation> is proved to be 
the aols oricin of the aanume of Dsn- 
leux hsriac weo bestowed i^oa the twlv 
Kwls ef SilMBrr." History of Lwotfe, 
p. 48. 


SiMnuiU T^NM at Mtna. 

t. Al hrra\»n in PmH VTtWhm Wtt- 
Pntrii'k «r»> ttiti-n tli*' mimt** of " ("hilin, 
Wriil It! ]f>.Inr.i! lua," iiml " I'alrirk. 
killM ill Af 1 1 III Mi In*." In nn^WT to 
lllb I Iws lu vxlrwt thu I'lilluwing 
jjuugoi DOB the Kuiotj vt Lueeek 
Abtwjr : 

" In Um doaoaeiit «« htn bdon 
ipckni of (P»4iim of Detmvm of Carif. 
nrwui) h li lUtcd not Mi]f that l:b^l 
■ndr* hlHck aniL Pbtli|i wrrc brtil u 
MorIu it Hrulrnii'ikn, liui lh"l Itipy et- 
eh>nc*4 tli« rrtx-k f»r Iha ealrtMi that 
Patrifh •■« lUIn •! Aii'iiUiDi', tivrnrc the 
Aaath of Ilia limtli«r tlin K>rl i >iiil tlial 
fklUf). kATiaf ■cen tlw etUtoa of liU ft. 
miff (d out af bli hoiiM, wnti in tSD:i In 
•Mk vlfacf flortiiii«a Ib Irvlatid, dImtc 11 !■ 
pUled that ha aoUW ka tfca cmol; of 
'U'riri>til, and ftHMrfwl tb> tenllf now 
btarlnc Uu suiBaf Drvmvas. 

•■ II ia Inw thai Earl WilGam IiaJ Iko 
bnthm iHUBcd Patxkik and niliii, be. 
•14m anoilu-r named WklUr; uul It U 
klao dnu- thai IVtilck illril Urrarr him. at 
Ibrra U a clwrUtr "f tbf Eart, itirvrtine 
ttiB niuvka of Brailnt*l'ik«> tc prajr for 
l*a(ricli'a loiiL «hkli ii •'itnranni Itjr ['hili|> 
and Walln. Ihit Umrr \* Dn poiiliTP r(i> 
ilnea. bt^oaA tin vnaiitbeBURatvtl *tat«- 
■i«ac of Bnoko. that uv af ttw brotken 
Vara nMHikaof Ufaal#n*tn«e piiorj. 

"Not U tli«ro aii* rrnjnl i.f Patrick 
lH*inf bam lUia in Aqiittatni!, thotifh we 
llBnit fioin kiatory that KnrI Patrtek htt 
Jkthrr' «u aduallf ilala in Ai}vltiitiMi. " 

Tho utory. in fiirt, tuma nut to tie o 
ronianri' auili ivb tuomiiuii'iiilvrmiiitf 
wlirn tbc ji«liiiriTii irf our ulil bcralila 
lire "vi-ry ixiurullr cxuuiiiL'i)." If iIh: 
KlirU uf Suliatwirv wcrv imi( rvpn rr- 
Intad to the iinmf nf Dcvpnni^. ol* 

OOUfM tlw W»11IIIV<I ■U>^u<UliI of ihc Hi** 

TCr«ux't of Imlnnil rri>tii ihrm itiu^l \w 
SctHitniA, iin<l tbr •^Inim nf Mr. )>pvo- 
rcitx itf Cirijpnnniui to ptrrnnn ivrvu-c 
at tli« contDBtifMi nl' (imrffc llii: Fourth, 
iMCUtM " WiUimii d'Kvi-rvu«. «ir FiU* 
Patrick, Barl of Sulifibiirr. \wr\'. the 
K^tix* ■i»l diiYV al ihv i-iir<HiiilJi'n uf 
fiiduutl 1. Mid At ibm moitAi-Hrtt w 
QODdeorofUlJlKl"li|iinu'Kil lli<'<-iiii<i|ir," 
WW nn« nf" thv nHnt vnili Mv\ lUuMirji 
«rer mTiimrily liniuytil (anriinl. 

Sthly aixl' iaotl)!. Mr. nrvir^nx's 
«Tor rr»i"-'tiiip il><* ilati> iil' ihf inw- 
riJuri^ of Eta, the IwirvM of tbp rarlilom 
</6«liflbury, ukI iIk iliiuljt4(>xpreMvil 
in Mr. rUnchrs outc. will be wttlod 
bf mfiraaoe lo iIm lUatory of LftCock 

" MiipriBUd snm^fathfT In the Ilii- 
tn^of LhocIi. 

AMxMP, r-p. HO Mul lOO, wlM?re bcr 

Itirtli i« jilii/nti in 1 188 and her BUT* 

riMP* ■» III'"- 

Ihavr nnl^ iwn mor^ oliwrvatlont 
to laoki? u|ym Mr. I1uicIk''« nrjnaiiMnitA 
rcapn-liiig thf Tntilt^t uX Miuia. Ba^ 
aiiln llioae ul' hrraldrr uDd ptnealon 
wbif-h havo niiw Hmmi ulremtr •IW-iitisi'^l, 
perhaps with liut niurh nmlisit^, be 
(oaotk oUwn mi, I ■ llw >u«nUly of the 
fpitaph, and S. the eh«ract«r deacribeH 
in Ihc ('pitfl|ib. 

11i>' fitrmn- ari«et fWnii tb« rir- 
cuiUKluiiv of th« cnntiiiiuitnr nf Wil- 
liam 'Ic Jiiiiiit'ftm hKvititf iiilriidiii-rtl 
Mntit! •liflt-rt'iit TCTKi tn liis cbroniHe 
III n-fiTimi-v to (ipiillVoy I1ittili))2i*ni*t. 
Nrrw, lliift in a riiiiiin(i« itfri-urrvncff : 
■I'nrt!* iif iinnpiiarv i.-iiilii]tli8 iiuiy be 
found in tbr old ihronxlrr?. 

IVilh n^iinl In tire vcmea euttui|t 
on thr Tuhli-tt 

Ckw tiio, Princriiai pmlonum lorlia 

Eft'lMibtjiMi (|iu«« |iiee Tig«nte dAtnr. 

Mr. Planrbt- arpif* that iJioy were in- 
iii>pli<-feliU' tft (its>lTn'v. hilt naillj- op- 
plii-ntilr! 1(1 U'illinnt i^c>mc« d'Evi-eux, 
whi' t\'\M in ) 1 in. Dm whfit <ii>Mlan> 
tial (U-fEiimi*iil vtin be nu»<»l upon nuch 
ctMUiiKm- place culo^n? Are tlwy 
flot 8Ui-h nd s monk nughl write ovvd if 
liwj' rtjtntwntcd niiherwhat hcdoaJr^d 
bin icnipond luid to be, ibui what ha 
lU'liudlv wju!* 

I'n (ix Upon w\ v»t\w a <late ns ] 1 IS 
for the IlnanicUcd TuUct w not judi* 
■■i'lU:!. SiipiMKtktiff it t<i l><* no nkW 
thuii the tiiNithof uwfiW-v Pliuilji^Det 
in l1.;o. iii^ etQ) ntw or tho j^e«to-«t 
•niiioMiie* of ila kind, nmt one nf the 
wry )?irli«.iit montirni-nta cd' biTcilitai7 

I rAiiniiii-iim'Judulbc«e obaervaluina 
witliout iifniiDarknowitHl^nti); bow wvU 
I ani uwnri' ihuL wh^il i* incorrvt't or 
in>pcr^l■l^ !n Mr. PlainWs pnpr \a 
inaiiilj' iillnbitlnbh* l» bin wiuil i>f ivt- 
niiiY, iind tJii^ pnwiiifi i'-ti;r'!ni"pe of 
|Im> ".[(Hirnal. No. 1." Fmin a like 
raiiM> I Hin inTPH'lf "bli^fi-il to lioac thia 
letter vrillmiii. [iiirvuiiir hoiik* |miDU 
whii^b ii>i);ht tir<-bxl)ly \ttv\ ti> fiirlli^r 
tnfomiiiliun ; uiK, hitvin^ iimlfTlakpn 
to uiiiVl* ihi.' pn^^^-ni reply, I nm nnwil- 
Unu lo itllovr Another mnntb to pou 
witliout arailii^ niyM^-lfof the rehicltf 
of jfOut pttf^ "^ *'> diiin^. 

1 am, youn fce. 
iovai GoeuH KiQMOl*. : 



Una aarf Correipatu^inre at Janet 

Harrii, Snt Eiiri nf MaJmrtburg. 

EAtKi in Am GnmdMa^ (Ac third 

Sati. 8w. YiiU. 111. aud IV. 

THESE ToluDts camr on ami 

cowrtwlo llwf MliKlmn troiu I.unl 

Milmfiharr'' Com>«pon(Icni'i' nulici^l 

01 our Miij.^'iw for November Inrt 

(T... 497. N. S.) T\wy nre 

ful' tiii'l of'iDt<^n»I wluc'h 

(liaui^ui TfiKT voliiniiis, imil 

foUjf »i.' jirojfirM-iy of wib- 

ltutdii|{ a buTiiua ul' the VMr\'» im^ten 

The ^Tft luufidii to wliicli tlieou vo> 
liuiM* kIaI^ ir<B to Prussia in 1793, 
in tfe «mia tiKlaiTour tu lUr up k 
UiUm mhI ncAD-flpiritn) aAvereigD 
to cB(We wild cncrgj m tho war 
•otiut Tnorc jVII ilwl cuuiJ be 
flAetflil w&> Dcn<ni[ilisbMl — Uiu l*ruir* 
on mOOAri'Ii ni-iitrxl nurunlil. 

hk bi* Rvxt uii^iuti Lorn Maltnvs- 
boTT r»cwrt«-'i 111 MnjilAnil IVimiru" 

tnk of Um- l*ni>re of \Val«s. The 

fspm relating lo this einbaavjr Arc 

f«Huif*< tb»f riiiwt likW^ to Ite popular 

of uv in ilu- work* dikI will orrtitinl^r 

be tnialuaUe u> Mi»» Strii'lUiutil wlitii 

i^ icarlm tlic pt-rkiil uf (lie luihnppir 

Ckratiiie. llu! i'riucc of Wales ai>- 

fcan in tkoc in^tes aa an eaay-trai- 

pml tUijic. immuraed io nil the vic-ui 

aMil (iitE«* of bia tinut, without ^et^ 

tina tar hit weU-m^aniog bat stern 

an! (ifaatuiBtc ikih^-r, fiitatiuIi.-() willi 

aamt HmMmw, botli arooriiut iknil imiU- 

IkbC awl alwaya of tlie opinion of th« 

bit penaa be ronnȣd with. A* n 

wifpfijr this dtttiBKtiUied euutliyaau. 

and a ftinirv t\\vuai for £iij>lan<l. 

lintye UL »dccieil a young lady 

wlu^ laily i-bujn to fill Uua exalted 

podlfaa fUBOU to have been found in 

lb* drvomstaiicp that she wa* bi» ina- 

a^ Dkr& IHic discloaurca here 
■ rwp4rtiii^ bur v.'duvaiiou anil 
^mmeur ar« astonUhioK- Sbn ytMndu 
ftff<Ji » a RMnv tboughtlcB', JrivoliiUb. 
j^wiip'fqf. iiuiui^itivv llll1lU-T^ wlioM' 
^uadion ba'I pTm htu- a liitii- iiLsight 
Ijevt. AI4U. VVjt- XXIV. 

into the mcuo Tit>(M of a minor court. 
Inil hiid U-fV hiT L-'funlly ijiiioniut of 
ttip uiuuni-n of gixnl iwii^ty, juid of 
the f'ovliu^ of u rvatlr iiiini;hl aiul 
honmindile (lo uiy notliing of ft 
Clinstian) iuiu<L Lurope. tlte nhoUt 
world, vouht not Iinvc prc*'nN'd A 
[>«rMin more totjUly uidit lo be ihv 
wife of Hiii'L a iiuui u llii.' I'riiicc of 
\^'all.■K. TliL' fint ilay, it uiifiht almoot 
be Kuid Lbt.' ftrKt imwitMit, ol their ac'- 
<liiatiitjUKri! protliiced a uiuliliil dinlikti. 
wliif'li riLiily Ir^l ou to all iht- terrible 

" ■ I immediately tiotiflcd thii trrimt lo 
Vke Kin^ tind I'rinor of Walcn.' moarka 
Lord MBlmc-sbunri in rcrcreocn tu tlie ur* 
riral of CliL- I'rini'eitB in London; ' Ih<> Uirt 
catna immcilintdy. I, according lo tbt 
catabUnhi-i) <-tif|arUe, iotrai]iic«cl (ao oaa 
el*c beinjt iu tlie ruum) the Friiii:«M Ca> 
roline to tiioi. She virry |im[>vrl^, in coa- 
Mquvacc of my t*j'm% to li«r it «*■ the 
rl|tit mode of proceeding at tempted to 
kowl lo bint. He laimd her [gfiHMfiilly 
•naogb) and onibraced bcr, uiJ bandy ona 
word, l«med rooad, retind to a wtant 
itart of tho apartinent. and, oalUng ina tv 
biin, said, ' Harris, I am not mfII i prajf 
get mc a rUm nf tiraiidT.' I naid, ' Sir^ 
hod you Dot bettrrbovc a h'laM of water ?* 
— u)ion which lie, much oat of humour, 
aaid, with an oath. ' Ha ' 1 will go r1irr>tly 
to tbo qUMn,' and anay hr wrTit. Tba 
Priocca*, left dimnn Cbia abort aioiu«oc 
aloor. WIS la a state of astoniitament ; aod 
on my joinirtg; her, laid, ' Mon DfcQ I eM 
rr qiw 1^ IVinrc nt tnnjann (Himme eela? 
h lo tronTc trca tro*. cut culleiueut aiMi 
Imwi que ion portrait.' 

• • ■ ■ 

■' Atdinnar - I waii fiir from 

iUitftcd with tb« Prineie»»'a bchftviour j it 
wan tli|ipant, rattltng, affctrting raillcTy 
and Alt. and throwuig oat COaiK Tulgar 

biota about Lady , who wa* pre. 

Mnt, and. (hough mnte. I' tliaile n'tn ptr- 
dait Hm. The Vnatx wm evidently dU- 
gualed, aud till* unTurcauaje dinnrr fixed 
bit didike. frhich. when left to fa«nMf. 
the Prrnrem bad not the talent to ramovD; 
but, bj tiill oboevriiig the aamc gulily 
uuiunn and attempts al rlrrrme*! mid 
cDim urcaaoi, inciDa>ed tilt It bocanu> 
poritiK hatroH." (111. YIK 2I!>.) 

Diarus, if€. t^Jmntt Em-i of Mtifmeihuri/. [July. 


llnha|)iiy ranplc I victim* of dcAit- 
jSnt ei]iir*ulj(m, iriiRiiiaiiu^i'Uiinit, Ind 
UlQ iUli;[i.<rii aii'1 ti'iiiplKliiUtu uf cx* 
li]li«l nlnlioii. HiimiiimU'^l Viy kU (Imi 
(llnriiiiiit i.IiiiijjM nf" forth, pii»u'»iHtl nf 
vwrjr Uiing wlii<-)i llie nii'ui itimi i>n* 
vie* Wul tlix jHinr limit 1<iii;:ii iinil 
Mnii^W I'T, tbtiT wi>n>twnori)ii-nui«t 
pitiuKli', iiiiMTslilf lii'iii;^ in tlM>«rc>r]<J. 

Ijonl Miilii>rili(iry'» m-xl inipuiutt wna 
to \m\v, witli lliv iKJDouruliIv object 
ofpiiKiii^ a. *[i4i tu tV' WAT »1iir)i hni) 
liir r»iir V(*tti-(> •ti<w>lale(l iIh* fnin-st 

fiiir(!()ii di' H4ir<-i)Hi, nnil rxicitiUiil Its 
inrn»n ti> itui»v utluT \in,n* cf tliu 
world. 'i'br |M;ii!r!i Iiltv |iii1>Il«)iiiI 
t'utly nrlnbliali tlK< liOlH-xt niixiotv of 
lilt thill tliv ni-uotiiitioi) nlxiuUI Iw 
MiKvi'wkfiil, mill itii' i))i)HMitJ(m of hw 
tiiiiiiili-r I'lir roiriun «Oiiira, I<tml 
fJiH-nvilli'. Tlioy nWi [hvto the [nT."iil 

1irolMl>tlily thiit |)i'ii<^' wiiiiM have 
MH'n nlljiifiol, (" wi> inliillililr iJiniilil 
hiivc Hmtvitlt'il,'" iin* tlm wi^mlii of 
t.iinl Mnliiiinhai*)', iii. 577.) I>ui fur 
Itm n»arvmlBiii7 vf Jiu'vbiniiiiii «t 
I^iriis unil till* mii'iSiM nf tin" rrwi/i /frtiit 
ot' llu- 4th Si'i>lfintHT, ITil7, l-y wliii-Ii 
Iwo ilim.-tM'v, (.''uriiiil lui'l Hiirthi'Ii'iiiJ, 
•nd Hxty iiritrr [lulitir iiiiOu of umi- 
Doncf* Ml*! ni»(i<<riilittn, wen- urn-"!*'*! 
mill niiniinnrilr drported (niicli wiu iba 
|>iir>iM.O !<■ t'lii'iui- 

'riii? linl vivliiiiiLi i* lOtcqirllior one of 
domi.'atii^ iiili>n?«l. It ro-iiitc* (rrvnx 
IHOI to INOH. ami ri)nMi>t4i ol' MtcrH 
■ml cxLnu.'t« fWini Dmriv*, wliidi r*>- 
UUi to the otiliiiU luiil ititri;piC9), the 
duugn of HiliniriiMrstidnN and th« 
«)«i*m>l* *imI fiij'lMinn of public men 
III wlinni' iii'lmiif Jiml i'liwiu:t«r» Eny- 
liwh ririuli'i-!! luiinol liut i\x\ ii Uitiof; 
cntH-Em. Wv rjui i]<i uu iiiun.' thmi 
point atluntiun to it »■ u valuable 
nton'Ufium' of iiiAlfriAlf fur hJulury. 
:iti') M-Ufl n IV'w of tlic liltitf tfrm* uf 
infariiutfiri[i with which thit whole vcf 
liiiiH' nbcHtnib. 

Thf (bltowii)); i» Ia»«I ^talIll«•»- 
biiry'* iliiH>ry iis to tliu imtum uf llio 
King's iiiMiiily. It wn* written in 
iVbriiary, 1801. 

'■ Til* King on Monday, ■fter lwiTiru[ 
mnuBcd nuny lioun vrithoul Bjiraking, 
at b*l towaril* ihe vviiiitK rams to liiin* 
M^r find wiH. ■ I am lirlirr mow, bvl I will 
mnaif Irur in Ihr ckurth ." Thii lum 
lililf dniibt «■ III tlic iili-a apiicrmoM ia 
Ui mit.Hi and t^<' |>lij>>cHna <ki Dot 
•oni|ila (0 lay, that. alltiuii|;>i hii lu^rMy 

ccrlBlDly had a h*A C4td. and woulil under 
all cireiiniatancea have bem ill. ji-t Hint 
Ibe Inirry and •atalion of all that has 
|iaf»c<l* wan tho cBWe of hi* mental 
illiMMi wtiich, If It bad iluiWD itMrlf nt 
all. wauld iTrlalnlf not liav« d«<-lar4-il 
ItailTio TinWllv, nr tK-i-ii of n nature tc 
vasic any ali-nii, bad i»'l ilioiie rvrnia 
bVen plarr. Jiul a» ttu' Kinc •*■ Ukvn 
ill in liH((, bo aaiJ, aflcr l>>c liLtt ii-iet lio 
hvlil in Uie doaei, to Lnril Tlinrlow and 
llic Dttko of Lnjg. Dd tlta tint aUvlitng 
limi to XtStt CMK of liinuelf and rclum to 
W indtAf. 'You tlMTft. too. my lyord Thur- 
liiw. funako me, and anjiiioac mr ill bc- 
Tiimd ft>i!o»«»y I hot whaWTi-r jtrn onil Mr. 
Pitt nay think or (e«-l, I, thai aia iotfi a 
ffmtlrtium, ihaLI never lay mji html no inj 
laiL pillow In iKBoo antl >|uii-t ai long *■ 1 
niiWQibvr the loaa of ly ^mrWrm* tato- 
nia.' I hod ihi« fai^t from ilie Duke of 
Lceda who aan pnt^iit ; ami It AetcrHxt 
prccikoly tlic ■talf nf llic King'* mind nt 
■bnt mnmriit, n* dor* whal lir lald on 
ManJay— ' I vill maain tme to tin- 
churt'ti ' — ihciw bt^yotMl a qncatioD tlif 
olijeol upjicriiifliit ill it now, and tlir (coad 
ill mcrk caaa nt liit dcUriBHi." (IV. I!l.> 

Thi» " tK)ni I'l-iit.ii-iittin'* hail ncror 
wit I'mnigVi tiMimi[irx'bitid Slinli''[iiTi>; 
liiit whn mil r<>ail tliAao aitiiiliiTt-a 
of Ilia pcriiKiii of infirnihy with- 
out hvinft roinindp"! nf" that " foolitih 
rninl iiM tnnn." iti whnni> miml the jm*- 
duiniiiiiiic'v of Clip iilvii, not lovi* of 
rliiinh HOP Uv^ nf o<lt)iiit.-f liul filial 
iii^niiiimle, niBt lie nsrli-iiHy liwi.'d n*, 
with tht-liolnoC],initi Mfllmfsbiiry. we 
rnnilnit in tlK' iii^tniK'iL'of (!ri.>r^i.' Ill.f 

Of thi> grisit [iiaii af thv diiv, I'itt, 
ihrHL' voiumi-a ti-tl iia a (T'ux) iliid. 
llii'T t'xhiliil hiiu in itiiuiy jiliiim.i ; 
|>lnyii)t!, of nil thinpi fri tin* world. 
*• [•jji-riilntiini," ami thiit with gn-ml 
em. at lintigluat (iv. 43) ; rarryin^ 
hiiiixi'lf toward* Ci<*Orgi- III. (who, 
tirr tn'Atiiitwt from I^tl) with rimMtli-r- 
aMc want of n'ul respoct and, withthp 

Sri<b> of »ii[wrior intullert, not iirrn 
fipninp tortiTiHulf htm,orcvrti Ifl ii|i- 
jirUi- him of |tn>)vrtpd tix^asurvs of con- 
Bi'U'r«bl(Hii.MK'nf (ibid. ;i); nnd, above 
all, tn-ittinn hiit own lii'voti'd fiillowrni 
willi a ro[(l niiit linii;:hiv iliinliuit wbirh 
tnoot^t'n threw thi-ni into thrruirtvofliL* 
rival. We tiiwr of hi« it-vriving 1«lt«ra 

* The KitiK bait jiMl diiniiaed Mr. 
PUt ii|K>n bii pcralrtingfai UadetsmiBB. 
lion to briii|r in • taeaanrc Ibr the Miitt of 
lh( tloniaii Catbolicafn Inland. 


Am» thcai wfaicb be did not coadirweitd 
hianMrcr; of his tuul iKfilvi-t uf '"liltle 
Mtaitinm ;** of the uliglil willi whk'h he 
VM ia tbc habit of treatiiig hii* iollu- 
ortW mnporttTK, taui ihe clowmjsa 
witli whiili be shrouded hh phuid fnim 
Ihrir km>wl«il;^ uid vbwiTKtkMI i \mU 
vuh all lli0*e ilcfm-bi in hi« pcrsiMnU 
dkKt«r«*7r. Lord AI&IiUk.-)ibury bolilii 
huB ' '< < : >liouitl>ly|M«iemii]g 

Ihr ' ortliL-titae;atniui 

of Aiuui't III uTK-rt3iiMciouiiaiiiI fertile; 
n biaeR welur after cbontctcr, not 
|J»O0: aad aa ardent lurer of bin 

" Ladj MalMMbnry, wbo mw Sir W. 
hv^d"* Anc 4«rs tftcr hti's Ocatb, 
■ad itostad tnao bin an on-naiii of bii 

Utt boan., Mfli IllDt almoat ihr krt 

wardafcctpakamttlltKihlr wtMv ih«« t9 
UMwtf, cad Bnre ihu obcc fretted, 
' Oh. vtiM tUM: oil, (uv coautn !'" 
(T.«L) ^ 

The ftJUnrine diaracter of Canainjf 
if afaifQlar); uiWpiiig with the sub- 

Mi|aHiC hiilory of bb lifit. 

It twin 


«f )««^|io( iMjr aad fardbly kll hr dnr«, 
^ wiifa i ta b« don*, ud tlut iv npiiJlj 
aad f0 «i)M|«eatl)>, that it ia very ilifficult 
aM u fa« oarricd awajr hj wtiM be u;». 
Ha b ik^MalloUAbl/ terjr ckrrcr, very n. 
tailiallaj^««raDH9]t{ bai Iwuliardljjrct 
■ I f w a. and lui dangvroui biLiI of 
^olniBf (wbtdt b« nnnot rtMrain) iroulil 
1i« auMt uipopitlAr in any ilqiarlniiTnt 
*Uth reqoiml pBoocy, uwt, or cooei- 
liatafj bchanpur. Be li honourable and 
hiaac. with a dash at ibe Imhraan, and 
tM Ma plana nnil idra* of lortrrain^ *nu1d 
farlafcc <■< tfciK. aud might Iwi a« dinger- 
OTi la arantiec aa Iw nalus tbnn appear 
pfamMe by the aloqaeat way ia «lii<rli fas 
anrtavs ihrm .... Canninj; ma^ be 
Nfrli trart«-J, f)f, 1 rv]>««t it, lie U bo- 
ivarablr aad bmatt, and U Put bad 
ani bcfaA Uo in hb hnttiouM of pai-. 
Ilalky and ramMiiM^, (for it amouulpcl 
to WLJ bat h«J l«A him tu ri|ifn gra- 
dMWf. a&d alto««4 hini in the nrljr part 
•f hi* foltUi^ liff, which bejian only 
Httn jwm afp, to riixqienM Mine 
hardMfa, nr even KKitndktiqns, hit 
■InJ aodd have ukm a b«lirr brnd : but 
ipaiW ai he boa iKrn — Ibaretl au'l irnntrd 
aa hr 6m1i himaolf— no placn is onw liijih 
fDOQcb ftw lam : Ui anibiUon risEs btrjoud 
tkii riiibte diuniaJ jplxnv, anJ I trkt he 
•af bw Runj ml and cordial Cricndi, 
fkr unncrtaln tntltical OOfmcxloiu." 

"ITn^ pr«fleut volumes have iho «iino 
fault vfc uolioail In Ltidr prcd(.'i.'*»H)r» 
— Mine ridirulouH uiUgtrmliugn , Imt 
lit) vorlu of subetantiiU tuerit atul 
vfttiie WR lirartilj' wcli-cnni.- nnd n;- 
cuoaiMDd them, wmI uuure tbe poii- 
MiSiwraofxiuuUr pi>i>t.'rs tliot Ihtr; can 
hiuvlljr do a better M-rrice to their 
louniry than by makiiig tbem publk', 
anil lliiu •'ontcibuting to put oar 
history opon Ihe iolid fouaaatioo of 

Z}e FiMT ; or SitttAm of the Manwra 
nn hiiJoitcal rvmtaace hj/ Sim. Utar- 
Tills l» the itecoad toIuuil' of the 
oolltctive wries baaed iiwwitlly of tliU 
ludy'* tiuvvU and rotiiano<-<i. Willi 
grt-at v.5niiaiiitv (if tali'iit. Mn. Bray 
u at hiiuiv, citner in tht.< nurrutian of 
deeil^ of rhiviilnra* bffaring, t>iuictvd 
nmid tho aiilenJaur of llii> mied Gekl, 
"tiie uiiustirlsy utid it-mcu at the 
feast,' or in tbe »itii{ilv anil unndoniMl 
rcaljliis of ordiniu-y life, wbiub evnka 
tlta DTiiipalliiHin); rliimla <*f the bunian 
hunrl. nud fhvv/ uh tliut "Ur courw in 
tbL' roya<!i-iil'tiiiii' tf>(]iru»fiha IrmitiltHl 
urn : una that our only and mire niti)l 
to till- liuvi.-n of tfteriuly is tlip tinnil 
of IVoviilcnco hiin.i«lf, who cnlnu" or 
(Iivid>.>!i IW waters fijr bin fdtblul 
peoTili" iLH ciri^uiiKtances rcijnire. 

\\lien we 9ny thai tbv fuiiiliar 
iloimitic Myk> ia Mi^ \irti\'a fitrtf. we 
only bear loitiinony In t£e trutli uf 
the axiom, that totire is aa niotle of 
painting iiu imi^Udblr attraRtiTO aH 
tbiit wliic-li takeri tuituiy for tta tiimM. 
Nulurk; rvcr dL'ingniftnitvs tluit xhc is 
"berstlftlH' liitflicat jjoiiit tifnrl." 

Giu^tijii rhfEbiu Count dp Foix was 
onv of tlie mijwl nywfrfwl prim-*.')' of 
the minor statea iflio [liiiinyli<'-il during 
till* 14th ivpturr; our reader? will rv 
nii;m)«T that he wii* «>nti'inpiwarv 
witli tJw bnciicest pia-iod of bn^lieh 
I'hivalrv di-'jjiiyi-d in I'Vaniv by I'ld* 
-Et-iiril I[I. atid liii rcnirwuiiil sou the 
Blai-lc rrincw. A 

^Vry ampli; nnj^ttri^s arc nflortlod 
fur liif Imtory by t)iMl jJettfanl col- 
Icmuiiil i-hrxmrdor, Froi^< irt, who inkca 
h!>> iv^ler Viy ihi- hand und inlrvlncva 
him to the [M:r*onal hnbit« anil L'ha- 
rarteni of ibv |iriaoe« auil leaden of 
hi^ time, not as a grave tiiKtorian ar- 
raying tliein in tbc fiiilcmiutM.<» of :i 
Fuppo«4lioui> ftriuidiiir, but aa a UmIj 


TtBvmr^— AKhdeacoti Manmng'ft Sermotu. [Jiilj. 

trary power. If ■«¥ one ihoiiVl luA 
how (t hM been Inat the liirht <rf' 

Mill iDtetligeiit gui^lc, who itn^mrU all 
thftt be knows without ntuch regard to 
(nmuuviit or arnin^-ui^'ut, Hiitl whu 
lriU talk an till he b:u fiiirly c^m- 
tnunicHtcd ull cht* circiuuh-t3iiL'i.-8 of his 
Qftrratirc-, mnult orjfix-at, lo liin himrcrsi. 
Fmm uuitcrialH afimdei] hjr surli faitb- 
ful oonttfiiijKirsxy olnwrri,')-)!, nuthom 
pOMcirintf gpniiino tolent fnr irriting 
hwtoricaf ruiuani-v hjiro wvr con- 
ttrurlM thoir most miccowAil coiU' 
■•OKitiunx oC tliut order. Thus, Mrs. 
Ifruy'a He Vwx will not be diiwdvun- 
tayeously jiliii't><l ou (lit; mine ibelves 
Tricli tin- Iv;iiihi:<iT uinl (Jucntin Dut- 
Wiird of tht liiie Sir IViiltur Scutl. 

" From Vrtiinart we Icam tliat Gas* 
tan Ph>i-ti)i:i (!uunt de Foix vm* ' oue 
of tlic liiudwiniFst men nf liin tinir; 
tall, nnd iin*ly f(irtR«il, liiii i.-ouaU:nBnce 
fiilr uDiJ nidd^, with p^j and anoraiui 
cjffl, lh&[ gave delijkt wti^otrvtr hci chote 
to ripcrM «)rrcltDii. In iLvrt,' continu« 
(lie chrmiidrr. • everything cDoaidFrocl, 
tho-Uf^ 1 had befom bwn in tuTtf^ courts 
of king*. ilulcM, |)rm(!ci, counbi and nobli; 
Udiri, I war ni^vcr at one which uleaaed 
Bie inon?, nor viu 1 ever marc dclifrhtcd 
with feabt of arma. than at tiii« of Ihc^ 
Count ()e Pi)i«. There were kniKhtii anJ 
•<]iiirra tn lit) mm in tvtrj cliniubvr, kail, 
anil court, KviniE backwardi and iocvaria, 
and cgnrarslog on tam* and lov'C.' 

'• ' The Count lit Foil wu 

perfect in pcnon and in mind, and no 
coutciuponuj priiKc could bo compared 
with him for ttmn, honiiur, or liherality.' 
Such Wf re the virtui^s of tbia di'tinxuinhcd 
prince, and woald that we mi|iht here 
coucludu in the worda joH qooted thli 
■lif:ht and tnipetfect *keti^h of liii cha- 
racter, bnt. alu ! truth furbiiLi it ... . 

" HisTirtun thane an checlrarait liiht. 
brlKtit and uieful. hi* vicci wcfo u ths 
dnriie»( »had«, deep and daM^rou* .... 
When, no ufrifire waa rcriuirrd, de Foil 
ptrUTrtil till! pal.h» at virtue, but If an 
end roald not be accumplubcd by dirrcE 
meant he (cnipled not t-> iidopt 'tirh a« 
were ctpeditiit. " Notr in ApEimdix, by 
Mm. Bray, p. 370. 

Mr*. Urkj't dim in the roiDNnec! of 
IV Kuix njijivufc to Im to dioir that 
tlir tiiilltiiry character of the Middiu 
Agea wi'll-iiifjh ob*cnrod the light <if 
Chrintijiiiiiv. IVroontl cwum^^u waa 
crteemed thpgrcatwt of all virlm-Munl 
AH bonoorablo niuiiv lu armi^, ihe hipli- 
fsl objwt of hiiiuftn uitihitioii. Merry 
8ti>l humility luijihT now imd th<ni be 
the tht-mc of the umnk, Iml ihev v;vrv 
little uu'k-raluotl Vy thi- lord nf iirbi- 


(.'tiristianity hu ittni^lL-d tlirouifli tuL-h 
universal and prolracI«il nlwiunni'iii, 
the n-^ily lutulbe, Umt ihi; litlJi.' l^^'avea 
whirbiit linallyloroiivertitndhninaiiiKn 
tlu- whole world wiw cTcr prtst-rvvil by 
(iod'gi IViviili-iH'c for IbL' ai'fi>in]i]i»!i« 
mcnt of hia ultiniRti' ciid-^ninl ihn^tlie 
tUilbltil fV-w in every ag« will ultimately 
be founii to liiive wtn, however obi- 
M-iir«ly and uuost^tutioiuJy plaoed, 
tlie ^iiWortingliolu intht:jpvntsyat«nL 
of luonu ^^yemtneat. The anasHumittg 
virtues of the huicible heart, Mr*. Uruy 
iilitfwd us tiir outvnlue the |iagcaiitry 
of kuij^hlhoD-1, the boasi of heraldry, 

Utlcl IIOIll]! of JHJWIT. 

Sermiyiu preachetl hffort the I'mnriiity 
o/Oi/onl. hg n. !■;. Mimninir, AJlr 
THIS viduiutf fiJiiiiist^ (if seven di*» 
coursen, the subjcels of wbieb we con- 
>iili-r to U- cli«»en wilh eart- and judg- 
ment, a« suited to the nudienec, and 
eerl«iuly they are discussed m wo 
•ibould DavH i-xiweled fnnii tin- tiil^-nts 
luid leuj-tuiit: of the author. The Gnct 
weriuiin. " ( )n tbi" dmijii-r of Sinning 
in tlie Diidit of Privilfiges." i.i ana 
wliirh ihi- imfHirt-iinx" iif the fiibjei't, 
the Btrikiiig view in whii^b it iw phiail, 
the t'lnjihiitic enmeslnes!" and elegani"* 
wilh wnii^h it it* enforeiMl, inujit: r"trifce 
nJI tbou^htlul and attentive reiidei'*. 
The Ni' on 1 1, al-o, "Tlie Prnliation of 
the Cburuh," i) iivithei' inli-ni>r in 
inipijrCAJiee nor iu tlie mniiiier iu 
wlueb it '\tf treated. Our eye« tMUi>ed 
and ulojipod lu we i-»nie to flu* lolli>vr- 
iltg ftaw^e. iin<l oiu* niinil H'eiiie«l Iu 
oonaeul to the awfui Lrulli uf liir !<u|i- 
|X)ril!iiii. Tlie |in.iti'ber h ."peakiii;; of 
the oSencfla of the loud, and the di- 
Tiidona of tjie t'huieh. 

•■There i» famt great«r dentiny before 
n* for which we arc not yet rtpn. It may 
be that thfri- ia in Httire for tht.i t bun^b 
aoioe rou);)i[*r nork than Lo ilri-M her own 
Tioejard, luiine hiithcr lot than to cpeu 
and abut iJie fold of (he people. It it 
doubtless ex]9edient that we nhoiild be 
teinpfcd, huiiihli>d,aDd cha^JBed ; that w« 
■buiild l«iru decim IcHuns io warfnre 
with the ^te« of Hi^ll ; that we may 
realize and identify with our itry life our 
mvKliral union with Cbriflt thronghthif 
br^inch of bit Church Catholic;, arid 
become cniiicinuN of Ih^ irreat gid at hie 
[ircsrnrr itnuug ua. iLnd offer onrMlveA uji 
to llitu tlirougb U, (o be traiurd and 


IIeview.. — Archdeacon Manning'* Sermimt. 


neHgtbOMid ia obcdicDcr (u the mbtfaer 
«< 0«r nfvwnUlon. It mnjr Im ilut 
^■■■ftppei ira pcmiiitcid iii aTdrr to 
««cfe o«t oar MeiilfuDieM, to lurn ovr 
y WM faf BUiUnf In the CbBrch into a eoa- 
Kiom «ad BDerptie prinriplr of lojtmlljr. 
It » i«ft CM ihii poiol we vr trieil, Mid 
B M i^n «c HMMt Deed a thai," &c. 

Thoa^Ii luviii^ iiltlw room, *ni1 at 
At vxataut of otniuing extnctd (Vom 
iW MWn^ we most quote one more 
pMM^ finn Ae Mtae tlwcuurMe on 

•» TV yvabation of nvry atut ot a* i» 
Jnn ta to ftne ■ texture tlial we wsy be 
««0 ImiIMI </ onr oinuelT<a. So. p«rlia]M, 
cmy i^ bai *■!<] twfore, rack one llunk- 
Inc U* ow« trtalB pi«irr lluni wm rrer 
ksMn (iMe ibe bcviiutiiiK. Ve ni«<r be 
m»ly m «v toihtliera, dbj', id the mstAnt 
IHB— !!■ of htfd choim aaJ {mt pcf- 
jkgnilm, tl najr be tliey were br more 
Iriid tkn wv. And jFtt vre M«in to bo at 
■ fniwt slndt b fitll of lociK-drawn con- 
■ m newcM for tJw iM-rraftrr. ORcncc* 
■bmadi j« aad *ri aoltipHed, and 
HkiM «f eSaoM yet lo oooe bang tipon 
IW hofOMB. ud vr kDo« not what tMj 
W ■wiiilim b*-lnw it. Daj bv dajr new 
^ioAwn ariK onl of quarter* whlili were 
Wton biri bcw bccochis and powcn, 
«kteh Ibr » liMte kriil hack, Mem like the 
i(a««d wiiula nr llniTcn to come down 
lfc« the Chiircli. Past sgva lia^e br- 
fiilhed tbdr otfcnces to lu ; vc Uitc 
*AM«wr«wa. It Hw; be that these Utter 
UM« ahatl crow more and more itCriloui, 
d ihe enu cmne, whpn, ' exe^rt the*o 
iKf% be ihortenrd. thrrr »houU do tlevb 
Iwaevd.' *!%£ rt&art't (i(« smids to be 
hmmaA tn afneraag heat ; and lie ii trttin^ 
o mnnt waA MMcr wiiian iif range- It 
■ay he thai the propbet'it wurdt nut 
Mnl* be fulfilled in our difi, > Some of 
thoae of nnderalandin^ ihall fall, to try 
thaM, sad W pBTf* tluriu, and to makr 
than whiM, mo lo the titoe of ihe end,' " 

We rvcnnuuPu'l the reader's att«D- 
bun to }t. dJ fit Ae«|. in the xcnuon 
oJ! Tin; Work a|i)>uti)i(^ un." 

Tr ii-riivl and ar^uinvntativi.- 

i[i'. I \ ), ■■ (.'hn«l'» Kin^iiMti m>t 

u*'i:-i- \\ iH.L."willnv)uin'iuid rtFwan) 

f' ' ■ •! ; wliile ilie la»t, 

I III' Ilhimiiialiou," in 

I I 10 bv th<; !iwk-Dt 

i| Hapirini; :«'ltii!ar, 
r ■ thi; se<»>l tif imirh 

tb-i ' !'•« in bit Kiind. llw 

■I).iii '. ( Study * irtiin onroDitnoii 
Mbji^'t. but !<"« |N7rliap}^ nrr mnrc 
uadtd ; nor cri^r in Uitiev itwrr tluui 

dir*', when indimlrj ia fjuitkcned by 
inteimi! cxi-itcDiimL. reward and (lit* 
linrtjon i* mdy l» Iw obljURfd by |i«iin- 
ful 5up(Tioritr, and a K|mratioii bua 
Iicim arlcnowlcdspi) and hcUhI (iimn 
lM'tw{*n ihorultivHtJonof tJiG mtvUiift 
anil the rpliK'W'i" education of tin- brart. 
TluTe. an" few wrilf^-i of thi; pn^itnt 
day. we thiuk. wHoel' clotinenec is marv 
impiv*(iv« than Arcljiicwon Man- 
tune's, and from whom th« laii^oge of 
Iniui and reli'n.m is liwird with more 
autliorily ; wbUc, at cbc some time. V\a 
writing* arc frci- from thai L-xa^rjrcnittil 
repreavoUtioti ol' «ubiet:iji whiL-Ji ^.v-uis 
lo us lo Iw till" (.'rfat di-ftvl of u ccriaiu 
c\a,^ of wriloni, who yot in |)ieiy and 
in fiiiiibtion anil applteation are not 
itchiiid thu TiTV fiirvtn<K^t in Uil> k^. 
A writer, like an orator, iieeuiiu>!i 
wiinm.-d lir Ilia yubjevt and ninjiloj- 
inriil, unit kiiidle.-i k* he advance*. 
nil mind ia dcta<-hed from ail ordi- 
tiory Ihiu^ thiiC di:>lnict utid iitijniir 
it, and centres il« conare-jfatcd powers 
un llic ^i^-at btmmr^ illuu toauviuivu. 
'VUe iutfllra-t and tin- m<Tal leclinga 
act and rvaot uu nu-h olbcr. lluro 
Iht-rv is danirer that tJie ri^ult tony 
be a tone of exacgtiration ^radiLiJIy 
!<]>rni<titi}> ov«r ttH' whole n'jiMJiiiiijf 
und arguineni. snuietluiis beyond tlw 
trill tl, tlic n^ult of tnc [lorlii^lar 
lUTlioa on the mind ut the tituH. 'Hiia 
is to he trnirli UmciiU-*) and can-fully 
Iivnid4.'d. — laini'Jilixl, l»«>oause trutli 
alone, and soliiins dhort or lieyond it, i« 
Ihe Inwfiii niin of nil r^a.^umin^;; and 
iivoided. beoause it tend<i todcatroy itN 
ownpitrjH*.^; for.X'ruierorliilcr.itwill 
be <.\>iii{iiired with tbc reality ofiJiiui.'es 
like nti over-paiaU-d lamUriipiL- wuli 
iIh- genuine htuM of naiuce, and )tro- 
no4incei| lidae and doii)>tlHl. To I'hII 
Mtrw WTijiturc L-" Uw do<trine of tiic 
wfirld, wbicli haH a cwton aud )|taii(!;e 
of itj! own ; to go brvond it, kl-ciiu lou 
oOi-n the error, of tuOKe, who, to tbvir 
anxiety I'l rcn^edy what llicy hare 
had to d<;[)lon\ i-iiii »uly do it, by 
niiMn^ thrtnselrej on things ibat i-nn< 
not lo&i; supjjort ibeui, mid by rv- 
ijuiriiig e.xt-iliiMW with wtiirh the 
ni[umon powers uf aatiuv, and even ihu 
»1er» fn-Jiiig« of duty, are unable to 

A Mfnauii o/Drituh IJiflorioM At A.D- 

IRIK>: mabtiit/K/r t I'hn'inytitffifti! 
AntfiaU i>J' l/te Jwig Chnmtrtr" 


JM Review.— Macny* Mamuai of Brituk Uisloriaiu. [Juljr* 

oarf MaahAA M'riUrs, thhr 

Work, tmi ofnMUMtJ MSi 

Willi«ni DuoB Uaonjr. 9bp. 

Tills wurk mi^MM * (bficuocy 
VUch hu ko^ MBD MOMbljr rdt b; 
liwtanc*! OMiaum. TVaw «hf> uv 
roklljr •BsiiiUH to Attoio ibe best inlbr- 
DntioD nrw itnUKT miitiml wiih Uw> 
lut nor ike Ikmat Uvtorijuw. 1/ 
tbcjr oooftde aaUEer in Linganl nur 
Sharon 'I'ltrner. Dur ib Huinc Dor 
i^iut, nt>r m CtrUe nor Henry, m> 
ii«icl)i.'r kTc thej (xml^iiU'd tbjt anf 
larticulur ■talcmMU a|i)>cBn iu tbe 
coliected dmnidM oT n Sumc or » 
HoliBrfwd. ne qucBtiuD witb Uien 
if, OD wboM autburilv dova it fir«l ii)- 
|MBr, and «b«t ia uiti wciglic of njj 
ftnlbarily ? 

hr such mnaw a uanoal lik« Uw 
prv»uil Ibu lung been vutlol ; for no 
one wluwe attention is nut onmOntly 
Anirted tu oiiu puticuUr |wriod of 
]u*L)ry, or wl>u has not sitAil a Ufc in 
tbo BtuOy uT the wbok' M-riw of 
mitaitoiuirckdilT kiuiw whcru to turn 
vben a new nibji-d of iiiVL-sU);utiuu 
wcnm. Hf nijiiin-B In Ivurii nhiili 
authom aJTonl ti>e bcit iuToriiuitiaii l<>r 
the period of hi* naL-art-lio; wlicriT 
oark btMonaa ctcpt, and wbi-n> cmh 
firnt bvgitifl to be uri;;inal und iiu- 
portiiiit i and ahn in wlmt colla^rtion 
or ^icion h« may i>e found- 

It ifl now mnro lluui &1\*kd jt«n 
i^pNiiou (he Itcv. JoM:j)h lilvrenson 
pmpowd 10 aupfjlr ihtt avCtdvoicj in a 
mm of mure criticul iirvicwioiu iluui 
Uw l««unt. 'lite ndiitive crMlibility 

ami nenoiud cbarsctvritlira uf the tc- 
«'L'nJ chrtiiitt'ltirs wrrv to have lieva 
discusMvJ : and tlia [Amn, — uw cxUii- 
nirw we ipiKffina* for n niu[l« m^tikvo 
volunWi wan t<t have oomptvcd 

*' I. An inqoiry into the crtdnww. fx- 
Ivnul and iatcmal, u)iod ■bid) each 
Chronkle k aKrtbcd tu the aatbor under 
whaae oamB it pwam. . 

■* It. A brirf notice of Ibe life of earh 
writer, campilrd cliirlly frotn (be iafor> 
uaiKon coouined In lila om work*, and 
ia auihraiur contcBparaBHini reconk i 
adding, whnrc nfcrMWV, the ndditional 
beta BMnlioiieJ bj Lelanil, Bal« Plls, 
and other*. 

" III. AneHininuion intolhc«oan>ca 
wbeooer«cli CtimniclcniajrbivFlicrncoin- 
|iiled 1 an altriu|iC l'> namtain Ibr iierloil 
at trtiich it bccomrs i*i|>ortant ; notiora of 
BinanHtaaca which ma/ tend to autbca- 

ticala or WT«)ii3> it> ■latrnenta of parti* 
cutar e*vnla or paru of Idilory i and rc- 
mmrka apon tfaa cbronology adoytnl by 
earli writer. 

" IV. A list of eitating aunu*cn|it 
eO|ii«« ot M«b Cbronirle ; a tletailrd rc- 
floaat of thoMt which ibe author baa ex- 
uaincd ; and a bncf notiee (.f inch at are 
an|>|>o«ed to have |icti)li«il. 

" V. Rmnarica o: tbe mrrlls and de- 
ftcts DtaHmhla In the cdiiiona of aueb 
Ckroalalea aa hava been pnaUd ; tagvtber 
with ■Mna obtfarraiiona wbich may he 
lurftd tn fatnio editor*. 

" VI. A Hal of the workt of turh early 
Enfli^ and Seottlah wtltan u aro {ire- 
•amed to be loat." 

Unih-r lbs noD>perfannaacM! of this 
nnrk of Mr, Slereiuon's, Mr. Macrae's 
Jilnnuul cnnool fiiil of bcoiff uwfuL 

ll niaiiniJift, in ohmaolooii'nl order, 
eooke brief biogra|thical tiotKx.>« uf oacb 
author, foIlowM l>v ri>fi-n.>nr«« in itu'tr 
workii, whether diitiRcll/ pnldiolMnl, 
or in |!«ncnd coUectioin, or atill in 

W'v (unnot appfore of one ruli? of 
thi' cdiuir, namely, to omit forci^i 
writera on Eiijcliidj alllurK, imrtioilurty 
when it ia inadt to ajiplr to an rt-gu- 
laran hii>turiiui iu< rulydxrv Vurgil. 

On two uutLors we have u alight 
Bil'li(t'>iiul rvuiark to n>iilrihuti! : 

I. dtitjii (lOwcT. His Chnmii-a IVi- 
pnriil;i, nriricn in Lutin facjcitnintcn, b 
|>nut<-<l in (iiiiijiV* Hi^itiiry uf I'liallVf, 
4to. 1^03. 

'i. .Iiilin R<^w. n«.-»mc'8 Rirhnnl 
11. conuiw not only Boin^'j Hintory 
of thv Karb of Wurwick, but ul«oi tii 

I 111. 349 — .171, hid M-|Hirala> lill- of 
Cichard Eurl ol' U'tirwick. TIio " se- 
wral Itical hiMoric*," nitnUitiil to him 
may be Mrut-k out, or eorn-vtod by 
tho amimii; list tit hiit writiu^a, in out- 
Mav nuinlfcr. it. 477. 

'I"he rhronicli- intbe **]jiher do An- 
u<|tti> I'if^biifs*' inrforved in tlio ar- 
(Juvcv of iko uily of Loiiduii, (nuni- 
li<t«n] it] [h ^if,) vxXcndg milly tu the 
■1 in 11 lu I ill I (if Kdwanl I. in 1274. It 
ia n€>w iH'Aflv finixhril nt [mwk wiiiUt 
thu odiLnnJiip uf Mr. Sla|iEctuu, for 
tlic mendicn of du; Caitulcn So(-i«lr, 
to wboni it will ibortly be iMiiei). 

Air. Mnrrar. in hid Prvfwe, tmliU 
out 9(901.' prvniuw of liriiigriijc down 
till* wiirk to a luli-r jHiriod faereaOcr, 
an inwition w hu{H.- In; wtlJ be in- 
duce) tn nc^^omidixb. ' 

i.] HeviKw. — J*!ayw'» Skelrhn of SaffvM Watdnt. 

A*Am ly Saffnm WidJen uMd Ut 
Vim nTj i. By John I'lnjcr. antJutr 

TlU-i wrilt-r of tbif irork, «rhoe<«- 
raliticU " IIooK'" was nulinxl 
due cunimirDilution iu our Mn- 
__ tar April 1639. is tbc {nnejiv- 
mt itflbv Imil Ix^iituv of bill mnfjii- 
lutirkniMlt « |iU-viug tulu whu'h Ix; 
|iwlluni» witli the wex puwiliW kumI 
nUMPtu Kaiu>wbAt in tJu* spirit irilh 
whicb Imaek Wnluin nets I'onh on hig 
isdnaml r»iDble», cottthinol wilh a 
■MMWlin* of (letail, reaiindins lu of 
Mia JihUnRfs jMrtnJtnrcs oftlie fiv 
tan* c/ **Ottr Village," 

SdEnn Wddcn itM.>lf is bnt a small 
tarnxL, awl wry far \v>» Hwn that 
wliidi i> Mid to buvtf bwii the [jroto- 
tirpr of IdW Uitfonl's ekctcbce. It 
am ahmJ/ fanned one (if the «ul>- 
jvcn 0/ • fcry bandBonu! quarto vu- 

Initif. tiio lliiturr ••f Hitirnm Wulilerif 
aiiil Audtcv Etid," liv I.»r<i Hmy- 
Inxwkc-; anil we arv liu}i|jv to 9vv lliiit 
iW «iv<B(ipli-<Jinl <nriKT"l' llint nolitc 
miuisiom miii uiouy ul'Iud fiuiiiJ\, liii\e 
warmlj gniuUt) thi; pTV*ent trihuli' tu 
wlial a i-aatiocaLu trnvcllur bis 
t4-iiiiiHl " 0x6 Ix'Huliftilly uu(luUit4na 
ri->iiiitry amunc] SudVaa Waldco. 
(TbunitoiiV Forpigii Tour.) 

Tho vnlnmi> is iTninpoMvi of twflte 
nalks, tXiTw <k>w-ribtns ilie toivn. mid 
tbi- rwt the n«>t^lHiiirin)* plju-t^i. 
TIk'7 «re iUustraic-U l>j Kveral verr 
arli»lic nkitcbes dmwn by Mr. .Tolin 
ilulliws YiiUDginao, a native of Saf- 
fton W'aMeii, nhich nrc jiUiwinjr vX' 
iiiji|ilfK of liu- iii-vr art ufgU^ltugrapby. 
^\'.'iii-e I'liiiltlfl to i)rvw.'iit one riftne**.' 
to \\iv [lolti'v of our ivad*;;n(( a view of 
HadslfX'k Uhurcli, Uwelber with a por- 
tion uf tki: attached dworiptioiL 






'i^Mraik'x liall. hjthfDcw 
■u^. ~. ,—.\\:j sitvr u|ioa tbi* p>ri«li| 
vbub i» [laciiliarly ntaaldd. at from But- 
MB UpfCT StiJe, it ii MUl. tlk« view ex. 
timit to Itiirwhi'ilh in Cninbriilgr^hiTa, 
tW00K-iiuir>C Hillf.'tbe Banl'iw llills, 
uia ta«t eiuau of eouoir; round. Wo 
■Nil Mt be ■onniMd Uial the Romani 
W Hariatoofc, tnm. for ■ poiDt of obwr- 
tk«i Mt Uia. rnrn tbe kicnlltj. it hu 
tiaAcHauof othariarood*. Tbe pea 

of B Wnltcr Scott migbt |ica|ili! the ildla 
anil hfcwifi bcrc with ininv bandi of 
fomrr timmi. until the theme excited an 
inli^mt as dcrp aa iLot of Abfaotaford. It 
rouat tiiTo bt^rn • corrodioe mum of >g- 
grorstrd »rvtic« tliat could hsTC M. ■• 
traditioB •»», to tha ikla of htaiaa 

* RcTirtm) in our Mafuini!, \23&, 
N. 8. Tol. V. p. 432. 


HfiMtrllnHnuuj /tim»iri. 


tiviip iMnnit ifticcl u> Ihi' ri»on> of the 
Cb«ri-li, ■« a ronatanl Rinmoriiil, Lo iIhim 
uMaiiii; in ami out, of • Umilaft^tlUaAltad. 
TliP «kin nf B Done,— mme Hf a Uaniah 
Klnt— (a jKirtloa a( It l> il«]xmil(iil lit iht 
httttvn Ha]il«n Mu»nun.) wh liU rv- 
wnlljr aMn upon tha ealranee ta Ha«l- 
■tock Cliurcti, ootercd «ilh Iron-work; 
tba Iron rtmuiiM. bwl Uw akin haa baan 
Ukca saar bf dnrcpii. a a a 

" Tlitt utiurcti la cAiialdcrcit a iu^a nae 
fur a Tillafjc. Wo le«ttt it on 1h« hi|;ti 
pvniid oil uur rislil. no wr drwnil ihe 
rcwd in(D tha viue wlipre t)ie iirindtial 
dweUitifa are fiiunil. JuHt Umk intti tlii* 
iMcnNi edifice, mail remark Uic KTrroiia 
wfairh ashibiU a cnriaun niirctiiuni of 
Cim«J Korh a foi J«U«erinK a gr««« le«- 
t\ire to a tloeV. of ([lyiac, who arc attm- 
tivaly lliitciiini; to hi* jiatcmal aimntit- 
tion*. This U di-emoi] a iKtire igaiDil Uic 
nonklab h;pocn»T I'the (imca. • • 

" ThM c*<rr-ll»winit itreain, paauoK 
nniet ibt cbunh-jAtsi wall, aJfonls an 
aiD(ile nuiip); of pure unaduUerMcil water. 

(ifwIiidiUte ftl1<|t«rv Kladly avail iheni* 
aolvM. Tb« wvU— Si. Kntolph'a itl-II— it 
ntmt tbe Cburck i and nwr it Iikik roiiti- 
nu« a ajnibcil €>( llie pnriljr of that Ilea- 
tcoljr Ivrr «bi«b iliotilil iirumwl frum 
(hat de*L when tba IUt. AJdiiVD Carr, 
(A loiut knonn, and M murh rntpcfltcd in 
tliia <ii»trii-l. |iii»oc(l lilt evtn tenor of 
Ilia aariYtl tallmic for lo tifitj jwt. 

"The tordabip of HaJitock if. wc bv- 
li«ve, in tlir Mnlthiu fsjiiilj. Wc do not 
nrrU:oA (» Iiuuw wh(rl)irr facb* for the 
MjIcIiiiVlui theory «erf drawn from tlita 
lui-.Uilj ; liui WC! think Ixrncnilcacc ufcha 
mclL-r bu bn-u Llid n>i>t Af maay a ■;«• 
tem biibljr priied by ila aJvui-iir, tliough 
atnrtlrd In its (iriiKrvu bj much oppoii- 
tlun. ThU manor afftdu briuj;* before ui 
that cbnrwler. drar to l^taei. an^] olbxr 
plarn, for hii uni|U(^i>iMblc phllan- 
lhrc>]iy, Thcnnu button, rat}. alreailT 
mratioitcil, lo whotn lliia manor, irith 
that of Liiilrbury, waa graigted bj Queos 
EUiubfflh, iri l&tiO." 

Mr*. London. — Thoobjert of Ihiabook, 
th«autlior trila oa, U to traeh InJItw bow 
to oajoy R cvuittry iif? ntionally. It ii 
dimJcd Into rii booka and nlnrtcca Irl- 
Um. Mck with ila fcparDl(< aubjcct- Tie 
Tariona maaa of informal i^ia to ht fouiiit 
Id it on all llii? kiiIijkU i< imiarkablr, itnil 
mart l»Tc btcn Chr ctfcci of lon^- rx- 
nrrii^nce. anJ wide aci|Uali)tiuiri- with 
bouka aa well ■■ real life- IiiilerJ it ap. 
pr«r« to ua that ibia Duty be calleO Imly 
t banil-book of all nrn-aanry tnftrrmalian. 
»liper»Rilinc Mr*. Utmia ui> ouuhory oriJ 
Dr. Lindlry on ipirOtminK, and, in a itbnrt 
tninpaict, riiibrariiiK v*tr>'tliiii| that be- 
looKl U> rural lifr, from making pioklca 
tn HdaUng ili« poor, and frotn f(r«linj 
ftibbita to riiui-atiug cliildicu. TUcworh, 
aa miiy br aupnoand. i« » iiit«rc*tln( m 
IsatrucilTf : and, having md it carefully, 
m Bfc abk to |iroiM>uncc it t« h o— wi r y 

71a Jf«ni4«. ImprffPualQfe, mil ttktr 
Ptitnu, Jig Wllbam IliinU-r, 

ntACarvL AS TIIK DUOU man's HHftAVT. 

haccAil aa the good man 'a brcaal 
, Uatb all I a«p aronnd nut ; 
Rarth and ocean are at rcat, 

Leaf nut KtiiT«th on the tree. 
Lovely, loTclr. holy, holy, 

Raining aoft eniotiutu loMy ; 
Gloriima aanltght. drep bine akjr. 

Lift re not our tboughta oa hish f 

ISir«t nlcninreii are alloyed. 

iienilett iiiiuinga tnix'd nilb aadliHH, 
None with liapiiiBcaa are cloyed. 

Pew call dtink thiilr fullarslaJnea• 
Thl,Te 1 vie" tliy beaut«)U» fa<*, 

O Nalurr, and Ihy ima^e Iran 
On lunny a nn«CT and nnAity a *i>ra]r> 

lint Rfijoy nnl aiigbt when be ■ away. 

Swe^tcat How'reta lose their fr«irran«, 
Hichcal djn plnar not tbe rye ; 

Soidlpa* I tirw the vast «xpai»e. 
To all tliai'n sraud gWe but a aifb, 

Kpeed, Riy owii love. i[iiichly me<n\ l^ee, 
l-'lyaiiim wrrr but lilank witliuul llice; 

Wniilfl hand in hand with ibeo I'll prn*e 
A dcHrrt enuld bo tlnven witli lore. 

Thii iioet liai a ([ml deal yd In learn, 
end be iht^tU ttudy dUlgvully beforu ba 
again pobliajct. 

^ofuf I a Rrtrotptet tifthr Wralhrr t^f 
tin THffhvmmlhpatt. 1X44, md a Pro. 
motliealifiH t^lAal <!/' lAf rumtnf, I04&.— 
Tbia treatiie weL-oniii<li-r i« too dts^pfbr 
ua. We do not andervtand " the drama 
of the (rtftthcf ," or tbfl " hot line near 
tht polo," which UR'Uvemcd by l»o frcat 
ooiutituiional power*, ibe hill* and the 
oaeaD:bai tba progaoaticntiou for 1B45 
w« l^ve. aa it i* more Iniolllciblfl. " The 
pragma afdryntMt ia begna.bat tioB being 
the Aral uf itn two or ibrM jean uf ob- 
■crTaUoD, not Ui this will the midauiomer 
•caaoo lie »ct,nty, iM in tbia will be 



nattac oeamAmti m* rttnAtaK ibaa. 
tm-Mmmmt ktarmiu^fd with the dry 
bI r tywB ' iw c 4ar"- W l»r can b» auw« 
I iw tk» am. tof the oitile, far 
tdUttj^tumif S«f«lj mar iro 
it. la our part aT tb» world tWre 
«V WavtMRtu of Miy gaedtliia( ihBl 

WH ft a f * V Jgfr. £i1hmM PMmtn. AD. 
Iff. ^ W. P. MunL— Tfau ti ntluT ti> 
l« ■'■i I Brill «a tiK affFoiioMCe ravwai- 
feMM* •# ■ Mend tbu a work ie^uittif 
riUHi*B tar tha woght of ita nattn-, 
tfW ndaty of it* Infomatioa, or rvm tbi 
I wpar tM it i «< lu mb|«et. Df. Peamm 
m ■ TCTT wtniij, a ver^ iniahlf!. anil 
» vcrf wlij^reaed bma ; trai u hia life 
•ai M ania iai bj aujr reiaarlcabla dr- 
^wtmmm, mi u tli* carmnandeDn 
wUei Ika Wapanbcr ha« <iTra i« Umitrd 
■k ai ^M W Mtnij personal aivd olSriil, 
•» Iblak Oc btat Bu»aawut he cnuU 
fcarawaafcdtB tb« ifeeauM7 «r bi* rriMd 
•atfl !«■» hem tlie rapahHeaiion of ib« 
Ma Mr. Gfa«a*( ria(nt wHwmr, ae* 
iwmIiiI «Mi taeb oMm m »ttm to be 
n^aind diWr lo Qluttrate Iba tcK. or 
* a^T^ rtM waa dHMeat. 

VW Aaary ca4 oa<r PMaw, fty Mr 
•w- P. W. Fabo-. IH45.— Tlih p«My 
lute valaaK poweiaet ibo utual obarac- 
i w M fc' ai af Mr. Pibcr'a poeirjr,— *«nr 
am d Ot n J U t baaaty of ikMriptKNi, boiii 
d tUtnui nalan and of iha nteatal fecj- 
iapt aMi Am i^andaitc* at expreatloD 
aliUl «• najt oaa«Ucr u no tnflifiK tie. 
bA Va 4d Bot neaa thai hi* laii^iusa 
ii Ti a tu l Miwi i. DOT that ko citei idcDtilT 
d —anwc Gti diflcrrat wonU, whicb 
a sua wrUafc, hoi that hi* comnand of 
iMfaagC aaJ power of lemScatian are m 
cB M wabto aa fa lead bin onwards, add- 
^ lia« to taaafc sad thongbt to tbontght, 
dS ha hM roanpletcd M Urg« and euta- 
pnhaaaba a pictwr. that tbe mlad of tbe 
laadir om Wntly nialn Ibc daffmrnt parta 
«U kw tb«M flofUHictfid In thfi nipnxirjr. 
Oar ■f l aia a (f%tit or wrong) !■■* b1w«j-i 
fecm. ttat ■ few lawltag (oaoltefl, a few 
dKU«« icrafe» of the nuMr liaod. is 
P*M| •• «A U >a Ibc lUter arU. that 
Ml aarfM nacilioM in tba nadtr'i 
ual. and teanbim in remplpia nliat tbs 
fsM ar artbt W* mt1*d tortli, at ooce 
■pMU laara plaanro aud ]woduoca a 
{•«£«■ HTdet tSfcJj «i|i«a thr aitnd U left 
w a *trt la thr paativr tntirmiionf and 
^aa Ita awa actitity \a iinpeded nnd«r 
■• aal(b( «f the wioui iougn it re- 
m^m. At ka>t wc think thu nch wu 
At qMm 00 wbkh the poetrj at thu 
■iteCi «ai compowd. and Ui ahich it 

Got. Mjm. Vol. XXiV. 

owca tta pPTTDUUBtlf |ile«tia|{ affert. Ia> 
aCrail af eitraotiac paiaa^ from Iba 
larfer jkkibi. thaCbcrwell, &«.. «« mul 
DOntml ouraelrca with a thorter aae, thai 
■a ID19 aairact, in ita antua form, 


Spriac ebbnl Into the Uk«a aad itnuafc 

(Ir to llw cartk'a wana lirart , 
Anil Uaik tad taaf. ai wilb a ilarl, 
Wei* plercad b; wlater'a liackward 
OUayi OlrMcbrrviulUrt ibast KHnUhsara 


Tie eUtl«rini; wi&ito aborc ne nHetf. 

■.Ik* cUnot* In a Dl^br. 
Tbe »k]r ««■ veined iillh blae and ahtlei 
With here aad Ihm wme (beetteia f9ld i 
Tha very brightiMn waa no >oj, It aaa aa catd- 

But ah t witb tbaaa ine — t bi ra naa 

And olite-ahadcd hrofr, 
Dmeatb iIh half-clotbcd Madaa boayh, 
A bor h*itin« Lli ai#lodl<« : 
Aad noo I Un and bnaiha In p«n ttaUia 

Haw viaft-lik* la faa cfUntiaai 

Hon gtu.ti (TOW* the day 1 
And *tr, «p KMbAy'» fflraailar way« 
IIow iwMltjr Arnu's water* aMae i 
And tbon, d>a( Pairftcia, art a walUkasm 


IHaa cold m akanbeod'a aniaiBar day. 

Aad rncr ihvcImik* nar ba 
la part Ibt btlaalul tnmorj 
Of ChnalUa chiMbnod'a nuPMlloo) ivf. 
Era ifae biA norU bad ■car'd celraltel a^hla 

Oar pnianca thaa dath bat rannca 

A fnrouv ronii ; wa wa 
Tha Kvaot rwer'd, aad U aiar b« 
IMa throucti ouf i>ar> 1 aad what la cia«« 
Hal abarae's fani *onf on Mrib. nan n»ett| 
(Mtof plaea. 

A Summitry new qf Ihe Kriilmet vf 
CirittioMiljf, iit « Lfttrr f^m Ikt Rigkt 
HoaaufiiiU C. K. Snahe, ire. — Na 
Duoe we b«ticrr U more honoared la 
Intland than (hat of the late Chitt- 
JiMtico of the Kiait'i Bench | w« Katen. 
ber Boin» ana aajing of hin, " Wh«n he 
openwl hi* tipa, it w»«i m if an angd 
t|K)ke." Wbatavn therefore that Aowl 
come frotD the pea of Itich a maa «e sr« 
deligbced to receive, and are not a littla 
ptetaed with the pro«f>ect of aoon harfac 
bb biojrapby tnm the pen ot the editor 
of the pnacBt &Ule «oliune, Ht. 8. HiUi, 


lAtfTBty n»d Scunti/tt! IniilUgtne*. 


Hkd m mut frM trom the greu unperfec. 
tlmi ot ■InaR all Bodrrn lira*, wbieh 
b tlkrir ioiiaodecitt length ; eUtAj truUic 
Tiom the iMcrtion of mfltaf coirapoiMl- 
(Dcr, Of of tcfleclioni and d^ucrutMna 
bv tka edttor. Tb» be«t modol vo lut« 
of biofraphi of IU» ViDd » TkUno'K 
Gny. There lit not a \eiut of the )WA 
that it not worth reading, n^T bd ohnerrB* 
tton by ihp editor ihtt Li trreletint lo tlio 
Mibject. Titc pmcnt litUc work will be 
read oith intercrt ; it fonnnl the emptor* 
neat of aome of tbe 1ei«urv boon of Ine 
wttbor. aBd ii boKOunble to bU Bwniary. 
Vbalbtr 1l riioald haw betn aeeoinpaiiiM 
by io lar^ a Mumentarr by the editor wc 
think naj be donbted. JlK«^tlo ui tbit 
It rather evenbsdow* and opjiraaae* the 

7Tl# Pomtr ^ th* Soft ovrr thr Airfjf 
ttmaUtnd in rtlalim t't HtaliA narf 
JAnaia. Sy Georfs Moon. Jf.i».— There 
MV frw subject* of mor^ tutcrMt than 
thai which tmtii of the mnuHtiun be- 
tween tbe natnnl and sienta) part* of 
our aalnre, tbowinj their mutual riqien- 
dmcifi and acdona on each otlirr, anil 
accoantinc for the uaoiier in "hidi one or 
Other of them become* Impaired hy their 
fotiinate ifinDathtea, aod oflhemiiderioai 
bond in which nature ha« uniten them. 
Tbva, tbe phjdokigT of the body, aad (he 
pbUoiophknl analTtit of the mind, bccouca 

one Boited ttnSj, aor am be aeparalely 
roii«dcml withoal inToUIng lh« moat 
Aiiidaneatal error* and miiuik«f . On thli 
iaiefMIlBS and Important aubjeet, the irork 
of Dr. Moea it a pJcaaing and useful addi- 
tion to oihrni tliat wc alrRad}- paui^i, ■« 
that of Dr. Ahcrcrombie't in particular. 
It U written with koowlcd|e and falnMUt 
and nnJcr the aolid prionplea of Cbria« 
riiuiiry. Of Urwmtrvtm the author apeaha 
with candovr, and at ooe who baa eon- 
alilned thotTridenoeon whichitU fnunded. 
atid tlie belief ll \aj% oUin to; at the Mine 
tiDi<> feeling «» we d«, that It U at preaent 
rather a /oct thao a leUnet, and that it 
mutt Khakc olT mnch prrjudirr and rrcclvA 
much moic carraboratiou befnre the limit* 
of lb power can be defined or lla beneActel 
applicatiaB b« wlUin^lj' ackuowledlgiai. . 
\t pretent wc believr. it to ho injurftil and 
retarded In Ita progm* by the injudiL-ioaa. 
nem of itii frlendi and hj tbe IgDor 
tod bijrotrrof ittwppooaiU. Thccbi 
on Dreaminjt (p. 96), on Memorv (p. l3 
on tbe Connesion uf Mentor; ttiih d««l 
CoBEcioUDeu (p. \62). and on th« efbCM 
of cKVuivr Attcntiou on Ihc- Mind and 
Man'i Sjrilcm (p. IBT), are of pecqliar 
Intereat ; and tbe reaaoniDg llif ouKbout llw 
whole ntlooM is atipportad and illanrated 
hy auiaj verv cnriou, Tef7 inititictiTe, 
anil uiine new esampln of diaeaiad and 
ahiwrmil actios, 



JiiM»t. The Coinrncinoration nai cele- 
brated ia the .ShrMonian Theatre. Tlia 
honortirT drxrr« of D.C.L. wai roufcrred 
Mion Sir ChartctMansllitldClBrke, M.D., 
F.RS., of WiK^iiifrlon Dcrbr i 
Sir WiUUm J>ckf«n Iloolier, K.G.H.. 
P.R-S-.late Reciut Profeisar uf Boianjr 
la tbe Ublvrriit? of Gtaasov : and Ed< 
ward Goulbuni, (tct. Sergeant nC Law, one 
of the Coinnliuionrri of llie Court of 
Bnkrupu, &c. Tbe»c diitioitutabed per- 
aou were preaented to th« Tioe-Cbancdlor 
by Dr. PfctllinKire, Ibe Rcoint Profeaaor of 
claimt lo thr dittinction.iit trparatt^ Latin 
addreaaen. The Riaht Rtv. Janr^ Chap. 
uao, D.D. 1a(# Fellow of KInit'a onl- 
Inec Cambridi^e, now Lord Biahop of 
Colanbo, Ccfloa, t>aa than admitted 
to the aif nouirM doitree of D.D. He 

raa presented bj the Regiui Fro- 
fator of Dirioity, Dr. Uampdco. 
Tbe ADnual Crcwcian Oration wai then 

j«liT«rcd b]f thw Pt9f«»or of Poetry, Mr- 

GarboU ; nAer wbieb the nriae eomiM* 
(itioiM metr recited io the following ' 
order :— 

Latin Krrar— "Numi Pompiliui," bj 
Oolilwln Smith, B.A. Dcmv of Masdalen 

KHflM ffeay—'-The CaweiandCou- 
tcquencea of National Rcrnltitioiu ainonf 
line Aucienti and Klodemi comiiared," bj 
Samncl Ltt^i. BA. of Queen*i cnltege, 
Cwho obtainrd the priie for Eosliah Verw 
in ISI1). 

/.««» Bway— " D« Drdine Kqucalii 
■pud RomaQoa." by Georxe G. Bndley, 
B.A. Pellow of irniTfTtU) roUep.'. 

Rnfliti Kerae— - Prtra." by John W. 
QtirRun, Commoner of Worreiter coH^ftt^ 

Dr. Ellrilun*! thculnftical ptiie for aM 
Ea|[liih Eaaay oii ""nic law wai our 
Sohootmaiter to bring iii lo Chrut." hat- 
brcn awarded to H. B BBrrr, D.A. Michel 
Felluw at Q-jeen'* college. Mr. Bari-y 
gained the Chanceltor't prize lo 1843, for 
an Lnglitrh Bsaay on " Tbe AdvtDLagea 
•Jid IK'adTaotageaof th« F^ndal Syitett.** 


titeiaiy anJ Scttnti/k InttUignct. 


cjnrrjutrr or CAiuarsai. 

Jtera. Sir WiUkm Bramia'a GoM 
■«d»li wei« B^ucli^ed aa foUtnr* --~ 

Cntt (IM«— Subject. " Napoleon iufn- 
(■Um Di*« H«lntK Klmtoi ''— Cbarica 
J«BM 31aak. Tnwty coOqc. 

£ctfa Otfp— Satfjmt. " £ f cnoMiM focoi 
ttffi^oBGcadf Etnuca "— JuBo Cjun- 
pir Wncht. Klttf '* coU^, 

patn at (ftlaHMe«ac"^Ueiiry dc Win- 


JV«y IT. Al Ihe lirentr-»KOUil aiuii- 
mwij MMtiag Sir II. VVtIlock wu >D 
Aa emir. The bbhuI retrart bepa bj a 
■HBOMBl of eleettona. JmUu. hkI Ktii«- 
■i^lit aa4 tkaired &d iocnaac tn the 
wbtV «( w iMfce n - A (a'n;itict Kcoaat 
of tfai kta rut-Proiikai, Sr Gore Ouae- 
ley. trnt foi. aJlailtos to his emtuenec a» 
■■ Oriratil sokAat and iliplumaliit, and 
kanltay Ut deon»e u an amiahl« aiid 
MWpHifcCil gtatlcDaui. It ««s aba 
flMarf, Ihat a mconair of hi* lif« and wr- 
ricn iwa pf Tp aJ ioK fv t"'^''c'i'''°' ThU 
«H ioUowvd b]r a ootiM of Junes GniUe- 
•ajtJ. otq.. • gvAilciMn of great UUivr 
Md Kwaiiftc altainHMnta, aa^ ooe or thr 
ili ii W MeoAcra of tbc ■ocktj'. Tlifl 
UOBi o( Dr. HaleolaiBOD, nbiue ua- 
:Hb17 daaOfa oocurrod rrooi iuBglc-fcrer iu 
fltt ao*tk-iiMt of India, aiarc ttrxK r*. 
ito^rii and a mnooir of his life read. ,\a 
Mnwttaf «c<mint followed of another 
mmtjt b> •cicace, Hr.| Willtam Gritfithk, 
«k> dbd al ■ MTf «arl]r •$« in Febniaiy 
IM, dnotiai; hia lait bmtb to the cuue 
AvMch hi< life had htttn spent ; thli me- 
■efa' waa aadenrtood tu ba ftum Uic pea 
rf tko noMe pnaMent of ih« lociety. 
IMat *■ next Ukm of thr inlcK«tin$ 
iJfaiPM lam&c to o«ir neqtuinCaiicir witli 
SaalHM inlKUgiapbT, b; tbc Irantrriplion 
^ A> inat Inacnptloo of Kapnr-di-Ghari. 
•kA Ml b«Ri dMTpbored by Mr. Nor< 
(fi i i«d b^ the »MI more important tr«iii- 
W*a of tb« Bihialian inicriptiont, by 
Mijor SawttMoa. wUeb had noeodr beea 
wti i ia J from Raefadad. Tie Report of 
IW OhraMi TraaaUtkm Commitln- bcgm 
arl3 laaMAtifftf tba disalh of tiuf cbaimwi. 
Sv 0«rt Oaade;. Tbey an abvui in 
fkbBA ^ inbcTestiaj^ wurk on Pcndau 
fctg w y Hogr a phy , wfaiph thaidutii^ubrd 
(MMtal ubIw me actively employed in 
f ifiiliil far the pma at tbc period of 
IM faww. AnoBg the work* for publi- 
mUm, U¥ n eiieative oolkction of bio> 
pifUts at Perriaa poea. by N. Blaad. 
■fi nda tranalattoa from the Arabic, by 
tta Kt*. W. CiiiTton, of - The Book of 
MiImi wd rtitlvwFiuMl SWU," bjr 

SharaaUiu, a Mahommedaa wnter of th« 
tivetnb oeatary. This ttantltlion will 
form ■ fit coBpurion to thai earioiu and 
tiutnu tire book. tl»Dabistan. or " SdMol 
of Socti,'' nriated lut year by the eoBk* 
mlttee. A Ibt of worV* io the courac of 
paMicatHKi by tb« Orieatal Tut Society 
inolndu Um MaknO'al'Iuar, »lit«d by 
K. Blaitd, eai[. ; the Yunf and Zalnikba, 
of f^rdu«i. edited by W. Mortoy, cm. ; 
the Sharaitani, editfld by the Ror. w. 
Curctoa ; and ihe D«m Kumara Ckarita, 
edited by Prof. Wilinin. 

A ballot nn) tikcu for new tnemberi of 
council aud OlKoors of the aociety, aad tba 
ronit declared m fol lairs : — Sir Edward 
Ryan w«i elected a Vicc.prv^tdoat ia (bo 
room of Sir Gore Ouadtry, the remaioiag 
officers ""cre rc^elcfled, and the foUowiiig 
noblcmcu tai centlrmco w«rv elected iaio 
the cooncil : The Eact of Powii : Lord 
Viicount Joeclyu, Lord Fnneii Eferwa, 
Sir T. B. CoUhrooke. Bart., Gea. Bri|tat 
(irii, CaiilEeild, J. Fcrguiaoa, esq. C«pC. 
W. J. Butwicfc ; and O. W. AailanoB, 



Hof 26. Tlus being tbe ftfteeittb m- 
mr«rMry, the Meatbon met f(» tbr elec. 
tion of olScera. the Preaideal, 11, 1. Mor- 
chiaoa, eaq. iu tbe chair. Tbe offi<M 
boatnen bflin^ coaduded, the Prcaideat 
prrsftBted thn Royal Medals to Prof. RiCtar 
and Dr. C. T. Beke, the former to Baroa 
Leopold ton Buuh, for bif disdajtuahed 
countrynao. the lauer to Dr. Beke ia 
person. Tbe President theti delivered hia 
annoal addren oo the pro;res« of geo- 
grapby during the patt year. Tbc foltow- 
ing ircrc tha offiaeri elected ; — Lord Col* 
Chester, President ; Sir John Barruw, 
Bart.. Cape W. H. Smyth, R.N., end R. 
t. Mnrchiwu, eikj. Vice-PrcridcnU ; Ma^oc 
ShtdircJl CIcfk, the Bishop of Norwicii, 
AdmiralBowIcs, Lteut'Ocncra! Sir Uorard 
Dongtaa, Bart., S. Joeea Loyd, e>q. the 
Carl of Roite. and Colood C. R. Fox. 
.M.P., Member} of Courctl. A vote of 
(hunks lo the rctifingPrcsidetil was paawdi 
■ad in tha ervnin^ the Membert diaed at 
the New Thatched House Tavern, K. (. 
Mnrchison, eat], in tbe chair, 


It luring been found thit tbe prtanit 
pimiise* of the Muaruai of tSc^wonJc Ge- 
ology, in Cmis's Court, are far too imall 
for the ranidly increaiing enllection of 
iHieciniens UlnalraciTe of the application of 
Geology to tbe uta and maavnciurea, Uw 
GoTcrnment bate dctormiaed on appro, 
priaiing a Urge irpaee between PloeadOlT 
and Jenujti Street, near -St. Juiiai\ 
^tiurcb, fvr « ^vimiiiMiuwi bui'diog, wfta 



d«al hr lb« BecomiMMklioii n e o Mu rr for 
(kt M»iwn. Uu Mlaiu Rwocd OAIm, 
«m1 Um imrpAwt nf tk« UMlociekl Sumj 
ttl OrMt BfiulB. Tlw •rctiTteet to the 
oilM of Voodi nJ Work*, Mr. Penne- 
thvrne, ku rtimlahpd pin*, bjr which a 
fronugv, In ImiIi Uie abetf -aiiiMMl itnria, 
of Mvtntf fiwt ia iniumi, aftd n dqiUi of 
•H kuMrvd m4 flftjf f«cl ; wbirfa "ill bf 
oeMpM b^ faUtria far the cihibltlMi of 
ga i1o^)MI owl tniitcnlu^u-al ■|>n-un«'ni, 
modvl* of nuftilnrrjr, itnJ illuUniljvr pro- 
4«ciion< ur the oru mtti manulai-turet. 
The prinrlpal oSlrcr* ot ihe Mutmm anil 
•f UicOMlvgical Siirviff. now caiuoli)Ut«l, 
»n, iif [iforf dn la B«rhc, Dir<<ct<ir, Mr. 
SuBW*. Supurin ten dent of Ibo Surrey, 
Mr. aielurd I%Utip«, Curator ot the 
Haaran anal Hioef aloginl n>emi*l, IVof. 
Forbai. l^dMm>olafi■t, Dr. Lfon Platfalr, 
Ortanlc Chenlit, aad Mr. Rvbvrt Hut, 
Kneper af the Milling Rfcat^. The aor. 
Vay of Irslaitd ti iindn the aupcruilcD* 
dtooB of Caouin Jamn; and Dr. Kana 
mdenakea the (hcmlcat part ot the io> 
qwir^. VVilli lucli oKccn, nt cannot b«t 
hope that grrat Ballonal bcDelit irill bo 
dariwd Irom tUa wublMmmL 


Oo tii« 34lh of Maj. Dm fuorth Miraal 
■Mtiii of Ihii liuUtution wai Mi la the 
lam room of (Ivc raiablUhnmt, 19, PM. 
waa, ihs EafI iif OtundoB, the Preai* 

(iFot, In tha ehalr, nppcrlvd hj Lord 
LTtloltoo. Mr. MoDcklon MllnM. M.P. 
tb» Rev, Mr. Milmaa, and acvtrsl othet 
illkliugvifbed membm. Hie report of 
the comtnltte* tUtnl that tturiox The paat 
frar 1 18 new nembfra bad h«ro adinitied. 
bciBf an iorrcBMof Ajon (be nuinl>Fr ofthc 
praceding yrar, making Ihc total (Rfi. Of 
Uicw OS were lift wid b9i runt ri billing 
Kanbrra. l^nc ulditiflna had been node 
lu [hrliuoki. which now. uane'arif aeroitld 
Iw idiimlril, cnijaprUe about 44,000 *<ib. 
The •.-insulation durinf tkcrovwatlCiflO 
fnluiDM, A oar OeBeral Catalogue of 
Ihr whole OaUtntioB ia promlacd aa aooo 
a< poatible. Thp ramiaiitro have dvler- 
nliied to lake a leax of mora tjiftcioos 
preoilacB. bdag No. 12. St. Jajoaaa'a- 
Miuare, (latr Uraaclxnip HouM,) o« the 
9oru|mtioo of vhicb they ntpoct to «nter 
in the antniui. The report waa ■f'**d 
to. A »uatMsy of ike rreetpti aad n- 
pMiditui«, during the Ibw ]reat> of thn 
•ii«t«nc« of thr «rtablWiK)cn<, rihibiicd 
a total of l(l.23W. I&. ; of rh«l ttiia 
ncailjr T,0O(U. wen appnipiialril to tbit 
Library aod ita appenilaf ea, and the ro- 
■sainder wcBt to defray (he Axed tad 
ineidcatal etpenaea uf llw eatekliabment. 
Lord Mabon and Preftioor Trarer* Toiaa 
were d(«t«d meiBbera of the coetiviiter, ia 
the room of Mr. Maouby, U P., aad 
Mr. fcnihertoti Lngh. retiring; and four 
of the old amaben wan rB*d(«led. 


nroKD AKcni-ntrrsBAi. soaErr. 
April IG. E. A. Preeaian, cii}. Ho. 
aorarj Socratarr, nrvMrnted EFtmwings of 
the wed froDta uf St. Margaret'i, Lei- 
anUr. ond Silrbf (prrprndiruUr), and 
Wigtton and Gaddritbjr Cburclm (deco> 
rador), Leioealenhin. Tbg cbunrhn of 
tliii diitrict f^eqacntly have the aialu jiro- 
longi-d to a Uiel with the west wall nt tbe 
tower, Blfiirding waipe fur Rncr ri^-nilea 
than ar« usual in oounlrj cborchr*. Alvi, 
DnwiitKK gf RonMacMiue evtaaiD» En ao«l 
tiMi Northampton, and a Groand Itan 
aad LoaitiiudiuAl Sccltou of Kingathoqw 
Ckarab. NutthainptoDaliirp. Thii oburrh 
taNomu, with carly-Cagliib allcrationf. 
Tbe chaiioel baa bc«D eiK^dcd cutwant, 
■ad (be writcm baf tbrvwa into ilie oave, 
«ki«k ti oobae^uentjjr turrovcr at the Lattar 

An Imprt'ailoti nf tha Seal af Browne** 
Hiwpital, fltaroford, waa pmauted by 
1h( Rri. 11. D. Uaker, Hartee of tho 
Ho«piial, and alio n Utawing of a Piacina 
at tlic tmatt. firawne'i Hoppital mm 
fbvndied traip. RicliArd III. Tbe aeal 
U of tha dau «r Ucuj Uw VIIUl, wtw 

tka aecoad ckattar *aa made. 11>e aplrc 
of AH Saiati. Stamford, and part of the 
charch, wna built by tlio Tonntii-t of the 
HQ*|>ttal. Tbe peculiari(]r of tbe Piadaa 
la a cTliridrul plux of nKiiu- in the centre, 
A li llrr fruni II . N. Ell«('umbr, r»q. B.A. 
of Oriel ('ollegc, called aileotion tos ilraaa 
in Waler-Petj Cliureb, ctigrarcd Id tbe 
Iflit nuinhn ofthc (iuide to (lie Chutckea 
of Oxfurdtliirc, aotl wbkh i> a moat re< 
matkabla iiutance of tlir palimjiRet braaa, 
harbg been Dunvertnl frwn an early to a 
late atyle by tome additional liocn on tho 
Of igioal plalfl i by hatchlug tbe old linea. 
and poltuig B new hoad-piiKe to the giaa 
from ike ■jwuldera tipwardi; and to the 
woman from tk£ waitt apwartb. The old 
furm of tlie aian end womas ennctlj curre- 
*pond wlih the brass of Chancer bi tbe 
cuurcb of Ewclutn. An. 1437. It waa 
altered for Mr. M'altcr Curiun in 1527. 
Tbe brrN8l-{>btc waa uroaioeatrd witk 
Tarioui luMSt Ute ^irt of taoet wai con- 
verted ialo tattlm and a «hift of mad i tbe 
gauuUeU were allcrtd, and as attvmpt waa 
nailc to conrert the painled eultcnii into 
nnuul'toed, TU Iwad ud akaaUsn »( 





%• hihut. or tnmt the wUb to iMika k 
MdniS 0C W. CvTioa, And ■ new bead 
■Mk i»r dw aui umI wdbiui wu anb- 
'n*w**i* Tk« iueriptioB U •Uo t porban 
4f •« «ldM iHsn, M it i* engriTcdoB botb 

AMwrwuraadb7>lr. MaUrd,"OB 
Ite tnit af AfdutMrtvr to be aduplod in 
Ci<BMll Cbwdlw." irbidi bu nace bms 
prtbifceJ to Ike SodviT'i PrweedtBs*. 

Ml. PiOte fike AHtbor ol a mrii on Itac 
MMst divrcM of Ireland) pointed mat 
Ika cWtf pccnlMritWi of Ui« Irish (^orcbM 
htak b«w«cB a..D. MO wd «00. Tbe 
iMT l» as tkti trui, and the dbbnfMoii 
kaC*Mil MM u^ ch«ncd cmn^tillj caaia- 
MbU, tha latwr b«bg feMnlly better 
i|)M**. TW raldmilar wch it cro- 
fliqalt mi «Bifdrmit<r, ainipkclTj-, and 
f wpBrtioa wm ««U ubaerred. Tin latKn 
■kmfeM Mt famllr ibovt <iO hM in 

^li^ Ji. TV Pr<«)dml announced 
ttnl N#. hrWu ba*in( foniid it ne w wr y, 
k niBinqaww of Ul health and iKhM-ara- 
MkM*, lo mngn hi» otee af Brrtrtary. 
lt» C awlltaa bad aUdMl In h» toodd 
ViBna B«a i«ct», cm. B.A. of Trinity 
MHip. aftd tbat >tr. hrktna bftd txra 
^Mted ta tbe pUce on Conunittep, vacwit 
bf &• dbclioa of Mr. Jotie*. The mcm- 
Wf «/ the Arefaiitetaivi Socivty for ibe 
AnMaMoaff of NnrthaspioB, had brcn 
t^mmd ta the priT i lagna of tie 8i>cirt7. 
Bl ail* aMvi tlmt tlw trarinp of Stained 
Oam pfncatad br Mr. Wibon and Mr. 
fWfcw vcff fatnM to fgrra tbr nurless 
•I a lairir calkclitin, sliicb voold be 
W rt wn l ih feoth tot prtvats itudj nnd Ibr 

taiAig I* My CMS of dturdb bnUdinc or 

1W Prwitert abo ansMinecd, tbat ar- 
h«(l Wca made by tbe Coa- 
r aeunnietBg tlti^ prnpoMd mto- 
iMm af Donrtwalcr Clwrrh. Oifodlkhire. 
4 an h c — t wi tl wi Jiad bt«n appaintod, 
•fe* dW obtaWM Iran of tbe pioper 
loThoritioi. and EBUCiiic other prrliminary 
tnaa^immUB, hod dtvwo op • pro^pecto* 
iv l iml itioai Tito dooooiemc aistce. 
tttt too nmbo* had oRmd to liga the 
boildn'a contnet oo b^ialf of the lociety, 
br lh> Aral parttOD tif Ihe rvatoration, 
■ f rlal oi ' ihi tooib winiom of the 
^tmat, with the ledilie and piseinn. ai 
MM m oottdnl fooda had boan rainrd by 
MiwripdM. Tbo »pcnao of Ibia portion 
WboM Milmled at I6W. Other per- 
ItMa viU be enbawjaently pruawded with, 
If a a n ft cwn t ■»■> can In r»*ed ; obJeb, 
Mdv th* pH«Itw ebcMnttmoct of latAut 
MHfetif to lltt otarch, b Dot de«|Mlrcd af. 
Am nadlent aKoUleetntal dnu:ri\>t\on of 
Ml tbanih vrilMh by ibe Ke«. HeDry 
iMiVHi, B^ fff LUMoU coJkg^ ud 

very fally iDiMnted with anvrbip, tm 
becD pubtiMbed by Mr. Failer, (Oc the 
beiiffit nf th« Re*tor«tioa fund. 

Sir. PariinB then read, '* Bom Afr 
CAtinc of (jntfatd Choreb. Dcnbifhahlref 
a iprniaen (if ILr Utc I'erpcndimlar rtvla** 
(■inoe pnblitfced in the Secteiy'a Pro- 
eeedinga). Wo hare spoca only to a (nt 
brief estracU ■■ — 

'■ The groand plan ]• o pardMa(r«M 
1 10 Cwt luuc by as wide, havtac a loinr 
at the ireat end of the nave, aaa a porefc 
at tbe cutreue weat of the auntb aide. 
BraadihwiMi there t> a triple dlviiica. tbf 
uate and chancel oenpyiiif U (e«t, tad 
tbe aUlM en et<cb aide 17 feci. Tbe nave 
citmd* 73 feci, and tbe chancel occupice 
ibe remaining $7 ; one-third of ibe wbola 
length bcinf thns asai^cd to the tatter^ 
and two to the fnnnrr. Thr ai* ca are S& 
feet long, 12 more than the narr- Aod 
two chapal* 2& louf, and of the uao 
widlb u tbe aiilea, from whidt (bej era 

fianed of bya ikrecn. complete the pinl* 
elucTWD. The cbancd ii diitlo|c>i>hed 
tnni tbe nave omlj by a ikieen, the width 
and hei^l of each beinc premely tbe 
•aine. tbia in an arraagcmrnt witich ia 
Henemlly (bund in ibe tale Prrpcndicular 
cfanrcbM ) Md one wtdch mutt he deemed 
a li^ of the dc«ay of arcbilettuie ; mwcb 
ae It waa alooed far by the nohle nmd. 
akrernit it xa*« Kope fee ; of wtucb G rta- 
ford aRbrda a eplendid epeciineo. It acpa* 
rate* tlie nare flrom Ute chancel at the 
•rcood pier from the lail, forming a ntag* 
nificeat tood-left by being ut^ed out- 
wnrda oo both aidca at tbe top. This part 
it the moat elaborale; Ibe lower p«nel- 
woek, and the featberini of the an-faet 
npportiac the <«aopy Ndns very dclicstcly 
earrcd. Tbe roof of the navr »■ nciiiy 
paodled. bat nf rery low pitch ; it U tap- 
ported );r beatna riiinx from eorbeis, bo- 
(ween the elnvitory windows, witboat aojr 
pretence ai apandrcia. 

" Tbe cxtarior of iba ebnrrh I> parbapa 
the noft beanttrn) part of it, and tbat 
■imply for the reaaon tbat it hae anffered 
few injuriea hot thoM of time. Tbr lower 
ia a rery degnnt oouipowiiofl. Tbe bnt- 
trcMca an plaoed diMOMlly. and ban 
nichea hi their hce, with fieure* in iheio | 
pbinadea riac abore tbem from the Imltlo* 
mcuU, and two ll|tttra, with a pluaada 
between, are placed on each iide. h 
band, running ronnd tiatween tlie brlfry 
window* Bad the boMlamralt, pivn tbc 
flaiabtnt elect i and tbe alaiflc of * crown 
nay rery fairly be applied to it. Tbil 
lower reaembica a qveeo beanoc ber coro- 
net ; and tbe rich twellin; Unoi, whlrii 
fortn ita outline, bdp lo carry ont the r^ 
•einbUncc. Tbe lower pirt at Ibe toner 
lu ta cuUir look about it ; the door hat 
^nltD a 4BG9tM«d chattcter, ud a bat* 




tnu on tlie north t\it u tudvubtedlr jiart 
«f a niidi MTlier butliiiiig. Tlio MAtern 
end hat Cwitpionarle* rI the imtdct* of Ihc 
clwnwl, Mid • cn>u, urflreatil worlu&nn- 
•bip. en the •itBiinil of lua gable; but 
there U nothing tioc Xa mirk tbc dia- 
tlnctton «f lurr niuL c^uiiCct. Tbn aialrs 
have 1vw jti'ilril roofs : above whivL the 
olerattory wiudova abDw tbeai»clvf«. Tke 
ntfOTlannd mosLiJingaareiullwiiiuuntljr 
ncfa character of tb« Tudor tinm. A rote 
b *D ofDumeiit frei{ueiitly cmplojrcd. 

•■ WiUk ail the bMutiea It poaMctM, tbe 
■l^icarancc of Ihia cburck i* nieeh act olf 
Of lb* Kvotfy araiinil ir. Standing bv- 
Kretn tlie mouDtain* and tbc ricb plaina 
of ibe lift, It ovrrlookn tlie vallty of 
GmfoAl, une uf ibe tuoit licautirul in 
North Wain; and thow tnil* wbn are 
familiar with iW Tk-luttj^ cun feel Uvw 
■dmlnblf the diurch harniaiiitr* nith the 
coaatrj. A yew lite in the clmrclirard 
ba* BitrnetMl man notice Uumi Iho churcli 
ilaelf- I[» Eiilb ii about 30 feet, ami 
botaaiaU haTc Axed it^ nfe at more than 
9000 yean, Abuui half a mile frnm llic 
eharah liic baae of a cruM tic* under ■ 
tjnmore when^ four wajra meet- Tliia, 
bowevrr. flan liardl; have b»ii the aitn- 
atioti uf th« trotn, frovi wrhmiir the (uiine 
pfOreaford (ifbiub ii in Wclah ' Croca- 
ITordd.' or the ' Way t>t lh« l.'ro«ii') hnt 
b«ED derived. 'Diia vrOM wat prolMblf 
fixed near Blicre tlie chutcli ataodi." 

&lr. FrvamaD rnDirkcdiwitb rvfcrrnce to 
«bat Mr. Pnrkln* had atntrd aa to the 
onuailon of tbc chaoL-tl oTcb la the late Vrt- 
pendicutar, that it wna hj nn meana pent* 
lltf to thnt itylc-, ac (be noble Drcurated 
church of Hicham FerrcrtWMwtthoiUaiie, 
and that tii tbc 11^1^11 bourbood of North- 
amiJlon. <*betv RaiwoeaiiVf< di-tail in other 
Mita of rharchri la excvrdiDgly oominoB, 
he had rrmarkcd very fi;« citanivl an^he^ 
of that alylc, uole** uudrr nnrnEral toner ; 
8t> feter'a Church in Noriluioiplon waa 
dlCArij blxUl without utie. and in ita plan 
offora a rtroacltahlr nlmilDrit)- tn the late 
PerprndiouUr rUiirchn. Iflliu rhincrl 
area waa eeoerglly oniitiud by the Normaii 
boUdera Id that diatrirt, it was a vorj 
•Ingvlar local |iccu1ianty. a* on no part of 
s uinrch «*• tnore oniametit contnioitly 
bcMoired al thai period. 

Mr. IWer laid that aimitajr inaunuea, 
thongh coiuporativcljr rare, arere 10 be 
foMod bt all the ityloa. 

Mr. Prooiii4n read Mnral (loefliioot 
wbicb had been inaerted id the Notln- 
Book. Oop. hy S. P. Rooke. Pitj. of 
Oriel CoUefc. insuirin^ what «.-a« tie beat 
«i>y of iirovidintc a aiiaoe for riocine the 
B«la, nnen a lanlcrii tanrr which had been 
floored oT xa* re.opi'ueJ lo the ehorcb, 
(aa tn Ucrton Collc^ chiipcl,> ud thcra 
wM not aulHcicat bright l« liiay of f 

a«pante ftoor for the rtDfen. It tecnftd 
lo be the iccneral opioiou of the mettinf. 
conhnnvd by tlie Prraident and Mi 
.Marklaod, that llin'icwai nu teal vtijeciion 
to rinsins from iho floor of the cburdi, 
and lluit the coumoti prejodiee aj^iiut]M-« hanging down in the interior of 
B church wat a groondlaaa one. >]> 
KTreman qtii>ti:d eone remaika of Mr- 
PcIiI'h tu tliv saioe client, nnd taid thai 
while the lanotua-bell rt-maincd in «ae 
(•> wai atill ill* COM in miiny churohc* for 
waother |iiirpoae) there must hare boeii 
uiLC al teait In r*rr; church. 

Another i|up»tion aa to the exiatence o' 
StotM? CooleaaioiuU liad been rslied bj 
Cf. a. Matilrr, ear). B.A. of Biaunoao 
College, wlio prcacntrd a drawinc of a 
linnilar tinildinfin the interior of TbD' 
fleta thurcli, near XIpun, ubtoh appeftrefl 
to hare b«cti oioat probably uaed lor that 
ptLT]ioai;. Mr. Way wa* Lowcver of opt. 
nino timl it waa a receptaclr for a ihrinc- 
Mr PwLer remarked thnt the ■ndeal 

Siracttiv In Enc'"'*'' *"" ^ malio con- 
maiou to tlic prieat in Ibe open church , and 
tlut the cvufwaionali now in ute in fo- 
Kifu aburdtea. were only modern woodoH 
bexea. Tb« Pn«ideol mcatioDcd a sne* 
noflod confaaaional in Ili|x>n Minatcr. Mr. 
Jones mcntjoned two potaiblc uotifea- 
aionah. one in the tiortli tranarpt of SL 
David's I'atbrilrn], the other at l.ipvrurtb. 
in War wick shire. Mr. Parki»f reoiarke^l 
that It wia moat ooinmon to ^re ibia ac- 
eoQnt of auyihiBf , the purpone of whieh 
was unknown. 

Afay 14. P. ManitioH, ea<). pmenled 
an inipraasloo of ft Braae from Cblnnor 
Churcb. Oifordtbire. Thii braM in ne* 
mory of John Uothani, " Maglitcr in 
ThvologiA," ProToit of Qvevn'a CoUefo. 
and Rector of Chinnor. who diud in I.161 . 
It Ii now placed in » frnmH? mad^ of a 
rafter of the irhurch i>f St. I'eter'a in tbc 
Eaat, Oifonl, allowing that U waa Othi 
and not clieinut, aa auppoaed by some 
whi-n Ihe roof w»a taken down iti the lulc 

Joseph Clarke, eaq. pcoaented a drs«. 
ing of a Paisting on the roof of the f(\^n 
of M. Alhan'a Abbey chnrch. TLIa la 
(uppuaed by ^Ir. Clarke to be conteia- 
porary with tlie fxiof, wbWh b • Talnabls 
oampln of wooden grolnltig, elr. 13)10. 

A report frvm the Commiltec anttoujiced 
further erranKemvota for the tntoraiion of 
Dorcheiiter cliurch. A tub-eooimittee, 
conaiatinjr of three membeni of the cooi* 
iiiitire, thf Imaarer, Mr. Parlunf, and 
Mr. Frecmui, hai been appointed) with 
auihiirity to callect aubacriptloBa. and lo 
carry on (he general bnaiaeia of tbo re* 
ttoratioo. The «lc«r and ehischwardem, 
(of whom tbt former utd om of Utter are 

D)«jiiben «( Ibf Kwxj) nwr »ott full^ 




I wionily iow Ihe dcaifM af the ooia- 
mtttam, ^Ut tb« U7 rcdor haa done, 
«te «w pirfatpc »U that eovld b« (x. 
ynW i from > mcaibef nf tucMlHr «)m> 
■MMian, in gning, m * mml obliging 
m ma n , cmy nnllty fpr cwrriac or 
Ash paru at du ratorktioii iriiick sfficct 
*e rcpAifi of tbe eUorel. 

Tba CwnnittM allvdcd brieffj lo the dr. 
oAm eMDC lo wHfa r^vd to the netiet m>> 
lilt) at CanbHd(«, which 1^« dn^iiW hj a 
hm< miffontj to pralaog Ui etiitpnce. 
"iWjm*;peitu|Mbi*kUo«e<l to hope that, 
f fawi i «tTe thoiM of the DtMt loykl *)ib> 
■Mitti to Kclniaitical and acMlrmica] 
— Ac rt ty, n u Hs reaeved forai ili ic«l 
•ad ■■B^aHfBM be diiDUi»heil, while 
Ka te fc m a Bkijr leun from dprrimn- tii 
>halii» tnm wim eipresrioiH or opinian 
tm aatnn not (Ooiiii|;«itliiaic*proviiie>:. 
wU«h kM« b«M(ht dovm on il ihr cefliore 
of oMatiUlei aathontir:). imf, as tlH.7 
onaoC bat thblt, xroatlr dinuoiilivd ka 
teAiBor nd power of advancins Ibe boly 
^Ma*«bKTe allto aiuch at heart." 

Ms. Joaca tbca read a ieooiMl pap«r 
* ' On CaifanDitx, wea&iwnd ta a Principlr 
IB Gotftic ArcUteetBfe. (Printed etttire 
to Ifce Socict]'** Proceedings). 

tW fU>. John Baroa. M.A., e^lei 
■oniim !• awthar AUnpteit firau in 
Ac wcictf** cvUection, from Broaiham 
Avc^ Bedfordabin:. in which fij(urc* of 
lk> eailf paft of th» GlWstb rrntor; 
«at tMiiiiiyad again in 1S3& without 
itaBtiOB, b«t oaJf the dMlditieo of a fresh 
iaaciiptban and thidda of arm*. (Tfaia, 
«» Mf mnaikt k ensnvrd in Ljriont'* 
mhrniliiit. and tlia inuettled iiueatlank 
iwpartlag llw partka originally ocHoaM- 
•amtad baa bean rctwntlf dtacuued in 
The Topo<nw{iher and Gnwtlocirt, Part 
II. p. !&»>. 

Mr. Preraaa n^^ted that thia cnatotn 
rf aateB biwam ■ aeoond iIum »r«iBtd to 
ynra thai tkcy were not ioieoded for 
■HMaaa. Someeoavetaution lAok iiIoar 
a lUa Mint, tbe imuIe uf wlitch waa tlkai 
■a tba latvr iioea, when tbe an of por- 
mtarv wai adraaeinf, aoeh vu frc- 
^Matl) Ihr caae, Iwt Mldon or nrrcr 
■a tba carbr ei ample*. 

Vr. Joaea menltonrd a vtry carlotia 
wMda desrvBjr in a rottagc anr Stan- 
tan Hiffvurf 

3J Frrtnina read a paper, 

" &-. -luraj AlttJliaitle» of Jer- 

«ej." I-« |>ui*h ehnrcfaea are inrlTe in 
■■Btber. Tbr* almoat Inrariablr eoouu 
afniBpnCKt cru««. lite tioKk tmiMpt 
Wif iutifitfentljr on the north or amUi 
■Ir; tbttt ia Uinalljr a aiuf le aiale eitend' 
«f tb« wfcole Icujtk, lOiI e^nal in §ite to 
^■tejutdeliaajoali itU %mtn3ij iUt- 
<A l» ttC othetwiM than by the iater. 

|toaitJoa of the Idvei', which I* innriatily 
central, whicfa ia tol>econtii)ered the bodf 
of tbe ehordh, and whieb the aisJc. Th« 
alkies have, with one unglc iMccplion. 
distinct gablct; thotnforinmaod ctereitoiy 
ere fcntum utterly nnkaown. Thct* 
roof* are alwaji eitetnallf btch plt«bod« 
tiiteraatti- is a atone vault, almoU atwari 
of the pointed barrel forni, commanly 
fprin^Bf from flat pilaitera. Porchea 
nre thrown out on all lidrs, north, aouthi 
and weit. and are •oinetimn attached to 
the tnuiMpta. Tbe central lower* are. in 
six 0/ tbe twclre •.-iiurcbcR, crowned wllli 
i|n»ilran£uI»T itonc ipirc*, two Imre the 
octagonal form, two hate uidk.back 
roofo, and two are flat-topped. Tbete 
churcbea are to be ehutij relened to iwa 
jieriadi, tbr latter |>*rt of (be twelfth 
cvntnrT, and tbe flftnralh or eaH5' part of 
tbe (uic«atfa. The work of tbe fomer 
date eiblbilA an exeeaiiretf rude Re- 
maiiique or TraniiliMi ityle ; but the na- 
tional atyle of tbr ialand, ift wbidi all tbe 
chnrehc* hare been repaired, It a qwdca 
of late Golbic. of no great merit in mOat 
tefjwvia, but affording in il* window 
Irao^ry. wbcrover It hu been BDiojored by 
tbr rnUile<a horbariam of latrr day*, nUMt 
graceful forma, not exactly Decorated, 
PiTtfcndicnlar, or Plamboyant, but cotB> 
binine the beuitJcs of all ibm. OlM 
pecnliarity may be noti«sl in thoie ap* 
prnarJiiing moiit nearly to oar Decoraled, 
tbe iix- of the irefbD inatewlof tbe quatr«> 
foil in tbe vpper part of tha Ugbti. wban- 
bj peihaju the eye a better carried aloag 
the line of tracery, and not left to rcat ao 
much on the quatrefoiled apace*. Some 
of the more Flamboyant windowfl arc 
worked partially witliuiit fulistio;!!, nhich 
of conrw impairH their HTeirt, All ibeaa 
wiadowi are under well -pre portioned 
KidiM, of which Ihe ctripttcne ia aome- 
limra crocketed, and bIioobI alwwya baa a 
Anlal foUage al the top. Tbe doorway* 
are noatly late Raniboyaat. with tb« da- 
prtaacdanrb of IIk atyle, and Booldten 
nimilar tu lfao*c of the wiiulowa. no 
pieH aad arsbet are ooamooly Flanboy- 
ant i mafieiTe nand roliuaiu with oeta^ 
gotiixl capitals and baaca ; Iboae of the 
toam Bie mari ootnmonly Tranaition, 
pointed, but rude «*«a to batbariaa, 
anringinjc from t«ctao{ular plcn wllhoat 
the slighted attempt at decoration bajood 
n plain tmpoit. The rotmd arch pRvailt 
ia cttc window* in the tower*, wbidi aic 
iklwiiy*. a> well aa all tbe few RamBaeM|^iie 
window* occnrrlng elaowhrre, quite plain, 
wKbont any (haft* vr oriiamcoul monU* 
ingx. Mr. Trecman pn>recded to dl- 
Fciibc llic more rcniAilublc featorca of 
indiridual chuicbei, lli<r«per baa been 
publiibed in tba Sucicty'i Frocecdiagi. 
laawwtrto « qii«;^«A cf the B«t- W. 

Anii^fuarutn P*i«archet. 


9ewtTt, frf 'Efctw CeneK«. Mr. Preraun 

aburvftl, that ba thovbt iho bailriinei 
mtn chidlj of the grsniu of the iilu^, 
bnrt wonU oat ra prf« •*■ f pMibra Ofiitdoo, 
from bii very ■IuIk ininiiNtaDee wiib the 
41fffrrat kIntU nf ttimr. Mr. S««retl n- 
tBotketl Ihil Ihe builderi oft«ii modiSrd 
tbfir ilnUiU to nit Um iwtnrr of tbit 
Uflnc. Hcndnrtcd to A hA ftonc mod 
far mtnnlA drtailo in wmbc Irbh rhnri4iei, 
brinx > kind of fiiin utmtite, Mr. Porkrr 
mhtetvti that bunt clmlk was >iinU«rly 
■Md Ia eertain Kni;>i>h churrhn. Mr. 
Ptttenon. of Trintiy Ol!r^, mrntion«il 
■ *«ry frialilr nmtntann iumI In tkft 
ehiirdm of St. Jaqnei, it UvfC, wblrb 
ma har<irtic(I by ml. Tbu sppiicatton 
gtrt it M ilopptr fioloor, tnit potiibly pre- 
TCnl'd wrnthxr-ilaiaii. Hr allnded at Iba 
MDM tine to th« foliatiooa iu CoIdcu 
Calbednl. (be apptt lidn of which lud- 
Ttrwliy xlopcd outmnlt, ao «f to prrrTftit 
tbe Kafer trora loafing od lh«ifi. Mr. 
Piuker obarrvrd that it wu naully tho 
tAMi. the (vrlj Eagliah blM b«iftg Ibe 
«nlj tnoiilding llml would bold wat«r. In 
tanrvr tu • >)ue<iio<i of ilie Pmidmt, he 
remirkrd thni a turiV-r drain f^rtd with 
brick or (il« waj tbn oaly circirtuil mcllKxl 
af e-trryjaf off tba water which lalla frnn 
tlw nrc* of a building. 

Jtiaf 37. The mnaal nectifiic of th^ 
Baciftjr took phur— Utr omnmitttT in 
th«lr repor) congratnUtnJ ihp mrmbera od 
Chit pra^nu the prbicti'ln nn whidi the 
todetjr U founded were making Htraugh- 
oat Enitlanil. Thry llm niFntinntd 
work* fioUbed or in pro^m* In Orfwrd 
•udtbc nelgbbootbood :— Ut, Mr. Pagitt'i 
bcKulifal new crtirance galnwaj at Mag> 
4ftlf>i)'< Colli>K«: 2'l, tha omM rvpalre at 
ibe diurch in St. Peter's in tbe Eaat ; 8d. 
Uu new cbireh In St. Ebbe'a, of whlcb 

ihrj 6\i not aHuf tU iir «i*pTO«« ; 4lh, i 
riroreh of Moridertbte merit at Tubnej. 
hf PUfin; btrtly. Hie reatontioa of the 
rtbnrcrh Hi ('lifton llanip'ln), by M«i*rii. 
Scoll and Motl'aC. Tbe ConnnittDe n«t 
adTer(4sl to aet-em] iiwUDt^es of a like frel- 
bii| in otlier parti of the kiogdom. more 
eapecialiy the mcning from long -von • 
tiktiMi deacnntimi tite Abbey of St. Au- 
giutlinci at ('antcrburr, by two tnetnbm 
of the Miciely ; (lie roiluritiiin of St. 
Mary's Cbureli, Slaffurd, by auother num- 
ber; tad the new ebafeb at Leeds, by 
Mr. Dertek. Tlic rtpott then alluded to 
the formation of two new sodetin at Lin- 
coln and Nnttmcliam i coaiiralaliited tbe 
menber* pf the Camdeo Society on tbdt 
re-e*lahli3hme«t, liO|>in| Ibry would UHi* 
wafnlD); by tbe " rxperimce uf the paat, 
■od (earn, while dtmiDisliiog nothioK of 
ibetr vifovr. In beware leal their good be 
erll tfpokrD of thtti'igh Faric nf iti*i'rrtiOD ; 
ffarinf; leal tbe deiriiledly nmtroirrpial 
lone of manr of Ita (inblioatioflN ahnuld 
klBder tbe eauw which both aoriftie* 
cqnallT dndio to pmmcAe." After sllod- 
i«K to (lie ser«ioe« of the offices of tbe 
•oriety, and to tbe aociety's paUieatiOD* 
in tbe courae of tbe year, the committee! 
roniliiHlrd hy eallh^ tbe. nttentton of 
■Bonbcri (a Ibe armnKemtrcits «mercd 
IstD for tbe rettoralion of Dorrhecur 
Abbey Church. 

Tbe RcT. Mr. ScwHI, of Exeter Col- 
lece. then pire a leciore on "Tbe Ecde- 
■iaatieal Antlqiiitiea of Irclattd." illnt- 
tiwled by freqnent allasion tu .Mr. Petrie's 
new work jnst published, " On the Roand 
TowBT* of Ireland." Mr. Sewrll stal«d 
tlvfrr wete aone hundred of churrhca iMI 
existing in Ireland of tbe Tth and Bth 
eentorict. nltealed by tndiiioaj, mm- 
•erlpts, and BoawuBto. 



Surfeit brouiihl A'fnrf tbr Committtt, 
Jn. ?3, eonlmnnl from tmr latt, p. 


Mr. Ooddard Jflbnvtn annotinenl the 
dWovery of lome brume iuiplratenla, in 
Ibe rithge of Carlton [lode, abovt three 
nilFi south of Attlcboronch tn Norfolk. 
Four brotixe f(<**gfii wrrt found, three of 
which h«»c toelieis for h«ft», and onr hns 
I ihank to h« inserted into a baft ; Ibere 
were abo bronne poncho, chiscta. cdts, 
portion* of reltn. beir»g the cutting; eoils of 
thoer Implotneots. and teverml nieces of 
mcttl, of whicb one ap|>enred by Ita ahapa 
to baTfi brrn the reaiduuro left la the 
mellioiC'pot. (Rcpreaeatattonaof tbe mnat 
remarkable are t^rm ia tbe Mew Jonnul, 

p. S9.) Thnie was no ttwv of ancient «e. 
eupotFon near the spni. Mr. Johnson 
remarked that tbe diHcnrery of ee>ta with 
iDipl«ineDts of laeeluak'al use, in this 
{••tatfR, lony aTord a ■rmin't for the sup. 
noiiUoo that cells werefaintcvlrd for some 
inmeatto or mMhmicai parposev rather 
Ibnn t(i aertt aa mUiiary weapon*. Mr, 
Smith obaemd that a similar diacotery of 
•■elts with Mngea, and nortiom of a hroiup 
swt>rd. had binen mauc at Sittingbonrar, 
M elated hy the Re*. W. Vallanoe tn a 

Rper read at ibo Caattiliiiry BMeting- 
HI rword could nut be coflaidtfedfll Uf> 
thing hot H militury weapon. 

A nolo from Mr. Edward Freeman wu 
read, retattog to reatoralioDa it St. Mary's 
ehurcb, lideeater. Tbe removal of tbe 
altiw from Un cud of tbt wuk ■enibtni 



AAti^MtHtm Rntarchii. 


riik, «Wi« H •! prMnu iUndi, to the 
—i f Ml ckuMol, »ill lokTc ■ »|iane. an> 
(Hiii^ Mcapinl bj • chwitry alUr, and 
warn ta W oanafieJ bj ptma, ohich triU 
^■• or oommI Wbm a«lr.Ragti«h 
MrfBi*, <MfcrifciJ u of m»ulc*Uy (ins 
cftuavttf, A wpatclml men new tbm 
I Imw riMitly biMhtd up bj > lavdii- 

«Ht • bCKiUfal P«MUiW KBMn, 

drtUad the toulb u>le from Ibe 
bu bM« ufcoi <l««ni Mi4 It is 
U n^nct it u a nmdiMi to tbe 
mhI to pMid Ibe Tea C«u> 
i ■MR thsoHMla. 
w, Artbttr &«»«;. of RoCtlaf- 
iiwiktwl • akiteb of k cwiffu* 
■C •< •nilpOiro (hicoicml «oai» 
« •(»■' i*'- Miduu-I'a Elmrcli, Soatb- 
Ham, imhtiied ia ibc «»II of « porch, 
••■ Ased agiMut tlie cbawsBl wall, 
IM As dUr railt- ll n^ttMemtt a, 
mf, TtsM^ {Bpa(itiAail*,burigbthMid 
U»i is ifce MtitQile a( btonUctkia, 
M thf kft Kfwpt tlw pMtorml MaJT, 
it CMialaatea in * plain >bIu»«, Th« 
I k Iml Tba fncmcBt wiirf 
raatek* in hr«shti and th« only 
^|wraliaIitTa. llnliiD tboltreaal 
•ffHf* ■ •«■» iawcUed oraaiuent aCnd 
» Am ebatAlt, M appanUly rqifiwi- 
kC tk* fiatUMair. Tho tadpnin <■ fuie, 
aa4 MMf bt sattgnnl ta tba tbirteenth 

Moai tuUp, af SkcAwd, Bcd> 
ami aa aMOont of tbe rcocni 
of Rosan rrauin* in Cbardi 
, ta Ite pukb o( Nortbill. about ub« 
J (tan ibenaaaaoof JohDUarTvj, 
M^ at IrWcll Barr. in that cannty, m>ii< 
ffeBteg «f m akcictvna, bnncd axnm- 
«■>. At hmd. of me tg tba »oinb it . 
ani Bat of At oil« In Ibf oontmy dk 
fMika- By tb« aUa of ibcm «<f« fband 
tftne iai vaan of gUi". Th« lirRnt of 
ttaac b anagOwL of cuanc saierial aul 
«f a fMiB eakw, and ««Ud mntain 
^mx taa ^l«na. It ba* no handica ; 
|]h (kaa WManW tbi> li>«irr part ii half an 
laA la tUfhacq. Tbm mu ilao a Blaat 
hKt]*. nf ITT, -iegaat deilfn, and 

■f tb> ca1< Port wiBc aith a 

di|ka aarp^ »'-«^' ^Rntrand in tbc 
N«« Jianal, p. S2.) AU tiMM vaaek 
a aa a tmlii HonNi fiVf iii<-nU af Saiaiui 
«a>« ava akn found, and ui mm ulcniil, 
ap pawnty bttndnl Air han<ltii; a limp 

TW Rp*. Ifdmrd (hbfaa Walfbrd. nrtw 
of ClMp|ik|%'a«ila». OMf Banbury, ex- 
MMart a laad. w aunlai •raannil. of 
■lip aam^9 u n (taat, found la Au^aat 
iMt* war the wwbiM rt cerarr of ibe 
Mt biJMin graflBdhi ifavpDriiii of Ctrip- 
gUf Waindaa. TIm! bell<btitinf fnaod u 
ativlv <ai)tisaoiu u tl>.- ArbaijBaakij 

Gift. iUa, Vol. XXiY. 

in the niddle of U ire tbe rfmaiu of ta 
■Ttifiriat Innk, panlld with the Wallow 
Bank : andataaiKiiinMlwar b«lwt«a tboa 
tbe brad wan found. 

ftlr. lUitkins fiirai*)ml tba falhnrlng 
nartknlan relating to the preaml ittta of 
UaMoojp Abbey, oo. Maanoaili, whtcb 
ia sow fftf ntinoBB. Thm aalU <■( th« 
duir are ftaoding ao Car aa ta iIm* tba 
oatUna of tone of the «iodoa>. Tba 
aalls of the loutb traoaept era MrrMjr 
perfect. Tbr Bofth traaaept ia rviaooa ; 
the atcbea nkick icparalo the have hna 
tW aiak* an ia fair pnoarralion and verf 
beaatlM. The aortli aide ia oecvpMHl by 
a va«b-haBae and aktUle-g^ond. 11t« 
cloiaten, donaitonea, Jkc, an ued aa ■ 
pUne for the mrnficoi of mitoia, kapt bf 
a penon naaied Webb. Tlu ruitM Mppaar 
10 baTs ■■fared few injuTiiu u[ Ute. Tba 
«citeni froal ia tery pvirn:! and kranliful^ 
hut tba tiaotiy of' tlie ft***' ainiiow la 
cone. Tbe owner of ilie properly it Waliv 
Satage Landor, Uw poet, now reaideal in 

Mr. Stuitb reported to the OmmlliM 
tbe Ttiall of a Tint be bad rt«enlty nade 
to ColcUu(«T, to euunlne name cxcava- 
tioaa mad* by tbe R««. Janot Rouad, ta 
Ui pHan opponta tba oaaik. It appcan 
tbU tbt ««rtli aad east atdca of tbe caatk 
w«tc Ihrtifted bv a derp ditch and a bi|[b 
ranapart af aartb. ar« r '^aalderaUa 
reaiaina of tbna works in Mr. Rouad'a 
rardcft. The nmpart k ihmwa iipea a 
wall whidk, aa ftloranl obaertea, appeara 
to have fonaarly eDeoaapaaaad the ewlk, 
vr BoiaB cailMr baildiN^. It was to m»- 
eertaia the nature of thU wall that Mr. 
Roond directed cicaialioiu to be made ia 
tbe fUe nearer the eaktle. Tbe poftloa 
whiek Mr. Smith ctamiard was aboiit Ik 
fort widr, twelve drep.aad Lwii tbi^k i tbe 
interior side had beini hrukvu down, eo 
that the orifinal ihickn««s conli noi bp 
aaeettaiard. It ii compaacd of cat *nam, 
rraerahlinf the la/'rnf of tbe Roman wall 
near the tt*er, with ufl*et> aboot fotir fcwt 
apart; the Inirrfor vsbihiti Roman lilaa 
irrefDlarly diapoaed. and moatly ta frag- 
mentt ; ttc mortar reaeaablea that of tha 
eaatlr, being aoft, withoat the bna aadi 
pounded tUe which lararlably anler kla^j 
lbs cwmposttiOQ of tbe Ramao wiUs. Ia 
eieanatiag the approarhe*. Iar|eqa8atltie» 
of broken Homaa tllei. fragmenUof freaca 
paintiofft. aad Inmpi of atortar, aatodia- 
cuTt-reJ. {woiing ttiat tbe site at a m<wa 
lentottf )ieriod hJid been occapicd by Rdoub 
halldiap. Subsequent to Mr. Smiih'a 
Ticit another portios of tba rampart asp 
opeoM ; B coarae. pavement of lunratona 
wai laid opaa, aad a wall aix feet tbick* 
with iDiBiysIs or doorway* *'* f**^ «<de. . 

Mr. !>in:ih forltacr remuked, that C«l- 


A/ltbgvai'Mtt JlfitarehM. 


efaater pMMueit nuj iaWMdng n- 
nftio* nf tht Romano -Britiih period, knd 
tbat Itf undcntotKl it vu tliL- hktcniion a( 
the muoicip*! itiilhorilt'!* to build «inia*nuii 
f«r the anthiultiH vhioh art cootinully 
babf diicoTored. bnt itUch htn Kltberto 
been inuch Deflected a&il diiperted. 
Tkerv ar* trveral leMellatrd pavrnM--Titi 
wUcb Blight be e^cunined it KtriftinfieMt. 
One, ID the gardeu ot Mr. Fraiicb, Ui> 
lictlor, uid to be of a ■npertor dcacrip> 
timt, hu never been excavkwd ; one hai 
noiBll}' been diaeovcred in makinK a 
Hw-pit in the nrden of Mr. Uowter at 
the bottom of E^rth Hill. 

Feb. 13. Mr. John Atley Repton pre* 
wnlcd a aeriu oi drairinfi of |>udnu of 
Ttrioui datei. due of thc«« via r6C«nll; 
btt^uKht to Ug\).t ia S|>ringfirld cliurcli, 
Kii*rx,byMr. Renton. He iu^ponpnitto 
beofltie time of Edwnrl I. or Edward II. 
The Ixrft piaciaa In IWUy ebarch, Eaaex. 
prob&bljr of tbe lOJEti of Joho. i» fumiilinl 
with t«ro bailna, one circular, ihr olbcr 
uCtaDgulu. Other rxamples are from St. 
Ltvreoee, Rainiif[»lc, and a i^hapel iie*r 
Co n eahiil, E»*e<, aHicned lo the earlt 
part of tbo reign of Henry III,. hsvitiK 
raind-hcftded trr.foiled arcbei ; unrardo 
ibeUllerpanof tiKiume rci|[ntliif f«*tare 
««( ■iiperu-d^d hy ihe pointed tivfait, ■> 
nl LuitoQ, NorthamptoBthirfi which an- 
Mara to be a vtij (nrljr fpecimco. >ir. 
Bepton wnt ahm n dnioHnft nf the triplet 
window of tbtt ohapti near Coggnhall. 
Kmarkiible la boini wholly ra&nructed 
of brick. The brinks meunre ISl inch&i 
by H, and era 9 incliea thick. 

Mr. John l>ranetl, of New VilUgr, 
tale of Wight, ahitritedn piece of needle- 
work, and who, in nllndinjc to Mr. Hatta- 
boinc'a paper un embroider)-, remarked 
that in thU inataooe the blank velvet, 
wbidi MTvea u the ironad-work, ba» been 
rut out in tboie parti whero the pattern 
wsa acwn un. Il ti a portion of a eouiplela 
•nil of fnmitare for a hi0f-tp«ter bed, 
formerly il) the old boue of Appvtdiir- 
tfonbe, bad ia utkd ta hnn been tlie work 
uf the Udiea of the Woraley family. Tbe 
OdMHimta ere mnch rniaed. Thn dati> 
I61£ wu worked in the centre of the 

Mr. Dennett aent abo a ntbbing from 
K tepnlclirBl braM in .\rrelon rburi^h, Iile 
of Wifht. It il a figiirr iti pluie iirmuur, 
date ■Iniiit 14.tD ; the bead ii \ml, but 
when petfet'i ii tneaanred about two feet 
lix incbe*. The inscription w on a pbtc 
under the feet, and dreertes notloe n» an 
early example of a legend in the £ngliab 

Here i> ybyried. vnder tbi* gme 
Unrrf H«wlei. Ui wnlc fod uw 

loace tym« ttewvrd. of the yl« of wy|hl 
bane m'cy on hym. god ful of rayght 

Mr. CharW Speoic, of DcTonport, 
commniuciilod e rubbing of a orpukhral 
braaa, found at the eaat end of the iioi-lb 
nitle in the cborch of Yenlmpton, nine 
mile* from Plymouth. It It a ti^re in 
nmour. roeninKoa in length t*o feet nine 
inehca. end under the feet ia tbe faUowldf 
leKwod!— Hii: jaeet JohV> Crokker nilet 
qnondlrlphofiiriufAi^risinfcr il!u*tri«MDil 
ngia cdwudi quarti qui obijt liiij die 
mareij wno d'ni milli'o (juiBfteHiao 
cx'tiuo. Fiiur etciilclironi. oive on cilhei 
lide of the head, and two at the feel, beat 
■ eherroo between three crow*, but the 
chevron ia not mi^ntled, aji uiuaily borne 
by Crueker of Lyneham. £tr Jolin Crok- 
ker diiCinRuisticd biiuielf in the aup. 
preaiion of rerlin Warbeck'i rebellion, 
and ufompinicd itic earl of Devon to the 
rrlicf of hxrter, when beaiegid in 149:. 
I'hn Lyiieham eatiit« p«M«d, in IT40, by 
inarriBge with tbe heireai of Crocker, to 
tbe Bulteel family. On the north aide of 
ibe church, in the chnrehyard. there ii a 
very ancient iotcHbed aUb, wliich bear» 

Mr. Thomav King, of Chifibesiter. ad- 
dreaaed rhr (^mmillee on Ibe frequent la- 
jories and ipoliiiiinn of aepulrhral braaaet. 
He Htate* ihM tea eccutcheons tine been 
taken from the rnriont bras* nl Trotton, 
in SuMex. reprcacnlinf Margaret de 
Camoya, who died in l^tlO. The nniiarinl 
ornaiitenlit to whlirh .Mr. Ktnr allude*, 
are probably tJie mnnll r«ouieheoni with 
nhicti her robr wiu (nw^r. aud thair lOH 
la to be rcsrettcd, not onlf becauir they 
were dnubtleet enmtned, nut aa a eery 
ningular >ii«ciiren of cantiime ; (or thia 1* 
tbe only tepulchral braai knuwn which 
preaenli this pceuliwfeaiurfl cf om»ineni, 
•nd it itiTiuhl have been dcMrnblr (u ai- 
certain whether the bearing tlio* inlriiduced 
were her own arma (UHteadeu). lbu:te of 
Camoya, her fitit. or Payne), her arcaod 

Mr. King, in auntber letter nddranead 
tu Mr. Soiiih, atated in referenoe to cortnin 
old papcri reaiaiaing at Cowdrry Honac, 
tbat they bad been depaaited ia K detacbed 
dovecote, at tite time of tbe fire, and that 
they related lo the limea of BbiabcUi, 
James, and the Proiecwrate. Mr. King 
haa tome of theae papers in his poueatioo. 
one of "hlch it a drlailrd aci'OUnl 04' 
expenaea for livrriiw and lailorv' work, 
during Eliiabeth'* reign, he hat ilto 
court rolli and other documenlt, of tbe 
time of Jamet I. Part of dicaepapen bad 
been wantonly destroyed, eud uted aa 
wrappcrt, or for kindling hra. but ttie 
^rl of Ei^onl haelng rorrnay purobued 


AnHfuiwiin Rettarehta, 




', «tul naiuu will be no losgci 
•nOM4 to deprcdatioa. 

Mr. W. G. Bukar. of tlsmby. n«Mr 
Liybwii, Yofii»ii]rr, m a l«lcr lo Mr. 
^«f, MUcd tlui tbti Vlmr ct Tboroion 
B l> » »f< bid nMrind od AemolkhinK the 
iK—raHi cbwcb 6t St. OimM at tint 
fbcc T1ri*6brio la not ovt vf repair, uul 
A« fwriAiw u«oppo*cdtoiuile3tnic- 
liftO : ka wcUtcctnral Ivtlnrca are nol 
•ary tcrikiac ; (1m uTr is Nonnna. (he 
~. wttwh api»«an (o biie been bnili 
tke foortseath flBDtvrjr, c«ttain( 
"t^ekMWoooe, rredcacc. umI piacina 
'■■■•d. ana a beaatiAiI MfQUbrc." 
«f • mj aadnE KvlpUued cron, 
mb uroU^wdrit, bare been foand 
ia tk iitmvkyrA. T^r '-hnrck it diatant 
•lieM » y wrt ai of a mitr friTm th« viUiigf , 
«id osi^WBn ttn BiaJe (bat it b dasip, 
Wl tkto mS M laaat mlfbt be convcted b; 
initmf. 1^ propoaal to ranoTc the 
iftanA to tSw «utaM bas, a* it it aid, 
tais ^addaaed by tbe Blabop of Rtpon. 

Mr. Jflbn Orera Waller, in n lelUr to 
Mr. SmMk, atBleri that iIm> chiir'-li of Pair. 
UtXJati, an old bnilding of 
dbaneut, had beea tikc*i«e eoa- 
, ooatiaif to tbe tecHnga and wisbeii 
Oa dfCWidanU of mwiT genantJoiu, 
iam iwMJu r«rt anrand thn chBreh. 
Mr. W. H. G«inoBde. of CbrltMbam. 
■w^""'^**— ' a iketcb of an inlacllo, re- 
«m^ fbSDd to ptooghiag at witcomb, 
«MW Bogus Tflla dtteovcnd byLyHOoi ; 
ll ift a com^iaii, act In a fold riiif , and tbe 
dcricr t> eoinp<it«il of three heada, com- 
biaad. wfakh Mr. Gmnonde minmaed (o 
iifHNnt Rooie, NcpiniK, ud Mumiry. 
k awiiil rtng WM found, aec iritli a pUin 

^n* Bc«. E. Gibba Walford, Rector of 
T\if\fwtt WatdeD, ducribcd an ancient 
hai lal plan . aitaatnl on a bill on thr 
Wtbwil dd« of that paiiih, wbere akc. 
tcMM ktn A«]timtt]r been dldntcrfod. 
T» Ite BOrth-van of (hit apot it tli« aap- 
p«aadBrt&b atation tilled Arbur; Banka; 
■■4 ta (^ vaUn beneath are tbe mnatot 
irfVirdACaKle. Mr. WaUbrdbaa cot- 
iMlad tht natancnta of Tarion pcnoDi 
vW bvic mtntsaed the diaoonrr of large 
yln flk4 witli bonaa, a qoaalitjr of apnia, 
M iIm of ikclctoat laterred *iai:l!r, the 
badln batiif bra laid north and sooth. 
aari. hi aaoth>r caa», mtt and vrat ; theae 
■Mataoi *«« taht cooKciitWeljr in a line, 
teMi to boi. He n||Mti th^ poialbllity 
Aat they wmj be the renins at tlie abtu 
•I tho battla of DipMawii , in the adjoia- 
pamh of Kdfeott, a.o. 146A, (the 
cf n antek fai our pment Month'* 



WalTord alao cotBaiDilcsted a co* 
)v^ nfrwoiWtn of a portiwivf fWauw 

teauUatcd panineu. about lifeectquare. 
diaconsvd bf aotne tahowrtfs, in the ope- 
ratioo of treachlBg, at Lenthy Graen, neai 
S'herborac, Donet, aboot the vear U40. 
A tempoiary hotiaa vas at drat raiaed over 
it ; but it wai aotiM^aefltly mnoted hj 
taeana of « frame, wirkrd by icrttwa, and 
lud down in Lord Diabj'* dairy, at Sher- 
boraa caitlc. Ilie <rentral aubJMt. eacJoted 
!a apaad formed bv two i a (cr landed aquan*. 
appcan to r^rraent the ronictt bvtwtan 
Apollo and Mairya*. One ligare ■> MaCid, 
and hold* n Ivrw no hit kni^di the Other 
plara an t duaole dutt. 

Mr. South raported tbe reanlt of Inqul- 
rioa nadc bj tun mpeetiBgthc irHellated 
parefDfnC at Woat Oean, fai Wiltuhire, 
which had beeu atat«) to lie iii the pro* 
jected line of a railTaj. Sir lUrhard Colt 
Uotro tocntioni tbeiUfcOTetyarthiipaaa- 
inmt in IT4I. The ipot it tbe profMCty 
of Mr. Beaiicliamp. A amall portion has 
bMnonconrrd, biu it ia believed that a 
moch greater uteni of paTemcat lies ttiU 
coocea]c<l ; and the rnnains of walla, the 
diacoaery of coiu, and other r«lics, appear 
to indkatc the eJlcof an unexplored Roman 
lilla. Ncarif tbe whole of Wrat Draa U 
itM jiropcttT of Cbarica Baring Wall, eai|. 
M.P. Mi-. Hatrhar, of .Saliabnry, np* 

Kaea tliai the aite of another nanplorvd 
iman villa exiau hi CUrendoa Wood. 
aboDt thrcr milea frotn Saliabory, and 
itatei ttiat uomrrmia coina hate bc«n dla. 
eoiered there. 

>lr. Smitb Mumuaieated a letter from 
Moniucur de GernUc. of Tolognca in Xor- 
Riandy, cooeeraiac the dtacoierj of 3W 
French and Engliu gold cmis. oear Bar- 
ncur. They are ebleflj of the relgm of 
Charl™ XII. of Pranc* aiwi of a«iry V. 
and Henr7 ri. of Enxlaad. 

1V> Rey. Charie* H. Hartxhomc md 
a rrport oo the present State of the rnina 
of Wcnloch Priory, alatiog ttiat aboot two 
yean *ini.-e hecallmj the atlcntun of the 
lale proprkier to the impcuiUnf: ruim of 
that part of tbe tranaejtl whWh hu been 
preaMTed. A aingular building, then 
atandinc apfwrtncly on* of (he fortified 

i;atea of the Priory cloae, htt rabaequeady 
alien, but no wilfnl damage has been do»e 
to tiw nuna. Durtug tbe laat aotnmn. on 
a reprcaentatlou to th«? RiRht Hnn. ChailM 
Wynne, the sun of 15/. waa placed at iba 
diiipOial o( Mi. Karbbarue, with nviearof 
prrvcatJni futher decay. II* alaied thai 
he had made a careful surrey of (ho rajast 
and taken cicry precaution fur thdr !£• 
carity, by cnttinR nway nutU Irera and 
ifarabiaa might dLijdhit ibeatonea.pointiDg 
the uppereouraeaof tbomawory.Heuriag 
the copinfc itonea, and gitiog mtppart to 
thoae part) which pttacnttd any Bpp«>r< 

vm vf du>|«r< 



Mm n. £w4 OtttfOw Mn4 dto 
■MM imtlmt irf Ui E«L<aiA>ne>L 

ft«^ Ua «q •• «K rtm^fiw Covt «r 
AttiiUMil rf €■■■>■ J. Hcpa. 

y ■ «Mtwl T II tm «— ft. M< IbrtA* 


■wi y^ wfa i l 111 iWiAwM 
ttok w Wk «rM ttB mm^OM, 9mM 

lot ■ «■ iMMi] nftefty «t Lm4w. 

