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• *•• *■> 


JANUARY TO JUNE inclusivu, 



..- -.: .". ■. 

/:■...■ ' 






Mors than * century has elapsed since Swift declared, *' that, if 
book« Wtnl OTi inrrenKing as dtey did in his limr, it woidd be 
tmptwtiblr for iuijrone tn be learned/' But Swift KvctI 1ml to 
see tlie i^omiucnccmcnt of Uint cxtensnon of literature, which ha« 
since spread in proporttoiia he could not have aiili<;I|i;ited, and, 
GOnnectin^ itMlf both with education and reli^oi), has eiTected 
great changes in the dtmicfitia life and social atitte at the com- 
tdunity. That the ptipuicr iUeratHfe of tho present day h»» been' 
of public bene6t f«w would, we aupposc, be willing; to deny, for 
ita proper and natural tendency i> to «often the mannora, to refine 
the amtueineiita, to employ the ]ei&ur«, to alleviate the i^arev, 
ard to call, in a gteatfrr or lesn di'-gif-e, thr mi^ntal power* into 
artivitr. making, OK JnhnHuii aatd, '^Uie paul atid the fuLun- pre- 
duniiiiMie over the pre-^i^nt ■^' and nc niay hope thn^t \\\ future time 
it will penetrate Mill deeper into that cLims of K<>ciety which hat 
m>l yet received its bi!titfit», nor perhaps heard uf its exUtciicc. 
But it must be recollected that, while wc arc pving tHi» just pnuie 
to tlMse ivho are amoothini; tho di^cultioa of eutetioe, and facili- 
tating the progress of the itfnorant on the rond of kuowlcdije, 
this popular literature will depend for its intrinsic value und usc- 
MntsA on worloi of a higher cIeuik uid more original constructioii, 
from which it must be taken ; thnt fliow who write for the learned 
are h1«o furnixliing thr brist t-h-m(<ni3 of inHtrurtinn for the ignorant, 
and tliAt it is fruni the mo»t profouttil arivl etahonite pruduetionft 
of talent Olid rmditiiin that the mast picajiing and popular eaKayi 
are compiled. But he who is no^bitioua cit^icr iif mnking di»- 
eoverien in aeicnee, or even ticijumnting himself correcily with tlie 
ftchioremcntfl of others in the field of literature and art, must con- 
fine bU inquirica within tlioae limita which arc suited to the 
bounded capadties of our nature. VirRil's advice hiilds true of 
literature a« of tlie art he wan inculcating, "Laudato ingentia 
rurs, eriguum coUto.'^ He who would reud to advantage muat 
read witJ] w-Iretiiin. Tlie human mind can ncvrr be an uncvclo' 
pvidia of knowledge ; and life is Xdo short to wander without a guide 



over dml vaat pluin of l«&rjitrij[ whoiti liurixon %cwin» every dnj' 
«xU-ndiiTg to tliR view, hik) wlionc arkcieiit pat1i« und cnunewayn 
arc either falling into (Iccjlv, or rlifsirbcf-d up ami entiin^lcd by the 
loxnriiLnl vc|;ct4tioii cvcryirhcrc springiii^ u|> up'nt tUetii. 

Wf «re willihi; to profenv that vc arc not ti^o proud tn accept 
t&d Co retain l,hc otHco of luiintine in kcrp clear (Tom the iricuni- 
'bn&OBS of time tboee obaniteU by uhicU iiiformalum Ikitn bcuri 
conveyed froai age to age, anil may vtiU be usefiilly impnitet^, 
wbeiitfver superior indrifiry and weU-direeted endeiivuurii are em- 
ployed tn obtAin it. If H Kubjc^rt in in lUHf iinportHnt, urnin- 
neeled villi thht wbich ist so, every portiun of it ia uf nluej and 
we tbercrore rurncitly nsk our reodrrit niid ri)TTrrh|w>iideRi3i to ron- 
tiuue to Kwit n»» by imparting tu uh sucb nifunimtjou oa tbey 
DiAy consider worthy of attention, and wiiich i« placed within the 
reach of their attainment* 

It U or great ndvontagc, as Ur, Johnson said, even to know 
where the niaterinU of knowled^^e urc to be found. Learning; ia 
oe^^uired by imcb Ulxiur t« to demand all the aRnimnnce that can 
be glt^n. The coTninunieation of one correspondent will clear np 
ibe diffic?ultieA of niinther -. a pnper rni htcraturr will Ihniw liglit 
on on ortide on vdeiice or on nrc. 

In the Hull of the Mu»c* thousand* of mirror* ftrr rrdrrLing 
light OIL tfkcU other; tbc most aoUUry atuduiU ia bvbtg on the 
production of other minds, and we would willir^gly retain the ploec 
we have ao lon^ occupied, of holding nt lenst a few linka of that 
chain that unites in harmonious accordance ko many of tlievanoua 
purHuita of thi3 learned, and, by ready communication, renders 
them of double one, 

3. Uasan, 




Cfartti tJ*|d— tt# OMtow (rfHpdmtDi— FuLiljof M>^*If* t 

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AM Eatti-c Pnui* 4H> UiuTiBT Wouu- Nih n. TbB DftfTa 

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Bdmaf 4r JvboMd U^ij Duuuc at i;iil»i»l<lL tf- 

jU««Ma#GorkiaWT tiooAe, UtrtfoHtkin (««rA « I'Ww) K 

l^H ItMnH Swnar MMitea of V>nU« How .», 

OAifeoMtorAAiMrWo 4ft 

fltt ■ IWtnrft of BalCuu Cutifliflfw, villi iColUr orM *•,,. Mi 

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EiAit D« SL AB«iiMia«'« AJb6«T «t CuEwbnrr ....»....»..».,.... 4* 
TW O Kp i r-fc ii ul Lrflrrt of LdH Vueovnt SVlna, pJltpd liy Sir Hutia 

rVwnlaq, t5t K-t'Hrti'd Lif* of J hah 1^ieL« vf iAoamaath. &V' ; M^. 
fc ittty RaaIiIm ^ r.Hwtnir ind Te^Iv. ^1 ; ll#<hfir An fh« Kn|liih Unl. 
i«Frfil*i>, M ^ 8c. KnnaTrnturf '« lifr 'nf Chn«t, aft i CtflaU* i» Holr 
TrfWlr- »^^ HlUfbmpJ. or tbt Diii of Queen EUwInth. ^i lU. 
■BWMI Ml Lftbi. b* ItuUfii lluaL, ^> -. Tbc Hiontoa Rawanct*, f^trd 
brJ. O, UiKnlt, ^. 611^ The lUmiliH of lt» An^'SUob Chi^nh 1 
UoakUd of ^ICtfrv* vilb i Trah«1ir|ji>n bf |t«<riJ4iniii TTiarfW. Km). ^ i 
tUmm^tfHrtintn erf Arrtiat? ad PnrrtDrld WdMi*, «n. ift.; Nil* 
■fcai^uiBoic— «d 


IMtvnkjirfOiford, M; tTpivvnilj oT n*inhriitp— Wrtfniitfli* SctoeT, 

«f l4kt«toiv.T9iRrrg.Ec3rptka StfLJCly— JuJtu Aiilny *3 

AIU:iltTC<.TVltE.^Im:kiif or UhilAh .^rc1ii£ffii. ;3j Cuibrldcf CaaiJini 

HocKif, ;*i CvKtrr^U Chuivb— >'n Ctiurcb Hi MitViutloa 7*^ 

ANTIQIaRIaN RmHARTUKS.— XEiET^onmdr Sddeir, Tt> E Tlw Coin 
r«r*i^ 77 i CinfrrttlKE Aatiquw-bin Aorii^r— Tbc Ciuit?ri>«rT Miuoibl, 

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rranOarii uul Prv rm»ai>. Wi Btrthi hhI Muriac** "^ 

OBITUAjtV ; vita Mcvotrivf ilic FrinccvSephU MoiMAoTOlimooM'r ^ tb« 
Coatevo/bflrkcAcr: iUH«rl«f UatrickL Lord 5>|« ind }^lr 1 Lj#i>t - 
Gm. 1ft» aoL fir K. L nundu] Uf4t.-C:«iL Sir jAhnLtnumn - Mbjnr- 
Gv^a^l^navdiimwntU; £nl. Kir C, W. iHtttr > Nir K- O, HlffiBs. 
KX>1I. i Iba Dew 9f LlnrilrlL j Hn. Uoflud ; W. S, Bard. B«i|. ; W. 
lUlcT, fi^ , W-103 

OftATR*. >rnvffid fai CoiuidH ..,.>..-.,., ■ t*** — ^H 

B«vWtnr4lnimJ*> ICttoni* of UoiUtifr m tt» Mrfropolii— Miitwi"— MM* 

g* ;Cbut«.11|; VrifordOfiAil ni»*y— ftfflrln IW 

E ii ri Ja dii ! ^ hIiA • View of Ibr RriN« or Hoka^viivkT ndr^tt^ KfrtforJiliirc, 
AOd &r«tJBn kaJ FJ«q of tbc DevilS Dxhi* ICvtisarbel- 


I iMI «valba« «• paya 


1« pvbHa Ml^ H>4pftUfa 

i>«l|litrtfcrf«rtg. For ilil> mfA- 
•wt toe rapKtfaaf ia<JU tU (a-crm* 
ttM af av cMTHfOvdaMiw ^*« W ibdr 

bdc iiw <£i^^«f^ ■T'r «r t-f- ^ 

«rW, p> ««, L. Lh ll. l««i. 

■tot rf l 4M* At Ltfi af Wa. 
IMMfa of NnwM, If irilM CWtiM 
Ltor^ L. L. H. illlBfa itei 
tin^ WB " Efca tmteM M^ if te 
laW BOM-, Ika C««#i%« m4 SM^, 

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bivH tW-<tattHtefri**J*-orC&«rt(a 
WtfTi mJaftM Bdtsnka. vb^ u- 

«— itflwil hj Wtn UCnt»fl In 

l« aa4iH Savftar. to ■ kite 
to ite L* i« Wa. T«f te ^ 

■M - At ft««. Dr. LtofC a ^Miiat 


«** to«a^ W A* 

«i& lb Md*-K infii to B«%^ 
ll»»nf tt>liBiiiiiai>TaLH.f-Hl, 

{aAL l«Si.> ar h a* MNM IM^ aH af 

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L Tt^) «W Bantol Marr* «>*r ■ t 'l f 
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if IW ar Mit toayn) «■ ton Mk 
IW ln>. Ml varrirJ Affi *^ KSI, 


" AtftH'.Twrito/ 

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Wm, Tbi|tor^l<<nrkiBn MfaOHVi 
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cvntof a iotmt ^ttA to raaooiriiAt 
fcttiafr ttiinrf to Kwt, n CkAnmm 

1«M itm ttittt, tit. 

ACtMK^A^t RiJ*maikitorth«^ 
■cntfran looafPT aoMto li« hM !■• 
iMMMtiiai <IM»— llM iTlba ^A af 
MHalTc. <f N-pt^ YWbh. mMtar. 
tUc\au lol. t.r ; *i «*M Wl( to «l* 
carbto *b4 nt vtfpaaf to tb* haarf if fb« 
luMv M Out niibrtioB af ibt rUcr nato 

biEtok aW Ptoda latt**. oi- fi«. 
rd BfT«tt*« WovhK fft. tni bi« to 
«i>« LtoH. UUD. to fM aoL a« 
■iiilfc f 



IF there ii »nj- brusch of lil«ntiir^ whicli of Ut« y«an h>« m«pdM 
itoelf caor« widely, trnd bomc hchcr Triiit iIiqii il did of old, vrt thiok ihat 
It L» bcca that c«nDcctc<! #\tU the bJDtcr*i>Sy of thonc cmiooot vco who 
littd iu t)ic pirocul NgCp or in tlint num^rrmtrly ptCLtMiii)^ rt. U U UW 
thai uxne rvil huA ooui« along Aitb TE^l* gi>^1 ; and iJmt rltn» gmccTuI 
tntimaTiiiLU which ihfl ImxJ <>f IncnrleliiEj 'likbjrive^n to dcpnrUd worth and 
tdlcut, harr bccti occompauiei] by rcry iictivy \ad tircaomc comiDctilarLft 
on (he actbiis aihI »yiug« of orilJuitfy propk ; ia cuiy handsome a»d 
■plradld fuocenmn lins ei1»i nn nttL-mlant moh. iiii|Giin(])^ it« la»lroi Bod 
hopa£n^1l« uTfty. Bt'c-auve wt? hniTtf n clt'vcrrlifi^ ofan orEhodoLtaiid dlgoi^M 
curKTj&Mi, it i» bot n<;i:4-Bury that wc th^M niKj wikdo throated the prolix 
convapoDdciJcc And vciy i^mumty t«yi»[p \jt u diMfnlinR luiuiaUr i or. 
bcoone *e ddlght in trnrmg tht t]hcavrr\oM and wntchin^ ihc labmita of a 
Wtaota D&ltozi. it dcwi aol follow ihtt trenmildtrrtvr^inh] j>]^3ifaj|]*-frt)m 
ft t»djou« iiarnthre of i prorincial arliHan- Among, however, the iDOit 
uiefuJ u wtU M JclJchtfa] iroikd of the kJrd that liaiv appeared, wa 
duuk t]*i»e coiiiA-ctcJ villi llic |>ii)fca»iuu uf tlie law tut catltUd lo 
wcuhar ^rnincMCC ; and we bliould contidcr <i)ch works a« tft« !iv&« of 
BooulLy aad HoracT and MAciiinloBh, u tnit-booki forthme to kludy wlio 
npirc to the lanic hononn of the frflfoiion vhliicb tlicy rtacbtvl, by th« 
vamc aidiioQi and horiouruhlc lacanA. Hjch wuilci oa iheM aitv like 
Btatara cji iiiclurvJi. rL'pre»nTatioiiii of ihr mi^u th^inKclvt^N* ipcnklng ■» it 
were with a living t*?n:e, nnd in natbtnlic uon)« of cncnuragcmeri cnhori- 
in^ tba youtliful fctudisut to Jobfjur, |Hiti«ncC, «id liopt Etery iucM-ediniT 
fiane offoch pcr^oiiH] bii^tujytoiuo on ii» wiih a liijliteraDcl brighter buc ^ 
vcHCcas vrradvanrEdiffiruftiejdiiappnHng. d iiwd van Tagea over torn r:. ntid 
a nt'w and uoexfMxIed pathway opcopd op tlit] failU- EvarapW likr theu^ 
itriDiilatH oLir riaggiu^ «iJcrf^eA, thi>y cbportii in our toilsome kboarft, they 
lutathc iii:oDr iitto our c\hauaC<:d hopes, and bid u^ not despair of ochieviDg 
an)lhio|!< bottcvci dibtuutu^irjg or icmolei wbkb the ^oias or patience of 
otben ha<p AccomplUTipd before at. What i& n i-oluinc of biognijtby, but 
an laritatioD to tbo t^oinpaiLy of the dead, in i^hJch we ]l«^■n L> lUfta, n« 
|h«y detail the iniprc^aaiTC lijatory of tbcir past Uyh, ooiifoa their faj[ur&i, 
rcci>tiut Lheir aCiu^ln, tbcir tictoiic* and tfiuinLilia -, rccal llie raeuiory 
of tht long jrjira of |iHiririil AU«peDM Mkd dJtHpfioinlnieiil iu tbelt yiKitb ; 
«kd the hflnniinbTc r<Tor\J» of fhp (rrowina pimppnty of Ihtir iift4rr-life > 
Thw, lo thcyoiillifulcandidEiIefof lefffll ciEinenec,dot'a thei'oii^fl of Maai- 
6eld and llardwii^ke.of ThuitoM and of Cam d^jQ, appear tOBpcotit aiilmatini; 
hiaj iu bi>> pjty^tvtu. dirrriiig \\\m during the luu^ 'tnni iidiitt^t t>f biJi rurly 
lifr. and npfw-inug n« friei^dly it;ir4 to lt|£ljl him during bU bou/s of 
tolit^y stady at hon)«j <.ir u^lorioua aod rciucUut Ibiiurv abroaiJ, Myiug, 
or «ccuiiiiK to layi 

■■ Kiioc 4Dlaii» opua, J^am^ niuic padon fi/nw*" 

Ronce Thti*!* Ufi of Lord Eidoit. 


To »ucli worlu M tlictc tUc present I.ifc uf Und l^l^i will prwc > mint 
nluablo Additiop.beciiuie, in th(> firil plArpJt pr«cntA an ihAtrnrl af all 
that €oM be veli achitvrtl in tbi- k|[al proTvuian bv uuilctJ tiJcnU aud 
ioilDBtry 1 it ^vcB tbu biBtory of one irho, fram a very buoibl'J stfitiDn^ 
without ujy uaiataucG fiuui utLfrisi uilbuui ■ tntruD'a hdp. wrthuut 
jWcwiohaI co^ititAluTi. nttlhiut ynlAh- futL^uc, ruRr iti tlitt Iiii^Ilcm Liiii<>iij-m 
>ad «fnoloinmti. to ibc* npf^cial fricddthip nf iwn StivFrri^ni* to jfptirritl 
UliaiatiOD nilh tLe mcmbpn of ttia awn ptoica'ioa, nnd to the rcipcrt 
•ad COteem of tie communitv — "Cinruro ct voncrftbik a»Ln<n :" aad, 
Kcoudly. jt i» E^aQful, £A itcUiilniE^, at f^rt^Atcr Ivngili aljlJ wilb uiurt; ao* 
EfapTitic inkl<<m1i4 lliun Jiti^ iifiLJuFfy «u|ip1lNlp tlir iiit^MiA by ^birli tUfi 
elcvstiOD w>A aClmuod^ 4bi]wiiJf^, iW au idtir* mid ^ulUgroamlod rcli/LiicA 
on bimftdf i»o« tlic roandafiDri of all Lonl Kldk>n's Inlarc rortiiiicn. No 
4CCKkut rftised bim to ciniiicDcc. uo Adiilnttou jfiiijcd Wan piitriHmift;, no 
&11iaim [irOLMMTd tiirn HUf>erii>riiy of ttlntiori. TUin i» tht: birrlLtry of a plnia^ 
■Ujifilo Eii:iii» who v/Oa inH Own wny up lb« t>il4i>iii<^ tiill h(i bjid <0 climb i 
ftiid tlio breiiii bo aie mha cmikxI b^ tlio pajrifuL jijiplicatu'n of inontiu 
labour* cnutiuavd oftc^u tbrou^li m^bl luid day, rci|Uti[i;jf truly ibc 
'* iiicatcm adiiiimiklijiiiii(i"^lbe utiijuH rcAi>1ulioTi of n duttriitJard wilt in 
the con4(Ui^&t of f^nral diTiculrin. Burkf.' bus sann^whrn uid, Ehfct the 
■tud)' (if tli« bw baa pi^rbapa a j^aU'r tviidtincy to sbnrpetk th« fmcaltiMt 
aod ipvc Hf;ut4:ticB» ujd aubtilty iu n»«<>niii|;, niid in dctculing ermri, 
tbuo ill cjiUjk!ir>K ^lit j^CEicr^l uv>»ci» cif tbc uiHlcitUiidliijf, and ttlTurdinij 
IbiiM^ iMJnipn^Urniiive vii^wn adi) f^rrnt rtwmrL-u wbich diULni^umb tlie pbi- 
loMpbt^r bad italfiLcaaD ; wbicb. u hi llnroh, c^iti i^nbrgc the c<[Dpireof 
Iboucht I or iti Turgvtt diaclmo a pi>licy hIucIi muy at unc« impru^'L* the 
COodttiou uid away the d(^»titiieH uf iikHiikLad. Thia haaciluiti is pfubably 
Lriic, for Burke ftddoiti fr[)ohr in v:tlu i jldJ, if It I>l^ 90, it would not bea 
qiii^*tlon aurely too curiou*) or rctnott to ln(|Mire, ro wb^t rauni? 4'iin iliU be 
referred} &ua inpy we not, iu the lint plocn, attribuEv ti3m?Lhh4( to the 
diaadvaiitJ|Co i;aturally atlendins lui excludiie »tudy of auy ortc vricnccj 
tot »cb nik eutitc vpplication of ibe tiicv aud tboD^lit the ideiicc of law, 
In itc vatit and rom|tli('fiti.Hl ^L>wtli, ftrrins liii^MinuuNly lo dt'inaiid. The 
lata rvlcr <1 France, it it Khjrt, uiHdo utuit of tcit^ucc! itnttifNiiion, ami fuuiid 
them naotincr for Ibo muic rcaAun, '^K1u■l| it uny be finid^ llut, lu ilic 
Tarioui lino gf argument Ibioujib whidi tbe discoTet} of truth i» itou^btt 
Bome ait mort c^iili uljittd tu rxpniirl ilje po^rrx of tUe luidmuiiidiiij;. arid 
To ei:tj.'rid tlir bouiidnri^a of knowIH^*, tbnn otben ; rin^l jf tluit of Uw 
drpvndi more on the asngvn of autii]ui'y, on [>r(HiTi|]tLVo fonnularieB, <iq 
forepvcu dri'.itc*. on vtitnEe biivk>, <ni irclihloiljtjc^^ mthrr Lhuji on 
tliokic Ini^r pri>cciHi!tof ttidtittioii uhirfi in oibrr pu:fiuJl4 eondiiL:; iliiiiiigh 
thp (SiTrrent proi'Jncn of kiiawlpd/{e, ibrciiiHb ririginnl resrrnrdi ind diiUnl 
](Li|uiry, tlirDugb annlftfy.cxptriinenir and thtOry. throiigU patient invebtiRa* 
tion a»d repeated Cnm, to ibt' ik-sirL^d rvauh ^ tbon ^vo oinrot heallati; lo 
acka^tvlcd^ iIh: cITccC urtjitb tbe /vjifituitt exerdvc of tbo»e very op|Hja[lv 
ihoiIm i)f cimdiuTin^ 4fjitniir-nt 4nd JLirkvit)|r; -.\t ttMth mny prridiLcn iipLni the 
mcotal poweri ^ tb^ogb this oar may 1p«d to the pL>ut»ion ol iat>tle 
pOAcn of dlBtLLetkon aad tiictty of diacnminntiuu in tbc dsq uf termn, 
and i^oichncA} in dctectjGc aopbrntry in the urgumenta of tha opponent, 

Jet thil tk not to L« i:uuipared lu the i^ri'it aiid geueral adianla^ d^rrjved 
r<im ifu' othor ; and fiirth'T it night Iv tM. fUnt rbe vrry pnr^nltf of ihi* 
^QLshfd and Icari^cd Jriwycr, pj^par^a^ tor jirw^tice or en^vg^ m jt, ua 



Hc«icr Twiu'i iJ/r tif Lord Bf^oM. 

Ht fthnfr^hcr fa«(Mnbl« 1^ the full dtroIoTini^nt of the mcikUl ftcultlcft, 
WsMO vbey deny tivkc for ^(rai;nl culti«ati?T», uii*l |irL-» tlir ctipjiim jm<t 
fivvfJlftui 9liT>4n of tbocqcht into Uto tmicitw a rIniiLiii'l We riifuri (o»v, 
Ant trrj nj«au iM^^inta iaydqiArtiiUnt af knni^lpdgir, Iim a Efitckncv 
»d»rf to cMttfvt tli*n tocubjgc tli5 uiidcriUkEdijig-* A« wc f^'occcd 
ipwmrdft b Ui« ilrcam of tcif noc, vrc licij a tlj(w»»d liUle dioniiclt 
■nhlplTinf tfacniclvu ju every i^irrction. iu tlj« i^unuil of whicb wc nrEvn 
nfln oar utcniioft lo hi? iit tut Abuirht^. »4 to f^irj^i the piirfu, w^il« wt 
vr iDTir^rigiting tWnarce of tbingi arootid 119. Ve «iiiiij' imrt4 nlb^^r 
ilutfi tlw wbole. tCn*n law U 10 cxtcmiTO m ta edmll of loucn dimlon of 
bbour itt Ui icpaj«|4 bn^cEiL's; and b^, what vr yniu In cntr potter of 
firkkn. m lo*c ui oar m>bJrr faL'ull}' of combiuaTltui- WhM. muf be 
|uard ki lbs bmblc cjf Hnv und l^hiirirktit tliinlctnif, ini^y hf lii^t in Tbe 
|«PCf •# fcadv jiid|tnient uid prkctical ilL>cnmEUii1ii>n, 'llu^r olwrrvn- 
blB*ivill nrJyntA iKtliougltt IrrticTaril, whi^uit n recollected how modi 
k kM b#ra fil|$OCUd> u li^-n t^nl Kldoir» eiuln? ucc lu hU [irofc»lon Wh9 itie 
«b)ec* «f coufrrvfttkiu, that \ie hi'i carritfif rlif nnrrower t'wvn of hin pro- 
ianao ktt» hU pttUttcnl hfu ^ ttiat hv di^ ri'it dmpUy tho idtne pow«» ^t 
ftv coBftdi table «i ct the bcii<rh ^ und that, even iu tlic limit* ot \iiH own 
wifcBVD«i,he "u fM belkind totae of iii <otL tempos uiiet in eouij^retjeiwvc 
D(mlodgeaAdli1ji*tiUiijjlii:atkiui}f lJLeHie]iE:Fiif biv; hr ptrlinacioiuly 
vlnag.Kke nm oft^mirfrd ictErJU'cT, t<>iiil1r:itlj1'^ rule^ And Forici , tliAthe 
bid nlh«r A becfuiiiCTit Nvi1iuftt4 m prAr.lK'JT] UArtn. iiurf a [j^wi-rof thrtMrl- 
iic ^ vftT throajt^ dhRiculc timl c<>iti|il]»tocl ijur<tion«, thjiu that mors 
philoMphie vjjirit. *' qtM: tiilt leiuin tuj^iiiMcerc (^M»m/' vfliidi like* CO 
oiHiii itliait ii conl^riDfl] by prDCiiep, 10 ihr rodiuieat* and origin or 
nln, to bnwl uid fuDdamciiCAl ticthi, kiid ta the ori^nal pnuciplei 
ff «ci*»0Vj tfll tto forthi'f »e odmnce tba more ckaHy wu pcrctifc iho 
MatUxvd ekmeiili uf Imth Lxrmbiue and aABU[ue l^urii pcupct fotin ; aud 
■V tfc M Lcngih utuUlud »ithiii Itiotc 4«cm! prfrCmcrh mid aagmt nbodes, 
•Wn «« btbeU th* veocnble nirniiineeT^rn of nnelojit uiadoni, And wv the 
icujfflic liftCABiciib of (liirinu jumpnidciicc- TIip lalter pjirt of Mr, 
Tau»'* viofk U cccupicd in the coLMdciAlioa^ ami p«ttJy iathe rcfat^ioa, 
oi tbcyc u[iou}a9- Wc eonfni thai w an not Able Ic enter inui HUt'h 
ifaepwione for want of l«gil knowleidg^ ^rid pr^ffrvtiuiiAt pk pi? He rice ; but 
v« itt4T be fiVTttitted to reuisrki th^ttl^nl tidon i ^egil knowlvdge aiid 
tafcat4 have tvcett lhu» Acrcrely jud^jed. not by bi^ ci>ntcfnp«rikric», Aitd 
iImk nke uio<t ialimalely mere iux|iuiiJilt:d with htm w lien m the full 
puMBMett of «I1 hn vniip pa Win ; tldI by l-ord Krd«ivhli.< <-r Ixinl 
Ifnfciat, hb fiT>l«, or c?»mpanloai of bi« hboun, but by luH tiiccpfvor* ; 
B«t by ll&Bed«Bl>, bvt hift janiurgi iiot br tbos^ clucuted with hirn in the 
Mat Kite «i policy, when tbe couiiUy wn> under ntKht reAtfirtJon;! of 
fiivn|>n faitrrr«ar*c. ind UiicwM: ilnfi^irv froui fo[i.-ijcn iridic^ mid d^itne^tic 
lusneetinD -. n<il bv thou? wbn Vaew him ni llic i^nrrllan of Hk^ hi», itie 
•dcMCr of the thrown, uud Um moil eijwrienct'd mt^fidn'r of the miniAlry 
teikC ■ I'OVf pcrMj irht^jk cTcty danjfcr to the coi^Mitutiiiu and fijarcncc 
if the covstry wa« lbre&lcl^l^], fn^ui the mint iHmcfful eiictniea abrocuJ, 
»d dlieohie&ted di'iniijajaei tt homr. No wonder that* umL^t Lhc 
ptmoro el f r«iiC 4iAeu1tio«, \vs wu mUing to hold tot^th^-i- the reini of 

« 5ei 00 Ihte lulftct, BaiB-lI> ttemv h« on SMpUokim, ISSJ, 

«4d wn faff ir rawMfc a> ft^ 
filKSil iartiftifi than ke £1^ «teft tW 


h bug vrtt the lkif««l piwpecU •/ the ooosa 
; Bka tbcEfaR^hMdoT pttn Udvpcsed 


ittd dnaer iiliairir> b«il Uvrtbc^ ^ ■>*ti«i* iW i^ ^aLc , 
and Aecaaobia) ctpcn»oc pw 6m do bcw 

■vtf« tiv<j at aft«* ttsftr b^in^ pr^j»rfipw, i t a i ifciJ Mftay bartfrf 
rcaUictiooa, ud cpcacd mv ngioM m cntetpnc, iod il i* u be h«fc4 

H> MMT pcii «< d Id gin ft ibon kbridgnrat of lbs nMCCftM «f t^HB 
Ki aoMt , M > laaaa/y of tb« wtat* oC Lonl EUm'i EIr, 

L«r4 E:tdda«««<l«ctttdodrrailfa«uciMtbBilTofllicSMCI>olBal. 
wcuy, u fiTca^w^, ud Uw oaa* !• aacBtioacd ai br bi«di u the irttf 
1124. Aaw Ibeo «fipan the cA^nMxdm^tat Sti Mickvi fWvU 
liw Wizard. Tf « WM OM «( IW ■mIw— Jon i«t %» Wing tk« MiM ef 
Norway U tfoHbiM] m tk« deMk «f AlVMdar JIL H« wrote ■€«» 
aonary od AtiKotlc, pnMvd ■! Vcakc U 1196, He ii awliMcd m 
tht Uferao of Dante, ttd baa ■ppnnd »itb|CKalcfeai* later ^ib tb« 

MSo«tk,wea«diMtoeulDa, andMttWdat N«wtMtfe. Tba fiHfa«r of 
lifd fiUofl pw ViIm San, A Mm^Rl asd twJoMw, i 
tolLefriltnitjof itwAsMOMof tbetPPs. KapdncipJ 
Cto«f a Gnal*AAier, «e iMtor. •ha CMdMU ihe nio bHnrro tie on« a^d 
•Upper Tbb tfrBdrvoB bad lwa«i««a.lbe Ontef whoa He pui otrr ; 
UiMPea«d«rMJM«AtliM0Q,»h«Bl>«MnwdAM.IB,17«(»^ H«hf«d 
ta bo aoi<BCT-«iA«. *be to he MnEty-oec, jom ot «|ie. Br her be had 
thartaCK <MUta, of «t»ia John Sont na the n^htb. aiad A'llkB Lai4 
AlHrdl the rIdAl. I^d Eld«B briietta that he «a hora 4 Jbm. 1751, 
b Ion Ume. lla wm wmM, lo tb« Kuv^ ^"m«r Scheol u N««aatk^ 
«f «iiebtbat&Deac4ukr Okhard Dai^ hhi boco tbcttwIcrliDtt 173S 
ttt l/'id. lleiraBMucedcdb) tbeft^T. HaghMoiacn.FcaavofPcler- 
haae, aadti wbate leamiag ttd good UMU|rsnt the achaal 6ooriafce^ 
■bkeh bad dpcliMd sder bia predecMOOr, «h« «m bi^M 4av& fvcMdk* 
nico «l UMck BC*r« Car acholvt, <ih«tt he •heald hmn Ms li|Qp^ Iht 
fWa cati of thu Immu^c in«o ibe be;^ John Soou itm a Aliffut bty* 
attached to ba audio, and bad ibc beneitof hi* brvtha WUIiaoi'act* 
a w g JB and ttulrwlM, HJa CoWr wvot bia for Us «wa baiaaa, but 
WiUcan thought br raold do belt^ for bin So Jobft ■«* orvt lo OkCm^ 
b Ma; 1776, ivatricoWtrd m Ufubrr of Uh: LJa«v«nil;, a»d entered aa a 
C—nioner oJ UainvMly CbdrgT, aoik< iW tnlioo of Str Robert Cbai^ 
bets, skI bii limtber Lard SvxwrlL He ckjuc ap Ja tbe Nevcastk ook^ 
vhkh had Tor it> notto. Set tH^, m ■•/ iir*# / iikkh ae^tn nadr a de#p 
|BpfMft>oo OD bBiB- " la *bo«t ibe aaya) m all that 1 havo bad tn do U 
rntun JiA, peefMOoa] and j«dki«l, i bare aJtfnp ^^ the dect of ibw 
caH; adowoilioii ca Ibc uarla of ibe ir^k whM cftarered Me fion 
■choul, ' 9mt eif, «l tal ivb«,~ It itai ibr mpaeneic* ef thk ahkh aule 

1S45.} Horn* Twin* Ufi t^f Urrd KUom. 7 

4^ibtMm jod^,— u toiDc bore uid bx> dclIU'Cntitc, — mid rC' 
OBftU Ui«l is \tat Mill not ;iui))urtsp idc toikny, iIliCwIilUi [ liivc 
ifciiAinic * Set eifn, ri ^i frrrip-," t may not hAV4 KufTiciviilly rrrol|pctr*l 
vbHfco'' Stfifiir ft «iif ct/tt^ Ila* hbdit«'cluciEif1oriic(i/' He ^-u rli^ud 
>Fdl»« &n J«lf 1767, when lic hn^ bal juil cutoi^cttd hU ii\tct;»th ^car. 
He ny^, boUi to hb brother nod hiuiitt'lf ihcti: rcllow»bi|u wcr« of len'At 
Me in Bfe, uid m ihdr fitlure vitLirpti in \i. Me icok hit Bachcli>r'» dc- 
pw in Feb. 1770, afrvr Iho fo]Lo«in£ nf-irl cthmmalion: — "I vm cc- 
M W ntrl ift Hebrew And Hitlvry. ' wLil ie llic Hcbrtw for llic pliLco of 
atkilir I npltcil. ' Gtiltjvilijk' ' Wtiij founded UuiTCjiity Coilc^ ?' 
1 Matod ibat Klnf ^Ufrol Tnuadnl it. ihoi^jtb thtit ih clouUful. ' Vcrry 
vrll, ftk.' t>iH %hf eiuniner, ' you an com^trpt For > iJ^fTf?^-' " Hr 
pued tba |)R«« in 1 77 1 hr tb« [iroetr essay " On Cli« AJrAiil^;e£ 4ud 
bindvwilAjcea of FtnTeijpi Tnvel/' This was better tbMti bcJn^ ft Neir- 
oBlle ffnertt fn» whkb tie hail a riRfmw ehtujic. 

In 177'2 be rkqtrd with Warn KWiMbeth Murt^n from Iier fathers Iioilmt 
tl NeneaMlv, wbn wu a banker of iliat dly. Thii My ii» cliucribn) » 
bMikfC li*i| ■! ftll tin}c« bucb bfttunUk retired bibita, Ibat i\m «eeini ilie 
mif mtUM tt In wlit<i »hc t^r caat ibtin tjlH ^bc liowet<r|;4t<>uEof««>nc 
pirof llwn' wtci^w, drfx'ii(!rk] K UdiljT, tlin^w tiertrlf tiiiil hei bmioiir 
mftt hff Invr's vn»», atd w mimeil *t (-fctnn fireen, Wljtn tliey ^t 
b«ck to UeqMth Xhty bid no inoitey left, a^kd no k'd oa wUicli tb<^y 
cMiU IHM Ao brtM bigbt IniTjKotAiKr, tlic^rfore, Ibc kd> kT9(c 
Id b«f cMbvT. WW flfti|^ivciit njd the) returned to Lu\r Lm^e. Tlii« mar- 
n^e obtytl Mr^ SnoCi u\ mnee hiA Vf IhrnAhrji, prf^rhiilrfl bim frncn nny 
pDipiLt of pnfcrnent in tlic church, uriil J^ivimided litin la llm nludy of 
the uw. In Jkaukry I 773 be entered a* n ttiLdcnl of the Middle IVcu pic, 
mtd ia tVbfiLuy '>r the muat yew h? uxik hii dei>tt-r o( Ma>U-i of Artv. 
Fcr the gTfBierMTt uf Ifae ninx thrre mn f>e mntiniied to mitlu in or 
M>r Oxford, m cty« of himtetf, in a \vxift to i rrjtfiid, ' I hni« 
■micd rttilily, atid hnve neither housif ni>r bomtr to oETer my wife ^ but 
it ii my dcUttaJnAljon 1o iAi>rk bunl to pn^vidu for tb<: ttoiujiii I bve, «i 
MxMi aft I <BV ind the uiranit of dniiiff *mm.'' }\vi Aifn !■ fli^c^iihtd m 
eny fttUkg, eery bnurifiil, k^iih Uowtng nnffleti, and wra.Tin|f n while 
fim jMd nab. Wbo woold not work h«td for »«e]i a crenlure ^ ftnd 
Jeha Scott DCtfly billed bioiMlf by bis labour. 

Ifl \Uitb L773 tlic fldnl tou miu burti. Abiml 17/4 be ^aw Ivi-Ktsrta 
m tbe LhWt vi deputy fnr the VLnrrtin ProfrAinr, tnd fnr Ehm hnd lii)/. i 
par. Th« ^ni teetwe Uc read vsi on tlie (tntaFe of yoang men ruiknin^t 
tffiy *iUi cuJdrDft ii and ^ Phil atid Mar. 6 ch.) In \?73-4-S he 
k«pc bia tenua ai ihe Tcoiplr. At iLn tioifi, u ht W but little funda oT 
bu uwb. it b nnHNAcd ihtt lib bruthirr nniMrd him. He ^m ttidt'i.-i) in 
cnmefti la tlia oMneu he on^lrrtooli, Whr^n reinonfitratnl with by a 
M«dical fric»d, be said, ''I ujutt ciibcr do at I aoi doii^, or ataiie,^* 
Pvrcisf Ibc ndnce u( l.anl Coke, he read *' non mulla scd nyttumJ" lie 
rvic at f^ o'clock in the tDomingH wan xbitiaetil at mcab. micl siuclied at 
atfki vtiib a vM iDWcl round bii hf ad He wjih %«orit to r^cnr l« bin latrr 
bfe tt» tbei* <hy M not uDbappjp though btborjoua ; aL>r indeed from any 
hbimt of the iaklkei, liowcver BcrerCt can iinhappineM nri»e -. the bap]ii> 
BM lIvC eadaje«« i> c«L»iiiTy u bnpjfiikC^ llmt hiva been alourly 4tid 
mwKAf 9nm. He uuK'on iot>m]bd lo the iKir.nnd leltled in Luudon. 
ia a loaae in Curvitor Mn«t, "Many a line/ lie ^id, -'bare I run 

Hdtww Tttin'd Lift of Lord Eidon^ 

do*ii from Cunitor fititct to Ftcet Mnrkct, to g^i %hpcnay m>rtli of 
•jirata fcr Bupper/' Sucli wbi thL- tarly lift of ihe futurir Jjord Chaiicpl for- 

tn Fi^'braary I77ti U>^ wu rallvrl ur ihr Imr- fri itir limT )i-nr ttv mrni^ 
t bfiTgnln witlMtU U'ife, thit vtlinV'^vrr lir^ ^E in t.lin fint fWm iDontlit 
ihoufd bo liiN, tniil M.\\ m tlic twrlfth tnonlh hrm. " In the in'rLtth month 
1 rct^ivcd linlf A jfutpcft, ciifhtcen-rKoce wuut for fees, anH B^rfey received 
nine »hiUin](n l iti llic iHlirr ekvcu moiitlm I K*Jt duE cue lUilkinir-" Ilia 
faitiVr tiJirtI in Novrrnbt^r uf IIjik yi'nr, iincJ tbiTrfr»rr rlicf not livtr to B(m* bit 
*oit iwcviiing «i^n lie «Rrli«il bMmiirM i>r bortonn al hi^ pr(if««»ion, H« 
left faiui, hnttcircr, lOOOJ. In Ai^ditton tn tha 2000/. ncitUJ ill bi« iimrrisco, 
lie itoYf icmoi'dj to Cniry Street, atill ndbciirjji nttb tntciiarr ii^>ii]ir-ii]L»a 
tt> hii iiii(|i«?i ; liiiF hli bmiber VV'illiuin in n letter drfiti'HIiB him m rather 
j1iHbt'arTfni?<J. " Baimcvi ii v^rj dull with j««r Jack ^ if it drx* not 
briifhtci^ n httle Ito wilJ Im tiO.irtiEv «iclc of bin fiToff»«i<M». I (Jr> niJ 1 cam 
to Wji up his ffpinU, but be i* very ptoomy/' Afwi ft tml of three or 
f<mr yem* be thoiigbl: of rcliiiijuiiiUIniE I/>jic1i>ei, sri srrtttiuif jin i ]>«-vmciAl 
eniiMifl in hJ> nntivr touu. But ihr- fijifibnrnt of tbi< ib--iTr<f mis prFventrd 
by twv opporluniticB, related nt length b^ bit bio^npbiT, itnd ivhich 
\tOt'\ Kidi^tj littnik'd in nfter lifo to Mr, tjirriT, over n f^Hhi of Ncwcuito 
Purt-* An ttlloniey xM hhu " hJ» bii^cid vm* !>i»ttejcrf for bfu;" fwr hQ 
Imd ri-(Tlv«i ihi* rnrnmernlorinrj* bnth cif l-onj 'lljitrlow njii of Onnrtm^- 

Fle DOW neivptcd the ntlic^i- of RvcorHrrvbip of Ncwcaillr-, tbe mlarv ol 
which oddrd a little to bin Dit'otmi i nmi tb(i ckUHt^uof Aokruyd and Smith* 
«oji, and the Cblbcroe jiclitioiif bnd kft bin |»rofrs»iijiiAl cucccHa ao lon^fcr 
doubtful. Wti V\'}j^iA{iUv; liiri? iiiHkcn a iriiijiik u» (be »ub)rct. tif ^rcat 
ini|>nrtnfLrR to thouc that bpUmj; tn ihi" profruiion be nlhidi'fl Tj>, ani we 
Ibbk of interest to ^1 who feel the impartaure ntiri Uigh raitk tbiLl the pro- 
teniioTi benra in our social lyitemi and aro therefore cuHoda in tncin^ the 
tnncliinery by «rbich it i» toiidtieted, and Uia ayAtcm that leacfs to auuceAS. 

**At ihfl pruiiHiJ di^. from ih" grrat 

0(mi|irtlCl(in i»f iv'T Wuriifid unrl nrf ablM 

nDtiUoDejA. ■ ffW av<ri«iou4] u^rgiartuBl* 
do link. lio«cv?r thry bf ioif rovfd, 
AMOaflbir in4iic mllui;nlUJf)AbB of arlor- 

rn linnir op it tim nr nthi-r tunr rw\M\aa 
la ttiE lUr.iiba, L/bLnludutlrr vndaUUtjr 
bt •utili u ciji at idl to»lLff bl« f(4«nJ* Id 
Onplu/iiis liLiii, iibxftbi Jtll ibc datLEkrM 
whicJi ttivy knd lK«ir ntiKinion usti bO" 
bUiv I mil Uif (i[iEiihrr n' li&rrlJiMra ilmJi 
poiafrfnlly ■nmKirtnl ii oinr ict trtar, 
thai frv laou Wkbuc tuiiL uiadvuibijcv 
can vtcarc « hoM up^Ei huuaci*. But at 
t^tibA vb«a Mr. Scolt bc^ftb Mb profn - 

Scott's tftlt-Mit in lecidiiiij tUi: gruaL cavbv bvfotr ineutiopcd haJ h\Kd 
fjord Tbiirlnw 4 Mttcnthon on him. nnd hin hinilneK^ wiu ifliown in the foU 
joviin^ aioguJof tauiiuar. Sir Gray Cooper uhod hluk to giro Scott a Com- 

■ Wo rcBienbfr uoU Stiflalk f<|iiirt MlU>| MvlliMat •onvr^bUc Jlnnrr he >»( 
nttt ta Lord VtonaLl- A buftlr uf port wlaa vw put to taob nwt- Juti liefcm Ihp 
vivih vai mmnTnil. hf uil m hu ni'tghfioor. "fieoWnllH J ttatnk ynu'ri* donr pritii^ 
ttdl/' far tkii bottle wan tmi-tliirilB ftn[nlrd> l^^^il HtJrinill laid. " Look U my bto> 
Ihri V' puioliuiE lo Lurd ^dou'i , thor* vu not a dro|) Itit^lUv 

fiional life, tho uiwliail nd Kmwn up i>f 
coming Into ihv ftvfdvltt] Ji 'fnitinp^n^ tl- 
rru^f tffiuivd^ Bdurttiou tdtx lEtaj^c- 
npTkl, fewer oompflitort fttti^uiptnl ilw 
liQrtwid,«TtDuiii>ei| i]]c<ilua>«clc]tj«Baf 
■ la>g« praporfioq at ^iltvMaTavt bob 
dnvofnl thttn»lv*i In ntitl unri mllltar* 
punuita. vlilnb hm now b^n deprfivd 
nf |]ii«irfiEtr4<'tli>D by* paaor vf tuur« iIiau 
4 i|iiMtcr of It epniiuT. lo tl]o>c dij*, 
Ibctrforp. 1* lai^hr Wfll hipjirft, ut with 
Mr, Spirit Ir JiETlMuUr ili'l' ^^"^ * ^Linpli* of 
jfihid iipiMrrtt]ii1'-li*(. nhif iiipt). WdiJ^l ntalte 
IKq lurtuue of ao BHlduoiu barrbter lu 




HoTftce Twm't Life t/Ufd EUom,' 


kui of B»nlcn)pii»> Hv laiJ hr wouM, but of^'er ^M. Wticn 
lllCtwu^ l^nl ElAtftt ii^ipiifot C>r hiiti the icn?t>[i, be uir), " It «»iji<l 
httr b«vo yudf raw. Ymtu^ iiirn ^rr ti-ry it|>t Vt be tiofiirnt whi-n tliry 
|K wartliift| to lite uTHiir IVUoti f uw ttfi^t jvui ir^\ nt»tW <4, I deter- 
MBcd l<» bfMlf IDT ptDDiijt«, And EH^Lv VAQ n/>rk/^ ^'Alld I ijai« My/' 
Up LriH Klilov, '* be i*u ti|:hl . fgr tlicrc Ia rioHtinj; ilcic* a f ^Lint; Inw j-cr 
«i UIkIi food &■ to bo bi^tf Htonei} ; it lios ji liri«! rOeci : hut U wm mirr 
1 arioaa timiante of t^nl 'niuHoiv'* kiriiinevt." 

In JJ'*3< vhen iKc Cwaliliori Mininirj cnmr in, berer^iTrd the ftffcroTft 
•R pv*v, l0|[ctli«f wjtb >lr EtAirii: nn4 Mr- iV^t^^ Hd Liaii EiH>n Cam^ 
pbl«4 bis lliifi}-sp<o[id >cjir. Uc Hi-ixiirtd itxmi (btr »anirhe»a3»t 
fa tW tnmagh of IViohly. on tin- fintrntiago nT T^^nl iVj^ynioiith U'l^rr 
IffMt li> tbf plftcc. b« o^v, h«* u1c«1 vfhit \t-4t ibc nwul moJn »f iiro- 
9mm% Ibriv. aod b« WM told, liu #u to lea fint to the h«u>c ubich 
caalaiivd %kc pirtiirat pltl iti tLc pbcc. a^iJ ffivo hrr ji kiia. *"Tbiji." 
Vfi Wi " I tLiiiifjbl M vrr^ iili-jvaril In-yi lining, and I dlrj hci " From 
Cwtrf StMrt be hjkd mmi^cl to ih<^ ranri- ^i^^'^abk- titiiAtiim L>f i'oitTi FUf^tf. 
<f rrvt UmoMd !!HrTct. Hi* itim^j^n ipr^cb W mji(k<jr> IbrMconii 
at Mr. Ko^'i liidU Bin. Mr, L'^t^t coiiiijUiikh FeH him vii bia 
"ddiUrv *TTd Ittj |^vHt[i»i^" Tjut hU ir«itni mtrmpl at ptw[iitiifp w*« 
BittV ti ' ui tvrr'tifiil, Dvrn^ih uich qtiotitiont aiid lof-lctchcil 

■flavin ' I Iri* i(ii»l*^l T^^u^EdpiTri.' :lIii1 Hnfncc, liki^nH the Eait 

U&i tonpuf tn tbi^ 1-mt BubifkHi, fitid found n type or their tf^a'u% in 
tk n«Uenou> riia[i(Kvie» nf the Apixnl;iiM-. Tlii.-^ Houir tnlened with 
iVdrw^vt. id Sikefid«n ret^iAiDl in n th€iw\*r rf inn^vim »id uit. 'IIiIr 

Bu end for tvtt to Mr. Scott's tttcuipi* xt clMjaencc. In ir***^ tw 
Ihu |C<m(ii| lift <ircaU a^ nmah Aim jomiri|{ in ilic iHtrllAincnUfy 
irhUcK He iL>»k hcttii? pBit in nny uf the diar)Ee% JiiEniriAt Mr. Hniiiiii|^< 
la lfH7 bf riyriicil thi- nlHcv of Cbotkcvllor of the Uii>bnprje of Diifham, 
urml bf llv rfraih 4f Mr- JuiCkc IVdlfi. Jn Jun« I7t<'4 bv vran K|»puial«ii 
lybdlo^GcMnJ by 51r. Pitt, iind reot'iiri:d the honour of bnif^hthood. It 
b uid ifat he 1iiutr4 tu tW Kid;^ hia i»iib Iv d^-'i'linc tt, who annvtitvi ill 
lkrfF(UtfjW. " P*uh. (Willi f fiivu^uu/' mill put lUi' ]itr«nt oil bk^hoiilib^r 
In I7>Skm1 Ij^'J If ii4b rn£«|^ in the iniportMit t]Ltciiui<i|ii> en ||i« 
Rcffncy, in c*v>rtjB<ti/^e of ilic Kmjic^ niiiMy.* 

M I7yii tn c*nwiiu«ui'e cf Qi):<iit incrcnu; of buAincu- he IfVjli n id at 
dm/km in tlm \tw Si|unrc. Ijinnln'n Inn, MU fortune now jnuittbnTc 
nfrtlf ircnmnlitrrf. fm in July Jj?^ hr bouijbl the EJiioit «tatj>, IrtMn 
vych tnb«i|HmlK U l'x>k the tiltr, IIiib tobI bim l"J.«X)Of. In \7*J'S ba 
bvOMieAttonK^-Uracial.oiiSirArctMlmM Munliiuiilil '9 prpimi(i(rii.Sxr<Mm 
IMn4 MCVeCMliiif! him m Siil4iLi>f-4ir]i'-r,i|. Iti Majrb l7'J^ hrttiUnilArcd 
Ikf MiBfe knnwn m 1^ " TriiiiurniL* 1Virrf4[>ondrncc RUI," n-ml. in ha 
fc^hnndmpcMWibkottk^.bucouductcd the iTcLJ-known prawcntionin 17if3 
«piMl HdTBtTooliOt 't«rd/i A^- f<^r tfoaH>n- So hi^b wiin public f^fbiti: 
M Ikia ti*e, nnd id eoaper>tciJ wu tbi^ njoh'— the ^-UAm LvmHu^HPir'^'tt 
thr prnntoitloo of tbi*it fiiiiitTir*^ l«jidi>f«, lUxi ?k1r S^roit'n lifrwitB, ubrn he 
%rtt die OMJt, in nio *itile djinijiir. " Mr hr>kinft, ' Im *4y*, " l»fbn«<l (fff- 
intljr nndpilUntly IlifimffViont the otcitcaiciit- Wht^n lU< peopL^ wero 

■ In ihta p«rt of U^ MtrMivt t^rt4 Klit^i hai tlrfrnilfit hinfiLI fnRDiL UifiI Tbnrlov 
fev tW iBVmntion. M> Udutrlniuly ]in:ipii^ifil 001! %o ttm\f twljcvnl. t^ d'lu^k 
AbAh* vbda tn tlie viatfCiy, wttli irin Frincv'* |uie1|- ttt iiu^ tiv ncwrvauU ftuil 

Cnnr. M^v-VciuXXIH. C 


Itoncn Tw^t^'i Life o/Urd ^JJon. 


v-bont to fttop Sir Jobn Scott. Mr. £r>l(inc caWoti out lo thom. ' I will not 
^ on williouttlic Attflm<-y-f!fm;nil/ Knkmci" rajb Scott, "cansod liJa 
CArrinije <o |^ iluu^y. till lir elivf IPC cut of dnti^r/' 'I'hjn, }ii- snyH, livnM lliv 
Tno4ttiiiporlnTitpr<i<:iL'i.-iJin^lic n'ui«vi7T pniffvioaAUycnffflff^ ltI' TheTrcA- 
«ij|jabk Atti.'tupli Bill wji nov bronj^lit in nud CDrricu, vtliicti aro»c froDi 
the (luiicjg ftUeiJiute lundc uzi thi^ Kiu^'i puTHnii, Aud llir ^friillou^ McClmiP 
Dili i4ji» n-oi-n-w!, In Mny Piiiliiiim'tU hnJ iHrn c!i*»"Jvwl, nuii llic Attor-i 
QL-y-GcticriU iv:t( j'otuniod to i'tirliauieut r->r iJoroLi^libridijfc \o Yoikuhltt, 
mtb i^tr T* Uurdctt tn KU <;i>lk-a^uc< Jn ITllM lii; Rrrvi?d tha ol&c^ of 
Trcujrcr- tli-U in, Pf hicj ^uT, trr U>c Sijuiflj uf tho Middlr Temple, In 
till? Apring i>f 171)1^ n nronrnition f<rr high trrasor iv» imtiLuLeU a^nut 
Mr. Arthur O'Connor. Rcr. J. O'Coighlcy, Jic. h^iJ, thongii five prior iitobo* 
Culione f>f tho tatnc kind by Sir John Scott bm) nil f^liMl, in tluu auv t>t\ti 
oflbv pribonci* wdd c^nvicttvl. The yrnir 17^9 wjn rmtful in political 
prnMTCuImn, Gilbtrl Wnki^field vm trird tot irilition. convicCcil* ntiil im- 
priinncd ; and thv «^i!vt of tliii imprEBonment, ttirougli NU oifD imprn* 
douco wh«D Ij4! lA^a Lbonitrd: coat Lim his lift. Hu vvw au tndcffttigsbLo 
And moot Ef:«louA fti:liolat» tfidrijy read in tliu ancient uultJor«> ftod poMCot* 
\u% n vmX and fetenTivi* itj^Liinry ; bnt he hid nu sck^tiori m hU Ut«nturc, 
dad Hula tasto io hl> criticJAiva! H« tMiDaJ «lwiiyi in rend (tad wtke in 
bivtc ^ hciico bi> Litintly wn uftcu fapltTr and ^lie otuciiflAtiona irn probable. 
Jn Win two yrAio'impiitoDaiciitbeaolnocd hLinftcir^Ulilii« fiiFoiiriU: nuthci^p 
and 41 voDn as hr wns fn*p, in bi» iifixrn to nffltTt a rriidrntfl, ni-crhuitcil 
himiHr by ffxrHimi, nnid cmj^ht afcrpr U'liicb wmt»ftii fata]. In Miy 1799 
Sjr John ^cait made liis \aai cpcxctj in tbt Hnu'^c of CoininDMEp rc«pectinff 
the cloima of Mr pAlmcr an the I'oiat O^cc, tbua coEDplctiri^* bia eittectklh 
ycflr of iKriMrncninry spmotv In hiBofiiL-j^of Atiorney-Cii^ntnii he had 
bf^m niiikin)f nbout ten thoound aytar ^ bututiChtr (.'bi^f Jntticvitiip of 
Ihn CociimoTi Vk-ta hrirointn^ vkcnnt he nii<-4!<!cdi;d to it, nnd took thu title 
of J/i>rd EtduJi- 111 Jul} he hoji »n-urn cf tha Ptivy Cou/ioit' Hii putcnt 
of pcrru^-r h ciiiu*d un ihe 16lb. He l<wk bia »fiLl in ibn Hi^uiic^ of Lords 
on '2AlU Scptcttihft. I.vdy Kldob, vho, irith the nalunl paitJnlity of a 
vU(ti thnofhr, hruhlv of her Lutbantl's pcr«>niil appcnrnrtcc. could not 
bur the jiL^Ei tif hiH liandboiuc ffraturtti btin^ cnicbpcd in the hi\Uy 
mciimfrrrnrr rf a Jiifl^r"* wi^». In roiiAM^iirnrr, l/irxl Eldon 3,wkr.t\ rhi? 
Kinff^i pcrmiuton to Uy ft«i:Io thatpitrt ol bta dm*. Do tho Kin^f a ot>- 
joetiQKi hu aWrvc<i tlint \n Kini; Chvka'B linto tbo judg«t did not wear 
^ifli ; *' True," »Id thi: Kjnif. *' find I ULiit wtllin|F. if ynn like it, thiit you 
■bunbl {!□ ;iii iht-y drd» for, thongh fhty crrlninly hnd tm wifp. Ihoy worn 
thuir bftirda." tVUc^n he bcenuie C'bnncrllort Iho viff (*t pn^'aTe hfu wu 
dUcoutinued^ At tlio cluic o( I7di> Uc lut hia brr»Eher>larry Seatt, to 
whoiu ha yruB much atUthcd ; niid the nt^vt yeu Uib a^erj uiotlcr [inid 
Ihi^ df'bt of Ttnlnrr. In Match IHOI Mr Pitt nnnunnErd tliHt bin Miitthtry 
vaa at an ctiH i iho v^t\w \iL^\n^ hii d]6«ran<:t with tb« King on the U^m^in 
Catholic tjiivfilion^ L^rJ L'xt^hborouifh rralgowj tiio fJroat Seal, to whicb 
Lord Eldon waa dcvate^J. He wjib in April I KOI iip]>oi[itcd by 
Gf^or^tio the Third onn of Lhn lniftt4'i*G of Wti privtitp property, nnd in Jnly 
th^ l^^fih SicwBfriibip of the Univcntity ci' tfxlani vai conrcntd u|HJn 
bini> wirb a vnlnry of M. pet aiiEinin^ In Mny iHt)- be vnc nppointcd 
fri^temor of the Chapter HouariH 11ig lij^b bimoufi. however, of bia 
eanltvd utailnn nriv not lobe ninlntninrd L^iihnirt mtrraiundiii^ labour; 
a labour that M'Cmed antactjmci oven beyond the iiowera of nnfure to 
endure. Let ua hear the Clianccllor^a owa alatemcnt to ft fcmah> friend, 
Mn. Funtcr. 


Hdim INtlw'i X«>> tf tori Etim. 


Iri, ■■^iiw^ !>•• toHfc I Wfc ffn 
ttr«i^ t far afaia W bva« b« «i|jr Sfc. 
J Bit t«ll jtm *h«l ixi'v Up7«uii 10 B«. 

IhiM ll I VIA <BnM tub) mjr CvutC 
1to« I !■■■*■ ml all Ike lUf, Hid d?. 

mmMi 1 •■» cBRwA ttn%M froiu ivj 
CMft ia tt* Hofetf 0/ IjC^i ihfrfp t Ear 
iffi in o'clock In (In mralnc vlvn 
wmm «r IW L«rda c^m uid vhlivvnrf lu 
— AtjyiauiKii t>*p— k. lloM 

w«U bM sIwJ I bfli 1^4] ttUI iU(t4> ud 
tf litf t h«4bM i% aanc mf or altirr, 
«lft iMr M di b flPat t« Uv dIkb Ann 
l>M«llra4dr««Dill«aaiufl- h 

■M «n IrujwtUTiE qaB(li>ii, the vo^ of 
Aiftina;'-) fbrrA nr A'^ui. anid tinte 
lcr|v« bflon* VTtU. tbt llaoM Iralw 
up, I vn tWTltd honu. ind ■! iu in tfu 
VumlOK I fptpmd in go to bed. Mjr 
tiiWT Ml % li«^ J«i< |0i tBi itbcn 1 r«co1- 
lani«d 1 «1 laparCut p«p«» to loot 
oTCTr uid th«a I kkd wM Lad tiaw fa> 
uvBiJiP UkOA . au 1 iiuU^J raj poc lift 
Itf oat of b«d, pvl on mj' cIctEbC*, Utd 
vnt t') mj hiuitjr- I dM fitthlnf Ihn 
p^cni (key rtliLHi to (ie KrcwAfr*! 
tvtMrt. wttkh Imd 10 Ik knnJ tlat ikf 1 1 
«■• iaU cwiUd u<o Cdurt) Blen 1 Lad 
to iklkT«r aftotbvr spldoiia jodgnnl, 
apib «nii< lo tht IfqvM of l«rJ<. AmL k 

(ilitr / ^1 ^M 0#rJ. TbiVB tf« bud irlih 
U % loui't focLiticutiwi.'' 

Ltt Uq vtbo »pir«« to t!>« biffboit lUtiouji of profcitional G<nin«li(X 
KCollMt ftl»o ibo ftnlaou* datie* that Accompaiiy it« r«T t^ cvrry ix«^ 
•datiott* mu&d iLcjr «re iiiaep«ral>]y joiutU -. uid be wlia wouM ciHlruioui 
li KfHnlc ilkenu uwotd fifNl hirn^vlf in dw-w-r trniiblc4 \\\^h ThoKi? lir tiwl 
nuilf DtE«cnt>tcd Ca tT*cJ« ^V^rn Lord '1 Ikurlvw h&« t^kod b«whc gt>c 
IkimRfc bii WImm u 1 CLanctHot, b« vaiJ^ " Jutt u « pickpocket pU 
ikroifi « liunopood.— be itv^' j^xt tljiou^ti." la IS04 the King tio* 
mia so0etu« toiler liifi drrmlfnl mllii-twii ; ATtrt tlie Chaocrlbn »aj»« 
''GplgruilfiAt Qo future Chaacclbr iobv f;o UiroDg^i lltF ■fnii'^ diitr^i^- 
Ey Meim. cr \t cifKiK^ lo the (lh]i(;i:ii>u» i(4|ioiir»ibIlil> nbicli 1 ncnt 
iknm^i. lod WM ckjHi^i-d to diiriiif Ujc JijiLH|iiAtlions tit luy v>vcrei^c." 
tdri BUaa tcUlrJ lo l/ird EncMmbr. that thr^ King ^i^^fi f<> ^M' tbal bo 
bU kad oo« odvaoiUgc frora bit lac^ntal ^kLiobi . \vz. Ibr uteiDB of kiiow- 
k|bbrMl from bu pretcniW fricadt. lu 1^01 tbe force of circum- 
■looo« ftad soC Ux: King'^ vill or faTouiiible dispiHUioiLT ptcr^ilci 

Ujiara Wt, Pi\X J^Id in powrr ^ for kmyv will &Kv>yA Lh' >ii<rvr<l by m<cji 

■ItfadcT^U Ulcnlu anJ Ai-\Lblv uiill» if Ibi-y an j tbv}- don t like Uic uii- 

gaiMWhittg cbinctcr of i^rCAl ud kTty uii^dx ^ Gcorp tie 'fliinl 

MMtt likeil Lctnl CLaUuiui nui bU suu ; Hud iii one psuucu ^f ll^i* wL>rlt 

hr canpluAi ikii onfi of the nrv mLniittry (mcamng, doobtlmi. Uird 

Gm)eaaieiip t« Litn u nonjipnrte u\»ald ifter the battb; of Amttrrtiu. 

U fwU nmcli of bi* fioic was Likcr; up by tbc ditlcn?tio» betwi-'an tbd 

Kfiig and ibi: rii/icci^f Watn. 'lliu cbief cTrut b biv douiotK; life, 

■M tkamArriige iif liii rUe»t ujh itith Mim Kirlley. In IS05 be mjule 

Ul fint ipr««li Miiut tb« Kooon Calb<>ltc Clni^it, wViicEi were br4>u^bc 

fdmutt bi" » iKliluM prcscoUd by Lord Grvnville 'Jlico fuUoi*<d tb« 

*ci^ iB»oyicff butincu of ihc «cciualJoa a|:uu«l Loid MdviUc, lis ttu^* 

MbBu. ajiO Umj oHiir^Df-nt bn li> tbe Ckbunet of bU euer^ and UltiiL 

III. Pin'a r>pi<Uy dvtiinivrg bcaJib vru aUo a Murcc of gi«ttl uiicuiDMi U> 

Ljrtl EUan ^ bat U vu« looii Tiait«d b; o tlocpcr nSktlov in lb« iJlnan 

«mI 4»tb of Lit ddral ^11. wlio died in Dcccmbct 1805. On tbe 'i3r^ 

of Janw) Mr. llrt brr«tbi:d lis )uu 'i1ieu cAim; ibc cbaugt uf aJtuinia* 

tnfkib. Mr, Foe ud Ukrri Gnijulk eunu luto |>ou'«.*r. :iiui Lor^l Brsk^no 

»» apf>oiat«a lolhc Cboiia;llcr>iu|>, On Ifkc 'Itti ]'<-bnxvy Lord £Ii1»q 

InllMircuf ikeBai, and btcj^tK. ciiiucijuf Jilly riiULkil 1^ ft pcMJOti of 

411O0/. a*ycaf. We mnit go uvv^ niun.' npliLE} Uinxi^^i ibc rcinAiiDilcj of 

IW urmirt. la l^i v« &ud Lord Eld4>u eugagod lu convspoudeaco 

16 Homce T^viu^s L^t of Lord EJion* [Jnn^ 

wlih OitnlinCj Prtiicc^s of \V»I««, on tikf lul^cctof tlit i-1iargc« br/hitglit 
•gniiifll Ikfrr. In \V,Q7 UiO ^VIl^ tuiiit«try was tlnatitf^l, itnct he ft^Ain 
look iht OttihK Scdl i 1k' bou^c^t thu Butonjbc c»totc, ii* Dorsctalaff. »f 
Mr. Moduli riti, I'or ^^^i)QOl. l1iinkiTi|» rhitT Irn ni^p xntt t'linmrlrr Huiti^d 
him Vh-eEl. In iIjc ipuiiMi of IS08 w* fiiirf hirn dcfcikdin/c ihe OrJt'ti in 
Council. Hitd till- ■oine^vltnC difliciiU pQLiil of tbc iN^uit' of ll]« UamlmIi 
ilGL*t. U'liDt tlio Kin^ llkuiifihl nf tim OkCt ln^y be »ccn in n (onrf'r^iktoii 
he (inil kvilU wtt aiiihnyMnlvt^ hit. JM-knuu, who wuirci] on the PfiriCR 
Itoyul 10 ili'manH ifir nl^ijis, '* U'nu hi' tifi tfiuft ^r douri ivhrn li<< irrriinl 
^■oii ^"aikert tliP Kitig '* Hi'wiii outtn' nfoinitl-Miw>r, jiW^iwi ywur Muji'fc'y/' 
'^ I Jim |(livl of ttt for yaur tdlic,*' aniil llic Kiuj;, " Wr, if lir lind Imif tLc 
dpiiil <»f (Jcorjjc the Tlnnl, lie ivoiaUI iuriliiMj limo kuiVcil 3011 dovtn 
iiUirK>" In ItiO!) Ilit tliiuu^c-Hur uiLi cuKfRi'il ii; dcf^'mliiiR In* fvlvtv] ihf. 
Duki' <<f \"tU n^?iii»it Cul, W;iriLt«4 tliari^i.'*. Ailiir lliis c^imi* iht' ncrloiic 
mI«Liiidontfii>dLii^ th^Cwocn Loni CWkTi'jLgh nnd Mr. CnnniiiLii hIiicU 
eridcil m tUrir untiuiil rc»i|j:tifiliun utkil tlm ciNJWiiiicnt (^onfifiiiim of ilic 
C'Hhirirl. In OrLobrr tiio Dtiki: of Pi'ULDiLd tlv'\, nnfi ilii! AIuj^ucbi 
\V*lJ(»ii|ry tii'A Ml'- ppfri'vn! fcirmrd Ihr iH^w jirliikiiiiklrntinn At Un-ilnNa 
of llio icm' l*onl fciclon iUmmI for tUe Clitiii<;H]<?i>lMp of 0«fi>rii agiLintt 
Lord tIrctLvilk jhjiI titp Dijkc of Jk-ruforl. kurl ihi^ rc4ki>Tia for liis it*iiI of , 
BUL'LTiiH art; Jutiiik'il In Mi. 'I^tiiaiB viiUuil-, [{■? n^^lu in IHIO M^iixtMcd 
Itio pj^lkion nf ihrt OtUotics' ric\l ytir tUe \\\w*t ci llir Kihp took a 
clkftiML^tcr of drrklrd pi niiitnrnir^, 4tid ihi* Ki|;tii('\ i|04r«iion) wttli lU 
liower* noA liuiiUtioim. Ucciinc the fiubjtict af ImifjElntbi'mlioii fiiL<l iiol<-nt 
liinpitK'- Wticn that ivnn ccUlird ullicr irttrit:Lillii-f rU»^|ipi-mri). rw tliC 
PriiHT lli-gi'nt tuniitiiinl Mr. Prrcrvari niliiiiiiUlintiiiii. lV«nl; MiAlcrtuI 
clinuge lliat Ivol: plotr wits ITid rc-tiri^mi' uI <>I IIjg AltLnjiiOht Wdk-qlvy, 
wUij wu tufconlrt] l>y Lorci Cnntkiefi^lt, hi Mny \H\'2 Mi. Pl^rocra) 1^14 
almt irY llir M?P^ ijf xhc HuUBt: i lie wa* llic |iiirK-jpAl Hjvisti cf ihc 
Oovecnmrni. m*\ liifc l"*h h;»h iWply te\i , hm HnimrriT h f-iirly ilrnwn, 
wp Ihlnh, Ilk lliiT honk, JLU'I UT hli^LI L;ivi> il ;tl tlio i;l'>ifi? of ^^mr Firtir-lp, 
tOgotll^r ivilti aoEno otlrrv, AUvr ihiil-Ii fniilLcJiM i^rrohJitiiin ti> (otm n 
fltron|p(radminiAliaTioij from thi^ jitiictitjti iif l'i>i'il M'<:||c^^^ nnd Mr. <.'nii-> 
mng. ■nd nutHnjuejiily fif iln' ^^ tiiK lmrl>'n. Toril l>it'i'r|irHil rrmk tlic plHcu 
of Mr, lVn.-nvit1, nii«llhi» luluiiniiniiUtiii, ivliti:?! il t^iiT fit Ui'' thno 
W*>hI*I nrtl ivi*nlltrr Uir ?M»»ioh, luiU'd fifti'»"« Vam nnorHiicdn, willionl 
fiuy iBnti'fuil (linnut -if |f*jli(y t'ic<:f>t IIjl- jroj^iiilkon "f lUr Itomnn 
L'jikllKilii: i|LirMioiu niM \y'iX}\im\ i^fj\ iLii|rurl:iiU jiilililumt v )i4T)rl Mio LCtiiin 
tti Mr- CrLniim^ in 1A1 lt» ttir rniniirT i^f Itir: lliikr nf ^^ rlttr^lim in IMH. 
jkn<t of Sir K Prtfi in \^2'I. Wo iDiot |>flHt «vcr the Hojit two yo*rs, in 
wbicl* nolhmc vtry iiDpf>itniit torrk plin^r, ^litliow^li ihc lon^ anrl fiitnl uTrf 
Miti» ttruiiunU'J, anil tin- Binii^Kms u'^rc ii^plicirdim tlit iUroui of I'mutv i but 
in lliotr ^ri^LL rvi'iiU Lnnl llbJon of cfinrvir ibtl i>Dt iip|R-ftf lui » proiiiini-nCi 

Knon, foe \\it- i-<iniilr\- v*h» novv lukn ont of CAnnrrry. nnd bfl w^i in it. 
lHi.> Jjoril Kldon« h^uau frEi« forcibly ODtcnn] nnil l^kcn ptvucmon of 
by h violent inrl ^iijiry iriuti. itifuEinU'd \tilb the Vtnu Hill ; \i'n (naiXy tmik 
rrfii^ in ibe tkitisU Mriirnm |fnnlf*ni4, nnfl ilif nrrji^lof ibc foctt aoliJit'is 
and borM'-g;nartl4 tilnnr prtic^rTcfl the dwvrllin^ nf ibc Cbancrtlor fmm ilt*- 
fttict'tion. I'nrler tliu dnlc of ihin ^cnr, tKt^. tvill be faoud tin itiU'rtVtirig 
rofri'qpuJiiif'fLtx bi:t'ivi.'un Lord Kblon Aud Ijjk binlhtr rcldfing (0 thfl 
KT^mnda vn nbidj tb^' oiptivilytrf IbinipnrlL- alioulrj Im fcmuctf'O. Mr. 
Twtw Mvi, ■* It IB n gfriiL ^'vidr-Mce of Kurd t^Jdon'ii t'llrnoHinaiy |«wrr<, 
Ihtt he tlioLiid ii4vo boon aUv, cut vf t iudi« uf ptq^lcALlici ^h^b ha4^ 

1645.] nwiM Ttrln*« IJft tf l^r€ KlOon, 

Mkd Lord EltecdwnKigfa, Sjr nilUum f^rast, narJ iilir \\\ ^Mt, %o 
^(^occ ft *cJM, cO(v|it<L«i;»i¥c jmliiukcut of liis v^rt^rccuncltinij (he uinl* 

>^Smtm £fiiri||lic» of lir )ttw of nations, Hitd «vitiu^ thu tMiirtioc ^r 
jaitirc bo ihe uacK|ii)Ltity of thr worlij. " 
Lonl EUoii'* wub for rcUrctniJut, whjdi lio lihd for some tiiot^ cnlcr- 
buaedp ftppe*n to bara been Liicrcocd hx n biij; iHucf^, whicb attnclici] 
hw b tlk« aiitsiaiiifir the yru I31(i. He uvi ■nm, lionevcr, re^torcU 
10 hraiick by tfw^i^il (n*Atmnil; buV it vtifoitmiilely wsti only lo 
vilDfM ka Cttct tliM mLicli <litpltBwH bim> tbff ui»mkgo of ha vUftt 
4$9igkUt vritli Nfr. fiforf:c Ro|^toti. Tl'ia be ucvcr fort^^Ti' . no Joubl 
tbftt ti> liki il MpMofcd kt wicET im|iruiii;jLl tiid uukiml ; tiitjrudriit u 
bfritnuBll the aarinUgip of brr raijk :ind «1:iEmrL »r»r1 fmfttTLn, nnd nn< 
kM to ikft wbo tod ihrATt treated bcr not only u bn Jauqlitf r. but bit 
Irimd ^ — U.- «bo fans ikiisWis uion nat be auipnscd Bomcliuic* ot eiLc)^ 
n mM tt vemhn$*et appearing > — but It iviipc^rB Itr ua timt tfjc i>u}y true 
BOiMd of a fiLbnr'flaJitniilt^tn niuat Ik ubtfii a M^-fiof fully clr«tptyi» eveiy 
facHogof tkMmprri un ii)iidt«v«Du9bL'lioii Luelf r^fiM-a. la Jnnff ltl)V 
bt M^W oppMfd futibi r (^iLCMiwn to tlie Cattjolii;* i b« »T>pc»r«> bow- 
<i«r. in tlu4 >cwo(i tu biirc bc^Mi ovcjiuvkcrcd by Ubi>Ljr ; hi wtltct to 
bb btvtbvT, "Tovtii ar thli itctIcJ, I mutt Ituvr— >iiu<'li h my urna^: prd 
I hope, t»bm I il-h Efnve i1, 1o r«tiTrii iin mor<? to l:dwnr iiitbout cciuinK 
frmm «creu jd tlxr uoraiiif; of iK- :>'tiib Oi^tobcr to »iuv at ui^tit of tbu 
JUt A«CB*t* J c^'t bc^ It Jocniti*— it'* impoHiblt." JJpfoK be wcitt 
inttf Doiwttliin: be (^urtU'il iS^Jfoitl Sijti.iel' fur IliiimHon Plutc. wliicb lie 
•mpM till ti» dmOi. In IM'O bi* ymiigc*! rimiijblcr ruiirriri^l Mr. 
Edmrd [f*Akcf* l^rd Llil^i^ kc|>l V|i a c>jrr<'4pr>n(ti>iioc iiitb hi^r, very 
■■■■Ir «nd iinicstricd, vtbii^b bna ciuiclcil tlic pth^«< of tliii l^oi.Tni'by 
vilk »a»r cf llA iiiu«t mluablr iiuttu-r- Ttii; CbniicfUiir u'a« not to ba 
hi|i|>}' in bh <iu^bl«'n» inhrfiJifiifi, Slip nud hrr hnhhmid tlliJiffrt^eit nnd 
tqiu&trcL TlxtJT tbinjri jJ] depend on wlicUicf Judo or tb« EuoionidM 
tMcod ibc lavriiijc fiusl." Tbc ^iwent'a bi'c, bowo^'c^, waa oltogtltcr on* 
Attiosbol Proin tbn tiuti: IjlmtUuliun h^ia alui4»t cnltrcly <iigrubacd, 
lag^tlirr nil b tint iif Kin).', nitnivt^^^''- t"^'T^''' '^'"^ l>arliAnl^nl^^y ihcdHiins 
•adcoailactof (t«c«»(~krobiie. It w-m^. a^d tuljtu-t tor tbc Ministry : v.<a 
m^\ mKoibeT tbc iticn htrt J-).d> Livrrpual, %vlitik ^|]c wilncurij (bo 
ifmlbl #aiirty »id rorfkLiut diMiru of tbc K.iil, u>cd to irjical, "Ob! 
lloi wotDnn ''' fiv bIjc Ulicii-d irt her Ruih. aod ibert^forc m bf r cnndiict 
kMt ntttbte|( but ikc ^foaneiiof periunul nud^idiy arid Ibr vlA»|frr»1[oiior 
puiy fccKoif- 4ie*r)(e iLe Tourlb^ m >KkiiD\v]vd^uir»t of LoH Lhfon h grriit 
MniccB. CQnrcttt} Ibc dl),-ui1y of an l^j^rliitfiu upr>n liiia> In Avf^j^t tlic 
Qm«b dM «iJ inlmiul riifl:<njinATtoii H nlii- tivrd vbr iriieniji:d in ji 
fiw day^ to bjivc kfi Ibr pi^imiry for Iho ronliiient, find nil prcpik-^alimi 

^vwt ttMO f?r 1k« Gxpodttii^L. lu J [^2J n icction nf Uic lircniilb jvrty 
^anl tbc ^ti«io1fy« aud \lr. Peel accepted t-lic ol&cc of llckoic Secretory 

Xan rninnbn Juno 


Nod U jBKunu «Jq(, uva iHi |^»ijfc f rrtUt 
Boiwidc* Buiuse ho* d« fuatro npUA 
g^moi^Bi ttrsTflM torvDi'- - 

f 1^ Qwvn, ilW rHirtbf fmm fliflplAy. murii) nnil dntnk k tqntbltr of ni^nnlo 

•&4 VAFT. ipon tkil at* nmllniTcrl inc;!!!^ of illlutf il tiuflnniiin ■ ihik ui-eulfiiirJ ■ 

iO Urt t)0*elc- V^e bid tUs fruiu t Uilj idbo ivu liTiDf irkh hn 



lli^racc TwUi's Lifi o/taTdEidQa, 


roiCf. nMi "' Maiiiittn ve hanJ nin, but ihcj atlll b^vc £ t^rvt'ajt^ Tor rt" 
LnrcJ Eldon omo»ed tb« KuTHbn CatIioli<^ Frrn' Hill, nitich kid ^niti<^(! 
tbe Common D, bni tv«K nf^g^tivi^J irt tli^ Lvrili byain>J«ritycrf 171 aguu«t 
129. He wAn c!<'fcaT<'I, ^^Tticr, iu \ih oppoeiljoti to tho Muria^o Act 
AraoiJincnt Dill. In ibc Au|^^uat of tbis yrar be niw iiiucli aJTcckii) by 
Uir (l<:ntfi t>f Liinl Ixhnfloiirli^n'j ; vhbo»r vHcaftt jiTncc WM flrppllcd lijr Mr, 
CitminE[> an «i>p(niitmti;t nbicli n-tf ri^follcct ^!iv? a gcnernr tallifuctlonr 
nnd much ttdtnota^c nna nnticjpnlpd froni hii c^^n^mMndinjc talcnla and 
tiibtnr^ ^^^ librnit policy. In US2J hr bnd ki luslajn aitncnrd «ttAck 
vf Wf. WiHintiiB oil tlic jimtf-eiliTiKs cif dianctry mil tlie pmfibi of ibe 
Cbnntelli>rihi|).* Mr. l*Ct'1,oti Ibia otTimiop, irtiil th* Ctionoellor iiin:oait] 
van liardly mtyro tbnn a tluni uf what tW Mcmbvin tboD>;bt H ^vaa. and 
ttc Ch&ii<;cllvr btuiAcIf ardd tic detected being l&J^DCiKcd by aonlid motlm 
SDiV futrlifig^. It (Ws not iL]ipvitr h ibr LiTt- ulijit h wa>, but siiJUcic-nt^ 
ire bclkvf, tn have ikccninritstri nt l-ord F.Moa'f ^Mth to>ome«h«r< 
ftbout tight bundrcd thouauud poiiniH- [ti May ho rciUtcd ttic Bill of 
Li>rJ lAnidownc for the TcKcfof (b« Kni2li»b CAtbolIci. Mf> Cnfiran^ 
cnllcd )ui vnci^cb th^t of n '' ]>rtlirii|CK>"Ji l»^jcri" i^ii whjfh l^fii t'lldint 
obw^rve*/* PtiUikiAnn arc fond (if rqjr«7«^t]0f hwy«ni »« mtixt ijranmnt 
MUticianB; llioy uc pStaatfrl, hi>»'rvor» (o roprcb^l pobttcimiA a* tkot 
bdng LCQ*frai^t lawycrtt itbicli tbtji moft UEjdi>LibUd]y, gcoor^llyaro^-aiid 
lluA wii ni:vvr iimrc cicuiljr dc]ur?u«UBt<xJ ibau t) !^fi* C&EmiiJff^ e|ivt>c~hc« 
cn 1h« Ki>mnn Ont!io11r niirjtiiop." Moitt nt ifiU np^ilrui or ]H?5 wai 

{ii4Hd ill dobitv on thfr Hoin&n Catbolii^ Itclicf Dill, Khich pafwd tlio 
'Ornmona by o ninjoiity of *2\ , but vrn lo«t in tbc Lordn- Tho «c4flIon of 
l8?fl-7 tcrLrinnCrd tbc ofllcml, Ibrnj^b nut the jiuhlk\ life of f^rd HMon. 
Iti Fcbrowy !-6ri Ur^qiool whm ici^i*d with thnt nllifk whidi di*»frnye(l 
Ml mcutal {io^«ii, tiiid hubtct^iicijlly bis lire. In April the formiitjan of n 
Goremmcnt vim cuETuntcd to Mr Caiinjiii^j >uid Lord iLldon wo-i jtuccccdrd 
uClmncdlaFfry ib« prcBt^ut Lotd LTpdhursU Hoii^si^ucd Uir SciLlsmithc 
SOlb April I^'.f7- " f bnTH nuw," h«nfd, "bikrii niy Tireivpll oi offitv ; 
tbc KiSji btliftvi'd to mi- vith Vindnria Knd fcflirig i" und, ve tuny aloo 
bddp fiuin knotting: IIjG CliJincdlor'A bnbltg of life, be ptvc bjm n toiikard 
far IiiA {wljitions, ji^ircr]-!*!]!. Hla blj^b ofllcc bv bnd liclJ hbunt a ijuiiEUr 
ot a Oi'iiluf^'. l.oid RUon'n lifr ii-in prciTonprd for ivu ycnri pfTi^r this 
Mriocl ; box M'(^ \tkve oo room left ti> record tbc rvetilB. tUoBf(,br » bU 
idiWni^UcT Myi; ''He MtilL fnilbfnlJy icrvcd bta conntry — cppwin^ llic 
weight of bla jcnn* <if LI> abilitk:i, nnd bia cbornctcF, a^-unnt tlic inali 
ddmloni of ibe tim^— and, with ateadfABt and c&lui thpit^i^rd li> all the 
odds of pnHron md povrcr,dcf«cdbg 1o bis lAlott «ttvn^i *ht iostita* 
linnfl »hich hii iDonhood hnd bc\'ii d:.'votcd 1o iDuntiiio*" It U, wc 
think* priiiclji^dly Kcii in Uin u|7ptiBjtluji to Ibc ivpcol of ibc Teat ami 
C<*q]onilicin Acts ; in \S11H iilso H^Aln«t ibr Cilbohc CWinn, propnieil by 
Lord LauBdoirnr . nnd ugiin in IW?9, at ivhirh limp tht nrconnt lio ^itci 
of tho »1tite of Vficillnlivn in which he found tbc Kinic tu his interviews 
with him, lA txTy eurljus l be tAtked of goiiiif to the bntlis Abroad — fldng 



* Tot. tl. p. S5t^i Lonl l£1ilofl Myi, tn n I'Krr In hli ilnii^iUr, that Ifat proftu «< 
iSfClunfrllnnliip tmt lltUa AOfv than %WCI. Iiti rfnipu la hfeiitrD|*IfT 4,L>0Ur. 
■tn. tf io,ihDLaw\i not to >t«ll pulil v lliRniurch.A^r t]i« liinbtJiiriuk irf Ix'iLduo !■ 
■I Lbii thna KviUi 40,000/. ncT ■nAuin ' ! Itnt «< thU iii. f, 3U, whfri it Ai-pnrkt 
ftocn k fdiJrT itfeLimtiiirp ib&t Ui pivlt* Jf &m ttiQ Gbu«eUofUtip lit Itc irtkOlc t^rw4 
WVn H]TOU^. pel KUUA, 


Ildritt TiviiB'fl Uft r/ Utd f-Jtion. 


Uft atfli «MDd Lord EUoo't Dcck — ukcd wtut Lo n^ to fJI Wk upon, 
■fld «m Mwr to hovD piT|iir«I JiiroMirfDr ineetlna tbe iitoal irojtorruit 
MWte agla«*d in liii w>pi. Proboiblf, i»h«D Lord flUoa Joft hitD, ho 
U bo<lc 00 o pvf / of /<?« f ra# fiud a boitt^ <rf Barguady ; but the rcncra* 
III OBd Itroiqf-ttaodcd iUt<«DiAO wa^ Altnclic^ to Gcwgtl be Fouitii, utiil 
vU CHiWj for bi; had dbtlngutihnd bjin 1>y ^loljtic*] faroui uid [wrMiaitl 
ftJBoJthip. Oft«c,1irbo4d biv, h(? luffl ito lajin to mucb- Tbo fautgrcoi 
■DOlioft wkick c^cuptcd iLfl LtttfalJEm of a oah now to bU 80tb yotr wtf 
Uc Reform Bitl ; id tbii bs rwnly oppceStl dl bii remaiaJniE tlifrngtb. 
bi I^J be \m Ibtf ok) out) falibfti] <-ir(|]|iiii]tr)n iif bU Urr. fdirly Khiua 
tiprvd ta ibc 29lb JuoOi lod from lliJv Jilliciiou be oov«r iFhotly ro- 
i p m o it Alnort tixly jt^n bjid oUpiod itooo lio r««ir(d the fjiir 
totes b1iioom*,M oU dcicoiidoct rntm the window <if hat fAtba'« 
fcoBor, 0&4 for diU lang period olio bjtd blibfullv nbnrvd in all hat (anana 
*^wiOt dMoriWIotM t» cbo phfotioM of «ar^f lif^. ood viitli niodrit re- 
ttvoBfrmt dsiini* iLc HpknMir of bio bder ^Ve bnuir fow Itiia^ more 
diocoriioot 19 00/ aiiu4« ibm tbc lobodout kvryer nod bit dubiuv, fubioo- 
lUc «ad eipcnoivc vlfr. If nouun inobto be ipiplbef ilMndaeachewn 
tmso ibo >POfiu!d prafeaktnt. 
EkUo'o nodiod odiiMf bad come to on opinion tbot bi« bo^lli 
vooU Iw bco<{tcd ty Crcqucot tODTrmcatt Ibrouflh long coIuoim of m 
Tmm tliu lime tbctofoie, IbtouKli tbr [cmaimftrr of bi« lifn, bt tmrrlUd « 

CI iM* Mkd •omtUido* will) no «ibpr otject ihkn lb» Jodfoct iuelf, 
■^Ud hU Ihrttff ttd oU4l«s in tbu North— looked oa tbn 4c«d» aed 
ivrMng cCMpftOMU of h** joutbfnl days, ami occo^ionelly Kcvt to 
EaConliF. In 1833 ko IM kl> iooond wir, hIki died in July uf that yrnr. 
In iM jtat bo lad 10 Boob itcovorod tu« ht^iitL bi tn ba 4bb to vrdk 
to U« top of tbc KnMNkbo Hilbt B favoonto »pot; comuimdinK exteonvo 
vnm of bad ud Ka. Ho nUo i£ncd al tbo B«ucb Ubk. m tbc ^liddlc 
Tvi|do lIoHi ftitk tbc intwbm of Uio Society. Tlio 6ib of June wu 
At ImB dftj be «nr lai kdiciftlly m > Privy ConncUloT. U tbo ictniDn of 
IKH W w*t fabfMCsiMd os a triol by mi Mttomcy j when ho appeared %o 
Ukt fab icat Uic ttbcl? Oar rrspcctfvlly i<ac. hi^d M^jjin wbcn uc vlood up 
to be mrv, \U. Ttrin A5«» '' Tb4t vnjt pn>bat>ly thn only c^m; whpi^ a 
l^n) ChanoeJoF vtm defendant (Broi^nBi), >n cx-Lord C bMncoU-v wit- 
MM iSldon), and«BOt^erri'iordChaDrotk)rltiejnd)ce (Lyndhiint)." In 
Aii ffur Vc vat receiird wjtb i^reac hoDouft At the InstilhtEJuu nt 
Otiard. He w« patticnl^Tly pl<-4M'J i«brn leaving the tbiutrr iinmn nno 
oM 0«l, ** Tb#f« U odd kidon^^hijer Kim, for be ncT«r raited/^ " I 
«W ttltb dalifljbtedp ^ t OOvcr dy nL 1 viill not ny L bnvc bcf n rr^hl 
ikoilb life; I my fatra b*«D noti|!— but L will lay tbat I baiv been 
iiaiwim" In ibc fcniiatkici nf Sir K- PfrT* i(orarnfaeiit jn 1815, from 
Lord Udoft'o greot a^ i^nrl groninff i nf irtuit jca, no tmdor of athct vat 
ondo to bim ^ but Itw mmi^Tcr conveyed (o bini an ouflinc of bU polittcit 
nrtto, and Lord Eldon »lkll coutkucd lo latcfut hJuMcIf in tbc political 
mmMBTw^ of Ifac nonntrji utJvg binui^lf nomdiag tn tbc ndTlm fin ntfi 
lolfao hodbnl at Kuibjford, " Buiy p«opk ue apt to Ibiuk n life of 
leiiaA a UTc of liip^i^i:!^ i but nh<fv o aiui uho bao Iwcn iiid^ii occupied 
anifCoat kanntE witLintc to do. be i* irnr apt not to kaov niat to do 
vifb fauMdf," In IMd bo Uvrd to ftilutrsi th« dentb uf Lunt Stuwetra 
asly orm, and shorily aftor of ih9 fatb#r binftolf) u-bn4n fridrmiry of 
■M b«l apored hia tU painful knowlodgc of the groat afltictiou th-ic bad 
bc^ikii blm. In ScpteuiUr It^G ire ^od Us iscdjad adriocr, Mr. Pea* 

Horace Twis»> tiff nfLcri HMon. 


iiingl«n> >t Encottibo, itiil Lar<l RJdon ("flVrinp "O'lrr itnffii>di>Miii,whldi 
i« mil nuiuvJ, Ijut ulitcl* wn* iirunfiumi**! Jatnl. hi Vlnffli 1837 bi* 

Mr< 'kiikcx itrul I'Uly Finnrrh. lit Jnur. Ua liivl ix huinll r^LJiily pirl> 1^ 
CiJicbrati* tilfl hif!hflfty, bh*! Ii'k cUoprfnl mjinnrr niid pU*^Kr»ril C(»riVtTWiTion 
wm uoIJFi'd by lijA friend*, ll(! vprnt 1li(' nutumti of tin' yi'«r \H^7 ptrlty 
ftt UnL^omhc mil partly In anoihcir jmiriRT t" tUo Ni-rlh, Mr, Ppnmnntoii 
dncribirjK huu aj ncicr murv I'lirerful ur moic atiuiiiifinl in ftt)r<x(oic aucI 
iVlier p^Hi^aiiT codVi^nntifin^ lu Novcmlirr hr wrm in tlii? Kuiul* of 
IjorrU. ELiid pEitd iivrvuriMly -.t liamJimmT irficupliuii-'nt lo Lord C-Ati^^nhjiifi, (in 
tlic hifU rfputntinti hi' tiiid rtrtjuiri'il m liiii oETk^c, l-Vom tliit timti h>k 
nlmi|rtli jiiimily xlc;:»yccl— [n^ wits ^ilTitkil tiy tlic cold of llie wvcfc winter 
Tint Wia lhi!n rnmoirnrini^ ; niwl. aftrr Ih'Jiik ^jniifiiieil f«r wuh* dnji lu liii 
rvoni hihI Iwd. Ia< cvpirtd in llic :ifrffrnrioii of Jiuiunry l-itli. nt a ijuarlcr 

ErhAt four* On tk« Uftli bo wu b»ri«d in the ctjufwl of Kington, uenr 

Ill* ljiotfn|iber, 4t ibe mnrltiainii M Inn iiftrmiivr. Ims svUM tW iffsli- 
mixiinln gitcti hy Ibn hi^linit aiitiiriHtU'ja nf the hx;F to Ijird VvbWii 
qDnlifiUihUi^ifl for tlic rilntjmi U*^. iLfUi -, tL^illmoumU cotnitig not rrtiin 
jtrrMrtial rrlcridii but from HivttK o|if>i>iicd ti> hiin, und tlibl foiiAtnntJy and 
conidcnlinutly in ywUliaJ life »«! gt'iicial [H>)icy. — frum hir Saniuct 
KfiMkiMy, fnuu l^nl ;^tf il>4'> b»A|i;iv^iL rnnrh iiifnrmnTinn ^'OTtby 
orMlvntinn oil tbo our »ci:iiiia1ii)rj hikik'li nionu tfi>iiintfiil K&te jutlly tmindcij. 
vif. hi« dolny in ffinni; judi£inr^nt. Wr miiht, Ixiwcvf^r, on ibenc pnintn 
refer to tW wurL iiarli', irniil imiKt coutcnl uiJorKcn wilU iccoivlmtc in ihcsc 
|»lEi'i ti(p opinifm iif nn tmiiicnl dvilinn nnd wHI-kunwn writer, wUa was 
wdJ rtcrjLnjntfd wilU J«<iril KIJoiLt nct^uireiriMiU nnd Ibc iiroclicp of Inw 

"lb prordunil, nlAiiiivt, and ■fUTLimlr' 
knn«]4tf1j[f nf tUo pnCioijiW «' l'*i <ioiiri." 
uyii Mr. C^ Ui\Ttfr. " tnil thr riitp* oF 

SirAcUw vUcb rvf ulic Itn iirucMdiiifii,— 
n n)m|ilctu muilfiaioii mi] juit nii- 
pMoiniifiTi ftl fftmi*r ilwien^nii— irj dli- 
«tniDfi lb' UforTciivi ii> 1^4 j^itdy drvim 
fKA ihcFD, — LiL Vic {lOirflf o( thttmitd* 
BMMlf aniilfiLii^ |]iU Lmmrnu ibHir^IlfHl 
Uld |iEliStlt«l knuvMbrr lo lUg liuailifH 
IaubmIimIj' hutotv ilfJ fouEti'-la pii- 

Wh#n Irftnl KMoD hmt] ibUjiivt Hnil hand«omc ritlo^y l>y ona ^^lui bnri 
knovti-dge to otimnU his ojcriU c^oncctly. And Uialc Id Jc-^crilw them r^lc- 
gitnllyr bo obtcrvrd to liiin, " 1 haii'u vcdTukc] to lliiuk Ihnt my ilfct'xliltiit^ 
& rrcinrkAhlr prnnr iif nlkiit iniiy |>r: lUmr in !i fmr rotinrry hv n>ndrRifj« 
Uli*ntKnnd upwr-rraiiny inrlu^lfy , hot ] iwwr pn-juincd to tfiink that I 
had lb« uicfiti ^cu have p|eu4Mi Ut Ibink it ^>or| to nncribe to mc. I have. 
tv\i more rcuMUTiou clmii I can c^nprcti in rcmTiii^ tii n putt of yunr work 
wlint h oouiiJcrabIc ttcrami * nUiW hi ninwr.r in lb;! ii)i|iutMioM nf l»if]|{ 

f'Wing «Uioi( with If'lultir* robdlarw, 
tut lh« flrBi unoiun^t of lli« r*K. lU rail 
■Iflti*, ami fnit uttimaFr ruprlmidn at 
('qmlj i]|iiin ti* fri bivMtkEBtiriff it, with 
tU Mii>*I c'jnfDidniJcufi Di^Bl uiUiulo, nnd 
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ilf tllfve fCf^iaila ftl 1 Jut: dMrbjI'KV of 
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[i4|ni]L4iil, ha* nuiimlly imvi^F Iwvii tor- 
pjBsrJ) bjr ikny of liti pr^crfuor*/' Af. 


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wc <!<*- Wlipv till nan told him tTut ihn pnblli? Aaim*ffd hicn of dIUtnrtorw. lie 
AoiwDfcii, " Mi ^Uild. «vIk-ii tuu iLaU liflv^ md »b«t 1 har* md. flHn itbiM I h«t* 

«HV. fend hf urd rhfit I bat« Imudt r^n will frtl ihal Lf« va uir *uliji!(.t, tim kiuiir 
saoh Uwra may b| alftc miirli Lhitt yun Jo ntii Vjiiiw ; hiiil thjil aoiurlJiJiii; noa of 
vhHl ynu kTinw iniy tint» nt th; inaujcriTH bo la juur rriODil'cttDn -"^ynu mli tliL^a ibd 
be iBntiblc of (be miicEilcvoua >nd oncn rutnoiu uontc^umm of flT«n a tineli error 


Hanm TinmU Ljfi tftt^ Efdon. 


Hflft km bem oftm ftnd f »diiill iiio«t furly imputi^ to ma j to 
iB wbo iMM* tt« «f it, I viih lo gira w my Kuwer the puiikKo I «Uiido 
le^" lie. Wc ibiB only add one pusn^ more m bebg Ibc roullofA 
I Hfr iiioaa l iaiiior (fcui & politjal judfuie^t, and, tberelbn. nora cutitlcd 
l>crtdtt te lB|i«rtUicty, fijr (lumgL pmf'woii;!! prijiHUoM are Itroug Utry 
yield in Utenilly tid In itijoatlco lo pohlifaJ Hhimoiily, 

tW vtlua of Unl Blduo*! 

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TW iioftk of Mn* fin iut ho iiBHveii 
ly Ui«|if iL* qkcv^M witb vhldi tb« 

««l k«< M ■'■IT'* 1^ :*^«y«o»^ «r ^ 
twiHf nw MMt 10 irfmic 4f tnlt, tad 
frtfr r^H^ ■? WfMtfi Bolters 
[tt JaryiH wabMU 

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ttorMP«w* fcr ntedu l« 
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l^odploi, noAlu to faiTgot aal liKk to 
■dd. Hal ba W tkia 1m brilliut 
dkontb mora diOoiU iMk oT (UMofaiik' 
iBf no cAct^of ihaao prftwipla, ai r»< 
modUnfl tbe «>cr>paoioK vviMT tdpn^ 
OadBtata aoA of cuadbic (ba tpidlcaaoo 
of aldoHaciplcoaod pncc^rtilt l4 * um 
c ooai rrom uf douM m ta tha |4Wia« 
^dU to vMi^ mrh iiithfli'irti uv ap* 
pUfd, liflfil'i Noi»nrhiLmiinf1lfi*diriflta 
miy be codbjiIctU tlic fi>iiii;*EQ« of «^ty 
fctWi Jlhu rourrcd f« Lord ELdou (o 
illuMnla UioA botk, as Cob* ii]u*tr*E«d 
IJltMoa, by Cba adninbU aoauBantuiaB 
hp hM praatfvod m lb» daci4ooa of Uo 

Wo ihoU now add a ftv cnticiJ ■b«lcbct of tbo cbaraour «l «om« of 
lla aoat <«iacn4 of Loid Eldoa'o contnoporofka In tbc law, not ottJy 
iWjvt Mod pleulni; nnTthofUadf worth, boC for tljc JitcnnbjiMjf 
it ibomi In citinatlng tlielr tnriooi talcno ud ■cqumncnU. 
lAtcn^tcd in ih« aubtjuct may have tiic Jcjauto ud curinity lo 
oe^p ar e tbe ptrocBl portraiu of toToc of the pcnoni vritb thotf ikelchod 
Vj Itfod Drcfnsham !a fail Gjillrry of tbc !^uir«mcii of the time ciT GfOfifQ 
ill. ladf ai icgvdi ■□cof of iho tithm, jTortiaijia \he prramt ivcolb-otion 
«f tbMi, dnwn fffoli u ii U &ow ti£o, may be the ooly opo rt-fid«red 
pmm»ne»tj by bncg iaa}rponlcd in a popolu vroik like the prt*4iit. To 
•V aUo iLoc trbulfft, liuu«T«r KiULiil. lo dv*partc<l uict'l!ctiir uf uliat- 
mt kind tn emtoniUy unillfyfog, nprrhlly wh«n the p&rlnrr U 
hn| b tg ii «d by tbo itioboo of Um utiitB pencil, who ikv fniuilUr with tho 
be advOBlnRd to draw. They remind im of tboM ooblo and 
tankioorti mhoA tbc pcit Ronuzi aUicomaA and orator ao 
Is hnr lo fcda aearoely kss grni r^nli rltbrr In t!je fnmm or tie 
MMI% tftd widcb form* one of thove p^rUoiuoltbc n^Lounocf hLBrncbaoU 
bf ffloqocsce li> rtLicb w« are ncvor lind of rdcmaif. It is in tbcoe 
dniaa p<^«a that ttic oamei of Cnsena and Hortoiiaiua. of PoUkj and 
Udnlv. 4tUI snftTW; iboogb rt^ry rtUe of tJio tpk'iidid triaukplis uf tlirlr 
loag pAicod aw^y. J'liit tbclr Tiamft UjII Ike U tlic faim; 
BcmofT of a^, U Golifdy owin^; to tho cifwimtfanoo of bftiiog bad 
Em aa twir fncAd -, aod, m ScMca m}y <\momt of another perwn 
lUB nore geaenlly kiv7wu« " KiHocn Attic) |mrc ncemni?i qiialolof 

ho AanataaiBoJ naotWvc*, I tfwt. vtM th«n vinkn joa i« ilonblfiil, « l^fil, ood, 
tan^atartf. M dUaeary, ■« I •mieniaAiorbilnf;' Ac. Builtf 'a Hcdi, p. >04, 
* U wa Mititan >fco waatnmJon of amleacw, an J tba yogal mmpMiHoo in Lard 

abtbaf Hv vDaldvUUi^lj vourui^lboi a filear-bcadcd maa miwt gaywm biwwif 


Gmr, U*Q. Vol, XJUU. 

19 Horuft Twiia'A L\ft of Lord Bl^n. {^i 

uadodttt Nihil illl prt>fiii»aet gm^^r A^rippjt* vt 'fibopjn* pr^fg^rtr, 

applirnwpl,"" v. Scncc. K(u 21. 

Afl court! of i-'|iiiIiW jiiiikdu^jon iii (hi* 
churH lorn hip (Y I^M Klilim ihc only (hm? 
•t vll ixilUClirAbln 111 liUn in ihr nclcmiii*' 
tr«tidn of «i)4lly «ai Sif WlUiarfi l-rivnT. 
tht MaiC» of the VUAW, ^\tt ivl'ft^tl U 
thf C'hriitUUU tnPilion vf IdlT. \\t Zibd 
not Ktkjfijr<El *a *i!fliiiw pmnnrr at ih« 
Imr.btLi, Mr. riuviHlfdccniattbiicon* 
ftLdcnitffD ■ iQtcDiluT one In the CAK «f 
« penoB |!0*iciati]f Aicli «pnrltf «n^ 
■DcJi iif?quirDii]c*EiU, hfEccTgi] \xim, m ITt^!^* 
for *i|i*-itar-Jirii»niL Aftnr ili<rhar{m^ 
i(t[htniin«UTp«MtdrrFilittholririil lu vtrtl 
b xXiv tHuUuHiaUrT dutln of iu oni»» 
lir wBi aO>ti|i4:eJ. Su UOl, lO lli? JMiU^ljr 
<if Mbatfr i>( (lie Holla. H* eiunn %o 

pTlriicfi in lnit(ir»<if rniirT-pr*r;jrr vhirh 
noL uaffi-itDniLfy f(irmi tlie lualii ilock Id 
tlvJc uf iufttim fijI''i>i:Htn, I>uL bit cue 
■od Indtutrjr tooa lupiiljed tfaol oh dcfl- 
d'DCf, aaJ Ihiit* wu th^n notliing Itft to 
tip ftrarrv^l. If hn did nor ]ia«m4 thn 
■tfflDAllnliiJtlvF HiTfptloD BiLil Uiilrtml 
f«*lCB of lsc«l k&fDluc Ut 4hitU LuiU 
Eldonu 11)40 u Cbrt fvcUvcrc before bim 
Hv tlidr fibnlo rclattva »iii) roiult in 
oonnectioQ vtlfi til tbe Jbn vLich bt>n 
upQO thai, jt.% Sir Wirlmm <iranl vu 
Itrofotmil in the n«aE |jrlriL-l|>li'a iff imr 

ai^Ublpjuri«pnjJcnL-r, tnd lici'l. Nk? Ixi^J 
don uid Lard LjrMllmnt. Ibo nrt anJ 
U|li pO««rof hotdiD^ hi* Biifitl unlll ifae 
VbT7 f1o« of ftll tli^ irguniRila, tin^iiuifil 
fiir APu^iTifet Mtj Vinr nf ihn rmo, or 
any pvir tn It* «nil ii|iT<D ti>viy LJKlit ^m 
wLitnTir qurtor. AvdilinK l^tusblf *rl 
ttitMe fopafUcA, li«mliktaLDirdaii thcbmdi 
■a tlaiflat iiatm>fcen wuhtnit. uul. cicapl 
■ ben nplBiitUan of innir farf ivna muS 
lac fbrtHmi froDi bqj^ LDlerni|itlcn of 

IntomQfb ttkfer, WEOUK ibc ]iuiii>r inu of 
Ihc law, Ik boM tb« unliiLioiiI kppilUticm 
ni * t^ity rmtr^tdJ' Hit «l[>Hh«4«»biiv-. 
ev«r, tttmirn} nothinE nf innlvlUly. ind 
lie rnjoyt^ En ibc fullMt tlrifjuc fruui Ulc 
bv Ibe fvapmt umI re^iid i^tai \\x\\\ b; 
UiAE JiUtlf j^otH bihl^ b) x\,^wr> jadijT*, 
but (a (bw alon*, «r>iit ijiijf <pl»*<rif Ibe 
i*fttprornl ponOinifinf lb»*r iTalkun. VVa 
Jnilemrati mrf inodtJi oT jur^lrinl ^m* 
p<j>ibvuf auil Uic Ma>(cj uTlHc Rulla liflil 
nu uaun tdriitx ailinirrr ihnii Tha Laid 
Cbuc«[lar. Sir WiIIjldi Graitt for nianj 

^iM nftof Ilia oloTudoi tnthrt hriwFi t** 
TiJnpcE hiK inE vn flap? Iloiiit of COFrrnnni- 
fU tpnlr flirrr arli^Din, but diMyi villi 
^TfiL EuiprcHiuii. fi^in thFifioriHth bUm- 
Eicai uf bU Btjlc, anil tbat C^^nC faiitJlT of 
RTiin^ difct eo alfuneot «ihiiib vw 
ajitlf 1an»d in him < iha ^^nloi of con- 
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kiiaiiiL'*! of (hr Ili^UH ol Lonl»th«^Fprn- 

ni4'&I hud lutn'^J lU 4nvTktlon t<h the 
iinalliSciirLMia nf iLii? AitoriKiti^Qenertl, 
Sl[ koberE Clifford, 11" ir*i a Uvitrvf 

E^iiit ttbdirjct toil of Bt^tJ bftiff ff>rtanf< 
[e hftdtforly diaLiuguiibrd bimt^lf bi (h# 
t'ciiirE [tf ki(i||'a itrrii4*h It^ a tcnp tftjr nf 
piirriTif hia pninti, nml hail bHimiB ■ 
ftvDuntc vUh iTie iudir<^ if nnl b^ uyg 
Ki'cat iiaiivuruiibil ui Jr|'tb of kn<iiilcJ|t4a 
vi^t» by (]ir luccibtitaL^ia u( Lirt fr^uicnUi 
t]ia randiqcuof bu ■ppraboiniori. and tl» 
rv«|irnTfii]nr« o( lii> ii'iimnf'iir. Fur Ihn 
iFcljiili^bl part of bki piorMjion hit oeit 
ntiE'i K» mutikaUf i»cll ^uabfivd ^ and* 
Idtmn tuci:x«d<d iti Utile ibiitp. J^ ima 
tJiDiijifaE ULvl; to auOin r<r iront«r> Hd 
irrjr tlroi^^ly rrr^intnfnflrd trf i^irml af 
Lbf riiiTiniiU'Ui* ji]iT|{Eh fur ibrt uflk^e Df 
&uli<:.tijr'Grrn?ml, and tibuincd it ■<- 
oordla^ly. In ibr lloutc tt Cominou, 
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ndviinuiL;?. Ilr^ hpnFvcr. liiul but UnJe 
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ftaiL'fruLii EiJ> mibbir uf ilmdir il, !li|£- 
OH^niC to lhdoffif« .^f Attomt7-GfiiiHtil, 
lio v»» of COUTH, «ntrijil*fl i^iib tba ron< 
(lurl of tlie Qiir^n't tnaL iiid h^ illi- 
dmrtrd tbi? ImpEirluQlduty uruptnlni that 
ipitt uaiii:, juAt u iniclit imw bt^rii ri> 
jio^icd /rncii i Itiwitr wbn wai. In no nr)i4 
a Hktu tif tlw WLifJii, «nd vfiti kiiaw btlU, 
\i ally tbiTifl, ibf t^pfljitf or/»Jfl;iH be VAA 
tbrrr addrrulci^, of <ir the pnnulaf tn» 
fliiriJCff' iliflfl bru^oiii:<( lu wurk mi ib(r 
liuruou.ra And (he fnm of tliv If^iltrare. 
Uf Lo*4««r acqulicd touo Inalfhl lafo 


■ Sp^ tomr jiiiUHotti obMrrttiuni on Sif W» Givtt'a Atflc «f ptrlumraUiy ontorjp 
in Uio M«moijra cf Mi- Uufacrt—lUi. 


Uw*c* TwUs'b Wr */iorrf Etdojt. 


U Ua dow qT U^n iht nv^jpudixi of 
Sr Kabrivt Dalba ktviac imiJ* « vacun 
kcWChkrJullMbif «f tb« Covmn 
ttiH, Sir KdWct CiaVjrd «m pmniUrl to 
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of |4t!4, be ma toiwfoinl fhuo 
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fiH on tbf »QiMi^a, Ehii Ike 
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IW fcf w al of IIb Snlcli 4pwalt, tnurc 
■yffiiJiy, h« car* nocb laCiitacUfin. tml 
la Jna*a ■ ■!*■•« pvttn «f liua lioio to 
ly iteCm cf Oia Cout <4 Chucwj,^ Jk«. 

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«rfadaMita and In lIoM uf arvisftbH — 
VMV» b ktt Itauh QUI of tbai ct*«t »u 
te «hkfc KvM %»■< Iba Hk (H* 
c^ii«l W il>« ««. mJ itfU It ^<r fMUi 
1W ksjt «f aU Uw kHtmn of Uio ibbt. 
OflWafl ymriaiB, bmi of TtiMn af fint 
tafMHlm, a brer fr^poftum ^<nil^1 hf 
^MralanJ anlj ti a loni and fiuuoui 
■nenatvf r«««<* to f itnc||df . aitd lu- 
OiclMa fam aaalofj, 7\« grvAtt of 
LanI fftovallt it oa<o prolisauJ ui) «!■ 
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lift ntkicb lib bcn}li4 ibvfi^l* nf Lit ailC* 
re^ttrt*. aad iht adiairvtJOD of tbc worU* 
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tlxiurti when o> mftjtjr bl^bec »i*oHf<M 
tUnd forth liiit of iCjJb may avRE cOW« 
pnr»iii-f Ij- iinmii-Tiiil, if i» L]iEEiE»uiT)!o not 
let nvtin tbfli irbukr-UHf flutrh * uf hir 
judiCLaltUiUpoilUOfls. br "iLitblti^T'^'Ucbt 
the iA>«c df tbccntic, u ttjr Lhclr Uvo^ 
and tboir logic didyaaiiifjrthPOudDrftaM- 
LCtf cf Ih0 InvypF, l-U« I'^i'nl hiflon, Ii4 
»v airtrv rvpclJH b5 foart of ahmoxd Iban 
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t*i, ft *rH«4JMfiiPal, hn txnff wtM almMt 
alvtfa inioit (b«iDo*vr; or t' hj? oppoaaA 
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tu luiUanirulprir lUiirlaf* lie ivftitLvtl i*lth 
o aitciilx ^ot€ Pud >b inlliiiiicc Mbieb, 
from hii Lc/nihg, hit ctntictL. and bj* 
rtnwi fitnifrlicut anil iHTDiniiniOIt tflEh tbo 
CbuiaJJar nu anally potential. Kill be 
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witb aU :1tc bctt politic] fcvd literary 
compafjyp OTid lo tbe taiml i-cnml o{ kJ« 
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idl tbr inoti acrrntitlf uMra of the limt, 
nilhoul d^liacliun of lActj/' 

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tn trvtb, Lli cckbrt:; dort not m> iiaLoiatlj 
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not lon^ cnaufh m tlul (imirl U tdoaoiO 
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* 1W¥ arc a ttw Lalis fviti|i&i and bsirrlpibai uotUred ia tbc toIubih bjr 


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Hum<^e T»ii>*» Lift of Lord RHan^ 


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ItOPt tb* c4\«iniH of Mr. CantiinE lOok 
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of the GurcraEaant.t )n Mr> t-tnnlui; it 

• Lord Hollnnil, \n tho Hoii#* of Iflrflf, 

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tha Uv^faavEi^ bkmM nf Iho AuLijiu'cibiEi, — V-tv- 

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v«l ■ lc«r FtEbM^i on the pfttt«rr 
tj^ Smmd, wbich I WW plcu^d tu 
K« Atftcd « cvntiBUtioD of the uib- 
jttt frow joor c«u«i{uadtnt K. H. P. 

I Ml iadond to tt4U Bemc fiirthcr 
ohMTviiiou, ti tfc* VT'ter tpprucd to 
tebt tb« autbrntfiiy *f a quotation 

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min t3 Uuw tb«J tbe SwaiAn ware 

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and ■ mitffdJ couiutLii^j ol iJiuAr liublrjing 
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lacrjtiUia, Uuoil tn taJcia uxuia in- 
«cf«nj^t lulum !%4iTriiuia du»t L'lccio 
d* Hap." (ApaJ Kuu^ tv. U(.) 

i: La IrflB {a* t. B. i'. obiervca) oot 
author oaW C4Di|iiicd bit nUboratc 
Lcii^oA liEJlp mnrc than a century 
unt^ I but I ifiiaL^ it jfrobEibLp hu had 
«ama gogd mthatiiy tot the remulcj 
M bit wurle i« nnr of jroat («i4arc]>, 
ftod rapltfit vpLth Tii.lumbU inftsrinktion, 
odvancttij little tvitliout a r«lar«ac« 10 
pfDV« ibe carrcctnvii of hia juicrtJon. 

Tbe *MUr fclso *epmcd Id retiiiiw 
mitifi diitinctivQ ctidcne« Ihit tbt 
Snffiiui of i'lmjr wai red i but 1 thiAk 


ba will be pR*finllr found oppuinjf wid >e*cftJr dflComiuLiEj- < but be 
to tkat bi« ulHOobi «itb tin vnilacrtDl lojinfaLiuu of f^rvrtiQ ireiirbery,.'' 
«aL M. p. -r?.— A*d p. Ml, " I eiHjId bavt pulCuiuiDCLDUf (^Haikvtj ifl Uid Imi! ■ 
■ fH MF' TWfrr'i Mnuir prcAiLed to Mr. CanQlnc'i £[Tcchu. p. I'A. 
t ir»b*i<« banl Ibe laUlxud I'multvivuiili 4lftEiu» Vliat Ui: vbt/Liubl Mr> Cuioloj'j 
hda*«i»[ifT ild^v#b<« Btftcrioc c*«a to TUl'i ; aai no one au » atniifcr Mlraiw of 
Mr. nu t^^ Ur n.—Rsr. 
* A Kunlu f*Mtt% In bj pOMHilDk rtcntJ; fcmcd fq L«n<]«ii bmr* ib« foltowioif 
»Ar»>^ ' t4irr«» vhlsft woold ■rem tjj impi; ihac It bbl bMO uiBd for 



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Aom tliB qaoUikina htrlian udiluccrl, 

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Tha ji/irapAt rufifa jtnd ntf/nim eaiimm 
hcte ntcniLnncil, hntU rtldr 10 dlibfti 
Qift] hv Iho KnniAnB jii their nmli, 
iucIl ju niny ipi^aki of m SamUa ; IIjit 
fbnncr wni n iliih cr plirier lo hutj 
plckl(!4 or TcgfllDlilai C|ijuapiid Icju* 
mUiH, .^rfO, Atid tlic vihvr tc bold 
lari^r vi&adi. »itf-b ai in itim g«i« ■ 

turmcd in Lticiliiu SkUiuK cctfiwun, 
" El dou jidupflr ud, Bundo cutoquo 

A lULl mtr* *oTrobortli¥« proof. 
I hh^n htfort ohHTTAil I thought It 

i»»d xii ^vc ii tltai botmifiil cfjralllRR 
ni^prnrkricf*, fJtJt rilt]! 1 ftm ckf unlaian 
tliP Aimhri c\^y wu nf i rtdclLjlL hue 
Lod*ji«Adani of th^x aclvcntittam colour* 
If my vvrfl tcuitlly Uied. Tlln^ nr. 
taibly ipnaki of « whiff ranh frofa 
S«miM vUich VMUini fir mcilirinnl 

Eurpcici, but U wnuld not havp brvit 
\>fii ihit 1h« noitrry i*u ininu. 
fbeiiirivl- thiLl wniifl waa nut llir i/:t* 
D«nil coiour of tti« rlay 'b, I think> 
Iblly provFd by iriv«llriv who litvf 
inaitMt tho itIan'L Tonrmnforf, irho 

SltfM in AKOunt of It, %»yK " ftrnnon 
otft Doi n«nt for iron ntlnt* ; mntl 4if 
lh« laiid inuk* th> culciur ar ruit ; nil 
■ibijut RnKonclji U riill of a biitiii« deep 
n<d, vtry f[M, Tory dry. and »EickB lo 
thf totigiip. Sftmnii wu hcrrlcfurc 
fam«i] for rArtticnWAir. p^hap>) ll; wat 
tbii f^BLrrfa ktiout Diiftiniiii." A Trfrnd 
<if mine puifun a iprcimvii of llj« 
^Trjtajbl« Samdiia pur*, tiuaiiitUti of 
\rhitfi WHIP ftannvrly nporiid imta 
the iiUnd for th« jiurpiiKcs or phar- 
mkcy, brariog the Suluu'* »al of 
tiamp, witidi b dokibtltftt ilic pure 
v&miifd cftflb T evKii thU u of n rrd 

c^alDur iLmlar Ifl •ppuran?* to wtiit 
ll trtntd bnli, ar oild* of Iron. 

P, II. r. ti alio of apminn. that tha 
ware wa tavc m toog called SaEulan 
ii fVom Cuvs in OunpaaU tnA tho 
npjfbbnnrhood. Ithiab.had auchlnm 
th<T csio, Urs:* (jubQliiift of Ir would 
Imtn turn ilrsccivired In the nfava* 
eicnft of HrrciiUntiira cincl ^nmpiiif 
hut I btl)<ir« fflw (U anyj 4p«dflMM 
hfivF bnn limiid rl^f rn Tb» f4]Ja*Fnf 

qiinutlrin ihowL (liJit ih«i twn WttM 

" JkitiUlaCiifoliBal^iUDmi^oaitiUlcatBi 
yii^U^ua Cvmaaa l«bric« Urm nu." 

I dunk WO TT^«y \aftT from thit, Uiat 
(hv fortrer wm in uie il ihe taE>!i, 
wliLlv tb« lafTiT irai ofa mart coitljr 
dt^rflittr, lliv comiDciiiatOFi cm tha 
pM««g« stato tha Camaan to b* tha 
tam« )u that now caIImI StrutcaD. 
llw Siruacan vtu^wfr* altn mtde e| 
a nd earlb liiibrirjL), atirl aflrrmardi 
corr red Willi a hl:[iminr\ti* "iihitniici* 
lo orDarafEittbcm. The f^HowliiK i* Uif 
aiiaiydii by ViiDc|u«lin; SiUca bs p»»r 
cuiU alumina lA. lime A, oild« oT 
mid ti ; Um Uu;r gWiii| It tbt »d 


VHifOicr lhc»» tsttniHi wm rtatif 
madpal AamtM. ai Mmngiae, and (a 
whkb. [ tlilak T am hame olU by lha 
oburvaikiDK of TJioy; whclber, an 
otbcrt havB luppoitd, xhry wrir« ma- 

ImmcdUte nei^h^n^urhocid of Romt | 
Of. u K. B- r, fimj^TTnre*, b Com- 
pknia. ihcy bavi' ht-pn ^Tf<ry whcr» 
nUlcil ^mLAEi ; itnd tb^ rpMiin fi>r h> 
talliiiR chcci iDDit havf Iwo Trcun a 
ilmrlaiily iu itic ware mad^ at tho 
l)i« i>|aad vf SamoB. We thoutd htvt 
ju«t a« TDorh rcitnn far ftuppo^mg 
IIiAt ttuw vraiKlft vvrc mado ic 
Loudoo. mcirly bccau» lUfh kbaudant 
■ptclawnft arr dju^ovprrd hrie, r« 
Caylui had* fmm flndtrg luch quinti- 
tJei al Niiinc-i, hi immi^dtarrly cou< 
fUdinE llicy wtrp maauracFurad al 
tlmt ploco whllt under Ihe Homnn do- 
miniuu. W. C/*^.- 


m mwm BMih of Avpiit iHi r 

■ kid l^ f pitprtly oT mMa% ximv 

o< tkf »trvc(vr« o/lfaot wrv rtrnftrU- 
aMr »brl*at militmrr rtflfe«ort on 
NrvaarUt Ht4tb, ■■ CvinlmiJmUJ re, 
Mabflr cvIM It* Uvtil'* DyU. At 
J «ai ikot avftn th«t ur (lArtknlar 
isnvy f)f ihii ittoag viiJ i#ry «■ 
vaAl*» lla« n/ dftfrcfr hii> btd mMlc, 

»lW rvport of mv n«miD4t)ODof ilmiy 
mat bt DMcc*rUblt- 
Uakt, ■brrc U ictt«int tf ry btM tnd 
pnfr«t, shoot « ^urtf-r of « iriJ ii> jtEiui h 
h ia crn iiidbrthf high r^ijfrom Neir- 
MMfcM to LtMAem. ftor) Ctmbndgv. t 
' !■ ft iQugh way ih# foU'iving 
, vfclrh nniifit. how- 
fVTB. gnmlj trt frttm ifc* truth, 

Tbkrbmidftblv v&'Jum or mmpjiii 
«a mnBwoocd probtbtyKi iH totirh- 
rro atitBiljr, (ibrt tbt Ordnnrc» 
nqi orC«iiihrTdf*«b&r* muiii ibf tiii* 
rfMBDci ro i jotrenctifd ctmp at Wood 
EHOon i ibtre arr ilio fomr lumtili 
wclfcttud of ihfti pUc* ro front ni the 
Mt, CftlEfd Irad^tionillr "Tlir TirT> 
CACtttiM." Wood Dtitnnbevidvnilf 
■ auB> uaocUtied with tbv dykrn im- 
llfiof. tb« vmd an itt clitrti, Th* 
vwb k coftliau^d oorthwird. mrrou 
Mtwarift ItEStb^ in i tirmtuht cou n*> 
•fn|M nile*, to ■ itirwD neu ttic 


Ncc tTrum uiAtraDl neiciii ue^ crvdcrc cftmpov 
Cutn ibtdo vt tula* Mmrint ■s^prfi muma, 

Tiliagr nf Kvftf^b, vhou nppclUllai), 
fmru llifl Sai<)n, pitnn, indjcitc* llio 
pojot tu whi^h Iho dyke nrcrt'AAjf or 
cilcnilcd, C^r thv Plan,) to tint iU 
ri^hlflartk mtrH onitrtftnifeMidnmnh 
Un<l», ond i<t ]i»rc on t Tortit IntC 
Pi* TannTTi beiag thrown Lip on iha 
Mtttrn tnU, th^ivt thit (lictntrt'i>(h. 
fbOEl «vjt* ififmdcd to t^ur** ibv piiin 
of Nc«<ni»ktt aj-ainti im mirrnf ftp- 

Srotcbing fr<>in tli'* wi^iiwirJ, by i 
irrirr rmpr-nnjiM** if prfljiffly *!•- 
ftndvd. ^iirb, todc^d. 11 muni htva 
iir*n, for Thr c-JhCftrf»m?nt of Ihe 
rampir* Creim the ^ritlom o< The ditch 
kTL llic matt prrlWt pUctv inr«turp« 
DOC trit chin ^o rMl, Hnri in inrtirir'd 
•t in iAgL« of 71* ty^r***. On ih» 
top of thr rimpftrt U 1 ciiTio» at viy 
«]ghtri>n Th^ in l>:cu]t|i, mfflcicnily 
• iilii f[»f thf piiiigc td rivalry or 
(■hirloU- I have bfrn cold tliDt ttrmc 
y^nn iiince fnem«i(B or tl« broQie 
furukar* of pbnrmt whrcU vtfre du^ 
Qp n^ar the linr ofil^bp, but t rwnnut 
veriPr th* inrnrniilion. On thn Tup 
of ihp mmpart I dnjushi I toulU dib. 
tjnguiihraiol irMCCii irf 4 ptuapct ofiarf. 
Tt^ nhuir wu probably blrriigihi^acii 
tjy « lin«irpiU»idFb or frtiliffl, It*nll 
hi n!idily imifiiup^ ho* Btronj; « 
Atfann thii itcvp ami brittlnJ wjeM of 
rarth mail Lticn Imvr funiitU- Kun 
nfiw, to ucvciiJ iU uutn^^il tmr Tiuhi 
the bottom of thtf (iilcb IB ftBl of oo 

dCTIOlv OVni TO*« AKD ^AtLVM. 

Gaar. Mao. Vot. KXIir. 



TK^ Dmift Dyke, a? or Ntiomarkrt' 


caTAtiiiJi for Ibe Ptiik was mmJp Id 
tb« jtoJJi •Ualum at chalk ^hjch Fi» 
on NcAniiLjIict p'^i" dtiiI uod?f Lht 
vrgcUMr imiuJd \ lb» mnpirc vu 
doubtIf» Uctil rtJEh KrMrn ib>la, ft^iiJ 
niEufr haft continued llic bui/acc of 
iwtrd lE> tbia day, 

AJwtft Mvca miLes to llit ncatward, 
crouin^ |Il< hijtb ii^ftd ftniJ runnLnn 
bculy 10 ft pftTftJIrl \iat. ia ariothfr 
diub anJ tftcuport calJ<d Tbc rivfton 
UyLc, whkh may be ffndcrcj, iVijoi 
tks SuoAf tl^ ti^kc ^r (Ii^ltt ur refuge 

(FIhid), ai it pTDbably wit Tor tbt ia- 
hibiUnT^ uf Emt Afiilift. brinrc nn 
nUeladv ijEBihst Uic ii>«Atj)U r>f the 
Mcrci«be> I tiife nat yvt had lb* 
ap^ortuEiity or coinpftrifli th« con- 
itiiicliou of tb» Flc*m Dyke wirb th*t 
artlic Dtvil's Dyke ;il larinvcry iiltlv 
ID tilCDt from ihc laEtTT : it ii callcc] 
alt^ from tbf IcoiJlh of iU ccurne, Ihfl 
JScMH-Milr Dyke. Ob the inner or 
■■ilnrD lido of ibl* work, Dcor rbv 
bwh road, J« a GonftidfrabU tomulua, 
(flVlcd io tbc ranpa MalLow IliU. 
I am >tTOD£Lf lijapoifd to tbmk that 


tlie DpviJ'i Hykf, ■/)(!, perhapt, olhrr 
lino nf 4*ntrrndiiDfDl of a timiUr 
cbafU-^tr in tbc npiffhboofhood, wort 
conAiruriol by ill? I{odi4u litajont at 
aa early pf-riod in l^titoia. Camdta 
tauDipraTiii lhrv« mili^uy dvktu In 
CainliriiUftttff himdrt the ' Unvil't 
Dykf, the lUongnt of rh^tn all. Tbit 
n^iruftu fujCL-i,aft*r olilfliiimg rhiir Hrti 
looiicik ill biitain, ornipl*^ ind co, 
lonitpd fltimirliyiljjepoinion* tn KftiI. 
MidjJetoi, und Eaaei; w« Ccd llieiD 


4t thv time <ii tic i^ii>1t of Ooadicrb 
•t Camoloduaaoi, CoL-lKttcr, Vera. 
lamium. St. Aiban'*, juid lrf>adinjmii 
fLoadob), TtcTrinmaftUb and Iceiii 
wpre pcthftf^i Ibf lijst Dolifth di«lricU 
which received tb* Boidmi mVc, 

II may bcru ba rrmJirkTd, tbat tlie 
co*«ring a lific of ojonlry by a loEg 
«itfnd«d vailam nod Jittrh w«» a tac- 
heal itrae-rirc with ibc Haoiana. A 
lew rniinrknhrc loitanco of sciiirinK 
a ditUkct in thi» w&y ogiibit l);c in- 


Atcitrnt ffnlit of Fnlrenrhmrttt. 


fopoteiao, may kic be qvotrd. 

I> 1^41 Lid* of calrrncbrDeni 1o 
cbiek tka ^vaAtaliuD of tho protincTi 
■fOMlbjUifl Hrlrvbi vhJch Cbut 

Ml»a4xiE tnm L«k« Ltroui lo M«utkl 
J«rft. "TattrMtAltgkHivqaAmMcacD 
taN t t, <]w sititibOAoui h pfoiincit 
convMMruit « brti Ltn^ao quirm 

««t(ii diY^d^t, niJlU piuaiJtim dvc^ni at 
>4>vm Minin in kHitadintm pcdana 
«Rilf«i4n riHMa que Hrdacit,"* 

^ TbAl wU ftnil nmpvt coo- 
tfract«d fir Lijilnt Tibial, r!ovc>rn(ir 
of Srttaia, ta tht liiii« cf Antnmnm 
Jhm%, bftwHc ibc Irtili* of Kurth 4iiit 
Dfilf. <ilcoiltn{n<onioldK.JfWF«IrLrk, 
ot Ui# Clydc^ to tha banlB» of (he 
FarA, ■ ditusn of thirty iQlln;i 
|W*ftfa>n pt»tii>Q<ly drfrnHrfl Uy i rhLin 
af Con* oiifai il fay tKtl jrvAt HnniRA 
«r>c*flai. J^rkoZB. ThI t \t, xh» Un m- 
oa'i [a^fTupttf (WhBin'i) orWuirfl'i 
Cfkc of Aftcr-igcm, which ihai Milgu 
i<i coMlrKtiDii to diflbolicnl i^iicy. 
Ibi MM ittpfntiboui bflirfattacliL'! 
ta mtnf Roman «rirk». in^l (^nicoatp* 
t^f^ m% l^'rU't hanki* w«f a. and 
d}h^ ; aaj iki* uaiir cJrCtiEDtLtacr in 

IbviHir of ft Rooian origin fur \htt 

>. Tl^ V4it ijf SctL-rm. in Jmtt 
BOntioA with tbc c«jtiei work of 
llaitiui, BO wril Idowd %i iLr PicTb* 
waH, viUadifif fivia WaUtriid, n<'«r 

C^MiteilftoJ^ftCvortcurciicbty mitu.f^ 
Wu»4r^f, -0 WtluhjiG* Ukt m ail 
■wiHifc i lity a Rontaa onutin , tbc atiac 
n CroB thfl Briliih «r«d f^voAan. dc- 
D<4^af a itpMaCicin.^ Vr'alt'a Dj'kr. 
«o ifcc bordeit '^rWalo. i«a« aleo vf 
BiMin Ci^aairocliuci, fiod it Ac^ouipa- 

* CaoMML^ IMto Oillln. lib, ]. 

«*vl 4f A* PUt^ \rill. Hilt. NonlniB- 
Wla>< L wd iWc froB aa artuol larvty 
bf Itelal* Wm. Uaibaa. F.S.A, noiind 

E 1l faiBkiacaD*<k«dlaT>D*i>rtbr ra- 
riwuof l ofag ntM ail waifa wtJuh 1 lu«« 
htm tiw* t* ua aoaKlhulDj lo lIiho 
fNgift. ftet cWf* ar« BasBfrou dykti mB' 
ilRf panlU aHb WaeaAfltp all i1ir«hwt on 
Iha uw * — tim *ld*^ Oart m, ic^liiti iki^ 
liftwtac nUM vf tlw OQUUln* alMHiuc 
tb««h^virtcdthBradin| aawaM ftc- 

ai«d in place* bf Jtacnan forU. 
Ctfai/&, from which the naai« ii cor- 
Foptfd, in an cuttodcd setae, acc«rd^a^ 

1« Richardi, meant a battle Th« 
"ditch of taHiU" w<.ald U wnr 
iJKniJicaat for inch a wurJi,| Thiii 
ffr«i tlie fttwtotjpt of Off*'i Dyke, 
Ci*itid Ojfd. aaii, IndeiJ, id lOfDa 
pUo»*) 14 Kcn ruDiiiag pirbUtl with 
it^ Offa't ^kf' titcndv from tha 
Da* lo tha Sfvrrn, n^** C'b*p»taw-|| 
It waa canalructvd aa a turritunal 
booadary againa (lia Wrl^h A'loqt tha 
war 7S0, V ^'*' '^^"S *^' Mffr<*ia- 
Traditrtn anl:) hi«torr auri^ turh a 
work Id Ihil tnonarcht but ic Bpp>'ar4 
qqiU iacrfftrbtp ihaE it ahoitld hH'^ 
batn RacuFail ir twvlr* ilayH. ba Mat. 
thtw Parii rcUtH- " Hpi Ulla ad 
raauUminTvr ipaoftduoaMCfciTupfcni' 
rpuni AMfniii utium latiatum Lor^Eum 
Qtmii Ft pmiundufi^ rlTod^JuviilAju^R 
T«rrt4lri tprtuq WalLn^na^t tminfiittr 
PkvaTo Qua* nnniin pnntt ti-rnparU 
bratlrai nij{*tiat aarp nnuir Dnminl, 
if|il*h«tflijfiili»rim diohanlJccr QrcTUil' 
miiBiinr comjilfta."^ Ai thia line tom- 
pHacd an »Eeni nf at Lcaat 100 tnJIcr, 
(he lolditry emp^ujcd by Offa (ivt* 
formed thpjr wnrhtwith i ^l«rity witit 
which mr>Jffrn "'am-ipiTMra/'aadflTtra 
dflunnrlK, irw^n. ami railniadit are 
auntrwhaL vliiriiiLJcaJly TfiinriLcaaDOt 
com^imp- WyfiiuNl ■mj^ijoni!. htiwctfpr, 
thai they ically dtil iitllc more iji the 
t^etvt day* than act oulibt boundary 
liDC- Maa; noticifl of (he rrtcainB of 
Ofla'a Dykp occur id llir publicaliotia 
of to(iri«U 111 Wain, They amirai to 
bit very ntii^hL u cuiDj>a;(d with tbc 
r>«iL'a Dykr. W< ar^ \M t]ia( tho 
tiaMlLti would pftB* il PtM Mold, !a 
Flintshire, uiintitked \t not poUtcd 
oal . "all that remains ib a iioaM 
tullow wbjch (ai]p»atifri£(hrcullivai^ 
£<1dt» pTihapB uot above l^ tnchea 
deep ia th« cealrr, ar mon than 30 

I Sea Kiabardi^a Thaatamit in voaa 
Onaih. who 4|Uu(M tBliciita for th« 

II Wanincion, te^I. L p. 1^> 

t Malt. r^riA. Id^Uh Ofo S«»adi* 

edit, w-ttj,p. i:. 

H OOb* fJyIiB rtltorlpd trfnn rU riTaT 
Vf je linniE th(n-nii»Ua of lleiTrord and 
Badnor Into (h«l uf Wu[i|j;wnirrT- l( 
jnutfd hf Chirk Carila. orvakd the Dn 
DC4r llfli Madoe* Bi»w foraw pnrt irf ifia 
iiinipilw fo»d*»WtMkamp»dtrtmiarf** 
ai a Urn nnr TrejriliJlli Chaptl, In tba 


Tie DfvilA Ds^e^ n^ar ^^ewmarhl. 


in hii^ty Ik fnund in Ihc Samn (liri- 

ILde tht Urid of (tip PUif Angltfi wai 
laid wuio Mwfflf] llitf fiyW anil rbc 
Otn^. ai fir northward nt the fcni, 
Thi* ilyk* wai trrmpd in lh<i Nonriko 
]irrjricl Ht. &lrDuniV« Dylc^ Ixriuff 
Ibt jdfltJirMi^ii oftliH Ahhiilt nf Uiirr 
&L Kdmiind'i MirmJvrl hi far vrtl- 
w»fij, Thcdewripiiiju of tJic flykp hT 
AbJjD Flonn^fubii.a vnrvr oftlif iinh 
crnlury who hiil viblIpiI Briiflm. m 
quultt] 'ijr Caoidfi]. Is i«mDjLnbt(< Tor 
Ju briDf Kcuivcv'. 9]j?u(niic Elf Kiut 

pKivb» Jqiha li> ihi- ml of clic iiLan J^ 
and cigiiBpqiicnity there b a phu»^ ; 
Iml to pir^FDt the tQi'iuiti' ricL]ut[kC 
Incur^juHB it is dtfirDilul by a trAoL 
Uiit (I ia/>^ iroZJ, anJ n Jitrh."* A 

ci)iripaL>vitig ibctfl Nulm will Al«uL>u<« 
ehcvr the •ppiut^itftie rharMilet of 

Tho dAv ja nat iio*r, prrbnp*. *rrv 
iCDtorc wrtn uur rtalionrtl iici1i4|DiticA 
of the ^lulJer uecW will hi Kubiniltcil 
tu ctit-re carcfuJ Ljkvpiti|;alioa ihan th<y 
)i«tv bitbrrCo j-cccjvcd. TbiMc arc 
mattuM wliicb hrloPE 1° tb'? cbaitt^cil 
Sciciolv (if Anli4iiiiirJc»i nnd ihc Socitly 
of ArcW-olotfiiU Ofwly cvUblUlcd, u 
t bod^j (LDif to vvfry ntiv of thri' 
mriTitcn in ibcir li^Jitidutxl aphorr. 

A ijnucb iDOfc ufcJal Kif'By Ib^a 1 
}iAt« liiid [pivurrtomakQuf the L^vjI'i 
Dyko IhrouEthnut iiv couroe. and »- 

CloratiOTL (jf lliv acljocrat low* or 
(irroiv»,»ou1iJ |>r(jbitbl)rd«v«Iups v<r)- 
coorbiiivp indiciifioni of itt orljip. 
In locb ao rtiiDinal'ofk iirofl^r wurkt 
drlja^-iinl nroiifd ri<i< bo a^ngvlher d^ 

paKihof Mold. tVali'i Djkc coiujueucv* 
ia tlic pviiU of (|*Hc«lrri i^urvuc* iU 
<««rH Liiar Wrcrhacn, aad IfiTmLnat** 
pMr lb* Abbdj af ^litinipptrk. Thi lao 
d]rkaa abi>i« tii«iif lODDrl rnn in ■ pinllpl 
ooana far iiLinf ultti. ajid pro <<ft«] n>n- 
AfaadeJ bf tf>ua(rii|ibcfi« OiFn'v Drka i« 
dilchaJ CiiwarJ* ib' U'vItS *idp ^ nft whtrh 
■idA WhET't Dfb« JH riitdhi'J ^wn not 
■pprjir i'rriin thM jinthnrLih'* I hiv^r mn- 
wLLtPil Sff «fr KJphflrd (oM Huire'a 
Coui[i«iiLi?n, ubdcrMflLd, [^r Ai>o unurii 
offjfft'i Djki by Ih* br* Ri<v, Tboa. D. 
pMbnkf, FA A. vtiQ rrtM^d la i(a 
tiiridLif. \it ib« GpotlririJiiiV Mnpitn*, 
YgLClLU^rtOl: 7^)^.111. Nfir Sr«w, 

* Ctmd. BrilnnaU bf GibNOn. p. 40T^ 

gti^vd, and aa opinion might IwfnrmM 
whvthtfr 1h»y f^trf mitr* oviwoiha oT 
llip Mait^r Hyka, 

An InaTknra of the acEoptlon, in 
ETifidfrn t^mei, of a loD^'Cilcoitrri d?* 
fence bv b difcii and ninpurF i* (■> b« 
found in the miliury cnrmi fuiniifd 
durinji Ibt UW war la ro*rr llif murih 
[MmU(JK>nt tnd ?4uMfi>utt«rtQ Saod- 

I hnva hithtrTc amlllcd to mcaiion. 
[btl 1 obirrvpi] name frai^iDcnti of 
Ruman tile »cattrird bear lliv dykr, 
and (hnl U appT«M lu bt^f hwn Kut 
tbKiU4Eb Jo furuaiuu ibe pinriil hiyb 
tDul from NeHmarMl to Catubridflc^ 
That U iwna evidence fflf it* »ery higK 
aQl|(|Ut1y. I recomiDCLid tbe rxplojotijf 
of tbie iuK'jcBtijift forUfiCdUuiJ uut tv 
fniE to %itit thr jyhr nt Ibe l.itik», to 
dpKtfnd lalD tLv futJ^, and obraui th« 
view I liavr |£i>«(t ofhkcoiira^ oaccad* 
iui^ tba ripLUK Kroubds ■outhiqard in 
the idkiecliDU of Wood DilloQ, It wiU 
then be allovied I bati dlra>vti no ec- 
■fi;crntrd pldurf i»f lliv vntrk. On 
tbt rafe^amrte at Ncwnaiket III 
cburacLtr ii fiuC ao bold ; it ba> bnn 
brtikcii threu|;h in order ti> form nper- 
tUJCB fi>f the runi'inK hikreea nl placci 
to which (he grncfal aaarn of tBt^t 
(i, e. isapit) hai t>Fin i;rvcn, ana the 
mini (jf crntunea bavfl bail mon effect 
in fcducmnibi rrature*. Ifi^pportuniEy 
•btjuld orccjr, I ihaU be happy aCa(im« 
future peiifld li> lUfey [ht enl/encB- 
niDni iDftfkfd lo tha Urdnanec map at 
Wood Dition, >nd la tfacp tho dyke to 
jU terminaliun U Eleadi. 

Tbf qupjilion in (he nican>abi]v alifl 
[k« bffrn. t?h«llier the Uuvil'i Uyke U 
a UuiDdu at a Saioii nmfa, and nnf 
injorratiion (ending to teltlc thtt point> 
coDieycJ through the meilimn of th« 

f ''ImmfidiBUly under EbernCUffiaAd 
nKkin hiLif 4 n>ilir fmni Mndyil'. fncn. 
mcDie* mr nev niiUuity ranaJ vhUili itrtn 
rvcfiJllT IfcfM cul. lu im|ieJe Ujp jirojEreia 
of tn eneiuy. in ibe rytnt of a lauiliu^ 
b«iijt EfffcCul on ibii ■liuraL It rki«iidi 
frvm tbii piriib (^iifid|{ale) in atarU q 
vTr^tcbC difprriDn ulniif tbf' mml 1iM r( 
liajtiea llycLc^ nbcii Kur^we* ibw Etomney 
[tudtli DiiUt fi^lluwiriii till (ourte of lLq 
bUl» whicb tkirt rbc mafit^a (t^iL fatuitni; 
Uomntf aii ^VhIWiI intra lw>, lonniuate* 
flC L'ELIfe ICmt m Siitati, * tljiUnort of 
aliniir ii milrt. 1 14 lirr^ltli u iliout .10 

EnrUn, and li* dr^jrii ilJt, witli a roticd 
lukk to tliolUi llie luUicry." JJrayJcf'a 
Kcat, p. 1114. 




JaAi* Ccit^v. t\i! J/^rr-«r IMatiUrr 


Hill MtobettOD. The ern«nli<Pni of 
•uIuaJ ftpmT MAI AWfty, but the 

rrKUd aa th4 lutbc* of (ha cvlfa 

*a BDentun or fisjicfotcd t^w of 
tt*ir onfli^ If niiMittf. or. ftt n E^J"* fvr 
Ito meM, procUfBt ih^o ibe i* of k ur 
dMUm, WihUa ncotJt ae \amz- 
li«n trtatjp, or kltc^lLcr nioMi^. 
Dftcoaittouil rt,m aie ^nvn vorth- 
iMk if ■«< nbimtud I« cti IK^ an alf a ix. 
Id bM^ £■■#■ Um Ak] of utukl 4Urvuv 
ud Mlac«4ioA. bud of tbfl mtUoec 
u4 ifftiJa, null Ih rvt«rlcd to. 

Coiot, iDi(iE4/^f ir«ipoii«,CDb4rmn^ 
vhrlbvr Xt0^ be Qi tmu i?r imn,! 
nCi^ordciiDAkrir i;Tfn«iUnr«ppiilrhral 
lltA, q4T Eh*rj b* ti3L)jhC f^r. i^od, u 
•jVHUl*Of«ft|;*otrfelIv CApthkof 
tad AraaBlcrgicairluiifl- 

nA io llw haoilt of « f vdvtau t coilrr tur 
V* po kiRjtrmbbiih unAl tu occupy 
1^1 dwtt Tflliwblt of ci?naiodi1ir« vu- 
iictird lu Drir tesbftndry,^4ln«> 

A- J- K. 

A«l W. M. & jDUnt DinJic&l jimt' 

tCaiacr. i> |iuMi|f tbfuu^b Crowji 

C:i^i I .f'% Solx>, had Li> *1- 

III h] b; «>au (KKtkt which 

ilAllaf n ftmcll ftiop. Amoa|[ thBtn 
WM A mciJmt (iwik. ^b^c^L be bid « 
niUil to pureliii»i>, Kiiil he wcei into 
tlx ahop t<> aik the pr>rc. Thr sbup 
doof opened hvlvPcD t«o bow 
ttiaJowd i thai DO the r-gbt hoad w 
OAfii «■ a pin<ff of diipoaii for book*, 
ibat fiQ thtr Ivft ifncij tm % aoft of 
Ctfuntur, bt w^icb was Maud ft apAiv, 
vejy Dfut y'>tjng roan, repoubg ■ 
milrh. A r»piMfablc ionVnig woman 
aEtfndtd Io tervf tbv tionL cmiorrcn. 
aait of h<r W- M» mail* ih* purttmbp, 
'IliM «raB the lir*t n^rf^cai Witlt wliich 
waa lolJ by Jau^ C«m.dv, xhu fAtlitr 
of our iDtdicaL boDlCicllcia, and tb( 
Afit who pubiiihpil a •rpanjle iblo- 
tatslrjgur of inrdirnl honka, 

Ai ThiA (imttH W, M. wiu tn lh« 
hvyday M ymulh and ^cbHinnti 
hii miml wai a^rLve aad tntrlligent, 
■Fill ht« Tiiajini>r» plfn«tnp; a brilltatil 

Kro«ppr( of fiLicrr» and ihtiinetfon ta 
\% p(0r»llOn Wfih JU"1 hptDlPiR \)rintt 

him; hn wa- cH^-cr Tiu all ncii-minc 
iiL-i]tJU«iiiirfiU. hdeL hi' MiujfUl in IhxiIih 
fur >ui1l iji*aiJ» uf iriiiiroviujf bia 
mini] ai bocLj couTd yjcU- 

TLtfv was ai>[Dtthiu|[ lO oeaF. ao 
□rdprly. and sn ijuJrL in Callvvr's Ijttttf 
■luipp ae induird >S^ M^ tu viiit it 
OfiaLa aqil a|;ain» nud tu make uihrr 
pujwhaan ; lUui inoic acquaittlaiici: 
^evtr ufi. auti tjc aooD Icarbi Ciillow'a 
liULc ktilgr). tlfl v^nt ttu eua vf a 
rcipF(Ublc fiLitnir at Muiuar< a »inall 

J^kn Callovf^ tht Mcd'mcl BotikttfUr^ 


«IHft|tS«ir Tlor^rcril. Ilti rrliirittion 
VM HnUed : ho hnd i\fcn lAu^rit (r> 
i*ad nnd vfitr?, nnil hul bcpn an- 
prcntiocd tn n waifltmnkcr, in thr 
CHiiriw of *>)irb buninrn wr (iheI lunn 
«inj>]riyr(]» otiil (ijr vtiirh Ur j^lUpJ ici 
Oi*i rominiJii mi'Hrit of fiu|)i>orl of hb 
wifit BnJ Liriincir. 

Mn. C'dIIhw bad b^rn formnly 
ranrricd, ADlI bnJ bcKun iiw buBiiu<ii 
of dnting in tild IhkiIu (luring b«r 
flftt bUAliu^ 'frUfff; tjijw XHiH ikhtfi till 
dmb MtB> lviii|^dti(i l^fAiuc Uic Hifc 
of Jtibn ('lUuK Ik uiil ^ciucujbrrcdj 
but >](« btuUfsUt b«r aid boLtki BB btr 
ilowtr, whJi:h "vie aooa itmov^d tu 
No- 10, C(owii Couft, Kbcr* (bv ji'inl 
buBkocM i>( wvUhmikiDg tad bvok- 

TJiq priij>Liic]uity of Crown Court 
tu Iho (taa^fieJ tDiibticaical (htttlre 
rrcclBiI by Dr. lluoUr in Gr^ftt 
Wiudiutll Slrcvt, (iiDCf ci>n*rrt«d \nX^ 
M •(&!»«»'• Trmtitii; Offict,) at 
wbicb I3oilIi«^ And C(UilGih«bk 
wcM Al iLiii timt canjctiat kcturcia. 
brobiibl 4 iAfg« Dumber of puuili und 
incJkal prictiti«aori cId«p by (.-«llow'« 
(hop i many wvr* ulraclv'i '>>* hii 
book %rindrw. nnd latur lutdtcAl 
boaki wcTc ofTvrfd tn larn fijr Hak ^r 
in cichkQgp b^ oi^i?*! pvftU. It 
nAcn happuotd Ihit Iha opmion of 

Ibc laofc rnidito bonli. lad, if any 
thing w<» olTerrd in Kr*nch or Latin, 
or pottibly in C>rviik, infrirmMtion wm 
i4ibjUl T'om him «nd AlvAyi ciOFiltftll? 
givvn> <o th«T CfcUow and liii wife 
cobtidprid ItwmvcJvvf iimlor ^frjit 
i>blkgAtioiiA Co their kmd frirnd. and 
v«r« Alvfiyi ««rT gratifid fnr tb* a%. 

la A fe* yt^Ark, (:a1Iqw'a j.hop be- 
OAiDt Atond »Lib bDoki of tontidrr- 
Abit viJiLff and tniportAnr«. And it Vp-aa 
rvcamntrodcd ii> CaUbw t>>' Mr. John 
IVttrtaD, the iMJnrd itrad nvlvnElllc 
lorgcon of GoLJrii ^(^uatu, tu vittAtjlUh 
hlmulf to^^s AH A MfiOJtAL Hoot- 

■ Rl.t.KAAHLll'UJlUMtHaH. TU'i wJvice 

wi« In A s^*^> ciUQt fuLbvred. Aiid 
hrnriNrorlh not OCtly wun Ihf bvvt dd 
rnitiliral worka to be fuuitd iu Crttwu 
Cnurr. tiut alscj all lUit ncnf |fulibc4^ 
Iinni roontolcd witLj nicdicluv ; hence. 
C'Allriw'B sUi'p bruiiDc Ibc ic»Ofl of 
profr4n]<irin1 oini ia Korch of LnfurDia- 
llnn, and lii^ii- |jtj>fticmuiALjiiiurtLconi 
of Attuiuj'lHhcd miuJ* uid octautJlic 

mnrrb «er* fond «if aKwtlng nnd 

Uttt AQ tnfon*enlpni?p aronir from 
lioni. whkh ibi* hJmptlcUy 
of hia mind Aod unndfiKnlriiM* rc- 
ftprrting tbf largir mtrn^nikLc uaui- 
■rticinH. h»d not fortAton. One cT«a- 
ing Mf*- Callow taUpd on W, M. in 
gfcot dlitrvjiA nf mbd. laJ tuM him or 
the grrat troLkblc in wbkb b*r bmtiAiid 
WA4 iLivulvcd 1 be liad mjJe Aumc 
purcbdu'i of new buciki. Aod * bill 
wbifh \vt bad guvn *aa become doe, 
And bi: bud nut (iic irkceiot of mivtijiK 
ifir dcrntnd ; it wu featvd that b« 
^Quld be arr«Le(t,ibntotbor creditofi 
would fjreii upaa hliu^ Aiid IhAt rain 
WA* inevitable. 

She WAA Adr'innJ to pi berMlf to 
eirery creditor, to AtAlc til lh# pAT- 
UcLiLAn uf tbu cnae, and ihuv if poi- 
tible It) «lA*c utT th« innn'diatc doafcr 
whick thrtiitcnfd- 6ho *lrieUy loi- 
lowcd lht» advice, and tb« creditor* 
a^trced to meat «nd talk the buiinm 
ovfi ; an ivcnini; wu Aied, and 
W, M. though A »lfA0gitr lo mch 
niAttCTA, Ami 10 matt of tb^ gflntivviian 
pieArnt. but willing lo ihcw bii 
c<iuniToancc and Rood will lo poor 
Callow, Attended tbv meutlng^ The 
liiKUyicipcclaUffboob«elIer<4 P'oca- 
dill^, John Stockdale. took the lead. 
He >BW iD the true light how lb* 
natlcr eloud, CaIIow, he taid, had 
oTf filockiil Mnaelf t ifbkMhiuciiiiuru 
wrrv AdLj^iE-Cit bit ruio wujid cnio*. 
Aod bit credilori ««uld to bk*^ lotert ; 
"but give him licoti and hcwiLI pa; 
flveiybody." Stackd^lc't recoramffndA. 
tioo WAA accvdvd to, and nurh Ati 
Arrangvutoi waa mad^ aa toAlilod 
CaLUjw to returae hu buAinuA And 10 
pAV All bUeradilon, 

Ihii wAi almott lb* \%%\ kindwrvicp 
Chjkt W. M/ wu AhU io AtTord lo hiA 
horabto fmod. In ih* yeAr 1794. bA* 

• iyt the t*wf ton pkctorAi pointed by 
WlllUni llitiichiy, » hvourite pnpLl of 
Ht Jfuhua RflTnuli]*. I jwurka on« ; it lA 
apurimit vf W. M, irb0b4 bt>y. eartsing 
» doK' It duu ^retl eTf dit (o the Ardil. 
vti It no cla«[jF m tbr »t|U of Sir 
JoBbna. t<hfl tugft'it^d lame Improte- 
mmti In LI, u to irecAtiou ffenAmt in- 
Huitie* if il i> ooo of km. Son»e aocounl 
of l>uuj(btr niHy be found ia Nodhoott'* 
Ufo fff Si' JaiLoA Ueyaoldi. 


Ja^ CdfAitf, SU yffJk'tt BtjiJafiifT. 


th« inf^wo, wfuch Lii«idi<iU4ly 

It* r«Ti|M tiH Fvbroftry, 

ttWn diftik rtl#u«d bm from 

U ulUi d!^ hMb AflfaUii »f idft 

Wh«n th« ft«volvlloa took ptt(# in 

ntil In FafUml. a gn%X aumlxr of 
fhr HtTf r 4»4 Aihm hnctEitfd thprn- 
wife* ia ^^a, arjfS nutp *aA£hi f^ 

•rb uid Latib. Var>oai in. 
\tn.\% v^rt ioif«rt<lf4l in Ckt. 
■bop.oflirrint th« tcrv'^^orihe 

liflAwd 10 Icun or impran thvm^t'lvfH 
io iboM Ua[D4{««. PrrhAp» Cithjw 
■i«Blrd biibMir of (bi* tor: of t^ to 
KV<''*nkorrhno«Iedgf oftUr [onunt* 
cf Lalia and fontfa bovki i Ai all 
t«tDt)« tTtlicr frciB Mcli ioatruclmDB 
M AriiB tbcoiiHiijvEi lir WM oKDpvncd 
Io pof to liik-pag g* fedd iudtin, or 

bt CMtovbtr* Mid clhcfa, bc acludly 
ttott ioloiaalioD rnptctiiJB 
EoaUaU cf IwBod booki Itan 
ie *tp«ct«d froott bin QrigiD^ 
tkx and foiplD}-amU. 
rkis all ikit tiai« Mn, Cfcllomr 
the auidooun aJiu^r and at- 
of bet Luitand ; tbfj li<cd 
IT' *Ad wcf t nueh ictimtcd bj 
at%bboara and al] aiauuJ ibcro. 
If tbt bo«^ vUfh »m« 
atfipttillv v^lh >Jtt. CaiEov. tJi*[c 
«u a uifc oooibcr oF tf^luran of 
wvtteoa,ltc,; ibeK did not provt a 
*«rr aAf^llble Commodit T in Crown 
Conti a f«« ««i aioairy iluEflajtd 
km tb« wiodow.bolikv^rcAttT uumbf 
«vri d<Mit«4 in the f;LrreL II 
btffiflij oaa day that a clcrftTffliui 
vka ObMiTtd tornitft c^ir tbt trarti 
of mm* of lW nJlg*»M boobji ia thv 
iriwiDV]bvaak«dtlM prjc* of tb«Q, 
Md i»qair«d if Ijmv had uy oior* to 
A«pm« of, Bsd if b« oooTd >ot tbcm. 
H' **■ 1(1(1 th»i« «4n many more in 
i that lh«j f«old itoc br 
liHrtlr l««t«d Mit thrn, hut ir 
takt tk4 tfccblt to ull igaln 
iWt atiodd he rvMy for bii lotptc- 
A da^ wai appointed i Mn. 
ft ltpw «»i IndKaltgabJ* in ruitt^ 
cuf all ibr oM voinno of 

Mrmoo* and divinilr Ibtl i^ coutd 
IluJ. Bail the clerfyiDan attrrvij to lake 
line wTiQlft Jot at a imail vd«d per 
Tolurov. Thtiam ^[tDgpthir amountad 
to ibout U^ iLDij gf4il WB« Ibv |4od 
lac^yV tli'lLfJil at hat m^ nitda aucb a 
bdrgam. Ii [irnvtd that thii ^hrgV' 
Enofl vu Ihe R>«. %'lcvtimiit KnoR. 
who, haiine conpikd and prcl^tablt 
rfTifAi The "lllrfaDll^ttraed In Vtri«/' 
lh# " F.le^nt Kmarti la frmc-," bed 
th# " riegant Kpmilpa." wat pn^g*d 
in pf«|iarin^ fur th* prc44 a mmpila* 
tian of «fmon», wbifh h* jtftL^fwtrrlit 
pubhthfii uiHlrr Ulc illleof " KanAlJjr 

and the bnt^«« in wlirrh barraidfd wa» 
M ^laderl with bcxibkliplTn. (for rverjr 
(orrii-r wu llilitil; rtvo Iha iLaireaa» 
wai mnifv to au^ialn J;« portioo of 
ohrt'tO aa iQ render il aoicctimct a 
matlEr of diacuuioo nhelhcr \\ «DUld 
ntjl b« adtantaiCE'ous \o rfioota to % 
larger t|i'U«r: hut to thie thvrt w«ce 
*ari(juf objrtli^nB ; Cfo^n Cuurl liad 
ma^r atliadhiiiij it vai i|tiirt and 
retl'riJj a k<^o^ Wninnt had ^ro^o 
Dp ihrir, whkh waa cdifjcd oo at a 
IOudp;a[c«ppaH ? thaughoflen talked 
of» thcrtfuiC) no dfleriniiied blip as 
to thtni;* of mkrcnCD v*\ adopted. 

Nnr L» it probablr thai • <baaKa 
«(tuld hnve aiiidnj lu iho ha^^iona of 
CalJdw or bli vifei fc4 at Ibo ptrimt 
cf ibcir livra thcT poaa«a*c4 a* much 
cf comfort and eoiav^tient ai tbtlr 
viFh^» could «el[ embrace. Bntdeo 
I he houM in Crowo Court, whcr* bjr 
day he vaa cccvpied id biiiine4»« 
Callow had Ukco a cotU|;c ailuaicd 
io a ouriery garden at Dtuiupton, ia 
^liich Mra. CalloVT waA cmancipaied 
from her floce attention to buameit, 
and whcfe he coaFd of aa qtvninfe 
rrpoet and ruatlcalo- U wat indei^ 
a cotlajiv of very fmatt drmvaBioaH ; 
but fortunately much df happmeii ma^ 
fad not with In a amall cAltan. In 
thit eanld, tbia amafleit of imall 
retreati. vaaetartd a amall ciU'Ction 
<if "book rariiiea*"' anJ, thinigli ho 
could not boa*t of manr of iht " la- 
tntiirii." afiil uf onJ^a (eitf" rddrft^m 
pfiacipe*," and ihotc eh»«11f mHlic^al. 
yfl hrre waiihe pri^fd firwt rclliiitn of 
thv Life dHViU'im IVrHvfr.acid other 
•rarest and rhoiri* KiyUith public*- 
Uoni, IB wTikCb rallikW tnak delight. 
and the boautlea o1 ishich he vu «v1l 


Tht Crti/de MjHin ond C^ptiwt. 

akh\v to 4p]>rf ci4lc. Tliis v^upiobabjy 
ihv niiiFr litppv pvrttnii otVin Wiv. 
i)ut (br« jieii*fd pf l^aj>F>inp»a and 

DM to cuTtCmuc biifi the With ^r 
XiA. Callow bt|t«o ro jtive vray, ftuJ 
■wither ihf aft)^r)iiiri» of bfrindulscnc 
buibtnd PQF lb( altUI nf Tirr mr^Siii^l 
frivnJi CQuM ivflfH off tlic flfn>c(i*( 
ttrukfl— •h« ilicd in Uic yrar 1^ 
«a> inlcrrrd in ihc churcLj'anl of 

tOOp^LltJ a removal from Crowe 
Court. Thi* dcnn, fFFU'Ccndufttd, 

#fper«i lx*f»n(f*!oftllvtc»4ji?ippciif J 
lliv khopH *<rp cccupiad h^ n Lpm 
lc«p«ei4Uo £P»iJv or prmanii I thcrt 
VH more of ooit*, mot* of dirt «nd 
diiquitl, tbio bcrcToforc. an<l Calbw 
^TM undvr thf> n^mtJEy of leaving n 

C[«C* whtn li* bfed tnjoyrii much or 
tppinMi ATid good fnitEinii. Kt^rfi it 
la Uu« ba Tttd m^t wUh iltn^cultiM. 
bnf I>i0pa<1tn^cijlhpihii(l bconmntttred, 
And hr hfni the KrntiryirtR rfHcclion 
thitt hi* hajl riwn to i1t«iincti<iii and 
da«f<qii#i]rE4. In a potilinn whirh m 
bit tnr\y \tv* ticlil intih do flaTtfring 
pmm^aH nf eilvantE>rri<int or tiurr»M j 
and he- unwilhniilv nlthdrtw rmni thv 
apritwhrn^p hU l^rat And moat cluniNt 
p]M«arra arnv^ 

Th«boa«irt which tir< rFmr>vpd wni 
hi Princia*a S^rfrT, \he ncirfh we»t 
torofr nf Ciiiriird Srrvtit, Thii rr- 
moval loiilt fiUrr abtJuT rhriATmac. 
l&lfi, anme t+mr? prcvlou* to whlfb 
Callow bnd marrlrd a trconil wkfp. 
ThimcbanKf of condfiiun did Dot ccn- 
triliule In htk Cdmrort \tr htpjiinnt. 
Jt ralhar tendtd lu itLcriraic lit vt* 
1MriiK'4. aiid tv wilWiaw Ijidi frnru 
Ihat g1i)«v 4iiJ?(kiJon Eo butlni^u which 
bad diiJjnirutvhtd him thnmgli lit*' 
Tht little coUnpr at DroraptLin waa 
f[irfii u|r» and a Dinrr nprneivi^ houx 
cDlfirduimn in Church i^tirrl.CbrUfa, 
Bod \\ w«Fi ti!rtiLii*> Id biK frictid* That 
CalTow hni] nnl iTic *tvft fircdum 
rmiii aiuirty an rufinnl^. Att mmVvd 
Itfulf more diiliQclk ufiuEj him. and 
bU fciuciltDaocc vt'Ofl core<voro aod 

tn }V24 Cettow rttlrcd frcira buni- 
nmai leaving i« hiji lUfcrMor Mr. 
J<^a IViltOTif mrho ha* klocQ irarta- 
ftnel the caLahlUUmcDt loMr. JoUa 
ChutchilL Inafcw yt4(»Callomvaa 

ifcprjtFd of hit »<onL) vvirr^nnd Id IhiT 
yrar }a34p in irry oicultiaLi mhjcnl 
circucnvlsDCr?. hr du'd at lh« age of 
71 vf-art. tJc wa^ inivnvd in Sir 
I faun SloartM>uryihfi-gruuniI, Eing'a 
iUiad, ChtJftca- 

Youra, &c. S. M. J 

Ma, I'miix. 

AT a timt nhrn tbr cottuisa <4 iha 

MUdlv A^a *tlTBctB an niucb aitco- 
tiuQ as at Iho prrHnt. it ia dnirabU 
1o aftcvnarn the prcciat tnednirxg of tfao 
tV'pral Irrma by t^hith tliu different 
partB iif dr*4« and irmnuf were dielin- 
guiihad, A wt4''>vcut''iL ([lomtry of 
thpm would bo avaluDMc aci]ui*L(ir}ri, 
but rcfearch bnddLkcrirajnalton would 
bp indiapenaibtc for it- 

Not to occupy more of your Ci> 
runin* by itirh r^TOarka, pvrmil mo to 
«ay a ffv vcml^ if|irrn Ihv cni/ ifr 
iwoi'^. Not iDri^ apo J |avD Hrimv 
nU'ntinn Id It^e various kiflda of a/> 
ntmir u«ed m tbv |?lti and istlicta- 
hirlM, nncl «iili>kripd inyiflf^ 00 
what [ lhrtu|tht K^nd gmundt. 
thai Iha roJf iW mntllpi ami lh« 
chaperon or eAimchtiii iW maillp« 
VBvtt tevitniinUy dilfi-rfnt; ihv fnrmar 
htinfK a bowi->Tinppf| rap, ami Ih* 
laUfr ifnr the chaprrnn aiid c^a|»iichon 
wure I Ihrak idt^miral] n bnod fOt»r' 
Inif thv [itrk a^ vtU a» tb? brad. Vet 
I (]|j*(rrvf thf reriB coif is not unfrp. 
qutntlv u»f*J bv- Tnfn!i'?n irrtumln^litt 
to dmgujLTc iliG horxl. I wjH not 
Iroablr jou wivh iniianrrt In riaiall, 
Tlini thrs aud some oihc ttrmi thiiiilil 
hx nti^applird in Ilic Jliniii of rha 
CaTubrid^r CaJuJrd Society, iti-r 4lh 
eiiir. \t\t- 26 dod ^'j ouirhl noi prr. 
bap« 10 be a iiinMrr of «ur|jrii<i*, lu un* 
cicnl aTirovj it tbvrt a «L'(y vuburJl- 
raU Bubjcct; ancl it iaonlf oit acr^uiil 
of thv aaCeDiive diufmiuatioa of thai 
utcful litttp wuik ihol 1 bcre refer lo 
It, biit 1 Btr iti Ihe latt No> of tlie 
ArchiefdoKicfl] Jcmrnal. p. ]fjg. iihaC I 
qhould ha^e caUeJ the [:bi[jfrui] dv 
mnillen, jn iha TrtimtiluKtun hrasi, is 
cftllr'I the coif de inaifl« by thr iTui- 
nenl iJirtctoi of the Sucieiv <jf An 

Siarit*. to «iliom we air indcMeil fo 
c article ua ])ra«»e*, and nbo^ k< 
Beral accuracy nrcl mr^iive ac- 

Suainraocc with micb nnUjcctt iTiakc 
it maUir jiuporbuit c[iLjuKh to be, 
by your prrmiuioQ, Dotlctrd I 




Jl*rlef Gtiat ChircA, Brifardtkirt. 


IW coif wm*. u I qadrniund li, a 
ifc^l-op of nail idc nuilln) or of 
|M« (^ ftt). a&d ««n>pn«r&l!jrovfr 
d* ttppv fan nf il« chifititm dr 
■>in«. ln»tanCmiii,llbink.rvHiJjly 
MCB la Mdi of Tuur rt«dm *« trv 
Jhatllar «lUi «JBfi« oT thv I3ili 
wmary. In xhm IVnapIr Church trc 
1*0 cunplta oT It* »lf dfi euaIIIpi, 
Mi ilMb rf 1 mkiAlTf ooL. ttra of a 
fvoAv UniJ oT <oir (fc Ibr. Tl.e 

•ad if ib«t dittsijEuitbrd fruuk ihi 
«<f 4i fn. IC cgitLriry tu tuy coo- 
tKliaOj lW ciiif tuJ tljAiicrufi di 
■rffti art IdcdLt^tL t would aU. 
■bm th« aanc uf i1l4I piece of v- 
■oor vk>cb I uipLX)a< lo ti« ibt coif 

] UB •BvrUIPC \o vitEfid tb» IcUrr, 
h«t wntn^«it iMtTto add arrni«rk 
■a tbi fmsoilWrta fi|*iriratri in ihv 
Trvopiaftoa bnna. WbrUivr iliuiv 
kHV^picco outJkl Ui Tk irtiDtd i*- 
■jtlHum or iHilcfim I mill not tlop 
IB iaq^*; In? iatinct tc^ui i» tLv 

If in be iMil ticUaivtlf^ AfH^^'^^^c ^ 
tbcar«K>#i r<je IJk iomal « JiUr pt- 
he£ What I wmild kjion J* thii. : 
^■(. a» 1 ibiak ii the UkI, lh«i 
iCovfriaci T^C Lbc kotvt «rre nol 

we Ikrf BudvJ 5oa«. toi imons 
iW ifnttcivaA »bnt« rcfn- 
1*7, of pUU' If »p haw ravM 
IKT U- Imii; Tlut Out (3iJ oul 
lat li>d ian:««aiiaf uk of^lhc Luic 
ft^k !>r rupee E«t; *^ ii li tA^ao by 
■cint^ ttt^rci in vrbtch kncctt^tv- 
art jcprcvtuud id thai pa»U 
4iM, llatc Br#t btf h sUt to Miliar 

rpctfM of tbnc ficfHiia. Tcr- 
b^ lupic of yoir rctdcra <k^ eipkln 

Vocn. &e. W, S. VTr-i- 

rv GoiBe. BidfardibirCi lb ^bobt 
I* Lc iilHtilla I pftiunu to Kod TOU u 
^BcHptioo. L «■! nol ft«ai« why ii 
V fercipoMd i9 bo nbwl:, in place of 
mif^rmntl. I ffinesbcr llmt the 
dwHt ciCttpUvi Arcbdrtcoo r)f Lid- 
i»d» Dr- Bo»4«Tr FtcoWEDOodc^ « wnc 
rtilvoa Ik* toatK lidep forvbicbt^fc 
vat tuAdoit r»4qi. No doubt thcec 
MftT be nrf cood leaiitt* for a dif- 

§et*n\ ■rrnngtmtDC. The tborvh w« 

(vniinFy^ mu^ri too «mnJI r^f th# in- 
rrrrLtrd popuhiioo of thr pnrlih, 

n M'ry ciJii^iilt'rttlilfl prtrirot), Dcarlji' all 
Ujr j^rilJiry. wah ocrupitd liv <h^ ii>* 
niati'iL uiC u iM&rtlm^ hchutil iij tlip vlU 

This chiiTh wft* p«ny fully dis- 
Hcribwl in"l*arry'*Ui«orTnfVVDbaro, 
tlie Abbry, and RuucM family. " fct. 
ISJI. p. UK It fcrnilfili of a Bliurt 
D4tc and uotlli aiitr, willitlirpeardiM 
only. 4 niidilLti^ttvd chartcvl, A»d a 
luwri. itlilcli ^titl ^ruh^My cmiiiiiii. 
U U uf ilrccnt litri^lLC Uu ihcthmdi, 
with «iriy»iunJcr teidcd 4plfG, und 
of ]f ;c4C tUvagth, the Willi lownrdB 
the lop bctu^ a yud uid a h4lf ibick* 
JlfoiLlaiub fuur bflU, Uic iJilH fii^t 
Tiol vpf) i;ooJ. r^ul th? Irouf. ■KtietiioK 
tG cvt, uf prvtl>' ngticj and Jr4p tunc. 

TWf i» a vivv uf lIiih chiitcb in 
thv AiiLiE)UAi luu Atu] Tij[jiJKrjipbicat 
CcliKJt't, fEDiii a <Ji4w't(i^ by G. Sh«p' 
bikii^. t4ikpa fj^-jEu u UUl abov? tbe wc«t 
t«;J, ill which itjc low*« f*>rmcd a 
proniiurijt and piuuitsifu? objfCt< 

The churcb id dcdiciited to St. Bo- 
tiA\ih la BAjaL. occoidiac to my o«o 
CLpciicctcr. t4Lbtr mora popular in i3l« 
HfrEcio Bad JiOfth-r«4t«ru ptrUuf thi« 
kincdLvta than any ath<r>, F/cra llic 
«LHi]f i>r tbt uchu aad the octagonal 
ctl^HlJ1l«, ] ih(7utd 4uppa>e a Dotio be 
oUfFibnui^t ISthccDiLir^- Ocbuona] 
CvtlviijiJ^iappeutaiivof tht lnt«( pcflvil, 
arcfi^ijud jii thcchufcb iff FUii»arAtjnni, 
B«d4 ; «hifhiiirD£i: <c<ntninrd tLi? *citl 
of thr IbTf ciCfJknt a(ili(|iinry and 
hotiaiat Mi. Marth, a mcrjl pltuLOC 
itpocimi'n, ta oH who rftt Mw hini, oT 
c^ifict i^nmilivr liisplicjty, varied loam- 
iiJiL, and Chii»iiftQ khn<JO(«o. ThQ 
writ fiortt ij a ((I4ad tpcoUaia of ih* 
£arlv English* 

There la also « wiiidcwoftwoUebtt 
00 the aouth bide of ib« ebaocci At 
Aiplcy, the flohioE coQtour of th* 
<apl<rr part <i( which btvini ro iDdicaF* 
the l*lhcfnlun'. Micmft 4Ttar tomb 
in a conliuiinti&Q cf tbe nortJi aiite* 
with H rccucnbciil efflgy m ehain miil, 
h.jpptiieJ u> be that of oat of th* 
QLi]k«ft, of ibout tb« tiio« oi RdwaM 
lUcTbinl. Aimn oo Iho loioh. On a 
hend, \htV9 f*ciUop >h«Jlt tn a (lordLir* 
cnRroikih Thfl other ro*mum*ou ai» 
three . Oil The north ii''*' «' rl^" fhta- 
<«l a bnu* Ubbl for Wihiam Mom, 


Jiftijf GuiM Church, B«<ifi>rd4hin. 


of Burnhim-by-Sn^ Noifulk. And 
■l*0til iViiXy ytan itrtor of lh» 
wUlt. in Uif irch cEulury, with tbi; 
rdlowiAf actlkat lAtib hviamcun: 
Ht tiMii Mm* loniTu, 

mjBVftlllrJunnODJtotinntllTrinni ti> nrni, 

OHabbiD jmu , DVD uuiil* vtuv^ <mriii i 
VfMi Hi^flvlMU ^Dsa tkiiUbrlfM 'Util I 
Bfjiiiiifiiir* dun ttut <vtii|ilrT«ti wiim*, 
Caia Em JimAuii mhlf^ww lg«(» UnUn- 
llp««TUaI1■l■mFtllI*rHllrcpT■<t^nrf'. lEin>; 

A hMTV iniLrbtr iiicnumpnl in the norlb 
Ki>l« fi>r' ft prtiiui nrfao Wftt kilied hy 
tb« O^vrlnrn <^i a f^rrift^, " Cuirui 
«b«no i" n Urn and bftodiflmD ubu- 
Ur 0D« Tor tb« IjiU ntpceltd tnd 
firuv«» Mr. Willijtn Wright. *ho ii 
atyUd th* "ucQciil frjunilBr or Aijiby 
8chryt[." Tlili itfh^aL a privftt* arttn- 
ina% 4i«. Khoal> Wftk CBEiiblUbftd looo 
aftvr (bfl rDmiiLOEcerneQi of th» lut 
Ctntnvj, ami w&i oraitrrnlcd wilb 
rrtratiTf and ftpproj>riitc buifdiogi by 
Mr. WrtpliT. and hM Md fonn*tl^ 
upwarda t4 iOO wliolftn. Many ur- 
v>M fhiBi tTrry {ivt of t1u» kiii|dcim, 
IndudiDff, DO doobt, ftomf of your 

T*ftd«rv, tiAvo bfvn fduratfd al it, ft[io 
ngiLjr mpMtablt furmgnvrt. Tlic pr«- 
trnt nift*i«r anil pr«^lpti>T i« ihf h«v. 
R. P»lQ, H.aU of F<mbrok« Coll. 

Thttrt b 0D« b«n*fUtiin* of aTraut 
I3f- per una- for bread, I think na St. 
ThofDM'i liflyi and a SoU of two 
affrM 11 [cfF, for lakiDg cara «f llu 
rbifrcfe «locl, vo thr p&rith c\tik. 

Tlic «aly ItalufF vhich Ffrd^iQi tho 
chanli rran icaigml^raDcc is. of «ai, 
a dotthldfnofiniftilcircutftraindou-i. 
fiJIrd witb rtuatrofof tft, undvtthc battlt- 
TO0nu or UM navv. [q th« cbutch- 
yard i» rbe inn^T^ of I-i«ut-CoL Arthuc 
OvtQ. uf a Wtiih fnmily, a foroffr 
Lnhab^fanL of tbii ;ibrnh, m^cU c«- 
mmcdrorl^a bnnaur and huiaanit/ 
of bu dUpoftitlcin- 

AiE^«v ift ttcuftt#d In Manvhrii'I 
Hnadrcd ind Dcantry or tlilt, 2 mdM 
N, ofWobnrn. It rccoiru (UftBt^ud 

* Would U nut b# vrit, vhm mj nno 
ifiaaJiiipd tbvjtohjiuptmium "whiTC 
ao nsotbot nut an cujuumr," if Any 
IvdhoMer, b^ jrdiiirif with Lin jidJ ob* 
MiUm dww iw d lj DMTly batf (Jis proli?, 
ftbonld^Dl haul ^nf'tfAipyf, Iks <Bfut 
bnwfmBnt. fot ft fhlr lua r 

TiiTDt from tlia Qyu or GoIac hmH^. 

Thti ElLAllOT WU4 ftAClCDtU ic tll« BfVI* 

c:liarD|H. ftj iiarcvt uf tdc Baroay of 
Bfdfurd, &LiDoa dt Beauctiamp tur" 
rcadnFrcd ii \>j vay of cl cuntpaticicm 
to Guy de Walriy, wbj Lad Uid claim 
to hii nbole baroayi Raxinatd dv 9t. 
WaLrry ca^ it to Mubrrt df Bnrch, 
Hul uf Ktnt, tud Lirar:i] JuttiCLa^y of 
Kbcland, iv)iot« miiluw. Martaiet, 
dJiu, ortb« KitiHof Scot*, died Acticd 
ofitiJLalivrduwtr.iu I3&9. Aftrrihia 
Aiplffy liicaiiie thu propcity and chwf 
aAaluf ihc Ci>i«B or Guiao, aDCtf»tur< 
trf the CiJoutv»lr(*]i[K UvaWy of that 
iismr. AiLidm da Oyvfl liad |}ili 
laftiior 1(1 manianu witli * JaufibUr 
of lIubcrL dif I3urfihaUrvc(;aiued^ [n 
IMO John (iuksr, »(]. ca^tc the inaaof 
of Aapkr to HtQi) VlJl. in tictoiLgc 
for laodB id tikuccvUnbit*- It \» 
probablo tbal th* Kiaf gftntod it lo 
&ir lUlph SaJIcir, whoic dcacandtnlt 
arc »tiU poftKMcd of it' 

Atplry bad fiira vbortlimc a markets 
pcrbapi for About £i(ty years, vhich 
■pctddyfcll Laiodiaiuc or dtray. on 
tne flronl of a loArkrt to Iht Abbot of 
Wobut^a (tw« nijlc» olt) It haft btivi 
popularly btlte* cd ibat the maikf t *ra« 
frn^Wrtd to Woburo, but tti> is a 
mlsuie^ thv fad einiply brinKp aa 
BrokDc WilJia Dncff obKircdtoaa U* 
habitant of Atiilty, "You Mc lh« 
AbbotV tDftrkctfH^iWfW vp youn.'* 

Atpky ba« uu •nti'^uuiftii toNc*. 
onlcw thi JbMil urtli or pctufitd 
wood ht moftidnrd vo, A*bAvtncbc«n 
Cijmaini)riiat(d by Diaftau ia hia 
" rAjly-Olbiou." 
" Thai Dtrlo Afpr^y'i emth ir« anDlnt^}- 

M idgL lundnr othor. thlffn s wOEtder of oar 

Th« fiitlrr'* «ftr1h [lita an not now 
in thift park^h. Thartr cxiata oply a 
hfilJow HII«1 With tr*M and bruiti- 
wootf, iffhifb tnu the original ooa. 
Thric anv in uv, though nnly ftbauv 
2nri ^irdi iliitimt, tut In thr oarith o| 
Wav«adoQt and county of fiuckivg- 

t In (bit ptrlib^tlie i?ODid«Dtloufliikd 
tiLlivDUd Rwrbir nf «)iir-h, itxR Rat. J, 
VbbiTt It not anianrn kn th« lirimry 
irorl^iift cood Idiuhh of cnnfiev^tion 
It tke poor tiH rMf/urtrf' About fr>rty tr 
fiAy jatt sfa ■ poriiua af hfoth, m 
wuflh Ut pv«r M iho rifbt of ditfug 



JfpUy CutM Churrh, Tiftt/ardthhr, 


iho^t 3CO0 «Cfc«, it vcfT biftUhT, Uic 
•oil bcinf; priociFk^l)^ turid uiit FfF^^cJ. 
u4 ibcvMcr Ijipi; low dew a, from 
SO to ^ ftH. 11 «B cloifir nlcbrat^d 
tor dta bfvtltfiil "t'ood," nhicb Vfta 
4lflQ»«ly c*kbnt<d by 1b« late Mr. J. 
U. Warn uxa btauiiful potiD ;a Ihc 
Sp«Q*niw> «teoEA» ODtLtbd "Aoniku 
HovB-" tl u vtiy fiMnsitt, aboand- 
ioff vilh oak* and variou* oI^<^ tmtr 
(nd«dJOK dUp of Urcfa, aad< in oii4 
Tcvy txUBtiv« dell, c4iJdr*frf Ixhfihan, 
Abow if A ^idinf^■ froin *fhich about 
SO chmrch tuvrer* aAil ■(■ifcfe can bv 
K*b dD a clr-4r (1a%'. la ihii wvud afff 
alao a pr^fUaioii ot EbU ptcMApt nail 
■IwltvoiBe wiM fiuiE c^lltil hvit 
hfc^-htinff. and clifwhcTQ trhortU' 
bcfno aod h'f^bcrrio ] nleo "UfLi* 
©f Ihff TaJky," (fCT whJcb it ii ta. 
pvdalTt fftineJ,] wild hyaciai^hi, prim- 
ftM*, &C> Iec- ft£d tbosc p<]clJ<;iil AC- 
w— PTica xli« " niftlitiajEaU " and the 

Tic " m«l Watch, "—^W^ UAb 
^4a«r \hM 43nd Hi|chUndrre, Errat 
pafl of wbJcb iDtilioied from an tn- 
MBpoMat at Htf^catr, after haviDK 
bna icvidBlavBly m<1 crurlly^ t/i^atcd 
br lh« iiikn>trr> cf Q«ori;T II. m bciuE 
fancd Id Loadun for tho purjiirsr of 

pivoMW to the (OQtnry. htr. »aicl Id 
btft pvlnl in ihti vrood, aflff lAtJiiiin 
tki^fth Ihc Diih« of Bcdrord't park, 
and 10 Itai^ ita^cil ttjojc time in its 
Jtceiici. And i\ \% bcljtvcd ibaCionnc 
lUtle action ti>ok place bctwrr-n thrm 
tnit a pa[iCyof thcK.ic^'aUDopB,ci[ljff 
in its iiorlh-wcAltiTi pait, a^u chc 
bnotirol bcathf dclt, Of llip imoicdiatc 

Tie f«nae, atlvail IIidm ptifKipariy 
wiUxiu the |)Bti&ti,ajr K^DcraDy BTualL 
iLuv bfi&g oaljTDD?. IbrlicvCt ?ic«d- 
isf 150 acrn. Thaiv ar«. boivr«cr, 
•goic lane iilaDlationftof fir audlarth, 
bcakka tnr treat «vogd- Ovnc it vcf^ 
plttlirul. or watiT then trv only a 
ibw "nrj nualL pundi. Tbcfc la oac 

tuf, aaa mtiwjH Io lb* fbfn Dulca of 
BaJfflfit «■ Mmilition tbtl h» ahonld 4*- 
UWt milf, far nw, lOOloiuef eooli. 
fnv of <arri>|f , fe> Uii^ ynux ai Via\x:n'\\ia, 
Aacoalaara mM tbcrri in Ihc irin(f:r to 
ike ^01 b| thoprtlj d<-itrrt kt li, *»ff. or 
b. pfr out. II fi corw^iJartit tliat Lbiy 
Itsri piofl t/ tb« twi^B. 

windrDilL E am »ct Cfrrta^n wbetbtr 
ihcr* tl anything vrurtbr of briof 
Cftilcd a bfooh-^^^f which there arv 
tonw coaiidcrabU onn wilb nulli era 
them ia the BclthboLirhoMl^AaiitDt 
through the pari ill. 

Parllr m Idjb pari>h, and paillr la 
that of WavcdJod, lit* tbe lutmbl of 
//oirV'^fce-efcrf, canUiiiin^ abuuC 300 
iiibabilA(iU> K Bmatt umnbci of cd* 
tprctablf houfrtB. and an Anefcnt 
Quaktr*' oattinR^houflo, in a plraMt 
»iEajhtii>n, of horatly and dflvlEiaK* 
houAc appciaraoce, aaid lo b« eotial 
With the riK oflhalre»ptctible body. 
There i« alia a (urnl inD.ivhicli baa 
alio btfo a buAidiDff »ch[ju], vrhidi, 
before the railroad dayt, hail a con- 
ridtrabTc waffic. Thfi hamlel ttaaJa 
no the old liij;h rouJ Co Monchetter, 
l-iTcfpool, Chcitcf. Uq- which f«na 
throatth Wobufn and Newport ?ae* 
a^li. Th? foriBcr intcrtitiaE little 
toWQ, v«U worthy a TLaiU h» also 
•u0crcd hent'dir, Mkf fotnc othcn. frora 
the " mammon " gf railway Jipcculm* 
tioa. now neediajf all iliv pavrwiaj[B 
and mHaeaet which can be affurded 
by the Bedford family. lU oaturoJ pto- 
tccior*. aonrie of wLoin have done to 
much for ||^> oraaTitent and benefit. 