«i ft oorx MM M IWivrafito l«^ 
eawtty. vfecM ttwHMW immcM W 
41 tt«» who ^^ «i>k li iimJiii I 

I9 She Report «f IsM. dM fMliM li tte 
aaifjwmMWic " j-u— * ^^ 

d»t te M>r AflnKs wnU be Una On 
ntf4 b« iMm«M to LeaAtw. m4 thn* 
lupc M Mfa omAmIt. WU naw4 I* 
Omdb Kmw, W u n f w rt tiWrn a ncs 

l» tie 5p«lar iimIim. m4 uiedj lk« 
■at — ■ W lujiwiri u !■ iWeMiaf 
fOH-nlM. JU to nto, iWr jwiidic- 
liM «« y iO | ii ie M Iw tlMakiA m4 
MdlM| nUa wen to W rrfmvl to tW 
Ck«rt •/ChwMfj; aad Oc vnuaal jorlp- 
fcik a «f tlMH •ariftfcmfcd eottro «u 

■•il ri B f MflB hb s«B. fbr eadt «m 

MMT CMMtoiei If iwlmd tB inrtMifite 
tbt BD^ied. H* bki mitad Co* mb« 
OottfKneu Bnmre, b«t, m ft«tte kkd 
Imm iMMghi r«mra.lK bDptdAcBovM 
«mU Mnrtka tk* «w ae« teAm IL 
Vm BUhop «r UfcOi w)^ «at op. 
•w» A* 9*«imI EMdIas. dhM^ he db. 
3«rt*d to |j«fng pmren oTAtom ud ex- 
VttoiBBikatlail to k Ujr Iribuaal X«W 

11 iMTftlM " ^--^v-i...^ 

to ^OM or eir J. NidioU awl S>r W. < 
faXl. It vn riftit (UC Ibft BBOBMno 
iisl«ii« I* Am eowta ■Iwiild cnw. tod 
OM Ihr Ct«ra ihMU ivpoioc Ikr jiirtr" 
M k MMlM^ •!! oibar*.— Tbr /^rrf 
CkwMOar (ne Ue BQI kU bMity npport I 

Jin M. Xwrf «r««wr moved tfae 
immI MdlH oC IW ro4Ti>r#in 
OaiuoaMt pMtinikrt; u nlaUd to 
iWfo^M of »^«iM ImUw*. Whrtbetor 
Ml A VM richs to koap rack ■ iKio^r »«■ 
tm tt> Bom to ^eUe. He (hoBshl it 
kd Uncr W ghM •».— I>rrf fffmJfy 

hcWr ^'*«' t^ *^ ^ ^ '**^ * **°^^° 
law tktftef >U tooalhs. eoni«i4uw ibil 
il «M kOfe itart «f m •bawdily.— l«r« 
JDm^ rad fhpfiliH bMJi tMpporied 
iferfadpktftW ■■■■i n .MtliilL.rJ 
HiijlMi. Brf iko Xwrf a«w«Jtor took 

• ^Miv «Ma^i«rf ^•rton4y «i*bed 
tki foww to I !■ ila. k)il IB * modiAed 
ikHi rtm s arirfaa Ik* Btn «m loal b| 

• ■<llll|rf<.tlwiW»bmbciflC-Por 
Il 9 1 Md Mpinit H. U. 

Aw 1. 9. 4. IV SM^Md RaOiof of 
tW kUT««Off« C«u.a«K Kn occariootti 

• Mace af tkm 4i|«' cvatinaaMM. dorioa 
irUA the vaMaK «« mcrdf eoadaaiiMd 
IgrOaMahef efZaaJto.aaato— nn»y tap- 
paitod kr tke niiknfi nt AVvM -ad 6. 
OeM^a. awMd kf tkt Bii4o|i of C»*^. 
and iiiianif N' k; Ike ArfUbhop of 
UaUia. lie Earl <rf ^tnCni motrd •« an 
^M^^toW. " IWt tko BiO ka rcfriicil to 

• S*tf Ui^toMB, iw Ike avvoK of !»• 
■^ Ma *« ^tooc W ^ boou tucA ■■ 
Il I ill I rf l^iaillaa. Mitke AacipIiM 

-"-^ «i MajMMk- Tkeb LoM. 
Ai|a dmiM aa ikc Mniafamw— Con- 
teal. ft9i aol caateal, 1SS-— aujontj 
^tait It. 96. Ob tbi ooUaa— Content, 
pn>eBtl«4i pntka «t,-8i6; not omi. 
UVttftmtm Hi fmimU.—fi 
JOTitr br tka aoMad ttodu» U7. 

Hocis or Cnmiuwm. 

JTay, Si. i^<^ J«W /tuwrU farmdn 
fomnl ikf fi>Il»atiif reaaliukiaa itopwDai 
Ike t^aoDuao cLAaaaa ia Eaaliad iM 

" 1. That the prewnt lUte of political 
tm<i<ul]tlr, and Ike roceut mini of tnda, 
tSati ia thi* lloBfc ■ h*0«i>Ue oppocttt- 

tatf va nwUar «( wuk Muini M niy 



Prnf«*timgi(H Parliamtnt. 

ttij to inptOTC tbe moAtioB 

'■flmal lh*M U«* aUdt iaipOM DvliM 

maSy <«0«d p(ol»eli«« Und tn impair tba 
iSciaK7 of UbMir. to mtrict Uk frao 
MHRiHHife 0( wmBiodlriaa, «ihI to iutioM 
am ibc pM^ MUHKify lauiMu. 

**3. TlMtth* prawnt Corn-r^w tni<li 
[ taprMOBeaU tn A^ricultarc, pn>- 
WMcndUf in ftU bfuuMf sp<cuU* 
, mad buld* «nt 10 llie oonL-n «ad 
I «f U»4 |>roK|i«eU of ipciMl wl> 
1 vkicfc it £uU u Mcnra. 
x 4l IWf tU« llouM will ukd tke mid 
^■1 lilii iiiiiMii'iiiriiiii, wiiliBTieirUtauch 
■MMoi flMi 4aUbcnte kmuvnnfnU u 
■ij bt ^Ml ImmIi ill Id dl eUMM of W 

'-&. I^itdbelnnlcmof iudutryiTDald 
b« pniWWtJ ^ ■ carvTul rcmion of tli(t 
U« Of Favduai Setttnneul wLich aoir 

•- C Tlui ■ i / H t ai tk |i)«ii of CoittDiM' 
MM «mU iMitMllr rdiCT* Umm dktricu 
tf ttcMasBj •kri«tbeAcAeirw7<if«n- 
1m* heu nuMt nvonoaa (o lii« 
< in ii^mtmmirj. 
ThtA Ut iiBpfvmMMli nadb of 
fter 7<^r» IB t^ KduraHon of tint people, 
t «mI m ita norc ccDnn] iltfliuuiD, >ia*a 
Ha Mn «Jlb M^MibM fa; <bM U<»w. 
»■. nkt ihta UenM «il bn nad)' la 
on ito —p f u tt m mmtar a tnmitd m 
Wmnt aai WW yl i wMi re pnadplea. which 
■■f W coDdacrrv to ihv Iwnkit nUmtaa 
<f ntt(MM nd noral LnMrnctiiai, 

■*9. llMr* IwbUc addf «M be prcMntcd 

a I II tlij ].' ' j" ' - (-'-j" --■ 

ltaMMW«tor>UfeHT." Mr. «Aot«w« 

Oia^ifrf pcof O Mrf u an Aiamimit b) 

tfcsint HeMbtMW to tMttt aflrT tbe word 

— *' to |i*i^ inunediafa! rt- 

, (0 ihB dsBi w repoatcdlT iir(cd Id 

tta jpKltUM of Uw |M«ple tor an tMBomm 

^Om ^rti— MWlMfy SaSragv, ai wdl M" 

1W ^tlila waa tAtaartitd. and reaiuned 

«« tb* Mtk. wliB uo AnumlBeot WM Be* 

nDMd fef Sia ta 33 i anii tfaa Rraolutum 

(0« IW pr«rifW( qncalion] t>r 1Kl< In 104. 

itafiO. O) Ibe MtiUua fur tlie Second 

BaHtui(0rtb«Coi.L£«u>(lRRi «nd) bill. 

Lord /. JfavKra nUl he rcttr il bii oppo> 

•Um t» M on du FTP>nd 'Jiui ii mur no 

fttMmt tor tko wWgwoa itulmrlkw of 

the gj^mn to bs braa^t tojrthvr. Uc 

urndtk* fiwMid BfMdlog UliI liaj mi 

•inlhK.-^ir J. OntMam wa* connnrcd 

that as CoUrfs, baavd npon a national 

q^UBof crfaoktJad, roitld MiCMTil Of pfiTK 

hsiartal. H (!bar«<trn«Dd by aa; x.-ctarian 

baiB na debate «aa cvntlniwd rai the 

■aMdarjQDB, wbtt ihc houM diridad,— 

Im tW aawndpoMil. 4fi 1 t^nt-t It, .11 1 -, 

7m« 9. Hfr. Bnmt moved an Addnn 
Eo UfT UajeMy, praTteg bar io gn»l m 
fuiublr p«anoa Co Sift ncMnr PomM. 
OKN, in fcwardfbr lu* eoiiiieBl public ■«>• 
*lc»ai1Ier Mkjnt]p'« l*leiit|>ut«iiijaij in 
China. Tbe motioo waa wckomed by ap. 
partici. inclodtng tbe Gorenuoviit, aa4 
>:ir Robert Poel pmniand W tak« up tb^ 

Jwtt & Lonl jUUfv braotht in t«* 
Bill* : the fint Io auoid tbe l«n for Um 
pruriiiun and nguUtion of LoicATIB 
AkiLLMi for Couniic* and Boron^.aai 
tar tbe Buintt'BBD«e aiMl can: of Paupar 
LuiiaiiM to Bngland ; Ibo aecond, for Uw 
rrguUtioo of (be can and ireatBent of 
I^utaiica ia BaxtaaiL 

June 9. Mr. H'<ird man* tbe apiwln& 
acnl of a Select Connuttao. " Io n»air« 
whrtbcr thMtt ar« aor pcrulW banac^ 
spectally afecdox tbe LaHDao Ikts&hc 
of tba conutrj, or an* pcenbar cictnptidM 
cnjofed hy Ibit Inlrrrst, aitd to aacttttala 
their Dxturc and cxianu" Ajaa 10}| 
Noea mz. 

Jm»e 10. Mr. I'if/i«r» brniiKht fynm* 
hia anniial motuin fur a C oiaiu K l ai CD ite 
CoKN Law4 : ID onbtr to oooaUer Ob 
fiUoirlnx lUjolirtHMU: I. Thirt tlic Car* 
Law rMtnrta ihp aupplir of fond, and pra> 
lasta iIm* free nchan){« of the producla of 
hboiir i S. That it u thanAn prieiadfeUl 
to tbe welfitfa of tbe mantr;. upeciallr ta 
that of tbe woriiinit cluar*. ukI faaa prmed 
deliiMfo to tboa« fur wh'M« benefit tba lav 
waa deoisBadt 3- That it it expedient that 
ail TOMrietkna on Cora ahouU be now 
alMiliibed. Tbe Btotiau arM ntgntirtd b* 
.^4 to I2i, 

Jvmt 1 3. In aCoaunittee on Colueasb 
(IrtlaMl) it waa rcaulnd, wHboat a diH* 
aiaa, that lOt.OIW. be iapwd CMt of ikt 
Cuoaolidaled Fund, to defray tbe exMiHa 
of cst.ihUabiii; New IJiUi-nc* tat Iw mk 
waremeot of learning in Ireland; and aa 
aannal torn, nM e»wedinf 'H.WtQI. ba 
ktued to pay the ■tipeoda, priua, cxUW* 
tiau, and other upeneea of the aaid New 

/mm* 16. An aniiti«l|<eiitlDnor I,500J1 
•rat voted to Sin IIcmlt Poirtnaea. 

June II. Mr. VkurUt Bulttr morad 
• roniinitte« of Ifaf wltole ilixiw, " to coa> 
rider tti* fUle of tbe Coluajr of Nav 
Zkalavo, and tbe caan of ib« New Zea- 
liDil Cotnpanjr." Tb« ilelvle contiaaed 
for ilir«e aithta. Tbe uunvoeaidnu aanii. 
DulnattoR of tbe coloay waa aoaJvawd tv 
tlie (lAvertiincal, and it wu aanouiKaa 
that the tinreinnr. Captain Pltaroy, bad 
be«n recalled. Tbe inMioa «a* oeaaiind 
by M3 ta I;*. 


The C911K ot Madrid mM the Vaj* u* 
<rti frieDdlj' urni i Ifal iMter icbanwlnliM 
QJiMa iMbelta, Hid nncUont Uic «•!» 
of ChRreii property. Don Cwlo* haa 
•Mleated hli cUim to tha ihrooc In bvoor 
of hit Mn the IViDM (4 AHuHaa tif cloca- 
MMtU ijfiwl •' RcRirvci oa ^ 190) of 
Maj. On. Narmei' bai mImiI •rnrril 
•AMn oTtimpaiHTi for refcrt li i g on the 
Oortnwiciil, aad widuMl trial m«U Iban 
to MnilU in nil*. 

It appeari ttwa m Rrpoti m«ile hf the 
CotniiUM 0* tha Pani Tih nfir*tiona, that 
Iba totfti iVia opmOed iiuee (bdr com- 
Mcncementln IM l.b about IM.OOO.DOOr.. 
■boat i.Wa.imOi.. and that lhi(tT-Iw» 
isllliona of fraoci, voted in addition to llutt 
MtD br the Chanbdr, reraitii \n Ihe htnili 
at ibe Oonimmnit. 

71h Frpnch Uiamban Im*« jut aoted, 
vilkoal a im|le word ofoppoatioa or r*- 
■•HlfaiKW. the titm of 1,8.1:1,000 franc*, 
about 62»00(M. Hcrliag. to tuppari Pro- 
mtaat (ronhip in Praaoa. 

»U>nt%», he- 
The laaarrrction ia complete to Ihe 
nooBtaioa of (h« Ouaren*«ri«, and tvreral 
Ofllie Arab ehleftwho had rewivnl ap 

EiBtnonta from the Ooreraor-Onocnl 
wbecnurrilirrft Nmirty 2^000 nMxuitfd 
&nb« api^ared »u (he 2tJtfa^bcftni Or- 
leaiUTllle, and menaced an'atlaelt, hiit 
wilbdrew un a turtle beii^ nad« hr Ihr 
Kamaan, nippoit«<I by tha cannoB of the 
MBip. On the 30th a ktIom anpfc- 
nent tixkk ptae€ in iifht of OrlaaniTlllc, 
batwKn Iha lioatilc Xrahi and a Freodi 
detach Ditnt. 

The objection of the Emperor of Mo- 
rocco to ratify the trtaly icKli Fratioe 
aroM froto the ccauon to the latter of a 

ronaidcrabic portion of the tcmtary of tha 
mpira that bad nerer balonfod to (b« 
rv|nisy in Alpm. 


ll aiipBan that Qneca Poraare would 
baUaa aoamnBicAtbn wllh the French 
'Vdmiral Latalj «cnl oat to that atatioa i 
tbat aha had retired to a itiitant iiland, 
and. la eoaaaqnance, Admiral Hanelln. 
with the coaaCBt of acteral Chle&, »p> 
fmintMl nne of Ibem, named ParaiU* 
llec«n(- Varlona meaoi were tried t« 
mrareeiDe herobnjaaejr. endamaBfathera. 
ao aBnonnmant we* made that King 
LiniU nmiippc Lad addrtavcd a letter la 
her, hat ill in vain. 

The amngenMti ncmtif aaiato pre* 
rent e r(B«<ael of tho Jtaula botvaaa the 
Df«M« and Che Slaroniiea hi*e ftllad la 
tbclr eflhet, and froh diitortniiaei have 
brekao oat. in which loaay Uvea here heva 
loat on both aide^ but tlie iinfartaaaic 
Maronilee w*«a uliimatvlf defwled by tbe 
aid of eome Tvrhiih eoldien, who joined 
tbe Dnuc* to pnt down the defeaealeH 
Cbrialiaaa. Hoiueai ooannU. uul vU- 
la^ee ar« daatroyed. Ilia people, wjtbout 
ngird to afo gr ea. are nm iiered, aftar 
bdnf adjected to tha aioet rvndtlac tan* 
tality anil exoeaa. 


Uen. Oribe haa adtriaed tha awhoritiat 
of BucQOt Af rea of the defeat of Ritieta, 
by Gerwral tJr|[niaa, et a plae« cailod 
India Riteni, 90 tnilea north of HmH 
Video, aftrr an action of two honn, with 
tbe loaa of all hii iufantrj, artillery, and 
banag^ i 1 ,000 mini are Mid to liare been 
kifled, and SOO prisenen tahea, includioa 
a (Teat manjoffirera. Rlriera u reported 
to haec cacaped, with etgbt men. 


JVeySl. IV ■I«am fli>ur.ini]l of Mr. 

Walwri, In the OW Krnf Hoad, on the 
haolci of the Surrr)- Caoal, which was 
•aveatj ferl hl;h, wa* Mnwn up br the 
bltretiiig of tbe botler, oliidi va* thrown 
aeraat Ihe I'lUial. and fell a'raut 100 yanli 
ftwtn Ihe pfRmiiiWi in a »toiir-Tard, Mr, 
Wallcrx wiu in (hp mill al t1i« time, aiid 
aCTerrlj' itijnn-i!. Ttic men, twelea or 
fourteen in iiiimbor, had fone to bicakbat. 
Jtfay 27. Afire very suddoalyoocnrrrd 
at ttifgrU't t/»UI, in nner-atrrel. Pic* 
etdiUir. ai one o'clock is ilie moruiiig, and. 
though (ew iiareoiu in tbe boiue bad re< 
tired Id reat, lltt of tbcm loit ihcir Uvei, 

nuoL-ly, ^tra. John Rouud, wile of the 
Bicmb^r for Maldoni Mr. lUggett, the 
proprietor of the hotel ; Mias Ranrett. Ul 
daii|hter, (who, rainlnj her footlag on the 
eai.i]>e, fell to the gT<>oiid with gre-at no- 
Irucv. and died »on after*): Mm. Jonea, 
■ KC-rvaot of Lord Huntingdon'* t and 
atiothrT femalL- »crTniit. Tlic fire ori|;i. 
nateii In Ibe apartmeiili of Mita King, wbo 
•CI lire to her tied curtaini. and ita rapid 
prufrcH ia sttfibuted to the tbrowlnf 
open of all the dnnra. The hold waa 
formed from two cild howt*. end ofalijbt 
and InflimniaUe mottrlali. 




. Afil •*■ Wirmefcrtlrr YNmsnrv CiTiliv, 
Ltntr-CMOMl It>F Bui Df Aflrirbrd to Iw 
U ml Cm . OwDttkBdut : Major Sfr Tnitcia 
■«*lnr.But.totetirdi.-ColoarliCk[ii. Ed*. 

JI4 tThmiit BoHHon, nq. Staadard 

roCHtr lUMT'^HonaanhtoConMor 

—■m at ArwL to b« UaulMut. tad 

I i MatUten trtan, €f\. lo t« SlanOinl 

JCv m. Hmfwl btjtlarm, Cibi. tud brc**! 
Valcr B. J. Mnre 10 tw UeDt-Colencl. 

AvW aUkPbet.l^i>rC. A*)unor»u>bf 
UnL-CMMid : Oipc. ILL Klnc lo b« M*jor. 

MA a«W PrtaelMl ol Ihe ttcvtitrv of 
KntnAricht'— AUtad Si«plM<i, «•■). to b« 
CkM JMU <r tW a>\onj of \e« Sonth 

IB llaataru Mutnlnc, Miq. 10 be 
Vcr MrtMj'i EMklw Ornrni lar ibt coloni 
■f Kv^lMih W«to».— WiHiMp nrary M-Coy. 
•• te rMMil llai»h*l foi <W I'liiic] 0/ 
I.— nMGU fUcbam Waacr. esq. u» 
' omr tt H*r TUi»*tj*» tloo. Coqi* «f Gm- 
iBikM Atma. 
I Jtaa* (- 8ffr« harM, »ii. to be t^eul.- 
tmmal, a*d jtu WUIIam Mwnty. Ilart. lo b« 
■«H>. of <^ utnicn OnnpwiT of Uwfcm.— 
fmm. QM. V. ft^, of the ibi Foot, lo W 

JbM». TV RCT. Dr. William Muir to br 
PMsaf tbiOidirorilM Tltlitkiaiid Dfanof 
•c OMart Bafjti in Sootland.— Sir Jnhn 
OhMI, Bwt. to b* ljeqt.-GoTenior of Uie 
Uwiof a-Vkxral. 

Aw 11. ne Hoft. Fndchck Coucb^CiU 
IhHiya. of ParrfJuII. eo. Sulfcrd, fcnrib but 
■eoad a«rtiria( Mm «r Kenry lait Baron 
riilrtwpa^ n> JhccMilBu* the wmmne of Ot- 
tta ay> ,«aJ ttk* tha aorroma oTUwcb (mlf. 
aadHW tka ama of Ooiggk', !■ conpUiBcr 
«ia ft K0*1*O nutetoKt io l^e lul will ud 
ttaM«eat nf Jobn Goovb, of t>rrT-hall, cm. 

JkaalX mil rccFl.Cul. W. fedle, to V 
Uor.— Pcrcf Aoruiw Bnoa-FrekF, Licui. 
iM CSraL io the Gnoadier Guard*, yenlou 
JMa Knavrnk*. cap«. ad Life Oaardi, 
Oharle* Kiana-I'rcke, at GiaMcn- 
.CO. ButianAMq.aikdJaiie~Grar«^Ooro- 
A«, wilt of tfce Hco. aoi] Rer. C. B. Bornanl. 
bntk^nt uid kuli>r cf Gedixe-PmnHi now 
> WB B CartwTT, to hail* tW ni»c imt«de»ce 
» if Ibeir Wr hthrr. rrrrr P,tan>-Frrk*. 
nq. kad fWnvdMt lo the iIikiuit of Barou 

Boisl AftUkrr. tt^lor-Ocn. IVter 
Pym. CR If )w Calonel CoBiaiaflibnt.— Wtb 

talW.— 73d Foot. U^orGen. 81r R. H- 
BtdklLc U- to b<Colail«l.-Cl]1aB IUfl«Bi«i- 
■IBt, V^orA tfoatnuw tobc lieat..Colo- 
art I bnrt«f Uajsr P. B. Kern* to ^ Mhjit. 

Amis. KeBf.Adn. St Edn. riirihkm.[>f 
tataa-tprfsc BrarOoapOrl, cu. Soutluntrton, 
■XB-Avnii bot now eMett wrtivincson 
Hd koit of ThcHoas Chdham. (anrnrrTy of 
■«Mr Hall. CO. DnliT. Mit lueoTRtMaeU- 
|lH«t ■* 8L norru, ItiddlcHX.nq. by Aaoa, 
•MM <lMctal«r of Edward iitrode. o( 
tMWD-fcOBoa. lo tbi puUh «f VTnt Cna* 
■Ot^co Sananet. cog. hrmertir U*ot-Col. 
MAo Am^, aail (Mvof iolia Sirode.Uleuf 
■WlMM b*«ic. fM^ Urat-CotOArl in ihr 
MOUU, Ml dicwMd, la ravltoan 

oitli Ihe last will and (eatamant of hia 
natinial Boclr, John lirodo. Io take the 
name of attole after that of Cbattuna, 
bear ibc anna of Strode •lutteHr wltli ttiOM* 
of Cbetbain. 

Mtmbrra nimrtird to Mrr* i» ParltMHUfit. 
lltnrfuiire—\»ni EUwiii HiU. 
Mdln^rfitJUrt-Stt liAn Hopr, Uart. 

Naval pHOuortoN*. 

Tu bf C«ptmm.—Ttt Hon. T. 9. C'anitsie. 

Tu tr CammttiHttrf.—Jahri Henri Oemya 
linei.natr Lleur. (o thr Utc VlM-Admlrtt 
fiiC. Wliltri riYilrritk KFinble <IMI|, bto 

llac L.ieuirn4ni (*>:■» iMvid MiUiai Sdward 
CiAIIrr 1 1 US' -it Ibe Caleijaiiia ; Jokn Lo4> 
wkkllM:). (or bis itllinl aerrice in the 
bual of the Groitlfr, utinat a alare frlocca, 
.iMWiKtMnf*.— Adtolnl tfir John H>M, 
K.C.B. luberiiniiiuiadn''lD-<liii'f ai Tinom- 
pon.— Vice-AdiD. SIrC. D. Kiutc. K.C.ll. to 
ibacoBOUuid in chirf at the Nerv.— Caina. 
Jolia !fesk X<.<tt ilsU) to be flac Cutila 
art BbomMHj fit UmrT J. LMke. K.II. 
(ItW ta br Plar Captain to Sir JMm Wiwt ; 
UiO^iiail UiioD 10 OUedoaia i Sir Bald- 
win w. Walker to Qdbpii.— Comnianden, /, 
We.<t, to the HKatej J. Bower, to tha wO- 
li>in anil Iilary -, T. rlobn-, To the StrombolL 
-UeDL-Comibauier W. M. J.O. MKO M 

KvcucaiAtrivAt PasriauxKrs. 

Ilrr. R. Jenliyru, to be Deiii of Wp[[«. 

^'ea. Dr. C. f, iiutaer. to bt Arcbdcaoaa 0( 

Bev. J. Himrd. to the CUocellvnUp of A* 

dloceae orwIiKhMM. 
Bn. W. Peel, to be ban. l^b. ia Uacola 

Ker 1*. Wi>i>r)mnirr. lo lie a Canoii In Wia- 

Rev. J. .MiKirl. Kiiiilfolfon V, Haola. 
Ilfv. J, Unumbv, Tnterton R- Sarfclk. 
Kfv. G. E. nnitiif'r.Tliarlilon R. Lelc. 
Kjv. R. i'. tJarfTT. RAilery V. Deeon. 
RpT. vr. II. Cartwrigbt, Corapian-llBrtiB R. 

Rev. T. CUtke, UaniUlo-TaliboDl V. Olas. 
RcT. D. Davie*, Mabl«<un.Ba]tteii V. Wotc. 
Rev. J. IMbaon, Ha»f V. Uoc. 
Her O. Blliolt, Wivrohoc H. Eaani. 
Rev J. Goodare, Baat Dfa)-ioa ciuo HeaW*' 

V, So«M 
Her. J. W.tiraoe, OirutQi'iK'b.WoodlMMb 

P.C HtuldtT^fleM. 
Rev. K. H. GreiiDn. Naniwicb K. Cbeabirc. 
Bcr. D. naigh. Trinity rhorrh PC HaliAu. 
Ker. \V- G.HamKn.ilirt V. Durhw. 

H.T H lipy. Brlpfr PC Dtrty. 

Her K. Kutlini), lliltislriifa R.Drron. 

ReT.T. W. Holnua. MtMly KC. Kortalk. 

RcT. F. Iloir. UcrviUiile 11. Itr^ 

B(T. XV. Hulme, npetwumif K. Uerka. 

RiT R. 1lil*vi'. IlinM) [•.C.Oioa 
BfT. (V. II. Kiilock. Broueban R. Wmcbl 
R*T J Lakeltand, Wrii llvrton P.C- Notta. 
Rer. T. P Ulbbridre. Gowobe Flortr B. Son. 
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Kri. W, II. TorMrr, HunKni HillPt K. t^nili 
Rrv, R. T, Wbrflcr.A. Jiidi--*. Vi>tltaiM>-ll>r- 
' Ittll r L~. Uw«*hir«. 
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m«r. U v.. Wtii.tow. AircAlua K Ui< . 
Jl«r. r. K. J. V«i»r. Uarrstun It. >arf«ik. 
Kx. J. VfUiilF.TriiiK «llh Uw| Manton F.C. 



B«T. n. Mvrgui, to Ifaf lUnfWM «r Wn 

lUv. w. PcalbM, to llw Oulut ot HMvAwt. 

Civil PavrRftMRtm. 

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tlw "if* of ill* Kfv npKinahl Putt, a 4itm. 

IL Al ItiiniwM) KcrtDTV. lb« wife nf Aitk- 

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UwHenhun. Ul« wlft of JoIib -It' i'ommj Ilwh. 
VOWl, r*i.»ila>. il HruMKt'>. thnwifpor 

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Macna. km. llio milt nf tlM Kn. KJoard 
AUbWfiilmnani>«T> a itau. — M. laJani«4- 

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irhaid MiHlniB, itxtUf in Kiiic'i ollrer, 
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s.[.-u' .■,,11.. :■ 
- — W. 1.1 
nodfr. til - 

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•1,11 — l^trln. At N*|itra, 

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tiar wl/to«r Alfrr- 
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iStmi'r of W. I 
Halt)** •' C^iiTl, ■ *uii. 
KTa«p-K), (he «lf* bF I' 
— Al UiDtrtck, tk« I. 

Al Ikmrwili r»rk. LpicMtmh. llirwtfrofftr 

^^tM■lal> Ihibr, lUil. ■ .Uu AI Sliirl^- 

IliillM-, llPir '*nqtK«ini«tnii, Ihr i^*) Jif L,imt.- 

Urii. Slritli, llw >>'<'<' nrc: V L>'<»'!itcr. c^ » 
•1*11.— U UN*!' ■ Moil. Mr.. A. 

linmiBfae, a tii "ir of Uarid 

TMiDH, «(|. Of > < •DM). CO. DlA- 

UMcttaa. « aoa. 1 Lc ■ <' nf W. f. Lcocm, 

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Dm liwuoil, ni|. a dau. 

jaiu 3. Al 17, Itutlauil itale, llrdn pwki 
Ihrwilriir Kirnlfftfrl IValt UarkniT, (». J«||, » 

ilaii. — ^Ai lb' r*i;iory, Roiby.tlwiTWef itia 

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Norma aOT-*, lKner->l. ttic CMinma «f UnU 
eravt. adau, — -0. In WayniMili-al. lb*' wife 

(irciiarlM R. m*t'mf. vn. a tan. ». At 

llw iKlirn. Iln<r.i>i:l<'ii. lli« wifa of the Rat. 

Wiiliain Ox -V. * aoB. lOi At 

Wanliwr C • . .iimWI. a ilau ^—13. 

Al l.vninn >i rr Ui««tfc*i( jRaUa 

KtbIuii, t^. a H.I1 simI Wr.^— )Sl Al Wlin- 
ItMou. Uir ■ IIF of Uic Ho«. awl Us*. UoraOf 
I'OBra. (itan. U. la Kalnaipl. I be COOS' 

I— !■/ Klnjfaam . Mm |J. A.I (^iTtrtOH, 

D«rka, Ihe iMA. Mra. I'ciretal, a auti ——IS. 
Al Ikih hA, Hurta. tba itUt at J. H. fVIlT, 
vaq. a aoii. -W. la tbr Ooinipn, Waatoiliv- 
iU(, IIM Uan. Mn. D. U. H«pioB. a lUu. 


HaraitU. *tCai>a|MniCM«LC(i4lBTroiip, 
«Mb R(vt..S.1.U.A.A.(J..Ca<«a|»r«<)ii-Ulan 
oftltaamT, In KaDunna-Uana. rliti-nl ilau. 
Uf MAlor mnie Urowar. Urnnl .Utillcr)-. 

13. Vt QnH^rr. t)i* lUv. Uiwbw 1I(MK«, 10 

Ancvila- Uan- Anna, v^onmi (Uu. of tli* laW 
Uirluutl Xuuoh.cM]. of UablinCarilr, Iralaod. 

St. Al Cklruiia, J<4in DW«au, eaq. Iv 
RHca.tlilnldaii. iif tb* tat* <^9l- Atetandn 

31. Al " - r' IlnjTH, 

n.U. A»i>' I .' .mtaot 

lh« nil- W.I.. ,1' iticm, to 

<'>Iliarln('-\l<ii»i, >ii<4ii(nl lUu. <if tlie lal« 
Muc'T-ijni.J.A tUnf, HcKfal Artiltrn 

JjiKf I. Al lloii>r>a)', Akundrf Orajr, raq. 
of I ha Utwtitr Civil fnMcr. lo CbarMn«, 
rtRi^^FBl daa. of tlir lata Wtlliain (Tunnack. 
*»q. ar HflUOl. 

S At Halt art iNKiK, J. U VaoGlian, mu. 
UiMt. aail All). alM Kwt. tl.NM., w Marv- 

• .,,.. ..... ..f .1,. Mi» WilKum lllilinfi, PH) «f 

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rlilnt lUll. Of 


H. At Wn-i 
KirtHiNttM. ■■ 

Uturs* Wood. avq. 

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-T'l.-,-!., Ill "(oiiuiil, la Kmma, 
Hrrnard Hcnif, nq. VfclU- 

.■■ 1.. i:, ... ...^ ^^^ ^ 



riM'nii iin, >i>'' »xri i^cvna 
Wnilaau. Vii:a( uf WlctanJu^d. Worcealenn. 
Id Hwr. *Mt*\ A»ti. u( ilH Ui« JobB LamkT, 

mi], i-f 'f 1 - '. i-iijjinn. Gl!'i»r<*rfrr»h. ■** 

4«iar. -rm uX \\, IXhI t, «0| tf 

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ivUiitrarrtt to 

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han>, < .111. only aon •/ W. 

ftaoii'i . Hall, CaialuMsMk. 

(ol'aHnrirp",! u;iir,i .n .i JaTapaPnilt.faq.— ^ 
Al HniMnii, tlir Kri l>. L. I), ACIand, fbnnb 
WW nf l*irT. II. Ai^tmil. Dart. H.P. to Jiitla, 
Milir aarrtrlnf dau ol Ihe K«v, B- Baiter, 

Rartur of Sbrpdhaiii ' At AtML Hnrr 

Uonuo lUkbHKr, mh. UwC WUi MkU 10 





ffkmr. ilM. nf tlw l^v. Dr. OitTkllUr. of 

AiMintMLMMK. .UP»Jriiiiirto»,Unit- 

Om. NonnMM«df«a,C.B-Uth Roct-ta Ann. 

nlict of r. r. Mattbr«i.n.i. Ijtii Rfvi. \l 

1— »>"■■ ■■UliBleMi. Knt. J<rt>*A'al]uKv. 
<i ><< Mta BuffaM, M. ef Nouda, nvat 5it- 
OMfeWfaib Kmi, m Bnabtth-OliT«, dbu. o( 

m. WlUtan Kavn, tu, of Ynrli*I>irp. r6 
CUlMriar. HdM daa. of WlUun Bam-ll Pur, 

M«.«rf Nflrawli. Al CliPltrnhain, — JHI^, 

Ml. Zint. ILn- nqtbrw or Vmcovri BtftiM- 
— i W^ .tpllm-Aiia.ronwigwtilaa-of UieUti- 
Jote utf Uw Um. J>M8nflipi»Mi. 
_ML. At rMAwtod, Tnilani Gcorn II. 
'•Mi, at, oTat Han AXh bv B>thcr. 
Mmmmi dm. offkr bta TIm. trooilnr. mu. 

If alar. BUvnd, GloncMUrahlrr. At ai. 

QntH^ Wo wa n ln rY. Sdai- nnrh, Y«ii«tm 
«H u Jokn Ptntb. oq. of Wotani-pUce, to 
LoMM. oalr dw. ot tlie lu* Oeorp nanw. 

W^-orarMoL II ]^ )IUT% Bn»*t(n>- 

^ KAcfl Marrar, «w|. lu MMiMt, tfidoir «r 
CfciilM Morrti. r*q. of llir Bmnhay Clrll 
WtrftBt. — *X Vottt, Hawr M<nrt MtMiicr. 
K. L On.** ■trrkr. tu Aary.JoMplu, eldi^I 

^l. « m 1U* UMI..O0L Gltb«n CMppr. 

a. U iJMMidbBiTt .laMrt. UdMt MM «r 
■to anUrr, *«}. to fUrrMi, d*«. af 
JM WIN. CUiTr. (Ml- talh if RniUcn- 
itM.aii4atow«nk«taii Jglia Ibll Gum. 

m AtOrwreMOil, E4«ftril>TMiiinit«anor 
IwiMi^ BoalM', Mq. of Cr»te-bH, XoMh- 
•ml BfM. M M vr, cMcM du. of Ite Ulf 
Mr. L H. WiActnorlb, ajid bImy of WilNain 

■hHllk, M%<3' CtiS.raCUc', firnvmrnil.^ 

t totetM, CWtas Turton Kavr. (-u|, uf ili>,- 

HMCIflifcrftM.iaCfcariom-Jtflf. m^vimj 

E53N<^0ai. Wclonl Podmonr. — Ai 

~ !•«, imoa. IUIMb. ni). of Ky- 

J MV Row. UtnfcriMi rouBivr 

^Nbtf Utnd HMon. nq. of BnlfonLpl. uil 

wots, M HuTfM, thlnl <Un. of 

nIl,Mq. of rblittHT. At sun- 

Hbm*. ibf lUr. iekk llilW, JLM. 

' of OrWn WsuniUr. Hunts, In Unna. 

*«. of II>« R«i'. U iUUm 9DMr> of 

- _rB— d, CiMBUn in UnWdnnr lu Her 

MUMn. Atwlnwirfc. ClNrrc Swinflrilt. 

M«.«rM^taU. amxbr. CliMhire, B.A.of 
«. Jote*m «d. CHob. (u i:)ti«b«ik, «Moti 
in. of Jmmc (kwloT, pm. . 

Ik TW •rr. Fruacla llLiliup. at 0«or|;v'ii 
OwpBk KBUr, la l^TUila, reunnM dan. of 

1^ SmUt. oq. of toottnte. MldJIna. 

M Wtobncb. WIlHuOay, fwi. toHduir, 
WMmA, wcOTd fOD of John JohiiaaaOaT, 
. af AUluHMieli (bll. Kortolk. to BcbMca. 
- .V. ui^ H^nrr RoetiT, •«. <rf 

Lttirraln. At OiaHiMi, 

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.1 aohkhsv, mi. lUicliir dfblia^i. 

to CUAerlM-EtUa. fnuA dao. 

itoO* Bon UiUrc Cioli 

k «C tkf laui Vicc-.(.titTi. 

Rok and •i"t«r of Vnr.i 

-UlMMttM, ibe Rtt. 1 1 

I el at. 8ani«''". 

i&a. olK.r r 

jj ia iu X H 

Dl. .- . , 

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I* Hon. 

:l brMlwr 

"■■^ iriU «f d<. Job* BUckfT. nil, Al 

■l li>fr%. BrvM)Aanc.fl4. RkiuH 

«■«. vUaat aOB of S.r Rir 
Mat. of Itoorln C^tlt, Wat 

irlunl Mu»' 

IrrCdftl, Ifr- 

aa ^MOwllarT, <1bu- of Jokn Aihtor. 

•a*. Al tt- Oeocn'a. Bloamatrarr, 

i^ta Cknd, fH- WMl M>D of tta IBK 

■jK^VVoi. XXIV. 

Hew, eldHt daa. of WitliMl QuiaMf , esq, of 
llrantKick. wjuw. 

L^rtlf'. Al IVnenn, BdoHifld IlaTt«r 
ninyli4ai,n>i, Ut Wm India Regt., yoMRfMI 
MH or ilie \Ut Cot. I* C BlwdiAN), lt0T*l Art. 
U> CwtlU-LFMit-Piiilin*, Ihinl lUri. of Wb. 
B. Woltricy. rM). ami gtral iixy^ of i)4rCltta, 

W«l»el«T, Bmi. Al »T^a«Tt. Kobrri Shad- 

ftmb, eai|. xm ot CtA. ShadlMli. ta HarianM- 
ftriBR, ikM ittD. of Capt. HolllMnwtb. R.N. 
—At LondMiM <>rilB, ArnhirF. the Uarqa&a 
of Bnie w l^r Sophia llailiiin.^ — ^Ai iLe 
C«^, Jobn ^. I.4iN|ftird, H>]. II. C. Booihay 
am Stmt*, and rMni sm crfitif late bhr. 
I^ngfcid, aM|. of Balk. 10 CMIU-BlUafaaUt, 
ddMl dau. of Uiyar I^Mpnorr, reaiilnf Ma- 
■latr»t«, uul ntwv of ?ir Ben}. D'Urtaa.UK 
UOTrrnor nf Ihr rijnny. 

Afoy 1. Al InvmieH, WiUtam E'lward 
Milrhrll, rii. ur HlntitiiiliKiD, to Jrulc, 
•MOnd dan. of Jiri'-ii l*nucr, ct^, of FaA. 

Al IlivrrfanlHnl, John tlnirr Philllpl, 

esq. of WiiuamMB. M. IVoabrete. to AtvniU. 
McooddiiLaf thelatvJolui tjort PbUlipa, Hf, 

Al LiaoHrerT. Caimn ftaahltlKii, cm. 

onlf aon of Sir Jonn Oolman ttaililcifli, Bart. 
Of PrMroBx, <a. Cornwall, 10 Manr-AmH. 
onlr daa. of Nicholas Kendall, nui. of Pclfn- 

At at. OMi|c'a. Slooaaborr. Iloeh Heoa- 

toon, «•«. acGOnd aoo of Thonoai lloaalen, 
e«q. of KintraiNrtil, to BUiabeth^^liliarlM, 
Mnt (ten. af ifce Ute C^. Mm NJUlwl), 

R.K. At York, lb* Kn. Qrarge Vy\a 

Towuead, la Gcorrtaaa, aennd dan. of tlia 
lalp Jobu lUiiiiaa, mii, WalkinirlQn LodR, 

B*WTl«T. At HafftfW. tbe IIW. W.* 

Bradford, to M«r>'-»tuUth, oqIt dilU of tka 
lair Ki-I . i:. W. Ker«n.ll. 

a. Al St. Miry'i, Br)in*lo«i4lb Bobarl 
Uontrair^ry, p«|. of Ihr H<-nnl Cnil SmriM. 
to KiIfii-Ju*. wocnKl dau. of William l^n- 
bfTl. r«|. lale of lh« aane wrmtt, and of 
Woa^maiiatonf , Burrejr- 

S. Al Briitoa. AOW ffiMMi, eldnl Mu of 
Jdui JMBnii|iovt,«n.of aovih Lamtwih. (» 
Marr. eideit dau. of the lal« Joiepli Mjln-, 

e»q. of BrutOB. Svmr' Al liverpwO. 

GMnrrJabn,«hMt Kiaaf CeariteSlane, eaq, 
of BUnronli. NoflliaaiirtooBlL, toAiU-CIccIt- 
Cfanflana. flfth dan- of John llrskctb L<U' 
bn4ro> eM. or Coabaa UxUe, llaoti. 

). At Tnrraohan, Deroa, Jolui Wiliun 
Bddrn, pkj. halTfat«-4iMaw> oalr aoa Of B. 
W. KdOei), esq. Nelaoa-pl. 0>rk. 10 Anno- 
Kay*. *ld*>t and oMtr inrnnufdaii. of the 
Mc WilUam Demon Wade. «w|. weal MtllM, 
Torkaiiirv, nod (land-dau. nf tha lale W; 
Kan, aag. Wath Hall, *ajnc covoit. — Al 
Ctiflon. Cant, (.'birbtater, lOlh Bext. ridm 
SOD Of A. Cl!lcbi.xter. e*q. or SlokaUw, Dctqb, 
lo Aniu-Maria- Frances, retict of J. Crooka 
rr«eaiBii.M(i. of CrwiH-hall, Lancaabm, aad 
dau. of Jobn lUxk-iry Ackrclvj.mi. barila- 

«. At Bminptnn, Bdwla nilU nq of hra> 
bunl. SuMex. 10 JntU, Moonddaa. of ibt lala 

Williani Collinj^ t*o. of Chetae* Xt loofg. 

nor, the R«r. Jofao timerirlt. of Crew. CtiMlt-i 
10 Emma, yoancMl dan- of Iho late Arcb- 
drarun l^irhrli. at Uivtoor ilall, Sliropaklre. 
— Al ^1. Ma/;'«, Manlet>one, Capt. Jai&M 
AiiUliv l>^aril, K-N. la Callirnoe. •ridow of 
Wttiry Ueaumoiii, «^. of Xewby Park, Vork- 

*hire. Al Hohiiwood, *nri»>. Vim. Cod' 

irrr Whitman. TOTOKcn ton uf tliriaie Jaaiea 
Wbalrnaa. «ii. of Vlniiirni, Keni, 10 Rntraa- 
Jaiie. ynuiwr*! daa. of Mr. :^rKiant Heatb. 

At PaildiBjT^on, Ibe Ilev. Alieine Hlgc* 

Buk^. A.M. ii^clot of Wocldbam. Kent. b> 
.MiniDr.a, (rconddau. of tW lale H. Uarnalo- 

itrf.esi. Al N'Orlbamplon, Hrar'> ttdcat 

too «r Hrary Terry, eaq. .Vprthampion, to 
LomIm. only wirTiriMr daa. or llie tate Sanaal 
Snltt. wi- D( IVfe&ta, CanftMcnli., ud 




ki«^ of lint.-CoL Sir H. R. SmilU. K.Ca 

AlTiinrrtuiiratlaii. Urron.tHc Kc*, Jtibn 

lUII PnrtfjT, ui SliuniloH. lo Kioiui A. lUd- 
(Itffc, ll-mlibn oflh^-IUt. Wkllrr Katkllflk, 

0* Warlclirh. im<H'. At "nioqw Humijr, 

llMiri lluclu GU)I», of CIllWU lluundm, 
Utri-rilahtrv, wg. lu l«Biaa-Anti», tlilnl lUo. 

«l YiiAum A-luns. M-|, LL.I). Al All 

Ami*, Lmgtim-*!- Juii«« Hm-tIhhi Clmbn*- 
Iqr.Mq. McandMinof ihoUtcMir M.dnlMe- 
Itv. B«rt. at KMIOk Had. Lliicw1iit>il», ta 
ChtriiHi(-'>cU<ti»jaii', (wn, ontic !■!« Janiu 
k. Johnilfror. CM. of Jun. N. D. At Pail- 

•llBglM. WIUiMN H. nMTbMI, OO. of Ihp 

JiUMr Tanfi^ and lJMSiLn'i>-liin, to ilarnett- 
HmT. MTOnd <Un. ofllir lain llriir) llurWr, 
<M. of imiriirJ Row, AMil RafiiaUo. WklU. 

1. At UwltUu), Kmi. Rativrt M'Killap,«*i|. 
eldMl Mia iif III* W UapL U'KlIlDp. B.N. lo 
A*»a'UariA, vnaaftal ilaa. >if ili« M» Oil, 

VKounlrtii. Il»j*l Kng. llrrmaM Bltni, 

ma. at lltrl*, lo Julia. IhliM dau. of A. A. 

Gwduftid, ru. i)< l^< nulla b-K|. At lU«i»- 

nib J. J. Bmtall, MX), nr Maiikinn, 19 
nanyi cUmI dau. or J. J. Cb*mp*iilr, mi|. of 
hamipilr. lali of UrtnOftt, TUKhM, SuNif- 

ft. At Suili>iir)r. I>srb)riik. Ibe Aev. rml- 

•nek ^iM«n, IUef<>r «r Siuttiwr bimI Omwh of 
Windaor. to ilw Hun, Ckrullua-Uarta V«<iian, 
Mmt daa. of tli# KiflU IIuil liranc^ John 
Wam« Uird VMnon, 

■ At orMnwtch, Kmf. Jokn R«fen,Mq. 

ofCoHlBiratar, UlKOtlWli. HMltd MM of MMfJt 

RoKan, M^ of ttanith** Pari, llerta, to 
Hary-niliMr, AM. w Unrr rrftnela. wq. of 

Uaiu HIM, flivmiilch. At VaUiniian, 

J«hn WtUIUM WUMk, eaa. of I Itnaer -■*■**• 
HlKliraic, to ^ta(r< aUMI dWJ. nf llrniy Itaf- 

wiM, «u. of Wallinctaa. Oiiiii. Al Cam- 

banr«l|, ll«rlM>n,yonn|(>al*oaarJulia Dalion, 
MD. «( tb« fridt)'. IV«iiliaa>, ta Sarah, dan of 
WlHiamCurtinjc, Dvnnaark Hill, Aur- 

fp]r. Al l.ani|irr)r. Uormaall, Saniurl llaw- 

Ktoa, fa. of ahldOHU. HaniK li Uari. ih'M 
dan of ili« laic JdltD Hnl. mi. of KnlonucU 
Hrli. Com^tl — At nacliin-, Wlllun I.. 
OlUid, esq. of 8outb-«. Grar**->Bn. and 
HallrVlIk, riocblfT- oUlPat MB of Wllliun 
OKanl. »q. uf Wlataocb, •« Jraak, ititnl (Uii. 

of Rf^iiaril Tliomaa, ctq. o( Vtu iUnn. Ai 

Bnclirttff.Oannr* "■■>'l*'»l^t Itiaaluun.m]. 
ttih Kfct. onty aoii of the late Uapl. Arthur 
•all Binalkam, H K to .'Vphia, rouwMi <Uu. 
or the WUt Cbl. Chtttc* I 'IX IliMluuB. Rittal 
Art. iiiti i{raiii1<l*ux. 0* tl<« lata Mklw«4 Hintc- 

kam, raq. <>r Itlrlri'tirlT flmirloni. At l«Hia- 

6,111. Krnl, Vi, W. Ouililpn, nq. anlkilor, 
■««lin*l(r. (o Mari-Aii'ir, diu. ufltir lair 

John Browua, aao of LaiUe Hat Hark, ^laf- 

fnrdali. Al St. hnrtaa, naiX. Jnha Klil> 

n«xt Woat. Ian nh Hr<t, itilrJ ann of Jani«a 
Ihlriaira Wot. «m. of ToobrMn. Ui Marv- 
tUon, «ldaal4ao. of Ihelaio lUv- Untny Aafc- 

liHrnhain. Rm-iot iifCaidtpId, (kuwu. Al 

Sural), llrrriysh. rt>Mdi»Te ileairy i)furv,aM|. 

I9 AnInnirlU, xlitnt <Uu. or Wllltaiu Batim 

itoualFY, rnq. of Itrfli)'. Al Kllchy. Ilrnry 

Oft«^, t-vi of Vawihitrpe Liac. to Mary, on>y 
4a«. uf WiMUm Trrr).ni,|. M 0. of ll»tliy. 

10. Al l>ulMlfl,it." I(" K.,r..t Manii. of 
Saimiitidliain, to Hn -iau. of tha 

RiXlii lliiti. fir Riln . -At Vait. 

mrl. frMlprick Carlo. ,. wn nfUao. 

Prnl. UkLwin, tn\. Uosaiu Urn. io* tht t.'albd 
rromnm iir Kk> lit la llai*. lu ^phia- 
OrorcuutA, •»!]! dan. of CaM. W. lliRddyU 
DlirtaMl, K.N., K.H., nf Bwland Hall. Un- 

CMb, Al UI MaiTlvboM. lobrrl Haflm 

Jdaibm, MQ. of LaiTHfltynoDr ti. Pertman- 
aq. to llary>A«a. oely dan. ot Iha lata Jani^a 
Ckr«y, fM), of Clnran. AvraUlrc. — At SI. 
flll*a In.lli^flftda. Kdward naail, >oiio,{m( 
•M ti Kletiard Wttib Japii. <-^g n/L^r^iritlrra' 

(Ml, w aiUA-MAigmti muitta dut, »r JoMpti 

Xayt MO. of^AI I^aml^oa, 
Gtorn TvlMn Mlrifraiik, can. tbtrd aaa of 
Sir CharUa Dalr^mult, o( Hrlthlon, lo Kllm, 

IouiiKMt daa. of iha late HaUticir telRion 
.na, w.n. 

II. OiriilnphfT CoAbioB, am- aon of tbc 
lit«<Vil ('«uk*on,«rN<Mliani Hall. UuTham. 
to Julia t.'hatlKtlr, acraad daw. of Charlra 

llmlDK BMK'«I' "f llarl(T.4l. and Widdlal 
Hall, Hrrla. At Ooyiloa, Kli-bard Wilklo. 
ni|. ot Uirrpmil, lo Harriell, only lUn •( the 

late Klcbanl lirratpt, aaq. of CoBBtADttnuiilo. 
m. At U^amlnirtOB, 15* RaY. Relwrt Baa- 
bury, U.A. iDLUialMtil at St. TtiOBiaa, 8L 
Halni'a, aun of lb« Utr. H. Uuobarr. and 
cramltunoflbo Hob. anil Rpv. W. Shlrla*. ts 
tllllkfoT Adtlc. third dan. of Ibe lai* 8. nr- 

tlui tiaJlOB. «H. at \j-»taiitU>n. Al Orafl< 

lltatn, llwrnM WiUivu Gray, rsi|. r-f WiIloB- 
■1. llH|iTaw.«Q. tu AiMi, yiiniiKMI dati. Of 
Latirciii:* Wyua, cmj. of Urinlliaiii.— ^At 
Writ ls-<'k)iafli, Jawn Alpt»i'l<-r.t(Mi<>tJainBa 
Alrian'Ji-f. ran. of gnoaer lUII, Kfnl, lo AnMt> 
Alana-Jtilia, (IiImi tlaa; and at llir lanaeilBc 
IhE Itrv. IL T. P. Pxllriiry, HA. mn of John 
rutitiwy, 0*0- «' Nwfthrrwwni. llaata. M 
Emma, ifiird tlau. of M. li li. Itaii»>n. vaq. of 
HaiaMvn*, Kml. Al Wyki;, (^(.irue HanH- 
lutl, Llnit . Ulll tUft, tun uf Clcorfr HamlllMi^ 
C9>|. or MainiJliiu LMg*. SUdonlahlrc, and 
gcand-Qi-jilii'n of Ihr late Sir Joho Stuart H«- 
mltloTi. Ilan. of Unnomaatcb Oiftl«. Tyronf, 
to ChariDtif, a(«aiid <U<i. of the Hav. w. J. 
Utytoa, of Wnlcrvair, Suaara, Al Maaka< 
town, iir«r UuMit, John Hart, «mi of Ada- 
laidc. aoulh Aualnaia. lo llarnrFl-OilUiiAr, 
fcunt) <lau. »r th« IMo Ckarln H. Toitd, aa^. 
of Uoblin.— — At Itrani Braafbion, Uncoluk. 
Rlehud Siilioi, na- UU or tbt nm Lift 
Ouanta, aarund ton of lilt Kkbard SaUH, 
Ilan. ot Notvaod Park, NolU, and of l^nd. 
Itird-hall, 10 Anna, dan. of iW H* t. H. How. 
•«n. Rrrioi of Rreni liroutitiio and Ortat 
CiMtH, Ubc. — Al SlcatortL UnmlMb. ihe 
Krv. Uaixel Wallr-r. H.A. of ». Pelcr'a ooll. 
Ciinli. aail incnmlirai mf VtmUHb, Lam. 10 
TbomaaiDC, rounzral dan. wf Tboaiaa Lant, 

ti<|. At Waal PMhlHiM, Janta AMluMw, 

aa-i. «>n of iamea AtfUO<l«r, *h|. of itamar- 
hill, 10 UM DaluoD, Of JlinptOM, WiM 

It- At 91. G«ATt«'-thr-UaTTTr, QutM.*^. 
Alfrod Byard Rh«-|>p*rd, aaii. of Lincoln 'a- iiii. 
Arlda, yiiontrst win <if 0«i»«KT Hbrppard, oan. 
of rrootrOrld. to Maria, voonccat dan. of W, 
J. TlHKnfiioii. r*i nf HriiiMfllck-ai|.^^At 
Layf'O. tlw KcT. Hmry llnbort Itvaaa, A:H. 
Inrumbrnl of Lcyt''iMloiir, lo Fanny, only 

dati. of Ntctwlaa Cbarriiiitlaa, taq. At fli. 

llenrl'a, Hanry Ktn^afiird. *"t- of LiiUa- 
boiirB«, ninrhun. Kcrti. to Em lly Smith, of 
UalilMonr. nlki of tlie iUi. Fraai-ia Otoavt- 
mor Siaiili, M.A.ortHl. Jobn'acall. Cambrldg*. 
\i. M iKford, tho \ttr Hav. Jain«« g*. 
■ifrrr. Draa of J*ri«T. to Etlcci-Chadalit, 
foiiii^Fftt <Liu. of Thomaa KnKOBb, t*%.-^ 
Al Nrniifikia, UloiK- (.*haflM OrraiD. faq. ao- 
rtinil •ori iifttip (ttn. RiibFTl Orran. nKlof of 
Hillirtflrlil, ttaiMl, lo R>i«b, )auni;ral dau. 
or Jontiiian £liloil, tail, laitofLonar Blalit- 
iii*Tr-)iuii»c. CO. Hereford, Mid now of Broad 
(lak. nrar Krwnliun. — At KpoUmiol 
Uiuln Oniric IHck. «aq. of tho HIiliU* Tm- 

K>, bkiT)a4«r.0M*«. Hdnl aon of BMinwal 
?k,f«r|<orUppirrM9nni nonchDnh. latoaf 
Wi|c1>i-toWlilla(Ma*.Aiitunla. younfiM dan. 
of thi UU rbomaa KiajTi oq. if SBIuil, 

IT. Al HanMon, L. J. HaaUr AIlcMd, 
a«|. iStb Llfilit nr>«au«*, to LrtaMt>OuinotM^ 
rounrptt dau. or lb* lat* Oal. ai TbwnA* N'oal 

Hill, K CU. Al SalUbiifT, HtarrTrMDfil- 

brri Jubna. mo, to Atiiw-KlHa. oeli child of 
UM UH ivfcB WWla, «H*a( JNMUMd, DWMk 


: X«m MAftftCUa or DowvniBB, K.F. 

Jkptii IS. At BlrsiDion, co. Wkklov, 

b hi* IJtli yw. tbr Moot Hon. A,rtl»r 

■mMI Stadya TnunbuU Hill, tUfJ 

Bf DonuUra (1789). EkH of 
end Vbeouni Kitwarlin 
07S1\, AnvHfe VitcMDU lIilI*honiacfa mJ 
BwtB HiUof D./wn(lll7). 
•B 4iattlM in the peerage of ImUltd ; 
^m bd ^ HJIMaro«Kb and Viicotwl 
htofcr^ w. OlouBlw 0772) and tor4 
Bwidu Ikroii of Haroidi in £«MS 
(i:U) ; K. P. ; Lord Lieuunant of Down- 
»bUK, Ciilawl of Ihc Soulb Dowit^in 
•Oltia, UMfflMry Can*tibk of lljlbbo- 
fvaak Vort, Tm-PralikM of (be Koril 
^£■7 af IMUa, lad LL.O. 

Hii LwiAip wu bora CM. S. 1188, 
^ ■UiA MB of Arthur Moand MtrqoeM 
it IIMM4M, bf tbe Rifhl lion. Mu? 
ftviWM S*ft<lvA« uqW «bui)rfitcr oF thii 
B«ak 3i«tla Sudf«, md nkec* nod bar 
ff JU«y« MBond Lord 8Mdy«. He nc- 
imM •• Mm pear«eD wtubt itill id lot 
■faarilf . g>«>t. 7. imi. 

Ee VM edacalrd U BMn, mhI Mibw- 
MwUj >WMB« m utnbar vf Migdakae 
OrfliVi. C«Mbridgc, liben the dcgrre of 
U>.D. ««• coniareA mycm biin in 1H.1&. 

TW Mw ytw Tcrtctl in fa*oar uf Rr- 
ftnt aC r<illMMiiH Ue WW Bontosted t 
Kiu|ttt«fSLPsindtoaihaTtbO«t. ia3l. 
Uia Lot di h iy ffnwJly mjojcil eic(ll«nt 
barilk. Hid ilia nnt look liu tge. U« orw 
MMt fidfr»tt la bla Utui, toak itbondtat 
rxarvM*, Kial hi* qiIdiI w** nmal&ntly oc- 
•ifia4 in pbna (nc ih« inpravnDmt of 
feii WtmBtmt (nKi>ln> !>} «bam be mu 
pwUy Mated. To xakt tlwir obwitcr 
M in. a bdMrt nore IJbrrtl, iaMgattt. 
wU Uiid lMdIo*d did iwM i-xMi. Ho died 
MUnUf d tpoptexy irfaibt tiai(ioj: oae of 

TW Mei i|wr ■■ of DtnratlHre nikrried, 

Oit. », IMll, Udr Mari* Windfor. 

■t-i^n- 0^ OtiHr-HickiDin Aftb Earl of 

tl|«Mifrt *>'' by ttatUdf, ■iKiMrtiMS 

Vm, be bad kaoc three wu end hro 

teiifteit I. Arthur WiUs fitDDddl 

SM^ftiabiiU Wiodeor. nanr Merqoesi 

if Da«MM« ; 1. \mAj C'harloUc Auxuabu 

Hdl (cnbbOd lo H. R. H. the friiicete 

Ck«lol» al Welci. H.H.H.tlK Dakaof 

tans, aad iht CuanteM Anhrral) i 3. 

U»4 WjUmm Pr«drr»ck Arthor Montacar 

I BM, liennut ia tha Ruy&l Scvii Orey* t 

' 1 L^ Marr feaelDpa. laarrkd In IMS 

tB Oa Hon. Aleuadn- Nrlaua UiMd, 9n\j 

taA i. L«f<l Ar> 

■t rf Urd Bridport \ 
»■ Mm Hill. 

ThepreaniiMxrqoeuvuborslii ISlt, 
and nurrJMl in 1837 lh« Uoq> CarotliM 
Pnnce* Sla|il*UKi CottaM, aUtrt denshlic 
of Lord Vitoovnt CooiberiMre. He «M 
M.P. for Uflwnihire la the prrMni Parlia- 
inral 1 and hu licua letoeeded bj hi* 
brother Lord Edwio. 

Hie Aueral of the lata Marqnew retched 
Newrj at live o'ctocfe In the crcniBg of 
the 9^d April, conalftiiic at Ibe bearae^ 
thrve moeniiiif ooat^ca, eaotntBiMf <be 
Mapqwttof Oowiubira. LaM Bd*in Rdl, 
baran &*nd]rt. l>ard Geur^ lt<ll, J T. 
ftedlf, e*q. T. Ctoiier, af>. H. Mnn-ajr, 
eeq. and ■ piunber of |)rivsce carHagMk 
Hm haarw havhii napped at St. Marr^ 
rluirdi, the cofia va* de|»iited for tba 
iiigbl tbenia. The bnetMuneM went in 
praetaaioB lo nott the Antni on iti ap- 
proach Co the torn, each drae»ed in blaclr* 
and wearing black crape pendant from the 
left ana, even uf ever; gnde In poUdci 
Hid religion Jotniag Inone eomaoo tribute 
or respect aad mtiCnda to the nnaaiorjr id 
the refcied ana departed ■phlewen, who 
proved to aEneere a friend lo Kewry. The 
nilawia^ day (he botl; «at dapMitad hi 
the faeiilf nalt at lliU*boroi|(b. 

Thb Gabl o* AnntQATemnr. 

April 12. At EriJfe Caslte. Saiatx, 
afed &&. the Ri^bt Hod. and Iter. John 
Nmll, Ihird Eerl nf Abnx** ■-'*<'>)' end 
V'iicount NeriU (l7tM), and Bafou of 

Uii Lonbhip wu bora on Chrtotmai. 
da;, 1 7x9, Uw tbird mb of Henry tha 
tecond Earl, br Mary, only eliild of Jofap 
Robinaoa, e*^. for nuwy yean Seeretary lo 
the Traaiery. ilia («'« elder brMheia 
both livml ti> nan's «*lnf , or nearly so; 
Hegry Vbcoant KeriU died AptU 8, IBO«, 
la Us fist year, wimarriad ; and Rilph 
Vi*co«Dt Nevtti tiled May 19, I82fi, ittUi< 
out iatne. 

The Rev. John NcolU (the bte Eari^ ww 
ofChmL'scuiteKe.Cambridet. M.A.iai8. 
U'e«aa proseuted in tlietyoarby bislklfaer 
to the rtctonrof Bvgh Aptoa with HoU 
Tctton, Norfolk, and to the rectory of 
Oiley, in SaRolk. 

He succeeded to the p«enM(B oa the 
dauh of hit father Mardi Jf7, lt»43. 

Be hstd beca labouring ander a nry 
delicate rtate of health (br the lasl two or 
three yean. «I>ieh precluded bis appeafiag 
in pnbtK, oreren to fMt ot nocin viiiti, 
and be neiet sat in the Uo««e of Lorda 
hot one nt|;ht after hb aaceeasHn lo the 
fOifHe. At tko tiae of liia Mil attodif 


Obituarv. — Lord Carbe}y.—I.i)rd Ifarrii. [Jalj*. 

4iid(or KT»al irHlu prf-riously. Brid^ 
CuUa wu iiiulrrsning •! lhoraii|U t«|mii 
for (he reception ol' her MnJMtj for • few 
dtti diirliic the tMuiDK ■umtnrr. 

Thftbte BhI wu never marrirJ. iumI 
c<m*r'|uruL!)r li:ii oiilt MinKlitj; briilkci. 
Ihc lluu. H'lil Kf*' Williini Nciill, Vlnnr 
of Fmil: and Birlitijt. Kent, nuucenU to ihs 
title ktid MbttM. lie lau bom in I7S3, 
•od minunl in 1H24, Carolior, ilausblcr 
of tbc Iste R«!]iU Levkf , of LaBifvrd Hall, 
CO. Salop, eaq. by <«lioai ha hsi William 
non' ViiM) ant Nr till, horn in 182fi, anotlier 
■on, ond lUrcE tiani^lilen. 

I.unu (-AiiiiKiit. 

iSug \i. At r«Mlp yVcko, oo-C^rk, in 
kit 80lh ftM, tbu RiKhl Hub. Jaba Evaii* 
Preke. aiith YUtaa Cariiery, of CftrtHOr^. 
eo. Cork {l(iri).a reitnrm-iitaiive Peer «( 
(tvIbikI, and > Baranel of that kio|{doiii 
(i;()8): and Grand Msaler of tlie Fn>r- 
nuona of MuBAlitr. 

Hit Lonlahlp WM bom Nnv. 11. I7r<&, 
tlw aldnt Min of Sir Joint E«au« Frvbr, 
Bin. (Mninil ion of the Hon. Jolin livnni, 
Mcend MB of the 3cc»iui LunI C^rbcr; .j 
by \jtAj ElinboUi Uor^ anroinl daughter 
of Arthur Tint Cart vf Arna. 

He flucceaiird to Ike title of Baroucl f^ii 
Ihc 'Icatli of hit fatlici'. March 2(1, I*;;. 
A.»S<r jAbnPreke,bcaulinlbrlruli llou»c 
o< CotnnioiM, will luok a d>wp nnd autfic 
itttcrwt in tbo doeuisiuu of tbc tjueatioii 
of the LegialBttvr Union, and il* oonae- 
qwnea on the I'rulL-slant olabli*binei>t 
of Inland. Pome»ing, in Hut iDnuun-, 
apTvparntorv ftcp for the ratoration of 
Popcty. lie became the nnaident of the 
CcnDBMHia' Aatl-Uiiguo Club, ani in thai 
o^iactty, ti well ■« Id lh« di*cluir{« of bis 
Irgialattfc fuiK^ione, kc rouUd tlie pru- 
po«itian with all the etierfie* i>r Ms mind. 

On the 4llt March, IW?, uti tho dcatli 
of kia conain John, liftU Lord (.'aih«'ry, 
hanecMdcd lo ibepeence; ami in IB'-'4 
ke WM clKited a Ti^preaentalivc peer for 
Ireland. Ilia Iiord>hi]> dm one of the 
ItrgM* ludrd proprirlonf iu Irolnnt], 
Mid kariiif cooitantlj reudcd on bit 
Mlatea, hi» low Kill \yt. deejily lameulril 
byhla DOinerOui tcnmiliy, lo »huiin Lc had 
jndnrvd klnuatf hr hi* aHable niannen. 
Md kia Gooatant acientiou to ihcir ivanta. 

Lord Catbuy uiarritd, Jau. tf3, I7t):l, 
bi« couiId LiMly Catliafiot> dinrlolla 
Gon, lecond deui^hter vf Artbur- Yaunde re 
•econd Uari of Arms. That \m&J oor- 
Tivca him, bat witbnul iuue. 

HU L<>rd*liip i« Biieoeedeii br hh 
nephciv, Gtorge Valrick Pvtirj bvaai 
Preke, e»4-. eldcat xurtivin; rtii of the 
Itle Percy r'Tans Freke. "q., 'iv Uiirnthea, 
dUfklcr of Ifae Her, C'hiUtoplier llartey. 
p.V^9t Kyk. w. Mojfwd. Ibf prs. 

aenl Lard CMbery itat boni in IBOI, but 
It anmarrird. tic hu three brotltota. 

LiKiTT.-GxN. Loan Harhib. 

.tfey ;iU. At DclnOBi, urar Fmns^ianBi 
■Orr fotiidiijii' illnMs, i^ed 61, iha Uigkt 
Hon. Willitm Geurf? Ilairia, aecond Lor4 
Uarrb, uf SerluK*|utnni aad MyMre, In 
Iha Eaat Indian, nud of Behnont, eo. Kent 
ilSI5), a Ltent.'GeDaiiil iii Ibc armj, 
Colondof the 73ti Foot, Knlitlit Com- 
Diaudcr of ihr Gueivhif Older, Knight of 
the Order irf Wilhclm of Holland, and a 
Conitmiiion of the Beth. 

Hti I.onlihifi was boru on ihc I7th 
uf Jan. i:H. fhf. tUeii aan of GMKgC 
fin>r ),ord llarri*, the i-onrjMi'or of Bt- 
riiignpataai, hy Anue-Cartrrcl . roungeat 
daughter and Ro-tirireaa of (.'hade* Dixon, 
Dto. of Batji. 

he ttiM n|>|ruiniMl Enki^ in Ute 76d) 
recimeut in Sla} 1T9<%. (ironoted aa Ueu* 
tenant in Jan. 1'tl6, and joined in India 
in iT!>7. lie (erred u Lieulcoaat in 
the (4Ih iei;»»i:at in the ompai^n of 
SeritijtupBtAiii. under hUfailier; wai prevent 
nl ibe battir of Mallavilly, and la the 
rtormiiiK of Seriitga|iataMi wan one of iIm 
lomaraat to otter the Inench. for trhi<!h 
ha waa oooiniended on the nvai In- Sir 
Darid Batrd. Btinir >Mt kona with 
TjpiMo'a cBptured «undatdii, he had the 
honour of prtaauting them to King Gaoife 
tile Third, and ara* j>roinoied to a com- 
|>any iu the t9tb, whieli be accompanied 
in bir Hvde Parker's expedition to the 
Baltic, and waa preaebt In the QJattoii 
frij;afe In ihr dripeinie action of Copen* 
bvfva. Ik- tl>eo wvrit with hi* refiineol 
to Caiindn. wlicn he wan tho enn&donca 
uf thai dialinguiibed uflicer, the lat« Sir 
liaac Dixtdi, llwn itn Colonel. 

Beiiiit pn>iuotrd to n majority in the 
i.lrd. he Itkl ordered to join Ihnt n^inieol 
til InJii. On )ii> wNjr uiil be vutuntiwrod 
hl« «eiii<'ej> in the ri]>e>IlllnTi of Sir Oavtd 
BaLrd aitiinfl the Cape of Good Hope. 
•ad aoiUted at tlie cBptam of Ihat place 
in ISUC, MirrtDK a* tccond in eowmatid in 
■bat part of tne attnck led bjr ihe late 
Lurd Macdoiiald. Arririnz in India, he 
fiHittd biitcgimcnlliaduilrdfor UngUnd ; 
but befufc K-hintiii; huuir, he ti>ok the 
Ojiport'init* ortinilinf China. 

Vriieo appoiiiied to ibe command ol 
tlie Sail batlalHin of Ihc 73nl ua Lieut.- 
Colonel. b« aealouil)' applied hlmveLfloper- 
fectinc ita disdpline, nnd, at gmt prirate 
pcvunwrjr Mcrilice, rendered it in erCTy 
ruprcC nipat ettcieni — ui mach <n> lu, al 
vuiiou* liniea, «h^u on lenicvi t<> call 
forlh the hij;b admiration of larb men aa 
Mnrkmiir and Gibb», Waluoden and 
l-ynrdorluPiclonandPnckc but, notwttb. 
ataiiiJinf; tbeac eflvrU< and kia own aiijtioiu 
tlMtrct, loiH adTcne mum erer pre* 

0»lTl'AiV«^£(#«A^rTfT XvrS ffarvit. 

^mmJ hu juMtttg the ■ictorlMituat of 
WMmfltm In Kptin. In I8IZ Uw :3H 
-■•■ vrdnvd wi tite etpHitinti lUMUtr 
Cw l Gibb* to join (li« Crown Pnucr 
if 8«*fai, Btnwdottv. at Stnlnod. 
iJtor ImAo^ ibera *ni utittiiu to rouk- 
ffatt the worhkoT that town, CoL Hnrru, 
«Mk the T3rd. wn drtacbni inio the (n- 
feaior of ibr eouaurr. to feel A>r the 
(Bcaif. ud «!«> to fct Into conunnnim- 
tiom with Gtneral Counl Walmuilcn. 
*Udb laacercnu •crric* b« xuc>-t^fiilly 
dfciM^ tfaoufb be luui witli gnu care 
MidtinliaB to cnwp irttli bin fiBUll tbrcr 
fcl l P M tbe Ufgc L-orpa il'ann«!r or 
DoTBOil md other Frrnch gcnrraU at 
ibiA tia* ■Caliooed in Puinemuii. Mvek 
ImlbtK^ ml Uanonr. Ilavtoc jolnrd 
Wdhonlw. (be T3nl rootribBted smllj 
1« the fiotwy ttut ^orfal pined (ir«r 
Um pi m.h in HaouMT. wlierr Colonel 
Hama. at thr b^ad at bid Rgtnwiil. ile- 
cBnfaif any aid. aud at Ihc raumeat wliru 
th> liwnu btuaan bad bna routml. 
ihan,iiil ap a «t«rp hilJ. tMtk * battery of 
F^iadi actjUcry. and. nii furling the Britiib 
mImbi, •■ ABCv iprpad l«rrar amongii 
Am lalMA taroy, vbich feared no other. 
K finir rtncfc tbcai, and Iher fled. In 
Ne«. His, the iJnl tr.einbarhcd, in Ibc 
Oalfof Lubeck, for Eii§taiid,but ca arrlt - 
■I nc Taattnlh ii waa ortlcrcd, witboai 
'■ffiH^^ lan^. to join the anny of Lord 
Linadocb. in UoUand. Unrfaif Uul winter 
OHpnigD before Antw-rp, rmdared mora 
4Mk^ froiB the Mtvritf of tlw woaifacr. 
Col Dill Harriahad tbeboouir r>f carrj-inc 
Iha nttafn of Mtramm by slonn , uuikr tlu> 
M of Mt late Majcaty King Williui tb*: 
naiA. Be «ma eniiJoied an BriKadier- 
Gm^ti dorlac the mi of tbe upraiiniki. 
AJhtr AnVBCTp wu dcIiTcml up, Coluucl 
IImiI« nil qnirtriTTlfw ttnl Inwn, andrc- 
■iaaad W tbc Low Conntri«i with bi« 
laainiiinl dnrinf the real ottkt J9U IKIl, 
oi tb* *>rly part of 18I&. On tlut nc- 
asm «f Napotean from &lba, b« joined 
Ite aamf of tbc Dnke uf 'X^'rlltnKtoD, and 
fate nguMm vaa appointed lo tlie br^ade 
' ~ by Sir Cotin llalkett, aiul 
, |Wt la tbc itnbbom eoniMt of ttie 
)6cb of JaBo. at Qaatrc Brat. naaiMed in 
ea«ch^ tlic relTcat an the ITtbiandon 
tha Ifia, (n K)aar« kIUi (lie 30tli regi- 
■cati "itliataod, dtirins (he wliole nf that 
fbwAll di7. Iba retMvtvil char^ea of tli« 
1*111 h caralrr, ana the noceaatni; fire of 
•DC tk tbetf banenea, ttU the ragimeH'. 
m HttnOy ou to piee». itt numbrrH 
hdav nrftMcd at th« end of the day to 
nbowt M vsbut oat of brtwren MO and 
Mt ■■i. Once, and odo' onlv, during 
; iratfd cmmase. did tbt tivm T3rd 
llalB Inffil np • gap mbicb the idcot- 
1 im lid t«ra in tbetr ts«an— thru 

Colonel at once ptutiing bia bono tHph- 
wifc aerou Uio space, nid vltji a tniie. 
" Wrll. my ladi, it'TOti vnn't, I Biut;"tl 
i« almost nvedWtt to imU, that iawMdiatclT 
lie wu tnd back, to his proper place, and 
thr ranks clo«^ up by tnen itill more 
devotpd Ihui liefore. Late In the aftcf 
noon, be rroelied a iliot through the 
r^kt BboaUcr. frota fihich Mtcrc wnnad 
he coatinoed tovnffer at times Tot the ittt 
of Ilia life. On rptinng oo lialf-par ■ 
•word of the value of 1 JO ^iiea^ wa» pr«- 
H-nted to him by the officer* of bia r^- 
Ricnl, in testimony of their adnkirntlwt 
and regard. 

A* a proof of the esiiwatiou tu oluch 
he «ra« held by bia mrn, an csmct from 
A work lately jiubiiahcd hj a acrjeant of 
thr T3nl may b> giren. In diacaninji the 
subject of corporal punitbiDenta, be Myi. 
"The Colf>nel nf my mn regbntat, the 

Creaent Lord Marria, always i-onaider«d 
iinarlf tbc father of hia rcgiineill, and 
behaved townnb the men with tbc nuMMt 
ktndncM ( and. though he ordered and 
)>upennleaded n great aucibcr of cotporel 
ponithmenla, yet I vvvily bcliert^, that 
nothing but on iiDperaltTc icme of duty 
uTfcA him to it ; and he alwmy* appearod 
to nifl'rr a> mw-'h mental aofj^ith as the 
]>rJM)n«ni did bodily aoffering. NoaooMr 
•riF the probablo efficjency of otiior Um 
dugnecful modM of punUhment ng, 
geated to bttii. than he imiocdiitely adopted 
tlMm." \k a proof of hi* ktndoesa and 
it* cffecii, bu any*. " When tbc nginent 
lay at the Tower there waa a fine yonng 
fellow of the grenadien srho gave way to 
intrmprntr and diaordcrly ooodnet, wan 
coniianally In the gnard room, and at 
punubroent diilk : it length he goc drank 
unr ni^ht and dcacrted ; waa taken and 
branght bdirk a pritooer. The Colonel 
sent for htni to hi* own room, baniiif a 
rrgard for binii and pointed odc the con- 
te(|uenoe of hia preacnt conrae of life, and 

Sroinising to for^vr him the rrioin of 
raenion (for wbidi h« bad expected UO 
Utbca) and to promote him. IT be only 
coodnclrd himself well. Tbn man, o*er> 
come Kith the ktndim Ibe C(i tonal 
erinceit (owafda biio. prombed ameod- 
raent ; and be kept hia pramue. for. IVoai 
that Hmc, he became otie of the sobereal 
mrn in ihc regiment, waa promoted lo the 
rank tit cnrpinal, then Mrjenot, then 
coloar seijt'ani, nud when llu scijenut- 
uaajor waa klllfil at WatCTloo W waa 
appointed to thU Ritiidlion." 

It n»y alM ho added that I»rd Ilarrii 
in bia youUi eacdkd In no«t alldetic 
exefeltee, and by bia uperrneM in 
nrbnuing bad Ibe frtfificetioa of aaTlnx 
three of his fellow creatnrrg from a 
wftiyy pvrt, whkU nci^ompUahiiMat tkq 


•«rf«d UnMlf U good itMd. li««lti| Ivtca 
nfimd ihifiwneK, wl^ vigifvd in ibi 
■rrioe oT bu cowutjr. 

0«n«ml on llw *UIT frgm tbe jttM 1 92» lo 
IftSS, In IreUkJ. sDtl in YorkBUn), 
mhtn btt donlrUwlol ButrrUU; in ^uel> 
Mag IIm dbitaflMiiow in th» ma-aabctarvm 

In Sff 1 181«, CflloMi Hwtia olTnvd 
klBMlf H * CTiwHdate lo nfimrat Uavta- 
trr U> PkriUmvitt, but rwlifnwl un Ilia 
&(b <>ot. in om*eqnen«c of Mr. JoHpta 
Ovttcrworlli. U« ttookteller, of KiMt 
Stri'cc. Iionilon. (• nUive of CovEnlry,) 
of>r<i>g hia wrrion, and nhg ma ■voo- 
tiwlljr eltvtcd. 

Lvrd Utrrif nccMdod to Um |m»«m 

OB IhO rfMth of liL« ftllier. MajP IP. 1«». 

Pram Dial tiaiD Iib lUsd in rcdrement at 
BalBOat, bis ant In KenI, kcli>t«a by h\» 
ttMkiiy, mpcoteil by bia leiiiuiry Md 
B«t|bUi«n, uij lie Itm died ilnrjily U- 
GMDtod br lb«n awl bv tlia ixrar. 

H« TO narriad nrWi Ant, Oct. 17. 
isn, to BliM>ftetJB*.Aiiw>. onlv d»ii|b. 
tar of Willian liiok. «q., M.D., of 
TuU}'Ri4>t)l»uaa,^rtl»<Ufa i tndwoondljr, 
Mijr -M, 1091. to labalU-Uai>a«Mb, antj 
child Af tlia Ute Roban HandnotOi THnpb, 
«M., of WaUrMoaii. Wa»tKiaUu 

Br hit Am lulfwlwdicd Jai. 3b. Ifll7. 
ba bad ittiH two auai and oiw daufhtaf i 
I. tha Ki^bt Hob. Grorgo Ptaocii 
Rulkcrl, iKi<T l^ird Harris, bom in IHIU ; 
i. tlurlolbi'fUU, wlio died bi \»i», in 
b«r lib jnr ; and 3. ibo lloo. Jofan 
LiHbtogton Tbonuti IIutm, oho dted in 
iai0,faikl>l7(fa jenr. 

Bv L*4y llairia, «bn mrttno him, bu 
Lornbib tksd ibtao *aoi mud one duickter i 
4. tha Uom. lt»lMrt Trnipl* llama, of 
Watmioirii, t-n. WntiiMMlb ; S. Ih« lloa. 
CMiln-l^dvanl, «bi> «cd In IftM. In bli 
4ib ynr i 6. tha lion. Anbiir.E»art : 
■ad 1. tlH! Hon. LouIm- Matilda. 

Vanr Rav. Sin H. Oakilbt, At. 

J/okA 2;. In London, afcd &4. Hm 
Verf fUv, niid Vvn. Sir Ilarliail Oakcley, 
tballiinl Bart (IISA), thnn and ReMor 
«f BooUm , Arcbdncoa of Cokbuter, ud 
I Prcboadary of St. fWa. 

Hema bom Feb. 10, 1791, Ui« Arartb 
aOD of Hit Charloa Oakala;^ tb« Hiv Baro- 
nal, Qovanor at fcUdra*, by lleleoa, 
dMWhMr of Rab«rt BaMaon. of KiUarie, 
oa. rifc, e»n. 

Ha "«iv^ Cbriat Clmrcb. Ozbrd,U.A. 
IRIS, anil wa( iiatmnitod by tbe ]>f«*«Bt 
AreJibari>i>p of CantaTbiw?, vim. vhra 
Buhop of London, collatod bim in 1 ^23 
to Iba «i«ara^ ttt Ealing, In Middlnan, 
•lul in IHSi to Um probcikJ itf Wenlock*a 
Barn, in tb« «iUiMiil tkvnk of bl, 

Vsiy Ptv. Sir JT' OaJcsU^s Rl.^7>a»ii Ktr, Eiq. 

PaiU'a. and aubM^nantlf, vbn Atfik' 
bUiopi to (bo dowtn >ihI Notory v' 
Bookisc Is 18U, irben Sir Ugrbart n- 

Ho onDOaodcd to tbe baronatox on Uk 
dMtb of Ua brotber Sir Charlv Oakelfy 
witbml Mile iama, Jon* 30, 1929. 

Sir Harbari Oakafej narrted. June 5, 
IIM, Adt«ll-lU*mb. ari-nitd dauKUcr of 
tba fU*. Lord Cbarloa Murray \ynal«v, 
(whowaaaboOoannf UockingiJaadctaad- 
ikiiShieraf John, (bird l>uh« of Alliolli 
K.T. I and by that lady, «ho died in Jan. 
leKf. he Iwd ktu« a numisoM hmUy. 
He U Hccanlad id bis titla by hiaaldHt 
aoo. now Sir Cbarlaa Willua AtboU 
Oakaln. bom In 1838. 

Tba lunenl o( thia naeh-aitMvod kd- 
tknaa look pUc* on tba 4lk Awil, in tbe 
poTMh ch«r<.-h of Unrking. Tba pn»c«a> 
aim «u a walking one frutn Ilia deanery to 
tlie chiircb, adiiiuwe e( iMarly a <|oart«r 
of 4 mile, and vu witMaeod with groot 
intMoat and titrf nark at nepeolfiil aU 
tanUoa by a laf|« nuBbsr of epaotatorm. 
Tbe oorpM vns Inunadtiloly fbUowed bj 
the prraetil BarioAt and bi» Belt brother. 
two yoiilka. wboaa afifconncc exnttod 
Kucb obaarration andsyeapaihy, bena*t4( 
u tliey btvebco.of both ibelr •AotUioate 
parenia wlUiin tfao abort Urai of fIftMB 
DionCha. Tbe otbar nonmera foUovad, 
eoniUallaf of Edward Oakeley, eaq. aed 
Ika Kcv. VrvdMick Oakelay. brotkera of 
thn dntraard, K. Kyuaalan, eto. W. H. 
W'eodkouae, aaq.. and WtUiaa MoU, eaq. 
Dflpbewt. J. Murray Aynalfij, m\. bro- 
ther of tbe iMe Lady Oaliato/. Arabdaaooa 
L^l. nod iba Bct. R. Draauwnd. Tbe 
pall waa bomo by Andidaaeaa Barmay, 
o. Savilk (hilej. aaq. C. N. BamanUitoa, 
I'M], llw Ko*. C. roraiar. K. Notudge, 
nq. and the R«r. K. WalkiitMia. The 
temee »na road by t b« Rvt. AJ/rad Maaon, 
Carata of Uockiajc. 

DaviB Kun, Eao. 

iifr. .V>. At Aniriin, UbtM Kar, aaq. 
of |Mcta*0 and MoMallO. co. Down, a 
aaagiatralo and dep««utcnaDi of that 
eooaty. nod lata In. P. for nn«B|Mtridl, 
and braibFr-la-taw to the M«n|uwi of 

Mr, Krr waa nMbew lo Ricbani Gorvaae 
Krr. n<i. M.P. lor Newport ia l^c lab 
of n i||)il, in the warUamefit of 1802-1106. 

Hawaa r4actnl M.P. for UownpaUtek 
In liilti and in 1».17. Mid auopoftod Ifaa 
CooKrvative party. In lAt I Ih ww aoo- 
cccded In the rrftreaeBiatlon l>y bia aon tha 
■ifrwtit BMODbcr fitr Dowopotrich. 

Mr. Kar marrM. F-b. ti, lt>i4. I«dy 
Rrlina Narwb iaiiaaa Stewart, tfftb daagbtei 
of Robert UttA Maniuaai of Loadonderry, 
bywbwn IwJm UA imm, Oarid SUwaft 


1945.) OBirCAnf ^^AdmiralJanm Carptnttr. 


tm, «»9. BOW M.P. for Do«iip«triflk, 
■ho MtftM fn 1812 the Hon. Ana* Do. 
mfcM Bbckwood, 4bittbtiTr of Jkuh 

Pad Lofll IMbrin raJCkneboTe ; rail 
I Immk. Hb «Ucm duMtbtv, Fraaoet 
m, «M iiHnM Pcb. 0, 1840, to Mai. 
r Jobs AnkrtcQ, eaq. eMcct sod of 
bas AnUidl, cm. at AnLetell Grara, 

AoitikAi. Jami» Cak»ktkk. 
MwrrJk 1C- Ib CaB)l>r.iluiJ-8ir««i, in 
IW iMifc TfT rf h*- B^c. June* CorpmUr, 
CM^ mill Aifan'nU of tbe Wbitf. 

B« Whmd the Niry in Murb, ITTfi. 
TW IM llttp iu vkirb 1h lerTMl wu th« 
fto«Ar«y*at. k jnuu^ltbip u Vljmaitth, 
■ ■■■iiiifl'TT Capuiu Jrnri*. aftcfwanb 
liatA St. VinccBt. Pruw tlifat ikip ba 
««■ «h«rl|f n»o*«d lata tlu Dilnnond of 
M C*M. mto tlM comBuul of Captun 
C. rVUof. «bo anerwtriU urritMl Mr. 
OarpMbr >Ui Un into ihe Sallan, 74. 

la Ihaw twn lUps be Mned tbe (natar 
pMI ■! hi* llsia M mUHhipinMi, am the 
nan of Axwin uid the Writ iDdimi 
m4 «m mpicd ID wMBj of tbe Ktioni 
iMA. tttok |d»e tlten, ftanicnlarlr in 
Bma'a Mdoa off Gmarfa, villi D'E». 
My. h 1779. Tba SalUit, dwti mb< 
■udad by Captaia Gtcrincr, wu on< of 
fti th«M toidiiBott tbtjm which gallantly 
l^aa tti*l action, and rut ati>ii{c Itie 
of D'E*taiiig'a line, fX|>OHd 
&re from tbtt ihiptof iha 
mmif to aueeadtm. brfore tbe r«at «f 
ttia twt cMtU join thm id the battle. 

U IfM Mr. Carp«nilK waa appotnterf 

■Oaf liailWMif of tbe EUiT«r. a lO-gvit 

Wc. Iia«rnia*i^>< hy Capt. J. T. Duek- 

wonk. with ■bon be (btmed an tatra>at« 

UadAip, that iaawd aa 1ob| at ibtj both 

laaA. Fmi ths ftonr ha waa mor«I 

Ma tkc Saftdwieh, hariiu Sir G. B. 

BaJaaj'a Saf i and ftom Weacr, in th« 

■■a y««r, I7S0. Into Uw Tntrtpld. 64, 

oawMaatai by Capubi Alolloy. Aa 

aattag Umcnam of tiiii ihip, be wu 

mtn"^ la Gfavca'i action off ihr Ctiraa. 

ywfct. i«d in the aane >bip, 1& 1 78'2. he 

VMC^apdaa LiniMuiiitla Lord Hood's 

vBdo tm Sc KHt'i; >be l-mdc bamc to 

Eagtaad ihartlj anennrdi, and mt* pnid 

•t M njBiMth in 17H2| aod Ijnit. 

CaiyiaUr la tbe n«xt frar joined tbe 

laliaimjiCocnBiodoTo Sii J. Jtnit; but 

that drip «M alio aooa after paid of, tba 

■w htlai caM. 

Be laulned ttBnnplo7ed duhuf tbe 
MM, aalfl V,y>. wben t<c joiaed, aa 
Uastcaard, tht IMnn, of W (cnna, which 
fcoR the tie of Be4f-A'lra. Sir J. JerrU ; 
■ad la 1791 «u eppomiRd to ttir Hon* 
la| Cattle, Ca^ttain J. T. Duckworth. 
faa flf ih< ihlpi oi till Riuntit Anna* 
MBA. MOvVcahug a«(«r Ibc mo. 

Intlonarr war la 1793, Sir J. Jerria took 
Mr. Carpenter aa l^rat Ueateaant of iba 
Boyocliii Aag.ibip; and upon his irrival 
to tba Wait lodiaa, proiooird liiu lo tbe 
oooBUDd of the Nauilaiof IS gvai, uul 
ordered Uai to aem on aboro wiib a 
cleCncbtaeitt of arunen at the ndnciiun of 
MarimMpiB. Sir John Jervb bad aloaji 
rrpoBcd Ritat coofideoce fn him, and 
U|M>D this nccauoni toid him Ibat he trotted 
macfa to bia eirrliona, and ** when," (aid 
be, polaiisK to ibe eaenf'a ftag vpon (ba 
fort, ■* thoifl oolowra aball be down. 1 will 
give nni year poat rank." Upon tbe bll 
of Idartiniaiie be raed*ed tba puldie 
tbanlu of Sir Oeorfe Gtej. the miliiarr 
BaBauader-tD-cUar, tor bia active tci- 
operalion ; and bis serrin* were also 
mentioned witb pnl** by Sir John Jrrria 
Id hli deapalchaa, aad he WM tmraediatrly 
potted l» Sir John lata the Bica Veaa, 
a priac ni|*te, which reeciTed ibe nemo 
of Ibe Ui>daabt»d. His com mi u inn for 
that frlKBte bore dale the iSxh Mveb, 

1794. In fittiug out that ship, which waa 
in a moat drplorsble slate of ftldi and 
diaorder, Capuio Carpewier loil many of 
hla nen, and waa hloMrlf ukcn with the 
yellow fbrer, and nearly InH bis life. Sir 
John Jends with ormt hlodiMss ranotad 
Um tint iaUi Ihi Veteran, and then into 
a fatourite ihtp of his own, which he bsd 
fonocrly commanded, Ibe Alarm of 32 
guns 1 Slid sent lilm off lo tba coaat of 
America. Eu]j in Ibe following jeart 

1795, Captain Carpeatcf cthopontad la 
nibduEhs the Inmirtctlon thai had hr«kaB 
out amoDX the Ca/ib* and Negroca of St. 
Vincunt, Greaada, aadDoiiiini<)i>e. at tht 
inntiisrion of tba ftenehrapublirnus fren 
OtiMnloupe. Gen. Sir Juliii Vauptaa, in 
tiis pullic de«p«le)m, psrtirulan^ msa. 
tioBrd the seal aad activity at all tiia« 
msnificsted b* Capt. Carpenttr whilst ««• 
ployed on itiis service. Alwul lUe uune 
tlioe the Alarm, In compaoy wiih tbi 
BallMia. captured the Duras of SO ^nat 
and |0 men. hatiog on board 100 troopai 
from iIm Alarm be moved into the Quebec, 
and came to Enclaad. 

In ITtKI. when Capl. J. T. Dudtworth 
a-a* promoted to be a Rrar-Adio'rsl. and 
■ra* ordered to haul hi« Hag cu buard the 
Leviathan in tbe Me^llterraaean fleet, be 
MMde a reiinest that Capt. Carpenur ffli{;bt 
be a|'|iointrd liis Captsio, as one "in 
whofo maaliaeea and profeational Inow- 
Icd|e 1 hare the irmeai reliance." Capi. 
Csrpmirr wa* immedialely appointed, 
anil joined ihnt ship. 

On tbe afteroooa of the fttli April' 1BM> 
the Ix^ialhan, while CTvistng olf the gat 
of Gibraltar in coanpenj srilb llie Sotfl* 
litre and Emcralil. uieovertd iw*l*e mH 
from the maat.headj and in the conrae of 
tbe foOvwuK Bight a BpanlAk vmmI *h 

M A^MuJ. Caipmtf*'»^Li4tU^O*n.KorthftfffppkiM- [Jul^. 

Mlplttrcdt vhielt iatotmM Uieni ihnt tbe 
ku Mibd from Cadii two iImi befora u 
HK of « LUnk couTor, coaalallnn of tbir^ 
(eea mU. unilar the cluinc* of Lhr«e fi-i- 
■MM. Al dijbrak, liowevrr. tlipjr cuuM 
WBOafl vewel oolfi but In the sflereoon 
Iklf ftlMrrrad iciTrr*] in iliflervnt illrec* 
tkwv, and the Swil^nrc irai arcnnlingly 
Mot •outhtrards, wblle ihc LttiMbui MM 
SoofnU went toiruda th«> nnrlb'MUi to 
ibtensept Ihirm. A ravounlile bre«ic 
Mxmnf up In ihu tncnliiXi 'nU ilje Lof la- 
wa uiil KmcreM nieowdiiie in ^ting 
tnotiK Ihn balk of the canTny in Ihr mid- 
dt* of the night, anil louk up a poaition 
mir two uf the SpaaUti frigatm, who 
•pMeDtly Kuppofed tbcni to be part of tbeir 

^•OBTDjr. That they mlglit not. bf 4ii> 
rbing. dujicrM; tlie ooa*oj iii the dark 

tkr tba niglit, thcjr nllod ijuMtlj' alonf with 
. anal da«o ofdar.aDd tUcn attacked 

^ttis Spanbh fripita tli« Ddl Catmnt and 
FIor^Dtina, which, ■(^e^ diiiilayinfc great 

itUantrf, utmck their cnloun at balf-pait 
'•o'cIicIe. StrenI sail of mrrrhnntman. 
ikkty Ikdni, mie alio cipturFil urid eon* 
ioOtM in aaTotjr to UibraUar. 

ftr Johk DackwoRh m* nm aupolntvd 
M tba oDBinaiid at tb< l^Mward lalanda. 
bU. the ctiatate of the Wrsi Indies again 
dUajTacinit anih Captain Cdrji^iilrr, ti« 
«a» fooa bi*alidrd, aad look • panife for 
BagbodtaianoKhant vaaael. ThUveaatI 
WH captured bj tba ¥naeh oa htr way to 
iBSlaadt and b« waa takm to a port In 
Bpalnaod latidni Ihm a* a prboucr of 
war. Lord St. Viaccdt, who wai at that 
time at the h«*d oi the Admiralty, f at liim 
ttchanged for a culuiirl oiiil tnu otbei 
flfllotn, aud ba caine to UngtaniJ, but nrf 
■acli ndwxd in haalth aiul itrangth from 
what be bad umkrgooe in the Wc*t lodiea 
aod in Spain. Howerer, Lord St. Vin- 
MBt laaiwUlWy appointed him tv tba 
SaiJawfuf 110 guai. iii which ship be 
traalfwl nntil (b4> wat |taid olT at PJr. 
BOBtb, upon tlia peaoo of Amieni. In 
1903. upon iba broaklag out of tlie war 
Vtd appnhandcd invaatoa of GnglariLl, 
Lord Ge. Vbhunt appoiiilcd hint to the 
eOmffland of th* Sea Fenniblei oa tba 
to«th«ni «oa«. eepetdalljr teXOat blm tbat 
be wanted gooi offiopn thvtt. for it «w nn 
aBcewblck at that periot ■>) alaim wai 
CQa«deved of mnek mom impurtuoco iban 
ft aftarwanii tnrnod out to be. lib com- 
BMd nteadMl from P«uiknowlc to Ttiga. 
■MMIkf a Knr of uxtj uitea, and h« bid 
two captabit uiwler him. 

Uc rcnxiuuil in ttui command nf the 
6ca renciblca UulLI that forca wai dii- 
banded, and Sir Jobn Uuckworth hnvina 
obubied tb« evmuitud nt N««fouiKllftii4 
ia 1610, Captain Caryeatcr beeama the 
Captain of hia llu-ibfp, tbo AaUlopc, la 
tta bcsinBhifor \%l\, ia wUcb lUp he 


raraalaad until br «« promoted to btf 
lltiar.Admiral na the )2(h Aupiat, UIJ. 
He ma made Viee-Admiial on tbe 12th 
Auguat, IBID, and Admiral on tbe 10th 
Jan., 1937. At liii daatk ho had baeo 
abty.nlne fears in bia ptefaaiioa. 

Admiral Cartwoter wa* aa ciocUenL 
ofiloer. Hi* >oip* Wfrr« remarkable for 
thfr order and djfdnliue iu wliieb ibn 
wrrr. alwajskftpl- Whatever rank he biU, 
lie was cnr (cmpuioiiiilv Iiiral oo perfomi. 
tag effiKtualljr ibe work uiil Hiiiin idcibd. 
bent on himj and tn thi« wny he never 
fatled to wm tbr aitiirhmeat and coali- 
dnnCE of tlOK with whoiit be •rrvrd. But 
tlie mtimate in winch lie wh lipid \tj LfOrd 
Ht, Vlitcnit aiid Sir Jobn Du'okHorth, a* 
manlfaatcd bjr the ctreumitaacts wc have 
aarraled, are the Iwal oommcDtarjr that 
noitld be (ivcn upon lib oharB<:lpr ak au 
oBlcer and u >eHinaD.— 'f-'Nirnf Svrwiew 

Likvt.>Ork. Noxthkt Uoraisa. 

April 26. In GloucMler place. tgtA 68. 
Richard Nortli^y [lutikioi. f*»\. h Uent- 
tieaaral in thr ormy. 

GtiMral N<)tThc>' llu))kiiu wait graat- 
{moduo of Mr Kda irdNartlicy,Aitomar' 
general to QuriMi Anne, and nandaon 
lhrou|;h hit mother of the Ilixli' Hon. 
Edward Mopkin», M.T. (o' L'ovxatrr.and 
Secretary vt Sute for Ireluid. during tbe 
aamr rci^n. Ilr wa* the third aoa of 
W lULain Norlbry, pu|. of Itj Uouie, Wilta, 
LL.1>., F.R.S.nCouiuilMioneT for Trade, 
nnd (iroom of Ihe Chamberto Kiii^ Oeoiite 
ih^'niirdi hi* eLdrrbrotlirr:>hnin( tbe tote 
WiULiiti NtiiUic), c«i. M.P. for Newport, 
and the Rtt . Kttnard Nortbey, n Canon of 

Thr tat« Ueocral laberttrd the i-itoiea 
of thi? Hopkioa family, by bequeat of hi* 
uncle Richard Hepkinn, oiq. M.P. for 
Conntrv, and d Lord of the Tmaaurr. 
who dieii OB tbe IBtb March 1771). lU 
iu*amedinooaari)iiencG tlic iiimc of Hop. 
kin* by royal ftsii-maiiunl dated tbe 8tb of 
!kW tn tbal year. 

Tbe biiiily «r llojikiiu were Connerly 
ioflnantbl inUahitautiof Coittnlrir. Samp- 
aon Hopkia* •■•« uoniiDited Mayar and 
Alderiuaa of Corcntry by thr Chatter 
cranted by King Jamn. under whii^h Ihr 
Conioraliunwrr* governed until Ihopuiinjt 
of ilie Municipal Act, oiid the lame gentle- 
tiMn nai al«> made Matter of (he Draper*' 
('om|ui»y of t'oxmtM', to llie Charter 
Ifranted tn thuT Cutiipaiiy. The late Ge- 
neral aold the ftntiiy msnaion, la Earl- 
ittTMt, io that city, now knowo a« falaoe. 
yard. afcwy»ar*ago, bttt rrtatned Taloablc 
otatea tiMre and lo (be ndfbbourhood, 
liicludlof tbo munar ol Folctbill ; wbivb 
ototca now detorod lo t>i> only iod, Se- 
rml Qfinbin of Ibc llopkiu ftcaily an 

IMS.] Ma/ofGeu. Retttt, CB^^Reav-Adtti. Cf-chrane. 


loriid b St. MIdufll's diamh, wtieM 
am htoiaane taarbir. imMinmcnti to their 
■•■MfT atuid im Ikp rIifllK«l. 

Oawral N'oiifa^T UopkiOF tarmni^ 
mt*t4in%ht 32d Foot, and biieoiDRii*KtanK 
MTt 4*CpdMfl»Ucni> .— BDHisa. tat Sqil. 

irn ; LisvtawBt. S<)tli >Ur.-h, ITTfi; 

CipUiii. Ifth Nov. I7:H; Mojpr, 13tk 
Ai^. I79S; Iinii.-Calonrl, &(h Nor. 
tnS: CaknMl. SSUi J«ii. I7»;; Major- 
€n«i«J. 2.%ih Sept. 190:1 : and l.ieaC. 
Qammt. 2:>tt) 0«t. 1B09. 

Omtntl Nurtliey llnjiklnir wtu twiM' 
■MBiW I Srit in ITTT, lo Fraticei, clau|tltter 
mfjtikm Wnjr. nq. or Mvn«sba». br nhom 
ha hai immt oor sod and two dnn^htcn. 
Tht fbtttar, WillUm Kicturd llc>^>kj^nf 
Socliej, CM), b a Drputjr-Liculmaul of 
flaifcimS—ihiii *ad wn fomierlv Mde- 
iki ■"■■■ II fhr Pit - -T RichnoDd wbni 
Len^ UnrtMWl of IraUiid. Mr nvainnl 
fttrr. 4ngblT of Gerald PortEtcae, uq. 
dmr Eaf of Ansa, (cT<n(-uod« Iti ihie 
pnMainoaM Fofuaciu, «m|. o( Dre- 
■Jrt-iB Canlc Mid RaTcnsdnIp PkrV:, ro. 
LMCb.) b]P whom he tits h*d inau pih- 
wa. «te tfed at Mklta. and fi%«dnuKhtinii, 
of whoa be rideri u tbr wife uf tlic H ju. 
GrngB I*c< Irbr, heir appamil »f Loi^d 


fliani Nnrtbrf lloptdiu wai married 
a MKaaJ tmu to a lidv of wfaoar nama «r 
tw «ot infbnnvd, «oil IuhI other ohildmi. 

iljUOM'CtM. a. J. RCKTKS. C.B. 

Jhrwl U. rn l)ul*trodi.ibret, Ca- 
tcadfak-iquare. ia hin T3rd j^eor, Major- 
CaacfBlGeorpiKeeTe-. C-B., K.H., Imn 
Lw^..Cal«iel ofUic ^Jlli Regiment. 

TUs fallnt oScn cot^'ml th* ariny an 
the 9U1 Feb. 1791: brcame Lkutcoant 
9A Joac. 1793 1 CapUiii lh« -.'Ut Oe,\ 
int i U^ tlw lOlh Out. 1803 ; Lirul- 
Mavl. Ill Junimv. 1^12: Caloovl, '■'3<) 
Mr, ItiM: and Major- tirncral . mh 

^^ ins. 

M^orCmeraJ Keemwu at tbr caj)- 
M A the French We»t India Hl*nd> bjr 
e «mf iitd«r Str Charks Grey, and 
in tha bngadeof Grcaoilirn com- 
■mdnl t>j ihr Uafcc of Kent. Ulien Ihr 
Tbihi'i adn-ili-mttp were wonoded, b'' 
onW hto Rer«l Hitbt)e.->t'!i orders danas 
th* nat of the aflioo o( Mome TurtriuOn. 
B« VI* sibM^iientlv vouadrd at Hoe 
•MUttiBf of Flmr d'Eprc. lie m* ap- 
pfliKft^ iid«.dc-canp (a lieu (..General 
Dwhi, in Ir«luMl, for tbre« yMn, and in 
tfee RhdUan of IT.'M was U the bMtles of 
KWfBf" and Vint^ir Hill. 

miar.Ociirral Kecfc* i«rrcd nndcr Sir 
Bilph Abtrcrorabr in the EfTptlan oun- 1801. He iru preient it the 
til&i( M Aboolur Baj on the 9ih March, 
•£ lh« Kth» 00 th« Utb. >Bd It the biUl' 
•f JjBMilriK oa tfafl 31K of Hircb : io 
Onrr. 31 1. Vol. XXIV. 

tbat of Ralvuuiie, on the Nile, on the 9th 
nf Mkj : and in eoinmiDd ol tho 8th 
Kegimmt at the inietlmmt of Gnu»d 
Cairo, tuil at tbc FUrrmdcr of that dty. 
He reoeiTrd a medal for hi* Mrhces in 
V^pX. lie wnii aiterwarda in the Mcdi. 
t«nwiMu, aad wheu In oonHUnd of tbr 
«ecoDd bittiUon of lh< 2jth RaKimcut in 
1K|>9. wui pmcnt Dt the uptnre oS thr 
iabutda of lacbia and Pmcida. He coo* 
olLided bit nctiie Krr«'ioe So the Peniniula. 
from Hll to l>jl3, wfatte hr took part ia 
Ihr ctormins nf Alro; and in the adioo of 
Biar. Ha cummanded the light i^mioa 
in the bait!« of CutelLi, and in the lOtiott 
of the »dvuLced poats at Ordm], wh«n ho 
WM wounded, and »eot borne Ear recovery, 
lie wa> ajinointed Liewteaaal.Gofemar 
of Plsoeniia (Ncwfonndlaad) on the 14ib 
Js&e, 181!), (rora which appointBtcot he 
derived an incomr of 17^/. '11. Cd. per 

Rear -Admiral Povlimn-. 

ytarck IA. At hia miil<ntcv at (Clifton, 
iirir Bri*tat, in hi* 8OU1 rear, Richard 
l>ou1d<^ft, r»t|., Rear-Admiml of the Rod. 

Tbi* galiaat officer tMettA the ^Ofrj 'HA 
.lulj, ITTfi,*')'! "a' rnndr I.irutitnant 12tb 
Feb. 1793. He vnt preKcnt in the we- 
liotii of Admlrali K^pel, Hood, Ctrtm, 
and in the (nniou* aebaat Of the9lb. l^b. 
and I9t1i of April, with l^ord Rodacj, in 
the war ewliaK 1*^- He wa> next ac- 
tively enffif/A in the atarming of Conlca, 
in co-operation with Sir John Moore, to 
tecure an anelioragc foe l-ord Hood. 

la Lord Btidport'i action oIT Brett, on 
the Rinnoiahle 33d of June, 1795, the 
cvptain and niMitrr of the Irrc<iitibl« beinf 
noun lied. LiriitPtiinl PanldRn mccoedea 
10 eAptnring llic enemy'* <ki|j oppoaed to 
liim. fur which urtioe ba wu nude Com. 

Ih-iRir afterwards engaged, >« Bg«rnt of 
imai-poti^, in the iRkinf of Minorca, he 
vsi ajtpoiuted SuperintendenC of the ar- 
c^ibI at Port Mahon, bf Sir John Onek. 

For his auianuoe in Raptnri&g the 
French Heel fe*cnped from Brest to the 
Me<ditemnniii, he wai made Pod Captain 
br Lord St. Vbwrut, 2&th April, 1802, 
and afta* Are yeart' terrice rendered to 
tlie Brittth amiy at Liibon, be returned to 
England. He Dttaioed the rank of Rcar- 
.Adffi^ml of the Bed Iflh Aoguit, mo. 

Ilia MKi, the Rev. Jame* Bedford Pool, 
deu, ii Rector nf f^lton, co. Olonoetter. 

KKaH.ADUiR.\i. N. D. Cochrane. 

Xw. 16. Al the aeat of bit brotber U 
Batbford, m in ulTonved age, RaRr'Ad- 
miral Nathaniel Day Cochnne, Rew- 


.3tmr~ 33. IMl. 

ir «f U fMM «■! IW Dm i vm 

.!■ AsiMkH if iLltaariBfiibv- 

St jMin T. Darkvnrtb utd Ht»t. 

^■■i I aad he nbaeoiimtly 

■ Akanadrk «»< OmiMa 

Ca^cais Bdvabr Blaxcslkt. 
JRif 4. la Duke-abMC. GrMienor- 
mtnm, Eisvd BUncUcj, en. Pott Cap- 

Be «u He of B. 8. BkneUey, et^. 
■^ yn(» CMMl'GMcral at Algtora. 
>Biwfciii tk ftor>l Navy ID IflOS; and 
■n«d the whole a/ U« tima ai midabip- 
■■t Baikr Cucsta Ibe Hod. Hmrj Dib- 
«■*, in Ue Mcrcttr;, Ini|wtieiiw, aiMl 
OlMgnw (Heal**. Ilc«aa made a Ue«le- 
HMt ooiIh Stk Keb. I0U: iifpainted to 
tbi AUicalar, £8 <C«pt. TlMVita Al«iak- 
d«r. C^.), ditiqg oat iar the bat Iitdia 
Mkn, M«r ItiiL. lt)£I: am) prtitnolri) l9 
tha oonHudof UuSoplui»liKi)i «[ nu' 
gMV, alMvt tba fad or A|inl I f :f:>. Thia 
appointmntt w>« nmliniiL-d bf tbc Ad- 
■■rtllj ua ibc Ifltli Dec. foltuwiaE, pre* 
Tifltti to wbtcb the SopUa Ind bc«n told in 
India ; from oluMoa ha ratoracd bainc 
MaaoMKar in tlio Lifer friitate. Cwlua 
TtwMM Co*, Jaa. 31, IBK. In Kay, 
1111, Commudfr BlumUay wu ap- 
atitJ to tbfl Pjladcs aloop. Suing 6vt 
' Ike Soulli Atucriean Matido. On bit 
paaage ibKbw W ttNubad at MaiMn. 
and raoatred tha tkanka at iba BrttUJi 
midenta id tfaat iaUfld " Tot bu inanljr 
pratection tit Ihnr hititrartii at to ernitfol 
ptrted." Ib April. 18^12. beiax ilvn 
MBMroOoer «a toa nortb ceist nf Ur^xil, 
1m waa puhlklj ihaaked by Ibe Biiiiili 
W»|ili>liti at I'mambniM, " forlhp acufv 
pntcclion t)s affonled tu ibnn and tbcir 
property donog tie rnolt aail BtaaMcrv," 
irbicfa Hd ncMtlj oocuired in Ibat di*. 
la Jan. I8S4, livwaa at Coqnlnbo, and in 
tbc bectoniBi of April at Bahia, frao 
wh«nM ba returned lo'Ka|UiiiJ, brioflu 
hone 400,(K)0 doUara no bvi^bl. Jnite 4th 
bUowiDK. Tlie Pykdaa waa piid off at 
nputBth on the 26lh of tlic Ijllcr inouib. 

LiBiTT.'Coi. JAMia AKoamtoM. 

^Itiw 3. At Glaagow, aged i^, LkaiL- 
Col. JaiBca AndcrxM 

HewBi born at Nielctoa ia Soolland. 
■nd waa ibe Uat to/ilTtn- of mmy of bia 
ftaily wbo fDB{kt and bled in the aernee 
of their eoQBlry during the lut mu. 

Hq entend tba icrTioe la Ibo North 

ToA MKti» iB INS, In im)7 ba was 
ify— arUJ a UmteniBt to the Hajal Vmk- 
bcia. He wcrI tu the Penin*ola wiili the 
mtami faBttahoa of Uiai c>ot|u iii liVOi 
aad waa preaeal «itb it at Oporto aail the 
batlieaf Talavrri. lu litlO ha wh tnna- 
fond to Ibr 6m botialtuo, and aat pre- 
aeu wHh it In tlie lailoiia batllco. «ck«*. 
Itc Ln wbich It wai engaged; ^ca the 
battle ot Butaco to that uf Tonloiiae in- 
dnarn. He waa placed on balf-pajt at 
the redudion of the leconil batubon in 
1815 ; waa appointed to the Pint Ceylon 
Rile Ragtaenl la 1821, and acrvcd In k 
until IMl, HariaK ^>einc promoted tO 
the rank of Major and LlFntenani-ColoMl, 
he acceptn] llw relired fijlU|>ay in JonoBfTi 

WnLiAM Kkuiilk, Baa. 

ITorcA i. M QuelHM:, aged 1^, MTiU 
liaai Kenble, «u|. 

Thia {catlcman wia. is 1912, app«dnt«4 
Lieuteaaat in ilicGlenfarryLisht Infantiy. 
Me MTTed during the war with the UnitM 
fttntea. both aa u rcfiaiontnl and ataff 
oScrr; and was at the artkin of Landj'a 
Lanr, and at olbrr aftiira before tba 
■oamy. BeinK rrdooed to half ■pa; at th« 
done of the war, he Ailed scTeral lUl 
aitaatiooi, hoih in Upper and l^ower 
Canada. At QuehM lie wu Depatf- 
Amitnnt Adjutant -Umt ml lu the Pomaa 
uiMler Colonel (now Sir John) ElnMcy. 
In 1626, be wu B|>tyointrd Jnint Printer 
and aftanawnb Law Printer to his Majcaly 
ftir Lower Cunde; aad alw AIM the 
•Inatlon of Comnlaaary af Tranoporta, 
with Ike rank o( Lieut.. Col<^Ml of MUltk 
and Ju»li<» trf the Peace. Diuriax the re. 
helhoB of 1837 and ld38, he waa appointed 
PayOMatef of Ihe Qoeen'a Volnnleen, oob- 
naaded br Haior Irvine, under tbf Ham. 
Lteot.-Colo«el Hope, Coldatnarn Guirdji. 
To all Ihean employBUBta he added that of 
editor (>f tbc " Quebec Metenry," from 
ie33tollM2. Hebaalefttwochildrea.a 
ton, oBd • danBhter, the wifii of Capt. 

JoRK BpwARDra Ltau., Eaa. 

Mmrrk 9. Of cholera, while on a visit 
to Sir Henry Hardinfc. at GoTcremctil 
llouae, Barrackporci aged 34, John £d> 
wardea LjmU. «a^. AdTocate-Getural of 

Tbr«ubjret aflhit brief mi-HHWr wosAe 
eld(*t ton nf Gtoese Lynll, eaq. M.P. for 
the dCy ot London, and waa rdnoiicd at 
Eton, Being wipnally dratiDed for the 
eicil Mrrice of tbn Rnt In^ Compiny, 
he left ElDO for a icrideaoe at llailevbnry, 
whrre he paaaed aone ttoie with dittin- 
guinhnl (ucoPM and credit, tad obtained 
many of ihe prim giren for proficieaeT la 
Oriental JuifUBSCt. Bui, £lTiii« relii* 

I,] Obitoary-^-s/. R. Lyail. E*q^—llewy Boyi, E*^. 88 

tioci MCttrvd btoi gvcent Ntwn. fmt 
bi* fint landing in ladia ke took a Terjr 
liT«)y ii)t«retl in th« iinjwnTtownl of tli«! 
t)ali*ea, aad <a him tticy hafc Imt n warn 
Biid Judidoui rhcnd, lie timlttfil bo mi- 
porlunitf of wlvu>rtn| Ibt cauu of pOMtc 
iQktnictJDii, not only b; Iih ofHcUl ta. 
floeoce bnt bf b» pcrwaal Ubtmn. and 
bia native ftwnda will losg renember inth 
a inalaiicboljr MtliAotioa ba« an e^tsj 
ocmaoa oo wUicb (be lue aoil iimart 

I tbe idaa of pracMdiiig out 10 India 
• a vriln, be entered at Balliol collago, 
Ozfc«4. Ai tbe UnJ*eniiy be wu ntucb 
al pcDmllr bcloTvd. fonniDi; rto»e 
kipn with Hmo uT tbc m^t dlMia. 
of hia oooten|Kirarirji, in «bi»e 
•te raneakbnncv hit oam« <ri]| 
J W ehnUMd. Trnl/ may K be nM 

HnUift Pbi honb flclnlb nocidit. 

la hia' vlpor «f intelkct ira< anited ta 
ptiU ntOncM or Ua|wr nml diipoaition, 
mad im nmr-falliag kiailnnB •mieand 
Ite to aU *ttb whom hr came in eontneC 
Bia iim mJ MqbC were to be mcAiJ to 
«Aff« te Ua day ami ^eecratinii. 

li«bad on feaving Oifnrd ilFttmninvd 
!• Utaw Ibi profcMion uf lh« law, and 
bmaaii a aaaber uf (be Irtiier Tccn]>Iei 
bf «kiHi inn nf court \\t Katt-alled lu Ibc 
bnr in 1^7. Afh^ practninjt wdm; jmrt 
•a tbe noDcHivutt. in the sprlnttof 1812 
ba «•■ anointed bf ttae Directors of tht* 
laola Gotaprnj AHToeate^Genenl of 
Be witrd friim ibis ctrantry m 
tte nMOtb at Majr of that fear, fnlioArd bjr 
Ikn gaol ■takes aUiI rr|;rr4« of a lam 
drdf «f «an>l}-allacb«<l frienib, wbo 
iUt Anstit thai he wfawn they bad jiul 
iBtynliliifil on ibe ntUmenc of aobigh 
ad bnaoanble an oAee waa to return lu 
thm ■• Morc n ifat* world. 

nnlHth «■• awfully fudden. Heiru 
^fnmdy ba lOud bealih on thr prcrionB 
mj, when be dinril and (Ifpt at thr hnutr 
if tbe Oavenuif'Ufii'ral ii BatTac1i(«>rt. 
In tha atghl be «u aeixtd vilb tpa^modic 
dhrtkri. tM — i awieJ nif bjihc >ir>il«u! 
4kiM>o Dr> '' - '-" '-in|* aftemMin. n hilt 
<lnebnr|i'i . - of bla ardoona office 

Hr. Lyali : ^ . bal lamarlf by hi* 
Knl Ibr ihr •rttf>rr aMl happbMtfa of the 
«ait«ea of twin, ^nd m paruenlar apiilird 
UuKlftothcfreuandiniptmut qwatioB 
rf Hindoo edwatinD. Me TOluimrilj 
aAnvd t» dn&vtf Wture* on lav at the 
ffiadno Chllan, and tbe nAer was m grate- 
h/Uj a a i u i n li al ny the Go»«tt» ■■"■'" ■• " wia 
MMrmaly made. Batih<'' . i^to 

El wbacii Mr. Ljall «>* \,<i-\ i ' nill 
to b«C Aawn bj thr rollowtng eiiraets 
tttMB ihv Bauinl paper* vfahih appeared 
«ftrt hk AM»ae :— 

" MAOB," obaerrea Ihe Denpl Hnr- 
hare, *'ba (Inatb depriteil on nf one who 
In •« Aflft ■ fHtind of hin IiiJIad mJoutd 
bwl as mopMalf •nooandcil tn rndraring 
btsMltto a lars« drele of frtenda. There 
»no*rtBirthinir "iimlah!* and emmmsin 
Mr ' .1 ipowiblf 

tok-- '-'Itobiai 

Vritb a i*/anE iiSct:\i'jn. iii« inoJc and 
cfcmcfcl temperaiunt z^nt a |)MiiBar 
ebaro to U> tncMsty, white Ibc acUee anil 

bncTsleaK vl liii difp9d< 

GoTemor of Bengal made thdr aHaamMS 
in rhr jiublic xnttinanea Mr. Ljall Mt$ 
ioTarUbly (o bn fonnd at their aUe." 

Tbe Cakatia $lu. In annouoeing bb 
death, U.JS, "luhiiu oar society 1 own 
one of it* abWat, moM amiable, and dlt- 
|]DfDi*h«Hl Riemben. The nitirea have 
BO<id rennon to deplore his lost, far, frooi 
bit first arrlTal in tbe onantry. he hit 
dMwa himielfa leidcius rrinni) of nstire 
initrurtion, not lORrelf ai a memherof the 
CuuDcU of Educaiioii. bnt bj hi« Itboan 
u a gratnitoiu leictnrer for thdr faemiSt. 
He was Indeed a |Mthl>c h«Mbotar in every 
tarn of tbe word ; one of iboae beinsi 
who honour hiimantry, and wbur enuD- 
plcK are cnlcuUtiM to derate inankind.** 

lie married, in October 1839, JuHn. 
dauhur of the late Samuel Davi*. Mq- of 
KirJhurat, and irister of cbe prcwnt Oo- 
Vfrnrnrof Hon;; Koog, by whom he hM 
hA a daughter. 

IlKNTiv Both. Esq. 

May 31. At his mHlcnce, MalnuU, 
W«lder»h«re, in K*fit. a^ed i8, [|«nry 
Bofi, H^. Be wu IIk sixth aon of the 
Inir Joha Uoys, «<]. of Hrufauica'. 

This grndonan, for (he last 25 yean, 
bns ocenpled a prominent poritlon in tb« 
agilctttunl world, and wu daenvdiy and 
Lighly ealff-'ncd. H<- wa* one Of tbe oldest 
membon of the SmilhAdd Club, joined 
tbe Royal Eoglisli Agricwliur*! Soriei* at 
Its farmniJoB.and r&ustflnily aitcudcil ita 
pubfie annififiaries. indeed, to tnch aa 
ritrnt w^i his teal ihown. that be made i 
puint uf attendinft the nt«nog at Saatb- 
am|tton tart year, wbteh bis nnmcnMa 
&ieods but too plninly saw, from hia lift. 
pdred briiltli, would bn the tail be would 
ever sUcnd. Mr. Boys was of a pecnHarlv 
l.bppy disjiofitian, almys disposed to look 
at tbe bnghl iiAti of things, and nerfir 
wiULug to think badly of others. Proan 
his good bnmonr he was always an aecep. 
tmb!i^ guest, bat, although of a conriTinl 
spirit, no unn ever saw in htm iIir least 
nppmsch to mtcnpcraDCC. Hb DhtUiies, 
whicb wifL- naturally groat, would, rfith 
his iral and jKTraeTerance , hai^ placed htoi 
in a high rank in aiiy ptofrasioA he iciabt 
have embraced. B«t bo cbtnc that of bit 
father, John Boys, ea<i. of Bffduogcr. tbe 
taiacnt ►grictutaiiii, to fbon i"^ ■•• 

M Obitparv-— JrtAw ;V*rfitt, Erq.'~Jtrkti IValfctr, Kfq. [July, 

dpwd. bj tlH hta Board of AgricnUnn-, 
tlu •rdnaut tMk of wrliiof • re|>grt of lb* 
■fiiouUurc uf KoBi. Mr. H01117 B<i)i« 
WMOM of m new ctui, ckllcd IntAncU- 
unoe hf Um I>w VImI of Ijdccitef, «Ik», 
itkdilniif tU Mlfitli ferlinip. dc!i|[htMl n> 
l)«re MKMlul him 1 well-nilttnitr'l U-uiiuif; , 
wilb (rtMot bt Moaid iMuciiiUi on faintliar 
Unnf, aiul vrlio woul'il not mpcct hiw ibn 
lui Cor 111* irMK^tus eoDdnaciKkm. The 
brm at MalinaUia. when- Mr. Bo^i re- 
■idnl, wu furmcitjr o( very IKCk mlur, a 
crMt p«rl of it «rai •» jHjor a* uut la Iti 
wrHUirB ttiBi hair-a-urown nn acrr, but 
Ul ■MllUfwut iicl capiul hite lude ■ 

Kahaoitiuit in il* ii)>pnir(ini:ti, and cropi 
tmn gTOnii •altu.-Il liavf inriirtieil 
thaw who kM*r <he bml fomirfly. Tlii* 
Mr. Baji wo«ld not have felt liitsKtf jui - 
tUM iit doing, but I>ob the cirauiitance 
«f hit having a long kaac of the ranii. 

Being liiipniwd with ike foUeatcon- 
viclwa (if tlie neocHJlf for ditferent nnk* 
of Mcieiy, no mm Wis ever moi* difpOKxl 
than Mr. Buj^ 10 pay aU diia cMlpranc* 
to high nuik iui<l »uuon; but ul the Min« 
time |iis natnral (cdlag of indeprndonce 
IMda him clnirljr lec the alilfercnee be. 
tWKd reopout lo anthortlf and tabiubaian 
lo lunlt. Hi wm bSchly correct n all 
hia priral« dalicat an aflectlonMo hitiband. 
■u liuliili^vnl father. And a bind natter to 
hia ntuoeruiii old and httLTuI tcriaiits. 
He AiBd In praice with tnif oat ; nod in 
perfjMt reliance on tlie nicrciet ot oar 

JoBK Mbrkitt, K«a. 

Ijaitlf. \t Edgchlll, near l^vcr|)oo[. 
in bti 70th year, ,lohn MciriTl, cw^., ntia 
vu amoDgit the U*t uf u liimtrr «in\<:, 
the fririidt «Uft I'oulvmpoTnnu at the dkt- 
tluBMiklird ki*turiaii ul llir MrdlLi. 

tlr w«« bom at Aldbotouqii, iri lorh* 
(ihirc, and educated m UiiU, uudi^r tlie 
tUrv. JuM|)li .Miliu^r, a bruLhrr of I>r. 
tiaJio Miliier. Mr. Merrill originally hi- 
Unded to lake oriJen, and had iic<iuin:d a 
non Iban ordinary knuialeilcc of tb« 
Joatncd languam 1 but cireiiEnilaaoei in- 
duced blm to abandon this )ut<ntion, and 
ha at Mioo oonnoctod hiniwtf with the 
pubUe praM. lie auno to Uverpuol about 
the year 17B1. and becante editor of a 
weokly nevi»[ia]>cr railed (he .Salnrdny 
AdfCTliaer. eittabEl^iud by biinvelf auU Ibc 
late Kir. James Wrii(ht, sad very ably 
oondnctod. Mr. Merrilt waa a good cki- 
gioal aohobr, had a rviaa/hebly rrtnotire 
■enory. aada natnnl quickuoR of apnrc- 
heuion and Tiracily of undcrctanding. 
Ilia wit «B« ptniugjl and llowine, bit taile 
deUcatCt )u> miod clear, and hi* mode of 
cxprcinng hitnjclf penpicuoua and en- 
gn^ng. Moat of hia lime having, for 

^py yoin, bnn d«Tgtvd to hii vdittnwl 

laboor*, kr hail pitblithtd few aaparatr 
work*. Of theta, the orinupal wen-, " A 
l^tcf lo W. Ro*co«. Ea«t> oa Pailiaincn- 
larj" Refornt." which waa noticed in thc 
ildiDburgh Review ; " Mnitoln of W. H. 
li<1ty;" " Lettrre from Frwee and the 
N'«th»bndt t" and a pamphiot oa Evun- 
gdkat Prrecbins. lie wai alto nn oeca- 
nonal eontributor to Mr«eral literary 
uad iUiiaUwI >oiimaU. Hi* iiyle wat 
formed by a diiigtoit aiadj of (he beat 
Cnfltah writ«ra: with what alleittioa he 
had exanioed tbum may br aren in bb 
" Cur*ory ttcniaTlM on tho atyU of John- 
wu and Bnrke:" and hia hi tuHovanoia is 
ihii rcapcct tonJc the labour of eompo* 
*itioa au irhavtn*, aa lo induce him to iw*. 
tinr from Ilia eoanexton wtth tbe weohly 
pi-c** earlier urohi^ly than ho otlwrviM 
wiMtId have done. In priistu life lie 
wna one of the nio»t auiinble uf men ; 
humaonandcharfublc inpt«ry arnat. lU 
iirvrr tpoLe it] ol' any luw. ; wbeiieTtr the 
virtiiM ut vlhers wTrf (inr.itioucd. he liad 
nlwiyi vuueithwg to offer in ritcnuoti'in 
or eiettMt and wat a kind and eonst&ai 
friend. Ilad he becti nn active man be 
might li««e been a great man ; but be wa* 
toucwlnu tiulolenl. and prrlerred the eaao 
ofdoneatio odoymecii to iha a&citcncot 
uf popular a|>pt>tt*e. — AlAentnm. 

JotiH Walkrh, £■«.( M.A. 

MareA 2b. At llcbcawr, 00. Somerwt, 
John WalVrr, cai|. M.A. 

lie <K»* tile only aon at Dr. John Wal- 
ker, leuioi' fellow ul Triniiy Cullcee. Dub- 
liDf ami founder of a lircC that hnam hia 1 
luunr.. lIovinginaiilfntciLahinlngabiUtieS) 1 
oud (kImk elet-ted to a *choUr*liip on tb« J 
foUDdalion, he irw naturally looked Wj 
lit one of the iiillam of lenming, on whloh] 
tho fame uf bin milrjtt wiw ■iibm|Ueally ! 
to rat. But, the desliuy of i;eniii( la oroF'' 
wiywnrd. and, after having awlain^d th* 
nttiiy privnlionn of 11 literary lifo— the dc- 
>«rtiou cif cailT and hifh-biiro friciiila^ 1 
thr untutural abaudDnmetit of ao vrcrntrio 
parent, be retired tu tlie tecluilcil town 
wbtrc lie iilofcd Ilia nareer ol brokcQ I 
hopca. CaHod from ike oiidil of thoi*^ 
who wrre deri^lnu berfcl^ta from hit lito- 
rary attaiiimeuii. lie Iia* I'aaird awa^fJ 
rtspri'ted, lo the iliriti-r of a ralniM n'irliLj 
Mr. Walkct'n lilemry |)Toductiuni iucli 
Nome of tbe iniiKt visitable cdidona of th*] 
aoiienl c)a»Mca. — Litrrtity GaztUt, 

Mb. TuOMAt UooD. 

Mcy S. At hi* rt-*idenfic in tlie Adelpkif ] 
l.nniltin, Mr. Tbo>ma* Hood. 

V-it the fvllo"in)[ memoir of Ifaii fk> 
Tourite «riter, nc arc indrbtwl to du 

Tboma* Hood wa« Ibo son of Mr. 

Hood, the bovlti^bir. of the 6nn of 


OaiTf.»HV.— .V»-. Thomai Htfwf- 


Tenor ud Uood. Hv gnt l» the publik: 
kit «UtUiM of hi« nrlr life, in the " Litr- 
rwT &!t(iHii>aiKe*." piibluhed in Jtood"! 
thrM. |1» wu, M be lber« M«tn, ttth 
pUmt " apon loA; btool, ■( Ig^r dnk/' 
H s BWfttaoi's couDCiag-b<Misr ; but tiii^ 
C— «igitl cxrter wiu loon pnt mi end to 
^U» bMllh, >h>cli b«)[«a 1(1 (»U : goid. 
kf dM iveDfBnciiAuioH of tfw pkysidAin, 
M wu "Blupfied, Ks per advii:c, in * 
%T*fh uuck." to hi( father'! rclitjono 
IB Duidee. There U muk U* Ant Ute- 
m; TCStare bt ttie local jourruU, aiid 
■■hMfMndf «enl a juiwr to ttie Diinlrf 
Ifiyriwt. tJta editor of whirh tra< Vtnd 
«w%h. •■ Vmifttd JvnViB* ktj^. " tv 
vnp «? bit et iMttiKiuc under his Imi- 
— art t^icT, witbcmt diarsuig for it< iti - 
fOtlaB." Lilsritarv, howvnr, «» then 
sn^ ifaaaikt of b >n unMeawnt, for, vu 
Ui man lo Loadan. hr wu appreuticeil 
Is mu matie M ui t-agmrr. mid tubic- 

Ciiih riinirTiKd looMvofihc Lc Kcur. 
Iba«|k he almp reUined bir eulv 
lot* far art, and bad much Eadlitr in 
dnwivf, a the tiumbptlcM quidiit illa*> 
milow to Uaworkji testU'r, his teiidencW« 
«cre Ultfvr, aod «hrn, on the death of 
Ur. Jabn Scott, tbr Ijutdan Mo^a^ine 
fHKd into ibc Itudo of Mrwrs. Taylor 
mA llai^. Mr. Hood woi inrtallcd iu ii 
(Ml «f ■u».editunbi|>. Froin that tiniL- 
Ui ctnarltM bcra open to tlir public. 

n* foUoiiiiig is, Kc apprdMnd, lomc- 
tkia( likr • MtAlo^oc of Mr. Hood't 
•orbst datinf ixom Ikar p«riod wliru hi' 
** Odei and Addreww." writtrn in con- 
yta^on with bu braiber-iti-law, Mr. 
J. H. KcTSOlda. broH^ht him |wonilo«nLly 
birforr the pnbltc :—" Whim* and Uddi- 
t»»;" " XiUonal Tair* ;" ' Tdr I'lc^ of 
ibe MidifaBmcr FairicV la vuluini: full 
of (itfb i«Mgin*ttTr fielrj i ; " The Coinii: 
Aaaa*)*, " mlurcinriitlf n-produccd itilh 
the addition ot new wattar as " Hood'i 
On i" ■' Tylney Hall {" - Up tlw 
UiM ;'' and " Whintsirahtini : aPeri4i> 
4&aal GftUwring" Nor mint «e forgrt 
BOB ]r«>r*» cAtor^ip of "Tlw Gem," 
•inee thu tndndM " Ba^nie Araio'i 
I>r««(n." a ballad which me ioMtinc •rill 
lin M loo( a* the Ullage. Of lain 
4in Wi. Hood waa an occaiuoual oon- 
triraUr la Punch* casIitC at mirth and 
faenercdracc ; and. pirrliiip). hi* last nETnr. 
laf, "Tba Soug of the Shirt." wa> bi> 
hSi — ■ |)Otm of «hich the iniiutiaiis liatt 
b*^ oovntleaa, and tbe moral eflwl im- 
aNaawabW. He 1u<l aho mtabluhed u 
Mff**"* beviog hii o'^i naiac, 

TW Kent of tbiA clleci. If aDal>i«d, 
■ 0»ld gin tbe dtancleiutiri of one of 
lb* DOaC ori^nal and po*etf>il faniaaM 
which eter wai dropped b* Faery intv 
talaBl'a cndk,kad oddly nuned np bjr naii 

coloarf d in tbe Rliiii««Faliw« of iU tinti, 
yet complttc and Mlf-coDnttent. (XlJI 
ihc hinnonmls Hood wai the most poeti- 
cal. When dealing with the ii>«*t familiar 
bulqccU, whether it tuigbt b« a vwtnf 
ItcRoiliiig Ihc suppT\-Minn of hU o-jr. or 
a incitbcr KsrchinK thruiif;U Bl. Oileri'ii for 
Iwf lo«C Infaui, or a Hm KilmauMfg'a 
goldan chiMliood — Ui«ra ir>a hardly ■ vma 
in which some toncbct of hnri or ao(M 
|ilB<r of hacj did not beckini tlie Uugliio^ 
raiter away into far other trorlda (ban (lie 
jester's. It ia true Uiat he waa eqnaUj- 
prone to *«□ and itrrnh hia nobint poenUf 
on liigli and awful tbi-mei. with nmiliar 
nlluiioRs and xrotcKpii; ^imLlex : und thi* 
union of wtiAt is near sud tanfi'ilc with 
wliat soars high and aink* dccfi, wtOQght 
oat \a evrry rapricious form which a gaoie- 
iKime inventiori could »ainti:>t. enabled bim 
from tim« to lime to tinkt- boU'C to the 
hearta uf ever; ouc — tlic Caitidiouk and 
:bo cocamon-placT — the man of wit uid 
the man ofdmiu— of all, we ahoold isr, 
cxDCpI tbe bifot and the charlatan. To 
tbesp tluod'a itenial sarcaiio* mutt hate 
iHcn i;aUuid wormwood, directed, AS they 
wi-rr, lA Ihr noblcat purpwes. Llia Jokea 
(licropd the drepcr, too, inatmnch aa dtey 
wen^ puei'i jobir* — v^teiir ef grofsneaa vr 

Mr. liood died ^lOcr a wasting illnCM of 
Diany Triir»* »Iow pn>grc««, tmninated by 
iDomli* of extreme debility and aufferiiv, 
cbwrfully borne. " His sportlre hvmoar. 
like the rrj» fruin a erackUng lirv in n 
dilapidated bnilding, bad long plaved 
-jinoiiK tbe fracture* of a rained conati'ui- 
IJBD, and Aubsd upon tbe world tbrovch 
■ lie daw* and railji nf a shattered wreck. 
Y«t iiilinn M wa> the fabric, tho oqoal 
miud woa mrver ditinrbcd to tbe but. He 
rontemplated tlir approach of death with 
II L-ompoanl pbi]i)B«pby and a reai|(Bed 
Mwl. His hodily •utfarin^ bad initdJe bo 
elukDj{c in hi" mental ehanKtcr. He was 
tbe »«nie ai in lii* publication*>^«t timra 
liirljr and jocular— at limei lerious and 
aiTttcliag ; and upuu the oue'crral nubjeot 
of a deatb-bcd hope, he declared htwKlf, 
at throngbouC lifi;, nppoacd lo canteii and 
liypncntea,— « cLsm ne had alwKya de- 
lesied and written agaliut ; wUIe he art 
the htfhrat priM upon lincefs Chriet- 
iinitr, whnse works of charity end ntrrcy 
bun; willies* to tbe iuteirity and purity of 
tbe faith |)rafeided. Another Mibject upon 
Khii;h he dwell wicli much canieatneu, 
and gratitude, waa the granl of a peuiion 
of 100/. n-;re«r to his wife. Two anto- 
jtraph leitert from Sir HohiTt Peel, rebi* 
ing to tliia peuiiioui nve hiin inlenie gra. 
tificstinn, and were Indeed most hoiwor- 
nble to tlio heart of the writer, in the 
vnretaion of personal loltcltade for hliu. 
Klfaptl I>u ftoulr> ■»)<' °^ Bdiaimliw f^r 


Lai^ Stfpnfjfj^R'gina M. Roehf^^Xr. Nugnt. [Jnljr. 

I|b1iim«r'i firat oonmunintion ba had 
■Uoded to (be itodenqr of bit wrilinyt 
rrcr bsitic on tho itdo of hanuitjr ukI 
order, aaS aot to H«p«rat« wdctr into 
two rittisrx, tJic lirh v\A poor, or to in* 
fianr ha(r<^(I on oac fide, and fimr on tba 
otlkcr. Tub Mowal Mpamd, Jrom ilw 
nplf, which aehiioiilMB:»d to Inth, to 
bir* btmi vary ancptaUB to thr premier." 
— f Literary Gai*ttt.J 

Jht r«ni«iiii ttt Mr. Hood wer* interred 
in ttie miMtery of Kiiiul Qrven. Hehu 
left ■ widow, with two chlldna, • wit snd 
■ dBiiKhicT ; for whotf bfnellt, u the p«a- 
•Inn khoir nltilJnl ti> mil tiTminalr v itk 
Hn. HimkI'b lil'ir, a iul)sc:r>)itic>n hu Lmh 
Mnneveed fvr the i>uri>o»a cf raiiint » 
amo to be held in (ru>i for thr bmctit of 
the liimilj dttriti^ Ihi* whtow's life, And U 
btr death to Im divided bctwoco tlu- chiU 
dno- Tke Mwqoni of NorthunploB. 
Lord Francit Egvrton, Sir B. fivlwrr 
hjnoa, «nd Mr. Kerjerat Talfnurd, an* 
■n thv list of Cumniit'Fr : and *omr haitj- 
•oma dmatiOBi have been madt, iitcliidlni; 
AaaofTftf. from the IJtcrarj Fund. 


jtfirit U. At berraahksDoefai Honhettn- 
ilr«rt. Ca«eiuli«h**qture, Ladjr Sttrpatj. 