At, bow^vir, tliLH name appeared 
racaphonoaa Iti iU more polite i nhabit- 
aoti) BitempU Imvc been rnatlt more 
than oo?F to ''refcirRi \\ allo^etfari" to 
"Woburn Sands/' or " The Sondfl/* 
.and porLly with aoccru. Still 

" Quo prmcL «at iabcia rvcsni avmbit 

and " Ho^Vitv^.tnd," *iilrtrly dii- 

At Anplfy 
apring. from ' 

W a ttmng Drtrifying 
bich lh( pvtrihed raddct 

at Wobtirn Abbuy wa> taWa. Atpley 
in VL'U known ifit a conaidvtablc dia. 
tanro raand u (na»piriioa« for Iba 
numhoT af frfntNL fimiliv* which it 
ccntaim. lltfc irai, bot I bllrtv* no 
lon^r u, the libnkry of tha lait K- T* 
How. ?tq. an f Kcllcot and baoavolcnt 
tpecitnea (of whtch alao thctre «aa 
anolhpr.k of the Society of bVivniJi, 
cnnfnining fivii otiiIl tbouitnd vrilflcnci 
of VArinLiii «li*trnptioTin. tnrlniUny ilivg^ 
tniffti fmir^, ftnUtstt, itnii Dutfh oiifji, 
A twwtxth lUuRiinATrdmaniiirriptv, and 
tlvty fUitiimi and iraiMtltiiona «f the 
Blbl*. Amongit the voUimi^t wu a 
grtnd folio oTfToat >li« ud dii<^o»*^ 


Aapttif Gwinr, Bt<!/ijrr^*hirt* 


" JSVurifl tltMilntti/' tiT '* ly^'H^ta'-" 
It cnntAloetl ihrtn at f^iur hiitnlnd 
Urfvviewa. ncit duly of jiU Uit prin. 
fipil diufChri, jalocoi. Are, *l*- in 
5lorkh<ilm,^ihrpii or fuLif ta ikomv, 
iricliidintf Intfrtori, ti of th« ^ltttl»r. 
lio^n» Cliuirh.'^bQt In 4II ihc pftnci. 
pn\ fniviim nf I]i« kin|!rli>iii, mid fhr 
\lllliiL and armnfinl h'Jttinch nf ih^ 
pTlnE'ip] nnlillicy. I^tVdrHl nf Ihr 
plarift ifffm vtty Urg* vr*wft nf iMlr^ 
pLacL-i. Incliimr»0 Srociholm uritTcir vji- 
ijijjit luprrtt, Willi ihc Lnlandii mil 
cvuisr i^f Oil.' Mndu I^Lt ^./^riii 
jtfflim*j™«,J Oil (be whok, h WBB a 
far lEfArul" wnrb Ijinn «nythinir itf (h« 
kiiiil fEl pulilihhi'il lh KiiK^iifi'l' '*<^^ i^*^ 
VaIilc CDiiM kca^ccly Uaw Item It-u 

vurirnFie that * auinII tnJ unt iifh 
Quitherncminifv ihuutt] hnvp iirmlucril 
»ud) « tini-H Tlic dAir. J ibink. wu 
■UfUtfwIjFri;? aduut 1740. utiJ liir tiltri 
ftnil « I |tlani&i iuus »vru in Lstm, ti 
c«nUiJiL'il llji: fnnnfi nlJ |)nUcv, i^llh 
the ii'cHl nuij lofty Uiwrr *i( ihii 
Kfy/tm, 01 Tin TliKt C'euaiih (Tjirri* 
TViiiM Currriuruii.] It h^iniib fjiL/bu- 
bic ilmt tbii line wvrk wjj« aai hiiovri 
tu, cr jl wi3Ulf| havt bci;a alhilk^J eu 
faj", Df- Tj. D- CIImLc i wbum Ibc wrilcf 
Uul tfiif hemiur t^f knu^iDK urbilit 

tthat lii> Iniueaird iIc^lIl.* Thciv n«rc 
«]io one or tfhu lirMlHr wvrlp, tmt 
mach iDfcrior in *i» diuJ t^iriiijly.uii 
Hotltndt iDcludiaf; vit«v> Ami jtUim uf 
Cirdcns. The moUo of ibia etPllc- 
niKr>, w}i(»o faiDiTf hacl b^ri Dgtcti, 
wu(if[«ndl itrijchl) "Undt. (iry- 
bcil, fnyuffodt."^ ftrtnt^ tAfttrty, 

The '*Ort(il Hfiiiir/' nn txnllcttt 

C4ini< Ity pmdicitc ffuni Clii' Umily ^r 
Scou \wlict Um< a balchmcEtl in ibc 
c3:i«iICGI. — matto Il'ntntai ftt Ojrfimii 
PotitHitt) to Mn. Soiilh, ilnciitlitfi of 
Mr. Kkrriy. iff tt^c ■djoinine pnrLsh 
ttt Ihilwti, Ihtf pttioDBge oF ifirhj<b 

or Mr» J, U- Wiltc[>. imnilBiof of T*>«, 
Ji9. ]& Iha BAmt. I4l(>j alio iif ilia luf* 
tifrnrrnliTit nrLil fprirTnun Hhkr nl Mril' 
loril. in itic Mf/nfnii dranii'it I e,:t<) : And 

(pFOUHit thl'iltri iiuli'f) (if 1 her Cjc^i'llrtll 
>lr. TaU. 4if SI, riiil'-, fi-imcilTof liicb- 

rhurrh, rnmtnliitjiled wlLh Snlford, i 
in iht riinily. «iid il i* uov/ pOMfVMd 
hy lltd rlilpit nun, tbv B«v. F- O^ 
Smith- Tbpir tncirni if-al i^ i-ri- 
ffjfiTpJ In " Fisbrr'* (7«ilh*ciii>riii," 
Thpv wpft inlitnfitrly c*>rinrilc(l with 
Ihv noi)r>t>rabl(* fDiiiLlim of hi^tclvr apd 
Chirnirb. «' whmn sudic acctmut 
will hi- numil tn ihr work twice men. 
liiih'd jil]r>vc Marrc chiriiiL-i liavtf 
hrpn Itfr, jncrlyadJed loby tlxyrHrul 
pni^vffuoT* of (he citaleii ; and to tbih 
friiUJJy (hr rhujrh of Hulcul, built by 
one nf the C liar iLfick»> wuit UlvLy in- 
dchiFLl fur complTlJ- (iTW nuinun oi fiue 
old CMtvrd wdiLinntl. Hut uul having 
(irr-n iliin work, at knowing frgra 
wlii-nn- it wm limuyliC, I »uciuEkpcat 
(}f It pfimmully. Two peiauni abcjr? 
rnrnllrmuL tliuwne Wdlia and Mr. 
MAttnli, Wert: irlatfd to ibi< fumHy. 

llrff ii ulto a luliil Add bandeutnv 
TTDnsiou. witli |EiriJcn» fturli ljy lh« 
InlF CoL Mdurv, '»f llx' lUdfutdnlaro 
Mi!itio-t*tf cut LOB*-* ''tnftr. btluLii^iiif 
Uj W, K K'rt. r4(|-;aJiiJ there arc ntjiiri: 
utbdr ciMul faimitii. iiicludiui^ tbc par- 
»i>iuiii: buuH\ wliith ia clmi! b) the 
vliurch i;4t» i alau a handDame bokuo 
butll by T. PftEkcr, eiq, ii«lii> ii, I 
birhcvt, ucKily, if not ijurifp tb? 
fnihvr of Ibc mvdirftl gcutlcmrn in 
ihjii county- rajuTkiiK ■>■ viritU nr~ 
nrctufv ihv rtfpvcl tor tidfnlA aiid Uu- 
mntjity u( bLI cLhii>» of rnvti. 

Tbi* living of A^plry w«« ibout 
fifty yfjurvaetf oicihiilnhLt^ i«Uli llv«« 
burn CiAviUiyi nbubt JJ iiii'c dittujkl« 
tijr tcibicc ftt i\k tuttfi bcbig jitr- 
foimcd iu iht miildlfl of thv (Uy, 
btlwcrij two ot Aiplcy- The chufih 
of CrawJey^ miicZi BupeiiOi to tbat of 
Aaplry, ftar>d» on tlctatcLl vrctund, 
nttrJy cquallT <listiiiit fr<jm lli< tii*a 
plucri, uid liB* ■ bfly tuvrrr, con- 
■picuoui ill tihitt lUiTitivba, j|(jiJ u line 
p<«1 bf til belli, wtiiili LAa be hcvJ 
4t 4 cortvJcrablc dj»t*ae<< And ar« 
Tfiy [jopufar ID Lhe DtJuhbQurhood, 
Of tLJA buildinK ftlio « fiill dc*criptioa 

Tbf Ulcty df cr-isrd trclor nf A«p1vy< 
thi Up*. T. Faruipr. (foirjcrly ffclor 
of St- I-tiki-%, Old Stf<«l,) wunrpbcw 
of tbr crU'btated |)r- KArmcr, of 
EmaijurLCull.Carnbrtdj^r, andj tbouf^h 
cf turiichbat Iruf^ue manntr* fvr a 
c|rr;;ynan> haJ uiich ijilrh-rity and 
kinddcM (jf hPArtk Tbc prtxni rtctor 
is, 1 undcratAud, tbc Iter. JdIiti VauJt 


SjfhPHtriM ForttU «» iA4 N^ifctk cooit. 


«iB of CM- Moorr. ftbort lovnEinni^, 
Y««i«. lie. J. II. P*lkT. 

AT pap! 410 of Tvgr Uth Vol., 

to Inf !■■ »lul>l ciwJokskc • »1>(#rr«- 
of ■ cf ■riam bohdiQf>fL<mJ 
Dda la tef* bvt* cut io l*v. ■bitb lud 

cm doH piTtioU (4 4tf b<TJn|E 

ItfBii »^ bB«« b««n «E aovn bf ihr 
tn — Bidlffi. u tWjr wtn Id liu halril 
«f h^tm ttMhiu OD Ibc tor iwDiopj 
Ms^alBc Ibc pBTM of m4Uu notlfc 
Bt lUt ■■ ll »^, II a BBUitt Iha AMid vf 
■A ka U«a ntrlW «i tW timUr. wd 
ft ft*y fam « Pertttv ti-fij^^H for tli'< iKfr 
rf aviAkl UtbirT u4 lU polociu to 

Tl* Abovo pAMagt broot^t to ray 
ai*^ th« fTC*II*c1i4« r>f A fact llmt I 
M* Wf to commoDint* to ynu ^ kntl 
vbiiK *fl ■! c«m(f un buk t4 a tDL>f« 
•ivnit f«rio4 ibui D-At in wtjicb ih* 
Ifiaoii «Ui*n mny b« uippcovd 10 
!«■« Wt« WDod'COltm lu trvr lud> 
7M Bw Ml ik\nk onvoittiy of io- 
wrt*M m ycnr «diMbl« MiBCvlUn^'. 

Uifn vm rtoioci-, ih#lon4i s^jiije 
^ CMM or Likco1n«]>irc nud Nor- 
WltiMM nracb ritrLh«r out tbnj) 
ll4o^tf prviHrt I &nil vbclu for*iU 

MtttllatHJ tD piknt VhlCb Itl* HOW 

itflfviv occoftfiil by >hi iWMUi, 

la u* niiV>M>pli:««1 TmutcUooi 
iDMbi mt 17D0 <■ t^frf inirrcitih^ 
moaatdt Ibtot luboiBfiH* fornCi. by 
JM94Corrt«^ S<m. Tbm pap«( 
fdMn ObIjt to tbt LiLC(iln«tifr«r<«ati 
Itft nolt. travlt, »'l bnn<'h» i>f rr*r4 
VtftraaiJ t>^ «!>«■! ttlao^ l^*nort^^Tn 
ibw •/ XorfoEi alto, m fM «& frcm 
tt* Wufc lo TliDrAhftm, aud pfrhAp* 

At low wAivr t^» mty b« ap- 
jWocbul (rom l^c ib^rc oo foct ; *nA 

^ 1 Usr^, 1 wa tiled li? «xiniirvttij>in. 
At *fa>aA a mtU frcm ib* hi|;h.nir'r 
wt W uriTnl Al th« forvil, vh'fr 
we M>n»ri anrntwlto* largr limbor 
trfNi, imaki* and Is^^iachtti but ha 
ffA Oftt tj>*]r mLffal ouilj b« F"^'- 

tfBtvi] by iliv >|ifidi, Tlwjr tk! m a 
IilMch iiiHu of icKri4b|f vollcr* vbnll 
%tKfun tu \ft (oiiipuacd of tin analUr 
bfiftthej. lo«vci. a[iil piviti trf andcr- 

gri^ivlb. occui>yLiii: *U"t:(lbcr a wpatt 

But nh&t [ ^nuM v^'tjcaUi^ rt- 
coanDftjd 1v ibt nuUcc of fOOi ODll* 
quaiiftJi (fodnit in, that JafJkptWrafV' 

at^mt an miA wwf a ha^/ try itn fnHina 
rttfjt. I lL>und a Jlritiitb fliot cell, wbica 
u flcw dtpwltfd ia th» Norr/ieb Wo- 

Much diFircnce «f opioioa hu 

LUipli-mcutK wcrt Applied, ujd l>Y^hiit 
|rcupU'. »ml i-l itLfll Uait they *rrr< to 
ii«c. If the *.^rf: cDrioOB fact »Uaald 
Ind to further inouiry it m«.y bo of 
IntcftAt to fnuiy of Touf nulvn. aod 
to aonc iQLtrr, Mr. Urban, ^ui 

TEIC Dftiaci of flOKc pU»a ib Uiit 
Island are very Biogubir; appcafiog. 
on tlif Incc of ibem* tv havp bt^n 
lufTuf^ Ooin faautiar w^rdi of our 
prncot lauAUAgCj nnd H lOHTcpac 
liic uoiiua liu todi nomte, tUboa|;h 
Utty luvBl be of modtra daE*, compo^ 
rabTtly. baM rtiffitiinco ;o tomfffkct. 
or [qccuAHry tiaditbn, of very aneiaoit 
tiinT4 1 hgt hucU a rcoAUU for Ifccia 
nacna bc'tBg not at tM 4pp*f«nt. or 
probable* tlir> bavc givca rue to raany 
unfounded, oot to ooy ridicutoub, ttico 
and tturic* rdatin^to fuch pUcrt* 

Tiin hai Kridra f»iu tho vafioui 
p»plo tvho Viavc bvootDO tb* oocopivr* 
of itiit cotihtry, iidqi Ibt BriLoaa, 
^^Ling a dilTiftfnt lan^aa^cf fruia 
iirm, and front each vlbcr. Sucti 
vcrnacijlaraud bomily ntruH may. in 
modl itulsatti. It a thou^bt, be trnccd 
to ibt Britjah Ibaguag?, nnti may be 
coniiiJvrtd aa cotruptioci ihtivoC 
Ttiit but or>l bcpn mffincrLllt' rvprdod 
by npr Dt)ri(tuari'« j and r<-inBi*c|UFnt1y 
manT of Ihrm liu* btiui Inl inEo abturd 
cnnjfcTdm, anJ h»*( b<oa the nKOti* 
of BAoef toriEng. t( ool cf 1 bVBbljrf . tic 
tAtn^ jir-fraLar* but urttriie accouTifj, 
that" hive bttn miKed up wirb tte 
fcifrtorv of lome placc>- 

Ai an iflLjiinrion or XhfW nbavrtt- 
iLoni. I ilitll i4\-*Tt tn torn* pra«fi in 
tbifl laland, r^fiiftikabl* fi^r Ittvii d«pth 
and dtclivity, in tbc i^&Eatt of wbicl 





Tho D^rt D\ie,irff.—PiHur9 flf Sif John Donne. [Jpo, 

111* Satanic tn^catf '■ 4|i[)rT!At^on btiTs 
■ cuns[iJcuou« |Ufl, AA If he liitit been 

rthh way, gr bad tome pruprrt^ Jo 

PintKh' B^^pI ; the DniS^t Jne^a-jitait ; 

iS^ l>rviVr Dm. Sic Now thcBenAmca 
nrr rKitlunt murr, I ccnfiiluutl^ lutimiE. 

" Detil'tn" ah\in poi ic Ihn atnilite 
cue.) ur iiiriEWit, iMv bii\iii\i for m 
•Itcp &t |irpciiiier. Aiict llirrt irc 
many aJiDEltf HVJnli iii IliAt Uitguifv 
to eipie» (Ici'lli. iJiE^ruudily, 0(?> 
tpr«bftMy Ihc jiAfetit of cut ward, 

TuA Dtnu'vBiffK. Deu nflffhEt^n, 
U «tU kGcwn ai ■ deep nvity, Kieep 
and precipitcuja.* AiJDlhcr DcvU'a 
Dike, io Nurfolk, it dracribvU La (lie 

Tue DbvilS runcnDowi.. i%oti llic 
PorUiDDulb reiil> Jirir nindlmd lid 
8urrvy« I lie]j«vr)[ &nd is u plac^? of 
tha lik« Uiftrftcl«r> Tlid term Iwwl 
aeetQi alio of fiiklah c;ri|iii, fiom 
rwLL or awi., ttgnlfyini ■ bi4«cji)-lik« 
carlly is llie i^rottad. Tuiieli It tjM- 
OUftly B fMetiouft ailtllElurj uf iiiuilciti 

TiiK Dkvii.Vak».a-pmc iiattty 
the bail, an inclcltriie, ah veil an an 
uniDFaJijng name) la In Derby ithirt, a* 
U weU known. Thnie whi) have nni 
WLtnrttnl it^ have, for tiie mgsl iiiirl, 
read of it, 'Hit imuic »rn!ni» to me 
ivjoipciuittled vf llic aro/mlcl woiil 
DiniwTB, nuJ uF aubutd.Uic firiUih 
fbi (trem1> tctiur. &c. 80 th&t iliv 
pre*enl hiimi:Tf lUuujcli mdveenl name 
it a luirLittLEuii iirtmui^ UHliah «v;irdi. 
Mijirc»in|; ihif Uriiblc ah<l uwful 
deplh U)d atrep de*0'Ut of Lhiit ;;i]«- 
br«tedpkce.t TheaddU]oii"ii /Vn*/' 
bfti |4utiab1y refercnci; to iU titLuttiuu 
near iLc Wflv and nrcclpllQUii Teak, 
fwbjcb m U)G QrlllUi U nrUlun 
h*:! or mote likely it wu jQicndcJ 
to iDcludif tiiDt. 

la addttiun. J eliall add tbat tomo 
^l|h puunJ. I0 tbt Bouth of Dorklngp 
Ja calLcil CUytiUr Hill; un one i)l'* 

* Eoa fbc I^od couKcteJ vitb tbJii 
«Dil Uifl pofftietf ranjoa of It hy th* Uta 

bUQt Ir (tcJiE. Mac, vuLlui. ut. i- p, AIJ. 
t It H Bito i^junaitlfl tkar, In thu 

BritBtl klnieuACet rVLL UIWAALOU, 

cli^ly of whidi la a lari{< ami deflp 

Fitn in wbJfh itov grova UDJerwnod. 
[. 4f>pfar* ID bove bceo djg nut, i. r. 
funurd artiUcialty. Crjiirp, in Ibe tn- 
cirat BnUiSi biOKua^r, neana a nil or 
d'lttiiiK' Thfl coramDn pcoptc, tncre- 
bIjuuIi* C4i] Itiit pit, TiL» Davit's 
[la,-*, Tliit la auolJicr proof of tha 
rtVEiJulni^y f am mrjlUDdJEif; fur. Tlkn 
wrd i>ft tt. in aU probability, a cnr- 
niptlcn of " IHI." a pil^ !5o l)iaC 
DcTirci Den (oi raiticr tbe nurda fruiu 
whick the name Bfui«] nnum [li>11ijuk 
laort tKaa the 3(ci.'p< ot (Jnp pri, 

[t j» but an «ct uf juttit^e tii uur an- 
ceBtoT9, tu ETitiie ibeia frozn Itic im- 
puUliun of Bupcratm^inp vhicb tbeic 
uiyBUriuuH maiVB have led to tbetr 
brUf chargfiJ ititb, and vhltb hu 
ariKM nj<nTy from the ncdd?Dtal cir* 
cu(D»(iuicfl of ttif ongmal otmn r^ 
aembhof la auunj Ibe pioBDiit awfal 
one*. J, r. 

A MOSTInte renting ^aJ tHliifaciory 
QODinuolcaliciQ wai mada lo your 
Mogaziov of November IMC. diaptay. 

i(i|c the ubiui accuracy aniJ indi^fati- 
liabtfi fcitM^t of yi>uj Ccjic>pui*dent 
J. U, N. Id thia bi- hiu pro^eit thai 
iatho tiJcLutc at Chiawick Talaely ai- 
trlbutnd to Van Eyck, ihp portrait! 
nrn iiol tboto of Lurd and Lady ClJf* 
ford, bat 8irJubj> aud Lady Douncj 
of Kidvrel}', bi tbi- ^uuuty uf Uan* 

llfi ahcnB huT Ibjn curiuu» iik'tu:i' 
may hare ioniu f^uiij Lljt CiilTord 
family iato the ircjaarkaciMi »f ihi' Karl 
of Durlio^ton ; bui ajdii. "ftom «bnt 
cauAt tbt parlfaita attcnkbted in Ihia 

Cicture w«rt «tcr oaciibcd to 'Ibo 
onl Clifford ami b Lb fhraily,'Et woubl 
be Jiflicult to KUvBi." Now, Sir, 1 
happen lo br at Ujl« time vnt^aifcd la 
CorfctUng the |»rPM Tor Ibr publJcalion 
of the Vjniutiun of Wdet, in thi lim^ 
of EliKubcth* by I^ewya Dwoii (or 
Dennc>J deputy licrald fui ibal |iUrjH>e(f 

Tliia curjouA colketloo vill mult lt» 
appeamncc undef the pnlruuft^iv uf Ihi; 
"WfUb M&S. Society," fi.i wlom 
1 have undertaken tbc cJitonhip. It 
CDatalDB a vrry ampFe i^Jjfrec of the 
Dounc famil), to whotn tli? cmopilcr 
noa related, tVaca this I imd dijkH 
enabled iq diaaoUe wluit bu uppcaivd 


Oorkaa^ff Hm>e, H^finftAov, 


li y^nt CatTCipockdnt t mj^lar. 
7^ Sir Crifih Doo^r, who id ibt 
CvTiul MS. ^ tkv C«Um of Afdt. 

towv* tlMA thb VUV^ ■!««<« Ml 
tmmt u OM Mccoanta of tta* kom* or 
HMtiMi," ii b*n i«prM*Bt*d u 
BVfMUbvt DO oOi«r MottM muUt 
flfUa p«noB* itiii 1^1 «ho «m " IW 
UrfT of "^r Mwr." fi«t th« off- 
fepnagttf dM ttMcb ift »ttli»4 to h^r* 

Utr BfttM TikMDM UoffbM oT Uv- 
3^ mm of Dr. li<Hli«> etfWiI**, 
SH W^ U«i>t «tr« tvo too* aad 
two diu^ttn. Tb yoooicr, OtmK 

BUTMc], Irt, L«i4 Ab«rnT«biiy, and 
Vndly, Chrutnphffr Clifford, brothir 
to thr Kflflof CombBrltiH!. Tlii, ci- 
<(>ptJDglhv thri«ii*n niin«of "Ctirifr- 
Irtphw," it eanlUdfloJ bj Vtnctnt'« 

when 11 b «iTfd ih*i Kilwud Nai^illi* 
d'&vi dff AbtrgavCTkns, obiit A«- 31 

dioghcvr nf Tbcdnaa liughn d& Ux- 
briiigv, who iftftwirvit tipnuafd 
" Frtamro* <)« Cliflbrd, poiE TndrTcra 
frtfri* Mi wntortiv comifaa fotC Cqiq* 


OOtnAHBirtv Atrind if.t nam* 

«W wn abcVd .U^t r^f At, A1bn'« 
ta IIBI, ud wlio ftUr,*!^ rn» the 
ctefdi iUb atnAr tprsifkMialjr eUltd 
Wttcvltk^ ia Ikfour of tdt likular 

thav. ID tha ■■■Miifeiii of th« «bbtv, 

n* fi»ndAUiiM or ill* QotMlif 
^Mi fciMBi, fftdodiBs tl^n** of t 
Uf|i nottd lovH, viiiy ^tiU b* tnMd 
to dryiMBidvni. If wu ilioMed ia 

thm hm, nd ^}iDBu<iiae a rcod t^w 

AAv ibv diMolaiioa of MoiiA«leffl» 
cho wnnrr v«> cnaUd bf the Crowo 
to lUlpfc lUiriM, no- altenvord* 
kfil^itod, sod «a|il tij hi* fittDdaeo, 

kUJpb Mtynard, t»]. to Sir NicliotAa 

SJr N[chnl«a n»oo vnmmtnrcd 
ffMling n njiv niBciimfi xl G^rhaio- 
boryofi Ih* litiirMireh IfJC^i. AmoDf 
thf pn[ti*rii E^f hti Van i\rilhuny, m tho 
librLfy nL Ltmbvth lUlacP, it oa« con- 
t4inihj^ th* foLlow-mg pAJlicului t 

'* A Brir/ at iht vIidU diuitit bv* 
>|CF*ei vpab tki budilinf of [krltcmbary. 
\t^wtm ihv jnn lM^ludUi«lut^ «t 
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It wm wodonA obovt Ibt: wr tJlsL 
An tbilB'i OhOm* of FriTClclr 
rVlMl BvaU. ^ Oa.) Pfm <Ui <o- 
rktm nd ■MhniTii mMmm oaf piw&C 
«ttl» tfll« fltM^dlr d«m«d. 

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MUDlod for in iJili bri<r AOJ ITiabcr fdl«d 
in iK* I^H^ KAtper'i *rTH>dj nolbcnklioi 
vBflbtr ia th*r* vtliwd uif ftvMiotH fron 
thf ihb«^ of ^t. Alb«il Ir IhH, Mad ; nOT 
the (jri^ilif truj nlflie bare ooemd «f 
buruLiii; B^ biJdns of brkk fiklda th« 
lime nicnEioDC*!,'^ 

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»ilLtd of a qo^ii/uigLe of oboat Hffrcoty 
tMt ti^uon, ia the ccotrc ofvbicb urat 
th4 onlrincc, and on <«eh aide femoll 
tarT«l«. Tbcdoorof cQlry led Ibraoijli 
■ doiotfT iDtT> B courts la whUB, 
fuinjc the fntranciT) TVMapordkofRo- 
mui arehitcc^ufc, which «liM ciJats in 
niinj and ii rtprcMUtciI m the aocam* 



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PACtr* muKi. HHtOKi crtroH vin im* ticiuj, 

FrcFTQ the Porck aa asc«ot Of Toar or 
£«v pFcpv Ifd to ih« uppEr lad of Ibe 
tlaTL la tbff centra ai IhElpvrcreqJ 
wu a door of carveJ oaI which UJ (o 
atLsilc of apartiDcaU. owupyin^ ths 
bfl'baod, «r wckUrn, tiife of the qua- 
drangliT, nai ciniittkn;; of nn ^aiinsf- 
rooni) « binall inti-fbAinbfir, «iii] a 
Jratving-rooiD. On ibe oppoMtc fiitn 
wen Ae^eial otbcr ronmt, iLnd « iniAlL 
btti called tbo Arnout JiatL UbIi^iiJ 
tfao hnlWw a«D^oicourt|iurro(indcd 
bT lh? oflier*. 

lliB Uiillery wfti paimtikil vrjlh oali, 
fill m cumpofimcAEi, vith LaIii i^- 
Krlptbo* ovrr cacb' In X^^v U*i>ftl 
Calfl^cllQn ofMSS. at the Hnliuli Ma- 
Mum (17 AaiLiii-) ti a vnEuoio con- 
toinipg ^opl^a <jf Lh«u inacriptioni, 
bHUtifcillj' wrUUo on rourtAci) oblDHf 
l«av*i or fillom, in gal<1 liilicn upon 
tariom cnlourtd gruticidi. Tbf it%\ 
I^OflC containfl a lery b«utifal Illum^ 
muion of \\it anvi of Joaana L^ily 
L.uulcy,*ib& h«irT«4 of Ihc Earlt nf 
AxunJel, ^iih tbii lajivracriptioD ■< 

virt rood todre bboLftdn Lutnleraeadslb 

At U)* h*ad of tht ncKt pAg« it tho 
followinf mUt 

" SeetVDCnra&atvU in iLc Lordt Kit- 
^n GolbrT ki uoFlLuikbnrf, «hJ Hlc<<tM 
bf bim owi. of diiCH lacbart, iiid Hnt 10 
lb« food LAdjr4 Ltimtfej nt bvr dffiiH-'^ 

The l<:ote^nl:cl Chpinailvr*. wbicbai* 
Ilurty-»ven in hDmbrr, antJ virh Fw«i- 
ieg a tiLle, (u Da vuvud ii<i?ri>, flit 
AXaiTiopit, are fnnncribffd io JMkia 
C^nin*tAa'a baob : and w> bHifv» tic- 
tMDiW of lAinit flf Ib^m lia«o b»n 
puMmliffd by Mr. Henj j Shiw, F.S.A. 

l~bii l«o faJlowiDg iir« ipeciiDCM : 
and lli«y ar* giv«n bvrDUie th«i' w n 
orniUed inu doobE art' idem at fy J by 
M>» Gtinufon. 

of JfviinA t#1y LLiTnJ'7 trill ttr rrtii«d In 
thr fjoiilfluian'i Mutilna, VoL. CEIL it. 

Pi AriictTt^' [I.] 

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ccatuU) ijUAUi nj^m dpM». Omnia ffnia 
Ainlufj dfilibirnt icd dv ifto, prlUL 

IJk Aui>iik. f 1p] 
^m<ir» iiii;tii4 nmtfiTiR ; illiiiHaffiWfiTii 
Liliii«n(1rt,riti[ur vt fBnUafbldLadDrat, 
oui virgin biait ni. 

Ovvriij[4lc lriidi[i|[ intolhforrfbnrda 
vLich had a cardan on ono aidr and a 
vildtrncM on tbo other, uuJvr tho 
aulua of Urphoui cto^ Iboao vor«*i : 

llofriitt iiuptr rnin w|ccla lal«1ira\at A- 
ft rum, 
UuficuLL* iBblain uiLrriUillfiLi^Clc iVL'dB^ 
Klriiiilliir rii4>tE4^ linr iliirii ft>r1*Hii|ihn'i>UOr- 
llll4nu«iiek mr non itnilnir rDdrnai 
r<i'>w^>i, fiv^'lii'' tl;^ii|i4 tlri-iiiia mnflti 

El ■i^lrntijiirr iH I'lJ" plprmimr jHiIcA, 
Sdoiiiiff pi^ol raLl4r. «ht 'tl milil 4>aHu al d^ 
llarmT ii naiUr rDima annniii* dJo 1 

In the OrrUacd h-ai a htllo Dan' 
i)ueting'bau*c. iidoTj]cd wuh gfealcu* 
iLQHLy. hnvjiiii the I^ibtrai AfU bcau- 
tjfully di'pictnlou iti viIIb ; uvcr thfia 
the phcturift vf biicli kavord dud a* 
Jiail ftccllfd in fnch -, and un^Ii^r tlii<n) 
VEiica ciprE»»ivff of ihf lituBfiU dp* 
r^icd finiu ibc atudy of ihrui, Th'nn 
vertta, ai^d tfje uauict of IbukB wbuiv 
pjctuie* were ihcK pUcuL fultotf : 

Qui uirj iKflidiilk'jl tatftn huJU ^i^LaU 
l>QXhTUft| L<]ti.TinfarLV]t'tt*ijd faiKlalit 


IriffiitLiin «aH-ni, tiiimc-iMhim »k^»iiji n^^rnitOi 
Qui 1IUlllCKItllM|i:lt glJHl itiJltU*!: LH-ilUlL- 

mirtui'B, DuDAVP, Pi^nAooaAii 

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VvrtBt^uim. filn* nrpuii, (uniU prolio- 
Aiuvn«#j|j lUitiuLirnt FoarnTari Sbtoji. 

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JaDKIur-fiuUfLCritiuq TitLt «iiL« null/i. 

CbCBhB, Uutfnktu, ifavuTrimvia, 


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AMuaisHii tvoua^ stuM, Ar«LUMti r^ 

Fns Uia piper «lRi4f iDflcnnJ, it 
h« bam mnra dial the hoiuc na 
Bl flotibffd MQtil IS^. Fuur ycon 
d!kv, «> ia nppoaed, il ncejvn] it> 
Inl titU froa Q«Ma C^iubfth. H«r 
toi —lto of M Uowf b f«i>nJ*iJ br OiF 
MnriK lf«tar ■ of ibtf I jord KMprrr la 
ifa Laf^TrvuvKr :f 

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twfufliii bf fwcs flfecbe Um Dm 

%BM» Hi^ ^■**** to ccDG 111 bif 
hnvb JUJ fca awy ii y ■O0acto«uar tbo 
If tf bar f JIM Mr of b«r ibHiK I 

Am Sal I «jl^ a>4mtoad jny adiue 
■^f^lUalwi* bt A« IhA np lor 
■■to4Ml»i> Ihu vOtv, ror,ln««7 
fcidA,MaiM te SCR nvc in nrbd & 
■Msthwjnib- And thuafatblog 
t* f^ L a n m} tctf*. I Uvte tny fu- 
ttsiillDiJblBjv* tt (LU t^t- FroDj 
» bivw H Cw^sboti* thifl lij'* tf 

fkMti>llcrtdjVo«rA«f* fo fiff 
«^||lt£Ardr«V#r4arBAM to tie 
Mr, *UrA vMWflin l«iW tcmfarr, 

>* 1 taif vr«t# Efcffl brmun t «n1d» 
■Mr lakf ^ «Bii ^ njtbl bcsl ^Ifu 
W 31^. t^ t kiirae mA bif«r Ul'-ir to 
ibCD br py hc3r, 

T« Bt nn Mftd [.. the 

7« p«fbcuUn of tk« Qat«o'« v4- 

IfTlniamfnt ob th£| e«cuIoD UC prc> 
wrred; eiccpt the rcmkrli whici DCf 
JJ«jc*t7 aooc on Ural ««rv«riaf tbd 
■4ajba. ll ippeu* to bur* bMii 
tfu tho a^c ripe<te4. Of thm aiany 
otltcn of the HpJtinf; itfvciufct of 
that QUgaiGceot vn to domci^Jc 4^- 
ohit«ot«n* So fthe laid, "My Lonl 
K««pfti Twa h&fc la^J? Ti>ur bovH too 
little for rod/' Hrrrpliird, yi\\h. ttc 
churvtcnflLc horaitity of One wboM 
iB0tb> wu ■ftDiocm* riMHA,— " Not 
to, Mftd&mi but fcur MAjetty hot 
mode mc toa big; far my bomc. 

Tbc QjiMQ wu fLgua at Gorlitn- 
bnry ia I573'l. b<f (bftjtcr U> 1b« 
tovttorThelfofdbcin^doJc-Ial Goi- 
bambvy, Mudi 13, io tb< t^tb ycu 

rrwJoiwT to tbc Qucm'* nnt yall 
tbo Lord iUvpffT hti ospliMl wltfa 
bor i Mm B»! i o a , H« ertclvd for b*i 
rtMptiob A Gillcrr» 120 A«t la Iroctb, 
ftnd 18 In breftdtk, but itj mttsnals 
vrtrt ooH ]*tb tnJ pluttr. At (tthcr 
cud vu a d<ofttl upafUacal- Under 
thr vbi>l« vrcrcCbitUn, la tb« ccotrc 
of which cin « nicbv) ww ft vtatoe of 
Kinjc HcDfy iba Eijbtb, cut id aloae, 
ittita gUt amour, aod ut the oppfr 

M«ond*iife,iJtMrt<d iathswBU. From 
tbe cnt^cbainbor, vbicb ccmuuiic&t. 
fd witb tbe Gftlttry^ *^n two diMrt ; 
ooe, oi> th« left. iat«ad*d for coiomoa 
u«0 1 tbv otbffr. oa tb« ri|bt. for h«r 
Majctty to «atcr; ud oner facr dc- 
partcrc'Str NUholu, vvith tbc rrftucd 
tiatiery of the tiset, ttiivcd Ibat door 
to bf cloMd, th«t no «thcr *lcp misbt 
pou the lamo tbtwbold. 

This *uit toob plu* from Saturday 
tho Ibth of May 1677 t^ 1^ fdlovSng 
W«iliu3a4*yi sod lbi« occouot of iU 
oxHooM h ivtatftvi m tbo Lu^m41i 
Lionuy - 

"IbtOiTEa BpcDdol 4t Oorbimbun ^'1 r«»a «f bur Mi.*" toiojiifv illLber m 
iTHi<^ of Ma^e lATi bdart tuppfr, and ooatynvidjiei omftj WtdsoAaj 
JbfMi* AtCovfei^ uniaMed by a bc^iko of pattknkvt f— 

/Mtfvy^-rint f<n vbeaU ta lb« rMtry tad PMlry . . 41 11 S 

JtMif*— E>*v la b«aft and alo > . «S 16 e 

Mr.-fM>ala«yatoraakyiida . . ST i ft' 

* fbfl Abekas] b ta >lf . Ud»l. L 4. 

^1W Hino SOB la Ovburibari trou tbt Loid TrE*>ur»'» ova 

IMiMl Ob bn-Tinutolbai «drbmt<d plnco,«bii:b in tbetiBt afh* 
bnt I royml |«iB«. >m oar rjl. VJ. p. Uiy. \ tUm of IbMibaUi aaa fliaa 

ter. Hao. Vol. XXIII. 

42 Gsrhainbtirii Ihute, Jlertfcrdtfiin. [Jan, 

if *• <t 

*aJ ii]<rfrc«c« , . . . « t& Itt I 

laV«alMt«oncian», 9'- ti#. dd. In liamln M htomm. 1U IOj. 4fl. 

tuKiibOOf, :7 lA A 

rft^afn * ifi /irvJr — Itfm, Cufinni ^rBiU liLiiJt ?DG, tCi. Eli, lif, Pullvtior 
■n ki)td<i, 'ilf. Cbrkmi II dftvrn nml tr, tir, f^. BJ. G»te 10 Juvcu. 

in. IT J- ^. '^''. PiinirinKf )-i ,Uim. H/. Li'. I'lfiEniiio lU ilainn riULl?, 
i|&- e^, BinJi (jf [|iA JLQUt IK ikin*n and T, I^j. Id. GadvMEn tf 
Jdun. 4^ PoUtmllB 14. lit. 4J- fliuvckn 13, 43a. <d, Fcutiulsf 
doMQ 4ad !>. 5f- r^. 1^- Pfitni^htTn 14, lit- K/i^ i|iiiu1> IC itrccn mJ 

AQA dniim, 4J. . . . . , , . ion 7 II 

Achain m fV<Jt#,— llnm for T^rrn Tjtht nf oil kindra. ^IL ];«. lUJ. For 

Fmbo-«4t«r P^ilif orUlUudn 1UJL Dfpi'/ 3C U, 9 

j4fAd/M, vfr- — Id Gbwdudi vt VncoD, bake J Ami ^flcd, :tOt, Dr^il 

Totiitt M, K«< Pigitn 96, ^-Tf, BtrfiD (u Kiltfliu. lli. Npi(« 

24. lUn I, Idrf. KibbrtH 41 Ai'tta ujA <'. V, Ojt, l]/l, J^ttUj^, 

B/.Hf-HJ, E|rirt.5Tf- <:f[iLnie» SOi, Hi, MtUc^Cd* Fiullo, Jli . Sd. fn W II 

B^ttrjf. — IICI1I4 tn VinriiF aHE^ Ver(« . , . , , .1 19 

t^iemy, — Itctiii ib Spiff nf \il »orl* < . ■ • . 2T U I| 

,V^t^umafy,—iitta,ia^n\iitinttiti^^UiB . . . . IP 4^i-,— lr*m. In Wooile . . • . ■ I « 

OTaf'Aouif. — Itfoi In Coolfa , . . - . • Iti Q 
Nttwitantt. Itrtitt. Fioftrtt tttit /ftt't-^kM^lleia, In WcLiwiipw, 

IBS. i,t- ^yj. In H^bw, Flowr*, and AHioki'kn. GL Iht, lOJ, . iF^ 1 7 
^nrvrA»,^\tfm, tA lUnardf for PrftiTntf,f 1U/. liiii. In Kavardi for 

umun^r llio Uuoan, 1ft £«. > - , . 19 1 
C^*d(* lt*m, In i'tri'dgrk frnm l^iinJan tn Doriutmborj, lad rrom 

Geitiiaibui7 h»kfi«iiiknptn l^iHJnn • . . * 10 

luiQ. 10 ML U^ilkolDLflc fttrthlnplilrtd . - . • . I lA fl 

turn, ta UicEu of Oic RncUi . , • . . . £0 U D 

lUm, lu [ho Ctiukoof L«pdop fnrChsir WcfiDt . . , . Ifl 

Ilfin, In lijihnrTi larthi-ir H'BgTi , . . . « 1 H 8 
Itfiu. rntIe?dln[Porrflv| , . . ,060 

1l<mp for ilLcni&un of Lbbrn iKiUe tbr StulT , , . . 7 10 

lUm, Tuj LwvrrcwUMU, iaj-0(f. For tAvinNiixiyr, iOi.tU . V 10 D 

SvMtu toUtfii af kU Eipraeci, btddcB b Cupii prcunird lo the Uu^nc* 

U^Mtt* jCI^:: fi T| 

Buidn^ llimkt and i Hti^pii, ftc ^^^_.^ 

In DcbnuwkdicnDTnt of tkJs enttr- politic*! talfnlBibutvlio m&ic oo ud- 

HJtLiatutp it i» BJiJd ibut Ihv Lortt fortuuatf Th(»if? 1^ nlLacblnu biancif 

Kccptrr (c<iivrd fium Oit Qurrn ihal la thv pArlv vf tlir RieI uf Ltm. I|« 

poiUftit of her b^ ililliaril, which [■ reiJdrd viilU thftL nohtrrrisi] at Eon 

■111! b tht coJlcctioa at the prctcnC llauir in the Btiaml. in Mic cajiacity 

fSiiQftloD, of Ev^ftlAFTH uid OJrd (licTE, ft Civ 

&ir Njcholat lt«c<in, en hii clcath in raaaita oRet the lod> ijf Uu patron, (n 

]&70f ilcvktrtl Goffaaiubuiy 10 thculilcr tht jatr t60L Gofboinburv a&dm llic 

aon of his tccond iQ4Tniee, <\ctbi~>[iy mcAU ttoiv btcn inlinbilcd bv Lady 

Baccn, nr]. a man gf conAid»abJ« ItMon, lb« *rtduw(>l tLc Lord Ktcpcr. 

* frovblcEU nrcAwnf* ia dlitiaelioa lo lbu« alr«tdr it Ibt hlora tit ihe Uaue- 

1" Wfim itie QiiKEn Ttoiled nnf ftval hnai'. tia awimv |rnmll5 rfm*r4 DPf^ 
tmia of [imiiiinnt fraffi 4lJ bit urigblnnri. A«r rbp lli< of itmte kht In i« Lord 
lEIlcmKc bt Hairadd, MldJitsei, la l^Ql, ia Ibc Efciloa Pa(irrB. piibllilivd b/ the 
C«(Ddcb bvuMlf t p. 3iU. 


Ooriiamltfg iJotac, l{trift»ni4hire. 


ti » kfl ^ A>1b««y. wlio rlifd ao- 
■■mtct. to b*« b«o(b*r Fr*oci>, afXtr- 
tttviliViKiQaat Sr. .VI ban t. 

Avoag lb* Mbfr ■citBtifir felQi|iv« 
of th>E lllwtrMiu pblloiO;^r, irrhi. 
MXsfw vaa ooa*; And. >«jn tfffr h» 
bKtn* PWIWiHt or OorhminburT. he 
— tt»J Ml kkor* fcottn ty tonie u- 
HdWfy plana for iccUring l1i« Kacitnt 
oCf «r Vtmlam i bat ii <loc« not a^ 
pMr lk«t W pncv^fit Tunbpf in (bat 
Mb*^i Ibifts at a iprrtilaliLvn, «nd 
tOl^VCl oTcMiMttaiBn fnr Uj* nmuv, 
•ntr of bk frivodt. Kit icvniian 
wiu tout nrgfPlly re^oJrrd for th-J 
•f|tur of Gorbam^V'T. nhich h^ 
flMlfA iola coiuid«rablr Attn'g wxice 
1^ deaih of hb ratliM. Of ta i« wrrkt 
Ikfn an iDtcmlinj: 4crount ii fJrrn 
bf Svkatj. vliri >i4jirc] Gorhtmburf 
£• l6Ati, Wl vibu afipri^n to laiv »- 
•ifBccI wdltCfiBiiBMrt^ ttify TrUuin 
to tb« MO. Ibmttiiif th«i hU fjtihfrr 
SIf Wtehahi bwl mh the ortglnAl 
btUn Bod ■JoTMr oT tlie pUcc ; 

* la Ibc Fevti»> vhlcli fronta tht 
■>«Cb, l» ftarf bdi, bid u bic m lii« 
■it^ vr 4tv»« %7 «* riHircbl Ii«ih1 <bac 
lla wlMirtrfOf It ii. ia vti/f-iiEQiin.) 
lIctnrH, iS «nMtnidr«|. wWk 
■alt* ^hIi fbr viamplct am I 
u a iWf ta— ol U a Morai, 
Iba vod^ Aitta cair tvh Tiriivt. 
Qw tka PdrlKY it » ilaEtlj OxMny. 
flaM nUdowaarf nil p«lnEitd> nd 
vh^ awonl ftfurei oT Inttti 
W A*«vi«: f pobapB lib L«HkhIp ; 
w CbOB aa Mvia for local a>^ 
TW aiBAavi \»A mlo iba far' 
iMt llv •l'* ■pp<«i(* r^ thrbi Tin mn- 
Jb«, bol fa hDiif bU vlLh plf'tvrca it 
Imcfb, ta al Kiuc Jaivo- la> txintiblp, 
wd«mr«lPaflri««p<r«ati' rafHI* tiow^ 
il At fttiyav nUr w na nLBtk^i but 
Ibm It a t*r^ lirf« fii^nm. tn fti? 
■kAtfa a« a iwt In rfae an ntadt Klig 
Jaian is annow, *i[h bh rFe«] oma- 


Km GriMilMi luafogtudcd la Iwr 
aiaa copjaf ItKM'tlEiHroo &jjLI. 

!■ br tl MlppSK^ -A ]1 to luLV* |n^llj 

dncnjutiaa >f bli own haiut at 

T accmniab vbit lE. h(7wrt<f, 

luaart^ tint fit rtteublAD^f b 

triAa^ tW UcwmU ikc £«»> being 

■M tofttfdinniiiiioaa. 

rii^iriHi glui ihtniim \\t liu 

1 J. a. Vb«Mtf at. AlbuV Aubicy 
nfc» all Uta wHauatt Ic bui utic < aol 
bi anteialr «rp*4r* t» bar* addtd bt<«< 
l» tt««« of Eba or%tMl boldini:. 

nrii»4; nn hn n^X litnil iitinda (buf 
mhrthnr or u" bti » ror:l I httf frrrfrtt) 
Klui£ Hefirir 4^J uf TrutPT, La tnuoai ; 
ftiiJ vii tiE* l(-rr bind Ibo Kioc of l^pAiu ia 
lihtf Dimaer. Tbeic fi^unv nre {■! 1«a«l) 
t« big a4 lh<i Itf' I thvf «L'n ffcknaanlf 
wiih anifa«r tad ihpll (iilil. anil tlir tha* 
ilaiicd umbei at ta tbenEurraorihe Coda 
an Ibedoiira of Vqvljim UoaK >luali ia 
»ati«d bcrealW]- Tbe roaf of Ihia 
Gtllory it trmi.ijj-liiidnul. tdd piiaCad 
b^lbaianie bm^, In thr It All i> t Itrja 
itionvDrT v^ pELliicci! of the Fsua vf 
GtHlki ittifTP MpLit ■> lau^Ijt iu ■ uvt bf 
VulcKD. On eIjf imllt fcr the chSmDcjt 
U ptJnttd u oA. with awma &llia( 
fnm 11' Iht motio Vfti arii> roriv*. 
AAd aa <ha nil dt«t ih« table It immrni 
Cfint CflwhlOf ibc wvlog of com, (be 

'■ Tli« Garden la Ibheit. wbich *>a fno 
Jflflbi) nrdj pliai^ tnrl ktpt in Via 
l^Anlilitp't titter. |l«m b a hiiulHiiui 
iton' whlrh nprna iitTii Oili WoUil: vicr 
tLe ilour Iu cvMfa Idtcrt un blw tia 
fr»c), l^e oAkaof ilik» woJ an Tviy 

inat ud ihadt. Kfl Lordtbip uub 
•liglilml hiru«|f bor* ■ ■ undrr rrtTy 
Irr** liA jilanli'rt m\n\f fcnr flfiwrr, tiimo 
whtrcufup tbrn ittU> rl«. |ifrmJr<. Iu- 
li[i». E^vvi Lbis m>i>4 A di>ar opvat \nV> 
t iduu u brf u u ardluarr ptrk, Ibtf 
w«C pari irlMnHirii G<i|ipi« i*ui»di vlao 
*ro wtlVi cat aul «« ttr^ij^bt k> ilmn, ■ri'l 
Tirowi «iiou^h fof t duah. a '^uin^r nt a 
miJn luuf ur bmcj. Ilvrebl* LoTdibtp 
juudi mrdiUtc^lk biv Htrvaiit Mr, fSmheU 
tttca^D^ him «ii^ bit pcD ind ink^ to t«t 
dmm bit prttani oMlODf. 

■< Th( nkt (tf (Mt park. wtilrTi nlrnda 
tA VrrnlKin HnniiH, AH In bi> Ui>rit>bt|k'a 
proi[*frLt} a [•aradiar. now * ftr^ ^iluucbad 
FieU, It cQJuittad oftttcirtlptrtt ^ Hoia 
loma rupbairiac- H«rv «>aBil] raAnl 
vi fnnr Irr^v rliit mhuIeI ctrm In 
lanil, and a crcnt nombtfr oT dioiGa 
itco. *' tlir bLlIIl t tnci narbti Mnli 
JU. Tiki- n ak*, UitL in tbe o&ppiaM «a^ 
«lbsr bwf4j{«, wer< omrt infttnloiHlr 
■l^ed. At iftfral pKid -rttfin «af 
mrrMl rii>tLiit inmrnrr-bnuaFt. wftUbuil 
of ttiTniin trvbliuciarr. wtll v«|ptoQl«dl 
tcd i«i1«d, )flC tlabdiux, but d;fA»J/' 

* Iu till |vi:aAltEr dinlRtt, Lord SU 

Alban'i aald all Uid propcrtx aEtaebcd t»l 
G^rbtmltar; «TO«pt tliO 1'uk uiri MufiV 
■tyiag i^v^Ml ri itfnm Mdoptfd Item bla 
fflTrttifltt trea.} *■ bfl wtiuld fop tha 
bxaniHiittEj wiclbfiwunk," Bvl wti«« 
It TO tonfitltd u ilm to aall tba 
Wood Ittelt b« r«pli*4 IbAt tU VOOU n«| 


Gdrintev iiiw, Utrifi^hiff. 



« T«mlvn HooM " «w a tinnnvr 
itftldoca wbieb Lord Bmod wu itt" 
dond to ercci nou the I^AbpODdk, it 
«« aeeount of tU dtficiMc^r of wM«r 

M Gorbuiburf, mt^S ^l**^ " ^^ ^^' 
vabr fould cet b« brought to the 
lUTOHt )m wonTd brin| ih* hoQK to 
the witcf." II no loopr MiaU, but 
tb* dncriMioti vhich Anbrt j hm pn* 
■■r**d «< & will b* fonad tvr^F coiiOU* 
■ai IsttrcMii^g :— 

" Xt n* tb* Brk»( krif*n;nii«tj nQbrind 
lUde Pile ibU crri I hv. (1 ■& MRJ 
tb«L 1 tWAMUvd not Ibc Tiuul Bad lirt^Jtii; 
but I hill* nmcded il kvilU br imUci 
down tor Ibn mU of tb« nvctulL^ Ko 
^d?(tir.ii tfq[ hii LctfdiUB vH tll4«ni*''*t 
■rcblEMi; Imt ha bid lof Hi uilibmr n 
fAnniriteuf bk [n M- Albqa'a eakjij Mr- 
Dglnn, vbo ww bli Ldrd»h;j»'i ri^lit 
baodi 4 very lit^nlou |cr>on {Ma4U' vf 
lb« AUmbiIoa 0|Tl«). bul h« fptn^l^pir 
hu ttlatr iuilTLVUllj, BtPMPly ^o^^d bLt 
ibiti WtUixni UnTiMD t^b«thlltIlOltcMttU 
klll i'UDEir Lkal EnglaQd batb I<1 brvd^ 

-' Tbd biHM did aM cut W lUa 
nlflfi «r In ibvwd Ibe biiUdkg.i Tbar* 
vtjv fooil ohEmifj-|qH!*i I 111* moiai 
WTf if'Ti^ and vrtiT ttrj iw)l iiiiJ»* 
WDlad. Then vrn iva biaiaf-punu 
oritvfiB,* vbUJiBbbLotdiblptiiUraddf 
■Amvou •• bo M1V nwe. Tw tvnnilb 
af Uia ddjBoaT* inn onM bta tb* 
nlddl* of Ui* boH*, «b4 nnuid tbom 
thtq vm irtf<* Thn tOip of tW houtr 

Imtlf pmp«t to the Pond}, wblcfa wrrc 
«(»|xiAiti; ta ibc uortb-otfl kldv uf lb< bouK. 
ud norTDBttK Ptbrr tid« uf tUs aUlpttjr 
ViUu cf InU ibU Indi to GcfhtmbuTT 
JIo«i*, and iilto fmr 'bit Inni: T»ttp nt 
tnM ttboB toppf kCTard tmotlplrBiuitT*- 
ticn^ipd Tudurc trauitbliut llit wurki in 
JcUb itiu^ Tb» £ii«h^, Urdct, Cel- 
lar, lot* ar* mdwfToiAil' Is llw »iidilU 
df tbli boDH v«> a dalinte ittln-^at* of 
wi>oil. thirlj TU rurionalf tvrtit. ud 
OD ihr inuU 111 nni tplcriUca im toiuA 
nntdiT ^t^a^ M of ■ p**0 dhlliv 'itb 
hi* bo«k ud ipfctuIci^ABadkui Mv^ 
he. Mt «n» IUas titiot. Mca. Oa Uxd 
lb« doon of tbt opfW «tont oa tha «au 
■Ida (iiUetiwnvHinttd dark iifnWf)vim 
A|pim uf lb? foJiafttLC GcnillH, tIi. oD 
tlie HkLlbdcic li i(vt>c «*(■» A]m]|u, ljs 
aar^TT ^-r '"' wif-Kbii diundrr^bolliacid 
blffn tbaii tb< life , und don« bj la CMtl- 
]«t fcandi thr ^<^]ktl1j^|{l m*r* ofhaltA- 
Ifigvcf faU. wbkh tIkp iho «iin tbovn 
^ LbciB uada a Klfr^vu* ■bnr. Hem. 

TbB <4>pc parL of tba ippcncMt door oa 
Ibc mt ^ bad iaacrtrd JoC* k a ktrc* 
lQokiP(-(leM, wllbvbkb tbi imjOfB H* 
T«j (nufdlrdMt*rtdi for* lAa hthid 
bBta ealarcatatd ft uHti; vbUf wktb Ibc 
pf 0^e<li <if tb« Pnadt. ^alLcii mad 

■erf fclwut tu rriiim lolo il>fl room, oaa 
woald I^Tf mrq fr^*a fiftir* thil bft 
bad belicJd tfkothrr prv|wc1 'hfol^ti Iti* 
howa, fdr a* toon ■! lb* auufcr wa 
JaiHivti Dti tba haloMla Iba coadi^ tbat 
ilinnl tbn bvBM vuaU ibol lb« doon tP 
imVl Ibia CallarT «a Ms wilh Ibe brakuLf - 

'<Tbia waa ^ l^adaMr't nnnipr 
hgoit ^ for hr Vfli An* tbcmld baw leila 
fur Snnimer anil Wntter, H wtU la 

*■ FrvPi brtca lo Ourliuiburj U aboat 
a Ikile tdit, dsc irtj <«# Ilj aarcndldgi 
IdrdJj hj ucIlt* ai a dnk^ Pma tt«Ba« 
la (^oTbambqTj ia a ainltr Ifulndthrar 
pfli-alld mikci la ibr lalddleoiHt tbrvt 
niafhta maj paiit alinaii \ ia Ibe «Ula 
nlba tn» The* COnakK of MnfiU 
>^t>telT lawaef tbc UbtKrvvlh lad bttfbt^ 
iiL diD»r <b«Balr baifb, boRicbaaDt, 
SpiDlilt aib, cvrricfrtnv, ftp^ whM* 
lif|^ doa afonte Araoi Iba vdba oe Ibc 
buuK Uif) Aimt abt;** ibai I baie IMa. 
aaJ I a»H it about MJcbodnafti U vhkb 
liBwoftbe narcUu colovri of laatca ara 
Qoal Tantd. 

*< The iVgarca of cba Ponda w«t« thai 
[Itm fwtjbabtp vnt e jfoa la tht AtSA 
TUtj Hrm |iItcLcd aE llw UAtemi vitu 
P'btlrji vf »tn«rap roloant uliltb wtra 
vorit iaEo acrondl Ar>B<*- ■■ of Aibta, 
8ta. vUub lb kka LonJabip'o tint wtr» 
y\mMlf to Sa a«n tbrDOiEb tbr riaani 
umlrr, nrh* niwuniTn w:th ni|:fi!i and 
ruBhci, If n \fWT hm\K hvl linjinU li* 
Lorditiji* baJXfi ■ ^uai:ik p'bbWof aca- 
riom ccpjcur. be would |tt*t tiiev ■ abD- 
Uar *^ cunona «iiu bo b i^rffi^Ilag bla 
Kianpnnili, whi^h 1 foraa i1»n r»aiata 
fliur acrrt. In Tb^? mlditli of tbir mitldk- 
tnvmi |i(iiiOi ^11 tUc [>taud. ia a niiioua 
fiaiLitui'Uiiiji-liituvc <ir Eviuftu arcbklM- 
larv> r«rr4 niili blu-h aod vbitc marble, 
mmd vllh C«niHb «Uta, anil ncally 

Goiham1>urT ^bj Left hr Lord Ua- 
eoalobia fbithful friend EJr'Jli^aeaa 
Mrautya^ wbo h4d marritd Anof, Ibo 
dau|[1i(cf aacl bciffaa of hi* balf-btc- 
tbcr &lr Nicbola* Bacoo, of ('alforJ^ 
Suffotb. 7^0 aarnc lady «u married 
•ccoadly to Sir Ilarboitlc Giimttcr, 
ftDd tbUB G«llAnbory nuac into tl^u 
poaaaailoa of tbc fxwilf whith now 
f^oja Ac till* of Kail or Vfrulam 
Tbv eld bauae ccrtliatiFd lo bo eccu« 



On iA«tA« ifAnderi^a. 


pM VBtil ibMt ility ftan «f». wbcft 
te pctvcMl BUitoa wu taltt oo 4 
Kw ilEe bMi ibi liilpB flf Sir Ho- 
tart _ , 

•hoilr bdbrt h ym nZJa- 
vfU bt iMod ia PctmurB 

m4 b Nkbob'» ProenMn of Qii«cii 

M». Vmwi. IVr, 13. 

liltfMt la uif tkiuf Ui»t U «aiil kbout 
At lite «l AoJMnla : but. fe» I have 
■liwJf «cc^ikd Hil have bc«ii the 
Bcnite of DGCtpxIdg tonic portioa 
<rf ymi ooliCftfK* npoQ that nibJKl* 
1 tm navilfiiM to Irtenu foitlm 

^Oa thtVa ifoWfTCft I Stvl CQQ* 

vUeb I «hall do TTTT brir^f, qpoa 
ifa alw ntfJ o i iif 1^ Kev. Boitu 
hit, CMllJae^ tQ v«m latlMi^Ai^ce, 
M lbs tile <4 tLe ilotioa m qgutloo. 
Aft Hr. fMt d«a i«t allude to the 
Cffakwff tt*te^^6(ai «^/6in^, 
1 raad>l> b« baa mA imd tbe lUttt 
0H7t arbkh hfta bata publitihcd oo 
^ ai i bject* IJii obfrrrotJoM irr, 
fca*nh-,ar«aefatindiancu*t; Ibat 
», tadtac to ikw that Aodtiida wm 
al Npwm^n: as^, in d«kift thJa, 
baa TcU kaTiitiftaled Ihotc ana- 
wbkb ktft beta made uae 
ftat oairalr taaied or Ulerprtted 
1> to boUicf Uf Caindea'» 
tbat ibk aUUaa ^-v litjc — 
• 0D*dnaoik t^ I bavc for iQ»nr 
jpvan bc«a vppoved tc. 

I fatl aoartkiojt like iodijcnatioa 
«iaa aa aatboccoovrr* a™<^ opisioo 
U laAfftice tbat b4ueci 9a« to ccn* 
■te ft a fa^: iba» CaTodm, in 
ttt Ncwraifo, HTf, ihnt 
Kdwaid i1m Pint a town 
j«ptiailiri& mpe«t to tbemore 
i»dail oo«i AFfn lo be calltd >{cw- 
aAn-'' S« f4j: froai tkit b-iag tbc 
nafl, Nfwvadta wu ihc ojuac of the 
flaw a) Ha tinu of Domcidaf Book, 
aaatlf, t«D ccntvrW* f orLicr^ 

liairi* ud HaMrJ mv, i>r on« oT 
lhr« ikjri, tbal Ncivtaica wat jpTen 
If flft* ^nc ^Jtmind lo t^ CBOoka 
V Atcbbaabop «l CaMterbary, by Kto^ 

• Bee Gcbt. 3kl^. fbr Aarfl. Utj, uid 

t fravaaau Ait^^iluAla. }4o. 1« 
■i^M, (i, Marttai k toad, lBi3. 

OtTa. Mr. Pot4 baa lo Iblrly and 

Jadicioualy invtatjEiiLvd and «n 
lUtbCrd oa tkis poiol, » lo dctll 
ahxtf it to bv iiafnkf. aa I alivafi' 

1 difcT vilH Mr, Poet't Mpluuioa 
uf Uichtrd of Cirrnccatcr'a Htb lltr* 
b fur ti rcii[ie;i)i tbc dliLtAiicr frooi 
"Anilriida PtMtU" -'AJ I^MiJLnmu." 
wLtcli be uy> ii S-'> m'liet ; oikJ ia the 
nnmmtary upon Riduird'* Jtiacnrf 
it ceriBUfefy *oald appear to; but, (f 
wv tarn to tb« ItiaerKr^- ai g[«cs br 
him, there fridcfitJj' appcan a tlaalE 
Irctwno tboie tiro placM i >D thlt Ihf 
33 luil^ Ad l-tmaauni waa froa 
aoQtf otbcr pvict niany miln, I ta^.to 
tbe oaat vi AndcrtdL. A* ihU Em ia 
^nrTotly olherfrikf correct. In mf 
opinion. J Lm mtiongly imluccd to bc- Iha«« bclore itatcd kaaotbcr 
[jlftTc, ibai jt proceeded &y ifn from 
Poitti* AnJcridj lo fl&me place Tilh* 
in 3^ lailci of L<m&aae, n-bemtr 
tbal was. Mr. Po&t Aoa cot sma 
to contradiBtiacuf^b tbo "AodcHdn 
I'ortat" of the lAth Iter from tha 
"Aodcrida" cf RichardV, Lib. 1, 
cii;>. G, and of bja t't-t Itrf- Tbcy 
niR not one Aod the »arue platt. aa 
E hai-c f&plaLacd in my coTamaaic^ 
lion la Tour Ma^acmc of Mi&y, 1943- 
Thitdialvnetiaa ba* not bcea obMrrrd, 
thai I am avtaic of, bp any of our 

UpoQ tbr^baZc, 1 &m mach pleucd 
ivitb Mr. Poat'a obvrrnlioui, a> tbcy 
Itad aao to placf ^v/frtifa al j4n«tr' 
vilh i«doob1od cODfidcnct' 

Yoara. lee, J. P. 

Ma. UaOAtt, '^^"''^^V^ar*^ 

] nWI^ lairly >cfn ao cntrarioi 
ia the poaxi*ba of the Vicu of 
>1arcbam. b EhU co^ialj, which af' 
forda a cDnaui LbtUmce of the nie of 
Ihc collar ofSS. 

h (BaocngfaTiEij^b*G<orTtpVtrtue, 
cf n pr»rlr3it, by tlaphail. of Baluuar 
Caitt|iUoii4, Couul of Ca«tJj:]ioaf. tbt 
aatbor af the famoti^ tirtliitrt entitled, 
li Cortiifi^fM. Tlic poivaft flscEf it 
not jemaiUible. but at Ae foot of (t 
there are the attni of tbc CailiglEonc 
family tumoantad bv a fordgo coro- 
ttHt Ukd •QTToaadftd by a tollat of 
3$. from which ia laspiod^d a roM 
betwtvD two porteulttHa, 

The quoation (khtoa, Hon can vv 

PprinaiofBttiaxor Cart^iww, 


ucouct for ll« UH or ibii ornftiarni 

Id 1023, u Ihn rutluvvjniE ftcrofint at 
tht Lulkhon fiDiJIy. 

"TLikAoiifiitArLd illoiiriuui IliTian 
fiailjr KlUcd in UviUhur. in con. 
Mquton vf ■ rraat f^ooi (Jui-rn KJiki* 
btlK in ISI' John Jtaptiki Jj- C'». 
UijuiJi uf llx ItvQuur uf SptcE and 
Sciihaiu, bi •rvitktdlut Lia ftuflfringi 
Id lid tMMtc bcrbf* klie vamv to ilic 
CroWD. Sbc IJIvwjBr c^&Pl«d tu liicD 
lav Cuiloa cim^uct HR aQ aujriiiMU* 
tJOB *f tbo vitkat unit, (Ciuln, a 
WBtl* v^tnl* on Uie Upp of ft ilvioi* 
liOD nciifU]!.)*' 

I oDa Li^Ajrujod tiuit ibcft ii ft «OdlP 
4tj' vv\. in llir pvucHion of thcKcT. 
U. ItoDiiolpf], Itfcint o( Lcl combe 
llftiAcI, enitlleJ. Kk^i lU nA^«t Trr. 

priiiUil at M«otualAoti^ Thm Ev^py 
luu Ihc ajjT<>£r&ph or Sii Fjafjci» Cim- 
lilion, tf> whom jt >vfti acat uver iii 
IfilO b^ Li* i;oo»ij;i Couat DftllA/nr 


TJkCK dpu ihcw tlic connt<tinD «• 
Utiaf bcfwtcn the luJi^n family c-f 
(TftitifsliQce ftui title Bi^rkhliire C'a4- 
Ulioimv ivbich ftfK^f^la k^^^uJ fvr a 
eodjtcturc Uiiilior to eviilAla the um 
of the collar of SS, round thc«mi> of 
Couot tlilUitr, If tbg tnoM vctn 
tLox of tliD ^np^lifth branch, ihc diffi- 
culty Houlj tv (liramith^^J | but the 
ftb««ufv vf tLv Ciiiloo timmr, »iid tlia 
uir <if Uic fiitottet, *lif vv tbat Eh« <oat 

W? tautt retort lo loui; othfr n- 
pi«nDlion. [l 1* nut improbable thftt 
th« rmiitcDl Itftlift/i, Ualluar Cai- 
liglioQ*. 404 LntgtiW \ty Cjurtn tLlfu^ 
bvih, £n<l Ihnl for IhiA fstwon Vortuc 
ftprciDblrLl bin arnu »urrnumlpil i^'irh 
iLc EnglUb Cvllflr cif KnightbooJ* 
I ftttribute UiU «iPDraciit Id VcrLutr 
ftod rtoi to Kiipbacl, btcftii«« 1 bclictfl 
Uiin u no inttimct of tbe Utfcr arlUt 
pftintiog ft puftrait with ft cofti of arm* 
ftftd ftccfVHo** toch ftA arc to be wu 
In tb« Hicrftvicff. 

It ii«ltopu«iiU«, thftt Vfr(u«ftdd«d 
Lfct <o]Ur of S^. ta Ibtt ll^ifta coot 
out «f cumpiin/fflt to lilt Lftlgbtly 
bodio or Cui>lian of Denhftm- 

lloi» bottcTcr lJii» m*y bf, it ii 
<|Mr Ib4t th« folUf can tn thi4 ia- 
•tftoc* hvrt tttvft Qttd oah a« ft badft 
^ kajgbthODd. Aibmolr, la bu 


llitraryof it* Onhr ^f tho Gart4r« 
Ijiyt it doiro ibtt tht g«Ld c^lLftT of 
&.s.iiEbf tofinArfl^Ud^afa kai^b, 
^Uhciuth hit adda. that in hu tivc U 
hiiil UiTvn mto duutr^ Tbii portrait 
kii th^rvfdrv rimirtAbU a* a con< 
pariiiicJy r*CPnC inttaac* Of thff OM 
of ihc collar At a btdgAOf LaigkilliMd. 

I^trbipt tome of your ItaiuaJ cor* 
r«4pr)ndcnrt m^y t» trilljaff In IfarOW 
light on l^:t mjbjtct, wbicn ifvna td 
tin* vnnhy orth*ir notii*. 

Touriv &c- GftftBCft DowTBft. 

(Ll^fT AlHffDBflf /ir<« ^^. fh 4O0LJ 

Mr. Uaa»^, 

AS diy rcmarhk in yMrr Noimtbcf 
number ou Ibc Caaterbury ntnliag of 
Xhc Bf lEiib A-rc bjcologicfti A*»ucJatiQii* 
vi^rv cut bbciri in a manner wbkb I 
fLiJ nnl cootftDplatc. (but vfalch I can 
fvirJily ini&£inv W4w o<caAJ<*a<i] bv ti>c 
Urcriok of the prrjod oi which I ad- 
drcMoi \>:a.) allow nw to rfptot that 
the rcmarka wliich [ have kiill to make 
ar« a<!luatcd by ibe liriuircAt wiihca 
Tor the proiprrilyof [he in«EJIijtii?itj 
and, Ihog^b they may ap|i?af kas 
raviiur^bla than 1I>oh whii^b y6u hat* 
cicmp isfi |}ic Lonirur alrcaJ) lu pub' 
li«h, ami ci>nnf<(iuciitJy may b« Icaa ac- 
crpiatik Vi lORie rvaJ^n, )vt Ibey ajc 
not olTartdwilb a Imf cardial Jctrn 
for The advancvcrcnt uf tha Buiil pur- 
poiti [kri'jiijrtd by the AtaocJUioa. 

h\ ibff Tkrtl plocc, then, iei thn ciCDt 
araucrthtr m«ctindnnii j aninforoKii 
chat lE la now dcUrLjiikcd that tha 
iSMtjiLH of LMt tbajl be at Win- 
(i^Mtarj 1 would auggnt that the 
Srctbna ihould be naJ^ aad &dI iu>- 

' ALldir TUP Aa« BionF nrairk «a iba 
■nifiiurrf of thf Atbertfoai. in ■ point 

uevot tbc ijiDoiLim i^t the Kriur> lie 
hu iiboi«a lA print tbi tide of Ibc awo- 
«uHna tibtb— tliv » triUtA ArtibmlM^ut 
AviTkrlaneB .'^ a* ttil hiA bn^n faniu>Tiaf 
eidmiifl ■EEcEiiidii iL> UrtUt^ ArfbrnlOf?. 
Siirrlr lb; bliuJnna vm ■^tful lbi( dJd 
del tlioovB te «*« Itk4l XU'i Jitliurlitt 
«f ithM ia tht ■HDod t and ib^. if |t4U= 
Wnn niut b* u«d, it b <' Tht Undih 
jtre4i»4ai|ftfiaf Awinuw/' toniiaHBd fbr 
thv tuBi rtatMi u libit for vbie^ j& wa* 
'ornioi.ivHiMlyibccftaBethe "BriiuL A*- 
■aciation'' had act. like the contMKat^ 
aat«<tatioai for lb« jin>iiiB|iDa of tcMuocr 



TV BritM JrchaottffioQ! ArtecifiiiM. 

■icftl- 1 oftcl not viplftia m^ iufia* 
toft tartlitr tlita 1i> amy it b, thru tlip 
tnmpl* of Ifct BriCiih Awiociilion 

' hUdvtdooU 

li Cvftfthtry lYt CoatmittDn Af 

Etftl«A» mird, but in oEhcr rnjin:t« 
ikf ■■■■■T>Ni^< cnn»Ul«l nf tliff Aun- 
«MiioQ at U/fv. Tbry «trc til held in 

&NlioD wa* 0ubj?tt to ihr jirrdiidi!* 

luH iM Btti auffln for Ujc ijttmdui:- 
tiaaofvlL tilt F«pcr> tbftL v^iu ulTifrviJ. 
IritTfrr jKfii«n nhuuhl be ciitiuitUii 
10 the cOoEn ci Srctmni. llavtajf 
ikn- rfUUact |)1kc« uf mteliag. thr/ 
>b««U be able to idjonrn* aqiI meet 
>(efai» m the tufa^tiu offtml Tpi ttrir 
«DMtdei»L»a migbt Jvquirv. Abuve 
■U* tbtir QccrrtKiicB vhuald cot only 
bBf« tW powtt, but ihouLd b« r^ 
q«l(«^by tbfniwtvv* ur Jviiutin i\t 
uiuroqleiUy ^bs^nt), to continc tLcir 
OoBBltters la pidiiuievy mcHiiigi, 
nd ooc iM» II ■uffictent Ihcl Mch 
Mcctio^ end ckIv on« «jch lurctinfi. 
ibtteU take pUcr a :■&/« hai f- hour before 
tbi opatiAg ci ihc Sfclf^nH <rt tven 
U* b Me LUtUnrc it hapi^iut^d at 
CirtobttijO lO KlftKiJr Hjch fUrtt- 
iVf eltONVtlm l>y kc«|iii3C (l^r pApcr^ 
r«BViwic*U4 in ■ |icivAti: iKiiLf^Liu 
H^Mil itu ^iat fof the Seelba hk% u- 
^^Hivd. la Htcb cue ibt pfovmcr ul 
^^Ke Scctlan*! Coaraittce U uaurpcd by 

^^^ Oil tbc dJutribotiee of th* SectioM 
Ula PHne^. MfdicvHl, Ui^toiicAU 
iod AnhiUctural, 1 do not hn[il«ir 
to Mf lEftt I ihLtlL U TnifHi bv much 
isfVQvcd. N^fiEb'^nctin^ .^tcIi- 
M»n BsnKy'fl definiliQci fif " Mcili- 
vflkl,'* it r«SAul bccllinr lh*aaD eibt- 
Uarf ditiiacikiu, uid, tti^lbu Willi 
" Priaiw*]," will ii;ui«ia amblfiilDak* 
To tbc UkobcrgCftl oud Aiihittftural 

Kji()il be jitftird <.lbi:n vn ciflinite 
hnech«k «l roHorcb, uid if lI^ift inrt 
tt t^ «aa« time, but «t dJlTticut 
|ik<*i, lb«y wtuM ncitl'cr ^ikiUr one 
'Acr, O'Jf ^'(*, i/lh-eir o"*!! *trtam> 
iliy- pT««rt lt«if BtUndiUilB fiom 
m Sfct^jq ttto'e h»at'))- vtQ' 
AboT4 air, preliminiir^ an- 
nu of n)«i ii propoted to be 
I, aade by »fliirn|( notice* to thd 
Aoore »f Lh« Mr«tioj;r(K4n<, wilt at 

ibaie ffbo attind lo >r- 

rari^ the iliipnul of tlwlr time to 
thrir prr^onij iiJitr»fiirtJ&ii. will |m*« 
parr thfm for lli« aultjtfctx int4-nr1rd Ibr 
dbmeaJoD. iDd vill furihti the ol>* 
ject of inotual cvopBratlun. 

Thm ii uiuthvr mi^itcr vfaich don 
fti>E amitftr to lutT fiji iccejicd tbc 
*itrntKJH which WM Iti dac. Ibouftb it 
aOmi not merely tJioif ttLd are iirr" 
lODally^ intcinCcd ia iht iiinual iDtfrt- 
injf, but tbr BiiLI tart'^ body of the 
AswciatJuii wbo air univbU lu ullciid. 
h a|]ptarp» ihtal llil* inr iio piuv^iiuii 
min tiijiil< fi^r lliir piiljUcHtcioii of the 
tJLJtu^ft iind ujEitniuuiutioni |i(oduecd 
at (yanterhury, and tUe roii»«tunied 
It, thm tlie AtiociaUi^n baa lo»t (bat 
rr<ord whicb qculd brm- bcro the 
□io»t pMnaQpnt tiBiimoDy of its value 
nad utility. 

Till- tJiitd Narubtr of tba Attbe- 
cEogical Journal cootiMdi a vfiy »ura- 
iiJM> llPDijjtof ibc McHi(i)i« irk ^ouie 
respect* [»i perk-cl than lliat Kiveci in 
yaur vwu pJi^ct, Mr. Ijrbim, «(id itot 
oCteroptHiBp ia vaiioas caio, anTlhiflit 
like «D iil>iliact of iW papera ptodotedt 

In the ntcnn Limr, tbc E^tayt tLtcn- 
avlvnbavr brea d^eprfHd to varinue 
utlicr vehicle? uf pabticatiiJiit or with* 
dravMi aUotftbcr. Bo«e of tljtm it 
atTEtii* bavo btrn baadrd ovur to tbe 
ti"i:icty of Anti<tiiaiic<.* vhI vrrll be 
prrBfrvtd la ibt Aicbaolofim. bating 
of thai boJ>^ — o circumaUDK whjch 
ouG^t lo riCJlcthc" FULovi/* niili a 
b^oEniDK piidoj lo at leail & co'- 
rr«]>ondriit rupplr of oriij iiuU pnpvri, 
Mr C lU SatHh bA» pubLinh?J (>nc 
c»*ev ^ in hin '* ColliTtaota ActU 
ijna, 4 ntirk of ]i(nitcd cjrculalioc ; 
whiljt a pr^vmcial bo&lucllcr (Mr^ 
Duakio, of DajUord,) hai under* 

■ it tbew bodin «ra to nork In can< 
ceft. It ti to be lecrelietl cLaI llir Aamc!*- 
tioB tbeuld b«1« f;l>cLi a|)U£« in lb< lliird 
P^rt ^f thoir J<>utiu) to Mr. I>f 1[c'« ('*pef 

kTiltf, inn^niiirh #4 if nn[mi]mE/i Mr. 
AVrbb'i memoir on tLe uoie lubjvvd 
wliicb w*i jFrrtiulcJ Ur tbr Stuitly «l ti 
firlir.r £n1( (Mny 'i^l. <:<ht^ Mtt. Juiw, 

t>. (!^^)p bu; i^AnooC appi^-ir in tbd Ar^haO' 
1)^1 u kiutll r»fit S[ <ff*irc*-* d»y. nbun It 
Kili protijihlj itf- rL'und 14 t'jpfnede both 
In mlitf ftoi.'c md ix\ UlimtmiiLKik Ufcu'tUle 
Aod encramifi nJi^ filed by tbc Auocjntiua. 
* Oa tlic pIbi^ oF Cflunr'* l-utding iji 
Britdn, by tbc lUv. btale PM«- 



Mtnoriai of a Vutt at Canier^ry. 


iaXen to compil* a JctA^UO Uqiort of 
the Canterbury Mntthg^ lEkcludiac 
tuch paucn at Icpgth m he c&d j]n>< 
cur*' Jji to doiuff tb« Ctjmmiticf} 
probtbly ihinh ibat he acli « ith tome 
aflkiou«af«a : tut the ii]t«iur« U 

cIcwIt tbfl tnuh «r llitjr remlunca4 
and atLtiuacY. \t ou^hl to tiavf bcpn 
ftrruJ|td bflfon Lhv mosLlniE tLtki th(< 
|Miirr> ttbuuid furui an vitra Dumbvr 
ufllivJuaroftl; «iiilj wLcu ItwKsfuund 
IbM thru uftuilKr uid vtlrot hiJ <jut- 
(rowii tuch hinjli. Ihiry wuutd im" 
tarally hftve foinucd ui ucut<i voIuiilv 
ftim^lw to tl^t btucd by tht H^ 
tofidl Sci^tbii oT die SdcntUlc Con- 
grot gf Fnuce^ 

Not can it be tntrloglcd thai the 
ArchEccjtogicJd -Mbmn, anaoaoced hjr 
a IfQiidgn publistintf iiiu. uadcr th« 
tfdilorabij) of Mr. WiiijLt, who acted 
aa one nf the Svcictaiirc kt Ihc Cmd* 
terluty m«tJ[kjt.* m lakiag up a Aelt] 
vbirb Diglit have txHrd occupied wJtb 
Utter flTwt by th* Auodatiua itHlf, 
vhuic lacmbora woalU have rrctirvd 
withgnatcr «aKl>fadlon AMrJuCLrcu- 
■TaTlngaBBlKted and ttpctioai'd hy Ihi: 
CoBUBJttvc at lar^thftn thv i>oiBle 
«roik of any ioilMdaal member, how- 
vvtr abk aiid cipniciictd. 

Ii ntmip I (tv. be admilttd chil Uicy 
BtUC " miuaa^e thne tljinita bclte; in 
France." a* wm lug^Aied by your 
corrtftpondeni W. B. in your March 
iiutnbcr; whoic letur* tfaouKh ptcli- 
minarv tu th« active uperetiutiB uf tijv 
Anociaiion, naay, cvca alUr the irrc- 
bvnl rivHtrJencp, tw {^vruacd wilh aomi: 

MD' Uhba>p 
TIIF. <timL: o( ivhich a roprctenCa* 
tion IB nrnt hurtwUh. ftccurdin^ to tit- 
iliiian couiJni^nioratci an unfoctaaau^ 
duri which fLjrracfty (iccurii^d tt C4ji- 
tpfbciry, Ijeiwcrn two ti|D«ra uf ite 
garrinnn. One of thv nctiuia of i; 
wat killed on ;bc ipoL i l\\t othrr vi- 
pired Alt he pasted ha ai^driLUi; elili?, 
while wllhdrawlliff fiu(ii tlio bccul- of 
ccmbat. Some iriead rvcuitltd Qvo 

• ''The flnt ]>•« ikf ihn Aprli»olo|rl*!id 
Allniinwill tie diTotul to i JrtJuW *i;' 
aniiil«rthfl |itUL<Hitiu£> -it (hil mHttngi 
acd K df tcrtiJUoo if iL^ ubjcrU Kan la u« 

Tuitiu»cKi>Ufll4U UMdo vathlt OpCtllOTli* 

Tall of one of the putiea by a nid« In- 
RcripEion oil a ktonc of the boundary 
iT«]i of 3c Auguatinc'i AUbr) , at tbu 
pEacr where Ihc ertut oreurpjd- It la 
□n a Carij atan?. Tt mcbea eacb nay, 
LQc] it by ihc fagtpoth ludinK ffom 
3l hUMin'ft cbuicn to the vJciaity cf 
3t- Ortffory'i QurarkB, and it ACar 
A duoiwiy Duw iluppLSl up. 

Me, RuoLff waa uf a Kculieb faiftLlr 
formerly ofaume QOta. auJ, aceardlog 
to 4 priucvd psdigrtr, waa buri«d at 
3c. Paul'*, Cgataibuty. 

Th« above k1!c may bt^ cf lUtti* Im* 
portaneif : bnt tht intntion of St. An* 
guvtlnr'i Ar>bpyalTbrdaafiopportiui]iy 

fif refTrrini: tu thi' [tatifyhf «ubJoct <tf 
Hi now (jfiiig ikei^uri'tJ fmm fueihrr 
■IKitinilcii by ihc recent pnrchaat of 
A J. Bei^bforil Urhbc, H^. M,P. Tilt 
fnplddrtfruciion of Kthclbrrl'ii tcwtt 
within th^ijirerJnctpf ihc AblicylpavM 
it titinhih]! how iBuch hiQBce tbc*c 
nnclpni ifinaini might uthirwitiF hate 
turtliccl, Thr abuvr fatjric. wUicL 
wu a happy. imJi-ed an afmust un- 
rivallrd, iperunen (./ aiehlte<-LUre> and 
which mighr Invii ectritintird Ktandlng 
fur many cvit^irir", hatiug Xnen-n. aft 
Mr^ HrJtton iiJuriUK un m hu J^l:lu- 
twntr \vi\tnilt\i* at tlugliih Citiea, 
itturb UdLtrFtut to rumlth maleiUb to 
hi: uied In huj^ding a geotlciDiui'a 
hniiff. ft^ll down in part in i«:i. The 
Ti'mnLnder wu pulled down, nutwith* 
*ltindln|; tbc regni generally felt 
at the drrttniCtian uf «o Hue a no* 
niimcnc of imtifLuUyj lu avoid the <i* 
pinw which ihi adding a fritujkjto 
luppatt by ujaAuniy would baft occa- 

Youn, ftc, B. ?. 




nnamf >Hn». £AiaI A« Sir 
lUrniNtnlAA. T-d. f. 

LJ3 irori Li tivrntnt with grr*! 

"nil <**. Noi Dnlf hM 51i 
B' SicvU* cdMvclnJ Kbb nauiUli f ram 
mr QMftff iW ct*IJ tJofd ll]«m, 
kike WiUa«tf«tcJ Ibcru by E^L^omi 

■M War OQ ihe luVcti mUE< tbt 
i«lrf*-l tftkkb W rfidnllT Uin both 
^lh« ^ifHiB wid MliJertnicnU of Llh 
biMi aftd of ikc prof^HiDo to which 

■■fl-«»i|rD prtfkT* Sir II. NicsjJoj 
**fa*»* u«nf Eb«drftr*nt4aurTr«fmm 

taHM Iran 1777 in I7W. iDClodrng 

— hk« vvMniAtf oT 111* Rort**— hii 
w mJ — C> in Norfolk Hhtti on half 
pif bb koba^ofr.t ftfifiDkniiDfFiE fn 
1^ ^liaiMnoo, «n(1 till ituloD id Th« 
M«4UerT«Ar«A, urainaLiot in tbp 
of TuvloQ, uid iht c*|>turt n^ 
^ T1» ckir/ vveot la bii do- 
life la tha ToCaine \% h\i Epv- 
t^tfB villi UiB. NivbiU. H^i «ot- 
Haai Tiri nifie«poudat« w<tr CoijUlii 

■ia, M«l U« fatwrt wiJei tb« crcalfi 
fwt of biB ottod corrnpoDd«(ic« it 
vltk Lor^ Hood. Tbe rattr* badr «' 
Uit f<<rmpoodrfte« uto^ploutM to 
pt« ■« dffitHt «nt«i1«fn»pt&i detail of 
an Oa MMila of Ui lifo-itUa T>iclar* 
|«i«loa by hit owQ hud— ^hrjr« 
>ottho» cifeoH HauL fo uvomKlod oor 
fc g li t* coae«o]»d 1 ud, wb«ii tb« 
vboAr worb li roedodHf, it will ferm 
■0V af ltl« no«l intrr«>i«; *p»ctinent 
df tlM Mrtobionipby oT « gwt nib 
ibv «« terc lo oar tooguog^. Th# 
MUEn thfttotlnw arp wrltrtr in * 

■t|V «vd ntftdrr ihu diipUf ih«e 

of Nrium irbith won (br 

M«nl otliichik«Dt and ntecm j 

If mlowrapd itaplidt^ — m[«w* 

Bv« of wukrMuidiug umA inuJutiun 

■f VlU—* M44»tlDCM Ctf filing. Vnl AQ 

intiotit d««in !o porfMm bi« dutv lu 
Ibtf n'>blv sad ftrduou« OArvfctr vnich 
h* hod chntrti : wUili- ihc titrn^r Dud 
jffvftEpi ^rialinrt afptttary for luccrt* 
in hii> iin»fntional ra-Mr, wrr* wnitrd 
1Q mmh kiEiJneii hdiI fvvliug io ibe 
dajmft of domi^qlic Tir*. *nd Wa vum 
and fnpadly rrt»^d lo ihopn ™rin«Ud 
with hiiu ill vUe scfiUf. Ttic UHtra 
tlicm>chc9 UF of mure or Imt import^ 
■uw. Bccjrdinii 10 iHt cirramtUnE** 
ia mhich te WM pl««4 wbso *«h 
wti kcywtirU wfiitcn. By fiBrtoso 
belod^iug to the *nmw profotiioii pifO- 
bibJy Dot Oiif of thEcn will \tv o*#r* 
Icioktd. Mtb«; will %\\ tend m Agtcnitr 
c* le»* dcgrrc t<» *o»npl»!* th* g*nrf*l 
porlrmic; olhtf rMOf™. >t <Day bfl 
pr*«amfld, iwT not follow qott* to 
clotaly th* «bu'r« DirnTiwt buE balh 
wjit b« rei'ii-Ufld urmrdine to ihc de- 
gnf <yl MlrnTiin Ttiry PtftT B^** '^ ^^* 
vdhj^rt : fh^ rmr. In havlDg t fim iii^ltl 
orttiv fint»livd icaman ud iiiialcuiD- 
uftriLlrr vt litfofp thrtr f<>r imiUKioil 
and iTUdj ; Xht Oth*f. iCi obitrTif^it lbs 
uinr rhttartrf uiicl*f a inoff i;Tncral 
pcTtm of TUfA. and itniiTkiiii; up^c 
wbkl ha«i> hln profewiorsl tupcr»oriiy 
boi u js(a. and whit ntre thoK mental 
■nd inoril tjualiUe* which vnabled 
NirlKJn lo puisne hi* c*Tf*r &f tfory 
wrih >u[b iletidr ocd unbroken tuitrr, 
to gnile in biiE»rlf ol] the greal and 
tariout qaakilieaofonaTalcomotsndflr, 
firmntii of rctobllon witboot ob. 
fctinocY , tindftODUd acd bercicc<»nra#* 
withovfl wc&Lnw i io li« tonduft to 
bit officrfi •nJ M|*iata. fn#nd*hlp 
without fLvDuMTiATi 1 anri lo Ij^k mrn. 
Jikodnm of manner withoot relaiatton 
of dit<i[iJinv> W# niw gitf* lw» *>r 
thr*t ap«ejin<-Tit of thfwc parti t*f th< 
Irtun wbkh, (xin^ cm ramiJUi and 
p4f»:tnBl lubjifcti. wdJ be llw mor« 

Sin?rallr int»atfiDf« and becauH tbo 
r« itdmiiatiott otmt bpre ii alwaja 
lacovdtd by 1 (Jtftitr iif bcboldiotlum 
tn Ml mure uiiicujird?d U'>dr»»IntBe 
orilLuaiy inUrcuuftc of MU, «nd tAo 
tJEircafrved tntimaor of hii family and 

Cfi- rt> a^r *''«t*pr. ''I an noab 
•fn^d fovf Ckwlo Ktli vaU a lasf "bUa 

iKTifiW. — DitpaUhra and Lffltr* of Lor J I^ehort. {JkD. 

fbr1ieb»irr»Uftfi-. • * * L .i*]i I 
doatd wDcntuUifi yuu on » trttofT iftPi*<J 
oft TifVACiTt it ■dnlLertivVi'iri vUhtng 
<bv puiir miin 4tati. Sul vp *l\ ti*i* ^J 
draikw. t t^^^. mjr iadK bv % *liut kklltiiK 
«|KJt(-ni^ti.*iiit #ad 1 dieuE HiULtfrTlii Liiiv 

H*w »*^. 'HicB VD fa at] in ihc I1n« of 
our fir<>l««4ion, tpanon prt]Fi&f. inptiJn 

Sllilnjr. Iiuppoto roaarf tnuntfd Iruu 
nibornuNli bcrorr ibia, and hiYV Ulien 
Hw Ctlen buJ Um llttaf /' ^v- 

Wc uiuit fui&ovi thii by %W\at Ili« 
Jlnrf Ittlcr Tic vrroto to tho l^Ay wIa 
wu lo b« lijfl i*irD ; ■ c-u'lou* coca- 
dicdUit on il will pcubtU^ appcu in 
Ihc •ubicqucnl vulomc«' 

1 hjd baAffcl mrwtr up «itTi Uop ttui 
tl]c«Jai1rk|'i ftjlHjoiiDr Kould Ut^v ci<cn 
nc ■ lUie fruffi V'"' ^"^ t*^^ OdU|;> ihc 
broucbl of tikc nkat* of por>f Mr*, Flar- 

NpcilACtil tat jFOttE not thIiAliic of in 

Ihit 1 pufokf' io aU xht- »[ir»*i you »< 
ptri«.iic* \ And I dDDiruil mjnalf Ibsl. Jm*- 
'v^r cnHfjonrgniir iI ihu m'lmpiir ma; 
b^ at lai&ris t i^rrtnti whn «<■ tn dp- 
MnoUj t]4Ttr 10 Ti>u ia four cooil mukt, 
yal* «baa ita«cti tiLci |i1u4, jou Diml 
nlior bav* iiUuurv la kuoAiajt 4ht U r*- 
Imtd nvn ttiQUlmla Hhr ^lhlIl^ll]fr^IlF 
fbr noothipuC- flini' crir cum,«ni1 In 
thoproHUt toiCiiaev I truiL ntq^ If c a 
tniifrdoir loBOOtlii |;rI»ndto4|>leMlaf n- 
Ufmbnnfc \ «lJ b*' unapotud ohtmcEfr 
aofi tfofd foo Mil i>nnirArC- Call rv* 
Ufldii to you aid ; Bnil U vltl vunT^ocfl 
|1HI UuKhv condition ia ll-ki "OjN vrai 
•»flh u to CSiiifC <*rrlbri4i|( ltJijiplii<*a 
lathil whkih uti> lOinf. 1 iiA<'e rfrttitfd 
a Ifkltep Inm Mr. Krrl»Ftt- la tni^cr I<i 
Ibtl hhloh I left ML T^f^ia Tu: liiui. Mjr 
ftrnlMi viih II ijj tw uniltfd lo X('<>< «■»' 

■Ttfi fof' n'' Mtnm, i>. I frntt, wh^t joii 
bFliiTTf I p>i*rti lowarili jru. I LbinV 
Mf' llrfbtpl Idv4H fou U» tirll Hot lo kl 

CQijittarr^ lh< man bf fODf obolfref ntEhough 
Dir^B^ nuT bi- h noh M tnoic ollim, 
pnniflrJ lat> ehti-iflrr mil trjfJon In lilD 
rvnrtcriiiich cii Uftbn Flt^itilE. I dcflut 
wlcmnl/ibtttilitl 1 nuli^nituuitellxhl Hid 
fidl po«n<kio[loffO[irfiEA.({. nu euuiiittr*' 
tliHi thnnld mtVf me >(i«|»1 ]r>Eir bftjid- 
W kniHt iliAt rir ^'4 r[» n.iralnafi twtv.'c 
hipplnDtt. lad Uic vi^fld tr nirivlijcpj 
(liAt t am in|ii.rior to ^roiniaij <viik- 
•tdDrilifiDt iM toy ]iuVlli> qmI prktlo \\t*, 
ai ill l>otli {ji*t»of«« J tfv^hx Ii4>t beta 
lleh' fiul t will htip doDQ, kflvlDf a|) 

inj preiBKi fotftlfux lo uper*to on jour 
liPMtl 1 onl7 of itiii irulb be c^atWeodi 
lliit I arn Wkt tAft\\\na\t*. 

* H.KEi.iuw/' 

In ACoUwr ]«1t«r, of Nov, ]7^b, 

aJilntHdiC hiiuntlo. Mr^orUins, h« 

drtcrib?* inmowhal oicin* pailfcuEariy 

t^iD lady'i uacU, nnil tJi<3ir pHunlify 

U tbo marrug« ni « lifrr; Ici ftn <ri(£tl 
{(inil whn » nnC itn ftn^pl in n hcra'v 

Ena ^roni ah cvcDt 10 be aliitiLly 

|]MiKd ovrr- 

" Hprbtrt ti vory fich *fld wry prasd ] 
fachuinnnlj dADtfliter nml thli dIaMi 
vhu lie Looklt dTwa )q Lbv umi? liJEhl« t/ 
not hiyhrv. 1 ImTt liiol ai IiLa bSVM 
vbvn at Nnvii ill Junr lk«t, lad T MB ■ 
gi-Ht Airaarlt* nf hi*- E have loid hbu I 
Dm « poor oa iah : tint tir irlla na k« 
iSkn IQC| KDil f am dtrtcraJ^d f'bra « cwd 
faaiLlf, ^liiuh Ui prido ILkf* ; bill ha alac 
aa^a, *NcJ*0(i, [ am pronJ, and I biual 
liVA lilr ujj«Lf, Lbfrfforo I <wn1 tlotov^h 
la my llfe.tiina^ Whrri 1 d^F Ac iball 
Lata Iwcatf thoaimnl puuiitla. aiiil r( i(l| 
daiifhttr die* bnfaiv mf Btae abaLl pflaana 
th« nijor p4t1 4f iny proprtyp 1 inUad 
gning la Kn^lnnd \% MiC, and mtatrtiiiB 
Xhrrt my hfp : ibprffoff If jdu t*o f*o 
UvcljDppily luuclLir liU llitl Mii>( tukr* 
pUvct yuu bfltf my L-MU>c;;t/ Tliu ■■ «4- 
mqTiy nty Bltualion wilb, liim, atid I hnUW 
fh* KB/ TO pr him tiirifT ihf Hif«l ii ani 
III appf'-ir fj] n-n-nl It, Tliiii rlrf uinaliinnrd, 
vbncan [ apptj \u tint y\^\t * Thr m^aid * 
ynu ban ncr cipTMtad lotdi n»p lo hope 
ynu *rklLda»oiMlbtiiCr My falunliappl* 
npu, 1 ftvr fAu n^f bOAOur. la no* Id 
jDijr poBA". If jou cannot afford to ^Itc 
luc auTtliini; for ctcr, yi>ii will, I am iuii:, 
IruH to mtn H;t1 if CM-r I «*ii afTurii il 1 
will jflTum it to iDMi cnrr of uht fi.milf , 
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nr tlirtc hondml a yrnr ilurinc h'l llfa- 
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Kbtikw.— KubofUVXi/«^J«n» /JwA* <tf Monm^ulA. (J»ii. 

THERC liu been » much diliarrtca 
ut«4 in Ibq cumpniilioD of tJiia huiL, 

•oflft}, inlu all ihc facEt rclatinc to ihv 
•ubj«l, tbfcl it wJJ bo fnniultpJ by 
^11 future hkuluniint, kdU f<fcrr«] lo 
by «lltha4c fvlioiccvrioiilT l> dirittcd 
to tbtf ktcrntirkS p*fiail 'to which it 
r*rtr«- Mr, Habcrtt Iifl4 piiraued tha 
ilutT of an hiatoti«n, in being Tcinuvp 
wiIbODl tcdi^utaex. aniJ liwkwiThriuf 
»fttfEfr«(irin, Hit* hiiilory m Thkt nf 
•d lll'fdoriit'i). unk. anil wAvw»fil 
Child, vho (rcw itp nnitJ the rVirirry 
of fonnirr*. \Yt Likdulgpncc of royviiy, 
th* iarriiuri i>f panin, »d tlw niMlica 
of tntmiai^ ignormnl of biQiBcif aoJ 
of urh«n: catliftihiug virhout focr- 
•ighl «r prtpiFvUfP ID thv mont 
baurdvui vf »IJ TEiUtprixw* nrlikli 
rrquirt'l fuf Hi kucct** much more 
vruilmu, ri(>fiicncc. And Arvnnt thAd 
he itm pi»at»rd of, » *•* ahuwh & 
ftw rrtn EiC«r Jn Oie mtcriirjar of the 
PriDc* of OnofC, The aaihor tayd 
oThln (and wv givff thii MO'rvtitnrn 
of Ibe BDanotfr io wMch ch< bock i* 
written) , 

"The M*U( of th« [)nki>'* flii( ip- 
pewHwe ii wort, lite b«uL; of UltpcitoD, 
and tbe pariu*! BDdo«Di«aU> «o J iDoil fn> 
gtfiE^ mHacra Tor carl ring popijUF hTr>iir» 
wbieh \%t pfiianied. hittt" hr^n d^iriibrif. 
ThR ibienoe of it rr^ultr «IU4^(iuu boa 
brrD iiLtntuihrJ; ■ naxiX nUJdi ihp Huke 

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riTclj nlloirrd, llu*irdr ma; «o mjuf 
tbb IcuJct of ■ «r««t ptctji 

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Ibp BduUtiitu uf ■ ciriirt in vbiub ihcj 
■^pr*rtd » iduJi f F*w WDUW hi^c b«fl 
proof t|ainn Ui# AaflA-^ li> vliich tii^li ■ 
potlUori ripnard ihrniL. Ap*^ tram rdu> 
Catloa, iho Dnha of MLiamuuibA nbLLIiit 
v«(Or If a«t of ilkB AnC nt«, b^ tia aiuat 
aoolvuatihle. lis bad Eh> art of invpihuf 
Ihava «l]0 roltOHMbicn not ofitjr vl(kA>ii« 
h^jonfc tiiJ nircni. I>ul altit iffectlon. 
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bnir> Ctfufivu«i tffiblci coujiaul Eb Lii 


MeailiLlpfli iail i« hU word, i^d bb ullfr 
Bikenr l4 *U nrUtif frudllf^ A* l4 bia 
f«ilLu4», «• iD«j uj Qf ^ini [haT lir « >■ a 
emirUu of ihr rfl1|tL of Chiflri II, "lirn 
ftit tlie lippc duK* idnlnt-d a bfi^H nf 
pruni((u:j nuw bkjlpil; unknOiTd, Til* 
troACmeuE of hit virt wn ftlrii|<aCh'r ia« 
ttroMbld, uiil rhe vonl fralUK la tit* 
Duk«'« eondud- 

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[n iba Dobfi'i clumi:!'! H^tiiK id \\%t% 

b*en ainttirkablri. Lnd, >a tome ibiab. a 

ffolMible d*fn« *tJI*^Utt$f, TIiaI m^h 

■ dittKk»|ftnh It |>fvf|fahl« l» 111 nppn«it# 
nfr^nc. atll bf admlttVd bf all who tlilnk 
ibnl iii(id«L^. cnii to «l<Y«aii ii umv 
U^nrl^ ftltit^d Ui wJaJ'rai lh*u itjiiti:JI ur 
HU-'Ufficuacj. fie 'Lu b*i ■tlCDlrvoljp 
c^'>iiiiAiiH<<| UiiT polthj'Hl, Of. iiiLlnrtl, ihg 
pMicnl cidtTU of lile. mij |iuuiUjr ni 
■eIII furthfT) Had (mik > vilUii|af«* tu Ol 
OODT^nOfdr ». irt unjiLf rjKfti. *t^«n vKUiMt 
«OD'iijHi>D, la cortr"!'* nur i>*ii oplnloa Ml- ^ 
thiC of nrhPT nieri, tfiOflff <b« pIladptT H 
Inrr^lflnti In 1h« mnipDililab of imilffnt ^| 

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drutiUl^i bu ]A«id*bl« in mui^ cue*, fa 
dtf^Bcntc Luta 1 ]i«fii(. vhicb viblfi bis 
i»fti^]X fnllrm ITiu" hIum. *if jinjd iJi^th# 
valtT-itllfii,uf proaiih ivbi»« j^timrHrTf rs ^^ 
DO bkf->Jtf mtkll^d th'm U> pd''.h pri fi^fi.<i^''r. 
Tlifi tJij^Qfitf of ^boftrHibiir^ , llin b^^iioar 
of KuhdH* th4 f;0aiii» of Sidxit^j', mi^bt. 
in thfl AJiitilnri of n inLHlr'aT tuati, tii' huf* 
■ad liDiirmrftldc juUr->- Titr i^rLitlltj at 
hii rjirnitnliip, tad tbc (iti'ii<:tigp of hli 
flrm allBcbrnrCkf, mifbt be toiif. fHq*t 
fi>r hki b<t«mii| ■« buirh to Gicy i buE 
bp nmr finuld . ic m^ wnod of bfi life, 
Lav« luitukcEkl'erivHD W aa booctl Riaa. 
Tbctfi Ia i«ioa to bfJina Vhat Ibc tdtiot 
of Ibc two lul'Buatleatd ponoaa bul 
great wDiglit lb ptniudinv bint to tS* 
iinj^hliflnbld Hifp of LtnUvlnf bimantf 

^u(h a/« lb» wordi and iba opiaioo 
of Mr. Kof, Mhlrh \a oar mindt prr- 
■enr a Honr anfl Aatj^factory riaw of 
ihcnbjrcv, in>l«rhtfb orr, th*rafotv, 
very propprlf ioBerred by the atithor 
inhlawcirk. By (hu4 addm;; 1r> hit 
(Jhn rrtrarcbv* tlio rvatuniLiitii aod 
toncluiian« of other wfitrrv Mr, 
Rohrrla bai b«?a able to laJtc toch a 
tQn»pr<btaiir« tirw of M'^ikmoulb't 
ibanciTt ami actkm* a* wi|[ tnablc 
ihotraJa' la follow htttx niiliplniiKT-. 
aad to poftOf ibe inquiry iato riiujf 
pirlicular JclaiU than ag^noral btsti^uy 
wjufd a^EirJ. 

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boMp ]]i«4|t'PTL tni 1h* Trrr ■»('>, TiikIi* 

(o tbf l^fly fei'J ii»bf(i4Jtii4 if»iiL ^f ilia 
rfoluit' XMa chftn)Wf it |>fct?r>rJ la 
th« M»« citM HI nbcn It hArWiinJ ifi 

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ttrir rale, Maiij tff Ibc nvlilnl Itallia 

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ttinvacum, arc rfj^Df en tboir duvra- 

P. IM. " Oni of tfrt Twac lattTuc* 

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Iatclv<lLicuvhzrrd in Flore ntc, - <h?purbiLJt 
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julnl (If vull* i>f i^f obr|«[ oT ihf tiblnCB 
itt ttip l*DJr*[A DL Flunuir. anrl tUit be 
IbLroiloLcJ ibfii bij j>L:^iLr*3 a ^oftrait of 
hii cdBlcAptJCBrt null iltar frietij DidIa 
Ali^i'*!!, in a<ji!i[ir>ri ra olhc-r mnmnf^ 
dlijCLU ur 1J4 iLqa, Ttiin ptLar,f liKt 
bnii turniil to ihp anmnlliy ua« pf m 
pablir (irikiin, And ibf dfvcntf^ Glk4ivg1 

I'hru Ii4a* lUtH bMA i1ra>i>llihf>4, And rhp 
wbkLrvaib liin prvffBi af (kIde mnoirtl: 
tliaofi *K (lie finl. ib( ^iliail of J>A.ii(ie 
■«■ Jltr«>rBr«l. He BMhea i>ii« in 4 idl<ua 

Cri>H*«loaj «iiit holdi tfloitarifl hi*h«iid^ 
efftre lL vinlaha aI| tbe pncebCFitcil 
iiuliuiii of tlw cnbltcj iBTErily uf hln 

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leatLbilLCf, tvatkam, idJ lovt — ifc« 
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IM^p wmd 11143. ^ Mn. Sb«ll«T. 
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TUC t4kcU of the ■Qtbor of thM4 
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Mr*. S]i*ll«T mti-Tled ibmngh tbe 
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hae%^ fftvr* t* be iAm <onntlrM ^tatww- 
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jvnr. Cba( hvbU ifaih a* tv dLum> ^ilU- 
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nitaBca Of lEi colnrtnj. ibe Briody of 
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■ Ml !■ , 1^ tvry jl»plh of OOF Wins J 
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■fiution wJ nlii," ^. 

r. •07. " We ne* eptcnd iko Jcpth 
«f tb« Tlnh>c«nnaMp vid Mofpiof il 
gli — rfc fJarj^BMf, had ■ ldaiL^,^lbe 
ftMiBCOBWoaat aacb own thin b alb, 
tat til* iarwwvrt— to uL* « 19 ibc 

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frtm Che dit of Wonu. «■■ vkvU^il hy 
frtn4. thf EtnHot of isttoivj* inLl 
ibUhcrv « rive of ttfcijr. lie 
let BOBlbf, pBHbf for A JOUJIIS 
0*4 brf^g cBplojtd ia tnai^ 
■tfikg the Bibja. «»d MVpMlDg other 
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a ft eCacp *ped«4 rmlrifnti-. m- 
by « u niBi m rwut thkktT ibu^fd 
bf iPBH, TL« «hHBbfr thai LdtbvT ill' 

toMrd Ma Ofi« Urct v^nr1rHf,4>irrl4ti>kinB 



Bbvikw^ — Hcdttr's EtfJhh VHivctstlte*. 


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thr]r i1(S(^r]tr<d jlj th^ir I'uciu*. and nv 
wundu 4l their bti^Li iiuuiualiuui, — ^ut 
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<hf ^tfiTPiilfi- Call ta raLpcE tliAPH afaniaa 
of T4ito, tbma jitbntni of rtoni khiI 
A'bato* whioh baif noit Th-iJ1}r tncii- 

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of thff cbwv oF iMt 4p»t^ I hi4 Ti«ll*r| 
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and, bcqutilul u 1 llKru^liL U, 1 iliit nul 
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bniiiiv in whirli Tauu v.ik iJthrci — irLiti 
woadrr ll»t ihd cunlcnt of AmmFit 
COUVnr to (Ka nifid ibr ffLinjt tbal Cbt 
yt/vt Lbd bean <Ai«Led 4v«;r by enclinot' 
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v^kbrre hu^if uttr htM, i!id liP vro(« iirid» 
In jiil1a«fa<B ->M laileril wia jE— Ur^rc 1* 
Ihv nfUantfc, tera tha dilijiljU wT]i<:]i tc 
du«ilb« — hart ha |-a<"«d liia cbildhaoil ; 
thii InifnTira rM 1l»*a Ijnvrn. tha glorir 
ef tliit iikjr. I'lvatirtl Kim la Uii dtirk t^rfl 
uf tbv ('uiivi-ni tff ^, ^uun," *r, 

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qgotod, Vihc^inK tbf ntjihor'i pi'rrrp* 
livn of lh« bcaulirul. both rn (LfF and 
nalarp, ind t*f pow*f «cid dcgtoM 
ia d««<iribJcg it. 

Tkt EngUah fiBJiwrn'rifV. F^nm rftr Giv- 

traHil'tfrd bjr f. W. NL-nmaQ. 3 iiaft' 
THIS wurk. iDinpileil b? a GvimnD 
Tvril'r, ti, aid liiiiti, LJilcidaltd tr> be 
itioic u»erul tg tcidvjvvf (but cuvutiy, 
Ihan of aarti Wcauae the kulitric^l 
poft ftill prcKJit Ifttio nuvtflljr 10 mu 
£ii((1iah ichulnrj aud fbi? n'ifirqf vrdi 
bt too »|igbt vid lupfrAc^fel lo afford 
bJm ifjtimcLion. Wo d« not dfur tbnt 
pr*At piicift ar« tbown i» rollecting 
infoFfnition, *nd IbaE th* gvovrAl «Wv> 
of wcjct^p juul of rvligioui teller and 

prolcttion, ei>tiTir«(«d wilb iT^f fnbttdt- 
1i4in and prnjfr'ta nf ouf iLiilVBfi»^LicK, 
iTiiy Ihi uti'l'lii tbd cnrr^cl ; tr« do nit 
iltny 1)111 tliAi ilie volumfa may alTurd 
luOtcitMit naUer tu vitiary lb« curU 
ikfitiy Qf thTi fortisn aindabl i but «t 
aliuuld havir i^mly cookldervd il to 
be a work Lbftl could be tMniliUd 
wiUi ad^anUifi*. At, bdwitri it it 
prraenlnl iv tin iti tliia furiu, vc *h«ll 
IjivtT h Horl uf lAbulai vicw t>f tU (oo- 
teult, iLal may bea^titfactory lo tlioM 
whr> arc ativc to ibc rcry inCa- 
icttijiji tubjffcl <if ihc Utiiary toU 
■truclun of ihuac aciti of JenmiDg, 
■ nd tvin eye* of Eogiund, tbo 
UoiT4r«ili«« of Qtford and Cms- 

Tb« Mnt volurac btgina AJtb an ac- 
CAuntcf Ihff growth of |rniv#rti'<fl« ja 
IhtflHflnh rtbtnry. tvithtli'^ir ra^ntton 
inth* tbarctiand ihrph|}aiio|ibT arciit 
lime. Thi> It foLlowrd by Itie nJBlory 
nf Otfonl n* an nnlviraily in tbir 
SMon trntM. and an JtrrnuM of tttdlf- 
If'tncf from, or tlTulfliify to, the np- 
tem nt I'Miip— 'cf Ilio DDrlhrtti and 
poutbtrro purtivni.— Qf tbv reUlJoii oT 
ihv umTi>»ilii"ft III I ha (j^hii i\if[*Lji»- 
lidut. wilb Uicii jurinliclionaiLiF ^rlri- 
U'l^Ea. Tbtf aUUk diaMtr tuUudea 
reraaikji on ibt uaivrrftitLe^ fforu Ibe 
middle of t\tr NlU rvuluiy lu thv Hu* 
fiirmatiun, with tbe tleiaUun of 
ibe (cllrgta. The figlilh chapter U 
inlernting, a« il given a nvttw of Ibe 
uhivcr^itlH durinn Ihc JUromatioQ, 
to tha aad or tChxabnh'a r<ign i ia- 
tlnfitn^ Ihe refjjtrofat inlluri^ce be- 
Iwfpo Ib^ (joiwrMtivt rind tbr lena c>f 
court, jtnd tbtf icboolt and tba cbutch, 
and tba other prorcivlont- thor* btloa 
a Acrri? tiru^glo hctiircfD lh« higE 
(Tiurch nnd pitrilAnitnt prinriplH. 
Tvhirn Ijrlffttirr wat fThanr^ llor. Many 
tntpmElDfl nitijectt arc o^vnei ia the 
rnriout diBCiiacmna in Ihia volnmr, 
ivhifh irr woiihy nf a fuller JTitpiiry 
Ibnb Ihu work wuulil odiall, ronnjdrr- 
liig [lie copioiiineH ai^J variety uf lU 
matlrr, ami tbc afficc octu^kcd by the 
aalbct'a fuudnta* fur tntctniE intotvl* 
IaIctbI dcUitt at uiucb Unftb. Ia 
chapter U. the biatoiv it cvnl'mued 
from Ihr dc<tb of Blixabclh to the Ite- 
*0luti(>i]. ci^ntaJEiing nu arcnunt qf the 
eondurl -if ihc uatwr>i»H durini; th> 
Citil War*^ 9ni of Archl>|>. LaudM an 
g(iLv*r>ity itfrrmvr. Tbafenlh«baplcr 
la amployfd lu nn imjuiry luta th?cua- 




l«W,— 5r. B«iU!rmttirt» L^fr of CknU, 




•M fMMDUM,— laf tll« tlM of lb* 

iirilafM^-«f DM acttlpn ic aScm, — xnct 
of a« nfirraal t*BulKEio(u ftf lh» unl. 
— i ti llw «Mi iIm ni)«ii Lfiil lb« na- 
tJDOftl chcrcfu The vltv^nrh ^faaplrr 
ffMw* th« hitttoirT to ebr liini>* tL^vr 
tte EiTol mi OD. bad thrnui^h iho 
ih raotory, kactoiiing cbc cdq- 
n of man) irfante tfunticut. 
or Wh ckKfl r ctimnvcLnl wiik lh« 
«lbj*C<-*«» tbe ndutioa of ili»- 

■uthor, uid l>f K TolbCic »r 

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^ioyt4 a coBpl&^Jt tha woirk, tnd 

1 a*d vuiocji iarumBlioo 

wttbiDkHutt^'bflwrrvi di#(u] il miky 
^ tp 0«rv«Bjr, in fiWmg ±Siii>rE«[ r*- 
of lb* frcJDCMtirW dI cxii uoiTcr^ 

Mfical RMonbCi nor in 1h« Aati^tin. 
FiiB(M»ilt, vtillit diiiuii^th* d#in«nJi 
of oarowa rf^tm/i'idi, Ttie gcntfnl 
vitw* WAT be roTTTT^ ibc outliTiFi not 
farb«ttli<tniUi:7M,ancrAllJt vfll 
tppiw to n lh« coLiJ rpffniMAncr uf 
M tBsnbnMt watufi ftnd ii<it of tliat 
«|»ck bMV« the Anh hue of i&lidayp 
mA tb« BOvcmc&l aacl auioiatjoa of 
mlitf* Tbrrr &rc hueiv Mri^u^. aai] 
HMK MffttHr «J ft linbter cl^macicf, 
Ite VH^I b«CctLvUc4 m llic ivludjci- 
fto— nill) oa* c/ Ibe fixnwr i», whca 
ifa Mitlur MT* '* tbu UmlariDi»n3, 
ibB^Eb op^lf a*«v<^ bv fcv, ij 
MCnUf b«b| bf VftAl BUfliTiin aomi- 
■kHr ■■abtf of tbe <hoTchi" btit 
IUb iIm Tvwiiiftlor baa AaitniJvvrlad 
Mh 0« ibc Mibjcct of Locket tt- 
tb« ■athaf oir trKnitfttor 
khT« tracucribfd fmni I^jrrl 
Ona^^'a fMi|ibU( 1 *a<^ *t » 1 Eron 
srar 10 «fty tb*( Ofiy. *ii«i hM<ll»»g 
tiM Praf^«Mrtbip <4 Modfrn Hlitnry, 
»r*«r iiiir*d«4 fa rtftd l^flnrr*; 
«btf«at k «*•« bk n'f^aEit inTfft- 
ll«, and a »«%/» nf frrpHntI rnrft 
ib«t bm inrfa^inff luitrnjnict ubii ill 
bMtb aria drpFf4siaii of if in rj prt- 
tvnM Mb btmf thW to TKtUhiU it- 
lUi Cm b fullj dnrlannl oi IklnuaV 

Bmmnlvrw, tJnely irmut49h4 for 
tk* wr of tkt Mimbfrt 4/ tk* CKmrrk 

\VK much niitAbc If thff mrmlwra 
of rh« Ctiurcb of Eogland witi avail 
tbrm^flrri of the offipr h(»f* n)*Jf in 
iti»Jr favaur, vhlle fboy can prtipti a 
Uft of Cbfiat wiiiicn by the Evan- 
(flifltA. But Ilia Li(€ n tvj/a^tivr ut 
ivpijli^iatnlary lo (bf in ; rr. ur, tbo 
Kvaiij{tiU>U Wfulv Ibjil tbr Vu^iu, 
orb^u abc wrnt to EJizibttli, IravtlJcd 
io htPitr. fwafiwvO'i >u'ra ovovA'/i. St, 
Dvnavt-EiiurfBi/^'wfttbarOBAUii* "Sba 
VkOa lulb. [11 bcf kfcaI [uodeMY ttod Iuva 
of leUrtmcnL. tc ba Ionic abroitd.*' Tbc 
tsiiv men from thv tlof*. cfTtrcd our 
Lor^jrvf^ Mvrtll ai tpier«, ThD^Aiot 
«kLi ivhot becamcofa^ M^f^oiW/ lad 
ntggei/9 th*L tEio Virgin M^fy UMiI it 
m bountiful almn^Tving. In Si;rij>turf, 
Ihfra i' 00 ir&liinaiioa tkat Ciritf ap^ 
ptorfd ft Viii mofkfr on Iht ^oy nf ffit 
TT#iirr#(fnifl. Vpi, myt (Tut Sunt, 
ibotigh not n^rnFLlrd. j( Ih aliikrKt a 
Ttwli at nntural jiiPiy 10 mppo» it. 
ripc«Ia1Ey u the UoJy Spirit ityi,. 
"our Lcird ^lirl tnniy tantr lliiiij[t 
tbao Mtt itritttQ," Lvi tbo rvtdrr, 
b« tay*. lufM Ea ibuaght to tbc oar* 
ralLvvi of the Ajiiiuflcjatioa, &f tbo 
Viiltaiioo. of ibc MarfiAjj? ofCaiLa, 
of thv^ (.'rut^iAiiun. anJ acftin to tba 
Ejrtteha)jtcr(jrEUe AcUof the Apottln« 
nui lurcly )j« will jtffifutbrr pM«Af«k 
Tfhicb art at Icut niffyttiivt of ttt^ 
nua^tttui tbouf^lLbi cuneerniDC the 
tpoibcr of God- Tba Scriptare Itlla 
or \ht liait of Mary to h*r contin 
KlitabHh t but the aafrocE biograplitr 
HOalJ bavv bovD iducIx iurprjicJ had 
lio found how hli outMoo bad hmta 
fiilfd up QUI of lh« imginatiun uf iba 
fDoJ^m atinl, vhr> t<IU ua. 

dtFttnQniaoa apulfigicijililr bjr »lilf : thin 
watyrrdt^ nurtiiil in^biiics caacrrukiiK 
tht mjitv-tit:* at wbidi eqdi ttui been tb< 
«b]H<, nnd Ebia «» h topiv «f btpf^ 
nunUon j arvd in 11i«t pM**^ * lonjt and 
jofODi'^F^- ., WkimKltuhttli'BfaUtlne 
vu Gocne. bLc v«t happil; lUiTcieil uT ■ 
•un. ivbicb gfei LadvrwtnDJ inia ^cf vm, 
todtvAttdlnf «r4(b Lto^miDf carv. Tb«ia- 
UaU M if ei>iiuie>iia •! tTi* iniq«>a)r (4 hli 
miiv, A<cd hi> CTe4 tmi^tlj oa btr, n 
tAk» "Jib hnr bodilyt 11>«t vrbco ibt Je- 
Lfrrrd Itim ag^n to b'lj inolUci p tit itiU 


Rkvirw,^*S:i. fioMiYdlnneV Life *•/ TAflal- 


U«kcJ bTfurdi %tw, u If k« «oaM takt 
^U|bt in DHt0 bttl fier. wky* ah*, an 

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dufftdluBt hxm itiUi Lrr bcafcnl; Up*.*' 

idiC Iha HaiiViVf at Chtiit. v< are lold 

«b l>f fiti>irr«ni<iii ■ cftf|ivnUt, ut'^l iin>- 
bftbl/ bDTn m^dc 4 iwrlidoEi Or >iiull AA- 
•l»mr* ^ir lh# litlU l^vrtT . . . ud taldnt 
villi buy h* 'tiiiM flrul In llu quincrr, 
dDlcDQClT fpftvd H « our l^dt'i fVrl > > . 
11cD» wc o< fH^ fif AH, k»*tlin^ ifount, 
And la^loc ibflf fcndt *««r lio piibpri 
|«bllj bmlbnl npnu him, ti If fnditrd 
nUi MAMn, mil MitiM-r rti-t rAr Mti9ri 
A^Axi' *f<Hif ^ *(vif p/ lArrr ntmttiMet to 
»«m dH^ drfi'A jIm . . - Jnepb tlliC' 
«l*r nr>lii[>|ieE| liiuj «IUt wMcb be 
tfripp'^l llir Au u4 bu aafrilEv, ami h;^> 

OO j but *Wt MBtbff bfMi-lf filtli \,ft tm 
t«Hl'a t^« mukfft, midf nv of th^t 
hiHTiflT fnf hmn fnr iiippnrl- In Ihia ]iiii- 
tart fmr tjuir r^a)'<li><<l icrnif tjmp tm- 
viuibUIi, CBitiiit 4n llic luiuifTi/* Al(. 

At ih« rifcomdiH^aa : 

" Amnnc oU<r tLinp vab tbli, trXUk 
km* m9f Mthrrtt A^tm M'nJ^MMf. llkaT lika 
lilrufil DtAlhnr. *1t?n kkr 1tM hiin In tlL« 
■DMiKDt. Lhi<1ac at> |iLLIair vUh irbtch U» 
r«ike hu brvli niA<Jc uic fi'i ital |]ur|>aH 
4if a ilDn9> i>h.\<ik ir*tn6l m*KMy rkt may 
^OBt eorrrtd with Jtdy. 7'Au J AdJ/i-v* 
tdiwmt hrvlktr.vMoniJtttntfritiJ ' A 
otaliku or pillow, wf aiAjr rcrr pkiuil; 
l^vflLsa* vould »«dL rmitar bit* bnu btr 
oboicv, lad lb* f om«m4 mm." 

Thn ■o^i*> *Mli« Offrrlng t 

" n'btt 4ln T<^i ^^>Dk Ibf Vtrcta Jid 
vUb aff tMi ^wmiUu 9/ raiw4tlf g^id ■' 
Did til/0 baaid li ii|^ ur |»ul it uut oti 
nirT ^ l>iJ tbe Ia^ |< om la ibi ]iar<liM« 

«f pavprtf for ibnf. la har >*«] tar Oitt 
blpHvdpjUl'.BUiJvUh hi^rlnnmftrf kaoT- 
Ipjfi uf bir von't mtJ. bt-lb mealed eu 
l<r vIlLin. add <ibibht4<i tr^ iiifallLUc 
nlt'Di vltboi>t ffiner j»r*-Aa&t A« 'Mraritf 
fvtfhii fffft/rtm th§ fala a* ^ fifk 
Htmioaj . tit fliixndril Hi* whnK aa T 
juilitri Ui a ffWiUr". Toe ihr uan of <ho 
p«(, r« ^C*u diiCrviiaini fnr lirr tabafo 
tucb a ntt ia bn paMaaiaa," Kto- 

DarSoi; tbdi aojcmra b E«y|H : 
" WbBlKi<4bllb«TiiracDnaauri4iaTmra 
lor fo |«ni s iftriod * Do jvu npiioM 

thatthflyp*ii?rfilir|fiini«a'bc4i1iv7 N(i. 
Wf- iiv 1fl!d ^ mfwm\ *iertil wr1t«4 b*« 

Ihkt tbi ««■ (ftlMiwIj <iilir»al « »oit- 
Ing Iat iii« aapiiDri o' hft h*1i>Tvd ruu an! 
ijioum, Tliji (n»(eiil5 ^lr(*n -ta "> U 
Itiifl »l*h |fcj¥PilT> 'liat ■■>' l»i**"d krt 
tjufl li wi»iii( ""^ tj'Jaoinjr - , .\aA 
•hpa Jean* a»mn to b* about flf » j*"" fif 
a^. miT w fiat dfiattU^ belli^vr tlial \m 
«ini«<] ' mFHicn far hi* muHief, ff»*^ 
WfTkf fii fli-i*' o/r*riA' *»-, IflTiKlia* 
4lbvr iJD4« «a va HpppM nba bad ? \nd 
did ba not ii1a« fttrj bark Utit wiirli nhm 
ilnnf. lail In btt mallifit'i btlialf atk U 
tfmi far ka^ uf iMt p<*n, aaJ racaH 

Oo Cba fvEDTiL frrim Eg^pl? 

"Tbc) bad c^fan mi^«m thnHfbaat lb* 
aaicfabmirbood tan^ iJajv hrfat* nf rhair 
IvfMtiah to drpart. tliBl Ibrf tn^l anl 
•rvni Ijj iinl a^av Lu Bcltadeallof nvntfr, 
ivliirli nti^lit ItnTc EuoVW Aia(>loLaoa> - > ' 
One of ibe cnmpaiiyt ''lia bajipeofJ tn b« 
rich, «atl«d til flbilcl jMut la blai. aikiL 
AfwAwad a >v jvaJV apa« 4M. Tbf 
hair °b>l'> 1> not a lluk alwlicJ, ^iH. v*l 
<//0H fa ft^rrty, b< bolJj oul An lillU 
jidvft. *vf raif* Lftf nan«y, /irr v AirA ^ 
ntunt Ikanlrt f* 

And tftfr llik: 

" Ai hi> gtn* II i» from bii i*nlf[b ta bh 
tblrtt^b jrar. h« «•■ nnl ramarkahlr fur 
anr aoUDiiB vbirb In Uw «Tai cif \\\n «-jHd 
IrqrV any appearanca o/ aianljr vorlb. 
Tbar if«ra rraatiy uMnUhtd, and taathtd 
■I h^n, AllhHE hln an iiafl1«ai MIov. ui 
Idkot. ■ nalivdT' a r^u^ of no aroio tad 
■plrli ; UEdlbcr did bt appl^ to ani lean- 
ing' 14 ttiHl Lt beeavia a Uad vf pfoatrb 
to Ml", tbat Ii4 viabtit ■ frowB'iipsbild,'* 

Jn tba T«eDpUtiAn ia iba Wbld«r- 
ac*a : 

*' Tlwr anivlt vay, ' What vrlU thmi that 
va prrpart fvr IbstV 7u wlilcli lif rv« 
plLf>a. * G4> (n ntfdaarvat aiDlbcr, and ^ 
%hii bm ■hfibinj It hand, baar W \n nxn \ 
fnr of no foDil ilo 1 » f l^itTy pirttVr 4< of 
ibal irblcb ab« prf^iirvt. Tbru l'v» of 
lliD iiiunbtf let out, and Jo a uiumciit itq 
witii bir. Tliej MapitlfuTij aalnfa b«r, 
(Bit An*; a iBHt b/ puritifff, alufh alui 
but a^ r«c!j fur Jowpb utd hntm'it, and 
a ninr Iff brr^J, witb ■ liticu cLolh. and 
albn nccttaartfa- I'trbtpa. too, nar LaJf 
yr*rmrfd^ if »hr faaiif, « tmatt jUh or 
ftM,' **. 

" Tbovfh Ii «!■ ancmili mhoic uu- 

ftcnew.— CbtittUe Oa Hfiif Vk^rutf, 


H W It Ca» o( GaIOm, M lOi* ftkt 


imamt W^a^ I* idrto. • . . And oor 
Ldlf ciinftMl lo bet wciitho i«»in< 

^^itfipiajivirr oil I kwv nai «W«b 
■t 4dl fK an.' Vd uar tMbrr Adv 

■ta*, Iktf the im Ml «b«r> b dri r4A. 

ttevuiofvlM. IU4«bf%na 
Ibt Toiiwi «o^ *be Uf« 
d«i~vnl of VMS? Anil tJien- 
«n1lbt<«bi^ <bit 1^ wniiotlbor* 
ft nwL tml ibii Afa» vu MfMced ia 
tW •VJtfUjttEtmc, br *« iirt 

W« awl ■>!« H «Bd Mnst^hcrt, 
ki)lWiAtU>f^M| uidallv«&««d 

alM ttl JfMWiCf of tkt «umiaa. 
1W vfcok ■fioooot of tb« Afl^^, [>r 
Ibr ta. «ad or tbc lawc*t p!cet <o fftf 
ftia (iiaf HV fit iMr, Uiow* on co- 
in v«n of boowMp* ^ Oriffi^Ul 

wU of itBctfttoil tW uiUur faf bii 
tefc^ mmk boo tfUfd bJ* vork wiib 
«i«t of«ariooi Uodk ToUioMwho 
kB>» Um MUDvncf Um £o&1. w« offd 
hfttrflf poiot oat llu Bofutroui Ab. 
MtAtT ol tb« obMrank«e oidt ua 
ibt WiM ll«o'« oOtriox of UoU«— 
0M« of «bkli.wo Ibial, wvU come 
■•to tfai pock«t oflhi pobli«tiM. 

<k iM I'tfwAr; viFA o bn^€v- 
mmi t/ «£t jJifw ^ Si. Amirw*, 

THE a«4>oa>oo of Uu« IJtUt work 
it w foUovii U booocon bsotiMimit 4| 
ckfUoiMinfl ■ftpM^MO Vjr^iM ifomi 
Coflqpi Orialiat^ Opud Qxooi««»r« 
PatroBv iilVM UbtUan in Iopccbi p««- 
l<r». J, C." Vr**ootr»» »«•«- 
tnd CtoA 1^ oaUwr** pnhe*. u 
•bo«bc bi* view po tbo Mbjvcl, ood 
^« «|o*dj it •«»«» wilb tbe vrrak 

«-Tta ltep«a*f bolrticfuarb 4 
lWC«o^fi'^ aoChriffkavbo rvenm 
fb umaBij of 11% SfffiBtnn «u 
ApriM. «»• m 10 lbU*faH«nd« 

te pMNH tbil fUl B<«ii Ibcir ttolbtt^ 
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pnnUlaiu of Dur C'liarf b. If oiir rbriribs 
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chiriili vhcre ■>« arc made cmn *iU] lbs 

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tte abtlnci ihc dutjr oT dut e1nv?tt iivc 
iuJcnl by JittoD «Ulp4ioti. lut b^ ib« 
untar|lBft piwliac aiMrepariad J«4raat«f 
coaacdt Erom tha nrUsBl liuci dwD lo 
tbff dirii£on ia tb« Waitoni Charrb. [i 
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DOwf tbv nfiniiiBiiDD of ibc cai^u>b b« 
mjUMblOf or crrn Lil i^^rticuUc 

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to fnr thAl thd taliTiiilH ID whii^n iLa 

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imao tfcan mnn ^ <br co«] r»olati^« 
ibcT bite Bail of rca««iifWafHagh*> 
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to ibt tif^t AoJ Snatrucluijf lilt yoorȣ : 
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in th« rlfiTff b nul rvcoiEDlirdu iTjFrulr, 
UQLU. wliiJi Jb phmI Co be dea[i«d, vaut^ 
boaj aHaII unb be TonuTil bj d1«u vJr- 

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i1- llim-rrr. nChnrrh nhnrr Fhnrn i4 
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llJljlUTUEit L^ul:i ft^rytti thiiitjc 10 UlCClrrpk 
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mtltoutfkttolt, Xbdiiiii Wloop[aiiii^«I, 
wjcb iha loH of nliljnirr i** **" *'^"tiy. 
mt hmftlio l«it llir daily B4rTti)rr,iiLli7h 
elacwliertt It nubuU- nut) Mliii:b !■ to 
cBElnJj RoniiRtieJ iriih th« funaei"* h •• 
PandYoncvj^H vlitn (La 4>ilf •DoriAi>« ia 
j-«ctOfwl to Uft, Ihfl ^^#rr/fnii of our olcw 
«1U t^4d :bffia la Jqdsa Odt a life ofwlf' 
denyiiif nantlrume* ■nrrca barifff ta ffikil' 
lion* Ulan thai CDunic of lifo ut f Licb 
llioif iocliafetioo* mtj dlrpoto \hvrt," ike, 

lo Si, Ambroflc't Trealiw on Holy 
Vij^inJly, nticlk foUowa the preface 
frotn wbich vc have quoted, tbe 
fctllowinE curictua pu^af^t octura (Efae 
^Ato of ibe Irrfitiri from Klmb it ii 
Idkon bfing abool a^o- UQ3)t 

villi Kulli vltb ciuEiErtli^li'tl nrrk an*! 
vantfjM «T™> wJkifiK and nioiiDc ai 
thor Ko^ ^oifiLio Ibo dci|nded ami ortlulwd 
vooHnufcOBtJefladE baa ]QrBit«-a|ft>ajriD£ 
po^pFlJ liu dfi*«ii ttom rhc julh of virtoa, 
Thiftlr jTBn tti«M*ff Tirtoft wmiirf hr ptrnf. 
If (ki<r fvor of pTililiD ivfjjmj wcr* with. 
ilrtifUi ac4luaL i\ir> cl??d ol' tin, wlir^n now 
•a miioy tria inij)!}' iLal tlic Ihongbt of 
VB ia oa alnrtgar li> tbuir inLnfla V lip- 

II ]a tbepioualnTonTinfjof Thotrtft*- 
Intof lljfil lh? pmnra of thla eiitEtoih 
iltoiLld bP gj«?n Eotvarilt Ihc JiquMa- 
tlon of the debt on Gteat n»Dli-y 

F-ht'ihrth. fti/ IfiP niflAor i^f " 7^( 

IF In ■ worlr nf flrtlon lilta ili^ 
proftvauhp render ItcomtucTfililifniigh 
ttl* DRmiivc vfhh continupct or in> 
crt«i1ng inierpif, lujthiDE in the con- 
■trdclinn »b he fnctiLlDiTly V'Oiig> 
To rlTfct tbU. ^rrytliin^ iTioulil lii< 
plAri^t] n litilr abovr cummon naivre- 

th« ennU non ^urpriilAK ^*^ ^f* ^^ 
ordioory circomntauc* of life, yet ^t 
iKf UEur (jiTio ikAtUTftl ; itic <}jAfikiCCera 
iDOm aFrmixly marktit and tlUtin^fly^ 
*rpfit«t(d Ibau we mrcl wilh m th» 
cctRjuka;) itittrcoDrto of tocicty, vUilo 
bolh chara^lerr and JncidoAlt ibould 
£i-oup ar^Ejnil nno commi^n «nttii of 
LhlrtftU Wq thjok Virt b4h bcca 
ctT^cl^d 1i^ Cbt nuliior of lUo [>rcicnt 
QOVDJ. *11iere It tucli a coatmat cf 
cbirAttrrt ftA gtt'ti life and apirit to 
the t4itc — M bflTvc^n lliM^^bnnd tnJ 
Don Fctii, And between Sir Edfar «n(l 
Shcdlock, wbilc n aomewhit d'llSfulE 
tA^k lb AUCCetafuUy trhipvod of tnErn- 
donng^t rf ol pcrvon, anil ono tici leu 
than Sir Wnller Kalti^li. «miMig Uis 
tictitiDUh onct, without thfAVPiiit^lhera 
Ld!o thbJow and l»dmincUtai bj hii 
lupcnof luominouca and aplcDClour, 
Thit it oao of iha gr'at diSlcultirt 
which the nodcni bjiiorinl novtJ h«< 
intrnLTciced^ and parbapn rnirctnlefl in 
overcommc, Tbo rbarulpr nf th> 
harcmn, Khirh in ftlwnyii of RTont 
plTaet m iho plot of a nevel, ^tid winch 
if not plojumg ntn th* .kocccBH nf 
ibc i>Eb«r pufa, U we)! ftnd dthcaUly 
d'ovd* At re^&rda viotb^r penoiiAi^a 
of foHinOtI ^Ecici^ wo mean iXmna 
Iner, «rs do not »k how it w&a that 
H^tdtbnuul otvtr rKOvnMod hfr under 
l)iv BKumod ^rb and nante of l>oa 
IIaFkiIo, [Ihoupli wc dirl &r>rii iba 
ItrHlp^i tmcame ircich diif;iii*<i< *nd 
drainiiUc allowano^i a* Ihat hava 
bffvn f^rnnted from tima imm^noriar, 
AAd wtiieh *ie jropuiiolfjiblo only En 
Ihff poraon wha f^u^bl fr> aco Ih'ciigh 
them Ihe riearett; but Iho <<n1y dou[>t 
in our miiida ia, whothrr we are rjuile 
•nliified niih the rritlanrhflly Iirrmj, 
DAli4)a of bor hi^tnry ■ wbttbrr htr 
tfrvat datotion, htr ptij'o diiint#t««tad 
Una to HUdtbrnod, bar rn^blt coiira^ 
nnd ganfffoui n>lJnr^tiliihmBnt ororery* 
Ihirig In fam^ oriel rorltine thfil la dtnr 
to womao fnr bi* take. <]id Dot ilewrTe 
a Imppiet fate. Wt da not knr^w hnw 
it wat tn bi? orhi^i^i^ nmiiT ihr tiir. 
rmindiriiE rliflH^kllii^t of Tb* plAl ; but 
That 14 the mThnr'4 linilneat, not nnra i 
hownver, v» ttinht *ay thitt 1C ti the 
only oni* point in \ha wliola web nr 
flflion thai w* aw not ennrely latit- 
flcfl ntih : anU we ^ranf that, 'nbcn In 
vml or falmlaua itfe two Faflit-t arc 
equnlly in love Brhli oni> gonilrman, 
nnil aa ihat geatlrman bai nrit a 





RitTiEvr. — Haut'a R^Marchr* on l^gU* 


Jnlitv flf lanoa lo bntnw on hJ» 
fair ■itoirri, k \% «itrvaurl)r diArulE 
lobriw die maim l« a uiJif»toTy 
randwupn I vntr**. iJukH, ■ iKit4 
■l«I« ic tn cut \hr knne whrch CLfrfrnt 
bv n&tWU* VTt kri al)Ti|;*i^ l'i>r wadI 

drtbil or Ibo other pe(*C(iftj^-*. «rhli-li 
■pfmr to Qoaduft Mid iBiy the lUkiy : 
MS Ibm b aotLifig m lh« tiuign knrl 
cwnrtloo of tny put but what h tvry 
tw JU^Ie to th* Mthor'a lalrnti. Wc 
Ihml en tbf nnt f^ilJoij iLot wmc 
biW iBprovrnirDt ukifht bu tnaifv iu 
toAvQrnf down ttic kmUfa tttiprin:* 
■Oil. u it wcTT, «bctj^t ifarff in thn 
tiftfi>tiir. ftud aiftiiaf \\ flow ■ lUllff 
acre ertolv : bat tkii;*c are iFi^lit ob- 
»rri«tk««. Mid *rv muat concluJe by 
oburriag tliM «iij of aar ir«de» viil 
be wtll tcf«»l Vf thciAKlvn followins 
libf covtH «r • parr«lit« wliich wc 
h>T« svt ticw !u i^Ud. but un paftt 
«f whkb nt h«r«D)«il«Kftiff*talItitd 

Tins Wvik (»ll[«ifl» lUl rUrTIEIlA- 

llaa ol mXi the ptvitomcnL <uLui<xtcJ 
villi t^ fhraxal aad m'jIkf'ulAr 
riAAf4 |tfuluctil by the ind^ni:* at 
lb b*Ur rsyt. vid alw cmbfbcct aLl 
die knniVB (iWlo^rB;i&ic pco(nt«* and 
■rw diarwrprin ic the a't ^ indnd it 
is tbE flrit hiMDnr of phat^r^hj that 
ktt betn poUiihtd. It it ixmtpd 
will; fml I»n1tdsv of ihi Mibjtcl. 
MrfblUllorkd^fot. Tliciiljiiufit 
a BB MIovb; AAcr u» iatimiiidury 
rh*|4»r »a IhefvaKTrMofthe ijrLtHJiy, 
■rrr«M«» lo the discjiYtift of Ml. t\ 
Tklbot ud Mr. UBfucrrc, utd cd tbc 
daooApMit^ of liicht br ill* priam, 
tfcf Mftf»ct of the talar raj* '* ^^n* 
e'Jirni an nKallic doatpound bodin 
wall nfritncic to ihctr uhotocratibic 
«pplic»lian. A4 ulnr, folJ, pklinunii 
wtOiVi Au. li^u oik vcftcublc auti- 
•tftttccA ftftl c« the colour of fiuweri, 
le the *c<««d pait ie coMidcrrd the 
isAafscc oC KM mIv r»r> ^n "'of 
wMJMtt^A. md aa eimpb iaorfADJc 
b<ak»| aa tb« jivtninatioD of Birds, 
aad like N«T«fioQaf p/aitt*. Tht necond 
HCtbo of ikiit f4rt h pbrlicuUrtr 
corioae, coatMinc &F fenr ehttpCiiB va 
p h oa p hofwa* — lafora^e ctt tbo b«laf 
lifvaB cLemtcal «oiDb^nalioD^incu<' 
^Amffv^rtt of tha lolar rmy^— and 
IhnmM^ripbr j u aanifiatjon of *I1 

th* plianOEitrnft cnnnr^tftl with the 
enppOHd radiAttoD of light \a «hio- 
tuEi* darknptf. froch »i arudeouUme 
of the (Qbitanrv of Ihif ivaik ; but i| 
rotmya no Idea of the vailQMi of 
curioDi phJIoaophkal rva^onin^ to bf 
found iiL &t; 8fn»(ij[ wliklt will he r«- 
iDiffccd ibe iliicoirry erf a ntw de» 
mentary prlnHple. whtrb the author 
OUU evrprif), tfldep. ?AU.) nnd whLeh 
he would uli! oi a /nuTth ifk ihp Ihrtv 
impDndcniblc plcmenli'-lighl, tc»I, 
and i-l«:[rJi!Liy, 

LJKht. hrii. ami targia ut Uie 
three |iriikcip1ee, or the iD0d^Ai3ttiLiii« 
i)f an rWmf^titary Ar»t principle, 1I4'- 
tt-etcd m the •c^Uf nyi 1 liii ^ir*t 
niLiiiff (111 thb- uriEAiit or \liion. and 
enabling at xa dijitinguUh ciiNnalob- 
j<ct«, aad giviaif colour Id all. Hio 
Bfcoud 11 tliAt (.lindple Trbicb itgu- 
lalea ttie vol id, liquid, or fiUftnia 
elate? uf mailer. atitJ which ajBiulaina 
Uiii plmit't u) tiuf couditiun whidi ia 
r«4('iJtial \\t HiK mrll-bviDH uf iLb in- 
hahilAjjU : and the tliifd. mrriiu. Ihat 
jKiMri which tlTk'cU nil tix? chao^tBa 
tohelhcf ilitiiitr^a] f<i a^cilecularp vihjch 
ueiuinUnlly ia proKcesa- II lb that 
a^'nt whidi Ik for evv-r i^uii^ltDing bU 
tbe eleineriU uf erouib. and maiuiaiD- 
)D|E ihc coDdiutJUA («/ a healthful <ri* 
UliLy; audit a po hae iccri^Ftically 
empLoycd ka the pioccites uf (orrup* 
tiuEi. nbicbi Ludtfd, UT tio olti?f tlian 
tbv DecvH»iy chan^T* uf nsllrr in ita 
protrc^B Uvamat itatc <rf UffautJA^ 
tiuii lo another. "Xbcre are letrfal 
tjuc»(ivjj»/'tbcaulhoroWr\e*, "vflbc 
KreAtetl iiupcirTetici vibicti i-rwuin for 
the iainUgatiua of pbilotcplivrt; 
amonj; ibem the most ioipHUnt are 
the follgwiDE l^Ib flirryio al»ofbed by 
material bodies^ Doc* it it>l1u«ac« 
thtjr iotcrnal (□nttituirou } I* ii ra- 
d^alrd ffutn Uiilitt m Ihc dark i or at 
&1I coDurtied in the prodoctiou bf ady 
of thoic cbuKfA which haver been 
attributed to dark i aja } aod lattly, ia 
tbi* pawtr Bt all lonQcettd with tha 
pfoduDlioa of the pbrnomena of Bfvc-- 
uicityr*' At pretcnt the ctueHkoc » 
intolved in much ub*ciirityi but tf we 
rernrd the elemcnli of Ibe aoloT mya 
IU duiinct lilt rAorifff^i thoaf^h motffjf 
fonnprfri^ ill Df'ivii, until we can prova 
tbcu 10 be ideutifal, wv ehall rrttf it 
from a largo amount of that complnity 
which haa baaa thrown around it, by 
eadeft^unai lor*OOaoJI« 1h« fthfio^eu 

Rcmvr.— Hill^itrllV Thornton fio'mni:a. 


ftctloa of thia mrfid «i1b Uu> yn* 

E*gUtk UHHoJ Ranmncv^ vf Trr- 

fmnft* Stttclfil fnm M!1S. at 
tktcotm fotd Qtmhriilar. KJStfJ ly 
JaidW Orvbtttil lUlhwcll. Eaq, 
F,R.3, bui. iiyintcd/ui lAc Camden 

Tilts U ■ very iMtoiioLU o-XkA m- 
IcfleatioE lotuujc; mitd tbc Member* 
of Ui« Cankdca S^ciHj vc undtr nr> 
trtfliAf pbli^tion to Mi- Halliwcll, 
far thr paiaa he boB Ukeo ta bu cart- 
faUr prtpArili£ f^r llji- ynn tljc fuur 

WUea read u we fanvr ntA Uitn, It- 
aide a dzccrrul firr, nhlU- th« alftil- 
yrimi Lou If (I wttbunt. tlinfr caciouA 
Bp^ijmcikb of (rUl-*()il(t [i^ty canf' 
bftCis ihc fuucy to thcai! by-*;ouc day* 
wfctu Lbe Tjaiiftc/tlieifrQf(9ocJniiiialrfl 
unod to xr'iir »wnv tte dj-cary bours 
of irinUFi Yfitb " gut, and ule, ind 

" flfid ^ maorr lapilflnluB 
tlial AJijF mu kwn i^colf^ i*' 
tad whvQ l]i« rtciU!i of 

''Utah otUTim tnd uf uncmr" 
WAintd hifl Ijcuers Tfti mart thu the 
mrftd fup or vjac flagon i«hich 
ciroaUted thronch tliD lofty hkV, or 
ftn tbf hujca araDds which bJand 
and *pvL]c4 on ibv vidf-ipnad 

OrthcM SoDMDcn, tbit nfPftvrvat 
1» of Earopcwi inlcretti tbo fint aatljc^ 
>LJp of which h AttribuUd to kyoC 
or Qvkrt of ProTcTLCc^ whijw trork dq 
longer eiUl>. (fitrpt m the Norrnka 
TtFvioD of Chrtnticn At Troyc*, who 
uaJn Li acciticd by WolfrAm rcrn 
EAchenbacb, the author of the Ocnnaa 
ftrtwal, of *poilinsthc story- Go<rrc* 
4ad other GerRun cnlicB record tlie 
orijl^iaal Ptreftal m the cooiini-nee- 
mvnt, arid not the bast impoitant 
fiartioa, <d that my^tie cycle of ro- 
maucr on ihr nibjecl of the " llofy 
<]r«ai;" of which 71/«rH forai» the 
Tery ccnirv or Jewel; and which ii 
«e<np(ctod by the i>«Ani^fSn. With 
thn, howvter, tht En^lidh Romtacc 
&u liHk to do> for ia it the (feat 
work cf Chrtalien (Dpvfarda of SO.OOO 
Han) h nduoed to about cfi« Icath 

euiooalty rclnttd ^orlth u oppnaeh lo 
huiDOttr« of which the following pa,B- 
Mf<i in which Sir PerccrBl la d«- 
»ctihcd at itriklng off the head of a 
slant, u AOt the vont tpocincQ 3 

'^^thtnldihadagubaof li^fiB; 
Hit vai aa oiahvidB fcmTft 

A gent berdt to to lehifi?, 
Per Mlhcali 1 Mft" 

ThiB Roaancc it ptinUd from th< 
Thoretoa MS- ai Unci^taj ai i> al*a 
the tTCond Homaac*, Sir Jtamlrgi, of 
which an *<!itmn waq p;int«d by Cop* 
Uad anil rifprmled by Mr- Utbraoo. 
Uliv neit ^icnaaace, Hir ^gl^m^urt 
vEvftUDlty iktialY*«il by 1h« Jate Cniga 
|Ljtj» m hia " Kaf)y hcijflivh Muui^ 
JLoiQiincfi," U btf« printed from • 
C'vnbndgc nianritcript. Xhu Jn ths 
cut aUo Wiih -slir iVj/fwrnr, the 
fourth Dad Jatt, and m ranap r««pccta 
tnObt iDtercBtingi id the collection* It 
1% Hrtaialy uaeqnalJed far the gtiiOpKa 
%i'liich It afford* qb ti ihi maarten of 
thu lim««, aod Iho atatv of aocjotr at 
Uiopvnod wh*aitw«» writlOQ. Jlad 
Iho wOTk bit«npubhib«dwiifc miniated 
pjrtvrv*, Bi]?h a* porhapt vtiitnt ui 
•oav coj>j<'a of tbi M53- uf ibin Ito- 
laaDnr, H cnvld tcareely hair« olTordod 
ua Hjch Vivid pictam of tha c<Mtnib«, 
(uehtLBOtnro, eooktiyt ttod donntJc 
orraagtmcat*, *«cb vmut* louchca of 
Btery'Jay Jifr, ai «n fumJabad by th< 
moAleal and rr«(|Ucri1iT all^ntivt 
venca of the anlhor. Ai a ttprOMDla- 
tJoD ofraanner*. a *kcfch of loeiFty. it 
ii rviiEly nnrivallcil ; while it rihtbit* 
no few tracci of the hand cf aa attitt 
nncl the feeling of a pc^ai. Sarely 
thtic Ii loioerhjng a^jAiiitcLy palbrtic 
in the fallowing ccnfeiiion of hii IdtOj 
which D*f rrraAt Aokf^ lo hi a 'aqutre, 
and iohbavowal that he Jovodtho lady 

" MtJydnrr ya hnr« ainf, 
Whyrxh M Itu wyi Itama ; 
My bvlJo litrnf** wdd nip blamfi 

^Vh^bvtii (|iA( T I'y' 
Tilt 1 BhvvIdD wi>w ici a ateda 
Aytn aOf nuic rcde> 
And iMtha oty lyC aad my doda 

Ya rokm ia bar ty« % 
Ffor BhD la fraly and lilr, 
Aail Cm Erics uima cyarB 
1 wolde DaOiuf off tiuir 

Broofaa ne Itt. 
I woldD lain then oa dms 
Bol byr body all haw, 
Ad vT.jVniifri^ »g^Biaiia 

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RKTm.— 7&I f/MMliu ofJElfric. 



Hi. lUtaill hm •ppMilid to thU 
■w^am GIgnHW Koum tpM Mck 
«<cdi M k* 4M«wd t* Mud ia a«*d 
limflaa^i^mt ««d in bi> I irtr»d« e tw» 
ba«it««d u von* ka^ nrto ch« 

■flk mibIv fradttcliocu ia Ibt M.Tly 
l«i^ of tb« Cooiittnl, ud iu 

Mm. Til* b»ok ii, inooropinionj 
^ Or Ifto fa»t •dilnl tlut Ur, K«lli ^ 
■rilfeH r*P<A forth; ft»l v« mo«1 
vMlf CMgrtttalbt* tktl pMlcroftD 
ud ih* Cnidwi SotM^ «poa tb«it 
iMiww abm*, ift Muog ihii v«« 
kabittftwB btoor rtorttof Eftrir 

TnSomUKiov nta hsinu>-^xox 
Cnrsc«u TV I^Hlin (^ jS^fric, 
mm m £MM Trmkifn. 89 

iWfr /.. //. ///^ ir, «■/ f; 

Nv /P'Gt4, 

VE AB KCOflUDAd this work to 
««mlBn, ttst Ban fb« iu iWlogi- 
al iilw iJ t dlJiougb Uukt u BKHt 
tmilaaMv, fram tbt Illutfrfttion 
tttafc il ■ftud* «J tbc »Utc, tj«ir«r 
tetilMi «k4 dHCifliDe •i tho Angto- 
fam Cbmn h jkt m foi Lta iBpoitoao* 
h llMtnbaf tb« f^iblcffT of our 

wiH bf ■ J€«««r Toyliir aa 1m4 
TMn ■ ftfcatlpTi. lij ■ IkiTOWftiircll 

TW voImm eaaftala» no fewvr tbaft 
1^ U^Ubi, vb^k rttiB tL« int 
HfftjMi of 1^ ir«U-kiiowa mmnmettpi 
a a« PttUie UbruY il Cwnbridgo, 

iBjnffc «pf- Th* Mthor ov 

Ar W tlMTt in tbt work it nal »ow 
l*W MMlUiMd) WM. u><r.T^r|K'« 
MiM», ftOt ftTHc the Archblikflp of 
&Miarinf, b«l .ClTrie Are^abcp of 
T«k< «bo prHiJcd av«r llMt mc Icom 
lb JVM 19t3 to IDfil I AOd, M i& Uta 

mk bifcffo m>« ibc cdfiof k«* rttnHh«4 
»«nka UthfuItftkaKviptofwhAth* 
Wkv«* (o ba tbo n»t coap1ft« nu- 
amn\^^ " iftl a tan*cic«tU««ilj ccr- 
Mt teUiklliM of thai trvi»cr>pt,Bi 
IhnI M to ftcqtta^ntaiMO TilLi tbo 

Md/* I* u r«nr j-Mufifd in 

tncfa « tnn»lftti«r, tboceh DCAtttndfit 
try a coumcaiaiy. Kill bo nardcd 
with intorcit bv tbo mffaboM Of cadi 
«r the i;rui rommunrtiii itiio w^Ich 
the t'hfi»tiftt ^orU il divided.*' 

Many mdtn will, wo tntpnut, ol»- 
jcct (hat tho Uajvaso of tfao truiila- 
tioa id too LaUnircd. Bot> 00 Ibe 
Qtlicr hand. Mr. Tborpft vciulct pl«ad, 
and pfobably vriih tuccMi, tbifi li« 
waj nnabl« tu introdon many puroly 
SaioQ txprvuioni, nol bM«u«« th*y 
htd (hAog*d thalr otlflaal aMakofc 
but bfftuM they art now M goafrally 
nuiftrrlffdaA Tulnriimt tliutthcif mlro- 
daelianwoald oaTt b«a prtjudicial to 
hk work by g^ng an air of vulgarity 
to bU tro£«lat>oo. qurtc at rmaiica 
with the icholar-ltia cfaaractar o( th« 
Sftioa onginaL 

Mr. iWpr woaoaa^M hia work 
" th« flnrtff uit or the pni*«worthy at- 
tCBpt of lh« /Klfne hoct«ty la rv«cij« 
troa oblivifia tha Iitpruj rviaaiai cS 
oar for«raili«n," aud tddi ihM it 
" Ta« toloetod for ilia tirhokE publica- 
tioQ of tb« •i>ctfity. OQ accutjiil Ifoth of 
it> vaTaablfi maUcf %ad tijc manoor la 
i^hich It U convc}-cd." 

Wfl can buf witncai that Um bc»lc 
fu^y Ju«iiAc« aucb mUcUoqi aatt wa 
mtC that tbc ikj ia at I«oglb amvf d 
tfbcti Ihc "incofioui duriguii*' wilh 
wbicb Sir JuDM MiciutDih cWgDd 
t]ic l^ogllib oatiqa" aa bniiiig hkbijfto 
Inatfd th* litcrajy cnoDvmctkti <>f tluir 
focofaUicn/* ha» givco -^-ay lo a loud- 
able aaiiply tvt tlirir iirdcnracioo | 
aad 1ba( lucli adiipdrl v>iil bv givea Xt> 
th« £lfric S«ivty by tbotc wb<j«a 
•tatiOB aiii] cireutDalaatn anabk Ihtai 
to do vtt that th« %nat objocU foe 
Mkieh iba todcty wu mitilutadmay 
barealiMd.bythe ptbhcattoooraaat- 
ronii ColifCtiOD of tho Litctary Ra- 
cgainicf thQ Angio-Sa»ai, — la AaeU 
of tbia gnat dHid«ratD«, a coinplcio 

Couru f A Voio*Sjito>xu- 

A DuUaMOwy t^f /frcAoir aW iVmU* 
ci'oi *Foriir> O^n^Wf F^rva, Fnt* 
tfr6t. oari /Inctiif Cr/ Akj, /m Cl« 
fburfrmfii CVorury. J^ JaiD« Or^ 
chard MalUtttll. FM,ER.8.i^.^. 

S;^. pp. Iff. 

MR. I[a1liirclt bas now for aaoK 
yta^B mndc bi» name noctdJogly cod* 
ipimoua in nnt>(|uariaa Ulcntnxtj oot 

62 HillitfeJI't JMcHonmy n/Artheuc 9t'd Prtvinoiel Woriti. (Jan. 

gate Bi (t wrtp lh« ilFcmit ariil |tf< 
tival(iE>'r>ruijr Irinf uasv, is1|ht b« cam* 
all iC»|iArEi: Mr.llftlhweir»I)ictii>utrr 
yrr inti iir^lj liiM^miliiic lOft te»idl«ud 

Cuukntuig tijEiJidr wjiii putiiuf cogc- 
tlirr JLTj fllpliftbcl of cl:c1iu'ibliia. proYlii- 
[laLimiB. tL'diDicaliBinv.ind wlvnim*. 
t/iili a frprii^Uiiig uf "jiiuirErbi " &bd 
"cmUnjit/' be pcjfciruw « ti^l uuC 
Yvry (liETi-TEnt tu tho** wlic^tin W 
liRfl |ji'b'tiiru»ly iJi»Utij;iij«hcU hiuixcll^ 

•ton of Uf/ittu. ftuO, ^l ibuK b* rt4inl. 
of vtnAn, aoJ llitir irTMUaeuti i« m 

Ltdlj liy hJB apjir«r«hn in laoftt of llio 
ftuiHifttWiPi miiTulfit fnr iu fldvnnrc- 
iBtlil* either Hk nn Jtc'Iiml (jr in Lcjii<j- 
ruy (DVinbtr, bul triun- iiurliciiluily in 
tb« citlr-pofc* «f raiiuun jiublJcaiLotti, 
vrhkhmiui bcaccL>[jmcil, tit<; t>y L^m* 
>eir, tklhct by tticir ^luiub^^r [Imn llieir 
impurtflurc. lie liu ii<jw itlrwiiled n 
far iDUtc Ulutivui lask. unr iJitltL-d 
nrbicli. vvfu if (jiebuccbhFuIp luiitlit. 
from tU lUHDllixlf , b« JceiDvillupiKil 
IbviirniMhTluwvil lo KitU f«iluir»; 
nuifnii UiiJt-n citiilil floab. 

And \t ihe c(Ui]i of tbc uEidcrUllne 
be KrtAl, to bIki ianitDr leipcttsii U* 
diflkuEty; our la bit tfultlms* tcieinvd 
by tliCfirciinisLBncc ihnta tLiuiUr wurk 
was cumnicDcid U0I7 « ftw yvnit hhu 
by lwi> vcjy Ttiiiiiict kuJ riprricnccJ 
•iitU|uiUt«,* uij nlnLDduurd at an cu ly 
«tAK< aflU pi't>£ttat- 

Tbc prtdvat iicifc U pal f^rfvarJ lo 
aapply th« allcEvd iJrficirDcy of «oy 
" EttDVnl dicUunary of th? tarlf tCoE- 
liiA UnKUiiiE^-" A £lo^ur)' to Chaucf r 
bM loJiic r)Li>ttfd, a:>4 nmrr ftu'liu 
cl^jMOf tc" Ii4v< bicn imcc tuppliiMl by 
Sir tredfTJC Mutldeu oud tfthcn to 
vu-jciua oi*c(«iit iwr^tCEi- £uiL roara 
rtontiv, tbs Caniden Sociely bai 
<i^1^l|M tilt w<iflil with Iht Ar»t pof- 
liMi of an ioTalualjlc work, Mr. Was'* 
ciJilioii of tf^G rroinptcirium rarvulo- 
nUD> Thcro art taiiDQi Pn>vi<i<itl 

I'IohgHm for lb4 rtlks of bed ilia- 
etto,t aad a '^Cancral Dictionary uf 
FrflvinclaliiiDft" Kat hcca cAinpJcd by 
Mr WilliBin llollovay, la an ocLavo 

Fr<rm tbcu aatircca, aail f;om hti 
own reodirig. Mi. Jlntlinetl hai aodcr- 
taken lo roitipjtc hja Grnvral Didioo- 
■ry of the eBrly-f^Tightb language, 
lattodfll, it may Lc pr^'umpd. to CfliB- 
biiii? ihf ob«o1<t« wurili of all (iprioili 
and all dialDtiH. 

biiih a wurk, Bircutf^El by a (thJlolo- 
flftl dot«rnim?d to dwtlopL- \ht bSatory 
of tbv languft^*, fii^jlil* if (lorr&nBod 
With Jnt«th5ta« and luiJ^ncnt, bo of 

lbs iiiifhwt vaLi>« I a dictionary wtijch 

■ Butith4r% CToKfliry of Archdo add 
Prmitiri^il \V'^ril», : *iUf*d hy Ihp H*r- 
Jait[plL Hunter and J«(!pb&lfiuiuoa,«i). 
fdtl> t. aud \\. 

I Tlii* cIau of buokkiinoirTfryaatnc 
■oil" 4 «■ niBj b« *<cn ll> thp BlblUtflTrl' 

tfaloil Lli( of th«ni rabUibid bj Mr. 
;wai;U Smllh. 

<'Jt [i iatntilcd, irithm m iBo<lfnti a 
rompuB u fiupiblf, lu xit a 4 Inrt^r cHd|ro> 
liop uT tlu4t abaoltlo aud provLmiiAi worda 
vbicb uvama iLkjlylobauHoTul, vUtuul 
rir«niiTnH llii* ttrr ami cn%% nl iht irnrk Tiy 
irTajoli'ElrAl 01 <itticT iHullAf mc^rcliia; 
milt nbllc var« Ib ULoi l'^ nUliUatk, «■ Tor 
a< iMMlbU, Ibc corraci uatnlnp ot Ihe 
wpnla, tonTOLd dIviaHian on aitli^vif l« that 
woaLd ba lattrrttlnjc nnly l-i Iha prtf^ewtJ 
ttymotrtfUt. 1 1 ]fe ii"( 'jfcnunt propDHd 
Ttr f ii!|uiirnl7ni>Vif j.bulincrdj Ui raDdcr 
tC tuliKtVktrLi Ui iktB vay 0/ cx|r1a|iBtioB, 
itiduuLjilluvlt iDOCCQpj t4Ki mui'U I^MC*/' 

Hfn*. It vkll br lern, amnnoonnd 
ffluf eh a met 01 lane* for IhpDiciicmflrr f 
i . a modcraLc rs>Tpaia, air«, coat, aad 
tpafc; 3. gcn?r»t iKtlilf - T, 4«<uraryt 
4. a liULr fE^JktlF dalliartrfi wiTb ^^ycncr- 
lOEy. Tkrtli Hli pill all ^nt aii* tin thfl 
vlirdc iini<ifri[i1mnahl<* : ImC ivt ara 
murh di«|manl to rondDi^tllini a mni* 
fahlifol d^vcitton to ihc*c]iarmt orK(y> 
mtjluyy woiiii] havp conJurcd in tbs 
acfompllihmrnt of all tho othvr rnda 
propoacdf'^logrrfitrraircuFary, Eivater 
utitiry. and grrator tTottomf of ipaco 
aAd coar. 

TLkt plain fact iMbatMr. Ihlltwrri 
it thf victim of a wry tiiraorcuimry 
{lai^inn. VThiUl iipnriik|- of hiA itilcii* 
liAnh li^lho dforntand OT\ieily nymfih, 
Ktymolngy. be 11 nbjtaJuicly Eiia- 
iiiiiutod of a vtiy agW and dtr^rcpid 
oM witrh, namrd Cwoprnpliy, every 
vrr^Qiit t.-twlune Un^-jn^d 'a« bt Ja 
dniroiit 10 iinmuriafjsv on a pvr* 
pctua] canvat ; tbLJUifV, wich iht 
uauil caprivJiiuaDv^a of hrr avK and 
■gv, ibe vid lady wyv *b« i« dout- 

l&il] HtUiwdtt Dkrh^afyef ArtJittic tad Pfovific'iat ty4rJi. C$ 

It iQ*y Appear tridiDf la ui In d\t~ 
ci»i. ov t^va IV jwJnl ddi* tbc mun- 
Uk of^tuW. whidl nkH be Ci>\ini In 
■1)7 pocLit n^ddECirnl of Johniufii 
but QUf ulijcrt ii tu ahnw Mr. lUllu 
v<U : 1. Til* uttfr boprlntDn* of 
CollccIidK cvnr "form" of ipfftlinitt 
W)d« 3' Tbc wiut «f 4tAClnFu nf <i- 

o/ uruL^tQc^i^ 4iLit « UrduclivQ of 
Mcan^lArT •sntta ftota Uic piimurr^ 

Hi* Un DaCr!c* <^f ihU word, which 
occupy ]» ibc DJclioEiArr mnilci^Q 
hmtt iti oipUnaiiou, «aJ ihiftjr-«ii 

arc la our nkindi tbrovrD awDy lo MtV 
dicriani/T cOfl'.&injaa; thr v^tbof nvfajcii 
it » ■ parriciplc. 

fmimfffttcl ar<, in rt«lily, inivftvlioc 
jiruufB bow (fut two wofri* afra«f and 
a£aiA HFC botb dctctnilftat* r^f lf\« 

our UagMige : iihJi.1 tbe > or y wm 
r*UJacd in .ibii,iiifsi,ar Alrvyt^id, &c> 
it v&i in iact aa EDgliab participle 
fctfinril oo ■ Krcoch verb. 

That Fr«rLcb Trrb, AhtiUttr^ U mail 
cloicLv mcmblcd in KneJJitxby ^f&tur .- 
afkd thi* UaC WQfd wc £iid M/. Ualb- 
^imI[ )]«« ici**n with lix VtVtHi of aplt- 
ttAtiuu. And i^air under Aurflim with 
•ix mart, in luldjliun tu tl)c ^flV-fivo 
^fcci<ly caiimcnitfll' Noit, mijcfil ool 
all IhM WKt neccMary hftTc hircn com* 
priud in about lix bni:i, »piirin|rLh« 
oliicf flitly? »am«tbiafi in Uii* Wfty; 

ADAtEi 10 brin^ duwu, to bumttr, 
Fr. p&oiv**^, fnnn £ >fld £w. Ilea« 
afvtistrd (Piptf nioQgbman), ahairdtitt, 
{Mortti (t'Anbur), alot^Jitd (MS. 
Cantah. Vf. li. 3», f. lOffJ, (Modem, 
obaiMtii.] tu. &e. C«4t d4W», «« willi 
AbuAf or fcnr ^ diUppninlfd. 

lEul if not ia ix. q: nnAl in iwcoty- 
ftii IrQPt, lbc*io|<f (ifMvS/if ttb^dtrmud 
u^ahir) (bi^hl huvc bc^u fi>1ly ciplun' 
Mi iftiEh «il tbi- iinpor^aat cxampUt. 
and with rvrorfoc^t rrom igcb" rormi" 
ortpcftjEij B^ might pvftiibl^ bij11« an 
inqmrvr^ Tbitwnoldban t^ndtdma- 
tffmlly totho prrrpomrd porpuM of con- 
ciictiou ofid t^Domy ul tpocf. 

TJj^fl. mth » view t* "lho»rr#ct 
ntaniDgt ot tbt wordt/' Hf- HalU* 
wifU would hiiV(> found it t daltrial 
ani«UacD if Iw bod dflermiEud 1o d»# 

In Jiiaffippiat bis. la fact, fO 
il ou a»pc<t do be r futurn «»• 
MBr>T*rv day. tbat ve Hatc rv«Aoa 
tubtlVTclw will at l»Ktb df^flir ia 
Ul mtcrpvitc, tbouidi f« \\v^ piru-nl 
Or npid |;rDwth of tli» Arclu^c Die- 
tlaary hu bfiodctj hi* cyn 1u Uio 
F:^ '"' <--'T!r*» *t tiM derived from 
t Ltna. G^CD oJrtody b« 

oi^; :_ -,: ^ tt nay be nUccted that 

twBftayolifjoustyccvTaptrocnu bari 
tea ttteStUdr 

To citwplify Mr- IIolliwtll'BDodo 
«f llAAIJi^ tbfl |;iiiiiacA of bin ojtcd 
bwMy. w D«*d ocJy rvf<r to any o<ic 

Cpr <tf kia D<tiuaary ^ bm lo du 4o 
tbt «*y c^ titf oci wc wUJ uLc two 
varii, lb« romtAeatkiQA t>f ubicb wJU 
Cenipy Calhr aa mocb spMc a> wf can 
olMd. Tbrf art «SwM and aW. 
n« fncf t* rtlU «♦ CDOiucai a word 
ihai A pvrbtp* ^iftbc bav4 bfoa 
•«^fie«aboc«dwr; but Mr. Halliwfll 
tka^ dtfenaUy. and be hnk i^cuiJ- 
iifty prmmwM^ il under Ihc fvUowm^ 
piwM or " fannk :" — 
" AouUACiiat a. Aihaiovd. 

Jk»4iuap, ABbuoeJj vboihe^ 

AOAWT. ne HIM ■■ AUiatui, 

l»A»oaafr> AbMb*d| oiLiMb!. 

lm4aa<Bt. A W hrf, 

la L IT- Do voful . 

AmfcrnrHJO, Fmbt—pJ^ 

AaAT^taam. AbHfaoA* 

lOAVfeo. DhMfpoklcd. 

A>4T«va. AbwM." 

Qn* an trn vnuin of a 4JD|;t« 
mrdt and tf t«a ore ai]aiiikd> ^iili 
«A olitbt TariilJ^a. we a;ay be 
■art tlwt ulbriA of at l«a*t <t]uat 
doiB (a»d puonib'y ■• mnny iu niinx* 
bcfi) WiKft be aifftj,— <ilh«rt TffiuU 
VV oa tArity bj occur lo lbo*c »bu oiay 
ntn to 1^ ArcbaJc Dii:iLonary, oi tbo 
*facv»*' »bkb ha;vea to baic oc- 
avrcd to Mfr llalliwcll in ibc tou(»i; 
rfUa v«Ta>aadiac> 

ftr ifianiyltw oodfr Ahtiscur, he 
haifinao a panooc io ibich Xht ti<frd 
■ wiUltnaWMArV,- wbr ^b^uU lir nnt 
bmmbtrTd thai a» well u AiLAitiEn^ 

AniCi be tiplaiur " Antf fLitiii, 
rnchuani/' nn ibe aaibority of Ibc 
lVwpWiu*» rnfvuJoiurQ; t>ijt i\ic 
'Ihr«"iniba1 <lUtJ<'n&fT t^" A^fK\-^ 
fi.** Why thdn, did uat AoiKiiTo 
«aLf yrt a twilAb entry iu Mr. UalU" 

* AaA«#iiT». IV ofrrd* i IcvritUt, prr- 

M Hdlivciri DkHovtry 1/ AnftoU and Frcvinml ITonli. ^Ju. 

i?n (if bv vraifrHfulcfnly.t^tiTOulJ 
fioquvallT be widlcir^aL) wbr Uic 
avM word, wlilcb o(hgiii»ir<r tncaat 
'* bvffitd " uid ft*^acrtUT moftiu 
"uhamod/'fOinctiEiivt iamiB"fi^icht- 

LmL^X. io Ki*u>( uafnpbM of H*'viftl 
•rsMi^ <xra iliuuU b* taLt& ilui r«fh 
■uspla Im ftpidiobU IQ thq mhm 

la ttet i»(iortutrt«pccl* «fl bftvc 
bat M btd K«>uat 1u oivG of Ur, HaI- 
IJirrlt. irU ttCL** of " frithlcDcd " u 

Liu rrampLof Turo Pami^Qrun, but bU 

»Uapl« of AllAlDICJUD U the fotUw* 

ia| l^om W^t^JlTc'* Ncv Tnlunent 1 

" A vd «iK)On Um Amajtti tom and vilh- 

id«i tnil v<be »•« or ivdn j*^, iinA 

tbcl Hcn ■ t&ni/tckUl mith • pist it«iuTBii. 

lltn tbrri: t> no AUthoHly Fr^r the 
itit«rpnt&tiaii " fri(lit«ipili if w© 
Jook to tlinciri[inftl. Wi /ftiTTTETai' »■ 
trrJLr4ntwytiXtt (M^rh T. iB-> it would 
nthcr be. Lie our gireiettl mcnion, 
"u40aUbfd." A«w« inii^t (loweay, 
the wiiatiBct of Ui« tDU«c]« vftiv tfP"-- 
MiH with a ^ntX utonialuaciiL 

(Aad berc vrc may nidation, by the 
bye, thsit Q rcfcTOQ** I0 Wtclif'e i*r- 
elon of 13S0, ttjpplm rvl > thlricfotb 

Pfobibly^iii ibe puAtfS^otod andn 
An^TiTa, \hf ttnte eoDUrapkloi by 
tbc KUlbor of iLr E^ompt^irluDi vu 
more clcarty inpUfJ : 

In GiiddU bdfe et ^a hifl inyttCp 

Agaiaj Dnd«r " AtATtt," tbo (tnt 
»viis>It hf^^n out ih« Mtt«« " DiMp- 
poibTcd/' bul b the tseoBd, 

Vfhti t^ymg <h&i p wiUff to cm Mf r> 

fiifr IluM nn^hf ht d&tfjrirf , 

It M dcmrly "uliAmnJ." 

Yet agUD, Ijnidca bu tea laterprt • 
UtloD», Mr- llaliintll hm aiitt*»i«d 
idtc "iDJUieil," vtb<D UtfOduoofl tli« 
"Aann " tiiianhuJ to wblcb nc l^^v 
bctm «dteitc(l. lie k4y«, 

*■ II eecMd to U uud for it^ml in tie 
bleftod'Ajlhbf, k t'iti,*— ■ II* HBfttp SjT 
l^tomydre nWP Hit ha\int ihtjt*, Ibet ha 
aboithed bbbflmr nlth Lie lUirlLa.' *' 

wbera « dGtrcgard to tbc prin^ry or 
iLymolotEnl eeeue ertttkn llu whole 
di&uliy- lithcTerTDOtti&eAiiAM 

It cjpItLD^il •* "Dow^eut," ud M 
to thua 1VU " la cvt down/' " He 
oboitbed kU httme "*-" injuied " h I 
be etnick it <tom,— « £», lo the 

A ■till aocp Kliuib£ cumpl^ bov- 
cicf. of M<- UftJliHclL'i ^val of cLy- 
rnoLoKicftl iuniDAc(Dcijl ind tonDtctivD 
u fuininhed by ihi: cuftuitc wunU a&y# 
oikI ufjirfr, trf vbjcb Ud " fijmi *' ua 
aloMMt efidlcM. «i;d bie ti[fl«iJitioiia 
kuJSuciiiiy tiLitcd. NoiwitbetAiidiiig 
tbe ipcue tbey will u(tDpjr, we OA 
ouly fthotv tbem fairly by citiactiDC 

"Kmam. (I) Abode t naitatd. (V) 

Amat. At bay. 
AuAT. To hi7 ; to lurk. 
ABBAUtnr. BqiJAte i ^y £«■ 
Ad*'. ToelOQofjr. 
AnuBiD. Fod| etdilUd. 
Audi. Abode) nttdotd. 
A»iCR. Toitone for. 
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(etiLrflt MD of tjurA CafopbellJ, 

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t*J for the taiin Kplfnm^ 

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thltriu«k» ibt JVMHilai* oT Tcrvuc 
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W, L. ftel^i fVrwH, T. (s. Hnirt; 
T^au, A. Pwbffll: tf^^MVp F. H.C«pcrt 
CliErn. Q. W, lUn^cl^iit nmv, A. 
McmitW^ Pyt^n, ll, latrua; CVv- 

ZJVntt. U. F. brown 1 ««V*< ^- Q' 
iQfh ; Stifkmika. W. Senithiil ; i^tkttt 
K.r, Burton: 5lMl«d. II. V. W^UniRt 
/fomLTH n. Burton L ^rui;H. H, V. 
Knurl; PtimpMU. If. if, Uvkcr, 'HiO 
prpItEur *ni ipotvo bj Mr. Band^lph, 
!■ ^iiititD of Wt wTioaL. In Uvcpllaplf 
GnaThu mi ihc iiTlnrlptl cbiracter, 
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CAtHT nudal n> mnl«il Iq Profmtor 
UaUf«Ud. oT riH, fur hb laatrcbot la 
uiiiOAl clntfjdij. Tliv Dalk« L>r IIaiuiI- 
t«a vu (JccUd iL (ruB<c« of iho ^oaaa 
UaHVA on Iho wti^thi UHiIdtf. Tbo 
fcUovhf mn^lHtett M tlLv oAcvrv Had 
i^oancll of tbfl iDfUFy for tke ciuouif T?if* 
thvw iu 'lUlia boiaf iba new mciubcrt > -■ 

/'rrfUilMJ* Tb* Man|Lua> tff Nurtli* 
■m|>t«D- TVvawrfr^ Sir J. W. Lahlmik, 
Bvt. StttvltrUtt Dr Ragrti S. ll* 
tnihftia, W. i>bn^B A'Vrr^ary; J. F, 

ttmrli! Dr.Jhttas^M 9'- ti^n'ULau.BHJ.i 
r h\ JIntnti, «f . * Dr^ HaafclmJ. J*- 

^£J>. T. GnbUD, *«).: K. I. Mur- 
oblMbn '*«(L- ; 1t> Oaflfi, (h^ i Sir J- C 
Roa. Cipl. R.N. : />r. Ki/irrfj Drm 
Shnnfi^i J. 7Wif/o', **f-, Rrr, A. 

tfalM anc^Aj tovk pUiT, J. E. Orsr* c**!* 
P.R,a. mvUiDt^U LkE L'hAlk-. IV>aiil>a 
Report »r tbo Coan^il. i1 apptut^ lli^t 
ITauDbtnhaJbfwii flictii.] Liiii:r Uv U«l 

inEMlor I7J iBnODa. The r*portuf(Xia 
Hrrbarioib Caaiuitlcc ■tatel that Iba 
UrrbatiuiB hud been «kaiib Inorfaadb^ 
4IoihigU»i ttd nujr <«LubW pltnia hid 
ban dMnbuta^i aad IhU Hiuidljr rue 
iwka hbl bren rvoctrcd. lail wuuld be tlu. 
tribute cu-E J ia iLd cdnJiiM T*"- On 
■ ballot fof ib« €<uocU fat O* wtot^ 


LUerarif and Sdtntific ItUtUigenm, 


fwr, tho Chidmaa ««• rfl->«t«cted Pre- 
^denC, uid he nomiDated E. Doubledij, 
Mq. F,L-S- hDd Dr. BDue|, Vic«-Pr«Ai- 
dftDta. Mr. J. tUfqalds, Mr. (l. E. 
Deimei, RL.S.iDdMNT.SanBoin.A.L.S. 
were respectLTelr re<«lected Treuarcr, 
SceroUrj, and LibrariaQ. 

The couDoil of tlie inilitiitton of Civil 
EpEtiieers hnva ufariled the Telford 
medeli ind Wilker preminmt for 1844, 
the foTiner to the AraC cleTen :— 

To W, Fairbwrn, for hi> paper on the 
properCia of the iron oivi of SacnAkofr 

STorkejr}^ Btc. ;— to J. Mortt]', for hii 
BKriptioa nad dmwin^ of the removAl 
of the lighthouH od tbe Dorth pier at 
SonderkDd ; — to J. Bremaer, for hii 

Ciperi oo PulttDej| Towii harbour, SarcJet 
Eu-bour, a new piling engine, and an ap- 
paratoa for flomting Itf^ etonea for har- 
bour- warka i— to A. Marray, far hiH paper 
OD (he coDBtmotion and proper propor- 
tioDi of ftteam boilers ;— to A, A. Croll, 
for bts paper an tbe puriAcatiDQ of coal- 
g«H,&c, ; — to J. firaidwQod, for hia paper 
and dratiogs deaeriptiTe of the meana of 
rendering large HuppllcH of wafer aviitable 
In coiei of Are, &c. i— to J. Samada, for 
his account of the atmoapheric railway i — 
toC H. Gregurj, for hii paper on railway 
cnttinga azxt cnLhaDkinepla ; — to CapUia 
W. S' Mooraonii for his deacriplion and 
drawiogfl of the Avon bridge atTcwkei- 
borj! — to T. Griagell, for hia deHcriptlon 
and model of the icalFolding naed in eroct- 
lug the Nelion Column ; — Co C. Mub^, 
Kcfctary, for Che tranalatiou and arrange- 
ment of the HiiCorj of the Canal and 
Sluicei of Katwjk, and the dncription of 
the warka of rhe Amftrerdim and ItotCer- 
dam Hailway, by tbe Chev- Conrad. 

The Walker premium to tbe eight foL- 
lotrlng: — To the Chev. Conrad, for hit 
deacriptlon and drawing! of ^b worki of 
tbe Amaterdam and Rottcrdmo Railway \ 
—to J, Leilie, for hii deacriptlon and 
drawingi of the Iron lotrk-gatea of the 
Montroie docki;— to J, O. Thompson, 
for hift description and drawing of the 
landslip in the Aahlejr catting, Great 
Weitern Railway ;— to J. Timperley, for 
hiaaccodDtof the building of the Welling, 
ton Bridge, Leeds; — to G- W, HemauB, 
for bia detchption aod drawing of a 
TTOught-Jron lattice bridge on the Dablin 
and Drogheda Railway ^'^to W. Evill, 
jvQ. for bii deacrifdon and drawingi of 
the linden termmut of the EaaCern 
CoDDties' Railway;'— to A. J, Dodion, 
for hia dCHCriptcoD and drawiDga of the 

adraulic traveraiog ^me uaed on the 
tat Weitem Railway; to J. Forrest, 
jun. for hla drawing ind duftuoi iUu- 

tratira of Dumerom papera nad at tbe 



The session of tbii society for 1^44— 
Ab commenced on the |4tb Not. Tbe 
liraC reading conaiated of a farther iUoa- 
tralion of the Greek Inscription on iba 
stele of Xaatbua, a copy of which, taken 
bj tbe eje« together with the Lycian in- 
scription on the same stele, waa publiahed 
id the last TOlume gf the Society's Trans- 
actioos. Colonel Leake, a letter from 
whom accompanied the plate, haa subie- 
quently had an opportnniCy of eiaminin| 
a cast of its suTface. brought home by Mr. 
Fellows, the reanlt of which has been 
Tarioiis corrections in the mdlag of tba 
epigram aa formerly proposed- Theae 
correctionji ha aubmitCed an the present 
occasion to the society in the form of a 
new version ; but which, althou^ ditfer- 
ing from the former in sereral of the 
words and eiprrisions, does not materially 
alter the tense of the epigram, or iuTalt- 
date the general inferences deducible from 
this monument, as stated by bim on the 
former occaaion. The date of the monu- 
ment appears, from the orthography and 
the form of the Icttcra, to be of the Jtnt 
half of the 4th centary before the Chris- 
tian era. Aajatic Greek inscrlp^oat of 
that early date are extremely rare, and 
the present document is tbe more inte- 
leating aa there can be little doubt that 
the actions of the same son of Harpagua, 
recorded in the Greek epigram, formed 
the subject uf the Lycian inscriptioDs, 
between two portions of which the Greek 
epigram occurs, and consequently that 
the Greek furniahea a key, though it is 
feared an insufficient one. to the decy- 
pbering of the Lycian. The presumed 
date of the aCele of Xanthus a Jordi itrong 
retaoa for believing that Che greaCer part 
of the monumenCa inscribed with Lycian 
characters, and found in rarious parts of 
Lycla* are of Che &lh and 4Ch centuries 
B- c. Tbe style of the acolptnres found 
on many of ^em strongly confirms this 
auppoeicion. It was In those ages that 
Lycia chiefly flonrlshed, under tbe dele- 
gated authority of the Greek king, but 
enjoying these municipal and federal 
inatilulions for which Lycia waa renowned 
as late as the reign of Auguntiu, 

A second reading followed, comprialng 
the life nf Walter Mapea, by Mr, Wright, 
written for tbe aecond volnme of the So- 
ciety's '< Biographia Bnlannica," nov in 
the presj. 

By the death of Mn. Richards, widow 
of the Ret. Dr- Richards, of SC- Martin's, 
a legacy of 5000/., left by faer late hua- 
bu^ Uli to the Royal Sode^ of LiCua- 


IB lb* cowl sf «Ui^ u« m- 
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a^ b«wii4[ tUt ^tt«n>doD, vu hold 

^ orhoUlU, Dr. Join Ltt, 

tor aAkv*. In vfaMi b* farnvvbrrr 

Mhm aomcd lo &• pnicrva of iU»- 
tn^ b vwril fa Envto-Ajriui ttkCl- 
|Mm Mtf |Sm«7, ItiU IftboiM or ptr. 

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idUvv, Mk u Pr«A. Oi^taftad. U*. 
^ laariMU, K«fPU. Lv^iat. the 
ViMnMBAnUw* R«Uu4a» CElo Kit. 
fte«^ t«R, frnlh ao r tf Hvbjnr. and 
4a 1Ut» TVibm iL-T«l. PnyVwtr nf 
Amir, rt C44ibn[lcf. tie 1L«t. Dfv 
twn »l od Diii«b, ui] M«w*, Aiu^ 
VKtK V^Td. Ml CUuMi k»i acm* 
bn «r 1W CifbfiMt EE]wlillaB. [It 

ilMlf UhI Ih* ft>rlM; ihaaU ba mnrv 
ife« « Ff^***" M*««ii4Q of tbMf in- 

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» h*v >Cer[|*dt>lnT*1ivri.A{>frHC 
bad bctn rrt&**4 Iti tba plui 
«l •Heeu cf tlu aodftr, thai It vii 

dnmed Adfti«U* §6 <t** lb* doon la afl 
vtiu lake iiluauna to obttrrti^llu ^an^^ 
whkit «n nufr pjlof on la ilw Bart' *0 
cattbliab iMlurca ud MtDiwH^ioiLCi mud 
toadaatladiaaaawatiuintJwuB. fi^ 
lln. SWMU7, 1»r. U«li Yaiean Ul«q do. 
l>*Btil ui tacrodatUirT aildf— 

Dr. If oTK TalOi aa lion. iMrfiarr. ihm 
«0Luiuuiiii3fttBl a dalaitod plu of Out i\en% 
AtuJobJEttaoftbanoiMr.Kbidt |iruvam| 
<o itmif U «&aoai<ft^ ud ftd?aacB lUtMm 
tura, an^^Dira, knd Iba irta, iferau|bn| 
uLerfOT Alia and F.ftjft^ <■ iv«i| «■ to 
tjua«aaa ma knovlrtljr^ m ftU iiuietr^ rt* 
Uti«f tDlha a*U^ul<jt*, Luiwy- »Iunt 
hiitoFf, 4Dil PMHal oooiiliaiL «f Uu>jd 
wuoidca. Thia«iafaJli>w*d bf uiln&ww 
Hi dj>a*r1fttian of o»ttiidanbU laa«^«Ei»* 
UillbK >b« f rofm of ducatwy vfOni lh«> 
last b«tf otDUirj In tbor wry rvipirtiUft 
tAu'fic*^ (^ cradle «/ iha liaiuu raoc* 
ftn4Ui*^s<b«D«ortb« MU hniacicneca. 
I(« fBtB a mwnarr aacoimt of Uw B»- 

Ehraua Ri|Wdictoii, aad ^ioMd oat tlM 

lb« utJt«* and iif cuddlaHliw mcdii^ 
pnctJllonera bi EjiiA «ad £4TP^ H* 
stpntinoci Ibtt i b^iipittl bail W-tW bwa 
OpHi*d ht UaEaUouit midtf Bii^b ftu*- 
plm, and bad rvrmrad Cb« BiBallOft lad 
^o^openuaii of all die anCboriCeai tbtt 
SJkOO paUenta bad bora rtlimwA tbar^ 
dvrdc (ha laal fitur raunlba, and ibu > 
aoont of ti«dl«l IccCvta (ibt fin^ 
prrbapi, aicr JaUvtptd la £frU) htd baaa 
H>mtifwiir«(l (if Dr iu< II. Tbumptoa, on 
tbv 1 at of Ortobrr tur. 

HiL. Onirnin bu ilimianJ tba tin* 
and o\ta Af tnicRbciiA df Joax Avakari 
vbidb ban looir ba*« toufbi, ud r«- 
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■tfM vpaa TpTi WH cboiad « FaUowt 
aU frtaai [wba) *«ra Uivarvd to 
MiMli Bak«r od UMatw ftodvnU b) Uic 
l^btattr f^' *bt bf<l aarttataintiirai rnai- 
,1*4 fer ika liv< arrlra afakrttfiBi, 
prc|aai^ by iL« Ctwiiiai 

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tba painted dccrorabflna io th0 abbrab «C 
b. Imiivacd ^t Aatiai, kal a doacnpttoa 
vjUFTLd, fipmniiinifiit/d bf f-.H. W\\vit), 
oa^. viUi auffit] g'tiumlloaa an tba pirif- 
dbrvnaUo docomiJu ua (d Uh Hily ItaUka 
dkvf bn in general. Tba ebBKA at A*- 
lui vtB Iba work of Jjin>pJ rXltmaaH, 
fillinr nl l^f mnfvi c»trlirtri>4 AracilM tim 
Liipot ani] 1j nmirkibb? it ooc of dvi 
tooal iierrocL ouipEu of la ArdtltKlural 
GDuHtunDut ol tbit i(^ cnai]iloMd bj iLo 




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|in^0uh iuommicEit uf rhi^ itrL uf iliiiin 
urlf limn. Thf tuiFinrt^ncD Lnil Dwit 
of lhw< *flr|t# Ipf CliiitW, h*T* been 
rvMKqmd bjr all lachritrn uu vt. Tint 
ftmja *tt 1(4^411 art bftiE f^^^n itTolity 
t<i ittf fniin&miitt rnnini rii ilifi r;rHk4. and 
tb« rtciirtv m^roduocLl nro crrnily nijvriQr 
Ifi ttfU, cllluukih tJie drdl>FBiiiif de- 

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xfiaati cf Giitlto tail lib >ubuo1 m iUf 
SsaviiCUJ, ■ml Cbipcl uf fiti ticor^c^ at 
l\duii, iu llii4c of SpincUo AivCiiiu, in 
M. Minuilii, 31 I'lnrrncA. inil «liinwfiurp, 
ud In thp work* of Vim Lleom Vnrrlifif. 

IWW hft»l" IdllkBtloQl of 4 U1UH5 iCilllfJ 
tAfltr uEnt vf |in>i;rEU. 