" Tnttj, acNnpQabad, and (ajtbinfiablr, 
hu 1sd<ri)u|t, In bcr joaBgeT fears, mixed 
auch in ihe Itiglicr drdei of McleTf 4 tad 
duiin;; tiae latrr period of btr life the 
aatiduotuly cuIiiTat«>dBBtiiHinacT witli the 
world of literature, and made her bandtgne 
manaton the a;rr»tbt<^ and lM)a|iltabte rea- 
dttvouaar mottof Che authon and artiata, 
tic, who wer«dl*tiiif iiiiibrd br their worlu. 
I the imMlsbed The New Roul lo Rnio. mid 
Mia or iwoullier nnvdt. with raniiderabte 
n«Oftai Mid wv Imtc Io regret in her the 
bHo( an Individual ander whote mnf-trM, 
nod fai wheat company, are kan poatcd 
nany nlruuit hoara." 

So fw from tlic Uterwrr Oasette : we 
belian tba lady'* earlier trotka were pvb- 
IMied whea aha hire the name of Monorn, 
a*—" Ciutlc Nntnier.or, Henry and Mr- 
Una." a romance, ItmS, V >nl<. ISmu. 
and " The Lord* of Kntb," a rvmaoce, 
\HW. .; *oU. litmo. At a long tntcrral 
■Hc mrrc s-ith the tillea of " Tlie Nen Road 
to Ruiw," lflj.1, " T\m Ooortier'a Dao|th- 
t«," I(t»8. J Tola, and "Tho Three Peeri." 

Her boaband. Sir Tbonaa Stepney, the 
^ith aad latrt EUronet of bu hmHj, aoe- 
ocded tnthe title by ibe death of hu elder 
Imttber, tn Qi.-t. 1)111, nod died withoal 
ianie Sept. 19, )»2.'t, when tbe dlgiiiiy be. 
cane exiiMt. He wtt Groom of tba Bod- 
dumber to II. K. H. the Duke of York. 
(See t^t. Mag. \W2%. ii. V9T.) He 
■arried Mrs. RusmU iUuaan, H £dta- 

RauiNA Hakia RodHK. 

Majr 17. At ber raatdenee ou ihe Mail. 
Taterferd, afed 81. Mra. Roohe. the sc- 
r«aipli«hpd anthor of "The Children of 
tite Abbey," and other norelt, whiob do* 
lifbted our elJera halfa reotory ago. 

Thia diatjagaiahed writer had retired 
tram the world, end tbc world had fornot' 
l«n ber. But many yonng hnria, now old, 
afa«t reaienber tbe effect upon them of bar 
Knoefol and toncbiai; eonpasltioos ; nni 
Intnclaatiena oucv evciled by lier iliill wUI 
yrt BL-knovled^ hrr lne« with a metanchol/ 
fretiiif nf re^rvt, tbai the briirbt alioiili 
tbu have Tadnl in Ihe orerwhelmlnc dark* 
aeaa orfaftUflitiing ycara. 

" Tbe Childrtn at the Ahbrv," 4 »o1a., 
on which Mn. Rorhe't bote ODiedy rrata. 
w«t pubbaheil m loo; ago at I7!)9, ind 
"Clcmont," alao a i. vol. tale, in Ihe 
aaane year. But Ire yean pmioaa to 
thia, to 1793. rtie bad imped ber wine witk , 
" Tbo Vicar of Lanadowna," a noval, as^ ! 
" The MaM of tbe Hamlet," a Ule in twf 
wtuiun. In 1800 ntcccedcd '■ The No©* 
tiimU Fldt." 4 vob., for tbe itanJard ha4 
not then been fixed at three : aad Id 1804^ 
" Tbe DiBcarded Hon," whiirh f xt«ndrd ui 
five. Dwins the next twelve or fonrlcca 
ycaia, "The Hoaaet of Oama aad Al- 
aaeria." 3 rata., ISIOi "The Moaaaterf 
of HI. Colomb," &««la., 1013; ■• Tr«oo* 
thiek Bower," 3 vol*., ISIS: "Lowlos 
Tklea," X voU., IBMi "The Munatar 
CotUge Boy." 1 vola., 1fl19; and iwrhapt 
other Utar At-tiana Auwed froin her proline 
jWD. &!» w*t, a« win be Hvn from ihii 
lilt, contemporatT with Mr*. laibrlti ' 
Krlly (aflerwVrtla HedgeUtid). thr mother 
ot (bo prtaont raninent counMl luid M.l'., 
Mr. FlUroy Kdly. Mra. Kelly bci^aii ber 
career in tbc tame lini' with " The AbbeV 
of St. Aaapb," in 17!)^, 3 toIi. : and 
aftorwania wrote "The ttuina of Avoa> 
dale Priory," " laaDoliaa," " Mtdeltnoi" 
"Kva," '-Ruthrnflenne," " Jdodeni In. 
ddcuta," "Tbc Secret," and "Jane da 
Dinaianrillc," in all 38 volumea of n»> 
rcli, beaidca "Tbe Baroo'i Danghter." a J 
fjothic minaitc^, I toIii., " The Ch;ld*a ] 
French nrammar," " Litrrary Infornia- 
tioa, Aneodotea," tus., i vol*., and | 
" Poenu." TtactD were the BoreliKta irf 
their (lay; and Ann Radrtlflt-'s famonaj 
Rununei!, "Tbe Myatcrie* of Udulpho," 
iMued (rom the pnaa in i;;i4 : "Th«' 
Italian," In 17f7; and "The RooiaocSJ 
of tbe Foroat," noun *ft9T.—LiUnrf 

M«. Michahl NroiKT. 
AfffrrA 6. In New StraaC, CorenI 
Oarden, Mr. Michael Nogeal. 

He was an Irtthaan, and poiacaae4 

maeh of the talent of bit eoantry. Pof 

Da&7 yean lui i<H a rtportei ud niuc 


OmrvAni^^Pn/eu^r BtmUnon* 


b tke Tfauf newupmr, to the coIudim 
tf «hich hr VM an ■boadMt contributor, 

arlHitak. Oorinc tu> «u«r he wu an- 
(watf ii wtanl Htorary wori*. ono of 
•feUi WW A natfA mUed " Six Wi«k* *t 
I«*g*St" the BAiertal fnr whicfa km Tur- 
riafe«d by K hsbita*, aad UiJuid Into htcrary 
A*fa bf Nofttit And aaotbcr. In loi-iirtr 
h« WM luuBarwia, alucjwiK, and «Qicr- 
Mlataci sad nanj ■ lorrawuig frknd 
kstalB Uk Iom, tkotith he had reached 
h«j«a4 hi» gmul cliaaotok. He wm •■ 
wmt ^ a ■■• a* *vw trod the uducdve 
(M^id aw wUcfa lay hia road throtiifi a 

Ka*. tS. At Edinbnrgb. in hii Mth 
jaar. IWaaa MrodoraoD. cm). PrflUnaor 
■f ftauinJ Jbtmaomj' Id tlul IJiuTrr- 

Tha Iriffviac partlmUn of Ub Uft 

am hvm Aa iU[Mit of (ha AatroDonica) 
%%at l y .— TWwtaa Haadenoa waa liom 
tt D— Jaa, M the Mtb Dec. 1798. Hia 
felfaar tna a li«ilcaRian in rri>|iccLable dr- 
aMBaaaeca, whadied rtrW iu lifw, ImvImr 
t widoVf two Booa. nA Ubite dnchun. 
ft— aa. Iba fowsast of the bauly. «a» 
Jiati— il Idt tba pn>baMia of the law, 
aad «rflt, at the aft uT nlni:, tu the Oram- 
■ar Sdwel, whtn be pwiued tha unal 
aMBlK of iHaanral atudv dnrin; four yean, 
aad «aa dtatiagaialiad br bU dilimecc 
wA iTi id lWi of BoprntfMiou, ««in|[ 
mmtnXtf tha dnxof hb daM. U iBll 
■• fcocMded u th« Acadcny. wLc-rr lie 
■■■Siaaad two ycara lon^, and nanrd 
ttiaa^ tba easpkte covne with du- 
IIiaMbi At tha iM of lUtcen ha wu 
flacod hi the oAc« St Ur, Small, ■ writer 
nr aolMtor) ia DnoiW, with wbom hit 
■w th ar had Mtrrad taUi iiar^nrrrhip. In 
Aita iteaatio n he ranalned *ix ji*n, and 
iaafaf thai |wriod be besaa to devote hi* 
Mnn kanra Id the alady of ucronony, 
ttX tha aye of tweaty-onc Ur. Hendtnon 
tWfainA to Hdiikbur^, where bn fint 
■hlahiad aeiliutloB In tlic law u91«! of 
• vitar to ih« titMi. Hit lu(eilic«ora 
amk ihllilM wan rKnarfced by Mr. (una 
Vb Jaaaa) GIbaaa-Craig, wha beeana bii 
•taaAy pateaa and frutnd, and by wboae 
rwo ■■tadatJon be waa appointed aecre- 
tan «r iliawle'a derh lo the celebrateil 
Job» Cbiti aftcTwarda one of tlte jodcn 
•f (ha Sanaa Court of Sootland. aaJcr 
ArtMatiLardKkUa. On Lord Eldia** 
lalirfaat fnm the bench, he wai foi 
Maw liaM p rfTa t e wcretary lo the Earl of 
taaJiidali ; a aSca which ha ttUn- 
falBlMd for tha auta pmAtable anpoint- 
Maat of ianvtaiy to the Lord Advocate 
(4aCK7)< Hia aitnaaiBkal MM|iiininci)t« 
al«» pttmnl feta lundoetloiit tg Proli. 

Leatid and Wallace, Capt Baail Ball, 
and oUmt diatiiwaiahad pCTaeaa. At that 
liau tbt anaU oba ar ralory on the Caltoa 
Hill. beloik|iBr to the Aarronomical ia- 
■tilulion of EdinburKti, ma placed uader 
tbe i-liarce of PtoL Walboe, wbo ftnding 
in Mr. Uuidtfaaa a peraoo ia whoaa 
liand* the imKniaMinta ooold ho aalUy in* 
truatrd, allowed him free aceoa to theai, 
and thereby ^aTo hln an 0|iportaDity tk 
aojnlrinf a praiCtieB] knooled^ of a aab- 
jrci whtoh he had alrcadr bcoome familiar 
with from atudy and book*. 

Mr. Hcnilanon irat bronibl bioMlf 
lata DOllce ai an aatranDoter in WIA. by 
aonatnaicatlug in tbat ;c«r lo Hr. Young, 
tboa Sacratary to the Board of Lonfitodat 
a method of conpotiacaBoheerTedoccai. 
tation of a fiiM atar by the mooa. pnh> 
lithed, under the title of au iinpraveioent 
on hi* own mnhod, in the Naollcal Ai- 
auuack for ll*A, and tbe four fallowin; 
yeaia; aocontfianled In tofoe of the Laat 
ot tboae years by a aerond mclbod. alao 
propoted by Mr. Hcndersoo. Theaa 
metboda were alao pabtithed in the Lao> 
dnn Quarteriy Journal of Sdeocr, and ho 
received for them the thaiikt of the Board 
of Lonjftude. In 183T he ootanasloated 
a paper to the Royal Society of Ifondoa^ 
" On (he DiBetmoe of Meriaiaiia of tbe 
BoyalObaerratoriaa of Loaduii and Paria," 
■m\Mb U paUiahod in the Pbilocophknl 
TraaaactiOBi for that year. In tbe copy 
of the otwcrratioBi olBrialty fnmiihea 
from tbe Royal Obaer*atory lo Sir Joha 
Hcrschtrl, wi^ a view to hit optratiooa la 
\%2i for determining the diHerenca of 
longitude between Greeowtch and Paria 
by loeana uf 6ri: signals, there wa* aa 
error of a aeooad in one of tbe nunben, 
wbtcb bad tbe effcot of cauaiar Mnw) irt^ 
■nlarity ia tha reealla of Ine diflcrant 
days' wueha i bat aa the dberepandea wert 
imall, tliey bad been aacribed to errort of 
obwniatioa- .Mr. KrndcraoD, nmarkiag 
(be iriegulariiy, «u ird U) recalcniale the 
arifrinal data, and Ihtveby detected the 
error ; and not oonteat wkh thte, he anb- 
mittrd Ibe mtire proccaa to a new eaica* 
latfon. Hia n-«ait diiered immaterialty 
fron that whivh had been prerioaaly ob< 
Uiacd ; but the earrecttoo of the emv, 
by rcndtnof; the aingle remits mot* eon* 
ibteal, gave a greatly EncreaMd coofl* 
denee to the gtneral condaaioo ; mimI. aa 
wan iLtid of it by Sir Jobtt Hcr«cb«l bin* 
self, "had the eff«vt of nliins a raoK 
Habte to aiucb doobt. froia Aa diacflrd- 
•nee of the indiTidoal daya* obatrratioaa, 
to the rank of a •tandatd ■elentifie d!e/«M, 
and thttt onferriuf on a national opera* 
tion alt tbe facportaafle it ou|ht to 

Hit eharaetar u an aslronoakar bdni 
my MObUibid, m tbe daath of Mr. 


Oat ft MCSj^Profimor Nend^wn^ 


FlUowf, in I43I. Mr. Hradenon wu 
rairded b» one of the pvivoni bett qu- 
lUed td nnderukf die direction nod 
aMDMgcnicat of the OburTUorf etfnblitlitxl 
b* Gomminent, iinil tbui rK«ntlf rnm- 
pbtnl. «t tbr Cnt't^ of Oooil Hopr. Thn 
wnrnot of til* appoiiitnitat fi AMcA in 
Octobrr. 1B:I1, lutd » frw mutitlu nfUt 
ke mnborkcd for tbe colonj. The mnlU 
of hii own uenoiul vxertiotu while therr. 
couiprehended tbe <leIcnnti)«lion of the 
Iniituilc uul lonjilndr of hia lUlion ; Ihv 
po*1tiDM of tUn netir the South Pole tov 
uterreinbf llic poW piwltiAna of his in- 
■tnuaenia; tlie amoDal of nfr*ctioit ae»r 
llie ho.rixmi; oWmtioni of ths moon anil 
ktan for (letermiidDf the mooR'« horixonlal 
pWiUui of Man for dercnnininK thr 
panllai of lltat [lUiiPt, >ntl llirnci: that of 
UUMU; of «Glipar> of Ju|>iCFt'ii uiteltiCn; 
OQOahvtlaHOf nsed start by the maan: a 
tnmtit of Mctcht; ; pUncs of Kncke'sand 
Blela'a CMtitVi ; nriit, finally, Iwlneeii 
S.WO auil (I'.UOO ulMcmLtloDi of iln-tjna- 
tlon. In Maj, 183), be n>)ii|rne(l the 
office, tuid abort ly tdct rrturncsl lo Eu[«pL\ 
and look u;i hit nbodr in nHinbur-^li. Itr. 
ing iw witliuiit oiridal «iipigr-.i>*'il», he 
becan the tuk of redudni tbe lidt flare 
of obicr*at>oiu he had brongbt witli bim 
from the Cniir. Tlie flrat rrxnlt nf (hii 
■elf-UBUOKd UViiif wat tbe delrrminaliun 
ct aa Itnponant attronomioal clemral-- 
theaoii'fl paratkx — from a eatnpartmn of 
oboervRttona of tbo dfdbwtiDns of Mara 
near opporition, mtdr at GmDfrich.Cam- 
bridge, and Aliona, ffilkthecoTTCtpnndin^ 
obaenaLioiu at llir Catie. Another pajn-r 
of H iiton? vlabornie Vind foUuiml luou 
after. ouoUinin^ an iunatiKKticiii of the 
aooinalic* of the fj^fout ntural circle in thr 
Cape Obiematorj. Al the rtquml of Mr. 
Bfllj, he undertook the reduction uf Capt. 
Toatar'a obtervadoat of the .comet of 
1630. made at AacenaioB laland. In 183-). 
an agreemcat wo* concluded beltneni the 
CovefDmeiit niid the monlwn of thr 
Aurooanical ItuittBtion of ISitinlmrKh. 
wherrby the latter g*\e uj> lo llir L'tiivrc- 
alty tlie tue of Ihirlr oliM-rvBlnry on thr 
CutOo Hltl, which the t'omier uudrrtook 
to cobrert Into a pobllc e^tablitbmeni . by 
Akmiihing it with aoiliiblr ioUrnnmit* , 
kod making provuion for nn observer and 
MrfMant. It was tlicn rnotvcd to AU u|> 
the office of Profeaaor of Frarticut Ailro. 
ao*>*T. which hall retnuncd vnciinl «inoe 
Xiti. lodtooombbe with it the direction 
of Ike oban-vatnr; ; and tbe Secretary of 
Stn'c re(|UrttFd (h:it the Council nunld 
ni! vi»H wi'h liini ii-^psrlins the porwii whom 
It niKht be proper to appoint. Id coiue- 
qncAce of tkti rflqneit, a dqintation waile*! 
ttbon Lord ^lelbovme, and rcoaininrndrd 
Mr. lieaderaon, whoie appoitiimcol or. 
KoHInilj followed. Mr. Hendenon'i 

kbnnra la tbe EdiBbui|;h ObMrratory art 
frcli kflowB to utronomrrf from the 6* 
tohiinu of obHmtloiit which have been^ 
puMbhcd lor 1831.1)139. A *iath voIuum' 
U und«riitoo<l to b« left marly read^ for] 
publicmtiitii : and the ubitmtioD* for thvl 
rentaining yeara wtU, iu> donbi. aiill bfl[ 
rendered aratkble to adence. 

In 1836. be loarried Mini Adie, elUevt 
dangktir of the well-known oplieian aud 
ini^iona inventor of the »ynipiriomcter. 
The death of thJa lady in ItMZ, ■ fbir 
weekinftOT the birili of their onlycfaHdn 
produced an cITccI on his aeusitire tfanpa<| 
rarjient ffmn nhii;h hi: never coinpleleljrl 
recciTered. In the ■uniiim' of that rear li«' 
waa srallAed by an event which affordodj 
him tit the lime the Uvulieit pleafure. udj 
rvrr oftrr rci-rm^d a bright iipril In htol 
tnemuij. This waa Ibc viiit to Ettinbur^l 
of Proreaaoi Bcieal, whom he had ilw.iyir 
been aenutomcd to reptrd ai hin maHlrr la 
■cieni-e ; ami for who«e i;:liaracier and 
wrilinip Ik* fiiterbiiiied an unbounded ad* 
mitntjoa. In oomnuij with the gmt| 
aatronOmcT, and hta countryman kadi 
i-ollMfpu, the rvlebratnl mathematidnil 
Jacobi, he raadr ■ vhort einimion to tbti 
llif;hland«: imrl liiri frLcnda well remembopl 
Ihf dctifchi nith whiHi he ufcil ti> reeouDtl 
ihv ineJden'ti nf that joitrney, and relalfl 
anecdotci of bir i1lu«lriotiR companious] 
Although hLi eoiirtitntioB w>* neret robuet|/ 
and he waa occaaioiiaUy aubject to lo«r 
spirila, during Iti^ infloeocs o( which be 
would eiprese niiegivii^rt a* to hii hold on 
life, hi* hoAllh ilid not nndento any riaibU-] 
chan|(r till Lbe autumn uf IHI4. when be 
no* *iiddenly Mriied oilh an illnea* of ao 
alarming a kind, lint, luppcnlng at the 
lime lo be on u \ifciC lo a friend, aoma' 
daya elapaed hrfore he could, be remoro^] 
to bin own hoioe. From thi* allaeh be' 
jiartinjlj recovered, and hopra were enter* 
tained that hr would tcaa hr enabled 
to rriumr kis uatial diiliri; but i rrUpac 
haviss ueeuned. he eiptrtd aaddeoly on 
the 'J3rd of November. The diiense wu 
then a>e<-rlatnrd to he liypeitrophy of 
ibrhparl; and thrrR i-an be lilllc doiibt 
that, hi thr iitHie of health induced by tbW 
orgnno: dtBorder, Xbc fatigue of the nightly 
ubaer> nlionx, and of dimbing Ihn tterp 
lull 011 the aiiinniit ofnhirh tbeobaervntory 
ii butll, Itad been exlremply prvjudtrlal to . 
him, and contribnted to arcelcrale il<i fatal J 

Tlie ckanuicr of Mr. ilendersoo aiakl 
aitronomar atonds high, nnd Ins namewlDV 
go down to poaterity an nn arcuraln ob> ^ 
(crver, an taiuatrioua computor, • skitfa] 
Runipulator. and an improver of method* 
in tignt dvparlTiient to which lie d«toted 

!B45.^ T* Dunean, Etq^^Mrt. Kfmlh^—Mf. ffai-ry Jolnion, 89 

Tbom4s Dvkcam. E«a. IU.9. 

Af^ 3^ At EdtBborsb, ■(cd 3$, 
T^AWM DlflCU. CK). R.A.S. 

Mr Daarm cuim from tbe Tidnlty of 
^ertl. lie «■■ iwenijr join of igc bo- 
Ui ■(iplioacion U tbe 
ttf Mt. ukI Um atrida 
l0«ardi ncellflwe fa palstiof 
wm — rprtang. u bii Inier worlii stiow 
» — q iitroM ll ir. •». for inxttitM, iu Sil 
iifeA llalMaV, BwKt Aime p4ff(!. &c. ; the 
SntHnai of PKnrc Cliarln Snisrt tiiio 
rtlli>li|^ Crafnt^d), tiic Can Sc«nc (of 
Mm* OuImJ U OUn M-'riMti (wl.ieli b 
warn ragn n iait by RpU), Ac. Tbt-vi^ dit- 
pin tb« |«»cn of a niiiil bictil; cnilowml 
villi pkMrid p»«tn of a Ttrj bigfa order. 
1l%e ttuanl unagMiCBt ofgroitp* in cooi- 
pokltteo, cMnctsna of drawiox, Imtli of 
. « iM lUitribuUon of Ibc muMM 
I la rHiw *Mwv, mtli no ciqiiUiEcty 6vcet 
itarh Inul) in K'i>rkiu; out the 
4(AA^ BS a &ll« Pye for harmony id 
•oi^viaf. Be bad Utclr rfctiiBil na 
•rdtrftm Ow Hirqaex of Brea>J«lb«i>« 
fcr ■ wani*. for which ba waa to b« paid 

A fcw Konttii aiiice aoUiinc In til 
inrfkahJ the moat dittant 
«( an Infcriof eontlEtalion, 
M am bfMicBf diaordor must then 
War iM i». Thin, it sppy-.^r*. waa an 
iMHSal taDBOor, wbirb (urd its arlion 
BW ifca aptfe fier*«a, aiid fndaallr affrvt- 
^ ttoa, BCirtjr rtdoMd Oia nill«nr to a 
MM at UlB&UM. Tbin aflK-tion waa, 
b^HiM, bj ahilfai tratttirat Maiif rf>> 
■■ * » J , MM It appean Ota onKinAl malad)' 
■MMftW Ifca Imu, tad finai^ Um brain 
aaU. p«B4odl« all tb« u*ual aymptoni* 
afhrataftntr, under which li« gndiially 
mmk, ia dManocof «U tbo eSatU that hia 
IrfMrtad MJifal friendfl rauld ileti*c lo 
MM Ida aahiablc life. Whit a.kl« lu tha 
Unmas of tlila anifltlon u ihnt he hai 
hft a vidow and ns helplct* orphau 
«h»Uf ■■pea«)ded for. But Ibr ltti» iiolc 
af lUtt^ Ik Et blimcleaa. tie wai loilvit- 
Mom, •dW. aui) froKal, aixl had Do]]- for 
a fc« r^bn reeared die nwirda flf.faic 
lalifaj prBdartWM. 

Mki. Kcmblb. 
F JV« 13. At LaiBia{iDD. ati-d W. 
|*iiacuU, «id»« of Jokn fhilip Kirmble, 
' tfc« rr«at InpdiarL 

tJka Ifca widow of Mr. lliniek, tbe 
avy laa( awvlved Iha cvtebraFed actor to 
whMi ato had bean BBileri Sit-? waa pro- 
hablr IW uUaal nsmbcr u{ tlH thramcal 
•a, apaa •hieli •!>« rotercil in Terr 
idi, whik Kr. Oarrick «u jtt at 
She «a* tret nairicd to Mr, 
liAk actor of fln« penon and lame 
at. ttvt mtmj yeeia alUir hii dceeaac 

ilebetame tlic vifa of Mr. Kemhle, to 
irbom »tM renuined Tnndljr aiul frooidtf 
altairlted. lie liieO about Iwenly jeatt 
a;i>, at LauMitiie, and left ber in eaty K3t- 
cUfflEtannH nnd wilhoul fnirilr. Raiara- 
in; to England, *hf took «|i her abntte at 
Leaminglan. Tite chantiea and (ba poor 
of that place had a Uberal fHead in brr; 
aad her an\f eoareraadon. ber l<io{ kiiow. 
Ibdgo of the world, and her wrtl-riored 
mcinorr (which, like her otbar bmUt(«i 
remalued unioipaired hy ber ETvat aft), 
tDSd« h(r, to the last, a bt^hly agreeable 
and popular member of aoL-Kty. 

A (rent mrt of ber incomn ew^d wllb 
bcT tue. Of (be ptopenj wLirli ihe hu 
left. A» Urget pordon goa to Mr. Charles 
Keiiible and hia childrm, and (be midiMi 
chiefly to aircm, frirod*, and (trranta. 
The picre of plaie which mu pre«cuied (e 
Mr. Kenbls no bU rettrenirot from the 
ita^c ia gircii (o Mr. Geor^ Siddona, tha 
onljr mrtivtog aon of tbe fnsat hermno of 
the drama I aad Sir Thoinat Lawratm't 
admired picture of Mr. Kemhle in plain 
clothe* ia a Ugacj (o ibm Eul of Aber- 

The remnitu of thia Tencrable and rt- 
tpected tadjr were itctKiiited wilhin the 
THult uflli-Ouy'iClillanilTltiSt. Marj'« 
Churcb. Warwick, for which, it la under* 
■tocMl, armngemeot* had been made, aona 

Sear* an, during the life-time of the lata 
iertio Bortle Greniheed, eaq., of Guj'a 
Cliff. Tbt preitaC prvmietor of that 
deli|htful leat, tbe Hon. C. Btrtie href, 
came down ttnm London, ■periaUj' for 
tbe purpoM of attefiding Uie fnaenj of 
Mn. Kombla. 

Mn.. nAKa,v JoHKaav. 
Lattiff. Atneadjr 70reiirNofu{e, Utrrj 
Johiuon, tbe theatrical performer- 
Mr. Juhnaoo waa Ibc tuii of a reapeetta 
ble bair^droaaar in Edinburgh ; aa J in bia 
j-ooth retnarkabia for tbe tat proportioaa 
of ait active fnrtn, aad the expr«aiie beauij 
of a luodaomc couiiteaance. hrlooging t* 
the AnQooui-dui of wiilpture. 

He oH^nall^ appeared on the boarda tH 
hi* TutiTC Edinbofgh ao ^raoefnll^ and 
«iih ao much auecxa* a* \ <niiif Norral, 
aiuI nfierwarda laiialaed tViai hue of ch*> 
rsflcr with Mlaf both Ja iseolland and in 
l^ndon for Bany fcaaa, an<l latterly ooe 
of ibc mott pkacini; rapre»cniatin» of tha 
heroeaof mdodratne. He caattot be ra> 
calleil lo the tiahli<: notice wilbont alaa 
teraeiubering lii-i Tery pretty anl too- 
cclcbraled wife, vhaao advcotum with a 
nnceaaioa of admirrta. all, like her bai> 
band, rqoicti^ in the nauii- at llcary. lad 
to tha irittieiuB, that if *l>e had another 
lorer it mnac ba Old Uarry.— i^ffrarv 

Oun. Mm. T«u XXIT. 



Cltrgif D*teatt^. 


CHABtTAU-B BMttBiT*.— ThelateMt 
JfikH Richard; of C1>«!tiM<l>«fn, lm> by 
ki« tvill, jiHt proved, btquenched the 
fftllowinf: tepicir* to churitntflc iiiMiln- 
tioiii^— Tu iliv CUiircli MiMionary So> 
c'tfiv lhr«p IpRBfirK, HiTiDiinlitig in iht 
wbolc to 1.I00J., of wlik-b »uiii MKU. » 
10 be invMied in the fundi, m"! Ihe in- 
tere*t ■pplit^ forthp piirrbtiie of IllWes 
in lh«i Cniiir«e lao^onKC for dUliibiition 
In (Jbini; 10 the Cbekeithuni Hitpon-'iirr 
1001. : to the British ttii<t Foirign Bible 
Soricty ]l)0^ 1 ro the Mnrnvun .Miiaion 
too/. ; to the PniKiinl .MdSodcty lOOJ.; 
toibe Chelteiihain Nmivial Scbool lOOL ; 
and to the Snilora' Home Cburrb of Eng- 
Und Aworieiion lOOi. Tlia propeitjr 
Imt been kMOrn uridLi l:j.OOO^ 

The will of <ho IjiI<< Mhjoi ll7//inKM, 
fftnnertr rL-i-i^lL'tit at Si. John't LodgCt 
nnr Worcf^lcr, dated On. t, IBSli nM 
bi-eo proved by tte cxrciitoin in Ihe Prr- 
TOKBCive Coitit of CuiitM bury. 'J'bc dc. 
(■eaud, who wiif ihc tout of bi> family, 
bait diiip(>*H of hi« propcitir in ihc follow- 
ing miinifirrnt manarr '—To tli« ProvMt 
BM Krilowii of WofceiitT f'olWe, Ox. 
ford ^t the reouett of hii brotbvr, ibo 
TUr. Wulior Williiinu, B.D„muny }mi-i 
n •rnior fellotr of lh«! aodcly). 00(V. ; to 
lh« WarrcHlpr In^fonry, 3U0/.| to ibe 
Worcv^ipr I>jipi.ii»Bry. WW, Tb« re 
Mdue (with ihe<sce|iiii>u oF abuul 1,000'.) 
■mountiiig'. ft i< pj<.-*uin«l, to QXXXH. i> 
directrd to tie Fqt»11y (livirir<i brlnf^n 
the vcncnbk' Soci«ii» fuc PtomuiioK 
Cbri*tian Knowledge ud for the PrQ> 
papttion ol (he Go*pcl in Foreign P«ri*. 


FVt. 6. Olf f^icrra I>^^n«, age<l '.'!l, 
the Bee. .'oAn /frnry Tifttd, U.N. 
CbapUia of her Majrfiy'i ihi[i Pem^oitc. 

Fth. K. At Omlyabam. ( omwull. 
■Ctd U, the UcT. 7Doni«i Gr),i/r, Kcrtur 
of IhntpBriih, andarirbcndaryof Eieter. 
Be wu DCftbefr of tba late Itev. Rirbnrtl 
Qcrfeyi GrjUi, of HeUiou, (iiatiu«d ia 
ow vaL Xvll. p. 447). and the vroond 
•OB of ThoBDM GrylU, nci. by Mary, 
daughter of Hunnihrry Millrii, tK\. of 
Enyi. He v>u cf Trioiiy collect, Casi- 
bridgre. B.A. IS13: wu prwcnied 1« 
Carilyohain, ia 1811, end appoiiitcd to 
Prebendary of Exeter in 1933. 

At KimboUoa, egnl 80, the Kev. Joka 
Pye, forunwardt of thirty «eftr<Prri<etiial 
CunitA of NeUier Dean. 

AA. S7. At Lamport, >'orthamytoii- 
aUrc, ajt«d TO, the Rrr. I'ere Mdo, 
Rector of tba pariib i and brother to 6ii* 
InatioiBn lahim, Bart, of th*t plnct (alao 
iiaoe dteaaaad). He waa the Mcood am 
cf Sir JnttudaD, the eighth Bart, by 
SuKUMi, davgbt«r of Hcbry fitnttt, eM^. 

He waa of BrM«w»e eolltije, Oxford, 
M.A, 1799; and Wt« preaenwd lo Lam. 
port, in 1814, by hi* fallitr. He ow'Hed. 
In ISOO Anne, datghtcr of JobuCliara- 
bcr«, c»q. and niece «C Sir Wi!!i»m (^hnm- 
be»», km. by whom he had iisnc four iwm 
and a daughter, Eliia, married lo Colonel 
Utnry Paclce. 

At Kllly»IIlo, Qiiwn** Coonty, aged 
la, thn R*v. 7%o«uu fVeiirr. Rector of 
Cwtl*! Maradam, co. WicVInw. 

toMg. At Lieoinin^tno, aged 49, Ui>* 
Rbt. Jnma CVrUii, Curate of Great 
Claetoa, Eaiex. He mia aon nf tbe lata 
Rev. Charlei Crebbin, of Kiik Santon, is 
the lale of Mib. 

At tfao reatdeaae of Ui fatlier, near 
Won-nttrr, aged 32. tbfl Bar. TTiUiAxi 
IMdfn. M.A., AHUtant.CliapIaia of Si. 
Oawald'a Hotpi^al in that nCy. 

Uarck 2. At Rome, tba R«». /f«>y 
Rtthtrt auifrl, M..V. Rector of Caailey, 
Norfolk. He waa of Eautiaiiael COlUfe, 
CaoibrUgc, D.A. 1836; and wat pre- 
actttMl to hia liTinc In ISllJ, by W. A. 
GiItKrl. ewj. 

Tic lie*. Rolfrl Gtrtdd Afaeuey, a^n 
of tbe lato Rev. Mr. Mooney, Follow of 
Trinity collrjr, Ihiblln. 

March 3, At Bomc, the TIm. Htnrf 
CoJiiiHfloH, VMS- Virar of Ware, witti 
Thundridgc, UerU, and bie Fellow of 
Trinity eolle(e, CanbridKe, where lie fta- 
dtuted D.A. 1B20 a> Senior Wrangler, 
aud iir*l i>mllb'» Priiemani . M.A. I8?9. 
He left Eniiland in tlic auiDniii,.nnd pro- 
<Y<;dcd to llAly for the aake of bii. health. 
.U^r a frw day* of incrcaacd illnfa* he 
«oircd at Rome, to the *Wp r<^rM. ool 
only of rcUtiTei and frianda, but of nil 
thotf who loTf to contemplate tlie orna- 
mniti of their i-ace. Senior VTrangkr at 
on imxtiuelly early a^e, and a aaoocMfol 
competitor for tha eUiatcal luraaBr* offal* 
L'niter*itv, be jrft found liane tA naala 
moat of luc rantinental Unguagea, to be* 
come BO excrlleiit performer on *ariona 
mariul inittutorota. to be a learned 
botanist and cvqnUitc dmufhtaman. and 
to introiiui-'e tboia improreuicnta into thr 
mldrDfcoiic which Ihot hi* name. Al- 
tbovgh in the rr^joymcut of fhtne and high 
elBce at Trinity Mllege, Cambridge, u 
ihmigbt it hia duty lo exchange tbcie fei 
the Btill more hnportant labour* of hit pro> 
feciion, and aceiqttcd the rolirce living of 
Warc,inIIcr[ford*hire. iDthediicbargedf 
bl* fiiocllona there, a laah rendered pain, 
folly anxleuf by dlffereneci of 
4«me time bach bur^t a blood reatel, from 
xhich he ncter recovrred, and Ul medical 
aUendantB advbed him lo theller blmaelf 
from onr northern wtnicr: but tbemca- 
(ure proved nnarailiBg. Ur. CoddtD|taB 
«H tuarrted to n dBn(hIcr of the ItU Df. 

Cltrgy Decta/ed. 


Mi hu kft s^THi diildrea. 

HmtJk 4. Nnr LiTcrpool, the Iter. 
Ahm Brune, M-A. Rector of Snlkamp- 
rtnd Abbu,wiUiSalbui|icl<MlBtBi)iMcr. 
BiriWi tnA toaaalf Fdtoir of QueeB> 
alh tl .Ottofd. He »u prevQtMl 10 bit 

Jfcre* C. At ibu liovse of W. W. 
Ball, «»q. TsTlfttock'Sqiuie. tiK Rct. 
>Uf*ram OfWfff, M^. of UnWenitjr 
BP B agi, Orforrt. ooc of IIm M>it«n of 

Jl>rv4 6. At Toninnv, tigeA 34. Ihe 
Brr. JUm 5«rrr, MJi. bte Cunt« of 
Chmf* «lupcl, St. Jobo** Wood, Mid. 
Ams. H« WW of Qubcd'i cdUmb, Cain- 
htUfB. BJL. ins. 

Mtrdkl. hi CMttoa. the net. EJwir^ 
Cbolv, View of BywclI-St.Pewr. Norih- 
vateriMd.tvuhich cbnrch be wu j>n' 
«MMm1 Id littt. br the Deui anil C-'hanUr 

la C> « *wtow-»qiMre. igcd 44. the 
Uar. Eimmil DmwM ^lytl. MJL of 
B^liol coUm, Oxford. I'eipetmil Citnitr 
of St. Bototrb, Ald«rr*i[*t*. H)« fiinenJ 
VM KtHdM by DcuK 100 of tin pnad- 
ftl iibtblma of hia pwisb m mounwro, 

ManA U. At Btnow rectory, Suf- 
Mk. «t4 &4. tW Rrv. vtrfAxr /ndrf (V. 
r^(itw. B.D. Redor of ibat p%m\. bte 
NBow «f 5c- JohD'i coll^. (iMnbrid^ 
B« WW prcMDted to hit UTtnj bjr that 

At L yayi M M , Dcronihir*. the Rev. 
JlmM£Mrt*GMi»to.MtloflheIa(F Arlni. 
HMmii He wm of Oriel coUesc. Oi- 
brd, U.A. 11M. 

At XMiKn, «g«d 8', tb« Rer. ^oAm 
JIfeAfa*. of UoMlnbroob. co. Mr>lb. 

JWbtcA 14. At Antonf. Cornwill, «|[ed 
)0, the Bot. ffnU Polt CbrftP. Vi««r of 
ifcMK fi A. j WM Wt w of the laio Right 
Boa- »*g»™M Kk Oires. who pre*a>cod 
Urn to the vtanige of Aaloar in IB36. 

la BtctM Stnet, Loodon. the Ref. 
WUUim Hmmn, IXD. CbtaceUor nnd 
•«« «r lh« CeiMMii of St. David'*, nnd 
Viov of SwBOML Be was prei«ited lo 
Ite B^ fa 1SI3 br SEr John MorrU, 
BBt.. ad vn ■moiaWd Conn of 8c. 
Dand't in U';5. Hif body wuooBTered 
far iotemcnt to SwuMea, and atleaded 
to ike |n>« bf Uk oorporation. ateny of 
the iiaittihwrlBg clerfT, and wrcnl hm. 
*wb of tba iiitbabituta. 

JIfrrdI 16. At Moanme, \a India. 
^■d n, the Rer. //nnr /IiAa-, M.A. 
fir ounif jnn Senior Chaplain on the 
Ben^ nt*bliiihni<tit. He recmrd bit 
Bp f Ou i OpeMi in Ul4. 

At DnhllD. aced 33. the Rct. WalUr 
G9prf Htrmat, M.A. Ute Cnnle of 
IMtot, b tfa« dhHw «r Meatii. 

Mareh 19. A«cd an. 4h* Ror. AAn 
KiHg, Ret:t«T of Bltle?. Samj. He was 
tanart\<f Fellow of Mnfdalaw. ooltrKO, 
Cam bridge, wbffo he p*duBt«l B, A, 1 JftT, 
u elercDth Senior OpUae, M.A. 17<>0t 
and waa inatitolcd to the nctort of Bialey 

In leio. 

HareA 30. At Couer. Norfolk, igid 
d, lbs Rot. T^Iooio WattOH. for nnrij 
fortj jcsrt PcqwtKal Carate of that p*> 
ritb and Hardle^iand Rector of TbarltoQ. 
He WW formeftf of Gonvilk aod Ctlai 
ooDofe. CamhridgR. whore hr. grufauiad 
B A. IMH, a.1 M.A. IH07. lie waa pr*- 
■ented to the Coiae; curacy in 1791. by 
the ootporailoa of Norwkb, which body 
atoiB is 1821 k»*c hiw tbe rectory of 
Thurlton, and in 1822 the perpetual ctl- 
r»cy of Hardley. lie made no retuma of 
the nine of any ofthntc lotho Etttoti»t- 
tical ComaiiakKien, bat the Coaaey VMat 
it tajd to be wonb aboot 17h^ a yoar, ud 
the whoto to be oMire tfaav SOW. Tbey 
are now in tba gUI of the Norwich Cbarllj 
Commistioner) (ChnrRh Lut). iiholia*« 
Mfnified their [nleDtioo of prcMotin^ tbo 
rectory to an elderly clergymau, aod tell* 
inf the next prcHntation, b«t tbeir ri|fat 
ifl dtrpnted. 

ilorck 'il. At Broad"-cll. Oifordthiro, 
a^ed 73, (he Ber. TKohum Cbb/on. Tiear 
uf that pviib. He m* the thhd MB of 
the tnte Rer. Alctiind«f Coltoa, of FO* 
kins hall; wu of Trinity mllese, Oxford . 
M.A. ITftT: and wat preeoal4^ to Brud* 

At HoRHHtk. iced 7,1, the Rer. Ctt- 
me»l Uoielejf. D.D. Vicar of that partab, 
and of Stiehford, linoDtMhire. He *n 
of BraseiMM oollcfe. Oxford, M.A. 1798. 
He wat preaented to HoniMstle In IMS 
tiy Dr. Majcndie. then Bishop of Carllalo 
(impropriator of Horncastle), and to 
Stickford in IB^S by Dr. Pdbaiti. tfaeo 
the BUbop of Lincoln (who la improprt- 
alor of (hat place). 

W«rrA ?2. Aged 6?, the Rev. Ah 
Ifindtt 6>oow, M.A., Rector of Earl 
Solttni aod Monk Sobatn, Eoffolk. Hn 
wet fomerly Fellow vt Pembroke cotlrfe, 
Canbrldn, where begndnatedB.A. 1799 
la Stb Wnogkr, MJk. 1601. 

At Bath, afcd 83, the Rer. nillnm 
Pmer, M.A., Rector of Bampitiiam tad 
Wraiball, Dqnetabire. He was foraerlr 
of Trinity CoUetCf Cambridge, D.A. 17B5. 
M.A. 1019. 

AfimA ?S. At Greet Stodal, Yorbhtrv, 
and 79, (be Rer. ITkomn Wewtmortlatti. 
M.A. Vinr of that plaee. and rrrpetaal 
Curvte of Butteraerp, Cmnberlaiid. Re 
wa*DfQneen'ae«llc|»,OlfaTd. M.Aini. 

JfervA26. At *'iie tieatage. Chanc water, 
Coniwall. Med 37. the Hv*. Itar«t /«4a 

I9H, M.A, 


CUrgy ZhtMiMd. 


HtrcX 31. A.t WoodoMfon, Norfolk, 
•(•d M, tba lU*. Edward Siimtmgm Sat' 
hr. U.A. RMtnof tbenBitadpsriilm«< 
WooAmmob un SwwtOB NoTfn, m. 
KwfolL Ha wa« for mioi mn fm*. 
IbaI Cvnta of Hifikhwst. Vint, towUch 
be »»• preMnted bv the oollfre of ChrlM- 
chBKb, Ottoti. IB 1819: IS im, be 
rtsDtrJ tu WoodixntMi, wfaicb U kIm la 
(fce gxttoi tlut collfff. 

4j«ri/2. Aged &6. the Rsr. Ch»rUt 
OvfN, te thirty^fiie yrkis Camla of 
LttchiiiilaD, Emci. He wu of CbrUt'i 
floUeK^C«nlb«S<l(«. B.A. 1M9, H.A. 1812. 

At Annmleng, to. Doi*i>( lb« Rn. 
JMtrt ir. 7^/n-, awitut cnraU of tbo 
■aion of Kilkeit. 

Jjifil 4. A|ed M. (be R«T. Aaftirr 
Ii'fT'iWM, Rector of IlkjUtrop, Oifordahirc, 
>li4 of Gr&nnn Pljford, ao. WorMmter. 
Ht wi« of WoroWer CoOtcOi Oxford, 
M.A. 1787. Ho mnanmned to ll«j. 
tbrop in 1800 bj tha E^l of HhnwAtrj, 
sad to Gra/toa RjEoni is lUl by tbe 
Iftrl or CoTcmr;. 

^r)/ 6. At I^ngbonnto, Berk*, tigvd 
S3, Ibc Rf«. Hmry Bmdna, Rector of 
tiwt ptrali. He wu brgtiier to Ihe lut« 
ClHrl«* BnwloD. oij. of MUltrook. but 
Bowlhunptao. He ww pnapnted to tha 
neivtj wf PeDgbonroe ta IBIT bf J. S. 
BrMrfon, «*q. Ua furTiTtd bii umiigv 
MHvdr man thatt a uoaih. 

AfrAl tt. Aged 85, the Rn. Darid 
Hnrndam, Radut of Blvlon and Meitun, 
Devonalitrc. Ua waa of ExcUr eolUge, 
OifurtL M.A. MHii wu (nMaled to 
BirtuDiii IHll brilie bt« Lonl RelU, and 
labwifuentlf to M««loa. 

.fpril ',. Tba Re*, noma fVmeJl 
S*dt, KerlorofTbntodcabiac, Sufolk, 10 
i>Uii:*j be wai pteaeottd ia 194A. 

Ayril K. At Ureal Oriofi. CuBbvUnd, 
Iba Kcf. Joh* Ma)tMi. Rpctorof that m> 
TiiiU, to whlub be «M pteienlfld ia 18SS 
bj Sir Waatel Untrue. 

4r^ 10- Apd H, the RcT. iri/Jiom 
THmxiH, M.A. liecUr oT Llan»iJvcn,eBd 
for Kvrral joett majittralD iif tbn oouBtf 
Of Aornkmej. I!e *u of St. JoIid'b ooU 
lace. CanbridKfi. B A. IBIS, 

Jiffr.l IS. Agca tU. tbe RtJ. Dr. 
IfAUJitji »njM. toroMtlj Seoiur FeUow 
orTrioily cuUcga, Uubliu. 

MfTil I'. At tiuU, aged 70, tha R«r. 
/iw«A Tiuoftim, uicHnibeot of Marff««l, 
VatVabirt, lo wblcb be WU Uutitnicd ta 

At Rdcmoad. Salop, tbe Rar. JoHm 
thjfdm Ftffotl. Rector of SdcmOBd aod 
HoU«ki. He Wit of CbrlM Cbarcb. 
Oxford. MA. iftna, wa« predated to 
Habbwloj in IKIK. by j,iIh, Mftuin, eaq. 
Ud vaa uijititutcil to EdgmnO, fiUpb WM 
to Ilia gwu puroMgf , ia Uli. 

4tpfU IS. Ia Bnaam atnat, Portntaa 
aqgara, B««d ?(. tba IUt. QmHm UmA 
St9U, teti B««tflref VoMHa Coanwaft 
SoBcraebUre. He Mia fcrmalj PcttcM 
of Kinf'a eo B age. Cavhridge, wben b* 
r*Ai^ B.A. HOI. M.A. i:»3. Ha 
wu for aont tine Oanle of Cepdocb aai 
Wariibrook. near tpntieb. aad waa pro- 
moted in 1600 bf BtoQ College to tbe r«o> 
toi7 of Woottoo Coancai]r. wbidiba rs> 
ai^cd tODia jcara ago oa ecooant of dfc 
(llaieg beahh. He baa left a haedao^^, 
be^oMt to ibe SociMlea for Proinoti*| 
ChrittiBa Kaonled^ and tbe PropegatiDn 
of tba Goapel. 

Af^l 20. At Brao«nfi«Id*, Suirey, 
agrd 35. tbe Ret. J9tk»m SimM htrj, 
M.A. iacumbwlitf tbe dutri<t charcbal 
SttBoiBg Dab, BaAa, He mu the eMeab 
•on of the Ret. Dr. Ulrd, Hector of 
MoaitOD, Haiapahtre. H« wu of St. 
PWcr'a QoU^, CaaibndgB. B A. IS.t^. 

At (br hou*« of l>ii falber Sir MalOkc* 
Walkr, Bart. G.C.H:. agad 3a, tba Kev. 
Br»nt Advlfhui WaHir, of TacUiro«l^ 

April 21. At lUHwlatle. Nortbamber* 
luul, B^ed .t*, ibc Rev. Jt-amtu BnaMi 
fur Sfleca rnn [acumboM of BaUingbaM 
aad Oreaah aad cbapela. 

IV Re<r. W.J. Bittdmm, M.A., of 
Llteird. Cbubire. fonnirl^ CarMa i^ 
llapion Norria ohapcl, lancaablre. 

Afihl 24. Agnl B&, tlw Rav. Jote 
Ln-ii JRjflltftta, LUD., Revlur of Bad. 

Satoo. Gluaitelenhlre, and of Lcigb 
cbiaerF. Wilti. Be waa preaeat*^ w 
both bta liTiDi;* bf Jaeoa collcgi', Oifotdg 
to Lcigb Dclaincre in 1780, tod )'> B«ilra> 
ton ta 1:94, io which luur jeu he took 
tbe degroc of LL.O. ■! Cambriilge ae ■ 
BWBil>er of Triniijr ball, Cambridge. 

AjrrU SO, At Naplea, tba Bev. /«Mr 
S«ftr OfU. M.A., FeUow of Mew caU 
li«e. Oxford, lie waa tbe aldart aoa at 
the bte Rev. Jamaa Ogle, Rector of 
Bkbop'a Wxltbaia, Hampabira. 

April ::o. Ag«J ar. tbs Rer. DmOtt 
Ptylh^rrk Pnt«, Vicar of C'ajo aad 

ifay 1. At Northampion. agvd 50, tba 
Ret. GtoTft Crd€T^l, B.U. FaUow o( 
IJjMoln odilcnc, Oxford. 

At Moiilion. Suffolk, aged "I. tbe Rav, 
Grerya //affoa OntnoU, Rcciot of tl 
periab. IVr]<etu*l Cural« of Otford. Kei 
■Bd a aiagiatntc for Suffolk, tin *ag 
roTttarli Fellow of (;bri«t'» «tle(t*, Caai- 
bnil)tr. where be graduated aA. IT^M***^ 
Ulh Wraagler.MA. IWI 1 waaproMOkl 
to Maaltoa In IHiQ br that Seeietf, aad 
to Otford te 1825 b; iba D«M aodCbaf > 
t(<r of WaOfftaatiT. 

At«y it. At Hovtr, aeed 70. >ha Rafk 
Join CUMtr It«n*i, U Uldnd, Kmt. 





An. 1$. In HAW-H*i*r« Sloane^rt. 
Mad fl, Lieut. -Colmil Cbarln Robert 
UUBtt. ilc Mrvcd tn Um Praianter 
wr, wtan U loa « kg. Fran Ibe rail- 
JuiKM of kb dMih, «ii li>q««at wai h*ld 
M hli Wodf, wliieh ntonifld tbt rotiKi of 
"4itA l»j tb« TuiUtio* or Ootl." Colonel 
Kif!"t** WM ■ kaehclor ; and in onlv 
riav. Ww Loviis Keuksll, retld«d «ltb 
U«, mkI nrvlved bin onlj tor MTen 
— thit 4tin(t ■! Uic Mwr plAcc oti tlt« 9th 
■f MviK. Sh* wm» a Udjr of iir; actin 
fcimiiliniw. lad had euiced hcrKlf "Ith 

MMfc PHMH for tkt CflBMUBpdOD U(M> 

■lUl. ud tha R«fcs« for llouxb^ S>il«n. 

jr«rc* n. At Stiin>(, Dj«l iO, 
Mmt An. wife «f Edwonl Biker, raq. 
«ldw( dia. I< Um iMe George Moriao, 
■i«. of Marfcwitt- howtt . imr PaionhaiD. 

MtnUn, AtbUmtdmxw.lM.Stnad, 
WiOUaa Bnry CUmbcrt. n^. K.M.S. 
ffmag O L And luC mmilaf mb of the late 
w*. Ctwabon, oto. naajr mn ollbctin 
vAmt u Dm Hob. Botrd or Ordnoac*. 

JtfnH. Id Loodon, iffd S3, Jane, 
wifcaJKr-PCTfalPtctvn, oif La wn t n rton, 
aad oalrdwi. o( ll>e Uta Wm. tUadoti, 
MB. Df Clffndoa. SoB«net. 

Mtfl3. loFitu«7-M(. ag«d 35, Mary 
HAiriet, *ift of J aim Bird, ■»]. jun. 

Mtf 14. Ai KewinclsB, a^ed 2ti, Jaka 

jr^U. A««d 86. Umnr Bigky, Mf. 
^ tbe KtBUntad, Uto of tfa» UrdiMiiet 
OSpc, IWcr. 

JfayJG. lJiAmcfkA-*4.a|«d31,Mn. 

r^Hdmdi uoucb. 

At K««i>{toa-i(|. aged 10, Jowpkliw, 
■Mm dw|h. of JoM^ Good«*B, «k|. of 
I^Bdola'aUaa. baniskr. 

Mmf i:. la Bcdrt»d>iq. vged 85, Jaaea 

A<f)dr. RtehudCbariM. ind lotiotais 
iMo JolM ¥o<UHL«i|. of Maid* HtU Vta. 

I« Puk pt. St. lamai'i, Caroline, wife 
of J. E. DijvdTCveU. im|. of Poll-coiirt, 
WawMlwifctrB. Har nwidcn name vai 
BrMadc*. Kw was the mother of WU- 
Imi S ttn i mm vW . mi- MP- fur Te«k»- 
k«7, aiiDtbn- ton. and a ilaucUur uairled 

l» R. B. fiOKBt, Mi). Ot LlDOdlo'l lOD. 

Aby 11. In AlbuiD-rtMd, Stukr New- 
iagroB. aiod 76, llcbo. niKt of llxmuu 
itteMk. M^. of T«o WAtcra. lUru. 

lo KtBg'a faradr, Cbeliea, TboiBAS 
B»n««, wq. of Ike War Oflyp. 

Alfred CnUUtf, w]. uf Mi»taf«-sU 

Af^ 19. Al Kentiak Town, >«n1 C9, 
Jofta Wtlliaoi BacOB, wtr\. !■:« of Frwru 
Hffoie, fneni Banet, Middlesex. 

John Haffint, man'tw paiaUf ta ki'a lata 
Maiaatf WiUiua IV. Uia ear)? jMn 
wnr pAMcd opOB tk* oc««d. haTiny mada 
»€trni vrnma to Chiaa, in the Mr*ic« of 
tli« Edit lodia CoiDpui;. His tkrea hrgs 

ticturei of tke batUe of Tnfalgar (ao« at 
lamptiia Cout Palan). pointed for tba 
Ulc King, cTJncc a tboroHgb kiM*ledi(« id 
nautioal affain, c«p«eiaU)r lk« IcnnpMt 
after Iks eBfamteat. Hia p^rtniu of 
tki(M, to which M wai piincipallj eoalnt^ 
w«r« cwtHsat, aod fke noeaewy diif lajvd 
many a mnmj a^t of beautthil cotaartQf » 

EanuTuUtly io kb delineaUona of riiiiim 

Af«y iO. la FarliatBEBt-it. Ann, wA 
of Jaffin Ailing, taq. 

In t^ and If, Charla John 
0(den, rideat ton of tbo Atton»]r-G«a. of 
Al Dalwtch, aged 66, Arthur Brawna, 


In Kmninglon-lane, Jaoe, widow of tbi 
latr AWabau Yootiic, aq. 

Af«« 21. Id LoadoB, agfd &3, AI«s. 
aadtr HBBioa, eaq. fomcri; of Rio Jantiro. 

AtlkertaldaiWBPtkiirrtaKl.Mr.u. P. 
Holmrs, Livcryool-at. Broad-*c. a^d 47, 
Antkoaj' CoUini, eaq. of UraaifocJ, Suf- 
folk, ton of tbe lata Robert CoUiat, eaq. 
of Iptwwh. 

At Pockbam Rya, aged 73, W. Ddmtbr, 

]■ Bodfordjit iged 19, linrf, third 
aoa of Tlat. Ffowor, eait. bafrtiier-at<Uw. 

Afay 'i'i, la Moont^at, 
■god 60, Tbonaa llenrr I'all, eiq. 

Afay 23. la 8iliit«r-si. isfd H. Tk«c 
GQIaapf, eaq. tor ipwarda or 60 )«an 
oooDMUd with the coal-market, and lat« 
wnior liTBiyBian of ilu Co»|May of 

Sanh Etlaa, wUb Of Robert Sulcr. of 
Grccawii-li, aoUcilor, and da*, of Richard 
S««nu>rk, etq. of Hooat St. AIImu'i, 

ilaf H. In t'pncr llfde aged 
61, JuMph llixtrc BtmUhair, taa. 

AC Tarnbam Gtctn, a^ hi, Jobl 
Clutbani, r«|. 

At ()lnu>-r«ter-trTT. Rrgcvt't Pkrk, ^;ed 
73, David ('tiambcrv, nq. Cmnuafldar ia 
the Rojal Navy. 

Afoy 2i. In Rcderton-M, Sophia, daa. 
of ihc late Adm. Sir 0«u. Muntaeo, 

la £uMx-aq. Ilyd^ fark, aged 18. 
Gforge Prederkk Arthur Walker, of 43Td 
Light lor WcOMit lun ortbf! law Geo. hir 
Ceorco TowBtbend n'alker, Burt. G.C.B. 

Agbi 7S. Julio WaftMM), ew|. of Pit** 
roy-«t. PitirOT-^q. 

Afsy 26. Tho Chcvnlior Jena U'olff, 
fonntrljr Daniih CoMol G«n. tn LAadoa. 

Afor27. fnWUBQli^.acedeOiHafia, 


•rih of Mr, J. W. Rontnci, Md cnlf siir. 
vivlBS diit. of tliB late RvT. P. Ll«*rr, 

Vieir of Ar«»bT, U-toftterkh. 

Pehalwd in Uie aafu! MlilUf(f«l>aii M 
Bags**''* I'ot«li Dover-it. aged 56, SuMD- 
Comtuitia. wifr of J^bn Rointd, cmj, 
M>P. for ^fal<hla. ^e wu the eldeit 
dau. of the lalo George Caswmll, eM), of 
Suembfi Park. IfprU. khi) rivlirirtn h«r 
brotlicr the Uie Ge<irs< Nevrnian CuiftsU. 
•M|. : ns mirritiil in I81J, ksd hu left 
iuiie tlirer •en* aail oii^ ■uiriring ilmi. 
The llttf r DHITowly rtcajiri livr motbrr's 
fai>. Tliev Iwd jwil nturned frum lh<- 
Pranclt pli)-, •oJ «reti' tiiU w&llini; tor their 
■upper w1ii>u K> Budilrnlir aUriiml. 

In LoDiloii. Mirv-Aniic, wifr nf John 
Ua&D, an. Mur(tu*town Houw. Laoark- 

In Vifprr Haricf-»t. aged HA, Ann. 
«iid«r of J . W. Fullon. cm|. 

CaroliMJ-Andentoii, cldeai dan. of ioliii 
Rmner, taq, CambrUle«>t«rrai;e, Rm^I'h 

Kay 79. la Carhou ilgowftrrr. the 
Rifhtllon.Marjr-BIUaWh dotraprLad; 
da ClilTotd. ^ixe n-as the •ceond dau. (UT 
tba Mott Krv. Juf<>|ih>D«an«i third Eat) 
«f Ma^o and Atrhbisbop of Tiisio, by 
EtixabcLh, enlv dau. nf Sir Rirhard Mttd^ 
and tiater of Julia tirst E»rlnr<'lnnwilliBiu 
Hot Udjwbip married In Frb. 1780. Ed> 
tnrd Lorl da Clifford, ulta di«l in lA):: -, 
butt M twue aririog trnm tlie marrliiec, 
Ibat ancient baiony fell iiilo abeyaiite be. 
inWD ihr bcira of his lordahip'n «iupr«. 

LouiiaXbarlntlt', y<><.iTi);v*r dau. ur<'ii)»t, 
Frederiuk VcrDoD-liarcourl,CLtdot-ait-p!. 

In Lomton, agtd 8V. Thnnu Martin, 
M<|. (onnr.rtv of Cookstuwii, Carrirk.oii- 
Satr. Ireland. 

May '£>. M ber faiher'a rnideDcv, 
Ellea, atifc of Jubn Prior Uatic*. eaq. 
IMOOd diD. of Tbomiu Uakw, Hq. of 
CtaClc-it. Plnnbury-tq. 

.\l Minor Home, Old Kent-road, aged 
89. Jolin Wood, cMj. 

Jtftfjr 30. At UnmitUiifdTr. St. John'a- 
weodtig«d67. Jobs Snrloipdl, et(|, lale 
of RayBKHUl-buildin^. liray't-inn. 

In Taiitlockif). aged .^T, John Wilkin. 
•on. nt' of Linruln'i.tni), 

At Bronpton, tgti 91, Fraiii!ia Vetey . 


In Montngn-)>l. agad '5, AttD.niidoN cf 
Robert It.i;r. est), eldml dau. nf Ikr late 
Edmund Uarkcr, f^. of Potttrocwton, 

Aged 94, Eli7«belh. widow of Bcujojnin 
Forbea, ion of Lachlaii Forba, of Bdtog- 
laaiiei in Straibilon, irho liatiDit jolaed 
Prince- Ch»rlfi.Eil«anl, in IT 15, itaa 
WQundvd >l fjullodea. mid ftdluotni; ihat 
Prkioeta Prancr.waa inad-e a C'api. in tbe 
8e«llisb Grensdicr Rui. of Lord 0|:i]f7> 
^d Cb«T»Uer dc St. Xouia. 

OniTtJAfiV. [J%* 

In London, MOatasu. tlitrd ton of Capt. 
Sir Thucoaa PmIct, Bart. ItN. 

In Monta^u.n). iflcd *&, TfconH V»* 
borne, (nq, of (iHwcll Park. 

At Norwood, agrd ^&, Mr*. Pritehard. 

lAiltfjf, At HaBiwannllli, Harr.ntict 
ofHmrj- W8kaH&ii,c»q.ofB«irfordUou«e. 

yane I. Agpd ?1, Cbarlr«-ChBntrej, 
soDoml ann of William Thomoa Br«nd«, 
caq.ortlM Royal Mint. 

Eliiabelli, wife of WilliHrn TiDdail, eaij. 
of T>oo;bly-ct. Biidof lbr> Inn«r TrmpU. 

Ai^vd 73, Sarab, widow i>f Major Ber- 
trand, of llth Beft. of Pout. 

Ill Glouonter.ioad, Regent'a Park, So> 
pbia-AnKiKU.Kifaof Oeorfa Baatott, aaq. 
of tlie Sonibanipivn Offcc. 

In Upper nuritj-st. Dooglaa, wifa of 
Patrick lladoir, eaq. am) dan. of the late 
John Macdonald, *»{. at Kiiuudid and 
Suda, N.B. 

JuK^ 3. In KiiB*dl-pl. Kitimj'-ai]. a|«d 
M. Catharine, rrliclof llenrr Hall, can, of 

At PMkban, afcd at>, John Kesn, eaq. 

In Park.creu.-en I, aged i'2, 
John Warbtirlan, M.D. 

.\t 8(ok9 Nnrinilon, iprd U, tbe widow 
of Edwnrd Barnett. t*n. of Klrhj Stephea, 

JmutS. At C*mb«rw«U. aged iS. Mary. 
Hcond dau. of OmtIm Wahra, eaq. 

Aged III. Thomas Story, nq. of Mil4 

Jwfi. At WiiublodoH.aKed&t.MajoT- 
Genrral .Vdam UoKg, of Ibe £art India 
(iompanf'i Sentfle. 

In Lilnvct-Kler-itrcnl, John 
Brown, ea(|. Uranf Liinrrtck.aod Coeatvr* 
tar. lUicvot'a Park. 

At Uroroptoa, aged G9, Riebard Fne- 
man, eaij. laic of Drronahim-al. Port- 

Jwte 5. At Peokbam Hye-tcrr- agnd 6i, 
William Mardall, rj(|. 

JiMe6. Ai^rd 19, William John Rirtra 
■Story, acoond »«n of ibe Uto R«v. Jowpb 
Story, of iUnr^cId, co. Cnraa. 

Agod 63, Harry Brett, rac). of Cado< 

Jumt 7. In LeiceiUf'pl. a^d 7 7, Jnw, 
widow of W.CItfCun, eat). 

AgerI39, W. M. Olaiater, caq. of Buck< 
ter«biiry and S(. Ann'a Hill, Wandiworth, 
eldeat ••urirlng Bon of Chamben Glaistcr, 
v»i\. of LongNeH-loo, near Wt|[ton, eo, 

/utit ^. In Weatbouraa-jiL Plmlioo, 
aged 59. Col. Bran Lloyd, late of Bombay 
and l.iTerfiool. 

Agvd &5, Mr. Tlioinai Rail. Maater 
Cooper of Her Uqcaly'i Victualliaf-yBrd. 

In IJisiiltoQ-|>l. M-JoUn"! Wgwl-roftd, 
tfvi )j), WjlUain Fcibcnton. nt{. 




At Kuflli Brituu, *tei &9, Ckw1» 
TiUj, caq. Canmuxler B.N. lute of oa. 
COrnvkll. (Uenu 190T). 

Am f). At Rfgciit'i Villw, Retpnil'K 
Puk. Eltubelh. Klidt of WiUiuni t'ruer 
Mev, laq. umf ati^nt. of Cra«Fii-«l. 

In Lower Gro«v(nar*4t. agfA 86, John 
Chtrin Xhmn, t»q. Uu of Higbani Houk', 

Jmt 10. \t Uu hoD*« nf Mr. M»r- 
irt{ur. ChArtcTHwuK-Hi.ttfcdSO, Doi>«l<l 
JIm UoiulU, t^' of Ctteltaibun. 

At C^iiibcrwcU, agrd :4, Mn. Kd|Mn 
VaiMl. of ftTuhton, relicl of KelfHii 
WwMr, oq. of Cm^MTwdl^crwii- 

At Nottlt)(<blU, aced 9, Muj Loutni. 
mIt cUldof J>nci WmikiDMB. Cfq. M.D. 
if KUMIM-hal], Clinbitf. 

Al WaOHuUr. OKcd -I?. S«inucl lU*. 
caq. of Aafcum'aoder-Ljw. 

At Lmblb. tfed U. Mr tiforge 
SSaatkwy. aomiKiBrr Dod TOMliat. He 
wM • mOn of Brntbl, i*hi-r« hii fatlMr 
brpt ft lowA&l TCMMtor?. Hii talenl in 
tM mtaem •■» (iCTclopid *t » \erj early 
period. And vWn onljr ten fcan of 
•(« be ul>iLil«<I in pnbUc <u ■ perfortoer 
DO tbfl ^ima nntl n<>Iin. MmIuoc Cal*- 
Isai, while punuins ■ music*! tour in ISI9, 
hcftftl Ua dsr *»'! pl'J " cooww "" '>>* 
Mdw otj. aul tho pramiw lUiplijcd bj 
hia m tbe oceation iDilncrd the queen o( 
M^ la •fcrhin kii mgueiDeui to accom- 
MBv her rODlul the fcui^oni. end Kctjtt in 
the v«ca.1 wtd imtmnimUt pvrtonaajum 

^■■w IS. AlTuUr-hUI. Jatw. onlj-dan. 
•r tW Itte Hear? Etuu, oi. MadifnUclbi, 

At MTwwater, lUniet, niter of tite Itlu 
Vu JnfUnUn Itluw. But. vT L«ni|iert, 
Sonkusptoa*!*' te . 

Affwl U. LnniM. (life of Chftrtrt K. 
^mRlMr C>q. of WnfniDulh-it- anil Liti- 
Mkt'^uuit u>d dau. of the Ui« Utid 
McboU. rH- ^iKvuRUtfnrd ocit)ie32ai) 

MM IS. In Momlo,;ton<cm<r. Hanrp- 
MnJ-fOMl. «e«d M, G«0<te SiBDpwa, 

JUne-CuipbeU. wife of CspC ChaHe* 
U«af4». of tli« Rorit HoipiuL ClurlMa, 
«bJ dtikortke iMa Thomu Rtil^nev, of 

At BtekbMtli. ■cb4 ^3. Uurictt, wife 
vi Smiawti Pnor. e*q. 

Jtaae II. In Poitotin ii}. Hnnutt- 
BUaiiff'> ibu. cf Clu>tl" G. Wynnr.eiq. 
of A < ^bi^turr- 

I inf alr-tt. iRfd T I, .\iDbrftM 

Be ■ I !■' ■ ■. '"i 

/>...- I Aieit fiS, John Willi*, aq. of 
Chr-r, I ^ [ t:r«Stnrtoa- 

^t. rortnsn-Ki. a^fiA A3, 

llKr<-D-'^i<--<u. tcbctof Jolu) 

•q. H' 

Efq. M7 

Afed 60, ViUian MutUuMa, etq. Ul* 
of Ueme-tuU. 

fiLuxs.— jfiry S;. In \^'inkftGM. Ami, 
youB^ert doa. of t]ie Itte Jcrcmidh Plldwr, 
e»q. of Sotttkwnrk. 

JfdV If). At Rtadiiic. need 18. Jowiu- 
KcmUe, vUnt Ann. of the Uu Jolm 
WTiMlfj, <T«ri. M.n. of Hiiutcr-.!. 

Bl'l-x^. — Uay 23. At ftomEr-hni, ne«r 
IIi|Ii W5«im)>e, acedia. SaMUift-JciBiiaft, 
rclirt of John llidcB, Eaq. 

CAUBklDOKItlinil. — MorfA 3b. At 

Wlmpulc, Cambridgeahirv, afied -IS.FrtO- 
cit IIbti, etq. CoiDowiidcr R.N. He ob- 
tained hit flnt eoonUtlon on llie 2l>th 
Jno. liilS. iukI aubwDiueBtly aerred no- 
der the flac of I,04-d Colville, in the Seial- 
raml* frisAte, at Cork. He waa made a 
Coi&maadcr on tbc ?Cilt Notember, 1830. 
Mia fnnenl took fAvt at Wimpnle cburch 
on the ^lii of Marcli. Tba nioaniera 
were tbe E«tl of Uardwicbe, tbs Hon. and 
RcT. Henry Yorke. r'ajit. Purchu, R.X. 
Major U'hitroicbe, R.M. John Beadjrabt, 
esq. I.Wut. Woudmffc, R.N. Rev. Hr. 
Pi(i:otI, tbe Re*. Mr. Coulclter. Rev. St 
J. W. Lucas, and a numemiu train of 

May l\. Mr. and Mn, PhbwM, att 
anaent muple of Redmoor Pnk. tn tbc file 
or Etf. one ii;ed 107 and liu other 105, 
71i«} died witliin a few bonr« ofcacb Dtbor, 
ind have te^ cue dan, «fao tired wttti 
tlien, ikmd Bl, 

Jiuif It. At Cliolerton. l»uien>Amer, 
second ilaUKhtfr of WUiiam-.\(ltinMa and 
Elisalwtb Warwick. She waa bom Feb. 

CKKKiiiai:.— i/ay IS. And '9, AllOB, 
wife of Jobu ^(a1«u, e«q.ofGn]>peii UidI, 
aad formertj- of Maacbuier. 

June a. \t Km Hrifblon, ofsd if, 
L'aatrl WUIikni Clay, e»q. 

CoBNWALi.— .Wa>27, Ag<d41,Sarab, 
wife of the Rev. W. W. HarTfy. Rector 
of Truro. 

DtTOx.— iWoy 29. At Kin«*» Teipi. 
tpu, ikjed 23. Jama-Dttdley. ^onngfat aon 
if WUliBBi Hnnter, uq. of L'[)jMr HoUo< 

ifny ID- At Plynoiitli. B|red SO, De- 
bonk, wiJoM- of John Han«Kk, oq. of 
Her Jtatctfty'g dock-yard at OcTOoport. 

LaMg. Al Nenporl. near Uaraataflfl, 
John Day, taq. 

At l.j>rentAr, oMr Tolan, Jeaai*. 
Louitt, wiC; of John 'fj-mll, «»q. bniril. 
ler, and yoitii;^ii die. of Rd. MoadcKloff 
esq. of Pyrtand-kiUI, Sonieriet. 

At PlyaMutb, Judith-Aone. dau. of tbt 
late P. Le Ferre. esq. of SoDtliawpton. 

Jm«3. At FlyoMMlfa. a^tsl 54. Jofaa 
Guille, «q. boiUf of tlte libad ftfCvsrs* 



Aw 4. At PIfmMth. ic«d 74, BobBR 
PorlcM-iMt, esc), nf tbat lown. 

^imr 7. At Tvi^nTunutli, aKnl Mt OU- 
bfrt Mttrhftll, t%t\. Ho vu * nilln of 
Teifnmoalh, and Tor uan Ihu hklf ■ 
Mninrr wu acli«rly vpiplofMl >n(Hit, 
vid for m*Tif j*»n in cunouiid La Ibc 

At Stuke CoLUj[e, nev Exrtor, AmMt, 
liUowof LI«ut.-Oeu. Sir Uenrjr Menlu 
ili|biD Tktuout, of SfMldin^toA, York- 
•hfrc. Birt. ut<l tUii. of tbe lit« WIIIUib 
Tavoaour, eH|. uf Dublin. Sbc «u mar- 
rtt<l )■ 1807, mil IcftawlJoiT In 1U8, 
lUTitis bad Mine tbe prcfont Sir HaitiT 
MeiTjs Vnraaour, Ilut. and M««nl 

/me 8. Ac Rut Wonforil, lleavitref, 
iHbtlia. vifaof Jiwepb Wm. Cimbbceaq. 

Jm«9. At VttljtfM, Milium ToBiicr, 
•aq. Ulr afljuckcritlr^, Wilu, aDdurSwaB 
fUnr. We>t«nt AnatralJa. 

DnttavT.—Maf H. At BeoadnUer, 
Xniilr, relirt r.f Cot. Sir Robwt 8l*«la, 
Km- ind K.C.S. Diiny jrtana magiatraU 
Bd D<piit|r Lieat«Mnt ^ Donet. She U 
flMeeeikd in ber estate hj bcr twi> daafh* 
tva, tbo rlile^t of vhoni baa jvit atWoed 
bcr majnrU;. 

May IS. At Wewnwutb, Uura. wifr 
of JaiDFS M't'oonnl (Iumh;, eai). 

lAat* 8. At I)riJ|iurt, Calbarba, vrtfa 
«l JaiMoa Tan|iler. Mi). 

DtTRIIAH.— Way 1&. Afti M, JobD 
Qtiaib, UH). nf Dutbam. 

tttKX.—May^. At West Hud Abbey, 
l|ed 37, Mary, wife of John Bakta', m^. 

OLOPCRariN.— ifay l.t. At CURon, 
Eli>ab«tb. rrlici of Manbnl Ueniirtt, aaq. 
bM of Apslc; llvow, I*tc of Wifht. 

Mir 17. At CtielteDham. a^cd 97, 
Ufill. Grcrgc llofldMr Stcrefii, late of 
tba Maiinu Annj, ibird aon of Capl. 
Sterem. of Hrtv^im. 

At Chetfnhain, apd SS, Atbini-Pilt, 
CUr»l (tan. 1 nod in Iwu days iirteiitBtds, 
iltji 19lb, at Inrqiuy, r%«*<l W, V.mtij. 
vile of Cliarlca Najlef. eaq., M.l>., third 
iUL of tba bte Rev. Jofan Ncale, Vicar 
of SbTcrtMi and Brilibmctiif). 

ifay 31. At C«in|»kji, agrd U. Mr. 
Smwl Hiron, for mure tlian half » 
ctntury a madleal prartliloncr in thai 

Jfcy 22. Pnn«i-Ai&, eldeat da«. of 
tbe lUrv. HegiMld Wj-naiatt, of GuUiag 

Jfay ^1. And If), Sank-Jane. pUteit 
dan of A. H. Jenklni, n»q. Mttdtor. of 

tfeg U. At PalrfonI, ag^ 78, JaiM, 
nlict of C. CniucK, rM{. 

Ar^TT. Aiairb>t>.a(Ml79,I>orolk|, 
lfllet«f Edward Gahriel, r-M). 

J^«f«(^. At Cbrttrubun, ajjcd l7,AleUB> 

drr, eUeat aon af Ll(nt.<Co). GrabUB. 
CD., Ilexcxl Art. 

At ChuhiLl, GloaecstiT, Caroline, re- 
lict nf M4]i>r'G«a. Lefft. 

At SouO. CcTBrt, aftd 18. Mr*. Wood, 
rellcl of Edmund woo<l, aaq. of Sid* 

June 3. At nifton. Mary- Ann, wtfc rf 
William Watkon. eiq. of BrUtul. 

/uaeT. Ailed \t. AnnabelUiVOoagaat 
dan. of Col. DrammDDd, of the Boyoe. 

Jntu IS. At llanbam ball. axM M, 
Mary, wire of Samuri Whilt«ck, ex). 

Hanti.— .WurfA W. At SovthamiAni, 
■rbitliiT he liad gnne on official baMoeaa, 
tigfi 'A, Jnbii lUilfortl. t»n. priitrtpal 
oAcerof Her Majaty'n Caatonw, Ouem* 

JAivA ffi. At Sonthanipwn. Sophla- 
Huna, relict of Li«uL Joan Aleiander 
Doaflas, K.N. 

Ajtrit I. In Ouay-ntrwt, Newport, 
I.W., Dr. Blaln, brotber-in-law of Dr. 
Warell, agwl 74. 

Ai^ni i. At WindHittrr, aged U. N, 
Amaii, eaq (or nany ytan CrofaMtf of 
l^uiguaKMi at the callcge. 

Aprils. Al[townhaaM,ag<<d84,OllT«r 
Colt, eaq. He held aertr^l rcrjr ret|>i>u*l< 
ble eiliutioDs In tbe Preside ncy of Madraa. 
and MTTed In the ctmpaisn luubt l^rd 
Coniwallh at Paymuler-O'tienil of the 
Britlab and Company'a foreea in ladia. 

Ayril 10. Al llaaUr lloipitaU Mary, 
wife of Dr. Richardaon, Of that »!•• 

Jfrty 3, At Sovtbtnptoa. »goi ffT, 
Prederie SamiuJ Ferria. aso. llfth to* of 
tlw Re*. Thocoaa Forria, of D&llinglon. 

Way 18. Al f:hit«orth Lodn. near 
Soatbampton, ^ad 62, Amelia, widoir of 
tl9 Ron. Richard Ovorga Quin, aod attlet 
of Sir Joba Wyldborc Smith. Bart, .^ba 
irai thr younger (lauxhtcr of Sir Jotin 
Snotth. Hip fini Barl., P.B.S. aod F.S.A. 
by Ettxahttb, dau. and h'ir of Robert 
Curtti, of WiUtborpa, CO. Liucolii, eaq- 1 
waa luairitd iu 1813, and tett a widow Lb 

May 21. At Clinf rio«r«R«, ag«d 71. 
SiuatiDa.lUiewten, vife of thr R«t. Wtl- 
liam J. n. Pbiirip*. Vkar of Kllni attd 
Rector of Millbrook. 

ifay 2.1. At .Soiithiunpton. Bfcd 87, 
Mary, the Dowager Lady TbomM. iHdow 
of Sir Jobn Thon», fonnedr o( Wcntoe 
Caitle. Gkfflorgwuhin. who died at 
HamplMt Co»t, Dec. I.S. IK2il. Sba •»« 
the tut inrrivor of the Parkers, of Uaa- 
field Cowl. 01o«B«tUnlnre. 

Jfay 20. At Mahopi WakhaPD, the 
vife of tbe Re*. William Brock. 

Af^y 31 . Aged 7I>. ■( Hill, oear South* 
anptoD, EliMbctb, relict of Jamei Btatcb. 




tM^ tlakof WmterboHme Dtaattmf, Witt. 

tmUlf. At Kr« Alncford, Mo*m 
Cmd|Kdd, esq, 

Al Soattwoi. •■«d 39, V*pt. Cti*rlr< 
U«ai7 PagFt. R.N. ddnt wn of ibc late 
VIc»-Ada. ibc Hon. Sir ChulM Pwt. 
6.CJI.. bf eiiabetb Aramiota. 'id dau. 
kBd cobtir of the Ut# llmrr Monde. «aq. 
«f Vnoanth, br Lndy Eltubnii Gun. 
He wmi twitt Bunied, Ifni to U(m AnnaU. 
nd mMMUj to Miai M'Clintock, and bj 
ttalatta-haafefktwoaoiit. Ho attuned 
Uamkcf CoBmanikr Oct. S8. 1829. 

At SeathMft. ifed :i6, Jm. Mcdor, em. 

/■Ml. AI Newtown Grovf, nnr Ly- 
■i>l*"*> ■C*^ VS< Eiit«nia. wliloir of 
Hmtt CkioMler novden, <m). foniMtriy 
if d« Bc«^ Ciril Senrioc. 

/«r $. At Portcnnouth, ^«1 2P. 
im^m Kkumin, ntt of the ht« Jamcc 
Scum, ■ Brookhcaih, ivnr Kdi^ling- 
bridgv. He died in rotuniueucc uf a 
MOoad raniTpd on Uu- 31ii of May. 
in a dwi «idi Ucitt. Hawkejr of ihr. 
ttajti Mttian, aitil Ibc cMuwr'* in<|tira( 
ka* Mtttrmed a nrdirl of wilAil ntur. 
^r. Mr, Setg*** fiulvr wm comnuuid- 
■Bt of t^ hnta in one of tk« Wot Indi^ 
tll w ii, Mr. SrtaivnuedDcaledat !Uiiu 
barj, vadar Um can of Dr, Rticliff, asd 
MotariBC Ike iraijr Joiiiad tfa^ 11th 
Hmmh, la which Rginent hi; recnainnl a 
Ito MOfitln and then mIi) oat. Ilr niRrTml 
a >&• Vaketfcid, ii«t«r tu Mr. \Vik«fleld. 
a ■o W ri Wr ■! GoipDrt. Mr. S«un irai n 
llMlHwa of |Md fortuneh which nouUI 
have ben cDoaidrntih incmard had b« 
MrTi*ed kb KotWr. who » wwtW lo 
A* Ke«. Mr. Wilier. He hail onljr ooe 
AlU. aa* in it* foarth jrcar. 

JwM 4. At Rtile, Emily Moiia, rclli-t 
•rtiw Ha*. R. U«fi. bt« Eecior of £i. 
DUutaa'a in the Wat. Lfiadon, and o( 
VMfcani. Samtz. 

Anw 8. At die Baak, Lymioslon. ag«d 
U, Jaar. wife of Joha Talbot tbadcll, 


Aa*1l. At Vcntoot, lale of Wigbi, 
agad ^, Jmrpb Fainaaa. aecond nn of 
iaka Dobede, caq. of Sohan place. t:Am- 

Hcara — Vay 38. ArH :3. Em'Wm'I 
ttaraan, lu. af Tknbaldt. Herta. 

Jwui. Mir7.Kk>Bor,«L/eofTI>oaiM 
Pan*. eH|. Grrrnwood. 

Jane G. At Fan^au Hill, oaar Ware. 
a(«d M. Btid(M, widow of Pliilip Adanu, 
*•%. af Ware, fonaeriy of M'sltrm. 

i^mMif. Apd 21. Lnrj Moore, nlcre 
aflteathr Sprsrtr.nq. banL^r, Lcilbhry. 

Ku«T.— 3^. ; . At WfancnnR. Ktat, 
wed 74. Jefrcy Baron di^ Kai^vr*. 
liU. lUar^doiiral of ihi> Tted. He en 
tend Ike Bridik Navy in April \',U j 
okttiMdpott nnk, April 39. 1802, and 

Gnn.Mao. Vol.. .\X1V 

ibal of Rear-Admiral Jan. 10, 1037. He 
narrieil a daa^htrr irf the R*"'- Peter 
ilawkint, Rertor of Wooddic^lcr and of 
Hampoett, ni. Glouc. 

Murth Itf. At Lewiaharo, a«cd 35, 
CapL CeOTfc Bnuiswkk Saijth, late SOth 

Aftil 9. At Ranugate. aged G!), ^Sn. 
Becfgr. widow of Ueitt<Giacn1 Beerw. 
RotbI Artillery. 

ifaii i'j. AC Oatcfi>hiIl, CaDt«rbvry. 
a^ 11, VlUiam Charlea, third aOD of 
(he RcT. Henry PteldiDf . 

J/ajr IB. At Tnnbndjo Weill, Caro- 
liaa-ltrn>iella, aecond inrTiring dau. of 
Riokard Dawkbta, ewi. 

May il. At MUton-OQ-Tliauiee, agad 
5T. Mit) Charlotte Bradler, alatcrof Iba 
blc NicboUa Pheneaa Bradlry, nirseon of 
the Royal Art. 

Nty V8. AtTunbridgeWclU. Matilda, 
rldeft ilaa. of (lie late Thomaa Cole, Et^. 
of Kilkanny, and aM«« of the late Sir Wm. 
Cockbani. Bart, of Cockburn. 

UMg. At Rochetier, a^ IS, Sank- 
Ann, dau. of M'. Sawyrra, e»«i. Collector 

of CuMOfBI, 

Ac Lm, T. Poaiana. eiq. romtcrty of 
Tewkohnnr, father of CapL PosUwa. 
E. !.€.*» Ser»iee (amhpr of " Weatero 
IndU") and of Mn. Alfred Shaw, the po- 
pular *ocaltit. 

At Kingadowa, near Walmer, aged fii, 
rharlotte Sophia, wWo of Lieut. Wm. 
Boys. R.N. 

>Mie 2. Al Kliddlc Priory, Tunbr{d|:« 
Weill, agad %^, Andrew LooshtuMu <aq. 

J«nt 8. At the raidene« of her fttnier. 
ttCtd 2-1. Pnuuc* Caroline, wife of Tboma* 
Cooper, riq. of Stone Caftle. 

Jmt 9. At the Royal Hoqucal. Wool- 
wich, ^|«d 26. Vn. Robert Surrtdgv, esq. 
Mate of her Muem'i lUp Hecaie, oaly 
■on of Iba Rev. llwaiM Sanidge, LL.D., 
Pelued Hoaae. Bm»i. 

At TuBbridga Town, aced 79, JoM]»b 
Creaay, cm). 

Jmw 10. Ac Boxley, ucar MaidUMie. 
Janm, eldeit ton of Lietil.*CaL Beat. 

L.vsCASTEH.— tM«y24. At Liverpool. 
nf,tA SI, Georsr Edmund Smith, B.A. of 
St. PeU-r'a t'oU-nte. Cambridge, yoUBfCtf 
wm of the late Wm. Smith, grat. (onMrly 
of tittle Uowden, Nor1fc»a|itOBtUrc. 

.Way 2i. At Liverpool, aged 69, Gearye 
Brooke, eai). of Haagbtoa-baU.Shropahire- 
Af'tySf). AiAlghirth. Bear Ltraipoal. 
(thr rrtidincr of bu brother. AmoU Har- 
riwn, ean.) Robert Harriaon, eaq. loi- 
merly of Keppe)-it. RuKeU-M). 

June 8. At New Brighton, near Liver- 
pool, aged S2. Catlei Williato Clay, eiq. 
cidot Ma of tbo Rer. Beojamin CUy, 
rector of Eaat W'ortingUiB. 

LlieccTKK. — Afvy 13 At Htmbcf. 





•tooe, agti 79. Wniia Lkuklll. nq. of 
Trntnoath Ladxn. NgithuiBbnUiUL Hi 
«u « Uspat;r-^ot< nf Uie btur do. Bad 
sftrtnl thi! office of lligh EtuMiffln I80B: 
fto<l, (luHu^ the UlP vJ>r, hi- raitci) •ml 
■mbcidled Um Tyiicinoatb uid Nurlb 
Saiieldi Reg. ofVoliinlorr Inf. 

Jtf«yM. Aited IS, Eilirmrd, Uiird boh 
tb R«*. Tboiau Brntkr Pi^. Vicu of 
EvinHon, near LriCMter. 

Jmm 1, AC Loui^hanwgti, in hat 6Bth 
mr, Um Ri^ Uoii. Marv-Ann dowafer 
udjp AnuMkU. She «u t« mI; dao. of 
tb« 4r«t ManjtMw of Kunktaskun, umI 
tiiCerlotheUtcOiikeaiulii) LiwdNaicat. 
Ilrr tudyihjp miiniKl tlw Ut» Lord Anm- 
dell uf Wardour. in 1811 ; and be died in 
1631. vilbautMMc. 

Jmnti 10. At CoMbstofi. aged 73, 
Ricbanl Buler, Hq, rurmcrly of Wi». 
bmdi. CuabrMpafc. 

MiDOLMtx.— JVmr M. Af SliarWood, 
near SUui«a,i^ad W.ThofBia WhJlalcy |Ctq. 
1bi« or tli« Bank of EncbnJ. 

Jtme 2. At EiifteM, a(ed 4>*, AmdU- 
rrudmce, wibofCharIa* D. Bu«rra, «■(). 
of Cantwn-it. and reliiA gf Robert Abbott, 
M. or Soatb Umbelb. 

Jmat 4. At Brlnoitt, near Uibhdge, 

JuifU. At IMlinadon. atedes. Uu- 
rtec wifti nf RlrJiud llcjntnf. aaq. 

^ww 15. A|«d 68, P. Mnlltu, (W). of 
Omr Houac, Actoq. 

NoEPOLK.— >/ay 9. Al tbt nudNVO 
ef Joba MIddleton, nq. Holkhtni, aj^d 
19, UBfTirrt, tbiiddau. of Mr. Page, of 
StifTkrv Hall, in ih>» conntf. 

Mtiisi. Atyamwvtlt.aivd TA.Capt. 
Jobs TtipDU, late of 3d Ccyl«t Rcft. 

A>>« 13. At MUUM-Iiold HuUW, MAT 

Nori>icb, iiEvd 35, Mtrta, jrouocnt dau. of 
Mijor-Gn. Sir Rabert Hirrc^. 

NoftrBaMrroff.— 9/<ty .3. At TboriM 
Mandvfille, in bev tlOlb ycaT, Jane>Ilerb|', 
nli«t of Jame* LtLib. ciq. and dau. of tfa« 
tale Rn . J oba Marcy, Rflctor of 

Jlf«|rS7. At PKerborovf b, at tlioboHM 
of Ui MM. Uk Re«. A. Good, aced 60, 
Mr. Peter Good. ' 

NoKTHUMViNi-AHn. — FlrA. IS. AtLe*' 
niiVWn Spa at an advancod afv, Qra, 
Maltheir Shariw, of Hodduu CmUc, ro. 
Nortbnnberiand. Thi* oftrer wai ap- 
potntcd Ma}cM In tbe 2111b Dioxoooa lite 
STth Feb. tT9t>; Lieut-Colonel b the 
Amy. Mb .\a^. 1 71KI ; Colonel ih tbe Army 
XStbUct. 1H(I9; M*j.-(;ramt tbnIM Jan. 
1B17: L>eiit.-C«ticnilll«:2;ibMar. Iti»! 
rad Gi'scrml tbe i3rd Nov. leil. lie 
reaMiued for maiijr jvu% on the lulf-pay 
of ilie ^th Dragoon*. He rtiarrivd Jaae. 
yovnarr dau. of the btc Godfrey Hicfin, 
AM. F.ii.A. of Skilto* Gr«l)g^ Yorkib. 

M«r i^< At NewcaaUe.npoj]-Triw, 

MarU, tblrddan. ofiW UtoCapt. DvtiOB, 
R.P. of UtIuo Grove, Durbain. 

MnV '"• At NrwMatk. CoL ArcbU 
bald Montgoiwrj Maittclt, K.ll. Lwut.* 
<Jal. oonmoMlIng the 3Sib Krgt, He wai 
■ppuintad 2d Unit, ta Ibe Rojal Artjll«f7 
IHOl. I^Pul.orJnrmiirjr 1803, Caiit 180S, 
Brcirt-Mqjiir I't':^^, RrBuaeDtal Major 
1»M. aad Lieut.-Cul, le^S. 

Mtfiif. At Moqietb.aMdHB.Suuri, 
rcliet of tba lat« Aodrev Uv»^banka, Mq. 
Depot; Cflmaniwary Onwral, tad laetfaer 
of Mrt. LavMB. of Loaf bint. 

Norn. — LaM]/. At Noltmgliara, agol 
B2, Mr*. Fraocn Ruvan. In addition to 
Daneroat boqavfta to h«r frlmda, alio bM 
left to tbe followimobtritiai. Tbe Qaaml 
Hospital NottL SOW. i the Lonatic A^ 
lum. 204!/. : IbeGaoeral Diapcnaavr. MW. { 
tba Uhie Coat Scbool, VMI. ; ilia National 
Sabool, 3i)Qi.i ilu> Vicar aad Cbweb- 
wardrna af St. Mary'* to buf eoala with 
tbeinti:reit,70(U. ; tbe Redoraud Churrb- 
Mvdraa of St. Peter, SOU/. ■. the Ri^lor 
and Chur<!fairardcn> of St. Nu^U*. &00/. ; 
titc Miniater and Cburchwofdrn* of U«< 
thotpe. Nolle, (btr piaoe of iuteraMal), 
VDU/.t total. 2.W0I. 

Oxroao.— Af^ M. Al Watlingtn. 
AugiuU. r*lic4 of Beivanua Koeoe, «aq. 
Jan. of SvjBcambe. 

tlav Zt>- At Oxford, Pred«ric J. KM. 
rf Proibroke oi^lrite, end of Clayfleld 
Lodge, SoathanptoB. 

liltlf. At tbe Clamidaa Printing- 
ofler, Oxtari, ><ed Tl. Mr. jobn Araelt, 
«rbo. fur U{i>anli of !>0 jfxr*. «U in tba 
rmplor of ilic lIptcgatM of lb# Prtaa. tai 
during llie grraicr part of tbe liina «at 
otcmoer of the Bible d<>partmeD( in tbe 
Uiuceriily PnIltill|[•(^fllce. A> > mark of 
reaprai, hia reoikiii* were r<;Uow«d to ttkC 
grmre bf upwards of 30 prinifra. 

S*LOV. —I^UIy. M Kmlfn IjOVttl 

Lodge, ag«d I?, UnorjB TowBMad Porea- 
ler, eaq. forsicrlT RMordcr of Wcnleck, 
brotlieroftbe! late Lord Pomter and of Hm 
late Dr. Pareater, Prabeodary of Wor> 
ceelcr eatbedral. 

By aeeideatal dravmiw, at Madcley 
Park, near Ladlov, Jobn DownM. eaq. 

SoMiaarr— JVoj' 9. At Wetla, aged 
74, Jobn Lax, eaq. on* of tlM magiatmca 
for tlie borough, and brolber of th« late 
ItoWft I,*!, nq. of Park -at. Britfol. 

JU<iy lb. At B«lb, axod M, Mar;, wM 
of tbe Rat. Bdward MangiB. 

Mty IB. Emilr-Qcorgtana, ;oanf;<Bt 
dalt. of C. Norl Weimar, esq. of Normi 
Mauor. Taonton. 

laUl}/. Al Creerb St. Micbatl. near 
Tannloa,agad IWi, Rliulietli S;denbau. 

Jlf«r 20. At Bath, aged TO, Maria 
W'aplc, aldeel dao. of tba late Joaepk 
Burnett, caq. 

Jll«v i7. At U* r&1lx^iIflKw'■, Dad 




dhp, BCir DumUt, iMd 49. Capt. Wm. 
E«o>te, of Sberboroe. Taut of Brlctol. 

At We«toi>-*uper- Mue. Mn. Lo«eU> 
wife of Jmmcv Lmll, Mq. of CUftm. 

Jfay 28. At tbo Batki, Ca^liWaar, 
wyer. fm|. M D. 

AjTMl 71. BliMbetb Wo]1m, onlf >lit«r 
of th« Ute Jouph Wolki, w]. of Wed* 


At Vr'oodUnili, near Wringtoo. Lioat. 
Chrntopher Smith. R.N. 

3fay3D, At Matz-rton, tKArCrovkenie, 
Aged t)3. Majumiliii, wiiluw of JoLn Hal- 

hteif AS, WfDism. eldcrt Km irf Oc 
Itte Mr. ThiMnu Salraf Mrjilfr, and one 
of the proprielocB of thr BalA Herald, 

Lctrlf. At Tout llill'hauwi, WinoiD- 
Um, at an adranccd axe, Charlotte MariJi, 
widoir of Col. John fen^Uk. E.l.C.S. 

At Tacintan, Kgei TT. AaieliK, widow of 
CliiU' Dtnrniitg. nq. itf f [JEh Wfiy>iiib«. 

At Bath, aged W, Wm. RajnnoiKl. nq. 
forai-rlr cf 13th Rn. of Light Dt^. 

At Bath, a|tsl 13, BlUa Mafy. «td«flt 
dioch. of Mijor Rflbcrt ElUi, lato of 
ISth rrgt. foot. 

At Tintiton, wed 10, RnnSemia, 
fSiapst dauih. of U>e lal« Ca]i1. K. Boi- 
««11. R.N. of LcTra. FifaAh. 

/■v I. At Veils, aged 61, Heiu? 
ffiArd, cai]. 

/mm 8. Al Bath, afod W, LiraL-Col- 
Otorie Hatihall, of (he Rojral Mariap^. 

Srarroao. — LaMp. SepCimui Badger, 
en. of Dndlpj. 

SvrpoLK.' — >Aiy 3. At Alrfbormgli, 
Mart Ann. onlj' tUagh. of J»hn Wad«, 
CM], late of Qedgrare, and relict of John 
ShuckCofd Wade, eaq. of BcnbaU-bonn, 

Jifdy 16. At Saxmnndliasi, igcd 68, 
Robert Prreioan. «u|. f^r iipwanta of forty 
jmtTt an eminent mi-dical practHioocr in 
tiiat place. 

Uaf 19, At Broxtcd Hansf. ii«ar 
WoodDrii^, aged 88, Matthew Slodart, 

itau 16. At Eat Berglioll, agtd :5, 
Jofcn Nnnn. evq. 

Aged iS, Bciijjmin Cooper, esq. of 
BowVcfc -bouir, BardweLL 

Sciiliir.~.l/ay 1!). At Strtattum 
Coatmon. n^ol 21, Ati^usla. only nr- 
vfTtn« dauih- of lite Utc I'nul MuUett, 
(■q. lite of Gvildford-n. RmmIUm. 

Jf«y 20. At Slrfiduun Elina, Vppw 
foatiat. aged 71, Mr*. Rogen, leliet of 
tvka Bofftn, caq. 

Jfay 2t. At tho tlohnwond, new 
notking, MpA 69, Fr»iK:i« Si-jmoor l*r- 
iwnt. «4|. lite cbalrman of the Boaid of 

Jm* 10. At Martlakc, Mary Amk, 
tecmd daagb. ot Uic lat« R«T. i, S. I1ul< 

hm. VInr of Wookay, and Magiitnte Ibr 

JmM» II. At GotttbDiaE, aged 5S, Mar- 
gaiTt, wife of Samnel White Wliite, caq . 
of CbarltoD Marshall. Dorae*. 

Sc»!i«x.— Jl/iiyS. At HiU Landf, Nvt- 
lield, Sarah.Marra, dau. of the UlU JotiB 
Travtoo PiilUr, m<)- 

Voy II. At llford, aged 53, Lmim, 
relict of ilmry llurljr, eaq. 

Mof IT. At Brighton, aged 37, Cap*. 

May 19. At Little Hampton, Licirt. 
Chariea A. Thorndikr. R.N. fifth mo of 
tbe late S. Thomdik*, nq. of Ipawleh. 

JLray22 At CucUtrld, a«ed lA, Ynn- 
ece, reHetof ChariM Wtlliaia 

ifoy S4. At Krtnp Town, Brighton, 
John.RobiiHin, vanngFit inriivtiigian of 
the Rct. Oeorpj Pfoctor. D.D. 

Jf<iy 93. A^ 77. Ellen, wife of John 
Bamn, r«q. Wood llall. MfHiag; and Ott 
/•Mf 1, iced 79, John Hnnira, cai(. hua- 
bend of the ahnre. Thiiy had been iner< 
Tied for i7 jtar*. 

^ay 97. At Eaatboamp, a^d 74, John 
Harrr WUJard. eaq. Lieut. -Cd. of the 
Royal Susaea Militia. Dcputy-Lieat. and 
nwgialratc of ihr county. 

.Vav ^' At BriiE'xon. aged 14, MMan 
Seoit Gmot, only eerrltiai dan. of the 
Ute Rer. JohnaOB Chut, of Kenuh 

JUiry 31. At Rye, ag«<I 79. Edmrd 
Chiittrton, c»t[. He «n* formerly Jnrat 
of the horougfa, and at (he time of hie 
death held t)i« following officra t — llano- 
nrian and Freodi"Cona«iI,Vic«C<niwI fjr 
th« NrthnUoda, S«rj«ant of the Wntera 
DWinon of the Cinqne Porii, Secrtrtary Id 
tbe Shipwrecked Piah«nnen and Hatuen* 
Society, end Agent to Lloy d'e. 

At Worthing, Btlea, wife of Wfllbs 
Harria, eaq. lurgeon, and joaogeat dan. of 
tbe bt« Micbad Morrat, eaq. aurgeon, of 
tbe name place. 

Jaifi. At Nf w Lodgr, Weal Oriostead, 
tgvA 8(i, John Nnilinl. <^. more titan HO 
year* churchwarden in that par1*h. 

JuM C. At tba hOBM of her airter, Lady 
Lloyd, of Landn<, Miai Fanny Cut. dan. 
of the UlQ Rev. C. Carr, of Ealing, Mid- 

JaatJ. At Brighton. Philip HnnJ,en. 
of Noltiog Hill, hurristr-r-at-law, cldeat 
ion of tbe late Philip tlnrd, nq. ol the 
Lod^c, Kenltth Town. He wea called ID 
the bar at Lincolu'a Inn. Nor. fi, I83& 

Jmt U. At Bricblon. Eliia, wiA of 
Dr. W. Beattie. of Hainp«te»d.andlateo( 
Pnrh-sq. Rcgeni'a Park. 

WaawicK.— .V<fjr 8. At BilWIey Hall, 
aged 8-1. Malth«w Millj, e^q. 

May If). At Sniticrfirld ' icsnjte, Mary, 
Kouuii dau. of Ui4 UU IUt. T. Rmm 




Broaifl«Id, Ticu of Naptou hkI Unail- 

AToy 23. Ai BinDiagkin, iged 91, 
Slmrj Capper. ■ monibcr of tht SiH-4rty of 

JVoy 97- A< tlie rt-ridrncc -if her ne- 
pbew. tbc K**. S. Crowthw. of K>iowlr, 
aged 69. Marjr llackclt. dnu. »f llic Utc 
Aoclrpv Hick«t, nq, of Mviull Hall. 

Jl/oy 30. At Birmiacliun. J. GrilHilu, 
AU). of Alvnlon. ncur Stratrord-on-Avon. 

Jim*\. At Baddolnr Clinton. ■^dfi3, 
L«dy Harrirt Abiw P«rren, reticl of Ed- 
wwd FcfTcn, «q. and dan. of Like laU; 
MarqucM TavnittiriiiJ. She wm niurrii'il 
in 1)!13, and left a widow in IR30. 

yHxr 4. At Wajwicki C4Kiliuc. wiiii« 
M the Rev. ThoBuf GrtenaiU Laaghamo. 

WtLTf.—May 10. At the NorUi Wilta 
Bank, CbippeoLuaai, In bia &tli J**t, 
CluriM*SUtor, oot; aon of tlit R«v, 
Chartai JTwnei Qnaittsy. MA. elopbiii 
10 the IMi-I.C. 

JUag 'M. At B«ntli«n, ajcid 63, Samuel 
9«dlrr, eaq. lats of Arte Court, oo. Rlou- 
Milcr, aud of Bmlliam. 

Jm* 12. AjEcd as, MarprK. «ifi' of 
Hm R«<r. H. niiiktwick. Rector of Stmcr- 
ford Ftrra, ui<l JuiUa of the Peiea for 

UM]f. At Halktham, agKl 79, ISdw. 
Diniell, mj. of tbc loner T«iBi>le, burt*- 
tcr-at-law. lite at BcUtol, uti of Martey 
Hall, Herrfordili. of which county lie was 
n mngi«tr*t« for upwartU of SO T(«r*. Hff 
wan cnlW to thn iint Vrh. ', \')n. 

WoKCKSTBH.— Way 19. AlGt¥«tM<U- 
*cm, aged 32, Edward Bsnr, rv{., of 
IilinKtan Hull, Norfolk. Kr wiu (lir 
foiiTUi *on vf the late T. Bam*), *'*'i- vf 
Lynn. ebA brother to the preaent member 
fbr Weateni Norfott. He «a« tlic patron 
hen of every liwUtatioa that bad for it* 
object tlia b«t iatemtt of Ut fellow-men. 
Mr. Uagce wu ■ Msnty ma^«lral«. ami 
■erved iKc offlee of mavor uf Lynu tii 

Lalttv. At VcTCCMor. »gt)i S3. Au- 
gotliit Krc^ler^ck Dobr^ eaq.of Rouocral, 

At Worc**leT, aged C4, E»Cb»r, wife of 
Ricbaxd Etana, eat|. 

At Vonviiirr, a^ G2. Ilobnt PAlb. 
WB. Commander K,N. (retiraJ IB3t). 

YOKS.— Viv M. Ill \tU S^Oth ynr, 
John Armiitflul. tuq. of 8priugliolil 
Mount, near Lm<(U. 

J^ir(y. At York, aRni t:l, Mr. John 
Orton, fortiiertT Judge at York and other 
raeei. the wcll-kaoivn " Alfred lligbflfer" 
of the turf periodirata. 

/•Mr 3. At Maliby, neu- Hotberbani, 
Margwiu, dsu. of the late Col. Ileith- 
ootc, aai aiiler of the bte Rev. Dr. 
^cntbool*, of iliKknc}-. 

V BemrU']!, John Jaekaon, vaq. nir* 
geon. and sn ui3oriDan of that borougb. 

Walk*.— .1/py ij, A((i] 60, Dorothy. 
Pliiliuldpliia. relict of Robci't Hughe), e*^. 
Pla>-jn.l.lang;iiPila Atigleiea. 

May Q\. At Gluhurj, aged TO, Ita- 
belbi, Toongeat da.u. «uil oo-liclrxaa t\f the 
Rev. John HuKbea. of Oloabury Ilouae, 
cv, RMtaor.aud of GlyuQ sd«1 Wigging' 
ton hull eci. Dmbigh md Salop ; iiiii nuiil 
of Mtx. JntUua JoiiM, of (lifton- 

l.tittiif. Aged 97, WilliiLui Jului, ui|. 
of Heiiiire Houie, neat lioha, Pem* 

At tiroin, nnr Biecbfa. Carina rthenah. 
wA Ittt, Mn. PrJu. r*1krt of Mr. Reaa 
Priee, and moilier of the late Mr. J. 
Harrin. prlntrr, Canuartiicn. 

\t ('HTrnBrthen, aged 75, Jane, reliot of 
JcrpRit.ili Price, r»ij. 

Aged 6i. L««ik E^anx, rm, a m«gia- 
Inie foi' the cAonty, and latrl; Miular 
C«nt. in thr. ftoral Carouinhenaliire 

At Fishguard, aged 26, Hvinth, dau. of 
ih* Rfv, Darid Mcjler. 

At Llandilit, lA'm. Kdgar, Infant ton of 
of (ho Re*. Gw). Knock, oif Cayo Vitaz- 
age I all of wboie live ohlldmt baa been 
taken avay in • period of Icaa Ih&n threa 
month* . 

/low 4 At Rbvinnejr Iron Works, tgaA 
86, Ittr. Daniel Ttiomaa. 3,1)00 peraoM 
attended lua funeral. 

Juiu .;. \t nnllywMted, aged 83, 
Cjthcrinc, ri'l!c< uf Kran Morgan, eK|, of 
Hafod. GLimargan. 

ScoTtAM).— d^rif 12. Killed by the 
oirrtiirning of liin rarrlag*, aged 2^ 
Jvteph Stainton, nq. of BlgganhielU* 

April »i. At Bdtiibnrgb, ajfed 74. th« 
ifnn. L«dy Sinclair, roliet of Rjgbt Hon. 
Sir Johit SiocUir, Bnrl, the relebraied 
Bgnculturl»E. She «m Diana, >Uu. of 
Alexander, Itrat Lord Macdunald, naa 
mtrrieil in 1 'ki, and I«fl a widow in 1838, 
haTlng livd iiiuc thn prtacnt tiir Geur|S 
SlnoUlf and B iiiimeront family. 

April 2&. At QhuMrlon Houae, HeIcS| 
wlfr of 9uir Stewart, tea. and youngert 
danghlar of the Iftto Sir John Sinclair bf\ 
the lady ahon notleed. Mrt. Stewart «m 
tti^rrieil iii 1026. 

AjiHtSi. Ai Edinburgh, agad 91, Hi. 
Robert Sym, W. 8. lie waa the oldcil. 
writer to the ligtict in Rdinbutgh, Ifti 
name ap]>cars in Peter W'lHiniD^on'a 
" Edinburgh DietionuT," f»r n7&. M« 
waa nndc to Ptrofenor Wilson, and a con. 
(tant cnntribntor to DUckwooJ'a Magazine 
twi^nty yean agv, under tbo lignature of 
'■ Tlmotbv Tickler." 

April 29. AI Edbbnrgh. Hra. Smythe, 
i«n, of Metbrror tho htniat or one o( 







IHrma'* tvwtnt lyric*. — " BljUiv, bijtbc. 
ml marj wu At," Mn. Sra.Tthe'i 
■iUea Dfeme wmi E>ifibeoiin Mitrraj, of 
Lnlra*e, called m the paetir Ikngiujc of 
tlM coanu? ib« Flooer of Siratlmgrc. 
n» wt on ft viiiit tu ber nbtlte. Sir 
touiuin ATsmr, o( Ocbiertjrc, grand- 
fitter of the pmetil llaronel, vhrrn 
Inn* Bet bcr. OB vneof bi* DortLcrp u- 
mr ii iiM. mhtn be mu the bonoared jntit 
itlWtolilnaftbeDobLliljruiidKcnU-r. Sfce 
■ Mwp * o i«id bin «« one gf ■ tmall fMty 
l» Giratwnt. oa Ibe OchtcrtTre ciibIc, 
%mr Crieff, aai diaraiAl tbe poet aUka by 
ha perMMial accocnpliabniciiti and brr 
lyvfBChT with his adntraiioik it chp 
bMiliiii iif iiMiiii Tbue lug^tted the 
MOg, with arliicji her Mine will erer be 
WMdatvd, which be cngnfted uptNi an old 
4b»f, lit wUdt oalf the two flnt line* of 
tha (feara larvm in tbr mudem »otig. 

JlMl|) & At Lctteifoarir lloime, lUntT- 
•hitc, X^dj Gorlun. rtlicl uf Sir Jhuim 
Gordoti, B>n. dGordoofioun and Lecter- 
fearie. She wsi Marj , tbc ddcit iIau. and 
Mr vf WilHaai Glendonwrn. of Rlr-ndnn. 
wy*. «M. ud wu luarrinf in ISOl. 

Mtr U. At EdiabBreb, b her 3hth 
Mr. a* Hon. Sapbi«>IjOui«a, wife ot 
Cwyt. Alnaadn Grant, oT tbc !(lulru 
Arar. She «u ibc tbini dau. of Haiu 
fate InOrd DnfferiB uid Clancboj'e, bf bU 
•aoond wile EUnbrth, daa. and ca-heinsi 
rfWai. U. Flnla*. ««q. wm ffluripd flnt 
ii 19JI to Uui HauiJicn, c«i. who ditd 
k IR^^ and MModlr in IMT to Cxft. 

At JJannr HoiMe, lii*emi[, itcar Edin> 
bvrb, Lknt.-CoI. Spen*. 

ibrlS. At Edinbu;^, Wm. Meik- 
kn. «B<). of RivRHwood. 

C«f«%. At Dell, paritb vf KUmenr, 

yd 109,DBaeaiiM'Calauia. He rctitncd 
his botlUea to Om lul, and w*« only ill 
Ibr B few lUji — b« wallced v\ milr* >ito«i 
• r««(h auor bat nimiiKr, ud could take 
te (Um ofwhiaky with any joong man of 
ih« pariah. 

/wt I. At TbklDitou. IwbelU, bti 
(BiiviaC dan. of Aleuadrr Seiuci, e>i|. of 
>fai«i«W Aberdcuahire. 

^mtS. AI Orecaork. aged '.1. Alci- 
ai«r IkMUr, etq. of GooU-m. Cnttrhrd- 
friin. ^id GI<HUiestcr*pla«, Greenwich. 

Jtm* e. At AbcTilccii, aged ttH, Jame* 
BadJtt. fai4. of Pvrdrjr. 

^MW 10. At DnnbAr. Janet, wife of 
ChriilMlwr Middleman, raq. of L'ndrr* 
tift, m Jit i ntoiMhif*. 

luDum.— ifcpcAl. tn ber lOtb yoir. 
iW Uoo. Maiiuoe, wife of the Vea. 
Valbrr Btihep Maot, Arctidncon of 
PovB, (ddBt fon of ib« lyoril Ki^op of 
D««a,^ aau ta Uinl Duflcnu and Clan«- 
ion. Sl>e vaa Uta eldeit dangbw of 

./fpnMZ. lu C|ipct fi^c.*t. Dublin, 
ased 83. Bcnjniain Wiliwn, M.D. 

April X'. AI Watfarcaccd 40, Henry 
Siilliinn, ««q M.D. lale of Londoii- 

April IS. Afftf 2*. Qlcn. wife rf 
Robert CulbertMm, <Hq. of DalliMdare, 
Sliga, nnd joooteit dm. of Ibr late Join 
V'hlin, r*«. of Ltvfnder Hill, Surrey. 

jtpril \9. At Corl, at an adraocod 
age, StBMn Cmnt Sanficld. A* hit 
BCsreai male relative, be «iacMdtd in the 
year IIH3 to the itile.aadpartof tbefro> 

Eerty, of Peter Connl Sarriteld, becter 
nown lu General Sanflcld of the Spaalifa 
*rr*ice. He was bom about ibe WH 
timo aa Can. Sarsfteld. Hb bthcr beinf 
unable to npporthln, be enter the Britbli 
army aa n priiate cnldicT, and mrcd m 
*ucli all tbranfh the PenioaiiUr wir. Hc 
Ia«t an arm at the Me^e of Badajox. fbr 
whidi he rveeifed o pension of U. a-day, 
with which, for a period over 30 ycara. he 
mpjiorted himaelf and a bed-riddea >i«tet. 
He iIM ill ftTj modnnie drenmiuocci. 
Gen. Sarafield hani^ Mt Utile behind 
him except hi> ivtml and the lanreU he 
bad won wUb it. 

jiprit $1. Agei 82, Leslie Ogilby. esq, 
of Duogircn, Londonderrr. 

April i?i. At tiir IWal Hofpilal of 
Kdmainbam, SrrgeaDt John Graham, 
formerly hi the light company of the Zsd 
baCtation of Coldatraam Guard*, the in* 
dinrioal tetrc^ted by the Oahe of We|lln(. 
tod a* ■' Uie braveki of ibe brtvo" in the 
dnperate combac at lA'atertoo, iu order to 
profit by the generous otTcr of the Iter. 
Mr. NQTerofa, Rector of PramlinfEban, ta 
eonfer a pnirion, durioK life, upon the 
aohlier mnt dtsttoguiibeU In die hrigiade 
of );tuinbi on that glorioui day. Annr tilt 
most minute tDi)MtrY, carrii^ vu by 9r 
Joho BynK'i dinctioaa, the lanrel WU 
awarded to nn Irlshmun, John Grahtffl, a 
natim uf Clooua. oo. Mouagban. 

April 2i. On tbe Sovtii Moll, Cork. 
•fed lb. Sir AnttMuy Perrier. He wu 
iht- third (OB of Anthouy IVrrier, «q, 
ilMTif of Dublin III 1772. He ■erred tbc 
nffic« of CoBimotis Speaker of Cork in 
t«08, Sheriff in 1B09. in which year be 
wa> knirhted by the Dnlce of Ridunoad. 
Lord'Ueot., and Major In 1821. Ha 
married bi 1800 tbe (MOod dmifhlerol 
George BInck, ctq, cf Lioicriek. 

/.mftljf. In tbe neifbbourbimdtf Fow. 
Mile- Witter, Ireland, Mn. Sweeny, igqd 
12!> yean. She wu bom iu tbe vear 
1716, Ihe teoMid ye*r of George the I^r3t, 
and conaequentl* lived tbrongb the ntign 
of i Bionarcfa*. 

Ah^Q. Al Dnbttn, Henry FalVner. esq. 
of CaalleUiwn. J. P. and D. h. of Carlow. 

JIfcy i. At Tbonudale, near Belfbt, 
Sunucl Bnioe, eiq. 

Afny 1^. AtDnbUn, ijtd b',, EtiMbcth 




CMbariBfl Rom of BkAtiMbflrg. «f C«rri( 
Biho BMlrrror, co. Dovo. raliot of tkt 
Ute Mi^iif.G«n. Robcft Rou, who «m 
kilttd 00 Ote 13th Sept. 1614, wbeo in 
comnoukd of the Dritiaa Xnaj at tha ad- 
noe« oa Baltkaor*. Hii vMoir ud 
diildnn were pemtttcd to Awnmr the 
BWDC of RtMk of BUilraibcrg by rajal 

Jlfdy It. AI Dnbtin, Mu-U-Ltiaiuin. 
fouilb >Uu. of tbc Utc L'ol. Kini;. 

May iO. At EUtligir Villa, Koplib, 
dau. of Sir Clurlu BiuUmi, Bart, of 
Pbll«noii, Carlaw. 

i/ay 21. At KUwortli. on. Cork, ai 
tka ratldrooa of bar aoa-la>law, Hwria. 
taUetof Mr. Jattt Burnbam. IsIl- of ftcarn- 
inc, Norfolk, anil imilhL-r al T. I). Bur. 
<uiD, oai). barriili-r-af-Uw, ol llio liuinr 
Teraplr. nml Norfolk Ci'cvit. 

J/ay 26. Near Tliomutawn, ALbflt 
Bberir, rtt^. of Kilkntnf, oatjr mmi of tbc 
lata Coutuo Euerjr, of tba Killutony Hi- 
Utia. Iju ieuh waa ouiaed by hi* bona 
fBllini Milb libn. 

May 3(1. At PundalV, a^ Tl, U<lf 
Emily, wiikrw of Gvooral Jvtio &lrtto«i. 
She WM iSf lixtb aad vaunceat daujtiitcr 
fl< Robert Itt Bail of Rodeii, Iff I^y 
AiUM Hamillon, oldaal dtogbtar al Janwa 
Earl of ClanbtaatU, anil wua nuirKMl In 


E«*i iNRiKti.— Or. .11, Ltmi. A. P. 
Campbril, Sud Karo|iMa Lixbt Inffntrj, 
lulled in aclioA befora tba fun of Mutw- 

Jaa. 9. At Berhunpore, WiUiebnfiia. 
W. wife of Llaut. W. G. HobcrUoo, 334 
IU«t. N. I. 

Jiait 6. AoeidntaUjr rfimrtml n«or Ban. 
mIoh, Biud(D WilUan Robtirtaoa, 3d 
j|«fO|waii Licbt \ntturj. 

Jm. 9. At Pilamiiottab, Ueat. Ch«rlca 
Bitutjr OEb. 3Ut L. I. 

Jam. 13. At Auran^bail, amd W>, 
M^or CliirlM Pnenait, of Us tfighocH 
Iba Nium'a anay. kftar M ywii' Mrrioa. 

im. IT. At Cakaltt. m4 &9, John 
X>eiit, «aq. ProtUoDal litmSv of Coancil 

At Mavlnietn. o^ed 17t Bir. "numaa 
MarsiTttB, uidilunmaii of Il.M.S. KIol, 
noDfvtt aoa of WiUiaai Uvgitia, aaq. of 

Jan. IH. la Ilia Kua Obtst, CaptaJn 
iam\a(imit9 Tajrntw, Stb Bvft. N. I. 
killed ID Ktioa. 

Jm. 19, At Mtdru. Mlat Tnatu 
Jane Rublmoa Smyth, ^ufblei of ttw 
hte Unit. -Col. N, M. Sniytli, of iIn 
Matlna annjr. 

Jm. 84. At raulshimtcheny, aged 80, 
BoaifD WilUam Gtatt' Cooper, 19th Ma> 
4ra* N. Inf. onl; ion of itt. VndaUk 
Cooper. nUdtoc, Brifhtan, 

Jan, aC. At Ukiau, seed $G, retcr 

Snllh OiloBOr*, «u. mq of M. QOmcn, 
•M. of Stuntbrd Hill. 

At CuoanoK, Ueat. Pnak Barb«r, of 
the 4&tb Madra* N. Inf. rlil«mt aon of 
Henry Barber. «>q. of Peochurvb-it. 

Jm. 28. At Caleulla. a««l 3:t. Ed. 
ward, leoond aoo of tbe Ut« lleory SlMle, 
rt[. of Stoke Perry, Norfolk. 

At Madnu. ngei 35. CuL 8tiiM 
VardoD. Madrti Eng. aecMid aanitikg 
aoB of tke late Sanud Arthur Vardoo, 
oao. of OsfordUrr. Hyde Park. 

Jm.31. A(cd &9. D. Marria, wq. of 

Feb. b. At Banealon, Uadraa, a(wi 
S9, Capl. P.dpanl l1ioaa« UvlsT CHiuB. 
Iwrf. of Ifrih (Klnc'i) Homra ; brerot 
Captain 18.17. in bU rc^tnait 1B39. 

At Bangalun, Urut. C. B. R. Lwnba, 
43rd N. 1. 

Fifi. d. At HaUcra, ^od 35, WillUm 
OrUBtb, eaq. of the Madna Medloal Sor- 
vioa, and late Acting SuperiolriMlNit of tlw 
U. C.'a Botuilc G«f^u at Ctlcnitta. iftv 
hatlDC b««t aateMdenlly enplmd In thft 
•ombfle aiiaaiont aoitl into tbe TciiaaaeriiB 
twofincM, to Asaam, to SuJdlya, and A>t| 
BootSK. Affchanlatan. Kliorawan, tte, Ua 
«at aa active nerober of Mveral acicntiAc 
aocietief in KumiHt, and baa tranimitted 
hone nany Taloablc oomnimlciatlotu oit 
tba ul^ect, Bons of irlilch are publuhad 
ift the TnuMoUoM of the Rml Society. 

Fr«. 18. On board the JilUngfaM Oat, 
near Cnliia, UraU WOtiam Haithod Ro- 
berta, .10th Bengal Mai. laf. aon of CoL 
Roberta, R.A. 

Ftt. ~. Al KutludgbM, ag<<d 1<l. En- 
ngft W. II. EaxtM, Slif Madtaa Nat. Inf. 
eldrit aon of W. B. Eagica, cac). of Tari- 
•tock-pL KnaMll.M), 

Ftb. 14. At Bolgaum, CapU G. HJd- 
dlcMat, 2d Batlalian Art. 

/W. IB. Ir Camp, Bowly, CapL 0. 

M. 20. At Howrab. Calmtlu, Mar. 
nret-CatbanoD, wift of Peter HeUiah 
Staaera, «aq. 

M. A). At Calcutta, aged 41, Robert 
SbeddeD HomiVay. eq. youagoat loa of 
Iba late Sir Jera Honfriy, of LUodaff, 

Eh rouh from Sbniapore to Madraa, 
CapL Cbarlca H. WarreD. 95tb Rqjrt 
Madraa N. I., third un of Jobs Warren, 
aa(|. of Euter, aoHcitor. 

At CoUbn. Capt. William Alnand* 
SibOair. IStlt Prince Mbcn'a Light Inf. 

March 4. Al aea, on bU way lioire, 
aged M. Lieat-Col- Henry Burun, Ben* 
gal Army, of U anil too- ten. St. Johxi'a- 

ifofri 11. At Bclkry, Ueol. Cbarlo* 
Campbell Smilb, of tba Mb Madraa N. 1., 
of tba Civil Service, youigMt aoa of tlw 
lBt« Jebaljmitbt oq> 







Jfin&IS. AtB«iwrM,i«edW,Lirat. 
at A4i. CoUa SobcrtMB LuUos. of the 
tOth B^. of Bndl N. I. 

jr«rdkiy At Meerat. BUa.EaphMiu, 
«iA»«f JJmd. Wn&nick Thornion lUtkmi, 
CM fUfciawnt, and woond dsa. <rf Johu 
H«nilU>n, CHI. 

JTckA 16. Netr Dtmr, M^dru, 
Eada lokn Ed(«r Leslk. 3Sih N- lat. 
•UMtMaof Haioc-GaiL John L«Ue.K.H. 

JAtR* 2a At Cliittoor, Hannah, wtCe 
ot C«pt. U«U,ar Um Madrai PwaUien. 

At lh« baiiM of bi* daugbt^r Mn. 
Bartkct, ta Endj Bn^uin. v(td Si, 
Dtpmtj rmiiiiiiiiiij of OnltwDcc Thoaiat 
Botnuoa, r«<i. 

At CdcvtU, ac«<] 13. Juno L«w, etq. 
iMto of Om bm of McHn. Law, Stirlia^ , 
mad Co. 

JftvvA Xt> At Danmfvln Piclorv, nmr 
fliiTiMiiiiiHi, lHb«Ua-UuUiif«, wilt of 
W. K. Lo(n, eaq. 

>4^rtf J. At CalrulU, asrd ?S. John 
FtaMV, oaq. Dvf9tj Sccrrivj to the Auoni 

jtr*H 17- At SalMD. Madni, Emilia. 
■md dM. of C^U Mortlock, late of ILe 
Hob. Cmm^»Mft Serrke; Md oo th« 
naa ^. mf Darwar, of cholera, LJeut. 
John Vflvtioak. of the :t5tb Oog. N.I. 
MB of dM dwvt Capu Mortlwh. 

J«r« 31. At MmItm. lieiit. V. Now 
hdt BBlr. 6Ui M*dr«« Coialrr. 

A/irH 24. At Hodna, Aluaader lUr- 
nan Jtrordu. Cuim Uadraa lof. only 
■iiliif MB of Lwot.'CoL Jflordao. 

Am* Z. At an, on hit relNm (roiti 
Ib^, is tbe Qveen Em* Indlanan, aged 
3*. dipt. Mcyrlek Jonea. Utc of 3rd L<f ht 
I>ri(ooB*. weood oon of Ute Wiliiam 
Joora, caq. of PirtBcf, and of Woodhall, 

AauA*.— Jkn. . . In Nnr Sooth WalM. 
Mi^for Frederic HoncodcD, fonucilf of 34di 


49; At Ponh, Wntera Aoitntii. 
afod 9, VUUon Habfood, tM. ehli^ 
Km of noouo Uahgood, «a<|. of KingMon- 

JUvcA Sd. At Pnm, ia tho Bruila. by 
Iho ^HWm of ■ oanoo, acedSl, Reginald 
BtMHOB Onham, eaq. of Maitclterter, aoa 
gf ffT|r|w-" Gnlutm, etN|. Ute of EtterbT, 
■Mr Cariata: alu fail wife, Dora-Eonii 

eldett dan, of th« B». Hernr BeUain, 
Kflclor of Bedwonh, near Coventry ; and 
Dora Eiinb, their onlj child, aged ax, 

April 9. At Toronto, J>.inr«, cUrat Mil 
of il;« Ulo June* Wattvo, m<]. W.S. 

AprtI ^i^ . At Gibnltar, aged 19, Lieut. 
Kicl.ard Uaobina, CerlToo, Ho;*! Ait. 
foorlh too of Lieut. -Col. Carlyon, of Tre- 
crafaaa,CorBwall,abdof(>n«nvav, llevoD, 
Uia deadi vaa tbo ruult uf an injurr »a^ 
uiaed whm wgagsd at jilsy iu ■ racket* 

J/oy 4. At llanovrr, the Prioccae 
Maria of Sulnin Hnuofclit, grand-dan. of 
tfa« Uie Qneeo of Uaaaver. 

iftit 12. At LtabOB, accd »3. Uarsaret, 
widow of Fraocia Morrogb. cat}. 

M4ty 13. At New York, aged 3S, 
Alesander Naah, eaq. dde«t ooii of ibe 
lat« Aodrvw John Nub, esq. of CarnbtUt 
and of Hytlc lluii*e, Eilnioittoo. 

Jftfy 15, At Arolteo, Grorgs Helnericb, 
Sorercigo Priocc of Waldeck aod Pry* 

Jfoy 17. AtSaiViae, mar Paria, Adm. 
ViUauniea. the Mnlor Tlev-Adm. of tfaa 
French navj, and a peer of France. 

Uay 2.1. At N>ple«, aged 19, WitHon, 
founge^i too of the bte Aleiaodcr Brico, 
C4q. tit Rmton an. 

XoJr/y. Ai Winteilioch, in OervMnj, 
Mary, wife of JaaliakM Alston, e«q, of 
Odill Castle, Bcdi. nd dau. of the lata 
Gen. Kerr, of NorthainjitMi. 

Aged 83, the Prioceu LouUa Henrietta, 
dau. sf the hte Priace ChnrlM William, of 
Naaaau Unngni, and Mmt of the Dnohaa 
of Cnmbfidge. 

M r. Coleman, the inrentor of Ike wotian 
attacbaunt, oa bii retum from thii coutury 
to Atneriov. 

In Paria, at oa aiUanrod «ge, Mr, 
Latour, tbe once faakiouablo piano-ferts 
conpoaer aad Maebcr : he was piaaln to 
the Prince Rcgmt, afterwaidi Gcotge the 
Fitunfa, Inf manf 7e>r*- 

Mr. ArmtiroBg, Britiib lioe^coairat at 
Caen, of the rapture of a blood-TC**d of 
the heart. 

Jmt $. At Farif, Oinna-L^mii^ 
rounscit dan. of Aleiuider Alacdouid, 
eth). Hjde Park. 


(Including tlie Dlitrici of Wartdsworth and Claphan.) 

/VOM lAe Rehinu itnttd Ay fAe Rrgitlrar Gm*rel, 

Dkatri BsaisTcxEu from Mat tft, to Jcnk 21, IMS, (J week*.) 

Male. SI55»4eoa I Ji";!';'^ |2«> 

A go not tpcetfied 6 f 
■rtbliar tin above p«ood , nsi 


■• d. 

SI 8 


I. 4. 

I B«t». 
'■ ^■ 

37 10 

8u«*» Pockcu.C/. 6«. to?/. Tf.— K«nl Pork* la, U/. IQ*. to llf. -W. 


Hii^ 4t. Qt. to U. 16«— Straw. 1/. I8r. to V. -U.— Clorer, U. I0>. lo Ql. Of. 

SMITHFIELD. JanrlM. Toiinklhv OITaI— pertroni'OlSllia. 

HMdof Calllcnt Mnrkcl. JiinP ll>. 

iiwiU S38.5 CkIvm 133 

Sh«e|>«ni]U(nbK S5.A70 Pifc« 3>0 

Beef .ti. 4<f. to if. 6d. 

.Uutton .3*. fiW. lo ii. fU. 

Vcb! 4*. «rf. rq if. W. 

Pork U. Oil. to &i. Otf. 


WtUaEndr, from Iftf. 6tf. to 17*. ed.pcito(i. Olbtr torts Jroin 13i. (W.loSu.Od 

TALLOW, per cwt.— Town Tallow, -Uf. 0<i. Vrllow Riiuiii.-U*, Urf. 

CANDLES, It.QJ. per dox. Mould*, df , 6d. 


Altbn OAccor WOLFE, BnuTncim, Stock nnd Sharr Htokera. 
23, CbuiKf Alley. CorithlU. 

BlnBin(ltam Cans!, Oi. EllrRierre and Cbnter.filK (jtiuid Junction, 140 

Kenoei mid Avon, 9. LvrAn iinH Liverpool. 6)0. RciKnt'*. Sif 

RoclMUIe.Al. London I» Stock, lirj St. Kstluirln«-i. J 10. Ewi 

and We«L Indift, H2. l^>:iilon and BirmlDRham Railwuy, 230. Oreal 

Wcxern, n5, LpiiJoii aitd Sour)iw<>st<?rn, 19. Urnnd Juni>CM)n Watrt - 

Work*. 00. We»i Middle***, Iif7. (iloU* IiiiuroiR-*, l4!. Guardian 

SOj. Hop*, 1). Cliarier*(l Oi». 69. Imperial G»*. 8B. Phoeri,' 

Oai, 39.— London and Wcstmintter Bank, 27 RricTtionai}- liilrrcit. lOS. 

For Pfirea of all olbr t Shurta. onquire a> abore. 


Avw May aC, 1940. /«• Jna* H. I^LI, ioth iu-iuivr. 

FahrcnkeU-a Theni. 

■s-stfi i 3-5 

Mar * 

S7 i 55 

10' ao 

• |in. nt«. 
47 {29,63 

30, 16 
, 18 



. Falircnhrii'i Tbenn, 


rn. ddy. fair 
fair, do. nin 

do. do. do. 
conatanl in. 
Bne, claiid;r 
fair, ditto 
do. do. 
do. shrs. fair. 
raln,cly. triixl 
fr.dy (ly.tlw. 
heavy vliwra. 
fair, cloudy 
cloudj-, lair 





« Ji: 





,in. pta. 




do. Iixhlnlng 

cly, fine, do. 

. 13 I, nin. fair, rl] 

30. U4 tinu. cloudy 

64 B9. 66 

65 [S3. 33 

cloudy, fair 

do. bvT. abrt. 

raia,i>'y. Ur 


fine, cloudy 

do. do. 

du. do. 

do. do. 

do. bvy. abra. 

rlottdf. fait 

p%c " Daily PHm of S(o«ki" ii viuTDldably omitted Uii* moath, not 1mt!ii| bacn 
receitrd in time for iniblintlian,] 

Lcslvo ^ J . 6. Kicbob and Son, Printera, Si, pwliannit Svwt. 



AUGUST, 1845. 
Bt SYLVANUS urban, Gent. 


Ml90t CdAHaPflSDtNei.— Woodward of Baider'a Mtntoa — The Puttng 

IBen— I^ditf ukloK their Ch*mber— V«Mtiiu'i adufkiuiaaeat of Roouu 
Cmp» 106 
Bp)r*Ui'> Nrr Illu»t«ation« dp mt Life. Srosiit. xyv WMirtNca or 
&Ucaal>«'t Lift a( Ancient Rame — The French critic* of £<^iil> Literature— 
Siriihcei'«Tr*iieli ia YucaUn U9 
Ob tW pR*eal tutc of tbe Rooian Pavetncdti At Biptgr, Sunci. . ....*...... 1S3 

TIm Ori^Ml md the Exitcitis Liwof Chorcb IUt<* 1S4 

LhI^ Mil? Sdmy snd her Whtiagt 199 

n» AMMriiuUof) of Oc«r([« Duke of Buckjncbun. ia l$ii fieitJt a PlattJ .... 137 

Writer* in the Edinbyrgb Rcfie*— Lord 87100 a Ranrt ot IdleoMt^.., 144 

OanidTurorr. M D. sad buopiaioni or bii Contemporaric* IIS 

RrrBO*r«:cTiv« Ukvikw.— Otn Sacrm, by Mildtaay Eail of WmtnonlMMl .. 148 

Sicksfd the TtiirJ. ■ Poem, bf Sbnroa Turner, 133 : Lcc'um on tb« 
l,nlA*«t(M. br 'l^* B'^liBp "f CalcHtta. laS; Klo^'s Memoln nf PiiiiM 
Ch.7 - -. ISfi: Sirs. Brty'i Ptntenaut, I JT ; Pmlrjt Mano-I of 
Gel e*. IS7 ; Wcilr'n QQsrierly Piip«fi on A rrliit«o)flr«, IS9t 
EUcnuii •, Lni'il erf Silemo and odtcr P^mi. 162 ; Hind'i Ontorj, 163; 
SttiBOiub} <b« Rev. 0. Moore. 16-1: MtMelluiMoa Rcrtoir», I6& 


UftiMnrirfof CoBibtidce— Winchwirr CoHrKC. 157; The Bfiiifb Aucviation 

for the Alrtacccacut of Sdcoce, lt>tl; Kojal AghotiUnrai Socteif — Dioaer 

10 John BritUia. Esq. P.S.A 

XRCHrreCTVilE—Architcctur*! Drairiiin at the Royal Acadewj, 172; 

Vortubire Arthlttctiiml Siicisty, 174 i Northanptoa Archilrciural Sodetf 175 
J04TIQUABLVN RESEARCHES.— Society of Aiil!q«ttrie^l7&lArihunlocinl 

AMOCtation US 

HISTORICAL CHRONICLE. — rnrliammUr; Proeeediot», 183 j FortisB 

ICtWk. in ; DctDCStic OccDrreccea ....« • •.. \i$ 

pMootioai and PrefentHDi*, Ml; Births lod Marrla^u Itt 

OBITL'ARY ; wilb Mctaoiri of Sir H. 3. Ti«hbocni.-. Bart. ; Sir Gcorp: H. W. 

hB««n<nn<]i. Haft. ; Arfm. Sit Pbltto C. C. H. Durham : Vlee-Adm. ^r 3. 
C. While: Maior.Gcn. Sir T. VsliiiDt ; Major-Gtn. Sir T. CorMrllia; 
CraFral Brotn* ri«ytoni Mijor-Gcn. OiploM'; Mijor-Ocn. Pjr tn ; C'oL 
Joko To«nwi>d i Col. Shclion : Cepi. J. R. Scott t Sir W. W. FoIIett ; 
CotoncI Strutt ; JtiDes llallour. Eiq. -, R. B. Cooper, Esq. ; John MnrfthBlli 
Km. I Jocrpb ^t^: Eh(. M.P. :TlH>ma*MiUbcll, Em^. M.A.j B««. John 
GrahMBiMr. WUiiani Uay: Mr. UuUSchwibe 191— X05 
smaT DLctASKn Mi 

DsArn*. arraasetl in Coinitita ■■ SOI 

tig^UxvOrovi'* Returoi of Morttlitj in the MetiopoUi— Matketa — Prfcn 

dTShUTt. 2i:i| Meteorological Diary— Stochi S16 

SaMUahed «illl ■ Portrait MfGEOnnc Vii.ucKt, DtrKr or Bt;cKiNSH*M, whrn 
:de*d: K Portrait of John Fxlth:* bti Auania; a Vi«w of the Hoan it 
iMoi-m. the BODivc of the AanMiCHition ; and ■ Rcprcwatatioo of a Da(pr, 
I nypofcd luflniOlfOt. 



ViKAZ hu reccntlf in hi* tnrek 
tfcflta|ti Winrickihirp Tuiled BnlWi 
(OT Botcler'i) Muiiob, U that tvmtf. 
Tb< uw^ent nunor j>Ue» of ttao hmOj of 
Wiwdwird, In that vill*^e, U nnulv ft 
rutnow {tile. UadentatiiUng tbst it bMS 
for loiDc rcnturin been the Mtat« of tlut 
ftocient fttaUy, whicti it mii to lia extinct, 
*V oom«pattd«nl ira«ld be «bl)fed bf 
U ■reonnt of thmt hjnllY, Mr of wbon, 
Dr. Woodmnl, tn 1T7T Rranda) a lectan- 
tk)p OD Geolofj a Cambrid^, af wbiolt 
Praftuor Sedsirich it tbe preaent kctiuvr. 

P. wcutd be g<>d la be infunned wbm 
iBe i^iutoio of luElinv ilie pnMing bpU pr«- 
t4o«u/)r lu ihr death of any one cnied 
|«iirrall]r .' 

Mri, B. of St. Aiban'absi rtrfUnAlj 
poinled out a nuieb fuller aeconst than 
caa ba found climbarc of tb« cercuony 
of " Udic* takini tbrti rtianibrr," iii the 
4tb volnms nf Miia Slrickltnil'v Qncmi 
of Eoglaad, \a tbv cue of Elbt&betb of 
York, ([oefii of Henfj ibt Stwtnlb. On 
Ibia >ubjcct *c«0GOl.Mgi. for Jul} I>il4, 
pp. «3. «7. 