Jiinm Wallf^r. 9*<\. F.V^9. PrvBidont i>f 


uf lIjd mndr Dilojitfil hy M'. MLfT4j In 
mtiVLDp tilt ]^(ihilM.UM< bt KuUiJcrktJiL- 

A psptr w« fiioJ bj Mr. J. J. Scclcj, 
" On (Ln M<imErartLT4 pxiafnig in Ihrt 
V>llcjr uf JdiUAn|ilinT, nw^r jFni»l'*in^" 
Tlieic muLjbtutijU niKliC ihhh>s Utiir In- 
to»tC if n««rc<l moriLr witli teK>Fd to 
their Hlin?ni]r}Qi or arL'biEieCqrnl nidrilJ* 
bnt, r» tlniy rfn nlinfint tbn only tiuiMiiLfr* 
of avj miiiiiinijr rffminiimr tti or *hoii[ 
JfftiaBltuiii iml u UaJUIuii Lu ictuiilril 
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Zubirtib, hi bwurpt'H na Dbji:i^t itf vmu 
It^IthM f4J Iba trcUvQln^ul To Aft^crtniiL, 
ff IKMBilllA. thu fit^rlcul at tfllU'ih T)iry 

w«r« rMUy cKFcnted, In ityli', cliry Jim 
■tntijcclr ui Limit <Ui-' Gtecb orJm liiriikit 
Vlenilol wiUitbt K^plmn charnrKr anil 
fonn. TIm? moat rciiniirkiiblF» " tie IMJitr 
of AhuUm," filtihiTi «MUfiifH.-J rL'^uirJOB 
of Ok' Ipnir cipltr, Vane liirtr. in t;)!!!!- 

TDOfi lUc »bul< iciikc rnirAiaCisl ind ilr* 
tavbfii from llio folnLiock. " TlioTuiub 
of /Achttiih'* j* of Ihc innif gE-nsml 

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ot l-rcck cbin,.'Trt. Oa rtWfirmB tliii 

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fieriihi of di« lioiDiq iIltcuIliuu lii Hjiiu 
Ukd Bfcjnt. Tho|ijniLiiiilalfL>ri]i wtrjert 
frf^uenlJy at«di b/ ib» Rvmuu in monu* 
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ptrtKuliT tttfBtiVB rif (hpmnttBgtOMMM 
,j,i.^mwn of imiif* litrljr vltcUUd bf 
tb^ Mrvra. Willftf. of L'^tniva. TUe« 
will >li4>ir ihiC Ibo uwieitt MfukbnJ 
bnnei cmh bo mimt *Bft.f ■»fullf rjv^llpi- 

Th« Rnrl of ^brnvibni]' |>Ti<>riitcAfta. 
bnnlP c^3dlJ E»r « ihiril hlgfi [iiiub uU 
nffc|ip»». whinii fiirmii the lui of Uie icI 
giti'n bf lil( lord^liip. 

Sunn: riu^llcui upccinmi of wftoJ- 
oniiE bj Mr. EMi(b»m o/ lpiw]«b wen 
oibiblled, Jitnl n^lMinwl by *h« Rpf. P. 
Fnvinvi. ilinimiiiii at Qtc Ctftaoihm. 
H-: abMrr\ci], thm tbhv uii( uf the pfiat 
mmiiritiin* i»l (Lc **hlbiui>n of iTOoJ* 
c.iriLnc "* l^HJilcnii wbcn Mr. lUngliua 
wru OLic, liitik bnn brau)jbl up L» ■ Kbuol 
of b!<:U.'iifei1i'?Al vnrk- 

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iiOA uinJ At an jkiLtrpeiKllUfUi ir^ai H. !#. 
fclylcukfiij I-r Strange, ttq. ifu ■ubinl«*d 
ta tbi^ iii«liikg> 

A pn|>Pf »(»■ Ibttt pr*iJl by tbfl H^t. F. 
W. ColJiini', M-A- FaJliiW of 9u Jobn'l 
rollfite. en Lbf Hlm^ry uf Alt**v 1[« 
ndilmrril ibrin fn-m tinicnt •rit*r» m 
cbroft*>loiifJ»] or<I*:r» nliivL inMHonini lb« 
loiTcflo* of lh<* 4lUr; <howioe tiiM vFun* 
aiid i*ooil bill bvfn ■imnltintoDfly hhJ 
ill pirtfliigvv ofihrChurHii and yivtlat 
ilini mnfligiii U rut niure than onu otc»- 
Hhm wTdutf lu iiiffinuB ftuio partiouUr 
jiM*flj(r* llnl m>uJ woB iho mors OOBIDIOB 
DiiilontL- F.jnojiil™ *et8 ciiU(ii#*«lf>l of 
aliim ill invwJj ilunff, goltl, >l1«vr, •ud 
rvfn in rArili ; tm\ mucb blpratiPc Id* 
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i4Uu(fiI> iir-ruUMon nflJt tbowod tb*l 
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rpir*. Ilrt aki'lftJied lb? blilulj (if I be 
dliputei miircLtne allAin Tf^ut tbni bmc 
lL> ilic iiumiton of ViiHrnn of OcaOao, 
jiniiiiuiiN cBi;U urdoF or ^auoCBr'oraBr 
bmrin^E Dti [b< ■ut.jrct to fU rtfibl pl««, 
<>A# |iriinl bci uiMiifLirrorlly mtMtib*(l: 
Ibtl tiooo iJUr* ffprr iltiiintttr cDJcincd 
by ibo Lul cnMtiarut of \itv (-burcb* ni 
Ibtf wvifiuo in )iH^2-. tl wbloh ib< Ita- 
brick fnfi^ffio^ Ihfi uaa oltHMih omiinn«nt( 
uf tbv M^UTpn ii> mrv Ln iit^ In th« 
•pooikI ycor <ft Kir>f hdnjini VI- «» 
■:r»i^Lbriird b^tht irmnrk^bV io»riiiuti 
uf lh<J irtirrii ■' ortiBUieiilt of tJir Cborob/' 
No ODC could dpny tbnl n ilono aUot vm 
■nob Afi orti&ruent m tb* lor rtfarrtd Ii> j 
DEid tilik Uubriik of Vifi^ ix Ihi niiljr >D* 
rh^HiiLiivr- KUtidurd of tUfl CLiorab, rv- 
|imltii[: ubiobilrly iinir m1riirim>u f.^duii*, 
|irrccdcnLi. or IninoitJonp. la ihc (uur^c 
of Kmt tviuni^i on tbL' piL[jiTi it ni 

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wbh^rnHf -««J Uy tie PtfoUtt- 

of Ike Bhiu Caiiatia arc 

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tt b mr, l&t^gb k4 of HMb ■ ^fun u 

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H >■ b«ilt t-ii cb* liEc of thv old 

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iiHiiil irmm Cbt kMoniKe af ibt; Ut? 
tW^ »M t«<*d lor ibf *4rk. It wu 

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I, • promt «u cat«rvl ifilnM 
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prudtai U ip|««l AC->^'> (^ 

tei^ lU nM *» la.OVlU.. wlI 'L< ac- 
^mmhuAvbC* kSOO prrHn* 1)ip|>tv. 
Mrt trilf I7 W««««. ISntt and Mofltti, 

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tvulli miiiry, bvtoc lbs lihti*j(iuD be* 
tHMl^ OHtr^Va^iU feai tfiB bfovrottd 
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%am M>fMd fKllj M (br aimi luk^iilr 

1^ WiWa^. nmA P*^'> " lx='^ ^^ 
■h«1 Icvib iri ■ncitW Ijbb for iba noib«r 
<bf t nf • lie Aahri A4ttjliiLnf orhrr 
dMUvba- lie IMM of Iha 
k %ma»9i r»Iik-*orkor KcaLl>b 
1^ tf«B*w nuA^ iBilb tbc BiUt^li fruiu 
iW eU cfcw tfb- TU* nUrior u fifcd vith 

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fivu « ploAnmg efr«<, knJ ia Bcrnt ruM* 
(U^fompffUtimfar fhr ^iiDfiklQil^ of ttu 
dtnilii, I'hp blittrcu^c nml othrr prvjee* 
tljjaj on LigU «fid muitic^ aiiJ tlirHi(b« 
«bl idlidity of caaito'UtiDD and Wdniva 
al autLam and pmiiorrion appiwr U h^t^ 
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lUfiitfd HiLtliK Tbf fffot, vfiich ti of ft, 
1i1«b piicFi. li caiffnl wiili ilnb ilaru. 
Atui;!! ]j4ir llic *a(tt( ([tucraliilTa^i » Jndi 
Thauxb tbc del^iU arg in ll>«riitr^T«f 
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•bd lb« mado** la tb« «>f rnd uf tite 
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chime wr. Tb« talnan iliniu^U tlio 
aoitU |wnb ia grobed wiLli itouch l1jo 
cund boat boanuic Ibeafiaiof Mr.^i(o 
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rouml and ai^UirinuJ pLllirn, irLtb fia 
capkuli. Hic tower ii aiippottod b; to 
in4U't cluKcfbJ i4|aaiQiof the faard 
■fld uoti ntU-l itoOflviTrk. and llio « 
b'JdT* Itiff tu«r u gpiitwd «ilU atv 
Tb* fintiniW tt (iitrml mlb liig' 
plJi^htd a;>0D nofi, pUjn In tbeir d 
Im; rtAHiTP ill LNiDiUaiUub. l^*n 
Un/L* or IK**, i:bic6.y t^f t^k, AU Ulc ta*<« 
Ud polpit u of oak. Ami itt ^ii«l< ooo- 

S^vlaor aod tbc Ti^uf tviucctliii. w 
vdib an rnrauhUc flinrr in lUo t 
WTTC pn*«iiivd bjMr. l^vaa Gar 
of IUr4ti-Ldl. Tbe clyia»l La Atlcd 
wilU 9*1 tUlla in Ibc Ald«.for ohi>i^teF<« 
Tb«" eammimirm lalilnuifif •toa*, or pil 
tannf Lli<i Bann. bibiiif] irbkc-b Lh t Ki^a 
gfatoDc, coDtaini4U tba CouiintDdiuruBi 
la iliuuinated chuaom^ Tbc ««it 
JaireoDUiiuMaiBedtkat.ehicdj u 
OLud pMianad fraa th* oil v**»f^-, 
nn? orgtb baa hawn ^rfrtid. 


>caw <HVAm 41' JKAaLlhttTifV. 

Tixp n^v chiircli cf &I. Mtr-k^*i1, at 
MiirAnjfton. m iiitjiAtith of lLpoa,fiUs)i 
akfla <«Q>?^^MTnl by lb« Elithcp of KfpoiL 
on itiu V'Jtii C>c(. h a vcr> buuttfut litFla 
ifrucliin}, mr-Erd fcum Ihn dfalfitl of >lr^ 
A. II' C«iiF«i vf V(ir^. Ja ibf ufi; 
(touwlriul DeiMiT4^c4 ti^lc' II Muk 
OA a eomni«IiOUi and pkc(ijrf*i|iur Htitf 
eliMfiy Bt^ucpl Eo tbo nllji^i^ litn gfH tit. 
K. 11^ hfTfuinl, ««(). The ploA mhiAiu 
r:^aU4.d, wicb uarMr otx (fiDnoitb. DatC^ 
oikJ Bj4iib iKHuli- Tbe ifLalrrq jc*hfg ia 
•qriaouuud hjr an opca Itclfty tiUi tva 

iA ?>f full »iT'» vrili prk^f '4 ilnor oa t 
lODib, nnd If puled f/unt cbi' narc by 4' 
ituud (-4E«rd i>»L ruirfl-tcrr^'u, TURall,«p 
in at ftunf, raiKJ on thrfC ftfipf^ aO' 
luiring tJiQ fiTccroHot ptu^ tociacd 
l)k# uolt. lalbaiooih irall mi piidal^ 
and fAatedaii. On ihciuach •idsoftb* 
cbaiii^d arub, wLtbio thG iui«, U a doitalf 




^WifHOfHi AifMrcAdr. 


«kHniulliic.Hw,«rba« tt« np«iin 
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by all bonci, the njna vrrania In daap 
ntoonklng, cojit-ayin^ bur Coronar, at^ 
t«d»4 by Sir ArrhihnLd Alnmy. Uart. 


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Lord of Ibo IWcbwabcr to Loid l» Wtiihii^ 

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Sir Artbb»td Mumy, But, 


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(MVetBAH Tom. at G«Lnl, vol, rii. 
kWO Ht woitbraon of Lord John 
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M.P. for Wai Glououtfmhlf*: 10. 
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M.P. for Cbrltvi^trnm I W 19. Wy 
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PMn of Jr«Ui)il MitoEul It tbv Cjiiuo, 


96 OiiTr[rjLiT^-Tt« Earl »f Lineriok^^lcrJ Seife and S&ff, pS. 

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ttu-Ji. b« wdwtlT tinipQiltd. 

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tTB3, UtfT'jUln, only tJau^hfr »i^ b<Jr 
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VifOOUit Glaotvronh. who married (4l 
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wtnti^Mq. of Old r.DDrt, nv WSdclow. 
andnivcolo tbv laEt ^ir Jotub Ikrrlbf* 
ton. JiidcL' of lliti Admlnlly in Irtlanl, 
■nd died In Iftll, lo^tiof t Eiuna^rout 
funlEv (nottovd balow] | 6, Ibff Hon. 
Willicinj C«#<l P<ry, kif^cd At St. Brtu. 
ilAnV in 8|Htn Id 1«1B i 7, Utd* Ktihm- 
ftdlim, mAiriFd In LS19 to Hit ll«n 
i:*]der, B4it.j 0. lU Han- Bdnoiia 
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PpI^ rii|. ctdetl *i>n of Sk l'<(jii Folfl, 
B*rt.} 10, L*dy CwUJ4i>e, imtrriod in 
1«n b> lb* Ktv. J«bn D* I* tcld, m 
CoDAt nf th* Ifnlf llAinin Knptrvj 1 1. 
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Cuntnifbaiiir, nq. of Nnvlniut Purh, o«. 
OLtuortifr, *nA cf Mount Kcnn^ity, co. 
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lUin , llpnry . TffiMiiuMi, nmi Kirl *>f 
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Minur C*atin of WMEinliairf , «»]> of tb* 
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rick ?(^ry, trbo dEed *t U«cttt in tb« B*rt 
IndiiiU IM3, L*r(f« mirried In IMI 
Apiv1i«>M4rfi Hoond dtugtaur fif C«pl. 
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vremony, ainowit mhva rtrr Lnnl 
Moncwic. Sir llimrT OMtr, llovpt J< 
D« h Frfd, Ur, (i. Rut^U, Sir Au- 
brwy Til \'arr, |li« KapI bt Duiriftrrn, th« 
Ev] of (UdTf, .\Ir, W. MkurmIIh Sit lU 
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of bOOf. e* b* dlti/iliuud iniui^c tho 
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75. Ibf Kifbc Hon Oit^ory Williun 

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ton of M^or.GmefvJ Tbnau Ijjnt 
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diitetk, ckiAi ^of kicr ^f Mr Lifwsitt 
Twrnrr, of AoilvwitrriTr"- OifonJi Bart. 
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OBVMB. Tt? fiirvrr. rh# Hen, Murk. 
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StI*. ma bom » ITI^ Imi i» »i |ir*«rtiE 

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Pate^ |LC.B„ l£ T.V. (>.)oi>«l of iti# 

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Lttfd DiAdv, br l-«4r CWIuive l-^iU- 
VUlMk, fvomJ Jtfuf/bctr of VTiUtui 

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Adn^bv Hon, Tiftnf** llciuvje bt*- 
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SotfCwtw. la tbir brfi]iriiii|juf itnt; 

GuiT. Maq. Vol. XXIII. 

hv nv ordtftti ta iho t'fiiintijU, wbtfd 
Irfifii tlmt tjiiitr^ ivtth i]j# Hotnl SmfT 
Ciirptk \iii Wilt {Krhnii 'iritl Hhftrrfl It* t}>f 
jilun?:* iif TaijivtftVt Bijuncu, K*M.'iitcfl 
d'Oimr, Safhrntitim. Virta'iri, t\tv IS- 
reiiffvt, Ibe Ni^lk'. the Nln, md T«u- 
biitf. Sir Uulxri ureunrd i1i« mnk of 
tin»[.'CtJl»nfl iifi Ihf Ml^ Aprfl, ULI, 
ttfhU Cvlnm-I nn (he isib JuLy, ld'fi> 
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«f I^fmpunt.Gvrcfftl 1^ Strr. Jt^ll. 

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dttjit «iid 1VH iPdde ■ KniRhi vf tbe 
l'L>riu^Mv ojjrc o| (*iff To»« ami 
SivorJ. wliith be Ff«ivtil il^a runl b« 
«!<»« i[»aL-4.«Ft( jLju<t llr, Ihl4. lie vnA 
puiiiijtvd n KniffliC rLiinmtJiiiv«(jf lb* 
IUiIl fill iJiM ffilnrtfi'im'ni nf tImi tyrdft 
Juiitf A, |r11.V^ 1|f vtii pfvmtjCnl Ui ibc 
Cflloiirlo u( <bc jttLb Kojt Dii tJiiT I^Eb 
Jaliu 1^411. Kf ym* nol marrird. 

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K.T,.S, C4IWIPI vfihdthh F»et. 

Hq w^t a^voi^rj ton of CiitcbriinB, *nd 
nrplirw 0I I'jtmvton of r^inlFuri. Iiit^. 

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ffilcrcil tbr ftiin^ b» Eiik^icii ^ri tlis 't^Vd 
l(«^iuiuiiT uF F'oo[, la Stfpi. J767, ■•ni 
jiniciiartfd l^iiiLirvmirkt 3Ulh S^rpt- I'JANI^ 
iiitt Ca]>f>iin llTb Jiity 17%. In <li? 
Um-r iTfftr hL- iprveU ujttler SiT Ckorit* 
(jicy. J II lliL- Wc>T IuJeuh ind hob 
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^icH^iiiitin^ jtr ^ivgt vi t'urt It^mr-liLin vid 
nTht-r iiMEinr r-iiftf^imrnivl . m St, Litfis* 
and tiiiiilAfDupr. kriil pariJcularty dii- 
ulii)«.-J Ijk k;BlUiiiir *i ibt' ilrlrurr uf ibe 
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Oii: r^^luwirL^ wtirL^ by Mrt. Hoiliind 
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ol '* Utfltrn-Vn" " Sayj »b« f« bcr Nflffb- 
bour, Whil?" *■ Clipliv0« ill indU/* mJ 
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\fr, llorUnd having MTfifid onbudrti- 
bli- fpiitiniLTi ki * Liiidiaipe-ptliiiH*, 4lt(t 
ji licdinLiiuiDii nu the drd of Jtuiuvy. 
i^i'S; KDi k memoir of bih life. niiLlaxi 
by b'li widiftv, (kpd ari(iiLBj)y OLMnnauhU 
rttrd to " Tbff An Union."^ inll be 
found jfi aut KD*. \t\. p, .'fW. I'bo 
|fjtcTn;liU£ Hid kC^d tubjccl of our bli^ 
luiy rtu EMl, Luhcrvi, left dnulkU. In 
k UtUr wL Law of her*, •be kkri« 
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ON Nov, J a 

jfrtf. 13, Al H(ir»t. VVillUm Spro< 

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Mr, iJoyd Ff II » nrtim to Ibal trhltli i» 
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ItidlirH, "cpc ywT toa Icm^ in Indu." 
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vrcb, »nd li«d pt[u|>priJal Svial on blaiT&y 
down t9 fkn^biy. llad Lv Jivfd, ii vm 
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Mr, )toy4 ^M fhi> Mrl^tt *ati M Kri- 
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of A iii|Hr>t)T ordff. Aikd bi> ocqultrmcjili 
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IjiiimnrplT ixr-^usiuM wi(h ibc poliH«] 
able of fnitiiL : mu! hic linnwIcJ^r of ihe 
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th* bonmir of bii ■A|Euint»icv, H« vit 
KpihjlTLi^it Aitlitnrii xjt Tb« Cbi«f Sccre. 
luy mild {it ilie SiLb'Trcfuura Olli Jiiiie 
vid ^Ut July. iaj9^ 4cliii£ uiiifvT itfi 
ComrnlnioPff ^n itir I>»evi lit June , 
IWOl Scrcnid AHutini to lb# Collwior 
■nd Mffnunttr «! AhnkcdnttgRurVIti »b. 
IR^S: l1ni Ahlitknt to ttw CoUfrrot 
BiiJ MiK^in^tr of Abnitfdiiufirur, ?iht 
0<JL l^r Officutinjt CoLl«1or and 
Muiiui[e m tb* ^oftb«n Conlcan Wlh 
lt29t Coll»elur and ^taaitrrkie uf Tin- 
d«I>hl5lh Fpb.lH.'ftit r<illtrIor till! \U. 

StMB of BclpuiD 21ib July. ]fi:to: 
[da; 9tcrcUirj to GovcinfDoai \n ibc 

P*f*i»ft lX?p*itucnt, -^tl April, |hi3SIi 
J'oll'Jnl Coninj>>t).anff in (Juirntl tltn 
jloiidi^nt «i liAFodt, Tith Juiit, iHia 

(Ms 3J. At DtfrntngloO) vtur Woq4- 
bridgv, tliD midtnotof BltMhr Ebf Urv. 
Sruil^ Millar, spd 79, William Milltr, 

He vu tbfl ion AT Mr. Tbomiia Millar, 
biHJiuirUtfr. vf llitnny- >» Sudvlk. wli^ 
dird July J^t IKI-I, and ofithom m no- 
ci^iiriC (tod ehuulti' appoif it Nichola'i 
I^Ctnrr Anacdottf, ill. GSX, Vlll. 
471. Tbi>pif U ft Mkid nisrmlt of blm 
I'liBTirril bj E. SmVra, Iruoj ii iniiiUciLrv 

Mf, w. Miller w** burn al tluftjay, 
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miub n mw TagN. irrbli iTEb fnracm« 
of bit parfarmncat warr acne la a ralatloB 
in rc/ATi, f b» itliunrJ ibecn to 5i: Jti*tma 
R4/nv1d>, wttundvi'oil Uir yoiitb to coma 
iLp 10 ii?nn, «nd promitpd 1o pla« bioi 
[*■ It ttudtnt qC ih*? j^<w1ctny. Tta 
fubur bum^hr tha kud t4> rnwii in ITRT. 
villi 4 YJirw Id liitruduc« bim ti> Sir 
Jotliunj but tha fifit ^mirtg aftrr bU 
iirrlrdl, n contiittation of Iriendf vnu 
bdd; itio '^r/t wvre diacarj«d j ind* 
wai datvrininfid on ; a*ilmittaii in Hook« 
bira^ bonta prrv»ntH Ittrlf. whirb «•! 
Dcnpled, and tfac Pmldent of tbt Ro^^ 
Acmlrriir jiL'vff brnrd more ritbcr of 
jcimg MjEUt fif li&i drnwingt. 

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tJlTDai, iHicrr Lb« cWit puTiEicviJctii ivhlrb 
br put foilh vu Dr. iliUi-iii (bin unclaj 
*' Paafiat of Dutid, with mtiiif, mod 
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thit wwt lliaPD vu ft hit of mar* tbin 
ZifiLiO iu|i*rribt»r<- 

Jri Bojid StrertHt pursued bli pubtUb- 
in£ orcrr by k tL-ricf of BuL^cfiarLii wixka 
under till' iitlri iif '^ Caitumci of Chtrin, 
Uuuiii, KiiiiJiixTvi," 9je^ in Iaik* 1ti>. 
HowlviT'ft ■■ Vltwf i>f Lirtr<olntMro/' 
*' (^Ti>ddarT'v llrniirla upon Spntlind, " 
dtK, Fornti-r'i pdltloft of (be " Anlilan 
Nigbti' Enlf.ElaiiLinrntji,'* Ac 

in l^^Oi, 3k1r. Miller n-morvd to ft 
hr>pT hrnitr m Alb^^mtrLfl STrevt, wborv 
b? frmn^iu-d till hli raElrainuiit from 
biuJnat in lAlf, wWn bi> >4^« iiim^d^d 
by ibo Ihet Mr. Jijim Mumy. Uuring 
tnii period lie yvu onu of tbc mmt 
popular publi»h?rfl in Lwidon. Worln 
of eituil utirjii, utiliry, HnJ nufniStLrnca 
wnn> hiiHiii and i-jifniirat^H hy ibftloilvr. 
trif pDtnjJidgf! uf ihe putiUc loi^r. H« 
loffk ftbnm in tbi; populv ptwrni of Sli 





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k iwtei if tiM *• ATiciMi Druu." 

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TW "Tnnfa of VIkvmiiI Yalta- 
IK* ab a- C. tk-n't- Ginlddi CmiD. 
fcpiiMi*," Bad "I1kc«7 of AniMat 
WalE*,'* 01 tmom Ui sofi (plertditl un. 
avnki^ii hoc ill -'Brid'ti nUl^rv*- 
■«• — ^wiKJUf Jtj 4 voik of uniinllnJ 

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biatennl vrot^ of C- J- 
fta^ Ua ^<* BO In* A wm ihin ft.Jcn/. 

atfd,) ta lii* kUh «f ^c dtccw^ 
■tfW«' 5,000 gopfai w«*i firinfrid in 
i»*; «to,M Jt |i«r. br Ui. E«V*' ""^ 
BO «pM «i nwL ito. il Vf, Iftr. 64.. 
«ttao d|MMd#t4mT»l«r.4(a-*iJJ.a(. 
bf Mr. BoLoicT. Thr pulilvlrr iMfdy 
■M ii hii <M'"* Vj ^'^v ipMulativti. 

In 1919 Air, MIkr nlkwt fnim 
iiriwM, Id tW tiam oi Bb, *ni1 unb 
• munwrtiiii vbica wto ufnilU44] co ba 
bf ttfty ^' bnHbtr at rbc 

faituor, "I ctrtiiithly [■■i|vbe» 
IB • Uoti to Dr- Dvbdia.) wu inttii- 
hi^Mn mJ cntdffi riling— I bup# I vk 
Mm. «d 1 Crd i^r I wt* jmt und 
bdnM tBallAcB. Hal f lire<^f ntu (lui 
toialk bT o|r fpltodd fu(IlJ»«. h ia j>v 
iBOb iHt *ir, yity faftgtit, Adc- 
■Bi Mtfp<4ciier> ct^ugb <o li^ft upon 
rt i ftw pAlt* okb prvJtH*, 4Ad to «du- 
nl* my tm\ttrm ■« bmHait iJirir ila. 
dcM.-* Hr. ICiEcr Am mirrd lo i 
jWw«r«ilr U HcrllMihbiM; but »fi«r 
« Critl nt ■ cDuntn ltf« nmoveJ ttt 

«iB*na,'i ((owbLrh w u¥ ladrblfd for 
III tUi nt>iuuu',;i Lbtro 
itBjmd [ivitnii ci Mr. MiUtr, rnpnvrd 

Sr B.6«ntis>*rf1if A^iindhf l^ T^ Phil. 

iHljdfinM of \\r. MHUr, dni«tt rcf^nk 
llHif^ M w>M, bf J, n. KnflrhMfl, 

tmAtt4 bni doct not tv'onif to fe wcrii 
^idh ilr, 3Jaicr pubJulr^ u> J»i^ fn- 
6M, ** Bi«snpbkmL tikautuM oi Udbih 
Cteidcn rrnnilT dcrf*Mi r mm- 
«M«kif wtik the KCcukia of Grorfc 
IV. tBvpriakOf 230 laluat*, c^nuubf i- 
adij tnit^t ftp* IM pcdoJi of ttm 

dflMhi vitb»Uiiaftbdf «apBMdI>o^■ 
'JTl* An>l1l wat i-rrffi inblv to tho hi>B««^i 

And midour of Mr. Millet. Ao v*m9 
IQ b«a «wiic thtt In a few tnituiCM 
rfT> ttnofi lilyuaf* w«i uitd. " ]f," 
ny* hd, *■ in tbii trnn of (^hancMi 
Ibvr* thonh b« foiiTiil lOiDt iav iv tie* 
taird life whotc 9>ulKg vm4 I havB 

Snttfd In th« !ii>nrtt ?aloMring of IdbJ 
jiuii imUi, IfTi Jiu vuiiHavruu* mucivti 
bt ttCnbitGcd. Wb«i dvcenrjr it 
4»d pahUfl opiiiioii IJ tfaiit> ia broad dajf' 
•oc at d«lkn«. III* pa4ihumoi3i i;biuiar 
of tb* bol/1 prr^itrnrm mnnrc b* 100 
opri J)* «xp««d to die KDTii, oaniDfiiptft 
and Jcbonimv c>f tfao rbiHB eoofiBUau." 
In • tare, Mr. MiUct w« picajcd lo j» 
tbv fuUuwiiif icknowUd^Me ;--'^' la 
romponng ■ irurk a( tbt* natun Ibt 
iurarir VH oMJicrd Id j^lnn rntntiTvlj^ 
from other sourccj. It la but i^jdld la 
rofl to fCilB, ibal I bare irai'id <vr* 
•idtiab^tf tmoMtaaw froia »r *C4icr«bltt 
frtaH Kflvahua Urbtn, Tbat iwfal 
«>id virll anuipaif pabUAQon, (ha ■ Irtn- 
(l<m«n'« MD^In>,' conuini ib« brat 

bv^li'rii [p]ji(iiij} ; frviD il I Imrt ubujIINl, 
wi^\t pf '.lie d4lH and idmij o1 ile « vailOJ 
— " A> iho auUkor, J av uiivcnblc for 

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np itjbifvt admiEifd. I haw iiiddacitaU]P 
Doticlud on pul>ik intUtuiiaii*. on ilia 
AiU, and on fjoJilio ^ but if 1 bmra 
pTwwfd Bn|' opia'vint nitb iht frvadoa^ 
wl"rh bi?tci)||i 10 loy iwrurv, ar^d ii <bi 
binbrij^lit of ewry Enfllibman. I bawa 
duDc ii, if I britnr ntwlf. tvicbixit tba 
iltcbtrtt f oojitr (otTaiib (bcvc who bold 
dltlrrrni *ciitiinvniB«* 

Tbo firM tvo voluawi aomprtat tho 
fini »ki fvaH<»f (hu riajo oF (paorga IV* 
and Mr. UUiar iimiuWd ro roiiimu* dio 
vrurk BB luof M bMlib vu ciantrd Um. 
But we brlloo uo uwn: iMlunira v«i« 
pabUtbol i wbleb la mucLi to be lagnUid, 

JE iPDma idmoBi lupartiuoua to add 
UMt tn pnnU Uf4 Air. Miliar wii hifUj 
caMcntri. and bkdcaih tincirctf knuntad 
b/ bla nuEiKf oa> filvridk. 


tnvpov AHD in nrnriTT, 

r>?/. 71. Al Wiltham Crfti*, t|#d flS, 

llariiEiiu Uj»iiu. i>i|, Htf irat otK vt tbn 

tfr; ft* hi'iK-Jctliin wbo lure aiuaiKiLl 

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f runrraciinf; 10 dUpplf llui ntatry. In 
varlv rif« ba had bf«o pvtvoEuIlT knoiin 
tn gaoicalV., bat. ibwb be tupirUtd 
■IsOBt all Ibo CortiaQC b«r>*i iitz tLo 




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Hoat*, Row. 

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iUadinCk r«li«t of Jaha HMriiua, wt^, of 
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dnlek Wlilkuu AEawder, Mq. U.D. 
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Utr of Cuibrlilc*' 

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Tn«U, Com««l!, 

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Vrtd^*, AfrdT's ITmriw, r*liAl of Auminl 
KnifM, nr^^ lUttr ofiht Un Kir V^DliD 
Cttr, Rtn^ uid Aval uf Iba prcoval 6i/ 
John Orr. 

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V«Kj AjB worth, OH,'bw. 

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1^ til'. Vr, Jnhn ITr*3n, finnr. Uo 
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John IJoTd, wp AT th* M«»t. Cbw- 
Ur. rorvvrtj IVnihiinaUrf and CIrrk of 
the Crown fof ihf mnfirt** of Chnttfkod 
PhDi.ud «fl«r«Kriii Ckik at Amm of 
diB North V«Ih K-iil thcftrt Clmll, 

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of ChfaUf Ltirlo, JoTjfi L>iinflui, m^ 
T«l> « MofMnE* for CAn»«IL 

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Hw Pnaooe, acviJ4l, HwTi tUptft doo. 
of Huow* Bolitho, <«a< 

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y^rW^. At St Aurtdt, ufid 4Jf« John 
Mirllv, oiq. propiMo' Of cUu* daj 

DCTDK.— .Vw. 14. Al Mmtb, Chud< 
Icitfh, th« r«Adtfie« of Cm. Fownty, 

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fW^^ imrtniiiflf FlrnirHLih- 

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I« , JuBci Stltei llortlcV. tw- 

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nfia of Kkbtfd Utl Cbrb. «n. 

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M^Min of Joki VolMM, faq. of Tor- 

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fcrM«tSt«art,aq. «/(bc liuwt Tflniilr. 

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^>tt«> M^ «f UftvkAhHb, > n^Umtf 
il At cv««aM of Dwna ikI IknfC, 

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Bb tattc^HBto j»r Donct. 

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tan, mm of Uffit, VTb. L«vaj. a.x,. 

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Am«. ocecwl 4n. tf U« bic Juua 
rVHdr, «B^, of Dnou*. Oifoi4. 

Ch«c. — Ah, 11. And RS, MfK 
Tsi. R4M of Etaplm EoMk W«f4, of 

Auuevvm,— jlPiv, A, At DordM, 
«d iVMtT, AAiV. vtfb of Um R«r. C. 

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BIwi AvelAvU, w-of i«TU. SorroT. 
■i mIt Mb« or i£» bu »r 'nkamw 

JVto, 1<* At OEtteihtfi, Jcmet D. 

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Ml Choi- Sflifvr, cv]. Uu oT dwltmhaii. 

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*«. BfMMl. att4 43, Alfred BowiLIn. 
iH, tan W KoM SMMo. Kat 

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«i^ ttvMb. nlkt of Chirta »«rr. 

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■r^ >4, imratfb. rrlUc of JoliD Uoilct 

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Oik. air AUnmlrr Kr^fA, KX.II., »>4 
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John Voodp «oq. 

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Sob|i» tuti- liifl of lifDltHm- 

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of Witfjoy^homa, Hicbvodli, WAt». 

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mnn« wd A4. 'Diomoi Rdillnf , m^ fbr- 
mrftj fnwn CIrrk of SoaLbtoipUM, 

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rtlici Af IlioinH UonliO BkLelMkri om< 
fonoirtt of llofiCf»J.bftU. Norfolli. 

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CUrkt^llubFit. nliliblnuii uf U. M.fl. 
E«cU, tail •on of Jobo F*dker, of Wood- 
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IT, ■c'^a 79. Morlhi, «rdo« of Hub lUr. 
John PiTlr*. A.M. 

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mcDtb», fiilvird' Brook, ftftbianitic^ wn 
of Edvird Kal^t, Ju- (tq. 

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of tbc late Jobo Uod, M .D, 

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RiebflH S'liuB, «q. of |hgb|Altf. 

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dtti. of lh« lAtu Tarry Stjtv. 9tt\- ^f SAnH- 

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of tb# Uc« WUUba BmLmi, c«ii. «f Ea- 
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TA. Joha AlUui* TlbUiu. nq, funntily 
of W«niiEk. 

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pvir Cllnlflr^V'T, ng^rd 73» Mn^ Webb, 

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Abbo Bliidiflk M<a<id Jn. of lltmrj- 
Fhncdnb, Mq. of tak]«lum, Swh. 

j\v* 'iv. At IMnr, ftiH *d, John 

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rinr-lt^', faiiKli iltn, laf tiic Rffv, PivicU 
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of Jcilm Duillrrtt, tAj, 

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At WovJ'A'tiih, Bfid ti-t. Mnjor JqIiii 
Htiiii. am of iIhiUe* (»rn. Gnihfr Minn, 

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Pra*a«ll, Ami* M^ttn, ttifcur dx; Hrv. 
Wiiliui EI-3iii;Li» idCiioibral of lluat'lo* 
loo, 4«i^ }ouQ|ir«i il*u. of lii« IaIo UtpL 
KLialt. FIDciM lloiitv, Ktpob. 

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vcond d»- of J(^(i !4mlih, ruj. nu« of 
tbt proprtetpmof the *' UrtriuijL M»- 

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p*oL H* difd childkv* 4i»d it ■■ mp- 

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FUfiK^k. ta^ IlOt Mt*. Uinnel Oilbert, 
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don tlol^n, 

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fefej £1, Mio> M«iw«t nojd, 

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iffifv of Rur<Aitm. C'<i11aM. 

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Rlchutl-llmlcT. rMul Ml of lUlwd 
C*rier. cm^. lutcHn ft,N- BcicrEcf 

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!L40iXj<Ua, dm lul «anitiiif djm-of Ite 
lAU Mn. Trtmmtf, ihfi ont^ar. 

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wTd 7ft. ]^f Aonc Cullioi: Stuiiti, faster 
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fir.* E»rl of Hanlaxioo »tj rli# ilnii- 
*niw< Hi^^Tm^^, ddui rfou. of Artiur 
(imVtKiiant DuncKHUDO- AbcHwuHr- 
riod fi^il. in i;!m t^ An IIod- IIcuj 
P&lxrur. «bi> iltd ^B 1794, JAitOf Ian* 
tbt Ulc MwehloDCHof ^^crcMlfv, HM 
nifp nt lh# pi«*rffit iJnkB nf BrAofart, flnd 
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by tfbvm aLc idi muiti^"' of ihB^nMBl 
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nnr NfK)Ar[. ued 44, M|h AU^r< 

N(i»ruLh^Aar. U A«<d tiJ, WOUbai 

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Jabn PToHoff, tw, wf Ortnt ViJaniitA,,' 
eUetf brotbcTofrbvnw Paner, o^ of 1 
Ktin«acb Bogjc C^iftfpn 

Jro*.«. At Norwich, ^««.Do*lA< 
Irvui, iHiilant «4Vt«v of U* Norfolk 



C&ffooklti OB ir^«li be b*J h«a «bi- 
flr^ far mtrt iktn fsrtr ^Hn. 

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from lUe ir^ih tt( lilt 
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ftilavMl F. IL Huikmnii, ^uA ttf^Dildio. 
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lkc|Sf. «D4te vu ktUctliit (he tpui. 
iMr.e. At Kinpton, otpd ^, thv 

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/1ml9^ At BufiBrr, t^ 94> John 

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Wlilx UiAi Sbmnbvf I UvtM. itUot 

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liTT. BhI A^orr^ l>-Di foraiHlT Vicar 
■r CfM^cv, Mil Kc^iur «r lit. Utrj'le- 
Dvw, Lcodon. 
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r.3*. Al St^JvlibS BnU»ljrT«»- 

JDw. 10. At to •drund «f4, twnll, 
«!«•■ «f HBb»bnT i^tm, mi. bat of 

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«a|ia-M«R, >Kcd ^1, AiHui-Kliu, (riduw 

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r«Mi rcArt*! tVotHMr U>^mt. «! Ma- 

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Hcwj llou%, on. 

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tlawtea lUmtDOt formerly o( BnmliQs 

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4 viMl >• h« litur* SAnb KntRii.BHwd' 

J3«ff. II. AtBttli. Mn. Easma Tidal* 
fiT*rroan- — Aw. 'i^ At CLkLtlUetOQ. 
Vf^ *l. UlIt I'tiarloirt GirTarJ, mi^irw 
t>f Tfti>t. GtHirJ. r*^ ^hr Tiif tffufid dau« 
{)f WiUiiiu vfupd ^1h»uitl Cuurlenij. 
4«d Vtftvi of Ll^r Intfl i^it] iif Drvan, Sbs 
<ru oarricd m ITM, a&d Uft a wiJov b 

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Tiur l.riEiffiitAlt, In hit Mlltf frMr. 'Hio'- 

A'«f- H- At LUUt; C«nuin], Hn. 
P«bio, iri£e of tiia Ret. ^^^t!liub F«cfaEfi| 
abd vi^lf Jas. of thv lat^ Hdv. Unra*, 
M^ nl SntihiiTT, mnA t Jt¥.tat^ ^u\l. f-wrt. 

jVw- K, Aiitid 7?»t llrratcr, widow of 
QufUi likiiuAclJ, Mil. <i( Bm^ St. Ktl- 
DiUmfa, uutl moCtci uf t^t: UuL'jp uf Ligji* 

Xdff/^, At Vutn Mtn. aft^ »&, 
Tbctn^M Qqljliin rti^. bca4:Jirr of ihf Mld- 
dJii Tfitnptf. and Uin^j Cliufniu of Sa- 
tloiu ftir tba wvUm diiuian of il<« 
nnalT. Hit I'M CiMl lo dia bftr Juno 

SuH-KKT.— .Vor. I(f- Al rsulbtU, near 

/VCD. 19. At Aiblc9 ColtDE«. XI dluD* 
ua-Tbtucfc uedCa, CltaUic<L» <1au. vf 
Pvbtr Campbell) uq* 4^ Kilinorj, Afgyl^ 

Aar. VL Aj^d 01, Majtba, viff o( 
Lvtid iVicB. uf eallun. 

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L'ouriuf^, i*fq. ton i>l ili« tntt JabnCmrl- 
ticj, eiq,uf Ikirer[p]r« V«rkjb^, audbnt- 
tber &r tbtf K^*. JcJin C»BHiwjr. lUokir 
of Sandt^nttad, Suirtj, 

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BUb^uncly- lunl T.l, SiiuucJ IViik, c*ij, 
faLbpf vf tlie Moan. Pvyt^ limI lur- 
fihaqti, Lfihdop- 

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»f ihK titf. C Koi Chaonitr, M.A. Krc 
tar iif Ftlrlnluri^l|r, 

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llVUH, Clll«LD. 

Dec. a. At Samooi^ t^ AT, Mi>« 
Ann Mablaj^ 

/Jvv. 11- A> bin waulniicfl, nrit KicTi* 
moijd. a^d b1. tbe llan, llniDiijr Ij^tfr, 
brnllur uf ifac Karl uf DdclDicrLiiti. tie 
vtKvbarn Fvb. ^, niT'fi and mitrinl, in 
|if/!, Mvj, d», of Mn;i' JqLmiEoncri 
but bad itu Jiaaa- lit wasaiiniar 4'>iviit]r. 
TDAEL L"*har Tu b<r M»jf*lj^ nnd niw nf ibA 
I niikniiniiiiinrB \>f Hi'' IttinrJ ol Cufluiiii. 

iifc. lA. M Alljur^, iKmt ('miitvtit 
■tcil ,l^t Liouct i^lacf, nrj, late Cafl. ia 
-kb Drag, CuiirJh 

jiH. tb. At i:hi>b^n, 1^ ;■;, jiop, 

mff oT lh# ItffT- Jf>hn Kirhg, RreUir of 

8uaaBt.->0v]f. S. Al St. L«oit4id'i- 

0U-3n. atfod 0!i Samuel Tcrtlu GdUo, 




ta&gbtft, VTnr^ijAtkirt. 

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vfll Bttmhic* sit]. Cif Wool^i. ITheapikde. 
And vrklUaftGn. Biurvf^ 

Aw, H. At I1d«Uii[«, «cv4 TJt, Sb* 

At BiVir^n^ Hutiet, «rc t>( WU^A 
llMrj Kjlu, Ma, 

Nat. ]ft. AlKuBH.B^, XfTOp Town, 
Brlfbtqa. urd Tl. MuUnv L^aJrtx. 

Jfer. £0. Al UrifbUM, and ^h Cunj' 
bfle. vrife of JuBH Wtnl«ir, W|. of 

Al A*fnerln| t'uli. Hiv. OIUtv, cv- 

ffa*. £1. Afvd Tf . Jolm Witting nq. 

iV«*. «0. Al UrlfbUs, ifvlTif. Ih- 
be]]«, nlliTt of fUahAfd King* oq- fdf- 
nnlf or Lnodon. 

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Ha fifliith HorvtA* * nt- *Dri«tn. 

Dcv. V- At DoiDor, ittA *-^, Sir tiuf 
WLlHB. H.a K.H_H, for manj ^mni 
lihpitwn TO Ihr R^ral N>»] Bflijilliili 

nbrikiau It llic Dii\t ud Dackna of 
kiut. Ilr-u EJixFcd ■ Fedtoif of Ui« 

Al BMlvn, John Juk^*, «*f. f^- 
»Vtj of Roaa-fiE- SLuB^af. 

D^. % At BrichCoB, l^r Elinbrfb, 
mU^ gf ttt Uon, Ltirnon Puiobl flbc 
«iB Ifat eUc« dii^bter of liwBot-Jcba- 
Gtfihim sHOnd Sttl«f Nv*tarT« br Eli- 
HbMk, «tf J thLichtxr -Pif b«tr of v/llllun 
BffBibBaai M^ # >Act W4 mknrml ia LUG. 

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oftt* a«4HIIa fMB -*M^^«a" ttd 

Dir. If. Al Brl|*tti«, t^ ?0. Kd* 
ir>rd E- Mlrboao. ciq, of ^rv Braad^at. 

Wabvick.— ^W. 0. Al Atbentoar. 
Htde^OcurK UJkA,sai.oalf brtlitf 
«rcU lite Hr, Aiaanu Milat, of U4- 

M*. R. At 1ta«t7r M tb« hoVB Of 
Oca. fialtZk. Bc«3 nS, Mte MBrikA 

AW. I^ At Le«Bri^»», BfhJ 0, ibe 
Bn. J«lkft Ril^ Bjno, P"^*^ m of 

Orv. IK At Uubwtdn. Vilw T. 

W«vriaoAKL4?riik— JVov. !•• AtAMn 
BaOi. T«ar TnflD 8ovctbj« Bff«d ?». 

H'oiriiTBL— £4ftf«. Al SiniMfj, 
^^dU^Ctpc rnMbUstt4llB>rv>l^ 

At ThtiitLolMS wai 74, V. Dob, tm. 

A(fd :v. Mm. FMMtC^, R«lkc U 
Ptnn*! Col«, bb^. Iu« oT Waf««Mr. 

C«i\ 4. Ac S«d«lr3r Yuk, uid fts, 
tbt Rn. Df- BwdeB, Piiadptl ef di* 
RammOMboLsdnilBarr. UabbNiMd 
■ Ttr7 tif^ liM0O]«i irycfa ba Ubvtallf 
BBpropr1«t*d dBriif kit Ills lo •nci» ti 
'jhajitj Bud bcBa*(j1«iuc, ami h^ lev wvJ 
ii« vrrvn-lf Mi Ii^ Ihn raUbUthnuBl arvr 
vhicb hf pmldffd. 

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*t«, 4fffd Hi, £li«Abelfa, rUcI vf TboKoa 
NBfttf. M. of ftallkrop. 

JV/w. \e. Al l.mlct«tL> In IhAWtifi «f 
UiB i Atb cbfu of tba Ibis Dttld aavadvra* 
tlic lu^jHl of Mn* nanaab Mon'a b«BiB> 
liful TToi^i, "Tb* £b(|Apniof SaUfborr 
Pioia/' laiarij lifa bcflnurMl ibaamf 
ind swTtd In dfl »iti Ufhi Dwoaap ; 
hr rou 10 tho nob of SfriHst-MaJoT* 
bat vu InviUdedt BixJ nUivd on a pen- 

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ftf HiBiyCMtBBi wq. i Bing a, of SUii- 

jW. :h. Al hvr «aa'i mldtofi^ PK' 
iMon. AaiIi iridim of liuc BoiBt. wq.uf 
Kaoiuu^ai Sunvj. 

i^. 0. At Woodfonl, b(aI «», lU- 
b«l I1bcLi«> «^' 1^ of lUibrop. 

Ynac^.V». 10. KvAf lUtoabBCh, 
«tft of thB KfT. ti. K. LAfdM, MJi., 
Tlear of bruthcrtun. 

A'«. tl. Al Yvrk. af«<l 49, HuaA 
Bisna, widow of tb» Rev. II. IL WM«* 
btad) of Tbomaaftji a«d molbct lo Utt, 
Pr. BoaliMt, or Bfnrlar- 

A-«r. i.\. At M- Jnbn**. ViktArU. 
uvd M, Sarah, nlki ctf flu Kct. John 
Taylor, itf Uorbufr, f<jtBtct\f ■ Jiuba of 
tb« Pc*<<» lad 1 Dir|/q[]r Linl. of tbe 
Wat Hidioi. 

A'ot. VA, At tbt near^B, n<iurta«> 
Mn. Poouabj, mfe af tta Ro- JcifaB 
PoMBBbt. Vkar. 

JiTpv^W, AlLaniBnoiiUatL^vdtn, 
Uimij WHbav, ««i. UU^ Sbcrtf of Dw 

iV««^ fV. At ScarioraBfb, HBd it* 
JaMt tUnl dBB. «f nuiH GBUnU 
Bndrain, ou. 

Al AjbIij ItovN, LaBda. A« mU of 
Ur ri#t«r, Hm. GoIc, B(«d 7ft, Hn. Abi- 
pfl Kbe4«. 

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rt^. kWttpiBBi Dtf YOfb Ctfbf^iBliaf 
notflr hrifBuFlTi. 

i)ie. 7. At 0*U«U, M« Y«fft. 
w4 bS. Jobs M.bA.a» oHI 

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HBf Bab. Bj^ tn, Kaiaaar K>r>4, laq. 

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KDii Kobrffte. kit BantrlDf bob of Lb* 

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Mm, Uenu, nbri of Chtrlpt Mor- 

ei H^ bfimt of the Otoone af 

Ma. Bauott*, vib of Ibe Rrv- Mr. 
Vbmr^ Ub ChipUlo at Uv Uajaitj'i 

At nneoa. T. Pukcr, caq- ■ nu^nlie 

^tt «S, Mn. EHnbttk Hik. r^t of 

i/vr. e. At Rotbtiijr, wttl fi), Ctpt. 
n. DqvdJc. 1iaU-|ny lltb Fuot. 

Ai E-Uc Mjxb^ of rubrulci Mn< Trail, 
iriffl uf tkc Kit, Ilr. Tnil, 

Krofmi^r of PnotlfiJ AiCrnDorajr in tb# 
L'riiVBralt7 uf EdLnljurfli. 

i^. tL At Kdiabiiffh, tl.D Dowwr 
L&dj Rviuajr, of HoIbivd, widow of Sir 
Al'^iinilM luinuf, nf Hilmim. tUrt. 
KlnciirdlDD» and clLleit <Ldu. uiJ ro-tidlrcii 
ot SLi AlvLudcr Ilaitu,«u4ii» vf Elsit&i 

At niiQf«Rnlin*r F\t«<Ur«, Jauo, fouU 
dLV. flTUwUla AJGEaodat KoberUon, «iq. 


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i. J, I 1. ^. J. A f. i. 

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pHtCE OP HOPS, Dae. ST. 
Pockctt, ^ e^. to 8r. IV.— Krnt Poduli, 71. Of. lo tU. 0«. 

aar,37, i&.luSr. lOf — Straw, IL lUt. ta I/. lOi^CIovti, 4i. lOf.loA/.CIto, 

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FEBHUARY, 1845. 


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mviDwript jonrul f«< iho yw Ua4. 

W. i. 1. Fi) tJi* infortutioii lit j<uftb» 
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klad ocfumit ■( ^lUithLTy on iht tin- 
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irt*<r> wind* bo ucrtcd with cre*t it- 

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To llm qnodon* No. X). rrlftClvo t« 
lU o>h«ln «f ibe Ulood lUjil, SvpL 
H«c- p- SGf. D. A- Y. |;li« tuc folk*- 
ing •niHcr. Sir Willum Htictiinrbuna 
Knt- tap bf Willitna If. *Ef^.,tad Jdsrj, 
djucbtrr of Hnty (^rcy, ^ iMount Roeb« 
ford* ud Evl oT l>>»rt muttnl B*.'- 
bu-B, diujiljtcr of Ccutx* Villicrt. VkA 
flFan<[»ab, tiud ]«f[ ■« obtir dMifbMc ftid 
liPtr, AiiignU, n\\Q mirrivd llHrf llflTMii 
*ri tfif rrHf^H rv LIahIH; tVke rfl«d |A 

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vbfii EHue •biT ii^ if viir^ ^ir %'Jllain 
*H buried «L |{i>flikmicbAiii, ia Suffglki 

A Ti>rotfrRt\»R«*i>aMbt fflndM H 
be Informn! nvpaetinf tli« onftn ud V 
nmiirp of *' iVocuniUoni fiud S^nadili,* 

uDil u to nbM lue tbc muntf ^ ippliaA 
whluli j> iiaij at Ha Viiii^Utdik of i: 

ab- w, (J, Pwyx, of w.f-i«fc, nw 

tbf tDfonxuttoii of U U H-, «MtM> tkt/t 
Mr. Clurlc* Ua|il, (he uJkv of *■ Poaas 
UQ Ibe ilcalb uf bit cnvdlDVEliw, rrtpftOto 
Fanner/* ■» iiw tf>«ibiHcf ''JUfierlli 
IVi^drM.'* Mr- Uofd pcnmttUy pn- 
Mnti^ blm vtlb bolb varka, «iid on • ftj- 
l«f of onfl of the tfitiinuft o' '< AMWH* ^ 

wi>b».*< ■ 

J' B' inqvirci *hat he* ^c^iba of A* 
oaU«ctiou of Drtwidri. IhA- ^ru«<rlf 
ix^Ufuicfl by ftlriUFd hnl], tM^. of Osw 
hlr nf WifjiL ; flnjt 1ho» oftTiven On], 
etg- of Bwi- Vivta Carlc't Sktlchr*. 
ud hii Tolumot of " Vie** uf Andcnt 
Boildian.^' t( «pr*tn (liM tbcH ifiolU* 
Bwn h4d trtrni 4rmwiu%% by J. ^Mtcf. 

Mr LoviH'tkrOct; onthvOld M«nor 
lUuvc a: llnnfluarns, iva ttticn cm 
AiiikniU, umI cnotofr o» chv DctU'b 
t>7h«, A«. Hv vnarvaJdiibljr d«kfr«d. 

Ekbata- r. }^ /ar ronrn t^Hnc. n«4 
curru vv*nDi/ivU»9«ti«ail. frf*i llihJi«*4. 

r. «t Mat l.^-Ufv, 



lie 1^qU$ ofth€ Commnttatvit. Pari /K 
fCmUvttd/hn Vol. JCXtF.p. 4TtJ 

# lUMUBT. 

IT hu htt^, vra bcTierre, Dbarrt^TiJ on llila cc1cl>r«tecl pUv. tlmt 110 one 

Ibci* uuI oa tbs gvnvnl icqw of tb« wboU, uill agree exictly io rh« 
•fnioa fonned by ailtcrt on lUc «.iuo fH^inU. Th^rc i« Mmetbiug or » 
giMkLiaw ia llie cDttcq^lioii. 4i udl ^ pcflinpa iv Toj^iimc^ ftii4 vliadow- 
BCM m ihf uutli(rc» tl;At Bir^kcik iliiTcicDlly, jluiI luJioits dilTcKttt point* ot 
«ifht. It waq prvbnMy originnll^ Tormrd {roiii rti <i1rl plnv lirauinr the 
MBe tido. Md of iffbicii tbv nAinc ahw rfmninfl. Tticti it Vas grsJa&lly 
pesJJcd iaI* ttf pmcnl f^rtn nnij njucli i.-(LUri:<(J i* one cajty enly or tb« 
«hlMra|iclclibavifj|^bcrQfi>rtui])it(^ly ^tiu»t-[vc'<i; nuil iW it ak t«vy popft- 
kfl wlufO it fiot «p|H-aml. ihf rri>rjiiruE nllutiani la it lu^liilculty pnivcf 
In tu liBUbed ttMtr, it »c«iaji t<i ifford a mnnrkablff proof of how liille 
mwr^acftoe tb« moiv i>lot or otiUiac of a flnuob U ta it* t«cco««, ns<j tli3C 
tkc ml LiCe CxUls io the tlrAWUj^ of ttir c|]nfai:trfB, «iifl tlir uovclty, 
brouty, amJ tmpmiin'imi nf thi* tcntimenisntirl itnngi.'^ I1ti^ ACiionnfttiu 
fkct (fi«Thap« llie ioo«t u^ndcrffil prtxliicliiiii 0I p'likni rier HothnI In a 
ilnafttic form) u oobdiK-t^d throa^U n mpid tiiccrti«ioa of moviuf; iai:id«i)t«^ 
nd nried icnmt ind clian^rful pi4«ioii9 to it* viooc i but crtt^nly il doM 
tot pooecsB ftaT rcgnLr IihIei of i.-i^rT][>> well mTaogrd un tin: broad 
Wadallon of m rich inrciLtion, llicn |;rw)unlK' narrowing in ritrm, an* 
itMi»^ il« bidcI^D pwp«cfl» and prai;Tcsbit«[y fwibti^i^ lo tlic iicniHrj 
md *|*pfiuc1tiit|; tcrmiiuau^t. The c^tostrople 1« nliruptp Dnprrpitrcdj Aiidi 
though (kUicd. It |a»t uuevjiectril : il i«j i>ut tijc just cgnclusion of a 
tldJfnl CDtnhiQAlictn otrA*ti1i liri'^lophi^ Ltiu'lf from iUi ruiniirr (Kiplcxilyi 
Morrpbg fr^fTk lu former obarinrity, rei^oKing ail jtretiuim <loLtG(4, nnd nt 
ltii|[tlmtisf\irL|: tbc ii*timl d««irc« of justice nnd traib. Jt can hardty be 
»jd (hot tie Kuilt of tbc KinK in<^rcA»c* oiuch duiiuis iLc ]>t«icrc^ of iho 
tatto, or UiM h« u Ihui hfr*;>ingnn liii lirod 1 moro votuIii uid complete 
lotribntioa. TbP grrat crinn»t— llic viUiinom *fid nTmalnnl tnuidt^r, and 
lbs ikuncful ockI luccituoea marrb^— kivre xLotc that m^ik ci^lhi^g for 

*T1w tldt.|wcc»tifat llriC4Ki, 1^4 nod Kl)£, dcfLwe •' this pitf t4 be nluotd 
lo4aOait ■• wmIi luia u 11 w«> acoofdiuf 10 Ibt true And |ierfe?t oop;.'* £•• 
ftijg ■!'» Note •■ aU p««an- ^'' Mabn* pa^Vr " HtttUtl n maft AofHTiitttj 
v^Ai Aea air «lter of Vhf 4|mno ftfirtnm ot <nir Burhnr'* pLip/' T^. Suppl. vol. 
L ^ 44. Ott KMetO llunlcE. vhldk wu an the fta^r In lAt^. m lUeiJ't Sljukapcn 
ftelrMurrifna, mi, ^. p. 3^9^ 

f £«c «B4nf o<bcn DiApbanCvg on the TaHtgn of t-o»*, hf A. Sffllok*r, lfi04. 
■ LA* humd}f HiAk^tptn't trif>«ilid, irLpn the c-ioiPiltBTk ridot v»M]e rhc (iv^ian 
«li*4iM t)p«aa r tfkJib \t *hitiid picue all, Uie tnnrt lltmLnl i t>«I Ic uflnoH then U 
«v«U ba tani b« v<iDlil rniiBi EnnEl/' Id UtiUtttft PnmrDif* bj J. Rtraolilk, !• 
« Mtf taltelkv of Ouakt'a relief naoi la ib.9 |rtTfl icnc. 


C<>nJcdtiroi ErRtn4ation$ tm the 



rercngc fft>m llic Kpulctiro of the d?ail, nur wm ta\\ airt labt^N^in? 
coittcdlhkt Hamlet <-v?rcoiiiicct<i| III hi* mhid with tlif^ '>ripiihl ifuUt. J^tc 
Exilfone raibiiikl caiucof dcljiy from iIm: i-oinmcnLTimni uf ihc pl^l, »« 
that itbu^i knitc ffuin Ibr nficeiiiiy nf |irovii»f( ihf nutli nf Itir Ohosl'i M< 
•iirllorj by other ^videiice i ind tliik *»b ncr"tP|»tUliiMl in Ihi.' Tlat, 
iwt*n llif BU^pii'ioM in the Diiv<) u( Rimlrt wrrf rificn*d lutu wrlaiuty, 
nnrf itjc sulouin iiticslaliod of lie ilciil «!» coufirmi-'d by tlifl goilly «>n- 
ttdri>c« of ih« hvLti^. ATtrr I'lii tlipre ^van uo ii»v>Mr> liiuiU«eee 
to Ili« d^velopeoiPtit or the plot and the fuLhlinirdt of lite fmqinA(«. whieh 
both filial piety nnd tie vatcv ot injured and outraged natura had tuorn 
ta execute. 

TIiaL fljtinltL Tei^nc^Ll cir a^Bumcd maJiieaa l]to btrttei to conical Kib 
pnrpoHPt from Biixpeiun nr i1ui.^i^ry, «^riiu hrlctin^'li-dftrd by liii cmnfe»- 
iloik I bm, bmidv thit, oii<t whoob fHK^irtl »i)bjrcti4 ix>i]lil cltiita in autho- 
rity nhich frk* Movlii nr^lk l<> itviiy. tini acfvniKvH «!i Vii« opinion *' thM 
the conduct nT Il^mh^t vm tvfi} vAy uutitlarA nird indfrfrJiail^le urih'ia 
|i* i»M«* to (]*? Trjn'n^f^ ti» A J''"T^K '"'^^* "b(»*r f»r*ifrp'r rrwr in wjtw/ 
d^frrr rmpiiiri'd bif hii ov" mi'fattuHii.—'by ihv tlv^th M Ii^h fflflicr, th* 
loi» of mucoled dovcreitfi^IVt tn»i n leiine ef ilmm^^ rnoHir^ tmcii lh« 
bMTy mrd iiaT^hiniis umjrin^*^ i»f lii» nwilh""f.*' Siicl* li the o|niin»i» of 
AkrAwid* Hut wi- rni)»nf 4rf> Uiat, in h^«fUiiri|r tn Hdiiill thlt, nr ihonM 
iniik« miy flntv or Ivrak in the eontiiTCfii'y uf the i-TiAraetirrp or admit any 
thli'K vbhiefa cciild ]m|fuit our Ap^rreeintMin of tlje juilni^Bc and diacnmiiit- 
lion >viUi ntrrlk the Mhoir n cliii»n , At tra»l in one maiu inciifent, orrd 
that, if nut thr Luoht iin|»rntMjt, ut the inu«1 iii(rrr>tin^ In the ptul, ll ii 
not iioor^oMiy to have nn-ourrt to lOAiinrM, or iinpflircit mW'>n, wtii- 
f«ctorily lo a<;eouia W ti» ro^hduct, \^r muM l^nni^ hcfire o< thf «ft- 
ftuhr fffrrfttnrw of Hmblct* chaniclrr, X\%tt dcpih frimi wLiidi i1« rmlltrjcc 
la <lr«tf n, hi* Anr intellect. hJa icirlaai fimiiupUftliioriita. hi* noble iimpua- 
liona, hitt pre round attd Ih'iiifihTfiil mi-ditntJunt ; ilie nnrii-silfd grandoiir 
flbd Jiii|»oftHii(.'0 of tho fulrjcct nr hta buiioiii (|i)eitioTiia^« nnd aeaieh^i, 
•hd llie abnde of deep iiK'lurjcboly ittruwo over tFjo whoTe. Keepiii|| thU 
fca vieiVi thr» Ivt na t^Mrrve the i:tiitf}K:iei *A tljuae irith ulioni we bod 
hini anrTnQiid<?d T-^lhe Iriw, ihn norldly^ thr Kronii^), nni (hi- iKive. Tlia 
WMlincH of hti mother'a oluraetcr farbtddin^ nil Moil rc«]^<^rt «r coiili> 
detie«, the brntnlity otid Aillmny of the Kieik ■> nnd The mvnn bate ayco- 
phancyand folly of lh« follovr<r) of the coort- Hnmlet njipt-nft nionnf^ 
amoh^ cbrin, m itoo belotkf^ing to anuthff iplirrc of huinnTilt^. Thprtt 
txim< b<'t»Ten him iiml Ehf fo no aifiiil^rity of mapneti, no c->n|{?nifLbfy of 
ticwi or f]iir|H»o« 3 his lntr»«n mid nn^ty aotroiv Itnd »c|Arat«ti Mm fi^ni 
bi«TiArvrji] vonfCilonit lied {>ln*lcd hiAnoblrM tio|iC8,beauiid)eilhiidriref[t 
ftflrttlnniv tilled hJH mind yi\x\\ the )i\\'im\ ot d^rW in^pirMms nnd hnrnui-J 
\\\% iiiiderilntidinp tviiU the pcrpWlit of d^rjhifnl *prcol:iiiorn. Such it 
h*» when h« brtt np|Wiiri oti tlitf drnmiific atajfe, exjttuijf in DTi ^kincnt 
iincori|C^iiifll to lijm, tviihno auc ufrir luiu uho could Cifiu^rrrhcod bii elm* 
neten uihi]e(»latiiJ hi« niijiin's. fBL|ii>uj hia tLoiifrhit, Jnvr \i\\ viriiira. or 
*i^n HyinpnthiK: wllJi H» wrjilinniw. Hn »tntirT« Ivfore u>, hko a forkim 
piiture of itgal diflreii, nn image of unutttrablo ivw. Then vrc foim • 
ci^ur.rbDt in onr mindt of what he oujcht to h^tc been, nitb whnt ho wju. 
Hi* itu deiiuiLtd to be a m'md of hljfU cultivaii^o. Iiv nu • prinr» of 
roy^ mAnnen, enduwcfd nilli the finest lense cif prnprlefT, awceplible of 
nobh iiDbition, \ttA opeti In th« liighctt drgr«v to (iitbuviMm fof tho 




TVjtI 4/ Sliaiipere. 



fm^n •xceUence* ia iibk% U« «M dtbcicnt-* He lud Mtt^ «U tb«M 

Dvif U iftj totru Hul eftVMtor* of BOi. 

IVn nek in oiUral gtftt, fi^ltrJ iji ?ocij] eituatiuu,dl once Ili( piiTicc »nd 
Uw pbiloMlber, hi; M'viunl ik^'ij^iinJ foi a ilnjnrlrr (0 cmi^miinii i-liuirAliDn 
flVd Mv« I bat. «htii M< look agflin, \vv bclxjld iInm 6n» iiiinKe doficcd, tlitt 
aaUa vIm MK^UtcJ knd |>cq>k-x€<l, If aot itltf<ri<l lud Jnl'iifnicd' Ttvi« 
vu tlb« ii<cr»»l) o( a lET^'it jutivn tu be pr'funucd t>y tiiiii coosUntly 
In lib nitd, md witli n full sciivc cif tUe dtEliculty uml (inri^^cr of ila 
acC0S{ilnhfr>nit ; therv **i h uklnnl imUblttty of purpottoti thf iiiii* hniiii, 
tfid Um iapcrioua d^oMriiJii of juilicir and nMiir* ou Ihi* otti»*r, AuniJ IbrM 
eoa^iclin^ (cciinMVv tlici« »«» lii> ki^r and tliuiiuliiful cflktljilion vf <ooic- 
qv«BLT« >itd retulu* uhtcb u>uM iici \h- l^ruu^il nuliJik ilic iMiuipnM of 
Mtsvn I uwl tur'h via ttie mU'Tiir of lh<? incTiUi prruiirc aI CdiLld ouk he 
rdit*vd by lAHinkiptf t]i« maik of m«cln«*. Tim did tic purraitd rirlu^ut 
MMJid 6<tt*d to fUtebood and dfrvit, and tttn lo « malff lout joy iu tlw 
tvpftntd pcrpctrfttiixi of cilui* 1 Jiud (hus IiLb uubl^ iiijfJ g^ulk ^tJiiit tc- 
plOad |W ^wi^i'l jtrT^rtiiiMH 3l Ind niter clii'iultrd, ritiriiphiifC iindrr litH ftit 
ibfti Bo^eU utd kjtfclr Aouvr tltat tiaij bUxxnt^rt uri'If^f Lih ^itiiircty ruivrur 
aad pv^trctMti, Macli Ihm been miLd »pd jv^lty of ibv ihdt'dalork of 
H&ukt'* c^fervctfr, nhicb kccja ercitrs »i)^|tcij(icil. iJe^tgi;fl Ij^lf inikturtd, 
jpid irUixb thr ralu--^] pri^rru of ihe pKit. Scvrrjl taiiM.'* 5i*cm nl 
^jSerrat timfttox.! in proiJiiring lliii,— => tOMcrrritintiddriire l'>A*i^it4ilik 
tb* UnX% oltbd ftufuvititxi »g*jiiet \hc l\itig j ti fctlLDg (>f tW iJilliicJly of 
^e pufpoec to be c^tCukd. ^vhitli uould in«a!vti ia uiic cuukiiiuu falc Uia 
o*n lifr ailb fbnt of li(» vklim ; fur HaulIcIS consUiht mnHliiLbiM nn 
ilutiny. %t^tt thr vj^ccfUJiii^ ^f ibf future, ^'i^^fl ^n iinpffstidn tb4t ibcy 
He iu to forctdl bi« oirn deutb^ 'Jo tbvic lui^Lt br oddcd tbc ittlond tcu- 
pawaenil of a apcculnliic Jiiid TliouiLblful Jiijud. Hic itio^t pbiio«o|>hic in 
uovgit u oflrc till; ai<dt diUturi und uijccit ain m «ctJim, llctolmjon u 
btcalB«4 in rrtoricLtiitg cutiflicricg piobbtjlliltrs, rcvidving couvin^nt 
fir^mAtaaictv, arid h>.-T^binK equi|iolk'r)t a^um^ijU Iti Hondel'^ mind^ 
tW actkfui of tbc prticnt life ucre lutirarLtrly connected vilb ibc 
Bi)KrTk>ii> ilc^ulet uf liio ncit' Hrntu ha iirvcimimniivii in dning 
tlktl vbkh nu|£h< inclotr in lit nwfid nbndr thft cviiirnrr rjf ^11 fiituic 
line. Nor u« w^ t^ tarftt ibot itf^ntlrri^i* and ffoo/fikcn \u his hk- 
tvfe, wbkt ibowv ttodt m inch bnjrlit ooTmin in bia in^cm^w with 
bit noUier. >nd nhicb tvuipr-rs bUju^t bdigtuiion mtlt »iicb thou^-ljtfuL 
kkkdftcu An4 fvding. ft hii>i brf^ri Mid llwit bi» f'.'IgiLtd mudtit'M \s 
tho«Q famt itrongly fir^d oflViiBivoty iii hi« irr^fittitfikl of Opbt'li" | but 
ftrrlupi llici u«utncd viokncc of |in*fLifm. in iu strftii^o fnnFn tic OLit- 
wcftlu. crca iniU bitCer|;ibc9 naJ njoebcry, irnh the be»t mrniLJi ibil Cixild 
betaken to effect A dtmlti! oiiusun: iinmcdultly nei^cuniy 10 bU fuEu^c 
hti« of vofidcirt— the dmololion of bb cn^gpoit-rtt, and Uic lacribctf of 
tlo* fwline* wbkb, farmed under bnppLrr au^pit^f^, vrvtt tov doomed lo 
pctiab said tbc prmorc of ^rat and oiUicling (rokmilicf. iiora nu n 
MfT loo t)rlE<;Mtc wd tciidt-i to lir« id Uio dltlurbcJ iLalc and i^ooiu of 
^ uiioa* and pomrbed vptrSL )fc roo b^id Hi^orn in wifii? nut from bii 
tttaotj ihm imprawioa of ivwy tbUg but of tb* qoc gr«^ pnipoi* tbu 


ilMnatbM bj StUipl Ia bb Lcavn db Dntt»lic litvntorti 

1 19 C^nJfCtMrttt Effiimdnnoni en thf [Feb. 

vm to lilt it. TluA therefore whi a ra»lly hftcrtl^cr to tie UIil on tlxe ilUr 
ofduty^^a lliiirjC lo br ihrji* f-flVrlunlly :itit} at onr*^, Anft It muAt br re* 
collfcti^d tliht OpUf-IJAi loll [>r r«H>iufli Mxi dtitjmelt lifiaXU di'l rjot ikiiia 
from woundvd alwlion ur injury to \kt ftfchiifb* priKJncH b) th« inicrvicw 
tritli Hamlet. Her uilud tvu mtlicr flKcd ttitli )iity Tur liiui, tliun di^UcM 
for hrrndf ; fmi aIj^ HiiT>*rrJ tnnn [hr luclifoti nlirM-k [proiluccid by her 
Uther't fltoth. aofl tlir nflliciin^rircnnnUorPii nitpntling *t. Jait |ifpn- 
Oiulytdflii» iutcrvicw> iiamlvt hudi^aitird :i eompbtc conviction of th« 
King'tt Jfuilt. and wna ih*reforo mtditirbg hia gr*at p(;r[m»o of revenge. 
IliB raliier'a h\ntit v/ta z\\^a^t> bi;rvK- liiaLilriiiHuJijig jnHfiiT : ■ noit^e fTtim 
thr drAri i^iTlr-d nn litm fiv rh^ ptuilAliiri'^rtt at thr immtenrr, Comj^jirf^rl Ttf 
thii. »LI thit hcloriifi^il to Ihr prcicnt Ufecltlier in rotrospf^ct or hopij wh* m 
a picture, tliitt lioil *>i\cc cxtiiled, but nlioje coWt* b«d been vitthcd awhy^ 
Nuw tliiA Rrint teciet of lUc iirarl couM not be dirijl|^ in OpIiHU ; tlio 
Cbusev of hiH vvtiywnril nnrl strange roruluet to bi^r i^oniH noi br^ eiplninf-d- 
H« 1ia<] thi*r«forv fornbly ami Abruptly to break unnder tbo ti» ujiicb li« 
ri>iild not ^hily iinlooHO j and discn^i^c? bia aflVctidns from tbcir deorcut, 
their [hbI, uliJ ibelr firtucft btill. Tbere h nn rrA»0Ei ^iten tbnt could In- 
i]\tt:c lu ii> hi^lii^^^* tbnt this nfirr] <in OpbrliA tn i|j(^ bcrenvcinrnt of 
rroBon, or tbc iwnficp of life. Tbii Imt «« occntiom^d by ko AdJitiontl 
»nd uaforcnn^a talDtnity, iiucouneelci oxcflpt CMually u-jth her former nU 
Aictionp All tbr iiMurul tiei of nfTcction io tbo hc:ut trf HamlcC were 
btokuiiiiTiiliJiHuKril butuni'.^liJiiluvctrf OpWIin ; tbieKlminuiHl iirmnftrily 
pi^rUb ; ti WAA rvrn crkmtnal to rrlnin It } \t rnrild nut exiit imidit fhe lO* 
Jvriaa nf h Li^rnted bcirt^ it llir miiety tlut inroKed tie pn^isriiit. and u'itb 
the vlill deeper ^loom of ftorrowa and cdamitiea impcudiug o\<f bia future 


\\'o tio^r proeepd in innicritM* from thr ropy of l\\l% phj nuch patcugM of 
tbe tcKt M M'e bttd T^rbD-rhed, nbvt^ii-r for KJiLjfuJai-Lly orcxpreMiou or for 
reaeinblnttcc tathoau of othi^rpcictB, or etplnnation of meriuni^: in Lntic4ll 
fcltcratiDn of tUc lan|;ua^- uu liHve littlu to add to wbaX bAH been d^^ne 
beforrf. aitd what rvnmiciPi »(cidi Id rec^nirc nottliv inj^rmiiy of conjncturc, 
bnt tbe lutbority of new nianuierjpl*, or blthcrto uudUcorercd erUtbn». 




ItAMLST. [Vol. XV11L rd. rUcd.) 

In^Utvd in Anniii> Two Maid» of Moroctackor p. Itj 

" CLdh ml lidibi, nut a Kj illftinc." 
Tm IX.^^ Itfl imote I]i« feledJcJ J'dJd?*/ on Oie let.'* 
" P^larb * naa iiarJ for Pnlanderor Pole al tliat time. Sec CvnJen'l 
Rcaainij p. 3V1, EpUapb»— 

*' Th4i tmnre (be fkeklt Preneti aod Fa^deAv boU-" 
See aUo Killl^vr'i l1iniDa»o. p. 334. 

■• TiM't Jic roUvk raa» wllb tbc Svttta.** 
r. M.<-'*Tle r jfroFa^BH/ and trrutf tplntllcei" 

Tbi) trord hna been «5td bra modern and vrry rlcfpnit poet la 
hrp;r aad pnuiiivr meauini; 41 in tbc Uii, lit, gut uut of buuods— 

E^trclch tbplr u/m^taf auBA ath*tfi tbe |looai.** 

Amttti^nftArttfi'rvtrvtriff HtattM. VU. WoA», U. 3f1, 

P. 31.—" K miU more dian Urn, tad lei* than kirtd." 

Dobraey'* PriiDrofr, v. ). by J- Rr^notdf, 

*' Pilfr. but •nHinfrt itn tmd'r As loo luo flnwl.'' 

ntUUf'4 WooAa-HaUTi p. ^:ii^, C(J. SeworJ, 

" T# latA bb patunru o^m' UnJ to nufK** 

P. 31.—" Til Qot Bloat ujr Mily c/ddi, f<30il morhtr.'' 
Sm CinrvhytTd't Fnnrntl of Str F, Knowlrs^ p. 5, 

*' I^T freimba ktiaJl uiciurn uul irjtU /uuf cloaiei a/ttptM*-" 

P, 33.— ■' Nor Iho dfjscttd *Afrie«i' af tbe viaif*.'* 

86 Mat^nger't Old Liw, p, 70, 4io. 

" Nfinr (be A^jeur of ■ fiUBI^ i" 
kojX UMnton't Mftlcontciit^ p. 34i 

•' Muk clic Mdti'D*i' of Oie Doklieii nov t" 
FkUioer'* Ncble Ocbtbman, p-371. 

** TUh off ftU nidEntrii ud uncivil 'ha^ior^" 

P, 3T,— "NoiKaiitl heillh thtt i^mmari drlnlu to diy." Ac, 

S*e Cmr^'* Rnawni, p- 1 7, " Wlicn ue tlargc ihrm with ifr*iHj|ffranrji, 
irbok, m tpf tf^r^yrom the norm. v>ver Anil tau^^ht tbe FrcDcb all their 
kitcbcB ikUI." Sm iJuaupotifB Psyche* c, Kii. tt. 5t~, 

Sft «elt ippftliiTfi! 4rt u nul to leu 
Of !>iitcb ni D&nhA bovlt." 

P, 41.—'* A liulfl montfa. or <rp ihoit ntiDri vfrv aIiI," aia. 

nafHiiii (ixprrswfl tho jiamr tlioii^^lil by jinolTirr Imppy imigp, ''Qoft 
«dhuc IB lomm urorjt priorit [tvsttgio caiffifem nrltjucta «6t ttavn nupla.' 
$f« D«ckaMwQ»j cccKXxliu p. 707* cil. Burmiin. 

p. 4l.-'"0, Tl4Ht«al ■ bcMtthtt vaMi JiioMrto ofnttaa." 

'* WIj ibo«]d t aub ibsl bu dltcourH tmd reuon.* 
P, 43i^ " K cooalttitiDCO mvt<a 

Irome fau the rtrtnc in hia New Actidctay, p* 8, 

"_B^rT«iln£ mora ^rftDKcr ihm of grief'" 
F- U- — " Ool Af tb* »hi>l xnd A^a^ or ddlrv.*' 

C^oft^e Dwlol's Qijr«u cr ArcJidh, vol. i. p- 209, 

*' Utila liui cmjr U> tUtt tiofeul ilirJ uf juhiod." 

Ph 5!'— " Do llioa CBcniliHr, bat bf po dio«o« TulgAr." 

Coopwo Mondiy B Banquet of Dftiniie Conceit*, 

^BcfVMbunio every vlflii. 
LfL aiurl(!>K; Ire iUy deliKbl, 
Ptmlliu be kUL jau J ia^, 
For nn Jt b the wiipit vty, 
Xbir«fan kxp go&lkuMt ul niod." &c. 

lid Conffftitrai Em^dntiGm 9*1 tit 

F. Cl .«-*■ Aji iFTltfEi to atah voodoooH." 

Sm Fl«tcLer'i Lojd Subjtct, p. 3C8, 

Anil Ibnul fosf nvcl I' (li« (t<mn.*' 

M^rstOT) tn lu« ^THlruut«Dt, p^ S3, 1iii« anutli4*r proverb, "TVipt to tit 
pnWhtt ;" And Fl«tch«r in tlio HunouKiQa U«ut*iiiDl, p. 34, ''Ettalei CO 

?. 7l.^>'Drlii| vIlhtkiMfllnfmr) hcRfca ci £Jiuu>aii AWI." 

Compare UlllOH *' Of Itrformcifion in EiigUnd/'mfktt : *'ThB very miw 
of /kW/ rnitinckvil niid aiDilv lo j^ji^e tip h«r conccnfed dcitrucUoi], c» alie 
could v<rat \K in that hambl« aikd 4uBn^ Aluf." 

See the Seconfi Muklcu'* Tmgrdy, {1. 81^ 

SLrlliri, Tillatit ' (hou^b Ibt Ofj\nf nii ha uI 

r. f3>*-"TkiBt (hcvj dead cont, t|F«Iii la c^mplcu tlMl/* 4tf< 
Tliii t^iMnt to l^vu bvcij a currant anrj cuaiaon phm4 1 tbo irori 

Liul'i DuEuiubLi, 0. r. p. 1^5, 

■■Pmumei] wllbofirvtbucAnaplctavledi^' 

Dckkcv** Saliro MudtU, p. -II, 4to< 1(3^^. 

"To Mm nat ift(f 
WiUi c^pkie Alffll of JuiJ«m«tr* 

«f« alio Fktclter'i ^^'i^o for a Mi^ntU, p. A\A, cc]. fiytnpioiij 

" Jmd u b« hftd tien inula of c^uplcli rlrUM i* ' 
ftiid FoQAhair'a Uctbd, p. 1:^7. 

** Id Umftut tttti* bc^loi lo ckitiu cuh kaifM i" 
■dJ CLfipiMsn** llotncr'i OdfHOj^, xvir. p, S7i| 

WUab ffdaqiJMt «na«rf Oey pul ia preidtt t>Mi." 

dee Mu«ing«rf 01«1 L«w, p. 'i^. 4ki. 
"ilul pvfff ibettl" 

F, Tfi-— " W|.i?.f UfhrciE vord 

Wovld IJUfTitf Dp thy njuL" 

bee a learned not* ly Boiw^oed* ou Niottts, vol, ii. p* S34i «d<I 
Aldplitouiv KpUl. i|j. 33, 

F.Sf.^'Obl Df pnipbttia (Oiil, mf nod*!'' 
Compaiv 8hAk*p<*rft'a f^i nrit*t, '■ A Mouuucut to Fitino," 

*' Hot miDe OVDV fnra ler fA<|infjLfAf'i( Hn/r ol dn wlda woiUi'' 
acid Fktclicn Uoublt' MariiaiLe, p. I3ti, 
" O, Mif propluLltf Boiir* 

F. W^-" \ial ib Hf /oniw t/mint «r* ilj J pour," jMi. 

!^ PInti P««ndolu«. Ad L sc. 5, 6^2, ed. Tnabmuni, 
Vim VI ■ritrtr* dlM* rouuil, quA volo.* 

Add to tiip nnln A, Itnnlf'i Bnotc flf KiiouMhi^. p. llTit " <>n Ctkrpun 
** mpftpuvd/' tec Kktcbcr'* Mwiinl. p. ^'30, H. JC£fl. 

Th* iuIlI hid vlnM hii hrrr^hn,* 4ltf. 

P. a$^>' A CMcfa lor Aunry «ad (kmaul inoM." 
For llkia Mc or llic word " luxury-/' K^e V. Hutfrcuti HiBl. lib. ii. c. 

'* PffeLf '1 Intlto 1 1114 tMUMrU corr* t" 
ASAWli Noble GcnUcmnn^ Act i. sr. J , 

)b lbs Odbl* Ibe^ry of luxv| /' 
iBil > " Lov«r » C^opluiftt," V. Moione'A Suppl. f . 7&l>> 

" WbM h9 ixH)«l burnt ID hnul xiib'd Vufwy." 

F. 88-^" Y». fram Uic WB/# qf ■j' mnnDFy/' 
fin Dioicl'i Qoecii of Arciidu, ml- 1, p, 77j 12Eni>i 
" Set U tixc M/c-//di*f qfmmoryr 
F*>7^'AiidihkLl t CAUplBbflll^ (^A'O bf>LJ» boliL nj Imrt." 

Btaevcne 0DppC9c« tiicti: n'ortJa " O, ftc t" lu be tlic nutrtififtl tcprc- 
kw i i tin of a MiupukiuH rvader l »ij'I yt-t liitrtf. mi^tit be Ji imioui ivudinj^t 
u ■' IV*, hi>14 mv U*rt !" for " fre " utm often tuinpduccd in ihvt lainnvr. 
See lldcbcr « (^ownub. p. 221,' 

"Amj, ni%j,/i*.' nov I'll rnd jouf ICltfT/' 
Tl hM txi Wi^oHn mm, ibaai^h STrrrfn* ^nyn it Ibk. Hie O we brrlTcvc 
la be turfV^tttiofl) \ but u e kvc Dot al all ccrtflin thnil ■' tyf, bold/' ii i>oi 
» t<«rw Jfiii? foe ■' bold, bold." Sec ibc pixi»iaj[e from Uobnicy already 
^voled^p. 119, 

xPftlrtibvl nnkixHtcH no ibult^/Tttoo Caa crwl-" 

F. Ht,-^' Ur ubka i meet ii J« 1 kI ]t i^fwn." 
S« " A i(ac«1 of Enquijjo whotiiof the 'l>;po M jf« wm (liaimcd, &c." 
4l*L 1^^, " I dfcw hmUt my wtiimg'ia^kw. »niJ. |ttUNK dote into a 
taniFr, ■of«d down •verything m nrrri^ ^ I rriiilil.'* i>ce nlu I'fcti^bfr'N 
Praine to tte WociitD-Hntrr, aud Loi^r'« Proipcw, p- 376, "loytrnr 

P*9S.^*^IUFhaT bofl Mf 'jt tbou m ? «ri Ehoii tbr<ti IVwrpiwv'' 

Sm Tbe 3lurU«tc Biokcr. p. 62, 

" Ftrewm. o\d B&Mc TfucpcsnT ;" 
uil F]0tcbet'« L»)^ S^ubJGCt, p. 'ii'.i?. «<1- So^vnrd, 
•* Ce, fo itj *»ri, old TruPMnnj," 

Ctwt, ^Uo. vou juuiJ^ a 

1191 Cepjeottir^t Enfndationt on iht [Fill. 

P. lU/^- JlOuM Tnilh frt he ft ii«r'- | 

Si>(^ ft critici^iD on t^U line in ^(inilhV Comic ^fiiOdlilll«*,To). 1. p- M>X 

bf Uflcd in il* nriuirmi fCrw; of " Htmt 1 Uo*," tointuwn belief* 

K 1 1."^.^" Thhrii* cvciEUOir, iiiDhL firar Utlv. iifliili^ ChU mAfJiintf II 
liMD, HnmltL*' Tbit nlTcii^rl u-iy of rfirirlndinif ■ Irllcr it rirtifii^i^il in 
Cba|im-iD I MoTiB, D'n]i%v, Act iv. ir. Uil. '^ Tfamv, if I ikai wnrCli oiigbt. 
Slid yt( »uch u il ikillii not w^iu«c 1 aw, if I be (hiuc, G^rOdtmo ;" Mid 
Juiiboil'b Kvrry Man out i>f lji» Humour^ Act iii. >c. 7. " Aurl Ikiu*. sot 
doubling ot your fiitlirrty Wupvolorn^, I liumbly aek jroor blming, Mid 
ptny Pod to bku yon, J'our/ i/ Am wph." 


P, IIS-— "P. IJo j*ii linoirni»H »J LmJ' 

H' Kicvllm Biit; fcn in a ttihn^ngT * 

See Jonwtit'a F.^vfv Mnn in hti ttiimonr, Art 1. ic, 3, " Hti fitlier'v 
hohvit indii, & worilit|irttl EiiliDnonfr«r, ftnd lo forth." Tlie plimie t«r 
^AftlhiDT^ in ncttbff'i HuLJi{>[oup Li^utcriAnS p. C, "lliou lookit bbe rB 
00* -. vhjT. t^bitticf vfouldiiC cIiuUh fif'Jhi.t f" a fjcc tnthout aiAi>iiig cr 

P, 1^^^** M hpr ntt mTV m th# nn, 
Conftptlon El ft blfflLnc" Ac* 

See HtjvoodV Cbftllcrrgr for D^jtnly, Act. il »e. t. 

Might 1 ftjflie fw, L<v|r olI M tUs lun, 
And wklk iCUl in tin ■hick- By |>foot «« *«o 

r. 1 11.—" !lii 'Trt pVTgltiC ^blck ambrr wnl plumirw gum." 

^p K&rkman'a Sfwrt njioii ^\iaTi, i. 8:^, " 9ot<ly i wat b^gvt In » ploomj 
tro« } I b«vo isch n do/kl of ieuiq aboql w^ cvca/' 

P. IVJ.— " TlutHib tbii Ix luaaacQi yil Ihrm't mcUwl !• El*'* 

Sto Haul] UeuccUm. Act v. »c. 5, "HmhI 4|DJrt«m jl^ipol hoc 
iRMiio vcrbuin jvMpoudk mibk" 

P. 12il. " Wbnt A jilccr «f ivcirk I* > mfto. How coblo in rauo^' 
horn IoAdIu in fHCu1ti«i ^ in form vd'] moMTig botu p([>rip«t and utninkblo | 
in Action hoA like a& *>>|^1, tn a|ipiyb«i>iioii buw bk« a Uod/' &«.. 'n>«r# 
h ntkictttliid^ in MftxJoiaB Tjtluv rcirnibling tWa ni>\j]v pitM^e* Sec 
Oiw. *iii. y cH. Hrihkf, WijiiiminJ, ii y«p ^vtf(>mr»if r^^ /yytrnrn* (VO 

'lUkXnnu See ako Hjc Honut Uwycr, I6l(j, Bt H. S. 

■^ MftV, Biinp the pridv of Heifto*! cmt^e, 
Al*Cr*«l vf nolnrffk tlul in bn uiiall *v't«iu* 
C'miUiii* tFaa vb«>Jr wortil'i <«tl 4Bii llMtnn'a iiftpttfwnii. 
Hi« MAkrr » im^n tnfvlt' mtrr . Mflb~« jpwi votilrr,'^ flu. 

P. I?fl, "IVr mti^l rlicn on tbi» w*v/' Sec Cbapaian'i Hoflaj 
OdjMr,ua.|i. J04. 

*■ Ht thvoU be pAnbf iHc 01 

And lliirt Sat^iA, «d. $iDi«r, Book S. a. i. ^l 2tl. 

P* li^. "Wbrn IboAiiidlitootheHy lkDOwaUtrtcfrotDibAnd«av/ 


TfiMi ^/Sh^prrt, 




Ori^*l pnvverbp "Hcraiahnw." The mnning hc'lnff, chat at s ffmit 
iliitMiOi, wfcta th« b^rdu Eire bat m ipeckf in the air. the ci|>cnoiiccd c^ o 
C^ Artafwli trkich i« 1^ liAvk «bk4 tlic hergn, B'uhop f IaII, in hi* 
0(wraC3 of TmdJ, p. ^Jt-; a *' bankf] t«>t oH'tt 4 hriaili44c.'* In ttie 
nsK Bay Sketlun tayi, ' To know the faucon from llic cn>kve." v. VV'urks, 
p, 1&I. :;03 I ftnd to ktiow '* 1b« fiMC from tUp fen»-buh ' ifcmcd a[«o 

p. 143. " Ulc £r»t ri«c of lliv piouA cbu[i«on wiU ihvw yna isore : iur 
bok, ftj MMdgm^m oonM,' t. e-Abriff HiroNtrlr or rfprf^nralioo «f 
vounatbiag lon^, u a dnmjtlic r* prvtrDtation U an abnd|^ ^m or 
fHtHn of KHihl \tU' Si'c Ficckuoc'K Miscclt. p. lOI. *' BcJiold ibe 
«lr*^f«Kiir of the bcaC faUiJoua i" ud Hftchcfi Wife for ftMojitb.p.SlO, 

P> I44< '' Vour lodjdljip U numr to bearen tban wUcti 1 anvr jou bat 
by tiM aUUwIcoi'a cbcipinv," Seo Cowloya bssayoTiUfcntiicBs. " Mndc 
Mr wilk tod alimyt iu tboEimi?," Sec Bulwcr'fc Artiiitiil Cbuiitjijlic^, 
f> JS5l, wlMfrv it A [iliil^ of a Vfnt-lian tjirjy m dinpio''). Also eiw 
llut pretty boal: *' gli abiti," miJ to \k from dntigua by 'Htiaa | jmd 
Rarinopd'a M<TGuna llalici), p. -iOi, ll'nio- 

R 119. '"Tliffv arc »u ju/^rf^ In the Uoca to uijO&g the mnttrr 
tamry," Pf>r« rrnd "w/r/ but wronjtW nn fn tb;T test, am! wkk no 
iDpnw^Pwar ID the m^iuii^jf ; a '' lallet' or aaU[id i> a dUk ailtH, *' m- 
mnimt* and a«e GiGbrd'k Jkn Jodwd, vol* riii. p. 177* 

Difimi bi Id* Ttuulation of dcocca. ( EUrc. .'Et. p. -211,) Vna the 
«M ttjwYaaioQ — ''Ocowafdi peasant tUTe-'^-Joutun la bvory Mao in 
k« f]«»oor. Act* III' K. I. *' VVEui a ^nll abrc wnt Ihia ," aod L. Car* 
bdVa Desrrt. Fatorllr, p. 6, " What a ilntl aUve «iu J. " Sii |ie>cu copy 
fraaica«b oU>rT, $<c nUn t'Utcher a Noblo GcnUttinan^ p. J'JV, *<ObT 
»hat a d<W|^t]l coantfy n^c fnu I." 

P. IM,— '' WbBt ttoold bi d(! 

Had ta Uie noUr* ud tb« 4m for psAHon 

T^kt 1 twra— r* 

CoapVt CioMO ri« AouciHi. «8Cut«a pUad^bant in n ficU. ijnid 
W to wii in TOfi facturoe eia« )*' 

P* IIO.. 


H Aakqicre wea '*nglofi'* a> m ndjcctirc in tiJa Sjonnrta, 

^B "Ta« nyicn </ouJltnlli oiMkidLim ^ts mt n^Wp' 

^LLHr. C^Sbrd had obacrircd, " tliat one of tlic naoickii cbafiaa of S>hak' 
^HBnc'a dictba oen>t»tcH jfi ibc jkiil with wbicb be hai occaiiucaUy 

FonI, 1, p xxtTii. 

H P, iGt.— -''nt fAnp inJ airoiri nf antrafcoun fartvai." 

H la IbePonUa, <d. Maioot^, li^ 581 1 «rc hata anoiticr lavrtapljor, 

B p. 171. '-whoTooidykrtffrjbcur 

^ ^I0. -Tlili/*r^of mybirtti/" 

S«G Pariri'i Jkluac'a i^aaifiee. 


Caajeciurel Bmemhtioiu on lA« 


p, 1^3,_><T)ut «iiai«cDv«roacoqnUT>ffonfrliojeboijra 
No lnyT*llcr rotnnu,"* 
Compile Kx VhWetx M^nrurlo, tvjr. Stoburuoi, p. £99. Ct GnEu 
Encc^t, p, ^ttT, "tl« Oreo." 

Hcnecn Hurt:- 1£l«i]ii va, iti2U, " lU^um cunitf inqiiieti, mnit ion 
Huitutim rtTiitavii i»//W Piopcitii, Elcg. II- xx. ^^, «d- Borman, *' C*n- 
ct^BUDi iiulli li^* ivdibit iter ;*' Aild A^^lLtio Aiitliu]. Om:> Lib. i. Tit. 3?. 
Kp, l.n Anhpnth f.ib. iii. 'rit.31, \\ 9, lo «1iicl)iil>l, Noi^itL DfonyHincii, 
Lib. xu. 15V. 

u riX4 yAtttt)t"t alitor cw(m;ri>» fftpt^pm,'* 

Ste rnlmcniL of ELiduDifj pait jI- 1639> 'Ito, clu;i, 3« *' DcfDrt ho 
tooktf TiiMJuiiniey VTb(fn.iii nu oivatarc lOlurnttb agniri," Tlio (ml ^. of 
Falmcrin, in l.^Nft, 

P. 175. **H«i iiiil ATC Tr>ti lifincst?" i. c. clinstr, rirlit'XJf. Sco 
Middk-lmiV OliHri|:Hirrf: ^ Awuuoiid iu1l» IkMfiWt " Arc ymi boiiC4l ?" 
niid KIctchri'M Mnid Ju (he Mill, At:t i. k'. ]. '* G. JIhvi: yi< ilnm^ ths 
deed ( Ono, iIlc'v bonoatj" apd tU? Hc'iic»E Main's Fortune, Acl Ltc. i. 
IN 2^5, 

'* Tn. BO bunrflC 
Hill I nn oat i f (bf^ t liute L'^Urlopo 
Wsn no* alLvQ tu Lev mc /' 

P- J76> '*Tbc CQurtict*, tcholat^*, *oMier'>, eye, tongnc, nound.'* Sco 

Politiiurjtci'i. — *' Then nnmr bat Jloiton, the iTkua» favonte, ihc rbiKcbca 
tniiii^^k« ]t-nrmi]|r « imUmi, my once ptwr tnbnd'fi ornnment ; tbe ciiuiticn 

And tee Mod«. Ttioiuu by Metcbcr, Al-u :;, «c. :.% p. :;&, cd. 163% 

CouitifT, knd 4ll IbvuD pii:eG-'' 
P- 1T0»— ''TliHl lafikM Uic Luiicj urLii raavik tljwv " 

Sec Nnsb'n initio, p. 100, " Tu be pnrUkcrs uf buncy tnlk ;'* uid 
Titrrlnj^o'ii Tun Tint£<'j]irH In One, p. .14. " Voiir nbiln h<rnie <ow;" luid 
l-ovflr'» ProgrcM, p. -i7(i, " Thj- honey-iin," 

P, l^h "A robuffth"t penwifi-piilcd fdlow." See Flcclttioc'i MU- 
cvll- p, IOC. " Brrak tbeir mifuLL« ai baid prunuDciutlon, il Lx'iitg pn-pcr 
ju all thoBu Lhnl an* roJ^bjrio;;^." 