E. F. baa Id hJa poaandoR a amall bnaa 
croai, on one lide of irbich b ■ rq>r«. 
BCKtation oT th« cntdAml Bnriovr, around 
faU b««t nj* of ii\vTj, abvre whicb art) 
tba utual iMtm inki. Od the otbtr Ktde 
il t)i« filnaed Vif^ln, the handa croaaed 
OD hri bitwt, anniml bar head in itan. 
kbovc which are the letttfn via ' luu. 
Ob th« arua of the *:ntt, Ibe daah inli- 
natiiijt where the flgure U, are vitaw 
>iiK*TA, ttikd«r ih« fwt iviL-HA. The 
Tin ■ iMH ba mp^Mara to mean Vtrfo !»• 
■iMolaU. If an) of our cormpcnKlntta 
Mill bvovt hbn wiili Iho ai|rnUlcatioo nf 
tbe othan W will be much oMl|«d. 

J. P. rcnarin, " In thr AddiUona and 
EoaeadatioM t» Foabrokt'a KncjrclopKdia 
of Aotkraltiaa, p. 1»2&, (oriflnal ediiion.) 
il iba foDowing obaervationt P. &«0. 
"CaJin. Va|atina in making lha7>r(iara 

Oaafra OM-third longer than the br«adtb, 
liaa pfobabtr milled thr annnUlor on 
Hfgmaa i for Grnria! Hoy by ftitiiieat«r*- 
■nam fbnod tbe bresdtb to m three-fi>unh» 
of tlui length.' Tbla obtemiion of tfaa 
Iramril aHlhot of th« BncyrJoMdla b 
pertirularty mifoilviiwtr, and tnonid be 
expunged, ai II will be round, I beliervi 
that the propOTiKHu of ctery plane figure 
whoM Imgth i* oitr-third mate than the 
br«adth. srt Ike lamr a* wfaMi Ita bi^dtb 
la Ikree^onrtba of Ibc Ivtigth. Tbb 
crronMnt iRipreavion of tbe lathor moat 
bate been diacovered br otittn ; but 1 
tbliik It ought to be puUldj nottfied." 

In ibei Nmnhrr of the flnL Mif. tut 
Sept. 1644 i* n cruminuBication IVoaBJ. P. 
(p. ?4T,) In wliich be ieadTartentlr wrote 
flif fuem iutead of it fvt. Ki tbia errar 
is ime which of courw ab«ram, ajid u It 
w«rr rc««T«««, tbe neaatng intfeaded to be 
conrercO, hir fi *erj aniloua that thia 
notice of II ahovld be lu«rted. 

May, p. &U. Tbe lBt« Dr. Heberden 
iM in CnmberlaBd Street, on tbe 19tfa 
Feb. aged T8 : bl* body wu tnteirtd in 
the nail nf St. John'R Cbnreb, VlndBor. 
PaHicalata of bii «tU were given ha Jtwe, 
p. IW. 

TIh nedicnl «(>lami> rrricmd in oar 
laat naanber, i^aati M, it the <rnrh of Dr. 
Motire, not Ur. Moan. 

Toibe CourrrpT RiADan who regrett 
the diaconticinlng of oar montbty lint of 
"New Pnblicfttioa*," we t;an only ffply 
that tbe change wa« not ad^^P'^d wflhont 
conalderation, aod that cur denliion wu 
ehlcdy fonned apon the drcnaiataiioe 
llist there are amrefal IliU pnblltbed 
pfriodicwllv, at a low pries, ur ctcq gra- 
nitoaaly, &y pubUabera and othera, wbich 
afford that epedea of Infomatton. Tbe 
tpaee tbaa obtained In our pagca i* now 
Ailed with nrattrr werlhy of rvoord, which 
b not prcicutcd in tbe same form any 





Nt» JUiutraHe»» oftlu Lifi, ShdJiu^ attd WrittHgt ofShaktptrt. 
Bif thf Rtv. .loMph HuDicr, P.SJk. 2 vols. 

AN uift«ntai» jfvntletnan hiu lately compared tho conunentaton uid 
eiM«* oo !!ttuUu|ief« to so irany ov(Tprown bovit Htondinf; oa htftps of 
«I«D*S with a butt uf Shak^^ivn* bi'twi»-u thmi, ])(<)tin^ purh oiIiot, while ihc 
ftef* of the poet ii reeeiviD|[ wiiuln- rutitu-'!U)n.4 and A^ctiires from the 
•nvtic Kflbt uf tho deadly miBuleiL S^Wthor thu picture is ov«rchargeit 
or atl«g<aubBr Uw. w# tb not say ; but it 'vt with plcanue we deeUre that 
Mr. HunHr b entiicly free trtm any such impuEation, 

** He beuf no luknis of tboM ulile afawmi, 
Vntoih br otf Binaiig the flwux ofTliUBn," 

tad his vohmiPB wk as much di^n^uishcd for iho gcDtlcnunly and tciB' 
fVnM ranifa he nulus on tJiosc (Wini whom ho dillicr9> as they arc for the 
TWHiy of tauniitf^tbey lUsplay, their antiquarian research, and ibcir 
diliau MMitn. Th«T fbnn, indeed, ai valuable an addition as liai far 
■one veuv been maoe to the body of Shak«pcre criticinn. and an 
evideiiuf the result of carefiit and rontinued labnun, and of a long 
&iailianty with the authentic pnndpk-A uf philotof^, without which it ii aa 
prrtump^ioaii \r> nmie into thi' field of criticism, &» it would be for a warrior 
to caler the pWw of coniest without any knowledge of the use of his 
mpou. and without bein^ accusloniecl to hi* panoply of war. His hU- 
UWeal and antiquarian dissertations are very curious, and nboundin^ with 
inftmaation ; and if, as will appear, we do not always agree wiiti him in hta 
BOriWtnnl ctilirtamB, such diversity of opinion arises from the very nature 
of uw ■ubjerl. whieh v&unot be deAnod oy any strict limit, and only ez- 
cfaidM that wtibh b in the highest decree improbable and absurd. * For 
taManc*, as we hare really a rery gtrait value for him. and a high esthna- 
liaq of his services in literature, we are as grieved to aee htm still persist 
Id in rtwii ^ in lus fml and Fa%-aurite vCMel in the wide and turhuleDt 
ocean of ceojedBK^ and mistaking a eraij tugar hutt for a good Thvnai 
sherry, uw« are to ^ee mir friend Mr. Dyce fondly earrying about ao 
aafledg«d •ea^U on his Astt which he wishes to pajs off for a goodly Jer- 
Ihlcafi.* These^ however, are tbo occaaiooal caprices of learnM and 

* TUs alladca to Ur. Dypi'i lamioas opiOeDtare of "ctuid" Tor '-scaod" in 
the Tat^eA, on wkkh we uimuverted In our tut uiiele en Shikipere. TbeobaU 
■un)t»WiiW iim»mtl. WeMiggfetedfrom anoldomiihologicEl work " mfrll." In Suf. 
Mk a distiactim ii ibmIc between tbe "K«eob"«iid "(micuII," me beina ROaller tliiD 
dMethsr. Tks mdc* tad rvieiy of this bird. " the ttrui," is citruraiaarilf {r«*t. 
9fOm-hjm,-wK lluBkttwxiiiMlute bMQ belter if Mr. Djm ia bis valnabU " Rcmirks" 
a«ll« latte^tleHhad cluwaa aaotbcrnotto, tasCwd of tbsontfron hrtoo'* Medal, 
tM. w il had bwa so htalv wsd far tbs laau Bwpgse by Mr. MitcbtU ia Ua Aria* 
ttflnsM. Hi frrrm TfcsihTininnn If t'- rlsninif fl-rri \r\ mly^t risilj- litrs i 
OM tial tt>J Xi» brifklcr ilou o( nortlty. 


Muntor'fi Ntw Pliatrattom of the 


higmioiu crwD. ud an w«ll ccrropciuated hy ibv iioliil and valuable mfonno- 
tbo they iituitly beslow, a» well &» the lound judgmeot Ibey exorcif>e in 
their mpeclivo critical labour*. To coini?, however, more immediately to Mr. 
Hunter B jire^eut volumes, wo rccuiiiniond his preTiice to be curfiillr read 
by bI) tliuao who may not b« an yet acijuaioled with the L-oinpliciLtea diffi- 
KuUics uuendiiig thv currrctiun and ostublishmciu or Iho lext of Sbalupere, 
and who are hastily apt to coDcludc llmt it;. itiUTpn.'Uiliun uiay bt.- cntruticd 
to the eomniDn tense of the reader, and thtit thr rritirs havo been inclined 
nlher to display tlirir okh infrenidty than to rrmov{> the difficultiea of their 
author. Now to ih.f>m it n-ill he aH some adnntagf to lititen to ihv foUaw- 
in^ remarltft (vide Pref p. iv.) 

** Stnngc M the anrftion mni mipemr, 
tketO If teoti-ct; an oncieiK inniiiiicri|it nt 
any rcpuinliaa of an^ anclrnt milhor 
nhidi ilort uM pmwat ■ |>urrr lAxt* Ihia 
Jo Ibe prinlad booka, whcLher in quwti) 
or ia Tolio. wbii'b rontiin the only nrljr 
■nd whii iTKjr Im cntlrd tbe ■ulboriutivL- 
trtbi of hi* irriiingt, Tfacrv oi^rer nrrh* 
Ixwkt irorB i3rele«*lj »U]>eniilrnil(d 
thmtb iht prcis; p«rhs|u in ihenbole 
aaul* of KneliRh ijposTAphy ihert- ic no 
nmrd fit »aj book uf may eilrjit anil iiiiy 
rapstMioD biviog been ilUoitiM-il from the 
prets wiib Imi care and altouiiun ikan 
tbe firtt folio. Unt thr C^ po^ rnphnr ought 
not perluLp* to bor the wtinir b ■mn. 
Tlie maiiuMripli ploucd in iht^ ^irmirr'n 
band* niut hA*<i been ill itrtpurpJ fot 
him. A KKond edition of ihn fnlio ap- 
pMred nine jean alter Ibe fin(, mIiUc ttlU 

tiii cantemporariea w«ra alUe. Tbb a(i&> 
Uini *OBM Taluable irorreiiiliHU, but ii bn 
mitrks of KmIb and carelrainiu prcvliar 
t4 iisrir. Thi- fffent of tbii it that na 
h>Tc rpreivFil iiotbins fitxn hit oi*d llrM 
vo wbu'Ii «e Dun nbmlutely rely M bring 
the wordi in thrir purity at Ibey ftoired 
from lilt pen. Not but tiiat in ih^ nitia 
what we linrD U what ht nrolr. bat if 
concrrniDKniiypuiirular pnsfiGeareuoD- 
ahic >!ouht in nJM-d nhrilirr «ir hire it U 
br Ifft it, ihc (tontit draerrr* In he Con> 
■iilerod, and <hoii|[h bi|li Athnnn i* du« 
to ihv rarl* copirn, and eipectolly when 
•ne nnd fimi-fCivnnd&XA/h/iM cObCtirTing 
in thr aame rrndtag, yrt *o alrong n.rr the 
prjofi uf tlip e«rrliN>a*.'*« with bIhtIi thr 
tniprr.'iilont *icre modr. ibnl tbiry can 
iic(L-t \k taken u cTiUmCe that 1* pcf< 
(tctly PDivctu«tVB."t 

Mr. HiiDtcr tlien proceeds to ^hew what h thii jnsl. aim uf editorial 
labours, nnd iu wliat w&y the correi'tJon» of one newssarily b^et the 
«ninudvpnionti of anothiT. \MM*n. however, a tvxt totalh fn-c from error 
b produced lhi_* difflciJlieB are by no mmoa overcome, for then- will remain 
obscurity of meauinic to be expUloed, oboolele [>hrn»cN »nd vernacular 
words to be intcrpretn). per>uiial and lucnl alltL)itoni> to be illu5tral«d» 
minute traiujietioo!* to be delected, nuil uanjreii Hiid cudonu Ihat wtire 
DDCe iiniver»al to bu iiou|fht out in dintAiiL and imfmjutnilud diaLnctSi 
vltere a sbadou-y and faint re«embhutee Iu tlie original rvality hsa not 
sltogetber dtgappfwd. " A^fain," vays Mr. Hunter, " therr is a call for a 
lar^ amount of editorial labour in tracing llie Poet to tlw works in nbidi 
he fouod th« etories which have supplied him uith the plots of hiii plavs, and 
in exhibiting the manner in uhich he has proceeded in adapting ibc atoriea 
to dramatic purposes. Then there \i that highest criticism of all, tlte 
illustration of the poet's general ioteniioo and genius, the unfolding hia 
diiign in a whole play, or in some great aod promuietit cbaraclcr, or 
ntdTenatiy the coosonanoc of each of the plays with the type of hb own, 
mind and genius." Such and ao r&rioua are the demands which the eluci- 

* Qacre Ttmcydidei .* qnsic Hcsyebins; ^vmn MaoiUus? qvRre Nooiw Mar* 
e«Un» ?— Rav. 

t Mr. HoniT aWt, " One ihii^ li predy clf*r, thsi there a*c h»rit!y any portloot 
of ttieprintrit drsmiiir wfitinp or Sbaketfioare which rso be toppoted to have bera 
-•ttpcriaioadtd ihrvucb the preat by UtOMlf- lailtcd ibc /fffiet «<r« Dot priaMd tlU 
■M| j«an Bitu Lit dtatb.'^' 

164S.2 Ufe, Stwiiet, and Writiagi of Shafcetptarf. 


dation of the works of ShJikspcTc nukr on )tu> Ip^irninfT JUid talent of an 
editor, a dfuuiid which fL>w or noni* atv nhlp to ansver except in pun, and 
which, tberdbrc, re^uircH im extcitfivp union nf liibour*, where the de* 
fiosoeips of one may be siipplit'ct by another, itnil whpro there it at once 
roam br iaventive $!peniuf< and udcmmi^ industry, tn the li^^t of the 
conmieatetimi on Shati^pere Mr. Huutpr'« oamt^ will always fill an 
hflooorable plan'. In hi* couj(«tur(><i he \9 in^niotis without thtr rashness 
of innovatioa ; io his dis'uriAtioiui In- is learned withutit ihc ostentation of 
pedantry i and in his rritifi'^uiM uu his^ jir«dtx-eH«or»i he u m-ut^ <;kitli(nit 
MT^ty ; he can rorrecl without nnrof^ire, and he can cuiiLtrdc without 
servility. We *hall concliuU' with Uu- jKirliiifr word* of hif own iirefacd 
wliicb nil! ezhibtt the teiop«'r aitd dt»po«iliun in which his work has been 
MDulnirtMl, and which we think roust hv approved by the feelings of everv 

"Tint, in cxMamaii wiik tliob««t gfthe 
I en the writidgiof ibii ifmt 
, I thall be fooad la kat« mjr thtrt cf 
I tad BiMmaM|itiao), in moit pmb>i« 
' fho caM. I lA qolrr ptrpkrrd to hcKr 
I vf >btB. to ■rkiMwIcdtfc, knd correct 
tlteai. Mj objcd is stiii|)ly that tlici« 
sTibniv, in >oru« pohil* now mUappre- 
beaded. t^»U bt nof* jusilr undcniood ; 
Hd I hops ttitti to do acxMibiiig to rnUrge 

■t katt tlie b>nn1em pteotum oT my 
coaniryiBcn, tad to rapport the hoDOUr 
nad n-jni'Miiin of a {reat anthor. 'tlic 
miitakes uiil uiiMapprrlieiitiaai nil! Aoit 
on iIht nurfMV, *DiI be cnxily fVimmrii oil 
by tbc MiUtiiultj/ critic, or tfarr oill rink 
to the bottom, and i» forevrr lost : ahila 
lb«r««iUitQ] be MoiethLug igood and nitfxd 
wbich mar >erure ■ placr lor a new bum 
in noRie future VAtionim." 

We hare now only to add thai :h vr had previously M.-nti and aiiimad- 
rened on wnK parts of Mr. Hiinter'i first volunie, anil as we have not 
raon OHsagh for a general review ol' the whole, we have in this article 
BOnfined ounelm to the )«eoond volume, the whole of which is new to us.* 

The following obKrvatioii<i Mrike as &n just, that we extract them aa a 
good Kpcviinen to romnirnee with pf Mr. Iluntrr's tUiicriniination and 

"Sl»keapau« U, (a tbe main, an bU- 
MriBl mhb tiko a just \>tv of ihe rho- 
wM >» of whom br bu toipcMk. Ptrtiap^ 
b BBitbt be »aid ihat do writer of luiior^r 
kaa pr ^aentcd man faithful dclinoktion* of 
Uacoricd Mnonaga. Afier all thr labour 
■hkli ha»oeai be«t«v«d upon ibe quniion, 
tkc P. iaot of Walea renaiiu tiu: Mine un- 
bndled fontb who kept roinpaiij with 
hbtaff and Pain*. AAerall ibi^ atieinpla 

tn {!▼« a dUTenAt nkntHnr to iks dm^ 
meter of GliMiccbtcr. lie Mill remaina fin 
Minr BBibitiDu*, muidrrouf , and unnataral 
perMo wbicli £hakc«|>«rc baa nrcMatcd 
to a*. The sAme may be rtdd or diarac> 
tei» leu prominent or In* ftilly delineated. 
Sbakeapcwe •( uiuuTly borne out In bit 
dclinrationa by what can be collertcd con- 
ceming ibMn from tbe page a oF the rhro- 
iiic1er>. or from iboie of men who hare 

* At wr bn e conftned our obaerrationi catirely to Mr. Unntir'a »erond Tohimr. we 
ef eavne bat« not nodMd tboM enendatlona of the teat and illu«nriont ioaertrd in 
tba it%t. Ai p. 223 be Kttca lui rxpUnation of "Ibc drligbtcd ipiht " in Mriiure 
Ibf McMUe, HI. I. Mif lb* tonl wu JttighMitt haring bad lucti a beautiful tiabU 
■do* of tha body prrpirtd for it. and loib lo he torn away. We caoaotbelp tbinkina 
that **deH(kted" muU be uied in a prmittiesenMof "madetigbl.** oa biring " freed 
ttadf bom Ibe muddy Vfatnra of decay." The connect urea of tlaniner, Thitlby. and 
JohaaoB an all. aa Mr. Honier obtcrrea, * ery objcctioiiable. At p. S97 Kir. Hunter 
lOOlMany eoortadM "that all ootion of (be woodbtne eniwioini; rbe heocymcltle it 
tittniti, Ibe ii'-cntity of the two bcinf put beyoad d»ubt : " bm we iLowrd io our 
ao'Cl Va lh« pa^Ti^ frnto an old play that l|je honeysuckle ii called Ibe offtpriug of 
thawoedUiie,—"theamoroDa«oadbinc'>off'ipr)pg," aoHiurelya pa-rnl may embraca 
her cbild. At p. 40t:, oa the line in Twrlflh Nifht, — '■Tliouth oar tUeooe be drawn 
fiwB «• with rara, yet peaca." Mr. Hantcr aays Dr. Johaun augseata " etrit," 
TyniUtt •' nihil" be hunicY " tatt-rtrptt." It wotikl aorely ba not going ao ftr 
ftsoi Ik* trtt to tajtpoie lome mvenloa of the iMicn had taken place, and that tki 
IHduf w«a " Tkin^avtUeaoe be drawn fr«Btuw)tkr«Af(j<tpcact."'^KsT. 


HuBler*! Nt» HhiHMUiaim ^tk* 


Vtttto) M Bailah tiitnry in a mom pU- 
iOHyhto Iplrlt. No doubt Uume liu bom 

Men air fnon^llwi >i>p'^^ (•> tltt 
•tniMloi nf the Afteenth cesRiry. and by 
the pliilow>(>h(Tr nuf bavi^ beni duiTnitil 
llie laAMOiw of tli« iMlouy of tlw Iticki. 
■«■ Md iUi^tiaiBte Bnes ivoiog ftm 
John »t 0««Bt on th« ew caU of Uh Uim i 

■till wbr-D all t« ilijiie B«atiifurl will rriii>in 

Bwtfort «nit Mu{u«t Mu){arf(. littlr, 

If njrthing, nanond ftam tbc rhanctcn 

u Wf si» pnawlod in tlw •erne* of 

Shlki^iOW*. Sbtl>«iV«w had Ui du- 

•luim thi dUjr of tlw dianiBtif t at well 

M CO tbe hblorfao •■ and honcv it U that 

hi li mote to Itc priJxtl fni tli« •bill «]id 

toroa with whieli hp hiu il«litipntnd cb«- 

■uUTi than (or the cwct M-curJaon uf 
I U* Af** vul the arranfcmrnt of ihrm 
jlrith thv Tciritablf (■-■limrmf of bbtory. 
Ijlot hut that in the maiD the oooumnnn 

rt tfuly vahibiud ; bni ihia qualiacation, 
AU maimj beeomM of ifflpottanca whai 
I •• hoai hin bold «p a» a graat tcubcr of 
Uttario Iralb, ud w if bit tMtiatonr wu 
•( tepofUKOo iriun a crlilc In Rnjclbh 
hblory «ila down to the invc»tt{aUou of 
thoooeurreiMea of ihaiilack period orwbirh 
Shikaopean wtuXm. Ha i> not, nor did 
IM wim prctciul lu be, a critio in hlMorjr. 

On thp quention which has bccti raitwl ol' the n>lijFV»i4 t-iwd knd pro- 
fmtioa of !jh«lu]M*re, Mr. I liub^r hojt tbr foHoirinff judirioii* ob««rv«tion 
m his nnuu-ki on Kluf; John. 

or oftf>a*ot b th* wtmifimbai of tht 
«ccvrTFiic««. He even toiaeUuic« oon- 
uounda oil biitwical ppnunagr out of two. 
He bad no clear Idea, (or initonce. of the 
Monlaenln.* Su(-h kind of knowlrdini 
we* of riioTp dlllli'ult Bti«iiuiicnl in his 
tiow Ihaii oow ; for he wrote before tho 
worka were printrd of Mill. Brooke, or 
ti'inn-nt, is which Uie stteniDt wu Arit 
made at definloi the Krai or the noit 
BBinattt paraooa la carlj Eti|llih htatorj. 
ud 4Mi(aiDg to e«ch the evcaU which 
betong to them- A parwn majr jurtly be 
niapoctcd of luiowiu^ taut little of htitory. 
who prohaata to liate got all hi* koow- 
ladfc of it fmtii SliakM|Warr ; but. at the 
naoMt tinie, Ihr inoil critlrel fttidenl in tbo 
hiitory of the period oaay coBtenpUtc. 
erca for the purpose of iindentaDdln( thn 
hUtorj, tbc accnea of Htialie»pe>ro with 
adrantafe. f>riflBa] ooneoptJona of vaeh 
a nibd M hb BO one would think of de- 
apUing. PlaahM of U|hi woold aonetlniaK 
prriAut ihriHtclvri Piercing through the 
glooni, which IbF doilrr rpirit of the mar* 
historical critto would not have airuclt for 
ileelf. At leoat, the miKOitiQB of aaeh a 
mind aa Shak«B|MM«'a would dcHne a tr- 
>pc<ctr«l eon*iiltrfltiga.'*t 


" We have a paaaag* in thla Play wbieb 
BUit for eTcr wndt tht fueation wbclher 
ikit Poet. wh«i he wrote It, wu a ncn- 

twr of tlie Roman Cburcb, or hrourihU 
to any •vbnue for ill i^^uiog ita lupro. 
mary la England. The pa*aa|« 1« thio^ 

And bles«d ihaU ha be that doth revoU 
Proaa hit aUeg;ianm to a hmiic i 
And Bkoritarinae iball that hand be (udlad> 
CanoBif ad, end worahippod aa a utet* 
Hut ttkca away by any aacret ooonw 
Thy hateful life.''— Act iii. «:. 1 . 

•• It to ft ipeoob of PaBdnir. Shiilte- 
fnare, it may bo aaid, i> only writing 
tft the chanotcr of the apeakcr, aa a dr*. 
BBliit oujritt to do. But if he bad been a 
^Toiuor 5t Iho eyeti-tu nhicb many In hi* 
^j would gtadly have anea reatorod, ha 
would not have )'Ut faito the noutli of tho 

repreaoDtathro of the Cbvreh a do«tri«f 
which the eoBmiaaof LhaCbarch •ttributed 
to in autbaritifa, efc«f*d them with n- 
couniiuf, while il i* a dootrina nhloh 
airlkca at tti^ toni ufall penooal Hourity, 
aoil ti atuii^king to the oomiDon eeuao of 
right auil wioug. If ho had b<«n at ull 

* So* riao n. 106. " The um want Vt itrict iidrntifiration of indlTidual* in the 
Hrici of tho Eucttah tltlea of honaur which we have bad befot* flocaaioa to remark ia 
MiWBlnoua In tbo Utmaria of thii pUy (Henry VIH.) It ia plain that the poet had 
BO clear eeneepiioB of what beloBgoa lo cBch, ajid bii ronftiiion ii womt cooraitndisl 
b7 Iho mbtakea of the orifmal odltoea." 

f Mr. Hunter juUf obiorvea, that, a* all Shakfpen'a Enjtli^h hi*tori<« wm written 
in the T(i^ of Ktiiabeth. ucopl Honrjr tho Eighth, aid Uftrly bU hia cooMdica bcfor* 
be had teach*^ hia foriMUi year, it ia • naark^Ie proof of tho rUou of hi* geon* 
B«d the ^frw*M«wMM V Ate iBdMafry , and ]r«l we ranophw Mr. Courteur wy* th« 
Slikipfro «« ■ nrj inMiHf ponoo i . 

IM^O ^*/'f AhAh, a»J irWflV *f Sh*)^4/iv^i. 


I IW ito bomv vf tlM Cliartli, 
ki vobM kan ^mlified ud tcrcowd lucti 
ft iMtiseit M thii, or mb«r, tio would 
kn* ■ ap pr M Md it dt^ptbW: snd tluU 
kt bM MM acitksr tbt ooe aor (h« oiU«r, 
u ft pliJB proof tbu bo did not Knplo to 
espMb to tk« flucntiMt of tte p«Ofift MM 

•UrkMt pftrti of Un> »jfttta, mA ife Ui 
part to keep in mlad tbai ut<-K eKMke 
o]i4nions niflit be chnlBltcd U Ikft 
Qwreb. If k« himMlf tocretly Hpprartd 
of ibein, which ire cwuot bciic*c, be ilQI 
would not ten ami ta ■f w u lliMi in 
til their utiTe defomity," Bus. 


F. 18L Mr. Hunter ha? well explained tiiv fiseage : 

'■ KaOM Dmth hii Murt i mA thm tbe .IMiei tlt^ 
SmCftg kb fUte," &c. 

and thiakx tliat SluJuperv tud Holbein's Dancr of Death ld hii mifld. 
particiiUri]r tlw picture of the Emperor, and on ibo word MtAke^ BMiahig 
out of tbr Sgora rudely drawn on Uio walU of churchco, &c. ha refcra to 
ju aitiele iowited bv bus in Boucher's GloBsarv. 1833. 


p. 19.—" Ah ] thou, the nodct where old IV07 did jitand ; 
Tbo«t iB*pof kDDo<u-;tbnu Kmf Rtck»nl'e lamb. 
And not Kii4( Rlctiud ; Unm matt bcftnteoaa hu, 
Wkjr tbould bvd-ftvonr'd Grief b« lodged la thM, 
When Tnactpli is bccone an ileboiwe gutat i" 

Mr. Uuiil«i httf dilTiT* IVoni the commmtaton, and thinks the«e linn 
aft Mldrwaed n«t to King Richard, but to tht- Towfr of LnnJon ,- but 
*t think the objfction> to thi.c iiiU>q>r«tatiou am too considerable to ba 
a»trlo6lu)d ; the (ir«l that to make tl)i» appUcablo, th« wuida"and noi 
Kiaf Bichard." are to U- allen.'d to " and not his prisou." nn niteration 
that wr arv sure nuu(.< of liis critics will allow ; antl K<cond]y, thnt it giws 
a drddrd^foOM/a to th<> wboln [uissagc. We then^orc cannot igncin 

1*. n. lT«n will hti found sonu* rcrv wund and arasible obs«mtieM 
•n ll» dnunatir- and r<4l character of Print'o Henry, too long for uft to 
klirit^, bol containing much hiitoHcal roscarch, well applied to the eluti- 
datioo of die qu«iilion. Tht* curkiuit miiiLalu! in tbe dale of Sir W. Qu* 
coi^'a dc«th (p. d4) roust not be orerlooked. 



ni. I. '■ HoTspfm. 
^ee bdw tkki rlier come* mt cranking la. 
And Mb Mr* froa Iba boat of atlmj Uad, 
A bag* hoU'iftoon. a nonatrona aaaicL obL" 

Hf. Rvittr'^ vUtf on ibis paraagc it clnr and aatis&ctory. 

Mt k Mt Hotapar, but ui fkpMve, Mcd in the aasie nuiiucr by Shalt- 
•fHt iB otber f)tec«% and by odHr wiftera. nor U it yM quite «ut of me 
ift csOoqaial kogna^- I'hnx in Gol(fiag*8 Orid.— 

" Vm Mtly >aonta« teO* tut btgia mi to oafbid 
Bar faqfti gMM.^ 


Huirt«r'« Nno IJtvjtrationt o/the 


Anin, in iho play entitled •• How « Man mav clioou a good Wife (nm 
■ Wooe." )6QS— 

" Awl like the wiad ibe tr^ti m^ up tlw st&ln." 

la Sbakspere bunwlf^ 

- — " iaia|1n« mt, 
GeaUe mttittott, that I noir bw; be 
U hir BotwGBii." 

n'tiurr'i TaU. 

" The doudj tneiaeo^ turni m» kii badt 
And heoii. 

A aimlUr npmsion, we nuy obicrrc, is used by the Latin poets, ud 
Is to be faund In other lungiiagi^s, — ex gr. Arifiophuiii Nubes : 108. 

See MiUhell'i note, ad tocum. 


P. 61.—" VUlu thM ku tMuatai^ ttrt, — on mountun itauUog, 
L'p in Um kir, rrcnrn'd wiib Ibe jptden min, &c. 

Horo Theobald read* '" mounting »ire." Coleridge " monarch sire." Mr, 
Hunter is Mtisfied with tlip u-xt. " The idea of Edward the TTiird iraud 
(m a hilt watching the coiidutt uf )ii* son at cliu bailie or Crcsn-. had taken 
pow M aion uf Sbikupaarva rotnd," &c. But suptmsinj^ ho had h(>«n in a 
vtliey would Iw haw callpd him hi^ valU-y-iiirv ? Nn ! wp think th*- real 
mon'ta irrecoverably loM. and that it h v( no n»i< attrmpling to supply it, 
aa the crilin have done above, by wordii iipjiroximaling in itie duetut 
titerarum t ihe camptrattor haviiie omitted the nv.l word, an h\» vyv had 
caught tile word mountain in th<' rtirther }nrt of the line. When' errors 
arise from 8uch »our<T», conjiYtmva from Mmilarily of sound, or n-wniblanco 
in the struc'turr of the wonl an- c]niii< iixeWs, mid iiig<>niiiiv tliro\ni away. 
The pusagc quoted I'rom thf second seme of the third act would lead us 
fo prefer r— 

" WhUntkslku mifhty untm coouiuiaslaBdlDf ." 
which reading, indeed, we venture here to propo*e. 



P. 65.—" My mutUn, let'* lUnd doM- 1 my l.ard l'rot4^1ar irlll tent Ihit trsjr by 

MCl hj, UkI tbm wc muj ildlvct our ■apjilit-Btlaiit ill tlie ^aitl." 

Mr. Ilmiter'> nolo U vpr\ antisfjirtor)-. '• Ste^rens, Toilet, and Haw 
kins have all nndt-rlaken tliix word quill, and with little success- The 
vrord has nothing to do with ibir inMniment for writing so called, or vitb 
ft nuuhjKK. Qmll tneann here the narrow passage through which the Pro- 
tector VBl to pasa. as I infer from the ust* of this r»rc word in SyWaster'a 
Du. Battas, a work nlwundittg iu curious word* and phrases. 

" Ami Ih' ctullMt. t)iiii a^r (trhioh br lecM ^uiU 
lisUt l<Ml ibdf wilbia th« wladfls-lMU liil*. 
Dark bvUow tans," Ow. 

1B45.] lAft, Stuttiit, anfl Writings of Shaketptare. 118 

P. Bl.— " Vouctinfrr, rf^itm/ iafrrtion of ■ man." 
Mr. Iliintrr nbuprirw that " this w one of the passage* on which nothing 
that can be ppg^riiml as at all natisfBctory has Wen nid by the eom- 
menuton, 'Thou that ilifTusfi^ infpclinii wherever thou mjxect with thr 
Idud,' i» perhaps as ^nod aii explanation a* any that IfUx ^e\ been offered. ' 
This it Ine true one, but it oiipht to huve bei'n ohevrved tliul Shoktipere 
puts the piunnTC fur the active ftifrtiiBcation, o^ "niori' hunuured in lliu 
breiu-h thnn itu^ obstTvanu-." i. r. more hnnouring tht><u> that break it than 
fce«p it. \MllKMtt rrmnrking' the /)rijiri))/<* one rannm rereivi* the itiler- 

P. 8i. — " Throv him into tlic MMioitfy-buit iii tlir mat room." 

Mr. Huater in his note has rereneii ti> his iavonrite butt in the Tcmpusl, 
in irhirh he was reiy willinjr to » brave lhr> dangers ot' the Mas." and 
enlar;|a) on the tisf of the H>inf huttt of the time. !^r^> as they 

3hl be, wr think they wotttd hardly have held A'wiA and his feniily, iwu 
four Irgged, and yet Wf read, 

NoTt,— ■' Welcome wiff* Into Ihii ivHr." 

See the Chester MyMeries, p. U, ed. Wriphu We hope Mr. Htinler 
will tMt uawtr lU n^ No«V* wife answered Ihix invitation. 

" )laT« tbou Hal Tor Ihjr not*," 
giving: the palriarrh a souud box on the cor. It uill Im> understood llial wc 
eoniider *■ Uiti" i» notJiintf bnt " hoal" in it^ old ortlic^rapliy. 


VIV lecoounaid the reader's attention to the curioiu and learned intro- 
ilik-iioa 10 Henry the Eighth toiu-hin^; the date of itai production. In sucli 
dbfjuintiook Mr, llunlerV knoMledge aud judf[xu<Mat are sbenii to ad> 

f. lOfi. — '- Tberf'A in hiKi Oaff thit pnu Um to tbew cod*. 
For bring not prvpped by utoealr; (whtwe gncc 
Cluikf nuKMMn Uieir wiiy, ) nor cnII«() upon 
For bicli ftatf door to thr crorn. nricUcr allied 
Trt MalfKfit uustantji. hot %\iu\ev lUiR 
Out b/ hiM ft/'dmwimg «r»A it ^im tt tttttr. 
The fom of kU own merit tunktrt lilf way," Ac. 

Such in Malonc's reading ; the only nnthentic rop)e'< liave. 

' bat K))'*^'' l*^' 

0-t o/ku trt/'draviitf v^tb, O ffirr* m nolt, 
Th« (orcfl of kU own merit makn hu way," Stt. 

^Vfr. llmttpr wys " the plan demands a bolder reiitoration," aud gives 

" 0ml n/Atnurif ttrncinff hifMh, .' I\U gmrn a» m»fe i" 

'bol •uirly makir^ at- uiimeLrieal, unmusical line as well ran be, noA llie 
word*. " O this give> ub uuu%" wmm fur too lurmal and f)eateii(iQii% an 
iDtrwluctioD fur the observation thai foUowi^. Viv iben-fure think the 
wund ia ibe leM Men deeper. As it in we t^hould nrad, 

" Oat ol Ui iplf -diairiBf web ht titet . /Am aote 
TWfoftf of bw «WB ment makn hi* wav." 

Gbjit. Mao. Vou XXIV. Q 

lli Hrai*er's Xw /lluttrationt oftk« [An^f. 

Wn Uiink tint "O " i* a comi|idcin, n» it often i^ and ^'gitits " is dnvra 
from Hie liHi< bti( uiu' following by tho pritiler. 

P. 130. Mr. Ifiinlor aiM-t u« u shigiOarly ciuioiu Lalin ponn from a 
MS. in thi- SltMUiB t'ollwlioH. No. 1776, iii tite Britinh Muwimi, on tlio 
ftubject d1' Itomco and JuUi>t, vrbkh vrould be worth priotin^ imtiix-. In 
tito Udo 

** Oapt* notidM pfrfidit pins," 
should not the word io iialits be " sancta ?" writtMi i« it often in in Rf SS. 


P. I'A.— " 11i«te«pk-lMaatlng oMillel." 

Mr. Hunter uys " Shuttpniw-arc was, wv ue, chotee In tiifl Pt>it}i(>t. and esart 
in his natural hiarory; 'tfrnplr-hMiatiiig'" Wn Bcawely nndfirMand this 
aotv. Ilif tn-allow builds in rhimitey toptt, the martin iiudcr tbr pav<>4 of 
hooBWi tbf jnrj/I (HI tall lowers auil spirvii. If the niarUet invons the 
marlm, Sbakitperr id wruuff ; if the swifl (the hirundo apu»), he i» cur- 
red;' but whai Hniiiliwttite mMn» we do not know — " A» the vtartia 
will not build but in fiiir hou!)Qii," &e. — for tlie marlia it-ill build on any 
luiuse where there am projwting tavrg, wlietlier old or new, inhabited or 
deserted. Am for Sbak^perr'!! ari]iiBint.itia' with natuml htntorr, we lay tiu 
stress on that. Natural history wa." \'ery inii»nriort. i'v<-n in JrifU ancf ob- 
h(T\'ationft. in Shaksperc'e tuov : ita (iubJL>et s are onlv introduced Ineidentally 
bnd popiilarlj- by him, and he a entirely wrong in tiis tdmou« pauapfe of the 
bcM>t1c feelinjf am much ait the giant, for it feels nothing at nil. inMct lifp having 
3«o >m«iAiYtfy.t I1<^ i« alfio «ometime« wronf^ in botany : the flower called 
tody's rmocfc t« not tilver while, but faintly blue; and if, as Mr. Hunter 
Mirs> bt' is right in pronounviug' tlie toad to be vmomous, he is wronn in 

* '■ Pavr BpcctM of Uie swdDaw f-^niu rom^ ti> Eaglantl ; I . lh« afrallaw ; 2. tlifl 
martin; 3. Ibr swift; 4. ttio wmd mxrtln : uf irhirh the firat bulldi iu chimtiryi. the 
Rtxwnd ht enm of hnii«H, the rhird in l>i|;li «tn-fdr« nnd tomm, 'Ihi roiirth in linokn. ir 
SliikeipMn! HieiDl \tj the mariM tin' hw«1I[>v .omn*, his * (cniple-biiiinlinjt ' li iiDow- 
ablo 1 If ha dnigoei] the rprfir* martin he vn» quite wrong in ftict, tlm marliti lirinfc 
c^IkI ' kinmdo m'hiea,' from it* fhniiientJox onlr thr ibodM nf nwn." Thi* Ik iilWrr; 
rommon-placw, but It is u vain to aileaipt to mue SJt^ttmre • correct ostursUit ax xo 
Hovo Ilim M bo a eorrart wiilfr. lie lived in an i^ neratsr of ideoos nor of taste. — 

f Ai ui inilancn si hand of tb« oeror fa soppoaiiis lotsot hh possanw th(i awne 
■eiuibiltty H tbe mors eonplax asm»s sjstsn ef tbs Ufhsr anbsalf. a book Iick 
brTorp us aUled InMct Lifr, bjr Dr. BsAtan, M.D.. in wbich tbs fiwt U raeiitioiied of 
H ntbinilM tliMimbQwriiog wrrr^ Rrsnhopprrt, ntnffiiiK tbclr abdom«n> with cotton, 
ibeaplnnliif thsoidownmi ailissto^Mper. Q>ratnnilng2ar3bounifter,difl Inserts 
were all genr, sad be found ibem fenaug front a plate in wblok tbdr own fttoen hsd 
bNn pliuml. This hct ha* miflo bosu sanltrRHNTto u* by one nf the noit ominttnt 
4-ntoinolD|{i»tc ef tbs |it«sm aCS> nd ws ourseltss bavp kch n wiwp mliiiit pag^r, 
nfter his hoAj luul bMn scpsrated fran the besd. Tbc firl i* Sbikii[>fT« had th^ po. 
pillar knOWlMgr of I'Mb nulyficta, and wlirn they nro ineidmlally intruilurrtl as illus* 
tnitlotii, ss in (Kc Ulblc nliu, tlxtlr twonmry ii not to hr too ruriooitjr hivfi'tigalMl : 
" Sli«1(r«p«Mrc (« Mr. Uoater says in aaotliCT place. toI. I. p. 2l8;i nmr bitsridMl H 
Id bo i-riiicaUf scBOBed." The eUsT caiMS of the tstc difi|iiiir^ lu'twccn ibo theologian.* 
aad thit geologlsta has ariaen frani Ihr lbnn«r insiatinp; UliI incidfttlal fiotien %^tm\A 
hare thowtrectnepiofieiMitiiwdeliijiUfliu, aodUreceivtd s« gafk.— RiY. 

1$46.J Lift, StnAirt, and Writrngt of Shaketpcare. 11& 

WTni^ thkl il hu *' « preciotu jowel in ito hrad," — thu9 mining up x po* 
pniu- and leKmd&ry Uu- with n. luitural Act.* 

P. 160 to 188. Wc advbi* our Msdvr- lo tuni to Mr. lluntor't nsw 
MTuigpntf-'iit of tli« ^pf^chos between Macbeth nud Lsdv Mscbetfa, and we 
Ikink Iber will pronouace H Tery judtciotn, and highly crpditahte to htn 
taitr and jodgmeut, ind nv uy tV some of tbe suggratioii at p. 191 that 
the Udc 

" Tu bctirr ihtv without, Uun be witUin." 

«M a oiediUtHni of Macheth's, and nnl aa addnw, which gives a greater 
ipLpfTwHy aad awftdneH to tho whole impmriTV tennp. 

n UA " AbJ iU our ]rttiterd«ji hare Iig1it«dyb*fe 

Tb« w»y to <lo(ty <le«lb." 

W« cmiDOt approve Mr. IluuttVg projw^ed alteratioD i^ fouUs, oi- 
Crofida. tatfvoit. The reflectioa would, in the first plai'p. we thiiik, be 
be made omy a Hat and coinnioa truth, and " Iboli " we taiu> to be an 
pxpmuoa in Miirbcth's wayward and irrilated sttate of mind for the 
wealcDeas of mortality — tnr the poor insrcts of the hour, wasthifr their 
little Itres in lunuapiornts and ohjects which, to ibe truly wiftr, mtut appear 
most frJTolaai and childish. The fwnsive moralist wouM mourn over th« 
nlM^ifi ud fttal pursuits of the erring children uf clar ; the angry 
MUirist would caJl ttwoi fooU. walking !>hadow^ poor puinted and tinseiled 
players, idiots dancing and gambolliug uhilt- cuvvn'd wilti ilii' {lu«l uf di.Mth. 
We think also " foule " is too uncomnioii a wonl lo be hastily aduiittt-d. 

P. ^02. Mr. Hunter's intruduetory- obscrvadont' on Haiiilrt will n-pay 
■U) attotive perusal, pspemlly that part Mating to the qiieetion as to tin- 
rmlfty of the appearance of ^noel^ or tho a])|arition of thi> dead. He who 
mold prove that a f^ost was teen bv two pertona at the tatM time would 
do more than ha< feX heen Aoon to justify this bfllof. 

p. tl9.— " O dnt Ibis '«o /an mImI fimli wautd mfclt." 

Wo thall gire this note of Mr. Hunter's cntirr, as bciu^ a vuliiahlc 
"' ion to onr prerioits knowledge of this phrase, 

^ * Il ia amviUj rappoMd that tbe radnplication uf too u nnplntic ; Iwt tkU mar 
W Jpob w j. 3W IBO, or. B we Mnaetlmea find it printed, Iw^tm. appean to kava 
bna in aeoMt nehber more nor Imj that fw. Aa thb ia a point which Iibs not oaljr 
■Wpad the o owin «nt itora, but I bdivre tbc wholr body of wrilvn on Englub ■pkx- 

Tte liaea «i the load <)iMted. p. 195, — 

*• ToU that ■ndar the coU atMie 
Dar* and ulichta Hut tbirtr-voe 
ijvdterrd venom $Uepimf f»l, 

tf rigidix ttBttined by a aaturalUt, will he f<maA qnitc incorrect. Tbe load b ndthw 
»fw/if pn ■■iniiii nnniii ■lirii iii i doraaiit ttate, biit ralber loajng il; hut why 
poeta arc Id M Bade intuwUsti we don't haow. Milloo, <i more Iwned uu] correct 
wtUar. Is IWadi«! L<n( (*. 1 106}, deaerttia our i>tfenb> u clotbios thrir nakednan 
wUb^ ftaew, bat nol of tba Enropean fig, bat th* Irvr in Malabar urA t}nt*» : 

" Ttioke lr««e» 

T^vf galbertd, tTrood ai AnmiOBian tarBCi" tec. 

Saw tbe leana of tkt> fig {\i\ejicu» rfli^io*a, or banraa trtc, for »udi Mtlton desc>r{bOT 
il tobc) BK wmeh mwUm- ihsn the lig.kam of onr Korapeui tprtim, theufh thatrca 
b Klpattk, lad ■ fbnst in UwlF. MJUni ^n crroneou*!; tbe burner Xenf to tbr tarftr 
trm. Tba l«*f i> aboot the nxc and ihifc vf tbi: Uud, Uitead of bcins u broad u 
(hs aUaU gf Iho Anmmm,— Riv. 


Muntcr'A AW HtnaU'utittn* af'div 


lolsgjr (1832). 1 mIwII illnitratv it byaprvll)' Wg« colUvtioM oJ lOaUnvtai Ukan fVem 
(•rutp Krltirr*. 

" Tlii-y will *%y that no vi*c mnii trauld cvrr think Ihut for uliiunt ithkli tbnr arl 
ifi-nrjr iitli'retli vriUiiiuE nil shntur; yet tiurf will nay lie tjiMkrUi too tav bnbjahlfi 
■lul 4w Ja*li him out of rnuntFtiaDrr. — WiL«o>>'ft LoniCK. 

" A glorious EfQttetntiii that hul twv servants, and Wlike would bv kuvwn iwt only 
to have thru], liut al«a to Hrvq mont. snirl in th^ prtMnce of a wunhi^ul man. I 
murdilB mucli wliFfc alt mj urraiit* ur. Mnrry Sir. quolli one, Ibat Ibouglit to hit 
btiD hfimi', thry wct» here all two pvcn now, Tliu* he rlo»rl)t muck't him, jinH 
nonhtly : ftir ilienambcrw not great that Ktandeth ufHin two, and aii \m ii I'l muvlj 
when It A|ie«k.i of no Tirw. — Wii.kom*!* RmtTORiavK, p, IHH. 

" \Vhcn'U|ii>ii i1 comrth lu |hu> [hat the baatarda uf gmt (lolilrtucD, of \it'v\r aud 
too too fTvnt |ir^i)i'<^l'l'')fi. do atuucU thvtnMlvn to bn dtMondeil vl tlic mmv hoitw.— 
KxKMi'.'o ItL^fdN or Gbktkv, p. 243. 

" WithiLrairlnK hintN'lf from thr mberW», i.'&nitiM, nnil vetatiotu of tbianow /oo Im 
miioh ihitin; woHil. muy Kive kitnolf tu Lhc awetrl t ontcnipUlluii of God.— Ouuuk's 
UooK uir HuKBAh'niiv, Dkdication. 

" All which i^oulrl not htl^ r. been doac but by mta united into a noiHety or com- 

riny, ai would he ffio too evident if onc« all were Mt nlUbert;.— A Tukmikk o^J 
OMMK8CK, by .liihn Whrlrr. p, \hi. 
" Cantrvriiriac, Snnecj nan fiirbidtlrn by Screnn* the )iliy»ici«n to e-at auj more of 
liidi, bettiR /»u too wgleri»li u nouruhincut lor In* WMk bnAy.—ilvrrtm on Koov. 
].. AT. 

" Pdlagratr hiu. bcaido to-matll, la-iitth, ^(r. to to ameii, to to litlh, to to vrMf, to to 
tHiatt. BoaniTiDg to par trvy trap pn . par trop tivfi f/nmt : par trap trap prtil. 
" 'I1>c ]>roituiiL:iation wna t(io-to^>> aa appearafay tbi* Linciif aBOiinct uf Cuustabk'a— 
" Bnt I did too-too iuL-itimablc wcy hn-." 

I*. JJIS.^" Wliicb might ilrprivr your •ovvrciguty vf reMon, 
And drew you tiitw madncfs." 

Mr. JIniitiT (loc» tkul admit GifTordV oxplauatioit of HwereiffHiif ds 
pqnivalciil tu "your honour," or '\vi)ur linljchi))," niid etifgi-Bls 

*' Whit'h might de^iri* i> of •ovtrripily your rcMou.' ' 

This CTTtainlv ^w* ii cliiir and ■.'onsiotcnt nir-unintc, Kut •*■%: do iml lili<? 
(Jm? invpmioii of Uugiuiip*. We warwly vcttture to auggfttt, oil Account of 
nanl of mifttru-iil lianiion) in the nWUOrei 

" ^^'bicli might deprive yoa of •ovuvlgnljr of reosou." 
But. ofttT all. U uut Oiflbrd rigbt. ? 

P. H-iit,—'' Witli icutflMeM, >toa iriih uuyaof Inu." 

" lfMrf/«re« b wnl i» a MD^Q tiv« forfoUeii. We And it fa OoMbig's Ovid. Ihe 
Bdtcntti book, the book in which Shaheipeare was lo well read. 

" I got mi' 1(1 Uiu hiiaji 
Of tbia aainc bltl, lud them- heboid nf Ibb itiviip: ouurM' the hap, 
In whlrh the bout tevrnx uuc i*liilo cnuf^ht, nnil yri • man vronld tkiiik, 
Dutli <|uickly gnc the ijrwiiil iHe «tiii, and from hi^ biting ibrtok. 
Anil likr- fl wily l'(i\ lir niii* cii>i Torlli directly nnt. 
Niir mnbfv a H-iniHenf o\tx nil the chanij'ion liclila id>oiit, 
Boi (loiibiitig and indanling aiitl ftioid* hi* •■nemy't Il|i(, 
Ami taniiiiit ^hvrt, m Fwift about u vpiunia; wtmL he whips. 
Til di<is|>jKitiit the much. 

Mf^ H i> al>o uted by Bia]i(i]i lloi-Lel, wl»i, bke Fuller, ^lillnn, and Martrl lu bit owa 
'vtwt ami Suiitliey in ourt. dflli^hled to maintain the rredil ofeiitrhoainit aud valuable 
wordi. wliich the leni reticcling werr iglfcring to fall iDto nbssliite deiuHudc, If not 
■luing their beat to sink tbem in oblivion." 

P. 22T.— " My Bcm iball be llve/rw/ to tlMt grwl ft**!." 

(jo tlic tjuartos; iW folios— 

•' M; nnrt liudl tic Uie fCirf lo Out |ivi( fml." 

1845. J Z-i/ir, iSimdieft «W JKWlinf* nf Shttktsptar*. lit 

Mr. Iluowr pro|io*eK '• uuU," a» suffgvntnl hy puUiiig ntiri ruid ynat' 
toicMbfr; bm ttetct U tvidenilv a nu^^iriiil, atid why not be rootwiUxl wilh 
/i-mt f 

P. S36. >rr. I-Iuirt«r here has sntDPierv judjcioun obwrvitjoiw on Ih^ 
amngoDMit of the famous K)li)Q()uy, " To be or not to be," in the pU)', 
to which, M loo long to unert, wc nrfcr our mders. 

P> 3C!h— " That I have »bot my Brrow o'er tlic boowi 
And hurt n>v irotJ^." 

The Qote to thi* liup '» a proof of .Mr. IIuDter's diligcut and curious b- 

fanuBtxiii. though wi» can hardly ap*w with hivu in the inference ho draw*. 

" It it lfau» in all the earliir cditiuns but In the folioii the word is mother. 

^■nw rhaiijrp raiirht bo nuwie bv Sbakapcrc after he retired to Strat- 

irA, the passage n> it ohg-iinilly stood coming too near to an incident 

ithicb had recently occurred in ihi- riiniiK of Grcvilk' in that neighbour- 

Pliood, where ouc of ihrm had by misadvfrnturc killed hia bruthcr with an 



t. Sn.— " 1 OnmbM wben I mw : hill oft 'lu weu, 

Our iH«wu> i^mrr in ; and OUT nierv daferte 
Prove vur ranimoditicfi." 

ytt. tliiuifr savK, " I would p^opo^c i!if following as a conjectural 
etncndation of a paangv which cAniiot Ik right as it now stands," and hta 
onendatton b a good ono. 

" I rismblvd wbrn t w t full oft ti> «««», 

Our mraitutf taemurt v«i and nur nero (Woeta, Ac" 

But wc do not know where tin- exact point of rorruption in the text lies ; 
b it in mrmu. or is it in the first own f cjin it b<' 

" PwtrmtmuMxun lui aadotir men (Meets." 

A» ft gracnl rule, and critical canon, if the aen»e in a lino 15 defective and 
a CDrntptiaa of the text seeni> to exixt, and if the name tcofti ta repeated 
tu ihe tine, the unsoundness inay be euBpccte*! to bn there- 

P. S8S. — " ' But alas I to make me 

To point m» tlow uomoting fitig«( at." 
Mt. Hunter propoew ; 

" Tht Jirti fi^nrt oftk* limt (at ■Dorn 
To polat hU alow uunoviiK (utcer at :" 

bat we confefis ibat !l :ippear<r In un to titke much from the spirit of the image, 
■ad wr are not »ure that there i»i not a coiifu»iou of metaphor m the on- 
gwt, a mM-e</ MO(/r, a- W'arburton would call it, which occasimu the 
otncurilv, and we would thercforr leave the text u it is. 


P. SSfi.— ** Drop tLtni ai ijui m di« Arabiaa tree* 
Their mciticiDft] gnm.*' 

31r. liuutu B*>s that the commcutotgra have uoi iufonncd us wlut vst 

1 16 l-Fimtvr's New lUutlmUom of Sfiaktsptare. [ Ang- 

er gum in h«n> inti^cUMl. .ind thst it is probably called Semis, hr fftvfm 
in the Herbal. Bui in ilir t-^ut are other trees, a* the in^rrh Itpc, b&lm or 
bBtuni In'os ; •' Myrrh Ipcpc, from which the Pha>nitiaii foUou^^rit of the 
cimip loaded their bea.*ts with the precMus g^um." Src Tlurlwall's Greece, 
vol. vii. p. iJK, or more g«wra!ly in jMiltwi'* t'aradiiKi^ Ixwt, iv. )M8, 

" GrOTM whoM rich trew trtpi Mf^row* fnmi and balme." 

P. 290.— " 1 ito note, 

Titu Grief and Patlencv, nouH in Mm Mi, 
Mingle tliclr fnrt together." 

'■ "nm fnl!ni, at lonit the aeoMi^ feUo, hta ' th^m lioth,* antl the modem rMdJng Ii « 
nsre conjoduml entatdatiaii. ' Old roj^jr— in IMen. Corrected by Mr. ^jpe,' Mjn 
Mftlone. Mr. Kiticht retain* lh« readijig if thn Vmrienin, lakiBg no nMln of tbc 
readiDc at the origuial cojrict. Y<1 one wduIiI have thought that the nniDitabl«neu or 
' bolh, M Knnnrd tn ' him,' or Ihe ewkwanlDnu at It. if rvfhrcd U> ' Krief anil 
PiKeor*,' oroiilil ha'c »lit)wi» tliat the <iri)^iiiiil copEca dawrved (o hare Ihtfr readtng ■( 
the leaM e%liiUl«d. That tLo (original i* th« true niediagwUI mlly be made to appear. 
But ill ardcr Uiat it may be apparvnt we muit make a rather cxteauTii quotatian : 

fiBLLAKKi. — " This foutli, honvcr riietn^aej, appcara he hatli luul 

(iood anoerfura. 
ABTimAaira. — How ang^-Mce be aingel 

Gt man I OB .—lint bii neat i-nokrry '. Itc rul imr mnta in ritarecten, 

And laoecd our brothf , a* Junu had bwi tick 

Aod h« her dirter. 
ARnaAuus.-— Nobljt he yakm 

Aainllingviiha atgbi a* if the ligii 

Wm dwt It w». for not being each a emile t 

Th« onilc mofJdng the aigh, thtt tl wonld 1^ 

Pmm Ml ilmnc a ttnnjilr, tni^^mmii 

With «ini!l» tlial failure rail at. 
GDipxiira. — I do note, 

That Grief and Patience, rooted in Ihrni botli, 

Mingle thdr ipvn lugcther.' 

Who ean doabt that * th^-ta ' haa for iu aatwedoat the imile anil the ngb. In both 
might Imi diaramvd at once both grief artd patience. It i* la tlio higheat ttjio of art ; 
but the bcautr i» luat if we lubitttate ' him.' " 

Wv give this uoto an a mark of Mr. Ilunter'a iitleiiLivci studv of tbc text 
of his authort and the can- with which he has formed hia ilIustratioa« ; 
though in tUs case hi$ explaoation will by Mnnp he ilemaed only iDgenious 
and acute. 

P. S18. " There w«a at thai tiue a groaa negtei-t of qtiantily. in proper 
nunns at least, won aroon;; Hc-huUrs, in England. Thii^ writes .Tohn 
Goweri M.A. of ,Fesii<i Coih>^', Cnmbridfre, in a. traiuUtioD of Orid's 
Fasti, Ifinio. 1640 :— 

■• Vuur belt, Sir Oi-ron, now jaa »Ul not alieir It, 
Nor fet to-ragrrow, bat ere hng we 'U *kv It." 

Bui in oiip of cHir late articles on ihe text of Khaksiwr*", wp showefl thai 
the ([uantity of aWlhesyllahlM of" Orion" nem doubtful, tiring u<eil both 
aa loOfT and »hon, and lhn< w«* [imposed auhrtilMting '• Orion " for Dr. 
Johnson 'a *' Herrnio'," iw Ihi* maw ppofuiMi- word, which we think it it. 

F. 3ld. Mr. Hunter has o wiery intcrei<linK and inntruetive dis^erU- 
lion on the learning of Shafi'upere, diffvnn^ fttnn Dr. Fi-inuerV concluiioQs 
on the subject, we think jnMly. Tliat ShnkKperr was ignorant of French 
or Italian, we •'ball not easily Itc convinced : in thc-M' lan^niagea were the 
rieb itozvbtnues of bU inTUiUoo, fiuBiiiuruiu^ hin with tiM^iu, auA 

1845.] Maeautajf't " Layt of Ancient Rom." n<f 

fobk» for plote; and tliey m^ra favnuriii; lancus^ea of the time to bo learnt 
bjr onUoaiy application, and 1o W foutul infloencing aliuost fvory spefii^ of 
a«r ■■tiTe poetev; *» for Latin, the country was o>'tTflowiug with ifrranimar 
sebools in w\acti il was imi^ht, to turn aii fxtrut, that t\i&ir iiumbci- 
«■• oOB^Uiiwd of.* But as to Gm-k, it is auwt jtrobabU- that 
Sfcak^WB VMS nevvr ocquunted wiUi it, as it was not to hn learnt at i)ih 
ea^maa fpiW" aehoobr our was it used in the tninsaclioiu of litVs Dor in 
the metammil studies at rollr^ nor in \egal <iocuiDrats an LaUh was. 
Giwfc b a fat^oafre to difficult in MHiHtmotion, and mo ununial in its term* 
of «xpmuion, that a merely early and etmicatarT inatrurlimi in it, if oot 
addgd to and supportad by constant practicr, will mwn disappear ; it ia a 
m ■npoD that to n>tAin its nturptuma and its luAtnt must be coostautJy in 
mfc A tittfw Gnxk, a-« JoboMii supposes, would be of little profit to 
paMHii u poMeuiou uf tba langua^ wotdd only be used by tht* potrt an a 
uy tn OM an additiotul ratranoe into llie knowledtrc of the htininn heart, 
Kui, lo W <# use, must therefore be easy of applicaiiun, and quite at 
— wr— —*- And on sach a supposition it b hardly w<irth while to eon* 
' the uvummt : but the iliffirulty uf pre^-rving a knnwledfre of aocb a 
wubont coosuut appUmtion, appears to us to he a much stroiwer 
ai^MBSt Shakiipen^'a acquaintance with it, than t)ut which 
Pmwm adfwuvd from his havini^ read North's tranilatioa,t The language 
' "* OiWo», whm horned the Oreek histopie*. has l»et«ved even his, a 
rV fiuniUarity with the Latin columu. And assure^y thctv ia al- 
raoee to be made to thow who are referring to a passagu in a Gredc 
inoideiitally, or quoting gooif exprci»on the purport of whtrh 
not dspend on tbiraecurate nicety of language : and, if in haste the eye 

Zto stray into tin- K-rwn^ sidu of ihi' |>age, it ia not to be 
it cannot interpret the riglUr but thttt iihesi a fit occasion calls, 

mjicahi^t's layi or akoiknt rnona. 

Mb. rnair, Cork, Afa^ 2S. 

IN the daily ^ireadinif ninubvr of 

~ pc^okr writers, dnr if any have 

almiiJiij advanced in Utovr 

, and Mcund * firmer hold of <*■'- 

arinnctao, than Mr. Macuulsj. 

. Ihnwgh. In his drvemitial [>ui-i>iiil!>, 

I does not anxxr till Uldy U) baw 

OB till* field ftf iNK^irr, hi* 

aC Anrii^ni Hodk' ' cniu'c no 

conniiuid df its iiuptnitiony. 1 

not aware of any other ih-innoBtra- 

of tins poHenaed gift; but, wbiin 

tlius OTuki<«l, it at once displayed, 
luofv <f«»wi:dly iti tho " Lay of V*ir? 
^ia," tnc iini--iTiiUf evidence of g;ena> 
loe anil creative Ancy. No subjoct, 
indcsM, has mof« frwiufintly than this 
cx<L>n:i«ed (he Jnngwativg facnlfy i Am* 
to the tn^miiac alone it has fiiniubad 
(hi- ^fi-uuiidw<'rk iif iibove one hundml 
ilrimiiitir prtxlurEioo*. in thi- viiriouit 
tiin^ii! of KuroiK!, and at tbli mo* 
invnl }tf]iili;iiiutM.-Af Itiirhi-I sttractS a 
crowdetl Puiaian audience to a new 
nttcmpt by a M. Latour. I do sot 

" Ob tfcii sobjttt. ■ late Cbaiwe of tbo Dbhap of Uaadafl' najr ho MntoUed. 
f Of tU tir critin nc think aSTt Uptfln bas oeea tii« one most wilHnf to illulrats 
by nJeciioo of the Grew, and to c«*«r kU atitboi' wtth the mantle of 

■ nahptt* 

" Da Onw! oh cfet ! d« Grec '■ tl wilt in One, ma saCHr 
Ab I iM idtee, dn Gnr 1 dtt fine I oael donanr '. 
Qaoi I Moa«ieaf wa]l da Gi¥« ? An ! pentuttei, de graee, 
^m pow I'wow dd Grt«, Mgnaieur, j« tou cnibnsia."— Rot. 



The French ftittet (ffSnglUh tUemU&t, 


Iiorc. howevw. iih»«ii fiirtlior to nalW 
Air. Mll'.'iiuUv'ii 'inIon*"tini; i'tlii*irm 
tluiii til rt-iuiirk the liit^iiliu' roiju'i- 
dcnii', iici-iiliiilnl aiisiireillj', Dotwitli- 
Atnmlitiff the obriotLo r>miilArily of 
imuKi' 1111(1 vxiircMJOD, betwcvn tbu 
Itt-nutil'ul ilijtUi'li in this Uy, 

" Jul IbeOiU Iktvaib «i« d<>tidl««i chink in 

a bUcic MonDr ikr, 
9iUH out thr dr«7niamlnr. ■ t%\t reiuif rkrl 

euuK br," 

nil llic Sl«o>liiili poet Ti-flTier'* liiion. 
iiiiu ol* wliicli HI) Nlrikiii^'ly oxcinitlily 
*llue KCt'ur<laii('(- 111' liii- iiiitivi- >(tiiitii 

jwr. of t•^ mufli f nrioAiiy, u " une pro- 
\inoi-, (Jill, i'>>iiiiiii> un latl. furiuc In 
IMiiiitf extivmp til- rAmu-iquc Men- 
•liomttr' wliili' it i« a North Ami-nraii 
jH^niiiMilo, norlli <-i>rininlj «X thi- 
wiuAtor bv iiforli- Iwciilv il^ifrws, ami 
nIniiHt iielicv friiiu tin* Mitil)irriimo«l 
(luiMt o( ihut (vnriim'Dt.t llipsiilfs m 
till- vtTjf tillf ol' )iii> book, AL-. Sti- 
plii'iK lUvipiMlo.* tbi- *\W ■« in VnOrai 
Aroerii-n, iiluixtl. in fin-t, U'lwtfen ilie 
ffulfii lit' IIiMuliiriui mi>l Mi-xioo. Yet 
ilii» jitiinml. tkii j>riitm] »u1)it?ct5, tit 
juiitlT 1u-l<I ill bijtlt nliiiixliiin, u (irMW 

oum, lu murt' aniiily plm-icLitod to wliicli it liuf Uttli- rlaini whenever 
"' " " ' " ■' it witci-)" (III Hriliuli fjmuinl, iBjUtioal 

orlitiTiry. I^^iniraiicpnfnurlanpuaige, 
irnvy uf uur [>rviKiiKli.'rit)T<x% iliiliirtion 
of farts Hiiil ii>ui;^)it}' of im|iiiuiinn, 
iben oiiHjiin; in out- iifliions] iuinci>ia», 
niHiy- pnrtii-uliii'ly in ihe MticM::* nb- 
Th'u poetic nppro^iinatinn I find In w:ril>«lby M. Dim-rgier JpHftumnne, 
e ■* B£nic ties Dtnix Momlex,'' of luiilM.CIuwItii. Rnl llic latter, in bis 

by Mr. W. BBmi-B in Ins loUwliun ol 
Donetahire jmotry. 

*■ Bak KiTuptna alal «a imrim 
Slur iiixd rfn llljrhi, 
Orh l))lrk(r,(lafiirrt «t}rraa, 
B*koin en tlonnjr ihy." 


tie lAlfcafAiuni-l, IH44. JV nrlicli- 
li hj M. PhSdotK- Clia»l.-% who. 
howeTOT, erroneoufly qiiou'*; tlwfimt 
book ot' Livy lor tSii* iHory ol' VHr- 
^iitia. iiwliinl of tb« rtird (_<-luk|)l4-r 4^) ; 
*n<l the hluti^len in Uit auniiuilvt'rfionx 
on Kti]fli»b ')r jVuK-m-aii wrileni iir\' 
Ongrant. At jiafti- •»»T, In' i-.'Uls Tu- 
romo. the wcU-knowu Itritliih ]msn»- 
»ion in Oanntlii, " iiiiu vi]]»'|it'ii coiiiiiiii- 
lies Klnto I.'ni.<." Apiin. at |niffi> A^)^. 
ndvcrtins to Mr. K, St*'Tilieiip' * "' In- 
ddeota of TrnrcN in YuiNitait," Uc 
deactiboa that lerriUiry, now the ob- 

* Thid p^atlcnaii uetas la atra^'h IllUe 
eoninuoni-e to mlDilte accuracy ; fur ht« 
wcona TO]Pag« oommooc** with a micUalt .- 
" On Monday, the nJii/A <tn foil tetUra) of 
October, we put ta **s,*' \e. are hU 
WOnU; but the ninth of Ortuber lfti:i, 
the ccrulu tbonch not tpMiHrU ft«r q( 
tbii dqiarttin trom Nrw York, frll on n 
Stmdtif, not Monday. Thi* tatij \»:(hum 
n|>(>«ar too trifling (or notice -, but &■ tae 
|ihtlo!iuphic Fuiuur obacrrea. " Lea ail* 
nlmitf* f-|[iitent Im maximjiea, ct ne 
■out pus luaini inilii[ienMb1r> ilaroniiaii' 
aancfl do la *^rit£;" and we are anvrod 
4in the hiftbeit authonty that. " he who in 
faithful in thnl which Li Im«I, i« faithftU 
iiUo in much." (SI. Lnlir, »ii. 10.) The 
i-ardpaiiirM. in it-uih, of wriicre or |>riiil- 
rra, for thr dekinqiuiit in not alwari dh- 
cemiblr, in dati!*, cuDitoallj utrikri the 
attentlfe rmilt^V eye wen tn work* ol 
bifh rhaiacler. Iltuf, in (hat lahiablc 
rr^oaitary of le^aS Information, tlir " I<aw 
MafWinr," No. 1 vt tlie New Scric», al 

i>tr!rturo« on Aiiivrioui literature imd 
iiuuim*r», ifivw iilt4>rHnw to the bit- 
terest Hureatuis f<^ more dcpivriftlory 
of uur westeni kin^iiienV vaimriiy anil 
liabiu Ihuii ihti rt-{ir<Mi-ntnLionft, *n 
wriiielv fviu of our own rvviewi-rs or 
traveller*. Theii- poeln ho <lewrilw" 
tut si'r\'ile iuiiiaiorti, barren of nil on- 
;;iH«I or native {.'eiiitl* — " Iw n-llets 
ilik'oliii'^i* ill' 111 nietropole: W eehia* 
utruildt.i ill* In iiiKiuiinliti: ltrit»nm'|uv." 
'I'bcir iKTMinnl miMoiiw, eonecit, and 
uriMyuni'e. a» ilitrkly roiilcutplatiHl or 
iiiisrw]m>»vnted Uy biin, nru uul IvM 

page S. I find (he fullowiBK ilatemeat. 
"In KSSS Inonornt the (Wrth mIki. 
lMu>d itw trial by battle In luatient of ec- 
clealaitl^ jariadictioa." Itnt thin pontid 
had ceaaed to live ao long bark n> IL'M : 
and in 1^2^, Adrian VI. diriikd the Te*r 
<inth Clement VII. the lutrr lAkingr poi- 
NM-iiMi cif the tiara on th^ iJaih of N'o. 
vrml>-r. Id place of IVJ.l, we tboulil, I 
bellevfl, anbtticuta 12^3. Again, at \>»f[f 
iSi in eoBlinuancB of thr lcam«d article 
on " Pmiumritive Krldenre," It i* Mid, 
" In the duclijr of Milnti llir laone iiriii- 
ciplc " (the cic'luiion of oril ericleace 
on certain occasioni) *' wni adopted In 
1I9.'I. anrJ unctionrci bv l^guii All. in 
1552." Thic nionnrph, KoweTrr, died on 
the lint of .lanuiry l.M.i, tweuty-weea 
yean )irrvioiMly. Vie thoiUd donlilleia 
read, 1:>\J. 

I' If 1^ mrant, " toirardi the M>uibrin 
«\(remi(} of \oflh AinerkC" be would 
have been rorrttct ; hgt the teil COAieyi 
no tU'i'b iiu|>Qrt. 

U f rror# o/3i. ChntUs. 

tke aim of his 4ortMOD ; fo thni the 
North Amcrii'An Rerww will nou 
have lu rrlon un Frmnct-, n» it Inlflr 
(Ud Ml Ei^Un-J. in lUiJircr la itit- Ko- 

H (vcriniuliaiit.' 

^B Aaong cnir recent publiratiotv M. 

C1imI<» eBuiDiT»lr< Ktili appropriile 

^elllaay U» la**" Mr, Jjunt'-t Wiljon'* 
"Sdeot Lu^c." wlkli'b lia^ I perceive, 
rMcbcil k Dmnli vilnion, und luldacea 
from thu poeai tbe luUowiiig cxiract : 
" . . . . WIWI** ■ MIM .... 
A mvmdiomi. laawil.urnd •pell, 
n« wfctcMQg'w Mw lumt Mca|«d Baal 
kllT«0rttr«M(i«ali*dtnit>cU|Me. . . [Up*. 
EiOb, «b«t 1 wm «>ik OM wbo wMd ito 
' «•■• [euee." 

MT *mf» pvlMUoa quicker went ud 
To tbei^ VQ^et br nibjoins boedp of 
Ua (wn, frota a liltlr pocn) printi-^l in 
1S33, ** inter ildicu juvi.'iiiuti?'," iix lit- 
lenus it ; and lioth lliiu vtewvt) ia 
jtuta-pneiliun jircwtil noaHjr annjual 
coonnaoe of tlKPUulit sihI laiinua^'i- 
Willi tba Mrallol liiti-o ahovi^ <'it<--l 

^B bard. Still, thouati utili-Hnr to Mr. 

^V Ullna'a onapmiliaii. M. CbaiJca. iii a 

^1 flpiril (^ libnvJit]^ Ix^ynnil wlial ho 

W BWMlly rrraa.'* triwnriLi Knplish 

vntCDi acqnitaour i;tiuiitrj-nian '•I'M 

dafkdsdac |irocr«4liuj', ood iwhiliitff 

ibe onninriuy analugy w cridviMt: 

tlMt the flaotf idi^a niay aru« in rlif- 

Anot miiid» ifiimtaiMwiulv or ori- 

^BaDj, wilhoul alim obligation, 

vfaoiec he ttiorliulH, " (loll lU! Jaut 

paa trop Tita poup^onner Il-c gvtv^ >\o 

piagiaL lli« a«m pm(lu(.iMn tbas 

'* XM ««««> 

Qari naiifW povnlr ■ Immt lea accrata ? 

itmOt ckabM arkMUf uw 
Ofitn «»ae mo* uMir, alan qur Jt tVnUikdt T 
Mm ^"B (nppe mon onillr, 
L'anbn ^■in'Mtvsniil ■'mruii : 
Toat Boa eamt tmfoatM I'/vrilk," ftr. 
The namhlauefl ia ubvious while 
ibc freeeomx-smiu bv Lhw Fn.*nf'h gmci. 
ikat Hr> ^ViLfun bail not cfiouUiO^iy 
tra^MMfd tm prMKvupicl gruuiiil, Air 
cXMada in CMtilour what tiiaturv oini- 
mtJtdaieM III iH iif i-i>iitV7^t«>d [ireten- 
jiooa In prinrilv nf Iiiiriilitin. in gri- 
taoc, nia, nr IfttOTv, Wiwcvn indtvi* 
vidnala or nattona- 

In t tnoro tM«nt natnba of the 

tane Frcucb pcntxlikral, ( 1 April, 

IMS,) atml rvricw of tlii! Livm of the 

nni Walpolca, fStr Bobert aod biim 

Gm. aUo. Tw- XMV. 

ItorACiT,) the Utler'fe birth if an^ed 
tit till- Yi-u 171:^ Hiul hix dmniw to 
1787, iu pla.-* of 1717 and 1797, by 
At. ( liiuli'*. wli<H« figiireR ar« clear 
ami ili->ttiu-t: while to the fkthcr be 
ntlnbutes " la nature na6e i-t btUi- 
qtifiue de lliotniiie poliriqQC," tiiongh, 
beyoD<l i|ne»tioa, tne miwi pacific of 
our nitniftrTii. Afiain, Sir Uobert ia 
aauTled to baw been ilf pictLiI as ai/a- 
mo— by ihv uaaiituioitii vtacv of 
hiitorT, " un tnllnic comiDP toua lea 
hiatorifiM ti' |irut'buu<-iit." l>Dnng his 
atlniinistration, like iitlicr inen in 
]Miw<T, Iw WB*, 1IO doubt, eo repre- 
sented hr hi.'t adTcrtuirira^ who aspired 
to hif [Jacxs but tliongh corrupt 
enop^b, and the inatnuDcnt t^ cor> 
ruption, the epithet hen aflpUed to 
him w(kuld i^rlaiiily find no nnetion 
in any dii^mi^ioDDie historiao. At 
|ia|ic HA, thi* Mffc- rcvitrac-r aasurca at, 
thai Hiirkt- in Inn ynnih **lud namwlf 
*^-upe<l the loM ot' bis ear* hy th« 
hiuiiM ot' ibe public execudoner^ 
wbich turvlr uioxt be emmeoita, M 
not Icfu in bi« Mlatcmciit, that Itoraca 
Wulpoli; iliniivil all inerit. uveti thai of 
fl(H|ii*-ure. !•> Liird Chathain. wbcrciU 
ilw i-fliK-iii uf tbat Wuquiuive are th« 
fn><jui>iit Ibiriiif (»f Ui« admiratiou. A 
fAii: tfEfmotit IB itburtly ai^tr iniro- 
liiiivd, a» ilcwniUH l<i n.-»l(>re ri,-uilil 
habits meilia'^al orchilei'ture, Itc. 
luid not onv ot'imr tint three livorfrca 
hail, aeoordins to M. Chaales. llw Ad- 
vantage v£ bednz Knfcbsb ; tboosh 
where a (Mr of Egmont ii tnoeabw 
in our (M^mtc 1 know nm : and that 
(ieoT^e ilie lliinl prmidly UmkIl-iI of 
hiH Etiglisb Iiirth in lii» (,'arU<±>t >))web 
lo l^krlutuimt b un wjcord. Then, ut 
page dS, we rend — " Pinidaiil unc uuil 
d'ote, auand N<>rua (itait m ui«re, 
Tociie ecrivait," kc. but wbeu the im* 
perio] mutvtvr win roniuiittiiii{ nuUri- 
eidc the ffreat hUtorian wii.=> lUst five 
year» ola; for, so for aa can ne nM^a- 
iaiacd, he was horn about ibe year 
IKI6 oTKonn, and AuHpuina'iF murder 
wcurred in 813, A. C- 1 fen- we eon- 
lempUtc a aeries of jinfnitar ini»tat«- 
iiienta, to wliidi I mi)cht a*hl several 
iiniiv, in the narrow conipii»< of thirty 
(fddpagut; uud ret. ti> thiK writer la 
specially iulnulcil the British lilenu^ 
department of the ♦* Kerue d^-* Deux 
Iiiondes." He ^vv* public Icctorei 
also on tlie suae nibjecl. 

Totin,&c. J.B- 


OM Tai paistmt vtati d? tki v>H\ti rA-TtuiNTS at siOMaft. svmu. 

lia. Ukbaf, 

AMONG the otgccU worthy Uio 
■ttoolUHi of KodquHrioi nt Isr^ Umj 
|««Mrvalkdt of Nub tanoiitt u mark 
ptnknlir fttM* of hiitor; by vhn- 
msteiwtic ftttaiVBi Kn.-iul«L-tunil or 
deoontnc> atMulfl in the I'uniiiuBtruik. 

Tlw Itonao nimuiui >n Urilwa um 
oTth* U^Mt intcreM, u ■he«tiig bjr 
tin^Ua ctMcogg tb« wlvuc« orour 
cpuiitt7 iu driUjvUon lUrin^ ihe 
oImbmi ngas sod tlwt the inwur of tfao 
•wori in ihe haitda of a DolUietl pen^e 
M exMiiifWilt under ibu Ibraigbt of lut 
overTnluiK I'ruviileuOi^ (at Uw ulli* 
■Bale benefit ol' tiiv hniMO race. 

Ttwn ii • jjmgKM and r**«Hk)n !n 
the prooeM of rdiiung ounliuii) mit 
tlwtrn Bt Snl olMvrvffl. Thiu tbo 
Rffl itf M vBii*|ui*ho'l tlu-' batlnrTMiit 
tiibM of Britun, uul oaautiotiicuuiicl 
le Umb tin arts utd eomforta of Booiol 
lUbi tbo HomBU Hill tlioir trilmury 
ooloniM mtn in ikt coune of titn« 
ovcrwbrimed hy Uw vtrriors.oT tlui 
aortfal Iiut tboe in their lani wore 
biuoa^MNl by Uh* kovMi of dAMin 
laaRiIiie and «rt wWfi ww still |ir«' 
Mrrad nom iln' wreck <it' tbi> ItiNtum 
Kmpir«. Ardiii«cLurc.>Lii]ptun',)iiuDt< 
iagi Igriculmro, miliuu-y nciriM'o, and 
abein all tba jmaLTvaiioa and dia- 
KminHlon of tM tniUii uf Ibc- ^^impbI 
uav b» rJasMd luaoan ibo b«n«Bu 
which Rotuan domiiiHtion, dirccllT or 
indirectly. Ima Oun&'rrvd on ibo hationi 
of tbc oarlb. 

Tbo wUence of the Rnman onni* 
{Mitfoa of Britain in luiir tvducod to 
thOMgraat Uara of coanmitnioatinn. tba 
biob Kiada wbioh tbcT formed i ibe 
veirm and arteriet, which to this daj 
niiunlain tbc circulaUoQ of tht lifu 
hlnnd of tbc builj ]>o)llir, to iiiilitarr 
fxirthnorku, mi hi li lira) moutidv, aurl 
wall* i>f tbuir cilk-« wliicb arc lUU 
extnut, and to tlM Laaantlalad tmvfr- 
taerrtm and foiinrbitinna of their uwuU- 
faiga. whirfa, with thiar bold and en* 
duriiq; ineclnl*, wi^npomi and lintila 
%aire, are deWcted, fnat tutu' to liiw, 
mder tbo fqr&cii of our wuil by tbo 
|ih)ugh or ibe ipadLV 

Noma>otii miuaplw of monic p>TO- 
nrnU nf Rntnan ti>ii)|il««, tillaa, aul 
batlu ol' wwiu ^Niiiuds Uavu bvax 

found- in Britain, but none mperior 
and ffw wjual to ihuM which wcra 
laid opoa m ibc ycir 1811 nl Bignor, 
near Petworlli, in inuaex. 

11u! pavetneata at Bignor maj ria 
witii aoythinic diacorerod at Ptimpeii, 
and are pcohab); not ibferinr id an* 

Upwarda of thirty war* hamy' 
daiNed dtm; the disrorvry of tfaaao ' 
beaatilb) vvitises of Itnman art, I 
made a }oarni>y to Bifcnor, in the 
tponti) of Aiijpul of llw liivt jeiir, ex- 
pnwJy to natvrtain !n what i-oodjlion 
tfa« pavOTwitta ut that pUc« were, and i 
if any care were atill taken for tbeirj 

To ihoK who nay not have an op« > 
ponuiiJtY of vintiiic tbo npnt or con-* 
■ulliu^ ihc beuiitiful and rii.bly ilhi«*j 
trat«d work in ^nntiu l(>iio, hy ibaj 
bU« Sainiwl Lj'hMib. cw|, on tbu lii]n>ur j 
par«ni*nt«,* auiuv gwtaral clMtriptioa] 
pf tliun in«7 Bol ba unaccepuble. 

The foundatinn« of tho m^^aifiOMit 
Boman villa at Bignor lie a awmr 
nf n niilo oa«t IVoiu tlio cfaurCB, and 
orrupj n riniDg proand facing lbs 
xiuth-wot divuiou of tbc bodxoD, 
llii' i-ounicnoarp or corrcqioodjiw 
vluvatiiMi orur aaaioft thia aaununca ■ 
Bignor llill.t uTiold ai»l i»ay boghtt 
one of the chain nf South Downa,OTBr 
whtdi runa a 6no ■oeviiw.-a of Roman 
hJf^way called toe Devii'o Bank^ 
pointing; in Ihc direction of Chicbaatflf ; 
and AriimM. 

I iJiidl not pnu.-Ki bore to csuunaj 
vrhuilti-r Bi^tnor hiu niiy pri^tcnMona %ti 
b(- ihc Aii DreitHirm oi* mit otbcrl 
iilittioii invtitliittud liy Aiit4>niiiu)i ; j 
nil)>>'>^ il to remark that a traditinni 
i-xiRts tit Ihv nc^lourbood tliat cba ! 
Ittiry And I'own ricltb, in whtob the 
Kiiuinn rruutini were UtKOTerod, wen 
Uu] aik- oi' a towa in remote agott and 
the Saxon appeUatioDi bjiu; and cw 
bare embahnvsl, aa it wervt a Act wlitdi 
fiubcequr>Dldt*roTcrieiialaciiUt«<l. 'Yhm 
viUa at Bi|piurt however ancient JtMUi 

* Mr. tiyitnu also pnbllibed Aveoiata 
of tba Ronan fteniaiiu at B<ttor In vob. 
XVIII. and XIX. aftbe ArduKtlogte. 

t At ihetvutofthbaniBanettiaptaR 
bMiiai iha q>peUiti(Ui CoU Uwbev. 



Du Saauin Pavemmtt al Bignor, 


I «B romtdstioiu of a still earlier 
pvioit mH oomipaiKliiig wnh the di- 
netiM of ito w«lb. 

TV* flpartnK&t^r <^orri()M^, or cr^pb- 
piHiinM oi the villa at Biffner suttduikI 
A* Ibar flidct of m punlU'ln-rnun, tbe 
ioKrior tfinwarioDB of nhirh nr« about 
mo fwt (hwD «w4 to w«r, ItiO &(]« 
aortfa to toaik; the MMi-m rnnra of 
fiKBC i» Dot |«vciaelir «<{uare vrtu the 
alter nle*t but iovlinn •li^lill^ we*t- 
WH^ n» eeotre ww wt o[Krti oourL 
Thm fiitruwe to this court wtut in tbf. 
eeaav nf die nMiihera imngi- of cham- 
bn*- An oiitwnnl wall, at InM 300 
fret in lea^ fmm the nutwtrd, hy 
MO ID ie^ saothwiinJ, indosed the 
bidUSBfp, Ac- mud ontnuice to 
tlii enter banumrv Aciag ihv cant. 
*tt tiMl the vilU at Bipiar biin- Muiie 
amlo^ in ha imapvinviit to a Komiui 
Caa)t:^ C0iuid«ria> the outwanl wall 9w 
iM vaOuo, iad lEe rOU iUelf Km pra- 

Thai iL m* ml\y the rvKult^rc of 
l)i« RmiMD pm-{TnBtJir in the iirr>viiirR 
at' ih« Kegiu ia conjectorvd with great 
|««baljll^. It WH ftt on cii^y (lis- 
taxMC frdoi the ropilol Utrgtuim, or 
QAAaSa, aad within two bcxw-ahot-) 
of the Bmtttn rood vwr thv Duvrio. 
TIk foandattDru of upiranb tA' liirly 
MqiuMe rooms an: extant at: Bi^'nor, 
mA of » erTpto-porticii*, or ri>rn(Uir, 
nDaaw iB round tho rnlerKir nren, 
MkI rf i riii ig ■ tr&iutt, umW cov«-, 
fian wuMiHrtiacflt to the other. At 
tfce nvUfeMC iMe of the vqoAJii were 
tba hjrpOfiHUt uul fripdarium, for 
•weMiDc and tnthiug oArr thi'i wi>ll- 
huuNil JtonUB m&uiirr. Ovt-r I hit 
■Mlk-*est conier ai ibi> (juadran^le 
aABi^i)rannrnfa«h-trvt-4ha<l ^pwii, 
Aod ranch dihi]iiilji>>d the povemenU 
wIboIi had there dtKoratod the buUd- 
(ttft. One pniliiablT rr[>n-*efit«(I the 
F«ar9t!Mau»; lh«hcKll■)t*^Vint«r ooty 
rauaoaed, that of a figurv wran|M->l iu 
aaHMl«>KHl hoMili;iiUiiJl>s.slinilirh. 
On At Bnrth ridv of the buUdioji, a 
liiilc west of the cctiiroi, was probuiljr 
Uw tridiiuunu <>r i^ruod banr^outing 
mora, s tumn-ina!* afKurtraeut, 30 feet 
bjr IS, in ithieh b ■ moauu, repre- 
—— '"g lbs aagia of Jnpitcr cunjinff 
od* Gasjmed'-. DTmiih^t anil otber or- 
aaacnbi. ' ' '"e of this <.-bam- 

ber vaa • lii istcru, '20 inches 

deep, with a pi^ at tLv bottom to 

cwrjF «ff ita HukI eou(«ic«. To what 

BW it was appropriated bu not b«en 
uM-ertiiined : pcrtupa lihatioBs wera 
nude on grvat occaaoas, and this waa 
the ifiodM of gettini; rid of the lacfcuA 
poured go the floor. This ma the 
pavetoent firat ilisooverad. 

AiMtber sparioos apamaont, with a 
MUicireubu' end, ha* a tnoaaic, the 
bead aixl nhoul'lers ol' Venus, the haul 
gnrronndeil by u li^bl hluu ntmhos, it 
■Dark of divinity, u- dutiiiirtiiin ninet.- 
ailiiptcd fur Chri«liun uints : and little 
winjfnl ffiiiii or |iii^nieK, luitiited an 
ghuliatttta, cotnpleteiT dispbijing the 
ODstome aad anDS o) thu Nefium unci 
Sfftitinvs, thoir swnnU, f>hi.'Ms. tri- 
dcRl-s Olid ocis. They are aneaded 
by the Buitiahi, tbo^e velcian manu- 
nutt«d chanipitnis wbo, wHb wands ta 
their handa, aet«l aa manhab of the 
Held, and directed the oombatv. Kear 
ihn' Usihit U a fioo paTcment, with tfK 
bead of M«da.<«.' 

Id one room is a einpiUr aiid. I be* 
lieve, very rmv apmndage of a Ronuui 
dwt'liiiig, — a eaaaau, or eliinuiey. far 
an npi'ii fire on a heaiifa. It is a innall 
semicireiilnr nirhe. not more than 2 
Ivct in widtli, pave<l with buj^e »i|uare 

1 uni now to Epeuk of the present 
irtate of these precioiu and extntor- 
diuary TenuuDii. 

The GanyrowV* paTi-mcnt, that of 
the Sasuenii. that of the Gladiatna; and 
of the &le<hm, are atili protarted hy 
the four Ihatebcd sheds etwtfd over 
them by i1h> laie Mr. llawkinB,^ of 
Uignor I'ui'k. The highly interesdaf; 
portiau which ebowod tbe ecuiorar of 
the hypocauKt, iia midatory ehataDen 
and cold liatli. is in a Mid <!aiiilitiun of 
ruin ; uncarrred,ex[i(iHu<l li; tliesuowSf 
ihc r«ni^ and all the Turiations of 
oar rade winters, in a diort time not 
a rostige of it will remain. 

Tlie square bricks which lonned tbs 
supporters of the Doors of tbo brpo- 
eani^ are Ktill piled op in the pkees 
where tlier were foand, hut tbo mortar 
has been wat-hed from lb Jr joiutai und 
they are prDbubly by this tune in in- 
di*i-rimiii*tr <-onfusioB. In abort, the 
batlia ill Bignor are fast beeoiuiuff a 
metv holp iir pit. Atnnnf; the ardki- 
tc<ntintl friif^nenttt of the nlla ora tbe 
bases and capitals oi' some .»lom» oo- 
lumnit of the Tnsran order, of about 
13 inches io dianutur. 

lanoDienible tilesi soared in the weU* 


knmm Roman tiunncr. collected fmm 
the utiix*, arv pile) !n a hcsp nnr the 
hc4^c. went 111 ihe villa. Some Mig- 
bonis II t!«gger, |iortion« of lironze 
omniiK-nUi, tnd imiD-rj-, iin- pre«orTts1 
in Mr*. Tupper, the faniiviV wifif, 
Who iihowti the |i4iriMn>mt<i. 

Suiiw of tJiu tUca are trwrkLtl wilh 
tlii- leltiTH L. 0. C. in u uumiti- rlm- 
nu'ttfr, au>) Lvmjiis meDliutK the Ictli'ra 
T. II. Mill L. U. a* living TcirnK-il Jn 
UMuir work in imo ot'the fliianni(>iili>. 
Thi^M' AIX1 pn>huliljr the inilialt' ol' thf 
nukn- ol*liic' tiliML, ami iho wnrki^rn in 
mtivaii-. Tho whdp rtylo of tb« tw* 
M'llaliinis ut Rignnr, tu^d their (viihci- 
dcnwwtth tbowufii itivHiic<)i»ci>vcivd 
ia \7(\n At Av^iirliixi, In Swilxorliin<l. 
Aventtaim fi-^rffiormit, a jilace pw-n- 
linrljr ptttroni«i><t hy Vp,«)in!tiAii ami 
Tilus, lOKile L^M>ii8 i-tnnv tu the ooii- 
Mii«ioi> Ihal thi- llitfuor |iavi.-Uii-iilH 
V(*rv nl' lltirir n^e, Uk' fint cviitury 
of nur cr«, AtnnwwTi K'ltl* '>f lh<? 
omaim-nu pr«ri«cly pmmiiIiIi.' lLf»»c nf 
paveiii«i)Cj round nt t'iini|nMi, wliii-h 
nt know vta urfrwlieliiiMl in aJu^ 
frgm an eru ptkm or Vi9u viuf in 7 !). 

Tkt origmal Law 

I shall ndd littJv more to (his nottm 
nt' iIk' prtmi'iil <-riudtti«ti of ibi' Roman 
vilhl ai IIt;;ii(>r. llinii In nxprcM the 
wuTient hop!' thai ib ituiuiin will be 
(irtiicrvwi tt. a fulun: a|[i; by tin- linicly 
inlvrvvntioii nf thi' iJixsetii, t»» most 
>tnking ftifCCiiniiiTi of KniiiBti nrl, nt an 
(■arly twnod i>f out laliiml'i liiiilarv. 
The- whole fuiiniUiioiLi shoulii ite 
ilrnrwl out aiul uoViTwl in hj » 
ijuadTiinii^uliir Uno of ^HmIh, roitfonn- 
iii|i with Uw raiigc of tlw buihlinK. 
AlV-r ruciYiBiniMK Llitir oittlinc in the 
ycK IKll nnd l«l:i, they were with 
tlio cxcrptioti* menliuni.-)! Bjfain ru- 
v<*ral wiut tarth. 

'Ilic ikTlitiiiig mm oil iht- escniiig of 
tlH> 'ilut ot* Auguift, 1K44, (-lul lii» 
(•right niy* nuri* iiimii' on the Itonmn 
(tfwror'ii piiliM't' III: BigBor. now pi-ws- 
initc in the diuti when I luid a iiiwh 

youintpr ftUlHiUHr^i Regiiiflid • . 

irvinmil our ntpps for thv vamaue 
which tkwnileil »■ at llu' fiMit of tM 
hill, aiwl rt-liimrHl ihrouyh a wild and 
niuuutlir wiuui-y to Putwortli, diatatiL 
uorthwani tin inHct. 

YouiT, Ac A. J. K. 



■rtiolB hu UU'ly aiipi'iiivtl in 

,_ Citillf Sufnlsmetit in the Penny 

C|Triopnlia. Iimifwl, "Chiirch-Rftle*.'* 
vhich I oouvcive eiilL* fdr u few 'ili- 
MrvatioHS, with whit-h I pro|KiNe lu 
trouble you. 

Tbc wrili^i' mncliulif thai ihf re- 
pidr of the rltun-b und iIk- [imTUinn 
ol" the iiuccuitries liir ditiin- mtviit' 
RTU rnlirely iit tbr ojitiuii of the tnu- 
jurit^ of r)i>- inarialiioiKn iunvrahh"!. 

\\ itboul nltempting to arxur npi>n 
tlie expedii-ncjr of rliDrcb-ralet' for 
lliU jnuFpo^r, il will h>' fHilfii^ioni lor 
me to cndepvonr lo jirovo that the 
¥frilor, ill luying down n* ii |Miinltn«i 
that which i» still ii TniM>ti.-d i|ue.iU(>it, 
hu foundoil ii)w>n ful«(' or I'tixHieuii* 
prenu»c«. It will be nwc**nry, lIilti- 
iore^ to show the difli-renet; WMwwn 
lbs orbinal imd thi> existing «vlt-- 
aUftkarhiw on ilm MihJKl, tmd in 
whil mannor tlu> (.■ommou htw t<( ibr 
kod bit) altered or ouBtruUnU ibe 

Tlie wriu-r •«*■», tlwil ifav Itunli-n «f 
r^Kiiriag tbc cbuixh was mWiaHy 

('hnr>>i>il upon thr titlire. which were 
divi<li><l into thnei- |ior1ion*, oni* for 
llw n-pnir of the i-hunJi, one for tbc 
imur. and one for the iDinurt«n> of the 
rbuivli ; und to lhl» ffliwl he ril«i tho 
aiwrwer of l'«i»e (irpgory to Ai^ctistinc, 
enjoining mirh ii iIiHtnbiitioit of lh» 
koluntai'v ofli-rint's uiiid«! to his atir* 
aiunOT t'htirtdi in Kti^^Liiid, nnd oit^ of 
Archlui-hop .Elfri'-'- (-uiiuno tnndc in 
Ihe vpiir iiiO. 

Tlii-re call l)c no doidit tliat »m;li 
wiifi the nrigiiiiil c"*'"I«io»tiail law, 
which aiM** at a limo wlirn the Church 
bill) all thinji^ in (■'Mniiinn, and lilt' biilinp 
rir r^i«i-npii« wn» in fitrt thi' tru«li>: 
for llx- Ix-uvlit of III! ihe faithful. It 
was r(.'i| lliat of thi> ri-vomiM of 
thL'Thuroh, imd of ihooblaiionii of tbn 
liiitliAil, f>M» )<oiii<ioH lie inB4ie, wharaOf 
one wa» to Ix* apjilitxt to tht^ bulit^ 
iinothur to the tkiks the third to tho 
)uKtr, tttid LliL- lunrtlt to I lie bniUin|rH 
(fabrioia.)' HUs. wbii-li ww raUHd 

* QualiiriT nntrm tarn dc rcilitu (fakn 
dc BblauciK fiiicUtun prout cujtiillbM 



Tht original Late of Church Ratei. 


Uw ftp(»(oti«ftl or ranonicAl dispOAitton* 
WW firequenUjr utijoine)), au'l IVim 
Gr tgory.* iu his onstrer lo <mc ui ilx; 
InurrogftUn^ vf the iiuMiuimi7 An- 
giBtiiie, e3i|kreMJy uuil, llutt ui' :ill in- 
snow (adpuidio) whicJi nccrucxl. four 
thuta •nould W made, tmv to the 
fabbop wid bU hftUwhoM fur tin* pur- 
popm of bo9|iitA]ily. aiiutht;r to tliu 
rltrfj, llic lhir<1 t>i ilii* [■>or. uinl tlit 
foumirorKpwrm^i'liiuvlitr'. 'llustli!'- 
positiou oftiic rcvemiis oCtUe L'biirr^b 
was, bowever* o^juiiiH U-lnit? litiies 
«ret« grtaMuhed or (MU-ulin fornind in 
tliu ooDOtry. The fro-mllul i-aiiniM of 
An^buJMip .Kllric, uii.-iititiiii.'*! nlwri*, 
m m Hke tuUirv of a r!iitr^> m ilm 
claar^. wul uot as k couMitutioii to W 
imiMiMd \>j iiulhiirirv. Oiie af ihcw 
raen to tbe thivcfold division ■>l' 
tUbea M >ppatnl«tl )>v iIil- Holy 
Fadten-t Tnrrc i* also a |>03>ittv i- law 

acdaalM be^tm «du)iitet (fk-ut du- 
dwn nlkmUUtcr tat dvrreiun) coa- 
ttmit tori portknMi ; «)narum nna xit 
ponb&d*, altera daitwruDi, Irrtia pnu. 
penra. ijOATU m bbrfL-k aiiplieaiHlu, de 
^joibu ncut iacrrdotia Intercrit lnte|Tain 
■aMria Kclesi* metnoralam ilMpenilcrL' 

Sathalna : aic elericoa nltm drlr^toin 
•VBnum tiiiiil iiuolenlcr novrril rt- 
piUlilaiu. Ea Tcri. quo; cvclnUadda 
nMttnu& sdlAcib kliribou •unl, biUL- 
gpvinndtcr ptMrngatB IncDtaiii dai;«ai 
ioMamtio Madonun maniftsla ; i^nia 
aaha m fi ncrU wdibos deatitutl*. in 
tmtrmmtVMaa pmul iia|i^ndia kit M<?rU 
aedlbM dep«bta mnfi^ut, fte. Gria^va 
Pk|M 1. caf. $9, ci'Ui. Drttrctorunt w- 
awdapan. CaiL'<a XII. dtutstin )l.31(i. 

De rcdditibiu i-crktix tpI olilatioai- 
Maliw aob rpivcijiii* Ft bin una |ioitiu 
■ ■■iHaliii dmc eecknavtiot ftibricM irt 
cmtgrtkmi paupcrum prnfulune a prnibj- 
lero tab pencnluini ordinU luinulrcntar, 
nliina clrririi pm finpilorum loerJtU di- 
Tldaiar, &c. buaplkiu* Papa, £pii>t. 3. 

* Xloa cat apoitulic*! ledii onlinato 
Cfimno |UMovpU Iradrrr, ut dc oinai 
allfiiiiTIii quod aceedit, ijHiiliiDr dcbcnni 
fteri portkun: an* Ttdclidt i^pucopo rt 
ftmiw epu propter bpopitoliUtetu alipic 

paallm*. qaartacorloit* rrpnnndi*. Ore. 
gOfina hpa in rriipoa«io(i« ul prinincn in- 
tcmnlicona Amnntini. (lUdcin.) 

t » balgan fed<'n« erH.'ttoB t*c l- 
meaa sytlon bnica tmtunRa mta Godi-a 
ey »Ba» 7 fangv ae SM'«rd (■> 1 iir\r by iia 
Kao> VBDC dvl to cSrcbote. 1 athfrou 
pmtfiM >oae l^dam Hn Godw ^num 

among those cniirt«tl hj King -l^llidNd 
in 1014, Kiulajuotml bj tliv writer. It 
\i tberi- aaid, " And w* teotlimgo ae 
Cjug uid liis wiiaji luibbaS gvc«rcii 
and g<jciro<l«-» i^l »wa hit ribt U, ^ 
Sriddlu dwl hin! iwKungc K' ui cirvuu 
^{•■bi-rigi: gn to ririi^liolf, and aStr tbcl 
t>4uu liodt^ ^eowuni, IritLilc GoUoa 
t^arfiiNi 1 Mumuui k-oirotJiiigui.''( 

And rMpciiinj! lith«, t]ie Kin;; an^l 
hia ti'iAni h»vo deivrniinod and decreed, 
IU it in riijlit, tbut tbt; tltinl part of the 
tithe K hiuk bvlougs tu tliv Church go 
to ciiirth rrftaratimt, aiid anoLiier paiTt 
to ihu iiiiiibti.'n' of (lod, tJu- lliird to 
the need J/ of G«il aii<I fioor Ixjiidntnen, 
(poor oivtiturcs suSjwt to a state of 

'nit*c ntl4>]nptH show n niauif.-st in- 
tt-nltViti i>n th« jurt of lliv tti^ivrior 
rltirgy to ciiiabliiJi this caoonunl di* 
viaon of the tithes both by the if]iiriiua] 
and toni[>oral authority ; but ihero an? 
iM \Ktn ti> pmv>' ihnt till' rcscmition 
■ if a mi'tion of the rvvvniies of Iho 
chard) for i\w imrpoic i>f repair ever 
iiravtieitlly tuok I'Hwrt iii lhi;« fowtitry. 
fill.- [Mroohial cWgy no doubt u\'aided 
nnbniiltiiiir to uji iiijuuirtiou which 
would depriie ihem of a ]>art of that 
which purbiiiw takt;n allu^'tlicr was 
not [oo tiiiu-b for Ihi-ir 9iu|i)>ort. imil 
ihe iHirishiuDcit wen? (ter^ailed from 
lime lo liiiK* In cnnlribiitf until popu- 
lar uiiu^ti berame paiitivu lu.w. It vm, 
liowfviT, iiliTHVJi iN)niiidvt¥<l inrumbenl 
oil liin^i who ivoeivwi urich revenue* 
Iu npply a ecriiiin portion for the ob- 
jiTt of nnlil the Ret'onna* 
lioit, wheu ihu ky uwDi-n of the pro- 
pcrty of the Chiui'b, mil be-inir IvjiaUy 
or tnonilly bound to coutnbule in 
stieli ituuiuer, it Uirauw nocenary lor 
thi! h-j^Iaiiiro to provide a reuedj 
by ineans (>f the Foor Law. 

|>e Sero ryrcva brfp-maK. Wllk. Le(ea 
Aik)[ln-Kak p. liG, Tli«rpe*i Lawe awl 
Iiutitntm, p. H^. 

: wiik. p, n:i. Tb»fpe'» i.ui. ii6. 

Tlinr lawi repinl tba iiau- vf dia ckttnh 

( See the Conntitution of l^thobon 
afsinrt I'liiroliilM, Dp InMitQtJDDibiu 
■en Cotlativaibiu, aad tlto nou of JdIiii 
of Athon on the words '• Paiipmim rlc. 
motinaa." Also tlir CoiiitiCiilionii Dn 
(tnmmrndis eccletianim, and Dc nppro- 
[iriitionibui ecclntaruiu. le wm likcnt*e 
required by the «tatute law id catts ui ap. 
[itupriatioui. \b H, ](, cap, 6, md \ 
Ueor; IV. cap. 13. 


ni€ oriftnal Lam of Church Sates. 


The wrili^ xtyx tbftt the lii«lio|M 
inn GkewiM requireU to C0Dtribut« 
lyon A^ own pmaM««oiW bi ihi> r^ 

K'r of thmr ovri uhun.-hi», and vitca a. 
', or, BD hp vail* it, a tirvr^, of King 
EadnuiK), " Uwt each bishop nhM re- 

MOr God*! hoiwe on* o/ w'An/ Mmga to 

mit, and shall alaa admoiuvli tht King 
to Me Uux 111! (rtxl's dnnriiei b» wmI 
I ff Or kl e d ." Now lhi> rjitriwrdtnary 
NflKftinn h nnt niily ini-aiiici<t<mt witn 
the piTviously nii*nlioiK'«l ■|>[ilii-ittuin 
of a third portiim nf tbp parochial 
tithes tor fiti:ti u purpoM ; nut i» a 
pure loiscoiiwptiun tbundnl iipnii a 
■roMly erroneous transladon of the 
nw in qiMvtion. The wonis of Iho 
nri^iuU. (and it behoves eTcnr writer 
to nSa lo oriffinitla) arc tltiit the 
Kog aRteuibleu n iritunuuiiot ui 
i-^ter-liilrhi lxini)on,botbcH(]iiritua] 
iind t/>mp(inil i-nunaellors, and one tif 
the laws iht-'fl m&dp it Uio foIlowiDfj;* 
*• He cirioi-nu p.'K'liitip', Kait wir 
ncnnedon t a^lc Vkcop hetie itoAa 
M* on hit a^um. and eac kone C^inje 
ntngigc t ealle Oodm rrricui rfli ira 
mtwnribne kwb iw imttJ ^itrf is," 
which Ihwally «i, "Concerning the re* 
paralion of rbun-boSt w* urc aim 
ordainMl tlmt crcry hiilHtp repair 
(rnd's hoitfcii ID Ai> (mil (dioruft* ?) and 
aIwi [uli)Kini«li ())•> Kinu that nil ((mI'm 
chiirriies Iw well oonilitjoned, tm is 
very nswlfiil to nit." 'ITic rwnnn of 
the words, "nn hin iignuni.'* whirh 
arc fo strangely intvrprctfd liy Dr. 
Wllkins " de >uo {iroprio," and which 
Uic writer adopts i.-out<l only bnvfl 
heCD made by a man rnltrcly ignorant 
«f Aug1o*MXon contlnirtion and 
gnwnnar. For tliu ]in<jiu«ttii;» on i* 
genorally ufwl in Anglo-Sasnu nhitrc 
n tnodent tinuM wo t-mnloy in, and 
cannot be vrtdted U> tliv M*nie ui 
" out of." An iir;iuiin.<at nu^jht per- 
lutps be miscd on tlic words, " ihiA Ite 
rtjuiir," :iH imi>t^iii^ ii [(erwnial obliga* 
linn ; bill, I:i1lIII)< Inln •'oiiniili-ration 
ttio brevity ui' ihinu.- lnwf, UiiTc in no 
diflinilty in n>nHlruin(r tlic muiIcucl' to 
locon, Ihat the bl«l»(>|i afficiuUtf repair 
Qbnt i«. cuoAO to be n.-|)«ircd) the 
tfiarohtts in lii* dioi-ex' ; and thin vti^w 
agrsM with tlio renuining pitrt of the 
law. tor it would b« alwurd In r««pitre 
tbe Udiop lo mund the King to put 

• WiUi. LL. A(«lo.Su. p. 73. 
Thoipt't Liwft and IniHiMn, Iw, 

a Ikw in Inrce ^un*f himwlf. Th4'' 
object no doubt was thnt th** King's 
ti*ni|M>rnl power iiIhihUI ;;iTr wpifjiit to 
the bishflf)*H authority, und it id wdl 
known that tbv bi»liup in bound by 
virto« fA' his ottce to wo ihAl. llie 
cbuirbcs in Uh diooeac arr kept in 
rcpur. The word " tern" or olhtr 
eqniTalmt wonl lotitKnily tliu bishop'^ 
diiK-MM.', in (wrhiiiw Irll oul by an «!• 
liptii'al mndf* of i}X\xnsaoa not no* 
lu>own in AugIa*Haxoa. 

That (lie otutonunr hiw of this'] 
country had early, and perhuM froia'T 
the first, alt«ro<i or oonlrolfwl thai 
strict letter of the canon Uw, im initni* ' 
tin>C froin the following Uwdl'Cnul^ 
which, although little rt'gurded by ilia 
writer, in const.-queticc of a unutar mta- 
nmocptioB of tiiu language of the 
ori)jiiij(L ntvaiM to bo pcriV'tly decla- 
ratory of the exalin^ rommnn bw. 
thut it wn* inciunbpnl cm tlic )ny 
Mriithioncmo repair tha^i'hnn-h. 'lln* 
in the moK cnnrliiHiTo. as \he Inw in 
qoGstion wa« not antx-cltriivlirni ciinna 
altcmptMl to be impoHtl on the ni'oplo, 
but was port of the " witruItV'iiiide 
gcncdtMa, or tteular statute, which 
that king, with Ihu iidvicv of his wltuii, 
pnarlod tn be lioldi-n ovui- all Kng- 
IntiiLt " Uy ibis linr," ai'i'iinliuK lo 
the wril4^, *'nll (H^ipW «ball rightly 
bmM in repairing the cliurch ;" span 
whicli hv Bildx, ''tli<nv if no prptvnoei 
hcvwiTrr, for hit<>rprrting ihtu law of 
Cllnut(^'l> aa n'fiTTing to uoythiiijr like 
cbiirth-ratf." UtoprvciiiCAiidfllrtiigciii 
wur<]aof ihc ori^iiuil lL-xliirr,"To W)0 
lM>t« tfva\ (.-all loll- (yi*tanuud rihle,"! 
thitt \a, " to <.bim-h rcparatioa shall att 
Moplfi aid (cv mntribuUt) by law," 
ungmga which will admit no other 
oiniMtTuclion tban that it is it duty 
li^gnlly inrnntlw>nt nn Uie laity, nnd, »o 
fur trow not retcrriof! Ii>, ran mvnn 
notluni:; vW Imji b churrli-rat.'. Tho 
error ariflo fVvm not und^miuKling the 
furw of the t»pr«A«ion "mid rinti",'' 
nitd wiudcJy nrndniog it "rigMg;" 
tliti wou-d rihl, IwwRTvr, is iiMtl lor 
Jtu, lis, for instance, th« " folcriht " of 
Hk- S;uun tiimu was tJio aoDinua law 
ol' tlie land. 

t Diatf ^ane aeo womldcaadc gwrwi- 
oea, th k wiQe mid rnlaan wileaaa rw<le 
> mm h«al4c or«r call Bn^alsudL WUk. 
133; TTiorpe'i liurt. Ifil. 

: WIU. tL. An^D-au. P. 143 1 
TiKTit't iut. 176*1 Ko. K. 



f^ crif^l Lmp of Church Ralu. 


The wriiw my* tlmt oliuitbt* con- 
tinuMl to W n-naircd witli a third <tf 
llw uibos an«r UM jjormaa Canqnest, 
and nntil u Ial« m Ibe raidiUc M tbt 
tJurtfMfmh omtury: bmt he i^rroct no 
anifcnrity in irnn-v tliis fMMttJTe »»- 
KTtion. 11a wltb, that "How the 
Utnlen oune to be shiiUd ttom the 
tiUiM to iJm puiahuHia^ u hirolveil 
m ranch ofascwtiy." On the contnry, 
Uwwbolvwwght «jf Avulencc n (o «Jkw 
th«t the Hni^ nevnr was tnaafimti 
from the ttU» tu tlit; iNLrinlnuinTit, 
trai hu rvnun^ from thi^ tiii^'' «hi>n 
i« my W (xinsiilered as trstnliliKhcil nt 
kU. upon the kitt«i'. At the tiiii<^ 
abotc pe ft gred to, (be law niiiimn to 
tuir» bam Mly aettJed. 'llw yro- 
tinchl «DlwlllitiBi» ut' ^Vulter (mr, 
ARhbUbop of York * {«.». 1250), iif 
■fofan RankHn (anno intviio). and 
RobcH WyDcbeLs(>e, Arrhb<i*hc«9 of 
Ouil«rbtu7 (*.!>. 1306), in oroRr lA 
&rotd ill fbmre diiputua bctwren 
rectof* and nnrt-ibinni-ra, dirtint* iUv 
obttflUlaM af boti), tifieciCf tbc vartou* 
■rticlM wfaieb the la(t«r uiv to IUkI 
lor the on? of the fhurrti, anti iKiclart.' 
that tbi.- n-naratiiiii of lliv Qavc' the 
7*nl at'jwruin to the patUdoiwrs, 
and ibc reparation nf I1h> cbane*! to 
lh> IVMBT. Hw r»nAtilulii>n of Art'b- 
bUnp Stntiocd (A.t>. I»4'J) tully cw 
ArtM tUt-t Altar iKatin;; tlott al- 
tfaou|h ivblntnwrs, bj laudable cus- 
kiiu long p«raiUnj( in the province^ 
am bennMl at thi^ otrn i-ctfL to make. 
wwL a* oflen »* tliwt? i» o.-oasiiin, to 
repair Ihe hcMli«a and rooiH of ihvir 
w«n pariah charcbes, Imlh witJiiti tuid 
«idh>>t,4t«.; ^tl ht^ religious huvinc 
laadlL lt<^- within the bounds of sucn 
ebtUtOMM, T>-fu9e t4< ivntritiute tn the 
ftMe of tho rbornb. or tlie inrtonirvs 
of Uw mneteries, and other burd«>nj 

ffar l£v nwri. put Mich Imnk'ns arc 

taxM in jtrapnrtfon to the fiunid and 
Ortatv* Miihin till- jMiriiibc*, tec. pro- 
«eeiii> to xrdaui that Uiny, as welt as 
ocbmi haTio^ pnaKtrioos. Surmt, and 
r«nb in any pambea of tlir province, 
bacunipcU^ by ercledaBlkarcicDmma 

* lohBlMi'i CuMia*,tal. U. «.D. 1250. 
Lyadf. De acdi^li edlAnnili*. Iioob 3, 
W. IS3. at PantfcMaai, Ike. 

I IM^ fat 10-f, licM I'arrociiaol, U. 

by Ibo oniinariei, to contribute to nil 
rfiarjfi* whalso«;m' rtmwmtng the 
rhuTvli and onunenta incmnltent in 
Ibiiw i-«fflecto on the {taridtionpn 
piUkt by law or <.ii5toai, tourlhcr with 
the imi i^hioners, in piv]"jrii'.m to ihctr 
pOMCMtons. wbetber ihvy dw^ll within 
the «jd parbbra or obewhnr. The 
rbsputea abore allttdrd (o mold onljr 
haw n^rdiNl the detoiK aAd not the 
|innviple,of thu inattvr; fbrtheecde* 
naatttn] mnuDtntaton tertm in asaert* 
inf! that custom — that », the ancient 
common law — had fbllr eaUUiihed 
Ibc UalHltty of the parUuonen. 

One tvl" tlie (Onvlitutiuttn miule by 
the impal kgatc Otbobiin reqittrnt 
beDcfic«d cIviIe* to ifpiiir tli9 hoUBes 
and utbcr cdi6wj of their brneAc«« 
out of ili<? fruitd of tliow benefieet, and 
thi- chanoel of thi* rhurch to be re* 
iiairod by thcac who am ihrn-io bound. 
Kothinjt i* here «»id of xbv re|)anilion 
of the body of the chtirch by thoae 
powwowng iti revenoei ; but the glotwM 
of John uf Atbon on that comtitutioo 
Ropjily lu with the existing atalv of 
the law en that subject.J He mjn 
that "by v>.itiinion ri^'bt (or biw) Ine 
ftbrie or rc|>amtiT>» cil' th<? church np* 
pertains at thi» day to tbe r«>rtor, ae- 
nwding to the onlinntion antI care of 
the bifbop, inaainiich as under Mm is 
tnuintVirrd that foorth p«rt due to the 
(khnr of the chtirch to lh* r«tor ; so 
(hat A« is bound to rvpair ifai- diurch 
who has auth fourth. ])ut rertalnly 
by custom the lay {Mrishionrav are 
rontpellMl tn .»wh n-iaratinti, and are 
oblijred to oIibcttc Inia laiirlable cns- 
Itnii.'* He then rite* various autbo- 
ritJM on the question vrhothiL-r It be a 
ri.-al or n |>rr«unBl cbai^ and gircs 
hiH oninion that fn>ry pariflUoiier is 
bouna to lliis aocnrding to (he jMrtlon 
of land which he poneawa within the 
parish, and the Dmnbcr of iinifnali' 
whteL he feeds ; so that Ihe Religions, 
even if exempt, having lands or ani- 
inals there, have In coiitnbut«. 

By the Cftnona the nrrhdearonS 
wrre eiijuinvd, tn mahiar; vi^lntJon« of 
rhurchN, to take dili^itt ronsidvra- 
tjua oftbefiibririaiidefperiKHyctfthe 

t ti* Domtbm ecHuisrim rf fidendli^ 
Imiirobam. Ac. yeth. td hoc Irantar. 
The arritsr of ihr Mtiel« la queitlan gives 
(his as Ljndexudc's gloss. 

Tfn> or'iginnl T^ate nf Chuvfh Jt^itiff. 


thknCcL And. if tJiey roun') anv wanU 
of Kimnilioii, 1o nivtix, kikUt lutin, » 
MrUuii tirnn witliiu wttli'li ihtry wen- 
la be anLi>nfle<l. On tliLt liciul Lyi]<K~ 
woilc nrpL'nts tliv law itlrciidy luM 
down tn John ol' Alluiii, lluiU "<^ 
ammnitnrr," tliv rojianitioii iippi-r* 
tfliiii) to ntui wlu> niviv<->> ()■•■ liiurtli 
part oruld aafiffiiLil to tlio iiihr!<.*. niid 
not to tbu porifhiDiicT*, bill Ui»ti'N"tuiii 
tliuufb^ l-hio t-lmr)!!-, At leiuil af the 
Dive of tJie church, tu lb<* ]»ari*hioiMM^. 
MkI in liki" tiuinTUT sonictiiiir" ovon oi 
tbe choucel, ax fufficUniilj- nfifwurii in 
the city ot' Looiluii, imil (lii^ ouxloiti 
tbe |iariEliiuiierv un* lu >x.- i^oiniieUutl lo 
obaofe where th^rc i» oui-li •.unlum.' 

Af John «f Atlioii mid l.j«dewwde 
were bcilh e('i'lp>iit«iicul wrilcrit, ihcir 
Itmsuu^- is lu }>v ouiivirucil aiconl- 
ingly. 'Jln'ir " nw/taiioiw /W i» to be 
under^looil of the sti-k'l letter (tf th*- 
c'jiiK'ii lun. aud not ul' tliv vumniuii 
law (if thin rimiitrv, which iNi->|in^<u><) 
in UiiH i-ast) l>y the te.mi "timtvrtmii." 

(.WWt' your* tlK" Hrniiitm- i-huri-h- 
me caw hu.'i I'lillt'il forlh much hiyu- 
ini^nt 4in thti fiubj(>cl, »iii| n<il1iin^ cnii 
hi' mart decided llinii the iniuninioHH 
winioD «>!' the Court of Kxrhi'iiut-r 
LtwtnlKr, cU'ltvcred by LortL tliii-f 
JuKik-<> Thuhil, uii thi.* jifm-nil applini- 
lioii of the hkw.t lie r.ik\* "that tin- 
(fbljfpilti.'ii \ty vrliii'h l)w i>iLi-i«hiuuL-i-!, 
iJut 1)1, the nctiiul t-i-.HiitfUts Mithui, nr 
tbe oocufietv oriiuuN or (viifinL-nt^ in. 
ttvTv pnrivh, mnj iHiiitid Iti rfunir thv 
body of the pviah rhnrch wtient-vor 
iwcf^Miry, und to tirovii^v all itiin^i* 
enentja] to the pt^rlormanfi' of Divine- 
wrvico thvmn, 'v- on oblit!'"'"" nn- 
fK)M?<l on tliont by rh4> fointnin) Inn i>f 
the land." AlW noticing thf dillVr- 
ence of Iht- orijiiiuil i-nnon Ihh in llij* 
respi-rt, he niMi^iMiU, " ."<uch then Win); 
the law i>t' the Laiul, il I'oUotoi ai> n no- 
cenurv ('■onceiini.-m-L- that the muiir 
(tf thtt Iftbrii- oJ iln- ihunli in ;i duty 
wbieh the |Mriahioncr» Are compelhibh' 
to iH.-rf<inii, ni.<t a men- vahintHry net 
which they niay iicrfiimi or dwlinc nt 

• Lvndewodv, De OiBcio Arrtidiacoiii. 
book l,fo. 3Q,Y«rb. Kptratigac.U'lver'D. 
lubpcCDB. lit rcduiii cdifica&dii, LUxt. 
Parrorhinni, \c. verb, refidendanun «c- 
ci«»liiruin, ibid. hiKjk .t, To. 183. 

t DelJTered on llic 8tb of PfbniU7 


llivir own didcretion: that the law in 
impcniliti' iijxm ihcin nbfloluiclr. thut 
llwy do n*(«iir Iht' rhureU, iiol binding 
on thcni in it i)iiAlified limile-l manitcr 
only, tliac tbey may ri'(i»ir or noi, lu 
they think fit ; ami that, vrbenr it no 
iut\}\KUf thai the fabrii' of the ehurob 
«liuid» in mini uf rcjuilr, tlio oidy ijue*- 
tioD upnii wlii<;h tho pwishioouPN when 
(-oiiveiwd top-llivr ii.> itiiike n nil(% can 
by hiw di'liberaio and delcmiine, is not 
whi-llier tliry will rejiatr ihc church or 
uoi, (I'ur U|ir>n that poiitt they nn- i*on- 
cliidi-d by the law.) but how wid in 
what manner tlte loinuion law nbtiga- 
tioii f) blndin;; tlxrin muv be bi-xt and 
luofll clii'riijnlly. mid at tlic came time 
Hio^t ci>nvenienily, i>erA>rm«l uid car- 
rirtl into effecl." lie aiJils llial no one 
dispute* the valtdiiy ofii rule iuip<»«] 
by a majority ol" ll»e |uiriKbiotier> duly 
aH»uuiblt.-d in viwlry : or by the rhiireh- 
warden* uloiie. where a iiieetuij* of the 
jwrifhionem liun been duly roiiveiicd, 
and none uf ihe lalti-r ntttntd, for then 
Ihc former do in t-tlei-t i-un«titute th«- 
nmjorily. Hut the Court were of 
opuiion that tin; niiv in |[ii« piirlteulnr 
viuv, which liail b<^■n uiudt- by the 
i:hiin-hwHrdrn» aloiie, (aiV'r it had 
Ijetti refiDied by a innjoritr of tlio |ki> 
rial) i (lilt TV AMeuililcd in vestry,) of their 
fiiU- authority, and uL a »ub>it]aiqit 
linte, was illepd mid vuid. there bein^ 
no {.fiierni law ur parlii'iiliu-iniolnn) lo 
vest in tlieni kucIi a |J«iwer, 'Itier 
nutde a (llmiiiLlion belwet-n thut an<l 
llie ('hnrchwiu\lea4 ftlnni.', or lh« 
ehorthwanletn mid (he luinoniyt 
toother, mnkinj: a rate at a uiL'^tine 
of tile mriiliiontem when the rcfu«J 
takvn jiface. and ihnn the lenor of tbe 
judjiiii.-iit it may l» colhi-ted ilint they 
did not deny tin- latter ciiM-* to tie 
law ; but they reiervMl lo tbeniBelvc-* 
ill.* liherly uf Ibi-miny lui opiniun 
thereon whenoriT the caw aliould 
occnr. Such a (jui'wtion is now pend* 
ing in the Court of t^nwn'* Bench. 
1 e^■^^am Buililiugi, 
Gnif't Jan. 

\ In the CMS of Oavatn v. Sefb^, ik th* 
Conn of ArdiM 0?^) •' «« held tbat 
a rate nude under tbefcrfmuniisuwt wu 



AS te ti the care oT a GutUiil eerviuit 
tA wipe ftwar tlir- tlunt which time hai 
heaped oa tbe tombs and eiNTutrb(wn« 
of tb* illiulriotis dead, bo it li the 
dnbr of those wbn ilnote tbcuuolvcs 
to vm ■onkc oTUtcnUun to [inwcrvc? 
ft Joat raaOBliranctf af the deraTtnl W 
recording tliar Evea aa ritaer cmi- 
Mntly Rwdi snat, or deecrvin^ well 
of l»tt<n. AlMt bowoftiti liu tiiii 
■Kred doty lieeD ne^lecc«(l. How 
maaj nunc* of the good do we find 
now ■dondng the pace nfUistrii^', and 
turn dinpncftring to b« mmtioned no 
man, u ttmagfa, fononih. death, the 
eaaaiKm lot| were a crime, and ite 

H etn 

H Pew ciH«MUiK«« ronn^ed whh her 
H ne oov Ruined : no KfUjry of hvr 
B Bfe enda, and the imj l>c »aid, liko 
ikc huninaiT of the ntjcht, to Aiae m 
At 9jm of the oaay ^}y a lustre de- 
rived frfau hrr tirother, tu he niiieiii- 
bend Irat ma the beloved aster of Sir 
WEp ffidiM]r| nnd to Irve in oor 
nwwy \ff her bcwtlcou!* e|uU[di 
mnrded in the pagea of Addunn. 
(Spectolor. No. 3011) Bat nt the 
•ame liinc it la jurt to bear Iii mind 
that her tprn lueril* were great, and 
ibat Ibr her own Nike her monuuy 
ilwroai tu be i-heri'licd ; that dw 
WW tike mmliiifif !<[iirit of '^thc Ar- 
nnfia" of Kdnej-, tbo patroness of 
Danid, Htc Irric poet, tlip iwcvt trunn- 
btor ofthg f^aalDU. otid the mother of 

■ WmUm Eari orremhrokc, oelohrfttcd 
bf QanndoD for fain many virtui-!>. 
Her Istbcr, ^ir Hfui-y SidtK-y. urai 
a he l oToJ and rrinfiilential t'Ht'iid of 
King Edward the Sixlb, wtiit-h esteciD 
be rvpaiil far hjsnrtuca and his lalcntji. 
la hui 33na jrar he waa nnihaamdor 
tn thif Fpjnoh Court, and was ((ovomor 
II fan of Ireland and afierwanls of Wales 

puniiihmenL oblivion 1 ThcjAppcarnn 
the fltafre of life, they perform tbeu> 
partd with ibc approbitfiott of all ; 
ihcy depart, and none are fbund to 
cAroniPie Uieir praiftcs — none of tluwe 
who bi'fortr wen.' loaiiini; them with 
bigh*>mitiiltn}r ooiupUoKnU and ful- 
some adulation. 

This comtJunl can viUi jtavtke be 
ottered by nhn who Marcbra fi>r ne- 
moriahi ot Hary SUbwy, Counteat of 
iWifarokei, mentMHud m tbe hinory of 
lier tlav aa a bright ctuamplc of all tint 
i« cowl, lx■«u^«^lI^ and U'nraed ; and 
celebrated by Spcmer as 

" Urui». siiter aato AUroplwl, 
In yihtm bran atiad, ai n a goUea ooffBr. 
All boavcolv gifU and richoi loclced an, 
More rich Uun pearls of lad or (old of Ophlr, 
Aa4 in ber ta more wond^ifid aad rate. 

Cttin dwt't Oaaf ffome Af*m. 

for many vears. In his arms, loo, the 
virttin[i.t )^dwiir<l expired. That hi* 
lamilj, tb(FU^ puor and not noble, wai 
:uti-irnt and rcapeetable^ U evident 
from his having contracted an alliance 
with the promf fiiinily of llif DudlerS- 

He married Mary the eldest daugh' 
tor of Jobn Pmlley, Pnkc of North- 
umberland, who itcrixheil on the 
waffoldi a victtui to Im nmbilious pro- 
jecia, and hia nominntiou to the throne 
of thr ill-fiitfd I.^y Jane Orcy. L»dy 
Mary DiiiUcy, ihongb not of brilliant 
geniiiA and a-^piring views waa u iicr- 
ftfU marked by dmneiitie virtu<» and 
goodiienae. LnHlA'h(>r father and her 
ttrollKT the ftunoufi Earl of liei<'TOtcr, 
»lte oti'adily puntiicti tlte ixttlut of dtlhT) 
.dx* initiated hi'r ehildren into tfie 
jirinciuIiM fif religion and virtue, and 
larefuily jaiprrinteiided their atudiea. 
In ibis pleasing care Ae wm aided by 
Ler biiMtand, when the diiilw wliicft 
awaiud hiui in public life would per* 
mil him to cetire into the boaom f» bta 

Thev bad three wn», Philip, Robert, 
ami "rtioma*, and four dauffhteTn, of 
whom the eldust died In infancy, thr 
eocond d)C<1 at Penahurat, and Aa- 
bri>:iiu live*! lo nearly her twentieth 
vear. and die<l at l-udtow USiid Feb. 
*|574,in ihe chnrchof wliivh pUwt i-Ii* 
vroj burii-d. 

* Hk praaaat artick, we belivra, «a« 
wiittBn w&feout rrfvrcnee to ibc raanotr 
•4 ih* Cnatew of P«nbroke In Um teat 
taUme of HJM Co^leUo'* Uvei of Emi- 
nmt BncliAwcHncn. Edit. 

Gun. ftUo. T^t. 2UU\'. 


La^tf Mart) S'ldoMf and her Wn'tings. 


It \i i]ou1>irtil wlicix* Miirv Sidney 
wnx hum, (irobiiUly ut Pi-iiBliiimt in 
Kt'Jil. llii- tiiulniriijiiixl rvoi'luiKTurtiL-r 
Anther, wlicn- lipr bnitliw J'liiliji wiw 
aim L<jrii. I.oiiiluri Duy Iiavo liod the 
limioiii* i>r 1»-in^ lu-r birth-plAOc, llu; 
inwii Kviilence of the Siilniys being 
BitUNtml in tlie iiari^h of St, OUvc, 
Hnrt Slrtvt, in tlic city, of -nliirli Sir 
Henry uru) u Im-man, Itdofi n niem- 
lu-r »( UiL" Grocer*' C<.iin|Miiy. 

iV* h(T brotlurr wiw iitliTwurdr dirif - 
teii«d lir the ntuno nl' I'hUip, in homiui- 
nfPliiltp •ifSjuuti. il is pmliiilik thai. 
nbv riTvivvtl litrr tiiiDLi- iml iiiilyaii tliHl. 
brJonring tn ht^r mntlirr, hut rIno in 
a'ompliiiirat tit th« I'riiui-Ki' Miiry, 
farirf-M Ifl the crown. That ^ucen 
)i«(7ea(lt.><9 thi? thnmo in July 1.1^:), unci 
il it niOAt likely that Mary Hiilm-y vrui 
l»m before that jHrrimI, 

'ITie i-<iin*uli'*n nl' M«ry aiKt IVUip 
KidnfV wiw prrirtly rvli^iuiif. 'I'Iutc 
in ifxiaiit nni'HiK llic inBii<i.vri|iUi »l 
P<rn*J]un't n letter fmm Sir Henry t«> 
hit ton I'htli|), th<-n twelve yeEm of nge, 
^t Shrci*ftbiiry SchrMil. AmLin^ 1I10 
{fufxl mlticvcuntoiiifcl tlRTvin, wc find 
the firllnwins dirOT[ion»: "Let your 
tirsL lu-li'in bv the lil^inx up uf yiiui' 
mtnil U> Ahnigbtv Cntil by bcurlr 
prayer, and feelingly di^pJ^t iW wnnfs 
yriu (([K'nk ill pniyi-r, wilti runtiiiiiid 
inrdilatinn nnil thmkiii|[ of Him t<i 
whom yon pray, imil <■]' the mntber li>r 
which you pray." At tiw Mine tiini'. 
the vtmost nttculiuo was naiil tu tbrii- 
flteiin-ftl cducntion. In Uicir vnrlici- 
yean) they purHicd thdr Muiliw 
Uwcther, nnil, lieinf; iintumlly ejiduweil 
wfth tah>ni uud ipiii-kiieKs uf (H-n^rcp- 
tion, Ihoy DUd)^ n njieitlv proyivm. ui 
their wn|uiiiiit(iiici- with th^- litLTutun- 
of Ihi' a|ie. In I'hilipV tt-iitb year 
(aj>- IflfU) he vriui n-inoviil fhim the 
HW.'iirly of bi» wiHter 1*1 Slirewfibwry 
Sriioftl. It is pmliublc tlmlt)iiit!i>"hout 
wag W'lwlpil fmiri itn eunlipiiily lo 
Liiflbitr. when' SirHi^nrylbeii rvsiiUtl 
in the ciuHicity of Lunl rnvidunt of 
the ptinc^i^ of WiIm. Tlut he 
nUfl oecwionaJly vinlod Shrcwsliiiry U 
i>«Mi froiri nn mvoiint M' his eiilry in 
•lUte uito ihitl town, A|>HI 'Jllh, ISHl, 
lo be foum! iiKiDnu I>r. Tuylur'n MSS. 
Luly AUry ittill ntUMui-d lier ftudiex 
with tirdchur, n^iuinj: wmetimex in 
IfOndon, »omctiino« at IVii<bur«t, Imt 
IM'rhajM Mtore fcviiuemly »t Ludlov. 
bhe ni*w bccjiine ueiiituinlvli li&l ciily 

with llie best Latin an'l Greek niilhor«, 
but wen the Hel<n-w Ianinins<-''( and 
thuH uiadu *a ui.'ipuMliiin which can be 
n»n-!y liriualed uf by any female, how- 
tvtT learned. 

In the fjirly [lart uf the yenr T(17C 
fihe WMK married to Henry llvrbcrt. 
EftH nf Pembroke- It i« huneiil«b[e 
when we eiinnidei- hftw jm'ftt a degrw 
of iiilluiiK't- eourt intercut and thcurtf 
of iiitrif^ie hnd ill foi-min^ &1IIai)iC'A 
oinontt ilie nubles at llii» |M>riod, nnd 
how little iitUinlioii w»k iVecjucnlly 
^iveii to the tWlinp-i of tlie {uirlieti 
inii>l uialerisilly ioliTre»l"l. Altlioujth 
no iiuhuppy eonseciuenres arc kn«wii 
to have i-(wiille<l fntm tlii>* inntcli fi'uui 
any iinwillin^ieMi of eltlier the Karl of 
IVmbrtike or l^v Mary, yet we are 
iutiinniHl by Sir R<ihert Nannton, in 
bis Kntfnneiiltt ItegnJia, that if mutual 
iifli^'lion ina<le the mutch denimbli- In 
Imth, II deKire to r^'piin \n9t fuvourwas 
tiliui an inllui-'neint! motive. He unv*, 
"Williiun Earl oflVmbroke. upon ni« 
M»u"» innrriii^' with the l.jdv Callia* 
rinefirfiyt wfih lilie ntlerlvto liaTO lost 
biniH-ir; but at the Jnyluul of the eou' 
^umiiiaiion. apbreiieiidinj; the iniufety 
:iiid dmiKei' ut xu interiniuria^e with 
the bliicn) niynl, he fell iil the Qiieirn'ii 
feel, where he ^Mith aeknowhil^l hij 
prfMiimptton with learn, and [irojected 
ihe ('jiiisn niiil lh« divorie t<ip.-lheT; 
imd no qiiiek wa* he at hi* work, for i( 
^tlNKl hiin utioii. thul iijion repudiation 
uf the hidy lie eiapt iiji 11 tiiiuTJa;:e fur 
his M>n, the ironi llerl>ert, widi Lady 
J^lary Siilney, dauehter to Sir Ilcnrv 
Sidney, iben I^ionl iJepiity uf Irelond. * 

'niiB iilorT ia ineorreetly related by 
NiLUiiliiu. The allure iueideiitH did 
not hajiiK'ii in the reifr" of Qiiis'it 
KEixalN-ili. wiih the cxct^rtion of the 
marriajs' of the Karl of Pembroke lo 
l.wly Nlary Sidney, whieh look place 
twenry-lhreo yi-ar* alter the rei)udia- 
Iton fiet-e nientiuned. Tbi.- iniHake 
lony he (liui" reetitied : William, the 
old Kitrl irf Pembroke, wiw .1 eon- 
liik-ntiid sefViUit uf K'niii Kl^w«l^l the 
Sixth, and n Prote.itanl. " nlwayo mf 
the Kin;i'i> n>lif;iiin, hil<I an ovrrzraluiu 

Srofensor," aeioi-dinj; ui XHiintoo. In 
lay \oiii, when Lwty Jane (trav iimt 
Jut »i»ter Mnry were matriecl, Iienrv 
Lord HerlierL,son of the f^lof Pem- 
linike, wa* uKo iiiarried to Iheir sut«r 
rutlmrine. 'IVnp itUiitnces h^itwecn 
fmuUie'j i»f »m'h iulluencv were plen** 


Ladtf Aiaiy Sidney anti htr tVnt*»gf. 

iaf( to the joun^ '^'Bgi ^ho inugiiMd 
bo saw tlKrrin adilhiuittil h>curi(>' fur 
the refonnMl roli^on. Cdwnnl diol 
JvJj 6Ui. abuut (wo UKKitlLS aiXtiT iIk-m.' 
nturiupt^. TIk' Earl of I'i-nibniJtt', 
who bad Wen priv^ lu tbu iltuigiie ol' 
the Duke of NorthunilH-rlutdidslU-v* 
Ka in IttS Ecclttiutiail iUalary in- 
fimw OS, OB tbe Ehie'ii death uc- 
knowledgcd Laitf Juie Gray u Qiiecn. 
and, nilfi fame other members of ihu 
IVivy Conn^O. ngned • letter la iJio 
rrincTM lUrjr, requesting her to \&y 
amA> her clamu ttnd nibniit tu tlip 
ihtB mnmiga. But, wbt'n hv found 
tkttt the tHtiun wa« avt-nn^ i<i fhp<-tiiiH' 
of haAj Jame, he ilMprtpil his ftinitor 
fmmUi caaToLc><l a niL>clitiK m Bay- 
oard Gullr bi favmir ol' \tnn', nn<) tin- 
his own tafety (hewed the utoit^t zeal 
in htfrcHue. 

Wv find kim, Julr lIHb, lliirU^rn 
di^aAer tbe dtaim of tlie Kiag, )>»>- 
daimiBg Qu««i Kfftrr in thr City of 
Loofoi at BayiianI CuMli.*, Iiix fiunily 
Wj id Mi re, an^l thfji at St. Paul's Cross. 
On UiB orcaaun. tir rory shurtly uHvr, 
tl t» prohahletlialbfSxVail liii-Q"!^^*'^ 
pardoa tor hin iirniuniption in iiitrr- 
mttxjiafl vilh tJM» hluol rnynl. a* 
Lady CatluuiDO Cr»v «&-■> >]niiL'DU>r of 
the Dnchc** of SulTijl)(.i)ii'(->_>>kr ]I<niry 
ihe EJj^th. Upon tho irpiiiliutioti of 
dih Mr. Mjiry Si<Ini')- wu.-< not, iiit 
tlltgtd 'bj Nauntou. her iinnicdiali^ 
necaaMT. Lord llurlxTt wuh ilivii 
iBM iie d b> Adiw, dauylitcr c( (loorffo 
K«rl of Sbiew(ibiir>- : ami lastly, in 
lJt76. aoiue yvar» aAcr thv ilemin.* of 
his falhrr, to Lmly Mary Sidney, llie 
ai^laHlT of the Earl nuurryinj; a. 
nicee of u>p I>udlcys, vhoHc* canx' liis 
bther bad to ^^luiuelcHly deserted 
tw«oty>tbrM yearn before, an<l whcnc 
RktiTf^ he bunacU* lud thito di\oro<jd, 
folly jurtifie* tho nitnlii.tiim That 
Sfaunton ii right in assiipiin" e. Jvi- 
Utieat mwD fur tliio tnalfU. 'rlitr 
pfi«»i tuay bo (.tkiily sniveil. The 
Daulei ' '■ ' -11 restored to fftvour, 
^mbr^ ' x'ali.'"! I'Jirl of AV'ar- 

wiclc, mKi E.'< -ii l^H of Lciceater, by 
Quefti ElizaWth. 