P. ICJ.o- " Ti> •pUt tbc van ef tbo f rouadllujii." 

Boo tbo rrontiNpicce lo Kirbawn*i Wlu, 11572, for » rcprejcntMloD of 
tba gnfundiir^ga. ^Itrky udls them Nni£rr4tnlJdtn. ah then: were no •»» 
then In the pil. 

P. 1K3, " Tear n pa«ian to Uttorij to rtty^ r^f^, to 8plit th« ^are of 
ttir- nmtjridiinf^," Ctc. bee Ovcrbory'fi Cbnmctcrei, fttic Acli>r») p> *tDi 
" []c dotb net itti^T to make; ntlnrc inonitroui ^ »bc i» often Men ta ibe 

* 1< ffilfht bfE ttktd. Wh boc ibe fbcitl ■ nmniR'l tntrllar ^ Wh vhlt h oAiim- 
Almicm ' Wth It A ntiirk »/ IlamUl't wiuL ipf Jirtrtrd drJliTf ' gr tti 4 fltttiDcilon nuula 
bplvi«ii tbc nsJ pDnun dtiiS ibi" riAuXuk, i>r ebvilcxr ^ Si-c 4 uciU wuith m 
Ibli tabjn^i Id UuIvuu* &ulj Yhib uid R i^lkrctluup, p- '^"^5^ 



ia&ie k»iic urtUi Mtn, but iif^itl^er on iUlttt nor cnitrlicv, nnd, fnr lib 
Tvico, 'lia not lower Ihan ihu proinpK-', nur builcr tlitn the fmJ and 

TbM !■ 001 Ti— InrTi flZ«v*» lOd I wLl^ wear Ulm 
la Mijr linrl * con, ■!« Id mf lunut uf b&niit^ 

8cc DiiplMDtiu, by A. Scx>ti>^(rr, I GO-1. Rqir. E. 

" Oh ! 1 vroul4 mu ha La inj lienrri hf^nrt-coR.*' 

P. 190^' Far 0, for O, iH« hobb^^horic 14 fofgoL" 

$«« 013 M^ of ifcT«fwd»hir« tot « Mayd M»rtaii, i6C9, " Sing baL 
n, b«tljiM( bot O, lie hobby borMC m forjfoltcii,'' p. 7. Bi-mi Jontioii'i 
Muquc of (brGip>ii^4, v. mu BMii|ET>i[ib. 1.346; Ui* p. 03^. Sec 
Mctoicr'A '■ V\'Mi)rp Plcau'd/' Act. ir. ne \, 

" .Shalt Ik' hbbhy.haii^ lis for^l Cb«n f 
T&fl hopeful hotby-hont^'' 

Ttic vholf? ntung« ii worth (rf^rring lo, ri» Bhowtnf^ how ihc: hetift m^ 
jMmcd by tW Puntans ; ■ml Fletclicr't Humorous l,\catipnimt. p Jl, 
«d^ Sl«p«OQi >c. iti- ntcic the tcrai " hDbl>y-hi>r«c" Appcori to bo iiMd 
JD it> figurative aud ftuiLliar Kuav-" 

8m lltlictnla, rot. II., pt. rii. |i.212. 

■* Vo woEtli ULcit io ttmll *fcko 

^ Virci.- (Uulfl aiiitilij hjs wlfa uid ftuBlIji 
Will Btc4tiii|E »brcdi aad ullici nicAfrv" 

Aa41 p. 90, 

Abotfl t' th^ c>CY~^' "^'^^ i^lfsf UW," 

Tb» tomnirntnton'nciin oiiP/uTcn^*! roacoanrall wr^m;;. It i» not Iha 
diithH of Frt»Tencc, hut ihi^ \llhge of ■■ Ptoviuft," vvlikh ftftvc the name 
ta tbu« ro«3, » villttgc nctir Parii, KoiCB oct 't«l Ihr prodmL of Awf 
ffamcs^ Ihua Gray vu WTOG|f when in hie Frnpacnt on Gait^nuncnt 
ht Bwle ttic QoriherD iumlen " f^crnt the «Kvr fntcrancc cf tli« breath* 
iigiwc." S<c CopiJ • Rfivrnsfl. Act, I, 

" No iDHD to *»nn yimr illfd cor bio* yo^r roui." 
■SkI tbO HoaCit M»uV Fortnnr of Hi^t^lif^O p. 405. 

•> Will yonr lilk itoebiDtt, fituift, toil ynur rtan.'* 
p. S93,_" Andito iitieh buaiuvsa «> lW frWff (]aj 

Woald qukv LU lock OD." 

Jfow tlib T««dtiia ccniW hjiw bw-ii permitted to *Und ivc caoool tblnlc. 
Tlie wonlb"l>ctUr-" I'Hn " better d*y" u oppnwd 'Mo tlic wilchbe 
ikw rf irJgbt " It » the Wi>o» i>av> of Homer, H. S *G. 

KuJ^bcoT ibc Bunjng Pceilc, p. 51, r«d " better' fci '" bittor/ 

In the 

UUI- Ctnjtciiini EpicnJaiiati on Iha [Feb. 

met Nciii llrtii]ii:i v^ Sr^iilti^rii rrngm, p- '2'2li. " Sivi^ mlhi i^crcrv iDOrvn. 
vidcftr baud IJrt^uJi vrrtiiii lutgulCl." — Liiigala ia n Aword, gbdiolot, 

P. SJ9.^-" And iww m <lo*l j •nJ m he poet lo Hhitcq , 

" 1 bdrc (net Lhc friar Ivllher, «nd li4Td <«rofn 

Ta kill him 

^K loi^lfl nnt tikr htm brttrr pr^Drvd Uiia pricing ; 

^1 But tujt he idrri." 

P. W9.— " Up. mrd, ud kasfr thou d mure hornil b«fll/' 

A certain IblJui, hki'iiig mi^t ivitJi tuic Ilitt liiwl liijjiilf pfovokrd hitn, put 
& poijfn&nl to hJEt brcrfil ; nud unlcM lie vmff/ ££j«f>Afin^ GoJ told liiin lio 
vnrM lull ham, vfUidt itic vlljcr dijiu^ in mvo lile Lifc> lUc Ualioii |itc-\y killctl Liliu^ to the in(eia Ac mt^ be dumneii, h&vmj/ no timt Jur 

P. Ufttf*" An 9ji Ilka Man, to ihmten ltd eotmnind.* 

CoEHpnrc May n Clc^ipatr*, j>. 50, «d. J639, 

^* WbcTa III ihr brfLti^forh bcHt mnriilmfcfvi 

^H ^Viirrc ItfTc AQil tntjeitjrue proud fodtroU/** 

^ '' >kt«-kbilDs<na." 

~ F.f4>.— " What dr^Il irn't 

Tb4t thu* Idtb C0B«n*d 5xm it boQiiljaAa't Ulml f" 

Sec Armin'c Twr> ATaid* of MorccWk, p. 3S, 

" TMtliiiB ftt liavdmiin-Umd I iJ*Uild|*' 

uid «ce ^Iran's ftporu and Pssilm^a, p. 39'2, 4ic. 

PpWfl.— "Niy, but Id lira 

In lU nbk twul of in (uiHamril bed-'' 

EntEJuned, f.r. IE****? ^ i-'"^ ^^^^ "'^^'^ ^^ uiioUicr nnil illfli-rrat meiD- 
iii|,f.«^to cndMt, ti in Btiuy D ArntMii, Act I, tc. J, ■'Cou*^ I'U 
CDicbta tlifo ;" nnd Spcnacr'j Fiicry ijoL'CQr 

■■ And bountBou4 Trent. lUai in hiraolf ctuftm* 
Botli tlilrif »nfti uf lUh und lljirljr tnndty itrrvni.** 

P. ^O.-^-' Tvvi bfdilvd biir, like Ur« in tmr^tnft." 

Thin word ^M peculifirly npi^Ucd m the l«lf. Set; Hcy^ood's Hier- 

lie Idohi mart liks m oiaii." 

Dhtln* ScovrgQ of Folly, p. 'J7, Ep, S-l, 

'* [f Kif TiH aiod la the loDgnC 1w«r<li, 

And *i«doni waLtttb on mch mwhhii/il* 

I»U0 r^r t^Sh^kiycrt, SU 

Pniwiniiri Pnrrhr, cuib> vLst. S17, 

■tkdSh«tioa't Dfto Qiiiio{«j nl- ill. p. lit?, 

*< Not «f* 1IM7 Cra«bbi «ttb fttVf (jy^Mr wrfrrntrnfi, tbau|h Hit prnliabl* their 

'- Tb« [uior^ CQierlic (bMr) mv not f1i<d (0 be uril kliaxelbcr fur an £40'rnifKr, 
b*i Dn£4avcl fvr 4 nrinrf, (Wctaii «ni bccomtOK dlKriiaiaatiOBi" 6c. 

SceikUlonc'f Sapplcmcnt, vfil.ii.t), 72(), wtkure Uio word "orn«iDentt" 
qiplied Ut the bemnf, Percy wovM alUt lo " cxcrcincnt." 

P. TMF — " II, I'njraTi bv nnCbm| thfn ^ 

CL NcihiDf It ill 1 ]ct bII th4t li I He." 

See [IcTwood'A Ifon Age, Jud p4;1. Act fl, tc- 1- Gbosl of A^^ftuicmugii. 

Oft.— "Udj. aooT 

Ok. Awl notliinf rtw.* 

^h\t tad «(>ccuc1g 

p. it4.— " Ptncli vuiton Ob lovf cluolt ^ <aU ;<m hit uowi," 

Co«furv Mutiil Kpiipmu. 

" Nbh ciim iTi* muriBH ta evm wen liRnina dbU," 

ibe word of ifftfcTJoti loay b« accu by roi^miltiu^ I'oliijajii M[floel|iiimj cnp. 
icri, p. I9K brc alto Fletcher^ TlkC VV<>innn41at«r p> 3£i0, cd. Scwotd. 

F-SS9.-*" Or|vddHB|«ii y«u bhIe viih hit duna^il Dogvn.*' 
Qottle'i Eolbloiltli, p. '2, 

— • — " Wfirfoin 

Thf rhLlilrvit'ft Ippmu* f|Dgr>n. vnrfAt vjth diij 


f, 53T.— ^ For t li Ihe iport, lo hiH Oic cBtinecJ 

fiee noUber'l K^r Maid of lliv Inn, rcj, Ik, 2ad cd. p AIt$, 

*" lAhli-hMiinwl 
Lilw ■ pefud ElMlghUd IdIo tii* bauD 
or UiD n^i ArctoiU'' 

And DovUc ^lurisff . p. Ui'2. 

*' SoDitt bailrt mtij nFum Uf on jrourfltlf,'' 


'* AuctOTTn ut fbriiuJE tela tctorU nuu^,** 

r. Kl.«<" T«k« 7011 me for a t^fACF^ aj lorrl? 

H.— At. i tbit >MJtt up the kluf** wonlcunu." 

Am Father Habburd't Tales in Middlctaa t^ayt, «d. DyD«, toL t, 
> 575, 

** V> inmd bin to be 4 Trrjr fmtuilaal «paflfB, ttiU U^kot up all liamonrt, tb« 

Bee ibo Plttcbfr'a Hamoroufl r.leuIcnAn1> p. t>2t 

* Ab4 «vt<u tbr ^cd old fpongt hm iiiclivd oij j nttb drj.*' 

1 23 Cefjettttr&t Mmtndathnf en thv [Feb. 

P, ^HOy— " Tlinf «i7 Iha owl mft t tiiltr'i c[iD|Lrflr.'' 

Why a httktrs diuifblct ? Soe ttic very Ioom; and criDiicoon f imati of 
tVurbtirioii niid lli^ otljrrr cnmLicTiralojrv > \nit refer Uf DcU^ticra Nica 

Vilfliir, p. 3;i;*, t-d. S^ivaH, 

Tlic bukcr'fl cliixariDy bcini; u«arMj it 8Hp|JO«od to Ik^ Uiu l»iiui]lc>r tUoowU> 

■ Alifh AQil (11 far ^litmr f 

^L Younif men wjII At 'i vrhrm ilir*]' comfl 10 *!, 

^v D7 cock iLry Afc lo blauiOi'* 

Bm HoHcobU, l^tt vii. p. [G2. 

" Mr Ud; itaU know it.l; Gli." 
Agiliitp. 10 It 

■ *' And U iLv te^ lo* l^ Xht itadtf, 
r Tli eock I vuTAOl «. 

Srtr PlalfB VUiwexH of Phikwoiiliie. L Iifi4. Hvo, 
m '■ lly 1^14 1 (Link 1 wu uourtt 

Sec Ftctdtcr'* MuJd • Tta^c^y, Act il, p, 3a 4to, 

■ * '" Tlierc It 

H Difimf^r thnuE jm IhoF irnhr#a ilufl 

^ Mt rkihiLfi piuLDfiA ; u you ura in; Lln( 

1 nil befaro j9tt*' 

AUd 1-- CLflcirft OltU]t)CLdi p. ^^'^i 
" Tor tram xi\e ditiGvr of t\j iwurd tberc ii 4 diTluttjr ibaL wUu Ui|ioa (he pcfMD 

Sec Flclrhcr't Humoraui Lieuttru^nt, p. 7-!j> 

■ -' Tliii nobis mJnd to moli »i; tad maulder^ 

M ?.SK^<' There Uioueovjt tiut *< fur npenLaDcn-'' 

Biftoti, in his FlaurlflEiL'K ib[hii] Fsxiicy. 15F42, hiiA j^tveu a bn|; caU* 
logve oT thi! Kup[)Dbcd quniaics cf dotvvn, kvitb wlitcU ^cit »UuJ(J ber 
chamber HovfcTiM 

** Fop tdim, T*jj*t— wbifih 

M(;{Ll nol ao tnt*M di>c«ye | 
For |iftUDiil^j, \nttie ytacUtta 
Tl»4l tint monj • w*j i" 

Uut Ua do«« not ucnlioii roHomai^. Uf foitnd, 

^ Ttf fnilt If flnttflnc,'* ILriS 

* Row<mar> " wii uicd At tntrhigQ rcjttivuli* See " Tbo U'onuo's 
iVi;fc/ Act i>ac. L 

fi^irvrot, " Fk^vcrs arc wjlh grief ittrticd ['iiq^lo/' 

F, 3V7>^-" WbcR bo bli mi^il^L* iiov, bit quUlcu, hit 

I bLi Unurei) ud hjtf 

■■ STrrtffin fM-h ^iddit of tilt Uv to UmI 
Hid culptttlfi/' 

And Mc I)ol«nt<y*B Frimri>HC> (« copy ot ih\t puu^e of Hamlet,) KiCC, 

*' Wliy Biiflit ODl Ilk&» b«i« bcfTD iciniF Lurfrr pAie 

T«r %%krkt aqJ i^uillei* uti-, £ir. Alinr ba iUd/ f 
Knr » b DaU ^aA nut 4 wont can Hjr-'^ 

For "quilktl/' KM the [1i>iLe>t iMwycr, p. G9i 

and Tnck td Cilch tbo Old One, iMiddktoi>,) Act I. K. I, 
" U« la pnllowvl in tli« qnko^MD.! of Imu- ^viiMw." 
ufed tli«oii|nna] nmmi]|(<tf 111? vord '*<^uiiltfC«" niAy be tt<Ti in FuUer'l 
Woithiet, Aft. Sfudolk, vw:it dliks, pn 55. 

F. 3fl1.*C^«ir, " I vUI oiH botccB la blm thcio (ibif fa* J) : Jjon tlic ujm ervu 

SW Fleicheri FlIgrim.pL 505, 

M. ATu ! 

Tliil "jroqnnlkm, tliBj'ffefiiai/eirrjrwliarr, Sir!" 

■nd Fair MiU of tU^ loti. p. 411. 

*' r. V* *1LI for EafUatl. t1i«C 'i cerUhu 

C Vaafca^l »w vadL Ihcr*. • 

P. 1X^«ilF iLb<ircoBrCof^h'<li*h*]1 t^aI monrvT Artt, 

F«f I fW l >M virMiriiird puiuuuDt oTor f'>»ld 4Dd niaJ fbUl.'' 

p. 33t^" Li« bet fftLot n ltd tbickf U iXit /mturiiiic matt tone." 
Compue At«otiir« or Sir tiAwa)'», tt- ^i- 1 tbc Ghost tayt, 

*' Tiike Intly Uiitri:lil nvye \tf iu« 
For >U ibiyWvrAt/4Pff«m, 
Muc oa mj mifror. 
Par Uiu ud emperor 

P. n^S.— " Vet brrr nbc b tllaircd lier vlr,t:La cfintii 
//cr RiAuIn fl/rfimrJi^." 

iBir F. KyuBitoii'f LWino nud Sydiuie, p. 100. 4t^ 161^. 

" On firflfiiMiji laid nf Mivr-rwUng ftowen/' 

Aad nct£lirr'B Coxcmb, p. ^ID^ 

P, «T*-^' «»wri» to the neet, fimsiftlL" 
Sec lliMd, nodroim Khod- cl l)o*i<:liii Amor. |x 3K. «d. Uiiilmin* 
" H ™ T^ riffinYjV oftw til' ■/wm^Hw." 

Gs!(T. ^AG, Vol. :^1U, ^ 

130 Cot^icturot EmmSfiiioni on thi (F«1k 

JiiDCSon'i Pt-pulrir BuIIiuIk. vol 1- p^ 30, 

" Wlllir'i u'rn a rou oni o' hli bil, 
Laid it in \iiiiif'i \tpt 
Tbt bvaniril lu the Wphir*< fil't, 
llu vcu kt for mj Mkt-" 

tnd Juliet, p. 7C,hJ< 4t^ 1G37, 

'^ Sweat flODVvr, wtU *ow*t» fhjr WiJil li»d 1 itrfw," 
Dun^foU of Kobort E''U.i'l cf Htuilin^dou, p. SCt 

*' L«Bk Iwi* in)r fl(hv<<r boldii fkuflm it h«r hlfiilt, 
Atid t1iD|Ci (bou mrcLt upon mj ilPrpinf ■an," 

Ph 33T.— " I thonfht tiif brU«.b«d to lun* d«ckfld, vmt maid, 

Kt tmi pro IhAlkiiia. iitrPiiiLUA boo tumulum^" 

F. UT.— " WliK It bt vboiv grtcf 

ficc Sfiiu])«'« Cbn^U PfiAikou, i>. IG7. 

SErilHt on lajr ton ^^ 

P, 341.— ■' Btf bvTlfd i^ujck wiih Lm, «iid i« oUl L» 

To be *' bmitd ifmck " i^cqumI ■ kiud i>f provcrbUi i^xprnsiAn, tlou^^K 
ID olhcr CBstd lUo jiijjcctivi' " *livc " vab r<|ujil]y in ii»t, but not jui^Ril to 
burl^rl- S<^p Wintfrr'a 'tn\t. " N<il likf Ji t^nt^t. nr if uui (n Im- ftaWrd hut 
yyiVA- aiifl In my annH/' Day"* llnmniir out ot Rri'olh, Jlo. p. 3'^, " Let 
uit bo twricrf ^"ifAri*tfn," liycou* t.oii«i>ipitfii*, p. >i, " Sb>iJ bi; btjhi:*! 

Crfc*.'* Fli'Etbcr'i Bonducfl, Art II. Kh 1, " Whcit wc lie bimrtf ijiiii.l(/' 
ih 3( M-vivitl Mi-jttufES p- ^^]7i ** lltiricd i|Lkick firat ^" nnd Uw Purittiiu 
p :>-I0, od. MftJoTic, '• I wcmlt* jivc tvmity ki««pii for a f vicft haibctiirl i" 
■ho bafl joftt iii«uLiottccl ouo ^Hritfi^j tod ibcLuvor* PfOf^ri^M, pp, 38^| 
387, -1^3 • 

p, l^r*— ^ WUL ho inch tup wid f ^blifei an a]r ^'b'" 

Thcic (wo wordi nru ipjacrnJIy Joined. «t Jn KiUon'a Populur Pocliy, 


" BobioMimi 4n4 latb oUiEf bvga," 

Brit. Dlblitynphcr. 1. &4d. 

" (S. Ko«Un4'> Mon KniTM Vel>> OnoM ^bat* of r**^"'- fi^^i fiif* olflit- 
DAni, arahiDa^ ■uilfJriii." 

SoTQCtiiDcs tcpniHUty, n« LUIo't Duburuii ^'. Dtdic- 

" Kn6 t\n^ itie muK aIII of bo ^4Ur b^c. 

Tbc Honett Lawyer, p. IJ5, 

■' IL« Moulif Ian bacA tl tulk iumftdtd buffM.' 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^^"^^^ ^ ■ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

* Tbr q^ic^iH bnltt &■ tbc At< hftt^, in ovpo«idon to Ibr drwl rcnoc. 


1^5.] Trti q/ Shcifprrt. 181 

*' n« Hrtne* «itli bJD thtt r«4l Ccrplua hy^ 

rocU**Milloa.vol.V.p. 425. 

" llirpln mod Hf^ti, «r til lt« »r<ulroai (v^ft.* 

Cosu«. * Gtl5t BS in the orjgliinl MS. tn Ihc PaJih XCt- vrrve 
A. '* thv tcrrotir liy nigbl/* \u Itit* old v«tni'ra^ it " tbu ^f^r uf iiiifUli'* 

p. WQ.-^"A> (IrJlr. AHffr*. And if>. t^m of Iht rvrli^ Sn U\ik an tvtt 

See Jep»on'« Evrr^ M«a in li> tUoiour. Act. T* ft. -Ip 

1 luppfaal 10 tmtrr iMo wisa ibDOon* of • Aaimer, mhkU X viun >« both ftr 
WH DMt prrvn^orj, (i«uuCiiJ« 1011 irmJaMiJike.'' 

?. let.— -"nb Up<rinf rant «iraj wflfa Ow •ball ^it biV had,** 

"T1)c«kclltktLldv«iihAUbcd«r, uJ Ibe bjinpW Inn, Jullkbc r^H^^^^C' 
na ■««} «jA li on dttir bMif." 

F. JT1.— " A«d kt lb«hrtlfa to Ibfl tmnpel Bpnt r ftv. 

T1»C c»«tom of dribkin^ among (b« Dmots ii nxriit'iort'd by Wniiun of 
Molombiuy •'Tone Ihkiitjo cuntiaualwntm potuum rrluiuU/' See t\90 
Eniyn'% (Mat Ctttraluv. p. 158. " 'IV D^itt^ti liww \W ^. j oIm 
L'tiiiUfcJ'ft Fotein. 

At U«D*» evronvH bj krriltf.drornii-" 

F' 3T>^— "VIjj m « vwOcock tu mlu oira tprlftgc* Ontc.*' 

AftwoodfiKkmiiaEwt trf iprifigf-t, thf ntliiihn ttiimI br ulirn EiMfEh lifiprT' 
Itct o»& In Ibe fiiltoniA^ plii-» it it l4> be fDimd. vi?- Di'Eckcr ■ Wonder 
of a KiwIoiDip* 3S U- P- , BuUt^r'tf KcmAlm. val, j. jl 6 > TKylor^v (tiie 
Vf'mu Poct,> Woiko^roit ii p. 2^ i h\AtiU4^'9 MaTctwlcnt, ]>. 14 ; l^f 
Aliaonj. p. (iL> rd. I 04? ; And Dryclt^frt U^ilcl Gallant, idL I, p. lifi. 

Tbiu w u tn iixilaiiFy<i( itlmviam; v/\Kh rf^rd tn anjf 9ilcf3tk»a» or 
CMftdAtio-m of tLo kit 10 tbU play wo have tew lo j&olcc. 

F. 17^^'Tbc fiTH ibkoO CtfiuntlAi^ inil ihe ibieUd il«fJl 
Did rfwal iWr^^Afru iW /ifHiBii tf rHfi, 

Aa lUn «hb t>«Uit offlrf Jind dwi of blooJ, 

Unloftv nmeaei a Itixe to be )aii, vtucb b berc indiciteif by « nomt 
ipMC' H« UM pfvfi^m C« i^iid *' ub(rd *' for *' u itarf." Jl af>ri04r» to 
V that the line *' ft» oian '' 1ia« ^oc out of iu pUcc, bat that D<>1IuDg ii 
inntiig. W< Xhva a^tjubl lb« rvHJing : — 

" Tb» p«tTP itood Irqanllm, iiti] ihf •bnCed dvtJ 
Did •^BHfc nd Hbbff is tha Kouta meei*. 

J53 C9i^titT«l Kmrnd/iti/^A on the Trji 1/ fihohpere. L^^ 

DImMn in the tun ; inil the aioM tf^r, 

VpoavbMC influent Ncfiluuc't rui|iin ilaaJiii 

V^itok^ODil %*• ilnmo'ilvi <ii1h (clipne. 

And ^*o Ch« likf prt'uru of fltroi avant*, 

j|« tMrt vJiA /nnu i^TjIrir 4Btf itm itf &'«<^« 

An hurblnfcn precatliiiff tlUl llu bin/' 

h mint bt; obwrv^ tlifit tlic iniDrtlon of nnrginjilgliiMeA.* niLtJ llic 
irvtfjiijiiti^in nf ptiutxgct, tue XYic tw^ chief raiin of ci>miptiOQ in the Uxi 
«f tie old Audiore. 

Pill^^^^'Por if thu iun BrMd lUffnU in ■ drrnH dog, bolvf a |ail kiiifDE 

Aflcr icflriroK ftil lliAt Hm btcn vtrritlcn on ihxi pBuaffC, ")C^" ticinfc 
Wiibiirlmi't I'lLit-iublion for '' r<Ktd,'*'^i*Mdi Juliiivoii »ht« i« n iiotilc 
cnwnditinii, nlmoit totliii|{ the critk oti in njuulriy with Ili^ milliDr, 
(eisrcly Lyp^tbdicfll pnUcj fur after oil tfi*! pn^iuipi' n vpry obiciirc",}'^*'^ 
praimsi- roLdiiiif a " i-HtrjoTj^kbtihg Kud." nlkidj vrc llurjii raucli prrrt^rnhk 
in Any ]irT>)KW4.'rt. iiui) ii tt'n\n'*\ lihc firiiTrn-kJ4>iii|;, cloud- k-waittg, &c, 
S*c llcwy IV- pm 1, Aa il, ac 4. 

" DLilie tbou nvtcr M« TlTn «ut ji dlih of bntttf ^" 

p. 3}f,«-"T7ii( moDitcr, cuiloin, wFid itl hum dattiall 

Of b«Lrit4 ilcnl* iJt laEcl ^cl tu lUii," Ac 

Thii |iftungr ii Jirknanfnlgrij by ttin rncirn la be cDtru[it. Tbiilby 
fonjccturcd " cril," Sreevpni '' f»r Imbit'i devil." Wf ]ito|H]Bi*, 

'* Thit tDoncIrr, (mtoni. whoiU icillD licth <«t i 

iv1»di nnnly kIvci tUr ncnnc inUnd^^d by tlic ^t. If tliat mobl 
GUMuiN» vrhicli j[i flPhcral ia the dt^i[ of knbil, kadiriy tu tvil, yd in thi« 
ttiing kcU tlie gvud pnrt of the im^l. &r. 

?> 3CI>— "Thv lUvf. Sir. hatb biJ. lltC In h ilorrn |4Ha bft«v«ik jAvrvlf tarf 
hini, h* ihill ntit «ot<d yuu CbrH hid, Ifd h4th luid oa (wtlH fur ntut. lad it 

StrcvcntMy« ttrcc ot four pn^ca »4>iik! not liofd ilie nnto^ wrillcn oo ttiil 
piu»A|fr. Wf. Latc iiulhiti|£ to u^^ktvc (in iL hitc llutt k ii pTi>hH\blv corrupt -, 
ftnd thnt m thr rrn'ting nf rin* folio. " He hilh o«r rwrlvc for miic." "'uiii'" 
may Iw kn tiror for " won " ut " i>n j" l>Pt indeed, ** Hp hath Inidon rii'**lr« 
for tiin^," drcms Eo at to look torv like ah inierpolatuMi fiom the in«rjrin. 
One might any thflt^ byn logiK.' uianiaTof fpenkini;. not cKcecdtrglliicc hits 
miy inruii. irwi rrcetdittg mtrre Ihnn tvo. \l may alwci he oWnffil thftt 
tbuc nambcrt w^rvf probabty n-prtrtentcd by Arnhrc Agurci, and not by 
IftUn, ADCl wcr« ttK>ro Jiablt* to be hltcrtd Koi mht\e corrupt. 


qut t*b uuiifibm rrba* ftutmmita m^mrlhuatt i(UHr isiu* JlbimmciiU^Xfrkrill-.'' But ^M 
tVoLL he blji, " Sid jH«rfdM laiBvU JU }J0r«pi{(U ut fo^tVnbCRiiiMai ponLnl, nial com ^| 
qui plHtD (AOtt* icnurvoMi tlln ftul o*rt« amnibiit In robut coniiivHi. £h FflrHTiiOB ^ 
Ml th> rnnrrwpth PhUtpp. Or. nrnL'^ro, c. IV. ALiil h««T many of thrjM lnlEir 
Uodt of flfitlri bjivr im litd riTi KLLiibi^icrcl 

Dd moleficUni (uyi a Inmrd aad antrj oimmenlalciT) Ifil imwritorum ftnrri* 
.*b uuiifibm rrba* ftutmmita m^mrlhuatt i(UHr isiu* JlbimmciiUiXfrkrill-.'' But 

bf blji, " Gfil gutfrfdM laiBvu jU bvrfiiittu ut foftwiscRiiiMai nonLnl, nial com 











THK w E tf i ^ SwiaPr, M.awhu (llRl nn tho 31k Jan, IS4I. (uxdof 
«rbfM« veccntiic mode of lifo, »nd ilill miMQ citnoTdiaai^ dtnth. lOfoe a^ounC 
tFAAgivcii Id CTif Julj liwwbci, p. loo.} by \ia VTiII, proud id Ihc PrrmKslita 
Coa/1 oT Cu1«rburf en the 1'^ t'ob, follawiiiE. If ft tvro 4Udi> of \0»t);. tneh 
\a th9 71m per «cat-Ci>a>ul». tv the Scckci^ of Arts and tbc OrilUh MuMam. 

W* hftv* col hrtrd «h«l »tcpi hAi« been takvn by the diractar* of tfaate 
iaititotJoo* to fulfil the uialkci of iht Tcftfalor; and il ida^t bf >u«pcctcd thU 
•rva^ ijiftcullifli may poiiiblf aHav (rrim llir «i<ij-ij|«r kiipLiInTiiini >iini>ihl ; 
Ijvt cb4 bti^Qcila irc lA theaiBcLtTi m larir. unJ the UtmLlariC circomvUciRt 
Mt nttMinlioAriF. ihAi vf baif thQught ft cnftv nf ih^ Will would hn «n DbJrtC 
C#Cttfio«IlT 1o our RmiIctil 

It will it p*rnl*vd ihat ihe rNnciLont of thr Will aii>, that The Socltif of 
A/1* »h«ll prevent v*ctv fifth Tcar, [and tint on the tiAh aanitrntrjr of tbe 
Trtttter'i 4«^ii.u> nhkh wjil bi* th^ 'ilal Jaii. tM*)>) i ^ilvrr foMct of 
lOOJL T>Ja«, Bpd T«(iCunii:e ^oH roio lo the i&mr aniuunl, la lliit mulhor vf \hv 
bckt p^blUbed wokK om JutttiPki]j>k>Cfl, to bv &c1Ju(1ki^ by tfic mrinlitim nf 
lb« Sociflf. Mkd |h« fflLawfl of the Callrga cf P>f»ci«ni, iciM Mr viret f/ 
met ^^9iiq^ r Afflni/i nay £f< nurrirtf. ThU ipprGpHfttioa of tkt bequest 1> 
dir*et«i1 by a raiAciL in lieu df gnv mnro acconJAOt tc» tbc oiqaI objc<U cf tli« 
SocielT of .^f Er, ti^- tlic ccnvci^iuii iCwttle Ivnd tulo crablv, 

Thft bf^DCAt to iIlq BfLioh Muuum tt dir«cud to hv •nipl0y*d id Mtablish- 
iof ft LttcmMfta&ip a?i GKoi«f-T, ibc LcctLim Eobcan M.D, <if RLllnhurgh. 

Tbt f«M4«f or 1h> T«Uiti>T'i citatc ii bc^tititbcd I« ths MMdkiet HuphoL 

(EiBTHlicd iioat \\ic JUg)ittrj of tXie PrcfO^iitiyB Court uf Caalrrbur^.) 

Thii Ulht Utt WiU ATid TwUinvnt «n(T uthi^r (niamfriptaornhich I may 

Of tt*. O»offy* Swlncy, Dottor of "" '^ — ' '" "'" » — --- ti -^ 

Phytic, «ftti« URiirri Itf of lid ^nburgih, 
jtou VMldb? in !ti(fnioiich KUMr, tfi 
tb« eoniity of >1iddl<«pi^ 

I . I dnir« ihHl my d?Mi u)i] faacTal 
CTpraut b* psbd, 

9. t fiT« a miniatorp picrvii* nf my 
fittwrtiobi* ntiirTit Of k!«i turrtvinf 

1. ! (It* n nLr-fttu4« plriiir* of my 
iKrtfavr to T»r n«unt of kko ■cirvivlng; 


4. I itfenygold rtfigiatht dffTgy- 
BiBi) WLa ilult pcifarm my faofrU 

%. I deiin that ■ bond. ^nlH by 
the late Afnn Got^dall id tny laic- 
fathfT William SwWy tnd my Ul« 
oadt Jofan fi*rif]i>y. br, no ftx a> on« 
■niftT Thrrr f It mncvinpLt. FanivlM. 

fi, I \t%n ifc* »»jm of flfiy poiinrln 
Itar tbr pnrpuu of publishing unc t-Al* 
nam id «och maiuucipti u t may 
iMtviiHlh 4irr«UonitoihAiF]T<cr. and 
I k«r« \ht pratitt inaint; ihcrpfrDm. 
lapther «i1h thv in<nciicMpt and 
copyright tbfnof, and nito mj booLt 

ill* poflvtMfcl, to the LoivdOD Uci< 

r, 1l»av«li'rttboaaiidpotiiidA4loclc 
i^ Iht 'I'hrt* f»r crnE. CoA*ohdotod 
Annuitici. to lb* 'rVutlwi of t^e 
tiritith Muicom ftjid thvir aucc^uon 
daly drftFd nnd npp&lal»d for Pitt, tn 
trutL lor Tb« purpotc or«fctj[bU»tiriig « 
l*ctaw*>ii^i M Snlt^tul hiicCofy.» 
Should Ibi4 plan not rarH wjth tbi 
appmbilion ul hi* Majnty't Minla- 
r*n, Ih^n I clirpd my nvcuton to aall 
tbff ft^ETi* ami divide thf proccoda 
ainoikgtt ihft fi]][flKlRj{ inalTtutioni t 

I," The Lirtiary Tuad/' id Lro- 
coin'* fnn FiffldL 

11. "TheAnitt»'B*n»ro|«nlKiind," 
ettablithfd in the ytar [SlO. 

in. '-The ArthiU- Goioral B*Ti4to* 
l«n1 Io»tirution/' 

IV, "Th« M«rin» Socioir/" inali- 
tuFfcf in (hi* rr<ir l/.^A, 

V. "Tb^ ^i-ntral PhiiaiHlitcpie So- 

* Altered U a Uutnrnblp on GfolofT 

by CodicU. 


KiJt o/tht iaU Dr. Svk^^ 


dfTy,"inUUuttdlflCl«l(«aw<Uiii the 
yvnr ICI3. 

9tark 111 th(? ban* TJifff ptrcrnl. Cnri. 
Vilblafri! PuiirE t" Thf S'^rirty Utt Ilii> 
»npnii'<feEii4rnr of Art*, Minuf<f»uf»*, 
AiiH C^irjiin'rrr. in>IitiitP4l in tb« ytnr 
IJ^K I'l truV. tfi «p|kly tht r|it|ilrnc|4 
lh*r*frodi kitting i'^%\i•• foilawtnii |iur- 

Winivfraiify of rrj Ottt?***. <ni) nn 
t«My finh ■Aol'tno.ry of lh# umif 
iAvrwB/ilt foi *v*r, pn^^^ni Ia ihiit 
Hrkcuhufitr. (irJUfL ft IvMrhntdiir in 
Friii|«nrt. Wftln. nr ^c-j^I lAiirl. uhn 
*hn1|, dufinnhd li** y*'*™ prccwUng 
Ih* ilay f>r pn^^Mstmn, bftt* brou|>hI 
Ulc Ar*bl« (ultivntlAn tho grnrctl 
quantity <T w»att Uod.* ttilvrr ^i>[>1rt 
of l)iv Vftlur iif iri* Imndrtd |iDunfJ», 
C4>Q^A>nio; IE^1<^ ''^^^ ''^ *^^ tamp 
•itioiiDt; amt iHat tluf da tppljr ihfl 
rviDHindfr of ibo dividrnrt* fhrrffrnn) 
uriiiAfff ic th* gtiural purpmc at tliar 

^, 1 i«iiv» tht «ura ^r rinit himFlftd 
pfidndft iQ tffh t>f my tiariilAr*, 

la Aodwilh rr««nl Eo the rttldut 
ftiid TttPtiiMliP of my 'tttEr. of whAt 
iiiiturd tof vcr^ I miy di* |iatit*Acc| of. I 
dtfilrfl thM i[ inny Im* •nItT, *ni! ih* 
proModi tb<«*Af p«icl mioihr freuary 
of lb«Mit]d1v*«i Hi»pit«l, And I ip- 
pOL&t llulcbiaiton B^iU, nqairr, mcr. 
chmli of The Dly f»f LriniJrin; the 
R*v. iattnh KflfihilP, f^certUry tn Ihtf 
Bniiih Mtjuiim i tli* H**. John IVf r», 
of L«(dU01Ii, in tb* enrmty of Surrty* 
ll,t Ri¥, Ur, F. A. Cm. I.ibnriin TO 
iLo Loniloa Univrraiiy ; ind Arthur 
AUin. •^qoi^t.^'f"'*'y"'l^'!«*''*^T 
bf Arti, tcr. EiFi:urfm of Thi« my Will, 
te vhlch I pot my hnnrl And *dftl thU 
S?ai Uny *i May, 1*31, M tny •?»«- 
of Middl»Di— CirosAi SwiVEr. Ci^* ) 
!l|^«l. tcaleH. kaJ itvl if trrd i n tho pre- 
•cmr f^f ui. Madt As* DumHUWV 
"Widow.-^Ass \v»»r, Spio<l*r< 

1. G«:irf» Swinqy, I^utlcr of riiy»k 
of tlir Univrraily vTl^Miliurxh, Iik'luk 
mark my Will m wtll be found in 
fhcN uver«] (upidi >iK> ogc itj my 
AWd poueHUHw ft Kcond in lh« BntUh 

• Al['rrJ t'f C'oJl^II la the Author- 
■lilpuf iLiobMi puljli4U«dirorkan Jutu- 

iMo'frum, «nd • ililrd with lliv A^Uiy 
□f Arf>> all ar4ai< 97f]i i>f Mmr Ifi the 
y«r l«3t, do i»kr lhl« tt-hct^ bddi- 
tiftijtt fhrrftlc. d*4irinft (.li«r i1 m«y b* 
lAleii d» (t«fl md parcrl thfvcof. 

I. T dnir* that mj M?(ti1on will 
IhiMihH Jo «*iii«irr 41 dirtcird rn nf 
Witl nrip tdJTioD of Iht folrnwlng 
mAnoirrtpia ; vit. I, n Itnmihc* rn- 
Mlsd Affioodil i 2. A vo'omrnf KabJe*! 
3. A TrvMififr on Jifntprud^nrf ; nnj 
far iny piip»o»M tivcv»iiry lh^^•lo, 
fii^f hpr than ard<t*il in my itid Will, 
I jtfKVf rhf liinliertumor finypomida, 

3^ I d>'ttTo ihal my fuDtraf tip«fiif« 
mty oDt #ic^d Thff Ki»m of iii«oiy 
pounri* over «itd aliovp Ibf OTpriiH oT 
my rofflii fthd pft!l, lh« cotprinff W 
vhirh furniff ftnd (hs latUr I dotir* 
may i* mil of blurk^ cIotIi, bgl of y«|. 
low, for wb^ch T Ut*t thn mm of 
twenty fvitihdt ; itUn T f1o«ir« ihftC 
thr«fi liEil^ F"l*. drrttrd in vliiu, far 
whiclidt*'**'! J i^avviliPvurDoTtwcriiy 
pDiinHit. ■! g1*>» 4 Iftfiir-y of twenty 
prMjnili iinrli Ifl th* Ilttlr ifirli. fnay 
pr^rnl* my cnlTIn In pfrto^fclon ; whicn 
proefb&inii !■ lo ha on fnnr ] mrl | 
dnlrc th«t ■ iltb or ■rhlcp lAArblo, 
polithiil ftnri rdjffd wltb black, b« 
pltrrvl oT Thr hfflkd of ny ffttve, for 
ulitch 1 tpproprlue th« iW of Afty 

1. [ dM^rr Ihnl n mourning ring b» 
«Kit 10 ?iich of a number of rrltnd*. or 
vtlioiti ] t«r« a lint in my btnd- 

4, And whr^rrM ihir* U in my Mi<l 

Will n tm« In ihf fcirlety of Art* for 
A fitUc til br gUfn'in th^ tu1tiv«ror of 
rhc ItfgnE cUcnr nf vakTft frfAund, I 
ticj now revokv thiE hcqnmr, find I 
Jc«n tbc lum of five thciuiand pnuadt 
■lotk ! n ( h pTlitrr p? T rru 1 XonioE idol Dd 
Fond* lo tV Humf l^icirty of ArJi, In 
Tni*I> Trir Mh puriKitr of pmrtitmg ne 
ijmiUi peiiodt A»imiliv i^rhf lo th* 
tutbor or lliv bvit fiulilt^Urd ^vorlL oo 
JuhA[ifudcnct. 1o 6t ndjuilvcd by tho 
mcmbrT* Cbrm*r1icfl and thi- F^Jlowa 
oftbc Colircf of rhyftitjAhi, wlili tba 
wJTH uf »ui:li of bolh of ihrm lu nay 
bv tJianivd, for fi«t, Ihr luiplui lo tM 
Applied Ufili^rclcdp vii. lo the general 
purpii'D of Lbf Sucitty. 

A. Add wli«iMi» tlieiv i« sl^o a in»t 
lo itif Tiuttfti of ihv SiiLi«b ;Muicnni 
fur n LtttuKtbip uq NiTbiol Hintcry, 
I Jo tiko ruiL^kc cbtl boDunt, aod I 
Icavft Gtc Ihouaaad pouod* itock In 



ms</i\< Uu Dr. Swinty. 



1a trail to 0>t Imilcr* ai ibc UritUh 
MoBtvio. fertile p«rF-:«*«r nubltAh' 
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4. t ItftTf on« b«adr>d pound* la 
lN poor «f !)>« wkb in nh^h I mijr 
4to. to b* dittntaKd by tb* rflvtoe or 

7- I ^tBT• to Oterg# Swtnay, rrdvat 

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Irt* llw K. ]. C4nf«ji)'i. mj vrittng- 
Jn^, 4r««ii>^*NTi. ftrr<f nil apparfttiifl; 
Vf v«ub. chftin. Bod mmIb. v^iib i 
Eiinl vtml having «Bgta^^ ih«r*on thfl 
Rmily artBip bit pitiol knri swonl* 
CM* wllFl ociBf oa ti(v«r top^ 

8. 1 Imt* icj Mv-i» Swiaaf, Alrltit 
dugbMr of the uMl finit-C<}Ei>ct«! 

wwn^ fDjr iDtilLct'no rhMU >ad mf 
rihvr citnei(-»t». 

Am I ptit* mf htnd lad »m1 to 
lUi nnfMil It «7 rOi>iii« is Hr>rvft. 
votth Ptecp. Kfninh Tnwo. in Thi* 
cDv^ty Af Midritnn. Ihi- foorr»«ith 
Mf at Nowmbrf, in tb^ ynr one 
Oiovoa Svintv, (t><'> 


Lift< ar fritii^ Vi m^u 1 b«v« left 
fft mv Irlil moor&.Af ricift f^ 

^ CUhcAft, Mq. tttwtaiAt of 
Ui^ * t^KUMT to l^oMl CUhcvt). 

^ Whitt^ obo . AraiMoD, near £dln- 

•^ Taylor, m^ Adtoraic, of bdio- 

Anhitaia Jlaif. <n. of THn^ut. 

Gwrfa S«iD«r, n^. nt Ike E^at 
late Ai«il*rj. 
Jtkba ^wiu^, U.D. of lit Ladia 

ChaHai Aatkony Kitebtr. #4i|, rd 
WalfaDA. avaf \V*th«vtrT, la Lb* tutiPiy 
m Ynrh. 

Tha R«- W'ilian AtkiD«in of 
BaitWi^ ntmr ^^Hhnbr, laibaeoofl^iy 
OfYwt, a^ of CraawTH in Nnrfolhr. 

Tika 9m. Orarifp aainpy i>l nuhho. 
Ukd lai# ■# Brid^mr^h. 

ItiliB KrVHl, 9d,D. ed Kdinborvh, 
a«d aT Ktite a iIm Hi|H4A4ft of S«ol- 

Al*a oa* to tarb e/ my *v#cvfEV«, 
* LcKbf 

orih»BrilJ4hMQ>Oiiia| Mr. Hottbtn- 
•<ia B«]i, McrchiTiE* or Crovn Court, 
Tbrcadftrrdlc Slrvftt; Arthur Ail.ia« 
etq. Sepr*tiifT to ibo Sctl*Jy flf Art* ; 
the Rev, Dr. Coi, Li^riiifiaii of tba 
txiidon l/nirf riicy ! thi Rf^- Joho 
PMn or LiOibcfh, and of B/ntoci fltar 
W«tb«Tbyr in th« coantv of York, 

I, Gtorg* Swin^, M-IX do ^niLo 
tbl* codicil ftirtbtr iD ftdJitioo tr> my 
QiLL J b»)uuth 1o Ann Hmi lltig, 
crdcht iftopbur of the Iftif J4iD«a lUJg* 
9\<^. of Kfdforf, BDd o1 ttio Indu »cr- 
Ticr.a «ritLn Frtorl p'^rtfotid, cantim- 
lag tcndry toota ia«noiCTkpi', fi^r brr 
iiii« and rhtt of hvT particular frirodf, 
aod alia tbf tufii ^tf ont> liondml 
p^nntlt J puttjcig mT han] and aval lo 
lh«Mai« tha ioarth day nf H«[jF*fnh*r^ 
In th« yatT ItfJti, al my fooma in 
KcadUi Taw a. 

/■ f Ar ^t>St c\f Onr^t Sirtnff. DocUrf 

Apptaird pprwnalt/.TIiorDfla WiU 
tjata AJcldid IIdikt A|ir?f«^ of 
Suntf-iirrct ia tlir sErand. \a Iha 
ccjuaty<jf Middk«Ti.v>q.ii]d Adrlaida 
Apr^rmrth« umr plirr, (pm^Ur, and 
Lr[o£ Ktffijh TO d-'prwf thr Truri, made 
uaib u fiiLlrinvt r and £jht ihu »Aid 
Tlumjaji WiUiBUi AJrUrd AprtfCV fur 
hiuivclf fiajib. tbai Iiv birnt and «aa 
well a<i4uamtt(] wiih Cintgr S<viafy, 
fojinc^ly uf :^iLlmfiiAli-4tr^rl, GtayV 
IiHi'lauc, aficrivnrdii c*f Muini*orli- 
placr. KFQTiah Town, but lnio of 
Gfuw-sUcci, Camdra To«a. In ibc 
(mriUi of SiLiut raofnu, in the ccUEty 
bt MUSdt?ici« Docior of Dijiic. dv* 
crattd, A*r Bomi yiarv tvfurv anil to 
tlio iirnt uf liii dralb. antJ aliv vk«lt 
autuakblrd aiiL liiv toanoM an J cba- 
iicEtr uf Laudwrltinf undiitilicrtplba, 
baabg frvqutiLtU iHH^ri him vfu'.e. and 
viuit; ajid ^utncrtOc bii biLiac; laid 
ihtf and AdtUiiit A^irttft Sat lirnffl 
aojlh tbfrl ilic wBj abo vfEI acituaiatfd 
iritti ibc laiil dfCtatcd for many ycara 
bvfafc Bi>d t? the ImiD uf hJn dralb^ 
and aUo nJlb hi* inatjnrt auil i^ii* 
r ac ' It uf I taiii[ *f : j ti u |[ ai id f uttcc t|;l«uu, 
Ly ^<K*uu lba£ the bfiUj betJi la Ibc 
haUE vf cuiicti^ndinx "iih ll'r <lr- 
ccak«d, aad dur^oK that lime hat rf< 
Miv«d niaajr ltlt«ra fr^is hin ^ and 
tbt» tJcptinf nU i'lnlly and 40'< rally 
luakf uEiLh, :l>ai hdviii£ now frith care 
and aUcuiiutJ t'CAci and ptiu*cd ibc 
papvr w(jiiuii Lciciu aancicd* pur- 


purilnir \<j he anil D^nFjtln thp lut will 
■nil lfftUiiiPnt,wJthtnoc£jdipiliihrri^Trj, 
oT the tfLul clf<tf4irit. Art. ^e. iljpf uy 
Ibr^ <)o trn\y tnM tn llipir roti*d*ncp* 
behpvp ihr whnif bf>ilr, trnct, ind 
cijnlcntA of iJu' ii>i|inr wiuiitgn mnrkpJ 
A onJ D.juiddw lubArtiplUmH Arc. ftc. 
to be aJl of the i/icijwi- liiiuIwrtULie 
and nutiicripLiDa o( tht laiil GtorsA 

On till' imh diL/ uf frbniary, 1^44, 
Ibf »llI lliotDuB Willimn Ad'^lard 
llmscy A|jEvi:rr ami AJrI&iJr Aprrcre 

■rtidfliit before nil'— t', T. Ph*ti', 

/a Iht^n^it^Onrgt Swinrf, Doelar 

Appaartd p^nQDallv, AuguituaWaN 
tta of C-roat Kuijtpill-tiniit, Utoomo- 
burr, m tho county of Muiill^m, 
gVEiTtctSAD, tod bcui^ fcworiL ta dvpu«tt 
lli« truib, mado oaih ai fo|[owh ; that 
Georp Swiany, dciriit»od ai foritntly 
of Sidmadth.itrivt, Gny'i'lna-Iane, 
ftRerwifdi ofMctloiwVhrlh placth, K«(it- 
Ub 'J'own> buc IftTo of Gnjvff ttretl, 
CaiBilm Jdwh, jn tbv ptfiah of Saiot 
Harirrai, In tho cnontyur Middlnox, 
tlorrnr of Pbyiic:. docstiAil, d*pt/t«d 
Ibii hr> on CT about TvaluriJby thr 
i«c;i^lcih dty or JanaArr JaiF. aad 
Ibftt «>D Ibo Mlowlog Moiidiv th« cfa- 

!on^nt,Jn corapany with itc l^cemud 
o«iab Kortliitll. clprk. and Arthur 
Atkln, ^t■fnl^t•, ivn of Hip pti^ittnrt 
namtil in ihi* darrtAiJi! 't wiM, pro. 
«»»<lril (0 ib(» dirraked'* iitnjrirnfp to 
nukk* a ii^airti tw Mt wdl. and in a 
dpik wtiprfin ibo tjccaicd tcpl liU 
|«j)«r* fif irapnrtanrp hv There found 
tbr origiiud lut m\i and Tf^iamrnt. 
irfih ivD cddlcik ibv'iYTo. ili« «ak1 
will bttnni: ttalf Thi* -j;tb May of May. 
IA.11, ibv liiitt codlril ImtriE fontninrf] 
t& iHd H(iFr vmliaii rinvr iiiirlrrl A 
abd 11. AeC' k>:. And be Uiily luida 
ciMh ilidl brmufd Dal tlnd anyoihrr 

[riper or lul to wblcb tJJ<fa rpVcnnct 
a ibo MJd cwlicH could apply, iivc 
and ciCTp) Uio pBporiua'krd B here- 
iobrforv dfpii>^l tu>^.\uu. WAiiaav. 
Oa tba Uth day uf IVbraary, I^Hh 
llie Hald AtiKUhVuk Wnt^rti *a^ ditly 
avora to Ibt tniih of tliU anuirtvit W* 
tore mc*-y.T.raATr. Surr,— I'rwcrit. 
r.C. Mcou,Not. Pub. 

AaiicnS SHra- S^^lt^tttaf or 0<.mp Bat. [FeU 

Proved 4l Lorulr>n with tvaeodUiJftiH 
!b* Kril fodicil btjng eaniciaed JO 
pa|wr wrifjb^f mai k«a A anil U, the 
ir(h KHiruufv, I»H, be'oro (bi *0f- 
tliiprid Fr#di"rjc Thocoai Pratt^ Ilodor 
of Latvi and Siirrnjiqt*. by ihn oaiht 
nf tho Kf^r^rDfid J<^iiah K^riliall,<Ufl 

FUD«r«nd Fianni Auguiim Co*, clafk^l 
Pnrlor in Diffirily, aad Arthur Alkm^ 
•41)11 ir^, foot ol Ihe awcutora to wbom 
admiikittrarion wna gi«aled, bating 
Tv«a Hrtt nwornduly lo idminitlrff 
fbdwvr tPHfftwl nf making Thp hhij 
^rant Eo HiiIrhtiiMin Flrll, i^rjujtii, thil 
other exccaiat, vihtn h* thai! ajJjdjF;^] 
far tbe tame. 

11- V 

Ml. tlan^H, iiN?, 9. 

J HAVE Infcly parfhaicd a piBfi* of] 
old plaEr, nhich I ttna^ifiD to hav^^ 
bpfn a uft^rflar, or a coibDI boi. bat 
J tbould l}p Thanklut foii ibcoplDioa^if | 
more p(imii*riiiT judget, tf you would 
Imvc tfap kli)dMj>4« To (E^vp Fhii L<[l«ff' 
icaprEion in ymtt tin-llpcK Ma^fittt. 

Tlic form M rirnilBfi lirnarl at iht 
bair, ivhicb htand* on thrfin amall 
balit, anil l^adiially rnrr^win^ Foth* 
liip, nlikh it ifrttl'itmUit by a mnalE 
Enund bnJi j^rtfi^faltj. 'J'ho bci-jhE of 
the whiilv ii bptwofQ nlnr ami 1*0 
Jntli(»H IE t« dttJJpit tnto thrra pjirls 
— Ebe liiwriiC aiirl JaigpuE being taur 
jittbri bi|rb, witli a tlialjow bolloTon 
tbo (up liiif m kalrrrllar, ^ilMaaU Iha 
nutff pari, nn tilvnr. Tha itf^nd 
di^'iiioji Ik thrp* Inrhi** liigh, and in 
all ulbpr mprfta likr tbn firtt, at if to 
■huid bthvtAtmll,lat inf*-ririr gnpala ■ 
wbilv Lhr tiiird, or iipp«r dlviHtdn, la 
only two iittLcm and a boTf. finbular 
at tJic ti'p. v)d Uaiioir. koto which (hA 
■mall ppifiiraErd bad La irrcwrd by ^>v nrrl funnintf eIip »reir. It 
mi^bE bv HLjrifintci] (hot ibia waa for 
pcpficf. but tbrroiDrnanJralinn hftttPPQ 
Tbi (jcifiJinicd bull and llir cioliular 
putt bcluw \> an aoiall^tuli* lari:i*r 
tban a lor^c pin^tbat it muht fw ro> 
kmicd for tome otlirrr utn. 

Tlio K^iiuiil (turn of chla wimI 
it<"n|ilj reicHiblea Ebat whid) l« ofEfO 
UK(] abrtwd at manmgfn, «pc{itaJJy 
io tbc Kait, tbE uppri part made for 
tfiijiklmtt lufT wairr, oraturof rotra, 
but tho tfuLiIniDiiliA' tnatka of tlia 
Icgpard'a Ltail, Iba, Ace. &r. pnw* K 
(0 hit of Cn^lUh worknaQKhip. 

Yotiis, ftc. A. L. 

Ifi4fi.] Cirrk^! /f«ni«Dr^tf,— Srjiras,— >£ofl^ lUigin, 

IN the Kdfth Aiftftieaji Retiuw for 
July 1911, utiij«r tbr hrad of "the 
lUtt. Syilfici &aiUi^» W^fli," 4I pa^t 

*i*nva^nc liuiuaofiiBtt nf mod^ra 

i**», ti Jnitf ■« rL*c:btdt Ihe prior- 
mmcil t'nudhttin siid the two Ka^- 
ti«A. Of n/hcr, ItmU n?a | but tii« 
>wiu4 rrif-fHle, Mmlnoitt U* Mainlo. 

* AlcaKbwuiiinui nniwimi. in phjil* 
«d«« A«rBl OKurLlrr^iLuu, cvuld IttidEr 

W vomtrntySaiit^ itmn lUs maitb^ «liicli 

■litMB. bunmroi. ununpliahvd. buJ ir?- 
MVDoai Md ■ (DID of fttty^ nacf iifli-fii 
prpnaii ■■Iff md iCtrHt^vcv bat ilira lUo 

ut«rM Id 4fforrMii\ft «i be dcvcrib.:* 
UwHtC Id Iht tbi|>e nf thv Vtt-r «, tli* 
Vfnk iobl ImpaUnt thidov Af l^trm^r 
■iu tiD>» w aud Cb* 1117 Tjrpr, hi ict. 1aii> 

D«faia|iM. Dm MaJcnoiwUf D\\iib^fti)r 
yMiWfl lu Iho praxira of ttFr^tfn ntcM. 
ilQ «mA UtIfT <tAiTira[i<in nr fr>r[iin'<, in 
TtiiTi ■iiTMinrrni ml I irf III mlj 11 Hli 
UiBiL fkvran. Iiduvtr-. tunlt w Le vu 
b boiilf iakmjlv. >cill uuLcl] Uivilvi- 

to Arriiof, if thtrj diJ not c«*d riw. vttL 
Wfa <m>DDDrd iofTr?rLQj;t ; nnr. (*rob>b|jr« 
vnli It br dULiriUL, la 1 friLcr;it mint* 
tpcc^ l» tb»v U]«t wail! of tbi« [oo*t 
WftinBflfQiuuc/&ac7 liiT^bcfU pi^ 
mtad DDltfr onqHwl fr^ulib. S»mft 
4*d M lUn. Ill> v^w'd Hnrul mHr- 
rt^ oirn ■ frffrnt cODtrV to Ihia nf 
^triy dMi fur it nu vilh m* of (be 
b» d iog Kg m<fl,aikii crrbiuJribe ino^i 
pwtffvJ toODHDhi ^ikKur[>p^ hnit \l\'. 
" Lp ttfuid R<4," •* lir l» iM>w <i«.v|iTi'im 
iDf itnrtn»ii1ifii| Other mUlkiLrvba hare 
AtOfainl «tT«alvrt«rL (jut I da not nvttU 
lecl ft laMW rritD, lAwsbt irUbcat rn^lt- 
*DlHtbe IfD yun of nikorll* (njiu Lt^U 
Ift ICU, Ui pmoiui tuW <t/J iiut, ia 
tratt, pcwbla the dufh cT Maiuiii Lit 
Itfl- Our TtnoiU; C'fmf lU. »■- 
coaltd Um Uirubf ialrol imiibovd. ud 
tibd 11 #« fbtf T'*"' ^ (be Ca»I deuadt 
«r MMid fr^ptc bf bellied. Tbf 
IvdlH oOTtHi l B AtuvD^-Koyb im pa«- 
nUf mmtltrid ■ mi^nuun ; bnt., ^i>rn 
iDliilS. bt A*J bi I7ur, nfardi rnhint 
A* 4KU« tD flckl?-<iiLbt, ciii] Li> rctjia 

thm kSOftit rml lifa m £vropr4.ii h>tnrj 
ii Cbti Of Alphaua. Bin f:r«E Kiifguihlinn 
KIm <f P«tic>L vt'O. «rc»rdtrir to bit 


he^nd the eiltruftl riirnm rtquiMtv to 
IKTBtcntlic i?vniu« wiLbuLt iht duTJ*** 
uf tt Church L>riiclic«, hh, vilh our- 
*dT»». tbf UIk Cull* *>r Voil CQJoyjPil. 
whkic yt-L in lii« imJlf, ihc Ulh »d 
income (if I'l-jnci ]'II\1le>p ijf Otiiibuf]>. 
A great ^tiArc uf Af.mmUi ^v (bu» tv* 
dotted on Ibv mi^cjiJuUt tUFr by lh« 
CAndnct ijr jucn wbutly wjlluiul urdi. 
nalioo or care of acuTt. bibniiri|[ Jla 
bfttiit, nhjch «at liipwibe not un- 
frEqafnEly worn by poor htpriif ttb« 
ptranU, t>ccAU4r the cbc«p(«T, tad 4 
rtod^ pBu|iort lonLI cla»Mritof «oci<ty. 
vvhcn a fcnilrEiijtji'ci itcmmry droM 
Ku t cofttly charge, Fijr *ui:b ^oudc 
tnea it v-ftfl t pmain|jlive r<cu(ri- 
Turndotifin to purrnu, to (o1]oE>«tF la- 
kdfutioni, or to buok-pulilLafim. 
wliiJt il hound Thrin Ijy h<i vtivrp. nod 
itapaitti ixuittribiiLvplunctiuDa,u lb« 
/roo livn or many too ctcacly ibowrd t 
AJid tbi; duly inTt!«Ec<l mcmbcta of tbc 
pNff«tboud (thoagh, ill 5cncr*l, I c&a 

vplldlib. u U^ukUlcd \iy D* A. dc Lvbkb 
Firih t CmIto, m hu ^* llJpiCjinji G*t«l 
ds l^Ftu^l." (liaTfr IL ftlp. t,)<Li4J at £ll, 
atl*r Ji f«i(ii nf T-t 3™'^ il nWS, 
" Vr^nU e Inn »AOi e1<i bm ftiiuilo, ■ 
c]q UaiEv nisvcDiB e hajna/' Hin hlrthi 
mdnd,Jii1t* frorn l09.»i inJ bmucoeeded 
likii bthvr in l\\-J, do?, howevcrr u 
Kmj:, bot u CoDiil ; ecd tn fioi hi* mik^ 
Ibrr, r^ whom Piiflu^pi.] tv|oii^i>d hy ri|;t<, 
lield tlm rckui iif |fnvrtnm<aT uiiEil IIW, 
iifiila Ibe cWBDtrT in« »till thhuUiy to 
tfao Sp4ai«b cniHiiD «r Lhd odJ Cotf Ilk. 
It WH not «nt11 tho Kieisdnbfo Wtllo of 
<L)urk|ae \a II3'J. " nuilriicrDua biUKU « 
gloTJut* viciorka ifibra Jjtnur r FLni|ib< 
rcia Uuurtivt dc CvmiHi dv Outique/' 
Ihdt hv os»nchial<d Portujci^li auJ lAhal 
it, Kith UJmfldJ, 00 biflail bf tbv KcoUnA- 
linof or Ml TlMOrtou trmy, t9 tbo npL 
riilr. Ai KJn(. cbinTorv, liii rtign wac 
cuiifinrd ta nf^-»li >nri. NtiroeroM 
Bii[ih-]«, u vu ibf fubioa of iJis tSttf. 
arTnnnofla«da*pn]ailf4 ibiL ■'ibi^ipuEiit 
to lh« omtUnw oftbv intmlinf Moon, 
■kinilar to the mtt*u of lirwitn"* iaroar 
*hicli tii(rjili«iil Itui lHuEii[tlab. jutl fnur 
ifjituifi brfaiv!, »f ChitUi MirCf t ovrr 
tlw fAOkc race i7.\S—lAi,) Bui tJio U»l 
ftttit fcikJ Euoit Utemtifi^ moDtBiDttl of 
th* l^brrLlrmi of t^e founlty, vbh tkc 
Xnl^trul C»n**nti<in nf Ijimr^f. m- 
tnnllrj Id IH3. - %ynr^ rsttbfiffTr » 
ItU fubdau>QUej iLo ftciDO," rljc ?d«;;ua 
CliirtiL of tha rcftliAi tbowf;1i \ui\k ^lJ<ui*f^ 
under rcjal iLiifld; a f&to lu vUioh omr 
Av-q nf Bucnjm'ml m I'^tA hM bf«n too 
oltfn mhjrcEod la iti vlolitod itdnu 


O^edtr (if tXs Frtntk JW. 


ib4ir Bfrtia to ivtU t&« tppftttnt liu 
of ih«Tr ewa «h«rnnt bftthrrn, S<4r. 

thilft «cinlirmh vLaC I hns^ %\Mei\. 

IiriUfl E PUUL ft'«D lint.ll HU pttil COi- 

vrnplcbait r«H dr pufivr V6\tfit^, *i 

Rptt, in hit r^rlj rtir#<r}— I^ |Htil 
coll«t tfulE un rcatxirav praprv, ImIv, 
dtaf^prnqQCffilanf, *t pRQcadUoi, 
qoT i^fntAali irtil^nrot qua U prr. 
■onne qjt Lo poTiail Anit liei pr^lvn* 

Wo^flcv. CoiTuia(< lU la sart«. L'un 

Ciuv«it Be pr^ntvr pA'Covii ..'--<< 

dvTVnl Moaal«ur VAtih^ il 

^it Icbitn-vrnqdvi ^rAiiiUivlfntun, 
rl del b?LI» itainti- four tetstUJct. 
i\ fallut i^ut dcarron r^Bit^niLt ^oa hi- 
p^ficr/* 5ic. Hrr* [ um? p4>winiilT 
pbwrvr. Ibat Ibv uotU "rtiLi-culJrrt/' 
■c cumpnbrn^ni; in 4p|>li(itt"/i]. Ulf< 
vnlEy latsnt ib> btrb nr c^lUr ban<], 
illnrlnciit* or cccle<U>lica ; but. by 
nwionrmy. " p*ii pro toic," \i ln>- 
plic* ffencrUTy the ctfiktl Jkh- Thil 
af ih? (iioEoitic cnlcr hub quite ^If* 
fcrrnt. and nuin] In hua or fjioi IC- 
C(>id!njE tu ihcir rtiptctWc rftndaliDtii^ 
u mar ^* *<^^" ^<^ I)iJUd«Tt> llttyuL 
kc,i faul n »ii]Kulat itjldrn* rtlnti^v lu 
lh« CuuipJitB tab a «ppr«ii blUe 
kaa-Bim< 7W tiL]« j>, "Tvpu* »Tt 
piCfur* THtla rtligivev qii« diilinct* 
rrprnsFntBtiir ..,..,, TUonBchnriini 
VulLipErx b«Hjttit< ct potiiita»« ra- 
tloTW* nb qua* r«rmrlifiv p^^'^ **u 

JO 'wlJ^ut uttiHtuf." (Pirii, 102^. 
410.) The aa[^«f v» Hli«d in hia 
^rdtf . " !>« de Sanfto JoMine.'* buibi* 
futUy ntniBwai *' J«vt Mftc^"* m- 
tiv» of ItfiinM in Brhtwiy, flfiO)^ 
16TI>> Hf wufelio»ril«r9f"Carinf- 
]ua Urttihtli^** {\CU. tto.) m vbtrb 
be rnndtf iracn Ibr lru<hiili»ti of bit 
ordct tc lb«prophei Khjah, on Mount 
C^nil< TIic maoAitJC cobun. it 
Vnuld tppr«r, uvrc noE «lw%yt Dni< 
fom I for tii4 I^jininir«iia umJ blarl 
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1845-1 JifurmtmifX.—M»L R^oniL—L^ Cnie.—Dfan Kiraau. 189 

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Vouia, fltC' J. H. 

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Jimlion 10 leall? onv of no noneot, 
ur if W, r. will refft to mf o^moiU' 
hicikticin, (l^iit. MAg. July U*l,f }itf 
Will aen tlial I han oo wb«r« t^id tbv 
Sumiui vftta mat w' r&I, but lliBt lo 
Ihe ibicncc of any etuncil eviticiKit I 
winEcd proof ibftt it mu. It tnuit be 
tomertit>?reiT that Ptiny ipeakt of Hn 
Stmiu Tarlbi. &&/A luppoaed. when 

w«4bcd«4]d butnt, C9 biv< taedJdoAl 


On the Ware term^ SttJttiait, 


profitttJ«>, *'timomntm i^rpwttiiinti," 
&noDg oth*f<. On« of thtw, AUicb 
h« 1«fm« "Mt«r/' wm <ri » bngbt 

cup, 16, Tii*l It \fitt urtrly vAi/# it 
Miiltf^nl frfirn hih doirript^un r»f it tn 
Iho lHh chap. <0D folrtunj " K« «< 
colo* tvrima « candlOt* cirtiaue." 
CThfW <h«dB» ff^io a pure whiu?) 
Thft colour ol the other ^trriBcd " iy* 
ropicoaO <• not recti lif»n*iJ. It it, 
bon<«>vpr, ji;« pnmhlp Tlmt ttii* latlur 

nntl c( whiirh I lutf m ■prinn-n 
(fnrmrd^ in th* pamon^on of Dr. 
MMd). tl i% Umntti *' Tcrr« ^amU 

^ or aa inch dinm?rer. atjil nhmjt h^lf 
iR inch thitk. It kt cf a pal? doll rrit 
CDhur» ftnit hm iipnari*nT(^ been marie 
inti> A futcnnrlflnrd^ri nmouttt. The 
Turin 3kr" iaIiI trr hiivi^ (Irfjvr<r1 n cnn. 
fltlprTitilf* rrvnmw ttnn th^ i-ijwirtJiTiiiTi 
of thU »rticl(*i it WBJi (hnpTi»rp, tn 
pttvcnt criuiiicffdT, flTamjKit ivlEh ihf 
oAclftl loil of [he Tjehn. 1 undtr- 
nand U CDHilnuE*! bi n mpiliritie until 
tbcut tlir yrar 174.'^. when Li IpTM il?. 
«frp*l[j nprjrtRpfl TrtTTn tlie PhmrciFi- 
cppcria, irW. C-wilt fnvrmr me by 
an «>fnii)«iiiij nf iJiU arhrli". ha will. 
I Ihirik. *ce «1 rjn<:G ttinL It li t^ulte 

UJlflt fuf thff pt>ttCf't UIC. Q» l;<rl |KM< 

■GAnins Ihff rcquLiLic pluitir firupcrtlci 
of dof. It U p{i9!iibre ilmt It Euay have 
been utcd na « c:i;rburmi: luaicrial, but 
iuittcffii nuthin^f tuiftn iUa» a" Lulr." 
or oiiilc uf irod, mil AS bucli cjrrvctly 
dncribnl ly Tuiuvfurl, wlLr;» l;y tlm 
WA)'p S0VEUB tu lauiiEiiiC It tn be utauy- 
ury tu liavr rr^i duy In ordct to make 
a mf fhif. 

Fjvtu a carvfut tiactilniLCfon of 
flinr'a ilfKiJpIba of Lh« "IVrrr 
Sarols/' I ^Q nul think It tlkrly that 
elthei of ihcm coulJ hflvp beta th* 
matciUl ccBi](i>yed f'arthr (jucfatlhen* 
wjire Tor ivlitch ttui iaUnd vraB cel«- 

I flaJW.C. BlLllimacinnihttt^tM 
utciuil>. uf viUd) »u find *U(-h abund> 
auce C^lmtc ittiil rja^ccUGiilui y} UiHij^- 
Uud, IVauctij aud Imly. tnd of wUich 
IlU own miuiium o^aUins lu n'any 
bcaotiful spccJcaenip wefif 'T^j|y madi? 
m il;e Greek hk of Sixfooa, That hia 
opmion -'is boroe out by Pliny" J 
ctniiut ntiuEty t.^tvt vriXh h'liu. TliE 
worxia are " damia etiamuiiffi m »cu- 

tatem <t Amtium in haH*/' B- 3S, e. 
J2, Sa thai the Utm plfi« lunrti m 
Ifnil upon >i[(fJr»'l a fodjifijM Simna, 
Ntitlirrc-an I a|^»r that tbc ■^riotatiotit 
I adcJQMtl from MartiAl iii. 7B? and 
Ptitiui. (v, IS3,) pnvrc hi> opinion. 
Tb*y art ooihhg mcnr than tlluntra- 
tlom of the fotour, not tbs lomlify, nf 
tlitr utcmili : tthicli iatt«r pufnt \t not 
touittitcl upon. 

The wptUlcnown pantijo ffom T1- 

"At tlM liBta trihiiDt 8>int« MnrlTla 

rrjt oaty proVM that tlia Cumfoan and 
SatQjan war*> " w*rtcli*tinct " (whl^^b 
I n**i.T doubted), hut proveiaEiiOKim^ 
thing more, vii. that thp SamJan Mt- 
tprt made ifrrjrtjn^ ittpa a* ttetl aa 
" ptarteri and dish^^i -" and thr con* 
r«r«P tt piunHy rWr, l*iat nth*»r cono- 
Ifipn t»i»iiirlcM Humnn rnmiKfiCEl plit* 
Irrx and ilUhi't, a« wcEl ah drlnk&n^ 
nipa, Wr hovR tlicfjffirft nn ilghf to 
inffr ihnl thp vnndi memlflrifd lA 
Ihfue ranes were ntcntafi^y Samian. 
Wr, nireh scem.ito cticiidf r ihU nrtlck 
*' \rTtift trarr/* and, a« an authoriif 
for thtf term, referred nt to n r^fat 
work Uy Fahi^im. T}m pamphlet, 
pi^liliphed uv ATrin&i) in fMl>iv«ntJtltd 
" Slorifl degli Mtklit mnl fitliU Are* 
Tin!/' [tcoiiUins«ngraviD^«ofv«Haaa 
ffagmciiLA found In Aitizn. w^th an 
Among iLc latter ^e r^'f ognUe bui rew 
similar Id thoBt ne And in Kngland. 
TIjv wtllbucwn iLumr or nuuTa ctr<> 
tuirdy ucL'urs, The author (jtiutn a 
pUDSfltv frurtL a writer of the sfveaiti 
CLUtuiy. l^'tdoiiT »f Sovillt. in allusion 
ht ttv red \awr* uf Afriiuiij. t'abfoni 
>uppo«» IIjc " Anruo vkan^" to bt 
^mllar to the Samiao, and O«»crlboa 
three piccca jn Muratori's callecUoQ. 
sUmpcd mpcclivcly bauuv hauia, aad 
BAMt, Whethvi lliesc arc ^nUblt 
piecra of SaiaisD pottery I caaaat tiv* 
drilahit to docMc, bul t ftirly pve W. 
Ci tbr bcnrl\tgf thr circiiniiUui^ fat 
an luucb ajt It may h: worth; aud 1 
vriM^irly cfjincldt nItU hjm m Mybf 
thai, whatever the localitv whcnci' lliU 
pottery may have been imporlt^], tht 
Irrm "Samian" mu?t hart Lnn Jc- 
rjvcd frocu tumv vtipposcd re^mblanct 
to ihc famuuB piodu^ljuni of Ibi 

And itoYv, Mi, VsHtt, albv ti 


8Mm «/ SI. Pemsek t SlmxJt. 




•oppoud ic frDrluc# ft city i^ wbkh 
tlicr* M eolhl>| snALsfOQ* la anf 
Olhct iMTl of Dm fluh* J WhtD I «x. 

Fraace wtr* loppr^ ^-jih thiB «iiirLe 
"ftuwB lUljr." 1 *•! nni iiBart th*i 

iB£Urtftlt. Amply tDflioii>nr ^M>th in 
qaftlitj Add mfanlHj^ fnr ihv niftnii* 
Aftart cirMrrD#hWAr« of i^i^it'Ijr rliv 
iaa* ehaiwur ia fi^taur, bnrElnitvi, 
WkdtMlnfr, ulhi;i<vruLlnl";^atTiiCii]." 

4111 the tnkiett, I ban, ot the luggn- 
lioD tad wiib lb« tuluitMr ajil of EQf 
iVifad Ur> R^UI at H\K\tgAlt. inaJ« 
oumrraoft riprdmcrit witb ihn rlifft 
At Ttriou drffihk m J^itiJou Biid tu 
ricUitr. Tbftl tlM um« ntCcrtnl 
AbiMaiU In dl lhf#r ciiuntrli* thvrv U 
■i>i|t|« <ir*dfacc. rabroiir* nlnuU 
tecrifiJon t}( t\te ArtitaeUy pfoclsclf 
monk with iht thai^ttti^a of ibt 
vBit •U-fttnin knncd " Uiv Loadoo 
cUr/*whi«h I btr^ Bcamly rnaind 
VMir ifsilfi* w une uf imtuffDM nlral 
•ad ihickjma. Iti K<nl il it virrf 
abuAdaot acu Itic tii)£ui« » il 

EHCi.wid Ulddlnn. It nUaulxumd*.* 
Tiu ^imaiati^ b:(v?cii the (Uy di?- 
pttthiofflfttUndjuiO rr«ii»iirt]U»TlT 
rawkabltf. Pil>in vc coaniiUr the 
TUt ffiticiit of llivir (frfjo»Ti ia bocb 
VOVtttMt. wfi mi)- faiily infer that Ihf 
HOC "mUvJ" of trlitta could pro- 
d«r« th« Mm (5(4cii|ji.LV(i of oflicLra, 
wtuthvr let Ed^kbd or Fi*itc:r. 'VUt 
malt* of 9trj naur npcriiaeati wich 
tlw"pl4ulkilftT."u< "UacorLoodon 
«i«y/' and ibe £« brown «Ut imiac- 
dinffly ft^OT* ika latrtt, 4n £f4ity ai- 
ttilu, 4nd nro >affi<icat lo c^n^icifc 
M of ihr- ' ""^'■»'-- ' I' fiiy upiniuu, 
Itittbn* cWo^bch 

CVAJtitu';- u :„.. :Ljog frMivc 

•f ibi« w&r«, oDii vbich nlooe Cttm 

fran npvrJmri^ia ii{>w ia prcemi. f 
bvlbrw [t lo bt • rM;tinntic« a( lomc 
of ibv nidr* of End ftfkd jf«n. On 
Ibu ^int 3fr. Stunt ;\oIiq, £>«Ur, 
f. )lij tft*«a1krfuZbiyBtfi£ritrulfra(B 
lh« Aitlunrfo^a, vol. ixv. f*. t*).^ 
" Then it Ihit diff«KGc« b<tw«tk \h* 
9*4 fvmrj n<d tt>« rt*! S«ninn ^ ttut 
lh« «o« b (iMfd. aod ib« oUtn ucl- 

furatlj'unglmd; C*>f ihi fintfnitffUl 
of ll)< Utter, 11* thd French pftrct- 
lain, dk\ iitJt rfffUira pltEing: whlk 
tb>othar, ftirfn'd nf h*UT#diL5,WM 
vrulLfd afid loured VrUb ftlSt Uld A 
imaU ponlDo nl knd." 

Yoorv, At. E. B. Paicm. 

P.S.'— I/i joitirtioCciiBtdcCov'iKi 
I niUAt iimiud W, L]. lliat ll< Count 
did not faurt'J Lit cpnJoa ^iJr/jr fjnia 
tl^c abundaim of ldcibqI tpcCLDcna 
di«covcit4 At Nuoift, but aUi> frem 
a careful tiA0ikA4liaA of Ibc untrro 
clay of ike neighbourhood. <J W Mc- 
mkrA, UttK, de NUmn.) 

] obicr»t W.Cidoubta if uyjptfi* 
wrnaof tLiinck.ctHcd '^S^tniaa Wart" 
"haTchtvndJACHWtnd lo IJ<itiil«ji«ua 
or PompfLi." <.h\ ihi* jxiint I cannot 
da brtlar ChBo avail mnilf uf Uie kin J 
pcrsiiui^a oT Mf. A- J. JtdmpD Ea 
rtltr 10 hia Mn-in-Uv Albm Mania, 
(«<l. of Eillocj, D4fB«uMio, who baa 
rtceotlT rc<armtd frooi Nap^u. Th* 
fnllowing 4ilfact rrom a J«t^cr*f Mra, 
Martia lo h«r tttOar vitJ, J am nn, 

" In an*w*r la thfl cjxxaaliona vibii^h 
Mr, i'lm a^L*, Mr. Mutin can p-3«*- 
livrly ifEtr thitt ^rA»tU of Kantian Ww 
have br«n fnaaJal PaTupeiianc] Hifca< 
bi><(jm. The mtu^uin alNapIc* ci^a- 
laiiia nuRiBfrtDt tpcfimcoi (lomc ntlh 
iJo|£4^i ck4t joa CM ihim, fr<roll *KMkt 
^cO of Tatuc, Parcrr." Iro. p«i/«r /o 

1 Lavu inj^irir p;ckvd up mny iiDiH 
fnigmcnU i>( lh« v«r» lyiog abuu'- Iha 
lom'jii ard to tl^i ruad." 

'J'bua II apf«ar» that, if thia artlcla 
nalJy uaj imfittrinif Ihtn U no 
grtai LEnprdbabdiry in luppottng it 
tanff from Lainpftnia. tJut if W. C. 
vil Iff half a diMtn tvperiinfot* w?h 
Ibfl daya E btv* menltcnvd. il * com. 
tt<in ofuctbt*, I tbiil h4 vill cunv to 
Iho f Dnclu*i4B Iba: w* n»d nM tnv*L 
tn ailhfr SairnM m Campania in i^uoBt 
of maiftiiali. It will, perbopa, ba 
loand, on invntlgtt^nn, Ihrit thu ttt%- 
t«naliimott aocuibk in tbrpij dU- 
thCU «4H«a tho dtfCOTtfioi batt- hrtn 

»«itbbtndaRL K. B. P. 

Uft. Uaiaif, 

IN a aauih rhapll of lhf« Hiurdi M 

STAvtlo, in Btlginm. e« a trry fvrvoaa 

ibrincor faic<^f<lLai7tiB, known aa tb« 

"Chant <t Hi- Jt^tvicW Jt ha« 

hithrrto <ic«p«d th« ooiic* of louriau. 


Srll!imtnt<if the Crtui» m Uflt). 


Ilioi*, ftl l«&it| «het bavD eiven pulv 
lieatloa to their iDCiQonijLd«, An<J i>i 
tOlL*equ«ntLy Dbt 1o b« met with m thnt 
iMumipafAblo (oikw travfflkr, " Mur- 

It IB ibiUil ra hate htrii fiiAJc 
in Iho rcign of Ihfl L(Qpfr«r Henri' 
iImi r^iurlh. fhi.t II, rIxiuc «on yt'On 
luhHiH^umt ti ihc dccrnw of S.r^ Re- 
tiAcI*. and thftl onginnllf ihf» woa « 
imftU figure «r Ifcc emperarr cnr«cd in 
A|:ate, fturoiDUbtioic ihp ihtiijff. The 
tatnt in wb<t<» honour, and Xit ]bti*K* 
who*c nroBiiii Ihi4 kpltnilid enfHn wi» 
TAnil^?. li nut niftdlibttpd by UulEcr lA 
liit Livcfl ; hut, fVtm Ibc JlefM ^fu- 
tAnttu. h* appeein la ln^e been boru 
•onie tiiue bctwfcn Gl^ BiiLr C£l> itnil 
111 have b»rn Abbot of Soliprac, and 
«Dbt»j]i]tnlly Itiahop of Ton(cr«i or 
of M^nitrirhl, H^ fnomln) th' nxft' 
A»Uri*t nf Mnlinrily ami MavHn, Ai^d 
it tuppobeJ tu have 4l«i] botv^cic^n OA7 
nnd f>n. In rbfr vorJi of Ihv ^rfiu 1 

e<Triv«»flbbH fult S. AewDutui. Tuii- 

Iq A^^teeu SEmbulHuii rii.(|nLP»iiiht Id prp- 
tJMihlina ni|BtiU xitrrnilnnj pnpnlorain 


Hi i« tho favotirad ebint of t1)t dl*- 
Irkt, nr>t fucrptinff Sc Hubert, umt 
Ii Ir^vftriflhljr rrprt^rntrd arcrtopnatcil 
by A vo/l bearing n jiair of paniiicrs. 
no piipalCLf \eg-!it4 m lhi> . rrhiltt 
nnupifii in 1h« (OQitfTjcIian of th« 
ni<in,-itter7 * ^alf ac|£C(1 and tlrvaurcif 
Ibvoan wtkkh wu tdtryifig ibr bi^ilil- 
iagtttuitt, wharniipon tli? »int, bv a 
wry joit r*lrihulion, condemned ti.e 
auU vi>lf T« lakp Iha »ajd bm'« pTaet. 
Mony miricUa cif thin aaint at? n- 
rntilr^] ifi t\ie ^eJut, bal no mtintion 
u mill? of ihit eingulof «Mrciie of hi* 
rnnrriruai 'V\i<i ehnneiiol MbiJLtcra' 
bli- -nn, and of roppvr gUt, or «lia1 u 
KiJtrmlEy ralltrl latTrn. Oil one ^idc 
appnitra ST, Kvniarle wiTh <ix r>f iht 
■poiTlM, tbtv' on c^Lther tiHr ■ and on 
the oppotlTe tido Sr. I^mhrrt ■imilarly 
affnmpBiiieJ. AC «re and dm li^tjrvi 
nftlii* Vjp^n aniJ I'biM, with aa jo- 
B^riplinn, iiut wliirh iVom hring <!otfl 
MtheiiVJill k4 rrniliirrLl tLh-jtiTifp. At 
thi> fitlifT' pml ih D ficurp nf Ihi^ F«ther, 
anfl hha^ \* thp fallMvlng lii*rr(pT^ori 
io ihc cbarHcurft cf ibr Uihi)rt7ili 
CPU turf (M. 

Bou.'ii All ArTFnsM nLn> CUE^CTA 


Atl IhoM ligarvt a» atilotlbylhv 
titritttaii lu bj] rff *Uetf jcilr^ ami Ihti 
vU-tlt oi tho thripc ii v«fy ndily <!«- 
toraUd wtlh moiaici and (ircciouo 
ttonto, and rTlir>oi reccrdin^dilferent 
BVtnl* in AScrviJ hitUr^. In on* cam- 
pAftnir^nC wh^rp thit K4<arr*cbon le 
L<ihif>itM. ibo tleppinic ijiiard i% re-. 
pfeionlad m chain inAll, «ilh a tf]uarif 
riFlmeT, and a lotij Auic^rfiti^ Iha 
ihicM (but tvlicrhcr ihf dDvifu an ii i« 
really i[ic«n4ff<1 ii^ be hrroMir mriv bo 
<]ii4>tliAnati1<<,i i« vhnr^eil with two 
bar*. -SI, Pfipi'u], a ^iihovptpnT itbhot. 
rrVOPfcT th# rhurrb or Krnvf<Fn, At tp- 
penra from the ^rfe* Sm^nrnv m 
inio, and fmm rhi* rireurtnHflnttf th* 
EiadiTicin rctatiFe in ihc- ai^iU-iulTTir of 
(he rmprrnr, nriEt Ihe ityle ii[ ibe work, 
iU rnojuairt. ir« jeweMpry. ilii ointli^d 
Hgurv. and the le(tfr«of tliointrriprif^n, 
vrif amy. 1 Ehtnk. ai^umv tbul it warn 
placed La the rhufch lii r«rBivv thr tv^ 
mami of Sl Jtcma^lr noon afl#t tht 
rcttuiDtioDt cEftctrd b^ &i. f^tppft. It 
dI*^?rvrl iUt? altrutJon of ilie nntrtjiiary, 
and li tvittun al ruy jirl? fruni Sfm. 


Mf!. Uani^, J)ee. ]0. 

THBf[uotnllon made by ynur fjv* 
Jespondcid Mr. i, G. Nkiioi-h lOfl, 
p- !iriii> rrepectiikE Lhr ItaEtle of llar- 
jiDt, baTuij; tt^d mr t^ a ropcrukul of 
Ibn itiJume c'ltitlrd " Warkwoitli'a 
Chroujctr/' I have bi-rn olrucL tiy a 
Tfif ciUaorJiiLaiy luiniahv < umniiUrd 
hy ihe tditoi, and whiih I d» tud fiad 
AgUiied in ibr mirw oCihc vutufut ia 
y<>ur MnEftiiie for DcCh la:^* It 
conniktn iu thv m iaappl ical Jon la Uie 

iear I^T" uf a document wblcb be* 
ont^ to the year 1460. 

It iritl U fudnd at p, Etf) or Mr. 
llariwrLr* NtjTfs, auJ ivUl^a to the 
h«ori3 made in PaTltafocnt ati AlU 
hAUo'^ncvc* ll€f)» far the p(iure«ble 
cunhonance q{ Kinc Hcaiy <iB th« 
thrunc duiin^ hie lifv, wiih ki>e«MJna 
to Kjchftrd Unktf or WrL and hia 
iaioe i and tcUlinf a y<4rly pccomn 
of len Ibooiaod laarLi on the Uukuof 
York nod ini eoiu, that i* tci %aj. fire 
tlwukand on bintfli^f, three thogtand 
on Iho tarl or Marcb, and ivo i^lou* 
■and an Ibu llarl iif Hqtiaad' 

• "Oalialiniste eryi 
" hilvreaea evyn," 

," a caJapritit fbr 


Femdt Btoffr^Kitf of EtgtitA HlM^Pf. 


TU» dftdiiViTtn Mr. tIcltiwU hai 
qnoMd «k If iX rvffirH to Uip irtftty 
■Ariv In FffBC* In U7o, whifh tru 
w f^T simlar thit f'l fir«t nuiilirroEi 
«U tbai King Ifvnrr itiuuld for lii« 
lif« nmiln in prMUftion of lil« Toysl 
difnily, hot ivVilc^ in »tf ry oit»r r^- 

med«[ r«niM nn ihit. faitnT (vrvinn 
««te Queen Mftrur't ui! Prinrt KaI- 
vaMhcraon eiftb*a(irr4ftv- iniHlic 
D*kv of Ctaxeort and Ear! uf WuTfick 
of ihr oitcr Th(^ iijcceuicn of tbc 
crDwii WAS DQiff wttt«d in tlr Hnt in^ 
imcv en lh« LaixaMrian Tiiiutf. 
ota«lr on I'rinrv £4>rvil, thfo bf< 
mtkfd lo AnitP Nft^Mr ihf f:«rl i>f 
WinrtcL's da«£)i!er (nrtcv ■ uiU cjuicn 
of Alcbird HI.), with nmafa^cr lu 
Geor]{c llukc tiT Clarrncc ixiiJ lab 
lirirf, wbo hftil jrarrhd Ibe Bul'a 
elder ikodbler. 

SincY TB« (late of Itie fbrmrr wttle- 
arnl tbe Itaih of the Whk^ i^f Yortt 
iBDnl ID it vrtn wbuUj dtiiicnl lu 
■ppril»l^CiT aniJ in ciruiimiUinx 'Hii: 
Dnkc uf Vofk wa> dtadj lil» vMnl 
Min tbe Ettil of M«fcb hnJ lr]^(]tll 
tn r^tn t& CtlwAfd thv Fovith ; bia 
Mcond iga the Y-xtX nf Oullind wts 
■bo drttJ: 4tiJ bit thbd VQO Oeorc*, 
bniaggtownvptoiDtabijfid, tad £»- 

tnrna Unhe of Cfuencfp Ihongb mt 
ftcraMtf the tidr pr«»inptlve of 1h* 
houir.'for bin farath^r had ftini, wa« 
tb» prrtrnt Kpr^MctBllveof lf« arra- 

Kn»ir'l ambftlon, HrTifctbr liinl- 
Itif of thvtrsQtJininii »''McJi appflArs 
In har«inr«lfrf Mi, Halltnrll, Hblttt 
ht ihfl unma Hrti'T kl jm kurpiihiuf Le 
ihAulrf nnt hntf pert-ttrfil lb* fnM 
rbicnpanrv In iIjc deitlEnatlrjUB of iht 

In anoihcf i][fE;n]aent> wbkb Mr. 
flaULivcli bat pnrlL'd at p. Oli I 
nolictf ttb niJAiraiiiniE. 

trMilf mnin^nts Af ili' ipyJc r<Bc nf 
l!^^i>Q4l« : ff yi ig icbulAB uakiunc flbt 
Ike rrftiTtDvxiuu nbfrpf"— 
Head iNArnBr. fbr, ^Ch In lin* \7 
Ibc drflde&t word ai>|>r4(B in tfae 
oK^kiut (ttbkb ii thffv tO(D. but not 
eutirrly dcfvH.) lo htutyprt»M. In 
IIm }<> rornniif<4i| nKmrr. Enp.Ca. 
bnif C> rtad ^rftHbir/i fv ^hn^t , and 
in )inr 7. nad ihc 1b»^ titw of p» 6lt 
inui tail^l and frx-irjaii {for "a«- 
tlfel"nnd " rfslitarnt."! Q^t oK^f*! 
and fvfctffnu. (In botb cum m 
wiircr doobUd, bf erroi, ib4 tl «/tba 
ccit * 7 II able.) 

At p. OS or iW use unte* ^«Hf^ 
boa cnor fordtiftvhu. Yonri, &c. !!■ 



BE^OKK ftt ;vno«Dpf thia aMUt of p4ptn, IC li r*>)aiiUt to |lrf font 
«<plaAal»a of '-ha c^<cfl» propMtd, 

HWf rtpbr tl admtrtAd to b« univiinttlEy inlofvttinE | and tU ]nb>r«*t utaaa 
fro4D AX. alvc^l 4Lj'i1cH v«rUt^ oi nuan, Tha liM uf a |>irraan of bum^la 
■tftbon and y^wf ordinary IjiImU may gralify ua fn>m tb» lullrMa of IIlc 
narrallv^. <h« ntr^Tdinar'y itaitjrfl 01 uc<4Aianal Incidcnta, or 1t|(^ aiinit«rity 
flf bit fip«n4ft«f cif }:urtiiJtj Ic our ovu. Il taonlj tbt blo^aphy Ol Ibt *try 
fbrvaKMC of miAlrnd, or at l^ait Ihr l«d&r« in t«cb pnrtiourar ««tk ul life, 
tliae can eamnund (h« aiMfitiinn <jf tvrrr rt4der> AIL orbvr hiograpbiGi nnit 
Ibtl iotA duiM : run n^ra afltAr^«lHl|F^ at tu^rcmt ia l|j«ir own 'Lfviaaio* 
aad VfiriKl^ri^ dorng tbfir lirMunA in tv* ^^ptly ■(ihvio of iu.1mn» mitat rank in 
llic irrcll cf hiitory among the frowd cf latptman, dwitiat, w fiLidftMiphara, 
Tbtfr BiFiDoIri mu»t te i«gard«d a- illmEratLv* rathu of lb* cLaaa ihAit iha 
isditiduaJ \ and vi caUe nthtt *■ puU of tb* hiiforia* tf It^ir agt o« of lliair 
a<*l4a, than froaa any («i«brily |£at may aitH atUfh ita«l' to iLat; naaHi. 
T>«a if biuary ji to li# «4llmot«d bjr it« uio, no od« will d«ny Ibe T«1ut of aucb 
Uapapblfa. Oo iha mntr^r^^ il win bo agr?M bow dMTraMe it u fbat 
blofrapbtoaobeulJ h«rl«Mrtl. hriTh for tbr r^ipro:*! lithl wbi<b ihr^y ifatn 
tbffuw «i aaa ^BotlrrH and ftte tbf dftvlnpfmrot uf auch other br«riCbM of 
UkOVkdH » are i11ua:iK«i| ihrniijli lltfoi. 