Th« Earl of rmibrote, »*inj; thw, 
and hong wUliful to make kmiiv at«n<.- 
■NOt forwa fiitltcr'" tn-arherj anil hu 
flwn wcakttc«#, no fooner found luiiisL'lf 
diMngaffcd ilian he dclemiitifil to con- 
cilialc 5ie Dudleys l>v pruiw^'ng a 
IBio^miual oUiouvc wiili tiiejr uiew, 


ihcLiwly Mary Sidney. Uia iirst wif<>, 
liic Lady CntljaniM-^ Grvy, was stlU 
Innguiidnn^ in thf Tower, into wbri:h 
euuiiiiviDeut the hod been tbrowti by 
Mary and retmiu'il liy Elizitla.-tb, for 
pntiuniii^ tu marry F^dwaid Scytnour, 
Karl iif llcrrftmJ (who wm aliio im- 
niiired there), without thi* roval pcr- 
inueioR. This uiilbrtunate lady al 
kiigth died iu pHw^n, after a pro- 
i meted captivilv. 

We mnv conjerture tliat t]»e refiniHl 
mind of Mary Sidjiey rL-volte<L at thn 
weak and >'ifT>»lile eundutt of the 
Kurl of rembrokc, which, however, 
wiw in-rhaiM n-ry louch bxjlden Iroin 
her view liy s tlefrrce of reiil aflcrtion 
oil hi* jJttrl, Of. well »•> her own. But 
>>he rnnnnt have fiii1e<l to feci Munt 
cnnipuiiction at beeouun;^ the third 
wili: oI'm niitn wbiiw? lir«t wife, cruelly 
divoreed, was then pining in the hopi;> 
II")!^ Militiide of a prinon. 

Dtidley. ftirl of Leicester, wcms to 
have been e<|tii\l)y active in prouiDting 
thin alliance with the Peiuliroke family. 
\Ve lind, iuuoiij( the ^Sidney |mpcn>, u. 
letter from her fjithd' lii the Kjirl td' 
Lciewirer. 'hUod Fcby. 4lh, 1576, nL 
Ouitdnlk, in IivJnnd. Ilr fint ex- 
putiate§ on the honour whirh would lie 
iiinferre«l on hi* bouse by ouch an 
alliance, and then procw<l'< ti^ [•ay,^" I 
liave so joyfiilly at heart thi« bapuy 
ndvuiofnicnt nrnty diild thut 1 woiud 
be a year in r We prison tooner ihau il 
^hniili! break. But^ alaa ! loy dearest 
Iiinl, mine ability umren-th not toiuu 
heart V deitirc. I am [>oor : mini* entate, 
03 well in livelihood and movenblea, b 
nol unkiiiiwii to your tonUhtp, whicb 
wnnteib murh to itiake mc able to 
ei{ital that wliieh I know wy Lonl of 
Pembroke may have. Two thouaaiid 
poumbi, I confess I have bequeathed 
Rev, which your lunUhip knowotb 1 
might better lipore her dead than OQO 
tliounand liviuj; ; tavi, in truth, my 
loni, I liuvc it nut, but borrow it [ 
uiUHt, and mu 1 will ; luid if yimr lord- 
ship will get me leave that I mav )c«l 
my eves with tliat joyful sight of their 
eoupliuf;, I will ^ti* her ii cup worth 
five hundred jHiuiiib. (roofl my lord, 
bear wilh my poverty, for, if 1 Bad it, 
little woutil I riL-ganl any mm of 
money, but wiUinuly wouM jjivc ii, 
protesting before t«e Almijihty (rtjd, 
ibit if IU- aud all the pLiwcn oil earth 

would uivv on: tiij KiiiiKK fvr ft bu3b«a4 

tmdt/ Maii'y SuUuy ajul her WrUingt. 


for ber 1 wouJil choose tfao Eirf of 
PMnbrake." It b pwnfU to find no 
worUiy • iDMi, md tm ftitiilo] aKrwit 
of hia mrenrigB, driven to ftconftifioii 
oT povertj, Kcul it nflects eouo lUi* 
gTHL-e on n iroircrtiiii«nt bj no neuii 
ui|wvvh)flioiJ wbii.'h could (mvc bin to 
bo a fny lo penury. But tlus «xp]a> 
iMtton this fsmltrily giviii In tbe 
priacdj £«ri of Lekestur was not in 
Tijn. Avarkv was nut uu4>ii)(; his 
rioQg, and fixna big own Irauurt-* ho 
wrr BUMriAlly inervMed thir purticm 
■f uwTOvwConntt>^. Tltcrrailinpsii 

ith wWb Ee atfTwil to tfav ouilclh and 
libijrality with whirh Iw pronwiU<cl 
[h, t'nnii^i au additiomU gnniod for 
pniii;; his iuti.'n.>st M <.'ouri wiaa > more 
pow(>rfiil inniivo thuii cilber the ad- 
vfUHsentent or domntic oomlurt of bis 
iu«o&. 'llic f(rrat men uf tbM» timta. 
bomnrn- Umh of money and libera) of 
pfta, were NMom oa wiUiaBt aone 
BUrttve betidea alTcction : ambition with 
tkiiD waa ^BDcrallj paramount, mid in 
T WW itffTcr more wtrongW devt- 

. I tb«a In llie dwipdng Ear! of 

On the Tmrl of Lml* Marj, un- 

doobtvdl;^, il was a mamuge pramptnl 

br ailhettasi, and it npixssn, under 

wtiBtwrcr aiuplrM it toaj bore been 

Bce on foot, ii> }i»vv been aoch lu to 

Kalin ber inoet ardmt iJaires for 

doiOMlle banpiaeaK Her Iiiuband b 

npne m tnA l^ th« wTit^^r* nf the tini^ 

W the ftwod and patron of rclimon ami 

If«niinj», and m a n»ji of u^nt and 

I kilegrilT ; and it intirt be rememborcHl 

I tiial, ifbe coiuuIUnI his adranccment 

^ thl8 miLrrljge, hp only followed a 

I uaa very MjDcmlly porsucO by the 

aoble famoiM of ihut tlino. 

After Ibeir tnarri.<'jf lIiryMgnrtinm 
reeided at Baynard Ca-tle, the Karl's 
London rosidoiee, :ui cxtenniTC nian- 
■on on Ibe bankd nf the TIhurc», in 
tbo pnririi of Si. IlcnDet'f, raul'a 
Wharf H(Te in aniion they cser- 
VtKCd ihrir niliniftc<-iiro towanlji tW 
nnforlunatL- loorued. Ot'tlii<, (K-rhnps, 
6hak«pcT<^ hini»elf parlook. a* ibvir wn 
William LomI Hprh-rt wna aflcrwards 
in the niimljPT (if iiiFi ifiilruiu, prubably 
lbUowin|r the example of hi* [uuvntji. 
At ttuj )Hfrio<l the poet, bareMod aaui 
dectltiitc. had jurt cnl«Te<l opon bin 
concr iu cwuKCtioa with tbc etagf:. 

TV Globa theatre atood on tbe bank 
of tbe river, Dppoah« to Bnynanl 
Coatlc, and near tlw rhIo of that 
maoooD was saotkir theatre, okxxi- 
nybig the site of th« pn-vvnl FUy- 
bowe Yanl. 

OccaaonaUy tlicy nnHtd nt Rama- 
bonr, in Wiltuhirr, and aoaaetiBu at 
Wilton, in that manty, the tMrt ri mim i a l 
residence of the £arl of Fcatbroke. In 
the latter ndgjhboarboodeipecially the 
Coonteaa aeeiBB to bnv acte*! with ber 
wonted liberality towordi the needy 
literati. We find nuntion made by Au- 
thony It Woad^aub noinine) uf 'nHiniax 
Moadctt, who wrote " NuKKnnntin 
llippocnit<.«," and other medical worbi 
printed at Frankfort MSi, who rtsMcd 
near WUtoo, m)>«i«tit^ on a pcMaoB 
ffranted to him by lite Couoteaa at 
Pembroke, lie ia alco mentioned in 
tbe will of the Barl, lu his phy^cian,* 
and aa one of the wi toCMei to'hix will. 
The Barl tliurein beqncatba him lOO/. 
ymrlv. in»l ?(V. caefa Christmaa to 
puri'^oMt u iiLif gown, w long aa he 
nhall be pfayiucian to tbe &mily. Tbe 
dnunatio poet. Philip Maninfter, waa 
bom alWlton in IS85,ttndwu« after- 
wards aswrted hy tli« Karl in com- 
pleliiiff lu( e«Inoi«ion nt Oxfonl. lie 
in-olionty rcn-ived bi» Cbri;>iian namo 
m comtilimont lo Sir I'lulip Sidney. 
Hit \Mmt, Arthur Iklaflsin«r, waa k 
de[)eniliuit of ihe faiuilv. and is named 
ta n witnPM tn lhi> KiirlV will, And 
therein reoelvni a conliitniitjiin of his 
pendoo of SOf. yearly durinjt hia lift. 

Some time tbey occasioniiUy pened 
hi Walen. The Karl in his will mo- 
niiTate* latw e<it3itcii in South Wetea ; 
and 8tr John H:irriiuMn, in hie 
" JToBac Aniifpw," niietuDOr of Crcr* 
vaie Uabinfrton, Biaknp of Woreeiter, 
mp that the Earl and Counlea* of 
Pembroke were inctmmental in placttig 
htm in thr tee of Llandaff, near thviii 
at CtutlifT, frhif'h evidently implicit 
their ri'^ideiiif lliure. 

UiitlicHlli April. 15X0. her eldmtxon, 
William. a(t4'rwanl« third Earl of Pcm* 
Irmke i>r llii;) line, was boni. Quwn 
Klixiiliclli, Anihro-c Dmili*y Earl of 
Wnrwiek, nnd Kohert I>Ddley Earl of 
Ij«ioe«t(T, were his Kponaor^, Sir Philip 

* Sm the aame Dr. Hofrtt atteodaDt 
on the Dnchesa of Somnaat fn IM7, tn 
ifur AprU Mafulae, n. 3T6> 3TS. SM, 



Aorfjf -Vciry Sidwtf and her Writings. 

ej reprCfOiUiyt th* latter. It is 
•t wbit pcrioil hii> Kcond 
fUltp WM born, prulnblj alwul 
t, iM he » called tn n letter frnn 
rkod Wliilc to t^Jr Hobert ttiiber. 
liaOT/'litUeMr.Hwljert;" .Trtainly 
; nueb Uter, «h he woa rr^aUil Karl 
iQ 1600, liaving been 
' & iTiufi^ht atMl (ipnilemut ol' 
■ber. Sbe hud & il&ughter 
^ttuwd Aaae^ c^ whom it is only luKtmi 
I Ae died young', nfler Iier ftlhpr, 
buried tt Cunliridgi.'. Ani- 
[jtrow Dndler, her uncle, nukca nf- 
tim»tc mentiun of the Gountev in 
I wfll. beoocAtlting l»cr a diunond of 
Ike vilue « fifty poands. 

In tia» yter Eer brother, Sir riiilip 
beit^ iimtltetl l<y Vere Earl 
bcfc^; deprived bj tbe Qneeii of 
ipvwwafoMaiuingMtufcetkm from 
h adTMtuy, wm nnwiltln): lo i-niluix- 
''« dB^ upon biii bononr in tlii> pjejt 
Ibc court, «nd retired to Wllion, 
then Ht fistrr wiui then re^i'Vmg. 
^fier(^ rciKMog fVoin tfie !t{rlL-iidid In* 
"gWl M pomp and pii)5<.iuurv'. traii- 
uHltccd tn tbe [tla'.id L-iijuymvuts ol' 
rartl life, nml liitenln^ to tie wijj- 
~BM of hia 1a]etitcda«ter,heb^an 
coropoMition of bi« Arcadia- Ira- 
IcDa m that n ^rmt poi'tlon nl' 
I nalon) romance wan writ ten in the 
gbb uuriu g w oftd? ; nnil. i t'thtn be true, 
I would ipptu" fnitii UiL' dedicjtiun lo 
tim toe Coi»itc><« via* ibti ctui)- 
10 nf his exmrsinns, ond tunsled 
viUi llw ni]a£c«liDiiK nl' bcr Uvely 
A dofre lo ghre all iW <.*.»nt^ 
" a that wecwire*!"-! '■"■' ''i'-' 

whi^ die took !n i I 'v V '•'* 
rnrit bvfare tb<^ public, wiii jileml a^ 
" ctcoK ftir the insertion ni ihc de- 
nf " Tlw CouDte« of Pern- 
e*« Airadia." 

To my dear lady and eutcr tbc 
CooTrtai of Pembroke- 

** Here arm bare yon (mnfft 0«ir, 
k1 umt wnrUiy tu be rnoet dear, 
^Ikilr) tbn iiUv work nf tnintv which 
~ f«r, like the «rider*ii web. will be 
kt filtT In ho m-f pt aK.iv linn 
; to any other [iiirj-c^o. F'or my 
in Tciy truth, (n* the emel 
mQO^ tbe Greck-O verc wont 
do to the h«bc9 they would noL 
r,) I rould Mi finil in my heart Ut 

I eat in eoiav dcjm of lorgvifol^ 


ntis thix child which I am loth lo 
fluiher. Btu f/ou tktired mt to do Uf 
aiid yaw dvstrc tu my heart is an tb* 
colute oommifuliiuuit. Kuw it ia dotte 
Dply for you. only to you ; ifyuu kmp 
it to yoar»clf, ur to snefa frirad* whi> 
will weish errors in tbe balance of 
^[ood wLU, I hope for the (kthei'a late 
it will be pardoned, perclianee made 
oiocfa oT, llioii^ in hielf tt tiarc de< 
foiWHtJM. Few iDdeed, for severer 
evc!' it in not, lM-inc but a trifle ; and 
ifuit. trilliiijitly haiidhjil. TounleaTMlf 
ran best witnem the nuinner, beioff 
done in loose sheets of paper, DMXt ol 
it in your pPMcnce, the rest by abeeta 
sent unto you na fiiat lui fhr; were 
dune. In nun, a youns head, not » 
wdl ttiiid AS I would it were (and 
«ba]l lie, when God will), having 
many, many oonreit^ bfgotten in it, 
if it hiul nut boen in mmeway deli* 
TCrt^, would have jm>wn a ntoDSttrr 
imd more FArrr nti^fnt I be that Aejf 
emn« in than tnat they got out. But 
hid chief oafiny slioll be the not walk< 
ing ubrond, nad Itia chief pnitcetion 
the bearing tlie livery of your nnrae, 
which, if unieh goud>will do not de- 
oeire me, Lt worUiy to be a nmctuanr 
for a gmler ofTender. Thirt my J, 
beoiuM- I know the virtue m, and this 
wy I Kvause it may be ever ro, or, to 
■ay better, l»ec«use it viti be ever *o. 
Kead it then at your idle tinea, and 
Ibe fuUii*:' your good jac|gincnt will 
lind in it, bUnti: not, but laugh at. 
And (o, looking for no better rtnff 
tluui, MS in u hiibenlsfibcr's ebopt 
UlttMea nr feathers, you will continnc 
to love the writer, who doth exceed- 
ingly love you, and moit heartily 
I>rayii you may long live to be & piilt- 
citial nmnment to tbe lauuly ol the 

" Toor loving brother, 

It wofi pertiapt! at this period that 
Sir Pliilip and bis airter emnmenved 
that tnuulation of the PMlms which is 
gVneraUy cousidered n joint |iro<lai;* 
tion (4 tbe^ nnble reulivc*. Titt 
latter part wsa inost probaMy traiw* 
hleil l>y her iifltT tin- death (rf her 
lirotbcr, at intenrRl.i nf n-tiretncot, 
when, now alone, with a nielanefaoly 
|)ie«0nr«, aha completed a work onec 
entered upon in coi^uucliou wHh a 
beloved relative tied by amilarily ^ 

ecaUuLeot ud nutwU untkHi. 


tMtlif Mari/ Sidney/ and hev Writing; 


In Spptcmliw MM wi> conoltnlc 
UiRlehc wiu< r<>)>ulm;; nt Wilton, from 
a letter )>uMi>lu'<l in iho " Strw.Uui|,' 
Corre*>poii>U*Dw ;" it if written hy her 
ftther Sir Ilunry Siilm-v, Ou-ii uii a 
vii>it tln'i-e to Sir I-^lwarJ RtnitJIinu;, 
ftiiil [iriipnux A inxri-iogt.- bclwi-'cii Iils 
TouD]^'!' !»on Kiitwrt, niul Itiirlukrn. 
Gamagi", a ^Vdsli lunreas, tii wlinii) Sir 
Ktlwnnl WM Biunlmii. Tliv VLtir 
1<'S86 wu rr])ietc wiili i-alnniirit-.*< for 
Hot UliutriouA \v\y. Ilpr JiitlicT (lioil 
Mfty fith In Ifatt ycAr, in llic AKLti jijar 
of hia igc, Bt WorvcMur. »o<.'i>ri]iag lo 
Antony il Wood; at UihIIom-, mi^^i 
Biifd, tlio odiuir of thi* " AUiciiw 
Oxonieofen."' 'lln- itrari- lirnl :<car<i-Iy 
doaed on him. ere il again ojH'nifl to 
notive linr «urviriuc parent, nlio <tiiit 
on tbc cWcnih of August lollnmn;;, 
I Bt Pfiidhuml. On tlii? ilviith til' Iwr 
*fi.tfipr. llw I-^irl of I'l^mhrnk** *ii<- 
cwslcd him in the ittGin iiC Lonl I're- 
oidcnL iiC Wnlif; nml (-nnp«Hiii<>ntly 
Ltidlinir Caxtk-wodtl now (KTAMoiially 
be bwr Tvxiilcnc'o. [lut I'ven now Iier 
bcn?«VLiw.'ni« liiul not c<«ut«]: her 
brotlwr Sir I'liilip Sidjicy, vflio hv\ 
Yicvn Mfimiintiil M ihi^ I'lmiiniunl ol' 
llic ("uvalry iit tin- Low C'juntrk-*, 
under liin um-le (In- Knrl of Li-i>'c»lcr. 
■od bflU alKi bwii iniide luril or yco' 
TivrnuT nf Kluabiiiif, nvfivi-il ii tiitiit 
wound Hi llie nkintii^li ol' Ziilplifii, 
SSntl 8w|>tviiiUT, of wliii'li W dk-il •III 
tlic SGVciltr«iit]i nl' Oi'toht'.r fi^IlnwiiiL'. 
J«<t nrponnt is k'lV oi" tlic mnmirr in 
[■whirli llif CoiiiiU'?* ri.-Lvivcd Ihift siwl 
InU'lli}^-uix>: Imt we innv easily inm- 
gine iTuni the luiitutil tillertiuii wliiclj 
cvia* L'xliitvd Iwtwecii tliL-ui, and tltu 
jnttsnuliiily iirdmir witli wliicli ulii,' 
cluoisliiil uii miinorv, lli&t hiT gri<'l' 
WW lBO«t |Kii;(iiiuil. Anil huw eiiuld 
it ho Iaw, whiii the nation deplnrr<l 
hialOMas n imblir. rn1«inily '/ Qaivii 
Eli)inb«lli, wl)o Wl lielnrc ntyli-d Iiitii 
"An* own llilliit.** in u|>|iu»ition to hiii< 
cf S|iajn, Milt iiiin ik leltur itl' ((invuliL' 
tifiii. wlmn «n liin <K'nlli-bed, ivrit|i>n 
wttli lirr i^wTi lixi)il : mid nil Kit^fliunl 

tut on iMoiimiiL^' fur tliv <lcmrtvd 
fiM. lliH I'linend at St. I'liuN C'li- 
Ifaednd wiu dcfi-nj^cd at ihc puliliii 
npetuc. and ilie namv ol' tlio LtiH of 

* WoroMln* U riakt t »a in vvt own 
tol. IV. N. S. p. 385, the Cham* >od 
SxpeuoM or coDTcyiog lli^ corp» froiD 
Worcdtir lo I'cuiliiinl- £4iU 

IVmbroki^ i^ nnioitji ili<> iniuir ILliu* 
t4-i*»i«nifUrtK*rti wlm ati^ndiMl it, TImj 
iiiiiverfilict ofOxlvnl nud CuubridsQ 
eiu'h jiublistiL'd n v«iiiiiie of eiegiM 
liuiK-ntiu[t bii ilimQi ; luid utWr a lutMj 
of fiirly-1wt> TCiir", KiilJd- flrvvilli-, 
ibv grt-Ht Liinf lli-oiikc. e<nijud<'r(!d it. 
wiirtliy III Im.' ri,i'i.'nti.ti bi» totnb, 
llint lie wa-f lli.^ iVii-ml of Sii- I'hilip 
Sidiu-y. Tbo U*ftl [iwU cif iht day 
celfbruled hi* virtiw-*, niid ]ii» ninter 
lubled an fk-gy to ihi; number, pi-c- 
wn-ed in tlut A^lrtiphcl of Siieuner, 
when- Ak \n repn-scnted Uliiler ibo 
name nfCWindn. 

Ill Ilia will, he mokcK alTLrtJonatn 
mention of her \ " I givt* und Imv^ik-jiUi 
tn my dear viilvr ihc L'uuiiu-m of 
iVnilirnln- my Iwsl jewel bewt willi 

An jtoiui an llti; (tnit rmotioDs of 
l^efbml mb^idcd. iih>- (letennin<:^ to 
uuhlitb hit " Areiidim" all hough il hud 
uvea written mrn-ly fur tbc aminc- 
nieiil of lierxi'lf and her frii'iid-, and her 
bnitlier on bindvalh-lieHl hwl reiuieili^ 
that it »hould \». dfntroyi'd. Hit de- 
uirv to keep aJive every onotiltiou 
ennncctfil with him, and tbun la 
eheridi Ills memory, will Justify us iu 
])aniuninjj her dinubediciice to liia in> 
J unelionv. 

At iIm' work biiil l>i-en written at 
intervuN, itml vi»i eoiiM'tjuenlly in hii 
unlinldied Hliite, db.' In';{iwi to re\ifo 
luid ■mjH'ovi' il. Tnini nn addvL-As 
jiirlixiil to Hime of the folio eiUtioBs 
of llie work, mid Mfi^Ksl wilh the tni- 
tialn H. S, it would wcm that her coi-- 
Vi-H'tiun^ iiltd nllenitionn WL*ri* m> ex- 
leiL-ive iu> to (tive it the chiuiM*tt;r of ii 
joint priNbirtlon of Alary ami lliilip 
Sidney : ** It moveil tluil noble lady 
lij wbosr liouuur ruiwei^ rated, U.* Kh'<e« 
jinileetiim it wiw eominitted, to taktf 
<ti blind till' wip)nf( away lluw* npota 
wlietvwitli ibe l>f'aiittt\i thereof were 
iinwurtJiily bleiui<ihiL')]. Kiit, da oll«ii 
rcpnirinfr u ruinotiH IioiiHe, tbc iueudiii|; 
of Home old i>art inru>ioiiel)i tliu 
makii)(: of »onic tii.-w ; ("o here ber lio- 
tiound)U' Iflbioiir, bepin in rorreeting 
the funltd, eiidt.'d in )>iiii|>lyi]i^ iJiu du- 
fecta; by the view ot wlint was ilJ- 
doim, guided lo tlic eoiifideration of 
whiit wim notdune. W'hirb part, with 
what advice entL-red ititn, with what 
ducieBB it bud W-i-n miM«d tliroujgb, 
moot by Iier doini;. idi by her ilirtct* 


I64j.] Z^dy Maty Sidney/ and btr Writings. 




<lefiac iriiicli *rc unAimUml with 
meuu to ilixeni, tbu r»t it is hopetl 
ir33 f«VMinbly ociijurc. It m twtt Ay 
mmrr than one intrrtfl Ok C'ruMtett o/ 
froAraket ^Irtadia : done, as it wis, 
for her ; as if it, by her. N lattivr i>lialJ 
thiw {MUD> lie the hsi (if no uiiex- 
peetod Kooddit c-ut off her ilctt-Tiuuia- 
Iwd) wUcb tbc 4>Yvrlii<lin<; luri- of 
kcr «XMllrDl bmiher will uiidd.* licf 
coosemiie lo hie meuiory" 

The •* ApciMiiii*' VM first. puli1i«li^t 
at Loodna io tbc year U90, ui •lunrto, 
ukI fMuaed tluvDgh tfix ciiitiuiDi duriug 
her uftf. FVam a lettL-r of KuwUiid 
WhJM to Sr Itobert Sidney, in I59!», 
fount) in tlte cntlei-liun of ilie SMm'v 
\^n\vn hv Cniliu*, wi^ Kutm that it 
Cune ftulin an pxjvnaivc^ tortn, and 
ibai, in cMoeqaenct; uf » j^ooi) and 
rbeap eclittoa uring be'^ prinred in 
Seotla»d. PWiMmby, tbc printer of 
Ute urisinal cdJtiiin, must «)thi>r fomtf 
down in hio prict-*, op bo conlfnt tn 
knip hii cm^ on hnod. Th«re h«VL> 
bMB) in ul. fourteen inipmsJonn of 
ihb mrib tlw liul ill 17'i-S, when it 
WM ptibGalied tn fnlio. witli th(> tun- 
piM^ nodeniiseil b;r Mn. 8Unl«r, 
■ml cofuMucntljr deprived of one ot' 
'a* moM peMJit^ feaduea, its siiupli- 
city. It wa» doiibtIcs» » desire on tbe 
pkrt of Ladir Sidncjr and ber husband 
IO dwfiali ne memory of tUi* autbor, 
that nuued Ac mwt inlervsiinj: .acenrs 
of tbc •• Arcadia" to bereprcwnt^ltm 
the lowu- puncl-i of one uf tbe iipon- 
menu al n'iliun. 

Among tbe literary men etMVia* 
ra^cd hy ibe Count4>M wan Siuuuel 
Daniet. unv nf tJic \kM |Mjet!> of tbe 
rcipi of Elizabctb. il« wuk born 
ID the je»r i'tdi- mid liy iIm- iiio- 
nilWnrf of tbo Karl rwciveil a U- 
bersl vducatiou, aud comiilirtinl it al 
Oxfunl. lie n-«iiU.-<) niwh witb thtt 
Pembroke fanilv. and a easing nf bin 
i* rfcofilml thai'" Wilton hnd hivti bi'< 
U»i sch<ioU" wliicli Kjicak* liij:bly fi'r 
tlie pienipbrr manner in vrLioti tV- 
troBrmy e£ iWt uiaiioioii waa Mm- 
<IiuMd; (loiiblJc«»i bi! hod there an 
iippnrtiiaity nf »edn;; mni'li that WftK 
pood and noble, willi a* little nilov as 
co«M bf nsMKial'lv c\pe«UHt. r>aniel 
wai tmor to Lady Anne Cliflunl, 
(dMObter of the tlarl of I'limbei-Und. ) 
fnTCountt^ftn nf iJorwl, and arter- 
warda tbe' fir<x>t)d nili- nf I'hiliji Karl 
of Peahroke and MonigniiMTx. The 

CnuntCM of Pombrokc apwira now 
to have ileYUted lii-i-w-lf to (lit; iiracticv 
of private virtues, and the adi-ance- 
niettt ul' k'umin^. She vrn? not al- 
lowed br Ihr «jilendour of thi> court 
of Klizul>eth to vutiT into its gaieties: 
and »)>•.' dill tiDt .tlUrwanlH liikc anjr 
|wrt iu the intrwueb of tbe i-ourtien 
wbu fTUiTvundea the weak and pe- 
dniitie iTnmeA, nlthmiffh iindMibtMly, 
luuuii^ hvr other virtues, loateroju 
HolidtiNU' would not be wanting tor 
tbe udvunoanmt of ber ooi^ iben en- 
Icriii^ upon ituuibOi)d. 'Jlie rewaid of 
tluK Kelf-iUiLiuI was tbe ^kI will of 
nM. and tbt^ ii1>i«iu>! of any turn wbo 
waa wiiibfitl to dctrarc from her 

In May 1530 i»hpoomplo*oda trans* 
Intion from ilie Frencli of tbe " DJi- 
<vtur*c of l-ifi" and Death." by Lord 
Plcitni? du Momar, tliu iuiitiiAte 
friend of Sir Pbibp Sidney. Hut 
nnd ber Irnnjilation of the tragedy of 
'* Anlony"" were printed in I-5W. To 
tbom we »hali refer more fully wben 
iiuticinif her literary iiruduetiuu°. 

In liitl Abrihani FruHnif, ihe poW, 
dedi<-utfd to lier lii» [Hieiii eaiicd " Tbc 
I'ouiiti-.'w of IVuibrokc'i Ivyrliurtb," 
po named from the estate of fvvehnrcJt 
nirar Kiili*iiiin , In Wiltnliiiv, which Iter 
Iianhand aAerwardi< \flt hor by will, 
and wliit'ti wiu, probably, her marriage 
dWlenient,* 'Iliiii work contains a 
traniilHtioD of Tasw's " Ajninta," and a 
*' Htsiorr of tbe Heathen Deitic^*" in 
awkwont En>rli.-h lnjAaiueUT*. lie 
alaowrotc&vrori: ealliil "The Counte** 
of Pembroke's EmtuiucU or Christ's 
I'atMon," a subject on which iibf uft^r- 
warda wrote. In the thin! part of 

* Tite following imuajge is from Aa* 
htej'a msauvcript Wilubirv CollectioM = 
"/cyCAwM (Caoabiam Ederosum.) A 

iirinri nf tnonkca, adjoining lo Cluvuilan 
*arkr, a xrote of Flmn, nnJ prospect 
oTRf tlw Gtty of Sallibur^, und the idja- 
cent parta. The Bigfat Hanourahle Mary 
Countoac of Pembroke marh drlighled 
io this pUe*, (Henry Earl af Pambroke 
had a leaM of It from the Clhnrrk of 
SaruiD.^ an also lirr bcolliFr Sir Pbtlip 
SydneT, who wrot» li/<rr loin-li of tlii> 
Aieadn. It is a^jointDi; to Cloicodon 
i^rke pale, a deUaat« frovr of dmci, and 
a coble prospect to SaUabury, and orer 
th? eountTT waat aad nortb.** Hoarr'a 
South ^Vikslare, Alderlrury Hnadred, 
p, 1S7. 


Laig Maty Sulntif and bfV Writings, 


tta lijtJWUll be ibus uldrossn her : rotnv. endila! Doouiw, Uuiie Coou' 
**IBMtrinbw itqiM omatuaiuu lie- tesn Penbrakwna : 

Kjnp]!! (3i>ri> CturiloD, raoriontli Iran FUSppi* 

Aooipa qiimrtHB Mit ftnon nuna AMUilam i 

AmI)M m M Uww iwlrlMliii tUcrMla vatnn, 

IMmm. Vium, mjatwb, d(iih)ae iiukquU 

QnMk dosU dodit, ml r«|ii BoBKntiquI, 

Quod fhutttm ion. quod mlieoU «IUe dBkl.«-Dsv<vns«. Jlb. 7b. 

He tbin 
** Rwnn'if* " to bcT 

"To tba rifht vxoolkmt aixl nwal 
hoBoanUe Lriidr, Uu Lmljr Mar; 
CotuiteM of Pemimkat 

** MkTf, the be«t notluiT, Miitia her 
liMt batii* to t M«rf, Lonl lu a Utljrv 
■Ighl, uiil Cliriit t>:iiii^iruti«n Io«raiiig. 
" Your Iwnour'^ airt-ctionato, 

Ahiaiiax Fkavkck" 

The utbor hrreby ciuloavonn lo 
NMjr tlic nuwrruus benefita wliick be 
bw ntodvcd frou tbc Pembrokci «otl 
Sdner hnlUaL lie wu «dttc«lctl it 
8(- Jdn** CaDe|»^ C«ubn>In> at ibc 
ucpenM of Sir PbiUp Sumoj, and 
aiwnranb i>nltirc«l Gny'i Inn, wbeiv 
be rontiDOie*! until be was oaiBed to 
tbe bar of the court of tbo Jlaniira 
of Walo. lEcnc nKwt rin>bnbly bo 
a^ojrud the patroaaec or Sir HenTj 
Sioney, as be did wennrds oT hi* 
nueecsor Honry Karl o( IVmhruko. 
wbo> ill 1^90> rrc<Miuu«iiile>I biiu to 
Lard Bsrriiky, aa bcio;' full; (lualilied 
br tba flOce of lUr bbjcatji'a aoli* 
<ator IB Ibal court. ]fbi«nKritsa»a 
Icwyv dU oot Toy nucb exceed 
tbaee a* k poel. tbcm wm more of rf 
gud to ftiaidihip than trulb in tUa 

In Ij9it DaaieL bar poet, an lio 
u Li&|iluiUcaUr called, eodraned ker 
in bi* DuUccUou of poeau, cnthJed, 
" Delis." Be eadaavouri to comfort 
bv Ar Ibe loM of ber brotber, and 
tdfaber ibat God dumt hia lore bi 
tbna cbaatcmiig b«r. 

In \iOS ThomM blorley puhlbb<4 
twenty cuuooets, wUcb wero dedi- 
cated to tbe BKMt rare and acoom* 
T«dMd ladr. "tbe L«]y Mary. 
L'ouateax of I'mubiiiLe." 

lu IIM, Daniel dcdinded to bcr 
btt play oTCbMntn. 

Aawng tbe Sbamaa MSS. *e ind * 
copx of a maanwript Ic^i^r of ben, 
iff eaartfd in tbe li^rmrr of Lambeth 
Houfic, to Sir Rdwud WoUm. brother 
vt ibc gmx f ule«inaD Sir llesry Wot> 
too. m| lOOM^ 1 1 o h AT c h«m writlon abaai 
lht» |K-rtoil \ ) i"^*). It bean Kfcrw« 

to Mine compaction ba^un ill tomtF 
timo, ])Ctba{u in couionction with bcr 
departed brother, which the ii now 
deomiis lo recbum : 


« TUl firrt Mcasage thu paper ahsll 
(leDver Li my beat aJutatiiah and ever 
well*wb4iin£ to youraell' from that 
tmolcfl goM ai^lion «tiQ rontinucd, 
t|o ncknowledgo yov w«>rtl)y of tbe 
same rennl, whrrrin you arc nseurcd 
to reat, lor BOch hatb been yoor merit, 
not only toward* uiyadf, but in memory 
of that lovt! lo biiu wbicb hdd you a 
dear and special iriend of hi?, (who 
was to mo. a:i jou know,) I luuAt, and 
Ao, and ever will do you tbii rigbt . 
wlucfa iloB«v the next ia that tbcae uult 
redeeui a ocatain obi panaon wbioi 
long tine sincv I kft m your hasdx, 
mly being doirDui to review what 
tbe imiftc would be of tfaoae fled t(iu««, 
I T«TT well know, mwcrtby of tbe 
huinoor tba; i1h>u poaaencd nv : and 
such aa I know no rcaaon you should 
rvnder ine any account of. Yet if 
yoor rare of tbcM: fnlliea, of nurb a 
toy, hare cbineed to keep that wbkib 
myaeir have kft, my enraeat desire it 
iWt I nay again ae« it, thflt by tbii 
bearo-, my boacat Mr%-ant RuMuy. 
Mfelv lualed I may rectHw it, aaanrii^ 
you 1 will, when you will, aai* you 
with other tbii^p better worth your 
ke>)jin{!. Only miMj me in tbia, and 
I miH mika sot") niy word ml any 
time, blare I wQl not trouble you 
with at tbia prenmt. 

** 1 reat now anal crcr. 
^^ Tour b)Tiu Mend. 


This letter, which appean Aon tbe 
style to h«vtf bnmwnltvn in sfcnrritd 
laamer. probably relcn tit her poem 
on tbe nnaon nf our Saviour, wbieh 
Hi mnir fonnar period abe wai 
nlaoed a Ibe hank of Sir & 
Wofton. or perbaiia aettini: Gttle - 
npoo it attnetfaM^nayhaTf jtirrn 
i| (o bin. T»t (bat work we tball 
again hare onaiJealoTHipr. U.T. R. 

•■Art* /yi^t/ rAw*/, 

'/»n*w /i/ima./A^ A**a.*iiui.amt htfh'f**/^ 



(With « Plair, e^miminitiy Portrait* if/ Iht Dth Ijnf draij, amd *(fhi» AtMUin, tmd 
d iUprt*tniall(m vf Ikt Dafgtr-lm\ft J 

THK MMwunntiini of thu Duko of 
Bncldisham «t PorUDioiitb on \\\c 
39d or Aj^rtut. 1629. was ui evcut 
which M the pmoil .if \\* oci-urmici? 
WHS re^Knled with Kc-neral ciuotiuu at 
bmnc, ud not wfthoiit interest in 
fbrcwD oountriea. £iiglaml, KraixT, 
and S|Min wrrr Ihen tbc kinjtdoruH t>t' 
tlire* TTiuihful Buoarcln, mid wvra 
M""" — "" Jiivcrneil by llieirrfi-Jjei-five 
111 .-ijiv(niril>;3"l'lhi'iriiiiislcni, 

kii'i im -u.e arbitci> of iltirir ]iiiliti('«. 
Ctwriv had hu liuvkiuzfaum, Lnuid 
hu RM-bt>t(eu, ami Itiilip biK OlivHrcx. 
It wii," under tliew rimumstanw-*, 
MriiMi Barkiujilnuii wax in tltepK'nituilt! 
uf his puvrer. tliat his cJircn-r wiw !>inl- 
(Imlr auJ un(^-(pf!':u.-dly cut short hj 
ibe fund <>f Jittin Frhim. 

Alibougli lli4!re were aa yet no 
aew«|i^>m, yvt vrv arv iint witlitnit 
Tari»"i" nnmitives oS thp iK'nirrcticK*, 
bfIl' Wail nil ihe jurtii'itiBn. 

< ' waft pabtiithd) very shortlr 

1^1 Howi?»'b (Touiiniulioa of 

owe'* Chroniili', 1631; another waa 
'ftivco hr Sir Henry Woilun in liiji 
\Mk of tho Duke; tJtcrc is another, 
TCTT dminwiiititinl, in I^orl (.'lartn- 
don B iruiorr ; and a fourth in the 
looiiMiin <if Sir Simoiiil* D'Ewgs, 
tinetitnM with fJie view uf tlie Puri- 
tofuoal and iii!>c<in(ent4.-d iiarty.* 

But, bcfur« nil ihpvo in intvresl, if 
not in conjili^ncu, la an amounT 
which w» written oa tbe very day 

* There ia still another BomrWe, that 
will sonrtimf* be fuuad quotrd, iu 
ll'ivcll'x Letters. Th« writer of tho Pic - 
uinnl l)iM»fy uf Eii(laad aayt. " Tlii* 
admirable IcitM-mibr \a geiwrally well 
lafomed a« to pwtiiig ^rnt* ; bnl"— 
tben proc<«dt to chow that be incnrrFcllj 
docnbed the couicrMtloii i>f the Diilcr 
and Soobttt. Tbe fwrt, bowrvcr. u, tbal 
l!h«(mter part of |Io««ir<i Lvictrs an 
hbrintioai, wriu«ti by him (ri>m reeal* 
tectum ot frtm panphLru, irhf^nin prwon. 
lor tbe mefa fiorposr of makin;; ufi ulmok 
fiw nle. It i« not, thcreriiri-, iniprising 
If tb«y are freqaeoUj' found defective 
vbeo COB parad with mlty oofitemporary 

UKitT. Sl»o. Voi„ WW. 

of the occurreiiw by Dudley Lord 
Carteton, in order to oommnnicate tbe 
cataatrophc tu Uio Qucvii-t It b aa 

fiilliiwn : 

" Mtuldam, — I atn to trouble your 
Orace itith a moat lunieutiiblc nlntioD. 
Tbb day b«twiit ninr and tfn oTthr clock 
in the moraine, ciie Dakeof Buukitijibuu. 
then coiumlng out of ■ pulor into a tiall 
to px. (o hi* roai-b, and tat to ibc Kingi 
(who wiu foar tnilri off,) haiiim about 
him direne Lord*,}: Coluuellj, au<i Cap* 
laiiui, and many o( bis owno acrranca. 
«■« bj one FclloD (onrea Li«otntAat of 
this our srniy) tUine at one faliiir with « 
dace*!'- knife. In bia (la^girflug >>« tumnd 
aboot.utteriDitonly Ihiiworri. 'vilhuDc!' 
and neTcr spako woril more, but prcaentty 
plDi.'kin^ out tbe knife from biotMlf b»- 
forv hi^ fell to tbo fcrotud. bee made to- 
wanli the Irajtor two or three pacta, and 
than fell o^ainit a txbl«, allfaou^ be were 
vphfid by dmm tbat were ne«re him. 
that (Ibronch the vtllaine'a close csrris^ 
ill tlic ><--() criotd not pcmiT« bim hnrt at 
all, but gu««»'d him to be (uddeiily orer* 
sway'd with some apoplexW, till they uw 
tbe blood come guabing from hir mouth 
and the wonnil M fast, that tife and breath 
at once left liia brgored body. 

" Maddan, you may easily Koent^ arhat 
outerys were thea made by u». that "ere 
wee saw him tJitu dead in a m^inonl. and 
tlsine by an unkiiownr hand, for il seema 
thut Ihe Duke himvdre outly knew who 
it was that had murdereil him, and by 
neenes of tbe confined prrssr at tbe la- 
atant about hla por«on, wre neither did 
nor ooold. The souldien feaie his loaae 

t Published in Ellb's Original Lrtten, 
First Sm-iw, «o1. tii. p. 456. The Editor 
hn* omitted hi* customwy pehirencw to 
his amHority, but the original is presumed 
to be in tbc British MuM-um. 

J Amonj; the other ticnoos of distinc- 
tion preacat were th<- Karl of Cleveland. 
'• who had but nc«l; lunitMl bis bach from 
Ihe Duke, and wu m neat that he beard 
the ttinnip," and "■ Srottishman, a bishop 
of Ireland." who was probably RAbert 
KdillD, Bifbnp or Down and Connor; 
they Slated that when Frlton g«ve the 
blow he »ajd, " God b»TO metcy upon Iby 
soul." Letter of Mr. Meail to Sir M. 
StoleviUe, EUia'i Pint Seriea, in. 261. 


Auaatination oj Gto*g9 Duti* of Buckingkam [Aug. 

will be dielr olMr niina ; wherrfare att 
the inMant th« hoose and court abpvl it 
■ntre fall, frttj nan preteot wilh the 
nuhf* Ijudy cnilrtKronriiif a ore ofitt. 
In tlir inran time Fellon paiw'd the 
throiiS, wliifli wa« rcitiftweJIy Brcat, iiol 
too much ae inark*(l or followed, in soc 
■Duch that, not kivDwing whrrc nor who 
hr «» that bad done Ihnt fact, ■omc cmne 
to bi-c|i s\\aTil ai Ut« eatei. anil oLti«'n 
went ta tbc: rampOTla of the loiniB, in all 
whic-]i t«inr Ihr TilUinr «ai itnnilin|; in 
the kilcbln of lb« aune botiae ; atid afUr 
thv loqiiiry made b^ a nQUitiHle of cap- 
tuan and gDBtleiMtii then preadng hiio 
thn haave and rourt, and ^-ryinjr f\it 
amniur, ' Wlicrc in (lip viltainr >' ' \V1wrc 
b ihn bulchrr ?' he* raoiC •udacionil; ami 
moluicly (IrawinK forth hli awenl, i-nme 
out and wtnt amonfse tbcmayin; boldly, 
* I nm tiir mnn, linrc I am ;* upon nhii'h 
diven drrtr u|inn him, Kill) iotvnl lo have 
then dlipatoliE hiini but Sir Thoniaa 
MortOK, niyscire, aod iomd othe/a, as'd 
a<u!h tnnuia (lhnii|;h «ith mui'-h trotitjir 
and difflculiy) that ne dm* liiio oiii uf 
tbclr bandii : and by order of my Lord 
lli^h CI>Ani)>frlninc. wet had the ekugo 
ot kn.-]nii; hinifiiim anymminiDK to him, 
■iiililt a t;uard i^f uiu*1irl(«rt wcro bruuKliI 
lo couvry hiin to the Governor'! boujK), 
vlwrcwA wfrp dinebar^'d. 

"MjlAirc! lIiKhChAmbcrlolnewidHr. 
SMretary Conkf. [«)■»} «#(« tli«n at Hx 
Goternor'a linii*r. did ibt-rr ukfihinrx- 
anlnatioQ, of which &« yrC tliere ia nothing 
knotrnc ; iiorljt itliilal Iie was in our cub- 
toily I Bjikrd hill) nKvenil qiimtinn*, to 
wbtch he (nivcr'i), vii. Hctayd. ho «a> 
a Proieatatii in rclijflon; bee alao vx. 
pmard liimatTlff- IhaC he was partly dik- 
ctinu-ntrd for iTAnt of eighty ponnda pny 
which WAS due ualo him : and fur chat, be 
bnng a Lii-utcnaaC of K company of foot, 
Ihf cimipriiiy wna gitm ovrr hii IrnA 
unto aiio(li«r ; aijd jrl hiv laiiil ihat thai 
d!d not DiAve lilni to thi» rrtoUition, but 
that he rradinc t}i<i Rtnionstninm of (he 
Ilouiff [if I'srlinnirnl, it camr inln hia 
n>;iid, that m oomtnilting the art u( killiiijt 
■hi- Duko, hca (houkl do hi* cautiiry 
grvat food-nrvitv. And hM tayd thnt 
to-morrow he waa to be pniy'd fnr iii 
London. I tbra aiked him at ahi^ 
church ani1 to whnt fiiirpn«r: hfr told me 
at a chiirih by Klccl mrrft Ccindiiit. and, 
•■ for a man mutli dikconlrntrd in miiid. 
No* urt, %rehiii ihiiiK* to full from Miu hi 
thia niHAnor. futt'vr'd him not to be fur- 
tbrr ijiieMion'd by aiiy, thinkinii it mticb 
burr for tbe Ixirda to rxamiiir him, aitd 
U> Code it out, Olid knowe from hin 
whriherhe wu cncouraRi'd uid tea on 
by anv to ftrfonae thia wicked ieti. 

" ilut lo return to Ibe acreeicbea oaade 

att the fatal blow |l«*tl,— 'the DnchcHO of 
BuuhSngham and th« Couatetac of Ao- 
gleaey * cuDfl fonb l«o ■ lallery wblirh 
look'd intn thr ball, whcfe ihey mighl bi^> 
hold tlur Maud of thrir drrriTit lord giiah- 
tnc ffvm him:— ah. poorv ladiral »i)vh 
wad llurir acreeching, (Mr-s, and dittrac- 
tion», thai 1 never in my life heard (ho 
like bcforr, and hope orrer lo bear* Ihe 
like aKaine- Hi* Ma"" ifricfe for the 
hMne of hlia waa eiiirea«ed to ba noro 
than frcat. by (lie ntitiy ti'arra bee halt 
abrd far him, niib nliirh I irlll conclude 
thia «ad and nntimely otwu. 

" FcltoTi had aowed a vrinnK In tbo 
frownc of bia liati, b*lf vtitlnn the lyninf . 
lu ahew the nunc why hiv putt thii crnci 
■ft In rxrcutioii ; ihinkiiiK hr thould have 
beerH! elaiiic in Ui« plate: and it ma 

tllUl.; — 

" ' If I bee ainine, Irt no man coo- 
demne ve, bat rather rondrmae himadff ; 
il it (or our tiniia tbai our hartt us 
hardikrd, and bcmroe ai^ncrkiae, or eJte 
bee had not KOne too long un|juoi*hed. 
John Kclion.' 

" ' lie ia unworthy of tbe name of « 
GcnIIPMan, ur Soldier, iii m* ojiinion, 
thai laafrajil lu aacrillre hit life for Uio 
honor of God, bia King aud Couotiy. 
Jiihn Krilon.' 

*' .Maddaui, tbii in the truth, tlie whole 
Irialh, and nulliing lot ihi? Irutli ; yrt all 
loo mucb too, if It bad *<>e pleawd God. I 
thought it my bonndcii duly, bowtorrert 
lo Irt your Ma'" Unve Ibc (iiat tarelhgeBee 
of il. hj ilio hand of, Maddain, Yor 
aorrowfull Servaril. Dcpiav Cahlctok. 

" To her Majesty ihu UuMn.*' 

If wc tiuw turn lo tbu narrative of 
I>or*i Ctnrt-riloi), it will he fuiiniJ lo 
cuuildfie the bixiorv ol" ilii« caUmii; : 

" Abant nine in the mominic Frlton 
preMfd, wiihont siiiipiclon. auoug many 
auitiir* and drprnilnula «ho fntvdrd tlur 
Ouke'a Icvrr, into a pailour in wbtcb tbe 
Duke wu to breakfait. Ttii* parlour wai 
divided kon the ball by a L^nd of lobby, 
or cnlfTi at Ihe end ol wliii-b, ne^t Ibc 
hall, wM a eiirlnin that wna raised op 
whm any per»un went uiil or in, Tbe 
Uuke was at thai nme in his chamber, 
dmaing hliriarlf, Kiirriiundril by prrMini 
of (]uelity, and ('ffinrr* of the Flrrl and 
Army, amun^ whom were M. de Soubiia 
hrolhcT to the Unke (if Ruhan, and Other 
gentlemen of Prance ; and had juat re- 
ceived letters, in which he una advertiied 
that Kochelle bad rrl.rvrd ilMlf; and waa 
in hiute to ^n and ai^qnnint ihe Kii.jt nitb 
tbe Ruod iit-w«. the t.'ourt being then at 
Southwick, the bouidof Sir Oaniel Nor- 

" The wife of the Dulled hrolber. 


at PorUmoutft. tit 1 628. 


ton. liT« mile* fron PortnuaMfa. PelEoo, 
wbea be pcraeired (famt tiie Uokc p'u 
■boot lo q«it hi* chamber, withdrew itilo 
ihi lobby : ftnd tbo D«k< looo aAct en- 
tered tbo pArloar witb Sir Thomu Frf«r, 
• colotiel in ibc •imj-, to ■h»in hr wm 
«peakiiiic. Fdiufi lufTfrreJ thrm to paj>i 
btm; lad the Dnlte.juit u h« catw to 
the. rutitm, stoopioj^ lo take leave of Sir 
Tbunu Vrrn, Felton immeiliBtrlr Miicd 
th« •p|Kirt«i)It^, drew bb knife, aod 
meUMf »firr the I>uke'B shoulder, aa if 
to nit Ue cwlam. thnnit the blade into 
hi* bi«a>( mder ihr left paji with tuch 
fonm ttmi it nacbed bii heart. As toon 
« he had fives ibii wound he ijuliieil the 
lui/e. wkkb lie left in (he Duke* bcUy, 
Md threw hi* bat on lite irooDil. Ttia 
pake at ib« iniUnt of h^ r«eliaE tbe 
blow, dapped kit band on tbe hilt of hit 
■vonf, aid cried out, as tome aay with an 
oalb. • tbe ■tllaia ba* killed mr.' He 
then drew tlip kiiifc tnm tbe «o«sd hiio- 
*df. aod, ataffering BOhm pace* forward. 
mak do«ii twder the haD>t*hl«. 

" ^rrasaded a* he waa \tj amitore and 
■WMta. DO BBB aav the blov i but all 
sen lattaatljr alarmed hj the incidctiU 
lh*I Mlawcd it. lie wai riUced, yeC 
ali««,. ou the ball tible, *>Wr, titer 
rtrqpiUBf wiib d««tb about ten minute*, 
be cntind vittont apekkinK ene »urd 
after bii ftr*t cxcltaation. Such wat tlie 
(«D>v>l conatemklion nail horror cvn- 
eand at tbe Tart. that, witbiu a ytrj frw 
■ lii t M anei tlie bod; wai pWml on the 
ttUk la tbe ball, there was not a liTJog 
(nMvre about it, nor in any of the adja- 
«rat roooa, uny laon (mtk Sir Hefuy 
Vottoa) tbto if il had Iain m tbe aanda of 
Bibiopia. A rrowi], ht^weier, cooo ga- 
tknW aboat tbe door ; and, u no man 
kad acoi the blow, or bim that gave it, 
mrj Man nadc Uia own conjecture, aod 
decUred it aa a thing known. Tbe geoeral 
oplBiofi WW, ibat the fad bad been com- 
■Inad by tbe Precdi; for. the French 
BBtlenien who bad been about tbe Dnke. 
bnng in graat tronbla and pi^hwily Ic«t 
the news be bad received ibvuld prerent 
or delay hia vofage, bad ioiisted. with all 
Iba vebement rifefars* pei.'^uliar lo tbe 
language of that people, that tbe new* 
CDuld not poHihl; be true Tboae, there- 
rore, wb» did noi underuaad Prcnch »p< 
pOKd tbn h»ii been angry, and had 
aani tbc Duke radrtr ; on which tbey 
•cbtd H. Soublse anil aome ntbera. who 
*ffre in zrcat dnnrer uf being lUin on tbe 
•tm, but tluC Felion, who bad gone 
tWagh tbe hall jniu tbc kitchen, and 
Ibcane ta the area btfore the door, where 
he waa walking wub fcrrai compoMin-, 
btanng tbe ai-oIRp, ran in among the 
eravd, aad cneil gat, ' I ua be tbat bath 

done the deed ; let no inan luflcr that is 
innocaat.' lia momrnt he had inada 
ibia dKlaratioo, tboM who nerc moct Tu- 
rioni ran at him with tlieir rwordi drawn, 
to kill him ; but oibct«, who were at lca«t 
rijuntlr roncemrd In ihe lot*, aod equally 
luuubcd with a mdm of it, defended bio, 
thtc be mlgbl ba rcaereed for more judi- 
cial cxaininatioD, and aufTtr with greater 
•oltmniiy of juilice. FelloD, bowever, 
openeil hi» breatt to the rwords of iba 
matt outrageous, not only with mlmneaa 
hut rberrfulBCM. being lailliiig ralbcr to 
fail a tairriiicin to ihcii nuddcn anger, iban 
be reserved to tbal paBiabmeni which be 
knew woaM be iaAletad upon him. It 
waa »oon known who be waa ; and, being 
taken into a private room by lomc per- 
tonsof the beat condition, they thought 
fit io far to diutmblc as to mention tbe 
Dnke'a WEinnrf a* dangrrou* only, and not 
mortal. l.'[iui> wbidi Pclton ■■ailed, and 
said, ■ he kiitv wt'l enough that be had 
given a blow which had dctennincd all 
tlirtr hope*.* lifting then aaked h* wboM 
iiiatigatiua be had eounnilierf tu liorrid a 
murder, be answered, with great dignity, 
' tliey might at once giro np that inquir;, 
far that no man Uving had credit or power 
enuugh to ba«e engaged lilm In aucb an 
action : that it prcccvdcd only from him- 
Mlf ; that bis pnrpoM had been formed by 
tbe impnlae of bla own conscienoe, and 
waa known only to God and him<>elf. His 
mothta, be aaid, would appear, if Ua bat 
wore foaad. in which he bad fixed them 
in writing, believing it probable that he 
might perish in the attempt.' The list 
was indeed by this time produced, having 
been taken up near tbe lobby where 
FettoD Lad dropped it," 

Tbe assesBLD la doecribisd hj Sir 
Hcnrv Wotton aji " a yoanger brotlier 
of mean fortuoeh in tbe couoty of 
Suffolk.* by name John Friton, hj 

* Tbe hnily of Fallon, of Playfard, in 
Suffolk, waa rabed to a BareiMtcy tit 1630. 
and ita sole beireia waa married io 1695 
to John Hervey, afterwards the lirst Earl 
of Bristol, tt does not appear how nearly 
John Felton waa related to Sir Henry 
Fclton, the fint Baronet; but he waa 
vKited in prison by tbe Eail and Coontcsa 
of Arundel, and Lofxl Maltrarert their 
son, who wrre aaid tii be of hi* kindred. 
E1H»'» Orijiniil Letter*. Th're ic in the 
pariah of Asbbocfcing. near HclaiiniihB»( 
in Suffolk, a einoll farm, which, it la ro- 
^tortrd in the neighbaoTluiod. belonged t* 
the wurdi^rBr. ITiis, a frw yeara ainoe, 
was the property of n Mr. ^^clbanl, and 
««s purt-boMil by him of the Earl of 
llriilal, Khi> mhcnied cuniiderable estatca 
in tbe parish from tbe maniage above 


AttastiHatha »f Cieovge Duk« of Buckingham [Au^. 

nuurc of ■ tlucp uieliUBcliut}*, silent, 
»ntl ^ttoiny amntiluliitn, bul bi-cd in 
rai*vd to Llie place of Lieut«n{int to u 
footL> compaiiT in tlic rvgiuumt tt Sir 

Sir Sinmnu D'Ewes dcBcribcs him 
ait "■ gcntlfinRn of titv anm-nl 
fumilie of ^t-ntni^ in Siifl'olkc; tptj 
valoiirous, mid uf u. Htout spirit. IIiw 
hwl bicii a Jieuu-nftuM- iimlcr n wip- 
UJDe in lliG talc uniVirluiuile voiago Ut 
the i^and of Itve, nnil wiim bcfaiv «Uoe 
eaiploieil io tlia uxptKlicioii to Ciidtz, 
under 8ir Bdwxrd Cecil rttt-tjunt WIni- 
blixlui, in llie year 1625. IVt liad 
been an ancictit tiuurrcll ttc-tiroeDe him 
and Sir Hifiiric lluiigiiii? kmgtil. wIiom 
tecret luiiC beu liud diacorered, mkI 
nceirLsl iruin bim it inusl bue reTdOge. 
being wuundMl hy him in bit bedi) 
verie daofferaiuUe ; eoc u Su- Hmrj 
baTeiiiK uutrwftrdua by muiv iiii^inv.* 
pftdliM him, yet wlieo hoc saw him 
ruL>QVvnMl, L'VLT fuarcd liiiii, und ihi-iv 
fore wra«, I iK-lii-vi-, thoihii'f iiwirum^nt 
wttb tiie Duku (in nboee ratuur \\c 
Imd a gr«Hl »h(iro) tn dcjirivi- Mr. 
Fettnn once, if not twicf.. of the cap- 
taini'B plwL- of that roiTipHiiy ovtir 
which h(! (v>]nmiuiiled a.i liuutfjiiuil." 

Eihard oihln this further uncTdnti* 
of him : " Fvltfiii wa^ a man of tliut 
ftoul iipirit, thitt i]{)n)i iVL'pivinp nn 
faifury (Voin a ct^nlieniun, hi.- otit ufl' n 
■n«oe of h)« uLtl« fiuger, and Mnt it 
tkOtno iHtb ■ challrr^, to let him 
know be valued not \\\% whole body to 
tbiit he might obtitin hi* n-vi^ncc." 

**In B by-euller"» chop of TowtT- 
bill," (oonliQiit-a Sir IK-nry Wutton.) 
F«lloii " bought a lenin-nny kiiifu (so 
cheap wu the iDHtniiiii'nl of iSiii ^rc3,^ 
attempt), and Ibe klmutli tlit-jvol' tic 
pewi^i I" the lining of his [Mickei, that 
Ik might xt any linip draw forth the 
Ufedv aiouK with onv hand, fur ho luid 
iti^rd the other. This done, he 
taadv shift, partly, it i* laid, cm hortM^ 
bafik, and partly on foot, to get tn 
Porumouth, for be was iDdigoiit and 
low in mnn«y, which pcrbapt m^bt 
hnre a little edged bia aespention. 

■nentionc>d. iiid dip iirescnt MnrqafMliM, 
tt U btlivred. itill some land there. Th* 
mrouoc at Fclion Ai^n tioi (wpaar In tb* 
Aihbo«ktnx Rcftaler, but Feitun, ion of 
Edwanl Mkan, mo. wst baptiiisJ there 
S6 JaD. 1668. (InronnBtioii of D. E. 
Sary. eiq, of UBbrd.) 

Sir Siuiund D'Ewis coiKludcB bis 
■iLory im loltown :~-*^ B«ung rvinored 
from Portsmouth in Septembtir to the 
Tower of Ijoridim, und iti?11 loilgod 
and uBcd. having ibe diet acciL^toincd 
to priaomTK in itint {Attev allowed kimi 
he woa at one time there threatened 
by Sir Edwanl Sackville, Bsrle of 
Oor»M, tliut liL- tlionld be forwd upon 
the rncktf to confi:)U who were urivie 
vilh biiii itiid cuu»eiitin}{ to the- Dukc'« 
deaifa. ■ I luivi>,' »aid he, ' ulreadic 
loldc the truth in ihut point u|Kin niy 
MilvBtion ; and if i Xtv fwrtber qiita- 
Itontil by torluri', I will iki-(!uu you, 
and yiiu onlle, my Lurd of DursLt, to 
be of conNpiriEcie with lue.' At laat 
lit! wiu tii^>U{:hl to bin triall at tba 
Kin|t'»-beui.'h barrv iu Wi-ntmitutler* 
bull, on Thursday ihu S7ih d:iy of 
Noveuilirr. ill iht) iniiniiiij;, and l)i4 
knife, all defiled and hesinenrod with 
blood, IU it eiiiiie out of the Dukv's 
brcaatf was lait-d )>efun> him in ujieu 
Court. Hv iuflantly acknowlodj^'d 
liimx'Ifi- to lie the nulhitr, and mm- n-- 
ccived lh« H'MlpiiL-e of roiidcin nil lion. 
Th« wxl dny lie rcn'iviKl llii- «ju'ra- 
raent of tlic Lonlps Sujipcr in the fore- 
noon with j,'ri-»t defir^- nnd devotion; 
and tlie day followiiiE;, Nov. 'i9, Satur- 
day, lie wjw hanjea at Tybumo in 
the innniing, whore bo maile a rcric 
pioua and Christian end, slill aflirtoing 
tn the luat that he hud nerrr tlainp lite 
Dukis bul thai \\» assure^l him-wlfe 
tlierebio to mvf olinrch and rtatc from 
imminent and imnvoidnbltf niiiie." 

The ttody of the iii-ita>ain waa taken 
to Porltitn'iutb, tliLi-i: to be hanged iu 
chainH. Tiie fjittbet was erected on 
ihv bcurb. Hnd uii obeliiik elurc lo ihe 
biithing-roomt, which is the boundary 
mark o| the nncni^nt liiniu of lite bo- 
ruiiich, still L'uuinins an oak \Att\ lull 
of nulla, which wa>< part of tha gibbet. 

The Iwad of thin iiwiiiuralilt; [x-noii, 
engrnyed tn our plate, is popied tVom 
a Nmall quart u rirmt, whieh ropro»ent» 
htm It whole lenglh, standing in a 
room, and which is thus inscribed ;— 

" Thelirely l\>ftraitnre orioho Velttim 
•rliomoat niiscrktilj liildihe rijiht Hono^ 
Ovnrgfl Vil1rir«, Duk« of UuckiagbaiDt 
Aujaitr 23, 1628." 

" This print," saya Granger, "wWeh 
is sopposed to tte unique, is in the 
eolleelion of Benjamin Way, esq. of 
Denbam Court near UxbrJdge," It is 
nnw in the Bodleian Libni^ at Ox- 


^P fopJ, in lb* valuable illuatrau>cl CU- 
■ rcndon formed hy the late Alcjunflur 
' Satlivrhnd, esq.^ 

There it ft print extsni rcprewnt- 
mg th« AsMtSuuation, which wa* copied 
b^ Richanl Sawyor for H. RoiM in 
i^a ; bai it waa ncrt worth that ntien- 
tion. It WW probably the dt-sipti of 
aomv (icrauB irtiM, nutiiv for <ju« of 
the Imtoriral volunwa of the nature of 
■a Annual B^^icr, which wen 
OQ ihc ooDtioait, and as litUo au- 
thentic a» manj iledgiu of /brtign 
tfienl* which are j^iven to our uKidiini 
pirtoriai new^jjuiicrs. 

Tbt! wmjMn rrprWHjntxil tii 1h« 
^ate (firom a drawing bv I>r. nmmet, 
F.S.A.) in rtill prT«Tv«l at NowiiUBin 
Padox in Worwirkabin', the wat ofthe 

PEarb of Denbigh hawing bwn tra* 
^Wtj/imlly handM down as the in- 
atrameot <^ the Duke's asaasstuation, 
M Ml i i td hv I"* Hster the first 
Co om w of Dmhigh. 

"Hus af^wara to be gooA aothorilj 
for ito klentltj, thnnfHi itn mpeuanPe 
» acarcdy cuiuutent with Sir Ilenr}' 
Wooon** aMonnt, foUowi^) by most 
atlwr htfurical writer*, that the fatal 
wa^on waa a commoD tftipennv knife 
boufht ufKiD Tower Uill. LH^n/CitHe- 
tea, ia hn runttfrnponry lettei, ttuinn) 
il, as wc havu eron, " a daggvr knitv ;" 
Sir Slimindti D'Kwt'J de«prib« it to 
have bnm ** a long koifc with a white 

The Inile rr^irrfiented in the plate 
i> B droiblp wcafion, which mar bu 
nut^d or trjionilr^l by tnran* M twn 
piToto ia its handle, and niu^ hnri.' 
been mnrv cnttlr than Mirh a knife m 
Sir lleoTT WMton de«cribed. If 
drawn witn nac haikd fhim a tbi^alh 
tewu to the lilting of the UB MU ui in's 
ptKikirl, u •tat«<l Ln the same narratirci 
It mtL<t hart- Ki-n used a« u «iuiple 
diCsVTi fiw hliule Iviim; on thc' olht^.' 

The paper fijund'in Felton'» liatf w 
ampoaad to be atill in cxirience, aud 
I OT'siniilr of the wrttin]; ts viven in 
C. J. Smith'e " Bulancal and Literary 

* Thm if a roogh rcpmmiatioii of it 
la tUa potltMa ta a loliime eatitJed 
•*'V>m an tht Ataa." 

f Tfcr iT-adrn of popalar history ar« 
■0I4 by HuBK that " tail or fivo liiica of 
Ihc OMBBuwt' ReaoDKraaee were Mwn 
ia ilie AMMna'i hat ;" tad to aba in 
Itflg^a ninstrioiM hMtrait*. 

at PorttmotUJt, iu 1626. 

MIowg : — 

1840, 4to. U run* a> 

n^t man U eomardtf, bat*, nuf de. 
irrrrth nut fit nmmt nf « gntttmmt or 
KulJirr Ihat u mat M^iUmge to nertjle* 
fiii lift for the hunor qf kit Outt. Ait 
Ki»fft, and iit CtinHlrif. t^l aor man 
eommt-H Pte/or dntinft if it. but rettttr 
rfucvMMtmd tUtnittrf. at tie eaute q/' it. 
Jbr tf God tad tutt tatta Awoy o' hartr» 
Jar ow mttti, hr tcautd nol har^ gon* m 
baf • tupmuukfd. 


This paper \a twice indnr»4>d <iii the 
haiulwnltit^ uf Jcklin Ev^lvn,) ** A 
Note fcvund iHwux Felti>n when bp 
kiilt-d tlw Duke of Buckingham 23* 
Aug. KHH." It caino into Evelyn'* 
UNwssion from hi* mother- in- law 
I^dy Rrown, whfW^ fnther. Sir lul- 
wara NicboUu, waa one of the niagtS' 
tratcs Iwlbrc whoni Fclton wu* ex- 
uuiinwl at ForUttuiutb :| and with the 
othtT Evelni paper* it ita^Hixl w Mr. 
Uprolt of the LaTi<(on Institution. 
Tni* appear* a well atlcsli.'d (".■dijn'w.', 
but !till it i^ difficult to n>roncile wilh 
it the ittateiuent of Sir Siiuunils 
D'Ewc*, that "The wriliu){wa»a* JtJ> 
linrf cb, cvMuflnmc 0/ tfo tntnd and 
diddMlpWM, itiHi Ail name tliacrHtd 
to either of them ; 

" Let ■•■> man comncad roe for doing it, 
but ntbrr (UMummrnd IbeaiMlve*; for. 
If God bad not laktn aaa; their hart* tot 
their *in«, h« had not fone ao loag un- 
puoishcd. ioBN Pblton." 

" TliaC man, in my opinion, b coward- 
lie and bate, and dcaerrcth not ibe aime 
of 1 fcnttfman nor *auld)i'r, that in un. 
■ illiii^ <i> »ai.ii6cL' hit life for (hi' honour 
or CSnil and the good of IiIb King aqd 
Countr;. John Fei.toh," 

Whieh artan^fcmcnt »^/jvt» tlmi with 
tluit already piven in Lord Carlfton's 
letter. Il appeun, i>ti the whole, moft 
probable that the SiS. in llr. rprott'a 
poaaefston is only a vc^y of the two 
papery pWed trpellir'r, but vor)>ally 
t hcninttt eorrci-t versioD ofl he 1 lu-ee, nnd 
made liy or lor Sir Iwiward Nicholas. 

'I'he jKirtrait fVoii) whieh tiur En* 
graving 19 dprired. of lite Duke of 
Buckingham Iring dead, Li in l\» poa- 
oeuion of the J^fiu^ueM of Xortiuunp- 
toD at Cattle jV^liby. It is now en- 
axa'ed for tlie first lirue, wilh his 
Lonli^hip'a permiuion. froiu U drawing 
by -Mr. G. 1'. Uaidiug. F.S.A. 

T £Uit'i Ori^aol Latten, Pi. U6. 

Tho house Kt whirh thU important 
erent oociuTDd u Htill sluinlmu iu iliv 
Hifjh SlTN-t nt r.irttinotilli. Nn. 10. 
It la deacritxHl to liuvu Ih.'cii at tliu 
time tlir iv*i'i<rni-r iif Mr. Miuxin.* 
Mniv n*cpnik il was iii<> rwtuli>noe of 
llie Ki>v, fiforgL* Cathbpri, who wm 
ChnpUin in Kin^ GenrgclV.analdcr- 
mui, Rn(] several tiuii^ mayor, of 
piortamotitK, lii« nniivc town. He 
DuteruUj alwred the appearance of 
tiie houM by crcming u new frnot in 
tdrunicc of one half of il. und alio by 
invrtinpr sath vrindow^.f 

'lliv kitcht-ii lowliicli Kclion retired 
imiiieiJinleIr nllvrrommitLiii):; the fal^l 
act, wiw th<.' M-pitmli^ hiiililiitg Men in 
the furllif-T [uirt of the view. 

The prtiicnt kitch<.>n hnx • chtmDCy 
pJfNN^ ■.-nrviil nritli grulciMgiii* hraiiU, &c. 

Th« cxteraal features of the house 
wvrv pmluililv fnxhtonnlih' in fonwr 
timos. Thrre is iiill pcniainin;: in tho 
towti ani>thvr tn^iiiKiun c^iaructcri>eOi by 
■uniUr projwtions. 

* Antohiograph; of Sir Sltnonda D 'Ewe*. 
A Mr. Tiliuan hail btvn •rrrrlBrf to the 
Doke on hii Mpediiion !■» Ilir i>|r »{ Bii». 
(MS. Harl. ',056. imnwi in NicboU'e 
Hia. of L<-i»iit. Ul. VU3.) 

+ Pot Ihntc ]jartiou1ar«, Ktid for an old 
drawini^ of tiin liou*r, fmm ithirb our 
»i«w lii« betn ileri*Tcl, w njc indclilcd 
to Henry SUfhi, eiiq. of Portainoutb, who 
Im* made, and in psit publiiihcO, laixe 
ootlnutioaa rrlativc to th<- hintory of llitt 


The Dabe of Buckinf[bun'i eorpae 
wM brong^ To Loitdoii on Saianlay 
Ihc ROlh of Au^st. and attend>^ by 
tbe nobiliiy, his friends and ufRocn, 
liv l4>n-l)-liubl, to Walliii^liird llouac, 
uoiir C'liarins CroBa. A Tury sunip- 
liioun funfral wan al linrt intetidi-d by 
the King; but tliin cxptiiTie wu oulv- 
wiiupntly relinmnglwd en an'ount of 
iJip n«ri>«iUM7 ilcmiuid* of the ww with 

The hini'TAl look pine* nt Wcat- 
minater Abbey on ibe I8th of Sep- 
tom^wr. A Ta«t and mofiniticout mo< 
numenl $ to Uio Oiikc wiu crvcU'd ud 
the norlJi aidi? of Henry the Swveiitir* 
('hapel. with cflSftica of htmielf and 
tiimalr ; but the ufl^vrtiim of hU uxter, 
ihe Coaiil«B of Dcnbigfa. was not 
Hati^fiert without uUo niiiiiii)i; a rt^no- 
tnph ill the pariflh church at Ports- 
mouth. 'I'lii* latter monitmetit was 
most improperly pWod ni the eiut 
end of thp diurch, tmmedialely b«iU>w 
the ^ window, aiid thero it re- 
iiinliiati until very n.'*-cntly. 

Mr. Slight hftJi favouri'd ua with 
tU; roUuwing dcseriplian of lL« cwio- 

The luue of this mnniitncnt «onsista 
of a. broad slip of black Diurblc, with k 

X TliPH rircumstancva, and otbcri rt- 
carding Ihc trial of Fdton, &c. tD«T he 
found ill IbiT Irttrn printed bi Sir tleory 
];ili»'» Kr»l Serin. 

I EngrsTed b D«rt'* Weatmintlu- 
Abbfjr. »ol. I. |i|.*t 



7%« J}uke of Burkinghami Cmotapfi. 


bold CATVcd buid of white ttmrblc. In 
tbe centre ia a skoU of while iiiu-bl«. 
Os the ■^M>* "^ ■ hAlf-knccUng 
dnpcried Km&lc; h«r brviuis bare, 
as AK ber amui, hrJfling; in ht!r ri^lit 
luoitl ibr fiKore of a hanijiii bt-nrt. On 
the left laii U a uiuiliu- %urtr blowing 

a trumpet. Tbev ar« oenrly tb« siu: 
of life, BDdoflmcworkuian^p. Tfaer 
are backed bv alabt of piili>ilini blaiJc 
marble, and fjetwecn them ia a s(|uare 
tablet uf lilark, vdcetl with a carved 
fraiuu a( white, ana nouCainutg an in- 
M-riplion as twllows:^ 

Oioaoio ViLLKaiO BtTcxtx«n«M. Dtict. 

Qni Majnribai ntfinq. darifdmit oriuiiilu* ; Patre 

Gcorpo Vilkrio de Brookcbit in nomit. htioettr. milit. 

Mktrv Maria Kesamonl Burkinghnm. OimilisM ; 

Cunrlii nitunr furtuowq. dolibai iR*iyni(, 

DuiM-um prxxJeittisMuianim Priocipum patla, 

■aisqn. mrriti* 

Vou ssAnim •uperf^rew. rerum («rvn(Uniia noli 

paf , »«Ii mvidiv imymr : dum ciercitit* i1«rnni 

in hoMrra 

puati hoc in oppido, <:k4u imniRniH. fiuli amuk, 

BOfO oraoh* St Uclirimar. iniinilante ocmldo, 

Bcfuia pcrJiliBnimi SJcarii manu 

priT U> m< occub ui C 

Anno Dmnini IGSS, meau! Aug. ?3. 

Tiro ad omnia qua; naiimB i-sM-ut natn. cjuitqu. 

el aab Iim uoa (itiifos*!* citif ritiiu 

Siuanoa Soror. Dciibimbiw Coniitiasa 

cum kehrjmin ct lu^cu pfTpttno p. 

Atino Durniui Ib3l. 

Ta Vlaior, al qua |ihi piF(*t<a viMcn, tam Indi|nuni 

taati tiri casom iadirnabundiu KCmc, 


Abore the Kgurcf anil itucrifitiun iv 
a bold cornice of r^ed tiiarble, from 
windi, on the ri^'ht adc, t'ltvt a py 
raowl of naTal triniliii-', Uu; lUiclMir iif 
the L'ird Il^b -Admiral, the buny, 
cabb^ anal n>p>^ tin- m.iiit and jara 
of a tbip. tht' penaaol. the rin^ and 
iHed in naval w.irfare. On ib.- b-rt 
nde i» a nniilar pvraiutd v( miliTary 
trophi)^ «i«. bn-a'tjii.iti-s •hi.lili, 
•pomn, and lan>c««, tb« wbwU uf a i-an- 
aoo, AagB. and banttvni. Thciie are tiT 
Sac and natterlj- t^i-ruiiou io wliiiu 
narble, with a bonier of tJic aamc, 
■ud ■■n.«ni-l bv a conrKv. Bt-twivn 
llw-' -. iti u ■t-inii'irrular tv- 

«* ■ L _:^ .. -lands a at^ scpiilrhra] 
urn,* sumiundcd hy n gilt drapur7, 

* Tht ttart of the frmale boldins ■ 
hnrt baa t(i<«n tiae to a popnlar opinion 
that Ilia urn cunUuned the licart of tbo 
I^nlie : bat tkia u not the caw. Tbr urn 
li a aaUd nuu« ; btll troni the ln»cti\itiun, 
(fid f(os» tlie cfaiarrh book*, it mfru ibc 
Ooke** tB*«cl> ■ef« interred m wnne part 
•f tba (haowl, Tlie citarcb book of tbe 
ftnod U now miiaing ; bnl ■ tnuiacript 
m BOt the origiaal) it aaid lo b« Sd lb« 

aoil Iinviog ut tbc ctiiiuuit a plucniz 
risiujr froiu irilt finniua. 'Ihe t>ird ia 
rvprvflvutcd like ihu lurgi' English 
lm--lari|. Abort- ibf ciinitm nf Uwf 
prr^uuiib ore two black clabe, on 
which lire i)tM[iln^iid in riJium ami 
ciirvin;; tlie create of ll»e J)uXi\ the 
luivnl iin'hnr. &«:. in lazcot^-abitpcd 
lahlet.^. atii) the inarbti:^ Itere formi the 
crown of the arcb which cootninv ibe 
Mm, which i« of ix>ld und htav/ 
earring. Above the cenlre oi" tlie 
arch is a lar;!i; ovnl of «'liit« mnrblc, 
sutToundL-d by n drajftry of jjiWed 
frifZe, uiid containing :tii oval, jn tlte 
oeiitrv of wluch arv Uie unuurial uui- 
blHXoumeDt.i tuid tjuartei-inga of the 
fainilr, cbboratcly cam-d. and dis- 
]d.-iyi^ in their |>rop«'r rolimrn, »iir- 
roundwl by n broad white parter, with 
ihv mntln of ihr onb_'r of tbc liitrtur 
in raivvd gilt ltoin:m U-tti-ra, the buclcle 
and point gilt; and, resting un this 

[Iritiih Monrain, ninone rertain paprn of 
a romier l:FP|<rr of t'le HSS. Liiko Allea, 
»q. During the rfmaral of ibe monv- 
nienl in I81.V Marcb wm made for any 
drpoiit of toad or ftanr, bat nothing wai 


Wriiert in the Edinburgh Bteiew. 


otb] b K iIucaI contnci. witlilbeMraw- 
berry !»»«» nnd deep velvet cap. Two 
cornijoopior nppcflr bolow the ornin 
iui<i fzuriiT, one on either wle, one 
ovcrHowiiig with rit»c fruit*, tfae olhrr 
Uaniag with t'luxent (jT lluwvn. 

Ob either utile of the coroiwl, in- 
VtCBf) of tliv ujiuaJ mipporlurs of the 
fiuiiilv oi'Dift, HTv twii wkili- rJicrulH) 
tiKkci). i^iu-'h puppnrtitis ihi> cval .ihield 
with ijnw haiKi, wlikli Hp]N.<ars iiliuvi' 
the riimuropia, wliilp tht.' other haiiil 
Iwan n tjulilvD trumpvt, which evdi 

'riie coronet anrl uniw are two feet 
four iuctitu in lu'iglit, and the whole 
■triu'tura riw.» to above twenty-two 
feel rniin iht^ tloor nt' the church. 

Id exeeiitin^ some rvjnirs in the 
church in 1K43 it IxK-nnti- nw^tttaj to 
remove tliia spleudid mural »tructuri.', 
whii-h oL-clittiiit thi* plain Saxon nnfa 
wliicli hail wi-ti in esrliei' liimu fillLt) 
with the high nllar. 

Having ntvlainoil n!d from iJic Richt 
Uonuunilile the Kurl t»f •lervcr. hvr 
MaJ0)tlT*e I.urd High Chaiuberlaio, 
yir. \\':i\Ty Slight, the hiftorinu of 
I'orttaiiouth, umlcrrlonk the ri-pjiration 
aiidrv-cn.s.-liunorthL-nioniiuinil, wliich 
hiui l«*n n'-Kilt. llie hrmidrv rn-sKin^l, 
mid the Hlatuesnnil van-uijtH thoroughly 
rh-aiuvL It hax liii'n n*-on*i1itI in llir 
fini arrh on thv Hnulliern dide of the 
t'liniiri-l, ini'liiMit bv all iron mil. IIk' 
aituiiiion 10 not ihe lic^tt, hut wiu tlic 
only nnr thi- rhurcli alfonUxl for m> 
larvc nn i-nv-lioii- 

Vt hii(<-ver may hnve been tlw tin- 

Siopidaritv of Kurkirij^liAm in hi* ovm 
lay, ami the nf]>en>innfl ujMin his 
fhanicti-r hy the funutical and rc- 
puhtii.'an jxiHy, his chamt'ier llll^ h.-en 
•0 favouruhly vii-wcd by 11 n-crni Whig 
writer, thai we are induced to ninke 
Ac quotation a.i a counter balance to 
ftemtimuDU of D'Ewui, &c. 

" Th« man of the b««t ilispoiition aboct 
the court of Jsmcx wr wprct Xo hatd 
bcAD Bufkbogliain liimMilf. Illii tirtur* 
vera dni^rntj and xral — ilTireritjr iu all 
things, and ical to temi his macteri a rara 
mixtnre any wh«rc, much mere ia a court. 
He openlir pmrnaiicd Id be a Trictid or 
enrmy a* the rnue niiglil li«trp«n, and liv 
mad'- j;ou<l wliat lie prof'VKd. llti <!c- 
dtiuBataieil t/i>uhlr to the indolracenf 
Jamca and Ihr boilatiun of Cbarlea, and 
addrtaa and Bup«riorii} of ntture rathrr 
than taltDta (wptdalty in the artidi pf 

trutb.) coroliiDed to gite Um maiCery ortr 
tMih— jet b« waa not the dictator be waa 
nippoacd to b«, and hli great merit In the 
■ovcrrif Bi' cjta waa hu adapliog tlir rule 
of bin actioiM ta th«ir coiiveairaiv. Ha 
waa alto Jn poii w ion of Important lecrcCa 
IwtUorKtatfi and houKholJ. but it waa 
hla iafitute inpcnority of iafllMl whtcli 
gave liiin aoch unafaaken aacradancry, 
Inavnaoiuneaa wa* ihe orowning charm 
of Buckiagham'a counlenanaa." (Edla. 
burgh Renew, on Jeaac'iCQuriaorjaincB 

Mr. Cibah, Jwu 35. 

AlfLOW me to i]unte a jiasaaffe 
fnmi Lonl ByruuV Works, (T. Monr?B 
edition, i» 17 voli.) whidi I think ia 
wonliy of intmrdiatc in»crtifln in your 
|)«gvis a« il related l» thi? nutliomhip 
of that very dahurali' anitle in the 
F>linl)ur^h Hcvicw, — ihi; rriliijue an 
Lord Uyron'it Hours of IdlenrM, in 
vol. XL Xu. XXII. nri. ii. 

In vour likt of (r«iirrihulor>, l)i!iiar< 
ticle IS paf«e<l over without miy re- 
mark. The insertion ihcrefore of the 
foIlo>rinf: luuy prtdniblr either ilnv 
forth a t}(itmil on I he part of Lord 
Rrfiiiphiiin, or nmv leail to the ue- 
know jeaWioent of the arti<:l© by the 
real Author. I hare hcnrd it attii* 
liiitvd \M Lord JeH'rey. 

" Tlie jMrt'a (bnrd Boron's) (l!ari» 
and Wttrra alTnrH rvidrnrr llial, in Ilia 
da;r*, W rviiKidered ihii piece ai (ha 
work «r Mr. {now Lorn) BrouKham t bnl 
un what gruuuda lie bad como bo that 
«o«Milurioii ho no wh«rv mawtioaa." — 
(Lord B^roa'i Vorki, tdI. tU. p. 18T.) 

Kr Walter Scott wHtea: 

" I WBH, oioreovcr, ao far from harinp^ 
aoyihiiii; tii do wilh llic oflniairc criticUm 
in tlie Edloburvh. thai ] bad reBiUDiimted 
with tlifl editor, beeanie I tbongtit tha 
" Houra of Idlcima " Irralcd with undue 
aanrily. They wpif wnlion, lik*- all jo- 
valie poetiY, ralhrr from the rciroHectivD 
of what ban pleated the author in olherit 
Ihaii n hut had hrcti lucicratcd by liit own 
imnKiiialion ; but, nmritticleia, 1 ikougbl 
ibc; rtiiilajnrd puMgaaof ncihle promiae." 
(bickWl'a Ule of 8c«U. vol. Hi. p. 19.5.) 

The ante article U jmrtieularlr no- 
ticed in Ixtckbart'ii Liu- of ScoH, and 
in il»c iwcface lo Lord JeflVey's con- 
tribuliuuN tu the Edinbur|{fa KevidW.f 

* Vol, iU. pp. 128. 139, IM. 161. 
t Vol. i. prrfKf, p. xUI,-i»iii. 


Aiutdolu ^Dam*l Twntrt MJ>. 

u ml] u in F. HiBnw^ Manoin.* 
Hut M> odetotted n trtuJe u Uii*. 
whicli auMd fht estthlishnuot of the 
<^fc i» ibvffw 1^^, ffaould bo 
|HMd onr i&yoor lict of cootribu' 
Iks* to tka Edlaburffa Berten. wImid 
Mob «bittJ»at tg«timony to ilu: »iaim- 
rioN vUnh U ouued, md tbo itnport- 
aM rMolli to whidi It IvU. u bcforv 
tb« fmblic u roftlljr ft pity, oonnderiM 
the vxtniirdiuiy jMwtioa vbidi Lora 
ArougfiMp ooeupiM tC ibe prcaent 

BvgvAi^ Lonl BroughaM'n irti- 
lilil (iiiMiimii Doo PHtm deCaviUos 
ia Bdbiburgn B«vi«w, vol- xiii- y- 
tlCidHKCMMNMnouAeiofttin tha 
tbmn at Ukmm iIkU; u wdl u in 
th* tMm, whiob an coriou.— (Lor<( 
Ifyraali VTofka. vol vH. p. 33S-6.) 

I taay miao |»int out aii error in 
yew lisl of •ootributoni ta tlw Quar* 
irnij Etrrivw. Tlu «ritiau«i on Mm 
Ug«»ortli'« Ta]«« of ^>liioiiftbl« Lile, 
QttUtcrly Review, vol. a. No. Ui. art. 
vii., vol. «il- Kn. xi*. art. viii., «ri bU 
trilntod u> Mr. Oiflbvl in Genta. Mu. 
voLxxl. nk 107. 1 S9. It' yon rvferto tm 
Bn4 of Dndky't Letters to th* BIAop 
of UtaHftff, p. 14, you will »e« tlwt 
bsik diaa WCM reviewed by '^Uiat 

■■fMt 2*"V '"''* ^ 7<'*i*C ^'^ 
phttt," W> uUbrd Mn-v Antmni mm 
•rtwopUMccs. I UJiovi! (luU thia is 
J«Mt SUjNWs, oa« oT thu oiuler* 
iriM ti Ibe Coloind Office. 

roun,ftc. L.L. II. 

TffEB£ ire nt Icut five aevcnl 

an«v«d nortnutf nf Daoii^ Turner, 

lO).. ote or 

■ipiMTg of ibc enmi 

WDmI ^tn)<7: A/-P. Such* number 

■•fu- DAe of which, probably by a 
■iHilinf ibc aiKitTia-, fiyies liini 

of iBIfcuiit pnrtraito seem to |n-oTo 
tkkt b«> wu a rnun cxU-nnivuly cnn< 
nactsd Mu) vlium-d ; but 1 hiiTi; })oea 
oatUe to find my disdoot biograpby 
ei him. WmM, iit hu " Ntig« Chf- 
mrfloB,'' tvUs ds, as did Qraioger be- 
fore htittt that " Turner was too fond 
of JfapUying hi* talutts upon [i«{wr ; 
that hi* caMi arw aol •iate>l in tho 
■oM dellMie lenru, lur wu polite- 
IM* aiMHigM Ui euflffieoceB." 

Ue wu ori^naily a Mr|^a, and 
hH th« aicdit of having tnrentnl the 

• Tat-*-pp. 497—139. 

ooT. ibo: ToL. :uav. 


oarala, eomnoaed of oti, wax. aiyl n- 
lanuiw, whicn is >tili called " IWiilt's 
Cerftlf*." Uc conuncooed his literary 
career by pubiiituuK in 1695, " A Via- 
dioation of Ihe Noble Art of Cliirur- 
genr,* and ha cuutbuad to publiiib on 
meilical mbjeutii lUl Ddarly the ckwe 
of bis liiW. ScTcml of Iua worlm went 
ifarougli two ur threu editions ; but in 
some of then he exposed hinuclf U> 
the reprebenaioo of Kvare crititM. and 
bis writiogs are now alt49gether disre> 

Having chiefly nracljaed torgary Ibr 
KTund jrear^ lu uedame a UamtiatA 
nf liw Royal Ik^ege of Fhysiciaiiit 
ami ia ralUd in the Ccdim List Ibr 
tho year 17.K Mr.DanidTnroer; ia 
I71t-J lie deeiffnatca hiau«lf as "Da- 
niel Turwr, MJI., of the College of 
I'liywhuu, Loodoa,** aod lUtca from 
lib naidance in Devondure f»<iuan*. 

In his " Disooarw ooDCcming Fe* 
vera," 9d edition, 1799, he very Sreely 
oouuBunivatci hi* oph^Mia rcvpecUng 
some of his conlonporarifs, vbidi, 
Iw i mc r. murt be rnvvud nmgnao 

Sir Rirluutt Bla(ikmai«,t whom 
Tomer Mylea " the Baid," oOended 
Um bf iwbUshfng what nay be tenaod 
Popular HedicttM. •* What the hard 
hu dene being confeatadly rather for 
the uaa of WOca in tin couuiry ihna 
lh« praMitioBfTS hen in lawn; and 
truly, had iho voierabli- iicotlninxn 
sAvtfll h'txiKlf ttio juiiui uf bin lata pur- 
formancet, it had bean poeBiUy more 
fur htj reputation; aiikce avisry aae 
knows, whiliit another turn waa to he 
ttervad, there was m nun tan fiuihcr 
ii)H>n Uiepainp of madioina. or nude it 
iiu>r« a nystery tbao Mmael fi and thai 
end b«tig answered, to expooc th« 
nine now at lart to the oommou 
people, wiwt i» thit biit, liice uMtber 
L'ul|M'p^-, Suluinn, nrQuinny,to set np 
a pbyticiaa in every bmily, or to make 
ewy etie hii ownr" 

I>r. Woodward's) praotlee ta da- 

t Staoknore'^ PMns ebt^ied hr hbn 
Ibe boatar oT hSTisg Us Life written hjr 
Dr. JohMOo. When dir adrannd in Bf* 
he publtafaad some vnhiiBes on ncdlcal 
subjects, bal his poetrr and his ohjiU 
have cMscd to inlenat or lo b« rcu. 

t Woutlward was much n»re dlstio- 
foislied as a naturalist than a phyiicun : 
of his medicat worka I rbI; RcgUact a 

A»Kttots$ ofZhnM Tufntr. MM. 


itcriboi) td he |tfinc]pall,v ronbe util 
nBthartiuK penwTerwl in altcraiital}', 
■* d« die in (UciUt till ihe sick nun grnwii 
linKli ur IwinB *i>iilc ■p<Tnt u (brovd to 
give OTW ." Turner «'!c|irw»ee Ui »or- 
priw ihat *' (his |;reat nalnrgJist hu 
prerftiled with inuiT oren of Uie fe- 
nuilo KX tu ruD thu rooiiUDg, A«. 
gKHntlttt bir aix weeks or two nioath* 

Of OillwU'k/ " anolher rery unsu* 
lar man," be mjs *" At lua foft sctling 
Qui, be was nxdlvi-al to Im lukeii 
notice.' of for novdtyofnpinioti: whiL'ii 
mw tlint our stouiaeb cuulii iicvvi- 
•boniit) with too much u-iil, anil that 
ftUaliiitf wftfl the root of nil dlMegiMv, 
M well (cwrs u others. Flence tiie 
onmge ud vin^Mr iDprcliaDt«' tnlvr* 
eita were to be promoted ;" an<), by 
CoIbutohV rccommcndfliiga, "cream of 
turliir, Miirit of sulphur, and vitriol 
CHint' to be iQUeh in une." 

IttuioliOu Kppvon lu haw groatly 
excited 'i^lme^'» ire; his ronie(lie« 
were m oppoKili.' to thoM of Colbatcb, 
thiit Tunurr givcji him ihc nickiianic 
of jUkalinuB. " Of h cuutniry <i[«- 
iiion tn thu wa* one ul' as sour a 
Utnipcr perhaps, tbou(^ n morfl foT' 
liiniik' pr»i*titwn«r, ihc weuithy AI- 
kaltnu.i, i II Mini urb that ohl- of his crira- 
tur«B,t who luul niinotl an i-flalc uiiilfr 
hint, has lM>m ofliit heartl to (av. that 
hi.' had ncqiiin^ nhorv 50,000/. hy 
<TiihA' ryM, p««rl, coral, ftod crab*' 

TurniT was indutwd " at hii fimt 
M-ititic uui," to tiiku Kadclid^ na hi> 
guidi!, hut afterward* altered liis opi- 
nion of thin " gn>at pmclitioncr, gn-al 
indeed on account uf the viut wlatc 
he^ad acquired by a forlunulo jirar- 
tice; yet how far exooediii^c mherm iu 
good lilA^ture, good bnmlinfr. or 
good lt»|te of th? n>«t of ihu fnt-ulty, 
or IIhk related to ir, I iJutll not xtitf 
apon me to determine ; leuvii^ that to 
othcnt who wwrc bettor ocqtiunlcd 
witli liini." 

The followmg wiwdote of RiKkliflc 
T have not found elxwherv. Alka- 


trcatiie on tb« imal) pox. lie dbcorcred. 

And piiblifhci] in tho Philo*. Tmuoctioai, 
the woret of tnilciog Pnrniao blue. 

* Colbatcb puhllibcd nine or ten to- 
lomea Ob medical subjedA ; four at leatt 
of wliii'ti arc npoo orUU nnil ii!ka1ip«. 

t Dasdridfe, his farouritt apotbcciry, 

linoa watt nUli-d la a pntjent, who wai' 
olrauly iiwler Ihe care of " thn-c ' 
U'Amed phvhletant :" tliL* fanMniii ntiui, 
afler bia uiual way, taking httle notic« 
tii the tO^vT ^itleraeo, only innutruii; 
what had l>ev» done, ndviiied Ine pa* 
tteiit t(] turn them off, for ifa&t li« 
[lladelirti- 1* J huil no ocen-'i'in fur their 
(uitiiiluiu-f-. KiitlclinV unk-rvd for llic 
pMlitmt'n dinner a I'bit'ktrii itntl a |^ut 
uf wine, after whiuh he wiu lo so 
out in bin ooorh, luid riile a u>ue 
or two : '- and ihiin thi- di»<:lor 
took Ilia learn (bivving put three 
tcuiiieax into his own pocKi;!,) with 
the salatntion of Dft tlii* am litv." 
'iliis prcseriptJon, however, waa any 
Lhiiig but forrunate to the patient. 
Tbe ohicken he could not ent, and the 
wine bein^r dmnk wnj vomited up; 
after a Uiort time he was Ut^e<l iuto 
lit* coach to take a drivC) but beforv 
1m reached the Stones' Kud hi- l>oc4tni(.' 
(0 weak a> to be compelled to reluni 
home. and. beiii^ with pjeal difficulty 
ffol out uf ihi' eiNwti, \\c cxpJK-"! liefore 
fie could lie put ioto liii" l»od. 'Wheilier 
Turner wiui ouc of the "thm- It^nruol 
physirimi* " i« )tt>t incniioncd, but tt 
Reeniif pritltaljle that he was. 

ih" John Ilinn'ink, U.D., rector of 
Si. Miirgant, I.nlhhiiTT, and jire- 
beiulwy of Cinterhury, who published 
donte paiunhleta upoD the felmihge 
qnalitiea m common water^ Tnmer 
spcaki very cotitemptuou^y, at *' 1^ 
crack -braini'd lUrioc. 

l)f 3 ci'lebnited |)nmilianer of mid* 
wifcrv Turner thus itpeiiks : — " Sir Da- 
vid HiuiiilloTi, whoin I utwayx tliouuht 
liclter qualified tor tlie chinirjni'al 
operation i.if delivi'rie* i]inti the medi- 
cal provinr/> of prc-vription, wrote a 
treaiitc upon tbe miliary lever. ili» 
ciiitw everywhere deinoiiBtmte too 
iCn'M an opioiun of his own abOitiet, 
and too moan of those of other j^olle- 
iiieii, who hnppcnetl to be aiS^ in vpm 
Arm. "J 

J In thr " Prbrifixgiim MiKoam " and 
" MDrbtfanuni Majpn'tn '' of Dr. Hia- 
cnek. we hav« nn ailnmbrstidn of tbe 
li}rdn)patbic vyitmn of llie prravnt day ; M 
tniljrbM it been taiil, tbareia nothing new 
under the sun. 

S \\t*M» the tTMliM on miliary ferer, 
wbi'Tb I Ihink Kaa lint publiabrd in Latin, 
Sir David liimikon wrote loaiepaaDphlrti 
of a nlifloiu lundcaey. la " Tb» PrirKa 


amdlM Conkmporarie4. 


or the eoosulMlkins UrtwMn pbj* 
■iGMOa in hia time Turner zivra no rerr 
finronrablc idva : mmv urluinily at all 
rventB exiata now between consultuiu 
Umo fbrmerlv. Tomer wm sttcnding 

X'mL when anotlutr phjticiaii was 
IN vfi-jK him. A qiietcioQ vote 
refpei-ting the propriety of omploytDg 
osjmcl III' »iuilL>, whicli hul bwo rc- 
eQtam«iiil«d by Turner, but wm ob- 
jected to bj bn oompecr nn itccoont of 
tba bKwd of nlmxing Uic bruD«l)i» : 
the two pbpa^ans not being abli> to 
wans upon ibia importaot tnattvr, a 
inrrl phTucian wb4 i-AlIed in " towants 
erening of tbe Nuue da;," and Uio 
above objtttioiu to tbit okj^ncl of 
M^uJUi bnng prvpouodcd, tbi; d«w 
coouar, "agrkveoloecnUi^niao.rcpiie'l, 
PV*f, Sir, DO more^dle-btMli*, ii'^ou 
can 1«U us, apon ,Tour own trial, of a 
betler TvatAj than tbc oxtuivI U|>Dn 
tbi* occuiont let iu bave it : itiiavltnrp 
TfSnXms Rut to be parrietl. so the 
oxrmJ vu eiriat, but uufurtuiuit«ly 
without uui:b liri'iHil Ui (bo |Ktticut, 
fur he din) tbe uuxt dtiy. 

Dr. Uo^|[al^' auiltor ol' a onw oi*!*- 
bnucd (Imtit^ work, " Tbe Moral Fhi- 
losopber," cmies in for ii Unpe sbare uT 
Timer'g ttiMpprobalioii. Ho (lo«rnbei< 
him a* " a bliuteria^ gentleman :" amJ, 
■BttcHng to bis baring b«cn on^nallj 
a Aaeotiiic nuiuti«r, Uuglis at "ib» 
iiybntf. rfimit. mfiKtvlU^mitnt, fee. 
mtb " tbe like new phmaea minted in 
a Dotinty7lown.Bni] brought laldj to tut 
in LoodoD." A ainrultjitiiKi, iu whii-U 
Uorfpin fi:tnn«d a nart, b described, 
■mI tnnwji like the fbnner a wry 
poor opinion r>f mrdiral <*on5uItiitii)nii 
and practice a hundred yenrs a;;'). A 
gentiman bail an attack of fr)-si|M'tiLs 
mA waa Ibr tire first forlnigbt entirely 
utder ToTTiur't Care, who pre^Tibed 
oMilkBla, Tolatileat, and sach kind ot'nie<li- 
dneajtben Dr. Jiirinwuoa]li"diii, and 
MBiUar reniedJn were oDnliuut.>d. M 

Chtiitiu'a WKaoB te tbe Tntb of 
CbriaHaahy," be npntnted It aa tbe 
■aiaer of Ua freqoMt oftcrltacc. that 
lUan ncata were pouitad out to him is 
tta eaarse of Ut mjing la sucb a muaer 
AaC be eoaldlaoce aa i« the raoceaa bs 
ibnU karif \a ua undertkltiDss, See 

CaUny'a Utt, vol 1. p. 477- 
* Of wbeaa life aoiac particqjan arc 

pB h nr f Dlomc for i^'t. 

the «»d of tlw thin( wrvk Dr. &{l>^^an 
was added tu the ronfiidtalioo, eri- 
dmtly to Tumcr'a dicsBtittfactioQ. A 
continuation of the some plan of trat- 
inetit wa*. "after aonie veiiution," 
agreed to be pursued ; but then aroae 
a difcuaaion, whetbi? Ibc snakuroot 
(radix terpenlanaj or xaflVon was 
tbfl better cardiac and aleupbarnuc ; 
and, aa Mor;:au [ireferrcl thv nfTron, 
it waa CQliL'wlL'd to huu. Arrnnlingly, 
this omrv-vnunitHl but ini;ifecuve re- 
medy was given in tcn-enun dosea 
erury four lit^urs, but in ram, for tbe 
poor man only survived till the nexl 

Turner bad learned, will) many 
otliers, to Bet great estimation upon 
th(' uH-iliciJ piDpwiU"* uf tbf wjuvtt 
and i.-xjh:ub1vi; bi*zoar as a rL-niHly far 
ti^veri; and lit.- einmiilvrvd :l k> Ite in 
nmny caaea itfual ifnot superior to tbe 
bark. But with a very eunfeicotiooa 
dertrc not to injure the u{M>tbin'ary, he 
recwniocnibi tluit this exiicnfiive drug' 
«bould be Uded only in liiediaeaaes ot 
tlie rich : lor tlw poor, be saya. " no 
chArccalilu ilruLE or |N,iin[i of nivilicitte 
sliuuld be induced m." Contraycnra 
may here be aubatitnted for tbe be»»r ; 
to prescribe bc*aar "would be m- 
jiistji'c fo the apothecary, who, initoad 
of being paid for hezoar, ia, pcrbafM, 
ni-VLT likely to be saiiafiud fur hia con- 
tra verva." 

I must not finufh tliia sketch of old 
Daniel without extracting from Ids 
" Advice to bia J-Viend." a ynuiut phy- 
Mrian, two paragrapfaa which pwce mt 
cbanicter in a more omiaUc point of 
vi«w than lita n>ughni:iv and awterttT 
would pcrluips learl us to expvct. lie 
nay*, "In viKiting |wor people, let mc 
pn-so^de yon rather to take no teea 
ihnn iinilcr<i-.iiuu your [imfisaion Inr 
fitociping to cmwTi-fwccea, aa Mxne T 
bare known, making a aucond vizit 
oko for titc itauic." 

"Above all tbiu^ dpar fiir, you 
ought nol to be at'nud, nor asbamcdi of 
your religiou!^ {nineiplea. It i-^ be no 
disgrace, 1 aui sure, for a pbyaician 
wbo owna himself, at all times, no more 
tluu] nature's uioister, to acknowb^dge 
hinucir. alaot tbc wnraat of nature's 
Mas Tea." 


Turner died March 13, 1741, aged 
Voors, &c. S. M, 



OteSaem. (Ofilima Fitiit.} 4to. ISa. 

m Mthcr of Ikk TCfj 111— fDluM WM MtUoM; Faoa, Earl of 

WMtMNkad, qT wbon miiw Msnat auv bt i«b b WilpoU'i Kurml ud 
Nobl* AtrtltoK. In iitvtgm^t a^nuoUcal Uktory, ukI In tbi» Bftolu of Fmt^. 
In Robert 1 ti^ii-k'ti pom callad nttptMm, iW, m thrM sbuII odh wI- 
d f Wi l li to I^nl WMimorvUnd, mmI me ptrtieoUrlr ofi w enJ on oT tbu very 
Tolmw, wbfmin he iiirit«i hii LanUun to nMuA tut po«u^ uid not to keep 
tirtm in tbe huMb of Iw frieod* enljr. ¥ivm tbo laM poem in tliis liouk, it 
■ppMn tlm Ui LordiUp only mee it amj. lad did not puUuh H. 11h 
Taliunc oasritla of 174 pofa: h b got op wiA ouc, and onMMiilad witk 
•evwal copperpteM «iignTtBg% the ftuulipfau b; W. HinhtU. tW tol>B« 

font M*«. 

Ooe.aUiBrUMlMwiiliilMl Hmtmda 

9ce«rc oUh «uk « ifadlT CBUfMn t 
If iMl to Mir ottM, «dl 1to« tUt^ 
TW Mbpr N tdM W Ui Mfk aalli 

Wbo*! fca^M fli npwa Aw ariHe** iklU, 
Saefaig te look a givn ItofM I* lb' mtatA woiutit U) i 
A»il wbu bIoiw Id frimib h« wooU ln|Mrt 
lUth o«l et lU H Am irith fUr or Mart. 
Wlwrafan, wbencr ah«D pentM Uu«e rimMt 
H«( ksotr IkcT mn bc^ulen of i|i«rc ibaao. 

Tin potDM in ia gcwnl tlwrt, nod vcr; nuMcUaeovi fat Uieir nbj«c4». 
Wt bcva UMil* ft fe« uirwU, niBScietit to tbow ibe cltAractn of ihe strlei 
■Dd tbe ttKncdtiu mitjr of ifac roluDic nui; porbipi be seeopted is tn apol 
hr the lenglli of Uie quoUtmn*, finer tbc ftbaeooe of mucn poetic mem ' 
ntaaaiy prorcnt iti bemg ercr reprinted. 

Tb 8[r Jolm Wentvorllt, iifion his tiiriorfltas iod cosileow ntwUiiiiBillt 
■k 8iiaMrl«7, b L«ni«Iuid r^'^JfoAlj :— 

WImo Ikon ibe cboli-e of Natur«*i wetlth ku (kaa&td, 

And bnmgfct tt to oomp«n with Lawt^ttaml, 

Know ihtt tboa biU u wU laakt wwider Um 

Bt MiB^Uf Qt two toioDcttfVif paflBucet 

ta tiM HUM daw t nd drMB two mu to the 

At oaee to eHI in aid ihoN iptarin. 

ftciBaAt the k, jnl tkn mm oot Otmy 

Tlie iMTMl pdd to o«n« boa BaHMry, 

Pianoodt and pnrla (Ion tfc' lodiio, to eenAr 

On «*ar7 dHbo nmlkinf ponia-. 

(Par ao tba boll.) end Hke » noi to kll 

That oarlona la, aecaaa Van noit UWrmD, 

ASbtdinf . hi epIloiM tt toaat, 

Wbatc'er the world can boaat of or oUl ImU. 

Now aa oonlraitrd nertw dotb exeetl 

In (tawrr bdiI forrr, thin wrHia ■ adtadt, 

Wli«nln all inreUera naaf trulf aajr 

Ikn new aw ao wmA to tttue wot, 

Awl Ommb ondiidt iMr n^r DxO did itocr 

T» Kifc Hw Ail eknod It hone WM oear 

leuceparfMM. WooUic boa Anke vMt, 

ApoUo, or the Unaae ? bot et Greet, 

And Gneee, bM bee •! AaMafrfcy,— Omm an 

ftenoved to dwaO awdir i petra'a aero 

Who eu at nuk dtBMe enreae 

Aa Candk Km, or Qtvdk harforowMwaa. 

WobMbI Aoo be ibdtered nder I>q3hBe'l (nvto. 

Or dMNN to Ure iB Umpc, gr Bkako lem 

IMS.] Eul f^ WesimoFfUiul's Oiitt •^turo. %0 

To amj plu« wbrrt tfacpbeRU mnl U He 
VpoB th UU<. pipinc MMritjr 
DatB their flocki ; km tb* fwwt p^rk eontaiot 
More rmiMSS Ih«n Iht Arradiin pUltit : 
Kor y«t raduntrd by thoar ubiilawed ringt, 
Soai NT the furiea print witli rtneUiuci, 
B«t ad fn OBB d]re ami, md doth i^tpnr 
like the iprUg's hvorite throusboot iht Jflir. 

* • • « 

HcR fiib utd taml Inhtbit nith nch lUU 
As lords tad Indica (cont irb«k Mrrod in pUtt. 
Rirh vn>, or the like—bill, brmi, tai ttriu 
U «U deU|btAil toUoe tu tlu; brim. 
Deooi'd bjr n suidi ntiturr, ou Ke pui 
Dnu a eaitlo that nulwDMd mu 
Bj th' HMgie ■ptU of nwiD, till then ttt, 
we fonul ■ «Nf Ilk* to Bntwpo't not, 
Td eOih iD MMOicn. Tho LtnUia hrtti 
Otaenu In unMKir, bwsne thai auiils i 
Whilit u li>r tablr lo the toiig'booka Mnred * 

Tho OJitlll fotmtAia, Sec. 

Uvea King Charles ia«etin|/ wiili Ow I)uke(> or Vork and Olouc<«t«r ud 
the £aidy Eliiabcth, his three CDildrcn, at Maidenbcad, 15 Jul/, 1647 :— 

SiXfr a drovth, like Wttlrnnu rtin. 
To blow tbo gmt ud flowen h*>b> 
Ueke Of tbeae dutf hMta, daitroj 
ndrbriikec heede, virgiBity, 
No IsM of Gomiibrt and of apw t t. 
Pram it mm CJtarUi lib chiUna OMli. 
When an inteatiiie wirliko forra 
Had csnaed ao man; r<^n' ili*orea, 
He pnjt for tben j tuir tmAr tjm 
BMira'i hln dnijr, norita. 
Dam MCfa other'a brant appaara 
Alaettaa all Jlaa ohed to loara, 
WUch to the Ucb*m«rit poUt Aon M| 
Stand readjr btiai'd Tor paukNi. 
Bat here, all boaon t^ aaaoy 
An baidihod, and ^va place to }oy, 
Tat nch aa doth prmll oftdBei 
Tb make a tear no nark itf orioMa. 


'TU hut tt rolljr to be Dice, 

Siacc liUnf kIi on baautj'i [wioa i 

Aod what m doe lAet alonei 

Become* to fCh Ua pin|oa. 

All oolaar, >liii|i«, or ftvm «a fciKM 

Improve to bt^t to thoe* tUnk ao | 

Par wbere Eataan Ua aaihor aata. 

Ibaiv groM true {wariii, M eoaniirMa. 

Vara uw aa crooked aa a pbk. 

And jH «o«ld love, It «m ao sbi 

To love ^un i for 'vriteca tell 

That lOTo bath in 't the loadaloaa'aap^i 

Wan ibe proportiDiiBd Hka the ^ibtiVi 

No limb or joint IrreKalarr— 

Yet to mj nacj IT ate jarr, 

I riiall Dol laQ by waA « ttarr. 

SU dw outvie the iiDw>boni liiy* 

Or th' ridUBt treaaatiea of Mn;-. 

So that what akies or Bo«vn pnt oa 

Kan jUld to bu ocwpletln i 

ISS TtRTROBPicTiTB Rbvibw^m^Xm^ Wmtmor^eoitL CAnff- 

TTie RtrMnui too part for Mrp M Ms* 

Subject to perapiMiltia, 

For 11 ouit hen ba wut«ttoo4 

Tbere are no beds of lanJ aid niii 

But (uch n gravril m rIkM poM 

Tbe bat of lohaUrt to mehoat. 

And boclu o( Uamlnc ftU oDtiAits 

Bdng clad in wMsr^UMtW mltc i 

Tbaie ooola dttlgkti, bilp«l with Ihv tlrt 

Fum'd fron tt« bmehH o( tbc briar, 

014 becchc or otk, eaehuHnwils Ha 

To every tetun UiauHia, 

Aad BiMer all tboie pow«n. tbmltl sbi 

Tti will Mw p w i ol ni. 

Yet irtien tEc teardtlBC aoondiy'i hcH 

InrommiiJatm the townig nail 

Or blmisK flock, hither eecb vae 

Hum to be 017 compaiiioii ; 

And Nbei) the wcHtern (ki* with red- 

Roeae betCrKn-i the dnyetar'i bed, 

Tbe wboltutui' maid Minee out to wSDt 

In nuMt co*u, but «kln like lUk, 

niiich tho' the uua sod ^ dtei brotm 

WUl yield to none aTell the town 

For tionoeae. ind her brvetfe'e iweet iioell 

Doth «U tbe new-roilchl kfe exoeU. 

She know* no rotten teeth aof balr 

Boufht, or ooropluion t' nuke bar (elr, 

ilnt 10 her own Ctir mood and drcMf 

Not cnryiag dtiea happfawae ; 

Vet, u ibe would txtmi wne pltr 

To the dnln'd neU, abe nvn a ditty 

Which doth cndiaBt tbe Meat, uatUl 

It patinitly Iria hrr p»ile fill. 
Then (luth the babbling echo ntdl, 
And to at lencth to me 't dotta rem 1 
Stnigfal TonaM «p I eerdici naaa, 
Conohiding Trom tfaie bonnvlae*. 
And the bjid'a atitlnf, 'tla harH 10 nj 
Wbid) taojtht note* Arat, or ibe or tMjr. 
Hmu rafuh'd, u Ibe night drawa on 
Iti wbtc caruin, in I am (Ofia 
To mj poor cell, which, canee 'tl« mlae, 
1 )ad{e It doth all cl>e outiUnej 
Hnng with conteat and weather proof, 
Tboo^ nsHhtr pavvmmt or roof 
Borrow from mantle auvr bdow, 
Or ftom thOiin hlllR where cedan |row, 
There I embraoo and Idsa mj apoiue, 
Who, Uke the VMh to the houae, 
A lulUbub prepares to afaew 
Bt e.nrf. nnil Idt« what 1 must Owe : 
TTj«ti calliii^ i:i tin nf iwii mid frle, 
Who whiEit ihejr Utu neV let as die i 
Bui CTcrj bcc ii ben or mina, 
ThouKb minted jrrt in leuer coin ; 
She uke* an apjile, I a plombe, 
BncDuia^rmmts for all and aoiae. 
Till in retora tbejr crown tbe hearth 
With iiuioocat ang IwrmUat mirth. 
Which Mnda <u joyfidl (0 our rwt. 
More than a thouaod othen blrit. 

B — a. j.M. 

1S4S.2 Ear] of Westmoreland's Olia Saera. 

And bfioic new neheU in ipua, 

TUI croKa auil jai-kiUw», in diadain 

Of hrr p rid V- (eat hen, cltw« her thrixK 

Tq jieM to her prcbeadDtncc. 

Vet jm Dut know 't obiierreil of lil«, 

HuI rtfttnaafiM iu Ibe •late 

Bcgtta no Imb by imitation 

AnU>t tbii duTptaf hatbtt'd nation ; 

Cuckoos mlgriii*, ml woodooclu Mote 

TVrc arr, wbick, 'cauw tbe; 't hcmoiu coou, 

May br compared to aodi at ftand 

At tennt, uul tbdr retnnic comnund. 

And len antharity take i-oid 

Hrre'a tbe i«)r'> ^uot of itotidcr, ibe o«l 

Soft like « jodge, and vitb a bmk 

.^a it would firt ibe rhnrge ud »paak : 

Tbtn 'til tbe (OOm and buxurd'i art 

Alone to perfom the client'* part, 

Vmr witbtr dorv nvr pigton sbaU, 

WUlKlbejr are both csenptftom gnll; 

The aafur bera and loarfa^ khe 

Kalrodar weatber in lh«r nigbl, 

Ab do« tbr cleanlier duclm wbco ibey 

Dive lolunlarr, mth, prnnc. pUf 

Wilb the fair ejgaet, (thaac delist 

It Ut ovt*i« Ibe mow in ichli«, 

Asd Ibiftiiin alwiya lecVa to bido 

Bar ieec Uit tbor alUv her pride ; 

The nworften. dahcbick, water-rail, 

Willi linlfl wa-ili-ilitli or oagtail, 

Tbc Ancfa, tbo s|>aiTow, jenn; wren, 

Wilb robin that is ro kinrl to men, 

Tbe «hUe-tatl and tum-tU obey 

Tb«tr aeaaoni, bill and tread, tbtn Uj ; 

Tka lyrick Lark dotli ewly liM, 

Aodt uMDiituig, pan brr ••crifieei 

VUlat tnm aome bedge or cloM ottton, 

71m psHrldge call* Ita mate and ehnm. 

And that tba conntry arem more pltuaal. 

Ba^ liMth hatb powt, and wood yield* phMtUt, 

Jnnoea delight with cock nnd hen*, 

Tarhiea tf« mr iIom»Uc friend* ; 

Nor doe I bird of prey cntiil 

Bat what I carry on tny liit. 

Now, not to want a court, a kbig- 

Piaber ia here wiib purple wing, 

Vbo brings me to the fpritigbead, wbcrt 

Cryatall ia lymbo^kt all the ¥«U«, 

And vierj drop di*tili, iinpliea 

An OOMD of feUritiee ; 

Vhilit lalcnUtiPj! it «pvn on. 

And tama the pebbles one by our, 

Admintaterinit to ejK and earc 

New atan and miHic, liVr (be »pbera, 

Where every porie calrinnl doth run , 

And reprearnt tndi from Che tun. 

Dcrourins pike bath bere do plaoci 

Nor i* it itored with nMcb or dace, 

Tbe cliob or rheven not Appcarc. 

Nor miller».lhniii)>t. tutr Kudgeona hen ; 

But aoblcr trouu, bmet oilli ttooM 

or rabie or of dbunonda, 

Bar inatcat aaray : yet tome intrfoch. 

Ai ritirp-fin'd percb aod bcaling t«acb, 


in RsTRospicTtvE Reviiw.ȣon< Wethter^nd. C^MT* 

The MrMmi loo jnire tot Mrp to tie, 

Sob jwt to prrvpioijte. 

For it muRt Iutb be indvntood 

Then »tf. no bi>di of lanJ aad ilMli 

Bui tuch B KTAfcU u miKhl poM 

The h«it of K-holan to dWloat, 

And bovki of Icarainf all emhAt 

Ueiiig cLmI id ««Mr>D»m« mite i 

ThMC ooole dellghU, lielped wtth lb* tin 

Tiaa'i from lb* brwuliM of Ibe brlfr, 

Old beenlH or <Mk, HMdunlmenb lii 

To cnrj aeawt* heultto, 

Anil inaBter tH tboH powen. kIkmU ffirw 

The wQJ anr pNieguif*. 

Yec wbu the ecor^iliiff BMDdtj'i bMt 

iBOonBOdBtM tbe lemfa^ nMt 

Or bleBtiBi fleck, Utber twA one 

Butet to M m;r conpuilott i 

Ani «bea the weatcra iku wtth rtd- 

Ro«M bmrmra ttie dqrUar'i bed, 

The wboboBw nwU eootM out in nitk 

Ib miHt DOftM, bvtskbi Uka lilk, 

WUdt tbo* the m uul air dice bnwn 

mU yield to eone of ill tin town 

For uftaMB, utd her bmth'a nvtet loiell 

Doth all tbe Bcw-milclil kir netU. 

She knom no raUnn teeth nor hair 

Bonitht, or conpluion t' nuke ber Mr, 

But in har oini Mr luwd kmI drtHi 

Not mryiag dtie* hamdMH t 

Vet, u the would mtond •one pitv 

To tlie (Iraui'd iimi, *lie pu«n m dttty 

Which doth cndisiit tke bnut, «BtlU 

It petieDtljr let* ber pafle flll. 

Then doth the bahblinf echo eMchi 

And H It leattli to ■« 'I doth nedb t 

Sttrishl rtnuM up I rerdlct mm, 

Conclndintt fntni Ihb boanr um, 

And the bird'* ■tniu, 'lie nnd t* Mf 

^^Ideh tuffat notee Ant. or ilie or mij. 

Tttoe rarkh'd, u the ilihl draw* on 

Ita aeblv rartcfn, b I em gene 

To ny poor cell, wUcb, eauee 'tit mloCi 

[ jiu^a it dulh all rlio ouUhine; 

Stag *tUh ooal«at and weather praof, 

neagk Bcilfaer paruBMil or rew 

Sorrow ftoa nurhk qairr briow, 

Or from Ihoee liitl* wberc cedan (row, 

IVrrp I eabroM and kha my >pMM, 

\V1 „, like the Vnla to Ih" h-ivM, 

\ V. liliub pTYptrrs lotbpw 

l)T f «K and love what 1 miul owe ; 

Then caDiag in iht ■jiiwn and frit. 

Who wluUI tLcf li«c ne'er let eadlej 

V'l'. rti-1 \ firr ,L )i(-rf of mlu, 

'Pi.' I -I. ■■ II I- 1 ■.1 In UM«reota : 
. I> i>)uBibe, 
■'•r all aad KMBt, 
nirj rtDva Ae beartk 
<:qI and bifttleaa Mlrllt, 
la u> jofftdl loovr r«vt. 
■■■ it Uiouaad vOmci hU«l. 

B — a. J. H. 



iaPorm. %81iaron 

JIR. TTRNXB my*, tluit it U now 
(tfty-thnw Ta» igu viiicc tlie fint 
nittiiiii iif tin* \iaem uctrurred to tiiu. 
He inentUMU. tliil be hwl Ik-ui Mwly- 
ihv uinml ]M;HiMi> of tmr Kiigliih 
Dry. and wa± (V^ii'tiUii of Mv^ng 
some wf tih; iilwt,« whi.-n- il» nmrt* 
Mrikiflf( incident ji bkU token plar«. 
Aj»'>ng tbe»e, Ston«hcii2c »iid Cnrl'v 
Cwrtle tlccp)^ intert^kfl Kim. FIc wn-s 
then twcoiy-fearycarsofaj^.itiKl wilti 
all the itnu^tll and s[tint!> lA' lUftt 
liappv lime. In hi.- road u> \Vv\- 
rauatV hv n-at lii«l AWwy Ceme, and 
uu<um1 hiouteir to vuitm;; tht^ ivnuiin< 
of the monastery llu»«; ne il)uiij;iit of 
tbv mme« ttnd tutlencei of our earlier 
hiiit»ry, nad tEw dianctar uf uur kiji^ 
dorinj; ttuit It-udol jhthkI. uii't in 
mBflinf; orer ihew ih* [winulAr hieTory 
oT our BJcluu*! tiu 'linn] am-^liit bi« 
■itimtiou. Ant.'r liaviti;; n'>iir)ili>r4fd 
all ifar rimuiirtM'vs "f hi" liifrtory, it 
at^-kn'd In liini that Ititliiinl roulil 
iiof havi: Iwca tUut (.'ttu-t, uiiUit;nnni, 
und oiliuu* rtiffiu) wliioli 8liiil:<:|)eiv 
ttnl MTtial luHturr btvi' ivpi'v»vi]«.->d: 
aad It Mi-tn"! t<> Vm tliut nmiv Just 
•ml honuunhlc viow^ should bo taken 
gf bis rharnctvr '•niu», gnulually 
rrom nty twi-Bty-frtmlli yi>ar tn my 
*effTlti«»th, ttt fftHoun intpnids, us tin- 
iiw^itation or inijtnl.'fj' nft'wteil my 
„ pfcwnl work has bueii pro- 
fj funnvd, until il bMomc at 
tv^rular atury. c^jm-^pondiog 
miih tin/ ffr^Tmrrbtai king * re»l luatotT, 
or rMber bio^rapbv. v fiti* m from l&u 
•oUmMk* malrriabi I wtu. ubli- to 
cwmrfve it." He daubie<l n-h«(hi!r 
Ridanfa bistcry rht^uM ugipear m a 
raiMc rnrnonn" nr :i' ii ixicn), bnt hp 
t-r- h« coiiM, like 

IVi- u.-n-i-fiiiliuUIy 

in ««tr»t Liuiii jji«, • - ; li" .■.lint' reasons 
kd bini tij niiini- lIl^:■.,lli of lilank 
; aijtl ilw rti.'e and mi-lcwlT of 
miilb'K {HK-irv bf Uiotijilit w«>v 
~it<d 111 hm {)o«'i'iv (hiin the 
eUbomt*.- trrMiJcatkia Ol' 
«. Vwt. XXiV. 

Pofjo. Thi> [toem. be tkiys, may be 
fuoiuden^d iu< wt aiij^ciuia^ tuRichftrd** 
real hiscon', by en<li-at ouriug to il- 
loMtmie and expbuo nuire romplccdy 
thu tranrai-tiun* that M-tually tMiK 
placf.', by innjr tfae inia^pnanon to 
<a|i[>ly irbal hintnry whlom dvigUK to 

l-'rotii »o lonp R i>oeni, extending oww 
nearly ibrLV liiindivd pHf^-ji, ir ("annot 
l>e snppowd that nay extra(*lii in the 
littleapa^e we noftWM eould be made 
that would do juxtive tu the aulhor't 
talents, aud nve tbt- ivadtv a P^P^ 
ronof[itiou of \\ie umnuL-r in wui-b It 
wu-i vM-culv^l ; iu iH.- large » poon, 
rh-yden binutelfwotdil have^Tentome 
wvak biivi- and souit- t^x(.v[)<>(iniible «x- 
pn'^iotuj biit wt^untlMtuiii) tosay that 
few imperfections of this kind arc to 
Iw met. Tlnf flow and harmnny of the 
nievnre b generally iiletu^inj;. «ucb na 
anite the namlive Hndhi-ituncidiioenu; 
and the lon;^ narratire is brotccn by 
rJic dnimatie vliamctvi' ^d* the «|>eecbe<. 
\\'i- take ufi an cstmci the dewription 
tif Uichiird. (p. 73.) 

Ilia Eire Iwil once hii tnolUcr'i btautr btttuit ; 
tlul rirc, ftcrn faummn, aod war's latb lud 

I u foftn- toudiM— ^tmwn, (ll«tn»a. and wtn-. 
And qwirk rnwntnvnl In lla liar* appMr. 
Ajvaad kb ilnai tlie pomp Of KTtai »«•• Uti'd, 
Hia port d«tef«tn«l •lijialty iipraistil i 
tic frit mpcncT to hii (latc, anil Uivnfkt 
\o tiwrai npirii like huono wu fnnvbl; 
Ihraotiioc oil carlli no ffla^trr, h« itiidain#d 
TonJI liebtu;)ity trnip«rlipiiiaialainn]. 
8a motiHc uf will and mint mtin'd 
By tDorta] conaciiiianna, ooa^t deterred; 
Hia "mil li^v jCtna In it> rat alann'il, 
B«ni on Into a tUnae, atid car'd nnt vhom II 

harm 'it. 
U4 lif %ht ftrtfitK knoirladita of hi* itay 
Toflcomlhf c«wlaiMlulnt*aNljipil*fl^]rt 
Uui aeaui hlttU* aad bit wgrldly toalt 
No nabW tnitb nor wlwr bicli nptamt. 
llrnn la all lanral prindplp atirar, 
llr yiclilMl to ambition'* bwlk** tiway. 
Gnalcr bjr birllk than all tiut oar. tlirie llonM 
\n nalnral chaimrt* on the cMnmun md. 
Ills oDitanI trijr, lliat OUM • brotlKT deck'di 
llecrr all hit iiii|'alte» la imMg: dellMti 
Id marcb th» fareueal, in the clMahltig tie\4, 
>VlivftTer duiMtr awrd, Ihece firm liia lUeU ; 



tliefiani tht TWol, a Poem. By SlioraR 
MR. TTRMilK m>s tbut II in now 
fifty-Uur«o viiftTB ago ixuix the first 
edition of xltv pCKin itniimtl lo htin. 
He mMitimiv tluit lu; bml Invii Htnity- 
iog tlie uiiivnt jjoi'iod* uf our Epgli^h 
tu»torv, an*l »•■• (ietimiH of weing 
fOOM; uf the |<b'<e<t wbcn> ils lunrc 
rtnkiog incident.* hail t^kiit pbiccr. 
Amcm^ dww. StonchiTi^ «iid Lurfe 
C*»lV de^y intcTuatt^ tiiiu. lie vk.« 
thea twenty-fimryL-arsof jijji-, miil witli 
all lli« >tn»)^ aiv\ >>|>intK \>i' lliHt 
liappr lime. In hu ivnul lo Wey- 
mmth. he reached Abbey Ccrni% luid 
UMUaed hiiiiH'ir in TUiliti'; flu- n-maini 
of the nKMUL-vtcrv there ; ne ihtiughl of 
the Clime* and vidlpDC*^ *>(' our rarHcr 
hktorf. And the cliaratter ul'.iur Vm^i 
alttriiig that feudal jiennd, uml in 
nuHing over these the popolar h'i»tor^- 
of oar Bkhuil the Third nrrvst^-d lim 
alu-ntiDo. \i\n- h*viu^ f«i*!dered 
rjfl the cirt-iiti I "taunts of ui« hUtorj. it 
III liiiii lliiU Itiirbard could 
vc heea that crud, nialj>itiant, 
nd odKnu mlltan wliicti NUuk-jHitr 
nd partial UMnnr hiivi* rfprt'senind ; 
■ad i( mBieJ to niin (luit more jusl 
and hoDouniUe viiwi vIkkiUI he tUkfn 
lit his i-luin»n«r. "ITiuft, gradoally 
trtitn lit} tv(i.-nly-li<iirth year to my 
teventii-ch, at vaHou.'' iniorviiLi. lU ihc 
inelinalifjn or ijii|iuli>e u!1VcU-d my 
iukL, dv nresent work ha* Iwcu pro- 
cmbvely fonnnc), lurtil ii lieraiue al 
umt » re^lar nltiry. (-un-t^>ouding 
vidi tbe prorerb^l kiii^'< rvnl luftory, 
or tMber bJofrr^pbv, ai f«r jm Irani tbct 
■■iIkmk maler4a*U I vu able lo 
ftmaune it." lie donlii^i wlwrhw 
RkhanTi history >hould appear n^ u 
;irn^ nMnan<-e or :is a pin-'in, bill Ih< 
t iiitil iluit \<\ eserem' be oonld, lik*' 
l\-\K. txpii? - hi?' itlea(» itioru'efTei-tnallj 
ia ovTx- tlutu [iru^. The sane reA.'Wiitf 
kil him lir rlirnit: itistead vf Uank 
■TTPe ; awl the cMif and melody of 
lioldsmilh'ii poetrr he Uioa^hi went 
man anitcd to his (Hxrrn* ihtm tbe 
lOtetr Bad dohorKte versilicauvu ol' 

Gbtt. iUa. Vw. XXXV. 

Poja*. Ilio pomn, h« «ay«, may be 
(miaderHd sa aii sfifeudage tnRlcluud's 
real hiatorr. by ettdcavouriug lo il- 
iuiitrale ana explain more <'ompletely 
llie Ininmctionii ihnt actualtv too* 
|i1a<'0, by u»iii^ the uitn^iDatMni U> 
wppl,% what hiatory seUom dcigin to 

From Hi hng a i>i>eiii, exteniliug over 
nearly lbn« liiimlred jiHgi's, il cauool 
tie supposed that any extracts io llie 
little HiMOv we pijKtr*.* (Muld W made 
Uint would dr. )u<ilire to chi? aathor's 
uieiitti, ami pive the riMder a proper 
ri>iiLV|>liriti lie the tnaniit-r in irk!ca it 
was exeruteil: in no targe u ptiem, 
Dmlim liimwifKrouM littveitireiitome 
weak line;4 anil .some excejHinnable ex- 
pressionit; but weare bound loftay thai 
few impciTet^'tioni' of thi-< kind ore to 
i>v: invt- Tiie llo<v mid liornmny of the 
riipa.«ni-e i.t generally pleajin<;, 9ue1i u 
suits iheLarniuve »nd luftoriealuoviiH ; 
and iIm- liiiijr narrative i« hrofeen by 
tli« dranuitii: ehamctvr of the iipLvdice. 
W't- taJcB w) an eKlract ihr iluacription 
ol'lUdtard, (p. 73.) 

■([■ fK* ImuI nncc hia DMllier'a b«aDi]r b*ra*; 
Baicuii, t>i(raltamottii,aad«ar^ lolls had 

1 1* Mfler tiiuche*— frvwa, tUttrati, sad sMtr, 
Aad i|nlrk rewntaicnt in tlx tines apptar. 
AT«uadhu4r«M thcponpot i:naiiir4a bUu'di 
HiflportdeiermlaBd diiMty npfatard i 
He Ml uip«hor la hia »Ule, and tbooiftt 
No tao€Ut rprnt like Iiiiovrn wasftas(ht) 
Uroofctnx oa tarth no •n»*in', lie illMlaiBfil 
To veil ili« hauihty hnniwr br RulniaiDxd. 
(kire*oluie(if «>tll and sptct kiIitM 
Br laortal coDavqnoofWR, nimitht ctrtfrrfd ; 
Hi* wut, like jEina In it* rMt aUrai'J. 
B<ini on toto a flame, and cai'd not nbocD II 

Leil by tlir ipnrRiai: knuwlvdfc ot hta itij- 
Toacnrn tliprnnlandMiataaslivat'aplay, 
Hi* inrnui habili and lii> •raridly lantc 
Ni> iiot]I«r Irutti nor iriwr &II1 rtptarfiJ. 
Ili-ncc hi ill fnornl iiritn:i(il( i-Miay, 
III- )'ii<klfd loaniliillan'ilitartlcsiiawn!. 
(Ir»at«r by litrth than all but nnr, thriv itoiii'J 
h'aiiaiiK'alrhaDii''l<ian ttia ocimman road, 
MiamKanlwar, thiioDc^B t)fiiitii>r rliMk'd, 
l|«ie» all Ma Inipubn to wroaff <J«Ai<et. 
In tnarcb the fortmnai. In (be ciaalidif IWIil, 
wueicrn itaagrt avcil, there ittm lib thieU ; 

!.W rinvi^M.— KlotW" ^ftntn^4^^ uf Prutcf Ck^rUa .?(*«(»■/. [Aug. 

no dMiiK-t borf; ; itic wurItU} , «Dd «■»• 
Itw. usA •dr-figlitroiu, uv yvnsnllr 
within ttw tncanN or gntcc «Ull i the mlrt. 
ln«ronl ooncoofurniiata nrr ^en ; it u (br 
•cml-uiiiuii «)irt«iii. I'O* *K.*\tt ubtrnileri 
an the Chnrrh. whirli ulMciirt-i Ihp cUiry 
oT CbrUt bj (fi»lliii{ llie Clmrrh, kiuT ih« 

KriHthooil, antl Ibe tncnimmU, and Ihu 
,lbitrv. aiiJ Uaditiou. nnil «ha( ii rdled 
■^■ibollcilt . *Ih)vc htin. ind btyond liim; 
and dcol«« Ihc Tulnmi wbirli tt liu 

ClAMd (be F»lber lo rcpow in Iwin, br 
rinfinf in tbe merit of warlu. jaidflo*- 
llian by lorenecl iigktMuiini-'>i, inuiuti- 
Mjutiatiod. fimjrvn fi>r Ibe ilriul, ihr 
kitamMion of fftintii, and ■ (liouund 
MmBonie*, wIuaIi lUip Chi)»t uf ull UU 
ditin* Hid eiilU-J (njictloiui, knd tiMiafrr 
Ibcm to mill'* mismtilu doingn. fix." 

Ghuptm xviii. mill xU. on Uu|i- 
IImd nnil Hiiptlmuil ]t<>(tvtiei"itKiii, 
wHI b<- rntikMl aiunn;; ihf fhtMt itu- 

jMirtlUll, tIA •lir':(U«U>K JHUIlU tlwi 

jr* ibr liiafTitit op' xro-it ili«[iiiu^ and 
ai I'lcfli'Iy cxltihitiufc ihr virwa nf 
flifl wriUpT. Alco llw twriitji-firrt 
and twiittv-Micoixl rhaplcrc, mi Ait- 
vel Wunuiip, mid llit> MuliiU'r <•'' 
RofDCi tiill Ibrth ull iUl' wriii'r'i 

Sutrvrv. will the uliijn<.tl uml al ruii}ri.'4l 
i^l;ir»liitii oT 111* MuuiJiiictiU. 'ni(-r>' 
nti? a few wuiMft^ ill wliirli wu mu'-i 

tbillk tllu llMllfip'n iipiilirilii ■liiiM- Ull- 

put/ to wlik-li )if luui lUwajs bno» 
iogoteA Ut l^-tnii):, mid ninon;! iithnni 
i nb Ugli pnuMi of Milmn-'s MUUiry 
of llir* Clnif I'll, C 'tin' jii<li<'iitU4 ami 
IraniM JiMi.>}iti Miliii!r. in lii« l>\(v1- 
Imi llivior^ of ilic ChurHi, nrntUtlv 
nl»i.TVi%") 111 wim-li vrc liiiiik liui luw 
, vuiiM juiii. llu bruUiiT, I>«ui4- Mil- 
net', aiWil lo il A Lilb ul' LutWr, 
Vithoiil. Al till* saiiK' Uiiiv kiiijwiu;; i)iti< 
Iwonl id (icrnian. but » lii>t<iry- nt 
I tlie Chiirrli wc an- afraid Kill lun^r (x; 
■ dtvidrralum iu tiiir farrtvl lili'i-ntiirv. 
|"W forpni lo iTientioti n \^rv liuvtfl 
' Bitd juilii'ioiiK iii>f>< at ji. IT'V4t, <m iliv 
' aubjcwt iil'Ytitlulnwiil Troin a muinnal 
'Chutrh. w'lm-lt, if wc bii>l nxiia, no 
«boulil txinwi for it« utilil^r in iho 
UUwni opitiions of inm uid occnr- 
nttca uf evenu. 

Mtmoirn of Pfna- Charlea Shnrt 
f Count ofAII«iay), c^immmJy railed 

- ... UemmD,' 

4wa wi proTccB to eM KiivUiing tu 

our kTTOiclc«J|pe uf die priiiT whii in iw 
(•iilyort, but Jiiotvly ihrow^ tnjtPllM-r 
ill n biozrsphicnl form inatiTiii)i> wbicb 
Mime III tliL- moil ottriutivc wriUT» in 
mir laitguiu^t. 1'ir instJiinX' Sir WalUv 
Stittt and Con) Muliiin, lti»i< already 

Iin.'MiiU'd lo u" in ilie fhnpi- nf hi*lor»- 
!mlrr l}K^f i'lrr:uitt>'taiiri'K it U not 
surjirtHiii^ tluiL lilt- Work Iidn no very 
o^ruliiir rliiiiiiii iijmw ibc Uotici* 6f 
Kn^liiili n-iulrn. Its o-ntr* nf iarloun 
kimln iin- ncithiT firw imr far Iwtween. 
Linil tlif Iniiuliitor ban not UioUgfal tt 
pun of 111? dutv l« corrtH't iJicwi or 
vvvti Ui u|^rtt« lufmid«naf llicircx- 

I'hL' Votinff Pivli'iiib'r wiw llic liwi. 
rtiyal reprefvntalivw lo Knglniid nf 
Ibut iiial<? i.t" ■"Ocii'ty in which it ia 
llHiiigtit llijl iIk- pcniiV HIV mnilt! fur 
iIm- king mid iiol Inc king for tliii 
{K-ople : anil rcrtxiiiiJy. ulUimi;{li bis 
vluinu-lLT, uk<,>ii iw a wboli'. m^irhor 
ttntilii-. bi» im^niorv lo n-upcM-t nop 
i-hU-ciu. R'W tii>iiiii vaHt'^f biiv.' cviT 
hivn miiri" brutclv (iiiii|v^ri»'il to tbc 
Ual tliuii llml of the Stimrl* was by 
biiii, or in tbi- i-iid biiTt Ik-Uh lo»t 
under ciminwtaiKW ol' iik'p.* |H3viili«r 
(inul ronmiitii- itil/"niif. " Tlic '45 " is- 
one of llw miwt atlnu-livf |Hirtiuiii of 
Eiiutitih mid Srottlsb Ui«tJ>r^. Tbe 
liu1uiii-9* ill whicli tIk- ri.vii^ un^iiatixl, 
iIk- ditboiilrv nitb whirb. oriTii in llx* 
IIi(.diUntKllic lUmi-ofi'ntbtuiiuiii wua 
ktiitlk'il. ilif ra]mltly witb whiiJi, when 
Illicit rnkimUrd, tl BprL-w) fWmi bvart 
to hoiiri until llin wnolo coiintrv wim 
ill n l*I;iw, llio |ll«^•«lJi which ntK'ticl<Ml 
llic i-nrlv i-ffort*- of lh<* .liicobito iinnr. 
lh|>!r j<>vij<if tiiar4-li into Ka;; Land, Ui^ir 
Hii«rralilr' rcircal, ibr hcwror* of tbc 
I ImiovprifUk Itiuinpb, Ihf iinpiiniltidwl 
(idi^'lirv ol i(h: lli;;iilA»dtTs tin- (kwp- 
i-«l riU'f of iiK-ii tMnlor llif »un, in 
*)rili! uf (brir iiiiiiinifrnblp tt^mplnltoiir 
to bclmy tlH* di-fntied ndwumix-r, — il 
i« only iioc*iui!irv I" alliidi.' to iJlW* 
tiling or 111 (-air up befuiv Iht; imml* 
Fioni Mni-doiinld, I.ix liiil. Kilmiimock. 
iioluicrino. L'y[H-, (iim'jfi-liind, and 
\VBUt% lIh' tvdiiibur^li Ipveen. ihiiI lli« 
Kinchify uiaixli, in onicr at oikg lo ' 
nri- ibat siicb ii oubjfi.-t \t ntic in whit'h 
nil hivtoriaii or it biouTnpb*^ may well 
«Ii-bi;Iil. Out of tiif iniatTV wbicli 
«ii)iUO<l to lb*- (>oor dcvoUil IlipblaJKi- 
i-m. ibf jroodnrwof ProvidtMiw.wurk-" 
iiijt in tbt! fmt iimlniin- tbroiicU the in- 
ul rumciiUili I y oftljij j;>,i(iii-' nf Chothwm,, 
brought ibriti CJiiuy Ucviog* to ths 


Revibw.^— Mrs. Bra^U PrafatanL 


ruing «rw llw oocuioD of «xpAtmling, 
Mid. in too niftn; insUaoeCi of extir- 

Cka Chatlaa i* brolctn. the Senfarths bend lov, 

He Sim of Clan Runald Is linking io Ikbonr ; 
OleoMie aiid Clan Dvnnacliir, w]»tn m tbty now ? 

And when; h bold Koppuch, the lord of Lochlber } 
JUIcon*) with the Itoiuo tiity s»{iportcd ! laid low, 

While diJA* of the Soutli tlieir bold life-blood were taping, 
TVod down by a proud ttai a nmciluw (<x — 

ThebniTeaKaU gono wltbtbc Stuarts of Appinl" 

muDtr; and iJie (■.•ojile, but, evon after 
liK Upar of a rcntiirTf Srotlanil still 

^tunu witK foodBCw in tbe memorr ol' 
Lbe briTC ntcn whom thU tinlinpjiy 

Wlioerer wTsIue^ to rulro^li ki» n.- 
potWtHin of then! mlere-vtiiijr evenly, 
or to MH' tJictu n^iireKeiiUil in tbc 
Ucbl wlucb ii ■tH)4t ftiviwriilitH to tl:« 
iMiiMed prince, mar tnni to tlic bmik 
before U9. ir llio on;;ui.-il w% in- 
iendi?<l for fbreign wmlcr*, it may 
Muwcr tliu purpoK ol' ttmtiag tliein 
■njiuuiu^t with tlio ootUbC of (1h- 
Mitriuft namutve, liiit jiutjrc forbid* 
l^t «c ^KMiId Hwigu the tmuslatiuii 
ft Ugb plaoe in titir own hijtoric;il 

TJtt ProttiUua: a TaU of U* hxkgn 
(!/' C^urr* Mary. By Mrs. Braj'. 
(B^ Vai. ill. of 04 A'ew and 
JBmOmtld Srrie* of kfr XdixIi and 
, Bamtutm.J 

iXUOUGlI Out is aweJI-knorwn and 
work, the prncflt n'priiu 
ID a cbiM|i sixl itopiiUr form 
be pvenltarly acceptable to nil 
rlaan of tvaden , more mjMciiilij' to 
tlKMxr wlio taita a hvarlftlt intcrttsi iu 
llic bnnoor sod nriTscmttion of nor 
EctaUijheil CliurrlL. luul of tiiat l*ro- 
teminiuni. llu* fmit uf llu; Kdnrma- 
tMKi, wlik'li i< til*' Kiirv^t hH-ii* of our 
Matiooal fK*f^loi» :ui<1 [ir<»-|)t?rily. Thi' 
pnocipluo oil whk'ii iJtu Ilvfonin'm 
nsatM tibctr ojunionn w«!n> principlos 
tJnt iiupir«<l llicni with h t'uurn^i- 
■wkt: t)idn UutuaiL, anil Inl tliom trinin- 
phantlr t" iIm §i4k«, ilter« to viLrolI 
aatid iUe fljunc* llifir iiumfM iii)toit<; 
tlic ini'ilc army of muMyrN. Every 
.11 -on* In ;iaiii 11 klmw- 

l ..'tcrs tJii* pvt-iits atnl 

t). iuii> of tlial iDOft deeply 

ii.: ^..nnoc) of oar history. 

la liic I'roivFtaui, n iiUNt auimat«>t 
rtcry, wIkmi rhamctrr* and tir«na* at 
oncv dianu Uio Uui^>iiiatioa aitd tou<.>li 
the li«nrl. Mr*. Hmy 1ul« i^mlxMlied 
every point of inforuiation wu uru 
aoat (lemiioni to ol^tuin, h^a ff\va u« 

with tlic vltv spirit of thoH most fear- 
ful tiuivit. all tlj(? iiiiiiiioiLS rtfi>tit)|;!i and 
nr^iicnts of tbcKcfttniierx; juclured 
In'Inrcuur vi-i;wtli«iiii(ri.'riiif}»i, patieocvi 
and hL-roi.iu of our truly rhriMiim 
iiinrtyr^ ; iind hus »et forth, in un- 
i-xa^oraiod but powerful latigui^tc, 
tbc bif;otry an<t crovlty of that Church 
whioh i-yjoMumnl iu> n»"iT of otir for«- 
fnthert to afipry trial. The iniervsiof 
hc-r aamtiTe riwa to the very t.')u»«>, 
and brings t>efore our tic* 'a vast 
tariety of characters fi\>m tlioae uim- 
ncnt in the liiftory of the fearful tuoes 
io which tliey lived w thu nmpliiBt 
inhabitaota of the Keatii*h villap; or 
I'ottagi'. 'Hie priueipol chatvctcr, 
Owoi Wilfortl. is a derf^yinan of Ibu 
rcfurnitid liiJlli, drawu to the very life 
nibrr llie clergy of bin diiv. Many of 
our ol'l divines wero as ili.'itiii'niiaiied 
n* tiB i" rrpr<.''Wiit*Hl In !jp, for thdr 
■<inp;lciirt<w of hiiart, thpir profound 
ii-urniiiK, BO'l heroiv devotion to the 
cauMT of the ProtAittuit Church. This 
IMtnouaige alone, thus ably drawn, will 
pivi? Ihe readiT a perfect idea of the 
yiienil ehamclerisiic»of the ncrscmied 
nod KuHering clerftv of tlic perJotl. 
The heroine, Ro»c, i« verv bemitjlully 
pieluntl ; and tlic fix-ble and poor 
woman, <^impr Plu.>ii>, the inhabUant 
of tlto vilisei.% n-ho, in the exUctuit/ 
of age and povertvi stands forth as a 
witwMs of tlic truth; and a not ontjr 
willing hut eager to die for it. whilfit 
her earthly affections turn with murh 
l'aiiiIiK>^s to her ffraiidsflo, Iht^ liliiiH 
boy. Tommy, which wc eon^der asoiM 
of the finest conceived and beat drawn 
characters in the whole rai^ of potttic 

A ^yfatintj of OoAie Mtxddin^s. By 
I". A. PiJey, M.A. i/.m. .SVr. Io lAi 
{'iimMtigt Camdm SociH}/. Seo. 
TU£ vulae mid uupgttauoc of % 


RcviEW*— Mr/* Jtfanual nf Gothic MoidMngi. [An|r. 

MrTMt and intipwtfl ii(-ir|n(imlon«Mrilh 
Ibe mtitre irf thi* i»uuhliiix« wliirli, 
more dourly thikti miy ntlu'r ft^urr, 
indio«t« with pn^irixinn ihc different 
■t^lw of Uotliii' urrhiUt'turci luia been 
too much disrc^nlctl ouil noglocted 
by tbe profuwicual »rclul«ci- Hw 
irv tliiKi^fb striking BMoldlDgi of Ibt 
diuivifiil fiylt'M had been iwmrad Mid 
dnwii lo \\\i b«»<], and (ho knowlr^M 
of tluiti- w)ii>-li a])iM.Trairiiu| to Utr 
•ltci<^iit <]i-tlfrit 111' liatl IcnriKtl liy rol'.- 
in tJio nfficR in whicti he tlurircil hi.« 
i«i]tu»UoBi luid if, pvrcliimn;, lit' hml 
rtbe M ppor t onity of* stiulyin;; fiHi^uul 
teunuM^ lie wooU Qud Uwt liu oc- 
[ai^rea Imovledco onlji nhowcl lum 
aUt wlftdoosmmi onegraernl trpe. 
^ut OolUo urchitocturv, tbc voncLy 
tt mooldiBga kaib to t very ililTcrait 
Temilt. Ilicir u«c Mwl uffjilicciliou in 
fiu- moro cxtcfunrc. 'Thuj nrL- u|ij)ltMl 
tto A tauay atneture to riw lui uir 
[tflilEhliHMa; tn a HmaU aiK\ im air ol* 
rfruM ui<l elenuwe. In irvery in»taiu-fl 
' tlwy ohroniele with fidi'liiy tlx- fn-rivil 
In wlUch tbc Mmictun' wn* lu-oclrd. 
Whm irchn an<l \>vir* :ind wimluw 
tnoer/ ktv tAilctl to ti'll tWir riri^n. 
and knw n iliwlx, <>xi9liii|[ ••» tb<' 
atlnd of tiut obacrrer wbulhur iJhvy urt^ 
[n lata siwoiinini of ooo ityle ur nn 
f^ftrtur uuiinple of a lucninllit); n«ic\ 
|tbe nouliliog aluiw <l4>triiiiim>i lia- age 
<lf the »tnictiiri.'- 'I'tMTf iirv inAoy 
Tudor buiklingH i* hich dbnw \ory loHy 
■rcbea, but in do one w an vtrlv-Kng* 
.UlbnuNildbig ever net Willi. Trmoery 
^ofa Deouivted elwnu!4«rr is oftui Ibunu 
I in itrucUireH ofUlc ■tfi-t.iion, dipecuJIy 
lb wood-work ; but, if the cyp should 
bo dooaivod by \Xm goocnl lUMManutct^, 
.the manldtnft OTor fiuililul, iibowK 
r|lkia^ thtt no d«oepik>i> wm priKtiMw) 
'or IntoldiMl. In nu>dcrn lilrurturi*^, 
irilfa but n lim cxccpiioiu, Ukw: pe- 
culiarities have boon liltk' ifai all «!• 
tended to : tin maiav\ fiiiiurcs ureo 
wbcni aocuntely uipi«.il, c\hil>it^rcai 
icmm in these nunuti} ponicubm), and 
1^ aonui Htodgrn Flructiu-ut th« mould- 
Ingt are w nUerly at tarianw with 
Mwient proeeil e n H thai we am led to 
ffippoec the architect* linvc iiinwd nt 
cMfttini; ft ntrw ayilcin. 

Mr. Palo/a work i* BltoRpUior «ii« 
Ipnal : it U, in ivtdity, ib<! flmi altcntpi 
which hat ever Inwii miuSty m iiMljcaiv 
cloarly tlio inouUtln}i; Lipp^rlaiuiug to 
ttw doureat perioUg vf mnliicTal u«lu- 

tertuiv. II« hu daniRnl about f)V« 
hundrwl vxaiuplce, nod, va to d<ilog, 
bft» iipvon (o thp arcbitcrlnrnl -tudent' 
n rant nmoiini of kno«li<>la;(^- He oan- 
now, with this able nwnuiJ in hi* hud* 
walk into any chiinii« and at ntw view 
unrnngc il« VHried aouhUogv, vrhvChur 
tbui)eM-ooiDplii.-aUd,iooording to the 
nnliMrMd of their oenatraetloB. 

"^^ liNv» hut lirOv itp«in> lo nikke 
cztrartfi fh>m ihit brief trpatiw, and, 
ind<vid, it vn»il<l Imj nvcv^nry to 
(raitflf«r lYm cnf^nngi to our pagva 
til Tvndor luiy tutntct uscfnl lo uur 
rvwU'r*. The fallowing pamii^i>. de- 
icriplivi! of one (batura of ancient 
urcLit«rtiirL\ ulwa^ beautiful, itliow*. 
how ngnvable to hiariiadvr* the author 
can rcnik-i' what nt Ant sight appoan 
In lie a dry nulijcct. 

" An flu1]r>En({llsb doorwajr Is eftaa a 
womlrrfu) piace of art, how«vvr little tC 
may attract tiu atlantiM of ordieary ob> 
tMTcni. It Is iDoW plrarint to netiaalbn. 
long trnilaiif <k>C't<ioUi lurUncIntbadacfcij 
furrow of ft IftUlor ctiaaosUod r w MSi to 
an tha «nd of some bieaofenleDt ueinbrr 
gol rid of by IhroviM a Aowet across tJia 
point where it oaddrnly stops, urdiM into 
thi! wall : ti> sOmbe Ins ofllamcent bosa . 
anil the Tulii^ed capita latmADf thHt 
lutniiaiirr ujion lhraoahlb|a aad haU 
lowt. a> if tlioy had oVofrofrai their ori- 
KiDal bikI |iixi|>«r limit*. Itow Inpaiitffulljr, 
too, the ImotH of |itrrcitl aiid lisaifiiir 
IcavMextnid, lihosoaH) psnitolfarlaaa 
or bowpr af Klngroo wnrii, rouml tha ardtk^ , 
lUrhlinc tbe plotner neuldlai* into traaiM, 
and almost Impaitlng lift to the fory 
sti-ns! I^wrcarcatmadanmof ihiofwa|ra 
nf lliin Hijilv, wlik'li futhibit the most. 
ileliithtfal varieties in tbeU fornia and 
|TMipln(, alvayst yn aerear tbs aaaii:. 
oone riauplM oocur at Uolton and Pur. 
nnsc abbey*, wtwre «r«h mootdiiiKs axtand 
6¥e or six feet in width." p. 35. 

Tbo practical inetruc-lMtia for copy*. 
ini; tiuiuldiiwi may bv bridly gUnucd; 
ni with proni. 

" Tbcre ar* tevmrsl wajrs of doiuf tide*. ; 
The beat and ahnplnt of all Is by lasta11nK< , 
(lu |>t|wT in a loose joint, or liy pasalag a 
law tbritugli iin nrrlt ur jstiili, or bj sp* 
elyittKa tar^^ shral <if i)Ht<erwbereaslofHi* 
hu bten mnoTi^ and left tbe vAget sali- 
riontif clear aad ^rp to lni«i< tboir oat- 
line* by )>r«»s«re apuiMt them, orbyn 
Gn'41. Another way Is by iIlb naa of tha 
iilen \a\^. K tbin HciiMe ribhand of 
tbi" m*ttsl, about a yard in IrnKtb, oiay 
b« roUcd into a coU, lo •■ to be miily 

184S-^ Revibw.— 'Wcaloa Qvarterly Paptrt m Archittctwri. I&9 

iMrtablr. By beuig inkaipuUted uid im* 
HflMid upm the maaUiot$ la be copud. 
■ni ^hfnof owefolly mnOTed and laid 
upon ■ abeet of P*per. it ntaiu tbe exact 
■iapc it hu racciw, ani) may br traced 
of with • |wwfl.** 

The {iructH« of iqnocxiiw u notioeil. 
M well w Prai«»ur ^ViOtss u>pe!n»u» 
iutraaiBOt oJM tiiM ejmogn^, tuA 
thti difBcQltiea of e*cfa mode an pointed 
out. "Gmowinc ■tiulliudii,*' otnervoa 
Mr. FaI^, " hotb ol' cMivw anil ru- 
■tniJM nmddiiigai arc laOibb ; for tlie 
ntmbtM aul corvvn were xfTj oft^si 
df»ni£tcra HMm. eepeoially io ouHwr 
mvl^ ao that verj' coniidcroUe deriiL- 
tJeas froiD gBMDittric jjrecMuu must Ik* 
anected oa oliaerviiig ^incicui oi- 

llie Betbod looat ni^jroved of by 
Ihe antbor b "to draw Uiu niouldJBgg 
on a ndnoed Kale I>v the vy«, adding 
tbe oMKBi«m«ot4. Ttu« U, after nil. 
the bstt mode whirl) ran Im tvourtod 
lo, awl (saiCtice will render porlWt." 
Wt thlin£oTt rvcommrad tlw vouug 
■mleot tu bc^tn wiUi the tnoulding*' 
L«l Dot III* liuu V t"^ itLtluixil b> prctly 
pwipeclive akeuiivii tit iW it Udjf 
in Us hand, and. wh«o thu (Mithuiioiitii 
wllidi the iinl view nfii noble dmrcli 
nerer fiuls to crcali-, vfill ilUow liim tu 
Ht down quiell) to Ktmly parla, tii 
bcipnwith tbe luonldiiu^ tuid draw 
tlcBi caraTuUy by luui'l- f lie does 
tbipy— aad be at^ with profit beipB, 
ihoald he far a dweller in tUn me- 
m^oUf^ wiUi ibu <d*!g»at choir ol' 
St. iiMxy Overy'a, now, alu« ! alnoet 
ihiai Wl tbc haa lint miUiLited dunit- 
of St. Bardwklosunr'A Priory, or tht- 
rich and aaqpiutely-bcautilul clmix-li 
of Stooa, to Kent, — und ilraws out the 
■touldings witb itie ucouraoy dianlayed 
\ff hi» inctnk-ljir. I»? uM-d not despair 
ATbccominc in n viutt rt:^*' yean a good 
Gotfaio orcniUx't. u inurit which iapo^ 
aaand by lew. and that principUly 
arMBj^ vom Lim m'^^le'^t of tbo «tndy 
which Mr. DUey ao admirably reeara- 


Qmrltriii Paper* an Anh- 
tmtn*. 4ft'. Piuit V. VI. VlJ.amt 

TIffi portion oT this work now under 
vntm ooHpriMut Mine vnluablo to- 
pMHphioal articlea wlecidl fwm n 

BolioMro ofdketdm qt'vuwujolgecVij 

of anUaoity In the oaMera oountice of 
En^anu. by tfatt R« v. Mr. Suckling, now 
io Uie pooaeaaion of Mr. Wcalc Thoy 
consist of drawings, with dcacription^ 
at' Mjvcrid *illa|tc chordiM in Eaamii 
■qjecimen^ of aovient arcbitectore. mo- 
nniDBnta, and d^ailu. Thi- »(puK'bra) 
braasM given arc fur tiic uuwt part of 
tlic age of EliKHbeth, which ar«aoai«aly 
worth till- trouble of engraving : one of 
.iliutyiu Krycniing church is ei^raTud 
un both title*, iind showa that a good 
tmaa of curly cliaraetcr hoa been 
sacrifivnd to one of the tatit<jea« Ggorea 
of the abore period. Kviry day a ro- 
ecarcb ulda to iht- ituubvr of ancioit 
braMeri whioh have been dcatrored br 
thutpurpoae-TbobnuBoi'I^yBryg^le , 
Maruey and her two htuboncia, thmi^ 
late, b inuavating, &am the amional 
baarinip r^HrcMntod on the inAnlle of 
ifao bdy, and the tafaanls of bar two 
apouMS- 1'hv dniwiiu; of IIk 6win- 
iMinur liraw iu l-illlc liorkcaky afibrds 
a striking oontniat to ihe same oubject 
in tbc aodortte publication of tbc 
Meats. WaBer. 

Hw Daobury cflifi;ica nre interest' 
ing Irom the extent orthe series, thougb 
tiiey are not ao ancient as they art 
veiKrally supposed to be. We ooold 
harrwiabed some aktenpt bad beaa 
made to appropriate this aeries of e^ 
figica tu twnr ownen- Nooneappeam 
to It- i.'arlii-r than ihc time of Edward 
tbe Finii. 

The ■.■oQstrucUoo of the reuarkable 
ohiureh of Greensteed, fonn^-d of trunka 
of trees, b tihewn in an durntiaii uf a 
[MMiJon of the atmf ture. tt is not ar- 
uhitoetunl, aiid ia only zcouu-kable for 
iln mat 1^. Souk, if not all, of tbi! 
series aflmsta lUuAraliTc uf tbe i'byntK 

Cdigrse at North Uckenden iniubt 
ve been engrared; tboo^ lat*.-. they 
are iaterettine. trom Ihear exbilittii^ 
n rare CKmnple of tlie costDinc of an 
earlier period than that of the actual 
execution of the subjects. 

HnvAiwni tVortA? ChmrM, Bawttt 
in purt at leakt auLe-N'onuan, b B 
iitructurc iloaerving otgrvat, attention. 
The west dourway b oiucod, and the 
most aingaUr ft-aturr-. in tbe edt5co b 
the rood carved on th« outside of 
the original we«t front of th« duircb. 
The crucifix witb the hand pointing 
above reminds as of tbe famooslt o n u w y 
rood. \Vith a tow to preserre an 
eacrod a nibjoct from injv;, s poavfa 

)0O Uevibw.— Weale's QtuirtM-ly Papers on AixhttteUive. [Au^. 

nr rnom bAs bt-cn built in vtvincv of 
tile wect fri^nt in inoro ri-rcnt ximm ; 
tlic -w:!)! bchinft thr bnly rood hax 
l»o«sa, probul'ly at thi' time of ih* «tw- 
tion orlhc ponli, «itrmkli.vl with tvurt 
sn«^l tliu ntcrecl luono^iimB. itK mhI 
ryr. The dran-infcM iim) tlcKTipiions 
ftro by Mr. Oweiio. Cwter, ol' Win- 

'lilt! mfxl-lfill i>f Cmi^ji BtLttU 

Chur-e*, WiH», Urawn I.y Sir. C. J. 

ltiv}inr<)*nn, in ii wi'll prt^ftLTTLiI unit 

la^'niitiCtt] cxaiiii>li- «f IVriii-niliriilii r 

iu^'hit<viur*" in fttone ; & mnapin piilpil. 

»Tt<l ilv^k in tlii5 sluno niuU-rial Iim Ihi!ii 

plaoLil ill front of the snr««-n, the dt- 

txil or which is hmrcvrr, oi' nn ■.■nrlicr 

iMrio*!. Scar ihp pi]l|iit n'liuiini) nn 

lluur-glnss and vtaoil in fpKw) iiiVH-rvH- 

tion, anil not inclogant in d<^ign. The 

whole may be [Vgardfid as lui Illuslni- 

tion ot' the histiirv of ivlqiicrfi in thi* 

country; the rooil-«'r(i,-n toll-i td' lh»> 

ancient church, tin.- i-MidiiiK-ili.*4: 'iC 

the |)T«u.*nt, tho hour-jfittM of the Pu- 

ritnii intrusioo, when the pulpit ovvr- 

rode u well thu iiltnr a.* tm- Ccimmon 


TTic dcsijniBi t-ntitlwl "urtittif. <-c- 
rlvaiatt'cal Sfromftoji*," ounviflinj; ol' 
ChuiH-h plate dsisnod for tamv roval 
cliapcl at I'i^bun in the liut i-l-uhu'v, 
are very piwir; thi-y pn«>e.»s neiUni- 
CDoleriutwal pr(>pri'.-t> nor i-I(.-|nui>; in 
fbrm ; lli« altar eruct is a inere iiiflif- 
IwC tlie Eqdv«r» are waitvi-s, aud tbt 
dulioo only fit for a convivial drinkini; 
cup, 'Pin nmnnicntd srv In the. Lfouw 
Qualorxe style. 

Mr. Wigntwirk coiitrilnilfS a scrii-.t 
of papers "i iinn<mt and miitlt^rn OviAtr 
areiiitefturf. 'Ilie first in illustrated with 
block elevations, nvctions tntl plan*, of 
foreign and En^lit^h <'ikthcdm1«, drawn 
■^ I mkIc. iind inteDdt.ll tu obviate thi.- 
conf>(*(p)RrLCea of the frvi^ucnt eoin- 
pui-itionE tnadu by iravcUcn, gtrnf.-nil)y 
if not uiiivi'Mally, tolhediscrcdit of the 
Entflinh exainiile^- York 'w ixintrai^lod 
■with Paria, l-incoln with Sh-juiburc 
GtouewMr wtlh Ainieii^ Lithfichl tvith 
Cbutraa, Saiiabury with Vienna, nnd 
Ely wilh Friebiirji. In the instwofM 
of Salifbury swl Lii-ltfidd, lliv vuutrnxt 
18 iu favour of (h« Enjfliih exaiupl«», 
although no ont of the otbera rafters 
in thvlwt from iLijiixtai"*ilion with 
the foPBwn rival. Jud(^ng from thcx 
TMperB, Mr. Wi;^ht«ick ih a c<>nipcl4nit 
JtK^ ofthc lucritf vf IU)t,'i<.1ltlL^.ttitc<- 

-t1l^f ; uni) vrc widiwc rould witmwi the 
vfTMtK of hill knovrlnl^e in hi.'< ntoda-ni 
ite^ign^: in ihe^s tike mOAi an-bitoi^t.4 
iifnuMlemgolhie, he ha». shown how iin* 
ahir he u to apply the biiiiitifi> of thr 
•iKieut rtlylv^ to nvodent luea. Ili> 
Praletttinl ' eaihtitraiy a« he t^rms onp 
of thv dL-i>ixui^, ivriHiiilr prcnervps the 
cnuironn phoi. Iiiil it w more like ihn 
key of the Nile in the handH of an 
l^ypliHii tilol than llii- ?>yinlH>l of the 
Church Catholic : the riliorCnesM of thu 
iiavc mill I'huir iki bwiit with llie |itv- 
(Hirtiiiric ol'thc human form wliirh arc 
idwiiv* •Lewti in l)u> ani'ietit rn>M«v ; 
the porrhes ut the I'ndn of thi- tran- 
K'pf, the tireltf lieyond the vlioir. and 
the apparently implei»s vestibule at thr 
west end, wein plni'ijci a- il'thc iWigiH-r, 
rhonji;!) he UMti ihe form, vas after all 
luhnmo'l of tiio cross. Tlie elevation 
I* the nioiit unfit for the mtJiiMlnJ plan ; 
a riiKl room for tin* iuitp and anothiT 
for ihe lraii>>c>pt; above the int*>rni"i?- 
lion. a lanteiTi Mtpfiorlin' u tipir« np- 
)MMr" in ilie wntion to have a vfTj 
perilous prwirion on the roof. The 
want of k'lt^fth in rho iiuvi' bnn)i< tlii* 
tbi'ei.' !>pire» (ixi cJlm^ lo-/(?tLer; ibt 
abwiii'v of aisles lia« renik-rt'd ari'hoi 
and |>ic-n> Mii»i-<-cMnry, ao'l Die «pin,9i 
an' foriiieil of oin-ti w<irk ; [iroliably 
their loalfcinbi mi);hl lu'i***! iron. 'IIh- 
dvtaU is Tcrj faulty and piM-nllrtrty 
niml'-m ; tlie only n-romnnendalion thv 
dewipi iK'«.«cM«e)*, ariiC' fmni Ilio i-x- 
tn'in« {irubabiliiy Hut it will over l» 

The ^arifh rkureh, iu wlinl Mr. 
Wwhtwirk rail" iIk- Anglo -Norman 
style, is ijuiie wortliy of the <ra- 
iIwhItbI ; uii ill-di-liniil rroM fonnit tbt- 
plan, the detail of tin.- elevation in ex- 
tn-mely liahl itnd slander, with m)uil- 
j-iBcJ lowiing-hoUM windown anu fnlw 
arelint, ns if the iusIm hiul )Hfn d>.- 
eti-un-d, nil of wliith Iwing featuiY-N 
•piilt- III variaiin- with freiiuiiH* Vormwi 
fxuinph'A in thi.H ronnlrv, an' nnomidii-:i 
lltr till- invriitiim ofu-hich Mr. Wijiht- 
wirk may take vhau^cr cri^lit tau 
n'sult fi-om the.m: the. only dwcni 
feiitiin- in till* <-iiiij>in|i of the toWFt 
■whicli. however, i.t at the we^l end, 
instead of the intvrsevtinn of llic Dare 
iind trftn*>r]it. 

'J'he fhnmh fil" IfhkojMtvtp. Wilts, 
i^ fully illii(>(rat4-(l liv au cxtcnnrv 
■•er>*» uf drawing by Sir. O. B. C«rt(!r. 
ftCC9iup«ui«t by aletttr-preaidcKrip- 


UiStJ Review.— Wwile'a Quatferl^ Papert m Archiltciurf. Igl 
tiaih not quit*.* k> full aewc could have oUtcr in her 

widKd. Tbe rhureb possess^ nutnv 
good fimlurc*. iW uiilJly oTwluL-h will 
reriiniiiii'iul il as a model. The incut rt'* 
mcrluitile fcuariK orr. the stouc^ToiiKHl 
roof of the rboir >n>l >i)uth Irutm-^t ; n 
MB^ilur liiulding, re^euiblii^ a tKirUi'o, 
MUcbcd to ibe Iul4«r, uau collol iliv 
ftluoiuy: M>utcfino<]rlnil-in tbfikfo' 
rated M^k*; utd n splvndid niudeni 
Uiinb, de(itfn«J bv I'ujjiii, in Uif bol 
ttjrie. of iDi! |)rnod nf Kdwunl U Ui 
Uu? meMiory iw ibc IU'». U. A. Moul- 
puner^i whose nioliiiK-liuIr ditilli, wlim 
viifwiiui « iHrwlr-t-rLi-lwi cbunli, will 
he in the nHvUectittn of our rvailcn. 

Tit? ftrtirl«« on MaiiUtottK Church 
«nd RJ^AnoBijr. by Mr. J. AMiifluMni. 
JOD- nrrrbilcct, an* unuiig t)it' tx-nt iti 
thr «rric». The ohuivK, foTmerl^' nil- 
lepaiei poMetaes some n-iiiurlublu fpn* 
tUKt in lis arclut«ctiire. TliejFniund* 
phn shmr* k oare and aitdea i^ nviu-ly 
equgi width. 'ITie chmicel hw »lm> 
siaitt, but of consiilrnlilT U'm ImiiiUh 
ti«0 UuMe of llw tinre. iht- w bnli* beiu^ 
pmhably the edeet of idlcnition. al* 
iboogb it hu bivii Ml aM/ ifHi-cfeil 
thM the srouii(1-{ilati appears stil] rc- 
falar «nd svnuavtrk-al. 

Tbo xraUA* arr «itv linking. 'Eliry 
wcrr eivrtnl hj tlie fir^L iiuutvr ol' ihi' 
mlli!'^ WoUon, wlioilir^ in 1417, ninl 
be us plooed hb* fiwii tomb Id lliu »!tdu 
Bl the Iwk, foriuinji, wlib tin- jn-.lili;i. 
one rich |iic(v ot' uvluii^'Cliirv', a fine 
nadnmia of tlii' nyU of llie [KiTiwt. 
Th* Mtinttna ui ihc b*rk of tlic toiuh 
b a tteaulint] work, cxtK^uiod in llie 
richest polour*. Il re[ifv*tJil» ibc ]in-- 
•nuatioQ of MiL4tf.'r Wutuin hj' bis 
nardiwi nnp!! to t)»! Illi>*3a^ \ irgin. 
Ya the n>ntre he U wen wstfd in a 
vhite fUTplicc, with a hiHid of the 
Minr. He i<n<^:-K «ii n jTepn gr«uiid, 
ngithri; (luddoJ will] tloiTcr<, at IhL- 
feet ftf Ihtf Blcsfcl Virpiii, who is 
WMol in a cbAir, wiili a book in \ivt 
huuL Before tier kueel* tbt- piuu-dian 
mnl. who is veeu-d in a cln»e nlh (if 
^U(Ck with ait ample robe or muitle 
of red roUiur above, and in^en win^ 
At the exinaue k-rt. i* St. Katharints 
■hd«r inoer vcntment ia red. nhowing 
her to be a oiiirtyr, and her outer 
mantle ^reen. Uiinl witli white. 8he 
leans oolier wheel with one hand, and 
boldi her «wgrd iu t)i>.- other. Corrc- 
■aoodio* to this Raini on thc! oppoiitc 
IM( ii • VIrsio Saint, varring from tbo 

innej- rolw heiti;r white : 
i-tu'\i li^ttire \\»f a golikii nimbus Tha 
thh^k^round i« a deep blue. At the 
ewlem pud of the recew of Ihe loiub 
U n pnintin^ rf nn nrc]ibi«hopt wbteh 
Mr. \Vhicl"'>ni suiiposen to be Chicbe* 
lev or Arundel. It ha.s boweTer. a 
imubiu, wbii-h plaiulj' Awvi* it to be 
ueiiher, but lliui il t5 the eilijty of a 
oaiiunixi-d ari.-hbiF<h(>i>, one ol'ibe inany 
.tainls vrbti'h (lie iui-tn>[)ol!iiiJi tee haa 
rrtidervMi m the Cimreh. Tito ^irtiund 
iif Ittiwer^ nnd !)■«■ blue Imckiiniuiid, 
rontiounlion? of the n-n of the design, 
■how that this fij^nf '\* in tbe wno 
ef U---vttiiI rotii{uiny lu the rither^ It is 
vested in au idb or dalmatie, at present 
tif n lij-ht bniwn. Tlic rbiutithle is red 
(IVoui wliich it may be jitd^ctl to re' 
pre»ent a marlvr, iind \f imtbably in> 
tvndeil fi^r Si. 'llioman of (.-anterbury). 
Tlie inwtriiuieiit of in Ime, 
ifi not represented, but tt i.^ al*o abnent 
ill the rejiroenlatJon of the Miine saint 
oD the Cowfokl bras*," The mitre is 
woriliy of nuliec >» bciop i-neircled 
willn li liiliatM erown, like the tiiitre of 
a mndcru arehbisliup. 'llie leA hand 
bnlilf :in >'piMi>[>ii)eniok, imteadofthe 
HlftHi eiiiigoed with a vnx*, lliu fuvper 
eiiH!;n< (tl'niiietroiKililao, a vanAlion for 
wjiicli il. i.4 diffieuu to aet-ount. iu ad« 
ilitioTi U> thin ni1eiiiliillv>adoriied tomb 
there i* a riclilv-j minted siTcen fnun 
the high eliam-el, a fino ejuuuple of 
unt-ient decoration. 

The Hbwnations on the polvohro- 
instic ileroi^tioD* of tbi^ tniddle ages 
by Mr. Whithi-ord very appropri- 
iiteiy follow the beautiful exaiiijilea 
fnaa Maidstone. I'bii' umv enibraciea 
an hisiorie^ view of the culoutvd dc> 
c(>ratinns of the Gothic Myte iu this 
oountrv, tlw exlentof whiebhe provea 
bv a pL'rwmal exominatlun of a KrcU 
number of e\'ery age. Tlie autnor'a 
luukiiiary of his ohwrvatiuna preeentt 
a vivid and not ovvrcliarjfmi fuclureof 
Uit splcodid interiors of antiquity. 

•' It often hl^tpened that Uiroaghovt the 
whole intrrinr a( a ehurcb the materials 
were aonbcrv diicemiblr. IIm walls wero 
uoiDtcd orer with bUcoricul lubjerls, *»■• 
b«*(|ue>. i>r iiuerijitloni. the iioitini(onfl 
tcaM of colour and gtMing i the ttoor 
liavetl tbroiiKhout witb rncaitrtii: tiles; 
e\tfj window Oiled «ith stained gla*; 
the •iririis, the coraieei, with their en- 

* Vide Waller's 6epDkhnl BnuM). 


ftB-new— PJIcrtnn'i Bfidal ofSalfmA 


, rfakiimb, tni tha oiptuli of tbe colntaii , 
. bmtiKkt tfut in red, gntn, Mvd fcdd ; Uh 
Wtrj torn tit Uw pmuhUngB xoon dttrJj 
OMr)c*d bf Ibetr enricluiicata ; and all (ho 
tlaU tkal w«f« dUToMil (brougbont the 
bllildilM: rouctiiintcd in ^rulor iaMMitf 
ud dcbcuf 00 Uk: Mm-rn* «nd noBn- 
menta, uvUy Xit be •urptuwHl iu |[ot(eoa*> 
MM bj u« precivut oniMienu uf tbv 
tUM, riafa ta dnpcry, sold, %oA icwels." 

Zbe Gany poiBU out ilimiDrtJj tlu> 
dlfferait meuiiMbof enricluneiiLofUw 
pbb wtll — the boflwe, cqiitaLi, and 
oHim moaldiojfK,— iu m coimsm kih) 
ponpimoofl inumer. It in k v&lnubki 
MMjr, lOtl will proT« ul' grviU un.* la 
tke dacortior or n new rliurdi or tJbc 
restorer iif mi Bncient ouo. 

Tli4!n' \* Ul oxcclk»iit|M4i«r,enlitloJ 
JMotorgy «r CMWrMfi'Mtr '^n .S%vw awrt/ 
/or BmUitig, by I'. II. Sntitlt. Et i* >\ 
uborimif eompunitiun, iimri<l<-<l 'ii-n 
tboBiMtcxU9i«iven)M!uri'li, . 

creditable to the uutltor, <• ■ ^ i 

hdne knowtedgn of th« pn))Mruw vf 
MMBBBt building ntoiid*. 

A long paper on SymlHilic Colours 
\ty Xlr. Innuiii will ltv< rmiiiil untifl- 
fsctorjr to the ndmiivra of thU line of 


The oibsr plulea coiutit nf tbe rc< 
Ktduu (il' Iw iUiutmtioiu af Uie 
T«fn|)U diitreht every piLrlol'Krhkih 
if must I'ullj rvan t mted. 

Tbe TMin or ftt. JaeqiiM at I-iioge, 
tbe Wtncbuter Glaif, iM •DOM DthM 
■N ghwt to ccNTiplnto tb« MTwenu 
aviM eoomenced in the [ireceiHiig 

Tht Bridal ofSalermo. a Btmmtt ; nith 
Otfter Poems. By S. I,. Wk-rlon. 

THIS Totume b dedicated to Lord 
Btoagbam. The ehirf poem in tlivi<lMl 
ialo nx <.-antoN ; the (fardm t tiift Ban- 
ket ; the Ihutgeon ; Amnllt ; (he t'nii- 
syincjr ; the Siru^c. It t« wriii™ in 

in his DiiiTMiTc jMKTni. The aueno of 
the rumnDrf in 1ju<I in tbe ^aar 1136, 
(our vrarn Iw-fnn- the ml>|ugHtiuii of 
AtiialA, Ijr ktttfcr llti? (Jn-Hl, K«rl ol' 
Sicily, V^iX\t II K'w c"ct'|pt,toiij" i1m> ririii- 
Hpolpaswi^cft of tluMAl<' arc fiirtiuonii; 
tl» time of ni-tion in limitod to twcntv- 
four liour*. Of tlio poem itself wc 
ahottldMjr.tJiiiiif lbl^Aulb(Jr i« agt/mg 
BUU| ai it holtU vut |)rotQisc ratlier 
tban MtisA«« provat cxjwctftiioit, be 

may. hy muXy of his art, and of tbe 
wnrkn of \\\c firuat nuuten of it. pro- 
iXaef mmclhing lionnurnUf lo htioBelf, 
will iM!re|ital>lv Lu Uio vorld ; iind th«n 
be will MM! that the defect* oi' tbe pre* 
MBt poeiQ eonsiKt in ■!]««« odT ihrae 
tnnu and vioiMinidea of fortune which' 
are aa attractivfl and lo uDe3ipeebMl» 
niwl whieb be will MHt ndnuraUj es- 
i'DinlitiMt in Scott's Lajyof tho Laho; 
tiiul Diw in a rt-diimlaann of exprca* A 
Kioo aiiit dMcripiion. Tn expraw 
UmMir witli hiWity and rlearocM. 
oofclil lo U> tilt) pcH-t'B first object; 
unil 111- ohould Iki vrry iiui^irioiu of 
all (bat luokii likv finn- wnlioH; aid < 
tloriil iIr>M>riiition. Tlie Unguagu aal 
t-iim ort^xpn^iKiMiin tbepwent i 
(how tbiit the anthor has 
wurlcs of hifl CQOteniporBriM, baft. 
Itcar fmr niarita of a oiilifeoi atndv 
of our olil wrilcn. Wp do not ipnJc 
lo diaoiiiriiw, hilt lo ex«il(.' ; but wa 
imiHl not rail to oirrulaic the initb 
that to wrilD' pw>d poetry i« a work of 
j;ra(t iliffirrulty, requiring fitwt taJvuta 
nml unwviiriod aauduity. To writa 
what in iii(i>)nrnt(>ly noud, ia in tba 
|X)WFr of thouanniU of the tiilwXMl 
|>cn>i>ni> of tlic priwent *1»t- 

Ad II d1iai-I apiviinfn nt our atilhor'n 
niBBDer and towA, take tbe Stn fill* 
towlni^ Unoi ^- 

Amid the sUIn two ivm» wct« nen 

Wbeie tbr firm frar bad fcottert bMB. 

Tber lar rttendcd aida bj fid*, 

In (larlQiu death at Ivt allied. 

"nuijr ihired one onmsioa grare. 

Nohl^ IbfiT fvl) ! the one to «aTe 

Hi* n«w fituad aon, the jount and bnin • 

Tha other in Ibe o«ua> m high, 

Ofcnualry, lore, and libcrt<r. 

Add aoe tall 6^n o'rr (beni atoud, 

Wbt»« liandiw(TPw«in'likN«Btan bleed; 

From whoi* left Fide a {butly wound 

ftain'd hMvv droptupon the grouad. 

sun miitbl he aeeu In bii wild air 

Ttinrrdilcca oourage erdetpalri 

LoiiK fougbc lie n'rr theae forou belofed, 

And wdl tli4> foe M* valour prorad, 

FUI inanj b Norman warrior fell 

WhoH deBih-cr7 wna bii runrral kMU, 

Till faint «r jlh Urn of Uood he kaelt; 

But ■till uncontiOMedbUodlf dealt 

^'•tn itrohn yunat tboM wbo praai'd 

aroond 1 
Ilia 176 (rev dim, hb bead aw>m round. 
He KUtk e|K>a ibe ili|>)>ery (reuad. 
And. ai witb fall«riBg iiroath be *l(h'd 
CTeflMaV name, Ihe ininiticl died. 

it will bt Men that Lo theae lioet* 

KBvn;w.»HtDdS Oratoty. 


ur the flow ami tncuare of vent, mA 
(■D of eorcnian, the Bntbor tuiv too 
mA aunt Um tone of 84<nti'ii \jrt. 
Tkm libnud be wvoaiM : no imiurtot 
«•■ «vcr tnixeii^l in mb^ to enj- 

' tMrwd* the end. whicfa ktc of 
■intilar warhnuufcip t0tli« Iarfri>r odgi, 
and 6viB wbkfa w« juft find rooa to 
mite ft tiash «ztract- 



Vky tnslm the brook awvct tanric sliUj 
VbMT Bianittn all Ibe v4JJe} l\U ? 
Wbr tprings it o'rr tli« moJi of gidii. 
As raib nd mrkltp^ w of oUl ? 
No ^ngv k am tincv hut I rav*!! 
ftf to (rsM bnkt irith tboM I lov'd. 
^w wstet* •pwUp in Ibrtr cuuiie, 

Xi hw «n4 brigkt tbtrj l«are iii«lr Kone. 
JUd hum o« villi trasy mirth. 
Tb anttcr wrdBK oVr the eutb ; 
VUkt L lllkD^ few jnn bnre patl'd 
Sftn labi nr hnrd tlulr mu.Ui; but, 
A» <^u^d— alaa I how ohang'il anil tmd— 
Praon tfaat*««cC timr aban all want'd gUd> 
Aad of the oocr liKiit-beartnl cnnr, 
WJm tbift with Bw ^Biith'* pkaiam kww, 
Ike danM UkI tW best are gome ; 
Hm fMt, iicrckBDca, like «e ban kwwi 
IW t'«t our iprioft-tuM tctm k fawj 
7k« Watt ia oftan aad awl looe. 
BaiwauMloafamnmcnpaHi'd awoy 
mam, Hak'd «lth rouug cutnpmiiou gif , 
n« «HB Amdi at mj renal tlax, 
Aftd. b««y'd on Bopa'a oichaBtrd wing, 
I heard th* btooli'a toft marmariag ? 
Tk tnt I aad r<t it kmdi> iv m* 
Bat jwierd^ ^a, tortbir-tnr, 

1 foaoMd UKae flAwerr lantcUma Uat ; 
m (lowint ratnwpectKKi ftJDgi 
Ba aa&tk o'«r the patl. and brings 

IW mcAOrjr b*rj[ of forrnan fnulf— 
Thm loaa of fnRida I held au driir, 
Wbo'tv flad and left me lotuiy hen t 
Uapm Idadlf chmali'd, hut in vain, 
Am «*pl lhra«(h Unf'riiii; jeari of paia. 
Vhiowa of him loog put aoajr, 
Al siowded aeen into ■ day. 
V^ BMka tbo trook tnoet mtuie iiiU ! 
Why taaadtt (be pure aod Umpid rill. 
Aj VD it dowt p'rT aanda of (oUt. 
A* freih «ad *MrfcUD( u of aid ? 
la It to aock uu aching heart, 
A«d Ud the tear of aniatah alart. 
Or laB ihi weary >gal nf hve 
Pare Hid «shitwllcis rroni above, 
BidAc tha akoanwr thiafc of onri 
Wka omfc fcr ite wd aad toM ? 

Tie O i mlmm: or. I^rvim oarf ThmgUa 
M rerw. J^ WilUaiu Hind, yl^. 

ilic tlMm^td In Ihti TClum«, and tbe 
vlvjnncu of tlte poetic expreanoo i bnt 
we \avc to inucn puetr; alwsyi bef^uv 
UK that wc CAD oaly reoommend the 
viilumf, and nak« twv tuitracia to 
eorrgbornte our favourable opinion. 

rUK TOLtlTCe tRLl..— (p. 21.) 

Then h ttot an yon lower s bell. 

llnnl by the <i'tri('tcbaiteii'd aar, 
But hath a thritling tal« Ui tell. 

Of awe profunnd, nod liotj fear, 
l^in Ml. appalling toaca that aweD 

Ovrr (ho tttow-borue iluxnided bier. 
To alv'ry ehinu that liehtljr riof , 
Toach'd hoariy by Tiaie's paaidiii wiaf. 
How toteaiuly (bat minate toU 

S«aiida lik« the alfnnl of di<ir«s 
Sent fNHo the late departnl aud, 

l^iukcb'd on an nceaii fathoailew. 
ThrouKh the ilen air it imbii to nil* 

With fointer pak«A Itaa aad Uaa, 
Ttll tbe ioat dtalanl nil b tnade 
To fiat reoeduig earth for ltd. 

Ajid eon tt fire it ? will jour praTen 

Wtof the loae spirit on it* way 
O'er ihe dread (vlf it ihiuia and Cean 

Tb the lb world of llcbter day? 
Oh ! no ! the Kiab for wbum in teaM 

The t^areh through life ilqlh Tatalf 
IUIa« theli' late alipial* of dUtrew 
Bpyond her reach la aid or blow. 
B'eu here— oh I tbungbl of awe— fa Kt 

A boond to intercediagptayer [ 
Oft as the Church together onct 

Pray«,«ce])inK.''*f>arG thy people, ipare." 
She iaterciedri for all, awl jvi 

Not all are reKued by lier rare, 
for tltcrr arc «ii» of baart and deed 
For ahich no brother'* prayer can plead. 

Klae fttn the gatN of Hearen act wide, 
To aoub thai Uie in lin aud die ; — 

Kitu;n wiih tbdr armini, aiul the tida 
Of rebel bmrta that oiock the aky ; 

Tlic aona of Belial and of pride* 
Tbn who tbe wtatfa of God defy, 

Would ntifv to one tamaltuooa thraoc. 

There where ia beard the Lainb'i pure auof. 

Than to that mlaule^loll reopunil, 
With hapa aail prayer lor ibow that Aar, 

Who, chtridling nfTectwat food, 

Uroop o'er Ibcir widowed coach and 

HaiM thine own aobfr'd thflOfVita beyond. 
A world thou too t-re loag mtut lavC, 

And wara'd, begirt, aad ready ataod 

For tha Uflt foe 80 near at hand. 


Why (clt ye me of ttirj laid. 


REvitw.*— Moot«» StrmMt. 


Vktn oft the tnTctler will tUai, 
Llng'rinc u o'lr cnrJuDi«il KtiM i 

pDri;etrul ot Ilfe'i ihtll coucenii. 
Of (lit «>rMt boiD« anil iibU«« gUds, 

Till bii nipl ipirit farkdly ymroE 
Ts loM luelf in jiun and ihade ! 

To me 'ii* gloom, 1 Rnd no li->ce 

or obBRnt that eierrwhere cxbti 
CO)' Ntlttrv hides froin me brr fMt, 

And mantlet in ■ rcil of mitt : 
Tbe bill* un«eeii in dliiancc H*c, 

ClaM «t 1117 f<wt the rlnr Itfrws, 
But *tt in rain mf •nrchJDgfjr* 

Atk whom It eoinn and ahitUer goe*. 

ni^rliiu nf Chrbt ! cVn lliu« ye tnad 
A pmli with meictci tIcIiI^ aliTi*ii ; 

TkQ land of iimmiiie vidr <iaUpr««d 
To icenea of glory lc*d* >oii on ; 

And, when ihe day !< ck-ar and bri^t. 
, Y« ratdi porvHaiirt: ^lOm Hdrn bowcn. 

Far off, on Jon rr> pin "lent liriKhl, 
A f linpae of the uetniial (owvra. 

Bat oR (li« dull dvaciradirig duuila 

HanK tbctr dark drapery on iha biUa. 
Aod gnthertni iiii*C llio preipMt aboudi, 

And till.' lunc |iilj|riin'a boavcn cbilU. 
Onward br Inohi, but looVa In Tain. 

By dvud corfrontrd and «'nbnced : 
Maintain and vale hrnimr a plain, 

And all Ibia jiaradise a waitc, 

Yet faint not, tlic rternal hitln 

Soar through the daucli with front 
Aiul at thiir fount the mountain rtlU 

PiD tliii'r whltv frotliinic iim* uoawti. 
T1i« word Hiid pn>mi]« ul your Ood, 

Alt mill* of (^arlh and trntr above. 
Stand cliaiigclai, a> i>f oU lUny olood, 

Fn^dliig perpetual ■Ireani* uf love. 

I^Iill nn, \f! fitrry k* ]|f |i;o 

A clearer almuipbcre around, 
U bope's far gUtKv jn eannoc tbrow) 

\ci iluly '^ pmrnt pstb t* (unnd. 
Tin; (loil iil\n«- ninilo o'er fieM atid flood 

Tliuu ofl halt •e«n in diiliuv^ ■hini-, 
Pcrohaarr ^)lall moat tkw in the uluud. 

And ae<n uorr Mtr—mont cloady 


Strvw»» /iTMcM hn/on tkr t'mcvrutj 
0/ Cnmbriitffe. tij/ D. Mo<w^', yl .jl/. 
TlItCKK nrv four »iTiiionsi in this 
volume, well »elwl«-(l in ^nhji-ct. ami, 
both in urgtinu'nt und illustralion, 
l«t4(t«n Willi nMlily imd (.'Ivuiiiici-. Tbey 
eontftiu rcnMHiiiig ttiiii in tm-nn-tii'iiUy 
trvp, nm) ailvk-v that in itravtiiiilly 
nacAil and ini[>nniim. Tti itiMoumii-^ 
m {ircAt "ilia itiiil U|H.-Ii viulutiuu* uf 
th« lunrol liiw ibr pneaclH-r'n cliicf liii- 
f'mCK u \o tx\nvii liiuutdf witli clear- 

n«at aud force ; but wh«D be liaa to 
Irwit of that "midiUe roginn of life," 
in whicb cood and evil, virtue and rtco^ 
praise anil lilaiiu*. arem diElicalt to •«*< 
jwniie, or at Imst sj^hhu-Io melt bf j 
lucb iiidtftiuct nhadM tntn tiu-h otfaw | 
us to ofTc'r ■ rently exr.iiHc to tliosi; who I 
orv UOI iiiiwillin^ to ronfonml tbcnii 
then it 11 nocc^tarr (» descend td 1 
porticitUr cjtntuples, la illustrate hf ! 
clear evidcnoM, to ivfute k>ng<Mtab*J 
liflbed pr^udins, and cvuii to oppoHl 
what may at ^r«t nppmrlherciuoiiabla^ 
At well na fnv-Aurilc oonvirtiun* of tllti 
iiiind. Tilt* tbc Bulliur tina wvll dotMJ 
in hi* first »4'nnrih. On Moml PuritTf I 
where he plntci. in thwr jiniinfr li){ntj 
tbe IW-lin^ of kimJufa and alTertion,} 
ntid vtiowv how fur Mti-h iiunlitiiii are' 
to U' vnluiii, aihI t>» what tit-jrree thej 
may Ih> uiiiie<l with that whiuh ia no- 
[■■rluct or e\il. 

" Wr iDight attract, and even dmr?*. 
Ihr lar);rtt meaanr*' of pratv fnrnuriccfal 
and domestic north, and yet not be sp)> 
rilually pan^orfrDniheail-flltbiDeaacleaD- 
Tbe camaeadatioiis betlovred m^on audi 
per«AD« ar« hnC too often the pressure of 
that hrary woe wbich, because all men 
t/tfnt well of lit, rallies un tn Hint well 
ot minelves, wbiUt the 'iualilie« wlitch 
i-licit midi praine, *o far from evidencing 
a *taie of inward pnritj. nay and often 
do eibt wilti a heart noehanged. with a 
coniclcnec tinawakptird. with a tpintual 
mildew Out Mights the fnimrt pronlM 
of Ihii (out, with n •piril trainiuf; for an 
eleriiily of ww, heoaiiae dediliUe of the 
eaaential element of love tn (tvd. L«t 
ua baware, iheni how we entertain the 
bop* of BCMpUnce with Oud, eillier for 
ounehet or for thoeit we to**, on the 
frmtind ot an antiablr c9fl 0/ cJtareclrr. 
Wr would be far from fliapariKlnK tliose 
bH|;)iI pii-turea of fainlli life wlirrr, with 
■JTeutipBale riTalrj, hII Hie mi-nibrT« vie 
in the work of iti^ikiiiK eauli other 
hnppy. Nuoh examples ^tne us lighta In 
the ijackneaa, and t)ic hLiiftea that eibthtt 
them look like uttnvial KpnlK redeemed 
from the TMt (tilrittial waaic — faini iniafrea 
of what earth lor a brief *paee waj, aint at 
■hat meD iiii^ht f>>r ever have hn-n. Still 
we never ran allow a man to (ilnad thoa« 
grateful affection* an a rva«i>u why ho 
•faonlil neglect to >>DeL IlkC i;reat *aWation, 
to «et up the exnt-titwde «ith which he 
discbargci the duties of llie iitcimd tablv iu 
eatefiiutinn of hi* dellHent obediftuie to 
tlw niritual ret^ttirrinenta of tli<J(ril. Tlic 
<|iiallti«a «« apeak of mav M-ne for an 
vrnomtal In rvlisloD, bnc tpvy will out dn 
« • >ub»litut« for U( thcj laay dignify 


JiUeetlaneoiu Btviswt, 


die ChnttMO «ta«net»f, bW Ibe; will not 
mak«on«. Thsonwl woilcoruie totnple 
mmM ill nit for ■ fbvoditioa, iimI the 
iwd which bom gnnMif ta the pucing 
wind will picRe Ike Iwod IbM makn it ka 
nfiport sad Aff. ' Thmt tking* trachurt 
tho« lo ban 4oiie.' n inmld uf w om 
of this oUaiable ctau, and not to hiire 
feft the oUk» umImw." ace. 

W* tuurt giro ono more cxtiw^t, 
Crtiai p. 84. to show how frircHtlv And 
•IfnntljT tbe pmcbcr can (lu.-trril>« 
•naiMiint hiawh^l wIk-ti itnptv&jtve 
doKripCioo w Uk- potiit lo be niiuod nt. 

" How little ilo we R«lii« ihU tbo«(ht 
of Ch> AUMn JadfTHntiM |wr|i«tuttiic in 
•B Iheif bmkdUi taA tWuXurvt tlia cbi- 
mrlmof tinae coimmtttrd niii ' OITrnrc* 
wUcfa w« vrite mi •anil me iranMrribci) bf 
UKbIi rm > tiblcl of crtTUilia^ maflik. 
Tynots may write in fatut cbBra^-teni llM.-iT 
naming ■rrocvfit ■■"' Iravc ihrni to ho 
wwbfd «way by the iLirk lidf of thdr 
enaiaf ([Uttt ; bat liicrc are no torh 
oUitanling tidn m heBvi>ii. All dial w« 
lUnk. ny, Intend, or do U thera ' cnven 
wbkHi iroa pen. and wiiblmi iotherock 
fiirciar.* In God'i bouk not only are all 
(Mr wnMbg i writtm, but l)i« aln> of ibe 
wmthtnWy. Tb«c^iu iu wsatonaflfei, 
tb» toetne to In deceit, the band with iu 
bribcit the bcart with its injiinr and un- 

ha\y Ihoughti, the ear turntni deaf to tb« 
poor inan't call, and the f«ct ta thdr 
iwiftness lo alied inaoccDt blood; na. 
«v«R the UtmJt bwTC* in thi* honli *hall 
onolribute to our rverbwibif undoing: 
■luliet not done, wwrniap not regardMl. 
oppottnnili«« Bot.culliraicd, and bolr 
conricCioiu not IoIIowhI up ami dM^enM, 
will appear aa wiiue*>cii aKunit ui, u4 
lupplx lashes for (hat Anal amurge which 
nball drive tite im|imitotil aoul froa lh« 
e^Filnlinf pmmcr of God, • • • • 
' Keltv trtmNtd .' ' What a ilriUng tu- 
timoiijr have wc h«ra to tho powrr of con> 
HCtrooe '. to Ibo ^t uadtthroaed sutbority 
of heaven living (n the human aovl — to Che 
difficulty of effsdn^ the cfaanulFrs of that 
inward decalogne tnwbn«e brokm Inblei 
nature Mill md« hrr Inir. Mitl thr lirathim 
fiadi liiiNirlf without etruM : and, until K 
ia teand onr by the bot iron of hardening 
and uorrpented atn, or until iia ine edge 
b blvated bf a coane of oA-reafated and 
dMpiaed conrictiaii*, wQl oonacleaee coa- 
ttoiH to pnMfier is that wheraco G«d haUi 
aant tl : in Ibe Kml'a deep wjlilodef it will 
hold hs court^ltaetf the genn of the law 
— iMlf the witnen uf It a tranrruaaloo— 
itacif the judge to ariitrm-r -iIkV th« 
eiwationer to avengr— «|] aa If in mmtt 
reh«r>al of that deeper trtttiy when, on 
the high ptatftirm of hcsran'a jndleatDrat 
both (|Uiclt and dead eauit Kaud," ft& 

CttriUlm Sniatittim. tt*f Jamn S. 
N. AAdCfMSi — A aermob preached In 
Trtatt* ChMri, Drighlon, after the tone: 
nl of the Eer. Roberi Anderaon. b; hit 
BmbfT I with eitrwct* trem the lenioaa 
of other lainiltiTi at Brightmi oii the 
hi:* moumfal occaaton. The wholp is 
hoDOBmWolo the talenla aud the character 

Siwmt m premthut ii thr Ordinalitm uf 
Uf ZNwiw vT* lAc/^fi'Tlti, Srpt. it, m43. 
Bf atw. T. grjiK.ur, ^..W.— TImi chief 
■Wpoaa of Ihia dtMmurae ti to refute the 
anoTatloM of the Oxfonl divinea ; for 
«hich pupwe the Cbariea alao of aereral 
«f the BiaMpi are (jnoled. 

A IMtrr lo Sir Robert Ptti o» Me 
JtaMraftoa ^ S^ffrafon BiiimtMi. Bf 
Urt. T. L«thbnrr.— ^l tielbrr SoiTragMi 
Bia h ey a arw neoesnry, ne do ik>: know : 
bKt if tteoonny, there appimrv tut reoaon 
whjr llKf cannot be tawlully ni<)iointe<l ; 
■M the aatbor hoa given 11k- Art (if 2iitU 
Htny VIII. c. ll. on the >iib)rL-t, and 
Ifcty 11* reoofnlacd in ihc cuivtb caaoB: 
feM we Ihhik that a full and indl^patahle 
riHoa for their appgiatneat nuit tint b« 

proved ; wbteh we can hardlr aay exiata, 
at lea»t ooljr in a few and Ter7 large 

CbirvA Jbfnwww. a Ditnune^SabU 
f^kTyirtlnm tnmilaled; ta iMek it atUtd 
e Srrmt/-t 6y Cfariatraber Wuidawurtb, 
£>.l>.— Tba extract Iram the golden- 
raonthed hthir of the Chnrch ia terj ele* 
gant end beautiful.— Dr. Wordtworth'e 
nnoon very judiciam. 

Tit CAurtA the Hraltr ^ tht Km. 

tinu't ITomiir, a Smnom Ay Rtv. W. 
(irtwIrT- — Mr. nrtalcyalwaj-x writes ■'ell, 
and ibia liltlv di>cour»e is anoiher proof 
of It. tbc ob)ect of which u, " the Kato< 
ration of the Uniled Worihip of Iba 

nmrcA Mutif, StrmMt. — The antbor 
«fa lie ia a Diaaeoier ; hut be faeb the 
beantr, and adrocatn tbc beDcfitB, of 
Church moaic. the Dcglocl of whioh he 
murh huncnta ; it ia a very jndicioiu dia- 

Proftri/itr Iht Dmd.Jtr tkt tue uf 
fAe Mmitrr •/ tAe Ckareh qf ^fmf, 


XtMltniuoui Amftpt. 


t— WtMlW MMar of Um wnkM of 
Chsrcb of BncUsd wlQ ivitt tiMn> 
Hlrcf of thit iMok, «« nueh qacitioa. 
Na doubt, in tlie Cburuh of EngliRd, In 
•*rb ttflin, pranra for ih« doid <ran 
MM I uid netmtif 9n\l. JeDDer. b the 
mmu) of Wotdfrv; i*. tlm Vit^r of C«rU> 
bruok«, judii-ulljr ikcUrcd. that " pnnr 
fortlio ilnail i* not oontrart to (he ■rtlcla 
or wnoiu of (1)0 Chitrob Of Snfluul 1 tiut 
It wu geofrkll; praetiMd by Iho ChrulinM 
«f Ui« mon Mrlx ag«, mo pnjtd thai 
Um MHlk «f Um d«Ml lur lun ton ud 
nkc la tfaa Intatnl btbrwn tlnili Mid 
Um ramrTMUoB. ud tliM M lU l«t <lqr 
Umv vttj r«c«lv* thr Mrfto oouanauitloa 
ofbUu." ItwiUtboba reooUeendtlut 
Dr. Johaaam remembcnd la bto itrsfsn 
Iha •uiU uf hit acoaiwJ wife. But dwMicli 
thii mar b* trwi, thi MfWMOt m tItCMud 
wt muU b«, thftt U b bettM- n«l to r«- 

'flUin dnblAil MlBtt. tbu have felira into 
imia t mi*, Wklcb nwr ercota u«aful 
aorn|ilM rad ^rplwItiM ia tbe laiDdi o^ 
cBHAMlirat pcraoBi, nd whldi in not 
■« n e««ary (o iBlralinK | whlrti vr not on- 
Johwl cither In (be Seripture or hi thr lawt 
«f ^ Ckmrdi, ukd irhtok nay have t m- 
fWllWMa*B<l Ibarvfure li«tUii] Icodency, 
■■ w« CM Milljr laucJM. Nor iBWt we 

, Mnitt ttw nrhd HHuiif and btarprv- 
talra sf pamfH tslo la MeordaiMe 
with oar iiUkeu Bnt tho praMnt la a 
quMtian oo wfcicli pciWBa of MHr«, of 
curioalty and pietj, are al liberty to «z> 
uaiae and fom Uieir loncluiioiu i and 
tkk work will b« of aMialMKO to tkam. 

FofMt ty Cvrtntry Patmvrt. — Thm b 
a rfnnlaHl; In tbe teafuae, a Ta|tiaMai 
■Od oWnrily ia tbe OMtgUta aad atpres- 
■laaa. In time )»>«■• m do mm like ; 
Ibngb tbrru la poetry at (be hMit. 
WhMtwi' tba antbor noaaa ttmtriiwai 
ta Imltat* Tmm<3n, md aoinftfaDM Coll* 
rUgv, or wb«tlm it U • Mylv of Ua own, 
•wm cannot lay ; but we wlib h« would «• 

SrMi liiiuirir mom ■imply ami plainly. 
Ttrv wa lo qaota [mrln <if l.Uliin, out 
I i«Hl«ra voidd not kouw wtiai t<) make of 
it t md 8lr Horbtn^i iiory m elondcd In 
mtet, aad we ator* laaaent Ihw aa tbe 
aatbor «aa e jtj geai Uauelf whb deamaai 
Md yoww «ba ha lAooiwa, u tn tba da> 
■er^tioo of the manor hall In the ertta. 
BHtkCCtaail of Ibn Tnlmnr. and In a frw 
•Unt |iiaia|iii ; m wt canaot (joule from 
Ifca lir|«r poaaa wa mua (in «a« eped* 
■lea thtm a SoanaL 
At niae reafa M I xaa LOM*a ir|lllM| pmg*. 
n«U towMiUrr ikan ottifi oHD, 
AndwaiiM iowtiMw, IM /or ikr prodif»l pm- 
Obi wtMfefOrebui tboa, Lont etaacdaMto 
_ •■l«" 
Ihy nntwr, fcori ttw m «nry lUn 

Of all III* vterta tpiiaftgamt hj atacBtkiw* 
Valii fptt*! t and I wi mon Urn't ilraiMn 
fcii|M lh« |i«» latavra of ihr goMtn tgr i 
Uui itlply ■■■ulahtiK rruu tbt wvrld apart 
riiaiieiil>roii|lilini'i>li«r* before berqakt aett 
X TlUax* S^'l "■■ •laudlRi wltboal an t 
Mr tutil oiTxijc n|i hMii Ha tetharsk mt. 
tin alaek *«1d« tiKtitennI all aeriMi my heart. 
And ten oace man iru vikluc la m j breuL 


IMliJVM «f /linitft Ka^fu* PMtry, mnA 
Kllit't Spnimffu »f Marly Knj/llikPoftrjf, 
aia, iadaed, tompdai booka to ihoH «h« 
da aot altaady paenai otlwr aapim, tat 
bare at the aanw time Mroa aaqaalttlaiua 
with ttieintereiltn(olMracterof llidrooB- 
tenla, Tbey do not Alter any aorel faa- 
tnrai for lltcrarj erltidsm t but their 
merit Goaaiflti in good ori&tlas and good 
paper, Kt off by -ren elufaut biadbiCi •* 
(bat rvea their kandaome eoati are 1ual|rJ 
to tntrodacf than to tbe heat and moat 
rrKnod aociety. Wc trad (tut the Percy 
and otber blark-lel(er tocietiM have railed 
a new ran of patrona to eacoar*|[e Ur. , 
WaahbouTM'i eRorl*, and to iteriva freib. 
eqjoyracnl (Vom ibeae early imMlactiowoC^ 
Ilia iBogUib muaaa. A reaurlubla hit^ 
■nay heiiMlwd irltb n>prd to tbe Retiqact* 
rb. that thii edition b printed ("itli tlw 
vlmMt eare) by Maun. Gilbert jiad 
Rivinpon. aad tbit the latter S« a do- 
■cendant frotn buth liie printer and the 
puhUaba. of tbe Ant editloo. 
Hr. Waihboarao baa abo pabU^Md 

■» oditkNi ef T%» WMh V rr'— \' 

^nmtr, eompriaed In one '■t-)4tTii oe- 
lani Tolime, jwiated fai two cohnnna; 
aad a corraapoodiag volniaa of TXr ftavs 
tf PUttp MuuirtMr. Ulaalraled by iW 
( liiicBl ud Etpknatory Noua ef W. 

Wa may Uhewiea janJy reMttmend Mr. 
Waabboamr'a nlitfoB of laaah Wkllnn'a 
UvM e/ Dr. titmn*. Sir Htnry IVolton, 
HDQkfr, OfVr^Utbvrt, md Stmd»rm». 
It la fowMlBd apon tbe Uloitnited ndltfan 
brai«d by Mr. Major, and. thuogh the 
(copperplate portrait* nny be iiomewhat 
tlw worva for wear, aad loaie of tka «lg- 
nattaa are aot derffsad b tba parail «r 
moat ronanlent taate, {m, fcr laatanoe, a 
OothJL- luiiiauwhouw fbr St. Paul'i Craia,) 
yet oa (be whola it u aafleimUy uttaet- 
Ire to nalie it a taoat «eln>ine aceeaatMi. 
at ile pfMwnt pvko, to aaaay abelvei. 'Hie 

Cper and typography are (■■relleat, tbe 
Ur circntrd by Mr. Nicol, who baa 
alwi, M ore informed, bi awaa BKaann 
loiprOTvd iLa note*, whicb an turn pn> 
parly placed at tbe foot of Ifae \mglt, ia* 
atead « tbo and of the. Tolana. 


Slaf*llan4atu BwUtBt. 


Frwaek CocUia. — Tbe utOitv, or win 
aOMtty lyw fct f tka fwmtj. of Mr. 
Hwnty'i Umd^ooki to tnTcJIera «nil 
tosriMi* ia Kow «o t>intpb«atly««tahli«fa«l. 
tLM ll b ibxat «ilcBitie4 iv be wiu fgc 
any rirral to JIimib tk« Atld wilii htm. 
Ui« •■Dcca kM bee* Mnud bj tfa« omM 
tiiJlfclttihlt Mid libanl «s«rtiani, and 
to w^ ll I in II ID w»Bha to fhatt. llhe 
iiMiBg of Mr. OagMMi boimer. mt aol 
Hmm <d n vpattrt. Hfl i* aa oM kuul : 
MW oC tboi(«kw liba«n have b*BB In 
k|fml iMtnntB|MrMikd.uidw«e«QiKil 
b« mpilMit If be ntirca wttb ume rmet. 
lletire* I iivoUm ; be come* iral in fmh 
font; ui la lb* iwoaot voiintc li pn- 
pcrail U Mt Ika imnUcr rigkt o> mujr 
|i«nto •( iMMliotl inporunn, and t« 
Mta- far ^ ww wbww nd " amfnct." 
■ha t Mr. Mms^ bu tl>o^t obIt of 
Ipitilieatioa. nwpriodpal 
to UiM llutd-book Kill 
bt ll«t H VMipriMa tto vhole of Ean^ 
In «M wtaM. h la accoMpuiail by a 
Hif ofths OMtiacKt, aboafas tbr pmcnt 
■ttto of nOitMd aid ■t(wn>b<nt cgm. 
MMiflrib« ; aad vDodvfnl indeed ia tbs 
UwfMaa of b«d) daring Ui« lut lb» jroua. 

nr ScoifMA T^mpW. edltod by Mr. 
William Ruind, babgiGiidato Ibt 
Kiauatj ud aatiquitiM of 
i» a «al«Bw veil mcrUit^ the 
aacaaH vWcb Imi cridmily ■((trniltd i(, 
ft* A* ppwaat ia tba Nlntb Editka. anil 
Sir WalUr Seott aeid of tba (int that 
" tba 'fwaml |iUit >nil rxeeqtion of tbe 
«flff% aama lugU? coBUBKodable." Itwaa 
«f%lMdly f Wfa r t d with frcU can and 
alinlteBI Iha 4aacriiiliBM of aecaorydo- 
riwJ IVon aMal abatrnOoa; utd tba 
toed deiadiOMabed by coqpcmt JwlfM. 
la ttw II lint adtboii the worfc baa bMH 
tbivvUj nviaod aod tcnoddlril ; aad 
tto «Ml«r, «bo baa prgducMl irvpral xirkc 
MIMlBni bai Inlcraptnrd nany notiou 
wbtth mU be fiKUMi vtefnt b; tbe «iiadoat 
«4flBtwal Uatory. Tbcae are B.--ctiu|Miuad 
by • Mahntnal map, vbicb, njtb tbo •&• 
1 miM and iba otttcr nt7 uBMMH 

ud weU-«x«cuted tna*lntioNi by Mr. 
Litan, make It allogeUier it verj- tiKfol 
rompauoQ 10 tbe tra*eller in Scatlaml. 

Tk* Mmvmntol Brtut ^f J^km l^ant 
thf Piumdtr nf Ifamm Stiati, b; Mm* 
unKralcful and dttcraoefoj ■»€()«;«, waa 
lon| kuiTrTcd to be partlr ooooealed by i 
P«w. Tbat ba|ipi)7 i no wmgtt tbo oaae t 
aad Mf. Netberdift baa been mabUd la 
mnke a fitc-aimife OtbogiBpli of it, mltuied 
ootT-third fnMB Ibo original. Tbe worthy 
Yeomtii ud bis wife are nv'M'otsd In 
tbtir ordmarj eottuatt, atandiiig with 
tbfir hands in nrajer ; Jobg Lfon b«re- 
headcd ; and JtMn hjen wvariait a bat. 
Batwmti iben vaa iha ftgvn of one aoBi 
now lost j be waa daoeaMd hdan bia fa- 
tbef, wboKcatatovaa tbutcAf^lbr bia 
acta of baaaboanoa. Tba laacripUoa b aa 
folkm I '* Boara Ijetb barynd tbe bodjra 
of John L;oa, Ule of rrnloo in tbia 
Paritbi Vcoiaaa, daiviMid tbe iittb day? 
of October, in tbe jraara of oar Lord 
1&99, wbfl batb fnandod a free Granmer 
Sdwolc in Ikia Pariah, to 1mv<} c>oatiaii- 
auce fat erer, and for mainlcnauace 
tbarrof, tod for relc^fe of tbe poore, aad 
of tonw) poore iwlioUcri in tbe aniveraitjea, 
reiMjTinie of bi([b wa}c«, and other (imkI 
and ebaritable uaca, baiU made cau*ay- 
auaoe gf knda of good Taloe to a corp«* 
raciaa graantcd for that purpoae. Pnyx 
be to tbe Author of algooidiwif pbo oiake 
ua mrndefuU i« foUuwg Ui good cs- 

We shall alao append (be Dedication 
of the print, aa it codIbIim an houuurable 
boaat to whlrb few public tchooli naa 
otfer a panllel 1 "Totner^lboDaurnble 
Cbarka Lord CoOmbaoi, late Lord lliah 
CbanneUor of En)(lBtid, and to tba rifu 
hooouxablD Sir Robert Pcd, BarC Hnt 
Lord of the Treasurr, ih<r nioat diatia* 
guiahrd of liting llarnxiana ; alao to tba 
vrtj rvTcrrnd C!cai|« tloller, Dean of 
Peteiborought ilurinj twenlj-liro jreara 
>ie«d nailer of Harrow School, thia an- 
gfatingof tbr bruaof the Ponndnr, atill 
noudnioH in the chnreh at tbat plaoCi b 
dedieaud by is oU Bwroriut." 


ttKiviaaiTT or CAMuatDoa. 

neaaaaal priaea (i*ea by Ute ucaiben 
tfpaiO«ank,f(bwn |irineaa»ch. to two 
KariialofVOf JUta aad two Undercnduatea, 
IW JtaadKloaa la Latin pnaae, faaro bavo 

BaoWar*. — !■ EdwjnllMiry Vaughan, 
QraC'a floUec*. 2. Fred. Wcyniiniib 
CM*, Tri^ coUcve. 

Snijtcl.-^daK ravria art cirilai bonn* 
nun, L'ndeni ariiai Del sit atoMae eat. 

('~m/^jrrerfiMtf«.— Henry Tboa. Wrolb, 
Si, Jobii'a I'oUote. 

Sfbjrcl.—" In PUlonii Republies. da> 
miaantur rationespoUtieKaa moralci;'' 

wvviiMTaa coLLiei. 
After th« uaual alacttoa of adi^Un of 


JMerarjf and Jieinitjlc Inlflligfnet. 


ViBcbwtvr citltge, to All (bt Tuaiidei 
!■ Kew c<pIl>|C«i Oxford, KoM yntt* mtif 
mHri m Mr. E. D. Iloln^jd wd Mr. 
J. T. Tbnipf , the formtr far huia proM. 
and Um litter fat Kqflxb *crar. Silit* 
Bie4«li «ei« ■wmnUd to Mr. }. Govld uid 
Ur. F. Bilbarat, tkfl formcT ht a Latin 
■Bd tba btter for an KBgltih mreb. 
fiitbop Mallby'i prij« «m aoantod to 
Mr. C. P«n. 

Dm Ml*nth mMting of llw Brititli 
Awttciuioo far riw aafnaevMeM of 
SoeOM. Ida h*tm bdd at Camlmdcc. 

Tlic Groenl Cammiilse i&rt in the 
Tniiti-tiall of CamhridfT. on \l'«dneMla;, 
Jvne Itl, tlie I>(«d dT EIj- li the chair. 
whM Colontl SaTiififl lead the RBportaf 
tt»Co«*dl. rt t,r*i alNded to the Ke> 
■ohtion p* by Ihr Clnoeral roiBmittve 
mangled at Yurk , to tlw cSect that " lU 
C«Bnnl be auiboru^l to inTitc, in the 
lutne of tb« Aaaocialion, Ihr aiterutanc*! 
■tt MoMff. Hnnbokll. Gava*, WcWr, 
Kapffer, Arsfn, Plaaa, HanaiMii. Kr<-il, 
LaiiMiDt. Boxualanki, Ootf, Krimti. 
Bacbe, GUUh, Queleltt, Etoiuib. and 
other dUtJflfvlihid Amifun wbo have 
taken » leadinr part te the neat eorablaed 

Stlrm of Ttloi^etical and MctcortdoKical 
twerraiianii wbicli are nan iii praaimi, 
Bi llw ncsl mn-ling of the AxuTiatioa at 
Camhricl|T. Willi a liew to a eaattreacB 
INI tbi^ rxprdLfiLc-j of n>ntiiiuiu|[ lli« (>b> 
ierratiuD* for snollifr trlraiual <tt Tongvr 
period, and for the adiiptioji of rouh mm- 
eure« Dith mpe«c to the oWrratioiu 
tkhii-b hare bwn, iiT may hwToftfr be 
made, ai ihey aiaj ilerm br^t i-aloiiUtiil to 
of »i'id>cp." A rir.-tilar wm •il.lrruni by 
IliF ['[ciKlpnt to the p;ttillcin«i iiamerl In 
the reaolution, and to oth«r di*tin|[ui»hFd 
foittlpi coltintoni of the scicuciv of may- 
aetim and inelcnro!og7. and Ihr roDow. 
iof gentlnnen alKoificd thnr intentiau of 
h&ng preioni at Cavbridge, to atteml 
tlic proposed coufen:o»i : — 

l*lir Uaron tiii SmFt^ntx-r^, f(nind«r of 
the AilroooaiicBl, Masnctir. aotl Mrtcoru. 
lodeal ObHTTBtorj of SenApobrrf. 

PrafiMior BoipuilAir ki, Dinciur uf ihr 
Roral PruiMian ObtmnUiTj itl BrciUw. 

Prorcaaor Dorc. of Berlin. 

Profeaaor Adolphe Ermann, of Birrlin. 
tberireaninatigator and metcoraln^tt. 

Pmfrtaor Krrlt, Dfrri'lor of the Impe- 
rial <)b»enatorjr of Pra|[ue. 

M. Kapffer, Dit«--ior-Ge«nd of the 
Uafuelic Boit Meteorological Obarnato. 
rina in Raiaia. 

Other geotlemcn to whom the cir- 
cular mt aent. and who were prerrnted 
frOB penooallgr auUtiuf at the coufer- 

mce, addrcaaed leltera to the Cou- 
viliMi, i^omninic their 0[>ialot» on pointa 
which >|ipeared likely to come tuder dii- 
ciuaJaa. Tlic I'liiincil had printed thr«« 
IrOera, aad GOjiin bad hern ilitttibutnl to 
the — b f r i i4 ih# (i«oer>l Conmittco. 
The CvHKfl eomidervd it a proper eon- 
ptaMM U gentlmea who, at th^ n^uret 
of Ae Aaaocialioa, had trarellnl from 
■fiMaat coMBtrin to tjthe part in the pro- 
pond proceedlnfe, to elect them t'om- 
apoaAogHeaiticraofthr AtiHM'ialinn; and 
bM tlimtad thai each of tiwar (cratlcKMn 
•hoaJd be prewntedonhii arriTal nt CuD- 
bridp with a complete Mt of the publico 
tioaa of Ibe Ai*nriation. 

Sir John Umrbcl iben propcncd Ibnt 
ihoae Rwnnbrrtof lb* Aaaocialioa who had 
paid marhrd atientioB to the iricncai ef 
mftgneiiini aii'l Dae1eorolo|]r ahouid be !•• 
Tiled to ftharr in Ihe diKnaaion with the 
fornm tofinben, and that the ntnbw* 
of tlir Committee of Kceonmmdalioni bs 
rcqantrd 1» htoiir the coofrreofv with 
ibeir attnidance. ilr then moved that the 
follomnt genilemeii be reqoeeied to join 
the roikferrnoe, tie. Mr. J. Pblllpa. Sir 
T- Uriklianc Ml. llfowii, Mr. Po<, Pro* 
Rmor ForUo. Mr. Riddle. Sir J. CUHt 
Rom, Mr. Saov llarrln, I>t. Scoreab/, 
and Mr. Lawmhi. The uMXion futed 

The foltuwiuK U a list of the principal 
(Mem and Counr-JI of ilitt preMOt w** 

frwJeat-'f&r Ji>)||i P. W. HerM-li^l, 
Bart.. F.R.8. I'ice-Pr«<rfni/« — The 
Earl of liardirieke t the Utnhop of Nor- 
wich, Prck. L.S. ; the Rev. Jnhn Graliaai, 
D.D. ! liie Rar. Githm Antlie, D.D-i 
the Rev. PreAnaorSedpvick.F.R-S. j G. 
K. Ain. r«i. P.R.S. fimer*/ Sftrtta, 
n»— Rudrriek Imper Miirchi>on, caq. 
F.R.S. London: Uieut.-Cotonel Sabine. 
P.R.S.. Woolwieh. ^iMutant GmerMi 
.Sfc,tUrf~VK,r. niillii». K.fVS.. York. 
Grurrat TWoMi/vr— John Taylor, e«q. 
F.R.S, 6-tv'rrttihri fite ih» .Mretinf-~ 
Wbi. Ilopkint. ca<). F.R.S. ; Prof. An- 
irfril, F.H,S. 7Ve«rt..rr— f. C. BabJoR- 
lon. rK|. F.L.S. ffaBiinY— Sir H. T. De 
la Deche ; Rex-. Dr. Buoklaod : Dr. Dau- 
bony ; Prof. E. Forbes ; Prof. T. Gra- 
Itam: W. S. Ilarrli. e*i|, : Jamra Hrj-. 
wood, c^(|.i Di. Ilodgkin ; Eaton Hodf- 
kinMn, eaq. : LeDoard llfimer, eaq. i 
Robert Ilutlon, (M|.; SirChark* Lemon, 
Rnrt. ; (!hirW Lfell, ean. i Prof, Mao 
{'uIlflKh: ibe Mnrqumi of Nartbainpton ; 
Prof. Owen: Ret. Dr. Robinaoo i Cap- 
tain Sir Janiet Ran, R.N. ; the Earl of 
RoMei II E. Strickland, eaq. ; Uant.. 
Cnl. Srkri; Wid. ThotoPKra, eK|. ; H. 
Wartmrton, eso. ; Prof, WtaMtatOBl i C. 
J, B. Witliaini, M-D, 

IM^O lAitrary tmd Scuitti/S6 ImtMgtue*. 169 

fiHttsa A* V«M«au<(Ml mrf /'A}wl> in thi ■waltf t a (aoenl G<iM«iilMa | wi 

Ml Altaur. Preiidnil — 0- B. Airr. in the cvMUf. Mr. R. I. UnahiHn A*. 

r.B.8. AittOMOwr ftonl. Viae-Ptcd. Unmd ■ leetir* on Os OMlan of RuiiA. 

JMill *iii 0. Bmrslu ; Iba Deaii of Elj; Oa T«Mdft; than iretv mcIiomI mecliDga 

tbT. BrtibuM I PtoAmot Ch«lli] i Prof, in iIm moraine. ""^ ■ •o*'^ lo *^c «*<■>' 

J. Tub« ; Sir W. B. BaniltaB. Seen- iog. at wbtoh tnf. Pinda; gm*i an u* 

tmim — Rrr. H. G«Dd«iii| Ptof. StrffeUyi pluuHanof aniaitnitneiiiludonUiaubk 

C> 0- tkokmt, CM. for the pupcue of iI!u>tr«iiiiK tba con- 

■■Cin B. Uktmirml Seititn, imtitut- nciiua belweea Eledricit} aod MafiicUnB. 

ta0 Ut mMcMtiM f« Ayrienthm mid tht On W#dH«t(Uf , aoma of tba MctJona awt, 

^rdi. Kvidaal— Rev. PrafeafW Cttin> awl in tlia aAarnoan Iba GcMral CanunlU 

■inf. Vie»-Prcdd«nli— Dr. Danbraj; t« aaatnUetl Ip tanrtiw tba QmU «bi«h 

U. VwniUji PnAawr Grabuai Rer. had |Mawd tbe Cwnaiuet of BacOBOHB* 

W. V«ra«H BiROWt 1 Proffuor Mtllrr. dalloDi, wklcli are aa follMr i 

SmCariM-B. Hont ; J . P. Jo«k ; Dr. k^ OU^rrwI^r^ S 

lOitri «- Swjjr- ,„.,,„ Kitibttaknmit nnder Uie dincitoa of tba 

fM^. PrHldent— EcT. IVoJ*. SedeiridE. JTa/fca-ffoala-rf »>«k«l**aM«. 

BatI of KaoWifllaii L. Ilomcri W. J. \m .. tU.U.§4. 

HiBthoa. flamlaiiii Hi i J. Cum- Kmu. A.— trooipaiaiiga of lb* CaoMlan 

s!Uk» D. JteWy .Dirf &»/«*. P«. ■^;^ R.-B«mc»M M Unwarbailc ^ 

■tdani— R««. Proft<««oc Henilow. V»c«- dtmle^ Sdmet. 

hwidiBl I Bishap of Nor»w;b ; Prareaaur o-.i.-__fc n. _«_<»-. ■ h.» in 

B. IWm; C- (f. B.h<u.5t«.; K«. L. »''"'«*. Dr.-OaColcttrii.«>toIt«n .. 10 

JllMt W. OeUbv. Secceutin — E. Owlffr. 

•R. Suftnt [ Dr. Webiter. StrUtuul, II. B.— Vlulitr nf 3Mda .. 10 

■mbM 1 Cftloaal Stkci i Sir L. Louon, g^cF U 

But. : PnifrMaor Pryme. SccrtUrtM — Owen, |W.~Martn« Zo«IOfy of Corawiu 10 

J. PW<:lMf , Mt). J Dr. fooke T»jbr. Utdkal Selnrt, 

SvetMU G. Arreiaairf. Prciidmt— Rocb»«i, J. &~BipaiM9 of Bcaearrheo 

0. Baufe. rice-PraatdenU— W. Pair- in JUpbyUa V.l«t.mi. 

fcafaa; Stt J. tiuctt: J. S«ui( BuaMU; maHttia. 

Tnltmat Waiie. Sacrataiy— R«t. W. Ujcock. Dr^StaUalk* of SckoM B«d 

T,JDtffi»T. Uoruutv IB TcA a 

0» nmdaj tbt-n were awaioiial nttU MtduMin. 

■)(■ ia Ibv noroioic, and a general meet- KddfMB, 8.— fimBfUi of MiterUU .. ao 
iat to h«' the Prraldent'f Addftaa la thi 

VTfaias. Od FniiiT ibo KclioulHiacui<i Th« fotlowlnc 'en tbe ncommeoia- 

acMpwd tba moreiDg : and in On: aft^r. tiona (sot involiriaK griDU pf noDay) 

■Ma tten WM a korticnltunl diapUy in i*hicb ccMlvad tbe MOCCiaB of thi Con- 

ly fmnda of Do«ialn| CoUtg«. In tbt laiiue :— 

WllBj. Pwr. Airy, AalTOnoiDcr Bojfml. Stelion A. Tiat Pro/. Do*e bo re> 

i O nm^ ■ ln-lar«> on MwnetiaBi, ukI tfUeiCed to rUucc the ttwiimrolagicd ob< 

Anttfadamost abatniaeaBbiMCfioaato acmLloM mado at Van l>iemeB'a Land, 

mtelt btdlifible Bad interwtinf to a "^d Prof. Airv tboM of GrMOvich.— Tba 

mI^mI aiHt^n. Od Satwday tbtn were Prof. Chidlt* be minnUid to report oa tba 

mti«Mil inectin«t la tbe laoniiDg, and in (>rDgrt« and present Hate oT Aairaiomhtl 

the nmll^aiair^ at llw Sonate Honae, S«eace,inconliaimtianorUMRqKirtaMde 

and alw> at tbt ko«ae af tbe Maiter of wwe !««" ««o ^y Prof. Airjr.— That Dr. 

IVinitj. OnSuadaf aicraionwaapiinAbed CO. Siote* be rcc)iKS(cd to repoit on tbc 

is St. Marr'i Cbureh, to th« principal pmcnt aUte of HfdmdTiiaraia fkitaca. 

•nwVm at ikt AHOCtatiail. by tlw Oran — Tbat tbe Dean of Ely be re<|KC*t«d 

a Vtsti^Mlcr; a acrnioD of a aimllar to report on tiut jwrtioii of Aiuty- 

tkaractar waa prracbal bj tbe Re*. Dr. tin Saaaet vfaioh f«1atea to tb« Theorr 

ri« 8nM. in tbe Imlcp«iideBi Chaml. of Eqoatiow.— That Prof. PbilUpa be re- 

On Uoodar, then were aectional amtnn qvesm to report on AHcaiancinMl lo* 

Onrt. Ma«. V9k SUr. 2 

170 Xfiitrary and Seitnti^ lalelligmci- C^^> 

•trumeDU. *nA to offer »{f»lioiH for «h«n coil ii foand is tbatujiniif ofirOD, 

tkelr ITT proviment.— That Mr. S>, Klli* be or Maooiitrd vitb limmtonei and tlut the 

rcqaesirti (o report no t\* ttetnt mjianc* Govcrninriii bp i^qunlrJ to aMi«t in tbv 

tod prMcnt lUtif rT Ai>iii]r«ii.— Tliit Mr. nretiHr^ rcKarahsf.— TbM tfao titia vt 

BUTtnaoB bfl rcqucfteil u> coniiane hit Section E. be rhiA(«'d from " Madietl 

obt«rTatian«. and rrpurt on Um Force of SfiencE *' to " PhjniahiK;," wliicli. ifter a 

^'■vet at ilinVrem Drplbr imart debate, ■ritcarriMlbj'aciiiiilliDi^oriiy. 

Sntioit B. Tbat Mr. Mnlttt be re- Colonel Hbiue prrMJited tlic folloniog 

quested lo conlioac hU obtervaiioiu, and recomiiiaidaUoait Inn the Mofortifi Coa* 

rnfiort on tbe ComMJoa of Iron RaiU.^ fnroooe ; — 

T bat Mr. Hunt be reqnetied toronlloae That U l*<leatrable tohatv tlicenttHtf- 

Ut obMtTBtlona. and rrport on the effect cat asd anetcoroloslcal obarmtlent at 

of Ugbt m rionU.— TliBt Mr. Ilant he G(rcn«ric4i and Trio. Coll. Diibtia coo- 

rcrjafoudtn pcrfofm limilar anricc witli tinuoil.— -Tbat tbotn at Turonio, Van Die- 

Ihc A(.'(iDosru|ib. — Thai Dr. Porrj be ra- men* Lr«nd, and Svlni Helena, be MRtt- 

funted to prepare a report on Crriitalllae ouud to Dec. 31. 1848.— That tbe appara* 

lait*. lu«Bl Ihe V.A(it! of (iood llo)»c be tnoa- 

Stftio" D. lli«t Dr. HoJghiii and a f<TreJ to the A»tn>noinical O b«* rTjilory.^ 
Covnitlet! be rc^iHaln! to rT]>i>rt on ihe Tknt U be re]irrMnt«l to tbe Evi IndU 
THhetlM of the Human Speciet in tli« Camp^ny (hat ihe obatrvuiona at fiiinb 
Britiiibltlci— That I'rof. Owenandoihm and Sln^parv. may be diMnntinned, biit 
br rcqnFiTnl to rrpurL on tl>c Periodical that it in ilr*irnlilr lo nmirilain lliOM) at 
Pbenunenu vbtcrrabR in Animal and Vo- Madiai and Iti^mbay. — That ll la doiirable 
getabt^ LJfe.— That Pnif. LDlbatn he re- lo coiittnue Cantain Fliiol'i aianotk 
qve^ttd lo rrport on the valae of {'hilolo- tancj at the Indian Sea*.— llitt it tn d«. 
giral e*i<)iincc )>i I'le trienre uf Ethnu- lirablu lo onniieae the matneiii' lurrr* i^f 
grtph^.— Tliat Dr. Rojie be rci)nnlfd to Canada, and (o couneet Torioto wllb (he 
rrpoit an llitGMtgnpbiiral Dmtrihaiion of Obaenaloric* in ihr Unilrd Siatca.— Tlial 
Plant* in Indid.— That Pror. E. Fnrbes Colonel Sabinc'ii e>ialili*hmeiit at Wool- 
be cqwetcd (o rrpitt on Ihr t^Mil t ob. fiich ihould b« naiiiUuiiPil, for the piir- 
talnod bj the drcdg ng nwchiae m iUvi* pot« of redudng obaervaiioDt and prtfar- 
tralion of Ihe Natural Hiatorj of Marine In; (hrm tor puhliMlion-— Ibat tbe oo. 
MoUuaoie. i>|vr<<tion of jiirrisn (toiemir.cnt* haring 

Srefi'm F> T^at Mr. Portrrbrr rtM|ua*(cd beru fuuud liiithlr ad*ai>U|teou«, Her 

to prepare a report on tl>c proUuction of MaiPttr'aMlabieraeboulJ teret^iiealMl to 

Inn IB Gre«t Britain. etpreM Ihi* opinion to (be (ovemmenti of 

Stftiom G. That Mr. R«ntiln nod a other rountric^i.—1h«t Ihcneoiber* ol iha 

Committee Iw m|iie*led to ttpotl ou the preaeot MoKiwtiu Comnillee be r^ueaied 

bTdrodynamla powcii of the fountain at to cunlioue lUcir Knieci, and thai tba 

Chatairort]]. miine* nl Ihr MarqnrM of NorthumptDn, 

(immit /{ttvmmfntlationf. That it be Sir J. Ltibbork, Pmf. I.'faitulr. and Prof. 

rccoiptnrnded lo ilb« Cnuneil lo conifder J. V. Furbei, beaiMed to the lixt. 

whflhur llu- vlr«triral T(|ieriinviitii at tbe Rmolved, In ctmlonrlly «lth the es- 

Kcir Otiioalitrr ohoulil ii<>l liri diaoon- piiM opiiii-jn uf Iho Magoeiji! Confeeenoe, 

liniicd ; BOtne debate barinc ari»m oa tbia tanrtimird by the C'omtnttirr of Kooooi- 

Cm, it «u«iaied ibat ibir diAcvntitiuaHve ■Lebtlatloiit~"That ii b his hly desirable 

I DO refemirc to pH-untiirr runtidmi- loeneauragf by epwilio |>ecuaiary rewud 

tiona. but aruae from tl>e r*ct, tlint ilmilar ihe iin|'ri'>rnirnl of •i'lr-rrcnnlini mag- 

obiemtHna were noir being made at ihe nclical and mptrotal'j^ii'il appatatut i and 

Oiitatimtonr at Orecnw[«h, nader the tu* that ihc i'rrudctit u( the Uiinah Aaaucia* 

perintendeDre of Prof. Airy. Uvaan* ttnn and the I'reHidntl nf the Royal £o- 

omBBMindrd tlint th« I'lealdenla of t\t ciriy be rri^uMlnJ to »o1i?il the favourable 

Aaawtition. of ih« Royal Sodrty, of Ihr ronnderatinn of Her Maieaty'e Gtmra- 

Goaloffical Souk-(y, nod oihvrt, should ap. ncnt tv thi* aubject. 

ply 10 the BrJlmh GoTcrBnwtit for further The atvount ot rvfwipti waa read, aod 

«til ill thr piililioatlon of Dr. Falcuxcrt ctbiblleil the anmilaDce al tbo HediBgu 

■rraunt of lilt Foaail Fauna of Noilhern foliowi : — 

India.— Tlut the Pivridcnta of the As- Old Ufe Member* .... .113 £~ 

•ociatiun, the Royal t>o«lely. Ihe lieolu- Old Annual Mt-mbtra.. <M 94 _ 

kIgiI Sorlely, and olher xenllrineD, br rv Ne« Life Meanhf-n 37 Hi 

onevted lu prepare tnalerUb fur a map of New Aiinaal Mcnbon . SS 4S 

the diftributlon of Coel over Ihe gU'br, A*>oclatea 413 413 

ahewing Ihe rxient uf Ihe coal mnium tn Ladle*..,. ,. Iffl 171 

VBTiooa canntrie*, with all B^rrrlaim-'l jiar- VonngUtn . ■■.>•>.«•■ 3$ — 

tlcnlin mpevlini; the biradib of Ei.ain, — ' ^— 

Client Of worklnpi fco. ud tlut the* note Total. . • > 1W7 ^997 


Litfrartf and Scitntijie InitlUgmee. 

SoathMBpUm bu be«n cbotca u the Id - 
nlit; for llie next mMtlngi knd the lol- 
lo«iog o&ten appointnl : — 

H. I. Muichnon, V.*a. Prrtiilmt.— 
M*R|aBM of Wiocl»«tCT. Earl of Ysrbo- 
iM^. LontPAlmcntoB, Lord Athburion, 
the SMkkcr of the Hdut« <kf ConamoM, 
air W- HralbroU, M.P., Sir 0. Suun- 
tDD. rn>f. BiKkn Powell. Pmf. 0"Mi, lli« 
Dean of WtttiHinrtfr. Viee.Pre*nienl$. — 
H. CUrke, M.D.. S. P. Croft Moody. 
L»rai Strrttarift. 

TlM tivw af thr roectinf km fiird (or 
tbs tnentb of Sqtirmbcr. 

Tb* faliomiag mmi oppamtrd Menibtm 
of Cooadl for Hie amine <tMr ■ — 

Pr«f. AmimI. Sir H. fie In Brchr. Gr. 
Dsnbenf, B. Forbct, oo. Ptaf. Kratum, 

B. BodgUBKRI, C«n- H> tlatlun, rtq. 

Ber. V, Ha'CODTt, J. Heywood, wq. L. 
SemfT, cM{. R. Ilutioa, crt], Dr. Ilodf 
klo, ffir C. LflvOH, the Maniun* of Nortli- 
•Kllloo. D«U of E)}', Or. Kojtlir. Cot. 
t|ka. H. E. Slncklanil. e*q. W.Thcmp' 
■Hy caq. Prof. \Vhart*(oiie, 11. Wsrbur> 
m,t*(). Dr. Willian-i. Prof. M'illi*^ and 
■• ikaiturs. ia addition to Ibi- Kcncml of- 
e<tn,— XoL Sjfkcs, L. Homer. I'rof. An- 

ROTki. AOfcicriTrnAL society. 
Tb« Koyal Eniliab AfCtcaltarol ■^kK'if^r 
ba*c brU tbcir wiCKlb nnnual nerlin^ at 
Sbreioilr;. m ihe trek coiom>-ndu( 
Joiy U. Thi! ciliiMnoa-^rouiKl wat 
fermed opoo lb*- n<v-cirurae, an am of 
ftftcea una. 4iviilc<l into l«o r<iual caia- 
putneate for tbe implomcnts and the 
attJe. Tb« noBihrr ot tihibicon of im- 
|lhwBlill tUt Tear va* oioe'ir : thirty. 
MICB pruci *<n avnrdei]. uf wbtch thicc 
««n obuioc4 bj t^c l^rl of Dncic, \ii. 
IW. for Ibe Vlaj CHltirator. 2J. fo» a com 
cmiber. aOd lUJ. for ■ tbrethin^ and 
teniae sMckiae. At tbr rustic trial of 
kt^lumiH. vliich took yUct on the farm 
«f Mr. Imk Taylor at Mankmonr. (root 
IJHM) to 'i.OOO pcnoo* '"''" pmeol ; but 
altlMtof tbr atock onThoriJa)', Jcljt 17, 
Atn w«f« Bollnatban Ui.OOO. A prite 
wt tw«Bty ao»trri«»« waa ■»«rdr.J to Lord 
TtaMMuil HUl for a Mft mare auil fual : 
mai tea lorcrcigna to Lord St. John for a 
l«o yew old Clly. A i^tiltan for the 

rs dlioer of tb« aaMciatioa naa f recird 
lb« oraunaatal (nuod called tba 
fkmnj, Boar Kt. Cbad'i churck. Tlw 
Daka of Bkhmoad took the chair, and 
Lkrd Piortaaan the tice-cbair. Tbry *«« 
naoortad by the Doke of Cloe'aiid, the 
EmU oT Ajteafofd. Spencer. T. Ibot . M "» ■ 
itU. CbMkCBW, ?<>■>■. Viicountf Hill, 
Ctift, aMi Ntwpott) Loida Soatbampioo, 


Berwick, Keayoo, FonUer, Halbcrtoa' 
&c. &c. 


/v/y 7. A public dinner, wbicb ia to 
form |iat1 of a eo^ileinplnCrd tc^tiiBoaiat to 
Oie imporiancp and vain? (if tbc many 
illoklrated norka oa arthltectxtre, topo- 

?raph]r, And the Rnc Hit*, from ibe pun of 
fr. BrittKii, luok place ihta day ai the 
Ca'tic Hotel. Rlcbmond, whcnaoumeroiu 
party of lilenry and acientiAc m^n ai>eni. 
bltd, to irMify (heir *e>it« of tbat gcalle* 
man** pcrsevfiinK Ficrtioni tbroughont 
tbr naat balf century. Tbe ureateu en- 
thaaiasai waa manileatnl when the tosw 
of the ereniflf, " Hmlth axid llappinrai 
to Mr. Brilton,** tria prnpuaed ; and (be 
addr»t of tbe rhuirinan, Natb. Gould. 
eM(. remarkabljrncat andpointrd initaclf. 
waa frequently iiilrrruptcd by the p'aud>t» 
of tbe compiiny. He atludMl to (he uo- 
wparicd Inilualry and peracTcFaDoe by 
wbirb, (TTcn under ib« pcstc'l poaaibla 
dii«dTant«gm, Mr- Dritton bad b;ra 
enabled to produue (O many beauijfnl, 
accurate, anil tiwnl lUuAirationa of tba' 
e/Tln»in»1icat and domeaiii^ arcbitrciure of 
our forefathrrB. Thrar. he informed tho 
ri*itor», compriicd tixty-nx volumea, 
braidet Innanerxble Mnay* : atid tbey 
containi-d more tlian IT.fKII) \>»$ei at 
lcltcr-pm«, upward* of 1, >'!>() rngtaringa, 
«nd bad tnvulnd an rKpendtture of 
SJ.OOo/,— Mr. Briilon Mknowledfted wieb 
pYat sbiliry and mai'li freling tt)e kind 
atM fnrnillT warmlh witli wlarh the loaat 
li*d bi;en rrocived ; and Klaiiccd iborlly at 
tbe dijBcultie* be had endured In his enrly 
yean, ai ke bad detailed at kngib in tba 
tnpmoir he bad gi*en of hii own life. Mr. 
Tile, io leplyinc l» tbe lo«si of ibe " Ir- 
alitate of firitiih ArebUecia,'' BCknov- 
Irdfcd the great obligaliooa <Iuc from the 
arrhitrctf orihir I'niird Kin^dnm to Mr. 
Brittoa. ai it •» to Ui" irurki pririeipnlly, 
if not entirely, that ilielr (irMent cstrnsl* e 
knowledge of ancient evrloiaatiral arebi* 
tecture wj« Id be attributed. The Deaa 
of Hereford. Dr. Inrmm, Dr. Coooll]'. 
Mr. Tookc. F.R.S. Mr. Datid Roberta, 
ll.A. Mr. S. C. Hall. Mr. Godwin, tftn 
Urv. Dr. Ree*, and oibeia, paid limilar 
itibuieti 10 Mr. Briiton'a public and pTi*at« 
■ncrita, nnil Ibe ooinpany atpiratcd after t. 
m.actaKrerablr meeting, and oite obicb re- 
Hccta btmonr on allnlio pKTlicipateit ia it, 

Tbe p-ir He Xumitmiti^n^ baa been 
awardpd by ike lualitut de Franca to Mr. 
John \oaft Ahermao for hii work on tbe 
" Coini of Ibe Romuu rcUtlug to Uritsla." 



ABenmcTviiAL DHAtrtKo*. 
Us prvaent uhibiliDn *bcn ■ can- 
tiavid ItnproTaoiciit b cliureh >rcbi> 
tacturt. AplMilRfCHlnivof wcMtlsifu 
u ■ fMAler pUiaatM. uti an abtmec of 
that Ubnipt U darfiDcx which ilutla- 
tubbe4 tiie churehci built looe tea yean 
sUma, We ahkli noilci tl)« bvt dnigiu, 
wlucb aiiptar to hne bMB foitiMnl mi or- 
nrdnn with uewt idcmIeU, nnd kbail 
pobi »n KMM In whli^h tke old bulti 
MlU Ui^j-. Tke flni iubjrrt *Uuh mmki 
ttoder ttur natico u ■ »irurturr beka(hig 
toBcUu whWib «« li«l liopod IttdbeDMBs 
catittct iD xUm eavWrj. 

1098. Onim far thr Uiffhrd ATiimo. 
Imm propMti to Ar rrrclHl ob Mo C«Mtlt 
Mnwf, Chf/ifiiiijr Omfur, Eunr, n «c< 

J. W. BajuM. 

Tbli la a loft; dom* of ttmlian ardil- 
tcotuM, iwmowlLitf fo«r aiuall t(iB|tl«« 
diapoawl mi acntcifarni plan. Itbeivctnl 
OB tbc lop of • eonickt laouoili tlw baac 
of an An«i«ttt cuib. Thne u Bolbiw 
Tfrj ohginAl or strthinciB Ibe dMlgn.aad 
U U b to be HMutnT it «iU be out o( 
dlBnolW vldi tba loeaLtj ami ■■:«nfT7 ; 
thi tito <■ auwtpd, and a|>|ircwcluNl hy a 
M4|c iu the Mine itjrie ae the main 
deaign. It it a And ailnalKin fur tbe 
erMiioa of iiHrk a baildiiiK u our Ladj'a 
Chapel, ad LjuB, which, while ll mold 
harmoniie with Uie arcntry. potMawa * 
more deddeaHy uxmuavntal diaiaciar than 

tbo ptCMDt dtflif 0. 

1099. CAarrA trt^teJ fitr fAi> Jf«rr«- 
^n* CAirrAM fVnil. W. Oalllon. 

Th« itjle la »arl]--Baclitb. in plan 
crteifoim i th« tower ia eagaf ml at the 
wM mi of Iba aoutb aiale, and ia aur* 
Bomud b; a tpirei the traotept <lo«'i 
lut pn^ect auBddUlf. Tboro ii morr 
oraaneot Ibin iiKVMary. the (anlt of moU 
chtnp diunhea. 

IIOS. Deiifn nhmituA (n timUfd 
MH^tlitian/bt M« AVb- n„reA ^ AY, 
Mart, Uamitton Plact. J. C:Urlie. 

Tb« architecture ia dD^vratcd : the dc- 
rffn ooaiiats of a onM and chaDeri. a 
•qun tower Aitaehnd to the nonh «alt of 
the fanner, and aurmonnud bj a lofty 
■pin ; the ohaBcol b of foad pmpefttona ; 
but «o larfi! a save thoiud not bm been 
dMtilule of aialci. 

1119, AUtrtm(»tirch,mtti,§tMttii 


The maanor in which thia chvrcb haa 
betB RJmili ia highly crvdJtabta : the 
elevation whirk ia thewo in the drawing 
conaiala of a oaie and aiale, with plain bnt 
appropriate PeqiendlcaUr wlodovai Ifaai* 
appcara to be a ttmniapt ob one Me, and 
on the oppittito aide ol the nave ia attaehad 
a aqoare tower crowned witli a neat apift ; 
the vbola ia cractMl wiih alone, and the 
rooh tn of good plt«h eoTcrcd with 
atone liica, oaly reqnlrinf the tinta MhlAh 
life alone ran Rtve. ll muuld he very 
piitlafartory if every villafn dturch that 
required to b« rebuilt ahonld be ra-aoa* 
atmctod with the tatle and (bttlii| wbioh 
b diaplayed on thia design. 

n2.<l. MaanHHnf ta Ut Mtmarf qf 
KcimrJ HooJtrf , yntMtd f« Ae tridtt 
Jn St. Jlfor?'* rorrf, EMHfr. P. WOli. 

A sqnare crou In three alortea, the Int 
a pedcatnl, like a tomb with an iiiacrifitioa i 
lli«' aecond la ao open atory, which u alao 
Br|nara, with lofty pyramidal caaopiea 
above each faiyi i it eoulatna a ataiae, 
and flniahcii with a Urge aquare pinnaela. 
k croaa of tliia fdrm ia uot in aeoordaaoa 
with ancioil uamplea. No Mod daaicn 
eonld be made on nwh a plan, and the 
pedeatal ia aattcieally modem to Btar anjr 
mertt wUch the upper pan night hava 

Il.\4. Chvrtk 1^ St. Aiulrrw am* 
Ttetiug *t Fokriifht. near HMtiiifft. J, 

A plain unpretcndiag decigfti oontlatlDf 
of aare and clMocel, with a *^«ure toWef 
attached to the north aide uf thn wett 
front. The ityle ii carly-Eoclith, (be 
roof ii lofty, and there ia n perch. Tha 
l<»«r, which ia uol of great altitude, baa 
a beaeoa Inrrat at one angle. The paraiiot 
U taatticomtedt In ihiireiprct at leaat In- 
ferior to the humblo atructure which hai 
been deatroje<], tbu tower of wUch n* 
taloed lu appropriate pyramidal covering. 
The dcaiga ii othcrwiio creditable, from 
the ahaence of any attempt at dlaplay, 
which ia a fault in lo aaany modem de- 

lU.t. Ke»ti»k TWa rAnrrA, Mferlar 
rInrtrAfWfnp (4e aitrrvlmu nom in pr*- 
fmi. S. 11. HaheweJ], 

Tlie architecture of the altered daijfn ia 
what la oallfd ia new eharchaa TfMiMa, 
Mog dlffingutthed by itt Ughtwia, a 

^tiaUtj ciMBitallrdtAiriHfronaUiHiln 





cmnplef. ne priac^ troal bi» two 
tmreCi, fOdlat in «plrct, lb« favouriu 
sppeodBCH of modem Nnrman d(«i|;oi, 
Mai ikein t nave Ui4 iWet. The iiittrior 
of the chaflerl ibewi a triple &rc^ff, 
£ridinf tbf <:>iaDCFl from Ibe nete, in Ur<l 
of the one rhuictl arrh of luiiicitiit; ; thr 
fOtan af the auIh Imo foliitw mpit«i>, 
■nd aO tba anAa uc rircnlsr. The dmI 
viadevs ara triple aiMl Brcbcd ^ Ike rouf 
of timber, opts and nUwcd by cotonr ; 
Hit |>olpi(. 4eA, and ftmt ara all brouictii 
np lo tk fironl of the elHn(«l. 

tftdtdrnt a»mtrttm. \. Atlipilcl. 

A pliia dwi(B «oniUtinf of iia*a aad 
aUM ) a gaod dkued and •annre tair«r 
at tha wat ai B oad. TIh roo& %n \atif. 
"Ab anUiaec nana to bar* itudM lo 
pradaca ailaqplaaaaiitrr church, and no 
dwm. Hh JMrapeU are Mobattled, and 
wlih lUa iiiim»l"ni thmr i* liiUe onuunent 
Id coaderan. The projMrtioiu Kcn good, 
and the tbnrrh «1ww «trc(Ml will, thaco is 
ittle doabl. b« nor* Hlit^tory Ihaa 
•dwr dfaina •hf^ag more pretenrion on 
BOper,aM«Uekit«fcrfaU lo dioapiraiBt 
la tiM ancotkni. 

IM7. Aeffoniwa «/* $'. Mar^rrVf 
Omrtk, WmtmMuttr. W. Baidvcll. 

Tfcta natortlloB rIvm mon winrloirt to 
Oa cfltire cttBidi. a b«w eauns to tbe 
tvrm-, with ptoaadca, aiid ths addltloo of 
ova or mora ponbn. Tb« arcUtectare 
li nrf )aa, lao, there befaig do di*tiDr4ioo 
between oa«e aad ehaacel, a rood turret 
with ipire hu been added. Tbe rrxLora- 
tftM ira a ic aaaaiy to pn an appropriate 
ctiaTling Id tha boUduof, and do awaj 
vtdi lii wrctdted ^pearanca which aone 
■odani arehitect gave In tbe atnicture 
Aeni forty Tt»nmcf. (Wntthutbedb. 
(tedit «ftu work, bat wt believe aitjiutlyO 
If Ihii deaiio ou put in executioa tbe 
ebttrchwoBlobe onunufflcot to ibopot ao 
■Udtlttandi: indnirclirUodrauiiclioii 
«f tl la qaiU VDcaOed for ; the to*er, if 
taaterfld, «<mU groan adaiirablj nltb tbe 
tomra of th« dew palace. 

1991. A«lA IFfvf Virr of Stmlh 
Ihtkmf OmyA. B. C. MakenU. 

A Roaa church ; tbe «fcbit««tar« a mis . 
lait of aarlf-EaclM aod Decorated. 
Tha BBT* baa aiilea and a rkrfrtor* ; tb« 
tMHT to It tha «cBt end, aod loatiuu a 
MIy dpirf. crowded, howeter. with qdre 
|i|hia. The tower, tn all cliurche« having 
t ia a pti , to better jAaerA at tlic tntcr- 
■cedon of tha BB*B aad HiaiicFl wllb ibe 
tnsMpt. The deatgn U mare »\\omj thaa 
|]n «fle rtqwind, and. tbougb itbaisom* 
^ Id yvlntf. tn thii napect it nartake* of 

' MM ftnlli of ■vbra prooncthM. 

1 9$6. A itfffn fir a C^vnM pnpontl 
lo b« ereeleH nttr Lmivt. Stctnu and 

Hie dariga to a larsacoM cbarok of p«f 
pcndicnlar arehUectsra. oanttotia^ of Oitn 
and able*, botit tranwfpla, and choir flanked 
b]p ebapda. TUe towar sod apire an at 
the )iit«r»octiou of tbe trantfi'ti, sud we 
well proportiaoed i the an(lr« ot ibe aplrv 
are cmketted. lite do^ bai nu^nlT, 
tod would bo Terj eS'actiTf if apptDpiiatclf 

IWS. inleriar tiitv> ijf St. JmUi't 
CIUr«4. StthwU Grttn. U. Clottoo. 

Hu! dcaifii It rtilirrljr of a fordgri cba- 
ricUr, but tt hat bjp no meaiu an uflpleaa* 
1b( appearance. It U a cnia* diorch In 
tbfl Norman or rather Lombardic (tjk, 
iritbaut gallcriea; the iid« watli ac* ar- 
cadcd ia two atorie*, the tipper, itblch 
Li bfty, eofUalnlDit tbe window*, liw pirn 
beitWTCA tbcBi birlBf sagaged solainae, 
^m tbe capitalt of which spring drcalar 
anbaa etrctchinK tu^nr** ibo cbureh aod 
•Bpportinf the Umber ri>of. Tbe cbancal 
ia a aeml .circular apM. of r<jual widllk 
with tlw i-burcb ; the tr.iiurpU kavr acrcwaa 
of cinular irchn on (lender mjlumiM. 
The mode of ligbtinf by a aarJea of aia*- 
alre ehandeliera, dependiug from tha laof 
hj cbaiaa along tha centre cf tha nan, 
M Bovtl aoid aflaetin. 

1292. Dniffn far a ntv CfMrth and 
MHiaMhait itildimfi to tr rrtcltH m 
TVthtftmPvk, Upptr HvUortif. Qoagh 
and Mimieit. 

A trrj poor datign. a tamo Imitation 
of the laleat deacriptiDn of Tndoc arrhi- 
t«ctafv ; at the went front ar« two tnrreie 
with Urdixge tennioBtiODt. Tbe weat 
window ii ivfik bto a deep iimtai ; a 
modern whijn,ntlerl]F at variance with good 

I28S. Tht BmI End of AH S^imh' 
CjAmtA, S^aJti^lt, M orifinmtl]! dttignti. 

ThU i« thecodoftbecbanoe), thewtna 
are arcadcd below ibc wlndowi, the arcbee 
pointAdon Purbeck columnt, thoae on the 
aoutb aide form log fedilia. The altar 
window U a triple Uocvt. Tlie roof I* 
lofty, of limber with arched trasus. It 
U to !>!■ reeretced that the deaign bai beM 
altvred. We fear It wat not impnmd. 

l'J9l. Merior <^ m AiifUeaa eAnrcA 
H<m in tht cetrrer t/ «reeftoa. i. M. 

Thia, we apprebeitd, la an interior «tew 
of a cfaarcfa turn in coane of eraotim u 
the toto wpeaae of a diTJn« of tb« An- 
glican flbardt, dutin)[aitbed alike bf hia 
pietj Hul Um h«A trMtttetit be hu rt- 




edred. Thr portion repmeoUd 1> the 

ftrca at thr tntn^Ktion of th<^ nave and 
tranwcpt, *1ieii>in{ lli« eotranre ta the 
clUDcel. Tli« CPlumnH ore tfctagonil, Iliv 
krcbM bold but timplr in ihtir miiul>Jin|«. 
The >bole turfaoo i* dnntalcd wub p>wt- 
iag, tiM plere bara dnular and loi«ng«> 
Bupcd lowvntprlidtlBd DTor their loifacc. 
The erlling or the town at ibt inWncL-tion 
km a ebpirnfniffU paiiiirdon tlwfixjid. 
Iii|. Tlic: rood icrcfii ii in leTni diviaionN. 
wtered witli aruti; cAoopiM, the «ntnl 
wider than ibe mt, with ■ ■bnilar onapj 
mtdolDK ■ cnwa of laife dimaDiionii. 
The tenat ti relonreil with vermil lion and 
(old; tki' cast niixloit oflKc choir i* ac- 
copied KJth iiiuIEii)»< and tracery in the 
dMorUfd U|l«, tbJD and wtrr, i1i« dni(ii 
KDnonb^oMlH church. The (taM rtpr*- 
MDta the A»crn*ian of our Lordi with at- 
tandanl anpla. 

UOl. .Vw/o/ 0/ tkf CA-irk ai Gn>p'4 
TMtimrk, Rutx, «i abitut In bt mlorrtt. 
V. C. Vopt. 

Thia church, princlpallj i>r Norman 
arehttrctur*, Iiail bmi tmii\j mudcmiMtl. 
The prpRrrtt retloraliaa aectiK to hair 
dntrufcd, >t IrniC in Ibe rvat, the three- 
fold dii'Uion alwajta obavnrabte hi Nonnaii 
cburchu. mail which diaiinctiva feature 
kad been untaiichcd In prrording repair*. 
Tks windotis of lb« !■•««, which were 
nodvB, *n DOW *ingLe Unceta, with two 
■t tb« wnlen 90A, u circle in ihu giihle. 
Tlie Mil window la a triple bnrrE. The 
Upper pnrt uf llx- lowrr, which wa> 
niodera, baa b«fii aiiproiiriatrly rebtiili 
wtUi an ueide knd furniihrd with an 
Mtatoa hipped anlre t tti tlii* reaurrt the 
church hoa beeu tmproTcd. The Ncitmaa 
door in the ii**i 1» prMertnL 

1300. Jfrnfe/Va Itttiffn M tkr Atlar. 
^K* 4^ o Normait CAnrci. II. H. Bar- 


Far Norman r«d HomNi.* Thifi]e«i^ 
U In the wortt puslble t«rte: behind iha 
altar la a deep receai rrMtiiblinf the ataee 
of a theatre, which ia filled wiibawulp- 
tiircd anil aeeoic reprencntaiion of the cm- 
ciflxion. h);htened h* ■ ik;li|;ht. Such 
thiD^ \>»vr been mlij rjici-iiitd in Frsnoc, 
knil xlT^ird a atrikinK pjnof r,{ the had iHBte 
which preTiiUd in the hit cenrury. Tbo 
preaeni rcfttAl «f hcWuuiicaI arrhttrc. 
ture will, it It to be bopeil, ntlerlj baniih 
•ucb moaalnmiii* fruB efcry biuUins 
detoted to aurcd nwc. 

IKO. ^ Viete 0/ tht AVw Chorirtm' 

• The catalogue of tbil roDin i* full of 
bloodert. Thia ii ont; one of a number 
of errori, ibcwing the carritMnew with 
whlob it hu bam diawn uf , 

SeAool Mi Matten* BuUdingt at Idap' 
AaUnr Collto*.. Qxftrd. mbaul lit bt 
errelrd. J. M. Uervok. 

The principal feature of the d«>i|ii ia a 
ball in two Uorica. wilh donner wiodowi 
and a laniem; the roof i* lofty, and a 
building iu a correaponiliog ttyle uniica 
thi* atruclure with au older builiiinj ; tbo 
dc»ipi b plauiof. 

There are « ie» of two ancient bnildtnga 
worihf of notice. Tbefint {■ 

IIHH— llOI. AUfp CAunh uf th* 
Hfily Trinity, and SI. Uaiy at D«rt, 
Htrt/itrifthirt. A. Smith. 

Theie tipw* arc rcitorationiof abnild* 
ing very little known, but »hewin( a flna 
example of rnrljr pmnted arebiteoture. 
No. 1188 ia etideoily a reatomlion oftlw 
nave from the only areb which remaitu. 
The trantcpt and choir atitl caiat, and an 
Ttrj fine esamnlri of the maMtve pointed 
arch and ruund (lillar which ininMlittrlj 
Buccvedcd the Noman period. 

The iMcceeding dew repre*rni« a well- 
known bultdintc, OB which much mi>coa- 
copiion ba* ariien. 

1219. CAunee) <(/' SI. Mory'; Tivim' 
co/e, civ. Rutlitml. C. TruiSit. 

The tJiancol nreh, vhich k ifamn la 
this view.ctiniitti of l^re elliptic conaera* 
tire iircbcji, nil richly ornamented in tbo 
Nomun taite. Il iaovideol, after all (bnt 
baa been anid about the rebuilding of tblt 
cbnrcb In ilie lui oeuivry, that uiie areb 
fnutt be an nnaltcred portion of th« 
origiuat sirxicturu. 

ithh, Uothie tcrttn. tj:emlett hu Iht 
palmt careing moeAiMf./br tht ylcar't 
Cttiptl in Grv«r Mnhrrn CAuni. R. 
W. UillLngi. 

The dniwlng i( on too fmall a icale to 
judfc of the merit* of the carving ; i< U a 
nnndinnir opro dfflgn of laie Perpcn- 
•liculnr architiroturc, bui no opinion CAn 
be (ormed cf the coi re^^tncM of lli« detail, 
which miiRt be the real tail of the powera 
■nd ulilitj of tlic machiue by which it Is 

TOXKsMtna a.nciiiTKci'rnJtL Rucr&TT. 
At the ijiiartcrty lueetifiK ufthii luciBty, 
bekl at Yoric, ou the Utn ct May, lh« 
llun. and Rer. 11. U. Enkioc in tbo 
chair, • grant uf int. wt» made townrda 
the riprnin of ibe conteiap'atcd U|>lo< 
ration oC a pirt of the Llc>ncryor Don. 
eaalcT, with ibe riev of piibliihing a guidw 
to tlie Kocletiolosy of Vorlttbirc, in Ibo 
fim portion of which the loeiety will ha*e 
the aid of the lUv. G. \. foole. A grmnt 
of sot. townrda the reatoration of lbs 
cburrb of St Au(Qii^nc, at Hedon, wu 
tbcu cuulc. Two psfcn wen nsi. Tbi 


Anti^fuaritfn Rtstarctiet. 


lint bf £. Sham. Ztq.. ot Laanoer. on 
tlw chnreb of ». Mtrr, «i Bridlin^on. 
de«(Tibie; lu prctent ttau md thr fatco- 
•ire r«»Io(«lii>M (odd to be comincncet). 
It wti uiuniiDoail; malTiM]. in r«rriM(cc 
ta thii pauer, that ll>c tociclj ituiuJd prv- 
ftn %a MdreM to i1m CuBbrldfC Camdni 
SocKty, pr»7in| tbcm ta kid In tlwi rCsto- 
ntloD of ihh Trry TaloabUboilding. Tl>« 
•MOod paper, writico by tbc Rrr. J. 
VkVr, of Ii«iI<iB, on the cburrb of Si. 
AuQitiap, at Hedon. wa>, in thr abaour 
of Mr. Vake, re»d by tbc lecrrtary, 

MOKTBAitrraK akciiiticto»ai. 


A Bwetinit "f '''c Aivliltectural Soclvt; 
of ilw ■fdtdtuoiirjr of NofttunptoD was 
luUon Jane &U. ai ITppwgiMm, for tbc 
■UipOM af Mtablithiiuf • local coounittec 
tor the covMif of Rutland. A depuuiion 
friNn (be Caatnt Committee attended, anil 
tbe cftair we* tftliea bj Ibe Vtn. T. K. 
BaxBTf , Arebdeacon of Leiccata, at Ibe 
NaboMl Scbool Room. 

Mr. BiKKC eibibitcd aiwcuucna of a 
M« nasaAu'tnTv of >tacD|>cd ^Ua*, from 
ftwtU'a Wbitcfriva K^on w ork>, in imita- 
tioa of the aadnvt Aawcr«d qiMrriea. Thin 
|ltw ia veil Korthj attention, both fium 
Iti vnnm cbcapitrta and cxccllcnl cfTn-l. 
hit ntnond* roarte, but a« ihe object of 
dMTtb wiadowi i* to admit liicht wiiboat 
bainit da*rl} CrvDiperenl, lhi» is a rrroin- 
nnaHaon for iu um. Tba price of Ih* 
■aM eoauDon ig noi mon ibaii two ihil- 
Ran per doira iiaarrica. hardly mom. 
te&fd leaa. (ban iillai;e glaxi«n charg« 
fcr eommoo Utitcr gUu*. 

Ttw Be«. )Ir. 'A'vbiirr md an inter- 
catini; paper on Haraack church, tradof 
the biatotr of the paiuh as far httik aa 
Ibe nf bth evntary. ai whith p^rioi} *(ooc 
qoamef were oprnod at B.iioack, aod 
little mbMijariilly to nhii h Mr W. iftshed 
to date tfae tiuliat remain* of the churHi. 
Itov art artbes aod maaonrj of 'in- 
doabted Sason character, wiikh eorrc- 
•posd villi rcniaini of thr iimc dale iu 
tktcbnrckca of BngptocV, Earl's fiailou, 
BrlfilKfth. and WiltcriR;, ia tbc aane 
iMtaiy. Mr. Wrbster miiMilcly detchbed 
the prcaent ronditinn <if the chiimh, cor* 
RCtlS( Hreral errara and omiisioni in 
tMmn deacriptlooa, and Il1iuiratiii( It 
utth a Mptons icriei oif drawio^a. 

The Her. Mr. Jamei ([are a bHef m- 
connt of the sreratiotu of the local eoeiety 
in the nei^bourbood of Welford, and 
promised that papers far the deteriptioii of 
ckurcbea, farnwd opoa Sh H. Drydco'a 
Church Nvtcfl. shoBld toon be readj for the 
lue of the local eommilten- If neb 
inerober of the society would undrrlahe a 
ceneral dricrifXioa of three or fonr 
churches in hii imntediale ncinhbourbood 
in this form, tlie aocqriy wonM soon bavt 
before it (he materiala from which to ae- 
lect the moat latcreatiDf cfaurcbra for ft 
fuller drKcriptioB in the publicatwa «hiidi 
the; purpose iborlly to tMac 

The Iter. Hmci^ Kinch havift|t qndir- 
taken the oBce of tecretuy jtre fem. aotil 
a local committee conld be pei nianestly 
foroMMl for the UppinEliam dixrict, the 
mcmbera prcacot nuoUed thcraselTca into 
a local committee for the Dcaeery of Knt- 
land. and proceeded lo visit tbc churcbea 
of UpjnriKltani ro. Rutland, sod Stock- 
enttm and HurninKhoM, co. LeioCMsr. 
The church of Stockcrtton. thoogh with* 
out the boon da of tbc archdeacoDrr, 
held nut peculiar altractiOM, from tb 
wriei;* of uiierrsiing fiaium It contaiM. 
It u entirety of one dale, probably the 
reign of Heory VI],, and atill main* its 
originnl open oak *«al(. with the arm* of 
ibe foonder c«rred on one of the panda i . 
the oriflnal aJur atone with it* 6Te croaaca 
Kaa foond iOMrtcd b lite floor of the 
chance!, wbrrr it b)u> an incised mODQ- 
mental slab, of nrj late dale. hoL eieel* 
lent worknuiublp. Tliere are some good 
brUACi. thoiu;li parity obai-urpd by modsiB 
pewinx. A stanrcSay of ■ kniibt rcnalBfc 
IhoaRh mirtitoted ; hut an older effigr of 
a croaa-lefged knight, mentioned bflti. 
cbob, in Ibe " lli<(ury of Lviceeieraurv." 
ii iM lander to be sent. Tbt btVtj b 
open lo the church, producing the p^ood 
effect which b alnaya the miiU of thta 
arrangcnii-nt. A aioguUr entraiicc to ths 
roodloft yet n^maim from the Mialh aisle 
much morr oraamenteil than ii commoRty 
found. The rood screen is atill perfect, 
and some bcaetifol rtmsina of anrieM 
ktaiiaed (Ims canae refret ai the th«aght 
of the dotrvciion thu n«t at aome time 
havr taken plAnr. On the following dayi 
many of the moit intcrcatln^ chwcba to 
Ibe nrinity of RoeiiDglkaBi were Tinted 
by the eommiitee. 


•«tfttTT or A.OTI4VAMIBS. 

AfrUA. Tbomaa Amyot, cx). Tn>- 
irrr, in the Chair. 
Edward lltiltftriic, twi. P.S,A't wnt' 

mnnicated ■ iMter addmteJ lo hhn by 
Samuel CoUa, cm. nUUag to romr early 
remxlu noticed in Yorkshire, ditriof tlw 
prosreaa of the Onbaaca Snrrej ; lecgwi 

AuH^varian Au«arei««. 

mhImI b; « lU)) o( \hM ImaIUj, wiU U- 
liulrativa plsai owl •Icet^W ot ih» «n> 
ttquitlea difw<»reil. Thu ooticc rrialoil 
l« ■ ruc« at bUU om tfao iu>rUi-i*«Ura 
fUs <rf Bndfanl, wUofa itfantat tbc 
viIlcTi of tlu) WhiiHb and Aire, ConiMrij 
peopW >>T tiw BrigmntM. OnibeMkelKbU 
are fooDd Mfth-worki litiuUr m uclr 
nuni diwtoitf to thoM of loailwn 
Biitalxi bat thtjr dlflvr in o«rt»iii pt* 
cnUarltiei of fi>m, ant) dcMm oare^ 
aUBtlnatian. A part of thk tract of 
noueuiu cuuiilrv la luaim by tbe iiaui« 
of Romalil'* or BomWd's Uocr, nitabta 
by aaiural puBlioii ciUicr foe a ttroog- 
kdld, or liigh place ml tacnAoa. To tb« 
•ouUiBinl in Ibe Ualatcil dnaUon of 
Bailikn Common, In the iimw ot wbick 
a tradilioii maj luuiblr be tneed at tbe 
Beltan Area : npoa tbi* bill and In tbo 
iwigbbourbuod tcurral Mrlb-warki ue (u 
b« aotiord. ooiuiaiiog vf |>aniU«l liaai gf 
aMbuikmcnt, al inUmalji of from At to 
80 re«t, uiterMded by otber dmilar baaka. 
U«« ia alio Wfii • «ir««lar work, lb« 
diamatar baiiw about M) <M; Mar tba 
eautra «l tUa Mr. Colla timikd. U a ilaptb 
ot 9 fact bctow Uie aarfaoc, a ruoij 
(iaibl«Md vd filed vitli caldiwd bovoa, 
and a eoa^lerablB dq»wlt ot pcat-aabM 
covered hj caUiard boalder*. U« tAtioed 
alao (bo rmaiiu ot inallKT UHiilar eirxJe. 
Nteral caira* or bcap* of tUMea, *t»i 
MtnuihnaBta. laaHovadeiKbistfait 
dtabloc, mhm exeavatfoBa Iran ■made, 
ibailar dlaoovtriea of bunca and unu 
Dcearred, clearly ptvtIuc tbf wpiik^rai 
Mtvre of thne onbankBHBta. In uoe 
ura wai fduiiil a flint arrow-beWli 80BM 
abwit !a feet in diametart and kaviag as 
aolranoa oa ettbor rida oppoalle to eacb 
otber : an aocwnt Itw of road poaaea clow- 
to Ikeia. NunariMH renanu ot thlt 
Idad bira beeo left wMxaoUoed in Uua 
p«rt of Yorkabira, Iba cartfol liiiaiH|,i 
lion of wliidi mj^l Mppljr viduable tuU 
tor Iha oompariMn of tb* uaagea of tbc 
prisMml oortbem and aoutbem trlbea. 

UeoTfa Graot Pratcta, Mq. F.&A. 
azhibHed an Ukuntnattd Roll, or Docaitt 
of tiw &iTere%u of EdsUimI. nnbcUUlwI 
villi nadaUun portraita. from tbe time of 
Ibe Conqncror I0 tbe nifa ot Ktiiabetli, 
Hiid brmldic cwnalchaona. U meaanrad 
In 1«n|[tS 1 1 Tixc G Inebn by Iti incboa. 
Hod a tba« mtklfid, " Tbe Gen«ilo|7 of 
tbe Kinget of Bafland, Bqmuiiagc with 
WitUam, aoniia to Bobett, Dake of Nor- 
mandTc." Tbe wbola la arranged aa a 
roar--tree witli tniuiag brandtet; rach 
portnil la elaboratalji eaaonted on a blwi 
irowKl, and tha naaio of tb« Uianer or 
barald-palntar a|>p«an at tbo foot of tb« 


sir Uenry EUii, SerrcUty, Uld bcfora 
tba Bodotr ■ oaet fron a aaal of Quaaa 
Eliiabeib, kitbartonBdMeribad.baiM tba 
Jndloial Seal for tbe ooantiaa of Caar- 
martboB, ObnorBaa, and PeMbcoke, cob* 
laaDtcated by Sir. John DoubUdaj. It 
nMMaKmiadiaiiHtorSiwbnaDdii-lotbt : 
oa tfaa obrene It repreaentMl a tisnre of 
tli> Qaccii on horaebuik, teatcd udc-wafi 
on a kind of |>Ulioa, to tkai bar ponon 
faoef tha tpadaur. She boldi tbe bridle 
wllbherri^t hand, and bean « tcc^ptn; 
in her lefL Behind, in the lield of tba 
tvml appear* a portculiu cn>ini«(I. The 
following inacHpClOD nua round the 

margin. — KLIIAaaTIIA: dbi : onATI* : 

ANOiaa : rKAWcta : KT : uiaaaxiK : na- 
oiNAi VI oil i oKriucaon. On tbe rt* 
nna ia a ebiald aamiavnied by an In- 
))erial erown. and chwgcd wtlh tha baar> 
1UK* i>r Praffloe and BnaUnd, quarterly, 
fU|'|>ortcd ou tbe dealer sde by a dragon, 
and on the ainisicr aide by an anuul witb 
recnrrcd httrni like a goat. Beneath U 
eeen the triple ptwnet iHlb lb* DOtto 10 : 
uiax;. and lUa InJcrfplloD anrronndt 
tbewbolt^ — a; ivniciaLK: iMkiisc: aa- 

OlXa : rao : GOMlTJtTtave : CAMKBTnaV : 

ULAUoaoaw : & : raiiasuK. 

Alfred i. Knopa, e«|. F.S.A. ei* 
hlbitcd rubbing* eflvotefMikhral BnaaoBf 
caiatinc in tbo chnrab of Ueme, noar 
Cantnvnrir, rotnniiinlcntad by Mr. A< 
Qthb. One of lh«» waa tba numorif) 
of John llarlay.curate or Ilcroc, entitled 
" inetfttur," whiob acama to imply the 
degree of a bachelor. The other tevordwd 
tba daMh of EUaabetb. wife of John 
Ihrwiui ahe died S2d Awsuet, 1&&9. 
liiaae luetaonaU arare ifc*crib«d as baring 
been oierUwkcJ by the To|>oKrapfaeia n 

William 11. RuKHi, aaq. F.S.A. ei* 
hlbited ail io'trtinKat «oDltiTi;<l, at be 
oDajevturad, for proteetiag the toneh- 
jMwdac oa the top of the gan-barrel, and 
tuTtoa a abarp end to be Axed iuto tha 
atook babind tbe breeeh. Tba guard ot 
cover waa aecved by a poverfal if rfag , 
and when ttda waa renon4 tba naCan 
waa e|>ptiod by tba band. Tba earliart 
baud-gniin bad Uie toach-bola not at Iht 
aide of Iba barrel, but olaoed aa it ia ia 
cniuiOM ; the iron haiid'catuioii, of (be 
tina <if llcnry VI., preacrvcd in the 
floodricb Court Ansonry, la Uiiu oon. 
structed. The powder tiuia placed waa 
liibin to be lilgmi ana* or nalcaQ Onit, 
and to obviate thia tocoonnieiioo tW 
toBch-taole wia fanned at Ibe aids, with 
a amall pan Dfuler it. Thia pan waa at 
drat nnprotoctad by any cover. Mr. 
RoaafT aUbited altu n whoat-loek idatol, 
with three loekt attacbod, one befiiea tha 
other, to one bami, ao llMt |hr«t AMf/at 





Soeigfg o/Aniiqttariet. 


svl )>a*v b«mi n»m«l into the Iwrcl, 
KpTUM odIt bt ihQ vaildiit(. 

Skmucl Wuc, e«i. F.S.A. comroimi- 
nM ■ notic« of the rwent dUraivry of 
Biarteen broni* baiil«-aJte bcadi, b? kkdv 
Umhucib enplaned in a itoiie pit on hl< 
property, at Posttinefon) HaU. iiMr Claiv, 
Sonolk ; tbcr wm of rariou* nim, tho 
iMKOt wri^M Iflb. KBi) Cbe smallrtL 
nOer Int tfau lib. Sercr&l of Ihem 
ware onuiaeatvd wilb cngnrcd liars, 
paneCarM. urf the liguq pattern «bluh 
firaqneadjr li mn oo the more oiKinit 
H|»iIelinJ «fM. la fom Uttj bnra come 
iiiaiiiMiiiiin In tbe iiwrineD repiaraied 
iB Af^Ml. V. pi. VIII. fig. 11. and 
*T1< iiJ b7 Mr. Lort, not bciai; far- 
hMwiI vitb any aockct lU rinit for tho 
parpq»e of attachmeiit tu Ibe baft, but 
Mrmed U <me «>ilr«ttU]r intli m broad 
mtiii^ tige, lite an ixe, aod tapcnng 
aS U Ifaf «tbfr«xtrriDity, «hkb tenDinatns 
mtbeahapaof a round.nlged chik^L Mr. 
W«f« has nthaeqacnll) [irctmtcd Mvcral 
«l ib«M: canons wetpo&fl to ihe British 

AfrU 10. Vifcutmt Maboi, V,-P. 