The bh%n;ib]r *:t l^f F<mala Arlatoerftcf of KngfaiJ ja n fitTd alnoat 
bUbfrto Bi]ir>llrQ. ^*Vt liTilo ;^air]a ItevaoT^r baan UlGrntoeollc^ il« mAC#ri«|i, 

Cnr> Mao. Vol. XXUL U 

i46 fnaaff fiiograpMa 0/ En^iuh Huttor^.^-SoA. [Feb. 

tb4l uy tM t}a Utii ApproBctjine *li* **>^ would b* J*cl to tmiftma ih4t the/ 
did Ddl »*»<^ Dui^atc, in hii Batoaa^v, h«fc i^ivAu, irtdvffd, tbn hlliAn<M or 
I1l«i prtTd, but in t»'cctf nn^iiiHUncfAmDr^ Ehta thumirc aama auJ piiFtnlafiu 
oflUo UJy. Any d«li> rdttine l</ hn m of (hv nrut ocrurrrucv, Nujllirr 
lb« fm<x\ of her birth, aar ibtt of ht^r mtufiitfiiy, nor, vrhbl i« itdl murit 
MttMrrilinary, lli4t uf hr^r doilii, appmr It Iv lci>n«n, tf a nohlcmAO h%d 
inoro ihftn ono ^ih, a U ccriw^uenTl^ oftfln unc^rlam ft hirli wat tto ruolhcr 
ofhii chitdroQ- Nor hut tucb mfemaAtion bpfn itrnifraliy iiij>ptii>d in man 
modern norki on the pHfAM. G«ii«4]ogi*Li hivft 4toea*loiiitly tn*tffUd & (ibto 
in prdigrrv, but that it «[], 

la Li)d|«*a PoitraiU of lllutCrlouii l'»rtariJi^»i, Dut of tvo hunJPBd nnd fojXy 
m* moirv, th» »bJNU of cnly thifiy-oa« «;* fvcnUot, of wbum ttvdUo «■ 

Morv rMfntlf lh« p«ni or»mal focnftU wrlt»n hflvc bo«n ffiuplayod on th« 
ntmairt af iho motl tlli^alrjuui of Ibeir »i ; inrl Ihp public hanMAVQurnbly ro- 

(Ju»ni ot KEiglmd. and Mi« CoiteUi>'« Li«M of Kmintar l-^^lithwoin«n, 
Uul wtn thp kllcr work, vrbicib miBht b^ thoa|bT (ci IiJItd nniiripiiifij our 
|>r«»nt pitrpoic, ^on>pri»M no T«rj Urgo nambor of chiir«clrri," nor BOn'nlf 
«ny b«ror«th»(loio nrihn Riii^cmeb Nntnry. 

It i», 1h#rvrcir#. niir prpiivn( Intunlmn la try nrhAl oui Ija ^nn* Tavirda th> 
vlUTiElktifin »f hiBti^ry In Tbk fhAnniL '■! Jnv«itka«t}Dn ; uid tf (he diiirhriPn or 
Ibo 4dv«»ti)r*t or 1I10 pcriani ccmiDcmoFtTfld iTioutd noE 11 lomo CMOt nppMr 
to ba ar inch itron; intrrcBt u to bnvf n^ril^d Ih^ ailtiriipr to mcuo l&na 
from obbtiGD, th« rvndtr niij»E lii^nr in mmd Hir prinHj^l o'lj^tt o| the folJn- 
tion, n»mpJy,ihf f'vturfl tmpiftvpnmii nf fujf hltt*itirftl wurlunn noMo fpmih*!, 
ftnd Ibr g»n«rjl jllnilniTinn df hlator^ vnd ni«ria*f4, otptrinily of Ihi* l&ttCT. 
Upnn tbni {inLiir, inifr^rl, iE ntj b* untiripat^d Ebat Ih^ prfuvnl inqiiiri» will 
pr^duc^ mmiy VAlimMp i«it]1l«. Vi't f^^nnnt intuitlgntA thv clrrti<niil«iirr'4 or 
th* lii'ii (If tbdift p«r«oiu wl]C40 |uiwf;ful tnr1ri^n» bii from timu Vt tiraft 
aouJiltd And ntudirifd i\\t unn^i cf «irkfy, vtU^out bilnsing ia hgFii illDttKH 
llfini nfniAnnm bath curkoiin inH inBTruritTfi, btii irhtrh authom of ninr« g«. 
neril aim hjt*D ollaved to pn» into undPHrrod obMvlon. 

Wo ikioU rommpiki^t ibc tviin WLtb Thf tvo «iv« of n pritrnt iubj»F. ihd 
Aril a I'nnrpii by birth, ati'l thr> tccnml a tnort rfmmtr tncmbrr of ihc lllaod 
EtoTtl. Thv format, which now TolhA-i. wjlNniroduf^ t i!Dairinparary nnr- 
rativp of ill* fbnrril of iho widowfd Qti* en uf Eilwarcl the Pourth^ now flnt 
prttitnl in an tnUn form* 

* 'nin trmrttiH of Mian rntUtlrt^i irnrk qrv u Mtnv ■ 

Vfit. L EllinOeih CouDtJrii of STtrrvibiiry ; 'Arabella Smirl : CAtbnrtnff f)T«ri 
*MttT Sltliiry. CVuLjtcti i-f JViidifuif : rvuDlnpD Litdjr Ititli i ^UgdtlQn Herbert ■ 
■FnrH« lluWifd, Dudir»»vf Kir^llOkUUd, 

Vol- 11- •KUiibrtU SlUBTl* Qi:«iu of UntrmU i 'Lury ntrrLn^loD. Couutuv of 
Htdfordi Krantm llifcror^, Ci^nntHj of Sorortrcol ^ I^ILjib«(b C'uuutita at £«■«(- 
('hrnt^Bn Ortinlpu of DoroiuEtirc; '.Vrina UUdurd, LdudUui uI Ucirui ; Marr 
fivrhn ! t4Jr F>iriihai«P. 

Vol- ilL AtHieuit VacicU'i StanUii Luly Dt^bj^; lh« Couotoa* of Deanioai i 
KH»bmh Cronnfrfl and hp? drmnlitfri ^ Mii> tiicy Uufi'I.maani 'PnonB* &tiur1, 
tHebna of Uiihroondi •I.>nr«>ib7 SiJilcth tutiufm ol SundorUnd j Rbiftbatb Ptrrji 
Dueheaa cf Somertf t ; «Lafff Huhot HuuaU ; MsffUrt UhiIihi of NtvcaatlB i 
Anns Couniaaa nf Ulnehohtf*; Mn, KnrJinrioP I'hvlipcL Jinr [^na ; Anna ICIIIi- 

Etvi 7rfbon Joqtii«tfa< iWchni of Tyrcoanel. Mnrj Uealcj Abbe Clju^aa, 
»cb«aaf Albfmvl*! Luljr Mar? ThJ^rj 'Auuq Il^dtr, Durhnaa uf Vorki Annri 
SaOlt. Daobaaof Mi>nnuulhL KidLi bjkI VdpciHi fiuimtQali CcnUivrr. 

Vol, 1V. *fiiiFah DDcbas* of Mtulhf^rtmgUj an^ Xj^dy Mi/j U'«fit«v MobFafu- 
Of ilif*» thirtT^arm aubjiicii alntfn nf rlic mtut |woF"]fcfm fwhiob frn haTB 
nartr^l">«tr«alreadrtn»U!ilof. bj lmtj;r-. Miu CiHirlltia nurk.haivvtvt, tboa^h 
VBDirhat njieqaaUy ea«cutcd, Ja «nc or f not ia«rU and blKh lutrmt- 


Aimtt taffy HtiwaTtt, 




Nft, i.-.oiKR Lady iiowahd. 

THIS Uii]y, tlLir firttifeifr i>f'riJuinAi 
BovraKl. illfil DiiU- ijf Norrolk. did 
■ul lirv to bt Duchpu of NuirulL, nor 
«vcB CcjuaEcv ur ^rrtT. ^bc vu 
Ike sitvaili c^llU toJ JifUi iJnughlcr* 
of King Bd««fd xhv Foun^. vad hi« 
Qbmr. Eliubrlh Wodevilr. She «u 
tom ■( Wnlarn^Tir* uu tbr 3nil day 
oT NvvtniWr, H72, knd rhiiqituvd Jii 
the >fcibifT church lljifT.t U ■ wjU 
DAde by Icr ftllirr « few iiiKJtUi 

*' tuv, vbefi v« Intt in Cod Diir« 
mU Til Id* fioiv tiirti r>iLL.If, if (iod 

WhiUt KiDg Kdv*rd wKt ilill rcign- 

WMV cODlj^ltA in muriixgo to »«TcnL 
Ionics pottnutvAi KJixabath, th* 
«U««I, V> tba Diupbio ol Knac^i 
Mvy, to tna Knig ufUtenark; iio<i 
CKttV tn tho l^iace of SpotUni. To 
tbcM' prMpHliTc Atliaom b« addo4, 
in tb* ranner of Ihe r^ar i*79, con. 
tnctilor thtmairiiLa;ti of bti<faughlor 
AniM ta l^irt(o i'bib[> of AQfrtrtti^ 
aid of Katbonn* 10 ib* Infant John. 
bvir tppAKOt k4 Don Ffrdinand, King 
WCaMtlt, l.«tiD, Angon, «Dd l^ialy. 

* TW d*ai|bl<n of Bilvard IT. wn 
atoefHber Mfca : I. T^liulrtlb.aftenuili 
Qsn of HeoTT ^'H-; «. Mur. i^a 
fiadTo^ag^ Z- C«alj',V»iu>uiiLf*vr*|]Aa; 
4. Miff irr<, Tho rli^ jnting c ."t Annv. 
I^v llowuil ; G. K&tliulne. CauatFii of 
Pc^vo : lail *. BjiJi^iij uun al Stvu. 
Tluir wdvr la ^ndJord't fincBlf-giflal 
HkMrr k iaowftot t m# ch« GtatUaaa'a 
H^hWvoI. C i. il«i Cll. li. MO. 

t MS, Addll. BhL Um. FfO. 6J13, 

: Kucrpu UiitofUm. p. 319. 

i Tlfa fbSp (ntiiBulid l1i« Pair) 
vMtftorvH4a*«bubtader Ike hfln«« 
or Si^a, blhf r of tba baMw Cb«rlM V. 
•■4 ffo g iotey of du wA— qu p u f Kknga 
nf Eb«l OiMalrr. t« ndl ai Ua Eai|Knirt 

of OctlBUJ^ TI1C tUlutlEAHJO nf btf 

liA«r'a dmnawa 'Ul to b« wifot J*dc, 
f^ oUir ilalar of out Qoen K*11iarinv 

of Af ff yn ,) Lo conK^mH cf The dntb 
!■ I4»T of W Tmhtbrr Ji>tinH {xh-o iliofA 
■lUtfaQii ai tba malraipLsl^ honbflucl 
of Katbaitoa of Eac^od,) who oif ulually 
■ i g i i t l HtfT of AiuUia, »'u1» U i^Uiht, 

In th« foro« caM the caotracl wu 
»C!ca(0d by Uie PuLc Mailfnitian 
and tbc Fnofcw Marf hia «tft, iha 

parvLitt of ths prl»(t, at St.Omtr'a 
OD tliB ]&thJuty> and bv King lu]w«rd 
at Gdldford oa Ih* iGth of Aaguit 1 
bj itbich It vii cOTTnantvfT tbat 
neither p*rtf thooM ^nntract any 
othcf marriige Wfthin Cbfpfl rrari.* In 
tliv roUowing yrar, on ibo Mb Augtut, 
tbv cj«nly wki concludnl. 'Ill* Wtnea 
*va* thrn itylvd CoonC of CbaTOloia. 
h Ava* agiwd, I, Ibat malfiaonf 
abocild b* •olacvnltad 10 tDOD ai th« 
phrttci TvcFt of kuilablc n^p; V. Ibat 
kiag tldwnrd ihoiiM giv«adovrvof 
100,000 crowni t*™iwniinj, mbich, 
bow^vor, wai T#niitt»d Hjif an an^uit* 
taocagtantvd by Maxf^ilranand M*tj 
at Namvr, on thr iit*ih of iht uma 
nsucith+i :|. tbat, whsji Atrt ahoald 
Rfrivt at iht agif of t«dfe,thtUck* and 
Uucboiiof Aiiitjia ih-iuld pay hf r an 
annaal ptoiiaci of 61XIU crown* of 
gold (KrffHfiniin otiri) tintil btr mar- 
ring?; 4. thai Hb^ Mboi^M bair a 
rIoA'ry, tf V'xid |iiiuticti (li* 
frrflTBrt ip-tnunrum mnni'f * Ftonrfri*) of 
lb* nioni'y of VUnd»« i S, iti»t ah» 
abonl'l h* fi[»nrjrir*bly contoyod to bop 
mamaB^ at limir «ji*nin^; li. tha% 
ihOQlil vlTbor patty dJc, a Clkc illiarMt 
ahotiUl take f^la^p tiMw»n tbeaurviior 
nnJ tDciG olhpr ton or flaughlcr of tbc 
Ouk« and King, KU^h party on llie 
ButfTundtan aide bdag tbp Duks's 
hrim,; Furth*r,by aijfaatc|uefti lHicr« 
flaTo'1 in bolb rniinlrlPi on the 7lh 
AiigiLxl. IT «rahrn\«r)BJit«d that, on tbe 
rnntLimmiTlnn of b«r marritgt, the 
Priftwua Anns *hfiuW ri?c«lvR lord- 
ihipa, Uti^t, rdJ rfnii in tbt yrJirly 
vaiuc cfKfKfO pound! of Artoii; but, 
if the retnit^terl nft^r irtaming her 
iKclfih vrnr. that KingCdvanI ahoahl 
thph pay pounds of Artoli^ 
Fmnlly. by n puhHc act perforninl 
Id a GffUm hi^b chamber- vtlfiJu tlie 

■ K/Tovr'i F<Ddcrsadlt^ I7ll>t<ini'a^ 

p. no 

f [till. p. 1 14.— in^AnctdFratlanoftha 
»id(Th Kloff Lilmtrd rrmitird Ihi Aral 
ymZf fitjuicut uf ■ pruiifiii cf £0^000 
CFDwar, vKMi Ilia ArfbdtiiB baJ agreed ta 
^tf, itliaiiy tMttuil bpfumo ii^vujif td ia a 
imrtL-iilk l^nmi-F, fiM Ihirn firf'it a lilia 
pemlua forirhlch Kin|£tfOCdi1[ueiLgagd 
toblm. lUd. p, ns. 

t Ibid. pt>. lis. 130. 

I Ibid. pp. is^,no. 


F^ma!e Bk^rtijihU^ of Enjfliih Kit/^'y-*— No. L [F«b. 

Laui« i>r Mantaret Duc1i«h vt Bur> 
tuady At firvgn, on S^Sttifilwjr tb« 
Idib D«c. ]4Si». ibf Dukv MftiLrailUn 
aniJ Duchctt Mary d^cltrr-d tb* 
ciecuUuii of ihi tfcaty of TnorriagVj in 
\hv [>:i'9tiice of lh« ^ngliih Bitbu** 
•Allure Sir Tlii»nii» Montjf ococi y, K-G. 
John CocL, LLD. And WLllmiuSliryldj 
uJ uf tLv DuL'L>rM Mu^jrtri. tLiL' Lirlii 
of fit, Taut, ChiDiEiy. miU Wuidirilcr 

Ctrua4<kl, auU iLn al/bui uf 3i. 

8acli WM tli^ doitJuy or lUt UiJy 
AODC vhiJil itlJl It cliild I hilt liur 

of Ituramti), uiTUi^nUil \isr ;tfoijfcct 

of allUnn wiili arjy ■uivfi;Jk;n iiJiiitt. 

Whia \he viUuwcd Qu^a took 

»«if<ji« of lljr frfliHD uf tlip Kin^ W 
•OL). tiy hif uncle llit DuLr uf tilos' 
Culirt, bW vhu ai.-v»iiiiJitiiti;d by hvt 
fOViJB«i iun tliv iJbkt- ur VgtLn ainJ by 
•It her nw ftUrfiiku^UAUtcIitci*. Ktjia- 
bcib, CccJv, Aiiikt, K-iiiljiLiiiir, Liid 
BHdacC. tiio Duke t^r Viik wm 
withdfaifn Uoso Irr cuoLotTy «a the 
jMh June* M43i «Dil bhortly tUtr tltc 
Dukr uf GldUcckLcl Imd fuiun^til ihe 
Xhtoav, uii lit Jr>El> t^fOint month, lliu 
Urtt uT tf4>lti Ihr ti>y«J brvltirr* wvn 
ternmiatfc!, an iflbup|)iiKd, by viqIcikw. 
£u<h. liOMi!n^]\ ftat Ifii,- viakucu of 
ibc Queen, tFi«[p rtuCniihilumlinE llie 
c«]4nthi«* Tvtiieh hnJ i^veclflkrn lier> 
wkd tic crofL C4iulcfy ^brcli Isjil Uvcii 
pFftCtiB1^d upnn licr whcu iliv |itfitcd 
with th( Duk« of Vofk, tLc uofl a^ic 
prcvAikil upaji hf thrrtLtk t^r pruntJae* 

the Klng'i avcrtut<» wjlU fTEard to 
]icr it&ufitLlcn. Da \\te 1*1 i>r M«fcb, 
the UBur^cr bouud him»?ir by iifrth ta 
proLect i^nd provide im ihcin, lu df- 
lajltd ID ijie folUwidj; irriinrkiUiU 

{MS. Hwri. AXl.^ 

" ^IrniarLinElam, lh»t 1 Rlrliant by tUv 

f-itOF ur (tod Klnf oT fCnrlimil aiul if 
ranm;e. and Lord of IxmnO. In the. 

mpDreUc, of jcu TiLnlre «nl Alilf rmnk «f 
my ciLQ cf I^odnn. powttU iqiI ivcre 
»^Aa Afpf* DpcD Ott*t fjijEy tun^lUf* of 
Gotf bj me iicrt^nrHy imicnjid, iLaI it thp 
ijQuKliLcrB uf Dfljikr EUi4lr<<b Graj, Ufa 
calling brnc^fT Quaqii u/ ICii4(IjiijiJ> iLat 

• tbid> r< US- 

if ta wit. BHiahDllii Ceeille^ Aime. 
KAlttrini aui! Tlri^fil^ vtrllt cpbic ubla tiio 
oui or lit? tinot^AfK nf W^ttminnlor, Had 
be frLjdtd> r^ilnl. *nd kirn»*"i]pd afUr mfl, 
rifui I ■h«lk iff tLaM^it^t thilheth turrtfa 
□r iLrtf Jyfli^B, fkqd nivn imL lUlTn; any 
amuar hu((. b^ «nT nguirr perauB* w 

CciKtDtt (i) tLi:4U oj ftnr of tliaiv iq theirt 
jJitB oDil pcrBunrt to W Jgae> by »4y of 
r^fijii'Uiout or dfffuuUq^ covtnna to 
ll^'iri* mllr't. ncir thirni nnf t]>y nf Ihnn 
tnprL9L>De wltliln thr Tourc nf LoaJuQ vr 
u:L[:( piitUELHF ; but tbdl I ibAll )>iit eIjcId 
i& Inmott plA«i of fi>od rtnue mtl fmus^ 
a&rl thtiD bunrjtly t&d enrCfoufly tbilla 
vr to l>p 1oiii>4J«A and vuitfnitrd, «r4] tn 
\iX9tr tlJ tl^taira rcqaUtE* and nc^^etiary 
for tlirii' eibifjicluEi idJ 6ailiij|fei uuy 
k^nnrivDrncn. AlhI tbat I ibiU* do 
mu'ii fuclieof l^fm^i DOir Imi mariiUa 
to ^iiljljarb lorn*, tad tTeflvho of ihou 
ffura 111 niari>[[D Undrw ^nj rrncipiiitfa 
Hi thfr fvnij ^tivve of CX munm for itrm 
of (licir Ifirii and In Ijhc wL«v to the 
otbrr doujchUTt vltf'i tb^^T ooTi)^ to l»vi. 
Tulle a^ of mAtiifc If tbey 1^11; ntd 
iflob* gtblibnan u ihalla h«ppt V> mbha 
mlb Itrrm^ I vhallr' >rrjill:]y clinrg^, fKHn 
tynip to tyme* ^DTynglj Lo Joia anil In- 
litaU lbtni4»lbEit viCtci aiiJujy kjiuiiaa- 
woihctiaiulbrj' itoUc oUTDidnodcicbw luj 

^'Acid o*cr t\i\a tbiit 1 kli^v 7"^'^ 
from iiniiiffurthp r<)Mm( tfi'l fiay or it^ivp 
III (if ronlfnirrt mid inlj-it fnr ibtibtbldon 
■nd fladlnic nt the hiIiI Danir filljultfth 
Gny darfui;1iermvtui4llDli(fr. aCiiijIcFmet 
of tbo ju-ni ftbpt ii Irj ifif. «t PbKThA, 
MidBonpr. Mirhilmptv*, utiJ <. Iirtilqii' 
lArHr.J to John Sj-«fi-td«. oii« nf lk4 
Attni^ri for Eity body, for hii finding lo 
■ilQiid vj-ijii h7i4 l\ic tuiHL of DCL uiHrc' 
of Uw full;: moncj uf Lbj,lanJt by otra 

" And rtiortoTvrl promtKc to tbrnLtbit 
]f anf mrmyv* (tr Mj'lir n-|ii>Jl bk niaila 
tv mr uf tb>m or any of ibcoi, by «ny 
lirnuua i>r i^rumo, lUn l\uta 1 ibiUo 
jLoi pf( tbcrujitti faiitiF uo vicddtoii Dor 
iLwraro I'ut clicm !o itnjruj&nerpprjiBbB' 
jtirmt, ht^um thm thaj nr iciy nf TliAm »d 
■cfUfil may Iv nf thi'ir Inirfijllit iltfi^opf 
q: anaffcr, lu iiilii(-uc ^bfiuf Kj tbU 
wtitio^ Iff 'ny vlliD a»d imjqdic afojaBUj 
la your «aid prm^oce- mada,l b»tfl ipl 
my UKna DUnaiJlc tbofi'iE -b^ <jf Iklwob* 
tb« ftrtt jcreof iny Kflgoi?" 

Thv lubacijucnliiiipoBal of the IVin- 
CAMvt during the trijcn of Kichnrd Itl. 
I* nrri kno^vt], 

Whrn bfr ftrstCT wa* m>rr!«d to 
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j^Mt Ladf Hfward. 




m *oait tiu0 vfilb litr malbir thv 
OBPva Don^icr, Oq wmv tula oc- 
CMiDM, bo«r«fTr, »h< i> aittftlinEiril M 

&fe« t«o| fWt la t^ctttiDon^ cirihv 
bvpUtvof Bcr Dfphtw. I'ftncc Arthur, 
io I4ftd, cuTT^nc Lilt cbrlkom, whitti 

bong mtf licr left anti.* 

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■he fraa m ttModaacv vu ihc Quvia j 
■wl tbv «u aIw pfvitiit lulim ib« 

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wftrd* Qi4i<u of dcuU.) ww btpii^ 

ibc t^df AOD« aipin bojp tlie rbnKRi, 
** «it1« atBAjTvMaui ticb cruai 1icf,"^ 
On Whl-TursiiHfirj HJ3 ihr l^-nly 
AttMI«F>Mnd "Ayr«^rr" t<i WiE>d- 
■Oft bcnvMAftd bf her ti%Un ibc 
Ladk* fiAttifriac Aud SiidGct. tu KC- 
ttoil ibc ftotiaiuly vt hei BtL>ib«i'« 
Aional, i]ic royal tacptc havioK bt«a 
pflfatcU ccttiey^ OjuIic; on th« prc< 
TioOfe S«t^iT. At tb? mBFB of th« 
Trioiiy tbc l^ady Anot ollartd the 
DiMHptACf i« the >lK««f tbf Qoicn, 
bciojt coodocliedty BnbrDtbfr^iq-Uw 
tba Vttcoont Wvllti, and hn ItBiLii 
bote* tiy n«ia« Kitliirlne Gray. Of 
iMt »<^!<ninily a cununt BKUuat U 
pTMtrrtd. ■nrbkb, m it bti at^tt yet 


*■ Oh tirt 'tij J15 of JuD* tha 7«r« of 

* Ibl-t lip. r<l. V4A. ! IM.T p.'.'M 

4 Whm Mr lUrria N^nbi ruHlthr-J 
^ U^ult uf £UuUih of Vvrk. t( *■>« 
Brt ■KsoHblfc MkM airickfaaJ m In 
Qiwini of Kaflmd biH dH^ril «ad 
■•iMtd tu bVfdM f(Viln( n cttodmili 
tU»i¥a m her unortii , rtt. ■■ Anitidfll 
USA, JO/' Ututf hirUirf br. nnujt^il 
tbuMlM 6<fkUtiid v^nA flKunttea 
bf " to«« dUsOdUaKd VwUsi." |( k 
k*TC%«r, ov^JoMIt tU oftckl ae«aaut ef 
a b»aU ; »d. If lUi raaferka Mk Iht «nt 
af tna» w« tnwn^ bte iui(9r «u ]vgbih1j 
nKbar pitlniaoil iht« po^LinJ. tbe 
mMvesKtiU u*y br ILvb^Ii lUb/al- 
IhINic «f KiPE (lnrj'« pirnmasj ; I'Ut 
Uv HvUw adaul* li^A tbij wh Iil hnj*^ 
rwpoQJtaci >iA tbi ^Mtb'Ud imtnjc- 
twia ef it« dtMainL— Wd do aoi Bod 

ibSowLvcrkc, JikcnivdlhaRifblflutrhla 
pfji^^^** QwEDf P.UMbrth, itfiBB Ljmt 
■nfft «f KjDfi Kdvuild t^c Liij"i tad 
fficider lo q««a« ClkHbtLb* niffv la K.ft§- 
Hfnty Ihff ilj '^ i^biob* «■« Iba f!rUl|fi 
bTfor* WblUi>b>]aj u tbtf yen fUld. 

" Aul tb« viiJc ^nciu tJnuirJ lu b«r 
Jetiie-b*dilfllb4UBiL>jiiBu faLtltWJcba 
JuoetMd* ibe iluUc in &]!«: ^t^dlj tiuM* 
wiUunit lay wuri J]y pump*, [bt] bjr 
mntn^ rn Wynjtfai^rr. itAil Th*r to l>|| 
berled in ibfliuri<Tiu( ttitt lifrhowil 
itc Krtw WM bcijcil ia- On ^ Lil 
ths n^t uiMrdjiu lo ba iuirt by TttOpj 
(id«tW«1 to WyikdpMTfl, kad tb«r pr«T«^ 

Uifl cufcllt irilliaul Tydj^Dt: of toy MI( 
or RCfTyiynf bf Uia dcAii auil dmiuat ii 
ibdr babttA. cr »gmjti>p4piynJ ai wboSj 
Hyat* bu iritb thv pfi4r of Ibo «LarEtf*, 
bonte of 5bro, Uoctcr lirrat Uer I'biL^' 
liiit ina uHi ol ber ctornVin, Eifmoodi^ 
HntU aal U K u Oiico* buUrd doagli* 
tn of Kny Bdvanl*, nd m|wa 
«tbrr ccaWvomra, and tt 1( fvuj 
t« mv, oan pr«ai of thto«tlctf« aad fi 
dcrkt rtcvynd h*i n ibe omMp, tad ^i 
pmply abiniL ij <if lb* dlock* tn tb# 
Eiyffliliit itio TU bcrlcd. vUb'ittL laj kh 
lciji]fuc dji<(c. VI Uivi&viuc KiL) tulenpaf : 
umiti Jiuif f^r hci- awbcbylt'I 

** Ua Uf DoruG tliodc^r disc lL« Tcrdt 1 
Airdflbl briibopof RocUBi«r, to dr>r> tfia 
tcnlea, UiDiA aubfannrv nr tU* orflulcfa, 
9t trisw uf thin mlnui, but iJut daf 
ibdi ■«■ DuUiiDf 'Wu loUlnplj foe htt^i 
HTTni; 4 low honii nt^ u ibflj a>« for; 
tb« eom)<i] jtejtle, villi (Jj voodfo canJla?- 
ihi^bn ibnvu bit. ■nd ■ clftlho of bIwHJ 
nlmhfl nF ^H otrr hit, virb Hy and] 
itlcli or ^Urtr and cliw i!V?rtGh« twyni^ 
ftttpcrof Tioai^rrtticttbt^Anif *Jm<bnio 
af bcr •rne* crowned, py^iicd on tnl 

" IM (hr IVindiy tbfJn ernn* bf 
KaCrriL) of Hyrijf H-Jfranl'i doirjhlcn ml 
\icitt, tiiJiil b bj Uf, llin IjilIv Auiir. Ibs 
lAilf K*tJif(fnf. tbn Ltjf brTHEtlf ««• 
oomptygacd with lb« Lady Morqoyi 0I 

■ay n^onlof Mil* runtral Id tbt Collf^ 
of Amt, Of ve tboQiil hare bfggEd' prr* 
nriLailQa tn cedltLc it, Allh tbr b(>po dJ for* 
i«lkf louifl artDrt lniv ii4doh tbe vriior 

' Tfid w filer B]]|4Ftsti) (Oblibal Lrc^' 
rtad ii'\t copy. 

t M MS. • **apna' tiHt>« ateaft 
''u" la a derloal rmr. pcrbopa Itar 
*' iiij/'-^qtiuiti fou utLcr*. 

: t)Uit. 

t Tbj* puHfO ii tboi iUmcU br IUm 
^truilaadi -■ ngtbiDg «•* daat lolanalf 
for Ektr Kilaf | abc a borv-" 


FtntcU Biojraphies (/ ^ffjfefc //w^flry,— N* I. [Feb. 

DunHLp* tbt Dua uf Duokfnshiini'i 
dgviftLt?! of f !«:> nrac^ftb? foretu J ^ntof * 
ftlioa tliQ ili>a(|itrr i>r iTit Mirtju^ of 

ikt laid rjwniif,f Iha L^dj l^ffdrmonE,* 

■dJ odD Uie mome, thnt i* it m^j, ifa« 

And lli« An dva^htcn 41 Iha h«d. thoir 

AEari4i thai mmn Tctujay thtilit umb [he 
Jijrd«i tU«l fiil(JW}iit ibd lyiril Tliutiiju 
U>n|«j« ofDoitwU, >»« CQ tlidfi3n-ujd 

SwttA, tba l««nta HdqqiI or 8flffnkli«4 
fttflU of lUiBi. the VnpouBt W#tJ«, 
nrCfajnr4M«f f^mnefui. Mr Rdger totnn, 
nulfUrCNtcvnnn, Anililm njrght bsffui 
tbv dlrrc' p tbe foretold t^1iO|> «f Kd- 
dtcvEcr aad 'i«rt of itio eolleAo w<» r»o- 
Ion orih* qmr, und noo vbuioai. The 
hEiibvpftf Rn^htil'r rtA iht iut Iriiitu rE 
thfT Mrtrfw of t*irj Ibr ehnnnim Uiir irlt;nr 
tifci, LlLIIjc ilrtnof thel vi>lifKefrd mi\>ii. 
tliuwRlii? lie vu |«Me«[lo(tb^l iiitkej noi 
■It dirtftt rof at B^fl »[ llier f Jf> "m lb" 
ni'iar ■ i*w [oreKf>. but old Ii»ri:ZLCii ; aftt 
bO<-pp mnri In h|j>''ki< f;i>vn« urir vbnitrtt 
but iijutn a dciie^ djvfln afcle mea buld^ 
yiij uld luirTiPi «iid Tuivhrj euilc » ldiIou 
tb« uoinr OOIJ4 of l^iO rttinnnH called 
miililcT V^iiftita innriF rur LAiIjr ^^'"<*i 
fti ihn whiclw til* lordc iiiBn|»iFt oTe^d i 
pitri of ^ild 1 tVlliaf mMSflolirvd no fiiiLn 

luuif of iLc Trcfi«cici whlcbs nu boiik<id 
bj tbo dH&i «ai koded ii ibe htn bed. 

■ rrrUj diik^bler lUid hoJr of WlJliim 

t Thvtv it eiich b iij^itfVifticrti in ihii dv- 
>cii|iti,uii vf iba lAdlrt, iIjiI kt ii difficult 
to I'll wbOi cr '^TWD b^H Eiisfty, ^at iD- 
tMd«d. Ann« l^d) llFrlDiE tai one 
■liLtr, IClltih^ih vtirp iif Rnbnt [j^rd 
FilcnoJiflr. mrc lb<i onlf lUufhtm nf 
tlvtwf Duke uf LuLkiiiiltaiu tr; LaJ^ 
KBlliaTJiir Wudetilt, ■iitaj' uf tbe Q^»(i. 
Anirc vt# rii&mcd Ant tu tir Wulrer 
KcrbgrL And AtTcrmrii lo C-cnr^* Kt'l 
of BnnlSiiBdcifl- 

PLadj RpRiitrBt vM th« widow of 
• yolinuci bi>j(b<i uf tbc Ihinj Burl of 
I4o(ll]UiiibcrliiDiL| Tbam4» rorcy, «rMl*d 
haron Esrem'^bt U N40, 4iid hilM ■! 
lb* bdttlv oT S'E)rtba,[Bp<Hii ia ldK[): m 

nou ' lo podlc™ *t p. T73 i but hrr pn. 
rroL^cr b luiVmiiru- Duj[dilc tutttd (bat 
herhiitbiind died umnarrl'd. 

I Wh^i n.-imr Kalhirlnr 49nywttdafi 
not t«dlly tppMr— "nrthrr pfcitif nf the 
juti^r of om IftJroiluctrifj r(TitcrT*OoM. 

hy (BiiHc tlic IfldjA cHcni sal Ui Lba nniB 
ofRfcjuiEini nad :h« lordn babn r*> 
Ijofofd ut dboT« ta tho aivtri UlQ 

Innlrui and aUa lliii affii-iflr-i r>f nriaF-i, 
Ihrr bnjnj prrirnl. *Trnt brfrte my Ijrfj 
AUDVi wlkldliD ulTir^d Ibe uftHf-;>FTiT in* 
ilcdc vt tUc (["cue, vbirfuffl »1ie bid tbe 
fitrpct «nd ibc cuiitlaijra Icid, tad tte 
Vjooat* W'tlm tukn b»f oflVjnr, (thidh* 
VI t n irr^ P"^J "1 ^'-"^ c' i^lff. ind 
D&Eiie KoihtfiEic Gtb^ bon^ tbc tuiil \si.6y 
/itutt Irftfiif jfi If uitf tilt Hv li;riii-d I<j 
itt plAct ■fT'1' Tli«o Qviir^cbn of tbc 
Kjntff dfiiPEbt«r« hota jtlieirj cwnt 

UiB laAfit hid i^lTrfd. in lJkiT<i\tiir Ihclofdfl 
BiJifquv* L'ffrrd a f ici^ of pilf) i cliAn tho 
otbcr (•tifrtniil luiilci oITjoI tlivlc ptcailri i 
ihuk olTr«i Ifia d«u auJ ibc i^iftir, 4bd 
(bo pourvkny^htci : ibisii C ■rtivrKj'Bc ot 
»mitt, hifIl b¥En <U hti fttcnpniijr ; Ib«n 
i>ifrpd nil olbcr r«nryrrii prrifnTn »d 
ffritau. and tbe tervuuntrt ibnt (told* 
vff^t, liQl lii?r vu AULi iftfryiic to lbs 
cDr|r>- |}H,T]msthc nuHntlio xna lona 
afirlajna montj in iIukwh Aftvf nun 
tbi^ Lord Mtr^ujt i«ii«rdjid (*|iBl) 
tbfiir NBifli «lt^ 

'* 1 iir«y ui Clod tg hue nertr on W 
tmrlCh At tbi» Hin* vonMa Ibo c^ifreao 
ber Jowahlcr tut'kti licf <b(im1nT, wbcr fort 
I can not icLb wbut JoTnqt hmrbv il* 
iha gnth iikn bat L tappntf vbA vetl id 
blrn, Id tlkhvit? ai ipenr Mar^irti tbir 
nil of Kjnt Heaiv Uic vj, went Xa 
wheuEic bcr motbtr the qiron* of CasilU 

Tlir l^dy Ann<» vjtn rroftrly Twenty 

?t&ri of agi> whon >ho wii ra&Trivd to 
liomii Lotd lEdw^rd. lUi hatbaad 
woi n year oM*r. Th« inirrug* look 
pla^c i>n thf* 4tb Fob, 14D4'fi, iq the 
pr^-imrr of Kin^ Mrnry the Suventh, 
Bi ipp'arB bf the tDllo«iDc cnCrf f ia 
th« ctjH*nif« of bit Privy l^rtu: 

■'Teh. 4. Pot (dTriftij tt mr ^^f 
Anne mafii"(o, tj*. liij'." 

Ihe murUif^e MitleBi«nc nii mAd* 
■ahi«qa«al1)r. by an Indenture dll«1 
tbe nib F?b. to llpn. VU. bDr^etn 
th« Qunn sod ilic Etrl «f Surrtyi 
Th« Kirl tpttltd upon tb« marriaffc 
th* rffvi^fftlnn (in^r rhr ilriith of Kn* 
Mbnlh F)(]ch4rii« nf NnrfDlb) of th« 
niannn nrHanwnrih, 1,lnl« FrAtnling. 
Tinm. Syifla&d. DyLolboroujh, and 

♦ Pn^atlym #iv«'/hr b»b|t, ^'^rtul 
ilolfikt bibli." or monmiiLg. 


Anne Lmi}f fivtoard^ 


the bucdrtd of lAodUb lo Narrotli, 
Uidtbe mtDOf of E^fl'i Stoahuu iji 
Sttfolk i tUo La umncdlatr tvEaIc of 
|l)« minnn ^t L<ipb4&] la Norfolk. 

la KhMix, •od StolbV Qvar (?hicb«itttr 
la SitfHi i and hfi farlbvr bounJ Uim- 
•ol^notto ikhanal* any oUitt tcnuon, 
t«, of which he WW ibtQ icixil, a- 
CVftJnc tkflt in rase of hiv marr^iag 
■i^B n-? ihould rmiic a jaiatcn* to l^fl 
yMrly valuo ^f 3rjtj oaarki, aoJ farth«r 
tc tlL«fi1«ntof lOOJ.jriafEv, r«r Urmt 
of liVM.OrforthtpByiBCbt of hiidibtv^ 

Bj tti« lone indaatarc, fbe Quven 
M^Lgtd (0 payih< Karl ui sanuiey or 
IflCi. gnli) pucb liotu lu ho lubentfU 
tfc« fttnlri of ihe DurLicti dowi^cr or 
of bi« iaithit, id order iv provide (at 
|li« nbibitioQ ind tuitcDTa^ion of Eh« 
«4id L«4t Ami*» in ai««I ftnd <irifil: for 
«Tfl>y itMk 1q tbfl j*i^, twnntf thtl- 
Itafi i fof tWA^dUowAKitta* a fromkB 
child, & gtelUmAn, a ymmaa, tbd 
Uiiwo ^rooai«4 far tboif wa^4, <!]sE 
ftftddouungt^th* ycar.Mr lif.Si4.; 
Ukd for Ibe iuilonUtion uid Lerping 
bythf ytvof mim bon^t, c»chhont 
47'. 9id.} lOL m. 4<^. TbiT QiiMO 
farthtf Migagcd toBnd Iho Lady Aim* 
in " mAoni andconvvoi^itt tppmll 
for li«r bwlr," vt'iil Iha irhrd of 1b« 
un* ce&ting^ncitt,* 

Tbt annuity of I^OI. wan xfltrwanU 
(DftflrnH by tvo Acu of Harllamt^rjl 
orth« urn and nth Han.ViL which 
tBttEcd th« ffC'farm rcntj at^^nod for 
iu u^iDcnE.t Tha iuid a]Lott«J thp 
Laivf Anne by hor Buitr for <t»at, or 
"far b«r porw " ai it inrord*! in 
Lh* Qa»m'« ho<itf4io!d booL. «#t trit 
marU (fd. i:ti- 4d.} y<ariy i; bnl thf 
Qurrn ilio madit bi<r an orraAioiial 
pftaaol; aa <trv tb* 1in6 XUy, IM)9 : 

" lUm. ««T«ai j(rd«4 of ^\\f **tlcn of 
Bm^ft for ■ hrfffU fiv my [-Aly Anur, 
al ^- Tijjjf- iWi Y*t^, iitJJf, Tijjd.' j 

Tb* pohey of lUcrj- tb* SaT«ath in 
fotm^DG thia alliance 'naa aflmLnbU. 
B« fbvrtby atUfbcil ta theCmwEt a 

* TVt EndvatBM i> pHoW al IdgUTla 
Mt-4oi-ft IVirarabn AagUeaaio, No. 

t ScvtbtmhiRol. ruLvL479, 311. 

i SKCtePrlry riin«&tiiru>c« i>fE3i- 
aa^cU of Vpri, tHua Ij Bit S\ 11. N»o- 
laa,pp. T!9i, ms tDiJ aip. FfJit u pnrry of 
llw tMily piymfBt ^1 rt^* ito/. ■■ lo tuy 

Awe-" ' ' 

5 UEd, p, 9, 

v«ry povcfful family, whicb rcpre- 
»cnicJ oo< branch «f ibcBtuod Uuval, 
aa iubciitine ibe dlfDitr of E-irl Mar* 
ahal by dca^fill ffom Edwiid of- 
Boijthcrtaa, the younc?*1 ^nu of Kinj* 
Lsiwafd 1. Th« itrandfalKfr, tbc £r«t 
JJukv oftha Howards lud Lott biilrJb 
and di|[niliFii Eoji<lbflr. in Cbr lUppOrfrr 
or KiA^ liicliard cd Botwdtth Field j 
while the faibcr, Ihough reiicred ta 
the Ejtrldom of Surrty in Hs^, «a« ai 
yd kfpt biL^t from the higher dignjiy, 
«rhjch wan onl^ at Icne'h rrtlorcd t9 
him bv Kiaiz Hvnry Vllt, iu 15lia. 
Thif biulffgrcom wat hiiDDi*]f1oo yaua^,^ 
10 liAvo for unrnv irara laurh inHuonO^i 
in pubbc alTairAi and va* thoivfttfa 
1h« mutd Ijlti'ly to b4 bmt to tha will 
of the Sijvficign tvho confcrrfcl thia 
favour upon him. Of tbemarfiedlLrr of 
tbo Lody Arue wc havi found no par- 
tinilarr- " I do noU"«ay*tbff latv hii^ 
tofian of tha Hnwardii" find any dstailft' 
nJaLmi! tO btr Ur«, SCok* Ntyljin J (i^ 

and Limbatli thatr London r«i>i<Lane»."' 
'I'bey biJ one ac^n. Thontfti, who titt^^ 
3 Aug. l^OSp and wu buried in Ibt 
Howard Chaprl at Lamlwr^ (wh«rehil 
rpjiaph rtmainod io 11)37-9). an4 
tbr» othtr com, alio ibera biiricd«. 
nhoi* oaam ar« nol rrcordtd. " It ii 
pr^babla." Mvi Mr. DcivarO, " that 
tbrr did not hv* to bt> chriiit*n«d in 
rfiim— and thai, by fftqii^nt Mmbaptp 
the h«al1^ of ibJoir moibof vai riiin<d, 
and the piobabFy dUd coniumplivn 
altrr locat yea^i' lutf^ring," 

Thia erenl ocfurrfd at tbo end of 
IMJ. or rery bfginr*iag of EAI3, (nev 
ttrlp>, nben thr «o» n^oul 'J" yenra 
nf a|**. anr) hinl hvi-it marrfrd apT^ntP^n 
yi4n.* ^htf la aaid TO htivr iHvn 
buritd at rram)inf(ham in SufFolk. and 
Iha etHsyon her tiuabond't rionamant 
thm ia mppotrd to reprrunt bar. 
"] hare no doubt," >ay» Mr. Hoimrd, 
" that the r^iimbfnl llgurp on the 
Duka'a lorob, to Vi^hjrh the right hand 
IK A[veo. U bera \ htt ferl r?iC on an 
■ranthua trrntl, nml no Mnhlrcn or 
nriTiK are i^liMn.for tI wtiuld hnvr'b#ao 
flRn^rri^ut at tha timt that thi4 fnonti* 
tnvnc w(u (^rrrt«d in fcaw T«nturf^d m 
giva tha arnii of England aa JE."t 

■ MamanflSa of tht }lomat\\ Family, p. 
1<i: adopting tJi0 opinion of Vr. fVoU In 
lili Life of Sarrry: but (lie point doeiaol 
KBin In be ctnrly uccrtaincd, 

t Itud. App. VX pi-J3, 


Fant in tlf Net! Chtpe! at Sprijij/JSirldy Es$ex^ 


Th'u drcatnalAnfe, however, l> not 
dfciiirc. for tbcfie va) lh« »amv 
muon for aupprr<iiii|; the roytl cotX 
bCTn« b}r Uh? 9UJfjrdv. the romlj- of 
lh« DvL<'> Mooal nJiV . and it ii ca 
Ibae T»rf >£EUDiit tlint Hawct, th« 
hitfofUa of KrJtmlinpfiam, 4*cfiUf« 
lti« rfflgy fo tlu Diifheu Eliubolta^ 
But 4 more «uent mi»an U U>r ityT* 
of th« «ffl^y kitfl/, wbifh co n«ar1r 

vlv4« of 111* faitrlh Iluko, tphu Hi4il 

it itidtnt th«y itcrc alt c«n*J tbaoT 
liic um« tirnf, tu^ ptobahly hv tht 
ttntt »ru'plAr. It* Dacbn4 Clirt- 
bfth 4M then aUo Ja«t detc«i«d, ia 
t55it i «nJ 41 the um lL( matJitr of 
lljfr l^i of Sorftf^ 4ad graaUoxAhir 
&r lh« (Lct«i! UuLc, It ih toon protrabf* 
UiAt hfT tffi^y tfaoulJ b* p1ar«i1 upon 
lh« mriJiivtrBtnt, than thM of Aenv 
LuAy llotfMJr wbc> hd^l Uft no 
<hiliii<r, md itfh«, bbvmif thvix \ittii 

btcn pf^ltjr wvEl forgoUeo. 


Tl IK >cr«*npDnyini; Pl4t« nprrwat* 
tti« fcfrtl whMb bat Ivr* trr«tAl In tbv 
Iiaw<h«i3dil1 SfTrinf;flrM ncjirCrkrlnii. 
ford. 1114 Oftfl&F wUifh ftiim% iin fo- 
ttring U nf rich Gi»thli" work, lor- 
raaunttd bf ihsi ftud^n! rmlilpm of 
our ^Iciud Stiioiir, thcprfican. Thr 
dmico (*rtiic1l \% hy Mr. J^^tia Ailry 
RepUru, F.S.A. uf Spimcrivrd* iIjv 
wZiittict iif tJitf clijiiid.) n in Bijm« 
4W|tv« an iniution r>r lhr»u f«rr tTTcI> 
nroii of fomi*r ihy*, « fptr nuly of 
which hivr Iw^D i[iar(il tu di. 71p 
brifkit uf Ibc farir>iiy it tlhtr ti^rt. It 
lataif A Tfff frTimtTrfcUt coirrlnf lo 
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add trriti lo proit^ct it fmoiiud* |»ro- 
fdiutiM u riir tincoTfiii] fond tie in 
BOiDf ptirn but tnorjjach npoteJ lu. 

Thv diapd i* di^dicAlpil lo ih« f I uly 
Trinili. 1liP tiTiri^iixi *lrjn<' wm 
IsJiJ tU JUflV 1i47. BOil Lhr cvijflrt'rft- 
liun li^cli ii|»cr va tbr SOtli LjfJuJy. 
1C43< ll II (lEiiluJinjc tbc clmiKdJ 
77 fc=l lojig; nnil 11 ftct wiilr, niid 
nntftiDi 400 ff« liitin-;^: h ii n«t 
dbUcurrd by ■ tXa^U pew, nrr Ijm ii 

TbvnurJar it el vIjUt brkk. ivllli 
ntQulJin|(« af OiD a^fne mutti^at, ri- 
<C|]E tLeArcb of !l4 [xirch, tbc l^v vc- 
tA^an luireU ai th« w»1 tod, m^I tba 
ftdiMif p^/irjiiclc* U tbe »tt tu4» 
vikicli M* of itonc- 

Ttf ilylf ofarcbUictarriaNarmnn of 
Ibo liTit 9f SifphfDorllcnrf II, btifig 
rathi-r li|;1tlfr tlivi (Kr RDU»it4 <|ifl' 
racUr of ihv tiruir cf Wilii«D tbe Ctm- 

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dFkMiijci af «]| ihrfr cOjiIci trr (itcii id 
iLw MoiDuriiOi of tbc HdwhiJ Vindly* 

^larrrir rii W.THani nolbaH At Ihortit 
fnd lire thrtr Ntirmkp irindo<n ; ihw 
rfntrv it ptrtlyArrHl wich incifiit ifau 
rcpmcatlni^our m^luur. ■lihtlif cvn- 
blpriti at (Up four rnuigrlltu, I'rdrt- 
litath tbe CUE \7indoiri flHibJniJ lb< 
nlEir) vc t^rrn NariaaA uclifi gf 
Ckrn stout, willi cnii^hrd fnplula, 
Itircfnltv arcb (infajm lh« vofiti ?f 
«ni( SftVLuor. "'Hii" '\t ru rmemlNAaM 
nf me/' Oa rtr^i <idi* ire Ibr Tm 
Cainciiamliiieijt*. kml biiynnd ih?fe arv 
llic Crnd nnd ibr l^^id'v Tnyrr 
The M}b of arc bitcrr lire t»t tbe 

Colpll, Uicrcorlinfdeik. Elir afl<Uoff)]« 
fnclivn, tad ihc eanup^ r>r*hf fbtil, 
&re qT 1b» dale of tirnry VII. (m 
arc alKt the trua ^Ica «di) the gal' 
pirn.) KoihJfiK t^aa be tnan abiurd 
l!jiia lilt ftibioi) of iLie day ^hlfti 
irifelHEi |in^|ila \}i'\n\ \\ DFmiiry thac 
tt« wuud «u(k tud Thv titling up 
c^f a <htirth tbouli) br uf rbr molc Jiie 
AA ibt baildbfUxir. rvH'itbuulJ be 
aijppDVcltO be 111 ; txjt lu nihLi' pulpit 4. 

«1tar*rail9. ItcolaNofnitn chifidfr 
it aa MK&rmun of aueli nidcni ati. 
avnJity thai itMrc in» icwCf ly ii(Cc«ury 
1u point it out. 

AkEUftll StfLool-bouKiialtafferEcd 
AFfir ihv cbiprl, of jid buck, i*i:h 
liifk ^ibdiLcIrt, of liiti di«iacUi and 
d4teorlUiiiy VIII, orC4»wd Vh 

Thua tbruu^U ibu nuweaiinl and 
motl perHiviinjf nciligna vf lL« Rtc- 
tnr of SpnagfinU. Ibr lUr. Arlbirr 
PrtfBoa, hat auoiKrf 1i'(D(»M brni dr- 
dicttird EiMhe bon*jnf of ilmPn May 
tbe pra^m ^nd llic pu:v dutitmc of 
the "HuIt Caffcotic CliBTcb" *m 
toDtiaVt 10 U braid witbia iia vratl* 
for ccatuiica y«t W one. 

f^g.Hy lfc;JIOUMVJJI> 








111 tt* Ptact «/ fdKa, i». 

TH IS rnlimiGor L*iif M»hon*i IjiaIi^ 
ID J raliiabi? ^crk cbrnjirfhiuilB ft 
pfilnri nF lliirtf^n fobn, from 1749, 

moHt tmporiJtTih limr. riiiTinfrnithHt at 

of WaIh, \ht frtveuSan if fivn^, tb« 
flrit AdiDLeUlratJnn of pjlt. I'hp cl«Arh 
of Gfor^c \l.^ th« scritoiAn df hit 

tb» »ne iicrind wu rhnfactrri*iril br 
th« loM of M»nnr«, l*i* f^ven Tum* 
Wu* lhi» Family Compart Twtwc^u 
frtnt* tioA Sj»«iii. ih« Conqtipit of 
Cinadt, ftnd lli* nn^iiiilrinti r>f a f^rm 
imifis, lit* nnt h*j;iflrin{;* (if tin vni' 
pin, In thi KftiV- A |>rrirvl f iT*r^ vair 
M> lopoiunt dpnuindhl tha (itti \n* 
bmfaof <he hiiTorlan, Th* 1»r«L«m 
of Fr«loHct xht ittnt. th^ l^utl itrf»^ 
uaa of Uardviclit and MtatliiiM. th# 
tojllun: BJid natil vlrior^M <>rKiwk*, 
aad Woir^. nnH rfltc, Tjui aIslivd all 
Um miral r>f live natiooal apkii anjpr 
IIWilorifiTrt hif1u«n»of iha laipMltnj 
fnltM or riLC vtrif tlitiDM whifh 
conld B01 (ill tn TiiaU rh# p*o vl^ tho 
Trtur aloiiDtD!. ariif ta frnaiii<i[i(ti'hU 

woflflprAil eipntft of mnfp rrci^ii fii*. 
iLuili hav». Ill a rcru^n tiirju. thrown 
iutv the bhiflc the clKUtnitDnrH nf 
tbi> ara In ihr biuory of our coanlry 
and In ilir bin^^a|>hJ^ of nnc of the 
viae tloqii»ni ^aiiil impitif of lU 
atamnan, hut ili«y nrr dnrnmilaQcoa 
wUith 0D|ht novar in b« ftirfoitrn, 
^luf rnd m ]M*i>ri UikJCf«aad |ian|iT« 
■oae oaci^iary t(t be Ixirna hi mind, 
ftul LorJ MaboD'a book, nl.itli uHa 
ILr momcbioui tab in a wa^ trbJch ji 
«ut0 tu rr«dcr his work pcipuUr, U 

Bflhi- moil ia'itJDUa parluniLriitiiry 
jubbiac* UHJ ty huniuuririK tin? «F»k. 
nnan ond iirvjudiri? vt iIjv t'jvcjciEii, 
Ihradisinjatroirnn vflliL- IMIiJifij* lioil 
Lrouifht tUv cuijiiliy mi<i it cnEiiliniin 
ofiianicroimliiiaitifLtciiLMi. iiihJ, what 

vaa Kti[| tVr« nirdatorap^rlU 

nu« var. Irv an iM oi« nf patr^naft, 
tatfa of »pmL l3?rd Alafiftd tcaf««l/ 
rtodcfi Uje^ ttata of Ibmga lo pnmk- 
nont a* it ahoard bo^ in crdrr that the 
VAlut of Ltrrd Cbdtriain'4 »riifp« may 
hv diij* appradaird. Th? rndff &f 
iha wbcl« biMk mutt iadttd drav 
Tarjia infaranrft lo t-onl Clitttmm'k 
favciur E bkit ■ jtafft nr two Vittild hava 
tw«n v»ll bfitnwtfd fncofapratadng tha 
chvldanrai which ailtt of the natJOhAl 
waul at tnarfy— tbnt mralJirilf tjar- 
Singer of dpfuT and dtigraf^^hrfor* 
ili« iiplffl xai r^mtntllrd to th? Grvat 
Oocomonor. "Thfr* h too moth 
rraann la btili^fH*' **fa f/ird Mahnr, 
■• Iliat. !hf S»rr»l A*t*ifff mnnay waa 
St that [rt-fi'rt! pmpliivi'il In pr»fiiipi; 
^itti. nr ' f ntl[f](4llnnt ' to nioiTitii?ri at 
J'^fUamfrt."' (p, A4.) But why wtli* 
clniiij^ fully Ttpon tlw point f |i nrlth? 
iter ai wi'U tuiova na anyttiing cif ifaa 
kind oaa ba » U ii not prar»d by tha 
Fonvtnailoa bHwci?o "itaa irettran 
Oural initign^r" and Poi. rri&Trd tiy 
Lr>fit Malion at p. AA P Can It not bv 
ronUriord by many colla^^nti pfnofaf 
Th« " tioary Jobbfr M th« Tr*a*itty," 
i:p. T't,) wha navrr «bota " bU dtU 
tfflf iipR Ibr knnwlfidg* or f apantjr, hot 
onfy foj HilnffrTienfff," {ih.y I1H*(1 tho 
brnfbt» •/ the HooH nf CnmiODna 
wltli pFiiiicineri ot hl> f<ivcriiTDcnt, 
and waf rvrr on lli? laok-out totiatoE 
Iradpr for tbrm " wtlL abLhtirs iuffrior 
iti hit [iwn/' *'Thii fliarovrry of aach 
a (vr»<}n/' l^rd Mahno raiaarka," wm 
«>tii(n]y no Ditht r^r vaay ia>k." (p, 
ST.) upon otke oecailotL whan he 
bad a?comphahtd ii, Pitt rrmaikcdp 
'-Sjr'nLoiuQAHoUii««n Iradui! Ttie 
Dnkcmi^litad wdl tend hiaJuL'hoat 
<o i«Bd iiti" \p^ ^>. la Eh« arm} aod 
aairy patfuuii;* and irDiniity wrrt tti^j 
iiiily totrnn rjf prucDii(i»ri. Unit, 
uiJL-nnurtUJ nilb ibt i>^rt^e uf tlii; 
paflMiDi'nl, TriDi^iJvd uaDOlic«d Aiid 
uiitckiftvb. Ii wa> lukcd, " bafora an 
oflitvi uaa named; la what V>roU|1i 
or coUDiT ha» he lotti* 0[ wtiot 
Duke ot Bui ■> hu i^^uaJn J"* (p^ 100.) 


Rbview.— Lord NUbon'ft HUfory c/ Ettghnd. 


Cm it b« « wcbdrr Ihai ondpr thd 
EnHupDcr or th« loag f^oiFfamrnl cif 
■ucLi « lf«ctrr tb« |i«)p]« Irrnblnt 

ofrftnch Liivatluu, lime Byn|»bua(i(il 
pn «n»j{cni«ikC l'> kavr Minorcfi* tli«t 
Sir JiHip Mcrdftuttl "couM nut moke 
up bi> laind" Id Mitnck Itocbt/ort. 
IhttC txiril Cfcri:!! Snckvjlli; "loulj 
nut unclvi^UJiiL'* nn unirr tu chir^i* 
nnil liiiC Qjwn many ullicr ^iraFiuim 

HJo f«( bciLtif br«lfn> at (vi tUndiriK 

SlJII." <j]. 32A.] TIlC CAUKI of IllJ 

tbiB friEiilUoimiiy vu oj* cduih ba 
trmcb trout as he hiu cnHjiidFy. 
WlifD (briv n«B ■ pcjiEit iQ be G&iuriJ 
NewtMlfB |i«l1 Bvrr rradf a " prv- 
fot^on ur ru]»gin« Tiul'rjtnv, cmply 
ccmtpHmtiiU. inil liytUiitAl Irim/' 
fpi 7^') Wbfii ilific wtfi ililliTiiliy tt 
dni^crr li^ W4* ci«< "lMiniii>nii ami 
IftmUinp," ami "thoufibl cmly of 
Iifl0|iinjf <ilT Ihi: ilorm a» I-iqe av po»- 
nblr, ariij of fhiftritc its nip'ii^FiWity 
tmn hiat*t\U" (;>, 7r.) Wlim pu- 
puUr CKiUnifnt nn bJRli lir neicr 
piUDCil li> coii>idcr it* jiuticf, Irut 

wu icftdf «t hN ri^kt lo Appoic it* 

liolt^ncr, " lie >*«» iiHJitt TvilJiitj; lo 
BftcrtOci? «f)y or lim ■.diuiTftU* any vi 
Lit [;cMra]*,or(t«n i^ay of Lit <aliin«t 
coTIco^cj, M n icfLpcGCttt fnw bLTDtrlf. 
On« ^4T wbcfi ■ H^putntJnp fraiD ihr 
dtT ^'wUd op'm LJm *jTh fomt r*- 
prvHDiatioDe ajfuiDtt ByA|r. hr (ilurliO 
out Vilh *h urtrcdrriH prfvipitiktion 
vhkb Li* fn]lr ou^}ll (ii>l t<* ficti>«, 
' Oh| inilctd, DC tlikll be tiicd imrrLC- 
^i«t«Iy. he ftlall be han^vd JucC Jy i' " 
tp, l(Jt.J 

Tho ptiblic voin hnJ lob|* ^«tUrrr] 
ViH li> l>i>thFonlT pvrtea c«pBh1o nf 
rr-fliiiinalinit tho drtiopm^ crjujofir i>f 
lli*itin1ioh,l]iiihf bailtuomudi kpiril to 
lie lUr raric drpiity nf NuwcuiUi^ uiiil 
yfl *wiu Um littler of a toiifiivr to be 
ablt ta nauayflllio Kiaz ivjthout liini. 
ll«n^B Droie a niicE; {t/^mbintliam* 
•rd coiOitiont, bnd paLtty. trrky »- 
nuifEvmvTtlB. Itnt 1<i krap Htt out, and 
Bftrnrirriii l<i tH hrui in. linn ft«d» 
th«TiaTr:t^ir*orthn4 TrfiiitaefloFtt villi 
n^lf\, tarl HpircfEilEy h<cRUk< ^^It^* 
ahvf iri (faaib !■ not alBkyt toch a« 
«im bi? clcfi-nilfd, A snni\ dMi tnor* 
tnar he Urrly i«iil ufi liu bpb«lf than 
CQuM bf iiiLr;:pd m *irJii'At 71111 of any 

QUhlvrn lUtouftv wbo tbould «ct or 

irritf OB br dill ; but nft€r all Ibnc jb 
much tu il Mm* tu u«) Tu blaiq*. 
llfforv hih arrrttion lo higtk office Rlt 
nL'rma cttnlJnthpunirmalmlaiiratlnii 
of tbr pciiiiln and \a itiv ftaitjirtitk wc 

ric*a«»Aorhb EnjiTLtv*pcDcbci,bui)iov 
itilr hf b«fiu> ill hik iDtTHponiienoe 
and ID liii iifflcinl atranc'i^cdti ! 

Hr bo Joutit "^ninij liisL uflncr," 
atiii trrwiU bDpvtbnLaa tton\ Mabnu 
cimlinut?. "lu-Umrcd it only fur Lt^b 

BElll f UtTuUft mil'. . . . U|4r]F ktJU 

thit bf j([bt tlar tbul Givi nbrinr Ltcftirc 
Lii cyn Ami c¥L^r ^liiLU'iI Liin iiii- 
««r(Tit;^^i» foufiUy'ii i;1ui> «od hi* 
o*fl/' " Mif Ijjrd," lie once ■»- 
diirEird lo tlic Flulc of DfiouBbirCi 
"I am^urvtbiit l<in tMv^biBonintfy, 
nntl lliat iidk^ilr '^Fr can!" [p.7T.} 
" I waol," IwT tficliimrtl uimu aonlLc r 
iicr«»ioM, " I'J roll Ifufi oiuaUy out of 
that forrvnl? Hiat? ibnt 2CtoOJ) iijc» 
riuni t'ltrivr could ilukki? il." (p, 92,} 
llv i«w thai the lUuic of Ci:rMMULiim 
bo'l well nii;Ti ilci^ntnilcd " intu a 
bilk at4finbJ} Hcrviof dd otbcr par* 
pofv (ban lo rvRi'lrr tbc trbUrnrr 
(di^lt of oo# I'ui fiviwrrfid •ohjcci,*' 
(pp n j) and be bad Tlir luiifilirifiw tf> 
itlllballoo ijomfrfLi] *iibirtl* " Vtur 
ihittt't ■-Thtfiu vf L'BdVMiK on the 
\iu%'tttn» <jf tb* Ili)iik4, i bcllrvr, will 
tiot do, ani] vbi^c I La^i: Lmih lo 
utie* I Will oppoic it. Tbtre mu»l be 
iQen of eSeiraey dhJ aulbonty la tfcv 
llouif, a ixrretary and a ClbaDCtMar 
of the FCi[cbf[[uvr at lr»t, ytha tbouM 
ba^r brreft bo Uic crovrn— babilualj 
fri'ijkiroT, funiiluir utfutt^ I ntran^ 
tbut ibcy inay IfU Iht^lr owo vtorj, lo 
do Ibtmacl^en nrjd ibeir fjicod* jutticv, 
and net be the victim* of a vbi*|>or*" 
fp. 7^.] ilow roarvrliouc that »ticb 
p loan* br»rni? tipwiitl* by the fftvoor 
fit Ih4 fiTjpIp, by n troairli^mBcni of 
iJiff r-icr[ttioci} at hi* vuii ioteoMant. 
and of Lit toprereflcy of tali?n1, tbould 
bfivo to fkr coDdcflC(>Qd1^d bb lo writa 
Ihu* 1 "The noi|>ht of irrfmovabk 
rojal diipleuiurt ib a loud too great 
to mote t)ndtr t It antt truth Miy 
man i it Uapi %niA and broke oic. i 
M^ccunib, ajtd wj>b for nOtbinfE bol n 
d^CDEiE tiiid iQonetnl fiiff^t. whrrcin 1 
mar 00 loBftir — by cootuimna 10 Ibe 
public ttream of promotiun — (ai fttt 
Bhck fi»T B^roord, and nlWij u* i|^ 
wnrhl tbe ri^»ntl4^U4 tptciorle ol btrifc 
pufted by rvrro boat ibaE nivigulM 
tilVOIDilivn/' <iv:i».) 

1645.] ReT;tvrHP— Lord Muhoifa W^to's n/ Fn^inw/. 


Bot tbo lime CAOSC when tftv^i k^hJ 

H«b 4n ad m ID 111 ri lion m Ihkt or 
X«wcMll«. TAd^ht bv the influcncrc 
JLiJ pffwpr of F«t "to lo^k (of the 
,*«QM of hj» »iit>jtctc in mother pUcf 
'thin (t) 1h« Huuta or C^minana. (p, 
]ID.) kit Mijij«ty >VHvhltf;*U 1» &rSo|>t 
iboH mffini or mlarifia lb* tfrflJrl of 
IIlc country vhlCfj b*i p«plc do*ifoJ, 
ftnd Pat vu ipp^iotcj Si^rcfnry of 
5lt«lii- Aftrr a (pir rr>r5nTht the roya.1 
■nitfu:h]r rirrjv#il id irrrtiMihro forc^ 
-Thff Sfcr»e»ry/' •and hu M»jfMjr, 
"nukfi mr ludg tp#*eh«)i, wtiicl^ m&y 
be very tor, bun «r* nr^ify btryunil 
ComprrWntiQn. itntl hta IrZt'm hit 
rcrd. formti, inrf pclanuc j" and 
II acRKdrciglf dHmiucct, in The 
of find log inoTher Sr^rvOry 
wKQ»«miiKl thuoM bf inon- in iirji#on 
vllhthfrFiijilinlflltrT, Ttiii Trmjivr Jif 
Ibc tlro«4 rrnrli^rrrl Ihii no «iuy Ijuk. 
^•'Hje puhllc rriiPiUrafHf, tikp « fctrflug 
■nd ruiTi^nf: ihIc, htd ut m ^m «U 
])irt9Dfi]3rci:iiintif Alcherxevtof I'iu'a 
dtoniu^ TIr? lou of Mmarta^Ki 
brid Airth as only Uirtyptof uth^raud 
frivttr tuMntucomr, Nntliinf t>ut 
ItMXrrwan T^n-btidrrJ ... In Ijonilon 
C^mrncm Oninril m«t afid pikhMd 
«nnar>m)»i[rT40lijtknnB. llinvtocL* . . , 
ML 'Hu^ dilff tnvtnt . . . tmt ihv 
jfrmlofli uf/6ir«Vf ^ tu IMt. 'Tot 
iBVfncwccLi/*n\i llorocf Wolpolc ' It 

[Hbv n>ydi jat«llcct «4i u cbiui? lo 
^tfvw rthihttii>a3 cf popular fn-Jirii: ii 
it L«d b«n li> PiU's " lan^ tpwchf^*." 
Vmt Dnrlj Uirir montlit, rnjij] fir*! to 
fut, iM I^atUii'l miiaiii withuuL il 
((rtcvaiutiil— whik rafiiuiitf:it ^'u 
tiitl i^lijiiif— tfbH« Itiffc «u a foi- 
tD<kl4Ate nu 1^ VFMC fp- I54-) In 
tlw (id on I'lmtni-rtJ itioLk w^i f'j:m-^d^ 
tn nVtth Viii ftflJfiiol in tnuiu|»li lu 
111 past «f Sfcff iL'T. nitb Nf wca^tlr, 
iflLCv- Tfoiplr. taJ Fiji, ■* hi? ruik<N 
Ivtt, Tbr nrw iidiniLiiiktrAiiEMi kiuvtl 
ind* on lh« 39:h Junr, 17^7- At il* 
<umxcnaiuT«t "nothb^ tutruia vjU 
dnuii;r«c(c/o:7f«Q oi forftglJ. No 
li9«(nj to t^? ntUoDnl spuit - > > 
[« Wdlpolc ^rolf, ' U it timi! for 
litlkod lo aHp hr^ cabin m^ 4oAt 
flttiy uilA torai chtn^Trn ocnnE' 
'W^Mvfr «• i*. cr whoever i> out,' 
vrkft Chrv-tcifjfU. ' 1 <L(n Burc wr *Ffi 
libdobfi bulb al buPT ud nbi otJ ^ 4t 

hanK b^ ijitr InrrM^rne dvM and cx- 
p^nk<>d i BbfPA'J by oof til buk tnd in- 

llovr chtngpd ^h« tttan in IT^U 
when I^tl rttind ! U* found tb« 
cr)t]atfy» » wv have erca, tX "tha 
fowrtt pilch «l deipoodrfory,** b» 
rLii^J tt tn the trry " p^nnadt of iii^ 
umph." Uftk*yatr IfftDt'Mfl MftlioQ 
wnlo* thuk, iij'I lb* wordi Bpply in 
ipjfil fo ihfl cloMof ibv wJin«iitCni- 

tlOQ:— » 

** tn Ajii. Aftk«. AuiaicB, EtLmpct h^ 
lanj 4Bd H** DUf Ami hnil lipiAuy lii' 

fn^blirUll liiTinp dT («ii[j<iUf4 lUoHU 
to rh* flrttab au*. l».!fliiiiur* vr re- 
tttrrA iTifr ntw» iff thr n[it^<F« (i( Clurce, 
Jii Juna {if tbo oi|Htiu* of CiujuUliJui*, 
In Au^uK cjiuD Ibc Mdioc) of l\fi Tletiry 
If Miudcn, ia htfUmhvt vi ika *wlflfj 
pfl L4gn4. jjt Octnt^rr of ti»f viftor]) of 
Qnp^hrr, m Kotrm^r f/ Thr ti^lor^ lit 
Qolbtion* ' |ndM4l/ afi Hcrnn Wil- 
\ivia, Lu hi* lirclx t<llc, ' uo? ■ f^uol to 
mIi (*cry lauraiBf wbnt lictifij ibfrs !■■ 
f jr C«r of ndHiBf ontf AnDlb«rD»- 
tMiiprnr^, llr. Hity. rvi^Nlni^ tn na II- 
btriL ijkliil of (rlucaph, tlint i'. flouM loon 
bi Bi Klicmcful |u ticAt A t*i<c(jhEj>ifi m (i> 
brat 4 vODUnf Uiib bflttr [<d*au *« 
ttijfbt hm tlNflicJ lo nuTHlTf* ibo AIT*- 
i;«b| bowt of tbtf Spaftlu4aopPy IMl v««rfl 
brfopc, fhtt ibcf* wae ncpt *ni ar ninJt 
f bSdut Ibr tholr iblpi I Nor dbl our 
trida itEHl miDuiiatum Untdib iiakUt 
iLu bU« of uiUUry fane. It U lb« 

Ctndkr haaaaf of Cb*lliKD— w mty yot 
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Tpo (Iiiuritb by ir4r»* . , . Koirir yc< b«d 
thffrg boon a nan n|4d tnadtivti ft^m 
Unfqnr ipd 1;ii1iirr to »[pn( ABl «o- 

EvfD Horm^r Wal^xifc, wbo »IciTt<l 
Pitt wilb tumtrtbiuiE uf Jicrcdilnry ilU- 
liU, *r«4 frtr tu «drjii1, "Von hare 
pUi;ei1 Kn^lnjiil tDH*t1iiaTiaa in «^M(b 
il ncvct kuvr tli4ir»a latk ttiv murv 
(li^cuk, Mf'ou ba>l£iotM tm^tMtir, bat 
l(r jevovtT*" ^CliaihamCouetp, L-l-nG.l 

Oar »pacc*'ill not aUovvb loJ«rtll 
upon tho patticuUriactJunlBbyvrhkb 
itii xrMi <h4nitr: wa« brooc^t about. 
Tbcr wlI[ bi; found dctai'«il m Lord 
Mahnn't v^ark. lo which ■« t4n r«f?r 
aJI iii4mtcr» ivitb confidcoer. Tbe 
ujnuic c;itrtcl> nhifb irt ban fittn 

<n1i tliDt we oa fiad room forj »Hfi> 

itiurc likfl Friuidi thkik LntlJah 1 ar^!, 
uhiUt [he (^Piil? itliird *'f often uf 
dnp aiiJ iiaiuful iutfrattl^iciiMrUivc 
U ihUiviiciinl willi bnrtttolct «nd 

rtAjJir it ta iprJ0;Mty «rid atU attiTc ai 
« romutte. fit frflcaioat Acaitcr«L 
ll)ioui»hout lilt work Lrc £f Qvroufl «nd 
AJttcl)'. ftnJ tViT occAfbnLl applic^liom 
of jfnni «vifnt4 to tIJD circumsl&ncf* uf 
our Divn day ftn aIaajib Chmlid and 
Indc^ndenl, biii^kenlna & miad ca- 
pflhlc of «i»ttriaK a^otc the p^tty tkial- 
d^n orpMty ■trlft. 

lilt n«riDlii<i of ihe c«tthquako 
&t U"hi>n, or Uynfi'fl fnjiurcpud divtb, 

W«r iPMgu«^ Ao*bKli, Ltutheii* 
ll«c}].klrfb«a, lie.), m^f b* pojcud 
out u *pt<lmcnft of Lord \f«hu<k*i 
■trlt; uid Lt xfjuld b« dift^ult in 
modem d«jfr lu find niiy tiilomal 
hArmtivca nort tnttr»li0| or reort 
ti^HtW*. I1i« iitfi coudaditg clmp- 
|t» fi^ittftin « iikclch of Ilir hjAl&ry of 
uurlndLuri|»i»ii«eiiiuni»,ani1a bia|{riipUy 

how WD an^iiired. and haw v*o outfhc 
to |ov«tn, our *riiit doQiaia* m l£at 
put of III* vofld. ihould rtad. 

JE li fecnirwbiit anfraciou* lo pick 
bolt* ia a bovk rj wLiich on the vbofe 
w* think ■!> highly j Ht w caiDDrFt 
convtal our rt|r*t ihti I'Urd Mahon 
ahoald faSkV* iat^rl^d tht iradltlpn- 
Mf •n«dat» of Molf* at p, i:U«. 
That ooi ao unquttlioaahly brave 
•hould liav* i^Tvn vay to " (wtoniide 
And bramdo*" anl ban comm tiled 
illp oildUit* nttributcd lo biio tn ibat 
aii«doif Ktrrii ta ^b impOMiblv i anJ 
* «tlLtr(a«nl cakulaUd lo tvrmnd lh« 
mfmory of oa abT« ond ujiriflil mai 
»bi>illd noi Jiixva bava a^Imiltad ixpa 
tb* quHtl'jnabli] aulhnnty for Ltdral 
ncfurary rrlivd upao Eiy Larv! Mfthrin. 
DllHfiile. Lndoiif, J* it fur Ihc hittoftia 
to urrriv ot Iruih, and nflir utiug 
tbe v»jy attr«ii tmiharil^M nudi irv. 
accLiriry viit cvrr clia| td hit |iag« \ 
hut luth anrr^oiH u# tha tnc^l iin> 
anffl ol all autluiritlia^ and thnuhl 
nrwr bi> t\*i\a\\ iijinn, nt iivrti ir^Trod urad. 
wlini} thpji affftfi ia If) df pracJaif , In 
tba pr«irnr imtanrv, ovan aftor tie^nfj 
Juadlf CocuRianud upoa by Lord 

the Cvftpratin Parliament 9flGSB'9w 

fo rAr PUMHMO of tKt Jl(/'>rw iP^ff M 

ihZl, JJv W. Charki I'owiiKad, 

TIlS flrat tofumr of tbii 

pobUahod under llio atti«Tn<ly «-- 
roii«JU» litUof " //trforyoriht Heium 
of ComTPORt/' tb tKc KcunJvcjIuiDC, 
JJfnvirf lia*t]i]cn*ub«miifv(i J'ui "UiB' 
lijry" upon Iba ttllc^pafi^ i but thv 
butjk it Milt Irttervd bf ita former 
liiipropvf and dcJmt*( title. " lli»- 
lofy" it i* not m any amw of ihtf 
vtordi Mhflber Jt ba "Mtmoirt" or 
not w« caAaot very well lall, a* tve d4 
nrA qnita «adir»tanLl lb* aiipllcaliou 
of lb« nonL 'Iba bacilk Daa beta 
wiiiurt upon Ibv model of Mr. D'ia- 
tatU'a c(jti;rta^ma£ vorlu, aiidtfObaLtta 
of aipiLilyof bio^raphici aad ap«o- 
dot» all fuorc or Iru connoclid vjlU 
iha unn^i «f iba Uodio of t'oEnmoot, 
or ttjtli pifrtoai who tUuc* ai uua 
lima or aaalbpr if] their live* lo bava 
nciitAiord a pntl ia ii* bafttn«a*. Livva 
<jI vxiioLit Hpnakgrj cicciipy about half 
a volume, biea of lawycit Aootbor 
half volume, lea^fn^ a volomo vf 
ani^cdoioi coLtn^Eflil with the origio* 
uitf. and (hl)u>e ol Tiriout prDbCliv«« and 
pr^T^lrgca df Iba lowtr batua j t]» 
paymtot of wig», iba powrr of pic< 
taction, fnadom of <i>f*-cb and from 
nrrcit. Iho potrar Oif franking, of f«. 

Iiritnaiid, commiiraent, aipaltlon, and 
mpaacbmatL Tluat cbapUia ^tbe 
b*«l in Lba boolj roUle to the at- 
ttadttiM Dftba ncifebcn. tlie incrfOM 
of buuntH* houta of Kitxigr JuvtodLty 
of nauy diiti[igvu)i?d inambori, 
coitviDCt inlttruptiona by "hnwking, 
tpilliflfr/' ajid to fnrlh, and finally 
\\t9it cumta a hku!£h of tbi? bialury of 
rdporCing. Tnv aallior't iiyle la nor 
n pecnltarlr t^laar oar-, vid ti> oc- 
cAijonaliy Inciulgta in tiia;hU, trbicb 
carry hiin a Iqh^ way beyoad tha 
■ublimr, TbriF dFfprTi, witli oTlicr* 
cnnnerittl aiiLh tbo man li fact urr of rh« 
tuiidr, «dl ilond m the way of iupcipiu 
laTitT, but It (ontaint a good many 
anituing aniedotfi iipna tohjacii of 
biEfttttt aiuj iopArtanca I and tfa n>w 
fdltiva wtn ctllvd f^r, ud iu^ bio* 

tori* tJuco*'!, Cdvpcri ■nd Mucl««' 

wtih lb* ift&lti to-bjort oF tk4 bik^k 
m Uuedaa with UnfmnuiZi.) were 
^ttiitle^. ui<i f^t iutbar'* lonringi 
wen rtcil^riJ * iftil^ ki* Aipjuuf* 

Ibi jpttipiag book* «3th which tn* 

p«U» ftr* Btn«r«11v ao wril {>L««Hd» 
Ilk* ftuthor Tim tHrebcitlifoujili ortti- 
IMIV pricCtd Iki^Io for iu nittiriaJt 
Win pvftE Jiliffcncci to pfopar bl*- 
loriMl rMev<h bo mak<A no pie- 


U «oal4 b« cup to potAt cot mU- 
lAbflfr ftad not l««« tu^ :a cit»ct 

fM«HMwthJ«b»vitlin Jittir AJlcr^iioa, 
WOOftdbtWry unaalcg. it not riluoblt j 
l«t ir« tool: upijB Iha bock in ill pf*- 
tant tbip* mtrtly in tho light or 
toitrvUl* tor a much btlfri *4ilt, And, 
in tfc« kiopf ibjii iro tbitll IC4 It ft^n 
in m iviftforMt tondiiiOD, w« vill 
•biUin fr^m corrtftion ^r ifuatAtiob 
%t pTMrtir Th* vtit^Ktii^foodone^ 
»4 ih^ Kxllicr htii»^ in n muiaor 
inlc*n |io»ir*«i«n of it, znd bnn &t 
fi«nt pAiBt &A fnUattinj ln«lrfM1^ It 
voald b«M |ttBt piET ihkl ht ihijv1<i nnt 
vuwt hit tLhotin to httttt a£C«unt tb&n 
h« bni tftmv In tfaf«4 ioIeioim^ 

Bf r, K. ItalLLnftan. tof# i^^imr 
^ HMtrv <■ '^ UOivm^ </ Gal- 
riv^M. 7VAii*laf'rf/hTi* tht iirrma* 
bf U. Fvtrm Ucy^. fw. 
M. nniZnr. in hU wwk on onr 
RDCll*b RrroJttiop, rrgftril* tl ni on« 
grmt ccntiftnAQi hrfin a( nrntt, ba< 
flrifiln^ i*Lih the flrie ji[i[V4t:infie of 
pcil^llc iliiuliiOicrLcn uEii1i>r f:iut1i't I, 
«nd tirm I firing wkh ibc comu-Tim*- 
Ikm •! the hupn irf pohiirftj r<(nrmtra 
i» Ibfl acnnioa or *' Wiltum the Ihr. 
livTRT." T1wOnaiinpfnr»iDr «^hD«c 
wnrk i» ci&v btfora nv, allhoagh b« 
bu butrawtd nuuiy th^np from bti 
ndniirahk Frriicfc ttfvd«cr«aor, uk«* ■ 
ntitr vicn or kb dubJKl. Hi* h'IiIi 
liO Tfan Id tic rrvnluiiootry ptrintl, 
tbnb tv di»<^«icn "triers of thia 
rrnJoiioD. boili in churrh and *uic»j" 
■a fu bDck ai tbr irign of Jlmrr 
Vn. Uid cijriH<iiifi]l1r roamrnrci hb« 
butorf ttilh tha scccuion of (hat 
"KiafUf live hijr," u Jamrt T. <*a^ 
<vrra «• bo wm tmpbailcalljr ^allvdn" 
£p. tS.) Wff will not iDtjuIn irheltiTr 

lb« French gt iW Cttout «'!«« i« tbt 
BMT* nccurftlc E^lhtr ^iTfatLatcnm* 
ptrtinMa to (b« lahjiKC wbid^ ^i ot- 
en^ary to ll't ncf Uran of httlL>rinil 
mnpD4Tlion, ajid which ii tbo^ttbcr 
l««t "nhvn IjtiUTy b tphl iaCo 
chrcnob^icsl ([iviai<}ai» and 
itii^ui, i>tLd nut CKQt inc^dreUf 
mode itc buLijcvta of hi&ton^al c^nav 
df ration^ Acr&bf thia «idc ran^t I'm- 
fntor Dalilmarin procMila with ni- 
pidiir, dirrCtitifE til alUntion |innci- 
^i.[iy lo Utv •o(c«*ait« Ibron by wb*eh 
tha unijuiet apirit of Ika tiDOM tatUAfd 
lU prnooot vtd Lta atrinBth, llto 
$rtht iatu of tho eicr<iQlcr*ttLog oar- 
raiiva ar« dtatly ■tjiud, oltan indwd 
wtE-b litUfi ^mtuiona nnd Laa«ui&ciM, 

which mutt Dtir iQi^ (£cQt C'f ih4 book 

in tbit eodPiin, bot, cd t^c wholli, 
with anlBntnt umpklinvaa to aj^i 
lb* pnrpOH fuj which it wna Aui 
— <ih# tnalnieUfta of th* l*rol( 
own eoDnEiymvn. pt(!u{M of bi« OWD 

Eupila. Aj* ti>shahBtn]i would niOl 
iv« vrlttac ttttC Land "again AIM 
the I£ngl4h cburchn wjth . . imajcti" 
(p. l&V). nor iE<OUld hn havt omiil^d 
all Dvneioo of ibt dvaitJi rf I a-iI FaJfc. 
land. Dor b4T« ptnanl audi ■ pa*««4« 
uitia foUonring. and oChttt whkh it 
w«r^ coay tnou^h to quotat 

" AInart u tba mat Hui that tho 
ihatt«ni nnuiJMta of thtiraitdirtMliH 
Spahi, KHnbatb viocrraiM In crlunph*! 

frutwhui IfaroojiD the tDrtr^pgEii '^ 
*«]'• oikfdnri. A mmnt of 
ntbuaian tn-MleJ HorUn^ Oa~ 
«■*■« floatfda ^AuthTul ^^~iIEam iJia Cos- 
^ueior in (Jn> ^mpir* I'l ]icrtnr. Ilii )«C 

'nannovned Bhaiimtt . thct m hU cwsMT- 
rourtbpMC,"(p. IU.) 

Hilt many "Kant VitmhliM IliiTi c«n 
hf fjunrj in tFim tnfone might b« tolv* 
ratH »D a ntrrk of ^iirh ■ dinrnctvr 
writtflfi hy a fr»rcig:nfr, nnd Wf rrptat 
thai w* hivp sc duubt uf thi itilUtr cf 
thv booli In Gvrniany. If iliv pw* 
ruhfni or tliL- tramlntbr hud atkcil ua 
whnhirr It Wat v>>r1hy ro be tddod bf 
tranilatlrkn to The naifibfr of Eaglliu 
htBtr>rJfiil tbrldgraenu, wv fcnr we 
abnuEd have abaien oar liAule- 

I. A Qmmaiarr « 'Ar £f*« Laiim 
Orffppv. ^ Hichub ]laTn<*, 

9. FiriT IdtiB flmmaar oaf Kntthm 
^VUtndtfftmtiM. J^ William 


Rrvikw. — JFerjl« on Ci'ttnttaar. 


Henry rinnock. Ctnya* CLrltti Cut- 

■Mil LnnjfMnrte. ittf H. Apcl, 


ii«™'j«, B^ Murtnftdukf Tl^wti 

LITKRAHV mlnJaarc noireo»eti«o 
(in Innguogd, and t\fe M* ^<i idaut- cl^f- 

critic «innnt bat h^aL v?ry auiiani to 
cnuff t<} n uiV cinclLininn n- to vthai 
M ffiupranr ouj^hi io b*, nnd to tte 
farmed from ihv i^Kc^nKflldfrn^rrice 
cf ]>}iirM«^kil4^ivhftE il tA bi|;li lifoc 
w# Ahoitli) have — a i^rcncc of gr»(Q< 
mir. Thvr* are Uwa ofMt^CDUtiDQ i 
Ihrr* Br* l««ra nF t]i« cu» of nouct ; 
Ihvra on, in ihurt, Ja^k of iIid voc^I 
romiQuiilatiua c4 id rat cpvritinn 
lhroa((hft1t Un^ut^t; «nd vH tUuir 
I'tfA^t* in A'tfScitm onpi arc lumAlly 
Vrf nirrT M a«Hti>nUt ar>rl inctrprfiilent 
phufinRcni - «nil ihnt nur ^timmir, 
ivllb rMpi^rl fA ihfi trii'fK'p nf |*riirD. 
iTiMf, U U\nt OiD kniiH-li«El£4 of tfiv eim- 
pin Uutitt in rvtjircl to IhaE of lli« 
phvMotQMlcnl T>Dt(ii»Lf- 

Wc III.- ttwtto tUat WP khnald not 
ritLiQiflfc iht f^riminBtr of a dMd lari' 
gun;;? dy ciictl^ Ihc tame rcilf* a» oc 
ufrjuroAii, Of of tk mndftn ono not 
nur<i*vn; hiif m- jtlwiiild lilleTo QDdvr- 
AUnd what >mnt tr rup (hi> tiiNj(>rt «f 
on i]r»t([Jfl[i f|timilon oniony fmn. 

l*t, Whplhfr rh» pT^mmaf of on*"* 
otra lan^iiagf Ik to li^' m nil th» 
dUfFior uf lungc, or wh»tli«r h Ji 
riL^ntfily 1o lollovr i| only co rtcorl 
ii0 dniAEJun^ tnrl itrtie> 5bm« believe 
thtl it vi th? pnivjri^^v or the gnm- 
fUftiiJn bjA m dicljcf what mtfr% 
DuyliE tu lii'j liul Mimplji 111 cJIifrirtr 
vpliAl ll)cy atr, t]iT)U|th tlic J-1vttrrt hntv 
ftlionn 111 iLrii KraniiELaj-. {Xa. ^^^p.^fi, 

Ibaa vA'JTD a (inatrr kin^ iic-vr 
riJ^ed," which liavi uaaft vet) ifr Jtif 
ID xht^t rnvaar. an? lokciami kIigu 
L^auiiot cten be imm-d, nud tti^rtlbte 
cftDDOl bo ju4{i(U^l liymii- u>ac*t ^Vkt* 
«T«r> Aud nliul i>* UMfic >' Ik it (Uc 
utagrt L^r I 111' luwvr ami itiidilUng 
c1bmc» in Loodoo. cr id iIic vtti m 
aailh of CdjIukIJ for tlicio trv all 

dlffcrtaU Or is it iUt utuv of the 
hi|:hi;r innka or vt ajailwrt, (m l\th U 
iiwjif or l«» oirccird iti acccdl, wordi^ 
ot phrA»i]lrij(r hj Ltxc prowincUl a»SC 
of their bittb'placo, or t>y tli* •ffocl 
on their mindiorotbpdong-cullitatid 
laneua^Oj fth^'tbfr arcifbl «ae* Of 
Trench or OrJTBMi at Ceruon And 
AnclO'&aiOD would lalher ict tbc 
mnd (9 purtf^ Kn^^lUh, and French — if 
Dot Latin and Grit h— to corrupt rl i 
and the u*og« of Ibo opjHFT eteau* 
caniivt help iia in matiycaiH, becau«a 
it doca not tab* theni in. In a Vf44h 
on natural hjntnry vbicli w lateU' 
MV^tfuTfd. t3kc tliird ■tcinacli of rumi- 
nanl anmala !■ caMd by a ialhe« 
widely-koowa provmdal nimp, /w*, 
ia Bumc pani/arr^e; and Iba little 
tfjvDily nr tTDlLt iTOwinfC not i>r nnt 
grftin (*f co^n U in tcme rountk*4calJid 
a im</^; ariil. at ihtiu wiirdii a» 
namvi nf thioiia thnF tiotild bavc 
fkampi, and bavc, v» btlicve, no 
Aamet Lc our dictionari^i, thcmJd w« 
lortcoth FGlraic f'om niinK thi>m 
bfcaiii»p tJwy were unVrinwrt ^n n \*%l* 
CTgrBEihcT in a i-oniinn ^rri-l, tit do 
nni iirrp from Ihf fnlr month uf a 
ilucliiiM. vibi> (^f cmirif Ao«* not nam 
l9 uu thi'm * rnd in'mH na burruw 
rmm Krvneh m Turkish an i?r|EiJVBFrn1 
fijr thirta wliiiif thoy arri <iii\\y ijinkcn 
ti^ our Pin at hniaal We ililiik not; 
and Iwlitvp ttial gfBininar^ while it 
fnlli>iii Eiote nnilcr the eommnn pnn. 
eip1c« of f:Do4 lingunjir' and |uiritjr uf 
niH^rh, tlinnL^ r»traiii iCfrnni r mining 
Will) : Hml ihtJ it nfifiuld not bealiBjily 
1h^ rihiliitpronim p]ciiiri>falli:ry,bu1 
thr nranifr, taarhing iha princlptu ot 

2rdly, W« think Ihni, in le»ch the 
nciencp of ^minakar, no mutt tracli 
the phyBia1oj:v of art^cvjIaTion j an 
laDfaaiea n^e ilrtl formed vilbn nifii- 
laricy of wlijdk many Krammaftanv 
Ar>m to hnvclitifc nvlioni nnd the ho- 
tallL'd IfrvKuUfi^JP* of (ihl ifLnf:unE«a 
•mho >fetla of tJiiT Tne«ll[i|f cif well 
or Ill-filling nriiciilatiuiu i aud ttji?tr, 
Itekn^ VcJI undcrilond, Vnuld uuC^Td 
the irre^ruloritiFft i^f all lantuiitca at 
QOOe. Kof onectampLc :^]Le afitnca 
oTpioitnar ni II tench ua lliat a vmutjUi* 
haid, ffuttuivl ^, f^.hu a EruJ«u<:y tu 
brcnniD a ivuich our. c. cVh iKfcirc u ( 
■ifuiiJ^ ufidi u till: laiittufLjft efotv* 
oUUi, tit ifii QUE. Xhoiii:i? fjonk fryo 
-nvg«t n[;trff-f«tliultr«>r«#;ftudD«ia 



RtLViEVT.v-VFVrAtf pji Oe&minar. 


wfittff tn S m^vf-vf, Ddt irrfr;poy-rdi, but 
fT4V^M< mi f ftDil u ttt Lmiq tanguip 
l^eew filJ in Ittli^D. /iiff4 bud Ncto 

tG<t IbBn <^ ^fA} f rr> liai ulrcwJy dlDppvd 
it* cu(*i>'*l bcrorif t in «ur pronun- 
Ckitiod. thouffh v« iiitl writ* it l anti 

Ijch, «v mi Jpriva Ihp lurna of cur 
nfpilDrir irrrjulu «Mrtii ffam llwjf 
Vf^«lu nti*«. Ai Hfin. A.-Saiftn ta 
r«^, ftr«t mwlc Jt> put Matt tof. 
erft; ftnd lJi«u r>f-ii<>, ttc^U. 9^h-t*, 

t^ral iTi 4t-^A.r, ^i-jiA-C '>-irA-/. itv 

3rd1y. Wv hoid ihni fl grammBr 
•luurtt UKch th* fcirfii«lifin (if ctini. 