Uiris H. J. Tniina, Mq. Anlatant 
Dic«ctor of tbe United Service lBe(itu< 
ikm, KlticAaU Yard, waa elected a Petlon- 

WUliam \V hlncopp, csq.of Woodbridfe. 
<tfaibtted atuuicninft uruamekts, formed of 
brooie and other iBatrrialx, of earlj 
British tad RgvuB irotkiDau*bip, din- 
nrered ift Coldb«rt«r ud variou* puts of 
Qm CtnntieB of Bnex and 6«ffolk ; alao a 
tm hm of colOTmd drawing*, executed by 
Bmuj Aldridi, c(c|. whicb npreient 
onu «ad apechDMit of pottery of Tariona 
p«riod»i villi tinpl«ineiilj, and urBanKnte, 
dw «Me BTwUch aro in >tr. Wbliicopp's 

WiUin BroBwt, 1^. M.D. P.S.A. 
gdMted B rabbinit taken front an ineiMid 
■Mldurf alab. Kcentlj diioovered in the 
aStay AarA of Sdby. Yorkshire. It 
nfnavBta abbot Johii llArrHc, tr^lM in 
pOBtiftcBU. bia baoda onltod in itipplica- 
iLoB. Hid > cre^rplBeMl at Ub righiiide. 
AmndthBmsBafthc ilab it tbe IbUotr- 
tnc ti»cri|>tion : 

Fala )q[«&TO jacrt bk tollttrv Jmbanoca 
DSMrnD* Barvfcitt opm valdn boaii* ; 
Bw tMala tmtii* paator Uudabila cuitriU 
rrwbiu amafinm, itc ptnetnuiiu potum. 

Qai nbiil ij. k>L ApriLit, anao domiB) 
M.D. u*]. ogtu anine pnipteieUr Dear. 
Tlw BIBM of thia abbut ia Rirni by OaK> 
data M Bcrolcb, and by Burtoo a« Bfd- 
nick , on tW aitOwrtty oS Cudioal Wvltey'i 

John Virtue, nq. rmt for rsbibition 

C*>T. Ma*. Vol. XXIV. 

a frliMl-tock gUD, ofGcnaan nusufaeture 1 
The ttodi wu eUbontely camd, tbe 
barrel and lock inlaid with fold and ailTcr. 

W. V>*. Uoyil, e*q. coanauicated sn 
Eiaay upon tbo Kcrctd MoBuamt. one 
of tbe Xaothiao Marbles neently broofbt 
into thia country by Sir Charlei Pellovd, 
a portion of which wm reail, 

jtjirlt I'. Henry MaLlani, esq. V.-P. 
in tlie Chair. 

In jniritunce of ■ Re«olation of tbc 
Council, tbe Society piwxcdcd to the 
Hpulsion. by billot, of forty .tbreii Fcllowv. 
who wrrr in arrear of ttirir tutiacriptiotij. 
fur variaiM pniodj, extending frotn thrt* 
lo thirty yean. 

Heory Vint, eaq. F.S.A. exblblCcd a 
■Ball tnvnte figiire of JupiliT Tonana, 
rrcenUy ditcovetcd nnor bia residence, St. 
Mary'* Lodte, Cokbeiter. Ii wa* of 
very Aa* wi>rkinaaih)p, and in esnlleni 
prrMTvatioa. Mr. Vinl cibibitcd alio a 
dranrinjt rxrcnted by Mr. A. Snragtie, 
rc)imetilio( a ricbly oroaowntea anib, 
date (he elcientli or frtlflb cenltiry. dii> 
rorrrpd in pulling down the Old Moot 
Hall, Ike Bnrth Court of judk-ature ia 
Colcbuter.July, 1843. 

John Nieholi, esq. P.S.A. ciliibited 
a (!reek potiitiiig taken from a cbnrcb in 
the tiUnd of Znnte, and now in tbe poa- 
»eiaton of Jobn Gardner, eaq. of Toiling- 
ton Park, ilarnitey. 

Robrrt Cole, esq. connnuniciited an 
orI|[inal Letter fruni Edward Duktt of 
Sonierut. Protertor of tbe Kealm, ad- 
dresMd to SirTbonaxCticyBcorTborley, 
Treaanrer of the bouieJiold, and I>ord 
Warden of the Cintjiir Porta, daietl Anfuit 
12, 1M9, This letter garo iofonnitlaD 
that tbe Krench King. Henry It. had 
declared war against Edward VI. and 
required the Warden to t;l*e order, with 
aitpoa^tblc speed, to all porta of tbe coonly 
uf Kcot. and other pUen of bi* juriidit^ 
tion, to keep good nard in all plaMB 
where the enemy toiifU land ; alto to laj 
bands on all nerchandiM! and thipt be- 
loogifig to Frrnrkmrti, and to bcqi iherr 
neraoos in anf e cnitady- In a postcripc 
be aouDBBeed tb)t hisMajeiLy i:Bv<..|)eeBe« 
to ail his anliiifiGs to arm ihemAetres and 
their i-csmI*, "and to make pryM of anj- 
Frenchmena wanea." 

Bnxli W. Diamond, esq. P.S.A, sent 
for exhibition to the Sodrly. by tbe per- 
■Uaslon of Mcaar*. Smitli, of Li^lr-3trc«t, 
•neral works by Masn Finisuem, the 
intentor of the art of tskti^ i(nprca»iona 
from cngraTcd ptalaa. TbMB apecfmena 
were formerly (a tb« nOeetioa of Sir 
Mnrk Sykci. The most vnlnable of tbeag 
prodiKtioDt was aa original 9>ilrcr pat, 
reprtseDting tb« Virgin entbroMd, bol4 


British Arckmtlagktti AMtotialton. 


iaf tlu la/ut Sniour on bur loMW, and 
aunvaded bj aagih tai fmafa idids. 
It b B etraioe axunpb of Uh vt tanotd 
■jrffo, (lenutinii tbe bUck wtn p odihw i *ritli 
which U» Hum of oofnTid pltlM wen 
filled njt. And it wm probkblj etMUted 
before A. U. HM. Another pu, tka 
work of Pinigneni, lira fows after tiwl 
(Utf. cxiiU intbeohnrdt orSunOtmanai, 
M norancc, and a aulpbur imnrvMliHi 
tnm it ispnwTT«d In ibe Orititlt Miuswi. 
Tbi: uIto- pu now «xhibita4 mimoti 
300 funea* il tlu mIt of Sir Haji S|k«*'« 
ooUoctiaD i u> fanoreMlnn of U ii kixiaii 
to din, but ■ ac-«imlle wu «ieoat«(l 
Uid psblUbvd UDilrr the directian of the 
Ute Mr. Chtlsy. WUU Hit: ]iaK wtrctx- 
hiUted Ibroe ■alpfanr innrcMoaaB tnm 
■Uovr plMn esgnvod bv tiaigvem, pn- 
Mn»d b tlu elapd of Uu eanvEBt of (to 
CuuUoll. at PloRooej tlM hi 1»- 
prcMlOB on pa|»v, pnibaUjr tbe earlual 
qwcinni in riiMenoe. Mr. Ouley. ill 
«hOM coUcctiun this intcrcstiBg work nf 
art foraerly wm, copaidand it to bav* 
bNM (mkan off about A.0. 1440 ; it tuh. 
mvmMI V ouM Into tto nnimainw of Hit 
Mark SvK«a, and at U*nm wm panbaaed 
bV Mr. Woodbora for 300 goinM. 


Tbe follewiiiit on cxlnrti fro» tbr 
■raoHdliifi of tbc Catral ConUHitaae, 
pil:^AedlBthw-Jo«tniol.Ntt.Vl. (Con. 
liuud Aoui onr bat Mi«ulo«^ p. 91 .) 

Jforcik ^ Mr. Joba FarkbMn oooi' 
■maAoated » rabbin^ taken on UMk papar 
from a iviiuliiliral hruu In momorf ot ■ 
■pMwwIih of York, who died a.d. 1«I4; 
It lUuttstad tbe anciMt prMliM nf tfoM- 
Miio( famtlr araa with tiiuae of muni* 
cipal gnlUU or oompanbo. 

Dr. Bronct eoouDunkated a letter bam 
Mr. Alfred 6. Tijlor, ProfMMr of Cbc 
mirtry at St. TImidos'i lloapit*!, painlii^ 
out tba iajwrr tnm otldation di»« to 
br«Ma which uk bceoma dotacfaed from 
aepklcbrsl alnba, by tt-fi^it^ tbcaa ■■ tbc 
uMtricoa with iron iiaib. aud iwoaatad 
that braaa-haodad Jto»* iiaibt tkoM Im 
oaed. or that tha iron abtmld be aoldered 
to tbe back 4if tbr braaa, in oaae it were 
ohj'<4ioii>bla to drill a hole thmnirh tbr 
latter. Mr. Taylor aidd«l that he had 
fonnd M>in« braaaea (4 tbc bftEnUb cm- 
tnr; Uid down with bard pilch ooljr, whlHi 
on «x«aiiaation hod appanntljr all the 
properties of eoaiBioB pitch, aod Wia m 
fit for baiig ro-eaiplojed aa when ficat 

Mr. Predervck OoTrr fiblbllod a anall 
psftuncd boll COB^OMd o( earthy or me. 

talUe natter, iodoMd in a hif U}-*roa|U 
ailter ftligr«a eaaa. moMad on i tripod- 
atsod, whidt be eoncatred to have bean an 
■ppaiMlaiS to a totleile table of iho aix- 
kaoth oettmrr. Tbe chancier of tba w- 
aaaaeal afipcared to diow that k wu of 
oriottal wnrknunahip. 

Mr. John Wright, of the Templa, ea. 
hihilMl an hnprMakm (rw tto aaal of 
John Pbchom, fonod at 8l. AncnatiM'a 
moHterr, Caaterbwr; tba anh»«cl of 
tto AsfioB-ma tto Holy LMah, aorrjiac 
a buscrol enaigned with tba eroaa. 

Hr. W. H. Clarke, of York, oouoaa- 
ninted inpmrioiu at Roman ooina, foaad 
la the garWBa within tbe ancient walla of 
York, tateadiM Crom Bkchtnfa't' "> 
Mlckkvrta Bar. b 1044 aad IMfr. Mr. 
Clarke itatad that oeio* wore froMoatlr 
ftaaad In tiiMe prdna on the eurfMa ^ 
tbe mond, partJoalafly after rain, and, at 
Uw depth of two or three feet, ut trench- 
iai. The piecea to which hia pieaent 
foaiiaaaidatMn related are third b«aa eoiaa 
or CoRBtaatte Um Gr«t. Muunliua, 
MubdniK and Caraoaiiu (?) 

Mr. Popiter coataaaBlcalcd n dravloc 
of tbe foat in O0a| Chv«h, Hoflfcrd- 
■btre. It U of Deoovatad ebaracler (daM 
about A.D. 13M),andpce»anta«B«aMapla 
of uouauol and beaatinl dealfB {m^mnt 
bi Arrb. JooiwU, It. p. tftt). 

Mr. W. HyltoQ Loo«tf»fl. of Thlrak, 
forwarded aeou architeclural aotaa on 
OarUn(ton «kd Xirby.Wlaka abanliM. 
(prbited ihid.) 

Mr. Sanoe) Blrob eammaaieatad a 
notioe of a larfe ooUectioa of Ccltk' anti< 
qvitieo, coaaiatii^ of ttnttf. c*lt», arrov> 
heoda, and knimo of pTrotaachmM ailM, 
with BOOM atoae beada, and aietaUio oak- 
beada, ftand oUcily la tbe oovatiaa of 
Tyrone and Antrim. TbcM ruaaiaa wcft 
flOtlacted by Mr. Flnnaghnn, a f[«BllfniaD 
■ttadhad to the Itiab »Mfvy, and were 
oninlred. ia the jear IM4, by the Briiiah 
Muieum. A houk-iha)red btonrn inplo> 
mcnt, uf wbirk a raprcaentaticn b gieaa 
m the Arch. Jourtiil. p. IM, aopoart t« 
be a kind ot faU, or pmnhipneok. It 
maanura tour indiea and tkr«4;-^«artcf» 
from the fjirctnity of tbe blade to tbc 
back of tba socket, iato wliich the handle 
waa tnanted. end tied by a rhet. Thll 
tnitrtuamt oai I'duiiJ, nt ibv (le|itb of atl 
fret, in a bu^, in tlvc i icInUy of the mosn- 
toiQ ran(te,t*to miles c)ul(n>m ItiUyf awlsy, 
in tbe ooanty of I'yronc. A aomewbat 
Uifer inatrument of tbr kind, bat wUb a 
dittntnt aockot. hi rnmHBted In ito 
Dnblln Penny Journal, vol. I. p. IW. 
Kcar BaJlyaswley, co. Tyrone, wna binnd 
a iwar-bcadmiaauriDg aix Incbea Infeagth, 
and baviai; oa cither lulo o( tbe nclMt a 


BritTik Archtgologicat Aiaoeiation. 

km^t-^na^ pnjeetioii, peribntod in 
wte CD MtBch it. b; menu ot k alrap or 
«a*d> t* the iluft. TWa, with two ntfan 
bnnn ipou'-luMdK, of nuuVKblo Tom, 
An»mro4 h tU Ids </ Mu nnd near 
VorawCn. B iIbo vngnTMl in the JoaraaX. 
Aprit 9. Dr. Bromct rthibit«<l im- 
fWwi uM rftfcwKfcDCiwli. TlirAnt 
«■■ ban ■ rihOTBBtrta afdrenbr form, 
to the f W Bi w ' aa cTHr. E. O. Wrighto, 
ti Uenlbrd ; it h flfcargad wttb «a a- 
cntrlwoii «f araw (Uum Uotu ]MMnat 
ffiurcUnt} lorMKsinl by the legend ijf, S' 

BAUIVaaVMlClOtTATtl: llxilKrQltDIK. 

Th* deaign »Hin» tu ItnUcotc ttui ifaU 
BBtfix MM ccti in Che tine of EUwanl III. 
wBjchftrdll. TheaoeoBdwu&drcuUr 
•nl, of TeT7 elepnt daigD, buriag on two 
*cr«Il* ihe MUM daigc Rvsmaptirn. 
Hip matiix li imscmd In ifae muMum u 
TpHc. imI ifPpcMs to h»n been cni about 
IbettiBeofHewjV. (Itiadngravediulb* 
GeadMua'a H^utnc fat April 1330). 
Tbe tUrd U mi oral teal, faumbed Si. 
etLLTU. Ba»KaTi.TiMi.Kr. Archidiac: 
BuKxsM : with fa «acal«hmn at anni, 
tafc n't 1m»4 ami. bftveen three cna- 
laMa,) and above it tUi <lnii:«,— UKuing 
froai doikita • dnter Brtn gjtsyia^ an 
olm-tirwob, BMltv. — V| in ilic noBifaiina. 
SlAm Siilor, aeranUas to Villi*, wna 
•oDitori AnMekMS of Bit ia I60U, Mid 

Mr. Ckarica Vutrtoo, of tlw TcatpU, 
C W TOB l catrt aoRic acflonnt oftbe ataionl 
|lia at Kiupdmra chnrcfa, Krot, btolj 
(^dml al tbs Hptn»« uf Mra. Ann 
Oolyc*, vt FMauDfhaiB. (Sae tha Journal, 


A btlB wa* read from the Rot. W. 
Drah«i of CoTntry, r««[>Mlln{ a braaa in 
tt> alnnb of LAU|litoa, near Gaiaa> 
horoM^ b ia llw figura of w kni^t 
plaoaf vndv o hemitiful triple cmaopf, 
aa4 Sea 00 an altar -lonb at the rut cod 
af Oi MWtfa ai^lr^ Frocu tlir iMhioa of 
Aa a no awr Mr. Dnka ascribed it* di(e 
to tho cloee of the fourteaitb, or the fini 
tawUf ytmn of the dflMnth, centarT : ft 
pnawta aeafceljr an* pointa of ^ffmnice 
■a i WMiwd wilh the brau of TlMiawm 
Baaaehaap, at St. HiLTj'*. Warwick, dan 
I4<l. BDd that of Sir miliam Bagot. at 
h g lBl aQ, Warwkkthifc, dolo 1 107 ■ The 
tiijihiriuH. hovcw, eonwmantea WU> 
Sam OaBaoB ea^iiv, «bo died in l&U, 
tti O aot g t hia aoa and lidr. who died in 
IMi^ rikowini that tbe Oaliwiu vor- 

XUoaalj appivfimlad tho tomb and 
r af aona evikr Inffht tebc thdr o«« 
aMMoriaL Mr. Dr»ke instaiKwd, a* a 
iwailar aaamlo of nlMppropriatioa. the 
Wiaa ia Uowdra Cbudi. Yorlubiro, 
vtkli forpvrta lo be au cffij; uf Peter 


Dolnait, etq, who died itf IG3I, Intt la 
maMifbatlj to be reftrrnl (o the ccrliar 
part of tfaa pCMedfaif centBry ; thtt plate 
on wbicli the iittcriptiaa b engniTod kig 
liD«« on Iho rwrtraa wUoh prote it to hats 
hrtn a portion of a tanlB A^tti. pro- 
bably tbe wife of tbe knight wbuK' ift,n 
now r^reaenta Pttrr Dolman. Anoiber 
cxauplo ta sopptinl bf the braaa of Pfter 
Rede, Knt. ia tbe obarafa of St. Pcicr 
Manoraft. Norwich, who b Haled in the 
kgead tohateaanedtbeBnpatorCharba 
V. Id thn coa^wat of Barbuia uid at Iht 
•ieie of Tvnb, aad to hare died ia I&68, 
bat tbe umonr of tbe figure i» at Ie«at a 
liUDiUvd jrcars eaihcr than thia daiet a 
ni|iK iwitatiion of thia inn aujr faa aeaa 
In CotBaa'a Bimmb. T« tkeaa it to ba 
added tbe liosalBr intlaotv of the Wjtt* 
tilci turned into Dyraa, at Broaahaui eo. 
ttnia, Dotieed to tbe Topograpbcr and 
Oeneaki^, vol t. p. 139. 

A letter waa read, adili taaaJ Cnun Mr. 
Beojaaiia fmnf, datailiiv aone reoeat 
diacoTviiea at Bongbtoa Uonae, No(tb> 
■mptoaatdre, the leat of the Dake of 
Baedeacb, cbivllf ervcted in tbe Iibm of 
Ralph Dukv of Mootag*. ambnaaador to 
tbe court of Lewii XIV.. bj Prter PugH, 
with a^aif-% by Dc Vrnio. Mr. F«rt«y 
dcujribrd Ibe more andent port of Iha 
Urwctoro. Abor* Uu ooIUb; of the btQ 
paiated tf De Veem bo found an oak 
foof of mod beaotifiil dcnga, aad in good 
preaariatioD- The prladpai taftera w«r« 
conaceted villi alalwrilalgr moaUad cured 
liabera wblrb fotiaad an arch aader thn 
OoUar>beani«, like the. roof of tbe archt- 
•piaoopal ball at Cruydou, «iul tin; hall at 
Abbey >Itlton, DoneC. There was ao 
appearance of a loovrv, and JaMleed aunj 
bu^ halb af tbia date Mt» withoot aiu^ 
fealufM. Tbe epaadreb above tbe collar - 
baaau an filled with nricd tneery. Tbe 
ar«hcd braeet under the purliaa arc ciiaped, 
and the faeaa of tbn lower range orna- 
mented aooipletdr «-itb sank quatrefoUa. 
and othar aarlees. At oue end of the 
roof ia a coaplet window, now blocked 
en, and at theoAorenda trefotlcdwiodow 
of verr pbaring dndgB i the chancier of 
Ibu tattte atodow b nUaatlr eeeleilM< 
tical, and both by Ha Spno and awuldinB* 
may be nlearly laaJgnad to aa earlier data I 
it In a window of very good eariy Ih)co< 
mted faro, probably taken from Ifae 

The RcT. B. Bdclicr, of Wtat Tbted. 
Uents, cMaBoaaieated aone additional 
paiticulari rqardiog the efaarch at Warn* 
ford, la tbe (atoe eeoaty, to aoow paon- 
Uarictei of whicb the Cownlttaa bad been 
dirrvted by the Rev. Attbar Haaaer, al 
mtotioaed lo April, p- Sf«. Hr. M^ 


Dridfh A>r1k96hfi(at Jiitofkllio*t. 


statad tbM in tllfl couiLcro wall, witbia 
tkr poivh, •od j\M over ihe " ooiuttTa- 
tioD MMit" mcntiaucd tiv Mr. Huwf, 
b «n in*rribpd toue with Iha following 
IflHrnd!— "WitmiT rtryDAvnr, BOMug 
Abam kknotatit." laUMiMirtlunivall 
i«k •Mond ioMribol itone. nfaich hM (uf* 
flmd ttaiu tilt- iajurin n( titn*, Bod tbr 
Icileni Hppar to bare httn reu«i:hed, 
Mr. Urkltrr rc*d tkr intrhpltoo Uiiui — 
1^ ADAM : ut : roHTV : rknkdicat : 
MOLt* : AM : MKTV : ukmh ; CKTcm : 
SIOKAfA : (a ! aVO) HVM I IIC ^ R)l> 

NOVATA I Tbcw Icfendi «t'P*''^^r 
ivcsrd tittt rebuildiug, l>y AtUni iln 
Purlii, nf a churcb fontidnl at Warn- 
fordl^ Wilfrid, oa Mr. Wrndkam (up- 
pOMd. bcnrecn th» jetn CIS and 6M. 
Al«hKObt«ia.> to), t. p. 3ti3.> Tbcrbave 
b«va (ii«n, out ioaCL-nratfly, bj Biabop 
OflwoB in hi* addtriona to CamOni, and 
^7 t'fKO* >■> "is SyUos* of tbr rcnaininit 
aatkuilie toacriptiMia nbtirr tuUic rnv 
tiOQ of oar En|lbh churchtP. (Biblio- 
ibMt TiWBg. Briiann, No, all. pp. I). 
IS.) Wilfrftd, arrtibidiop of York, dntcn 
ham bia »« bf Kgfiid. the kiftg of Nor- 
UniaibrU, aewniiiMt lo B<sle'a u«rralii>n. 
yUU/bA Ome f»ria, anJ prcicUeil ihr doc- 
Mmi of CbtiMMnit/. alioiil A.D. (i?!!. 
No Bart of the itntitiK buildina can Im 
attributed, at Mr. Bi-ItbiTubaerrcd, lo tbat 
maiy period : tlw toirer af>|i«r« to be lli«< 
oldest portion. Il is well built r Ihe lowrr 
mMlowa, ai wril at ihr cimiUr onr* in tlw 
Mfrf, arr ■playnl. ami (h« intrado* of Ilia 
KCBl window if aupportcd oit two ilcndrr 
ataafta. wilh foliatrd capiiab. Tho atrmi- 
dicnlar »tA a|>p«ara ncrc, bat the arrh 
boiNven the lower and nato b potiiiiNl, 
oarruponding with the sidf window*, and 
may liatu brvit tbe work of Adam do 
Fortu.wbopuaafamd tbcloi-<Ubi]nif Wnm- 
ford dnring tho relitna nt Henry II.. Ri- 
chard I., and John. (Dned. Bar. i. 41(3.) 
Tbe p««a«n( nave. ^Ir. Bclebcr obaat-rrd. 
ia alxiut (our fi-Kt broailcr than that wbteb 
waa bailt at lh« »aiB« linifi ai ibn tower, 
aa may bo imh by foiutdaUoiu at Ibe 
aouth-eiut corner uf the tower. 

April Z3. Dr. BroinoC eibibitrd draw> 
rngt erf a diatenper raiatiiii: lately du- 
ooTfRd ia Cmrdon amrdi, fcarrey. it 
repreatnli St. Cteiitopher, and ia painLed 
on (bo aonth wall, oppaaitc to the north 
door. On tbe left of iba aaint arw (mr 
ftpirei of a kiiiK and qnecti. inleoded, o* 
Ur. lindfay. Ihe near of Croydon, an;- 

Cd, lo rcprcfCBt Edward III. and 
ppa. The drawltifa etlitblted wrjo 
n«de bj Mr, G. Noble and Dr. Brmoet. 

^Ir, TlioiDa* Cbai)ai,orMaidBtOBp(«t* 
bibltcd. by Dr. Bromet, a fregmcat of ■& 
■AoMidtilerinud u Boila; kbtof, IUu< 

The R«». \V. Grey, of AUiiijtoa, Wilt- 
•bin, comaauDieatrd a reprcwntation of 
two memorial eaculcliMds, wbieh are to 
ha aetn at Amoabiirj churcb, acoompaninl 
by aoBM cooiectum ia tt^rd li> tti«ir 
Import. Tbe caat «k1 of tbe cban<:el wa.<i 
rebuilt about tbe lime of KJBf Henry VI 1 , . 
and the eait window Ita* a labrl-moiildinj; 
lupportcd on either ride by cvrbi:!*, in (he 
form of an^b beariof rornlchruiiM. BotJi 
r«L'u(cbeDn» ara charged wtib a aioaOKrain, 
which b fomed of red aod black Itic ia- 
laid in the atene. This monogram <[■- 
peara to be eontpoccd u( the iniliab 1. U. 
anil K. D. Un the ibicld, pla^-ed un tbe 
nnrtb tide, tba letter* ar« forniedofted 
tile, and ihc [. D. it tied to tbe K. D. by 
a blnck band, as if to Imply thai tbe tiearrfit 
of earthly ties arc but mortal. On the other 
■birltl Ihe initial* art Uaek. » if to ahow 
tbe death of the par^. tlM btad bdng 
tocicd ; but it I* repmnttcd ai red. to 
iiiliiDair llial llicir l>ivc had nol been en - 
lirvlynncnclied by tbe band of death. Tlieie 
eacutctteoii B nxuiiorr 10 In. by 6, and 
preiwnt a (inf(ular ciunule at the use of 
baked clay in ex temat deco radons. Tlu 
fgrn of tbe cacntcbcona and of tb» Ifttm 
eorrcapond wttb Ibe period of tbe erecUoB 
of tbe iMiUinf. There ema be little doubt 
that Ibeae oruarnenta »#«• the meninrlali of 
a bone&rtorand of htn wife, who rontri- 
holed to thf: n-btuldin^' of (he cban<.-el. 

Mr. Dirrh. of the Bnfiab Ma»cum, ooai* 
niuniraled lo the Comniilliy a dnoiriK of 
a peculiar barrcl-ihaptJ tah of pale red 
ware, raeaaurin; in beiKbt about K in.. 

tre^rtited Ut (he Itriliah Muwum. in IfUS, 
J the RlBht Hon, C. Sliaw Lettrrt, 
Speaker of (be tlouir of Commnni. Mr, 
Rireh aiatcd that the efiKiueer of Ihe South- 
Wratrm Railway, Mr, Albinoa Martla, 
Informed Mr. Lefevre that thit ra>c was 
round in the winter of IH^y in (he rhalk 
cutting, alxMit -IDO yards eait of Ihr 
Reading-road bridgr, in the pariah of 
BasinKstake. at a depth of fVoin three to 
torn feet from llie aurfoee. With tbe 
barrrl were ditooiercd al>o jinrla of four 
'itber vnwrlt, a akiill, nrid ■time Imtnan 
bones, «p|ian;atly the remain* of a female. 
An incffiNtual search waa made for caiu. 
Mr. Bircb obKrred that Mr. I^ong. of 
Pamhnni, bai ciinjeeCurrd, ib a pauphloT 
pntstely printed, that the Vindoninm of 
tbo Hrtmaai wis not at Silchcstrr. but Sl 
a prtiot nearly iitetitical with that wbne 
llu-ae reoiatus aere found. 

Mr. Ktelyn !■. Shiclry. >T.I>., rxhlbiled 
a remarkably perfect maier bowl of Ihe 
time of Richard II. Tbe bowl fi formed 
of swas U^t and tnotikd xood highly 
poUsbod. probably ruaple, with a bro*d riio 
«( lilrer gill) rovad |be eztsrior of wbictt, 


Srittth Ank^mlogiait Aifoeiation. 


on a batched gnmndt i> the fnllowin^ 
lnuid in chanden *U{hll; raUcd — 

9m t(pr itdim of tit mniie 
flltt tic hvv anil Otinli ta mr. 

Mh Ilod|kimoBi of Eut Acton, nh- 
miaei to Ibe inspecbon of th« Commiltcr 
» Sm PnlUr of thr Uttrr pvl of llie Uth 
omlanr : co *)>^ ^^^i f^'''^ *^ cmblDzantd 
tlte Arms of CUre and Knf:liin<t. The iaU 
tUl letten an l«rg«. ubiI of u di?«in> un- 
cotncnoo io Enftutt MSS. >ff. Ho(Jk- 
kiDMa taitd tbat fran tho occumnre of 
the autofTSpli of " RAbert Hnrv. I&GI," 
ea chs Unt fiilio. be baJ been M to oon- 
jMt«p» ih«t UkF voJuiM Duy Lave oooe 
DdDnnd lo tbe cttbedn) of Uruxtia, u 
tlte Hare* of Drrtinhinr wtn caaaectt4 
•ilh tbe Camllr of' Bitbop Wataon, th« 
iMt Ronan Catholic prrlaw of tbal tee, 
irfaa ftn aerfral rflict apptrtunhis to hi* 
eaibednl to the tmmte Robert Han. and 
■mOBftt Ibm tbe ring of St. Catbb«rt. 
la tb« nlmdar ii a memofanduai of die 
obit of Sir JoliTi GUtud, in 1348.— Mr. 
Uodgjdnson cihihitrd alao a walking Malt 
ewredwith acaltndirin Runic characters, 
Ibe date of w-blch » ptobabljr about tb«i rnil 
Af tbe •tXIeeolli CLtitary, uul a bmnit! 
tankanl, tiiiboaiwid with llie repreaeDtation 
s( a batr bunt, of about tho mat daUt. 
mA vf G«rataK vorlcBiaMbip. K detailed 
aeeOMBt tt a aimiUr oUff. «rtlb repreaenta- 
lioaa of thr tymbola. ha* bwii t<tibli»l>ed 
by Jos Votf. fonncrlr KorwcipBii Coruul 
at Loodon, niukrtbn following titir: Rn- 
nakrfii. ie Kuoic Rim>Slock,ouCnlmdrier 
RiiDi<|u<>. Paiu. 1^0. 

Mr. VTay laid before lb« CoKunittea a 
akRtcbof a tinfular ciatnpleof coiutrac- 
don, loebnkallj tcrraed "jogxiiti);, " at 
wMeb mae mMlna are to be Km ia the 
Aald e« ttH MMtfa rida of tbe na*a of 
Teoknbarf abbey cburdi (aigniTed in tbe 
Janraa], p. 19D-> 

.1 lFit«f «u rent, addrosod by Mr. 
B. U. ?. Mintj^. of Norwlck. to Mr. Bant- 
well, in rtfrrrnc*^ lo the ii^nry ocraiiuutti 
to St, 3uLum'» chiiTcb in lh:it city, hj tbs 
UI of Ibe out end -of the duBceL Mr. 
Htttty ttatetl ibat there appeared lo have 
bteu a •ettleiBnil in Qu chancej.arcb, 
partlf cnoaad, perhaps, by the prcatore of 
Uw Mecple aad clmreh, which ia batlt on 
lb* aide of a hill, and partly from the 
cnatOB pr^raillaK ia Nurwicb of dixgliMt 
mtta dupn la llw foundation of thr 
MOiUaf. SeTcral yvart ainoe. fbo rut 
Ktadow felt ont, wbrait ira* paiilj blorkrri 
u^ «BdaB uqsiRblly tme iiiH!rt«d. Mr. 
HintT ohiw i ad ibu in tbe erent of the 
(kuu tdag iHUrcd. ic ia propoied to re- 
opealheNatiBnn door««]r oo tbeaootbaide, 
*oi«k k va^rtieH ia Ha ArduroloKia, 

vol. Kii. p. 174. It is to be repotted. 
Iiowcver. that little of the niouUin(s ibtra 
ddineatnl have eacaucd (be dcntrwititB 
cdcrtii of time and the *ialrnce of man. 
Tbe ovtcr moulding tt entirelj naao t It ia 
diflioult to asoertaln wbat tbe aecond baa 
been ; and only a amalt portiait of tbe 
innn- mouMing is perfect. Tbe door baa 
been bricked np, and tbe eartii bat aoen- 
muUtful to within IbrM futof tbeabseoa. 
Aa Cbere !■ a ptMiibililj of the cbureb 
belofK dMlroyed, Mr. MInty forwarded the 
diii)en«Jonii of it, aa nearly as hr could as- 
crttain thi-m, liengtb of tbe rburch 30 ft. ; 
breadth IT (t. i tbiokiwM of the wait .1 ft. ; 
iBDcUt of tbe chancel, about 18 ft. t thick- 
neaa of the east wall, abou 3| ft. ; height 
of tower, lo the bnttr*^*, ahonl 56 ft. ; 
diun. interior of f;rouiMl. floor of tower, 
about 13 tt. ; thicknct* of ibe wall 4 IV. 
The cbnrch, whi«h u sappoied lo bava 
bcenctrctrd before or soon after tbe Con- 

fneat, ia lilod, and tbe cbaooei tbat«bed. 
t cantalns a oeat perpeadlcnlar (iiM. of 
tbe style comnKMi in Norfolk, oroamented 
with panels nil«d ■Itematrlj with tba 
ciablcniR of ibe four evnngelisia, aod 
anMls benring •hiebh. 

Mr. Minty called the sttentiaD of the 
Coaomlttev to tbe oonteraplated dettmc* 
tion of a cvrtimf aneimt building in Nor- 
wich, "containing." as be «y», "the 
moil perfect ipccimms of an old hall and 
fuircsse I bate yet seen in ttiis part ot 
ibc county ; it ia ntuatadoot far from tbe 
site of the former palace of the dukos of 
?torfullc, but nolhin; I belierr is kiMnrn 
of iti orifitnal biitory : it is only nen- 
tioDad ia the records of the place as tbe 
* Strangen' ilall,' And Is snppoicd to hare 
been occn|igerl by latcb vucati asconld not 
be aecoBuuodaled In Uie dvke'a palace. 
Formerly, and ercn within the rccoUcetioB 
of some of tbe olilc-it inhnbitants of the 
town, it was used a* tlir Judps' lodgings, 
Tbe [iToperty belonrs to the Roman On- 
thalleaof Nonrlfh, and the wfiole la to 
he liken down, for the iitiniOMof erecting 
a eharch aiid conrent. Itep mentations 
of psris oftliebtiitiliucbave boeueugra*ed 
by .Mr. Niuluim, an artist of Norwich, who 
will shortly pnblish an dehaag of the in- 
terior of the nail. 

f'7^ Ae eimlmatd.J 

Ponptii. ^Soioa di*fO*rri«s of iatefeit 
bare been maiie In taie cxcsratians at 
I'omprii. particularly an ritrnsire Ne- 
rropolix. Beside oi>R of tbr grareii there 
is a sew, and oicr it ii itiserilwd Clwaint, 
Dntunvir and Tribune of Pooviieii. This 
ii a family name hitherto unknown. Near 
U is a tnonument of finr (ircetan marble, 
tiobly leolptarcd 


Uorsa or Lokds. 

Ah 23. Oo the nabon of L»nl 
JBWl»*<w tbr Small Daiim Bill mi. 
md ■ Mcooi time. 

Jmu i*. hart stamity monA the «• 
casd twdtaf of tb« Ibihm Tt9f*itT*' 
COMrUMATiOM Bill.— TW Mar<iiMM af 
iMiimdmrf sud h« had la kis \kU a 
pnUft aiinM k^ thirtr.tix pMn, OMt- 
plilifac if the aocaiare, m dtMraatMC af 
tha rinto of ptopartj. In hi* opuuDo, 
tba Bu oootnaad Mna ■»•( otqeetlmabla 
elmei. It weuUbomdibattvtolHve 
Irelud to henotf Ami Io ftona waaHna 
auckM tUt agaiaat Iha Undad Intanat. 
Tba Nobla Lord Mwhdad bj nadiac the 
mtait, and iu|a w u>J Us nost dMidad 
hOMtilitjr towuda tb* Bill.— The Diik* of 
iUcAiMti^ ahoitU (ttppon the Bill, bvcaaaa 
of the oomiKUMtian tt afforded to lenaala. 
ila oftljp nvretled tliat it coald uut )ie 
extended to England. Tba dibata waa 
mndaard at aooM feogth : tin Hg«M tbm 
AMded, when the miniten worn, for the 

Msowl tmiliOK, 44 ; a^titt it, 34 ; ma> 

jority, 14. 

/mh 26. TIm stooad niding of the 
EagUah Lakdlokd as-d Tvnant BUI 
«o» BOied by Lord Pnrhmam, oiul oppiaed 
fc w Lorda Jtaai i wawf, A^^Hnn, ami 
yt amcW . It «M nippOTtwl bv tba 
DokM of SHekmuA and CBrMlaad, but 
teal on a divuHon, tbera being 7 (6i the 
aecond readioK aod 1 1 against it. 

J^f 1 . Lord Wh9r%t{ifft anored the 
third reading of Paopaarv i>« Mdbkcm* 
fee. Bill. — Lord HrtMgkwm thoaght that 
if an actloa oT trwpaaa had heea bnaictit 
IB the oaae whkh gave rf ae l« the Rill (the 
frartBTe of the Portlaad Vaa^. the gm»; 
l>eraoo w^ouM have been aoacieatljr |>a- 
airted.— After boim diac na rtoa. |l was 
8grr«(l tlwttli^peABltjt tbriaM he Impriion- 
tnent for a tcmi ni*l Fxcevdins lii njautba, 
with hard labour, or (irirate whliipiag. 
Hh BUI waa Id that Mate rcid a thini time 
asd paated. 

Jiatyd. The i*rd Chancrllnr moied 
the aeiaoBd mding at the Jdaou (Irk> 
k>MD) Bill, ialmdcd to provtda for th« 
fair and tin|<«fli>l aelectioti of jvran in 
Irriaad. Read a aecond thna. 

A/y7. The Karl of .iftfrdlMi iDored 
theaecoBd readiagof tha BaA.xtiJi Slaw 
Tkabs Bill. The eflset of the neanuv 
wnld b« to eofbrec dw Ant afticla of tba 
treatr of IB2C, whiah aawted tbat miMn 

tbraa jmn attar tlte laeltoatiDn of the 
tnau autgaeta of BraaU tradli| ta alaiaa 
abonld ba tnalsd aa plntaa. lUa artick 
had been hltharte rendnad aofatary by 
tba appolNtaMal of naiaed cmuuHMaa to 
try oOenden. aluth had tahaa lb* laalMr 
oat of tbe inrijidiadoo of tha Ad^r^ 
Cottrt. la iacit, afar afaiea tba eaaahaiiB 
of As treaty k had beea if if MlMHy 
TJolatad by the Bfaaaiaa Oonntfaaat, «IM, 
tbuu^ tbcy admitted jti TalLd^jr, bad iai< 
pcdcd lU uecation by onry Bkaana (n 
tbett powar. The BiH «aa nad a aeeoid 
tiasa.— Lard i»ei»*a a i thea moved tha 
aaeood reading of the BQl te (ha Aaau- 
snitTaATioN or CaiHurAaJaartcs. B7 
Ibit ateaMuaitwaa p rofKieB d tofaapoo 
OMtaia pUeaa aa aaaice-taniii, mt vbicb, 
aa M tha Cntnd Cfininal Court, aU rri- 
■oacfi witbhi a mtaia eimit ahoala be 
tried. — Lord CampUll thoagbt a eon* 
aoUdaliea of the kiad wnUd be very baaa- 
fieial, bat that the natter aboaU aM be 
jaceeed foraard thla aeaaiaa. Oreac ad- 
laalage atmld be derifed from tlie »^- 
polntairat ofa new coaa ttia aion, with powvr 
to iBt|uire into the whole i^'ect. Hid to 
re>diTid(- tbe andse dUtrlet* of Bocbind 
and I rvliuiil.— The Lorrf (ftaaealler con- 
curred in Die upceuily for a new aoat- 
Biiaabn.— Lord bnvfkmm, ttm tha da- 
daratloa aade by tba Lord ChaMcUor, 
woold *ot pnM the Rtlt any fiartber. 

Jmiy 15. Lord &(«ii/fy auaounced that 
it was not bid iaUmtiivn to proceed further 
with lite laiMiiTaNAMTa'COMPaiiaArtos- 
tlill thin M-Juion. —The E*rl af CUrwmAm 
moved a twaUthm ralativa to tha SosAaa 
or Cl'Ba Aim I^bbto Kico, to the tAct 
tlait ibe frndnre of Bpain and het eolonjaa 
■honld bn idniiUnl on lbs nana tErm* aa 
that flf ibe moat favoared nationt, — The 
Eart of ^mdma waa aa atroogly im. 
prenaed with tbe neoeaaity of ndlicriiig 
•crupnlowlv to the oameaunta of treatiea 
as tbe DoUe Earl cMli be. bat ha ooaU 
not help Eupecliag that Tary UtUe wonlrf 
ba*e been heard of tUe Spaateh rlaioi. 
bad it not btea for tba gaanl polirT of 
the riovrrumaot on the angar qtmathra. 
The llfKisr iliiide<l, Ayr», 14 ; Now. 2H. 

Hosss or Coiwoiia. 

JwwSi. Mr. timtl roae to ■ahnltB 

ReaohatoP, " That ibe eourae parawd by 

Graat Brihnn aince 18U f^ tha npf**- 

Bion of tUc Slavi TaAoa bai bcea at. 


ProeitdUgt in ParUamMi. 


nadsd bjr « Urge cxpatibtura of the p«blu; 
anvr;, ud hj Miim* Imk of Itfc to tke 
ninl Ti^rciei of tlUa coBBtiy, lal tbU It 
bu not Btiticated Ae fcotTun of the MM* 
Sk Fmng t, nor droialilwd tlM este&l of 
th* tnOe b riKTM." He orald oot e«l- 
c«kte tba Bunbcr of Ure* Binofig bU own 
eOKBtrjrwKD ■■nualljr aacrifi«ed to Ihit 
wriMi lyilB i , bvl tlw outlaj of moncj 
rikn IScit had uiDimted to 17.000,OIX».. 
mi jct Uk uumI nport of ib*M wm 
■ow not ha* Uhd 200,000. It wu not 
Ui dutr (o find a rvnedy for sgdi a 
viecelwa tote of thinp, but if h« wen 
ukedlbroH Iw waulil H7, " Withdraw 
f oar er^Mtn tn>m the ouut of Africa ; 
tbejr SIC prodvetive of nothing bat evil — 
•■BDd t* the iMCfMandatians of tht re- 
f«t o( J«V srauuttae of MAi, and pro- 
vote OOBMWiid iKleiuuiiiM with Xhe 
attiTH of tlte iBterior." He iln Reom- 
■Mdit the Houeto throw open the pom 
«f tte Woit ladka and ita other trojtkd 
dtDolw to (be ftAvt iBpoelatSmi of fhM 

hkevr. SirO.fSKtlaniittfedaatluCrM' 
■■111 edoptad a new trvtem tat the svn. 
pcsten ef ti^ trade. W« bad doaUed 
Mr tana on the ooart. Hid had ertafalkbed 
**y*»*— of tlw nteoM «hm the tndd 
■ea chlcflf nrrird on, and ibe aoccca* c^ 
Am bIhi me now bq^bniq; to exhiMt 
iBdr. BiUm, «a hMl eoBdoded a mw 
onvnlM vitti Praoee. bt VhicA en addl< 
HbmI aaavl flora would be itationrd on 
A* dn« Meet. Our preeeat plan oBgbt. 
MMMfan, >B hBTc a fair trial.— The Hoom 

.ItaMtS. Mr. CbWi-N numd B lUnoh). 
rite far IB iddreaB tohn-Mqeaty, prartag 
ka "M IMM a ConnlnlM to Imjnire. 
wftsAarlBfWnvprtTate Acta for the ceo* 
laiaflM df Kailwats prorhdon ovght 
Ml to be nude for wcaniig a Uniwni 
Oog*.** Aftecd to. 

JwmtS. Tbe qnolion of P«tvn.lok 
mm nrfind ob the rartbtr flDoalderatloo of 
Iba Sceoad Repart of the CoauainMi on 
n bill I ^m. The 8»iMtor.G**fTal 
■**v9. "iWa Wrltof Errnrbchrwo^hi 
■m tka jvd^aHHt of tlie couK of Queeu'i 
Bi^fFii peuaouBMeo ni toe case af Ut^aaid 
*. OoaMtt.** Mr. Hnmf propoied an 
HMBteant, " that H it inrtprdiimi to io- 
tngl Ae mahKenenee of the PriTtl;^ of 
lUa HooiB to aav othef adthantr ihaa 
that of Ob HtfUK-'ilacir." Thh waa tie. 
otrred b]r 7t( to tH, and the ariguial nw- 
Uaa caniMi In 8S to 49. 

JmmTt- In Cnaaniittm of Sopplf, the 
nanal fnat tar the KcctatiAartCAi. 
CovmitfiuN WM oppna e d, bat oarried hj 

Mjf 7. Am ««■ brought id snd read 
IhrkAdMa, **toboiEMBtha«oaiplalim 
KiQieiKoatCALStntnr oCOreit Bil> 

tain md Ireland, under the direclion cf 
the FEnt Comwiiriaaat, tot the tbM 
bcjn(, of Her H^icaly'a WcMt and 
Poreala."— Sir X. Ptai ooade hia atateaumt 
dtXttom pojtioDe of Hie bnlaMi of the 
ScHion wKieb Ac Gonniaunt bitended to 
proceed with. Ur declared hia intention 
to pnioced with the Iriah CoIIigea BUI, the 
Poor Law Amenilawnl (Seotluid) BQl. tte 
Small Orbti BID, the Jewbh OiMlnlifiH 
Bill, the UilU Of Bxchanfe BUI, and th« 
7^lrapike Traata Bill. Tbn Medial Phyiic 
BID), the Law ef ParocUal Settlement 
Bill, the Charitable TnuU Bill, and maaj 
other HilU would have to be po«tf>on«d, In 
order to albw the hoiiaoH of tbe Sodoo 
to prooeed. 

jKly 9. Mr. d f a why moved tin §»• 
rood reading of the Bfll tor opeaiog tbe 
Sconm UmvBnnmv. After ■ long 
debate, it waa Bogattvei by a majority of 
Ilfi to IW.— Mr. WiUam propuKd to ra- 
peal tenral penal enactmeata in fbm 
agamat the RoMUcCATWOLica, andBaTOd 
tbM the Honae go into a CoiniBlttee. Sir 
fi. i>Wi( would not grmt tte ooBMDt of the 
Oornnaeot, nod the BID w« pat off Ibr 
tbm months by a ma^tr of 99 to 17. 

Ihinl reading of tba rpn aaai {Itvlmd) 
BUI. Mr. OfAemtstrndnaaianteeae, 
praying her MijeMj to ord« an iaqnlrr 
into thetawuttoriheftnida of the Tri. 
nity CoDm, DabUn, aad ntpenditure 
tbereoT, with die eiaw to awMtabi whether 
the Amda at pramt applied aaldy to the 
bokell of tbe Proteatanta in the uid eel- 
legc might not be bnirfcially extended, 
«o aa to suka Roman Catbolioa and n». 
tettaat Oiaaenten ettgiblc. if otherwin 
(laaUAed, to all the aefaolariUpe, fiillow- 
aUpa, iM. In tba aOd eolliE«a. After 
some dJacaarion the Hoaae ditlded : for the 
ameadnent, 91 ; agalnal it, 100; uajo^ 
jortty, 77. On tbe mtoation th&t the Bill 
be read a third time, Sir A. Influ oppoacd 
tho motion. The Uoue ditidrd ; for the 
Ibird reading. 1 77 : t^nat It, 26. 

Jm/f 15. Lord f>e/nwi4«ii aolmiciBd a 
motion rvlallTv to the Sngan of Cttba 
and Poaro Kiro, dmilar to that of tho 
Barl '>f Clan^itdun to the Upper Honte, It 
was nltiniateiyr^ected by ITS aKunet 87. 

/»ly 17. The Earl of ZAmeofa mored 
the third rending of tW Commo-.. Ek. 
ci.u!.rK.K Dill. Cvl. ^t^MvFT) opiweed the 
motion. On the qneetton that the BUI do 
peae, Oe Uouae dirided : fbr the motioa, 
48 ; againel it, 0.— On the motton of Lord 
j<«A/f)r, the pAt'fna LrxATtm and Lv 
NATic.^iTLEMK Hill WW mid a third tiaae 
and |M>Md.— Sir U. Prrl moTrd tlw tt- 
O0IMlreadlB|«rihpJirw|t.H Di'AatLmKB 

BsjiOTAi Bin. Sir JL /aylie labmitled, 
u an amcikdmait. that ttta BIB be nad ■ 


Fwtigi^ Nnet* 


mcodA tliti* tint Avf n\ moullu. The 
Honvcilividi^S: Tur tlietecond reading, 91; 
for tbc HmtuilDunt, II. 

Julg 21. Mr. Chiir(e» Butter broutbt 
fonrard the rcctimidtralina uf Ow> alfiin the folio witiKteniu. 
•■ That thU lIouM regu-di vrtUi rcfrct and 
Mprcbcnuiou tliB state of afTain in N'tnt 
SinJaiid, Biid that rh««rf«clinK«»r«Krwtlj 
tgpmXai bf tb« irant of tuy luffirient 
ondenoe of a cbnnge in tbe ptAify nhirh 
hai led to mdx ditaitrotu reitOU. ' Tht 

d«bat« WM a^jonroed i and a dlvkloo took 
placo on lb« 3U, wbea tba motion wh 
negitlrrd by Hi t4 89. 

jHip 23. Mr. BiMrf mo««d tbat tlie 
HouM ihfliild reiwke itMlf iuto a CoDi- 
mictce to coniider tbs Duties of Cvsrou h 


13G to 38. Mr. n>r>f«r noTeKribe con. 
kidcralivD of* loss and miwellanFotu Ibt 
of Ctuioini Dntioi, but ■ftirwu'ilj wltb- 
drew bU motioo. 



loLaboK. Ibr Qupra.mother liai its- 
tored iranquility, and Iim happiW *u(pm>- 
d«J, for a lime at least, that Tiolcnl otit- 
bmk of the military and rrbf]*, *rbidi 
menaced (lie fiaux and order uf the llnCijib 
■djacGot province!. Sbr hH apjiainlf^l 
hn brothrr prime miniitcr, and ibc i-on- 
Kiit (>f the nnnj ha* followed Uic appro- 
ballon of ibeir ubiefi. K Kmvral peace 
and oontffDtmoDt baa bem the nwult, and 
oor own luiireoie goventmcat ia MtJafled 
booanae tkeQaocniaanbrniaainla Bnli*h 
loflueaM. Tin dmiw of tbU Invatlon, 
tberdbre, haa tbos ptaaid ovir. 

In Nepjoil, another icrolotian haa oc- 
CiirTcd,aiidaiieaUopeciil(arljo(an Indian 
ohancter ; thai i», aauKuinai;, aodden, and 
denKrtic. It appcnra, that tbo old kmg 
bad been de^iowd sonu) jnn since bv liU 
aon, wbo lud sftcrwanU comprllcil liii 
father to *{gn a deed of aJidinliou, und to 
Utc, like an old dowaftr. in a eoniex of 
bit own palace. Tbii ftm revolution waa 
brovgbt abont by Matabur Hing, n Hiirf of 
mvcb reputattun ai tbe head of the troo)i«. 
tint «falthleB« and treMherotu intriguer. 
Upon aomc raceot accasion, the old king 
exprpiaed a winh that hu taa, U>s,vtiiri 
iritli MalahurSing, thoyonnc k\ng'» \izicr, 
would attend •ome fete in hit (tbe old 
king'*) chamber*. Thi* invitation waa 
accepted ; tlir Tiiier waa caiuht in tha 
tnp, and ibvt dead in tbe rofal |rre>eo«. 
The jonB{ king was pmle-struek, and tbe 
father rvaumed tbe government upon the 


The ooqM commuided by Coloneli 
PdiHler. St. Amaiul, and dc rAdmlnudt, 
have been carrying onooinbiued u|ierationa 
in the wr»I. ColonrI Prliwirr wm huiy 
la ptiTTitimi; the Ouled Riahi, «'hu bare 
never yet H«t>mltted, as tliey live In 
immcnve caverns iklien; it miiiM be mad* 
nesa for (be trt>>E>» to tinier. On th« ISth 
of jiuui. tiodtag tavniKlTcij cloKlr punucdi 

the Oaled Riabs flmv to their nraal tiUca 
of rrfugc. Aft«r having latronDdFJ tbe 
cavern*, some fufgntR wr.rie ti{[btad and 
tlir«*ni by ibv Preiich troopi before tbe 
the enlrannr. After ihii deffionstralion, 
the C'o]i>i»l Ihrrw iu Icttrra olTeiiag to 
them life end liberty if they would sunvo- 
der their nrtna and ibeir hor*e». At flnt 
they rrfoacil, bulkubicqucntiT they replied 
that Hiey would Mmarnt if tbe Frendi 
troopi would withdraw. Tbii condition 
was con«idcr<fd inikdmiMible, and man 
burning fi^gota were thrown. A ffrral 
tumult no*' arose, and It wu known after- 
wirdi that It aroie from a diKVsiion as to 
whether th«re t<hnn1d tw a surrendsr or 
not. Thr party opposed to a ■arrcndrj' 
catriet) tbdr oolnl, and a few of lb« mi- 
nority mads tbeir oscajw. Colonel Pells- 
sier then Muprnded the (browing of tbs 
baminic faggiit*, and sent • Krench offiaer 
to hold a iMrley wltb tb» Ouled Rlahs. 
but hii messeBgcr wta received vitb s 
dise^rgo of fire-«rmt. nnd conld not wr. 
form hU raisnon. Tliii ataln of tblngs 
continued till tbe ulglit uf tlie I9tb, when, 
losing atl pattone«, tikc tire wa« renewed 
and rendered interne. Diiriog litis time 
the crici of tbe uohHppy wretches, who 
Were being suffocated, ttere dreadful, and 
then nothing vras beard but the crackling 
of tho faggots. Tbe troop* rntcird and 
found iQO dvd bodiro. Ahnnt IM, wbo 
■iili brealbvdt w«nr bronsbt into tbo frerii 
air, but a portion of them died sf^erwarda. 
This mast barbamus act has bcoo m- 
vproly csoaared in the Prandt ciwMbf of 
peers, particularly by tbe Print* At Hoi- 
kawt. and Is "depLared" by tbe miftksiry. 


Tbe British settlement st the Bay of 
Islnnds hss been dratroyed and its inba* 
bitants, S<K>in uumber. are now refigMs ia 

Auckland. The sbohftinet tibrmt tbe Bar 
of Istaiiils have Utterly been discontented, 
in cootenucni-'e of tbe fslling off iu trade, 
and ctnuidenhlt dccroRs iatboAuinberoC 






Fortign Netti. 


tUpsTUtiac thi* port. A tU«r of t).e 
nana at Uekl. prior to iht 1 1th ot Muvh. 
had tint* taMxedtd id entttDf down Ibo 
llM-wt if . «lucti WM » third tuM ordorvd 
toDt (nelfd sfua br Um mvrmiiant, 
m4 so Mbttin, accoiapuied bj Iwr Ma* 
jnl;^'* tbip HaJard, of 18 pna, aeol to 
prow<4 It 1 ikoe foreaa wera uaiatod by 
iht hdwUtsnU, nroUed as tpadal am- 
lUbbw. Iht town ma altacRod by Ilia 
Datins >t ds^li^tf af tbe Duimng of tfca 
Uth Hardu aid Aey moMcded in drirtng 
tba whola EinpMB potiaktiaB from tha 
itWaBWi*. »ai compaHhy Ocm to take 
nAifa aa board tk Mm m tba liArhoiur. 
n* torn wai plundereo of evrrjUiitK. aad 
^rapatj antoaBOiiK to 30,0ou/. ku ftOta 
lale tha banib of uc aa*agc*. Tltc low 
of daoa tba part U tim Enroiwani wia 
art gwal iBi in number kiUod, aad 
Ukaan mamitl. ABUHt(ii Ibe latter was 
Ciptaia BobotKia of bor H^erij't ibiu 
Uajtard. who fe daanfmulr woodM, 
bariof foar nasktt bua in bit Icf* and 
tm. Tbii jalUnL officer, with abont 
tbirt; ncs, with mod CKcmpIsi; ONiracc, 
mtatad lbs oomUned atuok of about 400 
voO nnn*d aa*i^;». and had actuallf re. 
palMd isd b«at«n dicm Iwck wbon ho got 
Hwdf vvBadad and fall. HU ouciduct 
baa ttaice ban bifbl^ applaadad bjr the 
Ptiae Mlatitcr in the Uoiue of Coranoa*. 
Tba hta of Um 4mj vujut about this Ikat 
iadMafaiaat the Enn>p«asi \ry a body 
af noBTM, with Heki at their hnd.bannc 
inrpriaed aad takeo a muklwUproof block- 
hoaat, wbJdi stood oloae bj tbe flagitalT. 

By a MOM deatroctm fr« at (tuabac, 
n«riT 9.M0 boaaes liara beoi dsalnjad, 
«iU 11,0(10 pcnooa irnikred booaolaail 
no fifo TTTfinr— t*™* diortly balbra wiil-day 
an tba SSth of Msy, la a lannny in St. 
TalUteMSnat, Cran the bttmtnf of a 
Mlar. Tha daj w»» rcaiarkabi; vnrm. 
Th§ wild fndnaHjr frabemHl from tbe 
«aM. vMb a anoint atonn i a (peciei cf 
ahlilabd anaiad to aid its &tii cearaD. 
Vwvai 1 1 ia the norning until oiidnifbt 
eImI tt hold ntuntrmiiiled iitaT, until ita 
anraar «m anvalad ia St. Cbanei-aireec~ 
■■rijr ana aO* froa tha pbwa at Jta Mt- 
baaak! AlUMfaroaiMt point the breadth 
of iha burnt dictrict ia UMnt ooe-Uiird of 
a Bite. The Chnrcb of St. Roche is ia 
--'■— Tbe Caavenfia sored. St. Peter'* 
Cbapd and two M«thodiit Churrhn wen 
barac Um soat paiofal ovrnt wu the 
deMnHliaB of tha bofpital, to whi<tb, u 
bang onawilnrril oriiiclj ont of tbe reaeh of 
tfar oosfli(fitioaa nanben of aMt paraoaa 
af all euaa «m curiad: tbi buUiiiK 
baaoBM ifnilad by the iakta of tirecomod 
fr«ia dM dta l tno a bjr tha «ioJ ; nod Uiv 

Osn. Hju», Vol. XUV. 

unfoflanett luaitat. OBible to Itclp tbtai- 
kItci, perix)i«d BuaenMy. Tbe loai of 
life. acL-untiDjc to one of the oocounts, 
f jreatdl* ona A aa rfrrtf y iraeM / and lb« law 
of property it M!d to be abore T&O.OOU. 


A fir« hH taken plaec at Maw York, by 

wUob 100 baildlnf* and 2i bnrtea have 
been baroad, aad 400 fJnailiea left deati. 
tnto-tfca booaea wero mosiJy occupied by 
Iifib faaiiUas, ogoaating of about 3,000 
mm, vcnen, and idiildrai, 


On the Ttb of April last, a dKadfol 
cirtbijuaki! wai expetirnced throagboot 
ihiA oijuiiiry. In ihe city of Mexico it 
luted four miovtcs. About Kftecn par- 
tou were killed, and twenty more or leaa 
wounded, but tb« dntraotioo to pro- 
perly waa enonnoaa. Tea per cent, of the 
buUdinp bad luSinnd aiofn or Icm. One 
of the noat beanliAil boiUliun, tba obuvh 
bdooffaif to tbe conTmt of Seats Tercaa, 
waa entirely demoUihad. In tbe (rtat 
narlcet-ptacff, Httnalrd in tbe (|uarler of 
tba citT called N««vo Mexico, the Eronsd 
waa apUt open for lonie diitaoce, an ereat 
wUeh had not ocmrred there in the 
raenorT of oiAD : indoed, it a more Ibtn 
a boaored yean dnoc ao fomidabte aad 
dartraotlTD aa earthqnalie baa oecnned. 

CaMMTua has declared itaelf indepeo> 
doit of tba Maiioin Gorrniment, aad 
orgaalacd itaelf iato a trpubLic. 

A negociation of tbe Froach Gonrn- 
ment with tbe IVipe rcapectin^ tbe Jeavuta 
baa tennii»!c*l in lui wraagnnent tiiat tbe 
ooogTegatioa of JmuiU libil oaaae to eilat 
ia FVuM, and will djaaolve iuelf; ita 
eatabliibiaenta will he cloacd, and ita no- 
Ttciatca diipencd. 


An vkaio hni a|^icand wbi^h ordera 
all Jcwi of the Rusaua enipirc to Iny uidr 
thnc Poliih Jcwinh dm*, mid to adopt 
theiialiouelooituue. Frwo now to 1990, 
the opiMn ia (tfen to tbeat either to changs 
their ■BBDer of dreaeiag, or to pay an 
eapeeial tai tor rTtaininc tba old one, 
Tbe citiej of Wiloa. Odessa, aad Berdytow 
immediately subnoitled to tbil ukaae. Tlw; 
Emperor had Letcly orderr 4 thai trii!b of 
laad belonfiag to tbe Cmwa lUonld be 
aaiigaed to the Israelitea in the immediiUe 
neigbboarbwHl of their rnddcncr, with ihe 
money neccmry to enable them to par- 
cbaae afHcnlttural leipkinenla. In conee- 
qnaooe of thia uka*e dieterbancei ha*e 
Uken plaoa in many of tha diatriot*. Ac- 
cording to the lait oenaoa of i1m popalatlOD 
of Knaila. it eonaiiti of ba.hpa,000. Of 
Ibia uunbei there are 49 aiUioW of Ktfa. 


DomajtU Oeeurrencei. 


IS ailUloH of olioiii are tli« pn^rtj of 
ibv Crovn, anil 27 milliam belon|[ lo 
pritatv i>cr«on». Thu* tiirn mn m IhtwU 
only ll,AO«,000 ouibjecti who rajof diil 


The MaronilM, ■hbo«|ti at flnrl «U-to< 
rtftuii hciir ultinMlfl)' outfcinnbrd, iu «-nn> 
•n|nmcc of thn beiipr rotnhinril itaiX di- 
rected t-lTort* of tlicir cncmltii. All thoHC 
who rf iiid«>l in the nii»il iliatrlcti of Sduf, 
Oiurtl, a:i<l Gub, hart bmi cx|iclleil fmiii 
Uwm ; inwi of thw«> of (iesm fell viclinaa 

tn the fMTfldr of tke DruMi ud the 
)h[ftT«niicm<if HarbtJR tnd RBMifj*, in Antt- 
Lebauon, nftrr %n ohnintW r«»bl&«c« hat* 
b«m coiupcltfd It) Af. MMDC to Dunurui, 
•ad ibc nrrMut immbcr to ZMt. Ther* 
vraa, li<nNTT«r, ey<if probitlnliljr Ihal Ilie 
ci*it war iruuld lir t]>«vdil]i tcrmlvBtad. 
The BumbM- of villngaa burned rscMdtd ■ 
huiidrfyl. Iiru-t)iirdi uf arhir^h hclongCil to 
the ChriMiiitt. antl wrTrrtitpwii of thdr 
cDiitcnti bail btrn reduced to ajtiM. 
.Itl.OtHJ per*.>n* meie thrn at Koirouui, 
ZahU, Saide, anil Bcjrrout, witboiU abode 
or intaii* ct udtlcnoe. 


/mm 91. The fotindati on -alone of the 
Onnd Waterloo Darrarka, in the Tbmtr 
^Lonitm. oppotit« the nonh aide of the 
of thr While Tuwtr, on (be riu of the 
KTBod ttore-Lauiie or tinall nrmoury dr«- 
trojed bj tb« great lire in \M\, was laid 
iuj\\\t D'lke of WelUDstou. Tbe; oitll 
be ?8S fert in Icufib, 61 iu bmdlb and 
70 in breadth. 

JuTU SH. Tbo ftrut ■Cone of tho new 
MaryMont mid Paddimglon Uvpifat nu 
laid bi Hi* Royal lligbnnk Prince .\lbcrl. 
Thv Prince <m» received bjr a deputatton 
of tbe mrocbial autboritiei, a doputiiioii 
fiftfae boaoltil cominiiice. the Bi*hop nf 
London, the vice- preaideota, and trtutt-ea. 
&G. ; aod having Aral >nape«ted tb« pUna 
of tbe buildinit. imMBtca and «]i|>Uiiied 
to bim bj Mr. Hopper, the archtlecl, 
pTDCcrilei] «ith hii alleudiul* to Ltie plit- 
foroi, where the Diihop of London ojienrd 
the prnrecdiDip bjr a ihort addrvi*. which 
wot rollowed by an afjiiropr^ate prayer. 
Hit HojtbI HigliDria haa conaeotcd lu lit 
one of the wardt be called the Albert 
Ward. la tbe cveninB adiuierwaafifea 
Bt tbe Phtemaaona' Tavem to oelebrnto 
the oocaaion. at wblcli Hit Ruyal llighnoa 
Prian George of Cambndce prceidod. 


Jmnt 21. A beautiful (huicb at Bant. 
$lthlt, etecled by Tlie Rvv. John Janie* 
Scott. M.A., and drdic-atrd to (be Holy 
Trinity, wa» conttirratcd by Ihe Riitht 
Rr«. the Lord Bialiop of the diui-eie, and 
the aum of T I/. ^- wm collorled, to be 
approprtacrd to the buildioi of the tower, 
vthii.'b i» raited to itiCiTe tlian half id In- 
lended bel^bt. The fuiiuder haa cTidowi-d 
(ai well u built the church) with l.OOO/.. 
and SOOr. for repaii-a, vMird tn tbe pitblio 
fundi (or eirr. It contain* ubovr right 
buodred •itliiijt»; nearly four hundred are 
free. Then are at prcaenl 8.000 tiiba- 
biUnts in BamiUbIci the parlth ehurcb 
arill Bot coaUio sbo«« I ,.'iOO aittioga. dia- 
•ent bai been iiicrewiny rapidlr. and this 
tnUdi&i, being ai the ud or ih« toiro, 

maVca it the more laluable, aa it i* likalf 
toari^ommodatrjireatnuinberaaf ibepoocM 
portion of tbe lnhibitant». among whom 
dUarnt baa gaiDcd more ground iban is 
the educated cln**c*. The rdilire ia era. 
ciform in plan, and \» in Imgib, from 
weat to eaul exIenMlly, HI feel, and in 
width, from north to aoullt nt the tnm. 
«e|il«, externally, C7 feet. It ta In the 
Perpooduralarityleof architecture. With- 
in the walla tbe total lenijcth 1* iOl feet. 
and comptiacB a wiTe TT Icet I'lrig by M 
feet wide in the clear, a ebancrl 'J7 feeC 
long by 16 feet in width, witli noilh end 
aoKth aialri and two irantrptA. Tbe 
tower and ipirc, a very beautrful coin|<a- 
titii>ii. 11 placed at ihe ioiitb-«Mt angle of 
the ni*e. It will be. when completed, 
l.^tJ feet in heieht. and wili have a prni of 
eifthl belt*, inir rhurch internally i> rc- 
mirkable for ita sr^et altitude and for tbe 
impoiing clurarter of Ita ine omd roof, 
compohi-d of a lucceHioa of oai vrinci- 
pala, with hnmtiier besma nnd niculu 
riba aprioKiai from ilone coriieU. Tb« 
height from the floor to the point of ihe 
roof internally ia &8 fret. Tbe wtwtern 
window of Lbe na«e ia of aevrn ligbta, 
•ftar the type of £t. Mary'i Oxford, and 
rtea with tbe origioal in iia great tLBc and 
beauty of tta |Ffoportton*. The eaatera 
window of tbe chancel, aa likewbr tho*e of 
of the uortli and Muth tranaeptf , arc alao 
very beautiful, and are designed from the 
ehapcl of Mrrton College at Oxford. Tbe 
rlianc«'l ii terj ipaciotii nnd well de«e< 
loped. Tnecommunion table i*a|>]>rOa«bed 
by a RDccruion of »eini ticpa at intetrali, 
and the whole of lbe window* in Ibacbaa- 
cel are fillrd tviih rich itained tloaa, the 
worli flf Hohcrt lleer. nt liirter. The 
jiutpit and rudiiig-iIiTilc and tunl are «- 
ipiinitv tjxtnnieii* of carving in Caen bIdim, 
by Stnon Rowe, of Exeter, The whole of 
tbe roof, benehca, doort. and other ftt- 
tiiiga. are of oak. It ia one of tbe beat 
workf of Iti arcbitecc. Djvid Mackintoah. 
*¥\. of ExMfir. The iiic wu prtnotfid bjr 
Cbulc* Rotwta, ea^. of BwUngwi Uflwe, 



ilmf n. Sir John Vtnlr Ballrr. K»rl. 14 br 
UnL-ColOBri 9t ttie 9outh IXtoa Kpsirnmi 
af Mililift^-8ir Uninr l*aul :^1'. Ban. lu be 

Aiwat. rort*rQaiii,«>i).M.p.lobcPb]r' 
rttto M btt Koiii ilijtbatM tlu Unckess of 

Jan* 47. laili l'<h> l>rBfDMW, Mijor J. 
LawrriMom, fron) t?lli l.iitU !)■«("*■>•• 10 b« 
Unit -Cokicwl.— i;tb LiKhl Vngoata. uif t. P. 
BunMi, l« beHsiof.-lDii >'u<i<, M^or H K. 
BiMomWU to bt um.-r.>i»»ph dimun j. 

81m|1cUd in beMm^r.-'l'iiAiiarljir'l, QifUm 
Mm IVOtWy, ttnim M I'ool. rn 1><- llajur. 

Jim* m. nter Stafford Cutr, a>i> lu be 
BuBff of awv»«Y. 

JMMlOi TteUtbl Hem. wmianiRtntblun 
BMing and ttat Sis^l Hon. Ilciir* Lotion 
Bohw wan t«cn ar ibc iTiiy Caancil.— 
ftlduurd UanpiaMaf Wntmlnatcr tobr Lord 
LifVMuai Md OutM Hdtutoroai nf the 
(MMtr o' ChMi«t, Bml of the cily of Chvilef- 
urf rnvnlT nf the Mmci anil air Stephra 
■trbanl GiTime. But. to be Llfuivnaai uiJ 
(Sutcn Bclokiruui of ibc coanty of tliiil. 

Mfi. Tb« lion. OurcHu M. Mwson W 
b«aB»«f ihr kUiUi at Honour In OrdhiMT «> 

Mft. John Fwunn Cranintoii,««r].9c«r»- 
Wy of Uy«lirt« ii]»wiitrrl«u>i, to br Jicrrrtary 
of LfKWi'in ii *>' I'nitnl ;^lr«.— NFKtun 
lMOIcac< <>- tiiur (WlJ attai-lH^ to 

Bw Malr*' ' in Spaio,) to lie Sccrc- 

tUTof 1^.1 : -' .itcrlaiuL 

J*ta*. WUliiiu rFD'uni, «v(|. to tw Sccrr- 
tarr to itif CcMiial Doard of CuaiiniBionrrs 
tt noUc NMda in tbt iJitUnntai uf the Cipe 
of Omol Hopr.-Slki root. Major K. i^t, Uaur 
tabsUcut-Ctloael; Capt. W. .^calm to li« 
H^ar— •nb Cuoa, Uijot M CI- IVnnli, froiD 
ttb r*Ot. M be M»ar, Wm Kunitv, wli« 
nckawcB*.— Br»oM. (^afiiain O. J. >(iiurl, of 
tk« Hui *^— * '■ '— Muor in the .Vrui). — 

Ttm 3(*» n Moon:, vtcar of !**4-- 

lan, cviit ' . Hilnl »<>ti aiiil li"ir of 

JMB Mvurr. '-"^ ' ' Aew-lolfT, lxi. Uvtt*, 
■■ llwipwil bv Ba^ljara, i>fa> Mirdvinc <lau. 
of tteHM. WlliUm Bnlxuoo. • rouDfrer aoii 
gf ttinbm- vkI btDihcTaf AiithoDT. lair Earti 
■( Jbuli, Id rake tt)« t'imiinr uf HnbtMO 
■ftvrMwtal Muorc, uiil brarlbormi afBn- 

Att >■ ItoiJl Mill LMliiiii Yeomaorr Car., 
QWI. Alrbiaa'i to br Ma^r.-Uriit..Q». Sr 
Mb Mark Frtd. Sraltli, ute liiape«ar-c»ii. 
•f HailmaiK ^ U, U Airi, n<|. AilroooiBkal 
tHiiii — 11T at limnoKii-, and hrttr Bwrlw, 
M*. PiBftiiaur of Maihginattr* at Woolntch, 
MM OMiBiiaUMim tv* iihjniriim wknber In 
lM>rt i wir ate acta of Parliaiuol (br Hie cmi' 
MrvOMtt or BaUwiyi provwon otiKfat to be 
Mad* fee MCMrlu an L'ntrarm Qaa^, ami 
wkitbar U «««ld Cr eiptminil anit p(«clic*tilc 
UMk« nMMini to bttpw tbe railm)-* air«cui]r 
coaati-vcUd. oe in procroa of conalniHiun. 
iK Gmi Rrfuin Into naiforiolly ofituafe; 
■*ii : < olirtber any mher luuile of 

iki :.[iratirtf th( Mnoni Inpt^- 

gM^ ' itainal Itafk; iif Ihe c«UDlry, 

«bii:k ur irfrWAicd as tikdjr ti> aritie (mn 
tewwl M an nniJtonii i^iu^e.cowld b» adopted. 

JMrf. iatin rraBcio IMiia. etq. (Her Ma- 
(Wli »li Bly gtc pU «T and Ctikl SupcrUi* 

leikdn)! of Britiak Trade in China, aad Co- 
Vfriwr and Cfimnandcr-tn-Cliler «f Hooc 
Rone), cn*t(d a BaroM*. 

J^ II. isiii Licbt Dramna. Qipl. W. 
Knox to ba Major.— UrVTK, l^pt. Wm. Lfwii 
A7ib VcdX, to bf Aliyar in Ihe Anny. 

Jnh 13. John Lev«gNa Oower, nq. to b» 
Mnjor of llie fto>al Berk* Militia. 

Jidy i>. Oeorn Clrey. cna- u Uc U«nl.- 
OaTrniororNe>2caland.-M^orP. H R<.b«. 
to be lieul.-OoivrDOt of 8oalb Auairalia.— 
Ueom Lilly, rati, to ht Atalstatit iwigt of 
the tepnoM Odbr of Xewlbuadlaiid. 

7irh If, John SUnooe aaoMtara. «Ht. to ba 
tbr mvlDClal tftcrcUfr Itor tho province of 
Xew Dmnsolck. 

JulfVi. Till! Hon. jVime Xanier la be one 
Df Iha UauU ot Honour lo Ordinary to Her 

Aff i9i Jertniab Oanliner, of Croat Can- 
nooby, Onibrrlanrt, yromau, aiid to Jane bia 
wife, oniv iiirvi*iii|[ cbltJ «r Gntuvtja Mcb- 
BDOud.of CaniMiubv, aJijTraaid, snal., to oaa 
Ihe auraamc of Klcbtnand only lo*lMd of 

jMlf-n. Btb Fool. M^orKlni. Kir G. H. r 
Berheter. K.C.H.froni slat rwl, to beColoiMl. 
— K»b Pbol, (iieii-l Lirul Col. U. Hlbherl U> 
be Lleut.-Colunri; brrvel Major ntiHerbrrt 
Cdddiaxton lo be M^ot.— *1»1 fovti brrrct 
UaoL-Coi. U. Urmna to bt Um-Colenfti 
brsMt H^Jor C. Qurenlcr to be Uaior.— fliat 
Foot. Uwor.G<ii.SlrK. I>M)c1aa,K.C.B. lolM 
CoImmL— Mmvt, Capt IL Bluil, of Clit Foot, 
to be UalM in Ike Amr< 

Jmlg M, Co«TH> of Royal Bnitineen, brrfet 
.Mahir Uartiu AntoniuaVratera to be UeuL- 

Juif U. Sl*l Foot, Cipl. A- C EmnirUo to 
(» Major.— 3d Weal Icdja IU«ia>ent. Capt. W. 
Muwell »U1« to be Maior^MUor Cbitflt* 
TriiioD, of Slal Fnoi, lo be Ueut.'CtiL ia tli* 
Army (dated lOtb Jan. IBin. 

Af^mbtTM refariwrf fo itrpt tn Ptrtiammt, 
Abims^uH—iiif v. niitjfr (rr^tlrcteil), 
l*MtirU«e— Fitiruy )L(ii>, v-%. (re-«iKHdr. 
DarfaaeafA-Ocoifv Honilt. e*q. 
Affatar/itilire.— Ar John Hope, Bars. 
Kie/er— dirJohoT B. Dackmirth, Ban. 
s^tTolk ^irf#f>— I%iiip BeiuMit, Job. esq. 


To fte retirt4C*pl'am*-T. SwKia (U«Qt. laoi), 
Uaaiel Roberta (1S11). 

To *f ComMMiul4r».—a. UrvryiforMrfUeaon 
tbaraaat of L'hina); J. E KNlon lUla fla^. 
I^ut. TO Viee-Adtn. dir C Adamsit Jotia 
Cht^rv.of -Si. Viuceni, W.T. Fead, of TralU- 
trar, McrtiirTauHC ofAlhiODion the Qneen'a 
vilila ttrthoa* *bip>». 

JjipoimtmfiiU.-Kr*r-A<im. II. Parker. C.B. tO 
command the Kxpenmental 11q«- of. bailie 
ahii) Si|U*i)ioii.— Opt. J. U. Majtunll lo Iba 
Cnxodile.— (^miaandcr K. J. C. Dvna to 
Royal 8m-en-i4(u ^acbt. 

EccLssiAariOAX FnintAuifm. 

Rev i^irC. S. lt«blii>oa, lo l» a Caaon vt 

Ko. U. U'.^vUe, iv b« hii hoa. Caiwa of Ch» 



fHrtfa and Marrtft^et. 


Bev. H . SIAoHI. k» hOD. CteAH ttt CbMtei. 
Her. T. AH""<»th, KiTDbulbin V. Itnnt*. 
Rtr. U. B.U. Axllrv. Ilrayfjt follBll K. WUU. 
RtT. A- U. UulFT, Hammrslon K. PorM. 
R(T. J. BfIIou, St. Mlehiol IwU^i. SIcpiMn R. 

and V. o( Si. Andmr, EKuifOnl. 
BcT. R. BunMi, RaddM^-oifTrml V. NatU. 
K«v. tv. Ciinwnictti Iirhlnrteld H. BtiMfT 
ReT. VI. A. B. CatoT. Canhalum R. SvmiJ. 
RcT. R. CliJiiU, RiMklMd V. Mam. 
Ret. W. Il-Chrlulan, Uu)t« V. Is1«<ir Man. 
R«T. J. J. T. 8. CocU, abcvlock R lic>\>n. 
Rrv, J, Corfc, 8. Kerrln wilb. id. IVtrack B. 

R«r. 8. €o4n. NeirlactM O. OxlBrl. 
K«T. B. D«>ln, Hinln R. Sl^onUhir*-. 
RtT. w. II. U«nl«ir, M. Hckn'i P.C Uie 0( 

tUr.J. J. lL*th(lcF.I^<"''V.....i.. It Ihirwrt. 
Rfi.T. W.GoodUkr. iklWdih. 

R«v. r. O. acur^nui. 1 ^ irfolh, 

Rinr. A. K. il.(iniivill>,:i.,;j.^Lvi<;»UJuU«'lt 

Ifaichnm, P.t:, Sutrry^. 
Rov. M. It. lUlf, AdilHify R. CfcwowUr. 
R«T. ». llunilLw, UMbmmon V. dlooMt of 

RcT. II. T- ll*rri«, Oirlil Ch. P.C. Oo«BiilrT> 
Rev. R. HuTltoD, TraplMonrtnr H. TTestm. 
It«-T. (i. U. ttuxet. CrvSUi R. BtiU. 
Kcv. J . Hicki, TuldMtrMtMde V. Dorwt. 
Rrv. r. C. M. Ilartm. nittl«Mft>rd V. CudI*. 
Rev, A. K>dr. Kilbnin V. dioCTK of Elpbln. 
Rcr. W. KrcUojt. tUrroii K. Suflblk. 
Bcr. T. Umod, tibrtitDO HonUciiU V. Son. 
Rtr. — Haiwliui, LucKMt aMwt ud Upiwr 

DenloiiPiC. CbiiiImiI>m). 
Rev, D- itfrwitiih, Mdihui Milt* AJnw4- 

bory P.CL Voilthint. 
HfT.A Uuria>. Nuftb WAlthninK.ll4at>. 
R«*. A. KvlBun. :4narford R. UimlBaliire. 
Mt. R. W. l-wlter. UaBlLoqi* wWt Bkia H. 


KT. J. feMOck. WHKBgorv V. U*c»lii>1i. 
v.O. l*roilii!rv.ClinMi-«iimt-TtMaaV.Wore. 
Rrv.U. Rotten, l-rnkrldp- R. ^lUAnrtUtiLTW. 
tm, K. Suiksy, ru Blum V. Soncy. 
■cr. i. Bran, TiiMlt) CSidRli, ItanMluitf, 

P.C Dnrn. 
Bcr. R. SMnDtr, CUboaTnn with Ninnon R. 

R«Y. J. Tit>.lr, KarUo) P.C. CwmtxtliuHl. 
Rev. J. Tkjrlor, Ntlhcr Ikm I-. C. IMIbH*)!. 
*«¥. - WajlMd. HotcDnbe R. Sarnerart. 
Rav. II. VF. \MIkmtu*, Wft1lim.«llh-IWatmi 

V. Sufoik. 
K**. J. H. WUllaini.. TkBrllr" P- f^- AfiflMML 
Jier. T. Woodraillip, m. Uuiticc, wSh St. 

Omim at. MuT KalciiilRL and St. Mur •!• 

B«V. W. CollMt, la the Uuke uf OuDbn>k». 
RtT. B. Mgorr, In Lfird Urou^UD tOd ^al. 

Civil PuKrESWBim. 
H«V. Jam Hm«7. B. I>. rnltcrv of 19. John'n 
Oglkfp. (MftMil, U> hr HMd MMter aT Her- 

cb«M-tii<rtan' Kb«ol. 
Hfv. II. Hall to Ix itnri UMt«r<rf th« Grin> 

nur School, SL AIMn'«. 
R«T. J. SiKflWM, to bf Hm4 Muter of llw 

Gram 01 ar Hcbool, HocMale. 
B««. J Wow], 10 bp HMd MMtororUw Klrty 

mil Vm tiraniiiiar School. 


JpNtl. In Rartn^l. ihewlfe nf RnlwTl 
Allftrr><!*4-0'^'<'^r<^ P'fft' Berts, « ilau 

JTnv aa. In l(cnHnl.«l. Routll-wi iIk wife 
«r A Poulei OosMit, tvq. Ha4rM Cira Hrt- 

./■If 1, Al nitfliiBPrtOrr.Uni. D^lni'lUcl- 

rlllllc, B »on. IB. Ai BKOt, Ihe ladT wf Sit 

Jslin KMinaiiBT, But. • mo. li. At Wa- 

(Ttir, Bctte, lb t Kift of Unur 1>uwm Skrine, 
•M. a daib-^U. tn Hyde Park-ganlma, 

Nn. nmick Crvlkfhink, a ivn. 16. At 

Faila. L«d) WlllUinll«tc},a«>ii. IT. At 

tbr rMideon vf hta rmaln, tbe Hon. Jamas 
KinjC, th* lailr of llfrtnann . Robnt d* RIki, a 
•m. — 1». At iiiihan, Mn. Jokn Walpolc, a 
•on.^— 30. At LT«t«m Halt. Baaei. Ui* vrilh of 

Joliii WItitr iklr'r. raq.aaon- II. 'nirirlfr 

ui NontKb Uuff, wi. Cipl. R.N.aaon. At 

ratlaplt.llr«.l'on««ci>e,aaa(i.— B- laTor- 
rtnctoB^. Qte itoo. Mn. Richard OounaB. a 

dao. Al TuDbrttln n-elb, the vinr or U ^. 

TorklBft«B, MQ. a uu. — n. At OwdraM 
Lodp, llMluHl&ewlfc «r Uulkein J. U.rntd, 
eaq. a ■!>. — At Portlaftd-kNlito, iln. Stanrta. 
a dan.— 43. At BoiriofBO-amr-Mar, tho wifb 
of JflAa D. Lonnda, fio. of OakdaM Lodce, 
SnmBi, a iImi.— 4n. la Brdtonl M|. th» Wub 

of Mr. atijeaat Bf4baia, a dau. At Arte 

H«ia«,KMr ClMillaaltaiB, tWwthof O. A. VT. 

Wricb, FM. a M>. 99. Al BcCfta. Ilir wiH tt 

W. H. LDdl9wl(nKe«.eaq. At 

CbmlKMouti, uHu- liUctord, ibe wtfb of Rd- 
wamVldallea^. adiu. — so. TbcwftbofOt. 
n>f?rBtip,ortlM IVIoty, Utne, a ilaa. 

LatA. At MlMUr-yard, Turk, tte wU* of 
W. H. Clufca, ««. of HalHun Houae. tfortk- 
noiboriaad, a ann.-^Al Saauneiland, Ouern- 

■tr, tbe Bon. Mn. Rrana, a aofi and Mr. 

The wtfc of aichanl Briuler Sbtrtdaiw aaa. 

M.r. a aon. ^Ai Balh. Ilie «rlft of Ui R*t. 

I). R. Oodfrajr, M.A. Principal of GnamBor- 
(^Umc. aiM. — In LDnduB, the Mfe of Rl- 
clian! Paul Ampbletl, «*i|.a«anandliidr.-^ 
Tie wilV of Ueorn Pmebi aaq. ba« 
lev, a dau. 

JUW 1. Al lAnVlb niaee.iiie wllkof Wtl' 

UBi*fUaifiDlll,nq.ada<i. S. Al Ctarttva, 

tbc wtfc of Umt. ritniro Onalmr, a dau. 

At tpeui*Islwa»Mi(ar KlddcratnaiCT, Urv. 
HaarrCarr Bma, oKin.— 4. Al Sand wall, 
aunmUb. the aoualtaa of OartBimii. a Kia. 

1. At Ctiaaliain-plac^ IMmr»«i|. Ijidf 

C'barlM tteandcrV. a dan. £ Tbe •hf^ of 

i. C. Doirilnmll, ea^. a awi. -d. In !»««/ 
UcrLrlnr-sl. Porlinan-eq. Mr*. lAurte, a dan. 

Al Haalewood, tbe wift of vrilllaia Coa- 

■tahle KvrritiEliani l^tk.adau. 

T. Tin wlfr of t:rcll ruip, f'lj.of L'ppei 

Rniok.*!. a dan.— Al 91. AriD'a-bill, Wandft- 
KorlhittwirUt of Robert Bocbanaa DodIor, 
««q. M tmaaK<Brd»tiB, it]rd»ii>rk, ann.— - 
Al UanMMnla, Mm. Peter Cannlafbam, a 
daa.-^ a. At Rmbladm irrtory.lluclEa, lhi> 
Mfb of tbe R«r. W.H. Rliller, Rector of llam. 
UnIm. adan.-^^. In Wilinn.rT«r»nt, Via- 
eonmleesMrlfuodia mb. — lu. innrumiwr- 
Cteoceul, tbe CoaMna of lioan, a aon aad 
Mr.-^ll. In Tarrlii|1an->ii. llMt wife of 
■dnnad Barlow, ciq. a lUu. — 13. At Toi- 
taabam, Ladr Mailden. a win. —IS, Al lleo> 
mond, Cbcrtaef. tlic wire of .>0Tnian Unlacbe, 
jun. eaq. of Mount Ualackp, ro. Curk.adau. 
-^Al DtMitrth Park, Berk*, tbr ntfr or John 

A. Artwlhnot, ma. a dan. ll. Ai flarr 

rri(>ry,Jlalb>lk.ibrvireafUtut..r«t. lUher.a 
aon. — 1«. InTUnrr-etJJNlyCarcllnfl'owDa- 

S, a aon, alld Ixurn,—- At Huniliijr l{alt,a««r 
r«liMhe wir#ar Qconf^MatheTtttiq, a dan. 
^— In Piill-iiiall, IlieCwinim of bnnaMM«,a 

Jim. H. At Mount Maotdoa, Halbanne. 
Pen mn*. M.8.U. Halt XkbalMm. taa. Mia 
or ainoa, in nb^Mtb-HaiTlek ebSnt dan. of 
IV lati^ rnoMli Otbbsi, H. p. of tU Ulaad 
vl Barbadoet. 




A*. I. At Mclbonni, Pan nnlifs Autra> 
M, jMMa Vt mym^, w|. u CuoliM-auih, 
w w a — I dut. M the late Hmry Bowlw, ■«>. 

J>r« M. At AlaataU*. OmiVrtand. thr 
■f*. Mftr FortMU, Tl«v of Kdmhall. nor 

BWM«r LoBdon. ta y*rT, wcnad 4*«. at the 
im mad* AcUodI)^, «»q. or Nkwmtt. nMr 
riilMl. feKl 1(-P. Ibr til* cuuni AittaiOB uf 
wcoulT u' OMbcrland. 

». At LwAour. mKuThM. Ueik. IStb 
Imiimi. Hi Iiiii ITiih mcobI dm. of CMt. 
a Nub.4tkUflit Cifdrr Lwon.— FMer 
Hta Tuur, Ml. yoawMt ton of tbe Me 
|l4or Jmhh WnUratbitor, of snd Cnloo 
■i(ti to Ja■«-AdeUM^ aMoud daa. of J. 
Alanndw, nq- of HtRipuui. 

■■ At a|>HtufcTtan,JMMica, WillUm R. 
tkifn, tm, to n«t«n, wcvad dau. or HIatoti 
(l9UdSfc«4. ILb 

JWavlT AlJsiMk»,Uicft«v.T)HHDaaD«tTr 
Clhuwr. B.A. U HarT<PBlUKin, thinl lUu, ot 
Pi. Hob, o( WU«r VkUc)-, In llui uia/i<l. 

S. AIBL J«hn'> CklbnInl.Olnitia, II. B. 
BimMrd, n«. or tbc B«ur>l UrU ScnlM, tv 

■un^t Mfe HrfMB U dia MTMrc mncea. 

1)1. At BomUmv, OMfn JuMi Shaw, *«q. 
ILD. BOBteT HMtkal BN., to Mwy-Aike. 
*ldMl du. af DnM Thsm, mo. at Kdte- 

b«()i. At at Oeonm'rtbwmr^q. LonI 

AlnmoB rimp Buloi lii. wnr, yoawMt «a 
«f the DiikxtfitoaiMMl.tolIantla-taMla' 
Iterlct. HOOHl diB. of j. p. Morttr, esq> 
ronwrVr H" Un|*»rf'« Umlmor at IlrMdmi. 

tA. A1 SkfUcT. Rmcx. Licut.-Col. GitiMWP. 
Mnnaodhut Ibp Kof*! MariiiP Ait., tn M»r- 
piM. tUrt dan. of Hit lair UIiUkbi Crew. 
wo. of Swllpy Houn. 

a. Al Hml^-AO'TlMmn, CliuVn An- 
luatus TpwwTi e*4- of Henlrf-ott^Thamrv. tn 
Han-Hanirt. mlji daa, of ih« Ulo Jobu 

baau, ma. at. JobaVat. At HDTrr, Alfnrd 

i. CMMd, ««]. aarsma R.N., to KUubrih, 
Mrt dn. of Hauiicw KaBBCll, faq, aoUcltn. 
nn«r. At AlWKOtt, Oxom, WUUaai.MCMid 

B«f Adam BlftodT. wq. late «f UMom 
Ma, to MarT'IIllutwik, Ihlnl dan. 3 Ibi* 
Bflf. NatbaaitiTbrnis. — .\t BrMtol, Hiiltp, 
44*id mm at AUwd Ovoffr, pw). to Kuay, 

tftk d«k. of ClMilea Viainc, a«|. At Crar- 

dro, Ike Kcv. &■ C F«ll. OarMo of OwMiaa, 
Banvf. no II«*iiot, daa. of ttt lata L>nU.> 
Col. watts, aad rcUet of the Me Samurt 

BfMke, nu. of UatAeld. CmtdOM. At 9t. 

Caacse^t, Hamvra-tq. Jobn Wab<awl W4lro»d, 
antf toaot B. R. Walnad, eaq. oT Br^Uelil 
ua KUrtiittwrr*. Devixi, (o thf Hon. 
fkauio auvluK- llood, vounpst dia. of 

tM* Bndpofl. Al HMamrtlir. Utan 

Gilbert Corf, aaq. to Fra itc— AowBa, dau. of 
tke Be*. Sufer Klacdoa, Sector of lloti. 

wurttijr. Al Huli.Tluntw Uvard MIIIm, 

hMrtk aoo of llenrr Htr^ uq. to Harriet, 
TMiiftvt dan. of Ike late wtuiam ttobartwn, 

•a«. HJ>. At IVoonoa. tl" R«v. W. dr 8t. 

Cruli, ^'icw of GiTodc, Ifoiiaex, to Hartka. 

tU**t lUii. uf J. Manlon Kraiut. con. Al 

DiTkr.Ur Her. U. SUbDclon, lDcambe»l of 
An UbIi, 1« LTiliBf dwat dan. of Ike hie 
B(T. Ln WMfca. — At Stntltuun, the lU-v. 
0. 8. Dnv, a A. of St. Fkncns, MWdInn, 
lo Harr. ekini Aau of W. Peck. nq. of Kor- 

wood. Bumy. At Xewtarion, Mr. Stuum 

WUHan fraHtm, aon of IL J- Prnton. «nq. of 
■BWiMrT-eq. to lUeB, dau. of the laic 
Hmn BatMf, eoq. of llackDov. 

U. AC Ufbr UadenUe, Yortdi. tbe Rer. 
novaa Fr«d«rwk Rudnon BcmI, in LoiiIm. 
Lwji Moaiid du. of Iha Hon. and Brr. II. 
tk HdMk WMl nieceof tbe Barl vt foriar- 
Bocton «d t»nl BnHinch 

as. At BnrtM, ik« lUv. Mn IQMm 
II.A. Vlor or Hatbenace. DeiMi. to WOt, 
fmuwMt dan. of Ike hUe Riffiard Prricott. 
eat. liT«nl«rt.Maiita.^-^l Ltictater, tke 
IU*-'Itowianr L. ClaikMitf Bettor of Bcrtoa. 
Dnflblk. to B(MM>r-8onk, ml; dan, of TboaMs 
Wllllm D-Akbo, eaq. orttie Newark^ UJca^ 

tar. At AreUft, Ihiffein. Uw Be*. tUaif 

Chaytor, locanbent of Cnidale, to Bank. 
dan. of tbe Me Jolio ttaatpcr, mo. — At ft. 
MinFarefa, Weoininatar, Joka R. I^ppar. 
OM). of <lre*t QuMn^et. Weatntiaalcr. to Him 

H. A. Bcomll, of Cla^Mm Onunok. At 

CMand Hooml Wiariuli., Joka Ultk Uadar, 
cni. tUmt wn of Sir TlmnBt Hck LudflTi 
Bait, of hontain UalL and Gnoge, to Aaat, 

•eeowldM.orH«tlliMliT»Vl«r«4- f* ff 
del.^— Venraaon BniiMM, «aq. lUK afSkaf- 
eeld, to BOukeU, IMin un. tf BibmI 
NfTtl Ward, Mq. of Baatoa. KaW.^--flaafy 
Cbtt, «*|. of Dnaeld, DeniTililre, to Jane* 
mHcm daa. at Jetin AUbM, eaq. of Ctap- 

ham CuBiBiou.' At tke Roomk Catholic 

Chapet, St. G«orie'a-licld>, Rkd arKrwudi at 
St. Mark**, KeurinrtOM, Joko UharUo MkC- 
devBot, eo«. of Tranuton, tJUK, to CMbs- 
riite Tlioratoiif alaco of Uie Be*. Dr. Tlura- 

tott. of WMNMNMRk. Sums. At '-— T'f^ 

ta«. John Vninn, rvj. lite Capi. STtk luA 
•en of tke We Il«v. W. WUaon. of KMWia 
Ball, Wanrlcksh. to I'hillppa, granngeat dam. 
«f tbe We F. L. Storr, can. or Kemp T^ma, 

Ml At St. GMV|re*a, Kuon<r-iK|. Lord 
LotrIda tidmt aou of tbe Barl of Bmrtoy, to 
LaalM,eldMldau. Ar Mr. Hetirjr DramsMtid. 

Al Uttle Pertlaad-et. CbaptI, Tbonaa 

FiVe, rtc) Uieof iheMthRIll«*,and)nNMnM 
•on or (hr laiN- Mr Ko«* ttWr. Bait., of Tr^. 
waintoD, Cuniwall, Iw Annft, Hcood *ba. of 
tkf late nvlerick Have* Uacnaaoara, e*d. 
flonnnl* UeM. tM Ralnenl. 

IT- Al SI. Mar?'*. Brranslenr-aqokee, tbo 
Rrr. Cbarlve.VaBaiiitn, vf NBTknte-Mnrt, 
If atltardohin (mo of Ike Me Col. VaaalttaH. 
of !<)iotie*l>reoke>, lo KOMU^Fnncco, Ou. or 
lluis Buik, H>i. c-l Orral Cumhinluid-nloee, 
Hyde I'art. — Al Uomhofen, do tbe Xklne, 
Dr. llprnuui Jtliimrr, I'T^rnnor of Vmm al Ibo 
UnhrersttT of Woertburir, to 'tirfi IriMBl 
Dllhm, •UNI dan. of il(i> t*ie lUrhard Pur. 

Mtl.(»|. of OrMford. M at. Marjr'a, Brjf 

aniion»4q. Kol>. Ptiler>«aq- wd Highlander*. 
Id ItUEabrlti, eklM dan. of Jolm H. laft^K 
taq. o( Uopcr Ma«>t>>a.«1. MimlaKU'«a.~— .At 
81. MarrMMMC. IlirKer. f. P. uTlberl.MJL., 
lanrabtU of SI. Mary, Uamntooc. Lottdoa. 
ta9opliia,4*ii. orCharlFi l>a>n*n;n>, Mq. of 
Tart-plu^ nirtmaiHoquare. 

». At Bnnaeb, the Kn. Charloa B. Brad- 
1i!T. M. A of Grurtkam. to Sarah, only daa. of 
th* late John Frtrnd, req. ftennMrk-klU, flqr- 

rey, Al Jersey, Philip D'AoitfjpM. u^. Of 

LMTllle Uuior, lo Hearieiu, Ibnrtb dm. Of 

Charlrs Plioit, nu). At KiTrin^ain, llioa. 

r. IMcklnomi. teij. of LlTcrpool, to Xinaret- 
Anne, only daii.nflkr Her. J. KUiaart. KccMr 
orili*«yie All 8aiQt«, aodcnud-dau. of Ibo 

tatr Vi.^Adiii. AlacDuugall i>f Bath. At 

lj«>ntbpon, Launahln, tbe Ktr. Jf 'stttan Holt 
TltcuRibc, U.K. Inowntieiit of Si. Aninrn- 
tbe-Le»s '''auihrid(«,loanBfa. rbtrat dm. of 

John Hood, rcq- At Bavakiikli. Joiqih 

Tacfccraawlbnl,eK). Iln UueMji'* Coaaal- 
GcB. ID CVha, ID Jeansa-Fmarlca. dM. of 
tlw latr AdTontir Jacxibaon, of Altona, nMl 
step lUn. of C P. Tolaie. m«. of nannnab. 

9*. Al OiriKt Ckntrh. Si. MantvtKine. 
Charlbi WUIIam, mb of the Ute Her. RoU. 
FniMell, of Brlehnin, lo Bliialielk, d*a. af tlM 

laie ChatM Hebbert, tnq. of bion-tt|. Al 

8(.OeOTn'*, Uanover-wj. Robert-Jamrs <th 
90B Of l£e Ber. J. D-Any, KecMr Of Kiblra, 




Bluibi InlMif, In AiuiA, DnrbcM of FUua 
*iid nrnniiR, NaplN— At St. SUrttu't-hi- 

Tr)'. csc|. of III? :jtraii(l. At Murivlhi Nailli- 

nntwrl.lbr K«t. Hvnry Hogm Pltnuui.Mvsnd 
•on of Ibr R<>t. John Hofen ninun, at Km- 
■IQKWa. to KIluibrtli'BrunwU, youoKm lUu. 

of Ui0 Wa BniUKniin TlinniiiicA, r*i. Al 

BL har*, Wlllan-|il. i)jc Hon. Utaiy lifeutt 
Ho<nr<l« vmnfmi mh nt itir Kjirl nr railUir, 
to UUY-welwihY, dau. or J^riii MMia^Uh. 
•iq.of Monirail, Cuitda. ThvcctniHio »>■ 
•Im ptrftrawd aminlLiif lo (lir iiir> >ir ilii- 
Bomui Cfttbolh! Churtb, at tbr rmdrncF of 
lb» brfilr'viaiil. tba Mmn-liiunru Wrilnlv). 
At Muiock, vriuitm l-n>tou, m^. of Uury- 
Ihorur llouiF, to SiiplLila>Aun, onl)' lUu. of iSr 
late William llarrluiii, niq. of Haybalm* Hall. 
—At Prmtburj, ChenUu*. Kilinra nibann, 
«M), or tlk« llenniia«v, n«r MlildkwKI), 
Choalilrr, la Mulwlli, nDly diild of llu- Ul« 
ThDntu RfUnrr, «M|. Ofit. tJil Unlit Inf. 
•■^At HavprfvrdwiW, Hlrlunl, yaiinfftal «pn 
flf IhrlaleCapl. Jatin Cba4»lMm. (MmrrlfOt 
the lUih tluaMr*. ii> RtiuhHh JitlU-jonnfm 
•Ian. of (Itr Ulr Rtv. WilJIani WiImii, af 
Kuuwiu Hill, WaiHxkvUlrv, Hettoi of Hai- 
rliwtoii, .Siiflltjiti|ilini»riiir- 

» Xx llrutarts.W 1-. Xi-tey Walkrr, m\. 
B A. of Trill! I y HjiH. ramli, ucilTKiitxirilirialo 
V*pt. W. II. Walkff, R. N. IV Cbiirlflllr- 
UnuittiKaite, amHiitil ilaii. of CjiiiI. W. Hull, 

31. Al notD))>b. .M>l«nic«ic, I htntlti Klnrr. 
CM), of .\li|pn^lc-it. I<> Kriiily-.UiirIt, rliti^t 
ilao. of lh< lal« Cniil. M. N. KAatwuiHl, K .V. 
—At SI. (imTK»'». llanoTer»<|. Frttlrnck 
R. Minaoii, U.l). of I'u-k-al. GrMnnor-fii. 
to SaMniuiJDn», lUii. of the Hci. J. A. 

tMl*l». Al miimt^mn, nt.Jaacjfit Hlowr, 
U.K1.(->S., Beonl Prcalilcncy. to Ekuior- 
Jaac, yiiiinfffM ilnuof Bvnjaiiiiii l.iiraii, nati. 
i.e. aiitl llrputK t.iFiil, i>r^ Kitie'* Cxmniy, 

Iirlaod AI OJHxixiii-. llin Kr\ F. 

I/BilnMijR. Id llirrielt. tUikol Itit Utc Sir II. 
BrwK*. Ban- 

Jmrnat. At Hackiuy. Jnhit l^»l«^, r«q. uf 
Kvmi-cmirt. Herta, luBmllv-AucuMa, dan. 
arHwBn. Robert HMlb-M, A. iK'tiKiififiad. 
dlncton, LHc. aad nlnrc of Lord HyrMi. — At 
■t. HarjrMMur, Urary Jaitin, cm, iMrrlalrr 
Of th« fllMk tciiipl*. to Mary, r Idmi lUu. of 
WmUB Ool«in«, e»q. of Korlb llauk, Rrp>nl'* 

Put. ami tbr Iaw*. furlknlilrfv. At Ha^ 

row, Kdwanl Dd U Mitllr, r*t|. of tlir K(i7*l 

HllitAty Collnr'i ^^tulJlD^«t. to .Vniia .S/|>b!t, 

MCWII'l llau uf J. y. MarilllPr. ni|. i>r lliinnfl 

flcboot.— -A< KatiHiMilv, Norfolk, Jinrvli I'm 
too, ni|. lUth min Df JiiUii t'rf'tiin, r*<\. rt 
Oraat Yarinouili, Il< .Ijur-VJiuliRtti. mil) hiit. 
TlMiif dau.ol thp ui« K-iitrr Kerriwwi, tm). u( 

Rsnntrtli. Ai ('*irit.rm»-il, ttc-iir] -Jolm, 

CidrtI 1011 Of llanr^' Julin Hall, <-ii<| nf |tlai.-k- 
hailb, Unit. R.N. Ui ^^uuniiK-Cliailnil'', tUlml 
4aik of JebB Soiltti, ru,. *r c»iii'>cf"*ii. - 
Al lIuTlebuilu N«w Cbnrcli. Wilici Itnnlir. 
Ml). AMOOil siirvlvlns Him I't lb' IkivAlm- 
■nikr brodk, 1>.I>. mauy y»f* Vmr i-r r,a«t- 
boartiB, SosBFi. tu Mana-Jai'r. ■rriiiiil ilau iif 
Alhton BlUTCw. F<u|. of Lrtltani. Li<ira>li)r*. 

MoA Carlton Hall. Cuinb^rTnnd. Al I'ail- 

ttlaftoa. Kdnanl-GtunT'' only mih iif Joarph 
lladni'll, p*q of Ciri)rcl«. IU»kl>iiiil, In llllcti' 
Arahf tia, ilin. of lb? Ia[< sanil.Ttitiicr,Mii, of 

tUltiiiiii, Aurrrv Al lltanKtiw, ihr iUt. J. 

U. Kirk'iim. >I.A. InrumlMot of UanUtlll*, 
ni>iiliij(l»h. 1(1 Annii>, ^O'liiiicrM rlaii, nlJ..\, 
litllniarr, r*>]. Ilarrai'k ilanlrr. (ilaitciiw, lllc 
C^ W4 t'tiirf vt tUe iJltJI iq ttw Vennwlu 

Smrln. Al CkBlW«, IIm R««. H< 

Herbwl, of niaa Ha/ifo, Vtc«r of Carag 
Maat|«inrn'*b. to Faimy-tlrlrti*, afrood iuH} 
i>f J. I. I'UlIrl', Ml), of Duiitniy Cwil*, Colli, ' 
Npwiun. ppinixokfihirr. Mid LlcUiirtluty. 

I.'armutlirirtbirr Al Ratb. Donald UackrnS 

iir l)uii1oih (au. nr lli« IiiBcr Trmfilt. turrit'^ 
Krai- law, to fUlta-Hercullnk, vldnt dan. of 
Uenl.4:«l. Swinlon. of Ihc Hon. Ka.M liidU 

Coniwnr'H Srrvipr. At Vi>-LyiiiT. Iti* R*». 

Ilrnr) I*. DkalrlL of Wolloa ritlfl•ln^ 10 
Uary-Jant, tUlt-tl tUa. of Uapt. Kelly, R.N. 

Al Klinj, tb» Rr%. W. V. ngaK. R«tor of 

Brnanioa and Favani, Wllta, to Aunr-Mafia, 
rMtml iIm. i>f ilie lalp Vlfp-Adiii, LnnI U. 
raulrtl. — At f liri>[il.Ain, Norfulk. Ibc lUv. 
Trv^ullaii O«orit« Nidiot**, H. A. of Wadliain 

IVitl, Oiliinl. tu Aiinr-IMiuln-lli, ddrsKliiLi. of 
llic Rev wniiarii TTiorpt. Vicar of .<:(*ir)i- 

•nrtli, f'.aiubriilj[rati. At ^'t. (Iwirft'*, 

Handicr-M. CafI lllane. M Uir Uuar'U, tw 
Marnrrl-ltiiii-. Ihlftl ilau. of L. Aitiri, rH|. nf 

lit* llyilr. MrrtfDTdaUrc. • — Ai ^c• V'tth, 
r ^ Aloandec B. Cttland, cm) M-I>. uf 
Itoyal l.'aitadtM JtU* lUKt., lo Fanny-Kemp, 
joaimac lUn nf J. Robert*. *•■], rantjot of 

llerHiir>t>'.* l^lstaIna. Url«ioL AlUnb* 

U*. O»orgv nU\n. na. no of tb* lale (liarl* 
lllcltM, (if llatti, to Kllu MarnHilMt lUu. of 
ih* blip Rrv. JobM SaUaborr RaiiMfonl, fof 
in»1r of *\. MIrban'a |Wrbli, Dublin. 

*. Al Dlplfnrd, ItetuD.tbe lt«T G«o. t)«wMn, 
tt'4^01' nf Wnmllrlf h, and lalv Fi'lliin of KlOtCT 
rail. In MaltlOa-KliUbrth. riitrnt ilau. of lb* 

Rvir. Il«nrr Har«, of Cartiaknonli-. u 

Ptrmottlh, L1«at. H<BrT aimpaon, llnynl Ma. 
riova, to AniwO«on(fa"a. ruDoj-ni Omu. of 
Ihr bil# Llrul, GroTxr SiQirrioinls. R.N. 

5. AI Lit rri ilolr. Dr<JD|e Jmurr. M)). of 
New Winilwir, Itrtfcs, lo liracr. nnlr datt. of 
Job!) Wfitrcn SncU, faq. of Moni-ir-OniBil. 
llravtIrM. iii<ar £»«<«'.■■ At LyniliiKim, 
William Wbilr, eaq. of Omte llnuxr, rwril, 
Sumcrwl, to CalharlnivMary, dan of KftwfcTd 

Dcniicll. e»(|, At .Vrwtuwii. Haul*. John 

ittraltun, «»i|. nf Tiirwi-itiiii )l<>u>r, Bue^a, to 
Mary* dan. of Jnbu llortorki, vwi. af hr«M 

1«>I|*. Itarkm. Al Clifioii. Hfnr>- lb*tt 

Maailllon.pHO. t;tb Ri-cl' t» Hrnri*tta-ll»ry, 
pidnt llau, orHlr Knuntu* t>li>)«>uii Etorrowc*, l4iir«iicb, UnPi'it't (.Vmni). IreUail, 

William Uuiby, r*q, of GuliHwroncli. 

Yorliab. tv ^rancM, mcoiiiI dan. iif jsinea 
Faacor, cai). of IVnaAnnr. ('omwaii, *ii.[ of 

Xinxibn<l(p. At Kllllnr, Kichinl Mnn- 

rcrfor<1 I'i'llcn, eno. to Ciiarlotu.KliiabMii, 

fiiiKipcpit Jnii. nf John Godlry, ptu, vtK\IUgtt 
loiiiyr, LfltniD. At natriilry. JanirtShaw, 

Ktq. Hon. R. I.Co.** lOIti Iti-n/al i.i|;hl C«v., 
t».'wll>aJaiie, ibirddau. of ilVr uic Ctia/ln 

R*itr*y,.M.ti. M Kiu|lvtnforU, PUlTurdab, 

ViniTiil 1l..ll.wt., r»q, of Snlton Coldflrid. 
Warolirknti. In B, Addra. 

UriMikr Aildi'iilii'iHikr. raij. 

t. tirdi'ir-ClTk, ucond too of Ocorm 
(%Mnr. o<|. i^r Wrllr'rrM. Ftbahir*, to Harriet' 
IVacl'. >oiiOE'*t tlag. rf Ihn? hic Jolm l^tna- 

dm, <iMi. uf (.'uilinrv. .\b*riWi>*birp. 

7. Ai.'*t. IMM'».'l'liilbco, Capl, llrnrrO. 
llamillU'i. ILS'. vfondaanof W.R. HatDUIOD. 
tit\. 10 Kann!r'Elliar<«th, ddeat dao.of ilie lau 

Rev. Chn.Tuwpr,«rdh«'X, At 

St. Marylrb«nr, (!lia*. K«Ticr,««u. vf CbMlVT- 
pl. i» Marnrei, youn/rat dao. or Rdn. Bla««, 

1..J. of Manchralrt.Mi At AI*rr«toke. 

M.-ilnr W. II. Adam*, of Ihc Roral Milflary 
rullPirr. al S«ni1biii-»i. lu Lunlta-Mtry, eldral 
diu, oi" Ri-ar'Adm. Sit K4w»nl (liMbam, 
K Cll. and KC.II,, uf Porlon-lodK*. lUnl*. 

At 8t. UrarrrS. Hliwniabary. Arthur 

Kill-; l^neb, accond ton of Jobn niicb, rtq, ot 
Uulinro.ol. tu Uary. arcond dau, of Ifac Ml 
TliuuAa itwo, t«q uf tbe New Road. 





J\»»t 3. At Tichborn«. Btntc, from 
bjurks tMciTcd in falliae from fail borK. 
•ginl 60. Sit llmiy JoKph Tkhbome, tlic 
•i|^k Biruuf ttiat fLw«(lC2D.1). 

He Ku bom inn. i. 1779, tbe «UeM 
toa at Sir Ilrnrf, tbr vrvenlh lUroBtt, bf 
Eliwbvtb, daa^trr of Rdinand Plovikn, 
of PtowAcD. G«. Salop. n<] Me dvc«c«df<i 
to ibc dtle bj tbe death of tiis f&ibcr, 
June 14, I8?l. 

Sir Haitrjr muritd, April 33, I80G, 
Asne. foartb dMchter of Sir Tbomu 
Barke. of Uartale Hill. co. Galwar. Bart. 
•ad»blertoElit>Coun(4^iof CUnricardc'i 
aad hy that luly h« hid i««ur x-im 
danftiten: 1. Uie Rixbc Hon. EUzabeih 
Anu« Ladj Harrtitt, nuiritd in WiS to 
Jmc|)ih-Tliid(lcu« lltb and |lff^>cal Lord 
Vonotr, b; wbota abe baa inne acfrnil 
ck>1drrfl ; 2. ibr Rifht Hon. PraooM- 
Calhanoe Ladjr Arandellof Wardour, wfao 
bfoaoaelB 1899 tbetecond wUVof Heorj'. 
BnvMot eletvBth mai pment Lord 
Aratid«II, and djr<l in )H-.16. leaving ><Aue 
by ber two aoat. uf nhiiin the elder i> ticir 
apparent <■> kit ralber; 3. Julia, married 
Ant in 1»10 tothalaxe Lieut. Col. Cbart« 
Tbomaa Talbot, f r«od*oa of Ucorge Irnib 
Bvl of Shrevibiiry, wbo (lied in I83B, 
tortile OOF «on and two daUEblerv; aod 
■BOMlj, ta \%i9. to Captala Wuhiiig- 
tm Hibbert. of fiiltoo Ormuge. Co, War. 
wiok; 4. Marf, (cha ijird in Wi'. tf^A 
tifleni ; 5. Catbttine-Caroline; C. Luc-y. 
EUaii a&d T. Emily-bUuche. 

Hie rcBuuni of tliii bi^hl; reapectcd 
gcndman ««Tr interied in the fiunily 
BuniMleani in Ticbbome cliurcb on tke 
lOtb of Julf. Tht ftaanl offiui of the 
Roman Citholii' Chnn-li were performed 
ia ibe piiksu e)iii]>cl of the honw. Thert; 
we DO len tbau citbl pncrt* preaeni. 
Ilifb nua na peeformMl b; the R^v. 
Mr. Pbitlipi, the fainitjr ebaplain, and a 
funeral dJK-ounv vrat deB««n4 b; Iba 
RcT. Mr. i./fco. Tbe pmcearion thun 
teft the boiue, pr«c«ded thrmi(h tlte landa 
of Ihc deccAied bi Ibe ckrgf in full cano- 
Biati, cbaunlfa^ a re(|uieni, and one of 
than btmring aloft « tar^ rractlix. f>i) 
rcadtinc the rbarrJi Ihcy were met lij the 
R«». if. Hubbard. Rts^tor of (.'!)eriton, 
•nil B«T. fieonre Bisliop, curate of Tkb' 
boTflc. hj wboiu tbr taft (crnre*. UMrd- 
[ii( to tbc KdaMislird Churcb, were 
p^fcrmed. Tli« funeral procwiou con- 
rialnl ol nearlr omi bnndrvd and flflj 
yeWBB>. iDclu'iiDg. in aJdilioti lo the 
■ Wb iw of tbc famitj, teoaatr^ aad 

aeiikbmin, Mrenl coanty mafittratti, 
clcrgTinta, and otberi fhim Wtacbeitar 
and Al^e«f^>^d. 

Tlie Baronetcy devolirt on Sir Hcary^ 
nest lurvivint brother Edward Donffaiy, 
FM), of SDArfDrd-hall, Lincoinibire. H« 
araa barn in 1 7><2 ; took Ebe name of 
T><>nghiy in !!<'.'<), on cucewding lo th« 
Utae pro pert; of >f r«. Eliiabcih ]>OD^blx, 
and married in l^'.T Iho Hon. Catbariaa 
Arundell. fourth daughter lyf Jamea-Ero- 
rerJ mnth Lord Arandell of Warioor, by 
wboD he baa itaue a ton and beir appa- 
reat, Henry-Ticlibonie, bnm la 1829. 

SiK Gkobce n. W. Bbai'MDkt. Babt. 

/Mie7. At Colcorion-ball, Loiccitar- 
ablr«, agiMl \7>, Sir Ocorge Honland WU. 
loiighbji BeauiDont, the eighib Bart., of 
Stonghton Grange, in that county (16tiO). 

Sir (icnrpc waa the eldest gnn of tbo 
late Tboraoi BeNutnont, «X|. of Buckland, 
iu Surrey, bjr Bridget, jroui^eit danj|fat«r 
of the R(i. WiUiain Davie, and niacs to 
Sir John Dane, BarL «f Crccdj, c«4 

!!• mcceeded to the Baroaeuj on the 
death of hta conaio Sir Geotfe Howland 
Braomont, F.S.A. (whoac rolleelinn nf 

EiDtarrs futtn* part af the National Oal- 
try,) 00 the 8th ^cb,, 1827.« 

* Tlie fnllowinc atalnnrtil baa rrcmlly 
appeared iu llie Lelceaier Cbouicle (June 

" Mr. Beaumont, a ribbon weaeer, of 
CovrntTf, Kho clained to b« tbe btir of 
ttie Baronet who Hxi ia lb* yaar 182T. 
and was at ereat paina to Iraee bit pedi> 
gree, inrcirined n* that when lie waited 
upon the then Sir ti«or^, he told hia 
thttt he knew of no direct deacendant of 
bh bmlly, and tbat he (Mr. BMontoM) 
wflt the linl amon^ ■ario<i* claimanCa who 
1»d (howii any relationahip to him. Mr. 
Beaumont elumed tt> be the lineal dc- 
aocndant of the Thomas Bmumont, esq. 
of Sloo^lon, or ita neighbourhood, who 
was on tbe list of rannty nufiatralaa 
many years bcfpre. but who*« |>aM«rtty 
bcrame redurL-d in arcumatancaa, and 
were 111 lima I ely removed ■' by OTd«tt"t« 
CoTcittry. Lady Beaumont, the mdow of 
tbc aame Baronet, beUrvinK alao thai h« 
was ■ rehiliao of her buabnnd, allowed 
bio) to ranjt* the Kmiiiida aboat her real- 
denes uaiutorrDptedly, and (ave apecjil 
order* to her itomettica not to interfere 
wiib ttim ia lo 4oiug. Tbe poor claimuit 

192 OtirVARx^Adm. Sir P. C. C fftntUrton-Durham. [Aug. 

Hi nairhKl Jnne 16, I88&, MinxAnne, 
tldMt diuKhter of the Matt Rrx. Wlllim 
Howlfiy, n.n. Ilicii Btikop of LoadoD, 
Mduuw AnJibiihi>pof Camcrbiiry. Liily 
BnuiDcmt dl^ la ie3&. Thry bail Uiae 
fimr «»■ and two daughten, l. Mvv- 
Sbbu, wbo dJMJ ui iuhnt in ]ti27i 
S. Qwrfc-HowUni], bom In l»2!i, trie 
luu auccMded to tlie ttmiij litlc and c». 
tatri ; 3. R«jtDotid-Curioik, nho itted tD 
iahnt in l«30i 4. WUlistn-BcrMfordt 
5. WiUovjhbr-Hutlnft, wlin diod in 
I83&( ia hit 3rd joor ; «nd 6. Cosabuioa- 

ASM.StR {>. C.C. Kll^<nilRttON-Dl<BJIAM. 

J>>nV 2. At Naplc*, ik his H3nl ;eu. 
Adninl Sir PbUip Cbarin Cildnrwood 
Headetwia-Durtiain, CCa, Gnnd Cnm 
of the Sword ftf Sweden, and of SI. Per- 
ilioAiid uid Hcril uf Sicilj-; Ki|BfffT7 to 
Uir Unkv of CaabridCL', and DDfrnty. 
liBMUnml (tf PUbibln. 

Sir PhlUti wu tb« third wa of Junra 
Ca)d«rw«od I>iiriiuii. Mq. <rf htrpt. In 
FUWdra. H« enttrod Uie Nan U Ii77. 
He WM midabl|mui of tba £dg«r, 74, 
CaplaiB John Elliot, whicb Mp formad 
pan of Sir Oewxa Rodnar'a teti at tha 
d8faatBiuloa|iturcoriheS)>aaUh Adnlrai 

had then takta u|i Ma miilmn: «t Colr- 
ortOD, harinit Biiiried onn cf hrr taJj- 
•Up'a tenanti. lie wiit to Ijondoa to 
pTMocate hia claim, irtuTe be died vnd- 
aenlf. Hit lou then put la hit elaim, u 
hoir lo tho catate, and oMBmlaalDiutd an 
lohabttaat nf Cokorloo Ia gire hltn the 
aarlieit intimation or l^adjr Beaiunoitt's 
daalb, that lie nixht take pomavoo it 
betr-at-Uw. luiead, however, of aeadiu 
a ipMial meMogar to Un, bo oootented 
UmaeU with forwafdtng n Irttcti wUidl 
waa iBltmipted in ili coiinc, and ia tha 
fatanm the last Daronet waa tkerefora 
Oiabled lo roach Coletirlun before him, 
thoBgh the lattf^r waa thm lirinf in K»ai. 
W« neoUec-t to hne «(«n the pedigree of 
the eklnant, and w^re at that period of 
Opiaioo that ha had made out a jtuod 
flrimd/Mii ea«n.~HD. t. C." Oa tbia 
atorjr wa mtj remark that Sir George 
fi«auiniHit contd oot hare truly auted 
be " knew of no direct deiccudant of hia 
binlljr,'' aa tho tamm of Sic tioorge- 
Mowlaad-WiUos^r (lOv dacsaaed) and 
TVMiaa. Davit bia brouwr are iaptnded in 
llw padigrea [wiBtcd b Klohob'a LeiL-ca- 
Urthtav. vol. in. p. Hbt and thsf vcn: 
ipanduna uf the rormoT Sir Gcorfe'ii 
mef« Thoinai. lib (raat-Dnela lloiirv, 
via ■* bad uswt Thonua." naj poaiiblj 
have baen proKenttor of the Covaoln 
fi«ii».»« ■ otherwiae, if related at all, it 
awl b« ftit) more dUUoUjr. 

Don Juao Oe Luigara, end the rdic* of 
Gibrmllar in i;W. He w«« nftcrwarda 
acting Licute&aiil and lignal vffitvr o( the 
Vicrrojr, lO-l, fUg-tliip gf Rear-Adtn. 
Keuijietifelt, and foIlDwed that gallant 
officer on tiia raMOving into tho Hoyai 
George. Ue ronUnead In that aUp until 
the fatal cataacropbe which bafal Imt at 
SptlhMd. Augait 2E), 1783. IIcwMof. 
Deer of the watch at the tiina, 

" When Admiral Kempanrell went dows 
Vith twice t(m hundred um." 

After hiialiDo*lmlnt«ulo(ueM;ape* he waa 
anpoioiml acting LiniteDont of ihe Union, 
:rI, at the relief cf (iibraltar, hj Earl 
Howe, and in Uic labMqncnt action off 
C^w Spartd ia the Mae year. Ba waa 
conAnned ia Ui task aa Ueatmant oa 
the fCtb Dflo. I7«2, and wu made a 
ContaMDder l?tfa Nov. 1790. Ho wai 
appoinlad to oommaDd the Spitfire, ia 
wblcti tloop bu captured uvcral FMncb 
privateera in 1793. 

II« waa provotcd to po«t male on the 
S4lh of JuDe ia that fiat, and waa ap- 

Siotntcd to the Hind, SB, and in Ibis vanal 
ottght with lix frigatfa In 11^4. Sab«. 
(laeotlj be wu appuitUad la the Aaaoa, 

' The drcUBialaneea of thi* eacape ware 
Ihiu rdaUd bv himwiir ■ Wti^ llie Rofal 
Genrge *>ai going down, Liruteoant Dar- 
ham throw olT bit cnac and daihed into 
the wat«r, whert bo was *eiied hj a 
drowning marine, b]r whom he wai twlee 
oarrled down; on lialng tbe aoeood tiiae, 
lieatcoaDl Darhim ivoiMded in atlrica- 
thif hiMsclf from the dying nun'i grvu 
bj tearing off hi* waiiuoal, and he, wita 
one of the aaamca. waa cTeatnall^ aawd 
bj aeUaf the haljrarda from the miaan. 
top-maaC-bead, l>r which they reached the 
■oaat-head. frooi wlinice they were taken 
with great diSicnltj by a boat. The immu- 
[lUrine'e body wu waahed on *hore a fort- 
night iftemardB, «rilh the waiitcoat, by 
which he had caught hold of Lii-ulrnant 
Durham, ao ftnaly twiated rouud bu ann, 
that a potdl caae, branny the Linte. 
rianl'aisitiala, waariiun[liki^intbrpiM.-k«t 
and mtored to tlie owner. The Captain 
(Wagboml under whoae direction, witli 
tbac of the Firat Ueatenint (Sanden), 
thealupwucareoahig, waaon thecjuartvr- 
deck at tba tiiu the aoeidriit o(v!urred, 
and rui down to warn the Admiral, who 
wai in hi> cabin, but he waa unabia Is 
i-fl'uf-t hU purpoae, fmai the cabin door 
having beoome Hzed. Vihtn Ueatcotnt 
Uurhaoi liad reached a place of temporary 
aecuritj, ho obaeTved the Captain holding 
by the weather niiicn-top-aall -yard -arm, 
and mnt a boat to hia aid. neac (wo 
were the onlj oflleara aaved.* 



OmTfAfiV. — Virr-Ailnt. Sir J. C. IVhiif. 


4A, alilch akip foTTMid part of Sir John 
B- 'Vartrn't np«litioti a^iDit Qoibvron 
ill 1795. In thu frifaie ki^ ditpUjred 
amii'.itr f^lliDtry. nnd cicrciaed Ihc 
JirdI jixl^-mrnt, *>>)icli Inl to llif liioal 
^■iciiu mull*. He o wto w! «t Uw vnp- 
aa«Qft'EtoU(.^. laManb. I796talt!u 
deMfUftion of )a Calliope fii^plir-, JulyST, 
ITEU I « U» ra)>ture *)f In Miire, 3*1, Ihc 
■MM fcMt, Ui'i in tbc Klion with Mem. 
[latB(>atd. <Vt. I'i. 1797- It iru In the 
(•OK mutitu of thb fi:^ (Ihi' l^tli) tlut 
W rou^t bi« nnant Ktian >iU> U Loin-, 
16, captvriBf ml frc*te, niul alto nt mi- 
nims times »ettni Frenrli and Spanuh 
irnTalcfr*. Uc aftcr*tir(!k cootiiiucil kis 
atcfal Mmim in cu-otienilion with tbe 
Frttidi Royilu>l4 oa utt; cout of La 
Yeaiiie in IT!^!t. He (-aptund ■ br^ nri- 
ntrrrof 19 ;«u, tnl ioUtnfttd tliclatc 
flavernorof Bataiia in April. 1800; stid 
li th» ,... „[(, ,.f juj^ {q jhy jf^ iiad ffl. 

Ell <ith tiut Wgeun* HoliUii. 
IV .Mil, ha wu «|i|i<iuite4 tu 
[b» Endjiuiua, unl vriu loun nt hit oti] 
indc, for hr ragrturrd » priTateercf 11 
ntuun April 13, IMI. The ont eotn- 
■iBiul Biu tb.-it of lh« new linB-nT-tiatth: 
•Up the Dehisc*. 74, io vblrb tlilti he 
tank ■ tMMt Httrc {>irt in Sir Robert 
duet's Mtioa with tltc combintd tcctaof 
Tnacw Mad Spain, «g tlu i2il Jtlf, »ad 
M ifae mr nKnonhle battl« of Infilgit 
oa tlM »Ut of October, IttVi. 8ob«c- 
mntljT he hoisted « bro*J pcsdanC u 
Ctonnadirr 'iiiv; the third diri- 

^OH of I! > . >IM«U llr«(. Slid WBl 

p fWl* «t 'L. _.lioii of two PrtM-h 

HM-C'f-hitttli' »htp«, irmr l''ronticn*n. Oe- 

tolwT -IG. 1^9. Uc atlaiDcd the rank of 

Kf*r-Ai)iDirjl 31it July, 1^10, and >» 

riD)>In;Ml in thr North Sea in Itlll. 

AJkcrwarid* be boictcd hii A«t in tbc Vo 


Fb»>(4u«f od lb« I>N<wd JgUods •latian id 

Ibis, «Dd in Jrauuy of the following 

optureil th« two t'rrJtch li-gun 

AlcDCBF and Igihigcnia. Uc wu 

• K.C-It. Jan. 3, 18U, and in 

; fm n* the nanal eommmdtr-io-cbief 

aMkUd Unit.Goienl Sir JuMs Leith 

la redOcini; GuAdalonpi:. 7%ui perhnpa 

■M oISmt 1b tlic n*r« wax mj cnntinu<>ualy 

twcngril frvm I7t<« tu lidl^. wbeu tU; 

lad n<ionaparte«n Hag ihAl iaw in the 

Weu 1n«lt«a ««• OnicJc Io thia olIic«r in 

th« Ai|«il of (.bat r<:nf- Uc ttMirH 

both boaoTiiy aad tKxi^niJtry rewsrdii, nnd 

bail a Dinla] ;^nuu^ t.t Imn tn- the hali\e 

«f Trafalgar. He waa niiJi> \ n r-.^lTniral 

W the IZlh Ani;. Ii9l<>, aud lull AJinijnl 

m the! 'JM Jaif. 1H2I): and on ti>r I7tli 

tiweniVr irf tltnl yrar be waa uooiinnted 

iC.C " 1134 a)*o CoMmaiukr of the 

M>li f Merit of Pnticc, cun- 

i.t- , Vol, XXIV. 

frrrifl for lli« (ui|iliira of Oondaloape in 
lni3, and raa the onljr Brititli subject, it 
U 1>«ltCTrd. who wore the croM of lluiC 
ordtv. Hia laat aerrica nan ttutt of Com- 
maoiler-in-vhlcr at Portaniouili, when be 
•track tiii Sag in November, 1)!30. 

Sir I'hitip Durham wah mrmb^ for 
Qucvuburouifh iu the Parliaomtt oF IK3(I, 
and for Ucviira from 1833 tu F«b. 1S36', 
buving r''<^*io<uly unmoxtafaJlj oontested 
the lattrTtawn to IK:!2. 

Hu marrii-d flral, March 38, 1199, iMdj 
Charlotte Brvc«, third daughter oT 
Chartea Earl of Elfin tad Kmcudine; 
she died without iasne Kcb. 21, IHli]; an. 
cundly, Oct. IB. 1917, Auup, only dauKh- 
ter and Im-Itcm of tha bit« Sir John Hra. 
denon, of Pordd, oo. Pifc : apon which 
bcaaaKmod tbe name of Ilrndrrton be- 
fore Ihirbam, Her ladrkluj) dini at For* 
del Hqum; on (h4 \^th Dec. Ufl. 

Vic8-Ai>HtnAL Sir J. C. Wnire. 

April 4. At ShrefiiM*. .i^il 7&, Sir 
John Chambrrs White, K.C.B.. Viec-Ad- 
Bilral of tbe \Vhit£, Commander -in -Chief 
at I be Nore. 

11)1* ol&cer waa nwla'a Lieatenant 
about 1790; wia Bi>)»oiiited to the com- 
toaad of ibe Sjrlph aloop of wsr in 1 795 1 
niul caplureil the Mereitrj, a Dutch bri^ 
of a'utcen fxnu., off the TccHil, Msj 19, 
179l>' In Scirtember following be took 
tbe Pbcenix French prirateer of (oar puu, 
and thirtj.two men. 

On the 'i:ih Jul}-, 1T97. thv Sylph 
betDf- un a critue to tlie touthward of 
Vibint, in coBinay with ths Pomoori 
ArtfiiA, and Anaon frigtite*, and the tXilIjr 
ttitlcr, di«-o»ercJ fourteen anil of vavjla, 
escorted by la Calliope of 36 gnns, a oor- 
Trttr, and an armed brig, standiiiK tni« 
lln.luTiir Itaj-. Tbe two latter aaeajKicI 
louad tbe IVnntnrlca-, but lliefrip(«, not 
bcin^ able to follow them, cat ■"bv bar 
tnant* aad ran aabore. Cnitiiiti Whitv, 
with Kre4C pramtitude. stooil in, and, by 
u wcll-OirMTird lire. |>rcvealcd bee crew 
from vmiK anj mrjuia to aate the ahtp or 
■torci. The next day aba went to |iMce». 
Eight of the neHto UDder her WDToy. 
hStrt with aaval itArra, pro*t*Ioni, nnd 
clntiilojit, were captuicd. aud two utbnv 
diatroyed. In ttui aSuir Ihc fiylph had 
' bIz loen wouoded. 

On l))« lUb Aof. fullnwini Caplnia 
Wliitff ]on;cd in 'nti attach maue «|>o« a 
frrncb Dnnvoy at the alliance of the 
!>dl>le dXUitaae, uti whii^b Otvuion two of 
Ilia crow IMro killed, and fear other* 
woasi'ed. A fe* day* an«rwaidi he ai. 
fifted at tbe capivrc of Ave coutin; res. 
%t{*. Aud tbc i.'r«tntctioa of le I'etit 
JJialiJe, n Frmeh rutler of cighteieii |puil 
Bad one tiuiidrvd uien. 
i C 


ORlTiAitv. — Virfi-Aitm SirJ.C. If^rV». 


In Vehniary I7\>ti llu! Syljih formrtl 

Iiort tit » M|aai{ron unil«r Ibcordrra at the 
luu. Cajitmin HtDpford. whet) Ihat nllimT 
oiptiorcd U Lcgere, k PkpcIi tfaip |iri*B- 
tevr of fftghtMa fnu tnd one hundivd 
Ktd lUrtjr mrn. Slie nh^ciMntlf later. 
Mptcd tli« Eliin. lui Amcnrni) nhiji, irjtii 
a Taloable mr^n, boiiiid to Amttcnlsni ; la 
Fffiuinc, H Fmich DBCionnl lugger of dsht 
giinii; livo SpBnuh Iftlrra of marque, 
rii-lil): Indm ; lu Dibot, n Pirnrb bris of 
eight guDk, iilened for (iilreii, bound to 
C«7t:Dne with mnchuidiie ; and «1 Co* 
lundiat. a Spanith jkarlict, iiierc«d for 
tvciitjr guti*, tiul with only foar mminted. 

(rajHaiP) Whitr waa promoted tu poal 
muk AUK- 2, 17991 uid In Nov. 18W> 
obtained the command or ttir lU-nown. a 
tbJril rate, bearing the Unfi ul Sir John 
Botlaae Warren, thru on iho |>olDt vt 
rallbx for the Cadui rUtion ; nnd snbic- 
quaotlf aatifdy emflnyrd in the Mcditcr- 
nnean and on the ronul of £^-y|>U 

On thu Hih Sept. l«(H, Cnpuin While 
auperin tended the landing and re-cmharlt- 
atton of sti liundredand d^lkljr-ninr arai- 
mca and miiinrii, acnt fVoni ibp atiaadToa 
ta aaaitt Ihr gtu-rirao of Porto Fvrngo ^ 
a aorlie, mnde far tlie poTpow of dMtroy- 
in; tbr enemjr'a batlL-nca, a M-rricF whicb 
he jirrfofnied in a T«r; trredltable nianncf, 
under a henv; lirv ttnm the Frenoll. and 
for wbloh Sir John U nm^ti ncknowled^ied 
hiui U> be " L'ntillpii to tiis wannvtl UiauliK." 

At tlic rrnc-KBl of llir rnr iu IttOS Cap- 
(oiu White iirocecdn] with the t<(nfldn>D 
under Sir Rjcbard Btckertoo froni Malta, 
(o bloi:liado Toulon, where he eontloui-d 
till July 1804, when tlie Hcnnwn naa 
onlered to rellen the Kent, aereutr-four. 
at Nnplca, in whieh latter ahlp he retumod 
t» Hi>i;land nith l,nt;<i,oO0 ilollara. n. 
•xitcd ui> board at Cadii. He aftcnrarda 
•«n«l aa Flof-Capiala to Sir Jobo B. 
WuTon in the Poodroynnt of eighty fxmt 
U the ca])tiire of lliv Fri-nrh Rttr-AdmU 
tal LiiiDii. March 11, IMIti. 

In Nov. InlD Captafn \Miiie took llie 
II ihemiB, a ffml rate, Ultcd Tor the Hag nf 
tiir Samuci Hvod, to the MrdiirmuMn; 
and uii hii arrival at Port Mahuti rtannrcd 
inw the Crniaar, »eTrnly-louT. AAer 
fCTvin^ for aome time with ttie in<tharo 
aquadroTi oH Toulon, he waa arnl to co- 
vprrtlr in llir drfvim of Torntgofta, on 
vhii-h irnii'c he continued, unduf the 
Otdrrt of CipCAtn (now Sir CdnanI) Lo- 
drin(lu!i. unlil tliE fall of tliat unfaittiiititr 
city, .l<iij« '.li, len. |[) April IttU Cnt>- 
tab Mliite witiicwed Uw dutndton of a 
PVencb aeventy.four. three brip of nar, 
and •L-TCTuI auuller fcuela, in the origh- 
bourliood of liourdeaux. 

Capuin While attained tlw rank of 
R«ar-Admlrat In IKJA. and that of Vice. 

Admiral In Jan. 10.17 1 and wai ■eml- 
■lateda K.C.D. oa iIk '^tft June. 1941. 
Ilr wan fur aamr timet CiptAin-Suprrin* 
tendrni of Wuolwich Dockyard, Ibc duttn 
of nhtch olBco bo perftwawd nnit ably. 
He lui-eertloil Kr Edward Brace at Sheer, 
nts* in Jan IfAt. 

His di-at)i uneurml very auildeotj 
Fmtn tl>« rvidcnoe of his aeivetary at a 
ooruner'a inqncat it appeared Iliat lir had 
been nompUininfc for aeveral ilaya prv- 
vloiu. bat not to vxclle any apprdieauon 
of ■ faul reittlt. On Tbunday AdHI 3 
he had ao far rr«o«cred aa to be able to 
have a party at dinner with liim. The 
next ntoToiiig, aboat eleven o'clock, he 
waa aaiicd by a return of the pain in liia 
cheat while putling hia aijtnalure to aiune 
offirial |nprr« brought iulo hia room by 
the awretary, and npirril it o few mo- 
ini-ntj. J'r. Miller, the (uriiiMin of the 
nlt^-*^ip. Dllributrd hU draih to an afToc. 
tion of the heart, and tlie jury iimtMidi- 
ntrly returned a rrrdict "lltal ihr gallant 
oSi^r died from diaeaae of the hcAtl." 

ilia rmiaiiia were removM ttom Stl«ier> 
neaa with all the oeremonusa attendant on 
aa officer in command. Tl>c proociaion 
moved in the follairiag order t 

Guard, rampoaed of Cnt>t. W. Clntdon 

and the Merlnea of Ine Trafalgar, 

the dag-aUp. 

Druma and l^fni. 

Marinr Hand. 

Comiuander J. W. Morfan, bearing tha 

ordrn of dMoaaad, aypvortad by two 

Lientsnanti of Uic Trafalgar. 

Medical AttcndanU. 


The Coffin, on a Gun Carriage, with tbe 

Sworil and ilat of the decraaed i 

conducted by lwmty>fuor aeanien, and 

the pall »iip|ioned by Cjipt. Jolm M'I>Ou> 

ralli Col. SirT. U'iU>.hire. Bart.. K.C.D.; 

Colonel C. Mcnaitf, K.Il. i (apt- P. K. 

Lnch ; Cajil. Henry Kelletf. Oil. iCulonrl 

William Fprmiaon; ColonirlThoa. I'eeblea, 

and Cnjit. Rit'biird Arthur, C.B. 

Chief Monmcr, Capt. W. F. Martin. 

Adoural'a Staff. 

Civil OfKoen of Dookyarda noil of 

Orduanoe Deiionmeut, 

Seamen of the Trafnliar, 

Quattcr.deck Petty (>m>^-ri. 

Subaltenia of Army and Mnira <if Navy. 

Wnmnt Ottoera ofWanJ-rooin Kanb. 

Lieutenanti of Navy and Captaina 

of Aniiy, 

Mi^oTS of Amy and Conmaaden 

of Navt. 

Uaplaiiia of Nury auil Culonrla of Army. 

Conimodnrp W. II. Shirirlf. iitip, 

ported by a Liemunnnt K. N. 

Sotdlera sad MartMS. 

1845.] ffir T. VntitOkt^Sir T. CortetUs.~C«n. S, Clnyhn- 195 

Tb« mad frooi tbo AdtnlnIt|>lin«iM (o 
^ha iotk-jni K«(r wii< Ynve-l l*y com- 
(Mtnle* of tke 1 1 tb and .inl refiacDti. «nd 
pHlie> of othen Trwui lliu garriuin ; and 
fren (be dock jird |[;*t'' ht the L4ghlniriii 
tugramr in ttic tcnmi taiin li; atiiim 
^m the Veraon, Ooriin, aoiJ TruUgkr. 
Miuolr K<uii im« fiml froBi the Tnif«l- 
pr during the priomnnn, im-l wheo tbe 
temsuu of tlie ((tlUnt officer were finally 
enbuted as tmrd ilw dtEsmrr thejr were 
Minted tnlli ■tfiMrCmi gitti* nIbo frum tba 
TrkfUipir. TIm body wm mcl bf the two 
■on* of ihgfcpMM H lM Pei"''o^'J. ■■><! con- 
njed for iMDiaMC to liw ta.iai\y raaH M 
Si. AJbiaV 

Sir J. C. Wfaita wu ioto Riarri«d i 
Ar«t to CoT^rila, fifth d«UTlii«r uf tbc 
prcomt CMBMtaiiaoer F»mtuwL\ and tU- 
IcT lo the Udin of Adu. Sir T. B. Mar> 
Un, G.C.B.. vmI Adm. tbo lion- Sir 
RobenSiopfori. Sbc died nbimt 
tha fMT 1109 i ind Capiaia VVliite niAr- 
rtod iMBiulIr. M»y 15. IM|t>. CharloiU-- 
KHnbrth, Jaacbter uf Sir Hcir ^^liitc- 
tanl D«IrTn|>le, But. ind sbter to Umi 
Mtsmt Mainr-Gra. Sir Adolphua Juhn 
IWrTUHilr. mnA to ttw lit* trifo of Rear- 
Aiim. J. R. DacTw. 

PnlMte of hts will with two codldli luu 
bora CTWRfrtt Co the ^lerutors and trustees. 
fvr > lohn DnlrympV, risn.. Co- 

lit""' r.nchawe, luiit llriiry Dal- 

Tjtinr.-^ \^ iii'.r Bttd Adulpliui LelchliHi 
Wliitr. R^jri, tlic lotii of IIk ilcueaBcd. 
Hie ]i«-rs%iTki1 rtlect* within lW)irimBir*ur 
CaolcrtNiry were swoni under RO.OOO/. 
Ht Into lo bit Mm Henry -Dnlr^ pie 
~tl»"K No. ?^, Upiier Wiiu^irtlc! Creel ; 

I In bis HKi Aila1phaii-I,inKh[iia two 
%AlHlml ditm in the Malinitl<n BaiiIi:, 
New Vurti. The rcsidae of hii property 
he leain to be rqiuIlT diriilrtl itniong hi» 
tn-1 two soiH iiid rtiia){hlei Chulotie. r». 
cept the pUif. jr"vUery, nwl micIi like, 
•bieb, bj 1 c^dinl in bis own ImdiI- 
wnliBg, hr h'u> ti)>)':r[IioBrd aniiiiiijtt thcRi. 
Thr ttill is dated I'lb. 'i7, 1^5. 

MAJOK-nxN. SikT. VAI.l^KT. K.r.B. 

A/irti -.'2. Al V.nt Wiltiaiit. IWtifai, 
M^ar.Cnu-ralSirTuuniuVnliaiit.K.C. It. 
K.II., (XMnutiriiiiEi^ tbni ^rri»«n. end 
Lievi..Cal<inrl M II. M. 4t>ih Pnit. 

S.I "!"■ '...iJi A iiiititc!«r Mniiianntli. 

Ilr atinj in 1KU4, obUuietl 

U* I' iti (be folliiwiui; year, hl« 

Coni ir. hi* Rijjirity in Wil. 

basil' 1:7 in It<i5, wan inudr ■ 

t'odtoel la ii*r aniij iu 11*38, and a Major- 
lieorral in IM-I. 

Me trrved tbe cunpalzn of IHttb And 
IMGi in Cuiimi : nit 1 tbe 1 'iii>|iiiii[n 
a^aat t)u' Seikh lAiwt uf Ijliuee ■■■ tM-j. 
Vlliile ill eowinftad of Uw reserve ftircr to 

the Amy of ttw Infliu, In Peb. \i35, in 
eencert with fleir-Ad<n. Sir F. Msltbud, 
the Ntral CoiDin.-tii-Chier. ho took the 
firrt of Mnnoni. on tlie bi(li point nf Und 
nl [he mouth of ihv hirbuur ol Kurrache« 
in Seinile, tad on ibe followinc d^r ifae 
town and fintrcM or Knrracfaea iBmil* 
dcnd to them. He Mrrroil in all porta of 
Vpper and Lower Srinde, aad at Quetta 
in Atf^bauiiUn ; caminuided a brifade in 
the actitkn at MaKuBJiHire, ntid recciioJ a 
teterc coaluaioti on tin- left brrasl. 

Uo wa* nomiaiilotj n Oini|iiiiiion of the 
BathoalbeZiidMiy. IMt. mi a Knight 
Cofamiaia on tlie .lUtb Oet. last. 

Tbb gilliBl oSicer'n death wss very 
•ndden. He look hU unul ride in the 
moraine, wu imed brtvrren ten nod «tc- 
Tco o'clock, and ■■xpirril a^iaut bilr.|i«ut 
()Te. He had bi»cii cutnplaifuu^ tuoie 
abort limn bacl^, onit boJ deierntinad 0« 
pivoeedins to Eiiru]>e, iMit reeovcred ao 
ttioroo^hty that be abandoned the Idea of 
iliHBg to. It was a eaae of apaxmodM; 
cbultn iu il« wont form. 

Majoh-Gkn. Sik T. CuMKi-tif, K.C.D. 

March II. In bia Tltb year, Mnjor- 
Gcncral SirTbooias Cor«dili*. K.C.U. of 
Bombay serrioe. 

He wa* appouited a cndet to l*)!8 ; 
prooeedeJ to India in U90; was pro- 
moted la a tieutenMicy in Mnrch IT'JI. 
to B eompany in IHtK); to a m^orilr in 
lfl(M; aitaiaeil the ratik of Lieut. -Colonel 
1«I3. Coloiicl 16^. and of Major -Ge'ieral 


He wai iioiniuated a Knight Corinnjn- 
deroflhe Uath in 1B38. 

Sir Tboraaa CorwQia waa (UalineuishrO 
throagb a lou|[ lib for the nio«t kbiJ and 
brncvulent di^wiilioa, and waaconatantly 
m^ii(ed in dispensing acts of friendship 
and charity. 


Afarck Iti. At Etath, in his Tl^lh year. 
Ueaerel lUiWtt Urawne ('Inyton, K. C, 
D.C.L.. of Adlinctou hsU. LaiM:a»hire, 
aad Carrlckhtira, eo. WcJifonl, l.lcut.- 
Coloucl of ibe l?th l.i^ht l)rafi>un«. 

ThU olfirer endued tlir arm; at tbe n^ 
of II, and wns nppuinted Eosiifn In Ike 
Mith fool the I ii hepcembcr. 1 il-l i Licw- 
Irnaiit in 1 71>» ; 4nd CnpUin of n Iniup in 
Die It/th Lifht Dragojiia in 17:^1: when 
he erisbnrkeil Willi that renmiait for the 
.MirJilemnaui. The lat uf March. l7iM, 
be waa B]>)uitnti!d O ibe nuijorit]!, and 
wrectl ill Italy Mid Comiea. The 3uih No*. 
17.%'. he rveHred the local rank of Lieut.- 
Culiicel iu PoMoicaI, where bo »rr<eil four 
ii-ar«. The latJiu). It^.heoTuiippmntrd 
Lieut. -Colonel In the army : a id ibe JUrb 

Ifld Miij^Gen. OgHrie. — Mitj.-Gtn. Pifm, — O/l. Totnuend. [Aug. 

Avf. M99, lJrnl..C(ilaiuil In the 12th 
Dmtoonf. In IMH) lie pmtiarkffl with ihp 
tafcimcnt tw ^STP^ "i^ rommindctl il, 
and kll the iJijiinDVntcd cnTNtrj, on tlie 
tutdlni; Aiiil iu tho Imllle* t^f tlie 13lh auJ 

3tit of March. 1I« r<otninnn>l(yl the bri- 
md« of ctiirj ia the c(|(Mliuitit up (he 
NUe, eodilitinf of the I^tti Dnieaoiui, de- 
Uchmmlsorihc llth ftnd 2)j(h brnj^noiu, 
widi ihu IJglit Hone Artilli.17, «nd look 
aeTcral deUcbmciibi af ibc weiu; and alio 
tbs DOMOf III the Ljbian Oeaert. coiuial- 
ing of SOU canicb, trilb drtachoicnC* of 
eamlt]', infantry, artUli-ry, and dromedajy 
eerpf. Hv «m alio pmvnt M Rbamaaie 
and Cairo. H« traa appointnt b; Gonenl 
Haiti to iiMoecd Colonel MontfCMTi aa 
CottunanitanC af RoMitU, and badl diarp 
uf Oaotau Bey, nheo he oonductad hira to 
the armjr b^nn: Alcundna, where be md 
actrral nf tu* nttrtiilniid vtrv tuiMly and 
Inliumnnl^r muKkrrd bjr the Turk*. 111 tW 
boola of the Cojiiijin I'ltcbn, mi (Kr Lsia 
of Mamiciii.. The :;oili <i( April, IKOa, he 
Rcnvcd thit tiKvet of CoUiiMsli lie ein- 
baikcil and jirvrfi-Oril with hia rpfclnwiit 
III tliDcxpotlitioD to the SchrlOt, ai^ na 
flreacnt at ibc inkinf of Walcheren and 
FlaahinK. The AlW of June. 181 1, be mu 
appoinieii MajoMimpral, anil irrrrd on 
tbe SI41A' in tfac Hercni dUlrlct. llr 
aCiniwd Ihii raiik of (iuncial la ltt,1H. 

On tho IKiti Soar, l>in, lie liful tho 
bomirarj ■luaiv'e of II. CL. i^onfcrnd aa 
hint m Uie univvniij of Oif»iil. 

Ccncnl Ctayioo married iu IttO:! Hcb- 
rietla. onlv d<tught«r and huireat of Sir 
RicJMril Claylon, lUrt. fonaa\j Uonanl 
•t Kaute*. wIm) Oieil fii IH7». l\v tuuk 
the Moic and arioH ci CIiftDn> b; rujnl 
•igD BMDiitl. ildtiM tilh Apnl. Ita'i. He 
U aunccednd iii hi* cabatca bf hIa oalj aoo, 
Biehatd Urovi ii« Clayton, wq, 


June S. At Banff, Mnjor-GtiDcral Jama 
f>Kilne. C.II. 

Urrii'inil l)|{ilt(o eatcreil Ihc army M a 
cortiLt uf dra«ooa9 In March 180l>i was 
pmnMited to the rank of Liratciunt tio 
nan^ an«mrda ; waa appointed n Ca)i- 
tain in 1H09, ■ Major In ItlUfi, 11 UaMt.- 
Colond k 1»*l^ Colon*! in 1830, acul 
UaJor-GnQenv) in Il9l). 

He acrtfd la Hsnnrrr in IK[)3J>. in 
Upper Canada from Min-h, i>^li, to Ibe 

Stuee. He oommaudod the 8tb whvD the 
mfrican trnopa vriw dirfeated M Otgea, 
whcra lie waa wnrrly woundnl. He ira« 
alio woaiideil In the alTnir at lllafrli Itocb, 
frtieffl the Amrricnii were defeated itilli 
grMt loM. ili^ wan tiiiti«ec|ueiittf prntcnt 
Bl l^kc Erie outl >cvi:riil uUiiT nlfatn. 

MuoH-nn:<. PrH. C.B. 

Junr B. In LmiiIoq, M*Jor<(ren«ral 
Robert INm, C.B. 

Thin oiHcer bad teen eonalderable aer- 
»i«, liaTin^ entered Ibe Hojral Artilk-fy 
ootpa ai Srcoiul I.ieutemant on the ^tilh 
M«y, 1791. H* «M promoteit to Piral 
. Lieutenant 1 llh Aogoit i» (he aame jear; 
CB|>tain. ;ird Dec.. ItlOfl : brevet>r. 
Jan. I, 1HI2: re(;iinenlnl Major, ^Mi 
Oct., ItHSu brevcl Lji:iJt.-Culi>iiel, l!Kb 
June, IHljl t rc«r<nienul LleiiL-Culnnel, 
I'^lh Juue. IKSJ ; C»Iui)el. ^^IJ Joly, 
law ; aud MaJM-Gewral, ?:)<! N»».. 
1811. HeaerredBtFlBiideniiii IT'i^and 
1796, in the eipedition to Teid in 1797 ; 
in the espedlltnn lo Naplen in I8<1<>; at 
IIm battle at Maida and the aie^^ of 
ScylU and Kegglo, in Calabria; and at 
theidefeofCaclaiiildOti. lie eflmnianOrd 
llie Itoral Artillery in Iha fLi|)e«Utioa of 
EKyjit in iM7 ; wn> preaent aX the cap- 
twv of IfoUa and Prodda, in leOPt snd 
at the 110(08 and capture of Spacia. Ge- 
noa, and Karctna, in Iltl4. Up alinnst to 
Uie period vf bli dealti ha waa datin. 
pilaoed for frcai nctivKT q( body . being 
nnch attaehcJ to eijumtriaiicxcTdae. He 
lived retired in a beautifniljr aecluded «|>ot 
at I')mntle*d.eoiniDon, known •« Drook 
Hilt; and had removed to Luntlun a fnr 
^yi only before hi* dralb in order to 
conanlt hi* pFiynrum. 

CoLO-'^KL JouN TowrtasNP. 

Aprii 22. At Cutle Towaaend, Cork, 
o^ed bG, Colonel Juhn Townoend, A.D.C. 
to the Qnern, nml I liru tenant- Colonoi 
Comnundinii the 1 1th LIglil Dragoons. 

He «cm>d ill Uiat dlitin^uiAhod rti^cal 
uiiiiiterraptrdly for more titan 40 ycaro, 
aiid only left the gallant eoni* in India a 
few mnntiia ann to recruit liia imiMired 
health. Ha rntrrid IIk anny oa a Cornet 
by purchiiKo on llir ;f4th Jan. 1805. Ho 
wai promoted to a lirulenaiicy on the tfth 
March. 190Q, wti went in serrlce to tlie 
PenlnAla, wUera be comDwDrrd that 
gloriuai riiicr whieh impTintrd on the 
cotiMiia of bii regiment " [hiuni,'' "Ta- 
l«T«ra.""Foeiite"d"<>oor," "Salamauen," 
•' Viiioria," "Upthea," and ■' Hraiuiib." 
He wna eitEogri in three aiieceaMve artinna 
on the tlllh and Illh of May, ItJfKI. lead. 
lag to ilwpaaaoge uf (lie ][>uurii on the 
13ibi Talaven was tlic neit nffnirornof' 
ailudo, an<1 (hen in front Ciuiloil Hodrif^u 
on ttie llth July. I^lfi. where hi* euu- 
Biander, Colonol Talbot, waa killed; and 
tuhfequcnlly that T«ar in tlie raMBf« of 
tlie C(w, and the daihing akiriniabes witli 
tlie enemy when Iu tlie reae.ipiard from 
.Vlnie'da to thu llnea uf Turrea Vrdrw. In 
Marrli uf tbe foHowinE year, Itill.he woa 
vcTural liina cnjagcd with the retreating 


CohnaiJofin SheUon.r~Captam J. R. Scott. 


eneanjr rrom 8«ntar«ia to the SfMtiUi 
fronlirrv- ilr w*» promoted (o bi* Iroop 
In Jan«, bdiI fuii|>lii ii> tho battle of Fiir-ti- 
tM J'Onor. kod «-u coKivrd vrith ttic 
French LuMiw> OB the '£b\h Stptembrr. 
In Lbn foraier •ction ha <mi trounilnl. Hl- 
irai (iibMqueiitlj in moct of ih« hrilluoit 
albln hi iIm mintoU vp to Msrdi s, 
1811, «bai be mu Uken prkoniT In 
Fmnue, neKT tbe cilj of Pso. Ilr ¥fii« 
ram!«d *t the Wdse of Bodojoi, to front 
of SilUBMWfc lad Bar CutUJo* vKh the 
«nMBj'« MTilry, S*timinw. the mr- 
piftrd mar Puicrknilm, the skirmuhinK 
inm Madrid to Cindad Roderigo. uid 
■|[9in fran i)>« 2it(h of M>t. imr lo S«k- 
miutct, ia iti« battle of ViitortA. Ho wu 
at the captario^ of a fun ni-ir tVmpcliUM, 
and in iBany otluv ipUUat Kxpli}!!^, frooi 
the mawacBot ibe BHiiAh luLo Vnaet to 
the battle of Ortbea. Hia impruonmrni 
«•■ of ifaort JiinilioD, and he rnibitrki->l 
for Ameriot in the raunth of Cli-tober, 
1614: and concluded hi* chief varaer- 
noM in the utuk od New L>rl(ABB on tbu 
8th of Joiiunry of lli« Inllooing year, lie 
Dt>tAiiKd hi* bn)*el pnMnution on t)ie 3I«( 
Januar?, IBIV, ABd nureluMd hii rc^- 
mental ni^oritjr on UM I3tb S^^it. 1831. 
He became iJi^ntcasnt-t'olonrl Ii« pur- 
rbsK OB the 16th April. l»2n, Btitl full 
C«laoel OB tha 23d Momnber. 1841. bjr 
tiie tpaeni prvBiotioB in hoooar of the 
hirth of the Prinrc of Wdca, the rt^menl 
haitni pinhirifd for IiuUa on the tilth of 
May of that fcar. 

It waa not, howvrrr, odIt in tbe Md 
thai Cohmd TuwiuKiid wu ili*iia);ui>li«d. 
la that (icvhapa mor« dilfii-nlt taxk — fha 
lanacrtDetit of Ida regimmt, aad the 
mttsleaaiMM of tta doni«*t>e coonomj, no 
mas WW ever more Rinarkablr for hia 
tiJeat in coBefliatinK. b; tuflirii^at dini- 
P&M H well Bs by jnttidouK liberality, tlie 
bA^or* of the K>liii''ri tuiclfr his t'om- 
buukI; while bu (wrfirct tact and firm 
piO'I iin'iire acc^iri-d smoa^ lii< olEcen a 
Bfirit »r unity nod fricodUoew. Aflet 
ticvlv 40 jtan oMutant atnice with the 
Uth'Ugbt Orai^tofik. CoLmcl TokdwihI 
■ri^bit pertMqii luirc briti jiullScd if he had 
dnliud to follow hia niiUDvot lo ludia; 
W bo preferml the rtatc of a tropical 
dfanalB to > K|uml)Mi from the mrpawtlh 
■Udi he bad bem m laag hoouarably coa. 
welcd. ud only for a few moothi Mriintd 


Jfay is. At Dahlln. In cfmseqwrnre of 
■Bf; thrown frnm his bone on Salordojr 
lOtb, in the (r[iurc of Richtnond Bar- 
cki in that eitT, Cotaoel John Shelloo, 
■t..Colnad of tbe 4'IU> rx^Ktuoat. 
lie rec£tv<d bis coBitniMioa of Borign, 

Slat of Xor. IRllfi; Lleutmuit. 26lh 
Atiir. IHU; ; Capliun, ITih Jane, ISU •, 
Major, 6ih Feb. 18S:»; LirulPBanC-Cohi- 
nd, fith Sept. Ii31 ; Colonel. 23rd Not. 
If^tl. He knded at Mcmdego Bnj iii tbe 
btKiiioiiig of Aagnal. 16W, and wns frt- 
urai at (be battlea of Eoleia, Vtinipra. nod 
ConioniL. He arrvod alaa in the Walclie- 
rra eX|icilition and at Ihnnaptnreof Fluah. 
iii^ in IHn.l. and *tib«ri[ucnUy in (he Po> 
niiwiila, Inrlodtng t(ie aicf e and CApturv of 
Bodajo), buttle of SaJamanes. Mptare of 
Madrid, relraat frotn DnrpM, battle of Vit- 
torin, and airge aiul cajitiur uf San Sebax- 
tinn, where he waa acTercly wounded and 
loec aa am. He aerred iil» in the ciru- 
[uifn of 1H14 In Canada, and iiBhieqncntlj 
for 21 yeara in the Batt Indies, and wliPtr 
he waa employed in the eamj>aiipi iit A*a 
and taliiuf of Arraean. He wa« tccond in 
comm&nd tbronstiout the disBslrou* ope^ 
rAtion* in AfTghinLxtMn, with the rank of 
Ilrindjer-Geiieral, under Major^GeDcral 

His muiiu were interred with nminul 
military |iomp at St. I'l-ti-ri t'hiirfh. 
I>ublin. Tite military euit6)(e \<ft Ricb- 
■umd btrraolu bsforv two o'clock, and 
Dioro than two hcnra dsjieed brfurr it 
reai^hnl iti final dnitination. The wImIb 
);Brri*on wu to attendance. 

A whtde-lcnsth pottntit of Colnae] 
ShdtoB haabeoBiHibliahiedaince hie death.^c J, R. Scott. 

/m. 29. At Sitii:npore. oged IS. of 
brain fcrer. nftcr 21' dnys' illnnr. J. R. 
Scuit, esq. Coiainnndcrorthc Uor. (lom* 
pMiy'a war (tnuner I'hiegethon. 

CK|>Uin Scott, in llM)9. at the o^ of II 
year*, entered the Royal Natj, and »tT»rd 
suL'cesjiiTi'ly iii liiT Mnjtflj's >bi|» Nwift- 
Riirr, Sripion, 7-1, nod (h^NUi, tIS, under 
Sir Robert Plnioptua i wn* wounded three 
times In one action i waa tnken and re- 
tained (or three yrara aa a nriauDcrof war ; 
froto wbenoo he omkarked for Eoglaad, 
harini; obtained hia releaie a[ the xenoral 
peaciG in 1814. In the l>C',^nning«r ltll&, 
through the iiiHncni-c of Mr. J. Srbb, then 
chairtaan of tbe Court uf lJire<:lor», and 
Capi. Agnew. be waa a)>|iotBted a mld- 
shtptMn to the Hoti. Comm&y'i ahi|) 
Camitic. Capl. J. itlaiiehsrd. and cmio 
tu ladta with Itittcr* to tbe local goveni- 
mcat of Beogal, by which be wds trans. 
(erred to the Hon. Coaipany'a rruiaer 
Antrlope, Oaptain J. Hall, in itblcb rend 
be cerred on (be eastern cowtt aa far aa Ike 
Moluccai until the latter (loriion of 1818, 
when he eiabarked for EnRlaad, ia tbe 
hope of obtainiog n cniniiwii.'n in the 
army. Bdnj; cart away, h'jwevcr. on the 
pMsofe, Iwi purnoao waa fnutraicd, and 
Ue was penuaded lo try bia furtnna in thi: 


0niTrAllT.^5ir JVitUoM FottfH. 


Roalli AmpHtHin c«n» thuJut Lord Corfi- 
nop. uid bfirrnSTd* in tlw Bruiliaii riiM 
nnd«r CnmrniKbiR JrwUtwitI LdH CWta- 
ninr, lili ndrr Ihc rM|tture of Iteliw. wImb 
hn ri-lin-il fruin Ihnt •flrvint. In inW, 
|H'/'I, b« nRoiii luutvnri] to l>ii1)a,for the 
pur(MMc of ir^oining thi; lion. C\<inpuiy'* 
MartD* jsurrire, on tbi' Uarn>i-*i! M|ieili> 
tion. but btHvoJ Lm lute, lit Wl^, uuifer 
Um paininngr of CoiiiiuoilDrv Hay*', h« 
Qntji>iiiMl tlio Couatrr Mcrthaot S«nric« 
u diirf oVtetT al itic rorbMilmn<v. In 
Jul]-, lAJO, be juiiiml • bnnrti of Uh Hot. 
bo«r Madri'ii lirparuiipni, wliJdi bo kft 
in April, Ittl, on bciox ftiipointcd bj 
Commoiture Uafc* m lupenolcitikiiit of 
MidJlcInD l\iU]t StNlion. In tht diwbirg* 
i>/ the dultes nr Cbii offico ho dlnlMjM 
cnae intrcpi'liiy by hb ■•roinpt ■Muunea 
to ToneU i u for Lnatancv in (bp Mayetle 
of ItUI. ntien the livo or 4') nativr* wen 
reacuad lijr kii arlintj' and txrrtinn*. "nie 
Inulubrlty at ili« lUilon (mi««vm- eora- 
pdlcd Cniitaiit tvuM to leave it, and 1m 
WUB aiiljHijiu'rtlJy a|>|Mttal*d U llw roni. 
niaud of I lie Jumna iiilaad arMnivr. 
Whildt ill tlvB deptrUiuiBt 0l tbe nrrlm, 
hit numjn and vArJona refiona on tb« hi- 
land nangatiou, and giartioBlarljt of th« 
Bliniigitutir riivr, reiidcvnl Ibe (onni- 
nent imd ilic country mncli Hurrlce. 

In 1KI2. he arnnm^d tlin co mm and of 
llic Irrawaddir atoam». nnit in IHIJ re- 
■ignrti tlint nfxrl ti> Inkr ■■oiniiiaiid of t)i« 
wur-ilmiiirt I'lilcurlliiiD, tii wltidi lie W*i 
■pri'iilly apiwiiDicd by [jord EUrbbonwcli, 
wlkO rigMlully ni>iirF(riuteil C«jilAiD SooU'a 
cbiiriirtar ami laJonla. 

Iliu Brrvwaa btely r«ui]«ml by (b« 
ni1«([rthnB In tlw ia|i]>reaalDn ttt ]*ncj 
and Iba dtslniotioii of unnicrutu pirala 
prrwa in ibo Stralto, hvn mSdt^lty imi. 
Had ihv Hal. tatrgTt *■><! talent of lier 
nammnndrr, nbote profniifinal aktll nod 
itKbdun, hrmiirai oml ittlrgrity iif clinnc- 
(ar> baw iu*lly rlidlml tlir ajijirubnUoM of 
the goTernmrnc nbidi ho *o long aiid (V 
lUthfbUy arrnnl. Ilia reioAiiM wen- ful- 
Inwad to thi>. ^mr. by the (lAirrnor nf 
Singapore, and all t]>a olCL-cri of llrr Ma* 
jcaty't and tliv lion. C4im|uiny'» aarriou 
on tbe ■lalion. 

BtK William VohLwn. 

Jtimf 2rt. At the hnUM' nf Mr. t'mncll, 
In C'timbcrtRiid Tcrnet, IUi;riil'> ['nrk, in 
kia liUi year. Sir WiUinin Webb I'.dkrtt. 
Kilt. AtTomny-^oncfaJ to her Mnjeaty. 

'Htia divlingnialKNl oniamrnt itf ilm IdikI 
nrotMuion wai ihu elikn mirrivine Mm of 
Benjuniiii Follclt, Mf|. of Tnpiliain, iw-sr 
Rirle*', by lilx irlfr, llir daiigliUTr <if Jiitiii 
Webb, nu- of KiimJe, in Irvland- In 
i-nrty life Mr. fullott wnj ii Capita in IhD 
IVtti Fool, On lia«ij>]( the army hawn. 

tiarhrd tn rammcrdal ponraita at TopiJiArn, 
Dwr E«rt»r, whers Sir WjUivm »»■« born 
on ihB U l>f<t. IT:w. Of his nier<! rSHd- 
biMnl no reoutdi liare Urvn preaerri'd hr.- 
fomi the ftiot tbal hi* (alher viewrd with 
much pain nrnl rrjtret ih^ j<hy«ioal «»ak- 
nfa« of hii Hon A^'illitni ; and waa onahlo 
to dlacrni tn tbe ffchle hoy ftm tlie faint- 
eat K'unmeriniti of tbat IntdlMt wHIHt 
«>*nriiuilly plarfil Itlni In ih« higbrat nuik 
of ilu: m<wl Icarnci) protcMion. RIa csrly 
eiluRatlouwurnnin-rticrd under Dr. l«in< 
prirrr, thir wcIULimiwii author of IliT Ctd>- 
ti*al Diciiini^rf, olw na* Ihun at the head 
<>f llic Exetev Uramtnar 8cboul. He liod 
M«re«ly entered hia aix(«rnCh yrmr vhmn 
br pi«>vnVil to Trinity rollcge, ('am. 
bridge, whrni In IHIH h» took an mgrolat 
llegnc. He pfoo«vded to tbe decree uf 
M.A. in Ii:!l. In l«3ti he «ru appointtd 
Kr^indltie ('oNnfrl lo the t'nivrrsity. 

Ill Mlduixlniai (i-rni, lUItf, he beriunea 
mtanberof the Inner Tptiipte, and jmhibnj 
the earlier |wn of hU ]>rufeainonai educa- 
tion uiul«-r Mr. Itohrrt Unjley «nJ Ihi- 
li>iv Mr. r.i>.tfr<-y Sjkc». In Tt*91. h*'init 
thi-n in llw t«4niiy-lhird year of hi* affc, be 
(■nrnmruMl prnctifw an a aperial plnuli-f. 
Hut tbe curtail uf iirery portion ot hu lift 
WW brokn by the dircV* and Intetrnp* 
liffiu of a mtd malady. Hie trdrntarr 
iMvtiMlltma and Intellectual labcun of > 
plrnjer'* de«k, arliug upon conatitutlofial 
prrdiapnaiiiiin, brou^t on a Mfvem altark 
»r illiicM, nhicb eompelled him to Irave 
Loflilun (litriiiK the nrly porllun of WH. 
In tlie Trinity Trrni of thnl year, boKoeer, 
br •»■ riilrl to tbe linr, and in Chr *aiii- 
itn*r of IMS j«rtn«l the Wetlern Circuit. 
Willi no advetititloui aid ttom birth, or 
wealth, or eannfvtton, lac yet avauml to 
tqiter on bin rarmrr aa if at oBot narked 
wit by nature itaelf for tli* iwrlaln amiin- 
meni of tha birheat hnnoHra of bin prufea. 
*tnn. 'Die eany pronlne nrrrr for n mo- 
nicnl waa rluiuled by diiappuiiilniriit. 
There neTvr, oxcapt during a j>rriod nf fH 
health, apptMuvd to b« a ehaace ot failure. 

1'bi< miMt nnenlar ad hanounible fc*- 
ture of this Krrat Mct^eaa waa that it ex* 
cited no aptmoalliea nr jcsloualea, but ap- 

Rearvd tu be t^pifdcd, by tliPae ereo wtium 
mofll aflncffd. an Hghtful and even dc- 
iirvhlc. It em liarJIy bo aaid that 8ir 
William Patktt hid rivnla in the Mirly 
•(aK'> of hit prriftfinW ; for he really 
iiiuvril aloiij; lit tlic licad of the Hnitlixt 
bar nlmovt wilbniit dl*|daiTiii|; any one fVom 
Ilia prir*iim« puciiiun, and a|'parrnily nilti* 
out rii-lllnf a (mIhir iif iu»rtillnai»n in 
llioBC tiefore Ht."ni hr iilcp|i«il. Tbu miial 
ixtl Ik- alliibiili-d iiiccrly to ilie grfwral 
in'nN'pl ("ii I'f hi* iiiiTniirily. Ttit I'ml 
eretilelL-nirntaf bi« uni-D<ird andi-aayaue. 
oraa waa the riniiMWl cunrteay nnd Uad> 



Obitcary. — Sir WiltienH FoUeU. 


I of kii >Mlur«. For bis more Intimate 
ftwaAx be eve nnMiniTorAl jrroDfi of hi* 
KtaMlmeu of aitAcfainenl. But none tma» 
wfawt omUy in ront«i-i willi klm wiibout 
MiHg attnvUd tif his klDdneM. Hu 
npertority vu nercr AuerUd fo u ta 
lowo' them : and there nevf r wanted on 
hi* pait th^ kiiid wiiril anil tcaaonable eu- 
cuurft^aicnU i\aeh are, lAcr all, the sub* 
ataatUl kindnMH of Uu iMder to Ibe buni- 
bl>r nwmbel af lli« girofetnua. Id (nitb, 
hn poMesatd * nott mrg and admirabte 
tctnpcf ; one ju*i vtf^et rp'xif h to make 
bkm aJ«iqr> hofteful aad oirlivc ; and j«t 
vhirh nrrcr brtravcil tii* ttuber judgnieiit 
hj an ill-tiiDvil itnpctiKMiitj, 

Sir WiIHam** pulitict were always de- 

cidcdtjr COBserrMiTe, but hi* entrance 

U)ion politjeal life did not lake plae« uutil 

1832, «hm he atMx) eandidato for thci 

^lUirawmiiqa of the city at Excier. in 

Moo t»Mr, BuUeraad Mr. L>ivett, 

tbongh he did not luvceed in lua im. 

(taiAdiate object, ho Uitl tbe fbundation of 

b 1U£, irbea be «ru retnmcd at 

r hcftd «f tbe )>oll, the mpcctiTc num* 

|bn of the thrva onndidaUm itandlng 

>!— -PollHt, I4?0,I>iveU,(Whig)ll;C, 

'SsDer, (WhLf) IMS. 

Wiifa ifrry frw eiraptMXM no in>t«nL-e 
haa occurred a( an Bnilodi iBHrrrf eouing 
rnlu Pa/licmnit ifter hBviD[- o(>bli«bed ■ 
etvM. |ir(>(t ^ioDul cmiiKDce. sad scquirios 
I poRiioD in the liowc of CoBiiuoiu at all 
'sned to thist wUeb be oceupied at 
tb^'bar. Sir WiUiam PulteuV eiioeeM ia 
tbi! HouM of Commooa nas the moM ra> 
raarkable ercr achieved by miv one of hit 
ixwaa, at least kioee Lcim .MamAcU. 
)b Arat «]M<rch kept the ui)iulerr«|>t«<l at* 
of the lioiue, and obtained Ch« 
a|)plau.-« from frienda and oppo- 
lb- Thi.'|KwiIiun vbiehbetbmobtainod 
•e%er for a UHiineiit roiDpromL'vd. He 
Ht too thmrd not to feel thnt in po- 
lilteal alTaira li« laboured nkder tbe diwid- 
tanlace uf a great JgDOranoe of that de- 
It of knowMgc, wbicb, ia fact, he 
never lUutiedi and be vtH <ar too 
to think thai be could s]>«ak wtU 
Mibjn.-tt vbirti he. did Dot under. 
uL He csliibited, tlirreror^, n pni- 
nt inliniuailiw) to tuke a ^(|iKiot part 
dleeaaion* on qoestiutia of general 
■ad though, when tbe iiUereata of 
I pulf teeond to rcquin bii inttrpoai- 
'tbia, he oo»»ioiutly (poke on nich inb- 
^-l> u be bad lime to inuter, hla habit 
vBf tu voNfiiir hii>i*elf to n qiMiUioii of 
Iqtal aature, ou wbicb bit xrent kaotr- 
iMCt. dectited rirwK, aitd rlearoMui of 
n|ia>itian irate bim na almml alwiitute 
aailiaritv. Hit Micrrm in I'BrliiiiiFot, 
ihiMi^b IrM briltiBDl than ibat wbteb bo 
bad arl>iev«l at tbe tur, «ra» not tnt M* 

cure. lie kept to th« Latt that Axed ai. 

teation to his wurd« aluc^h hi« tint aprrch 
had won i and be lia* left beliinil hiiii the 
[mprvMion that it itnly ni-cdnl il>9t be 
■hould bare made jiolitiM tbe Am nhjet^t 
of hit attention, to hure euturcd him tbe 
Tcrj lirat station amon^ jiolillrxl oneii. 

In Kufembcr, I^J-t, ou Sir IO<bcri 
Peel'i ftrat acceHion ut place at I'rigw 
Miuiatrr, Sir William Pollett wiui appuitil- 
ed Suite itiir- General, and rori^ned tJut 
poot ia April, l*<3i, when Sir Robert I'eel 
rehired from office, la tbe aamejcarhe 
reoeived the honoar of kniglitboud ftnm 
tbe bawl of King William the Poortli. 

At the geueral elevtlon uf 18.17. Sir W. 
Pollett and Mr. Divett «ere re-dvoeen for 
Kxeter, witboat ApiHiaition : but iu 1841 
ihere waa another contest. Ijiird Loraine 
being propoaed oa tbe OMtaenatire in- 
leresi. The former members, bowL-Vi-r, 
were re-elected, after the foUowiog poll : 

SlrWm. Polirtt . 1309 

Edward Dinil. Em}. . 1192 
Lord LoraiDi; . .1119 

On Sir Robert Peel'a mcumptioo of tbe 
office of Prime Mialtter, in lliMl, Sir\VU- 
Itam waa anin appoiatcd Solicitor- Crae. 
ral. On .Sir P. Pollock'f elc^ntion oa 
Chief Barou in April, ltJ44. be loccrnkd 
■a Attorn ay -General. Having by ibia 
prumotion vacated bl« Kat for fxetvr. Sir 
Wttliam'a re-election waa opposed by 
Mfljor-Grneral Bridge, who, howerer, waa 
nxMt lignidly dcfcnied. he bariu^ polled 
oaly 539 Totes to Sir Williiu&'i 19i». 

iit William Webb Pollett'ii eralnenoe oa 
already mcnlioiKid woa nuhieved aniidat 
almoit continned ill beolcli. Hia vuntti- 
tation waa uikequal to the beary callt 
nndt upon it (qr bia ntensiTe ptaeSfoe. 
So early aa 1824 hi* licalrb eavc way. He 
then left Lonilan awhile for rttlaxation, 
aud recovered ttrength lo aa to be cu- 
abU-d to return to itrofrtslonal duties lo 
tbe Utter part nf IX.Vi. la subaeiiucut 
year* be hud rrfiealrJ attack* of illnMB, 
and cuok the advice t<f bis medical attend- 
BDt* to abataiu from hiit cabauatin; mental 
and bodily labour*; but bonoarnble am- 
bition pointed to the road to fortane, and 
it waa Ratttrel that one an yonog) av 
bi|hly endowed, co eminently lUccnH- 
ful, ahonld be deairona of purKuin([ it. 
At teugth, however, coiummpLi*e ayrop- 
toma made their appearatwe. and he 
then proocedoAi accoaqitnieii by Lady 
Pollett, to Ifae Continent. Then: he rc> 
niaiiied fnr •miie moatba. and wn* a|^- 
nntly tomeirhat mtoriKl. He tbon ilt- 
tennined, contrary lo tbe adrice of hi4 
friend*, to return tj EngUud, foiMlly hoping 
that hi* iiiaidiixM di*ea*e would be bat 
teoiporary ; imlcfd, ancb mi hit taxiuty 


Oj3iTVAn\.— Cnhnet Sirufl. — Januft lialfi/ur, Exg. [Au^. 

niKiui bntinru that he excitimti, " M< 
larhci) (■> m;r )>'"<■<* uiil ttrnfrHinnal pur- 
fiuilR. ■ forciBH Mir brratfartTia pinaurefor 
mc." To h« nntivtt cuuniiy he at lmi;ili 
iviiuncil, (-i:r(Ain1]r rruruiUd. but ■ flight 
iloration tn buiinro unce mure bniiucbt 
fbrth IiIk oM com|>li)nC, and )i* sank bjr 
iKpm witil tbo hul tvriniiiaUoD of lu« 

!■ Oct. 1R30, he married Jane Mary, 
the eklm HiMiKtiU't of lhe> law Sir Am- 
brofiu lliir<linpT Giflartl, Chift Jastkiccir 
(Vvlnii, «liom lie nnw Iravr* a widi^w, 
vitli t«u iUiu;htrr>, and four aduH, Uie 
yiHingftit onlf 13 moaiht n!d. 

Hi* funeral took jilaee on Ihe lib of 
July. Thi^ procnslon nai fnnnril on the 
terrni'v uf tlio Inner Tciii|>le iu fix: fonow- 
ing orrftr; — 

Thi* PDrtcri nail Wardeoa of the Inner 
■id Miildip Tfinplf. with tliHr eUITi of 
oAiT, oiTcrnl »ith bl& k. 

Tlie DnuJieri of tlie Mtddla T«m|>lo, 


Tlir I)rfii-li(-r4 rrf ibe \nntT Tcirmlc, Tit, 

Ijofd l^nj^fUld. thr Allomr;- (irncml. 

Or. LuttuuctoD. SirCharlM W«ibfr>ll. Sir 

Jotia B«ckeU. Sir Ctorv* Roac, Ibe Re. 

onrdcr. Mr. Sj*iui'. Sir. WrnK, Mr. 

Htarkic. Mr. lloRrn, Mr. Chilian. Mr. 

Itidiard*, Mr. Iluiitliu, >1r, Whaiflrj, 

Mr. Uaiara. ihe Hon. J. S. ^I'orUF;, Mr. 

Lm, a&d Mr. Kiiuvll Gnrnrj. 

Tlie Mmr«, 

The Venxbrn. 

Tliv Srxlon and A**i>tBat Snton. 

Tbfl Do^of tbo Cbolr, uroaud-tim. 

TiM Geitlko>en of the Clicir, ttreb'aiMl* 


The Rentier. 

The Maaler. 

The nodj. Uic iUI. borai- liy U'itliam 
Rttrfls, CH(. Tmuurcr (if tlif Miiillp Tem- 
ule, R, B. Cn>wdfir, rfi|. TrwiMirer of tlw 
Innrr Tempi*, iho Lord Chaocrllar, tfir 
Hobi-rt I'm-), the l^nri] ('hw-f JiutW of 
the Cuinmuu E'Wua. Sir Jninc* Graham, 
th« Ctianorllor of ilir Eicheqaer, and ibe 
Vice Chaitrclbr of t^niitirod. 
Tbf MiHimer*. 

The brotlitr* mid ulhrr lU-ar [elntivea. 

Thpii folldwrd thr dUtini^UIii.^ pi'ffoni 
nho de«tred l» atlviid : vti. tliu iJukc of 
Mnrlboroufh, tho Enrltif Laniairoii, I.ofxl 
LIroiighMD, Lord UniiipbcH, Vkv.Chnn' 
cellor Wicnun. JUron Parke, Mr. Juxtiec 
C^i'rld^eL, Str. Jiutiee Crrjsirrll. Ilaron 
AMrrKiu. Biinm I'latl, Ihe'CLnuei'lkr of 
Ibe Durhy of C'ornwnll, the Dean of 
Wmmiiuler, Sir T1iobi<i> Adaiid, Major- 
Oeneral Str Itnberl llotutaa, Ctqiuin 
llouktou, Sir William Hume. Maitera 
Wi^KfitlJ anJ I.Tncb, Itia Treaiuiwr of 
Linrulii'a Inn, "T. V. SuD|>kiiuoD, nq. 
awl Urian. Stuart, Klnderalrv, Turner, 

LnwTuV*, ntui almoit till Ihe Ik-ni-brr* of 
that RodwAf. thcTmaurerof Orajr'* Inn. 
T. Cfeeno. umi- M.P. Mcsar*. Hoinillj. 
Ted. V'bilL'U'v^'i, Jke. henrbrrt. 

Darrialera and -ilutienla wne admitted 
into the cfaiurh at II o'clock, and filled 
lli« aMta npprv^rialed for Ibciu. On the 
orriTid of the potten at ibo vcM door of 
the «kareb, th« ilrjd march in Saul wu 
perfenned until t)ie arrival of the ehorb- 
ttn. Ud ibff arr'tml of ll:e choir lurido 
the itate, ttiey eotnoicnixd the briotifnl 
Mnl«, " I ntnthiTKciiurrrethm." llsvinjt 
ftrrifcdfet thr v|uitn.' rhurL-h tlir^ braocfaod 
off, and cw.-h ttxik tl.rir aides. The Paalma 
were reeil by the Kct. Mr. RowUtt, the 
Under, and the h-uim by the Matter of 
thrTeoiple. Tlir IiuiIt mat then broii|;ht 
to the Tsult. After nliirh then* ■■« lunc 
tlie boantifnl aalLrm. " MaaihatLtbom,' 
&c. TliRi tbc collect and tbe ronulnder 
of the lenriee nei*- rt«d by the Maater, 
fiilluwed by tbe beautiful uuheut of Han. , 
del. '■ l[i» body is lintle.i within tbu Km^e, 
hilt hb itifflC dIioII live fur cr«r." 

Tlierv in ■ br^c nTid rtrvllent portnit 
of Sir W. Follrtt by Frwl. R. Say, cn- 
Krared in iDciiutinto tij C. R. Wiird. 

CnLOMKL SiBirrr. 

Ffi. 18. At lUtb, Joseph Hulilen 
Btmit, c«q., of Terlinjt Place, Etitx, Co- 
lonel of the Kkicx Militia, a magiitrate 
and Jq>aty.lieutej]aut of that comity; and 
father of l,ord H.i)!eiKh. 

In early life, durinic tbc Trenrh war be 
rendered eMcntUlMrrlne* to the Covmi- 
mcnt, while couimandlng the Euei Militia 
in vnrinni parts of the kiogdoui. 

He GDurrierd Feb. S3, V«», Udy Char, 
lotre Marj Gertrude KlUgerald. filth 
tUnfhter of Jamot firat Duke of Lcinater. 
Her liulyshtp wan cttxIdJ Raranrvn Kay 
Irigb of TerliuR I'Uce, \>y jialml dated 
July!), Mri\, Olid died S-pt. IV. It^^ti, 
»hcn ehe wa* aueceeilrd in tlm- iH-crnne liy 
her only son, John Jaine»,ni)wLi>rd Hny. 
Icigh. «rho married in 1^42. Clam Eliica. 
beUi LAlouche, ckleit divuehtcr of tbe Inie 
C*pt. VInra, R. Knj;., And l^u iuuci Iwu 
Bous. Ilerlailyitlnp h-f) diu two dauRh- 
trn, the Hon. Kmily Anne Slntlt, and tbo 
Hou. Chariottc Olivin KliMbcth, narried 
In 1841 to tbe Rev. Robert DnimmniMl, 
»au tit Vifv.Adu). Sir Adoiii nrummond 
by the late Lady CharMlv Murray. 

JaMi:» RAi-n^vH. Eso. 

April 19. At Whitllnithani Hoiiae, ca, 
Ik-rwiek, Jamca Balfour, titu of Whit- 
ltnf;hain and llal);Dnin, >'. B., eiul of 
GrosYcniir.aqnare. Mi.ldlricx. 

Vr. Dnlfuur mxrrie>) Jtin. 19, I81S, 
Lady Eleanor Maitlaod, third deufthter 
of JaBt« elfibtb Earl of Lau'U-rdale : i^nd 



1846.] ff. S. Cooper, Esq^-Juhn Marthall, Etq. SOI 

Vjp bfT lidrtbip, who wi"i»« Wm, ht 
]ud \mw. i»mm MaiUanil Balfour, o^. 
now M.P. for HiddinfUn ; CTuiite4 B«l- 

Mr. (Ulfonr's "ill tr*! bren prMCd. 
TV ptMOMl Mtaie wiiUin llie v''"'""** ^^ 
CftoWrborr wa» swoni nnJer >f<',0(W/. i 
Ai[ in ScolUn<l «■ ri»«:d>nf I.Oon.OOU/. 
Th* eteeiUm-* ■•« line wiitow. the soni, 
the Earl or L«iiilorJalr, the Hon. Kir A.. 
MaitUntU K. Stanlf-j, ru}. uid John Btl- 
foar. the ncpb*"' •>' it"! 'In-cawfJ. Tlin 
UtXtXat bu Mquctttlieil to hu wife. Lad; 
EbanoT, n «nciiiity at i.'t&H- r-\i*t%tA 
nppa ihveMalM; ftlto a Icfacv of 31 MOW.. 
«1tb full prrmi-wn tu reiilo at eithsr of 
the iB«nikws, WbhtiOBli»in, Baticouic, wr 
Gr»*Hior.»i(oat«. To bii sMmi K>n, 
Jtn«9 M»iiUod Balfour. h« hn» deti»ed 
the kniU »»«J barony of WlilMiughsm ; 
■nd lo bii BOO Chiflii h* h" dni-nl Uib 
B>l(onk nute, and hn* bc<)ura[bpa to 
Ub ■ lepcy of 47.000/.. and ibc »om of 
ft>,OtlOf. lo rtbiiiW ill* maiiiion ■! BjUo. 
Bit, Md to nfiuni*h tbc lame. Ill* 
danibten to* proitiileil for under tbdr 
nqteatra ■Miruire t«itl»ii]cDi>. Hr hai 
left pcCBnkrr boquctU to hi» gnrnd- 
ekOAran, nqdmri. nieou, mA other*, 
■ri kgadn ind nnuitiet to hit MrnoU ; 
n4 hM kppofnMd Ui eldot ku roiiliwry 

R. B. CoorKB, BsQ. 

AVv ">• A' »be wsidcDW of Ii« »on 
ftnr G;oucwt«r, m lua Sllh jt^r, Robm 
Bnub^ Cooper. «^. law M.P. for Iba 
cky. and the Mnior mtgiilrmtr i>f (be 
countT ; uncle to Sir Ailley PmIoo 
Cooper. Ban. 

He wtA born on ilw ?!«» Feb.. 1,69. 
Uw aldert Kin of the Re». Samnrl Cooper, 
D.D. Rwnor of Yrlr*noB i"d Morley. 
Norfblk, b; MnTu-SutaDDB. <laa);bter utd 
cobrire** of Jwne« Brmu.hj. t»t\. of 
Sbottcihatn in ibe sunt couniv, bj Anna- 
Mtris, daasbtn- uid mheircH of Samaa 
hutoD, of Hwlcrtoo, M.I). 

Mr. Cooper «ai fonnrrly M.P. for 
GkraM^cr. II« MBtctted tbkt cltir on 
tb« deuti of Robert Morrli, ck|. in ISlti 
on tba Torjr iotirwt, but wm ilefe»Md by 
Edward Webb. wq. wbo polled 849 fotea, 
md Mr. Cooper T30. 

At the Kit electioi* m 1818 Mr, Cm)p«r 
w«e MMCMf^. Ibo poU termbMtiiic u 

Edward Wrbli. e*|. . . .894 

Robrn B. Cooper euj. . . 9t.=8 

H. P. P. Berkeley. e»n- ■ Sll 

I ISM ud ^Vi% the furm«r mombvra 

jn,^ rvcboaen without a rnntnt ; dut in 

mo Mr. Cooper wat lueecMfully oppoiwi 

Qmt. Mao. Vol. XXIV. 

by Mr. Hii'lrotW. *e intbaiiMm far B*. 
font) Icavinr btm far In the rear i 
E!«vJ Wehb.ewj. . . WO 
Jolto Phillp.»tt». f-q. . . 814 
Roheit B. ('ooper, e»q. . 4l5 
Mr. Cooper wu much nleemed for the 
poofirtency of Ui* pol'l'«I coodoct, fof 
hi4 in.iiulcn«nf« of the Proitftant cooiti- 
tution. and fur hi« cttfnttrc CbiiMiaa 
bcrMitolcow, He «*• tbe autboT of »om« 
relijtinut und political pubUcstlom- 

H<f iiiarriea .May 6. V<Ai, Anne, Ottlf 
dautbtrranid beimi of William PttmcUi 
of DnnlriF. e". Glouc., eaq and by that 
Ufty. who died Sept JO. IWI. ho 
had iMuc tno »oii* Aod throe dausbtee* i 
I. Chariott«-Min..J«netta i 2. Henri- 
ettB-.MBria: 1. Pu'iiell Brauihr Puniell. 
na. who took tht tumr aicl aim' "' Pt- 
iiril only ill IttOS, and, having married in 
18IS Ch^rlntle.^nI«■. d4uglitef of .Natha- 
niel ClilTorJ, of Frampton Cr-uit. CO. 
(ilouf., esq. bai a numrro"* fanoilyj 4. 
Auua M4g<lak<>B, who died In 1H0$, aged 
fourteen; and 5. the Rev, HoberC Jereayn 
Cooper, Vlcer of Leigli, co. Olooc-, who 
married In 181* Arabella- Harriet. oBly 
dtii«bler of Edward Wallington. of Durt- 
ley, eaq. 

JoHx MAaaB*rL. Eba. 

/■Mr 6. Atbbac^. Halteteada.oatba 
Cumberland ahera of U1l«watet Lake, 
John Murshall. ctq. of Lccdt, klo M.I'. 
for YorV»hire. 

Mr. MarvliaU began life wilh itrj taitll 
mMn>. but by Uis intenuit;? aiw! induiiry, 
eicnuM-d cuuii«uoti*ly lor npwwdi i-f h«lf 
a cettlu/y, lie luereedL-d in amu&iog loitilM 
ud pergonal proixrtf, amoouliiif. it ll 
belicviiJ, to at lea^t a tiiillion aad a half 
•terJing. Mr. Mamliall'i poUdc* waw of 
that ibade lermird Whi! lUdlcal, and ha 
nobly lappofled bi» purtv wills his pone 
and pcrwnal uiflnencc in *arioiw par!» 
of \ori(.h!re, aud p.pefially in LeeJa. 
Tbouch no orator, and not much toclined 
to public life. b« eotageJ in ibe eipen«?e 
rani»» (Ibere iw on potll for the eomity 
of York m 18?S. and Mt for it till 1950, 
in conjiiuciion "itb Lord Mlllon (now 
Karl FiixWilliam). the Hon. WJlli*m 
Duricoi»b<T (now Lord Vetenham), and 
Mr- F^iunuynf Wilton. Though a de- 
cided t'BrtU4n himtclf. he waS Itbenl 
and tolerant wiih Wjaid to other*; be 
wa», liow'Tor, one of the moit sttenuoua 
opponenu of factory l»(i>lalion. «iid took 
an active part at Lt-ed* ag»iii>t the bone- 
wjleut Michttel Thoiftu Sadler, but in 
Ibeie teiprcii he did bat follow tilt f«o«* 
rul bent of (he inannf«cttuiai{ iniereit 
at Ih^t period. In pritate life he WM 
amiable and ftUMominr. 
2 D 

Jfittph Smu*, Etq. M.P^— Thomat MikMl, Esq. CAoiT- 

Hit aUMt Mtrti*lac ■••. Wflliuo Uw- 
■Inll. caq U tuam U.P. for Carlkle. «ul 
farnmlff *■! for IxiiniiMtcr aad Pelei«- 
M4. nil tBtniril In lic^H OnfKiani- 
ChriMlami, MTBkth duthur at Gwrga 
UlblMrt, Mq, of MottdFit, llrru, 

HiVMCond •on, John Mmball, JBninr, 
WM M.P. for Lc«li m ttM Mrlutmoit of 

Tl)* flTTit Bra at Lcnla la randaclrd hy 
tbo «()ifr t«0 «aiM, JaiB«*'Gulh and 
Hnirr CooptritlMlattarofwbamfnarriMl 
Ib 18^7 tbo Hon. C4tti«rliie Arm i.aoj 
%ot\a^ Hic*! freood dftuxhter of Li>rd 
MonttacUl *ai tha forowr in IH'II l-nr 
•Mir lUUr, Km RftQ. Mkry Altcu Piry 

SprfM RlM. 

Sannucnlly. In th« lattar ynr, I<ot4 
UODtAule ("OK for liU leovtul «'f« M«ry< 
JbuM. ne c1i1d*( ilatuhur of Mr. Uar- 
Ihall. Anntlwr dau(kter, C'«rdr|ii, vm 
nariLed la Oc<. 1841 \o ibv Ra*. Dr. 
Wti««tll, Matter «r Triui/ collct«, C«n- 

Jitakj-a Soicii, Eaa, M.f. 

Jwuaft. At 111* rrtUtn^'- '^' "TP, 

JfUa-MMl. a^rt a «uTj liM< J[>- 

•rpb 8a«i». m). M.r. foi < ' ' ' 

Ht <ra* the arclntocl of rm own for- 
tww. aod MMV^rC'<l<d in atvomuUliu rtrf 
OOlUularalih wMllh. Hi* prinri[iiJ pur* 
nit «u ilMt of n »lii|i-h«iidrr, b«i he 
took a very iicii«e part tii ilic alTiir* of ilui 
Ntw Zealand Comtranj. I'Ciiif; (iovrrnor 
of llial I orporwtkra. Il «a« not, Uowrrcr, 
until "iiliiB il>t l«t j«af iliat l>« Mnirad 
to a Mini la l*arltafgmt. Wh«a Mr Jobo 
SfloledUd ke ofTtird liimclf td tbc con- 
■tttv*ltOj of Daitmovtli, ■•U^^fl he <*&■ op> 
MMdbyMr. Mnttuit. the uaiebcri beiair. 
IbrMr.Sono, t2&i for Atr. MolTui, 118. 
Mr* HdTjttl iwtKiofie.l, un Ihr i^and of 
Ml Ppponuit Winf a e»utTiciof, tint gn 
btut%Uton hv n ParluiMntdry c«mmi- 
tec. It apprared that the rontnfti referred 
la by Itic pclitiooet* had been fix aoaiA 
tine ]ii*Ti>^ii'ly in the hand* of Mr. 
tomni )«riii«r, wd ha waa tbrrdbn 
•oalfd bt Die deciaion of lh« eonmilGMi 

Mr. Sonw ooeationally >|>ok« in th« 
HoMt of CoBUDOiii. but not very fr«> 
aiUQily, nor in any rainoer to attract pU' 
Uouiir attcDi'On. lb tbr ritv lie »•■ very 
Ucblf ctleeai«d, and iMturally rnjoycd the 
gravt InAumnewhirh n^Jtt from htgli cha< 
racUr and anplc cafotal. Ilia les-eU are 
to bt foncid In erwy p*rt or Ibr nmrld; 
ndaUrg* nvasbfr of die finest teomcn 
dial E(>|tand tu to bout, wen tnti>ed 
Is them. M>» lalho WBi ■ tij;hl«nufi of 
isdvFlrtviU hibili aoil inicDded hi* aon 
for b>i own orcuratlon. H« ww actiudly 
bouad at Waiemeii'a Ha!! i but .Mr. 
Soaai'a talenta aiid CDSigy aOon Bfted 

bin «bon tbe aphtrt hi wkidi be utt vnt 
in life. lU rmbarkcd 1& batiM«, »aA 
|iro*<vtil«d It fur a tmn*» of jrcan ao auc* 
c««afiill][ that be toxe ago tealtaed an iia- 
■cnae |m|Mrly> nt iit* ■ kind and 
beneeuloiit aMatrr, and luudrMla on* 
their •dnoM in lil« to hia aonaidand* 1 
boiinijf <ir apprvciatloD of ■ierlt. B« ' _ 
a liberBl pauoo of the variooa cbvitafalij 
inaiitntteaa vt the port of LoodoD, aafj 
pMrtimlarly of tboa* tsinnlMtrlr «o^J 
Daeted ariib tba nnigatini «f Ifaa Tbi 
«Dd with <ke ahkpiring iatMeat. U k|iJ 
polilicB Mr. Some* oat a itaiinch C«*-J 
Mrrativa. He laa*ea behind hln. It m 
Nppowd. praparty of tba ralua af b*- 
twoni »■• and two miDioaa atarUiif. 

TuotiAa AfiTCBtu,, Eatt. M^ 
jLTiiu 4. At hi* hODM at StMpta ArtD% 
orar Huoddocii. Ui liia 62*d }car, Tbi 
na* Uitdioll, CM. U.A. 

Tfcia diatinnialwd aokolar wm httm im 
LfrndMi,«mtte30tb May, 1783. Bi«i 
tha aoa of Mr. AkiHHkr Mil«kaO, ft 
rUtas-naalcr. in Haaailioo<pla«a. Km»- 
dilly. and aflcrwarda la Gt—r^of.plaaa, 
At (l'.<i aicd of aeran yaMmTborM* Miloh«U 
OH vlmtilwl iato Cbrial'a Uoapiul. «B 
tbt pmantnbnii of Martyn Poonwvaa* 
eaq. Here kt rcmainMl, uudcr tba tailiw 
of the Met. Jantri Howjrr, diuI aflaranrd* 
iindrr that of tlie lUr. Dr. Trollope. tU 
October iWH, when he irai preferred to 
Prmbroka Co'lngr. CAallmilKC. on uuc of 
the tmbiMtiufia of tb- MiMt'"*'- '■> t^^ 
yaar 1^06 bv took hii (irinx uf B.A., aa 
a aenlor Mtlme and Om Itni claMloal aot- 
dallnt. In ackvowlcdxincnt of tbla aai- 
nniMi tlia f oTornoii of hi* achool pnMotiad 
hlni with a ailvarcup. of tW value of Iblrif 
patoeaa. He no* mtlumlly looked for. 
ward to tba obtainiaenl i>f a fellovabfp 
frmn the ooiUfo. on whirh be had roa- 
llirred ao madi hnoor i but in ihia bc^ 
he wai diiappointed by a noicl reaolalioa 
of the muter and fclloira, that not more 
then tiro atndeota, adumted at the turn 
achofti, alionld ba f«Uo«> of the eoUflia 
et the aama tiatet aad Mr. TbomtCB, a 
ntroiU'r of Ike rar^if i/i'/t/'initififBa, aad 
the Rrv. Mr. Wood, afiviwanit Matlar. 
both Chrbt'e Hospital mpti, were at that 
lim^ rauked aanong Ibc frllovrs of Pean- 
bruie. Wn ore not inclined lo dispute 
tlie ceaeral juitloe of aach lefaluiioni. 
Otlimrwe, llie men of one achool tni^t 
in tioic pi>'lii<lr all i'ai£i|wlilora front oibcr 
fchooU; at Ictil iliry niijibt bvoome a 
majority, and tbttpalnay* elect a lohoolM- 
low to the maateraliip. Bui i«o in arren* 
ti.-«n it a Tfry Hnal) proporiion, and if thia 
rule had boon tiromatgated before Mr. 
Miicbdl bad eommCDeed bti atwdiaa at tUa 



OBtTUAaY. — TTtomas Sfitefieil, Esq. MA. 

ly a Mlewriii|k «r«r« nore tcrtaiD- The 
aaep«e(«do<M of thia ra^faiiioD, which 
•eemed to b« made to ihtrt tha door 
■pioRt Ihefirtt clauicil tDcdnllitt P«b> 
^k* rtvr produpfd, on • wnre ownU 
tatlon to the flm rlcUa of it. A* Mr. 
MMetell h«d deienataed to derate hiandf 
to • t c bo Wrti e tif*, ihin dUappolnOBCnt 
iMBMi to ovvnet lit hie future KbemM. 
VDbl in tbd ;reaT ie<M or 1X03 be wu 
enabled, b;r bi< literary acquireraeDU, To 
obuin K Mlowvhip ei Siilner SnsMi Col- 
ligv; aa ■c^vUitJon the more honouriblfl. 
laMnaah «■ tbe fcU<i«*hip «•• A Kb! i« 
tested »ft, or inVject to ihr ritilrv of 
■17 CQlBpetHora. Had hr eoiered in due 
tine iato boly orderf thii fellowship «oald 
hne provided him with pitt of (h<^M »• 
W f ea» vbirb he iftrrvird* lived to need, 
IbrMr. Mtteb«llQrTern)>r>ie-J. Butcon- 
■intMU KTcples prerfnted htm from 
lacomini ■ fwadiJatc for hnlf onl^-re ; 
■IftMtl' «« c«B coDfiJeotlr itate that 
Ak iMMtun of Mr. Mnehd! aroM from 
M 4IH Plnlnfatf fear of the rfsmmsibi- 
IHiM attartied 10 tbe partoral oRli^, and 
at< t» MT objection to the doctrUKi of 
tkt EMabH>li«d (linreh. After ■ Itntted 
Itrw of jtmn he wu nbtijted, bjr the *ta> 
MM of lb« college, to i-*c4te b * M\v*. 
lUp. Had bo been a fellow at Pembroke 
Ito UMe proTitlon would bare coiitiaocd 
Im Ufr, ai the lUtutea at that colleice do 
ao( raqwre the eoirance into fcoly otdcrf. 

Utider tbaw oatoward dreumiiuiecc 
Mf. Mitchell devoted hi» Icaming tu pri. 
MteMtMn mA to tbe pnibhc prw(. For 
tt* tec ten jar« after lakia( hi> bache- 
loKademe be was tutor Hemiirelr in 
Ac Bouliea of Sir GcorfC Hctirv Rmr, 
Mr. Robert S<uitb, and Mr. Tboinai 
Hopv (aslher of Ana'faritu). In the ae- 
•Dad of tbeae fomilie^ he aaed to clnint 
Uw bonotir of baring had for bi« pupil 
tha IU{hl Uoo. VeroMi Smith. 

la lb* year l>*10 tbc wnter of thia 
Mif memoir bad llW! i<!raaur<? of iDlro> 
damK bin to Mr. Wiltiiin liiffnrd ; and 
la IMS be comateaoMl tbe*erie>ore«taj'f 
la tba Quarterly fUrirm, on Arutopbanea 
aod Atbcataa manticri, irhidi led to hit 
wa trmmbtiofM in eerM of the OU Co- 
■adiaa irhieb appeared In two votunea, 
U Oe pars l»20 and l&j'i. As It la noir 
Ifca hJmoK to aflUUte the papert io (lie 
ftaa'liiyy Aerl rv, wa ba* e nade out the 
Uaamw% Um of Mr. Mitchell'* conni. 
batfona to that journal: No. xtii. Article 
9l XUI, I ; Xtttt. 9; XLV. H; Xlvih. 
Iiur.€i LTIII.3: ijcTi.3;LzxxviiJ.3. 

Seene of 'JteM eiaajf Lad jmjireaM^ the 
fBlnma of a vacanT Urcrk chair in one of 
te 8mteh auirrtilieii with ao nmch re- 
l|M te Mr. MKchdl a ciairical «■!&• 

nienta that Iheiy Inrtted Mm. through a 
rrlead, to secept of the aituaiioo. It wai 
a tacntliTe. aa well ai a man reipeetahle. 
one, and ha waj a poor lOiia ; but he taoat 
liare litoed the Coafeaiioa of ihe Scotoh 
Kirb.and to bin tbli wuaaloaannottnt- 
oble <^^ifl-ti9n. 

Pi>r tbr laat twenty yeart of bia lifb Mr. 
Mitchell retided with Ut rdalioai, la llM 
cOQQty of Oztoid. and dieTefoft! foond k 
not incoAtenient to andrrtake the occa> 
iiioaal taah of tdperinlendini the puhhc«- 
tioD ol tbe Greek worlu which itiaed 
from time to time from the ClarendM 
preai Durint; ihc yrart IBSJ-fl he edited, 
in Kepirata *o1iih)», foi Mr. MurisjF: the 
pabliibcr. flr.^ of tUe play* if ArtltQ. 
pbaoes, with En^liah uotes, for the ate of 
aehooh and uoinrrtiiiea. Thia edition 
dmw forth from iht Ret- G- 3- Kmmtij, 
fellow of Sl Joha'a oolle^c Cambridge, 
some ttriemrft. to which Mr. Mitchell 

Eublifhed 4 replf la 1841. He «l*o pab* 
tbed trtcfol iadice* to ibe Greek Oraton 
and rUrg. In l9.t9 be entered into an 
engagrment with Mr J. H. Paikcr. tt 
Oxford, 10 »dil an eiililon of Swhoolea | 
but, after tbe pnblicatinii of tbe srtl thnt 
plays, it wa« dtieoverrd that the oiaalen 
of our public ichooli objected to Engliab 
notes, a* •educiiif Ibelf writera loia too 
great exrareieeoesi and irrelvTaary. Kx, 
pMker. thcrcKo'e. » 1M3, nimeMad Ml 
Sophnclea. and Mr. Mitchell wot left 
without eiir other employ nieoi Ibm what 
the Clareadon pma mt|;hl cstuillr offer. 
Coder these cir>;tim>tan(«i not aoly did 
hi* health and »p«rtt> be^ to fall, but be 
•uSevcd Mriuua peooaiary iDrtinvrnimce 
froin prftaie la»ae>. and the oeMatlon of 
alt littTHiy income. Hit frieuda tieoaaB 
alnrnird for liim, and, IbrvuEh tbe Iua4 
iutcrreniion of the late Mr. Morritt, of 
Kokehy, hu eottdULciu wai mido haowa 
to Sir Robrrt Peel, who immediately 
plar'rd nt hit diipoanl the aum of ISO/., 
from the RotbI Botinly Puud, aod (what 
to Mr. MltLhell'i ffclln^ waa more |ts- 
tifjing Hum |>ecuniii7 aid,) conveyed to 
him. iv a priiAtc tcEier, the expreaaiooa 
of hi* rrapect and tyniputhy. In 1M3 
Mr. Purb^r re-nmed hit publication of 
Si^hoclei, and .Mr. M)ti*bdl editri! the 
renoinias four pbjri of that trajedian, 
with abortcr notes than beforv; and la 
thR year IIU4 be dcvuLcd faitnArlf to lh« 
prr|<jralii>ii of minor oliiiOD of a JVW< 
talifia Ariilophmica, with brief Latio 
notta, t'ft the a-« of kchouU. 

lie had nearly completed thia Ctllc 
when death (orprUed him. lie bad b<«a 
Ion; in a weak lUie of health, but hia 
end was auddea aitd unexpected. Ula 
health bad ioiprored with the pftsent 
jair, and be wu mdutileg Unatlf ia 


Jiev. John Gi-ahain, M.A.0—M^: William Dttjf. ZA-ag. 

iie11.r(MinilMl hap#« ihtt hit r^vflrnotntqt 
grant vould be rvDrwrd In ^tlly, and be 
fgllo'td hj N prmanent pmtian- Atu ! 
oa the 4tii tl«* of tbai inoutli. he bed 
brukfMted as usual with bit ttiecc *nd 
bou*ckevMr> and wijonmcd ta hU Mudf 
in lolenibic br-alth. About four lioais 
nflfltWErrt* tli« tiifce, on nilvring the 
room, hiunii some iinpr<liin«nt id ripening 
the lioof, it VMS cftUftcd bf lii* dead 
bodf, abirb baJ falltn ngaiiul it. Tlic 
nnieiil man »bo wai tummo(ie«l ««* of 
OplnlcD tlmt lih liad been ettinct »1 least 
t«0 lionrs. titita a At uf apoplci;.— 
Quttrttrljt Utvinf. 

Thb Rev. Jobk Gkahah, M.A. 

/n 1iU4. At MatUllgao «lrbr. co. 
Lon4i>ndr|rf, the Rev. Jiihn Graham, 
M-A. Ri![-tor orTamUsbbird, 

Mr. Oiabaiii wai ilcicoDdrd rrom osc of 
the muneriHu mnnbcr> nf tliat btir^lri rl«i 
ttiA'ported into IrcluDil by Kitx Jumn I. 
Hb i'Cut {raiHlfaiher, J*tne» GnJiHiit vf 
MuUinahicicti. eo. Fermanagh, wu a cor. 
nei I'l one of ihw rr^imenl* mined (or iha 
defence &f Gnoiakilleii.tpnift. Wjlliiitn ill. 
till crnn diatber. JamM Graham of Cloneii, 
iraa Litfutunaat of the KrniiaEiagh militia. 
If mmRitaiion <lated Oct. ih, 1144. 

Tbv R«*- Jobu Oraham was uue of the 
laovt acilre wrttera in support of the 
Oraiifc partj in Ireland, and ateitdily (i]i> 
noaod ibe conrtuion of Ibo Soman t'atho- 
iiedaia*. II« rtcotucd, in con»ei|uriice, 
»%af teitlniHilaa of approbaiian for lii* 
Yiercionti anwnc othi-ra, tbcCiiunlcaa of 
Roiw Drnfe him a t>i''^*i'ni of 3^)0/. ai»l 
Lont Keujunoiie or trjO'. 

Al ihltpenodMr. Cintliain was cnrate of 
LifTofd, CO. DoMsal, in Uw Aaeeus of 

The io\\n*\n% u a liil ("proliibly imprr- 
ft,t). of Mr. G'Nhiirii fiiibtit'ininni i— 

Aonala of l(i-Ia»d, Kt^vli-viattiral, Ciril, 
and MilKarv, from .Maicti 19. IVl5 to 
Juljia, Itilil. IHl'J.Svo. l'hi» is iJi-di- 
cated to ih? ■'romunt* «( th<- United 
Empire, aod ia fulloncd bji ■ t>anj|ililet ol 
80 psfta. oD Iba " KaiUi or Catliolim," 
ivriUca won after the publicaiioa in lt)l.1 
of a voluau by Mrstri. Ueriogtoii and 
Kirk, two EtODMnCalliulir |>rir>ii>. nilillt<l 
"The Pailb of (.'■l)ii>)l[?i caofirtiiPil aii«l 
flltcBled by the Pailicr* of ihf live lir«t 
Crotiiriesof tbt Church;" bul nul ihcu 

DoTiaiia. consiitias of a Hirtorr of ibo 
Sufi of l.onilonil«rry and [><'fcncc of 
RnaiKkilkii iii llixi) uiJ 1UB<I. with [IlnCo. 
Heal Poetry aiii] lli('i[ri|ihica] Note*. Wii, 

Sir Ilorruurl'i Msloti, an Uistorlcal 
Puf-m. Written nt the rrqiicst of tbt 
PubUn Ercuiui Uvrald. 18iJ. 

A Hi'tory of Irrtaad fVtim th« Relief of 
Lofldoiiderry in IG89 to the Surrender tif 
Ume'ick in 16EI1. I«i9. l?mo. 

Some coRimniiicalions of Mr. Graham 
were printed ■■> tlie Ctrntlctnin'a Mags- 
sine, of vbich we ire abU* to refer to «ome 
Tcnea Not, 1823. p. \h6. ai>d Sept. IBZG. 
II. ^1)1). About the suine (im< ba limited 
Lotidun, RiiJ tbrved bicn>rlf ai good t«m> 
peted and sociable aa any uf hit coastr;- 

Mn. William Dat- 

Ftb. 13. Aged 48, Mr, WUliam T)a]-, 
of the ftrtn of Day and Ilajlw, litbonra- 

Tbrre are few perann* hiiereMed in iha 
Pine Arts (o whom tile iuua« o( Mr. Day 
U unknown in connexion with Ibe art of 
liChogrspby ; Hiid few men in Irade liar* 
bocn more tuecvtaful ii> KaluiOK Oie ra> 
ip«cC of all with whom olroimstancet 
brought biui intu roiilact. 

0( Mr. Day'* earllrr career we bare no 
parcicnlara; but hkrin^ some jeara back 
pun:1>a>r(l a lilbngrapbic pma, atid being 
(limaletnl by ibe popularity which iht 
art was atcaiuing in England, ha Ubenrcd 
with untiring energy to perfect rhe work 
he bad taken in hand. Mr. I^ni* Kaghe 
bad about iliii pcrlud nrnvrd in Enjtluid 
from fii^lKium; and ibe subiect of tUi 
memoir hnviiiif aeirutrd bis valnabie ca* 
oprriition. a •erics of bnautifbl and eoally 
iitodurliunt were from ttiue to time brought 
Mfarc the public — «hi<b may juaily claim 
the blflieal potilion amid Ibe iniilli)ilif;ity 
nf illuatraini wnrVi that huic appMred in 
this econtry dvrinit tli>^ la^t ((iiancrofa 
mtlury. Of ibi? most crb-braied of tlieoa 
MO would niFuiiun Vidian's " Spuiisli 
SoRDory }" MUlIer'a '• A«c of Pranen I.;" 
Lor<l Slonson'f " Vtcws in the Valley of 
tlic Isere ; " tially Kniubt'* " Views ( " 
tlie "E«ilriiaili<-al An-biU«tnre of tUty," 
by Itruriir Moore; ■■ .SkeltbM fp Aff- 
lthnuii>l->ii ; " and, forr-ni>sl nf all. Ko- 
berti's " 8krtrbe« ii» tbe Holy ^and,"—. 
the last Mr. Day lived In ane rnmpleted. 
In many of these, aa welt aa in ibe nnmo' 
roua oifarr prinis whieb iuued rrom the 
ratiibliabnirnE in liiiiiroln'* ■ inn • fields, 
Mcstm. Iliiy and US'!))!- wcrr ably assisted 
by Mr. Aii>!r;;n IVki-n in Ibe landscape 
dcpirtmetU, and by Mr. Ueorge Hawkins 
in the nrchiterlural ; aod we feel aaavred. 
from the liberal (li!,{ioiiitton of the deeeued 
and of hlssurvivinj; imrtDcrin the busincM. 
that ibey noidd on all ocoaaionabr williuf 
if> tlisfc the hnnnurs of ilidr undrriakingi 
with tbt K*v()emcn we bare nanMHl. 

iAr. Day's peraoial cl>arucler may be 
lold in a few wortb. Uiflcd witb per- 
rrption aljiioti ioluilire, anient in the 
pursojl Df fa)4 9^tla, lie M« no lUlliciil' 


JV*-. Zcui* Sehcahf—'Cltrgy Deeeajed. 


timt ia kia path, and know ro rric ; librrsl 
to th9t« be emploj-ci), c)iiu^tablr to itic 
tetinu with tbsi diarit; that " Tsuautb 
bM tUelf." The loM of inch a m«n iniiM 
be •xtcntinij hit, for oortb cmic* ■ 
ntnlTiludc of filvad*. Tlii: rnrcn»« colj 
to vhlrti kfl wu eipnsed on tbc morainit 
or Fcbinuf IS. while Ulin;; luve of lii« 
*iiltsC Mn (tfao wv about to nnbBrli for 
tht CooUneat, broufthi on id attack of 
kpoplex; 1 tad oil Xhtr cveninf of the foU 
loirifig daj. iflrr Itrii^ cngkgrd in hi* 
bofinws. b« Mt down ind auddcnlj n- 
pfitd. Ve udetKttad that (h« coaduct 
of tbe riUblUhiuent devi>lt« upoii bU 
flint ton, in cotijiuctionoitli Mr.Heghp. 
—AH VnUm. 

Ui. l4»-i» ScnwABK. 
£4M^. A^fKl 47, Mr. Uub ScUwile, 

osf of lli«Ca«Ddlof tbc Royal Manclief- 
icr Inttitatim. 

Mr Sehvabo wu & manufarturEr of 
lillii of • kigh ctiM, ind miftbt be Mid to 
L>TV been tbc^ biber nf thai branch of ma- 
%at*ftaT< ia Manchpitrr. hating liad on 
Ua boolu at thr tiiat of hit decmac onlrr* 
n«t ealjfor Um biitb of Quro*u Und.but 
fjr tboK of the French also, tbe naine ot 
Ibe illnatriouk Lonii rhilipjK appMring 
a» one of kia natroui. 

Mr. Sch*abe vaa one of tbc raao; in- 
ttaacn of tbofe «ba rlae In ihe vorld bf 
drat ol probilv, laicnt, and indusltf. A 
native of Doaan. in URmifinj, whrrt be 
vaa bom in i'9i, be cudo n atiancrr to 
Mancbcitcr in the j«ar teiT. and, sftrr 
•Dfking hii way Ikrongb the iknicntArj 
ftvCBma of (he ailk manufacture Ithta 
nUsf lODI in tkat toiro). he proceeded in 
kia enmr nntll he attainni the head of that 
isiportanl branrb uf nianufscture, ihe 
pdac«>of WlndforaadBuokingbHa hav- 
ing bceo. in mon iuuneu tfaan ooei sa\t- 
fUtd from hU loom*. 

Mr. Sokiaabc poaMBaed a high taste in 
tft, and wai, to t^mt eiteni. practically 
as artisl. applying the Imowlod^ be poa- 
■BBed to the purpoica of nanufacinre— 
beoca tbe ^reat mpciioritT and perfection 
of bU d««tgiu, aod tbowuic In bia own 
tut (if anj proof were occded) how ne- 
ecaaarf ia a pmctical knnnleif^)! of Ibc 
" Art of Deaifpi" to Ibi^ higlier brancbea 
of atannfactnre. Mr. Schwaboi odIj a 
ibort time txtan kis dioatt. staled lo * 
friand, " t)iat he mifkt comider bii Iot« 
■ad ^mwledte of dni«inc aa one great 
csoae of bu iBBona ia life/' Ilia ardent 
pnrwil of it. abortlj after hij atriial in 
Manrhrttrr (ibe imponiocc of it being 
then ^)rc•cl'a by him). n(K only nmiri- 
bntad, tieoboened, to the enjojineotof 
hia Idenra bonra. kat prncrf cd kim front 
tt« teiDpuUoiit <*t))di \aQ of Its btjuilQ 

the Toang in large and popnloni towna. 
" Often, often," he aiiJ, (peaktag to tbt 
friend before alluded to, " do I <aiah thit 
all young men could know the plcaior* 
and adTaalage I h*Te derived from it." 
Mr. S«1i«alfe xaaonE uf ibe enrtj aop* 
porters of ibp Soliool of Dcai;n, and to 
Ike la<C (oflV n liicly intere«t in it. 

A ] though a furci goer kjr bi rth Mr. 
$ebwebe (baring narried Into an old 
Mancbcatrr family) migbt be said to be 
alnioit an Eoglithnuia, baling eutcted in* 
tn ail matters rel>ling to llie intcrckta of 
tbecounir; wiili nu ardour which oiaccd 
hoar completclj hiit fe«kngc were uao- 
dated Rich Ihoac nf the iai>d which bad 
foatrtril him. — Art f/nton. 


Ai>rit~. Wlillii purtuiof a coune of 
ftudy nt 8t. Bee'a, tbc Rev. G. W. Pkilfi, 
furmrrif tiiiiiiftrr of the Unitarian chapel 
at RudliJuie. He publitbed hia " Rraaona 
for reoonnring Uaitai-iaiitiitn.'' and a 
aeinion pieacfacd at kii bsplinui br tbo 
(tcv. Ilr. Molnwortb, Vicar nf Rorlidale, 
wa* atau publiahfd. Dr. Mo1c>*oitli bad 
pToiuotvd a ■ukict-iption for hit mainte- 
uanec at St. Bct'i. wlicre hli caudiict and 
tiTa*rrM gained tlie fiill apiirohation of the 
1 iiiic{|]al. He has left a widow with font 
cbildrcB, with irhom he gave bla dying 
inj tin lotion, that they ahontd be brnngfat 
up in Ihr Kitabliaikrd Chnrrb. 

ytay 2. In London, ibe Rer. Ecfirwnf 
0)try. M..\. nf 8t. Jamca'i Kalcliffd. late 
of Tnnily college. Oifurd ; only brother 
uf the Kev. t^harlea ('nrey, of Alderton 
rectory, near Chclienhani. 

Afny J. At ItdMngtteld, Suaaex, in hit 
GOlh yrar. Ilic Rev. Kifietrrf fifou. Rector 
Iff ibnt pariah, to wliich be waa iDHilUlod 
in 1822. 

Rcrti>f of OolgeUy. n: fttetionetb, 

fltay It. Ai ikyrontt on kU way to Je- 
rnsalem, tlic Re*. Henry Dmiut Ltfvm, 
Chaplain to her Majesly*a miaaion at 
Alheaa. and fur iiunardt of '2>i yeara agent 
uf (lie Unliah and Forrign Uiblc Soolelyi 
I'oruicrly of M'rtngton, Somrraet. 

May'-i. At Ecccer, tn hia 80lb year, tbe 
Rer. Georgt Culliffe. 

Mvy 11. At ftothal, Nortbomberiaad, 
in bia l>Ut jeaa, the Rer. WtUiam 0nry 
Parrf. B.D. Rector of that pnriab, to 
• hk'b he mn* preaenti^ in IftIT ky bia 
Grace tbe Duke of pDrtland, to wbose loni 
hr bad brcn fnnntTlir tutor, anil lo the 
prucitt Earl of Burhngton. l[u rorrect 
learning, amiable uaonera. and beneTolent 
character gained him unlvcraal riapecl asd 
Mtcrm. Mr. Farry waa educated at 
^brcwabury Khoo) wiilcr Pt. fiatlcr, and 


CUrgif DteMUti. 


prMevde4 to 9t. Jobn** mlUg*. Cam- 
Dtldfe, where h» snduted u a Wnntler 
l» 1809. and abtaiMd a Mtuben' Prim 
ia 1910, and Ibe Norriaiao price (aa Uw 
Lflen'f BnvtiM of the N«<> Teaunml) 
ta 1813. He wai daetfd Fellow In t)u 
MAC ftAr, and wftcaWJ bjr Ib« e«lteg« to 
tlM nxtotjot rloR ia Narftvlk. io ItK?, 
In which year li« married Rluibvik, ilw 
TMnfOt AaaghtfT of Or. Cory, llw totti 
Matter or Baiinnmtrl L'oil«gii. by wliow 
ha haa 1«rt a aon and l«a daa|(htan. On 
leitiBg Holt, in IMT. he ncei^ti a piece 
of ])laie IVflni tli« liilia'iitanu of ihat pa. 
liA. Ha Wa> IbeauaurMr. Henrf Parrf, 
of 8hl«<>t(»ai7, and grandam of Jvhn 
Piny. caq. of Hiirtin. Salop. Pewptr- 
■ont hare died mor« rtfrcUed u a paalor 
Bod u ■ friead. 

Jtfoy 13- At lh« hon«e of hit aoQ, Al- 
Ttha-plaec, 8i. Juha'i Wood, aird 7-1. the 
fUrr. Qt»rft Moultrie, Vioar nf Cl^iibury 
Mortlinw, Shnf|Mtiiro, Io trhirh b« <*u 
prMCBted in 10O<) by W, L. Cliihte. m^. 

At Haqiford. Dcvonahtre, aged Wi. ti\e 
B«*. iinrwxid Tuekfr, Vicar of tlial pa. 
rtak He wat Ibe tveoaA loa uf Bcne- 
dlBHa Marwood Twicer, formerly oT Co- 
rjtoii Parie tn thai eat»tj. He waa pre. 
MBMd ta Haipford In 1817 br Lord ftolle. 

Maf IT> At FovBhipv C«nrt. Herv- 
fordablrv, the Rcr. ^. fF. {.^Mmtrt. B..\. 
Parpatual Cnmtc of Brock hampton. Ele> 
n fofi h htr^- Kc *■' tkr Uit aurviring 
•00 of Capt. Thomw Allen LechiJiere, of 
Um 9Tth Foot, He wia nraiMted to 
Broekhamntnti in 1(438 h]r Ina Dcau and 
Chapter or Htverord. 

At HftvmnitN, vfti M. Av Btr. 
l%o*iiu nrJifk, ReMor of St AiMtitfr'R 
Holeooibe, Somi^raetahlre, 10 which be waa 
pilM te d In law, by J. T. Jolllffr, ttq. 

At Weeilmf7.iipoii.8eTem, n. Ghwc. 

Sid M, the Rcr. CA«r(n Wttherttl, 
JL Canto of StaKntoD, co. Wore. 
fourth am of the Rer. Rkihud Wetherell. 
of PaiUey Home, Snasex. 

Utaf IS. Agrd fiT, tbe Rr«. ffoJWrf 
AhUA, for forlytwo yeara Perprtoal Co 
ntP of Howlcy. YoHifhire. 

Afop 19. At Doneaatcr, hi hta .17lh 
mr, tha Re*. Wilham Mm\elt, Kt.A., 
iflcsr of OwatODi near that town. He 
waa the aeeoad aoa of Sir CharUa M. L. 
Monck, of Bolaar Castle, oo. Northoin. 
berttniL Bart, oj Lo«»«-L«ria. ftfth 
dafiKbtrr of Str George Cooke, Birr, at 
Whrntlef, oo. Tort. He *m of Trinity 
oolleRV. Canbridfe. R'A. IMi. 

Oa hla IMMate from Madcin, tht Rer. 
A. UilU, M.A. PUIow and Atautant TVitar 
of Qnr«n't eollegTf Cambrider. 

Afay i^. At Lincoln, agedai, th« Re?, 
Jt*» TtitaM. B.C. Provoit of the coth^ 
9( Prttil* Vkan, ud Ut« 5(uxciiti>r of 

Lhiooln miotter. Rector of Suribrd.Tlear 
of WdUnfore aud Ruikln^oa, and a ola- 
giatraie for t-bo diritioo ol Ltadaey. He 
•raaof Brnmanuel oollefe, Caiabnijge, B.D. 
1797, He wai prtvenled to die parpetui 
ovnMj of 8l Mark, Lincoln, by the Pre. 
CCDtor of Lincoln in 17;«0, lo thf ricanre 
of Wdiinfora by the Ikon and Cliapter m 
1801, to tbe lecoad ncdlety of RoaldBg. 
loa by the Lord Ckaaeellor 1b tbe man* 
yt*f, to tbe rectory of Searby «itb Owmby 
m 181 1 by the Dean and viapttr. 

At Clapbtn ComtMHi. a(cd JA, the Rffr. 
mtliam JfltkaitM, M.A. Rector of 91. 
Alaaiice, WincAealer. His body waa in. 
terrtd in ■ vault of bl« o«n ehtreh, atrf 
hi( ruDcra) waa attended by the Ven. Arab. 
deacon Hosre, by more than thirty clergy- 
men of the city and neigh bourbood, tlx of 
whoaa bore the pall, and by about ftfiy of 
the priodpel Inhabiianta. 

Alay^. At Newinglna, nifordahM, 
■pad 44, the Rer. JanrM EdieariU, Rhetor 
of Ibet pariah, to whkh be «>■« collated bf 
tbe Arcbbialiop of Canmhiiry In ISSO, 
NewiRflon tKJngjt a pecnliar of that aee. 

At Himley, Steffordaliin, ^ed U, tha 
Riv. irifJtemtfiMMvriM/VilaM, Roetor 
or lliat pariah. 

iVay .10. Agf4 SO, lb" Rev. CAarte 
Gvwer Bvjln, Rvcior of fioritoa with 
PeteraAeld, llaanpihtre, to whwh be wm 
collated io 1839 by the Biibop of Win. 
diMlor. Ilia funeral waa attended by IhM 
prtbte and by many of the nei;hbeitrta| 
^**tf* "* UMimony of their reipect Air 
bia pkiOB aenl and tmcmteaiatiAiw bene* 

At Midrai, (he Hev. William JamH 
Aer/brrf. M.\.Hil»t aonof the Hev. I>r. 
BarTonl. nf l'hi|n*en. 

titlf. At Laufliton rlearBge. laar 
GalMborovgh, atrd 41. thr Rer. NUhard 
j^lUmtom, U.A. for elorcn yeara Curate of 
that pariah. 

The Rer. W. fttyu, larambeat of 
Orafl(e and .\1ackamare. m. Antrim, 

The Re*. M. Crrm>lry. Prrpetosl Curate 
of tht mim of Great Conncl atid Lady 
Town, eo- Kiidnrr. 

In bt» 8l»th year, Ibr Rer. fAnr/rt Bger- 
/(m, of Kendal Loilf^-, Rppinf . 

The Rer. J. J'tlJknylon, Rector of 
Upper Laii^ld. eo. Tyrone. 

Tbe Rev. JamM OrxAom, M.A. ofTri. 
nlty college. Dahlia, Senior Curate of 
Londonderry Cathedral, and Sarrogaieof 
the dioi-eio- 

Jtmt U. At RinjTwood. nampihin, 
aetd 01. tbe Rer. Stmvtl Oenuv Vinet, 
Vii-ar of thnt pariah. He wwi formerly 
Fellow of Kin^a onllege, CambrfdM, 
wlMTfl be fraduatcd 8.A. iSMj M.A. 
1847 i and he wai prtaeuted to lUofWOoil 
Ij tiM MCietf ill t»27. 




LasmOM AND tT» rteiMtTT. 

Jfrit U. AkkI 75. Mr. Jobn Ho^' 
J«Mn Often, flf PHkhKB, fiuher of tbc 
blB Mr. WUIiui Gne*e (at dborn ■ me- 
noir «U five* ia onr reb. aumbor, p- 
SIO), sad of Mr. TboiBU Orieve. tbe mI- 
wtnbfe «Mne-p«iBten, and binMdf a tcu* 
raa io tb« ^nnc «rt. He iliod of «po]i1eij 
vben rctumiiif booKwanb froni hk w«'t 

JCu I&. K$td 4T. Robert Folait, M.D. 
laU or Um BanfBl Ertahlutuntnl. 

ifcytt. At Upp» MonUKW-«t. iU*- 
tal]>«q. agtd 7£. Bdwird Vani, f*^. 

Jbgi ST. In Laaidnn, kgej 6>^t Janw 
Bntxmi, c«q. orTflt-il'pUcr, Kent. 

ifayM. At Carl«C4>Q temu-e, «|tH 72, 
JoM^hPHAJcnon, «»q. mmj yt^n u atnU 
nent nmteAl in tb« E«jt InduMid CtuflK 

Amt 7. tn Sttrrer it. fitfant, aged C4, 
Richard CowUihiw Sale. eaq. for rony.twD 
f tofeotpr h> Uie Gtaud J itnction C«t>«l 

/Mtf tZ. In Barton>creitccnt, agti £5. 
I^lttr Shntw, «mi. fnnncrly of Cork. 

Aw 13. In l>Drtnaa-tL Oxfixd-at. 
■MdSI, Capt. CharlraR. Dk^w, ottbc 
ftlfil Aft. aOB of Licnt-Gm. Sir S. T. 
DUvMa. of Copdock Uooac. at»r Ipt- 


Jtawll. la Xev-y. Spring Gardcni. 
ifli l£, tW Hon. JaniF* Ucar7 LaimocA 
8«ri«tt, jvnngm wo of Ijsrd .\bu)f(cr. 

At Ctiaaar-ptocc. ICeDaivtoii, agtd fi4, 
itkm Willk. Mf . (Off eoa, alur ■ Toiduieo 
of fairtj yan in that ndshboortuXNL 

BH«or-SnMa,nifaaf Artbar Ka(uing> 
mm.mi«l GlMOMter [toad, Hrdti Park 
tedm. Mid only dau. oF Ut« HcT. F. Bca- 
Md. JVD- of PrnnlcT Hill. Devoa. 

Am 16. Ait«1^0<»r. U'i'luun Cum. 
IM. of Priat«r'i-pL fiumoiKWr (nepbow 
i/lte blc Adn. Gnmiiif). 

Aji4 9. R»chard Ferdinand Cox, nq. 

AtWriHBftflB-ttrrsc*. St.Jfiha'i-waod, 
•■■d M Oaont Moidoo. cai). 

Jlia* IT. In l.o««r GnMnenor-atmt. 
agid M. JaiDBa Alexander AttircM>d. mq- 
yemfcat mw of tke laU Jainu Atnraod, 
aa. oT ContftcacH. Sufoid^irv. 

la ff Jioti -c ' rmemn t, at the liouM of her 
Ha-m.lav II. W. BuU. n>i|. v«d B3. Mn. 
Charbxta &«ate. 

Ami 17, £nuM. irifa oC Jobo CoUeU. 

J«i« Id. At th« EluM, ATenoe-road, 
RaftW** Park.agvd IB, A(iMa-Hcrbertiiia. 

Harbcrt Uanofitoa, eeq. 

Jmw l». Mr. T. Siaith, pumuJur. 
M* AHch Bolbois, frgn abacc«, oawd 

b^ K nWBd received in kb b*ek fnxn t 
putol ball lired at bim bj tbe Hoa. Mr. 
Tmicbet, JbIji 6, |Mi, who vaa tried for 
the net, and acqoitud, on the groind of 

tn Carenduh.A^. Mn. SptUer, widow of 
J. SplUn, eai). of tbe Lepcjr DrpartawH, 
SonwriBt Uovto. and tbe tiM dan. of the 
late Mr. WllUan Abbott, of Kirbj Cue, 

In Duk«-M, Portlaod-pl. S. B. Morri- 

At her bratber's, Blandford.«q. ^dTS, 
Sanh Rii'^rdHin, Ut«of CUl^unaUw. 

JuHt 20. At Claphaa ComNn, w^ 
6S, Maria, hbomA daa. of tko late John 
Scy>(t Uliitinr, nq. of EpMn, Surn. 

A«kI 7t;,ElUBbotl),<<ri(eofItoKarnKta, 
0C). uf Nijbtingnle-lane, CUphlun Cob* 

Jmu 21. At Norfi]tt<reic. Hyde Park. 
>f«d 17. JaiDes-l.«unadm, icooDd mu of 
Mnior H. B. Heodcrtoti. 

Aged a4, WiUiara Watermaa, oeq. mIi- 
citor, of EucK-at. SlrmnO. 

Acedi4,4ae,wUeD( lieot. £irW. A*. 
Miuigate. Bart. K.N. 

Jutu ?2. In Sorrrr-it. lilriDd. aged 
3S. Miitilila-FrftaoM, oolr dan. of thelaCe 
Ttaonu Bmoo, aaq. of Notttng llill. Ken* 


In Upper Berkdey-M. Weal. Hjde 
Park-aq. aged 7 i, Leab. vidow of ThoiMi 
BoUaan, ea^., cf Calcutta. 

Marj. wife of T^taa* Ucnrjt Cooper, 
0»q. and daa. uf ttw Ute JohB LaBKO, 
eaq. AldmnaiL. 

In Laadoa, aged GG, TTinaine Qcoq^ 
Bnckc, rut. tanaetij at Wtwtl^tofi and 
Barton Milli. 

In Brampton, Henry Gardner, caq. 
maoT ycuv hrri Reohier of Cuitonuja 
lb* LoBg.roaai, LcndoD. 

At Blackhoalb. EUxahrth, tecend dai. 
of tha late Robert Ltt^h. nq. Ucmhcr in 
Council of the Itlaud of St. Hdnw- 

Jmtf 24. Ag«d 39, Ceorge Guaott, 
eaq. of the Inoer Teanpla, faarTiacer.K< 
law. He «M called Io tbebar Nor. M, 

/nnr 2fi. By being throwD froBS Ua 
borae m Pinlieo. Cowu Cbarlea ie Salii, 
C^aptain of the Scota Puailicr Guards. 
Hit body •»• inten-Ml in the faaiily vault 
at Uarliiigtao. Middlesn. 

Aged 49. Henry ConpbeU. eaq. W* of 
the 9Zd HwfalaadBra, accond MM <tf iha 
late Mqjoc ChaHca ColJD CaaptwU. 

^ane 2d. In Haker-»t. agod Si, Mar* 
garcl, widow of John Fergnaion, caq. of 
Doonholm, Ayr, anil fonnerlyufCaJcntla. 

At ClaptOD. aged 6*. Goorge Lamltte, 

la North A» Margarat, wUt of 
Ww. Pwkar UaMDdt m%, of HasfWord 



Hill, CwnbridcnbiK. She WM Uw d*U. 
•f Jolin Maling. mi). of tbn Rnnpt, Dor. 
Imib. <*m nuricd tiru u> Rnbtn Nidiol- 
■on of Kradkr, anil MXODiUy U Mr. 
Parkrr lUmiMid. 

lit Krauitaa-tft. Lambeth, a^Ml !S, Mr. 
^'illiuD Dryden, ci«il vniintvr. 

At Sou(b l^amlMlh. serd 71. Mri. 
11«tul. willow uf n'illinm l)««d, rvq. of 
Dnflon. N'onh«mp(onsLifr, and Watigh- 
ton, Dnc-Le. 

halelg. — Siiddt-iily, Mr. AiiibrAie 
Mumpbrjr*, Urimif Chainn«n af ibe 
Onat WMtrra Rniloar ^''^K'l'anr. W|i()e 
It diimer. he roinpluncd of iUnri*. ic 
timl en the lerk in ihe dinin|i-rooni, ind 
«■)> • corpM IB a fern minulra. 

In Lvodoa, Capl. RlcUsrd Barrow, of 
Cbeltanham, (aiher of tbn CnubloMi B. 

Jafy I. A^rd &S, Caroline, wifw uf 
LieaL-Col, Fereba. B«t<k>>1 Artillery. 

At lb« rciliienrc of her ancle, fit. 
Jotin'i Woot). nip'd 16, Julia- Agnci- 
Mary. dau. ofTliociiA* Nolxn. n<|. 

At Sprin^flrUl I.oil^r. Wiindkiiarth-rd. 
^•d 4!), W. ttohi^rto. of Lubon. 

Mjf 'i. At BroinploD, Kliiabetb, 
wUffw orThoDku Pajlcr, fw). 

At WMtboumo UiN>v«:, Baj'twntcr. 
CharlM.Wrar^ ('Irrk, rM|. *k<*>1 ^-^- 

At Krofiiii|lon Palare. v^vA ' i, Jrnil- 
liia.C>ralin(^, dau. of (hi- late Llcitl.-Ocii, 
Wyiiynrd, Cul. oflW JOth Rr^. of Foul. 

Al Kriimintftnn. njtrilT^, Mra. NamtJTtb. 

Jtttfl S. Ill l.(ii>il>-ri, C«|>taiii TlHnna* 
l>on|«ortb Uiunr^. lilc of tlic Km^'* 
Draftooitftuarl!). fKirecohtll. Ktng'«<'o. 

Jaai«a Hqahntll. pm[. uf nowrr.U. and 
Color ^illa, Rradini. 

Jtilg \, ]o dirtter.trrr. Rricrnt't I'atV , 
DellcU, <ni]o«r of the Rev. J*i. R/jbiunuu 
Hijwooil, R««tor of llanMtakam. KpoI. 

tkftA 84, StoTCDt Drnelajr ToUoa, 
Mq. barriiUv, of LlaeiUD'* Inn, tnit 
of tW Ilia StqilwDt Totlun, rai). of 
Totton, in Hampthlr*. He waa Pw. 
Ibnnotarr to tbp Cuart at Madraa 30 
arara. liif:M}' citimned (ti«r« fnt hif know. 
Iwlga of Ihi! law, and Maatcr of ibo Mala* 
bar aod lii otlirr Uncufn. 

InLyoQ-lrrr. Edxc«ar«-toa4, aftd Gfl, 
Thoma* Prothcroe, e>i). 

Ai laUnfton. aitad 37,1k1r. lltnrfKcjr, 
third M>n of the law Saniud Kay. eaq. uf 
Wairr Fulford. near York. 

In R'-K*'°^'i'- Janc-Snaanaa, ;onn|c)it 
dau. ofibr Rcv.ThonafClo^ea.of llan- 
bury-ball, Wori^iiC«r*birv, 

In St. Jame***. ^ti M. 
Elinbath, jonnit«at dau. of the Lata Joha 
Ewtrt. tv\. of Bnmpioa, CunibrrUnd. 

fyly i. At Kenaingion, ai;ed 8$,Tboi. 
Bcaamcnt. tu\. Ulc of TorrtOitt,!)!.**]. 

jHlfi. Al CUpbam*coataioiit ia lui 

Srd jTMr, Henry Pclham HaBiphcry, 
niuth ion ol Jnbn Hvnplwry, oaq. M.P. 

.\t Clinrv)i-et. Paddinfton •;!«». nK«tl 
)i>. Ccorffr I'ir^'t llown, cm|. 43 yt>an 
of (be Adj,.(>r(i's. ottfr, llontc liuardi. 

Al SaM«i (ixrd^ix, agt^d 70, Geor(« 
Knigbl, eai|, of FoFlrr-Unc. 

Juljt 1. Eliia, wife of John Hooper, 
CM. and dau uf Mn. Gnlton, fTevktme. 

Id 8oulh-ti. Pin>burv-«q Ollda. «Lfo 
of Jonah Nmhan, tu\. of thr ftnu of 
Tboraa* Oir In Ruf mid Co. 

At Myddlei<in.«q. Mary-Rmina, aldow 
of Privr Lm, w|. bte Britlab Comal at 

At hirr »an'* boiur. Fleet. at. aged .48, 
Rather, widow of Kobtrt Laurir, rv^. ot 
Brotboume. HrrU. 

Aged IT. Rcub«n Penfold Chappel, 
jnutignl ton of Ihr Ule RU-hard Kttne. 
tM\. of Cambridgt-it. Hydr faik.itq. 

Jnly i}. M Hanpoiead, a^'^d 69, 
Rkliard Crookea, aq, Inie of Banulajr, 

Julf 11. Al Pntncy, ngci 66. Jane, 
wifi' of llrnry buig. ««). of Moota|u- 

Jntf 13. Al !$ian)fur<] Hill, aged 90, 
EroMt-Adolphos. jrounsnt tooof tlwbtt 
KcT. Dr. Schvnbe. 

July U. Id llrmard-al. in Ua Tlal 
year. William MofKaa. nq. fonneirly of 
Colni>f Hatch. 

Jtily IS. Al Putney, in hU SOlb year. 
Rirliard. Matthew, ion of Mallhow U>|. 
lelt. F«|. 

llHKKa.~AN' ^1. At Ma£kneT,i»ar 
WalliilKrord. affed b'3, William Cowtti, 
rw|. latr of na>it Kttiidrtd, Ocriti. 

l^tflf/. At L<DEford,a^ tl.Mify- 
Anne, wifruf Mr. [.anrrlfll Mym, and 
eldealdou. oftlM! late Juhu Tuck well, cac|. 
of Eaiilrarb. ro. Gloueeaier. 

Julu 6. Al LaurH Cottage, SBDning> 
kilt. Kliin, wife of Charlea Clenwnl 
Bniokr, r*n, latit of 4lh Dnfoua Ouarda. 

July 17. Al tbc rectory, E*tl IWey, 
Uiry, wife of liir R«v. Tbomai l.ovcday. 

BtTCKi.— •/(M«H. AlCAlMhill llouK, 
near Amaiabam. ancd 69. Major Janaa 
Eylrt, of the Hob. B. I. Co.'t Kemioe. 

Jmu 18. At Echam Green, Webwn, 
Bgcdti7. Witlinm VtKf- t*n, 

Jnl\f i. Mamartt.HcnrieltM, wlla of 
tbe Rqv. Tbontu Fry.Rei:ior of EmbenoD. 

Cauunidcf. — Jvaf 2.'f. At Great 
Shelford. aged 63, Mr. Eltiol 3dacro 
Smith, an cmineiii aactLDaeer hi Cwa- 

Laltlf. At Newmarkot, iRed SI, 
Wmiap) Wealhwby, t*t\- for altty year* 
mkeholdcr nt NrwniBrkoL Althovnh be 
nrithrr KSTc nor took a receipt for iiiket, 
and bad frequently upnarda of 30.0UU/. 
ill hb pufseiuvii at o«« time, ytt no error 



hit Metnnb, nor b all his 
MtiHiiN mmof tnauetiMU wh wi tton 

/d^ 1. At SnttoD, Ula of Blj, Am, 
nikl of JmIiiu Vipio, uq. 

CkunmB.— J>M U. Uvnrj liUl. 
•M.M«arSt. Petrnfaarg, ■□■! AibficU 

JimaSn. In 11«iniIlAn-«(). Vondjiile, 
■ g p j t)<), Lewi* PtBiikltn, mj. 

CoKMWAu.. / i—f9. AiUwvkariMt 
Bodula, apd 13. W(ilUii«tan-0'Rci%< 
SeMt, mwEicMt Ma of tbe kM Ueat. 

/■wSS. AtfiodMb, «(c«137.LrtUa, 
yomgMC du. of Ae late Thomu Wiltan, 
«M. of Bducton, Wiks. 

DsKST. — ' JWy 16. At A*hlwuni«, 
ag«d iS, Tluaus Anctt. nq. 

PuraO. Jtoi' 13. AtExnuDttcr, aged 
79, Onacl Artbur, no. Ute of Exeter. 

JiMw IS. At Beinoii, TotMi. •ced 
&e. MOUuB Adm W«Mtard, tHi. ol 

Am1£. AtTomay.Medfll.Mirr- 
A^H, wift of Wn. Tnraer tUjinunl, oiq, 

y«M22. AtL]mub>ne,ageil27.M«riB- 
Aoat, wifc of Ibe Rev. Jatom Hwdvioka 
Djrw, Vwu of Omt WalUuuu, Emci. 

AI PljmfVm. iHd 45, Adm Duko. 
«tt of TheuM Pock, («}. Biul iburiiter of 
IW lUm lUv. Dnfce Yoor«, V|c«r of Com. 

Am SS. At Hatlej-, Marr-DielnoB, 
dn. ef Joba Dtckaoo Lock, ew). Aulo-de. 
OMp to tlw kta Kfatf of Oode, nwl xrud- 
^•.of HhImc JoMi Loob.eaq. of PD(t< 
lMid>«]«>m, Pljuoutti. 

An* H- At the tmiiknec of lior 
tm^tm, Crvydv, icBd 95, Rcbnet. nliet 
rf tt e hie wd mothBT of ths nrtMat 
WQUan Witnn, tan, of Bttrnboa^ co. of 
Kubuiih, N.B. ana of BriMol. 

Jmu W. At AhihingtorB. noor Bnter, 
■^33, ABn^^BToliM, wifB of Jolm Ble- 

VffBOOO* 00^- 

>HK 29u At Torqwr, agad 17. Fn. 
pna-Teop, jotBfnt aoo of T. Row*, 

At Bi«tar, FhoAf . faBct of tlw Irit 
«««. J. 8. Tma. 

Ultif, At TeifMoiMth, a|ed 9*. Oil. 
bcrt MttcbeU, Btq. For idok tfaMt half ■ 
•ntvrj be wm Mti*^ai|4o;«d alloat is 
thi K. I. CenpuT'i sonieo. 

At PlTKMMth, ^ti 74, R4>bt. Fortewm, 

Al Pl;not«b. a^ £7. John GnlUe, 
■q, a dnef nuf^insla «C tbe ialaiul of 

Mft. AlFtnBO«th,atlhtratfaaMof 
kv oWle. Dr. CMkworthjr, ^fii 19, Min 
Ja*( FUJip. 

ftlf*. At Ilular llomlial, aRtNl 18, 
inbu Knca. Aaaiataoi MmMT of H. 

6uit.Ma«, Voi.,A&LY. 

M.S. Rod]H7, ndcUutflDaoftteKeft 
jAba ftamn, R«H»r of Mnmford, Norf. 

AJ«S. AIToniuy, agoJ &C, Ellu. 
bvtfa-Mary, nliot of tfat Rev. Goorge 
Ford Oaito, iMe RHtar of TbonitoD 

/m/jt 6. At StoMbmM, (fed 19, 
Hmrf, enl* aoa of tbe lata Rev. UaniT 
Trimmeri Rector of CAi^iolixod, met 
Dmblia, and great-gmdaoa of Hn. Tlte- 
mer ibe aatbonae. 

/aJy 9. Agad 3$. Aniadd-PbUip, 
aldnt aon of the bAc tlMiBBa Ha|^, c«q. 
of ('mditoit. 

/•liy 15. At StoP^ooM, Saanael Mal> 
lock, late Capt. R. M. 

DoasR.— ,hM« 18. At Foole, aged 
i*3, dtttrgo KrRi{i, eaq. for tamaj jeara 
oou of the prina]>al tDcrchants in the 
Newfoiuidlaad trailr in that {wrt. 

Jnty 6. At Dorcbntirr, agnl 69, 
Cbirlw Strtekhnt. wq. bw IiB«t.-Co- 
loid of the &9a B«c. of RmC, and m. 
■dor BQBgiitnte aid -"r™— ■ of tbe bo> 

Jyfy 7. At Ilmfaatar, ac"> S9> iohn 
Whitf. esq. of C|i CFnie Booae, Oonet. 

Uckbam^-Zhm 24. At Seaham, 
LiiaU Dansfrteld, of the Coast Guanl. 
lie went to hitbe, ad wm nCartanaielr 

Eaexx.-VMwlT. At Ronfori, Ro- 
bert, Mcond aoii of licQt.'CoL Feed, C3. 
late ofthc lit Gnanh. 

/mm 23. At Ttah Hall, lUbrd, ^wl 
67, Sarah, wife nf Ree* Price, M.D. and 
dm. ai the 1M« John Jaoob, am- of Ere. 

/mm 24. AI Marytaad Point. Weet 
Ham, ai^ed 45, Iklory-Ann, wiilow of 'tlio- 
taaa Riunbnll, »q. 

Jmfy 1. At her fatber'abonae, Lertoo, 
a^ IT, Maria, third dan. of Stephen 
Wildmui C'sltlF^, aa^. 

JoJy 3. Afcd 75, Prederick Kama, 
Mt]. of Kt. n*^ Prtofj, Coldteater. 

Juif i. At \Mn|M.cTaH, Watthamitov, 
ai^ b3, George A«guftui Brown, esq. of 

Juivl. At Wit iM^gt, in bii 74th 
year, laaac Everclt, cat). 

Jmty 9, At Eaai Ham Uo«m, aged 69, 
Uenry King, ent. 

Gi.Ofca»Ta». / —a 94. At Cordci. 
riea tloua, Cbalfbrd, aged 57, Mm Re- 
becca Badi. ulaf of the late Jaeob Batb, 
(■JB|. oF CLaUonl, ronncrty aurjteOD in tbe 
66tb Rett, ead Deputy foipector of Boe- 

/njy 3. At the Imprrial llolel, Cbcl- 
tenban, «Md 4*^ M^or nurtea Johaaoa, 
3d R««t. Bombn Nat. Inf. 

JuJy 8. At Newent, a|Td 70, Va^ 
relict uf Robert Skepard, eaq. 

J«ly9. AtBantMWto.aied«,IIarriel; 
nlKtofTboBMlQiinagM, Mq, U IteO' 
i £ 




'' Surrry, .She vu %ht 4th (Uu. 
of Sir Hearj PejWa. of Dad^afbm, But. 
by FMuce*, t\M*t lUagbter at Sir John 
RvDf. Bin. and »i>ter ui Jobn Ul Earl 
of StTtidbmlte. She wm narrLed U> Mr. 
Kui;iirote in Oct, 1794, tiMllrftbU vidaw 
la IHII, iiavinK hwl iMw the prexcnl 
Tlonua ElRir>' KimrKOte, n<\. of Kb|t>> 
coir, who nicfttded bi« uncte in 1^40, 
Uim other wiiu ■ml Ihrtv i)a>iglil<T», one 
of vkoiu U IMj Kfnnswar. 

Lately. Sclina, wife of the Rev. Tho. 
HIM Smith, Vieitr ot Chippinc Sodbory. 
lekvinK a nuinctuu* fkinily. 

Ae Latimer ilouat, Yatc, aged '3, Jobn 
Godwin, imq. 

At Clwltrohain, Kdn, Humphrrrllrown, 
oa^. foniwrly aa inhabitant of T«wlu«- 

Ac Chcltenliam, agrd 6i, Georfe Jnly, 

Ilionat Gardoer, Mq. tolicitor, of CSinu. 

Haht!I. — Jmr.'>. At lUhtn Abbat's, 
nenr WiDck»tri, Clinrlotte, tbinl dia. of 
the RcT. GrotgD Jarrii, Vinr of TvUidk- 
ton, Norfolk. 

Juat 20. At Hnrable, new Sottthantp- 
ton. ac«d 3C, A1ciaiid«r RItckta. caq. lata 
of Mancfaaier>b*nldiiifs. Wottaiiiiitar. 

Jmt* 31. At Abbat'a-Ana, new Aadn- 
var, s|ad 74, Sarab, widow of Gcoriie 
liionipaoa. eRi|. 

Jnw€ i2. At Wcit CowBi, aged 83. 
Carolitiir, wife of the Ker. S. Kildrtbc<?. 
and dsn. of thi^ late ^atniiel Hntaej, isq. 

At HpurjDavinnii'i. raq, MIttiruvk, near 
SoutbaraplOB, agvd 20, Sfhoa-Emuia, 
onljr dau. of Capt. CunUflir (Iwcn. K.N. 

Jtm* '23. Al ShrclM>rn« IViorv, noar 
Basinptoke, vti iO, Fnncii-Rtusell, 
eldeit and oalj lurriiinc soa of WiUlann 
kpittrtt. caq. of Goldinga. 

Jwf m. AC Monrr-a Warthy, Wis- 
dKMcr. u M adraDveJ ace. Mn. HaTtea, 
the nother of Lady Riren. 

Xofe/v. Ac Sr. Cro»«, ncai WindMiter, 
Wm. Ctarcher, *>«[. 

/uJy3. At Crofton lloiue, agtd £!, 
Frederick Naghtcn, eM^. B.A. Si-boW of 
Corpus Chriili l.'otli:|(c, Oiford; fiflb koo 
of tlia late Thoniu NafliUii, c&q. He 
w»a deoted on the foiunlatiuii for the 
cmutj of Usnta. and wai pU(;cd in the 
•ecood clau m Liltri* ifmttamioribu* at 
ihe cuniiMtiaa. Michaeliuaa, 1812. 

jHf^lO. AtSoiithaaa,af(dG3,Williaiu 
Aifafotd. ctt|. 

July l&. At Tit<-hA<ld, aired 76, tba 
widow »r Ricliarct William Mluln|,eaq. 

JulyiD. Al llayUasl>)B»l.EliMb«th. 
Anne, roun^t dau. of the tate Rev. 
Joka Jenkyiu, B.C.L. Prrboaduy of 
Welic. and niter of ilie Vf.ry lUr. the 
Muter of Bdliol Colk|e, Oiford. 

Uesximiid.— JuJie 21. At Bramptoa 
i\bW>, aged i4, Sopbia-Mar^etta, wife 
of (he Kov. Rnbcit Strcm^. Stir waanrcat. 
uicce aiid coheir of Gutenior Draki-, of 
Madraii and wan related to the nobI« 
Immim of Heathfield and f^ltM. Her 
fathn, thn late Mr. Scvttitary Bean, waa 
desMtodrd from the andMl fhmll; of 
Grant, ut Gnui Cutle, now Earl of Sea- 

J>/«/y. At Hereford, Mary, relifll of 
Ji>bn King, esq. of Stroud, Oloacenerah. 

Ili^n.— /mh*. f&. At Harpndon, 
the wile of William Henry Whlthratd, 
F»i). of SouUilU. Bedi. 

At WiUian, ajfed M, John Sworder, eaq- 

Jumt 29, At Uarkway, aged 68, An- 
tbony Jackaun, eaq. 

Jwlg 2. A(ed SI. £<lwKd, third aon 
flfthfl Rer. J. W. Bute, Vicar of Ktii{'s 

Jufy 4. At Bamet, Louita, wife of 
Tbomaa G. Bunt. ea<|. of BHilol. 

/iriy li>. SopbU, wife of R. B. Wtl- 
kina, ea^. of Awjwoll.and, Wair. 

Julu U. At Stevrnair, Geo. Cooper, 

KitMT.~^4pri/ I. At Walmer, Danial 
Spanbott, eaq. Paymaeter aad Puver 
R.N. (1B08). 

April i\. At tht kon>«^ of hi* mottrr, 
on Wpolwirh Cnnininn, Halph WtUam 
Spcaman, eiq. aitth ton of tlie bt< Drl. 
gadr-Major Spearman, of the R. Art. 

Juitf VJ. Althe vlcangc, Chart Sut. 
Ion, the Nildntce of her aon, mgrd 7i, 
Eliiabffth, nlict of Walter VnuKtian, M,D. 
late of Roohevtcr. 

/•OK 24. At the home of hb fatlter. 
Maihag, aged 43, Frederick Lofek, eaq. 
lau of BUckheath. 

June 9^. At llytlie. aged Gil, Hannah, 
wife of James Wotta, eao. 

Jmnt 20. At Taabrldte Weill, need 
W. duTlattc-IIarriet, eldr»l dan. of Col. 
WaltoA, of the Colditreain (itiatdi. 

July 'I. At lljthc, Bfcd G7, James 
Watct, tv(. He comnwDced bia buiiBoa 
ramr without the pecnniary advantagea 
many arounil him cojcyod, Inil, bleat by an 
acuta ditreramrnt, and uacoiin^ aati. 
dttlty. aucecM utsoded hla tlhtti ; be ac- 
quired ■ htndwBU imperty, and a uame 
of ioeatimabic ealiir, that of" an honeat 
man." Ho hai l>em fur Ihrce conaeow- 
ttre yean elected chief iiiafi*trai« of 
native town. 

July i. A I Tuiibrld«e Wclla, afed _ 
Charlea BiU Wallace, eaq. of HilUhi, 
Nora Scotia. 

JuVji 7. At Dariford, Mr. CleoMoU, 
late a partner in the citcnfi*e Ar*> of 
Meiars. G, Bouafltld and Co., woollen 
wirebonaemen, OraLxcbnrcli-ic, Hecoin- 
oiGMd mieide by t^txiai hu tbrwt. 

«•- I 




JlUg A. Al liBfftU, «g«d ii, Aadrew 
JaaN Pmvr, stq. ytniTigm ion of Uie 
!•(• CoL Sir Aufiutut Praxcr, K.C.6.. 
Roytl Horu Art. 

At lUiMC&tt-. tgtd E4, -Sarab, nlict of 
Peter Dlion. e»q. Ule of Ktnmuigtoo. 

/■/y 12. At CuitcrbuT'. ). Lugnad, 

Vojt ?4. At Lirnpnul, ind 32, Georxr 
EdaHodSmiib.B.A. i;ie4^>tirSl. I'etcr'a 
CoQc««, C&nbridse. 

La>ca<-ti&.— yvMf 24. At Ldtiivl 
Moust. Airb^rth, Dor Liverpool, aged 
a, Vnatek, Max inmrins mo of the 
lUe ArchltwUd Muwdl, e«q. of Kclton, 
Kirlcnxlb rightihirc . 

Lmlrty. At Nrw Drtgtitou, Mar LiTer- 
pool, afcd 52, Caiid WiHtaaa Clajr, eni. 

•/lUv 1, At his rMideocr, K«nnartan 
Heuw, near Livcr^>oot, aged £7, J. Todd 
Navkr, Mq. 

Mr 21. At Mmduater, aged 40, Mr. 
Batler, maediaii. He «ai cngojced in d«- 
ttMrii^ at Manchntrr a oour«« o( leetum 
on tbe plaja of Sb«Iu|>«re. 

L«icsflniji. — June IT. At Leicnter, 
a^ed 64, JobB Lawton, «aq. 

LtMOOLX.— Aeu 28. Aon, widow of 
Georfc Wliui, esq. of Nontimibf. 

MlDDLKaKK.— /aor IT. Al Great 
£>]»{. ic*^ 10, Marr-Anu, relict oT 
J«B«a Lmwmii, esq. of Nonrood, Sor- 

Jvkt 21. Thoina* Wbicldon, (^.'of 
tbe Iffnet, near StaonKiiv. 

NoRroLR. — June 13. At the netorjr. 
Little EI]iD{lum,a|Ml t4. Louisa, youngeat 
daa. of the late Dotcr Colby, rat), or 
Gmt Yarmoath. 

JwuU. At Kimberkv, the Right Hon. 
ChartoUe* Laura Lad; Wodeluoeae. She 
waa the ooly dio- aoiI bni«M «f John 
yonii.Fcq. of Witlon Park, hj Cbariotte, 
(nirth dag. of tbr Hon. luul Ycnr Rer. 
Edw. Towmlieiut. Ueao of Norwich ; wu 
anvM ia 17K and b» left a numerous 

Am 37. At 6orh:«lon, agnlTO, llcary 
Coote, fmL, for upwaidB of thirty year* 
■ reddent of the liliwd uf Jamaica. 

UMjf. Near Nonru-lt. i^ed 24, Maria, 
^n. of MajoT'Cini. }>tr Robert Marrcy. 

NoaniAHnuN.— .Jm»27. At Nortb- 
asfiten, *tt\\ SO, Annie, eldeat dm. of ibe 
In* WiUiam Ma^inn, e«q. LL.D. 

KoTTs.— Jwic 28. At NottiDKllUn, 
agedM, Boir, ralict of AiitoineTiodiL-t, 
aa. nf NottiBgbAjn. 

mroiA.— t/vtif I", .Vt Tacklry 
netqry, oaar Woo<i*t<ic-k, iiged nine 
■antba.EUenBlary, only daa. of the Rct. 

£«M|r. At Oxford, Mr. Tboit. Sheard, 
I UfUy tmtetabli: tnuiomna. lie com- 
pritM ficHa I17 ihroniDg tiiniKir froio a 

window three aioriea high. Ue bad aereed 
the olKce of iboiiff of the town, and wa* 
biRhly eaicemed, bol bin aflain bad become 
anbarrasMd and wffecied hit rniod. 

Hxvop.—Juiy I. At Ludlow, aged 4&. 
WlUtaiu Dowae*, ci<), for many yean 
oorooer of tbe county. 

SowKURT.— /aw U, At Batb, aged 
SI, iloberl UerMey, eaq. of Spclchlej 
Park. WomMenliire. He wai the aou of 
Jobi Berkeley, oM. by bla flrat wife Ca- 
tliariiw. daa. uf Charlca BotleDhnnit of 
Kotberwu, ro. Hereford, fwq. He lac- 
ceeded hia twde Robert in leOl; ail 
mamcd, in IT9'i, A|ipolLonia, third dan. 
i>f Richard Lee, c*(|. of Llanfoiil. co. 
Houinoath, by wham he hns left an only 
■00, of hia own name. Mn. Berkley 
dird in 1M06. 

At Bath, aged 7^, Eleanor, rdiL-t of 
Cbarlee Tbomu Sharpe, etq. late of 

Jmme 18. At StaplcRtove, Maria, relict 
uf John Whitmaih, ew). 

At Badt, BgedM, Mrs. Elizabeth MaioD, 
of Qneen'a ^uadc. 

Jr»v2?. Pniinj.Oau.of PeUTPry,ea(|. 
of CoDipton iloiiK, Aibridgc- 

Laitlji. A( Bath, at nn advnnced an, 
Uarthn Praier. rdirtof Richard LitchMd, 
eaq. Ul« of Great Toninicion. Dctoh. 

At Balb. Ellen, wife of Cajit. Peter La 
Touche, of tbcll.C.S.aiMt Brigade Major 
at Nbsxcnbed. 

At Eilward'i ColIette< South Ceowy, 
Jane, relict of Rm-. Thos. Bowman, for- 
merly curate of Queddry. 

Near Taunton, J. K. Borro, »q. a de- 
rcendanl of the inal Dr. Sydenluai. 

Jmly i. At Clayhanevr, Combe St. Nl- 
irfaolu, the rekidence of bcr, 
W. B. Cox, eaq. agtd SO, Ann, rt:ltet of 
Jclin Dcaae, e»(. Sontli Chard. 

Jnlfi. At 'V\'eatoii.*(uper-MKre, aged 
7T,Ehzabe(h, relict i>f Mr. Tbomai Hooper, 
and eldcal dau. of the late He*. C- Uayiiei, 
Rector of Siston, GlouccateTabirc. 

JuJf 9. At KelMton KnoU, De«r Bath, 
aged 77, \MlliuB Tudor, c*q. 

Staffoso. — -July e. AccidentaUy 
drowned whilac bathing. Jobn Hyatt Har> 
vey, CXI. mayor of Walull, Mo had re* 
oently publinbed n volnxnc. entitled "Cit-fl 
Liberty and Expaaiion of latelleet, aa 
coDoeMd with Human Mappings," four 
lectum daliTweil at ll,r i'hikiMphical In- 
stitution of Waball. Ile«asapu|<ilof tho 
late Bishop Rutler. at Sbrewtbary. Hit 
funeral waa attended by the maxutrabat 
and body corporate, tngetbce with hi* (wo 
bodsf two of bii brother*, and J. Haney, 
cm. of Ulurton. hit uncle. 

Srrrui.K.— AfeySO. At Rarl Stonban,^ 
nged 79, EIU«beth, widow of John Hit^ 
Uww, tv[. gf iStQ&lMm, 




JtawB. At Iptatobtipd 81, Suak, 
ifDot of B. Swdi, aq. fcimwiy niBinut 

■wdic*! pnetkiaMr it "Winahm, Bmu. 

June IB. Al Cnttbf, mar Kttdkum 
Mwk«4, agvol 95. ni^y B. Baek. «k). 
for nuijr jcui an oiniaHit nuKMB it the 
lktt«r ]ilaoe. 

^Miu ItO. Al Butt ^^ K<l)niind'a, a^td 
T7. Annp, rtlkc or Jiwryh MnlklBt «aq. 

lito, (wi|. of Barrow Hall, an emiiMiit igrt- 

JiiiyU, AtlMrrrtidnM.St.MatUicw'a. 
Iptiricli, Kg«d7S.Sttrah.CaikanM,r«m|- 
ttt <Iau. of tba lalt Str Wm. iBMa, Bart, 
pf UdvmT. ScotUad. 

Jwlf 10. And U, LsiUa.81uuite, 
«lltal dm. d UM Rer. Ucorg« Sandbr, 
l^ar nf niitoB, Saffolk. 

SviuisT. — /ww 34. At Ihc Manor 
Hhh, Litlk Rookham. ag«d 74, Jahn 
Cbule* ()ir«r<li>l, vmi. 

/nni S9. Marjr, wifegf Iiaan biwrcncr, 
esq. 3IIl«bun-Knjca. 

>ajy '. At Ep«m, ^m1 U, Mr. John 
Raf. It apprand vpon as iA<|Mtt that 
•one jMra ago dwi aw d maim loto ikm- 
•aarioB of ninri* of 60,MIU. wUdt be 
lo«t m dte Stook Eicbu^^ and na Lal- 
tvrlr oompriM to Mm » Mgnly nbriiU 
raw b; kocptas a inall mAooI at BfMB. 
He died in miambU diiiraaa, kavfatg loat 
kU cmplopDRit bp drnalc«aiiMS. Hla 
death «a4 aliribvt«d tv diseaM of tbe 

Jufy la. At llfnham, WilUam.tUgv, 
■on of W. D. Hamabf . ea^ 

SvtNKx.— ^«w<f 17. At Brigktta. tlw 
Bi^ Boa. Maisarat CooatcM of Aiilta. 
Rar hdTnlilp waa conlnod willi t<alna on 
HomUj, and itiad so Um fclkmlK dijr. 
■m waa the onlr child vftiia Ula TnUiaB 
Bmca, e»n. of Covdn ; be<MiH tlte m- 
(und «ifr of dw B«il uf AJrUe in 1B»8, 
and bu Irft (bw diildna. 

At Hattinca. agad BO. Mary, iridetr of 
Uw RcT. GalurftBrd SUth, formrr); Fri- 
low of M^^an Ool^, Oxford. 

Junt 19. At Briibton, SHsabHlb weond 
daa. of tfas lata JomdU GaUlard, *«. o( 
Hanpteo, MMdiMBt. 

Jmti4. At Ra^aitn, Sanh, wife of 
George Dnuanumd, ««<). of Rcfvncy^ai}. 

JtMe 86. Aged 88, lltsry llMbnt, aaq. 
of WmI Hill L.O(lRr, lUstii^p, Uta of 
AbUigdoo.**, \f astBiiiiMcr. 

At Shm. agwl BB. Satab, wUeot Rlefa. 
Ard Hnttt. eaq. 

June Sfi. At HMtliiffB, aged M, Jaoaa 
Fiper, M<j. nlicitor, tUrd ami of TlManu 
fipar. aaq. of DcnmArk'lulI. Surriir. 

Ultttf, M fingbton, ag«d V>, J. GMrgc 

BnU, aaq. of 6ro*».h«sa«, OM Bronip* 

/a/y I . At St. Leaurd'*-uii-«a«, Lwy«^ 
Maria, tecond dau. of J. W. Shanr, aaq. 
of Leanlastao. 

At BrigUoa, afod 93, ThoDua-Ona 
PovU, fjiit meter of tbe dty of lioodan. 

July 4. At BtiKklos, isod IB, Martha, 
trUow of John Gi«baoi,«aq. lata of a%li-j 


At Neirick, aged ;d, CoL Charlca New* 
honae. late Bojal ArtUlefr. Ua oatend 
that OOtpa IB irsi, aened in 1703 at 
TonloD, aad ia 1 1 94 at Elba and Corsica; 
aAamtda aa Csfiafai U Bgjpt; and io 
imn uCoiMtthagen. 

At Oni«w«N4h, TbnkiUm. aged 72. 
Charlottr, wMo« of L^ka Uppvtaa, Mq. 

Jufy 6. At LindAdd, AuKwaU-Sank, 
dan. of R. B. Walker, uq. Tale of Cur- 
so>i-ii. Hayiair. 

Jflf 11. At WortUiv, aged 34, KIsik 
nor. Manr, daviJatar of iUthor Bdn, aaq. 
of WirabWdoQ, aoid atoea to ImAf BfvaKb> 
am. Sim waa dtowticd by tha ufaattug 
of a boal, la the rkv of her aiollwr. who 
■a« tbe auident from tbe beach. Mki 
B«Ing, anotbtr daiu of Mra. Bdan. by a 
tormmi huabaad, waa to the boal, faalwaa 
reseued. It la renarkable that Mr. Bar- 
log, the fonner hu*band o( Mn. Eden, 

A/y 12. At AahaartWood, BmI Oita- 
itsad, ag«l <>}, Edward Wardropor, aaq. 

Jmig i:i. At A*lul(f«a-parL, Anne KIU 
aabalh AdclaUI'i llrtiuikor, cliltst daugblcr 
of Ike late Rear- Admiral the Hon. Ua^ 
Jaeab BoinQier. 

Wab-wiok.— 7»« 16. Afl«lM,nQ- 
■wa Cooper Lakis, chi. of the CiawaBt, 

Jiim»2S. At lUnud. tuutr Ktratfurd* 
ott-Aran, agvd ;», Harriet, tt4tct of W, 
Uardiag. aaq . 

Jume 34. At Rugby, M»d 89, Mr. io. 
•epb Oay, anthor of aa U r d achuol worka. 

Aam SO. A.I Leanlagtoa, aged 79, 
John Tnaor, eaq. 

Jitif 9. Al BickMdiin -riMrage, Sofhia. 
•ceoad ■vrrltUig dsv. of tbe lU*. Carew 

Jmfy 9. At Birwkighaia, a«ad flO, 
Cbarlea Bradley, tsq.aonaf tkekte Joah. 
Bradlty, aaq. « Akhbonw. 

/ajy 13. Agtd 88, Tbotaaa HBttaa. 
r*q. nt llennrtt't Hill Cottace, near Bir^ 
tatBgbain, otdy ton of the late WPQan 
Uattoa. aatbor of the HUtory of BlTBlDf> 
baro Bod vahoai other worka. 

Vt'ni^.—jHmtl^. AtSi'irrPark.Lotdn. 
Elmbeth, wlh of the Rbt. Wadhani 
KaatehbiiU, of ChoUarlmi Lodge. Hsnla. 
8bf mi thi tlM dN. of WiUiuB Wyud. 




huk. «M> qF MdM, ws uarrietl ia 18S&, 
mrf lui Mt Imu. 

Am 27. At Pvntj, agwl TO, George 

taulg. Afl«d«5,Mui;snitwifeaf tke 
Rrr. H. m^Mek, Hector of Somcrfcrd 

At tka PHMuge, AUboarw, tured 73, 
StnkM Kntt, Mq. 
AJ^ 6. At P«Mr (cctorr, ^cd TO, 

hrt df «>4 dw UmkI of GoeniMf . 

VosnnM — Jm« «•. A^Bd £8, u 
the MiUttet of her jonagCMt am, tbc 
fUr. Oetovini Vmi, CoHm* Otmo, War. 
■Mttr, Rmtet, nUct of Mr. WOliBm Pui, 
foroerir of LoBdOD. 

Yo«ll. — Jmh W. At Barrowgatc, 
MarpJVt'Apm, vriJb of R. C Lippin. 
COR. Mq. of Over Conrt, GtoBCnttcvbtrt, 
Utal du. of Mr. Ser|MBt Lmdiow. 

Jmif 1. Agwl &S, J«ai«a Bnnra, bkj. 
of HhicUII* Grova, nov Ltcds. 

A^4. At YoriE, GMTgv Boyd, nq. 
ildot wa of the Utc WUUun Boyd, eaq. 
•r BiUbUI. I^anc 

Jalf B. At Bmlvrtaii Uooe. »^ 
3S, Gffkrge AUbb StuiiUnd. ca^ 

M 9. At BvlsMortb H«U. aged 70, 
J«iqph 8aott,nc). 

ArfylS. AtHollbjr, nan- York, ag«d 
10. Robot Smftluon, eaq. 

Waiu^ — /m»p 15. Aone, wife of the 
Re*. R. Julaon, Vicar of Al>er|ele, 
Monh WalM. 

Jw« as. At CottieU, OUaiofKaadkire, 
we4 18. hittA. third •on of Capt. Sir 
a«iniaT]4v, R.N. 

J«iy B. At the Frytli, ntat "Wrtxiiua, 
Mr*. TopptB^, widow of Jaiacs Tupping, 
■%. of Wkatcnrft Hull, Cbnhlre, lUog't 


X««aly. Aged 74, B«II Uoyd, e»|. 
biMlNr to Lord BiMtyn. He wai tlic 
■enri MB 0( Bon Uoyilr <en\- by Aim, 
dn. nd hdr «r Bimrd Prfse, of Bod- 
la^ «o. Maol go ia ar y. He avried hi 
ngS ttv Hon. Atuw Amon. Mmt to Ibe 
p^M S«] afLiirhftflU, and by that lady, 
«hft Aod Id 1S2X, be had « muHfwa iawa. 

Scon.jucn.^fW. SS. At Dnabiea, 
IMiahWli Haitfy, widow of Mr. Cinning. 
lMB,«v«aeer at DaUwiaton to the late 
P. HiUer, MO. aiul nothcr of the late 
AlUn Oaaxaa^jua, the ftxA tkad biogra- 

Umg le. At CoDtia, eo. Row, WnUam 
l^tdhwr, ea). BHHior of tkc exqinitelv 
AavU ad falhctie Scottoh baOao, 
" LiKT'a Ftttthi," and nriooa ooalribB* 
tiaaa to oataial Itutory aad genera) Me* 
ilkaN, haaUea behic paeaUariy Aatia. 
'for bis \fm% and oaafidaatial 
_ _ _ «ifh Sir Walter Scatt, it 

Mtf M. At IVaac, imt Glaapw, 
WilUara, youagcataon ai Andrew MoCuU 
Joel), t:»t^. 

Jim 19. At Porlo-BcUo, Dear Edia- 
bvntli, aifcd 4rF, £Icaaor-Hackay>Cun' 
ata fba m , r«Lct of Thaa»« Pitigtbbau, 
taa. of Fuller'* Court. BkltttuUit. CO. 

At Pttladrte Hobk. AberdeouUtv, 
Margaret, lafaat dta. of Thoiaaa Uorlodt 
BM(ard,jiui. CK|. uf CbaritoD ManhalJ, 

jMlf 3. At I>aU>l«ir Umua, Ayr, aged 
13, ChariM Hope (of Ragby Sebeol), 
eldeit aoa of the Lord Jwtioe Cktk of 

Jiitfyo. At Bacbory, ^fcd 88, Ifaa 
Hex. Dr. Moritou. for 5ti Tum Mlrlrtig 
of thai paruili, and prcvloiuij of tbeyaijlfa 
of Oyae. Soow yoara ago be bnlJt, at hit 
oim aipeaw, a btidge acraaa the Dee, at 
Baoebon, wtaidi eoat Bwre Ibao lAVH. 
At Portieth<«. ia Ui own paifak. ba 
boDt a lebool aad tAuMumMO, tad poe 
300/. towania the teachcr'R talary. 

Uklamd. — JforvA 23, At C«r«wi- 
w«o4, CO. Cork, K>d til, UIm Jabam 

jlfrit 19. Jane* Penroee, oa. of 
WoodfaUl. 00. Cork. 

Jimtil. At Panonatawn, the wife of 
the Hon. Ueary POwp, C^. in the 60tb 
Royal Rifle Corp*. 

Jmm 23. Maidend. io bt* gig. batnea 
Kilman aad CmndoMj, eo. C»«an« 
George Bell Booth, caq. of I>rviBcvbiii, 
a magialrate of the coanty. Be hea left 
a uridow aitd aU cbildnta, the eldaat aaC 
twelve yean old. Two of hia cfalldreti 
were in the gig with htm ; one of them had 
tU am broken oB being thrown out. aad li 
bioce (U-ad. 

^■Ni '.'3. At Ucadfort Uotuc, co. 
Mcatb. Mn. Q. Tuite Dalton, wife of Q. 
T.Tuit^ Daltou, csij. 

Jtuu'U. At StnkcMDfrn, RoaBDDiiwa* 
Catharine -WiLhrlmina, aeooiid daa. of ^te 
late Ctiorlm Peama, fwq. of Poamabroo^ 

JwKt Si. At Teatple Uonae. OoUui. 
the reaideoee of her father, CaL p iere e i a l, 
aged is, EUubeth, wife of the Bov. 
wm. N. Gutiuen, Sector of CoDooay, 

JMe -."J. At Wuodinie. our DaUin, 
Mary-Anna, eldixt dau. of Ueut.-Qmeral 
Sir Ho)iton StiatfonI Scott, K.C.B., and