CUBi! wr^rdt ^m thcU TODU. M « 
iffiiJHI# wonTd be l<^ra\ an jnoTo 
■eoffltlly inrl mtsxt-. caiily^ brCAUi? it 
vaalil be Irimi ti ii wiu farm^J - anti 
COOpMilMii it th« i^rljr %nurri*^liiJt 
■ii'iiiMTiiBijviitil^rin^— whirti ii Iftt tn 
•n Aid Unfutf^r lArnfidi Ittrlf imtMil 
ftf Iwwmirlrii» from olVf<, whlHi, fnr 
mmy r'«K£n<, mJ iiATlannt tciiiciuf 
Uftiiiiir llifin. t% not df*|r*h]c. Whsu 
ahouU vp tc^ln b; uking itie French 
fh»mU'^*-ftt ftr <i[ir rni^i**fly ■ 

4f-h]T- (immmnr. irf (ri'lii'tff, slianlcl 

\% nrh olhcn or th« princlprft of 
p, tki iDportann* nf wjiirh idbj hr 
from In* rt<Fni tikrn up bf iW 
HiyDlat of <■«€ in n Win (THiniitiiri 

difioai Of nnoTii mAv bo to claiijflcil 
lliti ■ irniii Qf c^f QiiT bf mod? out 
that vaald bf itppfif&blir in X\k miin 
to «A hjipiikj*«, Tlii^ Flnwcri 9a>- in 
tbrir ^famtmir. Ibal ''ctae j» th« dif- 
f^rnnl trrtnin*f^7ii ui i-niTiCE ^t a 
>icijtj,"fliu1 lliiE it i» to mlliil Ijrcuii'p 
" lbrta[:lmt|fr«U]in4ri»imfErr^rInl 
to hat« rcpfrafQCcil thrir coin ai rfh- 

w«i irpr^ifnlcd bv % pcJpcit- 
Ikii1«r, caJWj ™*M rvfhu, or lujriylt 
ft «iii!« the olbrjn "Trrt c^IlrJ (wkj 
II, or oU«^' ca*r*.*' Ngw Hflre 
thi*k «v virr ibv e^^■vt vC a cufniiina 
It grfdt nroij, li'^m K'bicb xtiuUr* 

|«»| be btOUfibl l^ck bTf*rlhr7Ca» 

«lid<riT«ad tht ;iCLrkti]>tci of catc 
■11. Wf fclljflr tbbl CQ$t Li ff<>n» 
4* /i-*i; but VT coolcnri iLat it 
r«ni. :n it* preiafT miM. w^ll^ ihc 
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«taad itivbenwe *ft lo1JlbAt«k«fycr 
ho* aii(fcitJkkoa ■ ntKii'4 atm. tiii coo- 
ditioik U fiipect to «a(D( ipP<iAt fir- 
«uflit*bnc?a ; uLtE oi wc Udrlprttnmt 
the L«Mi faim la (Quiufiu Vvrtifit^ 
Ltl. J.. <, 19) " na1li< <|ufv[ibw omii' 
■II. quo* In Kt-h <wi]i c^lrir kii|i3itrit i" 
bul (he mHikibg £i^n la com in th« 
£r.kmr[]ar bKorc ut rt cnly »« vnder 
oft*i that o( lb* j/i«pA-i»ff/t. oi foron 
cjI ibo naafi- vord, Ahtcb Hitltrklcs the 
ttttf of Ujo noun ; and l( <■ Ibit (on- 
f()ti«ti or tvo ttiinei vhlch ih'tuEil be 

of 3 Dogn, nn^I thu jr^fn'l ■m'^ of i1« 
eai*» <)r iti MjiHch-rnti^ thaE^o hi[iJ*r« 
gnenmftnnn)* iil iheir Ubaur« oq thin 
jFiipfirtKTil iiftfl oi gnmmnr. A huun 

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and i>o rriorr ; anrl ihi^rrforr lautl he 
vubjerr tn ihr n%tT>t minibrr of mtr>, 
ft xnnif hstvi* at mRnj' ibriijgbl-rfetf* 
In nnit bni^itn^c at lumb^r. wliKbrr 
IT may bAVi* ah miny illlTrrftnt vwiiMifj 
KA tpMfAtnerlt at In coin or not ; ami 
Lr ii nni «wn imc t]i«i a Docn ha» nai 
ai many tjifKk-nar3:i of au« ia DO* 
UnjjuKge at anitib^r. tjare a pr«pMl- 
Iton, at in Cfigliib, or a p«tTpot^lian, 
ai in H tai]o»r:«atr, or rVfO pcailirfn of 
m aoitn bofnr^ cr n<tf r lla t«tb, ojay b« 
a ajiMrft-mirr* nf p**# at *fll at a ter- 
mioAlton : nml witboul Annie t^urdi* 
inJn fur Ibv rvlnfivr >Ut* of a noua, 
hn Unj^a^p cnnid i^oaintunrrair ihff 
lira nf ilini tiaic, ^hkh all lanffu»E<i 
eiin<ia,and rnuitlhcrrfLiic bavptpMcb. 
iadlttB for All llioUEJ-bl^taira ol' Dauat. 
But itniniiiJnrinni batr not onty ctn- 
fjuacli:d lliir tKntbt'Catin of nouni 
witti tbc bptnb-intiL* of cani^ bnt iJii 
not ti*fai tu r^rmidrr tnjibm^ but a 
lerujiaatjun a n^iftcb-cv^ ai all; «u 
tlial. if Ibcy »bould HqiJ aa ui^lucLy 
JaD;£UJj£« wiUt ttt v^fcb-marlb of cue 
iocLifparatcil with tlu: noun al il> bv- 
ponmt imUad oi itt rjid, it tcl^idk 
likrljf that tbry would ^rov it L^ bar* 
aay ra*e. If <4M wrto ilac ftTliJ^r 
away tf tbc fv(iu» of nuunk ti^tia ibal 
Iff Ibc QOmiiiatiicoic. il ffuuUfo^tjiv 
thai Tbc f>oij>[iiaiin c^tt vr«ufd b« c<v 
caiw at all, at «f before it hiti b«n 
Mid, tboufth tbc Diritt (cntradictoiy 
attcrlL'jat DfKrainfDafiant taay b« t(ii« 
ifthev*!!'' ri|:tilLy rc>tricli:d» Aomc IjA 
t}ic- lbgut;bt-iuoa aud cithen 1o ibi; 
■(JtrcJi'iuarki of catcor tpcccb-cue*. 


R«vittw.— ITflrA* *• Crmnmtr. 


Dot ftfc|iiir« * r*tt{y hftridlif-K nftiiivly 
tdCUiic^l but unA[«ji1i(i1 mitt, nny 
mot* ihAR be- «4n Ifuti « itarfp wUh- 
otit working ftt II. or AMlhrni'lltr, or 
Al^ilbr*, or bartfi^r, br inarttrp cao- 
leiApUHon, witHnnf inr wnrking at 
»)r«liLticnii, Of onvprutifin fcmorm 
fiovfrt. HAtJnpE tijicrnod Anmu or 
the nnnciplfH on nlilfh wo ftncjr wu 
■bniAil try ^^immitrfa, va ro nn ui 
niLn t few pdriLcuUr rcmRtki od the 

t. Mr^ Hajrnn*!! Commonrftty ^1 a 
beak ^itAtalnihC a vhil Jnl Thfil prny 
1i!a?tr«r of Tbr chitk« ^b^nkj tiaip 
TMtiy for bUdA^0P4r hnrl iJinBt< whn 
do nol m***"!* ItrnTjnut, wi- ttimk, ftit 
ll bf abrTTir i^lijdrr. Wv likn iiiurli 
hi* oliitrrvni^i^nii on ilia tlt-tlcLt^liirLA uf 
nouni, tkiid hU Mluitiailnm of tha 
IriiKi. The giJimintl o( hii bonk U 
Aot hli oven, flnil [len?rurF iru btTc 
now but litt1i*lo dn vticb it> tbougli t*G 
uciniiouR Unix bib Coutiutinlvy ou 

t. Mr. nimucL't bni^k in « (cicii] 
Dbt in iii«ny rvtp^lH. Jtiul M;>ftl»IJr 
In rff iirct Ut iJiiT Afi] an-} Atb lu>td«, m 
it lit* * jf**^ ^^ '■^^ it**^^ Giymalosy, 
villi Rcli-ftcl quolbuM and c(cnli*«. 

3 and A. Vic like Mr. Aptl'i Otr- 
inan morU /i^f tbtJf ^rnt lUvnctfa, 
WLlb irt|>ri;l tuotu IqJ oml Jri] hctrlt, 
thi: Ia^b a( Mi'iv^iXhia^ mt^ iliv for* 
ntatmn aud cuiDtxjHLiidii tit wur^l* \ nvil 
can TtL^omujr.^ud ibc&b tu frllTralunlc 

fl. Tni^ Knttliili trammar U a ^ufd 
piftdicol vioil, Jtnd, vvbUc ihe icivficv 
t>f latiKuagc L» (ica Uu^bt in EnKtlih 

CiuniEU', mad ibd cDn^u utlLon trf cm 
l^iiit it ^9 titUv aouNht al\Ti 
thtouicU Au£]o-E«K<^n snd Dthif Ttu- 
tonic tunjiui'f, it mav \» no ditparaf f- 
lornl of it t[> tay that tt h drfjcifat 
with :nucct |o many of tio piladpln 

lb tbe rtb luTt of lynT^i Ll U >alJ, 
llial whi^n the nawinaiivc \nt to po 
toDol Uj)»* of a vcttF) but it put b(. 
fjit • ;Mitkipl«, inilrptnJfiitlr nt tfjt 
rt4l of t[i« ifnUiiirtt ii U cnlli^J tliv 
EL^mJaAliTf alvulgt'' j at, " tkimi h^ititj 
Ivt, »1l vijlae (i Er^tt." Ibjl ^e dtiiy 
|b«i iIl> a^fufu^tf ciut b a tioniUiainr 
caae. Tlir uorDmailtc catc mujilbiLftr 
4 pr<dtui!rj wbicb Ua abiJutc CMC 

ha* not I for, if U bAif, It vouia ccit b« 

Tbp aliiohiU eiaa in Laitu 4n(l 
Grttt bftt lh« ume Ttmlaalton 
fipcerb-rflKl u hetiingi lo ihf pnpa* 
titiaa /'fim,— W rfftw. U^f'jWlvr;] T* 

'F^nOfitAiTiriivfemp,— and In looklaflnto 
Ibr Anglo-Suon tod r>Tbtf Teutonic 

cTialrrti. v^ fnil if to tn t1ii*m ; ta 
" llim H I'rrndaan [ afi^ng •» Hplvrnd 
Maf;" TTbrpn jp^^f ijjrah'ii^, Jnujr rAcfr 
Arrjtj. " flym M H fvt Lpr^rendura. 
>a Mm Wt wrraij;" -^wJ Aiift fAm 
|f/ tpralr'hp^ thrrf ronr JAe w^tkUit^dt; 
and In Irrlanrlif, for vhitb i» 
n«»«Dt'a Roik'i Gramrnir. "At|>vt 
gjiirffo," d^ fAd' done. Mr/arto : and 
Rinra the Kh^nbEe wnrd» are in t%Ma 
lAHSiiajin, n* i:i LaiJn find Orreb, in 
tbrvjiiiH ii|)iiecb>cu4T ai that tn which 
the prtpfiiltfon jVun Ikrlun^, anil 
tiazt abicluie fPGrib In Knfllsh rjn 
difffr irom ihem Ln nacbim; hue (b« 
want of tbe a|Kr<lL.mark af catp, lb* 
CermlnAtiou. whidi tannr^c ulffct iJidr 
thuuitb[-raw. fur in The Arnt?n«, " f 
l^avtf iiiiri Id iliiT inifA/' no oae woaEd 
cati the uuub tmilX hi ihe numlnacfte 
caaff. brtautfi tl wnntrd the Angin* 
ftaion ilaiive trfniiiiAtlop, r; to it 
fallovi4 thi: tbe abtoloic ctn in Enc- 
Ikib U not (be nomlnaihr. In Rule 
XJU. v» bai« that ^r tbe Latin tmn* 
mafp " Whim two nuuna corae tM^> 
tbrr frigDFfpugdhJTi'Unt tbln|[>« U>o 
^riDcrr uf thuui ii put in Ibc f;rnUI«tt ^' 
tjut If a Iriiy, In parting the lint girffl 
US In |>> 14», 

" Jlj Bilrjit [^AtiiTi^i* Jrarf deicvad/' 
vriii lo ffltl ibe latFrr of tbp Enn 
iioun« (tuning tosftber, fwjr#, in ibe 
licnilive <ea«, be wouU qpcivt Idtlr br 
loM uf loioe rntiictfd mqic in which 
Lbe *Brb c&iw fwye^Afr Ik to be uJi*n i 
but nu arr L-uji(iJi:nt ih^t he Cbuld bi>t 
uiii3fr«lund JL whThOut wmcthlng Ide 
a difinilicn of thi; Ktiijliiv thi^ogbl- 
caie, vilith 1* the very tbinf w* want 
ta ttt, A fgciE-note aaya that, " tihna 
Qic ward a/ la pIdtrrL Tictwroo t«o 
Doudt^, and ibe lollcv c«il tir lurnid 
intf> the KifLilhv cflH, thai i^uun iitott 
be t'Hiitfuri ai iSifl miitkvtj" *hicb 
ii xff Irui-. bccauK ii ^ in [be gtiii- 
tj«e caw, AttJ *)/ it noc of tho aprecb- 
indi<*4 uf the A«nilJte cat* ; bm caM 
i» lakrn in :hiB note ajc*^i>> ■><>< >* if^i 
aUte of a uutinr tut tht ftum of fta 







1915.] Rtriiw.—C«onl(HO CcDCtulf TrfftllM on PaMtf. 


Wc Co not mil* th^* obAomtlnfli 
to drprcriurr ili» grAmmnr btffflja u», 
wkifb II ■ giioA adff in manT rf-tpr(?ih ; 
bai wf with to ofiir the iubjpftt of 
lb«m 10 i; u worth]/ ar 
U)4rir ftiTut« Mtrnnon, 

tiMt C'fotini in tfip yi^r XA-Sl.ttttd 
^Mt fiuht%akM in ilRiiinU in'i\. vitk 

Tonbrobi, ffin/oiifia^ ftmtH^rti tH- 

rtctWMfor /^aJftf^p bi FftMca, Sttto. 

Oii. and IXjitmprr ; toitfl the an qf 

^Giiiii*ytmdIflHniuniftHff ^fanntcnpti 

TramtiuUil h^ Mrt. MrniTi^lil 
A FKACTU:\L ijr^EJHf mi |i&int. 
log, wfitifu upwarilH of 4UU ytu^Mftn 
by ta ltaha» |«inur ta ibo tlm* of 
l£c old m&^Trra, ivcjlt] oftUilrultrftCC 
Uie iLCtmltuci Q^ umatcuM and uflkiU, 
biftlbvfyrid th&L He uprcud ncjihiag 

iffvnM]' iliftAppuiDtcd. TLt v-urk ii 
Iwil. tftluablo lu Hm arljst auil iLtcr< 

wwk of Aft. it iHjjutt uut wilh Eniiiule 
acTUfacf ihc niudct iLcu ^ciitrJ bj 
Ut« achooL of Oictioof Kkctinc aod 
pKpartag cdoujii : Lht maiiaftf (ff pr«* 
puiKj tikC ftrouodi fiiil vehicle*: *t>(J 
the aiiplictlioaorcolauf 1 lu th? Tuiotit 

Icluica of dftii^D and paincids nuji- 
liOEKd ai th? hrud <^r this ajlidc. In 
avonlaihwIiDLearL'tiaurthF 4citn(c. 
at practSurd by aftitli «^o erlcitfd 
auif ctrt>4fti] llivi' viti culuuir. ii 
atiEei til the ivoih bcfu^t u» nlih 

I (real miaalcjiev. I^e wuik i* J'tirlliiT 
DUiotiuj <a »biii«Li]j{ lUe iiijiitm-tK ul 
Ike l»i>e«, aud tbe uoUe ajiiI ek%atcd 

MVOCUli'jm with which plJEllillKVM 

Iheo a»(Kiited, It v«i the hand- 

naU U> relijiioD. iL i^&v? intlufnni 

, tUtJoti, nnb- It w^u pfaciiHd by 

H ibcEcarardj the vrrnUhf.mid ihi^ nubk- 

H We bcUe«e the author^ Ihc (jnKiiial 

^ pf^liiiwr, aod the iraii>ktor. tun 

teanely ksovta tv<D by n^mc: in lljii 

Oouatiy- We ooofccB tiU frctulEy we 

utf r L<aj iof the none of Ceuuio L,iLn J, 

till (be publkatioaof theprMcn: trano* 

Jatio«f w* atvtt heard of [he naoi? of 

kTv»bnni,«tbek4fDcci lAdTlranAlatii^r 
Mi«. Mcrrtfieid ^ y<l ih< ^r<£inil \ni\)\ i- 
cation ahow) the accurate pmctiCAl 
' ko^BUdci ol tbe aoilior, ■£<! Ihr [jfe;- 

fece by tihe learocd editor iTamhtcu'i) 
cibibiC) a maitcrpjcce of rL-atOQt^ib lad 
GftjtT.M^o. Voi.XX:iK 

logiett cbducriL^n. md ii oof opinion 
cijmi^reiffjy «4Ul}1ivhi'« tbiii jijilMiqh in 
bil WA« prtfrtitFd long bf fbrc tlie ifma 
of Van ]£ycL, TheirLlmctufEory Iitrfacri 
anU noru by the [fan«Utor indJcata 
a& arcur&cy of invpttrption, an riient 
of rradinff. and i Loowlrd^ and nibk* 
Xrry of ilii- euhjpci, wLifti due* W 
Yffy griJit rrr^ll, 

ThKVffhtrIp, r>rt4inp«ir«, Qud byfOO- 
drrrj MlihU hn* Eirfrn »f Uta ycari 
much diJdTLiAied En ibf- Art Uflioa und 
other pubhffitj am, andhiu bten nitib* 
jcct ofcannidefaUfln wiifi the ieariifd 
■nd icimTiflc tecreiary to (hi? Ctita- 
wfiUOMfn on the Flop Aft<. Undirr 
(hrsf* cticumiUncen ilip pjaciicid di* 
rtctitm^ of CcjLdjoi. wb^ch Hit full 
aud varml m rttjirtt (u thp differeat 
cutour*. nil] be reul fviih much lo- 
tereit. ilU advice tJ> uic the teat 
colour* caaaoL b« too iirongl) ija< 
prfmcjunthctniadi of modern artUts; 
aud it iniy Ik- a/tdnl that Corftiwit* 
u^d tlie TL'ry bcit coIuuibh ^n tha 
Duie p> Ul- 

Thu «»Elie of C«nniai*» obacrvatioua 
appekra. fmat wluit ii tlated by VitMrii 
namely, " IleBiiTch the tVLiika he (Ceo- 
mill) pBiQled in cunjuncLion with hia 
iiia«kr, he paiotcd with Uli onii hauJ, 
uadLv the loggia of the llatpiul of 
Bonifacio Lupi, a pii^lurc of the Vugin 
wkh cerUJJi tJttotfp v^ well coluuied 
tJiat it i» at th!a day in CQod prcaena- 
ticni i" and UjU, murrrfvei, shpiVB thi> 
rttimaliun tn «hicb CVuLjiurt work 
HJIA held tjy var. hu (uiut'^'UiittojuJi^tf 
at VoAptii, >u[j[JO(lcd hy thr iiici>tx> 
lesliljk cvideoec ofthi* •oilc picLuf*, 
now ia cicclleiit pictriviotjoii i^i tlit 
Klorcnof Caller)', to which u vrai i«- 
moved and liicd upoa facias by 
Paciol, hy the vrJar of thv tifaod 
Dukr Leci|iold' 

Ii It a WEll-kaown aod lampoLabl^ 
fact that maoy eictllcut pnj4iEinK» of 
eoiineac mndm; arliJiU Ka%e already 
chaa^d their colour, aad it may b» 
tutpecttd that none liiios 4rti<Ca will 
aOTTivQ thrir pic t urea. Weranaca'ccly 
duuuL tbat roaEiyofCeaajLi'BdirrctJoaa 
will be frtihtnitUd iQ thett»l of eiptri* 
ibrnt, VhiA hliQuM not, however* be 
doDE vithaut rcmecnbfriiic that thu 
rootcrialt rraiilorid id hi> time and 
those tioff uicd. though beaririK iha 
■aiac anoiLei, may be dilffrcnt in tbcif 
jclftCivc Atrtngth «a4 pur dy, on J, [here- 
forr, toay oot prodoce prcfiUcly the 


ftivrxir.— Cctiiimo Ccnniiii*« Treaiite en Ptttntng. [Fcbi 

•LIB* «Ar«f>, Ifmiifd in prfcifctv th« 
tftme proporti^ni » mcntioricil by 
OennifiL Thii envtiaa is tFuprr'sK^L 
apon II > by thff TacI Oiatwpca^ifllaritlj- 
hnr of tiiointnt chvniLHtk #ho. in nn- 
dcavaurLPf lo vcriFy lh» eipffuiicixti 
of lomft ^Ffnt luDilcr. compbletr (ml, 
and ocbfn vlio » entirely uuccevd 
when Irtlipg tho truth of iho orif^inJil 
ditenttiy; tm} this frt h>v* r^tv^nn 
to inow arittt Fr^m chr jr ^t«i1rr cir If i< 
ptriirVPrAncv In vikrym^ lli« jitopor- 
tlont ortlia ingrtdiffiiU u>0dia nialoug 
thf QK|>erifn«nti. 

U bj< iditroftloiii Co Iht TDaloartJktf 
art vtluabltf, it wtll be »cq fram ih« 
followtng vurbct that C«naJTii ii nM 
TfM tnxioaa togivc good &dvj» lu 111* 

" li aDuciiairB tiAppflm/* h« >«rf. 

" lUiit joitag bijiit. f >|HJL';a||y ijiott of 
Flortno*. tudoaiour to Luifbria Ilifir 
hvoimf *tf ilf ijijiltrjiTicin cif rcilitart utA 
tntiUci'tii wHUn To Iiirir «&ln i htii ii 
ffuuiLiq who fMi flftO 'iu not lUtlt iiM of 
ltte» ItitnfEi* btiJ u 1 il(> bM uteli to 
Hiiil«r njBvIf ubiotLoiit to tbin. or to 
Inror ihn ilufilA^aNm of Oad and nor 
Ltdj. ] ibilj 11) Bi Pion on llili lulijfcl. 
But 1 vilriH jou (Uu ff JOB dnin to 
jprwtnt J9V coin|ilrii[iii for 4 lon| 
MrioJ, lo wwh joorvflf mih waUr from 
rJuQtALiit, rtvcpi. Dr wclli, «Dd I warn 
ycu thif If fail QIC Mim^llcf yyar lict 
mW trmti hrLromi: vhhvrtii, yrmr tmh 
tittk, ADd yuu Till Woiiin i}ld ^■frutK Om 
bbturftt C'mttc r>r lint, mil b* iba Uftbwt 

10 My on (htA lol^tcl." 
Cciinini direcla, 
"Tliir vlicn fon an t^Vlnf; t phtV «f « 

InBk ■ pcjir* ID vrij]irrDr> yuu bIioliUE ftLr 
Into iliB pluiri lu^o Biitfr at «vU ot 
voU <rticr -> W for dChor vvnuit» IL U 
vuAdinit (ft ivr oflldwdltr rromfouiLtuift, 
Wtn, or w*!!* oiilf . "— p- 1 rt, 

l^c (loputar rrror ^[ill itiEnJtl^fLir in 
tbl> cuuinry, "tlmtwuincD hnil onn 
hb Ic** thrtik luvri." wu prrnltut in 
lUh'i •nJ the iwafiorlijn of lie l<utiir« 
U trvntril whb crrAt iJiBrropt'CT. for 
Cpntiini raysn " ilu^rir U iiol w»o of 
Ihriu prrfttTly iiru|iiFiliim(iJ," Wp 

pmcMtilHy, but. on tKccoairnry. con- 
»|c]rt the Ud^M o( Italy beautifully 


Tlie pnn at Ibt wojk trvatlni of 
frttcQ |jmciTina iriU ncceuaflly atEmct 
cvufldciablo ilWQlion tt Ibe pm«at 

time, when *o wide a firld ■* aboui lo b< 
opehffd in tbii drporlmentortho art of 
pjiiotiofc- Kviry Dbicrvftlioa by aper- 
pon hrou^hl im m tb* ichool of to tttii- 
airnt jipninUrlnrFCtcciAiGicttoDiuitb* 
ivortbp ufaV.ciilLan. Ttc modeof form- 
ini^ the ilvti^Qt, iht f fount) u'Eirk, ti^d 
tilt prcpanlTon of Ibr (olaur*. w^ 
thfn ptacriiFf), wttaFod in oomlvfiMd 
languoe? 1 an'1 vitieit h^i rraoiidvr tbat 
Ihf pni^itiiin ^' ^^miiAi to vbkh «• 
bffgri mUutfod, ftt though! vorthy 
of being rtmovod and pinctd anidtt 
ibo tiatit gnllory cf pamiiogi in 
Kiirape. wbdil the rtci-nt frt»ro«» al 
>junicb, filiboogH tvp y*»n hav« 
iriircfLT olaptvd amn ttity vrvr* 
paiatM, hava alr««il; bopt'^ ^'^ '^'- 
too nucb valut caunot h* placoil upon 
wcry ob«vrvation of ih> amhor- 

Hvfoi« vacfjMludf. wr rnutt liotlca 
lb* tlib«. tbe labour, and tbt- 6irt IhoC 
waa «<tbi^i1rr«d, in thetimt^of Oanini, 
iif'cniiry for a tfurionc 10 und^r^o 
btfor* be could ahav hii Ck» BiBODf 
Th« iDiitera. 

" Kuo"," **y» le. '*tbfll yoi «Uiinof 
leva Co |k4Lbt in Ir** (iidn lltan tbaC vbbb 
I thtU oaniB to you* In Iha £nt plan^ 
yoD lontt «itidy drawinf for at Waal ona 
y«rt thea yoQ mutfrAdukiivtchainurfr 
at tha wfiTVahiiji fiir tbi tptf* of ili jttrn 
at Iml. t\M y^fu oiay L^aiii all tba i»(U 
and umbcrtDf tli4aff,— <9gr1ud oolount 
to b»d dowD k1u»| to ijrjod plMtor 
(geaaoV Fa ari^iilK tha |frutii:a of Uyinf 
froumU mi ^tinmr** Qn^t-mtri tt* aru^f)')! 
td work III irhff (rrt^TBrri, and Ki loraptf 
(or aiiioollO t'>v AMifnitr f(aitii^), cud tO 
f ild i aftcrwarJi to piacliu culouriuf, tO 
idom with jflDrdtnta, ptint olotha vf 

S^M, ■nil pHini ctn Willi ff'T iit mni^ytan, 
ruvliif viLhout UilEflniuloa on hu^ydayi 
a*4 wockdayi. Aud hf [hi* uiraai you 
alU nrE^uiiT ftreai cipciiciiua. IfyiHi da 
olharwiH* yoo liLI nowr uum parfa^ 
(Ion, Tttara an tnntj who hj tltal 
may l«*4rn I.I10 twi ivlliobl the aaali 
of m EnQ«Tfir. t>> uol br-lL^tg ihi 
lliia IhijL bp aa ritjuiilp to you, 
it day ard alchi. And If yon 
atudy undtr tune B:,t4Ut«r. voa irfll 
be flt for any tbiof ; Tior irllj you 
to thrw your Uc9 among Ihg QDaUn'" 

PiTTvifjnftuU' ; htimg an ^cwnoif n^ 
:hf paiJ nod j>rnnt SWr <i/ lAr 
Of-ili-r^ of Ht. PifUE la Ikt iEaarfi, 
ir/f/i rrmrirftjf nn iff oafignj^y^ Ay Iftr 
/fnr Wm. ItatUin.Jt,^ f>p,&90, 
TPK r»ri>irfry of fhi» rtrurclt fhim 

the saitd wtiicb bad fur sgvt biddm It 


Rkvikvt-— lUfthn'i 



fttND Tiw ia rrcih in Um mroiDfY of 
oor tQli^btriUi rtailcrt- A prftiao* 
iDlamr wricrcD an ibv oc^ubn by ib« 
Rer. C. T. Colbn«, #«4 nrtcvrd in 
M» Uac. Ibr Julf 1U7. p. 49. in 
wWcbtbe ■ubjcci v«b i:miwI ia aa 

^ ihvdiTCOtvryhAiDoEbrni nmJtcafd 
^ llrt U4>»« of icD r'Bi : (be prrvaC 
*iHr. wbicti »u^[iJiir> (JiE vviJFQCt Uv* 

d*ciOk £iLftn (iiv arcbii^ciutc uf ib« 
atfvciurc, bM l>«ra wrilleii o\i ihif 
OcttWOfi of ■ ■tcutid r(ni»v«l. m Iht 
y^r ISI3, u«' flic MutI which »1iUcvn* 
tioun tu ckUivr robDil sod ovcrwheloi 
tlMbalrf^ot. ThEobiftl ufibe ktier 
•avntilGitigD irat to uinxla tifeft ilica- 
MMVOHDt*, Will iD«h; ■ nioEc ucufnu 
•unvy uf lb* rub, add. at tbc »iii« 
t«ae, l« effect ihtf pioui UtL of tr* 
bulUine Iht t«mb of cbo *«i»l i ■ 
fldiug ^pfioituml^, tlirrfffufv. pre* 
Httt«4 iltcJf to Mr. UikUin b* a> 
lBWi*h by ■rchite^tuial lYiilcucr. kuiJ 
bf acompafiAca with other itmiturc* 
Oif»rlf Ajtr. th« rlfljrc put fbrib b^r 
Mr, Colitna lgr tb< bia:h &n:ii^uity of 
tW lahwd Btruchirc. tn Ibii fioirit of 
Tftw ■« propu«< In rrKaril tbi aubjcvi 
ofMt. iIiieUr|i*B vuFumr; ai>iL BUhoiicU 
>rt /n[ ibf itrCicjrtiF uf tntn^Uth- 
iim by c!ir«t ftidccict Hie fact i^r Utv 

cliurcbj Vfl hfitc »a hnkatioD m oJd* 
ia( our opiazQQ m fji^our of tbc bigb 
Vilji|QiCv vhtrh Mr> Hhilam Aiaijcna 
Id ii. [^)»KIei[>;c hiftoncftl ciiJcnce 
that ChriHimn churdM f kiBtvd in thii 
liluatl bcfijr* ibc arrival of St, Au- 
miitiaar **' 11JBT c^^cjcrudfl tW llit^H' 
dnrabMi if orvbilccluful hlrticLurta, 
WOTktd, in iTj^d (o ari.'Ui[i:L.'Eufut 
f«tlarv« 4ud imUcrifllf hntc r<DC(ur»lviJ, 
though l^iailft tbc *n>ika ot Roioc 
iltclF. The r«niftiii*now ><* /ffqucoll^ 
brouctil Id l^j(bt ahevr that aiX aod 
civiLtzAtion hid 4a fit Ulica rocrt in 
BritA^a tbat vbatcvfi structurTq «icrv 
fUMd, {^r tbc ArrticM of riiUfiigu t^r 
othcrwuif, wrro built uArrtlMftr»b ion, 
■fidf foU^v'ins; th(^ prucliCE which prc- 
flilt^ ftt aad *ubif(.]Ljrnt lu tlic rfignof 
CoDttutibt, coaiitrucud ia grcsit pent 
uritt brick. In pri><>f of iJjta tijp. 
po«Uiao» wc may addaic tbr very 
<ufioji cborch of Dorcnib, in Kiai^ 
tbv n*»c of whUh ift built of rubble, 
^ndhAi^Qg RoDun bucks ia IJcu of 

^ttOiD* Diid bond »tonM. ^itb Nor* 

nun quairiB of iLuae built abuvt tbf 
urgiiwL bri<1(, Tbf 4ir\gu)«r srcbpn In 
IhD walliS. nbrtbrr wiEidovrii ^ir Joiif- 
w^yi^ PialErd up fur i|fq. bt*ppkh an 
mJy pvriiKl fof Ita riiiiilructiun. Thia 
portiuu uf tb« tliuc^urc lk tbaaifriOf 
of au age prior to iba aiUtiikg N<jr> 
mun (hfliiffl, aod. banoj^ au trac« of 
&uon Arfhltfctor; in lu roDQ^ruciiobi 
Vie du Do( UfiiEale Lc praaouncv it lu bt 
other than a builiiing of Buciaa work. 
The cburrh of &1. PauliauB, Paul'a 
Cray, at no cr«Bt diaiauc*. nt^rnu li 
■ pijdivn of iia atrtxiur* much of iba 
Hmv Roman work, (ibf L-hurch M 
dffttdhril iti (r4(it, Ma£ fi>r tSal. p. 
3lSl! : and MnanifuujtivTuwvfi dlio ifl 
thb* MLur »ci(ht)ouihuod, ihrivB a 
RoQEUi artb, and lomirUlOp aUcubrlj 
iu^orpataUd wilIi a tnor« fecttil itiuC' 
lUftf The imali tbdrch vf Kin];ibur|.~» 
Middlnrij *thidk aptirars, at far uiat 
pU«Ur cottin^t wiUaUovt 4 \v bf trati* 
tobvaatircly buiUi'f llutoan lilat, ma^ 
ctaiiD an vquqlly d'tc^ aalii|[iity, aod| 
io UiE walU at i«4ti, may aUe« (h« ri« 
ruaLoaofacbur^h atjic^lortuthcSaioo 
tavuiuo, Od tfic othrr baodi tht 
Btfiicturei rai#fd bjr tbc Sanorit mijtht 
h« ciprcUd tabefuinieO uf [.|(iib<r,aoil 
iiic:jrroboraiioikthf veJl-4ut>niLchni(b 
of Qmnttcad, in Eauei, Cn^firawd Jtt 
Wriili'a Quartirly Taptit/J lua; ba 
a^IductJ, whidi i« pfv«rd L>y hiati^ricaL 
GVidfun t^ bo on ondnubtcd t:akoa 
church, and la Uadtwjth trunltufLitiirai 
a modcuf e^mtmctioik moicuulutal to 
lliF Su{int, and tbriefujc likdy tL:i ba 
u»pd hj ihcm ID a at^uctuiv o? uiaor 
ia^[r<irtaocf, tbau it would liave bees 
by lUo Koranjiiied BElloaa. who. at 
Ibo period rcftrnd to, would f^otn ed«* 
ration bavo iabibtd Romau uI(ub of 

The mere rudenfw uf auy ilructUK 
offorJk but uicafire rvLLWocr of ita ao- 
l;f|uEty i it ml^bl have ariatn from tKt 
vraikt of akill, uf ibc dcAcicocy vf c<lu- 
caiion lo the vQihinen, ci it mii^hl bc 
kQllnenctd by the matEiuifl i and wc 

* Wfi ttflj h*re rmiark thai thr njrrffftt 
tirjwft uf " ihr llm diutuh In UttUiiii." 
Bald lo b«To br<ri trr*;(rJ ht fll, Ji^Ptrpb 
■I Gliataabiiry, iff nivrfJ^ imiiclniry, ar- 
tionnf trvm Iha thiifflj at Gf«eattaBd^ 
Wk ar* uirpriuil Itut that oOiRnrtaa wtll 
VTrlkrIllflicn purJuUicni TLin RulldrralwiiLd 
reienitv bA<c rrpcn^vi thift " i'aaaj« 
Aaaftuiuc'' foUy.— JfflJ, 


ftiTiKW- — Elftslfttn'a Pftmnsabidcff^ 


tliDiiM tint etpp^F tltnl in h r«innU 
diitrict workmi^n wf-r* (o fir rotjnrl tuf. 

feton« wht^h lay rriiity lo ihnr hbntli 

forr cjnit»< prrp-iffil ta h^ar, in thf in- 
■•tanct (if tilt" church whlcli rarnw Ihv 
subject c^fliiU inr]iiiry, that 

"The fionfi ■McTi form the bilMnj 
»e lliroffn toi[aihfr wti^ioot w/ *"Fm|>r 
■1 tc^uUr VLjumra* or nay rocifl id wbiiL 
mitiDpi trrm 'joiflt*.' Thof oooniit of 

IxmrhQOil; unit toinv of tltmn muoa aheI 
Vnutith, u if (ulipn from th« bnl Eif a 
•tnwn. All Clirp« apimai \o liave becu 
put logfrther 111 tLc r^Kicit ftinl AJnplaL 

'Vi^. cmlicJJcJ ID ilia clay narlVi m- 

out UiQ Tilt unit fltt ftvtirs Che lUmnni 
BRdboUQil ll\e}T voik. Itic inuoary, 
on thfl hIioIc. loiika bkc lliat of |rtrii>iii 
Vbir titd ■CCQ Hcraim vorlii aaJ^ pcrtapa, 
tAtalcd In it. irit^aut Igimihg ths irt-'* 

And thtu« v» t^lnk. tbc unjiftrvnt 
of ihfr muuiiry of PcrrA»< 
ibulof ha^ bfcii lAliaf^cUfiily ac- 
coanterl for. Bdcki wcie aoi likely 
to b« tnadc wlicre slouc wu fuund 
rwidy tc the hand in abundaLt^r, bijiI 
iblt iti4fc<fiijl Ebp CciriLi»h iDuons had 
OQt RuflJLii^nL HCnuuintiLnie wUh thnii 
Art la tliAjirJiilu kry-iloim^ thiy uerJ 
iocb piecn m biul ihd furm jtj^il up- 

IitftTExrtcc ^r Tl(»taiin tilcit, ititJ kit) lUi<m 
a tkc aamc mftnocr a* they hnd Kcri 
fcrickbDicdi t iLraccicc which hat Inii 
folli^wid JQ m&ny curty buildinj^t ia 
thia countfT. Wr can Marcclr lup" 
|iOBG thv rmic Lttle ^Ifuctiire undu 
Con^idrnttJon cm hn Normon^ wh«n 
%c rccoUrct lh*t the hijthly-rorichcd 
nodo of N<irfnin Arrhilcctun hmt 
tctchvJ Inio Coravtall tl o pniod «jj- 
pBreolly ta c«rly aa in anr atbci 
pill of Ene^Ard, u may bt eteo M Uic 
ftm^ fhurch of Moorvin^lovr, At 
well a« kt St. Cff nntn'a. nud \n nmny 
font* ofiatlnjE in ot^«r [>*ftq (ifCarti- 
wall< aad nnna of tlirio thcv tb4t 
character of mdeaci^ mo vt'ikjn^ tt 
tbe OrLlory of Si. I'JrkOt nriJ wbich^ 
AfTnrdinjt tio purftUfl* Cannat lo rasiily 
bfl oecuuaitd for on tbe iiipj>aiLtinn 
that a it th? work of Iho tweliXb 
MoUfy, u Mr. Bloiun ioferi; for 
thvrc II no fMSOD to fti0t;m« that 
fUd^nl^A^ qhould be found in one n&rt 

cf a diBtrici and rtlUvinvnt nt aac^tiurr, 

«t A pcrJod when we know no vich 
conirait it ti) bvirm in ^ny other pjirt 
of riiir iilnnd. 

The liiiFof mfarrb pursue*] by Mr, 
fln^Um. nirurKlly IniU liira tn the 
^Dir«ii|fnlLi)n uf ftiiili otchrttivtical 
nnTiquiTin (»f prrtumeil rflily datvj 
aati Id Ihal niiidi i;e|1rctnl taUndi 
whfn* **v<>ry ruJri Irllt of holy men 
and hnly Agcii, wc iniy ^ther, oot of 
^ha vrry mra^re itork nf Jnlbrmtion 
m? poispii. ihaE tht ruina of the 
ilmotT ror^ttrn tburchrt uf l\w nrly 
A^fi of ChrJatiflDUy. 1(?[>I in nrolffc* 
lioa onlf by thv pU|;ri(ti timIj iif thv 
faithhd pri*aritry, niv lanifiaAikt, %t 
it vprr, poihUug out Inci^nircivcrtiblf 
t(] h ivaioU: <Iaie fi^r ihfir erecikon. 
Tf ttrchticctufnt fonni are lo bt re* 
ciilvcd ak evrdrnco cf (he a^e of a 
budding, «c *» a ttty ivin\j[v period 
hiiikaicd by thi almoit Cydopcaa 
niiuoDry of lomt of lho» irarly rv- 
mnJUp.tbTirdournifly* furiDnl likv the 
oproiEic* <rf nn Kifi'P^i*'^ "' tifctk 
(atnpli:. Iibvidk jhnt^n Jit<Uaing ia* 
WH;di frum Ihv baaL.^ (o the aaniTaitt 
ami uuwocd uritb a tintcL formrd of a 
tiais,W tti^Q^, at at DuaDKlxr cburch, 
CO. London Jfrf J, (a iiiui^tunf in 
(verv ;cfpect ct^incldinc wrth 3E. 
Piion.) aod at St. Fcclian't cburcb, 
CO, WvBtmralh. 

In the lalEcr cburcb. ihe holy cri>tt 
frjf tlst fflrlicr f['rro> nculptumd on 
the UriErl ihowi oot only the a^, bat 
ihc fnrly iledik-alion of Ebc bodJros 
tu the *a<:rcd uici of out faUh> Th« 
masty cointJdcftcei belweco thcM 
rehct and ihc chapel of St, PiraOj the 
atcoinpaiiimcbtd ia C4ch tnetaoM of 
the hoLy ivfll and Ihv dwcHInf of Ihe 
euchnril^, Hirrn Co priinMv a com tu on 
otiicin, and to a ra<iiraoa period for 
llieir ctei:liun, and lo jiintifr Mr. 
Ilailaru in dainiint; ft>r Sr. J^rao'a 
church, and ceLt and bapiittcry, a 
Brilith ofj^Ln. Further lahighl Loto 
Irteh antiquities may CfJofirrD or dU- 
prove the hypothcais, but, J udgin^ fr^v 
wha£ little kuofrLddftf vt pi»4cu of 
lri«b remains* wr hare firraC c«n- 
fidmce thtC further retcarcli will lead 
ti> it* cttaliliibmcat. 

Otiir wofd <:*n the windowa of &L 
P<r«a. Aircprcaenttd by Mr. llatlara, 
they nppccr to be formed of thJa alaba 
of atone laid by ik limid hind, who 
had impcrfccily Irarrcd to turn an 
arch, but, ivithout coa^d«n<c ia in 


ItEVicir.oJohn^on'a fiyttropatky. 


•bMUlih. ^4 ha> p|i<ril d liDlcl to 
rapport ihe ntil «i>u4-«. \V« cwiftta 
«rt dc Dot ;«oUccl Auulhrr cu« |lk« 
Ihitt, but It ttiXhiuly ttfufija A prDofof 
tt> tK^n»; bijilt by ha DQikilfut uimop, 
«bo h«i^ ui|iivcJ a ftraitUring of 
knovlcdg* of the <(jo9truftioa of the 
ADHiftd areh. Window atchf i > fonofd 
of licmiUrlhiEiiUb-, thr prnducC c<f tbo 
countr]-, but iuHnitt lymUnncrJ boyomi 
tbe v^rh of tbe Cornith mmon, ut 
tobc««dUlhe Ttry curiom church 
OC CoottoOt SorrcT. And id the rumcil 
vare or $i. M^rtLa'^ chAptI, m the 
aamt coDiitv 1 Aad more than one 
vixiov with AonaD \i)to uied in lieu cf 
Vch-itiMJct tnd jvabf aic lo he mrt 
with in t.h« chufdi cf Lower If ftUtorr, 
in Kent. TbcK cjinniplt4 »hcw 
Ibe voik of rquaaa whu wcr« ij&' 
■equainicJ, oo^ ODfy vilb ibv accu- 
VftlcJf «ut afeb-Atontt of ^Jorm■ll mh' 
■oarr. but were *1jo impfiYcetk ac- 
qaaiatc^ vith lh« mode of lurojiig lui 
«rt6 lobrickt taall tb«t? mni>a«<c ftic 
■NO ci>atIruclioD« opoi^ tJm Koman 
Bod«l nor* or i«*« advanced, but tbc 
p«rfnt NcnB«D trth of iKv Invlflh 
Ctntary tbtiiTt tbo work (if m mtnon 
who WM « muicr ia bu nrE, and 
wbo vu Dot bkaly to hnvt produced 
■vch MtJwaA&d quotDtwue mst with 
it Se. Pirta'*. 

1a pag« 7^^ i» ftivca *q cnmvjn; of 
tbt prindp&l door^iy of &t. Ft^m, 
viA Iha tbnt h«ad« (ticicfl lo ili< 
HiUMiai It Tnirnj in their ariRinal 
pUcM* WreoolilnotMpbtfiop aiitjek 
with tb4 cotocidriLefl l>elwt«D ilio ligtl 
which foriDi tho k«rai«nv %ad a 
•tmiJitr out ftt D4r*o1h. Sipco lb« lirtt 
dltcctvrr, ihli door v^u pciltcd 1o 
piK«« by lAlc pcnoni, frr>tn mooli«h 
with to nWMne curtotitif*. At lU 
ucood ditCTWiry. id IS43. only oac 
M*h* of th* ccrtmiaout KKbiUvw of 
th* dMirvty could ba fnund. 

Th« dim«D»ioDa nf tit* chnrcb nr* 
HMtbr ofaattcf. Tbf nun ti Ibfftt. 
tJkV cnancvl 10, pfopfirlnJni not rtrj 
^wnHtr t» niDfty UT«t cburchtt 1 1h* 
InttnuU Fvnglh thortforo It 95 feet, 

th* btr«ath nt i^'cL Tb« chDCMi n 

dt^idat from the nave by b irreea -, 
Ami " iIiBcEied 10 tbc <a4t w<]| wm 
ftB «ltDr, bqiil of iton^ ariit pEflVlfrAl 
tibt tha FHt of 1b» ii]|«fi(ir" In 
JS3A it WM tik^n dovn. flfid tbfl 
nmaint &r lh« taint <!iiCOvrr«il : it 

|iM PQw bttii Hb«UQti«]ly rvbmJE. 

W* do not aj[r«e vUh Mr> llutim 

in Mylinc thif rni ttltar. "It Jica 
IfafLhiviie Cftit aaJ wc«E, not aorth 
Anil vjutb ■* v^c now liava them i'* 
fiom Kliicfa wc conclude that it tra* 
a tomb, 4^bd i^atAn AllBt i wc ar* Cor- 
roborated Iq thi4 tuppoailiont by iCi 
not bciof^ plocc<J tiaetly in the centre 
ofthe Hft wall. Wc paftici^tDtc ia tLc 
pioLi9 fffliflE vhkb hod led to ita 
pmorvatroo. In a very Tew jean 
the »nd wiU Ufa in roncial lb« 
hllte Crralcry, an wcJl u the ciJl wbicb 
wu ftab*ci|ucatty diSfO*ci«d D«r it, 

Mr. Hcmlani la fkarrviog of ptaiie 
from tvery true cbwKhEBar, fi»< tbt 
<are be hna displayed in invutj^atLng 
and rrcordin^ lb* discovery ci tbi* 
Yery tiafciki relic of cafly UtDCt, ond 
wi? »Aioc*tly rrccimmirnd bit book lo 
all whf], taking an intcrcat in ourcarl^ 
rccleBiftktkcal «iili4]uitipa, may wikh lo 
lingwflonKlhingof^il. Pjroii'iOjatdry, 
utii?n iN old eaem^ theaaadhftt a^aln 
hiddea it Irom view. 

Sraclk* of Ihr JVab-r.Vurf aAiT*7ii to 

tUutltufnl v.-ii/i man^ impurliiBl TdHf, 
and uHlh nine tntfitiviHtft, Ajr hidwaid 
JobntCD, i/.£>- Si'u- pp, xvit. 3^4* 

HYPRUl'ATHY JiEtrmlly totani 
uatm-pffrrtitmi pfaeticfllly tbo l*rm 
Riiv dtooCii i]lhfiii£ urtiititiofil nr «ui- 
ta^D*d by tho abnH of onter,— a df.. 
ftignblkonmatlapprofintti'.aEiJ happily 
adaptt'l to dKLinguitti the hv<f ro|^aih«c 
CclDiion Trofn all other*, and From lh« 
•aluiary appbuicr« of icitttitir medl- 

In Ihi* (My iniinojrBpb of hi*. Dr, 
Kdnrtnl Ji>1inton appran t'> lome ad- 
VHrit^ij^f 3Lt an mgi^ii>oa ip^ei^il |^lf ader, 
atir] bli parriJu^Lvi uiny mic^vvd for a 
limo in ilrawing; into hn viuut a pro- 
pfifhon or iho*e infohdi in whom iba 
mfoirblrri jadfcmeni hut tutn twtraj^td 
by trhitn or i^ckneai lo rvnonnw Ih* 
puidaor* of rtaaon. altTinuvh thji may 
tinre hav* hvvn irnlighr»rvfd by linow. 
WA^jr, anil erUr^d ^y i^iivrirnc* and 
rrtliTtinn. ^^'p Und IhiA hylrojtttbhc 
(]iA[ilay atntn^^d kiitn fnnr jinrti, Th« 
^t I* Hitillril '■ Fjfit, at raai>« of 
rorpj" that mind, bowov«. mii^t 
citbT he citrr^nicLy tiJ^y o: mirlv >b- 

^os*f ibit C4a diKonr marani of 


MiK€UnnffOtia Rcvkvh 


^b«* itACn, no 9t.*tnU^\\y difTfirtat va 
tb«ir namr«, locality. And iii!tiieiic«- 
IF LTiy ODD ot Ihtm y^m* roKHy % «>a 
of itti«*9, Aorl •(EubIIt tur'tf, thi* 
f4rtunai« fvont mutl Kft«a reiultcd 
frcm ibv oth«r mvini cmpl^^ffd. and 
In vnita of hydjopLthf. Wa knnw, 
l(t&,fro(ii long dbtvTT^E ion oMbrpntrilr 
habilj ihnt c4h mfln^crinic nquii«« io 
ba nioaagril with murtiulruttniwif than 
ptfn Ur. Kdvftnt Juhnion ipptanln 
b* mniUr of, brf^fD ihah(3bt*>ri4<>c«n 
bo iDult tfn^icnl for Ibv vitHbtLthmcnt 
Of tilt «r to/ Dthtr Ihrory. 

Df. Johdi«ik'« fri*4Ad pari bean Iht 
titlv, " SciFbCP t wti«rtin livitrcf Alhy 
U »bnirn In bt *uppijrTpd by Licbut't 

Mlhy U ibnvin Io b* tuppnrtiul bv Dr. 
Bllling'ii Ihoofy fif diMHir." Htff 
W4 ban 4 bri« cf dumilly fwlcvd 
lur«« pfojM(«d fi^r tha pi>rp«» of cn- 
tinglirig Xhr nnwari? in tbrni«t«<M 
n lyitfrn fngrndftrtd hy ipinrimrp nnd 
lirpuili'ncv, niirlur*(1 hv 4vUk!ini.4i. 
antt MfthiULnHl tiy kiuvHrv. 1c may 
mrrrltr tiiRir; liinui>nro on Ihv trry 
nnvLw, biTi wp n'Pd nn gbMl't<<fff nr 
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nnd " Dr. tiiULo^'a tbtaryof Atmmt." 
Th* wnvvrtrdrioi* or obliquity of 
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pfltinn of Dr. Jfthn#on'> /lur/* |»Ail» 
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upon " common •idm." wlinwin caavrt 
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tiappy iDlo the anarn af a graedy and 
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npoo bb mcmctjr.'* ({k 303.) 

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F^iwnrt, PA- JI-— TIl^a 1* an wty to 
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vrlLl, ci'p bi di*cl»iac IL* irltAioi and 

ElnitatM of Ao Almighty in til inofo 
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fmi^u oLUUr, It oITen in lb* hmIr anmo 
of Ibc duel itfiacipk* of ChvniMT Ick vu 
ialoUfgiUa aaaait'iion, aaJ lO fayirti n 
afom, tliu t( »iwt|l*v lilDBuvlibDow- 
Icdg* of 1b« Ha«n«<«, tiid ntfca Mb witlk 
far Rion- " Wbu ood Ei» loora otrlktr^v 
Mji Mf. Fu«]ia, (ncatiing ■■ an rmnpio 
of b«ocA»nl fffTCtbovibt, " Ibaa Ibo 

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to Ito Auvolir 10 • lilcbt J rraperiahlt pa- 
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And ia p. 14. "IE k not bj blLnd 
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ladceJ U vuT b« h14 of rocka of IgnMU 
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Oviif 10 tJmun Comfrttrtrmn end 

XbttOAOki. — A tefj £ond book of 1L3 
kibdj coutnlniu a »rie» of CerukBa 
pfarua* 4&4 ■^n'tTrtn^ffd lUal^^e*, on 

rDEirerHtlon ^ vltb « Frrbch vvnli}!], aud 

B food mImEkjo of Genuoii loturi. 

*fiB^«- -I ri'tfK'nr /pir/irtf*or> f« tm- 
fntmU to Ihr littery 1^ lAr WtfttAtr.^ 
A ilirory of attirotrrlftjrj fraru ■ laind af 
■InmH IboiifLt, lo icconal titr tarloii4 
■luoiu vf w^tthtT' h iiavitii to bmiq 
b«eii Ernii»UlDil frvo ihu PTfiich, go J 

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ne hflAnllr ncoidiUDDii It, intn tin \m- 
VOti4vi>tot ititalijccL ucDooDottd mhU 
ihfl wdt-btJu^of U1&U, Hid iu«iii (ififldpio 
Ofi vbicb it i' fauL'ind, ia litxi oF Ui* np' 
HoHinf Af vtnn mr ik*itr ihn Mi^mfDr, 
|iBtmij{ tFi 411 upi^r ciiirrpDl tnwanli ili? 
fiote, Mil «a under uru boj^W ui ttc 
«(|iulDrs aoil it ucauali fur ftrioua 
iii«fttb*r4W»« bf Tvry arfidiUa dia- 
|i|rb*DOM and inmpfnipalJi^ni^ 4t»ii Ln 
feDi>«a )kin of finflumttict, Tlrmuh at 
CBABOt MT tbat HO etEi jct dcrWct «a a 
o»rvUvT ^«a iu intia }ir?riaii[bu», the 
fm|uriL ibiftinc of lb« viDoa is oar oiro 

falriiditffifiR If* n tr"*«^/jrt^ tyntnn n/ 

A AM ttwiolalini of * work iIibl rolaru 
bft inak aad braalkuif bTc Ibe dry boiiM 
of baih«n sjlhaLcn'^ mttd opvot to our 
■Ichtt by the 7(( llTiQg ^ht of ik« tn- 

diUanil ^v^i. ih< dim ut^ultj of 
Gr»o*, Wttbink Ebit Itiift voik which 

■baulcl bft rHfl by tfofhtn oFGfVplE»u 
Vfll for ihf JiJTAJiUfH uf ibeLr |m|iLli M 
far ihf Lr i>«u Krtti&riitvt, tiiice wc 
tfturiuL LuU ML Gdutmunioa vriib iba 
Grvok uiiod. ibat liai duua kO luurU fur 
tbtf civiliiAliDh of [Cuftipt, mlt^ual an 
■in(lrr't«ELitir>g ittfih>ii>Diit(loolHlGi«ei*a 
mrLbobirj : iTiit. u tlie uthot 1*511. "aa 
Acquttnuudc Ailb 4iiiiiiuil7 Icudt lo *i;hU 
and huiiuiiica iha miud, f«r iiu utlifT 
rH«OD oion ibu tbi4. thu it jilicrca Im- 
for« III ft BoTd U^xcC of ^iiiin«ni1y» [n a|] 

eha brMdih, taarf y > and «i])])lcu^tfit of 

lU rilwlrui^ ■- Miii la^ :bij]vjT. «f bU 
bncicbu of ancipiit kiionEcilicr!, irurc* oa 
awe;r r«rtbtat fron ttto apWe of tha fn< 
HUE lulo Idionioriaa or Uou ^ad furiBi 
vb^kifT ■nrira pUn and BonatniL'Tioa ■» 
*lill Juk liinnrLrjil ^ri>b1pin,'* Ai mi in* 
■Uncc or^Eiat uii|rht bu dune Id tlie ro- 
IuUdu or f»f^. *o aWuU br Tk&fi|i^ tQ 
f ira uur mdtti, if v(Lt *|riiv4 MOuLd allov 
ua to do ao, tbut of Onan* 

^ CArano/ajfrd/ lnlroH*i^tion to Iht 
I/ntorjt nf tAt V/turri, iving n htv I9~ 
f lUry into the rrvp ilaUt o/' fAr AlrfA gitif 
iitnth u/ cxr /^dnf a<>J ^^itt-'iour Junu 
CAriif.' vnif (Dn/iilriln!7 flh prt^fnuf f/ar- 
tnany tff the /nur Gttpeit. Bg lAt itn, 

IS. y. Jarv«, /J.a ••0. irp-jvi. iilft 

TUo author of tbi* tuluma «;it i|kjiatii(vd 
bJuLrnngrtphfr of the I'roloLtani Anerl- 
can U^ltcupaJ CUu^h. wich a view to 
pfufjumaf " ■ fpilbful i!cctniulirAl bia- 
iitrj." Tlip vcirli, nUbnuijIi jii coiDiHtt 
t>nt n>cr« ibnn nu cttrt^o it^Lumt, ciU' 
hmj^fa loo rnnny )]rjiriU of dociil la b« 
adoiiiuudr in^aUiLl in thli brlH nniin>. 
Stilt wc prtfpT juiijDunriuc U. rsibrr ihan 
dcJtfUif t9<i<^iO, ttU nc G^MildfUUr upuu 
the aubfrct m4ra fully' ^'e mnj curiuriLjr 
TCDinrk, IfaQC fhv iiiLllLar bu* (ilc|it«d iba 
ilafR »lLkh plwn Oii< fiirrk a( 1.'linaC aif 
jfinn hnfnm (ho Offminon »ci?oHnL Mock 
bUlgiLccd Aad critical uiot^r li Edtroducod. 
uid w( Lbiak wo mnj auLa^iiHiU tlitt It 
will ii4C(ipj a filitin in thn lihri^rici of tbe 
lLiiri]pilp aa n■^4' thf* ^uqr/n volumaa of 
Mr. l^TDoa t.'itnlon aji thrir rcaiJrDtiva 
aiiCB witl aJuU uf. Krrry ym^p bf«rt 
witEioaa lu tbe cUlnfratnnpat or cb^i *a- 
Jumr, «jjd lb* ttLaDT MihoHliM iihiab 
boTo booQ tontfollod m fMnlBf IL 

iifrtitJtii frnt^ilanfUm ttnd iMr ttiffAl 
rtfFrtv\itr Judi/mrnt in fAe fajffrjjrfld'nn* 
</ ihh Sj.iifitiL'^i, J/v H. U, Dcvar. 
M. A^ l^mo^ f/f, ■2^\,—T\^ tulBma pro* 
fotHf (a ba " a tiri^ liietarj of Gprviab 
thenlncT. from tba KaforiiuUoa tv Iba 
isrcHOl time/' Tbe cuibor |v«fsri tba 



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tint lUU«b>^ini ta PrutMNntlta. AnJ^ 
vUile lit bfrpfo (TdE ikf Irriii Li notv im- 
dfituod III u Ull'iUivranUinJ ariiic, be 
4JIw), tbAt, iq ■ iHltiC ptHbiiiK. » Di*a 
" »tr^ * rati^nfllbl fn t«iKJ|<lf, uil 
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Mil imkBdtf^ Of GfrniAn nuiirijiliiiin, 
•■d pcrLaps tlirctli too niiLttj nii Lbc aji> 

lof «f tii« tJliiirchtJ Hoaiv, " i1 ^k » ill- 
ooatroHfCibl? fi/C tVftI itni nm* nf iU 
JoclrifiMi vpuo vtitdi vr itlffcr irwm ll»:t 

■kWfin tntjAiiio or iu ih« Antiufi uf 
O* cvtf Fatktr*." (f>. 8.) Jb<li>c<l h4 
aaiatiHrM li^l -* ihr pri* tip jiKJEmini nr 
uk |i)&fiiluL [:br I'^jprl It 4ia nilQB^ 
E04di*c l9 iihlclt ibif Cljuroh of Koiofl 
dvibruiacB ilic huh at llotj Sr^ritiTute.*' 
(p. 10.) ]( if« ri|;b())r lufdr Km Dim cpi- 
niOD* U li. Uiti 4 iUcr^ vid ui Bjinito- 
Ital ftni of Cburch fownmBac miiio 
bf<l MAcouda of tfutb. (p. If.) 

Mmlr4$, Mynrr, «»d lU Stmlh of 

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tltf Sjrtkb ChrlitiMa iif Plhlajnla. 

TV AvbhribM dLfrAf f^iVl/^f UTf, 

/rt« lU Frtmrii- Frp. fto^ //. /xriiJ, 
tlf,— Jl^ Ii4if.pac« tnrlh*r »;«> "■ri't 
>l<Hf*toUie uie ftf the EmtjiL Ctittff |j. ' 
lb* VHisitf bf (bckc wuiJb tvill tr kuffi- 
antigr intbcKd ftam tW pi1jl.>tii:['* liM 
«f b«alij xt lb* fad<if tbu T^Lurf't. vLcro 

Tntt, /V^ Km, fp- n,;UO.— Thisii a 

KcfMSbi CliurtL «=il lief CJirf) in itia 
Ja|t of Ucir dcttitutimi acid tajfriiji^ 
dame Cbc CtHvd Kibrllian in ibf Htcn- 
tVFBlt r*i?nry/' Tta nbjHl ]i ■>(-« 
vhlrh rrq^^rH A nutif liind. *l»mu 
wablar to » tj»j u tu wield ib« |Hn 
tIdIoiuj un viub ■ lupir. TU cburnh 
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Gu«f,U^D. V0L.XXIJI. 

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th* ft^iDritalron Jv JAr jttvneut Uvtt. Eff 
J. 1*. Lifwa. Jr-^, l*rti. J^. -r. dtfO,— 
Mr- liAvfun in Ibo «vtbor of m hiftory of 
Uio ifttdF ebbfi^tk from lh« Rwotuiioa M 
tho i»Pi»#[»T ihw, iai ttbep ■orli on 
rmlHUMtlo*] hiilnrf. Tlic 4it1fj&!l ll 4 
julnful Gtw roriiiiT|<rK0*JiDkiiuin1>>jif' 
Jioiil it ia "X\t uiAiiBCt a fall CDp/*a«< 

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iHEinujny or Jirm K*vtvn Eo UiR ScdTUiIL 
BidbOp*. ihourh Ihrrr v^n »(ina nablo 
cinpiiao*. wo vftrvlJ iuc(»t I0 Lb* 
jLulbur, tliU D(. €««li, flu I'rt^ttri^tt 
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Vfti S. Gnc»fl, FT. c. 40 A 
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p. 013. 

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t)fc. 15). WltUin U. HBmtrTOD, En), 

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tatbrd, vKiDh wm pom'DuDfOBtH Ca bin 
by Mr. Nn^tur, rh' tlnrafd of a lar|a, 
poriu>o of tiie ]irofvr;j adjacent to St. 
Sfaj-r-UUvv. Ode iJ" ibeae, dated IV 
Iteo' VUl. IU?. in eonaUerallan of 
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Mr. «V "^ nlilbiua Mr. Okhimi 
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4B Ita opibn thrttr of Lnngh N^rtgh, 
MMfttd im t%t nfon af the »rJt. AruhvoL 
AjMdMlon Ivrufltrp p, 143. 

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lobir aainboF. p. 410. 

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Aafi^arian fttifwthn. 


/«ih«3. Dr. LB«lBdted^r< 
Tb* IUt. H««rT Chriatau. Hon, 8*?. 
t*«d*|iap*f ty Dr. J. W. WliJU4V#f or 
Blvitari. m Mrnia oT Hi* «<iiiii 4h- 
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IhImj (Nub. Cbrod. vol. r,) The? an 

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Iv Mr-. llavVUi, {.Vvn- Chna. t. 13.) 
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Tun J (Vallr, 

Born .Ipf.V 1771). UiH %'av.VS^ I9tk 

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lw4n /nirf br Ibc llvw of Lutdt. nu- 
jCv/ bf the Uao>« of COBHTiont, iUa4 
ani fvii;r>iW by tt>« Court of Kt^ff'i 
fi«M4i.aiifl MMlrfifJ at tbc Old \^\\\rf. 
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Otnxutr.—Si' Aagailtit Well Cettfatt, Jt.A. 



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OftiTPAiv-— 3/^' Henry Sett-'— Mr, W. Cri^r- 


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of lb# E«v. B. D. Boai^oM, B««t4r. 

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liaitea Udf«, ]\p«bui. 

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Jm. II. Al Konaa Hvmt, wW W^ An UiaTbww 



fetafK, af PTt*ba^ «■! «lditt 
J4ba BnM. a»^ M.K fa* S«a<b 
TUi Udj fifimifirt «* Ar ' 
a Itgara a Caul«« «i VUttbU* 
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Hrava. «fft- a laMimaii af lia coaiiclai 
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DcvdO Un^ *f tba litfvtr t^aatT. 

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of DwJi in 1099, ud mU tkc mLin^r uf 

tailne. RLidArd Wm, Peiiw, p«c|. lute 
Gm<. E>nf9W Ounli, Chnc crtkst aoai. 
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JPVT. fli". Al Ul'.lli'T Hill. UciHiclU- 

Storf.**^, of Lopkiritctn llaJI, Laa<i- 

J«a, 4. At U'll^fld, HCfd 75, Khn- 
bflCk. vMitv (if Ovcr^ Vfinyf rt. riq^ for- 

OlCVlf CfUlU |||JUV, •uUciKlTp tlld (lOG llf 
Ibi cDfDDrrp ffir thfi cQiinlj of Vvl^* ■&■! 
■mfcer to E- D. Cnj^n, Hq. 

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lUv. OMf|t lAliitbkff, tarn mtbjtftr of 
Ruraanb* Held Vlmr of Frldajtborpo. 

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vftkc lUt. T- Jainrv, Riutm uf Mimu' 

J«k V. Luff, nliHTl or KoTlond 6rif- 
Mh. «i(^ of Fi«IDiBti- t-'araftftoukjire. 
JiM. 6, At liiH Bulwk. RmoarL, Bfl 

Sovripiuitiu— ^>pr.a. W. Knlcht, LL, D. 
PnfiMer of f^tsarkl i*\i]lafai>\<s *i Mi/is- 
cU C«lla^. AWrilBca. U* I1.1l b«o 
ni^ipd iaotuiirflii^tlwIttttfcLijitf ,vh>a 
he miCkl 4 Mwi> onki, afciffb prodacvd 
InfliuiuifetkvB «C ike tir«iB- 

i>rc. 13. At KibfA. ^el3£,Ale»a- 
An AndrtssTi, M. IX 

iVf. 1H^ \I r^rdfi] IIdbh, Palfrljr, 
u*J U4. Lady ||pii4«r«oii l^uihnm. or 
Mil, Vila uf Adm, Sf liill^ llculcr- 

l^nis C'C.B- Anil LUvj^btcr ik»d kriicM 
Df i£thlc Sto Jdba llcndCTM^or FordoL 
Af. 14. AtGlaifQV. A^nc*. vif«ofC. 

H. Mde. e^. of Dpifio. 

Drc-ZC. At TqIIoiIi C«rtlt, N^nli 
BrLUlu. I£I«D0(. wifBaif DmicvQ Diitd* 

^■4. 6. Al Eitiabartli, WiHtina Bnb> 
■lOf, vi^ IfOWrncr of Ur l-'aifi.i l'r#rjiii 

In flhn.1i*. And niprrttitpnifvDt of <ha 
otbfrprttont In L^fuiffcUiir*, 

IlLKkAMf.— //Bh 4. Al V|mrT(«r> 
lovBt countr of W«t««foH, ^rd 4f , Lajf 
Kober*!. w\U «l Cb|<. ^ir Kuintl Ro- 
Uarti. B-N- ^Ji# va* • dko^blor of ■ 
t^nrl'mrn ijf Ihr auqi: bha** tad 4 conaia 
uf SLr ^rjup^i 

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linencbu U< ■» aijai AttA in bia gl^ 

vftiiU it Tnnfebp i*bk(?b b* pirrbawd a 
few ^rt fIbfT fir morv Iban iQ.Onof. 
Bit mBiualcMLloD to ALUibu(*d la bb htv- 
ini inTCil aonu mlHsa of cjci;:tai»l. H« 
iru uhiHtrriod- 

L^ttTf. At C.>ifib^«v, Ckin^ i«t4 
UO, Mr. Mkchto! C'afuiillitf. taiiat. Ua 
HUlnrd bli Ikuillib to tbt liM. 

>br.«4. At SihlfrtiCBVt, m. KiUtfVV 
Afvil 7!r, John Uori1iAm» cvq. 

rhM. l£. Al <Moati>«f, DqbUi, Brf 
ti-am MitforJ, »[)- I^L- U. TvungHt «tts 
nf i1l^ |At» rj>L \i Ilium Mtiiordj ofb* 
tivry, UanipabLrv^ 

i)H,?;, AttnirjrCaktlctttriisr.Klni't 
CounLf, 4£rd vO. Tliomu 9l. G4«ri4 

0H.99. AlDiiblaA.U«1«*aW«bft|^ 

jndhif covgati <jii ilw Mniiei^ riirnir. 
Uf wu pfvrkiulr. abatkl tbe ^cu I'll^ 
« pvUuicaUry npurtcr Iv tbe Uonlnf 
Cbniuictr, aod Bom* of bit lifaraif fffd- 
■lAFi* cf cli4[ prripd Trm Miii>d4M vtrr 

Ak. 3CI. BU^. vLffc of Jimni f^ill, 
ta<^- of rrtbVJii Binf. Diibhn, ind ilaib 
0/ Ifco Uu Edwvd A. >Vb}ic, oq. uf 

At«Mm.Ud«, rUEbbnbani, M^or 
Sahn Otllvar, wpntj iMpTvInr'jtrhtral 
of ion Inali nunsUibaunr. Ifr vaa \ito~ 
tbcF Bv Cbiialopbpr Oill«rTp 1^ KUbmiy, 
■CcnttoLofd luiiii'BrE, a»i r«nDir(f ■ 
LAptein IB Eba ICcti fl(f ivcai. 

Ja*. S. At KiapCirvn, ami- Dablifh 
KUiCfeWch Ann. wift of GMrfe TUcb* «f|, 
Intf «f ll«f Ml)n1y'* ClltlU», L«fii1oii. 

t/dM- M. Al (ilrnd, Anliin, t^til KG, 
Mbtj, tht la*C nifYirinc skaui of ibr Uto 
Mtjif Ow' Sir Robfil M'LLvfnrtr. CD. 
aadi; L-.H. 

Jm. 10. Al Fart Ahanmiii, nvArGliBti, 
limoridi. Jchn Ei«u. ui(. barTfiit«r>at* 
Uv, «iiJ brvllkcr of Col. Sir Dv Larr 

C(GB»iii,-^Dir. t«. ApdSC.Bliiba« 
rlil«t«iim<iiiEMa «f ifta U* Mw Dv* 



tCAxr X\'ntK*.^Amff- \~. At Vaa- 
piiTi^t tKv^ 21, Klnnan Ktlubtth. viff 
g| CvfiL C, IT, TtLDinoa-llUi fUfi. X,K 

.#UV, ;&. Al Alinorah. «n4 --I.Cailca 
CUfkj Vfrfirtn RraifB, l^d Bofsl N.l. 
wt pr \tr. l>«orf* firanK, fonw^ of 
NfliT Hand tlrtct^ 

Al Ilvcciip a^d M. Mr, Jo-nid IrtlimT, 
of fit. Jo1iii'« Coll, CaialtriJfi, prtiicj|i4l 
of tb» EuUdi Collfxt, «ad Ul4 UJliUat 

^'/if. 19. At EhynrMn. in TJE^iTulfl. 
Ajfi'il M. httm Cftpt- WilliJim Tlmhrcll. 
ttrri[4l H^rrf Aft, lOi of ihc Icte Capt. 
Ju*ctTimbrvlt, of Uie lUit JiidUCuBi- 

»f<f. '2ti. \i GDrflrnnrnt Hon**, 
Midru, TbuKLt* Moom Ivirp, h^. Pri- 
T«le SvUTfUirf to ihf Cjnirinor, 4nil l^f- 
■iolUI 10 ]JJ> IliKlkiina til? >'ciriulL 

Sf^i. ^. Bcrum ilir Fuct vf SnaiB* 
Ittiiir* Licm. VTifhrniD FcnrleU Sbako- 

OfJ. I. Ag«l Tl. LiPnr KiItainI Mu- 
HKJl Ininc. MUtv Anllkrv, huii iir WU. 
I^Di IrrinK. eai|- of Ortat wtirtP-itrwt, 
Vp'f-ictnintfrf- llo ffli in ncUijii tKfor« 

Oet, 3. AE M«enil< Bfos^. *|«d 19, 
Anilgn AJfLui John -Smir. iltir4 imt of 
John Ikmtiinuiit Swi-ifl, f«f|. of Oilon, 

Get. n, \i i;oi»dli, Mnjui r. i:. MuL- 
biugilSUi QreuLUbi, Ikug*] N.l.,*vjiiir 
H«ni7 Mualtts, ■«. pi VimitwA limtQ. 

C^'. lO. XHWIiairrhri, ttnt Vmo- 
«nar, UambBf, I^dcu Henry ll«n^B, 
Ijful, lit iiklit Cflvolr^ Jl^pivml, duil uf 
StrOB4r|eWUiuiinDvnn. l(«riH un»tist- 

Off, tl> At Muull|4ttm, ognl /I. 
Ltooi, Kttilprick W*lUnJ. Aoib K*;- 
M.^.l . «MmI tnn nf i\ip I1T.1 \1tj'>r 
WfUflDil. Mftilni AriDf . 

Oil. U. At Mnxm. C«|iL V. Ud- 
liffli, lOtJi Bmjfd Conlry. 

w»BT Ihdiii — 5*/*. "J*. At Vf\>t*ft 
hiU.Tobi|0,Corolif>*,wiff nfJovfih WaT- 

n,«*H, ^OJiiJluMirii. of tiiat bltnil^ 

fioiki tui OFiLaic OfvJc* Aa(li4>bT. 4»i|' 
ucLiLrKtff IdeiC-GcB. MrJohoWtboB, 

AsiOAiK— Jm#1?. AC W#>l MiU. 
kAd. ?i(rv Kouih WaIm. afrd 2:i, John 
Chutpftin. caq, tLinliLto of che Iai«Jd1id 
CbAnptjrj, v*4j, iA Glaiuralcr-pl- J^rvr-ril' 

^iiHf !^l, ^^<■r Sutncf, Sir Jubii 

Hd*niB Ibff n«Tf. lo^oliflOf th^incprvt' 
prvof bcMpiialBHiul deciB* SlrJiriiawu 
ktL4fh[«d Id iSlA.ntLd wu* nkn^lK vHkt 
vidcr'or VuK. llth*JlLinf rctaml from 
Itic iMlirc ^utm of liia profHiioD, thv 
dil0 of bdi tiprtionXj m itt* f^'tvy Lfcil 
1»mr u Ur bulc H Uio ^d feiPttlcbtfi 

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flidlej' Kinff. RN. fo r torrid OoT*rBBf 

Sffl. j4. At H&rifnbtd, uvd ST, lb* 
Cb*v Ukcr llfnhbAHMv , th» hijiklj iiB^«ct- 
ed litiMlid fflOKfil la London, wUch 
(ifflr': be hid filled fruta Ibc ynr till, 
ll* wtn vniptiTKil, Kit cucuiofa aro 
Mj. rannlikr. Mr^ lliH^k, tad Hr. Laa M . 
H< !■ Hill 14 limo ilifil po HH — J »f p<»* 
ptriy t) tJiif iLiuoaDi of <Jo,4NlOf-t «aM- 
tuMrii^iln itnilLDU nf «L>L£h flan fat hM 
^(■IDuitifd in Lrcitiu fiti Uik iatliuCa 
friBijiia* AiiJ baoilKnne proiitoa hi^ bcoB 
BuJc ta Lii cLointvibk line ntida* fova 
to hit two 4ne*n in Utrmnj^ 

Sfft U. At lbs Cu* or (ioed Hop*. 
Min-AuTu. wtftvof ArchurGio1v,n<|. of 

f>cf. 2&. Al Uitlo. IFeorj UoLMn- 
•hiw, CM. of Wr«Uum. Kcol. 

A^Of. f . Al if», on lw«nl Ui« f1nM**L 
I^iilM'KliU' Uhtiv, joDngHt dad. «f 

JVdv. 1>. At ^utitfa. Fnnct, ua lier 
W45 iv Ndpki. th« Hob- Vf*. ttdd,rtiljc< 
uf the Utf >i->klo lUid, OKI, or Ranor- 
btdOi flcrk*. 

A|^4 KX, JntP PffDto^a Afuio.oa* oT 
(ho ricliui mcnbiTiXi aad MplUlUl* la 
I.iBlfmii He *u uue of tho IbTtc OffifU 
uol fuoadcj* of Ibo Bulk oT Ldbatk. u»d 
■naBCVt At Ant d*f«tM» ml lo tha 
CorCu. Hi oaoio to Utboti froai tb« 
|irnrin<i'>iwirliUal)raHVMif4 a«o(l£t.W,) 
In biapoibrt. 

AVt- I'l- At BcvL^t^c-viir-Ms', ac*4 

4m, M »»U$U M4GibB0|U> Ci»<f. laLC uf tb* 

dVvF- J:t> Ae AU b CbifaiDn W^iUija) 
SflfH, n|. of MinilLi tUII. (Iin^n. 

i^AT, 1 :*. Al U^rn?. In fOMrQamea of 
a Fill ftoDi bi* burir, ifol sf. Bvftla 
UriUo Mitbcir, W|i lalo of CataadiaL- 

Art-, «*, At lh# Bil^TBry ultt^ al 
KfuHR^t, •jnl |i, WitlLnrn* tiin cif Iba 
Ilia W. ilqLJifniLjfi4in» (ti^, t>r hivkf^ohaad, 
and rcMQily oppvtDirila^ccoai Lleaa. la 
Iba 0<»Lb Uiflri, UiB d«ih wu actt^ 
^onrd bf diADuq eaatrvted bj ispm* 
doDtly i^lppinf hia biadi into cotd vttar, 
■ftar 1 rovlDB nmtoh. U11 mtnaitr. 

/V^r. SI, Al forii* and <t, Auaaaaa. 
rtdvicdau. of ILiqUIa Joka UoBdtaii-vf 
Gt«[ Mii1i>*r- 

Fn, VS. At Doakirk, arrd flC, Jotboi 
U'LUianUD, «4. A.M., fX.D^^ iMCDd 
arm nf tha lata J, WLllUmoa. a*^. Laka< 
Imdip Dabtlo. 

Al Ttfli, accd 37, M&7. i^fc uf Bta- 
juain MuQalu, caq- of Lrjodnn. 

JVat, iJ. Al Kotaai Fiauoea-Utij 
Tkompionp liiftr af iW lila ~ 
towEber TboDpioa, aaq. 




Abv-Sf. At Jaakttw. J«Ln Multflt, 
no. htt of BloLi NswiBctn. 

IdM^. AL SoiDMi, Aluudw Ki>- 
blilPdj, !!)• lltfeg*h*o PvCnrrh, 

It Pirli. 11 [he ifc of 70» Lid/ 
Hirkbns EnUao* dBUfLtcr vf John 
Fiudk BtiLiiMv l^i) of NTu> BU *u 
blind fj-«a bci blltiti «&d hod miilfiJ for 

7>H. T- Ac r»akrort-«a^(b*vMftin«, 
Mf*, Kndv vifr Af hur Mnj'at/'ii C«iiud 

Z>K. 11- At Pirj>i OA hcf nr t« 

iBDCWr oT Lddy PmI- Slia wh Aimi. 
4lH|titvr fif (rihliii* M^rc'II, pf Vlrnint 
IrfoffVll. 04. tJoiFrirl^, nrj, : vii [TuirnFiJ 
tfnt ID ^ Btfiy I>vbik5> of Tnlee uuLki 

ifi t'U^i aitiE Keobdl/tlb 1^K» bc»ma 
lUfl Kcond vifa uf (>Cii- liir Juhu FJojd, 

nifit of Sii Gourff Ituvw, Uhm. of 

RaJLct. firrki. Gh« *•* lU vldcvt <f«u, 

of th< Ulfl Adv- Sir Aixintw S, noqclu. 

/flu. v. Ml. MUnr. ^t Vhilnrtplf bk, i 

btt lin|umtiril iho uiuuLJictriii luia of 

;ikaAl HubLULofal ih tb« nU<« of tLi 
tUI>«Ut. le bs fret (« lh« ctirUrM oF til 
rhr^«rkii HvnomkbfiLmti ivlZhm Ihr Ufvii 
of Foahftbm, laiJ t-^nth of DrUlr. 


(1riT<mliiif the DiiL^kci tif WtTniiHonb ond Ctaplun.) 

5VvM fA* XftUfnt ittml by tAr Rr^iilrur Gmrrof. 

l^r^TMi ErnjuTEii^ from DifCffUUJi V^ m4k Eo Jajjc^aiy H, IV45, (4w«cki>J 

Under 15 S(m 

xns ibii3«o U7I 

UJAHdupnrfTi JI43 



AVtltAGR i'RICE or QO^-S. 

« 4 




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;k 1 


311 IT 

Sutf4i Potk«*, </. «b. to ar. Ih,<-K«nt Potketi, TJ. Of. to m. Ck. 


iiUIXKFlRl.n, X\rr. ifJ. TntJnkcbr 0]Tji1_|irr»roaeot»1Jji. 

&f. I HadorCBUlcacAltrk«t.JM,)!a 

lU. Dc4>U.. CttS CiJvei :tv 

8J. J Shgflp«iMlLwnb<t SA^tW rij;> 300 
fid, I 

BMf. _..^.Sd. U. EQ tL 

UuEicn *.^.>^..»i«. lOtl. lu it. 

Vm\^ ». Sd. ca-tf. 

Pwk. -.*. ^ C^ 14 4<' 

COAL MAKKKT, Jmn. »1. 

WafkEjida* froni IH«' iM. to V8/.0^. pcnon. Orlicr kdfCb from Uu^ 3tf, la ivOi.Crf. 

CANPLi:£3. :«.Dil, iitrdui. Mitiild-. 9j.6d. 


Altlu OAmoI WOLFE, UvDTH(nB> }>lDCie «ad Sbkr* Btokon, 
S.i» CtiAngi* Allry. CornhilK 

BirvdaiUm Caml, SO. CUvirik* mtiii Chr/tcr^f,^ Grand Jnn^tion. lOQ 

^— KniOit ind AfOo, U^H^^f^redt tnd Livorpool. tl?j,- — Hci^ott'i, tfiA, 

<— Borbiltli*. -^fc t.ondtpn Dock -StdrL:. i\9- ^U KMhtrinr^. 110. KhI 

md Vr*it Jjidim. m. "^ LuiLtluM and BirjaJnchim RwliTii). IfVL ^— Cir*»c 

Woik<,00,- — ^ Wfic MidilJcHx, JVT. Uivbp intuttiif*. Ida GuBidiKii, 

«), Hope. Il.^^(1i<.rr=rtd Om. l».-^ G**, S&l. n»fiit 

QiMj Itf.-^-'LonElon «nd YfirttttiinHiti bATtL, Vf4,— -Ri^verdanuf liitcmt, J03, 
Fttt Price* of nil »tbci Sbjinu. cnquiro v ■boT«. 



If t. 

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31 30 


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36 1 37 




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6 31 


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KmEik-eiLc1e'> I'bBm. 

ikj. fftu ' 

ilo, di, rtin 
nin do. 

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irleudjr, ftjr 









in. fitt 
, Tti do, ^. e\^v. 

X\ J J >Li» cloudy 
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fit. m ifbuilj^a.tki. 
p Gl ido. fur 





Wi— ^|- — r---^2_'ip»uj GO 




6J pim. 

•II pw. 
1)0 pm^ 
60 irtii. 

IV| lilljtiT tn« Ijnpu. 67 Wpm. 

Iiri— '-^-W»' a7 tflpm. 

12| 'lt6 Sb7 lATTpm. ^ il mn. 

t«} OOi Wll 1^ ■. ■ Oil mpm, 

m — '. i^i^i Di ctp»i». 

ml ' '■ iv pot. ; tu cepiii, 

l^i ^ ^W^j^NtipniJ FvV OTptn. 

AXN CLL sod ALLBNPEH, £Bock vid B^uV BraUrt, 

J^ Bftak Chittbcrt, LontJou, 

/• A. JiJ«IIOLI AXtt M>V, riLJ«TBiU», 35, FA&LlAlUJn.ftT&nr. 



MARCH, 1845. 


ViKOK CoBRFfiPOhDRNcr,— Bir^plape of Sir WlllUm Nott— Doublfu] iden- 
ll!r of Mosul with the AeBpiin Nineveh— Multr Robert Rngge—Rt. Hon. 

Bmrj Flood, flu:. -.,.,....,... ..,,..,....-.,. ftW 

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the Oregon Territory, 2B4 ; MiBcclUneoua Rvviewii ...... .. «. ,. 23^ 


UuiTertity of Oxford .^ ., 209 

ARCHITECTURE.-^lifD^d Arfhitecfural Society. 289; Cuvbridfe CemdeD 

Society, 291 ; Stone Ailarft 2AI 

ANTIQUARIAN RESEARCHES.— British Archirolo^nl Auodetion, 99« ; 
Society of Antiquuies, 298; Newcuitle AotiqaarUa Society, tb..- Thr 
Portlud Vue 299 

HISTORICAL CHRONICLE. — PvlLunentBry Procvfdipgii, 3liL ; Fotlgn 

NewA. 303 ; Domestic OrcLirrencH - ,. 3<U 

ProiBotioD« aod PrefenacDCB, 309; Birtha nod MBrria^B 310 

OBITUARY; with MemoirB of Rear- Admiral S. JickMn, C.B. ; Rcu-Ad- 

minlBo^r; Lieot. R. N. Kuidalt; LieDL-Col. Camiibell ; Lirut-Col T. 

Skioner, C.B^ ; Sir C F. WiUiiui? ; UUid Nirhal], Ej^q, ; P. W. Miyoir, 

E*q. ; John Aherrrombiti, M.U. ; J*me? E]ii*i, Eiq. i Robert Smlrke, Eiiq. 

R-A. ; Henry Joii, Ksq. i A. Barttoloinew', Esq. F.S.A, ; Jurob SaiDudt. 

R»q.; noiiku Roberts^ Em^. ; Rev. AVilliam" Voi ; The Corf Meriiw ; 

Salomon Heim- 3I3>^94 

Clkhgv Dbcea^ed - .i.- 32i 

DiATHB, BTTADfed iQ Countieii ..,,,,..,. ,4.4............ ...... 596 

Addition! to Ob^Iuary .... 334 

Regiilrar-Gencral'a Returns of Mortality in the MetropoUs — Mflrketj, 33& ^ 

Friceiofj^bares— Stocks 336 

Embelliihed with « RepreHntation of Che Effigy of Eltzabhth Ddchess or 
KoHmMt in Framlinohah Church, Suffolk. 



A Mini fcifMflfi!Iri«y ermr hM bMn 
ronnlttrvl In rV nUltigup uf Mt, DhuItHh 

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Skn ICO. LhMjin VkB, t*i\- ^lUrA of 
iiU. ttict) tlip- nuap of John Frofi. th? 
W«lpih C3iiuti>L lunirUit- llv n-'^t'E^-tci] 
tvthor tpf t3ir pmni-UVli u L<t(et Lnrmn 
i'T Ml ^flJ^«^l!^ ''N-jtiPrt rrt«"i-* 'u tin- 
Karly Hj^rnrv ^-f ttm To«n and I*4>rt uf 

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Wllr^^™ Pl^ifflit c»ij- of Kitbmljte, C<ni, 
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Miij kfiiik^i Ibe p4f^ «tf liiia whd i> omiarntL^ llio fC^ATT of itj by tW 
rvpublkntion cf ibai |iur«iiira «hi['h «:iii1«(I iti dia tln^j. nkcllcr Jii lh«' 
»h(ui« of ilntnnt, or tmrl* rHalinj; to Jrauutlitr bblnry. or oi^ olhvr' 
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TCAc^rd u», aad frou wimr partion v\-v\i iti ihcfn. talLiAbte M tliry *'ric, 
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Mow by Uw^rvAl An: of |jin<laii, u1ir[i rbe Mock of tbr ptiiishvr» wu 
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»l»tiilnir at Ibr br^r bMn • nnd pi'Liiajit Ibi'y arv uiojc et^ixtutj by 
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fOicrnll} recogfi^n'rl, t\ir aliciLlV)n of Uic churia uf uvr ulikr pucU. «iiil 
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they cnn oo!y b* fi^uml in llir o^it)) i«tjim"(t nf iht mffivtnt. Uci»cc I 
A^v^tiUjpf of n lOticly liWc tlii; |HT*n»l, nhid>. by iniiltiTilyUijc c*p'i«« 
kUouUI iucrcAif tbc iio(ii:r of mTiliinTij^' iiifi'rmHlLJtj. nm) ntikli iliuuU 
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at bo public libriini^ aU Imrc not tlic 0]riKfrtiintlT of ucctsi, MicI thvi^H 
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Ibey hivf jir<ini'M' Ni .ill rlrrotitiil^iniTii nf tiff? h U bnt fa he tritp^ 
pcu^nt; nod the SlnLvfpnuv Society cbo reform li at bnn initrDmeulBt in 
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Tv give Tien a ttWl noUre t^f fi^/ llic b<v)n vrliidi Ibiry iMvo ii]p«b)&abpJ«T 
It r^iiiti^ out iif our iLiiitTi, Aurl |icfb:<fin in mtiih: oiL*r« br.jvml ilir «itvi|ie «f 
»Uf kiiou'lr H^. We bmv Ibt'rcfon." ■clnted onp, ninl timl Ibc iwiit ii^ 
iFmtiiiif in^l iuporUrtt branch !>( llic vhok — l\i< oM iiUy^^nnd miV 
pruacutour rrrAtlt^ra wiili audi mi ACi'ount of thi^m us |K'Tlia|i« inny msil* 
tbe fuilbur vuri(nily iiftlioic who nrc ij"t ^ircTioiuty aci|i^jLiii<eil Milk tliclr 
inLit;; we Iiaiu (Jn» luidcil n fevr cnmil criliriijitk ou ibf cititinii*. He 
hope, Loitever. tlint in our prftif« uf Itii* S^xrivty w^ »1i»ti not bu inicnnd 
4il'>L>J, or tuppovtril to bo da|)recbitinK otlitrn ft^nuciJ on ainiUr |>rind|ji' 

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arricDdly klliaucc. inatiluTod to piomotc one ic^ncral cnJ^ iiud in bulb 

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thut the cdlt<jrs of iho pbiyn whk'b Vft irc ncnr rciicwiuif, ttUJ bclteiv tlmt 
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ofily rmbraivnariiig lo rV'lurTi ibe obli^ntimm nc hatr rtrrnvtfrl. Jinil T«p 
them for tlic ciirioojt kh<l vAlu^bk iniormiil&oii Ib^y hnxt gpvm in Ibeif 




Rt TaOH4> Dv^VBtB, |I«XBT C*IB1tl.fl. A>9 Vll,klAH U^rvmoX. 

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»lory of firitrliiaiHifi th? D<^«uirTon of BocoirtiA, fortain|f ttir Iciitb novel 
flf Th<> luf riuy. Boccaciotmi iiLdcbkd tv PclntrcU' Ur the iacideub, 
nnd Tctnucb Aiid* Ihkl b« h^d bc^rd ibc »(ofT raaoy vuarB bclon > ukI 
Chwicvr, in the prdottnc to the Clerk of Oxcufonl's Tiir, informf u ttut 
W hiid hurd the »ab«tuici: of it froui Pt-lrarrb biuM-lf aX Pjidiui. The 
Krepch bcoDjhl tbc suhiifrt Hitt on tile «t>g« ; bad Lo Mjsterc de <lri. 
■«fidk wu rcpi«icfitod in Paria u <virly m |39.t4 in l-«tiB*ny Hah* 
Sftcb^ooRvortodit iotoft4JraiuaA« <ar\y'jt^ 1550, ind ii it MUfeiuM I^mX 
il obonld renuiin laidrninitiked m luir, lit? oiitidH n*Lbcj ofdrAnM, 
~~ itil 10 l«tc «) W^K Atxnl tbi^ nlfhflr nt the rfvtm>th centwy hdbdi 

■ ^ FhSnrci*! O^aa. sd. fi«d. i»J. p. MO. 

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alM A ^TQAEf i»rntkT« ofi ttiu hujjic eut^i^'i'I Iitintcd in lli\'^, nO ilmibt n k 
jinpvv^iWi fif A fiiucit ckriicr nnt\. juiJ avIikIi vvni j>robi\1>lv the JmintdtiU'.' 
Mtrroe of tbr ^rrpcnl plHy> tbntitC^i A\ ut^rc fotindctl nii ihc Decnmcrrn of 
Bowmcdo.* 'HiU phy |n>wrxitT nhrioit lln' inrity of a innimwdiil. Tlirrr 
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probnMv ftc-rnl In ifjiHl, htu u.^t nur jiririii^l (ill 1611.1. Wr ^i^tt-r irtih 
M». Colik'F Uwl tlic t(ofy i& aol a \cry ifoo'I fljic for the ttsifli', bccno<c lb* 
chirf mcidciils mtc rioleikt aiM itcprolMblc. 'n>c ^bolc dcsipki like tluit 
of tUc Taiuiug of tbc ^tuciip i» t\ug^Eiit«] ami stniilicil bryikiid untuie 
dad tnitii. ttUllic frctln^jritf tvjniiilb} vUli tbc opiirt'stt'd brroiiief worn 
oal aftf r ii-|icnUd trjidt of Ij^r jiiitif^nrr. nml ivc i^cl tirr t^iiir? tuboii*- 
wcm lo be DO lonff«r t|jt viduc of n j^ood ni;d ^ctillc iniTn^t vblTc aUtj 
laofificca lo iraittoit vi^f cnprimim poncr the dcorcit nffcotWini imif 
UHlutal li^bti. aud all tie |;r.'iicr fcctlu^? i^f B«ir'rTs|>ccK &l>v w1)o miiUl 

have btxji {li v.-e talu Ibc picture out of lU iraniatic frim« nnd jiidi^* 
of U by the lniv« uf itaTurv] vctirrJy wnctini; in tboet mCntat <toatiK^<t 
^hicli lio «l ilic very fouadntiau of vi/luc itulf. SW iiLUtt luok nt it 
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til Ibn nrly dnyi i>r rcTmiig DlirratiLrr, but irblrb r%tM nni Ik'UT Ih^i 
Aonilniy Of tatiAfy tli« Uiilc of a mcrv mid tjuli^blcucil p'r'icxl. 
L<iarei> Ibv poor c<Lobr. a.ijJ JiabiilL> \Uo dunoi aic nmu^id^ cbariicun> 
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Collatr MriBft lube wilfi Vim Iioujtmi of ilir IVclub Kniglit arul WutoW, Sir 
Owen aud Ciircnibyai^ ; but In the icmus fortu thi^rr urc titauy irn^tAgci 
olcoctifbl [iicril> and :i gfiictnl flow of tuctiic*! Imrnioiiy. Tlic Udk^ajco 
of tvEnulo Ibc *' I'xntadlic l-ntljiul," louy be comfMuvd |« that of 0>ric in 
Himlcl, U'lii^ of the wiiJC nHccl<rd xiid mljfiiml thiimiltt, UV «ill pvo 
i frtr ftpninxni*, that Ibt- atylt^ Uilh of tbc «;riiiiu tind t:omic parln ma^ 
be known to our rfftd^rt. 
Ja lh< Ant icnie tbo tniii''|Lii:t» aention« bm lutcntion «tf inRrrjinfe. 

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OaCttrtpi iUe acUve boimtl- indofi Eumabwli 
To nit'.c iht AiiRTy ^u^c af her for, 

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Hicb a pcffOf ner aa iCoapr. 

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Blcxatiin uid sttue to oriental inventiOD, — to difficult it it t& cittie. 


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firtwnl fcAown wIlJ br fdorid in Mr. CftHicr'i introitBrtiM Ui Stnkfj^Air'i 
crmcil). in bji kle edition, IV 9iti:nr« of Mem in 1008 veau con*: 
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Mr. Aatol Arid*, thai Juat m hi ivlr<><!uctioo nil written he r«eciv«d _ 
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And Aot tt iTVUfftI on Mj i>c4diiiK Jjij- 

ViHiinr hoj^ tliou iiidillril mj b^rvc ? 

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f^4^'«— I pHf you wuitH Ml bFi] till illauf l>« 4an> 
J JiK-— Soa«M vkUsiitf */t tbou Left f^ ? - , 

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